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The Phoenix Pioneer Jul 5, 1902

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Array Devoted to the interests t>fejhe,,Boi___dary Mining District.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, JULY 5, 1902.  Fernie Strike Affects the Entire  , Boundary.  GRANBY IS S1ILL GtTTING A UTILE  No Other Smrce _f Scuty-H.*. thai  TronWe Will Sm_ Be A.jitU., S. that  Sa.lt.r_MirC-_il__..  Well Heeled  with   regard to proper paraphernalia."   ���  One of the'most important  articles in this regard is a good  Parasol  Good for both rain  and sunshine.    We keep 'em  in all styles and sizes.  We have them,suitable*'for Gentlemen, Ladies  and Children,  at prices to suit the purchaser.  Not a Bad Day for a  Top Coat  That's^what a man said here yesterday as he purchasing one. A change in the temperature makes all the difference.  This mountain atmosphere gives us showers���and plenty of flowers  ���you don't wan't any of the latter on your grave?  The price of a coat may save a doctor's bill. Money well spent  at any rate, as you ire sure to want a coat in ti e fall. Don't know  either, how many days you will require it before that time.  A spiing and fall coat is one of the "indispensables" of Dress.  M0RRIN,IH0MPS0N&C0.  Bought Close and  Sold Close.  That is the manner in which we do business.  The Quicker the Sales���the better the bargains are for our  customers. This is an acknowledged fact which needs 110  argument. Quick Sales and Close Buying is the Key Note  to Success in our line of business today. Following this  idea wc have regular shipments of Fresh Groceries, Fruits  and Vegetables which will be sold CLOSE and must be  sold QUICKLY.  Strawberries,   Gooseberries,   Rhubarb,  IT"* 1 f\ T *��d * Compleie Supply of  reaches, Uranges, Lemons au Fruit. i��� &_*,_  Fresh Lettuce, Radishes, Onions, Potatoes and Etc.  and Last but not Least, we have an often renewed supply of Staple Groceries. Try some of our Select Coffee  and Teas. And above all don't forget we carry the celebrated  Tartan Brand  Canned  Goods  Give us your GROCERY order for July and be convinced that the place for VALUE is, the Coknkr Stoke.  POST OFFICE STORE  Boundary mining and business men  are beginning to fully realize how dependent our smelters aie on the coke  supply from the Ciow's Nest Coal  fields. The explosion at Fernie stopped the supply for a time, and then  the situation was further aggravated by  the fire at the company's town of Michel, near Fernie. 'To make it woise,  last week the miners at Fernie went  out on strike and as yet no settlement  has been reported.  The strike was because the new  manager put in force a rule that men  must be at work for the full eight  hours, instead of being allowed to use  the company's time from tunnel mouth  from "bank to bank," as it is  termed.  Boundary sm.lters require no less  than 350 tons of coke per day to make  up the respective charges, or about 18  cars each 24 hojrs. Of this amount  the Granby smelter alone uses 1 o cars  for it's four furnices. Since the Fernie explosion, which occurred May 23d  comparatively little coke has been received in the Boundary Agents from  al! the local smelters have visited Fernie, to get at the exact situation, but  with little satisfaction,  When the explosion happened the  Granby smelter had about .1,500, tons  of coke as a reserve, the Greenwood  smelter had a 30 days' reserve for one  furnace, and the Sunset smelter also  had considerable coke. But these  reseives were soon used up, and a coke  famine now confronts each one of these  reduction works, no one being able to  tell just when it will end. A little  coke, perhaps four or five cars daily,  has been received at the Granby smelt  er from the Michel ovens, but this is  not sufficient to run two furnaces at  full capacity.  Rumors have been abroad that coke  would be obtained from Nanaimo at  the coast, but this is out of the question, both because of cost of freight  and on account of lack of sufficient  supply there.  An InlereatiBf TWory.  One theory as to the real cause of  the present trouble has been advanced,  and that is that Jim hill is: at last  getting even with the C. V. R. and its  patrons for the trouble he has had and  is still having to get his new line into  the Boundary and particularly to > the  Granby smelter.  It is asserted���though no proof is  brought out���that Mr. Hill, who is  acknowledged to own 30 per cent of  Crow's Nest Coal Co. shares, and is  building a railway line to the coal fields  from the states, has managed to get  this strike brought on at this time to,  if possible, tie up the whole country  by cutting off the coke supply of the  smelters. Another injunction is to be  argued on the 8th of July at Victoria,  as to whether he will be allowed to lay  his rails into Grand Forks and to the  Granby smelter.  If Mr. Hill has really manipulated  matters in the Crow's Nest to bring  this about, and show the people of  British Columbia his real power, it will  be interesting to note what move the  C. P- R. will make in the matter.  Mr. Hill is a fighter all over, and he  will undoubtedly, in the opinion of the  public, eventually lay his rails into  Phoenix, but in the C. P. R. he has  no mean antagonist, as Mr. Hill himself knows only too well. If this  theory is correct, the Boundary is being made the scene of a battle royal  between the two greatest railway forces  in the world.  ITALIAN WAS FINED $15.  But Pal. His VlctUnV Doctor'. Account aid  Httafftal Fee*.  Last October Angelo Pasco assaulted Joseph Costonza; another Italian,  both being employed on the extension  to the Knob Hill .pur then being put  in by the C. P. R.;. Pasco was arrested and fined $15. /Two or three weeks  later Costonza evened, things up by  felling Pasco wi_hva heavy maul or  hammer, and then fled, thinking Pasco  was fatally injured.  Since then the provincial police have  been trying to locate Cost.nza, and as  he had a brother- who is section fore  man on the Boundary railway, it was  accomplished la.t^week by Constable  Darraugh, of Phoenix. - Mr. Darraugh  went to Farron,' beyond Coryell, on  the railway, and before the  train had  left arrested his man and took him on  t  to Nelson for the night.  Costonza was brought toGieenwood  for trial late last week, and was fined  $15 and costs for his friskiness, Pasco  having recovered quickly. Costonza,  however, had ^paid Pasco's hospital  and medical'bills, amounting to $1165.  The escapade probably cost the province $50 or %i%.  .-p*"^.  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary*  No, 34.  MR. DEBS ON  SOCIALISM  Addressed An Immense Audience Wednesday  EXPLAINED HIS VIEWS AT LENGTH  Porter B.����. at Work.  Foreman Baker, irt-charge of the  work for Porter Bros., who have a contract from the Granby Co.,'began active operations jhi'O week. The fiist  thing is to get the wire tram iti position, and two stations have been built,  about 600 feet apart, on which the  rope will run. One of these stations  is located on the hUl above the No'. 2.  shafthouse of the Old; Ironsides mine,  the other being quite a distance below  the Knob Hill ore bins. Yesterday  men were busy getting up the engine  by which the tramway will beopeiated.  The next work will be the stripping  of the sui face, so as to uncover the  mammoth ore bodies This will take  some time, and then things will be in  a position-to handle the ore itself.  PrabaMy MJaers' U_i__ Hall Never Ha.  Many People In II Before���Hearer. Held  10 Ike Very Ea_.  o  Ai re  eld. ...  WAS A WET  CELEBRATION  But.  Visited  125 Feet of Solid Quartz.  Bill White,  the  well  known   pros  iiector, believes  he  has  struck  a bonanza in Brown's  camp on the North  fork,  says  the Grand' Forks News  Gazette.    He claims  to  have uncovered 125 feet  of solid quartz on the  Granby, an extension  ot  the Monitor  claim.    The location  was   made last  month.    Bill   says it is a free milling  proposition, and  the  deposit  was uncovered in a glacial basin covered with  wash.    He  has  it   stripped and will  push .development   w.ork.:   Assays  of  the ore   are now.being made.'   Mr.  White located the Earthquake'group.  Operation Was-Successful;  E. VV. Savage was Operated on ac  the Greenwood hospital Tuesday, and  to save his life his leg was "amputated.  Savage was hurt June 8th at the  Mother Lode mine in the explosion  that killed Richard Babb. His leg was  lascerated badly, bones were broken,  and since the accident he has been  getting weaker. As a last resorts-imputation was decided upon, since which  he has been improving.  City and District Notes  Election of Officers.  The Phoenix Board of Trade will  meet next Monday evening at the Pioneer office. There *vill be an election  of officers, as well as other important  business, and a full atteudance is requested.  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  Born, to the wife of Jerry Casey,  June 29th, a son.  Bulletins from King Edward's sick  room report steady improvement.  Mrs. S. A. McCormack has taken  charge of the Dominion dining room.  ' W. J. Cramer went on a fishing expedition up the North Kork last Tuesday, and brought back the fish to  prove it.  Sydney Brown assistant superintendent at the Bonnington Kails power  station, spent several days in the city  as a guest of Rev. E. P. Flewelling.  Last Saturday S. A. Sanborn, of  Camp McKinney was married to Miss  L. Johnson, of the same place, at Midway, Rev. A. S. Thompson officiating.  S. Carleton Hohnan, who for some  two years has been foreman at the No.  7 mine, Central camp, has been promoted to a similar position with the  Mother Lode mine, Deadwood camp.  Although operated by different companies, they are controlled by the same  shareholders.  liob Veatch and Jimmy Stephens,  who started for the much heralded  Thunder Mountain gold fields, in  Idaho, some weeks ago, are reported  io have got a far as Stites, and to have  sought other fields, the late reports of  Thunder's so-called riches not being  sufficently attractive.  Rossland's ore shipments last week  were 5,583 tons.  If as many ]>_rsons weie ever gathered in Miner's Union Hall as- were  present last Wednesday evening to  hear an address by Eugene Victor  Debs, the Pioneer man does not know  of it.  Mr. Debs, who bears a close resemblance to Bill Nye. is a clear speaker  and has no trouble in holding the attention of his audience to the end, as  he is enthusiastic on the subject of  Socialism, and has an interesting manner of expression. He spoke steadily  for nearly two hours.  In rising to address the meeting,  Mr. Debs was greeted with loud and  prolonged applause, and without apology for his presence, he atjonce proceeded to discuss the subject of which  he had been for so many years an  ardent student and able exponent.  Dealing at the outset with the competitive system, which prevails to-day,  he proceded to show that the trusts,  were unconsciously hastening on the  Socialist movement, from the fact that  they were eliminating competition in  their gigantic combinations, and were  thus enabledjto.not only control the  pi ices, but also the markets and output, so as to avoid an overplus.  In this process, however, two other  results were being produced, which  were ���having a disastrous effect upon  the industrial world, in the fact that  it was not only crowding the small  capitalist and the middle man into the  ranks of common labor, but also evolving that genus omne, the tramp,  which was one of the worst results! of  this age of combination. In the evolution it was shown that the tramp,  though practically an unknown specimen a half century ago, was forced into the ranks of the unemployed through  the aggregation of capital and the shutting down of factories and.mills.  He claimed that while the earning  power of the producer was. twenty  times that of his fellow workmen fifty  years ago, his actual possession of the  wealth which he produced did not exceed seventeen per cent. This condition had been produced by the introduction of the machine, which was  no longer owned by the worker, but by  the capitalist. The perfection of the  machine had made the skilled me-|  chanic unnecessary, whose place  been taken too often by his wife and  children.  In America he asserted^Jthere are  4,000,000 women working in the factories and mills. The same number  of children had been secured by the  capitalists to operate mills and machinery at an age when ih.y should  be at school and given the right to develop themselves mentally as well as  physically.  Urge. Study of Politics.  He urged upon the working classes  especially to take up the economic  questions of the day, and those who  were good union men, not to be satisfied with being union men on three  hundred and sixty four days of the  year���all but election day.  In recommending Socialism as the  panacea for these economic evils,  Mr. Debs disputed that the Socialists  were advocating "dividing up," but  that they were opposed to dividing,  which was aheady being done, whereby the wealth of the world was owned  and controlled by twenty per cent ol'  the people, and eighty percent were in  actual slavery and subordination to the  wealthy few.  He also contended that the political  and social liberty of the people depended absolutely upon economic conditions, and although the majority of  the people were opposed to Socialism,  it was the only remedy. It was no  evidence of the error of the principles  of Socialism, because the majority of the  people were opposed to it, as every  great reform in all ages of the  world |  had been opi��sed by public opinion,  which had also sanctioned every crime  in the calendar.  In closing he earnestly appealed to  the intelligence of the audience, to  make a study of the question, and dis-  ifgard the clap-trap of the party politician, because whatever party won,  Mie workers always lost. He claimed  1 hat when they voted for cents, they  were voting against dollars.  Intelligence, he said, might hasten  the intioduction of the Socialist form  of government, and   ignorance   might  retard it, but the combination  of both J ^^ Wumfcer Present From Phoenix, Green-  . . wood, Nelson, Rossland, Spokane, Rcpub-  cannot prevent it. ���     '   _,      ���,.      _ , ,  ' He and Many Otbere Points.  Many    People  Grand Forks.  SUCCESSFUL IN SPITE OF THE RAIN  Boundary Mining Notes.  A spur for the Emma mine was put  in from the Phoenix branch this week.  At Boundaiy Falls the Sunset smelter is still tunning, with coke enough  to last_another week.  Twelve new hard finished cottages  are to be erected in Phoenix this year  by the Granby Co. for married employees.  Boundary shipments are small this  week, due lo lack of coki at the smelters. The Granny's two furnaces were  blown out early in the week and have  not yet been started. '  ,  This week the Greenwood smelter  was forced to suspend operations, tem  poiaiily, oiraccount of lack of-coke,  and no shipments  of ore   now being  made from the Mother Lode miue..  It is lepoited���although many  doubt the authenticity of the statement���that the Cascade Water, Power  and Light Co. will be prepired to supply powei over its long distance transmission lines by the end of July  Much remains yet to be done in installing machineiy at Cascade.  BOUNDARY PRODUCES $20,000 PER DAY.  Seven Furnaces Can Turn Out Over $500,000  Per Monih.  H. Mortimer Lamb, known as a conservative writer, had the following in  last Sunday's Victoria Colonist regard-  inu the growing output of Boundary  mines :  It is now to be noted that there" are  no less than seven blast furnaces- in  operation in the Boundary district.  Thus, since the blowing in 'ast week  of the Sunset smelter at Boundary  Falls and of a second furnace at the  Greenwood smelter, no more tangible  evidence could be required of the great  industrial progress that is taking place  in that district, and those who hot so  many years ago were laughed at for  predicting that the Boundary would in  the course of time rival Butte, the  great Montana copper centre, are at  length receiving, that honor which is so  rarely accorded a prophet in his own  country.  The present combined capacity of  the Boundary smelters, or rather the  amount of ore treated by them at this  time, is rather over 2,500 tons in the  24 hours, the value of the product being approximately $20,000 a day, or,  say, half a million dollars a month.  If   his output  were maintained  for a  I year, and in future there is every rea-  had ,',',.���    ���      -,,  - ,  son to believe it will  increase  rather  than diminish,   the   production   from  this ore district alone would be equivalent to very  nearly one half of the  total production of metalliferous mines  of the whole province during  1901������  no   bad   record,   surely, (or a district  whose productive career  had  scarcely  commenced two years ago.  Although the Boundaiy has not yet  recovered from the effects of the two-  rapid growth of its towns following the  completion ��� of tailway construction, I third;.imo, 5 1 h\ seconds.  there can .he no doubt that conditions Running, .'./ mile, S_!l\- <  are improving and that the brightest of first; Chiisim'a. Gin second: I;  future awaits the district. ! third; lime 1.22.  Although the heavens sent down  copious'showers each day, this year's  Dominion. Day celebiation at Grand  Forks was, in many lespects, the best  yet held in the Smelter City. The  Rossland and Nelson companies of the  Rock Mountain Rangeis, in their smart  uniforms, brightened the scene, and  while they were encamped at the Forks  held a series of rifle matches.  Tuesday's special train took down  over a hundred passengers from Phoenix, and Greenwood, Eholt and Midway together contributed as .many  more. Returning, special tarins were  run up the hill Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Besides these every  available team in town was pressed *  into service, and many went in this  way.  A special train over the partially  completed Great Northern biought  many crack horses from Spokane. In  fact the horse racing was the great attraction of the event, and some excellent horse flesh, from many points, was "  brought in. Although the track was  heavy, the races were good.  The celebration was given by the  Grand Forks Driving Park and Ath-  lethic Association, six thousand dollars  having been spent on the new half  mile race track, which is conceded to  be one of the best in the piovince.  Credit is due the members for their  enterpiise in getting leady such an  admirable track for race meets.  Results of Sports.  Grand Forks foot-ball team defeated  Gianby smelter team by score p. 3 too..  Nelson Lacrosse team defeated  Grand Forks by score of 11 to 1.  In wet test Grand Forks first, Nelson second, Greenwood third;, time,  27 1-5 seconds. .  Hub and ��� Hub race, Nelson first,  Greenwood second, Grand Forks third.  Base-ball, Grand Forks 10, Granby  smelter 2.  Horse Races.  Running, }( mile, Miss Miller  first; Yellow Girl second; Easter Lily  third; time 23). seconds.  Three minute trot or. pace, mile  heats, Sam Boweis first; Lookout  second; time 2.41.  Running, Grand Foi ks Derby, one  mile, Esperando first; Junot second;  Blackbird third; time  1.51.  Running, Gentlemen': Saddle, Buck  first; Billy R. second; time 2S seconds.  Running, -V. mile, Sally Goodwin  first;'Yellow Girl second; Roy Car-  rtithers third; time 1 06.34.  Exhibition by Dr. M., the guidless  pacing wonder. Time one mile, in  2.41.  Second Dav���Running, mile and  *_, Miss Miller first; Easter  Lily   sec  ond.  Fiee for all, trot or pace, mile, Le-  Roi first; Dr. M. second; Sam liowers  third; time 2.25.  .. Running ponies, )�� mile, Phi mix  fir..t; Buttons second; time, 27'_ seconds.  Running, ,'._ mile beats, Kspcraiido  first;   Iuno'.   second:   K'oy   (..'aiminers  :><>iiivil)  ickbiid  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS. U  I'lie following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines lor 1900, for 1901 ami JfA  for 1902, as reported to the Phoe_ix-.on.ee.��� Past yifl  iooo 1901 Week        1902     riG-Jjj  Granby Mines, Phoenix      04,533 233,424       1,!K1-I   175,0!IO W\  Snowshoe,              "         207 1,731          510      2,-132 'M  Brooklyn, "                 150         R*j  Mother Lode, Deadwood....      5,340 (19,034       I,S_4    70.002 VfQ  Sunset,                   " ,,.       .... 802       1,050      .3,570   "*"  Morrison, "  150         ym  B. C. Mine,          Summit     1<,),4!)4 47,405         010      2,038  R-Bell, ��       0(H)   Kniina,                         "        41          no!  Winnipeg,     Wellington       1,07(5       1,040         785 W  Golden Crown,        "               2,250   025 ?M  Athelstan, "             1,200 500         $1  King Solomon, W.Copper  875         pW  No. 7 Mine,           Central  005        ....         482 by  City of Paris, "           2,000         m\  Jewel,              Long Lake         IliO 350            .0      1.700 t/jl  Ciunii, West Fork  8.1O  ioi  Ruby,      Boundary Falls :        .... 80  Rn  Miscellaneous      3 230 2,444                       ....  Total, tons     (10.730   300,000       0,102 257.524 /?p  Granby Smelter treatment, tons     62.387   230,828       ....   105.Old |  ____W_SB____S__^_.j__j,_����_rvv'w.��_-^_��_-.-_���_,-, ._���__.   _,  -���__..���_. i__si,_��___.-^-v^Tri^<r^__-��_.^i ^^-j^-^  mm  m  3$M  > '..ft  %  i_���?  ftsi  ���m  V __  '..''1  M  mm  __���!___ I__>!__r>_. THE PHOENIX PIONEER  .   ___-*_:i_,r" v. t _. *  ���___#_.-��*-"^  I-J|__s ;>-_-���-: i a  K_��_fV tr-rig  _S_$_ii,V5 r_i  sRaitt i>K.->tf. .3  '*.(!}*-&.  ���____-��rPC$P'  "  "r fi!___ si.��__.���  ���&v3it_I>-  ii  S*��f3   SI  Sit  f?,_��'Hf<  _J_*#-  5SfiSli.-i_S  mm  #������.������������������������������������������������������������������<*�������������*�������������������������������������������������� ������t  ! The Canadian Bank of Commerce ;;  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  Capital, $8,000,000.  Rest, $2,000,000.  STRICTLY ** ^BUSINESS  HON. GEO. A. COX, PrsaUcnt. B. E. WALKER, Guunl Manager.  J. H. PLUHMER. Arft Gco'l Miaagtr.  fl. F. MYTTON,   Manager Greenwood  Branch  +����������� ������������������4  ���  ���f  ���  -f  +  ���f  4  4  &___________________________.___-__. __.  rTTTTTTTTTTT  The Phoenix Pioneer,  ISS-ED ON SAT-RDA1 BV THE  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  at pnoE-vir. B. c.  Vtf.B.WILLCOX. Manager.  _. .    __    .   1 Business office No. 14.  Telephone!   } _,_���,_���., residence, No. 15.  SOSCJU-TIOXS IX ��DV_SC_  Per Ye��r _.   - >* <��  Six Months    �����*_  To Foreign Countries - - 3-00  If you ��re not a subscriber to thl* paper, thl*  l_ an Invlutlon to voa to become one.  Adv.rtl.i_g rates .urnUhed on application.  Legal notice* 10 and 5 cent* per line.  Four weekly insertion* constitute one month'*  advertising.  Evidently things are getting to a  point in this province where a large  .melting concern, to ensure a continuous supply of coke, must operate its  own coke ovens. It would not be surprising if this happened in the near  future.  Perhaps it is for the best that most  of the wind and hot air has been knock  ed out of mining in this province, and  that the industry is now being pursued  on strictly business lines���the lines that  eventually bring the greatest measure  of success.  Simplicity is the soul of art m advertising.  Kneel before the throne of the successful advertiser���he is worthy of admiration.  As a matter of fact, the whole problem of business success is the the problem of "How to Advertise?"  Every single copy of a  good   daily  newspaper that finds a reader is a per  tinent reason foi advertising.  Keen business men are always pro>  gressive advertisers���they know the  value of printers' ink, judiciously applied.  Good advertising, backed by good  merchandise and good salespeople, will  obtain a lot more of good advertising  at no cost whatever. .Poor advertising  will not.  In every community there are a few  men who have made a lot of money,  and a lot of men who have ' made no  money. The difference between them  is this���the few are good advertisers,  while the many ar. bad advertisers.  Good Team of Horses for Salt  First class team of work horses foi  sale. Good for driving. Ka> h mil  weigh about i,.oo pounds. Are in  good condition. Owner wishes to sell  as he has "no further use for them. Inquire at Pioneer office. 33;34  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGEN1,  FIRE, LIJE, ACC DF.N-.  CoiuniU.lbUiT for taking Affidavit..  ..,  - Phoenix, B.  a. scon,  conlrac-ok and builder.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX, B.C.  Do You  Take  THE PIONEER  ?  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boun-  ary. It is owned by the editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is worth $10.00.  It!costs only $2.00.  "Am bi.r" Plug .mikii gToliai<i>  winning in its merits.    Have you tii  st?    Save the iags;th_y me valui.b   ,  {UNIONL  1902  JULY  i  902  Sun. Hon.  Tues. Wed.  Thu.  Frl.  Stt.  1      2     3  4  5  6   7  8   9 10  11  12  13 14  15   16 17  18  J*  20 21  22  23 24  25  26  27 28  29 30 31  EDITORIAL COMMENT  The people of the far east do not  have as much coal to burn as they did.  The strike of the Pennsylvania coal  mines is now in its eighth week.  This is the season for forest fires to  get in their deadly work. Millions  of dollars worth of timber are wantonly  destroyed annually in the province in  this way.       . -  The C. P. K. is continually improving its trackage facilities to Boundary  mines. This shows what that gieat  corporation thinks of the future of the  Boundary.  It's lucky we do not - live in the  Transvaal. We think a two per cent  tax on ores is heavy, but down there  the tax is now five per cent They are  paying the piper.  1 In the' list of those recently honored  by-the king, the name of James Duns-  muir does not appear. Can it be that  bur millionaire premier's efforts" have  gone unrecognized ?   Sudi is fame.  Our coal mining laws need attention���and even more important yet, a  few inspectors who will conscientiously  inspect and report what they find in  coal mines, would not be out of place.  Keep a stiff upper lip, even if you  are not making money as 'fast -as^ you  may wish. Good times are in store  for the Boundary, and it will yet be  the most flourishing part of the pio-  vince.  Premier Dunsmuir is a good equestrian, having managed to keep in the  legislative saddle through a most stormy  ses.ion. But he had to make a fine  exhibition of horsemanship or broncho  busting.   At this writing reports in regard to  the King's recovery are most favorable.  Peoples and nations rejoice at the news,  even though the unexpected postponement of the ceremony meant ruin to  thousands and .thousands.  This week Grand Forks did the  honors in the celebration line in great  style, the entire city being hosts to the  thousands of visitors. When it comes  to celebrations, Grand Forks can look  back with piide to its record.  It is many years since any British  Columbia legislature has received the  universal criticism that has been generously bestowed on that which recently  wound up business. And never seemingly was it more fully earned.   '    ���  A New York editor discourages aspirants from seeking glory and cash in  the journalistic arena.   Evidently he  What is the matter with the city  council these times, inquires ihe Nelson Economist. There hasn't been a  sera]) at a meeting for three months.  Evidently the Baker Street Debating  Society has exhausted its capacity foi  raising disturbances.  B. C. MINING NOTES  H. S. CAVLEV. W. Ii. COCHRANE.  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Solicitous, Etc.  PHOENIX, B. C.  Two years ago today not a pound of  ore was being smelted in the Boundary.  Today three distinct corporations, each  with ample capital, are recucing Boundary ores It is not too much to believe that the next two years will also  show marvellous strides in Boundary  development. '  An almost incalculable loss was oc  casion.d in London by the postpone  ment of the coronation of King Edward. . This loss will fall heavily on  tradesmen and speculators, to say  nothing of insurance companies. All  of which shows that a dead sure thing  is not easy to find.  Half of 1902 has gone, and the  Boundary has extracted and shipped  over 250,000 tons of ore this year. If  this is maintained���and it will prob  ably be even larger���for the rest of the  year, the shipments for 1902 will easily  show an increase of 25 per cent over  those for the year 1901.  It appears that the United States  government is likely to take" up and  complete the Panama canal, that remarkable undertaking that has a'ready  swallowed the savings of millions and  millions in French money. If uncle  Sam undertakes it, he will probably  carry it to a successful issue.-  Once again the building of the  Greenwood-Phoenix tramway is being  revived by capitalists at the foot of the  hill. It must be that Phoenix looks  good to our friends down in Greenwood. Such a line would give them  a chance to see the banner shipping  mines of the province at sYnall cost.  ��� Talk is rife for a daily paper for the  little town of Golden, on'the main line  of the C. P. R. That much needed,  but sometimes long' lost, individual,  the fool killer, has evidently overlooked some one in northeast Kootenay.  But perhaps he prefers to allow a certain wise saying to be exemplified: A  fool and his money are soon parted  The Midway-Vernon railway charter  ow iers have at last had $660,000 in  money guaranteed by the government  as a bonus it they build the road���a  distance of 152 miles. It is now up  to them to act. The farmeis of the  Okioagan with their bounteous cops,  and the miners of the Boundary with  their demand for said crops, all want  the railway built. There is a good  tonnage now waiting for it.  WHAT EDITORS SAY  MacAdams  Wants   to  Know ���  What part of Russia is this we are liv  in, anyway ?���Sandon Paystreak.     '  ' That Farce���The House has now  prorogued and the curtain is down on  the Legislative farce that has been run  ning for the past four months.���rKain-  loops Standard.  This is Cruel���When J. M. Bar-  rie surveys the aggregation of Provincial Piemiers at the coronation he will  have material for a new book called  "The Little Ministers."���Toronto Star.  Few Words Needed���To-do justice to the manner in which our pro-  overlooked the Kootenay newspaper j vincial legislators have performed their  Hjeld, where the names D. W. King, 'duties during the session which reach-  W. A, Jowett, John Houston, C. A. .ed its end on Saturday does not ic-  Oregg and others are thundering down quire a very extended use of compli-  thc halls of lime.  mentary language.���Vernon News.  The North Star, in East Kootenay,  employs "75 men, and is shipping daily  40 tons of ore.  The first shipment of pig lead has  been sent from the new refineiy at  Trail to Winnipeg.'  The Arlington, in the Slocan, has  been reducing its force, pending a  better deal for smelting its ore.  During the first six months of this  year over 8,000 tons of Slocan ore has  been shipped through" Kaslo, double  that of last year.  Judge J. M. Miller, of Rossland,  says that $75,000 will be spent this  year by the Old Gold and Primrose  mining companies on Lardo properties.  The Goldfinch, a Lardeau property,  was sold last week by D. Cameron  and W. Butler, to the Northwest Development Syndicate of Nelson, for  $25,000.  The Richard III. mine on Mount  Sicker, Vancouver 'Island, owned by  Mrs Leonora Richards of Port Town-  send, was bonded to United States and  British capitalists for $100,000.  A company composed of Seattle and  Spokane men will shortly proceed to  exploit the higher reaches of'Granite  river in the Similkameen district. ^This  creek has produced "gold for the past  20 year's, in larger or smaller quantities."  r\. 8. KERR,  ���..ii  Barrister and Solicitor,  -   notary public  PHOENIX. B.C.  King Edward Lodge, U.D.  A. F. and A. M.  Regular coiiimiiiii-.tioii 8 p. m. Sec  ond Tliur___y of each mouth.  Emergent meetings ascaUed; Masonic  Hall, Morrison-Anderson Mock.  -Onr NEW Line of Watches "  aud Chains ;  Must be Seen  to be Appreciated  Thesegiiocis aie the vety latest it."* ���  design uud workmanship, and ;  will be sold a: very low price.    ,   ���  GEO,RDEY;   i  Knob Hill Aleut]., I'Iioimix. $  >   ���' <r  i ��� ��� ��� ��� <_>#^8H��<_>^H��<5><gK_>��>^��S><��><g>.s>^<s>(��v.>s  !NO. P. HUM-JN W _Y  Secretary.  V. L. COCK.  W. M.  Phoenix Federal Labor Union   No. 155    Meets Thursdays at 8 p.'m. at Min-   ers' Union Hall. ���   KD BROWN, Pies. W. CORXER.Scc'y.  WORTH KNOWING  It is estimated that the exclusive  use of fuel oil on Southern Pacific will  net a saving of $1,500,000 a year over  coal.  Calumet and Hecla stamped 150,000  tons of rock in May, and produced the  largest monthly output in the company's history.  1A lepoit from Butte, Mont., states  the Butte mines and'smelters are at  present "producing refined copper at  the rate of 10,250 tons a month.  ^It is rem.rked that the Boers are  becoming excellent British subjects.  As a matter of fact, they have no alter  native but to make such an announcement.    " '   ' '  It is stated that the largest nugget  or mass of silver ever found was a  piece weighing 1340 pounds, valued at  $10,000. It "was taken from the  Smuggler mine, Aspen, Colorado.  PROVINCIAL NOTES.  Rossland is limiting the number of  liquor licenses to 32. >  A hew labor weekly is to be started  at Nanaimo by H. Buckle.  Trail had a most successful Dominion Day celebration this week.  A branch of the Provincial Progies-  sive Party has been organized in Vancouver.  Victoria's Tourist Association is doing good work in ' presenting abroad  the attractions of that city.  The'Rossland Co-operative Association is closing out its business, having  disposed of it to Hunter Bros.  Section men and foremen on the C  P. R. in Kootenay will shortly receive  an increase in wages, as a result of the  decision of the board of arbitration.   ,  The Canadian Socialist is the name  of the latest addition (o the Biitish  Columbia press. It is the Citizen &  Country moved to Vancouver with R.  P. Pettipiece and Weston Wrjgley as  editors.  On the Carbonate claim, just below  the historic Skyline property, about  four miles and a h<tlf from Ainsworth,  on Kootenay lake, there is a mammoth  cave which has never been fully explored and even the existence of which  is not very generally known. j  PHOENIX AEBIE  NO. 1*8.  .Meetings on Friday  at 830 p.m., Miner.'  Uni.n Hall.  Visiting1 brethren  cordially invited.  JAMES MARSHALL, Hre��.    R. T.. BOYD. Secy  Phoenix Lodge No. 28,  Knights of Pythias.  Meets every Tuesday night  ,.17.30 p. m., Hardy-SIcKenzie  Hall.  Visiting brethren welcome  R.A.Scott, C. C  D.J.Matheson, K. R. S.  vvt"-  ' ^  White Cooks* and Waiters' Union  No.. 124. W. L. U.. o! Phoenix.  Meets Tupsday nights, 8;3o o'clock at  ' Miners' Union Hall.'  S.F. Palmkk,  President.  Miss Clask,  , Secretary.  Those desiring helpapply to secretary. 'Phoney)  GEORGE GIBSON  SHAVING PARLORS   '  and BATHROOM.      .  Graves-Williams Block, cor.  First aud Old Iiousides Ave.  Phoenix. B. C.  11. d. pin.  Phoenix Shoe Shop;  All Wink fjiiaianteed.    Imported (5oods.  KIN.   Hiliiln AND SHOHS MADE TO  -     OkllKK.  PRACTICAL    MINERS'  AND   PROSPECTORS'SHOES   A  .SPECIALTY.  Comer Phoenix St. an. Brooklyn Ave.  M  PELLEW-HARVEY.  BRYANT & GIL MAN  r  VANCOUVER, B   C  PROVINCIAL  AssaVers  TUB  VANCOUVER ASSAY OKKICK  Kstabliplied 1890.  Minerals Identified and Their Values Explained. 1    ,      .      .  FREE OF CHARGE.  IIa\e You a Piece or Doubtful Rock? Just  Mail it to us. Mill and smeltei tents up to  4000 lbs.   Checking* A.says a Specialty.   Agent for   I  PABST BEER  f  ��� Complete Line of Sample,  Rt GREIGER. __ _________________ __. ___  H.��s.f��a��      GREENWOOD  ���4  . t EDITION!  Webster^  International  Dichonary'  A Dictionary pf ENGLISH,  Biography, G��o_r*pt>rr 71. U����> *tp  New Plates Throughout   ���  25,000   New  Words  Phrases    and   Definitions  Prepared under the direct ���,  supervision of W.T. HARRIS  Ph.D., LL.D.,. United States -  Commissioner of Education,  -  assisted by a.large corps,of  competent specialist.. ,  '   '  Rich Bindings ' 2364 JPaffas  .. 5000 Illuatratlon*     1  |__T The International teat first issued  in jSqo, succeeding the " Unabridged"  The New Edition of the International  was issued in October, raoo. ^ Get the  latest and best. <��� ~  Always::  Desirable  Odd pieces of furniture to  make your home more comfortable. A luxury you can  enjoy at all seasons.  CLARK & B1NNS  FURNITURE DEALERS  have just, what you want most.  II  ATS  A  .     .      THE  BINER BLOCK  Near Second Stieet, on Knob Hill Ay  Thin is a two story structure 31x40 f.tt,  with 15x30 foot addition in renr. H.ilti.le  We alio publish     '  Webster's    Collegiate    Dictionary  with (.1-is.ry ol S.oltl.h Word, and Phratci.  " Fint clan in quality, tecond clan in lire."  Spe.imcn'pa_M. etc. ol both '  books sent on application.  I G.6C.MERR.IAM CO./  Publishers  Springfield, Mass.  for shop,  room..  Second story fitted for living  Well huilt  throughout.     Will  sell nt reasonable price inui on uitllvfnc'  tory terms. Particular, call be had on  :hc prcmihca from  : MRS. T.  BINER  Ha.on.HPj_no(o.   Mmitfd. ��� .  Represented by J.G.Whitcacrc, Nelson, B. c  J. F. Hemenway, Local Agent.  ��..(..a*��*��t...��..��*ias..����i...-��ii��.gsMea(  Phoenix Home Brewed  Lager  Brewed by a Home Institution has proven the test and has made a  host of Friends who testify to its Good Qualities  PHOENIX BREWERY  JULIUS MUELLER, Proi'kieiok.  Corner Standard Ave. and. Banner. St.. Phoenix S  arris, J��J  Lion BolilirMj wor hs  ������������ JAS! MefcREATH/Prop  ''  '  JOBBERS IN WINES, BEER AND CIGARS  Sole Agent* for Reichaquellen ^-Iters' Blue Label Brand the most  healthful and refreshing of Miutral Waters.  Phone Orders Solicited.        GREENWOOD And PHOENIX, B. C.  Maple Leaf  Hotel Old Ironsides  Ave.  Choice Win.-, Li<|ii'.1. and Cigars always in  stock. Board by du> .rw.ek. One trial mi J  yon will remember The Maple Leaf Forever.  <;regg& Mcdonald, wops.,  PHOENIX  -��*��.���_���_��������  ���<��������������� ��������� _-��� ��� ** _"���>��*.  HARNESS  SHOP  On the Urid_eOl |u  site McMillan Mock  .............. ..... ����������������� 111, .11 �����.������.������.���).,,.. ..^................. ..��..�������. ..  ! GRANBY EXCHANGE  j Buys ANYTHING. Sells EVERYTHING  You Should Read  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  The Leading' Weekly  of the Boundary.  Published in the Heart of the Greatest Gold  Copp.r belt ofBrilish Columbia.  In 1901  the entire Boundaiy shipped 390,000 tons of ore,  nearly every ton of which was reduced by  BOUNDARY SMELTERS.  Phoenix ramp alone shipped 235,000 toris of ore  last year.  The Pioneer is published every Saturday and  and is sent to any part of Canada or the United  Slates for  $2.00  per yeat���or the rest of the world for $3.00  per  year.    It gives the  , _The best established and regulated hostry in  the Boundary.    We are centrally located in our neiv stages with  -a complete outfit of Saddle and Driving Horses.    The  Parties  driven to any Boundary  point.  best of rigs.  C0LLIN5 & McQUAID, Proprietors.  mm  Old Ironsides  Addition  ����e..eoi*0��9ai...e9��0.<. _>���������� e��ei��.etet(te((l|)(t|(a(t((A��  First S_.  Phoenix.  Choiee Wines, liquors and Cigars  Giv  lis a call.  HO. MONSQN, Proprietor.  Latest and Most  Reliable News  of Boundary Mines and Smelters.     It is fearless  and independent, and aims to be  DOWN TO DATE.  Your subscription can begin at any time.  Address with check  ������>%��  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  & f  ii  c  * ��� ���   _rV ^ffelHQiNiX PIONEER  j Equitable Life j  "Sirongest In the world."  .:   Assets $330,568,063.49.  H. ALLENBERG, Manager,  605-606 607 Empire State Building  SPOKANE, WASH. ������  ;*  Surplus. $70,137,170.01  ________P____-_B_______-----------I  ; ��� ��� L. W. MAJOR, Asst. Manager, Rossland, B. C.  ���+������������������������*�����������+��� ������.���������i4.����mM.��**H  LIVERY..  STABLES  Knob Hill Avenue  FRASER & LANDON,  T^ephone No. 10., PROPRIETORS  EtiaENE V. DEBS.  I P. Burns & Co.  PHOENIX  MARKET.  0  HEAD OFFICE FOR BOUNDAKV CREEK, GREENWOOD, B. C.  ri_.ADQUA_.TERS, NELSON, b".' C.  ,... Wholesale aid tail Heat fltrdiih. I  ��� Markets at-Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  ��� Silverton, New Denver, Ymir. Salnio, Rossland, Trail, Cascade,  ��� Grand-Forks, Greenwood* Midway, Niagara and Phoenix.  ��� FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  ��� All orders receive prompt attention.  ��� ������0* _���������������������������������-���-��������!)*��� ..���������������������������������������������������������������������������  w  LINE.  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave Phoenix 8.30 and ..   Leave Greenwood 10 and 4.  DAILY  <��&& A. S. 4 PAW, Proprietor.  Pet Meter* ��. fit* Wel!-___wo Lakor Leader  _���_ Leclcrcr.  To the ou'ward senses' Mr. Debs  presentsja very pier-sing pirture of a  gentleman in the conventional sense of  the word. He is tall, erect, very bald,  with an expressive, sensitive countenance. His manner is cordial and his  language and method of utterance re  as beyond reproach as 'those of any  man we have seen in Mayfair or Filth  avenue. It was almost a shock to me  to behold the man as he is, after the  scurrilous descriptions one has read in  those organs which help to form public  opinion, which are such a questionable  addition to our national intelligence.  So much then for what of Mr. Debs  appears to the outward senses; it bears  that test which is said* to be infallible  in judging the conventional gentle  man, namely, that il he were standing  silent and unknown among a'lot of  men, one would notice him and' would  not know why.  This, however, is very immaterial,  for it is when one approaches that part  of man which lights and forms the  outer man, that one becomes' really  conscious that one is in the presence  of a true mm. Ii becomes evident to  any eyes that can see, that here is  really a manly man, who dwells higher  than his stomach, from that fact, ih.n  like every great- man, he is possessed  by his idea. r��  His audi.nee of at least 1,200 would  testify to his skill and truth. For my  part, and w. claim to have heard some  of the best, we have never heard a  speaker]*who had a clearer or more  sanguine and thorough belief in the  true knowledge of his statements.���  Exchange.  Caws by an \  Old Jackdaw]  Fond of tlieiprculRtit- height.  Thi-htr I witiff my airj flight,  And thti'C. sccur.l> tins  The bustle and Ihe raice show  Which agitate mankind below.  Secure and at his ease.  PnHte .(Tire*GreatHallways.  During the-year ending 30th April,  1902, the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company earned profit sat the rate ol"  10.13 p. c.on'its common "stock, the  Northern (Pacific at the.rate of 8.39  p. c, and the Gieat Northern Railway  at the rale of 10.39 P- c- The capital of the Canadian Pacific Railway  Company is $65,000,000, that of the  Northern Pacific $155,000,000, and  that of the Great Northern $125,000,-  000. The C. P. R. has a large issue  ot preference shares, the others have  not.  Figures  Talk  The fifth annual meeting of the  shareholders of the Ciow's Nest Pass  Coal Company was held in Toronto  on March 7th.  The net piofil of the year after paying all operation expense and all  chaige of every kind amounted to $207,-  848.39. After paying a dividend at  the late of ten per cent, per annum, a  balance of $28,142,89 was carried  forward to the credit of profit and loss.  This company's assets are their  coal mines and the Townsite of Fernie.  Four years ago this Company had no  transportation facilities, and their stock  sold as low as eleven cents per share.  Today theii stock is selling at $90.00.  The Similkameen Valley Coal Company, L-mited, assets are, coal mines,  timber, water power, agricultural and  horticultuial land, city water works,  electric light plant and the townsite of  Ashnola, sunounded by the following  resources: gold, copper, silver, lead,  iron, lime, fire clay, platinum and a  fine stock raising countiy and it is the  smelting centre ol the Similkameen  Valley, .with a climate all that could be  asked. Today you can secure an option on this Company's stock by paying ten cents per share down and ten  cents per month until fully paid, with  non-forfeiture clause. This price is  subject to a twenty-five per cent advance  without notice, or as soon as transportation it assured. The present price  is $ 1.1 o per share. Do not wait until it is too late, but get in on the ground  floor and make, a handsome profit. A  purchaser of 100 shares now, may  gain a profit of $8990.00. Crow's  Nest shares are an example. This  would be a fair profit on an invest-  mant of jj.to.6o per month for eleven  months. We invite the fullest inspection of the company's affairs by intending purchasers.   ,  The Old Jackdaw's attention is called to the extensive patronage given  eastern departmental stores by residents  of Phoenix���members of unions and  their wives. The J. D. does not blame  them for this if���and mark the IF���  they cannot gel the goods here. But  the fact is that the great majority of  goods can be purchased right h.re,  generally a better quality of goods, too.  <m  It is said that families in Phoenix  have even purchased groceries in Toronto, from the T. Eaton Co.���the  concern that has a strike on because it  would not pay fair wages. The O. J.  must confess that he fails to see how  this can be justified on any sort of  grounds, in this or any other community. If this sort of thing was followed  out to its logical conclusion, and every  person made all their purchases in the  east���in fair or unfair establishments  ���it would mean that no merchant  could remain in business in the Boundary.  But to bring it closer home the O. J  knows for a certainty that one or two  concerns in Phoenix, depending on  union people for support, have sent  outside and had printing done, in nonunion offices. Just why this was done,  or in what manner it could be explained, does not appear. The fact, however, remains. And this, too, when  there is maintained in Phoenix one of  the best equipped printing establishments in the interior. Is consistency  a jewel���well, perhaps.  The sage of the New Denver Ledge,  after an experience of being the fathei  of some 20 different newspapers, has  the following to say.-about the man who  dees not advertise. The O J. commends its perusal:  "The man who does not advertise  is either ignorant of business methods  or so fond of a dollar that he lacks public spirit. If neither of these things  can be said of him, then he is a contented man who is satisfied with a mere  existence, and with desire dead in his  heart, he crawls along while others  ride in automobiles."  The Uld Jackdaw.  BILLS PASSED BV LEGISLATURE.  For further information apply to  Similkameen Valley Coal Company^  Nelson, B. C.  Acts That Were Ass;Bled to by the Lieutenant-  Governor.  The following is a complete list of  the acts passed by the legislative assembly, at Victoria, which has just adjourned.    There are 63 in all:  ������An at t to amend the Steam Boilers  Inspection act, 1901.  An ace to amend Chapter 33 of the  Statutes of 1899, being the Judgments  act, 1899.  An act relating to the employment  on Works carried on under Franchises  granted by Private acts.  An act to amend the Liquor License  act, 1900.  An act to amend the Master and  Servant Amendment act, 1902  An act to provide for the appointment ot a Water Commissioner for the  town of Lillooet.  An act to Incorporate the Vancouver General Hospital.  An act to amend the "Vancouver  and Westminster Railway Company  act, 1900."  An act to amend the "Pacific Northern and Omineca Railway Company  act, 1900."  '���-���.  An act respecting Compensation to  Workmen for Accidental Injuries suffered in the course of their Employment.  An act to amend the Shops Regulation act, 1900.  An act to incorporate the Victoria  and Seymour Narrows Railway Company.  An act to amend the Creditors'  Trust Deeds act, 1901.  An act to further amend the Coal  Mines Regulation act.  An act to amend the Coal Mines  Regulation act.  An act to amend the Bills of Sale  act.  An act to amend the Wills act.  An act to further amend the Supreme Courtact.  An act to authorize a Grant to the  Corporation of the City of Nelson of  certain Crown Lands situated in said  city.  An act to amend the Youths' Protection act.  An act respecting the measurement  of Timber.  An act to amend the Game Protection act, 1898.  An act to amend the Municipal  Clauses act.  An act to amend the Companies  act, 1897. ,  An act to amend the Companies  Clauses act.  An act to secure payment for Wages  for Labor performed in the Construction of Public Works.  An act to confirm an Agreement between the Crown and the Crow's Nest  Pas's Coal Company* Limited, respecting certain lots in the.Townsite of  Fernie.  An act to regulate Immigration into  British Columbia.  An act to further amend the Legal  Professions act.  An ���ct respecting Deception in procuring Workmen or Employees.,  An act further to amend  the  Provincial Elections act.  An act respecting Mutual Fire Insurance Companies.  An act to amend the Horticultural  Hoard act  'An act to amend the Brush Fires  act.  An act to further amend the Highway Traffic Regulation act.  An act to amend the Society for the  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Incorporation act.  An act to confirm the existing Bank  Overdraft, and to provide in the future  for obtaining funds by way of overdrafts from the Banking Institutions of  ihe Province.  An act to amend the Law relating  to Trades Unions.  An act to amend the Farmers" Institutes and Co-operation art.  An act to encourage the Manufacture  of Steel Rails in Canada.  An act to enable Power Companies  to exercise the Power set out in part IV.  of the Water Clauses Consolidation  act, 1897, without becoming specially  incorporated.  An act to further lelieve the Members of Canadian Forces serving in  South Africa from complying with the  provisions of the "Mineral" and "Placer Mining" acts in respect of Mining  Properties held by them.  An act to aid the construction of a  railway from Victoria to Yellowhead  Pass.  An act to amend the Evidence act.  An act to amend the Assessment act.1  An act to amend the British Columbia Fisheries act, 1901.  An act to aid the construction of a  railway from Midway to Vernon.  An act to aid the construction of a  railway from Kitimaat to Hazelton.  An act to amend the Investment  and Loan Societies' act.  An ac; to amend certain acts incor  ating Railway companies passed during  the year 1901.  An act to amend the Companies act  1897, Amendment act, 1901.  An act to regulate the Employment  of Labor upon Subsidized Works.  An act to amend the Mineral act.  An act for the Protection of Breeders of Live Stock.  An act to fui ther|amend the Supreme  Court act.  An act to make provision for the Extraction of Iron from Magnetic Sand.  An act to amend the Water Clauses  Consolidation act, 1897.  An act to amend the Iron Placer  act, 1902.  An act to amend the South African  War Land Grant act, 1901.  An act to authorize a Grant to the  Corporation of the City of Vancouver  of certain Crown Lands situate in said  "Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is  winning in its merits. Have you tri d  it?    Save the tags; they are valuable.  Remember you can get anything in  the market at the Dominion.  J. B. MACADLAY  CITY SCAVENGER  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  j _*_*_*       PHOENIX, B. G.  TTA-VCYOff HOT SI'MX... SANITAKIUM  Jl The most complete U C j I T U  011 the coutiueiit of North n t �� U I n  America. Situated mid.t p C C ft O T  scenery unrivalled for gran- ���* �� w v II s  deur. Boating. Fishing and Excursions. Resident Physician and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all parts of the,world; two '  mails arrive and depart every day. Its baths  cure all nervous and muscular disea.es; its waters heal allKidney, Liveranti stomach Ailments  Ternis: S15 to I18 per week, according to res-  dence in hotel or Halcyon Hot Springs,  ow Lake B. C.  Phoenix Bakery,  Phoeuix Street.    'I'hone 53,  We make good bread,     Try it.  .C. W. GREER, Proprietor.  Engineers, Firemen, Machinists and  Electricians send lor 40-page pamphlet containing Questions asked by  Examining Uoaid of Engineers to  obtain Engineers license. Address  Geo. A. Zeller, Publisher, 18 S. 4th  Street, St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A.     29  city.  An act to amend the Fernie  site Confirmation act, 1902.  Town-  A Bad Mix Up.  A good joke related at the expense  of a modest young newspaper man, is  going the rounds simply credited to an  exchange.  It is to the effect that the pusher of  the pencil went out to report a party  the other evening where the house had  been recently blessed with a baby.  Accompanied by his best girl he met  the hostess at the door, and after the  usual salutation asked after the baby's  health. The lady, who was quite deaf  and suffering from the giippe, though 1  he was asking after her cold, and told  him she had one.every winter and this  was the worst one she had ever had;  it kept her awake at night a good deal  at first and confined her to her bed.  Then noticing that the scribe was get-  ling pale and nervous, she said she  could tell by his looks that he was going to have one just like hers and asked him to go and lie down. The paper was out as usual next week, but  the local editor had quit enquiring  about babies.  ���������������������������������������������������������������������������a  _. For a  : Reliable  ���  ��� Timepiece  World's Copper Production.  Messrs. Henry A. Merton & Co., ot  London,  repoits  the  world's  copper  production of 1901, 1900 and 1899 as  follows, in long tons:  1901     1900     1S99  United States.. 265,255 270.58.   261,313  Canada   Spain A Portu-  .al       Chile      Japan       Germany    ...  13,800      8,500      6,730  53,621  30.000  27,475  21,720  Mexico         23,795  Australia   ...  Cape of G. H.  Russia      Allothercoun"  tries   Total       30.875.  6,400  8,000  52,872  25,700  27,840  20,410  21,050  23,000  . 6,720  8,000  52,168  25,000  28,310  23,400  19,335  20.750  6,490  7,210  24,030    22,160    20,585  500,971   487,830 471,351  THEMILWAUKE  A familiar name for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, known all  over the Union as the Great Railway  running the "Pioneer Limited" traiiiR  every day. and night between St. Paul  and "Chicaeo, and Omaha and Chicago,  "The only perfect trains in the world."  Understand: Connections ore made  with All.Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers the best service known.  Luxurious coaches, electric lights, steam  heat, of a verity equaled by no other  line.  See that your ticket reads via "The  Milwaukee" when going to any point in  the United States or Canada. All ticket  agents sell them.  For rates, pamphlets or other information, address,  R. L. Ford, H. S. Rowe,  Trov. Pass. Agt., General Agent,  SI'OKANE, WN. POR.TI._V.ND, OR  Oregon R. __.<& Nav. Co.  Oregon Short Line R. R.  Union Pacific R.R.  ���    ONLY LINE  EAST  VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  Two Trains Daily.  Steamship tickets to Europe and other  foreign countries.  Leaves  Daily  Spokane Time Schedule.  Hfftctive Tune __ 1902  Arrives  Daily  7.45 a. in, FAST MAIL���To and from  Coeur d'Alene district, Farm-  iugtou. Garfield.�� olrnx, Pullman, 'Moscow, ���Pomeroy,  �� Waitsbuig, Dayton, Wall a  Walla, Pendleton, Baker City.  and all points East _ 6.25 p. m.  3-45 p. m. EXPRESS��� For l'ariiiingtou  Garfield, Colfax, Pullman,  Moscotv.Lewiston, Portland  San Vrancisco, Pnker City  and all points EAST.  EXPRESS���From all points  East, Maker Ci}y. San Fran-;  Cisco, Portland, Colfax, Garfield and Fariuiugtou. 9.50 a. m.  ���Except Sunday.  SHORT LINE TO CALIFORNIA.  San Francisco-Portland Route.  Steamers sail from Aiuswortli dock, Portland,  at S p. m and from Spear Street v. liarf, San Francisco, at 10 a. in. every five days.  Tickets on sale at all S. F. & N. Stations.  For furthei  information as to rates, time of  trains, equipment, etc.. address  GEO. J. MOIILKR, General Agent,  430 Riverside Ave., Spokane, Wash  One that will run  the >enr around ,,  is what you need. ''  Jewelery  of every description suitable for birthny presents can be  obtained at  W. ZIMHERMAN'S  Excursion bits M  fANACMANo  VOACiFrCAY  May 26, 30, June 29,  July 2,3, 4.   FROM   ROSSLAND, TRAIL,  NELSON  and Intermediate Points.  To Minneapolis $44-5��  Chicago      64.50  Detroit    77'����  Toronto   89.30  Montreal  100.50  Corresponding reduction from all  Kootenay points. Usual diverse routes.  Meals and beith included on Canadian Pacific Ry. Lake Steamers.  Spokane Tails and loritai .  NELSON  &   FORT   SHEPPARD  RED MOUNTAIN RT.  The only all-rail route between all points east,  west, and south to Rossland, Nelson aud all intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with  the Gieat Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R. flr  N. Co.  Connects atNelfon with steamer for Kaslo and  all Kootenay Lake points.  Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage daily lor  Republic, aud connects at Bossburg with stage  daily for Grand Forks aud Greenwood.  Buffet Sleeper run on passenger trains between Spokane and North port.  EFFECTIVE SUNDAY, MAY 5, 1901.  Leave. Daily Train  i Arrive  g:2oa.m .-...Spokane 7:15 p. m  .2:25 a. tti Ros-luud.. 4:10 p.m  9:40 a. m Nelson 6 45 p. m.  H.A.JACKSON,  General Passenger Agent.  EASTERN  Townships Bankv  ESTABLISHED 1859.  CAPITAL    -     -    -   -  CAPITAL, PAID UP  RESERVE FUND   -  -  $2,000,000  $i.955>225  $l',200,000  For Time-tables,  rates  and   full information  call on or address nearest local agent, or  O. W. Dey, EJ.Coy.-E..  Agent, A.G.P.Agt  Phoenix, B. C.    Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.,  Nelson, B.C.  BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Wm- FA_._VE_.r_, President.  Hon. M.  H. Cochrane, vice-Pres.  Israel Wood,  J.S.Mitchell, G. Stevens,  J.N.  Galer,   N. W.   Thomas, C. II.  Kutlmn, _____ B.  Brown, K. C.  HKAD OFFICE, SHERBROOKK, p. Q.  Jas. Mackhmon,  Gen'l Mgr.  S. -Hdgell,   Local Mgr.  S. F. Mokky. Inspector of Branches.  BRANCHES.  In Province of Quebec-  Montreal, B. Austin, Manager.  Waterluu W. I. Brings, Manager.  Roc It Island, S. Stevens, Manager.  Cowansville, H. F. Williams, Mgr.  Coaticook, V,. N. Robinson, Manager.  Richmond, W. h. Ball, Mgr.  Granby, W. H. Robni<_oi], Mgr.  Bedfor^, W. H. HarRrave, Mgr.  Hum (_gd_.11. A. W. Watson, Mgr.  Magi_4, W. D. Fraser, Mgr.  St. H>acinthe, J.   I^iframboise, Mgr.  Orinsiown, H W. Morgan, Mgr.  Wiudsor Mills, H. P. Oluier, Mgr.  lu Province of British Columbia���  Girii-I Forks, Wm. Spier, Mgr  Phoenix, N. 11. Slack, Acting Mgr.  Agents    111     Canada,   Bank  of   Montreal   aud  Branches.  "     London, Hug., National 3auk of Scotland.  "     Boston, National Exchange Bank.  *'     New York, National Park Bank.  Collection      made at   alt   accessible    points.  Drafts issued for any required amounts, good at  all points tu  Canada,    U. S.  and  Kit rope.     Exchange bought and sold.  Savings   Branch    Dkcartmknt    at     Kach  Office.  Interest allowed from dat** of deposit aud compounded annually without requiring attention o��  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from 10 10 *2.  An Unprecedented  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year   Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Grlobe, (weekly) both for One  year..    Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Daily Herald, both for One  TTOQT*   /"Including Handsome Portrait\  y tJt-t'I    ^of Kiiig Kdward, 17x22 iitches.,/���   Phoenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year _   Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Family Herald and Weekly Star,  both one year    Subscriptions received to all Magazines and Periodicals at publishers lowest rates.  3L75  Send all subscriptions to this office  PHOENIX  PIONEER,  PHOENIX, B. C.  *__  'itj  ��� ' K'w-  ��� "m  ' !_sa  *���_���'!  ."J  M  1 -��a  :'.v_|  ���_I  tl  > _.  <     '11.       ..11      _ ....      . --XT,      ���!..  ���l-V  "J".'*' ���s^T-'Hrf-Irt  '"?: ���^������-^r'-rs: T^-m  af-fflBJuiii'iii-iiti y_>_ <f,3? , ?  Jfefi4 '^ ft  M Si  j, <_. fl  4-.pn 2 ',ti..'A-  V  1 -ftp'  _..-rt*rl.''Mlf.  ��0M?<.  _33__-_s_,  ���_v, . t?*'1. . V  Wir. 'ty  if. ''������'���  .Aiif  -at     , 4, (!<'  iSfi ."4 '?'  _r >"J < _#���  - -*^PH��)��jiH0ENiX-PI0NBER  I  Good Bar in  Connection.  Large Sample Rooms.  Electric j*j*  ^^e^ Bells  and Lighted  The Dominion Hdttse  GILLIS & FORREST, Proprietors.  Centrally Located  THE ONLY FIRST-GLASS  HOTEL IN PHOENIX  Old Ironsides Avenue  J  o*a����*��_*����oo��*����������e��*��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  Bellevue Hotel  Marshall & Shka, Proi-s.  In Connection with Aetna Lodging House.  Knob Hill Avenue, Phoenix, B.C.  BUS MEETS ALL TRAINS. LIVERY STABLE IN CONNECTION  ��� -  ���  ��� :  ���  Best Obtainable  Brands of  Wines, Liquors and Ogais.  'Phone zq  Dining Room   First-class in  Every Particular.  and Spokane Friday night. The  latter connection was made liy the Jim  Hill line from Grand Forks.  1'. Burns & Company lecently purchased the" Conrad Hairis outfit of  steers at Fort Benton, Montana, for  $188,000. This is the I. G. Baker  herd which was at one time the largest  in Montana. The steers are foi the  B. C. market.  Rev. E. 1\ Flewelling preached 10  Greenwood Lodge No. 2S, A. F. & A.  M. last Sunday evening at St. Jude's  church, Greenwood. On his return  to Phoenix Mr. Flewelling and daughter were thrown from the vehicle, but  not seriously hurt.  �������������.-���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������o  *"  (IBRIEF NEWS NOTES  ii   MATTERS OF GEN-  ERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  ����  There Are Two���Two well known  young men of Phoenix are reported to  have lately bought residences. No announcements have been made, but  Dame Rumor says that the houses will  be occupied before long, and not as  bachelors' quarters.  search revealed a leak or two, which  when remedied allowed the tank to be  easily filled by the pump at the lake.  And Manager Ilememray is again a  happj man.  Gone to Fernie���Constable D. J*.  Dairaugh. of Phoenix, on receipt of  orders to that effect, lelt on VVednes  day's train for Fernie, whence he  had been sent by the attorney-general's  department for a brief time. Constable  McMillan, of Cascade, was also sent to  Fernie at the same time.     >  Was Killed ��� John Kelly, 19  years old, was killed last week Friday  at Cascade by the accidental discharge  of a gun. Deceased was employed on  the C. P. R. section crew at Cascade,  where his uncle is also employed. He  had only been over from Ireland two  months.  Hkld Swedish Slkvices ��� Rev.  Gustav Djupe, of Seattle, who represents the West Coast-Swedish Missionary Society, spent last Sunday in Phoenix, and held pieaching services Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon in  the Congregational church, being the  first Swedish sevices held here. 'Mr.  Djupe travels all over the northwest in  this work, and this was his first visit to  the Boundary's chief mining camp.  He preaches again tomoirow afternoon.  Comes Thursday���Miss Marietta  Ladell, B. E., assisted by Miss' Teresa  Flanigan, soprano, will give an entertainment at Miners' Union Hall next  Thursday evening. The press notices  aie flattering to Miss Ladell, who made  a tour of the Boundary three years  ago, before Phoenix had assumed the  pioportions of a town.  Secured Vengeance ��� Last Sunday the Phoenix aggregation of base  ball enthusiasts went down the hill to  Greenwood to get vengeance for the  drubbing they received recently by the  Greenwood nine, and they were successful. On account of rain only four  and a half innings were played, when  the score stood Phoenix 9, Greenwood 3.  Has Extensive Interests���R. T  Daniel, one of the old timers of Trail,  who has extensive interests all over this  section, including Phoenix, was a visitor in the city Sunday for the first  time in a year. Mr. Daniel owns the  Trail water system among othei things,  but of late has given a large shur. of  his attention to the cultivation of rice  in the state of Louisiana, of which he  is reported to be making a good thing.  As a result of his winter's logging  operations at Volcanic City, R. A.  Urpw'11 has some 2,000,000 feet of logs  now in Smelter lake above Grand  Forks.  Pat Welch, the well known railway  contractor, is winding up matters in  connection with the building of the  Great Northern branch to Republic,  now about completed.  Officers of the bicycle club recently  started in Gr.ind Forks, are as follows:  President, A A. Frechette; secretary,  E. W. Buckley. A new cinder path  will-probably he built.  Peter B. Nelson, the well known  merchant of Nelson, Wash., was married last week to Miss Mary Henderson, daughter ol Mr', and Mrs. J. B.  Hendeison, of Giand Forks.  J. E. Mills came in Saturday from  Fernie, where he served on the coroner's jury that censured the Crow's  Nest Coal Co., for the accident at the  mines in which 140 lives were lost.  It. is reported that the Kettle Valley  lines will have their road to Republic  in operation about the 10th of July,  the repairs necessitated by the spring  freshets being in an advanced state.  The opportunity to consult Geo. L  Pedlar, Opt. D.' Specialist, will be  welcomed by all who suffer from' Eye  Trouble in any form. He will be at  McKenzie's Drug Store, July 23-25.  E. V. Debs, the labor leader, spoke  at Greenwood Monday night, Grand  Forks Tuesday, Phoenix   Wednesday,  r  Church Services  Tomorrow.  [  THE PEOPLES  CASH STORE  '..'   ������'.'.    ���   '   1. ,. '.'.���.'.''  DOMINION AVKNt'l-, I'HOKNIX. II. C.,  Nature's aid to health,  but must be pure. Boyle's stock  is always fresh and pure, .  Church of England���St John's  Mission; services tomorrow, morning  and evening as usual. Rev. E. P.  Flewelling, vicar.  St. Andrews'��� Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at 11 a. m. and  7:30 p.- m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 3 p. m.  Congregational���Preaching services  tomorrow at 1 lata., and 8:00 p. 111.  Rev. Geo. Broadley, pastor.  Methodist���Service tomorrow evening at 8:00 o'clock at Hardy-McKenzie  hall. Bible class, 10:30 a. m. Rev.  Thos. Green, B. A., pastor.  SPECIAL NOTICE.      ,  For Rent���3 Roomed house $10.  House in N. Y. Townsite and   lower town.  Lodging house.  Rooms in all parts of town.  For'Sale���Rouble dwelling house.  Two detached houses on 'N. Y.  townsite.  We have good bargains in lots in all  parts of town.  Money to loan on improved realty.  McArthur & Monk,  Agents.  Pliiitoinpbs.  Don't pay high prices for portraits  when you can get cabinets for $3 and  $4, and just as good ���'��� New views of  Phoenix and the mines for sale in a  few days.0 'All work finished here ���  nothing sent out of. town. Hall's  Photo 'Tent, opposite the Bank.  )  Groceries  ;r:-..���&������;:;.���::;-  Produce  A Clean, Fresh and Select  Stock of Eatables at Lowest  Cost. Read your profits in  the Prices. .    >  llimly McKemlc Muck, .' 'I'libiie 61. <  FOR RENT I  Double Dwelling [Jquh_  per month.  Three roomed, hou*?, $.5.  Houses in N. Y. Towni.it.  Lower town to rent.  Lodirint. House  I  filth m  and  The Druggist.  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B.C.  BAKERY  BUSINESS  ��� FOR-���  FOR SALE  7~t  For paticulars inquire of  J. S.McCAGUE,  ��*__._ Phoenix, B. C.  Applicatloa for Transfer ef Hold License.  I  Double dwelling house.  Aleu-u-iii fine r< nt  earning prop.  ��� ���I'V  We haw Home jrood  bargains in  Iota in till parts oi town.  FIRE, LIFE and  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  maMMaMmaMBmaMMBMMm*meMmBaatmaaaaMaaamaammaMm  MCARTHUR & NONK^  AGENTS  I*. O. Box, jj. V. & N. 'Phoii.. j:  I1  I1  #> ""������"  ('  REID & CO. |!�� KODAKING DAYS f  Painters-Decorators - {'��� i^^^^JSW  T  , .,   ,.    ..   -  ...   .     F   ;!c   no doubt want to know just }K  Indoor   and   Outdoor  \\ ork     k   fl\ .vhere tQ j,     thcft) ��� \f/  Promptly Done with pure lead  and oil. Paper Hanging and  Kalciminmg.  Notlce'is hereby given that wc shall apply to  Ihe Board of License Commissioners of the City  of Phoenix, at in, next Meeting, for the transfer  of the hotel license held by us for the Kuob Hill  hotel, situated On lots 19 and _o, block 11, Old  Ironsides subdivision, city of Phoenix, to Kdirard  Munson. w. J. Morrison.  James Anderson,  Dated June :j, 1902. Licensees  City and District Notes.  Came from England"��� Last Sunday the beautiful communion service,  presented to St. John's Anglican church  in Phoenix by English friends, was  used lor the first time. The vessels  are the gift of Miss Rawson, and were  presented through Rev. Ernest Hobbs,  of Hereford, England. The congregation of St. John's are deeply grateful for this valuable gift.  Has More Duties ���Rev. \V. A.  Robins', of Greenwood, will shortly  leave for England, and while he is absent Rev. E. P. Flewelling will have  charge of that parish, including the  mission at Eholt. Preaching service  will be held in Greenwood Sunday  mornings., in Phoenix Sunday evenings and at Eholt Wednesdays. Mr.  Flewelling has so far held two services  at Eholt.  K. of P."1 Memorial Service���The  annual memorial service of the Knights  of Pythias of this city will be held in  the Congregational church tomorrow.  evening, when a special sermon will be  delivered by the pastor, Rev.. Geo.  Broadley. The centre seats will be  reserved for the members of the K. of  P. who will attend in a body, and the  seivice will commence at eight o'clock.  Permanent Pastor Appointed���  Rev. Jasper Hard, B.A., of London,  England, has been appointed the permanent pastor of Emmanuel Congregation chuich of Phoenix, to succeed  Rev. George Broadley, who has been  temporalily supplying here. Mr. Hard,  who comes highly recommended, is expected to arrive next week to take up  his work in Phoenix. Tomorrow will  be Rev. Broadley's last Sunday.  Found the Leuc���For several days  it has been impossible for one engineer  to keep the large tank of the water, sys-  Weeping skies have been with us  this week.  Next week Thursday is the monthly  payday in this camp.  Miss Giant left this week on a visit  to friends at Armstiong.  The Evening Sun, of Giand Forks,  is contemplating enlargement.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his  office in the Bank block, from July 10th  to 14th.  Alderman John McRea took in the  Fourth of July celebration at Spokane  this week.  W. S. Macy and wife went to Spo-  I kane Tuesday for the Fourth of July  celebration.  Mrs. Reid Crowell returned Wednesday from a two weeks visit to her  parents at Bossburg.  H. D. Pascoe, who has been foreman at the Mother Loda mine, has  gone to South Africa.  E. W. Monk and R. W. ^Trotter  made a trip up the north fork of the  Kettle river this week.  R. F. O'Hara's boundary survey  party are now working near Cascade,  having moved from Osoyoos.  C. P. R. officials have about decided to put a turntable in at Phoenix,  instead of a Y, as at first contemplated.  Rev. Courtney, who has been supplying in Vancouver, will occupy St.  Andrew's Presbyterian pulpit tomorrow.  Rev. R. \V. Ciaw, formerly of Columbia, but now of Kaslo, occupied  the Presbyterian pulpit here last Sunday.  . Dominion Day was quiet in Phoenix, the mines having been closed and  many being away at the Grand Forks  celebration.  F. E. Coopei of Giand Forks, was  married a tew days ago to Miss E. A.  Baker, ot Easton's Corner, Out., at  Nelso.1, B. C.  Capt. Geo. Swaync has been appointed alderman in Gieenwood to fill  the vacancy caused by the resignation  of Alderman-Sullivan.  It costs $7.65 to reach Spokane over  the Gre.it Northern fiom Giand Forks,  while the contractors have the Republic extension in hand.  The cuitailment of ore traffic has  necessitated laying off both of the powerful Shay locomotives on the Phoenix  branch of the C. P. Ii.  This week steel was laid on the Great  Northern's line to Republic, and ah  exclusion was run o.er the new road  on Dominion Day to Grand'Forks. -  G. M. Dougheity, secretary of the  Greenwood Mineis' Union, and  Charles Wilson, both of Greenwood,  are both proud f.ithersof little daughters that recently made their appearance.  W. H. Creety was last week elected  temporaly president of the local branch  of the People's Progressive Party at  Grand  Forks, with J. A. McLeod as  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK 43d  ANNUAL STATEMENT.  Made to Shareholders at the Annual Meeting Held at Sher-  Brooke, Quebec, Wednesday, June.4th.  tt  ?r  !     PtfOENIX, B. C.    I  Leave  Your Order* af B-lIivm   Hotel.  B. C.  Profit and Loss Account.  The statement of profit and loss account for the year ending May 16th, 1902,  shows:  Balance at credit of profit and loss brought forward from  May 15, 1901 \   Profit head office and branches after deducting charge* of  management, interest due depositors,   and provision  for bad and doubtful debts   Premium paid on new issue or capital stock   APPROPRIATIONS AS   FOLLOWS:  On account of rebate on bills discounted unmatured   Dividend of Z% per cent, paid 2nd January, 1002   Dividend of 3}_ per cent, payable 2nd July', 1902.........'  Bonus of 1 percent,  to shareholders,  payable 2nd Ji.'l'y;  1902.. ;.'.���;   Transferred to Reserve Fund    "'.if' ':'���  $ 41,063.37  234,361.68  69.968.00  f3C5.393.55  135,000 00  01,039.26  65,796.20  38,117.80  160,000.00 '  "Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is  winning on its merits. Have you tried  it?    Save the tags; they are valuable.  A\ Well to make a long story ^  /$     short, we keep them     sjff  W in all sjzes'and cost.    From W  W5 one costing $i  to those  for W>  4rjS the advanced student, costing j$k  jlj\ from $8, $to and upwards.      h\  fj\ We keep the well-kumvn I.u.lninu /��  ji: Kodaks uutl enrry nrumplrte line of ii.  ��\ I'HOroOKAIMlIC SUl-1'I.II.S.    Call ik\  IK mid nee for yoiimclf.         ^ -v  ^   " "   " "' "*������-���  its  McRae Dros. 2 Smith  KNOB IIIW. AVK.,  Have You Used  McKenzie's  Compound  Extract of  Sarsaparilla  and Burdock  With] [Iodide,  of Potassium  A.P. McKENZIE  .DRUGGIST [  Ilnrily.McKcur.ic Mock,     Phoenix, B. C.  THE  ���  4     TIT' ' ". "'T" ��� V"''"���"  "   ��� "'w-  """ ami CiniHc.  *  fNORDEN HOTEL  Is the place to go If: you,  wuut the best or Liquors  .ALMSTROM &-'.,.'.'..I.G,Tkopkiktors.:  *j*j     DOMINION AVENUE, PHOENIX, B. C.  j One Good Investment  Wo_th a Life Time of work.  t  IS  1329.953 26  Balance carried forward..    $35440.29  W.M KARWELL, General Manager.  General Statement, May 15, 1902.  LIABILITIES.  To the shareholders  Capital paid up ,  Reserve fund ^1,200,000.00.  Balance profits carried forward       35,440 29  Dividend No. 85 of 3^ per cent, payable 2nd July next      05,796.20  .1,955,225.00  ��  ��  An Investment in Phoenix Realty at the present time is  bound to bring a handsome dividend at no distant date. No one with an understanding of  the possibilities of the Phoenix mines believes that present low real estate values will long  prevail. With increased ore shipments prices are.stiffening up. We still have some good  values in Dominion Copper Co.'s Addition and other parts of the citvat most reasonable  figures.    Whether you desire it for an investment or a home we can fill your wants.  Add..** G. W. RUMBERGER,  _.<������ for Rent. Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, B. C.  Bonus to Ehareiio!d-.8 of 1 per cent payable 2nd July  Dividends unclaimed:..;   Reserved on account of rebate on bills discounted unmatured    18,117.80  -.7.77 43  35,000.00  1,357,031.72  To the public: "��� ,n-  Notes of the Bank in circulation .Jl.358,7,.4.00  Deposits payable on demand '.. J ,267,2.9.83  Deposits payable after notice "6,672,054.07  Due banks in Canada        7.044.32  Dne banks in foieign <ounlr.es '         1,908.4ft  *3,312,266.73  8,108,800.71  ASSETS  Specie ;  $132,870.08  Dominion notes : ' .'  .��� 140,615.00  Bills and cheques on other banks  108,434,61  Due from other banks in Canada  395,023.80  Due from other hanks not in Canada .'. 471,248.06  Due from banks in the United Kingdom - 5,315.85  Dominion and Provincial Government securities  180,073.42  Canadian municipal debentures  262,090.00  Railway and other bonds and stocks  125,202 67  Call loans on bonds and stocks .' " 571,062.87  ' Total assets immediately available ���.'  Deposits with   Dominion government for security of  bank circulation '. ....::   ' $ 72,047.50  Current loans, discounts, and advances to public...... 8,652,480.28  Real estate, other than bank premises  29,212 08  Debts secured by mortgages '] 61,428.14  Loans overdue all loss provided for : .'..���: 66,347.56  Bank premises and furniture, including safes and vaults . 204,489.71  Other assets and items in transitu ���.  33,054.00  $11,511,057.43  $2,391,098 10  Most Striking Specials in Splendid  To be  $9,119,059.27  $11,611,057.43  WM. FARWELL, General Manager.  Election of Officers  tern filled.   Although  the tank holds ^"\Z7 P w"T 9' l"- ,oca;ortanc" As a result of the ballot, the following directors were elected:  Hon. H. M.  100,000  gallons, the  200 gallon per ?thel1^s  ^^Tte^l at S^.f1 J" N'^r' V"" W W-Thomas. Gardner Stevens, C.H.Kathan,  ,        fa   �����>,...=  <��u b*.-uii per Grand  Forj.S) wUh j A  McLeod as H. B. Brown, K. 0��� James S. Mitchell and William Farwell.   At a meeting of  minute pump did   not  keep it filled,  secretary.     The club starts oft" with a the new >arA_th__ *?,l<'w,'n? officers were chosen:    President, Wm; Farwell;  ��ven when running double shifts.   AI large membership. ' vice-president, M. H. Cochrane; general manager, James; MacKinnoh.  C-and  CQIBIOrt Makeyour purchases  Boots and Shoes, Shirts, Ties, Hats  and   Caps,    Underwear,   Clothing,  "*��� V __y <*  .������V:  Etc., at  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix   B. C.  9$  Ladies Fancy and Staple Dry Goods   "  ���artments on the Second Floor.  teiw  i'L


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