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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jul 11, 1914

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 >  Kf  ', i-**1-^  .'Jl  ��Wi  ��H  ��  3fe  ���^as  a. r  *��� "vrOs  1   ���'r'3       "    ���  *�� * - ��������/.  - '^"*eJ"w  ��� ���>-* n^TsTcAl-  ����>t 2*A,*J>* -  v ,'-v  *-"   *  . -��,   ������ M t  . *tf wife -  ��� I, ���  p.'*i; -J.  i_  L l'  .7 1        .  '<A ;.*  ��������� ;.Ji,  A'' '        "  I.      '"It  1   * -v  Tke largest copper mines in  %the- Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs 500 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over $60,000, while tho Rawhide pay roll is $18,000.  FIFTEENTH YEAR  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary RSInlnjj District  Thb Phoenix zPioiteeb, is  published �����*,' the highest  municipality ^ Canada���"  altitude, 4,800/ti- " The city  has a population of 1,600,  and ' possesses ' first-class  hotels, opera house, schools  FATAL ACCIDENT  AT KNOB HILL  Three Well - Known Em  -, ployees Buried Under  Rockslide.  PHOENIX, B.C., SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1914  n relays, but it son, the latter two of whom read  the impressive ritual prescribed for  such occasions. After the service  the procession reformed and accom  The most serious accident in the  history,6f the Granby mine, extend  were Set  to  work  was not  until   the   big-  shovel   had  been in  commission for some hours  that any appreciable impression'was  I made on the huge mass.    Throughout the night  and  all   the next day  the'work proceeded, but it was not  until   eleven    o'clock   on    Monday! _  ._,   ��������� m  evemngthat the last body,'that of home of the deceased in Prince  W. Tatham was taken out, the Edward Island. Among the wreaths  other two hav.ng been recovered a sent was one from Snowshoe^lod'tre  tew hnnrc n����!miiplv I i . - . .*��  Number 52  nu  . .  ,     The Flathead Petroleum company  pa.iied,the remains  to the C.P.R.  have erected a drill on Sage creek  stat.on  wherewith  every  token.; of and  drilling  will    commence   next  respect  from - stranger and   friend  alike they were shipped to  the old  acj������Fj-  *****Cro"   ($175,000MONTHLY  week.  J. T, Lawrence, formerly of Phoe-i .-_  ���w  mx, and for some years one of the AT HIDDEN CRRF8T  most prominent and successful fruit ��IW1JJJW  VHfifiJi  growers  in  Grand  Forks,   was   a  few hours previously.  Like all   bad   news   the "report of  2^,1^1 * "�������.-�����<���--l���. ��+��,�����-*���  curred at about a quarter past nine  on Sunday morning last and unfortunately resulted   in the  deaths of  three of this city's oldest residents,  J.   F.   McDougall, shiftboss;   Wm.  Tatham, shiftboss;.and F. Riordan,  motorman'. All of the deceased were  for many jtears in the employ of the  Granby and were counted amongst  the  most experienced of the com.  pany's servants.    The scene  of the  the town  and  in  a very short time  ajarge   number  of spectators  had  asssembled    and   occupied  vantage  points where for hours throughout  the day and   far into the night they  watched, many with tearful interest,  the  strenuous  .work   of the   mine  foVce   under    the   direction   of  the  superintendent, Chas. M. Campbell,  and the foreman, John A. Swanson  and another  from   the  local sister  hood of Rebekahs,   who also wer��  in    attendance    in   large   numbers  J. R. McDonell spent some time recently taking photographic Views of  some of the mining properties in  Franklin camp.  Ore running: as  high  as $300 per  has   been   found   in the   mines  ton  headed    by   their   district   deputy,   ���Th  7r    u    ��� '" ^  Mrs. Rossie'Bush.    The pallbearer ^ **  L^htnin^ Pe-* Min  SJi;      n    l?S C��mPan>' at Edgewood, on  the  Mrs. Rossie'Bush  were Messrs. J. A. Swanson, D.  Stafford, T. A. Love, W. Cook, D.  Stafford, W. Humphrey, Jas. Mc-  Keown and Walter Ross.    ���  In the afternoon another mourn  fill    '  of prospects jn  that  delightful district,    Mr.    Lawrence   stated  that  never since  his  first  locating* there  had he seen so bright a prospect for  the   fruit  rancher  as that  in  sight  this  year.      The   weather   on   the  whole has been   ideal.    T;hey have  . . , ..---,, - -,had  a short  spell   of exceptionally  Arrow lakes.      The property is said   hot weather, but not  sufficient by a  to have a  showing- of ten inches of ,onff way as to create any ill effects  galena at the bottom of the shaft.       The strawberry crop  had  been ex , n    h  A cleanup is expected very shortly  ��P*>n.lly good  this year, both as"   ^n^ wStl S^OoS  on the property of R. Lambert, situ-  to  ����������--*  and  quantity, and  they  terly^ iniddittoL to'^ff'000 <JUar"  ateon   Granite creek.    It is confi.|-^ow engaged in  ����^��\^��^^ J  Paid For���Operating Expenses Reduced.  A high authority on Granby Consolidated affairs is credited with the  statement that after July IS, the  company's smelter at Hidden creek  will be producing at the rate of$175,.  000 net monthly. This is approximately two and a*half times the dividend  requirements  of the Granby  mishap was the No. 2 tunnel of the I        ^mqUest  into the causes sur-hfed   offi��al, Wm.   -Tatham,    aqd  Knobhill, at a'point where the cars  '��U       * the deaUlS  ��f }'   F' Mc" \ \ *"* Riordan wer��   ^on-  enter  and cleave  the glory hole forl Dou^l[ .and   Frank   Riorda��, (the'^^   to  the  ��P*��� house for the  the purpose .-of serving: the newly-  installed   electric   shovel,' and   the  cause of the' mishap was   the fall of  procession   .wended.   its     way  tbroug-rTthe  streets   to   the   opera\A    tl ���.- "    " " tuu"*| ,:    _     �����-�� ,"��"*��"��if an 1 the  Grand  Forks  nlant    ��,h���u  ���  house,- when   the   remains   of the  ^ Pred,Cted that 'he returns of Hua��y <-<"  crop of .currants, cher. Juoe producedI 1 70C^oS'��       ,      <  official,  Wm     ^   ��� "   'b0th   P,atin"m   *�����<���   "���������   *���-��-  ^Jriesand  ^oosehernVc     rw.:,,.   .Jr..     Produced 1,700,000 pounds of  a body of rock estimated at'over a ?*   ���?{,-,?,ac!j    ^Greenwood   con-  thousand tons,   which   had   become I dUCted.the,nqu,ryandafterhearinff  to  the  body  of Wm. Tatham   not  having- re,ig>��us service prior to their inter  been recovered up to that time) was  meot*'n the city cemetery.   The hall  held on Monday evening.     Coroner | was crowded to its  many  had  detached from the -.west wall  of the  quarry.     According    to   F.   Weir,  who gave evidence  at  the inquest,  the  mass    descended   without   the  slightest   warning,    coming    down  the   sloping  sides   with   irre^isible  force "on   to   the   timber  sets  and  burying the' motor  and   men tinder  many feet'of gravel and rock.  The alarm was immediately raised,  but to   even the most inexperienced  eye it   was  seen   at "a   glance 'that  the work   of extricating-the- bodies  would  consume    many   hours  and  entail a" tremendous  amount-of la-  bor,   and' while   there   were   those  who   professed    to ���a  .hope   that  matters   might   not be   as   bad   as  they looked, the .chances  of any of  the   men   being, found , alive   were,  to say  the  least,'extremely remote.  As soon as it   was   definitely decided by a  roll call that there were  ' three of the  shift  missing, as many  men as could   be conveniently used  the evidence of witnesses the jury  handed ina verdict of ''unavoidable  accident," which the coroner stated  was tantamount to "a verdict of  "accidental death." \  Thursday was a  day  of funerals.  Business was more or. less suspended   and   the  day shift  of the mine  ceased   work   at   11   o'clock.     The  service over   the   remains   of J. F.  McDougall took   place  in   the forenoon   at   the    opera    house.      The  casket, covered whh beautiful floral  tributes, was  escorted from' the" undertaking parlor by  the members of  ���th��... IocaLJodge ~p��, OddfellowsV^o,  which  fraternity' the  late   Mr. McDougall was a zealous and prominent   official.      In   addition    to> the  brethren the numbers in,the cortege  were ^swelled by .many  of- the resi  dents of the camp."     The officiating  minister was the   Rev. J. R. Munro  of "St.   Andrews'   church,   assisted  by   H.  Elsmore,   Noble- Grand   of  Snowshoe lodge, and Oscar Gustaf  andl^.��th   P,atinum   and  gold  from the  rics and  gooseberries.    Outside  of I blister conrW   h**;A~  a"d  Tulameen and its tributaries will be  ,ocal needs, the ranchers have open- abTe q JaZ of ^S    a   ?i  ��n  excess  of that  of the past  ten   ed "P a  va,��ahle market in Alberta      w^^     ^ ^  years combined. and Sask., and Mr Lawrence is per   a const���ction began at Hid  Owing to  the heavy  rains of the  SOna,,y  in   re����V  ~< l   1 den creek about three  owded to its utino'st capacity! Ipast week�� tbe hydraulic mines in J.8'! he Can atten<  having, to be content with *" djstrict' says the Cariboo Ob- ..' Manitoba  .or  rnn~     tl-   r,,       .     .i I server, .are again piping with  a full       Im^at'on has s  head  of  |sonally  in   receipt  of more  orders  ^e can attend to as far east as  standing-room.    The  Rev.  J.   H.  Hobbins, of the  Methodist church,  conducted the service and delivered  j a  sympathetic  address , relative   to  the sad affair.    The proceedings included . the     singing^ of   favorite  hymns,' one   of Cwntch';   "Rock   of  Ages," and the bened^tion brought  the service to^a clb^e.*' The cortege.'  which   numbered ^many ' hundreds,  then   reformed^ &<�� followed    the  flower-bedecked    coffins    to    their  final resting place,' below the town.'  The  late. Mr. Tatham, "who Wis  ���   -~    ^.J     ,"',   ,7l -���"���������,      wno   W��S     a---a- ���  ?4 y*aJf**of^e��">*^"b^n'f^Wtt&rta?n- ,  Granhv    rnmnann   *,:���.�� ^lonn      .1,.*   R.iir>f>i  water. The cold weather  and rains are causing the snow to  stay on the hills much longer than  usual, which giv.es the piping season a much better outlook than was  anticipated in the spring.  W. F. Brewer has taken a bond  on the Silver Pick group on Nine  Mile mountain. . The property is  owned by Ji S. Cline and Ben Peterson and is adjacent to the- Silver  Cup, Sunrise and other promising  properties'       "  rrigation has scarcely been at all  necessary  this year, but  the great ToT^T*  majority     of    ranches    are      well I      8'000'000 tc5ns-  equipped   with    effective   irrigation  systems, some of which have scarcely been used for three years.     The  grain is looking well and the crop of  potatoes is high above the average.  As to apples, which  after all is the  principle source of  revenue, a visit  to the valley is abs6lutely necessary  tn order to realise the extent of the  year* ago it  was estimated that  there   were 5,.  000,000 tons of ore in sight, and  late in 1913  the  engineers' reports  showed that this had been increased  The  latest  estimate   is   12,000,000   tons   in    the  mines immediately tributary   to the  smelter, and in other  properties  of  the company along the north Pacific  coast  that   will   contribute  to  the  plant there are 7,000,000 tons of ore  blocked out, which makes the total  reserves in sight  not   less than 19,.  000,000 tons.    The value of the ore  now growing crop.      Mr' Lawr-no >S   greater  than   the   ��"g-nal   esti-  ,       b. K     op.      wr. Lawrence \ n^tes,  and  theOperating   expense  ���:~~m  Granby company since Hi900. ^Hl��  ��at.iv* P,ace wa�� -Magoir/in, the proi  vince of Quebec.-'and -previous- to  coming to B.C. he was'employed  in the copper mines of that province.  Among those with whom he worked  date.���Omineca Herald  Reports of a very favorable nature  concerning the development of pro-  th'eth already are shipping to Hidden  creek, where the 2000 tons daily  capacity smelter is   being   operated  Card of Thanks  i   --a- j          ���      1,      wr��..^����.>.  eii;,      ��n hehalf of my mother and fam.jto  the limit, with  enough   material  tly  L���U*deStre toexP��-ss  their thanks/available    to    assure    its    being tn  he   was   an     especial -favorite,    his I perties     oo.'Mansoo     creek   were,.  kindly nature   endearing-   him  to all/ brought into Prince Rupert recently   tlyL l desire to express  their thanks Iavailable    to    assure    its  with *vhon.~he was   associated both/by   Messrs.  W. Aitfcenand  George   sians^fkZdlvI^^ t^*"* expres-  service for years, zs it is   estimated  inand  outside  of the mine.     He isl Hauck, who have located claims on   in innumerable way^  ^^ds^us^by   that tbera is not lt>ss th*�� $70,000,-  survived by a widow, one "son and a ' the "old    town- of  Mansoo:    Theyltne  Pythian . Sisters and* others   of ����9 of ore ready for treatment now  daughter,    to    whom    the   genuine I stated that there appears to be plen   i^e^eDeralpublicio tbehonrnfnnr/in tbecomnanv's mm*.: iV >>h. hm  The Big  Summer Drinks in  Great Variety  (SEE OUR WINDOW)  Welch's Grape Juice, quarts  il    pints  Montservat Lime Juice, quarts  Columbia     >     "  Roses Lime Juice Cordial  Wagstaffe's Raspberry Vinegar, pints .50  Port Wine     . .-���      -  Cherry Wine    -  Blackberry Wine       -  Strawberry Wine      -  Lemonade Powder, per can  Hire's Root Beer, in packages  sympathy   of   tbe   community  been extended.  Frank Riordan was born at  Woodstock, Ontario, and had been  a resident of this camp for many  years, coming here from Michigan.  His brother Joho, who resides at  Bramley, Mich, was formerly a  resident of Phoenix, and has been  notified of the untimely death of his  brother. Riordan was said to be  38 years of age. He was not  married.  has I fcy ��f Pay d|rt�� but it will be neces  sary for them to procure water at a  higher level which will necessitate  the construction of a ditch and flume  two and a half miles long.  , -.._   ��� ^ ...,��,, . uoicrs etna- otners   ot I "���?' **�� ��<�������. M^a^jr tut   ncau  (the general public in the hour of our  'o the' company's mines in   the Hid.  I deep affliction.        "   *"*   "*        ' -  Popular Resident Leaves  F. J.    Smyth,   for the past  nine  months connected with the staff of  this  paper,   severed his  connection  with    Phoenix     on   Saturday   last  when he left to take over the editorship  of  the  Similkameen   Star   at  Princeton.     Almost   from   the  time  of his   appearance   in our midst his  affability   and genuine good nature  asserted itself, while in lodge circles  his   advent   was   looked   upon as a  distinct  acquisition  to the fraternal  membership   in   this   city.     Ruskin  once wrote that "it was a good and  safe rule  to sojourn   in  every place  as  if you   meant  to   spend   the remainder of your   life there," and it  would   almost  seem   as   if our late  colleague   had   made   a practice  of  carrying the  maxim  around in his  hat,   with   the   result   that   general  regret is expressed in all quarters at  his   departure for   other  spheres of  work.  The country served by the "Star"  embraces a huge area, the potentialities of which are as yet undreamed of. But it is perhaps in  its mining possibilities that its chief  claim to outside attention will lie,  the development of which we understand, is in future to claim much  of the future attention of the Star's  new editor.  First Case in New Court  Cell No. 1, lower berth, in the  brand new provincial lock-up was  booked on Friday of last week by  Provincial Constable Stanfield. The  occupant, one Pete Grekul, was  arrested on the complaint of Mrs.  Sam Krewenezuk, who charged him  with the crime of creating a disturbance outside of the Krewene-  zuk's mansion on Spion Kop. The  evidence which required the services  of an interpreter, savored strongly  of a page from Zola and disclosed a  state of affairs highly discreditable  to all concerned. In fact it almost  seemed at one stage of the hearing  as if one .of the parties was laying  himself open to a charge of white  slavery with the- addition of blackmail. Police Magistrate J. Mulligan  eventually dismissed the case and  mulcted the complainant with the  costs of the court. It was the first  hearing held in the new building.  H. JE. Tatham.      I den creek territory.  'Phone 56  P. O. Box 309  ittle Store  Hon Martin Burrell in City  The Hon. Martin Burrell, Minister of Agriculture in the Dominion  cabinet, passed through Phoenix on  Thursday en route for Midway and  Rock creek. In company with J.  R. Jackson, M.P.P., the distinguished visitor is making himself  familiar with the conditions relating  to agriculture in this portion of his  extensive constituency. Mr. Burrell  has planned to spend the remainder  of the summer in B.C. gathering  first hand information for the department over which he exercises  so beneficient a control.  First Street McKay & Knight, Props.  SATURDAY SPECIALTIES  Curlew' Butter  -   -   40c, per lb.  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SO to Ufai'ted States.  g;K4y,'^ Publisher/  ADVERTISING 80ALB  App^joaUon *w Jilquor Moence (80 days) .. $5.00  ' 'Aprllc*ticm lot l*r��tiBf.r of Licence. ��7.fi0'  )9  a��4  formed the centtr of a kc��n electoral  struggle, in which his majority . was  reduced from 56D*o 120!  ^i ! ��>   Many Canadians are < to be numbered among .the advocates of  home rule for Ireland, but among  that many there are very few who  could, off-hand, detail even the  simplest conditions laid down in the  measure which is agitating the religious and political circles of the  Motherland, and at one time bade  fair to sweep the Asquith administration from office. Canadians seem  to find in home rule a parallel to our  p* 4 .  own  provincial   governments,   but  (how many of its supporters in  this country would tolerate for a  minute a movement'oo  the part of  Delinquent Co-owner noUcw* (90 days)... .f 10.00  Small Water Notlew <*>day��) 97.60  Delinquent Oo-QWnenhip notloM M days $26.00  -DupUaaUCrtliloat* of Title notloes ... .|8N.00  Cards of Thanks, *> osnts. '  All other'la^ral adverMrin**, 18 cents a line,  ���lnffle column, for the kret Insertion; and 8  cents a line for each subsequent Insertion, nonpar*!" measurement. "  '   Display  ads ,fl��00 per inch,  single  p column, ��� per month.   Transient* ads.  50c. per inch, per iwue; subsequent insertions, 86c. per inch.  V)  ' '       i Saturday, July 11, 1914.   -  j*, iOur advice to-tbe .merchants of  ^Princeton���''Hitch your wagon to a  p,, \ star.">  ���f \f'- V >'f   '  * '' Keeping the peace in Mexico appears 'to ^be ' a very difficult undertaking, and the United States should  ' be encouraged- to, add 'to* the piece  British  Columbia to take  over the  custom*  and  inland revenue  from  the central  authorities at Ottawa.  Yet this is exactly what is proposed  in   regard to   Ireland.   .But  this is  hot all.'  A clause in the bill stipulates that the English and Scottish  taxpayer shall be assessed annually  to the amount of ten million dollars  for  ten  years  for  the  purpose   of  keeping the  new Irish   parliament  out of the bankruptcy court.    This  too is in addition to the millions of  dollars they have already furnished  to the fund for the purpose of buying out the  Irish landlords and establishing a peasant proprietorship  in the Emerald isle.  To  pursue   the    matter further.  Do  Canadians realize" that Ireland  every  oil-using  nation   under    the  sun,  is  the latest achievement  of  Mr.   Winston  Churchill.,   Finding  that the oil interests continued to  increase their charges to the Navy,  and that the price has just doubled  since  the fleet1 begat,  to use  oil,  the home authorities began to sit up  and take serious notice of a situation  that had become simply intolerable.  John Bull is a patient apd long-suffering creature in commerical matters,  but he jibes at being ruthlessly plundered by monopolists.     To defeat  the trusts,  therefore;   the government  decided   to acquire a controlling interest  in   the  Anglo-Persian  oil company,   which   has    secured  extensive  concessions  over a huge  tract of territory in Persia,  chiefly  lying in the neutral zone, but   overlapping into both the Russian and  British spheres  of influence/     The  center  of the   oil-yielding area lies  many  miles inland  in  the  neutral  territory, and a pipe line carries the  oil to  a  huge   refinery , near   tlie  coast,   passing  through   a  country  inhabited    by   more    or  less   wild  tribes.  Into this company the government proposed to invest $11,000,-  000, of wnich $10,000,000 would be  spent in expanding the operations  of the concern, while debentures l to  the value of an additional.$10,000,-  000 are to v be bought. To ratify  this agreement, Winston Churchill  sought, and obtained the sanction of  Parliament. Save for the ebullitions  of one or two men who objected   to  Coming Events  The return of another Conservative government to" power in Manitoba on July 10.  Chahko Mika celebration Nelson,  , July 13 to 18,  \ancouver Fair, September 3rd  to 5th.  Spokane Interstate Fair, September"^ to 20.  H. R. McMillan, chief of the  forestry' branch of the provincial  government says that only a few  small and unimportant fifes have  occurred this year. He strongly  urges the necessity of extra precautions on the part of the public.  King Edward Lodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  THE PHOENIX GARAGE  STRUTZEL & HOWER, PROPS-  KNOB   HILL   AVENUK  Agents for Goodyear Tires, Casings, Inner Tubes  "   Vu.carilzintf--  A full line of accessories, including Gasoline at very  * reasonable Prices.  Tires Inflated Without Charge.  Regular communication at 8  rjp.tn.  Second Thursday of  each month.  '"mei-Kcnt meetings as called; Masonic  Half, McHale Block.  John Finlat, Jr.,  Seoy.  W. J. PrancK,  W.M.  I. O. O. F.  3nowshot Lodsje  NO. 46  Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. "Visiting brethren cordially invited.  A. L. MKinnon, Noble Grand.  '     Wm. Oxley, Fin. Secy.  E. E, Barnes, Rec Secy.  has a present parliamentary mem- . ���, WUfc ���. .t��~ ....... ~..~ ���j �����  I bership ' of 103  representatives, or  inroads being made into domains, of  '. they have already "acquired.  i ',  i<iiV-*-  V*1  ������it ;'��V."  ���Hi'tel  (J, >i  v- >    ^ '  F  , ,Th*e provincial  board   of'health  ,.,   against .typhoid  fever.        Typhoid  ^ p'rophylatic will   be supplied free of  '' ;   charge upon application to  the acting secretary pf the provincial board  one for every ^42,623 of its inhabi  tants, and in view of the fact that  Scotland' with   over  300,000 more  ,     '.      *     '   ..    '. -   .-   i". ' .���..,. population, or one member for every  ,*  again draws.attention to  the  bene- 5-o^v����   ^ ' >'  ��� i. a...    .    i.     ..   u  >^,rl 2*     ' ~ u'v 1 ' ��� \i< *'         ' *   *������ 68,000 of its inhabitants, has to be  fits to be derived from protection '            -                       '        *  'i .      '���' '>.   ... J'          r_    .   .. content  with   only   72,   the,   kick  for a separate parliament in Dublin  scarcely seems justified. If Scotland,  England  aod Wales had  the same  proportion of representation as that  . - - .!.._.'* ii._... -<^-j ���^.L- tijgfg  to  the  matter-  that1  [Sk  0!/_  Mi.-  '"'young browsiofiT on ,some_ clover  hay which had been thrown out for  ^ the ranch,horses. J. M. Thomas,  , rwho tamed the animals, was formerlyan officer in the New Westminster penetentiary. He should never  have been permitted to leave the  service." '  ���\c  ���> -  ��1.  y/r-^'- -  * 'h>^  v<  .>'  tp-'-SP'^  Oi-tf'Sfe'l > v i\  x  SCT"'^-'-)"'  "'���  Offalsw^ -s?^-  \jKys!< & j.'fl.-  S '/-��� fc*r"-    "���'  mm*  mm  WW   ;  0^ .  t <  Mustard is one of the most ancient of condiments.    Its. Virtues have  been,sting by Pythagoras who trod  this, weary  planet  over, 550   B.C.  "Hippocrates,1 'another ,old  mouldy  stager,, thought very highly of it,  ,while-Pliny,;the4"elder, used to make  r;>   -ja present of fa |>acka^'e or two to  ; j,"^ , |his^ Numerous 'friends.;   It \islr fre^.  , S    quently,used <by^certain Canadian  and  American "editors/    We .our-  "selves have "dispeiised^it ,o'ccasion-  '' \   ally in /homeopathic doses and the  {    Toronto Globe found it'indispensable during the progress  of the last  ���   , general "'election.  ,'Ifr -is  said to be  useful as an aid to digestion.  V> . ���         '  '        '     ~* .  Once  agaip >Whitne>   has swept  the  province  of Ontario    and  the  result is ascribed in a marked degree  ,       "to  the  personality   of    Sir   James  Whitney himself. ,  ,   The government does  not come  v        hack  as   strong,   comparatively, as  before, but it comes back strong in  efficiency.     Ten   seats  have    been  ���    U>st and six gained,   but the heavy  men   are  retained.   ' The campaign  has  not  been   a very encouraging  tpne to the Ontario opposition.    The  jLiberalrank* have been   reinforced  .   by   the  addition of new  men,   the  "majority of these having come fron  what  are  known  as French-Canadian ridings. '   Mr-.   Rowell himsell  points  in^tKe bill' is the ckuW allowing 42  members from Ireland to retain  their seats at Westminster where  they will have the privilege of voting  on English, Scotch' and Welsh  affairs,' while the members from  those three countries are debarred  from any, participation io the affairs  of Ireland.  As'to the religious aspects of the  case," there would appear to be  little or no cause for alarm among  Protestants, "for unlike "the measure  framed by the Hrte Wn). Gladstone,,  a clause has been, inserted in the  present bill which, guards in every  way the rights* aod'privileges ojf, the  nqn-Catholicv minority. The^ great  mistake of the -Asquith government  lies in not having broughtin a proposal for home rule air round."  the wealthy trusts, this state venture  into ownership -was acclaimed, by  practically all parties, and consent  to the agreement .was given by "254  votes to 18. i-    '    ,  In  advocating  the  agreement to  the  House,   Mr.   Churchill   named  "two   gigantic    oil corporations."  "Inf the  new world, there ? is the  Standard"   Oil- j. company,    against  which the Cowdray interests maintain by warfare   and  negotiation  a  sort of semi-independent life/^'In  the old world the great combination  6fiithe{ Shellaod the jRoyal DutcK.  with alUhejr ,su.bVidiary^andC ancillary branches, has practically'coyer^  ed the whole of the ground."  '���All criticisms have come from  Sir Marcus Samuel, one of the  heads of the Shell company, and his  spokesmen," said Mr. * Churchill,  and he concluded his speech with  stinging sarcasms addressed to  that corporation. "We have no  quarrel with the Shell company.  We have always found them most  courteous, considerate, and ready to  oblige, anxious to serve the Admiralty and protect the interests of the  British Navy and the British Empire���at a price." (Laughter.) Io  the matter of price, however, the  Admiralty had been treated to "the  full rigor^of the game."  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoonix Lodge Ho.Al  ' Meet*) in   tbe   Miners'   Union   Iiodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays.   "     i  Mrs. K. E. Barnes, Noble Grand  " *    Mrs. A. D. McKenzie, Secretary."  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 168   ���  . "i - ���'--��.  Meets in UnionTEfall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Dan Patterson, W. P.  T. B. Clarke, W. Secy;  ���-*  Breaking the insolent and intolerable power of the oil trusts, which  have been squeezing the British and'  Marconi contemplates being able  to telephone from Carnarvon,  Wales, to New York, before trie  end of this year, was the statement  made recently by the manager of  the company.  :MM^iM$^S0&^  ummer  Of 1314  ffipWUipAwdp^p  On sale June 1st to September 30th.  Final   Return  limit, October  31st.  Zhvgg&tx  &m.  Winnipeg, $60.00 Montreal, $105.00  St. Paul - 60.00 St. John - 120.00  Chicago - 72.50 Halifax  - 129.35  Toronto - 92.00 New York 108.50  Compartment Observation Cars, Electric Lighted  Standard Sleepers.  Mi  ..jj  J. V. MURPHY,  DISTRICT PASSENGER AGENT, NELSON, B. C.  %  K. ^of P. Lodge,  Nor 28  Phoonix,  B.O.  Meets* Tubs day Evening at 7.30.  adjourning brothers cordially wel  corned.  N. Davidson, C. C.  E. E. Barnes, K. of R. S.  ���"������  ' ����� '-'-��� "���       ���"���  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Lower Town  .Second and Fourth THaredays.  Mrs. A. D. McKenzie  Mrs. Geo. Barnes, M.R.C.  M.E.O.  Wi  SIS.B  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD DELIVERED  ON   SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phone B3S  throw away your good  OVERALLS, because  mimmmmmmmimmm they are greasy. We  can wash them to look  as good as new.     We also make a  Specialty of Blankets and  Carpets.  A TRIAL MflLL CONVINCE YOU,  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  Phone 50.  DomBnlon Ave.  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix. B.C.  The Phoenix Club  Delchert & Morris, Props.  PIPES, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES  BEST BRANDS ALWAYS ON HAND.  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McKeown  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre.' Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by- sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked Out by the applicant  himself. >  Each application must bo accompanied by a fee of $5 which will.be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mming  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year. -  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 anracre.  For  full    information   application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of; Do-"  minion Lands.  W.W.CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized publication of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  -30690.  DR. DaVAN'S FEMALE PILLSSl  medicine for all Female Complaint. *& a box,  or three for $10, at drug stores. Moiled to any  address en receipt of price. Ths Scobeli. D*o������  Co., St. Catharines. Ontario._ ��  PH0SPM0N0L FORimjSS^S^  for Nerve and Brain; increaiea *'aTey.matter ���;  n Tonic-will build you up.. <8 a box, or two for  16, at drug stores, or by mail on receipt of pr."0*-������<���  Thb Scobbw. Dk.bg Co..St. Catharine*. Ontaxw.  Phoenix Pioneer ads. Always Get Results  Read in every home. If you have a house or furniture to sell, its disposal is certain after an ad. io the Pioneer. Give the experiment a tria'  in the cheapest and most satisfactory advertising mart in the Boundary.  3/  ���������.rfr ^��uit  f��mm- THE   PIONEEB,   PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  f&  ���a  Napoleon bo Baid. A man  .... with a weak stomach is  petty .sure to be a noor fighter.  It is dlffieult-  -Jmoat impossible���for anyone, man or woman,  if diswation la poor, to succeed in business or  ���oddly���or fcoenjoy life.   In tabletor liquid form  pi*. Pierce's  Golden Medical Discovery  helps weak atomachn to strong, healthy action��� -  helps them to digest the food that makes the good,'  rich, red blood which nouriBheB the entire body.  This vegetable remedy, to a great extent, puts  the liver Into activity-oils the machinery of ������������������  tiiehoman system so that those who spend their working hours at the desk,  behind the counter, or in the, home are rejuvenated into vigorous health,  >    j 9lSJ*0,?!,lt "SHf* J*,"*0? thousands tiverjr year for over forty years.   It can  pKHS"1 y0�� "5? doubtleas restore to you your former health and strength. At  total box at Tobtota���Dr. Fierce'* Invalids' Hotel & Surgical Institute, Baffalo.N.Y.  Yw tJan h��ws Dr.Plena's Cemmen ��Wns�� MmNcjsI ArfvUir of lOMPagaafor 31a.  Concentrates  The  Queen's Hotel  COMPLETELY RCfURNI8HEO AND REFITTED  We beg to announce the reopening of the Queen's Hotel.   This  popular hotel has been .completely refitted throughout;  everything- new and up-to-date.    Large lofty rooms,  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  Nififht and Day Service  Patrons of this hotel will find in it all the comforts ol home.  ' Perfect satisfaction is assured'all our guests.    It is   ���-  the most-centrally located hotel in town.  Bar.Stocked with Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars  WALSH & HARTMAN, Props.  I FIR8T STREET AND KNOB HILL. AVENUE J  4  Your Milk Supply  Should..come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy produces both.  THE DAIRY      J. W. Hannam, Prop.  i  Everything in Men's Wear  Recruiting for the new naval  volunteers has commenced at the  provincial capital, -j  The Fernis rifle team beat the  Cranbrook riflemen in a match on  Dominion day.  The fire chief of Victoria has offered to train a volunteer fire brigade for Esquimault.  The Kaiser William canal, which  connects the North sea with the  Baltic, now has bigger locks than  those of the Panama canal,  "After a cruise of several weeks in  northern waters the Dominion Fish-  eiies cruiser Galliano returned to  Victoria last week. '   ''  A new polar expedition , under  command of Knud Rasmussen, the  Danish Arctic explorer, and to be  financed by Ole Olaen, a Danish  millionnaire, will probably start on  a  two years' voyage next year.  "As a British tariff reformer,',  says Conan Doyle, "I am struck  by the way in which American industrial concerns are forced, to establish branch factories over the  Canadian line."  The fact that Judge Brown is  erecting a $6,000 residence in this  city should eventually dispose of the  story recently printed in a local  paper to the effect that he intended  to remove to Penticton.���Grand  Forks Sun.  J. Miya Gawa, a Japanese correspondent for the Nagasaki Express, passed through Cranbrook  last week on his way to Toronto.  The trip, which is being made  afoot, is for the purpose of gather,  ing data for a book.  One Rossland drilling team, and  possibly two, will compete in the  rock drilling contest at the Nelson  Chahko. Mika. Gus Dahlman and  Frank Carlson, of the Centre Star,  have entered, and likely Alex Byers  and partner will go from the Le  Roi.  ''' Instructions have been received at  the camp at Aldershot for the 2nd.  and 5th Dragoon guards and 11th  Hussars to hold themselves in readiness to proceed to Ireland at a  moment's notice. The second division of infantry are also under or.  ders for the same destination.  of the law society. In his speech  Mr. Slevens inferred that we have  some judges on the bench in this  province who are willing to give a  decision "contrary to the clear  meaning of the law."  Strong objection has been taken  by the French government to the  obnoxious methods 'employed by  United States treasury detectives in  Paris. It is strongly suspected  that they are in the habit of bribing  the clerks in the fashionable millinery and jewellery stores to disclose  the prices paid for goods by American purchasers. It has long been a  matter for surprise to returning  Americans to find the customs  officials .at New York'as familiar  with the contents of their trunks  as they were themselves.  ska  Spokane Interstate Fair  Spokane, Ja\y 10.���"Come on!  Let's go," is the slogan which thousands of highly colored lithographs  now being sent- broadcast over the  Inland Empire are carrying forth for  the Spokane Interstate fair which  this year will be held for nine days,  September 12th to 20th. The lithographs advertise the main features  of the coming event and include  Irwin Bros, with their genuine  "Cheyenne Frontier Days"���150  cowboys and a whole trainload of  horses and cattle. The second polo  tournament with six Canadian and  American teams contending for the  northwest championship is another  feature, in addition to which there  are the athletic events, farm machinery demonstrations, and the special premiums for the work' of children. The baby^ show is expected  to eclipse the one of 1913 which  was the largest in the world.  Hotel Brooklyn  ���     ������!..!. III. ,11-11 MP.I.  |M II       I      Hl|       '     '    X  , The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix.     New-from cellar  . 1   > ���     '      ���>',    . >-'"   . ' - 'i i' ''  tovroof.    Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary,  Opposite   Great  Northern \  ���    Depot      *.'   v     Modern Bathrooms.  J   \>-  r         (  J-  ?*\  J\  ���"- * h ' 0  1 f  v ��   -U:  1  I  j H  *  ;> K  ' ,  'l l-, ,  1    ii'xt-  '\ Mi  *   '  - 'w  <���  ' \ ''r">\  )A*-'>'  ,i i  *<_ v J  I   ,  STEAM HEATED.  T  O. D. Bush, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  Some Lumber Cargo  Carrying the largest lumber cargo  ever to be set afloat in a single ship  from a British Columbia port and  also the greatest number of planks  and sticks stowed in hold, the  British steamship Robert Dollar,!  has sailed- from Victoria bound fori  Montreal to   discharge  the  record  Clothing:  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes .  Hats  Caps, etc.  - Mathematicians have figured that  it will take 165 flat cars to carry the  Robert Dollar's cargo from her port  of discharge to Toronto, where it  The' British steamer Carnarvon-1 will be used in the harbor develop-1  shire, which recently reached Van-Jments being carried'out by  couve'r from England, brought a (Dominion government.-  large consignment of shells for the  theij  Thos. Brown  "Everything- a Man  Wears"  NEW ICE CREAM PARLOR  We have arranged for a continuous supply throughout the summer months of the FAMOUS CURLEW ICE CREAM. Special Rates to Parties.  Cooling Soft Drinks of varied flavor.  THE DEUOAOY OF THE SUMMER SEASON-  CURLEW IOE OREAM.  TRY ONE.  Stemwinder Building-  THE BUTTE HOTEL  Bar Stocked with the Finest of Italian Wines.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  STEAM HEATED THROUGHOUT.  LUCIANI & VICHARY, PROPS.  THE KNOB'.HILL HOTEL  A. O. Jiohnson, Prop.  First-Class Accommodation for fVBiners  FINEST OF W..NES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS IN STOCK.  'PHONE 72. YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED.  sloops Algerine and Shearwater.  En route she called at Singapore  and landed a large number of naval  guns for His Majesty's ships on that  station.  For a particularly brutal assault  on his wife, a man named Barnes of  Calgary, received 15 lashes with a  a whip at Macleod Mounted Police  barracks. The officers commanding the division, the police surgeon,  the sergeants, provost and assistant  provost were present while the  medicine was being administered. '  When the Prince of Wales next  year attains his twenty-first birthday  he will enter into the personal control of the revenues of the Duchy  of Cornwall, now being administered for him by the King and the accumulations of which will represent  a nest egg of over $5,000,000 sterlr  ing.  Sir William Willocks, builder of  the Assouan dam in Egypt, has been  retained by the American government as consulting engineer to the  United States Reclamation service.  Sir Wm. has recently been engaged  by the Ottoman government in connection with the renovation of the  ancient and gigantic irrigation can.  als of Mesopotania.  The authoritative London Financier has published an editorial  urging that the power of Canadian  provincial legislatures respecting  the rights of non-resident shareholders in Canadiau companies  should be judicially defined, otherwise investors will be inclined to  act with considerable circumspection in seeking Canadian securities.  The trenchant remarks made by  H. H. Stevens, one of the Vancouver members of parliament, at the  meeting of protest anent the Hindus  on the Komagata Maru, are to receive the attention of the benchers  When the steamship sailed, Capt. |  Morton did not say very much about  the trip through the Panama canal,  but he is hoping to be able to steam  through the ditch, as the long run  via the Strait of Magellan is not  very attractive at any time of the  year and does not appeal to mariners.  A Perplexing Problem  According to Secretary Bartlett,  of the Wisconsin Bankers' Association, there are more than 50,000  automobiles' owned by Wisconsin  farmers, the total cost of these��being about $60,000,000. The financing of the purchase of these cars,  Mr. Bartlett says, has become an  acute banking problem, as about  three-fourths of the purchase is furnished by the banks in one form or  another. One town of 600 population had applications for $20,000  bank loans to buy automobiles  alone.���Monetary Times.  Breaking all records for rapidity  in railroad construction in western  Canada, an army numbering 5000  men is at present employed on the  Pacific Great Eastern along the  whole of its length from Squamish  to Fort George. It is stated on the  highest authority that by November  next a traiu service will be in operation for more than one hundred and  twenty miles.  ���J"  dl.. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  and Cedar Poles.     Stull Laggan.  *  First-Class Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  ,/il  If Tired ofWood, try Princeton Coal  SMOKED MEATS, ETC.  We  are  carrying a special line of these  goods.     If  you are not already being  supplied  with our stock,  give us a trial order.    Our "Shamrock" brands  cannot be beaten.  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.       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Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m. ���,  " "        lowertown,   9.00a.m.   .Standard Time  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. J  PROMPT  ATTENTION  TO  EXPRESS AND FREIGHT  J. FULLER, Proprietor  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Sent to  any part of the  Dominion for $2.00 a year. i|iPifl^Pilil|:i:;^i  ,,v *.,*...M*.4'i.Irf    t^V"'*  '.,,,       Mv'-rflp'r'-'''"1^  M��&Io|I^^ BRITISH'  COLUMBIA.  ft^lllllli,  '.i.'.'^W  ^vt'ft^i  I2��  :;\!''Sm'-'-^  .*��''  ���3f. 'V^W M,^ ^.V.'^&.SsKS-i^W  P>i;  ; SEALED TENDERS -addressed ;to  ll&undersigneMn^^  will be receivedat 'this office until 4;00  ��� Mrs; Vand left on'WedrieB^a^prn-  ing to spends atfew. ^w$8ks^w��b;,fnencts  in ��� Spokane.'' ;:0if^0:lB!^i0$^&\  ting with 3ber5 mbtbe^;MCTi.^outti| of  MrflV^hgusfSmi^  MissL'HeuWxIviM^  duringi^iw^^mii^'ihhM^^ >  guest of .Mr.xahd vMra^S^Gpodeve  : on Brooklyn 'ayer^^,l^^f{0^   -  GS^orthern? hptel^ ^a^:;Porks  were visitorsitfiPbbenix on' the 4fch ol  SMvs. J. baniptiell^ o***^*^1*8'  a^personal frlenVpf Mrs. ;W. Tatham,  came up-tb; 8^tende;the ;funeral,. on  MissKathleen ^Mackenzie/daughter  oSr^dMrsivDiW^ Mackenzie, arrived 'in tbwnSpn Wednesday from  Salmon Arm.^'1^. _  : iThe IPhbenix;!: Opera! ]*oulse, ^j*  iwas closed as ^amark ;?t respect .from  MondayTest, resumed ^ujual nightly  prbgranvpn^Frlda^y^Xx'r;-;^'^^.-:^'- ' -  fl;FathMchoih^  hixi and now "stationed "jin.; Penticton,  baBsed^thrbugh :theycity^pn Thursday  :oio'^j!$#is$ , -  ^M^^lnigi^^ii^^w^^^gh^  returned hbm^oh; Tuesday;frp^  ���kahei SwhereSthe:; latter? recentlyf. nos  undergone a; successful operation for  ^Mr^A^^  W&mBa^iMtS^rediThpn^TOn^aiid W.  Hiifty were ambhg^lthe; Phoenix, contingent of visitors at the Orient Inde-  :pendetice:;p>^^ ��� -  Mlllisls^  oYWinnipeiBV^are^  bf the 8ummerlva<��tibhT-wit*^ra:and  ,MrsXbli.a*.v;M;,*Cam  ?For.iiMGa^l*,^  Grand of ;the|pOddfeU6^;^me|ub^)n  Thursday to'.'attend[the_ funeral of his  >fo>roekfxie^^ '  Mfi&y$^^ is  announced to "occupy the pulpit of St.  Andrew's Presbyterian' church' on  SundaylTOPming;   i^v?R;p,MirarbSwiU^;pfflciateLat  A motor car trip worth recording  was made on Saturday last by W. S.  Winn of Rossland and Noble Binns,  police magistrate of Trail. The travellers, who used a Ford machine, left  Princeton at five oclock on Saturday  morning, and although stops aggregating in all about" two' hours were  made, they managed to make Phoenix  before half past three of the same day.  S. M. V.���The act reads that if you  see a dog worrying your .chickens, and  the dreadful" crime is being committed  on your premises, you are at liberty  to fill the caroaBe of the canine bo full  of shot that it would refuse to float in  a barrel of brine. But" ybii are forbidden tb mblest the animal if intakes  sanctuary bn the premises of its owner. To.do the deed properly you muBl  takeout'a gun license. Our rates on  funeral cards are very reasonable.  ������. ���*-   K. P. Officers Installed  The half-yearly installation of the  newly-elected   officers   of   Phoenix  lodges of the  Knights  of Pythias,  was carried out with befitting ceremony in the  lodgeroom  of the fraternity on Saturday.  . It was at first  arranged     that'   the    proceedings  should, be   a   joint  one   with   the  brethren   of greenwood ,who, had  made  preparations  for   the   event,  but owing to* a chapter of adverse  circumstances cropping up in Green-  .wood the dual ceremony had to be  reluctantly abandoned.   ' Nevertheless   this   did    not   deter   a  large  delegation from Greenwood making  another, night  of it and  spending  a few "hours with   the"' members in  Phoenix.1   Among, the . visitors who  found 'a. hearty  welcome, awaiting  them  were  past grand   chancellors  Noble ^Binns' of Trail   and, W. S.  /Winn   of Rossland,   the  latter   of  whom-had the pleasant duty thrust  upon him,-of._presenting' past chan-  cellors.jewelsto, the following: Jas.  Carter; John Hannam, .Geo. Elkins,  Fred C. Graham and Jas. Clark' of  Greenwood,   a  charter  member  of  Phoenix   lodge.    "The- installation  having been creditably pecformed by  the new district deputy, Jas. Carter,  the - remainder of'-the/evening .was  occupied  by-a, program of instrumental, \and[;>;vocal.. music, . inter-  sperseci '.w.ith  speeches.    , Refreshments of a '.triily appetizing nature,  and -'tastefully.; served' under thedir-  DRUGS;DRUGGISTS SUNDRIES, HIGH-CLASS  STATIONERY, PERFUMES. CONFECTIONERY  Agentfor the famous Nyal and Na-Dru-Co Preparations,  T. S. QOANCE  PHOENIX, B. C.  THE MINERS' UNION OPERA HOUSE  Saturday, July 11  Reels  6  1. Brothers and Sisters  2-3-4. The Death Stone of India  5. Mrs. Lee Fare's Apartment-rComedy  6. Escape from Jail-comedy  ADMISSION  10c. and 15c.  What Do You Know?  Never mind how strong you are.  What do you know? The man who  knows is- always" wanted. ' He never  has to search the country for a job.   *."  Get busy, man, and get .to know  something���for your own sake, for your  old folks sake, for your wife and kiddies  sake. They are all looking for you to  make good.  Do it, then. '    x  you have  Coupon  B. C. Agency, International Correspon-  dence Schools, Box 25, .  Grand Forks, B. &  Kindly let me know how I may acquire  a complete knowledge of the subject for  which I have marked X -  Show Card Writing  Shorthand  Electriwl En^ne��r  Dynamo Itunnlnjr _  Electric Car Running  Stoam Entflnocring:,  Building   arid    Con-  tractlntr.  Mechanical Drawing  Drafting  Bookkeeping  Automobile Running  Mining Engineering  Mine Foreman '  Metal Prospecting  Sjtrveying   ���  ^iiis^^im-^^sivt^i^i'i^)  ���fes����sf<??^i *?��� �����:*-'T-<: --*:;- -r^,< ������:���������;���< :y>-'��� ������ ��� ���������:���  I^^KiSiiilM2:llSII  NELSON, B.C.  :a^lBifi^ed^^lthmr'^  1^e^&stitin^l^eir:5?6c  places'6f:residenceif?Ihthe;c8Be  the actual? si^ature,- the nature of'.the*  occupationvand -'place -of residence -of  each member of the: firm must be given. / rates over"the,!. Great Nortfierni'systeni |  w,(: ..vJSach tendermto  ^ fS/ an".": accepted Scheg^ol^pn ��� i a   chartered \ v��l. = The "round :��� fcrip>rate'" is;; $4.85, /  ?5di.iii^^^pMi^^��^^ to  ^hpmeltheAfojiowingr;'day^" "While here  ���they-were^thefguesfcs ;of Mr. and Mrs.  ]P�� Jv'Mathesoh,  Bills -are .oufc-a'nnouhcing;excursion  Ittiffliilffi^  The Finest Accommodation for  contract when yMlledrfiiproV/tfedo so^or  for.    If the tender, be not accepted the  :chegupe.,will 'he2te1xawd^^M^^i%^h  -, The department does not bind itself  Department 6f fPublic' Works,  ^^!*fi^pttaw^5uly--^M4^  jSifNewspaperislvviUadt-be 1 paidforithis'  advertisement > if they insert it .without  authority from the Department. ���62158.  W^M^ISMi  m0MMMM  9S6*:��/1prrp.*--.'-,-:',i'!/i,v.-,..-.^iV:,''...-  m?&r "  fpTwT-'  .Evirliafi.  :\'., 1�� lowraawd ��ed should know .':  MAR,vE Slide Spray  '   Tbs n��w Vjugloat Syringe;  Best  ���Moat convenient.  11 pdeanaes  : If he eaanot nipply th*  MARVSUacceptoo.otL   , but waij stamp forUIajtriced  book���iSJtd. It gi��o�� full pjrtlc-  ularsaail directions InraluaDla to ladles.  WIKDSOR SBPPLV CC,  Windsor, On!. General Agents for (  .There are 15,CK30"m6yihg; picture  .s.h;ows in; the "Unitedt.St^tes./"*ilEtHe:  wi>rld^tbeife,are  * WiST^W'i''^'.';--7!?;.'";  V   ^^SSkift'*;'..i-,:'V?'''.''.,.';.  }S^s��:''.-;>;-.7  m^l^&<o:m  *-���  &)-fJ^t'l "  I'.-fj"  r#�� - -  ���H^'o*  Henl Loiir simulation  01B WATCH FREE.1  A_ arralghtforward eanerbua  offer /frosa   an   a��tabll��hod  Jnnp'.. Wo are (rf��la�� away  watchra   to  thousands    of  -paoplo all ,orm. the  irorld   as    o     hues  ������dTerUsement    Now  Is; your   chance':'to:  obtain one.    Write '  novsr.   enclosing   3S  :-oents fpsr oria of  our |  :fashlonablo Ladles'  Iionf    .ftnards, .   or |  pQenta'p Alberta,; sent  carriage paid to wear  .   with the watch, which  will   be  g|;ren   ITres  ..������ (theso   wafpihos    ��re  cuaranteed nire yean).  .    ahoild yon take.ad-  "'���-��� pr:,.-.-^",;,.-'-^ ,.������,���. ;  yac taso of our marvel.  loMi'PBer.; . Wo!��cpeot yon to. tall your frtendu I  abMt.usMd show thum the tieantlfol watch.  Dt-j't think thin oflor too eood to 1 s true, but send  aft;.conts.to^u��y and ��*lo, i V:Ktt Watch. .Yon i  wli��.;*��!'8mi��t��d-;i'tV.lLrJAM8 * Ip'OYD, Whbleiali  3*itUenOJepfcW* ).09, Comw.-.IUs .ioad, I*ndon!a!'  :KrJitona.-��.;.,j;.vp;-v,v.\;'���"���;'������ ���-:;���,������������      '  undei-signed.and^^-endorsed :;v'Tehder for  Drill Hall; JL^oop^^  revived:at thisL'office until 4.00^iPiSMv'  pin Friday^ J3uiy 24,' 1914, fprV ttejcpni  structiph of the^aforesaid ���'buiidihgilX'.v.';^''.  Pla��Er,,stjecificati6h and form 'of ;-;cdri-:  tract can be.-seen^ and forms of tender  obtained oh application' at the office of  Win. Henderson, resident architect,  Victoria, B; C. -^ on application tor the  "-���'���"--���-' of -Public   Building,. Kam-  Gare taker w,.  loops," B.C.,-v.arid at this Department.  .Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printedf orms supplied, and  signed, with their actual "signatures,  stating their occupations and places of  residence.'���:'��� In the case of firms,' the  actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each  member of the firm must be given.  - Each tender must foe accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Honourable  the Minister of "Public Works, equal to  ten per cent (10 p. c.) of the amount of  the tender, which will be forfeited if the  person tendering decline to enter into a  contract when called upon to do so, or  fail to complete the work contracted  for. If the tender be not accepted the  cheque will be returned.      r r;  The Department,does not bind itself to  accept the lowest or any tender.  ��� ^;'S���:'���:'��� ������-���;������ By order,  ��� "V ;  Ri C. DESROCHERS,  Department of Public Works,  . Ottawa, June 27, 1914.  Newspapers will not be paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.���^63742,  specials excursion; itpf Nelson  oh; July  lo��hi*ayailable^^  trains up ;tp; July^aoil^i^Thp special is  ;6ime;d^to'<il^ye^l%p^  and'theirate'fbr theround trip is $4.85.'  Don't fail/to visit Nelsoh;^Tirmlgi Chah-  .koj^ikftweeK^  f^Miss EMiah Russeil,! of Walla Walla,  iarriVe^lh;tpwh;6n;Tue^ay^h^  j'tip her'iWpth'e'r, Mrs." J.'A:; Morrin^ Miss  Russell is a viohhistofuhu^l promise,  ahdiwhile'^here-oh;' her vlast^isit two  "years:tfgo,rtdelightedfialai'ge audience  at the opera-, hbusefeby'fther'. skill with  :t^^ins6r^um^t^ ^. .���"'���', '"���.  ���f; ^ha^|^we;fondly}hopev;^\be'the'''fu-  tureyiM^  ;^m isysteniVj was f;welcoriied into^ the  wbrldjliyv-DT' W; H.v Dickson at the  residence of Jos; V. Ingram the local  agent: of .the company, on- Thursday  evening,' July 9th^ w!e are pleased to  announce that mother tand infant are  doing .extremely well  '���}y Ther prize given by W. G. Kenned} to the person catching the  biggest (rout in Boundar/ creek,  ���was awarded to Alex. MatLesbn for  si fish weighing 2]b. 8oz.  SEALED, TENDERS, addreeaed to  the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Public Building, Merritt, B.C.,"  will be received et this office until 4.00  P. M., on Tuesday, July 28th, 1914, for  the construction of a Public Building at  Merritt, B.C. - ���  Plans, Bpecificatlon and form of  contract can be Been and forms of tender obtained at the office of Mr. W  Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.C., at the Post Office, Merritt,  B. C., and at this Department.  Pflrsomv tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered: unless  miade^ on the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures,  stating their occupation* and places of  residence. In the case of firms the  actual signature, the nature of their occupation and place of residence of each  member of the firm must be given.  . Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered/  bank, payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Works  equal to ten per cent (10 p. c.) of the  amount of the tender, which will be  forfeited if ;,the person tendering decline to enter into a contract when  called upon to do bo, or fail to complete  the work contracted for. If. the tender be not accepted the cheque will be  returned,  The department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order  R. C. DESROCHERS,  ^ ���������������'������'.��� Secretary.  Depsrtment of Public Works,  Ottawa, June 29, 1914.  r     Nevvspaperswill not be paid for this  ���  adve tisement if they insert it without  1 authority from the Department.���52586  Nelson, B.C., July 13 to 18  SIX  DAYS'  CONTINUOUS  AMUSEMENT  SOME LEADING FEATURES  Hydro-Aeroplane Flights pally  This is the Fiist Hydroaeroplane to Fly in the Dominion of Canada.  IT STARTS!    Runs along the water at the rate of a hundred "miles an hour, and then rises from the  water���up-up-up���thousands of feet into the air.     THIS IS A BIRD I  Wild West Features  Including Broncho,Busting, Roping, Bulldogging Wild Mexican Steers  by men who competed and  won titles at the Calgary Stampede, Winnipeg Stampede, Los Angeles, Chej anne and   Pendleton  Round-Up. t  This Is the Qreatost Aggregation of Star Porfbrmers ever Gotten Together.  Water Sports  Sixty Oarsmen from Toronto, Victoria, Vancouver, Portland, Coeur d'Alene and Nelson, competing  in International Rowing Events.  E. B. Butler, Champion Sculler of Canada, will meet A. M. Pfaender, Champion Sculler of Western  America; W. N. Kennedy, British Columbia Champion; Frank Nott, Vancouver; and T. D. Des  Brisay, of Nelson, for the DIAMOND SCULLS OF THE WEST.  Kootenay-Boundary OBdtimer��' Reunion  Many are coming from all parts of the earth to the  which is to be held in the real Old-Timers Log Cabin.   If you are an Old-Timer come in and register during  Chahko Mika.  HORSE RACES���BIG PURSES OFFERED  sVHNINQ MEN-���NOTICE���-Machine Rock Drilling Contest  .   First Prize, $400. Second Prize, $250. Third Prize, SIOO.  FIRE WORKS���The Capture and Burning of the Steamer Nelson by Kootenay Iudians.  CANADA UOHTWEIGHT AND MIDDLEWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPIONSHIPS  FRENCHY VAISE, Champion of Canada vs. CHARLIE LUCCA for Lightweight Title.  FRANK BARRIEAU vs. BILLY WEEKS for Middleweight Championship of Canada.  Something for th�� KidS���Free Street Fair, Merry-Go-Round, Ferris Wheel, Good Side Shows.  LACROSSE FOOTBALL BASEBALL, ETC.  Pathe Bros, will take Moving Pictures of the various events.  For Official Program and Premium List write GEO. PATERSON, Mauager Nelson Carnival Co., Limited.  J. E. ANNABLE, President. Nelson, B. C.  l,uHOEWsX���-A special train Will leave for Nelson on Wednesday morning���Boundary Day���Those wishing  to book rooms in advance, apply to R. C. TEVIOTDALE, P.O. Box 221, Nelson, B.C.  Tingle Fare from all points in B. O.   Special reduced rates from State of Washington and all Prairie points.  StsJMaMsHflf  <


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