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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jul 4, 1914

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 the Dominion are .itnaled  Co. employs 600 men, and  has a monthly pay ^jf"?  h,dQ PQy roll is $18,000.  CHBISTIWA LAKEi  -JjSW  Mother .Lode v. Pho^it.  Devoted to the Interests of the B��__. _. *" **  ====~~==____=__=^^ Mining District  ^^__^S_?^^n^  Laid at Rest  .    "����urea men, W(  men and Children Have  Splendid Outing-.  AK2 7.* be--|LJL��L^    that of the Mother Lode, Took^cf .   A   Ve''n   of io,M ��ee! ialeoa h/l    * Very P1���*��� se  ��-   ground    ���,   the tte" o;  ^ TheSef-e  Dominion Day.    On account ��_��� ,��11 U'"' Sl'nin"t ��"P. I L"**' ��f ,ast week in tbe Le baS    the  funer*' of T^TT"  ^  Five   W_____4     __   ,__ l��"   the  ground    of   the  latter  '���.~/_'~" "posed ��" the  Ve Hu��dred Men, Wo- dominion dv.   on accostof T     "' Summit Ca-P-  -menand Children iw " M'* *-��.��_, theTctat_�� , ��n ^^^^  1 np.t ._.., ... e  r��r   the  The Spinsters' Dance  A very ple___5T^Ue| to the re ,  ;nt  bachelnr.' _._..        .      .        re"  ��"  connaction   with  Tl        ...   . ,V'��J,  Phoenix  as   a   city   did  ~��l.  of _�� gMle  was   ,  ' V"h   "��  '"'   ���"���certainty.  -ons__  ,~T2 ,S_TS_J  5=*s__ a��-.  and    poBsesaes    fl��fc.cL_s;  hotels, opera hoUse, achw>��  NUMBBR  51  MAdtfOIim  ���nd   the fact that the  ,,-,. " ^��f" �������"��,��� en���ughposi.   lvhen   ��'   ��'.   ��"W Union hall,/.   , --���- >o a mhnW _____,,/  ��� *    * U��   UlM  'S.d-rably. altered, the _ _L ,e'S now M<"k=d to provMe a  the    _h_    T"��"= of the city were  '/' Week'   "** P'ace, on T ^1 :   or once/., _ , nail.     On armn.t _._������[     HavA _"*________. < _ _ .      **.  "ext ten years.  R-   H.   Stewart,  --w__v_  vr____  Have Completed Line  to Grand Forks.  ���' WW  ���"\_8v *  ..J��_  ���as  dm  b ����� Picnic a.   __���,___ ���_. ��� '-","M ^   *��' ^ ^ ^^- ��-" "* ���-P^L10"?". *"d B��' WM^���/*__ ������*_��!T_T_^��� -fc .t'l "' ��� ��� *>S��  creek     i!        ��       *"*   W����d��erry ;n       ^     m,ne P"'motor concealed I    Cre read by the vicar  crPek.    The vein fills the whnh, e      ln an oId  ^dle   case ro   uuncea,ed --______!      an  ^mroer ���i_h,. H.���P_ ""-I" Md Gree���,v00(1 .������ Jht '/*M-  <iay, Iulv4,t   :. .t    �����nt> Satur-  -P^-re^.er.-rTn'"^,.   -{^r::rx��rrd WdLeavesfo^orth-  and  children   ��-���_     ..   _   * women  continued residence7 ?uailcr a co"-r    ' ", ��POKa��e organization. *"e��--����ions proved  q  </  vided for.     The special trX" "'"-j Uranby company.   For several " "I rT"  ^ bef��re fa,i ifc i  ���ed here at 9:30 in the L, ^  P3St�� Mr- Cook held    he     ^   -year6; .the"Umber will be  dotib  ffrtttS��_BKM:_^SE:rr__s_  Allows and the other  rnernb rs   ��     "      -"'J '��Cation-     Mr' Cool w��"       - C&D ** made f��r  th^  ��pon,,ble for the celebra.ipnr   't^ ^T^ %Pt^^^^Z^  nuoes,.f,.Phoen_*   ,_,_,��   l,.!..**8   l,,fc l��"g re^deiice h.;made a host rfr  ..for. warm friend.      -    ~   -r     ';���',.  ��J   ,,v"cu^iupn1        The  . mmes ^Phpenix.,were . clo^d 'for  opportunity to enjoy themselves."     '  Will Tour Europe  -���<���  ��������, can tie made for  them.  >, Seven thousand.six   hundred  and  twenty-two Iton^fY jJn_-*frl    V*^ "  ^V>S^"b^^^:��*eaay^<i.-Bbu_,X  em u ^ ��De ^ent'^an visitor  shuTed th3t the!r ���hersco"  the fo  ' a ���?St Serioi,S, re��c��ion on  a^s^*_*^7/-6VcW;t^fs___ff*s��_;  ^^^F^^?*��.the! sn_^ter"c_f ^^>d.��^viS^Se^^^^^  -ny  at Trai!   during   the ��Jt  augmented to^r t_.;0Ssb_t^  Church Picnic �� ^.��uK  The annual picnic arranged by the  weTm ? ^   ^"^   the Pa^  __ vicar and Women's Auxiliary ��~Z ^'/< g   '"*   tOUl     ton"a&e  Jack Johnson has made plans ^Jitn'SlChUrChrhaSbeen P^d   4- ^"^^   ^^^/ri.ht       u\~  ^^   -  s will leave the public school at development necessary- for ,the ������^���- ���-   ���  . .'-i^-i. _u___    K OJ at a" enlarered outDut ..nd th* u..:i.  day, July 4th   '  JT   ��n'Sht> Sat��r  --bii" pLg ,p"��8nix p*h-  S. Winn of Ro .?an,d Chan����ar E.  vinn ot Rossland and   N   r;���  of Trail will be in   att.^d DS  to, make an effQ., fl\Z*.'r^V��rt  Laren two miles and D L SeJT  ne,gradmg  was quite heavy,   and  tetde;Ver'SeVeraI-kcutsencOUQ  Ust Wednesday atJ inspection  the new  road  was  made     Ernest  frfeG &ed'r,r0ad SUP*���endent  ^  the Grand Forks district.,     ln th��rr  c��  they led   the .way put ove   the  new   route, Vand, were ZfolioJ����__^  ,JV'  e-;//-  Rented t^ the occas^^  H. Sawrey and Albert Biner, furnished   the   musical  program,   and  States.  u ii   t ' ���"-=��r��   r��o.   aeven   mine, and   the   ennv*,, Vs ",c,r >or�� to keep   peace./      was   weii-nigrii'   perfect   =_.__ /    J  he   will   ,ater   return   to ,he United   ances will leave tie public .choolat J"6 deVC,��Pment "���aryP for ;*���-ctioo.. both ^.ch^nd ^?W  nine o'clock sharp. 3" ert,ar^d output and the building   to-date-ui    Refreshments   of a most  !"   '           w.���c   ���me a��ro   h  I                                   F of a tramway and hW,      The com!  lCCefPfab,e   ������*'���������   provided  by /beeo "��fenced to /,Ye imprisofm'^  ���   I pany   is also said rn h* ,-r.f��,_.���._j .-_ Itne fair ones and served   fn the j,-.m   / He is now only 17 years old  ail purposes:      The  ��i*,_tf^by^  the government for this cutoff is   a  good   investment,   as   it  will   be of  Union/great assistance to the many people  lia this part of both the, Grand Forks:  d GreermmrtH rltnt-^i*.!.*.   * ' '       .     ��  '*&?&$   1��� ��>*   ��*>j    duiumoo  ��*��_���,_. e0,ar,..������.��� _.... .r..f"/M.d.te.   _.,���.._...: r���>->-L n-&ZZttm^l.:^JZ3SZZZtt^ ���; ;. ;:',jf^  The Big Store  Summer Drinks in  Great Variety  1 -c*������  *--��_,^,Wfc. tt4J1J   t  of a tramway and tipple.     The com" / ."T    "'"   were   Provided by  ��� J pany   is also said to be interested in   r ones and served  in the hall. / "e  W,  projects which   will mature shortly may   have   been   excitement,   or/==  I That a revival  has   taken   place   in   perhaPs faacy> b"t it was remarked I IF*  I  Coalmont  requires only   a   visit   to   ^ moie than one son of Adam that'U '"  [ confirm. tne quality of tbe cake and flavor of  It looks like a revival of the old L^t'"^/f ^"^ suPe"��r  Placer days to see Chinese miners S, c ^7 ��� ** ** bachelors-  hawking platina ore about Prince- i^! T> ^T? " som��^hat  ton, but no  buyers.      In   less  than ,,      as    "be��ng   late"   is   a  three   weeks'  time   these   men   re    ^%        T'? prero-ative  eveT-  covered 10 ozs.  of  piatina   ore   be"  one (particularly   the  married  men)  sides gold.      With their usual retic-1 "fr-^^-f  ^ incident as  ... d' retlc    quite in  the usual   order of things.  wppca irom (Joalmont. tti Prince-'*  ton, for the steam shovels working '  on the railway.       ' ������ . . ���  (SEE OUR WINDOW)  Welch's Grape Juice, quarts  pints  Montservat Lime Juice, quarts  Columbia  Roses Lime Juice Cordial  tell  it  CC  $ .75  .40  1.00  .50  .65  Wagstaffe's Raspberry Vinegar, pints .50  Dnwf   Win a  ence the 'chinks' would not ten  where they got it but it is supposed  that it was mined on the upper  Tulameen river.  The Hedley Gold Mining company has.declared the second quarterly dividend of three per cent for  the   year,   amounting   to    $60,000  Perhaps one of the happiest ladies  present was the treasurer, who announces a surplus in the treasury,  the disposition of which is beiug  carefully considered by the com-,  mittee.  The following  are. the  names of  tiiose   responsible   for   all   the   ar  Port Wine  Cherry Wine    -  Blackberry Wine  Strawberry Wine  Lemonade Powder, per can  Hire's Root Beer, in packages  tributed in dividends so .*_ _nis  year and $1,272,000 - distributed in  dividends since the mine was taken  over by the present company in  July, 1909,. and is equivalent to 106  per cent on the capitalisation.   __^    Great Northern Officials  , ���,    .._..,s   tu    <j>ou,uuu.   tiiose   respc  trih7fmHk-eSV��-!,a,0f$t?0,000   dis-  ranff��nents   i" connection  with   the  ��  tribllted    in    rlivlH.nrlo    ,.���     f���,.       n-        , , lnc    n  tai     this | dance, and to whom   the   heartiest  of thanks   are due   for  a   most de  lightful evening's enjoyment: Patronesses: Mrs. C. M. Campbell,  Mrs. John Morrin, Mrs. Jas. Mc-  Keovvn, Mrs. J. Miller, Mrs. Jos.  Strutzel,  Mrs.   W.   L.   Ritchie and  (Mrs. Jas. Bateman. Committee.  Miss Helen McEwen, Miss Biner,  Ann.e Mckeown M,ss Bateman,  Committee: Messrs. T.S. Quance  ?,  smvth '^      a"d  -  ��.-- -_w.      ������,au_.  ��ic of the western district; J. R. VV.  Davis, of St. Paul, jn cbarge 0j  maintenance of way; and W. Car-  swell, of Marcus, divisional superintendent. George Ingram of Spokane  was the conductor in charge   of  the  special train.     The party   had   been  over   the    new   Oroville-Wenatch.e  cutoff on  a trip   of  inspection,   ami  then came up to look over the Grand  Forks-Phoenix  branch.  Try the Famous Peek  Fream Biscuits  Dainty, Crisp, Satisfying - 32 to the Pound  Golden Puff Connaught  Pat a Cake  Digestive  Teddy Bear  Billiken  Coronation  Shortcake  Lockup Is Completed  The new lockup for   Phoenix   has  been   inspected   by Chief Constable  Simpson of Greenwood on behalf of  the government and has been accept- j  ed.      Provincial   Constable   George!  S anfield expects   to   be   occupying!  tl e new premises very shortly.   The j  bi.ilding is in every way a credit  the city and district.  to  GREEN VEGETABLES  Fresh Arrivals Every Day  Strawberries        Rhubarb        Green Onions  Radishes Cucumbers Lettuce  Fancy Tomatoes       Spinach        Asparagus  Cabbage, Oranges and Bananas.  l ii*.*  fi. _____  is. t_H�� 'V  mmmmmmm  T#JE   PIONEEB,   PHOENIX,   BJEUTI&H   COLUMBIA.  >������ j  ' I'-  ness without clerks  vertising." '  as  without ad.  The action of Magistrat Shaw of  Vancouver the other day in dismissing the twelve cases brought before him for selling fruit on Sunday  will meet with the approval of the  big majority of the people- of this  province. The magistrate gave as  his opinion that if bread was' a  necessary food and it was not unlawful to sell it on Sunday, the same  could be said of fruit.  The "Backbiting" Habit  DECLINE SUBSTITUTES  THE PHOENIX' PIONEER  , .    _      .issued weekly.. ,  _vt Phoenijc, British Columbia,  Subscription, 2.00 per year  G. Kay, Publisher:  _\, ADVERTISING SOAJ.E  Application for Liquor Licence (30 days) ..$5.00  ,A.prlJcation for Tran.f.r ot Lioonco 97.50  Certificate of Improvement notice (60 days) $7.50  Application to -Purchase Land notices (00 days)   $7.50  Delinquent Co-owner notices (90 days) .... $10.00  .   Phoenix is',at present   the   most  prosperous mining camp in   the   interior of the province, and   all   indications point to it remaining such for  many'years   to  come.    The  principal mines in   the  camp  are  owned  and operated by ' the   Granby  company, .a   concern    which    has    the  reputation of making   a  anything it undertakes,  is fortunate in having such a strong  company operating here.  BY  DORIS  BLAKE  I know a really-nice girl who has  quite spoiled herself by giving way  to a constant habit of undue criticism of other people. She is a nice  girl, and a good-hearted one. She  would go out of her. way to help  you if you were in trouble. But her  habit /of "backbiting" seems to  swallow -her virtues so, in the eyes  of her acquaintances, that, at times  she is a very, very lonely girl���and  a.most unpopular one.  'I never leave this girl's   presence  without   the tincomfortable   feeling  that I, too "will get mine" as   soon  as I am out of hearing.      If my hat  or dress-chance   to  escape  assault,  then  my shoes tor  gloves, or hair-  dress will be the target. "  I don't know of any   other  habit  success  off that will make a girl unpopular more  The  town I quickly than   this   "talking "people  over."  My mother used to say to me:  "Daughter, if you can't say anything nice  about  people  don't  say  -,''���*  It is generally supposed that the  high office of mayor of a city carried ' a certain amount of dignity  with it, but over in Butte a different  aspect  seems   to  be   taken  of the I thank my mother for making me-see  Small Water.Notioo�� (30 days)  ?7.6o| chief executive.     During the recent  that there is  something   nice, to   be  DiBHinrncntCo-Ownersliip notices oo days ?25.00j riot over there the mayor   went   up said about every person.   For, rather  DapUcateCertificate of TiUe,notices SM.I into* the  miners'hall   to  sway   the  than   to, say  nothing���a   stupend  '0__d__cnuk4_.oet.t__   ,    ,     - oHve branch aod'deliver a message' ous task for a Woman���I had to say  All other legal ad vertipin?, 12 cents a line, I    e  ������_,_,       ',_.       _.���"���__ ,.. .     , T .      ,  '    ,  ���' '      ���     -   .  .      ���   v '. Jot  peace.      For his  pains   he   was  something nice.     And so I acquired  tingle column, for the first insertion; and  81    .      ' c & ^  wnt�� a line for each subsequent insertion, non-   P,cked   UP   bod,y   and   thrown   out  parei-measurement j through a two  storey window,   and  'Display ads"$1.00"per inch,   single j he feI1 to the pavement below   with  column,'* per month.'   Transient   ads,  60c. per inch, per issue; subsequent in  Going Through Canal  A  vessel   passing   through    the  locks of the Panama canal will have  all its movements controlled in much  the same  manner   that  the movements  of a  train   are controlled in  entering a complicated railroad   terminal.      At  Gatum,   Pedro Miguel  Miraflores an operator standing  before a control board   will  open   and  close  the  gates,   fill and.empty the  lock chambers   and   perform   every  other operations necessary   for   letting a  ship    through,    simply    by  throwing   a   succession of switches,  and   will   know   at   any instant just  what is happening in the locks without ever having to look beyond   the  indications shown on the board   before him.  This is all controlled from a board  64 feet long, which is virtually a  miniature of the locks and the operating machinery and is . located in  an operating tower at 'the foot, of  the upper flight of locks.  Seventeen Cents a Day  Buys an Oliver Typewriter  Coming Events  anything at all!"    And   although   I       Chahko Mika celebration Nelson,  found it rather hard   sometimes  to  keep my feline claws hidden,  I   can  July 13 to 18.  Vancouver  Fair,   September  3rd  to 5th.  ,  Spokane Interstate Fair, Septem  ber 12 to 20.  sejrtions,.35c. per inch.  the habit of looking for the good in I  people. J  I   heard   of a male criticism of a  a   "dull,   sickening  thud."    When I girl who had  the habit of   "picking  I picked tip he had a leg and  an   arm I people to pieces," and I think it, ex-  -��� .Saturday, July .4, 1914.  .      .        . . .  -'   It is the  wisest  and ibest  to'al-  ways abide'by the decision *of 'the  .majority,  without   any   murmur   or  ' complaint.- -      ?  ,    ���  r    . t     t        *" * r  broken   and-^ was    suffering    from  many bruises besides.,  Wall Street Styles  Blue will continue to be the lead-;  ing shade in Wall street during the  coming season.   One of the prettiest  models  shown   consists  of. a dark  blue yoke,   trimmed plentifully up,  blue  longer.  oWtlll  presses pretty cwell every one's feeling tbward a "backbiter:" She  may be a nice girl. But her tounge  is too sharp. She ought to try to  remember that if other people seem  to her to have funny ways, it is altogether probable that she, too, has  mannerisms that they could make  unkind remarks about."  King Edward Lodge  No. 38, A.F. and A.M.  Regular communication at 8  Qjp.m.  Second Thursday of  �� each month,  emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Hair, McHale Block.  John Fnri__y_.,' Jr.,  Seey.  W. J. Piercb,  W.M.  This amazing offer���the NFew Model American Oliver Typewriter No. 5 at 17c. a Day���is open to everybody, everywhere.  It is our new and immensely popular plan of selling Oliver Type-  j writers on little easy payments. The abandonment of longhand in favor  of clean, legible, beautiful typewriting is the next, great step in Human  progress. The American Oliver, with the largest sale of any typewritei  in existence, was the logical machine to take the initiative in bringing  about the universal use of "typewriters.     It always leads !  Clerks on small salaries can now afford to own Olivers. By utilizing spare moments for practice they may fit themselves for more' important positions. A small first payment brings the machine, then you  save 17c. a day and pay monthly.  G. KAY, Agent, Phoenix.  -_ >?, /".last week's .millionaires" haver diffi-'  -ciilty in .paying' this- week's . board."  paffecti  -.great  many^of.-last season's'hat.will be  seen," and new overcoats willnot be  nearly $o, popular as heretofore.  / Thomas A.'Edison says that the/ Waistcoats will conform to this  whole trouble with the people of / trend by not being so full, and  Mexico is "too much alcohol and/ trousers will he worn with much less  cigarettes," and possibly the great/'"n the pockets. ' Stocks, of course  inventor is right. I will still be a necessary part of every   ���*  j wardrobe, * but they  will   be   worn  Every man  from   his  eyes  down j much   lower,   and    many   will    be  is worth'a $1.50  a   day,   but  it  is  By,Abe Martin  ^,;lt seems? like   nobody '-ever   gets  .but;L*ot.f��r?*tt *<? slip,around to the photo  graph gallery every so often  j^Every'once' ih'"aA while   you   find  enough' relatives on'speaking. terms  to hold a reunion.  Well Balanced  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodffe  No. 46 .  Meets every Monday Evening at  Miners' Boll. Visiting brethren cordially invited.  A. I_. MKinnon, Noble Grand.  Wnj. Oxley, Pin. Secy. -      ,  E. E, Barnes, Bee. Secy.  Daughter* of Rebekah  - Phoenix Lodgw No. 17  Meets in   the'' Miners'   Union  Lodge  Han Flrat and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. B. -3. Barnes, Noble Grand  Mrs. A. D. McKenzie, Secretary.  "What sort of bridge does she,  play?"  "Cantilever; she never looks to|  her partner for support."  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Travel East via The  Great Northern Railway  ANNOUNCEMENT  - Summer Recursion Fares Commence June  1st. Final Limit October" 31st. Optional  Routes   and    Liberal    Stopover^ Privileg-es.  New York..  Halifax    $108.50  Montreal   ...$105.00      129.35  Twin Cities....        60.00  Philadelphia        108.50  J. V. INGRAM, Agent, Phoenix.  r__K*il l ���  -T r \   -  what you or I possess from'the eyes  up that makes us worth more' than  ,this.���The Pythian.   ��  thrown carelessly over the shoulder.  ���Judge. .     ,  ���v**'  -i  -1       I-  i, Ther,e.are two hundred and fifty  jthousah'd.words in the English -lan-  guage -and> most'' of < them..were  used a few,Sundays ago by a.Kaslo  Jady who discovered after coming"  out of church that her' new hat was  adorned with a tag on which was  -written, "reduced to $3.75."  I-S.  \o>  'So stuffyTand" ill-smelling .is..the  police court room at Vancouver,  that Magistrate Shaw oi>e^day last  "week went on strike. On that day  .400 people, crowded into the "court  ,room and many of them were  Hindus. The odor was said to be  siinilarto that of a whaling station,  oi t I'a'ce creek ^i1 e" t.ia tic  out.  is  f>'- '-S  I*  VHere is a piece of sound advice  handed out by John Wannamaker,  the great merchant and advertiser  o. Philadelphia: "To discontinue  an. advertisement is taking down  your sign. If you want business  you must let the public know it. I  would as soon think of doing   bu'si-  rt**  _   (  l;5 V  r*'  I w _.  iL  I  /  _.  Nothing stops the stinging,  smarting and itching like Zam-  Bufc. Don't let the children, or  yourself, suffer longer. Apply  Zam-Bnk and be "bite-proof 1"  50c box. all Drugs <'* and Storm.  *z_s_^  Bachelor Girl's Remarks  '��� It's a wise girl who, prefers losing'an argument to losing a sweetheart.     -   ' '    ?"  Many a coat of rags hides an  honest heart, but no coat of paint  ever hid an honest wrinkle.  Any woman can get along without a husband nowadays. It's getting along with one that is the   teal  test of character.  o  Shoes that Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shane, and  nothing but the best of stock used  - SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Aye.        Phoenix, B.O.  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Ball, Friday Evenings  Visiting brothers are always welcome,  Dan Patterson, W. P.  T. R. Glarke, W. Secy.  SPOKANE TO CHICAGO WITHOUT CHANGE  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28    Ph^.,x-  Meete Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially wel  corned.  N. Davidson, C. O.  E. E. Babnes, K. of R. S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lod^e No. 17  ,   Moete In _��ythlan Hall, JJower Town  ,    S��cond and Fourth Thursdaya. ^  Reduced Fares * Summer r^����D  t ��� of 1914 ���  .  On sale June 1st to September 30th.  Final. Return  limit, October  31st.  Mtb.  Geo. Barnes,  M.E.C.  Mrs. A. D. MoKenKio  M.R.O.  Winnipeg, $60.00 Montreal, $105.00  St. Paul - 60.00 St. John - 120.00  ��� 72.50 Halifax  - 129.35  92.00 Kew York 108.50  Chicago  Toronto  iV_     ,'"  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per c?rd.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD  DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phone B32  Compartment Observation Cars, Electric Lighted  Standard Sleepers.  9!  Servsce  ' J. V. MURPHY,  DISTRICT PASSENGER AGENT, NELSON, B. C.  throw away your good  OVERALLS, because   they are greasy.    We  can wash them to look  as good as new.      We also make a  Specialty of Blankets and  Carpets.  A TRIAL, WILL. CONVINCE YOU.  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  hone 50.  Dominion Ave.]  Smiling  Faces  mmmmmiMmmwmMaa  greet the coming of a case of  PHCENIX BEER  WHY?  Because the Beer is so good  and wholesome it brings the  smile.  'PHONE  23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express ;ind ,Ba^-  qage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may he  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one Applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated. /  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by section., or legal subdivisions of spclions, and in unsur-  vcyed territory the tract applied for  shall bo staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of ilve  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the* Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  i��oyt_lty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information 'application  should be made to the Secietary of the  Department of tho Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.���Unauthorized   publication   of  XhJ}$ vpi'tiser_jent will not be paid f01s    -  ���oOoBO. _.  DR.DeVAN'8 FEMALE PILLS__e0^  -Medicine for all Pemnle Complaint. J5 n box,  or tliree for J10, nt drug stores Mailed to any  ��ddress on receipt of price. Tua Sco-H-i.-. XJRO*  Co.,bt.Cnthnriiics, Ontario. t  PH0SPH0NOL FOR R/_EN*nT&1saiY.��  f��r Ncr -e mid Brnin; .iicrenseg "grey -natter'';  n Tome -will build you up. SOa box, or two for  $B, nt di itff stores, or l>y nmil on receipt of price.  Tan Slob-_u_ Drug Co. . St. Catharines. Ontario.  /  ���?  /  ;��*.  <" w  K^MWISWmWiimMM^m^mm^mm^mmmkvmjjfmmtt '�� j^s^SSJ^^SS^S^^!!^  ^^SSS74wG^S!!^i!vTml,  fflS-3sss-S��!^S^SSr-!^.  lMASW?tfMWW*Uj   ___!_r  ��� ��� M.f' "r^  -H*.���*-  xr-71  i' f>\.,  %_*  ���'�� (*ig��.  The  THE  PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH    COLUMBIA.  Queen's Hotel  COMPLETELY REFURNISHED AND  REFITTED  J    Concentrates  We beg to announce the reopening of the Queen's Hotel.   .This  popular hotel has been completely refitted throughout;  everything- new and up-to-date.    Large lofty rooms, '  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  Night and Day Service  Patrons of this hotel will find in it all the comforts ot home.  i erfect satisfaction is assured all our guests.     It is  the most centrally located hotel in town.  Bar Stocked with Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars  h  WALSH & HARTMAN,--Props.   5  FSR8T STREET AND KWOB HILL AVENUE . j\  ���. tyuaaautsm as sk-soo. a ��  iSTJieasmxumrsxrvm-ii  Your Milk Supply  * 4  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEARLY AND SANITARY  manner Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy produces both. ���  Premier Borden has celebrated  his sixtieth birthday.  The loss from the fire at Revel,  stoke is estimated at $50,000.   -  Germany's annual excess of births  over deaths is now about 800,000..  The Dominion government has  donated ,$50,000 to the Hillcrest  relief fund.  Rubber   nails,   for  places  metal   ones  would   corrode,   are  a  novelty from Germany.  T he C. P. R. company's tele,  graph has opened offices in Kei-  ovvna, Penticton and Summerland.  Commencing July  15   a   regular]  train service will be inaugurated "n  the   C. P.   R.   between   Kaslo   and  Sandon.  As soon as a rat discovers that  he is trapped he loses all interest in  the piece of cheese that caused his  downfall.  Princess Patrecia is said to be en-1  The census of/fndia hasjustbeen  (akei..      The   populatiqn    of   that  country is,estimated at'three  hun  dred  and  fifteen  millions.      It re  quired a staff of two million   per.  sons to do the wPrk  at  a  cost  of  nearly $5,000,000.  Messrs. Hind Bros, of Vancouver  shipped out a hundred tons of fresh  water to the Komagata Maru in  that harbor the other'day. The  water  was  taken out in a specially  Hotel Brooklyn  The^Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in, the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  -i       ������      ' * ' 'r.,T "-.  f     "s  THE DAIRY      J. W. Hanham, Prop.  Everything jn Men's Wear  gaged to a continental prince, and  the wedding may take place this  summer.  Oil   instead of coal ranges will bejth  used on the   newest   United   States!  battleships   because   of  its greater  cleanliness in cooking-.  English locomotive works have  been so busy of late that one English railroad had to order ten locomotives from Germany.  The total population of the world I  where  constructed  scow (a'nd   it cost $2 a  ton placed on board the ship.  Mike Donovan, who has been  running a livery in Rossland received word last week thatao uncle had  died in Ireland, leaving him $50,-  000. Mike immediately threw up  his business and is now on his way  io the Emerald Isle to claim the  legacy.  The pardon board at the San  Qnentin penitentiary has denied the  application for parole of Abraham  Ruef, the former political boss of  San Francisco. Ruef has served  three years and three months.   With  STEAM HEATED.      ELECTRIC LlOVTED  o. p. Bush, Prop; . Phoenix,vB;C  expire  Clothing:  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes  Hats  Caps, etc.  Thos. Brown  "Everything: a. Man  Wears"  good behavior his term   will  in  December, 1919.  The delay  over  the  building  of  e Second narrows' bridge at Vancouver is said to be due to a squabble between some eastern   firms   of  contractors who are bidding on   the  work.    The   people  ot    Vancouver  are insisting that local industries as  far as possible be given  the   preference in supplying the materia!.  That   the   commonest    cause    of  b. l. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR  PRINCETON COAI.  Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  and Cedar Poles. Stull Lag-g-an.  First-Class Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  NEW ICE CREAM PARLOR  We have 'arranged for a continuous supply throughout the summer, months of the FAMOUS CURLEW   ICE  CREAM.      Special Rates  to   Parties.  Cooling Soft Drinks of varied flavor.  i  THE DELICACY OF THE SUMMER SEASON-  CURLEW ICE CREAM.  TRY ONE.  j An ton io Ce rvo    Stemwinder Building-  warn  THE BUTTE HOTEL  , Bar Stocked with the Finest of Italian Wines.  Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars  STEAM HEATED THROUGHOUT.  LUCIANI & VICHARY, PROPS.  is now estimated at 1,700,000,000.  The ratio of sexes stands at 1,000  males to every 990 females.  The 'strawberry crop along Kootenay lake is very heavy this year,  and both jam factories at Nelson  are working to full capacity.  Joseph Martin announces that  he is giving up politics in Great  Britain and will return to Canada to  look after his many interests.  The members of the United Mine  Workers   of America   at   Nanaimo  have by a vote of 1,467 to  274   declared to continue the strike.  '   Passenger;trains are'now running  On the   Oroville-WeoatcKee -branch  of Great   Northern    railway.     The  distance between the two   places -is  137 miles.  The district comprising the towns  of-Fort George, Prince George   and  South Fort   George   has   taken   the!teet io fi.e a,r' seve"  stories  higher  first steps  that   lead   to a joint   in-/than tne*Ffatiron   building   in   New  corporation. / ^��rk,   and   even   higher   than     the  .nhn   Tr^oH.wnil     n.��,    ���-ii'       ���     Ifamed Ferris wheel at   the   World's  jonn    tread well,   the    millionaire!,- ,      , .     ��� . . ,,. .  rfi��rn_B��,- ,f   . i,     -r      j     ii       -       I Columbia   Exposition   at    Ghicag-o.  discoverer ot   the   Treadwell   mines/,,. ...   . s  Visitors will sit comfortably in great  I cars on their aerial jaunts  I     The White Pine Lumber company  I of Spokane will build  a   large   sawmill   near   Westbridge,    about    30  miles from   Greenwood.      The   mill  will have a capacity of 200,000  feet  of   lumber  every  24   hours.      The  company owns its own townsite and  cancer of the tounge, at any rate  in persons under 30 years of age, is  the irritation from sharp edged teeth  is proved by statistics collected by  Drs. Gorse and Dupuich and quoted  in the New York Medical Record.  Thirty per cent, of the cases they  studied were traceable to this cause.  Suddenly stricken ill at the end of  his run from Nelson to Grand Forks  on Thursday evening, Engineer John  E. Kennedy, for the past 16 or 17  years a locomotive engineer out of  Nelson and Trail Tor the Canadian  Pacific railway, was taken . to .thel  Grand' Forks hospital,1 where hel  died, on Saturday night, at 8:301  o���'clock"   ,  A  thriller   at  the Panama-Pacific  International Exposition will be  the  "Aeroscope," a huge inverted    pendulum which will lift sightseers   250  feet in the air, seven   stories  SMOKED MEATS, ETC.    I  We  are  carrying a special line of these  goods.     If  you are  not  already being-  supplied   with our   stock,  give us a trial order.    Our "Shamrock" brands   cannot be beaten.  i    .n  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C-       PHONE 2  Aim Strom's   B  Stationery, Confectionery and Fancy Goods  Kodak Supplies and Wall Papers.  All the latest Books and Newspapers.  in Alaska, is being sued   by   a   San  Francisco banking firmTor two mil  lion dollars.  A ferry service will run from Victoria to the mainland, which will en  able   a   person   to   board  a train at  Victoria and go straight to Toronto  by the C.N.R.  As an attraction at the Ghahko  Mika at tyelson the hull of the old  steamer Nelson will be set fire to  some night and burned out in the  middle of the lake.  Phone 4__ Phoenix, B. C.  THE KNOB HILL HOTEL  A. O. Johnson, Prop.  First-Class Accommodation for Miners  FINEST OF WINES,.LIQUORS AND CIGARS IN STOCK.  ���PHONE 72. ' YOUR  PATRONAGE SOLICITED.  THE PHOENIX GARAGE  STRUTZEL &   HOWER,  PROPS.  KNOB   HILL   AVENUE  Agents for Goodyear Tires, Casings, Inner Tubes  Vulcanizing���  line  of accessories, including Gasoline  reasonable Prices.  at very  Tires inflated Without#Charge.  A race between a fast train, an  auto and a bunch of pigeons took  place from London to Pontefract, a  distance of 172 miles. The pigeons  won, the first bird by 15 minutes.  A. R. Babbington, who for years  was manager of the Trail News,  has severed his connection with  that paper and has moued to Mel-  fort, Sask., to   locate  permanently.  L. P. Eckstein and P. E. Wilson,  both well known lawyers in East  Kootenay, they having practiced in  Fernie and Cranbrook, have formed  a partnership and will practice ' law  in Prince George.  At last the memorial to the late  John Houston is to be erected. It  will ,be a tall marble shaft, electrically lighted and it will be placed at  the corner of Ward and Vernon  streets in Nelson.  Four to the penitentiary, three to  the reform school, one to the insane  asylum, one out on parole, and two  couples divorced, made up the  court record for one day at Boze-  man, Montana, last week.  John P. White, international president of the United Mine Workers  of America, has wired $1,000 to the  local secretary of that organization  at Fernie for the widows'-and orphans' fund of  the   Hillcrest   disaster.  will begin this summer to erect new  hosues for its ^employees. It is  thought that the town will have a  population of 1,000 as the company  will employ upwards of 300 men.   : ������ ��l   England's Leper Colony  With   the  late Lord Strathcona's  gilt of $25,000 the first leper colonly  in    the    United    Kingdom   will   be  established next   fall   in  a   deserted  part of Essex.     There are now only  20  cases   of   leprosy   in   the   entire  United Kingdom.  They are isolated,  but widely scattered,   and   bringing  them together for care at   a   central  colony   will   not. only   assure   more  comfort for   the   afflicted,   but   will  enable new   research   into   the   disease.     A specially equipped hospital  will be a part of the new colony.  VICTOR MGORdS  A Nice Selection of the Latest  Victor Records, especially  the latest dance music  New Songs, etc.  COME AND LOOK THEM OVER  E. A. Black, Jeweler  n  More of Mary  At Mary and her little lamb  We often used* to laugh,  And now that she has slashed hei skirt  We're laughing at her calf.  D_ J. MATHESON  .Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX, B-C.  QUTTON'i  OEED  I for garden and farm or�� best  forB.C.soil.Seo Catalogue* for  solid guar santoe of purity-  and jgermixiation  Send new for Copy free     j  _" tutor. 'SSons.ThcKirid.s So.diaon!  Hoo.i___gf JEn/fland F  A.J  Stage Line  Rootling JCn/fl    yv o o oi w 3 r <.      \  8*        Vancouve'      \  667 Gronvill _ Sh   J  fOK BRITISH COLUNBIA!'  I      Vic I- on a  I   &io r< rt- sr  Ii  ����._ At ENTS  Greenwood  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m. ,  \      " "        lower town,   9.00 a.m. [Standard Time  Leave Greenwood 3.00p.m. J  PROMPT  ATTENTION  TO  EXPRESS AND FREIGHT  J- FULLER, Proprietor  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  of th e   Dominion for $2.(X) a yeur. ___m_hpbbbr?b  "t ,'|,ff' -"<���'.'  (^(fc-V���     _.(  '* J __.��J (-  *J 't    *   *fr   t <���<*.��_ _��_  nwif/   m  ����� ** ��* t_. t f i>wi.a��.   **  tt-rvn-A.    ^ trMlfc  r    IW-.     Vx^iw   �� ���*,  , ��fj_i*v_*�� _b��v* t *J  TO^i.r.^&tfWC&ArtCStWrliJt  ��^**_-_��._L_H^J!ft^^  Kit -   *  THE   PIONEESfc,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Y*rt'  ..?(  !IS!  fill  Iti.  u  :��_.&  _j>  y,  \  CT  Make This Work Easier for Yourself  <p  YOU will find that Sunlight Soap is the  best and handiest helper for washing dishes you ever used.  Try Sunlight, and the hardest part of  ' dish-washing  will  disappear.     The  work  will he quicker done, too.  , (     Of course, Sunlight is the best all-round  soap you can buy���good for dainty fabrics,  and those woollen  blankets  you   want to  keep   fresh and fleecy.     Remember, it is  kind to the hands.  Local and General  J. D. Littig has gone to Republic,  Wash.  Paul McKay loft yesterday for Danville, Wash.  Win.  Gillespie  left   Thursday   for  Oroville, Wash.  N. J. Carson's family are camping  at Christina lake.  J. P. Boyd was over from  Merritt  during tho week.  Albert Ehngren arrived home Monday from Spokane.  P. C. McWha was down to Grand  Porks last Saturday.  W. X, Porkins'Was over to Princeton  the firsc of the week.  Mrs.    Wilkinson    came    up -.from  Grand Forks Thursday.  Alderman  Mike Kane spent a  part  of the week in Spokane.  1���. Engen  ia spending a couple of  weeks at Christina lake.  Joseph Black left Tuesday with   his  family for Rupublic, Wash.(  Arthur Walters has purchased O. D.  Bush's Excelsior rnotoroyolo.  Miss Anuie McKeown is in Spokane  on a short visit with relatives.  For Sale���Five   roomed   house    on  Spion Kop.    Enquire of E. Bellis.  H. W. Sharp, representing Sharp &  with the Brooklyn hotel and was deservedly popular with everyone.  The classes under Drs. Ritchie and  Millar in first aid instruction are making favorable progress. The men pay  close attention to .he lectures by the  doctors and also study their text  books as diligently as a bunch of  medical students at college.  Mrs. J. E, Carter returned Tuesday  from the coast, where she has spent  the past month visiting with a sister  at Vancouver and another at Salmon  Arm. Her sister, Miss Catherine McKenzie, of the latter place, returned  with her.  Eighty-Five per cent of headaches  arc the result of eye _train. If you  have any trouble from headaches, it  would be to your interest to consult  Dr. Tau be at Quancu's Drug Store, on  Friday afternoon, July 10th, and Sat-  uiday, July 11th.  Prof. W. B. Marks ciuno up from  Spokane Tuewluy and left tho following day for Princeton to look after  some mineral claims in which he and  his hi other are interested. Prof.  Marks was in chargo of Prof. Bouley's  danoing academy during the lather's  absence to Now York.  John Reginald Vick, mucker boss at  tho Granby mine, was taken to the  local hospital on Friday suffering from  severe injuries sustained in an accident,  in tho 400 level. According to the  latest information the patient is resting fairly easy, his iujuiios principally  That W��mk Bm��k  accompanied by pain hero or there���extreme nervousness���  ' sleeplessness���may be faint spells���or spasms���all aro signals of .���  distress for a woman.    She may bo growing from girlhood into  womanhood���passing from womanhood to motherhood���or later  Buffering from that change into middle life which leaves bo many i  wrecks of women. At any or all of theso periods of a woman's lifo"  she should take a tonic and nervine prescribed for just such cases  by _. physician of vast experience in tho diseases of women.  BR. PIERCE'S  Favorite Prescription  Las successfully treated more cases in post forty years than any pthor known remedy. It  can now be had in sugar-coated, tablet form as well as in the liquid. Sold by medicine  dealers or trial box by mail on receipt of 60 cents in stamps.  Miss Elizabeth Lordahl of ?orko!cy. Cul., In n recent letter to Dr. Plerco said: I was completely  broken down In hual-h,Iwn_ach1nffai.dha_ paln.allovormy body andwas.on.r voo.thatl couldscr earo  If anyone talked to mc. but I had the Rood fortune to meet a nurne who had been cured by Dr. Pierco ���  Prescription.   I ,havo never had an occasion to consult a phy.lclan alnce���am In excellent hcaltu.  Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets resalate stomach,  liver and .bowels-saffar-atated. tiny crannies  ,������'������;;.���*���:$��  ������������������:,:..:.. i'/fift  I  Irvine, of Spokane, is in town.  Dr. Millar ,has purchased   a    Matz f consisting of a broken arm and ribs  ' automobile from Morrin-Thompson &  [ Company. / >  Phoenix Rebekah Lodge* No. 17 will  ! hold a meet big next Wednesday everi-  [ ing, July 8th.  Mr. and  Mrs.   Munson  and Master  Dick   Elmgren returned   Wednesday  ! from Spokane.  DRUGS,DRUGGIST'S SUNDRIES, HIGH-CLASS  STATIONERY, PERFUMES, CONFECTIONERY  Agent for the famous Nyal and Na-Dru-Co Preparations.  -.���*_  >  #&  All growers  sell and . *.  recommend it  Born���At Phoenix on Dominion  Day to the wife of the late Edoff  Johnson, a son.  Wni. Murray and family have  moved into then' new residence on  Sunnyside avenue.  ' Miss Alexandria McEwen was up  tip from Orand Forks last Friday "to  attend the Spinsters' ball.  Miss Bell Bagley left yesterday  for  Prince Rupert, where she holds a position in the telephone office.  , v O. D. Bush went down to   Grand  Forks Monday to meet his 'wife  who  %&$v'mi  fec-.v  &V  pheTich/quaUty/kdur^MU^Iand1  Cream   is  gaining   new   patrons  for us daily.     We solicit a trial.  Delivery made to any part of the J  city.   'Mail us a card!    '    >"  7whatidofyou knewT.-^he .man'iwno  knows is always wanted.' Hetiever  has to search the country for a job.  Get  busy,   man,  and  get   to know  something'���for your owri sake, for your  Qr��at; T^ortlverii' "has *inove__' his' fauaity  up from1 Grand 'Forks for the summer.  The newly elected officers  of Snow  shoe Lodge No. 46,   I,   O.  O.  F.,  will  A party of ladies moteied over from  Carmi last Friday aud were in attendance at the spinsters' ball. In the  party were Mrs. R. F. Heckman,' Mrs.  J. B. Sheridan, Miss. Irene Crawford  and Miss Jean Crawford. Tho latter  is an experienced chauffer. The  Crawford sisters met many old friends  in Phoenix, they having lived here  with their parents several years ago.  Eyesight. Dr. S. L. Taube, eye-1  sight specialist of the Taube Optical  company, of Calgary and .Vancouver,  will be at Quance's Drug Store on  Friday afternoon, July 10th, and Saturday, July 11th. If there is anything  wrong with your eyesight, or the  glasses you are now using are not satisfactory, do not fail to consult him.  All work absolutely guaranteed as  tested.  Mrs. O. D. Bush  and son returned  last Monday from  an  extended   visit  Bush was  in at-  annual session of the  . �� '^She'-was^one f ot  receiving "the' degree  ���was _ ilsJ��V appointed  .  T. S. QUANCE  PHOENIX, B. C.  j���jjl__j_ i_jl-"_s'__  lUM-um.  T5^_5e5BR9_S5___!^_  The Phoenix Club  Deichert & Morris, Props.  PIPES, CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES  BEST BRANDS ALWAYS ON HAND.  Special Line of the Famous Haid Chocolates  Smokers' Supplies.       Soft Drinks  ENGLISH BILLIARDS,  POOL,   BOWLING ALLEYS  be installed  July 6th.  next   Monday    evening,  I  deputy for Pho_nlxv,I-abeka.li  lodge. T?o. -17: *" Mrs. ^Bush i reports a  splendid session. After the close of  the sassion in "Victoria she went to  Portland and spent several weeks on  a visit with relatives.  The PHOENIX DAIRY i  <      . - - ">j   r '  ���'' - ^"W.A.. McKay & Sons, Props. ���  m *:���  old folks sake, for your wife and kiddies I    w  w   ._���..,._._ ������.������,���_i nf t-u     r��i,���_. J  o��._-_.     t>_.����� ������ ���n ��    i ���       _��� _   /    -K- J*. Jsornes, principal of the  Pnoe-J  sajce.    x hey are all looking for von to I _     ..'��_._...     -      ..     . > ^ /  make eood.'   ��� / aix sab��o1' leffc Wltb his family last/  / Saturday for Vancouver to  spend the I  I summer holidays. '   |  3 j    Parker Williams, M. P. P.,  From Bad to Worse  THE .MINERS'  UNION  OPERA   HOUSE  Satiirdayj J iily 4  Do it, ,then.  The I. C.S. can helpyou, if you have   summer ^lidays.  Today the Great   Northern   com-  grit to dig-in.  " ,      -.���      ' I    Jfarker Williams, M. P. P.,   for Na-| pany will make a serious change   inj  Mail the Coupon below today as a re-1 aaimo�� addressed a meeting here last! their  passenger   train  service   run-  6  Reels  6  The Stratficona Hotel  NELSON, B. O.  Steam Heated Throughout  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling Public.   "  DININGROOM    SERVICE  UNEXCELLED.  Nine Well-Lighted  Samplerooms.  I quest for free information.  Do it now, "later" never comes.  Coupon  B. C. Agency, International Correspon-  ��� dence Schools, 'Box 25,  t" Grand Forks, B. C.  ���������____ ^  Kindly let me know how I may acquire  a complete knowledge of the subject for  which I have marked X  Electrical Engineer  Dynamo Running  Electric Car Running  Steam Engineering-  Building   and    Coiv ���  trading.  Mechanical Drawing:  Drafting  Show Card Writing  Shorthand  Bookkeeping  Automobile Running  Mining Engineering  Mine Foreman  Metal Prospecting  Surveying  Phone 12  JAS.  MARSHALL,  PROP.  FOR SALE  The Porter  Residence ou  Brooklyn  Ave., including Stable and two   big  lots,   all   f>r.Cr._���f(n.   s~'M;   one   tuilf  down, balance to suit.  D.J  tr.  MATHESON,  Agent.  There are 15,000 moving picture  Uiows in the United States. In the  world there are 60,000.  Seal Iiever  Simulation  |G0LD WATCH FR  oner   from   nn   <_t__|__.__  Wotchei to t_o_t__(_ ot  poorlo aU oTor thB  world at a huso  ��avert1��er_o_t. Now  li your ch_nM _,  obl.ln ona. Write  no_r. on_loci_ff <_;  cents for ons of oar  f0-_lo__.lt) J___!e��'  ��ni(! Onard., or  Oonta" Alborta. unt  nnlaso caJd to .oar  will bo siren ___a  (thoss wiu__ are  ru.rantoed five jo_n),  ���hoald yon ___> ad.  i. _ ... vantage o( oar ma���ol-  lori offer. We export yon to toll .our iriondi  ntK.nt oa end show tbem the b__ntl(_I u��t<_r  Dra't think thle offer too Rood to be true, bat tend  as, enntB t��-d���� and nam ��� rrew Watch. Yod  will be anuzed -WILLIAMS * LLOYD, WhoIewX  If teUera CDeut."* ). 6.. Comwalllj lioad. LondonH  Ei .land. ���   "  quated and dilapidated coach that  has been runnings on this branch for  the past season will now be changed  to a contrivance for the public in the  shape of a car without even an  apartment for smoking. Surely  Phoenix is entitled to better passenl  ger car accomadation than that at  present in vogue, and the people  should demand that moretconsidera-  tion be given them in   this   respect.  Leaves Relatives Here  SEALED TENDERS addressed to th��  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for  Drill Hall, Kamloops, B. C.," will be  received at this office until 4.00 P. M.,  on Friday, July 24, 1914, for the construction of the aforesaid building.  Plans, specification and form or contract can he seen and forms of tender  obtained on application at the office of  Wm. Henderson, resident architect,  Victoria, B. C: on application to-the  Caretaker of Public Building, Earn-  loopB, B. C, and at this Department.  Persona tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied, and  signed with their actual signatures,  stating their occupations and places of  residence. In the case of firms, the  actual signature, the nature of the occupation, and place of residence of each  member of the firm must be given.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Honourable  the Minister of Public Works, equal to  ten percent (10 p. c.) of the amount of  the tender, which will be forfeited if the  person tendering decline to enter into a  contract when called upon to do so, or  ��*!. t?*'?��m?let?- the work contracted  for. If the tender be not accepted the  cheque will be returned. -  The Department does not bind itself to  accept the lowest or any tender.  By order, ������  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Department of Public Works, e��re aiT'  Ottawa, June 27, 1914.  Newspapers will not be paid for this  advertisement if they insert it without  authority from the Department.���63742  Saturday night in the interest of the  ning.  into   Phoenix.      The old anti-  I socialist party.  I    J. E. Thompson, D. L. McElroy and  j C L. Johnson intend touring -through  the Nicholson  creek district,    where  they are interested.  A Great Northern bridge gang has  been here for the past week making  some needed repairs  on the  bridges  on this end of the branch line.  The ever increasing demand for our  high-grade milk and cream makes it  necessary    that    you    should' order  ahead.    Hannam���"The Dairy."    '  C. L. Johnson arrived in town last  Tuesday from his xanch at Nicholson  creek. He states that that country is  especially adapted to stock raising.'  Mi_s Robinson, of the local hospital  staff, who has been spending her annual vacation with her sister in Calgary, returned to Phoenix on Wednesday.  Chas. King, who is now holding a  position as musician in the Empress  theater at Grand Forks, was in* Phoenix for a day or two thLs week , meeting his friends.  Dan McDonald, carpenter at the  Granby, returned last Saturday from  Vancouver with his bride, and they  have taken up their residence on  Ironsides avenue.  James Leslie arrived in town Dominion Day from Armstrong, and will  now take up a position with Morrin-  Thompson _. Co., as managei of the  dry goods department.  Miss McEwen, who has, been teaching in the Phoenix public school, lesft  Saturday for her home in Grand  Forks. A portion of her vacation will  be spent at Victoria."  M. D. White of Victoria arrived in  Phoenix on Wednesday  and  is now  1. He Was Not III, Only Unhappy--comedy  2, Hopes of Belinda-Comedy  3-4-5. Robinson Crusoe���  A  Marvellous  Dramatization  Famous Tale of Adventure.  6. The Bandit  of Daniel  De  Foe's  [/No Repeaters  ADMISSION  10c. and 15c.  ���M  1^  ;l  1 ]iff  Vffk  '1  "J  l.vVf  fl  l-/.p  1  1st  : ''1  pff.  I  'i's'P'S  4  '^1  \--$Me  '^1  liM  V^'l  :'m  P*A  ��A  ���-.��  The many friends of Wm Campbell will regret to hear of the death  on Dominion Day of his father,  Daniel Campbell, J. P., of Belmont,  Prince Edward Island. The deceased gentleman, whose years had  passed the alloted span of the psalmist, is svrvived by four sons and  one daughter, one of the former  being Ed. Campbell, geologist of  the Granby Co.  Oil! Oil! Oi  __;">$&  ���  *<���"&������  LAND ACT  Similkameen Land District  District op Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that I, David Lawrence McElroy, of Phoonix in Yale  District, by occupation a rancher, intend to apply for permission to purchase 80 acres of land bounded as follows:���Commencing at d post planted  at the South West corner of Lot  1602S; thence North 40 chains; thence  West 20 chains; thence South 40  chains; thence East 20 chains.  Before Buying: Stock in any Company  You Should Thoroughly Investigate It  The National Oil and Gas Co.,  Inc. Capital of $500,000. Shares,  $1.00 par value���non-assessable,  is worthy of investigation���Their  property consists of 2,500 acres  at Enterprise, on the Great Northern Ry���$40,000 has been spent  in development���The well is now  down to a depth of 1,840 feet.  la interest...and shout. k_ov.  about tbejjrondetful  _-;<.;����_��� t_-s. u wsc _.__.'��    .   ���*.. ..    i David Lawrence McEi_roy.  ^ewl^^ T\\ A- !Tnlfce'   Da.-ed 23rd March, 1914.  lie will probably be located in  Green-  wood for about a month.  Miss Segrio Elmgren was operated  on in Spokane recently for appendicitis. She was able to leave the hos-  lastTueday, and will soon be able to  return to her homo in Phoenix.  Gordon McLeod left yesterday for  his old home in Hunters' River, P. E.  I., to make a visit after an absence of  11 years.    Gordon has been connected  Stock is being sold to meet cur  rent expenses only���Oil experts  say; "Success is certain." They  are drilling day and night���As  soon as oil is struck, the btoek  will be withdrawn from the market���Oil may be struck any day���  This is your opportunity���Shfires  are now being sold for only 75c.  each.  MARVEL  M  _ Spray  tinge.'. Best  If cleanjui  A_.-7.ur  ��� . - - . JiPartie-  if irfv_!__m�� to udln.  WIMCSOR SUPPLY CC.  Wia_ll-I_ Out. General Agenti for Canada;  Remember���Oil May be Struck any Day  Send in Your Application NOW.  C. A. Stahl & Co., Limited,  701-2 Bank of Ottawa Building, Vancouver, B. C.  Enclosed find $ for ..............shares of stock of The National Oil & Gas Company, Inc., being payment in full at 76c. per share.  Name.... ; .....'.' :'..   Address;.... J ������..  ���'J:  *r?A-_?��:  *��_���'  .���3v  Phoenix Pioneer ads. Always Get Results  jf*w.��,�� r^>^m


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