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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jan 18, 1908

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Array JAN 22 1908  and boundary s Mining  Ninth Vkar.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY. JANUARY  18, 1908.  No.  DOMINION GO'S  ANNUAtREPORT  Good   Prospects   For  the Future.  In Dry Goods Department.  In order to clean up our shelves and  tables before taking stock, and to make  room for new spring goods we are offering  the following linfes at greatly reduced  prices:  Ladies' tailored tweed, Walking Skirts, '������<  Regular  0.00  Now  $8.00  9.00  6-75  7.00  S.00  6.00  4-75  M. M.  Johnson's   Statemtne  as to Conditions.  Conplete line of Ladies' LONG and SHORT KIMONOS  ranging from $1.00 to $3 75 in value, now offered from  60c. to $2.50.       - '  nil   woll   DRESSING SACQUES, were  $3.50,  A few   I .iHics'  now $2.25.  LADIES' GOLFERS���Regular $3;5o; Sale $2.25.    ���''.  CHILDS   FELT SLIPPERS,   Regular  $1  Full  range  of  Sale 75c.  Childs CARDIGAN RUBBERS, Regular $1.75, Sale $1.00.  Misses WHITE BEARSKIN CAPS, Regular $1,50, Sale $1.00.  Ladies'DRIVING MITTS, Regular $1.50, Sale $r.oo.  Misses DRIVING MITTS,   Regular $(.00, Sale 75c.  values ranging   from   $1.00   to  $2.50,  ODD   CORSETS,  now on sale at  111  50c.  'UlC'ttl (IDITO (MS k\.IK Mil COST Miff  To the Shareholders :  Your directors respectfully present  their report of the state and condition  of the company for the year ending  July 31, 1907.  During   the  year  there  has   been  spent a total of $356,714.67  on  improvements to  the smelter,  new development  work  at   the  mines,  arid  installation of new   machinery,  amount   spent. on   the  smelter  $173,098.73, and covers the cost  installation   of No. 3   Furnace  blowers,   a   complete  equipment  The  was  and  and  for  AUJiamuiAi.rXiujjja^  J 908  . We wish to thank our many  Customers for their Liberal Patronage during the year of 1907, and to  express the hope that, by careful attention to business, we may merit a  continuation of their Valued Favors  during the year just beginning.  We wish you all joy and prosperity, today and every other  day of the year���whatever of success and happiness comes to you  will make us glad.  electrical opeiation in place of steam,  additional land for slag dump, and; a  new water works system. The smelter  now has a capacity of 1200 tons of ore  ber day.  Owing to numerous delays beyond  the control of the company the complete installation of No. -3: Furnace  was not effected until the month of  June. This was a great disapppoint-  ment, as it had been expected this  furnace would be in operation early  in January. As high as 750 tons of  ore a day has been handled in this  furnace, but the most economical results will probably be secured with an  output of about 600 tons. The new  furnace is equipped with a mechanical  feed operated by electric locomotives.  This mechanical feed will be extended  to furnaces No 1 and No. 2, which  will result in a very material reduction  to1 the'cost per ton of smelting the  company's ore.  The hew water works system, in addition to giving i better efficiency to  the operation of the smelter, also furnishes an excellent fire protection, and  reduces the rate of insurance. >  During the year there has been  spent at the mines oh new development work and new machinery  a total of $i83,6r8;84-. The mines  are now completely equipped for: operation by electricity instead of steam.  New compressor plants have been installed at the Idaho and Sunset mines.  These improvements will result in a  decided saving in cost of mining  the company's ore.  The new development work, consisting of drifts and upraisings,  amounted to a total of 8519 feet. In  addition to this, exploration work  with diamond drill has been done  aggregating 1045 feet.  The physical condition of the  company's mines, both in the total tonnage  now in sight  and   the  equipment  for  mining the same, has been greatly improved during the past year.    A large  amount of development work has been  done on the Rawhide mine,  and   that  property is now capable of furnishing  800 tons of ore  per day  for an  indefinite period.    A very.large tonnage  is now available from the  Idaho,  and  will run about the  average  values  of  the camp.    A new  body  of ore has  been found in   the   Brooklyn.    There  has   not yet  been   sufficient  development work to fully prove  the  size  of  this body of ore.    The  80 ft., 150 ft.,  and 250 ft. levels are in   the ore, and  the values are showing very satisfactory.  The Brooklyn mine has always carried  good   gold   values,   which   is    most  desirable in these low grade ores. The  Sunset  ore,   which   has   been   used  la.gely as a   flux,   has   been  showing  better copper values.  In the report made by Mr. M. M.  Johnson to the board of Directors, he  says :  "The development of the various  mines has been very satisfactory, the  year's work having showed an increased  tonnage in all except the Brooklyn.  "The work on the Rawhide taken  in conjunction with the work done on  adjoining ground by the Granby Co.  has shown this property to contain a  very large tonnage of ore. The mine  can produce 800 tons of ore per day  for an indefinite time.  "The work on the Brooklyn has  shown some new ore on the north oj  the shaft, but was found so late in the  year that nothing definite as to its ex  tent or value can be said about it.  However it looks very encouraging  and I expect that it will mine about  the average of the former Brooklyn  ores; the last samples taken show the  average at 0.7% copper and nearly  $2.00 per ton in gold. Nothing below  the 300 level of the Brooklyn has as  yet heen found.  "At the Sunset outside of ore ex  trication very little exploring was done.  A short tunnel put in from the surface found the ore at a depth of 50  feet below our present work. No  further work was done to prove the  extent and quality.  "The exploring work on the Crown  Silver has shown the claim to contain  a considerable amount of ore  but  so  far has proved to be of very low grade  and.much broken up.    Sufficient work  was  not done to*' allow  of a  definite  conclusion or an estimate of tonnage.  "The'Athelstan work was  not   very  satisfactory^ 'resulting  in   finding  the  ore very narrow at a short distance below the good -showing' on .the surface.  Several hundred tons of ore  were  ex  tracred in the co'urse of tin's  develop  merit cdntainihg"$6;bo and $8 00 gold  per  ton     This yore   has   not   been  smelted.     : '���'" ;1:';i  '.'���.'"In  the  Idaho the  work  on  the  tunnel level ancTpn the 100 level   has  been very satisfactory,  opening   up  a  very large tonnage of ore.    The  most  satisfactory feature is the finding  of a  better average grade of ore on the 100  level than the  upfpef work  gave.    A  sample taken from the wide portion of  the ore on the 'loo level  gave   1.3%  and 1.2% copper and $1.00  gold per  ton.'    The  ore  found  on   the upper  level and on  the! surface  has  always  been figured at an average of about 1%.  "During the year the wages  of the  workmen were advanced 50c. per day.  On an output of} 1000  tons  per .day  this means an extra outlay of at  least  $125,000.00 peri-year, and increased  the cost of production     The central  compressor located at the Idaho mine  was fully completed and put  in  operation; you have riere a plant  that  will  furnish power forVall purposes for the  Idaho, Brooklyn and Rawhide  mines  sufficient for a 20(00 per day output.  "The Sunset I mine has been  equipped with an electric hoist and  electric driven compressor, these are  in operation and will be sufficient for  all requirements arid should reduce the  cost per ton very materially. The  saving obtained in the use of powder  alone at this point will quickly pay the  cost of installation. At the smelter  the No. 3 Furnace, Ore Bins, Crusher  Plant, etc., have- been.completed and  the furnace was ���'put in operation in  June. This month and the month of  July were used iri experimenting and  regulation. It has been shown that  a very large tonnage can be treated,  some of the days run being as high  as 750 tons. The question as to what  will be the safest amount for the best  percentage of saving has not yet been  determined. This furnace is mechanically fed aud when properly adjusted  as to tonnage, blast, etc., will reduce  the cost of operation; very materially,  and with I the two old furnaces put on  new plan of feeding, which can be  done at small cost, the capacity of  your smelting plant should be between  one thousand and twelve hundred tons  per day.  "On the whole, the.year just closed  has not been a satisfactory one in   the  mines or smelter, whether considered  from an earning or operating point  of  view; mishaps  and  interruption   were  so frequent that it was hard  to get  a  steady run and consequently difficut  to regulate   matters  nicely.    Perhaps  these delays and misfortunes were felt  the more keenly  because of the exceeding   smooth   manner    in   which  everything ran throughout the preceed-  ing year.    In an industry which  operates on such a close   margin,   a  great  deal    depends    upon  regularity   and  steadiness of 'operating.    A   little bad  luck, the prevalence  of extraordinary  conditions, may change the result of  a month's   operations  from   profit  to  loss.    Thus   the  operations  mishaps  though of seeming small magnitude in  themselves were very serious,, because  the entire plant  (mines  and   smelter)  was carrying an organization calculated  for a  given   tonnage,  and  when   this  output was interfered  with, as was the  case particularly in the last half of the  year, the efficiency of the organization  was reduced and a great  increase  in  cost per ton for extraction and  reduction entailed.  "The most serious misfortune was  the inability of the railroad company  to supply the smelter with ore. Early  in January we commenced to have  trouble from this source and operations  were spasmodic for several months  thereafter, not being able to tell from  day to day whether we would receive  ore enough to run the furnaces one  hour or twenty-four. Finally, in the  month of May, we were obliged to  shut down entirely and continue  closed for the whole of that month.  Repeatedly shutting down or banking  a furnace increases the expenses, both  in consumption of fuel and in repairs.  In the month of June the No. 3  furnaace was put in commission and  its regulation and experiments carried  on through the months of June and  July under the most trying conditions,  small tonnage reduced, inexperienced  workmen, lack of coke, etc., all went  to make a high cost per ton.  "By the installation of the power  plants with electrical applications, the  facilities for increased tonnage at the  furnaces, you have every reason to  believe and every right to expect a  great reduction in cost of production  both at the mines and smelter for the  ensuing year.  "I should expect your mining,  smelting and freight should not now  exceed $2.75 per ton of ore treated,  provided you run on capacity of 1000  tons per day. This tonnage your  mines is easily able to furnish."  10,090 Ounces of (fold.  During the twiivt- months the company has mined and smelted a total of  187981 tons, an average of 15665 tons  per month, from   which  3256.451005  of matte was produced.    This   matte  contained  10321.05  ounces  of  gold,  42606.81    ounces    of    silver,   . and  2910695 pounds of copper;   from   iis  sale $820,184,84' was realised   by the  company.    The  total  expenses   were  $740,002.72, leaving a  profit  balance  of $80,942.91.    This  result   was ob  tained in spite of shut-downs  of  the  smelter, aggregating  4271   hours  and  50 minutes duringthe year, or a  total  smelter* time   lost of three   months.  The greater part of this loss was caused  by  the  inability  of the  railroads'to  transport the ore from the mines to the  smelter, owing to the serious conditions  existing during the winter months and  from scarcity of equipment.  During the summer months the  railroad secured an increase in its  equipment, and in the future it is expected that this cause will be eliminated. 'The month of May was almost  a complete shut-down, owing to a strike  among the miners at the coal mines,  and making it impossible to. secure a  supply of coke. As profits can only  be realized by smelting the ores mined,  these constant shut-downs and interruptions have been very expensive to  the company's net earnings.  It is proper to add, in this connection, that great difficulty was experienced in the proper adjustment and  operation of the new furnace; and that  for this and other, reasons, recoveries  at the smelter, since the year ending  July 31st, 1907, "covered by this report, up to the time of the shut down  in October, have not been satisfactory.  Earnest efforts to remedy the trouble  were made and considerable improvement had been effected, when your  Directors deemed it best, in view of  the demoralized condition of the copper market, to close down the mines  and smelter in the month of October,  rather than to sell the company's assets  in the form of copper at the prevailing  low prices.*  This move was in line with the  action taken by some of the largest  producers in the United States, and its  wisdom is shown by its having been  followed by the other producing mines  in the Boundary Falls district, where  our properties are located. 'The company has on hand a full stock of coke,  ore and supplies of all kinds necessary  for the operation of the mines and  smelter; and .it is hoped that. a permanent and satisfactory market price  of copper will soon be .established,  justifying,the resumption ofoperations.  The propertys of the companies are  how iii excellent* physical' condition;  The improvements and additions to the  plant, contemplated in the last annual  report, are now completely installed,  and, with a fair average price for copper, the company should make a favorable' showing.  During the year  the  company  retired $200,000 of its outstanding First  Mortgage Bonds.   'The purchase of the  Morrison' mines   and   the   Athelstan  mines was completed and   title   taken  to these properties.    A   railroad spur  over three thousand feet long has been  constructed at the Rawhide at- a cost  of $23,311.26.    This   cost,  however,  wili be  returned  to the company  in  freight    allowances.     The    Morrison  mine has some development work, and  the ore will be valuable as a flux.  The  The Athelstan mines' ore at  the surface has shown exceedingly   rich   gold  values for the Boundary district.    Not  enough work has been done, however,  to prove the ores at depth.  The financial statement and trial  balance set forth the condition of the  company on July 31st, 1907.  Warner Miller, President.  MATHESON IS  AGAINMAYOR  Beit G, W* Rumberger By 38 Votes.  Voters Endorse Old Admin-  stration at the Polls.  1908  128  90  71  71  65  50  5��  50  \v.  Methodist Social Next Wednesday.  The Ladies' Aid of the   Methodist  church will give a social on Wednesday  evening, January   22, the   programme  being as follows:  Violin Solo, T. Seller Fram.  Reading, "Politics," Mrs. H. Reed.  Song, Mrs. F. Knott.  Cornet solo, E. Johns.  Male  quartette,   Messrs.   Horrell,   G.  Johns, J. Picthall and Whittaker,  Recitation, "Making   of a   Man,"  Johns.  Duet,    Misses    Horrell   and    Bertie  Knott.  Mandolin and Piano  duet, Mrs. Dean  and Mrs. Perry.  Song, H. Reed.  Banjo solo, E. Hopkins.  Refreshments at the close; admission  25 cents.  Small Fire Took Everything.  Tuesday afternoon fire broke out in  a log cottage back of the Granby No.  1 cottage on Victoria avenue, occupied  by Mr. Fisher and family. Mrs. Fisher  had but time to catch up the two  children and run out to a neighbor's,  the interior being a mass of flames and  doomed. The Fishers lost everything  they had by the fire, not having time  to save any of their personal effects,  and Mr. Fisher had been at woik but  a few days. The cabin was the one  originally built and occupied by S. A.  Swanson, and was owned by G. A.  Larson. A subscription paper was  passed around town for the benefit of  the burned out family, and a comfortable sum was quickly raised the next  day for the Fishers.  W. S. Macy went down to Spokane  last Sunday, returning during the week.  FOR   MAVOR.  I907  D. J.. Matheson   65  G, W. Rumberger j...  52  KOR  ALDKRMAN (3)���EAST WARD.  Robert C. Carson.......... 36  Frank Knott........ .���;..__  L. Y. Birnie .............   32  Abner Hillier.;'.. .... .'... ..  ���  Palmer J. Cook...... .... -���  Michael H. Kane.    23  FOR ALDERMAN (3)���WEST WARD.  A. D. McKenzie.........     52      52  William J. Porter.........  36     .50  Theophil Biner...........���     '33  Julius Carson............   23      32  The above is the result of the muni-  cipal election of last Thursday, compared with the figures of the election a  year ago. The blanks in the 1907  vote indicate that the men named were  not candidates last year.  This election was the most hotly  contested of any in the history of the  corporation, the total vote polled being  218, out of 307 votes registered, two  names having been placed on the list  Wednesday night by the police magistrate. Both candidates for mayor were  pitted against each other a year ago,  when Mr. Matheson won out by a  majority of 13 votes. This year there  was even more interest taken in the  election, with 101 more ballots cast  than last year. The returning officer  was City Clerk M. M. Stephens, and  the election clerks were J. O. Church  and J. C. Halsey.  Workers for both tickets were busy  all day, and teams were  on  hand to  bring voters to; the'pblls, "some coming  from  Grand   Forks  and  Greenwood.  When the results were^known, the supporters of Mr. Matheson held a torchlight parade, and the successful candidate was drawn throughWe" principal  streets of the city in a sleigh by many  willing hands.    'The polls closed at the  city hall at  7   o'clock, and  from   that  time till the  last   ballot   was  counted  there was a big crowd around the  city  hall awaiting the announcement of the  result.  Wednesday Nlfbt's Meetloc  Following Mr. Rumberger's announcement in the last issue of the  Pioneer, Mr. Matheson issued an open  letter to Mr. Rumberger in reply.  Then the latter replied again by an  open letter in circular form. Then the  spring poets, although a little ahead of  time, began to do business, and citizens and others were favored with a  bunch of poems (?) and limericks,  which were supposed to bear on the  attitude of the two chief candidates.  Mr. Rumberger called a public meeting at the opera house for Wednesday  evening, the only platform speakers  being himself and Mr. Matheson. W.  X. McDonald presided as chairman in  a satisfactory manner, introducing the  candidates.  Mr. Rumberger spoke first for nearly  an hour, presenting the reasons why he  thought  the electors' should  support  him, and criticising the   Matheson administration-of the past ,yeai.    Then  Mr. Matheson  had  his   innings, and  made the best possible use- of them  for an hour and a half, in turn picking  the   previous administration   of   Mr.  Rumberger to pieces, and demonstat-  ing why he believed  the  city govern-  I ment of last year should be continued  I in power for another term.    Following  ! this Mr. Rumberger  made his  reply  and the meeting was over.  Rarely has the opera house held a  larger audience, and quite a number of  ladies were present. .Asked beforehand if he would have any music, Mr.  Rumberger thought there would be  music enough before the evening was  over���and he proved to be an excellent prophet. It was a good natured  audience, and many of them thought  they had often paid a dollar for a show  there and did not enjoy themselves  half as much. One lady remarked  that she wished to go again when an  entertainment as interesting as that was  booked.  The new council will have its'first  meeting next Monday evening, according to statute.      ; ,    v.' ,  Boundary Mining Notes  The Phoenix scale of wages has  prevailed at the Crescent mine, Skylark camp, since January 1st.        ;  Nothing doing is the latest report  from the B.C. Copper Co.'s mine and  smelter, but there are strong  hopes.  Supt. Shaefer, of the Strathmore  mine, near Greenwood, who was here  this week, states that plans are being  made, when work is resumed, to run a  long and deep tunnel, about 200 feet  lower than the present tunnel.  Granby has been operating .six furnaces steadily all this last week, and  today or tomorrow another will be  blown in, the eighth to go in commission as soon as may be thereafter.  Three ore trains are going out daily,  two over the Great Northern, arid one  over the C. P. R., making about '2,-  500 tons per day, more or less.  The 20 seven-ton steel mine ore  dumps have.been safely sent down to  the 400-level of the: Granby mines,  where they will be used in getting out  a heavy tonnage through the Victoria  shaft. The 75-h.p. electric engine is  now running on that level, having been  installed by Abner Hillier, the company's electrician, and another week  or so should see that opening sending  out a large tonnage of ore.  Greenwood Dramatic Clab.  On Monday evening, January 27th,  the Greenwood Dramatic Club will  present the play "Confusion" at the  Phoenix opera house. The play is a  rattling good farce, and it is said that  the company has some excellent talent  to present it with. The Greenwood  concert orchestra of eight pieces will  also be present, and the presentation  should draw a good house, seats being procurable, as usual, at Tom  Brown's.  The company plays at Greenwood  on January 24th and at Grand Forks  on January 25th.  Latest Prices 10 Metals  Nsw York���Copper, electrolytic, $13.  62 @   if 13.87; lake.   $13.50  @ $14.00.  Bar Silver, 55%  Lead,' $4 45 @ *4.55.  Spelter, $3.00 @ $4.00.  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE.  ��� table gives the ore  1903, for 1903, Tor 1904, for 1905, for 1906,  January    jg, '08  The following: table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines lor 1900. for tool, /or  ila 1907. as reported to the rhoenix Pioneer��� <  Mink.           1900     190:       1901       1903 1904  I Granby Mines.... 44,553 331,763 309,858 393,71a 5-19,703  t Snowshoe���.....      397     1,731    20,800   71,312       B. C Copper Co.  Mother Lode.-   5.340   99.034 141,336 138,079 174.398   147,576  B. c. Mine  19.494   47.405   14,811    19,365    Hmma ���          650     8,530   33,937 37.960  Oro Denoro.... - ���    15,537 16,400  , Sou 11 ie Belle   Oom  Cop. Co....  Br'klyn-Steni.. M  3*.35��  Idaho.  1905  653.SS9  9.485  3.007  1900  S01.40.J  8,4 JO  105.900  I 4S8  II Ho4  3.'77  1907  613 537  135,001  308,331  1,712  18.374  14,481  Past  ,  190S    Week  39.346     16,359'  550  1,076  3,350  1,040  '"87s  665  Rawhide   Sunset*   ' Mountn Rose   Athelstan     1,300  Morrison _    K. Bell   Senator   Brey Kogle   No. 37   Reliance.-   Sulphur King.-.  Winnipeg- ........  9 Golden Crown...  . King Solomon...  V 3ig Copper   No. 7 Mine   City of Paris       3,000  Jewel        160        350  Kiveiside   Carmi   Sally   Kambler -   Butcher Boy ���.  Duncan   Providence ���  Elkhorn   Slrathmoie ._   Golden Kagle   Preston   Prince Henry-   Skylark -   Last Chance   K. P. O. Mine   Bay -~   Mavis ���   Don Pedro   Crescent   Helen ���������  Ruby ~   80  Republic   ���  Miscellaneous...   3,330      3.456  80a     7,455    15,73*  5.646  3.339  ISO  5*0  785  635  363  3.070  3.350  1./59  4,586  3,450  333  364  33  55.73'  25,108  3,056  4,747  ',833  13  150  140.685  3.960  36,032  48,390  3.S55  *3.��95  13.353  64.173  31.270  3'.��8  649  586  483  2,060  "890  79  ...30  MS  ...30  106  76  9  90  "65  993  400  167  736  335  770  ���SO  40  700  55  60  5��  5"  300  3*5  500  60  750  Total.tons 96.600 390,800 508,876 690,419 829,808  > Smeller treatment��� ,       _, ...  Granby Co 62,387   330,838 ���*������ *%*" *&��.  B.C.CopperCo  117.611 148.60�� ,6-'j,.I.3.,"��r*?4.  Don). Cop. Co   ~~~  133.570   30-9.5��  535           5S9  324  40           45  It :::-.::���:  933.5481,161,5371148,337  687,988 833,879 637,626  310,830 133.740 341.952  84,059 318,811     153,439  29,246    16,3591  33,9.*.'    17.238(  life  wffp  ��� 'f'.Ssil'wWl  \ *fP:��!l!|  ������wki  W'm��:'"&\  ��� }.!$$���:'. ;,s\   ^'���'ft^mM  :%'Mu$-m  :''''M$f  ���*���'$.''  Total reducer1.. 63,389 348.439 460,940 697,404 837,666 983.877 1.172 43u1.133.e17    32,933     17.238 ' lift  THE    PTfOFVTv    rir/TT'F.  Y  m  -* #  s,'l$  .*!{-���  '! h  *  j i,.  Hi  I  fas Ut ft  if  ���I  #  1  i  !,  &- * 'if-?.  H  I  I  creates  appetite  BOVRIL added to any dish given It the delightful odor at  roasting; beef.  Makes your mouth water���puts your appetite on edga.  Its r'.oii, beefy flavor, starts the g-a.stric juices flowing-, helping  the digestive organs extract more nutrition from the food you eat.  BOVRIL is not a more extract. It contains in concentrated  form all the essence, substance and flavor of prime beef.  _ When tired out, try a little BOVRIL in a cup of boiling wator,  with a soda biscuit.    'Twill refresh and strengthen you.  All good cooks keep BOVRIL always on hand. There's not  a day passes that it cannot help make some dish more palatabh)  ���more nourishing.  All  good  grocers  sell BOVRIL. ���  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining lournal.  IS*DBD,01*aATUmDAYg BV IHX  PIONKEB PUBLISHING 00.  at raoini, a, c.  ,W.��. WILLCOX. MANAQBR.  T.to>k��M i HualueM office No, ���*.  Tciepnoaw | MaM|[er., residence. No. ij.  -  lUMMiraosm in advancb.  VarTtar $100  ���UtMoaUu  1.1s  TKtat Halted State*, per year.- ��  3.50  If report be   true,   the Japanese are  getting-so   thick  in   Vancouver,  that  they are talking,seriously  of starting a  weekly   paper   there. *  And   yet   Sir  Wilfrid Laurier cannot agree with most  British Columbians as to the desirability  of litniting'the immigration of the little  brown   men.    If a   few   thousand   of  them   were  dumped   into   Ottawa  or  Toronto  every   once  in a while, and  the easterner hud the problem  on his  1 hands,   our  friends   in   that locality  'might begin to realize the gravity of the  problem of Oriental immigration which  is confronting this   province.    Almost  every month sees the number of these  unassimilable   people   added   to   our  population.  qo c��-o^t��b*>o<*��6  Mexico Has 1,000 Copper Mines.  The Republic of Mexico, according  to a statement published recently by  the Mexican Department of Fomento,  contains more than i-ooo mines operated mainly for copper production.  Thesearelocated in thedifferent sections  as'follows: Jalisco, 302; Sonora, 234;  Michacan, 95; Lower California, 65;  Chihuahua, 53; and Duraugo, 51. In  proportion of production tonnage,  however, Sonora leads, while Lower  California is second; the ��� mines in the  State of Jalisco are small producers.  If too a c no* aaubacr ber to thii paper, thii  ,la aa tavitatloa to yoa to become one.  &d*erilttag ratea luraiahea on application.  Cagal aotlcca la and 5 oaats per line.  Four weakly Inacrtlana constitute one month's  a Ir-rt lias;.  1908  ;jAisr.    .  1  1908  Sal. In.  Tim. Wad. Tib. Fr���  Sat.  '  * -,-* '3  4  ���S -6  - 7 * 8  9 10  11  12 13  14 15  16 17  18  19 20  ai ,22 . 23 ,24  25  If  27 i\(a8    29    30 '31  .This week, the ,wise .men of the pro-  .vinceireassembled at Victoria,to make  or unmake; our laws. ''Forty-two. men  ,���chosen by,.the electors,, -should (be able  *i to-accomplish t not a* little in'the twoor jpointed J. R. Brown of Summerland to  ^threemontha they will be: in-session at !*-tas a. special emigration agent in  ' Great Britain.  PROVINCIAL.  Rossland's eleventh   winter carnival  begins February 4th.  A Farmers Institute was established  at Cranbrook last week.  Trail had $968 in bank oh December  31st, and no liabilities < of any kind  whatever.  The new, buildings at the anti-tuber-  colosis sanitarium, at Tranquille, will  cost $75,000.  The United States consular' department has decided to close the consular  agency at Jternie.  Nelson has a bonded indebtedness  of over $500,000, and a big asset in  its hydraulic plant.  The Cranbrook Prospector has commenced its fourteenth year���the oldest  paper in East Kootenay.  A branch of the B. C. Timber and  Forestry- Chamber of Commerce has  been organized in Revelstoke.  This year the Southern Okanagan  Land Co. will plant 400, acres,of land  with some 40,000 fruit trees.'  The Dominion.government .has ap-  ���OUR COPPER CORNER-  MATTKRS  OF   .NTKRKST   TO   THOSE   INTERESTED    IN    THE ��l  COPPER   MINING   INDUSTRY i\  ��r-x��<*����*->o<-*Mr*>-��  Mr. Newnonie Is Optimistic.  Samuel Newhouse, of" Salt Lake  City,<one of the most extensive mining  operators in the United States, and a  director of the Dominion- Copper Co.,  is quoted recently as follows:  "I predict that one year hence this  land of ours, which is just now so full  of unhappiness, caused by the uncertainty that prevails, will be filled to  overflowing with glad hearts and smiling countenances.  "I predict thai, within two years, at  least one section of the Union Pacific  railroad will be electrically operated,  operated, and I predict that within  ten years all the great railroad systems  of this country will be electrically operated; that the great rivers will be harnessed and that it will be possible to  ride from New York to San Fransisco  und other western coast cities in trains  every one of which will be shot across  the continent at high speed through  the agency of electric power*.  "The change from present depressed  conditions is coming soon.    There are  going to be better prices or copper,  for lead, for silvei, for zinc, and all the  metals. The most significant and potential evidence of the coming change  is found in the   unprecedented  orders  for  equipment:   that    are   now   being  placed by the great railroad corporations  and the work they are doing all over  the country in the mutter of paralleling  their tracks  and  otherwise  preparing  for the tremendous business they know  to be in store for the future."  Montana Copper Output.  It is estimated that the total output  of copper in Montana, for the year  ending January 1 will be 225,000,000  pounds. Of this the Amalgamated,  North Butte and other companies  which send their ore to the smelters at  Great Falls and Anaconda will have  produced about 210,000,000 pounds  and the Clarke properties 15,000,000,  pounds.  Claims to Lead Worla la Copper.  Figures compiled ' by the Board of  Trade of Phoenix, Ariz., and suple-  -mented by private telegraphic advices  from other parts of the country, make  it evident that the territory of Arizona  has easily lead all other districts of the  world in the prodnction of copper during the year 1907. The total value of  the year's output is estimated at $61,-  000,000.  MANIFESTING ITS'VIRTUES  SHILOH'S  Quick case for the worst cough���quick  relief  to the heaviest   cold���and   SAFE  lo take, even for a child.    g~\  That   is    Shiloh's   Cure. ' ���LiUTeS'  Sold   under  a  guarantee    GjOUfillS  lo cure colds and coughs   jn.  g~%    �� ��  quicker   than  any   other   ���* fkuOltlS  medicine���or your money back.    34 years  of success commend Shiloh's Cure.    25c,  00c., $1. . 816  QUICKLY!  Buster's Pallesophy.���XVI.  Resolved, pa said <his papers ' were  stocks, bonds and deeds. They were  little deeds of kindness, 1< suppose.  He said he had some watered stocks���  they seemed dry enougn ��� to "me. - Pa  can swim, so he isn't 'afraid to go on  Wall street. He has lots on his'mind.  I'd rather be poor, and free. 1 Maybe  I'll change my mind; still I know poor  people are happier, but. they . don't  know it. We are not only rich or poor  by comparison, anyhow. When ,you  got one friend or dog,or horse that  you really love, you are rich.  mamemmmmawmtm  ft*��*M*-��AMM*-��*  Greenwood   Liquor   Co.  thecapitol.  ' The annual winter -carnivals,  given  at Rossland, .have come  to   be events  . of,more than passing importance, in the  ..[Kootenaysj)and,"from the preparations  being made this-year for another 'one,  it will be a - source of a good deal of  pleasure' to 1 'the"thousands' who  will  ���(attend.  ,. Despite .,-.untoward .conditions in  1 many, respects,,, the total rvalue of the  i.<metaliferous output'of the province of  J-'British"-'.Columbia" for the -year 1907  ' was'more than a million .dollars in ex  ,..cess,of,that of the .previous ,year, the  . 'total for.last.year being over'$21,000,-  "000. '-Progress is-being steadily made,  , even if not as fast as some of us would  MikC- - '  , , The municipal elections are how all  over, and there is nothing in sight to  prevent the average citizen from set  tling down lo work once more. It was  warm here while it lasted, and both  nominees for mayor seemed to be  confident of success, but of course  but one could and did win. The  city will now move on as usual, and  the camp will continue to prosper. 1  The annurl report of the Dominion  Copper Co.,   which will  be found  in  -this issue, is a reflection   of the disad-  vvantages under  which   the  company  -operated during  the greater  part  of  -last  year.    The same   drawbacks, of  course, were felt  by all   copper com-  .panies operating in this district.    This  .year, when they were all   in operation  once more,   it should   be possible for  them, and they doubtless will, make a  .much better showing.  The Provincial Government has  under consideration the question of  supplying, the public .schools of the  province with the national ensign.  . Nearly 10,000 acres of land in the  Kootenay river valley, near Baynes'  lake, will be put under irrigation and  thrown .on the market by Spokane men  in the near future. ,  According to private advices from  Ottawa, Hon. Frank Oliver has given  instructions to immigration agents in  England to secure .approximately five  thousand, men for British Columbia to  come next,spring.  'We furnish the trade all over the   Boundary  ,   the Choicest Imported and Domestic  with  Wines, Liquors and Ggars  "P  As wu ship direct in Carloads, we  can   make  prices right, and give prompt shipment.  the  Jas. McCfcath & Co.  GREENWOOD, B. CV  ma$0m0mmma*mwM  1 �����*���*4^*����*��*��>��***o>��������g  I Skin Protection  ' Porskin comfort, skin health,  akin bea&ty and for protection  J against (hard "water, strong  sun and-wind use  '*Baby'sOwif  Soap.  It is the best for every toilet J  purpose for babies, women j  and men. j  Its daily rise keeps the skin  ., smooth'and: the complexion  beautifully clear and frcah.  +  *  Dominion Ave., 'Near City Hall,  ���*W PHOENIX, B. C. '�������>  Carriages and Other Rigs, Horses and Saddles  For Any,Part of the Boundary. Express and  Baggage Transfer Given Prompt. Atttentibn.  Dry- Wood Delivered to Any Part of the, City.  D. J. McDonald, Prop.  A Slurs of tie Public Patronage Solicited. ' ., 'PHONE '37.  toenix jfeam  luni  LIMITED.  r With the newest and most modern machinery, we are now in  a  position to handle the largest or smallest orders  with dispatch and at'the lowest possible prices.  BEST OF WORK GUARANTEED.  Phone No. 25  Patronize Home Industry.  J  MoaSreal]  Savors qf imitations and substitute.  ���9 Albert Soaps Ltd. Writ,  r  WHEN  APPETITE  If is because your food does  not digest properly. Your  stomach, liver and bowels need  strengthening. Don't neglect  the   danger-signal  take MOTHER  ,w*  r>��tj��  _   So"       ���  ErwTwtwm'l  A. JT. WHITE ft CO., MONTREAL  Not in A Newspaper Office.  A recently arrived foreigner employed  as a clerk was asked by his employer  to _send out a polite dunning letter  which would bring results. The re  suits were phenomenal, every deli  quent paying his account in full.  The letter read as follows: ,? I  Dr. Mr���: If you do not do us the  extreme honor of paying all the dollars  and air the cents' of this accounting,  which you so long owed to our business,  we shall, to . our regret, begin to do  something that will cause you the ut-  most astonishment.  LAND ACT.  SimilkameenXand District, District ol Yule.  TAKE NOTICE that Sauoei. Ddndbe, of  Belfast. Ireland,; occupation, Merchant, lulends  to apply for a special timber license orer Ihe  following described lands:  No. r.���Commencing at a post planted about  Kofa mile east of the Columbia and WeMern  Railway, fioro wheie it crosses -uthe.laiid  Creek, and about \i of a mile south from said  creek and marked Samuel Dundee's north-  west corner post; thence south 80 chains; thence  east 80 chains; Ihfcnce north 80 chaius; thence  west80chains toithe point of commencement  and containing 640 acres, more or less. '  SAMUKI, DONDBB,  Dated. (5th Not-ember. 1907.   ��' T"'ndec AKent-  ��� ' ���  Prompt attention to all orders   ,  -\  Dominion Ave.,  Phoenix, B  L. U B X. I  Imlm  TRAIN LEATtfiiiS PHOENIX 8:55 A. M.  daily connecting at"Spokane  with the famous  for a  SHORT LINE TO THE COAST  36'--'Hour's to VANCOUVER  For further particulars apply to  W. X. PERKINS, Agent,  RAoenix, JB. C.  In Millions of Teapots Daily  TEA  Have Yon Tried It?  Lead Packets Only.  BLACK, MIXED OR GREEN.  TUB  ���PIN'BSJT   QUALITY   IN  MILK and.CREAM  ���AT  THE  HSB^  PIIONK  STlUCTf^Y    PR1WII    BaCJS  JT.   W.   HANNAM,   PUOPRIBTOU.  P, 0. Sox 56.  1 ��  Photi-I* <Mirkst. 'Phone 2.  g  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail;Meat Merchants.  Choice Liie of Fresh aid Cared Heats.  Poultry, Fish and flame ia Season. |  All    Orders Receive  Prompt Attention.  i. u. uum  Barristkr, Solicitor,  Noiary Pi,,,,.  Cable Address:       HALLHiT.  i Bedim d M Nell u  Code* < Moielus .* Neal's  LeltH-r'n.  CiKKLNWOOK, B,( _  TUCK    COLLINS'  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Hotel Balmoral ra..���.  Cor. First & Knob mil Ave.   PHOENIX, B. (V  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. and A.M.  Regular communication 8 p. ni.    g.  ond Thursday of each month  KmerKent meetings a��CBlleil;M����oiii,  Hall, McHalr Block. ���-*"���<>��!<  V  M   8H��KMNO,  Secretary.  T. ROWKRICK,  W.M.  I. O. O. F.  BNOWSHOK LODOIi Nu.,1,  Meets rvery Monday Evening  at Mlnero* Hul  I'Ultlu^ brethren cordially invited.  CARLTON II. Cook, N. 0.  W. S. Cook, Rec. Hec'y.  C. W. WuiTTAKUit.Per. Kin. 8ec>  PHOKXIX   AERIE   SO. ir,8  Meets Krklay cveu,  Union Hall.  Visiting    brothen  always weltome  F. Wkik, W. I\  Hahky James,  W. Sec,  Markets at Greenwood, Grand Forks, Midway, Eholt and all-the other ��  principal Oities and Towns In B.C., Alberta and Ynkon.  Headquarters:         - Headquarters for Boundary:  NEL80N, B.C. , GREENWOOD, B.C  r  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK  CAPITAL $3,000,000      RESERVE FOND $1,860.000  HEAD OFFICE-SHERBROOKE. QUE.  WITH OVER SIXTY BRANCH OFFCES IN THE  PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  ara offer faciutibb posskssicd bv  NO OTHER BANK IN CANADA  FOB  COLLECTIONS AND BANKING BUSINESS GENERALLY  IN THAT IMPOBTANTJTBBBITORY  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT  AT ALL OFFICES  BRANCHES  IN  ��� Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.   Correspondenta  all Over the World.  A. D. MORRISON  JEWELER & OPTICIAN  Local Time Intpcctorfsr S. F. & N,  (High Class Goods always in Stock.)    .  Guasd Fobku, B.C.  Phoenix Shoe Shop  A. T. TUJJANO, I-rop.  Boots and Shoes made to or-  ��� der, first-class  work guar-  ���  anteed.     Miners'   Boots  a  specialty, guaranteed xuater  ^ronf.  First Street ���   -      Opposite  Knob Hill Hotel  PlIOKKIX,   B. C.  **mmmmam0mmim*mm  *****wmiirVaw0m*r*mn  BRITISH CANADIAN WOOD  PULP St PAPER CO., LIP.  313 .Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.  We have established the townsite of Port Mellon on Howe Sound, 25 . miles 1 from Vancouver,  and secured the- water rights of- Rainey ^River,  which is capable of developing from*-2000 to  5000 horse-power, for the location   of our   mam  moth plant for the manufacture of newspaper,  building paper, wrapping paper, etc., the plant to  have a capacity of 450 tons of finished paper per  per week; the company hope to have the pulp  plant in operation by November  1, 1908.  We now offer for subscription the balance of our first allotment of Preferred Stock in blocks of 100 at  $U0 per share; each KO shares entitled to a bonus of 25 shares of Preferred.  ��������*���������� B ����^ ������������������� +����������������������-�����������>������<  ���*���*������ ��������������������1  Special   Notice  All applications for first: allotment shares either for large or small  blocks  in  order to be entitled to full allotment must be  received  by. the British  Columbia  i rust Corporation, Vancouver, B. C, on or before the close of regular business,  January 25, 190S. '  The preferred stock is entitled to a dividend of  7 per cent, commencing November i, 1908. The  7 per cent dividend is due and payable before any  dividend is paid on , the common stock. After  7 per  cent  ha? been   paid  upon   preferred   both  stocks thereafter participate equally.    There is no  good reason why   the  preferred   shouldi not pay  from 25 to 50 per cent, dividends.  The books of the corporation are open  at  any  time   for  the  inspection  of the  general public.  There is no watered i.tock, no inflated   values, no  ground-floor plan or huge promoters' profits in the  enterprise. Unlike most corporations, instead of  allowing j5 to 25 per cent, for advertising and  sale of stock, the entire commission, literature,  newspaper advertising, brokerage, office expenses,  etc., is limited to io,per cent.  The public are cordially invited to visit our  demonstrating; plant, 313 Cordova street, and witness the manufacture of pulp and paper from  refuse material, such as slaos, discarded shingle  bolts, etc., that is is now be.ing burnt at the local  mills.  C-ptain H. A. Melloxt, J, P. American Lloyda  Agent, etc,    ;;  W. H, R. Colustrb; Manager Albion Iron Works,  Vancouver.   ���..������.���';,  ���Francis'J. P. Gibson, British Columbia Trust Corporation.  J. C". W. Standby, formerly General Manager West  . LondonTapor Mills, Tendon, England.  Col. T. H. Tract, M. C, Soc. 0. V., P. L. 8., D. L.  S., Con. Eng., formerly City Engineer of Vancouver,  ��r>   DIRECTORS   '-rfc  Fkb�� Smith, member Smith, Davidson & Wright,  Wholesale Paper Co., Vancouver, B. 0.  H. M. Buhritt, Western Manager Coticelli Silk  Co , Vancouver, B. O.  Eustace A  Jknnu, Barrister, etc., Vancouver, B. C.  Gko. E".' Oates, Cates Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver.  Gbbbly Kolts, formerly General Manager Pacific  CoaBt Coda Co.  ALL SUBSCRIPTIONS  FOR STOCK MUST BE MADE"DIRECT TO  BrilisK Columbia 1^^"^  VANCOUVER, B. C.  FULL PROSPECTUS SENT ON APPLICATION.  SS*^m^7v'���v,J*^**-*^t'''-w-^ fHB  PHOEOTX *noNW��.  One onnoe Fluid Extract Dandelion j  One ounce Compound Saluton* ;  Tour   ounces    Compound   Syrup  Saranparillaj  Mixed and taken in teanpoo*oful  doaca uf tcr each meal and at bedtime,  is pronounced by a. prominent physician to bo the boat mixture, for the  euro of tho kidney, bladder, and all  urinary troubles.  This says tho doctor, ia the moat  uimple though remarkable prescription ever writton to cleanse the  system of impurities and waste  metier. It acta aa a powerful tonio ,  te the kidneyn':foroiii�� them to filter  put tl o aciil's and poisons, overcoming rliounmtinin, lame back, soiatica  and other affliction* arising from  sour, impure blood.  Tho ingredients can b> prooured at  any good drug store, and being purely  vegetable and entirely harmless, can  easily be nixed at home.  If yon hs>re a suffering friend sbsnr  thto to him, as ho will undoubtedly  be pleased ts> learn of so mtmala aal  highly reeossmended ���  U��.������i������l MM��MI>  grocer.  terelhan one test?  When youv ask your grocer to send  you the best flour, he sends you���  /iii best. Whenj you know the best  flom and order i by' the name, the  choice is not lieft to the.  Many grocers .handle  Royal Household Floor  as their leader. They have found it  the safest flour toirecommend because  its results are sure and its purity is  unquestioned. Ii your grocer's bent  is not Royal Household, insist on his  getting it lorfyou. The benefit will  be mutual.  B.C.INYEAR 1907  m $21,000,000  Metalliferous   Product  Exceeds 1906.  OflUvle Floor Mills Co., Ltd.  LEOISLATiVE ASSEMBLY IS AT WORK.  Members Mel For Business Again Last thurs*  d��y.v'  On Thursday of this week the legislative assembly met -in annual session  at Victoria. The body consists of 42  members, 26 Conservatives, 13 Liberals  and 3 Socialists, as follows:  CONSERV. CONSTIT.      OCCUPAT'N.,  Hon. H. Young.Atli'n. Physician  H. G. Parsons. .Columbia, .Merchant  Robert Grant....Gomox.....Lumber  W. H.-Hayward.C6wichan...Farmer  W. J. Manson....Dewdney... Account'!  Win. R. Ross  ...Fernie..   ..Lawyer  Hon. F.J. Fulton Kamloops.. Lawyer  Neil MacKay. .. Kaslo. .... .Lawyer  Thomas GifTord. New Westminster  Jeweler  Price Ellison Okanagan...Farmer  Thomas Taylor .Revelstoke .Merchant  Hon.F I .Garter-  Cotton .... Richmond . liditor  D. M. iiberts. ...S.ianii h '.Lawyer  L. W.Shatford.. .rfiniilk'm....Broker  Wm, Hunter...;.Slocan. ... ;Merch'nt  A.K.Mcl.'hillips..The Islands.Lawyer  Hon. K.Tatlow Vancouver...G'tleman  Hon.W. Bowser. Vancouver. ..Lawyer  A. H.B.M'Gowan Vancouver... Broker  J. F. Garden.. . Vancouver...Surveyor  G. A. McGuire.Vancouver.  Hon. McBride.Victoria. . .  H. Thompson.. Victoria . . .  C.H. Behnsen.. Victoria   ..  F. \V  Davey ...Victoria . . .  jas. Schofield...Ymir...  LIBERALS.  H. Brewster..   Alberni.  Harty ]ones... ..Cariboo  H. Yoislon .Cariboo  C. A. Munro. .Chilliwack ...Farmer  Jas. H. King...Cranbrook . .'Physician  John Oliver. ...Delta.   .   .  K, Jardine  . . .Esquimalt..  G. R. Naden...Greenwood  M. Kpgleson ... Lillooeti: .  G. A. B. Hall:Nelson.. ,.  J.A.M'dorialdi Rossland..  W. T. Kergiri.Skeena....  S. Henderson  Yale....; ".'.'.  SOCIALISTS.^.',..-..:"."' ;:  John Mclunes Grand Forks. Miner  J.H.Hawthorn-  thwaite... .. N.inaimo... .Soc. Org.  P. Williams. ...Newcastle . ...Miner  MOIfflEAL.  106  r$**z  s^Ii^ ���*������*%$���*  Boundary Improves In Spite  of Many Drawbacks.  FRIENDS ADVISED  USE OF PE-RU-NA,  L^^^H  ������.��j��jtia����jt\��.iS>J��J��J^^^  BOUNDARY DIVIDENDS.  HAUK Of COKPAHY.  ..Dentist  . .Lawyer  . .Merchant  .   Cig'rm'kr  . Account't  .St. Agent  ll.O. Copper Co ���copper-   t Coriboo-McKlnney���gold.......  IConsol. M & 8.���gold-copper.  I Grauby Consolidated���copper.  ITovldence���silver   AUTHORISED  CAPITAL.  $3 000,000  1,150.000  5,500.000  15,000,000  DIVIDENDS.  Issued I Par  - 503,ooo|  1,750.000  53 55*1  135.000  15  Ii  Jioo  Paid  .1006  ��4'.��9<>  $10o|$I,63O.0O0  3i,ooo| lis  16,000  Total  to Date  ' $2OI,3O0|  546.837  781,885  J .968.63O  "38.M4  Latest  Date,  Sept. 1907  Feb. 1904  Nov.1907.  Sept. 1907  Sept. 1906      50  . ��������������*���������>��>���������������������������  B/C MINING  . . Canner.  . .Retired  .. Farmer  Farmer  ..Painter-  ,. Merchant  . Hotelk'pr  Dentist  ". La'wyer  . Physician  . Account't  -iO  LAND ACT.  Sinulkam til I.nucl D'stsict, District of Vale.  TAKK NOTICE that Samuki. DCndbk, Belfast. Ireland occupation, Merchant, intends to  apply for a upecial timber license over the following dtsa ibed lands:  No 3.���Commencing at a post planted about6*  chninseast from the south west coiner post ot  No i Wat'on, aud on its south side Hue, marked  Samuel Dundee's north-west corner post;  thence east 40 chains; thence south ico' cba'ns;  thence west jo chains; tbencc north 160 chains to  the point of commencement, and containing 640  acres, more or less.  SAMUEL DUNDEE,  C. Duudce'Ag-eul.  Dated, 6th November, 1907.  FROM THE   ANTILLES.  Cbamserialn's Conth Remedy Benefits a City  Conacllmaa at Kingslea, Jamaica.  Mr. VV. O'Reilly Fogarty, who is a  member of the City Council at Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies, writes as  follows: "One bottle of Chamberlain's  Cough .Remedy had good effect on a  cough that was giving me trouble, and  I think I should have been- more  quickly ��� relieved������ if I had continued  the remedy. That it was beneficial  and quick in relieving me there is no  doubt and it is my intention to obtain  another bottle." For sale by all druggists.  L:^i;igL^  C0U1BBAN COLLEGE.  Fortm'tirl 1892���Incorporajed 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.  Provides a Christian home tor students of both sexes at moderate rates.  Has a preparatory class for junior students, doint; grade public school work.  Does high school work, confers all high  achool privileges, and prepares for teachers' examinations. Teaches all branchee  ��f a Practical Business Course and gives  piploraas. Gives a liberal education in  ita Collegiate Course and in the Ladies'  Course forM.E.L. and ALL.A. In University work, can take students through  the complete Arts Course, and the degree of B.A. can be obtained from Toronto University, which the college is in  !"t affiliation.  For fuller information and terms write  fiev. W. J. Sipperell, B.A..B.D .Princi-  - Hi', or Rev. J. P. Bowell. Bursar.  Trail smelter last week - received 5,-  693 . tons--of ./.ore, from 21 different  mines.  Machinery for-the -Golden Zone  mine stamp mill is being hauled to the  property from Peneticton.  The Elwood Tin Workers' Gold  Mining company, owning the Silver  Dollar at Camborne, has gone into  liquidation.  Both the Vancouver and Hewitt  mines of Silverton are shipping largely, eight carloads .of ore being sent  out during the last week.  In December the Nicola Valley  Coal & Coke Co. shipped 3I593 tons  of coal, most of which had been taken  ���put in. development. There are 130  on the company's payroll.  The enlargements in the lead plant  at have now reached a point which  will make it unnecessary for the Consolidated Company 10 make any further shipments of St. Eugene lead  concentrates to Europe.  At the Consolidated Go's St. Eugene  mine at Moyie, 325 men quit work  last week," declining to accept the new  and slightly lower scale of wages recommended by the arbi'ration. board.  This week they 1 decided to resume  work.  For the year ending June 30, 1907,  the Le Roi Mining Co;, shows a profit  of ^3,582 4s 5d, under the adverse  conditions under which it operated.  The mine shipped in that time 131,  696 tons of ore, of a value of $10.49  per ton. Total costs were $10.02 per  on.  The Elmore Oil Process Company  is erecting a small mill for the reduction  of ore near Golden. Ore will be  milled on entirely new principles.  Some five years ago an attempt was  made to introduce oil concentrates into Rossland, but owing to the greatly  reduced costs of smelting since that  date and because of weakness in the  original oil reduction machinery, the  attempts inaugurated upon the Le Ro,  No. 2 aud the White Bear were abortive.  Hospital Donation*.  List of Donations received  since Jan.  1st, 1905, to the Phoenix General  Hospital:  Cash $10 R. Horrell  Ca-hjas .��� J. B. Macaulay  Cash $j A. P. Berr>  Book Case A. E. H. Clark  Bed Linen,4 dos Hospital Ladles' Aid  Cash J50  " "  "'"'-  Cash 910   A Woman's Back  Hu'mniy aches and *mtas caused by  weaknesses and falling, or other dUaplaee-  . merit, of the pelvic organs, i Other symptoms of female weakness are fxeq-oent  he-uia��he,diuinesB, imaginary specks ot  dark spots floating before the eyes, gnawing sensation in : stomach, dragging or  bearing down in lower abdominal or pehrtc  region, disagreeable drains from peMc  organs, faint spells with general weakness.  If any considerable number of the akove  symptoms, are present there Is no remedy  that wnOrive quicker relief or a more per-  raaAent chi-n thin Dr. -Pierce's -Favorite  Pres0-^��t>R>iIt has a record of over forty  years of curtaa It is the most potent  Invigorating tonie and strengthening ner^  vliicknown to medlcalsclence. It is made  of the glyceric extracts of native medicinal roots found in our forests and contains not a drop of alcohol or harmful, or  habit-forming drugs. .Its ingredients are  all printed on the bottle-wrapper'and ���*-  >. tested.under oath as correct.  A Every > ingredient entering into ^Yar  ���norite Prescription " has the written endorsement ot tbe moot emlnMOt mredfcral  writers of all the several schools of practice���more valuable than any amount of  non-professional testimonials���though the  latter are not lacking, having been contributed voluntarily by grateful patients  in numbers to exceed the endorsements  given to any ot^er-medicine extant lor  the cure of woman's ills.  You cannot afford to accept any medicine  of unknown composition as a substitute:  for' this ��� well-' proven" remedy orscsaws  composition, even though the dealer may  make a little more profit thereby. Pour  interest in regaining health Is paramount  to any selfish interest of Ms and it is an  insult to your intelligence for him to try  to palm off upon yon a substitute. You  know what you want and It is his business to supply the article called for.  Dr. Piorce's Pleasant Pellets are the  original "Little Liver Pills" first put up  by old Dr. Pierce over forty years ago,  much imitated but never equaled. Little  sugar-coated grannies -easy to take **  sandy.  Despiteithe bad season, 1907, upon  the whole,! was in advance of 1906,  and according to estimatessprepared  from special reports sent in from all  over' the province,' the metalliferous  output for, the; year was slightly over  $21,000,006, as increase of $ 1,300,000  over: the previous year.  Placer gold, principally obtained  from Atlin and) Cariboo, has shown a  falling off of $200,000 from the figures  of 1906, which in turn were the least  on record for many years. The cause  of this has been the pieparations made  for hydraulicking on a large scale by  powerful companies, including the  Guggenheims.   ���-.������  Lode gold, principally coming from  the mines in Rossland and the quartz  mills of the Ymir arid Lardeau districts,  shows an increase of over a quarter  million dollars.  There was a1 falling off in both silver and lead products. Most of the  galena camps depend for their profits  upon their silver and zinc contents.  Owjng to a lack of smelting facilities  for zinc in the Kootenay little zinc  was mined. Altogether only 2200 tons  of ziric were shipped at heavy cost to  Europe and to the United States.  Copper shows an increase of$i,25o,-  000. There was a slightly lower production of copper ore in the Boundary  which was more than offset by increased  production in Rossland and at the  coast.  On the non-metalliferous side the  production of coal jumped from $3,360,-  000 to $6,490,000. '1'hese figures include theproduct of the whole province.  Coke shows a slight falling off,   due  1 to the troubled conditions of the labor  supply in the summer months.    Building material is  valued  at $1,200,000,  $200,000  more than the year before.  AVERAGE PRICES OF COPPER.  ���New  York���  Electrolytic  Lak  e.  Month.  ��� 1906  1907  1906  1907  January ...  .. 18.31  24.56  18.41  24.88  ,    17.8'i  24.93  18.11  25.20  ,   18 3��  25.07  18 64  25.47  18.37  24'.27  18 03  24.S7  18.45  24.15  18.72  25.17  June   , ,  18.44  22.82  18.71  24.01  July  ,  18.19  22.12  18.58  21.31  18.43  18.35-  18.61  18.25  September..  .  19.14  15.56  19.29  16.04  October  21.27  13.12  21.71  13 57  November.*.  .  21.99  13.37 -  -22.34  13.62  December..  .. 23.03  12.16  23.38  19.39  ::*Ve��r .....  ..   19iflft  '-���������'���'-���'..'  ��� 19 ��)  The small sum of two bits (25c) per  month takes the Phoenix Pioneer to  any. postoffice on earth .  Suffered  Much���Catarrh Affected Throat and Nose-���  pe-ru-na Proves Highly  Satisfactory.  Mr. RaoulPllon.llORuo Notrs Dame  Lachinu, P. Q., writes:  "/ write you a tew words to express to you my satisfaction at being  cured.  "I was afflicted with catarth ot the  throat and nose and suffered much.  "I waa greatly disconraged.  "I had a bad breath and a bad taste in  my mouth in the morning.  "1 took treatment for some time without obtaining relief.  "At the advice of friends I tried  Peruna and the results have been  highly satisfactory.  "At the end of four months I was  completely cured."  Neglected catarrh becomes chronic  Having.developed into the ohronio  Btage,alonger and more persistent treatment will be required to cure it than if  tho disease were treated at the onset.  However, Feruna will bring relief,  whether the catarrh is acute or chronic  If you are wise you will keep Feruna on  hand and take a few doses at the first  appearance of a cold or cough, and thus  save yourself both suffering aad ��x-  Dansa.          The solemnity of the meeting was  somewhat disturbed when the eloquent  young theologian pictured in glowing  words the selfishness of men who spend  their evenings' at the : club, leaving  their wives in loneliness at home in  this happy season. "Think, my  hearers," said he, "of a poor, neglected  wife, all alone in the great, dreary  house, rocking the cradle of her sleeping babe with one foot and wiping her  tears away with the other!"  ADDRESS OF EARL CREY  TO WORKINCMEH OF CANADA  Ml ACT THAT Will TOUCH AND REJOICE THE HEARTS OF  KIMI! EDWARD AND QUEEN ALEXANDRA  On his way out to the official opening of the Toronto Fieo Hospital  for Consumptives and King Edward Sanatorium on August 28th, 1907,  the'Governor-General's car was stopped in its..progre.��8 outside the  Canada Cycle & Motor Co. by the employees of those works. The  sum of one hundred dollars was handed the Governor-General,  a donation to the Toronto Free Hospital for Consumptives.' His  Excellency in acknowledging tho ovation spoke as follows :���  "Men of the Canada Cycle & Motor Company, I thank you heartily ,  for your welcome.  "I recognize that the three rousing British cheers with which you  have greeted me, and which were so pleasant to listen to, have been  given beoause I have the honor to be the representative of your King.  "I can assure you, men of tho Canada Cycle & Motor Coinpariy, that  it will give me great pleasure to toll His Majesty, tho King, how you  have stopped me on my road to open the King Edward Sanatorium  and Toronto Free Hospital for Consumptives, in order that you might  give expression to your loyalty, and in order that you might present.;  me with your contributions in support of the Hospital.  "I know that your action in subscribing out of your hardly won  earnings, so large a sum as one hundred dollars, will touch and rejoice  the hearts of Their Majesties, for there is nothing that lies nearer the  hearts of King Edward and Queen Alexandra thun  tlio health and '  well-being of His Majesty's Canadian subjects, and there is no form of .'  work in which Their Majesties are more interested Lhun Hospitalwork.  "Therefore I say every man among you who has saved a quarter .  from out of his earnings, in order to help those who ivro endeavouring, ���  by means of Hospital, Sanatoria, etc., to conquer consumption, and to ,  banish it from the land, is following the example of our King, and is  making a truly Royal gift.  "In the name of the King I thank you for your public-spirited  generosity, I hope that your example will make its influence felt  throughout the length and breadth of Canada."  Beferring to this event at the opening exercises of the Sanatorium,.  His Excellency said :���  "L*dlM��n��l c��ntl��m��n, whan tha worklncmen'af  Sansda ��r�� mmttlng m.n txampl* mf this character, I  hog'* that you will not be alow to follow, aincl I truat  that th�� example of the Canada Cycle Jk Motor Co.  may be followed, aa I am auro It will, in every factory  unci manufacturing Industry throughout tho land."  Sir Mortimer Clark, Lieutenant-Governor, in bis speech on the  same occasion, said:���  ������You aee what other* have done.    I truat, ladiee.  and a-entlemen, that what they have accompllahed  will be an Incentive to you to follow their example."  This [appeal ia on behalf of the Muskoka Free Hospital for Consumptives,   an  institution  that accepts patients from  all  parts of  Canada and that has never refused a patient because of Lis or her  inability to pay.  Contributions may bo aent to Sir Wm. R. Meredith, Kt.. Chiof Justice,  Oaeoodo Hall, Toronto, W. J. Cag-c, Esq., 84 Spadina Ave.,'or J. St.  Robertson, Secretary-Treasurer National Sanitarium Association, S47  Kino; atreet, Weat, Toronto, Canada*-  William A. Carlyle the first provincial mineralogist and who organized  the provincial bureau of mines, having  been with the Rio Trinto Copper  Mines of Spain for several years, has  been appointed consulting engineer of  the Le Roi Mining company, at Rossland.  It has recently been discovered-that  whiskey can be made out of elm sawdust, which leads an eastern editor to  reflect on the rum outlook for temperance when "a fellow can go out with a  bucksaw and =get jagged on an old  fence rail."  D. J. Matheson  3nsurance agent  I'lBELITY    BONDS,  COMMISSIONBR    FOR  FIRK.       UKH  AN I >  ACCiiiE.vr.'  PLATB    GLASS  TAKING   AFFIDAVITS  PHOENIX,   B.C.  CANADIAN/-)  *. IpACl Fl C Y\,  ���THE���  ��� �����  S ��� f  BOUNDARY & KOOTENAY 1908 ORE RECORD  Shipments and Smelter Receipts For Year to  Date.  Ore shipments from the various  mines of Boundary and Kootenay, and  the receipts of ore at the smelters of  Southeastern British Columbia for last I  week and for 1908 to date are as  follows:  SHIPMENTS. WEEK. YEAR.  Boundary    12,887     12,887  Rossland      2,018     11,572  East Columbia River    3,216      5,081  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.  Ttfc  **"* most pertectly appointed Hefthh  , and Pleasure Resort iu the West, with a  com  { plctesystem of Baths���including   Turkish ami  'Russian.   Open the year round.    The curativ-  properttes of its waters are unequaled.  For Curing all Rheumatic. Nervoui aud Mus  cular Troubles.  For Healing all Kiduey. Liver and Stomacl  ailmeuts.  For Blimiuating all MctAlliePoisons from th  System  The grandeur ol .he scenery is unrivalled  .Uountains,snow peaks, forests, Iakes.waterlalls  boating, yachting, fishing, shooting, ezcursirnt  tennis. Its winter climate is unsurpassed foi  mildness HARRY KcINTOSH,  Proprietor  \ PHOENIX    BEER  Will relieve that tired feeling so quickly that it  will surprise you.  With what is acknowledged to be the best  equipped Brewing Plant in the Boundary by far,  we furnish a really delectable article.  I  THE  ���  ���  ���  Ask for o\ir Bottled  Beer  Phoenix  Brewing Company  BINER & SONS, Props.  Office and Brewery, Banner St.  Phoenix, B.C.  HW   We have the only ICE MAKING NUCHINE in the Boundary.  ���~j  Total   SMELTER    RECEIPTS   Granby  15.695  Trail  5,693  Northport  I.941  Marysville  600  22,121  29,540  i5.69S  9,982  3.792  900  Total   23,929 30,369  MINERAL ACT.   K.T. Bank   .Jan. McCreath  Cash J35  Canadian Raud Drill Co.  Spring Cot ���..A.B. Hooc  Maple Syrup ��� __....A Friend  Gentleman's Dressing Gown Mrs. J. B. Boylt  Old Linen ���Mrs. I. Crawford  I Box Books  Mrs. B. A. W. Hodge;  Cash $ J" a Grand Forks Friend  Dum'uton Copper Co Full Set Boiler Tube-  Cord Wood  F.BucklcM  LAND  ACT.  Form No. 9.  FORM OF NOTICE.  Similkameen  Land  District, District  of Yale.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Charles Dundee, of Rossland. occupation, mining,  intendH to apply for permission to purchase the following described land:  Commencing at a post planted about  50 yards east from the Columbia and  Western Railway, and about >4' mile  south from Fife Station, on said railway,  thence north 20 chains; thenco west 20  chains; thence south 20 chains; thence  ea8t20chain8 to point of commencement,  and containing 40 acrer; more or less.  Charles Dundee,  Name of Applicant  ' JHtej 28rd November, 1807.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Monte Grand & California Fraction mineral  claim, situate in Greenwood Mining Division of  Yale District.  Where located���Greenwood Camp.  TAKK NOTICE that I, Forbea M. Kerby ao  Agent for John Mulligan, Free Miner's Certificate, No. B-021. inteud, sixty days from date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for n  Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above claim.  And further Take Notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 37th day of June, A D., 1907.  17��� FORBES M. KKRBY, Agent  LAND ACT.  Similkameen Land District, District of Yale.  TAKE  NOTICE that Samubi. Dondkb, Bel"  fast, Ireland, occupn ion, Merchant, intends to  apply for a special limber licence over the follow  ing described lands:  No. 3.���Commencing at a post planted about  ao chains east f-om the north-west corner post of  No. 1 location, and on its uorth side line, marked  Samdbi. 1 UNDBE's south-west corner post;  thence east So chains; thence north So chains;  thence west So chains; thence south 80 chains to  the 1 olut ol commencement, and containing 640  acres, more or less.  SAMUEL DUNDEE,  C. Dundee Agent,  0��tei,<ti> November, 1907.  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New Edition Issued Novembar 15, 1906.)  Is a dozen books in one, covering the  history, geography, geology, chemistry,  mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology,  uses, statistics and finances ot" copper.  It is a practical book, useful to all and  necessary to most men engaged in any  branch of the copper industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English  withcut fear or favor. It lists and describes 4626 copper .mines and companies in all parts of the world, descriptions running from two lines to sixteen pages, according to importance of  the property. The Copper Handbook  is conceded to be the  World's Standard Reference  Book on Copper.  The mining man needs the book for  the facts it gives him about mines, mins  Ing and metal. The investor needs  the book for the facts it gives him about  mining, mining investments and copper statistics. Hundreds of swindling  companies are exposed in plain English.  Price is $5 in buckram with gilt top;  $7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  Horace J. Stevens  Editor and Publisher  36     POSTOFFirK      ������ *..   (K,     HOUGHTON,  P/UACIF LIVERY STABLES  MUKDOCK MclNTYRE, Prop.  35   Horses,   Full   Liveiy   Equipment,  Have taken   over   the   Lumber  Yard  and will carry  a  full   stock.  Through Sleeping and Dining  Cars and High Class Tourist   Sleepers    on   all  Through   Trains.  The Best ot Meals  ���*��^_ and Attention  Try-  UNff   SANITARIUM  THIS WINTER.  Sulphur   Springs   and  Unexcelled Accommodations. -.:    ;:  . . . Rates ...  $2.50 per day and up.  DRY   WOOD   IN    ANY    QUANTITY  rrompt Attention to   orders  at any hour of day or night.  Hill Ave.        (phowb 34.)       Phoenix, B. C.  1 -^  -*v  3&^.JSi^SLJSlg^foj  Is acknowledged by those who read it regularly to De the  leading journalistic exponent of the Boundary District of Southeastern British Columbia.  It is published in the centre of the great Copper Mining  Industry of British Columbia, and prints the news of the Districts while it is news. It plays no favorites, but aims to give  everyone a square deal.  The Pioneer costs $2 per annum; to American subscribers,  $2 50, and more than one of its readers subsciibes for two,  three and even five years.    Address, with remittance,  Picmeer Ptlfo.   Co.,   Phoenix, B.C.  Kr,T�� WehaveatewCoplesorthelas'PIONKBR ANNUAL left, price ascents  N each, or a copy will be sent free to a new subscriber.  js^^^^*"'^vig''^sr^;:  ���j  Correspondence invited and cheerfully  answered.  Call on or write,  J. MOE, E. J. COYLE,  D. P. A., A. G. P. A.,  Nelson, B.C.        Vancouver, B.C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  "Ploreuce No. i Fractional" Mineral Claim,  situate in the Greenwood Mining Division of  Yalt district. Where located:���In Greenwood  camp.  TAKK NOTICE, that I, Ii-aac H. HaUett, as  agent for Joseph J. Bassett, Free Miner's Certificate, No. Btoi76. inteud, sixtv days Irons dote  hereof, to apply to the Miuiug Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements, for thw purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant ol the abovecla m.  And further Take Notice that action, uuJtr  Section 37, must be conimeuce-J before he  Issuance ofauch Certificate of Imp.ovements.  Dated this   th day of September, A.D , 1907.  5��- I. H. HALLETT  MINERAL ACT.  (FORM F.)  Certificate of Improvements,  NOTICE.  "Australia," "Fiji," "Rat Fractional," "Raven  Fractional," and "Tarantula Fractional," Mineral Claims situate in the Greenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located���  between Greenwood and Wellington Camps.  TAKK NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett, as  Agent for Kric E. Jackson, Free Miner's Certifi.  cate No. B 10056, intend, sixty days from date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lor Certificates of Improvements, tor the purpose of  obtaining Crown Grants of the aboveclaims.  And lurth^r Take Notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates ot Improvements.  Dated this 15th day of July, A.D., 1907.  44- I. H. H.- Lr.KTT.  1 Only Two Bits Per Month.  I     The cost of having us send the Pio-  1 neer to  any  part  of the  world, for a  1 i short time, is only 25 cents per month.  Leave   names   and   addresses  at   the  Pioneer office.  ���:.;&M*H��  ��� '���^���'���i"V,!;ifiI'-V' '*��� )}��*��$��� ���  .lllll  1.-.. 'is?J*t;'.��w3*vl  :'i^mMm  '���:l''^t.W<mm  M*��*Sjr  ������&r:r~?  wits!  illill  i,m vm 'raoBRix p;oNfia��L  Sill'  '���f#  w  M  ;-.w  ��;��<  ��  SHARP m IRVINE CO.  108 Wall St.  BROKERS  ���Spokane, Wash.  100 Suowstorm [Idaho]....  100 Stewart "     ...  ���       1000 Nabob "  1000 Alameda "  3000 Missoula "      ....'.  5 to     10'Spokane Inland limp.  6 to    10 Sullivan Bonds.......  100 to   500 B. G. Copper .'.   10") to   200 Dominion Copper   100 to   600 International Coal. ...  100 to 1000 Alberta Coal   100 to lOOORovul Colleries,. ......  100 to   500 Gafbraith Coal.   1000 Sullivan (B.C.)........  2000 Giant.   [Pfd]..  . 1.80  . .90  . .05 .  . .00  . .08  .85.00  75.00  Market  . 2.60  . .88  . .35 .  . .25  . .27  . .08  .    .03  Write for our Market Letter, also quotations sheet, it will keep you  Send for our booklet describing some of the "coal companies operating  Ciow's Nest-Alberta, JJisiriut.  posted,  in   the  ���K  -o*  Lmdlng Hotel of Boundary's Leading  Mining Camp  Hotel Balmoral  I In and Around Phoenix S��  HRIE1"   TOPICS  OF  LOCAL  AND   GENERAL  INTKREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  Bmmm^mwjwmmmmmm^mM  Cut this out and take it to any  drugstore and get a free sample of  Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver  Tablets. These tablets are far superior to pills, being easier to take  and more pleasant in effect. They  correct disordeis of the stomach, liver  and bowels.  WATCHES  Conior Knob Hill Ave, and First St.,  PHOKNIX, II. C.  Mew aud Up-to-date  Centrally Located,  Good Sample Rooms.  I. A  HoMASTER  Proprietor.  :��:  SSI  Dry wood   in   car  lots.      Apply to  J. Trombley, Phoenix, B. C.  Before   buying your furniture elsewhere, call on R. J. Gardner.  Prescriptions carefully  prepared   at  Thrasher's Drug Store���'Phone 16.  Sewing Machines from $io up, see  Miss McDonald.      ;  Old newspapers for sale at this office  at 25 cents per i oo.  If you owe your subscription to this  paper, please pay up.  Late popular music at 25 cents per  copy; McKinley edition, 10 cents.1  One week only at H. James.  Thomas J. Hardy, ol Midway, was  renewing old acquaintances here on  election day.  A little son arrived at the home of  Joseph J. Sirulzol, accountant for the  Granby .'mines, on January 14th, and  received a warm welcome.  The annual hospital. meeting was  adjourned'till next week.  Second-hand Sewing Machines of all  makes, for sale, see Miss McDonald.  N. Binns has just received a fine  lot of fancy rockers, if you want one  come quick, as they are going fast.  For sale, two dozen chickens, apply  to Mrs. Glasgow, Golden Eagle addition*  It will pay you to see N. Binns if  you are wanting Furniture, as he hasi  now a full stock in most lines.  Phoenix Bakery is selling 18 loaves  of bread for $1. What's the use of  baking when bread is that cheap?  Curlers Will Qo To Bonspiel.  Arrangements have been made for a  team from the Phoenix curlers to  attend the annual bonspiel of the  Kootenay Curling Association, and  Messrs. Morrin, Strachan, George and  Gardner will leave next 'Monday for  Nelson, where the bonspiel takes most  of next week from early morn till  frosty eve, daily.  Arrangements are now being made  also for a series, of competitions between Greenwood and Phoenix for the  silver cup offered by P. Burns.  Results in the local contest for the  Pither & Leiser silver cup, for the last  week, up to Thursday evening, were as  follows:  Reeves won from McNicol���14-5-  COMING AND GOING  w  ^^^^^^^^^^  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-CIass and Up-To-  Date Hotel in Phoenix. New  from cellar to roof. Best Sample  Rooms in the Boundary, Opposite  G.N. Depot. Modern Bathrooms.  Steam   J-    Hearted  JAMES riARSHALL, Prop.  ^^m)^m>^^^7^a^^m^9^^m\^a'^m^^a'o  The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian  church announce an Old Fashioned  New England Supper, to be given on  Friday evening, February 14���St.  Valentine's day.  The diuice #iven in aid of S. John's  miasion of ihe Church of England,  hist Saturday evening nt Miners' Union  hall," was said by those who attended  to'be one of the most pleasant of the  winter.  At the last regular communication  of King Edward Lodge No. 36, A. F.  & A. M., a pastmaster's"jewel and  .'tpron was presented to J J. Strutzel,  who occupied the master's position  during the last year.  Boundary Side Lights  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R. V. Chisholm, Prop-  Conducted in First-CIass shape.    Choice stock of Irrigating goods.  Special attention to dining room.    Large,   airy  and  well   furnished rooms.  Dominion Avenue  Pboenlx, 3 C.  RESOLVED, that in 1908 I  will bake no more, but, buy my  Bread at the Phoenix Bakery,  where I can get 18 loaves for a  Dollar.  'Phone A55.;, W.J.Prendergast, Prop.  PHOENIX  BAKERY  BENSON AND HEDGES  CIGARETTES-  NONE BETTER  IN BOXES OR  10s and jos.  J Jk  'Phone No. 64  The skating rink at Grand Forks has  been opened.  Anaconda's new school teacher is A.  L. Reading, formerly of Arrowhead.  Born, January 6th, at Grand Forks,  to the wife of j! L. Meikle, a daughter.  Greenwood Lodge No. 28, Knights  of Pythias, installed officers Wednesday  evening.  ���Grand Forks now has a bonded indebtedness of $206,000, with $26,000  in a sinking fund, as per the auditor's  statement.  Married, at Greenwood, . January  7th, by Rev. M. D. McKee, John  Tracy, of Genesee, Idaho, and Mrs.  Lucy Coombs, of Midway.  According to the report of Ur. Kingston, health officer,'Grand Forks had  51 cases of typhoid fever last year, 14  of pneumonia-- 11 of diphtheria, r<5 of  measles and 3 of tuberculosis.  W. J. Dunlop succeeds L. B.  Hodge as manager of the B. C. Telephone Co. at Greenwood, the latter  going to North Vancouver after six  years residence in the Boundary.  Mrs. King JRces, of Greenwood  who recently went to, Los Angeles to  find better health, is now at Yuma,  Arizona,not having improved as hoped.  The family formerly : lived in Phoenix.  G. M. Fripp was chosen mayor of  Grand Forks this week by acclamation.  In the aldermanic contest J. McArdle,  Geo. Rutherford. Fred,' Clark, Peter  McCallum, E. H. Woodlund and  Frank Miller were the successful candidates at the polls.  In Greenwood's city election, -for  mayor Herbert Bunting received 97  votes and Robert Wood 62 The vote  for aldermen was; North ward, Wilson,'  52; Meyer, r41-Mortimer,'36; Mcintosh, 34; Wellwood, 29���South ward,  Fleming,. 56;' Gully, 48; Sutherland,  43i Nelson, 35; Derosiers, 33; Cropley,  3i-   ���'. .'   .'  Harfy James made a business trip  to Ne's<.n this week, returning on  Wednesday.  A. B. Hood, manager of the Eastern  Townships Bank at Grand Forks, was  here last Monday.  Supt. Chas. Rundberg, of the Dominion Copper Cor, accompanied by  Mrs. Rundberg, went over to Nelson on  Tuesday,  W. If. Caliicotte expects to leave  today to spend to or three months at  Gold Center, Nevada, where his father  is located.  Dan Buchanan, who is ranching up  the North Fork, walked 40 miles to  Midway, to be able to reach Phoenix  and vote last Thursday.  Rev. W. C. Schlicther, of Grand  Fork-*, and T. Coulter, of Edmonton,  were visiting .with Rev. C. Wellesley  Whittaker early this week.  Everett Boyd, editor of the Grand  Forks Gazette, was in camp last Sunday���his first visit to Phoenix since  leaving the eastern cent belt.  J. W. Grier, editor of the Ledge,  was up from Greenwood last Saturday  evening^ as was also A. M. Davidson,  of the Houndary Creek Times.  Miss Ethel Murray, formerly on the  Phoenix hospital staff, has secured the  position of matron of the Eugene hospital at Eugene, Oregon, which is to  open February ist.  E. H. Mortimer and Issac Crawford came up the hill from Greenwood  Thursday, and Jeff Davis was here  from Grand Forks, to take part in the  municipal election.  VV. C. Thomas, manager of the Dominion Copper Co., accompanied by  Mrs. Thomas; returned to Boundary  Falls on Thursday, having left early in  December to spend the holidays at  Sail Lake City.  John Mclnnes, M. L. A., after  visiting the North Fork last week, and  hearing some road grievances, and  then going to Rossland, proceeded to  Victoria to take up his duties at the  legislative session.  Morrin  Marshall "  Strachan "  Morrin "  George "  Strachan "  McNicol "  Roderick "  Strachan *'  Roderick���15-6.  George���14-9.  Gardner���14-11.  Brown���11-4.  Strutzel���14-11.  Sherbino���12-7.  Morrin���17-3.  Reeves���109.  Smith���12-8.  George Taylor of Grand Forks has  a contract from the Yale-Columbia  Lumber company to cut two million  feet of logs on the North Fork. He  will employ forty men.  ���some-  FOR  Extra  better  We have them at all prices-  thing ESPECIALLY GOOD  MEN IN THE MINES. In  Heavy Nickel Cases, $5.00; a  movement, $7.50, $10.00 and  i7-Jewel Waltham or Elgin, Heavy  Nickel Cup Case, $10.00. All guaranteed timekeepers;  up  BLACK,  ��1 The jeweler  Time Inspector  *���.������'-.:;';������'������/..  Phone No. 6S.  Eleventh Annual  Winter    Carnival  BETTER  THAN  EVER  Both the C. P. R. and Great Northern are getting their organizations in  good shape for the handling of the  Granby ore and coke traffic, now assuming old time proportions.  Why Suiter from Rheumatism.  Do you know that rheumatic pains  can be relieved? If you doubt this  just try one application of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It will make rest  and sleep possible, and that certainly  means a great deal to any one afflicted  with rheumatism. For sale by all  druggists.'  SHSH5a5H5BS2SaSH5HSZ5HSaSE5HSE5HSE  Phoenix    Opera   House  Greenwood   Amateur  ���  Dramatic Club  Will Present  "CONFUSION"  ���ON���  MONDAY  JAN. 27  ROSSLAND  .... . .....   Under t/u'Auspices of .   ...  ROSSLAND CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION  HOCKEY, Champion nship of B. C, SKI JUMPING  and RUNNING, Championship of Canada; SNO WSIIOE  RACES, Championship of.B. C; SKATING, Champion-  ��� * ? skip of the Province, TOBOGANN1NG, CURLING  BONSPEILi HORSE RACES and Other Sports.  Masquerade and Dance.  February A to 8, '08  Splendid Sport. Handsome Trophies and Prizes.   A Grand  Programme from Tuesday to Saturday Night. Riduced  . Transportation Rates.    For information apply to  J. S. C. FRASER,  President.  B.  MACKENZIE,  Secretary and Manager.  I   Best Stock of  FURNITURE. RUGS, Etc  -���--���- ���-���-o-��-t i  ever shown in Phoenix  With our additional Store House we can now  show  and  more varied stock than beforfi  ..BINNS..  a   larger  ���t-9-m 9 m m-a*-*t-*-')-m-m-  i  -a?  ��8��^-������^^  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy a Safe Medicine  for Children.  A, rattling good farce, presented by exceptional local  talent. Greenwood Concert  Orchestra   of eight   pieces.  Also at Greenwood January 24th  At Grand Forks, January 25th.  Seats on Sale  at Tom Brown's.  5Ta5HSBSi25H5HSHSHSi!Safic!SH5HSB5rl5H5E  Clothing I  The BEST/ Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  In buying a cough medicine for  children, never be1 afraid to buy  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.���;. There  is no danger from it, and relief is always sure, to follow. It is intended  especially for coughs, colds, croup and  whooping cough, and there is no  better medicine in the world for these  diseases. It - is not only a certain  cure for croup, but when given as soon  as the croupy cough appears, will prevent the 'attack. Whooping cough is  ntit dangerous when this remedy is  given as directed. It contains no  opium or harmful drugs, and may be  given as confidently, to a baby as to an  adult.    For sale by all druggists.  Latest Mining Slook Quotations.  [Corrected  Nelson, B. C.  by Mighton & Cavanagh,  , to Jan. ltj, 1908 ]  WHO SAYS SO?    Hundreds of satisfied <��  customers.    If you don't  oelieve  it come $  and examine goods. 9  A Fall Line of Underwear, Shirts, Shoes, Tiesfeto, |  iust arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old $  and Cheapest prices. ft  THOMAS BROWN, I  Men's Wear Exclusively.            knob Hir^vi.^oW. 1  The stock market is a sure indicator  of the trend of business. A more buoyant feeling is pervading the different  markets, and all stocks ate firm at the  following quotations:  ASKED  Alberta Coal and Coke       .38  B.C. Copper       5 87>2'  Cons. Smeltere. .    95.00  Canadian' Gold Fields  Gariboo-McKinuey....  Diamond Vale Coal...  r3omin. Copper.......  Paper=Type=lnk %e^*$**X  these three in our up-   Tf-in    Phnaniv  to-date Job Department    Hie   rilUcIIIA.  Mighton (SL Gavanaugh  BROKERS  % Church Services Tomorrow  Church of England-���St. Johns, Rev.  ��� J. Leech-Porter, rector.    Service every  Sunday evening at 7:30.  Methodist���Sunday School at 2:30  p. *m. evening serWce 7:30 p. m.  Thursday evening, prayer meeting and  choir practice. A cordial  A. B. VV. Hodges is First President; E. Jacobs  is Secretary.  Last Tuesday a western branch of  the Canadian Mining Institute was organized at Nelson, with  the  following  officers:    President, A'.* B." WrHodges,  Grand   Forks;   secretary,   E.   Jacobs,  I Victoria; executive council, P.S. Could-  inviration to rey, R. H. Stewart^L. Hill, O.  E. S.  all   these services.    Rev. J. Wellesley Whiteside, W��� "  Whittaker.  WESTERN  EMGlNEERj OROANiZE.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church  Preaching Service tomorrow at  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 10:0c a.m. A cordial welcome  to all.    Rev.   Samuel   Lundie, Pastor.  Catholic���-Church of Our Lady of  the Good Counsel.^���Divine Service  every 2nd and 4th Sunday ' of each  month. Holy Mass, 10 a.m. . Sunday  School, 2:30 p.m. Vespers and Bene  diction 7:30 p.m. Father J. A  Bedard. O.M.I. Pastor  For any disease  of the skin we can  recommend Chamberlain's Sj've.    I  relieves the itching and   bumin^  sei;  sation instantly and soon 1 fleets a cure.  This salve is also   invaluable   fur  soru  nipples.    For sale by all druggists.  M. Brewer, J. C. Haas,  I h. C. Musgrave, J. McEvoy and S. G.  Blaylock.  Frederic  Keffer,   president  of   the  parenfbody was present, and assisted  in   the  proceedings. Those   present  were: J. C. Haas, A. B. W.  Hodges  S. S. Fowler, F. Keffer, E. Jacobs, j'  J. Campbell; L. Hill, A. C. Garde, E.  C. Browne Cave, W. A.  Davidson, A  |L.  McKillop, ,G.   E.  Revel),'A    H  jGracey,  T.   Kiddie, C.-P.   Hill', w'  Miller, G. Rundberg, C. Varcoe, C. T  J Mitchell, W. B.   Bishop, S.  G.   Blay-  j lock, J. Buchanan, E. W. Widdowson  j Ii. A. Isaac, L. Pratt, A.   D. Wheeler'  ,E. F. Milienberger, J. A. Whittier and  F. Fletcher.  It is expected that there will be  ��� bout 200 members of the new organ-  is-atio'n, resident in Alberta, British  Columbia,: and Washington, and that  meetings will be held three times yearly I  Granby  Galbraifh Coal......  Hewitt. ........  International Coal.:.  La Plata Mines   Nicola Coal Mines ..  Morth Star . .  Panhandle Smelter..  Rambler-Cariboo   Royal Colleries  Snowstorm   Sullivan    Stewart    Telk-Kwa Mines   .04^  ,02>2'  .16  2.00  95.00  .28  10.00  .86  .12  .04  .13  .04^  .25  .25  1.30  .06K  .90  .12  Bit)  .32  6.50  80.00  .03^  '.:��� .01><;  .12 *  1.75  85.00  .26  .31  .02  .11  .03  .23>g  1.25  .05>$  .80  .08  Start 1908 Right  In your Business by Securing a New Line of  mm mm.M'iumm  We are well stocked with these goods, with Labor  Saving Systems, and can outfi t you promptly.  .  .  McRAE BROS. LTD.  STAlioNERS    AND  KNOB HILL AVENUE,  Newsdealers,  -        -PHOENIX, B. C.  The  William Hunter Go., Limited.  UnuttiUmt Aurnur.  Men's Suits  Men's Hats  Men's Shirts  Men's Shoes  Ladies' and Chi!-  dren's Goods  If Yot* W^ailt a nice nobby and up-to-date suit you will  find a choice selection in our line of men's stylish clothing  for winter.    We sell the kind that wear well and look well.  Men's Shifts You will find it hard to duplicate our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with attached and detached cuffs plain and pleated bosoms.  MenrS Hats A large assortment, just in, of those new  stylish blocks, in Black and Brown,  Men's Shoes Our line of shoes is complete, you should  see them before purchasing. Our patent calf dress s-.i-s  and oxfords outshine them all.  Boy S&itS A new iot of perfect fitting norfolks   and   *. *. ee  piece suits, stylish.  See our line of Ladies' Waisis, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies' Cellars,  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underwear. Children's    .  .     Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Boys' waists.  The  WILLIAM HUNTER CO., LTD.  &*Sas��?>'*!-��*;  ^^S^^smsimmm!&sakisamam!mt!smmtimxMmmm��iim


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