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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jan 16, 1915

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Array V  .t ���>  Tho largest coppnr minus in  the Dominion are situated  ut Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs 500 men, and  has 'tt monthly pay roll of  over $50,000: Two railroads  ��� afford access to the city.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District  The Pspja/sjx }Pi.oingi$i ia  published in tfc'e '_��&��&  municipality in ��_�����<_$������-  altitude, 4,800 ft. Tke eHjy  has a population mi 1,M^  and nossetiSMi flHrtwdtefr  hotels, opera beose, stilMMflk  SIXTEENTH YEAR  PHOENIX,  B.C., SATURDAY, JAN.  16,  1915  mmmmtt  -7  EASY VICTORY  FOR PHOENIX  Grand Forks Plays in Hard  Luck���Home Team Gets  Even in 2nd Game.   .���>  It.was but natural  that  Ihe home  team should make  a determined effort-to redeem their lost laurels of a  week ago,  but their  most sanguine  of supporters  never anticipated  the  force of the "come   back" that took  place   at Wednesday's-game in the  local   rink.    The'ice   was   a ^tr-jat,  and   promised   some   fast skating,  which however failed to materialize I  in   the   first period.   ; No  except ion  could be taken in the matter of support, and the theory that it requires  a bunch of highly-paid professionals  to  attract   patronage   may be relegated to  the, limbo- of absurdities  The firstperiod, frdrVi.the point oT  view of  the-spectators, fell flat, as  the home bunch piled   up goal after  goal   with ''monotonous' regularity.  Matters,   however,   increased   in interest in the second period, and the  fans   were   treated   to   some   "fine  checking and stick play   on the part  of both   teams,   but ,the  somewhat  weak goal   of the  visitors, together  with a combination of hard lucl< and  poor shooting,   proved   the  hoodoo  for  Grand   Forks,    and   the   team  retired   for   the second   recess with  one  goal,    shot   from" mid-ice    by  Green.    The final appearance showed the visitors up to advantage, !>ut  they had pulled themselves together  too late,   and   although  this  period  witnessed some even play on centre  ice, the   home bunch -kept, the rub-  ' ber well away from their net besides,  fooling the Grand  Forks'tender'on  three occasions.    Matz, the visitors'  centre, was the  strong  man of that  team, and   time   after   time   passed  through the   opposing line   only   to  find   on   arriving;  at   the -'net''.that  there was  no^one there tcr co-operate^ with   him.   . The sound   of the  gong found  the .Grand   Forks boys  clustering   around   the Miome   goal  and Jim   Pierce  skipping  sideways.  The shooting honors were divided  between  Messrs.   Geddes,   McQua,  Treherne^,  and  Davidson, the latter  three of whom, with Bassett, played  a   systematic  and highly  creditable  game,   and   were   loyally supported  by   the   remainder.     In   fairness to  Grand   Forks   it   should be pointed  out that   they   were deprived of the  services of a couple  of tlieir regular  stand-bys,  Quinn  missing the train  and "'Ed.    Stanaway    incapacitated  by a sprained wrist.     The scores, for  the   various   periods   were:  First'-���  Phoenix, 6;  Grand  Forks,  0.    Sec-'  ond: Phoenix,   8;   Grand   Forks, 1.  Final  Result:   Phoenix,   II;   Grand  Forks, 1.     E.   Ii,   Barnes, of Phoe-  Inix, was the  referee,   and  E.*Stan-  'away,   of the. Forks, was judge  of  play.    The following composed the  line-iip:  PnoExxx ;'������'��� Giund Fokks  Pieico..;.;:. Goal..... ..:.:..:^."W(!lls  Davidsou...���:;.......Poinfc..���...:.V......::.:..Gieen  Quance.........Cover Point;-::i_i: .......Mann  Bassett..^....i......Kbverl...^.^---McLe'od  Geddes.;........:.���...Centre ...............Mat'/.  .Truhprne.......:Right Wing..Banmgarten  McQutv; .Loft Wing.. :... Munrci  Spares���Phoenix, A. McDonald, E.  Murray and R. Clark; Grand Forks,  J. Morrill,  WOMEN'S PATRIOTIC SOCIETY  The commendable action of the ladies of Phoenix in organizing a  Patriotic Society is bearing abundant fruit. Without fuss or feathers  they have been indefatigable in their efforts towards the raising of funds  for pioviding our soldiers with little comforts not furnished by the military authorities. The meetings are held in the Granby rooms, and from  time to time each of the members have, or will be, the hostess over some  afternoon gathering. The nature,of the gifts to the soldiers have not  been definitely decided upon, but it is more than probable that the money  will be forwarded to some central .committee, who are more in a position  to dcciclcupon what is needed, Aniong the projects on hand is the proposal to arrange a carnival at the rink either towards, the end of this  month or early in February. Mrs. J. A. Morrin has submitted the fol.  lowing accounts for publication:  Collections at Mrs. N. J. Carson'B tea ....       $2 66  Refreshments served in Curling Rink ....             17 00  Tea at Mrs. C. M. Campbell's     r            ....      ....        2 05  / Tea at Mrs. "J. A. Morrin's       ....      ....            ....      ....      ....        i 00  Tea at Mrs. J. E. Thompson's .....             ....        2 60,  Tea at Mrs. J. A. Millar's        ....      ....   '    ,               100  Meeting on January/14   ....  ,.  ....             ....      ���..      ....        2 80  Refreshments served at Hockey Game        ....      ....       22 20  Donations���Mrs. L. L. Richards, .$5.00; Mrs. D. J. Matheson, $1.00; Collected in  Curling Rink, $35.00;' Miss McKnigtit, $1.00; Miss Robinson, $1.���Total, $94,20.  Presented At Court  L'Independance Beige  League Hockey Schedule  Jan. 8���Phoenix at Grand Forks.  Jan. 13���Grand Forks at Phoenix.  Jan.-21���Phoenix at Grand Forks.  Jan^ 27���Grand Forks at Phoenix.  Feb. 5���Phoenix at Grand Forks.  Feb. 11���Grand Forks at Phoenix  Feb. 18���Phoenix at Grand Forks.  Febv 24���Grand Forks at Phoenix.        ���    Soldier Visitors  AmoDg the visitors who travelled  withthe'hockey special on Wednesday, from -the Forks, were almost  the entire.';company of" the Grand  Forks Sharpshooters. Few jf any  in Phoenix would have ventured a  prophecy last summer, that a few  months would witness numbers^of  khaki "figures in Phoenix, all waiting for the ord|r to take an active  part in the struggle the empire is  now engaged in.        ���   i j'-iggna  The Pioneer is indebted for a copy  of L'Independance Beige to Eric  Jackson, now on a visit to his horr\e  in London. The paper was driven  by the German invaders out of  Brussels, and . was later published  for a short time in Antwerp, until  the fall of that city, when , its proprietors were compelled to make  another move, this  time to London.  L'Independence    Beige     is    perhaps the most tragic of newspapers  now in  circulation.      It "contains no  less   than   four   closely-printed   columns of advertisements, the subject  of each "ad" being  sufficient  to excite the sympathy  of the most indifferent and callous of neutrals.     The  following  were picked  at. random,  and' surely .betray   a   conditions of  affairs,-such   as few  in this-_ountry  or  the   United   States   would   have  ever  dreamed would   be   the lot of  any   civilized   European   country  in  thi-i   twentieth   century   of   vaunted  civilization and so-called progress:  Joseph Loudin, of the 8th Regt.  of the Line, desires news of his wife  and family  Joseph Van   Gucht,  of Cbarleroi,  interesting Address  Rev. -Dr. Pigeon of Westminster hall, Vancouver,. visited Phoenix on Thursday, and addressed an  interested gathering in St Andrew's  "Presbyterian church. The Rev. Dr.,  in the course of his address, pointed  out tbe importance of- foreign mis.  sionary work, and presented figures  in support of his plea. In one instance where exclusive attention had  been paid to the home field, he demonstrated how the actual existence  of .that church had been imperilled.  On the   other hand,   he said   it was  Miss    Iselin   Heck,   a   peroxide  blonde, from 'way down south, accompanied    by   Benjamin   Lincoln  Brown, a gentleman of decided color, and Bartollo Scarpell, an Italian  '.'resident,"   appeared   on   Monday  before Police  Magistrate Mulligan,  charged   with   the  offence  of vagrancy.    Mr. Brown seemed shocked  at  the   nature  of the  charge   laid  against him,   but: having  conscientious objections.to being sworn, his  evidence was not taken, and he was  adjudged guilty.     He. is is now sojourning,    in     company   with    his  friend   Bartollo, by   the still waters  of Kootenay lake.     Benjamin's portion    was   sixty    days,   while   the  other's visit   will  extend   for about  twenty days into next month.     The  fair Iselin was  given the option of  a visit to Nelson or. paying  a. ran.  of $50.00 and costs.     She was ransomed.  CHANGES IN THE  CITY PARLIAMENT  Three New Faces in tht  ,   Council���No Election  for Mayor.  Locate Bullets By 'Phone  f" In the course of a lecture delivered recentlyy by Professor Voille, before'the.'Conservatoire des Arts et  Metiefs, in Paris, the lecturer stated  that the Hughes balance was now  being* used extensively to locate the  position of bullets in wounds. The  system . was very simple and very  certain, and would be of great value  where the radio-graphic apparatus  was not obtainable.  The nominations of candidates for  the city council, took place on Monday last, at the city hall. Contrary  to expectations and despite the *������  surance of D. J. Matheson, that it  was his intention to take a rest this  year from civic work, his name was  submitted again and, there being n*  opposition, the returning: officer,  W.X. Perkins declared Mr. Mathe.  son elected for the sixth aucceeeive  term:  For the offices of aldermen there  were no less than ten candidates for  the six places on the board, via.:  Geo. Evans, M. Kane, Frank Me..  Donald, D. Oxley, W. Prendergast  and George Rogers (east ward).  For the west ward the names of  O. D. Bush, Theo. Biner, A. D.  McKenzie and D. J. McDonald  were submitted.  The pollinj took place on Thurs.  day, and resulted in ''the return of  Messrs. O. D. Bush; D. J. McDonald and Theo. Biner for the  west ward, while- the choice for  the east ward fell on Messrs. Geo.  Rogers, Geo. Evans and Frank  McDonald.     The vacancy   caused  The Hughes balance is composed  of two bobbins connected so as tolbv t*ic resignation of Albin'Alm-  just as useless to attempt to keep make a baiance. betweeri their im_Utrom from the board of school  alive a church which devoted its en- l;es __d sec0ndaries. It was en_ trustees, was Blled by W. Prander-  tire attention to the foreign mission   ough  tQ     ^ Qne  rf  ^ bobbins! gast wko was unopposed.    .     *   ;  field, and- he  instanced  the case of  the Moravian  missions.    The   two  .were inseparable to the true life and  progress "of-.the. church.,^ Turning  to   home matters, the speaker said  they were faced-with tbe great problem of ministering to  the spiritual  needs of the great   number of immigrants,   foreign  or  otherwise,   and  he doubted  if it had  yet dawned on  the people   the. stupendous propor  tions that tide had assumed.    Quot  ting comparative figuces he astound  over the,body of the wounded man,  and then listen at the telephone to  find the exact spot where the bullet  is embedded.  When the balance is established,  the telephone apparatus, which is  fixed between the two bobbins,  makes no sound until one-of them  comes near a metallic body, when  the equilibrium is destroyed and the  telephone commences to vibrate.       I  Pope Honors Pat Burnt  The Pope has bestowed  the signal honor of Knight Commander df  the Order of St. Gregory the Great  on Patrick Burns, of Calgary.     The  recipient  was  invested with the insignia of office some days ago by the  Roman Catholic Bishop of Calgary.  The  distinction  conferred   on   Mr.  Burns is the first of its kind presented in Canada, and was given at the  I direct instigation of the bishop, who  (laid   before   the Vatican authorities  is searching  for his wife   and  Jittlej ed his audience by pointing out that /o^^^T"��� .the .PfoDeer/the many good qualities of the well  Big Store  W YEAR  We regret to announce that our 1915  Calendars have been delayed, They  will, however, arrive in the course of  two or three weeks, at which time we  will be glad to give one to every  person.  children, Victor and Emile.   _,  [     Leon Kaiser,   of Jette  St. Marie,  would-like to find his. children.  The Adjutant Delanghe* Medard,  of Bruges, desires to know the  whereabouts of his dear wife and  children.  Lieut. Gaston Jones, 4th Regiment of Artillery, desires to. know  the. whereabouts of his wife.    "  The Serjeant Lebacq Achille is  searching for his dear parents.  Bernard Proost would be grateful to know the address of his father and mother.  Alois De Boeck of the Royal Carabineers, is searching for his wife,  Ma'urette Albertine, and four small  children.  Paul Raoul, of the 2nd Grenadiers, would be grateful for news  ot his family.  Lambottc Fcrnand, of the 1st  Chasseurs, seeks his dear mother.  And so   the   awful   list   goes  On.  during the highest tide  of immigration into the United States the pro-j  portion to population did not exceed] |/r-*C:  Advertise.'  kn  own western pioneer.  The addressses 'are   in   most   cases  some English   hospital  or convales-  advertiser lies  with  anxiety as  cent home where die  wounded and torn  to ithe fate of those near and dear to  him. Such familiar names as Antwerp, Louvain, Ypres, Namur and  Liege, lend an-ominous significance  to the advertisements.  Capable of Anything  Eric Jackson, writing from London to Thos. Roderick of this city,  says: "I have talked with quite a  number of our wounded who have  returned from the front, and the  stories they told me of German  brutality were really awful. I believe they are capable of anything  now."  A letter from Jas. Porter, no v  with the 30th 'Battalion, to O. I'.  Bush, says that I lie time for the.r  departure is drawing closer, and ; 11  signs point to a move to Fran< e  about January 1 7th.  i}4 per cent, but during 1908 the  percentage arriving in Canada wa  A% per cent of the population. The  English-speaking settlers, who at  at home were faithful to their religious responsibilities, on arrival in  the west betrayed an astonishing  indifference.  . This latter condition had to be  overcome, and was being remedied  by the adoption 'of a link system,  whereby the new comer was met on  the boat by a chaplain, who furnished him or her with a letter of introduction to a minister resident at  the place where the arrival intended  to settle. Taking up the cudgel on  behalf of the foreign born, Dr. Pigeon  removed any misapprehension  that may have existed in the matter  of crime among them. The percentage of convictions was only two  per cent less in proportion to their  number in the population. The  children of the foreign born, however,   were  grievous   offenders.    It  was the church's duty to improve  their environment. The same thing  applied to the piison system of this  province. We herded the first offenders together with the hardened  criminals and the result* could not  be otherwise than harmful. The  man who had been unfortunate enough to make his first slip should  be given a chance to recover himself. He thought we could take a  lesson in this respect from the  Washington system. Touching on  the liquor question, the speaker explained that the great movement of  reform, for which the Social Service  league was bending its energies,  was not total abolition, so much as  a reduction in the number of licences. The opportunities for tl e j \  weak to fall should be lessened. Tl e  speaker was introduced by the Rev.  J. R. Munro, who afterwards thanked Dr Pigeon for his most interesting address.  ���r?  'Phone 5(5  P. O. B��x 3&   I  The Little Store  First Street.  McKay & Kaigk^ Praps.  A P P L  FANCY YELLOW BELLFLOWERS - $1.75  ii  a  ii  ti  BALDWIN -    -  MANN - - -  SALOME - -  ROME BEAUTY  1.65  1.65  1.65  1.50  Place Your Order Now  ;'3?  V-  ���i  i.ir  >? r  -4  ' " ft  ��,t  i  ���'0  **'  Sr  ./���;  ;\  If THE    PIONEEE,    PHOENIX,    BKITISH   COLUMBIA.  !���  NO ALUM  hi_��WHITt5T,  baking  Powoi-ft  x  Monmouth and Good Hope. The  crews were allowed to drown to the  last man, no attempt being made to  rescue them. In a]l the other naval  engagements the victorious British  have made it a point to save, as far  as this was possible, the men from  the ships destroyed. Admiral von  Tirpitz, the chief of the German  navy, owes his son's life to the humanity of the British saiiors who  picked him up after the first naval  engagement of the war.  audit nee, that the mines laid in the  sea jy his countrymen, were onty  intended for British merchant ship  ping. If this-is the case, its time  the Germans marked the mine are-is  with notices: "These mines are for  British ships. Neutrals keep tcuthe  right British ships keep to the  left."  The press dispatches  tell us that  Kaiser Bill is eating K. bread.      L--t;  us hope  that within   a few  months  the 1 npp'rial    diet   will - include   a  The movement of the Jews back| [|ber..l dose of K. of K./humble pie  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  IBSUBD  WE8KJLY  t ,  at Phoe.vis, British Columbia.  Subscription, -.00 per year  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  '   ADVBRTlSrNG SOALK '  Application for Liquor Liconco (30 days) ..96.00  ���prUa&tion for Transfer of Licenoo $7.40  Oerirtloate of Improvement notico (60 days) $7.60  Apr.fcation to Purchase Land notices (80 days)  ' .'. $7.50  Del- j ruenl Co-owner notices (50 days)... .f 10.00  8m.-:'. Water Notices (SO 'days),...'  $7.80  Del.. inent Co-Ownorshi j> notices 90 days $25.00  Dupilaato Certificate of Title notices $8.00  Muds of Thanks.TSO cents.  , All other legal advertising, 12 cents a lino,  ���inltle column, for tho first insertion; and, 8  oenta a line for each subsequent insertion, non-  lUtreil measurement.'  Diaplay ads $1.00 per inch, single  eohirini, per month.' Transient ads.  6vc.^peT,,inch,lper> issue; subsequent insertions, 85c. per inch.  to the land of their fathers has been  going on for times immemorial, but  it was not until within the past  twenty-five years that aoy apprcci  able progress was made. Today  there are about thirty" Jewish colonies established and all arc in a highly flourishing condition. Things  were "even going so well that the  project to establish a university at  Jerusalem was being considered,  but the harmony was upset by the  kaiser's agents who insisted that  in return for German support the  language of the university must be  that of the fatherland. The British,  Americans and 'Russians opposed  the Imperial will and stuck out for  Hebrew, which was not unreasonable, in view of the fact that there  is not a Jew in the country under  twenty-five but who is not conversant with Hebrew- The outbreak  of war, however, has changed the  prospects for the German language  in Palestine, for if the Russians, as  the Spectator points'out, are to have  Constantinople, then' Britain's compensation will most certainly.be the  suzerainty of Palestine and Syria.  French recipe.  Berlin wireless reports filteen  thousand Russian prisoners in the  interior of Turkey���poor stuffing.  German Land Hunger  Saturday, Jan.  16, 1915.  4  <  The Winnipeg Free Press has  just reprinted' aM British officer's  - stirring-story of the destruction of  the" Emden., Nothing about this  action will give greater cause'for  pride, than the humanity of the victors���their zeal to save life and their  consideration for the defeated foe.  In contrast with this splendid story  of heroism and generosity let us put  an^extract from a letter from Ed-  ivarcr"Vedder, one of the crew of the  Ghe|sen,au, to his" parents in Spokane?  ���"'We were cruising," writes Ved-  der, "off" the coast of Chili when we  sighted the four British ..ships.    You  know  you t can   see   a  ship a long  time before  it  comes   close enough  to-hit, m>  we had  plenty of time to  clear our ship for action      We have  ei^ht-inch guns, and that was larger than they had, so we sliot two of  them to'pieces before they could get  within   range   of  our ships.    After  we had sunk two of them the other  two started to run away.    When we  churged   the   two  ships   we had to  run, right   through   the  placeIwhere  we had sunk the other; two.   -'There  were   many_ .Englishmen swimming  around and hanging on to anything  the/ could.     I- know Iw'e   ran-over  so-)e   of' them,   and   the   rest were  Ief to drown.      You kqpw Ldo not  be 2ve I will ever get used   to seeing   men   get   killed, or  to  be shot  down when they are down and out',  ���le they fight I will fight as good  ly of them,  but when   they are  -,ie water   I   do   not  like to see  -i killed."  lere was not a. single sailor res-  J   from   the  British   ships,   the  W  as  in  th-  cu  Horatio Bomtomley, editor of  John Bull was engaged recently in  defending his steenth libel' action.  A band, calling itself Hungarian,  roused the ire of" Horatio,- who  called upon the people "to withdraw  their patronage-on the ground that  it was,, as its name" implied, an  enemy alien o'rganizatidn. The evidence however, showed, that while  the-.band, was not entitled- fo> the  name of Hungarian^ there were a  couple of that nationally jir,it,> but  they, had been bounced*' when the  war broke out. At the'time of Mr.  BottomleyJs attack on "the* make-up  of the band, it consisted1 oF thirteen  Englishmen, three: Russians,- two  Dutchmen including the leader, and  one Roumanian.- John _��ull lost, the  case, while the bandsmen nearly all  came within an ace of losing'their  lives-at the hands "of  an infuriated  mob.   -*.   In  1873,   Sir Lambton  Lorraine,  commander   of the  British warship  Niobe, then  at   Kingston, Jamaica,  heard of the shooting of part of the  crew of the American  ship, Virgini-  us, at Santiago, Cuba,   by order of  the Spanish governor-general.      He  also heard that-the remainder of the  crew were  reserved for "a like fate,  Sir Lambton  steamed  at full speed  for   Santiago,   double-shotted    his  guns,*cleared his decks for action,  and sent word to the governor that  he   wanted    those" Americans   alive  or he would batter down  the town.  They were delivered at once.  When  asked by  what authority  he acted,  fie answered   "By the laws- of God  and of humanity."  In the'-present-day the German  government is starving the people  of Belgium, 'and . the United States  is'trying- to-feed them. Why canned our president follow the precedent of SirLambton Lorraine?���New  York Herald. ''  Speaking at the Colonial Institute, Earl Grey, formerly Governor-  General of Canada, told of a conversation he had had with a German while on a voyage across the  Atlantic. The earl's attention had  been drawn to the other by reason  of the latter's outspoken views, and  during a conversation the German  enlightened the other as to the aspirations of his people and government.  Said he:   "If you want to know  the truth,  there is deep at the bot.  torn  of every   German's   heart, the  desire to  take  away  from  you the  country you  are  not strong enough  to hold.    Can' you  wonder?    Two  hundred years have we been hunger,  ing.       We have only comparatively  lately enjoyed the sensation of a full  stomach.    We are hungering again,  and   it   is you   who are" preventing  our  appetite ' being satisfied.     We  have~ seen  France and  Russia and  England always getting something,  while we, with the finest army in the  world and the second best navy, get  nothing."   �����:   A woman's relief is a-"good cry,*'  a m.in's a "good jag."       \   ,  Pricking The Bubble  Urder the caption of "Scientific  jottings," the military expert of the  Illustrated London News says: "The  42-centimeJre gun, which was to  shatter the strongest fort like glass,  turns out to h.'ive been seldom iff  ever used, Liege being the only  one victory which even its most enthusiastic admirers, dare to claim  *br it. It will probably be seen on  nquiry that neither there nor anywhere el>e has it been brought into  he field, the 28-centimetre, or 11-  mch howitzer being about the heaviest piece of ordnance that can be  moved along ordinary roads; while  its big brother requires a railroad  line���and one made to the extremely narrow guage���to be specially  laid for it. The vaunted high explosive with which the shells of this  and other guns were to be charged  is now seen, as was said here some  months ago, to be trinitrotoluene,' a  compound which is not only perfectly well known to chemists, but has  no advantage over our own lyddite  or French melinite, both of which  belong to the same chemical family.  As for the wonderful "dioxide" gas  which was to- have the same lifting  power for'balloons and zeppelins as  hydrogen, without its infiamability,  it has no objective existence, the  story about it put forth in the supposed confessions of a spy being, as  has been pointed out elsewhere, a  ,rather clumsy adaptation of a suggestion made by Rudyard Kipling,  in his clever forecast of "With the  Night. Mail." Evidently all these  tales were manufactured in Germany with the sole intention of mak-  #'  ���'W  ing our flesh creep."  Sunlight is the Miner's Joy  THERE'S no dirt too stiff to yield to the  gentle strength of Sunlight Soap. "The  wise ones" know that Sunlight does the  work easiest, with the least rub and none of  the wear and tear on clothes that follow the  use of harsh soaps.  Sunlight Soap is absolutely pure���it's the '  best general purpose soap you can buy."  .99  All grocers <���*  sell and  recommend it  1381  Shoes that Fit I  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit,- nice shape, and  nothing bat the beat of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEES*  '    NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.    -   Phoenix, B.O.  ittf  SYtfO ?SIS OF COAL,  MINING' REGULATIONS  Phoenix     ;  Pi#n����r  has fer 16 Years been re. -  cognized as the  Mining  , Medium of the Boundaryr  . country.  In the matter of ad-  vertising, it reaches the  right kind of people,' and  an advertisement in its  columns is certain of  quick and profitable results.           In the matter of all  things pertaining to the  progress of the district it  is a reliable and trustworthy authority. It's  American subscription list  is -one of the largest in  the Kootenay.  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The person, operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thfereon.- If the coal'mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may- bo considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre, v, . ���'''*'���'  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or t 'any Agent or Sub-Agent of Do-'  min on Lands.  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The  minimum height for membership is  5ft. 'or just three inches below the  minimum demanded, for Kitchener's  army.  B. Viljoen, director of education  for the Orange River Colony, South  Africa, has made public the fact  that eighty-six teachers 'have been  dismissed from their posts .with dishonor. They were all proved to  have actively assisted the rebels.  The presence of the wolf on the  Russian-German battlefields, has  added a new terror to the war. One  wounded Russian officer found him.  self surrounded by a huge pack  which actually passed within a few  yards of the spot where he was  lying helpless.  When Sir Henry. "Rawlinson's  division; assembled for reorganization after the- series of furious fights  around Ypres, it was found that out  of the 12,000who went into action,,  only 2336 answered their names at  roll call. Of the 400 officers only  44 were able to salute their general.  This was- the division that annihilated the famous Prussian guards."  A farm hand who recently enlisted in the Army Service corps, told  the recruiting officer that he was  the seventeenth son in one family to  enlist.-, Two of his brothers are in  Kitchener's army, two in the Welsh  Fusileers, and twelve in the Shropshire Light Infantry. The father  was a serjeant in the latter regiment and died while on service in  India.  99_9  U you were told of a new  discovery for the treatment ol  coughs, colds and bronchitis,  as certain .in its action on all  chest troubles as anti-toxin is  on diphtheria, or vaccination on  s.nail pox, wouldn't you feel  li'-c Giving it a trial? Especially  :i you could try it for fifty cents I:  Peps is the discovery!  j _ I'opajuoliUlo l.-tlucts, neatly wrap-  i i>c.-ri in air and germ-proof ��ilver foil.  j Tli*,y contain cortain nn-tlioirial ingro-  j iliu.ls, wiiich, wlivn placed upon tho  I t'jn^u3, immcdiatuly turn into vapour,  | ami nro at once bre&llnd down tho air  > pasKageB to tlio lun^s. 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Give the experiment a trial  irrttje cheapest and most satisfy .tory ai vertisingf mart in the Boundary,  The   secretary   of  the   Admiralty  states that  an   interesting- record in  shipbuilding- has been established in  the construction  at   Cammell, Laird I  and company's yard- at Birkenhead,  of  the   new light  cruiser  Caroline.  Her keel   was   laid   on  January 28,  she was launched  on September 21,  and  delivered   complete on December 17.    The contract date  for her  delivery was May 21 of this year.  A recent official announcement  that in view of the difficulty in securing cloth, it has been decided to  reduce the quantity of cloth in the  highlanders kilts, has brought out  a vigorous protest from the men of  Kitchener's army. The order has  set the heather ablaze, and the  Scotsmen declare that they will not  wear the hobble.kilts. The reduction in cloth amounts to two yards.  The Pharmaceutical Record points  out that the credit for the new discovery for coagulating the blood  and stopping bleeding, really belongs to Dr. G, H. A. Clowes, a  British scientist, who in conjunction  with Dr. F. C. Busch, worked on  the principle at the New York State  Medical Research Laboratory at  Buffalo. The Record says it is impelled to point out the fact by reason of the claim of the Swiss Dr.  Kocher who "discovered" the method three years after it had been  given to the world by the English  scientist.  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling: Public.  OININGROOM    SERVICE  UNEXCELLED.  M-.  Nine Wefl-Li_:hte_  Samplerooms, Phone 12  J AS.   MARSHALL,  PROP.  LO.O ;F.  Snowshoe Lodge  No. 46  Meets every Monday Evening- .at  Oddfellows' Hall. Visiting brethren  cordially invited.  Our hall is for rent for dances, social  evenings, etc.  Harry Elsmoro, Noble Grand.  A. L. McKinnoii, Fin. Secy.  Jus. Pierce, Ilec. Secy.  SJVIOKED MEATS, ETC.  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Johnson and Gus Peterson. The proceedings, tei'minated with a banquet.  Following are the names of the newly-  ly elected officials for the ensuing  term: Albin Nelson, Pies.; Frank Carlson, "V.P.; Louis Carlson, R.S; Algnt  Larson, F.S.; Al. Almstrom1,'-Treae.;  Magnus Olson, Marshal; W. Carlson,  Chaplain; Hans Ohristensen, I.G.; B.  A. Johnson, O.G.; and R. B. Elmgren,  Librarian,  Starve British Prisoners  Williams-Deane  The wedding of William,  Henry  Williams, formerly of Carmel, North'  \V. S. Blackstock, teller of the local| Wales, to Miss Alice Deane, late of  bank, returned to town on Wednesday, after spending the Christmas and  New Year holidays with relatives at  |    B.C. Mining-  Although the United States refines  more nickel than any other couatry,  practically all the ore used comes  from Ontario and New Caledonia.  It i>5 there reduced to matte, according to the United States Geological  Survey, and then "shipped to this  country for further reduction to  metal.  Revelstoke   mining  district   lays  claim to having shipped  the  richest  car of silver ore, and the richest car  of copper ore that ever came out of  tbe   Kootenays.      The   two   mines  from which  these shipments   were  made are within three miles of each  other.    The   veins   are   very   large  and there is an abundance of medium  to high  grade  ore  developed   now  with strong  indications  of greater  possibilities.',  A   number   of   other  rich properties have been discovered  along this great belt   for  a distance  of -150  miles..   Several   silver-lead  properties  have   been developed to  great depths, and have  proven that  the values hold   good   all   the  way  dov/n.    Scores   of properties   have  riee i opened up  in a small way by  >projpectors  with   wonderful  showing.; 6f ore for the amount of work  s dooe.  } The London Chronicle says that  Kred Winter, author of the words of  vU?e.well-known song, "The Rosary,"  d|ed *>n-MpndayJast. , He had been  ajpatient in the Royal Hospital for  Incurables, Putney Heath, London,  England, for nearly ten years.  ;****Seek-  and   ye  Khali   find,"   is   a  truth that applies to   mining as well  as religion."  5 Simply   because    Brittania    rules  _-  tbe waves, the kaiser will waive the  r^ules.  (Medicine Hat.  A social dance svill be given in the  K.P. hall, on Tuesday next, January  10th. A cordial invitation is extended  to all Pythian Sisters and brother  knights. Dancing commences at 8.30.  Gentlemen, 25c. - .  Isaac Crawford, tho well known  merchant of Carrni, who for years h*s  been the official auditor of the city  books, came into town during the  week for the usual work of auditing  the municipal accounts. Miss Irene  Crawford accompanied him and is the  guest of Mrs. D. J. Matheson.  For the benefit of those who desire  to witness the Phoenix-Grand Forks  hockey game on Wednesday, January  20th, the local management have arranged for a special train to leave the  C. P.R. depot at seven p.m. The team  nerds your support, so keep the date  open. s-  F. Ketchaui, of Beaverdell, accompanied by K. C. B. Frith, J. L. White,  and D. A. McDonald of Greenwood,  made a flyihg trip to the burg on Tuesday. They were accommodated with  a game on the local curling rink, and  left for home the following day with  honors about even.  The anniversary of the-birth of Scot-'  land's national bard is to be.kept with  befitting ceremony by the clansmen of  Phoenix on Friday next, January 22.  An excellent program for the evening  is being prepared by Jas. Cochrane,  and it . is intended to conclude tho  evening's' merriment wittu a dance.  The place chosen for tbe gathering is  the K.P. Hall.  A city hockey,league is in course of  formation, to "consist of a Warn each  ft om the lower and. upper, tow it and  one from the Granby. No senior players   will   be   eligible'.    The proposed  schedule is to pull off one game each  week,''commencing at 7.30 p.m., the  play to stop at 8.30 whether?the game |  be finished or not.   'A small admission  fee' of   probably   ten' cents' will   be  charged to defray' expenses.--Thursday, January 21st, is the date set for  the first game.    '      '__,'. -' ;���  The ceremony of installing dfee offl-  cers-of the Phoenix JWdge Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society, took  place in the lodgeroom of the society  on January 5th.   The officiating offi-  Kensington,   England,   was solemnized by the Rev. L. B. Lee, at  St,  John's church.   The bride, who was I food for five days, and   now   before  "Extraordinary allegations ' are  made regarding the treatment of  some British wounded whom the war  correspondents of the Dutch newspaper Tijd saw at Landen.' Here is  his story:  ' "My attention was attracted to a  riot before one of the last carriages.  I shall never forget as long as I live  what I saw. Would I had never  seen it! Between some wounded  French lay three severely wounded  British on straw. They presented a'  very sad appearance. Their condition looked to me very serious.  I was told these men had  had no  una  drugs,drugg.st;s sundries, high-glass  stationery, perfumes, confectionery  v  Agent for the famous Nyal and Na-Dru-Co Preparations.  T. S.  PHOENIX, B. C.  given away by her mother, Mrs. H  Deane, was attended by her -two  sisters, the Misses Louise and  Ethel, while the groom's brother,  R. Williams, officiated as best man.  The newly-married couple left, after  the ceremony for* Grand'' Forks and  have taken up their residence in  town. '- '���"'-.  '���-. *'���: ��� .'������������'���'.>'.  Ness-Livesley  0-   ;  Elmer Ness, proprietor of the Christina Lake hotel, was married in Spokane on Wednesday, January 6th, to  Miss Hazel Livesley, daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. James Livesley, of Grand  Forks. ,"      :"1  DRAYING  *���'.��*&  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. ' Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.    Phone A5(5.  cr  James G. McKeown  w<  the open carriage door stood two .of  three hundred German soldiers, some  slightly wounded, who co.ttld still  walk well, other German soldiers of  the occupation force, who had come  for the serving, out- of soup. And  these> two or three hundred stood  raging against the three unhappy,  severely-wounded British soldiers  who had eaten nothing for five days,  and lay helpless, stretched on sortie  dirty straw in a cattle van.  "swine! swinb! down with you I"  The smoking casks of hot soup  were held before them, and thundered at them were the words, "You  want to eat, Swine! Swine! Down  with you! Strike you dead. Strike  you dead! .-That's what you can  have." And while they said these  last words they aimed their rifles on  the unhappy, blood-stained helpless,  hungry creatures. Others stood  and spat on their clothes and in their  faces, and foam stood on the mouths  of.the raging men.  Meanwhile other - soldiers passed  the swine."  I arn fully conscious of the shocking accusation I make through this  communication, but I swear that  nothing, nothing in this accusation  is untrue or the least exaggerated,  and if the German authorities wish  to make a serious and impartial inquiry I will furnish the following indications. It took place at Landen,  on Friday, October 9, in .the train  with wounded who arrived there  from the direction of Brussels and  were fed about midday.  The correspondent adds, before  he had this shocking experience that  Germans had told him in the train  that they simply kill Briii>h prison,  ers. Others said this was not done  in his detachment, but one said 25  had been done away with by his  company.  [__  Church Services  St. Andrew's church (Presbyleriun)  ��� Service, Sunday next, Jun. 17Mi, at  7.30 p.m., Sunday school at 2 [p.m.,  Rev. J. R. Munro, .minister.' Ail wel-  eemr.  St. John's Chm-fth��� Sundays: Holy  Commuuion, 8a.in.; Matins, 10.30 a.in.;  Holy Communion and soriuon, ] 1 a.m.;  Sunday school, 8 p.m,; livening s(?r-  vico, 7 80. Week days: Matins, 7.30;  Evensong, 7.80.  The stated sorvices in the Catholic  church arc as follows: First and third  Sundays iii '-.tho; month: Muss at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 ptn.;  Evening Service at 7.80 p.m. Rot.  Father 0. Pelletier. pan tor.  Because you arc forgiven a thing,  don't you be too sure the thing is.  forgotten.  ������H���~CWJ_~__TT"  /��B__��_3tK_5>.��*.'  8      >  &C3?ty  eieiB  . First-class Fir a*4 Tam-  arafc Wood, $6.00 per ceri  Pinr; Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  ��� ______________ '*,  ��  Fir and Tamara*, double out,,  . pericprd,,$7.00. . . -,-/*&  WOOD DKLIV-RED ON   SHORT  NOTIOB. 'Prion* Btf  Robt. Forshaw  DR. DeVAN'S FEMALE PILLS J^J;  Medicine for all Female Complaint. $t a iMdE,  or three for 110, at drug- stares. M��Ue* tour/  address on receipt of price. ?n~ 8ee4n_fc EKf*  Co., St. Catharines, Ontario. t  PHOSPHOHOL FOR 'MNStfWB;'  for Nerve asd-Brain: incxtmae8."grey matter*':  a Tonic���win build yen up.  $8 a hoaxer two,  15, at drug* stores, or by null ea receipt of 1  Tais Scob-ia D_va Co. . St. Catharine*. <  before the three all shouting most  abusive words. One of them lay  staring at his persecutors and then  again turned a hungry look on the  smoking soup. The other two had  turned their heads away. Another  party laughed and found sport in the  . helplessness, of the three.  ./'NOTHING IS EXAGGERATED"  ^1 stood there dump, stupid.   Then  however, trembling all over, I- went  Up to .the under  officer, who stood  looking op and laughing, and said���  "What is occurring  here  is   cruel.  They also are  men .who have been  obliged to do their duty the same as  you.'' ���_More I could not say.'   My  voice  choked   in   my  throat.    And  what, did   I   get   for   an   answer?  "What!    They obliged to do duty!  No.    They're   swine,   paid    swine.  They get money for their foul work,  z1   ��C *^-. ���**.-�� *s*  T&y  < VJ rjA  --��� <���<���  ffli Of'  rc> ".T? mh B^ ?fri  ��BM_i?-i.'  GR_��AM  ���us  i   ^��  A ^trafghf, honest;, Cresrci o5 Tartar  Oalcfno Powder. .'Made Irc^n ^r?r?es0  Makes t��_��ter9 more feeeMMsI ��qq&*  Scttf ���vfttimi? mftstfepfSissia r  '..**-��,���������  '.WO &lm\}Ni-UOl.imi% PHOSPHATE  ;" >; "t ,  ,   "��� \   - j".      *  ������Aiaso ixmfood, must fihcreSorc act as a poEson."  ���Prof. Johnson, Yah University.  ;--..       *  Rsasff'i&o isstissfn  itfjy.~,��3o. Aakin@ pomrdgs9 wxtetts  fs*��m Qi^k&m of Tartar*  " y*  mmwmMmmmmmwmmwwmwwwmmMMMMMMMMMMMM  a  Call or write for particulars to  in  G,  P. O. Box 234,  \  PHOENIX, "B.C  IT'S SO QUIETI      Just a pleasant little tapping���just the pur-  ring of the type against the platen���-that's all.  This model means Lighter Touch, Improved Base, Greater All-Round Efficiency, Less  Mental afed Physical Effort.   Speed records that have never been equalled.  The first thing which invariably strikes the attention of one examining the "Silent  Seven" for the first time is the wonderfully responsive touch. No one dreamed that such a  delightful touch could be embodied in the mechanism of a machine.  The new tabulator is a marvel of efficiency. The carriage slides noiselessly to the  appointed place and stops without a jar���an accomplishment which will lengthen the life of  the machine. The left marginal release-key is now placed is just the right position to act  as an anchor for the fourth finger of the operator, and no competent touch operator will  have any difficulty in changing from any other keyboard to this one.  Ten-year-old Florence Field, daughter of Cyrus Field,  Professor of Shorthand in Detroit Commercial College, wrote  59 words per minute on The Oliver after two weeks' practice.  PRINTYPE IS OWNED AND CONTROLLED EXCLUSIVELY BY  THE "OLIVER TYPEWRITER COMPANY."  Can Yom Spend 17 Cents a day to better advantage than In  the Purchase of this Wonderful Machine.  No child's education Is complete without a Knowledge of the  Oliver Typewriter.  m  Ti  !MilB]MeMl^^  V       J        1.       >  'I    1


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