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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jan 17, 1914

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' -  .l, ■>
The largest copper mines in
the Dominion are situated
at (Phoenix. The Granby
Co. employs 500 men, and
has a monthly pay roll of
over $50,000, while thoRaw-
I        hide pay roll is $18,000.
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining: District
The Phoenix Pioneer is
published in the highest
municipality in Canada—
altitude, 4,800 ft. The city-
has a population of 1,500,
and possesses first-class -.
hotels, opera house, schools   ,
Number 27
Cup an<W3hield to be Competed
for—Outside Competitors to
Enter—Good Prizes.
It is the intention of the Phoenix
Ski Club to hold their annual tournament in Phoenix on Sunday, Jan.
25th, providing- snow conditions are
favorable. It will be held on Montezuma hill if fovorable, otherwise it
will take place on Pike's Peak, about
five minutes walk from the C. P. R.
depot. They also intend to hold a
seven mile race on the same course
"as the race a year ago was run on.
The Phoenix trophy, won by Ernest
Olson last year, will be competed
for in class A. The shield donated
by E. A. Black will be competed for
in class B, won by Gust Carson last
year. Anyone, winning the shield
or cup two successive years will be
the entitled owner thereof. Several
outside competitors are expected
here to take part. Arrangements
are being made to offer special
prizes. .
Elmer Ness has constructed a ski
jumpoff at Christina lake, the largest
in the Boundary. The champions
intend making a new record on this
course, as soon as sufficient snow
fails. Jumps can easily be made a
distance of 140 feet.
Steel Reaches Fort George
With tracklaying and construction
favored by ideal weather conditions
during the past "mouth, the end of
steel on the Grand Trunk Pacific
from the east has reached Fort
George several weeks ahead of its
expected time.     Announcement  has
News Notes from Granby Bay
(Special to Phoenix Pioneer)-
Granby Bay, Jan. 14.—F, M.
Sylvester, the Granby company's
general .manager, arrived from Vancouver on the S. S. Prince Rupert
and is staying at the Club house.
Mrs. W. A. Williams and son
have left for the south, as also did
G. W. Wooster, the company's
treasurer, after spending a week in
town. W. B. Bower, of the company's store department, went down
on the same boat on a business trip,
and Earl Smith, the accountant
here, also left for a short vacation.
In view of the approaching blowin
at the smelter,- the operating staff
are coming in. Mr. and Mrs. Ather-
ton (the former is smelter foreman)
have been guests at the Granby
Bay hotel for some weeks; J. Dillon,
converter foreman, with Mrs. Dillon
ace here from Grand Forks, and J.
R. Danielson, from Anaconda,
Mont., converter liner, has also arrived.
During Mrs. Williams' stay here,
the ladies of Anyox gave a card
party and dance in her honor at the
Granby Bay recreation 'hall. . Progressive whist was played by some
120 invited guests ""til eleven
o'clock, and after supper dancing
was indulged in.
A well patronized entertainment in
aid of the Catholic church was given
in the Recreation hall on the evening of Wednesday, 7th. This
showed that there is considerable
musical talent locally, and benefited
the Catholic church to the extent of
about $125.
W. Crosby,, furna!ceman, with
Mrs. Crosby, arrived on Saturday,
10th, on the C.P.R.. boat Princess
Royal.'    / " .
Construction work at the   smelter
G%me One of the Roughest,on Record—Third Period
a Tie—Teams Play Extra Ten Minutes for a
Decision—Phoenix .Scores Two Goals.
I. O. O. F. Installation
Hockey enthusiasts, and everybody in Phoenix is a hockey enthusiast, were certainly given their money's worth at the rink last Monday
night when the Greenwood and Phoenix teams played the first league
game of the season in tbe Boundary. If the balance of the league
games are as strenuous, it will be lucky if some of the players do not
land up. either in the hospital or the morgue. That some members of
the Greenwood team resorted to slaughter-house tactics cannot be de-
.nied. Trehern's assault on Bernie Morris in the second period showed
all the earmarks of being premeditated and deliberate. Trehern is a
hockey player hard to beat, but he evidently lost his head in his effort to
get the better of Morris. Failing to outpoint him in skill, he struck
him over the head with his sticky cutting a'gash that required two
stitches. Morris, of course, did the natural thing. He struck back,
the two clinched and fell on the ice, but were soon pulled apart. There
were other rough plays, and several of the Phoenix players can show
black and blue marks to testify to it."
At the end of the third period the game was a tie—three to three.
Then in the ten minute play which followed Phoenix scored two goals,
making the game five to three in favor of Phoenix.
In the first period Bassett, Benson atfd Davidson scored for Phoenix,
and Smith scored for Greenwood. In the second period neither team
scored/ The playing was both hard-and rough, and it was during this
that Treheren and Morris mixed. In the third period Lynn and Trehern scojed for Greenwood, making the game a tie. In the overtime
period the two goals were scored for Phoenix by O'Connell and Benson.
The last ten minutes of the game were exciting ones. With an even
score to start with, both teams worked like trojans for victory, but the
Phoenix boys seemed to be in the better condition and had little difficulty
in putting- it over theiropponents.   -
Sayers and Howey, who played spare for Phoenix, gave a good
account of themselves while on the ice.
The unexelled goal tending of Mitchell and the whirlwind and systematic work of the rest of the players were the prime factors in the victory
for Phoenix. Every' man on the home team played a good game, and
it would be _.unfair to specialize. But it must also be -admitted that
Greenwood has a strong team this year. Lynn, Trehern, Neil and
Smith are fast and hard players, while Clarke, the goal tender, is on the
job every minute of the game.
Thursday^ the new officers of
Snowshoe Lodge No. 46, I. O. O.
F., were* installed by J. F. Mc-
Dougall, grand- chaplain of the
grand lodge of B. C. Following
is a list of those installed:
E. E. Barnes—P. G.
A. L.' McKinnon—N. G.
~ Harry Elsmore—V. G.
Sam McLeod—R. S.
Wm. Oxley—F. S.
Walter Ross—Treas.
James Pierce—Warden,
Harry Cameron—Conductor,
Oscar Gustafson—Chaplain,
John Evans—R. S.  N. G.
John Errickson—L. S. N. G.
James Porter—I. G.
Adam Broomfield—O
Joseph Walker—R. S.
Ole Hanson—L. S.  S
David Hughes—R. S.
Emil Carlson—L. S. V,
V. G.
Mayor Matheson and Colleagues
Returned—D, J. McDonald
Succeeds Jas. Marshall.
Hotel Changes Hands
The Central hotel, one of the oldest hotels in the city, closed Thursday night as a licenced house.
Under the new Provincial regulations the house did not come up to
the requirements of law. A. O.
Johnson, the proprietor, has taken
ovei the Koob Hill hotel, formerly
conducted by Chas. Hagan. Mr.
Johnson has splendid business ability
and is a generous and public spirited citizen. The Knob Hill hotel
under his management will be conducted upon first class lines.
Balcony in Skating Rink
It has been found necessary to
provide more accommodation for
the people who attend the hockey
matches at the skating rink. A
balcony 150 feet in length  is   being
Again Mayor Matheson and the
board of alderman of Phoenix have
been elected by acclamation to succeed themselves. The only change
"from last year is that D. J. McDonald was elected to fill the vacancy
caused by James Marshall leaving
the city. Mr. McDonald is a heavy
property owner and an old resident
of Phoenix. For several years he
has conducted the Phoenix Livery
stable. He will prove a very tap-
able man for the position to which
he has been elected. J. W. Hannam
was elected to succeed himself as
school trustee.
The Orchestra Dance
The dance given by the Miners'
Union Opera house orchestra Monday night was a little late in starting, owing to the hockey match - on
the same evening, but when the
crowd did get there they certainly
made good use of their time until
the early hours of the morning.
The music supplied by the orchestra
was enjoyed throughly, and the
dance was in every way a pronounced success.
Greenwood Carnival Postponed
On account of the extremely mild
weather the management of the
Greenwood carnival found it necessary to postpone the affair untit- a
latter date.
Ore Tonnages
been made th«t a regular/passengcrl and la connectioa   with   the. hydro-  job evetj mioute of the game. ' >„-"*-.-    '• .'     -."       -       " I buUt, along   the   north   side ^o€   the
mrvice will.be,inau(furated..no   Portl«lectn^plant;a<thepower'-(house   isl , It is estimated that at    least 850 saw the," game-..   Men, women andl nolc.     j-Thva/wiU; accommodate    at.       -?«.'- _. _rl\"tvia ■ ,j,A'     . ig- ^.^ -  ;-
Goorgo'at once.      ■""".        ",v'   l - 1 proceeding: rapidly, and W^is'j«w»fi-'-> cKUdren'shotitea- themselves   hoarse, .to such al height  dVd -'their^enthus-VVeast.lf^O peopje.^aod. wtU; g\ve . thel .    r,™°™8are™   "i   3T *; .,•■,      .1 • ,
It has also   been   officially   stated j dently expected that the sixietter will I iasm    run. A.   large   crowd   came . iip ,froni Greenwood; and-'^liite'a\Wrt poss\bVe.^&tbn.tTom wft'ich to;,0^^;°} ii   e' P-tan'!!-'," ���™'^" ""^
that   the   end   of  steel   will   rest at   blow in on the 25th January,   if not   number from Grand Forks.' J       '" \ view what taVSeW.. place  on   the
before.        • Penalties,   second   period—Trehern and   Morris
Fort George through the winter.
i view what taW*s. place   on   the   ice. pe\tei fofe weeW-e^ng^!^/%/>-
Third   period—I The work is  under   the supervisioni Graiaby -:... 24,768     VT2S4,899»
Big; Store
of the Big Store desire to
thank its Customers generally for their patronage during 1913.
During 1914 we will carry
the same complete stock, and
have the same desire to please
you as in the past.
"We Wish you all A Happy
New Year."
s= I Morris and Trehern.   " Fourth period—Mcintosh and Neil.
Joles Rochoa was referee   and  P. C. McWha, judg-e   of play.     Both
are Grand Forks   men.     The time keepers were  Biack   and   Quaoce,    of
Phoenix, and McKay and Log-an of Greenwood.
The following is the line-up:
Mitchell - Goal -Clarke
Davidson Point Aiexson
Benson Cover Point	
Bassett Rover '
Mcintosh Center	
Morris..:.'. RiSht Win&- • ';	
O'Connell. ... .......... . . .'Left-Wing.... • • •
Spare—Sayers and Howey for flioenix and Fisher for Greenwood.
Greenwood has fyled a protest on the grounds that "during the
first period the referee let his bell fall, and the Greenwood players, thinking that it was for an off side, stopped playing and then Phoen.x scored.
In the last period Greenwood scored twice, and if the goal had not been
counted in the first period, Greenwood would have won."
True, the bell fell on the ice during the first period, but Rochon, the
referee, contends it was knocked out of his hand, and at the time decided
that tbVgoal scored by Davidson for Phoenix counted.
of Frank McDonald, boss carpenter J smelter tonnages
' at the Granby/._. / Granby ......... 22,275      1,252,765
. . .Smith
I    B. C. Mining    |
A flurry in Consolidated Mining
& Smelting.. company stock is reported.    It is now selling at $90.
Seattle placer mining men are
setting up a drill near the railway
station on the Similkameen river.
The Nobie Five mine near Sandon
has closed down for the winter. A
number of men are engaged on the
deep level tunnel which is being run
from near the old Sovereign ground.
Some important developments are
expected in relation to the
mining situation in the vicinity of
Ashnola and Copper mountain. A
smelter is probably the question
to be settled in February.
Shipments of zinc ore and concentrates from mines in the Slocan district during the year just closi-c!
totaled 8,328 tons, according to the
official figures 'which have be.-n
made public.
The Place to Get
Distinctive Clothes
Clothes that set you apart, that, by their very excellence and style, mark you as --Somebody."
Haven't you often wished for a suit like that ? You
can get it now—at a reasonable price.
A big strike of rich silver-lead ore
has been made on the Treasure
Mountain, Summit Camp, the lead
exposed showing 18 inches of solid
galena and 4^ feet of vein matter.
Assays average $150 to the ton.
Men are working day and night
at the Standard mine at Silverton in
an effort to get under way 2,500
tons of zinc ore which is being shipped to Argentine, Kan., for treatment. The shipments are being
rushed as the ore is piled up in the
open air and the company desires to
move it before the frost sets in
The ore was piled to await the
definite decision as to the new
United States tariff, under which a
reduction in duty was made, which
is proving of considerable benefit
to British Columbia zinc  producers
As we go to press the hockey gai:i<
between the Intermediate twiins if
Phoenix and Greenwood is beii-g
played, and the Hartley-Cosgrove ra •-.■
run, accounts of which will appe u-
next week.
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Automobiles ran on the streets of  Phoenix this week' and the school  children played marbles. Al! of  which goes to. prove how delightful our winter climate is.  "The stranger in Phoenix would  no doubt arrive at- the conclusion  that hockey was the city'.-, chief industry, and that the mines were  lun merely as a side line.  , Here is a remark made by a  .street speaker in Seattle ,the other  . day. While standing' on a soap  box he shouted: "All the thieves  in all the penitentiaries have not  stolen as much as one multimillion-  air has done."  The people want to see clean  sport, and it is to be regretted that  any other kind should be indulged  in. Hockey is one of the most interesting of the winter games, and  it requires young men of nerve and  in the best of physical condition to  play it. The players are bound to  get hard knocks and bumps even  when the game is played as it should  be, therefore any unnecessary rough  tactics should not be tolerated for  an instant. Cut the rough stuff out,  by all means, and do not bring  the game down to the level of the  hull fight or the   prize ring.  Phoenix hockey fans are reasonable in their request for the games  to start earlier. ���' Without the people who'attend there would be- no'  hockey, so that their wishes should  be m,et with to as great **n extent  as possible.    - - ,   ,        ^  --r-W  /*; -,_The< German EmperorVis'-; said^ to  Because his wife sent him a  comb and brush as a Christmas  present, a Philadelphia prominent  merchant, is suing for a divorce.  In discussing his troubles and his  bald-head, he said: "My wife has  poked fun at my baldness long  enough. I've done everything a  mortal man could to grow hair on  my head, but what's the use? I'm  bald and-bald I'll be fce^ the rest of  my days. I can stand much, but  this thing got my goat. 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I'am not quite sure whether the  yonng- men of the present 'dny fully  appreciate the domestic girl. Bread  making dosen't appeal to them in  their "first love" days half so much  as traveling through, wood hand in  hand with a soul mate. - When they  get a little older, however, men let  their eyes fall lingeringly upon girls  who know the ins and outs of the  commissariat department.  The girl or women who "lives to  dress" is loved by a certain class of  men���because she dresses. Being  "smart" themselves, they naturally  wish to be seen in the company of a  "smart'' member of the opposite  sex. The "smart" woman,' however, generally frightens her  "smart" lover in the long run. He  argues to���himself: ���-"She dresses  very nicely, but if I marry her there  won't be anything for me to dress  on after her bills and the rent are  paid."  ' The engineering woman is another kind of flattering woman.  But she more often makes a man  than mars him.* Asa rule,'she  links her future with a man of moral  instability, and succeds in making  her husband quite a "shining liffht  among his friends.     This woman is  an excellent \vife7~ "What would  her.husband do without her?" is^the  spendid eulogy of her friends.  But the cheery gul���--he who is  gifited with a large, amount of  sympathy and who is fairly economical���seldom remains unwed. The  average man Js fond of cheerfulness. But he is still more ,fond of  sympathy. He wants a woman to  convince him that the world, if it  uses him hardly, will one day even  up matters by beginning to smile  on him. He wants a woman to  make his troubles her troubles, his  joys her joys, and then his life runs  smoothly.  DR. KELLEY  .     CURES  DISEASES  mmaaamWmammmammVmmmaammamammmamama  OF,  MEN  BY MODERN  METHODS   -  My Motto: Quick lasting cures guaranteed at Moderate Prices. Expert  Medical Examination Free. 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Forshaw  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Goal mining rights'of the Dominion,  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a pertion of the  Province of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one' years  at an'ttnnnal mate! ��f $1 aw a��re. Not-  mere fha% ��)��& '-J-ftK-fl trill be Imftscl to  one ffippftRMfc.  Apylicatiea for a lease must be wade  by the applicant In person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for "are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be stakfiil out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  neces&ary for the working of the mine  at the rate of .$10.00 an acre.  For  full    information    application  shou-d be made to the Secietary of the  Dept rtment of the  Interior, Ottawa,  We   W.tsh   Everything    but   the! w to any Agent or Sub- A gent of Do-  ���  7. I mini 3ii Landb.  Baby. ���** j w. W. CORY,  , Deputy Minister of the Interior.  A Trial Solicited. -      N.B.-Unnuthorized   publication  of  Phone ^0.   Dominion Ave. j this advertisement will not be paid for.  PYTHIAN SBSTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Lower Town  Second and Fourth Thursdays.  ' Mrs. Mary McKenzie  Miss Morfydd Batoman, ~" *"  jrfydd U  M.E.C.  M.R.O.  RECO STEAM LAUNDRY  The machinery in our Laundry has  recently bepn completely over-hauled,  and we are now in a position to give  our pations the utmost satisfaction in  all kinds of laundry work at the most  libei ii rites.  Send InTbur Stationery Orders and  Holiday Printing to the  Phoenix Pioneer  THE HOME OF  ARTISTIC  ^  A BUSINESS MAjSI  IS   KN      -W   f-Y THE  QUALITY OF PRINTING HE USES  Our Stock of Stationery is the Best that can be procured in  Canada, and our Workmanship will meet with your approval  \    Why Not Have Your Stationery  Printed by Us?  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Large lofty rooms,'  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  Night and Day Service  Patrons of this hotel will  find  in  it all  the "comforts ot home.  Perfect satisfaction is assured all our guests.     It is -  the most centrally located hotel-in. town.  Bar Stocked with Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars  HARTMAN & WALSH, Props.  ...  1 FIRST STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE j\  *aammKmawammwmammmmwaamwa*mmmmwwa3aaammmmmawmmwaaxm  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy "produces'b*6th."  THE   DAIRY      J. W, Hannam, Prop.  Roughly speaking Canada has a  forest area of 781,000 square miles.  Dr. Hawkey has been appointed  school medical health officer "for  Nelson.  A large number of relics of the  revolutionary war were discovered  in Philadelphia in a secret vault.  In Vancouver this winter many  people are working for their board  at anything they can get to do.  The damage occasioned by forest  fires in Canada during the past  season was probably the lowest on  record.  The -vacuum   cleaner   has   been  used successfully for   removing   the  dust and dirt from   animals'   coats  Horses   and   cattle     take     kindly  to the new process. ,.<  Cardinal Gibbons has been presented with $500,000 in first mortgage bonds, the gift of the Knigfits  of Columbus of the United State's  to the Catholic university at Washington. /  At Rossland last week Police  Magistrate Plewman gave four  boys stiff sentences, being convicted of the theft of whiskey and  money from the Ceutral hotel.  The labor men of Indianapolis  are preparing to operate one of the  largest department stores in that  city. They propose to raise $200,-  000 by the sale of stock in the new  venture.  Pelkey's Father Hard Hit  One of the pathetic incidents, of  the battle at San Francisco New  Year's day was the presence at the  ringside, in a box seat well up toward the front, of Andrew Peltier,'  father of the defeated Arthur Pel-  key. *  Peltier had come all the way from  the east to be on hand for   what  he  fondly  expected  would   be  the triumph of his son.     For four  rounds  he took a decided interest in affairs.  Then came  the  change.    The  old  man evidently divined, unoccustom-  ed as he is to the boxing game, that  things   were   not going  well.     His  head dropped, he pulled down   over  his head the wool cap he was  wearing   and   finally   bowed   his   head;  refusing to look at what was   going  on inside  the ropes.      He   couldn't  help hearing the cries of  the   Smith  supporters,      however,    and   every  punch that  was   landed   on   Pelkey  sent a quiver through  Andrew   Peltier.   �����   Copper From Water  /  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-CIass and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix.     New* from cellar"  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary,   Opposite   Great  Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  ���*-*  STEAM HEATED.  O. D. Bush, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  1  J  ���.-;<���*  Proper  !es?fbr Men  FOR FALL.  Are now ready for Inspection.     Make vour  choice  while   the  assortment   is  complete  L. M. Davenport, and Oscar  Berg, manager of the carpet department of the Crescent store, in  Spokane, have gone east to select  the furnishings for the new Davenport hotel.  The Knights of Pythias of Ward-  ner and Kellogg, Idaho, will name  committees this week to make plans  for the celebration Feburary 10 of  the fiftieth anniversary of the foundation of the order by Justis Rath-  bone.  The International Typographical  Uuion has over' $600,000 invested  in first-class securities in the United  States and Canada, the money being  the reserve funds credit to tbe benefit, morturary and   general   account  Butte is not the only district   that  produces copper from   mine   water.  From the two working shafts of the  Penn Coppermine, Calaveras county,  California, a total of 30,000 gallons  of water is bailed daily.    This averages   15  lbs,   of copper  per  1,600  gallons.  It is run through 14 boxes,  9 of which are  2 ft. by 3 ft. and five  are 1 ft. by^2 ft. in  section,   having  the common length of  100 feet with  a fall of 6 in. in each length.    These  are filled with all kinds of scrap iron  :ind refuse from can factories on the  coast.    The copper  is   precipitated  on   this  scrap. The   boxes   are  cleaned once a month, the large  scrap being lifted out and the finer  material put through a 16-mesh  screen. The precipitate is dried,  sampled, and--shipped to an eastern  refinery. It averages 70 per cent,  copper, and the monthly yield is  seven tons, all produced at a low  cost.   *.   Some Sound Advice  d. l. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  t  -   and Cedar Poles.     Stull Lag-g-an.  First-CIass Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVI Q  MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  Meat Market Specialties  New laid oggs, GO c. per doz.   Choice Eastern e��gs. 40 c.  Fancy New^Zealand butter, 45c. per lb.  Empress Creamery'butter, 40c. per lb. two lbs. for 75c.  Mild cured Harris, 27 c. per lb.  Breakfast Bacon,^28 c. per lb.  ' Pure Leaf Lard, 5 Ib.fpails, SI.OO.  Sardines, 15 c. per tin.   Canned Salmon, 25 c. per lb. tin.  Kippers, Haddies, Smoked Salmon.      '  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.       PHONE 2  The spetators at a hockey  match  should try and   remember   that   the  players are on the ice because   they  enjoy the most manly  of sports notwithstanding the bard  knocks,   and  give pleasure   to   spectators.      The  inhabitants of each  little   village   in  the   league   naturally   wish    to   see  their team win, but that is no reason  why players on the   opposing   team  should be insulted.       It   is   a purely  Thds. Browsi  "Everything-a Man  Wears"  1*9 YOUR SCR BUSINESS DIRECT with the largest house In the World  .    dcaltog exclusively in AMERICAN RAW FURS   Get "More Money" for your FURS  SBIPYOtRFURS TO "SHUBERX"  Sif"- J.i reliabtc��� responsible��� safer-Fur Houso with an unblen  ei tsttuioa eitiatini*' foe "more thnnti quarter of a century,"  shed rep-  Ion?--suc  cessful record of sending Fur Shippers prompt��� SATISFACTORY  AND-PROFITABLE returns. Write for "Ef*t ��&ul��rt fi>6(pptr,"  the only reliable,accurate market report and price list published.  Write lor it-NOW���it's Fit-SB  AR   GUT? IRFDT   I�����   2S-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.  . ft>. 3*1 LUSH.!* a, inc. Dept.542Chicago.u.s.a.  nttrf*l<fXr*^**^������^am:*I^^,M^������^^,*~m���^m���M��� "ITII*  ' ' tT 'TT"il MM      IIIIWIII   III  of the organization.  Joseph Chamberlain, the venerable British statesman, has decided to retire from parliament at  the next g-eneral   election.      He has  served continuously as a member of j sporting- event, a test of skill and!  the house of commons since 1876,1 endurance, in which none but fairly/  all    this    time    representing:     West  clean   young-   men   can   hope   to be]  The Phoenix Club  ' --  I N. J. Deichert, Prop.  x ***      x* * t  PIPEls) CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES-  BEST BRANDS ALWAYS ON HAND.  Special Line of the Famous Haid Chocolates  Smokers' Supplies.        Soft Drinks  Birmingham,  old.  He is now..78  years  What is said to be  sifigle insurance deal  was  consummated  by  the   largest  ever made  a  Canadian  NEW YEAR NOVELTIES FOR CHILDREN  Innumerable Toys, Guns, Dolls. Everything- suitable  for Christmas Tree Decorations, Children's Games, and  all kinds of Fancy China. Call today and Inspect.  FINE SELECTION OF GANOIMG'S CHOCOLATES, FANCY BOXES  The Best Grade of Havanna Cigars.  KNOB HILL AVENUE  .��.  IX-  Stage Line  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m. ->  m <<        lower town,   9.00 a.m.  iStandard Time  Leave Greenwood, 3.00 p.m. J  PROMPT  ATTENTION   TO  EXPRESS  AND  FREIGHT  J. FULLER,, Proprietor  firm on December 4th in Montreal.  The poli��*y is for upward of $100,-  000,000, and the property insured  is valued at from $112,000,000 to  $115,000,000 and belongs to the  Canadian Pacific Railway.  The death rate in New York last  year is 13.77 per thousand population, about the same as London,  which has the lowest death rate of  the great cities of the world. Infant mortality is also much lower,  due in large measure to the improvement in milk brought about  by the many milk stations'established by the Board of Health, the  New York Milk Committee and  private agencies.  Harry Wright of Nelson was  robbed of a diamond ring valued at  $1,000 and a gold watch valued at  $750 while stopping at the Hotel  Spokane, in Spokrfne, last week.  The stolen property was mysteriously returned by parcel post.  Wm. Cadreau, 22 years old, former baseball pitcher for the Spokane club in the Northwestern  league and now with the Vancoiir  ver team, has been arrested and is  in jail awaiting an investgation,  successful.-7 We might all try and  hide our little, narrow, parish prejudices and give credit where it is  due. Support your team, but don't  insult their opponents.���Slocan Record.   : "���" :���:   Liberal Speakers Coming  ENGLISH BILLIARDS,   POOL,   BOWLING ALLEYS  l��@ry Woman  Is Interested and should know  about the wonderful  MARVEL Whliimg Spray  Tho now Voeinal Syringe.   Best  '-Mostconvenient.   It cleanses  Instantly.       Ask yo ir  1 druggist for  At a conference of the Liberal  party leaders, H. C. Brewster, John  Oliver and M. A." Macdonald, it  was decided to make a tour of the  province, holdingmeetings at such  places as there will be time for before the party convention, to be  held in Victoria, February 25th.  Brewster and Oliver are scheduled  to speak in Phoenix on Monday,  February 2nd, and possibly Greenwood on the same date. Afterward the leaders will go north to  Prince Rupert, Bella Coola and  other points.  Norval Baptie to the Front  Nerval Baptie will shortly leave  for the prairies, where he will endeavor to force Edmund Lamy into  some speed exhibitions in the effort  to settle the long dispute over the  question as to who is the real title  holder in some of these events.  Lamy appears in exhibitions in Edmonton on Monday', and while there  will be challenged by Baptie to a  series of contests which will forever  bury the dispute should Lamy be in  a receptive frame of mind.  The Central Hotel  NEAREST HOTEL TO FAMOUS GRANBY MINES  FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION  FOR   MINERS  Bar Stocked with the Finest Line of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A. O. Johnson    -    -    -    Proprietor  The Butte Hotel  LOWER TOWN  Bar stocked with the Finest of Italian Wines.  Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  p/?  If he cannot COPPly Hit  - "l.nCMpln   -������-  'UuttERl   ,. ���-_JWtiillpa>.-  ula'rs nml dlrectltiiii InvjIuaBlo to ladles.  WINDSOR SUPPLY CC.  Windsor. On!. General Ae��nt�� for C.w  but sendstamp'jorlllultfjttd  huolc���seated KgiV-cJTnll cattle  Mayor Baxter Re-elected  Mayor T. S. Baxter has been reelected in Vancouver. lie had -i  majority of 1,835 over L. D. Taylor. Eleven aldermen out of sixteen in the council were also returned.  STEAM  HEATED THROUGHOUT  Rooms  Furnished, Clean, and Well Ventilated.  LUCIANI & VICHARY, PROPS.  Insurance Agent  FIDELITY   BONDS,   PLATE   GLASS,  COMMISSIONER   FOR   TAKING  1 AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX, B-C, ���saSW  't ��"*   'U  ^T^n. !WM^t^dT*^%^^*<^^^  ->��� H'  ��� ���*-**>*     -ii ���*'  <���*. ,vir  ?(SV.��'i> v *  *��<  /"W  "f  "*-v..  *Vr Jh���^_  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Phone ,56 P.O.Box  ���'     >McKAY 8c KNIGHT  .Grocers and Provision Merchants  \ *'  '     '/,      <. (Next Door to Drug Store) ,   "   *  1*3  It  P  I  just Arrived  Finest Swedish Anchovies - 40c- can  Norwegian Fish Balls        -       - 35c-  Prim Ost ~50c. 21b. Brick  Edam Cheese      -       - No.'1 Quality, SI .25  -       - No. 2 " LOO  a  ti  v  Almstrom's Book Store  Hmmmmm^mmrwmmMmmmwmmamMMammamammamma^amammmwmmmaammmnmmaaam  Stationery, Confectionary and Fancy Goods  Kodak Supplies and Wall Papers.  All the latest Books and Newspapers.  Phone 42. Phoenix, B.C.  asm  Miners' Union Opera House  PROGRAM FOR  SATURDAY, Jan. 17, '14  mammmmMmaamaaaaa^mmmmmmWammammWaaaammmaaammWam  "   s  " - " " " ��� i-.*     '  _    Magnificent Two-Reel Special Feature, entitled  "The Flame in the 'Ashes?'--  "and  What Her Diary Told"  Modern Drama  and a screaming Tanh..user Coinedy,~-entitled  *T        ��� .   * * .      ���** <  ;~   "A Deep Sea Lyre*��.  *   <   > -  ^SPECIAL- ATTRACTIO^-^BeautilVil^IUastrated�� Song^entitfed  I^Comical Eyes*'"   sung by IllisslEto  *t*��*****mHg**3m\  I ivV&T&'i&'-r ,-���:'*;;,-*-:**r.r'-  li.ida'k*.)..*>'.;.,'_*.... ��� ���*--,  m0^0<':'-::'������'���-:^-y ���  i^t  "%&���  \sp-k <?.&���'&&'��������&:;<::���  I'M,! &$^*Ki*;  ��iv    '-'������-'���  ��/��� c  GOLD WATCH FREE.  A - ��tr��!ghtfonr��r<l reiiewua  S_ *5}m "a eM**ll��he<��  8F?*i: w* ���**" 0lTln�� away  WatelM.  to   thon��Sa�� ���  ���:'    POOploaU'   OT6T    tlio  world aa a tn��a  adTertlMment Now'  I", your chanoa to  obtain one. Write  now, enclosing as  rants for one.of our-  faahlonabls Iiadlea'  {joo** Qoarda, ox  Genu* Alberta, umt  carrlMB vatd to wear  with tho watch, which  wUl.bo ilran JJroo  (tbeeo iratehM are  Bnarantaed in yean).  ahoald yoa take ad-  ?botS i.2? t*5?. *-^w .tlMm -H"8   heanWol    witch?  jv,o't think thta oSte too mod to bo trno. but ^d  . J.a .cent,  to-day and tin   B  fne   W��trfT���������vwU  till bo amaaidj-WlLLUMS ft. ISoYD   vLrJ^ I  Local and General  Bernie Morris a Married Man  *S. E. Mills, of Ferry, "Wash., was Its  town Wednesday.  James McArdle was up from Grand  Forks Wednesday.  Jack Olark was down ��b Grand  Forks the flrst of the week.  Miss Jessie Venderford left Thursday morning for Spokane on a visit. t  A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.  Sam Staraszeki on Monday Jan. 12.  There is good .ice at Rossland, but  the rinks at Trail and Nelson are bare.  Mrs. E. P. Shea left Tuesday for  Seattle after spending several days in  town.  J.j A.., Morrin received word this  week of the death of his father near  Montreal.  Mrs. Deichert, mother of N. J. and  Ted Deichert, left yesterday morning  for California. >  Airs. James McKeown returned  home Monday from Spokane, where  she was visiting for several weeks.  D. A. McDonald left last Thursday  for Anyox, where he will enter the  employ of tho Granby company.  Mrs. Schrook returned Thursday  from Spokane, where she had been  spending the holidays withtrclatives.  Four calendar men hit Phoenix in  one day this week. They are taking  orders for calendars to be delivered  nex fall. <  For Sale���Three roomed house for  bale, situatedW Brooklyn ave. Terms  icabonable. For particulars apply to  Pioneer office.  George Jenks, for a long time employed at the Brooklyn hotel, has  gone to Nelson to join the staff at the  Strathcona.  James McGregor, mining inspector,  was here this week for the first time  since he met with an accident some  months ago.  Isaac Crawford, now in the mercantile business in Carmi, but a former resident of .Phoenix, was in town  most of the week.  James Anderson, of Victoria, was  here this weelt to meet James McArdle, with whom he is interested ~in  the Knob Hill hotel'hene-*. .' .'.  Gillespie, the hockey* player .who  came here from Winnipeg with Benson, O'Connell and Mcintosh,. has  signed with the Rossland team,  S. J. Matthews; proprietor of the  Great Northern hotel at Grand Forks,  was in Phoenix the first' *>f ���the week  meeting his many old friends.'    i  sy  , Joseph Ingram and,wife left1 Thursday . morning for' Chewawa,    in  Old  MeiiTO,-forla trip.. They-willc-remain  Hnlth^e.soutH during the winter."  *   -*��� -&  B ^r ^, r       -.has "^returned.  ���w.'W... M. fBlMlcstock  Two of the star players in the  Phoenix hockey team, who were  single men last season have joined  the ranks of the benedicts. ��� Mitchell; the invincible goal tender, was  the first to take the plunge,  few weeks ago cuptd got in his  work oiranother player in the per  son of Bernie Morris, one of the  fastest hockey players in the coun  try and a universal favorite with  the people whereverhe is. Morris  is the highest salaried player in the  Boundary or Kootenay, and probably in the province. The following  account of his wedding which took  place recently appeared in the  Moosejavv Morning News:  '���Bernard Patrick Morris, proba  bly the most talked of hockey player  in Canada at the"present time, was  quitely married on Monday evening  at the Presbyterian manse by the  Rev. W. G. Wilson to Miss Minnta  ftelle Cowan, daughter of Mrs. S.  D. McMicken of this city.  "The cantracting parties are both  very well known here. The bride  who was born'in this city and has  lived here all her life-is immensely  popular among her wide circle of  friends. s  "The bridegroom is a resident of  Brandon, Manitoba, but for the past  three years has spent-much' of his  time here. Two seasons back he  played hockey with the Moose Jaw  professional team and last season  was engaged as coach of the local  Robin Hood club but eventually left  here to play hockey in British Columbia.    " V  "Many friends were_present at the  C.P.R. depot yesterday to give the  newly married couple a hearty, send  off on their departure for Phoenix,  B. C., where Morris will finish up  the hockey season with the Phoenix  club of the Boundary League."  Mrs. Morris vdid not accompany  her husband to Pnoenix,   as   stated  above.   .��   Eagles Hold Smoker  The members  of  Phoenix   Aerie  No. 158, Fraternal Order of Eagles,  jielcPa smoker and concert in   their  lodge .room   in   the  Miners'' Union  building last Friday evening. ' The  hall was crowded with members and  friends. .Jf-E. Thompson "presided,"  and asc usual proved Himself in every  way equal to the occasion.     Supper  citie Hatand is"again at histoid place"hwas served in the banquet  room   by  ijmthe Canadian Bank of Commerce.    rDanny Deane.     Music was  provid-  ; AreyoulookioKforasnap?   Here's  ed   .       Cf]as    E     K; and   ,here  a- chance.      One   heatinc*   stove,   one I - _,��..�����  iyinjge; one automatic Davenport, and! were several songs and   recitations  asideboaid. Call at the Pioneer office  Roy Clarke, one of the Phoenix Intermediates,  while practicing at  the  rink ^Wednesday night,   got   a  hard  failgahd.  hurt his  knee cap.   Clarke  will probably be out of the game for  the remainder of the season.        v; .   ,,,  ^^^B^S^illcoxi;';;;whovreceht-lyV're^,  stnrnecjj^orh t^ingi^eatmiBirit at the  ^Printe^Bb^erih Cp up  f^j^;^reenwc^^MpnS^<and .;��� spent:  i.se've^ghours;;iia; towri^O He-has im-i  Jjbro;ire4*^pn^ei^ but  ^ysjh^will not go^back to the prinip  ihg-business"for at lea^t two yearsi ^S  V^'therti^al'of John Mirkbvich for the  istebbuiigof Nick^Usolack in Phoenix  onVDOTember 24tb, wasi held at .Green*  wp0d jWednes^y'befc^' Jndge.Bro.wn  pfej;the-, .district court.���;: The prisoner  was sentenced to six mon ths in the  Nelsoiii jail. Hisjvictim is still under  "the doctor's care.   ** ' '  Fred A. Lynch, the popular tenoir"  vocalist, has been singing at the Miners'Union Opera house and has been  making a decided hit. Last Saturday  night he sang: "To Have, to Hold; to  Love," and ������There's'a-'.Girl, in the  Heart of Maryland." Tonight Miss  Etta Murray will sing "Comical Eyes."  ��� -��.���: _ ���-.-  Liberal Meeting  The Phoenix Liberal   Association  will hold a. meeting  in  the   Miners'  Union hall Tuesd \y evening,  January 20th, at 7:30 p. m.       :  ��� A; H- McPherson, Secretary  The affair proved a big success.  Scots to Honor Burns  A Scotish social will be held in  the Miners' Union lodge room on  -Thursday evening, January 22nd,  to commence at 8 p.m. sharp.  iTHisJis. being held in honor of the  ^lSSithJanniversary of the^birth of the  pqjet-Bobbie*_Burns. It will be in  the nature of a reunion of the Scottish-residents of Phoenix, and any  Scotch people who, have been overlooked^ by invitation are requested  to hand in their names to either T.  Brown or Norman Davidson.  Mining Machinery at_ Hazelton  ItiTwp carloads of pipe aud mining  'machinery have arrived at Skeena,  near'Hazelton, for the Rocher de  Boule mine and there is a lot more  on the way. The Continental Development company have had a big  force of men on right along and they  are--''ready for most of the plant.  Frank Brown, recently returned  from a trip to-Butte and Superintendent Williams will be back in a  short tirriel  Steam Heated Throughout  Last year the value of  the   forest  Products; in B. CJ was   $30,000,(XMX  The Irinest Acccimraodatipn for  the Travelling Public.  ��1 !W3$t%-  ��!��)!:  ;';."''��� 'i'Jie;Oliver .Typewriter has won in-  tei ijalnpjuii ftiriic u-i t.lu- per'feot. writing  machine for every '.lineof busihosK.  PS 'N J N GR OO M    SERVICE  ���:'/' "':���:UIMEkQEtLEb-::':::-���:  Nine Weii-Lighted  Samplerooms.  Phone 12  Transfer of Liquor Licence^  ���JAS.   MARSHALL,  PROP.  To the  Board   of License Commis  sinners, Phoenix, B. C.  TAKE NOTICE thafc I intend to  apply to the Board of License Commissioners for the City of Phoenix, at  .thcL..nu:ft sitting for a transfer.cf the  Liqi,or License held by nie fo*,.- the  Knob Hill Hotel, Phoenix, B.C., to  Andrew O. Johnson, Phoenix, B. O;  James McAudle,  Was Big Tie Contract  Winter's Cough Cure  For that nasty tickling Cough, or sore  bronchial tubes, this Cough Syrup fills  the bill.  Nothing but the balsam from Pine trees,  with a desirable medium, and absolutely  free from opiates.  50c. a Large Bottle  -*��� t  'Phone 31."  QUANCE, The Druggist  Special Values  During January, we will sell a number of special  articles-at a discount of 20 percent.    '  These include���  Sterling Silver  Manicure and   Toilet Sets, in  cases, prices from $10 to $70.   20c. off each $  Also Special Prices on Cut Glass, Sterling Silver  and Plate. .  It will pay you .to call and look these over.  E. A. Black, Jeweler  PATENT SKATE GRINDING MACHINE  ��� ���"*vr'-r  >r  -r  The Only Machine for Grinding: Skates  Perfect in B.C., at  Kinney's Blacksmith Shop, Greenwood, B.C.  Everything in Men's Wear  Clothing-  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes  Hats  Caps, etc.  -"Everything a Man  Wears"  no  .;';-.;-'.T:he/recent fal) of soow probably  meant more to D. L. McElroy than  to any other man in Phoenix. Mr.  McElJoy ^has > 10,000 ties in the  woods near town that must be delivered, at Greenwood this winter.  He  has  a  force of men all fall and  .winter-making these ties, and he is  naturally anxious to, get them out.  He has ^several teams, at work, and  if  the   siidw   holds; out  he will get  ) through with the job -.'all'right.'  MILK AND CREAM  The rich quality of our Milk and  Cream is gaining new patrons  for us daily. We solicit a trial.  Delivery made to any part of the  city.     Mail lis a card.  Church Services  The PHOENIX DAIRY  W. A". McKay & Sons, Props.  Nelson    won   from    Rossland   in  the hockey match played at the   lat  Daied ut Phoenix, B.C., this 18th day: ter place Tuesday night.    The score  ot January, 19W. | was,7 goals to 5.  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  St. John's Church���Sundays: Holy  Con-uiunion, 8a.m.; Matins, 10.30 a.iw.;  Holy Communion and sermon, 11 a.m.;  Sunday school, 3 p.m,; Evening service, 7 30. Week days: Matins, 7.30;  Evensong, 7.30.  The stated services in the Catholic  church are as follows: First and third  Sundays in the month. Mass at 10  a.m., Sunday School at ,2.30 ,pm.;  Evening Service at 7.30 p.m. Rev.  Father Choinel, pastor.  Methodist Church ��� Sunday school  and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m. Prayer meeting, Thursday evening, at 7.45 p.m. Rev, A. T.  Bell,  St. Andrew's church' (Prosbytorian)  ���Service, Sundav next, Jau. 18th, at  7:80 p.m., Sunday- school .it 2 p.m. All  welcome.   Rev. J. R. Munro, minister.  1  I,  umpsmq^^jm ��v<  J??JHBWi. ���._


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