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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Jan 3, 1914

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Array IpW^mWSmmWmm  ;i��Aiieafig|F^^  #$ar<s|ip!eb^^  |||a��e��|iH^  and incidentally",and,;substantially  showed^thciSappreciation-; ofjsthe.  services'-rendered  during  the past  .j|^ot?tKe,;1eastJ;inte  the evening's entertainment-was the  su rpmekspru ajg-?, on #/ M ry^ajrdfM r s.:  Iecmfa$;b$  iWei$$p^  aplift'fi^^^^  numbers: of men-today  in   British  John Nelson ���and:Aing<elb''-Cattie^'  ''���^;;nne>;LostiiM7es^itt^  ?'^6bn!;Uudblph1NelsbW��and''Ahgelp;  Cattenne were killed instantly at the  Granby mine Wednesday afternoon  by being.struck by an electric motor.  Nelson, who was*, shiftboss, was  assisting- Catteririe in' thawing out  some air pipe in the No. J tunnel.  They were on the track and evident-  '���iy��fia%hVi\vWni'^^  ing.'rhb.tor,:-which struck them, and  ;girour$|^  jjfeitWbu��I$^  This-will include Albert Biner, Chas.  McKay and Tim Silas, violins; Frank  ^***lil^MM^^^^  i'^'ir��3;*^!V;S,'*5,  kindness and help given generously  and without favor, and as themputh-  ISii^M^^^i^ft:l%^  particularly  sad   one,': happening as it did on the  Boundary Hockey Schedule  ^@��firranS^olkt^  ��-^2taGreeriW0^d5at^randsF^  ||s��2#G.^^  iFeb|2^am^^qr>s|^^hoenix^^  |^gl$Grana^rp^  I||^^Sant;Franicwcov^  ;midnig.^  .blowing, of whistles and  the ringing  of bells to mark the incoming of the  New  Year.     The amoving picture  K^;:^SS��ia|s��^^S#^@Ste:^^ fee: w/s ?  They will play old favorites and the  /new ones, and the people are invited  tyr'gilPf"?}' .,J^^M*���Aw���>^>j.'l,+J,^[���j���^.vI���^^.i.'K��f.^.K^v/..^l,������v:'���viH;*^.^ j-  to come and   dance   the . "Tango."  "Kv-TivYjc,}'^'^''^'.^  ���Those-'who attended the v dance on  [.December'16th' last," and enjoyed the  excellent'music by this aggregation  o( musicians, will have another treat  Ji|i��st"b!e0^  navev been: assisting [ at the- moving  ���patronized   as   an  appreciation l,of  flVHaSirV/^'vcoru^  W*?*.  ;smfit:ptt9ra  !feeenfthroueb'SmWaobf^^ hou fe  Three week ago lie sent his wife and  three .children away- to New York,  tberie.to remain until be. joined them  and they were all going back to  Italy together.   He intended leaving  smaHxhildahd'als^abrotber living  bere.. - He is about-30 years' of agey  :andf#asi!a:;nati^  MstiMarc^  ���Nelsbnv|i:w^kil^  minelfpiMir$^  membett^fitb^jM  the past day or .two he has not been  small of his back, and was inflicted  fWithian^Ordinary ;pock��t:knife.af" The  affray took place on Wednesday  evenibgiSof ilasti;week.tt^?Mirkdvich  has ..been   remanded   for . another  brought up for hearing-, on January  ���7thv  VI��&^ZZZiWZZ}ZS$(  V   i  1  ianti thi  > -.^zy,  '��������� -���<������'..    .;'"���'  of the Big Store desire to  thank its Customers generally for their patrotiage  ing 1913.       ^   'lllil-  During 1914 we  the sahie complete;��ww,.  have the same de$iretp please  you as in the pa^&zV^S^'-z  "We Wish you all A Happy,  New Yean"  't>-:  ^^heifiiperar^ill?be^he1d?jlS  be:.conducted as'.;a: double   funeral  ist church  '<y.r\M'aypt??>&  ^;bekds^p^:;^Brpwft| an4:-|Ri;|fJ,;  :Fv^ki^bp*N^  ^aio'S^^aMi^benix I'vrihk^&ResuIt  was^ri;favpr"ibf-tGrand^Fbrks^  ^on;tnre::pne^game^ iZy^Z p]  (f^n^theisan^li^iP  ' WiD^^rd^n^Ki ;:;G^B;^Frithv:--H.j  ^tutelrepn^J^P^W  Mc.iSurrah^  Wood   and   played;   three    games.  Greenwood  wonH two  games    and  lbst:bne;':--.',':;-.','.".'.'���������'������' ���/'.'���'"'  ;  J.   H.MulIenV Charles: Knight,  N.Jjf Carson^; and Dr.  Millar  went  down to Greenwood   that  day  and  won two games and lost two.  Stabbing Case Postponed  Jll^h^isUbbinglcase^  Mirkovjch is in jail on the charge.of  inflicting a serious   knife wound   on  the person of Nick   Usolack,-xame  up -for -hearing 'before . Magistrate  iwuiiuiiiuu^i v>7ii��aiaJ9-:vr' aiifiuii'K -.v.^^u*  pi.yoraMe|p^o^S;:.fc^  stabbing he seemed to  show -signs  iSSSjf-vE  ���'^oT^^anbualtbo^nsp^ei of.: the 'Bpun-  ^ryS^rlinllaliocitflip^  Rto  tbe?!  Ib^Jtn.hKs^wiljIxom  Fcetejr^^ trophy,:;:held^,-.tBe;-'Mbther.  :|%aeMthe;^r^'o^  clup^^p^|.las)ti'5yea^  .'an'4Stb.|!^ii;b'dnye^  in;';cn,a"fge^;.bifiithe:^bbnspiel wiH callCon;  ip1cat��jm<^  ���BVj8t^g||the^eafefe^  'nTeetl'^he^jpe^  .Gra^d^'F^kstsutiSs f^H 'yy-yytr  :;:yZ:Zi$^r&-G^^  ^;Ba^mg^ccidenjt, under the stress  o^sjrenubiijs training^ithei speed  race; a between ���   U.   -Hartley ��� arid  Bam'fey;'-?'CbsgroYe:\;^will    positively  rtakV-'*'pIace;a^  'rink'''about the li2thi of January.  Both men aire doing hard training  and they can';be seen at the rink  mostly any evening tryiPg themselves out. The articles of agreement call for 25 laps around the  r.ink, and if either ^falls down or  touches his opponent he loses the  race:'T No unfair: tactics ;.will---go..'  I The; distance: covered "Avill j be l\yo  .miles. Both men have plenty of  , biickers,'and the betting1 so far 'is  abbiit eyen. There is some difficulty iii; settling upon the judges,  biit^there is plenty of time yet, and  by the.date of the race every detail  will be arranged. !  Phoenix Boys Have No Com-  ||pi&n��|l^^  ^STh'esitabYesf^  Phoenix hockey team in the match  played at Nelson New Year's night,  when -Nelsbri';won ithe: ^victory; in ia  ���^p'retpK^  .riB't'uYpvS^^yesto  'faiieny.bu|jthe^  atj;the)]tre^ ^jreceiyed  ���jvhuevawayi:^;^v^-��":^'>'->-iH*  ^ Thleiice^asynVpbor^cbnditibniand  ^as,^s;P,"iiblackj/thvat{t  sc^r^elyji'se^fitbef^  e^r|:.ii]i,t^made^i tf0&;h^;fpr^t^e.:pne ���  -were*at all.''timesv^dahgerous^'randi%:^^'fci:it'-v >��� i;:S3  'iMi'tchlll'ii'h'''gdal^^b^im^ndltime'lvi?^^&''���' "7  ~'M  again ,made;^niany.i'trulyrXmawelpds|ii:i^        ;;t?f ��^;? K?f  sayes^Du;ri^g^hei;g ^;; ..;^_::%;HE''  he ^ wa s'xyer^^danger^JUji^'ao vvyith? aV  l^rld'jiibfSspeed ^^n^d  sHbt.:'; ':i;^SayWs,:^Ba"ssettj'4r.McI ntosh -MZZZ'^  ^0,'Gohn'eU;'allritPbk#;-;J6t..pf;.watchihgv.;;.:.:/,v;f';  i:'/;>v:.  .Pernec|^a^giEi;^Ajp  tiniekeepeJrsS Z;Benson1 Zi whbSpiayed;  cover-point; iiriasthewgfirstlaperiods  tSc^reid'^'wh^gpafe^,^  rutes^fter|^  ;Ho^ever;':;'btif^a^c^^  ankle he was forced to quit and Mc-  .^ntpjsh^pp^ihis;!^  ^rst'^Tleagu'e;'; 'game;i^ithe^  septette''^riave^'^  ;themselv!M;thaf;th^  ii^OEN^S^^^|*^  :MttcTOl|>5'i:iv^-;^b^  iDa^ds'bnfKy;'^;^ ZZ- ZZ  ;JHbwey��Tv^Gbver<:'Pbint^^i;vM  'iBasseW. ;v'i:'^ vRpy e'r^: ^^^'Cyiy^r^vi-vi:^  *McIntp��hv^?y;;%G  ^Mccoraingi!^tPl��the^:Nels^^  :ihe,:^P/.h^pemx;;^ho^^  'tsn^wii^i^an'iti^'hleirvirwbr^  earlier stages of the  game  brought  'vividly fback^b^J^  fans��theSgre^@games ^thaty; were  playedfin'rthe.3pastfseaso,nv; series last  seasoj^b^^eji|stpeKtwpS  1i^f;inte1r,ioTEf;cham^  ^arn^w^k^^d'stickj^  .q^ihelBpesfc^i^ere^  senffee^fromVth'e^P^de  figured:in last season's gameswthat  was^sadJy; missed, . and   that   was  apd^Meir^te^m^^  pr^y0-z:Mi0^^  Tke-game;was! very  clean;Zthere :'.: ZZZyZZ,  !i'rig:eveni the slightest;' signs!;r ^ ��� :<ZZ';'.���  pf:!dirty;playing>byrj'either;;.team  : was;;.a|casfe':bif;; thnl Is  theVfans;ias\thVf^^  ;eyer^.j)sjpectaitbifj%.a's':^  ?$#  'tvWibgv'V ;-Hacking-:v;?   (. ���.. v....; ...,. ^'-Vos:.rB'i'c::.^>--:v;r^!w:;s:i'.';  .'G*^bnn'ell'^;V.tfeFt',yV  Knob Hill Hotel Renovated  Zyj amestMc Afd^ le; hasZZ^dy^forceZ^yy; yy  'bf,hien 'empibyedi'fbiv the ';pa^:;monih?^v:;/:Sv;^-.  .renpyatipg^the Knobi'vHillShbtel;jbf"; ^' fv     :Z  ; which^he J is;;the ro\y ne^  bben^neV^vlatlnng^an^  iand; everything^pujt: ^  ^ia'n^te:,'*;';^it1i^:'th'e^FjroyinciaJ?^  act.'  ~-.i-j.  ZZ.\-\ Ore Tonnages  sg:Fpilpwin'g^aw,^e|  but  .^^Glothes;;���^that set; you ap^rt; that, by their very excellence and/-.style,' mark you as "Somebody."  ::   /Haven't you often wished for a suit like that ?    You>  cari^get it now���-at a reasonable price.  Fire at Greenwood Smelter J  '"   MISS KATHRYN CAMERON   .  as "Mrs. Grubb" in "Missouri Girl" at  Phoenix Opera House, Thurs. Jan. 8th.  Last Saturday morning about '.;2  o'clock the slag milfand bins at the  smelter   of   the    British    Columbia  I Copper company were burned. The  furnaces were shut down for a few.  hours only.     Gre'at   credit   is giv>n  'the employes and the-city fire h.-i-  grade for the able manner in whi :h  they prevented the fire from '.spread*  iug to the other buildings.     V  have the distinctive fit and cut that is so hard to get.  They are the result of master designing and skilled  hand-tailoring,   applied   to   the  best of all-wool   fabrics���  that's why they have the style arid fit that lasts.  c     Just come in and look them over.  ' '   "'���"^    "������    l/';''''   ' ''���'   ';���''���';' ;f  We  also carry in  stock a large assortment of the  latest styles in Hats, Collars and Ties.  We Carry the Firost Grade of Shoes.  ��  arson  BLSaSMBBBfll (I /*  i< <* lif.  1   -   J,  Pfv1  &  ��  ��:'.  t^/VK.-.v.  SS^w  '��      -.  ���>'��*>  WW  V^  *\*r&^  %4U>V,  ,s ���(- .��;  .->t  '���",  '*'*  /-  ,(" <  I a  y r  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Z1   < ' ISSUED  WEEKLY      * ,  v        at Phqenix, British Columbia  ,    " t    Subscription, 2.00 per year  ' y'.*,v "2.50 to'Urjiied*States.' '  A^S ''   , ^G." Kay, Publisher/'   ,    V  THB/(MONEJ  PHOENIX,    BMTISH   COLtfMBIA.  Hi  /;. A,   ,"vJ.Vu -<  i1,^ <s'> *���*���<  The prospects for  an  abundance  of  prosperity  for  Phoenix   during  the year 1914 are favorable^ indeed.  The past year was a steady one for  the camp.k The "mines-'worked  to  their .full capacity, ^and'the^- average  number "of   men *were  throughout the1, year,  ; ABVaRTISIN^ SOAlii;    r   >    "\ year > there was a  marked  advance  AppU��tt(mtoriawOTUcenoe/waa^"..^M\ln theprice Qj  copperj thus" adding  Certificate ot Improvement notioo (00 clays) $7.fi0  AppUmtton to Purchase Land notices (80 da^s)  :.1 '. .'......'. $T.��  Delinquent Co-ownernotices(90days) ,.'..910.00  " Small Water Notices (30 days) .' $7.60  All other legal advertluing, 12 cents a line,  single column, for tho first insortion; and 8  cents a lino for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.  Display ads< $1.00 par inch,  single  column, per month.  mn m i.    ji i,i     wi--  Some Suggestions  1 The" Greenwood Ledge offers the  following  suggestions' for,*the New  Year:- .   ^ v -'v    -'"  ,Do not drink any booze until you  employed are 80 years old. -,      ^ -_" ^  rDurlng  the!  Saturday^, Jan. 3,' 1914'  Happy New Year!  materially to the profits of the companies operating here/' and adding  to the wages of the men employed.  This" increased wage . in^ turn  put more mpney in circulation, and  added to the prosperity of ���tbe city.  The wages earned by the working  men "here forM913 amounted to  over a" million dollars, and there is  no apparent reason why an equal if  not greater amount' should not be  earned during 1914. , ���<  On Christmas Eve. many stockings were Riled with presents, but  mo>t of them were filled with feet.  No question about hard times 'in  Missouri, when a farmer will,complain that someone  is stealing his  'skunks. " v  , j  ��� t  *<r The hockey season, begins i^  -��� earnest <��� next   "week. 7    Then - the  ���'orange and black" colors will- be  ".in evidence proper.  IF YOU AND I  V  The man^ who spends his life in  "getting even".for real or supposed  injuries is a torment to himself .and  generally a bore to,his friends.'"  "  Wine,  I-  IU-  .���><.  "st C  womep, and "the "speed  Tmania is the latest excuse given   by  ' an Illinois man who  killed  another  to  get an "automobile.    It used to  ,   be "wine, women and song." " - <~  <  ^   . *"  ���       ��� j. *,  r        He^vho helps a child helps hum-  r���^.anity  with a  distinctness,  with "an  immediateness, which no other help  given   to  human   creatures  in   any  V stage of their human life can possibly  -', give again:     >��� J(       '  If you would smilo a libtlemore,  Aiid I would kinder be;  If you would stop to thinkrbefore  You speak of faults you,.pee;  If I would show more patience, too,  With all with whom I'm hurled,  Then I would help, and so would you,  To make a better world.  If you cheered your neighbor more,  And I'd'encourage mine;  If you would linger at his door /  To say his work is fine; ,  And I would stop to help him when  His lips in frowns are curled;  Both you and I'd be helping then'  To make a better world.  , ������ ' .   <  But just as long as you keep still  ^iAnd.plod your selfish way,  And I rush on and, heedless, kill  The kind words I could say;  While you and I refuse-40 smile,  - "  .- And keep our gay flags furled.  Some one will grumble all the while  That it's a gloomy world.  If' /^A'n effort is being made'to elimi-  . .-natexthe "muffler cut out" in the  -v 'newer automobiles'. 'That will rob  - " the joy riders of half the sport they  now have in waking1 up peaceful  J    neighbors.^ - /^   *-,-  ^jg^jasAaatenitect   ul   Tuiu,   i'inA>.,.  men and women held a mass^ meet-  " and   afterJa > three"  "���<����� ^  i��e\  '���'i.  C&***vf \>��   ;-'-J ^solved"that*soTmething;must be'dorie'  %?^I^V��^1A^for the 20,000 unemployed.in   that  city���then adjourned.  A kind worded man is a genial  man; and geniality is power. No-1  thing bets wrong right so soon as  geniality. There are a thousand  things to be reformed, and no reformation succeeds unless it be genial.  No one was ever corrected by  sarcasm; crushed, perhaps', if the  sarcasm was clever enough���but  drawn nearer to God, never.���;Ex".  , Never/praise another woman  before your sweetheart. ' "'  rDo not drink Out of a bottle  in  the dark.  Never ride on    a  snowslide or a  cross-eyed mule. *       '       *,'���  "V   - > , ���  .  Look not upon  the wine when   it  is red.    Stick to rye..,  Never set the pace by falling off a  building,  Do not expect a pearl with  every  oyster, especially in hotel soup.  Never have two sweethearts in the  same town.        ,'  Remember  that   all  mines have  holes, but all holes are not mines.  Always sip your drinks, chew your  food, and pay the printer.  Remember that rolling logs pays  better than rolling'cigarettes.  Never  wake up   a sleeping dog,  nor, tickle the hind leg of mule.  It does not pay to lose everything  in order to make money.  Love your enemies when you cannot subdue them.  ' Remember that life is too short  to harbor evil thoughts against anything or anybody.  Remember that" there 'are a few  other things I in .this world besides  hockey," high 'balls and tailor made  cigs.   '   < '   \ " ' '  Wonderful, Isn't It?  f V. ' -J  There was a young fellow from Perth,  ; -Who was born on the day of his  -   ��*   birth.    -*      s    ���i      -; ��  He was married, they say,   ,'  On his bride's wedding day,  And he died on his last'day on earth.  Burns' Manuscripts^     < ,  John Grtbell ofPhiladelphia, who  recently purchased the , Glendridder  manuscripts and copies of the works  of Robert Burns for the purpose of"  restoring them to Scotland received an letter from Lord Roseberry,  former premier of,England, saying  that the prospect of a restoration of  the manuscripts has put every Burns  centre in a ferment. ��Mr. Gribell  wrote to Lord Rpsebery asking him  to select'a place in Scotland where  the Bums^reasures'may be permanently placed. In his reply Lord  Roseberry said:  "I am sure that all Scotland  shares with me the^joy with which  we have learned of your noble act,  and princely benefaction. ,  "You'have repaired the effects of  ' i , v  the scandalous sale and you are restoring to my country one of her  most precious title deeds."  Lord Rosebery added that the dis  position of the manuscripts will re  quire some consideration.  CREAM  BAKING POW  A Pure Cream of Tartar Powder  Indispensable to best results���saves  worry-7-saves. work���saves money���  saves health���saves complaints at table  Some Consolation  Mrs. Hen- was in tears; one of  her little ones had been sacrificed to  make a repast for a visiting clergyman.' "Cheer, up, madam," said  the ,rooster ' comfortingly. "You  should rejoice that your son is entering the ministry. He was very  poorly qualified for a lay-member  anyhow."  Woman's character has been  likened to a postage stamp���one black  mark ruins it. Man's like a treasury note���no matter how many  stains, it still passes at par. This  double standard established by society is not just, but it is recog-  ���ized tbe civilized world over.  The progress of cities is measured by the public spirit of their inhabitants. Men whose only interest is in the success of their individual business may make money for  themselves, but they cannot build  successful cities any more than a  pile of stones can furnish substance  for growing plants.  King EdwardLodge  No. 80, A.F. ��ncf A.M.  Regular communioatfon at fi  p.m. ^Second Thursday of  ���each,month.    \1    ,.  ent meetings as caHed; Maaeiiie  MeHale tfW. l ' ;&.     -  PaxvMbr J. Comx,  Jab. IS. Cabtjbr, - Vv    W.Jf.  .  Secy. '\,3  v. * J*   S  Shoes that Fill  We make a speeTalty ef Miners'  Shoes; geed ��t, nice shape, and  ' ~ nothing but the beet of stock uaed  SATISFACTION GUARANTEE��  NEW YEAR NOVELTIES FOR CHILDREN  Innumerable Toys, Guns, Dolls.      Everything suitable  for Christmas Tree, Decorations, Children's Games, and  v- '  all kinds of Fancy China. _ Call today and Inspect.  1  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave,       Phoonix, B.O.  FINE SELECTION OF QANONQT8 OHOOOLATE6, FANOY BOXE8  Tho Best Grade of Havanna Cigars. -  wmmmmmmmmmmmumi^mm^Bmmmimmmmmm***mmmmmmmmmmmammm*mmmmmmmmmmm^m*mmmm^mmBmmm^^^mmMmm.  Antonio Cervo    knob hill avenue  Greenwood  Stage Line  WOOD  I. O..O..P.  hours,*- re  8nowohoo EoehKO  " _ 1��o.-,*��'< ������  I    Heejbs < every Moriday* ETeninig  at  1 Bliners' 'HoIL '"VisituiK brethren cor-  \diollyinvited./^   \^      ' />    '.    -H  -' *''   E. E. Barnes, Noble Grand.  Wm."Oxley, Fin. Secy.  Sam McLeod, Bee. Secy.  First-class Fir andTam-  arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  .CS?';.  liSif*"  ���i&  K-,  Ml  mm  fir  '#|igit>'  W0y  Up  m)$yy\<  i��ftg  It is easier to determine the value  f v i  ~ of-a developed mine than correctly  to "size up" a partially developed  mine or prospect, which is necessarily a matter of judgment and ex-  peience in the main,    The old sav-  # t m  mg that "one man cannot ,see any  farther into the ground than another," in a> practical sense is not  true. The man who has spent a  life time in working, Jeveloping  atul examining mine^ and pros-  pei-ts-all over the world, can cer-  tai lly surmise better what is under  thL surface.than can a carpenter, a  lawyer or an aviator. Most of tj��e  bi^ mines 'of the work! had the  "ear marks" before they weie  ptospected, and it surely requites  judgment and experience to recognize the "earmarks."  60   YEARS'  EXPERIENCE  greet the coming" of a case of  FHCENIX BEER  "WHY?-  -  Because" the Beer is so'-gfood  and wholesome - it'brings the  smile/  'PHONE 23       ,   t  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  N LIMITED  Tbb weatber promotes  Dausrhters of Itebekah  Phoenix Locl^o No. 17  Meets in  the  Miners'  Union l<odse  Hall Slnt and Third Wiedneedcys.  Mrs. Owens, Noble Grand  Mm. Mazy MeKeaeie, 8eerrtwy.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Fir and .Tamarac, uouble cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD  DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  NOTIOE. 'Phono B32  Robt. Forshaw  *J*a����  SVNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion,  ia Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, the North  Pnoenix Aorae NO. 188 t berte, the Yukon Territory, the North-  ftleets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings,  weflt Territories and in a portion of the  Leave Phoenix/upper town, 8.45'a.m. ^  '* ��� i*        lower town,   9.00 a.m^ IStahdard Time  Leave" Greenwood   , 3.00 p.'m: y'"-  Pit  MPT,ATTENTION    T EXPRESS AND FREIGHT  JL FULLER, Proprietor  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Quttman Work, W. P.  James Want, W. Secy.  Tbade Marks  EteSIQNS  CdPVRIOHTS AC  AiiTono senfllpB a oketeU and description wsy  aulelclr mcenaldronr oplrJoa fr��9wheth��r an  Invontlon le in'obsblr p^ntoW%,.Co5,muntciv  S9 wheth��r an  nommnntcn-  on Patent*  . onr oplrJoa ;  . ably potenj. "  I'-isetrtctlyconfldentlol, i;  . .   i   v. tree. Oldest same ' tor euoaxlajr patents,  .Aitenui taken tfiroi. ,h Miinn b Co. reoslv��  t uclalnotfce, without ei-nrfte, In the  J hiacUOtpaiy UlUBtietylwaoklr. Largest a*.  t Uf*te����f any eolent'Oo ioamaL lerms Xor  C Js��a3TJ��.75a>ear,pc3togo prepaid,   sold bsr  F BU W��ohl2)CtOD, V.C.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.O.  Meets Tuksday Bvbniko at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially wel  corned.  J. E. Carter, C. O.  Ohas. McKat, K. of R. S.  Ewsry fhmm  b interested anil should know  about the wonderful  MARVEL WMillng Spray  Tha new Vaetnal SytinEe    BcsJ  .-Most conv^nlertt.   It deanttef  insunilj.       Ask your  I druegist foiifc~s_  PYTHIAN SISTERS  ���Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets Jn Pythian Hall, Lower Town  Second and Fourth Thursdays.  Mrs. Mary McKenzie  M.R.O.  Miss Morfydd Bateman,  M.E.C.  RECO STEAM LAUNDR��  The machinery in our Laundry has  recently been completely over-hauled^  and we are now in a position to give  our patrons the utmost satisfaction in  all kinds of laundry work at the most  liberal rates.  If he cannot supply (ha  MARVEL ��etej*nooit    .  bat Mndttrapfof illwuttd  book���smIM  Itelfeifvillpirtie-  ul irs and iHrectlons fnvaluabla to fcldle*.  WIHDSOR SOPPLY CC���  Vliamaor, Ont. Ccnoral Agmt* tor <  Wt  wash  Everything   but  the  Baby.  A Trial Solicited.  Pih<acn>�� 6��*  Dominion Ave*  Proviace of British Columbia, may be  leased for a term of twenty-one years  at An annual rental of $1 an acre. Not  r&ort 0bak &.6G& ae��as will be leases to  ��ae aj*pKm*t.  ' Apylicatien for a ltase laust b�� made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which (he rights applied for are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract applied for  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 whieh will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rate of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.      ;  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for tbe working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Sccietory of the  Pep.utment of' the Interior, Ottawa,  or U any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. OOEY,  Deputy Minister of the Interioi*.  N.8.���Unauthorized  publication  of  this advertisement will not be paid-for.  Send in Your Stationery Orders and  Holiday   rintinff to the  Phoenix Pioneer  THE HOME OF  ARTISTIC  A BUSINESS MAN IS   KNOWN BY THE  QUALITY OF, PRINTING HE USES  Our Stock of Stationery is the Best that can be procured in  Canada, and our Workmanship will meet with your approval  Why Not, Hav,e,Your Stationery   -  Printed by Us?  V  , - v ,     ,     .  We make  a specialty  of Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads,  Note Heads, Memos., Visiting Cards, Menus, Posters,  Wedding Invitations, Check Books, By-Laws,  and in fact anything done with Printers'  INK AND PAPER  No Job Too Large, None too Smaii  The  <$2.00 per Year in Advance,  $2 50 per n 'ear tc U. S.  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Concentrates  7-  The  Queen's Hotel  COMPLETELY REFURNISHED AND REFITTED  ��� We beg to announce, the reopening of the Queen's Hotel.   This  popular hotel has been completely refitted throughout;  everything new and up-to-date.    Large lofty rooms,  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  Night and Day Service  Patrons of this hotel will,, find in it att the comforts ot home.  Perfect satisfaction is assured all our guests.    It is  the .most centrally located hotel in town.  Bar Stocked with Best Wines, Liquors, Cigars  During the past five months, the  Ben Hur mine at" Republic has  shipped $20,000 worth of ore.    .:   .  The Vancouver,postoffice for several days before Christmas handled  an average of 125,000 letters and  100,000 packages.  At Montreal just before Christmas over a million and a half letters  were received from Great-.Britain.  The letters filled 839 sacks, and  weighed 50,340 pounds.  Judge Ben B. Lindsay, fouuder  ot the juvenile court at Denver,  Colorado, - aud Miss Brevoort of  Detroit were married recently.  type, andit'has a friction transmit  ter an;d a belt drive. The body of  the can's a type by itself, having  tandem seats. The drive%wjieel and  eontrol are set in the center of the  car. It is said to have power enough to go'anywhere-that a full  sized automobile is able to travel,  and in addition to this it will pull  through deep sands where a heavier car would stall. The wheels are  steel rimmed and have wire spokes.  Some Funny Breaks  Canning  to  place  HARTMAN & WALSH, Props.  1 FIRST STREET AND KNOB HILL AVENUE Jl  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy produces both.  THE  DAIRY      J. W. Hannam, Prop.  Proper Clothes for Men  ^ . . . _   ____  SPECIAL ORDER SAMPLES  FOR FALL  ��� * t  *. j?     a. - ^i     t -v*" '    * t  Are now ready for Inspection.     Make your  -choice   while   the   assortment" is  complete  Thos. Brown  "Everything- a Man  Wears"  CANADIAN  Are you gomg? to  OR TO  ONTARIO, QUEBEC, NEW BRUNSWICK  NOVA SCOTIA?  The "Home Folks" will be''glad to se<r you; bnt further pleased if when  you detrain at' your "Homo Town" you arc feeling refreshed and comfortable after your long journey. The Canadian Pacific equipment  and service always leave that satisfied feeling.  ;������������ CALL TODAY  and let us arrange everything for yt>u, thus removing many of the  little worries incidental to "gettiug away." Tickets on sale to the  Old Country daily throughout November and December, final return  limit five months. Tickets on sale to the Eastern Provinces throughout December, final return limit three months (with privilege of extension.) Reduced rates from all Kootenay points to all points east  (in Canada.)   Your choice of routes.   Stopovers.  From Phoenix to V  Toronto, $96.9��.   IVIontre I, S101.90  ���J. 'Eiiv CARTER,^.  AGENT, PHOENIX, B.C.  J. V. MURPHY,  DIST. PASSENGER AGENT.  NELSON, B.C.  THE PHOENII PIONEER  The Doukhobor colony at Nelson  the past season made into jam 199,-  81.7 pounds of strawberries, 12,579  pounds of raspberries, and other  fruit in all totaling 226,026 pounds.  At a recent meeting of- the officers of. the Grand Porks  company it was decided  orders for the necessary machinery  to ' completely equip the' plant at  once.  Eight thousand dollars for 18  silver fox pelts was the price" paid  last week by Ramelson and Levie-  son, fur buyers, Edmonton, to two  men who came down from the  north.  Work on the construction of. the  new British Columbia offices in  London, has been begun. The  work of tearing down the old Continental hotel, which has stood for  years on the site to be occupied  by the new offices, is practically  finished. ��� The new building will  cost approximately .$300,000 when  completed.  * A few nights ago Mayor Hindley  of Spokane visited the home where  the city's "down and outers," are  cared for. He found 192 inmates,  most of whom were husky young  fellows under middle ' age. The  mayor was shocked at the lack pf  ventilation, 90 of the poor fellows  being huddled in three small rooms.  With their horns interlocked so,  that is has -been impossible to extricate them, huuters at Priest Lake,  in northern Idaho, last week found  the bodies of two big deer which had  battled for supremacy in the forest.  One of the bucks had already expired  but tbe other was still alive when  found   by   hunters.      One buck had  14 points on its antlers and the  other ten. The hunters attempted  to force the antlers apart but "have  been unsuccessful. The heads will  be mounted "in their deadly em  brace.  A newspaper man has made the  following collection of freaks in advertising, and shows what the-mis-  placing or omission of a word or a  comma does for a sentence:  .Wanted���A   room   by   a   young  gentleman with double doors.  Wanted���A man to take care  of  horses who can speak Germans,  Wanted���Ladies to sew buttons  on the second story of Smith and  Brow building.  Wanted���A dog by a little boy  with pointed ears.  Wanted���A vboy who can open  oysters with a reference.  Wanted���An organist and a boy  to blow the same.  Wanted���A boy to be inside and  partly outside the counter.  * .Wanted���A room for two young  gentlemen about 30 feet long and 20  feet broad.  Wanted���A   furnished room by a  lady about 16 feet square.  ���  Wanted���A  cow   by   an old lady  with crumpled horns.  For Sale���A nice large dog, will  eat anything, very fond of children.  Lost���A green lady's pocket-  book.  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class arid Up-To-Date .       ,,    s  Hotel in Phoenix.     New from cellar))  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms iri the  Boundary,   Opposite   Great  Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.���  Bfjjjrtf*1  ."'*%  .,-   -,">  S*  'r'M  rj  *   "^tl  T       " V  ,                      t  >"H>I#|  *)  >'��.- WM  1  V.-.V ^K-yH  <  -r-JSfri*;  -uvskii���  w'iifl  f  ^ ('*V''H  f    *   ~  ,- ,"��   H  i c *s ���'.(iiH  STEAM HEATED.  O,, D. Bush, Prop. -  ELECTRIC LIGHTED .  Phoenix, B.C.  d.,l. Mcelroy  * SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  ,    ��� Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Lath  : '      ~ and Cedar Poles.     Stull Laggan.  First-Class Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY    *" -  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  Injured Playing Hockey  As evidence that hockey in the  Pacific Coast Hockey League is a  fast and furious pastime and that the  players are in dead earnest and playing hard, the list of casualties up to  date shows three men out of the  game for periods ranging from three  weeks to one month and a half.  While all three clubs will feel the  loss of their stars, the accident to  Nighbor will be felt keenly for it  looked as though the Millionares  had finally hit upon a winning combination.  As a result of the serious   injuries  to the players, Frank Patrick, president  of -the   Pacific  Coast Hockey  \ Association,   announced   that  hereafter  every   effort  will  be made to  suppress rough play.  XMAS SPECIALS  Mince meat, finest quality,^20 cents per lb.  Ohodped Suet, 20c. per lb., two lbs. for 35 cts.  ..  Oysters on shell, 75c. per.dozen.  Eastern Oysters, 50c. a pint.  Olympla Oysters, 75c.~a pint.  Fancy New Zealand butter, 45c. per.lb.  Empress Creamery butter, 40o. per lb. two ibs. for 75c.  " " "      per box 95.  -   TURKEYS,   GEESE   DUCKS,  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  :    PHOENIX, B. C.       PHONE 2  The Phoenix Club  N. J. Deichert, Prop.  John Marker, employed as- a  lumber piler in the' Stack-Gibbs  yard, 30 miles east of Spokane, for  the last seven years, probably has  handled as much lumber in his life  as any man in the United States.  Marker is about 45 years .of .age.  For 22 years, he has been piling  lumber, on ari average of 300 days  each year. A day's works means  the handling of an average of 30,000  feet of lumber, and at this rate  Marker has piled 9,000,000 feet  every year, or a total of 198,000,000  feet since he started to work in  Rhinelander, Wisconsin, at the age  of about 23. Figuring this quantity in weight it represents 297,000  tons. To ship this quantity of lumber would require a train of 8,000  cars.  ��� Something entirely new and  unique in the automobile line has  arrived in Spokane. It is called the  Imp cycle car, and the little novelty  has an attractive finish of bright  red. It is as dainty a machine as  has ever been seen in that city. The  car is not quite four feet wide and  has a 100-inch wheel base. The  twin   cylinders   are   enclosed,    the  Some Slang-  A man got an invitation to the  annua! ball of the Pretzel Benders'  Union. On enquiring whether he  should wear full evening dress, he  received this information:  "Sure, kid, put on your soup-acid  fish, your sundown rags, your O,  Gussie harness. Every guy what  gets in to the blow-out has got.to  doll up in a hard-boiled chest protector, sheet iron shoes and a two-  winged- shroud. This is a swell  affair and any gink what tries to  yegg in the drum in his time-clock  trotters will get the rude rouse.  Truss up in your Tessie-killers.  Get me, Steve?"  PIPES/CIGARS, TOBACCOS, CIGARETTES  BEST BRANDS ALWAYS ON HAND.  Special Line of the Famous Haid Chocolates '  Smokers'Supplies.        Soft Drinks  j\  ENGLISH BILLIARDS,   POOL,   BOWLING ALLEYS  The Central Hotel  NEAREST HOTEL TO FAMOUS GRANBY MINES  FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION FOR  MINERS  Bar Stocked with the Finest Line of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A. O. Johnson    -    -    -    Proprietor  Happy New Year  carburatoris of  the  high  mounted  Same old whistles, same old bells,  Same old parties, same old yells.  Same old dinners, same old calls,  Same old music, same old balls.  Same old flowers, same old frills,  Same old hopes and same old bills.  Same old greetings, same old dread.  Same temptation���same old head.  Same old pledges, same old brags.  Same old promise���same old jajjs.  Same old noses, same bright lights,  Same old crowds and same old fights.  Same old brightness, same old cheer,  Same old happy, glad New Year.  ���Puck.  The Butte Hotel  LOWER TOWN  Bar stocked with the Finest of Italian Wines.  , Best Brands of Liquors and Cigars.  STEAM  HEATED THROUGHOUT  j    Rooms  Furnished, Clean, and Well Ventilated.  Sent to any part of the Dominion for $2.00 a year.  \ti\tt  f*?  !D0 TODS EDR BUSINESS DIRECT wlih the largest boose In tbe WorM  dealing exclusively in AMERICAN RAW FURS  (Get "More Money" for your FURSj  SH35 ' TOUR FURS TO "SHUBEilT"  n reliable��� rcspc lsiMc-sftfc���Fur Houno with an unblemished reputation cxistin-:' or "more (Iian ridunrterof ncentury," a lonfrsu,'-  cessful record <���[ ..c.i ding Fur .Shippers pr<>im:t-SATISRACTORY  AND PROFIT.' H1..E returns. Write for "tEtje g>Uuticvt S-fclsptr."  tho or.ly reliable nv: urate iuiurl<:-t report and price list publiahcd.  Vrlln ����r it-norv'-i(V FREE  P    <$?-n ir,'l?PT   *���-,��    25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE. i  i.   I>,   BUU��;'fi.f.VX> tcSC.  Dept. 542 CHICAGO. U.S.A. 1  LUGIANI &VICHARY, PROPS.  t-sa  Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  FHOEINifX, B-Cr '��-i  *  #^i   Vk/U *fL-��  fly'1-} *'& V ��  zmvy  tv    ,i /f-f r, i,  J(  lr -v' \ ^ '      "        j;  . VISIT >p*Hfe,STORE OF QUALITY TODAY }  ii M  *T  IA'  |#KW'K<.?/W'. ���  ,*"'' L  Hi  ���j  f >  <" v> , '*     ��-fr��   i-  SUITABLE CHRIST MAS  '&  , i y>,i* fity' M*  Tf  sir  vM  PRESENTS  t   n.  I  J  }   t ��  I  z?$}M:  r^^rut^  'J]Sta^^^sFiUi^1 Gcfeds,   Fancy I'Xnias *  &jjV, ^L^n^p>M Cards and Papetries.   ��n��*uw <    ~ 1  ���^ ,,     ,    ��� ^^Waterman^and Moore Fountain Pens, Kodaks  Tf^%ffi| ^^Q; 4w4fPremotCam^ras,,,Yiolinfs, 3anjos, ,: ���*  Goods,  ; Mr. and Mrs. James Pierce returned  lagt Satui-day from Rossland. ,  -: Mr." and,Mrs. James McBwen   re  turned Thursday from their trip to  Spokane.     > ,;   ,  Mrs. Ivan G. Mitchell left last ,Sat-  uiday for Victoria on a visit with her  patents." *  ^ Eddie Murray and his sister Etta attended the dance at Greenwood New  Year's night. ' w>  Mark Rukin arrived last Friday  from Lancashire, England, and will  make Kis home in Phoenix.  Mrs. Frank Ackerman is leaving today for her old home in Germaay, and  will be 'away for about three months.  j "The Lord loveth the cheerful  giver,f���start the new year by paying  your subscription to the Pioneer up to  dateT     ,       \  > t      >    *  Gillespie and Ramsay, hockey players, went to Trail this week. It is  rumored that they will have a tryout  with tho Trail team. -  Chas. McKay was down to Grand  Forks Wednesday evening to - play; at  fchTc New Year's Eve. dance with Prof.  Werner's orchestra. ,, l  Mrs. G. P^Tennettiieft for Spokane  today with her two sons to place them  iu college. Mrs. Tennetti will remain  in Spokane for the winter. '"^ 'f  2 The.Ski Club dance/ whichlwas can-,  celled last Wednesday; nighton account  of the accident at the * Granby, ntine,  will be'held at a later date. '  \* Z$t% "Mil��JDtt(UsffNew Year's Calendars an<  and Cards at  */  BOOK AND STATIONERV ' |  Town  'Thle Missouri Girt which will be  the offeringr at (the Phoenix 'Opera  House Thursday, January the 8th,  has been on the road continuously  for fifteen years and for,the past six  years two companies have been pre<  sent'mg this-ever popular play. The  popularity of the play is not limited  to any particular section. Wherever  it goes it is the same story, crowded  houses and delighted audiences.  Fred Raymond has always kept  his companies up to standard and  that is probably the reason for his  remarkable success with this sterling comedy.  <   , , 'y f*  Year after year - the companies  visit   the   various   cities   fortunate  enough to be on their, routes and in-  ,       v,i ; i   t      i  variably the companies are equal to  those sof previous year* and from  time to time improvements are being  made that strengthen the orgaoiza-  tion. ^  ., ^   ,  This season the vaudeville^ portion of the show 'has received Mr.  Raymond's careful attention. Five  first-class vaudeville ' numbers 'add  great  strength to^the  performance.  -* F j.      . ^   <>        it, ,  1  ��� f %.^L  i " < l   '  Finger Scratched in Operation  Dr. JJ-L. Chabot, iM.P./ one of  Ottawa's ��� representatives in the  commons, isconfioed to an Ottawa  hospital /J suffering from blood poisoning. The trouble commenced  about four weeks- agoV, when performing an operation  on   a -; patient  which involved the opening of the  or JW?h ^ousekeepmg., or>ha.mber j s1cu���. The doctor ,tore t open his  work,  by middle aged lady:  .Apply      .. . . "       ,.  ...��  Mrs. Crohn, at MnBiner's residence,  rubber^ glove .and   very-  slightly  1 scratched the;tip of the index-finder  m  *   J     t   r-  t  ^  1 H K  Wint^F s CdUvgn Cure  o -  RFor ^that  nasty  tickling 'Cough, or sore  *  i bronchial tubes,  this  Cough  Syrup - fills  the bill. **  Nothing but the��� balsam from Pine trees,  s r with a desirable medium, fand absolutely  free from opiates. -    " "  r*  ��> , 1 i  50c. a Large Bottle  "�� A  *>    ^^     t  !���    -I  <���      (  4 'Phone 31.  ;/  QUANCE, The Druggist  \  ��>  ' j   ,11    Wanted���Position as   housekeeper  ���tUya   ciUU     |lor ];ent   housekeeDinfir' .or''chamber  ^'   '  i       V       t  1 i  r  * f  To Our Friends  Someday it is old-fashioned sending Greetings on  '(   ''New.Year's"bay,    '*.-*��'��     ^     '  '^But some.cling fondly to the good old-fashioned way; -;  " Accept old-fashioned Wishes" for the sake of A'uld  Lang Syne, v ^ ' '*  A happy, happy^New Year, and good luck-to thee  t %   { and thine.   ^-^>    /'U f   ' 1  Thos. A. Harris of Toronto, govern  ment customs inspector, was.here this jof thcv left^ha"d. < ,Dr. Chabot has  week * making , ant inspection^ of the  local office, which is in charge^of 'Wnt��.  Delahay.,   1   *, %+      ,   f- ?     4 >r   T  Yesterday Geo. Rogers, who already  is an j extensive  property holder "in Ll.   ���    �������*���" r '  t,,   ^ .<���   -j,  , .< K. K-.i? ��-��,. ��w      the institution.   u  Phoenix, added to his noldmga by purchasing' the^ residence tofY Mrs-'VP/G.  Tennetti on Ironsides'avenue.^5 */    '���  now been confiued to his bed for  tbe past ten days, suffering,, great  pain, and it is feared it will be some  considerable time before he is out of  - ,-<<y-  i W.^M: Blackstock, teller" in the  Canadian Bank- of ^Commerce, .here, j  is taking his holidays and is spending  the time with his brother at Medicine  Hat. He^will be ** back Cohere ^ttbout  January 15th.  Intermediate Hockey; Schedule ���  The . first intermediate "hockey  match of the season takes .place, at  Greenwood on TuesdayT Jan. &.  Phoenix has a line-up who,will give  a good account of themselves.  Opera House  Mvf  -^ f^  S^iC'i^^5t-%*feCiW ^yHlPBi p��P>y����� ���u--posvw<?n,-����w*jH��?i��wvv}j��.ipTO��xtia  gS^M^ISggaira?^1^1^^ is"^ic^y-decoratea with orange and  29���Greenwood at Phoenix  Mi��  ton  rl  -0MZ&Z$^��yti&^  |||||^��^and^ib^e^ia^  y^schopl  evening ser-  |^��|i||||^|iftdreW;S^h^  iari)  gM  ��  ;A65  The''''ncfeq.u'aiity'of^ou'r.'Milki and;  Cream'^is;gainii^;ne\v;j patrons;  &r/iyi^daily^i.^Vv^ej: .sblicit;:-a;;tr'jaii':J  ^Deliveryjmade^o any;parCofftlie1  |cUy^mM^i^s;k^;card;;f^^  ^H^EWX^AjjElY^  ;WV' ^iMpKay:&^Sons'; P^opB."v������ ,,; ;���'���������'���.  iWEL��p>l,^Bf,Cf-  i Steatiri^ Heated ;^Th rouKSipui.:;  ;^he:;;;Fii^^;;A(CCQ^  ;;5;:V;v^t|vi^;Tr^virt  D 3 FJSF^Gi?? OO f^    SERVICE  ^K'l'UNEXCELLEvOV'^ ::>1 ���  Nine;; We�� J-Lighted.  Samplerooms.  Phone 1i2  it  'v$yi  g'aig|||g|p[cKe6wn j>i A&;;:.wi ARSHA L^V.prop.  ^se"fiims^prlbr^up|dlrec^^ i?||?l^Sdi^^^^re|o^d  'fehy."'"  54^GreehwoodiaS.PKben?x^  iiisttfi&w��V?&&&?rt&��-��i-$  THE WORLD LOVES A WINNER  NORTON AND'RITH PRESENT  trophy for1913-14.'��� ^Following, is a list of games played to date:    Perkins won  irbnY.McDphald,; 10-6;'",Strutzel won from.Mbrrin; JLW5; Campbelljvon from Carter,  won from Morrin, 8-7; Strutzel won from Geddes,' 15-5: Miller won from Carter,  11^6; ifarbinaon won from Campbell, 12-7;   Pe"rkins won from Swanson, 15-8;  ^cDpug^l :^h; fr^'McCa^^  'from^Kay;l'8-5;"'''''  -'������"-������-���������������������--w--  --���������'���  ���-���-���'��������� ���-^-���-���"���<-^' ���    ��� ������ ������ ..--~.-...-...-. -..,...���,....,.  V7-':^:-i;^f|:'fev^^    _'^'Jam!3;��^E^  .:; v7^^^��i-^U��^����-McDpnaW  ..: J '"��: 7^i^ii.2;^.���;:.Harbin8on vis;'.' Swanson  Ha^iAson;vsl McCammoh.^^,,  McDougall vs. Gq&Z-���-"-""---"-----  Geddes vs. Carter.^.:.^:.:���.���.���;...:;;.���.;���.  Miller vsl McCammori.;;..;���.:.U:;^......;..  Perkins vs. McDougall ..;..������.. :._.:���;���.;.  Cook 'vs.Mqmn.;.���::.���.....:.. ;..;���.....���  Geiidesvsl Campbell :..^....j;.....:..;.���-���.  Harbinson vs. McDougall ;...���.l.:...'.....  McCammon vs.: Cook������..���;.........._....;���  'McDonald.vs. Campbell ...;:....���.....���....  Cainpbell vs. Miller.........���.....���������.....L  McCammon vs. Swanson;   'Gopk'-ys; McDonald^..: ..........:...:;.:....���;;  Morrin vs. Harbinson...;.................,......  Carter vs. McCamm6ni;.:.������..���.i.......iL  Millervs. McDpugalL.......;.....:...........  Perkins vs. Codk..........:.......'........,....;...  Strutzel vs. Swanson............���.............  .Campbell vs. Kay............_.... .....,..���  Geddes Vs. Harbhison .;;.;...���..���..T...;.������  Strutzel vs. M^ammbn^......:..^.;::^;..  .Campbell ys. McDougall .."................���  McDonald vs; Harbinson :���......  !.Geddes(':ys^PerW  Carter vs. Cbbk���..:.J:^;;...-;...���...i....;.^..  McDonald>s; S'wanson..���:...^...l...;......  ;Kay:VsVi'HwbihsonJ.���ii.^  Strotzerys. Cpoki...^;...;.....;:;.;;���.........  Miller vs: Kay^...;;:���..;.���.......,���....���.i���..._  McDonald vs. McDougall ;.:..............���  Stn tzel vs. Hkrbinson;. .........:.....���  Ged Ies ->s. Swanson .:.!���.:..  ���....,....  Can pbell vs. Perkins.::..   Coo-rvs. Harbinson...;....   Mcftbugail vs. Geddes...';   Swjnsor vs.; Cook ;...........,.....: ./...  McDonald vs. Geddes.................   *.  ���^  '���^:-^i^i'z<���- ������  X ^-^EEffij/jtf}.  W^^amWDmL' y  ^.IH^^Si  "'~''m^ENffiM  wK&zzZf  '^���'���:~~'^maWsWm\  wK^zzyy  W%Zsm  llnjBvl||)jp||Sp^  'Z&0iit^^  0f|Sf||S|p|:^|;||f^^  7:^ ?x  mwmmsi mum  NEW;MUSIC!i  ''JlO^iiU:..;;..^....  'llflO; ;^.''.::.V.; 'V;"'',  .���XM..........................  ::,,Zi&:.Z^ZZ:.;::.;Z.^..  ",;i4���..:;;;;;..:.i:.,......::  ;*^15.^H.(.'."S:ii;:.:  '���''; 16.1.^'^;^:::;^.:.:.'.^  Z'''My}ZzMM:.:..  ;.;;....���...Kay vs. Strutzel  ....McDonald!vs. i Carter  ...... Miller vs.- Swanson  ..���.:.:.... Perkinjs vs. Kay  ........Strutzel vs. Carter  ..;....; Geddes vs. Morrin  Harbinson vs. Perkins  ;i....Mcjpougall vs. Kay  ....;..i..Geddes vs. Miller;  ...: Strutzel vs. Perkins  :"i20���;ii^ii..r��~;;i��.-^Campbell vs. Swanson  '''^2i^i;;;.i.^.:l..'.;l;-...-...;2..":..Kay.vs. Geddes  ' 'Z22��ZZZ--Z.:.yyr- Morrin vs. ;McCammph  ���' .^23.^.^.:2.:..,.;....:.:...Carter ys^ McDougall  ;'t'^.'U'J^L^i..~;:-..::^  Z1'.;^L;i^;�����il...;;:...:..J..Mbrrin vs. Perkins  : y&;;.<Zy:Zy:��Z.~;Z.:y Carter vs. Swanson  ;' 'i^Zy^^Zy.;:.Z^...y.:...... ".Miller vs.: Cook.  /f.V-29;Zi.'^f::.:'..^  ;.;::;i:.���.';.:.;.j".i;i.Strutzelys.:;,Miller^  i.yyy. Campbell>s. McCammon  ^yZyZ-^-Z:Morrin. vs. McDougall  >l^.;;:^:���;:;.Geddes vs. McCammon  yyy:Z...yZ..:. Carter vs. Perkins  ZZ..Z;.y....l.y.. Campbell vs.vCook  .....;���..;./.....;.:.:.Morrin vs. Swanson  ;.;.;:;.....;......:..;:McCammon vs. Kay  ���.,l.l;.L.'.'.:_^..^..^...'.;.Cartei; ys.' Kay  ;...���.:.,���;....;.i..'.;-;..-..'.'Mprrin VP. Mill, r  ..McDonald vfl. McOarnmoh  i.:���'......';.'..... Carter Hf .rbinson  ........Strutzel vs. McDougall  ���������S.EATS��NOVv*"S^^^^  voautammutBmaamiammmmmBmm  k'lvrai  Transfer of Liquor Licence  To,the Board  of Licence  Commissioners, Phoenix, B. C:  :;'^:'V'3Q.��:;  .v'^32^  z---��MM  Z'':?<ti$...y,  '��� :;"f 6...;^;i  .'." :izzy  "9......  ":i0,:..;...  ������.��,'���; li.....,:...........  ���'��� L2.:.:...::.:.. ...  "18..:...;..:.......  :''"'.i4':-:'.'"  TAKE NOTICE that. I intend, to  apply'to: the Board of License Commissioners for the City of Phoenix,  B.C., at their next-sitting, for a transfer of the Liquor ^License held by me  forSthe; Brooklyn Hotel, Phoer(ix, B.  tJ.i;tb Orrin D. Bush, Phoenix, B. 'C'.Z  ���'��� ���:"'-'. James Mabshai.1.. ''"  Dated at Phoenix,   B.C.,   this 8fch  day of December, 1913. r'  Transfer of Liquor Licence  Tothe Board  of License Comniis-'  sioners, Phoenix, B.C.   :  :TAKE NOTICE that I intend to  apply to the: Board of License Cpm-  mlssiobers for the City of Phoenix, at  fieir next sitting for a transfer of the  'L'^apr LiOeiise held by rue for the  ;K nbi> Hill Hotel, Phoenix, B. 0., to  Jnrncs McArdle, Phoenix, B.C.  "��� . ��� Chas; Ha(Jan,V;  Dated at Phoenix, B.C., this 8th day  ot December, 1013. s  DR. KELLEY  CURES  DISEASES  OF        -  MEN ;  BY MODERN  METHODS  My Motto: Quick lastine cures guaranteed at "Moderate Prices. Expert  Medical Examination Free. Free examination of urine when necessary.  Consult me���free. Don't delay. Delays are dangerous. Call or write.  Free booklet.   Everything confidential.  Hours:   9.a.m: to 8 p.m.  Sundays, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Dp. Kelley's Museum  210 HOWARD ST., SPOKANE


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