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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Feb 8, 1908

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 iw.mm  AND   BOUNDARY   MINING JOUR  Ninth Year.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8   1908  Nd.' 12  SPECIAL.  COMMENCING  MONDAY MORNING  at 8 o'clock.  10 doz. Men's Heavy Winter Sweaters  Regular $2.00, $1.75, $1.50  values fr \   QQ  -acU *  in Navy and Bfown, have gottogo at *r���r*"v/ %'a'^'11*  \ 0 doz. Men's Jersey Working Shirts,  While they last $1.00   each*  Men's Winter Underwear,  Odd lines, regular 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 CZf)r   mrh  . values to clear the lot, - - ^uv" t<*w".  Men's Overcoats,  $12.50,  $14.00  and  $15.00  lines, During   5)1000  sale, your choice for only        -        ��� "t *    ,w  I  Men's Odd Coats  Men's Odd Vests  $5.00  1.00  While the sale is on we will give a 10%  reduction on ALL MEN'S SUITS -SOLD.  This is a chance for you to save some  money; don't overlook it���be among the  Lucky Ones-;���and pick out the goods with  the Red Price Tickets.  MINGLING BUSINESS  WITH PLEASURE  Chartered   Steamer   Princess  Beatrice.  The party that left Vancouver last  Saturday for a ten days' cruise of  northern waters, carrying some Boundary gentlemen, was one of no little  importance, it appears. VV. T. Hunter  and VV. C. Thomas, of Greenwood,  were among the guests. Among others  in the party of a score or more were  A. J. Jiarling, president of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul; F. A.  Blackwell, president of the Idaho &  Northern; Stanley Field, nephew of  the late Marshall Field, of Chicago;  Potter Palmer, Jr., of Chicago; thos.  S. Ives, LaCrosse, Wis.; J. E Corlett,  M. J. Powell, R. C. Price and Henry  Dekner, of Iowa and A. Butler of  Seattle.  Harry Hunter, a brother of Chas. D.  Hunter, of Phoenix; XV, T. Hunter, of  Greenwood, and Bert and James  Hunter, of Rossland, is purchasing  agent for the Chicago, Milwaukee &  S'. Paul road, and arranged the details  of the excursion. The fine C. P. R.  steamer Princess Beatrice was chartered for the cruise, leaving Vancouver  February ist. The members of the  party are destined for Moresby Island,  one of the Queen Charlotte group, and  will also go to Prince Rupert, where  they have interests.  The Moresby Island Lumber Co.  has already been formed, and some  70,000 acres of valuable timber lands  secured on the island of the same  name. It is from 50 to 70 miles  across to Prince Rupert, where an outlet for the product of the mammoth  mill to be built will be found. They  will look over their various holdings  and investigate conditions generally in  the north, the steamship business itself being one item on the programme,  besides sawmills, lumber and minerals.  The trip should be a delightful one,  wherein much pleasure can be combined with business by the chief members of the party and their guests.  SNOWSHOE SENT  OUT 400 TONS  Shipped Yesterday to  Trail Smelter.  For Purpose of   Bedding  New Blast Furnace.  Early this week Half a dozen men  were set at work at theiSnowshoe mine  of the Consolidated Gp. in this camp.  Yesterday 400 tons of Snowshoe ore  were shipped over the C. P. R. to the  Trail smelter of the':'operating company. It appears that! a lot of Snow-  shoe ore was wanted at ihe Trail  smelter for the purpose of bedding a  new blast furnace, and'as the ore was  already broken down in the mine, it  was a simple matter to run it out to  the ore bins arid load it on the C. P.  R. ore dumps. Thus eight 50-ton  steel cars were' loaded and shipped,  and the men were let'out again.  When the Snowshoe was in operation, the Consolidated Co. did not find  it needful to ship much, if any, lime  rock from the company's quarry at  Fife, on Christina lake, but since the  close-down in November, business  has again been done at Fife, and lime  rock sent over the hill to Trail. The  Snowshoe ore mixes well with the copper   ores   from   Rossland   mines, and  while the haul of over a 100 miles was  a long one, there were copper values  also to be hid from the Snowshoe ore,  something absent in the lime rock from  Fife.   -   . .'������;��� ;  Of the 135,000 tons of ore shipped  from the Snowshoe mine in 1907, 84,  000 tons went to the British Columbia  Copper Co's Greenwood smelter, under contract, while 51,000 tons/went  over the mountains'lo the Trail smelter. When the Greenwood smelter resumes again, perhaps in March or  Apiil if not sooner, the Snowshoe will  likely do likewise, unlesst the management should decide to do more shipping to the Trail smelter.  Living in Ihe Wlldernetg.  Last Monday and Tuesday Frank  MacFarlane, one of the old time prospectors of the Boundary, was in camp,  having come from some 50 miles above  Grand Forks, above Franklin camp.  .MacFarlane was the locator of the Mc-  Kinley mine in Franklin camp, as  well as many other prospects. He lias  been in that faraway section for many  years, amusing himself in the winter  time by trapping for marten and other  animals, making it a source of some  revenue to him when little else can be  done. He says that the Maple Leaf  is (he only group now workihg in  Franklin camp, having three men employed. The difficulties of development can be rioted when it is stated  that the supplies for the Maple Leaf  are hauled by hand sled some 14 miles,  the wagon road to Franklin camp being quite impassible lor teams at this  time of year on account of the four or  five feet of snow in that section. Mr.  MacFarlane is also interested to some  extent in timber claims up the North  Fork.  FORJANUARY  7433 TONS  First Month's Granby  Output.  And  Property is Not Yet Up  to Full Capacity.  CITY OF PHOENIX.  BALANCE SHEET  For Year Ending December 31,  1907.  PAID $210,000  IN DIVIDENDS  I  aM.MMMlMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMB  KEEP THESE  ITEMS IN MIND  when placing your order  for February.  L  '������-��� >li>Mtt��H*��^.��* ����������� a, a>y��V��������>�� ����*����>������� *>��-��*���������� .������������������ ��� ������-������'fr  White Burbank Potatoes  $1.50 per cwt.   ]  Fancy Wrapped   Apples  2.25 per Box   ���  Fancy Unwrapped Apples  2.00 per Box  :  Swift's Ham  20 cts.   lb;|,  Swift's Bacon  20 cts.   lb.   ���  14 lb. Box Creamery Butler.. 4 5��                 ;  Ontario Eggs (guaranteed)  ... ioofoi"3doz.   i  Ontario Cheese  20 cts. lb.    j  Five Roses Flour.  ,W5 cwt.      . j.  Raising and Currants.  .12^ pkg.    ���  We have as complete and fancy a  stock of groceries as can be  found in Southern B. 0., and will  do our best to please our customers in every particular.  JHoirriti1  International Coal On  Good Basis.  Last Payment of $56,000 Made  on February 1st.  ^^fficmacmariTEm^^^^S^^  rrtvrmvmrk^^  Last Saturday (February ist) the  International Coal & Coke Co. paid  its fifth dividend, amounting to $56,-  000. The dividends thus far paid by  this company making a total of $210,-  000 distributed in this way, have been  as follows:  February 1, 1907   $28,000  May 1, 1907      28,000  August 1,   1907      42,000  November 1, 1907     56,000  February 1, 1908      56,000  Total $210,000  Many residents of the Boundary-  have more than an ordinary interest in  the International Coal & Coke Co.,  for the reason that, at the time of its  organization, some four years ago, its  chief promotors were either residents  of or interested in this section heavily.  At tbat time much of the stock that  was for sale was disposed of in this  country, it being then known to be  closely'indentified with interests friendly  to the Granby Co. Those who took  their stock at up to 50 cents per  share are now receiving dividends that  are equal to 16 per cent on the cost of  the shares, the rate being now two per  cent quarterly on the   par value  of$i  per share.  The mines of the company are located at Coleman, Alberta, just across  the line of British Columbia, and are  completely equipped fot outputting a  very large tonnage of coal, with large  seams that will last for many years.  At present the output is at the rate ol  3,000 tons daily, with a contract with  the C P. R. that will last two or three  years yet. In addition the company  lias a large battery of coke ovens.  S. H. C. Miner, A. C. Flumerfelt  and H. N. Galer, all of whom were  actively indentified with the Granby  Co. a few years ago, are at the head of  the International Co., and the success  of the International is largely due to  their efforts, Mr. Flumerfelt being the  president and Mr. Galer the manager of the company. The superintendent is George H. Fraser, who was  at one time also with the Granby  mines. These gentlemen are also in  control of other mines in the Crow's  Nest section, including the Royal  Collieries and Alberta Coal & Coke.  Latest Prices in Meiala  NbW V011K���Copper, electrolytic, $13.-  ;{7 (j!   *13i*2; IftkP.   ��3fi0 @ $13.75.  Bar Silver, 55,'.i'  Lend,   S3 70 �� *'6'���-  Spelter, *4.60 @ $4.00.  ���  RESOURCES.  Bills Receivable, D. L/Mc-  Intominey note........'  $100 00  Fire Department Equipment 4,674 13  Police ........;��� .  115 25  Public Buildings  6,412 14  Sidewalks ...'...-   7,255 01  Streets   .-.-..... 15.561 32  Bridges and Flumes . 'TV.TV."'"' 1.949 32  City Cemetery    '.  690 72  Furniture and Fixtures..... ��� 613 40  Eastern Townships Bank... 124 63  Real Estate Taxes, 1901, un.���  paid  33 OO  Real Estate Taxes, 1902, unpaid ..... .-... 62 15  Real Estate Taxes, 1903, unpaid  03 25  Real Estate Taxes, 1904, unpaid   100 80  Real Estate Taxes, 1905, unpaid   241 45  Real Estate Taxes, 1906, unpaid     459 97  Real Estate Taxes, 1907, unpaid  ' 628 62  School Taxes for 1906, un paid 26 25  1907,      " 221 53  Water Right, Marshall Lake 1,000 00  B.C. Gov't School Grant, Due  Dec. 31 .'. 2S2 50 I  Cash on hand, Dec. 31, 1907 33 24 1  LIABILITIES.  Board of School Trustees....  Bills Payable, Board of School  Trustees '.'   Bills Payable, Bank of Montreal ."..   City of Phoenix, Excess of  ... Assets over Liabilities   $671 76  282 50  8,500 00  31,194 32  For the month of January the  Granby mines shipped to the company's  smelter, at Grand Forks, a total of  74,203 dry tons of ore. This output  was the largest for the Granby mines  for several months, and only three  times during the year 1907 was it exceeded, although previous to that in  June, 1906, it had run up to over 60,-  000 tons, when things were particularly  propitious.  The January output, however, does  not begin to represent what the Granby  Co. can do now, as during most of the  month the entire battery of eight blast  furnaces was not in full operation, it  requiring a little time, after resumption,  to get them all in blast. Although I  February is two days shorter than Jan-|  uary, there is every reason to expect a  larger output for the second month of  this year than for the first.  Figuring in pounds of fine copper,  and basing the estimate on an average  content of 24 pounds of copper to  each ton of ore, Granby's ' output for  January should be over 1,780,000  pounds of the red metal, it requiring  from two to four months to secure exact  returns from the refinery in the east.  On an output of 90,0000 tons of ore  monthly, the returns would be over  2,000,000 ponnds of copper each 30  days. Now that both mines and  smelter are in complete and full operation, the product hereafter, not allowing for unforseen contingencies,  should be around the 2,000,000 pound  mark per month.  $2  5��  s  40  5��  00  ��7  5��  10  00  10  00  1  *5  12  10  108  20  3  6J  16  00  RESULTS AMONG THE CURLERS.  Three   Silver   Cups   to   Be    Competed  tor  $40,648 58!  $40,648 53  I hereby certify the above to be correct.  Phoenix, B.C., January 27th, 19CS.  Geo. D. Turner, Auditor.  RECEIPTS AND  DISBURSEMENTS   FOR YEAR  ENDING DECEMBER 31st, 1907.  RKCEII'TS.  Cash on Deposit, E.T. Bank,  Jan. 1st, 1907   Fire Dept. Equipment, Team  and Wagon Soli! [Balance  in Form of Note Bearing Interest, $100]   Fire Depart. Maintenance...  Health Dept. Lumber, etc.,  sold   Jail Expense Account   Tolice Court Fines   Licenses Paid   Interest Paid on Taxes in  Arrears   Cemetery Lots Sold   Furniture and Fixtures Hold  Heal Estate Taxes, 1001, Paid  "        " "      1902,    "  '        " "       1903,    "  "        " "      1904,    "  "        " "      1905,    "  <<        " "      1906,    "  '��� "       1907,    "  ��i        " "      1906,    "  and held in Suspense awaiting Payment of Rebate....  School Taxes for 1906. Paid.   '   1907,     "  Do" Taxes for 1907. Paid   Road Taxes for 1907, Paid.. .  Ii. C. Government School  Grant Paid   $979 65  500 55  17 00  19 80  S 00  1,913 00  5,100 00  57 86  40 00  10 00  15 90  42 90  64 90  81 90  148 50  374 53  3,020 60  46 55  162 72  1,<*S4 67  70 00  362 00  1,130 00  $15,813 03  DISBUKSKMKNTS.  Water and Light.      $1,306  Fire Department Equipment  " "        Maintenance  Health   Department   [Small  Pox Epidemicl   Police Depart. Maintenance  " "s        Equipment...  Jail Expense Account, Prisoner's M>als, etc    Public Buildings   " " Maintenance  SiJewalke   Streets   "      Maintenance   Bridges and Flumes   Board of School Trustees ...  Legal Expense   Salaries,    City   Clerk    ami  Auditor   Printing, Stationery and Advertising      Interest Paid on  Loan, and  on Overdraft, E. T.   B   Charity   Oflice Expenses    General Expense Account..  Furniture and  Fixture?   ���Bills Payable, Bank of Montreal, Paid    Incidental Expense   Cash in E. T. Bank Dec. 31.  Cash on hand, Dec. 31st....  670  480  1,582 66  2,249 01  49 00  171 50  .     37 65  60 55  530 34  1,146 04  447 05  215 12  2,609 27  2 35  320 00  286 99  714 25  08 20  101 60  515 70  20 00  1,500 00  72 20  124 63  33 24  Cups   to   Be  Locally.  .. Altogether there are three silver cups  to be competed for among the curlers  of Phoenix. That of Pither & Leiser  is now on for competition, and after  this is decided, it is the intention to  biciifc up the rinks, choose over ..again,  and start a competition for the silver-  cup offered by the Toronto Silver  Plate Co. With this trophy also will  go individual prizes given by President  J. A. Morrin, of the curling club, consisting of solid gold stick pins.  Last night the competition for the  Burns cup, between curlers of Greenwood and Phoenix, was started. It is  the intention to play eight games on  Fridays, two teams from each place,  each playing two. Last night the  Greenwood curlers were here and two  teams from Phoenix also went to  Greenwood. In case of a tie in the  series, the skips of the rinks will play  it off, deciding by drawing where to play.  Following are the results locally since  the last publication of same, few games  being played last week on account of  several curlers being absent at the  Nelson bonspiel:  Brown    won from George,    126  ���; RECEIVED THE AUDITOR'S REPORT.  And Clly Cotihcll Paldlka Usui N��bir ���!  ��� ��� ''Account.  '���'  At Wednesday's semi-weekly, meeting of the city council, Mayor Matheson and Aldermen McKenzie, Carson  and Biner were present. An acknowledgement of the $1,000 payment  and interest was read from the Bank  of Montreal, Greenwood, and the fol-  owing accounts were ordered paid by  the finance committee:  B. C. Gazette.......  Nelson Daily News.....  Geo. D. Turner......  A. S. Black.........  Dr. J. D, MacLean.. .  Dr. VV. H. Dickson...  Morrin, Thompson & Co.  B. C. Telephone Co... V  Phoenix Elec. Light. Co.  M. M. Stephens..... ...  John Appleby..........  Bank of Montreal...... .169 63  Taxes for 1901, amounting to $7.20,  were ordered dropped from the city'  books as an asset, as recommended by  the auditor. The annual report of  G. D. Turner, the city auditor, was  read and received and ordered printed  in the Phoenix Pioneer.  A copy of Tremear'i Criminal Code  was ordered purchasedTfor the use of"  the police department, and the council  adjourned.  FOR BERTHA  To Be in  Operation  By July J.  Spokane Men Control North  Fork   Property..  McNicol  Morrin  Marshall  Sherbino  Gardner  Marshall  Strachan, 9-8  Marshall 11-1 2  Strutzel, 12-8  Gardner, 12-11  Brown, 13-9  Smith,       13-9  A controlling interest in the stock  of the Bertha Consolidated Gold Mining Company, the mine of which is  located near Grand Forks, has been  purchased by Dr, W. H. Appelton,  Donald McLean and John F. Wilk-  strom of Spokane, for a consideration  of about $30,009. In speaking of the._  purchase Dr. Appelton stated to the  Spokane Chronicle:  "We believe we have made the best  investment which has fallen to the lot  of Spokane men in many . a day. We  have demonstrated, through the investigation of Engineer John F. Wilk-  strom, that there are eight leads on the  ground of the Little Bertha. The  company consists of 126 acres on the  north fork of the Ketttle river.  "Engineer Wilkstrom and I are leaving for Grand Forks, where we expect  to lay out a mill site and make arrangements (or installing a compressor on  the Bertha property. We.have made  arrangements to have the compressor  installed on or before March 1. We  have purchased a 10-stamp Nisson  mill, which will be in operation on or  before July 1.  "The values in the ore of the Little  Bertha run unusually high. Scores of  assays made recently show that ihe  ore goes from $30 to $200 per ton.  a recent shipment, of 500 tons sent to  the smelter gave returns of $55 per  ton. We expect to make regular shipments after July 1. Since purchasing  the controlling interest in the property  we have received several flattering offers  for the stock, but we are satisfied we  have a good thing, and intend to  operate the mine ourselves."  $15,813 03  G. D. TuitNEit, Auditor.  I hereby certify the above to be correct.  Phoenix, B. C, January 27th, 1908.  Phoenix, .15. C, January 27th, 1908.  To The Mayor and Aldermen,  Of the Corporation of the City of Phoenix.  Gentlemen:  I have complete! a thorough audit of the vouchers, and books of account  oi the Citv Clerk for tlie year ending December 31st. 1907, and tind them to he all  trne and correct. 1 attach herewith statement of Keeeip's and l''"spL'nilit.nrea for  Ihe year 1907, and also Balance Sheet setting forth the. Assets nnd Liabilities ol  tlie city at the end of same period. . .    .  I have also checked the Collector's Tax Koll.und tind it to be correct with tlie  exception of three items of unnaid taxes f->r the vein- 1901, viz: A. h. Dibble,  *3.60; Louis DuIJray, #"..80; and Mrs. It. S. Fraser, $1.80, which .seems to have  been carried forward through an error of the then City Clerk McMillan. I.y referring to the Auditor's report for the year 1905, von will notice that he r<,<;"ni-  mended to the Council, that these three items be written oil the Loll ibis  ,-vidently has not been done, and I would suggest therefor that the Citv (.lurk tie  authorised to make the proper entry reversing these items. All of which is respectfully Hllblllil led.  - Gko. D. TuKNJiu, Auditor.  .$���<><  ��  February 8, '08    J  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE.  Tbe following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines tor 1900. for  *" ', and .  1902, for 1903, for 1904, for 1905, for 1906,  1904  549,703  1905  653.889  I MXNB. I90O       1901 1902 1903  . Grauby Mines.... 64,553 J3i>7��* 309,858 393.7IS  Snowshoe        197     1,731    20,800   71,212  * B. C Copper Co.  I     Mother Lode���   5.340   99,034 141,326 138,079   <74.398    '47.576  B.C.-Mine  19,494    47.405    14,811    19,365      ���        '     Emma __         650     8,530   22,937    37.9��o      9.48s  Oro Denoro ~.    15,537     16,400      3,007  Sonuie Belle ���  20  ' Dom. Cop. Co....  Br'klyu-Stem.. ._      3'.35��     55,73'  Idaho   Kawhide   901, lor 4  1907. as reported to'the phoenix Pioneer���r  Paat  1908    Week  86-343     17.011  400        400'  1906  801,404  8,426  1907  6'3-537  135,001  105,900  1.48S  11 S04  3>'77  208 J31  1,712  18,374  14,481  55��  1,040  "'875  665  Sunset ���   Moutitu Rose-  ~.  Athelstan     1,200  Morrison ��    ��� K. Bell   $ Senator   f Brey Kogle   6 No. 37   I Reliance.   V Sulphur King.-   A Winnipeg. .......    1,076  I  Golden Crown...     2,250    ...  v King Solomon   ��� 3ig Copper   "   No. 7 Mine   City of Paris       2,000  Jewel         160 350  Riverside   Carmi   Sally   Rambler   Butcher Boy -..�����  Duncan   Providence ���  Klkhorn   Slrathmoie .���   Golden Eagle   Preston   Prince Henry   Skylark   t,ast Chance   K. P. O. Mine   Bay   Mavis   Don Pedro   Crescent   Helenk.   Ruby  80  Republic     Miscellaneous...   3,230      3,456  S02     7,455   15,731  150  560  5.646  3.339   363  3.070  3.��S��  1./S9  4.586  3.450  222  364  33  25,108  3,056  4,747  140,685  2.960  26,032  48,390  3,555  43,*95  ���.��53  64.'73  3'.>7��  3>.��8  649  1.833  785  625  482  2,060  "890'  ��.435  13  ��50  586  79  ...30  145  993  400  167  726  3*5  770  ��SO  5*  5"  300  3^5  500  60  75��  53S  689  ��55  73  20  4��  500   30  106  76  .!  1,140  40  140  '5  589  9��  "65  40  700  60  30  45  ���c6.743      '7,4U  S7,o68     I7.HB  t     Total, tons  96.600 390,800508.876 690,419 829,808   933,548 1,161.537 ' M8,��37  Smelter treatment��� ,���.���..������  >     Granby Co  02,387   23o,Si3 *i2,340 401.921 5-*>.*52   687,988828,879     637,626  B.C.CopperCo  117.611 148.000 163,913 *"M84 210,830 123.740     J4t.95S>         Horn. Cop. Co  'il'l'0   i0'9i��   ^'c59 "8,8u      153.439        '     Total reduced.. 62,38934^.431 460,940697,404 837,666 982^77 1,172.4301,133,017   87,06*       17,11  :-.'iir  x.-xxm  .'.*;-?4;>  Mm  ill  $m  atm.  ill  m  m  <im  ill  mm.  II  iliT  M.  ���m  m  m  *��"  vi  m  te.i  5#;l  ���;sRK  i'*M  'iW  m  ^i&p.  Am  ���it-i: 1  .���$',%������  m  II  m  w  ;iiili  ills'  pit.  lip  !#'  i;t !������  mm  THE   PHOKH1X   i'lOKIn'R.  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal.  HIDID CKHATDRUAVH BY TUB  PIONEER PUBLISHING (X).  AT PHOENIX. D. C."  W. B. WILLCOX. Manager.  i  T,���-i,.��� I Bualuem office No. 14.  Telrpnon^ J M,nwr., residence. No. 15.  ��UBBcmrrrons in advawck.  Per Year........ ..la.oo  Six Monlhi...................:.........  1.25  To the United States', per, year  2.56  If.voua end aaubacr ber lo this paper,  la an Invitation to you to become one.  thin  &<lvertI'ilng rate* lurniahto on application.     i  C.eifal notlrea 10 and s'ceuU per Hue '  Pour wrekly Inaertlonaconatltule one month ���  a l��Tt aiax ��� /'|'.    ,    .  1908'  FEB.  190S  Sun, man.  Tuti.  Wed." Thii  , 1, ,       ,  Fr,'.  1 *  Sat.  '      3  4  5      6  7  1  8  9    10  11  12   , 13  M  15  91    17  18  19    20  21  22  23    24  *5  26    27,  28  . 29  The making of railway ties .has been  a godsend to rriany of the unemployed  in the Boundary this winter���and was  probably a gopd thing foi^ the railway  companies, too. Where the 200 men  who have been doing " this since the  mines and smelters-closed, .would have  secured employmenti otherwise, "is a  gravequestion.. i    .   ;  The second disgusting Thaw trial is  over, and .the homicide has been ���sent  to the insane asylum���for'a few days  or weeks. There are "those who will  wager that it will not take as Jong to  try Francisco Ciddio, who was taken  last week"in Salt, LakejCity, for being  the author;of a dynamite outrage in the  Boundary over a year ago, in which  one life Iwas .sacrificed. *  Beware of imitations and substitutes  accept none but the genuine " Baby's  Oztnt."  know they can get it when wanted.  There was a small run on a bank in  Fernie a few weeks ago, but it soon  stopped when every one   that  desired  It is next to, impossible to get any  one from" Grand Forks or Greenwood  to  behete   that   Phoenix, enjoys  so  much  more . moderate climate   than  either.  ��� Yet it is a clear  fact  and undeniable. ' -For ' instance! iri  the cold  snap of last, week; in the   towns mentioned the .thermometers showed 30  and 35 degrees;i below, zero, while in  Phoenix it had' great difficulty in reaching six and eight below.', "'  secured his money���ignorant foreigners  and all. American bankers should  make a careful study of the Canadian  banking system. It may not be perfect, but it is so far ahead of any other  system on the American continent,  that it will do to adopt till a better one  is found.  Mr. Mining Man, what do you think  of a mining company that employs 24  men, and of these but four are miners?  That is going some���is it not? This is  the   Monarch   mine,   near  Field,   of  of which Arthur Wheeler  is manager,  and the   Canadian   Concentrating   &  Smelting Co. is the owner.    'I'he statement is made by Mr. Wheeler and is  printed in the Golden Star, and seems  incredible.    The rest of the employees  are foremen, blacksmiths, loaders   and  weighers, teamsters, carpenters,   storekeepers,   cooks, assayers,   bookkeeper  and manager.    It   is stated .. that three  cars of ore will be shipped weekly, and  it will be interesting   to see   how long  the mine, be it ever so rich, will stand  this   sort   of thing.    It   is  just  such  business   as   this,   if we   mistake  not,  that eventually discredits mining. Even  ore, running 78% in   lead must   have a  limit on the expense of production, especially   when   the , mine   is   located  several miles from the railway.  j  OUR COPPER CORNER  r*  ���MATTERS OF  IVrKKKST   TO   THOSE   INTERESTED  COPPER   MINING    INDUSTRY  IN   THE  Shiloh's'Usc'Shiloh'sCure  The Great Northern has decided to  assimilate'many, of its  branches, and  call them all,by the one .name, of the  parent company.-'i.For.- instance,  the  Spokane, Falls "&' Northern, the  line  north' from Spokane to British Colum-  ��� bia, will lose its identity and be known  as the; Great tNorthern   simply.    On  this side of the boundary line we shall  probably still have our   Jong   familiar  Victoria, Vancouver andJEastern Railway , and. Navigation  Co.^-even if it  does navigate ore mostly.  Many residents of Phoenix.will re;  member Irene MacColl, daughter of  Rev. E C. XV. MacColl, the family  formerly living in Phoenix. Miss MacColl is somewhat given to writing, and  one  of   her   stories,   "The  Moriarty  Cure.  Cures,  Coughs  and Colds  QUICKLY  for tlie worst cold,  thesharpest cough  ���try it on aguar-  antee of your  money back if it  doesn't actually  CURE quicker  than anything you  ever tried. Safe to  take,���nothing in  it to hurt even a  baby. , 34 years of  success commend  Shiloh's Cure���  25c, 50c, $1.    31*  SITUATION IN COPPER.  Prlceo for 1908 Is Uncertain, but  an Advance  Is Expected.  J. Parke Channing, in a special  article in the New York Commercial,  says:  \Vhen the figures for 1907 have been  compiled by the various copper companies it will undoubtedly be seen that  the results for the year have been  eminently satisfactory and it is probable that the average price of most  companies will be found to exceed, 19  cents a pound. The highest price  during the year was about 26 cents a  pound. The highest price during the  year was about 26 cents in March, and  the lowest was in the neighborhood of  i2j�� conts in October. At the close  of the year electrolytic was about 13^  cents, with thy prospects for ihe future  fairly good. While the high price in  the early part of the year '.was deprecated by both producers and consumers  alike, the law of supply and demand  produced the high figure. The consumers, or rather, perhaps, it should be  stated the manufacturers of copper,  seemed to think that there never would  be a let up and frantically bid almost  almost any price for the metal.  Not until the recession of the stock  market in March was it realised that  the country was. not in a position to go  ahead with the enterprises, which had  already been laid out, nor to undertake new commitments no matter how  much they might be desired. Undoubtedly at that time the majority of  the producers failed to realize the condition of affairs and assumed that the  consumers w��re simply holding off for  lower prices. Production, therefore,  continued without decrease, no sales |  were made and the metal continued to  pile up until July,.by which time the  true conditions of aflairs began to be  appreciated by producers, and then for  ihe first time in the history of the  metal, practically without any concert,  1 lie production began to be restricted.  It is unfortunate that this restriction  did not occur two or three months  earlier, but as it is the result has been  eminently satisfactory. The stocks  have largely been eliminated and indications point to the probability that for  some time to come the production will  not be greater, than the market can  properly take care of.  Basically, the copper situation is no  different than it was a year ago. The  legitimate demand is and will continue  to increase as electrical development  continues to increase in the country,  and at the same time the production  will only keep pace with the increased  demand.  What the average price of copper  lor the year 1908 will be is hard to  tell, though it seems quite likely that  before the end of the year, 16 or even  17 cents may be expected for the  metal. While the law of supply and  demand undoubtedly governs the immediate price of copper, ultimately the  cost of production is one of the pnn ���  cipal items. The cost of producing  copper has unquestionably advanced  two cents in the last three or four  years, and therefore to make even the  same returns, a price of 17.cents today  would only equal that of 15 cents three  or four years ago, which at that time  was considered a nominal price for the  consumer and producer alike. It  seems quite likely that there, will be no  increase in the production, by any of  the closed mines until copper shall  have gone beyond 15 cents.  LOVERS OF GOOD TEA  ��� Use ���  I. H. HALWTT  Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary P6���lrt.,.  Cable Address:       HAI.r,ETT.  /Bedfoiiiai Nells  Code* < Moielujf * Neal'a  ( Lelber'a.  Gbbknwood, B.(,  Because of Its Delicious Flavor.  if*D packets oflipr^^^  TUCK    COLLINS  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  I Hotel Balmoral o..���_ .  j Cor. First & Knob Hill Ave.   PHOENIX, li. C.  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. and A.M.  Regular communication 8 p. m     g,  -M *-��>'   ond Thursday ofeach month.'       '  <&.'&{  K'��,;e?P,1t5e,''*t,��''P "callediMaaoni-  ���ty; ;\      Hall, McHsle Block.  Two Spiral Railway Tunnel*.  A number of men from the Boun  dary have recently gone to Field, on  the main line, where McDonnell &  Gzowski have the work on the two  tunnels which they are driving well  under way. These tunnels will each  cut down the grade which the trains  have to climb in that portion of the  road, 70 feet, or a total of 140 feet.  Each tunnel will be spiral in form, and  one portal will be 70 feet higher than  the other. One tunnel will be 2,800  feet in lenth and the other.3,260 feet.  In making the approaches, 6,000,000  yards of rock will have to be removed.  The tunnels will overcome a difficulty  which has hitherto handicapped the  railway at this point, inasmuch as it  takes from four to five locomotives to  haul trains up the hill at thispoint.  THE   FINEST   QUALITY  MILK and CREAM  .A.T  IN  THE  DAlB^  w.  STHJCTL.Y  II A. N NAM,  PIIO.NK  Fit KgII    KUCaH  PHOPKIKTOH.  ojDj^o;o;o��LOi"'x>;o;o;ox>;o;o:o;o:o:o:o:o:o"K5  P. 0. Box se.  Phoenix Mirkot. 'Phone 2.  g  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  Choice Lite of Fresh and Cared Meats.  Poultry, Fish and flame in Season.  All    Orders  Receive  Prompt Attention.  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The first shipment of coal from , the  collieries of the Diamond Vale Iron &  Coal Co., in the Nicola country, has  reached Vancouver.  Despite the somewhat discouraging  price of the lead market, shipping is  going on freely from all over the  silver-lead districts. ,  At Rossland the Le Roi Mining  company employed throughout the  year an average of about 245 men, and  paid in wages $316,720.  Few changes to the mineral act are  anticipated   this   year   by the   mining  Greenwood   Liquor  Co.  We furnish the trade all over the   Boundary   with  the Choicest Importrd and Domestic  Wines, Liquors and Cigars  As W12 ship direct in Carloads, we  can  make  prices right, arid give prompt shipment.  the  Mrt*  Twins' Christening,"' appeared in a| committee of the legislative assembly,  recent issue of Westward Ho, the Vancouver monthly magazine. Incident:  ally, a Catholic priest took strong exceptions to the statements made in the  story; which, by the way, was laid in  Phoenix. And thus a budding author  begins to get fame early in her career.  Jas. McC*eath & Co;  GREENWOOD, B. C.  **Bmai0*iami$��lm*sm0>i*l*g6  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK  CAPITAL S3,OOO.OOO       RESERVE FUND $1,860,000  HEAD OFFICE - SHERBROOKE. QUE.  WITH OVER SIXTY BRANCH OFFCES IN THE  PROVINCE OF QUEBEC   ���  ���HI OFFBB PACfUTIgS  POSSESSBD  BV  NO OTHER BANK IN CANADA  FOB  Collections and Banking Business Generally  m.THAT  tlfl��OBTANT 'MtHFITOnT  SAVINGS BANK DEPARTMENT   AT ALL OFFICES  BRANCHES  IN  Manitoba,  Alberta and' British Columbia.  ?-..'i -.    ���       "-    ���     all Over the World.  Correspondents  AD. MORRISON  *    JEWELER & OPTICIAN  Local Tl;nt Inapcctorfor S. F. & N  (Hljfll CloasGooda alwaya iu Stock.)  Gband Forks, B.C.  Phoenix Shoe Shop  A. T. TUIJANO, Prop.  PKoehix Stream laundry Co.  earn  LIMITED.  METHODS OF MINING  AND TIMBERING . . .  BY W. H. STORMS.  The only thoroughly practical and exhaustive treatise on this subject.  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The Lightning Peak mine, located  20 miles west of Arrow lakes, in ihe  Gold Range, has been rawhiding ore  fo miles, thence 12 miles by wagon to  the lake; thence it is taken to the  Trail smelter  Louis Pratt and J. A. Whittier have  taken a three years' lease and bond on  the Province claims, and have purchased the Cork and Dublin properties,  on the South Fork, near Kaslo, and  will work them.  The Crow's Nest Pass Coal Coi,  I Ltd, employed in 1907, 2,290 men;  wages paid, $i,96?,799.79;cokemined,  876,730 long tons; coke mined. 207,-  879 long tons. The capital of the  company is $3,727,500 and dividends  paid   in 1907 were $355,178,98  The Hosmer Mines Co.;at Hosmer,  have expended to date $r,500,000.  Shipments of coal will begin in 1908  and will be increased as the marktt  requirements justify to.'.3,000 tons a  day. The first installation of coke  ovens will have capacity of 300 tons a  day.   '" '":":  The Silver King is at present closed  down, but it is understood that its  former, manager, Montague Davys, is  getting together a company in London  to obtain control, of the mine. The  Silver King is the property which first  brought Nelson into prominence. It  was worked extensively until the lead  was lose This it is understood has  again been located. At one time 300  men were employed.  /  Boots and Shoes made to order, first-class work guaranteed. Miners' Boots a  specialty, guaranteed water  ,^ronf.  First Street- Opposite Knob HIM Hotel  Phoenix, B. C.  Only Two Dlt* Per Mosib.  The cost of having us send the Pioneer to any part of the world, for a  short time, is only 25 cents per month.  Leave names and addresses at the  Pioneer office.  Betrayed  At  Ottawa.  Duncan Ros��, of Yale-Caribor>, and  Mr Macpherson, of Vancouver, both  express themselves as satisfied with the  settlement arrived at in regard to Japanese coolie immigration. 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Hritish Columbia, has a   forest urea  'of 182 million acres,   according to the  l estimate of R   H. Campbell,   superintendent of forestry   for the   Dominion  [ govern merit.  Nearly all the Boards of Trade of  Southern B. C. have endorsed the  silver-lead minors' petition asking for  nn extension of the lead bounty from  tbe Dominion government  Tlie Best Phyalc.  When you want a physic that is mild  and gentle, easy to lake and pleasant  in effect, tnke Chamberlain's Stomach  and Liver Tablets. Price 25 cents.  Kvery lu<x warranted. Get a free  sample at all druggists, and try litem.,  James   Breed  On Copper.  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It was an Italian  navvy camp, and the perpetrator escaped across the line. It was thought  that he would never more be heard of,  but the arm of the law, especially in  British Columbia, is long, as the following dispatch shows.  Salt Lake City, Utah, Jan. 31.���  After his arrest here today Francisco  Ciddio, an Italian, confessed that it  was he who set off 100 pounds of  powder in a hotel at Niagara, B. C,  November 18, 1906, wrecked the liotel  and killed the daughter of the hotel  keeper. He was taken into custody  by a local officer, accompanied by  William Devitt, chief constable of the  provincial police at Nelson.  Jealous fondness for the landlord's  daughter, accentuated by drink,  promted Ciddio's crime. He escaped  from Niagara in a load of hay and  traveled from state to state, hoping to  elude the vengeance of the law. He  had remained unmolested in Salt Lake  city for nearly a year, and was taken  so completely by surprise that he made  no effort to deny either his identity or  his guilt.  Founded 1892���Incorporated 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C.  Provides a Christian home lor students of lioth sexes at moderate rates.  Has a preparatory class for junior student?, doing grade public school work,  ^oes high school work, confers all high  school piivileges, and prepares for teachers' examinations. Teaches all branches  of a Practical Business Course and gives  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in  ita Collegiato Course and in the Ladies'  Crises (or M.E.L. and M.L.A. In University woik, can take students through  tlie complete Arts Course, and the degree of B.A. can bo obtained from Toronto TJnivernity, which the college is in  liu affiliation.  For fuller information and terms write  Rev. W. J. Sipperell, B.A.,B.D .Princi.  P*l: orRpv. .1. p. Rmv<."',. Bnrcsir.  Hospital Donations.  ''let of Donations received biik.'s Jim.  '���H. 1905, to the Phoenix General Hospital :  ^"hjio   R. Horrell  J;a>h|��5 V.."'.."��� J- 11. Macaulaj  Sfuh_��5 A. F. Bern  S����-��Ca��e A.. K. H. Olarl  ?���Ainen.4do* Hospital Ladles' Aid  ^"hfeo ��� K. T. Bank  J^'hlto jas. McCreatli  s";-*"1?,-  Canadian Kami Drill1 Co  JPrlng Col   A.B.Hood  Maple Ryrup ��� ^���  .A Friend  Olrt",!em,">'�� Dreaalnj; Gown Mm. J. B. Boyl^  "W Unen  "       Mr��. I. Crawford  rj.��,,x,Book�� '.'..'.'... Mra. B. A. W. Hod����  S*.*** A Grand Forks Friend  tvS'Slon ,c��PPer Co. Full 8et Boiler Tubea  Canadians Muit Blaze Way.  R. R. Mqbson, who represented the  London Statist in the party of British  -Journalists that visited Canada last  summer, writing in his newspaper on  1 his Dominion's resources and wants,  has this to say. V  "I could not geLsomo; of the men  T talked with to recognize that if the  Canadians themselves, who have been  putting surplus capital in Mexican and  South'American undertakings, were to  exercise their abilities in their own  country and acquire and, work mineral  propositions to the stage of profitable  production, then English investors,  with the inducements of proved value  and good dividends to be secured,  would purchase shares so that Canadians .who received British cash for the  shares would be replenished with additional capital to go on and extend  operations in other directions. This  is a far more reasonable procedure for  English investors to take than plunging headlong into business which ought  to be initiated and controlled on the  Canadian, and not on the English  side."  Chamberlain's Couth Remedy a Favorite.  '���We prefer Chamberlain's Cough  Remedy to anyother for our children,"  says Mr. L. J. Woodbury of Twining,  Mich. "It has also done the work for  us in hard colds and croup, and we  take pleasure in recommending it."  For sale by all druggists.  An   Unlucky   Coin (?;  "The U. S. quarter-dollar," said a  numismatist, "should be an unlucky  coin. It is notning but one mass of  thirteens.  "There are thirteen stars on it.  There are thirteen letters in the scroll  that the eagle holds in its claws, there  are thirteen featheis in the eagle's tail,  and there are thirteen feathers in its  wing. On the shield there are thirteen  parallel lines, thirteen horizontal stripes  and thirteen arrowheads.  "Finally, in the word 'quarter dollar,' there are just thirteen letters."  Mall Order vr. Home Trade.  Shall it be with your home merchant,  or shall you send to some distant city  for your supply? The country is being  flooded with catalogues and advertisements of business concerns who apparently offer great inducements for  cash from the consumers to buy their  supplies of all kinds from them. All  ihey ask is for you to send them the  cash and they will send you the goods,  out of sight and unseen; at apparently  very low prices. Suppose you stop  and, consider a moment whether you  gain anything by buying of these distant firms, if you are inclined at all to  do do.  IF YOU BUY FROM CATALOGUE HOUSES.  You pay in advance.  You buy the goods without seeing  them.  Your money is sent far from home.  You cart the goods from the depot.  You find that redress is not practical  for unsatisfactory goods.  You have difficulty with the railroad  company if the goods are damaged in  transportation.  You pay freight or express charges  extra.  You pay a price that is only apparently low.  IF YOU BUY OF YOUR HOME DEALER.  You may receive credit.  You make actual comparisons and  select, from a variety of styles and  sizes.  Your money stays at home to help  build up your own community...,   -You can"have  goods  delivered to  your home.  The articles are easily exchanged if  not satisfactory.  You will receive them in good condition.  You. have no freight or express  charges to pay.  You get the best quality of goods at  the right prices.  It takes more than  modern machinery to produce good flour. It is the  care used in selecting the  wheat before it is ground  and the searching tests of  expert chemists afterwards  that give   '  .-Royai Household  Flour  its nutritious qualities, its  purity and its uniform goodness. In its preparation  no process tending to improve its quality is omitted  or   slighted.       Tell   your  frocer that you want Royal  louschold  because the  makers guarantee it.  OflUvie Floir Mills Co., Iii.  157 MMlreaL  The Pioneer Wonders���  What some of the opposition members expect to accomplish by their  antics in the house at Victoria.  What will happen to Duncan Ross  when he meets Hon. W. J. Bowser  face to face on the platform���if he  dare meet him at all.  How many years will elapse before  that long tunnel is run from Greenwood to Phoenix���and who will put  up the cash to drive it.  Why more investors do not get in at  ground floor prices, like the present,  instead of waiting till prices begin to  rise, as they always have done, and  surely will do again.   ���    '���' ���  Why is it that so many people think  they are divinely fitted to conduct a  newspaper, when-most of them cannot make a success of the business  they are now engaged in.  How it is that the C. P. R. succeeded  in getting so many ore dumps on hand  after the mines stopped shipping, 'when  they could not be had when things  were running at fullest capacity.  How many. Japs will enter British  Columbia this year, in spite of the  promises made (but not in writing) at  Tokio and the smooth speeches of the  Minister of Labor, Hon. Rodolphe  Lemieux.  Theae Are The .'15  Rmka.  The following banks have agreed to  assume the obligations of the Sovereign Bank, and to lake over its business: Bnnk of Montreal, Canadian  Bank of Commerce, Bank of Nova  Scotia, Bank of Toronto, Imperial  Bank of Canada, Dominion Bank,  Merchants' Bank of Canada, Bank of  British North America, Royal Bank of  Canada, Standard B=tnk, Bank of  Ottawa, Bank of Hamilton, Eastern  Townships Bank, Traders' Bank, Western Banic.  Did She Do It?  Mrs. Marshall, a hard-working old  widow, went into the laundry business  on a small scale. She had her sign  painted upon the.shutters of her front  window like this:  N0..1  "."."������*  Mrs. Mar shall  La undress  All work Punctually  Done  Open at 8 o'clock-  See specimens iii this window.  The next morning when she went  out to see what caused a large crowd  to wait in. front of her window, she  found the It ft hand shutter had been  blown bacK by the wind and the sign  hardly read as she meant it should,  although it accounted for the presence  of the crowd.���Ex.  --:!'���������/  SEVEKE CANADIAN WINTERS  DEPRIVED OF THEIB DANGER;  Colds and Their After-Effects Conquered  By the Use of Pe-ru-na.  Mayor of Scotstown Recort,  mends Pe-ru-na for Colds ,  and Catarrh.  ��� a *  good  Neglected Colds Threaten Life.  (from the Chicago Tribune.)  "Don't trifle with a cold," is  advice for prudent men and women.  It may be vital in the case of a child.  Proper food, good ventilation, and diy,  warm clothing are the proper safeguards  against colds. If they are maintained  through the changeable weather of  autumn, winter and spring, the chances  of a surprise from ordinary colds will  be slight. But the ordinary light cold  will become severe if neglected, and a  well established ripe cold is to the  germs of diphtheria what honey is to  the bee. The greatest menace to child  life at this season of the year is the  neglected cold." Whether it is a child  rr adult, the cold slight or severe, the  very best treatment that can be adopted  is togiveChamberlain's Cough.Remedy.  It is safe and sure. The great popularity and immense sale of this preparation has been attained by its remarkable cures of this ailment. A cold  never results in pneumonia when it is  given.    For sale by all druggists.  READ HIS LETTER.  THE first effect of a cold is a thickening of tho mucous membranes or  the noso and throat.  This gives rise to a discharge, or at,  least a stuffiness of the nasal passages.  Sometimes fever accompanies the first  attack, also a feeling of languor, dullness and aching of the bones.  If no attention is paid to it, tho  mucous congestion is liable to spread  down into the larynx,producing hoarseness and into the bronchial tubes, producing a cough.  Even when this occurs, many people  pay no attention to it.  Under such circumstances, tho congestion is liable to become chronic, producing a condition of tho mucous membranes .known as catarrh. Catarrh lasts  ��������������� a anindeflni to  CURE  COLDS���     j time.     Catarrh  PREVENT CATARRH, j is essentially a  ���"���"^��������������>���~" chronic   condi  tion and does not leave except something is done to relieve it.  What should be done when a person  catches cold is to take a few doses of  Peruna.  Taken at the onset, Peruna'would  break up tho cold arid,proyent all the  train of symptoms which usually  follow.  But, even in cases where the cold has  been neglected and " hoarseness or a  cough has developed; Peruna can be relied upon to* give prompt and permanent relief.  The frequency of coughs and colds in  Canada makes Perurui a popular remedy in this country.  A number of the best people in Canada have given testimonials as to the  value of Peruna In such cases.  Followed   Dr.    rtartman's    Advice-  Restored lo Health.  Mrs. Samuelle Vigneau, Avre au  Berd, Isle de La Magdaline, Canada,  writes:  "I write to tell you that x am perfectly  well. I took only three bottles of your  Peruna according to your advice and  the directions in your, book and it restored my health."  C. H. PARKER.  '���C.H.Parker, Ex-Warden'of Comp*q��-  Co., Quebec, has been mayor of floojtav"  town for a number of years.   H�� 1�� U  influential resident in. Sootefarvm^aaii  widely known. - ���''.  He   writes   concerning   Pent**, am  follows:..... . '  ;:*  'I had several attacks ofoolds  from time to time and finally ��,  severe attack developed into tm-  tarrh.  "I was advised to use your celebrated catarrh remedy, and afttr  | taking three bottles I find njMlf  ��� completely cured, and I no I  t suffer from catarrhi or colds.  t "I can cheerfully recosuiMai  } Peruna for colds and catarrh." ���  Should you desire special instruetttaM  relative to the. use of Peruna, a>djdra��io  Ur. S. B. Hartman,  President of tfco.  Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, OMaV  Ail correspondence, held rtrkrtlj a*a%> -  fldentia'I.  AVEEAQE  PRICES.,* 0E_  ���New York-  Electrolytic.  ,<  COPrER.  Lake.  Baiter's Philosophy.���XVII!.  Resolved, that babies bring a lot of  sunshine into the home but they make  a lot of noise about it. A good, strong,  durable baby,is a nice thing to have  when he is behaving himself, but he  wants to run the whole shop all the  time. And when he gets the colic, oh,  well say! People who don't like children and animals have missed about all  there is to it. Say, boys, don't let us  grow so blase and smart that we can't  enjoy sweet things. Lets be more  like children. They have more fun  than we do. We think we know  too much but we don't. We could  learn a lot of little things yet.  Month. 1906  J��na��rr���*���;���-. .���-.- 18.31-  February  17.8��  March  18 36  Aprill..   18.37  Mav...;  18.46  June  18.44  July    18.19  August    18.43  September...  19.14  October 21.27  November... 21.99  December.... 23.03  1907  -24.5S-  24.93  25.07  24.27  24.15  22.82  22.12  18.35 .  15.56  13.12  13.37  12.16  1906  18.41  18.11'  18.64  18.63  18.72  18 71  18.58  18.61  19.29  21.71.  22.34  23.38  1907  24.88  26:20  25.47  24.87  25.17  24.01  21.31  18.25  16.04  13 57  13.62  19.39  BOUNDARY DIVIDENDS.  +*���>&.  i  NAME OF COMPANY.  B,C. Copper Co ������copper.   j I Cariboo-McKinney���gold   7- Consol. M. & S.���gold-copper.  Granby Consolidated���copper.  J | 1'rovidence���ailver   a>00<0>**��'m<Mt+$*m<t*^r  AUTHORIZED  CAPITAL.  $3 000,000  1,250,000  5,500,000  15,000,000  200,000  Issued  503,000  1,750.000  53 -55*  135.000  31,000  Par  $5  $>  }ioo  $100  *>  DIVIDENDS.  Paid  1906  241,690  1,620,000  16,000  Total  lo Date  $201,200  546.837  781,885  2.968,630  38.224  Latest  Datf  Sept. ttjoj  Feb. 1 10  Nov.1907.  Sept. 1907  Sept. 1906  ,\nit  Per  Sh.  .01  I.2S  3.OO  ���SO  PACIFIC AY  ���THE���  I  Year  19.35   20 14   lP-fVI   20 69  bPy):::  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.   ^The most perlectly appointed Health  and Pleasure Resort in the West, with a com-  pletesyetem of Baths���including Turkish and  Russian. Open the year round. The curaUvj  properties of its waters are unequaled.  For Curing all Rheumatic. Nervous and Muscular Troubles.  For Healing all Kidney, Liver aud Stomach  ailments.  For Eliminating all MeUtllicPoiaons from th  System  The gTandeur ol ihe scenery is unrivalled  Mountains, snow peaks, forests, lakes,waterfalls,  boating, yachting, fishing, shooting, excursions  tennis. It�� winter climate Is unsurpassed fbt  mildness HARRY McINTOSH,  Ptoprielcr  ���  i  PHOENIX  Through Sleeping and Dining  Cars and High Class Tourist   Sleepers    on    all  Through Trains.  Will relieve that tired feeling so quickly that it  will surprise you.  With what is acknowledged to be the best  equipped Brewing Plant in the Boundary by far,  we furnish a really delectable article.  Ask for our Bottled  Beer  4  Phoenix Brewing Company  BINER & SONS, Ptopa.  Office and Brewery, Banner St. Phoenir, B.C.  We have the only ICE MAKING MACHINE in the Boundary.  \  J  Lake  as its  Why Be A  trow.  The Optimistic  club  of  Salt  City has adopted the   following  qualifications:  The man who never makes any  mistakes never makes anything else.  Before money was invented, some  people were happy.  Shake hands as  though you  it, and smile.  Go bury thy sorrows,  its share,     lust smile.  When in doubt take Optimistic  views. Nobody can really harm you  but yourself. .  Vou are under real obligation to  every man on earth.  Hardluck   stories   are  like overdue  notes.  In the realm of the birds, the lark  is the optimistic, the crow is the pessimist.    Why be a crow.  meant  the world has  The small sum of two bits (25c) per  month takes the Phoenix Pioneer to  any postoffice on earth .,���,  Por Rheumatic Sufferers.  The quick relief from pain afforded  by applying Chamberlain's Pain Balm  makes it a favorite with sufferers from  rheumatism, sciatica, lame back, lumbago, and deep seated and muscular  pains.    For sale by all druggists.  Itching Piles.  If you are acquainted with anyone  who is troubled with this distressing  ailment, you can do him no greater  favor than to tell him to try Chamberlain's Salve. It gives instant relief.  This salve also cures sore nipples,  tetter and salt rheum. Price 25 cents.  For sale by all druggists.  THE  TAKE NOTICE.  ROSSLAND ASSESSMENT DISTRICT.  NOTICK IS HKRKBY GIVEN, in accordance  with the Statutes, that Revenue Tax, and all  assessed taxes, assessed and levied under tbe  "Assessment Act" and amendments, and under  the "Public Schools Act" are now due aud payable for the year 1908. ...  All taxes collectable Tor the Rosslaud Assessment district aud the Rural School Districts of  ���'Anaconda," "Boundary Falls," "Cascade,"  ������Deadwood," "Eholt," "Midway" and "North  Kettle River" are due and payable at my office,  .situate at the Court tn the City of Rossland.  This notice is equivalent to a personal demnnd  by me upon all persons liable for taxes.  Uat-d at Rossland, B. C. this aoth day of January, 1908  J. KIRKUP.  Collector, Rossland Assessment District.  "       : MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  Monte Grand & California Fraction mineral  claim, situate In Greenwood Mining Division of  Yale District. .  Where located���Greenwood Camp.  TAKK NOTIOK that I, Forbea M. Kerby ac  Aeent for John Mulligan, Free Miner's Certificate NO Ujoji, inteiid, sixty days from date  hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvement*, for the purpose ol  nhtalnlnc a Crown Grnut ot the above claim.  And further Take Notice thai action, under  Section XI, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate oi Improvements.  Dated this ��7th day of June, A D., 1907.  <r_ FORBK8 M. KB&fiY, Agent.  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New Edition Issued Novembar 15, 1906.)  Is a dozen books in one, covering the  history, geography, geology, chemistry,  mineralogy, metallurgy, terminology,  uses, statistics and finances of copper.  It is a practical book, useful to all and  necessary to most men engaged in any  branch of the copper industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English  withcut fear or favor. It lists and describes 4626 copper mines and companies in all parts of the world, descriptions running from two lines to sixteen pages, according to importance of  the property. The Copper Handbook  is conceded to be the  World's Standard Reference  Book on Copper.  The mining man needs the book for  the facts it gives him about mines, mins  Ing and metal. The investor needs  the book for the facts it gives him about  mining, mining investments and copper statistics. Hundreds of swindling  companies are exposed in plain English.  Price is $5 in buckram with gilt top;  $7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  Horace .1. Stevens  Editor and Publisher  36    POSTOFFICE     P-OCK,     HOUGHTON,  MICHIGAN.  PALUCIF LIVERY STABLES  MUKDOCK McINTiRE, Prop.  35  Horses,   Full   Liveiy   Equipment,  Have taken   over   the  Lumber   Yard  and will carry  a  full   stock.  DRY   WOOD   IN    ANY    QUANTITY  Trompt Attention to   orders  at any hour of day or night.  (phone 34.)       Phoenix, B. C.  \  ^ysJ^s.J^i.  M  ��3��e  Phoenix  Pioneer  Is acknowledged by those who read it regularly to ue the  leading journalistic exponent of the Boundary District of Southeastern British Columbia. _  It is published in the centre of the great Copper Mining  Industry of British Columbia, and prints the news of the Districts while it is news. It plays no favorites, but aims to give  everyone a square deal.  The Pioneer costs $2 per annum; to American subscribers,  $2.50, and more than one of its readers subsciibes for two,  three and even five  years.    Address, with remittance,  Pioneer Ptib.  Co.,  Phoenix, B.C.  MOTK-We have alew Copies of the 1m'PtONKKR ANNUAT. left, price    15 cents  each.oracopv will be sent free to n new subscriber.  The Best of Meals  -*-��w_ and Attention  Try-  BANFF  SANITARIUM  THIS  WINTER.  Sulphur   Springs   and   Unexcelled Accommodations.  ::    :  . . . Rates . . .  $2.50 per dav and up.  Correspondence invited and cheerfully  answered.  Call on or write,  J. MOE, E.  D. P. A.,  Nelson, B.C.  J. COYLE,  A. G. P. A.,  Vancouver, B.C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  notice.  "Florence No. 2  Fractional" Mineral Clalau,  situate in   the Greenwood   Mining  I>ivislon  of  Yalt   district.    Where   located:���Iu   Greenwood ,  enrup.  TAKK NOTICE, that I, Ifaac H. Hallett, as  agent for Joseph J. Bassett, Free Miner's Certificate, No B10176. intend, sixtv clays from date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a  Certificate of Improvements, for th�� purpose of  obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above cle.m.  And further Take Notic? that action, uudrr  Section 37. must be commence*: before he  Issuance of such Certificate ol Imp.oveineuta.  Dated this  S'-  th day of September, A.D., 1907.  I. H. HALLHTT  MINERAL ACT.  (FORM F.)  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE  "Australia," "Fiji," "Rat Fractional," "Raven  Fractional," and "Tarantula Fractional," Mineral Claims situate In the Greenwood Mining  Division of Yale District. Where located���  between Greenwood and Wellington Camps.  TAKE NOTICE that I, Isaac H. Hallett. as  Agent for Ekiu F. Jackson, Free Miner's Ctrtifi.  cate No. B 10056, intend, sixty (inyH from date  hereof, tn Hppty to the Miului; Rccouler for Certificates of Improvements, for the purpose ol  obtaining Crown Grants of the aboveclaims.  And lurtli-r Take Notice that action, under  section 37, mu��t be commenced before the issuance of such Certificates ot   improvements.  Dated this 15th day of July, A.I)., 1007.  44��� I. H. II   I.r.FTT.  LAND ACT.  Siimlknm'-eii I.iiml jVstrict. District of Vale.  TAKK NOTK'i*; thru Sa.mpki. Di'niikk. Bel-  fust, Irelniul occupation, Merchant, intern's to  apply for a special timber license ov^r the following ttesci ibt-tl lamls:  Nu. 3.��� -Coniineiicing nt a post planted nt>.^ut6o  chains east from the snntli-wesi corner post of  No 2 .ocat'on, ami on its south stile line, marked  Samukl DrNiMiB's uotth-wrsl corner -po.st;  thence east ,jo chains; th u<;- south iro tna'tis;  thence west 40 chains; thence north 160chains to  tite point of coinnienc-meiit, ami c iitaluiug 640  acres, more or less.  SAMUKL DUNDKli,  C. Dundee Agent*  Dated, 6th NovenibT  1907  C3,  .  1  ���mm  "������' iliil  ���-'���'*$0m~M0A  ;'':'*M��?Jiaili,J  ���������^mmm$]  .���SI!y#S-M&4|  ���',ii..-v-1r.*r ���!..���(.-');:  0:11liM'tl  ; 4i:  ...^'���":..*v:  "X'PiM";''.'"-.!  p-m^  :'fW P.-'  ������.���::'":*'���  p-piiM^  ������m  : ��� fa  :':   Pis:: ti  '���-���(PJ-.-i :  mmx  IMP;  ii  ffp!';  11  ����  ���'IP  '���'PS  -M  iSS'.ti  gf Sip;'  ��  ij|h.|  81  ''���T-'o'r.Nrx ' pfON*,"rr-M'..  SHARP m IRVINE GO:  J OS Wall St.  ������'BROKER'S  ���Spokane. Wash.  1000 Alberta Coal..............     .33  100Q B. C Amal. Coal      :.07}<l  100 B. C. Copper Market  100 Dominion Copper.;,.....: Market  1000 Galbraith Coal...... ..      .27  1000 Sullivan .07  1000 Rambler. ���'..      .27  1000 Tel Kwu:"................     .11  1000 Diamond Vale............      .13}<\  6 to 50 Marconi (Canada) ...  We offer the following stocks, subject  to prior sule and market flunctuations  J1OO0; Alameda (Idaho)  .1000 Bullion        "  10C0 Nabob "        .  1000 Snowshoe....-.'..'.  1000 Gertie.  ..  1000 Monitor .:.........  100 Snowstorm..';....  1000 Stewart..:.......  1000 Chas. Dickens ...  ���05>��  .07  .05  .09  .05  10  1.45  1.00  .10  In and Around Phoenix i  BRIEF  TOPICS  OF   LOCAL   AND   GENERAL ���_. '   '   ; '    mk  '*'���'.��* INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS. ��?  COMING AND GOING  3 00  We buy and sell nil active; stocks; also make  specialty of stocks dealt on  New York and  Boston Curb.  -o-  Dry wood   in  car   lots.     Apply to  Trombley, Phoenix, B. C.  Before   buying your furniture else-j  Leading Hotel of Boundary's Leading  Mining Camp  Hotel Balmoral  Mew and Up-to-date  Centrally Located,  Good Sample Rooms  Corner Knob Hill Ave., and Flrat St.,  PHOENIX, II. C.  . j. a monaster  . Proprietor.  :8:  a     r ��� ; . : ���  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-  Date Hotel in Phoenix. New  from cellar to roof. Best Sample  Rooms in the Boundary, Opposite  G N". Depot. Modern Bathrooms  Steam   _*    Heated  SANIES. HARSH ALL, Prop  ft  where, call on R. J. Gardner.  Harry'James will give another dance  this evening at Miners' Union hall.  Prescriptions carefully prepared at  Thrasher's Drug Store���'Phone 16.  Sewing Machines from $10 up, see  Miss McDonald.  Thrasher, the Druggist, carries a  fresh line ol Lowney's chocolates of all  kinds. - ' ,':    ' ,  Late popular music at 25 cents per  copy; McKinley edition, 10 cents.  One week only at H. Tames.  Phoenix Bakery is selling 18 loaves  of bread for $1, What's the use.of  baking when bread is thac cheap?  Francis Knott has been confined to  his residence for the last week or two,  by pneumonia and pleurisy, but is  somewhat better now.  Morrin, Thompson & Co, have  taken in the old postoffice local ion,  adjoining their store, thus giving I hem  considerably more storage room,  Tony Turano states that he has a  huge display of 'hand made slioi s, at  all prices, for payday, and invites an  an inspection of the same at his store  on First street.  Old newspapers for sale at this office  at 25 cents per 100.  Second-hand Sewing Machines of all  makes, for sale, see Miss McDonald  Eperienced dining room girl wants  position. Address, R. Y., care Union  Hotel, Eholt, B.C.  N. Binns has just received a fine  lot of fancy rockers, if you want one  come quick, as they are going fast.  It will pay you to see N. Binns if  you are wanting Furniture, as he has  now a full stock in most lines.  John H. Fox, of Nelson, the affable  C. P. R. travelling freight agent, made  his monthly visit here last Tuesday.  Mrs.. Danny-Dearie, who has been  at the hospital for the last two weeks,  is steadily improving, after an operation.  The'subject for Sunday at the Methodist church will be #'A Young Man's  Place in the Life of Today." A male  quartette will sing, "Beautiful Isle of  Somewhere."    .  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R. V. Chisholm, Prop.  Conducted in First-Class shape.'   Choice stock of Irrigating  goods.  - Special attention to dining room.    Large,   airy and  well   furnished rooms.  Dominion Avenue - . Phoenix, B C.  For the month of January the customs office in Phoenix, as reported by  ���Win. Delah'ay,. the collector, took in  duly amounting to$i, 163.45, and free  j:oods to the value of $1,597 were,imported.  A "Night with a Lantern" including  a number of musical slides; the words  of whicn will be sung by soioists and  quartette, will be the entertainment  that will be held in the Methddisl  church, Tuesday, Feq.  18.  Murdock Mclntyre has erected a 70-  foot stable at the site of his new sawmill, at Mclntyre's spur, where he keeps  several teams of horses. His sawmill arrived this week, and is now being installed.  Phoenix Aerie No. 158, F. O. E.'  announce their seventh annual hop for  St. Valentine's day, which will take the  form of a hard times ball. 'I'he unique  ] esters, suitable to the event, were  issued this week, giving particulars of  tlie'occasion. One of the announcements is that Premier McBride will  call the fatest lancers, entitled, "Willie"  Is Back From Regina."  RESOLVED, that iri 1908 I  will bake no more, but buy my  Bread at the Phoenix Bakery,  where I can get r8 loaves for a  Dollar.  'Phono A55.      WJ.Prendergast, Prop. '  PHOENIX  BAKERY  $10.00 s  GIVEN   AWAY  ������^"a  Hockev Team at Rosalaad.  This week the hockey team went  over to the Rossland winter carnival,  to take part in the hockey tournament.  On Wednesday they played a game  with tbe team from Trail, coming out  ahead by 9 to 8. Yesterday they  were to play with the Rossland team.  Whether they bring back any trophies,  or nor, the boys will have had a good  time.  . Last Monday the junior hockey  b-iys went to Grand Forks where they  p'ayed a game that day with the jun-  ors of that town, returning the same  evening. At the end of an hour the  .'���core stood two all.  SEE  WINDOW  MatS  'Phone No. 64 "      <  P*s r__=*tB-Tv_/r._^-I n Xc   We> can furnish an.v  Kaper-iype-iniV    combination   or.  these three in  our up-   Tlvn . Phnpni'Y    PinnPAr  to-date Job Department    Hit/    FIIUClIJA   rJUIiCCI  Skating Carnival Next Tuesday.  Next Tuesday evening" the first masquerade carnival of the season  will be  given by Messrs. Prendergast & Munro  at the Phoenix skating rink.    A   large  list of prizes   will   be  offered   for  the  various events, including   men's, boys'  and girls' races, and   for   the   various  costumes    worn    on    this    occasion.  Skaters must be masked till pr.'zes are  awarded, which will  be  at   9   o'clock,  after winch   skating will   continue till  1 r o'clock, the races taking place before general skating.    The prizes  are  now on  exhibition   in   E His'   window  near the skating rink.  PUBLIC SCHOOL JANUARY REPORT.  Reiiullg In the Several Classes In tbe Senior  Division.  Entrance Class���First Division.  -���Etta Murray, 4243; Alvin Hendrick-  son, 4618j Grace Mackenzie, 3802;  Gladys PickardJ 3678; Aithur Isaacson,  3512;^ Elizabeth Spilhaugh, 3367;  George Heidman, 3067; Bertrand  Knott, 3000; Eddie ��� Murray, 2979;  Katie Bell, 2165.  Entrance Class���Second Division.���-Cora Dawson, 4110; Harry  Carson, 3878; Harry Swanson, 3581;  Hattie Graham, 3509; Willie Johns,  3197; Eddie Swanson, 2767; Rilla  Mattinson, 2683; Harold Townsend,  2677; John Macdonald, 2594.  .FOURTH CLASS.  Mary Musatto,' 3107; Albert Elm-  green, 3095j-Edith Fraser, 3007; Annie  Isaacson, 2588; Frank Tinetti, 2564;  Gertrude Knott, 2552; George Biner,  2304; Morfydd Bateman, 1642.  THIRD CLASS.  Sigre Elmgreen, 2681; Laurel Pick-  ard, 2679; Edna Swanson,-2597; Alma  Hendrickson, 2518; Helen Quinlivan,  2404; Annie McKeown, 2155; James  White, 2047; Arthur Walters, 2007  Frank Stevenson, 1945: Frances Lar  son, 1929; Emlyn Pierce, 1868; Jessie  Pierce, 1768; Eddie Cameron,' 1504.  James Robertson; -Daisy 1-Andrews  and Allen pocksteader attended during  the latter part of the month, but not  long enough to make it just to them to  publish their marks this month.  The following list shows the number  of days' absence   of   the' respective  pupils during January: Katie Be!l,",jco;  Motfydd Bateman, 8^;'Rilla .Mattinson,   6; -Harold   Townsend,   5;. John  Macdonald, 5; Frank   Stevenson, -4^;  Frances Larson, 3; Eddie   Murray,  3;  C leorge Heidman, 2^; Gladys Pickard,  2; Hattie Graham, 1; Alma Hendrick-  son, 1; Willie Johns, 1; Laurel Pickard,  1; Emlyn Pierce, r; Eddie Swanson, 1  Edna Swanson, x; Bertiand Knott,   1;  George Biner, }4; Arthur Isaacson, }���_;  James AVhite, y��; Eddie Cameron, ^.  Eighteen   pupils   were   never   absent  during the month.    There is   now an  attendance of more than ninety pupils  in the two rooms, this being the largest  attendance ln'the history of the school.  John Mulligan left on Tuesday for  Vernon, where he will remain for a  time.  Mr. and Mrs. George Webster went  to Cascade on Wednesday, where they  will make their home in the future.  P. H. Burnham, of Grand Forks,  district passenger agent of the Great  Northern, was in this camp yesterday.  After spending a day or iwo in camp,  Frank McFarlane returned to Grand  Forks and the headwaters of the North  Fork of Kettle river on Tuesday.  Stuart Mttirhead, of Okatooks, Alberta, secretary of the Sunday School  Association of Alberta and British  Columbia, was in the city last Sunday,  proceeding to Greenwood arid Grand  Forks.  J. O. Burns, of Spokane, representing the Northwest Mining News, of  Spokane, which is about to issue a  large number, covering the mining  interests of the Pacific Northwest, was  in camp a couple of days this week.  R. P. Pettipiece, of Vancouver, organizer for the Dominion Trades and  Labor Congress, was here last Saturday and Sunday. In private life Air.  Pettipiece holds down a linotype on  the Vancouver World. At one lime  he published a weekly at Ferguson in  Lardeau.  Special Bargains  in Watches . .  23jewded movement, guaranteed timekeeper, in 25 year case       -       -       .t-15.00  15) jeweled movement, 25 year case  17 jewoled movement, 20 year ease  17 juweloil movement, nickel dust proof  ease       -      -       -       .'���-���.  '50 00  15.00  10.00  These Watchesaro all Guaranteed  und v, i J be exchanged if unsatisfactory  for any reason.  B L* AGIC,  The  Inspector  Jeweier (*  Phone No.  68.  Eleventh Annual  Winter   Carnival  Valentine Social.  The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrews'  Presbyterian church have decided to  change the date of the next social to  St. Valentine's eve, next Thursday,  February 13th, when they will give a  Valentine social. A special programme will be prepared, and those  fortunate enough to be able to be  present will be assured of having a good  time.    Admission, 25 cents.  BETTER  THAN  EVER  Boundary Side Lights  One tie making concern in the  Boundary is expected to clean up  about $10,000 for the winter's work.  Everett Boyd, editor of tbe Grand  Forks Gazette, who resigned recently,  left Thursday for Winnipeg, via Victoria.  - Last Saturday the Greenwood Club  gave a smoker to the members of the  two curling rinks that came back with  cups and prizes from the Nelson bons-  piel last week.  A decision is expected shortly as to  whether the Kettle Valley lines will  continue its line up the North Fork of  Kettle river this year to Franklin camp,  20 miles having been constructed last  year, or not.  Greenwood Riding Conservative  Association elected' the following officers last week:���Hon. Hres., Hon.  Richard McBride; president, W. B.  Fleming, Greenwood; first vice-president, J. R. Jackson, Midway; second  vice-president, Alex Stuart, Jr., Eholt;  secretary, E.G. Warren, Gteenwood;  executive committee, officers named  and G. A. Rendell,-Eholt; W. Wilson,  Mother Lode; W. O. Wright, Rock  Creek; T. J. Hardy and H. R. Stevenson, Midway; J. L. Coles, D. Mcintosh, S. M. Johnson, F. W. McLaine  arid J. W. Grier, Greenwood.  ....   Under tht'.Auspices of . ...  ROSSLAND CARNIVAL ASSOCIATION  HOCKEY, Championnship of B. C, SKI JUMPING  and RUNNING, Championship of Canada; SNOWSHOE  RA CES, Championship of B. C.; SKA TING, Champion -  ship of t/ie Province, TOBOGANNING, CURLING  BONSPEIL, HORSE RA CES and Other Sports.  Masquerade and Dance.  February A to 8, JQ8  Splendid Sport. Handsome Trophies arid Prizes.   A Grand  Programme from Tuesday lo Saturday Night. Reduced  Transportation Rates.    For information apply to  FRASER,  President.  A.  B.  MACKENZIE,  Secretary and Manager.  Beet Stoek of   1���n~ ui/CV    UlUljn    \Jt ^_J.^��a��aaa��aTm.  FURNITURE, RUGS, Etc  ever shown in Phoenix  With .our additional Store House .we can now  show  and more varied stock than before  a   larger  BINNS  %-rs-m-*  -���  t  T  "^ '* "���* "     The BEST, Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  Clothing I  Latest Mining Stock Quotations.  [Corrected   by Mighton  & Cavanagh,  Nelson, B. C, to Feb. 5, 1908.]  WHO SAYS SO? Hundreds of satisfied  customers. If yotf" don't oelieve it come  and examine goods.  A Foil Line of Underwear, Shirts. Shoes, Ties.eto,  iust arrived.    AU new seasonable goods at old  and Cheapest prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's Wear Exclusively,  osxsexs����������!^^  BIRNIE BLOCK.  KNOB .HIM, AVE., PHOENIX.  The stock market is a sure indicator  of the, trend of business. A more buoyant feeling is pervading the different  markets, and all stocks are firm at the  following quotations:  ASKED  Alberta Coal and Coke .34  B.C. Copper  5.00  Cons. Smelters.    ..;. 80.00  Canadian' Gold Fields MH  Cariboo-McKinney.... .03  Diamond Vale Coal... .16  Doinin. Copper....... 2.12>��  | Church Services Tomorrow |  tt^r*^^>t%^^b^^/m^m^m^��/%^,-tr^O  Church of England���St. Johns, Rev.  J. Leech-Porter, rector. Service every  Sunday evening at 7:30.  Methodist���Sunday School at   2:30  p.   m.    evening     service    7:30   p.    ill.   v-cMincace oi  rme to the above hereditaments  Tl....^n.. .,..<��:����   ���_���.,���, ��������,,������,. ��� 1 ' will be issued at the expiration of one Mr>ntli  Ihursday evening, prayer meeting and ; rrojn lhe first publication or this noticl, unless  Choir practice.   A cordial   invitation   to i j" "'* meantime valid objection to the contrary  r . . is made to me in writing-.  all  these services.    Rev. J. wellesley | w. h. bomonds,  Whittaker. j.r.and Registry Office, District Registrar.  _      .      .. .      ,    ���      , .        ,.,. ,1        Karaloop", B.C..  St. Andrews   Presbyterian Church January25th, 1908.  Preaching     Service      tomorrow    at t     ' ' -   "  7:30   p.-m.  Sunday school and Bible ( CO-OWNERS' NOTICE  class at 10:00 a.m.  A cordianvelcotne !  to all.   Rev.  Samuel  Lundie, Pastor  : NOTICE.  Iu Ihe matter of the Land Registry .Act.'ami in  the matter ol the Tide ofl.ol 16, ufock 13, (Map  59) Town oTP.-oenlr  !.'���   WHERKAS, Ihe Ceitificile OT title   ol  JOHN  CnmsTiAN and TosBr-u Christian, being Certl  ficaie of Title No   3M0a, to the above heredita  Mnents, has been  lost or destroyed, and opplicn  Hon has been made to me for a duplicate thcieof.  NOTICE IS HKRKBYGIVKN that a duplicate  Certificate ol Title to the above hereditaments  wilt V,_ le...���*   -. .1 ���---���  Mighton (SL Cavanaugh  BROKERS  Nelson, B.  Grahbv    Galbra'ith Coal....  HeclaCC.D.A.)....  International Coal..  La Plata Mines.   Nicola Coal Mines..  North Star.........  Panhandle Smelter.  Rambler-Cariboo...  Koyal Colleries   Snowstorm......;;..  Sullivan   Stewart    Telk-Kwa Mines ...  Tamarack & Ches...  Wondei  -Church of Our  I.ady of!  l'o Olivb Stekn.oI Farran's Point. Ontario, and  J. S C. Frasbr, of Rossland, BiitlshColumbia. ,  Catholic  the   Good  Counsel.���Divine Service  every _nd and   4th   Sunday  of eachf���?|__^____��!___^^  month     Holy Mas,   10 a.m.   Sunday  ^o^^^^^^^,^^  school, 2:30 p.m.    Vespers and Bene   ?';*��e mrfict orY_ie.-.��w.11 appear by�� ?.*sCe  Action     7:30   p.m.      Fa.hcr   J     A.   _SS^^^^Se^^J^b  lledard. O.M.I. Pastor  Mrs. Parks, of the  receiAed   word    this  i "'d that I have also paid $2 50��� for recortli'j i"^'  Balmoral Holel, j Cc^}^Koi.^.orVJl,   .,    s��Jor rcco"''��such  week   from   her I  And if at the expiration of 90 days from h,_  ,        ..        r   ���     ���������      r       '- w. ,fir3t publication of this notice you loll or ;"r'  a.iughter, Leoma, of a very sad fatalitv .,�� c'"trI1"<,e1>'out. proportions orthe exne , jj!  i- the family at Salt Lake V'iiy.    Tbe l^^^^^^X^  -j ���  }"iing lady was visiting her aunt tlv-r'1,  rmd the latter attempted to light a lire  with coal oil or gasoline.. Her cloib-  ing caught fire and she was burned  to a crisp, living, however, for fifteen  hours, before death relieved her suiTer-  jugs.'  foiled, together with nil cost." of ndve'-uiVnir  ?ouriuter<yt? In said Claim will become" vested  in the subscriber (a co owner) under Section 7 ,.��  t>"- Mineral Act Amendmeiit Act. iLk,- *' oi  Tlie aiiKtint due from yoii.Or.ivi' Ptepv  ���iccount of such work and rwordlncr'llii. rv,lii:  cnle ihereol is $^5.62, mid  from VOn    1   ��   ,?  ^K-HEK, is 13 54. ' J'    ' *-���  Oatedat Phoenix, li. C, the 23rd day rf r^���  uary, 1908. jan-  D. X,. MclNTOMINUY.  *���-3_^  95.00  .29  3.75  .86  ,   .11^  .03>_  .io;_  .04M  .26^  .25  1.42  .06?^  1.20  .11  1.20  :01H  sru  .30  4.87^  70.00  .03  .02  .12  1.87J.  85.00  .24  3.00  .79^  .09  my,  .08  .04.  .25.1*  1.40  .06  .90  .07  .85  .mi  Start 1908 Right  In your Business by Securing a New Line of  JManh Boohs, orflee Needs  VVe are well stocked with these goods, with Labor  Saving Systems, and can outfit you promptly. . .  McRAE BROS. LTD.  Stationers  KNOB HILL AVENUE,  AND   NEWSDEALKR.S,  -       -       -PHOENIX, B. C.  William Hunter Co., Limited.  Sumtnlntt Avenue.  Men's Suits  Men's Hats  Men's Shirts  Men's Shoes  Ladies' and Chi!  dren's Goods  If Yot< Want a nice nobby and up-to-date suit you will  find a choice selection in our line of men's stylisli clothing  for winter.    We sell the kind that wear well and look well.  Men's Sitlrt'S You will find it hard to duplicate our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with attached and detached cuffs plain and pleated bosoms.  Men's Hats A large assortment, just in, of those new  stylish blocks, in Black and Brown, ���  's Shoes Our line of shoes is complete, you should  see them before purchasing. Our patent calf dress sio<s  and oxfords outshine them all.  Boy StfitS A new iot'of perfect fitting norfolks  and   tbiee  piece suits, stylish. .  See our line of Ladies' Waists, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies' Cjl'ars,  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underwear, Children's  Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Boys' waists.  Men's  The WfLLIAM HUNTER CO., LTD.  m  ���,��..' .���._! '.,*_��_.__.. .._.     . 1 ,.. , J    *li'.r������:l,   -J-   ifiV.v:-, 'l_~*��S5!<i~: c��?ftS  **'1:i-y?*.? W^lrVlfltVW'rfll'WWfltnWlr*f.s*iV {i-��-Tri���_r���n- ^^'i-W^_-tfa-~-^--^ubMi^__��_  tr*x,^.ii'* *���..*���* js*-.*-*-^*. t*-j ��*- J  ��� " "!���.*    ������  -*0 ,^-   . . ��^    -.-    _  *-w^^.w__ti__Vn_rj_uj  IKK^raH_:-ffi_-ffAW-___��._'ffi_-r~^^  "������ ���������-,-- iHwrrAT-ifiqvt: V^.^~_r_,1_-ir-V.-i'.".":*'.''  _i��-^u_msB  n_��ffi_9_ig


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