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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Feb 10, 1912

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Array .,-��.  t>   '    I  r  to n e  ">V..  ��� 1 ,-T  AND  BOUNDARY MINI  JOURNAL  THIRTEENTH' YEAR  PHOENIX,  B.C., SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY 10,  1912  Number 30  STOCK-TAKING  GRANBY CONSOLIDATED  INSTALLS NEW CRUSHER  s'?J  m  m  "Mi  m  ,     1 1  ,-A t *  w  **, v1  g&J  "A  fr  ���'.\  w>  > v  1?  f',5 \  1  ,'* ������'  #  :  if  I  ft  I.  S3*?,   ���  f  V  |jg     -  '{���  ifr  \  m  If  P  m-.  800 Yds. of Good English Prints S&.  Regular 15c. per yard;   To Clear, 12^c.  Expeditious Work on New Crusher at No. 3 Outlet���Electric  Light and Power Installed at Hidden Creek���Seventy Men  Employed���Improved Boat Service.  Over 100 Remnants of Wrapperettes  Empire Twills, Prints  Good lengths, 8 to 12 yds, to be sold at cost.  Several,   Remnants  of  Art Cretans,   Art  Sateens,   Art   Muslin,  rf     Madras, Scrims, etc., marked down at clearing- price.  i  Dress Goods Remnants  A TABLE FULL OF GOOD DRESS LENGTHS, LUSTERS,  CRYSTAL CREPE, WOOL.TAFFETTAS AND SERGES.  FURS AND CUSTOM LENGTHS, 20% DISCOUNT  Men's Good Tweed and Worsted Suits  TO BE CLEARED AT LESS THAN COST.  This Sale begins Feb. i; and will last until all is  cleared out.  Come in early and get your pick of all the big snaps " ; "  we have to offer. Too numerous to mention.  O. 13. Smith, Jr., general superintendent for the Granby Consolidated  arrived in town this week from Vancouver, where he has now taken up  his residence.     He has  recently returned from one of his visits  to  the  Granby's   Hidden   Creek   mine,   on  Observatory   Inlet.    Questioned as  to operations   there, he   stated that  there was very little new information  to    impart.      The   company   have  about 70 men employed on development   work,   outside   developments  having'   been    suspended    for    the  winter, which lie said  has  not been  nearly as sevete as at  Phoenix, the  thermometer only   registering near  zero once.    The  electric  light and  power   installation   has   been   completed,   the   company   having   bent  every energy in that direction.  They  have an   excellent  service of communication now, three steam boats,  the   Camostin, Badso  and   Venture  calling  regularly.     He   also   stated  that everything up   there   was , running to his   entire  satisfaction,  and  in the spring  active   and   extensive  work would be carried on. The  post office address for the Hidden  Creek mines is Anyox, British Columbia, 'E. H. Hyde, recently of  Phoenix, has been appointed postmaster.  The ore crusher, at No. 3   outlet,  which   was  irreparably damaged a  few weeks ago, necessitating the substitution  of another, which was installed with   commendable despatch  this week, was  immediately placed  in commission  and gave  the greatest  of satisfaction.    The   company  were so fortunate as   to secure one  at Boundary Falls, thus doing away  with the long wait  if one had to be  ordered from   the east.    The work  in connection with its installation is  deserving of recognition, both night  and day shifts.were employed, while  the time taken scarcely exceeded a  week.       The    ore   shipments    are  steadily   increasing and  indications  point   to   a   determination    on   the  part of the company.to reap a share  of- the   now   rapidly   rising   copper  market.  Pearson-McCoy Wedding'  The wedding of local, interest took  place on February 5th, at. Grand  Forks, wliu'ii Miss 12. McCoy, daughter  of Mrs. Hickey, took Charlie 'Pearson  for better or worst-. Mr. Pearson'is  widely known throughout the Boundary country and has been connected  with! tho,staff   of  the  Grand  Forks  ��B. G. Mining  Report of Tax Commission  In the  report of the  Royal Commission on taxation, which was presented   recently   to    the   Provincial  Legislature,   the following changes  in   the  present   method   of raising  revenue were recommended:  Abolition of poll tax.  Abolition of personal property tax  and   reliance on   income  tax in its  stead.  Raising of income tax exemption  from a $1000 to $1500, with an exemption of an additional $1500 for  farmers, withdrawal of any exemption from incomes above $11,500  and under $50,000, an additional  tax of five per cent for that part of  the income which exceeds $350,000;  an exemption of $200 for each legitimate child under 18 years.  Abolition of taxation on improvements.  Present registration fee of one-  fifth of one per cent on the value of  real estate up to $5000 to be extended to all real estate irrespective of value.  Registration of real estate on  affidavits setting fortri the true consideration for purchase.  Reduction of the tax on coke  from 15 to 10 cents per ton.  Additional tax on banks of one-  fifteenth of one per cent on business  done, including both loans and deposits.  Increase of succession duty-for all  degrees of relationship on estates of  over $100,000, and in the more distant degrees of relationship in the  case of estates over $100,000.  PHOENIX DEMANDS  A NEW HIGHWAY  City Council Takes Action���Resolution Passed by Phoenix  Conservatives.  The Phoenix city council, at  their meeting on Wednesday last,  discussed the matter of a new road  to take the place of .the dangerous  highway which connects this town  and Grand Fprks. A committee  was appointed, consisting of the  mayor, D. J. Matheson, Alderman  Jas. Marshall and H. Hartley, to  draft a petition to be forwarded to  the Minister of Works and Ernest  Miller, M.P.P.  The' executive committee of the  Phoenix Conservative association at  a meeting on Wednesday evening,  took action in the matter of calling  the provincial government's attention to the pressing need for a road  on grade between Phoenix and  Grand Forks. A resolution to this  effect was unanimously carried and  the sec, R. McCammon, was instructed to communicate with Ernest Miller, the member for this district, drawing his attention to the  matter.  Your  Guests  Know  They are getting the Best  Beer brewed when yoa  serve  Phoenix  Beer  Miner Killed  S. H. Cumminger, a  new- arrival  in the camp, met his death on Wednesday   afternoon    in   the   Granby  mines..     According   to .reports   he  was   walking ������ along  the   300   level  accompanied   by  the shiftboss ' and  others when the   party arm ed  at a  pocket from which   a train was just  leaving.      The shifboss was leading  It is rich but not heavy���  and just enough of the delicious appetizing flavor  of hops without the. ex-'  .     cessive:bitter. ��� Q' "^-fH-'vP  ORDER A CASE TODAY  'PHONE  23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  Plumbing and  Tin smithing  Stoves Made, Relined  and Repaired.  ;'  The .Siwash    Creek  Gold   Mines  are still at work, and it is announced  that the company has  ample funds The Copper Market  for a thorough test of the ground.     1     Scattered   copper   sales  are   re.  Shareholders in the Steamboat! ported at 14 Ji cen,ts cash, New I and on arriving at the pocket turned  Gazette for some years. The staff of I Mountain Gold Mines, Ltd., werel York, for small domestic require-l to one side, presumably, supposing  the Pioneer join in wishing them tioth I summoned    on    Thursday     of   lastl'rnents.;* -Two   of   the   largest   pro-1 the.  man .would ^follow," but Cum-  week to   consider  a   proposition   toUucers continue' out of the   market, I minger kept on... The shiftboss see  acquire another property.   .      " Us indicated  by   an ' asking price of\ inp his  tangec   shouted a   warning  ^ f��   ,   - -, ��    i. -      '.    �� ��   - 4Ai/v~.>i��^   Vli.rtrnlvtir'r.aniwr -wsul and    attemoted   t��~ sewEC-him? ..but  -As splendid  sample -of "ore was re  Don't   put   off  till   tomorrow^  what  you   should ,fdo;,today'.  '4t  a pleasant voyage on the matrimonial  sea.  D-  J.  MATHESON  v"'-',   .'. ...Insurance Agrent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE,  LIRE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B. C.  this Opportunity  if You have sotafew Dollars that are Not Working,  put them to Work in  Varibduver  WHY?  Because Vancouver is destined to become the greatest city of  the Pacific coast, and a few dollars judiciously invested NOW���  in or near Vancouver is bound to bring you handsome results in :i  very short time.  1 can give you a "Square Deal" on some of the most lavor-  ably located lots in Burnaby, New Westminster, and the New  Townsite of Coquitlam.  Prices bn Lots from $1 50 up  Terms from 95 to *BO down, per Lot, and from $5 to  ��20 per Month until paid;   or Quarter down,  balance In ��, 12 and 18 Months, or  Five Per Cent off for Cash.  It will be to your intetest to  look  over my  list, and  let me  .   talk this matter over with you before buying elsewhere.  Remember, I have recently obtained the sole agency for the  ���   Coquitlam Terminal Company, Ltd., for this district.  '���-'��� The shrewdest business men of the  country  are  investing in  Coquitlam. *  i Now is the time to get busy, and  buy a  lot in what  will he  '��� the business part of the New Townsite in a short time. Prices  '. are liable to advance very soon. Huy now while the prices are  ���������  moderate.  _���U���J Card of-TChanks .__,.*  I wish through the medium ot  the Pioneer to express my grateful  thanks for the many kind expressions of spmpnthy which I have  received recently on the untimely  death of my husband.  Mas. T. Baldwin'.  cently taken  claim, Slocan  676 ounces of silver,  is owned by Mrs.  Silverton.  We understand   that the mnnag-e-  14 j4^cents;v Electrolytic'copper -was! and .attempted' to~. stATOJ^hiro; .^but,  offered in this market earlier in the] was a'fraction of" a second foo late,  week at 14 cents   for   May  delivery] the  unfortunate   miner   falling into  '���"' '"" T~/ by interests who   likewise   quoted  a ithe pocket.        He   was-  a   Canddian,  iww,!li,rrof Mow price abroad. . about 45 years   of age, and  a mam  M Naught    or I ^  I oi the   S.O.O.F.      Previous   to  com-  Tucfc CoIJins has opened a barber/j\ng to   Phoenix he   had worked   for  frd.n    the    Hampton  The assay showed  I tell ybur-,^,r;6ufe\c^^to^riCT^v^ " ���* SSFWiswi  'PHONE AlO.  �����v^^.,-w^'>f-;  "~ T*rx;*;;.  GREENWOOD HOCKEY  TEAM OUTCLASSED  Scientific Play of Phoenix Team  Too Much for Visitors-  Score 20 to 1.  W. A. PICKARD    *�� box t26  SELLING AGENT FOR THIS DISTRICT  The crack team of Greenwood received another setback on Friday of  last week   at the   bands of the local  hockey   specialists.       Ten   minutes  from the start Fife and Stanway had  both   located   the   Greenwood    net.  The   visitors   showed   lots   of dash,  but showed  absolutely no combination whatever  and  were' frequently  sprawling   all over   the  ice.     With  very few exceptions the visitors' defence was poorly supported   and his  saves were mostly of the lucky soit.  For some   time   there   was   a lively  chase from one defence to the other,  with little or no danger on the part  of the   Phoenix goal.     Many   times  throughout the  match the game resolved itself into a joke, the visitors  gazing    in    open-mouthed   wonderment   at   the  lightning   movements  and   clever checking   of the   locals.  So  hopeless   were  the  visitors that  Lang the Phoenix  goal took a hand  and even made  an effort to  score a  goal.     Towards the close the Greenwood   bunch   contrived   to   make  a  rather long   stay around   the home  defence,   but. Lang was in evidence  and all efforts to score in that quarter proved  futile.     It  can  be truthfully   said     that     the    Greenwood  players were   quite   unable to  keep  possession    of   the    puck    for   any  length of time.    The   final   reckoning   showed   the   colossal   score   ol  20  to  1 in   favor  of Phoenix.     Ab.  McQueen refereed   the game, which  for all   its one-sided   character, was  quite   unmarked   by   ill    nature   or  dirty play on either side.  Hockey Challenge  We, the Granby company's office  staff hereby challenge the Morrin-  Thompson staff to a friendly or  otherwise game of hockey. The  date of contest to be settled later.  Proceeds to be given to the Phoenix  hospital.  merit of the B. C. Copper are exceptionally pleased with the showing-  on the 125 feet level of the company's Voight claims, Similkameen  district. . The ore is chalcopyrite,  easily smelted, and carries gold,  copper and iron.  The Canadian Consolidated Cos  smelter at Trail received, during  December, 22,622 tons of ore and  smelted 24,512 tons. The value of  the month's production was $313,-  320, of which 38 per cent, was  gold, and the value of six months'  production was $2,477,112, of which  5S per cent was gold.  The imperial trade correspondent at Victoria reports that considerable deposits of aluminite,  tripoli, graphite and talc have been  discovered on the west coast of  Vancouver Island. The tripoli deposit is stated to cover 150 acres,  and the deposit of aluminite said  to be of rare quality, 200 acres. It  is understood that a Victoria company will manufacture the various  products of which these minerals  form the base.  shop in Barnes City.  Baj^erfSM^  -;-;;, v. Xf;?s) a>i;L%i-. '~.~:i.v  RAWHIDE PROPERTY     ,  I con  REOPENED MONDAY ��� v  110 Men  on  Payroll���Shipping;  Commenced This Week���Returns for Fiscal Year.  some    years     in       Valdez,     Alaska, t  where it is  said he   had held important  positions   iri the  mines   oft/fat/ por Jrt Easy Shaye^'Styhshyj^i'tvu^.':.  ntry. / Refreshing- Massage, oyainjlpyigor-^  ati'ng- Shampoo.       New and  Up-to->  Vancouver Orangemen have pass-/ Da{e |h every partl-cuIar.  ed a resolution denouncing the I  I.W.W. for their insults to the|  Canadian flag.  C- A-  Best, Prop.  Carnival Hockey Matches  In the match for the semi-final of  the I?. C. Championship played between Cranbrook and Rossland, the  former came off victorious with a  score of 3 to 2 in their favor. On  Thursday evening Greenwood defeated Phoenix in the semi-final of  the. 1?. C. Championship, after a  stubborn contest, having to play  overtime to decide the game, the result being 5 to 4 in favor of Greenwood. Today the final tie for the  B.C. Championship will be played  off, Cranbrook and Greenwood contesting for the honor.  The semi-final for the International between Phoenix and Rossland  resulted in favor of Phoenix with a  score of 10 to 5 to their credit,  while Greenwood beat Cranbrook in  the same series with a score of 5 to 3.  B. C. Copper Treatment  The 13. C. Columbia company's  smelter treated 9,513 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  8,482; Rawhide, ...; Wellington,  541; Athelstan, 79; Emma, 177;  others, 234.  The B. C. Copper Co.'s Rawhide  property in Phoenix resumed operations on Monday last, after a shut  down of about ten weeks, caused by  the company's reluctance to enter  into further contracts for supplies of  Pennsylvania coke, which they had  used throughout the long drawn out  coal strike in the western Canadian  coal regions. Notwithstanding  the fact that the coal strike has been  settled for some weeks, the B.C.  company have been quite unable to  secure sufficient coke to keep all  their furnaces going in Greenwood.  However, a good supply is now on  hand which will enable the company to operate its full battery and  treat the Rawhide product. It has  been said that the coal mines at  Coleman, Alberta, from which the  B.C. company procures its coke,  have been supplying the local demand in that district, possibly finding it more remunerative than turning it into coke.  The production o( the British  Columbia Copper company for the  fiscal year ended November 30, was  9,969,926 pounds of copper, 130,441  ounces of silver and 30,742 ounces  of gold, compared with 7,143,456  pounds of copper, S4.180 ounces of  silver and 24,962 ounces of gold in  the previous year.  EXCELLENT LINE OF  Blue Serge  Suits  worth $30, now selling at  ~l  $21.00  Boundary Ore Tonnages  Following are the returns of the  output of the mines and smelters of  the Boundary district for the week  ending Feb. S, and year to date  Can You Afford to Overlook This ?  Granby   .Mother Lode.  Rawhide  .19,273  7,680  125,871  46,231  2,772  2,182  Nova Scotia  Knit Qoods  at the very lowest Prices. A call  of Inspection Invited. No trouble  to show YOU the goods.  Jack Pot       347  Athelstan         62  Emma       559 3.390  Others         " '-14'  SMELTER TONNAGES  Granby 22.589 121.600  B. C. Copper Co...   9.513 .->(>,.i92  yl  'V f-'  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  We Give A<way  -   Free of Cost  Que* Consulting fj1^1"*"    u���^i, nf 1008 laric pages and  Sical Institute at Buffalo   a bookof ��J��jg^ *      ono sendingSO one-cent  over 700 illustrations, in French cloth ��im;��I. 1_��_;<i      0ver 680.000 copies of  ,n n��~"���".T���Jsiini dm/v      Over 680,000 copies  of wrapping and mailing o��o>. ^   "y"  : Doctor r  wards abo  A new, up-to-i  stamps to cover cost 0V^���PrPBookU weresoTd" in "cloth   binding   at   regular  th��  eojnplete   Wv^    ���o."d�� half million copies were  given  this   oompiere   ro.u..,  --.-"-.-     twc, nna a half million copies were   ��.-��  price ol $1.50.    Afterwards about wo ana a for mBi||Dg#  itroy as above.    A new, up-to-date revisea emnon'      WoRLU's   Dispensary  S^er  ��nd  NOW    before ...   ^J^J^bJ!xo. N. Y.  Mbdicai. Association, Dr. K. v. r,e"~' ��� ' re��WIpTIn��  DR. PIERCE'S   FAVORITE   PRESCRIPTION  THV ONE REMEDY for woman's peculiar ailments good enough  �����JL��� are not afraid to print on  It. outside wrapper .��  every ingredient.   No Seorets-No Deception.  THE ONE REMEDY lor women which contains no alcohol and  ^^^TSrT^ Made from native medicinal forest roof  of weU ��mblished curative value.  Your Milk Supply  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner. t Separated Cream insures purity and  quajity. The Dairy produces both.  THE  DAIRY      J. W. Hannam, Prop.  Carpets, Rugs and Mattings  Every home-maker, every   Hotel proprietor,  should  pio.nptly take advantage   of  the  great savings.    Yon  are to keep in mind that  our quotations are on all Fall stock���no old goods, no job-  ;      lots   nor   "auction", goods.      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V; CHISHOJLM, _Pjfbp.  <* *"1*S5X-NNY40E^'NE; Manager,  Saturday, Feb. 10, 1912  The Widow's Portion in B.C.  A revision of the law affecting the  case of a man d)ing intestate is  urgently needed in Biitish Columbia. In no other portion ot the  British Empire does such a disgraceful anomaly exist as the one in this  pro\ incc which deprives the widow  of her rightful share in her deceased  husband's estate. Theie may have  been v some cause for the passage  of such legislation in the early days  of the province's histoiy ; we ate  informed that there was, manj people, however, have thought othei-  wise, and are, even now u ondeiing  why the intelligent and ciiltmed  women ol British Columbia should  still be suffeiing for the sins of a lot  of pioneer wastrels of years ago.  During the last few years many  cases have been befoie the com is of  this piovince, some of them being  of a most distressing'nature, for as  the law stands at piesent, it matteis  little if the wife has helped the lius-'  hand to accumulate the estate, it  he dies without making a will the  widow is entitled to only a half  interest, his father having a prior  claim to ihe othei half. If there aie  children, the widow's share is reduced to a third and only a life interest in that, the children taking  all at her death.  This bright piece   of colonial law-  from their dislike for work, these  choice areas are lying idle, not odI}'  stimulating,, the envy of the surrounding settlers, but arousing  their positive dislike, for ih "many  places they area great hindrance to  advancement, '^the difficulty is felt  all through the outlying settlements  of the province,* as in the Cariboo  and Chilcotin.  Every worthy person feels  strongly that those to whom the  whole country once belonged should  now be welcome to the best of it.  It is realized that it is to a great  extent the white man's fault if the  Indians are still shiftless dependents  on the chase and other casual roving pursuits. ' Still no one can. contemplate with satisfaction the best  land in sections where good land is  at a veiy high premium blighted by  disuse. The Okanagan valley, for  instance, renowned, as the happy  valley of Rasselas, for its charms  and fruitfulness, consists of a very  few square miles of irrigable, arable  land scattered in small blocks along  either side of the lake. By intensive  larming the residents have made  the valley a profitable garden. They  aie separated by mountains from  the rest of the province, so that  their social pleasures and conveniences depend on. the number of  settlers the) can get into the valley.  Theii work has raised the value of  the land in the vallcj from one to  three hundred dollars an acre.  Under these circumstances it is ng-  aggravating to have witheld from  settlement some hundreds of the  most available areas of land in the  valley by a score of Indians who do  nothing with it.���Montreal Weekly  Witness.  A CheerfulProspect  A gloomy prophecy as to the pro-  probability of conflicts in the Pacific ocean, was. redentjy made by  T. W. M. Maguire',' the" lecturer on  military strategy, at a meeting of  the Royal Colonial Institue. Mr.  Maguire described the Pacific as the  strategic .centre of,mankind, and  warned both the United State's and  Great x Britain that nothing could  give them security, but a race of  military men, as with nations like  Germany and Japan, it was a word  and a "blow. The yellow races, he  said were {join;* to demand equality  of treatment. Japan was at present  Great Britain's .illy, but that would  only last as loin' as the British  alliance was strong. Great Britain's  territory, in the Pacific ocean, he  ���considered, was by no means safe,  and the Japanese mi^ht attack and  defeat the Americans any day.  HP!  IGOUDRONI  DTMUtLB D*       1  lEPEMOMEg  GODUVERI  Recent advices from the old country inform us that the Rev. W. E.  Walker with his wife, Lady Emily  Walker, accompnnied by a butler  and a maid are about to settle in  British Columbia. They assert that  a certain- villain,, to wit, < I��joyd-  George, is responsible for their decision to settle in this country. They  intend   taking  up forty   acres  near  Nice Qualifications  At Vancouver, last Satin day, before Judge Grant, 71 Greeks applied for naturalization as British  subjects. Although 71 affidavits  were examined, not more than a  dozen applicants appeared in person.  The first witness gave his name as  Lacross. He said that he was boin  in Victoria, and said lie knew all  the 68 applicants for three years,  this being the time required by law.  " How do you know these men  fulfill the requirements of the act?"  demanded the judge. The witness  replied that they had all ridden in  his motor cai. The judge remarked  that he did not consider that sufficient evidence.  Cures Coughs  Mathieu's Svrup-of Tar & Cod Liver Oil  is a great Tonic and not only stops a cough,  but   enables   the   system   to   throw   it   off.  There should be a bottle of it in every home..  '    Large size bottle 35c.' Sold everywhere.  J.L.MATHI��OCO..I.rop.;      ���      SHKRBROC-KE*  / 5  DISTRIBUTORS FOR WESTERN CANADA ?       \  FOLEY BROTHERS; LARSON & COMPANY'lac.  WINNIPEG..EDMONTON, VANCOUVER. SASKATOON.  Two of the most flourishing industries on the coast at present aie  the Salvation Army soup kitchens  and the holding up of banks. Why  not reduce the unemployed by enrolling a couple of bundled on the  Vancouver police force.  Water Notice.  making was framed with the object Vancouver and engaging in'dairying  of preserving to the white relatives and chicken raising. Mr. Walker  of the factors and clerks of the will attend to the dairy, while Lady  Hudson Bay Co. any property .they Emily will make ;an effort, to pay  left in-the event of their ,dying in- the butler's salary by selling hen  chiefly aimed at the! fruit and duck eggs,  the early pioneers of I ~       ;     "*"     ;  whom they had mar-      The Victoria   Colonist   says   that  o-  to the customs of ���� secretary  of  the United   States  , , .    X        -        ���>�����,--    1   navy   is   very    angry   because   the  . ���, J the country in those aa\s,    uiu a�� a        j J �� J  Bar Stocked with Choicest Liquors and Citfars I > cou|d   nflt    b   I Democrats will   not let   h.m build a  " ' / couple of new warships.     He wants  A British syndicate has bought  100,000 acres in Saskatchewan for  colonization by Scotch and English  farmers.  ' We,'CanadianPneWe Railway company, of Montreal, by occupation a  common carrier,;give not ire that I in-  teiul (in the 18th day of Ki'biuiiry next,  at eleven o'clock in the.forenoon, to  apply .to'the'Water. Commissioner at  his office at Fahview, B.C.,���"���'for a  licence to take ami use one cubic foot  of waiter per, second.from a. small jiiv.-  naiiied creek; about ft.2^niles'south of  Eholt; to be .aivei'ted'at a'poin't about  400 feet west of water, tank, mile 0.2  Phoenix sub-division. The water Will  be used on the C.P.R: right of way for  general railway piirposes.- 9?< '���: -���''���  Dated this 4th day of January. 1012..  E. D. IRELAND, Agent, C.P.R.  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C.  recently waited on Premier Borden,  seeking assurance  that  their possession of their reserves would never  be questioned except in  the "white  man's   courtsi'V There  is   little   or  no relation   between  these  ' Indian  chiefs' and the  mental   picture that  the words   conjure  as* derived from  early colonial ��� history  and the writings   of Cooper;   they,are not  the  hereditary heads   of nomadic bands  who live .in tepees or bark wigwams,  ever ready to fight.    Living in filthy  unventilated   log  shacks,   they  are  but the. appointees of the Canadian  government for the preservation of  order   on   the1   r.incher'ees.      Their  rarichere.es,-' as    the   allotments   of  land that havebeen parcelled out to  the different   groups of-Indians'are  called, are the matter at issue.  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He was looking at the  alluriug'ctin'e of her soft wbjte urrtii  She uudtiie eunnlngest way of giving'  ber big sleeves u twitch to keep tlienr,  out of the' way ns.she passed anything*  at ttibloi; dpdjv;t.|^^nio^iiluBJ;t,Ue'>ol<!fir^;'  wiis a ^reattjBHKuiiv.p��ie embr^pjtiertitii:  with Jap'aiWstV'iris.), HoWeveri;),f^'b'c''r?i  own i^6)ri}'^cr'.b^i��bn^d"Jt^d.fDp^fo!d^li^.'r'  all ber attractions Tor, lilm. No,t,.kiiow.  ing.hls trulu of thought, she obHorved  only   tli'p ' prooecupution   In   biff'lono.'-  "This confirmed  her In ".tlio. wisdom ot>  her determination, but it also gun.* ber;  u (liieer little' dlHJ)^8ltJd^(tbAlo^dpW!i]i  the corners of flier, inpiith^';! fe" 'iv. ���-��  "Well;It-Is orJty'tlilsi'Tbinl*' she proceeded, ;-'Ji6'r  eyes  studiously   avoiding  hlH.     Preoccupation' Ini, bis toiio.'was  bud onougfo|it;o'vi^w^  would bc^l'iitfbUj'riiW^  have beeu>'B|ay^ufe''i8o 'closely/together  si ace the /.wejadirig, novy^tjir^'a whole  months. ; Areri't 'you Just"at'ilf'jr'Jofairrald  we are overdoing .the; devoted? V'\Vhen  I see 80.maiiy--1nini7i(^..t,ouplfa.'!wli.p1iire  Just as happy a way... from, each/ oiher..  or more so, I drend the time"��� Her Up  quivered, but this time.Mr."*ElllH was  giving   bls',''ptteiitJ6nj': to'-'ilhe .'jistriooth'.  wbltcness &f'hertiieek.V He.'dJd'Wt an-i  swer. and In a moment she went on In  n steadier voice.  "You .remember the  'opnee of prevpntloti.'; dear?". ;   ���,-  "Worth a pound of medicine. Isn't  It?" he replied frivolously.' and"when  she proceeded gravely her .voice bad  shaded down to nctuiil;\vlstfulnesH. '  ''For fear. Tom. that our .happiness  should lose some of its'fo'rie'In sueti  constant association us. ours ��� I, bnye*  been thinking that maybe.lt.would.be-  better not to see each other quite so  often. I couldn!t> twar^to see tbat'.you  were growing tired'of me"���  "Hcr*ln.Onltc variety," he, began to  quote,, but she interrupted him with a  lift of tbe kimono Had arm that set Ills  thoughts' adriftjignlii.' r"Wetiiust consider the subject seriously, dear" she  said softly jand plaintively.c/, "Suppose  we plan' dellber|telj|t6 -Re.pp "new /to'  each other1 'by -taking! Vome 4o?f souf  pleasures  uway   from  each  other."...  "Goodness, Betty!" be exclalmedp"!{  thought we married In order.to enjoy  ourselves logether."   ^l;,,;;.'..;'.'..*.L..,li,v,.L  "We  did;   but  see . hotv,.people .get  nfter  a   few   years! -��TbeV-Tbomnses.  now, for Instance��� how..different they;  are!    And yet i am. old"enongb"td* re>"  member that(tbey��� were perfectly-self-.;,  isb  togetber^a't'first:  There 'are* the"  Itlpleys  too.���'They. are\<>ohgeriial arid  apparently   the   best   of   friends,   but,  Mrs.  rtlpley dbenn't st^ern1 To 'riilnd at'  all that,.her busb^n depends tbe greater  part of ijhls; tinie |"way;*yromi' her;-''i11.  is only that'1'!  drea3 suctf.a phase in  .our llf(rV"r���^.���.tvl^,��..;....^..��..-K.v,,.^,...;-w..-.,-:..  He looked at her In surprise. Who  would��� ,bavesthought lierJcpiWble,."*of,  such serious consideration of -a" Hfe-  problem. this pretty creature of sunshine and smiles? .lust then a thought  popped into; his mlrid. .Suppose she  were already' getting tired-just a  little bored with him. It would be  like her to contrive some tactful way  without.. the eiiirpuciigeuiept.ofau. ad^  mirer sliriiiig over! 1 n, thii't blg^pb'ulr.fuls,  ��� knee 'p^et^.i'ilje^iay'mj'ii'iid ii';.<'iiiS��r^o';fiijii'  ^jpnuu't l"i��; :'b.iiti''itt.]r:*<i life ��� 'uii^ui.ul.^.p'leCure^afaei''  'Tjjmbtl(er;b'd��1^  .^lot>ked!a^liVrrii('iii(>lyi'ji;;^:.^  . "1���iielfpv^l^iin abpirt 'tbftake ;;ebldi'^  .faltered:i'llie   iltiit>- 'uilHtressV  mendd'-J  jyui<iiisly.f;^"My Ihi'iiat .feels so,queer." '��  j|..;^yht'ii'^he eiitered (he box and ibrew-.  ber ^rvutv''yiMnte.'.clpu'k'.:4n:'::a.:>'.'iuyur^p:d8f  beapjp the chair behiiid tier Mrs. lll'p'.'  Iey;|.g|'anied ov'eV tier,; with u  look pit  decided u'pprpvtil.:'���;  'i " $  ,     ".  ' \l':,  '"���H'Yoii,   wfere''J never  prettier.   Bettyii^s  she whispered, "apd then;-it Is bo Ben-^  sible ot you nbt^rp;. Up foolish about  .buying.'^l'tiiui 'Ellis dangling after yoij  ' everywhere' y'oirgo.";"'���.���"'":'"''"���''      '',   't  "That Is .what we agreed only this  morning." : said .Betty 'in',; a   burst of  cbnlldence, uud then she grew suddenly   Silent.      ';    ' ���"���'."' . : .'���.'���  :  Her.'; eyes, ^sweeping   the   orowdedj  ������nouse,';.h'nd.'failen upon Tom Ellis In a  group of men down near the footlights.  As tbg-jrpoments went on she began to  ^feeljSpggrlej-ed  that  he d^d^pBEeveiri'  Iranqe.toiya'rd the jfllplej' bpici althpugb  |be surei^iihd known;pft,tbeSinyitatlon.  (She wiisK.frliid wlieti'^bt muslc?pegan,>  : be'eause iieptlirbar^stlir^had "th'at'q  !,^eeilrig'f^'nd;^l.er'' lips .wanted to trembly  ^'���Kp.i;dlca.'i,su^pflr,b;,pre��ence and her sing-:  Jug;failed for the llrat time .    absorb'  1 Betty's attention.   She woulop.not; look  (,'agiiIn. ut,,tbut ��� :group ���' down ^pear' ibe.  'stnge," but she cpuldnptikeep iirom see;  Irig therii'.lnXhor mlhd's'Jeyei "Sbeiwaa  glad there were others In the box who  felt like  talking.    She did  not  want  Mrs.  Ripley lo regard her too closely  after the drop of the curtain. ;The hum  of" conversation  began" in'a'moment,  and she half turned toward tbose neat  her.  seeming, to  listen,'although  she  beard not a word." Still'sbe would not  look below ber. >  "Bool" cume a frivolous exclamation  at "her"shoulder, and she started violently.:  The rich blood surged luto4ier  face. ^''Sbe did not need to seat whose  ; ha'pd��.was;resting on b]er arm.   .,;'-   J  '���Why.   Betty   Ellis."   cried   one  gay  voice, "you do.n't mean to tell me you  'are actually ' blushing, oyer,. Tom, you  'ancient   married ��� wbmau.   you!     The  blushes'are for;,tlie buds.;';;  '   "Then tbey are for Betty." said Tom  gallantly.   >"\Vbat rosebud ever looked  sweeter than she does this minute?"  >���  "Tom!"' she   remonstrated,   and   he  laughed and sat down beside ber.  '"When  tbe others  were'absorbed  in  'tlieiriselves a'giilri"'lit whispered to her:  "Forgive me.. Betty. If I, bored you by  coming.   I just'co.uldn't h'eip itl:  I had  forgotten  all about the Ripley invitation until ! saw-you Iir the box..I came,  along just to: be doing sbmetfiirig."'".'  ���"���-"Don't."   she  begged,  and  the eyes  that  were   lifted to   bis  were  full  of  tears.   He covered her hand a morpent  fvyi'th' h"is, and 'iwalted;'!; tbeiu when sue  '���;had:slyir wipeiai the moisture*from her.  lids and  bad swallowed that trouble-  .Some lump, she whispered: "1 was just  mistaken'after all;-' I don't" believe in  preventive: measures like this.   We are  not" tired  yet*'.Let's'"'just", wait  until  ��� V TO THE MODERN QUACK.  :: (After reading the early history of ined  ^Iclne.j;; ,.    ��y,.  Xe ihokere of fortuncH Blpantlo.  "' Quack vendfi'B of [KUlonu and pills,      ;  '���Who now (five un nothiris romnrrile.  r-:". Bxcopt your: nilvertlBemeni lillls.   Consider the wondrous cuucoctlona  ���'.'/' Put up In the boitle or box . ,,  By   doctoi-H   aforetime   und.   wasting   do  ' '.y ���   I more time,  '  ':;" Just pull up your nooka.  "Digestion," they'd oak, "mlHbehavlngT"  .'���   Or: "BIlBtera on both of your.heels?   .  '.Tut,: tutl   Take uri,Ivory. shnvInK '.���'.  ������ Thrice dally un hour before meals."  Such Borm of medlclnul dainties,  .:   Bockod up by a ponderous mien.  'They'd foist upon folly as certain of joll>  ,',   Well curing the spleen.  They'd (almost) put up In a flagon  -   And afterward offer for sale  ���Pink hairs from the head of a dragon,  ;��� Blue tufts from a unicorn's tall.  ,'  ��� And, could they have only, cot at them,  ;.;  No, doubt they'd, have mixed'with theli  .''drinks ' ,-.���'.  For troublesome tummies  the wrapping!  i of mummies  ���!;'; Or'chlps offthe sphinx. ' ;  But you, did we ask that a pimple  ;������ Be cured with.a balsam of bats,  ���^Would only look hopelesaly slmplo  ^ Or rudely ejaculate,  "Rats!"  'Come,   elvo   up   your   cornni' nplaco   nos-  �����        trurri's.  '    :  ;���' Present something quaint to our view.  Those ph'turesque liars could always And  '���        buyers.   ,:  So why shouldn't you?, ���Punch.  This lo What the Men'ion of Pie Did ti  Willie Brown.  not" tire'd  yet.  ;we.;are.'J';'.'.',;- ,r..,.',;,; :;..:..'..'��,','..',-.  "bone.' Betty !";he agreed rapturously.  ."You are.so1.sensible.".;.,,;:,.,-  , "Sensible!"., interrupted  Mrs.,, Ripley.  turning   quickly  at 'the-word.; which  had drifted t<r her ears--   'Msn't she so.  Torn?    V was Just" teillhg her a little  while ago 'that she-was poost remark-  ubly so." '   u    -   ','..'  {The,   two   accepted ' rlie ; unmerited  praise unblushlncly anaUooked at each.  other with a happy laugh. ^ _  of telling.hljn^.:And. un>n.;Betty..'hnd'  been  a  belle: there''find  been a score  of   fellows   dancing   atlendunce   upon  her. even   up to  tlie  very day of tbe  wedding.     Terhaps   she   was   feeling  dull, and no wonder, with such a,poor  stick   as   he  as   ber  only .companion,  even  If she did love him as she professed.    He pondered a few moments.'  making a  great  sacrifice,  while  trivially  engaged   in  sipping  his   fragrant  breakfast coffee.    When be sroke bis  tone was cheerful. .......  "Well, Betty, darling." he remarked,  "that had not occurred to me until you  spoke, but you are right. :,There Is*  dauger of overdoing the devoted, and  we mustn't get ti��*d,of ench otber-we  Just must not! I have not been lo the  club���not since the wedding.' I wi.ll go  theco to dinner this evening, and'you  must accept one of your numerous In-.  vltatlon'S.'. ;You; have 'Dolly ;to go with^,  you, urrd 1 will send a carriage to be at  your disposal for the evening."  "Yes." acquiesced Rerty In a small  voice, keeping her eyes upon her plate.  She bad not expected her ideas to be  adopted with so little.'protest, and it  was not cheering to -Bud herself so  correct In her forethought. f  He looked at her sharply for o mo-  , ment. then came over to ber side of  tlie table and kissed her goodby most  affectionately. Sherflonged'to tell him  that It would seem like a month for  him-to be gone until late that evening  SM ::,'CH'arins"o'f'a Soldier's tife."'''"-  ''Tnei'riducemenis England once held  out,to suitable men to Join the ranks  ot lbe light dragoons, as given in the  followitig passage taken from the London Times of Sept. 25. 1801. were certainly strong. Those willing to join  are informed chut they "will be amounted-on the finest liorses-.lh the, world,  with superb clothing and the richest  nccouterments. Voiir pay and privileges are equal to 2 guineas a week:  You are everywhere respected. Your  society is courted. You are admired  by ihe fair, which, together with the  chance of getting switched to a buxom widow or brushing with a rich  heiress, renders the situation truly enviable and desirable.. Young men out  of employment or otherwise uncVim-  fortable. 'There Is a tide in the affairs  of men which, taken at the flood, leads  on to fortune.' Nick it and. instantly  apply to the above."  Long Lived Dancers.  LouIs^XIV., who granted L'Acade-  mie,de Danse of Paris its charter,  strongly advocated dancing, for be  considered it an aid to develop dexterity1 and deportment uud adapt men  tor a warlike career. Ic would be  wmewhat exacting today to require  recruits to take dancing lessons, but  :lanclng seems to produce longevity,  ludging from the long life enjoyed by  many of the aristocracy of the profession.  Vestrls lived to be eighty., his son  reached the age of 102. and one of his  vnislns attained ninety years. Pettlt-  pn. who died In 1.SW. reached eighty  rears, and a brother passed away at  St.   Petersburg  wanting  rive years of  ������;.���"; ARISTOCRATIC >SMITHS.  They  Lead the Four  Hundred In N��w  York,   Chicago  and   Philadelphia.  The" uew .Li'viili'ivof the Social Reg  ister, Just: Issued.. contains an Interesting study of -ijlimes us; they are  glveu in the varibiis" I,vour Hundreds of  Ihe'cltlV'* wiili-h luive been listed The  Loeuter.'; which covei-s twuuty-nlue  cities, eoutulns the . iiuines ' of. tlO.OlS  persons. Of.iliiese'-M),~7>'i are giouped  us Mr. and Mi-s. and 44.SIM1 appeur us  Biligle.''-   '   ,' " ''.;; ���'���".���'.  Ili New, York's Kuiir. Hundred the'  Smiths lead, there being. toil In the  urlutocrutk'';' inclosure. The Browns  come next, with -U.'l, the ^'larks third  with jilnety-one. Although' less1 numerous the l.ivlngsnms. - wl^h ���tifty-  eight. are still C.vplcally of tbe me  tropollii, there being only four Living-  stous outside Xew York. Three are la  St. Paul, and one is lu Clin.iiiiiutl la  ^Washington tbe name of Davis comes  first, with twenty-three, and the Harrisons! Parkers and Smiths nre second, with twenty-two. There are twenty-one .loliusons. In Philadelphia there  ure 137 Smiths, ninety-two Morrises  and eighty-nine Riddles.*.  In Chicago the Smiths are also In  the lend. There they number ufty-flve  as against the thirty-live Adamses, the  twenty-six Walkers and tlio twenty-  llve\MiiH0iiN.' Boston, however, mightily reduces the general average of the  Smiths, the- Localer enumerating only  live of that nuine who abide In the  Back Bay region of the Hub. In tho  Boston list the Coolldges lead with  thirty-eight, followed by the Peubodys  and Putniims. thirty-five each. Providence has thirty-one Aldrlches and  twenty-two Arnolds. SL Louis bus  such old family mimes as the Ga-  rescbes and Cuba tines. Cincinnati  leads with Its Andersons, St. Paul with  Hills and Minneapolis with, Wash-  burns. In San Francisco there are  twenty-eight Adamses, and Baltimore  abounds in  VVJlliiimses-und .leukluses.  It Sometimes Happens.  ,'!Do you remember that little, water$  eyed, lazy chap we had here three oi  four years ago?" asked the head of the  firm: '���Biuks. I think bis name was  1 discharged  him for luconipetency."  "Binks?"  the assistant manager re  plied.  "Oh. yes. 1 remember him well."  "He came In to see me today."  "Did he?' He went from here tt  New;"��� York, didn't he?' I 'suppose he  was: wearing a. silk hat and an overcoat with a fur collar."  ^"That's the. funny thing about his  case. I can't understand It He was  oil run down at: tho heels and .wanted  to know if 1 would give him GO cents."  ���Chicago Record-Herald.  BUSY   MAN   AND  WIFE.  A   Very   Modern   Dorrestio     Raiser  In  One Gssp.  Scene���A pretty Mtrle uri-iikf.ixt mom  In the home of Mr. .lolin Blank, the  "Busy Man" Mr. Blank is seen eu-  gro^sed In (be-stock news In tbe  morning |>.i|>er. while Mrs. Blank is  dimming in a pule blue negligee and  sips In i eoITee witu nu " I've made up  my mind" air.  His Wlfe^.fohn. will you do me a  favor?  The Busy Man (without looking up  from bis paper)���Yes. my deur. VYliut  Is It?  Ills i Wife (nenouslyi��� Well. -I���er���  1-  Busy Man (Impatiently)���Hurry, my  dear.    What is It?  tils Wife���1 bu\e a confession to  inaUe. Jobu.  Busy Man���Don't bother: confessions  take iif* .-.<> much xaiuclile time.  Ills Wife (wlsifuu.\ i--l don't love  \ou any more.  Busy Man continues rending bis paper. .....  His Wife (angrily*��� Didn't you hear  what I said? ,     , ��  Busy Man (appurently annoyed at  Che Interrupt loin��� Yes. that's all right;  that's all right.    Don't Worry.  Ills Wife (decidedly i���But I ��� want  you to gel u divorce from me!  Busy man (exasperated)���Isn't that  Just like a woman! Now, you kuow,  Helen, that I can't take the time from  my business for anything so frivolous.  Returns lo paper.  Ills    Wife    (leimlug    forwardl��� But.  .John. I love some one else.    You���  i Busy Man (without glancing upi���Of  course, of course.   (To hliuselfi Sugar  has gone up again.  His Wife (silting up very straight)1  ���And. John Blank. I am going to run  away with hi in!  Busy Man (rising and pushing his  jhalr back*���Please yourself.' my dear,  only don't expect me to see you off or  attend to any of the little details of  your departure, because Just uow I  am so busy���haven't a miuute���must  rush to the ollice now., (Turning at  the door* Shall I see you again?  His Wife ('helpless' and tearful)���  Well, if that's the way you are going  to act. .lohu Blank. I shall stay right  here.    You've just spoiled it all!  Exit John. Curtain.���L. R. S.' Henderson iu Life.  BALLOON   AtViSKirS.  EXPERIMENT "STATIONS.:  Work of These Centers of Agricultural  Investigation.  In tlie opinion of "many qualified observers the agricultural experiment  stations are proving to be one of the  greatest agencies of helpfulness in  the United Stares. Under a law passed  nineteen years ago each of the states  and territories receives several thousand dollars a year from the general  government for this' purpose. 'The  states add about half as much more.  These centers of practical Investigation concerning the.plant and animal  life of the farm In nil its bearings are  putting nuniberless thporles and customs to a rigid test It was the practice twenty years agp 'to cook food  for domestic animals, but exhaustive  investigations In feeding seemed to  show that this Is not profitable/and a  great change of custom has resulted.  The Minnesota station has accomplished much'in improving wheat, the  Illinois station'in improving tbe corn , ���.���..,,������,���. _,,._ ������,,���_.  yield, the  Wisconsin   station   in   the   the ca��   Ibe Vv ashingto������ ��*��  dlary; and the California station in the |���� ii_ns i��_ h_^_  .��������,,���   f������t   ���,���,    nI��  The Wrong Scent.  A prominent citizen of Washington  was traveling over a line of railway  with which he was unfamiliar. At a  certain point the road pusses a fertilizer factory, the odor from wbicb.ls  sffensive. It is particularly disagreeable to a lady who Is compelled, to  make the journey dally. As a protection from the obnoxious atmosphere  she7 is accustomed to carry'a bottle of  lavender salts* As the train approached the factory she produced the phial  as usual, unstopped It und applied it  to her nostrils. Presently the odors  1 from   the  factory   began   to   permeate  Sport of the Winds, but Safe With Sea  Room. Says Wollman.  "Men who tlmurht theie was dan  ger tbut the Aiiiei'l n might be torn to  pice es by a storm T..itl tint rellected  well upon the |>li.(sknl'c(indltlonH sur  rounding a ship of the nh " says Will  ter U'ellniau iu Hampton's Magazine.  "A steamship or sailing vessel Is buffeted by the wind and \vu\e. but It Is  partly Immersed In an ocean of fluid  which-offers great resistance und subjects it to \ loleut shocks  "An airship Is completely Immersed  In a medium whit h offers so little resistance tb.it shocks are Impossible.  It Is not an easy fact to grasp, but Is  still a fuel, tiiut the only resistance  an airship offers ro tlie wind, the only  strain or pressure upon her parts, is  that which she herself .creates with  ber engine and propellers.  "To understand this principle Imagine the America In the uir far out  over the ocean. It is calm-, no engine  Is running: the crew, perchance, is  osUep; Op springs a gale, fast gathering force till It reaches a velocity of  fifty hilios ��� ,pe-r; hour. Nothing; whatever In the motion, the vibration: the  pitching or rolling of the ship alarms  and awakens the crew. The America  being a free lmlloon, because no engine Is turning, simply becomes apart  of the wind, so to speak, moves with  the wind, offers no resistance to it  flows, along, us peacefully ns If It still  were dead calm. A member of tbe  crew hwnkes, rubs bis eyes, goes to  tils''post but If It be night and be  cannot see the ocean he has no Idea  whether the ship Is standing still or  moving tlfjty miles per hour. If he  strikes a match to light his pipe the  flame curls straight upward.' precisely  ns If he were In a closed room���an experience which many of us have had  in ordinary s'pherlcal ballooning.  "Suppose now the crew be roused.  An engine Is started, a pair of propellers set in motion. Then, and then  only, does the ship offer, resistance to  the wind, and the measure of her resistance la the energy exerted by thei;  propellers���just that, no more, no less.  Nor docs It make any difference whether the vcloclt3' of the wind be, ten or  a hundred miles per hour nor yet any  difference whether the ship be headed.:  Into the wind or with It���the result is  the. same. Obviously, as long as the  ship had sea room���could keep herself  up In the air���no storm that ever blew  could hurt her. But it makes a tremendous difference as to:the course  and destination of the ship from what  quarter the , winds come and with  what force they blow."  Humor and  Ptiilosophy  ���By WfiCAJ* M. SMITH  PERT  PARAGRAPHS.  A     MAN    really    admires    beautiful  clothes, but bis ad nitration ti seldom  sufficiently  strong  lo  make  111 in  want to pay tbe bills that bis wife lo*  curs for them. _,  Laziness may be a cro^s to some people, but never to tbe owner of coequal*  try. .     '  One woman says being a. chaperon  consists mostly lu knowing bow wise-  ly not to see. ,  Nothing could  be more fatiguing to a inzy  man than to have  to hear p e o pie  constu tit ly i wp��r  derlug how his  folks can stand,  to ha v eh I to  around.     ,  Love In a cottage Is certainly  all right If the  rent Is paid uud  the coal bin full.  It is a good ihlng1 to begin now to>  practice resolutions so that when yois-  have to use them dally they will come  easy.  It seems queer that the expansion of  a mail's head sin mid re��i t in tbe  [(Inching and shriveling of tils liruin.  i t. A',* ,  ���"*!'  ,C       A Stickler For Principle.;  "Will you be my ownest own for  ever and ever, darling?" pleaded the  lover.  "Do be reasonable. Percy." softly  remonstrated the lady Socialist. "Y'ou  know I don't approve of granting special privileges or encouraging monopolies, so please put your question in  auother form."���Illustrated Sunday  Magazine.  Napoleon's Loss.  "Shall you return to power, sire?"  asked Napoleon's secretary as they  departed together from the Held of  Waterloo. -.  "I fear me not," said the emperor  sadly. "That hook nosed warrior the  Duke of ^Wellington appears to have  captured my return ticket."���Harper's  Weekly.   Proud of His Coin.  "Sir." said the haughty aristocrat  who was as proud as he was poor,  "you ought to be proud of the fact  that I even recognize you."  "1 am," rejoined the self made man.  "It shows that I have mouey."���Chicago News.  Even Then.  First Antediluvian (In Methuselah's  time) ��� What's the discussion about  over there?  Second Ditto - Same old topic,  whether a man aged 320 ought to  marry a girl of 140.���Puck.  reclamation of alkali lands. |  The  experiment  stations  are  gradually correcting certain of their original  mistakes;-.'..There.''''was  a   tendency   at  first to a duplication of work.    Ench  attempted   perhaps   to   do   too   many  th!ns��,    Now there Is better co-ordlna-  tlon   through   the  department of agriculture  at   Washington.':.  The stations  also  ; are    specializing    and    devoting :  themselves   more   particularly  to  local  Interests.    Each ngency has its.sphere  of Influence.     It Is.well  to have some j  men   in   the   community   set   apart   to (  make    the    experimental    studies    for j  which the Individual farmer could not  spare the time.     Millions of dollars in  may be lost by a single  At last he rose to his feet and. approaching the lady, said in his most polite manner. "Madam, may I request  you to replace the stopper In that bottle?"���Youth's Companion.  ; Rats and the Plague.  The bubonic plague,'.'lias killed 109,-  000: people  iu  the last fourteen years  In the city of Bombay alone, the highest mortality being 20.000 In 1903 and  tlie lowest 5,000 during the past year.  ! The reduction of the mortality can be  I traced  very  largely to the number of  Irats killed  in  the.city, which are the I  I Industrious carriers of tbe disease.    A. I  \ half million rats were killed last year I  .  -   Chance For a Poet.  Oh. who will sing a ditty  Or the city, or the city.   ,  One pertinent ana witty  That seems to tit the case?  The country has been Belting  From poets lovely petting;.  And they have been forBettlne  ;   The big and busy pluce  Be sines or birds and erusses  And useful garden sasses  And tn his measure passes  The compliment along  But no one sings or Hatters  .Nor tears the rag to tatters  About their humble matters  In verses errand and strong:.  Of cows and colts and porkers  We've had some corking corker*.  But how about  New   VorKersV  Do they deser\e the slight?  And other urbane dwellers?  For no poetic yellerB  in garrets or in cellars  Sing up and treat I hem right.  Yes. really. It s a pity  That no one slr.Kb the city.  Will not borne poet gritty  Tune up and give It voice?  Its buildings tall and spacious.  Men  braver  than   Horatlus���  The topic s there, good gracious*  The tlrst come lias his choice.  More Up to Data.  ���So  they   ure  kuIiik tu mill ,the  llu  that city   alone,  of   which  number \ of matrimony together.  His   Morning's  Work,  rje Have  you   washed   the dishes,  dear?  '������ '"���"- " ."  ;"'' ���-.".".','  ,She��� Yes.. '.-����,������������ i r ���    ���  ���'.Made the beds?" l^^M     '  "Sure." ' ���'^���'v^-iM^1'    '  ���Fed the birds?"   . . ;'"     !  "AH of 'em."  "Given the dsb fresh water?'  "All done."  "Swept the stoop?"  Clean as a whistle.    But what have  j BO.000 wqre examined by the bacteriologists  of. the  health department,  and.  ���9.000 of tbem were found to be infected   with .the" plague.    Tbe   wholesale  destruction   of  these  rodents   was   accomplished   by . the   most   careful   mu  "aJcipa!.' |//an and co-o/>eration of beaitb  /and jio/ICe ^departments, .which ��catrer-  'etf   bread smeared   with poison certain  I hours' each day In all parts ot the city  (Slid furnished thousands of disinfected  (traps  to  the  inhabitants,   who  caught  tens of thousands of them.���Christian  Herald.  New York Press.  Well,  he  Ills century, while the brother of Lou  before she%l.oul"d "see him  again, but   ls   Merante.  who^ was ^ well^ ""^'"J^  no���If he was already feeling the pull "  J '     '"" ~ "  of the silken chain that bound them together she must not let him know that  she wns aware of It  She sprang merrily up. went with him to the door,  chattering about this and that, as  though her every thought was not of  the evening that was going to be so  lonely without him. When be turned  back at' the corner for a Inst look the  wnve of ber small hnnd was positively  hilarious.  The dav crept by.    At  first  her Impulse was to  remain  quietly at  home  for the evening, but he was going to  the club; and she must not be behind  him In carrying out the plan.  She  accepted   Mrs.   Hlpley's  Invitation to bear Nordlcn with ber.   In tb��  afternoon she dressed and  went to o  ten. wasted, some hours over a visit to  ber   dressiuuker.   and    wbeu   evening  finally   came  she arrayed   herself  for  the. sacrifice.    It was no fun at all to  fluff out   her golden  hair  when there  wun uo-one there but Dolly to remark  upon  che effect, aud  then   Dolly   was  palnfullv  mutter of fact.    She would  wear c be violet silk  with  the yellow  lace cascades, .even ,lf  there .was  nobody there to tell her It was the. pretties! dress .that ever a pretty woman  wore.    It was a sort of solemn satisfaction   to   bu   uit'iklug   herself   lovely  he opera, died In 1!Kr_' nt Itouen, having reached the aue of 10'J.  Generally.  "I'.i?"  "Yes.  my son."  ������Whiii are  woman's rights?"  "Woman s rights'?"  "Yep"  ������Anything that  she getsher eye on  time she thinks she .wants."  Quite Frank.  "You mtistn l lei tittle things trouble  rou.   .Miss  Kl lift."  "Me?"  "\ es."  "Dear  rlou it.  uere,"  Not That Make.  "You_know  old  Jollaby?  has locomotor ataxia."  "He has? I thought all the time it  wns a limousine." ��� Bultlmore American.   When  Johnny Counted.  Mother���.loliuny .tones couuts ten before he lights.  Tommy���Yep. and he doesn't count  for anything after It.-New York Sun  me!    Mr. Slowon. don't men-  1    hadn't    uofteed   you   were  Worth It.  "My   wife  always   kisses   me   whea hint."  ���die wants money." *  "Well,   she   certainly   earns   all   shl  gets."���Spokane   Spokesman-Review.  A   Little   Child's  Heart.  A  tittle chilli's heart  Is a place whore the sun  Tuts on tjx Kioc-n  klrtle  To IhukIi  nnil to run.  It  Is full of sweet mornings  That sine us they rise  To peep through the violet  Blue rims of her eyes  ���Baltimore 8un.  Other Names For Automobiles.  A Berliner who long has been prominent iu local transportation interests  has established a motor cab service,  the pleasing German name of his vehicles being "auroinolnletexameterdro-  sebken." Despite the preposterous title under which they run. the cabs are  said to be remarkably handsome and  graceful.  If there be anything In a name, the  motorcars introduced Into some parts  of Belgium should Instantly become  swaybacked and top heavy. The Flemish word for automobile is "snelpaar-  delooszoonderspoorwegpetroolrijuig." ���  New York Tress.  Explained.  "  "Women certainly are the most unreasonable creatures      I  wouder why."  "It  Is quite  necessary."  "Necessary!"  "Yes: that they he unreasonable, not  having any use for reason."  "How  is that?"  "Most of their dealings are with  men, aren't they'?"  ���  V  A  Little Higher.  "How   Is   he  getliuu  al.mg   with   his  Study   of   the   Kngtisli   language?"  "lie Is making I"   progress."  "The last time I  heard him he talked  through   his  nose."  "He has got over that."  "That's good."  '   Now    lie   talks   through   his  me pump up  Youkers Statesman.  this  Too Magnetic.  ' "I'm sorrv to have to brin;  watch to you for tbe third time this  month." apologized the man with tho  fur trimmed overcoat, "but it has become magnetized again."  "You ought to take somethiug for  your blood." grumbled the watch repairer: "there's too much iron in it."���  Chicago Tribune.  The  Fanciest  Ever.  New Boarder-Haven't you got any  fancy dishes here?  Rural Landlord-Sure thing! Mame.  bring tbe gentlemau that mustache  cup your grandfather used to use!���  Puck.   Salvation  For One.  Ten Largest Cities.  Of the ten largest cities lu the world  the United States has thiee. These are  Sew York, Chicago and Philadelphia.  R-hich rank respectively as second, fifth  ind ninth in the world list. No other  country has as many as the United  States." and only Russia has more than  me. St. Petersburg and Moscow ranking eighth and tenth. The largest city  in the world is London, which has  f.500,000 population, or nearly 3.000.000  more than New York, which Is the  second in size. Paris is third on the  list and is one of Qve cities that have  between two aud three millions each.  Fourth in order is Tokyo, and then  ifter Chicago comes Berlin, while the  jeventh and ouly remaining city of tbe  ten is Vienna.���Kansas City Star.  "Sea ot matrimony uotblnR.** ,  "Why.- 1 heard tbey were to be  Tied."   ���  - '       _ "  "Oh. I guess they are going to b��>  married all right, but It is aU.itiug the  empire of ether that they ure going U��,  do." [���  Tho Oiffmrmnco.  ������What Is  the <iinVren<-e  tn?rvret>a at*  acrress and u cliorus pin?"  It she   Is   on   aettess  she gcueru/ij"  has a large niiidrobe "  Yes?"  And   if   she   Is   a   chorus   girl   her  wardrobe is small, but swell."  W^$M0$  -���' i:-''Ci>-.;i&'r,*5;-''l  "Yes.  Paradoxical.  "You brute!"  "Wbnt!    Me?"  "Yes. you!   What made you act that  way?"  ������Just human nnture. 1 suppose.  Reason Enough.  "Is be superstitious?"  "How cuu he help It?"  "Why?"  ������He has been fired throe times on a  Cm!,!.... "  Softened the Outlines.  "She doesn't seem to care for tbe  bright llghls."  "No: she looks better In the moonlight-" '  Explained.  "What Is he doing t'��r a living?"  "Nothing." tf  "1 didn't  know  he  wns married.  Case of  Necessity.  "Do   you   try   lo   Hve   within   your  men ns?"  "Trv to?    Man. I have to."  Not   Necessary.  I just can't  tell you girls apart."  "Can't  you?"  "No "  "Iteally?"  "To save my soul I can't."  "Well, toll us together then.   What Is  It you waul to tell us?"  Excruciating.  "How dreadfuii.i   pained that fellow  looks!"  "Yes.    Funny.  Isn't  It?"  ������How  ciiii   you   say   it's   runny?"  "Because lhiil'< t1"'  �� ���'>'   '"' laughs."  Dominie-Why don't you two brothers join tlie church?  One of the Two-We can't both join,  for one of us lias to weigh ihe coal.  A   Happy   Marriage.  A chrmlTt'ur woofd n sulTragi-tte.  .\ro.ll!lintances ie|i.-ill  That  Uie tunlo.lnv ������.�� first met  One d.-iy In court.  Th-Mr married l!f>. sn run- ttip tnte.  is  happy  and sul'limc.  For tliey are m v��-i- out of lall  At the name tl'.v<"  ~ICnr.��rr�� C'ltv JournftJL  A   Quaint   Specimen.  "What's  the mutter now':"  "A magav.ine has just printed a football story accepted from me in 1SS0."  "What of it?"  "Well. It was couched in the sporting  slang of thirty years ago."���Louisville  Courier-Journal.  Won by a Word.  Sol Gage, superintendent of transportation, recently recommended a man  In/the Lake Shore's employ for au increase-in pay. Mr. Gage and this employee engaged in some correspondence  over a technical detail of some transportation regulation. In reply to Mr.  Gage's third letter this letter came:  "Instead of clarifying the situation,  your letter of yesterday serves rather  to obfuscate It."  "Any servant of a great corporation  who can use the word 'obfuscate.' and  use it right, deserves more than $60 a  mouth, and 1 am going to see that be  gets it." says Mr. Gage.-Clevelaud  Leader.    Superstitious Hungarians.  In  many   country   districts  in   Hungary superstition is still rife.    One of  thelntest evidences of this comes from  (Jrosswardein.     In the communities of  VnsUoh and  Barest! severe earthquake  ; shocks   were   experienced,   and   In   the  ! former   place   ilie^cliuivh   bells   were  [started   ringing.     A   "witch"   living  in  the  neighborhood   persuaded   the  pcas-  I ants   that   the  devil   was   hungry   and  I was  shaking   the  earth   in   his   anger.  'Thereupon  they collected a  number of  ! calves and goats and drove them Into a  | .-ave where the devil was supposed to  j be dwelling.     A feci   this  they  set   (ire  i to the rorest in 'wo places to drive out  i the devil living there.   j   If!  Queer.  "You are such a slow walker."  "Yes: 1 always did walk slowly.���  "1  have noticed that, and 1 have often wondered"���  ���"Yes?    What?"  "Uow you ever managed to run In.  debt so fast"  The things we nre going to do far,  far outnumber tbe things that we arrive to do.  By Right of Capture.  Who gave us permission,  I'd jusi like to know.  To harness the horses  And tell them to go.  To hitch to a wagon.  A cart or a dray  The large, nanUsome creatures  And bid them obey?  A horse may have feelings.  He'd  much  rather spurn  The dust of the prairies  Than labor to earn  His oats, though the measure  Were full to the brim,  And hay in the manger  Were furnished to him.  Pray, how would you tike It  To stand by a fence.  Tied there In cold weather  i And call It  horse sense?  Tou'd act rather balky  If you were a nag.  Kick over, the traces ^  And chew   up your ta��.  Who gave us permission?  We took it: that's all. i  When called on for labor J  Our strength was too small,        ���  So straightway we captured I  The beautiful steed.  Employed him. returning  His pay   in  his  feed.  ���a  Exacting.  "Some people are so hard to please."  "For example?"  "My   wife."  "How  about   It?"  "1 have just given her a check book,  and   what do  you  think  she  says?"  "Search   me."  "Wants me to give her the bank,  saying they will be so lovely in a  pair."    So Clear.  "How'did you like the speaker?**  "Verv  well "  "Did  you  understand   what  he was  talking about':"  ������Certainly."  Is   where  you   had   the  ���Then   that  Secondhand.  "Wanted to purchase, secondhand  skeleton (male): good condition. Price,  particulars and where seen."-Glasgow  Herald.  No llrsi band or living skeletons need  ai>nlv.-Pui:<-i  Three scientific men from an eastern college visited a certain Montana  mine.    On the ascent, by means of the j adVilllWse 0Ver   hlra."  usual bucket, one professor thought he j '   perceived   signs   of   weakness   in   tbe j ,TGIre IU(, ,, [lciu-t to Iteuo. Nev."  rope   by   which   the  bucket   was  sus- |    ���glnglev-  pended. "How often," he Inquired of i J^{ j* was single I wouldn't be goinff  the  attendant,  "do you  change  these j ^g^. '-_[;uston Evening Transcript.  ropes?" | ������   "Bvery three months." carelessly re  ! An  |nsl,|t to the Green,  piled the other. Then he added j rjnrtigan (seeing a musician playing  thought fully. "This must have been ; ^ u.'u.,ul Darter, come out a v this! I'll  forgotten. We must change it today n(p ,n n0 p|.l(.,�� where a dago plays on  if wo get up."���Christian UeyiMci'. the Uag av uul(i oireland'.- Puck.  PKu ^^^^^^^^^.M^s^S^M  ^^^"^fj^jfetikiif  W^yiv"^  mi  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  .<��� ,  r  PHOENIX OPERA HOUSE  Monday, Feb. 12  FIRST TRANSCONTINENTAL TOUR OF   :���The   Barrier  REX BEACH'S MASTERPIECE  A Thrilling, Heart-Gripping* Story  of the last Frontier  Direct from its Lone: Run at the New Amsterdam  Theatre, New York City.  Local and General  Ap-  Reserved Seats, SI.OO;  General 'Admission, 75c;  Children, 25c.  SEATS ON SAME AT TOM UltOWN t>  !  h >  n  STRICTLY FRESH EGGS  Spokane district Fresh Eggs  Per dozen      -    -    -    -     50c.  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.       PHONE 2  v   i  Uv.  v}-     4  "The Barrier."  The "Barrier," adapted by Eugene  "V. Presbrey from Hex Beach's famous  story of life 4n the "Yukon counteyi is  Coquitltim ^Terminal Co., Ltd., of their  new townsite at Coquitlam.  Fxom all indications this is probably  one of the finest investments that a  Child's buggy for sale, cheap,  ply Mis. J, Pipe, v  Diy wood in car lots for sale. Apply  J. Tiombley, Phoenix.  Page Boyles, diamond drill contractor, leturned to Spokane this week. _  Bom���-At Phoenix, on Feb. 8, to Mr.  and Mis. Joseph Cando, twin daughters. ,'.:.. .  ���    ',.  W. S. Macy of the Granby hotel  Co. paid one of his periodical visits to  the town this week.  The person who borrowed Dick Dow-  dle's skates will, confer a favor by .returning them before next first of July.  A. D. Mckenzie and Win. Hower  weie the names recently gazetted to  sen eon tlie Phoenix licensing commission.  Muidoch Campbell, who left Phoenix tlneo years ago on a prospecting  trip to the north, is back again in  town.  Ja ^'Marshall, J. 13. Thompson and  E. A. Black are among the fans representing Phoenix at the Rossland  fainmil.      ���  Hany Matthews, formerly of this  town and now residing in Medicine  Hat, left a few clays' ago on his return  to the latter city.  Two distinguished Americans have  announced their intention of being  piesent at the Carnival, Tuesday next,  namely Mutt and Jeff.  Foi Kent ���A four-roomed house,  furnished, situated on Spion Kop; line  well on property; good fenced garden.  Apply Mrs. T.-Baldwin.  P. M. McCalluni,'.'immigration inspector at the boundary line, was in  town over Sunday on business connected with the department.  J. Mitton, of Nottingham,''England,  ailived nn Tuesday from England.: He  lias taken.'up his residence with the  Rev. B. Lee and will prepare for ordination  Owing to the engagement by visiting companies, of the ��� opera hoiise,  the " motion pictures extraordinary "  have cancelled their dates of the 12th  and 13th Feb.  "A Vital Need of a Church " will be  the subject next Sunday evening in  the Methodist church. Good music  and singing. Everybody invited. J.  J. Nixon, pastor.  ��� The services on Sunday in St. John's  Church are: Morning Prayer at 10,30,  Holy Communion at 11 a.m., Sunday  School at 3, Evening Prayer^, at 7.30.  Rev. L. B. Lee, Rector.  The Catholic Church Lady's Aid arc  giving a "Whist  Social  in the lodge-  Provincial Items  AND  ""Sir  Cold-Sores  Are your hands chapped, cracked  or sore? Have you "cold cracks"  which open and bleed when the skin  is drawn tight?- Have you a cold  sore, frost bite, chilblains, or a "raw"  place, which at times makes It agony  for you to go about your household  duties ?.If so, Zam-Buk will give you  'relief),and will heal the frost-damaged  skin. Anoint the sore places at night,  Zam-Buk's rich healing essences will  sink Into the wounds, end the smarting, and will heal quickly.  Mrs. Yollon, of Portland, says : "My  hands wore bo soro ami cracked that it  was agony to put tliein near water.  When I did bo they would smart and  burn as if I hud scalded thorn. I soemed  quito unable to gob reliof from anything  I put on thoin until 1 tried Zam-Buk,  ana it succeeded 'when all el* had  failed. It closed tho big cracks, gave  mo ease, sootlied the intlamniation, and  in a very short time healed my hands."  Zam-Buk alto cures chafing, rashes, winter  eczema, piles, ulcers, fettering lore; tore heads  and backs, abscesses, pimples, ring-worm, etc.,  cult, burns, bruises, eealdl, ij/rairu. Of all  druggists and stores, or fioit free from the Zam-  Buk Co., Toronto.   Price 60v a box.  amBuk  King EdwapdLodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  Regular communication at 8  p.m. .Second Thursday of  each mouth..   ' ���;  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic        lie  Hall, McHale. Block.  W.J  J. T. Hawthokn,  Secy.  Pkkndkrgast  W.M.  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodgre  No. 46  Monday   Evening   at  Visiting brethren cor-  . //announced. ,as    the  iPhoenix ������ Opera\V   ,     . ������   . ^       -   ..'��.    .    .,   .   ..    Irooni of the Miners   Union hall, on  ���*     ��� *        i-in-nVoo in  moTOi 0f  the fact  that  tnel_.        , .. '  ��� _, ���  ���'      ' IThu-raday^next.  lvThe* games    com-1  Imence sharp at nine o'clock. .-I  WMK&ZZP: ^"^*" ^JT-;^^'^"T^?"\ tnisjnbw townsite; ttiis means a'cUfcof \   >ft*r February 10th,' the'Ttoy Cafe  m^^^mm^S^^^^^}0^^^''^ v\ considerable magnitude..' , &r4 <   \ , <\ will beopen at all hours, Jos. Roy, tbe  Meets  every  Mind's' Hall.  dially invited.  Samuel McLeod, Noble Grand  Dan Patersou, Fin. Secy.  A. L. McKinnon, Rec. Secy.  mm  hi  PlgSM^Ci^^fe^crlt\c8*-hSvVpiST,ovWccK  ^^flf*? Ifcli'-much-ljetterarama fhanMfs author's previous succe^,   " The Spoilers"  because its plot is equally inteiestjng.  fy  proprietor,'having decided to "vim a  night service in order to accommodate  their ever increasing patrons."  but unravelled with finer .kill, while I gv^^, ,Wo V- iu, doubt "thatioU now I thf'^ ^1^ ^S���^ .'T^''1"  all the gripping episodes of the novel sold a�� residential, niii eventually be /���'e �����*����������� ������;�������". '-tomorrow--at, II-a.m.  aire retained, they ara mellowed tol>" demand fni business pin poses. Jlhe subject-of the sermon will-be:  meet tHereqnirenients of those ��K'i��tax��/,���,^0," f',0,e, interested, Mr. Pjckard / "Arguments forand against Church               ,     *    _             ,          .                       / will 00 pleased to c-ivo all���' * '���  - -.._.��������� =���  . All intending .investors should^ take  iramediate action by purchasing now.  Lots can be seemed at a moderate  ilgtue light in the henit of the new  townsite,   and   /is   the new   city   pro  Daughters of R��bekah  Phoenix LodKe No. 17  McotH In   the   Minora'   Union   X.odgo  HaUvFlnt and Thli-d WeUncBdaya. /  MIfwII. Jliickenzlo, Noblo Grand.  JIi-m. Klllo Mai-hhall, Secrotary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OE EAGLES  goers  who prefer-realism   to extrava-/ ���wc:"��,"S" ��IllBf,��nM. 'Wem"^Uh I^i��"-"^rdiaIwelc6m(!  gance.    "The Barrier"  thiills by legi I aesci lptive circulars, folders, etc.   ^-" ' Juunro�� **���"���  timatc means. ' j and see him 01 wnte P O. box 120.  Flambeau, a  trading station  on the  great Alasian river, is tlie place of\      Pricking the Gold Bubble  Rev. J. R.  ���it'  - ,*&  ��.lT;  \u:  [mm !sf  Mwct  til J?J&>t ' j, \       "  "Wsr't  *  r t,  'if  ,j.i  y,  action, and the time is summei. In  the first and second acts tlie scene is  the interior of Gale's store, a picturesque stage setting.  A living room in the same structure  is shown in the third act, and in the  last   act rthe    military    barracks   is  realistically presented.  ��� All the love making that made the  Btory a best seller for several.months  is condensed into four acts.     The duel  ' (that forms one of the most exciting  '' chapters of the story is fought m full  '���view of the audience.  -    Eleanor Haber has   been specially  1   engaged to impersonate " Necia," and  with Lee Miller as " Captain Burrell,''  Norval McGregor as " John Gale," and  * a capable supporting company, a treat  of satisfying proportions is assured.  Announcement  "> '^ W. A. Pickard, our local real estate  k agent, announces in anothei page of  .'jthia ^edition that he has secuiedthe  < sole agency for this distiict fiom the  California and Yukon min>'ng- engineers have burst the Manitoba  gold bubble. They announced that  after making a thorough examination of the district they failed, to  find any gold worthy of consideration. The whole thing is a gigantic  swindle. Eight thousand claims  are staked and the country for miles  has been pegged out. Hundreds of  prospectors continue to arrive and  the residents are reaping a rich harvest. Conditions are reported to be  very bad, there being no food or  accommodation in the little village,  which is situated 250 miles north of  Winnipeg. Much suffering is reported as hundreds rushed in unprepared for the cold weather.  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  The stated services in the Catholic\ Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings. I otolcf.     R   P       r��,.��.���M.,   L ~-~"V  church are as follows:   First and third/ Visiting brothers are always welcome. ' '    recently   rece.ved  John Love, TV. P.  T. B. Cosgbove, TV. Secy.  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never falls. Theso  pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating tho  fMnr^��.��?fti?n of % 'emale system. Refuse  all cheap imitations    Dr. de Van'�� are sold at  8*LbiS��.��iitihRe ,or S0-   ��Ialled to any address.  Xlw Soobell Drug Co.. St. Catharines, Ool.  iSCENE FROM "THE BABRIEB CO., OPERA HOUSE, FEB. 12  Sundays in tlie month. Mass at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 pm.;  Evening Service at 7.30 p.m. Rev.  Father Choinel, pastor.  The committee who have in charge  the arrangements for the forthcoming  Miners' Union anniversary concert, report that all preparations.are iu full  swing, local talent, both instrumental  and vocal, having readily volunteered  their services.  The program for the ice carnival on  Feb. 13, has now been published. Sixteen prizes are offered, and races for  young and old are to take place. All  those wishing to enter should see the  rink proprietor, R. H. Dowdle. The  evening promises to be one of exceptional interest and' a large attendance  is expected. The Phoenix brass baud  will render a musical program during  the evening.  TVe are requested to announce that  the Phoenix city band intend to give a  concert at an early date,)n order to  raise funds for the purchase of music,  etc. Tho band is an excellent institution, besides being a valuable asset to  the town, and there should be little  difficulty in raising all the funds they  require. They have been dilligent in  their pi actices, preparing for the open-  an concorUi which they intend to be  a feature this coming summer.  "Pay as you spoon " benches, at two  bitspei "spoon" are being tried out  by the park, authorities in San Jose.  A sample pair, installed in one of the  paiks, has made a great hit with the  loveloi n. A quarter dropped in a slot  contrivance at the end of the bench  releases a lock, the bench revolves into  a position���and���um���yum. It locks  automatically when disengaged. The  city should purchase half-a-dozen. The  revenue would easily pay the salary of  the flic department.  The Phoenix intermediates journeyed  to   Greenwood  on Wednesday to  meet  the Greenwood youngsters   on  the iee.    According  to reports there-  was a battle royal which ended in the  walloping of   the  Greenwood  bunch.  Theie was some fine play on both sides  and the  local kids  arc   deserving of  en.-ry piaise. As illustrating the sporting instincts of   Greenwood's people,  the Phoenix team were promised25 per  cent of the gate receipts, the said 25  pei   cent   reaching   the   magnificent  total of a $1.75.   The score was Green  wood, X; Phoenix, 4.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  . B. O.  Meets Tuesday Evenino at 7.30.  Sojourning brother* cordially welcomed.  J. E. Carter, K. of R. S.  H. M. Laing, C. C.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hull, Lower Town  First and Third Thursdays."-  Mrs. H. Reed jr���  M.E.C.  A. O. McKenzie  M.K.C.  A. R. LUNDGREN, M.D.  Physician and Surgeon  9-10 Zeigler Block  SPOKANE   -   -    - WASH.  A, S. HOOD  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.      General Agents.  Issuer of Marriage Licences  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  The total snow fall for the winter  up to Friday of last week', in Rossland, is about eight feet six inches.  Surveyors are now in the field relocating the route of a proposed  electric tram line from Vernon down  the east side of Okanagan lake as,  far as Kelowna.  The racoon, which several nim-  rods at Oak bay, Victoria, claimed  to have severally ,and collectively  shot last week has turned out  to be nothing more than a harmless  back yard variety of Tom cat.   ,  "The payroll of the Canadian  Northern, on their transcontinental  construction in December, in British'  Columbia was $825,000. |t is expected that for the next six months  it will average $1,000,000 a month.  Hong Sing, a chicken buyer of  Vancouver, was held up and robbed  of $127, his watch and chain, on  Crescent Island road, three miles  from Ladner. He says that trie  robbers were three white men. The  police have no clue.  In   order   to   cut down   expense,  the mayor   and council  of Rossland  will serve for the year   1912 without  salary,   and   in    order   to   retrench  they have  served   notice  on all the  monthly paid officials  in the employ  of the,municipality.    The duties are  to he arranged under different heads.  There  are   thousands   of Chinese  residents   settled   along the   line of  the   Crows'    Nest  Pass,   and   their  celebration    of   the   Chinese'   New  Year,   a few   days   ago,   was   of a  most demonstrative kind.    The majority of them are in sympathy with  the revolutionists   and  have ' all cut  off their pig tails.  An armed and unmasked man entered Mclntyre's cafe in Vancouver,  recently, and held up the cashier at  the point of a revolver, helped himself to the contents of the register,  and cleared off with about $300 before the astonished guests could  make an effort to raise an alarm.  The thick fog over the city covered  the man's movements.  A definite statement has been received   that   no   one has   yet been  appointed   to the cbmmissionship of  the   Yukon.     George   Black is   still  favorite, with A. S. Goodeve M. P.,  running   strong.      Jas.   Mackinnon  of the  Yukon has   also   the support  of :i number of members.     The post  carries a salary of $6000 per annum  /and a like amount for expenses.  I     Major Charles   Fiiek, officer com-  Imanding  the Second   Regiment   of  j British   Columbia   Horse, of Revel-  communication from Premier Mc-  Bride of the province, in which he  expressed his appreciation of the  honor conferred upon him in tendering him the appointment of honorary lieutenant-colonel of the regiment and accepting same.  The provincial game warden has  just received a communication from  the Chillawack Game Protective  Association, suggesting that the  season for grouse arid pheasants be  identical; that duck shooting open  on August 15th, and end with  December; that the sale of geese,  ducks and snipe be prohibited, and  that no one be permitted to kill or  have in possession more than ten  pheasants in any one day.  Advices have   been   received   by  the provincial   police   of the escape  from the  industrial  home, Victoria,  of  Fred Jeffries.   18 years  of age,  who was sent to the institution from  Nelson; Donald   MacNaughton, 17,  and   William   Wigman,    aged   16,  both   the   latter  Vancouver   boys.  The three were permitted in a separate locked apartment to shave, and,  utilizing previous experience as expert   manipulators   of   locks,   they  picked the   lock  and   made off.    It  is   believed    they     have     gone   to  Seattle,   where   MacNaughton   has  relatives.' f  Home  Baked  Flaky Biscuits  Delicious Cake  Healthful Food  made wJih  Dr Prices  cream  BakingPowder  The product of  Grapes  m  !$������:  No Alum .  No  Lime Phosphate  aSSKScfr  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from, cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot. v      Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  Stationery and Confectionery  Fancy Goods. Dolls and Toys, Books,  Magazines and Periodicals, Kodaks,  Films and   Supplies,   Musical   Instru  ments and Supplies.    School Sundries.  WALL PAPER AND DECORATIVE PICTURES,  GLASSWARE   AND   CHINA.  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes and Smokers* Sundries.  Writing Paper in Laffcst  Shapes and Tints  AL ALMSTRO  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS   BANK  Capital.and   Reserve,   ���B,260,000  Head Office -.' Established 1859  -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  Wm. Farwkll, President.  / CJ.in.YEH Stevens. Vice President,    J. Mackinno.v, General M��r.  82 BRANCHES IN   PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  AND AT  WINNIPEG, MAN. VANCOUVER, B. C.  COLEMAN, ALTA. GRAND FORKS, B. C.  LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. PHOENIX,  B. C.  TABER, ALTA. PRINCETON, B. C.  VICTORIA, B. C.        QUEBEC. QUE.  Savings Department at all Offices.  CORRESPONDENTS   ALL    OVER    THE  WORLD  Phoenix Cartage Co.  If you require any Heavy Teaming- or Hauling- done,  let us do it for you. r That is our business, and we  have the equipment to execute all orders satisfactory.  First-Class Wood  We also have a supply of first-class Cord wood, short  or long, and can deliver it on short notice.  MoEIroy& Thompson, Props.  Lumber, Lath and Shingles. *   PHOENIX, B.C.  Notice to Creditors.  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pine Wood, \$4.50 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, '$6.50. v  TRIED REMEDY  FOR THE GRJP.  WOOD   DELIVERED   ON   SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phone B 32  MADAM  LAVAL'S  Cotton Root Compound Tablets  A JaBXT.AU.LK itBGPJLATOlt  ca?i"(?S^>it1!,S���''"'0 c.0!nP,��"ndccl with the greatest  S?lenC��^,rheJ"03Vr':":")le "-medics tSown to  h* thai��n�� rM.fre.bSln,i "3cd wi,h much success  Thov ���2 ��� =icb?2teid P"V3lclai>s known.  .T.fe1r.����,3PBC he lor tl,0 distressing disorders   , box    snirf ?t ..?ix'i   No' * (much stronger), til a  PRICE. 35 CJJWXS j &*^iMr&'lSS^^^���  HEALS THE LONGS  Notice is hereby given that on the  29th dny of January,  A.D., 1912,  an  order was made by  His Honor .Tudgel  Brown,  local judge   of tlie  Supreme  Court of British Columbia. iirmn'iiiM,.tr  Mineral Act.  Form  F  Certificate of Improvements.  Columbia, appointing  A. O. Sutton administrator of the  estate and effects of John Ferkovich,  late of Phoenix, in the province of  British Columbia, who died at Phoenix  aforesaid, on the 11th day of January  1912.  Everv person indebted to said estate  is required to make payment forthwith to the undersigned, and every  person having in possession effects of  said deceased is required to notify the  undersigned forthwith.  Every creditor or other person having any chum upon or interest in tho  distribution of said estate is required  mio��* b��fo1^ uhe flrsfc (la7 of March,  1912, to send by registered letter, addressed to the undersigned, his name  and address and full particulars of his  claim or interest .and a statement of  his account and the nature of the security (if any) held by him verified by  statutory declaration.  io��fktf\' tho1sa'.id,'fi��|t day of March,  ht. J. a.{1'"!!,,8fcr'l<;or will proceed  with tho distribution of said estate,  having regard to those claims only of  which ho shall then have had notice.  Dated at Grand Forks, B.C., theSOth  day of January, 1912.  NOTICE  "June " mineral claim, situate in  the Grand Forks mining- division of  Yale district.  Where located: Wellington camp,  Take notice that I, Donald J.  Matheson, agent for Angelo Luciani,  free miner's certificate No. B29.293.  and Luigi Gri, free miner's certifi-  ate 329,280, and Antoni Copicetti, "  free miner's certificate No. B29.292,  intend 60 days from date hereof,  to apply to the mining- recorder for  a certificate of improvements for  the purpose of obtaining' a crown  grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such  certificate of improvements.  Dated this 25th day of Jan. 1911.  D. J. MATHESON.  ������.���-���-j^.w^.-.*^ xW k .-^asfiaKsaas^^


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