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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 30, 1911

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"J^^'r^lTa'sii'*ffijii"T1T1 '■■Ulan
' ■■;: r Y'.Y'-;.y
fef^YS'^;^^ -Y-' '■:'.■''   ■ ■ 'Y
*'. "'"r:;r~rr^'i^T^-f--"I^j','^k;Sir"r:lf:',-1Y-,-r^ ,,»,■,-
v *Y':«MY.; 'riiT';>.:;^'-;v* ■!;;"5>^.*.-*" ^'Y'..t'": l-:^r i?;W'/■:i''.^-^'A^'-.;V^r''"-.^"^^ ■?S'.','l''.%,,jr'5r^"*"'""':   s7*£V£ "■'it!
'-•li'V* s**fV:Wa-;-',;. ■-/'■'.■ '  '
&»/.> ,fea.'«w ■��■■■■;■   -
«Ofe:Y '  ■'.''■
i -/W' vY ij'-^w-Wvr--'^ v' ?•:
7 w-isV-.fe.
%P %!
r« tig"'.yi..T'.
-Aw-i'-*;te('.>v,%4 A
.'■'•Y'';v.-'Sv *i.-•.,"Si. ;*w
tfifefe-KM y -i
4l%%;;,4»«.-tt,v...   ...■
*/B-Siaft.'-.,i-;.',..■■■■■; ■'■*
Granby €pnisdlidat;e(i
ng&Y"*?1              .
The Granby'Consolidated mine
tiiV PhoenixY are.npw supplying
YoreYfpr six of .their,' furnaces, this'
leaves but; two.more;tabe blown
in before the full battery of furnaces are in operation. ; Reports
from Grand Forks say that the
coke supply-is steadily, ihcreasr
ing,twentyifkie cars Of cpke
from the Crow's Nest: arriving-
oh YVVedncsdity. On a normal
basis oi operation the mine produces about 2,000,000 pounds of
copper per month, 35,000 ounces
of silver arid 4000 ounces of
fjold. ■'For the first five months
of this calendar year the mine
produced 8,400,000 pounds of
copper; 169,000 ounces of silver,
and 19,,-iOO ounces of g-old.
Scandinavians Celebrate Xmas.
The local lodjje -of the Scandinavian Aid and Fellowship Society
celebrated their Christmas in rifi-ht
royal' style by' entertaining' a large
number of their friends Yiri their hall
on the hill. Visitors fi'om the Mother
Lode, Oro- Denoro, and Christina
Lake swelled tlie number present to
175.■•;*.' -Theatricals commenced the
festivities, A;: Johnson, Lotti-s Carlr-
sph; Mrs. C. Ekloft and Mrs.vHagr'
barer *being in :.the caste,^eliciting
'ftudie'n<*c..::'. Refreshments AVerethen
seryed,. aftet^^ which the ybiingsters
indulged in jthe old fashioned Christ-
dfinceY^rpt.md   the ^ecoiratedY treei^
j^ingv!ate**YYrewarded.^^ ;■; the vgood'
tainrncnt,- which    tookY. place    on
Tliursday of Islst-Ay-eejcy.'Yproyed. the
success<that: \yas  expected. .   The
parts  renderecli by; the children; 'in-
dividually or otherw.iise,, plainly betraying; the careful atnj painstaking
training* they lind .-.indergone at the
hands of their iteacliers^   The  half
xvas crowded  to the doors,.■;;.by- tlie
children's    parents; jtnd'    friends,
standing:'room being''at; a premium.
The precision a'i)d music ofthe flag
drill deserves recognition, and, with
the closing item " Goodnight," rendered ,by.' the (Children dressed   in
night rpbes, >ach  holding a candle,
brought down the house.    The dialogues     •'Haysjced,"    "Magician"
and. '.;Miiking ; Ppetry,"   compelled
attention,    the* children    requiring
little if any prpjjnnting.    Two solos,
one. by MarjorylElkins, and another
by Phyllis .'.Pope','  were sang  in fine
style, recjtiirjinp not a little, nerve fo
face so crowded a house. Altogether
the entertainment   was  one  ofthe
most   siiccessfiil .of its .kind ,ever
held..'"■•:in   Phoertix,  and   reflects  the
greatest credit on    all  who   took
part..    Principal  Barnes   has  every
reason   to ■-•bey-proud' of his school,
and Phoenix is' fortunate in   having
so energetic  and  public spiritedi.'iin
official  pn   its; roll  of citizen^.    .A
word Y of praisie;, is  due  Mrs. Haw-
thprne"Y;»naY"Miss-McGeer, who, notwithstanding4 the.   crowded^ events
which ■ g-eneraljy;Yma^k the festive
s'easbnj'v devoted miich time to per-
fecting the^YchUdren,-.for their yar|Qus
■■;...;.;; ;.v.; %■;•■: ;i:yyYv-'.y---fvfe;;K^i
To Work Ifewliide
It is authoritatively stateciYtliiit
the B. C. 'Copper Gb."s:,; Rawhide;
tipns. The date set fpr-VerppenT
ing has hot' beetii clefiriitely'fixejdj;
but will probably 'take'.-ji'plaicc
about the'8th of Janiiary, and. tjie
;Rawhide mineshonld have a fttil
force at work by. the' middle <pf
the month.    ";'Y't .■■■- '■' -Y v■■;-.'•'.i:Y'Y!Y
dition piipers, so the 'U-.'S;Y officials
.were asked to take him to, Spokane
as it, was. feared he; would break
jail at Oroville. The . officer, and
prisoner stowed themselves away In
the express c;ir,-': whichi was 'scaled
at Oroville by the customs officials.
They remained in the car until.atye'r
it had crossed ' the line-into British
Columbia and back into the United
States, when ahe seal was broken
and the men released;-.
Big Bank Merger -.. ;
The largest bank; merger which
has yet-taken place Yin Canada will
beconsumated upon the ratification
by the shareholders of the Eastern
Townships bank of an agreement
entered into by the directors of that
■   , ■,'■--..■'•■'■(■■..'.:.   f      ..
institution and the Canadian Bank
of Commerce.; Y^TheY basis -of |the
union is an even-exchange bfYsha'res,
that is, twb.;sharesYpf ;Bank6pf Com.
Townships b'anktstbckvi^
■.I^hights'■::^Pythias ;^llpw^Y,ffieir
established y custbnv   their hall bri
behold. -'■■■'.For!^me','dayW;prey|pu's]y
ah;industrious^^ committee/had been
;hairc| "at;w6^yfixingY;^a;ifecPni^
iriy preparation; Y,for;,iri^yeverit,.^eir
their! cPrnforta^l^Uie£^ua^
a'veritable fairy towe^y-Specialiat
tention was of course given toy ihe
Christmas tree,   which  at;.the tim»
appointed  was-'-■ Uiiimtnat'cFd- by/-h'n'.
installment; of ^pne.candle    povyer,
electric  lights.    An extra  tree for
the   Pythian; Sisters  was also pro-
videdi; The children of the knights
were present in large  numbers and
the  hall was filled  with their delightedshouts., asriS,anta^Qa'u^';(jis^
tributed   the    presents.; froni     the
heavily'loadedi'tree.'!^^ After ^*e;f<>i-
lowing.prograrrrhadbeen presented,
attentipn  was .taken   up withi r tire
dainty   eatables ^.prpyided   by   the
ladiesy ,auxiiftry%-pf .■ the border.' arid'
siibrtly after the company dispersed
to their;hbmcs.    ;'' Y       .'■■■!'■■;■'' -U'Y:''?-v-';
;•' ;:i; YyY"r'^PiaoGRAiwr-:"< i~/t::.-:P.'Z
Piiinoforte 8plo-7-TheBlacksmith, "Mrai;
:-.'• -;Chas Knight; ■•".;-^- -;-y';; "•;■;•-. .,y Y\:Y;"-
Song—MM.;,BeUi(*..Y;;:;y;':.. ^i.-.v-'^y.fe.'.-i
Song •— Little Y".:Jack;-ylfetnei-,:; •'; Helen
; YElkinsiy,-yY^Yy'YyYY;r'1'-^----■■■v-^^■
Song—Mrs, Chas Knight
Song—Daddjr; Do.PhylltaPbpe,
^BY,y.';vY;; \-X-AW-:^-:'<fvP^M&^^P
Beer brewed when yot y>;mtf$Mr
■ - -"■••• "■ -'.i;;.K,;-.''.-,.;YV:V;':-.':'«-..-.:^ ■•(«SS
.y1;-^;-. .,■.•....••■ vY ■•-:#»*■■ i-';--i«Sisi;S"*-i
•' ■■'" ■';! '■-,-■'-■.;-   ".',V* V'j
T.'^' It is" rich-"'but.Vri6t'::h^*j^rS^;
,'. -,; Y ..■..... 0f. iju^^j^out^
-  ; ;   . ..-.-■--,-   ^ -v. i;j,fj:,,yv>.
uimhlrifir flncl
:iasiaprisoiicr,:Y;;-;whiIe ''•
<&?&&' ';•''- ■:'-'Y''>i'* <"'■-.-.». *"•
■^.nd'ngj^ec.-.r^v,-.^OR^littuiTO;.. Antri-^-^E--;.^-:...^/^;:•■ ,v.../.«■/;  ^.: -, ■■-,:.;-v;.-,|,citv of Mexk-cM"Y'.This uiiioii-hasYthe';
*h*>rs&i^^28^B:€J^^r^ '     y      McxK<* -     h-s n»>pn ha-,,t^|
|?t2g:g^-^^iri|^:^ y.;;:/yY?Y^yyy,y.y;^:yyh;yg#,vy;g^,
of our new early Fall
model walking* shoes.
If  vou   don't  declare
«• 4
them the smartest, nattiest, most comfortable
shoes yon ever wore
we are vastly mistaken.
Fashionable Footwear
can always be seen here first. Step in and see all the
newest, ^prettiest,' and ' most up-to-date footwear.
Always a pleasure to show our oroqds.
or   "ptiss-up\". an -opportunity  to
huv such   stvlish  fall  furnishings
as we offer you right  now.
fashionable showing of
Men's Furragshings
should interest every man' who
wishes to dress #cll. We have
New   Shirts,  Neckwear,   Gloves,
;Havin« made tlie necessary arrangements for Christinas, we will
be in a position to furnish you with Cream, Fr©Sh Butter
and EgfgS. Send in your order early, so wt> may be able to
supply your wants. ■    PHONE F 32
r W. A. McKay & Sons
Granby. .% . •
Mother Lode.
Jack^Pot... -
Rawhide . . . .;
*.     ■
Emma. ......
Others .*. . ..
^■Columbia; thc'Un
mmitted'mln?erit ^■PrP}^i^B[ ^°d"W^$°" p'^?PI|^n^r^B^^^
f^^'«»A'*i^rOf branched iii'asmtich.as Ythe;East-l;Of:di^ir^
f   . -, .. I *i-*       '. _ Y_iJrr_  .   1-: 'f. t.'-f .     . .*„     ':'._!-.'■ _-.  .   -if-tn-UMM-- »t.™ .:  f T«?».™il   ..C-»_*._-.- • i.^.-:i. I.'I#A   *■& .IM. - <#% *M& . -   -*m. T - ■Mk-V^»tsa:'VMk: -r:
f era TownslJTps bank is stroiiglyten
with  hisprispher  a mari|ern ;*°wns.>ips ounK is, sir wnj; iv :C»-f ada 'and;'Ytlie yl/nitetl i:StntesYliavi*
5,19K    304,1691 nafV)ed ^ieXl.,nder, were sealed 'in an I tr^nchcd in;th!s province, while the [promised to.attend and take part.
'„' -L    '-X-'-'^y 'BritishiGbt
. .-              .' ■ ■■ I marsiui K'W
5,19K    304,169        :   Jf \:
' '       j named Alex ,       ,. _
■  , . ;       24,709  cxprc,s  vCary d-Hng. ..his:.-*transit   Bj1nk    of   "eomi^erce     thoroughly       The Canadian   Lumbermen's. As-  For an i;asy Shave; Stylish Haircut
.-. . :_.'• #178,o^ .thrmigh c^tVuxfi  ierritbW toSipo-  ^vers «hev Provinces   of   Ontario,   soc.at.on holds its Annual   Meeting  Refreshing Maisag^-^an Invigor-
• *   ■   '
.15,215   593,006
kane. .       '
Alexander was arrested bv Wm.
Docksteader ofthe provincial police,
at Oroville, charged with the theft
of $475 from  Gorman West.    The
Manitoba, iAlJjerta.Sa.sk., tbe Maritime provinqj-^and the Yukon.
Feb.   6th.     Special   rates   havcl
ating Shampoo.      New-arid  Up-to-
B. C. Copper Co...   6,607    576,321) Canadiaji police diil not have extra-
Mining Notes of British Columbia
.-flic. B, C. Gopper company is
preparing for an, exceedingly busy
season, and will operate its properties in this district during the winter
. The building covering the hoisting plant at-the mouth of the Hosmer mine, a large wooden affair,
took fine about five o'clock on Sunday, Dec. 17, and was completely
destroved. The extent of the dam-
age.done to^the engines and machinery is not known. The pecuniary
loss is not great and the' damage
will be repaired as quickly as possible.
The Canadian Consolidated, who
recently purchased the old Le Rci
mjne of Rossland, have encountered
a body of fabulously rich ore in the
course of their new development.
This latest purchase by the company
has' -proved in tlie highest degree
satisfactory and it is thought that
enough ore will be taken out within
the next ^ix months to. pay the
.purchase price.
The shaft at tbe Blue Bird mine,
Rosslandi  ♦belonging    to      Lyman
Smelter returns to date have netted
upward of $70 the ton on the average. It is expected that the upraise
from.the-No. 6 to.the No. 5vt»nnel
will be completed within 60 days,
when the mill will be run to jts full
capacity, rS5 tons d.iily.
Operations on the Richmond properties in Rossland, are being directed by J. L.' Warren, who in the
early days of the camp controlled
the O. K. mine. The "group lies a
mile a half south of the josip and
Le Roi mines, is owned by S. .Forfeit h, who has been prpspecting it
diligently for years. Mis .work, was
mostly confined to surface cuts aijd
trenches, none ofIherYi more than 20
feet deep. In' one of these cuts ore
is exposed which assays $73 to the
ton, the copper contents being thrije
per cent and the, balance T'f the
values ii\ gold. A test shipment? of
three and "a half tons have just been
been exposed witlfin a -width *->f 600
feet. f
11. S. llawley of} Spokane, principal owner of the Delia property of
Clarke of Spokane, has attained a j (nc Sijver Hoard group, near Ains-
depth of 116 feet. It recently ship- worth," has received advices of a
ped its sixteenth car of ore, contain-1 sirikt> of 8 feet   of high-grade   ore.
ing 26 tons, and yielding $1180.
This was mined by two men with
one engineer; on two weeks' time.
The property is directly on the Canadian Pacific railway, with the added   advantages   of   cheap   electric
The-silver   value   is   repprted to be
183 ounces to the   ton.    The   Delia
was purchased a short time ngo by
ihe Silver Horde company   from   S.
S.   Bavlev, of Seattle, who, it   will
•>e remembered made a big clean up
power and low smelting and   trans- j on t|K-   Payne,   and   after   whom
portation charges.
The latest news from Silverton, is
that the Standard Silver-Lead company continues to operate its mill for
one 8-hour shift daily, and to ship
an average of 40 tons of clean ore
and concentrates^ every 24   hours.
flag station on the old K. & S. line
above Throe Forks, was named.
The final payment on the deal was
made only the first of this month.
The Delia is an old time property in
the Hot Springs camp, having been
staked in the early days.
New Amusement Enterprise
"• Tha inanajtemenf of the opera
house *has booked Tompkins and
Wetherell's moving picture show
fonjan. 10 and 11, on condition that
if their performance is satisfactory
and pleases the amusement going
public of Phoenix, they will locate
here permanently, giving a complete
change of program nightly, except
of course, when other performances
are booked in. On this condition
the company will appear two nights
each week in Phoenix, and are making arrangements with Grand Porks
and Greenwood to show two nights
each week, until such time as business will justify their locating here.
Their program will consist of the
latest illustrated songs, 1000 feet of
feature films, including trips on
boats, trains, etc., accompanied by
all the noise effects, such as ringing
of bells and blowing of whistles,
and appropriate music, making the
performance so realistic that a
person might imagine oneself on the
scene. The company have several
thousand feet of films on hand,
among them colored slides of loreign
points of interest, and good spicy
comic films, with a   laugh  to  every
made.    Seven parallel  ledge*  liii^ Uirl) of {hc crank.    The perfori„.mcc
is put on with   the   most   expensive
Kdison  machine,   and   operated   Inexperienced men.    The price of admission is within the reach of all.
—     -      .«.. -  - —
Card of Thanks
The teachers and pupils ol the
public school wish to extend their
hearty thanks to the Miners' Union
for the free use of lhe opera house
on December 21. They also wish
to thank the merchants for donating
prizes; Mrs. C. Knight, and Miss
Pickard for providing music; the
■ Phoeivx ■ Pioneer and the general
public  or their liberal patronage.
Signed on   behalf of teachers and
pupils. li.  V.. Haknks.
John Robinson returned on Thursday from a visit to Nelson.
been granted by the railways, and J Datc •„ every part-cu,ar,
as the subjects to be discussed are)
of the most practical and pressing
character, it is expected that there
will be a very large attendance of all
persons interested in our forest resources.
The office of the Secretary of the
Canadian Forestry Association is in
the Canadian Building, Ottawa, and
from him further information may
be obtained.
C. A. Best,
- Fire,- Life and Accident Insurance.      General Agents.
isauar 0? Marriaee Licences
Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.
wish you
■.ii.** ■
I J      «
'*       1,
t>  '1
r  i
vti^-n )
\>i *s\u UN? v f '  ■" ^t <: "^' k/\jY'V*U^*'   \'Jr-^ A '^>;^ 'L*\*l?i». kV^^ iti^ v THE ;?koftEEE>FHOEMXy   'fiftlTt&Bt   COLUMBIA:.  W����9 wo  perfccti which we are.not, mediernw,would.,,-;?;  ������:>-v-v'o6t.��ften-be 'needed, ��� .But.-. slnpe!r^i*y��,Wffli<��"'taty3B ><*���':;*��_�����  ;'??'Y 'come, weakened,   Impaired and 'broken' jtfqyro ;,throu��*h;,',r vfcj:;. :;  Y;fy iadiseredopitiv which Unve ^one;on fr^ltn ^o'isijrly^iiw,',  Yi?;? through countless . geuerati6iis,;rcra^iesY(Wr<;!9Wded to ;;  ^Yv'ild Nature; in conrtwting  our inherited'-'and .otherwise  ;.'YYWoqn��rt^;vreakneosei.;YTo  reach  the; Beat of stomach  ''YY?; weakness Yaod  oouswjoent  digestive' troubles, there is  Y-iYyoothihg so,good asDr. Piercer's Golden; Medical Discov-  ,'������, ery, a glyceric compound, extracted from'native medio-:; ���;.���' ���'..'���'  Yyyinnl roots���sold for overforty years with great satisfaction to all users. For  tftf tf-Wwlc' Sfomata.'Bilibustiess, tiver Complaint,Pain in the Stomach after eating,  ;��'';'���;���'?'\ Heartburn, Bad Breath, Beiching of food, Chronic Diarrhea and other Iutestinal  :.Ji'"':;'";^X^ra-qiij|eiaDis>ntsr '.tls��.-.? *.Di��o.oVcry**'���; is. <-, timcrproyen and most efficient remedy.  [tivti&ti&imino ^ has ''��� bit"''its'  cAf,;:'iouisld0:Kwraipper''the^':.  ���::f:��:^:>.,;mr<:rSignature''<-Y ���?,��; ���..  f-S;��H'^|^ as a substitute for this noh-nloo-  'YY    holioi medicine op KNOwrfYcpMrosmoN.'not even though the urgent dealer may  ;Yyvi:,th��wby;makeYa-little"bi^er1^o6t.;Y.::Y;yYy -;���':���:���'-,.���   "   ; ������.���  ;V-YY-DrSPierce'a'Pleasahtjpellets1.;.regulate"ond  invigorate  stomach, Uycr and  'Ari bb-jjMi^ ������..-��������� ���.)���-���     y  ->/���"���������  ���J'., ���::.,  ���Y'v'M'  " ?$��  $?���  ;yy;;-  ti$$  ;Y'��<��JSi'.'  ���;'������'?<  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  '..':? y;;-yiSSUKp';,WEf(��.Y y,?;;  >';yAT-(PHpENix;'.'IhtiT-;;^;CoLUMiii^  'Siibsiiriptioiyi'^^  :- ?..>-f2.:56 to Unitedlilitatesiv-^.'';^  ;,y,y;'>''-";. ,;y.;, .   .   ��� ���    .   ;;��'.'-':;;-  ;������;���' '��������'"'  G. Kav, Publisher.  ���', ;i-'���.'���'-.. ���;'" ���; ADVRRTtsi^d SQAI.K%y"j?/fi  Application for Liquor Licence (30days) ,.'$.1.00  Ccitillcutooi Improvement iiollco'frttti*tn>-ii)97:^10  Application to PuichuMiLand notices ((�� diiy��)  .���.,; ; '...'.���'.-...j..,i;y97.BO  DeliW|iiunt.��*o-.o>viioi,not'yoRjindnj^^^  Small Wntor Notices ��W duys-y .....;v..Y JS7.S0.  ; ^AJl other'lojral uityorUslriir;,. 12 .ebiitH ajilno,.  sliiulu column, for 11m llrst Insertion; nnii; 8  coins ii iiiie for ciieli niibsi;mii;iit liiMTtlohVYhon-  piirulI'luefiKiireliit'iit. : ",''"Y'Y.  SATURDAY, Due. 30,?1?;1 t;>'  |:;"$i $hould come|t>^|healthy an  ItSlandtttoi^GLEANLY AND SANITARY  :y.i-:is)Mti,AA'i  , iiVanner.    Separated Cream insures purity and  ycj'ualify/^  The Dairy produces both.  yTHE DAIRY   MM^^^^t^roP'  >'<R:'K'  vi-a''  Wn  ';';s,;;i;,^i'Y>'.y^:*YY';;t>'Y*-'''���r':'-Ky.~A?.~-:'-'.^yy-y   ���-.  - ; .-;-...'-.'������������'������ :.-'^s:-:Y:"-. ;.''yYvY;<'y.;y' y-v, ���  y?v?yY?>]^  ?;?$;???''y"?���>taj^ ''.'������"  ���':'$W^''^ '"'���  ?y^y;yY??;y,Yy;^ '���;��� y-:j  Avatchwoi'd  and in  buying^ floorypoyerings;Y |per-  ���'��C��V;';#,vy:.--^^^ i/,:-'-;--;y--  GOODS.  Fu rn i t u reDealer  and Undertaker  The Yukon Annexation -Scheme  The scheme for the, annexation of  the    Yukon    territory Yby     13rjtish  Columbia, which   was  at   firstVsug-  gested in a  resolution submitted by  the Phoenix   Pioneer for consideration by 'the   British   Columbia Conservative convention, has evoked an  emphatic denunciation of'the scheme  by' the  Dawson   Daily   News,   the  most-influential .paper in the Yukon.  The  scheme,",   says  the News,  'f is  a   mere   piratical  kidnapping  enterprise   of   designing .aliens,' to  add to British  Columbia the   credit  for the great  gold   output, rind the  ot her riches of this territory j to rest rict  the  trade   patronage   of;  tlie  Yukon   amounting  to   millions an-  iiually; to British Columbia markets;  to Capture Yukon political positions,  and, to make   this territory a. special  carpet bagging backyard.for.distant  papseekers.   .The Yukon .will, have  iioncof^it.:",Y y       y-;, ������'..-'.,' ^'. -f ,'y -y.-    , Y; ���"  .The 'News   makes   the, i counter  proposal that it would, be; .better for  the   Yukon    to , absorb     northern  British yyCoiiinibia   from ,yth;b'-;..';59th  rjarallelysY;;.;' iYYY--Y-  '������. ���;,_.,,.y-Y-.^Yy.' y,..;;  - Y;-Y^'V^-:^Y:V;:.y :'"���;.: Y- ��y.y. ,:;yy';^ivi.,v  ��� y KvidentlyYthe Dawsdhvpaily News  dpesJhotY^akeJkihdly^tb yth^ recent  prpppgals fpcytlie Y absorption pftjie:  ^Yiikpfe;^rrltpryv^'YB  Rich New Placers in Yukon.  .Great,,   excitement    prevails     in  Dawsotli' over.^a^purely new >*-r,Ke:  jin'*.!;.th^tl. lolSality;:y A (;''mari'<ynamedi  7"-"- '   i';"ij    ������....;-.       v,v .���.,.    ' .i',,^-...' i        '     ,,.-.'f..  (Jphn^^viatspn,', arrived- a^ few: days  ���agp' ";|fri|iri ?'the Yie,iu\ -bjfLiSixty-mile-  riyer and   told, of getting two and a  halfouricesYofgold, ..worth $40,'out  ':��������� '���>.:.���{'<' ���<'. * ^y.-..';- ..*" '(���'/ ���'',"i <>" ���"���:' . ,'.  of^nibedYrbek, space;^ilv'e' by eight:  feet.!>;'This equals $1 per-Y square'  fopt, something,;extraordinary.?.-;The  'gravel'/iij -similar to YEonanza. Many  s(nirt'dbughs hit the trail, s'tamped-  ing'tp?the 'hew; findings from Dawson, Y within twenty miles of ? the  Alaska '...boundary. TI19 exact location is "on the' north branch ofthe  south for|c of Sixty-mile river. Dpgs  and mushing outfits arc everywhere  in demand.' The new creek is twenty miles long1, with several tributaries four to eight; miles each, 'hie,  bottom? of the valley' is about 2000  feet wide, the slopes arc well timbered"and the depth of bedrock is  twenty feet.. The. gold is nearly all  within the first two feet of bedrock.  The j-frpUhd-is frozen hard.   '..������'?���:���  POINTED PARAGRAPHS  A very ''considerable measure ' of  success has 'this' year attended, the  governmientts policy of Yreserving  largeYtracts of liirid stiietly for pre-  ehiptbrs, and not allowing .It to^he  boUglif',by '({peculators as Spoiijas  suryeycdl ? 1 'he result has been the  'placing; of .a great many settlers on  the liindVYmahy niore than is gener-.  ally supposed. '---A' largo part of this.  settlement has heen, itv the Nechaco  Valley, \yliich'h.'is naturally got the  benefit of the large amount of ad-,  yerfisirig given to Fort George. "-���',.'_  The,P(awspp;Ncws is very angry  ^ov;er; the :. suggested : annexation', .of,  the;Yukc*,nY;tO British YColumbia.v  Alright.?; Stay out in the Ycold if  you'wantYto.���Victoria Colonist...y  B)tf\';'.-)V-..-,.v,:,5^'/i.>r-ijll^',i.-V^;,*:^,'rt.v^^^ <  Pfe^'^>������^;i-fe^'l^*^ff^a^���5t^a��5a^A��':v.^^ ���-   ���-  mmmSMm  l i^r*r<t*Mjt t 'ft~-**i?<r!  iii'...5s'.'  "%*a��wwsa'.;s-s'^*&iiBssM*  il#SK!fli |f| ^ , .���..^..v.���....���.,.,..  iSift^tttlP^^v��^??^:'^  ^HElCOUBHMUSTSEGUBEDi?  ,....- ;^.*Kcy>y.::,���:;.-'yr/'-;;--'-;^..-r.c--; ti.Y^he   fuhctioii   PfYYMathieu's ��  i^ews;i^;:quiteH;natura!,.^particiul^      ^isYto^doYtju^d^blei-dutyr-Y;:?": y���'"  '^hehYwe?t;ake;:iht;o?cohsidei*ation'.. ,its y,V;.:;'.,.0he'..TjirYic:are's!'tJi&cpngh-Y????  ;pas��^or<-L^^  thing^^ld^'?h^vpi;beenKf^^ 3^S^fS^^lp W'ti^ii��&M^  ^��.-^.*->y-,W:;v-*.;^'=.y'v*;^U:'K^'i^-rf^-^��? ���:i--'A'-?l<o.1iotaer^-ageats,',equal-'.-;-thesej.:;-Vi  'y^^Y^!^^^?;^^?^^1^ lfiio:fot^r:eontliiriatip^iS;^siiicc&sr''  ted5'the??framihg,i^f;StliiE^res^ "'" '"'"'":""-"-;-' - ��� "��� ���'"   ���"���-'     --  tYonfr^tb'e.  Yuitoriavassi^deHvith the$Bobjecl^n1  w.  ^thatYlt^iSysb'ipp^leafeliYsea^iiYia  ^������carrloi3s>Y;?;Iit\rgeYbYJtHe?35;ceiit^^^  j^iibei^^iia^X/the  fcvvtth' the*ipbject -pi*  M^tihg: t^pirtidr^f t  ': Sold 'ev-ef^wlierti/:  ?^Frcnch;.Charnbpr?of; E>eputies ;has  ratified YTrar-co-Gerrriah-Y'accpi-dY oh  Mproccp^by^^^-to-SCJypte. Y.     ?y-  ;, American  troops   surrouiided- six<  hunctred ;Moro outlaws   entrenched  beliind.il hill on tlie island .of Jolo,  Manila,    on   Christmas   eve.   YThe  MPros ref used to surrender.  The railw.aj'meh of New Zealand  have refused to discharge :\ steamer  having, ri ,,Chinese crew, .and ythe  owners have entered action against  flic government for damages.' /.;;���,  According to a proclamatioiv in  the London (laz'et.t.e, American silver  and gold coins, which have; lieen  current in the Bahama islandsfbr ii  long time past, will no, longer be  leglil tender there after jaii. 1, l'J 12.  .;". Thejatest despatch from Jolian-  iies|-(urg reports a riish to Bloemhof,  a, farming district On the' banks of  the Vaal river, not far from Kimber-  |y. A canvas town with a popula-  tio'n of 12,000 lias sprung' up within  aYmonth.  Convicts of the Pentbridge penal  settlement, Sydney, N.S.W., who  doSiot care to, associate, with the  "undesirable element." in the,prison  have formed an exclusive union,  boycotting.certain prisoners.and securing, their .transfer to   other parts  of the building.  ' ��� '   ' . '*..-.  At Wigan, England, on Dec. 23,  the Cross Tetley coalpit was flooded  by a sudden inrush of water. . Two  hundred miners were  below  in  the  workings   at'the,time, and  it was  fen red that many of them won Id lose.  their  lives,   but   all   were   brought  safelv to the surface.  ;���. ;   ;  ���v>l;-'.V.  ���JtlHAPPy NEW YEAR  ^s^'r ';'*'tv';'y, t:J~ ���% };-��� -  . j';/*';.  ITO ONE AND AL.��  wm.  wis*  /;���  ^Wmc^Sro0Mi'  Mcn'o Wear Exclusively  \~iP&jm   :';.-}"' ���-���������/��� ���!--���;>:. v  &.'ML..,..,,.,,.  W,'M$��<'  trip Canadian Holiday Fares to all points in Eastern Canada  TorontOj  S��2e95     SMontreals $97.95  ^^WC^S|l^��l^"-'so 'reduced   rates to "Atlantic Seaports  in  connection with OIi  MMWT %IClGoSnfcry 'steamship .tickets -on ;.sa)iei?Nov..'10th, to  Dec. 31sf, with fiv  KMS^'s-iSIS^tioriths limit. ;' -.��� ,y-. A,-,ft.,-.;       ,  ...     Y   ���'���  . ,4^^s'1illilnonths limit.  Mwim?%x-i Mf p-V':w :!V'-'.  For further particulars, call or write  ���'.''���'-,...-�� W; 2��i PERKINS, Ag��nt.  IFINEST 0RADE OF CIGARS  ^&as-7' mj��m${k.  ��?r *'  IN ^THE BOUNDARY^  llite^^-  g#i4^-lKm^^SS��VWO��E>:' tOE CREAM  ^^ftiiMS^smfrYBOPT^ PRINKS ^s^y-y  .5a^^:����i^K-'^a3^^'''��;.yi-Y,^,.'''"~  FOR  THE  OELEBRATSD  ^,.-^s^V^-���r*.v��'l.-'.^^H.*Jl.a���-:.*,H\'^���fc:s  fcSii|is||f I�� iiS^.^h;oenixjiy'ppgr to\y;n, ���c9.3p, a. m;  KlliltelSil?|?yyfeyyi^a^ Y?; ?:���-?< y ?-?y';.' '.3.00 p^fix  SW'WO!^;rYb .'EXPI^i^. Ai^D; FREIGHT  J  Standard Time  inir-Y tliatY'Ya'-���- rev'isiafi Yof; its' rotten  !m}mng.'^'law.s,*-and:.t^ir-,-administra-  tiPhjYAypuid certainly come as a niatr  ter ,?bf vcpurse^ In 'a measure Ave  epmhiehd; tfie stand taken;in . this  matter ; by. the Da^vspn News, now  that a ?change of#j-rovernmenfc: has  taken ;place at Ottawa, as tnis fact  alpheAvill,; we ktopej bring to an  end rthe brazen ti��jd impudent reign  pf.cqrriiptipn which ha* been such  an unpleasant.feature of its administration under the late Laurier  goyerhmeht since 1908. ?Y  ;'The hypocritical assertion, ofthe  News that: the taking over of the  northern; country by B. C. would  mean the transformation of that  country in to, ;a sort of happy hunt-,  ground -for alien office seekers, is  unworthy of a great and influential  newspaper. ... Would the news.have  us believe that < the Yukon: has been  free from Liberal p:ipseek*er.s?y When  Sir Wilfred -made .his' memorable  appeal to tlie electorate.for another  term in order to .cleanse.-'; the Canadian civil service, there can. be no  doubt that among other things,- the  right hon.-gentleman had iu mind  the dirty augean stables -of _ the  Yukon Territory. .    .  We know the late Liberal govern*,  ment rewarded its Yukon servants  well, but when one officer of thgf  government, stationecVsin the nortn  a few years, with an income of  apptoximatcly $2S00, could accumulate an estate which was sworn  at upwards of SI30,000, w*e are  bound to think there .must  been other sources of revenue not  exactly included in the ordinary,  course of his duty. There arc a few  others���living.  A Gold Rush  News of a rich gold strike on  Hammond river, was brought into  Ruby -creek, Alaska, a few days  ago. The ,.officer who brought the  news, says the gold was found in a  deep channel. Pay has been found  in that neighborhood before, but  this is the first channel to be discovered. A rush to the new diggings is in progress.  DISTRIBUTORS   FOR WESTERN   CANADA  Foley JBros. Larson & Co:,  ',,, (IXCORPOBATfri)  Winnipeg-,, Edifioriton,   Vancouver,  y''*-        SaskafcoOn. *    Y  D RAYING  Of all; kindsYpromptly attended  to.    .Rapid Express  and  Bag-   ;  gage .Train.sfec.--Y Careful atten-  .,.tipivto all���orders;,;, ��� Phprie;A65  .:.....,-.ti .JatoesY^G..McKeown  QUICKLY   STOPS COUOHS.   CURES   COLDS.  WtUM TTMB THROAT ��tW UINQ8. 25 CENTS  Allah Ross JrlcDohgalj, who l-.iirl-  ed ?a: brass-bound box at; LIPyd  George, chancellor.of the exchequer,  while# the latter wits sit tending' a  'wbmen'sLiberal meeting iii London  last week,'���striking hint in 'the.,face,  \yitli the,'-."missile, xvas? sentehced?ih  the police court to  two?months' at  ���V ������������'���    .-��� j--���:������-���..-- ������..,.-. ������   ;-   .;..; :���-:���/���! vJyv>;..'���  hard labor,   y y /      ��� -^?-'Y'.v���:;'-'''r'?Yvv  Y; The goyern'mebV tost another seat  ini theYHpuse of Commons owing;t9  the iYresultypf ythe'YYbye-electiori ?;fdr  '���North';';A'y'rshire?,:''.;S'c6tla  :Aridersbh',;the. Liberal ".'member, Yrer  t-irivetl sit,;the??lastyelection, had^Yto  seekYre-eiebtiph oh;riiisYJnppointhrient  ias splicitpr-general Of Scotland.Ylind  was:defeated by Capt. D. pvYCamp-  bell, YGonservative,;by?a majority of  ���251-yptes.v??- ���;Y-;Y -j.?, y^viY.'.Y.^-'/YiyiiY.v  -  Three tigers rind ah equal number,  of rhinoceroses fell victims to, King  George's aim during his hunt   Dec.  21, sis the  guest   of the   Rajah of  Nepal.      The    King1   made   several  difficult shots   and   is   being  highly  pratsed for hLs  rharlJmanship/    Six  hundred   elephants   and forty automobiles are being use^in   the hunt.  King George   plans to present several of his trophies ->o British  museums.; ���   '" . Y  At Portland, Ore., last week, John  Inmari, ;i lineman, received a shock  of'l 1,000 voltstpf?electricity, which  passed through'- his   right   shoulder  and his head. 'lie will 'probably  survive, according to the physicians.  Inman wsis adjusting'.a cable when  his head 'came iii contact wiilv a  high-voltage cable. He could hot  release himself for several'-seconds  and then? fell seven feet to the  ground, linconcious. Klectricisms  clsiim that^the current was kept from  his heart by reason of his grasping  a cable with his right hand.-     '���':  Y .December, 2lj on Vancouver ,1s-  Isind, a milestone was'psissed in the  development of the C. P. R., when  that company ran its first train into  Port Alberni, now the nearest port  ���to.-the'Orient.on the North American  continent. The significance of the  event ?was; thoroughly' appreciated  by the /inhabitants of the new Can--  sidiati port on the 'Pacific,/.who 'turned Put :en masse to welcome the  arrivalbf tlicfirs^train.y It had on;  ''bVarcl'p.':':'at;y'',Bp?sworth,'vice-prcsi-  deht;ofthe; CiPiR.r who  .made the  GOfPER  .'.-,..'. TlioNv-iv.Kilitlon of i'lic 'v  COPPER HANDBOOK  STOPS COUGHS  HEALS THE LUNGS  .PRICE. 25 CENTS  ���,Gohimbiasy???;?YYy/,-..Y.Y:.y.v;''Y v;-:.?Y  '/  .;^"The/?neiyYr;C. P;R:y;coastal ''lerry^'  steamship, Princejss Alice, with her.  sid* boiirded tip to the upper decks  arrived ait? Victoria; completing her  fifteen thousand mile maiden voyage  from the builder's"-'-yards at New-  castle-on-Tyne via the Strsiits of  Magellan and San Francisco. The  new sflbamer encountered good  weather dining the run from British  shores and Capt. Lindgren intimated  that he was delighted .with the way  the vessel, had handled herself  throughput the long passage. The  coaling ports of St. Vincent, Coronel  Callao, San DiegO' and -San Francisco were called at en route. -Fourteen knots per hour was averaged  hv the vessel.  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never falls. Thcso  pills are exceedingly powerful In regulating the  generative portion of Oie female system. Refuse  all cheap Imitation's, Dr. da Vau'a are sold at  15 a box, or three for % 10. ' Mailed lo any address.  Xba Buobell lirtttc Co., St. Catbarlues, Out.  just piililtHlicil, 1* Volume X, for tho years 1U10-  .lllll,.unit i-iriiulicil tit'urly.ulirlitoi'ii' months lu"  prepiinitloii. :'  IT HASt 1 902 PAGES  iinntnin.liiK-n'cnrly ono niiil n hnlf iiilllloii words,'  iir iilxxit twice us limeli-matter ux tlio fllble.  Thcii- are *i."> chnptcm, and tho hook covers the  Copper Industry of World  Tho  iKHik i.'ovcis Ciippw tllsloiT,.-OcblOKy,-'.-.  Ui^Hrnphy, :<>1i(!iiilsti-y.  .Miiiei-alofO'.   JUnlnjj,  '  .Mllllnj,'! l*ii��.-liIiii,'.i.Siiifltiiic, ltcflnlnc. Brnndrt,   -.'.  (iradux, 'Ini'iiiii-ittuH. Alloys. ;i;��en, .Substi.tut4��a,   ,  Toriiiinotoify,   rioposltji  by   ITiistrlMs,*States,���  CountrtcM.iiniV','Oi'int,tiioniN:;Y*tUiHtir.: In'Detail,; ���������������'���  .Stuthillcrtof J-rodiii-ilcin, Consuinp'tlon', tuiportB   '  Kxports; KliiaiiWH. lllvidniidH.ctC'..  Y vVul. X of I ho Onppoi' iriiiidbocit. llstn iui<l  rlo-crllics : ;.' Y���;.;.,. ;���;'.;;;",; '���:... vy..;--;.-���j'.y [.'- ���.-.���;..��� /,..;-''.. ?:.;Y  8,1?0 Mines^ Cpnipanies  tlio.soJIc^trlptioii'irulikiiiKfrom *i toiillinoi), ill " y  the wisi' of '.u' tl'u^'d'��� I'Oiiijwii;!';^lii,.;vvlil3U. ��'����������;,':  lefcniiioo Is iimclb toitpi-(M;t>vTltiKiKHlloiii{iylrig  ii.fulioi-ilexci-lptloii.iip to aj (mjruti.Jii tlio <������,. ^  of tiic-.Antt'W'n't��',Y��Vhtv,i|/l>i^J^��COT  ilio^Dpiipr Kupiilyi<>t n'p;^:fl^'/?iy^V-'?t"i,4'!?   1  0iv'-ink iiilne ileslTlptlon^.'vvlilt-htjiitt*  irxiriiliof of iiiiiiesYiiViii i-rVbii^  iiny;work'of rirfo'riitii* iih/iijltKWor ihininsr in-;i  Vi'^thicnts ha�� tk-i'ti'-:.;".;;''--',':"���;..     'y''\ 'yy-;':;;-';'-;Y:  ,A  Fully Sevisedr  ;-Tho now- edition of tho C'opporHnndlJook Is a  dozen lmok��in one. covering all pha��cs';of the  copper industry of the entlio world.   It is use<t,  World'si SEndard Reftr-  ence  on  by tliciintiiii'cm-i-of tlioniliifNthat make ninety-  odd percent, of tlio World's output of copper,  and Is usc.d in oi-ery civilized country of lhe  globe. ...it-is lilted .with FACTS of vital lm-  pOrtaTico to ..."--.-  I'UF, INVESTOR  '���;������. :-,'.THK Sl>KCl.:i.ATOH  ';'.'', itjie minkr  .;.;-'-':������:���'-��� thk coxsumku  'v'?'?     , ' tiik-metali.o'roist-  I'ltlCE Is **��� In liut-krhm with silt top, or ?7.5U  in eenulne full library morocco,  TKUJISmc tlioinOstlllMtrui. Send no money,  but order thiJboOk.sent you, nil cun-laKe  clutrees ju-epultl, on one week's: upni-ovnl, to tw  returncil If niiBtUIsfnctory.or pnid for If It suits.  Can youiifibril not to see the book and Judge  for yourself of its. vulue to yon7  WRITE' NOW to the editor nnd publisher.  HORACE J. STEVENS  IJU TKMJ>LB BUII.OIXO,-.,110 V G UTON*.  .MIC1I.. I.". S. A.        ���   ���-;   ���  fiffi^iijMSjI^fei^''���'?^  *-Vfc"';��->-.'.--'v-'-'-^*'*;A.li. -... ...-.-,--  WM��M^i^W^ti: "ti;  SBr-*'"gmfif*  ^r��priat��  STOPS G0Q6B8 jSeS  muma  >M  Much Alive ?  ��  '^T6 the fac^ that Printers'. Ink is an essential to the building* up of a successful business. If  vou want to stand in the front rank of commercialism, you must advertise���not once 04  twtce,  but continuously.      Therefore, Printers' In-k must be your watchword.     The g*ufde  ' of the thrifty housewife is the newspaper, every column of which she scans to find on!: thu  price and   particulaj-s of any article she requires ; the same applies to the man who wants  >   either a suit of Clothes or a pair of Koots, etc.   ���-..'.'"" *    -t  WHY WOT HAVE YOUR STATIONERY  SqjS  TED BY US?  There are three essentials to�� Good Printing���GOOD CLEAR TYPE, GOOD WORKMANSHIP, GOOD MACHINERY. These are at your disposal at- the Pioneer Office.  Remake a specialty of Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, Note Heads, Memos., Posters,  Visiting-Carcls, Menus, Wedding Invitations, Check Books, etc. We.have a large .stock of  the Finest Papers, namely: Government Bonds, Japan Bonds, Merchant's Bonds, etc.,  also a fine assortment of Imperial Linenettes, Kenmare Linens, .Sterlings.     Call TO-DlY.  THE  '.���21-  PHOi  EZ^j  RiSBtSO)  $2.00 per year, in Advance  $2.50   "      " United States ,  fe^!S2ESiSSS��SSSSS  '���',���''  -^  /  &M  ���   n^.-yr'ti' ���  :���;��������-  ..'."J/J/.O?..:-.-.-  :'' WM;  ,yy.  ���;i.  ���H;>:  m  !tpn,,r.'iT*  mrra  ^;yiViM:-;!;t^i!;i-tT>'''  !?*"TTFv  ..-^��i;w.''^?- ���!��.,��� .'��^;-i! i^i. ..>,',+,_*, :a ^,;;;  n^l^iW"  g ���.-J. -���-.-, ���'!-',.,--*?t_ THE  PIONEER,  PHOENIX,  B.C.  The Eye of  Benares  A Man Counts His Loss as  Gain  Bk CLARISSA MACKIE  Copyrisht by American Press Abbo-  clatlon, 1011.  The Street of the Sellers of Precious  Btoaes was a duHty, sum smitten alley  In tbe business quarter of Benares.  Tbo striped awnings, unstirred by any  breeze, drooped limply above the tiny  shops burrowed out of the Atone walls.  Stepbeo Lawler swung briskly down  the narrow tborougbfore. his blue eyes  keenly awatch for .afamillur face. At  last he came,to the shop of Hunznl-  Benal and.Ythrusting aside the hangings, looped and entered.  The proprietor, aged, while boarded  and patriarchal of visage, sut like a  hewu stone limine of "Contented Old  Age." '"Before.linn was o large, neiivy  block of Agra' granite, worn smooth,  by much tnitllcklng nnd rubbing of-  leather Jewel nags tu browu, slim  hands.  "My jord Ik lute." remarked Uanznl-  Benal. with u truce of reproach In his  kindly tones, us h��- signaled for tbo  American to be sen ted on the rich rug  before the stone table. "I might be  drowsing In the heut ofthe noontide,  but the , Eye of,, Benares���It never  , sleeps, and It watches for the coming  of Its muster!"  jLawier*�� eyes followed the backward"  Jerk ��� of the* Hindu's thumb, and he  stifled a sharp exclamation of wonder  at the sight. Peering down at him  from the gloom of the darkened; interior was a lurid red and angry eye  that seemed to belong to nothing-human." Fiercely glowering out of space.  at first It Impressed him as'exerting  Rome strange Influence over him. TbeD  he laughed shortly and remembered  that be was In India and must keep  his .wits about blm.  "Irto that is the famous Kye of Ben-  nnresV" he usUed with assumed oon-  cnaiance.  The Jeweler nodded solemnly. "It  never sleeps, and it seeks unerringly  tbe souls of the wicked No wrongdoer can hide from Its searching light  What Is now passim; through tlie bruin  of my lord ts revealed to me eye."  "1 have heard nil that hefnre. Han-  zal-Benal." remarked l.tiwier sienlS-  cantly. "My time Is limited, an I  must catch the train tor Calcutta,  where a steamer awaits me."  "1 was only reminding my lord ot  tho mysterious power of the ruby."  ���aid tbe -Hindu humbly as be opened  a targe ebony box and placed It on.  tbe stone taple. He pulled out tray  ' after tray aud placed them before  " bis , customer, revealing a glittering  array - of Yprecious st��ne��,-diamonds,  rubles, emeralds, pearls, in pis lazuli  and sapphires��� bankrupt spoils from  the treasure chests of many a hard  pressed' prince.  "What are these1?** demanded  Lnw-  ler without interest as tlie stones nn-,  der the Jeweler's skillful,manipulation  dazzled his eyes almost to blludn��*s's.  "Perhaps my lord prefers one of  these to the Kye ot Benares." suggested; Bauzni-Benal craftily.  ���The deal is off, Houzai-Benal." said  Lawler curtly. "I've dickered with  ; you over this confounded ruby for tbe  past two weeks, and now when 1  coine to you with the purchase money  you sidestep the bargain. Not another rupee will I add to the offer I  made you. and you win either deliver  the goods now or consider the Incident closed. Which shall it be?"  "My lord has purchnsed the ruby."  said tho Hindu hastily. He clapped  tils hands sharply, and then held his  palms upward. Tbe blye or Benares  dropped softly down into Hunznl-  . Benal's slim brown lingers and was  deftly flashed In Lawler's face and  then placed on the stone table. "Shall  the bargain be concluded?" asked tbe  jeweler suavely.  Lawler dropped to bis seat on tho  rug and took the beautiful stone between finger and thumb. Tbe sunlight  lncreased its brilliance n thousandfold.  From every finely rut facet II radiated  light and color���the color of blood.  Hebent over the stone, examining It  closely and eren bringing out n magnifying glass to assist his keen ey��s.  There wns not one flnw on this ning-  titficent Jewel, which was ns large as  a walnut and slightly flattened in  shape.  Hanzai-Bennl watched bis customer  nnxlbusly. He knew that Stephen  Lawler was agent for n large American firm of Importing Jewelers, and  the sale of the Eye of Beuares wns  not their first business - transaction,  though It was destined lo be their, Inst.  Slowly the American brought forth  his leather wallet together with n  heavy bag of gold. These be set down  On Ihe table nniong the Jewel tniv��  and close beside the ruby he had "iir-  chased. "Your letter writer Is here���  the notary?" he asked. "The transaction must he In writing."  H'or an Instant the Hindu hesitated,  nnd then he clapped tils hands. l''rorr>  tbe shadows there were evolved the  dim outlines of a tnrhannd form, iin'v  then there slipped down on the carpet  the thinnest specimen of a Brahmin  priest that I.nwler had erer seen, and  he had seen a good manr.  The priest or secretary or notary-  he acted in whatever capacity he wns  renulred���drew forth h roll of yellow  paper and an Inkhnrn from the tin  writing case at his waist Be flourished n long goose quill and adjusted  huge born spectacles on his nose.  "I urn ready," he uttered, his tittle  block eyes Oxed greedily on the ruby.  Lawler. in tbe stuttering Hindustani no hod learned, dictated tho  terms of the short document When  he hud concluded and the paper had  been duly sigued and witnessed Lawler counted out the price of the Eye of  Benares and pushed a pile of golden  rupees across tbe table.  At the'same instant he picked up tho  ruby and. carefully rolling It in a silk  handkerchief,  placed  It  In  tbe  Inner  pocket or bis linen emit   lhe Brahman  wutched him ceaselessly. -  Lawler rose to tils feet with a sharp  breath of satisfaction at rhe conclu-  sion of such a good piece of business.  IIIn firm hud given him n commission  to purchase ror one of th����lr customers  as large u ruby hh the world's markets  afforded, und the ugent confidently believed he had accomplished tbe task.  nanzui-Beiial plurcd the rupees lo a  large Imp and tossed tbe bag over his  shoulder. It did not fall to the floor,  but disappeared soundlessly, as though  It might hare been'caught by a pair of  dark bands nnd passed on to one and  another pair until secrecy bad swallowed it up. Tbe Brahman moved to  tbe narrow entrance ot the shop and  blocked tbe opening by carelessly  lounging there.  "Farewell. Banznl-Benal," Raid Lawler courteously. "J shall return next  year and look at your goods. If you  have anything of great merit���like the  Eye of Benares���let me know through  ,,tkve medium of tbe public letter writer.  Here's my.card." y.  Ho dropped the bit of pasteboard  down on the table and turned-to go.  As he did so there wns a, rushing "forward itrom the shudowy corners, a  heavy clonk was thrown over bis bend,  while agile fingers slipped here and  there among his garments in search of  the Eye of Beunres. .-;, ,  "Help, help'" yelled Lawler as he  pulled out hls: revolver and endeavored  to crowd the mnzzlo under the edge  of the.muffling cloak. -; ��� "'������  They pulled out the white handkerchief In which he had wropped the  Eye of Benares, only to Und it empty,  for Stephen Lnwler by clever sleight  of, hand lyid deluded them and concealed the ruby -, elsewhere.^ While  they searched blm with nimble fingers  be struggled to release himself from  their wiry grasp, 11 wns a case of one  against seven, and Lawler was fust  losing his strength when all ar once  there came tbe welcome sound of nn  Kngllsb speaking voice, and a stout  stick was "laid heavily' among tbe  squirming legs lo the shop.  As If the stick had possessed soma  magic inspired by tbe sharp authoritative voice of Its wlelder. Lawler's  assailants vanished, bearing with them  tbe enveloping cloak. Hanzui-Benul  still sat before his table, replacing the  Jewels to the box. bis placid features  somewhat disturbed.  Ip tbe. doorwny was a stout figure  clad in rrav flannels���a good American face, clean shaven, strong nnd utterly feariosB "Wbar's all tuts? Hey,  tbernl" bawlert tbe strauger at tbe  lewier.  Lawier stooped down Into the street,  nnd bis hearty hand struck tbe oneu  nalra of ��he newcomer. "Mr. Ferriss,  where did v'o��i '���"me from? I hnv�� to  thsn*r vol 'or saving me from a nasty  row. You came In ibe nick of time."  MTVtn't thank me���'bank Beatrice  h��*re. Hy dear, where are ��rou tiidingl  \h. this is Stepbeo Lawler-nsed to  know his father Th's ts my daughter."  Lawier found himself greeting tbe  most charming: gin fie had ever met,  nnd he wondered whv he bad neves*  known that Mr. ferriss must have  had a dangbter. H��\ had missed years  of joy In not knowing ber before.  Mr. Ferriss was Indulging In a linguistic combat with H"uznl-Benal In a  broken mixture of English, Arable,  scraps of Lat'n and very little Hind a-  sranL   Lawier came to the rescue.  ".lust toll him." sputtered Ferriss,  mopping his heated brow, "that I hove  called to get the ruby my daughter  left, hero to be engraved. Sb" took a  fancy to have It eDgraved. it 'tsn't a  drst class stone; l na�� as well admit  tt��; 1 picked it up last year at an auction room in Carls.-, but Uee doesn't  know that She thinks Its a nlgeou  blood. Tell the old rascal I've come  for it and I want It In a hurry; got to  cntch a train for Calcutta."  Lawler looked long Into the shr'aklng  face ot Hnnzftl-Benat.-��nd'tb<m rrom  some mysterious source about his ernr-  i-ients he brought forth the Eye ot  Benares. ."This tbe thing?'.' he ssked  carelessly.  "Yes. nod the rascal hasn't touched  It yet Never mind. Here. Bee!" He  tossed the counterfeit that was brilliant enough to stand among the rarest  gems without detection. "What were  you doing with It?" he ssked of Lawler. anri the agent told blm briefly.  The sight of two revolvers pointed  close to his venerable head induced  Hanzni-Benul to chip b's bands and  bring from the darkness tbe bag of  rupes which Lawler counted before re-,  turning to his pocket. "The Eye of.  Benares was watching you. Hnnzal-  Benal." be said coolly.  /��s they all made their way to the  railroad station, for It developed that  they were all to sail home on tbe snme  steamer. Beatrice Ferriss turned to  Lawler.  "I am afraid you are very unhaopy  now that you cannot fulfill your commission to procure a great ruby for  vour tirm." she snid sympatnetically.  "I haven't a regret in tbe world."  assured I.awler hastily. "I count this  the luck'est day of my life."  He relte-iiiMi mis statement the day  they were nnirned. and ne added thut  'he prttr of brown eyes he hud won  rnr outmatched ihe farfnniefl Wye ol  llepui-MH. which still eludes him.  A Toy Railroad.  At Enton. Kugluml. there Is one of  ihe most wonderful my railroads In the  world. It was litilll In IKhti for the  purpose of currying coal to Km on Hull  rrom Hie ''rent Western statlou. four  miles uvviiy. lint it Is now used also  for conveying ���.-nests or Ibe Duke ol  Westminster from one part of bis es-  rilte to "the ouier Tlie gauge ts but  fifteen inches, and the rolling stock  i-omprlses nlioiii llfty freight uud pus-  senger cars, which are built on a proportionate scale. Tbe tnltlnl cost of  tbe railroad wns J.'Ui.imki. nnd it Is suld  to be worked ut a weekly expense of  $25. King Ed wind, traveled several  U��iiC oa this Katon r��il!i��m.  RAINED ICY .BULLETS.  -.  _,-..._..-  ��� '. -.   .j ���-.-        '.  A Hailstorm in the.Pyrenees lo a Serious Matter.  In a letter to ihe I/nidou Times a  traveler tells of a hailstorm thut came  upon his party���-. In', the?-Pyrenees. "It  was as If night was devouring day before our very eyes���u night, too..of  tempest and torn and trailing clouds,  of storm, smoke and thunder." Midway In tbe darkuess was "the clear  cut straight line of cloud which Invariably tells of bail-" ; Except for  tbe shelter of a small tree the travel-  era were exposed to the storm's fury,  and when ibey examined the hall-  stones they found they ?w<jre of tho  average size of marbles, with u scattering bereand ibere of much larger  stones, "as large as golf, balls."  This, however, was merely the prelude. Tbe real storm came after they  hud reached their tents. "Suddenly  the whole land was bombarded by  great hailstones, as. large as lawn tennis balls." These fell with deafening  roar on tbe canvas of tbo tent, and "It  seemed only -'a . matter-of n few seconds for us to be battered Into the  earth, tent and all." An India rubber  bath, in front-'of their shelter, "with  Its sides beaten down In places, was  half full of things like white cricket  balls."  When the storm had finally passed  the mountains around, were white  with the hailstones. The hall wns  ���weighed. "81s stones went to the  kilo." The size was that of "a tennis  bull and almost uniform," Seventy  sheep were killed on the heights above  tbe travelers' shelter, and Iu a neighboring valley thirfy-tive cows und  some mules and the body of a child  that had been wandering In the mountains "were brought down. by a  stream."  THACKERAY  AS  A TALKER,  A Grand Oratorical Display That Did  Not Take Place.  Thackeray was terribly self conscious and usually presented a, very  poor appearance when be attempted to  deliver a speech. "Why can't they get  Dickens to take the chair?" he gram  bled wben be bad to preside at the  general theatrical fund. "He can make  a speech, and a good one I'm of no  use. They llttlo think how nervous I  am. and Dickens doesn't know the  meaning of tbe word."  Ad amusing story is recorded of the  occasion   wben.   with   Mr.   Fields,   ihe  well*    Jfnown      American     publisher.  Thackeray  traveled to Manchester to  make a speech ut the founding of the  Free Library institution In that town  The would be orator declared that, although   Dickens   and   Bulwer   Lytton  'and  Sir James. Stephen  were  to precede blm. be Intended to boat each ot  them  on   this  occasion.     He  Insisted  that  Mr.   Fields should  be seated  directly In front of him so that he should  not miss a single word.  Later, as be rose, be looked at bis  friend as much a-i to say. "I'll show  you what speaking Is." He began fluently, was excellent for two minutes  and tben In tbe midst of a most earnest sentence stopped suddenly, gave  a look of comic despair and saf down  "My boy." he said when the meeting  was over���"my boy. you have uccl-.  dentally missed bearing one of tbe  finest speeches ever prepared by a  great British orator "���"Some Aspects  of Thackeray." by Lewis Melville.  What He Wanted to See.  It cannot be denied thut ihe saddest  thing Id the world Is a mail trying to  buy in a department store a garment  for a  woman.    Discouraged before be  begins, a  walk  through acres of garments which are none of his business  depresses him  still  further.    Saleswomen lire pitifully  tolerant, even  kind,  but   his   sense   of   Inferiority   grows.  One  unfortunate  who  rried  to  buy a  sweater  for a   wife  who  was  out of  town did at last rebel     His Brst mistake   wns   in    language.     "Thirty-six  chest,"    he   said.     "Thirty-six    bust."  corrected the young woman.    At  last  in u helpless tangle be-bought meekly  what  be was told to  buy.    Then she  asked. "Is there anything more I can  show you?"  ���   "Tes." be said solemnly, "the quickest way out"���New York Sun.  ne   monks   ta.^1    wrtw   hunko  LAST.  Y"Honk!" yelled the u!k pray eander.  "The (lay n III man be here '  IVhen of th<"-e nots.v  roomers  .We others wlll'oe clear.'  "TOhen will thnt Ik?    cried all the quacks.  "iHleaKe niirne Ihe lucsy Hay  We'll Burely tooble lou or /rub  When iliuHo tidiiK t;vt iiw.ii> "  "Why, 1 urn told." said Mr. Goose,  ,"The Methodism are coming.  'Andwhen their conference m In swine  .The hatchet will oe Humming."  Then all the roosters nunc, their talis,  -   The hens all put on oiacu.  While" goose arid ducK dia celf brate  With honks encS'quacK, quu^K, quack".  But, O cruel rale,- it was not sol  Come, Ret !-our i'(jar hass nut  And for ilieue naplesn ruobernecka  Squeeze out a waterspout.  'Twas not the Methodlcto that came  To gobble roosters down,  But Baptists that love waterlou-l  Convened In that good town.  And e'very.-rubberneck^KOt'whacked.-  Not one was left in lovvi).  They even caught the tailor's goose  And swallowed it right down.  ������'.,-..'   C. M. ISARNITZ.  THE   COMB   A    THERMOMETER.  Have.you noticed how a hen's comb  shrinks, pules una then putt's up ruby  red ��� when   she   siiirts -to   lay   again?  That shows relation between her comb  and egg clusters.-'or'ovurles.'' '  Have  you   nollceu   How   a   erower's  | comb In nuturui breeding season red-  ABOUT A MILE.  It Makes a Difference in Whl>*h Lard  One Travels This Distance.  If you take a notion to i-ettle down  for a time and ufier you have been  whisked out and back in u motorcar  you think to ask bow fur tbe bonne |��  from the stutlon tbe agent curelessly  waves bis bund and ulrily remarks.  "About a mile," you hud beBt take heed  as to what country you are in at tbe  time.  If it Is In England you are all right,  for the fumlllar 1.700 yards is tbe  standard, but If you have taken a  fancy to some sod l bate bed Irish  cottage it means a tramp of y.240  yards, and If you are moved to linger  In tbe blgblauds remember that tbe  bruw Scot calls 1,1)7(1 yards a mile.  Considering- the size of Switzerland,  one might expect; a mile to be about  as fur us one could ihrow a ball, hut  the hardy mountaineers think D.153  yards the proper thing, even when, as  It generally is. It Is very much uphill  ��The Swiss Is the longest mile of all.  being followed by the Vleuua post  mile of 8.2M5 yards.  The Flemish mile is fl.VOfl yards, thn  Prussian S."J:'7 yards, and In Denmark  they wulk 8.244 yards und call it a  stroll of a mile.- The Arabs generally  ride good horses^nnd call -a.MS yards a  mile, while the Turks are suttslled  with 1,821! yueds. and the Italians  shorten the distance of n mile to 1.70(1  yards. .Just sl.x yards more than tho  American has In mind when the agent  waves bis band and blandly remurks.  "About a mile."-Chicago Kecord Herald.  COMFORT IM WNGRESS.  Free   Baths and  Shaves and   Massage  and Other Things as Weil,  Every member of congress has tbe  free use ot the congressional baths  aud the barber shops uuder the capl-  to). Ut- can take u nifty Turkish bath,  u Russian bath, u Bomaii buth, a  needle shower or (he piu.u. old fashioned Pike county style of bath, lying  down iu,a tub with both faucets going,  and It doesn't cost blm a cent  As often ux. be pleases be may ,^-ave  a shave, a hair cut. a facta! mai~a{"o  und be manicured all around, as cbey  say in parts of lowa wlieo shoeing a  horse. Every other day be can have  tbe back of his neck shuved. Just,as  If bo were going to some large soda)  function back home. Uncle Sam pays  for the attendants and provides tbe  whole outfit" _>   Y  Wo mustn't overiook the notion counter at the caplfol either. The members don't, so; why should we. espe-Y  daily lis the said notion counter is a  gracious and enduring boon to statesmen, their wives, 'families, heirs and  assigns.  It conrnlns everything you can think  of that would properly come .under  the head of notions and a great deal  besides���all kinds ' of stationery/ nil  kinds of typewriter nnd desk supplies,  pocket knives, scissors, fountain pens,  enrd cases, purses, wrist bags, visiting  cords, business curds and���sb-h-b!���  even the kind of cards which run fifty-  two to u set nnd may be used for playing old maid and other harmless  games.���Munsey's Magazine.  HAISIN6 TWO  UTTERS A m%  Wben the farmer expects to raise tw��"  Utters of pigs a year be most bandla  his sows in such a way that will accomplish this result writes a Booth  Dakota farmer In the American Agriculturist "For the first litter I breed  so tbe sow.- will farrow before tbo  r/eather gets cold In the fall and thee  again fdf spring pigs as soon as possible. Of course tbli* requires, the raising- of, pigs iu the fail without muct��  succulent feed. However, this is Dot  such a difficult task If the farmer goes  ��t it right ������.,���������.,.....  "The boar l�� given a'small amount  of corn and some oats to' keep ,;Blm in  good flesh during the fall. He should  not be too fat. but In e thrifty condition.   During the summer most of bl��  ��� 4  i!  .  -   i  1  WM  mm  YV,#.  ICEBERG   GROUPINGS.  by  Photo by C. M. Barnlt*.  A DISQUALIFIED COHB       '*"*  dens and his wattles enlarge and  glow? That's a sign of sexuul activity.  Wben canonized both comb and wattles shrink small. That's prool  enough.   .  Tbe comb is not only a blow buffer,  but a health Indicator. '  The bird in the cut has a tad casa  of frostbite, aud while suffering uis  comb blade has turned.  A clear red comb, health; pale, loin  vitality, favus; yellow, jiuiudlce; dark,  I>oor circulation, weak heart. Indigestion, cbolera. apoplexy.  Roup often loosens tbe comb, and It  turns over. " Lice on little Leghorns  often cause tbelr headgear to go  crooked. - >  -  Single combs with long, beefy  points, deep thumb marks, weak  bases, nearly always lop.  Keep your eye on the comb. It's a  health indicator, and in buying cocks  select those with gojd sized combs  and wattles, otber points equal. They  make the best breeders.  Clusters and Long Lines Formed  Storms and Ocean Currents.  Among tbe perils uud wonders of the  ocenn there are few more Interesting  things than icebergs. Interesting not  only-by reason of their gigantic size,  their fantastic shapes, their exceeding  beauty, but also for,the manner wherein they array themselves.  Icebergs exhibit a tendency to form  both clusters uud long lines, uud these  groupings may urise from the effects  both of ocean currents uud of storms.  Some very singular Hues of bergs,  extending for many hundreds of miles  enst of Newfoundland, have beea  shown on otliciul charts Issued by the  government. Two of these cross each  other, each keeping on Its independent  course after tbe crossing In several  Instances parallel lines of bergs leave  long spaces of clear water between  them.  Curiously   enough,   while   enormous  fields   of   Ice   Invade   tbe   so   called  "bteumsbip lanes" of ibe Atlantic ut tbe  opening of spring durlns c-ertttla years.  In other years at that seusou there Is  comparatively   little   Ice   to 'be   seen.  The  Ice comes,   of course,   from   the  edges of the arctic regions, from the  icebound    coasts    of   Creenland    and  Labrador,   where "huge   bergs,   broken  Xrom the front of tbe glaciers at the  point where they reach the sea. start  on   their   long- Journeys   toward   the  south,   driven   by   the   great   current  that  flows  from ttathn  bay   into  rhe  northern    Atlantic   ocean. ��� Harper's  Weekly.  FAKED   PAINTINGS.  An American Who Was Fooled and an  Artist Who Ws�� Insulted.  M. Henri Kochefort was being Interviewed one day ou bogus picture collections, says the Purls'correspondent  of tbe Kansas City .lournal. He is as  good nn expert us uny on tbe question.  Tbe subject aPways" Interests blm. "Sit  down, my friend." he snid to the Journalist "I will tell you ii good story.  It happened not long ago either. An  American one day rushed in and begged me to say wbut I thought of the  pictures he had Just bought They are  here at your door." he said. 'I brought  them along in a cab.'  "They were carried Into the rooni.  There were Rembrandts. Corots and  Harpignles.  "'The Rembrandts are false,' I said,  the Corots ditto, the Harpignles ditto.'  The American was horror struck.    He  said they had cost him $1(50.000.  " "Then/I said, 'let Us leave the Ren>  I brandts and Corots aside.    These mas-  - ters are dead,  but  Harpignles is not  Here Is a note for him from me    Ask  him  yourself If  be signed  these pictures.* " My  American disappeared.'   I  never heard from him again, but 1 got  Thcro Is one class of farm < animals that should bo Riven a prominent place upon every farm where  alfalfa or other forngro crops can be  gTown, says Professor P N. Flint  of the Kansas Agricultural coIIckc.  There is no need for me lo tell >ou  that this animal Is (ho pis und that,  with the exception of the chicken.  when properly fed and handled he  becomes the roost profitable meat  producing animal on the farm A  . litter of pig* dropped today will be,  In condition for the" market In six  months. These very pigs will moke  a' pound of gain from less feed than ,  will the beef steer, and tho meat ,  which they furnish you will go further than a like quantity of beef.  The Berkshire sow herewith shown  was a. grand champion last year.  Tbe Illustration Ib reproduced from  tbe Country Gentleman.  living is secured from good pasture, j  and therefore be requires but little cars -  and. attention.  "The sows get about the same Und  of feed, but tbey require more of it,  especially when they suckle a bunch  of pigs. In that ense they receive co."u .  during the summer, even wben on  good pasture.  The, little pigs are fed sklmmllk and  corn Iu aD adjoining pen. Small runways are left in the fence just so  the pigs can get through and beip  themselves.     They are accustomed to  look for feed at this place,' and It does '.  a letter from Harpignles some days 1 not take Ions; -antU they are great teed- ,  later.-   He said: 'My dear friend���If 11 ers. and after a few months they ars  . 1 do not believe It a good plan tt-  breed gilts under a year old unless  they  are  very  large nnd   vigorous. In  were not ninety-two years of age t  would have sent you my seconds for  sending that American to me to ask if  those worthless, daubs were mine,  fours, Bcnri Harpignles."  Kept His Head.  An ambassador of the great Charlemagne while  visiting- a  court in tba  east  Ignorant  of  a   law "of tbe king  that condemned to death any one who  moved a dish at table before the tyrant. was  served,   committed   tb/s  of-/  "Great kinjr." said tbe ambaa- /  without a.murmur: but/,  Not Improved With Age.  "He used to make love to me."  "I wouldn't think It"  "Why?"  "He does it so badly now."  A  New  Way to  Religion.  A clergyman recently said. "It I  were to start u new rellglou. do you  know what 1 would do?"  "You'd go cut und preach, wouldn't  yon?" I asked  "I'd do something else first." he replied. "I would go to the popular  song writers, writers of words and  writers of music, snd I would ��et  them to write soncs expresslne the  spirit of the new religion, if we can  only make people feel rellglou, If we  can make them realize that it Is already there In tbelr hearts, make them  love It. we can move tbe world."���San  Francisco Bulletin  Ration For s Bull.  A ration for the bull should be  rather rich Iu protein. One rich In  carbohydrates tends to fatten and to  Impair bis procreatlve powers, says  Hoard's Dairyman. Silage is not considered a good feed for the bull. II  It Ik fed It must be given Iu very  limited quantities. Where It is possible n liberal allowance of clover  und timothy hay should be given aud  then enough concentrates, such as a  mixture of hran. oats and corn uud otl-  meul. The corn, oats and hruu may  he mixed in cmuiiI parts by weight  and then feed enough of this mixture  lo keep tbe animal In good physical  condition, besides giving tilm from one-  fourth to one-half pound of oilmeal  dully. With timothy hay as roughage  tbe concentrates should coutuln the  higher percentage of protein. A mixture consisting of 100 pounds bran. 200  pounds outs, 100 pounds cornmeal and  100 pounds ollmenl would supplement  tbe timothy very well, using enough of  tbe combination to keep the animal  In good physical condition.  Progression.  In youth her beauty captivates.  Wo later rink If she can cook,  But oldor grown we fish around  And try to boo her pocketbook.  No Guessing.  "There is one thing you enn't do."  "Is there?    What is It now?"  "You  can't tell   anything about  tho  size of a man's brain by the mensure-  vient of his head."  FEATHERS AND EGGSHELLS.  Tbe fellow who buys a five dollar  mill and grinds his own oyster sbeils  gets the straight article cheap and isn't  soaked with old shell and 40 per cent  dirt  One of Pennsylvania's hatcheries  had orders for 5U.0OU chicks on the  books at one time, which shows that  the one-day-old chick industry is going  some. It is fast supplanting tbe eggs  for batching feature of the business.  Mammoth Russi-a sunflowers when  once started require little cultivation  and yield a fine crop ot seeds for  molting aud winter ration. We plant  them all around our four acre run and  thus make the fence row a golden  glow and save on feed bills.  California has established a bird  farm at Haward. Alameda, county,  where birds will be bred for distribution through areas devastated by Insect pests. We have Bsb hatcheries,  bullfrog farms, alligator factories, ostrich, bird and skunk farms, and what  next?  Operators where rots and spots are  prepared for market state that they  often find embryo chicks in the eggs  and simply screen tbein out of the  product which is such a prime constituent of those nice, fancy cakes  which our city cousins eat with their  custard cottolene Ice cream.  Read these words of W. 0. Brown,  president of the New York Central:  "Do you know thai tlie further you  get into the world of Influence tbe less  satisfaction you tlnd In it'. Such successes as I have ntmined tn the railway world have served only to increase my longing for my facm." Tbe  Brown family Is going back to tbe  furm, nnd there nr�� many others.  If you talk about heroic women yon  need not go to war annals to tlud  them. They are nil over this country.  One of these Just paid the mortgage  off o New York farm. Her father  is too old to plow, so he drove while  she did the plowing, turning over sod  thnt had not been plowed for thirty  years This delicate woman has cleared off the debt and is now making the  men sit up nnd take notice at ber success in up to date farming and poultry.  Why Stars Twinfcfe.  Tbe twinblimr ol  the stars is chiefly j  an effect  produced  Iu  tbe  upon the waves of light-    II Is due to I saaor-  "J ale without a  murmnr: out I oometimes  currents nnd strata or air of different     ,n   the   name   of   the   great   emperor / mother.  nnd    tioutin"     whose  servant   I   am,   /   beg of jour/  which case nine or ter months is best  Wben sows are with pigs the board  should be takeu away. ai��d by tbe time  she is to farrow it will be well worth  while to watcb ber very closely. Th��  bow should be separated from the herd  and kept In a pen until tbe pigs aro  strong and able to get about. The  successful hog raiser remembers that  a little care at tbi.s time xrill save pigs,  a   whole  Utter.   It not  thm  densities '  intermingling    ,.���u    u^...iUS   , .......  through   which   the     majesty one favor before  I die.      i-j  I request   was  jrrauted.     "Give   me  the  eyes ot every  man   who saw me commit tbe crime "    "If is well." said the  king.    "'Their e.ves shall be plucked out  for   tbee."     But   on   oue   admitted   be  had   seen   tbe   ambassador   move   tbe  dish, not even tbe king.    ������Then why  should  I  die. great  king?"  asked  the  ambassador.     "The   deed   cannot   be  proved   against   me."    Tbe   king  was  pleased   and   forthwith   pardoned  the  ambassador.  [last   each   other,  light   passes   to   the   eye.     It   Is   seen  much   more   io    cold   than    In    warm  weather and nearer rbe  horizon  more  than overhead.    The same effect  may  be seen   by   lookiug out  of a   window  over  a   hot   radiator or a   candle  bela  on  tbe otber side of a   hot stove,  so  that you have to lool�� through a  body  of   highly   heated   air   at   tbe  candle  flame.     Tbe   tlame    will    he   seen    to  waver and   quiver.     In   otber  words,  tbe various layers of air are at different deusities and in motlou. hence tbe  "l winkle."���Exchange.  THE   SOUTHERN   STATES.  Succulent  Feed   For  Lambs.  Recent experiments at the Iowa  station show that with corn at ordinary  prices, cheaper gains ou lambs may be  made with dry feed than with roots or  silage. When corn and silage are low  In price the gains made with silage  are a little cheaper than tbose made  with dry feed.  The largest total gains were made by  the lambs getting sugar beets, und the  finish of this lot was also a little better. The lot getting turnips and cabbages required the largest amount ot  dry matter for each 100 pounds gain.  Silage nnd dry feed cume next  The least amount of dry matter was  required where sugar beets and mange-Is were fed. Tbe chief objection to  mangels and sugar beets is the large  amount ot hand labor required to raise  taem.  Not a M'.rry Liar.  ������He Is n  regular tombstone."  ���'Why do you call him that?"  "Because be lies so dismally."  Preparing For tho Ordeal.  "Taking ymir vnciti >n now?"  ".No; just  resting up for u."  Sometimes  Unwashed.  In pui-ilKisiiii: nn iippli-  I wall" up lo ' he sined.  TllB dealer HkIiI'v .tnsls  It  with  >jls  ll/iu  Italian   tiano.  The Grass Widow  Defined.  It is related of n Methodist bjsbop  that wben presiding over a district  conference in North Carolina he bud  an attack of bay fever und in consequence was somewhat Irascible and  impatient. A young preacher who gave  a rather poor uccoudt of bis work was  given a severe reprimand by the bishop and asked to state the reason tor  his failure.  "Well, bishop." be explained, "we  had n lot of trouble tbe Brst year with  a grass widow, and"���  "A grass widow!'" roared the blsbop.  "And what. pray, is a. grass widow?"  "A grass widow, bishop." responded  the young clergyman, "is a woman  whose husband died of bay fever."���  St Louis Republic.  Perhaps.  "Why." said the yonug mnn who tries  to be cynical, "are dogs and horses  so much more faithful iu their friendships for us than our fellow human  beiugs?"  "Perhaps." replied Miss Caypnne.  *it"s often due to the fact that we  treat them with so much more kindness uud consideration."���Washington  Star.  A   Good   Third.  "You admit thnt you are not first in  her ulTeciious. yet you seem cheerful."  "Oh. I can't -expect lo compete with  the pug ilog mill the rubber plant"���  Washington Herald.  Their Wonderful Growth and Prosperity Since 1830.  The fourteen southern states, witb  Missouri and Oklahoma, having now  an aggregate population of 3!"."i(X).0OO,  or 18.000.000 less than the total population of the Onlted States In 1880,  have SI.900.000.000 in national banfe  resources, or only *5'JtiO.00O.O0O less  than such resources In the wbole country tbirty-one years ago.  In that period these sixteen states  bave Increased the annual value of  their mineral production from S20.-  000.000 to $340,000,000 as against  $450,000,000 in the whole country la  1880," their manufactured products  have a value within $2,000,000,000 of  the value In the wbole country In 1880.  while their manufacturing capital la  several hundred million dollars In excess of the country's at tlie earlier  date. Id the tbirty-one years the value  of their output of manufacturing-,  which was less than tbe.:vaiue of agricultural products in 1880. has become '  far greater annually, although the  value of agricultural products in the  sixteen* states is close on to 53.000,-  000.000.  In 1880 the railroads of the country  had an aggregate length of 03.300  miles. The sixteen states now have  87.000 of railroad mileage. From  southern ports were exported In the  last flscal^ear goods to a value only  $100,000,000 less than the value of all  exports from the country In 1880.���  Manufacturers'  Record.  Clothes don'! make n mnn. but some  times ills wife's clolbes unmake him.  It  Is easy enough  to  be comfortable  at some one else's expetise.  The whisky  hurts no man.  woin.L">.  thnt   lie   didn't   drink  It Is difTe^ot  with a  Supporting a husband  keeps lots of  women out of the suflruge movement.  Getting   what  doesn't   belong  to  us  gives us mo-st of our trouble.  Her   Suspic-ons   Aroused.  "Jly  father persuaded   me to take a  course In domestic science."  "And how do yon like the course?"  "Well. It looks like ordinary  Kitchen  work to me.    II my suspicions are con-  lirmeu   I   shall   drop   the   course   and  make father buy me a llfty dollar hat"  -Louisville Courler-Joiirnul.  Buying Precious Stones.  In buying gems always lieg. buy or  borrow a microscope and examine tbo  stone carefully through the telltale  tens Flaws invisible to tbe naked eye  Which depreciate or entirely destroy  tbe value ot the gem will be easily  recognized.  The eyes believe themselves, tbe ears  'ith.nr ueome.���^iertiuiu.  Knows Just Enough.  "What do yon kuovv about tbe stock  market?"   asked  I'oorly.  ".lust enough to keep out of it"  answered  Ituhly.���HuQuio  E-cpress.  Might   Is   Right.  "Effie." suld tbe timid highland lover. "1 wad kiss ye. but I'm I'eurt ye  wudna let me."  She blushed ns red as the sunset, but  did not answer.  "KUie." he repeated timidly, n little  later. "1 said 1 wad kiss ye, but I'm  feart ye wadna let me."  At the third repetition she asked:  "Dae ye min", David, yesterday I  couldnn lift a bag ot potatoes intne  tbe cairt un' ye lifted thoni for me?"  "Oh. uye!" he replied.  "Weei. that shows, David," she murmured, "that ye're far stronger than  me!"���Loudon Answers.  Going Up.  The prices keep on Bolng up.  Ascending all the time.  Until n  looker on would  think  They could no hlphcr climb.  On former records looking down.  From time to time they soar:  They pause a moment for a rest  And then they climb some more^  Once If he had a dollar bill  Or some such hefty sum  A man could saunter down the street  And homeward loaded come  With food sufficient to maintain  His family for awhile  And some few duda In women's wear  To kenp his folks In style.  But now If he proes walking out  With such a sum ao that  And turns around a tlmo or two  His pocketbook Is fla.t.  And nil that he could carry home  Tf part he did not steal  To Rlv-e his bundle added weight  Would hardly make a meat  Ir prices keep on going up  I don't know what we'll do.  We'll have to live on faith and wind.  Two things not much to chew.  To feed the faces of our folks  Tho price Is hard to ralso  Since foodstuffs, lowly onco. have idasS  Tha aviation <>-*����.  OS  Poor Dog!  Oprald���This <^og knows an much  do.  Oeraldlne���I  noticed he had n vacant  nok.- -New York Press.  ���M  I  'm  -it  -t'  ��L  T'"*[-t'-"-^rii'"';")'.;"T"T'~~'**i -;1.<V-'  m^mrnlWrn  rz&irryrefv.  ^-;&!'J^^  iB&ll  mm  s;y;'^g  mm  m$M  .ip,;,,'.i,>V.i.m!-i'-l.(.��lW��'.iJM..-i.  MlgBffil  ���*-rf*Trt?J w^m  THE   PIONEER,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  ���tfBMtaf  Local and General  Apply  M-tthicu's Syrup of Tar & Cod Liver Oil  19 a great Tonic and not only stops a cough  but enables the system to throw it off.  There should be a bottle of it in every home.  Large si/e bottle 35c.   Sold everywhere.  MATHlltU CO., Prop  HHrrtimooici:  DISTRIBUTORS FOR- WESTERN CANADA  FOLEY BROTHERS, LARSON & COMPANY, Inc.  "WINNIPEG, EDMONTON. VANCOUVER, SASKATOON.  ii-'-  , t. V- l  Opening Notice  Joseph Roy wishes to inform his many Phoenix  friends that he has assumed the proprietorship  of the Roy Cafe. Meals will be served until  midnight. The dining room is tastefully furnished, and scrupulous attention will be paid  both to cleanliness and service, combined with  reasonable prices. .*. A Call Solicited. '  TIIC  E��rW OAETC   N��xt Door W��rt  I nt nui vArc of book store  ,4'j  m>ti^<���  KftV    < 1ntL /.  ��* <���>$ : ���  yVWfe''  ' v    'r     /       '  %  MEAT MARKET SPECIALTIES  'WmptrtMOf: OrMtmin' Butter, ��Oc -p^tr lb.    _ / '  -: p'-yi yim-priiioitf' Or��itm��ry Butter, 14 lb. Boif, /MMtS.  "ts-',;?-^Btwurnrock" Brand, ***���, 1 d<��en Cartoons, 40c.  *"" -' Pur*' Loaf Lard, Sib. Pall for ��1,00.  8ug-mr Oured Hams, 20c. per lb.  Choice Breakfast Baeoto, 27c per Jb.  Scotch Kippers, 30c per lb.  Finnan Haddle, 20c. per lb.  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. C.       PHONE 2  -r* ^      * * >  ���ry- w.  .vf-fA-*''''  Nste#-  few *.. ���  '"a^j.-ji r,   ,*  <&jMt,g -   .  "  ���ttVlVS"      .  BUSINESS REMOVAL  lmaai^m^9mmmmmmmm9mmaimmmmmmmimmmmmamami^^mammmmmBm9  H. HUHPHRIES announces the removal of his  Shoe Repairing Business  to tbe STEMWINDER PREMISES,   opposite   Dearie's  Hotel.  He assures his many p.itrons that the strictest attention will  be paid to all oiders.   Only the be&t of materials used.  Our" Workmanship   combines   Style,   Comfort  and Durability.  BOOTS AND SHOES  MADE TO ORDER.  REPAIRING NEATLY  DONE.  READY-MADE STOCK ON HAND.  ..,.,���-���. o^mmwiWCT 111.i.��n��1/v|La_u<llJ|,|i|  r    Hockey Schedule  Tbe  following arc  the  dales for  the Boundary League series*  Jan J    Grand Forks.  at Greenwood  Jan 5    Greenwood ..at Grand Forks  Pf^'Tv^, Jati 10 Grand Forks  ..  at Phoenix  .'..is \.. ��.K      ' -Jgnjs Phoenix al Grand Forks  *5"'S'V.:" '' >jfsn 19 Phoenix    at Greenwood  Jan 23 Greenwood . ..at Phoenix  " Jart,26 Grand Forks, at Greenwood  ,'jan 29 Phoenix .. at Grand Forks  Feb 2 Greenwood .. .at Phoenix  1 Feb 6 Phoenix . . at Greenwood  .. Feb J2 Greenwood .at Grand Forks  -Feb 16 Grand Forks Phoenix  WW*?-  li Sft* V  ' L',"tA*- I'^i'  [J-, -A       j' ,' -  PHOENIX SKATING RINK  Se&hs&Vs Liquor, Tobacco  eaigi Bmn Cure ffiS^Jfc  Alsohol, Tobacco and Dregs. It counteracts the  t2ce4a almost instantly���iremoiren all cravlcgc  After ta^tesiha treatment there v, HI nrver be any  meed to itlsk Intosicanta or use drugs again. Cap  bit jrftfen aecritly. Wo bave yet to hear ol ono  ias'i-rOf Malted unrfer separate cover to any ad  (it-Sis. IVicsS'SOOboxcraboxcsforSin.flO TJm��  iSsaSfflS 33-5-ks Co��� fit. CatlmrZuds, Out.  SJcctrJc Etestorer for Mesu  PiaflSif>iijCaOl �������?���� every nerve in the body  Z~L *'-��� ��� ���������-���-*" Ita proper tension; restores  itei ssril ��talll>". SVesaaturoiJeciy and all nexuat  * ictB^ss 31 flrttd at once.    FIsonpUoooIl will  ��� vat"1 job a now man. Fries ?8 n bot, or two for  ,-*. KalladtoanyniJdrecB. d.'fcoScolwllK��rn<;  t a.�� B6�� t -AiJSrfaesr ��as.  Open Monday, Wednesday and  Friday evening* at.   ...8 p.m.  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings at 7.30 p.m.  AFTERNOONS:  Skating  from   1.30  to 4 p.m.  1 Don't overlook this pleasant pastime  Come and bring yout best girl.  ��iiil  ii (Dtereitad and bliotitd know  at>oi*it tbe wcnrtfrful  fSMLVEU VSnilrUng Spray  It-t, aeir Vcfflnul Syil��(-e    i>��f  ���Moot cenrrilcnt    I. tl.*e*��i  , -^r-^-r���^.^^ *o��anily.      Astcyour  V.'^;? ��4' T3 dmtclst fofj,'  Diy wood 111 ou lot* for mvle,  J. Tioiiiblcy, l'liot'iiis.  Itobeit Ptny, the "Louo Caiuulian,  is o))cn!ng a < ignr stoi-eaL Cm int.  Jlfctor M(-Ni\cn |nin jipyotl to Oxnnd  FfllkK 1111(1 H]>01lt Cluistuius with hlb  biotlici.  ljliury Johns, snjit- of Wellington  mini', sjiciit the rinlstiimi* vacation In  .Spokane. <  AVohici'h tticliosttii provided tho  music ut a fiucfcsstul dunro iti'C'rand  F��nU, lust Tluusilftv. ,  TI101. Hoc ��� oi Wi'llington camp,  )Missi>d tlio ('Inihlinns Jiohdayn with  hj-jltunilv 111 CSioonwood.  Alt. and Mis ClilT'Huhsi'H of tiioou-  w��iod, u-t m nod 11 low day 1 afro liom  thou  \ycddui|j; tiip to Spokane.  Ai'iaiiKomonth mo l)oln|�� nmdo to  liiild a uunmil 111 tlio Phoenix fikating  1111k on Feb. li*.  Tbo (bo dt'iHiilinont of Oi-oenwood  fra\<> a   biiixnu't  to tlioir   fi'lvndH on  CIiuslmaK Day.   Tlio aifalrtook place  lu tho 1001ns at tho city hall. j  The infant, oh lid of Mr.   and ^lra  Iti-hunl  Owi Hod at'Ponrhyndou-  diaotli. North Wnloi, ou  Occ. l,4iged  kin. nionthh.  C'o<>. t'lorf and jMiH=t 13os8io Bryant  woio liiarried.'lastwookfin tho Presby-  tvi an Chin ill tti Cifonwotxl. Bev.  W. Hi own officiated.  Two largo sleighing parties, consisting of about Unity people, drove up  from Greenwood on Christmas morn,  iiifr, to attend the soi vice iu St. John's  Anglican Chinch. ,  Win. Ahnatrom picked up ii sum of  inom-y in  the opein house,  Dec. 21  Tho owner can have tlio Raino by piov-  ing propeitj   and applying to Albin  Alnistroni.  The services on Sunday in St. John's  Ohm chair: Holy CouimiiDion at 7.30  a.m., ��� Morning Piayer at 11, Sunday  School at 3, Evening Piayer at 7.80.  ltev. L. B, Lee, Rector.  The stated services in the Catholic  Chin ch are as follows: First and third  Sundays of tho month. Mans at 10  a.m., Sunday School at 2.30 p.m..  K veiling Service at 7.30. Bev. Father  Choinel, pastor.  The subject of the sermon in the  Methodist Church, on Sunday evening  next, at 7.30, will be "Marching Orders." Good music and singing. A  hearty welcome awaits yon. N. N.  Nixon, pastor.  Tho Pioneer acknowledges the receipt of a 1012 almanac fro'niN. J. Carson. . The picture portrayed, "The  Forest Pool," is beautifully executed,  and is fieci from that, tawridness so  frequently seen in the general run of  calendars.     '       .    .      ," '  On Fi iday o\ enlng lasts a quiet wedding took "place in1 the Methodist par-  sonnge, when Call Bjaikmnr. and Miss  Alice JVIay Wisted, both Of Bock Creek,  were imittid in the bonds of holy matrimony. The Bev. NY N. Nixon was the  officiating minister.  Frank Dossier, socretaiy of tho local  bianoh of tho W. F. of M., arrived  home a few days ago fiom Ymir,  I m here he attended, in an official capacity, the district convention of the  Western Federation of Minei's. He  has been ie-elecled for uuothei term  as secretary.  The festivities in connection with  the Presbyterian Christmas tree, were  held in the Opera House, on Fiiday of  hist *������> cek. The distribution was preceded by a cantata. Santa Olaus arrived in due course and proceeded to  distiibute tho Christina'- gifts to the  expectant childi en. There wus a large  attendance.  A Piesbyteiian service will beheld  in the K. P. Hull, next Sunday mom  ing, al 11 a.m. A hearty invitation Is  extended to all. W. E. Bionn will  speak. The services during January  will be as follows:  Jan   7 Ser\ ice at    7.30 p.m.  Jan 11 ��� 11.00 a.m.  Jan 21 ��� 7.80 p.m.  Jan 28 ��� 11.00 a.m.  The dance on Christmas night in aid  of the Phoenix Hockey Club, was a  great success, financially and other-  w lse, the fine balhoom being crowded  by the devotees of the dance. Werner's  orchestra, which has been in great  demand of late throughout the Boun  dary, were in attendance and provided  excellent and eatchy music. Befresh  merits were served in the banquet  loom. The dancing was kept in full  swing until well into the morning  houis. The arrangements for both  dunce and / supper woi e admirably  cart ied out, the committees tesponui-  ble desor\ ing the greatest praise for  the!i droit1*.  King EdwardLodge  No. 96, A.F. and A.M.  Begular communication at S  p.m.   Second Th.uit.duv ol  each month.  Kmorgent meetings us (.ailed; Masonic  Hall, MoHale Block.  J, J. Sthutzri.,  Socy.  K. Hoyck,  W.M.  I. O. O. R  Snowshoe IUod��c  No. 46  Meets every Monday Kieuing at  Minors' Hall. VlHltlng^. biotluon 101-  dially invited. -*.  Win. Van Wugonon, Noble Giand  A. L. McKinnon, Fin, Hocj.  W. J, Butheiford, Bee, Hocy.  L  Provincial Items  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodgo No. 17  AleolH In   tin)   MIiioid    I'nlon   I,od(;e  Hull Vli-xt mid Tliliit W��l[iowttt>��  MImh M. Muukuiiflu, Xoblu Clnuul  Mrfl. Klllu Atmi-liiil), Nooreitai)  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoonix Aerla No. IBB  Moots in Union Hull, Friday ISvonlngs,  Visiting brothers are always welcome,  John Lovk, AV. P.  T. B. Cohiikovk, W. Nccy,  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.O.  Meets Tuesday Bvknino at 7.30.  Sojourning brothois cordially welcomed. >  J. B. Cabtfb, K. ot B. S.  G, Kay, C. C.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, I.owm Town  First mid Third Thursdays  Mrs. A. I). McKenzte  M.K C.  Mr", H. Rccd  M.E.U.  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.00 per cord  Pine Wood,,,$4.50 per cord.  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $6.50.  WOOD DELIVERED  ON  SHORT  NOTICE.,   ' 'Phone B82  Gust Johnson  jLl  XiAND BEGISTBY ACT.  In the   matter of an application for  duplicate Certificate of Title No.  - S-tt&A to .Lots 7, 8, 0 and 10, Block  10, Map 50, Town of Christina.  NOTICK is hereby given that it is  my intention at the expiration ol one  month fiom the date ot the fii��t publication hereof to issue duiilicalt- ecitl-  ficate of Title to sakj lands to Joseph  Letcher Martin,' unless in the  meantime valid objections lie made tu me in  wi iting.  W. H. EDMONDS.  Disti ict Bogu-trar.  Lundllegistiy Offlee,  Kamloops, B. C.  Nov. ftth. 1011.  SSuse Jan*  ThlirS.    Pholnix.   10, H  TOMPKINS & WETHERELL   Present   Motion Pictures Performance  Extraordinary  3000 Feet of Western Dramatic  and Comedy Subjects���Evetj-  one a feature���hcrompanied b^  all noise effects, arid appropriate  music, Illustrated Sough and  Travel Views that arc new and  novel, portrayed by elaborate  hand-colored slides Fdison's  latest machine and cxpeiienccd  opci.itors assuie jou of a perfect  pcriormance  Ohlldron, under 12 years - lOc  Adultc       - goc  New Gold Discovery  A Kamloops dispatch says: The  legend of the goose that laid the  golden egg bids fair to be relegated  to obscurity by the residents of this  district, and its place to be assigned  to the story of the ducks which carried free gold in their crop^.  All Kamloops is* agog with excite  ment following 'the discxrvery of  placer gold in the Tilton ranch on  Rosehill, a few miles from the city.  Parties have been busy locating  claims, and with the advent of  spring work will be actively undertaken to prospect the whole district  The discovery of the  presence of  treasure was made in a remarkable  manner.    In November of last year  Mrs. R. E. Smith of this   city purchased a domestic duck.   In preparing it for the table she discovered a  piece of coarse gold in the  contents  of the crop.     Inquiries   were   insti  tuted, and the duck was traced back  to Robert Tilton's ranch at Rosehill  Mrs. Smith purchased a   second in.-  stalment of clucks from   Mr. Tilton,  and gold was found in   the   crop of  each.  A portion of Mr. Tilton's ranch  lies in a \allej with higher ground  on each side. Two wells,' which  were dug hj Mr. Tilton, dry up for  a part of the year, and it is supposed that the land-lies over the bed  of an old water iahusc, and thai the  gold in the s uul and gravel ot the  bed was thiown to the surface when  the wells were sunk.  Card of Thanks  The members of Phoenix Hockey  team desire to express their thanks  to all those who so kindly assisted  in making lhe d nice a success.  Tho Pioneer wishes 5te*?rionds  and enemies a Brlfftnt and  Mappy Mow Year.  Merritt proposes to float a loan of  $2,000 tor city hall, jail arid fire department pui poses.  A blast at Three Forks recently  dislodged 15,000 square yardsyof  rock. The coyote tunnel on the  new C.P.R. line to Kaslo Svas the  scene ofthe opqration.  l.nboi ciicles on the coast aro  arranging for a 'deputation to cull  upon the Provincial Government  with rcfeicnce to the employment  of Chinese in craft industries. On  some non-union jobs in' Victoria,  carpenteiing and plastering are being done by Chinese. .  -i Vanco'ivcritcs": had their first  taste ot artificial ice skating last  week, when the new Vancouver  Arena link was throv "��� open to ihe  public and 1500'devotees of the  popular winter pastime. The rink  was crowded to its capacity, even  though'*it was raining outside, the  ice remaining hard al!  the evening.  Dr. Bennett returned recently  from a medical inspection trip to the  construction camps up the north  liver. lie reports the men in very  hc'ihhy condition, the camps being  piactirally free from disease. There  is, however, n dearth of literature  in the camps and the men arc grateful tor old magazines and papers.  The prepaiations for Rossland's  great winter carnival are already  under way. The executive commi-  tee have already held an important  meeting and the date for the event  was fixed for February 6 to 10 inclusive, and this will give a  masquerade on the opening night,  with four full days of ice and snow  sports.  The Nelson Board of Trade has  passed a resolution urging that r-px  holders be given access to offices in  this province on Sundays. Attention was called to the inconvenience  oaused merchants and business men  by the rule put into effect by the  late Libera! government, about a  year ago, whereby the outside door  of all pbstoffices. were locked ' on  Sundays.  The Provincial government has  instructed Superintendent White,  of Ksimioops, to.,begin preliminary  work in connection with the proposed erection of a hew*steel traffic  bridge o\ci the South Thompson  river. After investigation, it has  been decided to place the new  bridge upon the site of the long-  used structure at Kamloops which  it is to replace.  A loud report <-tartled the city of  Nanaimo, on Friday of last week.  On investigation it was found that  a terrific explosion had taken place  at the works of the Canadian Explosives Ltd. The accident occurred  shortly after ten o'clock, when the  gelignite mixing room blew up from  a cause as yet unknown. Three  men were on the premises at" the  time and were instantly .'killed/  West of the Cascades there were  894 timber licenses issued during  November, the total revenue being  $134,437.60; for lands east of the  Cascades there were 278 licenses  issued, the revenue being.$33,355.  Transfer fees for special licenses  amounting to $4225 and penalties  $126. Coal prospecting licenses issued during the month of November  and transfer fees netted the government $188,757.60,  A new concern to be known as  the B. C. Fisheries, Ltd., has been  floated, with Sir George Doughty,  ofthe gieat Englsh herring industry at the head. The capital is  $1,500,000. A fleet of twenty ves-  sels are to be brought to the coast  at once, uwi> largo piants, each costing $250,000 will be erected. Arrangements to provide trackage  at Prince Rupert have been made  with the Grand Trunk Pacific.  Lieut. Simons, in command ' of  the Australian cadets, now touring  Can.ida, in a speech at Vancouver,  sai'l: ''0\er there in Australia, we  are recognising our responsibilities.  We have citizens there who are not  afraid to bare the arm and bend the  elbow in shouldering their share of  P2mpire defence. This year we have  under training no less than 100,000  cadets, and with the development  of the sjstem we will within a few  years ha\e 600,000 trained .men and  bovs ready to defend their country.  No Other Hosiery  Offers This���  mo-  Foot-clothing-that-fits'with absolute perfection, for\  reasons you .will readily see if. you'll glauce at the  picture here .Y'?.,.?tlie only hose made that is permanently shaped to the foot "and leg; and that is both  Seamless an;d ^nug-Fitting  You would not think of buylni! hoso with a,seam iip the front  of the leg . . . . wouldn't thut be uijly und uncomfortable V  Probably you buy iho kind with'a Heam up, tho back only  becauso you didn't know   there wua a kind free from that  discomfort   and   untiliilitliness.     There  Is,  however.   You  can get tho better kind In -any',weight   or color if you  buy hoslerjf inade by  Penmans   Limited  ' Paris    '    ���"������.:'"������.-���. Canada  Undarwcar,   Swoalars,   Hosiery  '������' w'y'  *���������*  -*���������  Hotel Brook 1 yn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix. New from cellar  to roof. Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary, Opposite Great Northern  Depot      *.'   '.'      Modern Bathrooms.  * STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  Stationery and Confectionery  Fancy Goods. Dolls and Toys, Books,  Magazines and Periodicals, Kodaks,  Films and Supplies, Musical Instru-  ments and Supplies. ' School Sundries. '  WALL PAPER AND DECORATIVE PICTURES,  GLASSWARE  AND   CHINA.  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes and Smokers' Sundries/  . ALMSTROM  Writing; Paper In Latest  Shapes and Tint* .  EASTERN EXCURSIONS  Dec. 1 to 31, 1911, Inclusive  VIA THK  Canadian Pacific Railway  Ki'turn limit three months, with cxtcusisn privilogi-s. Stop overs  l>i>rmittert lit all. points east of Fort William.-, Hound ..trip lures Irom  Phoenix, B-f).? Y  Toronto, Hamilton, Sarnla, Windsor - - $92.95  Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston - 97.95  St. John, St. Stephen, St. Andrews, Moncton 112.45  Halifax, N.S.    -   -   -   - .-"-'���'-   -   -   -   -   -   116.40  .Corresponding fures to all stations in Ontario, Quebec, New Biuns-  :-*vick, NoVa Scotia. Standard sleeping and tourist ours on.all trains.- For  further partieulnrs apply to  J. E. CARTER, Agent, Phoenix, B. O.  \V. J. WELLS, District Passenger Agent, Nelson.  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Capital  and   Reserve,   9S,26O,O0O  Head Office'."-  Established 1859   -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  W.��. Faiutki.i., President.   S. H. C. Miner, Vice Pven'ch'iit.   J.'MacKinnon, Ocnural Manager  82 BRANCHES SN PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  WINNIPEG. MAN.  COLEMAN, ALTA.  LETHBKIDGK. ALTA.  TABER, ALTA.  AXII AT  VANCOUVER, B. C.  (IRANI) FORKS, B.C.  PHOENIX,  B. C.  PRINCETON. B. C.  VICTORIA, B. C.        QUEBEC, QUE.  Havings   Department at all  Ofllees.  CORRESPONDENTS   ALL    OVER    THE  WOULD  B. C. Copper Treatment  The li C Columbia company's  smelter treated 6,607 tons of ore  this week, .is follows: Mother Lode,  5,509; Kan hide, ...; Wellington,  351; Athclst.in, ..; Emma, 690;  others, 57.  Ifyou require any Heavy Teaming" or Hauling done,  let us do it for you. That is our business, and Ave  have the equipment to execute all orders satisfactory.  ass  "We also have a supply of first-class CordwooiJ, short  or lont**, and can deliver it on  short notice.  Lumber, Lath and Shingles.  PHOENIX, B.C.   Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B.C.  I*"  ;sk  ft if.  LS.     ���-���"'  pa ������:.��� /���;  tv.*>:' ." i  r?.v .   ':.  ti:..-���,-. "i  IT.! J     if   ���     ���  �����   If* *'tJ��   '  ��� rUvw- �������  ?3>*"d~  m  %  ft  iS"��  i  ���?$  v  R  ���1  ^/\ r  *I;H-��.l!>'l.1)'-:'ffl!Wi'J'-V!i..g  ^^;'"j;"'v.;a;:y;.:yyhu4y"gBi^^  -T-./S1        ���  yv    ���,. 


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