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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 28, 1912

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 Iffwfc..'    *��� '        (I  fah  ���M>fV*  7 ��� V      'I  tew*   *'  *-'-^a �����   #  F -   '  Ji" * i *  i *-*'  |-*A    *  h   *  I  /v    ^  r- -i   '  ��� V  '   '    f    rt '  V  'VV  ���      * A.  I        t       l  '?    **    "�� �����"  ���i'i   tf  i  r    \  ,t^  r--f'  <V>  c   *��� i  (  i V      " *  {The largest copper niuios in  *���-* yf (ihe Poniinion are Bjtu,ated  '    ''at^Phoenhc.^  Tho Granby,    ^  1      Co, Employs 600 'nien; and.* vi    *> ,6  c ^  htts a monthly pay roll of  r <M  # �����     ' <+ " '  (lAKi t-^   ���'Us*.' w   w~'    I-A.   -     4^  P-jr^'l    i   (gV'-^��f>r**"*   ^*^   r"-^{^       f hit's       ?�� s      >  wd-ts-i-i!t��^-^^^-ffi;'*i^^  1/  , �� *��� J,  1   c*-  . It ' ��  fOlJRTE-  ���"^"r  O0RTE,^tH ^BAft/'-r  -1U-1 J^iiJS*'**l"TTrS5*?T*^*^*f^fl*B*g*S!gg*i  ^"v   !  GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL  REPORTS ON BONANZA  j ***    W J** "-^        T^L^ >     'i-^"    .jH/V.y  GrariByxPyahssSDeyelbprnent'oh  **   Group���Three Tunnels on    *  ���tt^rviwf*  -* *-���?������ S'  4  ss^^^T?!'  ' .'i*W  4/s11  New Broperties,  t  I  The followiiiff is the / iweport  of R. G. McConnell, wlio made  an investiiriition of both the.Hidden  ctcek and bonanza properties on behalf of the minister of mine��i. A Since  the report was submitted the'Gran-  by Consolidated have comm'enced'an  active period of development on the  Bonanza group with most satisfactory results.  The Bonanza yroup is situated  about three-fourths of" A mile up  Bonanza cieek, a ^small stream  emptying- into Goose bay about  two rmles'belowits mouth.* Bonan-  za creek is a rapid��strenm about 20  leet wide, confined Tn a deep, narrow  valley terminating1 below oir a'rock  canyon?20 to 30 feet deep, excavated  .since the glacial period.  "The Bonanza group of claims,  six in number, were the first claims  staked in the district, and  were ex-  K ���** **f  plored lo some extent by Mr. M. K.  Rodgers before the discovery of the  Hidden  creek  group. *"' Very   little}  work has been'done on them   in re  |Fatrb#s^and  ��:vThevworking.���� consists pf jhrfee* &A|H|r -     . (V,  lengtli north of<Bonanzac^eek^hearf IpJ&Ai'e^iS NeW^Year."  the creek level, and two tunnels .wd fLfrjfoff  ; iw^V*    * ^�� *l *��  surface avbrk  on   the^sotiih   side.  ���  L.. ��� I       1 .       - - . .a *t-  2*be most neslerly of the tunnels  oi (li' of" the. creek cuts"; near its  iv\outh, 10 feet of granular, p> rite,  beyond which aie micacenus schists  holding only a small percentage of  sulphides; ��� Little copper isjpresent  A sample ' of the granula,! pyrite  gave" on as-jay 0 48 percent copper,  1.25.0Z. silver to the ton, and traces  h  iWi'*  ' ^Kraastiie in Phoenix ���  5,The|^fmas tree entet^tai/imentji in  connection  with'"the loifal churches  - -1 j -f        i  were'all/theld ��on ModdayS evfining,  December;-23. v '-The^cqngregations  of-b'othi^St. rfArt'drewV-and the  MethodisVchurcb held their*jollification   initheir own}1 churches,  while  ���ii.-.-'^.itf.. .J-*-  ,sF ���^i,i      c ,r.,��  r,.,^.i���xf.i^.  u^i,i:.����� ItMC ,paVe'hts"V'andJ,; children -of St.- r* A * '    i    .    .   ^'   r*  of,gold.    Some  pynhot.te  holding        J    j..�� I A committee   comprised  of em-  I John's 'foregath'efed" int-the banquet  \^erfejaiugen-f  ����� tilt   i , ���*���  (-j ( 4  Mi.dclle   tunnel        The  east" lunnerj roor"   ofthe'. Miners'/^Union ='*hall.  _u: .    The' decorated* trees "were JalHiren-  |p"tfit is in]ev&ence/here jwas^amply  demonstrated at the? opening of, t;he  (iiew hotel at theiHidden creel* mine  Jon, the j evening of t Decembeti i 5.  The hotel is conveqjently situated  ^1^r thf mi9e ^nd occupies a prominent oosition ^jyerJooHmg (5ranby  lt*y- -The/sti^rgjlii^pf ,mojjern  ljpetand afford^ comfortable apcom-  ,Sjodation for ISO, particular^ atten-  ^on having been , directed to Ithe  unitary and heating system; ;*the  ���hole giving evidence of the pro-  ressive policy ofthe Granby  com-  >any.  U  u.}  'i< ���  ������loyees of both   mine  and, smelter  t?id the arrangements'in  hand  and  ' _<.'   '      .   *�� '.      .    ri  '   li-  .,      '.  QUARTERLY DIVIDEND  Shafeholifers^R&ve hSc/ ^per  anv's^dir^t^V^^^^l^I^: f^^.^*^<t*$fa$^   ^ *  ^��-f4^l  a  Itiori  total  r*+^HWMpife  1 Operdtipns [atV?fie hVoigt,, mines  have been mdefinUe^su^etided l?y  the British/'Colurnbla] CopW 'cojm'  occ.isionaly   some   pyrite.     ^ *j Some  1**T'      .,   jv^r*'  cent years."��� *��� ���-    J'-' c ' '--  "The genieral character of��the dc  ���^hy pegmatite and   dioritic dikes' be-1  . , * fore  it 4 was^ ^-mineralized,   and   by  -'^W -tBa -���as'laterj'seM.of^Basic' dikes it was*  '#'   ;     'Ureii oVer^wu^ %rea into, btotite  ^ ;l '    andchtoi&w^iW.iomeof it quite  chaloopy-rtM/tSTHr -s.tlphid��& ��� art -4��aif��.?eirt-i occur: most.of these  .���._."__?:���;��   rS_^L.M ..ttft, ko be barren or-nei^so''  good-looking chalco-pyrite ore i^  exposeel in'a cut near the creek, but  further'exploration is neededKto determine whether or not it occurs-in  workable quantities.  "The"Bonanza ground looksfavor  able, enough to wai rant" diatriorid-  tfril!?expl0/aTioii similar^to >that in  progres.s'i'pith such good��results in  the Hidden-creek' property. The  area, of; .altered schists * containing  iron1 'and>occasionally* copper ^sulphides' is^very-Harge/'and *the- present- worltings^cover^only a small  portion' ofV,*V?;-1 , ^  ���"A large quartz vein, full 10 feet  |yide>in pl^ce^^occurson^the North,  Star iclainii/' one] of , the/ Bonanza  gro.yp. ^ IK holds [some pyrite-and  aujcOpjrite. A sampfe^ assayed  j-iekled j��il>  0.48- per cent,  copper  id*0.20rflUF   "mlver^to" the  f"  *    Jf^^^^i'l    J"*!'"  long-expected,' j jand - bewhiskered  Santa iCldus and Veceived/h's gifts  with sijriilingYfaces'aiid manytthanks,  p-^%^k!r��#��r��  ter^in;Grand .Forks;have now been     '",'*/i' ��- CYs%  !n* tofefinr-^ *^-----�� ** - ^ '���      ' * A 1��^  sinV��&  troubles, in; t!  he western?; Canadian   -C,     ^'^   *JB*  Christmas Day^passed pleasantly ^erequitea ,arge "^er present  enough for, the most of us, and the  attractions i provided putside, of the  home gatherings, helped--many to  enjoy a< tolerably-Merry, Xmas.V In  the afternoon * tbe ,doors pf the  splendid? new rink" ,y/ere * thrown  open and for some" hours a, very  enthusiastic ��� crowd, i��of ^skaters  thronged the ice. *' Other skates  were also indulged in^outside bfjthe  crowd^ofjdai^cers a^e|^e ballroom  of, thevMiner'sir.UnipnfJiaU,- where  the musicvof the lronsiUescorche��>tra  kept^the^^err^^comp^iy^tripping  And' those not -Jfamiltar with Ihe  intricacies of the1 waltz and two step  found congenial occupation'at cards^  *tcl At midnight the calHtb^supper  brought about a temporary"Bessation  jpf the dance, and the guestsTrepa'ir-  d to the diningf room where the  caterer for the*,' ^company, -'vMr.  |Buryeaj'had arrang/d'^ "stdfmptuous  pread ofj good it things.' * 'Dancing  at the^general offipe^j|*^Newi^ybrle^  according to^dv^t^*-received early  tM-uv* frp^ri^^B,sC;  The.order^o *^0j&k��&nat*d  considerahlefesu^rj^^fqatfadian  mining circles.,*&ar|c^!aHy In ^veiw  of the  vigor^t^wMfe ^ev|lop.  ment ofthe prope^es|l#oikt4camP  hasfbeeeo prosecpW%f^;be ^last      .       ......  year, tMnd^^^^^^v^mlV 1~Jft*Wfr*"  sudden termination bf^acti^ty��can  besecured from'thaSromnanv     .i-Wrnt  ble to inauigeiinisome^liiTtlt DirjIc^^FlWSi^Sii^'!  ticefoTla^^^WSiS^iS vZlTrT***^}  senior and in termed iate>teami*?wSir. -vi ^ L t^MffitS  r,margb^%^��#W4!^ T��  members? sho*mng^any||ev*^nce off&  stiffpess^This.VW  ger -tyhicH  uteslate i��a<fj  being conveyed ip state to^EhoIt  a palatial push car. No one was injured, and the few passengers who  made the trip looked upon the experience as something to be quite  expected at Xmastide. The incoming passengers were transferred at  the obstruction to the livery bus and  conveyed into town at the company's expense. By seven o'clock  in the evening the track was cleared  and traffic tesumed.   ��,   B. C. Copper Treatment  The B. C. Columbia company's  smelter treated 14,597 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  8,034; Rawhide, "5,626; Napoleon  671; Queen Victoria, 266; others, 0.  ^mpmnywfpUu,) v^  .,^.51*'*-,    -     V *** iW^-i*.  place m favor of    ^     %>  v^  order is-to take  and,after that  'Slif^  ��s��?'f/  '^f "SS^W^-r^   S -?    ^ / amred In��^"couverfrom^Ausii-a/iaJdate the locomotives"will be station-  on] Mr./and,ftfrJTo.,:^elson, Mr,,, and/is touring Canada'ol, hil w%y home, led at tbe Forks.  Mrs. F. Feeney, Mr. and Mrs. F.  Ashley, Mr. and^rs. G. F,rasson,  Mr. and Mrs. Harry j?Legge, and  Miss Rodgers.  rcZ22&223KZZ2SS  Presentation to Bandmaster  When the city band met for its  usual band practice on Saturday  last, a pleasing incident took place,  Jas. Marshall, president of the  band, on behalf of the members  presenting Geo. Cain the bandmaster, with a handsome silver-plated  euph^niuni>. In presenting the gift,  the president referred, to the.invaluable services rendered the band.by  Mr. Cain, whose kindly and pains^  taking work had done much towards bringing the band to its present state of efficiency, and also expressed, 'the hope that Mr. Cain  'wbbld-continii'B-- in ^his present position for some time- to come. The  recipient, \ylio was the only party  present not in the secret, thanked  the members for their kindness and  the president for his kind wishes.     '  S H. and R.P. Elect Officers  The following officers of lodge 47.  Scandinavain Aid and Fellowship  Society (S H. and E.F.) were recently elected for the ensuing term;  Pres , A Larson; Vice Pres., M  Rust; R. Sec'y., L Carlson;  F.Sec'y., E. Carlson; Treasurer, A.  Almstrom; Marshal, W. Behgtson;  Chaplin, J. E. Carlson; I. G, F. S.  Carlson; O. G., C. A. Hagah;  Librarian, J, Erikson, installed on:  January 5th, 1913.  m  That California cattle kings have  their eyes on the Canadian West i|  the statement made in Vahcouve'f  recently by R. G. Morrison, of San  Francisco", who is in the market to  secure 100,000 acres of grazing  land.   ���������-���- ��������������" *  ' '' <-7  An Open Winter  W. T. Ewing returned on Wednesday night from a trip into the  Chilcoten country after cattle.  Owing to the mildness of the winter  so far he found soma difficulty in  securing cattle, most ofthe ranchers  desiring to hold onto their animals,  as it has cost nothing to feed them  this winter, and next summer they  will command from $10 to $15 a  *h&Yit-n)Qre.���Cariboo Observer.  Boundary Ore Tonnages  1     Following are the; returns  of the f j  'output   of  the   Granby--mines   and'/l  ''Smelter    for the week t, -ling  Df*~'*  22nd, and the B.C. Copper comr*any  for the week ending Dec. .l.flt.'i',' and  year to date. /,:.%������'  Granby 28,^'1,215,442  Mother Lode //^912    445,887  Rawhide / .6,002    253,124  KiipoleoiK .... .w;V 668      14,758  ijiieen Victoria^ .      379 773  Others //>���/��� ��� ���       12,378  j j SMP0TEK TONNAGES   .  t'ranby .//.' 24,165 1,214,173  i:: C. Copper Co... 14,597   640,380  \ Good  hfhes  FTER months of planning and  preparation,   we   are   now  ready to ring up the curtain  on four \Vinter display^ of good  out-  fittiog for  Men:  We bring you the best in  ���*��������<  : vl  -������I  cumiEs  that   money   and   experience   could  secure  There's not a garment we are  not  proud  of, and  not one  //ive cannot safely recommend.  . - ... We can'tattract-you with figures, for you  have heard  the  same prices quoted for years.  Come and see our totally different and better Clothes and  you'll know exactly what we want you to know.  ��� Thf'*French have decided   to take'  lib \,ie' game of baseball. i  Men who incline to the most exclusive effects in their shirts  are now given one of the most remarkable buying opportunities  ever presented by any store in the country for shirts of such excellent quality, design, workmanship and fit. CALL TODAY.  THE OUTFITTERS  rrrrw?*  ; /  ��l��3 ��� wi *-.�� f w, *i'*v-"*i rwj< .<** j ^.(.i^i *�����"; ��'4r*^7'*-rr r*fr  "^���iv'w's.Syijit.'ij'jrir^-* k' XS'^^r',:''��'P!*?''?iJ>^V>;'  j��$mrf$$4.&i>d% vvY,! Vi'i ^''Wirfrfci* ���.'-'���?'���'  ���M'fc'tei;,-.n,S��>i.*,.i'rt-&-'~,.(r. .. ���:'.-.< :���-.'���:'... '���.'-:;.;������  j";!wtt'U*.liiWl-1  Y' :"-;;.���..'-..���   ;:;.'Y'.Y:.'     '������' ��� ���" .'������. -'.'Y ���'���  ���',,       ' ������ ".     ���  ��� .. ',,  ���'.. ,,-i.-^',--A^Mia��^^^MM^^'M^^^&A '"' Haw  ������ -.''������"���������'������"���..,; ", ���.���:��������������� i.-..     -'..���-������.������������..,-.'.'.{    ' ������."������   --. ���-.'���".   -������-.���,������ ������<    ......,.������ ���,.., ^].,.���,7.,v;,..v;,ivi;.,,.,,:.,���;r1vwiff.^ "    ~      ,  v'Y,''Y';Y;.;-iYv;Y^.;Y^'rY..' 'V''.';/'"YY-'YvYYY:YY- :'������'���'���' ;���'.'������;'' :���'.''��������� ���'..'Y'Y'*:v.-:-'���''��� Y'Y-.Y 'Y-'-Y'*YW ���'YYY-';-;-fYY--:','^:vv'- -:';������'"',..-' "r';':t: ������''!;./-' '".'���-* ������;���'     ���'���;;-.: L- ;" ''^:;ri';i*vft^f ;:;'��.l!Y;^^^':.*YY"',Y-* '���.:���"���'������',-'"' '"���;������.-''������'���''!? ���   '���:-.'   Y ,Y. ���     ���������' ' ���������'���v- ������  TilE   PIONEEH,    PHOENIX,   i-JRltl&u"  COLUMBIA:  l#|S^?ll^Y^^':>-tfvtY:S:i^  i  |}-yftp-^*^ft>:fe-*.;,:;v'  V";     ,,-' i'-*iS"���'���-,*>-.��..�����-<-������������-.������ .-�� ������",��� ���  ������ *������ ���i-Y'^^-^vw.&Jr:..:.-'^*.^.  '''���Vv *'���".�� - �����,���, *;.>:'-''. .'i.^'.'Y'r ���.',:.' I  .��� -^ttj1 -'--'��� -x''A-V-'���'.i'-Y3 ','->'.'! Y-'v'V. .'*"'*"*--���-*-  -^^iSMfeVr'  "��� ���.';���.���.,."*''*.'������'.������     .'���'������'���*.,* '���:-. ������'���'-���������'r-'-i'''V'Y-':'V;'^':'''.'-:':&''>-i^''j'"i^:  Mamieu's  ���'oi lar^'toA Over OIl^ ~ ���  I , not; only stpps a'coughbvftctjres  it.'   Its   tonic - and) > restorative  |V properties enable the syste,m to  % ' 'peVmanyni-ly* thVoW' off a cold.  Jj"li,>.-��i-"jij��. <   "m*1;   i'i'i      i1   i*r.  ff w > >;<. ��� 3 5c for-large, bottle.'  ,)-'.*���   *Sold'everywhere.' '"  -^   jf.'i,. MATHIHU CO., rrop'.,'     SlipRBROOKB.  D-HOILE OB  FOlEDEMORUEj  jDeHCA'I'HU'U j  I     ' CpMf*MiOH>�����.CMM  ���  i -MAXHIEtnS  i�� fc^?.* Tar  G0DU^0II|j  ,1 ,��!<��.-��.   illllM^  ^^��^'-��l>-'i^'.^'^,i^#  il|ipi||;;i:::;|i|j  ^ v/M^VviilY^vw Y^Y--^ Y'-' LYYc'"  $ss &�����:  :Yv��wr  ', OF "T^^'tM^^-  LIVER   Oil-  :>?$'?;',  BlHilrripiBg!(St6cfc;fat Messrs. FergusonBros,,  ^igisSjMilS-'^^or^^i.LL^^ir��A^ ;Winnipeg, Man< ���  ^oncfeixtrat^is  ���^  L jjiiSSiiSiiSS^KS'** **^ k* ^  .rtand'A.M/'  the head of-But'rard Inlet the  C. ���P.--R. is'laying triple tracks from  Port Moody to Coquitlam; and the  building of huge elevators on the  Port 'Moody ��� foreVshbre has been  approved. rTheC. P. I*', 'plans'' to  ship 50;000,000 bushels of- wheat  via Buriard'jlnle't-"duringv'the next  three-years'.'   '���      r' > < 'f   "  '  A   bill" to 'make ' qrueu'e   cutting  ��f c'ofnpuls(6'i*y":"was   brought  into 'the  3*S China'national council recently /and  ;����� m'u. lieated dis'cuJssion   took   place   on  bnd section of the bill, which  r Cia^^tliat'^Htho'se-'���'wh��' -**ear  d'etreC ire "to   b'e1 suspended   fr6iiii  enjoying tl/eir ^p'ulalic "rights.*    "TKe  elections 'for the' 'Na'tional-As's'emtily  firfe*  afiproachirfg, - and-this   would  Have mfeanl th'el*senrfartcHijiing',E*bf  H^arge'-f'n"uim&er)of'pV^n^ "The  '^resfaenVch^PefS^^Cuea^i-h'an'datl  stating that the^ wearing of' tn6  qdeues.fdould.uot. be considered .in  nalure'of Hit* offence, hut that at  the "same time it was the�� duty of all  onicials.lo encourage its discoi  V*lS't'it-M ''*A      *<"-    -"i"0    t ��      *   '  apce. *, -     '','"'  - 1  iiscohtinu-  ",'J British Admiralty contracts for  coal for the navy in 1913 have been  placedvra't -an- * allrfot-incl ��� ihfcrease of  about a shilling a ton> The quantity requirecl is about a million and  half tons. '     *      '      '  Plans for the inauguration of tlie  parc'el3'post'system 'J-tnuary^l are  being' completed 'in Washingtin,  and regulations which1 will tell what  can be shipped through' the parcels  post will be issued'at once. 1  Spain's naval* program*, it-is reported, will comprise three 'dreadnoughts of 21,000 tons each? two of  the latest-type of''destroyers,- nine  torpedo boats, arid three submarines.  All the ships are to be built in  Spanish yards.  Mr. Louis Edmond Panneton, K.  C.,of Sherbrooke, has been appointed Superior Court judge for the  district of Montreal, in succession  to Justice Laurendeau, who has  accepted' the position of City Attorney of Montreal.  Estimating the population at 120,  000, Vancouver has a grearer number of policemen per capita than any  other city in Canada.* Vancouver  has one policenien for every 445 inhabitants; Montreal, one for every  666, and ..Winnipeg,   one   for  every  lisi.  s Lord Deninap, Governor-General  ot Australia, speaking;at the Lord  Mayors' banquet,at Melbourne, ,said  tha�� the, features ,qf the year had  been ,the - steady advance of the  schemes of universal training,, results  of which had.been eminently satisfactory. (    /,.,'".  . The 1 British . Dreadnought 'Centurion,* ^whilst steaming-.at full speed  offrPorJtland 'Bill, iDorset, rani down  and sank amunkn'own steamer. The  battleship leaking badly, returned !to  port,--and .her f officers-stated that  they 'could"find 'no * trace of the ship  that wa��s sunk or-of her-crew, ,  <'i\n conjunction 'With' the British  War Office, the Australian "Govern-  ifie-iit, \Vhb''aref establishing* - a'flying  COi p^''6f their 'oi$n in" the' cbmmob-  wealth,* bave^ ordered*'two* biplanes  of-'the''���'B.' E.' type, 'a number of  wiiicJi are at present! being constructed for the l&itishkWar 'department.  fi*  Canada?s Naval Policy.  Local option .coiftes"ts7',are'  to   be  '���"-*   "      tO'i^AiUnicipalitie^    6f  if.  |i|BS||?|;'H;|JsY?YS^ coiclially;   wel-  ;*Tliere can be "no doubt,", say* a  writer  in    the   Berliner, Tageblatt,  Canada s     naval  on  "j-ibTicy, "fhat the inctease in the  British* fleet i!s not due to American  "6r French armaments, but to Germany's, action. Canada's contribu-  Uon is a "proof"of the unity and  strength of the British empire.  -.!     1.^*t ~'~  <*tI*A    lif:tleV reflection   must    long  since have   "made it obvious to any-  b,ody  that nothing was  more calcu-  '-"lsffced  to weld'together-the   British  empire, than the hurried,strengthen-  ��-       ^>, ��*"  ��  *-  uih; ot the German fleet."   v    '�����-,  YWpSYTHllA^ ��?STERS���       ���  ���:.;aMti'iiJntSiin'i'T*rnpJe t-��>*S!5(;  No. ^7/.��� -  |fp^flr.f|;c',iliJ iwi;*iiA..,.."V.'..\..     '  ^Yi^-YYKiAsti^ndThirdTJvur-4��ys.     / ���  '- '��' '-l:^-i    :^   -<'- x*      **.       -*  ; YMi-.-.YSlii.iS\llimtioin "Mr^. A D. McAv iiuio  '���"..>^4v^p^ �����������*...  tvm-  11  m  '%mm.  ;���?���������:  a-;:-1-.- .--������xj'XC^i^.'Y;.  ^-Crtrob Hill Ayai^  -��� ��� ,F irs't-cHiss y ;Fi r ��� aiKt^flfe  Trade Marks v  .wY-lDESIQNS       ;:^;  Copyrights Ac ;;  ii,i.    , 1  'i'" :>;l''*s.i-tilvJ,niWv'l" :-:-!'Aii*bft8"9eirl(iliiB*>>l-(*i<:hnii<Jjlo*wlptloiiinay>-;  ItYir'aiut I aiTiaracf,upuole.cuL,', ,^  $  i^j-;p^eo rd j j$7'i 00,:  qnL      .  IllVOIltl  ..^.,..;.;,���../,..'..t.l��UH.Sll-l  ' :     "f ' SePntfcuM ^akoff'tfir(VoiirM��nHr'i*eo.reoel.vov  irpfi^M.-iof'tceiYwIfhout aUnr^e, lu tna^  loiiimunlctW  on Patents  ffrpatontis,  CO.   ���   de'ci&Scf   in  I Ontario*ih. the approaching January  electibns. ' Of these eighty are Jbe-  ing1 brought on 'by 'the temperance  bodies in an effort to buy-laws *in  force, \vhii.st 21-rcontests 'have for  their objecf^e'repeal' of by-laws in  force for thre'e years or over.  ChurchSlnien in Canada is nearer  **     ^*a '     *r ** 1., .\  111 siijht through the decision ot the  jMnd'committee of Methodists, Preset.!   . ^ .<" 1 .'   ri. '/rt ' , .   I    I     J.     ,i  bytenaiis, and -Congregalionahsts  to proceed in tlie direction of organic  union byOtakingover, upon request,  llie'oversight of ihe unity churches.  'L'liesc, it is intended, shall from the  ���tcleufi of the "united cburrh  A.'-ui'plu-. 01 o\u i)3,000.o0c�� Ls  iccoided'-iti the .iiinu.ii import ol itie  r r - 7  Postmaster General. The number  of post offices in Canada, now  13,859,.has increased by 535; the,  iuimber:qf letters carried, was 566,-  140,00; amls'the total' revenue was;  SI6,482,225. There wiis an increase;  of* 1;86$,867"niile's in the mileage ctf  Viiiiij" routes.  The German Goverrimerit's'petro-!  leuni monopoly bill was introduced  in the .Reichstag by. Iiiiperial Trea-  'surerKuhn, who denied that the bill  declared War  on  the   Standard  Oil  /Ot.':   ,.':*:;;;": :   .    i:  ,-.u,i':i-'. ...-���:    ���'   ,-.<���   .-' ri-',  Company   and   said     that   it- was  designed only as a protective hieas-j  u re,   to   prevent  the'Standard   Oil  company from getting what threat-.  ened tb'be coiitrdlof Germany's oil!  ^industry;/':;        ! [        V ���;'/.' :';'i  A preliminary  programme of  the  vftiu.' Y of    British    Association    to  'AiiSVhvlja -in;|9i4 haii   been   issued.  'p\i JuW^) the main party will leave  LbndonSavd about August ''13   the  fir,st'part of;^e' presideiital   address  aylll; be   given ,lt   Melbourne,   and  papers will, be rei,* before the differ-  eiit .sections.       I'Ik .second   part pi"  the presideiital address-will be-given  at   Sydney,   and   theJ-meeting   will  conclude at ^Brisbane on August  preventive force of 55.000 men, as a  result of an1 order issued by Postmaster General Hitchcock. These  meli are 'the^'rural and'star route  mail carriers, who are directed to  co-operate-witH the v forest rangers  and State fire wardens in every way  possible.  The Pacific Logging Congress  believes in the expenditure by the  various States and Provinces of  liberal land4adequate appropriation'  for forest fire protection. To this  end the Congress, has indorsed the"  effortsbeing made for the creation  of field military posts, ��� near "the  national forests, with the view of  utilising the national troops where  emergencies .arise in t the protection  of the national forests from fire.  What is said to be a feud of long  standing over a r woman resulted in  the slaying of a. man known along  the G. T. P. grade as "Big Julia,"  the strongest and biggest man on  the grade, recently by Frank Taft, a  barber, at mile 29. Taft, it appears,  fired one shot from a .38-calihre revolver at the larborer's heart. The  bullet failed'to take effect; and, as  "Big.Julia" turned and ran Taft fired  at the abdomen, killing the man instantly.  It has been officiary estimated  that for the Austrialian elections  next year it will be necessary to  print 12,000,000 federal ballot  papers. There are only some 2,500,  000 persons entitled to vote, but in  order-that there'may be no-shortage  ot ballot papers at any one of the  polling booths, it has been considered1 advisal le to print 3,000,000. It  will be necessary to prepare separate  papers for the House of representatives, the ^Senate and the ��� referendum.-       *   ' -  <  The * commission appointed by  Premier Borden " to investigate the  administration of the" various 'Gov-  erhment Departments grouped un-  -der the Public Service Commission  has'pl'esent'ed 'a exhaustive report of  2,000 pages. It found no evidence  of irregujariities in connection' with  the Montreal,* Harbor Commission,  but clfarged^'extrav-agance   Against  CREAM  BAKJ  WDER  Cream of  > weekly. TVCrKTirt:; clrr. -  �� jwunml. Tt-inna'.'.lor,'  IMta iHC-jiftki.   ������Sotd' 1j*?'  SK i   * Ypiuch oinco.tm>.Y eu wiu.biu��ion,**o. <,:.  The" administration of the-'Sor'el iShip-  yard, and examined alleged" huge  "profits made' out of 'dredging ���contracts. >'- Y    "  The     blue    book    for    northern  Nigeria*,-"   issued   recently,   contains  an  interesting statement regarding  the development' of the   tin-bearing  acres of the protectorate. The report  shows thai:   in' 19-11   great   activity  prevailed,,  tHe   number   of mining  'leases granted rising from 14 to 95.  Tlie area covere'd by   mining  leases  iosc from 12;000 in   1910, to 34,818  acres in "the   following  year.      Be-  tweeii the year 1903,   when the output of tin did not"   exceod   one   ton,  'a'ndlhc'year 1911 /when it amounted  lo 1.4&9 tons,   the  development   of  the industry was enormous.  Saplings of pine and acacia trees  were4.1 anspjauted by, -hundreds of  ������hous.'nds Uiaj. jf ��u ������'<*- '-!><.   b.uclul  -idos LMcndiutf froiii "Min^-shou-han  ( *���  to i.asL ChiLuaiiahau, Pott Arthur.  I he civil efovernment office has  decided to transplant over 800,000  saplings of scrub oak, pine and  acacia in an area of about 360,000  tsubo (ab;0111'295 aCres)'on tlie same  liillsides next year.' This will complete the afforestation program for  'the range of hills running in the  s'h'ape'of a crescent albiig the northeast ofthe Japanese fortress town:  The fate of Dr. Jules Constantin,  k> French'' ariator in the Bulgarian  service', who was 'decorated by lving  "F,erinaiid for f7i;avery, is. described  in a despatch recently received.  Dr. "Constantin- started from Surma  village on.his   last   flight  over   the  Tchat'alja lines with the object?, of  dropping boi-ribs'oh the Turkish  troops. His biplane'-"disappeared  rapidly, and^sOme time later was  seen to-descend near the Bulgarian  camp. The aviator was found  lying on the ground dead with a  wound in his chest. The wings of  the biplane had also been pierced by  bullets.  A pure, healthful,  Tartar Baking  When buying an article of food yoij are  entitled to know exactly what you are buying  ���its quality and ingredients.  If this information is refused don't buy it.  Some of the low grade baking powders are  advertised, but the ingredients of tlie powders  are scrupulously concealed.  A housekeeper would not use a baking powder containing alum if she knew it.  It is well when buying-to examine  the label on the can. Unless it shows the  ingredient cream of tartar, don't buy it.  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X of tho Copper Handbook lists ,md  describes '  8J30 Mines i Companies  theso descriptions langins fiom 2 to a linos, in  'the case of a dead company, in ���wliiili ��nse  1 cferenco is made to a pi cccding; edition yi\ mg  a fuller dosouption, up to l\ pigth in tho ui-.o  of the Anaconda, i-rhii.li products one eighth of  'thocoppet supply of tho noild 'the cb.iptci  jfiving mine debCiiptions,*.\hich lihL�� the largc-t  nuiQber of luinCP and companies put giien in  iinj ivotk of icfoienco on milieu oi mining 111  \ cslnicul>. lia-s been  Fully Revised.  The new edition of the Copper Handbook !�� a  du/en bookhin one, coloring all phases of tlie  coppei industiycif the entire woild. It is used  as the  -^World's Standard Reference Book on Copper"  bj tlKMiiiuiiigeihnf the iniiie-s thiili'i.ikc nmoty-  odd pel cent of tho woild's output of coppei,  -uiiil in used 111 o\eij eiMli/.ed countiy uf. tho  globe. It ls tilled with FACTS of >Itivllni:  poi-Ucneo to  tHIC INVK.STOR   "" ''"'""'"'"  THK .SPKCUI.ATUK  TKK MINKR  > THK CONSUMKIl"  THK aiKTALLUitGIS*  :' . lJKICK in ��5 in buckram with gilt top. or$7.!*fe,  ���i�� genuino full library 'morocco. ,;i'  TKRMS are the inostUberril." Send nojii.onoy,  but order the book sont you. all ^nri;iage-  leluu-BOi' prepaid, on one week's appi-oval, to be  Teturiied if utmatisfactorj', or paid for if it sultti.  iJCiiu you atftnil nut. to wo the book uiid.jiulKO  Vfoi- youn-ulf of its \ alo��-0<> you *  WUIT1'* NOW In the edit or mid pubU^lu-i.  More than a million miles ,|>1  territory in conipaniti vely spar.s<|y  fielilccV-.s'iction-s of the U,n.itedStHtl'S  will lit? covered daily bv :.i fore'-ijlile  Is interested and should know  ��� about ,the wonderful.:    ,  MARVEL Whirling Spray,  The new Vaifln��l Syrinx,   liw:  ���Most convenient. 1: cl��an<��� i.  '   iu.-.t.intly.       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SYNOPSIS OF COAL  MINING REGULATIONS  Coal ruining rights of-the Doiuiiiion,  m Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tlie Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and in a portion of tlie  Province of British Columhia, may be  leubed for a term of twenty-one 'yeTirs  at an animal rental of {jSl-uiraoru. 'Not  more than 2,5(J0 aerct- will be leased (<��  ono applicant. *"        ;  Ajiplicatioii for a lease must be ui'adii  by the ajiplieanl U\ prirHon lo the  Airent or Sub'-Ageni of the district iii  which the rJghla.applied for are situated. ? " ��� ��� ,  Ins-iirieyed territory'thelaiid must  be described by. seclious, or legal subdivision1* ^of-'bPCtions, and in/'iinsm*-  veyed teriilory the tract applied for  shall bii .staked out-* by the applicahl  hinibclf. _     '"  "Each 'application tniisl be accompanied by a fee of $5 which.will-be refunded if the ri^hf.s applied, for are npl  available, btit'not otherwise. A royalty bliall be jiaid on the merchantable  output ol the mine at the rate of live  ceutb per ton. '  ITh'e pe.iaon operating the mine shall  furnish the Ajrcnt with sworn returns  accounting for the fulL.quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  i.oyalty thereon. If tlie coal minipg  xighth ait, not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least orice  a yeai. ��� Yfd  Tho lease will include the coal mining  i ighli- only, but the lessee may be permitted to'purchase, whatever available  surface lights'-.'���may bo. ���������'considered  noces-iiiiy lor the. working of Ihe niiiie  at the l ate of .$10.00 an acre. if  Foi full .mformatic^n application  should be niacU'toMhe Secretary of tlie  Department ofYthe Interior, Ottawa.  oi toMin Agen(t6r Sub-Agent of Dp-  mimon Lands. :  w: w. coitY,      ;r  iJeputy jMinister of the JntericJi'.  \.D. l"uauthoiv,w-".i piil'liialiou ;>.���!  tin- adi, rt'se;i,i*-|i^'Ui.not:-\<o paid f<*r.  RECO STEW LAUNDR|f  brm't'"worry a-Botit ytwtr washing}';  just send, your clothes to the  Laundry.    We  will   wash, starch,5  and iron  tliemi and  return them.  ���',   ��"*    .������"���'.���        i.:''  ready Ionise. *"-'  LADIES'   AN"U'"G15NTS'   SUIT*'  CLEANED AND 'PJIE.SSI2J).   f-  A Trial Solicited. ��[  Phone 50.   Domin5on Ave.  NOT ErtOUQH OPERATORS.;;  w        .1*1    -    .  -���.-'. ��� *���:  ;.,-' ..-5.' ~~"���~" ' J;  Ra-ilways    and   Wireless    Concerns Short of Key men to|  Transmit Messages. I  With the new federal laws in effe'et  requiring railways and ships to be provided with more telegraph and wireless  operators, there is a widespread scarcity  of men and women to man the keys.  Commercial telegraph companies are  feeling the same shortage. All seagoing vessels are now required to have  wireless equipment, and carry two operators where one was deemeed sufficient  before. Schools for telegraph operators  are finding it extremely difficult to meet  demand of all branches of the service.  The-Morse Telegraph'companp, opposite  the. Orpheum. Theatre.,',;Seattle, will  gltidly mail yon, upon' request a. c'ltalo  frue'oiitiiningthe C'oiirc<*s-for men: ami  women. '. This is the lowest school of  of the kinil in the  in-rthwewl.  4  W  ���a -.ij��Jjiflu.i*nm.<J ^v.tr��:"��fjrrir.JA-mnr'nru AMAuSa 'Ml' ��� '      .  ' ���" 1 7'��� '    -   *���   -  THE   PIONEER)   'PHOENIX/   BRITISH*   COLUMBIA.  Nature intended that the body should do its own  repairing���and it isould do so were it not for the  fact thai most of us live other than a natural life.  Nature didn't intend that wo Bhould wear corsets, tight collars or  ohoes, nor live in bat'ly ventilated and draughty houses, nor eat and  drink somo of tlse tlun��j that wo do, nor ntlo in street cm a when we bhould, -walk.  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Martin Burrell *  Not us much is heard of or  is known of the agricultural department at Ottawa, as should be, says  the Hamilton ' Spectator.- After all  is said and done, it is one ofthe.  most important branches of the  government, for agriculture is Canada's basic industry'and the progress  and prosperity of the Dominion depends upon the progress and prosperity ofthe farmer. Hon. Martin  Biirrell, the minister of agriculture  is a poor advertiser. ' He is a;  modest man,'too modest, some say,  for a politician. He "'works night  and day and talks little.  Since.he came into office, he has  worked many reforms, looking towards the advancement of a'gricul-'  ture. He" has initiated'" many  schemes for the betterment of the  farming industry. He found a department which was'in a nit.' There  'was no other department at Ottawa  where the 'whole service was so  plainly marking time. The agriculture department has many experts,  yet initiative was discouraged and  dry rot seemed to have set in.    '  ' -  Mr. Burrell has awakened lip'the  department, he has infused a new  spirit in every branch of the service  and has succeeded iu inculcating his  own energy and enterprise into the  department.  - 1-1 on. Sidney Fisher, the former  minister, had a paternal way of taking every-  stray   department   under  Cleanliness our-W'atehwa.r-<&  ^^^^ ix. j.   xnu   ���.. ii  ii      ii" i"ti rriimriri -n     ...      ;  ' ; ;  The product of the local dairies is good, but ours is  the best.  'Cleanliness is our watchword, and no germ can pass our sentries.  Our poultry department has increased its supply of eggs.     Let us  accojnmpdate you. PHONE F 32  BX  W. A. McKay & Sons  Proprietors  ���      NEAREST HOTEL TO FAMOUS GRANBY MINES  FIRST-CLASS ACCOMMODATION  FOR  MINERS  Bar Stoclaed with the Finest.Iiine of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A. O. JOHNSON  Proprietor  "HI       '"  Su it able Christmas Gifts  Ifyou would kindly step into this store and see the  Lsirwe and Varied Assortment of Smokers' Supplies  also the   Beautiful Goods  suitable   for 'Xmas Gifts.  Tobacco, Pipes amefi Smokers'Supplies  Stationery, Books, Toys, Brushes* etc.  Did vou see our New line of Post GarcR  hisJwing.'     The' consequence   was  that the department was loaded up  with woik which had nothing in the  world to do with agriculture.     Census   and    statistics  came  under the  administration ��� of   the   'minister    of  agiicuItiire*'cop3*i-ights and patents;  the   archives,   public   health,.and   a  half   dozen   "other    branches    were  stowed in this department.  The   first   thing   Mr.   Burrell   did!  .        I  was   to   re-arrange   these   services. ;  The census and statistics branch  was tiansfetTed to the department  of trade rind commerce where it  more properly belonged. The archives branch natuially fits in with  the work of the secretary ol' slate  and was transferred lo.fhal department. Talents and -copyrights will  likely be transferred, tins session to  the department -ot' state, and the  public-health branch w.ii'r also1 likely,  be taken '-from the department' of  agriculture.  The most important question Mr.  Burrell undertook .on assuming  office was to formulate a general  policy for the betterment of agricultural conditions in Canada. It was  felt, however, that nothing in this  direction- could properly be done  until a general survey of the agricultural conditions in Canada had  been made. It was therefore decided to give immediate assistance  to'a'gricult.ure-by voting the sum of  $500,000 to this oause by way of  grant-to the provincial governments  on a population basis. Such grant  to be expended for the cause of  agriculture according to a plan approved by the minister of agriculture at Ottawa. The following figures shows how much each province  receives: Ontario, $175,733.31; Quebec, $139,482.40; Nova Scotia,  $34,288.45; New Brunswick, $25,-  509.93; Prince Edward- Island,  $6529.S5; British Columbia, $27,-  334.76; Man., $31,730.04; Sask.,  $34,296.29; Alberta, $26,094.90.  If the new policy was to be broad  in its scope and wide in its usefulness, it w.'i1* necessary that ii !v  based   upon     accurals     infonnatii u  Dr. C. J. James, deputy mfrfisUer of  agriculture forlyears in Ontario, as  commiisioner to make a thorough  investigation and make recommendations and ��� suggestions for the  consideration ' of the government.  Mr. James has been' devoting all  spring and summer to his inquiry,  and liis leport is now nearly ready  and w,ill be presented to Lhe house  this season.  Particulat attention,has also been  paid by the minister to experimental farm work. At the Central Experimental farm -at Ottawa, the  work was strengthened by the  addition to the staff of a field husbandman, an animal husbandman,  and an agriculturalist. A specialist  was also .appointed to take chaige  of forage plant work..-       <���  Some additional 'work will be  done along-the line of investigating  horse breeding and the feeding of  steers with a view of giving, information as lo tbe relative value of  the different breeds of cattle, and of  feeding in profitable, beef production.  Small herds of Holsteins and Jerseys  have also been added to the, list of  breeds maintained so that_represen.  tatives of all the better known.dairy  breeds of cattle kept in Canada are  now to be found at the^Central Experimental farm.  >- By-these additions to the'staffs,  it is hoped that valuable work will  be done along all lines of agriculture of interest and ' value .to the  farmer generally. "It was. found  that the work of the experimental  farms.had in many .cases .in/ecent  years been somewhat -neglected.  Barns and property had been-allow-  ed to. get out of repair, and the  work ofthe farmers had- been' hampered by lack of facilities.'' The  farms were in many" cases not of  my vital value to agriculturists,-and  particularly to local farmers to!  whom they should be, an inspiration.  For example, it was found that!  there was an experimental farm at  Lacombe, in   the  heart of the cattle  * i  country.     Yet for  lack of facilities,'  and through   the  small   area  of the,  farm,   live    stock    was   practically'!  neglected.     Mr. Burrell has* secured  I  an additional tract of land and froinjl  now on   thb.   necessary, ^i.ds will be  given to live stock, matters.,      :-  ���  The   buildings   of" the  Kentville,  Nova Scotia, farm-are   in  course of  const! uction, *ahdv mbch  good'work  has   been   done 'under   the   siipeiin-  lendenee   of W.   S.   Blair,   formerly  professor of agriculture at McDonald 'college, whose .services   the' department   was'fortunate   enough to  oblain.     It is   confidently expected  lhat the work   dune   at" this farm in  fruit   growing   and   other   branches  of agriculture will be of the greatest  possible benefit    to' lhe   people, not  only in the Annapolis and Cornwallis  valleys,   but   in   tlie   othei   districts  where     fruit    growing     i-* -not  specialty.     The  land foi*  a new -experimental-farm   has also   been acquired' al   Kredericktoh,   N.Bi, and  the preliminary work outlined. -'This  f.-rm u'iii   pai'Licilarly ,<erve .llie i^t  lohii   valley   and  no��� 'doubi Yjwill dc  much to  promote   the -welfare: ol all  branches of agriculture.   The necessary building's have been constructed  at the Invermere  farm in the Kootenay district, and useful work aiong  all lines will be carried on.  What has been expected for some  time has come to pass.     The Right.  Him. J as.    Bryee, British  ambassador to  the United   States,  has  tendered   his   resignation   of the post.  It could   not   have  been  otherwise,  for Mr.    Bryce   was   anything but a  favorite with the   present Conservative administration   of   this country  ���tod' \\>Ho* will riot. speedilyJf6i-get'his  rneddlesome     tactics  ;ancl   unveiled  sympathy    with    the    advocates   of.  reciprocity on   the  other side.     Thi  old gentleman is  but another adf^  to the list' of British  statesmerr*'K1  have   been   badly    i'oolcd  b/'"lose  after-dinner references lo^�� *same  liberly-Ioving   institutiy^1  "ie 1:m~  guage    of  Shukcspe/-   of Mi,lon  and* Byron," and s/iaJ��!iUsel[m-  i-        r .,,;n .����*l  ho  sighs alter;  Canadians   will \v  the   ret real'mg;^,n  Bryce;" /  DEBILITATED MEN  YOUNG MEN AND IVODDLS-AGED MEW.  tho victims of early indiscretions and laterals.  cosscB, who oro failures In h��e���you are tho  ones wo can restore to manhood ona revlvs  tlio spark of energy and vitality. Don't give  up in despair becau<-o you have treated witla  other doctors, used electric belts and tried  vauous drug store nostrums.  Our New Method Treatment has snatched  hundreds from tho brink of despair, hag restored happiness to hundreds ot homes and  has made successful men of those -who wbt��  '���down and out." Wo prescribe specific remedies for each Individual case according to tbe  symptoms and complications���we have no  patent medicines. 1 his is one ofthe secrets of  our wonderful success as our treatment cannot fall, for wo prescribe remedies adapted to  each Individual case. Only curable cases accepted. We hare done biuincM throucbont!  Canada for over 20 Yearn.'  CURABLE CASES  GUARANTEED  OR NO  PAY  DCRnCD Aro you a victim? Have you lost  flCnUtn hope? Are you intending to marry**  linn your blood been diseased? Have you any  wettkiiessf Our New Method Treatment will  cuto you. What Jt has done for others it will  do for you. Contultation Free. No matter  v>ho has treated you, write for nn honest  opinion Free of Choree. Book*. Free���  "lioyhood, Jlanhood. Fatherhood." (Illustrated.) on Diseases of Men.  NO NAMES USED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT.   No name, on boxei or.rarA  ope*.   Every thine Confidential.   QueaUon LUt end Coit of Treatment'FREE FOR HOME  Drs.KENNEDY&KENNEDY  Cor. 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Campbell, mining expert on the  Granby company's staff, returned to  town from the coast on Saturday last.  Jos. Ten nant and Win. Hodge of  Greenwood were the guests of Mr.  and Mrs.' J-. J. Bassett for Christinas  Day. ' ���      ;    ..  Mr. >and Mrs. Thus. McBlroy of Spokane, Wash., are the guests of the  latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.  Murrdy.  For Bale���Mason and Risch. piano;  excellent tone; nearly new. Will be  sold fov half its value. Apply Pioneer  office.  Mrs. K. Laurie and family are paying a visit to Mr. Laurie, manager of  the Granby hotel. They came in from'  Chewelah on Saturday.  Mrs. N. J. Carson returned to town  on Monday from Winnipeg, where she-  had been called owing to the serious  state of her mother's health.  Eddie and Miss Edna Swanson returned to town on Saturday to spend  the Xmas-school holidays with their  parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Swanson.  For Sale���A very desirable residence  on Spion Kop; good spring water on  lot; chicken bouse and woodshed. Will  rent half of house. Apply on premises.  Will the. party who accidentally exchanged a child's overcoat at St.  John's church Christmas entertainment, kindly return the coat t6 the  Pioneer office.  CORRESPONDENCE  We wish it to be understood that  the opinions expressed in any  letters to the editor are not necessarily those of this paper. AH  communications must be signed  with the name of the author.  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"Yukon is  now turning its attention to quartz  mining, which is a comparatively  new innovation for the north country,", says Dr. Thompson. "We  need a big development company,  and we expect to get such a company next year. We have already  two of the biggest companies in the  world of mining."  To Editor, Phoenix Pioneer.  Dear Sir,���  Kindly allow me a  small space in  your paper  in order   to  lay   before  your  readers   a  few   simple   facts  in   connection   with   the   new   road  and   the   Hartford    Hotel.       Some  time last  Spring  our  indefatigable  road supt.   made  his  appearance in  the   burg  loaded   down   with   blue  prints  and   held a meeting on   the  q.t. for   the  purpose   of finding out  the sentiment of the people with regard to the  proposed change in the  route   of    the   Grand    Forks   and  Phoenix   wagon   road.       To  begin  with, the previous  survey was done  by F. M.   Kurdy,   a  gentleman   acquainted with the needs   of this district and familiar with   the country.  Mr.   Kerby's  survey, however, was  not to the liking of those higher up,  who appear to   attach  more importance   to the trans-provincial  highway,   which   passes    up   Fourth  of  July  creek   to  Summit  camp,  and  meets   the   Greenwood   road,    but  benefits no one, and positively hurts  all those  living   along the old road  and  previous  survey.     Now   1  understand that   the  recommendation  for  the    change   of  survey   which  were made at the  "public meeting"  are not  satisfactory, but   of course  it is  too  late now   to  be   rectified.  The Hartford hotel  is one property  to  suffer  by   these   star   chamber  methods,    the  government  having  arbitrarily cancelled   its license, al-  thongh   in   equipment   and   accommodation it  complies   with  all  the  strict requirements   of  the  law and  has been   in  existence  since   1899.1  The reason given for cancelling the  license   was  to the   effect  that the  new  road  had   robbed the  hotel of  its usefulness, and   this   in  the face  of the fact that some thousands have  been   expended    on   the   property.  Now considering that I have been a  resident of Phoenix for the past 16  years the authorities might have deferred action until the new road was  completed, which as the song says,  "may be for years   or it may be for  aye."  Phoenix, Dec. 27, 1912.  Jos. J. Bassett.  DANCING ACADEMY OPEN  MINERS' UNION  HALL  ONE  MONTH  ONLY  W.   B.  MARKS,   INSTRUCTOR  Those  desirous  of taking   Lessons  should hand in their names at once.,  B.C. Mining  'XMAS SPECIALTIES  JUST ARRIVED-r-A splendid line of  Brass Goods, including* Jardinieres,  Vases, Gongs, Smokers' Sets  Get   an  'Xmas  stocking* and   Campbell  Kid for the children.  .  Phoenix Drug Company  SUCCESSORS TO JOHN LOVE  'Phone 16. T. S. Ouance, Manager  Greenwood    "^lagC" i-rlflC  The Sc*rvicey,n Sunday in Sfc> John>8  Church are: H^ Oolnmunlon ai 7#3ft  a.m., Morning Kyer afc 10.30, Holy  Communion at 11 av Sunday SchooI  at 2.30 p.m., EveniiiW.ayer. at 7<30t  Ltev. L. B. Lee, Rector>  Catholic  The stated services in  church are as follows:   FirsK,d third  Sundays in  th*** month.    Maf  a.m.,   Sunday  School    at  2.  Evening Service at  7.30   p.rn  Father Choinel, pastor.  A, herd of elk are now being secured in Wyoming for Strathcona  Park, the new B. C. Wonderland on  Vancouver Island.  Methodist Church ���Sunday school  and Bible class, 2.30 p.m.; evening service, 7.30 p.m. Prayer "meeting, Thursday evening, at 7.45 p.m.    Rev. J. J.  Nixon.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian church���  'Service will be held in the above  chinch on Sunday, Dec. 29th, at 11  a.m. A ��� cordial welcome. Rev. J. R.  Munro, pastor.  "MONTREAL.  THE  STANDARD   Is  the  National  ^vjVeekly   Newspaper   of   the  Dominion  in  all  its  FOR SALE  Team of . first class mules for sale,  very quiet. Will be disposed of sopar  atc'ly.���P. Burns & Co., Phoenix.  Canada. 4^ It Is national  the  most expensive engrav-  touring the photographs from  *U OVer\ world.  Its art!cT^re carefully ejected and  its edltorial^j^ la thoroughly  Independent.    \^  A subscription The SUndan,  costs $2.00 per yoA. any address ,���  Canada or Great Br\n  TRYJTFoK^of  Montreal   Standard  Chinamen on Wild Horse creek  are getting out logs for riffles and  reparing flumes.  A number of men are busy  doing  the annual  assessment   work   on   a  number of claims  on   Lewis   creek.  The   Sullivan     mine    last   week  shipped four carloads of ore   to   the  Trail  smelter.    The   steam   shovel  outfit at  Perry creek   still   continue  to develop their ground by means of  a drill.     Holes have been  sunk to a  depth   of 80  feet   to   the  bedrock.  Favorable reports   from   the   recent  strike in the Society mine   at Moyie  are being received.  A promising shoot of shipping  ore has been struck' in the old workings of the Crown mine, at Ains-  \Vorth, which is under operation by  the Crown Mines company, a Spokane corporation. The ore was  reached in the old tunnel at a distance of 150 feet from the porta  and this tunnel luu. been driven for  an   additional   100   feet. Present  operations, include sinking on this  ore, which-had been proved for a  distance of 50 feet, and the driving  of a crosscut to tap a shoot of shipping ore which outcropped on the  surface 250 feet north of the adit of  the old tunnel. W. A. Davidson is  in charge of the property, which is  /connected with the Silver Hoard  mine by a new trail. Rawhiding is  expected to commence shortly.  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 8.45 a.m. ^  " "        lower town,   9.00a.m- I  Standard Time  Leave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. J  PROMPT  ATTENTION  TO EXPRESS AND FREIGHT  H. ML LAING, Proprietor  D.  J.  MATHESON   Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B. C.  The  underwear  without a fault  ��-^��  Limited, Publisher  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.      Phone A65  James G. McKeown  ff<  w  i  ���ii  4%  ti  1  i  h\  t'.


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