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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 16, 1911

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 ^YYW^Y^^y^^0^M^'  '' W^i^i-0i0!{f'  YYY"YY;YYYYYYtiY:;Y^Y?YYWY?Yi   ^  Y^YY'^'^ i S;  ,, .. V',v V;^-^*";:;- .^^^ *<[  :��� :������::j���'���"���"���'-''��� ���"^������������--. ��� ��� -j���'^ ������ ������������ ������������ 1'/-.,f i-ifiiii ���   ii         ���      ���  ^tfoSwSS  ^^^^���Bfe^MSifrfji ;,nrtftii'i"j'iii'n '.'���iiriliiN)<>i|l|'v;iit^!>..iiriiiiriri(iijii, :..,.��',��.i'u,|.,.,|d.:-iyt!i _���������,'i,A--'---..,.���,-..-'���,.'���.;  THE ALEXANDER HOTEL  , 0$r$e^b$f j h^'��� most ? aln rifting firi&s.  .^ht^'hayc^ yisi ted };:;Ph;o'euixi;;;;?iuid;  'bT*heJpc)Fil^der^  brokc-piitinanjUnpcciipjcd building,  join i ngltHe'. /Alex itndjiM .H of el:K;yThb;  nlfirm was raised nboiit:t\vaorelocfc  pit Monday-morning; fye fire buying  'nypnrciUlyi'i'iii'ecii^  time/; r��y,;' j as/;f'VJ^temarrv. froiri }$)}&  G rariby^; wori��^ron^:',7)^>c^. Chief ���  Qockstea^ercw  toiw rt.^H'.'S6b.n:'; aifter/ t heWish rili::nofjes  ''ofVttitflGran^  ���over'-ib^'t^  Wir/c$t{;^  ;by;-fhe;^  :riebf;:&undiei^  jtereiii-'/qujcfcjy^^  '.t broe'Jiiie^'p|'inWe;; v^erelpja^in^n'  'Xliefisti'j^^  ;i*$i��b��wj&fl^  ��� up'pi'r^ft^  UieipVopeyiylbn;; the "ubrt Jv>ide^ but  .after/sbm^  'ilie*'.;'.^  upper;.!Jto'ryi:'b'f;'the;!b!ock; the: snow  .'on'.'.'tKi^n^  .^'crty$;pj;o^^  ;hgitinst|the/;n��^  ���iGqiiisifrtiernb^  :do^;ufidp^^''X;;'PerkinsV:''a^tstant  'nbrtii^sid^f^their.^ cutry^into -1he  b^irpin^bufitiinfr: contributed  in a  gTeatSmensujteJ toi .the  snbjfection'ibf  ihe firei in^iHat quarter and: its pbs^  ^sftye/lspfead'tfb?^  ���WrnV* ne'laiVHy,- vvi t K.;: the; Vnfeist ancb;  'of a.:..hi^st'-ppVblii'hieeVs' was success  fid ' " " "" ' "  .];':The)%;wnsSnw^  i il jy p$fi^^^  on^Wcdnesday^  bu;sin'et;slike^^  ���s.uccessfal.':.^  .ofifce^iboth^^  .'t��&��:''lt^^  ;,aiir|i:pr^api^atipn fepf4|ei��nfeeriMto  ���.t\$ep'ly^  fiPsti%rflctic.e;/is]v��cn'e'dtik  :p!'acei:.,vpVi^^  fplib^in^were unaninipiiSljjelected^  Ciimpl^eli,^.hcin.   vicerpreisi; Ajarhes  .iin,:,i;yjce-prVsr5ybh^  trcas/-i.]Gi:^Cninei ii'andm  Rpberts,;librai:iari;;; business' coinrri!^;  ��� P^ii-r- M atbesbn r:;M.<?ssrs^:; ivTp|?in  idjiiA''-^.Y;Biner'".\yet^  mermcr&Y*Yr':'fY:':%}Y^t  :'Y''i'.lf.''-''^i'li';':-^ '���''$tv'v  Energetic Committee Appointed  :;^^ri^;|iig)|:stan^a^d ^^b^^y/iv^^  .;vi^tre^cjie|/:;|[Jt^^:^  ' iibcuoy RteamK^nd^'Ipfiiy wbi'chV'tbiey'i  ,Jjay.e'.;eyer.^been ;exppnentsy is. tajbe,.  ;rrf|{d!itained.:'^isi::year;;;;r^  ;.nbi;l'o^^b'e^V;C:pn,t^^  ������fhe/lM'reis%gain:eayvj'n^  ;matc.hes ;'^lie.|int(i?iicl}f:it rt^eferiiilier;  '.t iti e*Tt^j;th��^y*a.ni.a. :;ii; ide jter^inteU/asjd-.  sporting effort is .to be inadVto^keepi  . tlieir;stbck?b^ stlv^r^a^vfoC^niUhitir:  ^B'^spn'i3plnv"b^Ue^  ';preiiminailie^  .;!r;A.n''^nteriainment^^  ;Ch'ristmaf^e^l��.:^  ^pilbwinff^itlwSS&o  5pi[pn;;j'j;pr?s^;OgjB^,;Sm  I':**;,...,  Yfr w_Y!0YY��Y&'i$Y&>i  YY wM00$i^����Y$&  ������:!Z? ^IKf^J^?K^fV^i?^;i:fttil-'fE  ^ |^fflS^^^P^^p��p|^5|^|^^|^^pfi  of bur new early Fall  model walking shoes.  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We have  New Shirts, Neckwear, Gloves,  and medium-weight Underwear,  marked at prices that will please.  tbo^impbrtant  ;:abie' ^clirei^hrisH been|ft:ikeiv;in:;|ihe  ;.traimngvo^t iVe^ii i |d re n-.and';'a] pleiijsj-.  ^nrlr^eijir^'jj^aniticjpfi  i\ LsVrtbiLitjpiV "^pf^ prcsertts^frbm^tbe  ^GhVisiirn'sis^ree;'^  ���twecn.- JLhe; rtrst   and ; second;  acts.  friends are   reqtiested; to send ���pre-  seiits;]:fci  the hall   on ..Thursday or  early ion   Friday.    Everybody ��� welcome. A ;:'.��� "���'.-; .,._.. ..   :���-. ��� ���;....-,'-.,,   '  ^Funeral of E. P. Shea  The funeral' of Kugcn'e P. 'Shea,,  who died at Phoenix, Dee. 3rd,  after a lingering illness lasting- for  several nionths, look place last  week at the Bagles' Cemetery.  There was a very large attendance  of friends and members of the local  lodge of the Fraternal Order of  Eagles, of which the late Mr. Shea  was a P.W.P. The services preceding the interment were held in  the;.Gatbblic .Church,; -the Rev.  iraiijer^i:noiner;;;ofiiciatingl ��� The deceased gentlernenj--was among the  early'arrivals in Phoenix, ��� haying  lived here continuously since 1895.  ���Hewns^rnative of New YorkStiite,  being bom at Saranac Lake.      Prer  .*��PUS.*.iO,.^  lived in Montana. Mr. Shea married five years ago�� Miss Esther  Swrinspn, of Phoenix, to whom the  deep sympathy of the community is  extended. A large delegation of  Greenwood Eaglesfollowed the remains to their last resting place.  ''u^^P^^YyZyZ.  ^;;'.rfh|^ve!eiit^he'--\'G.ra  begani.enroning/rneti.-^ahditbisi; will  bexbiitiiinetl frorn dity;-;tb ;dayvas  fast as the .���.men. can ' be ^uscdJto.ad-  vahtage.; ��� The company intend,-, if  possible, : to have a shipment: of  3000 tori.s reticlyVon or before the  21st of December. Satisfactory  shipments of coke are now arriving  [it the.smelter... ��� ;-  :|xipipsJ-p]n:Jn-i^^^^  :Serwcc^��tnic^;:'>\^S/  ^*Re0N;/N^Nii^ W$��  fMeVbbd'ist:/..CJi![i'^  both . the   Enirlish : arid  ?Jan;^^!!P^.prertix^>;*;^i'ttG  vFerJ^:6^eVr|/vPpd'^^  ;Peb.\]fc-'-^  Feb 12 GreeiViyvpbd :at Grandfforkjs  Feb 16 Grand'lpbrksy;..at Phoenix  pressive,    ���j<.-.../  >Vejsn:;iang^ages. bein^ l^ed. ; johii  Morns;.   ofTered^ i the:fi inypcatbry  prayer/; winch;'���was;fv>llo.wcd;;b>-;||ie  sinmric-  of a   hvriln   in 'Welsh, re'n-i . ..,-:.       ������������-.   . ;���-. >���. .     ���      ���������-  -"'��'"*';���      "-..'������. ,.'    .       output of the mines and smelters of  dered in. beautiful unison. .-J beas-1  Boundary Ore Tonhagres  Follbivingarfr'th'e  returns  of trief:  FIRST-OLASS WOR K  :Y t5;;price^;!ybat;;Will|^ ...,- -..-.....-.;-,,,.  ^;;;;;;pbck^tijb;^  M;fJ and:teir"y^ur;|Tp;wb!^  '.:'.YYl^HONE A^fa';;/;.;;;;;;;;  ; ���;;^--  :   .   -.,.,; .     : .- i the Boundary district for���������'��� the-; ive'ek  sembled congregat.onalsp joined m  .enciin^DeO 14, arid vear rotate:  the singing  of the bymn^ VNearer!  ^^   ..^; ^Y^Ys&fr.)  My, God to   The^'   and   Newnvin s  M-,,^ Lo^.-...; 6(4g6 ; 2y4>41 7 j  " Lead  Kindlv  Light."     Ihe. Rev.   ,    ,   ^ t  Jack rot-.  w^imW^ikW^^^  1  Christmas-Fires - ; Y  Let there be no Christmas fires  this years. Fires due to Christmas  decorations are more numerous than  arc generally supposed: It is estimated that there were 500 such fires  in the United Suites last year.  It is careless to tamper'-With electric wiring to  produce or facilitate  displays.' Y.:'i -.."YY-.-Y^ ���.���'?���'.'  ,   To use cotton batting in;a^shbw  window. . .'��� ���-....'>.... ���-������'-;  To allow the inexperienced and  thoughtless to do the decorating.  - To bang inflamtnable' material  where it touches or may be pushed  or blown against .<toye,pipes, steam  pipes, lamps, gas or electric   lights.  Care should be taken with celluloid ornaments in ^decorating.       "i  Do  not   allow   children   to   light  candlcrs on Christmas trees.  Keep children away from an illuminated tree.  Do not   leave an  illuminated tree  unwatehed.  N. N. Nixon preached the funeral  discotirse"and the benediction by the  John .Morris terminated the service at the hall. A'very large number followed the casket to the cemetery, where prayer and a hymn in  the vernacular closed the service.  Rawhide;^.; ���-.; ���'.'. <:. .',}���������:.   i78,633  Athelstan: ;'. ���.'.."..,. .  :.. .. 7,027  Others..........      859      13,973  S.MEl.TKK TONNAGES "  Granby .'.,.     . . ..    577,791  ���B. C. Copper Co...   7,419   564.55S  ^^   '^^l^r^n^^^^^Sty^s^jiM^  Fraternal Order of  Eagles.  IN F/aESVlORIArVl  Marriage of Miss Howe  The following   item  recently appeared in  the Vancouver News Advertiser:   Mr.  Thomas  Johnson  of  Co4iiitlam and Miss Sarah Ellwood  Howe of  Vancouver were .married  at   Coquitlatn   on    the   evening   of  December 5, by the Rev. E. C. W-.  McColl,   pastor    o(   St.    Andrew's  Presbyterian   Church,   Westminster  Junction.   The bride was for several  years  the  efficient   and   highly   esteemed   matron   of  the  hospital  at  Prjpcnix,   and  more'"recently occupied a similar position   in the Boys'  College  in  Victoria.     Mr. Johnson  has been well known as a builder in  Coquitlatn.    The couple  will  make  their   home   in   Westminster  Junction."    Mr. Johnson was formerly a  resident  of Phoenix, while  the officiating cleigyman  was  at  one time  stationed here.  B. C. Copper Treatment  The B.C. Columbia company's  smelter, treated 7,419 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  6,207;.; Rawhide, ...; Wellington,  285; Athelstan, 119; others, SOS.  Refreshing Afas^:ig#^br7nniJivvigfor-  .ating'Shampoo.."'". New and lrp-to-.  Date.in every particular,     .    ;....'  C. A.  '..Fire, Life and Accident Jn-  " surarice.   r :Gener;ii/Agehts.  Issuer of^ Marriage Ucences  Bank fijoc^^hqeriix^ B.C.  |^||'i^jj;yHtf|)fjJJJMi.umii'|mjmJJlMJII^HIIMUUjmttMJ*  Ni#,;'ii��-!.<��s  \M>$0��Y'' ���'  '.���.4n-i?,--"j?i>.*:  .���������,.rM��B.JOUER AMD EGGS!  U^JH I Illl.llll.llllllll.llll.lllll.ll.lljl    ^ 1   Having made the necessary arrangements for Christmas, we will  |,c!in a position to furnish you with Cream, Fs"��9h Butter"  and E^g��.     Send in your order early, so we may be able to  '   . . . ���        .'������:���-,PHONE F 32  ��� suppiy^youf,wants. :       ;���;;.,-;/-;: -.:...'���-      .���.���.,...���������-������-.���������   -  W. A. fifloKay St. Sens  Projjrl.otoro,,  Whereas, it has pleased Our  Heavenly  Father,  in  his infinite  wisdom, to remove from amongst  us   bur   esteemed   Brother   and  ���fellow 'member, K.  P. Shea, who  died Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 1911, and  Beit   therefore   resolved, that  in the death of Kugcne. P. Shea,  who was  a  member' of Phoenix  Aerie  No. -1 ."5,' Fraternal  Order  of Kagles, we sincerely   deplore  the loss.of one to whom we had  become affectionately attached by  long association and by relations |  which were never marred by the  least cccurrencc'of an   unfriendly  act.  Resolved, that a  copy of  this  resolution be presented to the relatives of the deceased, and   that.  ..the-same be attached to  and be-  the   minutes of  St John's Church Xmas Tree  The annual Christmas tree of St.  John's Anglican Church will be held  in the banquet  room of the Miners'  Union   Hall,   on Wednesday,  Dee.  20th.     The Sunday  school children  are to be given a tea*at 5.30 p.m.,  and after an .hour.of games, Santa  Clans is expected to appear and unload the Christmas  tree.     Refreshments will he  served   to the 'grownups  later   in   the evenings,   and   a  i hearty   invitation   to ' be  present, is  I extended lo all.    The entertainment  lis to conclude with -a dance   in the  come a  part  ol  is Order."  J  lodge room.  -*���   Hockey Smoker at Greenwood  A hockey smoker was held at  Greenwood on Friday evening in the  Auditorium, 'flic following gentlemen ably assisted in making the  event a success: Messrs. Winter,  King, McCutchcon, Hopkins, Jory,  Kennedy, Hancock, Wallers, Corsi,  and many others. K. G. Wa.rln  was a great success-as chairman.  Fell Twenty Feet  John Mclnnis is a patient in the  local hospital suffering from injuries  received on Thursday in a trestle  accident. Along with Duncan Mclnnis he was engaged in the erection of a trestle when the both of  them were precipitated w to the  hard snow, twenty feet below. D.  Mclnnis escaped with a severe  shaking.  Skating Hours  The    hours   for   skating   at   the  link are as  follows:   Monday, Wednesday  and Friday, at   eight; Tues  day, Thursday and Saturday. 7.30.  Robert Kerr, formerly conductor  on the local Great Northern passenger, registered at the Brooklyn  Hotel this week.  Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McXichol  arrived in town front Vancouver on  ���Tliursdny.  Jol'//M.cl.aiigliliii.  reluriied lo the  c-Lty.'ou T.h'ui-day.  ���'���';  X  55  X  5*  QUALITY and QUANTITY should be your  Watchword this Xmas. -.,,..,.  In our Stock you will find articles of well-known  QUALITY, obtainable at Reasonable Prices:  14k; Gold Rings; Brooches, Bracelets, etc.  Rings, 14k,Pearl Set, $2 up;.^JS^cont  Brooches, $3.50 and upwards.  '������  /���.-������ ������':.  " , ��� ,'- ���:������'������'���    -���'". ..���'.���������'���rv'?';;-;:..-..  Other articles too numerous to mention.  Presents that give a lasting- pleasure..     ^ v ;  SEE OUR WINDOW.      Calls of Inspectidrt invited.  :KKKKKKHKKJKK^oKKKJ^KKKKX:Otf^^  4 -^.  '���V','.  o  ��� V A* t!.  M.  !1 1  t'VJ> V,  ���'i^-i  ���Vi  i,  J$i ,YY?  )  '.A  '  .^   To   t, .?   ' f.   \  ^ ^^^  t"   a9    '^'h  \*f',  k      ��   'II1   V  1 ������  1 I  1^ t  ''l"  .        ,d,.,,     ,     r      ,      '\.    ,1     I.   ,., rmiiiBrti^™™'™""1'"*'^™" "ryrflwasffi- -i*
I .'ui, I    '  "    "" ' " '"
it * **i*
at. PhoenixwBritish^Coluvibia .
-' '''Svilvscrtption, 2.00 per year
2.50 to United States.
.!.'•    .-'(VI "
•' '    G. Kay, Publisher.
the btopiach to
[«4 »0 «li«e«Mk
__ frqm various
iq uiusc |,jiu ,»..** ,"?f""*'-i    caiciiini; .
.■dieal'-Advisor iiUcnt on'recsiot ot SO ok^
bound book of 100» ^pages.    Address  Dr.
Buffalp, N. Y.
ffi^ir&a. •>, V*:. ■;•;>!;1 -.•i'--; ".'i--^i' 'iiivrJii^^-'.U'kn I t- Vi
Hlk Supply
,'i.V';./^^*'^'..'v,v^r^; *^ .^-^S^_
Thus No. 13 will abide with us in
three different forms within the
next yeajr. And to crown all our
confusion  of
, ' , ADVEKTigiVG Scam: £ s fj
Aiipllciitlon'forl.fduor'UioafC (TOdnyK? '85 00
CenllU m« of Improvement not iwi (t»aa> h! $7.fi0
Application to Timlin^ Unit uotlcon (HO day*)
UclliiO"' "t- Co owni notices («»duj w)      910 00
SmnllWfltwNotloeH 0»iln)„) .   &■'*>
Allotlioi  leunt iidicrtMnc, 12 cents ft Hnc.
iloiflc column, foi tlie first liiMrtlon; and  »
ci-nUnlino for eoplisiiiiicijooiit lii"i>n...». non
Saturday, Dec. 16, 1911
as companies, an increase of 38 in font
gears'? Perhaps it },vnsr one of these
gas companies that first suggested
the idea for that -Tnkio Grand Imposition. /
A Mr.Onions has been dismissed
from the'eustoms service in Victoria,
says the. Vancouver province. It
Tidpears/be got into bad odoi b\
his offensive parli/jmship at1 theje-
eeni election.   '     -
Route Mapped Across B C.
- By his reference in his speech
from the throne at the opening of
the House of Commons, on Nov. 6,
His Royal Highness the Duke of
Connnught nut'thc stamp of Royal
approval on the plan to constmct
a ?Ciinadiati; luglivvay that will
stretch frbmv the Atlantic to tbe
pacific; rjiis'; intimation thai the
would work "hand^in hand with a
v'itiiv)&Mmprbying thefiighways of
O^fhevOoniinioii -has -already been
'qfv:greaf'assis.tanceHp"the men who
ar^i^n^q^^ii^-,;P-»l   m   the
sn'owing':-^:'jt;^b^:^iiat    it   only
n?eds;■■|Jri^er••repJ^^^tl0,, t0ptn<?
antVon.tie^;'in'-.^a^^|o secute at
biice:?theScbmh^ncemcnt of this
great'natibtVal undertaking. \V. W.
r^stfer^Deputy Minister of Public
VVVprk^'inl^^^ter/fo^V. J. Kerr,
p^idenf bf the association, outlines
'^elftrijiowng^i^^as' tbe   most
'-D^r^iiJ-^rtirt^Kiafii'S'.inortion   of  the
Earthquakes and Coal Mine
Word has; been receded that the
Dominion authorities have decided
to make a giant of $2000 to the
meteorological office at Victoiia for
the purchase of self-tecording instrument's necessaiy for icseiirches
into the ielation o(l seisinologic.il
distui bances to explosions in toil
mines. ,- Work along this line has
been followed for some ye.irs liy F.
Napier Uennison, \yho h.is th,tige
of the meteorological station m
Victoria? thj>.vheim»'the fust time
his services have received official
recognition.    *i
The relation between coal mine
explosions and earthquake distmb-
ances is a subject still involved in
obscuiit>, but that'there is some
relation is shown by the fact that
at the time of the coal mine explosion at Extension, in which 32 lives
were'lost, the seismograph at Victoria, seventy miles distant ,f«om
the mine, recorded a distinct disturbance at the exact moment -when
[pointed PARAGRAPHS!
L—    *'"■' ..«■■■—i—rr—-J
The United Stales postoffice de-
p.iriment hfis issued an order declaring that the oiganization pf<\postal
cleiks into secret societies is against
the interests of the government.
flic SecreUiy ot the 'United
States ' nav> has proposed that his
governmenl should sell the land on
wh.<.h the Brooklyn navy yard
stands to the city for $15,000,000.
The Domiuion government me
ptcpaiing an anti-trust law, which
is planned among olhet featuics to
cieat'c a national commission whose
decisions on the issue of secmilies
shall ho final.
Atl.mlic steamship lines aie at
piescnt clogged with ''icitf,u anJ'
tales aie goinsj tip. The demand
l<v tonnage is so miu.h in excess oj
available c.ligo loom that ficight of
all kinds is being stacked ur
lelt until later dates.
The Winnipeg t ity police have
g.tlheied in ten suspicious chaiac-
teis, supposed to be gunmen from
Noith Dakota -uul othei stales,
who weie lOsponsible lor the series
of hold-ups, lnslVcek. Thcv have
been icmaiided (or fiuthei inquuics.^
Moie than 100 fishermen ,im,
ndiilt on an ke- flow on Like
Peipus   horn which the winter fisht
tained.       Some   time   will   elapse
love, to better\ad)?tintnge, and in
this be willVavertas .'heretofore; the
W-operation $&$$*• Western ^.Fiiel
supplied   to   St. Petei^burg  is   oh-  moto.tstsih  tees and fine*/    1»«e
11   weie    -16,500   vehicles   rcfristerjStf 1
hefo.e rescuing parties  can  be sent, valued - nt -! 8aS,000.000   oft   vvn^h^
out.    Their   position   is   considered!
perilous. J
There is an extraordinary demand ,,.     ".."",,    flli!,.Uniwi!i   ,    l„ .   , . ^ ,       -,-,..
.     , , .    ^,..|,„^„ ,.,,«) and in valuatibrt'abmil SI i,OrX),Opa.fju»timMUiii>.l.|s Voluinp x.f.« Uip )*•»»»-
in the eastern  nnd   southern states,' , J,„'...k:,~  wiCaifti n<(ulrcd iit>mh'i<it'nt«*n awjriths
characteristic of the Gh.istma, holi-} 1 « V'12   »umber   Phltto. Tf  vM^-nit««   '
dav   season,   for quarters^nd half W«lh 1^ letters, ™l%™<?#* ~         	
dollars of the 1^11 issue.    So' great; the pre^J« P"*™^   '        ,  f - ^    v ^hfeu^rlvo.uwmrfithnU'minfoowonU,
1 . -_, .... .      .,....»     .—*s_ ftr.ubow twin* '        '" -■       ■ •-
H.I -"*■ .-.
iy/$>}iii :provinv.c.-:iVf,&.>fV"Ss.V,*;.£l;   \» •,"•—   -■;■
^&fe fnfp|®^i^^i§;  reports are
^ta^rSd^viatibii?,w;iH?bc maae.
^^'^^SiYf^'Y^-'i^ •
l^i^^lsloSEllll^e   Dominion
rnentfbr^the observations vvhicb are
regularty^made at \anaimo,—rEx-
changje.'_ i.
i -ill -* ~ll    "   "   Ti   i I —U L!.,. . ..........       ■- ■■.,<■....-,. ■•-,Mn:,.;iyfli.te
^|^j^f|^Goi|m on Mines
'AriKiMiW:^^-:-''.1 ■■'■■■
■""raST" ""
, tei.':
A Mysterious Shipment
A mysterious shipment of ten
large cases of firearms, etc , have
been seized bv the British anthoii-
ties in Leith, Scotland They were
marked zinc, and were to be trans-  for this privilege.
is the call that the director ofthe
U.S. mint does not feel warranted
in meeting it in full. '     » "
E^nestBeri7on;' known to sporty
ing men throughout, the vyorld as-
Hie "Jubilee Plunger,", is dead in
London,' according   to  advices ;rc-/
'nme in
book re
counting them.      ' ,
Denmark has"askec( that under
the most favored nation clause of
the United Slates tariff, that its
pulp wood and piint paper be permitted to enter the U.S. fice of
duty, in the same manner" as
Canada Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmaik have  now asked
w hit*
i.»u».     ..tl   , . —-     .--->-,- -^   -     i      TtfdStVr-Killlioiioftirt; '
about ^,500.000 was paid Jn ««^:f|||pp|JH|    U AiinDAA|r
Incrcarfd- ovc.    previous  ^e^r   t« |>Urtr«||^ i If AW UdVVA
vehicles   registered   is nboilil 9000£ MMHHMHMnraM
—,» :., iS.L.-'.tShn '-1,/viTt SI '. .hnCi.O(XS!i^i^nMMint,i-.jyo\ttmf> X. fm tlio )cu«I910'
lU!l,J'ni^l l'<<|i«lml iJC'UiK' (JlirliU-ci! tflfjtithn la
(trc'lwrmtou   ' • r
ax much j witter ua th* Bibl*.
rr fbjtoflrii&tMiti*'
are mulct   an est, while jijseore o
prominent men Have fleds-vY
The  rigors of the: Rhode' Inland
*■■■ i ii
the Lnnieriv'6,'t<«0ri"„J/\tta;fjj, tj'rISIf '^\'ui. x oiniiw "Copprt- Honabookrlitw •»*. *
manufac(i.rer-r\"ah>?Uv^r^w»>mc<r, .^}^ __;   ' /* ^">*% V *.. '. ' * .   -'
>f 8,130 Mines a Companies
X,k" 'Jl«a*deiK4-U>U0'V rftngt*»BfK^«J"S W**Ud»»,<l4
';   '   rA
llife I'swa of » «l«Sft<l oomtaittj, liir'»l>ln*.
and ^^ryls'well'vv^rtb^iiircP^t^^arti
«S^*> '     tcctioo o"f fine tailoring is now within easy reach of modest means. „J.ook
^Ss* * ^ «rosperoas and you will be more likely to be prosperous. Proper cloilv
K& £W'~ fee wake? you look good, feel good and make good. VVjth that tact be-
&M^J fo?e fr&hlw much will your appearance this Fall add to your chances
-^j^^l,.-*"~&f success ?.>•- " '   -' '   ■"_'
kyt"*^- -       We'show goods cheerfully regardless of whether or no jou are
JimjT    "   ready to bit}'.'    We want you to" know how easy it is to get good and be-
;^'?f>*>:' v*<»mirigxiothcs if you come to the right store
?^   ThoG3 Brown!
^?*     (fin      ' J *"
. l. s * <
t|||r|^il^|m;iiiat abetter ap
pinfn^nl^tfi^p^ be found.    It
'berteH^pcdutdt|f l/CVesidence in the
'i^^oiniMJyfe^rg^ll  pfit spent
1n;»n1£oiSh|irnp|tJpbortant mining
^nSllfpflt^^rOTince,   combined
W^0Qr0j§§jnM^^6 knowledge
^f^rVey^^ing^ffairs,  admir-
'aWypftelrWrn|fi^*hePortfolw of
Minister'lof Mines:" Too long  this
most important billet has been filled
by  a "figure head.    Too long  has
this, appointment been regarded as
of   only   minor   importance.      In
this  connection we   cannot  forget
the feeling of disappointment   experienced  by  mining men   inOB.C.
when   Mr.    GoodeveS   name   was
passed  by and   the   portfolio   bestowed on another.    We have  no
fault to find with ihe estimable/gentlemen who has been honored$=Stime
alone vv ill tell if we in British Columbia are justified  in  asserting   that
"V '\     ^OrOlttO,   «©J2.SS   &|m«HI*Nal£'WI;95*::        the best  interests   of   our   mining
ET .-   "* V» rf *     Quebec, S10SL86    -. HallftO^> :Sf 4 ®i40    I      industry have not been served when
&■{«   ^ ^>T.r4ffon sate Dec. 1st to 31st inclusive; final'ret»rn limit three monihs Mr. Goodeve's suitability went un-
^ v-   ^        ^rZfrajcofsale.    Tickets, fir3|-class, assuring;you best pfeervice and recogniscd
'^S?lffiSiW«i to ItlanUc Seaports ji coLcfior> willj "Old
Wte/rteam&Wp tickets on sale, Nov. 'lOthTto TDec. 31st, vv.th five
nitw limit-.        ^ v ' .-«-■»•■•••» .       <•   "   ^ ^
For further particulars, call or write
W. X. PERKINS, Agent.
yi2 *   i
shipped to Belfast. 'lhe greater
part consisted of automatic pistols
and sword bavonets. It is suspected
that they v\ere intended tor use bj
the iinti home rule partv
Men's Wear Exclusively
   ■ —
&£ i *fi?    J.Ch*S round-trip Canadian Holiday Fares to all points in $aMern Canada
I    *_ X » AikSn ^  _^ .^ r1 ^t.      ^UVKkiiiia.j&Ba.   in
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to.     Rapid Express and  Baggage Transfer.    Careful atten-
. tion to all ordeis.      Phone A65
James G. McKeown
Dr. Orville Owen of Detroit,
Mich, who earl} in the vear, conducted excavations in the River
Wjc for manuscript which he believed would establish the fact that
Bacon was the author of the
Shakespearean plays, has returned
ro the States He sa>s he will find
the boxes containing the Bacon
librarj if he has to return to England every jear for the ne\t fort)
vears. t
Massachusettes     received     ovei
$500,000   in   the   past   year   from
traflic  laws were  <^^:**jfcA^^
Mrs. Pankhurst,   the. English  n»l»- u»**«>i»»s<rt«w»y *>' iiMM*»rMv^T*e chai^
tant sufTtagctte,  rtcenllj\ v\hen her
automobile was held,up for speeding'
as she;wus  riding into' ProvidcuCCi
R.I.,  to  address   a meeting.-^ The
[suffragette leader explained the'urgency of  her  engagement, anfl, the,
chaffeui-wns allowed  to take her to
bet destination   before being1, hauled
into court.       lie was. fined'$15 and
COSts. ,-, ^ .„,.,.
J. Earnest Morton, founder ofthe
Fully Revised
Tlie new «litlr«i'«.f tlio t dm Manilbook i» «
WorldXSUjiflard Mer-
} ence Book^ii Copper
tlAliVulamiBeis oftlie mn'.e« tli.it mako Ulnetar-
j.   ^,.. ,.^,. ...v ,      odd wr. i ill <>'lh<* *o>W" onivut of copper.
Cmrula Permanent Loin   companj,  ami I. .w.d. in>pru? cU l)iwvl_eountn ot tt«
,.    ,   -,% ,rwi     •       I-      c=.i     ..^.,,   I Bloluvt   it Isilllcd Villi VAOTji  of vital ua
died Dec. 10th, in his bath year. ^;wt^ . i ,
He was born in Devonshire, Eng- IHK RYK&TftK;Jl.
land, iind came to Canada sixty
years ago. He was one of the
most prominent financial men in
Canada lie was three times president ot the Tot onto Imperial Federation league
* tries*-f»pJcr,eV.ATf>K <
Shilohb Cure Shilohs Cure
" is.' i      YWY. MKTAt.LUBOlST
I'UK K i^V.Wi«il.r.uii Willi Kilt top,or$7.S0
,')ii ki milno full llbpiry iuii«k,co.
IKIfM-.aittlioiiil».lIlli<J|.iI   -ttimlnoiuoiUiJr,
Dui  otilti   tl.c  liixilv  Mint/ }uu, all   tarriM*
I chniyo- l>i < l».it<l nn <>Ho *'<!*>{ *.»}>Pl?J "•• t?.P*
i. tin no<( .f mi-.ilirfnctlirt.Yi 1>1,Wfoif if it sU U.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator, never (alls    Thci»
pills are exceedingly powerful In rLgulaUnff tlie
Igeuerattic portion of the female «,>item     Kefuse
alt cheap imitations    Dr. da Van'* axc sold nt
151 liox or three lor 110    Mailed to aiiy addreu
wavrvwwv—.w».v.o. «^.-«.-     XU« aooDoU Prug CO
i„ st, Catharine*, out.
1    1111 J, Kl».,♦,,,I,*.  ,,,,,     ,™.      » ^    ...-
foi \1«JI ^flf uf Jtrf**!uo I" v on J
VV Kf I F'soVfNr'ttio (illltirii.... ..,	
»i H.niN'tJ. u o v a itt o N,
-MrCU, V h. A.    y     >"
a- vt-zi i
: —■*X    j
will   i
"     <,   1.-
fc*" J
-  t
. Businessman Ape You Very Mueh^. Alive ?
b ^Anths limit.
heave Phoenix, upper toivn, 9.30 a.m. ] '.
M ««       lower lown, lC'OO a.m. ?Slan<lard Time
3.cave Greenwood 3.00 p.m. •> ^
The ye.it 1012 promises to be one
of ominous  import  to   the   superstitions,   while  among the colored
folk away down south there is like
ly to he a stampede for r.ibhits' feet
to be used as charms.     We are not
so sure, however, th.it  the wearing
of bunny\s paws   will be confined to
our cbony-hued friends. The reason
foe our  alarm and -our direful mis-
givings'as  to the   happening*, thai
arc slated  for the  coming year are
plainly set forth in n communication
recently received by the editor, who
on perusing the precious paragraph
immediately  ordered   a  supply   of
paws for   the use of the staff and a
few particular friends.     "Add   the
numerals 1, 9, 1, 2, and we find the
result to be the  fatal 13 " s.iys our
correspondent.      With the opening
of the new year, on J.m  1st, %ve enter the   l.Uh year  ofthe  twentieth
century,  while the   following  New
Year's Day usheis in the year 1913!
-aOM©3 Proprietor
mptm HttAt.3 TJir X.ONGS
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I cenzsaot ti
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' 'It
l-mSWff-T—j:   *V1"»' -*-*in- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^I^^^^SSi^B��si  5v**oii��ii'��W'*  .tJP4S^JM^v^^.t?^^lt'*Wfe/>i��*ft^*,^'?*^*,'i  v^!��^-*��:-��*> -����W��(V**�� V***^���"  y <Ui-*wg' -i*1��A>j��** fa i��  teW*,**"**^^ 4jr"*  THE   PIONEEK,  PHOENIX,  B.C.  ���t^owM*1  ft  f��*a����<(3  M'DOUBLE |  ,'/PART   .  ,,11 Was Played by b Rtuslau Revo-  ' r. lutJoiilB! WJfti Swloufl Results  ,   By PETER VALOVITCH  I   Copyright by American Prtss Ansa.   ���  ���, clatlr.n, 1911. J  V It began ray career as a revolution-  Upt* by, acting as n pretended spy for  tW government. Working In secret  ou two, sides I found to be doubly  perilous. On one occasion I made a  nurrow: escape from being put out of  tlie wfly by the very men 1 wns sorv-  lug. L"wqh working In the Interest of  the prime'.minister or pretending to  work In his" Interest and ut the sumo  time wns n'member of n secret revolutionary circle.- In.order to gunid  against danger from lltealrclo 1 chose  one of Hi menibers. Michael OrlouVfor  iny confidant, trusting to blm In case  \s  We bad barely got things hi order  when thero wan n sound of, footsteps -  without, and a mini vi caring ii heavy  beard that concealed his month and  ehlii and with IiIh hut dinvvu down  ovor his eyes entered  ' ''you arc riay prUotiers'" ho said.  "Why so?" asked mir president  "You have biwn moused of plotting  iho assassination of u minister." ,  "Wo are men or science mot' for lta  advuuceniciit,"      , ,   \  "Vou onnuot deceive the government  by any nucb I rick." i ��� '  "Sutoly ne,vv!JI bo gl^cn an opportunity to,provo what wo are."  "You will bo given ao opportunity to  prove "uotulng \'ou will bo marched  fiom this room to Slbeila." '  The man who unrated us, backed by  u force whom wo could hoar moving  nbout l'i the bnll, ordered us to stand  up in lluo preparatory to, being  lu.i'chcd awny. it scorned to^me that  tho only thing for ino to do yika to decline mjself^a spy tor tlie! government. I beckoned to oartcaptor and  whispered In his ear that I had given  the Information upon which he acted  nnd asked to ba taken to tho minister.  Immediately, a'.great change came  over every one present.  '.'Enough 1" exclaimed tho president,  "Our ruso has been successful."   Looting at his watch ho added, "Wo still  hnvo an hour to got away, and before  we go it behooves us to mnko  way  witm the  tr.tltor."    Then   addressing  me':","Vronsky. who has beeu pretend-  lug to bo n government spy, learned  this   morning   that__ some  one  of  our  number hud betrayed us," and we wore  to^bo nrrc^ted innlgbt nt half pi"?t It  .o'clock.   f:lsicc be,"did ��otf'lcaTn ibo  jname Of .he {nformo* we ^ adopted a  , ruse to discover fTirn.   Tlris'mnn who  j has made tho arrest la Schlcrllcff. one  of*our "number, and'those in tho hall  i aro other members of our circle."  j    Sthlerlletf  milled off n fnlso  beard,  nnd I recognl7cd him at once.  "Comr.ides," continued tho president,  "it is necessary to put the traitor out  of tho v��ty at ouce, for wo must leavo  this place within a very short time.  Wo will draw lots as to which ouo of  us siuill stab~hlm to tho heart, a  method of execution that will bo without noise and attract no attention."  But ono person could Interpose between mo and death���that was Orloff.  Why be was not at tbe meeting I knew  not.-I had charged blm to-be there,  but bad not told him why It was, essentia^ J hurriedly Jold ttaejelrcle' ��v-  Berlin Scientist Says G6rms Lurt  In innocent Envelopes.  ?A  became   known   car *   government  ���*Kieut to��a����ur^".my.%cBjnnuft��f.ihat:i  > was. working a deep laid scheme iu tba-  Interest of'tue'rinrotutloB,.  ..w^.', .,*l*  - I lald.o plan which LfeltsiuWwoiiU  ��� gl*e "mo" the^'entlre confidence 'ot .-the  '   minister.    I told hlni< that I- bad discovered the tnwtlng place of a circle  . whose  member*   were eoasplrlog   to  tssnsalnate liltn.^ Wy IntenUoo waa to  '4^ve >(ou B?n4 ��� force to ^arrest xtho  .   circle, of which I was a member, white  tbey were lo senlon     Bnt I .Intended  th'ntstht�� force ��Ik��uI��1 urrlre after the  "^meeting bnd broVim ap. "At the proper  i moment I wonld nrniaunce to tbe circle  ! that  j   was ��� a jir^tetided apy for tbe  ^government'and. inform  them of tbe  1 plan I had laid   "They"would dumeree.  k leaving documents to show lhat the  .. pTace tiad been used by revolutionists,,  bnt nothing to incriminate any one ot  tliem.  tt was n hazardous scheme, but I  'felt that If tt were successful it wssld  give me it footing with tbe 'government on which to found a still grenter  benefit to the revolution     But I dare  . * not tell the members of the circle beforehand what 1 was about to do, for  I  was not Mire bnt that some one of  'them was a government spy. such as  1  pretended to be.    Such things now J  ���and then occurred. ,  v   On a certain day I told the minister  that   the   revolutionary   body   wbo^e  members  were conspiring to  os^flssl-  nate   blm   would   meet at a   certain  j-placo at, 11 o'clock at night-    If he  "would nend a force there kt half past  'f\\ he would capture them.   The meeting hour was really 10 o'clock; and I  'intended by 11; to have warned' my  ���assoclntes.   1 charged the minister to  have the force at the meeting place at  'the exact hour and mlnnte I bad given-  hici. else the ,ptan; would go: amiss..  And so it would, but for the circle Instead of .theRovernuieat.  Though by keeping the matter it secret .'from my comrades tilt the last  moment I beaded -off any one of-the  members who might be a Rovernment  *py. there was another "danger, but It  did not occur-.tq ;iuei/ jSoppose one of  our "number"should eccretly be playing  - "the same game I was.  Our circle met at the appointed hour.  lOb'cIoclt.    I waited ntisiodjily for Or-  loff.jp ���come., \n.: since.-,Jf. my .scheme  <i!iould  react iipon;; mfe my"llfe_;would  depend   upon   his  evldcuce.     But  the  president called the circle to order, and  Orloff had Dot arrived.    Half, an hour  elapsed while we tvero In session, and  still he did- not come.   Then snddpnly  comething   happened   which   filled   nan  with   consternation.     Peter   Vrimsky.  oneiof' the circle, 'came In  hurriedly  and said:  "We are betrayed."  Every   man  started  from   his sent,  but the president directed that we remain where we were.  "By whom ?'Mie naked.  "One of our number.'*  "Which one?"  "I do not know."  Fortunately the eyes of the members  were concentrated oti the, man who  ���cave: the information, so that no one  ooticed the pallor that spread Itself  over my face when the words "I do  not know" were spoken, i recovered  myself, for I Inferred that some tlmo  would elaose before I should be Identi-  lied 83 tbe traitor. But, Heavens, bow  1 longed for Orloffl  Every possible precaution bad been  taken olnce our first meeting to insure  against surprise and to dceelvo any  force Which might como upon ua as to  our real character. Thero were several scientific men in ou* midst, and  certain Instruments and books used by  tbem woro kept on hand to bo produced iu case of emergency to prove  that wo wcro a society intended for  tho advnncomcnt of science. Those devices wcro brought oat and all Incrlin-'  flan ting documents burned-  THE   WARY   LITTLE   MOUSE.  Wear * Monocle In Your Loft Eye to  Ba Modish���Bits ef Crewel Work  Trim Blouses���A Profitable Occuoa-  tlon For Women.  Dear Elsa���Don't you love to open  your letters at the breakfast table?  I do, and Tie always, ua you know,  have tho morning mail laid at the  plate of each member'of tho family.  Dick, though, this morning wid a  horild editorial or something >'>)ut Its  being dangerous to open mall tu tUo  breakfast tarjle. Did. you ever hear  of anything so absurd? It seems some  Berlin scientist litis succeeded iu tracing sevcal cases of contagion to this  "conify" custom. He says' thuL the  average man or woman goes down to  breakfast with bauds and faco scrupulously clean, teeth scrubbed and  throat gargled. Iu that condition h*  'Is prepared to eat without dsngor of  swallowing more disease germs Uian  rnuy have escaped tuo watchful attentions of the cook, i .  And iu this sanitary state wo handle  letters and papers which have passed  through many' hands before reaching  our own. Between bites wo open pu-  volopes and wrappers aud. In so doing unthinkingly pave Ilia, way for all  kinds of germs. So now- Dick says  that letters shall bo opened nnd read  before or after bieakfubt, aud in this  decision the maid ugi'ocs with him,  but not tho members of his family.  I do wish you could bavo seen Dorothy D. just now us sho passed our  window. Sho wus wearing one of  those awfully English mouocles and  looking tho Anglomanlac all right.  One week iu Loudon has upset all her  eyesight outlook ou this very crude  side of tbo water, and she's quite the  awaggcrest thing in town���according  to her own lights���with her monocle  screwed iuto ber eye and a long halt  Inch ribbon of black moire attached  to.lt..  Now I'll stop knocking my neighbors  and begin ion. the  mice. .We bavo  A   BUQKOUSE   8TUHY.  Bugbouso experts aro still quarrel-  tag ou tbe louso question.  John Bull claims there are alx breeds  at bcu lice; spmo Americans claim  three; tho chap who gets ono ou him  yells there are a million, but a canvass of tbo bugbouso brethren duds  tho majority belicvo thoro aro four  pilncljul genera���gonlodes, gonlcotes,  Upeutaiis and menopcu. ��� and these  have their vonetles Uko tbo fowl  breeds they Infest. Tbo gonlodes ia  tbo bead and neck blood, sucker, tho  others simply crawling, biting, eotalcU-  Ing, living ou scales, dead cells and  feather material. They aro gray,  biown, white, yellow and mottled, aro  born and live their whole life on tho  hen and, it Is said, chill to death if  Photo by CS M. Barnttz.'        - ' <  IiIVKCBUS  'TAHIABIH8��� tlKOMTSVICD  LOCSE.  SM  away trom hex heat, which disposes  of the Idea that henhouses and,nests  get lousy. Tbo red mite and tick are  ths "crimson^ramblers"^of the ben-  1iouse~tbat swarm'from'the crevices  To Koep Straight Hair In Curl.  On dutnp d:)ja the gill whose hair Is  cuily by teiisou of the hot lion rather  than tho permanent baud of obliging  nature Is In grave danger of losing all  the effect of bygone (lutfinest. Her  . friends, nccustomed as they are to scaping her face fran.ed In waves, ate at  a loss to e\p!fiin the straggly appearance of ber crowning glory.  not irons sooner or later aro fatal  to tbo balr. No matter bow cnieful  one mny bo lu applying them, tho day  will come when tho temperature will  be forgotten because of haste or for-  getfulucss, nnd a dead, lusterless  Btrnud of hair will mar tbo besuty  <>f 'he entire mass. * in Uio days of  cumbersome curl papers there wns  some oxcuse for the use of hot Irons,  but iu these time of up to date and  convenient devices for curling the balr  Curling Irons should tmvo no place on  the dressing table, being left entirely  to. tho professional; hnirdrcsscrs.  A few 'harmless;'-preparations' for  keeping the hair In cucl ore given:  For dork hair dissolve twelve grains  of carbonate ot potash In half a pint  ot rather strong hluilc ten. Moisten  tho balr vvHh this, mixture before'putting It up lu curlers.  Ifor blond hair a mixture of one  ounce of: borax, one drum of gum  arable and eight'ounces of hot water  Is best. Dissolve the borax aud gum  arable in tho bob. water and "bottle for  ase. Use the same an the prcpnratlou  for dark balr.  Hints For, Innomnia.  First of all It Is necoss.iry to lie correctly In bed Do uot curl up, but  place the limbs straight, so as to In  duce the best circulation. Lie ou tbe  right Bide It jou are on your back  you Invite dreams, if oc tho stomach  you pi'cbs the lungs and If on the left  SPAIN'S   lintiuUnL zja;:_.'."   ]  *L�� Mcreha Real!*" Was Composed by  Frederick the Great.  Frederick the Gtcat was the'com  poser of the Spanish untloaal anthem  Frederick's ambitions nero varied. H��*  performed on tbe flute. He desired to  be thought a poet. Ho quoted I^ttfn,  but his quotations would bare made  Cicero stare and gasp. During that  remarkable friendship which existed  between-him nnd Voltaire tho author  of the "Henrlado* exelaimcd with derision, "Sea tho dirty linen I have to  wash," holding up Krcdei Ick's manuscript, which lind been scat hlra-to revise. In tho field tbe gieat warrior  can led about his own poems In ,his  pocket and a bottle of poisou, so that  ho should not be taken alive. Meu/ol's  picture depicts the King with his flute,  and Etnch dedicated to him one of his  compositions.  Tho story of the composition of the  Spanish national anthem is (.ill of Interest. A little while' after the conclusion of tho Seven Yeais' war Frederick  at a comt reception to the surprise ot  every, ono pioduced a match which he  had composed. The Spanish ambassador, both a musician and courtier,  asked for a copy to send to bis royal  muster. Chailcs III. That monarch  admired tho piece, find It was often  heard nt the Esctirial. After a time It  was laid asldo i.nd almost foi gotten.  In 1800, nftet the deposition of Isabella, Maibhal Serrano instituted a competition among composers for a national anthem. , Some 600 compositions  were sent In, but uonc of tbem was so  Inspiring as Frederick's march, which  had been exhumed from tho, archives.  This wns cboseo and Is today Ictxovvn  as "Le Jlaiehu ReoHe."���Loudon Gicbe.  lP0ET!Yfo  NOTES  xft  JC.M.BAHMT2  KJVEB3JDB  - PA' .i  > o M  SOLICITED  ?'  fTheao articles and illustrations tnunt not  bo reprinted without special permission.] r  SCHOLARS  IN CHINA.  TIME   TO   TIME   THAT   TONGUE.  Why Is it trains must otaclc up speed  ���When they run through u town  And autos lmvo to alack up, too,  'When constables aro,round?  If this is Inw and law is mads      j]  With Justlco to all men *\  It's tlmo that limit ia put on      " <���  The speed ot, others then. ������  Now, them's that gossip with her tongn*  That uhlzres through a town  And In a half second run* )v  A hundred pcoplo down ^  And thero s that llnr that can 11��   i  Faster titan horao can trot,       ���"���  I've heard him kilt a hundred mea  With just oho shot.  Now, I know tho latest stop wi'tcSi  Can't keep;tal> upon her tongue,  And tho liar knocks all records  Just a-lyln' with one4une.     t.  i,..^-  Eut, Bay, aren't lava for buzz cars  > Really, simply alt bombast     ?,. vt -����  When thny let these tongues joy riot  around ,  And kill us oft so fast?      .   ~    ,       %  C. It BARNJTZ. ,  All  They   Rule   the   Country   Where  Foreigners Are Called Boors.  The scholars rule Chlnu today.  Dress  Is of more moment theie than iu any  other   country,   yet   the   schilar,   although  poor and  meanly  dressed.  Is   *���"��">�� ��������� "~~..~. -��� .   received with honor by tbe highest ia   gation  Is  really  tho   brain  furnlshe*  the land. Bud brain bumistier.   Ouirjr>*dagoglc��!  "The superior man" of the classics   penitentiaries and diploma-Ul. pensarte#  its the equivalent of the "good man"   haven't corpered all the gray matten  [wltnus.   This man. his character and   Tho   whole   world's   a   Ireo   library1.  POINTERS   FOR   POSTMORTEMS.,  There's an old saying, "Honey inakeli  tbe mare go," but boodle's not In ty  with   brains   and   braius   aie  not a\l  found In books, but practical Invest!;  nocklue toy nel��bboM i *** ' cnmwm  r��uiu,��0 ��� v.   ��� ..-..   , ���^ catiDtf'takJ a glass or milk and a j ^w^^a ^ntt Jive' cTrefuMy' <l�� \raafkingdom Is a book.   TVe are study";  ihJ   mL     We  havo   liousetbat swarm^from the crevices   ^Ysciiir or tnan�� times n glass of wa-   PubLic *��� 12!?,, J,^L,^,Tkte UUtU- W man. woman and roosters.  thea.-mlce.' I   mcan^ud'we��  ����   �� -*" * ^ck ���� *��* ����* ^   S^l ta'SricIeot.   A hot drluk be-   J-yg^a?��EZXJ&��&    *������� ^^^\^Jo  uhuu.  uuvo,   *  ,the nest. >       i r..~. ^.lrinn io ..niiftitrirn *a stoen. and t ^^ ����"������������� ^ , lonened him like lhe leaves o  toem���mice,   j.   uicnu���wu   ����o   ��.^.�� . - k ter will be sutbeicut.   A hot drink be-j *|"J^   "' " "V*       r h   maintained      ����� -r-    t~ <~      < i- -     -.    ^  item ta'tbi cooling closet next to tbe fc��w "���*������, '   at/lb   ,hwmp. of   fore retiring Is conducive to sleep, nnd   f' *" "If                         '            T   operTed tilm like'the leaves of a boolt^  Wtchei, Of course.*trapaf would have'K Heat, 'filth. ��* ���** **^le,:^   the-gl-eatest uucesslt'y of all Is to bave   at��B^S^aieHon to t^ " nulaV ,ae��' That black -warf oh his wing Joint  XdohaWto-tMn.]^^^ warmf^Asfortnemen^  of one Individual  three, montus, {?��,.monol0nou�� ��,������,�� J^S^^l.wUfi'Wrf'tort'aiiAXiy Ute*,wWUt��t%'.i'5Swl!T'1v'~- 'r*��^*-"i  ~^"  -" -^-'ft  m  4 among  a traitor,'* -   ,     t  - ^OrWr*" mr 'coofederat*."   tr said,  "and hels not here.   Sendf for blm.1'  "Xfe bare not time, v Before be could  reach us tbe bounoXyou bare set xtpon  us would be here." -  ^Comc." said th*'president, "prepare  tbe lots.;*vJ r '    ^,_ j   V(_    ',  The secretary hurriedly ' scratched  the name of every Wan present 6a 1a  *eparato.piece of paper, and they were,  placed ia a hat. Then I was required  to''draw the namV'of*my'executioner.  I put ray hnnd In-automatically, for  it seemed that the currents of my/eel-  tags neutralized one' naothec and drew  out one of the slips. Tbe president  se}zed it and read out a name,* but I  was too overcome to bear what it was.  ���I saw my executioner take off bis coat  and roll up bis shirt sleeves. Then  olio of tbe circle handed him a leas  dbgger. I was seized by two others,  led to one end of the-room,and turned*  about 1 saw as if in a haze my ex-  iccutloner; standing. at the other end,  flooking pale and sick at heart, at'the  work he was about to do. Then, nt a  word from tbe president, he advanced  toward -me.    ��  ���.. There was a sound of footsteps with.-  out, the door was opened and Michael  Orloff strolled In leisurely. Seeing, me  , standing where I was nnd one'of tho  t circle advancing toward me holding a  knife In his hand while tbe others  looked on, somo vengeful, others  shrlnklngly, Orloffs face took on ah  expression of surprise.  . "Orloff,". I cried, "save met"  "Hoidl" said, the president to the executioner. ' Then to Orloff, "Are you a  depository, for a secret concerning this  -man?'   .."���"-''"'.       ~ Y.,    ..���"'���   ���  -yes.'"   -���������-.-���  -What Is It?"  ���'Shall il tell?" prtpff asked of me.  "FOr henveh's"sake, yes.'tell all."''  ., "He bas been pretending to play-the  part of Informer for the government.  His heart ts really with us."  "Can you prove that be has really  been acting for us?"  "Yes."  "How?"  "By documents he has" left in my possession."  '..."Very-well. Let us go at once.: Within twenty nilantes "our retreat' will  have been cut off."  We left the n part men t at once, but 1  was kept In life center ot the others  and carefully-guarded until it .benmo  possible to examine the documents  that 1 had left with OrlotT, after which  I was exonerated from the chnrjiit ot  being a spy. But I never again at-  temoted to ola.v a double part.  New Powder Puff.  Novelty counters hnvo lately exhibited one charming bit of silverware that,  while It fascinates the beholder. Inspires nt tbe snme time tho question  "What can It be good for?'.' This ex"  qulslto frivolity Is termed "a body  puff." Iu a largo sliver bowl for- powder Is jin equally largo puff, to which  is attach'ed.n long silver handle, rather  like tho Imudle of a carriage pnrnsol.  Its length Is Its strong point, or, ono  might soy. Its long suit, slues it enables tho user to reach shoulder and  heel with equal ease, but tbe appearance of this useful handle ns it projects from the side of the silver bowl  ts somewhat surprising. This novelty  Is found in tbo empire pattern, a line  tracery of Hues forming a background  that suggests brocade, with square  docoratlons superimposed on the lines.  At present the prices run up to $no,  but there In little doubt that long handled powder puffs, will provo ao ron-i  venlent thnt'.'':the:>. will aoou be, repro^  duced in lean costly otyla.  XiADY WITH  THE  MONOCMi.  Is what I did do. I spread newspaper  over the lower shelf of tho closet and  between Its leaves I placed pepper���  3trong and black.- So now when tho  tittle beastles begin to guaw through  to the upper world of tempting food  they get a mouthful' of pepper and  probably take the*hiut. for they havo  not returned for another dose. As  black pepper and newspapers are not  prohibitive in price I am delighted'  with my scheme and can renew prep-  iration whenever it Is necessary.  Suppose, before I forget it, 1 Band-  (vich hi a little, ns they say In the  Irade, "style talk." Dame Rumor* has  it that yarn embroideries-are going to  )o very fashionable. These trimmings  Jike the form of bandings aud cross  ttitcb patternings of coarse yarn for  jlouses or any garment ou wblch yarn  imbroldery shows to advantage. Now  t you have any odd bits of crewel  ivork or worsted embroidery yon can  icmblne them Into fascinating trlm-  nlngs for your new clothes. For. your  )lue chiffon blouse to wear with Vour  lew blue fall suit nothing could be a  imarter note..  I have just heard such nu interesting  itory of a young girl who persuaded  he-manager of a summer hotel to alow her business card to be placed in  .lis rooms, announcing that sho would  ' nerid lingerie gowns, blouses und  voukl also clean gloves and shoes at  'ensomible rates.  The guests who required lier scrv-  cea left their cards in the hotel office,  ivery morning the pretty girl applied  o the clerk for tlioni. Before long,  very niorulng saw her depart from  he oQlce, armed with a collection of  hings to be mended. Later on busl-  iess grew so brisk' that tho services  if a boy wero obtained to go from  oom to room collecting the goods. The  ���oung woman found the homely occu-  mtion a paying one, nnd the landlord  las reason to be glad ho permitted  ler to plnco ber card In tbe rooms, for  lis guests hnvo found her a great nil-  lltion to tbelr comfort. Now I'm s!m-  ily colne to add MahKL  Getting Even.  "He beat mo onco In a horse trade."  "Whnt did you do about it?"  "Nothing yet,  but 1  am laying for  blm   with   a l wherzy 'old   automobile  that has beeu painted so that it Icoua  like new."  Where Sho le Strong.  "Sho Is a perfectly beautiful worn-  in."  "I.can't see it."  "Just take o look at her bank, bal-  tKiu <\un mo w..^ them off,' but oftea^,  they get ahead and' If not stopped  cause more losses, especially among  chicks, than disease. 9 Pure. Persian insect powder is death to ail lice. Sweet  cream or camphorated lard Is & knocker for head lice. For clucks, turkey  mothers, tender poults and chicks we  prefer the Persian, but for adult  stock there is no killer more effective  and cheap than the following mixture:  Four pounds plaster r>arls. one pint  gasoline, one-half pint crude carbolic  acid. Mix tbe acid and gasoline, stir  into the plaster and. when thoroughly  mixed, screen over a newspaper,' allow to stand two hours and then dust  ��� 'reasonable amount Into feathers of  fowl;" Three applications a week apart  will1 finish the lice and disinfect the  roost t  FEATHERS AND EGGSHELLS.  That the fools and suckers aren't all  dead yet is shown by the number of  systems advertised nnd constantly coming into being. Did you bite and get  bit?  The week before Easter Is a good  time to ship capons to market. In  picking do not remove feathers from  neck, upper breast, thighs, tall and  wing tips.  Two tblngs mostly kill tbe millions  of brooder chicks that decease���too  much heat too much to eat. This Is  a rhyme, so take it in time If you'd  strike a gold mine.  Whe.u-you. estimate the profit your  hens bring don't forget to count ��� in  the fun you get out of it That: exercise in the air and sunshine has kept  you from many a brainstorm.  As your chicks get older you-must  change to larger grain. If kept right  along on chick feed their gizzards do  not develop. They keep soft, and in  the end you have birds that are weak.  So many women are interested iu  poultry, and hundreds of questions  were asked by them where we lectured at farmers' iastltutcs. They are  surely the sine qua nou. Without  them man is a fizzle.  When you get weary of work don't  become a Weary Willie. Life is a history; and you can't afford to. have any  pages blank nor blotted, so labor on,  and may every page be filled with  good deeds and tho conclusion be bap-  py.  When forcing chickens for market a j  narrow ration will cloy on the appe- j  tlte, and the fowl will not eat as much  as It  can  digest.  stile  Is  usually  successful.    As' tbe  brain becomes fagged' Ihe sheep go  moro and more languidly^ and sleep  soon follows. One of the best plans  for going to sleep is to nuke op one's  mind * to be reconciled to staying  awake. If you lie quietly nnd think  out some plan for the next day or say  to yourself you will Just, lie quietly till  sleep bverfnkes yo'ti you will find yourself "dropping off" almost before you  know JL It Is all nonsense to say.  "Oh. I should go!mad if I were to lie  awake for a long time." It Is merely  that wo have grown.Into the habit of  thinking'that .whim we go to bed we  must sleep, but most of us sleep as  well as cat more than wo need, and if  we .regard tbe fact of being snugly  tucked In bed as sufficiently restful  the horror of lying awake will pass. If  too much notice of insomnia Is not  taken It will usually cure itself.  A Stretching Exercise.  It imparts elasticity  And It Is good for one  It will lift the vital organs.  It gives strength and poise to tbe  body.  The clothing must be loose and comfortable  To begin uny exerclso ono must  stand erect.  The chest should be high, tbe bead  up and the cbln In  Tbe body should rest on tbe balls of  tho feet not on the heels.  At first It mny be enough to breathe  deeply and slowly (mouth closed)  standing thus.  This alone is a fine thins:.If practiced In tho open air or before a window open top and bottom for five or  ten miuiites twico a day.  Now for the stretching. Sweep the  arms slowly outwnrd and upward until they touch above tbo head, lifting  the  chest  walls   and   stretching   the  arms.  Lower the arms with tho same  sweep, stretching them all tbe time.  Klve^ times will be enough nt first  breathing deeply and slowly all tho  time. . .   crnmming machine is used by some,  while others tickle the fowl's palato  and thus increase the appetite by adding variety to the bill of fare.  A flvo acre farm and fourteen other  prizes were offered by tho state poultry board of Missouri for tho beat fifteen poultry house"plans with methods  of management. There wero 200 plans  from nineteen different states submitted. Tho farm, as first prize, went to  Frank E. Jdlxa, Ameo. Ia. With such  encouragement for the Industry, Is it  a wonder Missouri's ahead?  4s>��^7^ wm&|R.  . Taking No Chances.  A friend who wns by way of becom-  , Ing a sociologist went to Cleveland to  ! look over that city's model city farm  nnd Infirmary, aud Fred O. Kelly took  him out there.  a not eas ua uium ,    Tbey were shown all over the place  At   this   time  the ! including  tho  Insnne  ward.     '���'  ���  and look"o��rTU^,ie^at^'ast"mett^  od'*bf instruction - and 'to rsnow"theJ  children how the superior man can relax when his high purpose Is to entertain and educate the youfig.  To the Chinese Ihe foreigner is a  boor and a barbarian It seems a  hopeless task to leaci-him politeness.  The Chinese wonders -why the foreigner leaves his own country at all.  Is it too small for hlm'to make hIS;living, or has he come to observe the superior people? If so he Is to be commended. But, a las., what a boor he is;  ���National Geographic Magazine.  An Oversight.  Sir HerbertBeorbohm Tree, the famous theatrical manager, was present  at a supper In  London  a short  rime  ago where Signor Grasso was an honored   and   much  feted   guest     When  the banquet was over and every one  was   departing.   Grasso   was   so   confused and carried awny by the attentions  and  embraces  which  had  been  showered upon  him that be thoughtlessly directed bis taxi driver to drive  him to the stage door of the tbeajer  at which he was playing.  "What on earth does ho want to go  back to tho theater for at this time of  the night?" nsked ona; of those who  were waving hfm adieu.  "Ah," said Sir Herbert Tree, "T expect he has forgotten to-kiss the fireman!"  ' Fireproof Wood.  Though there are a number of different kinds of wood, ebony, ironvvood.  etc., of such close, bard fiber that even  the fiercest fire has difficulty in "getting bold" of it, thero is only one sort  so far as now known, that is practically fireproof. This is a small scraggy  tree, a native of South America, called the shopala. with thick, tough,  stringy bark full of a sort of fire resisting sap. This curious shrub grows  largely on the great, grassy savannas,  which are swept by fire almost every  year during the heat of the summer.  There it thrives splendidly, for the annual scourge kills off only Its bigger  and hardier competitors and leaves the  ground free for the growth of this  vegetable asbestos.  -<wa- rwmt  Suisse'"'"  Photo by C. M. Barnlta.  UXBEB THE XSXfA.  that confirmed tho tip given by the tubercle on the wing that tho disease  was tuberculosis.  To be a successful poultry physician  you  must study the exterior and Interior of fowls, and the postmortem- ol  a fresh fowl Is easy and not so i dls-  agrseable.    First writo down  all  exterior  sjmptoms,   then   nail   fowl   to  board, pluck  feathers on  breast and  cut through to bone at Junction of neck]  and breast   Break this bone right beH,<  fore_ breastbone, cut down along sl'des^  but not too deep, and draw down tha*  breastbone so that tho upper organs/  are exposed, but doTiOt tear away-the^  peritoneum, or lining, of abdomen until;  you have observed the same.   A sprin-.  kle of weak carbolic solution will disinfect and destroyany offensive odor,  By a comparison ot outside symptoms  with Interior conditions .you may. often  secure knowledge that helps' you-'(o a  cure or preventive to the disease and-  sure data for future diagnosis.  Not a Gridiron Hero.  Knlcker���Think your baby will be a  quarterback?  Bocker���Afraid not. When lie found  hi3 toes ho put them iu his own mouth  instead of somebody else's.���New York-  Sun.  Correct���Go Up Head.  Tommy���I'op. what is a bignmisl ?  Tommy's  Top���A lilgumist. my son,  IB a   man   who  lias  more  wives  than  trains.���Philadelphia   Uocurd.  | they were'leaving that ward a man  carrying a big razor in his band came  out of n door and sitnrted toward him.  Both Kelly and his friend ran.  They stopped when they reached the  office, panting, and the superintendent,  who is a fnt man, came lumbering  nfter them.  "What's the matter with you?" ask-  2d the superintendent  "Did hu cut anybody's throat?"  chorused Kelly and his friend.  "Who?"  "That big patient with the razor."  "Oh," said the superintendent, "that  was just nn attendant who had been  shaving some of the inmates. Come  on back."  "Not on your life!" said Kelly. "He  may only bo Imagining that he's an  attendant."���Saturday Evening Tost  The Ship of State.  Sir Wilfrid Laurie* once took a fail  out ot Sir Charles Tupper. for years  - ,i leader of the Opposition, nnd Sir John  Just  as j Macdon(l]d_    B,,ntel.lns Uleru on tuoil.  self praise for their own political services to Canada, he admitted that they  had sailed tUs ship of state fairly successfully, adding: "Sir John was at  the helm aud supplied the brains,  while Sir Charles supplied the wind.  His blowing filled the sails."  Not Long.  Binks (who ordered n pancake half  un hour previously)���ICr���I���sny, will  that pancake be long?  Waitress���No, sir; it'll be rouud.  Then ho waited patiently another  half hour.  We never desire earnestly what we  desire In reason.���La Rochefoucauld.  Affection by Proxy.  "I find that my husbuuil has been  having tho ofllco boy cnll me up every  dny and mumble terms of endearment  That's a nice way to fool Ills wife.  He's been going to the ball game."  "How Is it that you didn't catch on  to tbe voice?"  "Well, I'm busy nt bridge every dny.  nnd I've been having tho cook answer  the telephone^1'���Washington Herald.  DON'TS.  Don't put off till tomorrow what you  put off last-year to do today,   tlit.oft  your coat and do it now. -     -���    ���-  Don't expect to butt right into a fall  fair and make a clean sweep if you'  haven't  quality   birds   to   burn   these  days.  Don't wait to cull out the knock-  kneed crookbacks nnd wrytall runts  until after they have gobbled enough  grub to raise a -respectable Bock.  Don't forget in feeding pigeons that  you must provide both for parents aud  squnbs. and there must always bo  plenty to carry to tha little ones all  day.  Don't sell anything nt market that  you wouldn't gladly serve to your millionaire motber-ln-law who Is about to  write n will leaving nil her spondullcs  to you.  Don't keep that old hen over another  season simply because year's ago she  won a green ribbon. If you can't cut  her cockier the preacher will Slay her  without a single compunction of conscience.  <.-*<*.  Her Part.  "Your husband says you proposed  to blm."  "Thai's quite right Everything of  Importance Hint my husband ever got  credit for doing I either did or showed  him how."���Detroit' Tree Press.  Easily Arranged.  !'I li.ntc to talk," acknowledged a very  3llent mnu of our acquaintance, "hut I  like to listen."  "Why don't you got married?" wo  ac*>:cd him.���Cleveland Plain t")enli>r.  Unanswered.  We meet tho girl In after years  For whom we longed to die.    -,  And as she on tho sccno appears  Wo wonder why.  Wo sli�� her up from head to toe.  With calmness meet hor glance.  It Bhattera at a Jingle blow  Our.youne rorr'nee.  Orio V'ew.  "There Is no use In efytnE."  "Well, there's a  whole lot of satisfaction if you holier loud oaonsl'."'  Jb  ^.^^l-VB^":V-,l.-.���'^���,-')   -^ii^-, f;^';^-J-;>Vi-.vT".  ������[   .-.���'���" '������,���-.-������'���-'''���:.'���'., ;:'''',-:'.,,;-'���:,-.''-'���.���-.���'-V ;���;;.';.''V'-.:','';','.,'-i"'"''j --'���    ���'' ''  .'j;,',,, '.;    ���*"   ���  ''"���    'l'-' :'���"'      '   -    ' '"  '" ^J ''''''-   ' .'       fv-'-'^f;-   -v. ,1  ppm^W.m^^p-^.^^-.fr-H-  *^  YM  ii  1-    1.  ��... Y,.  -4-*-"'"  "V^rM^Jl.  n PIONEER,    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  ill  ii!  GOUDRON  tmqtLft i>t  FOIEDhMORUE  thauxamr  ftAXHZStfS I  Syrup of Tar  COD UVER oai  J.L KjUHHO  NmvmCIwM  tWMWO.Mn.l'  Skirt****  ;i  33S3  fft  ty  1;  I  Cures Coughs  Mathieu's Sviup of Tar & Cod Liver Oil  is tt great Tonic and not only stops a cough  but enables the system to throw it off.  There should bci bottle of it in every home.  Laige we bottle 35c.   Sold everywhere.  J   t,   MATHIRU CO , F.op ,  SHKRHHOOKi:  DISTRIBUTORS TOR WESTERN CANADA  FOLEY BROTHERS, LARSON & COMPANY, Inc.  WINNIPEG, EDMONTON, VANCOUVER, SASKATOON.  V'  llf.  i  ��&  ���^  >')  Opening: Notice  Joseph Roy wishes to inform his many Phoenix  '   friends thafhe has assumed the proprietorship  l !'" of the' Ron ' Cafe.     Meals' will be served until  1 .midnight,    the dining Voon>v is tastefully fur-  *;' -'nishedt and scrupulous attention will be paid  both'to cleantiness'and'service, combined with  reasonable prices>    ' ���\ '        A Call Solicited.  Local and Genera!  fc Wll (  of BOOK STORE  *&!  ��<'., *-** ^<  't��"*  le'YY^i.'-  ^���fffgY  MEAT MARKET SPECIALTIES  ���Sri l  ^BWr^A^^MINCExWEAT, 71k Pail, #1.00 }  'JaOfEriteft feUEAMEHT^KTrER, ��Oc per lb.,' 2llw. for 76c.  * "'ALBERTA J?ABM lWTTJBR/aSe. p��r lb.; '3lbt. for Of.OO.      v  '"������SHAMROClt" ^R'ANDrFRESH EGGS, 1 d<u Cartoons; *0c. do*.  '>!NlJjCS"HAl3inB, 20c. par lb.  t^MOKJED HA3fclTOUT^aOc.p��flb.  r^CXXT^riKilPPEU^ 2dc.|��orlb. *    '  ^SBd&tt dURED HAMS,,' 2Bi?l par lb. s  ,''pHO^dKa?^��EAlCFA^l, BACON, 27c per lb.  #?i#��y BURNS & iDO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B. CI       PHONE 2  BUSINESS REMOVAL  H. HUMPHRIES announces the remo\al of his  Shoe Repairing Business  (>tp the SJTEMWINDER PREMISES,   opposite  Deane's  Hotel.  ^. - fle assures his many patrons that the strictest "attention will  be paid to all 01 decs     Only the best of matei ials used.  Our  "Woikmnnship  combines   StjTe,   Somfort  find Durability.  REPAIRING NEATLY  DONE.  BRITISH MATERIALS���READY-MADE STOCK ON HAND  Mrs O II. Smith l-eturnod to Vftii-  ccm\ t v on Monday.^ ,  Mj. nnd Mm AI. Moiti&on of Deadwood wcio nmlsiiii? Mmts ihis^week in  town. I 1  AliiniigMini New Your Kbulittioi^,  iiidudnii iosoUo Ui hiihsfi ibe for tho  Piom'OJ.  Kuioht MilUr, M.P.P., ��>t Orand  Koiks, wiih a \isitoi U) th<1 bmgh during t he w 01 k f  rimstmiiy ticn decorations, Xninn  mid N'-w Yem GaifK toys <md fancy  pu scuts at AhnstivMii's       " *  Mi. mid Ahh. Snialli-v lohimed to  town tluivu'k fiom n ten dayfr'fiip  to Hountliii\ piiniti.  Mr. niul Mih Tonlki i< nviivcd on  %V< (1 ttc^ilnv f 10111 Botaland. Tiu-y intend to 1��ko up then lc-jdence heie.  Imuu Ciawfoid, founexly of Phoii  ni\, is i)|jonitiB n Kfmeial stove nt  Ciirmi, six inilcH froju Bwi\ordoil.     1  A PrcBbj Icruin hoivicu will beheld  in the K. T, Hnll, at eleven o'clock, on  .Sunday. A welcouieis extended to all.  "NY A  Biown, pnstoi. ,  To make those OhiMtnuiH dellcaciei,  oidev a supply of ftesh eggs, butter  nud ueh cieuin from M'Kay and Sons'  dniiv.   Phone F!12.  The Oieenwood Lodge, Knights of  Pythias ha\e nt ranged a dnnco (for  New Yeai'fi niglit. Womer'a orchestra  hai e been engaged.  Wo understand a no\el hkating race  hn? been iiiianged to take place on  New Yeiu's Dav. PaiMeulars will lie  announced next week  The Jfother Ltv'a i����m��' was closed  for two days this week, two of the  furnaces having got out of order. The  mini s resumed on Tuesday.  II, Humphries, has iemoved his shoe  establishment to the old Stemwinder  Hotel, opposite Deane's Hotel. Ho has  a fine assortment of Biitish leather for.  lepaiiing purposes.  The ltev. L. B. Lee was in the Forks  this week, giving an illustrated lecture  on.thc "Life of our Lord." The lecture,  whieh was much appreciated, was well  attended, .      ���       '  The stated services in tho Catholic  Church are as follows: First and third  Sundays of every month.   Mais at 10  a.m., Sunday   School J'at 3.80^p:jin  Evening Bewice at 7.30.     O ~"   ' "'"'  , -iBieW* Win ftW John's Ohtireh^fpr  W& Sunday, are fa v ioHiVWR:, HoTy  ,eotrfwxmtexL&itiq(i'&.m>, MorningSer7  .vico 'atill, Sunday. Schoo^ atAJKven-  nig'Prayer at*7.30.   Itey.  L. H. Lee.  Rector. *'     iv '-  N.J. Carson' receH ed ;the pleasing:  intelligence this week of the,"elect ion  Of his brorhvr-iii-IftW as Conservative  member foi one "of the Yoik Coimty  seats. He despatched a telegram "of  congratulation. 'n \  "An Open or Closed Door. AVhieh?"  will be lhe subject of next Sunday  evening's sermon m the Methodist  Church. ( The music aviU include a  Wtdshsoug. Aheart> welcome to all.  R��v. N N. Ni\on. pastoi.  The fi-iend-J of J01 Roy an ill be  pleased to lean* of hU opening of the  Hoy Cafe, adjoining the book itoie.  Thepiemiies ure neatly and comfen t-  ubfv furnished and oidei and eleiinh-  ncss, which is Joe's long hint, aie  stuctly in e\ idence.  An enjojable dance took place on  Fudav e\ening. 111 the ricanelinavian  Hall. Theie was a goodly attendante  ofdanteis, ninl the e\ent pio\ed in  e\ns usped u com pit te hiiceess.  Piolessoi Wei ner piesided over the  music, w Inch at uiital w as up to date.  The skating match between Barney  Cosgio\eand Heilieit Hartley, which  took place on Tuesday e\enmg, drew a  rmkful of speetatots, B. Cosg^e  pioving the winner. II Hartley fell  twite, injuring his knee but proveel  his gamenebs by finishing the course  in good time.  C, L. Johnson aimed m town this  week fjom Rock Creek. He says tho  hunting season theie has been more  than 'cstrttordmaiy, no less than 15  doer being shot within the last few  days. He brought a sample of six potatoes fiom that locality, their combined weight tipping the scales at 1\  pounds. Plans foi a bridge, two miles  below RocTc Creek, are being prepared.  KingEdwardLodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  t'gular communication at 8  p.m.  Second Tlimsday ol  each month,  Kmergpnt meetings us called; Masonic  HahVneHale. Block.  J, ,L,St/;utziX '   .1. .s. BoYcn,  Wecv. WM.  I. O. O, F.  Snowshoe Lodge  NO. *6.  Mccta every Monday Evening at  Miners1 Hall. Visiting brethren eor  dlally invitetl.  Win. Van Wagenen JS'oble Oiiind  A. L. MeKinnon, Pin, Set-y.  W. ,T. Bulherfoid,,Uee. H��"v.  Provincial Items  Daughter* of Rebe Heart  ;    PhoenlH Lodae No. 17  Mcits in* tbo 3Jlitem'   Union  I.wtffo  Hall KiTst ��iid Thinl WoflnonctajH.  ��� -it*     MisuM, Mnrkoiwlo, NobloClniml.  ' , SIrs.'KIIloMiu-ulinll, Socmtarj.  FRATERNAL ORDER  _       : OF EAGLES  1 Phoonlx Aerle No. 158 ' ,  Meets'iVi "Union lialf, 1^ iday Kvenlngrf.  Visiting lii'otlieil} are always welcmho.  > ���(?', JOHNtLovn, W.P.  '-  . '   ^   T. Bn CosaiiOVM, W. Secy.  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoanlx,  . B.O.  Mee>"liiTEpDAV Evrniko at 7.S0.  Sojourning   brothers   cordially, welcomed. -*,        '. ? - w      i    ,  " '   '   *' '" J. E, OAKTRTtrK. of B. S.  1.     ''    , ,   G. iCAY, C."C.'  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pjllilau Hall, tower Toimi,  First and Third Thursdays. ,  Mm. H. liccil  M.K.C.  Mrs. A. D. MoKcndo  M.R.C.  ��Jl^lf ^First-class Fit ancl Tam-  mSfeB^J^V ����� sirac Wood, $5.00 per cord  KSMW^SH* Wood,  $4.50 pei cord.  ��Mte^'>lFir and Tamarac, double cut,  ggg^s^^j s-\ per cord, ^6.50.  "?'g W^��^B te��t��y<��HE�� 0��y  SHORT  BSW,.-,./ l^irrSOS. 'Phono B32  our? ,���* Nfty       J t. 1  ffi'JIsSi1     -  It Intcrroed ��od sSoul 1 klnw  Rhoi t the won Irrf I  BlfiStm. V/htxllng Spray  The n-w Vaffinal Syn i^o    licit  ���Mo�� convenient   It tlcansM  fe���JWWi���� l-Btarily ,    Am your  Cfeh srifJsv.15.'  ����,.aoMswp(uiri:Mr����<l .  ���til  u5��l3n4<l��ctliK�� inr>lttaW�� ti ItdlM,  Tftfi White Stai stenmei, Occinic  ������ajifid tft't week for New Yoik with  '^X-0 fe'^'?i, ��f m '���''��� '1 '11S constitutes  , si^ard [or one stcamci  THE mm REAPER WORKS  THROUGH NEGLECTED GOLDS  A slight cold does not suggest  serious danger, hut the suddenness  with which a slight cold becomes  a serious cold leads to apalhdg  consequences A slight cold  demands immediate treatment  Mathieu's Syrup of Tar and  Cod Liver Oil taken at the outset  removes all possible danger  It heals the inflamed parts,  strengthens the tissue and builds  up the whole system to defy  further attacks ,  The Tar is the healing agent  The Cod Lrver Oil the strengthening clemcut, combined pioperly  as in Mathieu's S>nip  they are*  invincible    Large bottle 35 cents  Tor Rils nt nl  (IchIcis  \\ he 1 liem' lrhe pml xcitr arc present with  t co I ttk Mathlei! $ Ncr\ltit* I'owilci j to  rLitiitt tlie le\f itii'l Tf'aj Hi" pun J I,  Miilnrii  e.0     1 rupi    blierbrookc   yue     (L)  DISIRIUL'TOKS   VOU V.'P^TI JlV   CWADA  Foley Bros. Larson & Co*.,  (iN'CORl'ORATMl)  Winnipeg, Ldmonton,   Vancouver,  Saskatoon.  NOTICE.  In tho Supremo Court of Brttifth Columbia.  ," In tho matter of ��he~Katate "of .Martin Lund'  quiet.accessed. ,.        ���'  v"-'   *     "''  "* Niynfcsf is insiucBT myjcw thivt^on uio  28thtl��.yof Soptonibiu.l9U,ltr��>a* ordered by  Judge Mrowlc Hint A. C. SottOn ho iulminifi-  trotai'ot-allundiflrisrularthc ectato or Mitrtltr  Iiuhdqutet, late of Plibeiilx, B. C'��� dctcitsciK In'  testnte. ����� ���< - ' f  >     j '    -  EY��TPW$ori indobtod to tlie wild cfctntOiH  rotiuircd to mnko imyinont foithwflU U> the  iinclnrfigticd, nnd, every" peixon linvnif: t In  poshCflsIonoDctlh belonging to dcocat>(Ml'i��ic-  qmrcd.to notify tho under-disned fmthwith  J5>er>- creditor or other portion iiminrf an>  clnint-upon or intermtt in tho do<ttribtitfon of  wild CKtato is retimreil before tlie I3th l)rt.e)ii-  bcr. tail, to fc��id l>> rcjfiiSt��rod letter ftddrovscd  to the underHigiicd. lilt, rrnmo nnd niliirtw), and  full pni-tie ulnrs of lii>> claim or interact, <vnd a  statement of hixnecouut roriflod bj *tntiitory  doolamtion, and tho 'inturo of the sopuritj (if  an) I, hold b> blm . , -  Aftei the wild 12th dny of December, Jflll, the  administrator w 111 proceed with I ho destribu-  tion of tho e^tnlc,tin\innrcwittt to tbmoclntmf!  onl> of 11 hit li ho xhall then have notice.  Oatert at Grand Fork��, �� C, llfh S*o\   1911.  "      A. f!. SUTTON",  OfllU.il Admii'Mratoi, Grand Forks Ii I'.  7xA.ND KBGTSTRy ACT.  in the niAttcF of (in application for  duplicate CoL-tiflon-te of Title' No.  :��78a to I^its 7, 8, 0 mid 10, Block  16, Mup 50, Tow n <>f Ohiistioa.  NOTICE is lioreby given that it ii  my ltite-'ution at the cxpiitilion of one  month from tho date of the lit at publication he'i eof to isstio duplicate certificate of Title to said lanels to Joseph  Letcher Martin, unlets in the1 meantime valid objections be> made to me in  wilting.  W. H EDMONDS.   -  Distiict Kegi��.tfftr.  Land Registry Office,     <  Ktiinloops, B. C,       '  Nov. 9th, UUL  The Magistrate's St^ry  What He Owes to Zam-Buk  Mr. O. K. Saufoid, of Weston,  King's Co, NS��� n Justice of the  Peace foi the county, and a deacon of  tlie Baptist Chureh in Berwick, says:  "I have used Zam-Buk for Piles, and  found it a sjitcudid leiTiedy; It cured  me."  Mi. Thomas Pe>aison, of Priuce Albeit, Mask., wutes: "T must thank you  for tho lu'iielit I have leceivcd from  tin-u i�� of Zam-Buk., I^ast suinincr I  lmdnfovLi, iihich left nH'with piles.  I Ataited to use Zam-Buk And found it  gave me lel'e'f, io I continued with it.  After using throe or fom boxes it affected a eomplete cure."  Zain-Biik mil also bo found a sure  cure for cold Miiei, ehappeel hands,  fiost bite, ulcers. (c/ema, blood poison,  vntieei'.i -oies sculp pore1?, ringworm,  inilamcd patches, balucv.' w'liptioris  and chapped plaees. cuts, burns,  onuses and skin Hijuiiei'.'genQvaUy.  All di ugglht'- and htoi ('. nc'1 at. 50c. per  box, oi post lieefioiu Zam-Buk Co,,  Toronto, upon inoipt of price. You  nie- wamed against haunful, iniita  tionr and substitutes See the registered imiiio "Zam-Buk" on ��over.y  pat knge befoie bu> ing. ;  CANADA'S CHRISTMAS STAMP  The  Campaign  for  1911  is on, and  Needy Consumptives all over l  Canada ore Rejoicing;   - ��� r [^  As Aroltdeacon Cody expressed it ab a  meeting of the Citizens' Christmas Stamp  Committco in Toronto, ulew days ago, tho  Christmas Stamp, now issued each year' in  aid of the'Muskoka'  1'reo Hospital fop  Consumptives,    lias  become  ono of  tho  institutions -of   tho  country.  Tin co  yearn  ago  tha  movement was  set on fpot in Canada  by tho   Nutioual  Sanitarium Association,  following   tho  idea that fust originated in Denraatk, which was a yeai lator  taken up in the United States, nud quickly  spread to Canada.  The idea itself is very simplo, though tho  results show how truo it is that "great  oaks from littlo acorns grow,'' SI J,010.00  being realized from tho sale of stamps in  1010,  a sum  suuicient  to caro  for  forty  eatienU at tho iNhiMcoka Freo Ifospiud for  onsumptives.    Tins year ifc is hoped Unit  $25,000.00 may lie realized to npsist in tins'  great life-saving woik which is ever becoming 111010 UlgCllt.  The cut in tho corner of this article  shows tho design of tho stamp for 1011,  though the original is in^hreo colors.  This stump does not enrrv any mail. One  wants to remember this, though, as it bus  licen epigraiiunatirdliy expressed, nny mail  will carry ib. Thoitleu is f or ei very one to uso  this stamp in their coriespoiidcnce between  now and the i-ml of the year. Tins plan  will servo thp two fold tiili-pose of helping  to-realize.'the 823,T;00.OO tor the aid of  Electric Restores* for Mesa  PhfldnhomoS restores every nervo In the body  n~nqgpnorawi tn ���n pr0j,er tenulon; restores  vim ajd vitality. Prcaiituto tji^ny and all sexual  weakness avtrted it ence iPUe'apfjonps will  make ���yo j n new mai 1'nco ST a box. or two lor  ta    rilailedtoanyniMrrsi.  a,2n��HcpfceH^��t^  I  needy'.'ConsunipLhui, nnd will besides  possess u'n cdueationul valuo that can  iiuvdly bo ovenstiRiatetl.  Tho stumps iiro on f-.ilo to-day in book  .'stores, drug sti>r��fir and clmwhcioil) almost  every town ami rity in Canada. Clergy-  men, .Publin School tencheis, Snniluy  .School .'teat-he 1 -i, Biblu Cla^s -woikcis,  DiiiighteiH of Ih i Kinpirc, and oiguni/alions  of many"diffet'f t kinds aio as-isting i" tho  woik of spieuilu)i^ tho Mile of this littlo  stump. TOaoh '-tarniJ cw-ts only (me cent,  so that it becomes | o^iblts fui ffeijonu tc  have somo pin t 111 Unit great hutliu ayuiiist  cousumption.  \Vo havo' cvi'iy pleasure in ingnif? our  raiders to make 111 in h 11-0 ot this littlo mes-  eonger of lntaliii(j for tho next Unity days.  Benny Kneebone was killed in  the Hewitt mine near Silverton  last week? He was struck" by a  boulder whil'h caused him to fall  down 11 shaft. Kneebonc had lived  about fifteen years in and around  Silverton. '  Rear-Admiral Jvinfirsmill, director  of the Canadian naval service, since  1908, recently arrived on the coast  on a visit of inspection of the naval  yatcl nt Esquimault and the Canadian cruiser Rainbow. He elcnie,s  that the Canadian govoinment hn\e  purchased the cruisci Aboukir.  A Ire, which occurred in Dunn's  lumbci yards, in Toronto, recently,  spread to the Aged Womcns'  Home on Belmont street,'containing'  99 inmates. There were'no fatalities, .although 25 of the inmates  were helpless and were carried'from  the building. The loss is about  $30,000.  Under instructions fiom the attorney-general, woikmcnha\e commenced the cleaning up of the land  known as the Songees Reserve, at  Victoiia, fiom which all the Indians  have now been rcrnoxtd, A small  number who have no rights there  will be sent back to their own reserves.  An accident; at Coqtiitlam Lake,  a short time 'ago is reported. Six  men were working in the tunnel of  the Vancouver Power Co., when  one ot them accidentally struck a  piece of dynamite with1 his pick.  The resulting esplosion blew all of  the men out of the hole, but none  of them" was seriously injured.  Forcing their way through three  heavily barred doors and two trap  doors in the ceiling, before they secured their quarry, Jthe Victoria  detective force made a raid upon  an alleged, gambling^ den ,in^ihat  city or few days agd, ' TfeirtjRrpne  Chinamen" and Va ,cw��gcm_'load-/of  paraphernalia, including^the thiee  barred' dodrs^Vwere 'taken - in, .tiie  faid.,    -'"-/ r -    ' -,. j-  - /Hie grizilyv bear which slew^a  lion at a���menagerie jn, England te^  'cenlly, has 'now finished .up a fine  brown bear, jJnative,6f B.'C. -They  fought furiously for ififrefeijr minutes,  defying" all' efforts - to part' -them.  Finally th��?'fire hose was -turned on  them, but' the-tbrown bear was .so  mauled that hexlied from his injury.  The financial loss as the result of  the two  ficrhts 'at estimated at over  siooo.  It is announced by^ the C.P.R.  company that - they will shortly  raise forty-five ^miUion dollars for  terminals, improvements \o properties and the buifdjng of hotels from  the Atlantic to the Pacific at various  points. The company has twenty  million dollars in the treasury and  the remainder is to be raised by the  issuing of common stock. Large  sums will be expended in B. C, including two million in Vancouver  alone.  Work has heea commenced on  the mounting of two 9.2 guns on  Signal Hill, Esquimault, s to augment the defence of the Canadian  naval base on the Pacific. Thi>T is  in accordance with part of the  scheme of defence began by the  Imperial authorities 14 years ago.  When the ' Canadian government  took ..over Esquimault in 1901 it was  decided not to mount the i?uns,  which since then have been_lyiiig in  the store housed  The author of a cruel hoax is  badly wanted by the Victoria police  An old sign was picked up at the  Gorge with the words written on  the back, "You will find me in the  Gorge. , Mrs.. Callow. Gooel-bye."  The sign was taken to the police,  who showed it to Henry Callow,  whose wife has recently mysteriously  disappeared. The writing \\as in  several respects similar to that of  his wife, but the husband, declared  that it was'not hers.  Word hgs been received from  Aiynsh on the Naas river, from  Chief Owens, who is at the head of  the provincial police party that left  Prince Rupert a short time ago on  orders from Victoria, to the effect  that no trouble exists there with the  Indians. A drunken Indian had  threatened n white niiin, and alarm  being felt at the threat, a message  wns sent to Victoria. After a trying trip by Chief Owens and his  men, they arrived on the scene and  found everything quiet.  Soam-iJi-fronfc  stockings  would seem absurd T  Then  why anfc seam1  You have kept on wearing stockings  with a seam uj) the back���shapeless  uncomfortable tilings f because you probably didn't reolize tho perfection reached  by  These ore hose without the sign of a seam���look for the sign of the  trade-mark   As they are beinjj knit thoy aro shapoel lastingly to  the curves of the foot and led  7'hsv fit���they wear better���  and tho utter absence of any seum at all makes them  over so much more comfortable.     No difference  in cost���but much in quality, in economy  and in coiulort,  ���05  , Maker* ���!  Underwear  Sweaters  �����e  Hosiery  HOSIERV  Mai* by  Peninans Limited  Parisi Canada  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only Firat-Class and Up-To-Date _      ' ���  Hotel in Phoenix,     New-from cellar  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms in the . ,,  Boundary,  Opposite   Great  Northern  Depot     Y   '.'     Modern Bathrooms.      1  STEAM HEATED.  James Marshal!, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED''  - -  * *   .       i  Phoenix, B.C��   ���J.H'flL  and  ��� UY Fancy Goods. Dolls and Toys; Books;-  -C- s������*��w*>w*��*��a^j*w��^<n]aB��w��M*^n^^  m ',;       -"' Magazines, and   Periodicals,   Kodaks)'  . j,~J Yl':   ' FiUns and, Supplies,  Musical  Instru-  , '['Y ��� ments and Supplies.   School Sundries. '  WAlXvPAPER AND DfiQORATIVE PICTURES,  ��'.      GLASSWARE  AND'CHINA.  Cigars, Tobacco, Pipes and Smokers' Sundries.  ESSSr;.1^^       Al_. ALMSTROM  EASTERN EXCURSIONS  Dec. 1 to 31, 1911, Inclusive  .VIA THE  Canadian Pacific Railway  mmmmmmmm0mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^^^^^>^^^'^^i^^e^mmmm^  Ilotmn limit lltrr-u months, with oxtonsHn iii'ivllPgps, Ktop^ven  permitted at nil pnints r-ftit of F*ort WiUlum. nnuiid tiln fares from  Phoenix, B.C. ' %    ,      ,  Toronto, Hamilton, Sarnia, Windsor - - 992.96  Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston - 97.95  St. John, St. Stephen, St. Andrews, Moneton 112.45  Halifax, N.S ----   116.40  Cm responding fcivrsto nil ��Uitions in OntAtio, Quebec, NewBiuns-  >\ ick, No\n Scotln. Standard Hlceptng nnd torn 1st cnrM on nil trnin<5. For  finfchei-pnitieulais apply tei  1 a. E. CARTER, Agent, Phoenix, B. C.  W. J. WELLS, Distviet Passengei Agent, Nelsnnr  D. J. MATHESON    Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE CLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B. O.  EASTER^ TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Capital  a.n<3   Reserve,   SS,25O,OO0  Head Office - Established 185��  -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  Wm. Fabwem.. JViwMonl.   H. II. <"'. Minbu. Vioo Piculilonl.  J. .Mackinnov, (lonrnil Mftnniror  Ui)  & > r' '' ���  til  mt  If...  R  ���mi  vMSsSt  'fit- ifWti  WA  TTS\  82 BRANCHES IN  PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  AN!) AT  WINNIPKO. .MAN. VANCOUVKR. n. C.  COLEMAN. ALTA. ORAND PORKS, B. V.  LETHBUIDOE, ALTA. PHOENIX,  B. t'.  TABER. ALTA. PRINCETON, B. C.  VICTORIA. B. C.        QUEBE(,1 QUK.  Havings  Oepai-tuiont. at all Offices.  '  OORRKSPON DENTS   ALL    OVER    THE   WORLD  If you require any Heavy Teaming or Hauling- dpne,  iet us'do it for you. That is our business, and we  have the equipment to execute all ordeis .satisfactory.  -Scobell's Liquor, Tobacco  and Drug Cure SrtA';  Alcohol, Tobacco and Draffa. It counteracts the  cITccts utmost instantly���removes.all cravines.  Alter (aklntr tho treatment there will never beany  need to drink Intoxicants or uso drueo lgaln. Cnn  bo si^en secretly. Wo have yet to hear of one  falluro. Mailed under ncparate cover to any ml-  ilrcsg, Price S50()boK, or��boiic3 lor ��1000. ai��o  HanbM Vina Co., Bt, CalSutriaoD, VaU  ia  We also have a supply of first-class Cordwood, short  or long, and can deliver il on short notice.  *��>  PHOENIX, B.O.  i,r.f '��-  Kp. >  ISi. I,*  ��������:���>   .  .,:!-. H    .  ��Y '���'.  \ -!-i**  4&  .*��� ijr  11iV <  Yk <S(   ���'  ���;:f.  ��� r  .l:m^<��Y$YmY?Y^  !^fPP��fSJW^g;-'^|f?  ^[^^m^fpsjrj^^^^!^  KYYY~<Y?$YYiY&Yr -"  .qSfS.jl:  i s<


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