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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 19, 1903

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Array Leg2,  Ua*i  *Q  **&*-> L~~'  :m.  Boundary Mines Sent  Out 500,000 Tons of  Ore in J902.   ��#   ^  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary,  Vol. V.  AND  BOUNDARY  MINING JOURNAL.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA (SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1903.  NoX  The Big Store  CHRISTMAS  PRESENTS  To Suit Everyone at Popular Prices  ���An excellent assortment of���  ^"e GROCERIES j  Just a Few :    |  Down-east Sweet  Apple Cider, $1  per gallon  Japan Oranges 6 doz. in a box, $1,  Extra Choice Naval Oranges, 40c, 50c, 60c, doz j  Ga|W Cod Cranberries, 20c quart, ,5 quarts, 50c |  Lemons, laige and ri|>e, 40c per doz, I  Sweet Potatoes, 6c per lb., dry and sound,  Choice American & Canadian l-'ruits, 1'ieserves  Famous Innd S.W. Peaches, Pears, Nectarines  Long's Extra Choick Preseives, Pine Apple,  Lawton Berry, etc, just the thing to ^ive a  finish to Christmas dinner,  An extra fine line of Robertson's Famous       J   CONFECTIONERY, just arrived,  In fact everything that goes lo  ME CHRISTMAS SUNNY.  PHOKNIX  CRKHNWOOD  GRAND FORKS  - SUITABLE -  Christmas  Presents  <��  ��)  (��  Case Carvers ..  $3.5n. $4.00, $4-5��. $7.oo, $7.5�� and $l0-����-  Call unci sec them,  ROGERS 1847 Triplu Plated Goods���Teospoons,  Dessert Spoons, Table Spoons, Table Dessert Knives  and Forks.  Everything in Skates  ������-���^r        ~~  Chebucto, Beaver, Micniac, Boys and Flanged Hockey;  all sizes in Acme Clubs.  ved a new line of Rogers and  We have just recetvt  I XL  - Pocket Cutlery --  k\\ swell goods.    Prices, from $1.00 'tp $2.5<  "���������*���������**������*������������������������������������������.  Boundary Mining Notes.  * *+++****++���*++++++++++,  �������� ���*-* ������� ��� ��� ���>  ���*���*��*�������������*�����*  Tuesday was monthly payday at the  Snowshoe mine. With the amount  then paid out the total for this camp  this month was about $55,000.  Now that arrangements have been  completed foi shipping from both sides  of the claim, the tonnage from the  Emma is expected to be materially  increased.  ohipments from the Athelstan are  now going to the Greenwood smelter  The syndicate owning it have made  the final payment of $8,ooo on the  Jickpot, adjoining.  It is now estimated that the total of  the ore shipments of the Boundary for  the full year of 1903 will be about  675,000 tons, or about one-third more  than for the previous vear.  THE  P  No More Shipments Till Matter is Settled.  OPERATIONS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED  ���*��.  In the December issue of the B, C.  Mining Record is an article by Geo.  E. Cole, of Phoenix, on mining with  steam shovels in tin's camp, illustrated  profusely from several photographs of  the shovels at work.  This week a force of some 20 men  have been at work .preparing- the  grade and laying the steel on the unfinished, pot lion of the C. P. R. spur  to the Brooklyn and Stemwinder  dumns, for the purpose of being able  to ship the ore.  Manager McVicar, of the E. P. U.  and Gold Finch mines, has finished  the 1,000 foot gravity tramway, which  will greatly faciitate the sending out of  shipments of ore to the Greenwood  smelter. A car of 18 tons of Gold  Finch ore was ��er,t out last week.  Shortly after the first of the year  the incline shaft on the Piovidence,  which is now down 183 feet, will be  deepened. This mine which is ship  ping about two cars of high grade ore  per month, has jj2.n1pn.-vn itc i.ayiaiL.  Most of the ore now goes to the  Greenwood smelter.  Active diamond drilling at the Volcanic mine, on the North Fork of  Kettle river, has been started by  Boyles Bros., the contractors. Alex.  Mead, M. E., of Marquette, Mich.,  has arrived in the Boundary to assume  the positioii of engineer for tbe syndicate that lately bonded theVolcanic.  H. H. Shallenberger, in charge of  the development being prosecuted on  Ihe Doni Pedro claim, one Qf llv  group owned by the Chicago and B.  C. Mining Co., in Skylark camp, is  sinking a new shaft farther ud the hill  than the old shaft, and is arranging for  winter quarters for the force of men.  Mr. Shallenberger is asking for tendeis  to sink 100 feet.  A report from Grand Forks states  that the Granby company has a number of engineers at work on smelter  hill, engaged in making a preliminary  survey in connection with the projected enlargements of the plant or for  the construction of a sepaiate and detached plant. This will afford data  from which the officials will be able to  make estimates. The date of the  commencement of construction, however, has not yet been considered.  At the Elkhorn, adjoining the Providence, a force of 14 men is kept busy  developing and taking out high grade  ore. Tbe balance of $5,000 on the  bond on this property was paid last  week by McDonald and Sutherland to  C. I.. Thomet, of Midway, who owned  the mine. The new owners will keep  right on working the property, having  practically paid the entire cost of the  mine from the net pioceeds of the ore  shipped.  Dr. Simmons, of Greenwood, who  was in this city this week, and is one  of those who have taken a bond and  lease for $10,000 on the Roderick  Dhu, in Long Lake camp, states that  seveial tons of ore are ready for shipment as soon as there is snow enough,  In the meantime development is being continued. Some exceedingly  high assays have been obtained ol late  from this property. The property  should prove a good thing for Dr.  Spankie, Dr. Gordon, Mr. Mc(3on  nell and others, who are also interested in it,  It li Thought Negotiation Now In Prorrm  Will Be Completed Eirly !��� January���  Mine has Shipped Ovtr M0.MO Tuna.  Last Friday the sawmill owned by  W. Powers, near Midw.-.y, was burned,  entailing a loss of several thousand  dollars, with small insurance. Several buildings were also burned.  After uninterrupted development lor  some five years, the Snowshoe mine  management has decided to temporarily suspend operations, till.definite arrangements are"made for the company  to own or secure an interest in a smelter. To get the best results from the  ore this is deemed absolutely essential  by the management. '.In accordance  with this decision, late last week Supi>.  Astley let out most of the men employed at the property, and this week  the last shipments of ore were made  and the balance of the employees, with  the exception of the foreman, J. H.  Trevorrow, and the office force, were  laid off for the time being,  Mr. Astley was.interviewed by the  Pioneer man, and asked as to when he  thought there would be a resumption  of work and shipments. He stated  that he could not set a definite date,  but that the step was taken, after considering the matter in all.its aspects, it  being decided to wait the outcome of  present pending smelting- arrangements- Mr. Astley did not expect the  suspension to last for a long time, and  did not know but that, shortly after  Christmas, there might be some news  of a favorable nature'jn regard to  future opciutiunsr*- . * _������-���.���.-������������  Ii appears that the Snowshoe for  some time shipped-its ore to the  Greenwood smelter, and* a year  ago changed to the Boundary Falls  smelter, it being understood that some  400 tons should be sent out daily. As  a matter of fact, for the last month or  two the shipments have not averaged  more than 250 tons daily, while the  mine is prepared to maintain a steady  output of somtwhere between 600 and  1,000 tons each 24 hours.  For some months it has been com  mon knowledge that ihe officials ol  the Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines,  Ltd., and those of the B. C. Copper  Co., Ltd., owning the Greenwood  smelter, have been considering the  amalgamation ot the two companies, at  least so far as the smelter is concerned.  At one time it was even announced  that the deal had been completed, but  this was premature.  Sometime towards the end of Decern  ber the annual meeting of the Snow-  shoe corporation is to be held in London, and it is, said that in January the  B. C. Copper Co. will also hold its  annual meeting in New York. If an  amalgamation is arranged it will  doubtless be ratified at these meetings.  In the meantime nothing will be done  at the mine, but the pumps have not  been drawn as yet.  It goes almost without saying that  the directors of the Snowshoe have  been well pleased with the results of  the development so systematically carried on for several years by Supt. Astley and Foreman Trevorrow. It is  equally well known that there is no  scarcity of ore, but on the contrary,  iherc is more ore av.ailable.in the mine  now than ever in its history, notwithstanding the fact that, all told, something like 100,000 tons have been  shipped to the different smelters. We  are assured also that there is a satis-  fatory profit in the ore under the right  conditions, and it is these conditions  that the management now proposes to  endeavor to bring about. That success will crown their efforts there is  not a shadow ol a doubt to those best  informed on the subject, as the men  interested in the Snowshoe are amply-  able to carry out any undertaking they  may engage in. It, therefore, seems  certain that at no distant date, when  the Snowshoe does resume, it will employ a larger force than ever before,  and will ship much more extensively.  New Invention For Drilling,  The London   Mining Journal in a  recent issue gives an   interesting  description of a new  invention,   a   rock-  boring machine designed to reduce the  number   of men  employed  in hand-  drilling by dispensing with  a  man to  hold the   drill-steel.      The   machine  coi.sists of a  cylinder  in   which   the  drill is held, and in which there isalsc.  a spring to set the steel again  for another blow, and a  ratchet  movement  for altering the position  of  the  drill-  steel edge.    The  miner  striking  the  drill stands with one foot on  an  iron  plate, and when ths blow has been delivered he simultaneously releases the  footplate by which the spring ratchet  movement is brought into play,  and  thus sets the  tool for  another  blow.  The machine is. very   compact   and  portable, and is adapted for either face  working   with  tripod  stand,  or  with  spreader bar for work in mine levels in  any position and at any  angle.    It is  claimed for the machine that the tool,  which is inexpensive, will save its cost  in a few weeks by dispensing with the  services of a holder-up and by cleaner  and more rapid   drilling.    At  a  trial  the  machine  worked   well  in   either  sandstone   or granite,   and    seemed  adapted for unskilled labour.  PAIDOUTSUM  OF $133,630  Granby Dividend Cheques Sent  Thursday.  THEY WERE MAILED FROM MONTREAL  Boundary's Largest Mining Proportion Finally  Begins to Make Returns to Shareholders  ���At Rate of Ten Per Cent Annually 00  Selling Price of Shares.  GRANTED 25 HOTEL LICENSES  At Semi-Annual Meeting, of Boundary Creek  License Commissioners.  Last Tuesday the half-yearly statutory meeting of the License Commissioners for the Boundary Greek  License District was held at Grand  Foiks. There were present License  Commissioners E. Jacobs, Greenwood,  (chairman), H. B. Cannon, Grand  Forks, and W. B. Townsend,  J.   P  Rossland.  -,:���-  Applications for renewals ol. Wc)  licenses were granted as follows:  S. T. Larsen, Riverside hotel, Rock.  y-::'~'Creek.';:''"  S. Dahl, Central hotel, Midway.  L. E. Salter, Spokane hotel, Midway.  S: A. Crowell, Crowell hotel, Midway.  C. M. Crouse, Lancashire house,Midway.  Dempsey   &   McPherson,   Boundary  Falls hotel, Boundary Falls.  Lewis Bros., Smelter Hotel, Boundary  Falls.  Jas. Henderson, Algoma hotel, Dead-  wood.  G, A. Rendell, Hotel Northern.Eholt.  J. A. McMaster, Union hotel, Eholt.  N, Luse, Summit hotel, Eholt.  F. Kaiser, Commercial hotel, Eholt.  W. H. Ludlow,   Oro   Denoro   hotel,  Summit Camp.  R. V. Chisholm, Windsor hotel, Summit Camp,  lames Anderson, Globe hotel, Fourth  of July Creek Crossing.  John McLaren, Grand   Prairie   hotel,  Carson.  Thos. Price, Price's hotel, Fife.  Paulson Bros., Paulson's  hotel,   Bon  anza Siding, C. & W. Railway.  C. E. Burgess, Edna hotel, Paterson.  C. H. Thomas, Cascade hotel, Cascade.  Application of H. M. R. Rumball  for renewal of license lor the Castlegar  hotel, Castlegar, was granted conditionally. Application-: for new licenses  were granted as follows: J. H. Mc-  Manus, late ol Slocan Junction, Ven-  dome hotel, Anaconda, formerly kept  by J. W. O'Brien; J. P. Black, Columbia hotel, Eholt; Nicholas Thompson, Ferndale hotel, near Rossland;  Joseph H. Graham, Clifton hotel,  Hartford Junction.  New Assayers' Officers.  The British Columbia Institute of  Assayers has been reorganized for the  ensuing year, officers being elected as  follows: President, Thomas Kiddie,  Tyee Copper Company; Vice-president, S. G. Blaylock, Trail; Secretary-  Treasurer, Arthur A. Cole, Rossland;  Council, Herbert Carmichael, Victoria;  A. L. McKillop, Nelson; Walter E.  Segsworth, Greenwood, and Douglas  Lay, McGuigan. The organization  has a good balance in the bank and  looks forward to a useful year's work.  Latest Prices in Metals.  Nkw Yokk���Copper, electrolytic and  lake, $12.25(**12.62.JJ. ��� '"  '"  Bar Silver, 55}i.  Lead, >1.25.  Tormented with a Devil.  The printei's boy was devoted to the  minister's daughter, and she finally  prevailed upon him to go to church.  Whether her father knew of their coming is not definitely settled, but there  is evidence that he did, for he gave  out as his text, "My daughter is  grievously tormented with a dsvil."  The printer's boy has been a little  afraid of churches ever since.���Chicago Pq$t,  A man generally shows his worst  s.ide when we get the best of him.  In accordance  with the  announcement made in advance some few weeks  ago,   the Granby   Consolidated  this  week made the   payment  of the  first  dividend  ever paid  by that or any  other company in the  Boundary   that  is operating on low grade ores.    The  amount so distributed   was $133,630,  which is the  equivalent   of  one   per  cent,   quarterly  on   the  issued  share  capital of the  corporation,  or at the  rate of nearly ten per   cent,   on   the  selling price  of  the  shares,   which is  now about $4' per share.    It is  anticipated that  similar  dividends  will be  distributed every three months.     .... ���  While this is itself a notable feature,  that the low grade mines are beginning  to make returns to stockholders,  it,is  also a fact that, so far as  the records  show, no mining company operating in  British Columbia has as yet  paid out  so large a sum at one time before.  It is a well known fact:. that the  Granby Co. has not a dollar of indebtedness of any kind, and that the company has funds in the treasury. It is  also no cM'ot that tne'extensive"'' Ihv"  provements have been paid for from  the earnings of the company. ���  ��� Last Thursday, the 16th; the dividend cheques were mailed ; to shareholders from the head office in Mont  real.  Jay P. Graves and H. N. Galer, of  the Granby Co., arrived in camp on  yesterday's train.  Reduced Christmas Rates.  For some years past it has been the  custom of the C. P. R. to make special excursion rates to eastern. points  from the Northwest at Christmas time.  Hertofore this privilege has not been  accorded Kootenay residents, but it  is now announced that during the remainder of the month first class tickets to Toronto, Montreal and other  eastern points, good for three months,  will be sold at any C. P. R. ticket office in Kootenay for the sum of $74.50,  a reduction of practically 50 per cent,  in the regular fare. District passen-  rer agent, J. S. Carter, of Nelson, will  cheerfully give further particulars upon application.  Blaze at Stemwinder Motel.  Tuesday evening in passing the  Stemwinder hotel, the Pioneer man  noticed dense volumes of smoke pouring fiom the roof. An alarm was at  once turned in and the fire department turned out, having a stream of  water on tlie fire in a short time, and  the blaze was quickly extinguished.  The building which is owned by the  Mullin Bros., is insured, and the damage was not heavy, although no one  seems to know how th; fire originated,  unless from a defective chimney. Had  the fire not been discovered as it was,  the damage might have been pretty-  heavy.  Two Urge Christmas Trees.  ,:.,-:-  Next week there will be two large  Christmas trees, one each for the Sunday Schools of the Presbyterian and  Methodist churches. .,..���   ��,  Tuesday evening the  Presbyterians  will hold their festival at  the church,  for which Mrs. Mills,   Mrs.   Willcox,  Mrs; Porter and Mrs. Crawford have  been making preparations for several  weeks.   The children will go through  a number of drills and exercises,, aft,e,r  which.the presents will be. distributed  from the tree.    Either Dr. Wright, of  Nelson, or Rev. J. R.,,Robertson, of  Grand Forks, will   be   preseut.    The  exercises-will commence- sharp-at-8  o'clock, mine time.    Presents for the  tree must be brought to   the   church  early in. the afternoon   of Tuesday.  There will be a plate at the door for  any who may wish to donate  towards  the expenses.  Preparations are all but completed  for the Methodist Sunday School  Christmas tree next Wednesday evening in Hardy hall.' A full programme  has been prepared which will please,  delight and entertain, a good time being assured. All the children are invited and each will receive a box of  ���good things.' The parents and friends  are especiaily invited. Parents wishing to place presents on-the-tree' are  requested to have them at the hall  Wednesday afternoon, if possible.    ;  Presbyterians Call a Pastor.  At a congregational meeting of St.  Andrews Presbyterian church, held  Thursday evening in the church, it  was unanimously decided to extend a  call to Rev. E. W. C. MacColl,. who  is now located at Moyie, and who has  occupied this pulpit several times in  the past year. Rev. J. R. Robertson,  of Grand Forks, moderated in the call  and with another, to be appointed by  the board of'trustees, will represent the  church in the Presbytery meeting,  which will be held next week atGrand  Forks to consider the call. The congregation thinks that .Mr. MacColl  willaccept, and hopes he will begin  his work here early in January.   .  Yesterday the fermal call had some  50 signatures and can be seen at the  store of G. E. Dey.  Pale Line Completed. ,  Contractor Barber, who has had the  work of installing the four mile pole  line, by which the power from Cas-  cade will be extended from Phoenix to  Greenwood, for the purpose of operating the Greenwood smelter by electricity, has completed his contract,  that of clearing the right of way and  setting the poles. Mr. Barber : has  made a good job of it, and, the work  being done, has broken camp. The  contract for the stringing of the wire,  which is mostly on the ground, has  not been let yet, but is not a large undertaking. If the transformers arrive  in time, some time early in. the new-  year, the Greenwood smelter should  be able to utilize some of the power  from the falls of the Kettle river at  Cascade.  All After The Office.  Three lawyers and two newspaper  men are among the prospective candidates for the Liberal nomination at  the convention at Kamloops on January 131I1. The lawyers are D. Murphy, of Ashcroft, and J. D. Sw*nson  and A. D. Macintyre, of Kamloops.  The men of the fourth estate are Duncan Ross of the Greenwood Times  and Dr. Wade, editor of the Inland  Sentinel, Kamloops. An effort to induce Hewitt Bostock, theformei member, to run, has not met with   success.  BOUNDARY ORE SHIPMENTS.  The following tables'*" the ore shipments of Boundary iniucs lor 1900, for 1901, Tot j  1902, and lor iqoa, as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer��� .��"! 1  1000           1901             1901 1903            Week ]  Granby Mines, Phoenix .....      04,533   231,762   309,858 371.033      13,109!  Snowshoe,               "                  J297       1,731    20,800 74,032        1,2001  Brooklyn,                "                 160           ....  Mother" Lode, Deadwood      5,340     99.034   141.326 126,332       3.520J  Sunset,                 "                    802       7,455 15,731            C0{  Morrison.              "                     150        .... 3,339  B.C. Mine,         Summit     19,494     47,405     14,811 19,366  U.Bell,                        "                560         .... -���;        ���������  Emma,                        "               650       8,530 21.43/       ��� 8H1  OroD��enoro                "    WW:.       WW         .'"i       ������  - ^.         528i  Winnipeg,    Wellington       1,076       1,040          785 2,435  Golden Crown,       "              2.250         ....          625 ....  Athelstan-Jackpot "              1,200          550        .... 5,0K>   .     3301  King Solomon, W. Copper        ,,,. 875        ....             No. 7.Mine,          Central            665         482    Citv of Paris,            "            2,000         ....          ���������    Jewel,            LongLake           160          350      2,1/5    Ciirmi,             Wem Fork           8W        .... ...  Proyiiler.ee,    Providence                     -19 ��w  Elkhorn  2I*  h. P. U. and Goldfinch  167  Rubv.     Boundary Falls  80  ���  Miscellaneous      3,230       3,456          325 ������������         ������  Total,tons      99,730   390,000   507.545 653,661    10,737  Granby Smelter treated, tons..   62,387   230.828   312,340 S4S.794     12,909 5  rip  mYiWwm  ���14.  -HIP  ������Y0Y  '.���������;��'.;$$'S$?|  YY0-\  Y'-Yit'S&i  ;s:S5��Sj  v|l. ::���������:;���  m  w��0Y^$*  ��� S;p ���.  "<:Yi  --.-.'.AWf|  .,--���,,.������n^.-  ������v 7.7-?--vrr" . . _,.,,..  "-'.&: ���"i* -'���'.���' Yi .'-"'^r; ���������;*  ��� , .���'-.-'���'.J' Via *;���'���* -'r-���*-:-! ��� i*t-'.Vv m".���..."������*:>   ���> -" -,-<    ������**, ���&'������ i-^ : "������y.-.���  1 - "     1 -   1  i'       -    hi       '      �� .'     -I   -   " ^   -11    --  I    V    "     i    \ -        II-   ll -    ���     ��i-i'      all-      -.,       -.-j   1    1  ���'fl.V.ij, Sip',"  1-Wi THE PHOENIX PIONEER  SF  I $  ���E  I   C  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal.  ISOOKD OK SATUKDAY ��T THK  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT ruoBSix, *. c.  W.B. WILLCOX. MANAQER.   ,  Telephones  The whole enterprise is merely a  part of the plans of the farsiglited  men behind tbe Granby Co, who  started years ago to make this one of  the significant mining enterprises ofthe  world, the comprehensiveness of which  is now beginning to be appreciated, although more than one in the past has  smiled when he read the opinions of  the editor of the Pioneer on this point.1  It isl ainost our tuin to smile now.  ��     �����-��       s-i      it urm ttk t*-i     ���  B.C MINING  ( Business office No. 14.  f Matiagei'1 reildeuce. NO. is-  ���oascairribsrt m advahob.  ferYe��r......,..,.������.. $2.00  ��lx Montki.....  ���.���....................._  1.15  If you ��re not (subscriber to tbU paper, tbli  U an invitation to vou to become one.  Advertising ratea lurnUhed on application.  Lefal notice* 10 and 5 centi per tine.  Four weekly Insertion! constitute one month's  advertising.       ;  Notwithstanding the talk drVifipiV-  sition, the' govermui-nt seems to In  getting along pretty /well;- considering  the state it was. left in by previous administrations.  1903  DEC.  1903  Sn. Mob. T��m. Wad. Thu. Fr!. Sit.  J 2 3 4 5  6    7 8 9   JO U 12  13 14 15 16 ��� J7- IS 19  20 2, 22 23 24 25 26  27 28 2? 30 3>  The closing of the Snowshoe mint-  temporarily this week, for the purpose  of taking steps to secure better smelt  ing arrangements, and pio'iably theii  own reduction works, marks auothei  important step in the progress of tilt-  Boundaiy country. It means that  when operations are resumed, that the  Snowshoe will employ more men than  ever before in its history.  About the first of the year, or shortly thereafter, the Special Illustrated  Issue of the Pioneer is expected to be  out. A large number of the illustra  lions have already been received, aiid  more are on the way for this issue. It  is intended to be the most complete  publication of the kind ever issued in  the Boundary���just what every one  will want from one to ten copies of.  Have 'yoVordered yours yet ?  :.THAT LONG TUNNEL PROJECT.     -  With the announcement that the  Granby Co. has applied to the legislature to have its charter amended so  that, when the time has arrived, it can  run a long tunnel to tap' the gigantic  ore bodies of this camp at great depth,  comes the information from the local  press of Greenwood and Grand Forks,  that the project will be of great direct  benefit to each of those places���each  apparently thinking that the mouth of  the tunnel will be within a short distance, more or less, of their respective  pbstofnees.   It is thus quite apparent  that   th*"   editorc. reftwMJ-hJ-atc   not  really posted on" the intentions of the  Granby Co., but have taken their cue  from some of the highly colored reports pub! shed on the outside about  this great'project.  'I'he first dividend ever paid by a  low grade mine in the Boundary Is due  this week from the Granby'Co. As  stated before, it amounts to $133,630,  with the promise of the same amount  or more being distributed every three  months. 'This is an event that has  been looked forwaid to for years, and  while ��� some thought the day would  never come, the best informed knew  better, and their judgment is being  fully justified. For all that the eye of  mortal man can see, there is no reason  why these distributions should not  take place for generations to'come.  t WHAT EDITORS SAY j  ���        ��� ���  rtftTMcoiriflm���t^om\n  ...British  Columbia copper is now an important  factor in the world's supply of that  metal. Its importance in that respect  will continue lo increase steadily until  it equals that of any other country.���  Rossland Miner.'  Now) in the first place, there is no  intention of starting this long tunnel  for some time to come, there being ore  enough in sight in the'Granby mines  at the present levels to last for many-  years yet, even with an output of 2,000  or even 3,000 tons per twenty-four  hours. By the time that tunnel is in  use, it is doubtful if there are many  of us still here, if changes continue to  occurrin the natural course of events, ��� -  in the future, as they.have in the past~.lun<3��uotedly  a great disappointment  to its enemies.    We were asgured so  His First Object.���A man who  never saw a railway train has been  elected to the British Columbia legislature. But the first thing he is likely  to ask for will be a railway pass, and  the second a railyway subsidy.���Montreal Star.  A. H. Reeder, the new manager for  the Crow's Nest Coal Co., has alreai y  resigned and returned east.  A i-hi. ment of high grade ore' from  the Gold Park group, Poplar, cixek,  lias be-n made lo lhe Trail smel n.  Anoilit'i lot oi'|4<iltJ lni. kh Ikis been  hijijit-d t'ii-\', ii\a it-Milt in ihe   si-t:6nd  cleaiMiji al   lite   Kv.i   sui in j��   in I:,   ii<  the Lardeuu.  Miners in the Lardt-au tin ni.-t liki-  the refeience to I'oplar creek matters  made in the December issue ol the  Ii. C. Mining Record.  Kaslo will grant a bonus of $50,000  and 10 years exemption from tax.iiicn  to the Canadian Smelling Co., il they  will erect a smelter in that town.  Arrangements are being made to  place two dredges on the Hoist-fly  river next year, and a company is being organized with that subject in  view.  The Iron Mask shaft ne r Kamloops is to be sunk a further 200 leet,  the results from diamond drill tests  having indicated the existence of a  very-large ore body;  The finding of the Nelson jury in  the Hoskins case against the Le Roi  No.-2 lias been sustained by the Supreme Court of Canada. The claim  sustained is for $5,000. ���  A carload of ore from the Marquis  and Gilbert group was loaded at Pop-'  lar for shipment to the Trail smelter.,  This is the fit si shipment of any consequence lo go to a smelter from Poplar.  The Giant Mining company ol  Rossland has appealed to its share-,  holdeis to take up shares held foi  working capital, the object being t��  raise funds for the installation of re  duction woiks to save the rarer metals  cairied by Giant ores, such as cobalt  aiid molybdenum.  Mr. Gaide, manager of the Payne  mine at Sandon, says that the new  zinc plant lecently completed at that  properly is working most successfully,  the grade of the 4^-43 per cent, zine  having been raised to 57-58 per cent.,  while a very desiml��u product lor the  smelter market is being made.  Last week's Rossland ore shipments  were large, and the tonnage for tlie  year will probably exceed 400,000 tons  by a small maigin. This will be a  handsome increase in tonnage oyer the  best pievious year, Details of the'  shipments were: Le Roi, 5,760 tons;  Centre Star, 1,500; War Eagle,  1,290; Le Roi No. 2, 410; Le  Roi No. 2, (milled") 350; Jumbo  i2o;Spitzee, 60. Total lor the week,  9,690 tons and for the year to date,  385,785 tons.  For rapidly and economically removing bark from  pulp wood we universally recommend  r  CHALLENGE PULP WOOD BARKER  1  J  A cut of which appears herewith.  'Full-information from the manufacturers.  BUi:.T BY  tiit,��� i;&Kc$s. RlacftlGe way^a*  ^VL-iuslnv..eM., ,    ;:    .silrtKHKO.Oivl-, QUK  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCEAOKNT,  KIKE, 1.1 KK, ACC DKNT.  Ciiiniiilssliiiiisr fur Inking Affliluviu.  Phoenix, li.  R. B.KERR,  Hakkister and Solicitor,  notary i'untie.  I'UOKNIX.U.e  Graven-Williams Mock,cor.  Hlrstnnd Old IronsidesAve,  >. p CYCLOPS MINING STEEL  "!���'     ����� '������ ���    ��� ��� j^_^,.  KE  (0  SHOES AND DIES  Q     RUSSELL, LAW, CAULFIELD, Co., Ltd.  AGENTS. GREENWOOD.  GEORGE GIBSON  ���   SHAVING. parlors  ."'���-;��� AND BATHROOM.  Ffaoeaiz, B. C.  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A.F.and A. M.  Regular communication 8 p. ,���. 8fc  onil Thursday of ench month  Kinerpiit meeting ascallcd,- Maiom<  Hull, Morrison-Audcrsoii lllock.  THEPIONEER  5  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary, It works for the Boundary. It is pwned by the editor and not by  any clique or faction. It is, worth $10.00.  It costs only $2.00.  Was a Shock.���The Conseivative  government of British   Columbia   is  In the next place, the tunnel is not  expected to be four miles in length, as  a coast  paper alleged, nor will  it  be  two miles in  length, as others  have  stated. " Its portal will be near neilhei  Greenwood nor  Grand Forks, one ol  which is nearly due east and the othei  west of Phoenix.  The proposed tunnel  will probably be something over a mile  in length, and will have its entrance in  a deep   gulch   nearly  due  north  ol  Phoenix, as we   understand   it,  the  power for driving the same being taken  from the company's large plant here in  Phoenix.  positively and repeatedly that the gov  ernment  would  be defeated  on  the  first divison that  the  majority  of six  was almost a shock.���Nelson Economist.  Change in Naturalliatltm Laws.  Owing to ..a ��� change made in the  laws at the Ian session of.the Dominion House it will not he , so easy for  foreigners to take out -naturalization  papers in future as ii has -been in tlii  past, ..Heretofore-aliens were only it-  quired to file,at1 the siilings of one til  the oour-s of justice an alriadavit of  naturalization and certificate., It is  now required, however, that aliens who  desire lo become British subjects shall  so notify the clerk of. the couit to  which they intend 16 apply three weeks  in advance of the sitting, 'lhe cU-ik  is required to keep a list ofthe names  of persons so applying hung up in Ins  office. The list must not only, show  the name of the'applicant, but also his  place,of residence and occupation.  THE MASTER MECHANIC'S FURK  TAK SOAP heals and. softens tlie "kin. whilt  promptly cleansing it' of'urease, oil, rust, elc.  Invaluable for mechanics, farmers, sportsmen.  Free Sauipfc on receipt of 2c for postage. Albert  Toilet Soap Co., Mfrs. Montreal.  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  In the third place, it will not tap  the pre bodies at a depth of 4,000 or  5,000-feet (what a pipe-dream the man  who wrote that must have had), nor  even at a depth of 2,000 feet from the  collars of the present No. 1 or No. 2  shafts of the Granby mines.  Make Fair Returns���The leasing of the metal mines on sharing  terms, as between lessotsand lessees.is  reported to be steadily gaining ground  in the Kootenays; especially where ore  veins are small and their ore high  grade. 'In such cases mines will often  fail to pay under more costly company  management, yet will make fair returns  if handled by skillful lessees on sharing terms.���Victoria Colonist.  Advertising is tne regulator of supply and demand.  J'Goods well bought are half sold'  ���goods well advertised are all sold.  Advertising is like an umbrella���-you  must keep it up to have it do you any-  good.  Widen your horiz-m���.^et n panoramic camera-���and see advertising in  its broad aspects.  The reason matrimonial advertising  doesn't pay is becsuse the goods delivered are usually unsatisfactory.  The proper setting of a diamond  has much to do with its effect. Just  so with an advertisement,  The Best Remedy for Croyp.  (From the Atchison, Knn., Daily Globe.)  TliU.'ia thu .u<*ason when-tho woman  wlio'kiiow* tlietiest n meilies for croup  is in demand 'in. every neighhorh. od.  One of tilt- -most terrible'things in'.slit-  world ia to be- uwuktm-d in the niidillt-  of the night by a whoop from one of tin  children. Tlie'croup ivmediee are almost  as sure to he lost, in case of croup, as a  revolver is sure to lie lost iii case of- burglars. 'Ihere used to be an old-fashioned  remedy'for croup, known a�� hive syrup,  but some modern mothers, say lliat  Chamb ilrtin'a Cough Remedy is better,  nnd does not cost so niiicli. It causic*--  the patient to "ilirow up the phlegm"  lliicker, and gives relief in u short time,  (jive this remedy as soon as tlie croiipy.  cough appears and it will prevent the  attack, ltmvei- fails and is pleasant  and safe to lake. For sale by all druggists.  ^.Wivw^vjvwi'.vyswji  i PALACE LIVERY STABLES  O. \V.KUMtll',K(.'l-:lt,  Setreiurv.  W.tl.KHASliR  W.M.  Phoenix Pederai Labor Union  :-    ������No. 155. ,  Meets Thursdays at 8 p. m. at Min-  "- ers'Union Hall. ���  N   I.lOIIKl'X. t'i����.,     J. KlORDAN.Stv'y  PHOENIX AtKIE  NO. Ii8.  *H-etlii({�� on HrWuy  ��l H3Dp.n1., .Miners'  Unbn Hall.  Visiting   bietlinn  cord lull)- Invited.  THOS l,YO>- , l-ie��.      WM. 1'I.K.MINO. Scty  I. O. O. F.  SNOWSIIOH t.OOGK NO.<6  Meets every Moniluy liveniiit!  tit   llurily   Hull.  VisithiK brelh-rii ��n<llBlly invltid.  Wai.tkk Mokhison, N. <:.  Ono-tt. Mkaii, Kec. Bec'y.  '1 he best established and regulated hostelry in the lloun-  dary. We me centrally located in our new stables with  a complete outfit of Saddle and  Driving Horses.    The  "5, best of rigs. >   Parties  driven  to raiiy Boundary   point.  pet  35 The Best Lethbridgc Coal promptly delivered.   Large  ��5 ������������   ���'������:������,' Stock of Dry Wood.  I      Mclntyre &; McDonald  f %  %     Knob Hill Ave.,   ;    olte^        Phoenix, B.^'.:,-.%  You Should Read  The Leading Weekly  0/the Boundary.  Published iu. tlie Heart of tlie Greatest Gold  Copper belt of Jiritisli Columbia.     V  In  Nevertheless, and   notwithstanding  this, the tunnel will be, a '. gigantic undertaking, and' .-will place./the .(jrahhy  ��� Co. in the entire world where it is now  , .in Britisn Columbia^ mimngi-in  the  ��� foiefront of the large industrial enter  prises,~so far as  the  manufacture of  vcouper from the raw   material is con  "  cerned.    It will benefit the   whole  '"Boundary���of that  there can be no  '<* doubt, just as the fact of the Granby  '. Co. operating in Phoenix  now is of  -great benefit to the entire Boundary  .country.  That^the enterprise is a great undertaking does not admit of doubt,  even when shorn of its embelishments,  .   ao kindly applied  by our newspaper  friends who are not at the seat of war,  as it were.   It seems equally certain  tliat it will be accomplished some day,  ^  When  it is, Phoenix will be  the first  ,'  Jo leel the bertefifc of the increase, in  .   ��he number of  men eniployed,  but  fs every businese man in this section will  .also feel ihe benefit in some degree.  All Signs Point.��� Recently we  expressed the view that all signs point  toward a general revival of mining activity in .British Columbia. Already  adistinctive improvement in the situation has taken place, and it is safe to  say that 1904 will witness greater industrial growth, wider expansion 6f  the:; industry and its establishrtient pn  a.more generally profitable footing.-���  BC, Mining Record.  ^Q8jS POPRIPA. ^ I   Aeent for���- -..,'.  PABST AND  GALGARY  ��� ���ffEKR.��� ���  Any man is liable to kick if you call  him a mule.  ':��� :- '.'������'���������' ;  *.'/-��������� -'.'.'.  The peacemaker may be unable to  to sew on a -button, byt he can patch  up a quarrel.  ������'"';r-    .^"A/':;''.'"/:  There are ajw��ys two sides to a  question���^-our side and tlie wrong side.  ������''���'���''::-:Y #'-.V:; ���'/ ;,: "���' :''  All the world may be a stage, but ai  lot of actors/are compelled to get out  and walk. ..';:  '���'���:���.     ..&.  "I know," said our boy Bill j "that I  swear a great deal; but, you see, I've  such a flow of language that I'm :Con>  pelled to put a dam in now and then  to steady the current."  Soliloquy of ilje Coafervatiye.  To advert id", nr no'; that is tin- qiiestipn j  Whether'tie better io let thiii|{a no lo  ruin���  To see one's business slowly droop and  die. 1  Or to rise up against this growing trouble  And, advertising, end  it?   To huatle���  iiooni��� ,  To ruch : and by this rush to say we stop  The set-backs and the alow disintegration  We have been suffering. 'Twere an experience ��� ,  Earnpatly ��o be wished, 'londvertipe���  To'Tiwi per<-|��an|CB to f.ailf    Ay,  there'B  the rub r -;,;\       -v ���  For in that ruflling l"e troubles may  come, .'���     '���''-,  When we have plunged  into the business swim  May make tin pause.    There's' dignitv.  There's ease and self-respect in the old  ','..way,  ''.'���'��� '��� ;.  For'vJM would bear'the contest.and.the  ���������'. etriip.   ���''      "  Tho competitiQH, dajly gfrugeh'.constant  '     toll, v,      ' ���..'.'���'        /  Contact with thedieadftdver isingman-,  The;iriF0lence:ol printers, anr} theepnrng  That age i-onsi-rvative innst take from  upstart youth,'        '     ���'     _ :  ,Wbe�� Its .might lean back  in his office  In peace and q.niet 1   S'Jjft would the  ebaciijes .wear, .-.-, '  But tba-t't-he dread of beiiitt Jell lieli,ln'l,  Ot ��c'^'rjg' business dwindle more and  mor.e.-   .'' .     '  Until there isn/t aiiy. r;;"se8 the wall   ;  ind makes uh throw usjUi' v<>r Jetbargy  4tt(} advertise f��r ciiHtoin far..and..wfdfii  Thus business doth make heroes o/ us  a)l;  And tbus our nntlye, f ����nr�� resotution  Is strengthened,' woyhetiaed, upheld.,  And  anterpriBes  oj   great   pit^i    and  r^onuenjb  Are carried forward to success each day  Under the spur of action.�����x.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work Guaranteed.  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Spokane, Waah  Spofwne falls and northern^  NliLSON  &   FORT   SHKPPARI)  JtKUMOUNTAI^ E'Y.>  Washington and Great Nor. Ry.  ;���;; V,, V.and;E.i:Ry./;;' >���  "-Tlie only all-rail route between all points eaal.  weMt,tnnd nontli to KoaHlnnd, Nelson and all "Intermediate iMilntn; cotiiicctliip at Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific aud O. K. A  N.Co. .   . ,-,.' ���   . ^  ��� 'oHiieclsnt RoMliinit nnd Nelson with Canadian Pacific Knllivuy.    . 1'  Connects nt Nc1t>on with steamer Tor (Casio Hud  all Kootenay I,akc points.  Cunnecis at Curlew wilh stage foi Gr��eM  wood and Midway; B.C.  nuirit cars, run 011 pn��scii|;er tr��ln�� bit ween  (ween Spokane niid Republic.  Leave.  g.JSs m....  ;o,ljn. m..  7:00 a. ill...  10:3s 11. 111..  lli-M ��. IK..  9:1511. in....  KFHKCTIVK NOV. ii   iooj.  ..rrivr   .Spokane yti p.' m  ... KomlaiuL 5:10 p mi.  ......Nelson. 8 (10 p., in   Grand Porks 4:00 0.111.   curlew 4 41 p. in.  .... .Republic $.40 p, 111.  H.A.JACKSON,       1  General PnHseujfer Ayi-nl  Spokane. Wa -h.  jllllOipfS.f.  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.  U&_ The most pet Tncty appointed lltnlt"  and Pleaaiirr Kenoit In lhe West, with a cotu-  pleleaynlein of Maths���including Turkish an I  itiiisiiui. Open the year round. The curative  properties of Its wntcis are uii'cqi  Por Curliiir nil Rhetiinatlc. Nervous and Mm  Ctilar Troubles,  iciiuated.  fcrvous a  i;iiini   iiuuificn. ��� i-  Hoi Ilenliuji "11  Kidney,  l.lver and Stomach  l'or rtTiminiitinc nil Metallic Poisons rroin'tiie  Systitn.  The giamleur of the scenery Is uurlV-aled.  Moiintitlus,.snow penks. forchts,lakes,waterfalls,  hoKtliif;, yachting, fishing, shooting, excursloiis  tejfii|l��. ��� Its winter climate is unsurpassed for  miMu it ' -    * ���;  ' .'-w:*..'.:......u..j,..M.':-"J,.L!-!.1..'1..1.1' t.^.'-u'-���"���  Direct Line?  ToCliii-iifroiuid nil pointH east; Lotiif-  ville, MeuiphiP,.New OileanSV ����d all  points Bontli.    ... ...      ::..'.''. . 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Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Leave l'hoenix at io a  ui. Leave Greenwood at 3 p. 111.  DAILY.    -  FOUR-FOOT WOOD   FOR  SALE.  ,**.*        JOHN WALTERS, Prop.  Alex Munro  Contractor \ Builder.  00000,  Jobbing Promptly Attended to,  Full Line of Hard Woods.  ,.;:......Shop on Dominion Avenue   Phoenix Home Brewed  W  LAGER  BEER  J Things Talked ok at ��  I HuMKANI) HtSKWIIKIlB 1  I lie Trail   News is responsible  foi  the following : ''.''������  Mr. Brandon leceived the following  note doin the mother of one of his  ��� ".mils' last week : "Sur, you writ mt-  ���hiiut whipping Sammy' 1 hereby givi  vou permission to beat him up enny,  nine it is necessary to learn him lessons. He is just like his father���jos  have to learn him with a club. Pound  iipledneinto lum. I want him to gel  it, and don't pay no attenshun to what  his father says, I'll handle him."  Again the Chicago professor has astonished the world by the originality ot  his views and the profundity of his deductions. He says: :'.'".iVhen people  leave off bathing there will be little or  nothing for the doctors to do. Pneumonia, colds and a hundred other ills  result from the foolish habit of washing  the body. To bathe is to be dirty, foi  you thereby make a sewer of lhe skin.  Blood, attracted by the skin, gives up  products that should be left to seek a  natural outlet, and soils the skin.''  This must be regarded as an important  pronouncement by those who grudge  ihe time devoted to "tubbing." Bui  what will the doctors and the plumbers  do for a livelihood? And what is to become of the undertakers?  Ml  Last week the Victoria Colonist celebrated its 45th bjuhday, having betn  st'ailed December 11, 1858, as tl.e  weekly Biitish Colonist. It,is plcas^  ing to note that the Colonist is still a  leading journal in the province, aid  set ins lo improve with age, having  pidbably the best news seivice of ai y  daily in the'province.  ����� '  ��� With the statement that the Com-  oorne Miner h<is changed hands also  comes the announcement from the te-  liring proprietor that he has always  lost money in publishing the papei>  and that it is time for a change. It  does not take a person very long to  learn that those who make any monej  in this business are few and far between. And yet, strange to say, there  are always some people ciazy to get into it, poor things!  John II. Tonkin, recently manager  of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co., is  said to be a fugitive from justice, and  wauants are out for his arrest, there  being several serious charges filed  against him. Mr, Tonkin was for a  long time pretty nearly lhe "whole  thing" in Fernie, the East Kjotenay  coal towli, and was indeed conspicuous  from the 'trouble that arose between  himself and the miners. The worst  of ii was that a lot of the trouble was  eutiiely uncalled for, and was piovoked  by his .overbearing manner in heating  his employees; This was most in evidence when the conciliation committee was attempting to settle the coal  miners' strike there last winter, and is  testified to by several members of the  cimmittee. Much of that trouble  might have been avoided, is the con  census of opinion. Over it all, it ap  pears that Mr. Tonkin was a^gra'CU-'1"  in the most offensive sense of that  term. Kootenay is well rid of that  kind of people.  ���Ml  .The habit of buying outside your  town seems to be so ingrained iu some  people that they succumb to the temptation when they can do better right  at home. A,case in point is that of a  business concern of Phoenix that re  cently sent away to have sonic printing  done without getting figures here fust.  As a result the same price was paid  for the goods, with express charges  added. Talk about the wisdom of  Solomon���he 'was not in it for a  minute.  Ml  In another case a lady wanted something for her child. Supposing it  could not be had locally, she sent to  liimothy Teaton's for it only lo find  later that the same article was in the  local stores al the Tea ton pi ice. She  was out the express, and took chances  on not getting a fit.  Brewed l>y a lionu-iiiplilntion, h��s proven  v the test ttml lias made a  Host of Friends  who testify to ils Good Qualities  PHOENIX BREWERY,  JULIUS MUELLER, Proprietor.  Corner  Standard Ave. and Banner St. Phoenix  THE  10 GRAND  THE SCENIC LINE  Through Salt Lake City, I.cadville, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver, ai.d  ':   the famous Rocky Mountain Scenciy by Payliidit to all points hast.  3 Post Trains Daily Bet, ugaen and Denver 3  MOflERN   EQUIPMENT, TlIROUClll   I'UM.MAN   AND TOURIST         "        ' ANI)    SUI'KKI!    PININ!'    CAKSKUVICK.  ijI.K.KPlNfi    PARS  $T0P0VER8 ALIQWEP.  ^or rates, folders and other  information, address,  C. McBKIDB, Cen. Agent,  Third St., Portland, Ore.  124  verybody remember that  asy their minds will be if they  arn money and deposit it with the  ASTf��H TQWflSfllPS BAIL "****ifc ���n  arn interest at 3%.    Rate paid by  j very leading Bank in Canada,  stablished in 1859.  fe^uPBOEN  And BomdW Mining Jowoa^  You'll have no trouble in keeping pos  Simply s.en.4 �� $*' bill for year s trial  ted on Boundary Mining Matters.  t0 PioNBMi Pub. Co., P'MOENix, B. C.  The people Of Chir-ogo oro   ayilntoa  by the question wheiher music ought  io be played at meals, observes a contemporary. Al the risk of repealing  a platitude, it seems to us that every  thing depends on the kind of music.  Nobody admires lhe man who gives  an imitation of a flute obligato, while  laking his soup. The people of the  United States are generally accused 01  eating too fast, and if so iheir digestion  would be improved by an andante  movement, which would induce them  to follow Gladstone's rule of 32 cliew>  to evety bite. Gladstone lived to be  some S6 years of age, and in his la^i  yeais he was accustomed to take 32  mile walks. We must attribute this  partly to his andante and piano style  of absoibing nourishment. Notwithstanding the numerous remarks in  favor of a strenuous life, we decline to  give our indorsement to the strenuous  meal.  Recently there was a sale of town  lots in the Rossland assessment district, including the Boundary, for non  payment of taxes. Only four persons  attended the sale, which took place in  Rossland last week, although about  1,300 parcels of land were offered al  auction. Nine-tenths of the parcels  were lots platted in boom towns in lhe  Boundary.in early days, and yet not a  single newspaper in ihe Boundary  contained the notice of this impoitant  sale. It is not too much to say that  probably not a dozen persons in the  Boundary knew of the sale, as few here  read a Rossland weekly paper, in which  the notice appeared.  �����  Is it any wonder that lhe sale was a  fizzle, or that but ten sales, all told,  were made ? We should say not. On  ihe contiary, look at Nelson, where  the sale was well advertised. It was  well attended, and as a consequence,  many sales were made.  ���"  The fact is that J. B. Mckilligan,  of VicyOiia, the government surveyor  of taxes, who has charge of these matters, still seems to think that the  Boundaiy should be treated as the fag  end ot Ro��sland. It is such senseless  blunders as this that costs the goyern-  ijnent many a needed dollar. Doubt-  legs the sale in Rossland, above re-  feired to, cost the government in the  neighborhood of $300, and it is ex-  tiemely doubtful it that much was  realized at the sale itself. Mr. Mc  Killigan should study the geography  of the province. He could learn something even from the ancient maps still  issued from Victoria,.  Of couise, it goes without saying  that there are some tilings that stores  in small places do not carry, and for  such there is no other recourse than  to send away, but most enterprising  storekeepers will procure anything not  in stock, and the puichaser ran see  that it is satisfactory before paying for  same���an item that is worth considering. Suppose the article does cost a  lew cents more than in Toronto, is it  not worth a little more to do business  in the far west? Reader, do not you  Hf\ lu-tter wages Or salary than if you  lived in Ontario or Quebec? We know  of a woman who sent to Toronto for  a paii of lubbers, cost 75 cents, and  paid expiess on same, total cost $1.00.  I'hey did not fit when received, but  the local storekeeper had the same  goods lor sale at 65 cents. And this  is not an isolated case, either.  The attiaction in sending away foi  goods seems to be almost irresistible  to some persons, but after all, should  you not give the pation.ige to youi  home stores when conditions are any  wheie nearly equal? Just think-it  over, and we are sure that the thousands ol eastern catalogues coming in  to this countn will gradually grow less  and less.  Ml  The diffeienee between the first and  last press notices in some of the Kootenay papers, which were given to Senator Hamden's -Serenaders, the aggregation of colored artists (?) which recently came to grief, is marked, indeed. They remind one of some 01  the old "before and after taking"  patent medicine ads.  An Unprecedented  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  Phoenix Pioneer, and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year  .............:_...   Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe, (weekly) both for One  year   Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Daily Herald, both for One  tjaqt>   /Including- Handsome' PortrnitN  yKSOL   \or King Kdward, 17x22 inches J   Phoenix Pioneer and New York  World, Thrice-a week, both  for one year   Phoenix Pioneer and Montreal  Family Herald and Weekly Star,  both one year   $3.75  2.50  2.50  2.75  2.75  Subscriptions received to ail Magazines and Periodicals at publishers loweBt rates.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  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It'con liter  acts any tendency of a cold ^oward pneu  nionia.   For sale by all drflggiBta.  Our Holiday Number.  Tlie illustrated Holiday Number of  tlie Phoenix Pioneer will be ready  about the end of December. It will  be in magazine form.and., will contain  about 48 or more pages of matter profusely illustrated.  You want a copy, don't you ? You  can get one if you are a subscriber  and have paid up your subscription.  If you are not a subscriber you can  buy a copy for 25 cents.  Better still, become a subscriber by  sending us $2.00, and in return you  receive tbe Pioneer until tbe end of  December, 1904, together with the  Holiday Number.  Make money orders or postal notes  payable to Pioneer Publishing Co.,  Phoenix, li. C.  PE-RU-NA NLCESSARY  TO THE HOWE.  A Letter From Congressman While, c  North Carolina.  Congressman George Henry 'Wliite, ot  Tarboro, N, 0��� writes the following letter to Dr, Hartman concerning Tcruna:  House of Representatives,        I  Washington, X"ob. ���!, l::��.    >  l'oruna Medicine Co., Columbus, 0.:  Qcntlcmcn���"/ am mors than satis-  tied with Peruna, nnd itnd it to be an  excellent remedy for the grip ar.il catarrh. I have, used it in ny family  end they ell Join rne in recommending  \t as an excellonl remedy.   Very respectfully,  Geotao H. White.  If you havo catarrh wito to 't)v. Jlart-  i,nan, giving a full statement of your  case, and he -will V>A pleased to give ycr.i  Ids va\uablo advice gratis.  "Add-ess Dr. llatlman, President of  I'Uu Kartman Sauiluriuiu, Columbua, O.  TICKETS  TO ALL POINTS  East and West  VIA  Great  Northern  Railway  SHORT LINE  St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago,  AN11) ALL POINTS EAST.  Seattle, Victoria, Tacoma and Portland,  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST  POINTS.  Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers.  Dining and Buffet Smoking Library  2 Fast Trains at Convenient Hours T  Bet. Spokane and Puget Sooud��  For rates and folders and full information regarding trips call on or address  any agent V. V. & K.or S. K. ec N. Kvs.  A,B.C Dknniston,       H. Biu.ndt,  . W. P. A.,  Rieattle, Wash.  C. P  &T. A.,  Spokane.Wn  Pract est Horseshoeing, Blacksmlthlng,  Dominion Ave.. Piioknix, 15.C.  ��������������������������*������������������������+++++++++4 ���������������������  Scenic Route  Direct Line Lowest Rates.  East .      West  Winnipeg Vancouver  Toronto Victoria  Ottawa Seattle  Montreal Portland  New York       < San Francisco  via Soo Pacific Line, St. Paul, Chicago  and all U. S. points.  S. 5. Service from  Vancouver  to .Alaska, Japan, JChina,. Hawaii,  Australia.   .  Settlers' rates westbound, sold daily,  till November 30.  Through bookings to England and  the Continent via all S. ,S. lines,  .  J. G. Clark, E.J.CoyLE,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.   ;  Phoenix.'TS/C.   Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A..  ���   Nelson, B.C.  THE MILWAUKEE  Ai familiar name for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway, known all  over the Union as the Great Railway  running the "Pioneer Limited" trains  every day and night between St. Paul  and Chicago, and Omaha and Chicago,  "The only perfect trains in the world."  Understand: Connections are made  with All Transcontinental LineB, assuring to passengers the bestservice known.  Luxurious ���coaches; electric lights, steam  heat, of a verity equaled by no other  line.  See that your ticket reads via "The  Milwaukee" when going to any point in,  the United States or Canada. All ticket  agentH sell them.  For rates, pamphlets or other information, address,  R. L. Ford, H. S. Rowe,  Trav. Pass. Agti, General Ageiit,  SPOKANB.WN. PORTLAND. OR,  We do, the kind you want,  but which you rarely see ���-  the kind that is Neat, Clean,  Original and Effective.  This the only completely  equipped Printing establishment in the Lioundary occupying its own building..  Can we print for you ?  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  Notice.  "Gipsy" Mineral Claim, situate in the Greei.  wood Mining Division of Yale District.  ��-i,v.. 1���.1..1, in,Greenwood Camp. ;   ���  TAKK NOTICE that I. Isaac H. HaUett.a I  agent for John Mulligan, FrecMiuer'a Certificate  No. H80173, intend, sixty days from date hereol  to apply tothe Mining Recorder for a certificete  of improvements, for the purpose of obtaiuiujc  a Crown grant of the above claim: ,  And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before thcisus ��iic  of such certificate of improvements.  Dated this 13th day of July. A. D. 1903.  I. H. HALLETT.  MINERAL ACT, 1896.  Certificate of Improvements.  Notice.  Red Warrior Mineral Claim situate in the Green.  woo. Mining Division of Yale District.  Where located, at the head or Nicholson creek  West Copper camp.  fake notice that I.Albert K.Ashcroft. V. M. .  O. No. 1155279, acting as agent for Hubert Markiu,  Free Miner's Certificate No. B41791. luteuu,  sixty days front the date hereof, to apply to the  Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crow*  Grant of theabove claim.  Amllurther take notice that action, uuder ser-  tion 37,must be commenced before the issuance e��.  such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this .-list dav of October, 1903.  ALBERT E. ASHLROb'T, P. L. S.  Grand Forks,   Phoenix  and Greenwood  STAGE   LINE.  J. F.ROYKK,  Proprictoi.  HeginiiiiiR Tune 1st, leave (Ireeuwood at 61 a.m.  and Phoenix at 7:30 a,m ; arrive at Grand Horn-  10:30 a. m., leave Grand Porks 3:45 p. m.,amving  al l'hoenix 7 p. 111., aud Oreeiivvood at 8. p. in.  Connects both ways with Great Northern trains.  Pare���Grand Porks lo Phoenix, $2 00; Phoenix  to Greenwood,50c; Greenwood to l'hoenix, (l.oi  Grcewood to Gi aud poiks, $3. Office in Greenwood, Ot Northern Telegraph office. In Phpe.  nix, McKae Bros. & Smith. In Grand Fork*,  Gt. Norther offices. Por express rates, iuquhe  etuitner office.  Hospital Donations  Lift of Donations received since Jam  1st, li)08, to the l'hoenix General Hospital :  One Dozen Shirts Mrs- C.rill.u  Carpet, bed and blankets lor private ward.cliici ��.  ens and pruvis.uus Mrs. Maty  A t|iiantilv uf Jiim...Mrs. Miilhcson. Grcenwoc '.  Hooks anil Preserves...  Mis.  Krr*  ..Mrs   lo\i   Mr. Astlry   A Krien t   A Kriend   A- H- McKrni'e  Wm. Yolcn William*   W. ll.Cochri>U3  ..Mr. Delahay  Mrs. VVillco*  1'IONliER PUBLISHING  Phoknix, B. C.  CO.,  4  A (UKUllllv ol  Preserves..  A Caseuf Whisky...  ash. $5   Cash. J50 -������  Surgical   DressillKs-  lleildillK   Hnnislci" Kees   Much needed bwint; Splint..  Hooks and Kcks----   Two Duien 1'illow Slips and One Dozen Town.  Mr. M��rv  Cash, $20 AFiien<;  Books Mr��. Wilteoi  Papers and Magazines McRae Bros it Sluillt  Eight small Ward Tables and Wicker Easy Chair  A I'rieiHi  Provisions Mrs- Macy  Clothing Friends  Subscriptions for seven Magazines, A. I.. White  New York City  Easter Turkey, W. S  Maiy  Cash, $50  Kasteiu^Towuships liunk.Sherbrookt-  Cash, $150.00 Lord Slratlicon->  Cash,$5 A Friend  Twenty-five dollar (s-duy) Clock.; Geo. E. Dey  A quantitv of l'rovtsious W. S. Mi,cv  A quantity of Marmalade.- W. I.. Germainc  1'ot I'lauts l">. Mcl'heison aud C. Ilendrr*ini��  Egas ��,.��,.,.�� ...,....��. A Frieni  Cash Jtoo Mr. and Mrs. S. H. C. Miner  25 h. p. boiler for Steam Heating GraribyCcto  Two Cords of Wood .....'.... .:.*..���.:.'.���.... A Ki jenil  Sawing Three Cords of Wood  A Friend  Strawberries .Marshall a. Sh��  Meats  Mrs H. S. Mac>  Klowe'ts.'.'.'.'....' ;V",*'riie?'1''  Pot Plants - ,M,r.s-1,r'r't.  Pot Plants ��� Mrs. I. Crawfcrd  Fire Pokers .., Harry Walsh  Rain Barrel... Ceutral Hole.  Nelson IV-lilv News, Messrs Hetcher      aud E. Williams  llox Peaches C. Tipping  Cups and Saucers Mrs. J.V. alter.  Soda syphon ...Mr. J. B. Boyls  Piovisitms .....Mr. �� . S. Mac*  I.adv's llressing Gown, Cape and  Traveling Hug. Rev. E. T. FlewcUiuj  Flower pit.;.. Mrs. Kt-r  Hnl(dozen Tea cups and saucers Miss Hun-i  Provisions  Mf MatT  Mortar Hoard Mr. Biru-��  Kitchen I'lensils Mr. I. Crawrnti!  Fruit Mrs. Mill*  Vegetables Mr. Kumber^or  Flowers - -..- Friendt  Box ol Fruit - Mm. Mucr  Cozy Corner Shelf. A. EH. Clarke  32H Tons of Coal International Coal & Coke Co  Several Sacks of Vegetables G. W.Rurnbtrgtr  Blankets, Bed Linen, etc  .. ..J .B Macaataj  m '��� :���:  '���:'-'i; '^Y'1 X'  asr,:.-,.  ���m:-.-:t:  p--*.  trifjv   --.���������-  !*''���' h-:<  &P: ,���������'  j-^.'.v y'�����*'* V*  ���M ���, !  .-.���' ..^r-jf'.'^-  m  '':''MM$7  ���������r^':.^  $���:.>:������-  JS":..p  :;:.;i'',.^1.;-v,'V'  $V'-\-, '���'  ..' 'Y--':���-���:'.uY  .^fi,.. '������;,'  W',>~^\,'?'ff$4  '/$���'���'���::  .���',r',"j-''v'--ii'-  ik. ..-;.-,  ,-   ,���;���>-.'<{'.-������<'  ^ ������ ������';.���  ���'WVi  i 'y-'ii'f.  ifggg  ��� :|;  .���'*������;  ������?���,,�����'.'.  Ym.  .^'.JV..',:..,,/.^.!!-,.';;/^;."  w :'.::���.  .���'5-v"  ; '.[li'S^." I  ���^���������:    '  m  M  Bnii��mm��itgiBiiM��aMwa��uiiiMi��im'.yij^ :%mt  m;'���**  II  1  ' ���5|���.  'Hi  $1  IM  !v{  ffii  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Holiday  Goods  This year our stock of Holiday Goods is more complete than  ever���even larger and better than last year.  We have built an addition to our store so that we can handle  our growing trade to better advantage.  No need to send out of the city for presents^ as you will  find  them here in the  -   Greatest Variety   -  from the inexpensive kind to those that are worth more money.  ���    Everything for the Little Folks.  TOYS, DOLLS, and all the fixings needed for Christmas trees,  public or private.  You will make a mistake if you do not give us a call and make  your choice while the assortment is complete.  McRae Bros & Smith,  Knob Hill Avenur.  PHOENIX, B. C.  BRIEF NEWS NOTES  MATTERS OF GEN-  ERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS  ��  .*  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  Housefurnishings.Granby Exchange  Dr. Mathison will be in  his office,  Bank block, Jan. io to 14.  The city  council did   not  hold a  a meeting as usual, this week.  W. S. Torney, the Eholt merchant,  spent Monday night in the city.  Mayor Rumberger went to Spokane  last Sunday, to spend a few days.  One of the most popular places in  town nowadays is the skating rink.  Treasurer Wooster, of the Granby  Co.,' came up from the Forks last  Thursday.  Dr. JR. B. Boucher returned Thurs-  dap from a week's trip to Nelson and  Spokane.  Grand Forkers have an idea that  that place is to be made a division  point in the future.  If you get that present at Boyle's,  you may be.sure���that, it-is. just -��Vw  thing that will be appreciated.  Mrs.Henay Heidman and family expect to speud the winter in Spokane,  Mr. Heidman remaining here.  If you wish to buy a good home  cheap, and on easy terms, see ad. of  S. Somerville in another column.  New Years' eve, December 31st,  Phoenix Trades and Labor Council  will give'a masquerade ball at Miners'  Union hall.  Glory holes in the mines hereabouts  do not seem to have the same attractions in this weather that they do in  the summer.  Charles A. Desbrisay, right of way  agent for the Great Northern, spent  last Sunday in Phoenix, leaving for  Spokane Monday.  Dr.G.S.Gordon is now in charge of  the practice of Dr.Northrup, at Grand  Forks, during the tatter's absence for  . a month in the east.  A. E. Stevens, chief train dispatcher of the C. P. R. at Nelson, was in  the city Tuesday, on a trip of inspection through the Boundary.  Boyle says that if you are in a quandary as to what to buy for a piesent,  he has some of the very things that  you will want when you see them.  J. O.Clark, C. P. R. agent here,  has returned, after taking a month's  vacation at hit ranch hear Slocan  Junction, and with his father at Lyttoh.  The candidacy of Duncan Ross to  contest Yale-Cariboo in the coming Dominion elections has been endorsed by the Greenwood Liberal Association.  Last week Friday the Eagles gave  their third annual ball at .Miners'  Union hall. The room was crowded  with merry dancers, the event being a  great success.  Do not foi get the annual dance, or  Mid-winter Ball, to be given by the  Catholic Ladies' Aid on January 12th.  It will be one of those events that are  always enjoyed.  Palmer Cook, who has been employed at the Granby mines for five  years1 tvMoHt a break, left Monday on  a three months'visit to his old home  at Granby, Quebec.  While Mayor Slnailes, of Greenwood, is absent in England, on business connected with the building ofthe  Vernon and Midway railway, Alderman Duncan Ross is acting mayor.  As a consequence of flourishing a  gun in one ofthe hotels, John Doe  came before the police judge early this  week, and secured two months in jail  at-Nelson, whit'er he wa? taken by  Chief of Police Flood the same day.   j  Harness supplies, Granby Exchange,  Dr. Simmons, dentist, Boyle block,  Jan. 13 to 16.  Christmas presents at Boyle's���the  kind that everyone likes to get.  Granby Exchange has a few nice  rooms for quiet people to let in the  Marsh block.  Boyle has a better stock of holiday  gifts than ever before. Do not fail to  see these goods.  Do not overlook the fine goods at  Boyle's when you get ready to buy  those presents that you have in mind.  His goods are the best imported stock  to be had, and sure to please  Work on the completion of the improvements to the local telephone system will be finished tonight. In the  last month about ten new 'phones  have been installed in Phoenix.  School closed yesterday for the  Christmas holidays, with usual exam  inations. Miss Currte, the junior  teacner, witt-spoTd �����i>��~��acation with  her mother in Vancouver. School  will reopen on Monday, January 4th,  1904.  The father of Miss Fraser, the nurse  at the Phoenix General Hospitai, died  at Vancouver last Friday, of pleurisy.  He was upwards of 70 years of age.  Miss Fraser, much to the regret of  Phoenicians, will not teturri to Phoenix, but will'remain with her mother  in Vancouver.  H.E. Gillis, inspector for the Canadian Birkbeck Loan Co., was in the  city this weeki He is much pleased  with the condition of the company's  loans in.this.locality, -and states that  he likes the outlook here better than  in the Northwest, where there has been  too much inflation during the past  year.;;:  One of the most delightful concerts  ever heard in Phoenix was given  Thursday evening by the Schubert  Symphony Club, under the auspices of  the Knights of Pythias lodge. Nearly every number was a e;em that was  thoroughly enjoyed by those who were  present at Miners' Union halh  -The' entertainment and dance for  thebesefUofthe local Anglican church  at Miners' Union hall, Monday evening, drew a fair audience. The Greenwood Dramatic Club presented "A  Family Affair," a laughable farce, and  and this was followed by a dance for  several hours. A comfortable sum  was realized.  Work on the Special Issue of the  Pioneer, to consist of a complete description of the working mines and  smelters of the Boundary, illustrated  with about 5�� half-tone engravings,  was started this week. Owing to the  delay iri. securing some of the engravings, and to the growing s ze of the  issue, it will not apj>ear till shortly after the first of the year. You will miss  it if you do not get a copy or two.  ��� Tuesday evening at Miners' Union  halll, G. C. McLaughlin succeeded��iii  throwing Chris Mack, of Phoenix,  three tintes inside of an hour. The  first throw took 23 minutes, the second 2 j minutes, and the third n min  utes. The ten-round boxing contest  between Danny Dean and Silent  Rowan, was declared a draw, A small  audience witnessed the contests.  f  Church Services  Tomorrow.  St. John's Church of England, Rev.  \V. J. Wood, Missionary. Sunday  School, 10 a. m.; Morning Prayer, 11  a. m.; Evening Prayer, 7:30 p. m.j  Everyone cordially invited to attend  any and all services.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at 11 a. m. and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. m. Midweek meeting  Wednesday at 7,30 p.m.  Methodist���Services at 11 a.m. and  7.30 p.m. at Hardy-MclCenxiehall, the  pastor preaching at both services. Sunday School at 2.30 p. m. A hearty invitation is extended to all. Thos.  Green, B. A., pastor.  Do you want the news of the approaching session FREE? Subscribe  for the VICTORIA DAILY TIMES  for 1904, and receive the paper free  until the end of this year.  This offer is for cash-in-advance subscribers to the Daily ($5.00) or the  twice-a-week ($1.00).  Full and impartial reports, half tone  cuts of members, cai toons and corridor  gossip. Four-page colored comic supplement every Saturday. Remit to  the 1'imes, Victoria, B. C.  Our Holiday NumDer.  The illustrated Holiday Number of  the Phoenix Pioneer will be ready  about the fiisl of the year. It will  be in magazine form and will contain  abcut 48 or more pages of matter profusely illustrated.  You want a copy, don't you ? You  can get ons if you are a subscriber  and have paid up,,your subscription.  If you are not a subscriber you can  buy a copy for 25 cents.  Better still, become a subscriber by  sending us $2.00, and in return you  receive the Pioneer until the erid of  December, 1904,, together with the  Holiday Number.  Make money orders or postal notes  payable to Pioneer Publishing Co.,  Phoenix, B. C.  BE YOUR OWN LANDLORD  WHEN   IN NELSON  Stop at The'Hotel  = For $100 Cash and $15 Monthly  For five years.    No interest if payments are made regular,  and so own your own home, a well-built plastered house, containing six rooms, with clothes closet, pantry, etc.  Varandah  front aiid back.    Size of lot, 25x100 feet.,  For inspection, apply to J. E. MILLS,  Or further information to  S. Somerville,  Vernon, B. C.  The Royal Restaurant  Cor. Knob Hill Ave. Bud Kirst St., Summit Hotel.  Open Day and Night. ,      -:-  SIM  The New Manager, H.TOMK1NS,  lias made it the Leading Hotel of the  Kootenays.  XMAS RAFFLE  Poor  Roomed   House and Lot  In TJkEENWooD  TICKET* $2 each.  Benin West half of I/Ot 7, Block 17,  Grwiiwood, B. C. Four roomB, large  uoo(1kIic(1, plftdt. red, papered, cellar,  pantry, t-lothes cloud,Electrie lights, h  rented forflO per month. Full particulars  and tickets from  E.H. Mortimer, p,^;;yVc  ^^i^&^^t^^^^^MAh^M.^^B  Oysters in tvery style.  '' Good Rooms to Rent,  .:-       Heals at All Hours.  Tony DePasquale, Prop/  ME  Fish,  Game (SL  Poultry  TO  ORDER  CHR,KX CAKES MADE  Far.cy and Decorative Work.  I AM PREPARED TO,FURNISH BANQUETS FOR ANY NUMBER  OF PEOPLE.  4lron  Brew1  A Non-alcholic   Life   Renewer  . ���   BOTTI.HD BY���  LION BOTTLING WORKS,  Greenwood   and  rhceiiix, B. C.  JAS. McCREATH, Iron.  Diane ordeis solicited.  The Union Meat Co.  Aiiiiiiuni-CH tluit. an npto-ilHto Hiitclicr Simp linn lici'ii opened  in Ilie McMilliui Hlnvk, Kmib Hill Ave., l'hoenix, nnd snlieitb  it cliiire ol'.lilt* ptll'lie put ruling**.  shops kt Mucu-ud, A'lu., UNION MFAT CCl  lireeiiwixd (jiuitd t'orks alii I'hoetilx, 11. C      UlMyi^   UlCrtl     \*\J.  f  G. W. Rumberger  Madame Alvcc  IS IN YOUR CITY.  The FnmouH Phrenologist and Palmist (Gold  Medat'st, lute of England.) She ecu read your  life like d book....She has the reputation of being  the best Palmist, tlial'ii��.��.Ver been in British  Columbia, tile only Gold Med? list, if you want  to know or learn anything, consult Ibis gift:d  lady During the past eleven mouths she has  been in Vancouver and Victoria. The people  were delighted with the accurate readings.  It wai she who predicted the Frank DlMiier.  ROOM 3. BLACK'S HOTEL, PHOENIX.  ^PACIFIC i\Y.  ARE NOW SELLING  Reduced  One-way Bates  Bast Bound  MOST DIRECT ROUTE.  ST. PAUL,  CHICAGO,  DETROIT,  . LONDON,  TORONTO  OTTAWA,  MONTREAL,   V  NEW YORK,  BOSTON.  TENDERS.  fill  Tenders will be received by tlie undersigned until Wednesday., December  23rd, forthe sinking of a 100 foot abaft  on tbe Doin Pedro mineral claim,in Skylark cump, for the Chicago and British  Colombia Mining Co. Plans aud specifications may be seen &t tbe Swayne  House, Greenwood. -  P. H. SJHALIyENBERGER.  J. G. Clark, E.J. Coyle,  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver. B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson.B.C.  WEBB & MAYNARD  General Painting and  ..Sign Writing.  Greenwood, B. C.  ��� We do the kind you want,'  ' but which you rarely see ���-  the kind that is Neat, Clean,  Original and Effective.  This the only completely  equipped Printing establishment in the Boundary occupying its own building.  Can we prjnt for you ?  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.,  PliOENIX,   JJ.   C.  PHOENIX  ��� ���  j Transfer,  ��� ���  Open every afternoon 2 to 4.  Evenings, 7:3010 to, Ironsides time  Good comfortable waiting rooms.  If you are -looking for friend? you  will find them, at the'rink.  ��� SKATE SHARPENING ���  receives our best attention, and as we  have a first-class outfit of carborundum  wheels warranted to not draw temper,  it haves our work second to none.  SKATES TO RENT.  SKATES REPAIRED.  'Phone 10 A.      '*  PRENDERGAST & MUNRO,  PROPRIETORS.  Xmas Goods  I have a fine assortment of  . Watches, Clminc, Rings, and  Fine   Jewelry,   suitable   for  Christmas present".  W. Zimmerman,  Dominion Ave.  Review  3d, 4th and 61J1 floors  .Spokesman-Review  Building,  SPOKANE.  The finest- family hotel in the city.  With or without board. Prims moderate.  SUTHERLAND 4 DART,  I'loiirielors.  :   Dry Y/ood for sale.     |  : W. H. DOCKSTEADER J  ~ Residence and Stables at foot of (  I Dominion Ave., Phoenix, B.C. .  #  1' O. Box 269. 'Phone No  40.   a  w  Real Estate  : : and Mines  Houses to Rent, City Property for Sale.  Shares in all the leading mines bought aud  sold. Information about Phoenix and the  Boundary country given on application.  vl/  ***      Phoenix, B...O.  Doniinion Ave  Telephone No. 28.  Skate Sharpening,  Repairing,  And all kinds of General Repairing promptly done.  Chas. Sandberg, Phoenix,B-C  Holiday  Gifts..  Hf  Ml  This year our stock o.  goods suitable for Holiday Gifts is larger thai  ever before ��� Watche;,  Clocks, Rings, Brooches  and many useful articles ir  Jewelry and Silverware.  We want you to set  these goods, as we know  they will please you. Mori  goods were received .this,  week. If you find it difficult to decide on a present,  give us a call..  GEO. E. DEY,  Knob Him. Avk.  THOS. BROWN,  -DEALER IN���  Men's Wear Exclusively,  Invites every man in  Phoenix to give  him a call and] examine goods   Hardy-McKen*fe Blk. t     Dominion Ave.  phoenix, B. c.  s  .Dominion Avknue, VllGENIX, li. C.  M  ���s  Commodious Sample Rooms  First-Class I)ini.ng Room in connection  Bar Well Stocked with Choicest Goods  Most Conveniently Located  f Telephone No. 26. W. S. DOYLE, Prop.  Republic Beer - 5c;  When ,you are'in Republic look for our sign  Rkpuhuc Beer.  REPUBLIC BREWING CO.  Don't  overlook the  Granby Exchange  when the Holidays come along.  4RANBV EXCHANGE-  Don't forget we are headquarters  in  the   Boundary  for  Harness & Horse  clothing  AN IDEAL CHRISTMAS GIFT  We have a large selection of  Do     Christmas  Youk  Now.  $  Don't put off your Christmas buying  until the last moment. Those who begin  e��rly hnve the advantage ora comphte  stock. They can make their selections ��  with more comlort and avoid the annoyances ofthe "eleventh hour" rush Then  when Christmas day comes they are not  fagged out. <'o?Jft����d sec our laI 8�� display of Christn$$Pt:oods. Never before,  have we had sucfla line of things so calculated to please on exhibition at this  season of the year.  THE  DJjtUG.GIST,  At prices ranging from $7 to $47  Also, Ties,  Suspenders,  Bilk Handkerchiefs, Mufflers, etc. ^  See our stock bpfbre purchasing elsewhere y.,  THe  Dominion Avenue,  Phoenix.  I  J#i&$&$$i&jW^^  4.^ifk^^,M,5a��s,sT��rcaTsraM3S3^^  J23BB3iWW5We!i!*B9^^  )��^2*zmmm^3mimMi8GT


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