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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 14, 1912

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 Ife;  Ww  /.,'  #gggff8j&ii^ ���  'ii/'-  ���''*#!WWf^^^  rimtU'MMvHAtrj&iriwaywv.,  Th? largest ^cbpfper 'minfts in'.  'the Dominion are si'ibtj  ;y -';afc ^ Phoenix./ ,-:The'';.Gr  ^;-tGo.,:einpIoye";500i: 'iram  .;/��� has ������:,��: monthly ,:'paysft*  over $ffl,QQILwhile lrt^'Itapy:\  ���������'������-������������������������������������������;- -'������-   ������ ���- ��� r____'"' '���-���������'���������������������-��� '���'-���������-���-��������� ���--���  ?7^,t>-  h$(\:'0S   "\{lWt\-'UwWV  XW):f$'  H^Mui".  ^ted^o'tHc^  fl&:  mvf-.v .i):;f>'s-t;  ���ns>!v!  iry&v;*.  -;:;.yPr.;:-Wir?H.ipickspn,;^  ./���in/town^  coiiver,' ir^an  informal  ���-'8 "*"'"  prajstca  di  the northern pirope^  Consolidated;   ^'The .^larch bf prb-  -plyAvonderfr^  general scheme:, ofv.minef-develop-.  /TIlS^  of the topographical sit u a tion" of t lie,  inin^^r^e^dj^elrej- ���$$%)&% ii\  of Aw*iWh$b&faYfW%$td^^  ties 0%pidsd^{j-tji,ef m^ttery^ate^  transportation.  .iite^Ips^;ib':;.;tije. Smelter  latter information ive rcf.  gard asytmpbrtahti;insbm^  fife  ^wmmmmm&?mmm0l  property,^; which    j.s- sllc^red  some distance  away. ; We  under*;  jujit^-..ij- ,, ��� i)   ' ' ���,. ,i ' '���    "   ill1, "hi"'^i*  i  '������ '������"-' -���- ���'���'������''  y.jaj/. '/:,^pxi.ay .   jpj  ^H'-jj FfH^ypJ <^BB .-^S^HI -'���'����� ."ft"-'���,-'.'^;. .'-'^v       ������< vr -Ve! -'  &8otw^lIyi.'* oOO it ���.',-X'Ire. TlvK*^.  JtltJn-**** *>kt--.-i.���-   j.,p-;-.-.'��� :/;'''��and;,^j^8i^e^^  ��� THB ^P^PBNJX , ��� 'PlQNEER'J^M?  5 ffc.;iarre, <yj  ^"asportationof l*60i  ilS^g^firat-cl^ss';.;^  ii^SBUTO^scrloiols';^  ^;^^0KS^SM|;w'  'lllllll*  I-j  ^<pf/  remarks  bmrho'  Mimifr ttpopxl&fpi^ajigSOO, andj  logical, place   of  rgigegc&jprthe J..; ^  P��&HeJrn s^sp^suciressfii 1  **;?���  thai ,  ,  ideal.    "I don't���   tfiink Yne^is any* pintsy^W"u,fdSf^vay for   inl f-���f'^"  more>';rain?.u^:;lheresthan^at;Van-  c>^  coiiver,"  he   Says."' "The viconveiii-  metallic copper per day.    Thie-irea'tr ^*    "^  eliicl^n^tlTie^^^ Tr#rtf#n^is#^le^'rn^th^ K|  . acebmnje41��*"  erhployes^ajs;  and  i-hlcl  i^icpmpany��!  |fie^oetori  '��o*&1&$carcely..  be Mmprb^^rO ^a��rariy^B^  tedvbre?"wifh*fa'   dilute ? sohjiionfvojr  Jiulphuricsadd;��whieri?dissqivesrpul^^^^  :MM0}M^f^s'PD0ori^eriy^ fo1retn%ns:?>  .pf; thb|S no wshoie i;rmn^^re;,;^]Phb'-N:;;'  nifea'nd twhoSiiaterlw^finfc  cb^mj^iy^s|pr6j|errt  u|der^n|Q|^.s|^^ ''  ^^Ne|spnyfe'ypjfi^:(arjpv^niyvs wilI be  i'Veaa^':.wi tti^'-'^e'rim i.rie '^iifteifesit'" by the^   '  :imn^:Mej^ 1n;.;:  :^isjf^arr��j|^^^ ������ ���;.tp'.;::;v.  ^in^|'Ih^^ ,on;,:'  b^riairpf,the:;G  iin:Phoenix.;'^ST -.-��� ... x(^>^ ���:���.',: ;.^} ������  Ik  ft:  It  y  the^copper^ athS   coppep^sviphate #��� 'ENe^dF'PHOENra^uKipiNG'113'0ifijc. \i RqbsLAM  sblationtiyitherrieleetfcolyke^ifea^d^he^ '        "!.'"i�� "���'..''   .-  :'"'"' ^TT''"'" ''"'^'"'1=  AND CARMV:AL*fi9tl  ^wliifclf i^to-*^n^iiit%Bb\A%2!2 *e*fsi  ^sUmmeV^tt^rii^rt^oP eauipmeud  . iiiqludjo^an^^rray^apRaratus^^^^  ��� tlWffii^-JVNItWlSyt^^  coast  .��f*^��.l  >ebpperopredptta"ted.-!lK-.Expefrim!eriti^  WitH'coppe* pyriteirfrbm'Tthe^cklaf  ^nd jg uliljel ma iminei^ o^ whicW m^  foreign capkal^.mvestedjh^ve^b^^  oqy ally; Succes^ul^^  ftheVfe^bfe^^will? prp^i^|b��?t^     '^r:ec^t?fall^ffie^autrfu1^  ^ftiie^i^yJrtneW^  'fuVu rcfi^W;T^lie^b|r^e^|^re?;;^f merj^;  shipped rto^:GenTiahy<{andiiiSweden]  >esp.ectivelyv,ojving,to/rtth/siri; reifraci  that otherwise would  have beenrtKe,  I9fy ^?S^^i^A ;^ifeJft?|SoiP{ ^sel^By this evertingithe laying of  .     ���r r   -   . .   v. -     - . J ^?rpbf{of th^uf^i^rink:>wiIlJposi  prbjoerirNbrtvegian - reduction w.brjtsl  '^imnis^u%tfeuafl^# favor  fiaf^wp^ ablfe weather, .the^entiresroofiog^vill  ^bbut^W*o^^ 'beJ^fifti*shedf'about ���Wednesday. * The  , time jbie^ngv  '^c^*e^e1pfiUe^*^%Waui  warTTsS?��3l&..*;.  s'ofducksand.  ^f't^SPiVta^pn^^he^ne^jpn^e  land on the west end, and One to  icco^mcmodate ;fbietw��enj^^^afi!5r"5CJd  pe^jok^bupying^heVwhole  ^{rie  'Sp^eiin!-th^east^nd ^  *hj|*uU^i!lg?^i||fel^:^^ka^ngvrjn  fi?St��5" ^a��ada, >wribse' reluctance  a��^ ^ardinessp^iiir .the^bpenin^- lip  bt?Pf llJ'^tbriesf' further; I afield;-,is  working a hardship on the rapidly-  ipcreasing; population of^^the Canadian west. In the-cityl of Medicine  -i'*t He's the solution of the/problem  ''f;i..i that;.the ���manufacturers fappear: to  fea^'so��� miich-^-high!;wages, 'But  the use of gas as fueli an iilimitable  ^MRP'j' oi'which 'could   be- obtained  H^^niimimum of.cost,   is   amply  sufficient toxeiifiburse them for; any  increase in. the pay of thej operatives;  and still leave a considerable' mar-  gin;^ofiprofit.'- f.. ;'v^.,'';K-'^';V^s;'.^i\\-.>-'':'V;  ; ;Tb such a^variety of purposes is the  ,gJis used; ib; Medtcine';\Hat, ������:that .it  ||MaTOge':-o^MissT^  'V A; wedding b^^consideratjjle lo cal  interest took place-at Edmonton, on  Wednesday, ^December l 3r1i^iyhen  the  Rev/' F. - W.   Paterson   of tlie  Baptist    church^.;    sbleMm  ;nLiptiais)of::Miss! Pear��Townsend^  Te^ently of, the  nursing^ stafl^bfithe   :  Phoenix General hospital, andnRi/V;  Lancaster; of Red Deer, Altai-"^.The'  ceremony   took   place at   the   residence,: of the j bride^s^par^nts,^the  parlor of which^ was  beautifuily;ar-  ranged for the- event,  and; only the  intimate    friends ^and     immediate  relatives   of the contracting"parties-  were present.     Mr. and;Mrs^R,; V.  Tpwnsendwiir make^: th^ir hbme|in  'Red/Deen.^-::-:,;-:/-^:^""''':    ���'���.-.'.''r"ir'-'.;.-.���  %.m  W.'  Boundary Qre Tqnnagesf  ;;Follow:ing.:.are: the ^returnskot? 't&iii&S.  ^^^^:tru^;|^-,affirm.'".tW^  ' ^^^?'u^:^ar v-i^^b; d!eat|riv^  ;city&tceieorattQ.ijgf^jj^  /  ppe^hewski^course; was finished:  thisJWeek; any^b^Sunday^ if; suffi-|  ^r^t^sKpAv^hSslfcf^  safe,Stherskt club^ntend^bfindulge  in a little* practicje and incidentally  shp w, the,, people 0whata| splendid  . k  ...... asset   tlie city possesses tin   having  butldirig}isita*;include two galleries,' ^uch  --an; r' organ Ration/ \jvittim ��� --its'/  ^;.:;>^,C..,C6pper;{r^atme>^  /. ;.The/^B|^V^ptumb  smelter; tsreated , 14,925 tons of ore  this week, as follows:. Mother Lode,  7;2<51;/ Ra^vhide,-,6,472;;: Napoleon,  ;MbrJher|L]3de^kC;'^ ��� ;6^  ���Rawhide;! .���^-^:S^-^vl83'f;-^i,(M-7'-;;  )Niapolebn^>^;B;^:;.i.;2^  QueervVictoria..^-.'.;'.;-147 r '\:;^'it3;;:.  Others i^J i" -7^ 7," "TvSS)'"!--12^350  SMELTER TONNAGES  Granby .  .23,030 1,167,232  r^^^au^lVMJIwjliiti^^lbM  r:d5c^bV^t'hVrc%mi{,t)aily.,Consu1a^^ -''A.'' "���!  age. saow.slide has occurred oni /      A/^Ibne bandit^recently robbed the  r Mountain, Alaska,, nine men I passengers' on a   C .P. R.  train hear  ace reported to be missing.  Vancouver.  :   Tbwiybbd^ Brothers   are   hauling I suitable for ..sending out   any   con-  ore  .from "the   U.S  #.lrig".'. *.'SHII!.)  nVt<��4   .'n-"!_:<f."J'��,f��i'''>Jf;.f.   .*���*:*'-. "J-r"1?.     .j  -  ���i Egsira *E��ncy A!pjpl^ $1A5Q ;box  ���11  -%���/'���   ,*.-i;Y,; ?;  ���; ���  '   '���        V /��� i -  ���-���1  ,<!'"  E^O^rCREAMERY BUTTER  -JPWfffield EggsJ 40e. doz.  g^iey^reamei^ ;Butter,;.2Jbs.  [for 75c,  mine, in the  'jacksbn Basin to ; the' * railway at  Whitewajterj' according to a statement'made on Monday by Burt Pear-  "son,'whb'jis associated with I..' W.  'Smith' iri opening the property. The  initial Shipment consists of 600 sacks  'of'' 'nigh'-gfade zinc ore, which; is  consigned "to Joplihi Missouri.'  A, . Hodgson, storekeeper at  Ma'rysvtiie, was iri town during the  week. In course of a chat with a  c7SnbTbSk ' Hera'ld. represehtativ'e  M-r.r}Hodgspn ,intiniated that'he  couldshbwsome vlry'nice rock, bearf  ingfre'e gold, a ledge running sixteen  feet lb"places,-- having been! located  by;bim. -.Sure enough ,Mr. Hodgson  delved into his pocket and produced  a nice Ibbking piece of rock 'and  upon; application4 of the glass nice  streaks of free gold were plainly  visible-., Mr. Hodgson is naturally  somewhat elated over his find and  intends to carry on active development work throughout the coming  months;    By spring time   he   hopes  siderable quautity^of ore at a reason- |  ''���'. '���   .��� '��� -.   ���?-������ ''���'������ i  able cost., ;  *:   .. .  Another property in the same  neighborhood has been represented J  bp an ore exhibit, for in a store near  the Hotel Spokane there was on dis-  play a good-sized'heap of ore of excellent appearance. No information  was obtained concerning the metal  contents ofthe last-mentioned ore*  but assay return's from the first-mentioned gave lead 60 to 70 per cent,  arid" silver" 12^to"; 168 'ois^ to the  ton.���Provineer*^  ..  to.have something.-to'show that will  a/ouse*t^e interest of the big mining  men? 'Hrsfmany friends throughout  this'section of the couutry will rejoice  toJearn, in due course, that he has  really struck'something rich.     .  An exhibit of silver-lead ore from  the group of claims . owned by the  Treasure Mountain Silvetvlead Company, made at the Spokane Hotel  during the ; American ������ Mining COn^  gress week in Spokane, attracted  much attention. This ore was from  a group of claims situated about 20  miles from Otter Flat, a small town  at the junction of Otter Creek with  Tulameen River, which gfoup has  been in.course of development by a  Spokane-syndicate since November  1911. The property is stated'to be  a most promising onej but at present  is without   transportation   facilities  r When in  Spokane  recently, says  E.  Jacobs,  the. well-known   chronicler of B. C.   mining affairs, 1   was  informed by Mr. J.   P. Graves, vice-  president and   general   manager  of  the   Granby   Consolidated   Mining,  Smelting and Power Co. /Ltd.   that  during the current year the whole of  the eight blast furnaces of the company's copper   smeltery   at   Grand j  Forks, boundary district,  had   been j  operated continuously oyer a longer  period than at any other time in the  history  of the company's   smelting  works.    There.;\vas little   interruption in the running of, the   furnaces  at "any time and, none^ at  all   during!  the period that.'commenced on June I  5 last, and ended  on. November  9.  This means that there was   continuous operation .of all   eight   furnaces;  for 156 or    157    consecutive   days, j  or   a   little   more  than five months. |  While figuresto show the total quan- j  tity of ore smelted   during   the   live:  months   under   notice   were not ob- i  taihed, it may be estimated that fully  500,000   tons   passed   through   the  furnaces.   .Such a   record   is   abtiu-  "dafit   testimony   to   the good   work  being done at "the Granby Company's  smeltery,"    especially    when     it    is  knOwn'thiit it was not done   at   the  expense of an increase in the   quantity of copper lost in the slag.  I  '^1  There's not a garment we arc not proud of, and not one  we cannot safely recommend.  We can't attract you with figures, for you have heard the  same prices quoted for years.  Come and see our totally different and better Clothes and  you'll know exactly what we want you to know.  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And   it   wo/n't ,'sh.i ink:  ISHRINKABU'fcl  a v. f       b v  the    ti .uifiuai k  Its     on    ������: v v : v  ���aniu'iit  IV. o      ^  medium >a fit- ht  King Edward Lodge  No. 36, A;F. and A.M.  Regular communication at S  : p.m.   Second Thursday of  each month.  Emergent meetings as called; Masonic  Hall, McHale Block.  W. J. Prendeugast  J. T. Hawthorn, W.M.  i '       Secy.  MAGISTRATE'S STORY  ���HO���WHPBIW���BH  .._. - ..��� Toronto aboard of trade will  not oppose the ' Dominion railway  board's; order .for an .increase of  demurrage rates.  Arthtir Cody and Charlie Wood-  row of'Popular went out in ' search  of caribou recently and succeeded in  bagging five of the big fellows.  Sir Thomas Shaughnessy denies  pointblank the reported purchase, of  the Michigan Central by the ^Canadian Pacific Railway, or any inten-  tion to buy-that road.  Dr. ftfontizambert, director general of public health, will represent  Canada at the meeting of the'International Joint commission, which is  to be held at Buffalo on   December  i7.   * fc  -    ;  There, was more wool prqditced in  Queensland during 1911 than in  any previous year of the" state's  history. It exceeded the output for  1910 by upwards of five million  pounds.  A bottle  has  been-picked up off  the west coast  of Iceland.    It con-  . tainecr a note with the words "I am  lone of tbe men that were.wrecked  on the Titanic,** and was  signed  "Harry Wilson."        - '  L. F. Tyson represented Trail at  a meeting of the: B. G. Curling ex-  cutive in Nelson, ou Tuesday. It  was decided that the annual 'spiel'  would- be held in Trail this season,  Eight sheets of ice are available.  The body  of a colored woman,  in a;;dtespatc^:'to:;!?the- Mstralian'''sec-  .retairy .oT^'|^te|w|extiernft1 ���.-. affair?,  'in;' jre}jiierriWij^o;;his f late^ipjtb "Caiiig-  da, dlBcl^re^ 'that (he was much impressed with the health, strength,  i vigor and buoyancy >ofl tbe Canadian  people. i;  The entry of American-born wives  into'the German diplomatic service  is forbidden from now on, under^a  ruling of the imperial chancellor;  which has restored the regulation  made by Bismarck, which 'pro*  from  marrying <-any  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodge  .    No. 46  Mcdtai every Monday Evening .at  Miners' Hall.' "Visiting, brethren cordially invited.  David Tyson, Noble Grand.  Dan'Pater&onj Fin. Secy.  A. Ii. McKinnon, Rec. Secy.  . Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix Lodge No. 17  ,-: Mecta in��the, Miners'   Union   Lodge '  *''  H��U, First and Third Wednesdays.  'Mrs.'Rossio Bush, Noble Grand.  Mrs..KflIo Maibhall, Secretary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  r       OF EAGLES  Jr., <  What He Owes to Zam-Buk  Mr. C E. Snafued* ��f Weston.  King's Co.fc 5t\S.* a justtcw of the peace  for the county- aua �� <le��eoo of the  Baptist church, in Berwick, says: "I  have u&ed Zam-Bukfor piles and found  it a splendid remedy.   It cured uie."  Mr. Thomas Peurswo, of Prince Albert, Susk., writes? I "must, thank you  for the benefit I have received from  the use of Zauu-Bufc. Last summer 11 named, Lydia Thomas, was recently  had a fever, which left me with piles.  I started to use Zam-Buk and found it  gave me relief, so I continued with it.  After using three or four boxes it  effected a complete cure."  Zam-Buk will also 1*3 found a sure  cure for cold sores, chapped hands,  frost bite, ulcers, eczema, blood poison, varicose sores, scalp sores, ring  worm, inflamed patches, babies' eruptions and chapped places, cute, burns,  bruises,  and skin injuries  generally.  ell at 50c.  All druggists <and stores sel  box, or post free from Zam-Buk Co.,  Toronto, upon receipt of price.' You  are warned against harmful imitations  and substitutes. See the registered  name "Zam-Buk" On every package  before buying."    '���   !  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers are alwavs welcome.  Quitman Work, W. P.  T. B. Cosgbove, W. Secy.  K. of P.  No. 28  Lodge,  Phoenix,  B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.30.  Sojourning brothers cordially, welcomed.  J. E. Carter, K. of R. S.  A. F. Geddes, O. C.  PYTHSAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Iiowcr Town  Flint and Third Thursdays.  Mrs. May  M.E  Almslrom  .C.  Mrs. A. 1). McKenzie  M.R.C.  At a' meeting recently,in St. Andrew's, church ' in 'Winnipeg; Miss  Barbara Wylie, ' an English suffragette, ' advocated militant methods.  The course of action urged by Miss  Wylie was an immediate appeal'to  the Dominion parliament for votes  for women, and she urged insist-  aiice in the request upon the government until it was granted. Nothing was to be gained by patience;  all depended upon being insistent  and becoming a nuisance to those  in power. The speaker declared  that that course was more advantageous than An appeal to the provincial governments.  NOT ENOUGH OPERATORS.  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  ���������   SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B*G.  WOOD  First-class Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $5.50 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Railways   and   Wireless   Oon*  cerns Short of Keymen to  Transmit Messages.  With the new federal laws in effect  requiring railways and ships to be provided with more telegraph and wireless  operators, there is a widespread scarcity  of men and women to man the keys.  Commercial, telegraph companies are  feeling the same shortage. All seagoing vessels are now required to have  wireless equipment, and carry two oper  a tors where pne was deemeed sufficient  before. Schools for telegraph operators  are finding it extremely difficult to meet  demand of all branches of the service  The Morse Telegraph companp, opposite  the Orpheum Theatre, Seattle, will  gladly mail you, upon request a catalo  gue outlining the cources for men and  women. This is the lorgest school of  of the kind in the northwest.  found .lying in the snow near Fer-  guson^qamp. SHeJiad wrapped her  clothes-, around a dog,, which was  found ajive when the discovery was  made.  Walter Keer, aharvester of Moos*  Jaw,,wKo arrived-this fatt from Co-  bourg, Ontario, was sentenced to  two yearns in the penitentiary on nine  ,chargesxof"forgery and uttering false  cheques*. In all Keer obtained $144  on the rtjne- cheques; ;���"  With the Catholic Bible, the Protestant .King James* /.^authorized  Bible, the revised. versionrand now  the Baptbt-Bible, the Ottawa Citizen suggests, there- ought to be "a  sufficient'range of choice to suit the  most variant believer. -y-<.>  Two. m)��ii,"supposed to be absconding German bask ' messengers,  have, been arrested at Winni-  peg. They invested a large sum of  the stolen money, in Western real  estate. They are, accused of having  made away with 280,000 marks.  Alleging that Frank Raneo and  his two sons, members of a party  of gypsies who, were camped at  Nelson, for some, weeks, have kidnapped, his daughter* Peter Mitchell  of New Westminster, has telegraphed the,Nelson chief of police to hold  them.  Sir George ' Reid, high commissioner in England for Australia,  hibited them  foreigners.   . '        '":  J. Gordon Smith, /or mqny. year*  marine editor of the Victoria Da||y  Colonist, has been appointed to an  important position in the Lands' and  Works department. Mr. Smith  was war correspondent during 'the  Russo-Japanese war, and he secured  not a few beats for the string of  papers he represented.  Captain J. Grant Gordon, late of  the' Gordon Highlanders, has recently completed a lengthy tour of the  Canadian west, and has taken particular note of several localities that  he thinks will offer exceptional inducements to settlers. On his return to Britain he intends to busy  himself in seeding out farmers to  the localities he has chosen.     " v'  Three confessed highwaymen who  started from Edmootoo on an auto  bandit tour to the Pacific coast, are  lodged in the jail at < Calgary.  They are suspected of having blown  open the safe- in the C."N.R. depot  at Edmonton. The robbers planned  to make enough money by robbejry  toJceep them- m supplies 'along the  route for several hundred mites. r -.  - Something of a sensation-was -recently caused in Macleod by the arrest of J. F. McDonald, a monoline  operator on the local .newspaper,  who i�� charged with 'robbing tike  mails. McDonaM was formerly emr  ployed in-Brandon. It is claimed  that, he gained' admittance to the  postoffice ojt. tbe strength,, of, his  acquaintance, .with the -postoffice  clerk, .i i ' V-tv <  ���A rush telegram was sent last  weekiby Sbertf ^Lsomqux to Arthur,  Ellis, hangman,' who < is now at 'New  Westminster, asking,bim, to start  for Montreal so/as to; be, there, in.  rime for the i three. haogiogs which,  are to follow, one .another .afc  short intervals. -TJwfittt.,estecutiori  is to be that of Anton Farluto, en  Dec 13th, followed by that of Carlo  Battista on December 20.  -Arriving at the conclusion that  long ternrs ��� in the penetentiary  would materially assist the police in  stamping out the holdup and burglary evil in "Vancouver, Magistrate  Shaw dealt out justice with,a heavy  hand on Saturday last, when he sen-  *��t\fA Wnn' t.intr. a Chinese hold-  CREAM  Purity in food, lower cost of living���  , these are the demands of the day;  Pure food is health, and health is economy  itself. We cannot have health without healthful food.  The most healthful foods are the quickly  raised flour foods���biscuit, cake, muffins,  crusts and other pastry, when perfectly made  from wholesome ingredients.  Dr. PRICE'S baking-powder makes these  foods in specially attractive, appetizing and  wholesome form,, and for both economic and  hygienic reasons, such food should be more  largely substituted "for meat in the daily diet.  But bear in mind that alum, or .  unwholesome baking powder,  can never make pure, whole-  . some food*    ���������!��� ���!   I   II  ���II ���!!������  ���!    ���!! I      II   SMI  who ��� was lost in the North Fork  t  country of the Kettle river, have  been given up. The search parties  who have been in the hills for some  days have all'returned to Grarid  -Forks. -'.The missing man's father  and brother, who- have been'assisting in <the-search, have returned to  their hom&iri/Washington, butpurf  poseirreturning in the spring to eni  deavor, to, .find some r trace ^of, their  -relative. <-\ Considerable- snow 'had  fallen since the man waa lost.  ~   ,\  "'"'Am attempt'has been made by'unf  known persons to blow up the Trent?  ���river 'bridge, -near Cumberland,  H.C. T^  * about ^25 Jf sticks'' of. .dynamite, an^,  placed'it under the briogeT with a  fuse attached to a pier running out  Into' the''woods.- The night oemf  clear and frosty'the dynamite mui  have frozen and 'by the time -the  lighted fuse had reached the cap the  dynamite just burned up in? -place .of  exploding as it would have done under ordinary conditions and destroy*  ed thebridge. , As it is one of the  upright is burned from the effects  oMhe fire caused by the burning  dynamite.     - >  tenced Won Ling, a Chinese hold  up man, to five years, and William  Murray    and! .Fred ,Mclnnis,' two  burglars, to two years each  All hopes of finding tbe body, of  the Washington hunter,  Blaylbck,  ii    ..I ' ��� ,i   '*  w  Fir and Tamarac, double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  ,     iM_jiiu_ju. N_ixiL.wniijuHaBaMME9neanHBM  RANCH FOR SALE  Kanch for Sale���320 acres at $35 per  acre. Included in the sale are the  following effects: 1 mower, 1 rake,  ploughs., drag hat-rows, 1 team, harness and wagon, 1 set sleighs, household goods, 1 barn and a flve-roonied  house. Foul* springs on property; running water the year round; between  forty and fifty acres cultivated, mostly in hay; fifty acres easily cleared and  eighty acreb fenced. Terms, half cash,  balance on reasonable terras; discount  for cash.  WOOD DELIVERED  NOTICE.  ON   SHORT  'Phone B32  lfh��csnnot supply tht  MARVSl_acc*Wno.tbor.  but sen I stamp for llluitrsted  book��� .etbul. It giv�� full panic  uUrs ard directions inraluaDla to I  WINDSOR SUPPLY Cd  Wiodsor, Oat. General Agents I  THE .wonderlul  success of  Fit-  Reform is d-ie to  the fact that it enables  thousands  of  men, in  pvery part of Giana^a, to j  Wear garments designed j  and tailored by masters!  of the craft.  - i  Whether you select the i  lowest or the highest  priced garments,you*wiii>  find the same attention;  has been given to every  detail.  A.n inspection of our  Wardrobes will show you'  better than words what  Fit-Reform   offers  you;  MORRIN  ���������������-' ���"*������'���     rtoofas*  Sawdust as Fodder  That it is possible to produce a  valuable commercial, sugar "from  sajvdust was the declaration of a  well known authority in London fo$t  week;'says the'VaticouverSun. ,-He  declared that though wood in/^fc*  natural -states contained no- sugar,  stilt it was possible by a chemical  process to produce it from sawdust.  He had succeeded in closing sawdust in retorts with a weak soluion  of sulphuric acid. A pressure of six  atmospheres being applied next,  twenty five per cent, of sugar wis  produced.  The production was a valuable  feed for horses, cattle and sheep,  andjtaa irionth's experiment with  the feed given to the Durham colliery ponies and horses, it had been  found to keep the animals tontine  condition.  SYNOPSIS OF COAL  ^   MINING REGULATIONS  i  * Coel miningTigtife of the Dominion,  In lfanitoba> finaUtehewanand.Al-  berte, the Yukon Territory, the North-  weet TerritoriM end in ���> portion of the  Province of British Columbia, may;- he  letted for a term of twenty-one years  at an annual rental of 91 an acre. Not  more than S.M0 acres will be Jessed to  one afmfleaat.  . Appiteatfotr for s lease must he made .  by the wppUeaot in rperson to rths1  Af*nt or Sab-Agent or tbe district In  whleh the rights hpplled for �������� situated,  r  .  ,-    * -     ^-. .       .-     { t  In survsywl territory the land arast  be dsscribsdby sections, or legal sub-  dlvtsi<im'of^t>��etion��r'��bt|. Mi'.unW-  vsyad't��!sitoeT^.t|is .traet. aps4l��d.a'nr  onslr.be; stsfhsn' ovtj by thm-mpoitmnt  'Baeb < application must be 'eecon.-  panied bv a fss of fA which will bs *#-  Vundsd1(the rlghtoapplisd for srsnot  ' ivailabls, but not otnerwiss. A royalty shall be paid en the merohentnule  output of the mine at the rate of Are  cents per ton.  The person-operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  Recounting for the full quantity-of  merchantable eoal mined and pay the  " '" "   iln  royalty ,thereon.>  rights are not being operated, suot  turns should be furnished at least <  If ths coal mining  ted, such  ��� -     ��� once  a yean  The lease will include the coal mining  rights otily, but thejessee may be permitted to purchasewlietever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for ths working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Assent or' BubiAgent of Dominion Lands.  ,      ._ W.W.COBY,  ,   Deputy Minister of the Interio*.  N.B.���Unauthorised  publication of  this advertisement will hot be paid for.  Don't worry about your washing,  just send your elothes to the  Laundry. We will wash, starch,  and iron them,.and return them  ready for use.  LADIES'  AND GBNTS'  SUITS  CLEANED AND PRESSED.  Governor Defends Lynch Law  In the name of th�� state of South  Carolina, Governor Bleaz served  notice to the governors' conference  that as far as he was concerned so  long as he was in office, there would  be no prosecutions in the case of  Iypchers of colored men charged  w^th the nameless crime against  white women. He further asserts  that he would not s^nctipn ,the-use  ofimilitia to protect what he calls  a jblack birdte. "Therefore, let it be  understood, in South Carolina." says  th)s governor, "that when a negro  assaults a white woman, all that is  needed is that they get the right  man and they who get him,; will  neither need or receive a-trial."  A Trial floltoffteeJ. .  Phone SO. Dominion Aye*  aBMlJuiana^ iirt >t< top  BSBSS  Peruna 8eer��r9  Golden Seal^ the root ef ths afesf*  plant, fa svery uissfol medieias. Jjffeqy  ipeopl* a*sther 16 ia enr rfeh w����dlan^to  dnrlag the summer. Vavr peoplei����w  how Tslnsble it is ia dye|��eBslsv eeianhe  and m a general tenia.  Msay*Bonj)*ndj  tlB'oftbtore��tA>ro.  ��B#d': ��(eob >y����r iin',t^��..!'f��raoits;��!.terrh  rsnsdy, Potuaet "Bala. f���� tsfplai of irbf  ovesyhmSy ^eeB-P��ron��-f!dr*c����ftt*t' ��� ' mBm&&J\  THE   ^lONE^fir,   FJBQEtylX, :< BRITISH   eOLPMBU.  eamenssBsse  =fes=  Stronger  'Than His  ��! Stomach  ;n  / The Medical Advitrby  ', Jt V. Pi0re$,;M. D��� Bmf.  ��� j /Wo, iV. Y. otukrora Aorts  '���' of dolieato question*  . about which svsry matt  or w<man,��inglier married ought to know. Sont  ���', >rs�� en resets* o/SOono-  '��� pmt ttampa to pay /or  ��� wrapping and matting.  LET the; gre��t��st athlete have dyspepsia and his  strength will soon fail. One's stamina-foree-  , folios and;strength, of mind OP maBClo  depend���u#m,'the blood, and the bteod in turn,'  fftgnires aheajthy stomach, for the stomach Is the  laboratory where the food in digested widBueh elements are taken up-or assimilated-which mmko  s��W. In eonsequenca all the organs of the body;  tueh as heart, lungs, liver and kidneys, as well as  the nerrous system, feel the bad effect If the atom*  aca f s deranged, ;, ���   ,     5 , *  Dr: Pierce's Golden  ���Medical Discovery j  Mpstssstonsehtodicsst food properly, starts ths   [  lirsr into sew setiyitjr, rsmorfe* ths poisons fiom the   <  stssdof being: illy neorishsd. fh��refreshingiafloenee  ���f tUs extract *f nstSve atedieissl plants bsa he**  aefehbe* esa tell yon ef the good It has doss,  f foreran);  ��5?  THE PHOENIX PIQNEER  i8sued weekly  at Phoenix, British Columbia  Stibscriptionf'2.09 per year  2.50' to 'United' States.'  ''   G. Kay,, Publisher.   t  _    t?��-��l*������������������� lealersln BsHsar  -L-r u -J ;_  tense  atavalMi  "r-   y  The  Queen's Hotel  OOMPLKTILY REFURNISHED AND REFITTED  ADVERTISING OOAI/g  Application forliiqnorUcenoe (SOdajpl ..|?,0O  Certificate of Improreinent notice (90 dajni) 87.30  Application to Purchase Land notices (SO days)   '.'. : :...-..S7.50  Delinquent Co-owner notice*'(80 days)... .tlO.00,  Snail Water Mottoes' flOdaya),.. fT.SO  All other legal adrertMnr, >12 'wate- a line,  abide column, tor the lint insertion; and 8  'eenU ��� Una'for'eaoh'sUDaequentlhaertlOB, non-  ps^r^tasnretnent. i.  ' Saturday, Dec.  14; 1912'  1 i,r i.i i  The matter of equal ^ wage came recently-before a parliamentary committee in England in connection with  the postal 'service.*' Tlie secretary  of the department ,,being questioned,1  said women were npt, so valuable as  men; they left on marriage, which*  was a constant caufse of disarrange-'  merit of staffs', and involved frequent  training of now bands. -They could  not standi overtime and other strain!/  as well as men, aWd'^if they demanded-the same wages in' this1 department could not wisely employ'them.1  ���Montreal Witness.  ' We beg to announce the reopening/of the Queen's Hotel.    This  1   popular hotel has been/ completely' refitted throughout;,  everything new and up-to-date.'   Large lofty rooms,  heated with hot water.   Perfect fire appliances.  ,  Night and Day Service  Patrons' of this hotel will find in it all the comforts of home.  Perfect satisfaction is assured all our guests.   'It is  the most centrally located hotel in town.  Baxrfokmd with iftMt Win*)*, Liquors, Olgmr*  ������������������^������������������������������������������^�����o��*����s��ss��s��swsw'������seso��e��ss����'e'^  Chisholm & Hartman, Props.  first street and knob hill avenue  Should come from healthy and vigorous.Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner Separated Cream insures purity and  quality. The Dairy produces both.  THE DAIRY     J. W, Hannam, Prop.  -j < -.  Wiiiter Clothing:  Overcoats, Mackinaws, Underwear,  aHaaaaaaaaa*aaaaaiaaKaaaai*aaaaaaaaaaaMa*a>*>Baa��*aaaaaaiai*aaaaa*^aMaaaaaa��aaaaMa^i  Rubbers, Hats, Caps; Mitts, Gloves  Jaeger's Pure Wool Specialties  Canada's Naval Contribution  t  The   decision   of 'the 'Canadian  government   to donate   an   emergency   contribution    of  th'irty-five  million dollars  for the  purchase of  three  ofthe  biggest  type of warships; has  been gratefully received  by ^the' people  of'the motherland,  while a tremendous  wave   of enthusiasm  has   swept 'the centre of  the empire from end to end.    Evidently    the    time   was ' extremely  opportune.'   But while the gift'from  Canada is' a splendid one and the  addition to the navy  very material,  it  is  the  moral  effect   of the  act  which will carry the most weight in  the' chancellories of Europe. '   According   to agreement,   the  ships  are to be built and manned,in Great  Britain,   but 'as far as practicable  they will be officered by native born  Canadians.    It will -be 'many years  before  a' purely  Canadian-manned  and built fleet unit  can' b�� formed  that would be ' strong enough 'to be  stationed on either'side of this continent, and' the' advocates of either  are a very short-sighted sii of gentlemen.     - What "'protection,' could  a'  couple of cruisers at Esqimault be to  Vancouver.'   How long would they  fast if a small Jap fleet caught sight  of them. 'If we are to possess a fleet  of our  own, the'only safe" course  would be to keep them where 'they  are likely to be of use not' only to  themselves, butvto others affcoV'   Up  to some years'ago  the ntihiber of  small units of the British 'fleet that  were stationed in ��� various, parts' of  the world  was very. greatiK but the  The Government's Opportunity  ,.   According to the latest news from'  ���Turkey,.many of.itsi much-married  pashas when��they' return' fronvthe'  wars are  likely to..' find  themselves,  bereft of a wife or two, quite' a number of whom 'nave taken advantage  of the confusion consequent on the  war and npde tracks  for Paris and  London.       The  eloping   ladies   all  show evidence of having departed in  haste and    although   they  possess1  little   ready  cash,   the  majority  of  them are well supplied with'quantities of splendid jewelery.    ,/he  es-'  cape of these ladies might be turned,  to good  account by tbe Canadian  government   who  might   induce  a  few of them to undertake A lecture  tour of the west where their experience of .sixteen   to  one   would do  v t  much towards offsetting the vigorous campaign now being pursued  by the  Mormon elders of Alberta.  SOWING HIS WILD OATS  REAPING A HARVEST OF SORROW  How many young men  can1 look back on their  early life and regret their  misdeeds. "Sowing their  wild oats" in various ways.  Excesses,, violation of nature's laws, "wine, women  and song"���all have their  victims. Yiou have reformed but what about the  seed you have sown���what  about tbe harvest? Don't  trust to luck. If you are  at present within-the  clutches of any secret/habit  which is sapping your life  by degrees; it you are suf-  : fering from the results of  past indiscretions; if your  blood has been tainted from  ,..���,_,. .. any private disease and you  dare not marry; If you are married and live in dread of symptoms breaking  out and exposing your past; if you are suffering as the result of a misspent  life-DRS. K. A. K. ARE YOUR REFUGE. Lay your case before  them confidentially, and they will tell you honeBtly if you are curable.  YOU CAN PAY WHEN CURED  We Treat and Cure VARICOSE VEINS, NERVOUS DEBILITY,  BLOOD and URINARY COMPLAINTS, KIDNEY and BLADDER Diseases and all Diasassa Peculiar to Men. < >  CONSULTATION FREE.' Book* FnniMMuai tS Mam.   If makfe to ��aH. writs  feraQMatJoBBUakfor ,DOMB   TBBATMENT.  DrsKENNEDY&KENNEDY  Cor. Michigan Ave. and Griswold St., Detroit. Mich.  'NOTICE   All letters from Canada must be addressed to our  ssnaneaassaaj    Canadian Correspondence Department in Windsor,  Ont.   If you desire to see us personally call at our Medical Institute in  Detroit as we" see and treat no patients in our Windsor offices which are  "used for "correspondence and  Laboratory for   Canadian   business only.  Address all letters as follows:  .., DRS. KENNEDY ft KENNEDY, Windsor, Oat.  ' Write for our" private address.  y* 'i  ThOS. BrOWn     "*"'�� ww Kxcmgiviy  tkm  m  m m��*i, '  CJcanlfrs@ffi�� our Watchword  - Ttor product ofthe local dairies- is good, but ours is" the best.  ^lennUnessts-our watchword,.and no germ can pass our sentries.  Our poultry department has iacreased" its supply of eggs. Let us  accommodate you. PHONE F 32  Thm Ph@mnlK Dairy  W. A. McKay ft Sons  Proprietors  mer  Tie Central Hotel  '    NKARKST HOTEL TO FAMOUS QRANBY MINB8  PIR8T-OI.AS8 ACCOMMODATION FOR MINERS  Stocked with the Finest Line of Wines, Liquors, Cigars  A, O. JOHNSON     -    -     Proprietor  Systable Christmas-��efts  * ��� If you would kindly step into this store and see the  -Large^ and Varied Assortment of Smokers' Supplies  1    also the Beautiful Goods suitable for 'Xmas Gifts.  Tobacco, Pipes and Smokers' SuppBies  ' Stationery, Books, Toys, Brushes, etc  Did you see our New line of Post Cards.  KNO�� HILL. AVSNUIE  nmcuxS  TfSH  j.|uwjuw^i>^.^-fc-TiM~ii^-'^y[jniiw^  lesson   of the' Rosso-Japanese war, j *\___  when the small units of IffcPRussiaa j  fleet'were snapped up indcfutck sue-1  cession; changed the system entirely and made imperative- the present  British scheme of naval decentralization.    The pressing- need  of- the  Dominion   is   not   battleships   for  home waters.     It is training ships  and Canadians to marin them.  ;.    The Opposition contend that if we  are to possess a fleet let us begin at  once    and   build   them   ourselves.  There    must    be     a'    beginning,  they argue.    This is very commendable,   too,   but  while   the   present  British  connection    is  maintained,  let us commence at the right end,  and allow   for grave  eventualities  that may   possibly   present themselves in Europe and embroil us as  well as the motherland.  The contention of some Liberal  papers that the gift of $35,000,000  to the British fleet amounts, to tribute, is absurd. Was it tribute  when Canada raised aUd outfitted  the troops  for   the  South  African  war?   ���_   A Prudent Bachelor  One good result of women getting the vote will be disillusionment  as to what the vote can do for them  and for those on whom they take  pity. As an example it is quietly  assumed by an able; correspondent  in this paper who signs 'A Bachelor,'  that men could, if they would, secure  to women as high a wage as men  get, and that women, when they  get the vote will decree that it shall  be so. It will soon be found that  neither man nor woman can do this.  The rule of an equal wage obtained  By tbe school teachers of Chicago,  but it was the women themselves  who got it rescinded. Indeed they  come to regard those who continued  the demand as unfriendly to them.  The result of raising the woman to  the men's standard of wages resulted  in the employment of men., ,Jn New  York, where the men have been reduced to the woman's standard,  there art none but women -applying.  Another Medal for B. C.  The Premier received the following cable from Hon. J. H. Turner,  agent-general for the province in  London:  "British Columbia fruit awarded  gold medal and certificate>'of merit  by Horticultural society today."  Thus    once    again.. has"J British  Columbia added another triumph to  her  already  long .list.   A. .particularly gratifyingr,feature  of the present awardf is  the*fact that the exhibit that won1 tbe prize was a consignment picked' merely  for'display  in the 'provincial  offices in London,  with no' particular-' intention to exhibit  anywhere,' lealst  of   all at the  Royal Horticultural'show/ * '   -^   Petroleum has * advanced four  cents per barrel within the past fe w  '     's. ' '���     .       .  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel  in Phoenix.     New from  cellar  to roof.   .Best Sample Rooms in the   -  Boundary,   Opposite    Great   Northern  Depot. '.*      Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.G.  D. J. MATHESON  ....... Insurance Ag*nt  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE GLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,  B.C.  in coins straight to the weak  spot in treating disease? If so,  you will "never use anything  but Peps for coughs, colds, bronchitis, arid throat and lung  troubles.   Listen why I  Peps are tiny tablets, which  contain rich medicinal ingredients, so prepared that they turn|  into vapour in the mouth, and!  are breathed down to the throat,  the breathing tubes and lung*1  direct.  Cough aixtnres ye--net to the lungs'  aad cheat at all, bet to the atoiaach.'  There irabaolutely no direct connection  between etomach end'lungt.  . When you have a bad cold, yoar  digestion ia weakened. Yoo loee aepe- j  tito, aad if a m��a,Touruanaletii��kodoeal  ���ov "tajte good*" **> other words, your'  digestive system la looking tone. AH  eoagh  mixtsrse  nofce  this oondltion  n't rein year ���toneeh to heal year  Take a remedy thet goes rigat te  Don1  longs,  the  irpristng how they end ooagha,  eatorrh, Dronchltis, sore-throat,, "clergy  man's throat," aethma, and ell long  troubles, Contain no poison, and too  best for children.  ��� ��� Dr. Gordon Stables' says:�����tt yen  with to euo end end �� eough* If yo��  desire to loosen tickling phlegsa, &<nd  clear the throat end the breathing tabes,  nseFeps. Tnepine lames and Sidaamie  fumes, so beneficial in throat and lung  trouble, which txo liberated when a. Pep  is put into the memth, also terre anotker  good purpose. Tb��y are strongly gerrai-  cidal.aod geriBS ef dtse��M in tbe mouth,  on the palate, in the throat, and in the  breathing tubes, eto at oaoo destroyed  Have  tweedy?  artiole, write across it the name  end date at thie paper, nnd mail  it (with le. stattp to pay return  _ p) te Peps 0��.,Toronto.  free'trial packet will then  ��� n*��, yen triad tide fameas  If not, eat out this  d. l. Mcelroy  SOLE AGENTS FOR PRINCETON COAL  Dealer in Lumber, Shing-Ies, Lath  and Cedar Poles. Stull Lag-g-an.  First-Ciass Fir & Tamarac Wood.  MOVING MACHINERY OUR SPECIALTY  If Tired of Wood, try Princeton Coal  Produce, etc.. Specialties  Fancy Oreamery Butter, 40c. lb.; 141b. Box, $6.25.  Ohoioe Eastern Egjgs, 40c. per dox.  Mild Cured Ontario Oheeae, 25c. per lb.  Shamrock Leaf Lard, Choice, Bib. Pail, ��LOO.  Sugar Cured Hams, 25c. per lb.  Breakfast Bacon, 27c. per lb.  Smoked and Salt Fish, in variety.  P. BURNS & CO., LTD.  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  PHOENIX, B.C.       PHONE 2  BOOKS  AND  STATIONERY  Fancy Goods, Dolls and Toys, Kodak Films and  Supplies, Musical Instruments and Supplies, Newspapers, Magazines.and Periodicals���School Sundries.  Wallpaper and Decorative Pictures  Cio-ars, Tobacco and Smokers' Sundries  .s Goods Arriving  All the Latest Newspapers, Magazines   g  */ k!>f%  if  ; m  '*&  i  til  ti  ti  Us  m\  >\J  i-rri  1  "if  ���i  si I  I  m m  lllllll  ,:;;i-'-'(V }.'���  '$:���'.'��� .''^Y'^'Vif''''-- "-'"."'���'���  ! h"'"''fl*'*!".i.f"**'",f"*''  '/r'-rr^-'^^^rr^'^'/r'-"-''*  ��,*H.aw��.*^*)Jffi*(^>��'MT4^WW%>WPlM.O!fVTW5r.l^^HW^*!!,  ���' :'{'.(--*  '".teai  ��  pv  mja^iViVi'i Y'f(i'-^  ��B9  j/uOmgiii  Local and General  li,l'>.::  :ff'r;;..to''.:i>:iW'".��:..t-,i!fr  ,j;.;,;../;,UV^-<Mi::;M^  ,,^;^vW'-s;h:.-:w;*^^  aTej^fj-few^S/WIe^*  .^Kfe'^/i;;^/,^  ^;'^*.T<:i;/JS^%?e*lk-;alf*^^^  y^'s^-^syftfciSi^1;!!:,;  CV'H: "W  arl^HI -  Ym\  '���'���-",'--��  ���:YM  .V'r'-:':."-:.JWVa;i'-:i^  :v%if|ttl|  .JS,^*^,1?  Vrt1.?i!.,3*C/; >'���������;  ���T:;;:;:4A.;very'^ large': vari^^  ',/h:-*'���'//:-^-/^^'-JO'^/*^"-: ���;' ^^^'������'^-���^���"���'>;f'^-';'-V^iJiy!:ff-',;;v ::'-i^��!^S^WW^~:-vSf&s'^i-;jo��v  i-i^Wy  |K��Si  /���r  fc^  _  *  ���'���'>������!':!::- ;/;^^:!;"'?iisSi-rt*:J'r;.^-vv':-v:.'?v.Jv'.:ijvu:..gstJ'  :>,-':rv.v:.x!>;.^  "'    ^xi^:vft^i'iw#.- ^/ik  '.:.-:;;/-/;:,-''.���>���;?$  I ���^kyji'-y^ V*j  ii'^��y*^;.*t*.*frrM*.*'h**+*v^^  ���;JuIiu8,6atiion arrived in' tjown wiis  'w^kifrom^fchy-c6aiBt:>:Hfivsjqsu-wmju ;.  "i/'Wm^Picl^rd'^'cani^  ;cpaat:,oQ:^e^y,8;itra^n,; ������^^>^V^-;':l;  *��� Bv, Hall. ��.P.B.; roadniaster. paid: a  ahOTt^yia^cvbf.^'ihspecUohAtb'theAhmw  ;this',^i^;yM/v:y.|;^'..i,,;;f;.ef^i !-���! ;i��:.;J^i.;,  ^Botol^Lt r;vPhoeiiix;>''';bia'':;Sa^Ut^iy,'  Decern befr ^7th,>f - to Mr. and ;;;Mjrsi'/'yH.'  ;-|'0.^.7Bdyra,i?d8rfinished up his business in Phoenix this week and leffc on  ��;Mi$|SJl^  was avi8it��r in '/'Sown'' for a i few days  ^Tne^ty^^  jawJsi:^nly0;:pl^hoii'seiu��has>i'been  ,c1qsed^S|j:heing;f-unsafe,^H^  For: Ilenb��� Foua-roonied house oh  Spion Kop; partly furnished; good|woll  water; every convei)ie��ico.   Apply Mrs  iVBaldwin'(onpl,emis'es)7''".'.'���' .''"',  :.#'..  V$i'<,';.-K|.  Vii"  ��-;,3s,?--'  rifc-V  .^*^::;.'$w$  ;-j$v-.:'-'."sK\-  afc1.-;'^;:':  ;.J-t;',*;-.;^AU..*  ��.Vvi>  ||&^: v|p n^is ti iig^jd^  |pM;yyNevv|s|oc^'^^^ip  Sigttf&la^  i  ->: V:-v;-V "���"&���'���     '"   '        '���    ''"  .-���.��^||.......... ,^|��,1,.... .t.y... ���>..,��� ,���;,.���,���. ....,:.���>.:... :V^,....y4^  l�����!  iji&s*  l8^  "SSS  rar __      _.      ^   ^*j?^^��s^SbeciaJtie^^c^  (oh pl-eniiyea).  : ���' L��wi;ence aiid John Moiriaon left on  Friday to spendftKer'Oliriuttiias 'aiid  ���New)Year holidays under the parental  roof at Five islands; Nova Scotia; ;>> >  ������SHI'S, N. J. Carson who has been pay-  ing a few weeks' visit to her mother in  .Brandon, Man., is. expected home in  the course of the coming week,  '^*The^enir:Minera^ to  'giyihg'ithe1r;annual^^ bn'Cnristmas,  I^ceintter^25thi 'JFurth'eiv particulars  ���wHl:,b^givehi1ater.ff*' ���'.'���'/ ?fji uiii-^JtiiV  !v.-:/".'Oiic^Chr-istmas'f supply, of > Perrin?s,  ,Ctt<lbury.'s: und; Hobeitsou's Christmas  Chocolates have; aiTiyed.r;The best oh  'the:market;';>Ah'^lhisltrom'sV^ :;'^'^'-''^  ���|..,.'i.'��'tr3i?:-SriTi"'"-' ';V^!ir:''?>ciifj:�����'���!A'!i*iVf.f-i.'i).'/.--H !-..���  ;'//AIexv:Mo1teh'ttld,':wh'o<:has^beehvpay-'.  ing 'a."prolonged visit'to^  iiii Alexander,- ^GriengaiTy Govi :Oii t^ returned to Phoenix on Tuesday; ; ' ;  ?; Mrs. Coutts and daughter, who have  beeiiyisiting>;fpr.;a-few.>day8/^thi8.weekV  "returhed'tci .Gi-aii'd;'Forks'biiVwednes-:  :1 iSonle'^wns^ni^p^ca;^  their lady killers, but Phoenix ?has at  least one lady sibusher among her very  desii-ableyoungjmeu.i;.. \$&4<ri���ti&*it  ,-;^For^^le-^Fjrs(wcla^j^ '(������ and  Riseh piano; iiearly new, and; in.good  cbnd^ibnv'! Wili^'be sblicl'for ' half': its ���  yg^^^ppP^ee:r^ffice;l"^ ,  ^^fcJpiune'-T^Jth^f^  'pfj'th)^t^d^  ;wmb^;\ya��ferafflb^  The board of directors who were  recently elected by the .shareholders  of the ��� Phoenix?; rjnk; (building--; have  decided thait the best interests of the  stockholders will be served by turn-,  ing over the'' rink, to a managing  ���commjtTee^  subscribeAtb athe':'���; foliowing   con--  :''!*'*>.V^e,;'vthVUVn3eirsign'edi'',a^  become members,.,of,the Phoenix  Sports.(Promptipn, commit^e, jand  to be governedh by ?;the;'Mfbllowing  rules': and .!regulati6h8.;>vii��r-lv'*��?.!Vj: A.'-'']'  : fil,Th1s'cpriimitte#f ^  purpose of leasing'iitheiiirPhoenuc  Amusernent^'cbmpany-s^'buiiding,  and! the management < thereof, and  ���the undertaking of such other-enter-  prizes .which in ourpppinipn-jyiH prb-f  is.,.to  be!^  :?--':''('-e^*'rti.iTJ:  ���Atr )����� i> M  jxpm ,y.v wt&e mi  #��l|^;|^tesspb6d^Hi"rt^i^i hjgliarcl in teres.��:^';, ,^  if��^'<'V^te-iT:vi:^^^^  ducOj profitt; u which ^  Vases, Gonsrs, SmokersV Sets  '*-,������.���������:.i*^������*?i'Mt.<3;.f.��.��b��^'��r'.*^.?>>�� '���?��. .i*����;.i'.f \Mf;?,>::,-������������ ..���"%":^> ���*���<*��� ,L'M f:1:-*v-'^  'Phone 16v  W'  T.;'S.: ���Quancet:Mrtn|i^!v|  :SS*  ';�����;  Ife^jSK;S>';3:^'.'�� ���'���:;P:;  kw^^'V. :'?.',���;:;..'.��� ���'������;..v.'  f^ggv::;;i;S.ft;gv;v^  c<:>Ti)s^lhg^mi^hwfe:NOT  in Coaluiont, is to have charge of the  'local depot dui-ing . the absence of.W.  iW-8ilH|��mw,yac(rt  i^Sjanj'pM*^^ the  Forks'ou Monday last.    He says that  he and ?; his; partner nave decided oto  ;cluin^^^nan^|p^^^  ^^^��^pgWilkins,^whp;fp  ;h.%^k^u;^P--jhig^|^':duti^  Dr;   W. :H.   Dicksoni     Mt^   Wilk^  icoii;es/h|ghly^cpmn!��^  ^bdoubtprbvea^liiable  to thei doctor's staff.  " Mr.  \yjlkiiis  Mffl #^^4|ifethe ibid   land, and  >;matrlculated; at King^s; college, Lpb-  dpn.'   His, professional :^ studies wire  l&m$&^: :���������  |3*Sgj&;&VSS':.R  ��� t? ���';  if-:  Is heeded to anyone that  k has; tested the quality of  fGENiJCBEER  If'our Beer was not first-  class in every way, there  would be no use advertising it to the public.  SOLD ALL OVER THE  BOUNDARY COUNTRY  coijimeucedjat the Royal; Collegelbf  Surgeon^; where; he remained for 'thfei*.  y^rsand theii  entered^  the bigl^nf  ^f* posifed a^rsisfcaiit pathbibgist and  ancelibspltai; while before leavingfor  {%^^yy|^t#.j:fljied- tfie positron  ?bf surgical registrar alb Oie Italian hps?  ;pit��l;ii'Sphbjs��-fe}?w^^^X\^^ ���' I  'PHONE 23  PHOEHIX BREWING CO.,  FOR SALE  Team of first class mules for sale|  very quiet. ,^Wi]LlJ)e disposed of sepa  ately.^P. Bui hs ite^Ob^ Phoenix.    S  Tuesday|waB;t!he last day iippn which  parcels ;could^|b1e. xa&\\eA^)��etucn^\ie  old ���conntry: *in Vtime "fo^J^Kh^istimas  Day.   The evening of the same day  LIMITED  M20771&JD'  \\  MiMii  |0NEPk>AU, KINK^w8��i  II a the CLEANEOT, SIMPLEST, and BEST HOME" j  DYE, on. ��ni boy-Why you don't even have to I  V"LJ"^X KlNDot Clo,h you,Good. ��re made 3  ��f.��So Mlatakes ar�� fmpoaslble. I  Srnd for Free Color Card, Story Booklet, anrf 1  Booklet giving rc.ult, ol DyeI���B oVer other colored i  Tko JOHNSON-RICHAROSON CO , Llmlt.d      1  Muntieal. Canada. "����o,     a  THE WARNING COUGH -  THE WEARING ILLNESS  i  Colds often herald their coming  xrith a warning cough.  Thi3 warning-demands instant'  attention.     The   health   is   in  danger, the body is attacked, the  risk is terrible. ���  Act on the first symptoms.  ^ Mathieu's Syrup of Tar   and  Cod Liver OiV arrests  the  cold  at once.  Tar and Cod Liver Oil are the  great twin agents for cold cures.  *he Tar healing the inflamed parts  and the Cod Liver Oil building up  the whole body. r.      .  ^ They are combined iq Mathieu s  Syrup to produce* marvellous  results.    Large  bottle  35  cents.  At all dealers.  When headache and fever are'vpreaent with  * cold, take Mathieu's Nervine Powder* to  'educe the fever and sllry the pain T I  ilatbieu Co.. Props.. Sherbrooke. Que.        (rii  WINNIPEG STOCK AT  Messrs. Ferguson Bros.  121 Bnnnutyno Ave, Winnipeg, Man.  Dr��� ��3e Van's Female PilBa  A reliable French regulator: never folia. Thceo  pills nro ezceedlBffly powerful In reruk"  geaoi ative portion of the ietntloayvtsm.  all clioap laltatiotu.   Dr. So Tan's ua  Dir. W. S:^ii^8ar|iBf@on T|ursday;  morning '''fbr^orant��^';'ilk^i8^VFi^8pered  around; town that the genial raedico  has beeii^foi' soine tune considering  the^.advisabiHty^bf jtelungJn\a;partr|eE',;  .'iH^;hi^tnp'^toy^'"ei^  ��� for fth^b^r^ose'';^^s1g^  ?, ,|The;rece,ntj^lecfei��)n for.^qfficei'spf the,  ?h(wni>r>M)n^rs^mbn': resulted, in the  return :ofv/the.: following: I)an. Pater-  son, .^ presideirtjHj rAngus pMcJPhersprJ,-  yipe-piresWenb; jHnanciai^rseereteryi|l);v'  fA...;. y ig'naux;. 4, tiv-asureiv- p.-' < W*} "ifc-  Kenzie5.recoiding.8ecret��ryf ftl.^iTeuge-.  -|}auer;^a5den^;Einier;^kke; conductor, P..Farreuy.    ������"!' 1V...;', l:j  ?? The social dattce'on Thursday, given  by the 'PhbenTx orchestra," drew ii  large number of local dancers, who  have since expressed their appreciation of th> arrangements made for  their comfort and entertainment. The  floor was iu fine shape and the music  of Che orchestra kept 'it fully ocoupieid  throughout the evening. '  used for; the .promotion, of,, sports in;  thej:ity:.pf .PhoeniKv;(;i.^J    ^ir^ |]  It is understood   that, no   remun-  eration ,or'.fsalHryi:Shay^accr.uc..tp..^usii  as: .members of this , conimittcc, ��� but  all profit arising''from^pur^eflfoKts. aK  members shall be placed, in a   fund  to  be disbursed , at our discretion^  among.-'the'3 various, ,hockeyr teams;  the  ski  clubs,  the ,band  and. such  other, forms; of/ amusement as, may;  be deemedessential,to.the advance,-;,  mentof sport in-ourcity. .No special;  privilege, passes or.free , admission  tickets shall/he given;.;to Vjany., mem-;,  ber;of,this committee^:but.all tiiem  l;ers  hereof.shall,nay, the' .regular  price of admission to any  entertajn-  ment provided,-by  this;, committee,,  nor shall, any member of .this .com!-;  mitteelbe.elegible, to  any, prize -oh  trophy offered by this, committee.:/ |j  ,   No profit;whatever.shallaccrue.tb:  members of this committee from any*  .'pfjt&irundertakm  shall go into.the fund .above.. i'tnehtU  tibiied.XV'jThere;shall ,be appointed;a!!  chairman,^.secretary,;'a treasurer*  and a management committee, and  all/checks i;for ? -whatsoe ve r .pi i r pose  shall.be, signed ;by,,thej ^secretary' :incf]  the^treasurerv^ On theifirst;,day^of?  ^e^enib;ei;.-;of; each yeaj^ay;- statenienf|  shall be published jnrJtHe lbcaiiriews*  papei*shbwing the.total j amount';b��  receipts, ?;;thie];ltotal f amount;;-of ^dis4  bursements and 'the balance,; if ianvi  still, remaining tin, the,, hands of, the  treasurir^  ,0 In, theVeyent of^the dissolution of i  tlje,con^ittee,,^allh' funds; on .hand  s^j^j3ei;paicl;;into., the.,treasurei-, of  .the Phpenix Amusement and.,Carni^  yal Company, ,rjn the event of. ai  deficit ansibgbiit.of.any,of the un'-s  dertakings bf this ; committee,; then  each member.���.shall pay a'n.'.-.eaual;  share:bf such.deficit." . .���   ,   J;  (ii "'"'"G  g vi   jj if.. w.  t^ig*���iii is \s'.'.rft'.".���.-;?#  .!���;���(;  !?1S��i* -  /^i^V ^  Q^rtBWlPM#r1rhrVv^^  .!���('  !<���,'���}   >'���'���  Hi  I  ''it,  ���^���kA. ri*  1 ;:���*���' '"/'���'  ."���.�����sf*.y. d jReducedj^alesfa-ip kalj; poipjs.} iOrePi^ariq,; jQuebec.^.N^v^ j|  Scotia:and'New^Bjyinswick.t^-ijj^fi >> n'4-t:-^iPhs^-i   v;',' .;;Round:jTrip,j Pjioe.nix.to^; .vJia-itAvi/j^^^^/i,?-  Tickets, first-class, on  sale  December  1st to  3.1st, liberal?'?|  m  ����** ������     .',.���.������;���:   .... . :. ���..'���'. .-..-.   ..- .'      ���     ������'      '"  : ,��j<j*'   K  ss^^lTblioVer'frivelege^  -f  taWt,����W^S��<^��''V''��**cW.&i  Extra Municipal Wholesale  ^: ..V > Eiquor. Licence.-^k::''."i:���,-'v  ���^���^>-:'y* :   ' :;:>NOTlCE.";:v -;-^;-; ��� ^  :ii::::^'..-' ���.'-��n.iisi'-'-.';/��l;'i4e^S5'? !?:*��'.f;;::.fftj* SI:':  if NOTTCJE IS HEREBY GIVEN^that  bn'-the^^thlday'bf^Noye'^b^.j'riSxtjA^  plication will, be made to 'the Superiu-  terideiit'of ���Prbvincial Police for the  grant of an.v;Ex'tra  Municipal '/-Whole-���'  s^le^fienbe^tj^the^isa^^^  "andjupbn the premises known as the  Phbenix*^-e*,ingirCp.,:Ltdi-v Phoenix,  ��s^si^��sPi^eriix:?Brbwirig)/Gb4^  a  f*,i��,s*:s!<*p��i<  i'Ohuivh';:ai��:!\Hbiy..'f^tWnunion'.^  ^ui.;: :'Morning -Prayer* 1^10.30^11^^ /'���"  Gonimunibn at 11 a.m.i Sunday, ��fchi|oi -��'  at 2.30p.m.,   ���Evening���Prayer,:��t;..1i��5.:-"  ��Itey.i-!Li*B.'jdi^Mj'^Jttbctoi>��i^iM^ .".'.  The; stated'services oin sfthe Gatholic  church areas followj9:J^u>t/ind third .  DeAYINt3l|"M * ���$  ���    ^ Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapidr* Express-^and^Bag-  gage Transfer; Careful atteh-  tion ,td^air,o>de?s^"wPfibne,''Al6i'5'  ;Sunday8iinathey:iuonttesrMassgatSl(i  aini^a!SundaysSchool Kat��t2��30?pni.;  'Ejzeninijij&S^^  Father phoiue.l, pastor./-'    ''//'���   ||  and  vice,.7.30 p.m.-.Prayer meeting, Thursday evening, ut 7.45 p.m.     Rev. J||l.  fj^>��?i���n^'^^!������<^���i^to^Hvr^'-:.^f'.v>.��,i:'ft,>(��,  "St. Andrew's Presoyteiian-churchV  Service-^'-will^^bei'vhelia^iin the above  church on Sunday, Dec. .loth,, atgll  a.ui-    A .cordial welcome.    BeV; J.|K.  James G. McKeown Mumo, pastor. ���; ��� I  f The Rex Vaudeville' company played  to a crowded house on Wednesday  night, and evidently pleased their  audience with their 'varied1 program of  typical vaudeville stunts!" The encores  were incessant and it looks as if an  occasional change to that class of entertainment - might' prove a bigger  drawing card than some of the weeping and wailing melodramaw that too  often have been seen in Phoenix playing to empty houses.  ' The- Pan-American - Colored Octette  and Double Matt Quartette, The most  extraordinary aggregation of negro  male, voices that has ever came* to the  northwest, will appear at the opttra  libu&e on 'Wednesday, December 18th.  This troupe of colored artistes is booked up by J. Cosgrove; and the opera  honse management express tbe hope  that the'play-going, public will accord  it their patronage.., /.The.superibr class  pf program rendered by this company  has seldom failed. to - please, while the  gentlemanly, behavior of each and'all  has been favorably!commented upon  wuerever they.have appeared. The  pi ice of <G|4mi8sh>h fs 73e. and 50c. "'Re��  serve scats oii'biile at TAios. Brown's.  ^^-'^^ir^at';MedidTO HatVf''^  ., The.jfire loss in Birnie,Bros, estab  lishment is,.;'i approximately, $52,000:  and is .very, well ,��� covered . with   iril,  surance^v   Business we,, understand|  is,proceeding as.j.usual,  the   ainpfef  stock in..their...warehquses ,and. the'  fact ��that   the   ,,workshop   escape'd  renders, tbiS; quite, easy..     The  foiT  lowing .few   lines,   culled   from  the  Medicine Hat News is decriptive of  a ticklish phase during the progress  of the fire:   ;., ;,.,.   .....  ^,5The feature, of the.fire, a spectacu-;  lar as \rell as a very dangerous onej  occurred after the fire had   reached  the Birnie hardware store.     Immediately the fire reached the  goods on  the shelves there was a regular fusillade of shots;   the fire   had reached  the immense quantities of ammunition. This firing5 of cartridges, shells  and ibuilets   kept  up iotcrmittingly  for some time.    If wan a very ticklish situation for the firetmn;   they  knew/not the minute (hat mtmtof  the bullets (rom the exploding ammunition wouldreneb ttome of them,  and - strike   them   down   ����   they  worked.  ��� ��  Tbe immense crowd of curious  citizens, and sight��ccr��, who left thii  warmth of their be��ls< to watch the  fire, soon fell badk when tbey heard  the shots. Luckily, (hough these  small explosions kept far the beat  part of an hour, .-gradually-dying out  no one was hurt.  A Big Bear,  One of the largest bears ever seen  in the neighborhood of East  Burnaby for some .time was killed  a few days ago by William Davies,  a resident of that place. The animal, which was, of the black variety,  weighed nearly four hundred pot   > s.  Leave Phoenix^ upper fcoivnV 8.45 aviri.. V    ;  Yi ���".        / "  ri lower town,. *.9.Gp a.m. IStandard Time;  Leave Greenwood .3.66p.m. )  ���^  PRQWSPT ATTENTION TO  EXPRESS AND EREIGHT  IkY ,-


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