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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Dec 9, 1911

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 y^fa   f^-itfi^ ^wvefi-Jjw <*,��*��� (f&W1  *���*     * ,2   W ft   ^ f ViHl  nt^fe* trwr- Vtof   fere Wg^?fe/?/ J.^yw f����yg1  lip  Piisiiiiip  aggM  IaS^^j^sM  !%^��!S'aV,y,j|)|S'  w'4'rJBt^wSwiS'  re^9sSa1^sPiW$  m  -, -'.^ri.**!;sV|^jij|.ij-.i ,-r.*i.'A'J..''...j. ��� .^T i-:!.. .au -^w j��aijaM_.**A-.T  r.toriQtis rl?hocnix7;repi*csentativcfcat  ih<?7l,ist7 Rossland Winter -Carnival  Slid Winner6fethe,Heldhciss7cup;!,fpr:  llie.cli.'iiVmionship .of the Dominion,  fe-',*,V'7'rIJ*'i"' V'-wH^-V--'-v?i"'���"���-y'h-.^'-ZAiii?-!!-!''  :f)'rth7 beervty;l)li.��v*Jh  l/XliX *'-'--"��� ���--'-���'���- ������*���   ���'-���-���*-'���     '���'������' -���������������^-.-.     ->'���    ...���.....:���.���������.  s-^��4��^S;^��i^&*'M#a i :..yy; ^Mi'm  sented-atealb. the important winter  events?: throughout the stitcs of  yMihiiespta^jS\Vigcon!.in ind MilIii-  ^li^yli'ast^ear^at Rossi tntl, among  ^��i5M:SK"^te^W_  ,   /,        ���   S  ���in.vuist'yearp"'  otlrei* prizes^hejcrintuted  the  Sen-  W'm^^lYiri^i-^.ji.!   ...  ..      'SnthirSiiliivaiiViilii^lui o- .it mv i ue  :lie7is;5eiiiitledi:to>it when it is totind,  .ce.s,sfuLinK'eiirollin(i*;ein*itS;menibcr-T;  sliip:-'.'<:a&rtu'mber.^of.*KV;practiced'.;csKi:  jurnpers.&tMrKthn'^cn Avho ;is;yvery.;  ,enth(tsii!sticat7theiconiing>yseason'.s'  fprpspecfi*;,''lijisyr^;^cdrd.-to..i^|yi\*ied;^  yKrlvjngvclear-cW '^���,ill^fii^p*a7Pli: ni  ;wiprie1^f32^  ^Ciil^ii^^Hcnve^ ei, we undersimd  th&'dpiiorriSh'avMdccided "to substi-  ,tiite,anolher*Aprece of silverware lo  Uike,;'^Sp!^^J0d wliich   no doubt  residence   in  ^���'.������'������ivsl^.-^-i-:  SliCbSfe'ofjBate Coal Strike  ^��^he^pr^sidenitA;Of the Internation i  ;eoal|X^|^|iaitl|jo h iHve estim ited  ii^iSs^octasiOried by the late coil  fH^��^��^fMt��$��0,000 He'stited  :,timgi[Jvi^0nih|^I(��ss would arr-ount  ^^|0p|^^(la>, pr ^rf total bf  ^pC^^^iirlel; the loss to the  :r|u.kc^d^s'^iujl||Tri'(r:rcnants \\as enor-  ;MSu^^i?Att?6jg'Wtner he fiirured uf  ittetgtal|l^^fat^jBn milhor\doll  ^or^i^i^|i$l*,000  &^I'lie|demand for le id ores on the  p1irt^|i5a,>exsirleltci>, tl|C higher price  ij&f^ifv'e^flji)'dl the-success whfeh n ii  {follo\vedVtietp,development on sueh  ,m|ive|^S|;tIi^|jRambler-.Caribqo ar^  ^"aid|ti^';ibej][li^main reasqos for thw  lya'ctiviity^iiSht'lieV siUei-lefid  proppsi-  i^^t|riiijjy;j'lieip^st year t^e{ConsoliJ  '.'datc^ila-^iionSed the Hudson Bay"  {jroup, at Deer Creek, a carbonate  of lead property, for approximate!)*/  bSOOjOOO, the No 1 at ^ \uisworth,  and the Iijrer it Ain*.vvortl) * The  company has also showp m jntcrest  in prfictic.tll) all ihe.promising' lead  properties in the ,A ins worth camp,  taking' options on ,the Blaelc Di.i-  mond ainl^Lrttle Donald, groups op  the Maestro ,     , r   j  There is a showing pf sik leet of  oie on thc rI'g'er The,property has  been developed to tl)c extent oi onl)  30t feet ol woik, antl the price? is  therefore considered  t hiirh one       ,  *' DteO\BUSNEP  ,,;:ry:^y^k^s^yM^hm  1     .��  r   -J-     ��� ,  i       ��1       r. <  'A  ,>?�� Mi  i��SSifi^^ih*lS Mtqutes^Ii&&  i  a sBT-OOO-j-No, Insurance I  *>w*  Wedding Presentation ��   J  Llmer Ness,1 whoLwis mirited  recently'in Victori i, arrived m'town  last week accomp.imed bv his bnde*-  In order to fitly celebYite theeevent}  a number of his friends ind meivw  bers lof the' Sandlnavjin %Atd'i ind  Fellowship SocietVinvited thenevvl)  Shortlv after *frve p'cloek fop  TIilji^dly^Fi^CtljuSelv, thecal irmfdV  fire tv a>? Ai'eArf DenW "The*n\��*,  w Biblf'rrtfd^itW irife6ptthWTnwtrIlg  kitehcn ot the Pacific Hotel, owned  by Exel^Oustalson, spiead with such  alarmihg- rapidity' that' in fifteen  minuter/ thfe hotel/wasf burr1ed>''tla  the ground Owing to the rapid  spfeid ol the fiic, thc 'inmates were  inirblc(i( to( save their pcisonal  belonging's, a sistci of Mis Gtist.if-  son losing1 $60 in c ish, while i>250  in loose-cash Iieljngmg* to tlie-pro-  .was desli o\ ed.., Er om,* I he  Inst it was seen  th it   the pi tee was  Know  t��  "^i'arj  x'\J.  ~*|j dvVi  VI*  **   ii^ ^ iV if **     %!* jS* fi^  �� ^#4ey��|eMgWhe BfsTM  Beer brewea7when you iUf&M  serve ��i    >j.^   ' "���     (-tI!4 ^  '^  dueetclT to  prevent th"c fl inics from  spieidHirr to^jthc tujOining piopcrtv  -Ihe.yiuiltling-' ami  contents* were a  tot il loss, no  insut nice hetng e ir-  itetl   bv, Mr    Gutttifson , \,reeent  * 4 ^        a  estim tie   pi ices  the   loss .it   ibouL  S7.000    ������  <       ' \  Accident at Athelstan r '4  Thomas Brav, formcrlv l^rov ina il  constible of Phoenix,-1 met -with it  severe accident while it work irt th��  Athelstan mme_, en Sitvirdiy 1 ist j  Ha wis aV<Lonee^1conve)e��ly$j,'4he  hospitiT; where Ins  injuries  IV  Beer  ���., *>u  ���i '  * ��   ,  *^.-*y,  ^  -5^1  ;7    H  ���r.wsft  r ^>  lust it was seen tint  the pi ice was f    ;      av * ^ > u��  aooWciT'yriH ���j^jr,w'cm^fS^'vvTr^^''*^j^oaj^t^q0-Mgfl&��J^^   Ai ��fcj  du eetceT to   nrcv ent tKn fl mios* frBm" " '    " llClOUS^ appetl2mg-i-flav0r' K%lfk9  ^.-.....^.-..fi^M  m^t^^��^1^"^^^'  ttef.W  i��* V - "��^  i ORDER A CASEVTpDAYj Jl " A'i  PHOENIX BpWINfe C0:,tiM|  , 'y; ^.h-5 p' &w��c  ��� j��ir�� <-"  Plumbing and^/l^  Tinsmith mg ��r^|.  taken - unaw ares,1* t" efipressed^ " thii  thinks of.lns bndevand-hmiself  foi'  ,i,^rt- ..1*.^  the gift'Mrt-'a'' few,, well chosen   'sen-'  tencers.���-"Aj-ple��sint,little��'d mfce fol^  lowed and fa<-t>" refreshments vvenii  .     -^ K, *.  y&.u. L...  -1    \t*"     "'  serreel durtng"'the ev enuitr   ^   f  New Commissioner For^Yul&n ,^JfJS[e ^^d>%^  ^ Rumorwre Won thicffiiuW J V-   '"TA'S.^ft^^  George Black, a Vancouver lavvver, -��   /  isto be,.appointed  tfovernor of the        /7wn_**.r>^i>7  \ulcorf, in  successioi  to \le\ander  " Mr*   Black' ,  L'nesdav from Spokane t        " ry *      1908 eleetiort '    ^^ x      ~^  ',. -/Uf Wr ��� i'"1  ���*J *  X   1  /  '  Boundary Ore Tonnages*^-?  FIR6T-CUASS WORK  at^l^ric5s^nhar*wd^^l,lt >our A*  ^f Pocketboolr'1'  'ii     v *. ' ' ���., j-��c      ,u'i.et     **r xreiciveioooK^   ,G til PJiope \10  lIcnderspn,^resrgned, ^Mi-   Black' , ,     ���       '7     , , K.��'  r   -> * . . ^       'i���,   , . ���    ^ j rfi  '<, , and tell vour trouble',,-to  formerlvprasucevl-li\v   rfDawsm*!      >   *r*.~    /        r^  *.- ^<\          -.isfC;.  [rtPii  ���:.T^-'7?-.'���';'  :1|H  i>i:;rJ7'7y..  Iii  ^JBiSy*7  i;V"7��  iiktif!''::  :::"r...^";:^'  SMBLTERldiatpde6fiihc'n.&e> ftci?ft,0ite,, eft*"*  ':$W&//0%W^1a\^^  Fashionable Footwear  '**rfi-^^^*i*^*fii*?  i^A ���'V*''nH1-w;^'.ff  !!��'!  ^bltv'^'j'jpa.gsiirp  ���|;'buypucjit;styir?hi7^R  ���f;-:i'V-.'-?  ^>::  tyyas'WeyolTcryyouy-rightyhpvv^  ]yyfashioriablcyslipw-irigyof;: ;7'-.f;,'.v;7.^'^kfy:^  'Merts^Fur^sMngfy  y sli oil Id v'i 111 e res t<; e very ym ii ny:who ���  wislies;'to7dfess well.:7;\\^;have;y  yNcvv y Shirts7yNeckw^  :|;' iirid \ ���'���me'dii.iiii.rweig'Kt'.' Under\year,_7:,,y;^;f |  |, marked at'prices that, will please;  irttril^OENK ��AIRY  .7;.;y:77yw,;;77y772^ Pnqm^y:-yr"--y-:yy[  \\kyk ilTtsiiol'1"��� pi<l-'yrou ii-yrt^pihfcyoi: our iiiilk ?.'.���;-Y:  -.YoiVyriid.!J Well.'.: .-��� -^j  iio cxci'llo'd 'any- 7 -  ^'^vyhoiSy-fprv^  :77|?ii(me immber?^ P32.7777';?.'kk';k'::.^���<le1^<>1, nii'k|0uil57kk[  : in^the7Bi>und a rjf jli.Sit n c:pS^'>^'hf-'M^-  yti^;-S>|:^jIii!e'ty|Sold^  Princdss7R7>yKLdsJarid;with7  yberi.bf;7 minersiy; yi n y:,;additiQn7:to^ the  ^lgS^iireaiiy^t^^^  '���Jopi��!;ii^'vyeiye'^p^  Svili tipw^commencp^y^uaL  ���^'eye1op1ng;5iijei;.niih'e^  ^iliyi^te: ftef; insta  yplim'tjputyupym^the  ;:fJpii&:;of'ihei;biggesty.^  In|tprV;of'^the^  ;rijaije^il^^  ^est^i-iyidrutepi* t^te^  "vylier^Jliigii-g^aciyVc-p  vvillyytunyitw-einy^pei-. ^ent/xopper.  Tfenune|vvas|nevM;iin^efter;Siya^  !,- , .-^. .^>..   4 j... -.-_/- - X,    I..'.-1 ~aX   -^r'   *'^r  '*^    **!���' *" ''^ -J.'"ri J"' -���?*- **-' -s'-" .������     ���->'  iiian7:ijtiV?'f��d^  tunntng'���..5.m^Q,  :;^AIei;;:.:"tVui!ciisr  engineer^ to the -Bntish7 Piici(ic:;yCoat  bompanv'.'has returned from Graham  Island,ywhere, he yitispected;,.recent  cieveiopnient on the company's-,."pro-  perty, '.conVprising over: SQ00 ��� .acres'  of .coal, lands. , He is well.satisfied  with the progress made, and expects that-in less tli.'m -sis weeks  the mines,, will be in shape to make  initial shipments at- the. rate of 100  tons daily. ������..'.."  'k*���.Gh.nrles -,Wt*fThompsoriiy late of  th&ilXransvaaii-in a letter appearing  recently in the Vancouver World,  says:- .'.'���I'.have.' been' busy working  up the rock 1 found froin the Tulla-  meen,'.ind have extracted 14 small  diamonds, almost microscopic, from  some good looking, chromite ore.  \n'riiy���concentrates 1 can see a considerable number of very minute  crystals,which 1 shall be able to  separate.' ' Latest quotations from  Paris show that the poorest quality  of'di7fniontI cTiist'scHs for sixty cents  per .carat, _or $92 jier ounce trp)',  ���indti^t.-tl^re ^'constant demand  for tiie:same.''������'���"'  K.-���T'^^'������^y^P',.1^^���^���'���^V^Ii?.:���i���,i9ml,al���^���''^  group, oi' properties,   formerly part  of the   Slocan   Slar: groupi'has not  been worked lntelyi operations'hav'-  bpthfdcyclbpment. ind ���* mining of  ysrlyer^leadyypr^fof; shipment to the  ^iiieltery7TitSjI'raii.7 I itterlv, pro  ���.diict.i&jyJha'^'-beenTon i sni iller scilo  thaiv7some;tinieya��o but the Con  solidated Minirigahd Smelting Co ,  bvv;hihgy this propertv, is continuing  6xpl0ratipri ifor-otlier shoots ol ore  whicliyit' is "expected will be opened  vvhen.ydevel&phiehty *h ill h ive been  ysuflicientlyyfidv'riticed ���Record* -->  7/rHe;cli.scoyery ofyv ilu tble deposits  of cryst'allizedyliniestonej wInch ae-  'cp'rdihg*tp.:yass.iys'yyii'i ide ol sunples,  Js7pe*"fect^:fpf:J^he| minnfieturc of  ce'nientVyJisyfiropprted to hive been  made;y;nbpiii7>3y7i-miles^trom Prinze  Ritperit, ;alohg:the Skeen i rrver.     Irt  his1 :repdrt ;on. the' inspection    Mi  r'-''''.���������.���-:���-������������;.>'���:'������.'������ ������/���'r- ..-- *  jEaulds-fistates'.'";th.it   in   bis   opinion  the deposits contain millions of tons  ofcenientofthe' highest-grade;.-.- :P;j  T. Clieslev,v.iwell-kiibwn  prosp'et^  :;..���:������������������������ '���,������'.- -'.   .   -:     ���   ���   ." .���-.:������. ������       '.-. 'i\  tor irv .thenorth country, ,vvhc> dis-  cov-ered tlie; dopositsj 'says: i" I yvyenjt  thoroughly, over the property and  found that the lime strata ms much  larger than ;vy.is at first supposed":  The strata is fully five niiles long;  and there is no7 "doubt that the'  cement inaniifactured from it will  be of the highest possible grade,     j?  Messrs. R. R. Roberts and Alexy  Kobb, who are reported to have rediscovered the lost mine in Uayonne  cariip, say that the result .was the  work of seven unsuccessful attempts  : .   c:  which they made to locate lhat lost  property. Owing ��� to disfigurement  ofthe country by forest; fires, they  lost their bearings, and While endeavoring to find their way but they.;  stumbled on the longlost workings;  They found the open cuts to disV  close bodies of sulphide ore.of large  extent, while a tunnel had peilCr;  trated ore of. similar... character, to a  depth of "twenty feet. The values  are said to run extremely high, the  Ore containing .sylvanite, telltirides  and sulphides, and'the values being  principally in gold;:7:Tlieyrire now!  awaiting the advent ofspring, when'  thev will commence :niining opcra-:  tiohs on a large scale."  rol/ovv.ng-^re tl.erretnrns  of'th^tSPy'" "  -    ���      -      '*       t v *+}>**    rj ���  no   tndi-smeuei s o  , the Rouiicl irv'idisirter /or-"tfie week/  * I AL     A *. A-    *  Satisfac-f��ncJ,ngJ^ee   7,  mil leirloiliio -  tory^-Several Cars Loaded        g'0�� , O��jo , f? 522   ^"gflrorm C.si Sh^^lfh lVnrcft  N          ,      c     ,    Irii^Pok * 247 24 5/9   RefrVsh.nV AIi\\/t^ or?" /A'jfo*  ed J      The long expected s.ipplv of coke  r ,���,, tlu {7S (y shampoo       New   and' I p to-  from the Crow's Nest Piss is  irriv-   \thtlst m lis 7 027 f ��� ' ,      . J.   ,  lsll |     . . i   D ite in e\erv prrtietrl ir **-  Barber Shop  &i^y&mt  mg slow lv, anel up to the present  theie ue tbont 25 c irs of th it v tin  ible ind much vv inted eommoditv  in the Grand Torks vauls The  coke is irnvmg in sm ill lots hui it  is e\pccted that is the co il mines  get into working order the supplv  will be frequent md iburdint The  sm ill force at the mines heie ire  prepirtng lor the opening which  e mnot-novv be lonf, deferred 1 he  new crusher it No > outlet is now  in fine sh ipe, t tn il of that mat bine  hiving t iken plaee this week,  sever d e irs being loaded from it  \n unconfirmed iepiMt fiom  Greenwood sivs tint prepantions  tor the immediate re opening of the  R ivvhide mine ire to be m ide  \ 1 irge eonsignment ot eoke fiom  Coleman arrived in (neeiivv ood on  Fridavnisfhr7       " :  C.P;R. Secures Prize Spud Crop  7Travellers bn: the transcontinental  trains ofthe Canadian Pacific Railway .ire; now being served in the  dining cars of ihe company 'with  British Columbia chanipiohsbip  baked potatoes. As an al'iermalh  to the recent big land show at New  Vork,where this province won first  prize in the competition for the best  potatoes grown in America, the  C.P.R. sent agents to the districts  where the prize potatoes were  grown and bought up all of the  championship variety of "Murphys"  that could be secured. The C. P. R.  now make a specialty of- this potato  on their cars. Other railways are  able to serve big potatoes, but they  are unable to secure the British  Colombia' prize brand, tbe C.P.R.  having a monopoly in that line.  Already iuserts for the regular menu  cards have been printed in which  the championship baked potato oc-  pies the place of honor on the  "ready to.serve " list.  :'���Krnesr, Miiler, M.P.P. fbt Grand  I^ks7^ijstri|t 'came up from the  Forks ony'Thursday's ti.un. lie  returned"on'Fridu).   l  Others  svn r u k iow uis  Grinnv s/7 791  B  C   Copper Co       9 6S1    ss7 I -<9  B C  Copper Treatment  Ihe   B  C     Col urn hi i    compinv s  smeller   tre ited   9 6->l   tons of ore1  this wi.ck   as follows   Mother Lade,  7 4"S,   Rawhide ,  Wellington  124,   \thclst m   7i   others   0(4  C. A. Best, Prop.  S * >���   ' , A,  aTs. HOOD     ,\  Tne, fife-'and Accident Iij-  ' A- A.-  suranee       Gener i| Agents.  Issuer of Marriage Licences  Bank Block," Phoenix, B C.  J?  K  li  X  \*  Si  x  A*  *��.  X  X  X  X  X  M.0  X  Owing to Ihe present conditions, and the fact th-il  we bought goods heavily in anticipation of  good   time's,   we,  have  decided  tci g'ive  10 per cent DisGti\Mk  on all goods, except /Waitham and  Howard High-Grade Watches.. .-Thi^.  ;���   means,a saving* of 10c. on every dollaivyou . ..  spend  with Us.      It  will   pay you to investig'ate.  WATCH THIS SPACE NEXT WEEK  eweier  M0  >ixxxxxxxLxxxxxoxw^xxxxxx?o^ .r*v.'...-.'! .-V.-A--:  ;.���.<��''*>"^��W  '.is'yvi7^��7(77:  ?lltl!I;;|^^  I- '^g7fe;::7y7':-7'^a**cwa:a^Je'"!    -rr--*-.. "-         ...-:���.......- ���, ���    ��� ...,.,-.. -  t,'$'v$--%i$!5;^  -ta  :7::::|toS^^  ;l^S���-;:WS���iH;^Ky:;::;v:7~:l-^;���y:y^r���::: "Y'S'TK^  7|7fe|^|��^  ��� Jk-*  ;*���:;  77^:::^J3!|7;77  ���'���.?*i'';  tills  tpUWIUHW  ������S"  ��"*l^i��^  s,,^C:^:7:'^^.^^  y|Sy:7':if|||%|;^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  ;;THE.':PHOE^ixf^  ''7 '���: 7 '7 77- 7 iSse'Eoy, W;EEi^>:#!:.y7Sy;|^  '"*iiTi  :;^;^AY,"Pubiisfe^  *AMi;^,i?,tf,yi,,.t\M^teto:,iinm-.  ,.7'fi'  ^ijipiiW^^^  'ing7��fip^  ,s..,         ,...-...   ....   . .:    :.'''.?",i:,:-���������;'������'���'���  '''Delinquent t'S-'oVvncr i|oiIccM1'(flft'��lny*i>')*3<i)(l^'  Smoli 'yvntpi-y S'oUtJ'w; 130 rtnyslJ-ii^Aa^^^o  ;l:''A'ilWliOT>^  iliifflc-ycoiiiiiiii. Mr Vt-lio ��i;--<t! i'^fr'^ji^f*  cint��ji/iliib rot encli'auliBcaneiit. ini��irtfon;;|i6n.  nai-eil mwifiuroiiioiit.  :i^:Au>:'Cfi;iiv!;^.^;i;.:^tLi^i'lV^iV'-i;''lv^i:u-  IS;  7|7:;;7SA'ri^  /���'v..!*1.  ������'>.��������>''.  s::c',"::iaY%?it:7  '���'jilry Yada.the Japanese coiri sii 1 gi ^  Vancouver,   is  petiilcnt. '7 -He;haii;  been pointing but' how  absurclwi|  Canadians  arein pbjecting7';tr^,t.*e  presence in British  Cohirnbia'^pF^a  paltry ten 'thousand, of his  peopIjeV  What harm can they; do? said7fhis  gentlemen.   He also points out liovy  scarce labor is in; this cbiihtry.biii in  the same breath he calmly infornip  lis that no help iiv this respect can  be expected from his country. ; The  Japanese authorities  have spoikeniy  As tb the  harm  done by' his yteij  thousand countrymen (\y.ie."��� take\\tjrj'e  |he,.j.rimc?|r|,a^ppsl  ^his:��i^ipuision7,i^;srfiv(id'���at'.'.iiiyctliir  ^������r>X^'.it'Ai\tii' WzZifH'- .���������.'yil'J.n..^.v^"J.*;>^...v;:'.:'-7..*!���.-:'.''', -j"  French:j5^  ior^i|sjiys|ijhe5'i.Var^  M^;^mranteet|;; tp:^pep^-$2^jQ0O'  iri 'd^v^lopmerilj !and;!tV)y;;this;end yitr$  *���' '���.>���:��������"��� i*'(���'-:>:!.v.';''7'-l.^v- ���' ���- 'i.'''.,''^1*��� ���,.'." ."���''���'��� v'.';'.  novv '--* '      " ���  '%i-Tbe ::creW:i!Af^be,*rurse  ..���;'�����'^i.'iit-''.'- ���'��� ..;"i7;K^.'S^S^:'^.V'5;'y^!;Mf1'��v^':^.7'^'���^  purcn^sejdy;by.<:p*tia  'j^s$ye'6^^^  h$ifte^7*md7^  riexi^sprlh'g."'^  ,.:'vii''-'i;,':.���'"���>���/��� ���������'���'���'*':- n;:.-:-'.'"v.!<-ij>i'.,-liS..;.,,'f';:i; vi:7'1<��:-,l7 ?  * Aiievvyg-dlc) .i.trik'6 ?has7r>eiirtyrirride;  aty Oregon creek,������;.nearT^ome^and  rt>:fe'*ep^rted;that;^l5th^  ,wprking-'bri;;th'e:;cr;eel��y  fgbj^pys^  k0^akGetmt^n" ?v iii'i'y.'* fH^j^1-: S M.^'i^Jr^t*.'?^  ;#Ee��fcpn^  ���rrind?^^^^  ���in.|;;a7yt0Vtfcrc7^  ;;|>PAn|!luq^  '^Ci's^A II i^'ecp fjct s 'f;v"J>^yj?.:��V"P,c ii tj^-rp|<,en.--i:l!?j^"  fjieSlatg'B^  B'pjritii;;^  pajr-r��,npd^:no7i^  .^V^pirv Jsji-y i,jr.tu Jaliy^l^y ��i*�� -::a!>^*i*f ^9.'!'"^'  .J.Svse'^e$fa^  ���Italy! is;irtynp-;Kurr)" yto^end.' the; War,1  I f^^s^liipi^l^^^^^  ���i\����\t  yfor  ,'tea'inis;  ���once;jK^p^  be^ro^ -Tle^ses'  'have';t:fe'eeteBrol'ed'^ tip 7:iiul are said  tpcontain;exce!lent pnv'.; ;;: !i -;-  '������^������ksiMki^MK  'iok$}i��f.yk;6iyffl  ���,v;;-:l'|e!d.;:>\farshal;y^  ;|sy.t p;' he^decorateei' :;byfy theyvFrencfti  President with'tlie'FranebiPrussian?  ���3i^i^  ISiiilHl  lllfSflte  r ��� ��� ���ii Mi    m \w"      J''"'"  '������r^K^'tf^.'iiaam 'aWf^^^^  'yK7��'vy7^%^^a^Br^^^^yfe^'^':  ^^^0^'^^H^^BPP^7l::y;:;777^7;7;S:77:77j:  /^\-.(,.VAi'-,V;i,--"-..i.->.'i,v.,i-'-.;ii-��Tl':.��'.vAi'--V  fl^mkkjmlu^$i^k  Mmde from grapa  tmrj mbmolirteiy  ;7::y:|:^vie8';;hl^r:^     .^^|E^^||_i��|Bffifl|^|;  r^Kii''',$���:  ���fc -a- iA��S. ;  .;)'��� y!^,^.  ^Furiiitiire^D^ler:;7  Undertaker  3friA  $500 in six '.weeks,' while Ihe average  earnings vvas pretty good y to (IiinW  about. 7AII this  is  chahgedryn^wjy  Mr. Vada's, cotin'try'rriejfi haveypttsted  the vvhites and monopolized;tlielsal--  mon    fishing   industry   pfc;BritisI��  Columbia.y So coniplete isyOieyjap;  monopoly, that-it is considered any-;  thing btitai wise^>action for:5a;\yhite  fisherman: to  drop; his^net' ,in -the  midst of the Jap fishi��g^fleet7.7/riie  new,s that the Japanese goyernrnent  are   determined; to7.'prevent'yy^tj^eir  people emigrating tp:J.these shoresyis  th'e^)v'e'etest:pieceyofn^  Ifvit7tu rnsy:pir l ^Ve^trmkt^erki^k^:  fighting'eharice for the foriiVa^  that7'nay'al. rerjprve <ph..':tJie;tipa^|gittt  they chief 'i;requisUe'.-:'7fw|j^^^a^i;  ;j7i'v'Rr;iicK7:^i^;^s^5^ii;iS:  :jy0oi^.7S(yw^l^<iliaj)p'(^^i^  ancl:vv.iritti* cezeiiiii ;i��i^'y?coiiuiioii.7tt*oii7  yble^jjiist "'riV>vVj7antl ;fei; ;all;ythe8e;Kain.  ;~D.|I>';..��11' I.'.^ 4-i,^i^wf 4-1. .'-.'���., il4'...^'.V ...wl W.i'lnl'.  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E^y^'7:7:7;777--7"For further particiilarsi-;call;or^vvrite  -;.>.',  W. X PERKINS, Agent;  '���FINESf'-'GRfeE-vO^CiG^ft^'  'of7lalJ;^re^bin^2A'cooi^in^^  ;to:^|j|^i^ti^|'|pur^ase^f ?rnin1 rig  ^pi^g|l^|j^n^py^i^!i^^  a^ayg^ffeWyffi^|^^sp^to^iSposed  P^vai|jpracti^ly2i^^ M^lffl1  :for;^ig^|fiigaw|;^r|^dy&^ tin���  uiJiiiSk^^M^ii^iM^:^^-^^: ^<S��kd,  :i.n, the:7B0,u;Ndai^v  lwS)��  7THE: 'CELEBRATED:;:  ;-* >  ���?>  t^7  ifjs  m;;7tS.tand.Ardy.-Time.-i  m'^7,'77.' 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New Brurrsvyick used  barely one-fifth as rnucli :as in 1909,  contributing iii;that year fiftiien per  cent   of  the 'total,    yln   1910  the  aiiciskin inj i'iiies :g^nejknlyJ';:7^.1iydt'ug-;  :gisi^a^d^s^fe^7i^lt^t?|^eB^  hai^ful;!HbitatIo"nS:hiidy,si'ibs^  :'f'tI^*ii^".-:^rjifrB^';itSba'ji^  Jiosti-imibitiii^  SBwiBiiiii  ���k��kk&f.���^!17k i fids ||>fb iri p^y; attended  'fci^iftpv^ftR'a^  'gage Transfer.-    Careful attention" to all orders.      Phone Ar>5  t * v I'  ������ James G. McKeow��  SMhh'sGure  QUICKLY  STOPS COUOHS.  CURES  COLDS,  jHMU TMB THROAT ANS LUNQ8. 26 GCNTS  ybhintjebr:- ih^trieyyFrerich ellginepfSV?  yg^he^-'^ridc^'jFIna^ai^  nouricesjtii ^ty 7 L,brdPiriei7 acting;on:  :'.^: ��� ;X-y", ������:   i- '^-'i,';:, m- v, ".-rV"-'- '/-,"- ��� ������ ''..'v.-;,-'��� ''.'���":;��� "-,-- '������','���'���'��� ��  beh;uf^:ihV71nterriatibria^  ti!e^y']Xfriirin'e^::i^7  7*TJrt||^if��^  :.narriiep'itii'e.-.ih.e^y^  ���jE.urjpiiy^\y,b'icji^  SouUiy^iricaS  ���i^Virlfab^esIfeat'iire^^^  i^ioir;,7i^^J>^'-?^tu  icbnibartmentfe.^f^hi^i7;ii  score.sii4rcndei:ingSghei^;s:iprrR;tically  pp|pii3��:;|lHair57Ga^d*|$  l!fpg|p'rbigity^ip;fct.=pfe^  'yef^edyi0wHen^^naidi^  GaHada|i!id7n^tyw^ntyfo^  pb^e^&cSiiyse|7 sji'e^belr evejl %her;  d^tiny.:^^ld/be|'betteV^y^  ;fro Mywi il\\ n|t H ie yB rit is]ri j/Erhp j r&: 77|7  ���^|A|;,^%';,m|iitj^  held at Ottawa the fact"leaked out  that the officers' swords- were made  in Germany. Col. Hughes the new-  Minister of Militia also discovered  that bayonets for the Canadian  troops also ' came from Continental  factories. - The minister has cancelled  an   order pending,   and'has  ' '���'���Px'A';&\$&r'*r'JA$. fiXCS-J? i  ���_��yp   ���tadc rniinuc heals the longs  STVrS CvvUHS j��kice. as cbmts:  |j^|^i^t^i4|^iE^^^':^aw^.  ;^7:"^arab};Wo6dil^  Pine Wood,  $4.50 per cord.  Pine Wood,  double cur,   per  .    ' cord, $6.00.   ' , ���    ,  WOOD DELIVERED  ON   8HORT  NOTICE. .'Phono B 32  Gust Johnson  u^*iMj0^w?V?ra��' . ;77;|  rat*y;X->'dl,.';tho.:'f;oiip,j^:;Mn����dbookSll��tg''yii^ V!;a.fr.c:  i^ri^yWr:kkA Ck.^:M0hk^00k0lMS$M^k k:��M  >M:m'Minm*kfi^x^��&mmMMmm >$&&  v^ri'lio ni)U-;��lilWii.oMliK Cfll'popflw^&on*; i��.�� ���'���i&.i&i i KSSi- , ���,��  'doMVutaiwift'w'tvWwHii^^ :?*���/&���  y'i��pfA?:f!iaii��lrj-"of thfeCTiUrc wol;lir.--JJtt.lit'nse|i^K' .!v'.yi5S:C-,. ��� rtiif&ti  ���?iiK.ui'c*'*?;StfV*i^,;.*i^^^                                               " ,1'i^K'^sr:  V7.  iiencesisooit on mmomm  ��� ������ij-j /."-.-j/..J.i,;i'-.-v-"'^S-i.'',v��^",--;.(- ���>��������� fi It->;��-.* it1-wj**��� '���;Vf.*'-^-j*'.--. ��� -','"|'w,' i.-.' ,V.'  by lliij iituiiliKc^,(>f Ui'iyi'uniS'tliirt iiiaka*>lnety-:y7 7  fMiii; ����.>ry��m>rv ottiic:'���;>yoriiJ'&y-.oiiiput-rof',^pR&);;.;'.::-'  niitl MtisW^'iiyov��r>*;:t;ivllizwt7^nt^otr ���  ^Ic'il��.'yt7l*^lfa.|vi*l.^  portanw'ln;7;,:;i'-77i:s'K7':7-;'7;7;:t7;'!:'v7.'s5.^'^  ]/r'nK'ij^^(M^k:C'0.vyyy^yy  ���Jr/^.^feiSitrlSC'trritWK^p^'^  t^7%^R'MlNKii/K^S^  - :;77::;;7':7:-^*ilE;'c6xsuiiEK;;"iy;H7'"^i: :���'-; ������-.  ::7:.}7):'i,t' "7.7;��^&^;;,t��K;ArCT"^tt^diS5ry^ -  i>ft1CK Ib irlm )��ickWM>^^itli'gilt top.;orffjtiO  Iii connlncfnll lilmwrmuoit'o. ,       ^  ���TKItSlf* nrc tin- most lilicriil Send no money,  lint order tlie )��>ok .soul, , }'0ii, all carriage  r-ImtKO-J pifiiiilil. (in 'inn woolen apiirovftl, to n*  mtiu lien if iiii��itt|sfitet��ry.<>r imidioi- if It xultii.  < ,'an yijii ttil'unl imt. to ecc tH�� book and judge  foi' joui-self oT l%n \nUiu to >out  VVRITK NOW" lotfio iiliioninrt piibllxlier.  HORACE J. STEVENS  j*; TKMJ-1..K  IH/rr/DTNO. IIOUOIITOX,  MM  ��  Wmk  i��lKflK.SIHE*Un^G3  WWOTJSISCJCB. .85 C����1TQ  Mr. Businessman Ape You Very Much Alive?  ��f To the fact that Printers' Ink is an essential to the building- up of a successful business. If  you want to stand in the front rank of commercialism, you must advertise���not once or  twice, but continuously. Therefore, Printers' Ink must be your watchword. Thc p;iiide  of thc thrifty housewife is the newspaper, every column of which she scans to find out the  price and particulars of any article she requires; the same applies to thc man who wants  either a suit of Clothes or a pair of Boots, etc.  WHY MOT HAVE YOUR STATIONERY PRINTED BY US?  HMiw''m,'^flaasMfflimi'fflw  1 There are three essentials to Good Priming*���GOOD CLEAR TYPE, GOOD WORKMANSHIP, GOOD MACHINERY. These are at your disposal at the Pioneer Office.  We make a specialty of Letterheads, Envelopes, Billheads, Note Heads, Memos., Posters,  Visiting-Cards, Menus, Wedding Invitations, Check Books, etc. We have a larg'e slock of  thc Finest Papers, namely: Government Bonds, Japan Bonds, Merchant's Bonds, etc.,  also a fine assortment of Imperial Linenettes, Kenmare Linens, Sterlings.    Call TO-DAY.  THE   CD  DI  $2.00 per year, in 'Advance  $2.50   "      " United States  ^cntEsrnzErssiirn:  r^x  srag^3ro^iL2-Zui^s:.':^C5  "T"7jl-  Essrra  f t; *^!|pMlC'Spte  t�� ^s^sMpfe^M^ys^^ 7^;?.;;--7--:^"  x ,' 7S*Si*|M��K^ "i I,     v, k     %  ��S^2^rK3ST(ffiS2KajJ��X"!iaicr^^^^ BSS2E^Z  SSiVi!S2Sl^^i^J^��;��32iffiSJSr^^  -,rgrta.;'gnrigs&i  '���.*  -���xr-'-r"'  .-1   I  .. 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Harriet Bcecber  8to*Vi>Peart of Orr's. Island" bas  bcenf rend by millions of ber fellow  countrymen, thus familiarizing tbein  wltb^t least tbe name of tbe locality,  > MlaMphllllps, being alone, stopped at  ��� small' hotel near the bouse la wblcb  Mrs.'Stowe-Wrote her story. In tbe  uTorntag - after breakfast sho would  tuke^.ber artist's paraphernalia and  ���tart'out la, search of a scene to transfer" t"��, canvas. 'But sb�� found nothing  of tne marine order that pleased her  mom than the vlovr looking eastward  from '?tho lower, end of tho Jutland. Descending an incline, sbe found bcrself  just 'above a rocky sbore overlooking  a strip of Casco buy. Thero she set  op ber easel and. embracing In ber  subject ti bit of the rocks and a bit ot  ��� tb* ocean, began her work. " '���  Constance painted all (he morning,  but unfortunately her ability *"to transfer to canvas what sbe saw was not of-  a high order. Like many aspirants for  success In art, sbe felt It. but was un-  ablo to express it What sbe bad  _ placed on thc ennvaa disappointed ber.  Sbe war; looking at her work ruefully  when sbo beard a Btep behind ber and,  turning, saw a man descending through  tbe wild grass end weeds. As be passed ber be lifted bis cap and, casUng a  glance nt ber picture.- paused, looking  - from it to its subject  "You to&te selected qnlte an attrac-  ' tire view," be said.   "Tour dlscrlml-  -'  nation in this respect 1* proved by  your bavins cbosen- tbe best there is  bere." .       .   ,  "I fear it Is all discrimination.* Mid"  Constancev,,-flowing ber. work- lugo-  briously. . '  "Xoq mean tbat you or* not gifted  ���with th* artistic touch7* ' -  "I fear I am not"  -  "A  good  deal  depends  upon  that  . which for tbe want or a better word  - X shall call tbe trickery of art There  art nil sorts of .method* of producing  effects^ .Which, tbougb in themselves  mechanical, tend to successful palnt-  . Ing., Judging from thla bit of work, 1  -. fancy you bare Something to learn in  this resp*ct." ' ' <,  "Veto." >\      -      "    '7   -'  "For instance, this bit st rocky cliff  ' Is depicted^ against (bit wood across  tbe j water.    Tno cliff Is of a dark  ,  brown,'itta,-wood a- dark green./ two  , dark, arabstances,U)eYnone directly be-  / bind'the .other.   'Voo must mate'on*  of diem - o**s', different shad* from  *wba*V lt';at-   Th��y rock,  being In  th*  'foreground,* is  the1 most Important.  .ilou, have-got Its color to perfection.  The?wood, being distant, wonld bear  more  blending  with  its  neighboring  objects.     It    will    bear    lightening,  -wblcb will darken tbe rock."  Constance mixed somo colors on ber  palette, gave tlio wood beyond tbe  rock a dab nnd wan quite pleased with  tbe Improvement Tbe rock stood out  boldly, while the wood appeared at  Its proper distance.  "Are you a teacher of art?" she  asked.  "1 have taught art, but I do not  teach now. I am interested at present  in regaining my physical strength,  wblcb Is somewbnt run down."  Constance noticed tbat me was pale  and thin. His eyes, wblcb wero large  and expressive at any time, seemed  more so in bis invalid condition. Sbe  thanked him for his suggestion and,  removing her canvas, folded her easel  and 'nor stool, put ber palette and  paint in her bos nnd was starting  away when tbe stranger said:  "Have you to carry those things  far?"  "To tbe village, about a mile up tbe  Island."  "Do you como back to paint this  afternoou?"  "I expect to."  "Then it is not necessary that you  should lug them both ways. I have a  shack on the crest, between hero and  tbe road,' and' you can leave them  there."   ..  "Tbat would indeed iba a saving of  ; labor." '���:.������-..  He took up n part of ber belongings  |whilo;sho; carried the rest, and tbey  ���walked together up a little path to one  of those summer cottages containing  only- bods, chairs nnd cheap tableware  (which city folk rent either for a few  .weeks in summer or for "the season."  STIicro wns a broad porch on three  sides of It, mid Its occupant, setting  down'the artist's materials on tbe  porch, eaid:  ���"Tbey may remain hero tilt you return In tbo afternoon, and if you don't  come again today I will take them tu-  oido und keep them for you till you  need them."  "You are very kind," Constanca replied.   "Do you live here all alone?'  "For the present 1 go back to tho  city early In September."  "i will relieve you of my belongings  tsbout 3 o'clock this afternoon."  "If It is not necessary tbnt you  '���work-all day X would advise you not  Sto do bo."  -vvtiyr' ���   ���   7    ~ ' "  "Weir-he looked up nt the eky fot  .a reason and found one���"In tbe morning we are fresh and can do our best  .work. Besides, when we have Just  sBnisbed a bit of work we are liable to  Either, undervalue or overvalue it. II  you leave what you have done this  morning without looking'at It till tomorrow you will be able to put a rnircb  better estimate upon it than now, Just  after working upon it."  "And If I leave It here I can't see  It, can I':" '  "No,'you can't. And In the morning  ���whim  von  are  fresh you will know  just what it requires. You seo, the  course I advise la beneficial In more  ways than one."    - *��� l  Constance left blm and, striking a  disused road through tho pines, walked away toward Hu^pswell village.  After dinner instead ot going back to  ber work sbe took a siesta aud later  a tour of observation in search of ob-  Jtets^to transfer to canvas,  'The next'morulas was clear and  crisp; Constance walked to the cottage wboro sbo had left ber belongings and, approaching, saw ber easel  set up on tho north porch qnd ber pie-  turn resting on it. , She was far better pleased with what she had done  than she bad been the day before.  Just thcu tbe stranger came out, and  , sbe said to him:  "Youi aro v at, admirable teacher.  T-aut evening I was disposed to tbrow  my work into the Are. This morning  1 am very well satisfied with It"  , "Perhaps it' Is ��� becuuso you see It  through rested eyes.'* .  Constance took bet1 picture down to  tbe position sbe bad occupied tbe day'  before.and-began her day's work. Slio  was again' disappointed, it Deemed  to ber when noon came tbat ber picture looked;much as it bad done tbo  day before./ 8he carried lt up to the  otrunger's cottage. He aa w her coming  and went out tomeet ber.  "1. fear th���� I bars spoiled It," sbe  said to him. ���'This * morning it was  Ape; now it i�� worse than it was yesterday."  "Put, It nwny "from you again," ha  said, "till tomorrow morning."  "I will leave It wilh you till tomorrow morning if you wilt kindly  keep it. but I know tbat during tbe  day I have Injured It rather than Improved lt I am heartsick; over It"  Growing confidential: "I am very poor  and bays hoped soon to be able to  make my living in this way. if tbe  ,more work I put on a picture tbe  worse it la, what chance is there for*  me?"  "We must all meet discouragement," '  be replied, "but wben we are In Its  tolls there Is a kind fairy called rest  that unwinds tbem, and wben we are  refreshed, we take bold again wltb  renewed vigor."  Bo Constance left her picture with  ber new found friend, went to her  room and lounged the rest of the day.  In the morning sho found ber picture  again set up in np advantageous light,  and again ber dissatisfaction wltb it  of tbe day before was changed'to  comfort  -Day after day. Count a nee worked on,  ber picture, erery morning comforted,  by Its appeurlng.to ber to be improved  from what It was tbe day before,  every noon fearful lest sbe had lost  mora than' she bad "gained. Tbe  stranger tnu'gbt ber many a "trick," as  be called it by wbtcb objects were  brought to .their relative position and  striking effects produced. One thing  sbe knew^-taken-altogether, tbe picture was really growing into something beautiful. Sbe believed that  what sbs was doing .was due entirely  to a snbtls influence��� her Instructor  ' exerted, over bere.  ���'  During this time the summer was  fading Sato autumn,, The water and  .tbe sky took on.a cold brae,* and lbs  cottage residents:of Orr's island began  to return to their permanent bonies.  Constance Anlsbed ber painting? und  was delighted with It She was sur-  prlsed st her talent. V. 'J^t y~   , '.���  Constance's Instructor told ber. that  It "she, would take ber picture to a  prominent nrt dealer In Boston he  thought sbe ��� would get a good price  for it He said he would meet ber  there on a certain date and introduce  ber. - On tbe day named sbo took ber  work to tbo store, but ber instructor  lolled to meet,her. She. showed tbe  dealer the picture, and be studied it  carefully.  "Did you paint U?" he asked.  "Certainly.    Why to you ask that?"  "Because I would have sworn tbat  wns a- Frank Elliot"  Taking up n small microscope, be  brought It to bear on a lower corner.  "It is an Elliot." be said.  "Yniat do you mean?" excla'rnpd the  astonished Constance.  Tho denier banded uer the microscope, and sbe brought It to bear on  tho picture. There she saw "F. Elliot  del."  "Who is Frank Elliot?" sbe asked.  "Our principal American marine  painter Just at present"  "Where does he live?"  "Nowhere. He's been trying to regain Ills health nt Orr's island, I believe."  Constance was dum founded.  "What value do you place upon tho  picture?" she asked.  The dealer pondered a few moments,  then said:  "It is worth nbont $1,200."  "Goodness gracious!", exclaimed the-  girl, ber breath quite taken nway.  At that moment Constance's instructor walked into the shop.  "nello. Elliot." said the dealer.  "Been trying to fool me again, bave  you? You can't do it I'd know your  work In n dungeon."   ���  The scqual to this story Is very brief  aud very prosnlc. Frank Elliot and  Constance, bis wife, now in summer  occupy the col (ago at Orr's island,  where be painted tho picture.  GREAT iW FACTOR.  Qeolsgicc! Survey Turns 'Out an  Enormous Number.  Tho greatest official mapmnklng establishment in tbo country tit present  Is tbo United States geological surrey.  In constructing the huge topographic  nnd geologic maps of tire United States  every detail of the work is done'hy (he  survey, from the work of tbe topographers who make the maps in tho Held  ���town through ihe various atnges of  drafting, lettering, editing, engraving  and lithographic printing in many  colored Inks, Tbero Is practically no  compilation about lite geologicnl survey maps. Tbey are based on surveys  made ou tho ground, and tho ofaco  woik consists simply iu putting them  Into,form for Issuance to the public.  Tbey depict most fiiltbfully tho characteristics of the areas surveyed.  Every year wii*". the coming of the  open Held season numerous survey  parties hurry awny from the Washington oruee to tbe four quarters of tbe  United States, us well as to Alaska,  and tbo result of their season's work  is tbe topographic aud geologic mapping of tens of ihousnmls of square  miles of all sorts of country, rouging  from tho most forbidding swamps and  morasses to the loftiest of Ihe glacier  covered mountains of the Rockies and  the high Sierras and Including the most  valuable mineral deposits of tbe nation*  While these parties are thus traversing untrodden fle]ds the survey engraving and printing plant throughout  tbe summer, as iu fact through ail tbe  year, is turning out hundreds of thousands of copies of tbo results of Hie  previous year's field work, in n single  midsummer month this year the survey plant printed 102,40-1 topographic  maps, fi,345 geologic folios, each containing many maps, and 111,170 copies  of other geologic maps, charts, etc. Besides its own maps, a great number of  maps are also printed by tbe survey  engraving division for olber branches  and departments of the government.  PETRIFIED TREES.  ��������*��a*s.  H  Nom  ,   JftY  C.M.B40KNITZ  KIVER3BMB  om  CGssttsptmamiz  v.  (Theee articles and illustrations must not  be reprinted without special permission.]  BIDDY AT BIRD WORK.  Thr-re are no bugs on you. of couree  not; hut, ob, tbe garden! Hoot maggots nre eating the onions, green  worms nre chewing the cabbage, beetles lire gobbling (lie asparagus, ilee  nre after tbe lettuce, snails nro spoiling Iho celery, rleus are chewing {he  tomatoes, wireworms aro boring the  potatoes, slugs arc after thc beans,  cutworms are swiping the corn, striped beetles are killing the cucumbers,  grubs are after the strawberries, glr-  dlers are killing tbe raspberries, and  red spiders arc on tho rose.  And. oh, tbe orchard! Steely beetles  sre after the grapevine, canker-worms  Hn"  Waaa\\W',ii.\\  Waaaaaaaai''^  aiaiaV^n  mm  PK^fc&flHaWK  Hi'-AMk  |55tPJl  aPi  KfllHlalaiaiaiaSPl  ['^bibV  HaT^^h^h^hffiHISBS  ama '-T-''aT^B^STTTTEilMaBSB  eeeeeeeeeeoeeeeoeeeoeeoeee  ���                          Uselass. g  Trolling into the depths ot the 0  inconsequential   and   unfathom- ���  able, why were bantam chick- ��  ens invented?���St. Louis Globe- ���  Democrat. e  e  oeeeeeeeeoeseoseeoeoeaeeee  No Fish Story.  "You'll be a man like ono of us some  day," snld tho pntroulfcing sportsman  to a lad who was throwing his line  into tlie same stream.  "Yes, sir," be nnsiwered, "I s'poso I  will some day, but. I b'lievo I'd rnthet  stay gmnll and cnteb a few flsh."���Tit-  Bite.  Some people seem to talk about advice In such n way that it serves as a  jort of advertisement to it.  Many a smart ninu Ims made a  startling discovery. It was simply a  smarter man.  Try not to get out with the. man  who has lt in for you.  Three Prehistoric Giants Discovered In  California.  Three petrified redwood trees that  have been pronounced tbe very largest  hi tbe world that bave thus far been  discovered have Just been uncovered  from the debris of -the mountain side  only a short distance from tbe famous Bohemian club grove, in Sonoma  county, Cal. This point Is near tbe  little town of Occident One of these  prehistoric monsters, which make tbe  pyramids ot' Egypt modern by comparison in their ages, measures twenty-  three feet In diameter and is 850 feet  In length. , Tbe other two petrified  trees are thirteen and twelve feet in  diameter, respectively.  The very largest petrified trees yet  discovered, near Cnlistoga. 'Sonoma  connly, Cnl., are only twelve feet in  diameter. These "three trees lie on a  wooded bll1 pointing due north and  south. The petrifaction \s most remarkable, tbe grain of tbe wood and in one  of tbem the decaying heart being very  plainly discernible. Surrounding these  petr'fled 'trees 'is standing a f^re^of  Tery large redwoods, n^wevej, all off  the standing trees are dead. The'pwncr  of the land on which these three great  petrifactions" He Is no\r Jiavlngr tbe  debris all cleared away so ns to tatty  expose the giant trunks, and an iron-  raiilng will protect them.���Scientific  American.  Fish Avoid Turbines.  The belief that factories may be very  destructive to fish through their turbines seems to be modified by recent  experience Nearly a scoie of years ago  Sir Thomas Brady expressed the  opinion tbat few fry survive an encounter with a turbine, and his experiments tended to prove tbat most of  those passing through are killed. A  Scotch investigator now finds that  young aid old fish may at least easily  avoid fie turbine* Not less than twenty experiments with trout and salmon  hare been reported by Professor Mcintosh of tho marine laboratory at St  Andrews, nn>l one of the striking results was tbe ease with which trout  swam about the turbine pits without being drawn into the vortex caused by the  action of the turbines. They seemed  quite capable of avoiding being Injured  except in case of somo special accident  Under good conditions they could swim  out of tho turbine pits and pass up  stream to seek some safo way of getting by the turbines.  HONEY GUiOfc'S.  Photo by C M. Baroits.  - CATCBWO A CTCHCCLIO.  and codling moth are after the apples, slugs are after the cherries, borers are mining the peaches, and cur-  culios nre chewing the plums, the apples, the peaches and tbe quince.  But   the   birds   will   catch   Uiemt  Alas, fcrxdlyl ,    -  Tliera was �� day when pretty bird*  For wiggling ivorcix did search,      ;  But now thos* birds, alaa, alas,     *  Are worn on hats to church!  But Biddy is on (he job. and notwithstanding   our   cushion   pressing  custom officiary lias declared In solemn session.tbat tbe hen is not a bird  Biddy is iloing much llrd work all  over this-country, and TJncle Sam's  A Walking Machine.  Professor Hele-Sbnw predicts that,  inasmuch sb men and animals move  upon tbe angle Joint in a way quite  superior to that of tbe rolling of a  wheel, iho time will come when a mechanical walking machine will be Invented to move over parts of the enrth  where roads to not exist or are still In  evil condition. He thinks thnt tho  higber bis standard of locomotion becomes and tho more be improves tbe  roads tbe more man will feel the need  of such a machine, which may possibly  move at a speed of twenty miles an  hour. There already exists a kind of  pedaled wheel for heavy automobile engines, which progresses by steps In-  itcad of by rolling.  Many Colored Maps.  The engraving division of tho United  States geological survey printed during tho fiscal year ending Juno 80  lust 7,283,804 geologic, topographic  and other maps, ninny of them in  several colors, encb requiring, a separate impression. Somo of the geologic maps require as many ns twenty  printings. The total number of  printings during the year's work w.'.t,  probably  net less  than 45,000,000 or  Flight of Bullets.  A bu\let which was fired by :t charge  sufficient to give it an initial velocity  of 1,700 feet a second in dry weather  would travel nt no more than 1,300  feet through moist air.  Detroit.  Detroit took its name from thc river,  which was called by the French Do  Troit, the narrows. Tho settlement  was originally . called Fol-t. Pontchar-  traiu. The Indians called the locality  Wawactunovig, tbo pluco of the w'ud-,  ing river.  ���-   ���     '    t * / .  African Birds That tend "Men to the  Nesto of Bees.  "For rr.iny ,>ge��," ways ft wiltcr, "ihe  ������mnli birds which are Unovvn In Africa as hone) gulden, bnv c becu in the  habit of lending human buiogs to the  rests of bees The first notice of tho  kind of which I have knowledge (s In  T.obo's Travels In Abyssinia,' published by I,p Grand in 1728. "Tbe moroc  or honey bird,' sajs this ni-thor. 'Is  endued with a peculiar instinct or faculty of discovering honey. When tho  moioc lias disarmed ruiy honey be te-  pnlrs immediate^ to tbe roadside and  when lie sees n tunelcr sings and  claps his wings, making many mo-  Uou"? to invite him to follow blm, and  when be perceives bis coming (lies before bini from tree to tree till be comes  lo tho place where tho l>ec3 bav e stor  cd their treasure nnd then begins' to  sing melodiously. 'iho Abjsslnlnn  takes ihe honey without fatting to  leave putt of it for the bird to reward  him foi bis Information.' Spnrrman,  who traveled at the Cape hi 1773-76,  gives nho n very good rtesciIptiori of  tho bird ns .observed in tbe southern  par t of the continent.  "Thc honey guides lead human beings to the nests of wild bees not so  much for the honey as for tbe grubs  or larvae found within tbe comb. Thc  natives .ue for the most part well  nvvitio of this fact, nud if tbey reward  the honey 'guide, which they usually  do lo somo grudging extent, brail; off  for it a piece of tbo comb In w hlch tbe  giubs aie hatching. Span-man Ims a  curious note upon this detail Lie says,  '1 was informed by my bosliicsnicn  (bushmcu), as well ns by tbe colonists,  that n mau who makes it his constuut  business to go aflcr tbo trees should  not nt hist be too grateful nud gener'  ous io this officious bird, but leave,for  It only Just ns much ns will serve to  stimulate its appetite bj wblcb menus  it will bo induced in hopes of obtaining a mote liheral'rcwnrd to Ulwover  another swarm of bees.*  "Wben lt desires to feed upon some  comb which it has discovered it makes  its  way  to   a  human   being,   flutters  about restlessly and bops from Jjmnch  to  branch  or from  bush to  liiish  or  from one ant hill to another until it  succeeds in attracting tlie man's attention   Dm Ing this time It utjers a shrill  cry  of   'cberr,   cherri'   frequently   re  peated.   If the nian is n mtlve who  understands its habits and is willing  to  follow   it  he often, gives  a  soft,  soothing whistle and, taking wltb him  a hatchet,   accepts the  restless  little  creature'*, guidance   The honey guide  now goes on ahead/never keeping very  far awaj  and alw*\js jealous)/ noticing whether .thcraaii is really following. At iengtli the hooey nest is reached and the bird's objeVt accomplished  While the native or natives attack tbe  ueat and rt.i tbe comb tb��> bird still  flutter* about, chirping.   Wben the business is concluded .and'the men depart  the   honey   guide idebcends  from   its  perch and' helps Itself (*> as much ot  tbe larvno as it can find.  "When thus following a honey guide  tbe native gees, as j nile, very quietly,  taking care not to frighten his small  adviser   If the man bj reason of bush  or other obstacle travels, in the bird's  opinion,  loty slowly Jt will  repeatedly  I come hack to lifin, fly closely and .in-  ; gliiy about him antl with restless tn it  \ tern nnd evident impatience urge upon  him the necessity of hurrying up "  HEMARKABIE BHIPG&  Oecutiful Examplo of Re-enforced Can-  crsts Struoturo.  1 A reroarU��b'c brldgu of re enforced  concrete hua been erected to connect  two cliffs over nn mm of die sen nt"  lito Cftremo boiithwoft point of Ireland. It is 172 feet long In one spnn  and Is supported mainly by two parallel nrcbes abutting against tbe cliffs  at the ends 'lbo width between the  borUonrul beams it but four arid one-  half feet, and tbo foot uny Is 350 feet  iiE-a-jroitOBD covonsra Bnroos.  abovo thc surface of'thor water. Con-  eieto was used in preference (o steel  because the biidge is iu such au ox-  'posed position us to be ofien enveloped  In spray, which would make the l\Ut  ot steel short and its maintenance  costly.       ,   , ,  The bridge was built to take the  place of a traveling eago formerly  used as a means of uccccs to the fog  signal station on tbo island cliff.  BURNING A BRIDGE.  GILA  MONSTERS.  ===is  i W ���  Their Bite Is Sometime* Fata' and AJk  ways Dangerous, 'J  In a rceiit Issue of the Scientific      "'  American an article appeared written     '  by D. Alien Wiliey describing tho Gila  monster.1 TMo statemeuf was nfodc lit  thc  article   that  scientists  bad  quep-   " <  Honed   whether  its bite  was  fntnlij     '   ��  poisonous, its has beeti supposed.    W  C. Barnes of Iijis Vcgiis, N. M��� elalmi  to know of two casec, iu one of vv hid  death resulted.  'Mr. Bnrues vvrltos ai  follows.  "The first mau  was lu Tombstone  ArK.    The Glln was tied  by  tho tec  in a saloon us n curio, and a drunker!    ���  gambler named Brown was teasing"It ,  He, carelessly stuck bis first rtwoi;tta*        V  gers Into its mouth, vviiioh Immediate''  ly closed down on tbem aud could no I  bo  teleascd   until   the  reptile's   fi^ail  was cut .off. and tbe jaws cut apart   ' >  'Brown suffered horrible agonyyfov^'aH     v  most two days, and in spite of all yf-^     \,"  forts he died. 1   *  "Tbo second case was in the fall.otJ  1880. > Walter Vail, started* from' the^ %  Empire ranch, near Benson, Ariz,,1 to'  ride into town on horseback/tymia fif-v    i  teen miles. < A short distance from the,       )'  ranch a* monster vv ns sluggishly drag-1  glng its way across the rond.   Thinking to take It in for a friend, lie got  down   and   killed   It, ,or  at   least  li&.i/.-v  thought ho killed It.   To 6arry It easily1* '   '  UCj tied it, ou bis saddle  behind ,bini,  using bis saddle string for ,ltiej>urR0529\,_lw  Ah he loped nlong he thought to nssuro  i hlm��oltvlt..hadn,.��j<lro!miHl off'Jby rerfebi1,ifll-*-JS  trig nrouud behind'blm with'his right        v,  hand and feeling for tho monster. �� "*vf_      |  "It" was fthore , nnd  not .tffcariy  as^  deactVns be thought,    Ells first' linger"  went into the reptile's mouth, clear ta^f  ���th���� knuckle,' and! instantly1 those Jaws-*1  with the long, sharp, daggerlike teeth  closed on Vnll's finger.   With his left  band bo managed to get his Knife out  -"S3  , ^  Vr-4  A  'hi  Wooden Structure Destroyed by Electrically Heated-Wires:* "��� *��� -���'-  An interesting uso of cleclricltj wns  recently demonstrated Ju ^ England,  where .1 wooden bridge wasTcut dowu  by means of clecti foully bested-wires.  The bridge^luid ^beeii condemned and  was fo be replaced by 'a. steel structure supported on tlie old masonry  piers   and   abutment*.    Three   weeks  were "allowed  In  whlfli  to  dismantle I nnd cut tbe g^ate string's  and then  the  woodwork,  but  lt  proved  impoa-    had ta di88cct the bcad, ond Jaws to  "<  1  ���s*  sible 'to  accomplish   the   woik   in  so  short a time  without the use of dynamite   or   fire,   which   undoubtedly  would' have injured thc masonry.  , Finally   an   electrician  proposed   lo  destroy the bridge bj iho use of electricity    Each span of the bridge contained twenty seven planks, and It was  proposed  to   cut  tbem  oo   that  they  would drop into tbe water simultaneously, clear ot the piers. Tbe structure  was wired, nnd sufficient current was  employed to bring the wires to a cherry j of the bite.  red.  An hour and f<%ty minutes often  tbe current wns~npplied tbe first span  was cut nnd felt Into the water.  The  operation was begun at G o'clock In  the morning, and at 2 o'clock at night  tbe   structure   had   been - demolished  without Injuring tbe masoury.���Scientific American.  get his finger from their grip.  "Vail then^ spurred ^his horse Into  Benson and'found an engine in the  yards. A hasty exchange of telegrams  with the division superintendent "and  Tucson took place, and In a few moments he irav on the engine and racing over the road for Tucson, where an  eminent surgeon resided at thnt time.  Vail lay at death's door for two  months, and that finger today is useless and shriveled up fiom the effect  ;. *\f-.,,*. s*  Compass Needle as Heat Indicator.  In order' to determine the most favorable degree of heat for hardening  steel tools an ordinary compass can  be used, according to the French magazine Cosmos.  As steel Is heated it gradually lotes  lis magnetic properties aud in different  proportions for different qualities of  steel, so tbnt th's pi.auoraenon might  easily be utilized ,o niejsure the tern  A Denatured Alcohol Test.  "A careful test "of denatured a]co|iol ^  was lately mnde by the driver of "'a*    a  automobile,   who  drove -his   machine  from New York to Philadelphia' wltfi" <*��"  alcohol fuel. He found advantages- and   -���*-  disadvantages in  the  use _of  it.   The  nuto consumed three iimt'3 as much'al-,"���'  cohol as  it would bave consumed of  gasoline, but a part of the excess wns  due  to  carelessness.   Tbe   speed  was  less than  gasoline would have given,    r  and tbe.powcr^developed wns less ^ But     ^,  it is to be born iu mind tbat the engine j  was   uot  constructed  to use  alcohol   >i  Tho new fuel is absolutely safe, and  fins a less disagreeable- odor. (On_ the  whole, he got everything- he expected  out of alcohol, and, although he "docs  not exi>eet a general adoptiou of ft for  pleasure  vr-hlcles, he foresees a l.irce  Photo.by C. M. Barnltz.  SOEATCHEta FOB CBAWJiEItS.  millions of quacks, geese, guineas and  gobblers are. after the pests. This  pays In many ways.  The catches.* gets delight fronj the  bug bite. The bug makes meat that's  a delight, and the pest quick disappears from sight  The more poultry the less bughouse  and the more money from fowls and  fruit  The fowls,.digging around the tree,  not only get larvae, bugs and wig-  glers, but cultivate the orchards, so  that trees that grew a crop but every  other year have been known to bear  n big crop annually through the beneficial presence of poultry.  DON'TS.  Don't fall to separate the market  and breeding turkeys and feed tbem  different rations.  Don't fall to note the market's demands. There's a season for broilers,  roasters, capons, ducks, geese and  turkeys, and if what you offer is not  seasonable you will bave to take any  old price.  Don't make a contract to deliver bo  many eggs a week unless you are positively prepared to do tho stunt. A  failure to meet such an engngoment  will cause inconvenience and disgust a  customer.  Don't haggle that hen with a dull,  rusty hatchet. Glvo her a- quick,  slick stick; that's tbe trick. A cut  across*tho arteries of the throat aud  a stick through the brain is best tho  blood to drain.  Don't use stained cardboard in your  egg crates, nnd never ship cracked eggs  unless sold as such. It pays to win a  reputation for reliability, fine goods  done up in best style with your trade,  whether wholesale or retail.  Noticeably Missing,  Ouo of tho most evident characteristics of this horseless ago  seems to bo the absence of horse  sense.���Puck.  Roaring  Wags.  Specialists    modern    scientists,   are  bound  to be.    But tbey  aie  not  tbe  shriveled specimens so often pictured  by thc man iu the stieet, alt cold In  perauire    It has been found tuut the  degree of heat nt which all magnetic if,se 0f it by tho farmers of the ��ft-  reaction   disappears  coincides  exactly I lonth's Companion.  with   tbe   remperature   most  suitable j  __  for hardening of drills, chisels, planer J The Chinese Farmer.    "  irons, etc    Tlie tool  is  heated  in  the j    n.m-y r.   Paddock, Un lied States con  forge Jind  heid at n  certain  distance lSI1] flt Amoy, China, writes   "The Chi  from a compass    If the needle devi-  tellect nnd devotion to the pursuit of} ates It is again heated unril no dcvla  bd abstract .idea. They know how to  pliy. Like other 'men, they arc gregarious :nnd play together.  The Bed Lion club wns composed of  great Englishmen, aud Huxley'.was  one of the members. The club used to  meet during the session of the British  association. To a certain meeting at  Ipswich, England, which nuxley described hi his "Loiters," some foreigners were invited, the Prince of tanino.  Bonaparte's nephew, among tbem, and  greatly astonished they were at the  exceedingly human behavior of tho  learned professors. Tho Red Lion men  had a custom of roaring instead of  cheering and of wagging one coat  tall���the lion's tail���when applauding.  The prince was much Impressed by  these proceedings, und when ho stood  up to respond to tbo toast of his health  instead of making a speech he gave  three mighty roars nnd three wags.���  Youth's Companion,  tion is observed, when It Is. immersed  In the bath, as usual.     :  Lucky Editors.  When the late N. Villemessai-.t, the  proprietor of the Pails Figaro, died he  left the paper to tlie three uieu Who  had done thc most (o aid him. But  there wero many old contributors on  tho paper, men with well known  names, who made an outcry at this  division of property. They insisted  Hint they ought to have been consulted, and they threatened to fotinl nn  opposition paper to Flgars.  This alarmed the three principals,  and they mndo a proposition to U'o ef-  foct thnt they themselves should take  ouch ��7,000 out of tlie concern yearly  aud that tho other rni'ii should ouch  have a salary of ��1.500 for the work  they were to do nnd at tlie end of the  year draw a like sum out of tho prof-  Its, (bus insuring tbem ��3,000 a ymir  each. Yet these men did not wrilo an  average of more than half a column a  drty each���if, indeed, that much���so  Hint they had a very easy time of it.  It wns one of the condiMons that  when any one of them dies his share  goes to the others, so that the last survivor will have an enormous income.���  London Observer.  Electrolytic Sewage Purification.  Oklahoma City is now using an'electrolytic'apparatus-for the purification  of its sewage. This apparatus Is similar to tbat installed at Santa Monica.  Cal. The sewage is conducred through  flumes.y in which are placed, sets of  Iron plates, each measuring ren inches  uese farmer Is up before dajbieak and  at   work   in   his   sterile   fields���fields  whose productivity has been exhausted  except under high fertilization.  He returns to; his  little shanty after night-  rdll.   To the view of tho foreigner be ?  never rests, and for this never ending-  labor he raises a.crop of rice or corn  that does not support his family for the  year.    His clothing consists of n  loin  cloth  in summer and a coarse cotton -  suit in the winter.   Furmers, like all laborers   and   artisans  of   China,   work  hard to live.   Laborers earn 10 cents a  by twenty-four lnehes by three-eighths  of au  Inch.    There are three flumes, j day, masons 15 cents, artisans 10 to 20V  each containing ren batteries of twen-. (cents and clerks 40 to 50 cents.',' , ;  ty-seven plates and capable of purifying 250,000 gallons per day. The  current used. is about one ampere  per plate. The action of the current  is to cover 'the plates with bubbles of  hydrogen and oxygen, wblcb attack  organic compounds and destroy bac-.  terin. The cost of operating the plant  at 4 cents per kilowatt hour Is $2.16  per day.  i    - England's War Footing.'  | ; It is seven years since, tha -British  empire reeled from the blow dealt to  its military prestige in South'Africa^ ���  but  ail   tbe   good   resolutions^ formed  J then bave come to nothing.   There is  ' not the slightest doubt that had "Ens- t  land  possessed   a  national  statesman-  of   courage   aud   foresight   the. opporr.  tuuity might have been turned toward  better things, but we had none such.  Wc nre today in a relatively worse position than we were, in 1S99.���London  Geologic Work of Ants.  - Professor J. C. Bmurter lu the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America describes the Immense importance i Broad Arrow."  of ants ns geologic agents, especially j  = "  in tropical regions.   Ant burrows have I Our Own Honesty,  been found nt a depth ot 3.5 meters, |    While  tbe   Japanese   are  being  lee-  and they ramify over vast areas.   Tho j turcd on the necessity for commercial  geologic   work   performed   by   earth- J honesty it Is instructive to .rend that  worms has long been  recognized, but in Hue of $2.75 shoes from America vv as  Frofessor   Brunner  believes   that   the  ants nnd termites of the tropics bring  lately landed lu Australia of which the  Sydney .Bulletin says, "Tbe only scrap  a greater amount of earth to tho sur- !of renl leather about them-was a shav-  f ace 'than do the earthworms of tho  temperate zones and are In many ways  tin equally important factor In., tho  changes tbnt arc going on In the upper  strata of the ground.  Ing on the Solon, the rest consisting of  a t-Iotli that looked like kid. some  wood, some paper and about eighty  stitches."���Springfield Union.  Affects tlio Tongue. '  "What is the effect of taking a cold  bnth every morning'.1"  "Tho chief one that I've noticed la  an unconquerable desire to tell everybody, about it,"���\Tashlmcton Times, \  Foolish  Company.  "Well, I want to get my life insured," said u very old mau who had entered the office of a general agent.  "1 nm afraid our company  will  not.  wish to tal;c yon as n risk." the agent  replied,    "ilow old are you?'1  "Klghty-fire."  "We never write |)o!i.-lcs for people  who nre over clghiy yours old."  "What's the matter with your fool  rompnny? Don't yoa know thai n  great many more peoplo die under  eighty tbnn pver that ace'f"'-Judv.��-  Washing Coal For Coke.  Of the 2,000.200 short  tons of coal  used for coke making lu Colorado nn/1  j Utah In 1010 1.1187,070 tons were cleaned by washing before being charged  into the ovens.    The washed coal  in-  I eluded S:n;.0'i7 short ions of mine run  nnd 551.003 Ions of slack. In addition  to the washed slack. -120.728 lous ot  unwashed slack and 252.4118 Ions of  8im of mine coal were used unwashnd.  Mnres Eest For Farm Work.  Tho chief factor In. the rapid distri-  I bntion of pure bred horse breeding  i stock appears to be the rapidly grow-  | ing realization among farmers lhat  ; pure bred mnres will do farm work  j more effectively than ;;ren grade  ' mares and that I hey are vastly mor#  | profltahlo from an economic stand-  ' point than geldings or mules employed  ! in farm work. Tlio latter re-;;-,;:) only  ! their labor, while marcs ilisf.-hr.rge the  ' ivork of the farm as well as gelding:-.  or inutes und produce in their colts au  additional source of revenue.  ��r-?-S<$'&$ <$��^<S-*<S>��K^^-3-^S^-$^<i-J-?-<J'-<?>  Sufficient Unto the Day. v  Also thero is  usually  enough <|  trouble today without seudiug it S  scout Into the future to look up <^  promising recruits iu that Hue.��� 2>  4>   Atchison Clobe.                          , %  Word-'From Br'er Williams.  "1 rec��o:i,-' said Brother Williams,  "dat Solomon's wItds must 'a' been  ntter blm for Easter hats, kaze w'en  he looked de land over1 he wont back  In de luiuse an' said. 'I.ie whole business Is wanlty. tin' de bilges' sorter  wexntioa er do sperrltl',"���Atlanta Constitution.  Stiongly   Opposed- .���;:j';?'vV  "Ait  you   In   fnvnr  of  granting. suf^j'j^jftX  fr.'i.i;.? to  women'.-" ���$$&$$��  *'.\'o. sir."   replied  lit?  man   xtko..$ek&'*&?:'  chewl-.ig  tobacco.     "It   rrcimet)   wprVW"  lowed   lo   go   lo   tlie   pulls   Hie   t-:.ev.i,;>.'P.-7,-.., v  judges  would   have  tt>   go  o.tirsW'i.:*vt?:7.",7'  BD't"���Chicago Record-tlcraia"'.".';,       ':.,':;7':;V"  i  rrri'-^r  y?  T^^irr^T^"  *i-i  T-TI     *        I     X      * il W^KSP",w^^��^''^*tf~t"~~'  mmmk  vl-  *JS'��)JT.-V!f''���;?: :iV:-$~! ;���-���> .'.'.:���:������-���  "SsKWp ���'��� i'< ��� i; '.���'���'S/',V-,VJ  ^Iw't^y'y''^.:  ���������'I'-"'  !i^|p  ..rtJlV---r.'7*.'.'._':'  THE   PIONEER,' PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,  ���mm  ��� -rtiiin'- ���i---Wi,i,iV  ��ii��nu.��nr iiiinii- mi   v  III I- ���llll  ...'it.  W$&k0:0ijM}y\  ^kk?k0$kMkk  m$0Skk;Mi  s*^iiSVii*S',v,iV.^.'.'V-v.'V:.,^J  Local and General  '-'Wt77:'  r;yS;7jf|i|S^  K*to^'5  p7!?$kii^;#  '77g;g?f|t  -.-'^������i'i^J'sfe  it'vttjjiB'mw. ^  v.'1'.- MTO-i-Mi'Jrs^. vVt-W' *���'. ^^^. /' !���.��� ^^^ 7. .^ak^'u-.v  7.   'Im1 ������.,'��� '���ja^sa^-A\m-'^'J--^aam.   *ia��a\W'���.���"'  .... ^<-s  j!Vfefr:.''.T,.i  ivSijy  ���V,.*^;':f/'.^-i^^WW,^^':/*K ^vi-':l4'^'i.^K  ;Mrs! R. J. Gardner of Gland Forks,  was a visitor to the camp this week. '  yyT.Sila,s stepped off the Great Noi'th-  "ei'M" tmih on Wculiiebthvy frohi Vuu-  iuouyer.y;.y7;yyy;y:y-,  ���7R.tL,7Myttpn, flcotilciiin nt the  jBrnnd Forks siib-statlon wan in town  during tluvvveek;  :.:':Mrs;.:.b','7.Btish;i'efcnrneil to Phoenix,  oriTiujsday^ ;i'rom a vinit to relatives  ::i^>oi;,lJ)iti(},''. Oregon  7;Johhyy\ViiliiiiiiH aud B. J. Rowlands  i-cr^ii tried'tt.f<>w days ago fiom an extended stay iii tho old country.  "Jus. McJVwlh'.ytvf Grand Porks, fni'iri-  erly���'a residerifc; of Phoenix, legislercd  ati:thoBrooklyn ���������'Hotel this week.  ,';Sliss M'Oreedic, who has boon visiting her sister;"Mrs. Sweetsev, left on  Thtirsiltiy-'forlior homo in Tjticomii,  I'eddy Hiii'irill, foruiely or Phoenix,  'Is'npw.ywi'th tho diamond drill staff at  tho!Hidden Creek'mine. Goose Hay. ��  Tlie dance, reciontly givon uiulei* tlu*  'itus'iiices of the local Heiindinaviiui  SricSoty, vviis a pronounced succohm,  A meeting of nil those intorosted in  the fjuiiiritloii of a Iwunl will lx> hold in  Ure City Hall. oii'\V��liu'��tlny, De-coin-  Iwr 13th.1'. ' 7 :.'y 7:  7 Aligns: McPliorson, fourieriy hocio-  tai'y-of tholocal branch of the Miners*  Union,retiirru'iV this week liom Van  coiiycr.,7i>y;7:- ':'���;���.. ���  c,A7A, ^hiU) and Doc Walker, who  madu jft;w^ni'y.Jpilgi image to Oonlmont,  byyyvTOgOiriithis'frill. returned  to the  '<foin^tlira^eek.y7;  .^;!Thp)T^^byirjrl^h service will be hold  5hythb'KiyP..Hall,;;on Sunday evening,  [at .'7.36 ^m;;7Eyerybody welcome.   W.  ^H. Brown,''. preacher.  !-*/i<...'.;. ';.:'.'.?yk,'k"',,i."*''-.'<.���?���'���'*-.'���'���>'-''  King EdwardLodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  Regular c-oiiuiuiiiic-iiUou at 8  p.m.   Soooiitl Th midday of  ouch month.  Emergent nicotines ah unlled; MiiHonic  Hall, Mi-Hale Ulock.  J. J. STrttrtSrftt,' /'     '���'Jk'ti/itoirft:.  >���    -Bay. ' /VV.M.  a j. *V %"���<"*"  I. O. O; F.  Snowshao bodge  '.    Nor 4�� '  W  Meets   every  Monday   Evening , ut  Miners' Hall.   Visiting ybrothren ror-  dially invited.  Wm. Van Wagpnop, Nobln f J mini  A. Tj. MclCiiiiuw, Fin. Secv!  W...I. HuHievfoiil, Roc, Hl't-v.  Daughters of Rebekah  Phoenix tacJge No. 17   ''  i ,i     ��  Mect�� In   tlio .Aflnup,'   Union   l.oilire  Ifall f'lrqt nnd Tliiul'VV��iliifi��liiyH.  aiisn jr. MnrkunVio, Noble Ciiaiul,  Mni. Kffloliruti.liall.Vmiotftij.  FRATERNAL ORDER  ,     OF EAGLES  ���r$ftim  HfS��S��y  'fMMiJ  4-"  k:kikMi$Mff0-��0&  st. M&&��%y$'Mi  fSg^gii'^'iSfeiii^^a^^'^  f k 'WikKkSikk^MiS^  >J,      v  ***"     i  Wk  Sftnti'i-'|fitiDi*i&i^  i^-^^y^iSi^eSi^^^hfi^':},!^^ '���.���������.v:.^:''y:ii y/y..:^--.;;?,^-.  ���.t.y<!r:^^^:^^~.i-.:.J.y.r.".r.^..:.;./^ \-.>^-. ��� l- ...-'��� ::  .. .���.������ ������:.^;. :���-:��������-���.���".'::r::T;;'::���  ftiy^^ patleiis \yu0^k^e^k^  ikkSsa^^ the7mont%yyctniid ksiafeiy  ^o|r||i|||fepI^7^  ^iwi^:|��^7for|t^  |pp.^7;77:77-^7^^^^  llj^sii^fc tf&Zcaffik*fo &*& ywork k.  ii. ^''"'Y-r i* -,:,t   --.'r-^^.   ��� a', a*   -* '-* -.      ���'.,"-- *^   ' ��� ^ ' - ���'.      ,. -   '.,' - '.���Z\.' -'/--.' -      -'  .' -     ..���;*'.,.     *    . ���      ���     .-���.''-...        ���    ,' r ��� ",^  ^^^^^iq^pay"''^  ^pt^||;|md7h*^::;the. joy--of������ysi^nn^-ymya;;ywork that has7  llllllllll^ K;k-$- y>'    ''^'A;"': '.7:'; ������ ���  ^7-^W^  Chairman Executive Committee, National  Sanitariora Association    -'vy7v>.  ,7A^,Bflfit,ythi! lower tovvn bmbrr. has  :recont^y:yi^t^;;hi��^r^ witli ad-  ilitional c6mfor'fe7for the convenience  of hi3:inariy;p^tro"ns.  |7Av^coiidypayment has just bocu dis-  ���V^^P^'it^lfatioriBl Trust C��^, of  To^ri'^/'llflHid^tors of tlie York Coun  ty Loan and Savings Co.  ^lAvj^raei'^^yiiohas Iieen engaged  yfoi'jSpmCjSyeeicsHHul^ toothsome  Kpkinee;;fe)Triy;c6Hstina Lake, was iii  .^jim.:'iPpif^';fevy'^aifs last week.  yy^ie^hoeniSyR'ienilsof Mr.'rmil Mrs.  Alwrt;.H6vye7w)ilregret' to hear of the  Phoenix Aerie No. **G8  Mi-pis in Unl ni Hall, I'j ulnv Hvenings.  Visiting brothel,s ar<�� ni\\ ays,w<'lci>nio.  Jons'Lovi, "\V. P.  T. nv'Cofi<uiovj3. W. Secy.  ~t~7k JjyJ'"^'���0' ��� ' ��� ��� ���>��� v���  K. of?. Lodge;  No. 28  Provincial Items  Phoenix.  B.O..  Meets .Tdetojiy TRypanm nt 7.:K).  Sojoui ning : ibi-otltcvs ' < ovdinlly vvcl-  coiued.     i.->** *��� i  "J. Tt OABTnit, K, of It. H,  ��� ti'vfi. Jvav^.C..;-;       '.?l  'MMSz-^m  ^^iK0^^^mkWk:  '^^^f^yjkiMk  SsiSaBssSsWifs?^''7":''.'..-: .-*/.��� ���.-���'���'.*C ���-.-���:-���  5*/���  :'"^''^ '^r^s^'^ ���''': '��� ���' ���'��� ���'''  HgM.   ^^^^8^7*1 ��� yjill.>'���sa��a*fio'ii��csi���' fcir ] the cure of diseases,  ite^S;jro7eadwcakacs��cs..peculiar, to 'women. It is tie  'S^pi^^rntioa of its; kind devised ;by a regularly ((ra'du-  i^^^p^uuW''?iw.yiM^.riea^^  *i? ^illome meiiF��ooodS(iomofcraba��yrf  7��s��d ��M��.ilitiri^TJ��   habk>forming  drnSs.ond wbich  Sii^a^^<iioy'iBingri^:ifor:'TOch' 's>JBmwints��'V'7..,i,-'1.i^ ���:'.-���;���'���'���'..  ''  .J^ofiBirsvu^tforr.su'ob,' 'si  ,��� _^J^i^]&'>��te'iabEii>Y- so:;^ood 'S*h^''^ifa*v��ii^ers  -JW5G����iiijiiiii:,iiiijM<i i   I '. ��� 'in. in ��� ..��������� ,-';".������: .:.'."������:���-'-���;���:���" .":;���'j,        ":-"  $fifeii.0?$X!0Stma [v. tp.y.'prcat..'. ito:. oy��^..;..�����o^U**aM',i,^.:, .i00-.  f^^te?5irfti*^��:fL^.ot^erw)M  ||^S^SSB*s;'��J*.:tii��e;f eeiae ;��wd<Dr.-��� jiwrtSu^y':';: :7;'iv:.y.y77'  t%k^S sojd !��y laedkrine'&��Tcrs' :��ivM7whew,��and any Sealer who hasn't 'it can':  "*'"*" ~jj#(Ks*|t fake a sulwrlrete'of-'^nkinown'wiBP^  ���&>MPQ$moN, Wo counterfeit is as tgood as the genoineiand the druggist  .��� ,^'jpttetbfag else is "just'as goodas Dr. Pie^V' i�� >sither rai'stakca  i^hffissk to deeejVc yon for.his own scHisIi benefit..ySuphia'mai��'is not tohe  fifcttiji��.*>&�� is trimBtf7w��th;your:7mtot;;pr}cdess_;pos0CT^n  <&?, layout life itaeif.y7ff��'(j.::'i^ry.^  ? ^ y        ~T1       ...;'...-������' .���- ..,:.''.'"n.-���:..���..r~"    .��� ��� ���...;'..': .������,:'".-' ��� .'.'.���;.��� ,  Sel.ltfl^tsaiiemsmikmatiai  ^Toi^i^'^^tihday) the Morning  .^E^^^ili^w^^^ica'n Chnrch\vill be  m.#$v& W^^^M^f - followed-at 11 by  3^^iitni|^tu5i|'rof tlie Holy Com-  :im^ion1i!Si^wnwn'g afc7.30. "  ^pmie?fpj|^|i^e3fg,J.-J, Nis;on, paustor,  ^3^(^Hl|s^i|siid Ti; Rippitto have  :iakiei4'v'9ir��^^iirtaanagenient 'of the  j&^r^iiwpi^rJ[iik^:Hockey teams have  J^^^Prjm'i^iatrlti^B Mother Lofl'e mine,  8meitei|and7ih;yjGrreeuwood. It is in-  ^jj���^��iode'dt^6Jriiliek-;��/^e;jteam to play in the  ' .llibWn^i^'^W^^roin these three.  iiKK^ftsvK .;.;;-.�������� y.y>  jSylOwing.^tbe^iimmer-like, weathci  .j^.Valiiingyin;f^p^i^x. great difficulty  has'beenyex^i'iettCed in the making of  ,iee:i'dry-therlnk^Itywas at first lihought  that a i��cdrdl7fo^early' skating would  ���have J^n-aestablished, the rink being  ;Vj;pein^-iii^fc^ear"pn the 20th of Dee.  .���;::jTOe.;-^tiieKete^:fpr the forthcoming  schporcoricert,^ are lapidly  being;SplS.t7fT^ between  ttieyflrstyS^ysecorid divisions as to  #hich^',eiatfe,{i^ispp'ses of the greatest  mimbeiyof ti^kets^has assumed a qirito  ckcithig pbji%,;7jTp to tho present the  ^cpHd.diyi^^lt'aids by a fair margin.  y*:;Thi^iiriiiai:;:bpy*s'oraething in our lo-  riaiy climafeyycphilucive to hale and  heartyyoid. agp.'; Archie Aberdeen must  pcc^ipya,pack78eat for awhile. The  other diiy ���Jas.M'Intosh, a youth of 86,  working at the Emma mine, was. un-  fortunate',fenough;to miss the train for  Phoenix;''.^Nothing.'daunted, however,  hestkrtea lip the hill ��n foot and made  the ennip in fine time.  ���Ehrier Ness and Kngwald Engen  came up front : Christ inn. last week.  They say their, fishing operations ut  the lake have been very sue< chhCuI. Tn  one haul they'iHiicceeiled in binding  250 pounds of fish, vvhilefive days' fishing totaled half n.ton of Kokmiee tiont.  A great-part of their catch has been  utilised iii Phoenix, f but' they have"  shipped several lots lo 'Nelson, Craii-  brppk iiiifl.'Feriiie.''  ' .W. E. Noblo has in his bni-lier shop  window, a 'lemon tree- which ; has n  couple of good-sized lemons'oh it, stiys  u Kaslo paper. This is very good, for  Kaslo. The lemon harvest in Phoenix  this yeaiv exceeded all expectations.  Win. I>elahay,*custoni inspector here,  brought us a fine sarnplo of his-lemon  crop for inspection tho other day. We  ought 'to know* sonrething about  lemon's, too, lutving had more than our  share of this fruit during the shut  down.  $4 Hta��Bted aiid'ilio'tit.l knot,: ���/'���/  V#%#�� aSKSTa-'.WUlrHng-Spray  yy j i <X{Tlu &PW�� ^l. i-l-nfl^tofcg.  ^..._   ,   ._.,...., J.X^ ;s!**n^sr;  .Jt-e t   _.. a^5���. '-f  "Wh  \t  y-  for Catu.llw  : Arthin'.HetherixigUm died oh Saturday hist after'.������receiving7a shock of  ;40,lio0 volts at'���'Navr.���Westminster' tlie  fpi-eviouBTrhursday. :'    7  Dr. de Vara*s Female P?.lls  A r,.-)'ub!o Frsrx:h rcffulator; never falh. Theao  Jpilto are eaceedlnijly powerful la rcerulaUiw tho  jic-noi ative portion oftho female system. Kefuae  all cheap imitations. S5cr. do Von'o aro Bold i\t  M a br,\, or t'wea lor Sill, Mailed to any ndriruss.  Elm ns9l>3]A Sims Co., Bt. Csttojrtao.-i, Oat*  PYTHIAN SISTERS     ,  Mountain Temple Lodge No.-17  Jteots in Pjlhinii llttll. Lpwqr Town,  Pint mid TbltdThueplitv*. " ,  3|irrs. II. Reed  M.E.1,*.  Mrn. A 1). MiiKeuric  ���M.K.C.  NOTICE.  Tn tho Supicmo Com t of British Columbia.  InthpniatteroftlioKntato of Martin LunU-  <|tilht, ilcconswl,  XOTIOE IS irKIlKnVfllVKN that on tho  ^thdnvof SoptcmlR-r,'1911, it viiul o tiered hy  Judge Brown that A. C. button -bi u.iuiiiiif,-  trator of all and slnprulai the ontufe of Maitin  liundtiuist, lntoof I'hoenix, B. O . dci coxed,-intestate t ������ , ��� . .  - >:*cry pcrwo iiidolitod to tlur mbUcslatc is  TO<iuiiod to mako pnynuuit foHlnilth to the  nndorflgncd, nnd e\ery person hu\inir In  lxw��eH.-(loii oiretta belonging to dooea^od ,1* ro-  nuired to notify tho uqderKicrncd,f villi with.  Kvory creditor or 'oOicp poison haxln^ anj-  claim upon or Interest.'lij the dcstillwtion of  bur. 1S11, to send by WsBUtonxlletter'addresBed  to the andorolKDcd, lite nntno and sdilross, and  full particular of hh��-pUilui^oh Interest, and a  statement/Of hlBimcodntiVcrlflod by statutory  declorattOB, and tbo- riatttn of the Wicurlty IK  wi��.hcldby,lilm. ,.      \';   ;M'V'    y( ,  --i^'H*} P��" ��M��J2U> day of irwMnjbw. l8Hf the  rtdnilnlsr^tormJUproe<^.*i��!i*tn*y��lc>itribti'  Hon of tho estate, tovinireaniii to-jtiioseefcunis.  Dated fll Orami Porks, U.a;iltl��Xov. l'lll.  .- <���(   MG.SVTTOii, -i  omdaI*4dmIttlHtrot&c;Cttiml Forks n.O.   "     .*     -' A    r>  SNikmCun  ouientV. eTor��s couoms. cures colos.  HUUm THSOAT ANB LUNQS. SB OCNTS  ; ; Killed, In Emma Mine  ���An accident of a distressing kind  took place on Thursday in the Emma mine, at Oro Denoro, when  Tom;. William's, a miner, was instantly killed by an explosion; The  information at hand is somewhat  meagre, but it is supposed that  while engaged in bulldozing a large  boulder he drilled into a missed  hole. The deceased, who was a  native of Wales, Was a great-fo'vor-  ite-with that colony in Phoenix and  had only worked at the Emma a  short time. He leaves a widow and  large family to mourn his loss.  LAND WEGISTKY ACT.    -  In tb/t matter of un application for  duplicate Certificate of Title No.  3378a to Lots 7, 8, �� and 10, Block  10, Map SO, Town of. Christina. ,  NOTICE io lioieby givenXthat it'fs  my intention at the exphation of one  month from tho date ot tlie first publication hereof to issue duplicate certificate of Title to saul lands to Joseph  Letcher jVInihn, unless in the meantime valid objections be made to me in  -vviiting.  W. 11. EDMONDS,  llistiict Regibtiai.  Land Registry Office,  Jp^aiulonpq, B. t"  Nov.  nth, ion.  The Avon group of three claims,  owned by Dan Olson, Low rie and  Uurns, situated at Kitsilas, have  been bonded lor S25,O0O to J. W.  Walters of T.icoma, for a small  cat.li payment. ''Work on the property is to commence in tjie early  spring. The principal values in the  ore are gold, copper and silver.  THE WARNING GGU6H  THE WEARIN6 ILLNESS;  .'. Colds often herald theircomiug  "vvith a warning cough."  . ��� This warning demands instant  aUentiny. The health is iiv  danger, ti'i*j'botIy'is"attacked; the  risk is terrible.' ���  Act on ihe first r.yrnptbliis7.'.-.  Mathie'u's Syrup b'f Ta> _3nd.,  Cod Liver Oi) arrests the :cokl:  at once.     . *        ��� -  ;������':;.-/:;,.  .���'Tar".and Cqd Liver Oil are; the- ;  great.tivin agents for cold cures,*-  the Tar healing the inflamed parts  and the Cod Liver Oil building up  the whole body. '���'���������'��� ���"   ���  They arecoiubined in Muthieu's  Syrup   tG   produce ���iaarveilousV'  rasulta.    Large  bottle 35 cents.'  At all dealers.  When lieada'elieand fever are present wilh  i cold take Matlileu's Nervine l'owders I j  .;educe.tlie fever aiul rill:;y the piiin. 1, I,.  Jtathleu Co.. Props.. SUic-rbrooke. Que. (m  DISTRIBUTORS  KOR VVI-STERS'   CANADA  Foley Bros. Larson & Co.,  flNCORPOJlATKUl       ;   :   :  Winnipeg, Edmonton,   Vancouver,  Saskatoon...  Scobeli's Liquor, Tot>acco  and Drug; Cure -��rt'ca*V  Alcohol, Tobncco and Druna. It counteracts the  effects almost instantly���removes all cravings.  After takinn tho treatment thore will never he any  need to drink intoxicants or usij dnifo aijain. Can  be (jlvcn secretly. Wo have yet to hcaT ol ono  lallurc._Mttilcd under oeparato cover to any address. Price $5.00 box, or !l boxes for $10.00. Tltf>  tloobttlt Sruc Co., tst. Catharines, Out,    '  Horned owls are unusually plentiful in the Kercmco.s district.    ' *  An Indian, locally known at .Will,  was frozen to deatli, a .short, time  ago while trapping up the Cold-  water*'river in the Okanagan.   ' '  John Bjpzyk has been committed  -for trial-, at New Westminster, on  the charge of receiving lfioneys  known to hepart of the loot in the  great Brink of Montrenl colibeiy in  the Royal city.  A suggestion lias been made and  is being seriously considetcd by Ihe  Provincial government to fllilise  Kaslo marble in the construction of  the pioposed Hritish Columbia  University building.  A trapper who had the misfortune  to shoot hiinselt with a 30-30 rifle,  lecently, crawled six miles to thc  Mm 1 ay ranch, on Ihe M.tmmei  lake road, whence Ire was conveyed  to thc hospital in Mcuitt.  Tire Gibbons Lumber company of  British Columbia is applying foi  pei mission to construct an neiinj  tr.vmway over the Columbia river to  connect with a siding on the Rcvcl-  aa- .     '    ������' *" >     '  stoke and '\110whead branch of the  C.P.R.  Si  >No tidings have been obtained of  the whereabouts oi ��� thc missing  man, "Keller, lost while on a hunting  expedition in the neighborhood of  Sheep bike. It is believed Jie was  overtaken by a snowstorm and perished in the.hills. , ,,  Now tbat Vancouver has decided  to biing Stanford University Rugby  team' north for 'the Christmas holi-  days> the Victoria Rugby Union has  falleri"into Hoe and about concluded  to bring the University of California  team north, 'according to adyices  from the provincial capital.  General Manager Sperling of the  B. C. E, R. Company, of -Vancouver, has offered a reward of $10,000  for.infoririation that vvilf lead to .the  identification and conviction of.the  person or persons responsible for  the slanderous stories which .have  been circulated concerning himself  and his'family,'       ' . *      '    -  :A man,^oncernrng^vhorn,nothing  jjeems to be known with the. exception* ofr the name���Harry'* G'reefi���  S -   -��� >;';, ' ' *      '<-A" ���*       .      i  was found dead in bed by the janitor  of the;Glenatrd rooms, on Graiivilie-  Street, a'few days ago:' It is be-  ,lieved'thar, he died from poisoning, j  The police found him King on the  bed with a ismnll box containing  cyanide of potassium beside him,  Thc British steamer Henley,  which recently arrived at the coastv  is minus two members of its Chinese  crew, and one thousand dollars will  be demanded by the Dominion authorities if the men are not found.  The Chinese escaped while the  vessel-was moored at tbe Johnson  wharf, despite the fact that a vv atch-  man was on duty at the gangway.  During the voyage from Yokohama the greater portion of the  Chinese crew of the steamei I.uceric  cut their queues when celebrating  the success of the revolution in  China. Two days before the liner  reached port, a big celebration was  held in the Chinese quarters, and  there was ,1 wholesale cutting ofF of  queues. There was a gi eat shouting, and some of the ship's officers  tan aft, thinking a fight was in progress.  Dr. Manuel, of the mines branch  ofthe Depnitmcnt of the Interior,  has strongly recommended the government to take such steps as will  prcv ent gold from the Yukon being  carried past Vancouver to Seattle  and San Francisco. He does not  propose restrictive measures, but  only that the Vancouver Assay  .Office'shall bo. placed ori the same  footing in respect to charges as the  Ottawa mint and the United States  assay offices.  - ' A remarkable banner made by a  retired naval Officer, Captain Win.  Blakcney, which is eventually to be  hung in the hall of the provincial  government''; buildings, Victoria,  is being exhibited at the office, in  'London,7of the Agent-General for  British, Columbia. The banner,  vyhich is some 12 feet; square, is  covered vvith patriotic quotations  from the foremost poets of the  Victorian era, there being some  8500 letters in all. Capt. Blakcney  was a:i officer on the Beaver, which  arrived at Vancouver Island in 1825,  and vvas subsequently employed in  surveying the coast of B. C.      ,  :yS'ty|*iyy''^iZ^';  6;r^^.%WJ'e'ig-'ht;  Underwear and Ho siery  lor any season or climate,  for niah, woman or child,  a t   t h e . r i g ht  p r i c e .  Arid  it  wo,n't   shjr ink!  Pure haue     by  " the   tiadfemark.  f-        It's    oh '��� eyei.y.  <\rn}/"'. garment  in   red  '      .    Try     No,    0 5-.  ,_,..       ^      niedium weight.  rjyUHSHWIHKABUV.  Hotel Brooklyn  ��   ��� The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date -  Hotel in Phoenix.     New from cellar   ,  to roof.    Best Sample Rooms in the  s t  Boundary,   Opposite   Great   Northern  Depot.      v   v      Modern Bathrooms.  ,  , STEAM HEATED.  James Marshall, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  Stationery and Confectionery  Fancy Goods. Dolls and Toys, Books,  Magazines, and   Periodicals,   Kodaks,  , ���',- Films and  Supplies, ' Musical   Instruments and Supplies.-  School Sundries.  WALL .PAPER AND DEgORAtiVE PICTURES,  GLASSWARE  ANd;,CHINA:  Cigars,'*Tobacco, .Pipes^and Smokers' Sundries.  . ALMSTROM  Writing Paper in Latest  Shapes anfl Tints'  r  EASTERN EXCURSIONS  Dec. 1 to 31, 1911, Inclusive  VIATIIR  Canadian Pacific Railway  lioliirn limit thioi- months, witli o\t(>fiM hi inivili'^t^. Slop overs  poimittcil .it ull point-- eu->t i>f Koit Williiuu. Hniiinl tup tiuVs fiom  Phoenix. ��.('.  Toronto, Hamilton, Sarnia, Windsor - - $92.95  Montreal, Ottawa, Belleville, Kingston - 97.95  St.John, St. Stephen, St. Andrews, Moncton 112.45  Halifax, N.S.   - -----   116.40  f'oiK'siKtndinji rail's to .ill slrilion-. in Oniaiio. Qur-lipp, Xi-vv Brims-  vvhk, Xnvii hi otiu. Hlandiuil Mocpmjj; ami totnisl f ni-.'in nil tiiuns. for  luillu'l- pail iriil.-ii-. apiilv lo  .1. K. CAHTHH.  \K��*nt, I'lini'iiis. II ('.  W, ,1. WfifiLM, Distuit PftNspiigfi Acer ni, Xcison.  D. 4a MATHESON  Insurance Agent  FIDELITY BONDS, PLATE CLASS,  COMMISSIONER FOR TAKING  AFFIDAVITS  FIRE, LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  PHOENIX,   B.C.  EASTERN TX>WP1S!.  Capital   and   Reserve,   ��5,250,000  Head Office - Established 1859 -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  Wm. t-'.viiWKi.i.. I'riMliK'iit;   !?. II. V. Minkii,'Vine I'rpslilunt.   J. MacKinnon, (iviicml Mnnnser'  Electric'.Restorer, for'Men  Pho<snllO*3oJ restores evory nerve In tlio body  r". P"Wff"' to Its propef tension; rcatorea  vlm.nniJ vitality. Premature decay and all sexual  wcaknc33 averted at once. Phoophonol will  triako you a now man. Price S3 a bos.or two lor  55. Mailed to any address. VUo SoolsoU Wring  Go* Bt. CatharlnflB, 008,  82 BRANCHES IN  PROVINCE OIF QUEBEC  '.;'"' ;      '    '   -7    ��� ;" '-     ' -ani��-'at . .7     .  WINNIPI'XJ, MAN.-'"' VANCOUVKK, B. <!.  C'OLfOMAN. AI/I'A.     7 (JIIAND FOIIKH, II. C.  LliTHBKIDGE, ALTA. PIIOKNIX.  B. O.  .TABKR, ALTA. PKINCKTON,' B. 0.  ������" " VICTOKTA, B. C.        (JUEBEC, QUE.  ". . , - Savings -Departmen I. 'nt nil  Office*.  cohrhhi-PiNornts all   ovrk  the would  If you icquii*e any Heavy Teaming or Hauling- done,  let'u's'do ;it for you. That is our business, and we  have the equipment to execute ail orders satisfactory.  Wc also have a supply of first-class .Cordwood, short  or long', ami can deliver it on .short notice.  &  IBg,  PHOENIX. B.C  d  /  i.i      i     l *  21/--���-1  "MMksk  ;'5''^tf3--!15Stp!!-!^^^  I!'1"."'!!..-!'.''!.!.'.'.', Vi'^'1"-'  '��ufc*ii:,!si's'.vfE&  V'-Vr'!''v-'"'":'"*'"�������� -  ���'--1"** *  ''k^^^li^i'yi^B


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