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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 28, 1915

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 m  The largest copper mines in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix.    The Granby  Co. employs 600 men, and  has a monthly pay roll of  over $50,000: Two railroads  afford access to the city.  SEVENTEENTH YEAR  Devoted to the Interests of the ����.,  -* ^  *s ot the Boundary Mining District  VALUABLE SPORT The RCHuate''. Lot    I   Military XnTp_1^  ASSET FOR CITY  PHOENIX, B.C., SATURD^7^r^T  Ihe Phoenix Pioneer i8  published in the highest  municipality in Canada-  altitude, 4,800 ft. The city  has a population of 1,600,  and possesses first-class  hotels, opera house, schools  PHCENIX FOBMS  A HOME GUARD  Number 7  ��":::_^��:t.]�����w__B  COME TO PHCeWX  hf7 . ,ajrUSh* a"d before Wiliiams  *i~ from the pa^ticiH^:^d^-vhe ph-4v-~c:;rr:n  F-dare   to   be paid   to the wives  nesdav e^  tether with two dollar!. r���"^������? *'.nl* ��f '"tructor, and | key allowed  b  interestinggime"toIFred Frederick's Rhode Is-  The visitors started f    land Whites Get Nine  Prizes at Vancouver.  Although by no means an agricultural community, Phoenix has more  than once carried away the colors  for prize-winning poultry. This time  : "-.-���-eutoacKtothe . c v-'y",llinl. poultry. Thistime  as they came up, Bic- \ltis Fred Frederick, whose specialty  "t  one  hit  after  the  '" the P��u,tl7 line   is  the breediW  KTartaA f���_  -i-_ t-.      . Of   Rhnr?a    r<.l-._j  Tin .. "  Within  a  time  it  will  nr..   t_��� "     ,~  I      w"  ��"> vcyil>s '"s  sixty miJ|n. fif'y ��r "tter are as CMe"tW '"the success.  thirty J���uto  ,un-b�� mnr���* " _"   "'   '"' witl"��"��>^ ��* win  hour,   walk    J|_   _.. '   ��r "    . U"ab'e '" defioe *�� bound-rie.  �� ,.���_ r ___v__r_:p-T^:? ..Lh;_s:;, - -������_.���,  ^^_~��R^^  Among  the  former   residents   of H us, either  to satisfy.??!-     J^-'i^��U,d   "0t  stoP ^e local's  PhoeniK   who   have   rallied   to   the Uverted whims  or ^ ^' ^r^"1^: The   h��n_e   bunch  -lorsof Canada's army, ., Arth*    ute indifferenTV h^f ^ r&Vy '^ "^  baI1   hard' a"d   -  Buade ,  son  of Mr. and  Mri.   R.   for which   so   rna y X^ "    T       V"'��D^ne man'B-  Blundell  of Phoenix.     He   e���listedN   brothers   hav^^ chierLv^H   TI W ^ *" ^   P���"^big  some time  ago at Ka_���, where his (jw- their, precious ��?">   �� ��L^^^^  first-named an appeal to their high-   ,e�� ����t of five times u^In the ILg"  - manhood   would be   useless, L  �� *>��*�����. Mu*�� ^H_  the simple   reason   that   they  have    none to  appeal   to.    Their measure  will be  taken  after  the war, but to  ���m  ���m  a hunt-  trout. with I the scheme of making B.C.  The   fish, to   the  ���������,!,���       t        \% Sround    for    'he   non-resident  thousand, were placed! h ,? SPOr-Sman' The ^''"^ of a^  on Monday by A.^Phe son nl"IT '" ^ ''8 'iab,e ?t *"* time to  government   fish  iatcb^  G ?T- ^    "   Wi'd"'   *��d   ">  rard.and  in  spite  of th,V   ���Ger"  COmPeI   h'm   to   purchase a  license  ney and intense 1 JttU^Tl' F "^ "^ ''S "^ traffick"  lows arrived in .pfendid J HV "^ W'th H PerSOn> Iife' for one  only about a dolel d^rP Ti,0' reVer k����WS the m'fiute whe�� he  journey. Thepr"ect o cf mo"r /r^ rU�� iot�� & "^ ^ as did ">e  caught on, an'd ^id ab7e��^ ! ZZT ^Tt ^ ���  testis manifested in  ^^\��^^^*<^  Among those present at the lake on  Monday  were  the   mayor   (D.   J.  Matheson,   G.   W.  Rumberger,   O.  O. Bush, N. Lemieux, N. J. Carstm,  G. Kay, J.   McKellar, Geo. Parker,  J.   Mulligan,   W.   X.   Perkins,  and  the   Rev.   R.   D.   Porter,  the   latter  of whom  toolf a few pictures of-the  group.     It is   the intention'' of the  department .tp^further   stock    the  -water'vvitfjf^another  ten" or- fifteen  thousand next year.  The  Granby   Consolidated  , --  _- -Mr**.JW��-L_-l W  man who had a lynx climb on to~his  back last Sunday.   The next restriction   on   the   liberty  of tbe subject  will probably be in   the line of limit.  ing the distance at which game may  be fired at, in which case the hunter  willfhave to be attended by a government umpire:. They may even  yet forbid the hunting of deer with a  rifle altogether and restrict us to tbe  use of a salt shak'erV"!vor "perhaps an  axe, in   which latter  case   we trust _���      �����i ue reaay  the authorities will be guided by ��n a few days, when the work of eb-  common sense and make the handle '''sting men will be continued. Due  six  feet  long.     Was  there  ever a  _,. ���.__.oi_.f \yuere ru_  wife with her baby is staying with  her parents.  When the "Life Saving Fifth,"  which is the popular designation of  No. 5 B.C. Hospital, leaves for the  scene of their labors, Colonel Hart  must have the assurance, in cash  and ambulances provided, that he  can say to tbe world-that the people  of British Columbia-have provided  him with the means to see 'that  everything possible willbe done.for  every wounded soldier ; from' this  province.  / ��� ,--''���  ~,   "^'  Recruiting for the Corps of Pioneers has been .temporarily stopped  until,sufficient stores, .equipment,  blankets, "etc... fiave' come to; hand.  It is thought that this will be ready  ���    ��� _��� j  those actuated by indifference or  fear we cannot do better than point  to the unusual number of elderly  men in .the ranks, or perhaps the  following ringiDg words spoken by  (Ralph Connor) Rev. C. W. Gordon, may prove a powerful stimulant:  third, and Biner went out to  centre.  of fowls  has   made  a   clean   prize-  winning sweep  at   the   Vancouver  Exhibition.      The   awards   are as  follows:   First,   second,   third   and  fourth prizes for pullet; first, second,  and third   for  cockerel;   and a first  and second prize for the entirepen  of one dozen birds.   This is a record  that will require some beating.   _��   To Take A Plebiscite  i  j�� *.��,w a���ytlli���K _'_-__KP_s_i_;'  au can do, if you-have anvthine to Uu.K wanriert.i.r, -J^a   I  _.-..--.-_      __��    -._��    --J_L_  you can do, if you- have anything to  give that you can give, to put in the  scale for the empire, do it within the  Lnextf.few-days,"-.Th��r is Canada's  hour. Two -months after this it may  be too late or it msy be unnecessary "  y.,..��� ., " "v"JO "u^ to  centre.  Young Murray covered.the hot corner  ^good style, and Robinson was not  missed. Roy and Carson McLeod, the  first tw^up, bunted and ^  err-ors, Haverty walked, Baurugartuer  got a scratch hit, and brought R. McLeod home; Bush hit ona to Miles, but  was sate, Hunt struck out; Sloan and|lneir business until it wais seen how '��' ' '-'f->S*  Ba^��.Vl ^alled' f??0iDS ���' one ����. the new law in AlbUa woJSi buT- '^Y$  Barrett struck out.and ended_.the vinU      ��'ltha^  beeS'd_SS_?5^^'"   -^'^-   ;-^  on error In the second' ^��^-^��   '   ��" '  UV de��.beraLion to^submit r^m^U^Sl *��&si. '._���*.  ' , I bed at' third trying to  at I t,WO 111.  funnel -      -E��:_i_  - The following is the statement  made by the provincial premier, Sir  Richard McBride, in reply to a request of a deputation representing  the B.C. liquor interests, that oo  legislation be enacted dealing with  their business until it was seen how  sM  tir��K warnied-'"tip,'*a_id struct out the  next seven men. Two pop ups and a  strike out was the best the Porks  coulddo in the fifth. Miles fumbled,  Baumgartner hit, and the latter was  safe on first, and came home on a sacrifice, and an infield out. Wiob Williams pitching grand ball, the visitors  were retired in one, two, three order  _ _ announced -<__> _.on asvc  is'decided what shall 'form a basts  of the referendum. I may say that  it is intended to direct the course of  the legislation in this regard according to the general result of the vote  to be taken."  cnmnlotari -.��-,��>���   ������ .  . I   ��� " _-_i-_.._. . o     .. Luiiunuea.      Uup I ^ I _'-_���-.���_���__�� ytituu uai  completed .eBol,attO08 -cquiring- a six  feet long.     Was  there  ever a   "-I'M will be given- of th, ��.. R.���^ _T~7^  '   wororetired i��� one, two  ._.,_ ora��r,  n-oera?" ^   ""T"  B""'  "T^0  *"������to.^*_S0 to _____ :   -. other poiotstaTeproW  c^of'rf       '  ^^"L^1"���   Guns   %%���*���* - ^ _-��-* ��'aer      .... , ��   ��-_.   c,a,ms   at .,>.���_������ .,mp.|de.r,   a���d- $5.00  ,__.-.   furs Jcrt,itio��� s,atioos, "-/    T_e f������o _ l-T^-eo, ha. heen U^'Z^V^^&L^'^STJg*  4-.       ., . -    f* i      - '       --_���.��._.   ._.   _rtvc   yourseir / ��� -,Mus ��k��uods.  m,,es   north   of   Grand    Forks, (from the  attention   ofan infuriated       An   incident   which   occurred   re , - -  _~-.���  ,dtaCe- cent/y in Eng/and shows   the oeces  /the act,'n^ """ter of militia:  "Unless a bigger duty "calls you,'  __    ._,_    _-���_�����_!. rorKS. juuiii ms  If satisfactory results arc   obtained I baldface  the Granby will build a wagon road  3^_? miles to the .government road  en//it tomorrow.  to  part      -  time  "Donation, tor  macZ ' ,  / ^--^--^^^^^^7 ��rt ^��" ~��,   ��*/-*   -f ��*.   efm.  . /sity of exercising  the greatest care,  Enhst today; your country needs rj.H^bei/ingr  field comforts and hos-T       y   rfceiVed   nave   exceeded   the Iheld the locals"hitlesTin   Lire second  pita! supplies.    A sudden calf having/��XpeCtatl��ns of the government, who   MiIes w��>t out, Cannon to Haverty in I and  perhaps with shame "���-R_,/-,��.  */have   placed   an   order  for   all    the'               fOon_imiPrfnr.P--r_.il        X     //-____         F sname.   ���Ralph  Store  ..  __..__._.v���.S  [ come to the Canadian Red Cross for  f an  immediate supply of bandages  I it was   found   on   opening   tbe consignment in France that the twenty  cases contained nurses aprons.  |      New    regulations    regarding  re  _v-       -_-.*_        _-_j_.  .achitie guns at present available, ,  and further donations would  not re-///|������  suit  in    furnishing   any   additional  equipment of guns to our troops."  In the event of the  public consid-  �� &   *-- ering other means of showing their  crtiiting have been received by the generosity, the minister recommends  B.C. military authorities from the that a fund be started for providing  department at Ottawa, and come financial assistance to disabled sol-  into operation immediately.  The or- diers-    It is   pointed   out  that   the        .-.--,     _xu.��j _t ULA   _ _��  _Q tk 1  VContiniied ou Page 4)  of you   because   of it with  sorrow,'  baps   wit  Connor.  Owing to-a" slight decline in the  Price of Flour starting  U  AUGUST 14th, 1914  we will sell all grades:  49 1b. Sacks  98 lb. Sacks  100 lb. Wheat  $2.25  4.50  3.00  ders are as follows:  Consent of wife not necessary.  Enlistment  at   18  valid   without  consent of parents or guardians.  I     Discharge by purchase.not a right  l but a privilege, to  be granted only  to very exceptional cases, and subject to   the  consent  of officer coin-,  manding unit.   Application not con-1  sidered after three months' service.  Price of discharge, if granted, fifty  dollars.  Minimum   height,   5ft.   2in.,   but  for artillery, 5ft. 4in.  Minimum chest  measurement, 33  inches, but if over 40 years, 34in.  Expert mechanics, unless enlisted.  to be employed as such, should be j  referred to headquarters.  Patriotic fund  is  for the purpose of  assisting the wives, widows and orphans of soldiers, and the fund proposed is strictly for affording assistance to the soldiers themselves who  have either been partially or wholly  incapacitated by wounds or sickness.  Of course  any   advance  in   money  will be in   addition  to  the pensions  provided by law.   The new fund will  be known as  the Disablement Fund  and will be under the care of a member of the government.  English mails   for   New  Zealand  and Australia were lost on the White  I Star   liner   Arabic   which   was   tor  Ipedoed   by   a   German   submarine.  [0ppi n, Thompson  Phone 9 and 5  Granby Shipments  The following are the monthly  shipping figures from the local  Granby mine to the Grand Forks  smelter: mvs  January   42 211  February    63,001  March      69,948  APril   S5.3S2  M*y    100,693  June 10.3,004  Ju]y 101,058  Total    565,387  Pass The Salt  A  correspondent of the Morning  Post  writes   that   he has  heard   of  a  mysterious    device  used   by   the  Germans   for    clearing   a   passage  through barbed-wire entanglements.  The instrument  has  all the appearance of what is known  as a projector,���that is, a searchlight.  No specimen has yet been   captured and no-|  thing is  known of it,  except that it  disposes of wire entanglements from  a distance of a  mile by some means  as yet  incomprehensible  to the  lay  mind.  tore of Quality  Our New and Up-To-Date Premises Located  on First Street, Opposite the Queen's Hotel  PEACHESf   PEACHES?  PEACHES!  In a Few Days' time, we will receive a     *  Consignment of Peaches and other  Fruits for Preserving purposes.  The prices should Appeal to you.  Peaches, per crate  Plums,        "       "  Bartlett Pears, box  Prunes, per Crate  Tomatoes, per Crate  S1.00  1.25  2.5 O  I.OO  l.oo   ���-_��   Thomas Deasy, government agent  at Massett, on the  Queen Charlotte  islands, is down on a   visit   to Vancouver, and predicts a big oil strike  on the west coast of Graham island. .  Boring has been going on for  some j  time,   and   two   experts   have  been '  taken in   to  pass judgment  on the  strike.  It will pay you to place your order with  us NOW, as the FIRST picking- is  always the BEST.  arnesi  _ac  u i^4':^!��^  ;'   !.- r ��� ���. --''-^'"H^*^  flPHE   PIONEER.    PHOENIX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  Britain   straining  at   Kitchener's I     What immigrant into  the United  leash,   France  in  the full power of [States  assimilates   the (.quickest is  her admirable fighting spirit, Belgium doggedly persistent in the  face of a heart-breaking national experience���these are our models.  And if oiir men in the field rise to  the level of this robust manliness,  we can have no stronger claim to  glory. We will never convince the  world that we have produced a finer  virility than  this.���Montreal News.  always an interesting subject V for  the student. The answer would appear to favor the English and  Scotch, for there is a German vote,  an Irish vote, a Swedish vote and  every other kind of vote except the  two first-mentioned.    ;^ , <,  The Strathcona Hotel  NELSON, B.C.  If there are any (English parents  in Canada,  and  we presume   there  are a  few, who  are  worried   as to  what  method   to adopt in  keeping  their sons on  the straight and narrow  path   that    does  not   lead   to  any of .tlie parliament buildings of  our western provinces,  they should  lose no time in  sending, in a year's  The will of the late Charles Eno,  of Ehos Fruit Salts fame, has been  sworn at over eight million dollars.  About one-fifth of the amount-.was  paid' to the government in death  duties and over $600,000 was bequeathed to hospitals, etc.  Stoam Heated Throughout  The Finest Accommodation for  the Travelling: Public.  DIN ING ROOM   SERVICE  UNEXCELLED.  Nine Well-Lfffhtecl  Samplerooms,  Phone 12  ADVJ.I.T.S.NG SCALE  Application forJ-iquoi Licence (_0 days) ..$-.00  Application for Trunsfor of I.icorico .;  $7.50  C_r_iflc.i__ of Improvoruent (UUdays)        $10.00  Application to PiuoIhiho Land notices (eo c-ftyw) I  Two Nicola Valley men have been  awarded   the   decoration  for distinguished service in the field, and one  _ . Enderby man has been granted the  subscription for the Victoria Daily I coveted Victoria Cross.    Not at all  Colonist.    The Colonist editor is a j bad for British Columbia  "specialist" on  such  matters,   and  whenever he is short of a subject for  an article, he generally manages to  roll  one   out  on  his  favorite fetish  "the Remittance Man."    This latter  type of mankind evidently represents  to   the  editor  of the   Colonist, the  lowest type of present day development,   and   unlijke   the  editor   and  JAS.  MARSH ALL, PROP.  HT  J. W. Gillis, manager of the New-  England Meat market, tells the Victorian that the tide for improved  business has turned. We hope it  has, because it has been dammed  long enough.  Delinquent Co-0vniorslnp notices 00dnys ��25.00  Duplicate CcrtiflcuU) of Title 'notices .SS.00  Cards of Thanks, 60 cents. ',.,.  All other loffal advortimntr, 12 oonts a line,  sinffie column, for the _h_L insertion; and 8  cent* a lino /or each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.  Display ads $1.00 per inch, single  column, per month. Transient ads.  50e. per inch, per issue; subsequent insertions, 35c. per inch.      shareholders    of the   big   Victoria  ..... $10.00 daily he persists in the grievous and  u nforgiveable crime of blowing, in  his own money instead of soriiebody  else's. The preseritwar must be a  severe trial tq our contemporary's  editor,who must view with no little  alarm the rapidly diminishing numbers of his horrible examples of  English parents' perverted methods  of raising children.- (  If, as the Germans, say, they are  "fighting for the freedom of the  seas," why do they object to Americans ��� choosing the "ship they want  to travel on.   ;  D. J. Matheson  General Agent,  FIRE,    LIFE  AND ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  PHOENIX, B.C.  Saturday, Aug. 28, 1915.  i-  ./���/"Ik  _._  _v  The- protest  raised  by Canadian  officers at the front against fulsome  and exaggerated praise of their con-  ./ duct  is   timely.    A   section   of the  press of Canada ever since the Can  adian troops  entered the war zone,  has devoted itself to  the  most palpable exploitation of the  men at the  front.  To damm with over-praise in this  fashion'is to serve the interests of  the Canadian troops badly. It tends  to make them a laughing stock  amongst their comrades. It dulls  every subsequent burst of enthusiasm well-founded in performance  though it may be.  Canada's soldiers have done well.  They were expected to do well. They  did their duty and more in one critical situation, St. Julien at least,  when they "saved the day." Their  conduct on such occasions is worthy  of all possible praise, and there  should not be a continual flood of  unreasoning adulation, poured upon their devoted heads at random.  The Canadian soldiers at the  front are fighting side by side with  worthy comrades. British, French,  and Belgians are magnificent. To  draw invidious comparisons, such as  are made so frequently in the press  of the country, is unfair, unjust and  ridiculous. Canada may take, sufficient pride in the fact that her soldiers are the equals of their comrades in arms without reaching out  for some illusive superiority.  - Who has forgotten   the blockade  instituted by   the  British  navy that  prevented ammunition  reaching the  Boer armies,  and who  does not re-  memher the crocodile tears shed by  the  kaiser,  and   his   distinctly   expressed fears lest the Boer republics  be snuffed out of existence.     At the  < I same time has anyone forgotten the  great "help" the Germans were to the'  Boers at that critical stage of their  history, when the  Krupps supplied  the. British army with thousands of  tons of ammunition to .blow up the  Boer farmhouses and make widows  and   orphans   of  their  women and  children.     Finally  is  there  any record of the Boers protesting to Germany for supplying the British with  munitions on the grounds that they  could not get any themselves?  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Hfe  -r..         _.   -, , i._.��i_w._ .__.ii.iou voiuuiuia, iiiuv oe  The  measure of Germany's hate  leased for a term of twenty-one years  against England is in exact ratio toi at an annual rental of $1 an acre. ' Not  the power of England and the impo  tency of Germany against the empire of the Anglo-Saxon. The more  Germany advertises in literature,  art, diplomacy, and the daily press  of her hatred, .the clearer is the  cause and the issue. Were England  to realize the dream of Bernhardi  and become "the vassal of Germany," the affection of Germany for  its vassal would know no bounds.  At present the hate of Germany for  England is without limit, and is the  key of very strong situations, past,  present and future.���Boston News  Bureau.  A pupil nurse at the Royal Columbian hospital, New Westminster,  with only five months more to serve  before being graduated, has been  suspended for six months-for the  heinous crime of over-staying her  leave and marrying an officer of the  47th regiment. Those responsible  for the "sentence" might now qualify for positions in one ofourpene-  tentia^ies or reformatory schools.  There must be some humor in the  Netherlands' Dutch, after all. From  them the kaiser has learned that  the British have been reinforced  along the Yser canal by ten thousand Zulus. They might have gone  a bit further, and told the Germans  that the -British naval authorities  had raided the London Zoo for powder monkeys.  Writing in the German weekly  review, "Neue Deutschland," Dr.  Gradowski strongly criticizes the  attitude adopted by the press of the  fatherland in regard to British war  finance. "What is the use," he  asks, "of nearly all the German  papers ridiculing that really brilliant  financial operation, the second Brit,  ish war loan?"  more than 2,560 acres will be leased to  one applicant.  Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situated. ������_.,���" "     _:.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described: by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsur-  veyed territory the tract .'applied for  shall be staked put by the'applicant  himself. ; :���������  '  Each application must be'accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are hot  available, but not otherwise.. A royal-;  ty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the' rate of five  cents per ton.. '���'������"���  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the .coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  .For full information application  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N.B.--Unauthorized  publication  of  this advertisement will not be paid for.  ���30690.  __g  The a-__=__.  Phoenix  Pioneer  has for 16 Years been recognized as the Mining  Medium of the Boundary  country.  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A bright-looking white girl has  just been fined $25 and costs by the  Vancouver magistrate for being  found in a Chinese opium joint.  About one hundred interned enemy aliens are engaged in building  roads near Edgewood on the Arrow  Lakes.    They are well guarded.  Hon. Martin Burreli has been informed that there is a sufficiency of  harvest labor in Alberta, but that in  Manitoba and Sask., there is a  shortage.  While examining a German aero  bomb, which had been sent home to  England, the apparatus exploded,  killing one woman and injuring  three others.  For the first time in the memory  of the oldest inhabitants of Hope,  the snow has disappeared from the  summit of Isolilak, the mountain in  the gap of Silver Creek.  ^.  The authorities of the Rockfeller  Institute have,, announced a discovery by two investigators, which it is  thought will give immunity from the  dreaded scourge of cancer.  The Manitoba government has  offered the Imperial government a  fully-equipped aeroplane of the latest type. The cost of the machine  will be about ten thousand dollars.  Travelling all the way from California, an old prospector rode into  Merritt recently driving a caravan  drawn by a couple of donkeys. He  had been about six months on the  road.  The report that the dreaded Cod-  lin moth had appeared in the orchards of the Vernon district, has  heen greatly exaggerated. In spite  of diligent search, only one specimen has been discovered.  Every household and factory in  Germany has been ordered to make  a statement of the brass and copper utensils in their possession.  Chief among tbe articles mentioned  are stove doors, distilling apparatus,  basins and mortars.  A movement has been started by  the Evening News and warmly taken up by British film companies, to  the end that no films will be pur  chased in America, unless the proof  is forthcoming- that the sellers have  no German affiliations.  Temporary Skipper James Brown,  of the Royal Naval Reserve, commanding   an*-'armed   steam trawler,  Boundary District of British Columbia  RICH  IN  MINERAL,   AGRICULTURAL AND   LUMBERING POSSIBILITIES���  A MOST PROMISING FIELD FOR THE INVESTOR.  Probably no district in the Dominion of Canada possesses so great an array of  potentialities as the above.   The mountains throughout its entire length and breadth,  are almost without exception mineraliferous, containing gold, silver, copper, iron and  other valuable ores) while in a few localities there are. more than surface indications  of the presence of coal.  FOREST AND MINERAL WEALTH  Its forest stretches are among the richest in the province, and what is of great  importance, easily accessable to river and railway. There is scarcely a square mile of  it that is not either equipped with high tension wires, or which could not be reached  by the expenditure of the smallest outlay. Not the least attraction from the point of  view of the investor, is the sites for water power, which abound in this district.  Just at present an immense amount of interest is being directed to the recent  free gold discovery in Greenwood, while in the same district is to be seen one of the  best equipped free gold properties in the west, a not inconsiderable asset in these days  of industrial depression and shrinkage of gold reserves. It is in this district where is  situated the Phoenix and Grand' Forks properties of the Granby Consolidated, together with those of the British Columbia Copper company. In the former camp, and  surrounding it for miles on all sides, are acres of crown-granted mineral claims, all  awaiting the advent of-the investor. The title deeds to these properties, thanks to a  beneficent series of mining laws, are unimpeachable, and if proof is wanted of the  statement, let us point to the almost entire absence of mining litigation in the courts  of the province.  AGRICULTURE AND FRUIT-GROWING CENTRE  The possibilities of the Boundary as  an  agricultural and fruit-growing centre  are also worthy of investigation, and  a visit   to  some   of  its   spendidly equipped or-^,  chards will prove a revelation to the stranger.      The highways throughout the^oun.- -  dary makes this section of the province the motorists paradise, millions having'^been  spent on the construction of government roads. -  _-'?;;'-'  No locality is better served  with railroads than  the Boundary, district. "At?,  present this section  is served  by two of the greatest systems oh the continent, the  C. P. R. and Great Northern companies, while within a few months the route to the  Pacific coast will, be commercially curtailed by the opening of the new  K. V. V.  branch of the former.  /  Is the only Typewriter today that supplies real comfort automatically to the Operator���adapted for Doctors, Druggists, Merchants,  Wnd in fact it is essential to every business concern in B. C.  has been tried by court martial and  dismissed from the king's service  for failing to engage a German submarine that he saw shelling a  schooner.  According to the correspondent of  the Berlingske Tidende at Stockholm, the traffic between Sweden  and Germany is so enormous that  the steamship and ferry lines are  blocked. Three weeks ago there  were seven hundred loaded truck*  awaiting shipment at Malmoe and  150 at Sassnitz.  An American attache, who has  been in the war zone for months,  has made the statement that, a  British battalion's fire is equal in  effect to that of a German regiment  of 3000 men. "In victory or defeat  they do not appear to lose control  of themselves," he added.  Pending the manufacture of the  new steel helmets for the French  army,700,000 steel head-shields have  been sent to the front. This is the  only species of armor that the sold-  iers have been permitted to use.  The head-shield, however, as it is  used, was proved recently by statistics to have saved a great many  lives.  The attention of the American  government has been drawn to the  unneutral utterances of the U.S.  consul at Munich. The Morning  Post says Mr. Gaffney visited London some time ago to make enquiries regarding German prison  camps in England "and while enjoying the hospitality of this country he was so loud in his expression  of anti-British opinion that he gave  offence to many persons stopping at  the hotel."  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Uodse I  Wo. *��  Meets every Monday Evening at I  Oddfellows' Hall. Visiting brethren |  cordially invited.  Our hall is for rent for dances, social j  evenings, etc.  Adam Bloorufield, Noble Grand.  Tho��. Lloyd, Fin. Secy.  Mark Bukin, Rec. Secy.  Victor Records  ______  Daughters of Rebekah -  Phoenix Loc-ffe No. 17  Meets in the Oddfellows'Hall,  First and Third Wednesdays.  Mrs. Christine KImgTcn. Noble Grand.  Mrs. Amy A. Cook, Secretary.  ,X. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.C.  Meets Tuesday Evening at 7.80.  Sojourning brothers cordially welcomed.  Chas. Davidson, C. C.  C. H, Knight, K. ofB.S.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mountain Temple Lodge No. 17  Meets in Pythian Hall, Lower Town  Second and Fourth Thursdays.  Mrs. Wm. Wills,  M.E.C.  Mrs. H.Tilton.  M.R.C.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  Phoenix Aerie No. 158  Meets in the Oddfellows' Hall, Friday  Evenings, at 8 p.m.  Visiting brothers are always welcome.  Richard B_.U-.nE_.T-, W. P.  T. R. Cr.ABKK, W. Secy.  We have a nice selection of these  goods in stock, and will get any  numbers you like prom tly, either  in Victor or Columbia Goods.  HAVE YOU HEARD���  "When We've Wound up  the Watch on the Rhine  ���Humorous Patriotic Song1  "The Little Ford  Rambled Right Along"  ���Comic Song  Also a Nice Selection of New   Bag-pipe Records,  Vocal  Duets, etc.   We are always pleased to play these for you.  91  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all'orders.     Phone A56.  James G. McKeown  A. 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W>  mS,-  Queen's Hotel  Our Diningroom Service Will  Meet With Your Approval.  I Solicit Your Patronage.  ammmmmmmtmmmmami^mmmmmmmmmmnamclmmmm  Local and General  Dr. W. S. Dickson returned on  Saturday last to Vancouver.  Mrs. Thos. Richards is paying a  visit to her daughter, Mrs. J. Campbell in Grand Forks.  Jos. Black,   of Republic,   was in  town for a few, days this week look  ing after his property interests here  Mrs. Gustafson and children were  down on the ranch at Denoro for a  brief visit recently.  W.   Mix,   chief fire   warden   for  pected.     Might  we  now   ask  the  married  ladies    to    exercise   their  charming persuasive   influence   on  their husbands. ' We acknowledge  with thanks the receipt of further  gifts of razors from the following  J. Mulligan 2; Alex.   Spence, 1; C.  H. McKnight, 3; R. Blundell, 4; J,  Darraugh,   1; T.    Deichert, 1;   T.  Wilkinson, 4;  Mrs. M. "E.  Puddy,  2; and John Erickson, 1.  The News Telegram, of Calgary,  is in communication with the 'Pion  eer with regard to its admirable  scheme for augmenting the fund for  the assistance of returned wounded  GRAFANOLAS  $20 to $200  AH the very Latest Song Hits always on Hand  T. S. QUANCE  PHOENIX, B. C.  TOM F. OXLEY  PROP.  The Lake Studio  OF GRAND FORKS-PHOENIX BRANCH  Will be Here on  August 29th, 1915  BROOKLYN AVE.    (Next door to Pioneer Office)  High Class Portraiture, Amateur Finishing-,  View Work, Portrait Framing, Enlarging,'  Copying,  etc.    __ Ensign Cameras (British  , Made) and Supplies.    Remember the Dates.  'Grand Forks district, included   this I <-.,...,,.:.,        ._.��� . .       .  .     ...   .   .. ,, ' "-,uuea   tnis  Canadian soldiers.     In conjunction  locality in his rounds this week ...:.u -.__.....��� r   _ .  a    >���     IT .      .      WCCK>        j with certain  manufacturers of mo-  A. C. Urea is ,n temporary tion picture films, the News Tele-  charge of the local Great Northern Lram has completed arrangements  passenger pending the return of to exhibit throughout the prairie  Conductor  Stirling,  whose wife  is provinces  and British   Columbia, a  Miscellaneous    |  Will Be Here -from Aug. 29th to 31st inclusive,  and from Sept. 10th to 12th inclusive.  ��M',*W^M'*��0i  it���.In Two  Parts.    '  iy^?MSIM'-  "The Bride of Marble Head  EADIE LYONS AND VICTORIA FORDE IN  "A Lucky Deception"���two Pa_._-NeS.or  "With a Skirmishing Party in Flanders"���  "Animated Weekly" ^ "*"  1 sick.  Louis Carlson was in receipt of a  letter this week from Percy Pou I ton,  now with   his  regiment  at Shorn-  cliffe, Kent.    He says that Jim Porter is practically  recovered from his  wound and is in the "Casulty" company of the 30th Reserve   Battalion.  J. Ford, the benighted  individual  whose nocturnal rambles on the outskirts of the town, has nearly scared  the wits out sof certain women and  children, was taken to the asylum at  New Westminster,   by Police Constable   Howieson   of the provincial  police, on Thursday.    Drs. Dickson  and McLean  considered him unsafe  to be at large.  J. G. Mullen, who has been the  leading spirit in the local home  ��� guard movement, is making arrange-  I ments for an increase in the number  of drills weekly. At present the  drills take place on Wednesday,' but  it is thought to be a good thing to  give the boys a chance to practice  the evolutions that are taught them  by Mr. Lakeland on Wednesdays.  Lieut. E. S. Stenstrom of the  Grand Forks Sharpshooters, paid a  recruiting visit to Phoenix on Tuesday and Wednesday. We understand that while he was unable to  return with any recruits for the infantry, he was approached by several who are sertonsly contemplating  enlisting in the field ambulance. The  officers of tbe Sharpshooters have  been increased by the arrival of  Lieut. Wilkinson from Vernon.  W. S  series of the' most sensational and  interesting pictures of the war. The  subjects not only  include a multitude   of   reproductions    taken   in  France, Belgium and Flanders, but  also scenes connected  with the war  in Great.  Britain   and Canada,  and  pictures   moving  and   otherwise of  officers fallen in action  and of every  regiment that has gone to the front  from the west.    Accompanying the  show will be a saxophone quartette,  consisting of fotfr of the most accomplished players in Canada, two  of whom are vocal soloists of great  ability.    The  tour  is  arranged   to  commence as soon as possible after  the harvest.  Grand Forks Outclassed  (Continued from Page 1)  third, Bassett got on error, Perrott  and Will iams each slam med out two  baggers, Mclntyre went out, Murray  hit for two bases, and three runs crossed the plate. Biner retired the side.  One run scored in fourth by McWha,  Miles two-base punch, Bassett was hit  by pitcher, Perrott was out, Sloan to  Haverty.  The big swat-feststarted in the sixth.  Phillips walked, McWha was an easy  out, Miles got on error, Bassett was  again hit, Perrott and Williams each  poled out two-baggers, Phillips, Miles  and Bassett scoring, Mclntyre and  Murray singled, and six runs came across the platter, with Sloan doing the  firing in place of Barrett.  Phoenix scored two more in seventh.  Perrott singled, Williams' two-bagger  and two errors, brought Perrott' and  McWha  across;   Phillips   walked   in  For Sale���A 45-60 Calibre Winchester rifle, also double-barrelled  shot gun.���Apply, Pioneer office.  Two girls want position as chambermaid, or any other kind of work.  Address, Box 278, Phoenix, B.C.  Two houses on New York Town-  site for rent or sale; one six-roomed  house on Brooklyn avenue for sale.  Apply, G. W. McAuliffe.  Furnished house for sale; chicken  coop and root cellar. Can be had  for.$250 cash.    Apply J. Bellis.  For Sale���The well-known Cottage rooming house; the building is  well furnished, and will be'sold very  cheap. See me as to terms.���M. H.  Kane, city.  For Sale.���Five city lots and two  houses. Ground under cultivation.  Situate corner Lexington and Dominion avenue; good well. Sell in  lots to suit buyer. Apply T. Rich,  ards, Granby'watchman.  Twenty years' experience iu English, French, Swiss and American  watch repairing. Satisfaction guaranteed. Charges reasonable. Leave  orders at Union Cigar "store, or tbe  Phoenix stage. Carl Adeneur, Greenwood.  WOOD  First-class .f Fir and Tam-  arac Wood, $6.00 per cord  Pine Wood,  $5.00 per cord.  Fir Tamarac, and double cut,  per cord, $7.00.  WOOD DELIVERED  ON SHORT  NOTICE. 'Phone B32  Robt. Forshaw  MILK AND CREAM  The rich quality of our Milk and  Cream is gaining new patrons  for us daily. We solicit atrial.  Delivery made to any part of the  city.    Mail us a card.  The PHOENIX DAIRY  W. A. MoKay __ Sons, Props.  Copper Market  Copper is slightly more active at  a further price recession. Lake is  17 to \.7l/t cents and electrolytic is  16^ to 16^ cents a pound. These  prices have been made oh small offerings by second hands, which  means brokers and speculators.  While it is improbable that large  amounts of copper could be pur  chased   at   these  _    _,   ,._   ������,___,_,_   ,���. at   these    quotations,    the  . eighty and scored on Miles'two-bagger market price   is   that   at  which  the  B/ackstock,   for  the past\and Perrotfc's single. Jmeta, is offered {n ,,round .^���t���  Phoenix line-up���Williams, p.; Phil-/;..   i���fC ���f ... ..  I hps, c.; McWha, lb.; Miles, 2b ;   Mur-I    '       * ��f S�� t0"S-  Small  offerings,  _>~  , _, ... ���, _._.., __._ic_, _>u.,-   ^ur-i-jgpj.gg-. tf,e price whenever there is  [ray, 3b.; Bassett, s.s.;   Mclntyre, I.r.;/ , _  T_-_ "-"��  ADULTS, 15c;    CHILDREN, Sc.  240 Hens���34,517 Eggs  " We are in receipt of the result for  ten  months, of the egg-laying contest,    which   was    commenced   on  October 10th   of  last  year  at Victoria.     There   is  still  another  two  months of the  contest   to run.     Up  to August 9th   the  palm  is held by  a pen   of six   Barred Rocks, which  have laid   no   less'than   1129 eggs.  The next   in egg-laying qualities is  a  pen   of six   White   Wyandottes,  who have accounted for 1038.     The  lowest yield in  the  above, which is  the weight class, was   that   from a  pen of S.C.   Reds,   who   only   laid  669 eggs.     Fred Frederick's pen of  six  Rhode   Island Whites, the only  representatives   from  the Boundary  district, have laid  846  eggs. <������The  total number of eggs laid in the ten  months by the 240 hens in the contest  is   34,517,    and    the   average  price obtained  for the  eggs was 27  cents a dozen.  CANADIAN  PACIFIC:  Labor,  Day  September 6th  Fare and One-Third  Round Trip  B.  H.  E.  His Chance Now  two-and-a-half years   teller   at  the  local branch   of the  Bank of Com  merce, left   tbe   city   on  Friday for/Biner, c; Perrott, r.f.' '*" ' an absence of buying demand,  and  Penticton,   to   which   point   he has     Grand Forks line-up���R. McLeod, c.  this is the condition  which   has  ex  been transferred.     The departure of and *-*���'> Barrett, p. and r.f.; Haverty,   isted   for   several    weeks    past  Mr. Blackstock will  be a source of lb'; Bmb^i Baumgartner, 3b.; Gag-  Boston Commercial  non, s.s.; McLeod, l.f.  and c;   Hunt,  genuine regret  to the   bank patrons cf. SJoani r#f> and p  and public generally,' and we most  heartily extend our greetings to  Penticton on a gain that unfortunately is our loss.  Alderman  Rogers is  looking for  the party, who instigated the young-  ters to chevari  his mansion of.sin-  le blessedness the other night.  It appears that George was at home  engaged in measuring a big trout  and figuring out what girl he ought  Church Services  St. Andrew's Church (Presbyterians-Service, Sunday, August 29th,  at 7.30 p.m.; Sunday school at 2.  AH welcome.    Rev. J. R. Mun'ro.  St. John's Church���Tomorrow,  Sunday, August 29th: Morning  Prayer and Holy Communion at 11.  Sunday school at 3 o'clock. Rev.  R. D. Porter.  The stated services at~ the Church  .  of Our Lady of Good Counsel are as|i>ci'J?  follows���First and third Sundays infi  the month:   Mass at 10 a.m.; Sun-ffH  day school at 2.30 p.m.;   Evening <��  service at 7.30.    Rev. Father Dom.  Dorval. ��� �����  Phoenix ......1 0 3 10 6 2 1 0���14' 16  G. Forks .4 0000100 0-5   2   si     I�� an interview recently, Sir Wil  Summary-3 Base Hits, Perrott;  2 frid   Laurier expressed   the convic  *VVn��.    MiIa.    o.   17 _.   __.   I    .  Base Hits, McWha; Miles, 2; Bassett,  Perrott, 2; Williams, 3; base on balls,  Haverty, Sloan, Cagnon, Philips, Phil  lips; struck out by Williams, 15; by  Barrett, 4; by Sloan, 1; left on based,  Bassett; hit by pitched ball, Bassett, 2;  attendance, 300; Umpires, Haverty  and Davidson.  No. 7  Oliver  SS..B:".!  ?;i��.rlv.  Our Efficient Transport  As^an instance of ihe efficiency of  the  British  transport organization,  an officer  records   that    the   main  t .body of  the   regiment   travelled   .���  ���prance by one route, and the trans.  �� port, horses and  detail, by another.  l..ffemam-body  arrived   at the   ren-  ,"- dezvbus,   a di .t.m.  -.,:i  ?.^.-;';'   ,_       ,olsu,1t railway station.  - "iierei th6y sat d..__r, ,���  _���   ��oi aown to   await  the  e  train   containing the  which    left  England  h  d  liey had  To and From All Stations  On Sale Sept. 3rd to 6th  Good to Return Sept. 8th  Tickets from . Agents or Pursers.  Conductors will issue Tickets from  Flag Stations.  J. S. CARTER,  D.P.A., Nelson, B.C.  !0^0;0^M^rv^'\y0( th:  :^rjS^^S��;^SDther.-;;:';perty,  ��m^&^i^��m^i^^^>i^c^y ten minutes  ff^^Pr^^:^^:^^:^'':^i '   ''*   o       __ '  M$pm$yMW^^ey l^efeds 3-��l>: enlist no  V__.1h .......   .   j*1!*, s- ��� "'T'1-   t"< * ��� [   - ._���     * I   " lH.        ,-.'��� 'M J- ,   .  We make a specialty of Miners'  Shoes; good fit,'nice shape, and  nothing but the best of stock used  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED  NICK PALORCIA,      i  KnotoHili Ave.        Phoenix, B.C.[  to give it to, when one of tbe boys  looked in at the window and caught  sight of the whale on the table.  That only confirmed the story, as  no bachelor would buy a l'51b fish  for himself, so the kids married him  right there.  J. Colman of the Leckie boot,factory, was in town   during the week  on one  of his periodical visits, and  while here was showing'with a deal  of pardonable pride, a sample of. the  shoes  his firm were manufacturing  for the use of the soldiers in B.C.  In appearance it is fairly light.^with  a medium sole and a few nails at the  toe.   : The  uppers ^ire . remarkably  soft and oil tanned, while the outer  edge of a portion of the heel is protected by an  inset  steel plate.   The  whole  general   appearance   of the  shoe is attractive and a credit to the  B.C. manufacturer. y  The  collection   of razors  at the  Pioneer offices   is   growing   apace.  Altogether we have on hand about  thirty, with the promise  of several  more,  and when, these are handed I  in, which   we   hope   will   be. before  next   Thursday,   the   first  consignment  will  be   mailed   to   England.  Considering the size of this camp,  and the strong predominence of the  sex masculine, the response to this  appeal has not been   what was  ex-1  Americans To Register  The following letter has been addressed by the American consul at  Victoria to all known Americans in  that vicinity:  "Dear Sir: As it is necessary under the law for Americaus abroad to  renew their registrations, kindly call  at this office for this purpose.  "Should no reply be received from  you within a reasonable length of  time, it will be considered that you  have left the province, and a notation will be made in the registry to  that effect."  When challenged as to the legality of the proceeding by an American  resident, the consul  stated that the  "circular   is   quite   correct  in   its  meaning," and he was instructed to  send them out.    Asked if there was  a penalty  attached, the   official was  non-committal,   but   stated  that  if  a citizen  refrained from registering  and afterwards required   the assistance of the consulate, he might have  difficulty in getting it.     "American  citizens,"   he added,   "are properly!  expected   to  perform    such   simple  duties both willingly and cheerfully  as in fact they do in the majority of  tion that the Liberals would  be re  turned to power with a large major.  ty  if an   election    took   place  this  year.    The situation reminded  th  Right   Hon.   gentleman   of Burns \ .. ... , ." "     _.  ,. ��     ,,_.        . ...  r   ��� any other   writing  machine.    Sim-  hnes: "There is  na  luck aboot the    ....        _.        .. ,  , ~      . ... ,.  pncity, strength, ease of operation  house, since  our guid mon s awa. .    . .,.,._ _, ���  _   , . . . and visibility are   the   corner-stones  Perhaps   there  is  more truth  than     f._   _ ��� .  .     . .,  . .of its towering supremacy in  poetry in the quotation if the stories  The American  Oliver Typewriter  turns   out   more   work���of   better  uality  and  greater   variety���-than  of the lack of recruits from Quebec  are only half as true as stated  LAND REGISTRY ACT  (Section 24)  In the matter of an application for duplicate Certificate of Title No. 13097a  issued to Ida B. Parry, covering North  West i of Section 5, and N. E. i of  Section 6, Township 66, Similkameen  Division, Yale District.  NOTICE is hereby given that it is my  intention   at    the  Correspondence  Oard-lndex Work  Tabulated Reports  Follow-up Systems  Manifblding-Sorvlce  Addressing Envelopes  Working? on Ruled, Forms  Outtinar I-.imeefi.rap-- Stencils  The Balance 8hlf_  The Ruling Device  The Automatic Spacer  The Automatic Tabulator  The Disappearing1 Indicator  expiration   of  one    month from the date of first publication AdJuiteb,��- Paper-Finffers  hereof, to issue a duplicate Certificate       _  ___���_;���__���������_ _     .    of Title covering the above lands to Ida     ~  B. Parry, unless in the meantime I shall  receive valid objection thereto in  writ  'ng.  Dated at the Land Registry Office,  Kamloops, B.C., this 5th day of August, 1916.  C. H. DUNBAR, District Registrar.  Scientific Condensed Keyboard  Can you spend \7 Cents a Day to  better advantage than in the purchase of this wonderful machine?  For further information call or write  Q. KAY, Agent, Phoen Ix  cases.  X'C'k*  <& V* \  V/  fii  /  f  Recruits have their choice of be  ing partly trained at Grand Forks.  HAVE YOU BEEN SICK?  Then you realize the utter weakness  that robs ambition, destroys appetite,  and makes work a burden.  To restore that strength and stamina that  is so essential, nothing has ever equaled  or compared with Scott's Btmilsion, because its strength-sustaining nourishment invigorate* the blood to distribute  energy throughout the body while its tonic  value sharpens the appetite and restores  health in a natural, permanent way.  If you are run down, tired, nervons,  overworked or luck strength, get Scott's  Bmulfiion to-day,   At.any drag store.  SeaetASomiue.Totoato.Oat.  DRAYING  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Transfer. Careful attention to all orders.    Phone AS6.  James G. McKeown  "Rough on Rats" clears out  Rats, Mice, etc. Don't Die .in.,.the  House. 15c. and 25c. at Drii,  Country Stores.  r^-fti^3^i-_7^M-��j(^Wi-,  kJ,&&^'^'^)M<itWJ1^^-'���M'^^'*trmi*  ?r_"  K     '���"���  M> W.. iT**n,*__:,(S5-rt-i U> MT.-V. ���! V  -W**!**!! __.__��__ _��_ff-l t>|>��*_-  i ,ai ���iir^- "S*' w��i��i  y&ipixt ^''-^^ggSS?  ;;��;:'  "_j , %��� -I'j'i'-.'t-.sj-.i: ^_^JfJ^.��IUii_.\_ti!-^_si_*  r*i._=ji*-_---''::.".'_.:;,


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