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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 27, 1904

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 -nraaitim  Boundary Mines Produced $10,000,000 in  value within four years  Phoenix is the: Centre  and  Leading Mining  ���". "XTTGamp of Boundary* [  U^-_��f  AND  BOUNDARY ; MINING JOURNAL.  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District.  ���'V  S*P1   1904  3_. V  Vol.. V.  OH, A   f" p=  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 1904.  No, 42  The, Genuine  WRECK COSTS  NEAR $50,000  C.P.R. Ore   Train Was Derailed.  AIK BRAKES FAILED  TO  OPERATE  Stamped with the sign on the sole.  $4.00  4.5o  S.oo  We awry a full line of Hlacks and Tans.   I'atent  ���Vici, Kungaioo and Calf in shapes to fit any foot.  Ask for the Slater Shoe.  Oilier good niiikes Irotn $2.50 up.  Hippeaed Tuesday a Few Miles From Ph-calx  ���No Lives Lost, aad Traffic Hot Bees  Resumed  lie H��nlfr=Wri(i (o., Hi  PIIOK.NIX.  GKKENWO'OO. ���  GRAND FORKS.  m  ���mm9m^^9%^^^9^^ss9^^^ft  Eat!  Is a Pef plexing  Question  This Weather.  Let us help >ou out Its our business to cater to  the wants of \our appetite. Our stock of "Ready to  Eat" Groceries never was larger or better in the history  of thiss'oie. These are a few of the things that help  you out in ihe eating question with a minimum cost:  HAM, TURKEY, DUCK, CHICKEN,  VEAL, FIGS' FEET, DRIED BEEF,  .   CRABS, LOBSTERS, SHRIMPS,  LIME IUICE, ROOT BEER,  LEMONADE, PINEAPPLE IUICE,  CATSUPS, SAUCES and PICKLES  .. o( all, kinds.  Oranges,     Lemons.     Peaches,  Cherries, Etc.  We are making every effort to please you and give  you value lor your money. Will you encourage us by  giving 11s a share of your trade?  _^<"jMT->"irB_"><l>  Everything in Hardware.  What was by all odds the most destructive railway wreck in the his'.ory  of ore hauling from the mines of Phoenix or in the Boundary, occured last  Tuesday morning at 11 o'clock, on the  Phoenix branch of the C. P. R. and  while fortunately no li\es were lost, the  loss to the C.P.R. cannot fail to be  near $50,000, as 24 loaded ore cars  were reduced into kindling wood in a  few minutes and one of the fine Shay  engines, used exclusively in ore hauling, was badly wrecked also. -  It appears thai a full train of 25 ore  cars, with a caboose and Shay engine  No. 1901, were going down the steep  grade from Hartford Junction to Eholt,  with conductor Halpenny in charge,  Al Kenwood being the engineer, and  Chas. Hackett the fireman. When  some distance above the Oro Denoro  mine, and below Williams spur it was  evident that the air brakes on the cars  had failed to work, and the heavy train  was beyond control, rushing down a  steep grade to destruction as fast as  about 750 tons of Granby ore and the  increasing momentum could take it.  The train crew on: and all, after trying  to stop the train with the hand brakes,  and realizing that only death was  ahead to stay with the train, quickly  -selected .10ft spots atid jumped " to  safety, none of the crew being hurt.  The brakeman were J. Reid and Wm.  Toat.  In the meantime the momentum  increased and tlie engine lost both its  cylinders half a mile or a mile above  the wreck, which railway men claim  can only happen when a speed exceed  ing 46 miles an hour has been attained  When the runaway tram arrived at the  cut close to the Oro Denoro' mine, in  Summit camp, the engine jumped the  track and blocked it, the ore cars soon  piling up and being reduced to small  pieces, although the last ore car and  caboose remained on the rails. The  track itself was spread and torn up for  ioo:yards or more, the telegraph lines  were broken and traffic was completely  blocked till yesterday.  All of the motive power and rolling  stock happened to be on the other side  of the wreck, so that no passenger or  other trains could operate to and from  Phoenix. Consequently, the passenger  run to this city was cancelled, and  passengers and mail were brought to  this city by teams from Eholt or  Greenwood.  can be put in service again in the  course of time. It was the first of the  three Shays that were placed in commission on the Phoenix hill, and has  done much seruice in the last three  years. Over and through the entire  wreck the 750 tons or more of Old  Ironsides and Knob Hill ore. is scattered and piled and flung to the four  |K)ints of the compass.  It is said that, according to custom,  when the train reached Williams sid-  mg, a stop was made to allow the  brake shoes to cool 01T, after coming  down half of the steep hill from Phoenix. Before a start was made the  brakes were examined, and were apparently all right, bUt shortly after getting under headway Engineer Ken-  ward tried the air, and found that evidently jt would work, for only two or  three cars of the long train. He at  once whistled for down brakes, and  the train crew of three did their best  to apply the hand brakes. Before they  could take effect, however, the heavy  train had gained such momentum that  it was apparent nothing could stop it,  and it would have to go to destruction.  Then all hands jumped off at the first  convenient place arfd saved their lives.  Eye witnesses assert that the train  must have attained a speed of from 60  to 100 miles an hour before becoming  derailed.  Hundreds of persons from Eholt  and Phoenix have_. visited the wreck,  which is the worst} in the history of  railroading in this&ec'ion, the Granby  mines being practically closed Thursday, as no ore could he shipped. One  enterprising photographer, Jas. McRae,  of Phoenix, took: se\eral excellent  views of the wreck.  How the angle cock got turned that  let th'e air out of that ore car, ar:d  brought on the accident, is not known,  but some think it was done, perhaps  unwittingly, by some one stealing a  ride on the train. ,If so, the victim is  buried in the wreck. This will only  be determined vihen the wreck is  cleared away, and it is possible that  the -steam wrecker from Revelstoke  will be brought donn-to the Boundary  for that purpose.  PROFITS OF  $2,500 AMY  Figured by The Montreal and  Boston.  WHEN FOLK FDRNACbS AIE KUNNING  Several Groups said lo Have Ore la tight to  List Two Veara at 1,000 Teas Per Day,  Without Coaatiai New Develoaiaeat.. ���  From a circular recently issued under the authority of the Montreal &  Boston Con. Mining and Smelting Co.,  Ltd., in New  York,  some  interestieg I from the 250 foot level to the 150 foot  details of what is in prospect for this] level, and hereti pocket 30x30x15 feet  Market for the Shares.  It is learnad direct from at least two  reliable authorities that the stock' of  the Montreal & Boston in the eastern  market is active, the average trading  for the last two weeks being over 10,-  000 shares daily, one day 70,000  shares having changed hands. The  increase has been from $t}b to %i%  per share.  Proems at Ihe Mlaes.  At the properties of the Montreal  and Boston, that is, at the Brooklyn  mine, in this camp, on which the chief  effort is being concentrated at first, as  it is to be the largest shipper of the  several groups���the work of getting  ready for extensive shipments is steadily  progressing. The main incline shaft  is being enlarged to accommodate the  skip, and at the same time retimbered.  This work has now progressed upwards  GRANTED AID   ���>.  TO HOSPITAL  Qty   Council Gives   $50 Per  Months  AT WEDNtSDAVS WEEKU   MEETING  Building Around Ihe Wreck.  All of the extra workman available  were quickly put at work by the C. P.  R. in building the trestle around the  wreck, which occurred close to the  'Denoro townsite. Divisional Engineer  R. A. Bainbridge, of Nelson, Road-  master H. L. Johnson,, of Greenwood,  and Supt. J. S. Lawrence, of Nelson,  gave their personal attention to the resumption of traffic as quickly as possible. Early yesterday morning the  temporary track was finished by Ed.  McGrade's evtra gang and Foreman  Carlson's bridge crew, and trains were  once more run to Phoenix.  A visit to the wreck by the Pioneer  man shows it to have been a most  complete affair, as far as destroying the  rolling stock of the railway company is  concerned. The huge Shay locomotive is lying on its side,' its ponderous  maehinery twisted and scattered and  much of it buried under several of the  24 ore cars and their contents, which  piled up at the entrance of the cut  when the runaway train left the rails  after its mad flight of a couple of miles  or more.  The ore cars themselves are. broken  into such small pieces, that, with the  exception of some of the trucks and  wheels, they are rendered absolutely  useless. It is possible that the locomotive, with the. expenditure of a few  thousand dollars in the machine shop,  SILVER CLOUD  LOOKS GOOD  Boiler  Was   Installed  Week.  This  SHAFT IS NOW DOWN FORTY FEbT  Looks Belter, For Work Done, Than Other  High Grade Claims That Have Become  Profitable.  James McCreath, who, with L. A  Smith, Ale* Robinson and Charles  Johnson, have a lease and bond on  the Silver Cloud claim, in Skylark  camp, for $10,000, was in the city  this week, and stated that the development work thus far done on the property had been most encour-ging. The  shaft is now down about 40 feet, and  the values are increasing with depth.  The latest assays give $470 in gold,  silvei and lead for the first class ore,  and $37 for the second class ore, and  a trial shipment will be made at no  distant date.  A boiler was taken to. the property  this week, to aid in the development,  and the lessees have reason to think  that they have a. splendid mining  proposition. Those who are familiar  with the high grade claims of the  Boundary state that no equally good  showing has been made on any of the  successful high grade mines of this  section at the same depth. The property was bonded from Duncan Ross,  A. S. Black, I. H. Hallett, and John  Nelson, all of Greenwood, and adjoins  two or three other high grade claims  that are being successfully worked  thus far.  I). McD. Hunter, of Greenwood,  received the appointment as principal  of the Kaslo public school.  Road Foreman Findlay has of late  done excellent work in repairing the  Greenwood-Eholt wagon road.  This week the Greenwood Brass  band has been furnishing nv.'sic for the  celebration at Grand   Porks,  and the , ,     :���c����n_   ������..  :���  _���_     ���   _   ���   .- v around, can be   nstalled, and in 00  20 men m the organisation were re-:b        '     .��� ',        ,      ���  splendent in new uniforms.   , days a f��urth furnace can be added.  new Boundary coi poration are taken!  Regarding the Brooklyn it is given  out that this mine has 350,000 tons of  ore practically ready for shipment,  which can be placed on the cars at a  cost of $1.25 per ton. Average values  for smelting returns are given at 2 per  cent copper, . 1 ounce gold .3 ounce  silver, average value $5.62 per ton.  Cost of mining and smelting, $3.05  per ton, with a net profit of $2.57 per  ton. Total area, 170 acres, and equipment equal to handling at least 500  tons per day.  Morrison group is in the shape to  ship 150 tons per day, with 200,000  tons in sight. Ore can be placed on  cars when the spur is built for $1.25  per ton, and on account of containing  2c per cent sulphur, is specially desirable for fluxing. Average smelter returns show .2 ounces gold, from .5 to  1 ounce silver and .6 per cent copper.  Average value $4.05 per ton. Cost of  mining and smelting $2.90 per ton;  profit $1.15 per ton.  In the Athlestan-Jackpot there are  100,000 tons in sight, which;-can-be-  mined at 60 cents per ton, being on  the open quarry system. Ores run  from .2 to .8 ounces in gold and .5 to  .7 ounces silver, and can be mined and  smelted at $3.40 per ton. Ores  average $7.50 per ton, leaving profit of  $4.50 per ton. This profit will be increased by $1 per ton as soon as the  spur to the mine is completed.  The Mountain Rose in Summit  camp is much of the same character  ore as the Sunset, in Deadwood camp,  all owned by the company, and  valuable chiefly as fluxes, having large  excesses of iron, with some gold, silver  and copper values. Both have an  immense tonnage of this ore that can  be cheaply quarried.  As is well known the company's  smelter is located at Boundary Falls,  about four miles below Greenwood,  and now has a daily capacity of 650  tons daily, with two furnaces. The  third furnace on the ground will make  a capacity of 1,000 tons daily, when  the smelting costs would be $1.50 per  ton. During 1903 this smelter treated  112,226 tonsofore,pr._ducing 2,551,142  pounds of refined copper, 7,705 ounce*  of gold, and 58,72s ounces of silver.  This was the result, however, of operating one furnace 2SS and two furnaces  11 o days.  Estimated Earn'ngs.  It is estimated that, in order to obtain the best results from a metallurgical standpoint, with four furnaces in  operation, the daily charge would consist approximately of the following:  Dominion Copper ore...700 tons  Morrison... 150    "  Athelstan 120    "  Sunset              V , .1  MountainRo.se/" ���������"���'  Total.,,,,..,.,,., 1,200 tons  Such a charge, when everything is  in full running order, would, it is  claimed, make a profit of $2,511.50  per day or $916,697.50 per annum,  being 14 per cent, on the par value of  the stock issued.  All allowance for slag losses, freight  and refining charges, etc., have been  deducted from the above figures, and  no estimate has been make except on  ore actually developed and blocked  out. The freight charges are estimated  at from 15 cents to 30 cents per ton,  and that there is oro enough now  ready to last the smelter two years at  i,ooj tons per day, the smelter value  of which is over $4,000,000. In 60  days the  third   furnace,  now  on the  is being cut. The- work is necessarily  slow, but is being done in a permanent  manner, and may require three weeks  yet to finish to the surface, when shipments will at once commence.  The water is being kept out of the  Stemwinder mine, it requiring but a  few hours each week or ten days. This  mine is to be worked when the  Brooklyn is under way.  This week Supt. Collins spent several  days in Greenwood and at the Morrison mine, which is also to be gotten  ready for operations shortly, being  followed by the Athlestan-Jackpot  group in due time.  AMeratei Do Considerable Baslnes* This Week  <   ���Tula Creek To Be Flamed at Oace. ���  Miscellaaeous Matters.  Boundary Mining Notes  About twenty men are working on  the foundations for the new ore crusher  at the Mother Lode mine.  About 40 men are employed at the  Emma in Summit camp, 6 at the Oro  Denoro and 7 at the Reliance.  A fourteen inch vein of ore has  been reached on Jhe- Barbara, near  Greenwood, that runs close to $100  per ton.  After the train wreck this week,  stopping ore shipments, some of the  furnaces at the Granby smelter were  blown out for a day or two.  Cap. Morrison say's that he will  shortly resume work on the Blue Jay.  This week he secured an assay of $37  from the face of the long tunnel, now  in over 200 feet.  This week Mclntyre __ McDonald  transferred the horse whim from the  Strawberry mine, on the North Fork,  to the Silver King claim, in Skylark  camp, that is being worked under  lease and bond by Mike Kane and  associates.  The Jeffries-Munroe prize fight was  reported by roumds at the Hotel  Brooklyn last evening.  A trip to the Oro Denoro has been  quite the proper thing this week, to  view the C. P. R. wreck of 25 ore  cars and the Shay locomotive.  Harold Nelson, the popular actor, is  coming westWith a new play, "Heart  and Sword," and will appear at Miners'  Union hall on the 20th of October.  This is said to be a sprightly romance,  even in these days of romantic drama,  the author having evinced a lively  fancy and dextrous handling of his  theme.  Latest Prices in Metals.  'N. w Yui"K���CopDi'r. flevtrolvtic, $12.  50(S $12.62}.; lake, $J?.62,'_     '  Bur Silver. 572s  Lead, H.20.  Wednesday's meeting of the city  council was well attended, the council t  chamber being well filled with residents interested in the proceedings.  Aid. Boyle, Birnie, Delahay, Marshall and Porter were present, with  Mayor Rumberger in the chair.  A petition was read from a number  of business men on Dominion avenue,  asking that something be done at once  about the Burning of Twin creek from  Phoenix to Cimeron street, as it. is a  menace to health. The railway company the mayor explained will do part  of the work, and the board of works  has been authorized to see that it < is  completed without delay.  A petition was read  fiom  about 50  rate payers and residents, asking that  the council make a grant of $50 per  month to the Phoenix General  Hospital.    Secretary Martin _was present,  and on invitation of the mayor  made  some remarks, showing the necessity  for assisting  the  hospital,  which   has  been  doing  -such ' excellent  ���work in  Phoenix.    The matter was thoroughly  canvassed by the council, and finally fi"  unanimous .vote was passed granting'  the aid asked for till  the  end  of the'  year 1904,' the amount to apply on the  charge for any patients  that  the  city,  might find it necessary to send to  the ,  hospital. '       '  T A. McMaster asked for permission  to build a cess pit or septic tank un-'  der the first street bridge, for the '.usel  of the Balmoral hotel, now the-McMillan block, and the matter was referred to Aid. Birnie as a committee of  one.    MY~~ '"      �������������������� ���-  The finance committe having recommended the payment of the following  accounts, the council ordered them  paid: , ,     ���  W. H. Docksteader   OH. Flood   George Evans   C. Lamont   G.'.S. Gordon   A. Almstrom   G. E. Breakenridge   Sam Stevens   E. Dawson   B. C. Telephone/Co       9 oc  An account'of $30  was  presented  from the .-Dominion Copper Co. for  lease rent of the old city office ground  from April 1st to June 30th, the building being on the right of way of the  new railway, and now torn down. The  clerk was instructed to write tne district land registar,' asking in whose  name the property is registered and  the date of the registry.  Notice was ordered to be given to  the telephone company that the fire  alarm system was out of order, and  that unless it was placed in order at  once, the council will not pay for its-  use. The chief of .fire department was  authorized to place the heavy hose reel,  at the No. 3 station on Old Ironsides  avenue. The matter ol non-enforcement of the pound by-law was brought  up, and the question of cattle roaming  the streets and destroying flower and  vegetable gardens was discussed. The  chief of police said hu had notified  owners of cattle, and was instructed to>  notify them once more. It is likely  that more drastic action will follow if  the notification is not heeded by the  owners of wandering cows and bulls.  $  7 00  22 05  28 00  50  20 00  365  iS 00  36 00  ���?6 00  w  i"ff _|  Ml  ."'ft*  ~_Il.-  r\  m*  IK-  ���to  ft  .-*  ' ff ���:  $V  ��� if?'.  (I;  u  ^:  tl'  if  -if  i  m  f.j  "^���TH1 -^"T1" 7"  1 * i'I*  >���_._ .-._. * L_a1t| *     *     _, ���--# ��       ������ - __"-�����      S    "    J  ~r-T.J  v\ 1  .'H'  .- r  ���1 -,    . 'i.  _    - V I   ._���-     -./  m  1  if  I  ���    1  , IV,, ���      . ��� . I     I'  .<.!\*"',0_  ��� ������  -!_��������    ���  I .-.I n1   Ni  P.-   ' ? *1  J"|W"..   ���;'.,,.ft_!l _.   ,_���>'..  .���-_��-.:_-.  '-3a..., _-.)  :._���,* r.-.|  &__��_��_����_  life.  Ifpif  mm��-  mmmi ���  _a^%__M*M'_��* '  . ��  4  ���it  If  fist  *  _���'  lf?M  ��I__��  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  The Gup That Cheers  The greatest number of people is the one containing:. BLUE RIBBON TEA.  It fills them full of new life* while its perfect' purity prevents any bad after  effects. If you value good cheer, ask for BLUE RIBBON TEA.  1 Q,f*+slVt#-%y*saya*'aifr%^'Waya��+^aiw*sa&  t ���' '���������:    : ..-".      ��� j  [Air Compressors    :     Rock Drills j  THE CANADIAN R��ND DRILL CO.  D. J. MATHESON,  Head Office aud Works.  SHERBROOKE,  QUE.  Branch Offices and Warehouses:  ROSSLAND, GREENWOOD  AND  VANCOUVER,  B.C.  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal  end of the province to the other un-!��'  told destruction is being done, most oil  the fires starling from carlessness inj  one wiy or another.  B. C. MINING  ; U_n__> ON SATO-DAYS BY TBB  PIONEEBPUBLISHING CO.  _T_0_-tIX. B.C.  W. B. WILLCOX. Manaqm.  ���p_i__>.-n._ I Builneu office No, 24.  Teleptoouis j M���twr.a r^uence, Mo. 15.  And now the rufmor is published/  with details, from Nihilist sources, that  the empress of Russia really had .a  girl born to her, instead of a son, as  reported. Between the Japs and the  cliscqntented classes at home the czar  certainly has his troubles.  IDBBCBimOMS IK ADVANCE.  f      1  Fcr Year _....���. $7 00  Six Month. __ _ 1.35 j  c  [fro__renota_-b_cri_er to this paper, this  ti _n luylUUon to you to become one.  With all the strength they could  muster, tlie opposition was snowed under in the by-election at  Lillooet last  week.   They made a hard  fight, but ���    ......._ .���UJI11J.   1><cuo  lacked, about 90 votes   of  winning, ounces in silver has   been   struck on  Seemingly, the   people, are   satisfied  t'��e Antoine, in ihe Slocan.  with the McBridegoveyirnent, Liberal I    Ust   Wl.ek>s   orc       .  natsers to tru>r>rinrrnr_nhHiMiiic(nn,i;.w. >..     ... ���������iiijJiiiuu.s   lrom  Rossland's payroll -this month was  $71,700..' ������;;��� ';: .���-   ."   ,  List week tn_ frail smelter shipped  out 22_,05o pounds of lead.  'i'lie Last Cliaiice lias resinned  operations with a force of 14 men;  Sandon mines last week:. sent out  321 tons of ore, or 6769 tons lo date.  A zinc smelter is promised for New  Denver next spring, by the owners of  the Hartney group.  An eight inch vein assaying   1,200  ���'���������St-   '::\V:--K  g."| CYCLOPS MINING STEEL  f~>��'��������� SHOES AND DIES  ..   (0 ���  Q    RUSSELL, LAW, CAULFIELD, Co., Ltd.  AGENTS. GREENWOOD.  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT.  ConmiUcloiier fi��r taking AffhUtvli,.  Phoenix, is.  R. B. KERR,  Barrister and Soi.icr.i__t,'  NOTARY PUIJLIC.  PHOENIX, B.C.  GEORGE .GIBSON  '.-.'.SHAVING PARLORS   ���  ;       anp HATMROOM.  Graven-William* Ulock,cor.  ' fiiM mill Old IroiMliltKAre   I IIOKKIX   II  {'  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F.and A^M.  Kc_nliir coii.imitiicatlon S ���. ���.     ,  olid Thuisday ofccli ,������' , '���    K��  l-.nirrertit tucrlliijia������_._..!_  H��lf; Morrl��o���.j.11_JrC��;ilr^W"k';"-  G.W.RUMBUROKK,  Se-retarv,  papers to the contrary norw .thstanding.  Advertising rates furnished on application.  Legal notice. 10 and 5 ceuts per line.  four weekly Insertions constitute one month'*  _d-ertl_in��.  1904  AUG.  1904  til. Mm. T_ii. ��.���_.  Thy. Fri  President Hays, of the Grand Trunk  Pacific, is reported to have given a  written agreement  to   the   Dominion  government that when construction is  started on that   new   transcontinental  line, it will be from   the   coast   and  eastern ends simultaneously.  This, if it  proves to be a fact,  is good  news to  the part of the province affected, and  will take one good sized,' knotted and  stuffed club out of the hands of the  Tories   when' election   time    comes  Rossland mines were 5,785 tons, making 224,978 tons for the year.  - The Slocan Star is the heaviest  shipper in ihe Slocan, having an  output for the year of 1 _ijo ions.  An order-in council has been passed  at Ottawa granting $10 per ton on lead  in concentrates shipped to Hump..  Do You  Take  THE PIONEER  ?  You should if you don't. It gives the news  of the Boundary, ft works for the Boundary. It'is owned by the editor and not by  any cliqu. or faction.. It is worth $J0.00.  It costs only $2.00.  IIOIIT, no  W.a.KKABfcX  W.M.  l'HOKNIX Akkik  NO. 158.  'tetliiK* on frM.y  ;.'*-0��>.iii.i._||i,-i_  t iil-n Hall.      1  '��� V'..'.."ll '"t'lirni  toidlnll) inviud.  1'ieit. WM.FI.KNH.o.'s-cv  1 STRICTLY BUSINESS  around next year. As an oft quoted  writer is reported to have said, it is  important, if true.  J'WHATEDITORS SAY  Mthough tomorrow may never  ,,,.    01        , I come, it is foi' tomorrow the advertiser  J he Slocan -Star has over 2,000 tons I works today.  of zinc ore on hand awaiting the crec '  tion ofan enriching plant in   the  ,]j.s.  tnct.  WSreCT FOR BRiTISH JUSTICE.  ' ,     Visitors from the United States to  British Columbia are struck with one  thing about this provinre,   that they  .rarely foil to make note of, and that  is that the criminal laws of British Columbia are much belter enforced than  they are south of the 49th  parrellel.  ,   Possibly the laws are no belter here  than in most of the United States, but  the fact remains that they are enforced  in better shape.    Let us quote a case  in point  A few days ago a degenerate colored  man���from the United States, by the  way���killed a colored woman in cold  blood right in the city limits of Phoenix.   Fortunately  the  murderer was  quickly apprehended, and lodged in  jail, had his preliminary examination,  was held for trial for his life within a  couple of months, and there seems - to  be not a shadow of a doubt that the  man in question, Joshua Bell, will be  the chief attraction at a necktie party  before the snow flies in earnest.   So  much for British justice.   Now let us  look at the other side.  ���   In Georgia a few   days   ago   three  negroes   were   apprehended   charged  with murder, and placed in jail. There  seemed to be no doubt of their guilt,  and they were  tried and condemned  A FoRERUNNERf-The result of, the  Lillooet election may be regarded as a  forerunner of what will happen in British Columbia when the HLauriei' Government appeals to the people?���Nel-  son Economist. .   .  Does Not Publish All���Suppose  a newspaper man,.every"time*he hears  a man criticise him or. his paper; in  public should retaliate by holding up  to the public the faults and short-comings of the fault finder, what would be  the result? ' The editor may not know  it all, but he does not live in a community long without knowing a deuced  sight more than he publishes.���Fort  Steele Prospector.  Whv Ross  Hopes���Where   would  Duncan Ross get off.at, if the Dominion election in Yale-Cariboo was held  on the same date as the election  will  be held in other constituencies in Canada?   If Lillooet, one of the eight provincial ridings embraced in  Vale-Cariboo Dominion riding,  has 84  more  Conservatives than  Liberals,  Duncan  will   be   snowed ' urider.    But as the  election in Yale-Cariboo is to be  held  after the returns are in from the other  constituencies in Canada,  Duncan, if  Canada goes  Liberal,  hopes to be a  winner.���Nelson Tribune.   ���  D. Hodnet and H. Shiflell, of Boss-  burg, Wash , have bonded the Mountain Goat, in the Jackson basin, for  $r 0,000.  . The lessees of the upper tunnel  on the Payne have received returns  of $2800 on a car of ore recently  shipped.  For the first six months of the' year  the price of silver averaged six cents  higher "than it did during the same  period in 1903.  j The deal for the Mayetta' group of  I nine claims, adjoining the Ottawa, near  Slocan City, lias been closed, and development starts at once,  'During 1905, iS,ooo,ooo pounds of  lead were produced iu the Dominion,  valued at $762,660, Nearly the whole  of this came from the Kootenays. ��� *  The bounty paid by- the Dominion  government for the fiscal year ending  June 30th, averaged about $10 lor  every ton of silver-lead ore shipped  from-the mines.  Merchants are always glad to have  people come in but tlo not always  seem willing to invite thenrin.  No clay need be entirely devoid of  interest if the merchant lias the ability  to talk interestingly about goods-which  ���are interesting.  The worth ofan advertisement is as  great as  the  ability  of the  business  man will make it.    No store can  pro  fit  by publicity that  dosen't   boom  what people will appreciate.  THE  �����=_.  D/WENPORT  Light Locomotives  1. o. 0;f.  HNOWSIIOK I.OIJGK no 4(  .Meet* evtiy Monday liveujug- at   U_r,|..���.,,  VWth c l.r-lhrrii loidlnlly (mitrd.  Akx.Milki.. n, fj.  Oko. K. Mkad, Kf-clfSec'y,  Wm. Ddahuy, I>_r. Fin. Seey.(?  For All J'urposes.  Foi iiiiiu'!-. iiiHilHoroiili-iilt!H-nicf, for  lj>i!L'iii). Kimil", fur ciintiAc'urti. Con-  veiii.nl in oiicmte. qniuk tijid powerful,  quick di'livery, fullv guaranteed, anv size, anv requiiril lvp_, anv width of _flu_:c>,  with or without tenders. ��� "BUILT BY ���  DAVENPORT LOCOMOTIVE WORKS, Davenport, Iowa.  These engines may be s-en in service ut thu mint's of (.ir.wiby Co.  Phoenix, K. C.  9  Sho^t line  C, V, Jenkins has been appointed  temporary receiver for Rossland  Miners' Union, growing out of the  $12,500 damages awarded by the  Centre Star Mining Co, against the  Union.  The Slocan Star declared a dividend  last week amounting to $25,000, and  it is understood that the company will  distribute dividends at regular intervals henceforth, as the mine and mill  are in excellent running shape.  OLLA  PODRIDA.  Money talks all right but not loud  enough to disturb some of us,  *  A burning love is often extinguished  by cold facts about a girl's lack of fortune,    .  We never consider the mistakes' we  make as half 'so important- as those  made by, others. -  oooooooooo^  You Should Read  TBE PHOENIX PIONEER  The Leading' Weekly  0/ tHe Boundary.  and union Pacific  ONLY* LINE-EAST  VIA  Salt Lake and Denver.  :,.'���'   ���{���>.  Two' Trains'DiULr.  Sti'iim.hi|i lirkels 16 J-'u rope and ol Iil-i  foiviun 'rniti'triep.    '  ..pokmie Time Scnrdiile:  Hncrtive Nov. .22 iooj  Arrive:  Dally  Sometimes it seems as if some people thought they were brought into the  world to remind other people of'their  faults.  A Lesson.  0  Storekeepers who'do not advertise,  because of unfavorable location, limited  capital, or for other reasons, may well  to be hanged.   But before the execu- take a leaf from the book of those en-  ton could be held, they   were taken terprising persons who launch various  from their cells, the armed state  guards disarmed by a mob of people,  and were burned at the stake, their  clothing being first saturated with kerosene oil.  It is no palliation to assert that this  happened in the south, where crime is  rampant, for we all know that similar  atrocities happen in the northern  states of the union, as well.  In the cases cited all the murderers  small businesses by mail - and other  wise. It is common to hear such persons, in telling of their plans, say: "I  made up my mind to put aii the money  I could get into advertising, to - begin  with, and to put buck into advertising  all the profits I nude from it for three  months," or six months of perhaps a  year,  If a storekeeper should adopt thfe  respect :ior  were"colored, but the _... ���  British justice, which it is known will  be meted out to the criminal here, is  seemingly comparatively unknown on  the other side of the Boundary line.  Our cousins in Uncle Samtid's land  could take a leaf out of our note book  and act on it with advantage to themselves and their country at large.  plan, using the advertising method  best suited to his circumstances, he  would undoubtedly be an early convert to belief in j.te efficacy.  J.       PROVINCIAL.  The Morrissey Dispatch is giving up  the ghost.  A lodge of Eagles is to bo organized  I at Kamloops next week.  Fred Stork has been elected thjt  first mayor of the corporation of thfl  city of Fernie.  Four times as many entries have  been .made for the approaching fair at  Nelson as were made last year.  The Ti. C. Electric Railway shops  at New Westminster,'were burned on  ,|fhe 13th, causing a loss of $50,000.  Ifi Vancouver steamboats make ex-  Ho.pltal Donations  Liet of Donations received aince Jan.  1st, J.90,, to'the Phoenis' General Hospital !  Cash (too Clements. Ifoughton. Boston  <?"���_��� JS ���� A Friend  Cashfe-co Al'rfeiid  hdse. |-3oo , , A Freud  Cash fc.oo... ,._I.j. strulzel  Frnciiire lied _nd Furiiiture.vttlue Ko...A Friend  ,',1Bl1 foo T. Kuton &CO., Toronto  J< "e" ,Mm, j Crawron  Uiiimware,.,., , , ,.,.,������Misses Crnuford  {:' .'��� f?6 Canadian Kmid Drill Co  J-"8'1,.*' ���,��� , Hospifa) Stair  Miidscnpe Oprden ���.Mrs. R   B. Kerr  ji CrntB Slrptytipm'ps ..I. H. Pb pre  OT!", ���������... A Friend  Cash I5.00 1 M  Mpllfn  <"����������> ..J;���� , ,...,.....,.,.. A Friend  1 do*   lied Spread., , , a Friend  /���"'' ���r,,,iche?. Owirnc ChnplHiii  (inutile Tea I'ot ,., .Morrln, Thornpinn ft Co.  M-WHiie* W, K. Macy  WKetablBs Mr���, j. ,,   Mi,��  Crate Strawberries , , Mrs W. s. .Vncy  C_�� 1 Jt.oo per iii6iith...-.,..'.V. & S*.Telephone Co.  CrnteMrnwIrerrles,,.. Mr. W.8. Macy  Cnili, (*>.oo , Bnolielnrs' nance  <����������>. to-ofi......... R-bt'iforrcll  Published in the Heart of the Greatest Gold  Copper belt of British Columbia.  In 19Q3  p  11  . Hon. Raymond Prefontaine, minister of marine and fisheries, is spending  a little time at the coast just now, and  the question arises, has this fact any  political significance.  The burning question in British Columbia today is how to minimize the  ��?ang.rfrom for^t fires.   From  one  Cares Co!__ 9n One ftow,  Many cold cures are dangerous because composed of deadening opk_f s,  Bnt fragrant ��� healing Cntarrhozone  cures colds in one hour and is both  harmless and delightful to use. Even  the worst colds, sneezing, sniveling  colds with running eye* 4.'_? .stopped  very quickly when the balsamic v��^Wf  or Catarrhozone is inhaled. Catarrh-  o_one acts like a charm.on colds, kills  them outright, prevents their return a  few hours later, par colds, catarrh  and throat trouble use mly Catarrho-  zone. Complete outfit, $i.o>ot frial  size 2JC at all druggistA  cursiofl trips   lo   points   from   which  bush fires can be yjewed in safety.  Sandon's assessment rate this year  is 23^ mills; valuation on land, $81,.  000, and on improvements  $127,000.  Even bets are made in Nelson that  it)��   Pacific   Coast   terminus   of the  Qmnd Trunk I'mfa xW.'.i not. be at  Port fetiinpsoK,  On Sept, 1st the Crow's $/($(. pass  Coal Co. tiMes over the C.P.R. branch  from Fernie to the Coal Creek , mines,  on a lease for ten years.  If Vou Pon'J Sleep Wc||  It's bppausp ypn'r riPryes   are. in 3.  weak  irrilablfj   condition.    Ferrnzone  will make (hem strong and rowct tho  troiibl. causing your insomnia,   f'j foil  into a state of nervous exhaustion last  foil,"writes Mrs, J, Stroud of. Dexter.  "I was mn down, couldn't sleep and  perfectly miserable,���tried  Ferrozrwe  and   was   quickly   benefited,   jean  recommend Ferro^one to anyone siifr  fering from over-wrought   nerv.s and  sleeplessness."   No tonic is better, try  Ferrozone.    Price 50c at druggists.  the entire Boundary shipped 680,000 tons of ore,  neaily every ton of which was reduced by  BOUNDARY SMELTERS  Phoenix camp alone shipped 330,000 tons of oie  Inst year,  The Pioneer is published eveiy Saunday and  and is sent to any part of Canada or the United  States fur  ?...���.'in.; FAST MAIL���'Tii and from  Coeur d'Alcne (Halt id, l-'arm-  iu_loii Garfield < olfax. Full-  man, ���Moscow, ���Potneroy,  WaitKtitiiK, Dayton, Walla :  Wolla.Pciirt elon. Baiter Cily  land all point* Kflnt.......  8.00 p.  1:30 p. in. KXPRKSS-For Farminglon  Garfield,,Colfax,- Pullman,  Moscow,I.ewislon, Portland  Ban Francisco, Maker City  and all points MAST.'-  KXPKKSS ��� From fill point.  Hast. Ilaker Cily, 8an Fran-  Cisco, Portland. Colfax, Car-  field and Fariniutiton.. 11.40a.m.  ���Krcept Sunday, : '  SHOUT LINE TO CALIFORNIA.  8(H) Fianciwo- Portland Route.  Steamers sail froti-Aiiisworth dock, Portland,  at8 p. 111. anil from Spear Street wliarr, SanPran-  Cisco, at 10 a. 111. every five days.   '  Tickets on sale at all S. P &.V. .Stations.  Por further Information as to rates, tune of  trains, equipment, etc..address  C.KO. J. MOHi.KK.Geiicral Agent,  Hiverside Ave.. Spokane, Wa��)i  $2.00  per year���or the rest of the world for $3.00   per  V*r.,   It gives the  latest and Most  �� I Spokane Falls  &  Northern Ry.  The only all rail route between points  east, went anil s_iuh l0 Hoo'slnnd. Nel-  80"> ^r��"<l Forks him) .'Republic.'  Uiiff.t ,.lirs ,.������ |J(.|WeeM Spokane and  noriliport, ,  UPVKCTIVKJUNKm. ior3.  r.e��vc_ .1  80'." "'��� -Spokane................ 6:._"   m  :u,f��- "' K-��~lanrt_......v.. 4:35 p. m.  ';?,"��� "' Nelaon...  ;,To p. n,.  R-10"-m Republic. '6:15 p.m.  Save Time afl the time  DV USING  ^wffB_H9-*pfl*B^f  1 '-MW    .  ���'Reliable News  illii  >mm  of Boundary Minns and Smelters,  and independent, nnd aims to be  It is fearless  DOWN TO DATB.  Your subscription can begin at any time  Address with check  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  ��i'?ry Pbyslclao Knows  About the great ujerjit af Dr. ��� Ham  llton's Pills of Mandrake and ' ftijtter-  nut, which cleanse   the system,   cure  constipation and piles.     Use only Dr  Hamilton's PjHs.    Price 25c  We do the kind you want,  but which you rarely see ���  the kind that is Neat, Clean,  Qri0P&ml Effe/?.;y��-  '.������/?.'.? lbe wiy e.o'np|ote|y  equipped renting csta^iisji'-  ment in the Boundary occupying its own building.  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We  of thi's day hardly appreciate the difficulties and privations under^ which the  pioneers of the Boundary labored in  laying the broad and solid foundations  of what is rapidly becoming the most  important mineral section of. the'Dominion of Canada.from time to time,  accordingly, this paper will,^publish,  under this head, such of these matters  as it niay be able to obtain.  BACKACHE AND DIZZINESS;  Moat of the   Ailments   Peculiar to th.  .y.;. Female Sex are Due to Catarrh  ;" " ot Pelvic Organs.  "��"Hii   A Standard Visible Writer.  whii'li jriv__Perf��'_t.\y_rk in lli_.librl._l  lime with the (jreatefit eaee.of.up.ration.  Write for Catalogue.  PIONEER PUB: CO., Agents, PhoenU, B. C.  PALACE LIVERY; STABLES  'I lie best established and regulated hostelry in tne liotih'  daiy., We are.centrally" located iii our new siables with  a eoinpl.teouifit ot'Saddle and priviiig Horses. The  best of rigs.;-  ''Parties; driven io,,._Jiy.l_ouiid..ry. point? 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These strenuous efforts  of another  transcontinental  railway to  tap Phoenix, recall to'mind the days when the  hurricane deck of a nimble cayuse was  the accepted  means of long distance  locomotion, before the shrill  screech  of the iron horse   was  heard  in thes.  mountains.    There are numbers   of  men in   Phoenix  today who  packed  their blankets and  grub  60  and   70  miles from Marcus and   Bossburg, the  nearest railway points, for the privilege  of prospecting the  Boundary's  sunny  slopes.    And sometimes  it was necessary to retrace those weary miles to secure additional supplies, for  the country stores in those primitive days were  few and far between and carried indifferent stocks.  0  *  ���  Practical Horseshoeing, Blac.smlthlnf, ���  Dominion Ave., PhoenU, B. C.        ���  ALBERT GROIH,  �����������������_���������������������������������������<> ��������������  Phoenix Livery Stable  Mathescra & Matbeson, Props.  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Kxrnr*i(niist_  going vin the Henver.v Rio Gramlp have  the (triviloge of teturninj; via a iliflV>rent  route This is the 1110-t pleaennt way.  as well aa I lie most'delightful route to  cross the continent. , The. tope arranged  If you have catarrh write at once to  Dr. Uartman, giving a full statement of irive an onportnnity of visiting Ihe vari  your case, and he will be pleased to gi.e  ous points ��>f inlerei-t in uiul  about Salt  you his valuable advice gratis. ��� fj"ke City. Denver and Kmi-iis Cily.   Jf  Address Dr.  Hartman, President ol  "he Hut man Sao.Ur.___i, Colombo*, O.  PHOENIX PIONEER  And Bocndary Mining Joarnal,  "When you  read tne>  You'll have no trouble in keeping posted on B undary Mining Matters,  m.ly    send a $2 hill for year's trial tp..Pioneer Pun. Co., Phoenix, B. C  mmmmm  yfAGiFrGAY.  Fair  Excursion Rates  Phoenix test. Louis, $62-75  Chicago, $67.75  Toronto, $90.10  Montreal, $100.75  Halifax, $124 55  New York, $103.75  90 Days' Limit.       <  DATES OF SALE.     ���  "������''    Sept's, 6,7.  Tnken. Wilh Cramps.  Wiii. Kirmse, a member of the  bridge gang working near Littleport  was taken suddenly ill Thursday  night with cramps and a kind of  cholera. His case was so severe that  he had to have the' members of the  crew wait upon him and Mr. Clifford  called and consulted. He told, him  that he had a medicine in the form of  a Chamberlains Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy that he thought  would help him out, and accordingly  several doser were administered, with  the result that the fellow was able to  be around next day. The incident  speaks quite highly of Mr. Gifford's  medicines.���Elkador, Iowa, Argus.  ���; This remedy never, fails. Keep it  in your homes, it may save life. For  sale by all druggists.       ,  Placer mining was the first attraction to the Boundary, it haying been  carried on in the early '8o's with some  degree of success. Lode mining was  not known till after 1884, when Chas.  Dietz, still a resident of the Boundary,  came into this section. Then John  Thornton, W.'.T. Smith, George East,  James McCormick, David Leyson,  James Atwood, Ed. Lefevre, Wm. Ingram, Matthew Hotter, and George  Rumberger came in in the late'8o's  and early 'qc's- followed by a host of  others, most of whom had had some  experience in the silver booms of the  Slocan or the Coeur d'Alenes, or in  Rossland.  But for many years the only  means  ingress and egress to this  section  was  by way of Marcus or Bossburg, unless  one took the Dewdney trail from Rossland,  as   many   did,   especially   the'  Chinamen, who had an aversion to going through Uncle Sam's land. In the  the,course of time a wagon  road was  built from Marcus up the Kettle  river  to Cascade by, the townsite people of  that now quiet hamlet.    It  was   easy  to extend this to  the  present  site of  Grand Forks, and thence  over   boundary   mountain   to    Anaconda   and  Greenwood.    Robert Wood, the father  of Greenwood, did a  lot of   work in  road building to  bring  trade   to that  growing village, and if helped  to de-  velbpths country.  by Mr. Graves to piovide a team to  take the party to Phoenix. When the  two scrawny and forlorn looking cay-  uses came up the travellers looked  askance at the animals, but being assured of their toughness, all board was  soon said. To the surprise of Mr.  Graves and Mr. Whitney, the cayuses  landed the party safely in Phoenix, 60  miles away, ahead of the regular siage,  which had several relays of horses on  the way.  It is needless to remark that Mr.  Whitney was greatly impressed by  what he saw of the then coining Granby mines, even at that early date of  their development, and it is not unlikely that the Philadelphian is one of  those who thinks Granby stock' is still  good enough to hang on to.  you wish fo 1111.1111 pany one oi tlieceex  i .irsioi s write atonee lo W. C. MoBiide,  124 Third Mieet,  Poitland,   for _le< ping  ear repervutionp.  Cholera Infantum.  This disease has lost its 1 error since  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and  Diarrhoea Remedy came into general  use. The uniform success which attends the use of this remedy in all  cases of bowel complaint in children,  has made it a favorite wherever its  value has become known. For sale  by all druggists.  s...  J a a a  SANITARIUM, Arrow Lake, B.C.  _____ The most perfecty appon.t'      -   ill  and Pleasure Kesort in the West, wilh a  jilelt;system of Ruths���including Tnr_n.li an 1  itusbinn.   Open the year louiiil.   The cuiative  properties of its waters are'unequaled.  For Curing all Klicuinatic. Ncrvoui and Mus-  cular Trouhlett.  For Healing all Kidney, Liver and Ktc.i_.ach  ailim nts.  For KHimuatiiig all Metallicl'oitonii fion. the  System  The grandeur of the scenery is unrivaled'  Mountains,.snow peaks, forests,lakes.waierfalls,  bonting, yachting, fishing, shooting, excursion,  teniM".     Its winter climate is unsurpiisited lir  The Most   Delightful Way To Cross The  Continent  I'll rough lalt Lake City, Glenwood Springs, Leadville, Pueblo, ' ''  Colorado Springe and Denver.  ADajjljjlil RMe Through Nature's AH Gallery  PaFsing Castle Gate. Canon of The Grand, Tennessee Paee,'  Marshal Pass and the Royal Gorge.  3 Fast Trains Daily Bet; Ogden and Denver"^  Equipment and Service Second to None  SEEK NO FURTHER, FOR BETTER CAN'i  BE FOUND.  For Detailed Information, address  W. C.McBRIDE, General Agent, 124Third Street. PORTLAND, OREGON.  THE MILWAUKEE  Low Excursion Fakes,/.  or all  eastern   points   will   also  be  quoted going via Port  Arthur  ail rail  or lake route  returning  same   or via  Chicago and St. Louis.    For   full par-'  ticulars apply to local agents.  J. G. 't,_,V.!C, '''..-'     E.J.Covle,.  Abent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.  Nelson, B.C.  Olen T(sna Collie Kennels  THE   HOME OK  COLLIES  We make a specialty of breeding the  best working strains for sheep-men  and sell, at reasonable prices. Our  Collies give satisfaction toflockmnstcrs  everywhere.    Write us your wants.;  Thos. S. Griffith,  P. O. Box 1007. Spokane, Wash.  ffl��eoesQ8fi����ofiooeseoo������offi9  One of these roads was to Phoenix,  the same that the traveller now passes  over from here in going to Greenwood  Later a road was built from here, to  meet the Anaconda road, out to Wellington camp, and shortly Phoenix was  on the main stage road of the Boundary. Over this road, till the C.'P.R.  was completed in 1899, all of the  heavy machinery used in the, development of Boundary mines had to be  hauled at great expense from Bossburg.  Staging was a fierce proposition, many  times, in those days, especially when  weather conditions was not propitious.  But the Boundary was growing steadily, and was destined to be known all  over the world.  ���. In the summer of 1898 W. C. Whit  ney, of Philadelphia,, son of the ex-  secretary of the United States navy,  had been induced to ��� visit the Old  Ironsides and Knob Hill mines by J.  P. Graves, then _.nd now the manager.  Like all others, he had to travel by  stage from Bossburg to arrive at the  scene of his investments. In Bossburg Reid C. Crowell had been asked  British Music In Spokane.  The Fifth Regiment Royal Artillery  band of the British government will be  in Spokane October 3 to 9 to  furnish  music for the Spokane Interstate Fair.  J. M. Finn  is   manager.    The  band  comes from Victoria, B. C.    It is one  of the finest in the British  service.  It  is an old organization, with   24  of the  best musicians in   the   land.    It has  travelled in the  various   parts   of the  globe, but heretofore it seldom has left  British soil.    This year it secured permission to leave in order to go to  the  St. Louis fair and   the   Spokane   fair.  The band   is preparing  specially for  these two engagements by  daily drills  and most persistent practice.    It also  has had made  in   London   new   uniform's.  A familiar name for the Chicau'i, Milwaukee i. St. Paul Railway, known all  over the. Union, a_ the Great Railway  running the "Pioneer Limited" trains  every day and night between St. Paul  and Chicago, ami Omaha and Chicago,  "The only perfect trains in the noil I."  Understand: Connection31 are made  with All Transcontinental T .nee, assuring to pacseliters the best service known.  Luxurious coaches, electric lights--, steam  heat, of a verity equaled by no other  line.  .See that yum- ticket reads via '"The  Milwaukee"' when going to any point in  the United States or Canada. All ticket  agents sell them.  For rates, pamphlets or oilier information, address,  H. S.-Rowe,  R. L. Ford,  Trav.-Pass. Agt.,  SPOKANE, WH.  General Ageu ,  PORTLAND, OR  Ah Unprecedented  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  WEBB & MAYNARD  General Painting and  . . Sign Writing  Greenwood, B. C.  Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe (daily) both for One  year    Phoenix Pioneer and Toronto  Globe, (weekly) both for One  year .......;.....   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Phoenix Bakery,  PhoenirStreet.. 'Photie53,  We make good  bread,     Try it,   C. XV. GRF.ER, Proprietor.  A Man Hales Himself  When he wakes up with headache  and bad taste in the mouth. Something is needed to settle the stomach,  clear away the dull heavy feeling and  create a little appetite. Just get a  tumbler of. water, some sugar, and pour  in a stiff dose of Nerviline. You'll  pick up immediately and feel tip-top in  a few minutes. Nerviline hasn't an  equal for a condition of this kind. It  stimulates, cures the headache, relieves  the sick feelinc and fits you for a hard  day's work. Try Nerviline. Large  bottles cost 25c.  Send all subscriptions to this office.  PHOENIX  PIONEER,  "     * PHOENIX, B.C.  Phoenix Home Brewed  w  Brewed by a home institution, lias proven  the test and has made a  Host of Friends  who testifv to its Good Qualities  PHOENIX BREWERY,  . JULIUS MUELLER,  Proprietor.  Corner Standard Ave. and Banner St. Phoenix  VOL. IV.���Th- 1!KM Intcniatlon.il Edition���lists ni d d-sviilxK 3.:::l rn��piT mines .mil comyunies,  1 in _'.l parts of the world, descriptions of the various mines i anzir.g' frotr. i lines to 12 fasts in length,  according to importance.  There are also li miscellaneous chapter.', devoted M the His'- - Use-, Terminology, Geography,  Geology, Chemistry, ilincraio;;-, i_.t_llur_>, Finances a::d _._u*t;cs of Copper, makiir; the volume  a veritable cyclopedia on the subject.  It Is the World's Standard Reference Book on Copper  Every Miner, Prospector, 1 nvestor. Ranker and P.roher needs the book. Price is ?5 in buckram  binding with gilt top (or*7.50 in Full Library Morocco) and llr: book will be sent, fully prepaid, on  approval, to any address in the world, to be paid for if found satisfactory, or may be returned within  one week after receipt, and the charge will be cancelled.   Address the Author and Publisher,  Horace J. Stevens, 36 Post Office Block, Houghton,Mkh.,U.S. A.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement..  Notice.  G. J- Hayward  Seth nnd Jerry VIn.rat Claims, situate in the  Greenwoo-' Mininit Division of Ynle District.  Where located, in r.ottg Luke enmp.  fakeuo'tlw Hint I, Albert K. Aslicroft. aet-  iiiRnsaccMt fortlie Jewel Gold Mines Limtcil.  Free Miner's Certificate No. BSsAir, intend  sixtv dnvs from the date hereo<", to apply to thf  Mining "Recorder for a Ccrtific-nte of Iniorov  nietits, for the purpose of obta'ning n Crowr  Grant of the above claim.  Andfurther take notice that action under se<-  tion V,must be commenced before the issuance .  suchCertificatc of Improvements.  Dated thin 15th dayof August; 1904.  AV-iytT B. ASHCROFT, P. I,, S,  CUSTOMS   BROKER.  NOTARY  TUHI.IC,  CONVEYANCER.  COLLECTION AGENT.  Dealer m Ri:ai. Kstatk, l.ivr. .Stock.  Grand Forks, B. O.  Ik*  mi ���  m  - *��_*!  tgn ,  *   ^'    i* fin  " ^��-'<  *'��**.  i#>i  ���'{W  ���. m  ��� ^ftp.  ���;.;.&;  - ,.-#.  f'l  I:  if,  ;?A_;  ifrii  jfji  I:  ���)!'  r -  I'��� I  '4-  %  Mi  '���%'  Ji*  li!  W  I.  w  .. f  PL--J-.  -_ jfc  _"��>T. j;  !> _:'?_.']  ���      ,s V,>      _->:l   ������������    :     * r*J   ���������    -   "- ���'������������. -���*������ ���������-���    *���':'���   i '���.;���������'   -������ '-V ���.;-4."1   ���V.'v1- . *"   .. ���    .;���'>-''..',"���"   i"ii. -..��-���.' ���>   ��� >>r- -. ���   �� -* -'- ' ���: ;"i'--' ' V.rf. >.J-fv *���'   .-..'V-o'V-i ;..'.'���)   " J. ���'!.. "-f'C-'   J. ,.. ,.t.,.'v'-*r-,; ,,.     .V ���;.-.*���,  ...-.  i.<" i  *<��������� ���<��� ... 'I.  _***  rx_f��r-*".'l *  i^'.p? i-'i"j  r*r -v, i ���*.-.1  |i;>_>>i!.'  ____fe__.*__Kls*S     _-���"*_!-'  1-jsS.  _��_  &   '">  11  iii  S.-S-  m  l '__  Ui  r\&.' *vfJp_L.i /.  tor  1). �� 1( Sw  |*r_S__i____  , T -*   I-' '.  J "Is  THE PHOENIX HONEER  In and Around Phoenix \  BRIEF TOPICS  OF  LOCAL  AND' GENERAL  INTEREST TO  PHOENICIANS.  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  For International Coal slock see J.  L. Martin.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, will be at his  office, Bank block, from Sept. ioth  to 14th.  The Methodist church will probably  have its opening some time in the  early part of September.  Why not get a nice little -took containing 30 select views of Phoenix,  from G. R. B. Kinney.  McMillan  For large returns and good divi- tms  dends buy International Coal stock of tjm(jer  J. L. Martin, Phoenix, B. C. I  The Catholic Ladies' Aid are arranging to give a social ball on the  evening of the 13th of September.  Miss Graham, of Victoria, who has  been visiting some weeks with Mrs.  Donald J. Matheson, returned to the  coast by Thursday's train.  /    Dr.  Simmons,   dentist,  block, Sept. 13 to 16.  T.W. Hodgins went over to Vernon  Thursday, to visit his family for two or  three weeks.  Born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kid-  well, at Calgary, formerly of Phoenix,  on Monday, August 15th, a son.  Hugh McGuire secured "the pool  selling privileges at the Grand .Forks  Race Meet, which was held this week.  The Granby Co. had a force 0/ men  out fighting bush fires south of the city  this week, which were threatening some  Australian Jack Turner,- who-gave  a boxing match here, three weeks ago,  in which Joshua Bell; the colored murderer, was a participant",'is giving a _c-  round match tonight ;in Grand ,Forks  with Kid Brady of Salt Lake City.?'  ""ii���"- *   , '���    . !.'    -    '''-���.  No Substitute Offer...        *  Say what you will about druggists  offering something "just as good" because it pays a better profit, the fact  still stands that ninety-nine out of a  hundred druggists recommend Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea  Remedy when the. best remedy for  diarrhoea is asked for, and do so,'be  cause they know it is the' one remedy  that can always bt? depended upon,  even in the most severe and dangerous  cases.    Sold by all druggists.     .!���;  Grand Big Street  Last Saturday morning Mrs. John  K. Fraser presented her husband with  a bright little daughter, at their home  at the Gold Drop claim.  2,000 Granby, 1,000 and 500 shares  International Coal and Cokei' 1,000  Oro Denoro shares for sale, Mortimer,  the Real Estate and Insurance Agent.  Barclay Bonthorne,agent for the Erl  Syndicate, Ltd;, a London corporation  that owns the Monarch claim, near  the Snowshoe, was a recent visitor in  the Boundary.  Sam Stevens has nine men on the  work of taking the rock out of Knob  Hill avenue, which work is being done  by the city.  I  ChurcH Services  I        Tomorrow.  Greenwood had a small fire last  wtek, a couple of small houses in the  outskirts being burned down, owned  by Mrs. Loughead.  Phoenix was defeated last Sunday at  Grand Forks at base ball by a score of  18 to-12. About 40 went down on  the special excursion train that had  been chartered.  Bulls are still allowed ��� to roam the  city at will, scaring women and children and destroying gardens at will,  notwithstanding the chief of police and  the city council.  Herbert Taylor with the Bohemian  Concert Co., is billed to appear at  Miners! Union hall on Thursday,  September 8th. He is well spoken  of by the press.  C. H. Turnbull, who has had charge  .' of the jewelry business of G^ E.  Dey  while the latter was on a vacation in  ���   the east, left Saturday to accept a'posi-  tionat Lethbridge.  ,   '   The two year old son of Contractor  Pat, Hughes, who has been in the hospital for a - couple of weeks, suffering  ,'" -from summer complaint, is reported as  gradually improving!  ' While the trips of C. A. DesBrisay,  right of way agent of the Greal .Northern,' are not as frequent here as formerly, he still visits Phoenix occasionally,  as he did this week.  Dr. C, M. Kingston, ��� of Grand  Forks, is attending the Canadian Med  ical Association meeting, being held  this week at Vancouver.  ji " '*" ,     > j ' -     ',  J. Burtt'Morgan, the life insurance  man, has become;manager of the Ghil-  liwack Power & .Light Co.; 'Ltd;, at  the coast, and has removed his family  thither. ,.t ', ..-*.,'' . >,  iiti'S"' ' ,-;~ .f 1> " ���<  For the last two'or" three weeks', the  Grand Forks News-Gazette lias been  coming out on' variegated colored  stock, to advertise the Street Carnival  held there this week.  In the Presbyterian Church tomorrow the topics will be in the Morning: "Pilgrims and Strangers;"-and in  the evening: "The Man of Macedonia."  An anthem by the choir. *  r'  ' ' >4 r- < n ,'.--:-,;, *"  The wagon road to ��� Franklin- camp  is now about completed - to' a point  about eight miles from the camp. Geo.  A. Fraser, M. L. A., states that $500  more is available for this, work, from  the government.  St. John's Church of England, Rev,  XV. J. Wood, Missionary. Sunday  School, 10 a. m.; Morning Prayer, 11  a. m.; Evening Prayer, 7:30; p. iii.;  Evetyone cordially invited to attend  any and all services.': /      '  St. Andrews' Piesbyteriaii Chinch,  Service tomonow at 11 a. m. and  7:3�� 1>- m. Sunday school and Jiible  class at 2:30 p. 111. Rev. E. C. \V.  MncColl, B. A., pastor. A coidial  welcome to all.  Methodist���Seivicesat 11 a.m. nnd  7.30 p. in. at Graves-Williams Jiall, the  pastor preaching at-both seivices. Sunday School at 2.2 d p. 111. A hearty 111  vitation is extended to .11. D.M.  Perley, H. A., pastor.  Knob HilT  ������-���M_-_*__-__-__-_-_��_-_-a-_-_-_-______a________,  Hotel  J. E. BELL, Manager.  Best Pining .Room m the City���Kvery-  '.   During the Race Meet kt  Grand Forks, B.C.  At*g. 24-27  You Can Get  THE FINEST FRUITS that grow  and THE FINEST CIGARS and  TOBACCOS ever smoked at the new  store of...',....  Alex McRae,  Stationery, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.  Hardy Block,  - Dominion Aye.  The B.C. Assay and  Chemical Supply Co., Im  VANCOUVER, B.C.      '  Direct Importers of Assayed Supplies  Sole Aeenta in B. C. for the wpII __ '  Batl.rsea Crucibles. Scor ?e�� M1wHW'n  etc. Selling agents for the F \S"b"_Wv  Co's SpttialtlM. Carv Furnace. Bn>��f"  etc. Men*!' Pure Chenilii^AwS,-m "'  tor, Platinum, Quicksilver 6 ?Vt I*/  Borax  GImm awl all Heav^cWi���'  Sp6Cl��lty-SII��r Fre._._d_���dllthir,e '  ���Complete A.sny OutfitR   furnltl.wl '��!  abort notice. Satiation Gu_rHm,,!i!  -���-m^4-m- m ��� m-m-mt-9~  G. W, Rttmtergit  (INCLUSIVE.)  The most novel itttiiiciion ev.r h<?|il in the Boundary Conn'ry.-Four  'lavanf ui'iHM.'l i'litertiniiini'iit iiml merry-miiking, in whii'li the whole  Unitinlary .imiitry ,s conlinlly invited to jtaitieipato. .   ' ���','    :    ���  An inttTPi'tiiip feiiliiruof tliH Carnival will 1m> the coronal ion (if llm  (.iti-en:who will I)'' olwieil liy"popular.vote. Cumli'li lei<. are eiitereil  froiniinRslniid; Nolcon, Greenwood. Pli'.eiiix, Hepitlilic, Niirtl i��>rt. anil  (.M'linil Koik��, ami 11 close aiiil <.>ii:itci|i-oir.evt i" looked, for. Tin' tmc-  ct'."��ful CHinliiliite for (_ne.11 will Im preKenleil with 11 -piir_�� of-$250,00  for prepiimioiy cx-peiiHL'.. Aiiother feutilie willhe Hie '(.rainl Midway  Pliiipfiiico, which will be stocked wilh novel tie. of every (Itheiiptioii.  Theie will alto hi) a iock <!rilliii}: eonii-.-t for 1200 purse, in which  the best tcainB 111 llic niiroiiiiiiinn loiintiy will meet in competition,  The unln iiltraclio'i will In'Munli-tiiHa 1 l'ght, when everyone iu invited  lo nm.k from 7 to 11.IK) p. in.    Kot fnrllioi pitiliciihiiH fee poHlern.  Theie will be SrKCIAI. UA I'l-S OX ALL K.MIAVAYS duriiiR  Can ivtil ��oek. '  w  I ���  I  Dotiiinion: Ave  Telephone N_. 28.  jReal Estate  : : and Mines  j Houses to Rent, City Property for Sale.  i Shares in all the leading mines bought and  I sold. Informal km about Wtoenix'..-aud the  Boundary country given on application.  "9  i  .t  -������  T  1  t  9  I  t  t_f��  -��-������ ��� ��������� ���-���-���-���-���-���  Phoenix, B. C. J  ALD. FEENEY,  J. TEMPLE,  .M. WHITE,  Board*, of Directors.  GEO- URI.1X, r.  I.. F. PETRIE, J,  , JOHN'LEAMY,        C  DONALDSON  M. ROSS,     *  BUHLER.   '  ONE ON YOU   ..,....%���  And a Good One, if it is one  M  of   our    NEW.   SPRING  SUITS, latest  styles, fines,  materials, best workmanship!  mm  thing First-class.    Your patronage Solicited.  FirstSt.       -       Phoenix, B: C.  Photos!  -<>ia&  An impressive and important triumph  will convince the intending insurer that  a-policy in the Mutual Life-of Canada  pays. Satisfy yourself by examining  figures before you take a policy,  Get a Photo of the wrecked ore  train. G. R. B. Kinney has some fine  ones at Black's Jewelry store. Also  some nice ones of the Shay engine and  crew just before the wreck occurred.  , ..The water in the supply lake continues to. get lower every week, though  a couple of inches are flowing into the  system from the Banner and other  springs on the south side of the  city.      ' ���  Rev. D. M. Perley, B. A., was tendered a pound party at his residence  Tuesday evening by a unmber of his  church people, it being his 21st birthday. A most enjoyable evening was  passed.  Nelson Lemieux returned this week  from a prospecting trip to the headwaters of the Tulameen river in the  Similkameen country. He says he  has several untamed but likely wildcats  in that locality.  An eastern syndicate is said to be  negotiating for extensive timber limits  up the North Fork of* Kettle river,  which, if completed, will also take in  the Lequmie sawmill property.  A, J.'McMillan has returned from  London "to Rossland, and Mr. ,Geo. S  Waterlow, also a member of the directorate!'^ the LeRoi! and \ Snowshoe  companies, is expected 'to 'arrive in  British Columbia some time next  month.    '" , ,.  Miss Mary Purcell, of the telephone  office,'Rossland, received 3,076 votes  forthe queen of the Grand Forks  Street Carnivai; Miss Rose HoiTman,  of Grand Forks, 2825; Miss Annie  Pierce., Of Phoenix, 946; Miss .Valda  Dufour, Grand Forks, who withdrew,  60.  Fofsale,"at half price, full "set'of  Encyclopedia Britannica. Inquire at  the Pioneer office.  School opened Monday after the  summer holidays, the attendance being  about 85 students. Quite a number  of new students were enrolled, and the  school board has had the school building renovated.  We are all looking for profits! Would  you like a share in a large concern  and at the same time protect your  nearest and dearest? If so, let Morti  mer submit you rates in the Mutual  Life of Canada.  A. B. Hood, acting manager of the  Eastern Townships Bank, is leaving  tomorrow for a month's vacation in the  east. N. H. Slack, of the Grand  Forks branch, will have charge while  Mr. Hood is absent.  Little Dan Haggerty, the child' who  was sent east for expert treatment for  congenital hip disease, etc., returned  Monday fittm Toronto,1 having been  absent ��� exactly six months. He is  improved but not entirely cured.  Miners and business men subscribed  to send him east.  At a meeting of the license commissioners of the city held Wednesday  evening a retail liquor license was  granted to J. A. McMaster for the  Balmoral hotel, providing, the changes  in the building are made according to the plans submitted and  to the satisfaction of the city clerk-  Dr.'McDonald, the Grand Forks  dentist, was taken to the coast last  Saturday, to be operated on for appendicitis. He was reported in bad  shape when he started, and was accompanied by,.his 'wife. - The doctor  had been over in the Okanogan country,' when he was taken down at  Keloivna, and at once hurried home.  Perfect Simplicity,.  Perfect Reliability  and Strength  -; ' The- most searching investigation of  Wate*man's  Weal  Fountain  Pen***  proves that it excels in  tmality of materials, perfection of workmanship  simplicity of   construction.    With no chance  for deterioration and no  values   or   complicated  mechanism to get out of  order, it is the     '  PEN WITHOUT A PEER.'  Nothing is stronger than  its weakest part.  MS-  Now is the time  Prices $J0.00 to $25.00.  NEW CROP of Spring Shirts, Underwear, Shoes, etc., just received.    Call in and examine them.  THOS. BROWN,  ^ Men's Wear Exclusively.  tjft  to get  your  tures taken.  Mr. Kinney  Black's Hotel<  M&  does  Get a*  First-Class  Trv Him.  Souvenir Book of Ptwe  nix Views.  >y^Mm^^M*M��  Stationer., eic.        Knob Hill Ave.  Those who have already visited the  Street Fair and Race Meet at Grand  Forks this week, report it as'being a  most successful event all through.  Nelson business men chartered 'a car  and went to Giand Forks. Thursday.  Many Phoenicians did not attend he-  cause of the railway week a few miles  from here, which completely'blocked  traffic on Ijhe I'Jwenjx branch for three  days.  P. Burns & Co. are doing some  business. This great firm is shipping  heavily, to Dawson ,and Europe, and  has the contract to supply nine rail-  " roads under construction in Canada  and Montana with meat. Thty also  have the contract for the meat supplies for the bigifrigatiotiCP.R. ditch  in Alberta,  -tra-- Far Sale, Qheap  My house for sale at a bargain, five  rooms, city water, Jot 30x100,  located  on Brooklyn avenue.   Apply to  J. A. B_,air,  4*���4*- Phoenix, B. C.  Nelson  ������of SOI!*  Second Annual Exhibition of (he  NELSON    AGRICULTURAL and  INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION  SEPT. 28 & 29  NEW BUILDINGS,  FINE GROUNDS,  BIG PREMIUM LIST,  .NOVFI.  OPEN  AIR   ATTRACTION'S.  .yrije for Prize List.  J. I AMBLE, Sec,  NELSON. B. C,  "Like All The Old Fruit Fairs"  Eleventh Annual  Spokane  Interstate Fair  Spokane,October 3 to 9.  With Large Displays in ail Departments.  '���   $2,000 offered for Fiuit and Fruit.Exhibits.  .    Moie than $30,000 in Premiums and Piizes.  Five'or More Exciting Races Each Day.    $12,000 in    l'urses.  Down Town Carnival each nii>ht.  Fifth Regiment British Artillery Band. '  Free High Class Vaudeville Attiactions Daily. 1  Fine Mineral Display, Dog Show, Ail EJdiibit, etc.  ���Remember���Low Rates and Special Excursions r,n  all   Railroads.  Concession Privileges for Sale.    Write for I'lemium List and Race  Program.  ��� ROBT.  H. COSGROVE, Secret a r> and Manager  IMKDY-McKKNZIK HI.K.  DOMINION AVE., PHOKN'IX.  .Dominion Avknuk, PHOENIX, B.C.  Work  Commodious Sample Rooms  First-Class Dining Room in connection  Bar Well Slocked with Choicest Goods  Most Conveniently Located  Telephone No. 26. '  GREENWOOD  LIQUOR  [COMPANY..  Boundakv Agents for  =Pabst's CelebratedBeer-  Fortify yourselves for the warm,  weather by drinking  "Iron Brew"  Wholesale    WINES,   LIQUORS  and  CIGARS.  Prompt attention to Telephone  Orders.  Greenwood, B. C.  JAMES McCREATH,  PROP.  ThomasJDifiig Co.  Boundary Agents for Columbia  Graphophones. A full line of  musical goods always in stock.  Try us by phone or mail.  GREENWOOD. B. c.  Giving up Marsh Block owing lo  laise in rem.  rAf Q-t.A ^'"'re Furnishings in  ��Vl Jolv ihe Marsh block, in-  ." eluding   House-keep  ing, Bedroom and Parlor Furniture  Come an.! see and pick   out bargain.'.  Granby Exchange  Ed. Black,  Watchmakor  ���nd Jeweler,  FIRST bTHBlST���NEXT KN'OBJUM, !IOrUI>.  FIppTim_ii].._Kan- Flue Eeriiirlng  Of all kind.,        >  Full slock of Toliaonon _...<! Cigars  -9-9-9-9  ) j. A. McMastar has let the con  tract to H. A. Munno for the alter-j  ations to the McMillan block, to trans-;  foim it into the Hotel Balmoral.  There will lie'fourteen rooms on the!  upper floor, and many changes will  also be made on the lowei floor.   The  .hotel will prpbablynot he thrown open  for business till late in September. A.  F. McMillan, the owner,  was in the  city this week.  0. R. & N. Summer Book.  The handsome 1904 summer  book  "Restful Recreatibn resorts," issued by  the passenger department of the Oiegon  Railroad and Navagation Company  is  just out.   It tells all abfcut the sum  menng places of the Columbia river  Valley���a brief description of the trips  up apd 4om the Columbia river,  to  the mountains, fetches, inland resorts  and fountains ,of healing where  they  are and how to reach them. The book  has   a special designed fropt caver, k  printed in two colors, and  .he inside'  pages are   splendidly   illustrated   by  costly and be��j_Uful half-tones. A copv'  of this publication m$y be obtained by  sending two cents in staaps to A. L,  Craig, General Passenger ^Agent of the  Oregon Railroad and Navigation Coin-  jeny, Portland.  The  Luxury  Corn Plasters  Remove Corns.  YL  flfE  DRUGGIST. 1  -9-9- Q-9-$-9~&-9-Q-r>-&-Q-  You Are Invited to come and inspect our new arrivals in ... "J  eu s  The newest of this season's patterns in Netr-  ligee and Outing Shirts. . g  l^&^^^*<^���*  Watches,  BATH...  fli!f__!���.0Ws,  IN   REACH  Of   RVI.RVONE. -  See the wonderful YOHO WATER  HEATER, the latest invention, at  . Huntes-Kendtlek Co., Ltd.  Sole Agents for Phoenix.  Jewelry/  Repairing,  We can ''Watch" you at almost anv  price, from the good, e\vry<iay timepiece  to the expensive adjusted" chronometer.  Our Jewelry nnd Cut Glass stock  will he found just what you dcp>':e to  make a selection from.  In repairing we are prepared to take  care of anything in this line.  A stylish line of Shirt Waists fa white and colors  stock of Ladies' and Gents' Furnishing Goods.  o  9  a  a  9  a  0  ���  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  0  9  0  e  Our ranges of styles and prices in Ladies',  dren s Shoes are the best in the city.  s andChil=  THE  1  The Jeweler.  Knob HM Ave,  ������f����rff.f.?............................i���..���M....v,e.���>MMMewMM|  t  0  0  .  0  0  0  0  0  0  . 0  0  0  0  0  0  0  if  1 M  fe -_��  b-  ...  .1  4  ' .a  _c  -"_  ���������.  -I  '{  ; -i  *    -                   .                                                                                '               '" ~ '"     ���I    _     ���    -                    r.     ,   _���        . ._ 1  ,   t., ja_ .  - ,\ r .,���"" *��� ' "ii-   *       1.      ���<-',"     1 -.-:������ ���-        1. '-.       ',    1   .   * ��i. -     ��i- 'j     1 -    -      -��� �� ��� �� ,    . - ���>.   ,  ���    " "~~r . *"���,    ��� ������-"���-���r-,T-Vr--r--_.,_ __,._   .,   ���". .    >,-   ...'��� .1.','   1      ���.'���     ���'    ,.   ��� ''���  .���*..,      .     .  - .   ��       ��������        *���     '*_*���       - '    ������   ��������!      _   -t      -���*       ' i -   .  ���' _��� ���      ���*���.   �����.���  } '   ������-..-..     i'ii ��� ',. -"v ���* , ��� ���������.���*��������. ������ \ ���*, . *.��� <v 1 �� t   .t,-^5---- 11-7-T���r"yr  -���    �����,     !������. -��� _. .  ,.*.   ,���         ,. - ���.���'..'-,   ���.'-_.    '.-i����   \   \- - ���, - ���   1,1'tf >'i   v ',' - ���-." i�� '   '   *v .���.!���_ .-�����������, %���.'���'   *> ���.���>-���-���'-_-- ���-�����' ,���  -vs '. *��� is.'��� ; 1 v i���������"..' ..--���������   .:-_"���;���'  ���> -���������-'-.?��� 1. ��� ".  1 ..-  ��� -'  ft'"-'  ,_,   <-. f   ,-/   _^  )   .',    ��� .��_      t".  ���  ������...*    .   ���,   -.lA'  ll.,��-    J. ( .   1


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