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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 28, 1909

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,.i4%..-J:'MM*.-^> ■
—.riVj.:*^''..!., ^-.VWrtm-.'.^'M^^y •»-*!-***  .^■^ytti'ifr'k.J.f^i' .) -*
■■: •■zA:yypMks/"m^-'
Tenth Year.
f?!-:•.'_ O,.
UNTIL MONDAY .'SEPTEMBER 6th, yon willliave an
op^rtiunity-'tQ^'piircliase^'^a- complete outfit in our Gents'
Furnishings' Department at a ridiculously low figure. This
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1-65 Men'
Regular Price, $16.50
s  Suits
on Sale at $13.50
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All other suits in <_he store not included iu this
lot to go at a TEN- PER CENT DISCOUNT
2—A Complete Assortment of Men's Hats
All Sizes, Shades aud Blocks—sell ordinarily for from
$4.50 to $5.00 on Sale, only $3.50
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Some of these have collars attached, others without—
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Clark's Lunch Tongues
Davies* Pork Tenderloin
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Lebby's Potted Meats   -
Leave   Your   PEACH
Orders tf*y* THis Week
Property Will  Shortly Be ori
the Shipping List:
Ore is being taken .out of the"■'■''Top-
foot level of the Fif. mine in blocks
weighing approximately half a ton each,
accoidiii" to Charles Dempster, general
managei of the Fife Minesi. Limited.
The property, which, is located 30 miles
east of l'hoenix, is producing rich copper ore, with values in gold and stiver.
Mr. Dempster suites the clean ore
dumps are a veiy fine sight and believes it is as line ore as has ever been
mined i i the piovince. The results
of some 30 assays of these dumps had
given an average of 5.3 per cent, copper and $4.20 gold. A very careful
average taken through the face of the
slope last week gave a result of 7.5
per cent., copper apart from gold and
silver values. Another sample from
an accumulated pile of ore during the
previous two days showed 10 per cent,
oopperin addition to values in gold
and silver. ■■.■•■.'.
1-ieore in the stopewas at present,
continued Mr. Dempster, six feetJiin
width with a large body of lower gride-
ore, b t of commercial value alongside.
This latter body has been crosscut for
nearly 30 feet, all in ore, the values
ranging from $5 to $15 in copper and
gold. ..This crosscut was now being
driven with a view to encountering the
boundary or hanging wall.
At various points in the tunnel run
in for nearly 600 feet on the vein,
\alues have been obtained of 5 per
cent, copper and as high as $18 and
even^$2_,in gold. ■'; To get a true knowledge of this huge deposit crosscuts at
frequent intervals will be, immediately
lun. The showing at the ' glory hole,
where the rich sulphides come right to
the surface, is a sight worth seeing, said
Mr. Dempster.
'I he new kitchen and dining.hall/is
now complete and is up-to-date "in
every particular, more nearly resembling the accommodation of a good
hotel than a miuirig;camp, but it is in
line w:th th. management's desire, to
give every comfort and convenience to
its employees. The best possible equipment has been installed in The assay
office whichis an immense convenience:
The company is only awaiting the
co 1)Bi£_iP .1-^______H?J3i__W?^ _?.'With the
C.P.R. to^bmnTehice'shippihg  its pro
duct in earnest.     V V     '
Several large blocks.of chalcopyrite
ore from tne Fife property, recently assayed ran 1 5 per cent, copper in addition 10 gold and silver. Ches from
the mine also carry considerable values
in azurite.
Smith Is Wanted
The Police of Vernon have offered a
reward ol $250 for the arrest of Alex.
Smith, who is wanted in connection
with the burning of the Okanagan
hotel, at Vernon, in which eleven lives
were lost. It is said that Smith disappeared from Vernon immediately
after the fire. He is 5 feet 9 inches in
height, smooth shaven, of dark complexion, pale face, with a hole on tbe
left jaw, 35 years old, slim build, and
weighs 160 pounds.
Inspect Trackage and Proposed
David E. McNicoll of Montreal,
v.ce-president of the C.P.R., who is on
his annual tour of inspection of the
company's lines through British Columbia, was a visitor in l'hoenix on
Monday. He was accompanied by F.
F. Busteed of Vancouver, general
superintendent of the Pacific Division;
R. A. Pine of Nelson, master mechanic,
and Allan Purvis, local superintendent.
They arrived by special train and after
making a general inspection of local
trackage left for Rossland.
They also inspected ihe route ol
the proposed line to Wellington camp,
as well as the proposed siding to the
Consolidated company's Phoenix Amalgamated mine. Everything is in
readiness to construct the latter, but it
is understood the company have not
vet secured the authority of the railway
commission to proceed. It is probable
the matter will be considered by the
commission when they meet at Nelson
about November 1st.
VV. J. Camp, of Montreal, inspector
of C.P.R. telegraphs, and Mrs. Camp,
and J. Wilson, superintendent at Vancouver, also arrived with the railwa)
officials. They were guests at the
Brooklyn hotel during the afternoon,
driving to Greenwood in  the evening
Watch tbe Boundary Grow
At Grand Forks, on Aug. 23, to Mr.
and Mrs. C. C. Pleaven,   a   daughter.
At Fife, on  Aug.   25,   to   Mr.   anc
Mrs. Michael Mader, a daughter.
At Grand Forks, on Aug. 20, to Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Walmsley, a daughter.
At Anaconda, on Aug.   22,   to  Mr.
and Mrs. S. A. Hartmann, a son.
At Greenwood, on Aug. 21,  to
and Mrs. E. B. Dill, a son.
At Anaconda, on  Aug.   14, to
and Mrs. J. McDonell, a son.
At Anaconda, on Aug. 8, to Mr
I Mrs. j. Bedard, a daughter.
The Greenwood smelter is now,re
ceiying plenty; of coke from Coleman.
The ore tonnage from . Boundary
mines for  1909 has'now  passed  the
960,000 mark/';'!<''''I ' ' .'/:'■■
The B. C. CopRer, company have
put a small force off men to work on
the Sappho group; rie;ar Midway.,
Alex: Sharpe, superintendent of the
First Thought mine'(xt Orient, visited
Boundary camps during the week.
C. A. Shaw has: beieh surveying the
Windfall and Prince.; fraction on!" the
West Fork for. the'$.C. Copper Company.     ■"..:,:       ,'<. ..y       ',.'.      .' ;/*.',.| \
E. Jackson is superintending development work at No.'7 minein Central
camp where fourteeri'menare now em;
ployed, '*.■;./■ ''--'
P. G. Morey of Yriiir arrived at the
Jewel mine this week where he is inter-^
ested in the construction of the new
cyanide plant.        i^
Tlie B.C. Cop|-ef smelter In aied
8>333 ions ot ore during ihe pa. t week;
7,701 tons fromVMother Lode and 632
tons from other properties. •■'-■]"
':'J;'--...rt' •
B. M. Snyder, formerly of this district,;
is now smelter superintendent. of the
new plant of the Arizona United Mining company, at Johnson, Arizona. '" ;
, Samples of pre, from Mother Lode,
Snowshoe and PHdenix Amalgamated;
mines have been sent with the mineral
exhibit from Nelson'to the Toronto fair,
which opens next week. :, .'  . .-,-,'
Charles H. R undberg;- superintendent of the D.qminjpn..Copper., mines
for the past two years, has resigned.
No successor has yet."been appointed.
Mr. Rundberg will Mleave shortly for
Spokane, where he,is, considerably interested in'real estate.      •       ■;■-■'' ■','
'There is a probability of an arrangement being made for/miners at Mother
Lode to reside in Greenwood and be
taken to and from the.mine each morning and evening by.^special train. It
is understood the BiC. Copper company contemplate extensive • surface
work at.MotherXodeTand think it wise
to haveThe population removed from
the danger.zone of-.bjasting. .,     ,-.... :'..,-.■
The syndicate operating the E/P.TJ.
property "are"'prosecuting developm'ent
with the expectation of striking' a vein
very soon. Tunnelling to the extent
of 1260 feet has been done, and work
is-now being done 346 feet below the
collar of the shaft. The tunnel of the
E.Pi U.' is  the* longest of any small
^property  in  the  Boundary, and   will
ipermit of a fine gravity system for
handling   the   output.    Ore   shipped
:from the property  several years  ago
•netted $66 per ton.
The Riverside claim on the West
Fork, near Rock Creek, held by the
Perkins estate, was bonded during the
past week to John H Arnold, of Col
umbus, Ohio, for $16,000. The bond
calls for a concentrating plant to be
erected on the property , within four
months and the payments extend over
two years. Considerable development
work was done on the claim in 1907
when the property was under bond to
a Phoenix syndicate. Ninety tons -of
sample ore were shipped, with very
satisfactory results.
The recent firmness of British-Columbia Copper is due to the reopening
of the mines, and the fact the company
expects to. enjoy a good .production
within a comparatively short time,
comments a N.Y. financial paper. It
•has been stated that the company can
lay copper in New York for 7.963c. a
pound, which includes mining, smelting,
transportation, selling commission and
other expenses. Insiders have been
keeping the price down with a view to
buying a quantity of tbe stock, and
since Adolph Lewishon became a director* in the company, several new purchasers have appeared in the market.
The directors have planned to declare
a dividend when a surplus of somewhat over. $20.0,000 shall be collected,
and this would have been done some
while ago, if the strike and other difficulties in the price of the metal had
not prevented. .
Attractive ^ Progr^inof Sports
Now About Completed j
A The various committees in charge
of the big Miners'; Union, picnic tri
Phoenix on Labor, Day are working
diligently tomake'ihe"event the most
successful in the history of l'hoenix
union celebrations. The spl.ndid
program of sports and ; attractions is
now about completed, and there is
every reason to expect that all visitors,
to Phoenix on Sept. ^th-will spend an
enjoyable day. f>     '
: Among the leading- attractions, will
be baseball matches. It is not defi;
nitely known as yet what teams will
participate, but. as a purse of $115 is
hung up, divided into two prist s, there
is no doubt* matches between some
good teams from ' (the^ sun ounding
cities may be looked for.4 ... .•
Attractive posters have been distributed through outlying districts that
"they who run may read," and before
the end of next week complete program.
of. the sports will be -issued for the
benefit of all interested in- the picnic.
Every businessman in. Phoenix should
see that he is represented in the pro-,
gram for it will be carefully examined
by hundreds of visitors as well as home
people. '
Presented Wllb,Gold Watch. Chain and Locket
on Monday Evening
William Fraser, who has held the
position of master mechanic at Granby.
mines for nearly a decade, leaves^
shortly for Lethbridge;-""Alberta; to"
accept a similar position. His long:
connection' with the mines' here 'made
him one of the ;best known., men^on
Granby hill; arid hiir-departurfe" is"" a;
source of regret to his-many friends.
On/Monday evening; a number of,
the'officia.s and others,connected with:
the Granby mine met.a.t his home,and1
presented Mr. Fraser with a beautiful
gold .watch and chain, and a' Masbnic
emblem locket. XV.:Xr'-"' McDbnald in!
an eloquent address ..expressed- •! the
regret of his Mlow-employees in> 'Mr.'
Fras«r's.departure aft_r such long and:
pleasant.'.relations' at i.the .nunfe. Mr/
Fraser, who appeared deeply moved by:
the/hbrior" done him, was unable to.
•speak Mother. Umn,t^
gift'arid their kind expressions ^hich
he greatly appreciated.      ^  :!    :
Oraobv Consolidated
the   end   of   August,
With the end of August, eight
months will have elapsed since there
has been a disbursement on the shares
of the Granby Co. Notwithstanding
this, stockholders hold tenaciously to
their shares and a price better than
par is maintained, says the News
The bulk of Granby's shares is
closely held. Among those credited
with large holdings are J. J. Hill, the
First National Bank of New York, the
American Metal and Nichols Copper
companies, and H. L. Higginson, of
[,ee'__ Higginson, New York.
During 190S the company paid two
dividends of $2 each, the last one in
December. Expenditures have been
made for enlargement of the   smelting
ilant   to   a   capacity   of  40,000,00c
iiounds or more.
There  is   one disadvantage   which
icts against Granby ranking with tin
'mvest cost producers—the distanct
•rom  eastern   refineries  and markets.
hereby necessitating a long haul foi
itfie company's product.
Fires In the Boundary
Bush fires have been raging in many
parts of the interior and did considerable damage in the Bpundaryduring the
past week. On Tuesday night 5060
ties were destroyed at Fisherman, near
Eholt. Further destruction of property was pre-ented by a gang of men,1
who were repairing a bridge at that
point," taking prompt action and worked
all night. The engine of a^passing
freight train was pressed into service
and hauled water from a nearby supply,
thus saving another pile of '5000 ties.
Fire raged in the vicinity Of the Bonanza
mine on the North Fork, but the mine
buildings were kept safe. The Koo.t
enay Power company's lines were also
threatened early in the week.
Elected Over John Mcintosh
on Thursday
James G. McKeown was on Thursday elected to fill the vacancy in the
city council for the east ward over John
Mcintosh by a majority of 12 votes.
A comparatively small per centage of
ratepayers voted, there being a general
feeling that either of the men would
make a good alderman, while the best
of feeling existed between the candidates. Seventy-two votes were cast,
42 for Mr. McKeown and 30 for Mr.
Mr. McKeown is one of the oldest
property owners in Phoenix, is familiar
with the conditions of the city and th.
requirements of a civic official and
should make a decided acquisition to
the aldermanic board.
The bye-election was necessitated by
the declaring vacant of P. J. Cook't
seat on account of prolonged  absence.
Mining Records
The following are the locations, cer
tificates of work, bills of sale, etc..
recorded at the office of the Grand
Forks mining division for the past
week :
Eastpn, Summit camp, D. R. Mc-
Lone Star fraction, Bannock, Baylej
et al; Molly Gibson, Burnt Basin, Paul
sen et al, ■_ years^ Irish Mellie, Burn:
Basin, 2 years, McNeely et al; Man
churia, Burnt Basin, 3 years, Ore)
Eagle. Burnt Basin, 3 years, Paulser
et al; Molly Gibson Fraction, Burn'
Basin, 3 years, McNelley et al.
% in Honi-stake fraction, Connec
ion and Cressant, Hardy mountain.
Lake D. Wolfard to F. M. Kerby.
Agreement for sale of Windfall, We!
lington   camp,   mineral   claim,  Jame
kCrum to James M. Doyle.
,;Frederic Keffer , wa,si in Nelson! on
.Thursday.' ''""■■".■''■     ''■■''■''.■''''/■■'■';-1
: Grand Forks w.ants ar re.ideh.rpho-
tograher.'". •'■'■■■'.'■ "'■ '"■:'"':■'■'■;'■'" ■■■'".' ;
.'•'„■' ">,-..!.'..■.<: 1 "■
Customs Officer Cameron of Laurier
is'.pn a trip to Toronto:fair.    ; ■ *' v; \
A meteorological observation, station
will be established;at^Grand,Fogies.  v
A splendid hay icrophas been;taken
from the Eholt_ meadows^fthis,,season.
,,,'; W. J. Cook;, has , been ; appointed
fruit inspector, for the Grand Forks
district.' ■•    '""•""s[/'■• '' ■■'.      :
Rev. M. D. and^Mrs. McKeejhave
returned to Greerjwood from a month's
holiday on Arrow Lakes. '   i
The new Masonic temple being
erected in Grand Forks will be corn-
pleted early'iri September.   ' ; !
: The'marriage of Miss Mamie AJ
Barrettto John A.'iMcDougall- takes'
place in Grand Forks onfSept. ist.;; y '•■
■ Prof. Craig; of Cornell* university,
will give an address on horticulture in
Grand Forks, next Tuesday evening
■■:; \V. H. VVartchow had two ribs;
broken by falling into the pocket of the
shaft at the No. 7 mine last,Saturday.
Martin Burreli is delivering]a:iseirie&
of lectures, through the. interior,,,in
compariy with Prof Craig of Cornell
universityV" i":."-","'.' :     ',"'/■■'
The Riveryiew pouitryTfarm of MidJ
way is giving special "prizes'.for' com'pe-;
titibn iti the -the poulty section at' the'
Nelson fairl'vi ■■■•'■ ■...■/-•.■; :'.:;),.-'.. ■;.:.: ■
'■'■' Mr. ahd'Mrs. H/F. Stow ''and'Mr.|
and Mrs. C. •H::Fair, of-Green wood,:
are camping on.:the West Fork for;a
couple of weeks.     /; ...'    ■    . '
..; The;death of Mrs.,;Pluma Xinney;
took place at the residence of lier son,
Charles Kinney, ^Greenwood, on Aug.
22, aged 84 years. _■/ ' :   ! *  "  ;
Long Lake nas been stocked with
200 trout from Boundary creek ^arid a
close season-for fishing at the: lake de-:
clareduntil i9i2:.:i- - :>r , • ; .      ' c
Peter" Boydinck, an Austrian, fell
down a chute ;at. the; Mother Lode
mine last week and fractured, his skull.
He;di_d in <Greenwood,vhospital-} -two'
"days'lat_.r:''v;;;:"--'-: ,'r  ,■/    ~ :i 'y- 'f-y~:'"r- '"'
George" &'. Ohren, formerly of the
Boundary, has returned to Rossland,
after a year's residence in Spokane; to
resume his position as accountant with
the Canadian Rand company. .'
Judging by present indications fruit
culture at Eholt should prove remunerative. Cherry and plum trees planted this spring by G. A. Rendall in
light sandy soil already show two and
three feet of growth, respectively. This
is, be it remarked, altogether without
A. B. W. Hodges, manager of the
Granby company, and R: P. Williams,
of the Canadian Rand company, left
on Tuesday for a trip up the coast.
They will be accompanied from Victoria by Hon. Thomas Taylor, and
will visit Prince Rupert and the Queen
Charlotte Islands.
The following prizes were won this
year by Grand Forks pupils in the high
school examination: P. Burns' gold
medal for junior grade, Maude Harri-
gan; Martin Burrell's prize for preliminary grade, Neta Reid; Mayor Fripp's
gold medal for matriculation, Ida Har-
tinger, who also won the $50 Spokane
scholarship for general proficiency in
this same examination.
eg. Copper co.iNv f
Purchase Old ■B^ds'and-St^kv
y-^m m::New^'Go___i^^ .
v ^rilFriday^thej^oth' irist.,'.the;Jast
payment; of < the -underwriterk^o.?£the,
Pbmihipn Copper company w^
and the securities.:oKU^new^ompanY.:,-
delivered to what now constitutes^. |he
pires-nt bond and'_haf-KoVders,_the old
bondholders haying received their stock
and the depositing  shareholders and
underwriters haying received bonds and
stock to which t^ey were entitled.
The  new "company^ now  has outstanding $500,000 of bonds and 250,-
600 shares of stock. v Bv the purchase
of the old tiohcl..,'which (have;Keen ex
changed for stock iri the new cbmpahy,
and also by purchase ot stock in the
newcompany that has'been-delivered
to the underwriters, the British Colum
bia Copper company interests are now
large shareholders   in   this  company
New Dorriiriipri ; Copper:; company  in
that the familiarity pf.tjj)e.,Briti^,,CoJ-
iimbia people .with,T,he situation irj the
. Boundary ,apd,.iheir^
tion".Herei"as wejl as having adjninirig [
prbpertieSj shbuid lead to the develop•
ment'of the Dominion property on  an
economical/ scale 'without the  errbrs *
that, have jbeen .made.in the past. ,-,-...;,'.
V'l\" Mother,Lode's New SuperlnteBdeni ,;;,!.,..'-.'
-.-,   Paul -S.  .Couidrey, ,arr,iyed ,,in,  the
Boundary Monday' to "take  charge of
the'Mother1 Lode rriirie:'
on his  departure  frohi
Miner-says: lly•^^..^r.h^v'vi^u; -;.;j
_t."Paul;S: Couidrey,cwho-has Ibeen
manager of the: Le; Roi :Two -Mining
Co.,.for the past seven years, left  on
Monday for Greenwood foir  the purpose'of' taking a s position' with " the
British^ Columbia <Copper 'Co.   iMr.
Couidrey.- during; his-stay; in Rossland,
haswonthe respect/and esteem; of all
with whom ,he came iri j contact, while
the success that: he' Yi&s. _ria_.e  of the
affkirs 'of -the Le Rov Two Col is shown
in the dividends • made-for the''_nar_-
holders^,and in thesplendid tcpriditjoh
in which he   leaves,_the, -mines; -of,.the
compariy, stamp him.^as a .manager'pf
more than   ordinary" ability.,' tIt fis a
jpity: that he' 'could  'not continue his
fWori-.Jtfereytas it: is believed still better
"r esWts'would ;i:hay eS-erisu^jdSJWide.rhi 3
stewardship in,the. future, if ,he wer»^o
remain.'  |His departure is a great loss
to this community.    Erri_st' tevy, of
London, Englalnd, who on ; two' acca-
sions during Mr.  Couldrey's absence,
has been placed in charge of the mines
of;the Le Roi Two, will arrive here towards the end of August for the purpose of taking the place left vacant by
Mr. Couldrey's resignation.
Utest Mining Stock. Quotitlonj.
Alberta Coal and Coke
B.C. Copper	
Domin. Copper	
Granby   .
Charles Dickens...-...
Con_. Smelters.......
Copper King	
International Coal...
Missoula Copper......
Tain arack-Ch eaapeake
-j qi25__-__-_--^S-_i__i__s_rz____n__M^^
The followiHK i_b'e gives the ore shipments of Boundary mtnes tor   1900,
1903,1904,  1005,  1906,  1907, 1908 and 1909, as reported to the Phoenix l'ioneer—
JGrauby Mines...
. Snow-shoe	
1 Phoeuix Amal._
] B. C. Copper Co.
M-'ther Lode....
B C. Miue	
Oro Denoro ....
1 Bonnie Belle	
I Dora  Cop. Co....
Mountn Rose..
Morrison -
I K. Bell	
] Senator	
1 Brey Fogle	
No. 37	
J Reliance	
1 Sulphur King....
> Winnipeg-	
I Golden Crown...
1 Kins Solomon...
J 3ig Copper	
] No. 7 Mine	
lCily of Paris	
J Jewel	
] Riverside	
1 Carmi	
J Sally	
J Rambler	
1 Butcher Boy	
J Duucan	
J Providence	
I Klkhorn	
] Golden itagle...
j Preston	
' Prince Henry....
J Skylark	
1 Last Chance	
H. i". U. Mine...
] Bay	
I Mavis	
' Oon Pedro	
] Crescent	
1 Uruce ....
! Kepublic	
I Ml_cellaneous...
1901       1901       1903       too.        '90S 190*
»3ii7-- 309,858 393,7k1   5<9.70J 65S.S89   801^04
1.731    20,800   71,31.        8,426
-9.0J4 M>.l-6 13S.079 174.»98 147,576
47i40S.I4.-II     19.365      —      ;••
650     8,530   aa,937 37.96"     9,485
     I5.S37 «6,40o     3,007
7.455   '5.731
3^.35°   55-73>
3,070   J5.I08
3.»5"     3.°S°
1907 too.           1909
613.537 10=8,747  636,763
135,001 48.S26   105,300
208,321 321,809   170,265
14,481 66,630      1,503
1901   -902.
Week I
iS,68s j
4,-OO '
I 140
108 loo
Total, tons 300,800 so.H.876 690,419 829,808 ^3,628 1 161,537 1,148,237 1,487,480 9M,744 30,0:0 [
fjamelter treatment— r
LHciranbyOo     230,838   .12,340401.921596.252687,988     828,879   637,626   1037,544616,389 17,4451
fS It C.CopperCo.    117,611148,600163,913210,484110830     123.740   34i.95>    3-48.su I49.6j( 8,3331
■Q Dom. Cop. Co „.  .'   133,570   3°.93^   8l.°59     218.811     153 439     33,66ri	
y. Total reduced..   348,439 460.940 697,404 337.66) 9^2,877 1,172.430 1,133,017 1,359 060 766 013 25,778 [
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=ti: *  rig'  _���-_-' i;W. "  It.��, f l  i_?f. ?  n  m  _, w\  1  I  If  i*  Pi  M  ii  )_W  fart  ii  i_  ftff  Si _br  I.  _..  _3_  ill  'Wl.  s  ii  f  I? i  is:  Ifi.  PHOENIX PIONEER,  MW  PHOENIX,  __t__HMIB_nt_  B.C.  SW.   'SOA'P* "'  THIS IS IT!  The   soap  that   -��ve.  you  work, and _~_ve_.  you money without iii)ur>  to hands  or  article.  Sunlight Soap  turns wash-  tub drudgery  into   pleasure.  Get a bar of Sunlight  to>day and try.  Follow  Directions.  PRESENTATION ON  LEAVING 1W3SSLAND  Paul S. Couidrey Rec.pfe_.toi  Cup From Josie Employees  An interesting little ceremony took  place at the Josie mine on Saturday  afternoon, when Paul S. Couidrey was  the recipient of a parting gift on his  .relinquishing .the -post-of-general manager, says the Rossland Miner. The  gift took .he fnrm-_of._a-.wdwble--.__d  band_otne _ilver-loving<cap on- an ebony  stand:   ,T_hi_/_>a(tbeen subscribed  for  by the whole of the employees of tbe is one dense mass of smoke arising  mine and'Bore the inscription, "PreJ frpjxt the general destruction that is  sented to Paul's. Couidrey,  Esq., by J sweeping over the country.   Along the  BIG FIRES OVER THE CQUMTHt  Fa.tat.Rros ire  Fierce   Over   the. Country  from Cr|��'�� Neat to Kootonay lindin..  ' As usual again the whole part of  this country is being devastated by the  flames of fall, attributed to the lack of  proper conservation and the expendi-  ture of a little money in proper time.  From Kootenay Landing to Crow's  -Nest-jraluable timber limits are being  wiped out by forest fires, and lumber-  '    CANADIAN MIRING INSTITUTE  General MeeUfg. at .:,Ntl.��n. on September  ZSth  The sixth general meeting of members of the Western Branch of the Canadian Mining Institute will be opened  at Nelson, on Saturday,: September,  25, when routine will be transacted and  several papers will be read and discussed.  The council of the branch having  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Bottttdary- Mining Journal.  JK  4Pr  maoaa am ��_.t__ioat_i a* tbb  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  at HNntx, bj e.  T. ALFRCD tOVC. MaNaasa.  .UNIQI  _ABO>  Ukaafara r____M__,.K_-. ij.  SXTIJR-UY, A'uovsTj a3, 1909  Tbe-year 1999.- isi important.inrthe  t��iil__ngTof< hiUMContinebtalf railways.  Up to thfe present'therehaye been six1  such lines: the' Canadian Pacific, the;  Great Northern, the Northern Pacific,  the Union' Pacific, the Atchison, and  theSoutherp Pacific,   pf, thosei now  b$.f_H_V,.bf Grand' Truak /Pajoific ,in  Cangdaus^jn r��pid Pfpgpew.    It will  be the northermost of all -'transcontinental raHwayGvvye^cofistrncted. ^Moreover^ it wfll'shorten'the sea- routes- from  the American continent to the Far East  bjt *$$ ffj�� hjundrgd^iles, as, Pimcp  I.uperVit��-��ef tern terminus) is..much  ,n___rero_%>i_o___ma-than[arer the-point-  <fig_t_fer*_>uth. On3the U.S.' side ofthfe.  border we now h^ve tp chronicle the  co^etiop'Cof^tlie, Chijbagp,-, St., Pfliil  _M��d;Puget Sound irailway..-As itanane.  indibtte-, is an extension of the Ghic.  a^oj Milwaukee, arid St. Paul system  by a'l|ne fourteen hundred' miles long  fipm,_��foj_pdge.. South, Dajtote,uto.,S^  attlei and Tacoma, in the State  of  ^���T&fil^ton.' -This' latest- highway to';  the Pacific is distinguished above others!  .bec^usefof tw.o��dvaotyges: first, it re-  presents the shortest distance between  Chicago and-Puget'Sound, and-second, 1  it'has very easy grades.   Of these two]  advantages, the latter is of more im-j**  poriance than the.former. The Grand} The Murex magnetic process of ore  Trunk Pacifiers to iiave the same ad-j,?*^? js j�� be tned^pn tlie, ores of the  vantage  over  the Canadian Pacific. JrYancpi\ve_.(_Bu_e, at SjJvertcwp.  the employees of the Josie mine and  mill (Le'Roi No. 2, Ltd.), August i4.thj  iooq.  'The presentation was made by James  Douglas, who in asking Mr. Couldrey's  acceptance of1 the gift, said he had a  very pleasing  duty   to   perform; not  that it1 was pleasant to part with their  manager, but'because  of the  kindly  feeling' which' had' always existed be< |  tween him and'his employees, pleasant  because on leaving he took with him  tbe best regards and greatest esteem of  those employees.  jIjUs high personal  character and his justice iri dealin&with  all   his  wpfkoxen_<h|d endeared the  manager to .them nil.   They, wished he  was coming,to<them ipstead, of rgoing  ayay, 1 but (Kb, em he;-wasi. s\way,, where  ever--ahd( Whatever the1 might-be he  wouldibe follpwed by the..love,,esteem  and regard' of those- left  behind.   If  ever-he came back to them he could  xely on' receiving,- in; the future,  the  "stale loyal. support that he had received'during ttie past.    (Applause.)  Mr.' Couidrey,!.ir* acknowledging' the  loving-cup, said if they-had made the  presentation- on the previous day they,  would have, taken him completely by  surprise.    He need hardly tell them  how, sorry, he, w*s to^leave <tbp m. , This  was the fourth time he had tried to go  ��way,,,��ip4 tl^eei tiipesheihad come  ,back,nbut^he; thought; ithis time was|  'final. (Voices: "We hope not!!') When  he first came to Rossland there were  some'pepple'who predicted a life of six  ���mopths' for the camp.   That was seven  years ago, and he thought' the same  people would  be . inclined  to double  .that.life. pow.   T;he Josie ,agd,,q$her  .mioattc and ot^err; properties^ opening  up gave promise of as. good work in the  future at they had( ever, given, in^the  put i He >!thanked ^themf very much  iildeed for the present.  Mr. Coulctrey arrived'- last week to  act as superintendent'of Mother Lode  mine.    '( __V____^  men-are losing thousands.of_dollars.by approved_o��i_be ax_^t_j_ce.6f..an. invl.  the flames that are sweeping over the' tation received from the local reception  country.    The whole Kootenay valley committee,to.adjourn the mfatinR to.  Spokane and there join in welcoming  the American Institute of Mining Engineers to the northwest, there will be;  at the close of the session in Nelson,  an adjournment, where, with the. sanction and kind co-operation of the .A.I.  M.E., a joint session of the two Institutes wijl be held, at which several  papers relative .to "The CpaljResources  of south-eastern British Columbia, and  of Alberta," will be. read and discussed.'  DEANE'S HOTEL  7- ���DANNY DEANE, Proprietor.-   m  ___!  This is the Largest and Newest Hotel in the city, heated by  hot water and well furnished throughout for the accommodation  of the public. Every thins Neat, Clean and Up-to-Date. Meals  served at all hours, special attention being given the  Diningroom.  Centrally Located on the Bridge, Fifth Srrcer, Phoenix.  =3  line of the C.P.R. the sparks from the  engines are spreading fires in" the dry  grass, and in other parts of the country  careless campers are  doing  the same  thing.    Never before in the history of  this district has so much damage been  done by timber fires, and it is a shame  and an outrage that' the  laws  of the  province are not more stringently enforced.     The  Otis   Staples   Lumber  company has lost in the last- few  days  ,6,200 logs by forest  fires.    The  East  Kootenay Lumber company has thousands of dollars  in  jeppardy, at this  time.    The Standard   Lumber   com-  panyand the Baker Lumber company,  as well as the King Lumber Mills company, and every other lumber cprnpany  in 1 the district, .that.have  been, paying*  hundreds' and (thousands*: of i dollars to  protect their limits during' the past few  years; are liable to lose everything that  ,they, possess.���Cranbrook Herald.  STEAM   HEATED.  ELECTRIC   LIGHTING.  TELEPHONE   48  iiMiM^iU^iU^^iiiiU^_^iiaii��^Uii4^iU4U^iU_^iUiiifv  ELIZABETH B. GRANT  ���. a.t.c;m. (piano.)  PIANO, ORGAN, l HEORY Har  MONY, INTERPRETATION  For  further  information  see Mi  Grant or D. A. Grant'. '^I!  iss  DRAYING  Of all kin.lH promptly ���lou|  to. Rapid Express and IW  Transfer, o_._,..,i ���..���.._,"tttK  ordera.  attended  Care^uratr..rtionait_a_ii  Phone A66.  JAHES Q flcKEQWN  RtoHlx Railway Tlaiciablc.  C.   P.   R.  Leaves for Eholt and Nelson, r.2�� p.m.  Arrives s.iVp.m  GREAT  NORTHERN.  Leaves for Grand Forks and  Spokane  Arrives  , 1.1. THaaeja C��(Hfl��tB-  The spiral. tunnels between Field  and Hector on the C.P:R. main line  are now open for traffic. The old 4.4  per cent grade on the big hill at Field  will be abandoned for all time,. the  tunnels reducing it to about 2 per cent  The change will reduce, tbe cost of  operating,.iperease speed,,apd do much  to facilitate traffic on. the. transcontinental line, of which the Field hill' was  by far the'heaviest grade.  Cyaai4alH.ll Far-Flrat Thwffht  It is reported that the First'Thought  Gold-Mines, Ltd., will commence1 the  ccmstructiqn of a large cyanide mill in  the next three or four weeks. This  company has ordered a diamond drill,  for boring tq a ,dep.h.of 600 feet. The  company, is, at, present, shipping,.four  9.00 a.m. J carloads,of ore per week.to the smelter  5.Q0 p.m. at Trail, B.C.  JOBT. CApifgif  All'kinds���������of ^tiandftectvyljeatni^  promptly attended to; -'Miner's* drav  ing a specialty.       .-    .���������.-    .    ."  :    1 PJaONEB44  A_ S. I*i^fj,  The Only First-Class and Up-To-  Date Hotel in Phoenix. New  from cellar to roof. Best Sample  Rooms in the Boundary, Opposite  G.N. Depot. Modern Bathrooms.  Steam   _*    Heated  JA/VtES flARSHALL, Prop.  ��!M��MD>����^^WiMM^I  ~9  Good  A Clean Man  Oaiwle eUtaliacM ii lama tfaaua i__l_ tl_a�� bmttka.    A aa  ���crab huaaclf a dozen tuaiea a dsy�� and atiU fcw uaaleaa.  Ikaaldi mean* cleaqlinesa not only oa|aide, bat tfwide.    It   a clean stomach, plean bowela, ______ bloody a.olaaa livcri ��__d  mow, ele-ja; healthy tiaaoes. Tba'__aa.who ia __e��a _�����___��� way  will Jook it and aet it. Ha wiUworkwith esattgr ami think  ata-ui, clear, healthy thoii^ta.  , He will never tie trouhled, with liver, ln__g, atoaaac-i or Mood  ___u.i_k.ra:   Dyspepsia and indiftstie* 'cfrtj^mmaakaummiamm atom.  aebs.   Blood diieaiea are fo___d where than m-msaOaam Mftod.  iv _____.-_a.ptt._i and broai__utia aaeaa wnlr|-},haUi.  Greenwood   Liquor  Co_  Pirc, Life aad  Ojeatral Agea.,.  Accldea laaaraace.  Rank Block, Phoenix, 9,c.  AjrfM kMjjse  SHAVING PARLORS  AND    BATHROOM.  Phoen.x, B. C.  Next Door to McKae Broa.  jtnob Hill, A��*.q��fe.  Mkttnew*s iarfeer sup  LOWER  TOWN.  FOR .AN   EASY   SHAVE  AND. STYLISH HAIRCUT  With  We furnish the trade all over the  Boundary  the Choicest Imported and Domestic  Wines, Liquors and Cigars  As w��? ship direct in Carloads, we  can   make  prices right, and give prompt shipment.  the  Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical J)>scoveiy  ��*  Jas. McCrcath & Co.  GREENWOOD, B  C.  immmmitmumm^aim  BATHS     IN  CONNECTION  turn  ***********  KingEdward Lodge, No.3o  A. F.and A.M.  R-Cuiarcommunication 8 p. m.     Sn  . ond Thursday of each month.  "STF".1!1 "�������������>����� sacall-djMa-o ti.  Hair. McHale Block.  V. M. HHH-taiNO,  SecrelarT.  D. TDRNKR,  W.M.  f  ��y��Q  Itnaakaa  B. C. MINING  a-*^��f*_s^ A  The ^atdes on the. latter are reported  to average no feet to the mile, and on  the, formerj.it is claimed, are only ai  trifle, over >.en feet  'GerrerahBingham, until lately Ntiw  York Chi^c^PoUce, Md/rocen-iy d_f  mjjsed byrMayor UcCllll^yb^^  .Iifhsd a .magazine article asserting,} that  $n��u>,oo9,oeo changes hands annoaliyl  urgraft antf blackmail in the' city, ar)d  that Jrom fifteen hundred tq two'thpii  saod of tiie policemen are grafts.,  Tig President of the Board <o.,'_V)d#r-  men replie* that General- Btngham  labia tact.    ' "  ���  ' 'A seam- of'coal .elevteotfeef thick has,  "beeii'discovered on Hkslam creek in,  the neighborhood of Nanaimo.  TJ_et,K:ootenay_Dejvelppment1 cpai-  |j^yr,wi_lr.recorutr_ict tjiei bjuilcJingS; de-.  stiojsed^by _ke at;the.SilverJiing mine.'  J The, o��J.y mine, working at*New,  pjayex is thttMo^ylfy^s, ?,dryt!6rq  proposition, which cgnies 1 iyghf ,silvei[  yftlar��?  Th^SecpiKL Cb#pce _md; the Ju^o  ____timi ab ErifiihaTeubeeaii leased. > bp..}  learnt syrtdrcatei wfckh1 intends to de:  yetop.them. .  ^fl}6 r1.????. ova . >? - u;pn. cla^imq  sl_W^^i_^mM��:(ror%CpIjB____n_ The  ^Jias^i��xho^<irom.s7'. too75, pern cen<  J iron, and, when a Company is' formed l  ; ^h_Kpi^)_-tie_^mlli-��worlced;  ae^ purveyor and is well deserving ofl    G__t_._'F.-' Lawf-ehe-mMilng operator  the liberal patrooage,it, receives .fkam, \��W?&&?l&P*l..h$&tetotned from a trip  ���wwali fhmmm diaaaaf.  It reatorea toee to,the nervoos aratem, and eu_��a aervonai HThawatiw aa_l  atoatratioa.   It contain* no alcohol or bah__-lon_u��f irata. '.' ���  Conatipationiia the moat unclean tmelean.ineaa. Or. Piefoa'a Pleaaaat _*__��  lata cure rt.   They never gripe.   Easy to, take aa candy'.  .  PALACE LIVERY STABLE  HUIDOCK McINT.ItE, Prop.  35, Horses,   Full   Lively   Eq-tipment,  Have taken  over, the  Lumber   Yard  and will carry  a  full  stock.  DRY   WOOD   IN ..ANY, QUANTITY.  Prompt Attention to   order,  at any hour of day or night.  <PW0WE"-j       Phoenix, B. C.  I. O. O. F.  8NOW8HOK LODGE NO.it  Meets etrcry Monday Evening-  at Miner*' Ut'  Vlalting brethren cordially invited.  roHM C Tait, Noble Grand  W. A. Pickard , Fin Secy.  W. A, Cook.  Record.   Becy.  PUOE.MX  _p?J_te5  AERIE   NO.  13W  Meetain OnianHal:  Friday evening*  Vtaiting    brother*  alwaya welcome  f. Mclver, W. P.  C.-McAstocxm.  ���W'.Btx  ^.ofRL0D(.E,No.28   PHOENJX, B.C.   "���--Meetti ever\?Tu_.8r��AV  Kvj._^v��o-a. 7.30" :    :  Sojourning Brother. Cordia'l>  R. H. McCKACKBN'. O. C  Icomed.  F. O   GRAHAM  K. of a. a.  ,The Hosrjaer Times continues  '_?Kove s��nce its recent  resumption  **- ^<V �����_*�� ���-#-!.-���--���(, ..*_-*��� >����������_,^, . ^--.^-_,_^__aY;%r_IM_^.  of publication.   It is a bnght,  crisp  the-businessmen of the promising coal  metropolis  - Canada has-nearly a million square  nj-_i_5- of;unexplored territory in the far  ���qorth; i? as large^as ,30 United King-  4o_-iaand 18 Germanys; is- twice the  ajze.of .British India, and almost as  large as Europe.  %**frrrtt&Z  A Good Long Life  is likely^ to be yours if you stick- to  .good   meat���not too much of it,   of  course���and'vegetables and fruit; yes,  and pastry in moderation.'   'Note we*  said good meat.   Tender, and full or  natural juices.   $3uclv m^its w:e <siipj>ly,j  i whether yotur.cbo-ceibe ofcbeef^Jatnl),:  mutton, pork, vealjor poultry.    You'll:  !'"find our service and.prices'���'���'���to malch.l  Pure and wholesome.    Cold and as bracing in its  coolness as a breeze from the North in Summer.  Ia Recognlxed  by att< ai the-  )>    i"  P. BURN* <& CQ..  ���ppw  aaaa��aa����afaaa��aaaiMaaaaaao*��aaaaa��aaaaaa��(ta��aa����ia  ' 1 J5����ng 19��8'there was not a single  fatality from railway accidents in "tjie  United Kingdom. This should furnish  food for reflection for American.and  Canadian railway companies.  The contract for the armor-plating  (done of the new British battleship  Colossus. 0118 for 2,000 tons. The  value wilr be about $1,000,000.  iptq the Bul_dey v_L_Iey and _Aldern_^re  country, ai_d speaks most glowingly^ of  rthevastcpalagd other mineral wealth  of those districts.  A fire*.which started, on- Aug. lotb.  destroyed tbe'Coiapressor hausev trsrjn  way, terminals, ore bins and, bl_fck  ^sroith shop at the. Sily_.ri,King, mine,  Nelson.    Tbe loss  near   _Neiso__.     xne ioss   is   sevi  .thousand   dollars,   which, is, partiaily  'covered,.- by. insurance.  On the Vancouver mine at Silyertoiji  4he Van Roi Mining company ar^  operating three shifts employing, 70  ���men in ail. The tram, line to the concentrator is being overhauled.andwheo  this work is, completed the mill.vria  operate to its full capacity.  A mining deal was coat/njuunajted  last week by which the Goldtm, Fawn  '.mine at Sheep Creek was transferred  to a Vancouver syndicate .for a confederation of $75,000. Thja nj{qe, which  is a free milling property, is, situated^ in  the Sheep creek valley about ten mfleis  from Salmo.  THE KING'S HOTEL  "The Pride pf,the,Bo^daxy;"  PHOENIX, B. C.  Newly renovated and newly furnished, modern-.in.appointmfintsand  centrally located, culinery department par excellence and Bar  stocked/ with choicest liquors and cigars, the,_��ing.'s,is he^dqwarters  for travellers.    Bus meets all trains.    Commodious sample,rooms.  The H^g!s Grill  Meals - served-in  the" King's GRILL  BEST BEER IN THE BOUNDARY/'  WOOD  mmm  WHY?   Because its manofactarera emplpy all of their energy to  the  turning out of a perfect Beer from  the best materials obtainable.  AJ^meiAl. AND NATURAL ICE,  ETC.  PHONE 23  Fii-st-Ol-iQs 3?ir anp\ T&m-  g,rac Wqq(% l^^ereord  Pine.Wood, $4.50.pert cord  fine Wood, double cut,  $6.00 per cord  Weod Delivered u Short Notice.  'Pfcoae B32    ''.'  0jj^l*ix   Breiwiiigf   Co.  Short  Ordtr  E. P. SHEA, Proprietor  at, all' hours.  -W. R. WILLIAMS, Manaaer  ���9a9��99e����o��9ca>��a99��������9*^������e��o��oea_��v��0O99����������0f>������J  Silver For tbo Orient  Sixty bars of silver bullion from the  Trail smelter,  consigned, to- Shanghai  NELSON, B. C.  SEPTEMBER; 22nd, 23rd, 24th  BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER  Qmp Rates on all | Transports.iwt lines  HORSE RACES, SPORTS  FREE ATTRACTIONS  (i.ere   sent   west' Saturday   vao,xwp��, \  |-__iiii_,iiy.i.       1 n I, , ,| 1 ,     l |LI<   ||j  l5epteinb.er a 3, 23, 24  ������������������-������------------���-_���-���-__���__._-_-._-_-_���.__     It must be fed every day if you wisl_ it to  becQm^and remain fresh and fair and beautiful  ^���vV-hat woman doesn't.  AJlittle  Hindz Honey Almond Cream  used,daily, will accomplish the most beneficial  results. It will clean the pores, soften and  whiten the skin and rebuild wasted tissues.  Almond Cream  is absolutely pure and.wholesome. It will not  discolor the skin.'.' It will not grow superfluous  hair. It will benefit and improve the finest  complexion. Start using it today.  a,  on  Was it insured? Everybody asks  this question after a fire. If ypu have  no insurapce on.your house or fiirniture  or stock, don't' put off taking out a  policy till after, a fire has occurred.  D. J. Matheson represents the strongest  companies, in the wqrld. . Ratjes moderate.    See him.  RETURN;  ���Each-bar weighed 75 lbs.    The silver j  is used it_ C_ut��_ tone atmmgp.  iT'^"'-'l"V"V'y  TWHIiJWVai HHHJMIH  >,-}'��� ������}        ������>       ��t      ���'        __. ,...,   t/    _,        uij.it i|.i   _, _ ^ 11 f if ,       ���.;������  DON'T FAIL TO SEE THE P0SSJBIU1IEJ& OF; QIORIOUS KOOTEHAV  ��*.*-.�����.     -._.����__,��.-^     ��-<y^^-^lTJi_. Pioneer fos- Fins Granwrcial PrinMhg **��S  Tickets on sale daily May 29th(to Oct.  14th. Final return limit IB days.  Corresponding fares from other points.  Epr^ull particulars -.pR^U)),  J.EvPROOTOB,  B.��. O-C^tOWsutsr.-MM- cream of tartar, dciivcd solely  from grapes. All the ii^rdietot^  of Dir. Price's Baking Powder  ar*stated on tjbe lafeL They  are pure, healthful and proper.  Wheis balqng powders are peddled or  demonstrated, examine their labels. You  will find they are not made from cream  of tartar.   You don't want them  Cream  BOUNDARY 4 KOOTENAY |9M ORE RECORO  Sklpaeiii ������_ Swelter Rccelpi Par Year lo  ���' l-,Oau,: r'-'  Ore shipments from the various  mines of Boundary and Kootenay, and  the receipts of pre at the , smelters... of,  Southeastern British Columbia for last  week, and  for  1909 to date  are   as  follows;.  SHIPMENTS.        :    WEEK.  YEAR.  Boundary ....'.'-:..'....30,024  852.SS3  Rossland. . ... ... ...   4,703  ��5��V,03  Ea|t Columbia River  3,259  103,494  Total  .37,962  1,107,126  SMEI.TER    RECEIPTS���  Granby....... ... ..   19,592  614,244  B.C. Copper Co. ..    6,840  156,879  Trail     8,943  246,414  Northpdrt........        ...  12,761  ,*..���_.-.��. Ho I  The August issue of Westward Ho!  is essentially,, a;fiction number, and the  half-score of snappy stories are just the  right kind for summer reading. Of  the regular departments, even that of  "Country and Suburban Homes," con-  iriouted by Stanley Milton, is in; a  light vein and his articles are always  instructive.   "  The fight that this western monthly  is.putting up for recognition is worth  while and now that Percy Godenrath,  the founder, has resumed the;��� active  management, after an absence of five  months in the East,(. readers can rest  assured that Westward Ho ! will again  come into its own.  Total  Subscribe for the  Pioneer  the latest Boundary news.  35.375 "f.o'30'����98  and get  Keep both eyes on the Rio Tinto  Tread well mine, near Curlew,,Wash.  Buy Rio Tinto-Treadwell stock at 2j4  cents per share on the payment plan.  Only a few thousand shares left .at this  price.���J. L. Martin, Phoenix, B.C.  the  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS BANK  Employs a system which makes it  it easy for its out-of-town depositors  to    open      accounts     and     transact  To Honor Lord S'r-ihcon.  '��� In view ofl-ord si'ratl.cona'. hcmih  *bleposition for niHiiy.yi.-ars in iIk  Hudson's Bay company, his relation 10  the early days as head of important  bodies, and his unique- position'. today  as almost the only" living- man who  knew well, personally, many, of the  early Selkirk settlers, the position if  honorary president of,ihe. Canadian Iu  -ternationaland Selkirk, Centennial expp:-  'si'ion, will be unanimously tendered to  .his Lordship. Lord Strathcona arrived in Winnipeg, August-26.  Keep Your Money In Town  The semiannual supply of Eaton's  family ready reference nooks areibeing  distributed at the Phoenix postoffice.  There'-is really nothing gained in  patronizing the mail order houses.  This is true throughout the entire country, li is often accompanied by inconvenience anu loss. If wearing apparel is secured. If you have presents  or priz _s to purchase buy them, in  Phoenix. These remarks apply equally,  to the printing business. 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Instead of following his firernan in a  leap for safety, Jones staple at tjie  throttle, applied emergency brakes, and  fell with his engine and the baggag^  car 40, feet into Dragoon creek ihrpugp  a burning trestle. He was unconscious  when rescued, , and ��� had sustained a  fractured leg, anc\ a'.sculp wound,, but  will recover. Men in the baggage car  escaped liiVinjiired. ".'  The accident occurred while, the  train was rounding j'.a curve. Smoke  from the brush fires prevented the^engi-  neer seeing the .bridge was on fire, till  too Jate to stop tnetrain. The engine  ran clear across before the bridge broke  letting the baggage and mail cars^drop  into the, ravine. The .wejght of the  cars dragged the engine back and down,  but fortunately the coupling connecting  the car with the rest of the train broke,  Jeaying the. two passenger cars standing  on the brink apoye,,  All the passengers escaped , safely,  ,but the blazing , wreck, communicated  to the cars still on the track, and'-all  the coaches were burned..  Ytur-Dollar  will come back to you if you spend it  at home. It1 is gone for ever if, you  send it to the Mail,Order.,Ilpyse. .A  glance through. ; pur advertising :cp\-  urnns^will give-,you.r an., idea .wjjere it  ,will, buy the/tnost.   ;  PROVINCIAL.  II  business   by   mail   wilh   any   of   its  EIGHTY ON- BRANCH OfFICfS  DETAILED   INFORMATION  FURNISHED  ON  REQUEST.  0_  THE  AMERICAN MINING REVIEW  EST A BLI-IIKD    IN      I88O.  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The chapters with mine descriptions and  on statistic!- have been carefully revised  and the bulk of the matter therein is  ENTIRELY NEW  There are 25 chapters,    ���  Covering Copper History, Geology,  Geopraphy. Chemistry, Mineralogy,  Miiiinjr, Milling, Leaching, Smelting,  Refining. Brandt). Grades. Impurities,  Allovs, Uses, 'Substitutes, Terminology,  Deposits by Districts. States; Countries  and Contine_t_; Mines in' Detail, Sta  tistics of Production. Consumption, Imports,   Exports,   Finances;   Dividends.  The Copper Handbook is concededly  the  World's Standard Reference  Book On Gopper.  The Copper Handbook contains, in  thU new, and greatly enlarged edition,  in this new and greatly enlaiged edition,  about 50 per cent, more matter than the  Bible���though not necessarilv a better  book because of its gteater balk. 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'' ' N,utjs|ries;;.'"      .' '  in Phoenix and adjoining: country.  We hav.e, been. shipping stock for  thirty years to British Columbia, and aa  oiif trees /are ' grdwq on' limestone' soil,  thev are acknowledged by experienced  fruit, grower* to. bev longer 'lived arid  hardier than Coast,gto^'n"stock. .'      ,';.  A perma'neht' eittfation to right rrrari  with.territory, .reserved.,,  Pay Weakly. Free Outfit. Writ, for particular.  S-_>nk _. Wkluxgtos  FONTHiLL'- NtJR-SBRaES  Licensed by B. C Government  TORONTO        -    ���'."���-'     ONT.  There is no better or greater index  finger to the business interests of an  ,up to-date town than the advertisements of. its merchants in the local  .weekly publication.  SUMME1  The following Summer Drinks are apW  in stock :  Raspberry vinegar  mm currani wine  Grape Juice  Lime Juice  cmn  Ginger ABc  THE FOREMOST GROCERY  Bargain Sale  IN  HAND-MADE   SHOF8  Call in and Let Us show  You the Quality of Footwear   WE   CAN   OFFER   You;  Shoes that will both Fit  and  Wear   :::::::::  PHOENIX SfiOf SHOP  Keremeos has a new public school  Merr|��;is to have a hew. C.pjRi  depot. ]y. J  '<" Fire.did $4000/damage to a Moyie  hotel Jast,week. j  A new Anglican church will be  erected at Rossland. v  Summerland is\sending an exhibijt  of fruit to Toronto fair, 1  ; Revelstoke citizens w(ant more water  on ,their,streets and '.leifs In.their whisky.  The. Provincial Conservative Association,will meet in Kamloops in Noj-  vember. .  Hon. Sidney Fisher, Dominion  minister of-agriculture, is touring British Columbia, l  ' Heaps & Co., of- Vancouver, will  probably build another sawmill near  New Westminster. .  .Nelson enthusiasts will resolution  the C.P.R. to build their new tourist  hotel in.th.at.city.  Hedley is certainly in the dry belt.  That place has six hotels, or one to  every twenty voters.  In Rossland Goodeye Bros, have  incorporated .a $100,000 company to  .handle their, drug; .business.  The Provincial School Trustees convention will this year be held in Chilli-  wack. towards the end of September.  J. Widham, foreman of the blasting  operations at-Ejort Grey, .had his,head  almost blown,off by-a premature, blast:  Frank- Kootenay has confessed to  killing his companion near Nakusp on  the 15th inst. as the result of drinking  firewater. . 'ji  Arrangements are being made.where;  by it,is expected the Bank of Vancou;  xvert will open in, different, parts of the  province at an early-date.  Nelson's, big seventh annual/fruit  fair takes.place this.year on Sept.^ 22J  23 and 24. Prize lists may be had by  sending a postal to D.' G. ''-McMprris,  Nelson: ^  The Chinese of Armstrong are mak;  ing themselves, so...obnoxious,to respectable , people that the. city council, is  taking steps to .have them removed to  isolated premises. ;  A bad fire was raging in the Castle,  mountains between Banff and Laggan  last week. Bankhead and the. whole  cpuntry^for ten miles up the valley wa|  shrouded in smoke. _ i  G. H. Thomas and wife of England,  both octogenarians, have made the  journey across the "herring pond," and  are visiting their four sons at Princeton^  two of'whom they have not. seen for  25 years.  A boosters club has been formed in  Prince Rupert which will probably be  known as the Empire Club. One of  the first matters to be taken up.will be  an excursion to the Seattle Fair on  September 4, which has been set aside  as Prince Rupert's day.  The sawmill operators. , of British  Columbia at a meeting of the Canadian  lumbermen to be held in Hamilton  next month will make another attempt  to bring influence to bear on the Do-  minion government to secure the imposition ofan import duty on rough  lumber.  Mrs. A. C. Brydonejack, wife of a  prominent lawyer of Vancouver, had a  miraculous escape from death when  their auto ran down a hill and jumped  into a ravine 40 feet below. It turned  a complete summersault, but only one  occupam was at all seriously hurt. She  had her leg broken.  Chief Engineer Hogeland, of the  Great Noithern railway, says that in  his opinion the route from the Similkameen to the Fraser river valley over the  Hope Mountains present no insuperable  difficulty. He is confident that a revised survey will give a grade of one  per cent, on westbound and two per  cent, on eastbound traffic.  A. B. Gordon of Sudbury, Ont., has  purchased the property in the northeast corner of hastings and Carrall  streets, Vancouver. It has a frontage  of 84 ft. in Hastings and 61 feet in  Carrall. The purchase price was  $160,000. It is understood that the  purchaser will erect a steel skyscraper  on the premises early next spring.  The lot was purchased 25 years ago  for $400.  To S ��k the BlueiB.ff ��� '  ''The Blue Bird, a silvur4ead.proposk  tioii/of jRosijlund^ B.-C., is,.o,be.,dev,e.l-  oped by .sinking a,2oo:fcot shaft that  is expected to tap four but of five producing ^veips^ within .the Boundaiy  lines,"'said'__'. '��� C.' Garter of Spokane;  president and manager of the property,  the other day.  The greatest depth reached so far is  only 35 feet. Five different veins,  with .a maximum width of fpur feet,  have produced 10 cars of $30 ore, net,  from' the smelter. One car of carbonated yielded $78 a.ton.  The Canadian Government has paid  $10 ropalty on the lead contents of  eash car.    Nearly a car of ore is await  ihg shipment  which is about  mine.  to  the 'frail  smelter,  seven miles from the  The G. T. P. Conatruotlen  The Grand Trunk Pacific railway  company is now considering tenders  for the second section . east, of, Pfinpe  Rupert, 130 miles in length and going  as far as Aldermere.' ' There is'a great  deal of rough country, and, the con-  tracts are likely r to run anywhere' .ber  tween $5,000,000 and; \ $6,000,000,  Foley, Welsh and Stewart, who built  the. first hundred. miles are: among-the  tenderers, but two or three other big  firms have also put in bids. The first.  100 miles cost $8,000,000, but was  neariyalJxock wo^  ,the-������-heaviest-piece of-work . on ��� the  whole-line..:.,.The.country. get__easiet as  the railway reaches further east.  iThe Vancouver Province estimates  that the Ringlingbrothers circus .which  performed' \there, last. Saturdtajy^ lifted  $27,500, of which $22,900 would be  taken out of the city. The attendance  was 11,000 in the afternppn andi,,i3,-  066 in the evening.:  STflMAGH INDIGESTION.  J^t-ruMa gtrtees, .at. fay Root of'-{/kg  '" '    -���'��� y\/>'f ���'froiibley .;.)y  "'.y  MFI.'S<'J. MAASCY.  Mr. 8. J. Matisey, foymer|y a resident  'ei Toronto, intl a. vrell-Jcnown .m_lndti��  man, writes from 247 Guy street, Montreal; Quebec: :. . -;;"':.-'.: *  i vIcwla-ntQite-tUy-to the,good, results  LbAVftderlyed front f^usc ofJteruria.  ' ������Having., ne'en  troubled ' for aevoral  year, wi-h 'catarrh' of'tiio head) I de-  :olded to.give.Eernna a fair .trial and)I  .can truly say liiaye received great ben-  ���'*&�� frojmJilU use.;! It eyl^en|Jjr strlkya  at'the very root of the trouble and gopd  nsulto are soon noticeable.  . "I have also found Peruna a very  valuable remedy tor stomach trouble  and Indigestion.- '- --' ��� ������  -   ���*��� '���������*���"���> "���<���, ,���  "I have no hesitancy whatever in recommending Peruna as a reliableCfljtar.b  remedy." ���"'';.������'���  ' :\-1  There are several kinds of indigestion.  ',4^The-trouble may-be-due to BluKgUh-  neas of the liver, derangements of tte  l$W ^W WW*P���afhjltself.���:, <.  In nearly all eaaeaof stomach indigee-  tion catarrh of the atomach is th* cauaa.  The only permanent relief is to remote  ^���catarrt.,",'.; -���.'/; ���.];���; 1.'".;  ;'_^e_xina _>'__i oecome v/eil-lcndwn tne  worl-ToV-r aa a remedy la suo_. csmmj  Too Hot 46 Worry  Don't worry over $he wash-tub these hot dayB, let us do your washing.  Phone A10, RECO LAUNDRY; we will call for your washing, and) when  we return; yqivrrlinen it; is;immaculate���-it!sGI.BAN clear through.  ���:_  GIVE US A  TRIAL ORDER  SIX  DAYS  CHEAP  :s^m^s___sfc:'  >dx0'm\:  "IfNtEI.  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Smith left yesterday on a trip to  coast cities.  Fine selection of new suitings at R.  Horrell's.  John Graham of Vancouver is on  a visit to his home here.  Miss Elsa Bergstrom of Vancouver  visited friends in Phoenix yesterday.  Isaac Crawford, the Rock Creek  merchant, was in town yesterday.  John Kirkup of Rossland, provincial  assessor, was in th. city this week.  For rent���two roomed house, partly  furnished ; apply to D. YV.   McKenzie.  The showers of the past week have  done much to refresh theairand settle  the dust.  C. J. South, police magistrate of  Vancouver, was a visitor in Phoenix  yesterday. - '    '  Keep both eyes on Rio Tinto-  Treadwell mine, near Curlew, Wash.���  J. L. Martin.  The Great Northern announces a  return trip to Toronto fair for single  fare���$53.80.  Mrs.'' A. Hillier and daughter returned on Wednesday from a visit to  her sister at Rossland.,  Mrs. T. Oxley and children went to  Grand Forks on Tuesday to spend a  week'with her parents.  Mrs. J. F.'Atkinson and Miss E. M.  Atkinson of Rome, N.Y., were guests  at the'Brooklyn on Thursday.  Wanted���a good cook for the Phoenix general hospital; salaiy $50 per  month.    Apply to the matron.  Bedroom furniture for sale���bureau,  washstand, carpets, bedding, chairs,  heater, etc.; apply to VV. K. Hyslop.  Work has been commenced on a  general renovation of Deane's hotel.  The exterior is now being' painted.  ��� ' Will accept Carney Copper stock at  1 o cents per share in exchange ��� for m>  household furniture.���J. JL. Martin.  : Miss Noble, who has been on an extended visit to her sister, Mrs. D. J.  Matheson, returned to Victoria yesterday. ���   -'  _  The Phoenix Steam Laundry Company,' Limited, has assigned to Albin  Almstrom for the benefit of its' creditors. ...  mmmmtmmmm  William Oxley is holidaying at Curlew, Wash.  Tanglefoot and  fly poison at pads  Love's drug store.  Before   buying your furniture elsewhere, call on R. J. Gardner.  Mrs. P. Cosgrove visited friends in  Grand Forks on Wednesday.  Ilou_e and lot on New Vork Tuwn  site for sale ; apply J. Lang.  The buildings in the Oxley block  aie receiving a fresh coat of paint.  Ladies dress goods; the finest selection in the city at R. Horrell's.  Dry wood in car lots. Apply to J.  Trombley, Phoenix, B.C.  Judicious advertising is the only real  way  to  "stir  things   up."  A double shift of miners has been  inaugurated at the Bruce mine.  Regular shipments of apples grown  in the Kettle river valley are arriving  in Phoenix daily.  For sale���a good team of heavy  diaft horses; apply at the Phoenix  Dairy.  Howland Barnett of Washington,  D.C., has been in camp during the  past week examining'local formations  of rock. He is connected wilh the  Amtrican geological survey.  Every pupil( intending to be enrolled this term in Phoenix public  school should do so at once. Absence  at the beginning proves a handicap to  them in the work of the term.  David Oxley left Tuesday morning  on a trip to England to visit the scenes  of his youth, Mrs. Oxley accompanied him to eastern States, wheie  she will visit relatives for a few months.  XV. Nicholson has just inaugurated a  big drawing contest The tickets are  limited to 42^ and there are seventy  valuable prizes to be given away, among  which is a diamond ring valued at $75.  Mr. Hamilton, a graduate of the  Colorado school of mining, who has  been getting | practical experience in  various lines'>at the smelter, has secured "a position with"the Granby Co.  at Phoenix.���Grand Forks'. Gazette.  HAYWOOD ADDRESSES  LARGE AUDIENCE  In Miners' Union Hall Sunday-  Evening  Last Sunday the large opera house  of Phoenix Miners' Union hall was  crowded with an audience to hear William D. Haywood, the ex-secretary of  the Western Federation of Miners.  A review of the W.F. of M. with an  account of the great trial at Boise was  the theme upon which Mr. Haywood  spoke for two hours. He made a  strong plea in favor of Socialism. He  did not ask his auditors, however, to  vote for the Socialist paity until they  were coiiviuct-d it was the best course  to pursue.  Mr  Haywood told how the Western  Federation of Miners was born in 1892  amid  much trials and   tribulal.ons  in  the Panhandle of Idaho, with  the idea  of having a strong organization  which  would include  all   the   mines   of  the  West.    Its main   objects   were to  in  ciease   wages,   shoit_n   the   hours  of  those engaged and to  generally  better  the condition of its members.    This  aroused   strong    opposition   of   mine  owneis,   and   war,   he   declared, had  been carried on vigorously against  the  organization.    He reviewed tbe strikes  in Idaho and Colorado, the calling out  of the troops and the turmoil  which  followed.    Then followed a recital  of  the arrest of Moyer, Pettibone and himself at Denver on a charge of muider  in which they were rushed into Idaho  without authority of  law.    The  irons,  the chains, the cells in which they were  confined were  vividly describfd.    He  paid his respects to   McPartland   and  Orchard, desciibing theni   as the Kirg  and Prince of detectives.    Detectives,  he asset ted, were the meanest men on  earth.  He thanked the unions everywhere  for raising the splendid fund to fight the  legal battle and prove their innocence  The meeting concluded with cheers for  the speaker.  "  Watches  We have the Largest Stock of Watches in the Boundary, at prices  suitable  to  all   pocket   books.     How  would  you, like  a  good  21  Jewel Watch   at  IN DUST-PROOF NICKLB CASK : ��J  $20  17 Jewel Elgin or Walt Ham  $IO.OO  IN    DUST-PROOF   CASH   AT  KVKKV ONI. GUaKANTKKI)  E. A. BLACK, jeweler  D. J. Matheson  3iwurancc Hocnt  UnKI.ITY    BONUS.  COMMHSIO.VKR    FOH    TAKING    AKFIUA VITfc.  . KIRK,      UFK  ANH  ACCIDK.NT.  1'LATK    OI.AHH  PHOENIX, ? B.C.  CI_OT__tt_WGt,  "It costs'little to'dress well. ThV whole secret is.in buying  t your Clothes 'from < T. Brown's. ���ti,Call and see how good you  'would jook.in^a good suit of clothes" ' "*"' ''-'<.   .   ���.   ['    J *  THOglAS BROWN,  GENT'S EURNIS___ER, PHOENIX  *      " V* "     ��     ���_   "> ("    ������>   'j-,1.* . i -       ' , ' 1  f  M*~*M~^���_*�����_���_���_w_~M���^1H1l_>_____a_���_B_____a_____aM_____���  i?-i  _C_OIr__-'H- t'H^-y ~ &.��.._, _ , , .,.-���  o2|c. per. acre  T-  .'.  A  _J-V.*L /      *       vi  /" i     '       '    ���>���\ n ���- ' '��   N    1   '     \'<    >��� ,'_',   t   ..   '   "    '  secures to you a BRITISH COLUMBIA  FARM in -tlie, British -Columbia Southern  " Columbia and Kootenay'and Columbia  and Western Railway Companies' Land  Grants., These Farm Lands are eminently suited for-the raising of  Frmt, Grain or Stock  and may be purchased on these EASY  TERMS from   ? ������   -  THE  J*'j^__i_/,_��_&-._.�����- ��'  m vmm  {: > who are looking _x>r Settlers for this part.  mamammmmmmaMpMamaammmmaMmwaawtMaaamammmmmam  Timber Lands of the highest character,  situated in these Grants,-are offered for  u    isale in blocks of from 640 acres upwards  :M.ri(inc wmm ���-.__$. immmim  There's two things to consider in  printing���material and workmanship  ���get both and you get satisfaction at  the Pioneer. , ,_  Jeff Davis, James McArdle and J  E. Massie were among the guests from  Grand Forks at the Brooklyn yesterday.  Miss Peterson returned home* to  Spokane Wednesday morning after a  two-weeks' visit with her sister, Mrs. A.  A.'Mcintosh.  Admirers of J. G McKeown celebrated his election as alderman on  Thursday evening by a big display of  fireworks on Knob Hill avenue.  Lifebuoy Soap is delightfully refreshing for Bath or Toilet in hot weather.  For washing underclothing it is unequalled.    Cleanses and purifies.  If you are thinking of building or  require building material of any kind  ���lumber, shingles, ..lime, brick���call  on me for figures. Phone A 44. C.  A. Ross.  , If you are requiring any rough  lumber give M. Mclntyre a chance to  figureon.it. He can furnish you with  better material at less money than any  outside competitor.  v i  There is no better or greater index  finger to the business interests of an  up to-date town than the advertisements of its merchants in the local  weekly publication.  A large number of invitations ha.e  been issued for a complimentary dance  in honor of J. L. Martin ' and family  by the Carney Copper stockholders in  Phoenix Miners' Union hall.  W. H.; Heidman. - was ampng the  passengers'who arrived from Spokane  over the Great Northern early Sunday  morning, the train having been delayed  twelve hours-as a result of the bridge  accident on the; S.F. &.N. Saturday  morning. ; ,.  Alfred L. Reeve, foimerly manager  for the Wm., Hunter company in Phoenix, was married on August 5th to Miss  Grace ,McLeod, They will, reside in  California. - Mr. Reeve is reported to  have made.a' big "stake" in the Cobalt j  silver district.  Horse Thief (lets One Year  On Monday last, one Viel Maicus,  was arrested by Chief Constable Bun-  bury in the Bank of Commerce. He  had^ been up the Kettle river and  helped himself to a horse belonging to  ,a man called Waddell, at Steve's lumber  camp, and a saddle belonging to Stove.  While trying to pass a forged check at  the bank, he was recognized, and the  telephone brought the chief to the  scene, with the result that Viel is in  jail. The case was remanded to allow  the prosecution time to procure evidence.���Greenwood Times.  The prisoner appeared before Judge  Brown at Greenwood oh Tuesday on  two charges���forgery and horse stealing���on each of .which he was sentenced to one year in NeUon jail, sentences to run concurrent.  +a**m  Phoenix-  Greenwood Stagfe Line  Leave Phoenix, tipper town, 9.30 a.m.V  '< "1   lower .town, 10.00 a.m. [���  Leave  Greenwood V. - [ .   3.00 o. m.J       Standard Time  3.00 p. m.J  Prompt Attention to Express and Freight.  Phoenix Okkick. With McRae Bkos., Knob Him, Ave.  GILLIS & LAING, Proprietors  ��#__-  ENGLISH FRUIT SALINE  AN EFFERVESCENT FRUIT SALT  Apply to the address _  on   the   attached  1 shown  coupon  Application  Regulations  Literature  Land Certificate for Sale  For sale; MAN OB WOMAN���My  South African Veteran Bounty.Land  Certificate, issued by the Department  of the Interior, Ottawa; good for 320  acres of any Dominion'Land open for  entry in Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba. Any person over the age of 18  years, man or woman,' can acquire this  lanil with this certificate. For immediate sale, $_00.    Write or wire  L. E. Telford, ���  131 Shuter Street.  Toronto, Ontario.  H. F. Libby and A. Luciani have  imported two young cuds from Grand  Forks. The Druins are about three  months old and were caught when very  young in the Kettle river valley They  are very tame ahd' are the objects of  much interest to passersby.  The rifles and ammunition for the  Phoenix Rifle association have been received and .are ���located in specially  constructed lockers at the city hall.  The clearing of the range, which has  been in charge of Murdock Mclntyre,  is about, ccunpleted and the range  should be .ready,.for practice.,in the  course of ten davs.  The marriage of Thomas Hardy,  merchant of Midway and ex-mayor of  Greenwood, to Mrs. M. D. Murray took  place in Victoria on Wednesday, August nth".' They returned from their  honeymoon on Saturday and have  taken tip' residence -at Midway. ' Mrs.  Hardy "was formerly a music teachei  in Phoenix. _ _    ���   >   .        .  .    "   .V. V. & E. Withdraw     ���   .  ,' Th_ appeal of the V. V. & E. railway c-ompany against the com t - of revision of Phoenix assessment 10II,  which was to have come up before  I Judge Brown in Greenwood yesterday,  was withdrawn by the company before)  being given a hearing.  A Cooling and refreshing Laxative���Very Agreeable  to the taste, and Gentle in its Action  It invigorates ihe system, cleanses the blood, cures sick  headache, indigestion,   fever,   pricxly  heat;   and  BEAUTIFIES THE COMPLEXION  from  the  by eliminating the  poisonous  waste products  intestinal tract.   Price -per Bottle ....    75c.  LOVES DRUG STORE  Notice to Parents  Your Dollar  will come back to you if you spend it  at home. It is gone -for .ever-/if you  send it to the Mail .Order . House. A  glance through pur advertising columns will give you, an idea where it  will buy the most.'  ' S  __l_?-S_.ION TBS PHOl-HJX F^.___SI__. WHEN BSPLYISTQ  Founded 1892���Incorporated 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C.   '  Provide, a Christian home tor students of both sexes at moderate rates.  Has a preparatory claoa for junior students, doing grade public school work  Does high school work, confers all high  school privileges, and prepares for teachers' examinations. Teaches all branchee  of a Practical Business Course and gl vet-  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in  its Collegiate Course and in the Ladies'  Course for M.E.I.. and M.L.A. In University work, can take students through  the complete Arts Course, and the.de  gre_ of B.A.. can.be obtained from Toronto University, which the college is in  lut affiliation. ' r'''i\   'y'!:: r  For fuller information and terms write  Rev. W. J. SipperoU.B.A.,B.D.,Principal ;or Ber, jr, p, B��weSL Boursar,  SUMMER  ; DRINKiS  The following Summer Drinks are now  in stock:  Raspberry Vioepp  Orange Wine  Parents having children of school  age, viz 6 years, and wishing to have  them begin their studies this coming  term must see that they are enrolled  during the first two weeks immediately  following the summer vacation. The  next period for enrollment will be after  the Easter holidays. This rule must  be strictly adhered to in order that all  the beginners may be started off in the  same class, and thus conserve the time  of the Primary instructor. Children  under school age, 6 years, cannot be  enrolled. ��  . Phoenix Board of School Trustees  GET   A    GLIMPSE  Uii&e Jylee  ���!g_ger Ale  ��� Latest Prices lo Mcial.  N*w Vobk���Copper, electrolytic, f]2-  75  @ $18.00;  laice. $13 26 @ $13.50.  Bar Silver, 52^  tead, $4 25 _. _4.32.  : iTHg J?OI^MOS^9-ROCER.Y[   Speller, ��6.66 % $6.86  HOUSEHOLD GOODS FOR SALE  Kitchen range, beds. bed-Ioungp,  dressers, table, chairs, sideboard and  rockers.  CH.B    RlTNDBEBO,  at Dominion Copper Co 'a'Office  Notice of Assignment  NOTICE 18 HEREBY GIVEN that  thp Phoenix Steam La ndrv Company.  Limited, having its head offices at Phoenix. British Columbia, has. hv deed of  assignment, dated 24th August, 190!),  assiened all its personal property, real  eotate, credits aiid effects which triav be  taken under execution, to me Ai.bin  Almstrom, of Phoenix aforesaid, for the  general benefit of its creditors.  A meeting,: of the creditors will be  held at the office of the company at  Phoenix, at 8 o'clock in the afternoon,  on Moh'dav,- the 6th day of Spptember,  1909, for the giving; of* directions with  reference to Ihe disposal of the estnte.  , And Fubther Takb Notick that all  creditors are required 6h or before the  10th of September, 1909, to file with me  full particulars of their claims dnlv verified, and .the-nature of the security, if  any, held by them.-     -      .~  And Noticp is Hereby Given that after  the 10th day of September, 1909, I will  proceed to distribute the assets among  the creditors of(wl)08e debts or claims I  shall then ;haye received 'notice, and J  will hot he responsible to any creditor of  who?e debt or claim I shall not then  have received notice, for the assets or  any part thereof so distributed.  Dated at-Phoenix, the 25th  day of August., 1909.  ALBIN ALMSTROM, Assignee.  CITY OF PHOENIX  Offers Invited  Offers ate invited for the purchase of  Phoenix City School Building and lots.  Address-  H. HARTLEY,    City Clerk.  Have you ever been to the FURNITURE STORE?  If not, yon should come and have a look ai-ound. We have  a large stock of new and up-to-date goods just in, and the  prices are within reach of everybody's purse.    We have a few  Go-Carts to Clear at Reduction  in price.    If  you are needing one call and get our prices.  C_ F. EDWARDS, Ironsides Avenue  B.C. HOTEL  A..    BBRIOIH,'" -1 ..opitiBTOR  CASCADE  Accommodation for Picnic Parties.  Rigs  and Teams for Hire at Stage Rates  ��� ,   From JULY 17th Regular Stage will run between  ���.^MS.-jADE-^ND:CHRlSflNA.-LAKE,Mnd-io--tmy  point on the Lake.    >����,,�����,,��  FINE NEW STOCK of the nattiest in Fall Suitings  from eastern and English manufacturers just received.  They are undoubtedly the handsomest and most distinctive fabrics that have yet been offered and those who  would have something select in  should leave their order early,  at a reasonable price.  yJBB-EjU-JJ-tt^iB-^  s^^^^^m^mmti  mm^^^mmm


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