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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 12, 1911

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 >  V<  A  t^fJ^jw&''~nv'  Si1'  I*  b.c. Aiinin,. ) (fraitfey Gotn^OGKi  '���D^,S*H>.-*W-~*Jjiu.---.-h��--  '"'    __;....'"  ��������� ��r^3_*j2^!_rf-  %tefe,_:-(s^j;:-ft_jown Mines tM^Mtme?  building is up,;knd the machinery is      <\ '   *,:':-   .       ���.   *��� - . -   ��'''--"  ' . ,    '     :'        ,      j  building is upland the machinery is  being- installed. A-large tonnage of  ore is blocked ouf.    '     /     >  In an effort to arrive .at the mineral prospects, in the northern part  of the province and ^ Alaska, Yoleh  Williams, of the Granby Co. left Yor  Prince of Wa!sg_.:sland to ,ook into  the prospects   there.    Later   he will  visit   other   mining   centres    in  the  north before reporting  to -the com-'  pany on the conditions.    He, was recently in prince Rupert.    ,  Definite Decision Arrived Friday Morning���Pennsyl-  vania Coke Proves Unsatisfactory���Electric  Power Not a Factor.  iteSARY OF THE  GMAfMOEM FIRE  * , ' -       -  ' ��� I   .' i     j     r     ,.  -��� I. I *l}.k J J  <        I <    ' r'       , **   .        .  ,* ������       '  ' *_',*-���'     -rt  '      I   i i' '  ]4;;R^>us_^ce^^^s< Confidence in Phoenix jjlin^s.  11 i  It has been definitely ^decided to  close-down the Granby rnines and  smelter. The chief and only factor  which has influenced, the company's  directors in their decision k is the unsatisfactory . shipments' , of  Pensyl  At the Red ' Cliff,  Stewart,   work I Vartia C^a1,   combined'with  its  cost  ���is'being,pusheTin   the intermediate''.a��?a.'priority. ^, The coke requires  levr*1 n/hpro rr/,��r��'_,._____._���_.���. rY   -     -   to be handled so ;much   that .on its  arrival at  the'smelter* it   has Jpeen  found to be unsuitable for economical  level where good copper oreiscom-  ing  in:    Assays'of'.ore "from'   the  ��� upper level are-said to give ah average   of 8.28   per  cent   copper,. 1.-17  ounces of gold, and 2.17   ounces of  silver. '  The recently installed .water  power plant ,is   working   perfectly,  " effecting a big   saving in'operating  expenses.    .Ore   bunkers- are under  \   construction. 's -   '        '  ��   ' ' "  * - -r   >  ; Jhe ;King,  Solomon Amines   near  , Cowichan station,' yancouveris'land;  , will   :be^reiQpepe.d,^bJ''Kl|iaDagin^  director James :HumV. * This" ^property, "lying xlose to. .the Tyee has a  good future.   ������ A''railway is nb\y;b��x  ing built across  it, and they have a  treatment   charge    from    the   Tyee  smelter of ,$1.50.      Mr. Humes', has  been the   general   superintendent of  the Austin-Manhattan   Con. Mining  Co., at Austin, Nevada, for'the past  three years.  smelting.- "Xherstrike at the'Crow's  Nestf.coal mines, however, appears  to be the prux of ;.the whole situa-  tion,, arid.unfortunately until this is  settled, or some other'.;arrangement  Jpok for mining and smelting in the  Boundary  is  anything   but   bright.  O. B. Smith, general superintendent  of the. Granby Consolidated Mining,  Smelting & Power  company, when  asked by a .Pioneer  representative  whether ,trje . povver   question    had  contributed its ^influence, towards the  closing of the. company's -plant, replied in t^e negative, and stated that  it'was purely a'question  of suitable  and regular shipments of coke.  PAYING   OFF  TODAY.  The company will commence the  paying off'of its employes to-day.  Notices   to   that   effect have  been  more satisfactory is   found,^the-out-] posted, at the mine.  POEITICAL, SITUATION  Our  eastern: exchanges^ indicate  that' b'dthf. parriesgaiie pntting^fqtth,  illeir'fe*tJefforts-p1^  tfie contest  on the   2lst of September, and while both government and  opposition   assert   their entire confidence "in, a   victory,   there   is   no  doubt   that at   no   time   since  1891  have    the    Conservative    prospects  looked so bright.  The   great    struggle   will    be in  Boundary Ore Tonnages  '   Following are the  returns'.pf the  output of the mines and;smelters of  en*ng7Aug:;i2,>m-yeamdfc_late:-V  Granby. . .'. .;..'. .,'. 13,165  Mother Lode   4,494  Jack Pot . ...      482  Rawhide 4,010  Athelstan       100  Napoleon  ,   1000  Others ^ ^     214  Total 123,465  SMELTER TONNAGES  585,672  189,689  18,978  132,143  3,954  6,313  1,562  938,311  The ;l_.thof August' a year ago  today will long  be Vemembered byf  the people of Phoenix.      The -great  fire which   took place" on that date,  and which threatened' the destruction'of the entire towri, commenced  in the oil, house" in No. 2Jtunnel and  spread,with incredible rapidity along  the  covered    tramway,   licking  up  the residence -of O. B.   Smith and  the company   mess.'    Reaching  the  ore  bins  of No.   3   crusher  which   -  we're  quickiy* alight,   the  fire, then  Spread   to the  school house,   which  was quickly consumed. "Meanwhile  flying  brands   carried, by the  high "  winds dropped  on 'the* steps of the ���  Methodist    church,-   opposite .   Jhe -  Miners' Union.hall, and within a few  minutes that edifice was aflame from -  end to end.     Mclntyre's barn,'., opposite  the-   Methodist ^ church',.- the  Presbyterian   church>   and   the:'old'  h?^e..ofthe/Pioneer;'.all' went   in  raPJd succession/   ' On' the hilL:mat-  te^. w^r? Z1?"1^' ^%''���;.- .TheVlQld.  Ironsidesllrhotel :-_ahd iWk* hfirannv'  *  Va  Ontario, Quebec   and the   Maritime/       ", smelter tonnages  prbyincesv.where the opposition need { ���r?!lb^ ��� ��� ���' ��� ��� ���  ��� ��� -It,565    577,791  to gain about 24 .seats  to defeat the C C��Pper C��"   9'380    3^f369  At Sechart, on   the, west  coast of  Province^wh^the opposition nee  ancou ver>' island,     the    Mercury It0 *T ab��Ut & fatS .�� defeat the  fines. T_tdl. h��v.'. f.��;  m__ / government,   as there   is not "likely  to be many changes in the west ex  Mines, ,Ltdl, have" a few  men prospecting.      The cinnabar occurs in a  mineralized   zone,   about   100- feet  wide.      Ore' has   been    opened    in  .numerous-places,   but. not   enough  development   has been   done  to determine whether  or not a deposit of  commercial   value   exists.     The  installation   of a   small   plant   is now  being arranged   for to treat the  ore  on the property.     v  Phoenix Conservatives Meet.  An   enthusiastic   meeting   of  the  Phoenix   Conservative    Association  took  place   on   Monday  last.     The  business   conducted wasr,principally  of a   business   character.      W.   X.  -McDonald was elected president for  the   new   term, with   Palrner   Cook  vice-president,   and R.   McCammon  secretary-treasurer.      An   executive  board   of twelve   wus   also   elected  with     John    Pierce   as    chairman.  Delegates  to the Conservative convention to  be held ar Kamloops, on  Aug, 17th  were chosen.       Another  meeting will be held shortly.  in B. C: which will no  doubt send a  solid seven to support Borden.  Tt   cannot"   be   too   forcibly   impressed   upon   alj  voters   who   are  opposed   to    the   reciprocity" pact,  which is to   be the . main issue, that  in the   words   of a   late   prominent  Canadian statesman, "elections are  not   won   with  prayers,"   and   that  everybody must work until the close  of the polls on election day.     Don't  let   the Conservative   majorities   be  .cut down through over confidence.  %��^^'fhpter;;:ahd;"tnj_| '^Granby  offices, were seriously, threatened,'  and it was only by the exercise of  the greatest skill and courage that  they were saved. The_ fire, however,  destroyed the waitresses' bungalow  and the- newly erected machine  shops.  A   visit to   the Granby works on  the hill is  interesting, and one cannot help   but admire , the manner in  n   r>r _      M I which the, Gran by'.company have re-  B.C. Copper Treatment      j     placed, the  works  which   had  been  The   B.C.    Columbia   company's   destroyed.   One would imagine that  lf��li-or    traitaA     Q   "ZQf\    *- _r            ^.,^U     ���   J'    ,_1    _^ /-��-...  -������  smelter treated 9,380 tons of ore  this week, as follows: Mother Lode,  4,834, Napoleon,- 105; Wellington,  460; Rawhide, 3,682; Athelstan,  127; otners,  172.  such   a display   of faith   and   confidence   in the   camp on   the   part  of  the Granby company would  of itself  stifle the croaking which has become  so marked a characteristic  of Phoenix.   What is wrong with the town?  The Pioneer is not without   With the exception of an occasional  its sense of gratitude for the  splen-   'ay off,   seldom  covering   any great  did   manner   in  which   it has   been J length of time, there is considerable  same.  Germany Stocking Copper.  The   question   has   Arisen    as   to  where, the large out put of American  copper has gone.   Many believe that  there is   something to   be explained  m the   decrease   in the   visible supply of the last two years.      A country that   is   preparing  for war must  for  many months  be getting within  its borders   a stock   of copper.     In  the   present   situation   the question  naturally arises   as  to^ whether Germany in   four years   really  doubled  her consumption of copper.  supported by the business element  of the town, without which vve freely  admit we could never have recovered from the disaster which  overtook us. The present.shut down  of the Granby mines is unfortunate,  work to be had, the wages and  hours of labor comparing favorably  with any other part of the Dominion  of Canada, We are blessed with an  excellent climate, a more healthy  burgh   a    man   couldn't   find,    and  but it is only one of  the incidentals  the  town is peaceful and  law abid  which   have dogged ; the   history of 1 ��ng-     We: have   more   advantages  every mining town of importance on   than  usually, fall to   the   lot   of the  the American continent, and the  blame cannot even by the greatest  stretch of imagination be placed at  the door of the company.  We are requested to state that  the stores will close next Thursday  afternoon instead of Wednesday.  average mining town- We repeat;  where on this sublunary planet is  there a mining town that can compare with it? If there is such a  town, its whereabouts must he  known only to the knockers and the  croakers, and we joyfuIly wish them  a safe   and   speedy journey   to   the  <'��  J  Si'  ,f  I  l��'l  if  5-"  Or.**?  fsor&tt lip*1 '  ���     i ' r ���Jiw'WBWJWmfl  ^yi ��f  ffi*-\  TT  '''' >^V^,TT?T  Whose Roof  I - ' i  Is Over  < i.  !> (       it  Your Head ?  ���iy'  1     "K   *.'  V,|i      I   ',     "  > 1/ f V  A I tr  V  ij * ���  Confound Bob Borden, He's Tied Our Policy Duds into Knots.  ' i:  i. if  tn  t.v rr ji. :��� 'i   -i;. '���  /  ��� kr. j  Local and General  - ',H  ' J>   '    tM     * /"*'"  ' ri      '       iJ    J  the remarkable constellation of Yaleus  Canboo'us < for some��> time past, report  everything quiet thereabouts. v A- few  asteroids ^ are, to 'seen shining ,very  W. S.* Macy5 of Spokane arrived iri I faintly and wandering aimlessly about.  I  t ___ ������ t  v i  '   *J      "���  . <���       C      f  m\^y7  A    \ Y    -V> '  I <*<, %���  if), ***-     ,',;    '  Jt>Mr *fV��,_'   '  town1 on Wednesday.;',  Mrs. \ Thos.' Oxley returned to .town  '   on.Saturday from Spokane. J-,,   r  . * Dry wood in* car lots for'sale. Appljr  <    tO/J.tTrombley,.Phoenix. .' .  ^/Born-rOn > July,, 29th,} to Mr. and,  'Mrs/ P. Harrington, a son. * -, -  s ���* -"']$frs. M. Cranley arrived: home on  Tiiesdayraftler a visit to the cdast.; '*A  ,���\?]Mr. and Mrs. Marshall accompanied  ', \ -f by^Mrs. Bush visited the Forks durhag  //'the week.'- " j    '    "?\,\   i.j   '>   t/'?-i  v ' i^Andy Hamilton returned on Satur-  -'.. day from Spokane, where'he has been  1 under treatment for his eye. i   ->  tV.Yv   ^]^ </q'\ ''',3rAn^us McKinnon and Hector Mc-  A",$fs '*i^   r '' S / ^ 'Niven spent the week end' visiting the  4Il#^    '''  '    ^ters brother m^GrandPorks.    ^<;  %^;^?f ��� �����><; ,>: tfiQr. W. Woos^r,'treasurer and direc-'  *f*MU^' '-     '*     tor "of the Granby Consolidated was in  P-? i& ,v f. f ft  ��^  ���j ��� * /,'  i>.    IvfV  rJ  V-  ht^  \A *y   -��� ��-  Ay      *       f f  .5 f       ^ - i  it  1 if vr "  �� 3  I;  a^VftFv     ,,fllV    town during the week;#    .��,  i ja^��,^   ��,��.    ,����� ^ - -Mr. and Mrs/ James Marshall, accom-  /'   panied by Mrs. O. Bush, spent a few  , ,'" days in the Porks this week.   A A' '.   ���  SK^//";';,*^ v-,.,Lost on Sunday, Juljr 30th, a little  W&m h 'mm^ girls' bracelet. Finder will please re-  ��.8S>��V ^ turn same to Pioneer office..    t     *���  For Sale���Team of Horses, m good  ,    condition; weightllOO lbs. each; a bargain. Apply C. A. Ross, Phoenix,. B. C.  v ^ Joe Small.���^Your question is rather  ��� ^amusing. The gentleman who made  t^be annexation speech you refer to is  the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. His name is Champ  Clarke, and not Chump Clarke.  Ted Horrell departed for Chesaw oh  Tuesday. The genial.foreigner; however, expects tor be, back'-in' time to  plump his vote for the Conservative  candidate on the 21st September. He  is working for Boyles1 Bros., diamond  drill experts: ' i *   A   ''   *���   <     �� ���  Jim Walsh.���The Down and ( Out  Club is a very ancient institution. It  has a flourishing branch in B. C... Duncan Ross is the president, but it is expected that Hon. William Templeman  will succeed to the presidency after the  2lst of September.  1 F. M. Harrison accompanied by his  son, and Jim Murdoch, Tom Russell  and Albegt Baugh returned last week  from a Ashing trip up the river. Mr.  Harrison's big fish was the talk of the  camps, and after playing it for half an  hour the monster snapped the line  and disappeared in a cloud of foam in  the direction .of Grand Forks. Jim  Murdoch was more fortunate with his  fishing; he went out for big ones, and,  provided himself with suitable tackle.  He, however, had a little trouble, but  was successful in landing���its head.  Astronomers A. S. Hood and W. X.  McDonald,  who have been observing  ���aJ  A  (^/' *  m \  r��   n *     ���>  r 1*      .*  Mr. McDonald thinks they; are the  remnants of the once brilliant Duncana  Kbssius. ;'Mr. Hood is convinced that  their number is rapidly decreasing, and  both the gentlemen agree that the new,  planet Martini Burrelli isgiving, out  more light than ever, and has quite  usurped the orbit, of the now defunct  Duncana Bossius. < >.:  v -  .,:<��� - -       --L A  i James Marshall is visiting coal properties near Midway.        ' .��  ^,,*  ^ A.: S"Williamson, who has been' in  town," arranging for the t sale 'of Coal-  m oh t propertyi left on Friday for Vancouver. ���.   '     '' ,   * ��� - ��  -��� '     ,  , ,^The date of the,Conservative convention to be held in Kamloops, and announced in' our advertising columns, Is  how changed to August 17th, 1911.   :  A; <  1  '  ',  ' \ -   w- '"  'V  r/Harry Howitt Mc'Arthur of .Green-1  wood was,married to Miss Elsie'Marie  Guiiderson, of'Midway,' on Tuesday.  Aug. 8th.,  (The Rev. M. D. McKee, of  Grand Forks*officiated. /  ' The?hoeriix baseball team are scheduled to meet > the Oroville team at  Greenwood;on'Sunday, Aug.l3th. The  local diamond trotters are in fine trim  and confidently expect to carry away  with them the $100 side bet.  Dan Docksteader has been appointed  by the police commision to be chief of  police.," Dan is an old resident of the  burgh'/ and his many friends jare 'congratulating him on his well deserved  appointment. "        -    ,       - u    > .     ,  The $100 side bets for the great international football match between  the Welsh Leeks and English Terriers  have now been, placed in this office.  The match, which is'exciting considerable interest, is to be played at Greenwood, today, Saturday. Quite a number of partisans of both sides have  signified their intention to be present.  The Knights of Pythias gave a successful ��*At Home" on Wednesday  night, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Chas.  Knight. About 100 invitations were  accepted and an enjoyable evening was  spent. A progressive whist game commenced the proceedings, followed by a  musical programme which included  songs by R. McCammon, J. Hannam  and Chas. Knight, a violin solo by A.  McMillan and a cornet solo with piano  accompaniment, by John Findlay. F.  Werner officiated at the piano; the K.  P. orchestra provided excellent music  for the dancing which followed. Refreshments were served during the  evening.  '��������������� -���     "<ft�� ������_���������������   Reciprocity will reduce the duty  on peanuts and macaroni. Why  not take it off sauer kraut ?  Q.���What would the' Landlord  do if all the *'Knockers" died���  They won't leave. 1  r x  Ans.���Reduce tlie rent, of course !  Q.���Would your house sell for* the amount paid in  a couple of  years use of it: ?'���','' ' i  Ans.���Certainly not!  Q.���Why? ,  Ans.���Mr. "Knocker,"��� recently returned ^from some,. "Blankity  fine place," (where the "Eats" were uncertain) tells us, while he is "resting-** spelled with a "U" for the'��'E" and an "L" in front of the "TV)  hoivmuch better we could do "any place else but here."  , i ��; a. j. (  ',:> ,;, Strange, isn't it���how we gulp it down���and keep oh coughing  up twenty-five to fifty per cent for the use of what we liave tbVmeans to  buy���while we dream about the "stake" we came to make.  :     '    We'll make it all right !  Sure !���for the 25% fellow, any way.  Get this���-Backing  the   Foreign   "Booster"   and. the   Home  "Knocker" is a loosing combination.1 ,  " Also Get BU8y-���For this is a good  town.    The best yet���  else why do we stay?    . ,  ' * ,        '������   ' >. ���   -     ;t  Plan yourself a HOME, and let'me figure with you.  i    Tf you have "a Home; build another for the chap who "came to  make a stake"���and let him make YOURS.    _ a  ! '  'PHONE NO. 81  P. O. BOX NO. 329  WILKIE  THE  -<;  BUILDER  RETAIL LUMBER DEALER CABINET MAKER  '  AND REAL ESTATE  BROKER  Phoenix Cartage Co  If you require any Heavy Teaming- or Hauling done,  let us do it for you. That is our business, and we  have the equipment to execute all orders satisfactory.  First-Class Wood  We also have a supply of first-class Cordwood, short  or long-, and can deliver it on short notice* 'Phone  your order to  cisJ.ro  PHONE  34  eiux,  u       >  In Canada, $2.00 pep Yr.  In U,S. $2.50 pep Yp.  '%  MMSsmmmmsimimmmmMmm jr_>fc"i,vii','''_>Ar^f5rn&"'W>"����i  _ U^___fffT__i___)H_ifltriiW-'''  I'-t^-T .pw-*i��r r.t��i^��__^riir^i'j  --v'.   l^J*Viu&ijJi!___,u_J_..ft\^^ ^  _  .attvij_j���f._.rt_f..___>rt ___,,  ",.'*    ' '!"'-���!  'J  (V  ���ft  _S5Sah__J___*i___!_;fe'>,v*,- .,  "' ''-/'."(-.'x A/;   *  '   J     >,    t" ;u-,r.  Capes Headache Instantly  ""'''* * ��� ��� - - ���i - i��� i r- ���    . V. i.r.  MATHIEU'S  NERVINE POWDERS.  For Hcabche.and Neuralgia.  Cpsisss ��� .><������>. Uirflm, * CUml  Om pose, _B| n|KM >s4 > fr. powl<n .Ml  ��mrt ysa  II a. km s UI bwsirlM,  If ywi wt IpwriiH.  IIjrom a. aos stop wet I,  If pwi *IT mtmml  tf yoi for* t_ Grippe  Tata. s_^m  il.   **���?  MW l_  .fctldr.. tstlisr  Ml Mk  -��� .-^ -.-. ��.- w.>KP��� hot. ���__  H)W��ss��rhosiBtiinil(_,   I J.,_  Acts more quickly than, tablets, or wafers.  If your dealer does not keep them, we will  mail you a box (18 powders) on receipt of 25c  J. L. MATHIBU Co. Props., Sherbrooko.  Canadian Silver  For Germany.  With   tHe   shipment    of  69,000  pounds of ore last week,1 the Crown  Reserve mine, in the Cobalt district,  practically completed   their contract  with the   Prussian  government  for  1,000,000 ounces of silver.  The contract called for eight cars, averaging  125,000  ounces, or  in   all 240 tons  of ore.    The silver is reduced in the  government smelter and afterwards  used   in the  mint   for  coinage purposes.  Howes' Great London Show.  A street parade, which will be a  veritable horse fair, is promised by  the Great London Shows, which exhibit at Phoenix, August 17th.  The pageant will leave the show  grounds promptly at 10 o'clock day  of the show, and follow a line of  march to be announced later.. First  will come the World Famous Dublin  Grays, the $25,000 prize winners.  The   band   wagons,  floats,    and  other paraphernalia  will  be drawn  by 400 well groomed, well  matched  dapple gray horses.    The   stock  is  all in  the  pink  of condition.    The  rabers are of undisputed lineage, the  steeds attached to the Roman chariots   are   particularly   beautiful, the  Kentucky high school horses are the  greatest equines on   earth, and  half  a hundred Shetland ponies will delight the children.  Proper Clothes Tor Me  Whether you are well dressed or not isdetermined more''by-  ��� where you buy your clothes than  by what you .pay ,for��� them.,  No matter what you pay us for a suit you may be,sure that it's,  the best to be had for the money.     Best in material, ;workmanT  ship and style.    All we ask is a chance  to show you.    If you  are looking for a suit we can.suit you.     ,( ,  '    *;   't  Negligee Shirts, $1.00; $1.25; $1.50 -and up  Underwear, Balbrigrgran,^Merln^^^3*1  Straw Hats, 25c to $2. "���   Linen Hats. 50c up  Thos. Brown  Men's Wear Exclusively  -���-  Tennessee Trobadours Coming.  In the Phoenix opera house, on  Wednesday, August 16th,'Mr. Chas.  H. Lee will present his Tennessee  Trobadours a troup of dusky singers  and dancers. The following is from  the Inland Sentinel of Kamloops, of  a recent date. **The Maple Leaf  theatre is offering the big colored  Tennessee Troubadours tonight and  When the show cbmej. to, the city  the work   of unloading will   be well  under  way with  the rising  of the  sun, and there is little chance of the  street display being  late   in leaving  the  grounds.     There  is   no  doubt  the display will   be worth seeing as  the places   through which the show  has  passed  have all   spoken  in the  highest  praise  of its  worth.    The  great   Dublin   $25,000  prize   team  will   be   an   unusual   feature to   be  seen with this great show.  The King's Hotel  UNDER  NEW MANAGEMENT  The undersigned begfs to announce that he, has purchased. the���  business and goodwill of the King's Hotel from Messrs.   Shea  and  ^yilliams and   hopes by careful attention  to  business and  courteous  consideration of patrons to receive a continuance of  the generous patronage which the King's has enjoyed in the past.    I  Annexation Scrap.  Greenwood is not so dead as some  F. M. Harrison - - - - Proprietor  for the balance of the week, having I people think. Magistrate Kerr had  retained them on account of the ex- a case before him on Thursday. A  cellency of the show   they   present.  This minstrel organization is one of  the best of its kind that has visited  our city, and anyone who appreciates good singing of plantation  songs and dances of the long ago  will do well to see them during their  engagement here."  Canadian being charged with assault  and battery on a son of Uncle Sam.  An argument on annexation was the  cause of the fracas; the annexationist  being presented with a beautiful  rainbow trout colored peeper. The  Canadian was bound over to- keep  the peace.  r  Milk  Should come from healthy and vigorous Stock,  handled in a CLEANLY AND SANITARY  manner.    Separated jCream insures purity and  the Vancouver Daily Province  To September 23, #^ gt  1911,   for   ..         mmV&%3%m*  We will mail The Daily Province  till September 23 to any address  in Canada outside the city of Vancouver, for-25^.  General Elections September 21  quality.  The Dairy produces both.  THE  DA8RY      J. W. Han nam, Prop.  Take advantage of our Splendid News Service  and follow intelligently the moves of each party.  HAVE YOU DECIDED ON A  reenwdocl  Leave Phoenix, upper town, 9.30 a.m. )  a  n  Leave Greenwood  lower town, 10.00 a.m. [Standard Time      IE.   A.    BLACK  3.00 p. m  :i  LOCKET, EARRINGS,  STUDDED WATCH ?  Prices on Diamonds have been rising for over ten years and are  rising still. No man knows when they will stop rising. Yet Diamonds are sold by us at the same prices that were asked last season,  because we saw how things were going and bought accordingly.  We buy them direct from headquarters and save you the middleman's'  profit. A Diamond is about the only form of investment certain not  to depreciate in value. Inspection Invited.  PROMPT  ATTENTION  TO  EXPRESS AND  FREIGHT  IB  The Jeweler  makes a specialty of Printing Letterheads, Memos.,  Billheads, etc., etc.  11. "w'  �� il  -41  1  1  4  :t  !t  -A  'i  U  i  I  I?  14  h  u  it  A-i-   ���  !:���  If  1  ���f  i   !  i (I  !  1.  m  !"��� "I i$m$XMmmmmAmmAmmAm;:  r���!*"    "j ' i" j"   ���.���-���.''"''��� i    " ' "\'> 'f"-,'J.*,��j(7vw'. :"3v"Kt^V���:j-v*i*,*w"  ^i:)��-YA^A:^^  w��wmmmr:'YYAA:AAAA fe ���: .>:���������-;v:X;\  KTWWr?  u���itlVitJ    I   K    .p..._. __i___j.��_��_��%i_'i<._  .rJlJSi-'KVii  if'tiij-.'iy^-HliiiVftf.' ki^���  id^|;atidj|starts^  opposite to the one he advocated in  KB pitajjji^  |tlM$ritishtpeb^  :as^|t^^;;faced.'|  Another Foreigner in Trouble.  $$#S^  ^age^^e^has^  ''same^wltn'^  ;MinisterC;jo|||M  ,who.|:c<^"jd  ordbredJthe|^  tof a v^certain';;- town Iwhbse; political  allegiance; was^anythm  : i h i't helli o^^slft hatfa^  ������mslMfcnT^  their flagging: interest in the Liberal  :*;#"& i  thing; but secure tor vessels  ot that  ?.i*;f&:j*".;^;;S^  class and the result was that half of  ;the^ahadian^'navy^piled?aup^oil the  rocks, and 400 lives were placed in  {iepp'ardy:|*sN^wthte��captaln^^tOibef  W<  %'&  CLOTHES  THE  CLOTHES  OF  MERIT.  ispeeeftes���;he;<?ma^  0A^0Mj$MwA&  ;peal|f��p||t^  sanaiS^  he career ended by a popular verdict  ^ ___ ......   ...   cdrr;uptW6M.#v-He:^saiJcl;-  " "mo  ! '!bffrci^  J|^flS^IL(3SiN decidedly  better that  the price would  l|lite����l*^ style that you   can see  at a glance and  !#f!nt^ are some of the  reasons why  :Sillyouti!ouillgMSSiyle'Craft" Clothes a trial. .  They fit.  ;l||ypuiiw^ti^nfg-^ne^-T���fit you'when they're old, and give such  ��|afmea^ been-* equalled be-  jW^forein ourrexpenencei     You can come in here and look to your  S; ^-hearWconten not satisfied with what you see vou  ISlwonlt^  g -la wsfiog^n aturep and:I'geo^r^_|^-^ef  y "���^'5(|he;|:^hole, \trade^;^piuid��$^  ~: ^^K^^-'s^uitt  :^   Ipbssibi^^  ���s^Sr^@|idiiijQ^  ���^���;|:;^X��:^frpm^est^  0c|^;f :^|:sd ;|^s;|tp;^  ^���;;;^;;;|Llways^^^c^  (.;;;-: :'Ht rade; with^lfe  *.������'    ' -.]'t'.' ' ������'"--' V'-'i1' ���-.' '.'-. - .'������' ': '''Y'Y''^-\i't'Y',YY:'f..'Y"-Y''Y-'Y ','������- ^' ''��� .-:.''���-''   ���;''..��� ' ,-i-,v1'--^-V <���,; ���- ��� c'j"- -'���������  *^',''r,Sl:'''^:i'''"';^yJ|..^X"P^  ''Xlv?: X;-6ur Ipi^rsj-y^  said^gbodbyeljto!?that trade, and #  ."'���'.'v,   \.'. ".'���'"���*,! A'^'^-A A'-. ^A ��� .'i.'lv-.At-. ;^ :Y'Y''t. Y ':���"'.r.-Y ' A-  * . :.- r-,A'A\'-'  ���nbW;;':XpUtMlV?pU^  British tratie^  can- influence i trade we  have  done  everything   possible   to   push ^ bur  W:-  BrV'  m.  rvSAY^!::YB  thin^|iI^e||p|taJ^^  ^jp^pugfthe;|iy  5nis^pmisesiahd>s^  f^'.jiAn'^:!f,Ame"r1cahv^^  ^P^XM pr"gan|*'is.:v t h'e^  citizen} in the Uhited States.    Threev  times;  he Sh^  iEngfishi^ ^sovereigns-���  ^ard   and "Geo  he iiWas  decorated   byv the   Kaiser^  ;an]d^hei,h*is also been honbred.:by ��� trife;  'King|pf;;jl:taly;;;an  ;'^rance-^t|The^-pap^  ^th^;:he^l_a|sj;wb  ���-hi^^rt^rbsli^/  ��� h onjors^Aa reAY&A ;|ppp:rV|re:ward.- r-^M r-'i ^  ^MprganX^japp^ren^ bth e r|;;  iwJse^iior^^elsfe J wliy^dpes;^he;Xaccept;  ���themmmmAAAA:mmAyAAYA:A^^  YYiAAWA  f  ^Tbbring ih;the fish:you want to go with  the right tackle.  >5-A a complete line of tackle and  AAA--^accesssbries:!fbr"spr;ing and summer fishing.     We can fur-  * #nis^ bait.  ^Don'tv^fo carry  a  fine   line  of Kodaks and  f    ; supplies.   ; Our prices are reasonable.  % Stop and  look at the display  of  Fine Glassware in  our  windows.    These goods are all  high-class, and  of finest  Kquality.     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We deliver milk daily.  }fcYY$wAY>Y;:AY:m'>  &AMi$AA:MAY:A;'. ���������'  M:��MmmYAAYy  v'i-'vii-!:.". ^wl''tw **_��*..��?��, n^-wv^t.;w^r-i��s__|si  ;_AJlS-3i.t||l^u,. __,  <��  1 ;  ,V".  ". '*,'  V-  1 *   <  .��' ti  Be on the  Safe Side  POINTED PARAGRAPHS |  r  .Russia's exports, of grain for the  year ended July 1st. were worth  $370,000,000.  There are now 67 gold producing  -companies operating in the Transvaal. Altogether 9,941 stamps are  in commission.  The  British   Columbia Steel Corporation, Limited, with a capitalization of $10,000,000, has announced!  that   immediately    construction    at  Port Mann will he undertaken of the j  first   unit   of the irreat  steel plant.  Plans   have been   decided upon  for  unit No. t, which will cost$700,000.  A gang   of 80   men  emp'o.Ved   by  Grant   Smith   and    Co.,   sub    contractors on   the C.N.R., marched in  24   miles   to    Chillawack,   in    their  In. making- your  purchase  efforts to escape  the mosquito  pest  of Beer.     Buy where  the | between Popcurn and Hope.     They  . ��� l * ** ....  GREAT LONDO^S  AT    PH OEM IX,   B.C.  IV ���  Thursday, Aug. 17    ��� ���  -5 . >        .    '! ,    _   "���  ^^**���*** �� '    ������ nsassss��� m 1<|a��Ma_MS��a��s����as_a______a______________��_>_<t_tl,,,|M  Full of Honors and Wonderful Triumphs of its Long. Cbn_>  quering Tours of the Continent, and presented on a Scale,  of Colossal Magnitude and Lavish Expenditure.,  never known before in this country.  THE TRAVELING     ^ua^^^^^^      BRIMMING  OVER  AMUSEMENT    ^^^HH|n^ WITH  SENSATION^P^^^^^^^M^   MIRTH  DAY*     dl^aWs lO^_________        jqy^  reputation of many years  stands ready to guarantee  THE PURITY  report their experience as something  awfuli -'       I     '   Y  nm  of OUR BEER  Our Beer is pure and satisfies the thirst. Be sure  our label is on the Beer  you, drink���it means an  ���-,     assurance of good quality.  f     'PHONE  23  PHOENIX BREWING CO.,  LIMITED  Tonsoria,  Parlor  Lower  Town  Begs to announce that, he is  now in a position to attend to  your wants, and is confident  that  he   can   give  satisfaction.  A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE YOU  One Minute's Walk from Brooklyn.  Those desiring Plumbing or  Tinsmith work done, will please  call up Phone A 10, where their  wants will receive prompt attention. I will devote the whole  of my time"to the business.  Vbbtop B   __p^ Bhehs-O  'PHONE A10."  Dr. de Van's Female Pills  A reliable French regulator; never fails. These  pills are exceedingly powerful in regulating the  generative portion of the female system. Refuse  all cheap imitations. Dr. de Tan's are sold at  $5 a box, or three for $10. Mailed to any address.  Tb�� Scob��ll Drug Co., St, Catharines, Out.  A' London despatch says that  Lloyd's bank is acquiring the French  banking business of Armstrong's.  The plan involves the formation of  a subsidiary company to be called  Lloyd's Bank of, France, 'with a  capital of $250,000. This is the  first time that such action has been  taken by an  English bank.  Canadian chartered banks, with a  view to handling the wheat crop,  are curtailings loans as rapidlv as  possible throughout the western  provinces. This has caused quite  a setback to real estate movements  in different parts, but bankers claim  it is necessary if the banks are to  have enough money to handle the  wheat.  The strike of coal miners in the  Crow's Nest and western Alberta  districts is causing very serious loss. 1  According to the estimate of A. C. I  Flumerfelt, the miners and employers are dropping about $20,000  per day. As the strike began on  April 1st, the grand total that the  strikers will be out on August 1st  reaches the figure of $2,000,000.  The next general meeting of the  western branch' of the Canadian  Mining Institute will be held at New  Denver, Slocan lake. The date has  not been definitely determined, but  it will be during either the second  or .third week in September. It is  intended to give especial attention  to the reading and discussion of  papers on subjects connected with  mining in Slocan district.  The   arbitration   treaties between  the United States, Great Britain and  France were signed last week.     Immediately    after    the vceremony,   at  Washington,    a     messenger     from  little-  Andy Carnegie   nearly   bust a  gut in his   hurry to   present   a congratulatory telegram   for   President  Taft.     It  is a ' pity  this   egotistical  and dollar   marked   humbug   didn't  think of arbitrating the strike at his  works     in    Springfield,    instead   of  having his brother   man   shot down  in hundreds.  20  CLOWNS  50  100 ACROBATS  KENTUCKY HORSES.  250  HORSES.  PEOPLE.  The Dublin Grays.  The Black Hussars.  Eddys  MONARCH'S SUPREME IN TMB AMUSEMENT REALM.  The Royal YeddoJapanese Troupe  Arid 200 Other Great Acts.  DOUBLE MENAGERIE  Containing Wild Animals from Every Country.  THREE BANDS OF MUSIC.  ..ROYAL ROMAN HIPPODROME..  VMa'ny times the Biggest and Most Bewildering Production  ever in America.    Most Stupendously Stirring Spectacle  that Human Eyes  Ever Witnessed.  GRAND FREE STREET PARADE AT 10 A. M.  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'��� '���'-���"'���������V>' /..'-��� ~A'>J <��� , ''.'<'->���"��� --./*."���:.-'��� .'���*'���'-,-:,  *^-;i5.\_>..  lOarlbbo Electoral ���'  iiliilSiDlstrlct.'  ^'���-AiWymZZWS*^ ��� :   ^<|pa^pii_��^of the Liberal-Conserya-  [ti^^lOTlpaie^afiboo will be held- at  ?.r"'-f  IBl^^  %-s?$^Ah^'A-AAA; AAYA-'-Y';:  restores every nerve in the body,*   to.its vjproper tension ; rest ores  Tim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual  weakness averted at ionce.    Pliosp&braol will  hew man.   Price $8 a box. or two for   to any address.  SlioScofeeM BaTQg  _3��$ll��sriitt����s- '4&]afaA''YYA.'YAlAri'''^'---.y:'YyA  pttir.i8,iQii  |piup<Sse* of selecting, a; candi-  Jdat^fto--;^ntest'��� the ���, forthcoming Do-  ffiinionSjElectibns in- the interests of  HtHe Ejnbeml^CJonservative Party. Local  Associationsi^are/ requested  to  meet  ;and apbbiinj:;delegates> at once.   Representation: at the Convention  will be  by j delegations' from - the   Provincial  ; Electoral^; Districts of   Grand   Forks,  greenwood,v Similkameen,, Okanagan,  ^amloops;|_^aie, Lillooet and Cariboo.  One   delegateVwill be appointed  for  -e^^^sv^t^of  fraction  of   twenty  '^otes cast at each poll at' the last prb-  ^nc^i|eiectiOn.   Accredited delegates'  ^m^;^t��.;eith)er in person or by proxy,  but not ihore than five proxies shall be  held Toy any one delegate.'  l&J^fcg^be taken at 2 p.m.   All  Conservatives are  invited to   attend  ^i^^QnylBntidn, but only accredited  ���|t(Ble^a^^iU:..be allowed to vote.  ;g|M^f0^CB "ELLISON,  Pres.'Yale-Gariboo Conservative Assn.  Ampm^yJ^A. MacKELVIE,.  Sec. Yale-Gariboo Conservative Assn.'  ���R0BYROi3l^.CR  ROYAL ROSE TALCUM  ���"HLaLBM__HHM__a_________B____^^  A: f >    'A. i     ,    .     " . '      ;-  ���-V.kEANS -    '     '' ~ "��/A-    ' ���'' , ;        - ' '     ! *.  __ * ' * '  LIFE AND HEALTH TO THE SKIN  The best combination to use after shaving.  FOB SALE AT  FINEST GRADE OF CIGARS  IN   THE BOUNDARY  AGEMTS   FOR   THE   CELEBRATED  HAZELWOOO   ICE  CREAIV1  AND SOFT  DRINKS  S.  -ifr  wm  -!__  ���J?-.,.,%?jSJ,SfflStl*i,"'V! ��.14 ,rs.J'i ���.* _>*'*__ X   li"j!,E-i ?K3 lArf v '.yi-aiiiJ.".^!*���'������ * ���'���"' '*" 'J-w_��iiv^'.' s;^'ta������aitli^ yjm Si.y-M..Ji.-W i>mj.-..-. rr-f.--r-~rit rj-Z~ti.*.:-.~i.~��'���'.'qJpu.i _yi.__.-ni'Kirf��w>liw'fer \Jis!i_Hr��M-shp-ifatfi.VreJ'-��-r _jJj|_.j��_if _S/i.a l_a__. >_�����'���__,"���.�� fa  '"�� f <VT TV1.'  ���),< Y__  ^awsS^ia^a  !.<"} "j ��'��� 'iW'T'ff" 6a  ��  t'if ����� V^S. v  1 '-"fV^'i^ ������_,_,  ��ju__tt_ft__s|  W  Preserving Mine Timbers.  The preservation of mine  timbers  by  chemical treatment   has. not yet  been adopted by   the  mining industries of Canada/-��, In many localities  however,   the distances   required to  transport   mining  timbers   are   becoming  greater, poorer qualities of  woods have to  be used, and the annual   cost  of the .upkeep   ofY mine  timbering is becoming greater.  The  JJnited States   has  already   reached  this state, and has done much in the  treatment of mine timbers; where ,it  has been proved that a treatment-of  creosote or zinc chlorides decreases  the  destruction   due   to, decay, fire  and insects, this increases the life of  the timbers, and   decreases the annual cost of replacingthem.     Timber   used   in   mines   has   on    the  average  a   shorter life  than  wood  .   used   for any other purpose.'    The  surrounding in a mine are very conducive   to rot, which  after a period  of three to five years caused the timber to   break, crumble and  become  useless.      Experiments    have   been  conducted   in United-States   mines  with a row of treated and untreated  mine props alternately placed.  After  eighteen    months   every ', untreated  stick, was weakened   by  decay  and  broken, while the treated props vyere  sound   and   useful.     From    various  practical   experiments   of .this  kind  with   different species   of wood, important results have  been obtained.  Fir  has an average   of five years  * untreated   life.      Treated,    it   lasts  twelve years.     Hemlock  lasting, as  ���a natural wood five years, just about  doubles its term of life when treated,  as    does   chesnut    and   tamarack.'  Spruce is  one of the species which  decays   quickest    when    untreated,  lasting   only   three years; if treated  it will last  twelve years, thereby increasing its life 300%.     To sum up,  wood preservation not only prolongs  the life of durable timbers, thus decreasing their   annual consumption,  but   also   permits    the   substitution  ol" inferior  species, whose   use considerably reduces the drain upon the  more desirable kinds. .  Huge Deposit of Epsom Salts.  It may  not  be   generally known  that British   Columbia* is well, sup.,  plied  with   Epsom   salts,   all Jready  made.     A���  huge    deposit    in   the  natural   state is   to be found  in the  Similkameen   valley,. below    Kere-  meos, and   situated  exactly  on the  international boundary line.   In view  of the visit now being made to British  Columbia by John D. Rockefeller in  search  of  health, it- might  not  be  amiss if we  advised   him   to camp  there for  a  few weeks.    It is estimated that the   lakes contain about  70,000 tons of the mixture, so there  ought to   be   sufficient for him and  his party.     We understand that the  waters are particularly  beneficial in  chronic   cases' of  reciprocitis,    and  all   those   afflicted,    especially   the  forthcoming Liberal candidates, are  urged to  lose  no time   in  taking a  course at these famous waters.  ^sumSt? pajrismr _tyjedo__d Am pwq j  I did NOT have my property Insured  against Fire with  D. J. Mathe8onl-S^l��?��  J  NOTICE.  The Liberalism of Sir Wilfred  Laurier is the illegitimate offspring  of British Liberalism. It has two  faces.  In  the matter of an application for  duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot  Six (6) Block one (1), Map sixty  (60), City of Phoenix.  NOTICE Is hereby, given that it is  my intention at the expiration of one  month from date of publication hereof  to issue duplicate certificate of Title to  said lands.issued to Angelo Schulli,  and numbered 18,680a, unless in the  meantime I receive valid objection in  writing.  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar.  Land Registry Office,  Kamloops B.C.,  July .14, 1911.  Lumber and Wood  When in need of LUMBER,  LATH, SHINGLES, CORD-  WOOD   or   SLABWOOD    I  can   fill  your   order   promptly.  C. A. ROSS        Phone A69  EASTERN TOWNSHIPS   BANK  / _  Capital  and   Reserve.   $5,2BO,QQ��  Head Office -  Established 1859  -   SHERBROOKE, QUE.  Wm. Fakwell, President.   S. TL C. Mixer, Vice President.   J. Maokinnon, General Manager  82 BRANCHES IN  PROVINCE OF QUEBEC  AND AT  WINNIPEG, MAN. VANCOUVER, B. C.  COLEMAN, ALTA. GRAND FORKS, B. G.  LETHBRIDGE, ALTA. PHOENIX, B. C.  TABER, ALTA. PRINCETON, B. C.  VICTORIA, B.C.  Savings Department at all Offices.  CORRESPONDENTS   ALL    OVER    THE   WORLD  NOTICE.  In the matter of an application for  duplicate Certificate of Title to Lot  1475, situate in the Similkameen  formerly (Osoyoos) Division of  Yale district.  NOTICE is hereby given that it is  my intention .at the expiration of one  month from date of publication hereof,  to issue duplicate Certificate of Title  to said Lands issued to John P. Langan  and Theodore M. Knapp.en and numbered 18474a, unless iu the meantime I  receive valid objection in writing.  W. H. EDMONDS,  District Registrar  Land Registry Office,  Kamloops, B. C.,  July 14, 1911.  A. S. HOOD  Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.      General Agents.  Bank Block, Phoenix, B.C.  is Interested and should know ,  about the wonderful  MARVEL Whirling Spray  The new Vaginal Syringe;   Best  ���Most convenient.   It cleanse:  instantly.      Ask your  J druggist fori  If he cannot supply tho  MARVEL accept no other,  but send stamp for illustrated  book���sealed. It gives full particulars and directions invaluable to ladies.  WINDSOR SUPPLY CO.,  Windsor. Ont. General Agents for CanaSiT  Cascade Creamery Buitei  CASCADE CREAMERY BUTTER, 40��. per lib. ~  CASCADE FRESH EGGS, 4-0��. d��2._j   2 dos. for 75��.  CHOICE BREAKFAST BACON, 27��. per lb.  SUGAR CURED HAMS, 25�� per lb.  PURE LEAF LARD, 31b. pail, 55��5   51b. pail, 90��.  CANNED LOBSTERS, 25c. and 45c.  CANNED SALMON, 20��. per tin.  >B  Wholesale and Retail Butchers and Produce Merchants  1       I  'i'  'l*  * . v.    r  i, ���*   \ i k i > '.,  '     '���    * Kit  f   ' i  .''''.'   * 'J  I  St  I'1  i<  //I  m  I <  ' ^ l*       '1  1 S   I  1    I       '.'ol  I;  ��� ?/ *  ����  t A  11 / ���  I f A  r  1 >���  (A,  A iY\  ]LAi:  .30* this  year  on   Sunday;  all   exhibits   >  Abems^meptYlini place over|sC|ctoberd  8th,  special   entertainment features  |bjein^proyidedjfcjr?the< seventh ;d��4y.s  Spokane ���ministers .have .protested  the   rchurch   people   misunderstand  the^faiWs^rnotive*irj^kee;ningKOt>enwom  s motive-in  '0AAiAA!Y:jM >ti&YAti$A��YY$?0!$W} A-^AlAiYiAYA. '^AyifAAAY^AYAAAAYAY'A;  V^ll IO tip XOQ C  .^ ______4_F ^^L&^aBBa^P':''':sBH-'^T^______r--'--'^  *���'' S^B____^,K.^___F^___F;_____,t��'i i^____^--;;:-V     ^^';;K-''"if.'''t'./;''f-:i:,>',P^____^:>.H'^_____^!^^___r^_l  . M',:V'..<-iV->^.-u'. __H.i: ;!,ti'-T,/^;-. _���_:> ���>.*v^.'--,.r i,v^y tjj'.r'-y ���'/'-���'t." i^.;/___P^^__|-. ,- -,..'1-'.-';   'V> .v'..-." ' L',  |a$  iM>rlcOT  ;a^<man^  program, for  the   last day will be  very   carefully  selected and  should  >^_.J--u.Ov>i-:*,.,(ij'"',.1 ���_��� > V, ___-'.'> I  .     _MmAm^m^BLMt^     not\ offend (even   the  strictest ^pb-  ,le|vlio^Jthis#bla^  the sheriff of King county was very  outspoken in his denunciation of the  #^r&%$_ffi_j_&^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Mi^f^^^^^&$H  money  necessary in running crimi-  > v ' .'. ��� V''^i ���"(' * *i -^ ��� <"*"'^lii' - ;^��r_,-_* # 'j- I'^t-ft :J>C''���������'        ''"i?*!-1"( ��� *������ ." v    -' ��� "-',    '. "���'������V-V"'-- Vu-'V-"-y '(������   I-, J A., ���:���./ ��� .��..��� .:^ (��.*  nails  downS r He  said   that felons  Canada should  turn   dpwm that ref  ciprpcity treaty now, after Congress  #��'*s  Bf_.  had boiled and perspired through ah  have an idea that there will be some  ,�����*��... ,-..4.���"~"~|^echjj��^^  ^l_i_��__^wl^  200 yds. Curtain 8crim, 13ic.  Remnants of All Kinds.  lllli^^  k*"rTV** -^w^f-M-r.  iip&i^*  KSiS  ^^yS'^-aSii  ^|g|wiH|h^^  i.i?  :.������.-:���-������ -.�����;T___r5 _>_.��__ ___.:__;___;?';'iv.*_r^t_i��.__r^-^ N~-:^!_r,____-;-;.m;^__. _L_it���__;���'������'���'-v:i.'^T4ii;;1i:;iijL'��' _iT_��'-_��_i'  SWv?Mi*J  sRilp?r0Hisi|^i^^  ;-',;k  '"':--*-?-'iii��^::;r**"-ismw^^-^':-''''-^^  fcv'  ����7  ^*&  Mr**  j ^w^sfi;W&^!����^ss_.I$;^^__i_n_w  a      Jit i\���^lf/.���t.V:���;1^.-'^T/^^���|1v>l7>:.^t^t*ir^^ j ___   ^   ___M��  -A1      ���* j��)r.'At-Vj'i' -> :v\*.'i;.'.;vi'. <V;,:.'i'' -fj--.v-?- V_*"'^*"'-���! . ____.Tb__MW__B  :-.'Si.''6ri.-  p>i  <t*ti.i:i V?."-',' ������;(..-.-  L^   *$$$��mA::0*Amm  ?gA*&''?\ii  aAAA^ in the city,  ^ vv| ^ well  furnished thoughput���  ^^;^:-"Neat,-;Clean i and Up-to-Date;     Meals served at  mAAjAt:3}\^bq\irs0A> :V- A���.'���>.-,.������..��� -/   .- .,,:'..  Bar Stocked with Choicest Liquors and Ci&ars  CENTRALLY  LOCATED 0?a CORNER  BRIDGE   AS^D   K^OB   KILL   AVENUE  Steam  Heated. Electric  Lighting, v;,;--  Telephone 48 and 26  !.��;  1   r 'tifsiptes*  ^  ��s��_ii  c^f^nrrt  !&&  _JLfa.��jj_  B____3_J_3_JBEtI���-a-' "3  ;:^>-:>>n:  :jFi;oEiiiT^  :G?0:M:MrS;Sl'O(^  Affidavits'  FIRE^ LIFE AND  ACCIDENT  >. C  4 ^0$llii^-:&;  ^im^^m^-A":  A Y  if  Jul  -.P.*'*cf:;:^;;.


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