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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 19, 1905

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Array Boundary Mines Produced $12,500,000 in  value within five years.  Phoenix is the Centre  and Leading Mining  Camp of Boundary,  AND   BOUNDARY   MINING JOURNAL/^ ^  ���a?" ���**,  **-oa  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining; District  AUG 22 1905  <2_  c__f  I  =te=  Vol. VI.  PHOENIX/ BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, AUGUST 19,   1905.  Vto  RIA,  J-  i  ,,j-  No. 41.  !���    - THE ���i'l  Big Store  Headquarters For  Hot Weather Delicacies  Such as-  Swift's Summer Sausage, per lb. 35c.  Ashland Hams ready to eat, per lb. 25c  Pickled Pigs Feet, per lb. 20c.  Lunch Tongue, tin 35c.  Chicken, tin 35  Turkey, 35c.  Duck 35c.  Australian Rabbit, tin 40c.  Chipped Dried Beef, tin 35c.  Heinz Pork and IS.ans Sauce.  "     Celery Sauce 40c. bottle.  "     Bulk Sweet-pickles 35c. quart.  Something New Just In  Batcher & Co.'s Nebula Lemon Squash* 40c. Dottle  Batcher & Co.'rf Persian Sherbet.  40c. tin  These are the latest: hot weather drinks, direct from  London, England. .���'..-.-'      . .  Batcher & Co.*s Table Bright Jellies iu Glasses, 40c.  Flavors Without Wine:  Lemon, Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange, Noy-  eau, Calf's Foot. They make a delicious and  rare Dessert.  Fruit Crop is Short  If you intend putting up Fruit  JDOIT.NOW.  Get" oiirprices for next week  and you will buy here.  i  THE     &MG     JSTOttE,  iNi��MM��4WAMl��IM<Mi��<  _ _______________*-  _a*a*j***^p^*^^��jt  We have made arrangements  for a full supply of Fruit for preserving.  You  will be   safe in  placing  "your orders with  us for whatever you intend to preserve.   If  it is obf ainable we wil1   have it.  We guarntee prices.  Raspberries, Cherries, Peaches,  Plums and Currants are  coming in plentifully  this week.  IMPROVEMENTS MIDT BY  GRANBY CO.  Enlarged Smelter Blown   in  Again-Details   of   the Self   Charging  Apparatus.  This week, after being blown out for  a week, the Granby smeller was blown  in again, part of'the furnaces being  now in use, though it may be a week  or two before the full battery of eight  furnaces, including the two new and  larger ones, is in complete operation.  The output of the mines is being increased proportionately to from 2,500  to 2,700 tons per diem.  The additions to the plant of the  Granby Co. at both mines and smelter,  The new; double cylinder Allis  Chalmers blowing engine for the converter room, in which there are two  converter stands and 1 o shells, has a  capacity of 6,000 cu. ft. of air per min.,  thus bringing the total available air up  to 10,000 cu. ft. A 300-hip. motor  operates the new engine. /An automatic slag conveyor, similar to that  in use at the Washoe smelter, Anaconda, Montana, elevates the converted  slag,   this   being   the   most   modern  CKASIIV S.MEI.TER,  LOAUIXf. CMAKCK CARS WITH COKE AND ORE.  d-ring the last few months, have been  more extensive than is generally realized. Complete equipment, at a cost of  some $7^,000 of a terminal for tht  convenience of shipping ore on the  Gnat Northern, entirely distinct from  that now in use by ihe C.P.R., has  been provided, this including receiving  ore bins, ore crusher with a capacity of  150 tons per hour, crushed ore bins  and facilities for loading about 1,000  tons of,ore on a-train 'of 35 cars in 25  miniiTes. "Kb".' 3" tinTr?eI, wliich 'is about  three quarters of a mite in length, has  been double tracked and equipped  with a 75 h.p. electric motor and 10-  ton sieel ore cars. The new main  doubie-coinpjrtmentinclineshaft,which !  is being stink to the 500ft. level, is ;  well in hand, l-'or use in hoisting fro.n i  th's shaft specifications are at the manufacturer's for a 200-h.p. electric hoist.  Balanced skips, each of a capacity of  three 10 five tons, will be used. The  size of shalt and capacity of equipment  will admit, it is estimated, of an |  eventual hoisting tonnage of 3,000  tons in two S hour shifts. This ton- i  nage will not, however, be hoisted from |  this shaft for the present.  The two 49 by 210-in. water-jacketed Allis-Chalmers furnaces, just in-j  stalled at the company's smelter, are j  the largest blast furnaces in British i  Columbia. They are fitted with 24'  tuyeres on each side, this being double  the number generally used and of half  the customary area.  The automatic charging cars lately  brought into use are the invention of  the general superintendent, A. 15. \V.  Hodges, and are described and illustrated here.  All slag is dumped hot, being handled from the furnaces in 6-ton pots,  by five or six small steam locomotives.  method of handling that material. A  second mixing mill,,for converter linings, has been added.  The new Connersville blower, driven  by a 300-h.p. electric motor, has a  capacity of 30,000 cu. ft. per min., as  compared with the 12,000 cu. ft. capacity of those previously installed.  An addition of 800 ft. has been made  to the flue dust chamber, this bringing  improvements include a new blacksmith shop, iron storehouse and a  round house for the slag locomotives.  It is anticipated that, when in full  blast again, the recent enlargements of  the Granby Co.,-will increase its blister  copper output by 40 per cent., or at  the rate of nearly 2,000,000 pounds  monthly. . .   ���    .  About ibe New Sell Chargers.  It has been estimated that the new  system, by which the furnaces at the  Granby smelter are charged automatic  ally, instead of by hand as heretofore  ���and as still practiced in other British Columbia smelters���effects a saving of about $80,000 per annum to the  Granby Co. It is the invention of A.  B. \V. Hodges, the superintendent,  and has worked admirably since being  installed, a short time ago.  On this- page will be found three  ili ust rations ofthe apparatus, giving an  idea if its modus operandi. The eight  furnaces are divided into groups of two  each, each group being served and  charged by one motor train, each train  consisting of two cars coupled together  ���except in the case of the large furnaces, where three cars are used. The  cars are side dumping, and each is  divided into four compartments, this  arrangement ensuring the proper distribution of the ore in the furnaces, the  necessary proportion of "roughs" going  towards the centre.  These trolley charge trains operate  all over the yards, where there is about  a mile of trackage, and are loaded with  the proper proportions of ore and coke  with greatest facility and quickly returned to the furnaces. On reaching  the furnaces, instead of running over  the withering heat of the furnace on  the wheels carrying the cars about the  yard, a set of duplicate wheels arrang.  CiRANlSY SMEI.TER, CHARGE TRAINS ENTERING  FURNACE ROOM.  the total length up to about 2,000 ft.  A second brick slack has been erected,  circular, dimensions of which are  height, 150 ft. by 13 ft. inside diameter, 450,000 bricks being used for  this alone.  The machine shop has been enlarged  and another lathe, a big power shear  and puncher, and a pneumatic rivetter  (for rivetting furnace jackets) added to  the power equipment.    Other building  ed at the top of the cars runs on rails  arranged at the right height in the  upper part of the furnace���thus keeping the steel rails that much farther  from the terrific heat of the furnace  itself.  When witnessed for the fiist time,  the entire plan seems simplicity itself,  and the wonder is that it has has not  been thought of and adopted before  this, as it does away entirely with the  customary charging by hand with  wheelbarrows or "buggies," as they are  called. Another considerable advantage is that the men now employed  have much more desirable work than  before. The device is patented in the  United States, Canada and Great Britain by Mr. Hodges.  -.KANliV SMELTER,  i.'IIAl'G K TRAIN'S   L'N LOADING  AT   I- I- K NACK ROOM.  A Public Meeting  Said to be popular and patriotic in  the highest degree, will be held in the  Methodist church on Friday evening.  Aug. 25. 'Pie speaker will be Rev.  T. Albert Moore, secretary of the  Lords I lay Alliance. A general in  vitution is extended to hear this interesting speaker on a subject .' f vital  interest. Special music, no admission  will be charged, All cordially welcome.  JULY SHOWS  69,081 TONS  Boundary   Output   is    Again  Growing.  B.C. COPPER  AT CHESAW  Shipped    527,874    Tons  Seven   Months.  in  Figures compiled by the Pioneer for  the first month of the second half of  1905, show that the estimated ore tonnage of Boundary mines for July was  somewhat in excess of the output for  June. The total for seven months of  1905 shows that 527,874 tons havr  been shipped from the district mines  so far this year, which, at an average  of $5 per ton, was worih $2,639,370.  Kor the month of July the following  are the figures from the several mines :  Tons  Granby   54.32��  Mother Lode    I3i532  Mountain Rose         330  Oro Denoro  193  Emma ........'      1,096  Providence ..-...'  60  E. P.  U      ..'        '50  Last Chance .. .  20  Miscellaneous  75  July total 69,681  The total for the year,  by   months,  from Boundary mines, was as follows :  Tons  January   68,074  February    72,671  March    90,047  April    80,102  May    80,044  June    67,255  July    69,681  Bonds   a   Group   of   Eleven  Claims.  Capt.    Harry   Johns    Is    In  Charge.  Seven months 527,874  While July has shown a slightly  larger total than June, it is comparatively certain that August and following months will show a still larger percentage of increase in output, for the  reason that this week the Granby  smelter will resume the reduction of  ore, having a-bauery- of eight furnaces,  instead of six, as heretofore. This of  itself means an increase of some 40  per cent in that company's output.  Then the Dominion Copper Co.,  whose Brooklyn, Stem winder and Rawhide mines have been idle for nearly  three months, is preparing to add to  the output, and will increase it about  20,000 tons monthly, so that shortly  above 100,000 tons will be mined and  smelted in the Boundary each month.  To M. & B. Shareholders.  Under date of August 5th, Warner  Miller, president of the Montreal &  Boston Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd., notifies the shareholders  as follows :  The sale of your company's properties to the Dominion Copper Co., Ltd.,  under the agreement dated May 11,  1905, copies of which were mailed  some time ago to the registered stockholders, has been completed.  The stock of the Dominion Copper  Co., Ltd., is now ready to be exchanged, share for share, for the stock of  your company, and in view of probable  early proceedings for the dissolution  of the company, all stockholders should  send in their stock for exchange immediately to the National Trust Co.",Ltd.,  Toronto, Canada.  By order of the Board of Directors.  For months it has been known that- ���  the British Columbia Copper Co., one  of the principal mining corporations of  southern British Columbia, operating  chiefly in the Greenwood camp, has  been seriously considering the matter  of trying its luck to the extent of an  hundred thousand or so on some of  our copper propositions 011 Copper  Mountain just east of Chesa.v, says the  Myers Creek News, of Chesaw, Wash.  Frequent visits to Chesaw were made  by Manager Frederic Kefier, Messr*.  Johns, Bash and other prominent men  of the company in whom the B. C. C.  Co. place the utmost confidence, and  slowly but surely the investigations  were completed and arrangements were  made to place, their proposition before  the owners-of. the different claims.  I-ast week the party visited Chesaw  again and rounded up those of the  claim owners who were in camp with  the "result that the boys put their "John  Henrys" on the necessary papers, the  finishing touches being applied in Judge  J. L,.Cresson's office Wednesday. The  property taken over consists of eleven  claims and are bonded for a period of  a year and a half, ai the end of which  time the British Columbia Copper  Company will buy the property out  and out if a satisfactory showing can  be made.  The group bonded consists of the  Aztec, Vl omestake, Western Star, Neutral, Midnight Fraction, Oriental Frac-  tion, Golden Courier, Number 9, Copper- Queen, Rams Horn and Caribou,  and are owned by Frank Black, Jim  Grant, Wm. Fahsbender, J. W. Jobe,  Wni. Lynch, Dan. McClung, Mackey  Ingram, Detimer Bros., Johnny Judd,  Mr. Morgan, Mr. McCauley and Mr.  Lind. The properties are located on  Buck Horn Mt. in the Copper Mountain range, a good many of them being  on Gold Creek. This week the gentlemen arrived in camp again and put fifteen men at work on the group Wednesday morning.  The main work will be done on the  Aztec for a starter, which claim is considered about the best in the group,  the . Copper Qaeen a close second.  About thirty more men will be put on  as soon as there is room for them. The  B. C. C. Co. affairs in chis camp will  be in the safe keeping of Mr. Harry  Johns, a gentleman who has for years  figured very prominently in the history  of the success of that company.  Frank Buckless will commence hauling Mavis ore next Monday.  Returns from the last carload of  Skylark ore gave about $70 to the ton.  Another power drill will be added  shortly to the equipment of the Betts  and Hesperus mines.  Work on rewinding and replacing  one of the 750-h.p. motors in the  Granby compressor room, recently  damaged by lightning, was completed  tnis week.  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE.  Camp.   Phoenix   Phoeuix  1900  64.553  297   Deftdwootl   Dead wood   Phoeuix   Phoeuix  ....Oeadwootl   S.immit  ... WediUfctou  ANNUAL LABOR  CELEBRATION  Successful Event--List  of the  Winners.  Wednesday was observed as ih.  fifth annual Labor Day celebration in  I'hoenix. After the parade of the  labor organizations in tht: morning, the  sports at the picnic grounds were held,  the following being ihe winners in each  event, in the order named :  100 yard dash for men ��� If. A. Munroe. P. Cook.  Putting 16-lb. shot���I )an Matheson,  P. Cook, J. Sutherland.  I oie vaulting Morgan   and   1'ren-  dergast tied, P. Cook.  Running high jump���II. A. Munro, P. Cook, J. Morgan.  Hop, step and jump���II. A.Munro,  1'. Cook, R. MacColl.  Running broad jump���II.A.Munro.  Sanding broad jump���R. I. Pren-  dcrgast, 1. Crawford, W.X.McDonald.  Standing high jump���H. 'A. Munro.  Boys under 12, 100 yards���Bob  McMillan, A. Brazel, W. Glisgow.  Boys under 12, 75 yards���Bert  Brazel, A. McMillan, A. Swanson.  Boys under S, 50 yards���Bud Bell,  li. Pierce, li. Swanson.  Men's three legged rice, 100 yds.-���  Munro and McDonald, Church and  Samworth.  ('���iris'race, under 16, 50 vds.���-Ada  Pierce, Grace Mckenzie, 11. Knott.  ('iris' race, under 1?, 50 yds.��� Cora  Dawson, llattie Graham, A. Knott.  In the evening thc grand   ball   was  held at Miners' Union hall, one of the  greatest crowds of the year being present. The popularity contest, between  Miss McGrade and Miss lilmgreen,  excited a good deal of interest during  the day and evening, the latter being  the winner. The total number of  votes cast was 2,425, Miss McGrade  securing 1,137 a*1ll Miss Elmgreen  i,2SS. The votes cost ten cents each.  The special train from Grand Forks  via the Great Northern brought nearly  50 persons, and others were present  from Greenwood, liholt, etc.  Latest Prices In Metals.  Nkw Yoick���Copper, electrolytic-, $15.-  *'_l_ ��$15.77'.j; lake, *1 S.11U.�� j. r.fc 15.77'.  13ar Silver, _0,'ii  Lead, $4.00 at *4.75.  The fallowing table gives the ore shipme  ioo2 for 1903 for 1904, aud 1905, as reported to  Mink.  Granby Mines....  Snowshoe   B   C Copper Co.  Mother I.ode..  Itonliic llclle   Montreal & llostou Coil.  Brooklyn -Stem winder..  Ilawhide   Sunset   Mountain Kuse   Alhel.stun.Jackpot   nonunion Copper Co.  H rook lyn-Stctnwiuder d' m p..rhocnix  Morrison Deadwood  U C. Mine Summit  R. Bell Summit  Knuiltt Summit  Oro Denoro Summit  Senator Summit  Hrey Fogle Summit  No. 37 Summit  Reliance Summit  Sulphur Kin. Summit  Wiuuipeg Wellington  C.oldcn Crown Wellington  King Solomon W. Copper  No. 7 Mine Central  City of Paris White's  Jewel Long Lake  lits  of Boundary mines  the Phoeuix Pioneer���  1901 1902       1903  231.762   3"9.3sS   3��3.7i8  1,731      lo.Soo     71,212  lor  1900,   for 1901 lo  1904 IV 5  549.705    36S.016  Fa si  Wrok ,  5.34��     99.034    14'.32��    13S.079    174, 298    105,610     3.744'  4  ISO!    7.455   15.731  550        5.646  15.950   4.1.170  3.070  23.305  3,150    855  ��� ,759  4.5*0  4,747  150      50  47,405      14,811    500  3.339  19.305  1.07b  1,150  650  8,S3��  13.937  '5.537  363  37.?*��  16,400  222  304  1,040  785  3.435  875  665  3,000  350  481  1 ,of"��o  6.400       1,710  6.70S  1,833  150  890  219  30  310    k  993  736  A  400  335  35��   I  Skylark    Skylark  S3   ���   ���  50  5-Sl   Skvlalk  167  30O  -'15  73  io A  So   ���   *  3,130  3.450  335  500  750   .   f  I           Total, tons     9��.6oo   39��.8oo   508.876 690,419 829,808 55S.1.U 4.030'  > Smelter treatment��� .  <lr��nbyOo                                 63,387   330,828   313,340 401.921 596.353 37f.Siy  {  .     B.C. Copper Co.".  "7.6"    US.600 t62.9!3 210.484 ui.i^ 3.832    132.570 30,930 71,43.1    Montreal & Boston Con   Total reduced    62,389   348.439   460,94"   W7.404   837,60.   57^,47''    3.85*'  m  'tiVYmi  Mm  M  Mil  '-��W\  -3"*S  mmmmmimmmmmm THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  _ai  &  ,'��i#'  ������to  ���si'  _ S3,' ��     ���  4!|  3'1  ft  to  I'  h  p'i  :r."  ii  f'  m  1 "i  ntf  .8  !*'.  if?  Set*  JLi*  Ml  tv  S5'  are good at first.  Tea is always good.      Which are you going to have.  The Phoenix Pioneer  And Boundary Mining Journal.  1MOHD OM ���ATOftDAYS BY TUB  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PMOBMIX. B. C.  W: ���. WILLCOX. Manaocpi.  "��r  THE OBSERVATORY  Things Talkkd or at  HOMB ANO ELSKWHKRK  Telephones  1 Bualncss office No, 14.  I Manager's residence. No. 15,  '   ICBICalPTIOMt IN  ADVANCE.  par Year !�������>  ���Ik Mouthi  >->5  If youarenotasubactiber to this paper, this  U an Initiation to vou to become one..  Advertlainc ratea furnished on application.  ".Cf al notice* 10 and . ceuta per line. '  Vour weekly iuecrtloni constitute one month'!  atvsrt <ln_.  ���905         AUG.  1905  Sua. MtR. Too. Wirf.  Thu.  Fr..  Sit.  1       2  3  4  5  6789  10  11  12  13     14 . 15   ,16  17  18  *9  20    21     22     23  24  35  26  17    28    29    30  3*  As has been the rule for five years  past, the Labor Celebration in Phoenix this year was a pronounced success.  Uncle Samuel is . growing much  alarmed over the boycott being extended to American goods by the Chinese  in their own country. It is likely that  the question will be opened up in all  its phases.  We are informed that as many as a  dozen men are really employed in  grading the extension cf the Kettle  Vailey lines up the North Fork of  Kettle river, and that the Midway &  Vernon people have" at least as many  horny handed sons of toil in the same  line of business. If Pat Welch does  not look out, these energetic railway  builders will be giving him a few  points on railway construction���if they  do not change their minds, and stop  to get a fresh breath.  Czar Nicholas, with adamantine  nerve, says he never, never will grant  the, demands of the Japanese so far  made public at Portsmouth, N.H.,  where the peace negotiations have been  going on. However, as much that is  published is doubtless done to carry  out the bluff, it is not likely that the  Russian peace commissioners will turn  the proposition down entirely���especially when the men of the sun flag have-  as yet succeeded in getting everything  they went for in this war.  With the blowing in of the Gianby  . smelter this week, with its reduction  capacity enlarged to eight blast furnaces, and with the Dominion Copper  Co. also soon blowing in its Boundary  Falls smelter, recently acquired from  the Montreal & Boston Consolidated,  the ore tonnage from this district, after  this month, will have no difficulty in  running above the 100,000 mark  monthly with an approximate value of  half a million dollars each thirty days.  Things are surely coming our way  in the Boundary, and will continue to  do so.  More   than   seven    months    have  passed  since  formal  application  was  made to the postoffice department at  Ottawa to have mails brought to Phoenix over  the  Great   Northern���thus  saving an entire day here in receipt or  dispatch   of Vancouver, Victoiia and  all American mails.    If our member,  Duncan   Ross, would follow this matter up, something  would  be accomplished, and that, too, without unwinding several more miles of the  reddest  kind of tape.     It has been up to him  for thpse seven  months, and,  in all  reason, there should be some results.  ���  I  ���__ _���#-~��������� *  The editor of the Cranbrook Herald  must have had the experience before  getting off the following homely bit of  truth:  Often the editor of a newspaper is  blamed for the non-appearance of an  item of news in the paper. Some individual will see that some member  of his family has been overlooked, and  will at once jump to the conclusion  that the editor has done it because he  has some spite against him. That is a  big mistake. No real newspaper entertains feeling of spite. It wants the  news and in a case where an item of  news does not appear, it is simply be  cause the editor has not heard of it.  We have been roasted many times for  this, when the fault was not ours, but  the other fellow's. Let a newspaper  have the news, and it will be printed.  Don't sit back and nurse; your wrath  and say, "Oh! that fellow wouldn't  print anything about me or my family."  An editor in Manitoba fell dead of  heart disease the other day. One of  his subscribers took the.trouble.to call  at the office and thank him for a kind  word said in-the paper. The shock  was  too   much  for the editor and he  dropped dead.  .���������.:*"  James Peck McSweyn���the one and  only, the inimitable. Peck���spent the  first part of the summer touring in the  Similkameen country, encouraging the  old timers in that section to await with  patience the long deferred coming of  the iron horse���and incidentally assisting in the getting out of some of the  weekly journals ofthe district. Wearied  with waiting for a" chance to count Jim  Hill's or Torn Shaughnessy's ties but  of the land of promise, Peck once more  hit. the trail,'and landed in Golden,  which is evident from the revivified ap  pearance of the Golden Star's columns.  The man does" not live who is better  known in every newspaper office from  Calgary .to the coast than Peck, the  poet and philosopher.  MS ''.'  Those who have recently had occa  sion to visit Halcyon Hot Springs, on  Arrow Lake, are loud in their praise of  the manner in which that popular re1  sort is being conducted by Harry Mcintosh, who quite recently took hold  of the hotel. The popularity of the  place is evidenced also by the increased patronage being accorded the hotel,  and of course the springs, which do so  much to heal the ills.that flesh is heir  to. ��� ������''���'.-''���������  -�����'.. '.>  Rev. Ralph W. Trotter, the fast  trotter who built Baptist churches all  through the Boundary country, and  then went back to the herring belt of  Nova Scotia, and told the savages there  all about how he civilized and christianized the "bad men" of the west,  will arrive in Calgary about the middle  of September, and intends going into  business.���Golden Star.  Walton Expenditure!.  If the pages of Hansard were sys  tematically studied by the electors of  Canada, they would open their eyes at  the was'eful expenditures therein contained. The Toronto Mail and Empire prints some extracts which go  far  -. O  OLLA PODRIDA  "His father was a printer,  So when his wife would bake  He used to sigh about the 'pi'  His father used to make."  *  It is a maxim, that those  to whom  everybody allows   the   second   place  have an undoubted title to the first.������  Swift.  *   ....   .  "Take back the heart that thou gavest,''.  He cried, as the discard he played  For he had a royal flush pending '   '  And risked his last chance for a spade.  #  "I am deeply interested in discovering the lost tribes of Israel," said jVSr.  Musty, as he came in and sat down by  the busy .editor for ah hour's discussion  of the subject. "You are?" replied  the man of resources, "Why don't you  advertise for them? The business  office is on the first floor Here, Dan,  show the gentleman to the advertising  department."  Eastern Excursions via Ores! Northern R'y.  The Great Northern railway is offering round trip tickets from Phoenix to  the following points, good for ninety  days at the following rates : St. Paul  and return, $55.10; Chicago and return, $66.60; Omaha and return,  $58.25; Kansas City, Mo., $60.85.  Selling dates, August 24th and 25th,  and Sept. 16th and 17th. II. A. Jackson, G.P.A., Spokane, Wash.; M. M.  Stephens, agent, Phoenix, B.C.  to show how it is possible for the expenditure to have jumped from $39,-  000,000 to about $90,000,006 in ten  years.  A vole of $2,600 for a wharf or  breakwater at Devil's Head, N.S.,  brought out the following debate :  Mr. Hyman���The total cost is  $6,000.  Mr. Foster���Is there a town at that  point?  Mr. Hyman���It is a fishing village.  Mr. Foster���What is the population?  Mr. Hyman���Between 80 and 10c  people.  Six thousand dollars is voted to ��� accommodate twenty families. Rather  Liberal!!  Round Hill gets a preliminary vote  of $2000 and the following discussion  took place: ',.  Mr. Foster���Is this on the sea coast?  Mr. Hyman���Yes.  . Mr. Foster���Is it a village ?..  Mr. Hyman���Yes.  Mr. Foster-���What is the population?  Mr. Hyman-T���I understand there are  175 people in the village.  Phinney's Cove is voted $3000 for a  wharf, with the following explanation  Mr. Foster���What will be the cost ?  .t Mr.   Hyman���There  are   two esti  mates, depending on the character of  the work���one of $14,000 and one of  $6,ooo.  Mr. Foster���-What is the population?  Mr. Hyman���About 300.    ,  Mr. Foster���What is the purpose ?  Mr. Hyman-���This is for the purpose  of providing a protection for the boats.  Kootenay Engineering' Works  NELSON, B. C.  Founders and Machinists.  Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty.  Manufacturers for tlie CitAWFOitn Uoiuiu: Koi-k Akhi.vi, Tua.mwav Sybtkm, Limited.  Mininv mul Mill Macliiiierv, Ore Cars, ''Buckets. Tunka.'i'tc.   I win and Brass Cauliiigfl.    A lar(je ami complete Htoek  of Shaftine SuDBlies. Fittings, etc., always on hand.    Pulleys, Flanuec,  ute.,  made  to order on  sliort notice.    All  break-down and repair work rushed through without delay.    E.-tiiiiiit,es for all clause* of work furnished upon application.    Special attention given to mail orclois.    Scrap Iron bought by the. carload.    .  office and works, B. C. TRAVIS, Manager,  Foot of Park Street.  P. O. Box 403,  Nelson, B. C.  Are You Going East.  On August 24 and-2*; and Septem  ber 16 and 17, the Canadian Pacific  railway will sell at Nelson, Rossland  and Trail 90 day round, trip tickets to.  Winnipeg, St. Paul, Duluth, Port William. for.$52-5o- and to Chicago $64.  Corresponding rates will be made from  nil Kootenay points.  Through round trip tickets will be  sold- on the same date? to Toronto,  Montreal, and all points in Ontario,  Quebec,    Maritime    nroviiic.s.    New  u:    provinces,  PROVINCIAL.  Rossland's baseball club has; won  eight. straight games this year, and is  looking for other victims.   ,      *      :  ; F. W. Smith, a Moyie miner, was  killed by being covered with ore in a  chute at the St. Eugene mine last Saturday. ',..,...  W. Renwick, of Nelson, won the  100-yard loot race from Morris, at  Spokane, last Saturday, by three feet,  in 10 seconds flat. Each man put up  $250, and $200 was bet on the side.  , The provincial board of horticulture  is making strong recommendations to  fruit growers throughout the province  to purchase their nursery stock grown  at home. Everywhere stock grown  in British Columbia has produced better results than any that has been im  ported. .-  '���'..   ���  o;-��� ������..������,,..- :������ o  j STRICTLY BUSINESS  o~~���-������-.-������--���--- _>o  If you are advertising for fun be as  funny as you like; but if you are advertising for business be business-like.  '���-'���'<.    -  If you don't believe in  advertising  take  down  your  sign, cover up your  show Windows and do not tell   a  soul  you are in business.  ''-���������"���  Patience is a supreme virtue in business. The advertiser must exercise it  in waiting for business and the salesman must practice it when dealing with  customers.  * .  Don't scold competitors because they  are getting lots of'business. Study to  improve your advertising and your  methods and thereby divert more business in your own direction..  ��� ���  No man whose business methods  were wrong ever succeeded by sheer  force of advertising. The businesses  that have been built up by advertising  have been based on sound foundations.  Popular atfa Picturesque.  The only thing necessary to make  the Denver and Rio Grande the most  popular, as it has ever been known the  most pleasant and most picturesque  way to cross the continent, has come  about. This is the establishment ol  through sleeping car service.  In connection with the O.R. & N. a  through Pullman Standard Sleeper is  now run from Portland to Denver,-  leaving Portland at 8.15 p.m., arriving  at Salt Lake at 8.40 a.m. the second  morning, leaving Salt Lake at 3.50 p.  m. and arriving at Denver 4.20 p m.  the following day. This schedule  gives passengers sev:n hours stop over  in Salt Lake, affording an opportunity  to visit the Mormon capital as well as  a daylight ride through the grandest  scenery in the world.  For reservations in this car and for  illustrated booklets picturing the scenery contiguous to the Denver & Rio  Grande, proving it to be the ''Scenic  line of the World," write to W. C. McBride, General Agent, 124 Third street,  Portland.  York and New England st.tes, good  on all rail or lake routes, at special ex  cursion rates.  For full particulars, first class, or  tourist sleeper reservations, apply to J.  S.   Carter,   D.P.A.,   Nelson,   or local  agent.         __'   Tbe Illinois Central  Maintains unexcelled service from  the west to the east and south, making  close connections with trains of all  transcontinental lines. Passengers are  given their choice of routes to Chicago, Louisville, Memphis a.d New Orleans, and through these point* to the  far east.  Prospective travellers desiring information as to the lowest rates and best  routes are invited to correspond with  the following lepresentntives: B. H.  Trumbull,. Commercial Agent, 142  Third St., Portland Ore.; J. C. Lind-  sley, Trav,; Passenger Agent, 142  Third St., Portland,. Oro.; Paul B.  Thompson, Passenger. Agent, Coleman  Building, Seattle, Wash.  I Phoenix Livery Stable  J William Matheson, Prop.  i  Fvprvthino"-Wpw <:ARRIAGES' ANr> 0THI':R R1GS  IvYtlJUlUIg  nviT   HORSES'AND SADDLES. SEVERAL  'HUNDRED CORDS OK DRY   WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  j Entire Outfit New and Up-to-date.    A share of the public  1 patronage solicited.     'Phone 37.      '�� 1  J    DOMINION AVE., COR.  BANNER ST., PHOENIX,  B.C.     I  P. Burns & Co.  PHOENIX  MARKET.  I  HKAII OKKICK KOR HOUNUAKY CREEK, GKEENWOOD,   11. C.  HKAlJgUAKI'KKS, NKI.SON, II.  C.  .... Wholesale aad. Detail ileal ilerctaib..  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir. Salmo, Rossland, Trail, Cas :ade,  ("rand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Eholt and I'hoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND  POULTRY IN SEASON.-  All  orders receive prompt attention.  Oa-^*��s������^��������4-)��-*>��*'**^^  Spokane Falls  &  No*the*nRy.  The only all rail route lietwpon points  uant. went and south to Bciesliind. Nelson. Grand Forks and Kepublic.  Buffet ears run between Spokane and  Nelt-on.  KKKKCTIVK MARCH  5. nx-j  Leave. /.rrivc  10:00 a.m.....  Phoenix,. 530 p.m.  9:45 a. in...', .'.Spokane... ....6:70 p    m.  .l.o.u. ill.-.. Ktmstantl 4-5^  p.m.  o:ior. in...*..- I\-    on 6.35 p. in..  11:00a. 111 Grh.itl Forks 3:50p.m.  7:00 a. 111 ..Kepublic...; 6.30 p. m  Save   Time all the time  e-�� ��� o-��  -���-o ������"������-���-���-  -���-���-���  DRINK  j PHoenix Beer  ��� Made Iiom the BEST MALT and   PUREST  0 .   SPRING WATER, it is unexcelled  for qual-  9 ity.    Ask for PHOENIX   BEER   and   insist  1 . .    ���    .         on having it  ;     PHOENIX BREWERY,  J. MUELLER/ Proprietor.  Standard Av_. and Bannicr St.  PHOENIX, B.C.  i  ?  D. J. MATHESON,  1NSUKANCK AGENT,..  KIKE, LIFE, ACCOUNT.  (��<iiiiiuiHNii>ii��r for taking AITUIhvIu.  PlIOKMX, 11.  GEORGE GIBSON  SHAVING PARLORS  and BATHROOM.  Holel Balmoral ,.  Cor. l'lmltlc Kuob Hill Ave.   PHOENIX, U. (_\  KingEdward Lodge, No.36  A. F. and A.M.  R eg-ular communication 8 p. ,,,      s  olid riiuixlay of each iiiuutli '  Kmerirent meetiii.i ascaUed-Mi,,.,,:.  Hall, McIIale llloclc. .�������oiiir  A.HII.I.1HR,  Secretary.  C.1',0. IC.OliY  w..\i.  I. O. O. F.  SNOWSIIOl! I.ODG. No.4  Meeta every Monday livening  at   Hardy   i(,n  Vlaitin. brethern cordially invited.  Tlioa. Joliimon, N. (!.  lino, R. Mkau, Ktc.ticc'y,  A.S.WIIlianuoii. Per. Wlu. Secy  0REGON  Shol^tLine  and union Pacific  Announce Rote so Portland Fair  From Spokane, $14.95 <ound trip;  good 30 days. Party of ten or more  on one ticket, $ i 1.20, limit 10 days.  Tickets on sale May 29 to October 15.  In addition occasion'1 daylight coach  excursions will be run at less than one  fare for round trip. Full particu ars al  O.  R. cV N." OF MCE,  430   RIVERSIDE   AVE.,  SPOKANK,   WASH  Rememfter  We've the snort one  Tickela on sale at all S. V Sc N. Stallotn.  For further information  us io rate, time  train*, equipment, etc.. acldi-CHu  GKO. J.  MOHI.KK.Oenrlol A.elit,  Kiveraide Ave..Spokane. W��h1.  BY USING  To Seattle,  Tacoma, Victoria,  Vancouver  AND ALL PACIFIC COAST POINTS.  St. Paul, Chicago,  AND ALL POINTS EA*T.  Tickets   to  Portland Fair   arid rcturr.  $22.50  good for  30  days.  Palace and Tourist Sleepers, Btiffei  Library Cars, Modern day Coaeh.H, Din-  iiigCais, Meals a La Carte.  Best Meals on Wheels.  Fast  Trains  Daily  KAST AND WKSr.  For rales and folders and full informa-  tion'rejrardini. trips (tall on  or address  any agent of the S. F. &N. Railwav or  II. A. Jack.on, H. Ukamiit,  li.F.&l'.A, C. P. AT/A.,  Spokane. 701 W. Kiveraide,  WbpIi. ^tiokane. W11.  ��� M. M. Stkpiibns, Auent  ���Phoonix, B. C.  ��������������������� ���<*������<>���<����������� --;>��� ���������������������  l   Greenwood ^T&f��^  Ll 11 ��  ���  Leave Phoenix    -  Leave Greenwood  9.00 a. 111. "J  Standard Time  -.30 p. ill.J ���  Prompt Attention to Express and Freight.      4  I. S. McCAGUE, Proprietor. I  <_������<-������<*��� ��<>������������� <0"S�� 4>4f>^<*>4>^����0 ^^^^-��>^-*��. 4  ��� The new million of the COI'l'KIt 11ANDBOOIC lirft. ami deBeribe. 3.3U eop-  periniiieu and mpper niinini: romiiHiiifh,'in all parts of ih�� world, covering the  .Iiiuk. ihfsedi'scriiiiions ran.inji fnin two linen 10 12 pultun length, accordinu to  importance, of the iiiiiieF.' The descriptions are not padded, hut give factum the  most condensed ami _ct-at-able form.  'J'here aie als.i lii'tcen iniscelliiiii-ous chnpters, devoted to tlie Iliiitorv, Ui"'P,  I'enninolotry, t-ieoicraphy, tieoluirv. Chemistry, Miii.ralo|_y.'M.lplltir|{r, Finance,  aid .-���talisiic.-' of i opp.-r, render.ng the volume a Veritable'encyclopedia of tho mli-  juct'of Copper and everything pertaining to the metal.  It is the World's Standard Reference Book on Copper  Kvery Miner, Prospector, Investor, Banker, and Broker needs the book. Price  is $5 ,in Buckram hindiii)! with gilt top, or $7.60 in full library uiorroceo, and the  book in either bindinir, will he sent, fullv prepaid,on approvrkl, tu'aiiv add re.a iu  the world, to he paid for if found siiti.-faetorv, or may returned within a weekoi re-  ceiptand thecharge  cancelled.    Address tiie Author and Publisher,  HORACE J. STEVENS, 36 Post Office Block, Houghton, Mloh.. U. S. A.  myFfi&SrZB  Phoenix  Shoe Shop.  All   Work (iuaratileeii.  Imported Goods.  riNE BOOlS AND SHOKS  MADE  TO   ORDER.  PRACTICAL.     MINEK.s'  A   Nl)   I'Ku.i  PECTORS'SHOES   A   Sl'ECI Al.l \ .  Shop  I i.iniliil'iii   A vim...  Average Pi ices nt C  ���New Y  Klcctrol> tic.  Mouth.  January....  February..  March   April....'..  May   June   July   August   September.  October ...  November .  December .  1!M4     l!l!l.*>  ,\'l -11(1  , VZ.WA  .12.20S  12 S)22  12.758  .12.2(1!!  15 U.*i  16.0111  15 2ti ���  14 !IL8  14 l>27  H.II7:!  12 2,-il 14,888  I2.:'42   12.4111   ,12')t>4 ......  ,14.283    14.0ti0   nppvr.  ..ik���  l.l<  111' I  i-.'.5'i.-;  12 24.-1  12 261)  I--.I2U  PiOUO  12.:'����  12 50U  12 -1(18  12.620  13.117  14.455  14.850  li  16  !���'>  I  14  14.  l-'i  i .<;  m.'i  8'.U  HI 2  .(Uo  Year 12.820     12.096  WANTED. ���MEN AND WOMEN W'TII  common-school education, thnt uro lip <i *>'  workln. for small wa.es. to quulify us sul:irlc!  ad wrltera or Bhow-cnrd writers through om.'  Instruction by mall. Prices low: terms _nsy:"  books to buy.   Send lor circulnr, st.illni; wlicti;  rou saw this ad and which position you wan  NTERNATIONAL     COBRKSPONDUNCK    hOllOOLi  Ecranton, Pa.  ___���____���  'M  THE PHOENIX  And Boundary Mining Journal  Is published in the heart of the greatest and most productive gold-copper camp in the Dominion  of Cai*tadz  Iii five years more than 2,500,ooci tons of ore have been mined and  saieked here, with a valuation of over #r2,500,000. And the industry is  only in its infancy.  . The greatest mines of the Boundary are at Phoenix���not one or five  miles distant, but in front of, behind aud beneath the Pioneer office. Consequently, from our vantage point we believe the Pioneer can give you the  best, latest and most reliable news of the mines and smelters of the Boundary.  The   Pioneer   is   worth   #10   per   year���but   it costs  only   $2,   if the  coin comes with the order.     Make all orders  payable to tlie  Pioneer Publishing Co.,  W. B. WILLCOX. Manager. ^ * Phoenix, British Columbia  T1??"."."���  "�����  ��'��!.��  /!/*��>��  J.' :,.��Al^��*riae,Vw��'. 6W& !!^^^^^^^S^^^f^$^ TEE PHOENIX PIONEER.  \ ^sSt_____S_sy \  r-.sgs.j  "Royal Household"  is in a class by itself.  Flour that gives half nourishment and  double work to digest is not good flour.  Cheap and inferior flour gives the  digestive organs double work and  half pay���inferior flours contain indigestible waste���  ���this waste must first be overcome  by nature,���that means extra digestive work.  Indigestibles destroy the nutriment  of flour,   therefore poor  flour  gives  more work and less nutriment to the  {.w    system.  Royal Household Flour is in a class  by itself���it is the only really pure  flour���and it is pure because it is  purified and sterilized by electricity.  ���it is thc most easily digested and  most nourishing because it is abso-  ^ lutely pure.  The moment a woman puts her  hands into "Royal Household" she  knows it is a finer flour than she ever  used before.  ������S<_*S��_x_x_^^ ��  Ieastern  townships  bank. 1  Summarized    General    Statement.  QUiCK   ASSETS.  I Oolrl nnd Silver Coin ami Dniniiron Oovemnieiit Hills in Bank V-iul s.  % 919 _Q�� 10  1 Deposit with Ooininlun Gov't lorsecuri'y ofsenrriil Hank note citcnlation        100,000 00  1 Amount due from other lmnksin Cannd 1,Ureal Britain aud the United stales in-   J"'   CIlKllll. I��IH�� ami cltcflut-r, nil |>��y��l>lc 011 demand _     1.378,702 49  ' Domini. 11  r ov'uc'M and other mnrkclable Ilomls, Debentures and Stocks held  1 for investment and reserve '.      58a 839 67  J Cull 'onus, repayable on demand and specially secured by Bonds and Stocks      301 079 14  Qu ;k assets he:d for immed-ate demands f_.*��.��i5 44  ��1 Leans ami I)isc< unt< '. 12 3*1 74.. ht>  ' fH-crdue loan* mi d d:ht�� ('o-*s provided for)         7.1,128 94  ' II'ilk premises mul furniture, reduced from co��t to meet present value      4 f,348 90  ft other real est te and as.cts         79, W 41  Tolal Asse|�� J 16.034,765 _s  LIA9IUITIES.  _)To the Public ; I 11.770.69a So  1 K.i'aucr, surplus over liabilities to the public,  represented iu Capital,  Reserve  mid unused profit I 4.264,072 58  J.   MACKINNON,  istti May. 1905. General Manager  li_x_t_xs��s_x_>s<_Xi^^  d^mm, MILROAO  'C��$3  The Most   Delightful Way To Cross The   Continent  i':irou_h Salt Lake City, lilenwood Springs, Leadville, Pue. lo,  Colorado Spring? and Denver.  A Daylight Rifle Through Nature's Art Gallery  Passing Castle (.'ate, Canon of The Grand, Tennessee Pass,  Marshal Pass and the Royal Gorge.  ^ Fast Trains Daily Bet, Ogdeii and Denver 3  Equipment and Service Second to None  SI.I.K.  NO  l'Uin'HEU.   KOR BETTER CANT BE FOUND.  Kor Detuilecl Information, adtlress  W. O.MeB '.DE. General A���uni.  124Third -Street. PORTLAND, OREGON'.  St  ________g_____\___*____^,___N  ."^ .^\n  st  s\t Want A Copy?  There are a feu- copies left of the Midwinter-Number ol  Ihe Pioneer. They were held for a special order, but were  never claimed, and will be disposed of to the first comers.  The issue contains .12 large pages and cover with nearly  100 illustrations, thoroughly describing the large mines and  smelters of the Boundary.  , just the thing to send to friends far away, telling them of  the Boundary and of Phoenix.  The Pioneer spent a thousand dollars in publishing this  number, but you can get them, while they last, at 25 cents  each.  tS  ADDRESS,  The Phoenix  PIONEER BLOCK,  'PHONE NO. 14.  PHOENIX, B. C.     f a*.  1 riuBr. i>w.  _�����.  ts  es  ts  St  St  St  St  St  St  St  B. C MINING  Rossland ore shipments last week  were 5,540 tons, and for the year  207,093 tons.  John Harryman, of Baltimore, proposes to reopen the O.K.. mine at  Rossland, once a famous free gold  property of that camp.  H is claimed that the Baltimore  mine, on Woodberry creek, is shipping  12 tons of ore that will run 4,000  ounces of silver to the ton.  Only members of the United Mine  Workers of America are to be employ  ed in the properties of the Crow's Nest  Pass Coal C<>. after September ist.  The new Sullivan smelter expects to  treat silver lead ore at $5 per ton,  against tlie old rate of$i8and$20  charged by custom smelters. The  Huntington-Heberlein process is being  successfully used.  A dividend on the Arlington mine  at Erie is announced to be paid at  once. The profits out of which the  dividend will be paid amount to $15,-  000, which permits the payment of u  shilling a share on all the stock that  has been sold.  The latest find on the Ottawa mine  at Slocan is the richest strike ever re-  coided in British Columbia A sample ran 7,4So ounces to the ion; the  lowest assay is 1,600 ounces, and others  recently made, point to an average of  between 2,500 and 3,000 ounces.  The California mines, near New  Denver, have been bond..d for 16  months to a syndicate of German capitalists represented in Biitish Columbia  by William Bremner. The owners of  the property are P. Burns, W. J. Wilson, F. M. Black and several other  local stockholders.  Little   Biographies  .   .   of'.   .  Boundary Mining and Smslrihg Men  At the annual general meeting of  the Great Northern Mines held at  Nelson the following board of directors was chosen: W. F. Cochrane, XV.  B. Pool, W. E. Gosnell, B. Crilly, W.  A. Jowett, R. G. Matthews, and F.  W. Godsal. W. F. Cochrane becomes president as well as manager;  W. E. Gosnel is vice president and R.  Hodge is again the secretary and solicitor.  Only Six Weeks Away.  New Westminster, B.C., Aug. 15.���  With the Dominion Exhibition just six  Weeks away the various committees  that have to do with the elaborate arrangements are working overtime in  order to have their work all completed  so that it will require only the pressing  of a button to set everything in full  swing on the morning of Sept. 27.  Scores of artisans and laborers are  busy on the site of the 1905 National  Fair and nearly all work has developed into the stage where finishing  touches are the only worries. The old  provincial exhibition grounds, on  which so many successful fairs have  been held under the auspices of the  Royal Agricultural & Industrial Society have been greatly enlarged and  with the many alterations and improvements will, for beauty, surpass  anything of ihe kind in Canada.  The new buildings, which represent  the latest ideas and best skill in architecture, together with the expenditure  of $35,000, are now in the hands ol  the painters and decorators whose  schemes promise most attractive results.   CP.R. Rates la Portland Fair,  The CP.R. have placed on sale at  Nelson, Rossland, and all stations on  Boundary sectbn return tickets to  Portland at $23.75, good for 30 days.  Corresponding rates are made from all  Kootenay points. Tickets are good  via either Columbia river or Slocan  routes. Also good via Vancouver and  the superb new steamship, Princess  Victoria, to Seattle. For berth reservations and further particulars apply to  local agent or write to j. S. Carter, D  P.A., Nelson  A PROMINENT MERCHANT OF- MONTREAL  Says: "I Believe Pe-ru-na Has No Equal."  1  CKtircH Services   J  Tomorrow.  Methodist���Cass meeting at 11 a.  m., Sunday School at 2:30 p. m. even  service 7:30 p. m. Monday evening  at S p. m. Senior Christian Endeavor.  Tuesday evening at 7:20 Junior  League. A cordial invitation to all  these servises. Rev. C. Wellesley  Whittaker.  St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church,  Service tomorrow at 11 a. 111. and  7:30 p. 111. Sunday school and Bible  class at 2:30 p. m. Rev. E. ('. W.  MacColl, 11. A., pastor. A cordial  welcome 10 all.  Catholic���Church of Our Lady of  the Good Counsel.���Divine Service  every 2nd and 4th Sunday of each  month. Holy Mass, 10 a.m. Sunday  School, 2:30 p.m. Vespers and Bene  diction, 7:30 p.m. Father J. A.  Bedard, O.M.I. Pastor.,  ��� ��� ���  ��� at  SANITARIUM, Arrow Uke, B.C.  _____ The most perfecty appointed Hra ill  and Pleasure Kesort in the West, vritli a coni-  plelesysteni of Hatlis���Including Turkish an I  Hussian. Open tlie year round. The curative  properties of Its waters are miequaled.  For Caring all Rheumatic. Nervous aud Muscular Troubles.  For Healing all ICiilney, I.lver and Stomach  allinruts.  For Kliiuiuatlu. all MetalllsPoli.na from the  System  The grandeur ol tlie scenery is unrivalled  Mountains, snow peaks, forests. lakes.walerlalla  lioatlug, yachting, fishing, shooting. e��cuisi> n��  tennis. Ita wliitel climat* is uiu.urpa.ae. lo.  mildness. HARRY McINTOSH,  Pioprietor.  A. B. W. Hodges, the general superintendent ofthe Granby Consolidated,  was horn born at Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, November 7, 1862, but before  he was five years of age, his father,  Capt. Hodge?-, who served through the  American civil war as.an aide on the  staff of Gen. Sherman, moved to St.  Louis, where the subject of this Lmle  Biography was brought up. From a  tender age, therefore, Mr. Hodges imbibed the idea of wishing to "be  shown," said to be common lo Mis-  sourtans. Latterly, howevei, he has  been able to show bow he could operate one of ihe most successful smellers  on the American continent, and a s > to  show the shareholders how the lew  grade mines ofthe Boundary could be  made to pay a profit. Incidentally,  Mr. Hodges has been, in that way, ol  the greatest service to mining in this  province.  Mr. Hodges graduated from the  polytechnic department of .Washington  University in 18S6, as Bachelor of Engineering, having in the meantime also  laken several special courses. hi ihe  fah of that year he went to Mexico and  Arizona, where he was connected wiih  smelters and mines for two years, when  he became chemist of the Philadelphia  Smelting and Refining Works, at  Pueblo, Colorado. Two years later  Mr. Hodges became assistant superintendent of the Rio Grande Smelting  Works, at Socorro, New Mexico, and  in 1893 became superintendent of the  same works. He left there in 1894,  and became superintendent of the  Com pan ia Metallurgica Mexicana  (smelting works) at San Luis Potosi,  Mexico, where he remained one year,  leaving there to become manager of  the manufacturing department ofthe  National Lead Co., at New York.  Mr. Hodges remained in that position until October, 1S97, when he removed to St. Louis, for the same company, as superintendent of the St.  Louis Smelting and Refining Co.,which  he operated until October, 1898. During the next winter Mr. -Hodges was  engaged in special consultation w.ik  for E. 11. Harritnan of New York.  In the spring of 1S99 Mr. Hodges  was employed t.-y the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting >S: Power  Co., Lid., to design and erect a smelter  at Grand Forks. The snieker was  blown in August 2 1 st of that year, and  now comprises eight furnaces, with a  treatment capacity of 2700 tons daily.  Mr. Hodges filled the position of superintendent of the smelting works until  July 1, 1904, when the d'rectors of the  company promoted him to the position  of general superintendent of the Granby mines and smelter.  On"'another page of this issue will be  found illustrations of the self charging  apparatus at the Granby smelter, of  which Mr. Hodges is the inventor and  patentee. By this device the company  is enabled to make a, large saving annually in the operation of thu smelting  works, it being the only smelter in  British Columbia so equipped.  Since Mr. Hodges took over the  charge of the Granby mines also, in  addition to lhat of the smeller���over  a year^ago���he has been one of thc  busiest men in the countr\, but never  too busy to meet the many vis'tors,  business and otherwise, who are constantly wishing 10 inspect or inquire  about either mines or smelter. With  a remarkable capacity for work, an unusual grasp of details, and 1 he acuity  of surrounding himself with the most  capable of assistant's, Mr. 1 lodges has  the entire confidence of the hoard of  directors of the Granby Co., nnd as  well has the minutest detail of the operation of both mines and smeltc: at  his linger ends. Before this article is  read by all the subscribers of the Pioneer, the Granby smelter will have completed the reduction of more than  2,000,000 tons of ore under Mr.  Hodges' superintendency.  With all of the details of a busy life,  Mr. Hodges has found time for some  other things. He is one of the most  accomplished musicians in the Boundary and an artist of no mean   degree.  Pe-ru-na Is a Systemic Catarrh  Remedy, Especially Valuable  to the Declining Powers  of tho Older People.  In old ago tho mucous itnembranes become thickened and partly lose Ibiolr  .unction.  This loud, to partial loss of hearing,  smell and taste, as well as dlgesttvo disturbances  i'oruna corrects all this by its specific  operation on ull tho mucous ;-nembranos  of tho body.  Ono bottle will convince anyone. Onco  iised and Peruna becomes a life-long  stand-by with old and young.  Mr. Charles IT. TJenctsson, '.?ruosdail,  Mo.,-writes: "1 bavo followed your in-  - "   ' ' structlo n_ for tho  I As Well As Can Bel P-ist inin'th and  \ At the Age Of \ am now as woll  8 Eighty-four Years. \  r-s I  can bo  at  *        ' '' "   tlioageo.'clghty-  four years. I thank you for you r valuable instructions and advlco. I first used  Peruna fourteen yours .130 when my  healtli was so bad that J had no Jiopo of  staying many days, and aftor uitf.n_-.it J \  began to pick up. It has hclpsd mo  evor since. 1 foci well, but will clways  lutvo Peruna as my companion."���  Charles F. Iienotsson.  Pe-ru-na Proved a Llfe-Savcr.  Mr. Louis Byrens, auctioneer, commission merchant and business broker,  430>_ Richmond street, London, Ont.,  writes.  "I had been a sufferer with what physicians diagnosed as chronic catarrh.  I tfiereby lost tho necessary speaking  faculties, which almost caused mo to  discontinue the business of auctioneer.  "After spending several hundred dollars for various medicines and doctor  bills without avail, your wonderful remedy, Peruna, was, recommended to me.  "After using several bottles of this  life-saver, I found relief, and lam again  capable of conducting my auction sales.  1 wish to convince others, likewise  alllicted, of the merits of your great  remedy."���Louie Byrens.  Happy Results Follow Use of Pe-ru-na.  Mr. Alex McKenzie, Montreal, Ont.,  bookkeeper for the Jewelry and Importing Co. and Scribe for tho,  Jeanne of Arc Court No. 1650, writes:  "As I have used Peruna with happy  result?, I am glad to endorse it. My  system is at times an easy subject to  catarrhal colds. Especially if I am out  in inclement weather or become suddenly chilled.  "When I get a cold I take Peruna, and  it is only a question of a day or two until  Mr. Jamns Currle, a prominent merchant of Montreal, Can.,. writes itopi  1S1W Notre Da mo stroot, as follows:  ������I have used your Peruna for cararrh and find Iran excellent remedy  for coughs and colds.    I believe It has no equal. ���  My wife has used several  bottles and she recommends It very highly,    we keep It in the house con-'  tlnually for family use aad would not be without It at twice lis cost."���.  James Currle.  I am fully restored."���Alex McKenzie.! class druggists at SI.00 per bottle.  A Valuable  Medicine for Coughs and  Colds.  Mr. Louis Monpetit, 251 St. Elizabeth  Ave., St. Henry, Montreal, is President  of the St. John Baptist Society and a  leading merchant on the St. Lawrence  Market.   He writes as follows:  "1 would consider myself very ungrateful if I did not acknowledge the  great merit of your wonderful medicine,  Peruna.  '���1 contracted a severe cold by remaining top long in my Ice bouse, and be-  caniosoafllicted with a bad cough that  I was obliged to remain indoors for a  time.  "A friend brought mo a bottle of  Peruna. I began taking it and immediately received benefit from it. In a  very short time my cold and cough  were gone and I was restored to my  usual health.  "I attributo my speedy recovery to  thc use of Peruna and I have no hesitation in saying 1 believe Peruna to bo a  valuable medicine for coughs and colds,  and would cheerfully recommend it."  ���Louis Monpotit.  Peruna can be purchased of all first  Pe-ru-na For Catarrh of the Bronchial  Tubes.  Mr. W. B. Walby, Hotel Windsorj  Ottawa, Ont., writes:       ^ ,  "1 have been taking' -Porun.i��' for catarrh of tho bronchial tubes for threu  weeks, and was truly surprised to find  that it ciTeoted a complete cure.  "I had heard good reports of this medicine, but hod never really known of  ita valuablo qualities until I tried it for  myself, and found it such a flne.romedy  that I feel like writing you this.'  "You have no doubt hundreds of endorsements, but no ono is more sincere  nor pleased to indorse it than I am,  because I have- found it of such benefit  to myself."���W. B. Walby.  Pe-ru-na Contains No Narcotics.  One reason why Peruna has found permanent use in so many homes is that it  contains no narcotics of any kind.  Peruna is perfectly harmless. It can be  used any length of time without acquiring a drug habit. Peruna does not produce temporary results. It is permanent  in its effects.  Address Dr. S. B. Hartman, President  of The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus  O. All correspondence held confidential.  An Alias (or J 1.00.  CashSio   Cash $25   Cash Si   lt_o��� Ciisc   Bed LiM(-ii.4 tlur     ' ash $50   Cash jlo   Cash $^5   ripriii. Col   Maple Syrup   The Great Northern Railway has  issued an Atlas of 56 pages containing  up-to-date maps of Iowa, Wisconsin,  Minnesota, North and South Dakota.  Montana, Idaho, Washington, British  Columbia, Oregon, Kansas, Missouri,  NeDraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Alaska,  Hawaii, Japan, Philippine Islands,  China, ihe United States and of the  World.  In addition to this tbe Atlas contains valuable statistical information  relative to the states named above, is  printed on the very best quality ofj  paper, shows the lines of the Great  Northern Railway, and is in every way  a commendable work.  This Atlas will be distril uted at the! *'��� C- c��>i>p<r ................  �� ���   ,        ��� ,      -,,   ,      ; Canadian liol.l Ht-lil-   actual    COSt   ot   production and  Will  be ] Cariboo, Camp IKK Cex.liv ).  sent to any   address  $1.00.      Address, F. I. Whitney,'Passenger Traffic Manager,  Great   North  em Railway, St. Paul, Minn.  Ilospua   Donations  ' L'i<l of Donations received since Jan.  1st, 1SJ05, to the Phoenix (.'i.u.rul Hospital:    R.IIoirell   A  K. II. Clark   Horp'lal I.aditi"- Aid   K T. Uank   Jas   McCrcath  i.fcinuiiati Kaud Drill Co.   A. H. Hood   A Kn.nd  NOTICE.  In the matter of the "Land Regiatry Act," and  iu the matter of the title to Lot to, Block 17.  Map 60, Old ironaides Addition to the City of    "       bia.  I'hoenix,iu the Province of British Oolura  WHEREAS the certificate of t'tle of John ilex  auder Murray, being certificate of title numbered  447Sa to the abo%e hereditaments, has been loft or  J. li. Macaulay   ���e_troyed and application has been made to uie  .. A. K. Berrv | for a duplicate thereof;  NOTICE IS HKiiEBY GIVEN lhat a duplicate  certificate ol title to the above hereditaments will  be  issued  at the expiration of one month from  date hereof unless in the meantime valid objection to the contrary is made to me in writing.  W. H. KDMONOS,  District Registrar of Titles.  Land Registry   Office,   Kamloopa, E. C, April  28. 1005.  Latest Mining   Stock  Quotations,  A mei ican Hoy  Hen ll-ir .... "...  l'.lacl- rail  upon   receipt   ol l .'"��"��".V'riVs'.'cJui::  llerlioi-o Mines   Don't overlook tbe fact that the  Phoenix Pioneer makes a specialty of  fine job work���tbe kind that you,  mayhap, have been looking for.  Farmers, Mechanics, SportsmanI  To heal and soften the skin and remove grease  oil aud rust .taim, paiut and and earth, etc.. u.t  the "Master Mechanic's" Tar _oap. Albert  TeUstboapCo   Mlrs  .More Attention  to Mining.  Mining will be given more careful  attention ibis year than ever before by  the Spokane Interstate Fair, which is  held from October 9 to October 15.  The newly issued premium list has a  well prepared and arranged list of premiums,-covering all the lines of mining  in this part of the country. It is the  intention of the management to make  the mining department better than  ever. This district, as well as every  other, should make a good display,  for there will' be thousands of visitors  from the east at the Spokane Fair this  year.    Foresters'   .Meeting.  For tbe above occasion at Buffalo,  N.Y., Aug. 22nd to 26th, 1905, 'he  Great Northern railway is offering  round trip tickets at the following  rates Irom Phoenix. I':C.: $82.50,  children between the ages of live and  twelve, half fare  Selling dates, August i.tlhand 151I1.  going transit limit 10 days: final return  limit ninety days.  Stop overs will be allowed   in  directions  west  of Chicago.       1  Jackson. G.P.A.,   Spokane. Wash  M. Stephens, agent, Phot-nix.  l'*airvieu'   1-isher Maulcli   Iliant    (irnuby Consolidated..   I titer national Coal   J uiub...o   Morning t.lory    Mountain Lion   Moutreal Sc Boston   North Star, IE. K.)   I'avne   (Juiip   Kambler-Cariboo      San Poil   Sullivan   St. Eugene   Tom Thumb :   U'ar Hngle Consolidated   Waterloo (Ass. Paid)   White Bear _   ASKKD  HIP  l!-3  I  2%  2  3  2  f7 5�� t  lo  4��  41.;  3  *��,'���;  '"  3  2  3  2  2  I  "7 00  JS  53  21  21  5'  SO  A  2  2  I  *'A  3  S  4  20  lb  2V<  ��w  9  7  41  40  2  1  13  12  I  j. B. MACAULAY  CITY SCAVENGER  Leave OrJers at City  Clerk's Office.  ^���<__J* 4_J*  PHOENIX, B G.  JOB   PRINTING,  JOB PRINTING,  fOB PRINTING.  We do the kind you've always been in  search of���and do it right.  Pioneer Pub. Co.,   -    Phoenix, B.C  MINERAL   ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  'Little  Cliief"   Mineral   Claim,  situate   In   the  Greenwood Mining Diviiion of Yale District.  Where located:   Skylark camp.  NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I, John   P.  McLeod. as ngeut for William S4. Hanna, Free  Miners'Certificate No. 1)9:577, intend, sixty days  Irom  the date  hereof to  apply the Mining Recorder lor�� Certificate  ol  Improvements, for the  pir pose of obtaining a Crown Grant ofthe above  claim.  And furtliei take notice that action, under section 37,  must be commenced before the issuance  of such Certificate of Improvements.  Oatet  this 5H1 day of June. A.O. 1005.  I. P. McLEOD.  Do You Want to Save $25 in Duty?  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.  Koii'it'eil 1802���Incorporated 18!W.  NEW WKsTVlINSTKR. B.C.  .  .Then buy the. .  OLIVER  TYPEWRITER  Made in Canada..  A Standard Visible Writer.  wliirlt irives lVil'.-i-t Work ill t! esliorleet  liinu wuli tlif s��rt'iitt'."l ��'iise cf    partition.  Wrile for Catalog'. ���  PIONEER PUB. CO., Agents, Phoen.x, B. C.  '9T9YGW9Y*' �� ���^o4��rflr��'i  Provides it Christian homo for students of hotli sexi's lit nunli'riite rates, j  Ihis ii preparatory class for junior stud- ��� -  enlf, doini: grade public school work. I (<_��  lines hi���U school work, eon furs nil high : jk\  school priviU'.es, uiul prepares for teach- j ^  ers' examinations. Tenches nil brandies (��  of a I'racivcal HuMiiess Course ami nivus I faa  Diploma*. Gives a liberal education in I V  its Collegiate Couise and in tlie Ladies'  Course (or M.K.I,, and M.I..A. In University woik. can take students through  the complete Arts Course, and the degree, of I'.A. can lie obtained from Tor-  onfo University, which the college is in  hit atlilialioii.  Kor fuller in formation and terms write  Rev. \V. J. Sipperell, K.A., B.I) , Prinui-  ���jaUorliov. J. L*. BowuU, Bur3.ur.  Gait Coal        Hay, Grain-  delivered to any  the city.  part of  Oats, Wheat, Feed.etc.  Large stock.  ��a*        Good Dty Wood.        &  PALACE LI VERY STABLES  McINTYRE & McDONALD, Props.  Knob Hill Ave.,        "VmSu?"        Phoenix, B. C.  Mi*  o#  ;;!  J-.Hrl  Die  !  ii  !?'',_  *,*?-l  J i   }f1'  t ��� __*���_  v mi  5, J '{.i'l  i  F  V  I KJ  V  'till* ���  Si vi  i  ���  W>1  > Afv -MM  ; mir  ':���    tA   P  ���-���;;-fv''.   ;  i M\  ��� tup  :it?l'i��.  A,Am  ���'sml  '���$p#l  ;;��|"  ::m  ���IN  . -"s*te I  JWS-. I  <y.��il;.; |  :tSi  ; 'Wil  ���W\  mi  :Si'  :M\ mm  THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  K  *  "I  lY  ill  -t:li  1*. c.  In and Around Phoenix  BRIEF  TOPICS   OK   LOCAL   AND   GENERAL  INTEREST   TO   PHOENICIANS.  MWMMMrWAi^^  See  Souvenir Jewelry at Dey's.  Don't miss Boyle's Soap Sale.  Dey, the Jeweler, guarantees all repairs.  Pabst is the only beef, and is always  pure.  See sope sail at Boyle's Soal Sale  prices.  Dey, the Jeweler for Enamelled  Souvenirs.  J. L. Martin will buy International  Coal shares.  You've tried the rest, now try the  best���Pabst beer.  Unheard of prices on  soap.  Boyle the druggist.  September-io to 14, Dr. Mathison,  dentist, Bank block.  After trying all others, good judges  always come back to Pabst beer.  For prescriptions put up as the doctor orders, take them to the Thomas  Drug Co.  Many of the Granby miners and  smeltermen took advantage .of .the  week's layoff to go fishing.  Prescriptions quickly and carefully  compounded from freshest drugs by  Thomas Drug Co.  The Cascade-Bonanza mine has resumed shipments to the Trail smelter,  after several years cessation.  Just received, Enamelled Souvenir  Brooches, Hat Pins, Sash Pins, and  others.    G. E. Dey, the jeweler.  Made in the largest brewery in the  world, Pabst beer has the largest sile  in the world.    There's a reason.  Phoenix Socialist League meets  Tuesdays, 7.30 p.m., Miners' Hall.  Readings from Socialist authors given.  Discussion invited.  R. H. Karatofsky this week, placed  an order for Christmas confectionery,  which he thinks will outshine any ever  sent from the Boundary.  Alexander Greig and Miss Mary  Smith were married on the 9th instant  at Seattle, Wash. Both were formerly  residents here for years and are well  known.  Contractor Fisher has completed his  grading here for the Great Northern  and moved to Midway, where he has a  small contract on the Midway & Vernon.  Next Monday morning the public  school will be reopened for the fall  and winter term, with the same teachers as formerly, C. L. Thornber and  Miss Moffatt.  ��� If you wish your friends in the east  to know what is going on in the Boundary, just send them the Pioneer for a  year, and you will completely cover  the ground.  The W'-ather this week has been  quite a relief over that for a couple" of  weeks previously.. Monday night the  first frost of the season was noticed,  being quite heavy.  George Evans, the painter, who has  the contract for painting the new  Brooklyn hotel, started on its execution  this week, giving the outside of the  building its first application of white  lead.  P. Bums & Co. who are successfully  operating the First Thought and  Napoleon mines, near Orient, Wash.,  have recently bonded the Coinstock-  Treadwell group for about $25,000, in  the same district.  It has been many moons since there  has been as little ore taken out of this  camp as this week���due to the close  down of the Granby smelter for a week  The ore trains begin running regularly today, however.  Johanna George, an Armenian missionary, was a visitor in Phoenix and  other Boundary towns this week, collecting for a school in the land that is  so oppressed by the terrible Turk. He  reports considerable success.  See Boyle's window for soap prices.  Old newspapers for sale at the  P oneer office.  Dr. Simmons,, dentist, Balmoral  hotel September 0 to 12.  See Boyle's Soap Sale, commencing  Saturday, Aug. 12th.  The best is the cheapest���especially  in drugs of all kinds.. See the Thomas  Drug Co. ��� .  1  *���*���������*���*��������  COMING AND GOING  .*���*���������***��  ���-... Duncan Murray went over to Rossland Tuesday, where he is likely to  locate. ;���-,'  -Dan Thomas, a Rossland business  man, spent a couple of days in thecity  this week.  James C. McRae is superintending  the building of his firm's new store in  Midway.  Joe Taylor and Pete' Boucher have  gone into the Hediey district for. a  month or two of prospecting.  Frederic Keffer, manager of the  British Columbia Copper Co., is in  New York on another business trip.  G. A. Evans, proprietor of the Grand  Forks Sun and the Midway Star, was a  visitor in ��� the city last Saturday and  Sunday.'  Richard Lorah and family removed  this week to Chewelah, Wash.,' where  Mr. Lorah will look after some mining  interests.  J. E. McAllister, superintendent of  the British Columbia Copper Co.'s  Greenwood smelter, was in the city  Wednesday.  Noble Binns, Trail member of 'the  firm of Clark & Binns, came over from  the smelter city Monday on a brief  business trip.  John McRae and family returned  Saturday from a camping and fishing  trip up the North Fork of Kettle river.  While away he caught about 800 trout.  Horace T. Pemberton, manager of  the Montreal & Boston Consolidated,  after spending two .or three days in  Grand Focks, went east early this  week.  James Moraii) who with his partners,  Vaughan and Mclnnis, recently sold  the No. 13 claim in this camp, to--the  Granby Co., was up from his Kettle  river ranch Tuesday.  Mrs. Hugh Reed and Mrs. Dan  Martin returned last week Friday from  a trip to the east, and Mrs. W. H.  Fraser returned Saturday from her old  home in Nova Scotia.  J. A. .Faulds, CP.R. operator heie,  left Tuesday for a three weeks' vacation, which he will spend with his parents at Victoria. Operator Carter, of  Tunnel, is taking Mr. Faulds' place.  Charles C. Tilley, formerly a resi-  pent'of Phoenix, but for some time in  Spokane, was a visitor Thursday. He  recently purchased a large hotel at  Princeton, which he expects to take  charge of shortly.  Robert G. Mack went to Spokane  Saturday, to attend to busines in connection with the Athelstan judgment,  recently decided in his favor. Mrs.  Mack and Miss Seaman went down  this week Tuesday.  Harry James, who has spent several  months in Phoenix, left with Mr. Lewis  on Thursday for Seattle. They have  signed a fourteen weeks' engagement  on the northwestern circuit, and will  appear first in Seattle.  John A. Morrin went down to Midway early this week, to take charge ol  the firm's branch store being establish,  ed there. A couple of. carloads ol  merchandise were sent ahead of him,  with others to follow.  C. H. Kathan, of Rock island, Quebec, spent last Sunday in this city, it  being his first visit. Mr. Kathan is a  director in the I'astern Townships  Bank, and is taking a vacation trip  through western Canada.  Lane, head electrician of the  Granby Co., returned to the Forks  Tuesday after spending a week here  with Mrs. Lane. , Vi'hile here he repaired one ofthe -,/50-h.p. motors, or  "big babies," as they are called, and  installed an electric pump.  O. B. Smith, Jr., and W. S. Macy  returned Monday from a fishing trip  up the main Kettle river, and report  the fish as biting well, they having the  floods to prove it. Capt. George  Smith and L. Y. Bimie, who went with  them, i*re expected to navigate the  Kettle river from Canyon City to  Grand Forks in a boat of their own  manufacture.  All Over the Boundary  Greenwood is beginning to enjoy  the benefits of its new water system,  which comes from Lind creek.  Thos. J. Hardy, Law & Munroe and  G. A. Recidell are among the new  firms starting business in Midway.  The First Street bridge across the  Kettle river at Grand Forks has been  condemned as being unsafe for traffic.  A child named Poole is reported  having been drowned last Sunday  while bathing in the Kettle river near  Curlew. ;  W. G. Gaunce, of Greenwood, who  returned last week from Seattle with  h-s family, has opened a branch of  his firm;at Midway.  J. F.. Royer who started his branch  stage line, from Curlew to Midway,  last weok, reports that he is handling  considerable business over that 14  mile run.  Construction of a new Presbyterian  church at Midway is just starting, the  lumber for the new structure, to replace/that recently destroyed by fire,  being now on the ground.  Since last week Duncan Ross, M.  P., has taken on himself the onerous  duties of an alderman in Greenwood.  Christopher Wood was also appointed  to a similar position at the same   time.  i . --..'.  Ihe Boundary Creek license commissioners will meet-today at Midway,  to wrestle with the problem of more  new licenses for that town, which now  has too many, according to the opinion  of a large number. '.'>..'  Duluth capitalists, represented by  Dr; Cook, of that city, are now; investigating the cedar, fir and yellow  pine timber limits on the North Fork  of Kettle river, with a view to acquiring a large tract.  Ralpli Smailes retured Wednesday  from a five weeks' visit to New York  on Midway &. .Vernon business, and  left the next' day; for Victoria. He  states that,20 miles of the line will be  constructed .this' year, McLean J ros.  already having a ten mile contract, but  that there is little to state regarding  the new road till after the annual  meeting, which will be held on the 4th  of September.  Grand  Corner Howard and Main Sts.  SPOKANE.  Phoenix People 'S^,  ritish  _ >iuns  eenerallv will find rt home in Spokaiij* a'  the C4rand Hotel. Recently reinode'leil  and refurnished. Under the insinajie-.  nient of E. E. Phair, late of Hotel Phair,  Nelson. B.C. "   ,.,  . All British Columbia papers on Hie.  European plan. Rates 50 cents to $2.00  per dav.    Free bus meets all trains.  THE  STRATHCONA  NELSON, B.C.  B. TOMKINS, Manager.  The Leading Hotel of the Kootenays  Special Rates to Commercial Men.  Good Sample Rooms.  McRae Droii 5ml  Stationers,    Newsdealers,  Tobacconists.  Knob Hill Ave. Phoenix, B.C  tf> --������"���-���--������  We Carry:-  The finest line of imported and Domestic Cigars,  Tobaccos, Pipes and Smokers'Supplies.  The latest styles in Stationery for every kind of use,  with views of Phoenix.  The latest Newspapers,  Magazines and Periodicals  of all kinds  Souvenir Postal Cards in  almost endless variety.  GIVE US A CALL     .  f  Y  f  Y  to  to  to  ���^���-^������-v.--��k---^_^._^._k>--^'*^':--k'.---!^ .-^t-^i .v  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  to  <\t  Y  Pretty  ouvenirs  The Souvenir Idea is rapidly-  growing in favor.No nicer memento  of a pleasant outing can be found  than a pretty little emblem Brooch  or stick pin. We have all kinds, at *  25 and 50 cts. each.  Ed. Black,   Jeweler  FIRST ST..  PHOENIX, B^C.  % "    "        " $  * ^_5P^*_P^^^yy^*-*'*"w>ik'0'^'^"^->'y^_P _?:_������������ _5"-^_"^  w  George Evans  PHOENIX.  Sign Writing on short notice.        :  Real Estate and Mines  Houses to Rent, City Property for Sale, Shares in al  eading mines I ought and sold.  Bunch of C. P. R. Officials Here.  A party of CP.R. officials arrived  in the city yesterday, en route by  wagon. from Greenwood to Grand  Forks. Thursday they visited Midway. In the party were :'��� W..B. Mclnnis, freight traffic ��� manager, of Montreal; Robert Kerr,' passenger traffic  manager, Montreal; W. T. Robson,  advertising agent, Montreal; F. W.  Peters, assistant freight traffic manager,  Winnipeg; H. E. Macdonell, general  freight agent, Nelson; E. J. Coyle, assistant general passenger agent, Vancouver; Joseph S. Carter, travelling  passenger agtnt, Nelson. Several of  the party walked up the five miles from  Greenwood to Phoenix.  Application   for  Transfer  , License.  of   Retail Liquor  NOTICE is'hereby given tl-atl intend  to apply to the Board of License Commissioners of the Corporation of the  City of I'hoenix, B.C., nt the next meeting thereof, for a transfer of tlie license  to nell liquor at retail, now held by-ine.  for the Brooklyn hotel, lo Frank Anderson, of the. Maple L"af hotel. Old Ironsides avenue, Phoenix, B.C.  Phoenix, B. C,-July 15ih,'190.5.  (Signed)  '   '.    '    ��� E. P. Shka.  $23.75  Portland  AND  Return  30 Day Omit  Choice of Routes  All Rail via Sumas  or  S. S. Princess Victoria  Vancouver to Seattle  Via Victoria.  ,.- Corresponding rates from all Koote  nay points.  Through Sleeper  ARROWHEAD TO  VANCOUER  .Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.  For rates, folders, and tickets apply  to local agents or to >-���.  A.W.Haley,'; E.J.Coyi.e,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, li. C.    Vancouver. B.C  J. S. Carter, I). P. A.  Nelson. B.C  9d&S��S����G��2^^  G.W. Rumberger  Information   about  Boundary countr  Painter and  House   Decorator.  c  Estimates promptly furnished  wm****************  the  Phoenix   and   the  iven on application.  Phoenix, B. C.  *����__  Under New Management  Hotel Alexander  R. V. Chisholm, Prop.  Conducted in First-Class shape.    Choice stock of Irrigating  goods.  Special attention to dining  room,  well   furnished roo  Dominion Avenue - -  I^arge,   airy   and  Phi'cplx, ll. C.  *t*******P*.+**0��.9***.9>*��.+��**,  Royal  The  Bill.;  R. H. KARATOFSKY, Prgp.  Loyal  Hard Parlors  *  If you want to enjoy a  good smoke, come to the  Royal Billiard Parlors,where  you will find a Full Line of  Imported Cigars and Tobaccos, and the Finest  Line of Webb's Chocolates.  At the same time you are  likely to find your friends  here enjoying billiards or  the bowling rooms.  I  Sols  Agents   for  Hazelwood  Ice  Cream.  Knob   Hill Ave. Photnlx, B. C.  <*��***W*:��V*-4**-4W-4U&-<W+1lZ  HHw**w9w*+mM**+tn*\imt\')>.  PABST  BEER  After trying all other kinds of beer those who  want the best come back lo tbe Old Reliable  ���PABST.  Made in the Largest Brewery in the world,  its sales.exceed lhat of all others. The only  Beer, and ALWAYS  PURE. ���  Jas. McCte&th,  Boundary Agent       -       -     ""���      Greenwood, B. C.  ,������<!>S��'��'X_^ _<_y.X��_XK.<_^^  Clothm  The BEST, Cheapest  and most satisfactory  Clothing in Phoenix.  WHO SAYS'SO? Hundreds of satisfied  customers. . If you don't nelieve it come  an&jexamine goods.  A Full Line of Underwear, Shirts, Shoes, Ties,etc,  just arrived.    All new seasonable goods at old  and Cheam-st prices.  THOMAS BROWN,  Men's  Wear -Fvrlud'vofv " " ki'V-mckkn.ik ki k.  ivicn _   w ear  exclusively. dominion- a ve.. imioknix.  minion  11905��� September 27 to October 7���1905  Under the  auspices   of   the Royal  Agricultural aud Industrial Society.  iNew  Westminster, B. C.  Stupendous and comprehensive array of Exhibits representing the resources of all Canada  In prizes and  attractions  Enlarged grounds,_new, handsome  and spacious  buildings. . . . . .  |$100,000  $100,0001  [WORLD'S   CHAMPIONSHIP   EVENTS   in  Rowing   and   Lacrosse,  Horse Racing, Broncho ''Busting," Militaiy P-irades and Exercises.  I ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous Bands.  [GRAND WATER CARNIVAL-Parade  of   Fraser  river   fishing   fleet,  patrol boats, H. M. warships, Indian'war canoes, etc.  ! Indian Sports  For all information write W.I I. KEARY, Secretary and Manager,  iNew Westminster, E. C. ]  ope  ^^I^��_^SS^S^_^S^gSl^KS^��^^^^  THE  tst  urtter Co., Ltd  DOMINION AVENUE.  Men's Suits  Men's Hats  Men's Shirts  Men's Shoes  Ladies' and Children's Goods  If Yotf Want a nice nobhy and iip-tfi-d.'iie suit yen will  lind a choice selection in our line ol' men's st\ lish'dc,thing  lor summer. We sell the kind that wear well and look well.  Men's Shirts You will find it hard to dtiplicaie our handsome line of men's shirts, in golf and negligee with at-  tcched and detached cufTs plain and pleated bosoms."  Men S Hats A large assortment, just in, of those new  spring blocks, in Black and Brown, also a nice range of  straw and linen hats.  Men's Shoes Our line of shoes is complete, you should  see them hefore purchasing. Our patent calf dress shoes  and oxfords outshine them all.  Boy StfitS  A new iot of perfect fitting norfolks   and   three  piece suits, stvlish.  See our line of Ladies' Wnis.s, Ladies' Shirts, Ladies  Ladies' Shoes, Ladies' Linen Underwear, Child  Wash Dresses.  Girls' and Boys' waists; *  ooo  j*o  Collars,  reii's  Tbe  Wm. Hunter Co. Limited.  \ i *J   l*/v /  ��� 4fW1 Mir m  ���-JT .     ���     ��   i��- r  "-I ��� frl'J   .-������'*.��������_   l_'_li  * 1 'T     J-  --r^/i#��y;b^^^


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