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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Aug 15, 1914

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 �����*-*���  iiijti|��m_1��  ���������  fiimaiiMppiWF  The largest copper mines in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix.' The Granby  Co. employs 500 men, and  has u, monthly pay roll of  - over $60,000: Two railroads  ��� afford access- to tlie city/  Devoted to the Interests! of tho Boundary Mining District  Thb Pfom�� Pioneer  is   [  pubU__uW> in   the   hicfhesV  pubUifhed^ in   the   higrhesV  munjlpipalifcy Ml ��a&fl<_a-_0  altitftde, 4,800 ft.   The city-  has a ^pop|ih^ion. of 1,500,  .and    possesses TVBrsttcIass^  hotels, operi^KouTOHs^c��W;  %kn  SIXTEENTH YEAR  PHOENIX, B.e., SATURDAY, AUG.  IS, 1914  ian  m  <:��  ill  4  HREiftESTBOYS; "  UNION BOiLDING  '<���' .4!  Fire Department jrioes Excellent Work���Carried ���  $12,000 Insurance.  Captii^s Regt. of ^ermafl Laiieers  OPEN SEASON      ~E  lOB HUNTING  Phoenix w*_ visits d by another  big fire on Sunday, the second that  has occurred within eight days.  Shortly after midnight on the above  date, passerslby, noticed flames in  ^ the lower floor/of the Mjner_-' union  ^building and immediately, raised vthe  is deepened by the fact that between  a,few minutes to twelve and a few  minutes^'after, 'the building was  passed by several people who observed' not the slightest- indication  of', a fire. 'The insurance carried  amounts to about $12,000. The  local lodges of Oddfellows and Re-  bekahs lost heavily, but happily the  contents of the  former's  safe were  found to have sustained no damage.      _ ...       r   ��� ��� ,,,��� aiIU  The books and 'records/of the union   witbin the next c��uP'e of months will probably muster-probably a million  men  In tho rrtlnru     '.   A It-.���.^_t_~_ "_L. t.       .        .  Very little news has been allowed to  filter through from the seat of  war, but all evidence seems .to point to the  all.important fact that the  advanced the Germans through Belgium has betn effectively checked,  if not entirely frustrated;   ,JJJe Belgians appear to be working wonders,  but,up to the present no action of importance has been fought by either  the Bntish or French corps that are known to be taking up positions in  Belgium proper and also1, on, that frontier.    It is said that so serious is  the .outlook for the invaders., that it is within the bounds of possibility  that the whole scheme of thev German  Kaiser will have to be revised.  Great Britain,.which generally is credited with the possession of a small  army now promises its.Gernujn  enemies the surprise  of their lives and  ilarrnvj  W.   Xv Perkins  with   the  ,   fpcal fire-fighting apparatus quickly  responded,- and   within ,a  very few  ���\ rojnutes water was  pouring on tbe  structure.     The flames spread with  alarming rapidity and within an incredibly short space of time the en-  ��� tire building was an immense mass  of flames, while the heat thrown out  was  intense/ " >,Scores   of   willing  hand  were completely destroyed.  i L��v-J- .    ,  ���; Govt. Official In Town  _  r Dudley Michel! of the-provincial  department^ of * mines,���arrived , in  ��� 4 i  Varieties  of   Game   Not  Mentioned in List It Is  ,    Illegal To Kill   .  The following is a synopsis of the  recentlylissued    order  in  i. r*~Ac.r,.A    . i    ili -   '       - mvnr.   mac   oy   mecnanical   m  Is rendered valuable-assistance A���atr _   '        _���    ���  '   ��� _,   .  ����� st,- ^��-    .       -    i-      ��� ^ does away entirely with the ard  to the department but  ui sp te of      A _��'    "''-.-���'   7  i _r    _ ���   - ,'       . .        v and verv often unsatisfar.rnru   n  every effort it was found impossible  to do any more than keep the flames  from reaching the postoffice, custom  house, Presbyterian'church and the  trestle of, the  No   2 crusher of the  Granby  mine.      This,   fortunately,  was . successfully: accomplished and  at twenty-five   minutes  to  two, the  floors and" roof collapsed  and   all  danger was at  "an, end, although it  was   some   hours   later  before   the  streams of water were turned off.   '  ��� '   The   building was   the   largest tin  th* city and was built and equipped  about eight years  ago "at "a cost of  %$28&0Qr Ut^oWfhe^piie] ;6f the  most., complete  theatres  in the in-  " teriorof the province, a'magnificent  ballroom, a series of Iodgerooms,���-a  town'on Thursday for a snort visit;  Mr. <Micheli is the official appointed  by the government to, visit the different mining centres of WestKoof,  enay for the purpose oMnferesting  the mine managements, in the establishment of first-aid "classes. - He  has also been demonstrating the advantages of Uiepulmotor, ao instrument   that   by   mechanical   means  "uous  and very often unsatisfactory methods.hitherto employed for the restoration of- tHe   apparently  dead.     In  addition be has also been giving a  series of practical   demonstration.-,  with the oxygen  helmet, a contrivance of inestimable value in the res.  cue of-those overcome with  dyna  mite gas. '   Mr.   Michell 'says  that  wherever he has visited he has been  met'with the most unfaiHng'co~ur$e��y  from officials "and ' employees alike/  as a ^result^ of; bls-visits' there  are already upwards/ of 420 receiving' instruction" In  the1-principles of  fir&t-aid to the' imuredf.-^ PulmoWrh  nave also been ordered by many of  the mines, in this distiia, and Mr.  Michell thinks that within a reason-,  able.space- of time there will not be  governing the shooting of "game in  this locality:  Mule'Deer���-September  1' to December   IS. '   No  females must te  killed in the  Greenwood or Okanagan districts. '   -  " White Tail Deer���September 1 to  large dminrr room.nnd^a'combined!        --<_,.  -��_r ��� - a, "V- -.. *v --- *,-*. ^ '"-    ".u J a mine id the province without one,  office, and reading- room.   . It was in |;' ���j_ih--. \-    ���* *.���_:���_, j    ' -.  i        ;�����.   ~,     *J       .-*���.�� I /        T -  I lO   aaattlOn,  tO    ��    tramati    <-rti-r><:    *-��F  j-��� ^,fact the>social.,centre   of ^the^to��vn j first-aid "men.  i.and its loss will be keenly felt^y all!      -f " ���'-���  ��� _f' ctasseaf of,the community/'* How the!     Alberta    has   presented   the  "old  fire originated Is a mystery, and this j country with 500,000 bushels of oats  The Big Store  To our Friends and Customers in the City  of Phoenix  . I       , * -_~-^ -..--w.v.      J/IVUMVIJ      C*     IIJIIIIIJI  men to the colprs, * Altogether the Teutonic conception of a jaunty par  i ie through France to furis has been rudely jolted.  On sea matters look equally as bad for the Germans, and from the  fact that shipping is being cafjied on it would seem that the enemies'  navy has lost its usefulness and in tbe course^of time will probably meet'  the���fate,hitherto meted .out tb\ all other fleets that have allowed themselves to be bottled up in an arm of the sea.    The advance, presumably,  on Vancouver by the German cruisers Neurenburg and Leipsic looks bad,  -��_._-���.,,-. _ _���  but any Canad.an^who imagine^ for'a minute that their progress will not   December IS.    None to be killed in  the bimtlkameen or Okanagan. No  Does to be hunted in the Greenwood  district.  Raccoon���Open reason until further notice.  Beaver���November 1 to March  31 inclusive.  Geese���September 1 to February  28 th.  Ducks/sandpipers, snipe, plover,  eurlew, bittern, heron, cranes, rails  and coots���September 1 to January  31, "1915.  Grouse���September. 1 to Nov.  30 (dates' inclusive). Not more than  twelvemo be killed by any one person in any one day. If more than 12  are fohnd on any one party, they will  district of r Kamloops, or the watershed of the Okanagan river between  the south \end( of Okanagan lake  and the United, States ..boundary  line. Open season November 1 to  March 31, 1915.  Scores Leaving Phoenix  The CP.R. jmd Great Northern  railroad depots"~are the scenes of no  little animation   these days,  scores'  council  of people-leaving for points in Cana-  be chaljenged by the .Rainbbw^and sloop  Shearwater  had  better make  ,tracks'over the line and stay ttfere.    The point in our favor' is that the  Rainbow s armament .is ^ome^hat heavier than  that carried by the approaching enemy, which .probably  will  be", met  at' the  entrance to the  straits of San Juan de Fuca.   .Jt must not be forgotten,  too, that half of  tl^e straits is United  States territory,  which   will  confine  the action to  about nine or ten miles of se��. \l% The line of demarkation was defined by  the  late  Emperor William  Ijiand   follows  exactly  the  centre  of the  channel.    Some people ask'  the question  of what good would it do the  Germans to  bombard Vancouver.    The answer of an   enemy to such a  query, would be not so much the good it would do them, so much as the  harm it would do us. The RaiPboW and Shearwater stand a poor chance  but their crews are all fresh .frof, the British gunnery school and may be  expected to take that chance, hpwever slim, and inflict such damage be  fore going down that the invaders will  be  in   no condition or humor to  continue the trip to English-bay..    Too much  reliance must  not be reposed in the recently, acquired submarines.     Their crews have never had  da and the United States.    Among  the passengers departing are a number   who  have booked   through   to  England   in   the   hope   that by the_  time   they   arrive   at   Montreal    or  New York   the  sea will   have  been  cleared of the enemy by the British  cruisers.      The   "foreign" element,  especially the Austrians,  are  being  intercepted at the international line  on   orders   from   Washington,   and  even if any do   succeed iir crossing  with the intention of afterwards getting to EuropeJ:heir chances of finding a captain (outside   of a lunatic  asylum)   with sufficient courage  to  make the   attempt  are exceedingly  slim.     According   to   reports   from  the east the coast cities "are already  thronged with Austrian and German  reseivists   stranded  and   unable   to  cross, hence   the  decision - of Uncle  Sam to allow no more in,that coun-  try- .*     '    -  I  Ah  ��� ',/fc'i  TV  - f��r<}i\  contrary to orders changed the Jcoaurt^^l^i^^^^^^^  to the French camp, where tbey were all:m^e|pnsoners:-S|.|^S:S;u-  "From Ottawa comes the instracticws^hWal? 'married men-must prbl  duce the written consent of .their ^v��^ydSa^^^^^i^^^0^ii  ���Austria /frontier,, is xthreateoed^^|4ib^ari|S^|ree^i^    "'  service.  are allowed each  'OM;  _  v*Prairi.:Chicken-^Sj_pter^  has handed id his resignation?to^the;  powers that be.    At any rate such is  his intention.  >.We have already too  -*<v  the German cruisers  the Dardanelles  Breslau , and   Goebea^iich'!^ayej'I^m _:_i^  " 'I .��A~'-**>* *��������'; "X"'d>'"��^_-"--.-j '.".** -.A' "���i'���';^--V���r;���". "iCij.' -���v.-j' -.-������; ->.,^*'^;��^'-.', ���;;. ������'���.v*-. r.-   ���,-���   ���-���.;- ������(. ���--������ ���-��� ��� ���*(.,���. -^i-���-...-.-- ���'>;-���.-   ���   ��� -i- -  ������.���������.-���'-���.������, .t - -- . -*_���-  .-���.--,-"��������-  The Copper Situation  A report has been circulated that this  store is going to close up.1  We wish to say that this is absolutely  untrue.    We have no intention whatever of  closing our stores, nor do we intend to ad-  ,' vance a single price unless the market com-  pells us to do so.  In the Matter of Credit  '���*"'���     * - .-���' ���  We intend to deal''with each customer  individually, andto exte^ all the accommodation in our power. /  We ask our Customers, however, to pay  us every cent they possibly can, as we are up  against a trying situation even for a firm of  our size.  : Play fair with us and you will find that  the Big Store will stay with you during the  hard times.  With the exports of copper gradually curtailed and likely to be discontinued for a considerable period,  the metal market naturally is demoralized. Nominally lake is now  .13 cents and electrolytic 12^( cents  a pound. Producers and selling  agencies are not pressing copper for  sale or making any attempt to find  a price at which the output can be  marketed. Of course it would be  folly to take such action under  present conditions.  Advices from Butte state that the  Anaconda company has already  taken steps to curtail its output  largely/having closed seven mines  and the Great Falls smelter, and the  big porphyry mines have arranged  Ip close down Sundays. It is not  improbable that they will carry their  plans for reducing production much  farther. Granby, Miami, Phelps,  Dodge & Co., and several smaller  producers have also announced the  intention of beginning curtailment  immediately. The . Copper Producers' association announces that  no statement will be issued this  month. From 55 to 60% of our  total production and imports of copper are exported, under normal conditions, and if production were to  continue at full volume with the export avenues closed, our surplus  might in time reach tmwieidly proportions.    '.,-���������  The vigor with which the European war is being conducted makes  it appear probable that it will be of  short duration. After peace is restored will come a period of reconstruction.    An immense amount of  property will have   been   destroyed,       _ _     .  ...      ... , , ,       ,    tt rour German  s^-ies, with  poison  which will have to be replaced.   Un-       . .u ��� ���  ^ and  arms  in   their possession were  doubtedly it will mean a very heavy  arrested at Gananoqtie, Ont.  Idemand for- bur/manufactured and  partly manufactured commodities,  copper, ifon, steel, etc. .,/-  At the moment it is useless to record guesses- as -to the immediate  future,volume, of consumption or as  to prices. War is a large consumer  of copper, and if the leading manufacturing nations of Europe are to  abandon for any considerable period  their industrial vocations and devote  their energies to the destruction of  life and property, they must eventually call upon the rest of the world  for an .enormous volume of supplies.  Immediately following the termination of the war, says Oeo. L. Walker in the Boston Commercial, there  should develop a tremendously  heavy export demand for our copper.  The mines of America must continue  to supply the greater portion of this  metal that the" outside world con-,  sumes. The period of reconstruction will be one of steadily increasing and expanding industrial activity  and undoubtedly one of gradually  advancing prices for good securities.  A lot of people will make money out  of the war.^and this money will be  used for speculation and investment.  w  3C  Rebekahs' Dance  'Phone 5d  PM Box 309  Tbe Little Store  First,Street. McKay & Knight, Props;  The members of the local lodge  of Daughters of Rebekah, have arranged a social and dance for next  Thursday, August 20, in the K. P.  hall. , No invitations have been sent  out, but all members of the I.O.O.F.  are requested to attend, and in turn  extend a welcome to their friends.  A collection in aid of the lodge,  which has suffered considerable loss  in the recent fire, will be taken dtir-  th_ evening.  We do not intend to close out  our business as is rumored  around town.  During; the Close-  Down we are Seli-  Our Prices Are Right.  Prompt De.ivory. ;��'  '^t>V  Tjas Tjtctip^a, pjatiEusixx, ��l&otsh cpAweia.  tffV^i  WHEN BUYINGY^AST  I1NSISTON MAVIHG  THIS PACKAGE  ���dt % \  \JWE WHITEST]  1QM-  any wonder we are beginning id rub  our eyes and have 6urr doubt_ about  the superla|jvc \5?i';��elom of thai German gefe|ai sia% of.six hundred  officers.-'1 Is,' if a case of too many  cooks.  ks^y onto '��AVa_j  decline; substitutes  i-  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  issued weekly  at Phoenix, British Columbia  Subscription, 2.00 per year  2.50 to United States.  G. Kay, Publisher.  ADVERTISING SOALE  'Application for Mquor Licence (SOdetys) ..96.00  Ap.lioa.tiob for Transfer of Licence $7.60  Certificate of Improvement notice (00 days) $7.60  Application to Purchase Land notices (60 days)   $7.60  , Delinquent Co-owner notioas (90 days).... $10.00  'Small'Water'Notices (30 day.)...' $7.60  Delinquent Co-Ownership notices 00 days $26.00  Duplicate Oerttitaate of Title notices $8.00  Cards of Thanks, 60 cents.  AU other legal advertising-, 12 cents a line,  single column, for the first insertion; and 8  cents a lino for each subsequent insertion, nonpareil measurement.  " A controveVsy how rages as to  who, is responsible .for the war.  Germany,' in the person of the'sec-  retary of the' embassy blame* Great  Britaiu, France,, and Russia/ The  latter lays the onus on Austria.'  France and Britain .point the finger  of guilt at (Germany, while Austria  who has always. be*n the catspaw  of Germany, is firm fin the belief  that the Muscovite government is  at the bottom of the mischief.  According to the statement made  recently in  London the case for the  home government is by no means a  diplomatic secret, Wad if any proof  is wanted  they  will  find it  in the  official despatches to and,from Sir  I Edward  Grey,     llhey  -show -how  strenuous and whole-hearted  have  been  our labors "foi* -peace and the  tremendous forces   .hat have baffled  the British.efforts in that direction.  Sir Edward reports that tffe German  chancellor,' told���-'him    he 'was  well-aware  that  the  British would  not'stand by and allow France tol  is in charge of Sir Richard Poore.  The following are those in command of the other big units of the  fleet. Portsmouth, Rear-Admiral  Henry,Campbell; first battle squadron, Rear Admiral Frederick Tudor;  .second battle squadron,. Alexander  Duff; third'. battle squadron, Rear  Admiral W. Waymouth; Mediterranean, Sir H. Jackson. The word  admiral is derived from the Arabic,  "ameer'l dureen," commander or  lord of the sea.  .   Coming Events'  Vancouver  Fair,   September 3rd  to 5th.  '   Spokane Interstate Fair, Septemf  ber 12 to 20.  Labor Day celebration iu Phoenix,  Sepfember 7th.*  ,  Germany's growing population is  illustrated   by   a    great   statistical  chart at the Stuttgart hygienic exhibition.    The chart shows "that in  Germany   one  child  is  born every  16 seconds;  two. sets of twins are  born  every hour;  one person dies  every  28  seconds;  35 infants   die  every hour; one victim of tuberculosis  dies every 4j_   minutes;  one  victim  of   infectious    tumors   dies  every ten minutes; three fatal accidents occur every hour; one suicide  occurs  each  hour.     The   result is  that Germany's population increases  one   hundred' every  hour. -   These  figures will  require  some revision  during the.next few months.  King Edward Lodge  No. 36, A.F. and A.M.  ftegukt* _��B>jmsWl<tatk_a at 8  pan,, Seaqxvd TmMwfiay ��f  eescfi lnoHfth.   , ant me&tJMft as called; Masonic  Hall, McHale Brock.  W.  John Finlay, Jb.,  Seoy.  ���i ��� ���      'pi    i'  in-pi���  J. PrsneB,  W.M.  I. O. O. F.  Snowshoe Lodge  No. 46  Meets every' Monday Evening at  Miners' Hall. Visiting brotbfen cordially invited.  A. L. MKinnon, Noble Grand.  .    Wm! Oxley, Fin. Secy.  E. E, Barnes, Bee. Seey.  The prime* minister of  the Aus-  tie  crushed,   but  blandly. declared  tralian Commonwealth has sent out  & *  Display, ads $1.00 per inch,   single  column,   per month. ^Transient ads.  v 60c. per inch, per issue; subsequent insertions, 35c. per inch.    -  that all Germany wanted]_was to  give France a-good beating and appropriate the most important of her  colonial possessions,  many  worked   with   us  "Had Ger-  bonestiy,"  the  following proclamation   to the  people of Australia:  "We must sit. tight now and see  things through at whatever difficulty and whatever cost.    We must be  Daughters of Rsbskah  Phoenix Lodfc* No. 17  Meets in" the  Miners'   Union JOodge  Hall First and Third Wednesdays) - '  '  Mrs. B. JB. Barnes, Noble Grand  "   Mrs. A. D. McKenzie, Secretary.  FRATERNAL ORDER  OF EAGLES  says Sir Edward,  "and had France  steadfast in our determination.   Our  or Russia proved 'unreasonable, we  resources are great and the British  'S  Saturday, Aug. 15, 1914._  were ready to tell those two friendly  powers   that  England  would   have  $&r%  K? -    "  ir i, -   " -s- > -  kihe*   s      < - *y.  T*_r-,��,    -:?   ~r '  <&,,*< J ��*. ~~ ,  A ^^-^---J-=-i_ito'be.expected:that  Germany, will,give a  nothing more fo do with the Consequences of their unreason. Germany could have figured .peace, but  desired to separate the' powers of  the Entente until Great Britain was  discredited and disgraced and then  deal with her -alone. We have  worked' for peace. Now-we must  fight for it, the peace'with honor,  which alone becomes ^Wtor'untarriish-  ednamei'' .    vAi(    " . ~$  "  %j&'*=4-.  :good account, of themselves, but in*  the light of recent events it almost  seems as if the world in general has  been "buncoed"  and "treated   to   al  of 'f.W./uncertainty'  in^^'cai\'5eircl��s^ ^as  ,'<&��� ."a. f. *��J.. ..-Y~^    �� "^  " On .'account  ������'  i      - *  that"- exists  to who is in command oi the Various  -units ofth'e BVitish^fleet/^i't will'in"--  it  f ?> �����_ *- T ���*_  terest  many  petfple  to kribW that  there is no such person, except the  kin^r, who holds the office of com.  lot of senseless  flapdoodle  in con-1 mander-in-chief of the ba'vy.    The    ^     ^ ^  nection whh what the.German army [practical control of the navy is vest- L reg;ment to go to the front, but  was  going to  do and   what  it was  ed in the Admiralty^ a board! made  heaven   hdp  the  Germans   if they  spirit is not dead but a living factor.  We owe it to those who have gone  before to preserve the great fabric  of British freedom that we may  hand it on to our children.^ Our duty  is quite clear. We must remember  that we are Britons."  Phoenix Aerie No. IBS  Meets in Union Hall, Friday Evenings.  Visiting brothers are always welcome-:  Dan Patthrson, W. P.  T. B. Clabkb, W. Secy.  The council- of the Belgian labor  party has decided to abandon anti-  war demonstrations, and has resolv-  ed to issue a manifesto- to Socialist  workmen in which it is declared that  by exercising the legitimate right of  self-defence,, they, are; fighting the.  forces of German military barbarism  and striding- a (" blow " for" politicat  liberty and democracy. - -  The suffragettes have decided to  stop their militant tactics while the  war is going.    They will  not form  K. of P. Lodge,  No. 28  Phoenix,  B.O.  Meets Xcbbday EvHrfmo at.7.90.  Sojourning brothers cordially wel  corned. - , '   "  C. H. Knight, jO. C.  E. E. Barxbs, K. of R. S.  .     PYTHIAN 8ISTER8   - :  Moiinimln Tetnple Lodge Wo. 17  *"���-, IlMb WiPythUn Ha_(,-IiOWer Towii" A  ',   Second and Fourth. Thvumamm. >���- v _.;   ^ -  *  ' ��    .Vi>.   i*. A-t   ~J? .��'^i_i  -' Mm. A. D._M_Ken-to  M.-   Mw. Geo. Bapnos,  r M.K.O.  hmj.  __.  %4aY$i &*���  M&s^'-A^  . .   .' I*-    ^  not going to do when his nibs of  Berlin uttered the magic word and  went forth to'war, that is if heever  does go. " "       .    _..  Leopold,    the-royal   wastrel" df  Belgium,   was   a  good   advertiser,  ��   and spent millions in  buying popu-  '{   lar   sympathy   for - ^his -iniquitous  >��� Cbng^b^ enterprise. -'   Ex-Prfsident  i1" 'vDiaifisialso^ said   to  have*a4opted  ^vS the same  tactics,   and  is known,to  , ^ <. have purchased tthe' silence, of'-one  - of^the 'most influential of American  -.   magazines  at  a-' time when   it had  commenced to expose the condition  - ,of thea~slaV^s' on '"the Yucatan" jene-  .    quin plantations/     ' * '  }      i. TKe question now arises,  has the  mighty German war lord been playing  .the. same    newspaper "game.  *   Who is there that hasn't read time  aft x time again vo Urirtsh and U.S..  '    magazines  and  newspapers,  of the  wonderful   fighting���qualities of the  German  soldier,    his    loyalty,   hi.s  .   marvellous    equipment,   his   emer-  f    gency  rations  (three days' grub jn  a pill  box),  the superb clockwork  ~ arrangements    for   mobilizing   and  , launching the legions of the Fatherland on either France or Russia,  to say nothing of the invasion of  the British Isles. ��� Then there was  that wonderful trip of brother  Henry's torpedo boats from Flushing to the coast of England and  back in a howling gale. Did it actually take place at all.    Alas, is it  up of practical sailors and civilians.  Unlikej the army, 'whose, commissions are signed fby the king, all  appointments'to trie nayy%re%igned  by the board-of Admiralty/ They  are the ,kingrpins "*bf the "-British  navy and are, "entitled to -"salutes  from any admiral- afloat, no, matter  however high his rank. ' �� ,  The'mostjmpbffant cbWthand on  the sea is that of comrnarider-iri-  chief of,the homeCfle^t's^a"^position  recently heldjby Sir Georgfe" Callag-  hari, and now tje'ld by'Sir-John*'R'.  Jellicoei The next command'of importance is that 'of Ncommander "at  the Nofe,.which'is the entrance to  the River Thames.    This squadron  succeed in landing in England.  Why  Shoes  Fit!  We make a specialty of Miners*  Shoes; good fit, nice shape, and  nothing but the beBt of stock used  SA-HBFACTION GUARANTEED  -    NICK PALORCIA,  Knob Hill Ave.        Phoenix, B.O.  SIAA''  ���V*f-,  .*> i.  AA:AYY\W/*&t'&X&  Reduced Fares �� Summer          i of 1914 ���  On sale June 1st to September 30th.  Final   Return  limit, October  31st.��  Winnipeg, $60.00 Montreal, $105.00  St. Paul - 60.00 St. John -120.00  Chicago - 72.50 Halifax - 129.35  Toronto - 92.00 New York 108.50  throw away your good  OVERALLS, because  ________________  they are greasy.    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Application for a lease must be made  by the applicant in person to the  Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in  which the rights applied for are situ-  ateci. , j mi<  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal qubl  divisions of sections, and in unwff?  ���eyed territory the tract appliedibr  shall be staked out by the applicant  himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are not  available, but not otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable  output of the mine at the rale of five  cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for. the full quantity of  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, but the lessee may be permitted to purchase whatever available  surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  at the rate of $10.00 an acre.  For full information application  shoidd be made to the Secretary of the  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands. ���'���'-,���''  W.W.CORY,  Deputy Minister of the Interior.  N B.���Unauthorized   publication/of  I this advertisement will not be paid for.  ���30.90.  ��\l 'r  This amazing offer���the New Model American Oliver Typewriter No. 5 at 17c. a Day���is open to everybody, everywhere; .  It is" our new and immensely popular plan of selling Oliver Typewriters on little easy payments. The abandonment of longhand in favor  of clean, legible, beautiful typewriting is the ..next 'great step in" human  progress. 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A shooting scrap, in which.a  young Indian shot at and wounded  his father, took place' last week on  the Indian reserve near Penticton.  ,. G. Sassomoto, a Japanese rancher, living near Cranbrook, was shot  and killed on Monday by an unknown assassin.'  Dr. Charles W. Drysdale, who  has been in Rossland for the past  two weeks has completed his report  to the geological survey department  at Ottawa.  The skunk brings annually three  million dollars to the trappers of  the United States, ranking second  in fur-producing value to the musk-  rat.  An attempt was made a couple of  weeks ago to assassinate the Khedive of Egypt. The would-be murderer was killed by a member of the  suite. '.  - Major Megraw, inspector of Indian agencies, in British Columbia,  was in Quesnela few days ago  on business in connection with the  department.  Eighteen hundred acres of land  for' homesteads were thrown open  for entry in the railroad belt between  Arrowhead and Revelstoke, on  August'7th. -  The report that a United States  cruiser had sailed from Seattle to  protect American interests at Vancouver has turned out to be a fake.  The vessel was on a steam test.  A fox hospital has been established at Charlotte town, Prince Edward  Island, and a staff* of veterinary  surgeons will* be connected with the  Forest Fire Protection  Certain forests in the province,  particularly in the mountains around  Okanagan lake, are "given special  care ��� in fire protection because of  the immense value of the water  yielded by their forested slopes. A  high level trail has been built around  Okanagan lake to facilitate patrol  by forest guards.  This trail commands a view of  the whole Okanagan valley; laterals  ia the larger tributary valleys connects with the settlements along the  lake below and with look-out men  stationed on the ; mountain peaks  above.  The use of the look-out man,is a  new feature of forest fire protection  in Western Canada..' In theOkana.-  gan district two mountain peaks  have been chosen from which any  sign of smoke can be spotted and  accurately located in the forested  watershed of Okanagan lake. These  lookouts, between six and seven  thousand feet high are connected  by telephone with the district forester's office. ��� A man is constantly  on duty on each from June to T)e-  cember. ' His* equipment includes  field" glasses, ^digging implements  and a collection of excellent maps.  At the first sign of a thin spiral of  smoke, he telephones the particulars to the.district office, the local  guard is warned, and the fire controlled before'it attains dangerous  proportions. ' -  Residents of the districts have  co-operated in meeting the cost of  this fire insurance. Towns depending on forested watersheds for municipal water supply, voted money to  assist in building telephdne lines to  look-out points. Irrigation companies with big investments on forested streams shared the cost of  trail and telephone construction.  Firebox linings withstand years of use because made of McClary Semi-Steel   See a  fffijztfe  You'll notice the linings are  made in nine pieces. There's  n good reason-ask the McClary dealer.      u  Soi_y Morrin-Thompson & Co.  Hotel Brooklyn  The Only First-Class and Up-To-Date  Hotel in Phoenix.     News from cellar        ��� *  to roof.     Best Sample Rooms in the  Boundary,   Opposite .Great   Northern'  Depot.  Modern Bathrooms.  STEAM HEATED.  6: D. Bush, Prop.  ELECTRIC LIGHTED  Phoenix, B.C.  with ��� those l  which  possession  of,, the'  dm  THE BUTTE HOTEL  Bar Stocked with the Fkiest of Italian Wines.  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It  is  believed   this  is  one of the most comprehensive collections of radium-bearing minerals  in the-..west,   and it  should prove of  ' exceptional  interest  to prospectors  who mean to try to win   the provincial government reward of $5000 to  the' discoverer of radio-active ores  in the province.    The  chamber has  also a  large   number   of pamphlets  on   radium-bearing   minerals which  have been specially prepared for the  use of prospectors by the Dominion  department of mines.  The Stratheona Hotel  NELSON, B.C.  Steam Heated Throughout  Reward For Prospectors  The Vancouver chamber-of mines  has just  received from  the geologi-  cal survey branch of the department  lt   of mines,   Ottawa^ a  collection   of  hospital to  study fox  ailments anil  eight specimens of radio-active min  tofreat'any of the animals that ber-  era!   Spe__m_,,s   '* * *' lL  '  * *     "  come sick" or injured. ''"      "        'I.'  The whereabouts of Horace Bow-  ie, a precocious youth of South  Vancouver, is 'being sought by the  police. He is reported to have  broken into his mother's trunk and  stolen one hundred dollars and t\vq(  diamond rings. ,'   j  W. J. Battershall of Neepawa,  is or was occupying ^apartments in  the jail at Portage la Prairie, last  week. . The charge against the accused was in the filling out of a  birth registration certificate. In  answering the query as to the occupation of his wife, he wrote '/Raising  slaves to be skinned."  v.  The trial of F. F. Barnes, the  chiropractor, which was' to have  taken place in the "police court on  Wednesday, ended in* a fiasco, the  "defendant having - left' town.' The  College of Physicians and Surgeons  are prosecuting the chiropractors  all over Canada for practising their  .profession without medical diplomas.  ���^Grand Forks Sun.  Captain Kendall, commander of  the Empress of Ireland at the time  of the disaster, has again proved  himself to be equal to an emergency.  The Canadian Pacific steamer Montrose was laid up at Antwerp when  an urgent message was received at  the London office that she be'mann.'  ed and taken to England. Captain  Kendall was given the job and left  with a scratch crew for Belgium.  The task was a ticklish one, but  Kendall was equal to the task'and  a few days later arrived safely with  his charge in the Thames.  A hole nearly a-mile deep was  formed in the bottom of the sea  Off the coast of. Panama by the recent Central American earthquakes.  As a result of these earthquakes, a  submarine cable was broken and a  cable ship was sent out to make  repairs. The ends of the cable were  found to be buried under enormous  masses of material, and, where the  charts formerly showed a depth of  1000 feet, soundings made by the  cable ship 'found a depth of 5000.  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RANGE"  yea get * full dollar's worth of actual atove value     bright noliqhixl �����-. ��-.i-i-     j ,..     .  for every dollar you pay. ���ff ri��?S   vcdt?P 8_?lc^ ��?�� 'Ptn with * few tubs  The "IJOMINIOVPRIDE" ia made of tout* wltf, JSt rS?1U^hus^anf!win ** "������ ��"��" pleaaed-'  ���trong toalleable iron and th? best^e pVffl t^'DOMINION0npknTAn..COa, or ^����d ���}l~{or  rteel-materials that will neither warp, crack nor \oV of th?furi       PRIDE    8ave��. h7 ��*���l tests,  break, oo that it will last a lifetime,   it is made m A'"nnanlnnM mmw. ��  the largest Malleable Iron Range Works in Canada! Closet s��?f wd Seated SSfc *Tt Sith Hlfh  aud^ach^gei, backed by our unconditional W? ��e| fo^  The "DOMINION PRIDE" looks well cooks to   _��l SiS5l-P,pe. and��2 EI,?��W8. wUl be delivered  well   saves fuel and is easily cleaned!   Y^uTh. *Utt^a��^t��^L   Quebe��    ��F   the  proud of iu neat,.handsome appearance in your thtj*omW^���%f2ZUl'?* _�� *nJ Station in  kitchen, and of the appetizing ��od it will cook to withblST.^'.'10? for H9-$S to be sent  perfection for you.    You'll appreciate the eTse of S&wte*tr   P/,d ^^ Ran*e ls  teepmg ^ blue polished _����_ surface and the o^^walSS^  feliplgls;li|S..ljS:*;^ .:   Pinion for$��00a year.- -:,  |& Steel Range Mfg. Co. Limited, Oshawa, Ontario.  ���ym^wriOKg it will be a diatinct favor to ua if you will mention this paper; '  ft  ' "^'"" 1|��||^^  ���:'&  ytffin$#ffi-^~^'i^ _. _______ _________


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