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The Phoenix Pioneer Aug 3, 1901

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 r» ".:r~—r-
No mining:c<iro*i.'lii'the'Jfounclitry.
<* Htimctiiis mure  utteutioii   tlmii
"ifvmiwi»li to receive Hit .liiliiliig
siiJ ieiicrul lie*" "f «•■''' «i»il> nn<l
ihe liuiiii'lnry. mihuerllie to ilic
I'Hiikms  r.nNi.iiB    .::.:::
DurluK Die year 1900 100.000 ,
TONS Of QRC wire ahipiied pom I
the iulliei, of  .        .•;.-.•   . I
I'orthe fimt fne mouth* of ,901
ovtr 91,000 ton* of ore wue slilpoed.oi
ut the rate ot 10a,000 ioiin «iumally,
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining; District.
Vol.. II.
No. 38.
H. K. CO.? L»»
WE AKK   :    :    :
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Choice Cana'liau aucl American    Dairy
that our
Specially  Sileetwl, .arriving weekly, so
customers can feel sure that they are perfectly fresh
, and good. <
Family trade a specialty. Prompt delivery, to any part
of the city. Tlie smallest parcel promptly delivered. Bedrock prices that are unequalled.
Remnant Sale
lieiiniHiilB of nil Kind*. Towclinp:, FlannclcttcH, (iinuhnnui,
Diem Hood", Slieeliiu.',*, Cretomii'B, Kte. Now is (ho lime to
pick 111> some liurjiaiilP.
Bi-ar in mind wo have a few lines of Whitcwear arid Kluiiees
left, which «iH -/out Com Price.
We cany the celebrated Hill Shoe, and when pnrrliashig
why mil liuy lln> lM'tt at tlie fame price*) us yon pay for tlie
i' feiior choe.   A«k to pee tlieni.
Progress of a Decade in This
When the First Slake* Were Driven in July,
M9I, There Wm Utile Thought of Wfut
the Place Would Grow to.
Hardware Specialties
Stoves and  House   Furnishings,   Builders' Supplies,
Sash aud Doors, Mining Supplies.
(leneial   Meichaius, Old ironsides Avenue, Plioenix.
I Morrin, Thompson & Co.
We have made arrangements fcr a large
supply of FRUITS for preserving. These will
be due in about two weeks or less and will include Peaches, Plums, Pears, Apricots, Prunes,
Cherries, Gooseberries, Raspberries, Etc., and
we can sell them at a price that it will , pay to
put them up. Leave us your orders in advance,
so that you may be sure of getting the imit 111
good shape.
We have made a special price on Sugar to
enable customers to put fruit up at the right
price. Gem Jars, all sizes. Pints, Quarts and
Half Gals, at $1.25, $1.50 and  #1.75 per do/..
McCormack's Biscuitsto
hand this we^_We_are
sole agents^ for Jbhisihne
in Phoenix and thejare
J tist such'weather as that now with
in prevailed on the 21st of July, 1891,
when the fust mineral claim in this
camp was staked. At that time the
Botind.il)' was a term incognita, as it
were, to the average prospector, and
those who weie limiting the fickle goddess in this desolate section at that
tune weie indeed few la1- and between.
There was nothing to speak of in the
way oi a settlement between Rock
Geek and Marcus. All the w.iy between it was practically a luckless
wilderness. KimLiud was unknown,
the Slocan had yet to be discovered
and hnve and get ovei its fai-reaching boom, and in short mining in
Southern lirmsli Columbia was yet
most decidedly in its uifanc). In
settled towns, in fact, the man who
dabbled much in mines was apt to be
looked upon with suspicion by his
bankers and the commercial world
But the sun was just as hot in July
1891, as it is today, 01 at least the
dred band of prospectors who staked
the Old Iionsides and Knob Hill on
that date thought so. There was
scarcely a trai1 in the country except
the old Dewdney nail, and the fust
comers followed the ndges and bln/.ed
then way through tbe forest primeval.
U bat are now the best and most
thought of claims in l'hoenix camp
were staked within a lew days ol each
other. On the 21st Matt Hottei and
Henry White staked the Knob Hill
and Old Iionsides, and even then they
oid not think so very mucb of the
properties. The suiiace showings
were immense, but, as now, the values
were not high.
A lew days later (ieorge \V. Rum-
beigei, now our w01 thy mayor, to
gcther-wrth-J ot Taj tor, wandered up
and down these well timbeied hillsides and finally de< ided to stake the
Brooklyn in company with Steve Man-
gott. This was on July 31st. The
Stemwinder was located on July 25th
by James Atwood and James Scho-
field. Bob Densler located the War
liagie and what is now the Idaho, and
Mr. Rumberger relocated the laitei
alter it had been abandoned. A
month later Messis. Rumbeigei, l'a\-
loi and Manjiott located the ground
now i_.illed the Monaich, Rawhide
and Gold Drop, but let them run out,
alter which they were located undei
theii present titles.
It was no joke to go prospecting in
those days, w hen supplies had to be
packed ^60 or 70 miles trom Marcus,'
lording the Kettle mei in torn aangei-
011s places on the way Privations
were many, and Iiisiiiies could not be
had at any price, l'ut these haidy
pioneers did not laitei. (Jeo Rumbeigei had (ome trom Pennsylvania,
had stopped in Kansas and Colorado,
then m Idaho, and tinalh thiew in
his lotwhete the city of Phoenix now
stands. Times weie haid then, and
it was a slow and tedious job to show-
up the piopeities that had been located. Mi. Rumbergei tor one or
two winteis worked in the Coeur
d'AIene mines, and his pa 1 Piers did
the assessment on   the   liiookljn  and
Que. It was a mighty good thing 101
Phoenix and the Boundary when this
oct lined, although but (cw realized it
at the time. Mr. CJiaves, however,
has never swerved lioni the beginning,
and nas gradually increased his syndicate's holdings till they now own leu
of the best propeities in the Houndaiy
in this camp, all in pne huge block.
IIpv, they have wtfrked them to a
most successful issue, notwithstanding
that the best mining expeits in the
west turned them down as worthless
on account of their low grade, is now
well known to the public.
Early in 1899 the Dominion Copper Co. was lot med with a capital ot
five millions, luicked/Jiy several of the
stlongest financeis iiv'the Dominion of
Canada. They took over the Hiook-
lyn, Idaho, Stemwinder, Rawhide,etc.,
and are now successfully operating
them under the management of James
Hieen. i
The story ol the,( Snow shoe, Wai
Kagle, eu ., is similai j lo that of the
othei propeities mentioned. Woiked
(or a while by piospectois, they weie
finally acqtiiicd by men of means'
The Golden Gown was located by
W. J. Porter in 1803,and two )c.us
leatei Duncan Mcintosh located the
Winnipeg, adjoining*, The lattei sold
out his interests jmiiiCg time since, but
Mr. Poiter i* siill^the largest individual shareholder! u> the Golden
Gown. ,,'Jj
In 1895 James Manila 11 and Thomas
Roderick located tliej|lanner, nett  to
the Old Iionsides, wnch they sold out
last scar to the Miner-Giaves syndi
1 ate. 1J
The oldest location in the Ho.m-
dary is the Nonesuch and Republic, in
Smith's camp, staked in 1887 by W.
T. Smith 'The , Mothei Lode in
Deadwood camp, was staked tbe same
year that the first location was made
in Phoenix.
In 1894 the town.of Giand Foiks
was stalled and the nextspiing Robeit
Wood platted the townsite of Greenwood. 'There had been a town platted
at Cascade since 1890,011 the strength
of the buuaing ol the pioposed Kettle
liver railwa), but it lay in the sleep of
natuie almost, lor man) jea»s.
Latter Day Activity.
'The real giowth of Phoenix dates
scaicelv two )eais ago. In June,
189S, a petition was sent lo theauthoi-
lties tor the location ot a postoflice to
be called Uiooklyu, but as that title
was preempted by t'je-iaibvay boom
town on Lower \irow lake—long since
dcseited and the home of buds—the
name was changed to Phoenix. The
stage and mail unite went tight thiougb
the town, and the postofifice was established in Octobei, 1898. with Thomas
Roderick as^iosun.istei, he being succeeded a yeai latei by the present in
cumbent, D.J. Matheson. t|ie  s,)0,tmj
During the lollowmg spring the |eiist j.00-'
business world seemed to realize that
Phoenix was destined to be one of the
most impoitanl mining camps in
Hiiush Columbia, and as this nnpres
sion giew, the place grew also, lhat
summer the first poition ot the town
was platted lot J li McArthui on the
New York mineial daim. In Sep
tember ot the same )eai G W. Rumberger platted the suilaic ot the
Cimeion mineial c laim, and tne lots
weie soon sold. I hen in Novcmbei
the Old Iionsides subdivision was
placed on the maiket, and startled the
realty woild by the i.inidit) with which
Arrangements Well Advanced
For Labor Day.     ■•
Programme Committee Has Nearly Completed
Its Labors, and Has Arranged for Many
Interesting Events.
Airangements for celebrating Laboi
Day in the chief mining town of the
Houndary aie now in an advanced
condition, and eveiything points to
the event being one long to be rcmetn-
cmbeicd in this section.
Last Monday evening there wns n
meeting fit" the membeis of the general
committee sit the school house, and
theie was a large attendance. Chairman Rumbeiger presided, and Secre-
laiy I'ayloi wasaUoon hand.
Afiei consideiable discussion it was
decided to add horse lacing to the
programme, and theie will be at least
three events of this kind. Theie are
some pietty swift animals ahcady in
the boundary, and it is expected that
theie will be a numbei of otheis from
the outside. 'The pi ogiamine committee had done much baid work in
arranging the different events and the
amounts ot the prices to be aw aided
lot each, and the report along this
line was most satisfat loiy.
'The press committee oidered the'
laige posters to be gotten out by the
Pioneer and also oidered envelopes,
bearing the adveitisement of the cele
bration, wlwh will be distnbuted fiee
to every business man 111 the city, foi
use dunng this month.
'Ihe p.irade which will begin the
day's lestivities will occm about 9 a
m , and will include all the laboi and
fiateina! oigani/ations in tbe city.
'The Rand Drill Co, whose an drill*,
aie laige!) used in this tamp, are ex
pected to ha\e a float in the paiade
icpreseiiling one of the machines at
w 01 k
Volunteeis b.ne been found who
will take pan 111 the air dulling ex-
I ibit at the gloiv hole ot the Knob
Hill mine. 'This will be anew featuie
in <elebialiens of this kind, anrl .asi. u
will take pla<e in the Imggest mine in
this piovince—01 what is geneialb
acknowledged as such—it will doubtless be ol special intcicst to the visn-
01 s
Anangements aie just being completed to have a 20 lound glove con
test   between   two well known men in
E. W.
Company   Formed,   With
Monk as Secretary.
The little town of Russell, jn Perry
county, Wash., just across the bound-
.11 y line liom Cascade, experienced a
mild boom at the time of the Columbia tk Western railway construction
into the Boundary^ Hut its importance was but fleeting at the time, and
lor a year 01 two it has scarcely been
known on tbe face of the map. Now,
however, things aie changed, and it
begins to look as though Russell might
be an impoitanl point.
K. W. Menk, of the fiim of McArthur & Monk, about a month ago
secuied an option'on the townsite, 320
a< res, and a tew days ago succeeded
in interesting several capitalists in the
townsite, with the icsiilt that a company is now being incoiporated to
push the place. Col. W. N. Drayton,
the V., V. and li, railway townsite
man, is inieiested, as is also lidgai
Chailes, the light ol way agent ef the
same railway. Mr. Monk is secretary
ol the company.
Beautifully siuiated on the hanks of
the Kettle nvei, the town abeady lias
thiee stoics, thiee hotels, a good
lestaurant, and the company is thinking alread) ot putting up a hotel. A
sawmill is also pxpected to be located
theie in the ncai future, and a new
store with a $10,000 stock of merchandise will soon be leady lor busi
Mr. Monk returned from a visit to
Russell last Wednesday, went back the
next dav, and expects to make his
headquaiters there. He thinks that
the new iailway, now building into the
boundary light through the town, will
make Russell a divisional point. At
any late the plate will have a custom
bouse and laihvay touiidhouses. One
rf the finest smelter sites along the
boundaiy line is located theie also
In addition to this the town is sur
lounded with some of the most promising mining piospects to be fouiid in
that section, piominent among which
aie the Mountain View and Russell,
both ol whidi have unusually excellent
coppei ledges.
A numlici ol" Phoenix people are
inteiested in the townsite, among them
being Iia Black, V. Monnier, Hugh
McGuire, W. L. Russell and others
I he town is named after Mr. Russell,
who lived theie toi a)earoi two in
the eaily days
Already Ordered for Mother
Lode Smelter.
, C. Miae to Ship to Tills Smelter, Also the
Jewel—Redaction Works Doing flood
woild   foi
'Ibis   will
a purse ot at
be definitely
md announce
our Mines
jt    and    «*
FROM     THE    5
OfS     #
HE    t
by far^h^Choicest Line
on the_Markets:__ Try_ a
Cream Sodas.
You can make no mistake by giving,us your
grocery orders.    All weask is a trial order.
We will be in our new quarters on Dominion Ave. bv the end of next week, and extend a
hearty invitation to all residents of Phoenix to
visit us in the most complete Hardware
grocery Establish ment in the Boundary.
OOO0OC50000000O 00000000000 00000000000000000000
other c'anns. No one who knows
what the original settleis passed
tliiough in those da)s thinks that the
good lortune that l.itei came to them,
or some of them, was any too good.
Many a time did our present mayor
and his partners loot it to Marcus U>
secure supplies oir credit at the store
of the late Marcus Oppenheimer, and
then trudge back over hills and dales
to this camp. It need hardly be said
that, nothing more than .assessment
work was done in those times.
Better Times Were In Store.
Thus the pioneers got along as best
they might, in those lust five or six
years. 1). C. Corbin had said that
he would build a branch of his railway- . lip the Kettle rive.i—this same
railway . that is only now, ten years
later, being constructed, Four 01 five
years ago things began to brighten
somewhat. The capitalist, satiated in
Rossland, or the Slocan, or entirely
new to tlie district and country, began
to be attracted by the stories of the
tremendous ledges of gold and copper bearing rock that had somehow
filtered out.
About five years ago Messrs. Far-
rell and Midgeon, wealthy men from
the old town of Ansonia, Conn.,
secured the Stemwinder,butthey soon
sold their interest in this property and
in the Montezuma, Standard and Phoenix to McKenzie, Mann & Co. This
was a starter.
In 1890 Jay P. Graves became interested in the Old Ironsides, Knob
Hill and other claims, and in turn interested  S.   H.  C. Miner, of Granby,
the 'ots weie snapped up. Capitalists
travelled man) miles foi theoppoi-
tunity to buv and were disappointed
because there weie not enough busi
ness lots to go .iiound I'he louith
survey ' was that of the Dominion
Copper Co.'s addition, a couple ot
months ago, and it is well known that
this also ■w.is successful
The fust hotel hotel was built in ihe
winter of 1895 b) 1'ied GialT. It is
located almost directly opposite to the
fit st log shack built in the camp, In
Geoige Rnmneigci, which is still
In the spring of 1S99 the Old Ironsides hotel was built, and was the fust
of a series of extensive improvements
by the Miner-Graves syndicate, which
are still under way. The Wynkoop-
Stephens Trading Co., Ltd., was
started about the same time, and the
Pioneer war. first published in November, 1899. Then business bouses and
hotels followed thick and fast, up to
the present time, and they are still
What will be tlie record for the next
ten years in this camp can only be
conjectured, but there are'■ many who
think it will be even moretemarkable
than the decade just passed into history.
Chose Hose Company Officers.
A meeting of the lnenibera of. the fire
(iepattrnent was held Tuesday evening!
at the school house, and officers for the
two hose companies were chosen. J. C.
(roupi I was elected captain of Company.
No. .1, with A. P. McKenzie as lieutenant. L. Y. Birnie was chosen as capr
tain of Company No. 2, andT. Corner
as lieutenant.;; The hose carts have
been ordered, and will arrive in due
ananged in a lew days
ment made.
In the ceiling of I.ab.ir Day theie
will be a ball at Mincis' Union hall,
gi\en undei the auspices of the Phoenix 1'iadcs and Laboi Council
Altogether it will be a gie.it da)   in
Phoenix,   and one  long to be iemem-1
beied by the thousands of visitors that'
will be sine to come. |
Trestle Burned and Rebuilt. I
Foi    the  las'   seveial   da)s se\eie
foiest files have been i.iging along the
i.ulwav   line   between    lJboeni\   and
Eholt.     Wednesday    afternoon   the\
weie so bad that the\  caught a ticstle
about two miles below   Hartford June
Hon, and  Foieman  Deimodv,  ot   the I
Gr.mb)   Co.,   took   a loice ot 20 men I
and   went   clown   to endea\oi to s.nej
thetiestle, so as not to  del.i\,the   oie'
shipments   liom    this   camp.      I he\
were paitial!) successful, but about 60
leet ol the uppei dtck of a three deck
nestle   weie  binned   so as to niesent
the passage of tiams.
Roadinas'ei |ohiw>n, of Gieen
wood, was at once notified, but owing
to tbe stnke ot tiackmen and bnJge
carpenters on the C. 1'. R., be bad no
little difficulty in getting men to assist
in the repairs. However, he took off
his own coat and secured a gang of
Italians to assist. As the Pioneer is
going to press the repairs are reported
to have been made, and today trains
will run as usual.
For two whole days no ore ship
ments could be made from this camp,
the first lime it Iris happened in a
years time. Passengers, .mails and
e'Npress were transferred, but no freight
could be gotten in or out.
Dining the last week,4,354 tons of
ore wie Heated at the Gianl>y smelter.
Dunng tlie month o! July tlieslnp
ments of oie ironi the li. C. mine
weie 5,135 tons.
Nest Saturday is pay dav in tins
camp, when about $40,000 will be
distnbuted foi mineis' wages.
Last 1'uesda) tlie H. C nnne began
shipping to the Mother Lode smeller,
at Gieenwood, foi the llist time
Dunng the month ot July theie were
12 cais ot oie shipped fiom the R
Hell mine, in Summit camp, to the
(ii.inbv smeltei.
A stnke ot very nch coppei oie is
lepo'teu to have been made in the
Winnipeg lecently, at the 300 foot
level. I be iepoi,t has not \ct been
confii med
Paid $5,000 on (lie Bond.
.fob 11 D<ii-.e\ M'tuiiH'il to Kholt trom
Milu!Uik<elj<*t Wedncdjivancl the next
1l.1v In- company, Ihe Lake Shoie ami
B C. UeulopiiH'i.t Co., paid "i5,000 on
the bond 011 tlic Blue Bell 111 Miuiiiiit
camp Mi. I)i>ifci'\ luoujrht two espeit1-
with him, who aie cMiniiiiiiii; the prop-
1 it*., with 11 Mew toils acquirement h\
a stionj; s\ nchinte ol eastern capitalists-.
V. Kempt,   of  the   Knob   Hill
paid a visit to Grand  Forks this
The Granby smelter is not the only
works to he enlarged in the Boundary,
as will be noted from the following
sent out from Greenwood this week:
The british Columbia Coppei Co.,
Ltd., of New York, owning the Mother
Lode mine, has ordeicd another blast
furnace for its smelter at Greenwood.
The new furnace will be similar in construction to the one now in operation
and which has had an uiiinteirupted
and very successful run ever since it
was first blown in, on Febiuary 18 of
the current year. It is a stac'< f'lr-
nace, the down take going from'12
feet above the feed floor up some 15
feet and then down into the big main
dust flue. The size of the furncoe is
42 inches wide by 150 inches long,
inside dimensions at tuyeres, of which
there are 10 at each side, of 3 inches
diameter. The Allis Chalmers company (successois to the E. P. Allis Co.,
who manufactured the first furnace),
of Milwaukee, Wis., aie building the
new furnace, the construction ol which
will take about 60 days.
Allowing foi time that will be occupied in delivery at Gieenwood, and
in construction, it will be between
three and four months before the new
furnace will be ready foi operation.
There is very little preliminaiy woik
to be done at the smelter, provision
having been made at the fust foi two
mote furnaces. 'I'he steel furnace
house will have to be cnlaiged, but the
floor and the dust flue are leady for
the putting in of the additional smelting facilities the new furnace will
afford. The engines and boilcis aie
sufficiently laige to run three 01 foui
furnaces, but another blower will have
to be added to, provide foi the increasing treatment capacity of' the works.
-The nominal ^aMscit^o^ihty^fuinace-
in use has frequently been slated in
print as 225 tons.
What This  Smelter Has Done.
Its actual tonnage of 01 c treated
since its blowing in is as follows: "
February, (10 days) 3,016 tons, Maich,
10,519 tons (daily average); April, 11,-
322 tons (daily average, 377^ tons;;
May, 11,830 tons (daily average, 381 yi
tons); June, 11,206 tons (daih average ZThV- tons) Total tonnage to
June 30th, 44,877 tons; daily aveiage
tor four months ended June 30, neat ly
398 tons.
By the time the new furnace shall
nave been completed teady for work,
the coinpan)'s Mother Lode mine will
be in shape to double its output of ore.
It is at the present time e.isil) keeping
ahead of the lequneiiientsol the single
furnace al the smeltei, and this without hoisting an\ oie at nights and
woiking only six dajs.iweekat the
mine. Further the No 7 mine, 111
Central camp, is now sending down
about ioo tons ot ore a week and airangements aie n ,w complete toi the
output of the 13 C mine—between 150
and 200 tons dail)—heietolore sent to
the Piail smelter, being shipped to
I ben, too, thuc is apiobabilit) that
negotiations now in piogicss will le-
sult in the Jewel mine shipping
legul.uly us gold cpiart/ oie, which has
been pio\ed suitable I01 smelting, to
the Greenwood smeltei.
It is repotted that the
i put at work boring for oil
rig recently
near Grand
an   excellent
forks Ins .encountered
cpiality of oil.
It appears to be impossible to even
grade the streets of Phoenix without
running into ore. . A good body was
struck by the workmen on Knob Hill
avenue this week.
A. R. McDonald of Toronto, was
registered at the Victoria this week.
Go to Zimmerman for watches,
clocks and jewelry. Opposite Eastern
Townships Bank.
The follocviiiE talilc gives tlie ore sliipnu-nls of I'lioenlx- llrniich .mill cither Hmmilnry Ijf/.
mines tor 1900, for the pnst week, for.19.11. and the total to itnte:—       . A
iqi« Week 10111 Totals    l*'V
Old Ironsides, Knob Hi
and Victoria	
B. C. Mine	
Golden Crown	
Winnipeg/. .	
Brooklyn. .   . .
R. Bell	
Totals, tons.
4/'9 7
; 27,000
Vl     ll
% Mot
Other Boundary mines.
S, 144      207,S20
Totals      „
49,2 10 j j&i
675 4
'5° [4
300 ||n
247.M3 .§..:
54," 9'^
I'otals, tons. .
Mr. White Could Hardly Realize the Advancement in Phoenix in a Year.
Last Sunday nnil Monday A. I.. White,
of  the   linn'of-A.   f..   White o: Co., of
Montreal and   New   York,  visited  this
camp.    Sir. While is the  utlirinl broker
of the Miners-Uraves syndicate, unci luis
attended   lo  the Hot a! inn of the various
companies.      Sir.   While's    ollieo   was
originally in Montreal, hut this year ho
lias opened 1111 office in New  York city.
At least once a year Sir. White ninke.s
it point to visit It.is camp, and note the
I udvauernu'iil made hero, not only in
the.growth of l'hoenix itself, hut in Ihe
development   of   the   mines.    Andthis
j was no'.withstandini; tlie I'mt tliitt. he
keeps posted by the weekly visits of Ihe
Pioneer. He expected to see some improvement, hut nothing like the progress reallv made. Sir. While made one
interesting statement, viz., that the
stock of the companies he lepresentN
had never had to be protected in Ihe
market. While he was away last year
the stockjobbers n°t after these stocks
in Montreal, a id as a result more than
one of them were financially broken by
the deal.
As soon as the time is ripe the rest of
tbe Miner-Graves holdings in White's
camp and in Rossland would be combined in one large-company and another
smelter built at i-rraud Forks.
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"V   •«    ,-- ,- -■*'■   -     ■ '   o*
%', 1»   1   i " '       ^M THE PHOENIX PIONEER.'  The Canadian Bank of Commerce  HEAD OFFICE, TORONTO.  ���; Capital, $8,000,000.     *��     j*     Rest, $2,000,000.  HOR. CEO. A. COX, PraUot. & B. WAUCER, Gtoeal Huu��ct.  J. H. PLUMHBR, Ac/* Cn'l Huugu.  l fl. R. DAVIDSON, Acting Mgr. Greenwood Branch ,  1 i  ��� MM����*��M�� OH ���������������{��������+�����������������>������������ ���������'H ����������������������������������+  in the Boundaiy country���the one as  a smelting and railway center, and the  oihei as a mining centre.  The Phoenix Pioneer*  1SSUKD ON BATURHAV ��V TUB  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  " at raoraix. B. c.  W. B. WILLCOX. Manager.  Columbia Telephone, No. 19  Vernon & KeUon Telephone. No  14.  fiUHKKIPTIONK IK ADVANCE.  Per Ye��r *�������>  Six Month* -  '�����  To Foreif 11 Countries i����  ir*,ounre iiotaiubucriber to thlt pnper, thl��  ban invitation lo vou to become one.  Adietllalng rot�� furaUlied on application.  Legal notice* 10 and 5 centt |>er line.  Hour weekly insertion! constitute one moulha'  ���dvertliiuf.  with   US.    Will  live forever?  it, like the evergreen,  'I'he shirt-waist man has made his  appealance in Phoenix, but we are  glad to note that he is not very numerous yet.  What about that talk of a summer  session of the legislative assembly, to  consider-railway matters? Was it a  pure bluff?  I , j! j    vi    I  I ��� ��-    t ri/. .  I". '.l  I ,'..'(���'  , A'  NC  ��� w I  *,j5 4  -'?.  r      WAS IT DONE INTENTIONALLY.  Andrew Leamy, a barrister of Greenwood, was recently gazetted at Ottawa  as county court judge for Kootenay,  and inasmuch as it had been expected  that the appointment was to be made  for the county of Yale, the residents  of this county are quite naturally  disappointed that Kootenay .county ' was  named.   In1 fact, many think that it  was merely a clerical error,  that will  be rectified indue time���-even ' if' it  takes a long time.   '   *      >  ' V  But there 'are not a tew who" think  . otherwise,  viz.',  that it was done intentionally.     Our member at Ottana,  Mr. Galliher, it should be remembered,  is a resident of Nelson, inf Kootenay  ' county, wheie there is also need of an  .additional county judge.    He is per-  * fectly "acquainted with the geography  ' of his constituency,  in which,  unfortunately, is included 'this immediate  part ol Yale.( !He knows'how badly  we need a resident county court judge,  but he also knows that this district  will'Undoubtedly be takenrfrom his  present'cohstituencyone.of these fine  'days/ and^bon^iiently,M^He^tan(]s  not, have to seek votes  Too much care cannot be had  against brush fires. After its exigence last Tuesday, the Pioneer s|>eaks  feelingly on the subject.  An organization has been formed in  New York for the purpose of annexing  Canada to the United States. What  a misguided lot the members must be.  .The entire outfit���several carloads  ~for the new waterworks in Phoenix  has been ordered this week. No time  will be lost in putting it in place on  its arrival.,,'  A Sandon paper says that coi poi a-  tion should be placed in the hands of  a receiver it retrenchment steps are  uot taken al once. , This does not  look good 'for the,great silver-lead  camp.  On another page will be found the  gist of the memorial recently sent to the  Dominion government by a few of the  mine managers, who have held a num  ber of secret sessions at Nelson in the  last few months. It is safe to assert-  that if these same managers had accepted the conditions as presented  and put the same energy into working  their respective properties, that they  have in getting up petitions, the stockholders would be far ahead in the deal.  There is little chance of the last eiiort  accomplishing anything,  WHAT THrEDITOpFsAV.  'I'he most notable mining development of British Columbia during the  past year has been in the Foil Steele  district.���Ft, Steele I'rosjiertor.  It is time for our annual warning to  the public not to look upon any of the  dog days' editorials of the Victoria  Colonist as  a Sirius matter.���World.  The*new title of the King, which  declares him to be "ol the United  Kingdom of Gieat Hiitain and Ireland  and of British Dominion beyond the  Sea, King/'etc.', etc., is veiy satisfactory. It is better than tlie specification of any particular patt of the "dominion beyond the sea," and is wide  enough to include any further additions that may be made to the Umpire.-���Colonist.  Notice to tbe Public  I have opened a shoes'iop in the  Mormon Anderson block, and am  ready to do all kinds of repairing and  new work in ni) line al icasonable  prices. A spec laity of mineis' boots  and shoes,  , Give me a call.  Hkri Mai.andriki.  JOHN, A. CORYELL,  Pkovinciai   Land Sukviwk,  ClMI    AND  MlMNC   EjtGINIIK.  I.SIAHI.ISHhO   188S.  PHOENIX and GRAND FORKS, B. C  O*  II. D. PALORCIA.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  AH Work Guaranteed.    Imported Goods.  J KINK BOO lb ANO S1IOI S MADE 'IO  OKKI.K.  l'RACUCAI.    MINKKS*  AND   1'KOS-  I'FdOKS'bUOI.S   A SI'FCIAI.IV.  Corner Pbocnlx St. aad Brooklyn Ave.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIKE, ACCID.NT.  ���Jominljsloncr for taking vfTfclm It*.  I'HOl.Nix, U. C  R, A. SCOTT,  Convhacior and liun.of.K.  Esmmcs Fuknikiikd.  PHOENIX, H. C.  c  111. s. CAVi.r.v.  w. 11. cociikani:  DAN    BURNS  GENERAL  BLACKSMITHING AND  REPAIR SHOP  t%  HORSESHOEING o A o SPECIALTY  1%  Dominion Ave,    PHOKNIX  6!     CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Soi.iciiors, E*1C.  I'HOKNIX, li. C.  <gmsm%Mmm  DRUGGIST  j P. Burns & Co.  I'HOKNIX  MARKET.  D. WHITESIDE,  Uarkisii-k it Soiiciiok,.  flrnien Wlllimn* lllock.  PHOENIX, ��. a  head omcK i-ok iiounhakv cki kk, oki.kvwooi', it. c.  Ill MHJUAKII Ks, KM.SON, I!. C.  -^  .... ffftolesale and Detail Meat flercn^nts.  Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Folks, Sandon, Slot an City,  Silvcrton, New Denser, Ymir, Salmo, Rossland, Ti ail, Cascade,  Ciiand Forks, Greenwood, Midway, Niagaia and I'hocnis.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  All orders receive prompt attention.  e  ���    ���   A  ���\, I*.  a.'  'ti  A  1 rHY  ,*4,v/*,\^ >. t\  tvtd.'Al.--  ft  It'is given out that the work of  construction on'tl/e^y, V. and E. railway line inland around Phoenix, wil'  begin'within 1 the   next   two <weeks.  r       *       r *  Some of the'heaviest rock work on the  line will be done within ten  miles of  _ this city:.-'v.,';-: ���: ' '.^r\t>.  again, iie will not,hart to seek votes   *' -*^ ('v    '��� L-* ������'   -v '".     ^~  bi the Boundary.'yThese are^alh/i-     While the fishermen's strike'on'the  >resting things to,bear in mind'jn'this  Fraser is now a thing of the past, the  connection. _ - ')'\^y l'L"'" lu     Mriko oinhe C. I\   Riy^iickiiicjn  .md  chaiiV��s/are,',M) many p'eisons that ol ihe ininei-?" at -Rosslaiic!   -.ecm  tliink,^tliat^Mr.'(QalliheV Itnew'veiy as fai Irom settlement as ever.. In the  well^lmt.Jthe'appointment was beiiig Boundary" oie'strikes are the only  made'(or Kootenay, and at least that kind heard of.  he allowed it to go that way���even if  he did not suggest it himself. ' At any  According to press dispatches from  China a 'supreme effort will now be  made "to save the empeiors face."  If he , was not so sure of saving his  hide, it might be better for the land of  Orientals. >  Sttnngers judge a town and district  by the newspapers published within  their confines. If they aie up to date  the impression is favorable. If not,  the effect is much the same as can be  produced by looking at a tinuip who  say.s he represents such and such a  community. When the people get  more sense there will be fewer and  better papers in this glorious couiitiy  of strikes, hard times and golden  future.���New Denver Ledge.  How (0 Oct ike Trade.  A New York merchant gives this  niece of advice to, less experienced  men through the columns ,ot an ad-  vertising'publication:  "There must be reasons why some  people should tiade with you in pre  ference to otheis in your line. Dig up  these reasonss. Put them in the newspaper. Do it right, and you will get  the tiade."  &g88&&8&88g8ffig#  Phoenix : Bakery  C. W. CREEK,  I'koi'.  Phoenix  Street,  Opp.  P.   O.  Bread Delivered Daily to ail  parts of the City.  When we nay we make rcmx! llrvml '  nt are only ictwntnijr tin. words nr  oui liinnj custom*.rs To the ��tuiHRtr  we wiv, Tr> it Mini lie com diced.  Vli:s. CAKKft, COOKII.S, DOUGH-  NUT.s, Klc, always ou hniiil.  Light Express in Connection  V. & N PHONIC, 53  R. & KERR,  Hakkisiik and Soiiciiok,  no i au v rum ic.  I'HOKNIX, B.C.  ALPHAH& BLUNT,  MlNk SuKVFVOK.t, e  AND DkAUOHISMKN.  V JtN 'I'honef No 70 I'llOhNIX, li. C.  Ill  / ^rate the.people of ,YdIe will not have a  ���y , -resident county court judge for many  '. , ^ moons yet to come, and will be foiced  , , n (to possess their souls impatience with'  '/f*'  theJ present;', inconvenient 'order'of  ,.   things.,,       rir\'   .��,      5  j   - ��   *   '    " ">  ;     J.;:4     A REMARKABLE RECORD.      />  * ti A'' '    ' " 0   ' �� '  ���' \   ,;It isrefreshmg nowadays, when one  i" y thinks of the large number of mining  ^-'   ''companies' and" syndicates' that have  lo ^'S'^-t.- '     ��� been organized in  Montreal  to oper-  w-fj.*  While the winters are long in l'hoenix, as is to be expected at an elevation of nearly 5,000 feet, there is some  compensation in the thought that we  ^ire not troubled with the oppressingly  hot weather that many less favored  localities are now sweltering under.    *  'Ivy*--- ���.  'W^'i ' i  J'.-t"    -'  1'.^-' l -  J�� -1-  I'Vrt   ,  m*  S"-''1  t  ~V      ��  ft  J<ftf  i*,S   'I-  I* V  r-Tfe  j.*y* ^  ; ,ate in British Columbia,* to note' that  "j'<pf them'all .there is but one^ the stock  '" of which is not Uklay worth 1 less  than  - \* l   i -. -���  t when (the   company wasc organized.  . This company is the Granby Co.,  the  'mines of which'are located and are be-  *' ing steadily "operated here in Bhoenix.  i The1-, stock of this concern is today  worth" more than <when the present  owners, acquired it, many times over,  f-and some of the buyers could unload  at a profit of from 400 ,to 7oo*per  "��� cent.    A few have done so.  >0n the other hand it is asserted by  one who claims to be in a position to  know, that at least $8,000,000 of Montreal capital has been sunk in mining  schemes in this province.1' This has  been,"done laigely, not because the  properties wera worthless, but because,  instead of securing the best talent  available and going ou with the business of mining in a business like mangier, brokers have played battledore  and shuttlecock with the stock, in addition to which the promotors have  paid hundreds of thousands of dollars  ,v to new men to learn the business of  mining.  .-,  With the Granby Co.  things  have  been different, so much bo lhat Eng-  ilish* journals are  begihning  to com-  -. ment favorably in regaid to the company, its methods of conducting business and  its bright prospects.    The  record of the Miner-Graves syndicate,  lh6 jMomoters of the Granby Co, has  been remarkable in the past, and its  fnture bids fair to be no less remarkable.  Just why the government is surveying for a railway pass through the  Hope mountains,- no one seems to  know.* The'railway that builds "from  Kootenay tcthe coast will do its own  surveying,; inv any event, and the  government is not likely, just now^ to  go into the railway business!"   ,  The Spokesman-Review asserts that  F. August Heinze has sold the Rossland (Miner, and others state that Bernard McDonald is the new power behind the throne. Mr. Heinze's income  is said to be 40 cents per minute, the  year round, "and he has no further use  for daily papers in these parts.'   *  The Victoria Post, edited by Mrs.  James Anderson, is decidedly bright  and bfeezy, and is "forninst" the  government and the C. P. R. But it  does believe in the V., V. and <E.  railway, and it is not slow in making  its belief known. In that resect, at  least, it is not alone.  -j* Dandruff; Cures  Ncbfo's lkfpi(i(k  Cokes Dandruff Cure  Ayers' Hair Vi?or  is    -     /  Cranitonic Hair food  s lair tenner  W. B. OLSON ���  &  |C A. McCLUNG & CO.  HaV    firkin     FppH   We haven large stock, 1x>uglit  liaj> viiaiii,   1 ecu, |)efore tlie rjse and cail qi|0te  PftliWf    Oaf��     Pic   close prices. QiioUitions given  IVVIICU    VSClia,    LIV/. 0��� straight or mixed cars.  Office  Mnndiird  Aieiiiie.  Chs. A. McCiung & o.  V &N  1'liine \'>  PKACriCAI. 1IOUSH AM) SIGN  PA1NTKKS. DHCOKATOK'i, KTC.  Piioni   Coliimhln 35  Phoenix, B. C.  General Contractor  and Builder.  ESTIMATES    FURNISHED!  PHOENIX,   B.   O  i p. nciitnzir s a  DRUGGISTS.  ���y-m-m-n ���������������������  British Columbian  Wholesale   \    \\  liquor Company   ^���^'�����  Limited.  ���PABST BEER  Phoenix Lodge No. 28,  , Knights of Pythias.  Meets e��ery Tucila} lllglit  ��t 7 3" l>. ��i.i Mincrx1 Union  Ilnll ,  Vlsithig !in.tlirei< welcom*?  C A. McCii-ncK R. S  i   A.Cl.AHK, C   C. 1  I. 0. 0. F.   Snow  Shoe Lodge, No-. 46.  Mwtb evi'M Tiiiirwlny  Kvo at MiniTH*  Union Hull. *Vi��iiiii'tr Bicthivn Cordially Invitt'il.        I). Wiiitkhdb, N. H.  Gfo. K. Mkid, Kkc.Ni*.  Phoenix 'Stage and Li wry Lino  Good   Saddle  Horses  and  Livery   Rigs  For Hire.  Makis Two Kound Trips Daii.v Jihiwri-N  I'liOINIX    \M>   GKM-NnOOII.  Ix'avo��j Phoenix nt tl  Time.  n. in. hikI l.OJ   p 111 ,   riioeiii*  'is nvi'S Orecnwooil nt 11.00 n.m ami 4 iun., CivimiuuimI  Time. SundavH l��*nvi*s Plioenix at !):.lu a. in., nn<l  Giwnwood at 12:30 it in.  WELLWOOD & BLOOMFIELD,  PROPRIETORS..  BELL'S  r.IVHRV,  ri'vn  STABLES  AND  SA1.R  Complete Line  of Dar Samples  GREENWOOD. IIC.  H. BELli  Prop.  Knob  Hill  'we.  tiood ^.njuit* r.u k .ind  Driving lli.ii.e->.   Uca\> 1  Drajing. Cliaiges  onable.  Re.is  Phoenix Laundry  '      _^_J. T. LAAVRENCK, Propriktor   During House Cleaning time  we jive SPECIAL RATES o Families and Hoels on Blaake s, Curtains,  E c, for which we have   he  best  facilities.  Only Union Help Employed  Bundles    called   foi  and delivered pronijii-  to  every   pari  ol  i the city.   Send   your  I order ^y Phone.  IS,  *��� ly  of t th  ;.b.cj  1IKST OF WORK OUARANTFFI). V.  Dominion   Avenue,   Adjoining   Ikitte   Hotel,  X.N"   T'HONKNO. jo.  I'hocniv, \i.  C.  "I Furniture  SI.INN & McCAGUE,  I'ROPKIf IOK.S.  V. ,"t N. l'hone, No. 48  Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Daily.  IRONSIDES ADDITION, I'HOKNIX, B. C. Fiuk Df.mvjrv  4*+*+* ���-����*���-  A  HOUSE  HOLD  NEED  *1 TN this line  1 TN this line we are in  a batter position  j A   than ever to supply  the wants of the  Bellevue  Hotel,  Public of Plioenix.  IV  it  ���a nick r.iNE or���  Silver, Silverine and  Gold Filled Cases  The\ arc beauties Cull aud see them.  No action has yet been brought by  the mayor and aldermen of Phoenix  whose likenesses appeared indistinctly  in a lecent issue of the^Vancouver  Province. But the Province is certainly liable for the publication of the  horrible blurs���called photo engravings���which accompanied the otherwise readable article on Phoenix.  '-Wings" will have a lot of explaining  to do the next time he comes here.  HE3SJDERSON,  TUB   JHWEWR. 1  Souvenir Spoons always In atoclc.  "    *S  ��,-#~<��-��~��-��-��-��-��-e-#-��-#-  THK  DEUBHR - HAMPDEN  Others Follow.  1.KADS.  EOITOXUL   COMMENTS.  Now that the Granby Co. has one  smelter in most successful operation,  the officers of the company are getting ready to organize a company to  build and operate another smelier.  This also will be located at Grand  Forks. Everything poilits to Grand  Forks and Phoenix becoming, beyond  CLARK <& BINNS,   ��������� -Old Ironsidks Avr. 2?  Undertaking,  r-and Embalming  Dom. Express Money Orders for sale  I. W. MELLOR  Knob Hiu, Ave.,  PHOENIX, B.C.  This hotel is rent rally located, newly built and newly  furnished tliroiighout. Everything is first class. Ba'i  stocked with the finest. * *  EDWARD SIMPSON, Prop.  Pointing ^  Pcspering. <*  C^SIGN WRITING<^  Paints, Oils, Glass,  Varnishes, etc., etc.  WALL PAPERS, SASH and DOORS  OUR   MOTTO���Riit    Mnteri.nl,    Thorouuli  Work, Kntlrc Satlsfnctlon.  V. &N. Pncsh, 86,  J. C GOUPEL, Agent, ***** stmt.  4h JinLo/e/ jUa^r rn&t-  Maple Leaf  Hole  Choice Wine��, Liquors and Cigars nlwujs in  f-toek. Buaid bv dav oruui'k. One tiinl ami  you will remember The Mnple Leaf Forever.  Old Ironsides  Ave.  -GREGG & McDONALD, Props.,  PHOENIX  The Boer war, like the poor, is yet all odds, the most important points  C!W SCAVENGER  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  ���t^gfe-  OVHR POST  OFFICB  PHOENIX  [DHOENIX  REWERY  JULIJUS: AJUKI.LER, Pkoprifi  OR.  Flue  lOTEL,  Is now' open to the Public  Electric Lighted*   &  Electric Bells  Free sample rooms. Heated by hot air  W. V. KEMPT, Manager.  n^SSL     Phoenix, B. C  -W-M\ the hest hotels in Phoenix serve Phoenix Beer.  Patronize home Industry and  drink Phoenix Beer.       ���  Coc Standard Avenue and Banner Street.  PHOENIX, B.C.  aAH'L"iwvm'iiiwaiBAV'jmBr��gM THE PHOENIX PIONEER,  Rumberger (H Taylor  AGENTS   FOR   DOMINION COPPER  COMPANY'S ADDITION TO PHOENIX  Choice Business and Residence Property in   all parts      '    ' = of   the  City.   -��� =  WKatjwe  Prophesied  LAST APRIL we prophesied that Phoenix would  be shipping more ore than any camp in British  Columbia before the end of the year* ;  Nearly 250,000 tons of ore have been sent out  over the Phoenix branch of the C. P/R. since July, J 900���onejeari and this  camp is today producing more ore than any riiiningcamp in the Province.  PHOENIX WILL SHU�� AS MUCH OKB IN 1WU AS ALL OTHER CAMPS IS BRITISH COLUMBIA TOGETHER.  1*1 ub tell you something mow about l'hoenix and Ha popeibilitie* for investment.   Correspondence promptly angered. ,*������  RUMBERGER   &   TAYLOR, js? j��> <0 PHOENIX, B. C.  ^+^+4-4^**++m  V*V+:t**4CK)f*>-4t'f4->44:-f4-f+f*4*>ff4-f4,0  u  99  FRANK GpOFORTH, Prop. {  llie ifet Appointed midIvjiiippud :  Hostletyin the UoiiiKJiuy.  '$&������ . i?:;i   1MPORTKI> ANO DQMJSHTIC ,,  i cotiiiwiiUm  with ,Ui��'..|y     ���:    ,, ��� .^:,^���.���^..j-,:.;.,.,:  f nine .andI*lien*'jiiiii;-;���_;;���,-: y,; ;:���; ��� -���;,:. y. ... ���..,"'  j Comfortable Sample  "''���'^./^IRwnisiJory^  net- "i nainii.n. ;���, Coniittercial Travelers   n.clliasbciJiien-,1    VUIIIIIISIH��I IIU'VIM?  I targed by tlic addition,  1 of fifteen   nicety   fur-��� ,..   ...... �����--���_-��.���.-����-����������������     ��  .1 iiiKhed .-ru|0��i��.!-:..,' V:-V.;:iS^,l."J|0>l.��^tr>N -.A.V'/'�� ������'���'���'���' 'PHOENIXy :';B." Ci  W ,���.'.������ ;'i'' ."   ���.",  .  i fllM popular resort 1  I 1 hiiK been refitted.' f.  i icfiiriilKliwI mid tlsor-  f uiivtily ovcrhniiH-d  J. iIiiiiiikIioiiI, ami: ��� fur-;,  I nlslicd Willi ."I" *�������"  { modern holel om.'eil-  1 leiices. Local ��ml '-"If  | Distance Tct*.;|ili  t  miic !-un��i if* M**'-.,,r"',;  ..em for 8l��i|tf��il��l <*�����������  way traffic: itu.l every  attention U  jkrlvtti to |  ��� the comfort- ai'd cnu- I  veulence. of natrons. ;i  - The hotel basin-en en- j  ;;Tlit   Public   Patroiiaje  j, Rcipeclfully Sullcltcd'  r  We initu topleusc our pre-  senrturue trade mid  .-'.'���..      deserve more.:   , , ''  ^���^���^������������tf*  PHOENIX A WONDER  Cannot   be Compared  :y, Other Camps  ORE   FIGURES   MAKE   ONE   DIZZY  Nils limp the  Centre  of Mining  Acllvlly  lor Ihe  Boundary, lor  About   Seventy  ''.:',: 'Squire Mile*.,     .   ���������,'...: ^  CALI:FORMli:MINE;  CO-,  o  i  Fiai$��$i^$  the  GSbicest of Cigars  i:  .Agentj^doMBM^f!  NELSONyB. t  PALACE   LIVERY   STAB  01 ���  c and Transfer Line,  B.C.  Stag*  PHOENIX,  St^e leaves   l'lioonix  ".(Kill    '   Leaves (irecinvood...  for  Grceii-  ..8 a. 111.  10 n.   in.  J ,&ivcs'l'hoenix   . .  Leaves Greenwood.  ,   1 p. 111.  4 p. 111.  long drives  {���-si tiwT.i.ut.s in llif liumi^iiry.    JJorscs v.c!l siulal lor  COLLINS & HcQlLLIS, Props.  OOOOCWOOOCXWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOC^^  .Lion Bottling Works.  Greenwood and  Phoenix, B.C.  jobbersjn... Wines, Beer and Cigars  SOI. H   AOKXTS   I'OR  1 KI'.lCIISQUKI.I.liN   SKI.T-  i KRS' III.HK I.AIIIO. I1KANI),  jl Till'. MOST   IIKAI.TIU'UI.  j AND     KKKKI'.ftHING     OK'  1 MINKKAI. WATKKft. I  J��  OlfDKRS   BV   TKLEI'UONK  IMiOMPTI.Y FILLED.  JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  ooooooooooooooockxx>ooooooooo^  d.w. Mcdonald p,umbing  Job Work'Promptly Attended to.  ���fliijenlx ��treet (Ilnck of rostoflice.) V. & N. Phone No.  VICTORIA HOUSE  i Leading Hotel of Phoenix j  {..........���......"....������.���.������������������������������������������'������������������������������������������������******  Everything First Class, Electric Lighted, Electric  Bells, Free Sample Robins,' Finest Liquors and  Cigars.  I'lioeiii*. camp is a wonder! It.'.can-  'lot lie.'compared with any other milling camp in the world. Ore veins and  ledges are forgotten in;Phoenix. You  i-an stand on a niotint.'iinoroie lhat is  not; being, iniiied, hut quarried ! I  Have seen , the iiiajoritj* ol'.'. mines 'iii  British CJcjJiiiiil>in, \vitl�� their hanging  walls and loot wa|l.s, but at I'ohenix I  could, sca.rcly"see lor stariir ! ::; - '  '���;'.! Walls' at any rale, are out of', the;  (j'lieiitioii at some ol the ' iiiilies.���,',-; .'i'lie  site is 4,600 lee't ithove the level of the  sea, with nearby mountain summits  6,000 feet, in the heart cl.theHound-  ary.,What a Wonderful change hi>s  been iviought at l'hoenix since tlie  li 1 si town lots were surveyed less: tha 11'  two 'years' ag'o- It was awilderness  then, development at some --oti.-.tlie  niii.es was just nicely under way. Wild  birds,were singing in the forest prime;  val, \yhich.has already1 been .replaced  by scores: of business houses and comfortable hoines. ���': 'I'he growth of l'hoenix has been too swiit to be1: under-  | stood, Two years ago one .lonely  I Mine, today a population . clo^se ; 10  I 20oo, yet there has not been a booiii.  Strong men were needed, and good  money was offered for their/services.  I'hey came by tlieriiselvesyaiid/with  then families.  Wonderful does__ not express''' what  on* bodies are being uncovered, right  (jili ilndcl lilt" open   /���kyyniiljiu: I'jwn'.";..(],.  ��� Hi i'l'.;i'iii\ ilif gif.'iity ��'iiy, iliui   it Js;'.'"  I sine 10 be, keeps oil gio'.viug.   '.It is an  ' impiessive sight  to  stand  out   under  star-studded canopy at nigluand listen  to the song  of steaiu oh the hillsides  and   down   in   the   valley,  and  the  klickety-klick of the drills that are be-  ling loiced down into nature's precious  j wealth.  j    Tr.e.c aie so niany.millions of tons  of oie in sight at l'hoenix 'camp' that  the figures make yon dizzy. The quarter has never been  told,  and what is  given out as up-to-date news of an ore  body today, is probably far below  the  niaik in a month's time.    Further on,  I  shall  give some  figures   that  may  demonstrate  what  one;���company,' at  least, is doing in Phoenix camp.  Plioenix Ihe Hub  l'hoenix is the centre of the mining  cumps of the Houndary- district, having Deadwood, Skylark,  Smith's  and  Copper Camp on the west, Providence  & Tinning land Long Lake camps on ahe. north,  aaaaaaaaaaawam j Wellington and CentiaTcaillpS on   the  south, and .Summit and Brown's camps  on the east. .  Jmoiii l'hoenix camp the c< nntry is  staked continuously for five miles east,  lour miles south, five  miles west, and  j thiee miles 1101th; and in all this terri-  itorv   it   wouid   htv difficult  to find a  ! fraction of unnoctuipied ground to lo-  'cale  in   this   whole  area of about 70  square    miles.���L   T. Wilkinson   in  Province.       ,  Phocnixt B. C.  Old Ironsides Avenuk,  B..C. HOTEL CO., Ltd., I'koi-s  B. TOM KIN'S, Manager.  -      -     PHOENIX, B.C.  HOTEL  (Honnerlyllie Metropolitan:)';- ,  High class wines, liquors and cigars al\vay�� in  stock. .Convenient sample room for Commercial  Men.    First-  '    class Cafe in connection. /  HUfiHiE McOUiRE^ Prop  Why Is a Newspaper Like a Woman?  One blight friend came in the other  day with what he thought was a conundrum, says an exchange.  "Why is a newspaper like a woman?"  The various answers were:  "Because hoih ha veto be known to  ��� jbe appreciated."  "Because it has lo have some oup  to rini it."  'liecnii.se bo'th are good advertising  mediums."  "Because,both have to be pressed."  "Because it sometimes  changes  its  dress and tells tales."  G.W. BLAKE  Prop.  Only the best of everything to be found in the  markets. Home cooking. A trial solicited.  Specialty of Short Orders at all hours.  IlSiliillf  'I'he Cranbrook Herald i is now 'an  all-hoine print paper, and one of the  neatest weeklies in the province.  H. R. IXividson, of Vancouver, has  temporarily taken the management of  the Canadtaii Bank of Commerce at  Greenwood.^;,".''.'' ,'.'������,���������;'������'������ y  klmtr I).' Mall, manager of the  Grand i'prk's News, spent Inst Sunday  in Plioenix. 'I'he first issue of the  News will appear today.  ; Jay P. Graves with Clyde M. Graves,  liis son, and A. L. While' spent last  Sunday in Phoenix, goiiig down to  Grand Forks byMoiiday's train.  Once again a movement is on foot  tb:,amalgamate the cities! of Grand  Forks and,Columbia, but .as yet the  matter has not got beyond the preliminary stages. .;-.' -,.-;-;���;,' y'yv'y-,. -.'���,���':���,,:.'  At the recently held auction sale of  lots in the governnieht townsite of  Tulameen, in the Similkameen, 55  lots were sold for $4,720,0^ an average'of $86 per lot.' ,/ ; ! ' v  'The Greenwood city council will  probably vote the bonusr of $3,600 to  the B; C. Gop[>er Co., Ltd., for establishing the smelter there,which was  promised some two years ago. ���.'���,:  The C. P. R. announce a special.  60-day ticket to Pan-American, Buf  falo, good .only on ..Tuesday,' August  6th. Passengers leaving on that date  arrive at Buffalo on following Saturday.  ���, ' '������������>.:-.' v';:'';'^''    ':;'/':;a'  O. N.Scott, who went to the Similka  iiieeri with Sniith Curtis, M.P.P., a few  weeks ago,'���;.has"\ returned, and thinks  the new townsite of Copperfield, at the  base of Copiier, mountain, lias a fine  '16cation'.''yr;'-;;.:::;',(-, v y :.!���.;"':'. y;'-r ���'*���'""  \V. G. McMy 1111, gold commissioner  at Greeiiwood, has been gazetted as  ���goyeriiriiei'it agenf in and for tlie Ket-  U'iver i* 1 ji I "..Graiid ������ l'"oi;ks: milling  .iivisioM���;i'great ijonveiiieiice'tolJou.n-  'dary lesidents.  The; Rossland mine managers have  definitely replied that ihey cannot  grant the concessions asked by the  miners, and a long fight is anticipated.  Last week only 200 tons of ore were  shipped from that camp'l  James Aiideison, one of the owners  of, the Morrison-Anderson block, in  Phoenix, has bought the Black Hawk  livery stable at Grand Forks from  '"Fred Lane. The latter will do some  sub-contracting on the new V., V. &  E. railway line.  Chief Engineer Kennedy, of the V.,  V & E. railway, With a couple of his  assistants, spent, last Saturday and  Sunday in Phoenix. He has addressed a formal, letter to the city as-  sassor, to ascertain the names' of the,  owners of property on the right of way  which the railway must have in the  city.   '  The Grand Forks footliall club has  reorganized for the season, and has  elected the following officers: President, ' W. B. Bower; secretary, W.  Belts; captain, P. Donaldson; executive committee, 1>. A. 'McMordie, A.  McQueen, G- Brown. The Forkcrs  expect to meet the Phoenix pigskin  experts here on Labor Day.  At a recent meeting at l'hoenix of  Greenwood Typographical Union. No.  358, having jurisdiction in the Boundary, the following officers were chosen  fir the ensuing term: 1'iesidcnt, J.  W. Mclntyre, Phoenix; vice president,  E. I). Hall,. Grand Forks; secretary-  treasurer, J. L. Meikle, Greenwood;  executive committee, E. D. Hall,  W.. Hi- Pierre and J. W. Ellis.  S. Hain and K.���Brcngman have returned from Phoeuix camp,', where  they have been doing an assessment  on the Midway claim. This claim adjoins the Rawhide and is only 300  feet from the Snowshoe and is owned  by J.'-C.'.Lundy, of Midway. Considerable work has been done on it  and a big vein of copper-gold ore has  notice jq the geneial pulilicjthe jiiine  'jnan.a'gerS-^  y"2.-Severe struggles between capital  and labor originating through the eighl-  hoiir law. These struggles accompany--  ing' the 'decline of the industry have  changed the former; friendly relations  to cla��s -'antagonism;, which leads to  incessant urging of ;class legislation  dangerous to the industry, antj cbiii-  iiiiinities dependent thereon.      ; !v  "3.    Extension  of the   eight-hour  lawto .certain 'surface employes.  j- "4.. Unreasonable demands by the  provincial governineht for information  concerning private, business for alleged  statistichl purposes. ,  , ;"5. Umvisc technical provisions  iti mines,inspection act, ,6ne instance  of which is-the hew code of signals.for  shaft hoisting. 'Phis unnecessaryV interference witli the most delicate and  dangerous;, technical operation of miii-  ���ing was hiit asked foivby. any one of  justified , oiv any grounds, aiid was  Iramed by |>arties. not practically; a<>  quainted with mining.;: It..endangers  life and restricts the hoisting capacity  of mines ; and ,w-as passed against the  official protest of the association.  ���', "6. ��� ,The steady increase of taxation  and thecoiiiinued urging of oppressive  legislation so; that niining capital is  kept in constant apprehension'and uncertainty as to further burdens. , ;' ; ';'  '���'-.������ .'."7.. ���'. 'I'he provincial i*i\taster and  Servant act,' which practically .prohibits the employment', of labor in any  other province, ; notwithstanding the  lact that labor; for a new and unpopulated piovinee; must come from  .elsewhere'.. !'.'���,'���;.;���'',. ���������������;.'.:���,��� -.-:;;'  ' "S. The Dominion 'Alien act,' prohibiting the ������engagement of labor in  the United.States, notwithstanding the  fact that Canada "has-, only a sniaHsup-,  ply of skilled miners, and that ;the;  men required for;developing the.mii>'.  ing industry;, therefore must come  mainly from the mining regions of the  .United States:",': ;v:',^;-:,;y^-':' '<'. 'yv;.-'r,>;  REAL EVIL AT ROSSLAND.  for  Over   Capilfllization' and   Manipulating  ���������: Siuck Enchaiige l'urposc.<.  '".' Ifihn "Mi-K;!iie, .> vyt:il,:'.known niiii".-  ing uper'ato'r-of RosslantJ,aiid one who  is thoroughly ���conversant-.'-'with"--'the  facts, iii an interview in theNelsoh  Tribune, has this lo say on the strike  situation: ^ '���"'  "There has been altogether too  much prating about the difficulties  under which capital labors owing to  the mining laws. Why not strike at  the real evil from which Rossland  camp is suffering���over.-capitalization  and manipulating...for stock exchange  purposes? Admitting that the.mining  laws of British Columbia, are not by  any means perfect; have they inflicted  the untold injury to the province done  by the rottennese and robbery of the'  late high-class promoters?; The present strike in the Rossland camp is due  largely to the desire of the men managing over capitalized properties to  make the labor unions the scapegoats  for their own sins.  "This is a phase ol the 'difficulty'  which should be fully understood ,be-  foie any one attempts to pass upon the  prospective merits of the  to the labor-dispute-in the Rossland,  camp. It is not solely a question' of  wages. It cannot, be because the advance demanded -by. the muckers in  the Le Roi would not amount - iii a  year's operation'to over ;��":,,000, and  the owners of the Le Roi aie supposed  to have over $15,000,000 worth of ore  in sight in their property, which only  requires the labor of the miners to  make it marketable. Mining companies, when they have $15,000,000  worth of ore in sight do not usually  abandon it simply because ,��5,000  have been added to the cost of of the  property's working per annum.'''  Corporation of the City  iyy-Y0^  yyy'B^AW;"^  Wlim-ns, "Street IiiipruvciiiciilH I.onii Hy-I.aw  Xii.nl, iy.il," aiilhorUeil (lie mayor to innkcnml  im��e lieliciittirm to the niuouul or$l5,oixi to mine  on tlic cieilll ortlitrCitvori'lioenlx tlie ��tce��nni-*,'  funiK toiipcii up, render pansnlile nnd improve  ctirlnln ulrcelH In tlie pnild city of I'lioonix.- ���"..'  Anil wliereim, nil Hie Kolti ilclK-nlnrcn remnlii  UIIHilIll:'   ./..���. ,.-r.  ���       . ��� . j.   '---,1 -,  . And whcrcnn.llic Dunk ofMonlrcnl linn olTered  loadvniicctliccllytlicHmiii)f$io,M>o to expend on  tlu'.inld Htrcel fuiprovciiictitii, If. l)e��lde��.hypo.  tiieciilhig tliemild tlelieultirtft lo tlic nold bniik,  llic city will bIvc tlie mild liaiilc a promliwory  note or debenture.Tor the miiil -mini of Jio.ooo.  imynlile 011' Hie 7II1 dny of Peliruary, 190J, and  liciirlng 'liiicrcHt nt the rnte of 8 per cent per  -niititiiti: - '    "'������'. '.'��������� , ���' ���".     ,;' <.-'"'  . ��� ������.������'  Aud where.'is, it Isdemrahle tonccept the unld  olTir;;;, - ���.',-������.-  ���    --��� ;.-: ''. ...��� ;.-,,-���.. ' :���:'���-. .  Aiid'wIicrettn.'H i�� necewiary lo ptt��H'a by-law to  provide for the payment ofthesaid promlmiory  note or debenture nnd Intercut thereon, in cane  Ihe unld ..debenture*' linvc not Ikch noKI, or.part.  iy '-'remain uimold,: or have not -beeii sold foi  auflitieiit' money to pay offthe nald promliwory  note or delieuture and interest ill full, when the  .snldproinidsory note or debenture becomes due:  '.' And whereas, foi tile payment of. the unld  promissory note or debenture and. iutercat, it  will be necessary in the said event to rniae the  mini of$io,4oo by special rate in the>ear 1901:,-;,,.,  And ivlierea*); for the purpose 01 raining;the  said hum of $!o,4oo in the year 190a, an equal  special rate on the dollar will be required:'"-'-:.-,  And' whereas,, the whole rateable- land, improvements, and real properly of, the city -of;  l'hoenix, according to the last revised nsseMinieiit  roll, is$325,450: - ;  . y:-;..;,-;.-. :.-���'.���'. ,-y; :';������:!*  And whereas, the city has.' no exlsling dewii-  turc.debt, or other debt:       ,      . , -w'i,,'-  : Sow, therefore, Uir municipal council, of the  corporation of the city of l'hoenix enacts, aa follows: '���',".':'. ���-:'���:������ ;-,���:���'��� --,..;" ��������� .'���'.'''���''���'-,'-'"������ '  1, This.by-law may lie cited for all purposes  as "Street.Improvements Temporary- I,oaii By-  l.awXo. 25,1901." ,.        .:.���.''"-..'.'.:  j l-'or the: purposes aforesaid it shall be lawful for the mayor of the city of l'hoenix to raise  by way.of loan from the said IlanV of Montreal  tfiesaid sum of$i 0,00b, and cause the same to lie  paid into the hands of the treasurer of the city  of; l'hoenix, to be expended on the said street  iinprovemeuts. N ,/.���.'- "^  , 3. It shall be lawful for the: .mayor lind the  clerk of the municipal council to sign a promissory note or debenture for $10,000 in favor of the  llank of .Montreal, payable uilh interest at the  rate of8 per ceiit per annum on the 7U1 day; of  l?ebruarv, 1902, 011 behalf, of the cor|>oration. of  'the city 'of Phoenix. ,'     . ,    1      ;     ��� i ��� 11  , 4.. A special rate on the dollar shall he levied  .ind mised in the" year ,1902, iti addition to all  other rates, on all "the rateable land, improvements, aiid real propertyof the city sufficient to  pay the principal nnd'interest of the said promissory note or debenture. ���'. /  '.. 5. The sum :ii'f $400 shall lie raised in the year  1902 for the payment of interest on the said  promissory- note or debenture.  6 . The sum of $10,000 shall  be raised during  the vear 1902 for the payment of the principal  of the slid promissory note or debenture. ���������'  ���7: -This by-law shall take effect and come into  force on the 7th day of August, 1901. :;..:,  8.���-. This by-law shall, before the final passing  thereof, receive the assent of the electors of the  corporation,-;in. the manner prescribed by ..the  "���.���uiiiclpal Clauses Act," and ameudiueacts. .  Phased the municipal council th?' i-tli day <-,f  ���Jlily..i'/ii...    J-..,-������. .--���-.---;      ��� .,':,:.;:.,.���.'.-,:���-;-,-  'I'liki; iiiiti��-c 1 hail he :i bovei^:i true copy of llic  H.i-opd*.vd . by-linv.- upi'M wliicli Ihe vote ; Of the  imiiucipidily vvill .Itc.i'-wkeu m the Citv .OlTice,  l'hoenix B.C. on Monday, the 5th day of Aujjust,  1901, between the hours of S a.m. and 4 p.m.  I); McMiu.a.v,  Clerk of the Municipal Council.  APIMUC^MNS'FOfcKM  ;;;y;;;Q0LI^^  ��� Notice is Hereby1 given that i will mnlec a*i'.'-.���;,.  plication to the board of License Commissioners ,  of Ihe City of Phoenix at it* next ineetiUK for 0 '.';'���  transfer of the liquor rceiise now held by. mc, to!;'  Mil liquor by retail In the "Maple LeaP' 'Hotel,  situate on Ironsides Avenue, Lot 6, Dlock 1. Old,,  Ironside* sultdlt'lalon of the City of I'hoenlx, lo  Alexander fireirg and Hugh McOoiiaid. ' ^  :-''.-'.--;^"-- >'���:���.-. J. MANDKI.,  Oated Ihls 3rd day of July, A. li., ijot.    : 34-38 .'  The following valuable freehold .property on  Ironsides Avenue 111 the City of l'hoenix, 11. C,  belonging to the Wynkoop-Stephens Trading  Company, Limited, namely lot 9 In bloclc'4, and  lou 1 and a In block 1, I'hoenlx, Old Ironsides  Hubdivlsloti. ��� r.ol9l��a vacant lot. ..-,,���     '  On lots 1 and 3 there Is a two-story frame ;  building now occupied as stores and proauc.iig a  rental of $1800 per annum.   As the above company Is being wound up this' property can, be,  purchased at a bargain.        '���;���;; ;���  ,  For further parllcidars apply to,:  ,',:' .-.-  .!;:������"       , -,;,;��� D; WHITKSIDR,"  j-: ���:.���:���.     ',-������;-Solicitor forthe Liquidator ofllie:  "    :      above named Company. , ji  ;'  ;.���  EASTERN  NOTICE   OF   DISSOLUTION.  Notice is hereby given that the partnership  heretofore .subsisting: .between us, the under-  signed, as wholesale liquor merchants in the  town of Cascade and City of Phoenix, British  Columbia, under the name, title and firm of V.  Muuuier ti Co., has this day been dissolved by  mutual consent. All debts owing to the said  partnership are to be paid to Victor Monnier at  l'hoenix aforesaid, and all claims against the  said partnership nre to be presented to the said  Victor Monnier by whom the same will he paid  Dated this loth dav of June, A. D., 1901.  r>. W. MOROAN.  Witness to the signature ol David Morgan. -  A. M.'WllITEStDK.  V. -MONNIKR.  Witness to the signat.irc of Victor Monnier,  36-39 IX Whiteside,      :  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  , NOT1CK.   '  Cracker Jack Minernl Claim,, situate in Kettle  River  Mining   Division, of Vale    District.  Where located:   In r.reemvood Camp.  Take notice lhat I, George   W.   Rumberger,  I-rc^ Miners'Certificate No  li 40 3SS. acting for  inyselfiiiid agent for Harry Nash,   Free Miners'  Ce'rtificate No. b 41,(28: intend,sixty days  from  . the date hereof to apply to theTiiiuiug recorder  two    pai'licS   for a Certificate of Improvements (or the purpose  in t>....,!...   1 |of obtaining a Crown I'.rautof the above named  ,n   . ...... .....      ,iai,n, ,.-    ,  And farther take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the is-  siuiuceofsuch certificate of improvements.  Dated this I2t/. day of July,A, I)., 1901.  35-44 " tlKO. \V. KU.MI1EKRKR.  .y"-'.,ESTABLISHEp".l8^0i-;;:E;-;;;:;iv/,:.::;;  GA'PITAL ���;-;.':-::iyyyy$2,006^000)���  CAPITAL, PAID UP - $i,742i53"���  RESERVE FUND  -^-yJt.o^P.oo?  ;-;'!>;;���?;"-.    board of DittKCToio3:y:v-K:;i;'-;  i y:Y~-'.-.-' -,-'��� R.:W. Hknkkrk,. i'resldeiit.:M',;- '-YYYY-Y.  Hon. M.H..Cochrane, Vice-I'res.: ; "  .Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell, G. Stevens, T. N:  Galer; :N.W; Thomas, C.��� H. KathanV, II. 11.  Brown, K.C. '-..''v;V'-: ���������' "��� *";-.���:  ;r: HKAD ohkick, SirKRBiiboku, ;i>; q; f  i A^'M.i I'Arwfxi., (Seii'l 'Mgr;, ': ':���'���:* 'Y:'/:~;i':\ Y.  ��� ��������� Jas.'Mackiunoii, Assistant Gen'l Mgr. ::'y';-':  vS.iKooKU-.: Local Mgr; -,-���-.������,���' .-"'.--.������--'-..��� .���'���'-.--;-.!r;-7:-'-'  ;  S; F.-Morev, Inspector of Ilrauches. ;.:,;;-  ;*!:;;  ���' ,y;.';:,;y ;������:..,'. branchks. ^'C^��'-%?VSi|:y  In Province of Quebec��� ;���'., ������ ���'Y^y"Y:'iYY''y .'v'v ;.'���,'���  :��� - ^Montreal, B. Austin, Manager. :v;i':\; >-  .: Waterloo, W^'I. Brigga, Manager.'  ;':;.,���..���-;::.  [������/.}! /RockIsland, S. Stevens, Manager.;.'Yl\<y~.'j:  ;���:Cowarisville, II. F;' Williams/:Mgr.:;Yu'''YY  ,-,-, -' Coaticook, K. N. Robinsoii, Manager;    .^  "'���; ^,.: Richmond, W. L.llal!, Mgrj'YYY^YyY-Yy  Y ':���������' Granby, W. H. Robinson, Mgxi ;:,,,:  :.-,;<;- ^Bedford, K. W..M6rgaii,-Mgr;'y..;-;:;iy::;  , ? j:   Huntingdon, A. W; Watson, Mgri;;"'���;-''  ;���������:;;;���'; - Magog, E; P.'Olivier", Mgr.ru "l-;;:'.;���;,::.'. -'';',  ���:'���''���*'���'  St. Hyacinthe, J.Laframtibise.ilgf.  Oruistown, W. H. Hargrave, JIgr. "  Iu Province of British Columbia-^, V,: J. j'  ;',.;<-;Graiid Forks;''.Wni:' Spieri^Mgry;;;'^-YY.;"Y  ''.'. Plioenix. Fr\V. Slack, Acting Mgr.  Agents    in    Canada,   Bank of Montreal; and.  .'.���".'���������������'.������       " Branches.' ,'.-���.���'���:'���'-,���'-.;���'Y,  ..." .   London, l^ng., N-ationalBauk of Scotland.  "...���' Boston, National Kxchauge Bank.  -.���'.:;'���  ' '. "     Nov York. National 1'arU Bank.-- " '  '.   Colleeiioiis . made, ul 'all- aeeessiliie '  points.  Drafts issueil-fur iiuv rri]nire(l aiuouiits, ijO.j.1 at  all poitds. in Cauailo,   lT.S, and  liurope..   Kx-  change bought and sold. ���  Savings   Branch    DErARTMKNT    at    j;ach  ;. Office.,-     '',���'���'.-.���  - Interest allowed from date of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention of  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3: Saturday from 16 to1.  HALCYON' HOT SI'lUNOS SANITAUUIM.  The most complete LI f A IT U  on the continent of-North " ������ ������. *���. ��� **  America. Situated midst p C C fj D T  scenery unrivalled for gran- " ���- ����� ��* ��� n . I  deur. "Boating, Fishing and Kxcursions. Resident Phvsiciau and Nurse. Telegraphic communication with all parts of the world ; two  mails arrive and depart every day. Its .baths  cure all nervous and muscular diseases; its waters heal all Kidney, Liver ami Stomach Ailments.  Terms: $15 to $18 per week, according to residence in hotel or villas. Halcyon Springs, Arrow Lake, B.C.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICH.  j Moscow  Mineral   luini. situate   in   the   Kettle  '.River    Minion    Division   of Yale   District.  Where located :    In tireellivood    amp.  Take iiotie.- that  I, Oeorge   \V. Rninlierger,  I'lee Mim-i 's   ertificide N'o. li 40.3S8, for myself  . and aiicul for J. K llenieuway I-'ree Miner' s er-  ,' tificale No. li.10.554 and James Mornu, Free Mill  ' ei's    ertilicitlc No.  1> .|i.,i'y, intend sixty day  ' IVoxt the date hcrvt-f to apply to  the  llilllillg re-  eordiT for a  ct-ttifieale of improvements for the  : puiiHisv nfol'laining a crown grant of the above  j uauu'il claim.  I And further lake notice that action, under Sec-  1 lion 37. mu>t be coiuiuvnceii hcf.ire the issuance  I of such certificate of improvements.  Dated thH 22nd dav of June, A. D., 1901.  3j.1i " t".KO. W. Kf MIIF.Kr.KR.  Spohanc falls and Horfhern  NEtiSON  &   FORT   SHEPPARD  RED MOUNTAIN E'Y.  The only oil-rail route between all points east,  west, and south tA Rossland, Nelson and all intermediate points; connecting nt Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. K. it  N. Co.-  Counects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and  all Kootenay Lake points. .  Connects at Meyer's Fails with stage daily for  Republic, and connects at Bossburg with jtage  daily for Grand Forks aud Greenwood.  Buffet Sleeper run on passenger trains between Spokane and Northport. <  KFFKCTIVF. SUNDAY; MAY 5, 1901.  Leave. Dally Train Arrive.  9:00 a. 111 Spokane. 7:35 p. 111.  .2:50 a. nt Rossland .- 4:10 p. 1:1.  9:1s a. m ., Nelson '..7.IS p. 111.  H.A.JACKSON,  Geu ral Passenger Agent  The correct answer   is:    ".Because I been located, which it is expected will  every hum should have one of his own,  and not be running after his neighbor's."  'Opp. Post Office,  JXOTNION AVE.  Labor Day In Phoenix,  Every one of our citizens-, who can  possibly do so should take in the Labor  Day celebration at l'hoenix, and thus  show the people of that city how we  appreciate their liberal attendance Upon the races and the celebration held  here on Dominion Day. it is such  exchanges^!" courtesy which develop  that friendly feeling between neighboring towns which is necessary to the  best interests of the district.���Grand  Forks Gazette.  For Sale���-5-Octave Piano.   Apply  to Mrs.-W. B.Willcox, Grey Eagle ave.!  carry good values, but no assays have  been made'as yet.:���Midway Advance.  j    THE MINE MANAGERS' MANIFESTO.  Apply to Dominion Government  for Relief  From  Alleged Grievances.  The Mine Managers Association has  applied to the Dominion government  for relief from "the offensive and obnoxious legislation under which, they  say, they are now suffering.  Appended is their summing up of  their grievances:  "|. Eight hour law, the effect of  which has been to increase the cost of  underground labor by about 16 per  cent which was passed ��� by the provincial government during the last two  days of a session, without any previous  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvement;.  Foi Rent, the Stemwinder' ���Or0���GCO��� aiKl���Yl,kon.. ''Hrm:lioim, Miliera,  Hotel, located ou First street,; ^ir"��nYai" n^I'Vhire'^ated'!  near Knob Hill   avenue. ..Do-J 'rSZV^uW'i, c.eo,-Ee w, K,������herger,  inn-    i     o-nnrl     Knciiipcc Will    Free .Miner's   ertificatc No. li -o 3S8. intend sixty  U1S           6UPU ��� UllolUvoa. ��* 11A ,dav�� from the date hercorto apply to the Mining  Ipocp fnr'civ mmitlK nr .1 VPnr  ! Recorder for certificates of improveinent for the  lease  IU1   5>1A lliutlllisui <t .) t-��u*   purpose ofobtaiuiiiK crown granU for the above  furillSlied.-   Immediate pOSSCS- ; ""���';( nlrn,'i',"'rtake notice that action, under Sec-  _'   ..          ArM-iltr . j U01M7, must beciinmeiiccil before the issuance  alOU.       **-lJH1J )    _ : of sul-ll certificates of improvement.  CTI    VfTTT T TXT T)..^_          '     Dated Ibis j:nd day of Jlinc, A. I)., 1901.  .   tl.   MUivJUliN, i   10p.           1      3j-41                                              C.l-O. W. RfMIlEKGER  Plioenix, B. C.i- -  DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.  Take notice that the partnership heretofore  subsisting between the undersigned carrying ou  business 111 the cities of Greenwood aud I'hnenix  as painters and paper hangers, under the firm  nnnicof Ferguson & Munro,bas this day been  dissolved by mutual consent.  All accounts due the firm of l'ergusou & Munro are to be paid to J. Ferguson, aud all bills due  from Ferguson & Munro will be paid by J. Ferguson.  Dated the 17th day of June, 1901.  j. R. DROWN, 1  As to execution by D. G.  Munro. !      J- VKROUSON.  .J.J.MARTIN, '���      I). G. MUNRO.  As to execution by Johnson j  Ferguson, J  I MINERAL ACT.  j Certificates of Improvements.  I NOTICK.  Alma Fractional and Fairplny Fraction Mineral  laims.    Situate  in    Grand   Forks Mining  Division of Vale District.   Where located:���in  Greenwood camp, east of the City of Phoenix.  Take    noticv   that I, John    r.ouis Grahame  Abbott acting as agent forthe British Columbia  (Kosslaud noil Slocan) Syndicate,  Limited, Free  Miner's certificate No. b 41161, intend 60  days  from the date   hereof to apply to the Mining  Record    for certificatesof Improvements for the  purpose nfobtaining a Crown Grant of each of  thenbovecloims.  And further take notice that action under section 3? must be commenced before the issuance  ���of such certificates oflmprovenicnts.  Dated this 26th day January, 1901.  36 T. I.. G. Abbott.  iiiaiiiiiilii  Summer  Vacation  Trips  PA�� AMERICAN EXHIBITION,  BUFFALO, $76.00.  JUNK 18,  JULY 2 16,   ALU  EPWORTH LEAGUE MEETING,  SAN FRANCISCO, $50.00  JULY III, 14, 15.  CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOR CONV'T'N  CINCINNATI, $68.50.  JUi.Y 2 mid ?,.  NATIONAL EDUCATION ASS'N,  CINCINNATI, $71.25 ;;  JULY 2 and ;j.  0 20  For Time-tables,  rates   and   full   information  call on or address nearest local agent, or  O. \V. Dey, E.J.Coyi.i:,.  Agent, A.'G.l'.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.   Vancouver, B.C.  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.,  Nelson, B. C.  1!I1?|P  111! w..\  yy.Y"sy^yyry .:jj:ji  w? i . f '  -.::-������;-r.'t.A:;.;; -'.; ',!*.<;;:���      1, t, S  m  S?ffi3fflm��!^^WSSasM��W^ THE PHOENIX PIONEER.  ?>&&&:  ***��2 <ra^ra^^  Men's Furnishings  A place in a Small Town where you can get the same styles  as in the largest and most fashionable haberdashery.  LAW-McQUAID   COMPANY,   Limited  OPPOSITE OLD   IRONSIDES HOTEL  r&WXl  Ww^tr<^ryg  For a Fine Fitting Suit of Clothes j>r a Spring  Overcoat, made up in the latest style and with the  best trimmings, call on  McAULIFFE,   THE   TAILOR  GENTS'   FURNISHINGS,  =dry" goods, boots  and shoes.=  Opposite the Post Office.  Who carries a large stock .of Fine English, French and Scotch Tweeds and  Serges.   Only union help employed.  Down  the  Prices  Having decided to close out our Dry Goods We are  now offering our Entire Dry Goods Stock-at COST, including Carpets and Belti Sheeting. Still have a few Nob-  bv Shirt Waists left, although are going fast. Boys' and  Gent's Clothing Away Down. Don t overlook our,Choice  Gent's Neckties, just received.  OLD IRONSIDES AVENUE*  **  CHAS. SEARS, Manager,  flMflSSSgS/SNMvMsae'frS'^^  l��r%fr?,  'I  M  i "  f��  B^ *e  i,  li>x  ' >.' (<  1   .  i1"      V  IS-  "  "* TV' '  .v.! *sv>  ������  V.5  j  The Local Grist*  j  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Greenwood,  both 'phones.  Some improvements are being made  to the exterior of tlie Norden hotel.  Born���to the wife of J. Somerville,  last Sunday, twins���a boy and a ,Rirl.  Yesterday's brief but hard shower,  the, first in weeks, was most welcome.  ,   John A'. Coryell, P. L. S., has been  vsurveying mineral claims in  Franklin  'camp. <  Eric Stevenson bas succeeded D. H.  Duncanson .is foreman of theiBiook-  lyn mine.      ,   ,   ,  Born to the wife of P- J.Dermody,  at New Victoria, B. C.,on the'26thinst.  a daughter.    " "        *, "  Mrs. McKay, of Beaverton, formerly of Phoenix, was visiting" friends in  town this week.  ..-', Alfred McMillan came oyer from  > Rossland Tuesday; to spejnd a few days  at the Snowshoe. . ' .. ',,? '.*.' -  "'The Catholic ladies; are requested  .to mee; at the schoolhouse next' Wednesday at 3 p., m. ���;''/->%]', 'jr  ' tThis week'the city jhas had a foice  yof eight men at work cubbing up the  lower end of Dominion avenue. -  ���^Sl Constable Harraugh,'who,, has been  )��� down with iheumattsm for the last ten  / days, was about again on,Thursday.V"  y; Some'25 or 30 picnicers enjoyed  ^themselves \Vednesday'rafternoon,and  "ownsite, park.  F. Green is to  / -;beccme ministerof mines, arid^.J. D;  s "'Prentice is to be made minister, of  finance. 1 ,��� ,       -.' ,   '*,'*''  M ..,�� M      l.llClIl*dVEa    ticuiaaua^' ���  ,'>"'. ', V / evening at New York Tc  1' ~\i'/.^ ''it is, rumored that R. E  ���1"V ,  I-V-,"-,  '.if.'-*  <S },".  ���K  M ��-y  ?.y>,  r- fj'1  yj-'i; > 1  S" s*ff-wt'i    1  I-grrh"' ���  ��� i" f ���>-'  .V  /r:  .���'-I-  IS" \r  * :*-i  3;i,S*r�� I - r ���     l   1  l&f'CNifJ  >. ^  U i  lJfe'��(Ay"v/  ,       sawmill at  ^-V^'-l*."^    .�� *-idte for,��oi  ���^ '  I  .-Stou*. -V-r* lr  IisfS.I^"--'^-'  1', ^  to  ^  Robert Wood, the,;father of, Green  ^w;ood, and John Hamil HaveJ. gone Jo  England to interest capitalists in their  ', mining properties.    '���"'''  ^ ^Contractor Faulkner, who is. build-  ' ing the new wagon road from Phoenix  to Summit camp,', is' said to be making a good job of it. and 'generally an  'easy^jgrade..   %     _'r     \    *     , ,  Rev., Geo. Kinney delivered a  patriotic 'address Jn Greenwood .last  Monday evening, the occasion being a  ^Canadian* evening,1 given by the Ep1  s worth League.'' , .   * c ~ *  Owing" to 'the fact that Miners'  JJriion hall could not be' had for next'  Tuesday1, Pringle and Richards Geor-  > gia Minstrels will not appear in Phoenix on this Jour. >    '  *"' I, li. Tomkins has severed  his  con-  ,' liection with , the ..Victoria  hotel, and  1 Nha? been succeeded by I. Berk man as  manager.   Harry Odams his accepted  1 the position' of steward.  ~.y Next Wednesday eyening the ladies  v'of the Church ,of England will  give a^  fruit   social1 and 'iJance   at Miner's  .^ Union halj, and hope'to see all  their  " friends there a) that time.  Yale-Columbia Lumber Co.'s  Cascade,  which  has  been  some months, is to start  operations.  ���* The company has about  2;obo,ooo feet of logs on hand.       ��  ��        ���    ��������� .  *       '<���  . .    >  , The water ny Kettle river is now  sufficiently, low to admit of the stage  being run' between Westbridge and  Beaverton, and D. W. Wilkins is now  making regular tiips between the two  places.  The work of laying the flume on  Dominion avenue is progressing in  good, shape, being., more than half  done.- A lateral of 90 feet, has been  built up the creek towards the' Old  ���Ironsides. t  5-r"  ��1   V  %K>.     -  .^r-  'Si"' < >      **  ?s\,i  Manager Stirritf,'for' P.  Burns &  Co., let a contract this week to XV. D.  ', Wiijson ,for the( removal of the down  town V store , back on1 the lot proper.  iThe building is now on the new sui-  -"vey of Dominion avenue.  Ed. Doyle, of Republic, an old  friend of Joe Taylor, Jr., spent Sun-  ' day in town, and was so well pleased  with the appearance and prospects of  Phoenix that he invested in Dominion  avenue realty before leaving.  The employees, of the Snowshoe  sent a cablegram of congratulation last  Thutsday   to   Geo. S. Waterlow, of  , .London, England, the deputy clinir-  " man of the Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines, Ltd. It was Mr. Water-  low's'silver wedding  M. H. Kelly, who has been a 1 esi-  v dent of the camp for several months,  left yesterday ibr Kalispell, Mont,  wheje he,wjll take an engine pn the  Great Northern railway. Mi. Kelly  was formerly one of the engineers at worjf^tieing  I Contractor Scott has begun the  work of construction on the building  to be erected nnd jointly occupied by  Thos. J. Hardy and'A, P. McKenzie  on Dominion avenue. It will be the  first building to be put upon the new  Dominion Copper Co.'s addition.  A very cordial invitation to the services in St Andrews' church (Presbyterian) tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 7:30  p. in., is extended to all. The services will be conducted by the pastor,  Rev. J. M. Millar, M. A. Sabbath  school and Bible class at 3 o'clock.  Last week the ratepayers of Phoe-.  nix decided by a vote of 12 to i, to  endorse giving the water and light  franchise to Mcssis. Giaves, Flumer-  fe!t and Williams. Next Monday  they will vote on temporarily hyjiothe-  eating debentures to raise $10,000 at  the Bank of Montreal.  Thursday evening there was a meeting of the Phoenix Foot Ball-Lacrosse  association at the Old Ironsides hotel,  called for the,purpo��e of arranging in  regard to Labor Day. A committee  of three was appointed to take steps  towaids the formation of an amateur  athletic association in this city.  ���s /  Rev. Millar, of Fairview, brother of  the pastor of the Phoenix Presbjterian  Churchj will probably occupy the  Greenwood pulpit of the same denomination for a. couple of months.  Rev. W. A. Andersbn, former pastor,  left by Monday's ti am for - Toronto,  and thence to "auld Reekie," Scotland.        M J '  Last" Saturday vthe old log bunk-  house and /dining hall, used in the  early days' of the camp, were set lire  to and destroyed. 'They were used by  the provincial authorities as pest and  detention houses during the smallpox  epidemic last spring,' but owing to  their construction could not be thoroughly   disinfectedr* - without    being  burned down.'    <Ml\        *  j jt v  Ensign Andrews, travelling financial sperial for the social work of the  Salvation Ai my, with headquarters in  Spokane, spent several days in (the  city this week, and 'Thursday evening  gave a phonograph entertainment at  the schoolhouse. 'The organization  expects to start a branch in the  Boundary before long, and will probably have headquarters in Phoenix.  Blake* VVilson, of P. Burns & Co.,  was over, from Nelson Wednesday. ��� It  had been expected to reopen the shop  at Cascade, and H- B. Schooley, of  the Phoenix shop, was to, have been  placed in charge. This plan has been  changed, however, and the Cascade  people will continue'to get their meat  Irom Grand Forks. Mr. Schooley has  gone to take apposition in the Nelson  store.  Presetted With s Pane ol SIM.  Last week Friday D. H. Duncanson,  late foreman for the Dominion Coppei  Co., was handed the following, on the  eve of his departure, togethci with a  purse of $100:  Phoenix, B. C, 26th July, 1901.  Mr. D. If. Duncanson.���'I'he employees of the Dominion Copper Company aie here tonight to expiess their  regreti at youi leaving Phoenix and  their appreciation ot your unwearying  consideiation of the boys employed  under you.  You leave us with all good wishe*.  of the community at large and especially of those wno have been moie intimately associated with you in mining.  'To Mis. Duiicaiisoii also we join in  wishing a pleasant trip and ho|>c to  see you with us again.  , Please accept this purse from the  employees - of the Dominion Cupper  Company as a slight token of esteem  and a souvenir of your stay with 11s.   ,  Wanted by lady:���Position as cook  or wain ess, or anything else. Apply  to G. E. Kinnard, Union hotel.  For Sale���General store 111 Cascade  complete   with    buildings    fixtures,  stock, etc.    Immediate possession   on  j agreed terms.    Address, Asprey, Ca*.  cade   "'        '  %>  0.. H. Becker, fonnerly C. P. R.  agent at Eholt, but who now occupies  the position of travelling freight agent,  with headquarters at Nelson, paid his  first official visit to Phoenix yesterday.  Methodist .services will be held at  the schoolhouse tomonow at it a.m.  and 7.30 p.m., with Sunday school and  Bible class-at 3. 4 Rev.George Kinney,  B.A., pastor.  BUSINESS MENTION.  Narrow Escape of Press aad Pulpit.  Last 'Tuesday the press and pulpit  of Phoenix had a narrow escape from  extinction by fire, but owing to hard  work by the fire brigade both were  saved'. A brush fire was started about  noon from sparRs from, the engine of  the Brooklyn pump house at the rear  of the Pioneer office. 'The brush was  dry as tinder and the flames spread  rapidly., Fire chief Hemenway was  soon on the scene to supplement the  efforts of the Pioneer>' force, and with  many willing helpers the >new lot of  buckets recently bought by the city  were put to tha best of use. Fortunately there was 'plenty of water in the  pond, and in halfpn hour both the  Presbyterian church and tlie Pioneer  building were out of danger.  'The management of the Pioneer  wish to thank all those who so quickly  and ably assisted in putting out the  flames. <  ��  Arranging for Railway Crossings.  At Wednesday's meeting of the city  council eveiy membSr and his worship  the mayor were present. A letter was  lead from A. H. McNeill, of Rossland, solicitoi for the V., V. and E.  railway, requesting an audience with  the council, to arrange for the railway  crossings that the company wishes to  make in this city. A letter was also  read from Cole Murchison, asking for  the position of street boss for the city.  The finance committee reported on  bills to the amount ol $130.05, which  vweie ordered paid.  The mayor and clerk wese authorized to sign an agreement with Mr.  Graves and his associates, for the immediate supply of water for fire pro-  tecticnjpnrposes.  By resolution, it was decided to do  some street grading on" Dominion  avenue from Cimeron street to Lexington street, and on Knob Hill  ave-  Mclloi sells wall paper.  Lodging house to tent. Apply to  McAnhur & Monk. .      f  See Almstrom & Berg at the Norden hotel, Dominion avenue. *  See Mellor for paints and oils.        *  If you wish' a fiist class cigar, call  for the Miners' Union.   ��� ''   *,  Go to Zimmerman for' gold rings."  Opposite E.isiem 'Townships Bank.  (jail on Mellor foi sash, doors and  glass' *  Ask for the Miners' Union Cig.u.  Clear Havana Fillei.  Dr.    Simmons,   dentist,     Rendell  Block, Greenwood. V. & N. phone 96.  Mellor does painting. *  Good comfortable rooms at reasonable rates, at Norden hotel, Dominion  avenue. *  Ask for the Miners' Union cigai.  Clean Havana filler. *  Paper hanging by Mellor. *  Go lo Zimmerman for watch repair"  ing.'s' Opposite   Eastern    'Townships  Bank;1*  V '' *  Mellor uses only the best material  and^emjilojs,union labor. *  Stores.and offices-to rent in Morrison-Anderson block. Apply to McArthur & Monk. *  'See Almstrom.& Berg at  the  den hotel. Dominion avenue.  N01-  *  ' For Sale Cheap-^-Complete house  keeping outfit for sale cheap. Inquire  at Pioneer office.  Stoves and offices for rent in the  the McMillan block. Apply to Mc-  Aithur & Monk. *  "Nitrous oxide and oxygen for painless extraction of teeth at Dr. Mathi-  son's.    Both phones. . *  If you wish a first-class cigar call for  the Miners' Union. *  For Rent���Flat of four rooms. Apply to John Swanson, Grey Eagle  avenue.  Good comfortable rooms at reason  able 7ates, at Norden hotel, Dominion  avenue. *  Foi'Sale���A fine walnut secietary's  desk and some household furniture.  Apply to JI E. Mills, Agent, Morrison-  Anderson block.  ..BEST' MALANDRINI..  BOOT AND SHOE MAKER ....  SPECIALTY OF WORK FOR MINERS  Morrieon-Andereou Blk.       PHOENIX.  V. MONN1UR, Pres,  PHOENIX AERIE,  NO. IS8.  Meetings, Sundays,  8 30 p. m at Miners' Union Hall.  Visiting      brethren  cordially im ited  I BERKMAN, Secy.  Try miiio of CHWSTIKS*  Clti'.AM SODAS, aekni��w!e.lu��l  by all to he the best, unless it is  tome one trying to cell itn inforior  nrlisle. We carry b full line of  those ct'lplimlctl gooilri. Cheii|>��*Ht.  |iliirc in the rilv for  Dominion copper  Company's Midilon  lo Phoenix  ��y  Fruit  Jars  PINTS,  VQUART8  OAL.S  anr?   HALF  $1.10. $1.40, $1.65  Our Fruits aro all shipped in by  express, mid while ihey cost a  little more you always get them  direct from the orrlini.li.  2? People's Cash Stores  Morris on. A 1 dtitcn DUck        I'r.li'lMii ] In!-  We handle desirable  Business and Residence  Lots" in all parts of the  City. Conduct a General  Brokerage And Insurance -  ti  Business.  LOTS   I  POR     )  SALE '(  MCARTHUR & MONK,  AGENTS.  (1RAVKS WILLIAMS  BLOCK.  ���+������������������������������-������  HOTEL, Bewartoii, BJl  , A Comfortable Stopping Place  In the Heart of the West  Fork Mines  Plenty of I'eeil for Home .  ::W. J.  FRANCIS.  MANAGl'.R.  McRAE BROS. & SMITH  Lending Stationers  and Newsdealers  ^_���_    0f PHOENIX  ��� ��������������������������*>���������� �������� ��� ��� �����+��������  FIRST   ANNUAL  LABORS DAY  CELEBRATION  (W TOBACCOS. ETC.  IN GREAT VARIETY.  GRAVES-  WILLIAMS  BLOCK.  PHOENIX, B. C:  Mon. Sept. 2, 1901  ��-�� �� ��� ��� ���-��-��� ���  ��� ��� ��� ���0��-*��-��-��-��-��-��-��-��-�� # �� 4  New York Central���..  ��� ^      v. fc w. '..none M-     flrs# y\# n# HalU Propretor.  ROOMS   AND  FURNISHED  PRIVATE  -���-��� -���--*��-���-<  BOARD  Cottage Hotel  J. E. Meagher, Prop. ^  The Finest to be had in Wines. Liquors and Ci'gnis.  NORTH END 01'  FIRS'I  STREET HRIIKJE.  PHOENIX, V. V.  ..W. ZIMMERMAN..  $3,000 IN   PRIZES  Horse Races, Foot Races,   Tug of War, Double  Hand Drilling Contests, Football Match, Etc, Etc.  BIG FIELD M OP SPO  Tin  &  FOR FURTHER PARTICULARS. ADDRKKS  J. M. TAYLOR, JR.  Si'c Ct'lclnatior. Coiiiniillcc  Watchmaker and Jeweler  Has Opened in the Morrison-Anderson  Buflding, opp. Eastern Townships Hank  Fine Watch Repairing.  Phoenix.  SMOKE  Kelowna  CIGARS  UNION  MADE  The Prospector's Exchange  oict����(����*ti������(��t(����t����i*t������a��(��(����0*iM��(������*>ei��*j  APPMCATION FOR TRANSFER  OF LIQUOR LICENSE.  Notice u hereby given that I will mnVe sip  plication to tile board of License Commissioners  -   t e j.^...��_j       .   of the City of Phoenix at its next meeting: for a  liue Iroill beconq .Strtet   to  the   depot. traUsreroHhe liquor license now held l��y me, to  nf XhnjC   P   K      Thic  it   nnfclrlp   r1if>   �������>    liquor  by   relKi'l    in   the   Butte   Hotel,  OI IllOrU.  r. ��..      lOlS  IS   OlltSiae   Hie |gJtlMteon Dominion Avenue. City of Phoenix,  done   by  contract   by j t�� Frauk ooforth. c.w.abbott.  If j on lia\ iMi mini'  oi "|��io��p��*cl for'nli-  ������('ixi ns u full '*���  poit, ttitli HiniplM  of ore. Htntine price anil terms.   Our furiliiies for placing a property qniiklj  ft"*  unexcelled,    We make n xpuriultv of free nulling iwlil piopeitieH  Ciirri'spontleiiceiolii'ltcrl     Adilices :  Ro��m 4 K W-C Block. Nt-lyuii, li. C.      ANDRKW V. HOSEVBRRUKR. M��r-  ��  e  CO.,   Ltd.  IN BLACK. NAVY AND C.RRY HERGES*  REDUCED  OUR      STOCK      OF  PRICES.  AGENTS   FOR  THE   STANDARD  SINGEK SEWING MACHINE.  AT  PATTERNS    AND  Dry Goods,  Cfotbiag  V. & N. TEL. 81  DOMINION AVE.  Boots  and  Shoes.  ���  0  0  ���  o  0  a  !  e  ��  a  s  ���  ��  o  a  ��  0  ���-  e������e9e��4��*9***����*>��*s0(��e��eee����������te������������oa����9@vo����t*99ataa��aso��(iaai>��....  - ..


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