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The Phoenix Pioneer Aug 4, 1900

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( amp
Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District;
Vol; I.
No. 3X.
Queen Victoria And All England Mourns His
Phoenix General Hospital.
There has been little said for somej
time ofj
♦ ♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦*-
♦»♦♦♦♦ «-»♦»+ **»«•»« ♦♦■»♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦
j| First-class goods bought by
the carload, in the best markets of the .world;',
NOT from Local  Wholesaler : and Dealers.
25 per cent cut on Ladies Sylish Shirt  Waists.
10 per cent cut in Summer Muslins, etc.
of this season's
Butter and Fresh
On Account Of The Great Number Of Subjects
Under Discussion, Three Sessions Daily
Were Held. .
(Special to the Pioneer)
Nelson, B. C., August 4.—The
second annual meeting ot" the associated boards of trade of eastern British
Columbia met here yesterday in Fraternity hall. Delegates were present
from Rossland, Nelson, Trail, Greenwood, Grand Forks, l'hoenix, Kamloops, Kaslo, Fort Steel, and Moyie.
J.Roderick Robertson of Nelson was
elected president and H.W.C. Jackson
castle, from paralysis of the heart.
Recently, at a consultation of specialists in Vienna, it was discovered that
there was a cancerous growth at the
root of his tongue. By his sudden
death, he escaped a painful, lingering
death.   .    . ,1
The prince of Saxe-Cpburg was better known among the queens subjects
as the duke of Edinborough "the sailor
princf\" He was the fourth child and
second son of Queen Victoria .-ind was
born in 1844. He married tlie grand
duchess Marie, daughter of Emperor
Alexandre II of Russia, by whom he
had five children, one son,/ who died
in 1899, and four daughters. His
successor, Leopold, duke of Albany, is
a grandson of Leopold, first duke of
Albany.    He was born" in 1S84.
Christian Endeavor Society Organized.
A   few days ago   a Christian   En-
,,,     ,     , . .... •,    .,    deavor Society was organized by meni-
of Rossland secretary.    1 he presidents  . '     ,-■',,,.-        ,      ,
,, ,'-,.     ...    r,       ce ■        e .1,   berso  the First  Presbyterian church
address dealt with  the  affairs  ot  the    c....       .      ,...  ..    , /,..   ■       ~   •■ .
., •    • ,  of Phoenix, with the following officers:
the  year,   provincial \..     .,    y',,       „    , ry-      •
. .'     '   l     .   .        President, Geo. S.   McKenzie:   vice-
mmmg   commission, .,      ',.     ...  .,    ~ '
president, Mrs. \V. J.   Cramer;   secretary-treasurer, Mrs. J.'.;':E.   Mills; cor-
organization for
legislation,    the
the establishment of an agent general's
office in England  and   various  other
topics  of   general   importance.    The r,.-. - , ,      -   .. ■ ... ...     ,, ,        ,
1      .        ° ,   . ' ..  ,       ;AV.eeklv meetings  will   be  held   each
committee on resolutions reported  31 ' ■   -B
,.,    j responding secretary, A. P. McKenzie.
different subjects, which were considered, and the great amount of business
in hand necessitated the holding of
three sessions daily. Last evening a
banquet was tendered the visitors by
the Nelson board
Thursday evening at the schoolhouse.
This society is one of the mostwide-
|-i spread in the world,   having  branches
in   every   known part of   the   globe.
There are over 50,000. societies with
'I millions of members, speaking  dozens
About I0DD Feet More Of Side Tracks To Bs
Laid To Knob Hill Ore Bunkers—Black-
smilh Shop Completed Yesterday.
Last Thursday J. A. Munson who
has the contract for building about
1000 feet of additional side tracks to
the Knob Hill ore bunkers, from the
C. P. R., began work on his contract
and it is Mr., Munson's intention to
push, the work to a speedy completion.
A large portion of the work is rock
work and a good servicable blacksmith
shop has been fitted up. * There is
only a small force at work at present
but as soon as the work shapes itself a
larger force will be put on. The additional side tracks are being put in
to further facilitate the handling of the
large quantities of ore which the Knob
Hill company will be sending out in
a short time.
Also a Carload of New Potatoes and Dry
Onions direct from California.
[If Large stock of Miners', Build-1
ers't Painters' Supplies.
Promnt D
;opics ol vital interest
sections were dealt with.
Meeting cf School Board.
The Board of School Trustees met
last Tuesday night to consider the
selection of a location for the proposed
The Graves-Williams Building.
'The contract has been let and work
began Thursday on the fine building
to be erected by Jay P. Graves and
Wm. Yolen Williams oh the corner of
new school building that is to be built 1 Old Ironsides avenue and First street.
here this fall. The present log build- The new building will not have an
ing is inadequate for the number of equal in 'Phoenix. It will be two stories
pupils now in attendance and con-. high on Old Ironsides "Are. and three
secjuently the provincial government i stories on First street .'.and will be 50.x
will be called upon to erect a building ' 65-feet in size, electric lighted and well
that will afford better school facilities, furnished.
It was the desire of the trustees that
the school should be in as central a
location as possible and a resolution
was passed "that the secretary corresponded with Jay P. Graves and interview- the IJcmmion GopperCo., and
Messrs. Rumberger and Breakenridge
to ascertain what grounds they would
be willing to donate- for school purposes,". The board discussed other
matters ot minor importance.
What  Leading
Selling for
Shares   Are
line at this
We have arranged for shipment of Butter.
EggS, Cheese, eft., to come by each refrigerator.
We order only what we need, so you may always
depend on fresh goods in these lines.
This month we offer special  inducements to the trade.
It will be to your interest to see
[li 3" what you can do here.
We will sell at cost a small line of granite
and tinware which we have in stock. Consisting
principally of kitchen utensils.
Is at
Dominion Avenue,
g^?" Both Telephones. ~^M
11. C Gold Viekls	
Ilrtmdon & Golden Crown..
Cmirnlian Gold yields       SU -y:
Cariboo (Camp McKiuney)       So 75
Center Star ;  Ji 57       $1 50
Crows Nest Pass Conl..... $39 00      J25 50
Deer Trail  No. 2  6 5
Peer I'ark, new         3
Dundee        12
Kvening Star  9K
Giant  3
Honiestake         3
Iron Cult	
Iron Mask	
KiiiR (Oro Denoro) ; ;.
Knob Hill	
l.onc riiie	
Monte Cristo	
Montreal Gold Fields	
Mountain I.iou	
Nolile I'ivc	
North Star	
Old Ironsides	
I*ny ne •■
I'eoria Mines	
Princess Maud	
St. Kluio Consolidated	
Tniiinrncf Kenneth)	
Tom Tltiitiili       =0 i°
Van Andn         .1 -
Virginia  *l!-j -
War liable Consolidnleil  ft 55      J' 4S
Wnterloo  ,l!J -
White Hear         - 1
Winnipeg        1-
Local. ;.
Mr. Canniff left for- die east
Thursday. 5
A match game of foothall between
the Grand l>'6rks; tearifAind' lire: "Oid
Iionsides eleven, of Plioenix, will take
place soon. A challenge from Grand
Forks was received this week.
W. I!. Willcox and R. 15. Kerr,
delegates from the Phoenix Board of
Trade, left Wednesday morning for
Nelson where they go to attend the
second annual convention of the associated boards of trade of eastern
British Columbia.
The Phoenix Ladies Aid Society are
preparing to give a social on Friday
evening Aug. 10th. Ice cream, home
made candy and other refreshments
will be served. The school building
and yard will be decorated for the
purpose. The proceeds wili go towards
the building fund for the new church.
Among the three successful candi-
*}•-•'' dates in the H. A. class for 1st. class
certificates grade A., writing at Nelson, the name of T. I.. Buckton, the
popular Phoenix teacher, appears.
'I'he complete returns of the province
show that only one candidate ranked
higher than Mr.. Buckton. The examination was held July 4th, but the
result has just b&en made known.
There were about 28 candidates for
all grades   writing   at  that centre.
Frank Bailey, proprietor of the
townsite known as Similkameen city,
arrived in Phoenix Thursday and left
for Nelson yesterday on business connected with his townsite. Mr. Bailey
says the mining outlook for the Similkameen country is very bright at present, and thinks Similkameen city will
be a prosperous centre in the near
future. The townsite is situated close
to ->o-mi!e creek and has been surveyed and plaited and he expects lo have
lots on the market about the same
time as the provincial government
builds the Similkameen road, sometime in August.
The Mountain View.
Since the completion of the 25-foot
contract, last week, by John Dorsey,
on the Mountain c View, in; Summit
camp, the claim has never looked better at anv time in its history  and   ti
the future development of the Mountain View. .••".-'..
A meeting of the Mountain View
company was held last Saturday night,
at the office of tbe B. C. mine, and it
was decided to put. 40,000 shares of
the stock on the market at 123^ cents
per share. A force of men was put
on Monday under John Scrafford who
will superintend the development from
now on.
The Mountain View Copper Co., is
capitalised at $500,000. 200,000 shares
have betiii' placed as treasurery stock
aiid the balance, 300,000 shares, is
held by the company for the purchase
price of the property, $25,000.
Ice Cream Social a Success,
j;.One of the most successful^socials
ever given in Phoenix Was the Miner's
Union social last Thursday evening.
The ladies who were in charge are to
be congratulated on the successful termination of the event. .Notwithstanding the coolness of the evening ice
cream and cake to the amount of $70
was sold. After the social, dancing
was indulged in fortwohoursor more to
the pleasure of all. The net receipts
will go for the benefit of the Phoenix
Miners Union.
Second  Raise In War Eagle.
For several days work has been
progressing on the raise from the east
drift, on the 100-foot level, in the
War Eagle. At present the miners are
up about 50 feet in the raise, and the
character of the rock indicates the
proximity of mineral, which will
doubtless be reached in a  short   time.
matters, is
bringing to the attention of the government the placing in the estimates $2,-
000 towards construction and the
usual grant of $500 per annum, with
50c per diem per patierit.i Three sites
have been offered on the north side of
the-valley and $600 promised by some
of the mines and by private parties.
Subscription lists are now open and
it is to be hoped. that the people generally will realize the dire need
of such an institution in Phoenix and
heli) the worthy cause along by liberal
Sections three and four of the hospital by-laws reads as follows:
"Subscribers of five dollars annually
shall be considered as members and
shall be entitled to one vote, of ten
dollars to two votesand one additional
rote for each subscription of five
dollars to the limit of five votes, and
no member by virtue of any subscription or donation shall be entitled to
more than five votes."
'"Any one who .shall at any time
have given fifty dollars shall be a life
member arid shall be entitled to a
proportional vote at aU general meet-
tings for the election of officers, and
subscriptions of one hundred dollars
to two votes and one additional vote
for every additional fifty dollars up to
the limit aforesaid."
The architects  plans  are  expected
shortly and are the gift of Mr.   Flum-
tjJwlMlijnal director of large ex-
taking much interest
Building will probably begin this
month and every thing now points to
the erection and maintainance of ahos-
pital which will be a credit to the city
and meet all requirements for medical
and surgical aid and the comfort
of patients.
Standing Committees At Victoria.
The following members were nominated on standing committees at Victoria as follows:
Private Bills and standing orders-
Messrs. Helmcken, Clifford, Tatlow,
A. W. Smith, Gilmour, Brown and
Public Account—Messrs. Hunter,
Hall, Hayward, Brown and Martin.
Railways—r.Messrs.. Pooley, Mpunce,
Hunter,: Kidd, McPhillips, Murphy,-
Fulton, Garden, Rogers, Curtis, Brown,
Oliver, Mclnnes, Gilmour, E. C. Smith,
.Munro and Martin.
Mining—Messrs. A. W. Smith,
Green, R.Smith, Ta/lor, Dickie, Neill,
Rogers, Ellison, Curtis, Mclnnes.
Stables, Gilmour, Munro, E. C. Smith,
and Martin.
Committee on Printing—Messrs.
Hall, Murphy, Kidd, Brown, and Mclnnes.
Agent for the Phoenix Assurance Co., of  London, England;
The Western Assurance Co., of Toronto;
The British America   Assurance  Co.,   of Toronto;
The Mutual Life Insurance Co., of New York;
The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, of London.
Lloyd's Plate Glass Insurance Co.  of New York.
Selling Agent for the OLD IRONSIDES TOWNSITE.
Residence Lots on 4th of July mineral claim now
on sale:   Price $250—easy terms.
Offices Knob Hill Ave. and Fitst Street,
Mother Lode Ore Bodies.
At the Mother Lode mine in Dead-
wood camp, a crosscut at the 300-foot
level, is reported to have run into
what appears to be a big body of copper ore. The cross-cut is now in ore
for between four and five feet. 'I'he
ore is chalcopyrite in a gangue ol
magnetic oxide of iron. It differs in
general appearance from that met with
above in the 200-foot level where crosscuts have already proved the ore chute
to be about ninety feet in width and to
extend quite 350 feet, with indications
thai further cross-cutting will show its
length to be greater. The proved occurrence of ore in quantity at the 300-
foot level in this mine is a matter for
much gratification, for although it was
not doubted thai it would live down,
it had not previously been demonstrated that it did so.
To Use a Diamond  Drill.
'I'he first diamond drill to come into the camp arrived here last Tuesday
and will be used for general prospecting work on the Miner-Graves properties.    Will Stone, of the firm of Stone &
Phoenix Man In Alaska.
Geo. P. Stabler, who left here not
long ago to seek his fortune in the ice
bound goid fields of Alaska, was heurd
from this week. J. Berkman, manager
of the Victoria hotel, received a letter
from him, from St. Michaels, Alaska,
in which lie says he will immediately
start for Dawson City where he intends
to remain for two years. Mr. Stabler
says the average wages paid in St.
Michaels is 50 cents per hour, and an
ordinary meal costs $1.00.
Miles Barrett, who for several years
occupied the position of foreman at the
Hall Mines smelter, is now at Grand
Forks, where he has accepted the
position of foreman at the Granby
smelter. There are few men who
know more about smelting than does
Miles Barrett, and the friends that he
made in Nelson will rejoice in the
turn of his fortune which takes him to
Grand Forks, as foreman of the Granby
smelter.—Nelson   Tribune.
iportant Changes arc
In the Proooscd Form no Bonds will be Required and no Amplication- Fee Called
The attorney-general, Hon. D. M.
Eberts, has inttoduied a new license
act into the legislature, uhiih differs
in some respects from the act passed
by the Seinlin government. It will be
remembered that the act ot 1S99 was
disallowed lost spring by the Ottaw.i
government on account ol the anti-
Japanese aiid Chinese clauses therein
contained. Ot course the new .ice
does not contain am thing relating to
those nationalities
Every person outside of incorporated tottns who receives a license shall
pay the following fee to the piovincial
For a wholesale license, $200 per
.'';.For a>hotel license in town with
lipwaids of 200 population, $200 per
For a hotel license in town with
population trom 100 to 200 inhabitants, $100 per year.
F'or .1 hotel license in a locality of
less than 100 inhabitants, $60 per
Many of the features ol the new act
are similar to the old. 'I here will be
a board of two license commissioneis,
as belore, in each district, with a chief
inspector. Regular meetings shall be
held on June 15 and November 15
Those holding licenses on April 24,
1900, 11 in good standing, < an ha\e
licenses renewed to Dec. 31, 1900,
by ''application to the superintendent
of police, the cost being proportionate
to the )early late
A new prousion is that no hotel
license shall be granted within 300
feet ot a building occupied txclusiveh
as a church or tor educational purposes in any wa\.
In the new lorm no bonds aie required fiom applicants tor licenses,
and-no fee is called lor Pennons,
howe\ei, must be presented as belore,
and must be signed bv at least two-
thirds of the householdeis in the
locaht) lor which the license is applied lor. Hotels must ha\e lour bed
rooms furnished, an eating department and stabling for si\ horses
Commercial ti.T\cllers lepresenting
extr.i-piovmt.ial liquor houses, must
pay a license of $200 pei annum
The penalty for intiingement ot this
provision of the act is from $100 to
$200 for each offense,  on   conviction.
It is quite possible that the new
liquor license act, of which some important features are presented here,
will be changed and amended to some
extent before it is finally passed by the
1, will   operate   the
Columbiii Telephone, No. 21.
Phoenix, B. C.
Knight, of Kosslam
machine lor a time.
Editor Pioneer:
11 lias leaked, through by devious
routes that a gentleman high in civic
authority in one of our smelter towns
not a thousand miles from here, has
laid himself open to the charge of 1111-
diaiitableness as well as ungentleman-
liness. It seems that one of the
churches of this growing smelter town
decided to make up a subscription for
the India Famine Fund and of course
this gentleman holding as he does such
a high o'J'icc in civic circles was approached to head tlie list. Imagine
the dismay of the fair young subserip-
tionist when our worshipful personage
handed her the handsome sum of 5
cents to head such a list and set the
example for the rest of his people to
follow. Ye shades of Apollo, but how
the mighty aie fallen.
King  Ot Italy Assassinated.
Monsea, Italy, July 30.—King
Humbert has been assassinated, lie
was shot here last evening by a man
named Angelo Hressi, ol l'raton, and
died in a lew minutes.
The King hail been attending a
distribution of prizes in connection
with a gymnastic competition. He
had just entered with his aide de camp,
amid the cheers of the crowd, when
he was struuk by three revolver shots
lireil in quirk succession. One pierced the heart of his majesty, who fell
back and expired in a few minutes.
The assassin was immediately arrested
and was with some difficulty saved
from the fury of the people. lie gave
his name as Angelo Hressi, describing
himself of I'rato, in  Tuscany.
Boundary Railway Work Done.
After being located at Hartford
]unction for over two months, for the
purpose ol" finishing up the l'hoenix
spur, the C. 1'. 1\. construction train
moved down to Midway a couple of
weeks .since, to finish ballasting the
0 miles from Greenwood to that town,
which is the present terminus of the
Houndaiy branch of the C. I'. R.
This week lhat work was finished and
yesterday the track gang, with all its
paraphciiali.i and impedimenta, was
taken over to Nelson, to put down
steel on the 1.; miles of the lialfour extension.
ra 11
Brief But Important.
The old Victoria coal mine in Nova
Scotia is to be re-opened, owing to a
scarcity of coal.
1,000 Boers, under General Prins-
loo, surrendered unconditionally to the
British on July 30.
Wm. H. Bullock-Webster has been
appointed assistant superintendent of
police for the province.
Again the great Le Roi mine has
established a new shipping record, one
day last week 980 tons were sent   out.
Sir Alphonse l'elletier, speaker of
the senate, is recovering so rapidly
that be will be able to leave his 100111
in a few days.
Field, B. C, has rid itself of  all
Chinamen.    The  citizens     took
matter in their  owij   hands  and
them out of town.
The will of Charles F. Macdonald,
former U. S. consul at Hamilton,
leaves to the widow an estate of $50,-
000, of which $33,000 is in Ontario.
Though a lawyer and a man possessing an estate, real and personal, of
tully $1,000,000, the late Robert Bird,
G\ C. 01 Woodstock, did not leave a
The Strand saloon of Rossland, one
of'the liiiL-st in the west, has been
closed by creditors and lid Watson,
proprietor, is sojourning in Spokane.
Liabilities about $i_\ooo.
The elaborate arrangements made
for the reception of the governor-general on his arrival at Victoria on July
31, were posponed on account of the
death of the duke of Edinborough.
t ieorge (loodei ham and T. (i. Block-
stock, president and vice-president of
the War Eagle and Centre Star mines,
will leave Toronto on August 9 forthe
west. They will arrive in Rossland
about August 1 5.
A disastrous forest (ire has raged
about the town of Ymir for two days
and at last reports was spreading rapidly before a steady breeze. The most
serious item in the list of damages is
the destruction of the 50-1011 concentrator at tbe I lundee mine. This mill
was erected only 1 S months' ago at a
considerable cost.
**v 'k
* - * rai
" x£$*
H *
►   .A,
"" %
"* .jfc
Ktf' I
-"-st«« j-n-.-}. tr"'^' fcSt'K-Sife.  illSSTJigK^V'  j  3>v I'  !:'.!|H '  IIP" ���  BJlt'f-'  *< j  **-'.  1 '-<;>'���  ^  The place where the mines ore.  W. B. WILLCOX. Manager.  Coluuibia Telephone, Xo lo.  Vernon it sfclson Telephone, So  14  sruscRHTtoss  IVr Yta~  Six Mouths  1 o I-orc*2ii Countne-.  $:oo  2 SO  Republic will undoubtedly be a  great camp some day���in fact big profits have already been realized there  legitimately. But the ore is of such  high grade that a (e:v men, comparatively speaking,' can take out enough to  keep all tlie large mills now building  there, running continuously. '.������This  means big profits lor the min  'si" " visitors to this |  camp within the last few days was W.  L. Hogg, of Montreal, managing director of the Montreal-Boundary Creek  Mining Co., which is oj>erating the  Sunset group in Deadwood camp.  After he had gone through the Knob  Hill and Old Ironsides, he remarked  to a friend:    "Well, this is what I call  owoer  ....IS THE BEST.  -Kor sale culy by���  Ironsides   time,   in  the schoolhouse.  Everbody cordially invited.  our ivcclllv insertions constitute one month**  J 700       AUGUST  J 900  Sun     Mon   Tues   Wed    Tha      Fri     Sat  5  26  6  20  27  7  H  21  28  I  S  * 5  22  29  9  16  TO  17  24  4  ii  xSi  Iii Phoenix and mmm*BWHWiu \  camps it is difTercnt. Here, for instance, low grade ores mean that very  much larger forces of workmen must  be employed to get out each $1,000  worth of ore than are employed in Republic camp.    Iii-a business way, this ,  is a distinct advantage to each town or satisfied with the result. He is also  city I ere, as will readily be seen. It interested in rich mines in Mexico,  means that when 1,000 tons daily  are "'here the ore is packed on   burros  to  C. A. Fowler a retired hardheaded  business man of New York City, who  has been spending a week in phoenix,  took time to look carefully into the  Old Ironsides and Knob Hill. Being  a stockholder, he wished to investigate  for himself, and   he  was   more  than  Druggist  and Stationer.  FULFILLING ITS DESTINY.  'Ihe mines of I'hoeniv proper have  been snipping but a little over three,  weaks steadily, and jet neaily 4,000  ��ons of ore have been sent to the reduction works. It must be remembei-  cd also that the daily amount shipped  h?s been small rompaied to what it  11 ill be inside of probably a month's  lime.  But this record  is already one  that  is nortliy of note at this time, especially  as   the   ore   has come from but t��o  mines, the Knob Hill and  Old   Iron-  v   sidei, which are reallv only starting on  the era of Mcndy   shipping.    There  are thow *ho believe that the time  is  not far distant when these two mines  alone will easily send out daily  r,ooo  Jons of ore to the smelter.   And it  is  leasonable to believe that that  day  is  rapidly coming.    Already it is  apparent that the ftranby smelter will   soon  be crowded to its utmost rapacity, and  ^till shortly  ha'.e  to  be enlarged   to  Keep up with the tonnage of ore  available in the  company's  mines,, to say  nothing of ores irom other properties  lhat rnay be offered.    Even now   the  05 j being taken out of l'hoenix camp  mines, a large and prosperous community   will   be   located   right here.  1$<S>&S<&��>$>&&$>^��<$*&^^  FOR A SQUAHK  MKAI.CO.TO....  H. S. CAVI.ICY. . W.B. COCHRAN1-:  CAYLEY & COCHRANE,  Solicitors, Etc.  PHOENIX, B. C.  Mine'Surveyors,,  and Draughtsmen.  Phoenix, B. C.  The  ��� 09i  rers  Of the Camp.  And the  day   of thousand ton  ments will  surely  awav, either..  EDITORIAL COMMENTS  Generally speaking, Mr. Kruger  continues to run, and stands not on  the order of his running.  the railway, and then returns over $400  to the ton, after paying  charges.    He  is better satisfied  with his Phoenix in-  ship-  vestments  today   than with those   in  come���not  so  far (Mexico.    This   speaks  well  for    his  I opinion of the future of the  mines  in  and around l'hoenix.  The Mint  ..Hotel  Fine Wines, Liquors,  Lord Minto will be in Rossland  September 30, Labor Day, and it is  proposed to make it an event of special  importance.  A custom rate of $3.50 to $4.50 per  ton for treatment is reported as having  been quoted by the Granby smelter  management. This looks as though  $5 oie could be treated profitably.  Apropos of the reported sale of  the three largest mining properties in  the Boundary, given at length by an  esteemed contemporary,' we are reminded of a quaint expression attributed to Mark Twain: "Some people  know .1 lot of things that are not so."  signs are beginning to be noted that  J'hoeni* has started to fulfill its destiny,  and is attracting more widespread attention on that account. He would be  ��j�� indeed, who couid foretell with  , any accuracy what the output would be  five years hence, but the Pioneer, will  venture the prediction that it will be  greater than that of any other mining  ramp in British Columbia. Everything now points that way, and it is,  therefore, no wonder that the eyes ot  the entire world aie now fixed on this  tamp. Undoubtedly, in due time,  even the most optimistic will be surprised at the results.  It is said that the Spokesman-Review is about to be sold for $300,000.  For years the p,i|>er lost thousands of  dollars annually, but of late has been  a paying proposition. It is undoubtedly one of the best, all around, newiest  dailies ever made in a town of 40,000  people.  CRAZY NOMEITES.  Dispatches   almost  datlv  aie now  full^ of the   hard-luck stories ot   the  thousands who had  the  Cape  Nome  fever in its  most virulent  form,  and  succumbed to it to the extent ot   putting their little all  into  a venture-to  thpt far-off" land of the  midnight  sun.  The coast papers and in  fact papers  cvervwhere, are recounting over again  the sad side of a rush like that to  the  Klondike,  with   even   more pathetic  side lights, if such  a  thing could be.  With work for perhaps 2,coo miners  ������not   tenderfeet���and   business   for  3,000 others,  there are now at least  25,000 persons, in   that   inhospitable  romitry, where avarice,, selfishness and  gieed are more prominently brought to  the fore than in more settled countries.  Most of them  are���or  were���Nome  crazy, and thousands will rue the day  the   'transportation  companies   even  brought it to  their  notice.    It is the  />ld, old story over again.    "Fools, itish  jn where angclfc fear to tread."  How much better for themselves and  Jhr-entiic world would it have been  had nine-tentha of them put their  savings into the development of some  promising prospect in British Colum-  Jiiii, where there is a measurable chance  ��>f success���and where there aie thousands of opportunities to one in bleak  Alaska, As Puck savs, "What lools  these mortals be.' lc is a sad story,  but history has a habit of repeating  itself.  The.second annual meeting" of, the  Associated Boards of Tr.ide of Eastern British Columbia,,,was held , this  week at Nelson. This organization  can be made of effective service in  building up this section, and'- has already done good work. But it must  not be controlled by mining politicians  or anv other kind.  It is an undeniable fact that  in  all  directions, on the outside.it is the universal opinion that   Phoenix  will  be  the very first town in the Boundary to  show  a   decide'd   improvement in   a  business way.    This is  freely attested  by those whose business carries them to  neighboring places.    The theory���one  that the 1'ionecr has steadly maintained since the date of its first issue���is I  that  where  the large shipping mines  are located, there will be the first' permanent   activity  when ore trains,   in  increasing length, begin going to  the  smelter.    And of course, by this time,  every one knows that Phoenix is where  the mines are that have done the most  to make the Boundary mining  district  known favorably to  the outside world.  ���it  The table published in last week's  Pioneer, giving data as to development  done in the different Boundary camps  to date, was an eye opener to many  who did not realize the amount of  work that had quietly been going on.  Especially was this the case with regard to the mines in and around Phoenix, where over 15,000 feet of work  has been done and nearly $r,500,000  invested so far. For a comparatively  new district the showing is reaily  creditable. Of course, Phoenix camp  was far in the-Jead of all others.  and Cigars.  !. W. Thompson & Co.  PROPRIETORS.'  Meals at All Hours.  The Best the Market   Affords   D.J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIFE, ACCIDENT.  Commissioner fur Inking Aflidnvlts.  Phoenix, B.  Your Trade Solicited.    Our Prices Are .'Right.  Old Ironsides Ave.        PHOENIX, B.  B. KERR,  The Plioenix Lively Barn anj  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary ihjhi.ic.  PHOENIX, B.C  A. E. ASHCROFT,  -MINING ANHC1VII. F.NGINEER  '"���'PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  S aVeed.. Stables *jt  HEDGES & CO., Proprietors.  <* Good Saddle,  Pack and Driving Horses.    Heavy Draying. J  Charges Reasonable.  STANDARD AVE, PHOENIX, B. C.  **' ��������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������#a(((|,J  PHOENIX !1  MARKET.  ! P. Burns & Co.  HEAD OFFICE FOR BOUNDARY CREEK, GREENWOOD, 13. C.  IIEADQUARI'ERS, NELSON, U. C.  BAUER & ASHCROFI',  VANCOUVER, II. C.  GREENWOOD, B. C  �����  Dominion   Avenue,  I        Phoenix, B. C.        f  scott & McLaren,  Contractors and Builders.  Estimates Furnished.  PHOENIX, B. C.  �� o                       '������..������'..���>'..                                                             If  : Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants. 1  2 Markets at Nelson, Kaslo, Three Forl.s, Sandon, Slocan City,  J Silvcrton, New Denver, Ymir, Sah.io, Kossland, Trail, Cascade,  ��� Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midwav, Niagara and Phoenix .  ��� FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON. J  All orders receive prompt attention.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������##,#��.#######e#.i#-##-#,  Hotel Phoenix,  DOMINION AVE., PHOENIX, B. C.  The Pioneer Hotel  Finest Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars always in Stock  Comfortable and well Furnished Rooms.  First-Class Dining Room .and Attentive Waiters.  HARRY NASH, Prop.  VICTORIA  The Vancouver News-Advertiser  thinks it is refreshing to find any  newspaper���in (his case the Pioneer���  telling just what the  general   business  It is high time that the misnomer of  "Greenwood" camp, as applied to  Phoenix' camp, was dropped. The  name was formerly used before there  was such a town as Greenwood, that  town getting its'name, as well as its  greatest and best advertising from this  camp. But now it is misleading to a  degree to those not perfectly familiar  with the geography of the district, and  should be discontinued by those writ-  the  mines  of Phoenix  camp.  conditions in   that   community   are, i 1"s  evn though some-unpleasant facts'Kvery tub s,10l,,d stand uPon its own  have to be told. Possibly it is this I bottom> and the time is now past when  lule of sticking to facts, as far as thev iGrec��,V0��d can gain any prestige by  can be ascertained,, that, makes the'- *tteimPts to mislead outsiders in regard  Pioneer so popular at "home and  abroad, and brings in subscriptions  from all parts almost daily.  m)sW.miMM^twim  Cafpets and Linoleums dt  We have a fine line in all qualities and styles.  It will pay you to  examine  and get prices.  In Furniture--  We are constantly receiving the  latest,  from  ��� the finest to the cheapest.  CLARK & BINNS,  Furniture, Carpets and Undertaking,  ^ OLD IRONSIDES AVE. - - PHOENIX,  I;.   C. ^  to the location of the mines in Phoeni.x  .' camp, by giving tlie locality on obsolete  | though formerly appropriate title.  A well-defined rumor exists that the!  British America Corporation, of Rossland, is about to become owner of the  large C. P. R. smelter at Trail. It is  to be hoped that this will prove to be  the fact, as it will eliminate competition by the great railway corporation  in the smelting business. Where  theie are a number of custom smelters  in a community the railway can be of  greater service if it is not in the ore  treatment business itself.  - A Monster Gold Brick.  LEVUE  I Leading Hotel of Phoenix, j  Everything First Class, Electric Lighted, Electric  Bells, Free Sample Rooms, Finest Liquors and  Cigars.  15. C. HOTEL CO.. Ltd., Props  J. UERKMAN, Manager.  Old Ironsides Avexue,    -       -     PHOENIX, B. C  Greenwood  Music Store  o o o  Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music,  Instruments, Strings, etc. ^  o o o  Prof. Kaufmann will receive pupils  for Piano, Violin, Mandolin. Best  References.    Moderate Rates.  o o o  Government and Greenwood Sts.  i y��i  *>>'?x%4y'  .    '#  o  tl  h  Greenwood, B. Ci  A  says:  George Ade, a Chicago humorist,  sends this advice to his paper frorric  Manila: "I think vve ought to keep  the Philippines. Judging by the smell,  T think we ought to keep them on ice.  When the people over here have learned to be as moral as vve are, and, have  im ported lots, of in sect -powder, the I s-  kuid of Lu7on will.be fully as attractive  as the West Side of Chicago."  dispatch from Ashcroft, B. C,  "Parker's Cariboo stage line  brought down last Tuesday what ��� is  said to be the largest gold brick ever  made. It is the first cleanup of the  season from the Quesnelle Forks, more  commonly known as the Cariboo Consolidated Alines, of which J. II. Hob-  son is manager. It is worth $135,000,  and is the result oi about 60 davs  work. The outlook for another big  brick'this fall is of the best, and the  net result of the season's work should  not be less than $335,000.  Speaking of. conditions in British  Columbia, Hon. Fred Peters of Vic-1  toria said in an interview at Montreal:  "Confidence is already restored to a  considerable extent,'and new capital  can come into the province without  any fear of radical legislation seriously  interfering with the country's development."        ������.������'���  Knob Hill Ave.    Phoenix, B. C  This hotel is centrally located, newly built and  newly furnished throughout.' Everything is first  class."  Bar stocked with the finest.        :        :        :  ; , EDWARD" SIMPSON, Prop.  Tie MA (olntoi loWe lipr (oipy  R. GREIGER, Manager.  AGENTS FOR  Complete line of liar Supplies. *  ....GREENWOOD, B; C.  This Story  is  Phoenix Stage Line.  Makes Two Bound Trips Daily Between Phoenix |  and Greenwood.  Leaves Phoenix at 7.45 a. m. and 1,30 p. m.   Phoeuix Time.  Leaves  Greenwood at 9:00 a. in. and' 4:00 p.m.   Greenwood Time.  MANDEL & MURPHY, Props.!  The Wm. Hamilton Manufacturing Company,  VV  h  S  tl  ei  u  D  a  ii  l!  11  ]'���  ti  c  A&.VMTAQE OF LOW GRADE CAMPS.  It is vveJi. known that the great   ma  1 joiity of the ore bodies throughout the   ~  }*ou*jd;jry are of low  grade���that  is,  v ill not yield a very   large   profit per  tort,   after W^g cost of   extraction,  transportation  and   treatment.    This  does not mean that there are no mines  in tlH&dtstiict that do not  >icld hi^h  (,TiiJp ore, but simply that most of them  me in the other cl.-i.ss.    The fact  that  (    our gwt- orp bodies are  of low grade  ���   nas icahzed3'ears ai;o when the stiong  f.ompanien now operating in tiiis camp  1 faej>an work,  and  they have bent all  fr^yij: encrg'io lo w reduce the expense  PHOENIX LAUNDRY.      ^  ���������������'���   :���_LAWRENCE & WATSON, Props.  JJest of work guaranteed.     Specialty of White Shirts.  Basement Miller Blkm Dominion Av.  GOOD CALLED FOR  AND DELIVERED  ���^���oixsi^es^  (Opposite Miners' Union Hall)  Corner Dominion Avenue and 'Ear ier   Street, Phoenix, JJ. C.  This Hotel is Hard Finished [Bar .Furnished'; with the Fin-  Con veuietitly Arranged.     j est of Goods.  AND ITS WORTH  READING  The Job Department of the Pioneer  is not claimed to be the largest nor the  most extensive in British Columbia. It  is, nevertheless, one of the best appointed  establishments in this section, and no  establishment can or does turn out a better quality of work in the line of printed  matter of all kinds,-  In short, no better work'was ever done  since the world began.    That's why we  think we're entitled to your orders.  Mining work a specialty.  ��i��^?  ���-WBBS^-GrAIIAM & PRENDERGAST, PROPS.  Dominion Avenue,  (V, 1  -      PHOENIX, B.C. ^Prescriptions  fiiPIay the  [���-.��?  {LOCAL AN!) OTHERWISE!  Kaslo is threatened with a water polo  dab.  lne:r teeth examine*! once every six months  by " competent'dentist. Decay will be  present, and tartar funning, which iiotn-  ing liut-a Llirangh examination "ill reveal.  Professional service rendered in time means  hiyli-class, work, less pHin and grent economy.  A tooth filled when decay is in sight will not be  sensitive, the operation not long, and the filling  lasting,   because  the operation   has more and  ... , i,i,.,       ,    ''etter structure to work'on.   lie is enabled to  Nelson now has a Laundry Y\ orkers     make the waits ofthe cavity thicker and stronger,  Union.  United they', stand,   divided   they  fall���business and advertising.  and with slight danger of exposing the nerve,  the dread and fear of all when having teeth filled.  Have your teeth attended to iii time. Do not  procrastinate. (Jive the dentist good tooth-  stmclnre lo work upon, and lie will render you  excellent service.   Many persons put off their  Townships Bank,  ESTABMsiiEn 1S59.  CAPITAL   -     -  RESERVE FUND  $1,500,000  $900,000  J The Most Popular  J       Hotel ip Phoenix.  ss^a  V  *4  1. P. tlcfazie I (o's  Pharmacy.  [Phoenix, B. C.  Night''llell. "..  ! Opp. McBcan & Co.   Dominion Ave.  WHAT THE EDITORS  SAY.  Mai! is received here from Toronto  ; as quickly as from Spokane, which  illustrates'the difference between proper and improper service.���Cascade  Record.  We hate to be flippant. But on the  theory of personal responsibility enunciated by the concert of powers, the  present boss of Pekin will have much  Tuaiiswer for.���Hamilton Post.  Of the $1100 collected at the pro-  | Boer meeting at Washington, all e.\-  f cept $iS went for  expenses.:   'I'Ji.it  llOLIt  "^^^^iroie- r  Kosslancl  Record  The remains of the unfortunate explorer, Andree, have beeii discovered in  ! a new place. 'I'he manner in which  his hones have been scattered from  pole to pole is an inexplicable phenomenon.���-Vancouver World.  "ihake hands, brother Jonathan.  Your boys and ours did a gallant deed  on Saturday. It is safe betting that,  v\ lieu occasion arises, the English-speaking soldiers in China will show'tlie  world that they are the'equal of any-in  the world.���Colonist.  ifjSSgBiejBpfmicular ^feple.  where the Pioneer shines.  I''pr rent, officerooms, 2nd floor Post-  Office Block. '.! '���'.-��� L. C. Ckawkokd.  J. H.'- Love representing the ���Consolidated Stationery Co., of Winnipeg,  was in town Saturday.  Kamloops'will have an argicultural  exhibition September 26-28, which will  be: opened by Sir Henri Joly.  Pianos shipped direct from factory  at factory prices. I,. C. Crawford.  Bob. Veatch came in from the North  end of Central camp Saturday,where he  has been working on the Sunset.  For Rent���Residence in rear of  Miners' . Union Hall, on Brooklyn  avenue. L, C. Crawford.  If you have a friend in, Europe interested in this camp, send him the  Pioneer, "i'he cost is but $2.50 per  year.  Shaving done for the miner or the  millionaire in one of the best appointed shops in the Boundary by W. J.  Cramer, Dominion Avenue.  Up in Plioenix they are kicking, and  kicking hard,, about the way their mail  service is handled. Well, boys, you can  at least have the satisfaction of knowing that you are not getting the worst  of it any more than the other towns of  the district.���-Grand Forks Miner.  W. B. Davcy and J. B. Donald, of  firniid x'^-j___ prr at Y;''tr>rP-   i"  [wild a telephone line trom-Camp  McKinney to Vancouver this summer,  if the charter is secured.  uiHloKom^BPriorlum  or sena tor the doctoi. the doctor may save him  by coming at the last moment, and should the  patient recover he is liable to have bad health  the remainder of his life on account of not having  received proper attention at the right time.  I.ikewiae, a tooth that is neglected may be filled  and saved at the last moment, but will probably  have bad health the rest of its lifir. One person  in a hundred has good teeth, ninety nine persons  ill a hundred could have good teeth with proper  attention.  DR. R. MATHISON,  DENTIST  Naden-FIood BIk.   'Greenwood, B.C.  Columbia'phone, No. if>.  .  ���     " "     ' residence, 10.  ��STABUS.He-t).l8 5'5  147. FrontStTastJORO NTO,  It will be a good thing for this  Province when it is properly'represented again in London. It is an open  sli ret that the Hon. J."H. Turner will  be the next agent, and surely no one  inoic qualified could: be found. He  ^jknows the ProvMneeHhorotighly and its  Kamloops Standard.  ^"ifvUltCLlS.  v $ ,      7 ���.'���������.     '.'  V    Premier Dunsmuir,  of British Columbia, has been for two years a mem-  bei of-the legislature, yet has never  once made a speech. The moral is  that it is better lor a politician- to. kee]>  his mouth shut, look wise and attain a  ) rcinicrship than to overlook Hansard,  wear out his lungs and the country's  patience'and get kicked out by an exasperated electorate.���London   News.  How circumstances alter cases. Previous to the 6th of June the opponents  ���<>f Joe Martin said that it.was absolutely impossible to build a road from the  coast to come unblushing!}-' forward  with the statement that the C. P. R.  has found a leusible route through the  .Similkameen. It is-easy to see why  the road was impracticable as a government project. 'I'he C. P. R. wants  to build it themselves.���Paystreak.  One of the early mining men in the  Boundary creek country was 'Howard  C. Walters, who promoted and worked  the J'rovidence, and found such rich  ore that he packed it to the railway  at Marcus. Since then, Mr.'.. Waiters  has operated successfully at- Rossland  and Li buy, Mont. A few months ago,  with friends, he secured control of the  Britannia group, on Iiowe sound, on  the coast. It is now reported that  the B. A. C. has bonded the grou  for $1,500,00. Several heavy  cates were after the property.  m  1  syndi-  SURVEYS COUNT AS WORK.  II  Department   of   Allocs Has Ruled To Thai  Effect.  It is often stated that surveys will  no longer count as assessment work,  and much-discussion on the point is  indulged in, says an exchange. For  die benefit of the prospectors and  miners it may be slated that the department of mines has given a ruling  to the effect that only a portion of the  clause expires and that surveys do  and will count as work, providing that  the survey is made within two years of  the date of the record. This advantage  is given so as to encourage the rapid  development of mineral" claims, but  the cost of surveys must not exceed  $100. The amendment to the mineral act as passed by the legislature  reads as follows:  "The owner of a mineral claim who  has had his claim stuveyed within one  year from the date of the record of  tlie claim, or if the claim was recorded  before the passing of this act, even if  surveyed before the 1st of May, 1899,  and has filed in the office of the mining recorder in the mining division in  which the claim is situated, a declaration by a 'provincial land surveyor,  stating that lie has surveyed the claim  as required in sub-section (c) of section  36 of the mineral act, and that he has  delivered two plats of the claim and a  copy of the original field notes to the  owner of such claim, shall be entitled  to have the cost of such survey, not to  exceed $ioo counted as work done on  the claim.".  A further amendment was made to  the mineral act in 1899 extending the  time to two years in which a survey  would count as work, and also allowing  the lime limit for old claims to be  Surveyed up to May 1,  1900.  Mark Twain is Willing.  All London has been laughing over  Mark Twain's witty speech at the recent Royal Literary Fund benefit. In  concluding he remarked:  "I am now on my way to my own  country to run for the presidency, because there are not yet enough candidates in the field, and those who have  entered are too much hampered by  their own principles, which are prejudices. 1 propose to go there to purify  the political atmosphere. I 'am in  favor of everything everybody is in  favor of. What you should do is to  satisfy the whole nation, not half of it,  for then you would be only halt a president, ('here could not be a broader  platform than mine. I am in favor of  anything and everything���of temperance and- imteiiiperance, of morality  and unqualified immoralit,*, gold  standard and free silver. I have tried  all sorts of things, and that is why 1  want to try the great position of ruler  of a   country.    I   have   been   editor,.  Tills IS [OR 100.  If von do business, one yard,  one mile or one'thousand from  this office, and have something to sell in a mining community, you can make your  wants known to advantage  through the Phoenix Pioneer.  And more. Yon cannot  cover Phoenix and the contiguous growing camps thoroughly if you do not use the  Pioneer.  More ore goes' out;" daily,  weekly mid monthly over the  Phoenix spur of the C. P. R.  than from all other IJonndary  camps combined. Do you  know what that means ? ��� ��� ���   .  Can we do business with  you ?  er  ?(o.  I'HOK.VIX.l!. C.  Jt  publisher, author, lawyer,  have worked -my way up and  do so.''  burglar,  wish  Phoenix Lodge No. 28, Knights of Pythias.  Meets every Tnesdnyniitlitiitrtp.nl.,  Miners'  Union Hull.  I,. C. Ckawkoki), K. R. S.   C. S. Thompson. C.C.  Visiting bretliern welcome.  Mrs* Wm, Delahay  ssftionaMe Dressmaking  r   IT"  Residence, opposite Mandel  & Murphy's livery stable.  ID. PALORCIA.  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  ���All Work Guaranteed.    Imported Goods.  I'INE HOOTS AND SIIOF.S MADK TO  OUDICK.  PRACTICAL    Ml.NKRS'  AND.-PROS-  PKCTOKS' SIIOKS   A   SPICC'lAI.TY.  Corner Phoenix St. and Brooklyn Ave.  Dominion Ave,  Phoenix, B. C.  h<KH>0-<X><KM><MX>0<K><^  1ULIUS MUELLER, Proprietor.  Extea Fine  Do your people in the east sec the  Pioneer? Well they should. Just  feave the subscription at this office,  and we'll do the rest.  Patronize home Industry aud  drink Phoenix Beer.  Cor. Standard Avenue and Banner Street.  PHOENIX, B. C.  HOARD OK DIRliCTORS:  R. W. HitXKKKK,' President,  Hon. m. ir. Coch-  KANi:, Vice-I'rcs., Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell,  J. X.. Oaler, X. W.Tlioinax,. C.  II.  Itgcr.  Stevens,     "  Coivniiville, J. M.tckiniion, Manager.  Coaticook/lt. Austin, Manager.  '- Richmond,AV.T,. Hal],      "  -    Granby, VV. II. Kobiitson, "  .  Bedford, K. VV. Morgan,    "  Magog, K. P. Oliver, " '  St. Hyacintlie, J. tt..I.a Framboise, Mgr.  Huntingdon, K; X. Robinson, Mgr.  Onnstoivn, II. T. Williams, Mgr.  Grand Porks, B.C., j.VV. Macloughliii, Mgr.  Phoenix, II. C, Win. Spier, Mgr.  Agents in Montreal, Hank of Montreal; London, L-Cng., Xational Hank of Scotland; Boston,  National Kxchange Bank; Xe>v York, Xational  Park Bank.       - -  Collections    made at   all ��� accessible " points.  Drafts issued for any required amounts, good in  all points in Canada,   V. S. and Jvurope;    I!x-  change bought aud sold.  Savings Branch Department at each office.  Interest allowed from date of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention of  dcjMjsitor..  . Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from 10 to 13.  FAVk ���>���  tne'\Veary-i��i  Or WayfswATj'-V'i  is becominir notel  Phoenix Mail Service.  : Office hours, 8 a. ni. to 7 p. m.  Mails close for Grand Forks, Greenwood, Rossland. Nelson, Kasteru United States and Coast  potins daily (vxcepL Sunday)' 317:15 a. in.  For Midway, Cuinp McKinney nn.l l'airview oil  Mondav, Wednesday and  Friday at 7:15 a. 111;  Mails due from all points at 10:30 a. in.  D.J. Matiikron,  Postmaster.  ������M-M-f-f-M-H-f-f'-M-f-f ^f-f �����������������������  ������    ���  1 Phoenix Hevs.Co.  t        J. F. WALKER & CO.  Every  thing in stock   that  should be fcmiid in an UjKo-  THE CANADIAN'  BANK OF COMMERCE  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  ^k*St*'  5t Liquors Wi  ' &h  ig Room First-'faS  0���>OOOCX)OOOCOOOOOpOOCX>0000006oOCKX}OOOOOOOOOCXX}OOOCOe^  The Lion Bottling Works  GREENWOOD   SOLE AGENTS FOR THE-  ANI1  o  PHOENIX, IJ. C.  Lion Brewing Go.  Of Rossland,  the  Largest������ Brewery in British Columbia.  GENERAL -EXPORT AGENTS-  Blue Label  Sellers   Natural  Wiesbaden,  reichs-  QUE1.1.EN  Mineral Water  Germany.  JAS. McCREATH & CO.. Props.  OOOQOOOOOOOOCSOOOOOOOOrjOOOOOOOtXOOOC^  President. .. ...   Hon. Gio. A. Cox.  General Manager. li E. Walki-k.  Ass't. Gen'l   Manager.J.H. 1'lum.mik.  This bank has the largest number of  branches.'of any bank in Canada, with  agencies at New York, Chicago, New-  Orleans, Skagway and Davisr n Citj.  Accounts of,Corporations, Merchants  and Individuals leceived on lavorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travelers' Creditsand Circular Notes issued  available in any part ot the world.  Approved Notc-jDiscounted; Collections made.  A general Banking business transacted.  Greenwood Branch,  0. A. CAMERON,  manager.  JOE HEDGES  City Scavenger.  The Noifdett^  1. E. AHlllSTROM, ^ianaceC:  Fine Wines,  Liquors and Cr&Zs.  DOMINION  mm, n. c.  i  I  t  i  +  t  ���*-.  -������  ���������  ���f  Daily Papers,  Magazines,  Books,  Stationery,  Pipes,  Tobaccos and  Cigars.  DOMINION AVENUE J  Phoenix, B. C. J  I *  -f    Agts. for Spokesman-Review +  t *  Maple   Leaf  Choice ���'wines,'liquors,   and  cigars  always  Board by da}' or week.        One trial and you will  The Maple Leaf Forever.  in    stock,  remember  PHOENIX  BAKERY.  ,C. W. Grekr, Propr.,  Is making Light, Swnt and Wholesome  llrc.id, Vrench, Rye or Craliam. Leave  your orders at the  SHOP:  PHOENIX STREET,  REAR MORRIN & THOMPSON,  PHOENIX, B. C.  Mandel & Matphyt  OLD IRONSIDES AYE. ^^^  The Yale-Columbia Lumber Co*  LIMITED.  Manufacturers of all kinds of  Rot*gh and Dressed Lumber, La  Mouldings and Turnings.1  Our Prksent Mill and Yards are Located as Follow  Nakusp. .' .mill air  R<  Ymir  JCoTtCK is hereby given that an application will  be made to the I,egislathe Asaemh!} of the Province of British Columbia at iti nevt se'i.MOti, for  an Act to incorporate a Compaiix with power to-  construct, equip, iiiaiutntu.andoptratetelephoTir  and telegraph lines wiihin and throughout the  Province of British Columbia, aud to construct,  erect, and maintain such and <;o man} poles and  other works and'devices as the Company deem  necessary for making, completing, supporting,  using, working, operating a*ul maintaining the  system of communication b> telephone and telegraph, aud to open ot break up au\ part or parts  of the snid highways or streets as often as the  said Company, its agtuts, officers or workmen  think proper" and for the purports of the undertaking to 'purchase, acquire, or least, aud hold  and sell and dispose of lands, buildings or tenements within the limit s aforesaid, and to purchase  or lease, for any term of \ears, an> telephone or  telegraph line'established, or to lie established,  in llritish Columbia, conuictid, ortohecouuectui  with tbe Hue which the Compauj ma> construct,  and to amalgamate with or lease, its line or hues,  or any portion or portions thtrtof, to an\ company possessing, as proprietor, an> line of telephones or telegraph (.oiumuuication connecting, or to be connected, with the said Company *s  line or lines, and to borrow iitoue> for the pur  poses'of the Company, nnd to pledge or mortgage  any of the Company's assets for that purpose,  and to receive bonuses or privileges from any  person or body corporate, and with all other  usual, necessarj* or incidental rights, powers, or  privileges as may be necessary or incidental  to the attainment "of the above objects, or anv (A  them.  Dated this 15th.day of December, 1P99,  It is not only a popular idea  But it is a well-known fact that  PHOENIX  0  3+++++4t+++ttttt+t+4-M--��^t"H-"Jp^  No one will make a mistake by investing-in Phoenix-  It has  all   the elements   necessary   for  large and populous city.  The mines in Phoenix are those which were the  greatest inducement to the C. P. R. when it spent ;i4,ooo,-  000 in building its Boundai-y railway branch. These  mines are jnst starting upon the steady shipping era,  with thousands of tons of ore on the dumps.  For information of any kind regarding Phoenix, or  the prices of property, write,  Dominion Ave.  Mll.f.KK  &C0.  jmr.MS.  15. C.  VI  PX  ' >���-' IK:  ."'..���fag  '    'hi  }' !~i (5s s  'IteJ  "SI  "*  ,,.'?'.  IY'  ' ' Kamm  *  ^aas  ~^j..  U  Li  16  ���-r^*"*r* ipvr*���*��r-��rryTi *  -\wn^,"v%n%Wi' 'tp*\*iwift" ���- tv~*-+~m  'WT^TiniH -jinrfirw-rrpfrnni. ^- IP  THE PHOENIX. PIONEER.  ^^3^3B^^3^^^^^^m^^M^���^^W��^^^^&-^  |flfpi  mm  m  ti  $  V   u  yCTWfftvantage to call ana gt    .... a..        .. _ _    receive the benefit.    We want you to see our splendid lines of  ankets,  UNDERWEAR, ETC  ve You  Anything and Everything in Underwear and Furnishings, all at  .MRock Bottom Prices  -DEALERS- IN-  ococccoco  Whltehouse Clothing; Store,  M. W. CRANE, Prop.  McRAE   BUILDING, DOMINION   AVENUE,  PHOENIX,   13. C.  as.  Mi  Groceries,  Hardware and  Mining Supplies.  We will quote Attractive Prices.  Old Ironsides Ave. and First St,     v     PHOENIX, B. C.  c  o  t  Stationerj-  Blank Books  Office Supplies  Tobacco, Cigars, Etc.  e  i  I    Call and sec our ijockU.   We've prolnblyJt  ���jotjustnhiityou want, i  J  o  I  e  i  n  Hdte Bros, i Silk  PHOENIX. B. C.  'D. Mclnnes visited  thi^week.  ��V. li. Cochrane  Summit  camp  ^���-* "Forks last Su'ndav  was  a  visitor' in  at  VJI uuu  The celebrated Ulue Ribbon tea  j\[orrin"   & Thompson'.".  Martin Bros, building/on Dominion  avenue, was mucit improved this week  by painting. ,    .  ,'  Mitn"the popTITar   eating  place.    Wi  C. Abbott will have charge   in future.  Chas. McRae has been getting out  50 foi ty-foot poles lor the Vernon it  Nelson Telephone Co., for use on Old  Ironsides avenue and First stieet.  The poles are of cedar and come front  Summit camp by rail.  On account of the grading of First  street, the Columbia- Telephone Co.,  set some new poles on that thorough-  faie this week, and will put more on  Old Ironsides avenue when work on  that street is completed.  have finished cutting down the First  street hill, and ate now at work on the  Old Iionsides avenue grade to the  depot and on the bridge over Twin  creek.  ' W. 13. Race, of Mitchell, Ont., tep-  resenting a life insurance company,  was in town this week. He is an old  friend of Geo. S. McKenzie, and has  been in the newspaper business in  Stratford county, where he lives.  them.  888 ��1  THE MINERS' EXCHANGE,; |pw^^  Subscribe For  Newly Furnished''and Electric Lighted.     Finest of Liquors.  Cor. Dominion Ave. and Banner St. ���PhOE^IX  ^vay can you  [Boundary.    At  ��� Dinner Bucket  year does it.  Fools Not All Deed Yet.  lake a walk through any of the  cemeteries thioughoutthe country, savs  an exchange and you will believe with  us that the tools are slowly passing  away. You pass the last testing place  of the man who blew into an empty  gun. 'I'he tombstone of him who  lighted the fire with kerosene. A grass  carpeted mound covers the remains ot  the man who took the mule by the  tail. The monument of the man wh  didn't know it w  icic iy  the etherial creature \vho keep her  corset laced to the last hole, and the  intelligent idiot who rode a bicycle  nine miles in ten minutes. Heie reposes the doctor who took a duse of  his own medicine, and the old fool  who married a young wife. Right  over yonder in the north-west corner,  the bieezes sigh through the weeping  willows that bend over the lowly bed  where lies th  The  'First Class in livery Respect  Americnn and European Plans  IMPERIAL  Lighted with Klectricity  Heated with Hot Air  ��eek.  \ PHOENIX, B. C.  Metropolitan   <&   S>  R. L. MILES, Prop.  Under Metropolitan Hotel.  Barl  We are still doing business at the  old stand, on Old Ironsides Avenue, with,  the. Largest and Best Selected -Stock of  Clothing, Hats,  Dry Goods,  Boots, Shoes, Etc.,  to prices, wel? strictly in"it, there, too.  CHAS. SEARS, Mgr.  OLD IRONSIDES AVE.     ' Next door to U'ynkoop-Stephens.  Baths 50c. 3 for  Tame  '- > he has in his j/ossession.  'A good one*ana one half story house  I for rent, apply to Steve Swans,on, shirt  boss Old Ironsides mine.  -   ' The bet that   h���Criterion  Blend  ccfiee at Woirin   & Thompsons.  Mr. Bennest, one of the Greenwood  tailors was taking in the sights of, the  city where the mines are, Wednesday.  Archie   Aberdeen and M. A.   Mc-  Qiurrie, started last  Satmd.iy  on   an  ^ extended prospecting tiip up the  cast  lork ol the north lork ot Kettle river.  Neil Stewart, who has been prospec-  tingon the west fork of Kettle river,  leturned Sunday. He reports everything as looking good in that  section.  For instruction on violin, mandolin, :  and   piano  see   Prof.  Kauffmann   at j  Miners' Union   hall  cvety Thuisday,  oiiernoon and evening.  ,     Try a potind of Mo-rin &   Thompson's Mocha and Java coffee.  Last Wednesday, August ist, the  new taiifffor long line telephoning went  into effect on both the Nelson & Vernon and Columbia lines The new  lates are less than half the old  schedule.  H i-otffes uacK'Tietter satrslie"  than evet with the outlook for Phoenix, after seeing some other places  that are talked about.  Chas. A. McClung, of C.   A.  McClung & Co.,  the  well   known   feed  firm, visited Grand Forks last Sunday.  He says that  icsidents  and   business  men ot that town aie looking for Phoenix to'be the first town in   the Boundary to show inci eased business activity.  John Dono\an, the man  who  was  s:nt up for six months, fiom this place,  dunng Mav, lor beinn drunk  and   disorderly   and   who at the time of his  an est by Constable  Danaugh   had   a  large and choice selection of razoison  hi<s person, escaped Monday from   the  I Nelson jail where he has been serving  time.  C. A. Fowler, Mrs. Fowler, and C.  A. Fowlei fr , who ha\e been spending  a week or moie in Phoenix, left lues-1  day lor Grand Forks, Spokane, and  Taroma. Alter a \ isjt to Alaska, they  will return to their home in New York  City.svNo!thrup Fowler, a son, is a  resident of Phoenix, being in charge ot  the ore shipments of the Old Iior.sides,  Victoria and Knob Hill mines.  "Etched theeaufilvftin  the misguided regulator who tried to  licke the editor, whiie the biokcn  bones of the man who would not pay  lor his papei are piled up in the corner  ot the fence. Over by the gate le-  poses the boy who went swimming on  Sunday and the old woman who kept  baking powder side by side with  strychnine in the cupboard. The iool-  killei gathers them in one by one, and  bye and bye we will have a petty decent woild to live in.  Metropolifiin  Public Notice.  Notice is hereby guen th.it I haic nmmllrd  and reickedthe Pontr of Attorns made bj me  m favorofCharles McClung or PIio'iuix in Yal- I  IJis.net, IIn>   and Grain Merchant, -n Inch sad'  Power of Attorney was dated on oi  about ihe i  20U1 da\ Juli.A. D      Dated at Phoeni.\  39  (Formerly, the Columbia Hotel)  RUSSELL BROS., Props.  0000  First-class from top to bottom. Finest liquors and cigars.  Come in and try our new pool taUe and look over the  Mineral Exhibit. ��� '     j  Corner Dominion Ave. and Phoenix St.,    Phoenix, B.C.  ���^"���"������"���������������"������������������^"'���������'^"������"-^���������'������������"���IM "������-��**^^���    -���������������  ���   ���   M-    m    n,      ^   M|    m  IRONSIDES ADDITION, PHOENIX, B. C.    ��� limA*,  Free I->i-:'-iv��.v.||'S��V  The Town of  1900.  II  C , Alieitst ist, igoo I  joskph k ni.Dcrs.   i  NOTICE OF SALE.  Mrs. Annie Russell, and daughter  Lillian, arrived Monday from Lew^ton,  Idaho, and will visit with her sister  Mrs. W. L. Kus?ell, of the Metropolitan hotel, ior a lew weeks.  Since the reduction in telephone  rentals the patrons of the Columbia  and Vernon & Nelson lines can now  h i>e both telephones for the price  formerly paid tor one, and a goodly  number ol our business men are avail-  Under and In virtue ofacei tain powerof saleard I  nil other poiurs nie thereunto euaulme, contain -1  ed in acertain agreement, dated the 30th dm  of I  June, iSsfl, made between John Gallm 11 cud the  mult.rsii.ijed.wlit.reby 75,556sharcscfstock in the  Dominion Copper Com|ian>, Limited,were pitched lo me, the undersigned, ai secmitv   fjr  trie  pijinmt cfju.ooo, which said agreement will be  produced at the time and place cf sale, notice is  hereby gn en that on Mondav, the s xth  day   of  August, 1930, at the hour of two o clock 111 the  afternoon, at the office of the Dominion  Copper  Company,   Limited,  111   the town  of Phoeim.  Iritlsl! Columbia, thciaid 75 jSSahnrea of stock in  the Dominion Copper Compnm,  Limited, or a'  sufficient parttl-ereofto pay and sat!��ri the said  sum of $11,000. together with allcosLs charges and  exneiMea. will be sold by public auctun  the abut e sile ��ill be made tubjeec to a reser\ e  bid f J  Por terms and conditions of sale, apply to the  undersigned-t Phoenix, British Columbia  Mated at Greenwood, J]   C, thii 12th. day of!  3s GKORGli W RUMIiKRGim      l  C A. McCIttng & Go.t  .....DEALERS IN.....  HAY, GRAW, FEED, Etc.  All of our goods are now arriviug by rail to Phoeuix, and we are, therefore, prepared to quote right  prices. No need to go to Greenwood or elsewhere.  Let ns give yon figures. ������' '  CHas. A. McClung & Co.  %  i2?i^m^L  m  A\euue.  O't   s#t.   ���"��.   *��4   *v*,  *# ^ %f i;3 #  >soo����o��ao<  ��9O��C*0  -#��������O  -SPECIAL ATTRACTIONS IN-  When 3'ou want a meal  that will remind you  of your old home,  away back east,  don't forget the  If there v/as  ��� a better  hat  in the  WORLD  than a  STETSON HAT  We would sell it.   But there isn't.   Years of  experience has proved this to our satisfaction.  Take our v/ord for it and choose your  next hat from the many styles of this  famous brand which we are now showing.  Diy floods, flees Frtliiijs, Nfeqf, Boose taistejs. i  MILUNERY, Etc.  All the latest styles in Ladies' and Misses'  Trimmed and Uiitrimmed Millinery. We carry  complete lines of Ladies' Waists, Skirts, Underwear and Dress Goods.  In the Heart of Famous Greenwood Guqf  The Coming Rossland of  the Boundary GountryS v  ���^f+4>^���4-4-4-f ��� lis3'    ,  ^pord  250 Feet from the Brooklyn Plant.    :  Oiie-Half mile from the Ironsides and Knob Hill minesj "  Railroad now being completed passes through the to\u  Centre of six of the most prominent mines in the cut* I  Boundary, all of which are producers.,  Plenty of pure water j  from lake on the property.  MICHAEL McBEAN S CO.,  Doirinion Avenue, Phoenix, B. C.  Dominion" Ave.,  Phoe.vix, B. C.  Meals Served at All   Hours  DICK LOR AH   .  .^      .-.. ,���^..   .   ,>.W^y&JM Proprietor.  For. Prices, and Terms, "apply to  11 Mfflt       Wff.BIFMf|  flw. (oWis. 8. C  1


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