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The Phoenix Pioneer Apr 28, 1900

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 foVER....     , I  i       400 MEN      j  I   Are    working in ' the j  * mines around Phoenix,   j  L  !���������������������������*  Devoted to the Interests of the Boundary Mining District  ^y^n^nr*i  ��������������*���/�������*��������  The Pa) roll of |  PHOENIX       j  Is larger than that of j  any other Boundary ���  Camp. 1 . I  Vol. I.  PHOENIX, BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 1900.  No. 24.  THE HUNTER-  .,*��*��+������.***���������*�����  >>�������>�������������������/������+�����������������������������*��*���***���*�������������������  The largest stock of BEY  .GOODS in; the Bolixidairyis  carried by us.  *  ���<*  The   most complete  line  of  Men's and Boys' F  (CC  The most complete ��tack of  Hardware ansd Minl&g Sup*  Grocmi^ in m�� city.  sffe  ?W  .  A NEW PHOENft HOME INDUSTRV.  Somethin? That Every Resident of (he Town  Should Read.  Every one in Phoenix may not know  it, although they should if they have  read* the Phoenix Pioneer for the last  n'lonth; however, it will bear repeating,  especially for the benefit of' the many  new arrivals in oui city, that one of  the largest financial institutions of the  world has a local ageny here, and that  its agent lives here, does business here,  and spends his money here, and  furthermore, that he is going to majie  all kinds of money out ot this agency,  and keep it in circulation, and that,  too, right here in Phoenix, as he has  abandoned the idea of going to the Paris  exposition, on account of the big boom  being due-hcre next month for a long  visit  A similar line of goods but not any  better is being offered here this week  by some other institutions, represented  by outside parties, whose ]*o��e is anywhere from ]$ew York *o Capa Xomc,  Iwt Met ^ht>Jim\ ojad thu profit on  what Uwwnms tlwy may do, is packed  ftwwy to fc&p��Ji<jr��t and utW place* ax  Uttclu S��wa��'e esasn*nK��.  Bnr ijwau'wg your life in,  ltr&Mtoas&sttl.  *��jwna��  Iks ��9��*S ���� yWeema, the j*<caSt slays  Children's Concert a Success.  Last night, just as the Pioneer was  going to press the Childrens Concert  and Entertainment, under the direction  of Mrs. H. A. Foreman, assisted by  Mrs. Fied Whitwell, was being given  at Miners' Union Hall. It was a  creditable affair alid was much enjoyed by the audience. ' The children  acquitted'themselves well, and* showed  what could be done under the instruction of a skilful trainer. Those who  took part were:       ������.   '  Louise Walters, Jessie DcSpain,  Maud DcSpain, Dora Mahoney, If lor-  ence Jngger, Dorothy Jagger, forth  Crane, Veva Lee, Ula Lee, Alice M'��v  Thomas, Evelyn Shears, Harry Ja&jw*,  Jay Cramer, John Walters, ��ny Sl��-  honey, Ber;iice Lwsob, Herbert (sice**,  Ernest Shears, Awywltt Mailer, W*i&>ev  Greer, Gladys Ma.ll. II !����� m<*e& was  furnished by Mr. Cmuaer rawd ��&**. W.  Whitwell and wat ufwettaas.  THEY WANT TO KNOW  Boundary Voters A#e Wiliisg  to Listen.  ���MR.. mam e mmm mm mm  ' C. W. Abbott laws fe&en o��w> ��>w  mtcrot of his partner, J'tis McCresrth,  i-w the Butte bofed, hm4 will krewitter  run it alo��K. T Ha bwldaM**, h��as b��*w  pftJHjteil, mokkj nrnd unt, new carpets  WjJ wwl n��' waM paper hun#, thiw  jawNfettlmg a. greatly astfswed tppsa*-  aace.  T��o *aeta1*��> of Ora Wt��h yubatosB  SiurjiS'a, who nwetfntly &tvn a. cutxm*  V��s��, v<flra arrested ��k tCfcwnwy, Wnafa.,  tan SstardOT, *n4 AuenS $��5 ese* to  canndtjr thrashing �� ��m&' ��3#>o shcatjfht  �� mecoixsf of th* ��o��w9?*f' had sto&tfj  ��ft fas&K, ��&*? the gn&d* ��i��  ra*�� ��s�� o ��e*!iJatt ��sie<j��e.   j1����<da��rgeo��*niA  yrad end tetter. 9s>  U-    I  I m    !>'=��<&  ;ss^  9>  iTffinnmin  ' c&2> ��3xs��fiar)ats ckaipw KDU.5S; 8w   ?.  MttW&r  ton SI  Neat, NohW .-aid Up to !�����>.    W* est aKgfely oWBWntfesS fe>  . .. . ^��islk��, md \xtxu ���wtxttimd <lsa��is-eiJaws-to��>. ; .. .  Hi'  s  is  V3  v>  -isat  ���"8-  S=1  GJ��  ���*���*  vO  0  ca  ' *��..  ���^  ft��  s  0  ><  *b�� &ae baB9a�� ��&��<& lusie �� ('��<< tiaon-  ffi��jfc& ��bow<8( OBtro .cs.fessi, "Whea,;; <?ia  die ��ta��^iayaig % ��oeot3^<beid to Fbae-  ne&f   l&ad $t lafe. fi>��q^!isw�� as though  WVkm ��lte ��st��a* ��mo toi��g laid on  #e ��htmu�� efa& pussy Ehote _. Isuae  ^nKUar, is ���� audita; <iW $i>easm at'  dMca&tes, n����; ��ho fe��5ft as" ���ft^��icft cr����  tifte ttwsHsssar? ��hcnr��Hng ot' dtscp e��iow  etuS the shovtage of t-aiin. FinaDy,  Srirt* ��� ��nnd deal o)" ftr*al>le, the rails  <���, tap laki as iar as fSartfc��xi janctksi,  a^irt BDites (rant Ehoit and two osifes  ibram ��� SfVffiniu, Thh> tru coax; sciiei'  to emit {neecHnnts, 0v it ftzved <the ' ��k-  paastsve cragen haul njt the fciH from  iif&smtiemrd. But triih the comirig 1*"  i^nug, ihw Dmiwl'lwKted trsck ��a�� ��oim  >wnditM����d kot()a,��t��U)is. Now, hiowerm',  Ifha arnemp' is jcoiie ��ftd *1vs gt ads w jet-  ung da>y.  .  b'eff ttaae tmxa *he ^m.-'k   gjmj  lias  been   tasy  on   f[w:   1 k.-��d"j����ro4 epaai  'II h*s was fi*willy eeuapleieol   tW (Saarfi,  twwi a fwcsBtraeitt uSicnl, ��pEfti��k^j to ��  ^K����fisr rapTCsenDt��Uv�� wi W��dj��ad3if,  es*d  ... .'.'We. sJWJI ..wnsasre oaa��- macfit ��s  C��F��j*d i'����4is toaKEfmw, lisping fttii&W&d  *h�� iljiissdwood wart, ��rud will tfea  fitrt do��'n ins at��ei cm the aqxa> to the  tir��n% kacwli**.' 'i'\>erc is trttv ��  x��ih mvi a cfwarDgw trt' iron to 'lay, erad  thw *M iaecu|.iy us hut bm ��������������  d*y��, if M go���� ��dl. 'Ilteo ��* go  * diredfe to ffartford j uncridn to' fwt  I588��4ft8$> ckrira-'the b*la.iioc of the wois* an ��te  Jj'l*aiaa��iK h^Anclv ��011 coa fea& ��&��  k��"np tfaesae in �� few days*  Tht����sf��ans it realty begins ��o kroS ��s  ���t&as^gh r..��ha Icng desired ��c����iw ia  ���tiwa ^wirticn !w cJir��clion wilt take effect  'by ��ba end -of ��>*��* ireek, :'��p. aiwrtlj  ���Swnwftw. It is well f^wwa (hat  Mtuw^enGrwce of the OW Iraeradt*  cincl Kat^J fiiiil mine^ is pmshiag the  C F. St. 4n complete xhs spur as  tjuic^ly as it can be done, in osrdcr to  btjpn ��hrj��n����ts to <h�� .sBHritw. The  4��otden C* jcii people, it it: ��ud, are  also ��<ary desirous of' beginning regular  shipments, their ore bunker* now being filled to overflowing.  S&cflils c'amja^WCfiSvafiaiBS ticm^rls vXstrTSi  4l��ia ttery 45'iffl isstJ &rttfcbm��l o-kbjftjj  At tta ��>ca����k^ jrtectot��yb. Tke uattfaljjwtt  o�� tha crauisM Tafciiw ir>��slsiigti��t, ��&��  th��ar snaowat (temftjmignis*-; ta^j sHyotvg.'h  tia @cm��kdnry, mrtunmMl ��o ��tisiwUiacI  oafed ncteted ca jfe*\ma toners <�� tha  eucthaswtMic (?) ffnft.e'i/tKm*. wceurcW  tbwin*���and ft riwy �������>�� mot eothBai  ostkc; a ��/*s ����!w��jd thai "&�� ancetwjpt  iv<N>ie pnrked Iw Ul��wnle. As * ��iatwr  of {act, tlwtf trspi was ioocE as sncccsolul  as M>t��ci(Mteicl. <Ota kfxs other U*ud*  |H* hbxrals ��l��o fogwatanrts ara cianw-  injj every thin^ in og^t. 'Ftst poiHric��J  agitation �� aacre �� ft-a cayou* tihan  ms, euxl the gxcoaibtvlity of �� et��)^h{!  W��or ticket only ��eudi to ���com<)lA��l��  it to �� grcateair -ewtwat Wfcife party  imea are talk��4 olt, oonny ��Dnaan*ativct  announce theis mtn-nivm <* supporting  Smith CortiH, ami nice ����r��a.  thai la�� Wodt tHe pswaner hsitteer*  tqeaituig rhmong^  Kaat jtatrteftsy and  j the Sinwftn, awinding *he caty awl JmA  ' t��k    S4<awi��Ey fee ��e etqns#os$. to ��d<  dres�� <he dec��csr�� of ao��'aa<l,  and  (he�� fee 9x0" ioodbc onot into tin* Ddrinn^  <iarf, ��i��a�� to #iil   Acvbtieo hare  farya agctaangea^tieteJia1 he may cr^uta*  on tte piattK��TB-.   He tn ancoKnpaaK^  t�� ftc��. Sortffi Curtis,   tmnwtt* of  0�� coines* *ho ��*fl f*tfcaWy  spend a  tan^a; tuno <r> -iboa cectaoo and Arret o��  twm, taking   so> <ths casaUrr placea,  &S&>. aKartm �� fr��c��d�� cfaotn tnjRt ttc ��  (anang �� afrtmgln every daf.  Si*. la>K*mb��si\ as onav �� to �����  xnrae fr��m the esa^, ��ifl <kattetas> ��iB>  peyaonatty catMrass rt��e Rcwraiary, iai��  ���b y*t kii<���� irj^ueurs to Ut nathtng de  4^as is *>e$w<i to vfaen be #di l�� o  **on.   V    Carter C^ottUQ,   *1to   i��  (6wwng ��cb ��bbj�� ��, ��i���� S.nofii.be* est,  ���i��wwQl* ��*nw*w��tCi����Bs, i��i��; Vissb isr'ivW''  Kct��t������ycr fk�� ������!<. m tlw> vn<sriiat ot  bm so< afhsd  pro<riaLial    party, .. and  cloan*. tl-wi* he trill ttafe ea��d*iat���� ��  oooct uf the r��<iirtg^     li is tlioa^ht by  toaay rhat Mt.  ^ottoa\  &oooing   to  has boo chassoe c�� e��=aess> �� ��Eerafy  dceng fhra to uvjore   iws akl   rccbticad  antagonist, Hod    jo��e;>h   Martin,   Wy  ajrtsfcu.ftg up the wae that euyht jSmb-  Uy go to tfee latter     Mr   button ��dl  tstt e��t flwsch ca'a figure to Che contest  Ia Boundary Mines.  Greenwood's city council has declined to bonus the proposed sampling  works, represented by R. L. Armil,  and the deal is probably off.    ��  One of the.rtcv iron cages, tavbe  used on the Old Iponbiaes, has arrived  and will be put in the No. 1 shaft. It  weighs i,soo pounds, s)nd a duplicate  uf k lsjjcing made tor the No 2 sha.t.  Operations on the JJald Eagle, jn  elwrjje (jd C. G. Duck, havgbeen com--  noc-Mced, ��'od r small force of men set  p* work. >fc\t montk work will also  Ifeu ��t����'t'��d on the Med kock, belong-  ��;��� Iw t'li��f Sfvwe company, and on the  iLifte^ amvi'wd \oi, Hwother corjioration,  hvA ��(imti>dlk>d by the 111ms Sherbroolje  cflpirdfesiffi tit*r* .we wow developing the  W.w 'llti^W. Tka [JiropGrties fira all in  'tfcw vicmMiqr off tW War Kaglc.  <0ii liiw DSW Ei^ite tlw cr-cwAOJt at  tbw ��o��-liii��flt IjwwI i<n ��ow hi 25 feet,  eaaA ^iipt JEteok i*. w**ll ple.iscd with  tow sA����vis��g tW jGuar. 'd'iie naen have  Wi *w*ck WAiwr to cWrtiKd uwk at  \%bi, but tlv2 Urs>i j��.i��o��\!us pwa��ip \\a>s  ��6t at worfc ��i��i izmtb, iuc^jv,  it  cfeww.  At J*��J<:C��f.t t'Ww IW    fr f     i?**1v)i|m>0.S   flit  tlw tonic, \��hk^ fcA.w�� vil t�� gr,a>��l'i'.ftM��y  mcrc*9ed as thu torn iaa W tasod tw  adwnu^.  Kcxt JVida* ffteta-itf ffim^iu wiR  ��p*afa at <ir��rn��nootf, fcrtUBwlay ��t J4k1-  <��ay; 'Jnurstay jWjnbiy ��t ^��iirai\.  SWING HAS BEfiUN  Breaking Down Ore In Th'e  Big Mines.  GdtVnj Pcadr For Steady Shipment From The  ���    OUI Ironnides, ��Knob Hill and OUier Wcll-  Known Plioeal* Properties.  Within the last  few  days a certain  kind of work has been started in Phoe-v  nix which has long  been   looked Tor-  ward to, viz.,   the stoping of ore from "  our  mmes.     Seveftil   d.iy   since the  work of breaking down ore  for  shipment was started in the  main   tunnel  ol the Knob Hill mine, and was placed ���>'  in the- weiv ore bins  on the Knob Hill i,.  s|yur.    'IJiese binb,   like those of   the^ ,  Old IroMsidcs, are estimated lo have a   C  cnpncity at 3rooo tons.  This weeK stoping was also com-.1' , ,1  vacMcad on the 30o-.oot level of- the  Old Ironsides, and the bins for that ��� >���  unirta. on the Old Ironsides spur, are  uov boii'ig r*|Adly filled. 'I he arrange-  ��we��>t tar shipping at both mines is  mocte-rw > d mp-to date, and.(/a]l'cars  mm to \y& ia��dled by gravity,   t"       t   .    ,.,,  '^ti  jTWg^^pafry^  seser5C3SE=3=3  \.  ��JL�� ��tOWMft��8   ��A)7:R    ''MB 1*    ��"t'.  sussm  mmmmmtt*  Accountant W. R. Willbma, of the  rv>nsink>n Copper Ca, 1 at been having the fallen timber and brush on the  Brooklyn, Standard. Swinwinder and  Tdnho rlaimn bnrrwd lh:.' ve��k, end  (,'��e<sj^; Rumlivrger has had the same  desse cm )>art* (*' the (Jiineron claim.  It wiB Wwsitn the chance ol" fire from  tlw \yoods.  -W  �����*�����������*��������� *������������� �����  <*��-**�����*������*��-  >������������#�����������������������������������������������������*������*���������*���*  We are still Headquarters    *��    &*  *&    "&    Groceries and Provisions*  ��������4����*��*��������������������������������������������*��*������������������  ����������^��*��-����������������  DOMINION AVENUE  '�����S5��  Agent for the Phoenix Assurance Co., of  London, Engknd;  '1'he Western Assurance Co., of Toronto;  The liritish America  Assurance   Co., 'of Toronto,;  The Mutual Life Insurance Co., of New York;  The Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation, <$i'London.  Selling Agent for the OLD IRONSIDES TOWM^FE,  Phoenix.  OFFICE: KNOB HILL AVENUE  Phoenix, B.C.  Marlin is tathedoled to a>  nrripe ��a 4ieeem��o��i iss��t TKajsiay.  : SiBBtetMint-<C3ewerBeBr atcleivs has  wsaaei a psrocfamatiaa, calling a session  otf the ce^isiatuie, ��d bego> Ttira*  <fay,-5wry- fth.  foiwi Hoaston, mzf(�� tg Nctsnn,  %os annsnmced himself as �� candidate  ft��> tiw tegislatfire assembly itxsm &i��l-  ��so�� "irkling. fie is fujjfnisoj to rufi as  OT indepmdeirt.  . U'tas earwentoin of *he liberaTs of  SoBtdared riding, to ��ommaie a legist  ���dipe eaixSadate, *ill a��fce* next Wedcneo  day, May and!; at tiratwl *'ork��.' Ik  i�� etrpBCted ihafc Hoik Smith Cortia  ��� ill be choseft a�� the nominee.  Wednesday night the Greenwood  Liberal Association unanimously endorsed Hon. Smith Curtis a�� a candidate for legislative honors from this  riding. XI. J. McArthur, IV. S. Keith  and j. H. McFarlane were appointed  as delegate* to the Grand Forks convention of nest week.  ���J'here are three legislative candidates in the Slocan riding, ri*��� R. V.  Green, as a provincial ]orty or Cot-  tooite man; (Im Kane, lor Mr. Martin, and John Keen a* a straight  conservative, the latter having resigned his position as raining recorder and  assessor to make the fight. All these  are residents of Kaslo, and a hot campaign is in sight.  R. E. Gosnell, secretary of the  Greenwood conservative association,  states that, although the voters' lists  have closed, names can be gotten on  the supplemntary list up to ten days  before election, or to May 30th. Op-  posed'to this is the opinon of the Vancouver News-Advertiser, which believes  There will be no supplemental lists 01  l'&ritish Columbia voters this year, for  the reason that it is not provided for  by special legislation.  The" ff^wfc^'^aawSa^K^ <i  (is>��&]��y ConsobdaiBd Mmwg 6c Soteit-  i��g Corapao? 6�� 0695 fras jmt hsea  prmted. 'Ahb 4K*a) assets ^aanwnt to  $i oo^,i^j t>j. Ijfse fairsdpai itea��  nrw tts toikior ScBrfter Foststroctscnv,  ��i&3,-)t&, ��il��SV tqaa<, $��0,000, VatoV  contructson, $^j}��; Carsnn Uads^  ��26,jos, itwroiiS XjBwpair, $ a 1, a a <#,  mmrag de;xirttaefi}, $29,7 7a, catniug  de*etafno��<nt, $a$,aaf; mme�� ami  mineral- ckuan^ $49$*$$y, treasury  sliirfe unsoid, $* 00,000; jr*tmetti�� tofc\  noid, $100,000. The total cafikali-  statksi is $yoo,oco in se cent sixarea,  1 which arc now selling aa> the oiaritet  ot a pretniom ol' one t��ondire<t per  cent^ 'i'he unsaid treasary sharjes will  probably he dirwied, pro rate aaoog  the stwireholderft  .v..  J>   ��  -  Constal>le Darrang'i toys ll��at . a  nomber of men, who have lieeo hanging around totru far some time, ��r*th  no visiliie mean* ot'suppart, trill be no  longer |iremitterf m mooain in Phoenix.  He ��riD gi���� no further warning.  ewniart eiflsrefc at Midway are (�� lou  i��!������ftd tis iQ-pee-iawood, a poiwt ��fet  *i!1 sKeotoywodafctt s" l��Srg�� 1] urn'jot r<>t"  ^fwawaB ����-iito ''Kiaiit'Vs m<��r '��WRi"iig (il-  awssm." St *��a (ovrijjiwa'sly naisindiesl t��  a��ab�� t?r�� ca��nge. ao or fth&at Ma>>  * jtrh, ljut a late ewis-r stetjk<a t'tw c*kfliHg^  take effect May ask AFcapclia*rh, W.  C McMynw, the recorclep,. \iho hat.  esiao ixee�� aa^tds 8��ps��-sae co��si* ��eg��-  nrar, <s>iil tnewe ��mrt Me��d^y, .kujsI- ��� te  all ready toe h����ine��B 'the ��� ���foil'oivwi^  dj^ry, May *st. 'J'rw 'bailding ttt ki  nsed has been given an ewer hawli-iifj'  <W�� ��eeV and1 put in (rl��aj��s tejs5'^)*�� h����V  whktl it eiH be jpoffi-Bo. '..'���*'-.1-- "  |. Bur^iavaa, wanigep'ot" the���VicttTRjt  hotel isnvak-ing pKs;)aratio)ts to hare *  grand opening at his hood' ��e.st AV'ed-  nesday,'May �����. A hall will be una  feature of the 'eirerii, with a su[>j)en> .  served'in And'/ Cuaitnmgs' pop��W  style. ,��� No fains trill. W ��par��d to ���'���  make this a most pleasant ��:��ni*  (or the large niK&iur that.��'ili uaciouL��-  etily attend. ���'.'���'  ;j!  m  :.���'������;'<n  ���.:���'!'V.Js-j'1  ';.'���������.;����� IJ  .?iy--  ss*.:  Hotel Opaning Toniifh't.  This evening the Russell Brothers,  who have leased the old Columbia  hotel, and rechristcned it thu Metropolitan, will have a i;ra*��pl (opening.  For some ten days the painters, carpenters and decorators have been busy  transforming the lower floor, and it is  now in complete shape. A pool table  lias been put in and an ore exhibit arranged, invitations have been sent  out by Hilly and Marry Russell to their  many friends to attend tonight's  opening.  ^��  : $i|  AT, THIC   Vl-NZK,   IX    TIU: 'KN0I1   IUI.1,   TL'XXKL.  tOCAL AND/GENERAL.  i.tirer ot   the Miner-G;aves   companies,  ���Lwill-a-sconipany Mr. Q'iaves.  I     ).::������.���RoviericK    Robciston,    colonial  .      . ,       j manager of  the   London   and   H.   C  recently complete.1,   gives  a   total   <" j (W.ldtields.   at   N  $1,140,000.     Grand      Forks ''shows'  $983,605 in taxable .-property.  Hie assessment roll of Greenwood,  "Rocks' from the River" is the title  of Rev. J. McCoy's addiess, to lie  given at the Presbyterian rhjirch tomorrow morning. In the evening the  topic will be, "Your Ranch."  A meeting of the   ladies   inte-este.l  in the Phoenix Presbyterian church will  be held next Wednesday at y.7,0 at the  si"hoolhou<ie, for the purpose  of organizing a Ladies Aid  Association.  Jay P. Graves, is expected in Phoenix from the Forks tomorrow or Monday, _ and spend several days here.  George W, Wocster.  elson,   was  in   town  Monday.    His company  controls   the  Ymir,    Whitewater    and     Hnterpiise  mines,    all    splendid   propeities.      1c  an opt'on 0:1  the  at   Cascade*    and'  ;rou 1 in   Central  has le-entiy taken  great -water powe;  owns the N'oi.olk  camp.  Rev. T.    McCoy,   who attended t'le  meeting   of Kootenay    presbytery   at  Grand Forks la>t week, states  that the  , application of the Phoenix church  ior  I power to extend a i all  to    a   minister  j was receive,! with   approv.d, and Rev.  I). Campbv'll, 0! (ii'eeiv.voo.i,   was  appointed moderator, with power lo moderate in a call w';e.i   the   eo:i" ee.i'i.1.1  >po.;a:v.\ trea<  ���'i  VSkSL  T^S^Si^^^r^ ���j ^"^ Tfihfl flrt^*** *7'  1,-^vfflTi.yr.yha.r  IS*  to*  fit  ft ^ i  *"  9 s i -* *  &"' U-> >������" -.  ��� it' "'J l-    -   !  1,1 <  Iff- ^s .  ?*j     y  * *"  J,1-  THE  PHOENIX PIONEER.  The Phoenix Pioneer*  ISM tD ON SATUSPAl  HV THE  HONEEil PUBLISHING CO.  AT H10t-MX, ��. c.  W. B. W1LLCOX. IWgr.  Columbia and Boundary Creek Telephone*.  srjiscKHTiof.s.  Per Year. ,.... . Jaoo  hue Months . ..,     ...  1 35  To Foreign Cuuiitnis ��^o  Advertising rates furnished on application.  Legal notlcL�� 10 and 5 cents ]>er line,  hour weekly lusurtious constitute one month's  advertising-. /  EDITORIAL COAIMENTS.  It is now announced that Premier  Martin will stand for endorsement .by  the electors ot Victoria, instead ol  Vancouver, as heretofore.  An era in the history of Phoenix is  being marked by the beginning of stoping in our mines.    And  the  best feature of it is that it will probably con  tinue for many years to come  WHAT THE EDITORS SAY.  J 900  APRIL  1900  Sun    Mon   Tucs   Wed    Tho     Fri     Sat  I  S  IS  22  ��9  2  9  16  30  3  10  17  24  4  11  18  25  5  *9  26  6  13  20  27  7  21  28  From being one of the jioorest, the  Kaslo Kootenaian has grown, in the  last month or two, to be one of the neatest and best edited weeklies in West  Kootenay. It is evidence ol what  brains, judiciously mi.\cd with common  sense, can accomplish.  Ifparryism continues to grow in  Canadian politics it will not be many  years beiore a revolution will teach the  people that most ot them are fools.���  New Denver Ledge.  John Houston may contest the Nelson riding in the government interest.  That would mean a hot campaign Irom  the start, as Houston ��is one of the  hardest fighters in the mountains.���  Vancouver World.  In speaking of the Slocan the Ross-  land Miner mentions it as a camp that  surrounds Rossland. Why not take  in Cape Nome, and the Transvaal?  It does not cost any more, and would  help pad out the article.���Ledge.  To Newspaper Men.  If you want a neat country newspaper outiit, that will be suitable for a  country weekly," six column, lor patent,  or all home print, wq can fit you out  in good shape. This is a snap for the  right man who has a little dough.  ���Apply to the  Phoenix PlONI.ER,  Phoenix, B. C.  IS IT ANV WONDER? ���  O    o __  'Reeo-iH'ly t'ho j&afeou dinner took  Che G'Kwad 'Ji'etfks SH.ki��r t�� Kwfc lor  advocating vka ��taos<w* atf ^wmi^date  wish a p��tey jfhuwiag t&s ���mennvaaku ol  ifffe) flBwsaadsay aesuakry, m& '8k*sk6 Kbtxt,  &fM <ztamw etDtod m >8ko ^nuv *ssfl-  wSo, i&g�� $*#i ���<$ iJ&�� iffSKoma ye- ��  ���.'04rwfc iSkssW kit to$i W$Q ���� 4*$ fe  QP iffiisxifsfewsi' ��tf >��s�� ul!�� Sfotfcna  fffS0^id %m& tesgo i*����S�� gamfarae  Sto 4msM tonm- ifib* teg Urns* Itesn-  &0&C ***&' %'<*> %enw�� <�� tefnulinal  rt����a^''%BlSta9&(!B!Bi 'Cfcjtf K|��V��5 an  f%*y WDB' f*> ����J', v\S'6�� ft>  ; 35 t&wai vWift> ttas ����ty  "^feikWos  , (.en UiJB tearfhi"   ��w.t �� Hho   eciKKa ��f  ��������, tHijs ���s$etr��B ,gpa��- w <aa^4(��Hc  ���/and climiossd >l)kr' jusSt MS��!ijn>itieH at  'dire liwitfe ctf Diio l'ogis!a*uwj .-K>Viet��wa."  'l'his was givoa ' tosdTfy,   cmd "m   &x-  Weinoliy sfiiai1! d��sas, as t'ke j��elilicians  'in p��iwer saw rit,��ttfh&irs>woQtpIoasure,  or when (holy oould not we-M a>v��id it.  ^Redistribution was put e!T from  time  to time, arid it is genenaWy aokneuledg-  edfthat the present basis ��fiioprosei'it-  ation is 'an outrage.,   Thor^ Gan' be  , no argument on this- point.    Jt is- ad-  linittea:   ��*;   -v-       -.��.'-  .Is it  any jwonder,  Blion, Dipt t!ic  .peopleof the Boundary are' tired   01  ' bein^ misrepresented or halfropr-esent  'cd?   Is it any wonder frhat Uhey demand ourtnultifar-ious. iuteneste' shall  v,(be looked after by a mdmbor of our  .own?   Is it any wonder that uhey   insist1, that the   present candidates'. in  .Rossland riding��r-Hon. CM. M^ok-in-  tosh and Hon. Smith Curtis���to w<hich  the Boundary, is yet unfortunately at-  tacjied, shall pledge themselves to look  after the needs of Boundary at flhe pro-  \intial oapita'l> ifilie fir,st ef which, js; a  I epresen tabJAic o'f ��fir owm ?  We has e ibc"eri fonoed into tMs posi-  <non, 'cfird <8hje Q��md Fevks iSBiner >is  right i&slt iprespiiivviitieB .te ^opular-iy  ihuuj^ifeed to 1*�� 'tire fihSt 1'ajs-, and if we,  do'no.t locJk ouit fftr ffluwahios we hame  learaeijlvbiy fast 'axpomonaQ 'ikstit ��jBhons  h.h11 rtfJt- ftxJkvctut. iJ'^r ��u.s <��s��uliqjc"iSb3au,Iid  T  I* Grahamc, formerly of the Vic-  visited  toria Times, who recently visited the  Boundary country (but overlooked its  chief camp), has been writing some  interesting articles for the Victoria  Colonist about his trip. He makes  |)eii pictures that arc well worth reading.  '['hi ���BMiijwfiBy orf the rosidents of the  Ifatrndray raw ��f tho opinion that a  cowpatiay mtbwof toiais m this soction  \wftoW ifen �� b^MSfEBi^. Hosk Smith  Cwstb *few&6 <riua scteaaro ten ba ric-  c��iM,pfadteail i��s��4�� Jitre banvwaj' act.  'Must k 10JH warn tbu tfeact distriba-  fesj' ArilfeKti! ����. ji.gibMs: ��wj{.s Jm fiife;  itassB&H-y, tee ufe^g^ few- ��f thci��  ��w���� ssjMl ki fl^RwisQ tAta Oaoiwood-  McntW ��noQ��-is wtfsk It i�� ham' lindly  jm *mi- ���*?> mpams., end tire propor  omskmmm dn��wM ����t Bids fcW��9ugh-  sssm in ��nto ��mknmt iolwy.  ^scisiwH ��rt" Sko ;js*io>niHO��t to aemove  ite KeBftlja ��war jfcivi��i���� ���fficos from  Mid<\v����y t�� OcaEaBMified on the first ol  May, far tire ijfitusent the deputy *e-  cerdiRg afifoo ��iH not' be established  a>t l'haaMK. However,^ Greenwood  wiWlsoiinta improvement to a majority ��f ��he claim owners ot the division/ As the dividing line between  the divisions runs through the he'art ot  this camp, we are still under annoying  disadvantages as regards recording in  the Grand Forks' mining ���division.  The deputy recording office should be  established here.  jmmm the wm.  4ST1IUS /^QIHJRagggffiElit��    r  .  for some 'little 'time i)h$K> boh h��&n  talk ot'a straight labor o.tndidhte,bei'ng  put in the field," for legislative honors,  in this riding, and perhaps in other  ridings. "In Rossland this feeling took  lonn last w;eekp when it was definitely  decided to call a convention for this  purpose.   .   , -  Jt this convention does what is expected of -it���and that goes without  saying���there will be three candidates  - lunning; quite enough, to say the  least. The wisdom of the'labor leaders in coming to this conclusion is Jo be  questioned. .It is doubtlul if the Inbor  vote alone can elect a"man to go to  Victoria, whereas, if that vote is ���cast  fcolidly for whichever of the candidates  may be'decided best, it will surely'  win.  I^iborshould be recognized, yet at  this particular time the placing ot a  labor "nominee in the field will only  serve to complicate the political situation. On the other hand, the .same,  or nearly the same, end could be serv  ed by iollowing the course indicated.  The Vancouver World is of the  opinion that Premier Martin is steadily gaining with the masses throughout  the province. Just now Mr. Martin  is doing some ��� heavy campaigning in  the mining districts. .  Lord Roberta lias the confidence of  ���he British people. He has found it  needful to score Gens.' Euller and  Wan en, and if "Bobs" sayt�� so they  piobably need i*. Roberts is evidently  the light man in the right place, and  At the light tirec.  A large number of the voters in the  Boundary are wondering just where  they are, and who they should vote for  at the coming elections. Stienuous  efforts ,ha>ve been made in some sec-  tions to draw party lines, and while  some nominees are running on those  lines, as a mle they are looking for  votes whonover they can be found.  This, ��f couko, is but natural, and to  be oxgoeoted. Akoady w.e ha>ve heard  some peflibrcd t&wid'ur fiiorn the Mackintosh ��r eutsKSePWMive point ��f view,  aind BGMt wae&i vsa sfta'M psobably ha-ve  a dhaneo t�� lroar She premier himself,  <to ���ba (feMawod b.y M'r. Mackintosh  'himself at a tear date. A<tter 'that  t'hc politnoaS ,��itu^tion .w,ill begin to  erjwtaillizjs t.�� same ��vtent.  'Last wieek's meetings in Phoenix  and "Greenwood by the Mackintosh  supporters were.well attended, but in  each one of them the ..opposition element seemed to predominate. As this  is a--mining community considerable  attentiop was paid to that side oi" poli  tics. But if the general opinion of  labor is to be believed, the conservatives made a mistake in' the speaker  who was brought along to, treat specially on that subject. Local conservatives say as much "themselves,"  There was once a lady--who examined a bit of silver ore. _"How do they  get the silver out?'7 she asked her husband- "They smelt it," was the reply.  "Well, that's queer," she Said, applying  her nose to the ore. "I smelt it, too,  but I diden't get any silver." Indies  in Phoenix would not make such a  break as that, as this is largely a gold-  copper camp.    In any event, they are  better posted.   ���<$  Here is an item .from an exchange  that is worth making a note o!:  "The Boundary country,"'said Mr.  Graves, "is the region which will witness the next great activity in mining,  an activity that promises to attract  world-wide attention. Rossland and  the Slocan have enjoyed a period of  prosperity; Republic, Wash., and  Buffalo Hump, Idaho, too have had  theirs. The result ot the treatment ot  ores at Grand forks will create an en-  paralleled demand lor Boundary properties and snares by outside investors.  Such a movement���one that Villi be  historical���is inevitable Lite thia summer, or in the early tall,"  Premier Joe Martin of British Columbia is imitating in a small way the  methods of William Jennings Biyan.  He has planned a tour in the Slocan  which will call for a year's o��rtoiy in  two weeks.���Spokesman-Review.  What is hoped and praj'ed 'for by  the Kootenays from tha government,  whoever they may bo, is, tha* they will  leave our mining Inws dam; nud gnus  us back part of ��ur Snvefc tor road's mred  trails. It they will do thi&wu will do  the rest.���Silwrtoiai��M.  Mr. Smith Curtis asstwad & iroiauffteai  to the Rosfikind Minor that tha Cjw-  omniont would hav�� �� cmadidnita k)  every constituency in ths prsrvmofi  with tha possible excqrtia* ey Natanif-  mo City, w hich is being cotnetiasted fay  Mr. Ralph Smith,-���Netsaifr Mijnsa  AN thinking tt��a, sJI $$.'%�� wsdmt  tito rospoHwbilitifis attacked 6�� tkm po>-  liliail situation as it mv atjwiilia, ansut  lia pained by tha hopelesfi ��ad^aveffs  of won Id-be pohttctawe to briiag a�� a &��;-  tiawnl fight, ��m party lines, durmg' nhs  coming eas��paigti.*-Ft. Seed fTO��yuK-  ter.  '���*  Ex-Go^wrr-- MadiiMtoeri akaaM bs  obte so xmoka r good ggiit ��f k m, the  KoatesKtys. Mw natmrnttxeea by 'tfoe  &ost;ki��.d eoaso^'atjwes hm- ��h�� kji-  ppoviil ��yf tins cowasrvattvxss >tb)XMSg(k��iHit  tii8l pwjuwoo. M��c Mftcik����$ct��h htts  aswipl* enft&wmxxt ��s ft pffllkic��l Sglaksr.  ���VsweoBHifiiE W��u44  Am<��Bg tSKns mnaiy assBWite^ ^rn^mnsi  that cltHM'arad utp to kiindseo^o afoot  Brothor Sbebdwa goi Ekimt^k \vtA tks  newspaijjar ktBswiKs amhs efetS? obv ot  how long aw ��pd4��rary mam ^bswM lute  allowed t* got tha payar ��teP kis ssh-  scription Wm ws�� ��r*. >WsM emra inspired prophat 'kkdily ��*��* isi-'te'Itaad  and settle thie'  son Econeuvieit  Cliaeron Court I. 0. F.  Cimeron Court, Independent Order  Forresters, meets first and third Wednesdays  of   each   month.     Visiting  brethren are cordially welcomed.  L-CCrawkoki),   J.E. W.Thompson,  Rec.Sec. C R  The LOG CABIN  LAUNDRY.  Mrs. Larson has opened  a Laundry in the Log  Cabin Hotel, and is prepared to do all kinds of  Laundry work in first class  order.   A trial solicited.  Dominion Avenue,  Below Banner Street.  Church Services.  Presbytfriani���Divine service ey-  ery Sunday at 11 a.m. and 7:30 o'clock,  Ironsides time, in the schoolhouse.  Evcrbody cordially invited.  Mti hodist.���Preaching service w ill  be held every Thursday evening, at  7:30 o'clock, at the schoolhouse. Sermon by Rev. 11. H. Balderston. Cordial invitation to all.  Our 3?k,st ComiAeraifcioiU.  We Use Only t'he VwmA Th��s  Can be Procim  Water Chaly m  tioM wo-rk.  jr. m. ttm  I rm. isim' i��ki:u iv tow v is madk i��y tiik j  THE ELKHORN BREWERY I  ASK FOR  PORTMANN .  BROS, a CO.  Proprietors.  Tiw Eliihcrn Lager contains only pure Maltaiid 'Mops,  ���kept oia draught or in bottles by all the leading hotels.  iftrtts'D'lv iUum'e \ffi.uttr.y.  Ti-y it!   It 11  "n  **���  JS'  -��'^  PH0��HX  * ���i-LAWEENCE % WATSON, Fibotu  jswao owlldd pern  AMD anUvjcmta.  Beat of wodi gvw.ra=i*6oed.     Sjusciaity ��sf Wkitw Sl^a.  iBASKMmxy &Tiix��a Elk.,  KiIXIKS (* CO., !P��o<inj,i*.��i<otRs.  Chapel SLencowfibki.  stakiuri) avk, ma&ms,��. C  ^      ���������    J     ~H'I  'rrXm Jili'Vi'ii.jii^aw  irszavmx '��� ���  SJdAfilKK'jt.    *  FURNiTURi  ��& en$ m&tP, frsm tke Largest, B��td to *i!w Cssi-ed  2 2ifwlwb:-r��t N^feoa, Kasfio, TWa Wmhfi, Bumdm, Simm ���Cfafa ��  * StivopsON, Ke.w DttHVd*, ��xmr, SWwo, a��a>BfeB^,''|fr^, Ci��s��trjjtf," ���  # <��r.-w*d Dorics, C^poeH��H��od, Sliwhj'W, Whfij^rtm snitl 3?teffiaaaiu ��  | FISH, OYSTERS AND- rOULTSL�� JH mA^M. ���  f All owiiM'fi yeoM<w pjxawjfi *��te��ffiisav '" ���  *~J The mats who anfo'  heeling for candidate $Jfaokiates4i  Rossland" ridimg \��asa toisowfls *mo  years ago. Sndd'��ra a��ia>vaiisi��iB(s ma  to be distrusted, arvd cunnindatos W'ksso  chief support comes ftwa btsso' iwhoss  principles a*a liar srute >tsa itte >1  biddor far sp��t cweli -MB 'B?a&  suspicion.���SSateeaa 1'ri  Maple Leaf Hotel  **.  f mojss.iD��s Ave,  LEC  W�� ftntdlk ��31 CM&ftf"���Beef, F'ofek^ Skf^bm jurf l^asL.  'Ate$ix&��Bi^iafey a-iifi.Oyate'rs.iw sre��isoin.'>  <QA  km  PiincGtotn hai tW>i*'ltS5 # tes om��. ���io.i  the matcar <*f Maoi^mg m<ai% itfhs iiaasuill  reaching fhatt easai^i afssfy ��aaa <i> (ftiaoSls,  and now thntt a e��w spj^sttP d6 lasttfettEfe^  ed   there   t>Lva ��� ip��ssim,astjar gsaanaS  coming in f��r- <u -iMsaHfe.    Tj'b m <  old story,  tfhus ^o'Jteal   ^tH'asti'��i% ��id  every new ea<ra^ bh tfe.e jMSiviiiiiras IfrnK liad  the same tesHikte ti��  ac  Grand iFatte Gafifitiaa'."  rf Tii'Mietlay Hay Jt��is>t fc�� liiaaaid.    Als�� Cs��? c�� 0��uts.  ijtateg Flour  ���4>ae tthat It is Mie Cilebuatied CAr.K AiR'\v OSlAIMO WJIDiAV, Wre Ktal eitonl'e i#f WHiinr ici  ! 'IMHOiWJTWi HiI^U�� arnJl IM*01KWa-OI�� CO. aac s��k; JHOrki fttr tlli*��  a.gwxl stook of A No : ai��igi<es olmafj oil  hand tft our WKaTohoui��e.  Tfee ctteefcrii'P 'toonwvw 'ttfo tpsi��> STolaai-  daw mini'Bg (diKWetas casnia^t M to a*M  to the pr-isvjssi'iity rff iffeoit isasebiein^ btst  the lbasibility ��f (MnErapafekig >wsitSh ifhe  Canadiain Pacific. i4y eowrraebioa wiifeh  the Great Nonthepn fe sanious:!^ ejjros-  rioned. ;Jim Hill beMovas- in oa<w  grades and long, trains, something a>n  electric line with short brains and steap  grades, such as are ever present in the  Boundary rountrv, cannot supply.  But there should be dividends in store  for the gentlemen who are providing  the funds for the tramway, and their  enterprise deserves every encouragement the people up north can give it,  ���Spokesman-Review.  m&��!m. IFBEO AN�� PRODUCE CO.  tim��  When*  made itx  a^y  sftyle.     lUnMtiw gml VSeo<M��&pd&Ul. - >  AH kiwd'S of Lefnthsr Fundings liar astf��.        MiAsmfttes JJsKWWHsaJ.- -  K&^i><$>^&^i^-<S>&fr&Qfy&^^     fe*i^^4��^.t^^<5^^^^!xbs��KS8g��  Tfce Brifefi C  _ &&<#��Q$miMTE LINE OF B#M  $ * GMEJWOQD, 08. C.  Pte^ruX Hi C  An Ounce of Prevention.  Have your teeth well taken care of  by your dentist, it they need any attention by reason of your own neglect, or  through cause beyond your control.  Have them thoroughly looked after  and put in as healthy a state as is possible, and keep them so, then your  liability to neuralgia or any other disease ot the teeth and gums will be  very much lessened. And here let  me say that it>is an error to suppose  when )0iir dentist has put your mouth  in order it will stay' so for an indefinite period. On the contrary, the  mouth ought to be examined at least a  couple ot times a year, and you should  not wait until your teeth begin to ache,  lor "an ounce of prevention is better  than a pound of cure."  mm  This hotel is centrally located, .raewly larailt aaauil  newly furnished throughout. Everything ie firs*  class.-   Bar stocked with the finest.        :        :        :  Leaver Muoce-nix at S.oo a. m. sji-el x,^  2wjaaves  Green-wood at >io:o�� -a.MSu ���gaid $Hb�� jjpij&fc  <��"@efisl Tiifcse.  EDWARD SIMPSON, Prop.  >fi'9NBNSi<'BNSN&'ESS{SNs^^  DR. R. MATfflSON,  DF.NTIST  Nader I'crd BIk.  GRFri:\\00D, B.C.  Are Now Ready to do All Kinds of  TINWARE, ROOFING,  REPAIRING, Etc.  j ���  HOUSKKEEPKRS���You will find a pood stofck of Brooms Wash Brushes, Wash Tubs,  Wringers, Clothes Pius, bcrub brushes, White Wash brushes, a fnv Child's bath Tubs in  stock , alia, Hots, Rakes and Water Cans for >our garden,  Plioenix, B. C.  'Rough and Planed Lumber, Flooring, Shiplap, %%ik of  SHINGLES ON HAND.  We are prepared to furnish dimension timbers. ,  Mill Located Two ��� Miles West of Phoenix, B. G  (Opposite Miners' Union Hall)  Corner Dominion Avenue and V.a..t er   Streer, Pholsix, B. C.  This Hotel is Hard Finished! Bar  Furnished with the Fin-  Couvenieutly Arranged.     j est of Goods.  ^s����~���"Graham & Prendergast, Props.  UNION MADE by  KOOTENAY CIGARi MFG. CO., cf Nelson, B. C  ��S3i- Sec ihul the BI.UK I.abtl If on each Dok. "^31  Jv-  -I  ~w. a   ^ij  ; it.  . 'if.  i n^ i���-\i] y "*- (n1-^['-.���i *���$*�� ,4_4^^++++++4++++^+-H^-f+  jSocsps,  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  Soops,  We are showing a  full  line of  TOILET SOAPS  t Manufactured by the best  I ��� soap factories in France,  ' | United States, <and Can-  |+ ada, and Pranging in price  ��� from $1.25 to 15 cents  [}; per cake.  It     We can please the most  fastidious.  The Growing Time.  The growth of Canada's mineral out-  I��ut, says the Toronto Globe, is one of  the most satisfactory evidences of industrial development... 'J'he following  are the figures:  lS99    $47,275-5' =  1K98  1     38,661,010  1897     28,661,430  1896     22��5*>4-5'3  ��895'.- ; ������    20.039.946  This is a certain record of actual  output, and the figures fur 1899  include the conservative estimate of  $16,000,000 for the Yukon gold production.  I- P. fidtaie ? (o.  PRUGGISTS.  Il* Opposite The Imi-kriai. Hotel.  ���HffitoionAve.      PHOENIX,B.C.  iWTJBNWOOD AND PHOENIX TRAMWAY.  000.  Oorgc H. Collins, of the Greenwood  and iPkoenix  Tramway   Co.,   surveys  <m ns-loch were recently started,   in an  interview said:    "We approximate the  ft cost of the first seven miles of the road  between  Greenwood and   Phoenix   at  '*��� $130,000.    At the Phoenix   terminus  sttb-flpwrs  will be run to the  different  rni����B in Greenwood, camp.    We also  Iprojioge building into   Dcadwopd  and  ISunmit" camps.    This is not all.    To  get cons-petition for Boundary freight a  connection must of necessity be made  xotwewhere  with   an American   read.  This we propose to do by  running  a  litis down to Midway,  on the Intcrnn-  boun'dary line,  where we are al-  :ady assured of a connection with the  ^^ net Northern road.    Fully $500,000  t nSHJHH l>�� expended   before the system is  lipleted. Arrangements have already  11 completed for electric power from  e Cascade Light & Power Company,  i-ho awe''building a dam  at Cascade  ity far  the  purposes  of generating  Icctrioitv for  long-distance >transmis-  .    The right-of-way   for  the  pole  is sow being cut out between Cas-  aiiid Phoenix."  Sjiaoking of the   financial   armnge-  '��rf the company,   he  continued:  WWel am not  at liberty to give  names of   those   behind   the  ipnuj', 1 can  assure   you   of   one  *bcy. are men of means who also  ��'Ufaorpugh understanding of the  ��rf the company.   They are protn-  ���Mttat  American   railroad    capitalists.  ., .Jt>jp��d��cd with ample capital, .the com-  ^iS^proy- is now -in a position  to push for-  '^llsjla^d the work to a speedy completion.  ''wP' *^' r^mcm',cr we (t'1?. promoters)  ^&&��a& a $5,000 cheque with the city  'ft guarantee for our undertaking.,  edon't .propose for one moment to  that cheque. It was put up as  fides of our intentions.. Duncan  clatosb, the president of the coin-  has been in the east for some  :s, and a portion of his time has  taken up with manufacturers  on the necessary plant-for the  "���Greenwood Times.  Ths applicants for the charter were  sssrs.,. Ronald Harris, Duncan Mc-  ptneosh, George H. Collins and Duncan  0��S> ~  Praise the Smelter.  Captain J.   W.  Troup  and   F. W.  re returned yesterday from Grand  where they concluded   arrange-  for transporting   ore   and lime  *:t�� .the" new  smelter.   The   lime  cfc will be obtained at a point seven  lias distant  from . the  works.    The  ilroad officials were surprised at the  ttpleteness of the smelter and   char-  toiife'ed it as perfect to   the smallest  Mr.   Peters., says   the  Grand  ftafhs smelter is the best  equipped m-  �����tiion of the  kind   in   the west.���  ife&afesn Tribune.  Pboeolx Mail Service.  Office hours. S a.m. to 7 p.m.  Mails close for Grand Forks, Greenwood, Rossland, Nelson, Eastern United States and Coast points daily (except Sunday) at 12:15 I'-nl-  For Midway, Camp McKinney and  Fairview on Monday,- Wednesday and  Friday at 12:15 P-ni-  Mails due from all points at 5:30  "p. m.  D. J. Mathkson, :  Postmaster.  scon & McLaren,  CONTRACTORS AND  Uuil.UKUS.  KSTI.MATKS FuKMSllKli.  PHOENIX, U. C.  �� -o-��- ft-&-o-3-a-��-��-o-o-o���  JOE HEDGES  City Scavenger.  AH orders promptly  attended to.  Telephone 520 or P. O. Eox 50.  Office, Standard Ave.,  PHOENIX, B.C.  �����-��-��-<�� H8--C��������o���0--0-��-��--Q  THE RANK OF  H. S. CAVI.KV. W.ll. COCIIKANK  CAYLEY & COCHRANE.  Soi.iendKS, Etc.  PHOENIX, ��. C.  REMEMBER THE MAINE,  Shaving Parlors  and Bath Rooms.  IJASKMKNT IIOUKK   IIUIl.DING.  PilOI-NIX, B. C.  WHITE HOUSE  <^.CLOTHING STORE  Carries 11 Full Uiit of  Gents'Furnishings and  Custom Made Clothing.  Ah tlic season Is nciirly over, will will the  Celebrated Hudson Bay Blankets  ATVKUYI.OWKKUMHS,  M. W. CRANE, Pkoi'rietok.  Dominion Avenue, Plioenix, B. C.  Established in   1836.  Incorporated by Royal Charter.  I'AID-UP CAPITAL, $4,866,666  RESERVE FUND $1,460,000  LONDON OFFICE:  3 Clement's Lane.Lombard Street, E.C.  �������������������� ��-���������������0-��-0-��~0��������3--�������-<>-����������������������-��-�����C-S  �� A The Most Popular  ? �� Hotel in Phoenix is  the butt:  court uk directors:  J. II, Hkodik, John Jamkb Cartkk, Oabpakd  KaKKKH,   KlCHAKI)   II.   CLV.V,   HlfNKV   1.  R.  J'AHKKK,   Kli, AKTII17K HpAKE, H. J. 11. KK.V  dal, J. j. Kin<;skoju>, Krkd J.uhhock, Gvm,  J), Whatman.  Six'Kic'rAHY, A. G, WAM.IS.  Head  Office in Canndn,  St. James Street,  MONTRlCAI,.  U. Stikkman, Gcnerul Manager.  J, I'.lmhi-ky, Inspector,  ALDHAH & BLUNT,  Mink Surveyors,  AND DraUOHTSMKN.  Phoknix, B. C.  D. J. MATHESON,  INSURANCE AGENT,  FIRE, LIFE,'ACCIDENT.  Commissioner for tnUlnsx Affidavits.  Phoenix, B.  R. B. KERR,  Barrister and Solicitor,  notary pudlic.  ���    -' - PHOENIX, B. C.  E.C Keith & Co. I  ������HANDLE   Real Estate and  Mining Properties.  BRANCHES IN CANADA.  London, Ilrnntford, Hamilton, Toronto, Montreal,  .   Ottfiwn,  Kinc��ton,  QiK-bcc( St. John, N. II.,  Urandon, V.'innitK'tr, Frt'dericton, N. H., Hnl*  , ifax, Yic-torla, Ynncouver,  Ros^lnnd,   Knulo,  Trail, Ashcroft, Dawson City, Klondike, N.  \V. T., Greenwood, Atlln and Ilc-imett, 11. C.  Sidney, e. II.  AC.ENTS IN THE UNITED STATES.  SI'OKANli���Traders National and Old Nutional  Hanks. Ni:w YOHK--5J Wall St.. W. I.awson  and J. C. Welsh, asents. San Francisco,  124 SaitHoinestreet, II. J. McMichacFand J. R.  Ambrose, agents.  LONDON HANKERS.  The nank ofKnuland'aiid C.lyn St Co.  FOREIGN AOENTS.  Liverpool���-Hank of Liverpool. Australia���t:nlon  Hank or Australia. New Zealand���Union  Hank of Australia and Dank of New Zealand.  India, China mid Japan���Chartered Mer*  chants Hank of India, Loudon and China,  Agra Honk West Indies: Colonial Hank.  raris���Marcunrd and Kraustt & Co., Lyons���  Credit Lyonuais,  JAMISS ANDERSON, Mgr., Oreeawood, B. C.  ? ��� ��� ��  V C.W. ABBOTT, Manager.  I It is the FAVORITE RESORT for the  J Weary  and. Thirsty    Traveller or  I Wayfarer,  and in   consequence is  J becoming   noted   throughout   the j1  X Boundary.  T ��� Newly Furnished Throughout.    .      ' a  1 .���'������������ Choicest Liquors and Cigars. r  :  J Dining Room First-Class in Every Way  4 Dominion Avenue.   : ; PHOfeOTX, B.G  .MINERAL ACT.:.':" '���-';   ���' : :  Cerl.'Hcales of Inprbvcnients.  '������' :N0TICE^'' ''  Tip Top and Triangle Fraction Mineral'Claim'*.'  situate in the Kettle Rivtr nimiDa divinlcn tf  Yule district. ���-,.-'  Where Locotcd:~rn Greemvocd Canir>.   ;  Take notice that I, John K. llemenway,  as agent for J. P. Groves, Free .Miner's: Certificate No. 143^9.1, intend, .sixty days from the ;date  heretf, to apply to tlic Mininjr Recorder ftr Certificates cf Improvements-f-r the purpostr <Cob���  taiulup Crown Grants cftlte above claims.:'..  And further take notice that action under section 37, must lie commenced before the issuance  cf siieri Cei'tiiicatesoflmprovementi.;.^  Dcted this 9th day cf March, 1903:   ,  =7 jNoi F. HK��rEN'."A>v  The Um  1  *  i  I  Sonic Choice Lots in Plioenix *  on Reasonable Terms. J  I COPPER PROPERTIES  ! WANTED.  j PHOENIX, B. C.  J. A. CORYELL & CO.,  Civil and Mining Engineers   Provincial Land Surveyors.  established 1686.  Grand Forks  and   Phoenix, B. C-  for 5ale or Bent.  'l'he Palace Hotel, Cor. Knob  Hill Ave. and First St., Phoenix. Is now occupied and5I0-  ing a good business. Bar and  basement bringing in $75 per  month. An excellent opportunity for a profitable investment. Investigation invited.  Particulars furnished by the  owner,    C. H. Mullen,  Phoenix, B. C.  LATE STOCK  QUOTATIONS.  Lending   Shares   Are   Selling for  ' .     Rossland.  ABKKD  28  . ��� ;AMirfl)a��ca- _   ;Sy.  "i. a. Oold FleldH.._         4  '   .ilRTIircc  8  fi^Xlrandou & Golden Crown  23  L<6aiiadlaii Gold Fields  7  ��lariboo(Camp McKinney)  $1 02  rows Nest Pass Coal .; (37 50  fleer Trail No. 2  io^i  )eerl'ark, new  2  >midec  15  veiling Star  loji  iaiit.  2  lomestake-  s  roii Colt_.  7  ron Horse.   ron Mask  3S  X.L .....'.  17  fjim Blaine  17H  umbo  25  [King(Oro Denoro)  14  Knob Hill.; �� 75  tone Pine....;....'  16  Minnehaha  5J-J  Monte Crlnto  A)i  Montreal Gold Fields  7  Morrison  ,3)��  Mountain Lion  92  ��N"ob!e Five  4"4  JJorthern Delle  2)1  Novelty...  2%  jOkanogan  2  old Ironsides  97  3'almer Mountain  21  l'eorla (Mines  2  l'rinccs!�� Maud  6  Xamblcr-Carlboo... '.  26;^  Katlimullen...,.  4  Hepubllc  $1 gS  gSt. Hlmo Consolidated  3)i  " Smuggler  i>^  Tamarac (Kenneth)  6  igTrailCreek.Hiddcn Treasure  3!i  iSSp'Van Anda..;  4;.<  vBSlf v',-"tory-Triumpli  3  ^Virginia.'  3yt  IpVWar Hoglc Consolidated  $1 4S  lM Waterloo  5  QOli, White Bear.  2V  kf Winnipeg  ,s"  ^���Wonderful;  4  *V     '  In  HID  23  3  6  20)i  90  to 00  11  ''A  15  9��  14  3  4J4  70  >'A  72  16  3!i  35^1  $1 03  CANADIAN  PACIFIC RY.  ..AND SQO LINE.  Canada's National Highway.  America's Great Transcontinental Line  and World's Pictorial Route.  The direct route from Kootenay, Kettle  River and Boundary Creek Districts  to all points.Eastand West.  First-Class Sleepers on all trains from  Revelstoke and Kootenay Landing.  Tourist Cars   past  Medicine  Hat:  . Daily for St Paul; Sundays and  Wednesdays for Toronto; Fridays  For Montreal and Boston. Same  Cars pass Revelstoke one clay earlier.  Direct Connection via Robson to and  from all Points.  Except Sunday        Except Sunday  14:35 Leave Greenwood Arrive 15.35  For   rates    and    full    information  address nearest local n.uent or,  ER.REDPATH, Agent, Greenwood, B. C.  E.J.Coyi.e,  A.G.P.Agt.  Vancouver, B.C  BREMNER&CO.  Watchmakers,  JeweHers and  Opticians . . .  Just  received a case  lot  of alarm  clocks.    Call and see them.  Miller Block, Phoenix, B. C.  O ���  Phoenix Shoe Shop.  All Work Guaranteed.    Imported Goods.  FINE BOOTS AND SHOES MADE TO  ORDER.  PRACTICAL    MINERS'  AND   PROS-.  1'ECTORS' SHOES   A  SPECIALTY.  Corner Phoenix St. and Brooklyn Ave.  |> FOR.A.SQUAitK.  X .MI-ALCOTO....  estaurant.  W.V. Anderson,  Tr.iv. Pass. Agent,  Nelson, IJ.C  BANK OF''COMMERCE  HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.  Established 1867.  PAID-UP-CAPITAL $6,000,000.  [Six Million Dollars.]  REST $1,000,000  Harder & Thompson,  rROI'RIKTORS.  Meals at All Hours.  The Best the Market   Affords   Dominion   Avenue, $  Phoenix, B. C. $  4-M-H"*-f+-H~��-f-f4"M-f-f-f-f-M-H-��-f  + ' ' *���  4>J  3  ��� >;  ���'4  President Hon. Geo. A.. Cox.  Cieneral Manager H. E. Walker.  Ass't. Gen'l   Manager.J.H. PtuMMKR.  This bank has the largest number of  branches of any bank in Canada, with  agencies at New York, Cliic.igo, New  Orleans, Skagway and Dawson City.  Accounts of Corporations, Merchants  and Individuals received on favorable  terms.  Drafts, Commercial Credits, Travelers' Credits and Circular Notes issued  available in any part of the world.  Approved Notes Discounted; Collections made.  A general Banking business transacted.  Greenwood Branch,  D. A. CAMERON,  Manager  J. F. WALKER & CO. I  Every  thing in stock   that 1  should be found in an Up-to- '. T  date   News   and    Stationery %  establishment. ^  Daily Papers, |  Magazines, |  o  Books, ���  Stationery, t  Pipes, |  Tobaccos and X  Cigars. +  ���DOMINION 'AVENUE I  Phoenix, B. C. >  Agts.  for Spokesman-Review f  EASTERN  Townships  Bank,  KSTADLISHEli I 859.  CAPITA!^"   -     -   -    -' . $1,500,000  RESERVE FUND    -    -     $835,000  HOARD OF DIRECTORS:  R. W. HknkIckk, President,  Hon. ^f. II.  Cocii  rank,  Vicc-rres.,  Israel -Wood, J. S. Mitchell,  tt. Stevens,' J. N. Galer,  N.W.Thomas,  C.   H.  Kathan, H. II. Drown, Q. C.  HKAD OFKICK SUKRBROOKIC, P. Q.  Wm. Fakwislx,; Gen'l Mgr.;' S. Kucisll, Local  Mgr.; H. K. Mokkv, Branch Inspector.  BRANCHES.  Waterloo, W. I. Ilriggs, Manager.  StaiiBtend,  S. Stevens,    .    "  Cowanvilte, J. Mackinnon, Manager.  Coaticook, B. Austin, Manager.  Richmond, W. t,. Ball,       "  '   Granby, W. II. Robinson, "  Bedford, l��. W. Morgan,     "  Magog, K. P. Oliver, "  St. Hyacinthe, J. K. I*a Framboise, Mgr.  Huntingdon, K. N. Robinson, Mgr.  Grand Forks, J. W. Mnclotighin, Mgr.  Agents in Montreal, Bank of Montreal; London, Hug*, National Bank of Scotland; Boston,  National Exchange. Bank; New York, National  Park Bank.  Collections made at, all .accessible points.  "Drafts issued for any required amounts, good in  all points in Canada, U. S. and Europe. Exchange bought and sold.  Savings Branch Department at each office.  Interest allowed from date of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention of  depositor.'  Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from 10 to 12.  ��RE'EM   SOLE AGENTS FOR THIfi  Lion Brewing  Of Rowland,  the  l.uffften BiSWV  ery in BritM CoIviotLms.  Sttcctts-  c'bbtf  Wuu��<u>sfl, Gwmva.  . JAS; McCEEATH & :CO., Pm��$.-.:  The Wm. Hamilton ffiimtsim&WiB$ Compifuay,  Limited. : ��� ..  ���������������������������#  CANADA*  ����������������������������  The Yale-Colambla Lumber Co,  LIMITED.  Manufacturers o�� ell kin-de of  MINERAL ACT,    V-./;.;.-yyV  Certificate 6i Improvemenla..,.'  .. NOTICE.;- ;''������;.;y .' 'y':-.y  Chancellor Mineral Claim situate in the kettle;.  river mining division cCYale dintricc,      ���  .- Where Located:^-Greenwoo<l camp.   = -    .-s:i-'v  Take notice that I, James Moran, Free Miner'*  Certificate No. B6574, for myself and ns Uf cut fur .  John . Mulligan, Free Miner's Certiiicate . No. 1:.  19557A. intend, sixty days from the date herei.I, .,  to apply to the Mining Recorder for a.Certificate :.  of Kmprovemeiitj, fjr the purpose of obtaining a ,  Crown Grant cf the above claim. ~v --,  And further take notice- th��t action, under section 37,njuA be cooueienecd Ik (bre the i-isurnaicc  of such Certificate of Improvements.  ;   Dated thlj 15H1 da/cf Manch, 1900.:        :    .'��� ���  JAJJKS iftORAN.  yiftilNBRkVL ACT. ys    .--,���':���;-;:  ; eaws^MseATK w iSirROVKWiw^s.  "fito. 14." St^rtmai CMm, BJt��a*s ill t'h-c Rattl%  jQivtw t(Jiwiii(s lalviauu wf-YateOOist-rlttt.  ���  ''^��fcaa��bu0aft<dl':   G��u*i*\y.c��li! (��a>nup... y  Hfatoo��))t��su ttlKOt I', JunfUs Xltoran, ]��r.oe'Sli'U"crl.<  '  CioKtlfft-uto ��&*. >U4S?IK Kttoiidi ����ity rf.i->-9 fvom the  H&e���� Uicp<*(.f, t��> niiiply t���� tko 5'f-WMtpg 'foi-corder for -  aiCorttfhnK-ufbiicpMa'buiuu.tki fjr the pur.])Osc of  aliKolaiwn} n (Onxan e<��*ct of Wk n*)o.veclui.m.     '  iOLtA  fuMftn-r  tukra  iiutiiiiu  tilwtt noWaM, ;mdcr  {frcfcboj &J, UMnSt loe atxuun^naoAl befuve th-e Issu*  ���taaw.uf ����h CorWffoMtoj af -l��npH��v<uneii4.s..  Oiiwct tlpAi ?da>(��a,y af JJIairch, 1500.  ,   ��   .. 'jA��MiS XtORAX. .;  Our Presjkh* Mill a>.d Vardk a��e Locaikd j>a Fqulovs:  Nakusp.      . mi\\io��dys>rd  Robson "     "   '  "  Rossland . ��   .��    .��  Ymir . .   "     *  Greenwood���Gen'l office���mill and  yaids.  lt>a!?ni\  Ehok No. 1  Eh oft Mo a  I>eadwooil  Rocfe Creek  Loeig Lake  ��adi an 4 fari-  BAKERY.:  G. W. Greer, Propr.,  ��� Is making Light, Sweet and" Wholesome  ^ ./'��� Bread, French, Rye or Graham. Leave  ;   " your orders at the  SHOP:  PHOENIX STREET,  REAR MORRIN & THOMPSON,  PHOENIX, B. C.  JgWWe are also preixired to deiinsr lumber to any mining camp.  Our -Company is .enabled to;Supply any order --without delay  IiIBT.9  ���We'mean  the'Subscription  List'of-'the_Phoenix.  Pioneer.   If not, it ���'.���iottld; be.'.It's tbe only way'  of keeping posted about the greatest  mining camp  in British Columbia.     It  costs only  $3 pe* year.;  Fioneef FuWishing �����., Flio&nix, B. .���.  fe '���  --��>���-*  |  ��� ���  WnWEs: in taMAfity&fc'CM tMttt obi amplication will  to motOi 1�� Wie Irf^fJ^atlvi* Asttomfcly cf the Urov-  ,  ifteeof JJrit��h Colu-wbln at iU wcxt sus;-iion, fur  QO ^��t Hu Hic��rji��Mike a Ccjn^any witth power to  ����u^SM0>tt C4��*M*. niaMfrfeita,andai��cratetelephoiie  <%m.d txlotovajm W��us wiihidi a&A tlwoti^liout the  froviuct: c.r2H*Mti4i CoHimIoq. "ffliiel to coiibtruct,  (wc��t/ and iwo-itttiab* aick miel s��'nKiiiy'polos and  ��tker wunbrt a*4 A.-vicu�� oh tUe Compamy dtem  .��MM^tiry u>r urab'xng, oow-if I��liH^, nupi��rtin��.,  *8m%, w+viimv;, ~aftcTiil'm% auid HKimtoinnig; the  ��yMO��a ArtMBMiinvMurutirin ty ta^lcp^one tend tele-^  ifT3^*ta, omti to 04*u�� c��* broak u<p twiy part or port* . ���  of Ubb atoiil b%^aMa>�� mr atoceW oh i-ftwi aa,the .  :��������! C��ukpi��>, tab o^wHh, ofhacMis or workman  tkiuL loro^ior, a��irl for t-iiKr^pwriiostts cf tflie undcr-  tCTjiaig to piwcltacfti, ifttMive, ��i  loase, and hold '  <jwl ^ro iwd d*sq��c*Q cfiattds, hwHdn^ls or tone-   '���  nsmte \ytthi4i th4iliki4rtt>aifb��>sa>i4l, aiid to purchase    i  ��ir lwt&, fer any teswn of ^uffkr^, mv telephone or  twteftrai/la Imtu ttSteAhb^ti.^ ortwbc osta-blishcd/  te Ob*i>* Cobmabra, (Uitwuotrad, ��r t-o l��cconnectcti   :  OMth iJae ta+re tOudti tke C9tiK|��tni^ mvy constructr  okcbL te> iEutdl^aa��ate �� rth ��rr ioast, iite \wn orHuus,  *ra*iy jtortiou ��r ]tot tiotte t^roroof, t�� m*y own-  Ppbov piss^aMMp-, oh prapnttor, miy Kaie cf-tot'e-  pta��ji��ti  ��r   tMle^rajyta  odnMniKncaAiou _oc!>tiiioct- '  n^T, ��r to bfl uouctructRict, with the bund C^iupa-n^'s ���  li*t. or Imus, i��id to le��rr��u ��ionoy  for the p"Ut��-  jj��o'{!��!) <*f ttae C��M4i��aiu\) noid t* vkc4j>ebrmortifaytQ-  m*> L.rtJ*e Co��ir{iaiu> '*. obsoUs fur tl*a<t purpose,  <0Md tmvwsttne feoimtfts or nrwrl-agos from a'iny  (Vinson or Wiy c^rjwpa^a, a*id with all oth^r ,.  flsurri, wjaeassary *r wioinleiiuri rig)h��tsj. powers ��� or   '  prnritQgas  oh  wa>   l��e i4aoab��atrv or  kieident-aA  ���to tcLae act*atHM(aMaf ��fdtt o*)��\o wUjadh?,. or.onuy Mt��  Uacw  il��*btl USats ijftif ta$ atfRo^cmlicr, i&*9, ���  j r bmown, ���:������  tolWitor fur ir-e AppliaMi-ta".  \Uk kh e snfvetwe ��ut*t ��f I��n^ft*i Ceht<mt��ra I'll Wife  matter of tke "TTater ckiiMt��s O0iirii<rHdra>tion ..act,  lOp; ' pjlrt III anid in the ��*atttr of a petiM6n*bv.  ' i l��e rh*emx Waterworks CoMipauiy, T,imited*'  for a Gcrtitaca-te trnJir tlte ]*r��\iin*Ho of Section  55cfsaWacJ" -.'"-,'  (:) This is to oortifj tWtut tke "JH^tUx AVat-er  "fcurkis CoMipa-ny. Limitert," a aftepially iucorpor- .-,  ateelcoMipia-ny witkiH tke wtoaniii^of part III cf  the "Water Clauses Coi*solNation act^'ifisr/,1', in-  ^orperat-od on the 13th' day of N<i��veinber, 1899, for  tke svk; object of cu&iotrmeting a��d o^eratiu^ a  wfttenwom wftcm for tkesnpp|>'*of th'fcV'ujitn-  corpora*(*d locality herein defined, and the ,pttr-  'j��SK��.��(:cesHaryaMrfsi��ci*eJiit<tl-thereto, l*as by  rts pttition praysd for tke granting .-cf, a .ocrti'h^  :��ofciT*iiriet Lkr (��rftivisions cf Section 55 cf tke said  act; ami, fjrtkerwore, tkot upow th* hearing cf  the t&id ��et*ti��H, it ka^> k^ew iwtde to appear to  iMV satistUctiott ttial tke aeiHpa��y Urn complied  tvfth tlic >rS*-i8ion�� of suet-ion 52 bf the said' 'act  auri tkat tke fjote wade fco appca-r to me are such  aaiim jtMjtify.'.tUe- constrwctio*r o*i��l &pcra��tio��-cf  tke j��roposurf u��eiertakiikg and. w-orl&s a-nd Uw  dong-. a��i4 extKrctein^ of aid aoU a��d stot-utory  pavers i�� cttMtroctton thireivith. .  (2) A��<i this is to further eerli-fy thavt the sa-t*l  ��Kik(rttvkir^r, a*>, skow��H. ky tke M*cu-me>n-bs , aiid  Vlans frted in areppart of th-a sand ptt*ti��H, is a-i  &>ll��.\vs;  ..(u) To coaetrMct and wwcra*o a -v>ater ��-er>lw  sydktHH. for the umitcorpyrKtetl locality known av��  t��e towM' ofl'hs^HJK, tke ">RtM*l)erger" addition  aud adjitceut lMinoral chi-iKttj, tke affthwakwl cast**  af.wk.ick-works aa=e $10,000.  (3) And this is firtker to ����*tHy.,.thait t\iz  oiHomrt of capM<il of said aowpSMy, which shall  be duly stibscriba^ for loefore tke cuonpaniy ffh-a-H  "be awtk-ori-aad to owp'o'fee it-s corporate powar, ��*  kjerttby Sn��4 a* tke sw��t of ^to,o��o,   ,       .....  (4) And tkis is ftKtker to certify tl*a* it ban  bc��rM v*a<ka to appear tkat the said, ^o.ooo-wf th>e  capital of the snid company kaa kecM duly ��� sufc-  ficrikad and tke.tw��e w&htn wkick stick iKidor-  taki��g' is to be comaiencad w .fiaaw-1 t��t t��H^lv>i  MOHtka frotK tke cktte kereof.  Ont-d tkiti ard day of April A. I>. i;**.  P. AK. IRVI^O,  A J��d��^'c^tlK��HpmweC��ifftcfJKrrti��kCo'lB��ifeiak  C.rtiiied a true copj',  (edgwtcd)      . J. C. ��OCKBRlt.L,        ���  Dep. Widtriet RegisfrraT.  IS WHERE  ��3 ^LJEvImu  {  {  Brooklyn Avenue, the'residenc�� portion  of Phoenix, is being graded, and the  Water System is being extended to the  property. Snow has been gone for some  time, and spring comes at least a month  sooner than in any other portion of  Phoenix. Terms to suit those intending  to build.  i  -��~  LET  G. W. RUMBERGER  TELL YOU THE REST.  Don't Leave the city until you see him.  o-  o   -o���  Notice of Assi fiSrortenl  PttrsMQMtto "Creditors Trust Beods Act" rartl  [unending acts, notice is hereby given, tlrat bsi  TVestlev Blnck, of the town of Phoenix, m tho  Frovinlce of British Colurabta, hoWlkeeper, hart.  bjr'd����l, litt riiig date the cLghteewth day ��f April,  A. D., 19M, assigned all his personal, astute,  eradits a��d effecls, which may ke seiaetl mntl sold  under executiou, awd all his real estate, to George  W. Kumbergcr, of the said town ol" Phoenix, in  the Province cf British Columbia, real os&atc  dealer, in trust, for the purpose of paying a��i��l  satisfying, ratably and proportionately and without preference or priority, the nreditons cf tSje  said Iro^Wcstlev Black, their just debts.  The said deed was executed by the-sold Ira  Westlev Black, the assignor, aaid said George W.  RuiiibeYger, the trustee, on the eighteenth day (,f  April, A. V., 1900.  All creditors having claims against the said Bra  Westlev Black are required to file their, claims  with the said trustee, George VT. Rumberser, duly-  proved, as provided by the act. In default cf th :  said trustee receiving satisfactory procf thereof,  any creditor is liable to have his claim barred.  And fjrther take notice that a nieetin.tr cf the  said creditors will be held at the offices cf Messrs-  Cavley & Cochrane, Solicitors for the trustee Martin's lllock, Dominion avenue, l'hoenioc, H. C. on  Friday, the eleventh May, A.D. 1900, tit the hour  of four o'clock in the afternoon.  Dated at Phoenix, this 19th day of April, A. D.,  1900.  GKOKOE W. KUMBKRCKK,  TRUSTKlv.  CAYLKY & COCHRANE,  SOLICITOR'S. aS  Notice.  Take Notice, that the partnership heretcfore  existing betweeeu Georgie Dorsey and Kdward  Simpson, as hotel keepers at Plioenix, H.C., under  tha firm name cf Simpson & Dorsey, is hereby  dissolved.  Dated at Phoenix, n. C, Hie 20th day cf April,  1900.  MRS. GUORGIE DORSliY.  liDWARD SIMPSON.  Witness:  R. B. Kerr.  2S  We Have It  You Want It  .^  What?    Why, the finest line of Office  Stationery ever seen in the  Boundary.      Come   in  cast your optics on it.  PIONEER PUB. CO.,  r��oi:six, r>. c  ���Ah  I      ,y      ��;��������      ' t    'til        ' T^1!        If "    t   T   !     !>  >   V��1 ^ l     *     totki     j  '���'r,*i-  ,:f'i"'SSBs  .>';������'; .'."tVilLTlf  ���v.-v'iiif-rgc'/i'i  W-fm  :!!���  -.'��� -'.'w*'vS��l  ���'���' ::'m&m  ���'���'������^iirM?"  ��� -. .v'-W-iSIKS-  ;S-';-.v%Sjars  ������.������;!:'-;i!HSSMte  sail  '^C^Ifil-!  ���-'��� 't:-fr?4i:'  &'3m  ���;-!!^-;-  MC\��P.  i;B  m-"v.;  '��� ',,.-'f  r-  ���t  'rf      �� ^j^^s^vfrts^^tv ft,��~a,i w��mv< ja  K* f  / i  1  Hi  Ms  iff ^  !fy I  ''I  J ���  U  J*  n  7>  III  ffMry iJ   ^  ^"*��i h  *   -5,  ��, - y  WW'  rJ  3,rt\  '<��� H"'"  n>  THE   PHOENIX PIONEER.  '������.'  JUS'l". .RECEIVED.A-.STOCK.      ..  OF LATEST I>*SioXS IN  WALL PAPER  And CONFECTIONERY.  Also a complete line of Stationer)',  Blank Books, Cigaij* ancl'i'olwcco.  Dominion Ave.     PHOEMIX.'fc.C.  will also look after the interests oi the j    Ladies, attention���Shirt  waists,   ah  concern.' lendless' variety, new, lines justarrived.  1N-THE LOCAL F2EE.&  The C. P. &. ia 1k��ie&h$ <fe Swts^H  shed at Kholt        c  Tuvel on the ]3 craw ��!��#��?  jsepcrrtad to Lib i hi proving.  Get a miitYor t>ha Ltwf $<��&��� Wistm-  Kendricfe; n large wltfofciasfc %mi�� itt��-  equfllled.  Meyers opedPi&sfewty tioskg ilSns�� jjajfc*  Wast erf ��1*?s��w.      ' '  'Far H����vjr, g&Jrflfiasaft ,irc����  ��s  ;jwt'Hor-sl.iff>.    Mr.  Snnipswia mil  con'  unwoM tikj J&eHevtts katek  ISmwiwbs is geiTcrnlly, cftriet -m oJl  lSoundftry towns just new, bait all are  preparing for a busy seasoi..  Miss Astley, of Seattle, sihber of Mrs.  L. Y. Birnie, is visiting the ilatter at  Jier home on Jvnob Hill avenue.  '/'he Vernon & Nelson Telephone  Co. intends to string anothei wire  between Greenwood and l'hocnix. , '  < Morrin & Thompson have-,secqre<f  the'agency for the Tamolis DqStless  Floor(ljrusri.    Have you *een them ?  C. H. Trousdale, Phoenix manager  of .the Boundary Creek telephone line,  made a trip, to the Forks Wednesday.  EA ^yelly escaj^ed frpm the Green-  wobd-jailj Tuesday night. He had been  tomjiiitVed lor stealing from the C.P.J4-  treighf shed,     , ��� ���     ,  Wm.   .Braid,, the   widely    known  wholesale" grocer, of Vahcouyer, took a  look.^y our big mines last Saturday, |  lor the first time.',   > ' -i  %Some residents of Grand Forks are  njready figuring on moving to Phqenix  and other places with���a salubrious at-  ,' mosphere.    The ��� cause    is    smeller  srnoke   ,,,*,''  Cfa'rk'&B'jnns, the furniture dealers,  on .Old Ironsides avenue,' are showing  a fine line' of���carpets ,andf linoleums,  ' AvhicH >*ill please anyone in% netd^ot  such goods,' ' ,0f - *  ^Tostrt^s'ter. Valley, who recently re-;  rpiyed his .official appointment to'  handle^the mails at Summit City, was  in fown Wednesday, fpr the purpose of  being sworn in.11,  Mrs. J.i<F. Hemenway, ,wife of the  assistant'treasurer of the .Miner-Graves  companies, who has been, visiting lor  some weeks in 'Spokane, returned to  Phoenlxjast Monday. ,  - -JTohn,B. Donald, geperal manager  of the Columbia Telephone [C-o., has  returned from a trip to Chicago.. His  company expects to dp a good deal of  building of new lines this year.t -  ' Bercy E. McMillin, of .Toronto, is  said to have acquire^ a quarter interest  in the Summit City townsite>for $zo,-  ooo from ^hc owners, -W. Ci Haywood,  ' Fred AVhitalter and A. W. floss.  James ^H.^Ashdown,., the wealthy  hardware man of Winnipeg^ ��� visited  Phoenjx Monday,1 and like all visitors  ��as charmed with its mines and prospects for being the largest town in the  Boundjwy.    ,  ' " , ; '  Deputy Health Officer Darraugh  has bees making the rounds of the  various business houses and residences  in town ��(late^and an improved state  *>f affairs, from a sanitary point of view,  will follow.  '^heApiH ball given by Phoenix  Miners t IJnion No. 8 last Monday  evening, w-a's^ a decided success. E\-  ��el lent music was provided, and the'  light fantastic trippers throughly enjoyed tliemselves.  Orrin Mullen, who was in charge of  P. Burns & Co.'s market in Phoenix  last winter, but who has of late been  in the company's Greenwood  office,  A Retail ClerksV Association was  formed in Greenwood last Monday,  with the following officers: President,"  A. 1). Mackenzie; vire-piesident, A.  Fleishman; secretary, R. N. L. Brown;  treasurer, M. Berger; guardian, F. H.  Mackenzie.  ���  Phoenix Lodge No. 28, Knights  of  Pythias, meets regularly  on   Tuesday  evenings.    The regalia  has   been en-  route lor  a  month   and  is  expected  daily.    At the installation   last   ?Veek,  paraphernalia belonging to'the  Rossland lodge was used.  ��� Constable 'Dtursugh has hiad tp personally guarantee the ho%)ital expenses  of one or  two  unftrfujiatc  axon  vho  have lately fallen under hi6 ejee;    He  ttehi-^ti the ^ot>��'na>ewi[ should  maSo  tsemm ypHmmaei &����� ca^s, W fhiss feiB^  '���fesai; m yat �� ha�� fnilwii to'dw'^SS-.   ��  '  W. 4i. McKywa, osiia!^ i��c��ir.(ie& of  tcswt 'iTse'^., fees 'boaaa gftaastod ���$% gaM  cammistofcawit $t�� 'tkbs Kosbi-i^g dwjaaum.  Wettex Ctoses Caasalidtfiicni Act, ��ijSi  SBC* ��3�� HVgisSt:) nS> 0*' tho,fiKj��eBIBE COtWt'.     '  ' Jfotracftn McXntmh, e$ tHa Wmnipag  ��aiw, rettsrraed froaa ��a eastern Uia-  neBs stvd fflaa^rhoKjaiifii trip la^t Monday.  A|*ii iitli Ite was married to Miss  Ireas Stafwnrt, of Middletcaj.' Tl>e  I'kMteej' cowgrrttiahues tlic rrniipy  coii|)te, ��i'!wt esi'tt aou". kousekcseiMJSg ia  Green wood. '  Hunter-Kendrick Co  There are 55 men now employed or;  the construction of the! Mother Lode  smelter at Greenwood.  W. F. Tect/el is back from a busi'  ness trip to the Boundary, wheie he  secured several large orders of assay  and furnace supplies. He maintains  that there is already enough ore blocked out in the Knob Hill mine at Phoenix to run the Granby smelter at Grand  Forks for tno years.���Nelson Tribune.  The" Boundary Crcik Telephone  Co. has received the needful supplies,  and will at once puX all subscribers on  metallic circuits. A new directory of  this line in Greenwood, Midway and  Phoenix was issued this week, and  i1ioU-E a substantial increase in the  BiimabEff of patrons since the last directory %���*�� issued.  COMPANY,  L*td.  t " t  1  bS Special Sale now on.   Everything, you    fiPOCERlES  I   ef ...want in Staple and Fancy... VJI^VTWI���rXV**���**-*���  Ij ia ���. * o ���  M  �� Extra  values in Dried and Evaporated Fruits.   Choice line of Jams in Pails and Jars.   Splendid assortrfteut of a,  S 7?. PfliiiiPrl Fntite    Choice blends TEAS and COFFEES.    '     ��� f W'  ^Q S Canned Fruits.   Choice blends TEAS and COFFEES.   '    ' * J? |J  ItMBtlSS. STEWART-  ��S18T0.MS BROKER,  HfOOO BUILDING,  GREENWOOD, B. C.  faumalisiZ'Sa  HL E. ASHGROFT,  MINING AND CIVIL KNGINKER  KROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR.  DAUBR & ASHCR0FT,  V&KCQWKR, H. C.  ii'-  '  -"S  Only a few more days  a  of our  ((  TOILET SOAP SALE"  Sfascfe oeutiplete���aie^rly assorted.  09  me WNK00P-STEW1ENS TRADINO CO  Old Ironsides Avenue^  OREE.W00D, R. C  The Victoria Hotel  B. C. HOTEL CO., Lid., Props.  J. BEKKMAN, Managfr.  First Class in every respect. Electric Bells;  Electric Lighted. Finest Liquors and Cigars.  Large and Commodious Sample Rooms. t, . . .  Old Ironsides t Avenue,  PHOENIX, 13. C.  :t  :t  ������������  o-f  ������f  ������  :t  ������  ������*���  ������*���  ������  ������  I. X. uJ  ��== Store  t Having purchased the general stock of Dry Goods, j_  Men's Furnishings, Clothing, Boots and Shoes of the*  Wynkoop-Stephelis Trading Company, at a  ., BIG  REDUCTION,  We are prepared to give exceptional values on all goods S  in stock. We would be pleased to welcome all the old;  patrons, as well as new ones.'5  , y We promise you courteous treatment ��� and goods atj  right prices.  CHAS. SUARS, Mgr.  OLD IRONSIDES AVE. jj|  it  ������*���  :!  H. E. Mitchell,  Fine Custom Tailor.  Has opened up a Choice Line of Imported and DomeBtie  Goods, which he will make up in the Latest  Style .and warranted to fit. i,  Adjoining Black's Hotel, Dominion Ave. -    *    _= LJ .���-^-Phoenix, B. C.  ������������������ ��V��-��>* ����� ��� ��� ����������������������� ���'  Phoenix Bottling  J. HARPERj Proprietor.  Bottlers of all kinds of Carbonated-waters.'  Sole agents for Halcyon water.,    .    ���  .Boundary, agents for Nelson Brewery.  -All orders-promptly, attended to.  Standard Avenue, near Banner Street,  .PHOENIX? B. C.  j Columbia Baths and Barber Shop*  Baths 50c, 3 for $t.00      ^v    .  Under Coiumiha Hotel,'        -' '���,-<-.'  Phoenix, B. C  R. L. MILES, Prop.  DOMINION AVE.,' PHOENIX, B. C.  The Pioneer-Hotel  itrt^<ijFjilSS6Pv>.  Finest Brands c^Wme��,[L>qnc*rs autfCigsra'alvsty^ia Stack  Comfortabk and veil Furniahcd Rooms.  First-^CIass Biiiwg Em>m- and Atteatirc Waited.  ",'.'    -   HARRY NASH.P&opI  BUILDING  AND PRICKS Struck by a Cyclone.  * ��� % �� #  FEED, GRAIN, HAY, ROLLED I  OATS, ETC. ,   .,--....,    ��  m Warchetwe Steniapd Ave  <>OOK><><><><>0-0-0<><><>0<)0<><K><>^^  HATS  Latest   Styles   and   Colors,   in  Spring and Summer Hatsv  Boots and Shoes  Large assortment of Miners' Shoes and Hip Gum  Boots, Men's Fine Shoes, Boys' andf Children's Shoes,  Ladies' Fine Shoes, at the Leading Furnishers  J. E. AHLMSTROM, Manackr.  :_ Fine Wines,  LD^tn@trs ami Cigars.  DOMINION AVENUE,"      .-     ( -      '.       -       PHOENIX,"��.'  C  JULIUS MUELLER,- Proprietor.  Dominion Ave.  Phoenix, B. C.  FoleyBros.  City Bakery  SLINN & McCAGUE,  PROPRIETORS.  has started lor Lake'Atlin,  where he I IRONSIDES ADDITION, PHOENIX, B. C.  Bread, Cakes, Pies, Etc., Fresh Dail  Frke Dei.iv  7"  KRy.  Wc arc now prepared  to deliver a fine quality  of Lager Beer.  Patronize home Industry and drink Phoenix Beer.  Cor. Standard Avenue and Banner Street.  PHOENIX, B^c/  When j^ou want a meal  thatcwill remind you  ��*��� of your .old home,  .   A away back east,  ,  don't forget the  s&  Ia the Heart of Fatnosrs; Gxeemmod Csnpg  The Coming Rossland of  the Boundary Country. 1  �����������-+*���������������������������"���.�����������>  250 Feet from the Brooklyn Plant. ^  One-Half mile from the Ironsides aaM Knob Hill mines!-JS  .   Railroad now being completed passes through the t.wn. m  Centre of six of the most prominent mines in tlie cntira    ?j  Boundary, all of wliich are prod'ticersv    Plenty of pure wattf-   ^  from lake on the property.  ��� ��� jit  Dominion Ave.,  Phoenix, B, C.  M^als 'Served at All   Hours  WIS  H. HAWTHORNE  Proprietor.  1.  If  f  For Prices anil Tennsy apply to  fEJi  ^  t.^


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