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The Phoenix Pioneer Apr 26, 1902

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 No, 24.
I r «*/-&k*;
- *T^
- Wff
, t r?'ir
* -M
s * *«
1' ;-i*1^
The Big Store
With the Most Up-to-Date Stock in  the District.
Tooke Bios Starched
Van Al'i 1 *• j\"({. il< <
30      lllffclt'llt      .St)ll*S
aiii' Shades h) .ill the
the H-st M.ikeis
Oiigui.il Slater foi which we aie the sole* agents, and eiei)
pan of whjch the pure is stamped by the inukeis.
Mcf'read) diess s! oes.
Ames llolden diess shoes
I'oot-Schullz—the peer of Ajneiic.iii mining S'u-s
Geo A Slatei—-*-We li.'ye in stock 150 pan of this line of
dress shoes which \\e aie closing out al actq il cost.
We arc sole agents loi the 1-it Kefonn Clothing Co, of
Moniieal. 'I heir *-|)r"ig samples are a man el, the fit
1 HNMH (0., liilti
Giand l*oiks
Ripe Tomatoes, Lettuce,
Cauliflower, Spinach,
Green Onions, Celery
Green Rhubarb
The prices will be a liftle high
but its nice to have these i emi riders of Sunny Climes while the
snow is on the ground.
Our first lots of Strawberries
will get here May 1st.
Get your orders in early for this
is a small shipment. As usual
we have arranged for rhipments
to arrive tri-weekly, and trust
our many customers will appreciate our forethought in this regard.
of the best mining propoeilions in the
province—one that will make a great
name for itself some day.
Brought   in  Fifty Thousand
in Cash.
Marcus Daly Eftale Bought Two Claims In
Ihe Similkameen Prom W. V. Williams,
l. Jacobsoo and 0. Johnson.
Last week two hard working mitieis
and prospectors weie made happy by
their share from the sale of a promis
in r property in the Similkameen, in
which also a prominent mining man
was interested. All were residents of
I'hoenix. The miners were Ole Johnson and Louis Jacobson, and they were
associated in the deal with\ William
Volen Williams, the popular superintendent of the Granby mines in this
camp. I'he tale reads like a romance,
but is one of fact, and is all the more
interesting on that account.
Mr. Williams came to Phoenix four
jears auo last month from Rossland to
take charge of the work on the Granby
mines here. He found among the
loice then employed the two men
a! ove referred to, who had worked for
him in Rossland. He knew them as
industrious and reliable men, and
when that'summer they expressed a
desire lo go prospecting, he fitted them
oui. They made a number of locations in the Similkameen, but the two
ul consequence were the Copper Cleft
and the Mound, uii Twenty,.,. Mile
cieek.    ';'  ■'
Located in August, 1^98.
These were located in August, 1898,
and a little later the Nickel Plate, now
l-inious for its rich ore, was located,
adj "iuing." Assessment work was done
e.i< li, -year,;iih"d,: the:, showing-, oil - the
pioperties was most encouraging. In
themeaiHime, however, the NickelPIate
had been purchased by Marcus Daly
of Butte, Mont., who is said to have
paid £60,000 for the prospect. Mr.
Daly at once began development work
on the Nickel Plate, which is now re
poited to be a phenomenal property as
far as values and size or oie bodies go.
It will assay hundreds of dollars per
ton, and it is said - has thousands ot
tons of ore blocked out worth $60 and
mcie per ton. Supt. Roger.), of the
Nickel Plate, was jealous of any and
all \isitcrs, and it has been well, known
that no one was allowed on the prop-
eitv for years except.the"workmen
\n effort was niade to give the
pioperties all around the Nickel Plate
a bad name, so that they could be
boi'ght at a song by the Nickel Plate
people, and a number of claims were
acquired in this way.
Knew Value ol Claims.
But the Copper Cleft and Mound
owners did not come in this catagory.
I hey knew what they had, and knew
it was worth a good sum, so they
meiely "sawed wood," as it were, doing
the assessment woik regularly each
jeai.. Several times they were ap-
pioached to sell, by the agents of the
Marcus Daly estate, but up to last
week it was all to no purpose.
Exploitation of the Nickel Plate
went steadily on, the average force of
men employed for a long time back
bung 20. The Mound adjoined the
Nickle Plate, and as the foi met; was a
pnoi location, it was a full claim, but
its owners had reason to think that the
Nickel Plate force was actually work
ing in Mound ground. Then a better
'iffei still was made to the Phoenicians,
and while Mr. Williams was not anxious to sell, the amount of cash in
sight looked pretty big to the others.,
and he consented..
Last week Wednesday they went to
Rossland, and the next day met |no.
R OH'oole, of Butte, agent of the
Maicus Daly estate. By noon the deal
was completed, and in the neighborhood of $50,000 was turned over in
cash to the three Phoenix men.
Such, in brief, is the story of one
giub stake. Jacobson and Johnson
.11c now in Spokane, and evidently feel
that they need not work for a while.
Mi. Williams returned Friday, but
does not seem to care to go into particulars of the deal. But h. w-is a
lucky day for a\\ thi;ee >yiien !\Ir.
Williams offered to outfit the other
two.    'I'he Daly estate now owns one
Ex-Hoi Air Railway Officials Have Led the
During the week there have been a
tew more sensations in regard to the
Hot Air 1 ail way, recently opened between Grand Forks and Republic.
According to the story Col. W. C.
Haywood, auditor^ and N. 12. Birbeck,
general freight and passenger agent of
of the. Hot Air line, after appropriating
.so"me $6,000 or more, which was spent
in riotous living, have, left for parts
unknown. Birbeck >vas a gambler,
and Haywood looked upon the wine
when it was red, especially when there
were women aroiind. i The one being
auditor, was able to cover up, the speculations of, the other , for several
months, until experts went over the
books of the company!.     .
Another story is that Birbeck has
gone to 'foronto, where the money for
building the line was obtained, to ■con
l'er with the principals there, with a
view to making charges against. T. W.
Holland, general manager, and W. C.
.Morris, his .assistanti;*' Mr. Holland
is.said to be in Toronto now in this
connection.        :     ;j
The affair has created no small sen
satioii in Grand Fork's, and rumors as
to further interesting developments in
the case are not wanting. Among
other things it is said that bogus time
checks were cashed on several occasions.
City and District Notes
New  Proposition   for   Coast-
Kootenay Road.
Proposition Made to Ibe Government  This
Week-Most Liberal Terms Vet Offered
. By Any Company.
Was in the Boundary Some Thirteen Years
v.. '"      Ag0'  ■ -■
Randall H. Kemp, one of the oldest
of the old timers in: Southern 'British
Columbia, was a visitor in the city
early this week. He came into this
section about 13 yeais ago for D. C
Corbin, who ivishefl to, know the
'mineral nossibililies of'.the Boundary."
Mr. Kemp's report was quite favorable
even at that early period of the country's history.
In Phoenix Mr. Kemp found several
old acquaintances, among them being
\V. Y. Williams, superintendent of the
Granby .mines, who took Mr.Kemp on
a trip, through trie Knob Hill mine.
The ore bodies that he saw made even
a man of Mr Kemp's wide experience,
covering 25' years in the west, open his
eyes with wonder. He had read about
them before, but had to see the mines
to actually appieciate them.
Mr. Kemp is now representing the
monthly known as Mining, ofSpokane,
and is taking atrip through the Boundary camps in the interest of that publication. For several years Mr. -Kemp
has been living at Kemp's Hot Springs,
near Kaslo, where he thinks he has a
veritable gold mine when the country
fills up so as to make a market for his
valuable mineral waters.
Boundary Mining Notes.
Up to tliis week the Granby smelter
has treated.39I.O0Q'tons of ore.
Nearly 150,000 tons of ore have been
shipped from Boundary mines thus far
this year.
The Mother Lode smelter was closed
one day tl|is week, to permit, of repairs
to'the furnace.
If no more unforeseen contingenc-ie*
arise, the Sunset smelter is to start operations about June 1st.
Owinj? to bad roads K. Mi-yeihotl' has
ili«continu'e(l hauling ore from the Jewel
mine to Burns siilhi;-.
Tbe Lucile Dreyfus mine, near Nelson,
Wash., will shortly resume tliipments of
ore to the Granby smelter.
During the week liij-h water mark in
the number of men cirployed at the
Giaiiby 11 incu was re-u-licd, when 440
names were on the pay roll.
Work on the Elkhorn, adjoining the
now much talked of Providence, is showing tip remarkably well. Smith and
Longley have a lease and bond on the
Word was received tin's week that the
new hoist, for the No. 2 shaft of tbe Old
Ironsides mine, recently ordered by the
Granby Co., to replace the smaller machine now in use, bus beeen shipped
from the factory at Sherbrooke, Quebec*.
It should be here and at work in two or
turee weeks.
In n few days work will be started on
1 lie foundations for the new compressor
now being made for tho Snows^pptiiine.
This work cannot be done till the frost
is out of t|\e jjround. The compressor
and toilers are nearly ready for shipment. Thoy are being made by the
.Tenekes Machine Co., of Sberbrooke,
Foi some months engineers have
been surveying for a railway through
the Similkameen, to connect the coast
and the Kootenays direct. It now
tianspues ,they were working for the
Ollalla Copper Mining and''Smelting
Co., lecently organized in, the east,
owning a number of .properties in the
Similkameen, and whose charter allows them to build railways, and other
things: They have been working
quietly for some time, but have now
made a direct 'proposition to the government.
The company has a capital of
$8,000,000, and has as president W.
L. Douglas, of Brockton, Mass., the
famous shoe manufacturer.. F.E.Morrison, a well-known business man of
New York, is the secretary-treasurer.
Last Tuesday the following dispatch was sent out from Victoria giving'particulars ofthe proposition made
by the company to the government,
which was as follows:
$4,000 Per Mile.
A new proposition for the construction of the .Coast-Kootenay road is being made by the government tonight
by a firm of New-York capital.sts.
The terms are much more liberal than
those understood to have been offered
by McLean Uros., , who want from
$'4,000 to $6,000 a mile and a million
acresiof:.land. - This firm,:-iuts.<understood, agree to build 'for'$4,ooo. a mile,
provided the Dominion government
gives six thousand acres of. land.-They
will commence the construction three
months after the Dominion aid is
granted, and complete it within five
years thereafter.
They will make a $5,000 deposit at
once, and a hundred thousand as soon
as the contract is signed.    They agree
to repay the province   the  subsidy at
the rate of two per cent of the gross
earnings after ten years.    They accept
the government control of rates, to be
exempt from taxation till subsidy is repaid.    They are entirely  independent
of any other road.     John  Oliver has
been instrumental in enlisting their interest, and Lugrin is acting as solicitor
here, with power to sign contract.
Already Own a Charter.
The applicants  are owners  of the
Similkameen & Keremeos Railway Co.
charter, which was incorporated at the
last session ofthe Dominion   house to
build from   Penticton to the boundary
line, also up the Sinilkameen to Princeton.    The incorporators   were  J.   Ii.
McArthur and J. F. McCrae of Rossland, and.W.C. McDougall'of Ollalla.
The present holders with these are the
Ollalla Copper Mining and   Smelting
Co. of New York.     They  will   build
from a point between Fraser river and
the   boundary  line   on   the  Gulf ol
Georgia, via Chilliwack and the Hope
mountains,   to  Midway and  beyond,
with   connection   to   Vancouver,    via
New Westminster Bridge, and to Victoria daily by'regular car ferry.
Cleaning up back yards is now in
Kev. D. H. Reid returns from Nelson
on today's train.
Deputy Sheriff Klkins, of Greenwood,
has become a happy father.
Lant week's entertainment by the
Church of England netted |<J6.
K. C. Keith went up the West Fork
this week to do some sampling..
Back east they are havingnppreeBively
hot weather.   Different in Phoenix.
Kailv in Slay tbe Phoenix Trades and
Labor Council wilt give a bail at Miners'
Union Hall.
Stanley Muir, of the Ingram-Mtnr Co.,
Grand Forks, was a visi:o'r in the city
Duniel Mclsaac this week purchased a
lot 011 Dominion avenue below the telephone office.
Don't fail to get a Phoenix Cook Book
at the Bazaar on May 15th, at Hardy-
McKenzie block.
Kev. S. A. Thompson, of Stonewall,
Man., has assumed tlie pastorate of the
Presbyterian church at Midway.
This week tho city put in two crosswalks on Knob Hill avenue and First
street, which were much needed.
JJuncan Ross will return from Victoria
next week, and once more wield the editorial pen on tlie Greenwood Times.
11 is understood that the long needed
wason road up -the West Fork will be
completed this year by tbe government.
The Midway Advance sa^s that preparations are being enthusiastically made
for the .Victoria Day celebration there
this year.
Mrs. J. N. Gillie and two children
went to .Spokane Monday, where Mrs.
Gillis will consult an expert in regard
to her eyes.
K. II. Karatofsky moved bis Royal
Billiard Parlois to the McMillan Block
last Tuesday, wheie he is now comfortably installed.
Peter ChL-uiar was hurt laBt Saturday
in the Old Ironsides mine, but not seri-
our-ly. In barring down some ore, part
of it fell on him.
Chief of Police Flood has been laid up
for a few days with a slight attack of
blood poisoning, occasioned by getting a
splinter in his hand. ,       .
Neil Stuart returned Wednesday night
fiom a trip that lasted nearly four
months. While away be visited Boston
and other far eastern points.
Dougald McMillan this wefelc. sold his
hall interest in lot 2, block 14, Old Ironsides sub-division, to his partner, Martin McHale, the price beine private.
Mayor Rumberger toot a look at the
Providence claim this week, about which
so much has been heard lately, and says
the showing of rich ore is marvellous.
The Rev. Bishop Dontenwell was a
visitor in Phoenix Wednesday, accompanied by Father Bedard, and inspected
the Catholic'church site on Gospel Hill.
Mrs. E. McKinnon will open a mi li-
nery stock early next, week in the Baldwin block, on Dominion avenue. The
ladies of Phoenix will please take notice.
T. W. Holland, mayor of Grand Forks
was married last week Wednesday to
Miss Ella Crossen, of Grand Forks. The
ceremony took place at Nelson, and a
wedding trip to tlie east is being taken.
This'week Ave men came over from
Trail to take positions in the C. P. R.
repair shop at Eholt. The balance of
the Trail force have gone to Nelson,
where the chief shop in the Kootenays
is located. '
Chosen at Wednesday's Meeting oi the City Council.
Oar Postmaster Will Soon Hare //lore
Dalles (0 Perform—Takes Office 00 May
Isl-Bood is SI.J00.'
At Wednesday's meeting of the city
council the Mayor and all the aldermen were present. The chief business
of importance was the election of a
city clerk, to succeed D. McMillan,
whose resignation takes effect on the
30th instant.
Refoie the regular session of the city
fathers, they went into caucus, to consider' this' matter. There were four
applicants for the position, being D. J.
Matheson, A. G. Simpson, P. C. Mc-
Aithur and R. B. Kerr, each offering
to do the work for from $40 to $50 per
month. In the caucus Simpson and
McArthur each received one vote and
Matheson four votes; in the formal
vote Mr. Matheson was chosen unanimously.
Tha finance committee reported
favorably on the following bills, which
were ordered paid: J. B. Macaulay. $7
and Phoenix Water Supply Co., Ltd.,
for use of city hydrants, $45.
Sidewalks were ordered laid on First
street, along side the McMillan block,
and to connect the existing sidewalk
with that in front of the Knob Hill
Bonds of the new city clerk were
fixed at $1,500. •
Police Magistrate Williams offered to
accejit the fees,  according to  statute,
asi fixed,~Jhsteact"'6f'a salary,   arid the--
council decided to accept the offer.
Alderman Marshall was authorized
to put a crossing on Knob Hill avenue,
at his own expense, from the Bellevue
hotel to the Aetna lodging house.
By resolution it was decided to have
the city books auditedto the" jotfa- o£-
April, and A. G. Simpson was authorized to do the work.
F. J. Fiuucane, manager of the Bank
of Montreal at Greenwood, has started
on a visit to his oid home in Ireland,
having received news that his aged
mother is very .ill. He will probably be
j*one a couple of months.
Off For Arizona.
Many 11. Shallenberger, of Spokane
who has been largely interested in
Boundary mines for yeais, was in the
city Monday getting matters in shape
so that he could start for Arizona the
latter part of the week. A friend of
his there has found a long lost mine of
fabulous richness, and has sent for
him to come at once. He will go to
Yuma first, and perhaps later to Old
Mr. Sliallenberger is a large share
holder among others, in, the Greenwood Crescent Mining Co., owning the
Crescent claim in Skylark camp, on
which he expects work to resume soon.
The Crescent is said to be a. high grade
proposition, and. Mr. Shallcnburger
looks to s.ee the properties of Skylark
and Providence camps among the^best
mines in the Boundaiy some day.
Tomorrow is the 83rd anniversary of
the organization of the Odd Fellows.
.Snowshoe I-odiie No. 46 will march to
the Presbyterian church in a IkhIv in the
evening, aud invite all visiting brethren
to join. A special s.'rinon, appropriate
to the occasion, will he delivered by Kev.
J. M. Millar, pastor of the church.
Makes a Pretty Story.
Wednesday a Rossland paper contained a long story from Grand Forks
in regard to a supposed consolidation
of the Snowshoe and Brooklyn groups
of mines in this camp. Mr J. VV.
Astley, who has been the consulting
engineer for years, and is now in entire
charge of the Snowshoe and its,develop
ment, has the following to say about
the pretty fiction:
"This is the first time this story has
come out this year, that I know of.
It seems to be due about so often. So
far as I know, there, is absolutely nothing in it."
This week the Grand Forks city council decided to fine each member 2 per
cent of his yearly allowance, for each
time he failed to attend a regular meeting of that body. As the smallest allowance is $150, the minimum line will be
The annual meeting of the parishioners of St. John's I'niisb will be held in
the Church of St. John, on Tuesday
evening next al 80'clock. Business, appointment and election of church wardens, election of sidesmen, and election of
lay delegates to Synod. Afler the elections there will bo considered the ordinary business of the parish.
U. Marpolc, C. P. R. manager oi the
Pacific division, who has visited Europe
since his last trip to Phoenix, arrived in
the Boundary last night on a special
train, accompanied by Win. Downieand
other officials jf the company.
The following table given the ore shipments of Boundary mines tor 1900, for 1901 and
for 190J1 as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer— Past
1000 1901              Week       1902
Granby Mines, Phoenix     64,533 233,424       0,725    9!),ttl2
Snowshoe,              "         297 1,731        ....         6150
Brooklyn, "         150         	
Mother Lode, Deadwood       5,340 ftii.034      2,97tt   44,328
Sunset,                   '•  802        ....         150
Morrison,              "  150        	
B. C. Mine,          Summit     19,404 47,405        	
R.Bell,                       ••        m        	
Winnipeg,     Wellington       1,070 1,040           05        555
Golden Crown,       "             2,250          90 630
Athelstan,              <•             1,200 550        	
King Solomon, W.Copper  875        	
No, 7 Mine,           Central  665
City of Paris, "           2,000        	
Jewel,             Long Lake         160 350
Carmi,             West Fork  800
Ruby,      Boundary Falls  80
VI iscellaneous      ;j 330 2,444
Total, tons    «t,730 390,000
Granby Smelter treatment, tons     62,387 230,828
Mother lode Smelter treatment, tons  118,448
'W? f- - A.-*..*  rr;>?: i!  ;'"^.*   -  ?. 7B1J'': 1  4  yy/x  -i       S-       -ft  >' 'Yl,  f'-Yi\. ,  &.&���  <S M?.* 1     .  L   lilt vf  ���r ',f>��~jjl ^  I     Mf&l  ��� '"S  p   utajht-jf  f-T-l J'  &$  BJw  ' '-tS'ifti? -1','��  ���i- a spew--jm  - v III ft  "���' BKtyjSM *f.  lis |3?r,  fci,  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  H>MH��  ! The Canadian Bank of Commerce j  ��� ���  -*��� ���  ��� head ofeice, toronto. ���  ��� Capital, $8,000,000.      &      &      Rest, ��2,000.000.  HOK. CEO. A. COX. 3=s  S. =. TALKS*. Gt-m-it-I Ue=**ct.  J. H. *PLtW3��E��S. Aj^i Gtsfl Xts-i*-*-*.  ! �� F. IYTT0&   lasager  Greenwood   Brancfa *  ���*ttt6*****4*i**********li* *****  B. C MINING NOTES   !  k ���-���* ' J.c"- r-'t: S'.hm,et.ls   5ji;   trrc--  J       TJcNc--.*- *������! t>cl KraixjrS.'.\   3o isr  J -&;(-; -a:-r-- ��    ��� i -.-'i-kzij.  ��� Eii^r;.":^r !- fr !'j i^tr suadeio licit  ��� she Hon *:ri^--; Ci.--j*. ofiLe IjtRoL  ��� "ll.e Aj'iis_'.wi, S'-^ii: -eceu'Jy *<rM*  ��� Oi;: j. cm: -i,j" ci*s " ��' 3.r"i- S5.J90  'J ric C*;<ci��-j *-'t;*fi  j -arr;>  re injJc-  K-rSlitriij:*-:? io'J '2'i :<"���   iMU-^ig -33  :jc ij'ij-.*-*: ai i!l Iv-.-ji'-.'it-r--  Xnrou*; ox5J-r ir;c! oKjflc:! 3��' 3iar.i>-;  '.s-s*. t-*.ii-3**-iii*n .x trtj'-'i 21 L'-'- Mjtiit-j  hsili.      liuiii p'hOO=S. .      * .  CD. J. MATHESON.  ' IXsL'EANCEAGESI.  Jli'E, 1.3 J E, AOClDi'S'i-   ���'  ,  Couiubxjurt-r fur *jAiii;��� AfSfto^JBi.  ' Peoev.tc, it" C  o  Take  THE PIONEER  ?  You should if you don't It gives the news  of the Boundary. It works for the Boundary. It is owned by the editor and not by  any clique or faction.  It costs only $2.00.  It is worth $10.00.  3XX.3.U txS-.o. a;t -li.  ^i3'J.*i BitcJJ  H,***+*-4-+-tl-  I    In '.he esliniste*. woag''? do��n  la-a  ( ajret 21 1 Mr:cina, if-e f.B*n �� 5,14.5c r  J ; alitured fur Rcm-mhhJ lii jj^. ii OaH  in lie Bwinjzn. s'or mu'-'iic imr/wcvt ���  PIOXEESPrBLLSHL\G(X��..sien-.s.   i: .odd C hoat^s. io;  a 1  t3��2ltt3 btw ihis i-ijiu j* made C]i. ���  The Piioenix Pioneer.  zssns) os i*xr��ii*i it rtet  1.  i}-=   ::ie ^-'J ,..iu.  1���--S  at raoianx, ik. ic  1J  -    W. 8. WILLCOX. Mamas*-*.  Trlcj*j* -   J -ttdUEa-n Temdaira* *S��. 35.  KTEScur^lto.* J3t *J*ri��cu  .Jr.*  SacttotOiu^.  XpF*��*s**p- f>-��nayM**i,  .-JJS,  tfr-��jcre-iuit��iailjK=31rf*r 10 11m. Tpt^rr. lfa��  afc j*b ecrrtirimi *u> Tog tp faagom-r: ont.  A&wartniTi*; fTP-ir*. iunmib-4 cm jy*-*limt��m.  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DtC 5.0 ��C*od  fui  !wiJ��: afri.   ucjc 6- luh.-, ai)   ft��*H   l�� e '  ��� 1  same 1022 i-irBcinj: itiu* lit SjtniiLi l-'iihi-i.-it,'j  iai:jc,     i"x.; liiejeji -j> i'jj  metsn. tljii -rain;*  CAYLEY & COCfiRAftc,  S'JLlCllOiS, Et"-  i'HOEXIX,B. C  R. B. KERR,  .,... ''W^aXTER,;;  j^^^SS .FHOEN X  1 GEORGE GIBSON  ^-i (J  \><r~z     APRIL  1902  Smu ��������- T��e��. Wed. fri. S*rL  s#*.  12    3   4  5  6   7    8    9   JO H  12  J3, t4 J5 16  17 18  19  20 21 22 23' 24 25  26  27 28 29 30  In ji jjscem ^s^ne'iTie B 1*   ]tt*iic-<.  oJL>andon,  iis-,eris ihi-1   liie  firiiiiiu  fiintflitr am. haih w'lih Aiu*-*ric**.n  ca*��  tid. Airj scnoi)] lioi in iht iionndun  j toe/** f CtSaeui The 1-ak oi" :"'ji; rut; ���  afca! cauir frrjai Qut'Ltrc alilifia;*h ���"���h-as-  -iTea -riBKiI-ta- ��f 5"*jHQ:��ili Ainsrrirajs  a -sihaichij'Jdtsri.  " last i  "{"hs* Cixiisiimr\ OtiTrroji, jsiiVis^cvd ,! ���"'*-' lica<i.'3* t*l :Lr <.vnpmian\.  sn Easi Kotnena}-, nas. 'v^ysmSsri jin1/- i-i.m C- ii. ''���}jci,-)i*-.*<;'i Jia^ i'ltci  Jkaiiot), and ihe Era, o/ Golc-en. inElif j -i-i-i ~ ti't:' tuy.ul lor i3.e ojJc-iaii< n  same section, has ann^aiiceJ :Wi ihj*- ,c.i iL*e Oijs.t i:��;u*j; a: k-^Miau-J. and  ^��iJ! l��: ths Sa�� wise for :ha< tsecV:*-. ' 5'*;- L-iwi.i i-< t'x* j.?iccau, aiidji!-  I^ck c>f business is ihe reascm as--i-i*ied 3 jcis*Js ���.u-.'iiisg t>;.*t*!;itK-iii v:<jor(iu-,h  in IioiJi cases.    Evidently, there are a j this sj>iing.  J*e B'i'Ck. (.Vjii3<it jifj;*, nail  J urn; 3^-aVr, Iuk . rtts t/i*Tidrd '13 15rl j  U(jIji-.ic3. -.���}" JitJi-'-.KiLr, 1c *i3 B  AVfJjlir,, .; *lj iij'i*i, UJiiw.. no >_*i7,-  c*-io  F'.d jCci   .^"ir j'j   E i*>:   K��.lau-  ���ciaic!- i^ clj;' :"*i oi*sJdwji:     Trit-'  ivjCeijij? "i> -.a'-.- ��JJ,'^'ii=S37il-  ��:.,"ii trirJt  35  nor*'!::   5--'--��03   i" 1  ���^^KRlr-lFK   A.VI-   SOJ-ltlTO^,  xr.TAiiy rcisLic-  PHOENMX. B. C.j  SHAV3N'(; PASLOK.S  jsii isA nikOONS.  Bresr��i bj- a Home Institution has proven tlie test and has made a  hesi of Friends vrho'lesiify to its Good Qualities  PHOENIX BREWERY  JULIUS MUELLER, Pkoikietok.  j =5 Comer Standard Ave. and Banner St.. Phoenix-:  ftKaii, F. C.  King Edward Lod^e, U.D.;| "'y"-;^'..  ���*�� a   ...      -i"  and Chains  ..  .... 1 .   ^1 ; -*r  i.-i*e*<'A*-8^i**'s*(J>**����*'*?*  Onr XE\V Liae of Wiucjk-s 4'  vV  '���raj T.' ^4-*iJ"r of rj*cii nH>��lh.  Hi!, >3-L��7J*i'ji3-,AadcT^'!i * S*.��rl-,  xj��c *< -  Must be Seen  J>0 F  HSSKWIV  -VxTt*,*r} -  . 1.. C��CK.  WILL HOLD BALANCE OF POWER.  , For the last couple of months the  politicians have been figuring on another provincial election this summer,  and have been conducting themselves  accordingly. There is still some talk  of the election being conducted on  patty lines, but it is hardly likely they  will be very strongly maiked, in any  event  At this juncture, while it is still  problematical whether an election will  be field in  the near future, another  element is introduced into  provincial  politics, and  introduced   in  such a  manner that it will  be heard.    Last  week, at- Kamloops, a well attended  convention of laboring men formed the  Provincial    Progressive    Party    and  adopted a  platform,   which   will  be  found in another column.     The new  party is  heartily endorsed  by  labor  organizations all over British Columbia,  and it is evident will hold the balance  of power as between the two old parties.  It will be found that  the  laboring  men are thoroughly in earnest, and old  line politicians will do  well to take  heed.    It will not be a walk over for  any candidate.   There will, of course,  be a lot of trimming of sail,  but  the  new party  will  have its candidates,  just the same.  few too many papers in ihe country.  The citizens of Greenwood feel sr,  strongly about the coming of the V ,  V & E. to the Boundary ' thai the)  held a public meeting, and pa>*;ed  resolutions on the subject. They believe  and right'y, that ever) thing jjossible  should lie done to encourage rail��a\  building, instead of discouraging it, ;,s  is the plan 111 some places.  to hi Appreciated  The��-j-goods aie :he vity iasol in  oV.'-i-ii!  anJ   HfiiLirai-'-liii-.  will i;e -sold al ven* low  il-ll    A, i  ire.        '? j  The NV.\ Denver  l^dge *-ais tliatj  the Slocan Star tna\ resume ojieiaiioii*., jours m��.kshau.. ��� r��  ��jn   an   ewensive   scale next   month ) ���.  h;chm.\ ABIE,  SO. 158.  Mctl'l-iS 'c Fri-  MiaeTS- Cnion Hilt.    **-t***S>W*��-***-<-��-i*��': i-fi-i-^'nfi^i^ei  Yisitiii*j      1-rclhrcn  ��o7di��tly i:nx"��S-  K. 1��� BOYU. ScCV.  GEO. E DEYT  Kucb Hill Aicilac, Wloc  Go to the ��� -   foro  PALACE LIVERY Jf'  -  .   . - ..���:"-.������������ -. ���: class ���'  'WWW   STABLE MMW  turnout.  We keejj a well stocked stabk- of Driving and Saddle  ^P      hoi��s which are well suited for long diives.     Special  0*^*     attention i^iven to sleighing jiarties.  Light and Heavy   C0LL|NS & McQUAID  Transfer. proprietors. =-=  Hie slionin**, uhicii is 1,000 fcetlromi  liie  o'd   noiking*-,   11 ��oi)der'i*i  audi  makes ihe Stai a gieater  mine  iImh  ever.  PROVINCIAL NOTES  A Liberal association is soon to lie  formed in Movie.  Tiail and Grand Forks uillcelebiaie  Dominion Day't!ii5 year.  The C. P. R. l^irdeau branch   will  Evidently the legislature is  prenai-  ing to wind up its little ball  of yarn,  and quit nusiness for this session. And  contrary to all the prophets, Joe Maitm  has not yet thrown down   the govern j be completed about June 1st.  ment.    The Dunsmuir government, a> |     Revelstoke nill celebrate the King's  any rate, will have a very fair reuistii-j coronation on June 26 and 27.  bution bill to its credit hhen ii K^esio,'     -���-*,   ,, ..^, . ..,-.-  &---'     t      I ne Keveli'oke Mail is  now  enter-  the country again. !���-.-.��� r    ,,-   .-  J   a 'ing n�� iiiijtn )ear of publication.  Osei 400 men aie at work   improv  EDITORIAL COMMENT  That is an alliterative title: Frovin-  cia! Progress!*.e Party. - It sounds  good to thousands of laboring men  throughout the province. .  Re[K>rts of the Royal Commission  show that the members object to Japanese in this province as strongly as  they do to Chinese. They, seemingly,  have no use for Oriental*.  If you are going lo the coronation  of King Edward, it is time to begin  to get ready foi the great event. At  least, that is what is being done already  in various parts of the world.' '  In the last decade the idea of ex  tending the franchise to women has  grown not a little.   The latest indorsement is' from  the labor convention  held last week at Kamloojis.  A more hopeful feeling is prevalent  in the Boundary, and there is reason  for it. 'I'he country never loked better from an ore shipping ^>oint of view  ���the view that really counts.  Boundary is known essentially as a  low grade camp, tar and wide. Yet  such mines as the Providence, Gold  Bag and a few others show that there  are some high grade properties that it  will |iay to work.  An eastern exchange states that  Wm. Damvn's daughter Grace has the  ���scarlet fever, and the whole Datum  family is quarantined. We might add  that the neus cuiaes from B.suce  county.  '/'he Rojal commission asked foi In  Smith Curtis to investigate charges  against the government, in connection]  with railway deals, furnished consider ]  able amusement for those who looked!  on, it it did end in a fiz/lc. But, nev {  ertheies-F1, a lot of things were brou?h'! J"*!*1 Uer.dlt, chvged ��it!i con-  out that the ministers ��ould probabh ��� p5kh> in hurn*!-S ���*<- steamers at Daw-  have had left alone. Soi��" -�����"������' ' "''"��� 'Aas adiu*ued ��> '-^i1 '" lhe su��*  therefore, may yet come of it  ing the C. P. R roadbed between Nel-  i son and Trail.  Y. J. Deane, of Kamloops has taken  charge of ihe Nelson Miner, and changed its i/arae 10 she Dailv News.  Phoenix Lo4%: So. 28,  Knights oi Pytfiis.  Mctt* every Turwlay ���jigl'l  *��l 7 3-> P ***-��� Hardy-McKeurif  1M11.  Vi>iliii-* *>:elhrei* ��tlc*��jwt.  K.*t.-,corr. C. C-  IJ J M -.THOOS, li. a. s.  White Cooks and Waiters' Union  No. 124 W. L. V.. of Pboenix.  Mt*l*- T��*��� liar   ni^i.t-. S;r5. .-'clcM*k at  5. K. 1'AL.yitlK.  i'rtswieiit-  Se*er*��larv.  Thosr-Jcsirjn-- h-lptap]*!* to >rc-reta*T.'Phoneys  Some  good,]*"  WHAT EDITORS SAY  o! $$,coo.  '\ he Touiisis'_ Association, the firsi  branch .-���!" wiiuh was organized in lhe  Kootenays in Nelson, is being talked  up in oilier localities.  An Irish street car conductor call-  Just as Dead���Ever)i*-ody rani:'*;  be as rich as Cecil Rhodes, but sooner!   . ,  .,,                                       ,  , ,,..,.. . 1 fii "Ut shrill) io t-se passengers 111 the  or later even-body will lie just as deac. <   ., ���,,.-��� ,- '                ,  ... ,                                        * ai*-ii-: "u 111 tiiim in  boot  nlase to  ��� loronto telegram. : ,        ,-,,-,  c                    .                1 m*-ve up,  .so that thim  behind can  Phoenix Bakery,  VboKiiX Street-    'lliour is.  We make good bread,     Try- it.  .C.W.GREER. Pxoprietor.  !M  PELLEW-HARVEY.  BRYANr& GiLMAN  VANCOUVER. S. C.  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Banxocks a Luxurv���lVith fluur!  at J30 |>er sack in the Thunder Moun  tain district, bannocks are more 01 a  luxur-j' than money   and  comfort can i r  buy at home.���Trail News.  j take ihe piarts of thim in trout, an"  \ lave room for tbini-uho are natliei in  ! fioiu r.or behind.'"  AKERY  n. i) Ptioeai.;  Phoenix Shoe Shop. !  AinVork CSuaranteed.    Impoil- ',  ed Goods.  kin'k Writs ani* shoiis mam; 'io <  OKDKK. ;  PRACTICAL    MIXEKa'  AM)    PKOS- '���  PtCTOKS' SHOES   A  SITXIALIV. )  Corner PboeniiSt. and Broolljn A>e.   _ , .. o  it'  FOR  STRICTLY   BUSINESS  Should LA.ST-Marconi   has  sold J     Why are your j-onds the best? Your  United States right*- on his wiielessfor', adveitiseniein should gne the ieax)i)S  J6,i;oo,ooo.    As the voun-i iiivemoi isj      , ���     .- - /.      , .       , ,     ,  *��� '���J    �� .0 j     AaveMiMni; is often blniiie'J for the  unencumbeied  this  should   last hinj      >,     r.*.    "1     .- u        . -.  -  latilts of trie advertiser.    He, not it, is  until he gets into something.���Sandoi.     .- -.  �� ; a i.-iilure.  Caysiteak. ��� ...  I     if you 1 au l*. not seen in  the  P10-  ��� ncei, people may think you have gone!  out ol business. . 1  He is Fluent���In the Nenfound-,  land   legislature,   Mr.   .Moiine railed  SALE  For paticulars inquire of  J. S. McCAGUE,  ���*^ Phoenix, B. C.  r.... -^    : * .     1    1 1 ���   1     !     Advwtising  is a   *.alesinan   in   the  finance imnistei Jarkson a liai, a iader. I  ��� 1, , ���      ��� j      1 ' 1 4inse ot piinieis'  ink.     .See to it that  a bumptious noisy cad, a braggart,   a ...    j , 111,  vour*. is well dieted and nell-spoken  coward, a gasbag, an ass, a blackgiuid  ' '  and a vial character. Moiine is as  fluent as a western stage driver.���  Kootenaian.  ..CURED..  A Good Thing���The proposal of  E. O. S. Scholefield, the provincial  librarian, to organize a British Columbia Library association so as to pro  mote the establishment of public  libraries and reading rooms throughout  the province and to teeing that the)  are reasonably equipped and looked  after once they are established, is a  laudable one, and one which should  meet with the full cooperation of the  public.���Nelson Miner.  .to latellij-ent Expert.  A reining expeit recently desciibed  a lode as travelling "a metamorphic  matrix of a somewhat argilloarenuceous  composition." This means, literally,  "a changed mass of a somewhat clayey-  sandy composition." This in its turn  may be translated into pJain English as  ra-a-d.  'I he 'i.-'ker the luiiiness the bingei [  the dose of ptii-ii.ity and enthusiasm   M,,!le UJ" HO,k aml  *itl'0",  r'ain' of  until the bloom of health is aglow all  over the ��ales book.  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C.  ^H-HI  ��� yyyk  X'YvY:^ iss^m  THE PHOENIX PIONEER  >�����������>���������>���> ft tf ���������>��������� ��� ���t*����*��-M-*M^-M^-t^M^-��*M-*M-��-M-M-*H^  im  PROVIDENCE  IS GREAT  MSlPongc$i in lhe world."  Assets $ 330*568*o63*49*,  H. ALLENBERG, Manager,  605606607 Empire State Building.  ��� SPOKANE, WASH.  ;;  Surplus $70,137,170.01  ;: L. W. MAJOR, Asst. Manager, Rossland, B. G  ��4-��4-f������������ ��� ������������'������ �������� ���������������H*��-*>^*H-*f4-f-f4>-f-H-H-H-M-i4-H ���  Proving a Bonanza a Second  lime  WAS THE FIRST BOUNDARY SHIPPER  1IVERY..  SWBltS  Knob Hill Avenue  FRASER &LANDON,  Telephone No. to. * PROPRIETORS  Worked in 1893, Lay Idle for Yiars ard  Now Found Rich A tain���William Fowler  an Old Prospector Will Benefit.  i,*  *�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������  PHOENIX  MARKET.  P. Burns & Co,  HKAU OKKIC1C FOR HOUNIMKV CKKI-'K, '(iKI<:t-:NU'i.ii)l*,  '- HKAOQUARrERS, NKI.SON, II. C.  K. C".  ...lobulei\\toil llliilii  ��'  ��  ��������������������������������# # ����������������/)��������������� (���������������������������o������ ���������������������������������������  ��� Markets at Nelson,' Kaslo, Three Forks, Sandon, Slocan City,  Silverton, New Denver, Ymir.��� Salnio, Rosslaiid, Trail, Cascade,  Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midwav, Niagara and Phoenix.  FISH, OYSTERS AND POULTRY IN SEASON.  i/     ^ i:\ll' orders receive prompt attention.  A DELICIOUS BREAKFAST TEA  direct from the grower to the consumer.  One of the most interesting tales of  nines in the Hoiindary country at the  ���iiesent time is connected with the  i'rovidence mine, near Greenwood,  which property, after lying idle for  vears, is once more rapidly coming in-  10 the public'eye, on account of the  exceedingly rich ore icceiuly discover-  tlieie by the present lessee, William  Fowler.  ���    .  In 1892 and 1893, before there was  1 town worthy of the name in the  Boundary country, and before a wagon  ���dad existed in this section, Howard  C. Walters and his associates in Spokane, who formed themselves into, the  .Spokane and Great Northern Mining  Co., secured control of this likeh  prospect, and did some development  work. Very rich ore was taken- out,  which was shipped by mules to where  the'city of'Grand Forks now stands  over the primitive trails, and thence  iy wagon to Marcus, whence it went  !>y rail to the Tacoma smelter. So far  is known this was the first ore shipped from a Boundary mine..  The ore then was very rich, running  into the hundreds of dol'ars per ton,  .ind even with the obvious heavy transportation charges, netted a handsome  sum to tlie owners of the claim. Then,  as now, the values were in gold, silver  and copper, and the property became  Tioted'thfoughout this section and much  farther, when such low grade properties as the Knob Hill, Old Ironsides  and Mother Lode had but few 1,0 think  well of the'ni.  Lay Idle for Years.  But in 1893 the price of silver went  down with a dull, sickening thud, and  y^&  %   ��. us***  Figures  ^rfr '  IrE  -JV5S-  ^     *-*&  j(  ��r  '   s.  The fifth annual meeting of tlie  shareholders,of the Crow's Nest Pass  Coal Company was held in Toronto  on March 7th.  .' I he net profit of the year after paying all operating expense and- all  charge of evi ry kir.d amounted to $207,-  84S 39. After paying a dividend at  the rate of tin per cent, per annum, *1  balance of $28,142.89 was carried  forward to the credit of profit and loss,  This company's assets are their  coal mines and the Townsite of Fernie.  Four years ago this Company had no  transportation facilities, and their stock  sold as low as eleven cents per share.  Today their stock is selling a| $90.00*  The Similkameen V.illev Coal Company, L'tnited, assets are,  coal  mines,  timber, water power,, agricultural   and  horticultural land,   city   water   works,  electric light plant and the townsite of  Ashnola, stii'iounded-by the following  resources: gold,   copper, silver,  lead,  iron, lime, fire clay,   platinum and a  fine stock raising country and it is the  smelling  centre  oi   the  Similknmeen  Valley, .with a climate all that could be  .asked.     Today y.iti can secure an option on this Company's stock  by paying ten cents per share down and ten  cents per month until fully paid,   with  non I'oifeitiire  clause.     This |>'ice  is  subject to a twenty-liv.' per < cut advance  without notice, or as soon as transportation it assured.    'The present pi ice  is $1.10 per share.      Do not wait until it is too late, but get in on the ground  lloor and make a handsome profit.    A  purchaser   ol   100   shares  now,   may  gain   a   profit  of $8990.00.      Crow's  Nest  shares are  an example.      This  would be a fair   profit on   an   invest-  mant of $to.oo per month   for eleven  months.    We invite the fullest inspection of the company's affairs by intending purchasers.  silver properties soon became a drug  on the market���in fact, there was no  market of any kind for them Added  to this was the. fact that Mr. Walters  and his associates thought that they  had dug out and shipped the best ore  in the mine, and so they discontinued  all work on the property, aud bestowed their attention elsewhere.  And so the Providence was a forgotten proposition for a series of years,  but being a crown granted claim, was  held by the original workers or their  successors. Little was thought of ii,  and the story of its rich shipments became one of the items of the-mining  lore of the Boundary, which old prospectors delighted to tell to their friends.  But it was, however, destined to have  a great career, and was only biding  its time till the right man should come  along who appreciated what mother  eaith would yield right there if properly encouraged.  Mr. Fowler Took Hold.  Last year Mr. Fowler, an old miner  of mai.y years' experience, in nearly'all  parts of the western American conti  nent, looked the property over, and  concluded he had found just what he  wanted. Accordingly, he secured a  lease from Mr. Walters, Mr. Rutter,  Mr. Lee and those interested^ and at  the same time it is said he also secured a bond on the property for $10,000.  Mr. Fowler worked away for a time,  and later took Tied. Whitwell in connection with his lease.  Soon these men found that they had  a genuine mine in the i'rovidence, and  a shipment of some 15 tons to the  Greenwood'smelter a short time ago,  but verified their belief. In one place  there are thirty inches of solid galena,  freely sprinkled with silver glance,  while several ounces of gold per ton  weie also found.  Since the mine was found to be so  rich, a large number of visitors have  been to the property, and several wish  ed to make a deal for the Providence.  It is understood that a transfer is about  to take place. 011 a basis of $50,000.  Mr. Fowler thinks he has enough ore  in sight to more than pay for the property, and so is probably not particularly anxious to sell. Several persons  from Phoenix have been over the hill  to the claim, and they all think well  Of it. One man told the Pioneer that  there seemed to him to be hundreds of  thousands of dollars in sight.  And so it appears as though the  first Boundary bonanza would prove to  be a bonanza a second time.  POLITICAL  PLATFORM  -..";���'  That of the  Provincial Progressive Party  IT WAS FORMULATED AT KAMLOOPS  ��� For a  : Reliable  2 Timepiece  One that will run  the year around/  is what you n*-t-d.'(  Jeweler}*  of every dc-scrip  tion suitable for birth ay present can be  obtained at  Pboenix Delegates Returned Pretty Well  Satisfied Wl'h tbe Start Given lo the  Latest Political Organization.  ANNUAL MEETING DISTRICT NO. 6.  Phoenix Man Elected Secretary for tbe Ensuing Year.  District No. 6, VV*. F. of M., com  prising the province of British .Colum  bia, concluded its annual meeting at  Kamloops last week. The officers  elected for the ensuing year were as  follows: President, George F. Dougherty, of Greenwood ; vice-president,  Angus McDonald, of Sandon; secretary-treasurer, 'I'. L. Buckton, Phoenix.  There were 22 delegates present,  representing 16 unions, as follows:  Fernie, Ymir, Nelson, Kaslo, Sandon,  New Denver, Silverton, Lardo, Slocan  City, Rossland, Greenwood, Phoenix,  Kamloops, Texada, Nanaimo and  Whitewater.  , The.committee on legislation and education brought in resolutions dealing  with (1) the initiative and referendum;  (2) public ownership of coal and coke  ovens; (3) the alien labor act; 1,4)  emplojers' liability ; (5) the enforcement of the steam boiler inspection  act; (6) enforcement of the mines inspection act.:  All ofthe retiring officers had held  office since, the formation ol the district association, as follows; President,  James Wilks, Nelson; vice-president,  Rupert Buhner, Rossland ; secretary-  treasurer, Alfred Parr, Ymir. They  were tendered a vote ol thanks.  The delegates from I'hoenix returnee'  last Saturday night 'from .'Kamloops,  where they attended the labor conyen  tion. They were T. I,. Buckton, \V  W. Rogers and H. C.Towne. They  were generally pretty well satisfied  with the result of the deliberations of  the new political body to be known  hereafter as the Provincial Progressive  Party. The following platform was  adopted:  That this party lays it down as a  first principle that they will nominate,  endorse or support only such men as  will place their signed, undated resignation in the hands of the convention  which nominates or endorses them;  that the resignation be sworn to; that  this resignation may be handed into  the Lieutenant-Governor in-Council  whenever a majority ofthe convention  shall consider such action advisable;  1. That we gradually abolish all  taxes on the producers, shifting them  on land values.  2. Government ownership of railways and all means of communication.  3. That the Government establish  and operate smelters and refineries to  treat all kinds of minerals.  4. That the franchise be extended  to women.  5. The abolition of property qualifications for all public offices.  6. Farm improvements, implements  and stock not to be taxed and wilds to  be assessed at the price asked for them  by speculative holders.  7. No cash subsidies or lands to  be given away, lands to be held for  the actual settler.  8. Ten per cent, of all public lands  to be immediately set aside for educational purposes, and education of all  children up to the age of. 16 years to be  Iree, secular and compulsary, text  books, meals and clothing to be supplied out of the public funds where  necessary.  9. Compulsory arbitration of labor  disputes.  10. Restriction of oriental immigration by a law on the lines of the  Natal Act, and if said law be disallowed it be repeatedly re-enacted until  the end sought is attained.  11. That to protect us from Asiatics  already in this Province' the Government insert a clause in all private acts  to this effect: "This act shall be null  and void if the company fails to enter  into an agreement with the Government as to the conditions of construe  tion and operation," and that the House  pass a resolution to prohibit the, employment of Asiatics in all franchises  granted by the Provincial House.  12. Conservation of our forest riches^  pulp land leases to contain a provision  for re-foresting so as to produce a perennial revenue and make pulp manufacture a growing .and permanent industry. ���  13. That the act compelling the  scaling of logs by Government scalers  be enforced,  14. Absolute reservation from- sale  :   W. ZIMflERMAN'S    :  ���' ' ���  , MINERAL  ACT  CERTIFICATE OF IMPROVEMENTS.  '",;'.. NOTICE.  Gold Commissioner and Copper King Number 3  Mineral claims, situate in the Kettle Kivcr  Jlining Division of Yale District.  Wuekf. Located���In Copper Camp.  Take notice'that I Patrick J. Derma]*,-, Free  Miners' Certificate   Number   15.1(1,53 fur myself  and as agent for Thomas II. Garri<-im l-'ree Miners'Certificate Number 1)42601,intend mxlvdays  from date hereof to apply to the i! iuine Recorder  fcr a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose  of obtaining Crown Grants lo the aho*.e cfaiuis.  And  further  take  notice tlmt action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such certificate of impiou incuts.  Dated this 17th day of December 1901.  6-n . ������������'���������-.. 'P. J  DKRMOOV.  ��"  -%  j JUST ARRIVED  $1000  Worth of  j  T Consisting of  The Latest London  and New York Novelties.  AFirst=CIass  Fit Guaranteed !  OR NO SALE.  I        An Inspection Invited  R, HORRELL, j  "Bob, the Tailor"  Knob Hill Avenue.  JltMMOlAI  im Scavenger  Leave Orders at City  Clerk's Office  *-�������������� u��*r*i3*''  PHOENIX, B. G.  ( House and Lot for Sale  on Old Ironsides Avenue,  Reasonable amount down,  balance monthly payments  at 8 per cent per annum.  This is a snap.      If you  mean business,  ^?!L!lW. H. BELL, ��'&  ���PACIFIC-UK-  ttrtTs Scenic fioute  Direct Line   Lowest Rates  East  WINNIPEG  TORONTO  OTTAWA  MONTREAL  NEW YORK  West  VANCOUVER  VICTORIA   ...  SEATTLE  PORTLAND  San Francisco  Via SOO  LINE.  St. Paul, Chicago aud all U.  Points  ��� S.  TOURIST   SLEEPER  SERVICE  East \*jV *^unlllore Junction Daily.  (Lv Kootenay Ltiml'p Tues." Fri.  St.Patil, Toronto, Montreal and Boston.  West  Leave Revelstoke Daily.  Vancouver, Seattle and Coast.  Spokane falls d Mem  NELSON  &" FORT   SHEPPARD  RED MOUNTAIN lfY.  The only all-rail route between all points east,  west, and south to Rossland, Nelson and alt intermediate points; connecting-at Spokane with  the Great Northern, Northern Pacific and O. R- &  N.Co.  Connects at Nelson with steamer for Kaslo and  all Kootenay Lake points.  Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage daily (or  Republic, and connects at Ilossbttrg; with itnge  daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.  Buffet Sleeper run oil passenger trains between Spokane and North port.  .HKPHCTIVK SUNDAY, .MAY 5,  1901.  Leave. Daily Train Arrive  9:20a.iu ,. Spokane 7:15 p. m.  -.2:35a. in...... Rossland 4:10 p.m'  9:40 a. m ....Nelson 645 p. m.  'r' H. A. JACKSON,  '      General Passenger Agent.  EASTERN  Townships Bank,  ESTABLISHED I 859.  CAPITAL  ' -     '"-"'   -  CAPITAL, PAID UP  RESERVE FUND   -  HOME SEEKERS EXCURSION  Tickets on -.ale, westbound,  March   1st   to   April  30th.  For Time-tables  rates  ami   full  information  call 011 or address nearest local agent, or  O. W. Dev, EJ.Covle,.  Agent, A.G.P.Agt.  Phoenix, B. C.    Vancouver, B.C  J. S. Carter, D. P. A.,  Cl      Nelson, B.C.  $2,000,000  $i*74=*535  $1,050,000  BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  R.W. Heneker, President.  Hon. M. H. Cochrane, Vice-Pres.  Israel Wood, J. S. Mitchell, G. Stevens, J. N.  Galer,   N. W.  Thomas, C. II.   Kathau, H. B.  Brown, K. C.  HKAD OFFICK, SHERHROOKK, P. Q.  Wm.   Farwell,   Gen'l  Mgr.,  Jas. Mackinuon,   Assistant Gen'l Mjrr.  S. Edgeld,   Local Mgr.  S. F. Morby, Inspector of Uranches.  BRANCHES.  In Province of Quebec-  Montreal, B. Austin,Manager.  Waterloo, W. I. Bi-iggs, Manager.  Rock Island, S. Stevens, Manager.  Cov-atisville, H. K. Williams, Mgr.  Coaticook, U. N. Kobiusou, Manager.  Richmond, W. I,. Ball, Mgr.  Grauby, W. H. Robinson, Mgr.  Bedford, E. W. Morgan, Mgr.  Huntingdon, A. W. Watson, Mgr.  Magog, E. P. Olivier, Mgr.  St. Hyaciuthe, J.  Laframbolse, Mgr.  OrmstOH-n, W. H. Hargrove, Mgr.  In Province of British Columbia-  Grand Forks,  Wm. Spier, Mgr  Phoenix, N. Slack, Acting Mgr.  Agents    in     Canada,   Bank or   Montreal   aud  Branches.  "    London, Kug., National Bank of Scotland.  "    Boston, National Exchange Bank  "    New York, National Park Bank.  Collections    made at   all   accessible  A  .        , _ - --   ~-     ���    points.  Drafts issued for any required amounts, good at  all points iu Canada, U. S. and Europe. Exchange bought and sold.  Savings   Branch    Department    at    Each  Office.  -  Interest allowed from date of deposit and compounded annually without requiring attention ol  depositor.  Office Hours: 10-3; Saturday from 10 to j.  Up Against It.  The follmviiiK from the Cheshire  (Eng.) Observer is good enough for  anybody to enjoy:  A member of-a Continental club  hurt his finger, and not wishing to  consult his own doctor he asked a  In other member, who was a physician,  to look at it. The physician did so,  and, to the patient's surprise, sent in a  bill for ten shillings. The victim  showed the bill to another member.  who was a solicitor, and asked him  what he should do. Tbe solicitor  promptly advised him to pay the bill,  and sent htm in another for ten shillings for advice given. The man complained of his treatment to yet another  member who reported him to the com  mittee for failing to meet bis obligations, lie was ultimately fined a case  of champagne.  Advertising must have some force,  some enthusiasm in it. It must have  straight facts about the business. It  must tell in one way or another why it  will be to the advantage ofthe prospective customer to trade at that place.  or lease of a certain part of each known  coal area, so that state owned mines,  if necessary, may be easily possible in  the near future. All coal leases or  giants hereafter made to contain a provision enabling tbe government to fix  the pi ice of coal loaded on cars or vessels for shipment to B. C, consumers.  15. Municipalization and public  control of the liquor traffic.  16. The right to a referendum  where a valuable subsidy or franchise  is to be conferred.  17. That all transportation companies be compelled to give free transportation to members of the Legislative Assembly and Supreme Court and  iMiinty judges.  iii. Election day to be a public holiday and provisions made that every employee shall be free from service at  least four consecutive hours during  polling timj,  Permanent officers elected by the  Pr(.iv;iu:i:;l Progressive Party were as  follows : President, Chris Foley, Rossland ; vice-president, James Wilks,  Nelson; secretary-treasurer, James I).  McNiven, Victoria; executive committee, II. Buckle, Nanaimo; Joseph  Watson, Vancouver; I). W. Stevens,  Kamloops ; T. L. Iiuckton, Phoenix.  Ranch eggs and urcens can alwaya he  hud at tho Dominion Hou,so Cft,(o,  An Unprecedented  Offer to our Subscribers.  BOTH NEW AND OLD.  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In ifgaid 10 lhe  Boundary ere deposits, he -.aid he 1 o -  sidered them lemarkable loi iheii siz<  and predicted that they will inipiovv  in value at depih.  ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������a*  I An Ounce of Fact j  ���   "  is worth a ton of fiction.    Here are facts that the  ���  I Peoples' Cash Store !  have to offer you. Read, Mark, I.earn and Inwardly Digest. Our  stock of Groceries, Glassware and Crockery is second to none in the  Interior. They were bought rigljt and I am in a position to do business cheajier than any of my competitors. Therefore my cusiomeis  derive the benefit. All goods marked in plain English and it will not  cost you one cent lo come and leain the prices.  Phone 61. Hardy-McKenzie Block,  NOTE AND COMMENT.  -%  BRIEF NEWS NOTES  *-*..  Asking for Tenders���The post-  office department is asking for tenders  for carrying the mails between Phoenix  station mid Phoenix postoffice, a distance of half a mile. Bids are to be  in by May 30th.  MATTERS OF GENERAL INTEREST  TO   PHOENICIANS.  Bought Another Butcher Out-  P. Burns & Co. have purchased the  meat business of Hull Brothers & Co.  whose headquarters were at Calgary.  This deal is said to be the largest in  the history of' the cattle business in  this province and perfects the meat  monopoly of P. Burns & Co.  Has A New Editor���V. J. Deane,  president of the U. C. Press Association, and for years connected with the  Kamloops Sentinel, has purchased ihe  business of the Nelson Miner, and this  week the Daily News was started with  the same plant. Mr. Deane is ahead)  making an excellent paper ol the News,  and for the piesent at least has the  daily field in that city to himself.  Concert and Social���The ladies'  aid of the Methodist church will give  a concert and social at Miners' Union  Hall next Thursday evening, and will  serve refreshments. The Whistling  Wonder of the Boundary and vocalists  from Mother Lode, Greenwood and  Phoenix will assist in the entertainment.  Went Over the Dam���One day  last week three men engaged in repairing the dam at the Granby smelter,  were swept over the structure in a  small boat, and had a miraculous  escajie from death. Fortunately, they  were able to swim, and got out with a  few bruizes. Their names were D.  Kelley, F. Kelley and David Lowe.  Back from Montreal���John Mc  Intosh, the miner, who lost his sight  in the mines here, and went to Montreal a few weeks ago for expert treatment by a noted oculist, returned to  Phoenix Monday. He said after a  careful examination, the Montreal oculist decided nothing could be done t-j  save the sight in his remaii.ing eye.  although an operation six months from  now might help some.  Still Stringing Wire���The force  of eight men putting up the wire ofthe  power line between Cascade and Phoenix, now working between Hartford  Junction and Fourth of July cieek.  They have been making headquarters  lately at Bassett's hotel, at the Junction, but will shortly move to John  Myers' place on Fourth of July creek.  Bill Went Through���I ast Monday the bill authorizing the amalgamation of the cities of Columbia and  Grand Forks, under the latter title,  finally passed the legislative assembly  at Victoria, and' now only needs the  executive signature to make it effective.  A municipal election' will be necessary  shortly in the newly consolidated  places.  Special Boundary Issue���'I'he  May number of the B. C. Mining Record, to be out shortly, will be devoted  especially to the Boundary district and  its mines, and will be profusely illustrated. The matter has been prepared by E. Jacobs, the Boundary  coi respondent, which is proof that it  will be .thoroughly reliable and conservative in every respect.-- A large  sale for this number is already guaranteed.  Bazaar.pN May 15������Thursday,  May 15th, is the date decided on foi  the bazaar to be held by the ladies of  the Presbyterian church, at Hardy-  McKenzie block. It will begin at 3  p. m., when afternoon tea will be  served during the sale of useful and  fancy articles. The sale will continue  throughout' the evening, when an at  tractive programme will be rendered,  and ice cream, cake and home made  candy can be had.  Church Services Tomorrow.  Catholic���Father Bedard will say  mass tomorrow at 10 a. m., at Miners'  Union Hall.  , Church of England���St John's  Mission; services tomorrow, morning  and evening as usual.  St. Andrews' Presbyten'an Church,  Service tomorrow at ri a. m. and  7:30 p. m. Sunday school and Bible  class at 3 p. m. Rev. J. M. Millar, M.  A., pastor.  Congiegational���Preaching services  tomonowat 11 a. 111. and 7:30 p. m.  Rev. D. H. Reid, pastor.  Methodist���Service tomorrow evening at 75300'clot k at Hardy-McKenzie  hall.    Rev. G. R. Kinney, pastor.  Evidently they can leain a lew things  down at the Coast, as witness the  following from the Vantouvei Woild:  'I he high officials of the C. P. R. in  lhe Kootenay siom the piivate cat ol  eastern iailnn) magnates. One leain*.  [from the Phoenix Pioneer that Mr. \V.  Donney "came in on Tuesday evening  in his private caboose-" The next to  be heard no dout t will be that Wean  Waggles tiateled into the Bouiidan  on his private biakebeam.  It so happened that Supt. Downey  has had a caboose entiiely lefitted with  culinary and sleeping accommodations,  which he u<-es on his monthly rounds  on theC. P. R. system in Kootenaj  and Yale. The car is not as stylish as  some otheis, but it is cozy and cainloit  able, and answers the pin poses intend  ed.  With the coming close of the legis-|  latuic and the ceitainty that Boundai)  alone will hereafter have tuo seats at  Victoiia, interest in the possible nonii  nees foi the places increases. It seems  to be the geneial opinion that Duncai  Ross, ol the Greenwood Times, would  be willing to stand in that tiding, and  that Thos. J. Ilaidy would not refuse  the nomination if tendeied by the lib-  eials. If these two gentlemen lan, it  would ceitainly make an interesting  contest.  H��  In Grand Foiks riding, wh re Phoenix is located, there Is some talk ol  tendering the nomination to Rev. Ralph  W. Tiotter, of Columbia, who is well  known. It is claimed that his Mionii  n-ition would be likely to please the  laboi element, and that he would make  a strong run. P. T. McCulIum would  like to run, and so would Mayor Hoi  land and peihaps one or two others at  Giand Forks.  111 railway matters the people at the  Foiks seem to bz having a legulai  monkey and parrot time, upholding  'heir reputation in good style for scrap  ping\ At a moie or less numeiously at  tended public meeting, held last week,  Mayor Holland, manager of the Hot  Air line, was asked to lesign because  lie opposed by injunction the com  pletion ofthe V., V. & E. to Republic.  It was claimed that he was acting  directly against the best inteiests 01  Grand Forks.  Greenwood Celebration.  Preliminary posieis aie <,ui, an  nouncing the Greenwood celebiation  on the 24th of May. foi which piizes  aggregating 52,000 aie lo be offeied in  the vaiions spoits. '1 his week it was  decided to offer $300 in pi ire** for hose  reel laces, theie being fust and second  money, $fco and $50 leij-eciively, foi  the hub and hub and wei test. Invitations to paiiictpate aie to be sent to  Giand Foiks, Rossland, Phoenix, Nelson and other places. H.te is a  chance lor the loial hose lompanies to  show themselves. Gieenwood will  doubtless have a bigciowd on Victoiia  Day.   Wants to Reorgauize.  Rev. J. Ii vine, of Vain ouvci, oigan-  iVei foi the Independent Oidei ol  Foiesteis, was* a \kiioi in ihe (iiy  Wednesday, in the inierests ol the  01 del. A lodge was oiganiztd heie  in the lall ot 1S99, being tl eliisi lodge  of any kind to be established in, Phoenix. It was known as lhe C'iuiercn  Couit, but owing to mitowaid causes  did not icmaiii active long. Mi.  Iivine hopes to leorganize both heie  and in Gieenwood. Then* is a couit  now iu Grand Folks, ihe only one in  the Boundaiy rountiy.  ROYAL  ANTIQUE  HOLI ANO  LINENS  a'��^��^^^����%%%%%^  Always::  Desirable  Odd pieces of furniture to  make, your home more comfortable. A 1 uxury you can  enjoy at all seasons.  CLARK & BINNS  FURNITURE DEALERS  have just what you want most.  FOR RENT  jlit*!?0  K<--*-t<3  Double Dwelling House, each {15  per month.  Three roomed House, $15.  Houses jn N. Y.  Townsite  Lower town to rent.  L/MliriiiR House.  and  ���������������������  ������������������������������������������������������  Tlie al)5ienre cut*, n leu cl lh-- mini} wii  tio.ol l*i-i*-Uritiiii- riiiwisui li.ni. in -l-r  loseltcl fniii riii**- .'ir 1>"1 >'P "�� '"-v  coiitniuu -��� ���iii.-qii.rr-.iicli "I'll > ii't'iip.*. '  niatcli.    Sec Our WIND3W DISPLAY.  WcRAE BROS. & Slillfl,  Stationer)".   Books,   Notion*-,  Cigai*-, Tob.Kios, (,'oiiier*  tioneiy, Phuto^i.iphic* Supplies  J. FERGUSON  PlttCTICAI, IIOllbK   .-.!���  PAINTKIl,    DI-.COKaTOH,  COTTAGE  ION  liTC  Phoenix. L'.C  Corporation of the Citv  of Phoenix.  New Bridge Open���Monday morning the new bridge across the Columbia river at Robson, recently burlt by  ���the C. P. R., was opened for passenger traffic for the first time. Boun  #dary trains now run straight thorough  to and from Nelson -without change.  Rossland passengers must now change  cars at that point. The bridge cost  nearly $200,000, and has been something over a year in building. Its  completion does away with the annoying transfer across the river by ferry  (heretofore necessary.  New Congregational Pastor.  ��� Owing to the 1e1nov.1l of Rev. Win.  Munroe fiom Nelson, Rev. David H.  Reid. of Phoenix, has been transferred  to the Congiegational church in Nelson for the time being, and will be  succeeded here by Mr. Bioadley, of  Nelson. Mr. Reid will preach his farewell sermon here tomorrow.  Mr. Broadley, who will commence  his ministry here 011 the first Sunday  in May, is a graduate of Manitoba  College, being a native of Lincolnshire, England, and although a young  man, has had a wide and varied ex  perience. He received, his early education in England, but has resided in  Canada several years.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Greenwood,  Both/phones.  Engineers, Fireman, Machinists ajid  Electricians send lor 40-page pamphlet containing Questions asked by  Examining lioaid of Engineers to  obtain Engineers license. Address  Geo. A. Zeller, Publisher, 18 S. 4th  Street, St. Louis, Ma, U.S.A.     29  Try the Sunday dinner at the  Norden cafe.    Home cooking.  A delegation was sent to Victoria to  inteiview the government in the matter  le-entoiced by iwo citizens of Greenwood, and it is a foregone coiiclution  that the injunction will be dissolved  when it comes up foi hearing at Victoria, May 6th.  �����  By the way, the government must  get tired of having to grant interviews  to the numeious delegates that are on  hand to giind axes, more or less ol  the time. Ol course, the delegates are  always received, well treated, and ic-  poit progress; while,as a rule, the gov  einment officials do just as they intended doing all the time, but let the dele  gates down as lightly as possible.  In provincial estimates, just made  public at Victoiia, Greenwood is allowed $1,500 foi the per capita school  grant; Phoenix, $1,500; Grand Forks,  $2,500. The amount allowed Phoenix, is about on the basis of the attendance for the fust quarter. This will  undoubtedly be higher for the other  quarters.  fM  Last Sunday Paul Johnson accompanied C. H. Hahn, M. E., of New  York, on a nip thiotigli the Granby  niines. Mi. Hahn is said by Mr,  Johnson to be the father of the smelting industiy on the~Amcrican continent.  He was formerly superintendent of the  Guggenhjein smelter at Monteiey, the  Pueblo, Colo., smelter and the Arkansas Valley plant at Leadville.  ��M  Mr. Hahn stated that he marvelled  at the perfection of the equipment of  Notice.  NOTICK IS IIKRKnv GIVKN llinl tlie Court  of Revision fot the purpose of lie.irm-f all com  plniuts n-*nui<.t the n-.s*-*i*>*iieut. tor -he >ear iyo2.  .is made by tlie assessor or the City of I'liocmx  B C 1. ill be lield 111 the office oFCleorge W. K11111  lieif-cr, HaUlmii Mock, Phoenix, H C ,on Saturday, the?6th dav of April 1902. at two o'clock p m  D. M. Vc.MII.l.AN,  Clerk t(untcip.<1 Council  I'lioemi., II. (\, March 13, 1002.  Phoenix General Hospital.  Notice is lier"*by yuen that a general iiiictiii*-  ofthe members ot the Phoenix General II0sp1t.1l  will be held .it its hospital, 111 I'hoenix, It. C , on  Wedntsda}, the 71I1 da} ofM.iv, 1902.nl the hout  of 11 o'clocl. 111 the forenoon, fbr the purpose of  pnsstntra resolution authorizing the trustees to  borrow the sum of two thousand dollars from  II. N. Galer, and to secure tlie repayment thereof  by mortgages o\er its real aud personal proper  ty, bllch mortgages to be executtd under the  hands of its pres dent and secretary, and to contain such -erm*. and conditions as the trustees  may deem proper.-  Dated at I'liotnix, N.C , Annl 16, 1902.  JNO. I--. IIEMI-NWAY, .  Secretary-Treasurer.  BAZAAR  By the Ladies of  i\Mm Presbyterian Church  MAY 15th  THURSDAY  EVENING  HARDY-MCKENZIE HALL  when afternoon  u-MI  tea  Hegins at 3 p. m  will be seived. Sale will continue  thioughout ihe evening, duiing  which an attractive progiam will be  tendeied.  REMEMBER THE DATE.  Now that the  Excitement  of  Winter  is over  You have time to loo'c  after your  HEALTH  All Blood Builders  and Purifiers in  Stock.  A. P. MCKENZIE,  THE DRUGGIST.  Hardv-McKeiizie Mock.  In order to afford largfer. and  better accommodations for our  patronage we have moved from  The Stemwinder Hotel  to the Cottage Hotel, dn Victoria Avenue, where we are  prepared to cater to a much'  larger number ol guests.  Old friends and strangers  will do well to give us a trial  in our new place. ;'  Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. Barnett  PROPRIETORS.  FOR SALE  k -a?  Double dwelling house.  Also Boni flue rent earning prop.  -':. ertv. ���������  We have pome good  bargains in i  lots in uii;parts of town. J  FIRE, LIFE and      '\  ACCIDENT  INSURANCE  \  M  m  iV  *4  f*  il  ' u  f '  (*��� *  T-H  It  MCAOTHUIT& MONK, $  AGENTS {  P. O. Box. JJ. ��� V. & N. 'Phi-.il--. 5, 4  ��� ���*V'*V*V-%-'VVVVV-V%-V*V%,*%��  ���������������������������������������������������������������ttM  MARACATOO  TUXEDO and CROWN  CHOCOLATES.  FONDANT and EXQUISITE  o CREAMS  CREAM apd MAPLE  NOUGAT  ! Geo. S. McKenzie  1 ���  f �������� Off *����t�� ��������������������>*  ��� (-���>���������'  Plumbing  a w. Mcdonald  Phoenix, Bt C,  Job Work Promptly Attended tot  Phoenix street (Hack ofPo-itonice.)  PALACE EXCHANGE STAGE  LINE,  1  Between Phoenix and Greenwood.  Between Phoenix 10 00 a. m. , Leave Greenwood 4 p.m  DAILY  .^^^ A. Si 4 PAW, Proprietor.  G.W. RUMBERGER,  AGENT FOR DOMINION COPPER COMPANY'S ADDITION.  PHOENIX has a Greater record for shipments than aiiy other camp in British Columbia  for 1901. The Boundary shipments for 1901 aggregated 380,000 tons of Gold-Copper  ore.    No citv has a brighter future than Phoenix.  OWN YOUR OWN HOME~Residence property iu all parts ofthe City at low figures aud monthly payments.    Housr-s for Rent.    Good opportunities for investment.  Add���* G. W. RUMBERGER,  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix, B. C.  The WM. HUNTER CO., Ltd  Dry Goo.]-;, Boots aud Shoes,' Clothing,  Gents' Furnishings.  GEO. R. NADEN, Chairman.  JULIUS ERLICH, Secretary,  Py the Ladies Aid  Church at  of the  Methodist  ��II and  -1N-  Black Sateen  Fancy Cambrics  Fancy Percales  &g|fj- and Cashmere  Mixtures and  Prom the well-known makers  TOOKES, Hontrea!.  and Black  "All Colors."  Cream  1  The NEWEST and Gorf ect STYLES  At Popular Prices.  Thursday Evening, May Jst  Tlie Program for the Concert will include sclec-  Uous l>y On! Cilcbrntcd Mother I.odc Choir, ��i.  Hlstcd by Rrciun-nod and I,ocnl Tnlciit. Hut the  main allmcllon of lhe evening will be the  Whistling Wonder of the Boundary.  Refreshments Will be Served.    Tlc)cet-i 55 Centi.  Dominion Avenue, Phoenix B. C,  m  til  Wi  i-T-*  st'.  uh  & Tinning  mmmmmm  'O  ���a  rt  t-5  immim--M��M


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