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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Apr 13, 1907

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 4 Legislative Library    11-05  '.a��8*ww��5��"B>��.  AND   BOUNDARY  MINING JOURNAL.  Eighth Year.  PHOENIX,   BRITISH COLUMBIA, SATURDAY. APRIL 13, 1907.  No.  RAISED WAGES  AT SMELTER  Of Dominion Copper  Go. from April \.  ntumkj*��0im0��0M\0m0mw&*im  MMmnbutyi MimB  Zto0*&mutm  W. C.  Thomas Now Local  Manager of Company.  Our Spring Suits have arrived  and await your inspection.  Besides Campbell's, we have  stocked a complete line of the  celebrated "FIT K E KO K M"  clothing. These suits are cut  in the' latest style and sell themselves.  e^t  What about your new hat?  We have them in all styles, and  at any price.  S>  We are introducing this spring  tin entire new line of nobby  American Soft Shirts���they are  right'up to-date, you should have  a couple.  <&>  As usual we lead in the display of Men's Shoes, Fancy  Vests and all other lines of Gent's  Furnishings.  TME     i3!G     lST'OFXE,  MMMMMM  M*MMMW*MOM  ^^^****;a****  *SSSX��sXsXix.)��ciX5^  Grocery pcpl  Ashcrofb Potatoes  California Celery  California Oranges  RUSSET  ROMAN BEAUTY! ADDI DC  MISSOURI PIPPIN ArrtCD  GREENiNG J  Swift's Hams, Bacon and Lard  Tartan Brand Canned Goods  and Groceries.  These   goods   cost   you   no more  than others and are always   reliable.  iartiware Dept.  Wc have just received a shipment of Fancy Glassware that  should have been here for  Christmas trade. We are selling this at a special price. Its  worth while to look this lot over  anyway. Our New Wall Papers  are expected any day���better  wait till you have  seen  them.  Beginning April ist, the Dominion  Copper Co. raised the wages of the  employees at the smelting works at  Boundary Falls to the level of that  agreed upon last December between  the British Columbia Copper Co. and  its employees at the time of the difference that occurred at those works. At  that time, when a new agreement was  made for two years, the new scale between the British Columbia Copper  Co. and its smeltermen was raised  somewhat above that then being paid  at the Dominion Copper Co.'s works,  and the management of the latter has  now voluntarily leveled up its smelter  wage scale with the former. In dollars  pnd cents it means that the men employed at Boundary Falls will now  receive about $1,000 more per month  than hitherto.  Announcement is also made that W.  C. Thomas, smelter superintendent of  the Dominion Copper Co., since the  company came under the present  management, has been promoted to  the position of general local manager  of the company, having charge of both  its smelting and mining operations.  T. R. Drummond, the local manager  up to last week, having been transferred to theNippissing mine at Cobalt,  by M. M. Johnson, consulting engineer  for both the Dominion Copper and  Nippissing companies.  Mr. Thomas has made many friends  since coming to the Boundary from  Salt Lake City, not quite two years  ago, and the appointment meets with  general satisfaction from residents of  the Boundary, as well as with those  having direct dealings with the company.  The last carload of delayed parts  and fixtures for the enlargement of the  Dominion Copper Co.'s smelter, arrived at Boundary Falls this week, and  the work of getting the new giant  furnace in operation is now rapidly  nearing completion, and early May  should see it in operation, when the  reduction works are expected to be  running through some 1,400 tons of  ore per day..  Close to 800 men are now employed  in the mines of Phoenix camp.  At the Fremont some high grade  ore has been opened up recently.  For several days now the B. C.  Copper smelter has been operating two  furnaces once more.  \mm+*+**\m**  n**duf*0>2>  ��3  >33333{33331  March Public School Report.  Following is the report of the  Phoenix public school for the month  of March, as furnished by principal  Thornber:  Total daily attendance  Total actual attendance  Average daily attendance   ..  Average actual attendance ...  Pupils actually attending    ..  PERFECT   ATTENDANCE.  r,6oS  1,662)4  84.90  83.12  96  niv. 1.  Kate Bell.  George Biner  Albert Elmgreen  Hattie Graham  Daisy Horrell  Annie Isaacson  Wm. Johns  Eddie Munay  Mabel McKeown  Ada Pierce  Emelyn Pierce  Raymond Peterson Natlin Tinetti  Luella Radcliffe     Joe Vezzetti  Arthur Swanson  Eddie Swanson  Harry Swanson  Harold Townsend  Mary Rowland  DIV.   II.  Svea Almstrom  Rox Bell  Sigre Elmgreen  Bessie Hiedman  Aurele Kennedy  John Mussato  Marcella Mussatto  Marianna Mussatto  Umberto Mussatto  Elmer Swanson  Ruth Swanson  Arthur Walters  Freddie Walters  George Johns  With the going of > the snow, the  Granby Co. may do some, work on the  Gilt Edge, on the north of the camp.  Development on the Bay and Tip  Top claims in Skylark earn p is looking  well, and much is expected from these  properties at no distant date..  Several days this week5 the Great  Northern took out 50 cars of Granby  ore per day. Each car holds from 50  to 55 tons of crushed chalcopyrite,  A meeting of the directors of the  Skylark Development Co., Ltd., was  held Thursday, when the treasurer reported having received the deed to the  property.  At the Cariboo, Camp McKinney,  the unwatering has proceeded to the  400-foot level, and! active mining  should soon be in progress at this old  dividend payer. '(������:  It is said that the simple apron device lately put into operation at the  B. C. Copper smelter for the feeding  ol air into the blast vastly increases  the produc,-on of the works.  Boyles Brothers, who are now doing  some boring in the lower levels of the  Brooklyn mine, will also put in a few  diamond drill holes at the Elkhorn,  adjoining the Providence mine.  A. W. Cleveland, erecting engineer  for the Canadian Rand Drill Co., came  in Wednesday from Nelson, to connect  up and start the new 25-drill, electric  drive air compressor for the Dominion  Copper Co. on the Idaho ground.  Installation of the^electric hoist at  the Moreen proceeds apace, but the  elecric feed line from Deadwood has  not yet been built. This will probably  be started soon. Manager Shallenber-  ger, of Spokane, was at the mine this  week.  This week the smelter of the Dominion Copper'Cb. estabiisfied" another new record for a week's run,  putting through 5,344 tons of ore in  seven days. The next best week was  that ending March 16th last, when  5,167 tons were smelted.  According to report, the Last  Chance, in Copper Camp, is to be de  veloped, one of the owners having  bonded his partners' interests for  $20,000, with the intention of starting  operations m a few days. The property adjoins the Big Copper, but has  had little work done thus far.  It appears as though the E. P. U.  syndicate, that has been steadily pegging away on the long tunnel on that  property since last fall, would soon  begin to see their reward in sight.    In |  . The Duncan mine, up the' west  Fork,-shipped a car of high grade ore  this week to the Trail smelter.  The new aerial tram from the B. C.  Copper Co.'s Napoleon mine was  tested this week, and is. expected to  be put into regular operation to the  Great Northern specially built spur  next week. After May 1st this mine  is expected to have a daily output of  some 150 tons of sulphur fluxing ore.  The Bonnington Falls power concern, known locally as the South  Kootenay Power Co., is still sending  current into the Boundary at 40,000  volts, the 60,000 volt rate having not  yet been turned on. The new switchboard at the Phoenix sub-station of this  company was being put in place ;his  week.  George A. MacLeod and H. W.  Warrington, of Grand Forks, who have  been working the Grant group of  copper claims near Chesaw, and shipping to the Granby smelter, last week  took bonds on nearly a dozen more  mineral properties in the same locality  for a sum said to approximate $50,000.  Machinery for operation of the properties is said to be on the program,'  Owing to the condition of the money  market in the east, which was affected  by the recent slump in financial  circles, it is understood, from a  circular recently issued by the  officials of the Providence Mining Co., Ltd., that the proposed increase of the capital stock of that corporation has been postponed for a  time.  The Idaho mine of the Dominion  Copper Co. is on the shipping list  again this week, with a record of 512  tons. While the large central power  plant has been under installation at  the Idaho, little or no ore has been  sent out for months, but from now on  there is likely to be more activity at  what is considered to be one of the  best mines of the company.  MARCH PAY  For Boundary Miners  and Smelterrrieri  There are Now about 2,000  Men Employed.  The importance that the mining and  smelting industry is attaining in the  Boundary district is shown by the  figures of the March payroll, which  took place Wednesday at all the large  mines and smelters in the district. It  is estimated that over $200,000 was  paid in this section in the month's  wages to approximately 2,000 men  employed in the Boundary mines and  smelters.  As the mines and smelters are but  just getting into full running order  again after the delays of the winter,  and as all three smelters expect, with  recent enlargements, to treat a greatly  increased tonnage of ore, if nothing  happens t6 prevent, by the time  summer arrives this payroll will almost  inevitably be proportionately increased  till it fully reaches the quarter million  dollar mark per month.  $350,000 FOR  pEVELOfJIlEP  Phoenix Amalgamated Getting Active.  Strong: Eastern Syndicate  Taking Large Interest.  A special meeting of the shorehold-  ers of the Morrison Mines, Ltd., owning thevMorrison mine, Deadwood  camp, is called~for "next monday, to  formally transfer the assets of the company to the Dominion Ccpper Co.  The latter company already owns the  shares of the company, and the meeting is more in the way of making a  merger of the companies, so that it  will not be necessary to continue the  life of the Morrison company.  age up about $roo per month per man  in this district, more or less, and the  following approximate figures of men  employed, and wages paid for March,  are on that basis:  Boundary holders of shares of the  Phoenix Amalgamated Copper Mines,  Ltd., which owns the War Eagle group  in this camp, have recently received  an important notice from the head  office of the company, at Sherbrooke,  Quebec, indicating that there is every  probability of operations being started  at the company's mines within the  next month or two.  The  company  has  made arrange-;  ments with  strong  Boston and  New  York capitalists to finance the development, the plan being substantially as  follows:  The company has 500,000 shares  of par value of $10 each, of which  amount 200,000 shares are now in the  treasury. An agreement has been  made for the sale of these treasury  shares at $1.75  per share,  giving a  Monthly wages, as a rule will aver-10*^ development fund of $350,000.  Granby Co.:  Men.  Payroll.  At mines      525  $52.5����  At smelter   35��  35.������  B. C. Copper Co.:  At mines   ...  300  30,000  At smelter   125  12,500  Dominion Copper Co  At mines   ..   ���  35��  . 35.������  At smelter..     ...  '5��  . 15.������  Snowshoe        ���  75  7.5����  High grade mines...  200  20,000  It is understood that the bond on  the Riverside, the Perkins mining property west of Midway, has been reduced from $60,000 to $15,000 by the  official liquidator of the estate, A. L.  Sutton, the purchasers being P. ].  Dermody and associates, who did not  care to continue work under the bond  at the former price. The statement is  also made that the heirs of Benjamin  a crosscut from the tunnei the indica-1 Perkins will try to set aside the bond  tions this week are improving. entered into by the liquidator.  Totals ... .. 2,075 $207,500  At both mines and smelters the  number of men varies from month to  month according to requirements, and  while the tonnage,shipped in the last  month has-not been -as large-as~is-. expected for April, because matters had  not been gotten into full running shape  after the necessitated curtailment of  operations in the winter, not a little  development work was done in advance  ���something which all the mine managers have in mind continually, to be  able to supply the large tonnage of ore  required to keep the smelting works in  blast up to capacity.  Nearly $90,000 of the above amount  was paid out this week in Phoenix  camp alone.  Of this amount the syndicate agrees to  pay $45,000 within 40 days.; after the  entire capital stock is deposited in the  Eastern Townships Bank at Sherbrooke, Quebec, and the other  $305,000 from time to time during  the progress of the work on the property of the company. In addition to  this, the syndicate also takes an. option on 200,000 shares of the individual stock at $1.50 per share.  It is understood that F. P. Buck,  the president of the Phoenix Amalgamated, intends to visit the Boundary before the end of April, for the  purpose of arranging for the beginning  of operations on the property of the  company, which consists of 10 claims,  210 acres, immediately adjoining the  Granby mines on the south'.   '  -��i,:  . ...BmmUu. Cast** t*M��f$sw,,} .,'-.;���:.  R. R. Gilpin, customs officer at  Grand Forks, makes the following detailed report of the customs receipts at  the various sub-customs offices, as reported for the month of March:  Charles L. Mackenzie, a business  man of Colfax, Wash., was a visitor  here Thursday.  Greenwood  ��������� $5.774-'7  Grand Forks  ...    2,351.68  Phoenix   ...  8S9.42  Midway       561.63  Osoyoos   ..  68.76  Cascade      55.06  Sidley          33-7o  Carson         14.48  Keremeos   4.00  Total  $9,752.90  PHOENIX MEN  REACHING OUT  Organizing Fire Brigade.  A meeting was called last Monday  evening by Fire Chief Stevens at the  city hall of those interested in the re  organization of a volunteer fire brigade,  and there was a good attendance. E.  A. Black was chosen secretary-treasurer  of the brigade, and V. M. Sherbino  was elected captain of the upper town  hose team, while R. J. Gardner will  occupy a similar position with the  lower town team. Both captains will  choose their men from those who have  signified their wish to join the organization or who many yet do so. There  is already a lengthy list, showing that  there is much interest being taken in  the matter.  A special committee consisting of  J. A. Morrin, C. D. Hunter and  officers of the organization, was appointed to interview the city council  to secure, if possible, an arrangement  for pay for firemen who turn out to  fires.  M. M. Johnson, consulting engineer  for the Dominion Copper Co., after  spending a week in the Boundary,  went out on Monday, being accom  panied as far as Spokane by W. C.  Thomas, smelter superintendent for  the company at Boundary Falls, and  now local manager.  Big Deal Pending in  Copper Camp  Heavy  Interests  Hold of \\  May   Take  Claims.  It is no new thing for those residing  in Phoenix, or having extensive interests here, to reach out into the other  fields of effort in the mining and other  lines, and again be rewarded by having  success perch upon their banners.  This was first shown by those interested in the Granby Consolidated.  J. P. Graves, of that company, is  making a success of his traction enterprises in and around Spokane. S. C.  H. C. Miner, A. C. Fluinerfell, and  H. N. Galer, also at one time leading  men of the Granby, are now making a  success of their coal mines at Coleman,  Alberta. G. W. Rumberger, the  father of Phoenix, has done well at  Cobalt, and is sure to make his Re-  gina investments profitable. J. L.  Martin is doing well thus far in the |  Coeur d'Alenes. The Skylark Development Co., owning the mine of  the same name, has done remarkably  well with that property���and the men  behind it are nearly all Phoenicians.  The Cariboo-McKinney Lessees���  Phoenix men, every one���have with  full faith, taken hold of that once-  famous, but later abandoned, Camp  McKinney dividend payer, with every  prospect of making it a profitable  undertaking.  And, once again, a Phoenician is to  the front with a mining  proposition.  that means much to the Boundary,  when carried to its fruition. Knowing  that one of the highest grade copper  districts of the Boundary is . what is  known as Copper camp, Dr. R. B.  Boucher, when he went down to Vancouver a few weeks ago, took with him  options or bonds on a group of eleven  of the best claims in that camp, which  immediately adjoin the King Solomon  and Big Copper mines, properties of  great merit and high values.  The doctor, who is connected also  with some of the enterprises above  named, has succeeded in interesting a  group of the strongest capitalists in  British Columbia in the matter, and in  a week or two representatives will be  on the ground to make a thorough examination of the properties. If the  claims "stand up" under fire, as it  were, there is no doubt whatever of  the options being exercised. In that  case, there will immediately be great  activity in Copper camp, and another  large addition to Boundary's payroll  and ore production.  At present nothing is given out as to  the identity of the new syndicate, but  there is ample assurance that it has  extensive resources, and can even build  a large smelter, should the properties  eventually warrant it���which is fully  anticipated by those who know them  best.    M. L. Jewell, representing the  American Type Founders Co. of Vancouver, was in the city Monday.  W. D. Lawson, who has been accountant at the local branch of the  Eastern Townships Bank, and was expecting shortly to go east, having been  transferred to Montreal, left suddenly  Monday, on receipt of telegram to the  effect that his father, who resides at  Toronto, is very low.  j^y.***;^.*.*^.*..^.*****^  BOUNDARY DIVIDENDS.  NAMB OF COUPA.1T.  AUTBOB-  IZKD  CAPITAL.  StlABBS.  DIVIDBXD8.  Iuu ed  Par  Paid  1906  Total  to Date  Late-it  Date  Am"  Per  Sh.  Granby Consolidated���copper.  S 1,350,000  15.000,000  300,000  1,350,600  135.000  31.000  $100  >"5  t   546,837 Feb. 1904  2,i5S,6jo|Mar. 1907  38,214 Sept. 1906  ���o*  3-co  .50  } 1,620,000  16,000  1  ��.����,��Tj������^.����>s>aT)a>��.��T!��T>��^  BOUNDARY ORE TONNAGE.  ��� table gives  1902. for 1903, for 1904, for 1905  April .3    07  The following table gives the ore shipments of Boundary mines tor 1900  for 1906, and 1907.  Latest Price* In Metals.  New York���Copper, electrolytic, 524.-  25 @ $24.50;  hike. $24.25 @ $25.00.  Bar Silver, G4%  Lead, (8.00 to (6.10.  ��� Mink.     Camp.  X Granby Mines..Phoeuix  ��� Snowshoe Phoenix  $ B. C Copper Co.  i     Mother Lode Deadwd  T     B, C Mine Summit  $     Hmraa ..Summit  ���     Oro Denoro ...Summit  Bonnie Belle Deadwood  t Dominion Copper Co.  Brooklyn-Stem ..Phnix  -      Idaho Phoenix  y     Rawhide.. Phoenix  A     Sunset Deadwood  T     Mouutn Rose Summit  V     Athel��tan_Weiliugton  ���     Morrison ...Deadwood  A R. Bell Summit  t Senator Summit  Brey Fogle Summit  No. 37 Summit  .   Reliance Summit  ��� Sulphur King���Summit  A Winnipeg....Wellington  J GoldeuCrown Wellngtu  King Solomon W.Coppr  3ig Copper W.Coppr  No. 7 Mine Central  - City of Paris Whlte'n  Jewel Long Lake  ' Riverside... Rock Creek  , Carmi West Fork  Sally West Pork  Rambler  West Pork  Butcher Boy_West Fork  Duucan West Fork  Providence...Providence  Hlkborn Providence  , Slrathmoie .Providence  Preston ...Skylark  Prince Heury....Skylark  . Skylark Skylark  Last Chance Skylark  H. P. U. Miue...Skylnrk  Bay Skylark  Mavis Skylark  Don Pedro Skylark  1 Crescent Skylark  Helen Greenwood  Ruby-... Boundary Falls  Republic Boundary Flls  Miscellaneous   1900  ��4.5&3  297  5J40  ���9.494  loot  331,762  1.731  99.034  47.405  650  1903  309.858  30,800  141.326  i4,Sn  8.530  for i��oi. I��.r  as reported to the Phoenix Pioneer���  Past  1903        1904        1905      1906      1907   Week  393.718   S49.703   653.889 801,404 148,243   17.630  71,212       8,426    17780     1,HSc  138,079  19.365  33,937  15.537  174,398  jj'Sso  16,400  174.567 105,900  1.4s*  9.485  3.007  u,304  3.177  44.778  1.370  3.335  2.800  40  310  3J.350   55.731  1,076  2.250  I60  7.455  "5.731  ..;"'.; '���5,646  3,339  875  665  3.O0O  350  150  SOO  635  483  3,060  "390  363  3,435  3.070  3.3SO  1,759  4.586-  3.450  222  364  33  25.I0S  3,056  4,747  140.6S5  2.960  26,032  48,390  3.555  12.397  1.635  ll.ih  6,76s  1,040  439  t IU  5��3  1,982  896  9*  109  1.833  33  150  586  3.330  So  3.456  219  Total,tons    96.600   390,800  , Smelter treatment���  Granby Co     62.387   230,82!  B.C. Copper Co -    117.611  Dominion Copper Co_      335  508376  112.340  ub.boo  993  400  167  500  690,419  401,921  162,913  133,5.-0  79  30  145   ��  76  20        30  30  736  770  1,140  j^o  335  1,0  40  20  20  ��� ��� ��� .���*������*  15  _.   52  535  589  204  50  6S9        300  2S5  73  20        45  00  (10  20  :.'."..'..'.'.     60  750          500  839,808 933,548 I  161,537 276,010  >7.454  506,252  687,988 838,879  156.853  46JJ7  16.I73  210,484  310,830  133,740  6.760  10,930  84,059  318,811  46.937  5.344  11     \*W*      <   -1  '  ..#'"1  ���f *,U ('< \i>l  ' V iW A  T Wt!n  rffLf  1' ^s   i\  ,4  Total reduced...   634S9   348.439   460,940  697,404   837,665 982.8771,171.430270.119   38,976   ^ lESr-H-rf*  Sill  is  m  II l  m  I  Ate  pi  *  k  't&Yt  THE   PHOENIX   PIONEER.  .����  This is "A Free Country*  | Still a law that compelled people  to drink  B. G MINING  msc  ���l\  V'fLCi  tea "would do a lot of good.  .1.  ���itti*.  IU*., 1  The Phoenix Pioneer  And BotmcUry^MJnlng Journal.  PIONEER PUBLISHING CO.  AT PMOBHIK.  W. B. WILLCOX,  TclepaOBM  .B.C.  Manmu.  I ���ualness otBcc No. 14.  I Manager's residence, No. 15.  -   arjBMairrioiii m adtahcb.  P*r Year   Six Months   ..ft.M  ,. 1.1$  'J  Uyoa,are not aiabaerber to this paper,  la. an Invitation to yon to become one.  this  Advertlauc rataa faruiatita_on application. >.. ,  Legal notices ia and 5 ceata per line.  Four weekly insertion! constitute one month's  alverlslnt.  ,        1   .,            .j\jO.     1  1907  APRtt.  I907  Stf��.*����.  T��tf. W��i.  Tbi. ft..  Sat.  I  * 7    8  2   ,  3  9    10  4 .    5  II      13  6 '  "   0  ��3i  14 15  16    17  l8      19  20  31   23  33    24  25      26  27  38   29  30  f           *���  government has decided to give Rossland $2,500 of this tax, and now the  leader of the opposition, J. A. Mac-  donald, is not satisfied with it. But  then Mr. Macdonald must needs be  captious at anything the government  does.  ��� Things are certainly in an unsettled  state in the Crow's Nest Pass coal  fields, where the contracts between the  coal companies and miners expired  April 1st. ��� The long session of. the  operators and miners at Calgary came  to naught, and as a consequence there  is unrest in'the coal'regions. It is  most earnestly to be hoped, for,the  sake of the far reaching influence of a  strike of the coal miners, that a basis  for agreement will yet be found.  Last Saturday Vancouver was 21  years of age, and the price of realty  there did not stop going up, either, on  that account.  The present session of the Dominion  parliament will be notable"'for' the  amount of dirty linen washed, if for  nothing else.  , Down at Victoria, while the^three  lonely Socialists cut but little figure  when it comes to a vote, yet they seem  to * make themselvesv heard now ancl  again���even  if it  is only by casting  their votes with the Liberals.  j .       ���    ,,���  * Arid now we are told that the Grand  Trunk Pacific people .have- stopped  sufeveys and* all other- operations' at  Prjgice Rupert, the much advertised  Pacific terminus of the new line. It is  safe to say that another,1 hold-up game  of sanje"��sort'wiH-be sprung some fine  day.  ������ Cdfjper, prices have not been-in-  crwsing of late in trie* markets, of the  wojlriybut rather settling somewhat.  Howe'vefj there is reason'to' think  they will remain at a satisfactory figure  for. some time to come, and thus be  encouraging to copper miners, everywhere.' . - - ' ��� 1  , ,��,   - 4rhg,VancoiiyerrWorld proudlystates  thai it.printed ?,od5 columns of "clean"  advertisingvdn'ring"the month of March.  As�� thcj-Wor^d is not particular what  bitfirress'i't put? in the clean class, it  prdbably included the ad of the British-  American Copper Mines and Smelter  CoJ in..the lot.  ' The 'British-American Copper Mines  St 'Smelter Co., of Cleveland, Ohio,  have raised the price of the dollar stock  from 25 cents to 30 cents per share���  and' nervily tell present holders of  shares 'that their holdings have been  increased in value 20 per cent. They  now,rprint 'a'-fac-simile letter from  Claudet & Wynne, engineers, of Rossland, in support of their outlandish  statements regarding the wildcats,  which' they have -not even a crown  j grant to; but a close reading of the report does not bear out the claims  made. All is fish, evidently, that  comes to, their net -   ���  ,n     .: ���'-  ��� ���*    '  Premier Laurier has sailed for London, today the (result of the conference  of"'provin'cial premiers anent better  terms before the colonial secretary,and  it looks as though the Grit government  proposed to make an attempt to force  the'moiety on British Columbia. It is  Just possible, however, that something  may be doing when Premier McBride,  of British Columbia, presents the side  of this province in that matter. This  province never has had justice in this  matter from Ottawa, and the Liberals  will not put themselves out to give us  justice.  1 "-The1 recent settlement oi the threat-  ened strike of'the railway trainmen,  which would, have involved all raids  west of Chicago, should be a source of  satisfaction to every person of the hundreds* bFth6rite6ids who would have  been affected by such a, wholesale tie-  up.! It also shows what can be accomplished when men, employers and  employees get together, determined to  find-some common ground fur agree  ment regarding'their relations to each  othen^ ��� The men did- not get all they  were? after,< and the employers did not  concede-all -thatr-was rasked 01:- them,  and yet both sides came out of the  protracted conferences with some satisfaction.  Excavations for the erection ol the  30o-ton concentraror at the Blue Bell  mine, on Kootenay lake, have already  begun.  A man from the Okanogan claims to  have discovered diamonds in that district; one stone is alleged to be worth  $15,000.  Nelson will have three big mines in  its vicinity, operating with large forces  this season, the Ymir, La Plata and  Queen Victoria.  The now famous Star-White mining  suit, which has tied up one of the best  Slocan mines, the Slocan Star, is up  once again for trial at Victoria.  Seven placer claims were.staked in  the heart of the residence district of  Vancouver last week, one nugget being  found valued at $15. A drain digger  made the first find.  The Old Dominion group, which  lies on Coal Hill, east of the Iron  Mask, near Kamloops, has been bonded to Glasgow parties, who have also  taken an option on the Python group.  The Canadian Geological Survey  will pay further attention to the Similkameen this year. During the coming  summer Chas. Camsell, who spent last  year on the Upper Similkameen, will  make a careful study of Camp Hedley.  Macdonell, Gzowski & Co. who have  the million-dollar contract for the fifteen-mile hydraulic ditch for the Cariboo Gold Mining Company, are now  ready to go on with that work as soon  as the snow goes off in the mountains.  Throughout the Slocan and Ains-  worth to the Lardeau, the belief in a  good year is growing stronger. In  Sheep Creek Valley many important  deals are under negotiation, the closing of any one of which will.be a great  stimulus to the district.  The Marb|e Bay copper mine on  Texada Island, has been closed down  as a result of a strike of the miners.  Alexander Grant, the manager, says  there is no telling when operations will  be resumed. The strike occurred as a  result of a refusal of the owners to  accede to a demand from the miners  for increased wages.  Who Is a Mining Engineer?  Of late the mining press has devoted  considerable space to the discussion of  this subject. While this discussion  was participated in by competent engineers and laymen throughout the  world, no definite conclusion as to  what or what did not constitute the  necessary essentials or qualifications of  a mining engineer was reached. The  result was expected, and therefore not  disappointing. Not with a view of a  revival of this discussion, but rather as  an interesting answer beaming on this  query, we reprint the statement of Mr.  George F. Taylor, M.E., made in a  reply to the question asked in a Nevada  City (California) court, "What constir  lutes a mining expert?" His reply was:  "A thorough knowledge of chemistry,  assaying, geology, mathematics, surveying, the connaisance of several languages, and of law." The examining  counsel appears to have been perfectly  satisfied with this answer.���Mining  Reporter.  Suffered  for   Five   Years with  Kidney   and  Liver Trouble.  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Month.  1905   1900      1905      1900  January ...  . 15.008 18.310 15.128 18.416  February....  . 16.376 17.809 15.150 18.116  , 15.268 18.301 15.360 18 641  14.918 18.376 15.040 18.688  14 627 18.457 14.820 18.724  14.075 18.442 14.813 18 719  14.888 18.190 15.005 18.685  August......  , 15.064 18.430 15.468 18 010  September.,  , 15.965 19 140 15.97?  11). 290  October   16.279 21.270 16.332 21 710  November.,  16.599 21 9i)6 16 768 22.340  December...  18.328 23.039 18.398 23.380  Year 15.590 19.360 15.699 19.600  I  "4  r  m  t  * THE ������WOEWTX   PIONEER.  11  J*  CYANIDE PUNT  FOR NAPOLEON  B.C. Copper Co. May  Install It.  According; to Report, to Spend  $150,000 to $200,000.  ��"��������  AMERICAN OFFICERS OF HIGH RANK  ENDORSE AMERICAN REMEDY, PE  Twenty-Eight Army  Generals  Send Letters of Endorsement  To Dr. Hartman, the Inventor  of Pe-ru-na.  11 has been an open secret for some  lime that one of the best mines owned  by the B. C. Copper Co. is the Napoleon, located live miles from Marcus,  Wash., near Boyd's station on the  Great Northern. While its ores have  been used at the smelter largely for  their sulphur contents, the gold values  have gradually increased in the last  year, and they are now an important  constituent. The following from the  Spokane Chronicle of a recent date, is  interesting in this connection, especi  ally if the report is reliable:  It is reliably reported that the B.C.  Copper Company will install a cyanide  plant with a daily capacity of 500 tons  of oro at the Napoleon mine near the  Kettle river, in the Pierre Lake district.  The huge plant, with other improvements that will be made this summer,  will cost from $150,000 to $200,000.  The Napoleon group, which consists  of several claims, is two miles from  Hoyd's station, on the Great Northern  railway. The big plant will handle ore  from a big overflow dyke which shows  on the surface for a width of 500 feet,  and a length of 1000 feet. The ore,  an oxide of iron, averages $9 a ton in  gold, and will be mined with a steam  shovel on a quarrying plan. The de  posit has been proved to a depth of  175 feet.  Self-feeding ore bunkers will be installed, and a gravity car system will be  built to carry the ore from the steam  shove' to the ore bunkers From the  bunkers an aerial tramway one mile  long is being built to take the ore to  ihe end of a half-mile spur, which th'.  Great Northern will build from Boyd's  station.  The mine has been shipping a largt  tonnage to the B. C. Smelter for the  last two years. At present it is equip  ped with a five drill compressor, which  will be enlarged to a capacity of 10  drills. The big cyanide plant will be |  at the river end of the half-mile railway  spur,   Cuied of Rheumatism.  Mr.   Wm.   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East  of Columbia  River        2,101  Rossland      5.534  Boundary  27.134  No other catarrh remedy In tho world  hmu received euoh una tin ted eulogy  from so many renowned 'statesman aud  military men aa Peruna.  Gen. O'Belrne ot Washington, D. C,  Wrltea:   "As many of my friends and  acquaintances havo   suecoaBfally nxed  your Poruna as a catarrh cure, I fool  that It Is an effective remedy, and I recommend It as such to those suffering  from that disease as a  most  hopeful  source of relief."���James B. O'Belrne,  200 Broadway, Washington, D. C.  General S. S. Yoder of Ohio,  Writes: "I hare found Peruna to be a  ���wonderful remedy.   I only used 11 for a  short time and am thoroughly satisfied  as to 1U�� merits."���S. S. Yoder, Washington, D. O.  Brigadier-General Klrby  Writes:  "I can recommend Peruna to  all those who aire afflicted with catarrh."  ~-D. T. Klrby, Washington, D. C.  Brigadier-General King of Confederate  Army,  Wrltest "I unhesitatingly state that I  am convinced Poruna is a medicine that  will effeot all the cures that are claimed  for its use."���J. yioyd King, Washington, D. O.  General 8malls, Beaufort, S. C,  Wrltest "I have used Peruna for catarrhal trouble and find it beneficial  and to be all that it promises, and freely  give it my .unqualified recommendation."���Robert Smalls.  General Abbott of Washington, 0. C,  Writes: "I am fully convinced that  your remedy Peruna la an' excellent  tonic. Many of my friends have used  ltwith the most beneficial results for  coughs, colds and catarrhal trouble."���  Ira C.Abbott, 908 M St., N. W., Washington, D. O.  Captain Yarnell of Washington, D. C.  Writes: "Your mediclno, Peruna, I be-  liove to bo the best medicine fbr catarrh  on the market. I havo taken only a  small amount, and can see very beneficial results."���W. G. Yarnell, 2322 Ua-  coln street, N. E., Washington, D. O.  General McBride of U. S. A.,  Writes: "I have no hesitation in recommending Peruna to all persons who  are afflicted with catarrhal troubles."���  J. D. McBride, 4G0 Pennsylvania Ave.,  N. W., Washington, D. 0.  General Noske of 0. V. v.,  Writes: "I commend Peruna to those  who are troubled with colds, producing  catarrh, as a most efflcaclous cur* and as  agoodgenoral tonic."���Chas. 3?.'Noske,  218 B St., N. W., Washington, D. 0.  General Erwln's Recommend.  "Many of my friends havo used Poruna as a dyspepsia remedy with the  most beneficial results." ��� John B.  Erwin, Washington, D.O.  Brig. General Schell Benefited.  "Peruna is indeed a wonderful tonic,  and for ooughs and colds I know of  nothing bettor."���E\ M. Schell, Washington, D. 0.  General Duffleld of the Union Army,  Writes,: "I havo used Peruna in my  family and have found it a valuable  medicine, and take pleasure in recommending it to all who suffer from catarrh of tho stomach or who require a  tonic of efficiency."���The Cairo, Washington, D. C.  General Butler of South Carolina,  Writes: "I can recommend Peruna for  dyspepsia and stomach trouble. I have  been using your medicine for a short  period and feol very much relieved. It  is indeed a wonderful medicine, besides  a good tonic."���M. C. Butler.  Gen. Powell, tlecker Post No. 443,  Writes: "After using one bottle of Peruna I became convinced of its curotlve  qualities, and continued Its use to date.  All symptoms of catarrh havo disappeared, yet I continue its moderate use  as a preventive, and an old man's tonio."  ���W. H. Powell, Belleville, 111.  Gen. Sebrlng of the Confederate Army,  Wrltos: "I can choorfully recommend  your valuable remedy i*cruna as a very  cxcellen t tonic, and also good for coughs,  colds, catarrh and general debility."���  W. H. Sobrlng, 183 W. 4 th St., Jacksonville, Pla.  General Payne of Washington, D. C,  Writes: "I Join with my comrades in  recommending Peruna to my friends as  an invigorating tonic to build up the  system."���Eugene B. Payne, 407 4th St.,  N. W., Washington, D. O.  General Talley of Pa. Vol. U. S. A.,  Writes: "Your Poruna has been used  by mo and my friends as a relief for catarrhal troubles with the most beneficial  results. I am so convinced of the efficacy  of Peruna that I do not licsitato to give  it my recommendation."���Wm. Cooper  Talley, 718 J> St., N. E., Washington,  D.O.  General Bigelow Cured.  Gen. J. G. Bigelow, 101 O St.,N.W.,  Washington, D. C, writes:  "Peruna has made mo well and It has  given me more than ordinary strength  and spirit for work."���J. G. Bigelow.  General Chase, Asst. Adj. Gen'l G. A. R..  Writes: "Tho excellence of Peruna os  a euro or relief for catarrhal disturbances is well established. Many of my  friends havo been benefited by its use."  ���Ii. P. Chase, 28 Harrison St., Ana-  costlu, D.O.  General O'Connor of ll. V. Legions,  Writes: "If you are suffering from catarrh or physical debility, immediately  commence the use of Peruna. It has  been of tho greatest benefit and soryice  to many of my frionds." ��� Dennis  O'Connor, 788 32nd St., N. W., Washington, D. C. :  Gen. Wright of the Confederate Army,  Writes: "I take ploaanjre in recommending Peruna. It l�� n remarkable  medicine and should b* tsed by persons  who are in need of a good tonic and by  sufferers from catarrh."-MarcusWright,  1721 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C.  Gen. Hawley of Washington, D. C,  Writes: "I have used Peruna and find  it very beneficial for kidney trouble  and especially good for coughs, colds  and catarrhal troubles."���A. 3?. Hawley.  Brig. Gen. Cook, of Washington, D. C,  Writes: "As a number of my friends  and acquaintances have used Peruna as  a catarrh cure with good results, and as  lam now using it beneficially, I can  safely recommend its use to persons  suffering from this disordor."���Geo. W.  Cook.  Gen. Mlddleton of Washington, D. C,  Writes: "Your preparation of Feruna  as a cure for catarrh as well as a tonic  deserves the gratitude of those afflicted  with that disease as well as physical  prostration. I have been much benefited in every respect in various ways,  and 1 feel it a duty to recommend its  usefulness to my fellow citizens."���John  Mlddleton.  General Sypher of Washington, 0. C  Writes:.." After suffering for yoarswith  neuralgla.'I was persuaded by a friend  to use your remedy, Peruna, and after  giving it a fair and thorough trial, I  can now choerfully recommend Peruna  to any one who is suffering, with  neuralgia. It is also an excellent tonic."  ���J. H. Sypher.  Brig. Gen. Gibson of Washington, D.C.,  Writes: "Peruna is not only a remedy  for colds and catarrh, but also an admirable tonic and should be in every  household. I commend Its possession  and use to all persons. Am using it  myself with good results."���A. G.  Gibson.  Gen. Henderson of Washington, O. C,  Writes: "Poruna has been used In my:  family with tho vary bost results, end 1-  tako pleasure in recommending your  valuablo remedy to my friends as a Una  tonio and offectlvo ourofor catarrh."  MaJ.  Gen.  Armstrong of  Washing*  ton, D. C,  Writes: "Aa many of my oldoomradee  and frionds have boen greatly benefited  by tho use of Peruna for catarrhal  trouble's, I hoartily Join la their endorsement of its curative quaUtHoe."���  P.O. Armstrong.  General Pettys of the U. V. U.,  Writes: "It affords me pleasure to say  that some of my patients who have used  Poruna as a tonio and also for catarrhal  troubles, have been greatly benefited  by the same. lam satisfied of the excellence of the same."���Charles Pettys.  General Legg of Washington, D. C.,  Writes: "1 take pleasure in endorsing  tho, many recommendations I have  heard,and read of Poruna, because ot  having had knowledge of the truth ot  so many of tbom.  "We always tell our sick and. ailing  friends of the remedies that we,have  learned, from experience, were good  for us when ailing In the same way, and  I we do It as a duty we feel that we owe  them.  "Why is it any the lees our duty to  advise all the people we can when we  know of a good and comparatively Inexpensive remedy tbat makes many  ouros, and bono fits in almost all casesf  "My own little personal experience  of being rolieved of deafness, caused by  a siege of catarrh, warrant* me la. ad-  vislng all the afllioted to junt .try  Peruna."���A. M. Legg.  Col. ShaUwell of Washington, D C,  Writes:  " I commend Poruna as a most  agreeable as well as effective mediclno.  Catarrh and catarrhal oolds are checked  and generally cured by a Judicious use  of it.  It is a good promoter of digestion  and is an excellent remedy-for a weak  stomach.   It tones up the appetite and  is not at all disagreeable to take."���  Nathaniel Sh ate well.  Captain Jackson of Washington, D. C,  Writes:  " I am eighty-three year* old,  a veteran of the Black Hawk, Mexican  and Civil Wars.   Some years, ago I wae .  seriously affected with catarrh of th*  stomach.  After the use of three bottles -  of Feruna every appearance   of my  complaint was removed."  If yon do not derive prompt end satisfactory results from the ose of Feruna,  write at once to Dr. Hartman, giving*,  full statement of your case, end he will  be pleased to give yoa hie valuable advice gratis.  Address Dr. Hartman, President of  The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.  All correspondence held confidential.  3��. 79��  67,614  247,605  Total  ..     ...  34,7G9  346,009  SMELTER  RECEIPTS.  SMELTER.  WEEK.  YEAR.  Grand Forks  19.159  I4��.S��5  Greenwood   3.��9��  56.956  Boundary Falls ...  4.125  43.959  Nelson           '83  s.'sn  Northport   1,087  18,121  Marysville   600  8,400  Trail  ....     ...     . .  5.5*3  62,663  PROVINCIAL.  The Royal Hank of C-tnada is opening a branch at Port Moody.  Cranbrook will shortly have a terra  cotta and pressed brick works.  Ratepayers of Nelson are to vote on  $60,000 loan for a new school building.  Premier McBride gave a banquet to  the members of the press- gallery  recently at Victoria.  The C. P.  agan, being  same name,  nth.  R.'s new steamer Okan-  built- on the lake of the  will   be  launched   April  Total  33.762      333.568  'ALL GOOD THINGS  must win upon their;  merits. The International  Dictionary has won a  greater distinction upon  its merits and is in more j  general use than any other  work of its kind in the  English language.  A. H. Snyce, I.X.D., B.D., of Oxford  University, linglaml, hus recently milil  oflt: Itis Indeed 11 marvelous work; It Is  dllllcult to conceive of a dictlonury inure  exhaust! vo and complete. Every tiling Is  In It���not only what wo might expect to  and In such a work, but also what few of  us would ever havo thought of looking-  for.  A supplement to the now edition has  brought It fully up to date. I havo been  looking through the latter with a fooling  of astonishment at Its completeness, and  the amount of labor that has boon put  Into it.  . FREE���"A Test in Pronunciation," In-!  struotTvo   and entertaining      ��� .  for tho whole family.   Also   /SgJ2h\  Illustrated pamphlot. /   \Z��e  \  G. &.C MERRIAM CO., LSij  fl                   PUBLISHERS,               ,    \DICn0NAmy  iSPRINQFIELD, MA88.       ^ V" |  *ftirai��iiii��ii,nuii��jnlul���mrgmmmmattm  . A pencil murk here fi��J��T"  ib a reminder thatvoursub-  scription to this paper ia  now past due, and the publisher will appreciate your  promptattentton.     ''tfflT  *���**' ��� ���    - -     -   ���   ���  There is a split in the provincial  Socialist party, a section under the  leadership of Ernest Burns of Vancouver, adopting what they call broader  and more practical principles.  The Douglas Lake Cattle Company,  owners of the best known and perhaps  the most valuable cattle and horse  ranch in British Columbia, is being  taken over by a big English syndicate  which is incorporated under the name  of The Canada Estates, Limited, with  a capital of $400,000.  The election of Benchers of the Law  Society of British Columbia last week'  resulted as. follows: E. V. Bodwell,  K.C, E. P. Davis, K. C, L A. Mac-  doriald, . K. C, Sir Charles Hibbert  Tupper, K.C., R. S. Lennie, K.C., C.  E. Pooley, K.C., G. E. Courbould,  K.C., H. Dallas Helmeken, K.C., and  L. G. McPhillips, K.C.  Nervous  Prostration  IT IS WORRY THAT KILLS, NOT WORK  Work without worry usually tends to  prolong life. On the other hand, worry,  with or without work, is fatal, because  it uses up what the Doctors call the  "Lecithin," a phosphorized fat which  is the chief constituent of the brain and  nervous system���a waste which, if not  stayed in time, means complete nervous wreck. The evident moral is  "don't worry"���advice easy to give,  and in these days of stress and strain  practically impossible to take. The  alternative is : find some way of replacing the wasted Lecithin���the  phosphorized fat. This absolutely  essential element will be found in  its most perfect, palatable and assimilable form in  FERROL  an  emulsion of Cod  Liver  Oil  and  Phosphorus (phosphorized fat)together I  with Iron, the recognized blood builder |  ���making FERR0L the ideal nutrient it.  claims to be.  For the prevention or treatment of  nervous prostration FERROL ts absolutely unequalled���it is safe, sure and  speedy.  The formula of FERROL is freely exposed, consequendy  ����� You Know  what you  take"  J. B. BOYLE, Chemist and Druggist,  Phoenix, B. C.  ���<����� �����*-���<�� oa-c* ��r>��o ��->��^r�� 9^.m<% c^��-o r>��-^�� *���>���<"�� ��">������  OUR COPPER CORNER 5  THE  EASTERN  TOWNSHIPS  BANK  Issues  Drafts  Money Orders  Travelling Checks  Letters of Credit  Payable Everywhere.  Savings  Department  Deposits of $1.00 and up-j  wards recehed. Interest;  credited twice a year. 1  3RANCHES  IN  CANADA  55  CAPITAL  $3,000,000.00  RESERVE  $1,600,000.00  ESTABLISHED  1859.  We   have   at   last received onr long  delayed shipment of  Pabst Beer  And can Promptly Fill all  Orders  D.J. Matheson  3nsurance Hgent  FIDELITY    BONDS,  COMMISSIONER    FOR  FIRE,       LIFE  ANIi  ACCIDENT.  PI..VTB    GLASS  T A KINO    AFFIDAVITS  PHOENIX,   B.C.  MATTERS OF   INTEREST   TO   THOSE  COPPER   MINING  INTERESTED  INDUSTRY  IN    THE  C^C<J   4>��<*   ��^-��^��  <L^.<*  &^.<Ji &>-���  make any appreciable sales for delivery  beyond June, even at 24c.  It   is   believed that  only   relatively  excitement has" diaracterizecfthe Kng- J "mall quantities of electrolytic or lake  lish  copper  market, the  most   sipnifi-  ��<* 4>e<* ��>o<�� o.<-��  Drop In English Copper.  The Montreal Herald in its issue of  Thursday,   March   28th,   says:    Great  COLUMBIAN COLLEGE.  Founded 1892���Incorporated 1893.  NEW WESTMINSTER. B.C.  cant feature being the sensational drop  of ^8 in the price of best selections.  This maKes a drop of .��10 in two  days.  To the initiated it is well-known that  the price of speculative warrants on the  London market govern sentiment in  Europe, and indirectly, if not directly,  cause a suspension of trade or renewed  buying by European consumers. While  prices of refined metal do not follow  warrants closely they sympathize more  or less acutely with the ups and downs  of warrants. It should be noted, too,  that "best selections" of English copper are not warrants, and are about  equivalent to American casting grade?.  Business in the local market is practically suspended, there being but very  little demand, and on the other hand  little pressure to sell, but at the same  time electrolytic was offered at 25c for  nearby delivery, and futures would be  difficult to sell at 24^0. Some interests reported it would be difficult to  ' copper will be available for shipment  within the next six weeks, but there  are some million pound lots that could  be bought. In exceptional instances  some copper has been sold for delivery  beyond June, but these sales have  been inappreciable compared with the  current output.  For the month of March Butte's  copper production was 30,000,000  pounds.  On May 1st, the National Copper  Bank will start business in New York,  with deposits of about $20,000,000.  According to its last annual report,  the Utah Consolidated made its copper  last year at a cost of 4.02 cents per  pound���thus holding the record of the  world in that particular.  The production of copper in the  year 1906 as compiled by Aaron Hirsch  & Son of Germany amounted to 736,-  711 metric tons against 697,845 in  1905, an increase of 5.6%.  Provides a Christian home for students of both sexes at. moderate rates.  Has a preparatory class for junior students, (loint: grade pnlilic school work.  Does hiuh scTiool work, confers all hinh  school privilepeH, and prepares for teachers'examinations. Teaches all branches  of a Practical Business Course and gives  Diplomas. Gives a liberal education in  its Collegiate Course and in the Ladies'  Course for M.TC.Ii. and M.L.A. 111 University work, can take students through  the complete Arte Course, and tho degree of .B.A. can be obtained from Toronto University, which the college is in  hit affiliation.  For fuller information and terms write  Rev. W. J. Sipperel!, B.A..B.D .Principal; or Rev. J. P. Bowoll, Bnrpar.  MINERAL ACT.  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICK.  "Montrose Fractional" Mineral Cla-tn, situate In  the Greenwood Mining D:vision cf Yale District.   Where located: Deadwood camp.  TAKK NOTICK tqat I. Horbes M. Kerby. Flee  Miner's Certificate No. B90000, intend, six'y  days from date here<>r, to apply to the Mining  Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for  the purpose of obtaining: 11 Crown Grant of the  above claim.  Aud further tnke notice that act'on under section jr. must he commenced before the issuance  of men Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this 19th day of December,  v.D  1906.  5��� FORBES  M,  KERBY.  THE  COPPER  HANDBOOK  (New Edition Issued November IS, 1906.)  Is a dozen books in one, covering the  history, geography, geology, chemistry,  mineialogy, metallurgy, terminology,  uses, statistics and finances of copper.  It is a practical book, useful to all and  necessary to most men engaged in any  branch of the copper industry.  Its facts will pass muster with the  trained scientists, and its language is  easily understood by the everyday man.  It gives the plain facts in plain English  without fear or favor. It lists and describes 4626 copper mines and companies in all parts of the world, descriptions running from two lines to sixteen pages, according to importance of  the property. The Coitkk Handtiook  is conceded to be the  World's Standard Reference  Book on Copper.  The mining man needs the book for  the facts it gives''him about mines, mins  Ing and metal. ��� The investor needs  the book for the facts it gives him about  mining, mining investments and copper statistics. Hundreds of swindling  companies are exposed in plain English.  Price is $5 in buckram with gilt top;  $7.50 in full library morocco. Will be  sent, fully prepaid, on approval, to any  address ordered, and may be returned  within a week of receipt if not found  fully satisfactory.  Horace J. Stevens  Editor and Publisher  36     POSTOKKICE     BLOCK,     HOUiiHTON,  MICHIGAN. i  THE BEST BOTTLED BEER ON THE MARKET  Write, telephone, telegraph or call on  Greenwood j Liquor Co*  JAS. McCREATH, Proprietor.  Phoenix   ivcry Stable  D.   J.   McDonald,    Prop.  Fvprv.ilJrnr Wpw carriages  and  other  rigs  IvYClJiailHS  HEW   HORSES AND SADDLES. SEVERAL  ���~mm^"^HUNDRED CORDS OF DRY  WOOD  Delivered to any part of the city.  Entire Outfit New and Up-to-date.    A share of the public  patronage solicited      'Phone 37.  DOMINION AVE., COR. BANNER ST., PHOENIX,  B. C.  I  I Phoenix Bees*  As made by the present brewer   is   admittedly the  Best Beer in the Boundary.    With the  Best   Malt   ^  and the Purest Spring Water it  is   unexcelled   lot  quality.      Insist   on   having  PHOENIX   BEER.  Spring Water Ick for Sale. Bottlkd Bf.er anp Porter.  Phoenix  Brewing Company  BINER & SONS,  Proprietors  Okkick and Brewery,  Banner St.  PHOENIX, B.C.  -0-����  ��sxsXKSSXSXS��^^  o  P.  0.  Box 56.  Phoenix Market.  'Phone 2.   ��  P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.  Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants.  Choice Line of Fresh and Cured Meats.  Poultry, Fish and Game in Season.  All    Orders   Receive   Prompt  Attention.  Markets at Greenwood. Grand Forks, Midway,   Eholt and   all  the  other  principal Cities and Towns in B.C., Alberta and Yukon.  Headquarters for Boundary:  NKI.SOX, B.C. GREENWOOD, B.C.  Headquarters:  fi#lt  ill  mmm$  ppfef  t-lAv-lJ-Sr'iiS  ��� m��  rM��MM  ;:f-"^t.'-.::t  m  :t.  :-:: 'l'!ifiji ',;���.  ���mi  mm  Wrni  I  m  11!  y  i|J.  sw  THE   PHOENIX   PIONEER.  ���O"  Loading Hotel of Boundary'* Loidlni  Mlnlnt Camp  In and Around Phoenix  Hotel Balmoral  New and Up-to-date,  Centrally Located,  Good 8am pie Boomi,  Corner Knob Hill Ave., and Flrit St.,  PHOENIX, B. C.  J. A NaUASYER  Proprietor.  E  BRIRF  TOPICS  OF  LOCAL   AND  GENKRAI  INTEREST TO   I'HOKNICIANS.  Don't forget Boyle is the Druggist.  Dr. Mathison, dentist.  See the ad of James in this issue of  the Pioneer.  Hannam's milk suffers no addition  or subtraction.  Winter still tries hard to linger in  the lap of spring.  Dry wood in car lots. Apply to  J. Trombley, Phoenix, B. C.  Before buying your furniture elsewhere, call on R. J. Gardner.  ���   Prescriptions properly   prepared by  Boyle, the Druggist.  Burton's and Bass'Ale on draft ta  the Hotel  lirooklyn.  ���Woodchoppers. wanted. Inquire of  J. J. Bassett, Hartford junction.'  See Miss McDonald, milliner, for  sewing machines and supplies.  This evening a number of friends of  \V. R. Williams, police magistrate, will  tender him a banquet at the Brooklyn  hotel, it being his intention to go to  Regina shortly.  Murdock Mclntyre has stacked up  several hundred cords of wood in town,  for delivery while the roads are practically impassible for either wagons or  sleighs in the timber.  Joe Heinnch, the Granby miner,  who met and successfully defeated all  comers here in wrestling matches, was  recently matched to throw five men in  one match at Ritzville, Wash.  In connection with the series, "Characters that have Moulded the Centuries," the subject at the Methodist  Church on Sunday will be "The Tranquil End of a Purposeful Life."  Boyle, the Druggist.  Dr. Mathison, dentist, Bank Block,  April  10th  to 14th, inclusive.  Sewing machines to rent at $3 per  month. See Miss McDonald, milliner.  Encycloypaedia Britannica, 26 vols.,  for sale at less than half cost. Inquire  111 Pioneer office.  There will be a sale of new and up-  t<> date millinery, in the Delahay Block,  from the 6th of April till the 15th.  A cash earner system has been in-  ' stalled in the local store of the Hunter-  ��� Kendrick Co., Ltd.  j     "Peck's  Bad   Boy"  is   booked   to  [appear at the Phoenix opera house on  the evening of May 27.  '��� K. A. Black has been  officially appointed timekeeper for  the C.P.R. in  the Boundary, Geo. E. Dey having re-  j signed.  The   city   fire  wagon,  which   was  COMING AND GOING  badly used in a collision in a runaway  last (all, has been put in shape, and is  now in commission once more.  The sale held by the Ladies' Guild  of St. John's Church of England on  Thursday, was the success that was  anticipated. The dance in the evening  was also well attended, and excellent  music was furnished by the James and  Biner orchestra. The net results were  about $2oc.  ' A PRETTY CHOICE  of beautiful things ie always here at  1 your command. Here you will always  find all Unit is prettiest and  best in  all kinds of  JEWELRY  If you want a gift for a friend or an  oruament for youreelf, yon i-an always rely on setting just" what you  want at this Ptore. We like t>> lia>e  people come in and iiippcct 1 nroffer-  ingB. We leave it to the beauty of  our jewelry to make buyers of tliem.  GEO. E. DEY,  JEWELER  KfcOB mr.i. WE., PHOENIX, B.C  Construction is being resumed on  the Kootenay Central, near Golden, on  a limited scale.  W. A. Ross has succeeded S. Gard  >ier   V'erkes   of Seattle,   as   assistant  general passenger agent of the Great  1 Northern.  Theopening of thenew Nicolabranch  of the G.P R. to the regular passenger  traffic, scheduled for last week Monday, was delayed by land slides.  T. J. Gallagher, who is constructing  the Great Northern Granby Victoria  shaft spur, started this week on the  Myncaster spur, for the accommodation  of shippers in that locality.  From indications, it does not now  seem likely that the Great Northern  will lay steel on the V. V. & E ex:  tension further than Keremeos this  year, probably largely due to shortage  of labor. The tracklayers are now  above Nighthawk.  furniture]  , .  .   .  -    ,.     ���,    .     .... .     ..       ft.  Carpets in the piece. J  Cotton Ingrains and  '.'...'.  Tapestry Squares.  '..;." Japanese Malting.  Linoleums and Table Oilcloth  J   jar* f UUIINES OF BEDDIHG. JKJ   ��  J   PRICES RIGHT      A CALL INVITED.    ?  J      R.J   GARDNER,      f  ��    !(AKI)V UJJ'-K       .       I'HilKKIX.lie     J  I Church Services Tomorrow J  Methodist���Sunday School at 2:30  p. m.��� evening -service 7:30 p. in.  Thursday evening, prayer meeting and  choir practice. A cordial imitation to  all these services. Rev. J. V. cllu.sley  Whittaker.  St. Andrews'   Presbyterian  Church  Preaching      Service      tomorrow     at  7:30  p. m.  Sunday school and Bible  class at 10:00 a m. A cordial welcome  to all.   Rev.  Samuel   Lundie, Pastor.  Catholic���Church of Our   I^dy of  the   Good  Counsel.���Divine  Service  every 2nd and  4th  Sunday of each  month.    Holy Mass. 1 o a.m.   Sunday  .School, 2:30 p.m.    Vespers and Hene  diction,    7:30   p.m.      Father   J.   A.  Bedard. O.M.I. Pastor.  Church of England���Services  11  a.'  According to the latest reports, not  a man is now employed by the Grand  Trunk Pacific at Prince Rupert, the  Pacific terminal of the line] even the  Japs having. been let out. Another  rt-port.'is that the lownsite will not be  on the'market before next spring.  Sunday morning's train from Oro-  ville on the Great Northern struck a  boulder near Myncaster, and put it out  of busintss for a day or two, the  engine being turned half way around  Engineer Jeff. Irby jumped and sustained a broken leg. South bound  passengers' that day did not leave  Grand Foiks till 6 p.m., nor reach  Spokane (ill after midnight.  Contractor Tierney started work last  .HMvIay on  the additional   trackage  facilities   for the  Domin'on   Copper  Co.'s Kawhide mine in Phoenix camp,  with about 35 men.   In a week or two  this fusee will be doubled by Foreman  Maglio.  When the work is completed,  this mine will be in good shape for the  increased ore shipments required hv  the additional blast furnace being in  stalled  at   the   company's  Bjtmd.m  Falls smelting works.  Uncle Jim Hill and Uncle Tom  Shaughnessy vied with each other in  getting their respective passenger trains  late into Phoenix Thursday. Uncli  Tom's train was delayed at Fisherman  creek by one of Uncle Jim's ore  dumps, which the former was trans  porting, getting off the track, and  Uncle Jim himself had his usual  amount of troubles on the Phoenix  hill.    Both C. P. R. and G. N. trains  Robert Bird Kerr, for years a resident of Phoenix, and then at Oakland,  Cal., and Victoria, has been making a  trip through the Okanagan lake district,  with a view to locating in that fast  growing section.  A fire alarm last Saturday morning  early brought the fire team to the  Summit hotel corner in short time.  Some hay was found burning underneath the store of E. A. Black, but  was quickly extinguished.  Sunday evening Mrs P. L. McKel-  vey entertained 15 or 20 friends at the  Dominion house, music being furnished by Harry James and Charles  King, and ice cream being served. ���  Haying sold the business of the  Royal Billiard , Parlors and Bowling  Alleys to Cosgrove & McAstoker^all  accounts due to March 15, 1.9.07; are  due and payable to the undersigned  R. H. Karatofsky.  "The Jolly American Tramp,"which  ���was billed to appear here last night'at  the opera house, was forced to cancel  its date here, being behind in filling  the dates already billed. So Manager  Morrison, of the opera house, was  advised on Tuesday.  Tuesday evening a pleasant event  took place at the residence of Rev.  R. A. Heath, rector of St. John's  Anglican church, when Mr. and Mrs.  :Heath were met by the members of  the congregation, it being the 25th anniversary of the marriage. C. L.  Thornber, on behalf of the congregation, made an address and a substantial silver presentation, to which Mr.  Heath made suitable response.  Some temporary and much heeded  repairs were done recently to the wagon  road near the Snowshoe mine, but it is  hoped the government will early this  spring change the road so that it will  avoid the mining operations at the  Snowshoe, Rawhide", Gold Drop and  Curlew 'mines. As it is now, the  many crossings are more or less dangerous for teamsters, to say nothing of  being a great annoyance to the operation of the mines themselves.  Boundary Side Lights  A bread war' is reported to be on  between the bakers of Greenwood.  Greenwood's new fire alarm system  is now in working order, with eight  alarm boxes.  Pay day, April 10th, was selected by  the Greenwood city council as the  date for the annual back yard assessments to be done in that burg.  A public library is proposed by the  Grand Forks Athletic Association, and  the aid of the city council for the project has been asked for.  The new city and railway bridges  over Kettle river at Grand Forks are  expected to be completed by the contractors in a couple of weeks.  Greenwood's board of trade did a  good thing in, deciding to issue a  pamphlet, giving in condensed form  all the mining and other  data of the  district; ������';.:'K'      ���''  ., A celebration by the Grand Forks  fire department is announced for May  24th at the race.track, and Greenwood  Miners'Union No. 22 gives it out that  it will celebrate Labor Day this year.  R. T. Lowery, owner of the Greenwood Ledge, has been nominated by'  the . Slocan Mining Review for the  position of King's Printer at Victoria,  soon to be vacated by the super annu-  atton of Richard VVolfenden.  If you haven't been vaccinated, or  cannot produce 'a physician's certificate  along that line, it will be done for you  nowadays when you cross the line from  Uncle Sam's domain into British Columbia. ��� Small pox on the other side  is the cause.  This week the spring thaw set in in  earnest, and the creeks and rivers of  the Boundary will soon be bank full.  There are said to be several feet of  snow still in the mountains all through  this section, and some freshets are  almost a certainty.  Option on Mlalng Railway.  The Spokesman-Review, of Spokane,  states that J. P. Graves has taken an  option on all the outstanding stock of  the Chelan Transportation and Smelting Co., amounting to 420,000 shares.  The company has spent some $65,000  in grading a railway from Lake Chelan,  in Washington, to a group of claims  called the Holderi, in that district.  Mr. Graves and associates are now  developing this Holden group of copper claims under a bond, and it is  understooo that if the bond on the one  company is taken up that on the other  will also be exercised, as the mines  need the proposed railway of 13 miles  to get the ore out of the Cascade  mountains. Development of the mines  is being carried on in charge of W. Y.  Williams, formerly superintendent of  the Granby mines in Phoenix camp,  and it is understood that the development is turning out satisfactorily.  The Kettle River Game and Fish  Protective Association has been formed  at Greenwood, with the following  officials: President, G. B. Taylor; secretary-treasurer, James S. Birnie; executive committee, Messrs McRae,  Wright and Boak, with a member,each  from '.Midway and Boundary Falls.  The initiation fee is $1.  Midway wiil celebrate the 24th of  May this year, as it has done for the  last eight or ten years. A fund of  some $600 has been raised for prizes  for base ball tournament, sports, etc.  The Greenwood band will be engaged  to furnish the music, and a special  train will be run on the C. P. R. for  the event, flatters are being arranged  this week by the citizens of the town.  Before Acting Manager Beardsley,  of the. B. C. Copper Co., left Greenwood a few days ago, he was presented  with an address by the assembled employees of the smelter, showing the  esteem in which he had been held by  the men, the address being accompanied by one of the finest travelling  cases obtainable, with all the accompaniments. It was a complete surprise  to the retiring official.  W. S. Macy spent two or three  days from Spokane in camp this week.  G. H. Barnhardt of Nelson, inspector of Snowshoe shipments of ore. was  here yesterday.  Isuac A. Dinsmore, provincial constable of Grand Forks, was here Tuesday on official business.  Mrs. R. A. Heath expects to leave  for Victoria Monday, to visit with her  nephew in that city and recuperate in  health.  George E. Cole, office man for the  Cariboo-McKmney Lessees, at the  Cariboo mine, was a visitor here last  Saturday.  Dr. W. Howard Dickson and wife  went down to Vancouver last Saturday,  the doctor expecting to return today or  tomorrow. I  Miss Murray and Miss Boffey have  resigned from the nursing staff of the  Phoenix General Hospital, to take  effect May 1st.  J. Stillwell Clute, the veteran inspector of customs, was a recent  visitor to the various customs collectors'  offices in the Boundary.  P. H. Burnham, district freight and  passenger agent of the Great Northern  at Grand Forks, was here early in the  week, on business bent. .  P. W. George and bride returned  from Spokane last Sunday night, and  have settled down to housekeeping in  a cottage on Brooklyn avenue.  A. E. Booth, of Winnipeg, the traveller for a tooth carpentering supply  house, was doing business with both  the local dentists this week.  Jay P. Graves, general manager of  the Granby Consolidated, will leave  Spokane early next week for a business  trip to New York and other eastern  points.  Samuel Newhouse, managing director of the Dominion Copper Co.,  and president of the Nipissing Mining  Co., was expected to sail from Europe  this week.  I. Hiibner and wife returned this  week from a trip to Spokane, where  they went for the benefit of the health  of their little daughter, who is much  improved.  P. F. Roosa, paymaster for the  Dominion Copper Co., was up from  Boundary Falls this week, as was also  George W. Wooster, treasurer of the  Granby Co., up from Grand Forks.  W. H. Jeffrey, M. E., for the last  year superintendent of the Crescent  mine, has accepted an important position at Cobalt,and left this week with  his wife for the great Ontario silver  fields.  A. ;B. W. Hodges, Mrs. Hodges,  Miss Marion Hodges and Mrs. Wake  Williams, of Grand Forks, attended  the dance of the Ladies' Guild of the  Anglican church Thursday night, also  spending a couple of days in camp.  Joseph L. Martin returned Tuesday  from a week's trip to his mining properties in the Coeur d'Alene country.  Development is proceeding oh both  the Brown Metal and Carney groups,  not far from Mullan, with encouraging  results up to date.  Alex; Miller, of Greenwood, was in  the city Wednesday evening,on his way.  back fromr an extended trip to Cobalt  Mr. Mille has secured some likely  interests in Cobalt district, where he  says a number of millionaires have been  made already.  DIAMONDS  THE   BIHTII   STONK   KOI*   A-l'l*!!..  3$  We have in our stock a nice selection of Loose and Mounted  Stones in various styles. Single  Stone Rings from $15'to $280.  Diamond and Fancy Combinations all prices. Brooches  from $15 to $185.  E. A. 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