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The Phoenix Pioneer and Boundary Mining Journal Apr 1, 1916

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 ~7 ��W*~*��-��-,����. ,���.���  1^1  k*   )f ^ "V 1  t    * J  ^  fr  ft��  iffiS*  The largest copper mines in  the Dominion are situated  at Phoenix. The Granby  Co. employs500 me��, and  has a montbJy payroll of .  over $50,000.- Two railroads  afford access to the city.  /  ?<t$  V  ft <*  &���  '���I  ?r  '���/> r $ 1  ���ffe��  SEVENTEENTH^ YE^R  Devoted to ��h^��crests of the Boc.nc.ary M,nln& DTstrlct  Granby Consolidated   J     Fredericks to Assist  ..-'  PHOENIX, B.C., SATURDAYTISiTr^  published   in   the b&hetf,"/^^ JI&  B":nicipality   in   Canada���    I,*       4*TV'V^  altitude, 4,80u ft.   Thei^ /' f ^ ���.'/>>   '  has a population'pf l,&^,t|>| 7/ f $  "ad    possesses'   first-class ^k''i ' jJ> ^  hotels,'opej�� house,1 schools"'" k* ' "     ?' *'  MS  Mining Notes of British Columb  The.Grariby 'Smeltipg company's]     T"e Moose Jaw Poultry, associa-  smelter at-Anyox; B.C.,, is treating   tion has decided to establish in that  anaverageof2500tonsof ore daily, P*? a home for the hen.    This   will |     Jt is   rePorted   work   will   be   re  running   two   or   three   per - cent  fae a Permanent exhibition of a small   Su,ned on th^ big gold mine at Carm  .copper, the product of the  Granby  Pen ofeach of the  1*10  varieties bf f    Geo. White,  of Greenwood    hU  mines at Hidden  Creek,   according  P����I'ry.    Each' pen .will' have    its' bo��Sht Charles Kinney's intent in  toO. B.-Smith of VW��,.������.   ~:-Jo'vn   individual   ^     -^    .._...  I the Elkhorn  mine;   which   he   now  controls.  strike.  to O. B.-Smith of Vancouver, mine Jown individual coop and yarcl^  superintendent for the/corporation, estabHshedi" what will be known  who was in, Spokane last wet k.,    .  |as Po"ltry park.  A recent test of ore stored  Shareholders iri 'the Carney Cod f     nnu     ��� ''-<���<" *"  /> ,s  .     r ,Co.   were' somewhat   mtifiSL F��"��Wlns ��>asUtute the teamftjn J  . .Stanley Menhinick,   of" Kaslo,  is  this week on receipt of a Iette    S    1    , T'   ^^   "^V"���^  interested in a deal which   has    usf Ijpg forth progre/s'made   Z   con" e7       th"   co����n����d* Thu��day>  been put past the  preliminary  pay   '^plated.    Approximately    lb Si" 1?^    Th& first ��a���d ^ ^*U  mentstflP-f. wh��~.k.. ��,.___    './7   Itnncnf  .    -      y    lu'uu0j team is captain. *     '.V.^l  ment stage whereby Minneapolis in Jtons of ��<" e are ready for stop.W  in I     c        ,  '- ,        t    f  vestora have secured the BurnireK * tunn.1 which ^uhs from f" to __SpeCU,atl0n is ��� �� to the'ot/t  ,    .     .--.-,        .    ., -      -       , -���   -.-   .����������,���   Jl0n   nl;���T  Md.Ne|sonff'-o��P of claims on Fish  60 Per ��nt. copper and 2^  ounces  employing more men in construction   P�������"1 and federal  governments  Republic,' discloses Z��?,, ' ' *  "'   th"   r"1"   ~!-! "*��"���     ^-'--    ���       ���"  work," said Mr. Smlti,      .,xx-_ t..... |w.llbeasked to make annmn,;.^���in���,.,:        .      .    lact   ,,,at  ��tf.vision  "As the season'advances-*, are)    'T,!e ��}ty ��f Moo*e Jaw'   ^nd   the  bins of the   Mountain   I ion   n,i���*" P'"," - , -  �������� ���. ��� ��� <-?��   oi  _      tarn   L,on   nnue, (creek,  ,0; the   Lardeau   mining  di> ��"��*���     Todky Wrk  wHl   be   re-  about  properties  The minimui  ���s  $3.50 a  day,"with"bonuses^of|'U"COUrse'g:fat's' in  Poultry-keep.,  from 25 to 75 cents a shift/  accord- PF' Which vviI1 triake ihe��� self sus-       lz Is  estimate  ing to the monthly average  aettlJta,D11.0*"   They��ill  be  shown   the  copper     circles  ment price for, copper.    The   bonus |qua,lty of standard bred fowls. ' '  becomes'effective whe"n the metal ,'c I     A   ,ar&e  incubator  ''*  to  be  $400  It is   estimated   in   well-informed  companies of the first class are now  The sale of what is said to be|n��SeCUte develoP~ment vigorously,  that producing I ^^ miniDff ground on Silver ��? "j" ^ shWed as f^ as it car.  ���.._,_  P      UC,Q^|^'and, Babine  lake,  just  north   of - ��" the Cars' and the mifl.  above 16 ce���ts,he P^-i"^^^--^ ^- > ��1=^ ^^f^htl^rlr^^1^^ ^^TiM^ "JlE ��T��S"��9 ^ ^  maximum ��� reached when it P-��. J^"*     "  "   a,so   ProPOfd    to  are selling in the market    a���d ^ f  ^ proPerty " kno^n as the SHver  nMrby ^    C��>��d�����ble   of  this  A' J��"oson H. tZ  22 cents a pound. - Uooduct at  tfa.s   home   of the   hen,   during   1916  profits   w ,'l   h      ^    s,and> Silver Nugget and the   BeTr** " ��Wned b^ Phoe"i-  parties ''M. McWha T  ol  Our mines at Phoenix are shW-m���drna^0n      ^  ^^    C0D^  times  the  largest  LouL "  *��d   Wa&    -^"^    locaej     "j  ho,din8�� ����^ff fron,. a  feS  hun'   "-���   '     *~        Q      "  '" ��� - * ��� '��� -PP ' *ndZ*ll7\ R'W- FfedeHcks�� l^a^ - the pasf      m��Unt  "   a��y  rned ^ M�����. H. J. Macdlald  I^ ^^ *on* ��� *����������-.     The  aspne-     A    ,__���   ^    ^ ^.o. E.   Ne^ E-   ^Campbell*  ^ine,   owned     by    ^ The prope"^ j�� J^  ithfer.s    acf   P���.������ir     ������ _ J'   oai*ey  R   T   wuif..   __j ..    - '    '      .     .bonanza    mine.    r����r,n^     u..     r    " l-i,. "^ffea,    ot    Van  The mine employs 400meo and the  smelter about 200.  ��VTW; -minor  shippers.' to ^our  |Anyox smelter are ;the J company's  i',me/;and rquarte   quarries. -The  ..former js about 90  miles  from" the  ^smelter and "ships 100 tons daily -for?  *flux.    Theater is about'one   mile. ^ .".   "���,  mA'l ~ s   v specimens  Ore will be shipped as fast as it can  the mifl.  ng  ore,'* for  the   present,   will   be  :oncentrate "  nearby mill  stock is owi  holdings ranging'from   a  fe  dred ^forty thousandth;  mine is at Mullan, Idaho.  come, not  a  few* followers : of 'the  game expecting to see teamsrhaad-^ *  ed by Hans White and A-.-Jacobson //  in a close run for the first prize. ^'\ '  TEN   PIN rtVE  Pm  HanS White      \ A. HendricksoV  Geo  Elhs      435 A. Elmgreen  ^. E. Shore A. Heard  R. R.ckey p. McWha     i       ^  Sorten    .     -        J.'Evans '  - ���(%  '  v,^ ft/I  i  Mussatto,-   308 A. Fransdn  Chas  Swanson    R: Taylor ~  "Damn" Is Money - <  have addressed  themse.vesTo  Mh^ 1^'-T^  ''n   Smithto  Iast^^P��-V7nXer l! V^  Frederick^asklng him ^to makf ;       f"rday   that   the   Jonff   crosscut and IliU II't  f��'the' ��k^ks  ^nation of two settings of Ctsfe^" 'T^   ^   ^  ^     ^^       -��a-:-; longer Is considered a  ..    __       ...��- ,m,nera,,zedre,nw>">afopt^^ Agroiip  eees  an^Wi... j.*: mineralized vein wi  eggs, and-he has  agreed ;to: make  h-tF nF   u.  . !  this  donation   as    deiir^rf    'tV,-^  _   f ��f   hlS"h   ^rad  thiV donation   as    desired.    These  eggs-will be .carefully incHbated and  selec'ted    for  m  /romithe smelter and furnishes   tool exh��l  ions daily  for   co���verte;   lininga.j^,bi6 t  WWfluarft carries more.thao enough     >u. A^      ^     .  f gold ti^pay its own wa��� "   ' >'     5  f   ^he thousands of visitors; to  this  **    "PA���. ^      '/���.V-   < :        *-* <   J Permanent exhibition of all'varietioc  This *witl  "  ,�����^"w.    miiifty   at  S!^^.P^e.��f^,es J?}^,  oualities of. each, breed.  The funnel was'sta te^ ffi, a^ itr^r" ,OC-?ted   b   ��"'   a^  gives a  depth   of ^ffitet    W0'^1100 tb  r^l'^   W^' M^   ^onin  starts t      'de       ��eWOWner^Wni  ���e price paid   was  $25,000.    The, of students   specinltlil   ���  "   gr��-!1  'perty was located   ,'���   ibf^     _'.   _.... -. sPfcialumg   ,n   numis  ��� ?am�� island~is shipping,40 Jons  o*.     ,          .  U��e7to,make^i^>esiW^5u��3^^n^^  ��ine��|VaMes^Aiiska';;aa^^-as  transportation is available: 'Just at  present steamers" are,,scarce. The  weatherTast "winter in southwestern  ,N Alaska, was .the ���worst known for  'years.  .High' winds,   intense    cold  and, heavy  snowfall  combined    to   ,���  make Operations difficult and costly." I general  ^9.ne'of the.piettiest weddinff^of 'V^J^ , 7^��Z����-t?fa2$.  the ����An"^���u _,:..      '   .""/�� JA^???'aie m,or��J. ^etired^entiemenL  'l3acfena"B^ C* irri5S��K.-1Ut^3Lc:' 2?r.*>��J  matics has discovered the;'Persians  years ago batfk^oin^ihe'damn.'th'e  smallest they, had- In^lize 'and "the  worthlessne'ss^of whic'h i? "exceeded  only by Mexican^ or .'Stag'e'" money.  ^Sequeptly/ the;, Pers'ian '-bloo'ds  R. Bassett  Nick Palorcia  J. L. Cook  E. Murray  W. X. Perkins  C. Reid.  W. Biner���  Wallers  Nick Musso  A.Jacobson  T.^McElroy  }��� Jeromo  Gus Eklof       ,     ;  N: Palorcia  N. MclVaac  A. Spence  W. McLaughlin-  J. Cook.       ��  , '  _C. Reid *..,  L. Taylor  R> Bassett'  J'  this week filling in hew" subscription  ^ S   t^^pf<^ets of^  forms. \The Daily News, eve> since h?JZl/P. ^ '���H " '$&&��   ��'^  .��..����� .    f.u'        "���   , ^"^of^tbe^morning.^Sisters^off this'weelc.-     /-  the commencement of the war, Jias thp PmHrnLn i^����� - - i     l    -T*-j WCC1V- ,   ^'  ., <��"-, tne rjeiirosen Jodg'e served "a bounti-l     n��w r4vfo,��r :^ ������:ji..   ,  proved Jtself an  invaluable >sheet, f', r't *_. I u   .    e ��x,e^ ,s raP,d^ clearing up  always on time with the latest   war .   SL ^nntr^Vi ,V     ' >*    - '       ?,6. W�� P��rt'��n '��f his   ranch'  news and   news  of the  district, in Lh 'V^    u   f T  H^h'S week be blew out two  and   a  well andjavorahly known, and many half acres - of stumps," making ten  beautiful and costly presents testi- acres thoroughly cleared up" this  fied to the hitrh esteem in   ��?hi^h iha   _-^_-:U~  Qed to the high esteem in  which the  the couple were held.  BIG STORE  Big Orange Special  $4.50  IS v  St  ^J^^F*8?  i��  I��  >. -  Great Big Sweet Juicy "Oranges, 126  to the Case.. ''  Half-Case Lot"   ...   c . , $2.35  A little smaller size, but just as sweet    t  ^ 'and juicy; 200 to the case^       .. S5.50^  Half-Case Lots    ..        .. $2.85 . ���  Apples.  Extra Winesaps and Rome Beauties.  'We honestly think that these are the finest  lot of Apples that have come into Phoenix this  season. Order a box today, or you may be too  late; .    ���  '**  tr<  m  We have just unloaded a car of beautiful  white potatoes���fine cookers and bakers. You  will have to try them to appreciate the extra  mealy flavor. Per 10O lb. S1.50  GREEN VEGETABLES  Asparagus, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumbers  Lettuce, Green Onions, Green Peppers,  Rhubarb and Spinach.  Your order will have our most careful attention.  Phone 9 andS  Coming Events  " Fine Feathers^' tonight  W. P. S. meet to sew Thursday.  Movies tonight, Tuesday and  Thursday.  You payment to the Patriotic  fund for this month.  Service Sunday at Presbyterian  and English churches.  -Two   dead   dogs   after   today    if  not claimed and pound fees paid.   �����   Patronize Home Industry  Don't go   abroad   to   buy   some-  thing when you have a few dollars to  spend   and   then   ask   your   home  merchant   to   sell   to  you   on   time  when you are broke.    If you   have  bills with your   merchant   who   has  given you credit and   an   extension  of  time   and   accepted   small    payments, and take your  cash   to   the  city to spend with   a  stranger   who  has no inteiest in  your   town,   nine  times out of ten he   will   "do"   you  because he never expect��to sec you  again.     The   home   merchant    will  save you money with reliable goods,  which he guarantees with his   reputation.  spring.  Recruits Wanted  Recruits are wanted for the Two  Hundred audTwenty-fifth Kootenay��.  Boundary battalion which will be  stationed at Fernie, Cranbrook1,  Nelson and Grand Forks. Lieut.  E. L. Stenstrom of the latter city  has been authorised to enlist 250  men for the company stationed there.  Candidates should, present themselves to the nearest doctor for  examination, and if satisfactory/  transportation will be sent.  t  ��  Granby Shipments  The following are the monthly  shipping figures from the 'local  Granby mine to tbe Grand Forks  smelter:  1915 tons 1916  January...     .      42,211    83,802  February.     .      63,091    77,048  March..      ..      69,948  Any hen will lay eggs at this  season of the year. The price of  eggs is coming down. It takes the  thoioughbred hen from a wintei laying strain  to   pioduce   eggs   in   the  May .   . .   .  .     100,693  June  .     103,004  July-  ..    .  .     101,05S  August.  103,062  September .  93,245  October,.  96.43C  No\embei  .      82,187  December.  Total . ...  .      9K475  .1,034,786  Finnan Haddie  Kippers  Cod -  Bloaters  Canned Salmon  23c. lb.  20c. lb.  25c. lb.  20c. lb.  25c. can  Lobsters   35c. and 60c.  Baked Beans  No better substitute for  Meat. Place the can in  boiling water for a few-  minutes, and you-will have  a deliciously tasty and  wholesome food���  Per Can, 20c. and 35c.  ente ii  ishes  Those who abstain  from eating Meat  on Fast Days, will  find the following  Suggestions the  very best substitutes :  P (. Hobbs, of CoiviIIe, Wash,  paid i visit to town this week, tak.  ing outers foi his lenowned honej,  ,i business he has followed for half  fall and winter when the price is I a century. lie was highlj pleased  high. At this time of >ear eggs with business tiansacted. Hestates  from   purebred    winter   layers   aie   th��t it the people   would   i it   more  worth from $3.50 up   for   hatching.   !'���->'">'  ����� ������>/���>���.m ��-i.  ��  --      .����  Is there not more money m kee| 1 ne^-  puiebieci hens than in the bainj lul  variety which only lay when c jgs  are cheap and never bring in any  real money?  A Request  Come and visit our  Macaroni | Cheese | store, and give us  Try a can of Heinz Italian  style Spraghetti with Tomato Sauce and Cheese���  35c. per can.  <  OOkul III  Ul\  tn ->l 1 \ t  hone> it would onl> be a maltei of  time until rheumatism and ch>, ase  of the kidncjs would be unkiKwu.  Nevertheless, he doubles his business everywhere he goes in British  Columbia.  Rice  Eat Rice during Let,  and  plenty of it���10c. per lb.;  50 lbs. for $4.00  an opportunity to  show you our Assortment.  FAIR DEALING,  PROMPT  SERVICE,  AND  GOOD GOODS  IS OUR  MOTTO. ;J^":i*^?S,J^rfii}!i.^lV��-''-'*  life  #  fer  #:.-  #isi��?fgi;;  l^i^^^j^l^l^^^i^^S^v otitic C^t^Bli  Kit  III''  KS  aft,.  Hare you  become rundown/;weak.-  emaciated, .pM&^'after'^ji^longxfmegeSbft  eolda? .iVDoee' f;th9':5i'Bkinj;i:t(Eb#0:ihiat.S'<^-"  ���fthe- tinje'^eh^talit^ie^t'ila^lowe^  ebb���clean ��� house f ntw^by^riddrnggthet  fcody of 'ite'ii^um^tea'iA'poiTOns^iSe-i!  fraa the blood mth a s^iulati^ toidioir  V Dr: K��^8;j'j'C^d^sWe^i^%Efi!s^'  corery, fa^e nx>malcohoror na^Mcs;and:  extracted .frori��'^ro6taV a^'^bar-k^lvwitK::  ntse glycerine, banishes" frbiri: the blood'  all paeans and impure natter, i It ���:difl->  ���aires the; impureV depjoeitflS'WMiifcHrries;.  ��hem out, "as:^it^jaora^iftll-fjlmpuntie^  fehroogb. tbe IiTer, BowelB, KitoeyBTand;  : If ;you: have ^digestion/yurasK^liT^^  Basal or other catarrh, unite^y nerve* or  unriehtly akin,'.'geti;Dr^^er<^8^Qpldeni  Medical -' I^a^T^^^o^a^^d^ai^^'  <mee to r^lace your, impure - blood Trith;  the land that ���':putBVJHBipfi^*-!ana^,.aJ^|'  'tkm into you ���a^^bHx^iba^ iji^u^ .  'i��jdi,'niBditw8>aei^.'^^ %  }': All medicine^-d^ere^can'^BupplyjIyj^  tn either liquid or tablet form or send  '10 oento for trial boxS6ff'tablet��''-Jl��EDr|  *la^:lnT��lida':^^|^al6i;Napi  amount of development to prove the  ifx��s$epcVp^  iji|?^dj&e^p  :Mb^|i^^  IgpK^biocrt^n^  J-ertnao, B. C.-���VI am eo_giad of an  ���'^^��2��i^Y^;iiS��xnmeha Dr. :'Pi-awse!i  _v,Medical (Discovery; it haaijeurtd  ' indifeation and constipation which  "" nery- bad. ; ���:, A:friend: ^'garesmefa"   l''iad:I,,tTOk;;it^:-yIth��Ip^:'m^^':  .--that I bought .more and continued  ; H."~Mbs. C. WttDQBXJBE, Geneiml  Walker's Copper tetter  |y|jl%iibwin^  \mm  iDr. Keree'iisiPleasant Pdlets ja^tte  ^/original Httle-liyerjpulfly] first put -up^:  fj  THE^H��E^|PIONJg|p  If||i^��$SS^^  that the search;for the  black  metal  ���jwjrflv��bev��^  (yig<>r/j$^^  tuog-sten producers who are, asking  $j u est jpps|a��{^ Unuince rfpf  the presenthig-li tUbg-sten prices and  ifee^cpn^  "0pptn|��^  ;t lia^eyeiiylp Qu'-n'd Uo(jfbre/vtHley Sifcsto  producecan be- sold when offered,  and that ore sold today will bring a  used principally in hardening  steeK  Tbere'are" immense  unfilled   orders  .^��*^^^K<- -  i'^ii-*.'^!--...   ~~     eyery  f^St^^^nn^g^ih^r^  BFew1SiiF|SiriyB$3t^  ^bjpfON^pfl||;K-^,|Jth^  tatives on the ground.-''workioe'-i'day  and ��� night  to  secure  tungsten  ore  tbnnaj^fi^rnitHe|,mMerSM  svTherejisa ruoaway;market in the  tungsten ore purchasing business at  the present time^ although the rep-  resentatives of the different big steel  plantsaremaking astrenuousreffort  to  keep  prices  down." . But   when  you. encounter company after .com -  pany bidding against one another tor  ^copper:market.ishrmer again,jon:a  moderate resumption of buying . de.  mand. Spot copper1 continues to  command727^( to 28 cents,; and for  June and-July'deliveries lake is 27j^  to 27^-cents and electrolytic is 27.-^-  are|;now |being  ;jphicM|by��h1e^  government is 'asking V for": bids .on  jipteiiBicaitib^  awirnubjitipn|M��  further: heavy  purchases  of copper  ^w||I.3bi'yn|ide��w^hto  industrial demand for . the .metal  is  very, much larger than it was a year  ;agpj|^^.forei^^^jisric^  ���;mates-&Hati^  their: own -munition   factories. ap-  prbxima)fcei^?|!i^SjO^  Therei is'an abundance of evidence  that the leading producers   are  cb-  operating 'with consumers in .,an  effort to prevent a runaway market.  Everybody seems to be satisfied that  There is no one, however, who will  say butthat higher levels; wifl not  be attained in the face of increasing  demands for,tungsten. , A break   in  ���&A.  :iiligS��;<:aj)itaUsis^.h  '^lllS^^I!^6^mp, ;���eigh^miles^ndrth  ^&^?^^^?9^^M'^i^lP: Hpidtngs'  ;:l;|:<|:|i|.''^e|jtaiiiep  s?>%:i;v^f:-?^-^bf^p^  ffe;:j;''-^^P^epar^  ^^   T   ;|||^|;||if^^ge.t^tfp^  Mv^    ?%��&|-$^:;p^oneerjBritis^^  Is" "Ml^ll^l^ ;been  ^.^Ii|iiK!M|tn:^miir^  P  up a newspaper, be it ever, so -remote  trora a mining -camp, .and fail .to  read 'transactions 'of ^prospector,  brbmotersorAComnan v^feiS^^S v?ffi^Mt  -P$%^ lppiil|^ffe^^fs,Ive,';'^he/ton, together  &^,tdf^SS|il^?l-ii:^mall���amountbf copper: has  ���Welcome  news  to  iecially     in     the  have  lives  id:  an  w  :^ri-side^dpth^^|:a^sij^^  ���Sttie^ra^re<a^-^^pm^  :;|s^;.the ;^idil^3wit^  'fields^rJE^j^ingldi^  ;f::'!lri;pasSf^^re^apitaj[ha^  : itsetf: inJbufc^dhfe^^v^  distnbt^wh^  ���ing^put-it^p'acles;^  ���;the:cpm{^s.;:;^;::'0;-;v-.?��:;;,^  ���^A cursora  chasers'  fdrrhfer v activities^prbyes  conclusively that^they haye^fprsaken  yaribus lines-of iavestment| and. are  now;;deyptuigj;-.energy aocl;funds   to  the deyelbpment^bfeay natural ,yre!  source.''0��'^"K?'^'V0.^p'*<���-j>^ji,;^" .'���'���'������:.  ":;:'^I tgyet ':;^emiai^^^4s^e^ioertb  explain the1.; psychoiqgy; pf mining  .Those engaged; in it Wilt*tel0ypu it  is;a gambl-ai; ian^inta  disapprpyei|hie :^Meltib^;;;:;v:BJB^;that  Repeatfnsr  Rifle No.425  ^���'��S5Vw"HnnlnirtortiAut*K[)jmii��:  ft Big Game Rifte that  J Sure Fire No Balks. No Jams  r.,._...^StraMMlftirMl'Cd|  -<v;:';;i--  |I|(ie|g|i|e|||ffl  liiiiii^RSiiB  ��iiiiii��iiil��^liiiii^iii��f:  ft  ���ii$M!^::&&Sit,W$&$&  SYNOPSISIOE ^* OAL  ���oltf the ab��v* ^rog����rty  a*%>^/".y  ;:^^^^^.  J#fcif^  ^s it ;(riay,javmysteripus4; hypnotic  influence is at; work^ exerting?a-spell  oyer;'the bla^tedhobesand^dissipated  illusions of previous inyestmentsV^ ;  jlri view of the pres*ent^ overcrowded conditions pf'the^labor  market in British \ Golumbiai the  "entry of jaborers, skilledi and un.  skilled, from April-iltb September  30, is prohibited.' An order-in;,  council to that effect was gazetted  on Saturday.     .;;v,v . ��� ,^::   ' ���  l^^m  Subscribe ior Pbdenix Pioneer.  ^:X?oal ;niumng;^^  in Manitoba, Saska^hewa^^  :*>��^"-^iXu^bn'^  west^TerritPries' and in a portion of the  Province of 3rit^h;Ool^bi^^^b��  .Iea8ed^f6r'a-^rnvb��v.fcwnty-^ ^^^0-4  renewal for a further^term of 21 yeaara i:" "!  afc;ah annual rental of $1 aii acreV^iNpt  more than 2,560 acresi will be leased to  ���bne:applicant.'';r:C:::'v;,:..V ���'���-x...l^S��ik  Appfication for a lease must be mode  by:;tne applicant in person 'fo%j&ui  Agent or SubiAgent of the distridfe^Iin  which the rights applied for are situated. ^:-:-.;',\-,:.;^:, .������_���.. /:.-V\v--t^a;t*#  Insui-veyed territory.the land tnaai  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in ujQsur-  reyed territory the tract applied for  shall.be staked out by- the applicant  himself^.;. ���-::y^::.:s .^.  ..:���-._ ���;'������.::: ���  ������$&��;��:}  Each application must be a^cbni^  panied by a feei;Of $S which wiUb^iijeJ  funded if the rights applied for arfe'inbfc  available, but not otherwise; A jrpyjd'  tyshall.be paid on the merchantable  output of the hiihe at the rate of five  cents per tpni.;  ; :-; v..:- ������';%��&:&;  The person operating"the mine' shall  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the' full quantity iof  merchantable coal mined and pay the  royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are hot being operated, such re^  turns should be furnished at least biice  a year. .���'SS-;-;>;';!  The lease will include the coal mining  rights only, rescinded by Chapf 27 of  45 George V. assented to 12th June,''  1914.   ,   :'.;v; ��� ,. ���.;"-:;;:;v:,v;;:::;  For full ^information applicatioil;  should be made to the Secretary of the  Department of (the Interior, Ottawa,  or to any Agent or: Sub-Agent of Do-  minion Lands. -  y ���������;'-.'   . ��� ��� '���: w.'Ty"; doRY^.. ;::';������  Deputy ISrfinisterof the[hterior,  N.H.���:TJnauthorized  public itidn of  this <4,dvertiseinent will not be paid for.  ���83515;:   ">:'������ ���   ��� ���'���������'���' ,':- .:������:-���  ^^^l^^^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^  Kvi.WS'^y  of  Eternity^Siffli&yi^lMiGfe   jwis^^^^ir^^^i  f*"?**^??!^*?^^  &Kki>mi��;&T^l��.,  i^W��fc^0;^��ff^K;,v^w''*��' ..rfOWBBK^^  2��&&lvfliti,Ph&<t it*>vmw.v..  .j$0$^tg$$m-  .. '������j.fr,V?-v&'"'*;&':'^  ;���. ������:->-.-i-.-. <L-,.��7,......,;-!,-,-.-i.'.^V'^'rf^i'^ ���,'W2:TO^"xvratTO-iis��&?�� rrSaMSsa  *'  TEE   PION&EB,   PH^NIX/Sb^^  The Union Hotel  AT ^OUR_SERVTrP  f   ���  j   Concentrates  DAVE QXLEY .-.~ EHOLT, B.C.  J  Everything in Men's Wear  Clothing  Underwear  Shirts  Shoes  Hats  Caps, etc.  Thos. Brown  "Everything a Man  Wears"  . >>  ^  Supply  Should come from healthy anci, vigorous Stock,  Vhandled in a CLEANLY "AND SANITARY^  t- manner r> Separated Cream insures purity and  quality., \ ;'!   *,    ' * The Dairy produces both.'  THE DAIRY       O. W. Han nam, Prop.  ���Sweet peas are up in Hedley.  Chesaw stage is  doing a good  business.  Cold weather killed 25 per cent of  Kettle Valley bees this year.  Vancouver tourists may now enjoy crow shooting in Stanley park..  A daughter was born last week to  to Robt.' Brown and wife, at Ferry.  Lillooet potatoes are realizing $2  a ton more than Ashcrofts in Vancouver.  The late cold snap has played  havoc with fruit ��� trees in Enderby  orchards. , , " \���  Cranbrook's chief of police has  enlisted. His successor will receive  $100 a month. '     -  - Frank McQuiston's old hotel  building at Lardo is being, razed  and the lumber used for buildings at  the dibson mine.  ,, .  In Cranbrook call men at a fire  receive $2.50 for "the first hour, ..and  $1 each succeeding hour. Practices  and false alarms, $1.25.  A Shakespeare tercentenary is  planned for April in Vancouver.  Let's hope the "profit exceeds the  deficit of the Capt. Vancouver  pageant.  Summerland's "500" club ended'  its season by cleaning up $114 for  the ambulance league. Must be  some deft pasteboard handlers in  the peach belt.   -  y ���,On account of an .epidemic���_, of  measles, Trail's health officer has  closed the-Sunday 'school^ to' the  children.' The druggist is now using  up lots of castoroil labels.- '        v  ^ B. "H. Barton; a famous bible  student, lectured in1 Penticton last  week. ' Now the Herald*will know  who'to blame if the vote1 don't go  right at the,coming election."' /  Last    week "Vancouver  * police  captured $6,00Q��worth bf���'liquor^n  a Japanese blindlpigr/ It took three  -.       ' - i1-.'- js     -. ��    < .     \ > -    ��    *r  tnps-'eacb.of two drays to take 'the  joy, extracfto.therpouce station.*"^.' *  -���*��� Kaslo, .soreheads- ,kicked "'<��� up Sa  \...Jj.?.<i~3 *.. -i._*_ft��l U l_iU..      __A_  ��.   (Si' J  ' "iWtfi  )} '  X  ml  m  ���.'.fe:>^.!t%'i'i^'W��i  ^1  'ii.'.-t-fjiSi ���:*^v.w^.^'"���^���,/^.,:'--^^^^T5^��;'���l  :-;*^��-  "';i?^>;��  if  i  '4S  ::;:^gwlg|p  Bob  -p A^!re:Goirig:id?b^er^ j��0g Oper;  Inowshoe Lodflre  :gf:VjNo|3f*i^?^:;;;;|  Meets y levery ^Monqayii;; E venihg^at  Odd^lIows'isHall.^l^tingtbretbx  cordially. mvjte&XjX^M  Our haU isfforiren^fbr'id^a  evenings; :etcv::^::*;;g;-;': ��� 7l^'$^rt��^l:MS��ix"''  " Wjlimiu .0'^e^Nobie^(|rariid^  0&cai^:Giu8^^n^KnESecp  M|^kVB^i^^cI";Bi^^p;r.'.;  ;5aJgmgl^^^M%^  "'��$h  DauflThters of Rebekah  *- Mei3t��itftheJ^ai*Bli^8rHa^^  Flwt'ai^:^HiAS^^a^a^S^:r-^  f|^;FjnfcFe^th%s|^;whiich/,,; appears:  ;^t^Kfei;i6p^ra--'LH"pus^^ t^ iteaches'  ^|les|oaj"itffa||;^  ;foliyS'^|d|;jfar:i;C^  ;ej$r?^glnce^  fp^ib^^his|mbrai^^  ^rna^||ppp|;^(fpj^|sH  C(OT^o^^con|L:1oes^^^Mere!m  i|ne|^ke;s^fc(ri^  'p^rha^  ;i*pggltf?;p.ui^o.f^Hi^tro  .'fataliy^i&urfingiSniM&eif^  .V?i?',;;;.*:,^��-;vr::Vl''',^j.^-f^"\J^r.;^  .,,    ,   _    ,  , \ii^-'>';ri:fy:i'fi:-liiy^^  :ph,-'ah:^in;fenprVgrade;vpf;^em  ���;pf^:cbn^;||fi^||��|a^  'great 'datn);"theri^in;; ��� cburse>  stru'ctipn'^SjeAyanted"^  MiiiSy  : h^s: of thj|ir|ipye^ for jpnejan  l}3iU,suaHyJtnie;^aselwh^  ^im^is^pjenfeibt-yffi  pthie rs^ (JFHeh \ came;;the! ��Ssn 0w|[icK Jif';^|||Mi||��|||  ;is^portr^edf;in^Qne;|;'of-|^  ���dja^atip5Sc.en;es;;eyer,ipM  ;a|trai|tip.n^  ^sfagciSsI;:  ipqiltedj^rbd.  ^sxpepseSjip  1 ��'  runipiis3 because^the^Wockey  tearn  closed its^easob witb:*"aflittle Wow.  out/ 'TheV assert  solicited^'fuoilsf  were Expended,'��' whereas - -such ~ is |  Make This Work Easier for Yourself  YOU will find that Sunlight Soap is the  best and handiest helper for washing dishes you ever used.  Try Sunlight, and die hardest part of  dish-washing will disappear. The work  will he quicker done, too.  -    Of course, Sunlight is the best all-round  soap you can buy���good for dainty fabrics,   .  "    and those woollen blankets  you want to  keep fresh and fleecy.     Remember, it is  " kind to the hands.  \  All grocers  sell and  recommend it  1310  denied.      "      * '"*-    ^ -^'     ��� -  \ Ehiri&g eight months of operatio'Ds  Salmon Arm's creamery manufactured 28,000 pounds of butter. It cost  $140 a month to operate 'same, and  the price paid for butter fat varied  from 25 to 35 cents a pound. The  butter sold from 32 to 37^ cents a  pound. * Cost of marketing equalled  1%%. The government loaned the  sum of $3,200 to erect plant and  building.  PYTHIAN SISTERS  Mounta.nr.mp-.UKl*.   Mis. J. At'MoTmXrt.^X&^tiA^ZM  Foster's Weather Report  Next disturbance will reach the  Pacific coast about March 31, cross  Pacific slope by close of <April 1,  central valleys April 2 to 4, eastern  sections 6. Warm wave will cross  Pacific slope about .March 31,  central valleys April two, eastern  sections 4. Cool wave will cross  Pacific sldpe about April 3, central  valleys 5, eastern sections 7.  The cool wave will be a cold wave  in northern sections and frosts are  expected to reach meridian 90,  moving eastward in the northern  sections and frosts are expected to  reach meridian 90, moving eastward in northern sections,, about  April 6?" As that cool wave comes  in very heavy rains tare expected to  add to the floods caused by recen t  heavy rains.  ��������   A man who fears poverty worse  than death is a fool and a laggard;  for poverty can be conquered, but  death has no master but one.  FRAT^RN^^l>Rl>ER  f<   Phbehix^erie5Np.^158^;;v::-;^.  ttfcets m>tne:'b'adfeMoW^  ::;Eyeniigs^afc;'8;p.m^:':';':^;;^^^  VisitingTbTOth\er��^are always welcome.  -��� ���;. T.: ^''Qlabke,' W.:Seas;.^.  .:-.^...-..--.y^.p..-.-.... ,.yv,;,^  Meets Every Sunday Evening1at;T;pinfc'"  Visiting Brothers Are Always Welcome  CEtius Nelson, Pres;  .". Algot Larson, Secy.       _  Louis;. Carlson, Rec^-Secyj  FJELLROSEN  LODGE  ,_Npv24<::  MooU in the Soandinayion Hall, on Second and  Fourth Wednesdays, at 8 o'clock.  .    Mrs. Louis OutLSON, Pre*.  -.'���;." Mrs. A. Johnson, Secy.  Is the only Typewriter today that supplies real comfort automatically to the Operator���adapted for Doctors, Druggists, Merchants,  and in fact it is essential to every business concern in B. C.  HAVE YOU WEAK L��?  Do colds settle on your chest or in your  bronchial tubes? Do'coughs hang on, or  are you subject to throat troubles?  Such troubles should have immediate  treatment with the rare curative powers  of Scott's Emulsion to guard against  consumption which so easily follows.  Scott's Emulsion contains purecodliver  oil which peculiarly strengthens thft respiratory tract and improves the quality of  the blood; the glycerine in it soothes and  heals the tender membranes of the throat.  Scott's is prescribed by the best specialists.    You can get it at any drug store.  Scott & Bowne, Toronto, Out.  PHOENIX MINERS UNION  No. 8, VY. F. of M.  Meets every Wednesday Night, in  Miners'Union,Hall, at  7.30 P.M.  Wm. Smith, President.  D. J. McLEOD,'Vice-Pres.  Neil McBeth, Treas.  J. J. Evans, Secretary.  MlHijtl  Ndw that thejHolida^r Season  is oyep, we can" attend  A Large Stock of Parts for all  Standard Watches.  vJ-;.,y;  PHOENIX BAKERY  W.WILLIAMS, PROP.  Doughnuts, Madeira Cake,  Lunch Cake for Sunday use  delivered on order every Saturday.   Give us a trial order.  CAKES MADE TO ORDER AT  MOST   REASONABLE   RATES  TELEPHONE 53.  THE KNOB HILL HOTEL  ,, - ��� .   w  .  ...  A. Ou Johnson, Prop.  First-Glass Accommodation for Miners  FINEST OF WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS IN STOCK.  'PHONE 72. YOUR. PATRONAGE SOLICITED.  / Ur*  ^r^  "r  TBE   PIQNE&B,   PHQENXX,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  ii*  We Try to Make You Feel at Home  Offers exceptional advantages to Miners; a warm com-  fortable dry; ;Clean arid, Cosy' Bedrooms; Well-Cooked  and Well-Served Meals; also the Finest Bar and Highest -  Quality of Goods in the* Boundary Country:r  "       -, *     i-v ** ��. > ��  -< (���/  *\/i  The  Quelnis Hotel  b,  J. B. BOONE; PROS/*  ^   *\      ' .vAlf'Your Service  j, n  A  ^'   ��,'  ,*TJ  -1.  frV  DROP (IN EGGS  v f     J ���  \m  ,       _tt^* r  V-\  ""Laid Egg's "are now at rock-bottom prices.  >the Lenten Season, Ep-g-s are a very cheap  lesome food, so we" would urereall-our Cus-  Sand. Patrons to .buy the fresh' article at our  i/-?' "*  *��  Local and General  m.\  ay    ,    >-�� ^  t  5c. doz.; 3doz. for -ftl.OO  I   SHAMROCK CREAMERY BUTTER���  ^ ,v. .        45c.,pertpoundj   2 lbs. for85c,  .<=        ' ' i'    i i      I      im H���- ��������� '  lit  p:jB\in n s & co^ limited  ���*?>  P^  ��*��  ft  Ife?    V  ff  -.J*>  ���^ % /-  1*^  ^B 4J��f<��  .<**.  '    *      <!  GRAND FORKS-PHCENIX BRANCH  ^^^^-^gM^^^M^^^il^^^^.  $%��>��� a i -ft  *���  'SSft*8feft#  ���^^tT'K'  . o��,  "t ^  >" < -   * ^7  * A ^^r  Today is April Fool.  Page Boyle was in town Saturday  For Sale���Go-cart.'    Apply   this  office.  Thos. L. Bliss left for Spokane  Saturday.  Dave Oxley was up from Eholt  Thursday. *,  Paul McKay paid aMsit to Danville Saturday.  Mrs. W. .L. Ritchie journeyed to  Spokane Saturday.     "'���$ - **  Oliver typewriter ribbons for ..sale  at "The Pioneer'.' office. *  Johh McQuitty left ea-route for  Spokane^Monday morning.  rMrs. J. Bettis and' children left  for Grand Forks Monday.  For Rent���Furnished housekeeping rooms. ''Apply, Evans' block." '  Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Russell left  for Spokane Monday on a holiday.  " Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Strutzel took  Saturday's train en route to Spokane.  What we "cannot understand is  how German measles can'be caught  at this altitude.  For Sale or * Rent���Morris  piano  in     first-class     condition.    Apply,  Pioneer office. ^ ,  ' For Sale���Three good milk cows.  Apply John W. Anderson,   box 80,  Phoenix, B. C.  <  For   Sale���Seven-roomed  and two lots on  Ironsides   avenue.  Apply, Wm. Belhs.  English,-, Swiss and American  watch repairing. .Work guaranteed."  C. A. AdeneuivGreenwood. x , .    ,  , D. J. McDonald was among the  passengers from  Phoenix  for. the  Inland Empire city Monday^ v,_. ' ,  For   Sale ��� Nordheimer   cabinet  grand piano, in .first class'condition.  Apply to H. C. Kionibugh, Phoenixj  stage, -i,   ,v  ^^Tjt,, XM     *4? ^  rt! Snowfall^forJ March^in- "Phoenix,  47:61; f6r;week^*3.91;,for%seas^  TH��   BIGQ&n  AMERICAN  PLAY  EVER WRITTEN  OPERA HOUSE  AT 8.30 P.M.  house  ���if*  Mi  J *^ MINERS'- UNION OPERA' HOUSE  zaF/* A^XyncX4le^.lfor^Laneav,  Alaska.tMonday and ,wi)l engage in  the occupation of- diamond > drilling  with his uncle.  ���r*  the penpwf|OR.ey. A.-TM:��B,LlDyd',v.vt/Qarl  of lSt.'tJohn's< church.-^ No��mean  ability > ms levidenced ������ tm- -their-scon--  sftuctson.^4NoniichurchgO��rs&*who,  not broadmindeaio their discussions  t-."i  jvill be apt to change their.opmions  ?���    V        ��^^       V  TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 1916  1  "THE SWINGING ,D'dbRS",(With 'trembling hand the"oldK  -   ^^ J-    Waiterwrote-down^tKe young maoVorder^Tw^Parts- *  /lHrHE:^RTI^T AND THE VENQEFUl^ONE"  l>v  ^N^LUEi THE PRIDE OF -THE FIRE  HOUSE  ,*  ^���fWHE^AlllKE"���One'Reel  , (Comedy  4/  THURSDAY, APRIL 6th  fi   r%?rAJ  2fV  V  CHILDREN'S MOVIES *      .  I   Hate  the  Prince,, and 7  "A PRINCE OF BAVARIA"  ����� &tt i-V^I^*    l^V^*[Won*t Marry Him���IN TWO ACTS *  "��'IN AND*OUT OB,SOCIETY"��� Ruth-Learns the Modern  *   }  \     -���     ^ " [Dances _  *��THE LAW OF THE OPEN"���Keep   mum,   Sonny, and  ,  *T,  ANIMATED WEEKLY.    *       -     ,      [do as we tell you/  .|^r, '    Recitations, Songs, etc.   . '  ADMISSION  25c. and 15c  h~  ��i~i  �����?*  *������  Royal Billiard Parlors  TAYLOR & NELSON, PROPS.  Pipes, Cigars, Tobacco and Cigarettes  BEST BRAND ALWAYS ON HAND  Special Line of the Famous Lowney's Chocolates  i,  ,       Smokers'Supplies. Soft Drinks.  ��������������������� llll  >��������� ���! II III- I. I      ������������      ���������    I���.... ���      ������-     I -        I I ���    I���-g..   -       I I .��� ,M |    .,,  English Billiards.    Pool.   Bowling- Alleys  Oct "More Money** 5cs? yonr JFoxes  ?.Iuskrat, AVhite Weasel, Beaver, Ljnx, Wolves,  Marten and other Fur bearer*, collected in yotur#$etlon  ���.iHii' vtiii. n nspinrcr t��� "^nijiiKnT"tiic largest  house in fie VV( i id dcil'no excluslvtl / in NOIUH AHEBICAN BAW F1JBS  ai'iijl   ���r    l    )   il ��� j     J >ir House \wtil an viiblemiiihed rep-  ->it it on        t i^ for   i.]<ir��. than .1 thir lotncentuty,   alonwsuc-  < c-" ml  <m.   r��of����ni.UnK-J'"ur Shippersiiromm.SATlSPACTORY--.  ^^T)rJ'C^l UABI-Erctums.'  Write for "tEbc Siijufjcrt &6fpper,"  tlit oi 1 rrt.li blo.'.nri-ur'aie mnrket report and price list published  ,  Write tor it-iNOWr-H'�� PBEE     V r  A    P,   ^HITRrTRT   I��^   25-27 WEST AUSTIN AVE.  Two houses on New York ^towp  site for sale; one six-roomed house! .^  on Brooklyn avenue for *sale.    Ap  pV"G.,W. McAuliflFe^J x ^   1 ��� t  ��� Provincial Police Constable How-  ieson this  week received, word to  the effect that the, trapping  season  has been extended until'April 1.  Customs collections for March in  JPhoenix amounted ta $1171.72.  Inland revenue for the same^month,  $393.78. Total collections$1565.50,  ��� About $50 will be realized Thursday  evening at the ^school children's  movie show and concert , Proceeds  will be devoted to the purchase of  athletic goods.       - -   -"',,--  W. Brown, barrister and solicitor,  of Nelson and formerly of Vancouver, B. C, has opened an office for  the practice of law in the Bank of  Commerce building. ���  According to Hughie Lang, spring  skipped into the district Tuesday.  He reports the Boundary Creek  road between here and Greenwood  to be in a~dusty condition.  Good opportunity for a live wire  in the cigar and pool business.  Take pobsebsion at -once of stock,  fixtures, etc., at invoice. Apply  Thos. Russell, or this office.  Geo. W. Rumberger, who spent  the winter in the sunny south, "report* having passed a most enjoyable time. He left Thursday for  Regina to look after his interests  there.  The sad intelligence was received  this week by Provincial Police  Constable Howieson of the death of  his mother, aged 65 years, in Fife-  shire, Scotland. She was predeceased by her husband five years.   *  At last Thursday's meeting of the  Woman's Patriotic society a tea  cloth, donated by Mrs. H. Sav/ery,  was raffled, realizing the sum of $6.  The meeting proved to be a most  enthusiastic one. It is the wish of  aIJ�� members that a continuance of  sane be; kept up.  Advertisements   in   this.   paper  at :raci.ing a good deal of ati entio i^  ? this Lenten season are those  from  . .v  ^ Ranch for Sale���$1500 will  pur-  chase  ten  acres  of excellent  fruit,  e  tively; 150 trees beginning to bear  last year. _JFour-roomed��� -house,  furnished, bn/prerriises. ���- Clear title.  Ranch situated at head of beautiful  Christina-lake, on lake point. 12  miles^ from Fife.' Will _ also" sell  launch, row boat aud boat house.  Ranch, not cleared and -adjoining,  sold- for $100' -per' "acre.'JApply,  tn^is office, t* *-   '   '"' i-  /,To Whom1 It May Concern  -*' 7 ��      r~ ���  V  *. Take notice that on and after this  dale I, tJ. B. Boone, of * the ,Oity of  Phoenix, assume' such debts and  liabilities of the Queen's Hotel as are  enumerated in an agreement entered  into" between mysehf and iTom . F.  Oxley. Furthermore, all monies dus  the firm of Oxley & Boone are to be  paid to J. B. Boone.  J ��ated this 15th day of March,' 1916.  ' ���' J. B. Boone. *  J-i-S.  ���r>.^ - a. . r��i  i,-'  ^i^*1 r'�� i,  -*    fu   s -   ���r*  -I/.      - TheIdeal Spring? Tonic  ^JV',-*��;ii     ?      *!  *>-,r^ ", * -y* *'-*   ?&*'/ ��� \  LARGE; BOTTLE; $1.00  ��� *_.  T.- S.-QUANCE   > ;Phpenix, B;C:  ���.'}  ', r-  Moore's Non-Leakable Fountain Pens  Waterman's Ideal Fountain Pens  AT.  Al. Almstrbm's  i&X  Do Not Hold  Your Hides, Salt'Them and  Ship to  -  ROBERT A. BROWN  MIDWAY, B.C.  .Top Prices for Dry  and  Green Hides.  Fresh Milk Cow For Sale.  Asaya-NeuraU  Church-Services  <5  ; Don't waste time; it flies, swiftly  ^n only one "direction, And that is  away tr^om yo,u; '  The stated services,at the Church  of Our Lady of Good Counsel arejas  follows���Second and fourth Sundays  in the month: Mass at 10 a.m.;  Sunday school after mass; Evening  service at 7.30. Rev. Father Dom.  Dorval.  St. John's Church ��� Holy communion ��t 8 and 11 a.m. Morning  prayer, 10.30. Sunday school at  2.30. Evensong, 7.30. Rev. A. M.  Lloyd, vicar.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church  ���Service April "2 at 11 a. m.  Sunday school at 2 p.jn. Rev. J. R.  Munro, pastor.  Even if you don't save, you will  have the satisfaction of knowing  that you have seen. '  > Think hard enough and you can  reduce .'all the ' religions" in the  world to two. Sometimes we can  call theni Cain and Abel. They  are symbolised today by the  CRESCENT  AND THE  CROSS '  There is the religion of the  natural man, and the religion of  the spiritual man. -There is the  Gospel of good advice (don't  drink, don't smoke, don't smile),  and there is the Gospel of Good  News.  These things are discussed at  St.   John's  Church, Phoenix, on  Sunday Evenings  ,   7.30 P.M,  -I  m  YOU ARE WELCOME.  Of all kinds promptly attended  to. Rapid Express and Baggage Trarsfer. Careful attention to all'orders.    Phone A5i.��.  James G. McKeowi   \i\   ������ iiimH7inWHIffl1!lll


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