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The Peninsula Times Oct 24, 1979

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 vy*  t �����  "l**,<-   ��� - i- ,  By BILL BELL >"  Times Editor > . . ' ' A:>- ���  There were lessons to be learned in the  fatal Twin Otter plane crash in Sechelt  four weeks ago which the Sunshine Coast  Emergency Planning Committee is trying  to come to grips with.  Not only.did B.C's. Chief Coroner.  William McArthur. chastise the rescue  workers for removing the dead pilot from  the plane wreckage, but the:committee  also found the emergency system lacking.  The committee, which met October 16,  was told by local coroner Dan Devlin that  under the new coroners act,, proclaimed  into law last July, the coroner has com*  plete control over an aircraft accident  where a fatality occured.  "Under the new act, the coroner is  given the authority to take, over the  wreckage and the coroner must be notified  immediately, Devlin told the Times.  "I went to the committee meeting to  clarify the new coroners act because  everyone wasn't aware of it  Devlin also pointed out that the  coroner's office wasn't upset, but  emergency co-ordinator Arthur McPhee  said the Chief Coroner McArthur's "nose  was a little out of joint."  "There were lessons to be learned.  What we really wanted to do, was not  detract from how the people reacted to the  emergency, but tighten up the loose  strings," McPhee said.  Emergency Planning Committee  chairman Dave Hunter added that as well  as the dead pilot being removed, the  fuselage had been completely disturbed,  which could have hampered an investigation of the crash.  As well as those problems, Hunter said  \]Y  W'c7  the crash area had notbeen quarantined  properly and as .such "crowd control of  people wanting to see the plane crash  became a problem."  "But the number one problem," Hunter  added, "was one of communications."  i  lesson from fatal air crash  He said the fire department was not ������  caUed immediately.        , \ -.    ,  :       <  "No one in an official capacity recalls  calling the fire! department"-as "well, "the  hospital didn't know if they needed more,  doctors at the scene or at the hospital.'  : "Fortunately, it worked out okay,"  Hunter said,.  St. Mary's Hospital administrator Nick  Vucurevich agreed, but added that the  problem of, communications had been  straightened out.  * "I don't think, if given the chance to do  it over again, we would have done  anything differently except put an  operator at the switchboard to screen the  incoming calls," Vucurevich said.  "People being nosy were some of the  RESCUE WORKERS were quick    plane crash. As tragic as it was,    looking at it in retrospect to tighten     disaster plans.  to respond to the fatal Twin Otter    emergency personel are now     up  the  loose   strings   in  their BillBellphoto.  problem, but the media played a large  part in jamming the switchboard."  The hospital is now finished upgrading  the telephone system at the hospital, but  Vucurevich said they still need a good fan  out system to get hold of the needed  people. ,  ��� "I'm concerned about. what would  happen on a sunny Sunday afternoon when  everybody is outdoors at the golf course or  at a picnic.  "That is a problem we have not been  able to solve," he said.  McPhee said he had the same problem  with his people.  "My personal opinion is that we need  more use of personal pagers. It would at  least be a partial answer," McPhee said.  ''We were incredibly fortunate where  the crash happened, if-the plane had gone  down in the bay it would have been far  worse."  McPhee said he had planned an accident drill last year with the hospital, but  it was called off because of the construction at St. Mary's.  "The accident we planned was 500  .yards from where the plane crashed."  '"'   Still, despite the problems, everyone  agreed with Hunter's summation in  retrospect.  "The residents of the Villages and the  Regional District should be proud of the  RCMP and the many volunteers in the  Fire, Ambulance, rescue and auxiliaries  as well as the dedicated hospital staff for  the way they responded to this emergency.  "The area Provincial Emergency  Planning coordinator, Art McPhee has  worked tirelessly to put disaster plans in  place for every emergency. This real  accident has proven once again his efforts  have paid off."  ��  ���CNA  Tm m\wLm_\___ mmmm_\% 2nd c,��ss  | ��� % ^ J      ��� Registrat.cn No. 1142  he Jteninsula lAmeb  Serving the Sunshine Coast   (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)   including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing   Granthams Landing. Gibsons. Roberts Creek. K  HlOIW  Wilson Creek   Selma Park   Sechelt   Halfmoon Bay   Secret Cove. Pender Hrb    Madeira Pork   Garden Bay   Irvine s Landing.-tpuls Cove. Egmont       fl     885-3231 26 PagCS ��� 20c'Copy  Union loljel.  26 Pages ��� 20c Copy  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 17 - No. 45  Wednesday, October 24,1979  ALCOHOL AWARENESS WEEK  e the  By, miIAN'M&&')��!��n  Stafi Reporter .    . 7 . your weight will have the sanWtilbod  "r Your body becomes colder but you feel   alcohol level as you If he only pops back  warmer,iyour rejpex^s area little sluggish%7 two drinks fo vour three. ;    "  and when you reach out for ypur drink, you���%��    But   wau jig  your alcohol  intake  have to make two stabs at it before it's v doesn't just mean handing~your car keys  And someone whf weighs- fewoykjd* -and^emotionalstress to their mates, theip^sponsored alctjhp^  ._       ____.__.! ________         lit        L.J  it- -.^1       * t"l *t*}, a   -.       Mkilil��AM 1I..J,, ��__,:���__, Jn _*._*__! _____ _mm-~.-m.-.\m-,        .      M,,Ak _-_ *m tUtfk AM**.    '   J* 4> Q.^ H/TaII ��*-�� llUf*  safely in your hand. Your heart beats a  little faster as you struggle.to rise from  your chair, but you feel pretty^relaxed so it  doesn't matter, except that you're getting  kind of hungry and you have\to relieve  yourself.  If this scenario sounds vaguely familiar  it's likely the way you felt the last time you  sat around getting pleasantly high over at  a friend's place.  ' But can you recall the last time you had  a few too many, stumbled out into the cold  night, barely able to see, feeling rather  cantankerous and even rather ill, and, God  forbid, climbed into your car and drove  home?  Unfortunately, many people can. And  the drinking and driving charges on the  Sechelt Peninsula alone in the last few  weeks bear strong testament to the  careless manner in which many deal with  alcohol.  The two situations described above are,  classic representations of symptoms of  moderate alcohol intake (up to three  drinks an hour), and, of over-indulgence.  The B.C. Drug and Alcohol Commission  does not put an upper limit on the rate of  booze per hour required to produce these  effects, but warns that successively larger  amounts can induce stupor, sleep,  anesthesia, unconsciousness, coma or  even death.  For instance, at a blood alcohol level of  .15 per cent, almost twice the legal driving  limit (a reading of over .08 produces an  Automatic impaired charge, a fine, and a  license suspension, From .05 to .08 usually  warrants a roadside suspension), the  effects usually include disorientation and  confusion, slurred speech, blurred vision,  poor muscle control, and often nausea and  vomiting. '""*'���" * '"""        ���-���-.������'�������.  Yet several local authorities say most  drinking drivers hauled up ln court have  blown breathallzer readings of close to .15  and more.  So why do bo many claim sobriety when  they are eventually tracked down by the  RCMP? They weren't really THAT drunk,  were they? <-��������� ������: *-������  Depending on what you had to drink,  and how much you weigh, you sure were,  fella.  That nasty blood alcohol level reading  simply measures tho amount of liquor not  metabolized by your liver over an evening,  or whenever you began quaffing. Your  trusty liver, assuming it has yet to be  destroyed by cirrhosis from over-  Imbibing, absorbs approximately one  drink per hour. That's about 1% ounces of  scotch, five ounces of the grape, or one  bottle of beer. Anything consumed over  that r��to to measured in Woodr^l^nol  content, sinoe it la absorbed directly into  the bloodstream (no you don't digest it like  food, and it contains only calories, so it's a  poor substitute for dinner). ���  ���over to a friend���drinking great gallons of  coffee doesn'fehelp either, you will just be  an awake drunk; later on down the highway you could be dead drunk���it includes  an awareness of your capability to handle  hquordn any circumstance.  {'Everybody that commits a crime was  children; their friends, and frequently  breaking" up,* at least temporarily,  otherwise manageable homelife.  No\ facility for women' or children in  need of overnight, or longer recluse from  physically abusive spouses exists on the  Sunshine Coast, but several counselling  services are available.  Once you have recognized that the  drinks you have to get a buzz on, compound into a blitzkreig, or even that you  could use a drink to steady your/hand or  drunk," says provincial court Justice  J.S.P. Johnson.  "They are really nice people most of  the tlmo, but bring them up on a charge of  mischief or some other crime, and they  will say I didn't know what I was doing, I  was drunk' ���',  Perhaps that situation will never apply  ttrrtrarTnrttme^^^  behavior" r however does not always wind  up in court. Drinkers can be disruptive  without being physically so, and drunks  can get downright violent/causing mental  calm your nerves a little too often, you can  find a comprehensive out ��� patient sor-  vice operated on contract by the ministry  of health close at hand In Powell River.  'Itt'purpiiM^^  some help to a more local community  program, following confidential counselling on any alcohol or drug related  abuse problem. The Alcohol and Drug  WnWColnW^  4471 Joyce A^eirae, telephanei��^W41'  A common referral for workers who  have been missing too many days on the  job because of hangovers is to an employer  such as the one at Port Mellon. The  Canadian Forest Products mill there in-,  eludes an alcohol recuperation program in,  its industrial health and safety operation*,  Many of the larger firms along the coast  will have some facility, either a clinic or  information on rehabilitation programs, if  you have the courage to ask. After all, and  unhealthy or absentee worker causes  hazards and costs dollars.  .  Another place to turn for. help is the  ministry of Huniap Resources in Sechelt.  Spokesman Fred" Taylor says the two full  time coiinseUors^lten deal with family  problems related to'Olcohol.  "Often alcohol is a symptom of other  problems a family maybesuffering," he  says. When that occurs, people are  sometimes sent to residential treatment  centres, operated by the health ministry,  or advised to consider an Alcoholics  Anonymous (AA) group.  The closest residential treatment  facility on the Island for.those willing to  participate in a four to six week live-in  rehabilitation program, are in Victoria,  598-7321 for the Victoria Life Enrichment  Society or 383-8011 for the Dallas House  Society. In New Westminster, Paclfica is  at 5244615, and Aurora House, a facility  for Women only, Is in Vancouver at 733-  9191.  "We do not send a large number of  people out of here," Taylor, says. "It  depends on the dynamics. We have a  native Indian family development centre  in Tofmo,'' operating on the same four to  six week tauiia as we live-in residential  programs' for individuals. The Kakawls  Family Development Centre can be  reached at Box 17, Toflno, phone 725-3951.  If you have sobered up and are afraid of  touching another drink, then AA may be  your ticket to clean bill of health, although  it may be a lot tougher than government  rehab programs. Four AA groups meet  during the week all along the Coast. In  Gibsons; call 888-9037} Roberts Creek,  085-3304; Sechelt, 885-2404 and Pender  Harbour, 883-0280.   ���  If you are not a confirmed alcoholic ���  that's who AA is; those who know they  can't say no ��� you may be surprised to  learn you aro still one of at least 115,000  British Columbians whom alcohol affects  directly. And If you are an expectant  mother, that direct effect could mean  brain damage to the unborn child, physical  or mental, or other defects at birth since  alcohol passes through the placenta which  nourishes the baby.  Even if your kid isn't bom an alcoholic,  odds are, If he or she gets in trouble with  Uie law it will have something to'do with  booze, Justice'Johnson says 8P| per, cent Pi,  cases he hears oh teenagers aged 19 and  below ore alcohol related.  "They come in hordes," he says. "They  are up on possession, drinking in a public  Slace; any kid over 14 thinks he has a right  vdrlrikT"  Despitethe longcourt docket of impaired driving charges, which comprise  approximately 30 per cent of his caseload,  ��� See Page A-2  5  Coast politicians to  defend SCRD concept  Regional districts are overly  bureaucratic, heavy handed in their  planning, and inefficient in their delivery  of services. Largely false assumptions, or  are they borne out in fact?     . ������"���  The Sunshine CoastiRegional1 District  thinks a recent municipal affairs ministry  discussion paper on regional government  criticizes the district concept while touting  the benefits of a county systemlfor B.C.  And councils in Gibsqiw, andijSechelt  agree the paper is biased. Th^; chose  representatives!:at regular meetings last  week to bring th|ir crlUcismst^ltiinicipal  Affairs minister BUI Vander Zalm Monday  at a special meeting in Abbotsfcjrd. .  The meeting, which took place after the  Times'press deadline, was one of a series  held around the province to^ecelve input  on the mLnlstry discussion pi^er.  Jack Copeland, municipal clerk in  Gibsons, said the paper supports some of  his council's criticisms pf/fregional  government, but pushes a county Option as  the only solution to present'Iptdblems.  "Where unincorporated areas reach  such a density, they should be; forced to  incorporate," he said, "the county system  supports our case," :WAa  "When the regional district trite to take  on more and more functions, if' falls in  political makeup. It's like a wardjiystem  (of representative government) -v jane on  paper, but in practise it's a little unwieldy.  Copeland said outlying ai$as, or wards  in the regional district, arptaxed at q  Vi? ,  provindaUysqtrato, lower than that of the  ^village; yet dften receive the same ser-  '>vices. '  And the system of boroughs within a  county government which gradually bring  an unincorporated area up to municipal  status'over five years "seems to accomplish" council's objective, he said.  But the paper leaves no room for improvement on the regional district con-  ; cept. ���'���'"���'.  "We submitted our views on April  1978," he Tsaid. "But this paper is very  vague in its analysis and spends its entire  length pushing counties." He said council  is ready to listen however.  Sechelt municipal clerk Malcolm  Shanks said the paper has little real  analysis of the present system and instead  "clearly favors" a county option with  regional planning responsibilities to revert  to Victoria.  And he wondered if the community plan  Sechelt and surrounding regional areas  are developing in accordance with the  Municipal Act would be shelved for a  provincially priorized plan.  His council voted last Wednesday to  send three council members, and Shanks,  to the meeting Vander Zalm arranged with  delegates from five regional districts and  their municipalities.  Regional distrlt board members last  Thursday had more explicit criticism of  tho Victoria document: "It is apparent  ' ���.ScePagoA-8  Mayoralty race still on simmer  As the brisk winds of seaside mornings  and brazen autumn colors, fell, upon the  Sunshine Coast,.Gibsons' and Sechelt  dwellers thoughts'turn to m the mayoralty  "race;-" -���' - ������**'-���*-"����� * ����������������� ���  No less than five hopefuls ln the two  villages are vying for the laurels of that  August office in the Nov. 17 election,.  In Gibsons, Incumbent mayor Lome  Blaine is being challenged for another run  at the mayor's chair by Jack Marshall,  whoso term as alderman expires this year,  and Lorraine Goddard, a slttbTg alderman  who resigned her seat to run lor the top  spot on council.  Only Harry Nelson has so far declared  his candidacy for a fifth term as mayor of  Sechelt, but he may have competition. Bud  Cosh has taken out papers with the intention of filing for mayor. He still has five  days to officially dcclalr himself a  candidate, and Cosh may yet be looking  over his shoulder at other hopefuls for tho  top job in town.  Deadline for all nominations In both  Sechelt and Gibsons Is noon Monday, Oct.  29. Nomination papers can be obtained and  filed at municipal halls.  ... The Times token n look nt what will he hnppenlng on tills International  Year of Child Day - D*l.  ... BUI Bell talks about the horrors some veterans suffer and Apocolyosc  Now - C-4.  ... B nice Robinson takes a crack at writing sports - C-l  Tr.Ffctfo��conW    ... Garden Corners spring forth on B-8.  ..,. The book Wlfcy gets n critical review by Murric Redman. PageA-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 24,1979  Mi^ffe^4^'^T-    .,?'*��� '  ^A^a��M  THE NEW executive of the .Sechelt teasurer, and MurrieRed^nan. Sitting  school, district teachers* association left to right are Stan Lewis, Bruce  snuggle in close for snapshot* Left to Forbes,   Ron  Breadner  *   vice  right, top, are Lynn Christian, Joan president, Siielley MacDonell - status  Robb - geographic rep, Ian Nichols, of women, Vern Giesbrecht, Shirley  Eleanor Swan-Parker, Bob Graham- Hooker, Nancy Stewart, and Doris  ��� Regional boards  Fuller -president Doris.is now,  serving her third term as president of  the "association.  ���from page A-l '  that Mr. Vander Zalm is proposing to  centralize- more power in Victoria by  assuming the responsibility for regional  planning and removing this "burdensome  task" from the regional government," a  planning department memorandum said.  The provincial paper, which called  regional planning "burdensome" and  listed several complaints of regional  districts in the most general terms, failed  Alcohol  ���from page A-l  Johnson says Sechelt is no different from  any place in the province in its attitudes  toward alcohol.  "We're an alcohol and drug oriented  society. There is absolutely no stimulus  not to drink."  Awareness of an alcohol problem is a  necessity, Johnson allows. But asking  people to stop drinking completely is  something neither the B.C. Alcohol and  Drug Commission is promoting during its  alcohol awareness week Oct. 22 to 26, nor  anyone else.  "Sometimes you can catch them, slow  them down and re-direct their life, but as  far as counselling them not to drink ��� you  are asking them to change society.  "It's like a war ��� you just keep  shooting and hope they keep their heads  down���you don't really ever expect to hit  anybody  to take into account any of the 53 recommendations a regional district review  committee had suggested in October 1978,  the memo said.  The memo also asked "who will issue  development permits", "is the province  willing to absorb existing staff", and "will  a county still be able to prepare a parks  plan and have the resources to implement-  such a scheme", if a county system is  adopted.  Another question for directors to take  to Monday's meeting was the status of the  Agricultural Land Commission under a  centralized county system.  S&T-WR-  Comm-Dev  VHF-  ~ 886-7918  CDE &  Browning CB  Auth.  Diced  Radar  'Centre  LEASE-A-  RADAR  Ask us about  our  DECCA LEASE  M  MILLER MARINE  ELECTRONICS. u  Lower  Gibsons  NEED A BOAT MOVED?  I\  AB HADDOCK BOAT MOVING  PAYS: 883-2722:,-. PENDER HARBOUR - EVES: 883-2682  High-level noise. 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I PageA-4  The Peninsula times  Wednesday, October 24,1979  'A free pitas ti .he tmkx_xty &*><$-* �� *  evety other right that Jfrea awn prb*.  ~~ Winston C&urekitt~  P.O BOX 310, SECHELT Phone, 885-3231  Bill Bell ��� Editor Harvie McCracken - Manager  Helen Parker - Reporter/Photographer     Helen Tasket ��� Advertising Sales  Jennifer Hinde   Darkroom TcchiucfanF    Maty Puchalski - Advertising  Judy Fitzgerald - Office Manager  ***  Applauding restraint  A settlement-pending ratification  ��� has been reached between the  Ferries Corporation and its union  employees, though threats of  rotating strikes still continue as of  press deadline.  On the matter of the fired ferry  worker, we don't .believe jt to be  serious enough to shut down the ferry  terminals-even for a day.  We don't want to take sides, but we  believe matters such as these can be  worked out through the Labor  Relations Board and not on the picket  line.  Ferries that ply the ^waters between Vancouver and the Sunshine  Coast are both our economic" and  social lifeline. Their suspension for  even a day is enough to harm this  area's tourist industry.  The last strike during the long  weekend caused more than a few  people to say nasty things about the  ferry workers. Many persons were  either inconvienenced or dealt a  financial loss.  But as far as the rotating strikes over  the contract demands are concerned  and considering the ferry union's  legal alternatives, we believe they  acted responsibly.  By instituting rotating strikes  against the various ferry terminals,  the workers served sufficient notice  that further contract concessions  would have to be forthcoming if the  corporation was to offer the public  normal service.  But unlike the. total shutdown of  two years ago, this strike didn't put  the Coast in near isolation from  Vancouver.   , ^  The rotating strikes were apparently implemented because the  contract offer was rejected by only 55  per cent, because the union wanted to  minimize alienation of the public, or  because the union feared government  intervention in the dispute if all  transportation came to a halt.  Whatever the reason we applaud the  union's restraint.  Although we wouldn't go so far as  to say the ferry workers are without  fault, too many times the workers are  blamed for problems beyond their  control.  Commuter frustration due to poor  service, lousy food, and scheduling is  often taken out on the ferry workers  when it is the corporation's fault.  We'd prefer to see public transportation strikes avoided by having  deadlocked disputes ,go to binding  arbitration. But given the rules the  union had to play by, the ferry  workers played fair and square.  Children - a second chance  Internation Year of the Child may  come and go with the same media! hoopla,  and the same total lack of significant  impact, if we don't listen to its message, as  did International Women's Year hi 1975..  Many women's rights activists and  politicians were featured prominently that  year in world press and at the podiums of  Powerful nations, yet four years later, a  woman's right to choose whether to have a  baby is still a battle royal, around the  world the right to take up equal part-,  hership in building a nation, such as Iran,  is mired in religious dogma, and the right  to equality under a U.S. constitution which  prides itself on equalitarian principles,  remains a long way off.  The facetious bickering over-implementation of the Equal Right  Amendment in the States is a reflection of  the wholesale lack of understanding of the  meaning of a right, and the need for  women then, and now to declare their due  in the social and economic makeup of  society. IWY failed miserably to promote  a lasting march to equality in a world  dominated by male power structures.  We should not let the chance to hear our  children's voices, and understand their  rights, now slip us by.  Basic rights for children include the  right to adequate care, food, shelter,  education, and health services.  Yet in 1979 we see children not only left  homeless in Vietnam, where 30 years of  foreign aggression has laid the country to  waste and those who could rebuild the  cities and farms with their expertise are  leaving in droves to the promised land" of  America, the United Kingdom, and  elsewhere, but in the hovels of Western  society itself.  Child abuse, instead of diminishing still  plagues our society.  As the standard of living for so many  families drops behind galloping resources  profits extracted from the farmlands and  mountains, and oceans around the world  we see more and more children suffering  from Inadequate diets.  And as awareness of the, need for  healthy pregnancies and an emotionally  ".'.. but it worked ... didn't it? ..."  Letters to the Editor  Robinson shows obvious skepticism  The FENINSULA^��V��eA  Published Wcclncsdiiys ut Sechelt    on H.C's Sunshine Const   ��>y  The Peninsula limes  for Wcstpres Publications Lid.  ill Sechelt, B.C,  Box 310���Sechelt, B.C,  VON 3A0  INuMie88.S-.12.1l ,  Ol'llce hours; 8;30 iun.  to 5 p.in. Tues.-Sat,  .Subscription Rules: (in advance)  Local, $7 per year. Beyond .15'miles, $8  U.S.A., Sip. Overseas $11,  Conhihufors;  Dlv, 7, Sechelt I'.lcmciilury  Robert Foxnll  Vern (Jiesbrechl  Dennis Gray  Muurlcc liemstrcct  ^Jeanie Norton  Mimic Redman  Bruce Robinson  " " * "'(Tuy5!yTiToiTo1��  Marlon Alsngcr  '   '       Penny Connor  Doris Hdwurdson  1 MftiyTinkley-Sliannon  secure upbringing spreads to more corners of society, the cost of medical care  and access to comprehensive family  services becomes more and more  prohibitive.  Perhaps we should slow down and  listen to our children.  Perhaps it is time to redirect our public  money, into more social services where  they will better our lot now, and in the  future for our children. _.  '���'   ���' ��� . .  ��� *?'    ,::  Keep aware  Alcohol awareness week is supposed to remind people that "you can  say no to the drink ybu don't need."  Nowhere in its program does ft  mention that people may not have  need of drink altogether. Well, it does  say some teenagers don't drink  because they don't want to, but it  makes them out to be such odd ducks  because of the way they choose to  have fun-we are forced to wonder  whether the Alcohol and Drug  Commission believes its own line.  An expression  of appreciation  Editor,  The Times:  I would like to expressjw appreciation  and thanks to Dr. Burtnljgppd the nursing  staff of our hospital here, for the cheerful  efficient service rendered by them which  speeds recovery.  GrenviUe Drake,  Davis Bay.  Christian Science  "., .love one another,.." (John 15; 12)  is there any situation or condition on earth,  that cannot be reached by divine love?  "The present flux in religious faith may  be found to be a healthy fermentation,,. .1  would that all churches on earth could  unite as brethren in one prayer: Father,  teach us the llfo of Lovo." (Miscellany Pg  301, by Mary Baker Eddy)  This is an open letter in response to  Bruce Robinson's article on evolution.  Bruce,  Having just read your article on  evolution I felt 1 should respond.  Concerting your article on the whole I  really don't want to spend much time  discussing it. As far as I can see it appears  that what you have proven is that apes are  more intelligent than man first supposed.  As is, I fail td see much evidence pro or con  concerning the validity of fhe evolutionary  theory. Perhaps I missed something.  What I feel that is important to discuss  is your more than obvious scepticism of  Christianity. Now, I could try to convince  you of the validity of Christianity by  quoting you facts and figures or by  throwing innumerable bible quotations at  ' you, but that would achieve very little. I  know that, you know that, and God certainly knows that! What I can tell you is  that Christianity does work. I've seen it in  my wife's liferarid in my own life.      ^  Briefly, in'my wife's situation it has  been an extremely dramatic conversion.  Christian and non-Christian friends can  verify the change in her. In 1974 when I  met her she was diagnosed as having an  incurable mental disorder that left her at  the very depths of depression, to the point  where she could not cope in a rational  manner. In 1975 due to the prayers and the  influence of her sister-in-law she became a  Christian and as a result has been completely healed mentally and physically. It  was seeing that remarkable change in my  wife's life that was responsbile for my  conversion.  On my own part, when I left high school  in 19691 was feeling totally directionless, I  was doing a lot of drugs, & I had a lot of insecurities which others may not have seen  but I certainly felt them. As time went by  the pressure of having no direction and no  purpose became more and more deflating  and defeating. Well, to make a long story  short, in 1975 I became a born again  Christian. That is a scriptual discription of  conversion, we are physically born into this  world and we must be spiritually born into  the Spiritual world, being nurtured and  matured in the Spirit of God. The process  is described fully in John 3. Since that time  I can truly say that I am at peace, I have a  purpose, and no, all my problems haven't  been answered, but for the first time in my  life I have the solution to those problems.  Now Bruce, you can write with cynicism,  you can be tongue-in-cheek, you- can  outrightly try to tear the Christian doctrine to pieces. One thing you cannot do is  tell me that I am living a lie, that Christ is  dead because He has dramatically  changed my life! It has been said that if  you put the world's top lawyer  representing society with the world's top  theologian to debate the truth of  Christianity that the lawyer would most  likely come out ahead; He can do so  because he is using human logic, feelings,  and standards to win his case.  But look around you, look at what our  society is producing. The signs around  you, the immorality, murder, vandalism,  drugs, etc. are all symptoms of one overall problem. A lack of regard to God given  absolutes, a lack of Christian spiritual  awareness, a lack of acknowledgement of  God.  Bruce, in the years that we have known  each other we seem to have ended up  travelling two very different roads. This  response to your article is not meant to be  an attack on your opinions in any way. It is  not meant to be a defense of Christian  doctrine, it is I hope a small glimpse into  something that you perhaps have not  genuinely examined with an open mind.  Christ is alive and He is changing people's  lives. Continue on with your writing and  opinions Bruce, I'm sure God can handle  it, but I'll just ask you to lower your  defences a little and approach this issue  with a less biased view. I'm going to pray  that in your searching you'll find the  Truth. I'm going to leave you with three  quotes.  My non-Christian friends usually say  thatjny faith is fine for me if it works but  they can't accept it, but the Bible says:  "7:��;"Bufcas many a&reeeived Him, to them  He gave the right to become children of  God,' even to those who believe in His  name." John 1:12.  "But a natural man does not accept the  things of the Spirit of God; for they are  foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, for they are spiritually  appraised," 1 Corinthians 2:14.  "Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel  And his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts;  'I am the first and I am the last,  And there is no God besides Me.' " Isaiah  44:6.  Ken McMillan,  Sechelt, B.C.  Residents should  be proud of their  emergency workers  Editor,  The Times:  The Emergency Planning Committee  of the Sunshine Coast convened a meeting  of all emergency agencies that attended  the recent Sechelt air crash to assess the  effectiveness of this community's ability  to respond to unexpected emergencies.  It is our community's responsibility to  respond to this type of disaster with the  resources at our disposal. When these are  used up assistance is' received from your  Provincial Emergency Program.  In this accident the local resources of  Police, Fire, Ambulance, Rescue, Hospital  and Auxiliaries gained much experience.  While we were fortunate that this accident  turned out well, there were many lessons  learned.  These are:   .  1. Emergencies can happen at any  time.  2. All emergency agencies and councils  must have disaster plans and must have  the ability to execute them.  3. Communications amongst the  various agencies must be improved not  only for this type of accident but for the  day to day emergencies.  4. Crowd Control is a very serious  problem.  5. Responsibilities of; outside agencies  (coroner - MOT etc) must be better understood.  The residents of the Villlges and the  Regional District should be proud of  RCMP and the many volunteers in the  Fire, Ambulance, Rescue and Auxiliaries  as well as a dedicated hospital staff for the  way they responded to this emergency.  The Area PEP coordinator, Art McPhee has worked tirelessly to put disaster  plans in place for every emergency. This  Real Accident has proven once again that  his efforts have 'paid off.  David Hunter, Chairman  Emergency Committee  Thanks  Editor,  The Times  On behalf of the Country Stars Square  Dance Club I would like to thank you for  the publicity you gave our Fall Jamboree  in your September 26th edtion. As square  dancing on the Sunshine Coast is very  much in need of promoting, we appreciate  your helping hand.  Louise Mason,  Secretary-Treasurer,  COUNTRY STARS SQUARE DANCE  - CLUB  Thanks goes  to Parker  Editor,  The Times;  SUBJECT: 10 October 1979 issue  I would like to personally thank Ms.  Helen Parker, reporter, for the excellent  resume ^he wrote in your 10th Oct. 1979  issue, on the local activities of B.C. Hydro  and Power Authority.  E. Hensch  District Manager  A fine line  Too much snoozin'?  ���\ afr r  by Bruce Robinson  Consider this: We sleep away between  one half and one third of our lives. In a  lifetime of seventy years, the average  person spends more time Bleeping'than he  or she spends performing any other single  activity. And yet we're not even sure we  enjoy sleeping because we are unconscious through the whole thing.  Frankly, I feel a little cheated.  I also begrudge all those potenlally  valuable hours I am compelled to donate  to slumber. SO much could be accomplished with the extra time. In an  extremely competitive society such as  ours, the elimination of sleep may well be  the next goal of,those highly motivated  sorts, desperate to get ahead.  I have a friend from San Francisco,  who, quite by accident, discovered a way  to drastically reduce the hours in which he  normally slept. He was attending college  in the States and had almost no money to  get him through the term. This  necessitated some changes ln his lifestyle.  The most extreme measure my friend took  was in adopting a diet which consisted  exclusively of rice. During the three  months he adhered to the diet, my friend  said the changes he experienced, both  physically and mentally, were astounding.  After the first month, he found he only  required three or four hours sleep. In  addition he was remarkably alert, and his  energies seemed boundless. Term papers  he wrote were literary masterpieces, and  when he finished writing term papers, he  wrote for himself. Thoughts grew Into  revelations, him mind constantly active.  He said the intensity finally became too  much. One day he walked down to the  corner store and bought a shopping bag  full of Junk food. He was soon back to eight  hour sleeps and tacky term papers.  One unfortunate aspect of sleeping is  that It has to take place at night. I'm not  saying I would rather sleep during the day.  It's just too bad night is the only other  choice. Many writers, for Instance, do  their best work at night when all  machines, human or otherwise, pack it in.  Such a serene and peaceful time. Even the  birds shut up. But we choose to sleep.  Of course it can be argued that sleep  has a permanent place in society. There  are, after all, several concrete uses for it.  Sleeping on planes allows you to forget you  are thirty thousand feet above the ground  where human beings are normally supposed to be. Sleeping on trains means that  with any luck you won't see the ninety-  seven year old Boer War veteran sitting  beside you have a coronary. And sleeping  on buses Is an automatic reaction to  travelling on the dullest form of transportation to come along with tho possible  exception of a Schwlnn three-speed  Workers of the world vote Social Credit - Marx  The Social Credit dirty tricks scandal,  now so aptly described as "Lettergate"  has a lot of potential which could have  been exploited to the extreme,  AftcraH, If the Social, Credit caucus  workers really thought the press was so  easy to manipulate, why didn't they go all  tho way?  Editor,  The Times:  Comrades - proletarians - Do not bes  deceived by the false mask of capitalism,  thinly disguised -by tho so called veil of  socialism offered by the New Democratic  Party.  Socialism has become the true opiate of  the people and therefore must be crushed  at all cost, oven If It moans voting Social  Workers of Brltlah Columbia unite  agaiiist revisionism - at least with Social  Credit you know where you stand.  Karl Marx  London, England.  Carillon  With BUI Bell  supported Independent schools. (It saved  us a lot of money.)  My own personal experience In Poland  proves that Communism U, very bad,  socl&ltsm Is only the lesser of the two evils.  Pope John Paul 11,  Vatican City  Editor,  The Times:   I Just wanted to make it perfectly clear  that although I am a federal New  Democrat, I am ln no way supporting fat  old Davey on the provlnlcal scene.   -TO^y-TifB^rirB:rj;4tfirMxt'w  thing you know, he would get a hankering  for my Job.  EdBroadbent  Ottawa, Ontario.  Editor,  The Times;  Partisan^ pllUcs is riot a matter M  which the Roman Catholic Church involves Itself In, but when the members of  my flock are given a choice between good  and evil - right and wrong, then it is time  ^4|te^yg"]g>|$Jg*^'iji*,iWijal^  Editor,  The Times;  I really hate to say this, but the BCRIC  share concept was really a good Idea.  Actually it was a grea,t Ideaj too bad I  wasn't able to think of it first.  Also, about Blllfl Bennett's plans for  right to work - well that Isn't a bad Idea  either and If I over get elected (can you  <  AttrtmeiJitoB*^  trusted Cardinals, we have decided that  , even though Bill Bennett ia not of the true  faith, his political party la the right one.  This, was proven when his government  '*<aip��$&iti4k|l||)jaMajt^i^^ .j  I'm thinking about getting rid of all the  unions rights except their right to support  the NDP monetarily,  Dave D.Barrett  Victoria.  training bike.  According to a good friend of mine who  owns a degree in psychology, there exist  three stages of/sleep. (People with degrees'  in psychology spend four years learning  important facts like this). From my  friend's description of these stages it  sounds like they have much in common  with our behavior when we are awake.  The first stage is Alpha, a feeling of  drowsiness, serving as a preliminary to  sleep. This describes fairly accurately  how North America wades through  Mondays. The second stage is Delta, a  dream-like state accompanied by much  rapid eye movement, (REM). This Is  something I slip into whenever I read  Playboy while waiting for the barber. The  third stage is Theta, a deep sleep. Members of the Senate have perfected Theta.  Numerous studies have been done on  sleep, researchers examining Just what we  do when we sack out. It seems we do some  pretty weird stuff. Not only do we change  positions between 250 and 300 times in a  night, we also talk and walk in our sleep.  As well, we spend much of our tlmo  dreaming, occasionally waking up  sweating and exhausted, sometimes even  screaming. A person can get worn out  sleeping.  Perhaps by being so active ln our sleep  we are demonstrating how reluctant wo  are to abandon the conscious realm for the  mysterious never never land. Surely that's  why some people sleep with their eyes  open. They don't want to release themselves entirely to the designs of the Sandman, a character we know less about than  almost anyone else.  By the way, If you havo never seen  somebody sleeping with their eyes open,  you are missing out on a truly bizarre  experience. I once walked into a school  chum's house only to find his father  staring at me from tho living-room couch  and snoring blissfully. I can't begin to tell  you how frightening this zomble-llko  creature was to an eight year old, I had  nightmares for weeks afterward ln which  whole families slept In living-rooms with  '^^llietria^'iariipeifi: ' "    -"^���r       Yeah, I'd have to ��ay this irteep  business Is definitely over-rated. It's time  we slept less and did more, Maybe I'll give  that rice diet a try. Ixst's see. What goes  with rice besides butter and salt? THAT CALLS FOR AWIHER  PAM Ar DCAM011 f      earn  distorted sense of values.  The signatures ^on our letter (not  petition) were from concerned parents  both past and present. Because the busing  has been an ongoing problem for at least  the last thirteen years, it was felt all  concerned parents (past and present) be  entitled to sigh. ,  . The Port Mellon run includes Langdale  Heights, Hopkins Landing, Granthams  landing and Port Mellon. Damage to  Port Mellon bus cannot be specifically put  on the Port Mellon students, specially  when damage to the seats in one particular  instance was done by other than the Port  Mellon students. This is a known fact.  You cannot judge all children by the  acts of a few. Just as you cannot Judge all  journalists by the ineptitude of one. You  don't know my children and I doubt if you  know, any of the children on the Port  Mellon run now.  I attended the last school board  meeting. Where were you Miss Parker?  It seems rather unfortunate that a  group of concerned parents, fighting for  improvements for their childrens safety,1  should run interference by non-involved  persons such as you. It makes one wonder  just what your angle is or what is in it for  you.  Children learn by what they see and .  hear. You have set a good example of bias.  Next time you write an Editorial, please  gather all the facts.  In conclusion, by reading your  Editorial, chances of you becoming a  School Trustee are������.  Mrs. Sharon Astle  Concerned Parent  Port Mellon.  Although it is not the policy of this  paper to respond tp letters to the Editor, a  few facts should be known by our readers.  Helen Parker was unable to attend the  .last School Board meeting because she is  on holidays. We did have, however, a  correspondent there.  The Penisula Times was not contacted  over the issue of the buses by any "concerned mother," until after Parker's  column.  Ed Note: Helen Parker is a reporter  and a columnist for the Peninsula Times..  Her comments on the "Obnoxious Kids"  were contained in her column "News and  Views" not within an editorial of this  paper.  Opinions expressed by the Peninsula.  Times' columnists are not necessarily  those of this paper.  Parents were fighting for safety  Editor, The Times;  RE: "OBNOXIOUS KIDS"  This is in response to the Editorial by  Helene Parker in the Oct. 10 issue of your  paper. I believe Obnoxious Kids"  definitely requires a response.     t  ^fews media coverage from all sources  (including lower mainland) was- indeed  necessary and merited as previous  complaints have met with "no" action" at  all. In this instance the death or injury of.  one or more of our children was very  possible, and if that is blowing the issue  out of proportion then you have a very  Al Anon gives  people courage  Editor, The Times  Would you be so kind as to publish the  following as a public service item. The  writer must remain anonymous.  What is Al Anon?  If someone close to you has a drinking  problem, there is a message of hope for  you. Al Anon groups are people with  problems similar to yours who have  discovered that the program has renewed  their courage and confidence.  Currently there are four Al Anon  groups on the Sechelt Peninsula. These are  the meetings with an appropriate  telephone number for contact and information.  Sechelt ��� Monday evening, 885-2464;  Roberts Creek - Tuesday evening, 885-  3394; Pender Harbour ��� Wednesday  morning, 883-9260; Gibsons - Thursday  evening, 886-9037.    .  NameWltheld  Police news  Three more break-ins and two thefts  from properties along the Sunshine Coast  have piled up recently despite the arrest  last week of three juveniles for a series of  break-ins in the Gibsons area.  Access was made to two unattended  summer homes in the Soames Point and  Ocean Beach areas some time during the  Oct. 12 to 14 weekend, a Gibsons' police  spokesman said Fridav. Little cash was  taken in either incident.  Approximately $100 in freezer goods  was stolen Oct. 15 from a carport freezer  in Gibsons' area. An industrial generator  valued at $1000 was stolen Oct. 13 from a  building lot in Selma Park.  And two chain saws'were ^akenht* a  break-in Oct/16 at>^ cabin oh Sakinaw  Lake, according to Sechelt RCMP.  No suspects had been apprehended in  any of the incidents by press time Sunday.  Tat for Vick*m  Report from Ottawa  Credit is due?  by Ray Skelly  MP Comox-PR riding-  The Clark government is to be commended on its proposals to make  Parliament more effective and make the  government more accountable to  Parliament.  Having given that credit where credit is  due, I should however express my concern  that this same government is developing  some unhealthy practices of their own  which should be reformed before they  become habits.  Specifically, the cases of Robert de  Cotret, Jacques Flynn and Martial Asselin  lead one to question the righteous tones of  the Conservatives as they embark on  parliamentary reform.  Mr. de Cotret, you will recall, was a  candidate of the Conservative Party in an  Ontario constituency in the last general  election. It was Mr. de Cotret's fate to lose  that election. But thatwas not the end,J nor  even the cause to pause, In Mr. de Cotret's  political career. Without so much as a  blink, the new prime minister appointed  Mr. de Cotpet to the cabinet in the im  portant post of Minister of Industry, Trade  and Commerce, that is, the person in  charge of the government's whole  economic strategy.  To make Mr. de Cotret a member of  "parliament" {something the voters did  not want), the prime minister also appointed him to Ihe Senate.  This may solve Mr. de Cotret's problem  but it doesn't solve the problem of  parliamentary democracy. Without a seat  in the House of Commons, the government's chief economic planner does not  have to face the questions of elected  legislators, does not have to take part in  the debates on legislation which he will be  initiating and will not even have his vote  recorded.  Then there is Mr. Flynn who, like Mr.  de Cotret,. is a francophone and therefore  very prized by the new government which  has minimal representation from that  language group. But unlike Mr. de Cotret,  Mr. Flynn did not have to be promoted to  the Senate to justify his cabinet role'as  BY MARK TURRIS  %**U Canada R*sses  BELOW MB. Jrb SUCH A  Bk�� country, wiwr A  R��5tt*4Si8lUrY/ THAT  CALLS RM A SrtVJHG  ^LCADBR.  A MAN OF REAL  CONVICTION. 4oMtONK  WHO CAU Q6T TDue,M  WMEM TIMfcS ARE  "TbUQH.  A DYNAMIC INDIVIDUAL  IM THESE TROUBLED  Excuse Me.  MR. PRIME  MINISTER?  Can i G6T Yoa another  Shirley Tbmpls , sir ?  1fSH...ANO HAKE  ita Double/  GUEST RANCH  John and Chris Kavanagh and Mo and  Lorrie Girard spent Thanksgiving  weekend at the Rafter Guest Ranch, Ash-  croft,where they had a great time horseback riding and relaxing. They entered,  a "fun gymkhana" and I heard the girls  were the "superior" performers.  maamWmmmmmmWmmtmVBm  Al Wagner  AL WAGNER  INVITES YOU  TO JOIN  BIG BROTHERS  A service of friendship  freely given by men, to  Jbifi^sunfJthoutJalhora.^.  "   For Information     *'  886-2615 or 885-9006  OUR FREE WEEKLY  DELIVERY  To pharmacare patients withing the  boundaries of the Village of Gibsons  starts this Friday, October 26,1979.  ������������  Any prescription requirements will  bi> Jilti and delivered  FREE OF CHARGE  to all our patients 65 years and older.  ������������  Phone your requirements up to noon  on Fridays. We will start deliveries  at 4:00 pm Friday afternoon.  For more information call our  pharmacists Jim or Haig at 886-8158.  ������������  MAXWELL'S PHARMACY  For your MAXbirom wel being  Cedar Plaza. Olbsons  ltaa��]*4��ft()iVWi^^^4^^*rt����j����*!''v  Minister of Justice. Mr. Flynn was already  there, enjoying the not-small benefits of  that appointed and largely irrelevant body  for several years.  His position is also important in the  decision-making apparatus of the  government but he is not going to have to  explain his contributions to that decisionmaking in the House of Commons He isn't  even going to have to answer a single  question.  Then there is Mr. Asselin, another  senator; "another Conservative, another  francophone, another cabinet minister  who is not accountable to Parliament. Mr.  Asselin is minister responsible for foreign  aid which, according to Flora MacDonald,  is now going to be an important instrument  in Canada's new foreign policy. But we  shall never know what Mr. Asselin thinks  about it. He's in the Senate.  There is, of course, one way for the  Clark government to right this obvious  wrong. There are two by-elections to be  held November 19. It would be a good"  occasion for Mr. de Cotret & Mr. Flynn at  least (Mr. Asselin perhaps could waif in  line for the next.by-election) to seek the  support of electors and become members  of the House of Commons where they can  demonstrate that there is substance to all  this talk about accountability and the  relevance of Parliament that we hear  from the Conservatives.  If they do not run in the November 19  by-elections, they should resign.  DESK SETS, ADDRESS BOOKS,  MEMO PADS and many other small items  for adults or youngsters. See our interesting selection soon.  ���Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  Use 'Times' Adbrlefs  to Sell, Rent, Buy,  Swap etc.  Lower  Gibsons  Spaghetti Dinner  "ALL YOU CAN EAT"  S295 OR  FREE IF YOU WEAR A COSTUME  ��'>*^i^*��#��*-*jss*  <s>  ��  OPEN  LEARNING  INSTITUTE  LIVE. AND LEARN  You can do it with ihe Open Learning Institute  OLI offers B.C. accredited programs leading to high school completion, technical  and vocational certificates, and university degrees. Programs you complete in your own  home, on your own time.  The Open Learning Institute was established in 1978 by the Ministry of Education,  Science and Technology to deliver a wide range of educational services to any British  Columbian. The Institute first offered courses in September, 1979,and now has several  hundred enroled students. In January 1980, the Institute has a much larger selection of  courses.  JANUARY 1980 COURSES  Grads 10 Completion  English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science  Grade 12 Completion  Required Courses���Practice In Prose  Composition, Introduction to Literature.  Adult Basic Education  Canada and the Contemporary World  Elective Courses���Algebra, Physical Sciences,  Typing I, Forknar Shorthand V, Accounting 1.  (Additional eloctivo courses available  In May 1980)  Career, Technical, Vocational  Non-Credit Cauriai Restaurant MminQomont |  Planning Your Future Effective Supervision  Introduction to tho Metric System Accounting I  Credit Counes ' Typing I  Written Communication Forknor Shorthand I  Motel Managomont I Introduction to Electronics  ��� (Additional courses available May 1980)   '"University"  Lower Level  Biology and the Human Spocios  Computing In Modern Society  Principle* of Microeconomics  Literature and Composition I  Canadian History (1867 to present)  Calculus for Biological and Social Sciences  , Introductory Psychology I    .  Upper Level  Principles of Ecology  Intermediate Mlcroeconomlc Analysis  Economic History of Canada  Nineteenth Century British Novel I  Modern Conadion Fiction  Modern American Fiction.  Regional Goography of Canada I  Differential Equations  Developmental Psychology  Management and Motivation  (Additional courses available May 1980)  OI.I will of for all of its growing list of courses In January, May and September each year, Registration  deadllnos'aro two weeks uoforo the beginning of each eomoolor (I.e. December 16th>, Foes aro comparable  to thoso qf other Institutions offering these courses,  HOW TO ENROL  Any adult resident of B,C, Is eligible for Opon Learning Institute programs, For registration and complete information fill out ond mall coupon;  Opon Uaming Initltuto, P.O. Box 94,000, Richmond, B,C��� V6Y 2A2.  Name;   j&Driiawui.  ,lf,Ji,t ��Wb4^X,.*lfc>��|wt-4,��^t��A^ (JtPoAr,^��Ju(4,':4:��t/*.'i*'V*i<T#.1.#..*.i-ft,..��  Postal Code;   . or call us collect at 270-8021,  SPT-l  ���"�����*���  i  ��� Gibsons glimpses  V  Opening night  by Marion Alsager, 886-2458  Attended the opening night of the  Opera, Cavalleria Rusticana in wluch *  Soprano L/yn Vernon played the lead role  as Santuzza and confidently dominated the  stage. Her Voice was clear and powerful  and we felt that she did a superb job of the  role. Baritone, Allan Monk, sang the role  of Alfio and tenor Dennis Bailey .sang the  Story of Turiddu.  ,  The scene of the story is laid in Sicily:  the time Easter morning. We thought the  stage set was terrific, a most realistic  street scene with tenements and the  church with a red carpet spilling from the ,  tall church doors down the stairs, to the  street-most impressive.  On the same bill was the Opera, I  Pagliacci, which was a lighter performance, musically speaking, with a  degree of comedy. Allan Monk performed  as Tonio and James McCracken as Canio  with Soprano, Barbara Shuttleworth as  Nedda, Canio's wife.  These two operas were short, colorful  melodramas and presented an evening of  good Opera featuring an almost all  Vancouver or Vancouver native cast.  CEDARS PLAZA  More and more shops are opening in the  Cedars Plaza complex; the most recent  are the Meat -Market, proprietor, Don  McClymont. A bright, modern meat shop  where you can buy meat by the "cut"  desired or quantity for your freezer.  The Independent Pharmacy, Manager-  owner Haig Maxwell. A. very up-to-date  pharmacy with good competitive prices.  It's good to see Haig back in business and  Jim Leith dispensing too. The Crown and  Glory Beauty Shop is open for business  and the Sunshine Flowers and Gift Shop.  Stephanie Haar is the Manageress of  the Sunshine Flower and Gift Shop and she  is the third generation of the.family to be  in the flower business. She will be assisted  by her grandmother, Flo Corriveau, who  has had 40 years in the florist business.  Stephanie's mother, who lives in Edmonton, taught her flower arranging and  will be attending the grand opening of this  shop Oct. 25, 26, 27.  ''SfepMnJet'ellsmethatsh-eis4nt6rest6dv  in displaying and selling items made by  local crafts people.  Grand Opening with a "Grand" for first  prize, will be drawn Oct. 25, 26,27. Other  prizes are a Round trip to Las Vegas for 2,  Silk Flower Arrnagement, Hind of Beef  and many other individual store "grand  opening" prizes.    "  certainly felt enticed to visit this interesting and beautiful island.  YACHT CLUB  Special meeting of the Arbutus Yacht  Club will be held on Thurs. Oct. 25th at 8:00  p.m. at Ray Chamberlin's place, Hopkins  Landing. ,      1  CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  There was a good attendance at this  first meeting and we learned that the Job  Experience and Training program and  Job Experience for Students programs  brought in some good revenue as well  as creating jobs for about 36 young people.  The' membership moved to erect a  monument for the Inglis Trail with a  -wooden plaque stating the particulars.  Vic Bohaguro, Pres. of the local Ski  Club, is trying to generate public interest  in the Ski Club, if you are a skier or interested in supporting this club, do phone  Vic at 886-9411.  Jean Manil is the new Business Information Officer and is located in the  tourist Information Booth.  Ian Morrow gave a very detailed and  informative talk on the marina and said  there will be a brochure distributed to your  mail box in the very near future and a  public meeting before the referendum  date of Nov. 17.  Agnes Labonte of the Northwest Travel  Agency and I attended the New Zealand  tourist promotion performance at the  Queen Elizabeth Theatre on Wed. evening.  We thoroughly enjoyed the travelogue  which showed the highlights of this  delightful island, rich in trees, plants,  birds and animals plus subtropical  climate.  New Zealand is a self governing  member of the British Commonwealth and  has a population of three million, English  is the common language, Maori is seldom  spoken,  Also on the program were some of New  Zealands top entertainers, "live" on stage.  Rob Guest, 1979 N.Z. Entertainer of the  year, Howard Morrison, M.C. International Star, Derek Metzger, 1979  Winner of the ''Asia Song" contest, Tina  Cross, winner of the "Rising Star" award  and Adelaide and Trevor Maxwell, Maori  Cultural Duo.  A most entertaining evening and one  i  DEATH BENEFITS  * Many people dre not  awaro of tho death  benefits payable by  various   Crown   agencies.  * Tho Canada Pension Plan  will pay up to $ 1,045.00 on  tho death of a contributor.  This is In addition to the  widow's pension.  * A veteran's family may  be eligible for a grant from  D.V.A. or fhe La��t Pott  Fund.  * At tlmo of need, Devlin  Funeral Homo will assist  tho family In determining  eligibility for various  government or private  death benefits,  fat $H>ttk\vi itfatmatfoK  mtOe fit /ttfittc-  D.A. DKVIJN  owner-inn linger  BSSBMSSSBrt  :.' ^YY^::AA^AA^s00m  '7 '���  f's.' 'y, ��7s '<��� ������', v <!������!���'��� ��� ��� 'SlY W-7 '��"������ Y  DANIEL and Sharon Singh (Rhyl  Sharon Wood) were married September 22 in the Sechelt Baptish  Church.  Harvie McCracken photo  Pender Harbour happenings  Casino night  by Doris Edwardson 883-2308  Take 5  to quit  smoking  Some people refer to smoking as "Slow-  Motion Suicide", others feel "it's OK for  me", while those on the other side of the  fence refer to smoking as an expensive,  stinking habit, that pests their lives  wherever they go.  Whatever feelings you have about  smoking, we know that chances of many  physical illnesses are vastly increased for  smokers. Ex-smokers, of course, love to  talk about the benefits of a smoke free life  at great and boring length.  Smokers who have a desire to quit can  do so. There is no need to be discouraged if  you have tried unsuccessfully in the past..  It took the writer of this article several  years to get mind and body together to  give up smoking; and it was delightful to  discover that food actually had taste and  to feel the body pick up speed again. It was  a special reward to see the non-smoking  family members breathe a sigh of relief  because they no longer felt hidden by a  smokescreen.  The Five-Day Plan consists of five  consecutive evenings of films, instruction,  discussion periods and a simple, daily  controlled plan. You will learn to see how  to beat the smoking habit on all four  dimensions of life ��� physical, mental,  social and spiritual. Participants will  discover how to use natural methods to  help them to quit without the use of drugs  or other narcotics.  The facilitator for the Five-Day plan is  Mr. Cliff Drieberg and the course is  sponsored by the Seventh Day Adventist  Church. The program starts on November  5, Monday to Friday, 7 - 8:30 p.m. in  Chatelech Junior Secondary School,  Commerce Room. There is no fee, but  participants will be asked to pay $10 to  cover materials and films.  For information and registration  please call 885-3512, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Continuing Education, Karin Hoemberg.  PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. October 24,1979  SKSjaffi  "Mtesitoo  AVAILABLE  NOW AT  . SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Gibsons 886-9543  FOR  QUALITY  FASHION  7tW&* &*0ie6       TRAIL BAY CENTRE  Zw**rtwrv lycwustw Sechelt 885-9818  CASINO NITE  Pender Harbour Lions Club will be  having Casino Nite on November 10.  Admission is $2.50 and this gives everyone  a chance on the door prize which is $200.  Those pink eyed mousies that tease  everyone and pretend they are colour  blind will be waiting for all you lucky  -gamblers. There will be no costume&ffrize ���*���  this year, but the honky tonk music and  river boat gambling theme will be there  plus black jack,, crown and anchor,  ballroom darts etc. There will be a Texas  Mickey raffle and the usual refreshments  plus hot dogs and goodies.  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR. 112  The annual Halloween Masquerade  Dance will be held on October 27 in the  Legion Hall. Every year there are prizes  for the most original costume plus  humourous etc. Music will be by the  Harbour Lites. This Is always a fun filled  evening, so don your costumes and win a  prize.  The Saturday afternoon meat draw is  becoming more popular and so is the  membership draw. See you at the movies.  VISITORS  Flossie Housman, nee Wray, has been  visiting her family in the Harbour. She  now resides in New Jersey, but is still a  charter member of the R.C. Legion Br.  112.  WATERBEDS  ONDISPLAY  Free delivery to warehouse in Gibsons.  IrVe stock waterbed sheets and accessories  -ASK US ABOUT OUR-  DO-IT-YOURSELF  WATERBED KITS  DRAPES  ��� Residential  ��� Commercial  -TOWELS  by J.P.  Stevens  Path ���!�����  re.. $10.98 SALI  !698  Face cloth i  r��g. 82.98 SALI  ���J  ��� Free estimates  ��� No obligations  /FEATHER PILLOW^  KanC size  Queen size  ,17oo  Use 'Times' Adbrlefs to Sell, Rent, Buy, Swap etc.  &&  ��� ^ Coast Community SerWc  Box .1069, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3AO  Adult Day Care  686-7415  Homemaker Service   885-5144  *����  ��cv;  ety  Tel: (604) 885-5881  Minibus   885-5881  Volunteer Bureau   685-5881  NOTICE  regarding fund raising campaign  The Society is pleased to report a response from fifty contributors to  dote. Proper acknowledgement will be made shortly.  Officially the campaign ends with October. It would be much appreciated if those still intending to respond would do so at this time.  Thank you!  D.J. Roy  President  SMORGASBORD AND DANCE  The ladies Auxiliary to Br. 112 R.C.  Legion are having a Smorgasbord and  Dance on November 3 at the Legion Hall.  Happy Hour is 6:30 and Dinner 7:30.  Tickets $15 per couple, available at the  Legion and Madiera Park Pharmacy.  Music by Brian Swanson.  MOVIE NTTE' ���     -*   ���������"   -   ���    -<\  Due to Hall Commitments the movies  will be run as follows:  Wed. 24 Blazing Saddles (Mature)  Thur. 25 Patton G.C. Scott (War) (Charles  Bronson)  Fri. 26 NO MOVIE due to a members  meeting  Sat. 27 NO MATINEE due to a zone  meeting and Hallowe'en dance.  Mon. 29 Shoot (War Movie)  Tues.  30 Slap  Shot   (Paul Newman)  (Coarse language)  Wed. 31 NO MOVIE (Hallowe'en)  Fri. 2 Gone with the Wind (the original  uncut version)  Sat.  3 NO MOVIE  (Ladies Auxiliary  smorgasbord and dance)  Mon. 5 Which Way is Up (Restricted) (16  and over only)  As the Legion is a place of business and  it is against the law for youngsters to loiter  around the entrance. It is requested  patrons do not arrive until 10 minutes  before show time.  FISHER STOVE SALE  ENDS  SATURDAY, OCT. 27th  Got questions about heqting with wood?  Come ask the Fisher Representative at  J&C ELECTRONICS & APPLIANCES  Cowrie St., Sechelt ��� 885-2568  Anew  Buying that first home is a big step for everyone.  TJiat's why we've expanded our program to make it easier for more British  Columbians to buy a moderately priced home as their first home.  Our new FIRST HOME GRANT of $1,000  is available for all eligible British Columbians.  This grant can be used to buy any type of home���new, old, single family, condominium,  mobile home, townhouse. Any type of home purchased after July 18 can be acceptable, so  long as it falls within certain price limits. From July 18 to December 31,1979 these limits  are $54,000 in the Greater Vancouver and Capital Regional Districts, and Fraser Valley  communities up to and including Chilliwack, and $50,000 elsewhere in the Province.  Remember this grant is available for FIRST  HOMES ONLY, If you've owned a home before  ���whether in British Columbia or elsewhere���  you arc not eligible.  The purchaser must also meet one of the following residential requirements:  (1) Lived in B.C. for a continuous period of not  less than two years immediately prior to the  purchase of the home, OR  (2) Born in B.C. and a Canadian citizen ot the  time of application, OR  (3) Lived in B.C. for n continuous period of five  years nt any time, and a Canadian citizen at  the time of application.  Ofcourse, our FAMILY FIRST IIOMH GRANT  of up to $2,500 still remains avniloblc for those  with a dependent child under 19.  If you have not received any previous benefit,  and are unable to qualify for cither of the above  FIRST HOME grants, remember the NEW  HOME BUILDING GRANT of $1,000 is still  ovnilablc until December 31,1979.To qualify for  this grant, you don't need to be buying your  FIRST home, but it docs have to be n NEW  home.  I'br further information and applet ion forms for  any of these grants, please contact Ministry offices.  Province of British Columbia  Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing  Honourable Jamea R. Chabot, Minister  I  , ���\ ��� ��� ���,  Sechelt notes  101 years  by Peggy Connor 885-9347  Wednesday, October 24,1979 The Peninsula Times  Page A-7  NORTH   VANCOUVER   Kiwanis   Lions sponsored campsite at Wilson  director Ranjit Khosla Sunday cuts  -Creek. Debbie Ajax, left, and Joanne  the ribbon at the Pioneer site for  Pathfinder girls at the official  opening ceremony of Camp Olave, a  Moore, partially obscured on the  right, hold the ribbon over their  spanking new site..  Halfmoon Bay happenings  Fireworks  By Ruth Forrester  885-2418  FIREWORKS AT HALFMOON BAY:  The firemen will be putting on a1  fireworks display on hallowe'en night at  the Halfmoon Day dock at around seven  o'clock in the evening* All the wee ghosties  and goblins should be there as following  the fireworks they will be served hot  chocolate and goodies at the firehall. A  great gesture from bur local firemen who,  by the way, are being kept quite busy.  They extinguished a fire, in the carport  of a home on Francis Road which could  very easily have got out of control and  burned the, house down. Again the importance of always having a fire extinguisher on the premises cannot be over  emphasized i  WELCOME BEACH DINNER DANCE:  A reminder that this will take place on  Saturday, Oct 27 starting at 6:30. If by any  chance you have not been contacted and  are planning to attend you could give Flo  Hill a call at 885-3187. Admission is one  dollar per person - and don't forget to  bring your own dishes and cutlery. This is  always a good idea as it saves anyone  having to wait behind to do all mat  washing up.  "PAPER WHEAT" VISITORS:  Many people who saw the show Paper  Wheat when it was in Vancouver recently  will be interested to know that some of the  cast spent the weekend at Halfmoon Bd_}\  The show, a musical about the prairies,  toured across Canada and got great  reviews all the way. They appeared at the  Vancouver East Cultural Centre.Two of  the cast - Peter and Alan Mews - are  nephews of Bill and Evelyn Pallant, and  they, withSkay who is Alan's wife, relaxed  for a couple of days at the Pallant  residence.  HOMECOMINGS: .  Grace Rutherford has returned home  after a most enjoyable vacation in Ontario. While in Toronto she stayed with the  Holgate's daughter Jane who had been a  visitor here last summer. Grace also spent  some time visiting with Alice Young in  Scarborough and would like to pass the  word to Alice's old friends in the area that  Alice is very well and happy in her new  home. She does of course miss her old  friends and really enjoys hearing from  them.  John and May Holgate also recently  returned home from a holiday in England.  They spent four weeks touring and indulging in their favourite hobby of visiting  old cathedrals and churches where they  did, some brass rubbings. Another  traveller now home is Thea Leuchte who  was visiting with her sisters and brother in  Viersen nearDusseldorf. Thea was gone for  six weeks and spent one week at the Oc-  toberf est in Munich which sounds like a lot  of fun. The many friends of Olive Clear  will be happy to learn that Olive is now  home from hospital. Likewise Bill  Urquhart is home again after having spent  another two weeks in hospital.  A WORD OF SYMPATHY:  We were very sorry to hear of the death  in Kinistino, Saskachewan of Alex Ellis's  sister Mary Davidson. Mary and her late  husband William were very well known  residents of the Roberts Creek area for  many years. Alex travelled to Saskatchewan to attend the funeral.  GOOD LUCK ,TO CARRIE  " Quite exciting to see that Halfmoon Bay  girl Carrie Trousdell is heading for  Oklahoma for the World Championship  Quarter Horse Show. May she know that  we are proud of her for reaching this point,  and that we wish her well.  St. Mary's Hospital's Extended Care'  Lounge was the scene of a big celebration  as Mrs. Edith Mutter was honored oh her.  101, birthday. October is also birthday  month for Mrs. Annie Spencer and Aubrey  Colbeigh. The Gibsons Auxiliary to St.  Mary's were the host group with member  Lea Comrie, May Winning, Elizabeth  Johnstone Peggy LeWarne and Annie  Metcalfe the hostesses.  Mary Macdonald, volunteer director,  entertained on the piano. It was a luncheon  party with the Gibson ladies providing  Quiche and salad served with homemade  muffins, a light pineapple dessert and, of  course, birthday cake.  Catherine Evert great granddaughter  of Mr. Mutter, fourteen months old came  along with her mother Nancy Ebert, with  Nancy's parents Fred and Jean Mutter it  made four generations in attendance.  This was the last extended care parry  for Lillian Peters who ended her em-'  ployment with the hospital this last week.  Lillian will be missed, she had such concern for her patients, however she is going  in business for herself so will still be in  Sechelt.  MORE MUTTERINGS  Sylvia (Mutter) Kerr took Aunt Mable  Butcher, Mrs. Mutter's 86 year old sister  to Bournemouth England to visit 83 year  old brotherErnie Bryant, the last three of  a family of twelve.  Their tdp took five weeks as they  visited other parts of England. At Brid-  port, Dorset, they stopped to see Bert and  Ruth Slade's son Bill at his old English pub  called "Shave Cross Inn". The unusual  name came about from the monks stopping to. get their heads shaved here.  At present Sylvia's brother Thomas  Mutter is at her home in Davis Bay on a  month's holiday from Lake Tahoe.  SUNSHINE REBEKAH LODGE No. 82  The Rebekahs bazaar held on Saturday, October 13 at St. Hildas had a fair  crowd, lucky winners of their draw, were;  for the first hamper Sophie Brackett, the  second one Janet Newman, winner of the  afghan Mrs. Gunnar Wigard, cake plate  Mary Harvey, poncho Carrie Surtees,  little doll children's door prize, Isabel  Draper. Door prize went to Nell Crowell.  The bazaar was opened by Gladys  Brown, District Deputy President of  Sunshine Rebekah Lodge No. 82.  RICK JACOBSON  It is hard to understand how the finger  of fate will pick out a single individual to  Wi}t (Earpcrottoit xA % pillage of j&ectplt  NOTICE OF ELECTION  FOR  MAYOR and ALDERMEN  Public notice is hereby given to the electors of the municipality of the Corporation of the  Village of Secchelt that I require the presence of the said electors at the Village Office on  the 29 th day of October, 1979rat the hour often o'clock In the forenoon, for the purpose of"  electing persons to represent them as:  MAYOR ���ONE��� 2 YEAR TERM���1980 ��B1.  ALDERMEN���TWO ��� 2 YEAR TERM ���1900 * 81.  Tho mode of nomination of candidates shall be as follows: Candidates shall be nomination In  writing by two duly qualified electors of the municipality. The nomination-paper thai I be  delivered to the Returning Officer at any time between the date of this notice and noon of  the day of nomination. The nomination-paper may be In the form prescribed In the Municipal  Act, and shall state the name, resldnece, and occupation of the person nominated In such  manner as to sufficiently Identify such candidate. The nomination-paper shall be subscribed  to by the candidate.  In the event of a poll being necessary, such poll will be opened at Village Office on the 17th  day of November, 1979, between the hours pf 8:00 p.m. of which every person Is hereby  required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.  Given under my hand at Village Office this 15th day of October, 1979.  J.M.A. Shanks  Returning Officer  strike down..  Rick graduated from Elphinstone  Secondary School, immediately found  himself a Job with Jacksons logging,  working, at logging ever since asking  nothing from anyone as he moved up in his  chosen profession.  An excellent worker who got along well  with everyone, a mature twenty-two year  old whose plans saw himself working at  logging until thirty-five years'old then  taking up a less hazardous position.  Looking at acreage a few days before the  tree top snapped off and struck him as he  did his job as faller at the Wildwood camp  up Salmon Inlet.  The potential in store for such a young  man as Rick makes his loss hard to take.  EGGINS- HUTCHISON WEDDING  It was a fall wedding with autumn  colors as Judge Charlie Mittlestead gave  away the bride Muriel Eggins to Adam  Crichton Hutchison at St. Aidan's Church  in Roberts Creek, Saturday, October 13,  1979.%  The bride wore a full length sheer white  dress with a pleated overskirt matching  the long sleeves. Matron of honor Dorothy  Miles was in a copper rose jersey knit long  dress, sleeveless top with attached cape.  Flower girl was Muriel's granddaughter  Christa Lee McWatters in a peachy pink  floor length dress, her brother Darin  formal in his brown tux was ring bearer.  Best man was Adam's son David Hutchison, with Muriel's son Harry McWatters and Ray Little, his friend were  ushers. '  Reverend John Bethel of St. Mary's  Church, KeiTisdale longtime friend of  Adams, performed the ceremony assisted  by Reverend Brown of St. Aidan's.  Alice Horsman sang Still as the Night''  and "As Sun is Surely Warming'', accompanied by Carol Cameron on the  organ. As the wedding party left the  church the church bells peeled out rung by  Ena Harrod. Reception was held at the  Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club  where Bill Babcock was master of  ceremonies.  The wedding cake was an exact  duplicate of St. Aidan's Church complete  with steeple, and bride and groom coming  out the door.  Harris Cole toasted the bride-saying  she was a very special person herself and  one who did everything in her own special  way. David Hutchison toasted the matron  of honor, but first praised his father on his  excellent choice for a wife.  There were many out of town guests  from Edmonton, Summerland, the Lower  Mainland, as well as warm wishes via  telegram from those unable to come.  The bride presented her bouguet of  Orchids and stephanotis to her dear, friend  Erna Cole. ��� '.  -    \,  An invitaiorTwas extended to all their  friends to Country Charm on October 28th  where, the couple will welcome all between  the time of 2 p.m. to 8 pjn. a phone call to  885 2242 or 885 2614 Would be appreciated to  let them know if yoa plan to* attend,  Mrs. Florence Precesky played Anchors Aweigh as the couple left in a hail of  rice and the good wishes of the many  friends and relatives, heading for the last  ferry.  BUS TOUR ENJOYED  Mrs. Ada  Dawe and Mrs.  Phyllis  Parker joined a bus tour of forty-five  persons as they travelled over to Van-,  couver Island and back down through  Powell River.  DECORATIONS NEEDED  The Auxiliary Volunteers to St. Mary's  Hospital would welcome Christmas  decorations to add to a festive atmosphere.  With four trees to decorate the need is  there. Leave at the Hospital of phone 885  3529.  m  mm  HALLOWE'EN  COSTUMES  MASKS & FIREWORKS  M your favourite characters  such as Star Wars, Walt Disney  available at  SECHELT FAMILY MART 1979 LTD.  Wharf Road 885-9825  V% _ t  IGA SPECIALS & VALUES  TABLERITE MEATS  Canada Grade A tablerite beef  BLADE OR ROUND BONE  SHOULDER ROAST $129  bone In  lb.  whole cut  r  BONELESS  ROUND STEAK  CROSS RIB  ROAST  PORK SIDE  SPARERIBS  SLICED SIDE  .lb.  $039  Taberlte trimmed  Small size,  previously  frozen  $198  lb.   JL  $129  lb.   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The Peninsula ^7^^  Wednesday, October 24,1979  Pages 1-8  BUSINESS & INDUSTRY  This pullout section will be offered weekly in the Peninsula Times to inform our readers on the latest news in the local real  estate market, to offer the most complete classified sales information possible and to provide news arid information on  business and industry at the local, provincial, national and international level as it affects our lives on the Sunshine Coast.  this week's  Realty Feature  ���i"<:X<  gps&s  ***$:$!  :���*���:  Roberts Creek  Waterfront  Unbeatable 125 ft. of beach  with a house phis guest cottage.  Al landscaped and in lawn.  Blacktop driveway. Approximately  lA acre of land.  South exposure  -a*-' .4    -   ���> ��  fp'134,500  Stan.  w*r%  ssss  Doug Joyce  Bob Bull  Don Hadden  885-2761  885-2503  885-9504  Jack Anderson  Stan Anderson  885-2053  885-2385  REALTY LTD.  Vadim Kobasew      886-2355  Gordon Hall 885-9986  885*3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Pott Office Box 1219, S��cha��lt  I  Vancouver tod free  684-8016  $*W  '�����#��*  ML%-  <$#*��***>  +._:4m*  ���__&��������<  Remember: the nicest thing  about a  �����:��:���:���:��:���:��:��?:���.���  V^CVIaMf  '  ',-.   v.v     J  SK��M  5SS  R>5>X'  Times Classified  is that it is as near  as your phone.  JUST CALL  885-3231  Tuesday thru Saturday  WEIL BILL YOU  LATER  ?*>*HS.  tf<X  %mWm\���'.&  fi^^'ty^fa*.  .A'Aw  ^^.^-.���wy.'   v. IF THE SHOE DOESN'T FIT . .. SELL IT!  CaU JUDY - 885-3231  for an ad just your size.  Page B-2     The Peninsula Times        October U, 1979  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Thanks,    In    _..iage      and  Engagement Notices are $7.00'  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  after that. Four words per line.  Announcements   HWork Wanted  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  ��� at Sechelt, B.C.  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Ph. 886-7557  or88r>7070. 237048  Card of Thanks  A BIG thanks to everyone who  shared our special day, Oct.  12,- 1979.  Brian  and  Jane  Loewen. 2499-48  I WOULD like to thank Drs.  Cairnes and Farrer and the  staff of St. Mary's Hospital for  their kindness during my  recent loss.���Vi  Freestone. 251348  CLAPP'S CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing.  All  types  of Concrete  Work.  Breaking and hauling away of  old    concrete.    Concrete  leakage problems. Seepage or  high pressure leaks.  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  Announcements   E Announcements   fflobituaries  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30  pm, Wilson Creek Community  Hall. 885-28961 or 885-3394. 4816-  tf ������*:.  FALL  GRAFT CLASSES  starting now at  DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS  Sunnycrest Centre  Gibsons  * Stain Glass  * Flower Making  * Beading  * Christmas Crafts  * Wood burning    _ .  Drop in.and register  For information  886-2525  ELECTROLUX CANADA  appointment. Sunshine  Coast residents please, be  informed that as of Oct. 1,  1979, Ms. Marg. Newman will  be a full time authorized  dealer for Electrolux Canada.  For sales and service please  call 885-2775. . 2352-48  SSSSSSSSfSft  r  Stop Smoking Course  A 5-day program starting  November 5 to Nov. 9 every  evening, 7:00-8:30 p.m. in  Chatelech Commerce Room.'  $10 will be asked to cover  expenses.  Registration 885-3512, Continuing Education 9 a.m. - 4  p.m. .  Communication with Men  A 1-day workshop for women  with Mary Bennett and Paul  Avery from Capilano College.  October 27, Saturday, 9:30-  4:30 p.m. Roberts Creek  School. Fee $15. Registration  885-3512, Continuing  Education 9 a.m.4 p.m.  OCT 21, Sunday, 3 p.m.,  Featuring Mrs. Agnes  Forsyth of Vancouver on new  WurUtzer organ. Also 2 local  organists. Masonic Hall,  Roberts Creek. 2488-47  THE HOMEMAKERS Guild is  having a garage sale in Nov.  Any donations toward this  sale would be appreciated.  Please ph. 886-7128.      253648  c  OUR FREE WEEKLY  DELIVERY  To   pharmacare   patients  with the boundaries of the .  Village of Gibsons  Starts this Friday,  Oct. 26,1979  Any prescription  requirements will be filled  and delivered FREE OF  CHARGE to all our patients  65 years and older. Phone  your requirements up to  noon on Fridays. We will  start deliveries at 4:00 pm  Friday afternoon. For more  information call our  pharmacists, Jim or Haig  at  886-8158  MAXWELL'S  PHARMACY  886-8158  Cedar Plaza, Gibsons  sssr-  ���75V  Royal Canadian Leg ton #219  BAZAAR  Legion, Lower Road,  Roberts Creek  OCTOBER 27 -  11 am -3 pm  or til supplies last  Homebaklng, Gifts,  White Elephants  Door Prlxe,  75c Admission  JOHN JAMES ("Jack"),  aged 67, of Sechelt, B.C.  (formerly) of New Westminster, B.C.) after a lengthy  illness, on October 15, 1979.  Survived by his loving wife  Kay (Sechelt), son Brian and  daughter in-law Bonny; also 2  grandchildren Leah and Sara,  all of Gibsons, B.C. Devlin  Juneral Home in charge of  arrangements. Private  funeral by 'his request  followed by cremation. In lieu  of flowers, donations to St.  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, B.C.  would be greatly appreciated. 250248  Personal  GUITAR   &  Music   Theory  lessons.   Jazz,   improv;  reading, writing, all styles.  Beg.-Adv. Budge, 885-9285.  1528-tfn  SINGLE MAN aged 25 looking  for girl friend age 18-23 for  outings and marriage. Reply  Box 310 W, Sechelt.      243748  MIDDLE AGED gentleman,  separated, new on the  Coast, would like to hear from  educated lady, 30 to 40 years,  with sense of humor. Reply to  "Gentleman" c-o Times, Box  310, Sechelt. 254248  Work Wanted  WORKING parents!  Steady  babysitting weekdays in my  home. Ph. 885-5597.    : 235948  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  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For homes with existing  aluminum windows, we install  inside-sliding storm windows.  Callus, we're the experts. Call  ��� 986-3102 or. contact PO Box  86514, North Vancouver, B.C.  ' 1924-tfn  THUNDER PAINTING  Interior & Exterior  professional work at  reasonable rates  Free Estimates  5 years on the coast  885-3301 & 886-7619    ,   3861-tf  I  WILL  BABYSIT   in  my  home, any age. Kathy 886-  8068. 240248  "DYNAMIC DUO"  reliable  cleaning, reasonable rates.  CaU886-i087. 240848  PROFESSIONAL seamstress,  specializing in  draperies,  also knitting. 885-2754. 245349  SECRETARY - TREASURER  with previous office and  banking  exp.   seeks   employment at home. 886-  9332. 246549  GENERAL secretarial work.  Your office or my home. Ph.  UNA McKenzie, 885-5641.2472-  49  HUSKY young man seeking  odd jobs or responsible  fulltime employment. Steve  886-7062. 247549  Help Wanted  PART-TIME    secretary,  typing       and      . some  bookkeeping. Call 886-  2417. ���   '    249748   ��� ^.\   JUDO " INSTRUCTOR  required for novice, private  lessons. Pref. Ph. 885-  9829. 249848  SUBSTITUTE teacher needs  daytime babysitter for 3%  yr old, in my home if possible.  Soames Pt. Ph. 886-7298  eves. -   - 250348  For Rent  SPACE AVAILABLE, 7 Isles  Mobile Home Park, Nov. 1.  Fantastic view with beach  access. Ph. 885-3910 after 5  p.m. 2515-50  HOPKINS Landing, 4 bdrm  house, utility room, 2  bathrooms, large family  room. Avail, after Nov. 5: Ph.  886-7516 after 6 p.m.     252048  FOR RENT Wilson CreSC,  Community Hall and Scout  Hall. Call Reg Robinson at  885-9024 3691-tf;  2,000 SQ. FT. upper floor office. Rent as is at $450 per  mo. or we will renovate to  suit. Heat & parking included.  885-3224 for appt. to view. 1503-  tfn  For Rent  Wanted to Rent  iReal Estate  STORE FOR RENT  Modern 750 sq. ft.  . CENTRE OF SECHELT  885-2045  MAPLE CRESCENT Apartments. 1, 2. & 3 bdrm apts.  Reas. rent. Incl. heat,  cablevision, stove, fridge, 886-  8333 or apply Apt. No 104-B.  ���' 4121-tfn  SPACIOUS suite for rent,  central Sechelt. Lang Block,  3 bdrm, stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, carport. Avail. Nov. 8.  $291.00. Ph. 8854366 or 885-'  5506.   , 237346  Help Wanted  COOK    REQUIRED,    experience necessary, wages  negotiable. Apply in person.  Lord Jim's Lodge.    . 2276-tf  I  EMPLOYMENT   \  j* OPPORTUNITY *j  ��� Full  time bookkeeper  or I  I accountant   for   a    large |  | Sechelt retail firm. Duties I  | will    Include    complete ���  _ accounting  of  company's !  RENTING  One  Bedroom   Apartments  * Drapes * Balconies  * Intercom * Cablevision  * Controlled Entrance * View  * Wall to wall carpet  * Colored Appliances  Rent from $220  "References required"  can Doug 885-2283  BED-SITTING room, heat  and light included. Suit  . single working man. Wall to  ��wal throughout. Avail. Nov. 1,  1979. Century 21-Century West  Real Estate 885-2235.    294548  2 BEDROOM    furnished  waterfront cottage, $275 per  month. Refs. Ph. 885-3295 or  885-9362 after 6 p.m.     235848  3 BR. FURN. mobile home in  Roberts Creek. Washer-  dryer, iricl. $225.988-0254.2337-  47'  NEW 3 br. full basement,  fireplace, West Sechelt. Ref. <  Gordon Agencies..885-2013.  Eves.    885-9365.2384-48  3 BDRM. home with acreage  in Pender Harbour, $250  mdnth. Ref. required, Box-  1172, Sechelt, B.C.        244849  , SELMA PARK, 2 bdrm suite,  water, view, full bathroom,  2 appl., fireplace between  livingroom and dining room.  $175 mon. plus util. Ph. 274-  5017. 2524-tf  SPACIOUS   suite  for.   rent,  central Sechelt, Lang Block,  3 bdrm, stove, fridge, washer,  dryer, carport. Avail. Nov. 8.  $291. Ph. 865-9366 or 885-  5506. 253848  lMs BEDROOM suite, located  in Lower Gibsons. Very  easy to heat. View. Avail,  immed. Renting for $230 per  mon. Century 21-Cenuiry West  Real Estate 885-2235.    254448  Wanted to Rent  BUSINESSWOMAN    looking  for   year-round   rental,  Gibsons to Roberts Creek. Pis.  call 885-3295. 249047  RESPONSIBLE family seeks  2-3 Bdrm home, Sechelt to  Langdale, excellent  caretaking ih exchange for  home in good shape.  References if required. 884-  5307after5:30p.m.      244049  RESPONSIBLE    Family  needs large (34 Br) house.  on water for winter. Pender  Area. 883-9028. 246149  RESP. COUPLE are  relocating and need house  for Nov. 1 or few days sooner.  CaU Hinton, Alta. 403-865-7940  collect. 239948  OLDER COUPLE with dog  need small furnished cottage to rent from Nov. 1st til  May at $200 per mon. Gibsons-  Sechelt area. Exc. refs:  Contact Dal Grauer at Solar  Realty 886-9238, home 885-  3808. 239248  FOR FEB. and Mar. house  near Halfmoon Bay, very  reliable Manitoba couple.  Middle aged, super clean. For  local recomend. 885-2766. 2514-  48  BIG HOUSE-SMALL  PRICE  MADEIRA PARK  A "must see", for bargain  hunters. 3 bdrm home with  partially dev. bsmt. near  everything. Huge living rm.  master bdrm with ensuite.  Reduced to $52,500. Call  collect, 4334086 or 438-1311,  Sarah McTaggart, Block  Bros. Realty.  245649  Use Times Adbrlef si  SEWING MACHINE  CLEARANCE  1979 MODELS  REG.  Husqvarna Electronic $1069  Husqvarna 6460 $969.00  Husqvarna Vanessa $710.00  Brothers Electronic $729.00  Brothers,Galaxie $369.95  Brothers Pace Setter $469.95  Riccar 2600 $539.00  Infact Free Arm $299.00  InfactStandardZigZag $229.00  Kenmore (used) .". .$150.00  Elna (used)....'. $199.00  Morse (used) $150.00  Marvel (used) $100.00  SPECIAL  949.00  $869.00  $595.00  $595.00  299.00  329.95  $490.00  $249.00  $189.00  $99.00  $159.00  $99.00  $75.00  TRADES ACCEPTED  BUDGET PUN OR MS  GUARANTEED REPAIRS  TO ALL MAKES  CREST  SEWING CENTRE  Sunnycrest Centre. Gibsons  886-2719  ��� ������:*"> -  I  books including daily cash  I    accounting,  I  acco  unts   |  I  I  payable,      accounts  receivable, payroll  and  I monthly statements. =  Salary negotiable. Only I  I responsible, experienced |  male or female need  apply, with resume to:  TIMES, Box #310S  SECHELT  L ...  BABYSITTER      Mon-Fri.  Eves, in Sechelt. 885-  9560. 244449  PHYSIOTHERAPIST!  For part time work  In  Day Care setting.  885-2721  Between 8-6 pm  IMMMMMMMMMMIM  DAIRY HERDSPERSON:  Milkers, ranch workers  wanted for interior of B.C.  Good working conditions, near  schools, goodpay according to  experience and is negotiable.  Reference and resume  required to Canada Farm  Labour Pool, Box 129, Armstrong, B.C. VOE1B0,   252848  ROAD SALESMAN, truck  partsman needed for  growing business. Willing to  invest and take over parts-  room. References required  contact 837-4)068 Revclstoke,  B.C. 253048  HANDYMAN wanted to  assemble houseboats in  local area. Your own business,  full or part-time. Minor Investment necessary. Poor-  Wffl Boats. B.C. 112-769 East  Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B,C,V6AlR3.Ph.251- .  4916. 255248  DRESSMAKING  by  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  CALL  886-7919  after 5 p*m.  MAINLAND MOTOR %  PRODUCTS LTD.  dl No! 6606    Hwy. 101 & Shaw Road, Gibsons        886-8344  In  \/8  ,\\eo*  na Breat,  '2.6O0  *otf �� **A  S  A  L  *977 SCOUT  ��***>*���  **"���* tsJ--'f?��tW!'-��'fw4pi^*'  ty,-. -ri<'t<!l!jMtf>��)!t* jVSi-fJM,*!.~t>.��!  MAINLAND MOTOR PRODUCTS LTD. \ ��� :      '*���  Wednesday, October 24,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  Real Estate  Mobile Homes  2 YEAR OLD 24'  home on rental  from Sechelt. 3  drapes, fridge,  washer. Nicely  Must sell $25,000.  after 5 p.m.  x 40' mobile  pad-3 miles  bdrm w-w,  stove, dish-  landscaped.  , Ph. 774-6862  217248  OLDER Fleetwood 8 xl 40',  rock bottom. $2500. Ph. 883-  2745. 236548  EXCEPTIONALLY fine view  lot  in  West  Sechelt.  On  sewer. Ph. 885-9796..   4724-tfn  PRIVATE PARTY  has monies available  to purchase existing mortgages  886-7204  WHY RENT if you can own. 1  year old, 3 bedroom house,  carport, patio-deck, stove  and fridge, drapes included..  Wash and dryer hook-up, elec.  heat. Asking $39,000. 2nd  house on Marble Road off  Field Road in Wilson Creek.  Ph. 245-7283 collect.      2362-51  WATERFRONT lot Sunshine  Coast (Robts. Ck. area)  Browning Rd. 100 x 370. Very  private w-level entry  driveway off Browning Rd.  View from housesite 2nd to  none. Water, hydro readily,  avail. $79,500. Days 278-3888,  eves. 433-7228. 1955-tf  !     COAST    !  j      HOMES    j  J OUR NEW LINE        |  I     IS ARRIVING SOON I    J  ��� Come and talk to us about ae  ! mobile home.    ��� ���  I Wharf Rd, Sechelt I  !     COAST MOBILE  j       HOMES LTD.     j  I        885-9979      I  I ��� J  2 WATERFRONT LOTS  885-2754  Bus. Opportunity  COLLEGE COURSES at  home! Speedwriting,  shorthand, bookkeeping,  business math. Full time  courses also available.  Contact Duffus College, 543  Seymour Street, Vancouver,  B.C.V6B3H6.Ph.681-  7567. 241849  MAKE MONEY in your spare  time. Learn income tax  preparation. For free  brochure, no obligation, write  U & R Tax School, 1345  Pembina Way, Winnipeg,  Manitoba. R3T2B6.      252948  Cars and Trucks  1965 FORD Tandem dump,  8500 miles new motor, on  air, all factory equipment. Ph.  461-6184. 235748  MERCEDES BENZ 240  D,  24,000 miles,  $12,000.  Ph.  883-2696 and leave  message. 236148  1968 GTX 440 4 speed, $2,000.  Ph. 885-9774. 236648  1973 DODGE Colt with 64,000  miles, 4 sp., 2 dr. $500. Ph.  886-7550. 237248  1977 BLUE TR 7. black vinyl  roof, very good cond., AM-  FM  cassette,   17,500  miles.  $5,300. Ph. 8834028.      239848  DAMAGED    67    Chevelle  Malibu,  2DR.   HT,  68-327  Vette Motor. 4 SPD. munde,  headers, sell as is or for parts  885-2157    244749  1974 DODGE Maxivan. V8-  auto* panelled and insulated, side windows and sun  roof, tape deck. $2650. Ph. 885-  3808 after 5 p.m. 243348  78 DODGE Vz Ton Slant 6\ Low  mi. $4500 Ph. 886-2934 246749  CERAMIC business fully  equipped for teaching.  Greenware, tables, shelves,  paints, kilns. 160 students.  Only one in district.  Wholesaler close. Building  rented. Selling for health  reasons. Ph. 395-2133.   255348  Mobile Homes  FOR SALE!  16' Glasply boat, hardtop c/w  tach, wiper, sleeper seats,  walk-thru windshield and EZ  load trailer $4,000.  50 hp Mercury Outboard,  electrict start $800.  197612 x 68Highwbod, Fridge,  stove, carpets, drapes,  sundeck, skirted, Bonnie  Brook Trailer Park. $14,000.  Ph. 886-2740. 245149  SPACE AVAIL. - 7 Isles  Mobile Home Park. Nov. 1:  Fantastic view with beach  access. Ph. 885-3910 after 5  pm. 2516-60  For Quick Results  Use Times Adbrlef si  | a^{ !975i:'eilorecraft-.r��irdtDtrfi?n1,  trailer $800.  Propane      flame      master  105,000 BTU furnace OFFERS.  1 single bed frame c/w bookcase headboard $35.  10 speed bike $35.  Ladies single speed bike $20.  CB basp station antenna $25.  Gurney   electric   stove   exc.  condition $200.  885-3583  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD-  Highway 101  at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  WATERFRONT: A magnificent and unusual 15 acres with some  700' of waterfront In the la�� of Harness Island. Haslam Creek  runt through the middle of this fine property and there's a  driveway In from Highway 101. A big plus on this one Ii a 4 acre  oyster lease. Make an offer to the $165,000 asking price (29%  down), Jt'i ,0. flood..buy, at any price,  PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES: A new and preitlglout subdivision  overlooking Pander Harbour. See with us and choose your ocean  view now... It's a wise Investment.  WATERFRONTi Pender Harbour area ... 2 ad|acent 4 acre  parcels each with approx 150' of deep protected moorage,  Fairly high bank but quite workable and well worth the asking  price of $50,000 each,  IRVINES LANDING ��� Contemporary 3 bedroom home with hot  water heating and a magnificent view over la*> Bay. The grounds  are unusual and Immaculate. The price Is right at S73,O0Q.  GARDEN BAY ��� 2 large view lots $14,000 each.  GARDEN BAY - Fairly new 2 bedroom home $35,000.  EXCELLENT BUY -- 1000 iq, ft,, 2 bodroom, full basement, Near  public wharf, good garden, nice view. Just $50,000 F.P.  WATERFRONT ��� Two side by side waterfront lots, Each slightly  over I acre, Both have ��afe moorage, power ond water, Priced  al $30,000 and $36,000 respectively.  BARGAIN BAY ������ Deluxe waterfront condominiums ��� 2 beautiful  units, Unit I has approx. 1,460 sq, fl. of living area: other approx, 1,200 iq. ft. (presently rented) These two gorgeous view  units altered at 1135^000 lor bolkiAMit be seen,  GARDEN BAY WATIRFRQNT ��� Older 2 bedroom home on  beautiful level lot, 250' of beach, excellent dock, deep and sale  moorage, P.P. $110,000,  JOHNBREBN  c    MIKE ROSSE  883-9970 883-9378  JOCKHERMON  883-2748  BOX 180  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  FRONT ROAD - MADEIRA PARK ���  Partially furnished 3 bdrm 22' x 56'.  Double wide with 5 major appliances  and storage shed. .Fairly level lot,  beautifully Iqndscaped in lawn shrubs,  flowers, trees, and a vegetable'garden.  Close to stores and marinas. $49,900.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 1280 sq ft home on  Wesjac Road. 3 BR (on* unfinished),  Citation kitchen, fireplace. Treed lot  garden. Close to marina, $48,500. '  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR view home on  Clgydon Rd. Full basement, separate  garage. Close to marina. $87,500  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD��� 3 BR view home,  1656 sq. ft., built 1974. Dble. carport,  storage room, heated 34'x20' swimming  pool. Large lot, level & fenced, with  large garden area. $130,000.  MADEIRA PARK - Nice 2 BDR home with  fireplace, basement and large sundeck.  Close to stores, etc, $42,500.  GULFVIEW   ROAD   ���   Madeira  fantastic view from this new home -  new appliances, fireplace. $82,500.  m&Nt-A fc��**VS -^  RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� 1250t sq. ft. 3  bdrm home-full basement, dble. carport,  large sundeck, built 1976. $65,000.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. Reduced to $33,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA 3 bdrm split level,  fireplace, sundeck & carport. Located on  Rondeview Road $60,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w, 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. $67,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x 44'  Glendaie mobile .home with 430 sq ft  addition. On 2/3�� acre lot, $28,500.  GARDEN BAY ROAD- 2.33 acres with 3  BR home. Good garden,.area. $54,000.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  i  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  LOW PRICED LOTS  MADEIRA PARK ��� Serviced with Hydro and water. Wesjac Road - $6,700 S $8,000 ���  Front Road - $8,500 ��� Gulfview Road - view lot for only $8,500.  RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� Serviced with hydro and water. $9,000 and $9,900.  SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Porpoise Drive. $8,000.  WILLIAM ISLAND ��� Nice 2 1/2 �� acre  island at entrance to Pender Harbour.  Piped'Water. $125,000.  AGAMMEMNON CHANNEL ��� 40��  acres with 1,600�� ft waterfront. Good  moorage in small bay with beach.  Westerly exposure creek. $160,000.  EGMONT ��� 3.8 i acres with 550 �� ft.  low bank waterfront'.'Float, launching  ramp: Whole'property is'terVaced and  levelled ready for development. Drilled  well. $165,000. "r  MEADOWBROOK RANCH ���Garden Bay  Road, 22�� acres with nice 2 BR home, 5  stall barn, riding ring, machinery shed,  year round stream, fruit trees. All in  pasture and fenced. $125,000.  2. SILVER SANDS ��� l'.86 acres with Gulf  view and furnished 10' x 50' Estavilla  mobile homo ond small cabin, $35,000.  3, SILVER SANDS ��� 1.64 acres with Gulf  view and 12' x 60' furnished Bosse  Cascade mobile home. Ad|oins above  property. $40,000.  4. Near RUBY LAKE  Hwy. 101. $20,000.  8.39 acres on  5, Near MADEIRA PARK ��� 15 acres,  2150:4: ft on Hwy 101. $44,000.  6, GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� 3 leml-  lakefront acreages with nice view over  lake and southerly exposure.  3,92�� acres ..$20,000  6.83��acres $20,000  3.79;�� acres $17,000  7, WARNOCK ROAD - level lot, almost  ono aero, Good soil, selectively c'loarod,  $24,000,  8, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2i; acres  with panoramic vlow of Pender Harbour.  12' x 20" cabin, concrete driveway.  $29,500.  | LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES |  SAKINAW LAKE��� 4�� acres with 163��  ft, lakefront, Road access, westerly  exposure. $35,000,  MADEIRA PARK 2.71 acros on Lagoon  Road with 2004-��� ft. frontage on Paq  (Llllles) Lake, Partially developed 9 lot  subdivision. Priced lo sell at $50,000,  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 2,6�� acres with  132�� ft. of lakefront, Road access,  westerly exposure. $36,900.  9., FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 1.8�� acres,  corner of Warnock and Francis Peninsula  Roads. $17,500.  lO.OLE'S COVE ��� 5�� treed acres  located near Lord Jim's Lodge with  access to water. Well on property.  $35,000.  LOTS  1. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots.  $6,700 - $22,000,  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� serviced lots.  $9,000-$24,000.  3. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Porpoise Drive. $8,000,  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.  5. MOBILE HOME LOTS : 3 lots left. On  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula,  Water, some serviced with hydro,  $11,500-$13,250.  6. GARDEN'BAY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay estates & Sinclair Rd,  $13,500-$21,250.  GARDEN BAY ��� 500�� ft. waterfront in  a choice location with road access from  Garden Bay Estates. Approx. 3 1/2  acres. Could possibly be subdivided or  zoning would allow construction of 2  homes. This desirable property is an  excellent buy at $135:000.  HIGGINS ISLAND ��� 26 �� acre treed  islaod with sheltered moorage. Located  in False Bay, Lasqueti Island. $185,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres with 387 �� ft low  bank waterfront, Good driveway to  waterfront. Launching ramp, site has  been prepared for possible use as W/F  trailer-camper park & fishing resort. An  excellent property. Full price $95,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY ��� 1,800�� ft. of  waterfront on 42�� acres with road  access from Egmont Road, Older home &  year round creek, Boautlful view up  Jorvls Inlet, Has boon partially  developed for a 6 lot subdivision. Priced  reduced to $235,000.  OYSTER BAY ��� 37_h. acres with 375�� ft.  low bank tidal waterfront. Access via old  logging road. $74,000,  GERALD ISLAND ��� 28�� acre Island  with sandy beaches. Located |ust off  Vancouver Island between Nanoose  Harbour and Northwest Bay. $185,000.  EGMONT ���7 acres with 540 ft low bank  waterfront. Site has been prepared for  possible use as a largo WF trailer-  camper park and fishing resort, This Is  an excellent property ad|olnlng the  Egmont Marina. $180,000 --Owner will  finance at bank Interest rate,  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 40(i �� ft waterfront,  5.97 acres, water access, $29,500.  LOTS  SECRET COVE Lot A on Woscan Rd,  Sloop, but hos good building silo 8,  sholturod moorago. On sowor syslom.  $35,000,  HOTFt.        LAKS  y"J'  i SOLD     "    SOLO    4tj4��:  ...i.r���>������ i'   ,.,.,���..,��� ft <��"*�����,;*���"������  '[lfAA:A'  I  COMMERCIAL PROPER  T\l  mmMe  / ..Iff1 /  PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES  ;   I "7'H W'  " -/   K yW��� V " Y  Choice Iota still available In this desirable location.  Most have view & sunny southerly exposure.  One lakefront lot still available.  Paved road, water & hydro. M.L.S.  Priced from $10,000 to $37,500,  -AAy^AA^Y'I'/*, ' YYi-Y:/:  Xm-r h ,:��� ;..   :\:A^; :. / v%r*;, y ���'/>, ,/;  5 ' Q - S "S      '   9 -������������ ������'������   > ��� ���'���   ' -9,' t\\ Oj ������ ��������    r<   ���, m    '��tr^'"'"'' <.   ,- n  '   n      .,���   ' 7   ���>  w 1 ^i.W.S ���   j   j    J|v       ; I g SjSj      4? ;i    " v     "   ;isp)rP.v    '      '      ������     ��'.,,:���  ..���I '������������   '      '      '���������I- -' 1 -���;-    ���.-.������'���       ���'������.*.��     ���*" ���*. .,+��.., ,;r, ���.,lf.������r-       '.       ��� "���  .'.��"...* .������..������.'���'���/'..".:'.   ��� Kiuniti/f  BSV ir*A�� ��"' '     *��*f>        .    . *'**  ,      ���-i ������ -      -                 1 !  '    ;)  . i  warn ����f !W��'  MADEIRA PARK ��� 1.000* iq, ft, bldg.  >.wiiK.ureQm4J.or����)UKiniloi[i<l.^.ClQthlnif..  business with good potential. $75,000.  Or boslness only ��� $22,000, plus stock.  I'MjW/Jsl'X-IH   I'' * i/.-l/J  .   1 A   ,  "~S"  nnun   tiflnnoM^  x  aas��swtiaii^>^H��M����gM����i��j)WH  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  ���  0LLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233   j Weater  October 13-19  Lo. Hi.  Prec.  ' October 13 8.0 12.5 trace  October 14 ....".9.5 12.0   0.23  "   October IS 9.0 12.5   0.08  October 16.... 10.0 15.0   0.90  October 17 5.0 13.0    0.78  October 18 7.0 9,5   3.82  October 19.....5.0  9.5    1.28  Week's rainfall - 7.09 cm.  October to date - 7.27 cm. 1979  to date - 75.12 cm.  October 13-19, 1978 - 1.08  cm. October 1-19, 1978 ��� 1.86  cm. Jan-October 19, 1978 -  93.29 cm.  Legal Notices  HALE  OPTICAL  'Serving the  Sunshine  Coast  with the finest in eyewear'  9-5 Mon. thru Fri.  7030 Albernl St.  (next to Overwaitea).  Powell River B.C.  PHONE: 485-2668  *   -.'--V"'    y ������'  Prate* at '   Minlatiyot  BlttMiCokMiM*       Fputa  VANCOUVERFOREST   .  REGION  FORESTS  NOTICE OF PLANTING  . CONTRACTS  Sealed tenders for the  following tree planting contract ww be received by the  Regional Manager, Ministry  of FORESTS, 355 Burrard  Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C  2H1, on the date shown below,  for Spring 1980 planting.  Contract 92G13 - 25 located  SECHELT AREA; Ranger  District 7 and 8; number of  trees 428,000; viewing dates  October. 31, 1979 and-or  November 1, 1979; leaving  Forestry Crew No. 7 office  Sechelt at 09:30 A.M.  NOTE  Viewing of the planting site  prior to submitting a tender  tor this contract is mandatory:  Deadline for receipt of tenders  is 3:30 P.M., December 4,  1979.  Prospective bidders must  contract Forestry Crew No. 7  office at 885-3315 at least three  days prior to viewing date to  confirm their attendance.  They should be prepared to  view the site on either day  indicated' with possible  . postponment due to weather.  2532-pub.Oct.24,1979.  CleonUpVoufAct  Pitch-In  Legal Notices  - INVITATION TO TENDER  SEALED TENDERS, marked  PROJECT Nbi TS-79-215(M) -  Addition and Alterations at  Highway No. 101, Gibsons  Highways Maintenance Yard,  Gibsons, B.C;, for the Ministry  of Transportation. Communications and Highways,  will be received up to 3:00  p.m. local time November 7,  1979 and those available at  that time will be opened in  public at British Columbia  Buildings Corporation, 4570  Canada, Way, Burnaby, B.C.  Plans, specifications and  other tendering documents  may be obtained'at the above  address after 9:00 a.m., October 24th, 1979.  Plans and, specifications may  also be examined , at  Amalgamated construction  Association of B.C., 2675 Oak  Street, Vancouver,,B.C., and  7503 -6th Street. Burnaby,  B.C., and also at Construction  Plan Services, 3785 Myrtle,  Burnaby, B.C.  General enquiries for  technical information shall be  directed to Raymond Khong,  430-1261, Local 31.  On site visit will be conducted  by Archie Maclntyre, on  October 30th, 1979 at 12:00  p.m. Phone Gibsons, 886-2384.  Tenders must be filed on the  forms provided, in sealed,  clearly marked envelopes.  The lowest or any tender will  not necessarily be accepted.  2539-pub.Oct.24,1979.  Legal Notices  Purine**' -      . MlnlsUypf.  .'British CaiiamM*,      Foreatt '  PageB-4      The Peninsula Times  ;    October 24,1979  \  CANADIAN  CANCER  SOCIETY  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Sealed tenders for ihe installation of building * sewer  lines at the Sechelt Ranger  Station complex will. be ,  recived by the undersigned at  Vancouver, British Columbia,  355 Burrard Street, Room No.  619upto3-.30p.rri. (local time)  on the 31st of October 1979 and  opened in public at that time.  Plans may be viewed and-or  obtanied after October 23,1979  from:  1. Regional Manager,  Ministry of Forests, 355  Burrard Street, Vancouver,  B.C. V6C 2H1.  2. Ministry of Forests, Sechelt  Ranger Station, Porpoise Bay  Road, Sechelt, B.C. VON. 3A0.  3. Ministry, of Forests,  Madeira Park Ranger Station,  Pender Harbour, B.C. VON  2H0.  All enquiries should ^e made  to the Ranger at the Sechelt  Ranger Station at 8854168  (Sechelt).  Tenders must be made subject to the conditions of tender  and submitted on the forms  and in the envelopes supplied.  No tender shall be considered  having any. qualifying clauses  whatsoever and the lowest  tender will not necessarily be  accepted.  355 Burrard Street  Vancouver, B.C.  DATE: 79-10-17  FILE: 07483  A.C. MacPherson  Regional Manager  Vancouver Forest Region  2534-pub.Oct.24,1979  The Halfmoon Bay  Recreation Commission is an  organization dedicated to the.  development and supportive  recreation in the Halfmoon  Bay area. This includes all  areas from Bayview to Wood  Bay.  ,.. The main need for this area  is playing fields, so the kids  have a place to kick a ball  around or whatever, this is  being answered with the  granting of a lease on crown  land, lot number 1623, forty-  five acres to the Regional  Board for a Regional Park.  To satisfy this need we also  are searching for interested  persons to participate, the  best way to participate is to  come out to the meetings held  once a month, the second  Monday at the Welcome  Beach Hall, everyone is  welcome.  the usual activity for the  month of October, for many  years has been a Hallowe'en  party for the kids, complete  with fireworks, the last two  years the fireworks purchased  by the Commission have been  set off by Ihe Halfmoon Bay  Volunteer Fire Department  members. This year' the  Firemen have raised money  themselves to sponsor the  party for all Hallowe'en  goblins in Halfmoon Bay at  the Fire Hall.  The annual Christmas  party complete with Santa  Clans is in need of volunteers  to assist in planning. If you  are interested in having a  celebration for the children  please phone 885-9347, or 885-  3742.  Those interested in a work  party at the park may also  phone 885-9347.  The next meeting will be  November 12, like to see you  there.  \  COME STAV WITH US  at ENGLISH BA Y near STANLEY PA RK  in beautiful downtown VANCOUVER  TOLL-FREE   800-268-8993  1755   DAVIE STREET   VANCOUVER   B.C.  V6G 1W5  TELEPHONE (604) 682-1831  [Formerly Charles English Insurance Agencies]  GENERAL INSURANCE  Residential  Mobile Homes  ��� Commercial  ���Travel & Medical  ARNE T. PETTERSEN  NOTARY PUBLIC  ��� Conveyancing * Wills  ARNE T. PETTERSEN  ��� EILLEEN KINNE  ��� CHARLES ENGLISH  Smeemt Aqwcm tii.  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  886-1212  YOUR PEN. TIME AD. DROP-OFF CENTRE IN GIBSONS  Does Your Club or Oroup Report  Its Activities Regularly to The Times?  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  Doug Joyce  Bob Bull  Don Hadden  885-2761  885-2503  885-9504  REALTY LTD.  Jack Anderson  Stan Anderson  Vadim Kobasew  Gordon Hall  885-2053  885-2385  886-2355  885-9986  684-8016  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  ANDERSON REALTY LTD. IS  PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE  THAT, GORDON W. HALL  HAS JOINED OUR SALES  STAFF.  Gordon Has Been A Business Man on the  Peninsula for 18 Years and very Active in  Community Affairs. Gordon 'Extends a  Cordial Invitation To His Many Friends and  Clients To Visit Him At Anderson Realty. 885-  3211. ���:>���-:      ���    ���  WILSON CREEK ���View home. Large. 1700  sq. ft. home. 3 bedrooms, family room,  formal dining room, living room with  sunken conversation area has heatllator  fireplace. 2 1/2 sets of plumbing, built-in  vacuum system. Fully fenced yard witji  swimming pool. An- excellent value "at"  $86,000. Call Stan Anderson.  SECHELT ��� $3,500 down payment - Sea  View - 3 bedroom. Two full bathrooms plus-  extra in full basement. View from sundeck.  Landscaped lot, close to waterfront and  marina boat launch. 12 per cent mortgage.  Call-Jack. 885-2053. -    ������������.���-...';      \  <M    77 7  BRUSHWOOD FARM ��� The areas most  beautiful small farm. Full 5 acres of well  tended paddocks. Many large evergreen  and fruit trees. Attractive 2 bedroom  rancher with guest suite. Large, well built 6  stall barn with auto water system. Huge  sand training arena. This property is  completely level and has unlimited subdiv.  ,potential. Zoned R2. FPjftS 154,000;,Call  Jack.     -:.     -J j     ���  WATERFRONT PROPERTY: 1.232 sq. ft. horns  on one level. CArport and a 500 sq. ft,  sundeck. 1.02 acres of land with approximately 86' of waterfront on Sargeant's  Bay. The lot is all landscaped with 2 outbuildings, municipal water plus a well for  garden sprinkling year round. Lot Is all  usable. FP $89,900. To view call Stan. ���  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY "$124,doG  Sechelt Village. Fully rented, mostly on  lease. Shows good return on investment.  Opportunity to Invest' in this growing  community. Details to bonafide purchaser.  Doug.  SECHELT VILLAGE $63,500  Best view Lot on Sunshine Heights and  large too ��� 100 x 140' ��� over 1/3 acre.  This home is well insulated for' winter and  has air conditioning throughout for those  hot summer days. Dbl carport, full bsmt,  landscaping ��� if goes on & on I This home  by Knight is worth viewing. Call Bob.  fc^'7*'  WILSON CREEK ��� BROWNING ROAD  $62,500. ��� Spacious ,3 bedroom home  across from beach access. This 1344 sq. ft.  full basement home is located on large  wooded lot In quiet neighbourhood. Sundeck looks south to possible future view.  Tyvo bathrooms plus rough-In in basement.  Electric hot water heat as back up for Fisher  stove. Call Bob to view.  BEAUTIFUL DAVIS BAY: 1300 sq. ft. of well  built 3 bdr. home. Large sundeck, 2  fireplaces and cement driveway. Excellent  family home with a spectacular view. FP  $64,900. See Doug.  WEST SECHELT $95,000  1,500 sq. ft. of excellent 3 bedroom family  home situated on a dead end street,  Beautiful view of Trail Islands. Double  garage* and basement. Immediate  possession. Must be seen If you are looking  for a prestige home.  DAVIS BAY $44,900  Basement home with 1 largo  bedroom on main floor and 2 In  basement. Could be a revenue  home, One black from beach, Good  sound construction,, all concrete  foundation. Coll Stan.  ACREAGE  WEST SECHELT ��� 3 acres In West SecN.lt. Potential subdivision,  treed property with some view. F.P. $45,000,  VIEW ACREAGE ��� 3 acres In West Sechelt. Some view of the ocean.  Nicely treed. Good access. Nq logable timbers. F.P, $23,900,  WEST SECHELT ACREAGE ��� Oood Investment for the patient. 200 x  1000 ft, of highway frontage. Good access. FP $22,900.  A FINE ACREAGE: $39,230 full price ��� Secha.lt Village. Just under 9  acres with an attractive view and lots of garden soil. Treed property  with a developed well and good road access. Partly cleared. Call  Stan,  WEST SECHELT: FARMLAND  Opportunity fo start a small farm or, nursery on 21 + acres, This land  has road, power, water and privacy, One of a kind, walling for your  plans. F.P.' $00,000. To view call Bob.  WATERFRONT  IF you want a quiet waterfront retreat  IF you don't have tlmo to build a new, solid house  IF your boat Is 40 feet It will fit the boathouse  IF you arrive by plane there It a 44 foot float  IF you are content with 7 1/2 acres, mostly forest  IF you want to Invest $75,000 ��� CALL DON I  GIBSONS: The ultimate In waterfront ��� Immaculate 2 BR home with  basement. Large vessel moorage right In front of the property, Your  own dock, total protection from all seas. Excellent commercial  potential, The lot alone Is worth the price. $103,000, Call Bob fnr  appointment to view,  WEST SECHELT: Prime location ��� largo, levol waterfront property  with well looked after older home. Landscaped yard, fruit' trees,  Incredible vlow of tho Trail Islands I Very reasonably priced. Calf  Vadim.  LOTS  WILSON ROAD: BROWNING ROAD: $62,900. Spacious 3 bedroom  homo acrossfrom boach access. This 1344 sq, ft. full basement  homo Is located on largo wooded lot In quiet neighbourhood.  Sundeck looks south to possible future View, Two bathrooms plus  rough-In basement, Electric hot water hoat as back up for Fisher  ttovo, Call Bob to vlow.  BUSINESS BLOCK  GIBSONS LAUNDROMAT: $13,000 F,P. Steady year round trade.  This price Includes all equipment In excellent condition, 12  washers, 7 dryers, Renewable lease �� $930 per month, Ideal for  seml-retlred couple, Call Jack 083-3211, 889-2033 evenings,  SIMIRITIRIMINT BUIINMI GOING CONCIRN 174,100 FULL ��RKI  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATION!. TIRMI A TRADI  ftoth of thweitr��or��td��oT for year-round i^^  dryers (nonelocation.7 dryers and 14 washers in 2nd location. All  equipment In top condition. Stores ore clean and newly decorated.'  Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month, For further Information  call J, Anderson 889-2093 Vane 604-0016  WILSON CREEK: Homo with swimming pool. Largo 1700 sq, ft. split  lovel homo with 2 1/2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, largo family room  and living room with heatllator llroplace, Master bedroom has  ensuite, Yard Is fenced, Good ocean ylew, F.P. a low $86,000. Call  Stan.  '��� '. .���  ^EGMONT WATER FRONTAOE: Over 20 acros with approx 1000' of  watorfront, Could bo an excellent Invostmont. Vendor offers torms  with $30,000 dn, Consideration given to trades.  15,3 ACRES WATERFRONT BETWEEN POWELL RIVER and LUND. 390  ieet ocepn frontage. Cabin and well on property. Excellent Invostmont, $130,000, See Vadim,  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� Do you want a quiet  waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We have a few parcels of  evergreen forest. 5 to 10 acres each, Minimum of 230 feet of  waterfront and stream thru most lots, Located 22 miles of Secholt by  water or air only. Fly In with Tyee Airways Ltd. from Vancouver or  Sechelt, or use your own boat, Call Don.  PEBBLE CRESCENT LOT: Save some tree & havo a garden on this  level lot. Easy walking distance to all shops." Price now only  $13,500. Call Don,   GIBSONS --. 2 sewered building lots within walking distance of  yi|lago,amonltle��, Close to launching ramp, Builders termsoffered,  $12,500 and $14,500,    '  ROBERTS CREEK $16,000 oa,  Country lots ��� 2 to choose from. These lots aro 1/2 acre or over,  close to school, (tore, golf course and beach access, Call Bob,  REDROOFFS: 2 side by side View lots/each 1.10 acres with 100 foot  road frontage. Excellent buys at full price. $23,000 each.  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT: Sechelt Village ��� 62.5 x 120', Ready, for  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home, Value  $12,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x 179' lot, corner location,  ���asy access. Excellent view of Trail Island. FP $13,500.  LOON IAKS WATIRFRONT ��� 3 bedroom cottage on 100' -water*  front, Plus cemenl block boathouse, Guest room, Sundeck, Property  nicely treed. Cottage has L.R, Kitchen Combo, 2 bedrooms, screened '  In sun porch, shower, Oood hunting ond fishing. Firm price $39,000,  DAVIS BAY: $19,900 lull price. 90' frontage on paved dead end  *ltr��eY. UritfeiTjTwnd telephone��� toWorfsfottj-iorgo vfow��� ����� ono  .of-a. kind. See Doug..���-,.,, -.,,-,���,...���..�����,....���,,,,..,, ,.,,,������.:,, ���.,. ,..���..  CHASTER ROAD) $9,900 ��� Good, level lot 67' x 123', close to school  and all local services, on paved road, Call Don.  SECHELT - SANDY HOOK $ 135,000  Waterfront ��� moor your sailboat at this  dock. Large cedar home with super sauna,  decks everywhere. Privacy and expansive  view. Phone Bob for a viewing. ��ThJs Is a  unique home.  DAVIS BAY VIEW ��� $62,000. ��� Brand new  3 bedroom with skylight, large sundeck, full  basement, fireplace and great view of Davis  Bay. Who will be the lucky one to own this  shiny new home. Call Bob to make your  offer.  IREEKSIDEHOME $68,500  On 6/10 acre with parklike setting,  towering trees & spacious, easy to maintain  level lawns. One year new expansive home  has two large bedrooms. Separate entrance  hall leads to a large living room with  fireplace that invites gracious entertaining.  A 23x28' attached garage could be converted to an extra bedroom & family room.  An added plus Is a 440' workshop with 3 pee  plumbing. Close to best sandy beach In  area.  LOTS  WAKEFIELD ROAD: Large corner lot 97' x 100'. Level, serviced,  nicely treed. F.P. $12,500. Call Vadim,  WEST SECHELT LOT; $16,900. Large creek side Lot on quiet cul do sac  gives privacy In parklike setting with many beautiful trees, Services  at road. Call Don.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��� $10,000. Extra large building lot In area of  new homes. All services Including paved roads. Call Doug.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS���Inlet view lot 80 x 120 x 90'. Close to marina,  Asking $13,300. Call Don,  SANDY HOOK: Spectacular view Lot In quiet resldontlal area. 55 x  163' soned Rll, Mobile homes permitted. Asking $10,500,  COOPER RD: Lot 80x263', troad, level, Services along paved road,  Reduced to $9,300. Call Don.  OI8SONS: $18,900 full price ��� Small 3 room cabin on large Sea  Vlow lot. landscaped, fruit trees, sow ir and water. Close to boat  launch and boach. Ideal location for bout owner who does not own a  car.  SECHELT VILLAGE  Only available duplex lot In Village of Sechelt, Cleared and on  sewer, Build now or hold for potential service Industrial use,  $20,000. Call Bob.  MEDUSA STREET  Large level treed lot on quiet street, close to Post Office, Leave your  carat homo and walk to all shops.full price $14,300. Call Don. Cars and Trucks ���Campers ��t Trailers! Livestock  For Sale  1978 % TON GMC camper or  Trailer special V-8, auto,  canopy. J?h. 883-9287.    249630  1978 GMC 4x4 % ton, 350 auto,  low  mileage,  exc.   cond.  $8695. Ph. 885-3631 or 883-9066  leave message. 2505-tf  1978 FORD Supercab Ranger  XLT, 4x4, camper special.  400, 4 spd. plus 1976 11%'  Vanguard camper, self  contained, complete unit  $16,500 or sell separate, truck  $12,500; camper $5800. Ph. 885-  3631 or 883-9066 leave  message. 2506-tf  1971    VW    VAN,    serni-  camperized, good cond.  $1600 obo. Ph. 886-2329. 2511-50  1976 RENAULT Le Car, 4 cyl.,  4 speed, 40 mpg. radials,  sunroof, radio, 20,000 miles,  exc. cond., $3,499.1977 Dodge  D100 pickup, V-8 auto, PS, PB,  radio, deluxe interior, extra  snow tires, exc. cond., $4,500  1978 Jeep Wagoneer, 4 sp.,  Quadra-trac, \TO, auto, PS,  PB, radio, custom interior,  roof rack, trailer hitch, 18,000  miles, exc. cond., $9,000. Ph.  886-2355. 2543-50  1964 CHEV 4 dr. auto, new 283,  $750. Ph. 885-9829. 255430  Motorcycles  80 CU. IN. Harley Davidson  Chopper'$4,000. 485-9152  PowelFRiver 228649  Campers &Trailers  FORD 36-PASSENGER  school bus, converted motor  home, fully self-contained. 391  cu. in. engine, 4 spd with 2 spd.  axle. $15,500. Ph. 885-3631 or  883-9066 leave message. 2507-tf  17% FT. 1966 Holiday Rambler trailer, exc.  cond.  $3500. Ph. 885-3631 or 8834066  leave message. 2508-tf  1979 CAMPERETTE - good  condition. Ph. 885-3589 after  5 p.m. 251230  i  WOULD YOU LIKE  to go SOUTH in this  1978-29' DELUXE TRAVEL  TRAILER S/C;  * New unused furniture,  thermal sliding door, very  well made."'  \ Only $11,200,  BONUS  1973 PONTIAC WAGON  new paint - radialNtires  ready to tow  Only $1,000  with the trailer  DAYS,  ' 883-2533  EVES.  883-9230,  SAILBOAT like new O'Day  20', new VHF. head, galley,  7.5 Merc O.B., fully equipped,  many extras. Offers on $7,000.  Ph. 885-9364. 237548  16 FT. K&C THERMOGLAS.  70 hp johnson, built-in fuel  tank, bilge pump, duel wipers,  sounder, 1650 lb. Ez-loader  taller. Asking $4,000 ��� must  sell. Ph. 885-9009 between 6:30  and 8:30 p.m. 2435-48  22' SANGSTER, $10,500. 885-  5030. 244249  16*9" STARFIRE Donzi. 442  Olds engine, new casale V-  drive, 65 mph and exc. cond.  $7500. Ph. 885^631 or 883-9066  leave message. 2504-tfn  30' DEEP-V Vic Goldrup  design, 427 cu. in. Crusader  engine, just rebuilt, 150 hours.  $22,500. Ph. 885-3631 or 883-  9066 leave message.      2509-tf  HORSESHOEING.. Call Bob :  Hopkins eves. 886-9470. 3300-  tfn'  ;    A'\ ������< ' --' ; ;���'"' i'  THOMPSON Valley, Hereford  Breeders Imporver Sale:'  KXA Kamloops. Oct. 27,1979.  Show 9 aro, sale 1 pm, 75 head  purebred herefords, bulls, and  heifers. Info. Audrey Fallis  ph. 375-2200.    7- 252748  APRIL - 6 year old pony. Ideal  for kids, incl. saddle and  bridle. $150. Ph. 886-9111 days.  886-2343 eves. 253348  Pets  MINIATURE apricot poodles  for sale. 2 male, 1 female.  886-7378. 2348-tfn.  LOGS OR TIMBER wanted,  fir,  hemlock  or  cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  1 BABY GRAND piano/Call  Richard at 886-2888 between  noon and 5 p.m; 2119-tf  WANT USED baby crib, baby  pack., pack, umbroller  stroller; washing machine,  good cond. Ph. 885-3678 or 885-  2101.    . ���        ;, 240548  ������   - *        ���    ���        \*       "'in- -       i    r  SMALL farm acreage with  trees-Deal could include  exchange of two adjoining  half-acre lots, Hornby island.  682-2126 evenings.        243949  1   BED   chesterfield-good  condition, 883-9973.    247349  PRIVATE TIMBER  WANTED  TOP PRICES PAID  "You've tried the rest  now try the best."  EGMONT CONTRACTING  LTD.  885-3631   or  883-9066   (leave  message). J  2510-tf  ���"  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  ONNEWHOTPOINT  AT MACLEODS,  SECHELT  W  Wednesday, October 24,1979 The Peninsula Times        Page B-5  AIRTITE HEATERS  Combination Furnaces  Wood Ranees  Visit  MACLEODS, SECHELT  220643  INGLIS washer, good cond.  $175,885-5030. 244149  250 GAL. oil tank, good condition, 885-2754.        244349  LADIES, Mens, Childrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New'. " Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5; 1414 Lonsdale, N. Van..  98O8011. 4457-tf  LARGE METAL bookcase  $50,- Ladies skates sz.10 $20.  2 cupboard bunkbeds $90 e., 1  set bunkbeds $50.885-  9362; 247649  For Sale  SELKIRK CHIMNEYS  and  WOOD HEATERS  at  MACLEODS, SECHELT  207941  BUY, LEASE OR RENT  Record-a-Cal  Answering Device  J&C ELECTRONICS  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-2568'  1828-tfn  PASSPORT  AND  CITIZENSHIP  PHOTOS  U While you wait  [���No appointment!  necessary  i Qm&tM  886-8010  T-TI iV (�����.%,     vt       O*    :��.  BOX 1490  TRAIL & COWRIE ST.  SECHELT,  VON 3A0  <-��<    x      nvl  885-2235  TOLL FREE  689-5838  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE  COMMERCIAL BUILDING #258  Its not often you con purchase Commercial  property in downtown Sechelt. Come and  see the potential on this building. Bring  your new Idea to turn this valuable property  into a real money maker Larry and Ruth  Moore 885-9213.  PAMILY LIVING AT IT'S  FINEST 1240  Large open rooms, two bedrooms, den on  main floor and large master bedroom suite  on private upper level with dressing rooms.  All on a level lot, close to school and priced  at $74,900, Larry or Ruth Moore 885-9213.  FAMILY HOME ��� GREAT  NEIGHBORHOOD #140  Rambling three bedroom home with a  {rather private yard and close to Elementary  school in desirable West Sechelt. A must to  view and priced at just $56,500. Larry  Moore 885-9213.  DERBY ROAD. WEST SECHELT #227  This double wide features an Immaculate  home with 3 bedrooms, Large living room,  master bedroom ensuite. Large 27' x 23' rec  room. Located In West Sechelt, Partial View.  This represents solid value for your money  at-$47,500, Larry Reardon 885-3924.  GOWER POINT ROAD #261  Fantastic View' of ocean and mountains  from the 3 bedroom, family home, large  living and family room, 2 fireplaces, sundeck for summer relaxation, fully landscaped., EvaCarsky 886-7126.  GOWER POINT ROAD ,     *)2S6  Over 1 ACRE with OCEAN VIEW on  prestigious Gower Point Road. Spotless 2  bedroom home has 3rd bedroom In  basement and large spacious rooms on  M30piqrft,-'"Mdirf6on'Prlc��a*to'iel| im-  mediately al $69,900. Eva Carsky 886-7126  or Rita Percheson 883.3706,  GOWER roiNT ROAD #2*1  Fantastic VIEW of Ocean and mountains,  from this 3 bedroom family homo, Large  living and family room, 2 fireplaces, sundeck for summer relaxation. Fully landscaped. Asking $77,900. Eva Carsky 006-  ..7,��2��V.���,... ��� .,.������..���. ...,,,..���.,.. ��� ,..-.-.,..  SELMA PARK , #264  FULL PRICE $13,500 ��� Attractive 2  bedroom bungalow, panneled living room,  dining room and kitchen, Full cement  foundation. Forced air elec. heat, sundeck  tViry'*tWd'rt*eiii(d'llv��dbl*rttrt''l��airiand.*fcl'  Bakor 805-2641.  TRAILER PARK* HOME #243  Over 5 acre park with room for 30 trailers.  Located on High partial view property,  Residency consists of a large 2 bedroom  home - 40' Inground pool, sauna, privacy,  asking $240,000 with assumable 1st  mortgage of $118,000 at the very attractive  Interest rate of "9 1/5 per cent" low, Chuck  Dowman 885-9374 or George Longman  889-3400.  V.;/���  ",   i-tST' i  -c c^  NEXT TO LORD JIM'S *M*  400' low WATERFRONT, 3 acres approx of  magnificent waterfront next to Lord Jim's  Lodge, Water and power to the edge of the  property, A tremendous family estate or  hold for luture potential, The VIEW Ii  breathtaking $120,000. Larry Reardon 80S-  3924,  WATIRFRONTLOT #210  SCARCE ���but |ust look at this lovely gently  ���loping WATERFRONT LOT. Oood access,  choice of building sites and only $29,300,  Ruth Moore 083-9213,  LOTS AND ACREAGE  OLOIT YMIVALUIII #4032  1, Corner location, 2. Serviced by Hydro-  telephone-water, 3, Few steps to fine sand  beach, Excellent public access, 4,  Recreation sire 173 ft. by 123 ft, 9, Full price  -f kid yoi/ not 11 $4,990.00."Dldl'Tlny Bob"  Kent 889.9461.  ACREAOB CLOSE TO  GIBSONS #4111  Approximately S ACRES located In the  Doyle Road area. Zoned R2L could be good  for future subdivision, power available, but  would require well for water tupply,  Vendor anxious to sell, Will consider offers,  . Asking $20,000, Jim Wood 885-2971,   INTERESTED IN - * ���-- ��� �������� -  WATERFRONTAOBt , #14?  This lot 99' x 166' Includes an Interest In a  Waterfront lot. $10,800 F,P, Aik "Tiny Bob"  Kent 885-9461,  S ACRE PARCEL #241  Invest your money In nicely treed fi acre  parcel. Very close to Ruby Lake with excellent swimming, fishing and boating. Try  $9,200 down and assume existing  agreement for sale at 9 per cent I Full price  $19,800, Eva Carsky 086-7162 or Eric  Rudland 889-9857.    ���  LOWER ROBERTS CRIIK #234/#2BS  2 lots side by side, 113'x93', fully treed,  regional water, Masked Rd, approx. 300  yards from water,, George Longman 803-  3400.  DON'T DELAY I BUY  TODAYI M60  Located In the Redrooffs area, this excellent  level 1/2 ACRE, size 80' x 203', driveway Is  In but a little overgrown, w|th small alder,  .Cpnbt.ttJilly, cluartd for .your recreation  cottage or permanent residence, This  property Is New on the Market and Is priced  to sell quickly, asking $11,900, Jim Wood  809-2971.  up  WE'RE THE NEIGHBORHOOD PROFESSIONALS FOR YOU.  ED BAKER  <   889-2641  ���VACARIKY  866-7126  CHUCK     DOWMAN     -     5ALEJ .AAANAOIR  LARRY MOORE RITA PRRCHISON  088-9213 B88-S706  RUTHMOORI      '   LARRY RIARDON'  BOB KENT  868-9461  OBOROI LONOMAN  888.3400  888-9213  BB8-3��24  IRIC RUDLAND  BQMBB7  PITIRIMITH  ���689463  BERT WALKER  818.3746  JIM WOOD  888-2871  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  'age B-5  ���������  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD  R.R. 2-Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0 ^rv  CONVEYANCING.REAL ESTATE CONSULTING ���APPRAISALS* NOTARY PUBLIC ��l  HOMES  1312 DOGWOOD: Beautiful three bedroom  home in quiet area close to schools, post  office, shops', marina, park and church.  Finished basement with fridge, stove,  bathroom makes this an ideal revenue  investment or family home. Brand new  carpets throughout,. fireplace fridge and  stove upstairs. Cablevision on both floors,  drapes included. Expensive cedar "finish  throughout. Owner must sell. Make an  offer, $51,900.  HOPKINS;  View  home  near  beach  and  Hopkins ,_Store. Loads of room for,large  family or lots of guests. Five bedrooms and  two bathrooms. Two view sun-     ,  decks. , $59,500  "WHITAKER RD: Custom built ocean view  home in the most beautiful area of the  Sunshine Coast. One block to sandy beach,  Davis Bay dock, store, church, day care  centre and school. Three bedrooms upstairs  with ensuite off master. Expensive cedar  finish In dining room and livingroom.  Fireplace. Completely finished basement  with livingroom, bedroom, kitchen and 4  piece bathroom. Single-cargarage, cement  drive and front nicely landscaped. $64,500.  TRUMAN RD: Super garden with lots of  trees and shrubs. Home has cedar interior'  with vaulted ceilings, fireplace and  separate garage. ^This home has a  $37,000.60 assumable mortgage at 10 per  cent $49,500.  GOWER POINT RD: This near new  1640  square feet executive home with view of  Georgia    Strait    was    built    by    owner-  contractor and has all the luxurious extras  you demand. Three large bedrooms with  balconies off each. Master skylights.  Expensive cedar finish' in  living   room  and  dining room  with, skylights   and   vaulted  ceilings.   Sunken   living   room   and   conversation pit both with fireplace. Beautiful  .large-   kitchen   with    fridge,    stove    and  diswasher. Sauna with   shower.  Thermal  windows throughout and energy  savings  warm air circulator make this home a must  to own. Phone to view. $95,000.  CEMETERY RD: 2 1/2 acre hobby farm with  view ot Georgia Strait less than one mile to  schools and shopping with lots of country  charm. Nearly 1200 square feet log home  with shake roof. Three bedrooms, 1 1/2  bathrooms. Floor to ceiling cut rock  fireplace in livingroom. Built-in dishwasher,  oven and range in large kitchen. An ideal  family home. On the terraced hillside are 4  corrals, large pasture area, riding ring plus  30 x 50 solid 2x4 barn with 6 self-watering  tie stalls, 4-10 x 10 box stalls and 10x10  tack room. Many extras. $69,900.  SANDY HOOK ��� CORACLE DR: WATERFRONT RECREATIONAL. Do you want a  summer cottage on, approximately 80' of  sandy beach waterfront with an unbelievable view? Do you want a private  place to go on winter weekends just to sit  around the fire and relax? How about  running water, electric service but complete  hidden in the trees privacy? This little  cottage hos all this and more. Phone for  viewing anytime. $54,900.  LEEK RD: New home n view land of approximately 5 acres. Oak parquet floors  throughout; Open beam type construction  with lorge bedroom and sitting room upstairs. Ensuite plumbing. Finished basement  suite. Thermal glass and skylights. Two  fireplaces. Walk-in cooler and a 35 x 40  metal workshop on cement pad. $135,000.  GOWER POINT & STEWART RD: Duplex on  corner of Gower Point and Stewart Road.  Both sides have large kitchens and large  livingroom with fireplaces. One has one  bedroom and the other three. Extra large  view lot with brook. Village location near  boat launching, tennis, post office and  shopping. $52,500.  HWY 101 GIBSONS: Fully rented nine unit  apartment block with over $18,000.00  yearly revenue. Very neat and clean  building in prime location close to schools  and shopping. Excellent rental history.  Nearly 1/2 acre of property with paved  parking lot. This high cash flow building  produces excellent investment value.  Contact Jon McRae, 885-3670 for  details. $149,000  ROSAMUND RD: Two duplexes of op-,  proximately 1000 square feet each. Two  suites currently rented at approximately  $150 each. Potential for higher rent. Large  lots. Ideal investment priced to sell. Make  an offer. $34,900 EACH  WYNGART RD: Ideal investment, large  duplex in village, excellent condition. Good  rents, large rooms, full basements in each.  Added features for your tenants include'  sundecks combined with breathtaking view,  large lot with private backyard, landscaped  .with large cedars. Quiet area, quiet street.  Looking for a good investment? Vendor  may consider terms. Phone for appointment  anytime. $67,500  COMMERCIAL  REVENUE  WINN ROAD: Four-plex. Positive cash flow  with eleven thousand dollars revenue per  year. Top units contain five bedrooms with  one and a half bathrooms. Lower suites are  large two bedroom units. Low maintenance  and good return make this an excellent  investment value. Close to oil the  amenities. $89,500  HWWVIEW RD: Revenue. Duplex on a 1/2  acre lot represents the ideal investment  property. There are 1232 square feet in  both of these side by sjde units. Features  are post and beam construction with  feature wall fireplace and sundecks. There  is appeal to separate rental markets with a  two and a three bedroom suite. Assumption  of present mortgage makes purchase very  "feasy'and d yearly income*of'over $7,000  makes this property hard to beat.     $78,500  LOJS  PORT MELLON HIGHWAY & DUNHAM  ROAD: This beautiful triplex has been  completely renovated from the ground up.  An ideal investment with three large three  bedroom suites with electric fireplaces in  each. All suites are beautifully finished and  many extras including all new landscaping  make these suites very rentable at $300.00  per month. Mountain and ocean view. Highway access. ; $140,000  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: HOPKINS  LANDING WATERFRONT: Excellent business  investment on the Sunshine Coast. This  grocery and sundry store is located in the  heart of Hopkins Landing, just minutes to  the Langdale ferry. Ideally situated on 90  'feet of level, walk-out WATERFRONT, being  the only commercial zoned property in this  area, the land itself is extremely valuable.  Aside from store profits there is additional  revenue from other sources, such as  collection of "wharfinger fees from the  ' government wharf adjoining this property,  plus post office and an upstairs revenue  suite. This ��� is an ideal husband-wife  situation. Always wanted to be your own  boss, then don't miss this opportunity.  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  5  ���  CHASTER RD: 80' x 200' sloping lot with nice trees facing  on two roads. Spring on property with water rights. Close  to beach and school. $14,500.  PRATT ROAD: Approximately 110 x 200 this nicely treed  .1/2 acre has many choice building sites with some view  of Georgia Strait. Zoned for 2 single family dwellings.  Take a look at this dream lot with' a realistic price.  $18,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Lot 8, Davidson Road. Bargain price on  this lot amongst attractive new homes on quiet cul-de-  sac. $8,950.  SANDY HOOK ROAD: Sechelt Inlet Estates. Excellent  building lot with water, hydro and telephone to lot, A  spectacular view of Porpoise Bay and only 4 1/2 miles  from Sechelt, $8,900.'  TRAIL ISLANDS: Large waterfront lot with small cove for  moorage. Beautiful view on three sides, Excellent fishing  spot on your doorstep. Call and let us show you this  waterfront retreat. $17,900.  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanek, Ideal recreation, lot In  beautifully wooded and park like setting. Zoned for  trailers. This lot overlooks Sechelt Inlet and the Lamb  Island. $8,900.  McCULLOUGH ROAD: Wilson Creek. Close to one acre of  treed property with subdivision possibilities, $22,500.  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: Gibsons. With waterfront  as scarce as It Is the. double use of this lot represents real  value, $33,000,  SANDY HOOK ROAD: Three Ideal building lots In  beautifully wooded and park like setting. These view lots  overlook Porpoise Bay and Sechelt Inlet. Water, hydro,  and paved roads In good quality eub-dlvlslon. Vendor may  carry Agreement for Sale. $8,900 Each.  SCHOOL ROAD: Three view lots 73 x 110. On sower,  Three blocks from schools and shopping centre, Cleared  for BUIIdlng; $16,000. Each:      *  SMITH RD; Good view lot 125 x 165 approximately with a  good building site and an unobstructed ocean' view,  $13,300.  TUWANEK: 80 x 140 lot only one block to beach. Full view  of the Inlet, Piped community water available, $9,900.  JASPER RD: On ths sunny slopes of West Sechelt this  4/10th of an acre lot has both, (Iff .and Yliw, Nlcejy treed  on quiet no through road' |ust off Mason Road, Lot site  averages approximately 90 x 173, $15,900,  nIE ROAD: Good building lot 65 x 130. Close to  shopping and the ocean. Sewer easement of 10' on s.e.  side of the lot. $12,500.  SANDY HOOK: Level corner lot with south-west exposure. Size 69 x 130 with paved road on both sides.  Power and water at site. Short distance to beach and boat  ramp. $10,500.  POPLAR LANE: Beautiful flat building lot with view of  North Shore Mountains. Located on the end of a quiet cul-  de-sac only one block to Sunnycrest Shopping Centre and  schools. All services including sewer. Ad|ocent to grass  playing field. $16,900.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Beautiful view lot. Underground  services and close to boat launching, $11,500,  GOWER POINT ROAD: Large view lot. Has been cleared  atone time, Power and water at front of lot. $16,500,  SARGENT ROAD: Large landscaped lot with garage and  fruit trees right in the heart of Gibsons, Absolutely  spectacular view. May be purchased along with adjoining  house and lot. $23,500.  GOWER S MABEL RD; Large semi waterfront view lot In  quiet, rural area, Short walk to the beach. In Cedar Grovo  School district, Ideal for housing.or a hedge against inflation, Buy and Invest now. $19,900,  SCHOOL & WYNGART: Duplex zoned lot overlooking the  bay and harbour of Gibsons Village. Close to schools and  ���hopping, $16,500.  LANGDALE RIDGE SUB-DIVISION: Fantastic view lots. An  area of new and varied homes. These lots offer them-  solvos to many different building locations, En|oy privacy  and the view of Howe Sound, Priced from $ 14,900,  BONNIEBROOK SUBDIVISION; Extra largo view lots In  quiet cul-de-sac, All services, easy cartop boat launching.  Only ono block from tho beach and Chaslor Park. Prlcod  from $14,900.  SUNNYSIDE SUBDIVISION; Largo lots, most 100' Irontage  with 150 depth, In quiet rural setting, All lots nicety treed  with southern exposure, 1 1/2 blocks to schools and  shopping centre, Priced from $13,900,  ABBS RD: View of Bay area and Georgia Strait Is your  Irom this beautiful lot In area of elaborate homos, Two  Mocks to schools and shopping. $19,900,  SMITH RDi Cleared view lot close to the terry terminal  and ocean view, Triangular shaped lot with good building  site. Priced reduced. $13,000.  ���QtSaUalWUflll,  STEWART RDi Three p^vate acres In quiet area with nice  evergreens. Gibsons Creek goes through back of  property, Close to village amenities, $29,500.  OAMBIER ISLAND: 8,2 WATERFRONT, acrjs on Gambler '  Island. 270'on waterfront x 1230. Approximately 2 acres  cleared + 6 acres tall timber, Secluded bay with 2 year  old wharf, ramp and float approximately 40 x IB, Sandy  boach, stream and pool then property. Water, power, and  telephone In, Approximately 000 iq. ft, cabin yet to be  llrUshetLJJQQ degree west-��ou��b��we��t view. 37��' supply  *f?'^'�� "k'P.-, W*��J ^raiioMLqfWl Jnvi%\man\,  $125,000,  NORTH ROAD: 3.4 park like acres. Access from side road  will secure privacy. Nicely treed, CI010 to tho village,  $29,000,  SCHOOL RD; 1,36 acres ad|acent to the elementary  school, Could bo subdivided to lots, On sewer and all  services! $38,900.  HWY 101: Approximately 16 acres. 2nd growth trees,  level, great for hobby farm, Close to Gibsons, Oood  holding property and priced at only $4,000 per acre. See  this now. Large acreages are getting scare. $64,000,  REED RD; l,�� acres on Need Read eoty N�� treer cmd -wlthtn  vlllogi bowndprlt*^ ���...,.,������:,.��� ,., ���  ���    .$23,900,  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JONMcRAE  889-3670  ANNEGURNEY  886-2164  ARNE PETTERSEN  886-9793  JAYVISSER  883-3300  OWE ROBERTS  886-8040  STEVE SAWYER  8852691  GARY PUCKETT  886-9508  E  S  1  u  f  1508       B J  For Sale  t VENDING MACHINES ���  ������ Condy,'hoTfqbd, Ice cream. ��>���# ,  ��� coin niechanisms. ''     Q '  ��� TAKE   THEM'   AWAY.   FOR*  #$17,5007 . #  e>       Phone 885-3400       *  SINGLE AND double wide  spaces. Some view lots. 885-  2671,885-9825. 2341-tfn,  TWO CHILDREN'S 5 and 10  spd. bicycles, accessories.  Used three times. Best offers.  886-9658. 244949  ALDER firewood for sale. $50  per cord. Ph. 885-3755. 2360-  48   WORLD BOOK Encyclopedia.  Ph. 886-7557. 2371-48  LUMBER: 2x4s -10 ft; 2x6s -  20 ft: 3x8s - 60 ft: 2x10s - 45  ft. Ph. 552-3328. 3460-tf  ZERO CLEARANCE Majestic  steel fireplace, comes with  3 lengths 8" stainless steel  insulated chimney, $250, Ph.  885-2613. 251949  For Sale  OFFICE  EQUIPMENT  Sales, service,  rentals, all  types office .equipment.    ,  BEEBY OFFICE  EQUIPMENT '.  434-9144  Monthly, service calls  227345  13 CU. FT. Frostfree fridge,  Kelvinator classic on  wheels, $400. Bed-  Chesterfield, Vinyl $35. Blk &  Wht. Port. TV, GE. $35. 886-  2584. 246849  USED 24 x 36 Mobile Home.  Presently used as real  estate office. Avail. Dec. 15,  1979. Asking $22,000 as is  where is. Call 885-9362 After 6  n.m. for details. 245249  3- 2%' x 5' SINGLE glass  aluminum windows. Ph. 885-  5570. 252248  1972 JD 350D CRAWLER  loader, 1975 case 480B  backhoe, 1966 Chev SA dump,  1969 Fargo one ton 5 fifth wheel  trailer package deal $28,000.  Ph. 3784203. ,     252548  For Sale  IF YOU ENJOY,gardening;  do it year round, using an  aluminum 7 < and glass  greenhouse! Write for free,  brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse  Builders, 7323 - 6th Street,  Burnaby, B.G.V3N3L2. 2480-  ,52 ..    1 -   --      -  SNOWLANDER-LUING  cattle "polled!' "red"  record of 21 years trouble free  calving, highly prolific. Steer  sired by LUING bull wins  Grand Championship at  P.N.E. For all climates and  top quality beef try  Snowlander-Luing. Good  breeding stock - minimum  $1000. per head at Diamond  Ranch Edgewood, B.C. VOG  1J0. 252649  STOCK UP on salmon frozen  whole pinks, $1.99 lb. min. 10  lbs. Ph. 886^7227. 253548  ARBORITE kitchen, table.  $60; coffee table, $25; small  danby freezer, $150. Ph. 885-  5582. 249448  FROST FREE upright gold  freezer, 13 cu. ft, $375. Ph.  885-2160. 250048  Use Times Adbrlef si  For Sale  CAST;    IRON     .Franklin  fireplace, used one winter,  $95 firm. Also mans handmade Aran sweater, sixe XL.V  $50. Ph: 886-9396.,       ., 250148  COMPLETE SET en-  -' cyclopedia Britannica plus  set of 'rGateway to the Great  Books" plus pine bookcase:  $400. Ph. 886-9843. 253748  DOUBLE BED and mattress;  $80; dish washer as new;  fire screen - Swedish steel,  $35; accessories, $25; plants  and pots, $2.00 ea.; gas lawn  mower, $25; garden tools;  new window, double glass  with screens 44x36. Ph. 885-  2571. 254148  CAR SEAT, $15; child bike  carrier, $15. Ph; 885-  3967. .254048  HANNA HIGH boots, ladies 8  narrow, worn twice, black  leather, 3% inch heel. Ph. 885-  310Z, Sechelt. 254248  JEEP PARTS, convertible  tops. All Jeeps 1942 to 1979.  Huge stock, lowest prices, fast  service. Gemini Sales 4736  East Hastings, Burnaby, B.C.  V5C2K7. Ph. 224-2623.   254748  For Sale  1969 CAT 950, grapple and  bucket,, good tires, ROPS,  serviced and ready to go -  Cranbrook -$47,500.1975 Clark  sWdders, 18.4x34 new tires,  Cummins engine, excellent  cond. - Grande Prairie  Alberta - $29,500. 1975  , Komatsu D55S��. standard  bucket, fully enclosed cab, 80  per cent u-c, - excel, cond. -  Vancouver $34,500. ,1975 Drott  Feller Buncher, new, boom  and cehtre'bearing, 20!' head,  new knives,���&/ yard bucket,  many recent repairs - Hinton,  Alberta - $78,000. Ph,<324-2446  or 985-9759. 255148  1  ATTENTION LOGGERS,  trappers, ranchers. We  have 5 good used twin track  skidoos available. $1000 to  $2000. Cariboo Tractor Parts,  Box 4268, Quesnel, B.C. 992-  5354. 254848  FOR, SALE Piper Tri-Pacer  aircraft, green and orange  on white stol tips, excellent  cond. All offers given consideration. $8,500. Ph. 992-2151  days, 747-2934 evenings,  Quesnel, B.C. 254948  For Sale  B.J.'s CAKE > Decorating.  Supply - The complete shop  for all your cake decorating  needs. Write for the 1980  Wilton yearbook $3.50 plus 80  cents' postage.. 456 West  Cordova Street, Vancouver,  B.C.V6B4K2. 255048  CHROME KITCHEN set, $85;  wood water heater, $50. Ph.  885-2010. 251748  DELUXE 3-way camper van-  bed, $195. Ph. 886-7075. 2518-  48  GOVERNMENT Auctio..  Saturday, Nov. 3rd. 10:00  a.m. Highways Yard, 18th  Ave., Prince Goerge, B.C.  Vehicles, trucks, equipment.  Vehicles, sold with, no  warrantee or guarantee. Ph.  747-1894. '  253148  Use Times Adbrlef s I  V  Mitten Realty Ltd.  Where Real Estate is serious business ��� but a pleasure  THINKING OF RELOCATING?  885-3.295  Van. Direct  681-7931  Box 979 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  Waterfront  Don't delay. Use our Trade Plan. Call for more details.  PHONE FOR FREE CATALOG  GOWER POINT  WATERFRONT  Price Reduced to $79,950  Beautifully landscaped two  bedroom home with a  panoramic view of Salmon  Rock, the North Shore  Mountains and Vancouver  Island. Older style, quality  construction, the. full  basement is ready to be  developed. For more in-''  formation, call Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  SANDY HOOK $27,500  Over 100 feet of waterfront,  with lots of nice fir and arbutus trees. Property is over  one and one quarter acre  with over 580 feet in depth.  Try your offer.on this hard to  find commodity. Contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  WILSON CREEK $32,000  , Located on a private road off  the highway on 120' of prime  waterfront near" Mission  Creek, this, two bedroom A  frame with loft and workshop  is ideal for recreation or  permanent residence. Fifteen  years left on Dominion lease  on land, which can be  prepaid.  SANDY HOOK $68,500  Ideal hideaway for the  boating and gardening enthusiast, this cute home on  75' of sandy waterfront has  many extras. For appointment to view call Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  TUWANEK WF  Nicely treed, side by side, 95'  and 110' of waterfront  overlooking Lamb's Bay,  southerly exposure, these  properties are priced at  $28,000 and $28,500 each.  For more details, call Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  SELMA PARK $10,900  60' of pebble beach, super  view, a^l^V^ty cottage.  Lease g)9js>/-Ty\ More Info,  with Ray Bernier, 885-5225 or  Emilie Henderson, 885-5383.  SAKINAW LAKE $124,900  2500' of lake frontage, two  dwellings two float��,  boathouse, completely  sheltered private bay. 15  acres with subdivision  possibilities. Southern exposure and view. Call Ray  Bernier, 885.5225.  Homes  Homes  Acreage  Acreage  SELMA PARK $44,000  Ideal starter or retirement  home on nearly one half acre  with a view. This two  bedroom, home is - partially  furnished and includes fridge,  stove, washer and dryer. Also  small partially furnished  guest cottage which could  bring in extra revenue. Must  be seen. Contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  GRANTHAMS VIEW    $39,500  What more could you want - a  beautiful view overlooking  shoal channel from a  redecorated two bedroom  home. Ideal starter or  retirement home with the  added bonus - a rentable inlaw suite on Jower floor. All  details with Don Lock, 885-  3730.  SELMA PARK $14,900  Cosy two bedroom home on a  nicely landscaped lot in  Selma Park. This lease lot  offers a fantastic view of Trail  Bay and the Islands. Excellent  terms. Contact Terry Brackett  for more info, 885-9865.  SECHELT $53,000  New large 3 bedroom home.  Open kitchen and dining  room plan, lots of cupboard  and counter area. Ensuite off  the master bedroom. Full  unfinished basement view of  the mountains from the front  sundeck. Call Suzanne for  more Information.  WEST SECHELT  Enjoy the view while relaxing  in the living iroom of this 2  bedroom 12 x 60' mobile  hqme. This home is fully  skirted. Price of $10,000. also  includes fridge and stove.  Call Terry Brackett, 885-9865.  WILSON CREEK $35,000  Semi waterfront on lease  land. The two bedroom home  is well maintained. Large  living and dining room  combo. Property Is carefully  landscaped. The fridge, stove  and washer are included. This  Is a prepaid lease with 15  years left. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more In-  formatlori, 885-3971.  FAMILY HOME $49,500  See this excellent 3 bdrm  home with den and family  room located on 3/4 acre at  Kleindale, Pender Harbour  and make your offer. Owner  anxious to sell and will  consider all offers. Call Don  Lock at 885-3730 for all  details.  GIBSONS $53,500  Revenue Duplex in the heart  of Gibsons. One side has two  bedrooms, large living and  dining room and the other  side has one bedroom. This  property has the potential of  being zoned commercial.  Phone Suzanne for more  information on this well  priced. investment, 885-3971.  ROBERTS CREEK $56,900  Located on Marlene Road this  house is at present rented as  two suites. An excellent  investment for occupation  and rental, or rent both  suites. Call Don Lock, 885-  3730 for all details and  appointment to view.  RETIREMENT HOME  PLUS $59,000  Call Don Lock at 885-3730 for  all details on this lovely  mobile plus at 12 x 60 heated  green house, beautiful  landscaping. All this located  in Madeira Park - it may be  possible to subdivide two lots  off of the .86 acre and leave  you   all   the   improvements.  MODERN HOME WITH  VIEW $77,000  This architect designed 4  bdrm home is the ultimate of  city living in the country. Built  with precision and care this  home has many Interesting  features which are too great  to include In this advertisement. Please call me,  Don Lock, at 885-3730, and I  will be pleased to give you all  details including the attractive terms which the  owner will consider. This Is  one of the finer homes In the  Pender Harbour area.  TYSON ROAD, WILSON  CREEK $99,500  Hobby Farm ��� Three  bedroom, multi level home.  Open bright kitchen large  living room a heatilator  fireplace, parquet floors, lots  of windows all around,  separate formal dining room,  childrens bedroom has a loft  they can climb up to. Large  sundeck at the front and  covered sundeck at back.  Two bedroom guest cottage  behind the main house. 5  acres cleared fenced and  cross fenced. Orchard with,  approx. 25 fruit trees. Large  organic vegetable -garden.  Wilson Creek meanders  through the property arid one  can watch the salmon run. A  beautiful acreage, call  Suzanne . Dunkerton for  further information 885-  3971.  ROBERTS CREEK $27,900  Enjoy the privacy and  peaceful surroundings on this  nice level treed acreage in  the ALR. For more information, contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  ROBERTS CREEK $89,500  5 acres of beautiful bottom  land with . a southern exposure. Large organic  vegetable garden, fruit frees,  and.pasture areas. PLUS, a  custom built 1700 sq ft three  storey 4 bedroom Home.  Quality and craftsmanship  have created an inspiring  living space. Leaded glass  windows - cedar finishing  inside - parquet floors. A  suana outside that will seat  10 people. An outbuilding  which could be converted into  a guest cottage. This property  must be seen if you are  looking for acreage with  comfort. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for viewing, 885-  3971.      ;,.  WESTSECHEtPy ���/$39,700  An excellent ���storter for the  mini-farm enthusiast. 2f  acres of level cleared land,  good well, outbuildings and a  cute one bedroom cottage.  Many possibilities in this  charmer. To view, call Rene  Sutherland at 885-9362.  CHURCH BUILDING FOR SALE  1600 sq. ft. with attached  living quarters of 725 sq. ft.  at corner of Martin Road and  Sechelt Highway, Gibsons.  This is a high visibility corner  on a lot 50' x 131.80' or 6590  sq. ft. Presently zoned duplex  but rezoning to commercial  understood to be feasible.  Conversion,to stores, offices,  restaurants could make this  an attractive Investment. F.P.  $65,000 - For details call Syd  or Francis Heal 885-3295.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL  PARK  Light Industrial Service  Commercial, located on Hwy  101 in the village of Gibsons,  Seamount Industrial Park  provides a mixed package of  lots and acreage sites.  Reasonably priced, fully  serviced with sewer, 347-600  volt three phase power,  water and paved roads, these  lots are selling fast. Only a  few small lots and acreage  sizes left. For more details,  call Rene Sutherland at 885-  9362.  Lots  Lots  PENDER   LAKES   PROPERTIES  Excellent bldg. lots In new  subdivision close to Garden  Bay. Many with ocean views  and southom exposure.  Paved roads, water, power  and lelephone. Ideal for  building or Investment.  Prlcod from $10,000 to  $23,500. Call Ray Bernier  885-5225 or Emilie Henderson 885-5383.  WAKEFIELD BEAUTIES  $16,750 ea.  Two lots, side by side on  Wakefield Road, bordered by  park and ravine for privacy.  Approved buildings sites,  view of Georgia Strait, close  to village. For more details,  call Rone, 885-9362.  WEST SECHELT $11,900  A nice lot in area of new  homes will have a nice view  when a few trees como down.  an offer on this serviced  Contact Terry Brackett  885-9865.  a  WEST SECHELT  Two lots side by sldo locatod  on Norwost Bay Rd. Priced at  $12,500 and $9,500. Both  lots are serviced with water,  hydro and cable. Buy  separately or fry an offer on  both lots. Contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  KEATS ISLAND  Nicely treed cornoP lot with a  view. Hydro and water  available. 8 x 12 shod to  remain. Excellent buy at  $7,500. Contact Terry  Brackett. 885-9865.  ROBERTS CREEK $17,000  Level well treed semi-  waterfront lot with easy  beach access directly across  the road. Please call Corry  Ross, 885-9250.  PENDER   HARBOUR   $24,500  Commercial lot zoned R3-L on  Lagoon Road, 65' frontage.  Call Ray Bernier 885-5225 or  Emilie Henderson   885-5383.  TUWANEK VIEW  LOT $9,000  Close to beach and boat  launch, Vendor will carry  agreement for sale. For more  details, call Rene at 885-9362.  PENDER HARBOUR       $14,000  Large view lot on Malcolm Rd.  Site already cleared for  building. Serviced with  regional water and hydro.  Trailers permitted. Also  beach access close by, Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  VIEW LOT $10,900  On Marble Road In quiet  Wilson Creek subdivision,  owner may carry financing.  Cdll Ray Bernier, 883-3223 or  Emilie Henderson, 885-3383.  HALFMOON BAY $12,900  Good view bldg. lot on  Truman Rd. lot on Truman Rd.  Close to boat launch. More  Info, with Ray Bernier 885-  5225 or Emilie Henderson  885-5383.  ROBERTS CREEK  Nice corner lot on Beach  Avenue with over 130'  frontage. Lot Jhas been  selectively claarVp and has  many nicfi/fryM and great  lovel buimjrgisite. Over one  half acre. Asking $19,000,  Contact Terry Brackett, 885-  9865.  CREEKSIDE PLACE  10 fully serviced lots, situated  approx. 2 miles northwest of  Sechelt, corner of Mason and  Norwest Bay Roads. Level lots  to facilitate both single and  double wide trailers. Call  Emilie Henderson, 885-5383,  or Ray Bernier, 885-5225.  FRANCIS PENINSULA $10,000  Excellent Bldg. lot In new subdivision, water & hydro,  septic approval. Near  Gerrons Bay - good fishing I  Emilia Henderson, 885*5363,  or Rav Btrnltr. 885-5225.  RAY BERNIER  805922$  CORRIROSS  885-9250  RSNISMTHlRltANO  885-9362  TERRY BRACKETT  DON LOCK  885^3730  EMILIE HENDERSON  SUZANNE DUNKERTON  MM97T  TERRI HANSON  POWELL  RIVER  WEST  VANCOUVER  NORTH  VANCOUVER  OIMCR omas  I O SI RVE iOU  Ml MM* Of      UOCAtlON UKVICIS CANADA" REPIRRAl SYSTIM  KINGSWAY  SURREY  PageB4       Peninsula Times October 24,1979  l 'a      ' '        ' ' l  Does Your Club or Group Report  |   Its Activities Regularly to Tho Times?    |  $ 5:  WASHERS-DRYERS-DISHWASHERS-  MICRO-OVENS  2-year guarantee on all parts & labor  5-year warranty on the dryer drum  10-year   guarantee   on   washer  transmission  Lifetime guarantee  on stainless  steel  washer tub  WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  883-2648  SK  FLO RON  AGENCIES LTD.  95  LANGLEY  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  GOWER POINT ��� 1/2 acre of cleared property,  lovely home with dream kitchen, lots of cupboards,  laundry and workshop area; playroom and carport.  Cbmpletey electric this house has everything including fantastic view and is priced at only  $65,000.00. ��� ' ':  Small 2 bdrm house in Bay area; needs paint and  renovating. Asking $20,000.00.  GIBSONS ��� Two bdrm cottage in lower village, on  sewer, close to shopping; older type house, ideal  as starter. Priced at only $26,500.  GIBSONS ��� Nice two bdrm house, terrific view,  nicley landscaped; Carport, workshop, toolshed.  Electric heat. Asking $47,500.- ,.'���'���.  GIBSONS ��� Bay area, close to beach, stores and  P.O. Attractive3 bdrm homeon extra large lot with  good vegetable garden. Home is conveniently  designed with large Rec Room, utility workshop  and spare room in basement. $62,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Ultra modern luxurious Wft.  home with 3,000 sq. ft. of living space) designed  for modern executive or anyone wishing to entertain etc. Main rooms open onto patio sundeck  with complete view of Georgia Strait. Large attractive garden completey private; low approach to  beach, guest cottage and many other extras. Ask  for further details of this choice property.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 3 bdrmhome on Lower Road;  full basement with a/c<h|bfl large lot 110 x 145'  has some fruit trera/sajVrTor garden. House has  FP In living room aTBJhSundeck for summer leisure.  Priced at $40,000.  SECHELT ��� 2 bdrm mobile home with large LR.  Large rec room, sundeck and storage has been  added. In first class condition with W/W  throughout. Priced at $24,000. J. Black.  LOTS  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��� Sechelt, 7 1/2 acres approx.  Serviced view property, approved In principal for a  26 lot subdivision; plans and details with listing  service. This is very good view property and has  access to marina |n Porpoise Bay. F.P. $66,000.  GRANTHAMS ��� Lot on Reed Road, 48' x 168', good  investment, potential view; asking $8,750.  ROSAMUND ROAD ������ Three lots cloared, ready to  build; suitable for trailer or mobile; only $10,500  each,  GIBSONS     Level cleared lot In Gibsons Village on  sewer and water. 62' x 182'. Inquire for details.  WHARF ROAD ��� Longdate, good retirement area;  lot 65' x 193'. Try your offer.  Other lots in Village and also In rural areas,  Evenings Call:  Rot McSavftnty, 8S5-3339;  George Cooper, 886-9344  John Black, 886-7316; Ii  v - ��� ��"fts " '.' y *������. ���������,  yu*!i x -j&_________^_i_i_\_z_v  ������������<.- ..\i', i-  ���i-" ���  ,\-^7V'f''.^'"077  VSV>: ^i'^H -*& .v"'1 ^V&Hc1"^-  - <.'*,'�� i  Wednesday, October34,1979 The Peninsula Times ; PageB-7  " v ^Vg>J",i.-'��t.'��\'"'* >*  >>.^f^&.w  Automotive Service  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE    .  Parts * Soles * Service  ��� Rotor Lather Service for Disc Brakes  qnd Drum Brakes  ��� Valve and Seat Grinding  ��� All Makes Serviced*��� Datsun Specialists  Gibsons Phone 886-7 919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt 885-5181  WAL-VEN AUTO BODY  BODYWORK  AND    '  PAINTWORK  Sunshine Coast Highway  GIBSONS 886-7133  SUPERIOR MUFFLER LTD.  BING'S EXHAUST PLUS LTD.  * Complete Exhausts ��� Shocks * Roll Bon  * Sid* Pipes * Stacks  * Running Boards * Dull Pip* Conversion  100% guaranty* ��� Part* and labour  Next to Wal-Ven Auto Body  * AUTOMOTIVE & MARINE  (in board & outboards) REPAIRS  CHXHGEX  SaBBl  * Gas * Diesel ���<���  * Tow truck service?  * BCAA  UALCMOQN INN  .    & SERVICES        885-5500  8 miles north of Sechelt, Hwy. 101  BRIAN'S AUTO BODY  & PAINTING LTD.  Quality Workmanship - All makes &  models  Insurance claims promptly handled  Estimates gladly given  AUTO GLASS ���BODY WORK & PAINTING  Sunshine Coast Hwy. _.-.._..  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So many flowers, beautiful flowers are  ours, just for the taking of so little trouble  and they will brighten the darkest days of  winter, sharing our home and repaying a  hundredfold the care we give them.  Bulbs for forcing are. specially-  prepared and the use of any other kind is  inviting disappointment. They may be  grown is soil, in bulb fibre or vermiculite  or they can be grown in water. If soil is  used they must be grown in a container  that is well drained, but with bulb fibre .  this is not so important so' long as the  moisture situation is watched, and if the  raising is done in water such as by the use  of a hyacinth vase or in a gravel base, the  drainage problem does not exist.  Bulb fibre is dry as dust when it is  bought so must be well sprinkled and left  to drain overnight before the bulbs are,  planted.  One of the governing factors in the  operation is the size of the pot. The number  of bulbs does not matter so long as they do  not touch each other and if the container,  is very large tulips or narcissi can be set in  layers to enhance the massed effect.  Growing bulbs for forcing calls for a  little different culture than that used for  growing outdoors. For instance the depth  should be such that the tip of the bulb is  just showing. Put a layer of bulb fibre in  the bottom of the container, firm it down  and put the bulb in place adding more fibre  as required to get the surface level with  the tip of the bulb. Water gently to  eliminate air pockets. Then put the pot in  total darkness in a cool place or set it  outside under a protective one inch layer  of sand, peatmoss or sawdust. If garden  soil or potting soil is used put a layer of  small rocks in the bottom of the pot to  prevent-packing.  It will take about 10 weeks for the bulbs  to develop their root system and before  they can be brought out into the light of  day. At this point it is vital that extreme  care-be used. Too sudden exposure to  bright sun will check them severely or  worse still may result in "blind" bulbs that  produce no flowers, only buds that die a-  borning.  From then on only the temperature and  of couree proper watering procedures  need watching. T^ese^' fibers do nrt  require a lot of heat, in fact they do better  in temperatures that some people may  think too cool for Uvi^rO^m^comfort.  The period of rooting-that is the ten  weeks or so in the dark will bring most  success in a temperature of around 40F  and the flowering period most satisfactory  if the room temperature does not go a  great deal over 6DF.  Narcissi can be grown in a container  without drainholes and with nothing but  gravel as a medium. First put a layer of  charcoal in the bottom of the pot, add a  light covering of clean gravel and set the  bulbs thereon. Add more gravel up to the  neck of the bulb. Put in just enough water  to keep the gravel moist. Too much is  fatal. Keep the planting out in the light and  again, not too much heat,  Hyacinths make excellent house plants  and one trick is to plant each in a separate  pot, them select those that are at just  about the same stage of development and  replant them all together so as to achieve a  massed effect.  If you are lucky enough to be given  forced flowers do not make the mistake of  thinking "the flower that once has  bloomed forever dies". Speaking from  personal experience with hyacinths that  had been forced and bloomed, it was, found  that if the whole pot is plunged in the  garden and protected from frost it will  repay with years of blooming.  So little effort to get so much. Each  year this gardener is always most humbly  thankful for that magic moment when as  he remembers it "Bare winter suddenly  was changed to Spring".  When a doctor friend of this writer  retired from medical practice he turned to  research of a different order and  proceeded to investigate the. origins,  growth habits and life style of ferns. And  thereby opened a window on a whole new  world.  This he did at university level and as a  result has become what one might  describe as mildly insane on the subject!  Worse than that, so fascinating is his story  of the fern that an hour or two of listening  to it is liable to turn the listener into a  similar condition, obsessed with an uncontrollable desire to know more.  To most of us "a fern is a fern is a fern"  but not to the scientist. He sees it as an  organism that dates back to far beyond the  ken of man, right to the primordial ooze  from which Creation emerged, and still  continues to adapt and flourish in all kinds  of environment.  To the gardener the fern has a number  of very valuable characteristics, not the  least being its ability to turn a bare  unattractive area into a beauty spot.  One authority lists some 27 principal  groups of ferns and each group contains  many, many different species of  varieties. They range from beautifully  delicate growth like the maidenhair to the  enormous tree ferns. Only one of-the latter  exists in a garden to this writer's,  knowledge. It is in the garden of one of the  staff at research station at Agassiz in the  Fraser Valley. It looks at a casual glance a  bit like an alder, some 20 feet high with a  trunk about a foot thick, but it is an  authentic fern.  The reason for talking about ferns is  that they flourish in this climate and are  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  very useful in landscaping' the kind of,  environment this coastal strip offers. :  The most common is probably what we,  call bracken, and admittedly it 1s not an  attractive growth - particularly at this  time of the year. In truth it is a weed and  not to be tolerated in cultivated areas. Jn  the woods themselves the sword fern ,  flourishes and it is a very attractive f  growth particularly when massed ih  clumps. It is the ability of the sword fern to  thrive in deep shade that makes it so  useful to so many gardeners who have that  situation and find flower growing a bit of a  problem, Bare spots under trees at a north  facing foundation or practically any other  location will carry fern growth with one  important provision. The ground itself  must be porous and friable. Ferns cannot  live in hard compacted soil..  An outstanding feature of the fern  growth is its amazing adaptibity. Once  established a fernery will grow and  flourish for years with no or little attention. The spectrum of variety is so wide  that a fern can be found to serve almost any  decorative purpose. There is one that will  not spread if specimen plants are  required, or if there is need to fill a large  space with greenery and other things  won't grow there, ferns are available that  will do that too.  All they ask' is a generous supply of  growing medium of the kind one finds on  the forest floor, or a reasonable facsimile  thereof created by the use of organic  material ih the presence of light and  friable soil that is easily penetrated by  water. Some backgrounds for ferneries  include rocks, tree trunks, a wall, schrubs,  or the sides of a building.  For the tall fern one authority lists five  common easy-to-grow varieties. These  include the cinnamon, the wood, the royal,  the interrupted and the tall ostrich  varieties. All these are satisfactory  background plants.  As indicated the subject, of ferns is a  enormous one but this must suffice for now  with this one comment. If a collection of  ferns is planned it is advisable to start with  a minimum of three plants of each kind.  Where the source of supply is the local  woodlands, try to achieve surroundings as  much like their natural habitat as  possible.  Sunnycrest  Centre  Gibsons  886-9111  LW  TW  2  1  1  2.  5  3  3  4  7  5'  8  4 ���  11  7  10  8  4  9  ,6  ��� 10  9  11  17  12  12  13  19  14  13  15  21  16  14  17  22  18  15  19  23  20  ���  21  16  22  25  23  26  24  28  25  18  26  30  27  ���  28  ���  29  ���  30  Don't Bring Me Down   E.L.O.  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'  Section C  Wednesday, October 24,1879  Pages 1-S  HACKS JV' SATS  Phil Garner was robbed of MVP  Still room  for skaters  It's still not too late to register for  Figure Skating! All levels of skating  available ��� come out and join the fun.  Adult and teen beginners, as well as more  advanced skaters, skate from 6:45 to 7:45  on Thursdays.  Youngsters skate Wednesdays and  Saturdays. For the more advanced club  members there is Precision Skating on  .Sunday afternoons.  Call Nancy Douglas at 886-2103 to  enroll. -  B.C. Coast Zone Competition is October  26th, 27th and 28th at Richmond. Our club  will be represented toy Naomi Hunter at  the Opening Ceremonies on Friday  evening. Naomi is six years old, is the  daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ian Hunter of  Sechelt and has been skating for two  years.  Boys hoop talk  Expectations for Elphinstones' Senior  Boys Basketball team are high. It should  prove to be another successful season,  with so many veteran players.  Try-outs for the club win allow both  Sechelt and Gibsons students a chance to  make the team. There should be a few new  Chatelech faces around.  The senior boys will be training extensively, doing exercises such as  weightlifting and jogging.  The coach this year is a recent addition  to Elphinstone's faculty, Roger Douglas,  formerly a teacher at Gibsons Elementary, now teaching P.E., Community  Recreation and coaching at Elphinstone.  The season will be kicking off with a  much-anticipated tournament at mid-  November in Powell River.  PLEASE CLIP  YOUR  ARENA SCHEDULE  COMMENCING OCT. 15  MOMS & TOTS  Every Thursday  2-4 p.m.  Moms 1.50  Tots .75  TEEN SKATE  Every Friday  4.30-6.30 p.m  Admission 1.50  FAMILY SKATE  Every Sunday  2-4 p.m.  '.'���' Adults 1.75  Students 1.50  Children 1.00  �� mam mam mam mma mam amam mama mama ewse mm  SNACK BAR FACILITIES  will be available and our licenced  lounge will be open to the public daily  except Sunday, opening week days at  6.00 p.m. - Saturday 5.00 p.m.  COME OUT AND SUPPORT  the new Sunshine Coast Senior Men's  Hockey League. Five teams representing  Pender Harbour, Gibsons, Roberts Creek  and Sechelt.  Games Thursday, two on Saturday, and  one on Sunday.  Are you interested in daytime  women's hockey? If so contact  Carol McGillavary qt 886-9095  or Arena 885-5717.  By BRUCE ROBINSON  Efram (Herkie) Jasmond, a little-  known Vancouver fortune-teller and self-  professed sports fanatic, is currently  passing idle hours in a rubber room simply  because of a vision he experienced concerning the World Series. It seems Herkie,  out of the goodness of his heart, decided to  let Vancouver sports columnists in on his  extra-^sensor^pr^i^Msi^the Series, and  after he enlightened them, they quickly  phoned the nice men with the nets.  You see, Herkie predicted that a player  would hit .500, collect twelve hits ��� many  of them key shots ��� knock in five runs,  score four, set a series record for most  double plays by a player at his position,  lead his team to victory in the World  Series, and still not win the MVP award.  Phil Garner may himself be a candidate for the rubber room if he ever tries  to make sense of the rationale used by  those picking the MVP award. Being the  kind of competitor he is, Garner has  probably, not complained an iota. In fact,  he has likely lavished praise on teammate  Willie Stargell, the recipient of the award.  Admittedly, Stargell deserves ~con~-  siderable praise as well ats the Most.  Valuable Player award in the National  League for 1979 as a consequence of his  inspiring play throughout the year. He just  didn't happen to be the most valuable  player in the seven games I watched on  television.  Throughout  the  Series,  dear  dear'  Howie of ABC Sports, the man who invented a language all his own and had the  audacity to call it English, kept talking  about errors of commission and omission  which were committed on the field.  Although Willie Stargell is a man of undeniable integrity, an inspiration to the  Pirates, and one of baseball's greatest  performers, and even though he carjie  a future Hall of Famer and IUuminating  Personage of Pittsburgh, Will (Call me  Pops) Stargell. Besides, Garner deserved  it.  In the first game of the Series, Garner  made a bad throw, which some argued,  cost the Pirates the game. He also made  two other errors in games, but he was  hardly alone. Players carried booting and  senior rugger  posts lopsided victory  This Thursday Oct. 18 Elphinstone  Senior Boys Rugby team travelled to  Carson Graham Senior Secondary to post  a 20-0 victory.  The playing field was wet and muddy,  but in the first half Michael Partridge  broke through for Elphie, scoring the first  try of the game. The convert was kicked  by Lance Suveges.  'With Elphie controlling the play,  winger Tim Enns made a dash to the  corner for Elphinstones second try. The  half then ended and Elphie was ahead 10-0.  In the second half Elphinstone retained  control of the play, keeping most of it in  Carsons end. Partridge did some great  moves before passing off to Brent Lymer  who scored another try. Once again, the  convert was kicked by Suveges.  Carson attempted a comeback, with  some good passing, but they couldn't  penetrate Elphinstones' defence.  Ambrose George made another try for  Elphinstone in the corner of the end zone.  This was the last scoring play of the game  and Elphie went on to win at 20-0.  This was by far the teams best performance of the season, with lots of good  passing and some exceptional hitting. A  deserving win by the whole team.  through with the game-winning home run^muffirigand fumbling and fanny-faffing to**"]  new lows; they fielded'balls like Bill  Bennett fielded Dirty Tricks questions.  With great difficulty. But when Garner  and Foil got untracked. My, my.  What was so remarkable about Garner's performance was his concentration.  His suspect fielding in the first two games  never adversely affected his hitting. He  combated pressure in the style of a true  professional; no pitcher ever handled or  intimidated him, and along with the nine  double plays he executed, he was also  successful in reaching base more than half  the time he came to bat. The price of gold  may be soaring to ludicrous heights, but it  would have to reach the stratosphere  before Phil Garner was no longer worth  his weight in the stuff.  in the filial game to clinch the Series, he  also, as Howard would say, fashioned  some grave an untimely errors of  omission.  The most heinous crime a good hitter  can be guilty of, is failing to produce, with  teammates on base. Nine times Willie  Stargell was unable to hit when runners  were on the base. The worthy contributions Stargell did make on behalf of  the Pirates were still substantial and  merited a second most, valuable player  award. Unfortunately no such animal  exists.  I was not surprised when Stargell was  voted MVP. I suppose I expected it. But I  really felt for Garner ��� as much as it is  possible to lament for a guy who is thirty  thousand dollars richer as a result of the  Series victory. The award would have  meant much more, I think, to a player like  Garner who has only recently beenj  elevated from journeyman status, than to  EAVESTROUGHS  5  Seamless gutter manufactured right at your own home  Vinyl  SIDING  Aluminum  Fibreglass^ SUNDECKS - -Vinyl'&  ...... v  Aluminum ~ AWNINGS   ���   Roll up aluminur  ��� INSULATION*  . Blown in existing homes  We install all our products  iUNSHINE !  SDUCTS^  Richard    .. ���**'4,r North Road,  Sasaratt     886-8023   Gibsons  Free Estimates     No Obligation  THERE .ARE  esw GAS  WATER HEATERS  CGA  APPROVED  New   home*  renovators  CALL:  builders   or  Canadian Propane - 885-2360  We're moving!  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(pg. 3)  In 1 Thess. 5:8 we read, "In everything  give thanks: for tins is the will of God in  Christ Jesus concerning you.".  PageC-2 The Peninsula Times  ******  Wednesday, October 24,1979  mmammmmmmmmmmmmmmammmmmm^  SERENDIPITY PLAYSCHOOL  HMM  wishes to announce that they still  have space available for 3 and 4  YEAR OLD. CHILDREN who wish to  join. For more information, please  contact Mrs. BLANCHE PERRECA at  883-9656 or bring your child to the  PENDER HARBOUR COMMUNITY  CLUB HALL 9:15 MON-WED.  la****  **Na**t*fM  ��   ��  Ai$<  ��***���  "<*"iJa~    __M__\__       * __.   ^-i^ii^m__&S^A_%_____^9^^i  ���m*mtj_     *aJ*L        *       $f V �����  -��**    ��"*t**     *><��"*  3  "sr^c5 fir  4w .    ^���%��'^*.*,JPtV  ^Kfc. "I. *  Jx1***'  Local off to world event  A young women from Halfmoon Bay  has been making quite a name for herself  in the equestrian field. Carrie Trousdell  has qualified her American Quarter.horse  Wilhemino for the 1979 World Cham-,  pionship Quarter Horse Show which will be  held in Oklahoma City from Nov 13 to 18.  About 1700 American Quarter horses  are expected to qualify for this prestigious  show at the Jim Norick State Fare Arena.  Trousdell entering Wilhemino. in the  Junior Trail Horse event. There will be a  total of fifty events from which World  Champions will be chosen during the  fourteen performances.  This is the highlight of the show season  for American Quarter horses and winning  an event is like winning an Oscar. A lot of  hard work and dedication are required  before this Invitaion Show may be entered  as a predetermined number of points must  be earned by competing at AQHA shows in  1979. Carrie and her trainer Barb Hopkins  of Gibsons have travelled from Victoria to  Prince George this past year to attend the  various events.  On November 9 Carrie with her family  will be leaving for Oklahoma.  Time out  Girls volleyball  by Steve Ripper  Elphinstones Senior Girls volleyball  team had another excellent week last  week. They remain undefeated this  season, and have had a wide margin of  victory in most of their games.  The real test will come next Week when  they meet up with little Flower Academy  and St. Thomas Aquinas.  These teams represent the stiff est  competion of girls high school volleyball in  B.C. I think they've got a good chance of  pulling through.  The team this year is possibly the best  in Elphies history. Unlike most of the  previous teams which were held together  by stars such as Colleen Hoops, the talents  in this team is virtually matched.  The team is quite tight, and teamwork  is the key to their successi In the works of  coach'Roger Douglas, they have, "good  feeling, good action, and good on-the-floor  hustle."  Douglas is enthusiastic and confident  about the merits of his team. Last week  they took on Windsor, a double 'A' team  which is stronger than the previous weeks'  competition, Handsworth, Windsor was  heavily defeated with scores of 15-1,15-6,  and 15-1. According to coach Douglas, it  was an easy win.  The next set of games on that same day  against Carson Graham were not as easy  wins. The set of 4 games took about 3V4  hours, compared to about % of an hour  against Windsor.  The scores were 15-7,15-6,15-9 and 15-9  in favour of Elphinstone. Elphinstone  visible geared up to meet the stiffer  competition posed by Carson Graham.  "Team play was phenomenal"* commented Douglas.  Rene Mlchaud and Lynn Pauloskl  came off the bench and played very well.  The team overall has excellent serving  and use many spike-kills-that is, spikes  that ihe other team can't possible return,  They have a very high-conversion rate, as  just about every time the ball made it over  the net it was spiked back down..  Most of Douglas' players have been  actively involved in volleyball since grade  4. Surprisingly, quite a few of his present  team were coached by him back in  Elementary School. He came to  highschool just about when they did, and is  coaching basketball, volleyball, teaching  P.E. and Community Recreation. Quite a  busy schedule. *  He tells me that despite all the time his  players devote to volleyball and other  sports, they are all A students and that  "this says a lot about good strong families,  they work hard both acedemically and  athletically.  Most of the opposing teams are composed of ll's and 12's where as Elphies' Is  mainly grade 9 and 10 students. Also, most  of the opposition are double A teams,  meaning from schools 250 or more. Windsor, for example has 1200 students. This  gives them the advantage of more  potential players to chose from. Keep an  eye on this team, I've got a feeling they are  going to go pretty far.  Guests coming? Na place to sleep?  - TRY A FOAM MATTRESS!  Tired of springs poking yon in the back?  TRY FOAM!  Waterbed making you seasick?  FILL IT WITH FOAM!  W.W. UPHuLSTUY & BOAT TOPS LTD.  Wyng erf Road, Olbiont ~~ 886-73\o  * PLEXIGLASS * VARPS * AU SUPPLIES FOR DO-IT-YOURSELF  Complete UPHOLSTERY ��� FREB ESTIMATES  SAVE $20.00  WOMENS soccer was rough and,  tough Sunday as the Sechelt Womens  Indian team and the Sechelt Women  played to a 1-1 tie.  Curling news  The Oct. 12 Free Ice Time was well  worm the effort with a really good turn out  of curlers as well as some fresh new faces.  This is what it is all about'.  The Opening Fun Spiel was also well  attended with some really interesting  curling; the winners in the A Event were  the Brassnet Rink, B Event were the J.  Brookes Rink and the C Event went to the  Gravelle Rink.  The Sunshine Coast Curling Club  wishes to extend their sincere thanks to  David Nestman for the use of his Stereo  Equipment, and also to the following local  business's for the gifts donated: Ann-Lynn  Florists, Campbells Shoes & Bath Access.,  Davis Curios, Magic Mushroom,  MacLeods Hardware, Pentangle Plants,  Sechelt Beauty Salon, Sunshine Auto  Parts, Sechelt Western Drugs and Trail  Bay Hardware.  -/Nqwjsfor those ..of you who are; still  suffering stiff muscles after the first week  of curling, may we suggest these simple  exercises:  Purpose: To increase blood fow and  muscle temperature of arms.  Repitltions: 25 turns.  Movement: Grasp curling broom with  hands separated on handle; in paddling  motion, make circular movement with  hands in front of trunk.  Purpose: To stimulate slowly the  movement of the delivery to prepare the  knees, ankles and back ligaments.  Repitltions: Five  Movement: SLOWLY assume a pushup position with hands grasping the  sideboards. (May be done off Ice)  Gradually draw left knee forward In  delivery position; re-extend leg and,  repeat, (left handed curlers draw right  knee forward.) The Mixed Curling has  already begun, but If you are interested we  still have room on Mondays and Tuesdays  for mixed Curling, phone Larry at 885-9088  and get in on the fun, see you on the ice.  Homelite - chain saws that dig in and get the job done! When you're looking for a chain saw  that combines cutting power with safety, look to Homelite. The Homelite Safe-T-Tip feature  prevents kickback and is available as optional equipment on certain models. See the complete line of Homelite chain saws at your nearest participating dealer and take advantage of  the special discount offered on the XL-1 AO and SXL-MINI models until October 31,1979.  Register^ tradesmark * Textron Canada Limited ��� registered user.  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Karl Johnston, a grade 12 student at  Elphinstone Secondary school, told  trustees at a community meeting in  Langdale elememtary . that the impressions on Quebec separation he had  taken to a Forum for Young Canadians  June 23 to 30 in Ottawa proved far different  from those held by Quebec students.  "I realized the impressions in our  newspapers are different than the perceptions there," he said.  Johnston, the obvious choice according  to his teachers because of his public affairs activities in school, was one of 100 ���  students from the , provinces and  territories to participate in the federally  sponsored forum on government.  Johnston said he was surprised at the  variety of treatment different media gave  to sovereignty association, but learned  more about the perceptions of a new  association from Quebec and Atlantic  students at the forum.  "A lot of students,from the Atlantic  were concerned meU'Prbvihces would be  cut off from the rest of Canada if Quebec  KARL JOHNSTON  separated, "he said.  Johnston said a petition from a  federalist group urging Quebec to remain  within Confederation sat on a table during  the forum but orgainzers otherwise tried  to bar lobbyists and press from the  proceedings;^    '   V"4' .', ' }    -  Other sessions included a debate on  3)/t. iaitet qjUebb  is pleased to announce the opening of her practice in  General Dentistry in association with Dr. T.C. Webb  and Dr. P.S. Collinson in the Gibsons Dental Centre.  For appointments, please call 886-9110  Attend the of  Church Your Choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  SOCIETY  SECHELT  Services ���  Sundays 11.30 a.m,  Wednesdays 7.30 p.m.  Sunday School 11.30 a.m.  All In United Church edifice on  main highway in Davis Bay  Everyone Is warmly Invited to  attend. '  Phon��885-3157or886-  7882  P.O. Box IS 14. Sechelt  UNITED CHURCH  Davit Day ��� St. John's United  Sunday, 9.30 a.m. worship  Thursday,   2,30   p.m.   study  session  Gibsons ��� Olbsons  United  Sunday School, 9.30 a.m.  Sunday worship, .11.30 a.m.  Tuesday,   7.30   p.m.    study  session  Wednesday, 1.30 p.m. prayer  and share.  Pastor ��� The Rev.  iGeorgeW. Inglls, B. Th.,  |phone 886.2333  immigration policy and a mock federal -  provincial conference.  "I played the B.C. premier," Johnston  said. The rest of die B.C. students acted as  a press gallery, he said, and kept the mock  politicians busy with questions.  , Johnston was also asked to stay with  Governer General Edward Schreyer's  family at Rideau Hall for two days at the  close of the forum, to participate in  Canada week.  He and 11 other students from across .  Canada received certificates of citizenship  from the governer general as part of the  Canada Day ceremonies." ,J  Johnston added that Prime Minister Joe  Clark stopped by the student forum to tell  mem he got his start in a Young Canadians  Forum.  And trustees said they hoped Johnston  would stop by to remember them when he  is elected prime minister.  Ratepayers  want answers  1 At the meeting of the executive of tni  Area' B Ratepayers Association on Oct 15  the question of the proposed referendum  on the Sechelt arena financing was once  again discussed.  Representatives from the Ratepayers  Association had asked for answers to  several questions and it had been  promised that answers would be forthcoming at a meeting with the Arena  Association in early October. This meeting  did take place" on Oct. 2, but the  ratepayers' representatives were not  informed of it.  "Why were we excluded from this  meeting and denied the opportunity of  passing important information on to our  area ratepayers" was the question asked  by the representatives.  "Our ratepayers must know for what  they are voting before they can be asked to  vote on this referendum" stated the  President Ralph Mahar.  It was also agreed that if public money  is to be spent on the arena the facltlites  should be made more available for public  use. Prime time is allotted to hockey,  curling and figure skating with a complete  absence of evening schedules for general  skating.  The ratepayers executive wished to  point out that the residents of area B are  not a group of old folks who are against the  arena as such. They do appreciate the  facility and are all ln favour of supporting  recreation facilities. They do insist  however that they be given the information which has been requested ln  order that they can pass this on to the  voting public.  ByEviBlueth  ��� Evi Bluett is a regular contributer to  the Peninsula Times. She has been visiting  friends and relatives in Montreal for the  last two months, but managed to send us  this article of Jeff Crelinsten's research  into Albert Einstein.  Puzzled by the fact that everyone  knows who Eihstein is, yet few understand  his ideas, Jeff Crelinsteh, a Montreal  science-historian began an extended  period of research1. He travelled around  the world from California to Moscow interviewing ' people who knew Einstein,  including mathematicians, physicists and  personal friends. His findings were  broadcast last April on Digby Peers' CBC  radio show called "Signature". The  program, called "Albert Einstein: The  Human Side of Genius, was co-produced  with national public radio in the United  States.  Jeff regards his six year teaching  phase as a preparatory stage which inspired future projects. It was always his  aim to try and lessen the rift between the  sciences and the arts. He purposely offered courses that blended the two, rather  than separating them. He taught .  astronomy to art students at Concordia  University in Montreal, as well as several  other courses focussing on science and  society,, environmental and ether social  issues,; His definite interest1 in Einstein  was spurred on by his own study of the  history of physics at the University, of  Montreal,       - ,  Prior to Jeffs radio biography on Einstein  he did two shows on the theory of relativity .'  for CBC's program "Ideas". He enjoyed  the challenge of making Einstein's ideas  understandable to the public. Jeff says,  "The experts on the scientific side of it are  not necessarily the experts in explaining it  to the lay-person, Although a scientish has  learned it mathematically first, if you ask  a scientist what it's really trying to tell us  about the universe he may not be able to  answer even - though, he can use it  .mathematically to do specific problems.  Everyone acknowledges that relativity  was the 20th century scientific revolution  yet not many people understand the  theory. Jeff feels that generally many  people are intimidated by science,  especially mathematics. As he puts it,  "Mathematics seems to be the bogy man  in this whole popular fear of science, due  to scientists saying that you can't really  understand it until you know the  mathematics."  Jeff found the sequence of events, in  Einstelns life to be fascinating. His special  theory of relativity had existed since 1905  but was ignored everywhere except in  Germany, where it was thought to be  revolutionary. Einstein reached the  pinnacle of his career asearly asl913, and  became world famous overnight in 1919  when British astronomers verified his  predictions that light from a distant star  would bend as it passed through its  gravitational field of the sun,  Einstein wanted to be a theoretical  physicist.,He hated publicity. He was a  mystic in some sense and wds looking for  the secret of the universe. He was a very  clear-headed, humble, cultured, compassionate person, having a great sense of  humour and enormous powers of.concentration. He thought about light for ten  years and came up with the idea that our  concept of time was off! He fought for  world peace and government and wanted  greater co-operation among scientists,"  said Jeff.  Public media created many myths  about Einstein that Jeff felt to be superficial and unfair. During his two hour radio  program he attempted to dispell many of  these myths including the idea that Einstein was the father of the atom bomb.  Physicists who worked on the bomb during  the war told Jeff how Einstein had nothing  to do with the bomb project and that his  famous equation E equals Mc2 squared  was. not needed at all, Einstein was actually terrifed at the realization of the  discovery of nuclear power and after the  war worked hard to promote international  control of nuclear weapons.  Recently Jeff, has been giving lectures  onv'JEinstein and the Press"*and the  ���'special Theory of Relativity". He visits  the west coast occasionally and,would be  interested in lecturing to residents or  students of the Sunshine Coast. He can be  contacted by writing: Jeff Crelinsten, 2560  Mayfair Ave, No. 4, Montreal, H4B 2C8  Quebec.      ' .  i".  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The next morning the child would ask  innocently/'Dad , what were you  screaming about last night?".  "I don't know son, was I screaming?"  The father left for work and the mother  turned to her son and said, "Your father  |BillBellphoto|  EVERY CLOUD has a silver lining and this one shows off the beauty of Davis Bay in any weather condition.  Wifey, "a dirty women's book?''  WIFEY by Judy Blume, Kangaroo Book,  290 pages, $2.75.  It can safely be said that Judy Blume is  the most popular author of adolescent  fiction. Her books show an uncanny understanding of the young teenager's mind.  My young friends can be seen carrying  around copies of WIFEY which has been  described by them as "dumb" and OK.  Not once have I heard it lauded as excellent even though it is extremely popular  ���which tells a lot about "popular" books!  For those of you who are unfamiliar  with the book it is of the FEAR OF  FLYING or ONCE IS NOT ENOUGH  genre: what a male grocery store clerk  once called "a dirty women's book". I,am  not quite sure where he meant the emphasis to be placed ��� on "dirty" or  "women", none-the -less I have to agree  with him generally. I hasten to add for  adult women, do not expect to be shocked  by what you read in WIFEY, particularly  if you were born in the last half of this  century.  What WIFEY says and does has all been  said and done before in Erica Jong's  books, but with more class. WIFEY is not  well written though it holds the attention.  It is not funny though it amuses one. The  plot line is not strong though it Is present.  The characters are not realistic though  they probably exist in elite communities  somewhere. In short, the book lacks  sophistication. It is like reading cute and  naughty bathroom scrawl. I think Ms.  Blume's book will sell to adolescents based  on her previous success, but because she  does not have credibility as an adult  novelist, I would prefer her to continue in  the ARE YOU THERE GOD? style.  WIFEY lathe story of a Just-over-thirty  little woman who has darling kids, enjoys  a substantial Income and revolves in a  snotty country club circle of friends. Our  heroine, Sandy, is stunned when a passing  motorcyclist performs a rather personal  act as she looks on from her upper storey  bedroom window. This exhibitionist,  appears throughout the novel, becoming  more bold as it progresses. Sandy also  becomes so and, believe it or not folks, this  is the story line.  The rest of the book sees Sandy  regretting her waning youth and her  marital relationship with a husband who  can only be called, efficient. One is treated  to snatches of erotica at country club  dances and golf tournaments, of tete a  tetes in beach houses and macrame  restaurants and of soul-searching with  girlfriends at elegant lunches. Only  women with fixations on their southern  hemispheres could truly enjoy this bit of  nonsense.  doesn't remember the nightmares, but  they are about the war."  "About the war," those words would be  lodged deep in the boy's brain for 15 years  as he pondered what horrors would deep  reoccuring 45 years after the event had  come to an end.  His father got older and sicker, ending  up in Shaughnessy ^Veterans Hospital  where old soldiers fade away. There  further examples of the horrors of what  war does haunted him.  Men with missing arms and legs would  bravely greet the young boy at  Shaughessy's Red Cross Centre and buy  him a milkshake, while he waited to visit  his dad.  Worse yet, he saw men who spent their  entire life of "peace", since Armistice  Day, walking around in a daze. Sometimes  they would sit in the chairs of the Red  Cross staring blankly at the wall.  The prisoner of Zenda  Peter Sellers and Peter Sellers are the  stars of "The Prisoner of Zenda," the new  Universal comedy opening soon at the  Twilight Theatre. There is also a cameo  appearance by Peter Sellers as Mad King  Rudolph of Ruritania.  Anthony Hope's popular novel of love  and intrigue on a royal plane has.been  enjoyed by millions of readers all over the  world for many years. Now raucous  laughter has been added to the book's  complex strategems in this comedy  version of the classic, filmed in Vienna by  the Mirisch Corporation for Universal  release.  Walter Mirisch produced, and Richard  Quine directed "The Prisoner of Zenda"  from a screenplay by Dick Clement and  Ian La Frenais. The hilarious romp has  the inimitable Peter. Sellers aided and  abetted by such international stars as  Lynne Frederick, Lionel Jeffries, Elke  Sommer, Jeremy Kemp, Simon Williams,.  Stuart Wilson, Gregory Sierra and  Catherine SchelL  The zany complications begin when the  kooky King of Ruritania (Sellers) dies  after falling from a hot-air balloon into a  well, making his fatuous son Rudolph  (Sellers) heir to the throne. But a second  son, Michael, the sardonic Duke of Zenda,  has other plans.  Michael has Rudolph abducted and  imprisoned in the Castle of Zenda.  However, loyal supporters of the  monarchy have found a hansom cab driver  in London named Syd Frewin who is a  dead ringer for Rudolph. Syd (played by  Sellers) is persuaded to take the place of  the incarcerated heir apparent and, as a  result, is preposterously propelled into the  panoply of princes, where he becomes  hilariously involved in Rudloph's  problems, his women and, eventually, his  release from Zenda.  The idea for this parody on classic  adventure was producer Walter Mirisch's.  It took a couple of years and several  scripts to pull the production together,  plus the moment had to be right for the  star. Peter, Sellers, always foremost in  Mirisch's mind to play the dual lead, had  to complete a previous assignment before  starting in "The Prisoner of Zenda."  After four succesfful films of the Anthony Hope novel is a comedy version  really necessary? According to Mirisch,  "Zenda" has all the elements that people  want from a film ��� action, adventure and  now comedy. "People want to laugh," he  says, "to escape from what is happening  around them. I think the time Is right for  this film."  Walter Mirisch started in the motion  picture industry forty years ago and was  recently president of the Academy of  Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Ten  years ago he was awarded an Oscar for  "In The Heat Of The Night." The Mirisch  Corporation, of which he is president and  executive head of production, has  produced two other Academy Award  winners ��� "The Apartment" and "West  Side Story" ��� as well as Innumerable  r  PLEASE CLIP  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  SUNSHINE COAST ARTS COUNCIL  ENTRtFORM  JURIED SHOW  ���*t  NAME OF ARTIST ...  ADDRESS  'PHONE .;...���   WORKS 1. TITLE     MEDIUM   a*,    1 |   I L.C    t    ���    ���    ���    i    I    (    ��    ���    t    I    <    ���    *    ���    ���    I    I    I    I    t    I    ���    I    ���    I    >    ���    t    I    I   >   ��    )    I    *    I    I    I    >    ���  MEDIUM '..  ���3,  11 I LC . i �� ��� . . ( i �� t * ��� ��� ��� �� �� * t t i i �� p �� ��� �� i �� i ��� �� �� ��� ��� i"i<"*'��� At t ���  fVltwLa/IUfVl    I    ���    ���    ���    ���     I     I    t    ��    ��    *    ���    t    t    I    ���    >    |    t    ���    *    I    I    I    I    f    |    I    4    ���    J    t    t    I    ���    I    ��    t  ARTISTS TO DELIVER UP TO 3 WORKS (LABELLED AND READY TO HANG)  TO-ST,r HILDA'S ANOtiCANCtttiRCHtlAtt,SfCHEtT tETWECN 9 ��.trtr AND  H am. SATURDAY* NOV. 3, 1979, PEEPER ARTIST ��� $5,00.  V."  MAIL THIS FORM TO SUNSHINE COAST ARTS COUNCIL JURIED SHOW,  BOX 1565, SECEHLT, B.C. or DELIVER TO ARTS CENTRE, SECHELT.  Date Pad  Oct, 24 -- Canadian Cqlorle Countors, 7l30 p.m, Far Info call G86-83J4,  Oct. 25 ��� Film Night, Welcome Boach Hall, 7:30 p.m.  Oct. 25 ~- Roberts Creak Legion Branch 219 Bingo, early bird 7, regular B  p.m.  Oct, 25 ��� Al Anon, St. Aldan's Hall, Roberts Creok, 6 p,m, For Info call 805-  3394 or 886-9041.  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Sunshine Coast Branches ol Western Weight Controllers Fair  Doy, Sr. Citizens Hall, Sechelt, 11 a,m,. 2p.m. Door prizes, rallies, glMp,  UH THIS IPACI TO PHOMOTI YOUR OKOANIZATION'S IViNTf.  IT'S PRII. CAU BDfl.3231. n  other box.office hits. Among them are  "The Magnificent Seven," "Hawaii,"  "Some like It Hot," "The Russians Are  Coming The Russians ��� Are Coming,"  "Fiddler On The Roof and "The Pink  Panther" with Peter Sellers.  Born into a theatrical family, director  Richard Quine began his career as a child  actor in films, on stage and radio. After  World War 11 he turned to writing,  producing and directing. He starred in the  stage production of "My Sister Eileen,"  starred in the 1942 film and in 1955 directed  the film musical for Columbia. Among  Quine's other credits as director are "The  Solid Gold Cadillac," "Bell, Book and  Candle," "The World of Suzie Wong,"  "The Notorious Landlady," and "Sex And  The Single Girl."  Peter Sellers, who plays the King,  Crown Prince Rudolph and the London  cabby Syd, began his career by doing  impressions while serving with the RAF in  India. After the service, his first big break  came when his inspired flair for mimicry  landed him on the immensely popular  "Goon Show" for BBC Radio. This  was followed by rapid success in London's  West End in "Brouhaha" and parts in  several films. In 1956, he gave an outstanding performance in "The  Ladykillers" which led to other successful  film roles, including Fred Kite in "I'm All  Right, Jack." This role won him the  British Film Academy Award and the  Variety Club Award and his performance  in "Waltz of the Toreadors" won the Best  Actor Award at San Sebastian in 1962. He  has appeared in over fifty films, including  the outstandingly successful "Pink  Panther" series, Stanley Kubrick's "Dr.  Strangelove," "Lolita," and Woody  Allen's "What's New Pussycat?"  "Can I get you a coffee mister? " the lad  asked.  "He won't answer you sonny - shell  shock - been like that since the big one," a  man in a bathrobe answered.  Then another man across the sitting  room let out with a scream just as  agonizing as the one his father had in his  nightmares.      \        ;  "Why?" the boy asked aloud.  "You had to be there, answered the  veteran in the bathrobe. ,  What pain these men must have suffered. What horrors they must have experienced.  Certainly the young boy never saw  anything like it in the war movies shown  on late night TV or in the theatres.  Sure soldiers were blown apart, lots of  blood and gore which frightened. Bravado  soldiers would die in a suspencef ul manner  keeping him on the edge of his seat.  But no, there wasn't any real feeling of  horror or disgust. No hint of what caused  his father and those men, who had given a  part of themselves for Canada, to scream  the way they did.  Last week, the same young boy, now a  man writing this article went to the  Stanley Theatre. He got his first real taste  of the nightmare his father lived ���  ApocolypseiNow.  Though the movie was about the  Vietnam war, director and producer  Francis Ford Coppola has not only given  the audience a sense of the horror, the  madness, the sensupushess, and the moral  dilemma of that war, but of all wars.  t1  IT  SUNSHINE COAST  ARTS CENTRE  885-5412  I ^'iT. -i.i ���  1  * An evening With Robert Service  Oct. 26 & 27, 8 pm  MASKS  Oct. 27 - Nov. 3  TWO MASKMAKING WORKSHOPS  Phone   Centre    for    Information. .. ;  JURIS) ShW  Nov. 6 - Nov. 23  PIANO TRIO  Paula Sokol, Violin, Anthony Elliot, Cello, Susan  Elek, Piano;  Elphinstone Secondary  Cafeteria.  Sunday, Nov. 4, 2 pm  Use 'Times' Adbrlefs to Sell,  Rent, Buy, Swap etc.  -. 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Located on Hwy. 101,, Davis Bay. Open 7 days a  i;yveeJ$.^>iTi^lQIpm...B8S:2?^3lvF.ully.llpam��d......  ......  GOLDEN CITY RESTAURANT ��� Chinese �� Canadian cuisine.  Fully licensed. Located on Wharf St., Sechelt. 885-2511,  SECHELT INN ��� Family style dining ��� Dally Specials - Fully  Licenced. Open Mon.-Frl. ,7:30 a.m. - 9 p.m. Sat. 8:00 a.m. -  7:00 p,m. Wharf Street, Sechelt. 685-9344.  VILLAGE RESTAURANT ��� Steak, Seafood and Ifallan food.  Fully licensed. Located on Cowrie St., Sechelt. Open 7 days a  week 7 am till...   885-9811.  HALFMOON INN ��� Regular Dlnnor Menu, Tues to Thursday,  4:30 - 10 pm, Featuring a Smorgasbord Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday 4:30-,10:00 pm. Fully licensed. Located on Hwy 101 ���  8 miles north of Sochelt. 885-5500.  LORD JIM'S LODGE --Brunch9 am ��� 1 pm. Dinner Monday to  Sunday 6 pm ��� 9 pm, Fully licensed. Located at Olo't Cove,  Sechelt. 885-2232.  TAMMY'S RESTAURANT ��� Regular Dinner monu. Open 7 days  a week. 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Moore  Movie:  Footsteps  Popeye  Beat the Clock  Odd Couple  3:30  Cont'd.  Confd.  Lady L  Cont'd.  Cross Wits  File Of  Project Universe  Banana Splits  Funorama  Battle Planets  4:00  Beyond Reason  Brady Bunch  Cont'd.  Adam-12  Mike  Douglas  Golden Goose  Sesame Street  Bugs Bunny  Cont'd.  FUntstones  4:30  All In Family  Happy Days  Cont'd.  Price is Right  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  GilUgan's  Island  Carol Burnett  5:00  Beachcombers  News  Carol Burnett  Cont'd.  News  58,000.000 Man  Mr. Rogers  Beaver  Brady Bunch  News  5:3.0  Mary T. Moore  Cont'd.  News  News  Cont'd.  " Cont'd.  Electric Co.  Bewitched  Eddie's Father  Cont'd.  6:00  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Zoom  Odd Couple  M.A.S.H.  Family Feud  6:30  Cont'd.         -. ���-;-  ���Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  AU in FamUy  Cont'd.  Over Easy   .  Hogan's Heroes  Match Game'  Bob Newhart  7:00  Happy Days  Football:  Seattle  Hogan's Heroes  Joker's'Wild  Benson  News *  M.A.S.H. .  Joker's Wild  Vancouver  -7:30  Muppets  San Diego  Tic Tac Dough  Rhoda  P.M.   Magazine  Littlest Hobo  Reginald  Perrin  Bob Newhart  Tic Tac Dough,,  Cont'd.  8:00  King Kensing.-  vs Oakland  Buck Rogers  The  Waltons  The Waltons  Buck Rogers  Sneak Previews  Movie: .  Newlywed Game  Lav. & Shirley  8:30  Barney Millet  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Stepping Out  Fun In  Merv Griffin''  Fantasy Island  9:00  Cities ��  Cont'd.  Qulncy  Movie:  Hawaii 5-0  Live it Up    ~  Creatures  Acapulco  Cont'd.  Cont'd. .  9:30  Cont'd.  Lav. & Shirley  Cont'd.  Leave  Cont'd.  Soap  Great & Small  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  1 Day at a Time  10:00  Pacific Report  -Benson  Kate Columbo  Yesterday  Barnaby  Barnaby  Movie:  News  Peyton Place  Kate Columbo  10:30  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Behind  Jones  Jones  In Celebration  Chico & Man  ' News  Cont'd.  11:00  National News  Movie:  News  News  News  News  Cont'd.  Benny' Hill  Benny Hill  Sports Page  11:30  Night   Final  Kiss. Kill  Tonight  Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie:  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Love Am. Style  ' Late Movie  Cont'd.  Friday, October 26  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  News  Ail My  Days of  News  News  News  Connections  News  Donahue   .  AU My,  12:30  Wicks  Children  Our Lives  Ida Clarkson  As World  Alan Hamel  ContU  Andy Griffith  Cont'd.  Children  1:00  Today  1 Life  The Doctors  Marcus Welby  Turns  Cont'd.  Blue Umbrella  Movie: Mara  1 Day at a Time  Movie:  1:30  Cont'd.  to  Live  Another World  Cont'd.  Guiding Light-  'Another '  Cover/Cover  Of The  Love Of Life  Ladies Man  2:00  Edge of Night  General  Cont'd.  School Broad.  Cont'd.  World  Footsteps '  Wilderness  3's a Crowd  Cont'd.  2:30  Take 30  Hospital  Cont'd.  Take 3d  1 Day at a Time  Cont'd.  Draw Man  Cont'd.  Dating Game  Cont'd.  3:00  Bob McLean  Merv Griffin  Movie:  Bob McLean  Mary T. Moore  Movie:  Child Abuse  Popeye  Beat the Clock  Odd Couple  Battle Planets  3:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  What's New  Cont'd.  Cross Wits  Lady  Stepping Out  Banana Splits  Funorama  4:00  Beyond Reason  Brady Bunch  Pussycat?  Adam-12  Mike Douglas  Liberty  Sesame Street  Bugs Bunny  Cont'd.  FUntstones  4:30  All in Family  Happy Days  Cont'd.  Price Is Right  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  GiUigan's Island  Carol Burnett  5:00  Beachcombers  News  Carol Burnett  T.B.A.  News  $6,000,000  Mr. Rogers  Beaver  Brady Bunch  News   .���  5:30  Mary ,T. Moore  Cont'd.  News  News  Cont'd.  Man  Electric Co.  Bewitched  Eddie's Father  Cont'd.  6:00  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Zoom  Odd Couple  M.A.S.H.  Family Feud  6:30  Cont'd;  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  All ln Family  Cont'd.  Over  Easy  Hogan's Heroes  Match Game  Vancouver  7:00  Happy Days  P.M. Northwest  Seattle  Hogans  Heroes  Joker's WUd  Detective School  News  M.A.S.H..  Joker's WUd  Cont'd.  7:30  Flappers  Daniel Mouse  Tic Tac Dough  Rhoda  P.M. Magazine  Grand Old  Gardening  Bob Newhart  Tic Tac Dough  Cont'd.  8:00  Archie  Bunker  Movie:  Shirley  King    Kenslng.  Incredible  Incredible  Wn. Review  Movie:  Newlywed Game  Cont'd.  8:30  Challenge  The Bible  Cont'd.  ChaUenge  Hulk  Hulk  Wall Street  Overlords  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  9:00  James Bay  Cont'd.  Rockford  James Bay  Dukes of  Dukes of  Theatre  Of The U.F.O.  Cont'd.  Rockford  9:30  Special  Cont'd.  Files  Special  Hazzard  Hazzard  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Files  10:00  DaUas  Cont'd).  Elschled  Lawrence  Dallas  Elscheld  Cont'd.          .  .  , News  Peyton Place  T.B.A.  10:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Welk  Cont'd.  Confd.  Symphony  Chico & Man  News  T.B.A.  11:00  National  News  News  News  News  News  News  Cont'd.  Benny Hill  Benny H1U  Sports Page  11:30  Night Final  Charlie's Angels  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  The Prisoner  Late Movie  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Saturday, October 27  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  Sports  Football:  Tony The Pony  Sportsweekend  Jason  Feel Like  Connections  Movie:  Jason  Great Debate  12:30  Cont'd.     -  Teams T.B.A.  This  Is NFL  Cont'd.  Tarzan  Dancin'  -Cont'd.  Ghost In  Fat Albert  Cont'd.  1:00  Cont'd.  Football:  Sportsworld  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Show Biz  Movie:  Invisible  About People  Private Life  1:30  Cont'd.  "Beams T.B.A.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  30 Minutes  Journal  In Celebration  Confd.  12 Digest  G. Hamilton IV  2:00  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Collecting  Cont'd.  Movie:  700 Club  Gastown  2:30  . Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Cont'd.  5.000 Fingers  -Sports       '  -cWresUing ^~~  Cont'd.    -  ~Meota-~-----~ ���>-���'  Tarzan &  Confd.  -Theatre  3:00 ~  You Can Do It  Cont'd.  Virginia  Hill- -  Golden Years   v  "-Of'DpJS*. -i*'���  -SheDevU ���  i Sunday  Line - -��-  - Confdi---7-������'-'*'���  3:30-'  J Pacific Wave .  Cont'd.  Story  Travel  Turf Classic  -Cont'd.  JuUa Child  Cont'd.  Popeye  Cont'd.  4:00  Trivia Quiz  Spidierwoman  Great Game  Collecting  Sports  World of  Symphony  TwUlght Zone  Funorama  WrestUng  4:30  News  Superfriends  Match Game  Capital Com.  Spectacular  Sports  Confd.  Cont'd.  Our Gang  Confd.  5:00  Hockey:  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Hockey:  In Search of  Confd.   ���  The Prisoner  Blonlc  Ruff House  Weekend  5:30  Washington   at  Weekend Spec.  News  Washington   vs  News  Cont'd.  Confd.  Woman  30  Minutes  Sports Probe .  6:00  Vancouver  NFL Game  Cont'd.  Vancouver  Cont'd.  News  Once Upon  Star Trek  Weekend  The Jeffersons  6:30  Cont'd.  News  This. Week  Confd.  Family Feud  Confd.  Newsworld  Confd.  Match Game  Bad' News Bears  7:00  ContU  Lawrence  Wildlife Advent.  Cont'd.  J1.98 Show  Seattle  B. J. & the  Lure Of  Kung Fu  Joker!  Joker!  Saturday  7:30  Cont'd.  Welk  WUd Kingdom  Cont'd.  Bear  Dolphins  Confd.  Movie:  Show  8:00  The Ropers  ' The  Ropers  Chips  Chips  Supersonic*  Movie:  Special:  Moll   Flanders  Country   Roads  Nashville Music  Beneath Planet  Kicks.  6:30  Working Stiffs  Detective School  Cont'd.  Confd.  at San Diego  T.B.A.  Of Apes  Cont'd.  9:00  Movie:  LOve Boat  B.J. & the  Big Shamus,  Little Shamus  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Pop Country  Cont'd.  Love  Boat  9:30  On The  Cont'd.  Bear  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Country N.W.  Movie:  Cont'd.  10:00  Waterfront  Hart to Hart  Cont'd.  The Top  10  Star Trek    .  Paris  Man Called  Cont'd.  . Movie:  Amazing  Showtime  10:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Confd.  Sloane  Confd.   ,  Toward The  Howard  Hughes  Confd.  11:00  National News  News  News  News  Movie:            '  News  Confd.  Unknown  Part I  Sports Page  11:30  Night Final  Late Movie  Saturday Night  Cont'd.  The Shootist  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Sunday, October 28  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  FootbaU:  Issues. Answers  Movlo Ending  FootbaU:  FootbaU:  McGowan  Long Search  Movie:  Jerry FalweU  Cont'd.  100 Huntioy ot.  12:30  Calgary at  Collcfio Football  NFL '19  Calgary  vs  Dallas at Pitts.  FootbaU:  Confd.  Tho Monster  Cont'd.  1:00  Toronto  Directions  Football:  Toronto  football:  B.C. at  Bluogross  Cont'd,  Faith  20  Cont'd.  1:30  Confd.  WUd  Kingdom  Acton  Mr. Roberts  Teams T.B.A.  Seattle  Cont'd.  Movlo:  Now York at  Saskatchewan  Festival  Movie: Abbott &  P.T.L. Club  Nashville  Swlna  2:00  Los Angeles  Cont'd.  Another Voice  Costello Meet  Confd.  Gastown  2:30  Arte Lib.  Supermini  Cont'd.  Evil Roy Slado  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Opera  Frankenstein  Confd.  Theatre ''  3:00  1 Of A Kind  240 - Robert  Confd.  Confd.  Confd,  Confd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Confd.  Confd.  3:30  Reach for Top  Cont'd,  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Qulncy  Confd.  On Moonlight  The Monkees  Confd.  4:00  Co. Canada  Alias Smith  Cougar Football  Co. Canada  Movie:  Confd.  Confd.  Bay  Funorama  bo Story Goes  Horst Koohlcr  4:30*  Hymn Sing  & Jones  Make Mo Laugh  Hymn Sing  Railway  Question Period  untamed   World  Confd.  . Cont'd,  Movie:  5:00  Nows  Husky  Meet The Press  Student Forum  Children         ' ������  Confd.  Blonlc  Tarzan's  Global  Weekend  5:30  Parliament  Disney's  Football  News  Nows  Nows  Confd.  Yans Woking  Soccer  Woman  Savage Fury  Cont'd, ���  6:00  Jack Patera  Confd.  Disaster  News  Confd.  Star Trek  Donahue  Family  Feud  Bob Newhart  6:30  Wonder World  Cont'd.  How Come  Confd.  Around Here  Confd.  Camera 3  Confd.  Confd.  7:00  Beachcombers  Crlnch Night  Disney's  World  Beachcombers  60  Minutes  Out of the Blue  Documentaries  The Virginian  Battlestar  00 Minutes  7130  Mork  &  Mindy.  Halloween  Alice  Confd.  Lou Grant  Confd.  Cont'd.  Galactlca  Confd.  8:00  Super  Special  . Mork It  Mindy  Movlo:  Andre Gagon  Archie Bunkor  Cont'd,  Connections  Confd.  Movie;  Western Front  8:30  Confd.  The   Associates  Sunday Night  Cont'd,  Confd.  1 Day at a Tlmo  Associates  Confd.  Probe  Amazing  Confd.  9:00  Gift to Last  Movie:  Gift to Last  Alice  Vogal  Theatre  Contact  Howard   Hughes  Movie:  9:30  Confd,  Disaster On  Cont'd.  Confd.  Jefferson  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Fast Lane  Focus  Part n  60 Minutes  Disaster  10:00  Marketplace  The   Coaatllner  Prime Time  Marketplace  Trapper John,  W-5  On Tho  10:30  Ombudsman  Cont'd,  Confd.  Ombudsman  M.D,  Confd.  0 Wives  700   Club  Confd.  Coastllner  ll:oo  Nutlonal News  News  News  Nows  Nows  Nows  Of Henry VIII  Cont'd.  Dr. Dwn Under  Sports Page  11:30  NlKlit Final  Lato Movie  Late Movlo  Confd.  Face The Nation  Cont'd.  Confd.  Confd.  Lata Movlo  Confd.  Monday, October 29  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNBL s  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNBL 9  CHANNBL 11  CHANNBL 12  CHANNBL 13  12:00  Newa  .All   My  Days of  Ida Clarkson  Nows  Another  Alan Hai  World  Feeling  News  Andy Griffith  Movie:  Donahue  Confd.  AU My Children  Cont'd.  12:30  Wicks  Children  Our Lives  Confd.  As World Turns  nol  Medrfx  1:00  Today  1 Lira to I.lvo  Tho  Doctors  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Another  World  Song Bag;  Bread at^FUea  All About You  1 Day at a Time  Movie:  1:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Another   World  Cont'd,  Confd.  Broadcast  Guiding Light  Cont'd.  Jim Thorpe  All American  Love of Life  S'�� Company  Dating Game  Downhill  2:00  Edge of NlKlit  Tako 30  Manunil  Racer  2)30  Hospital  Confd.  Take 30  1 Day at a Time  Mary T. Mooro  Confd.  Llfo Around Us  Cont'd,  Confd.  3:00  Dob MoLoan  Morv Griffin  Movie:   .  Hob McLean  Movie:  Julia, Child  Popeye  Beat tho Clock  Odd  Couple  3)30  Confd.  Uoyond HouHon  Cont'd,  llrady Hunch  Tho Powor  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Adum-12  Crow-WlU  Mike  Douglas  Warning  Confd.  Shot  Newsworld  Scsamo Street  Cont'd.  Banana Splits  Buga Bunny  Funorama  Cont'd.  GilUgan's  Island  Battle of Plan'ts  4:00  FUntstones  4130  All  lu  Fumlly  Happy  Days  Confd.  Price U night  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Carol   Burnett  5:00  T.ll.A.  Nows  Carol lliirnott  Confd,  Now*  Cont'd,  *ti,000,000  Man  Mr. ltogars  Beaver  Brady Bunch  Eddie's Father  News  3:30  ^MftW...TrJ)?.?0.!'0.  Nows '           "  Confd,  FootbaJlT   Nows  Cont'd,  Nows  Cont'd,  Electric Co.  Bewitched  Confd.  i76o  Confd.  News  Zoom  Odd Couple  M.A.S.H.  Match Oame  Family  Feud  6:.10  Cont'd.  Soattlu vs  Cont'd,  Confd.  All In Family  Confd.  Over Easy  Hogan's   Heroes  M.A.S.H.  Bob.Newhart  Bob Newhart  7!wJ  Ilonohcomhcrfl  Atlanta  Sonttlo  Hogan's  Heroes  Joker's Wild  Diffrent  Strokes  Nows  Joker's Wild x  Vancouver  7)30  Mork A Mindy  Cont'd,  Tlu  Tac nnimli  JUjQdtt.  I'.M. Magazine  Circus  . Fast Forward  Tio Tao Dough  Cont'd.  "fliOO"'  , White  Cont'd,  Llttlo House  l.lttlu Homo  Shadow  M.A.fl.H.  Cont'd.  Catholics  Movie:  Newlywed Gamo  Merv Griffin  Confd,  0:30  Shadow  Cont'd,  on the Prairie  on the I'rulHo  Fabulous  Confd.  Night Torror  Confd.  9:00  M.A.S.H.  W.K.IU*.  News Mag.  Watson   Report  Miitloiinl Now*  Night Final  Movlm  Movlo:  Comedy Shop  Stan Kann  Sixties  Confd.  Confd,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  9:30  _MaaHftcro_At__  ~Fort"ilbii��nn"  Krnuclom   Itoad  '"'"Parti"  Cont'd,  WKRP  Movie:  Wall St. '20  Cont'd,  The Robot*  10:00  News Mail.  Lou Grant  Conf2,  Bananas  Boat Conies In  Cont'd,  y,w��  Peyton Place  ��Mt.J  10:30  Confd,  Wntson Honort  Confd,  Chico A Man  News  Confd,  11:00  Nows  Cont'd,  Tonight  News  Nows  Late Movie  News  S Mile Island  Benny Hilt  Benny Hill  fiportt  Page  11130  Confd.  Confd.  Confd,  Love Am, Style  Late Movie  Confd,  Tuesday, October 30  fifioT  13:30  1100  1:30  "aioo"  2(30  3|00  3130  ~4|00"  JioS  Sl30  "iToT  Slot  7:30  "0160*  0(3(1  CHANNBL 2  Now*       '  Wluks  Today  . Cont'd, ���  Nil/jo of "nImiu"  Take 30  Don MpLoan  Cont'd,   iloybiid" "Hanson  All in Family,  iioaohoomnar*  Mary T. Mooro  CHANNBL 4  CHANNEL��  CHANNBL 6  "Air My i!l  Cont'd,  Ono Llfo  lo I.lvo  IPd.  General  liotipltnl  Murv Griffin  J-ontU    Siratfy TliinolV  Uppy Days  Jew*  Cont'd.  fl.  ��|30_  TBtbT"  10:30  moo  11130  Reach For Top  ��Jnppy���"W��y��~"  The Itaos  '-'���8��f-.'Oomp��ny*'''''-  Fifth Estate  *Cont|d.  Km, tforthwont  Halloween  Happy Days  " w*coTnii��nv  Taxi  Man Al vo  Nat onal News  Night Final  "ii ��� ��� ��W wHMiWiiniin,  Itarl To Hart  qonfd,  Now*  ,����rpw Ml'"7  Ony�� of  Our Lives  ilio ooctora  Anjotlier_World  "ConfdT  Confd,  otV Ivilllloii^   Curol Burnett  Nevjs    "Contsa.  Cont'd,  Seattle  Jllo T*o__Doujj1v_  "KsTioFlTTilal loC  Freedom   Road  Now*  Idu  Clniluon  Mnrcu*  _W��lb>;  Broadcast  T��ku 30  llnl)  Mt'l.oMi  Cont'd.   "Adim"ia  Prlco ,1a lllitlit  Confd,  News  CHANNBL 7  Nuw��  A�� tho  World Turin  OuKlIng l.ltflit  "Confd".  1 Day at a Time  Mary T. Moore  J?roMjVHj_  Ttfik'oTlQugfai���  Confd.  Now*  Cont'd.  CHANNEL t  News  Aiun Hamel  Cont'd,  Another  CHANNEL 9  "World���  Cont'd,  Long Search  Confd,  Making Musla  Trade Offa  ThoJurnoM  "Confi:  ft%d,000  1'  CHANNBL 11  News  Andy Griffith  Movie:  CHANNBL 12  Confd,  Confd.  Hoguns   1 lemon  Ithoda  Cont'd,  low*  onlqht  "Donna Fargo  Jufiijaiti  Cont'd,  aii :.. ....  Joker5* Wild  IfttfttUtlO  a��jCTlflJu6-.  Blair Pro  itpdao ,  Movioi  Sim. I'l-gjta  News  Confd.  Turns You On  Stars on Ice  ���tur��l SoUnoe Mr. Chlcktn  ford Shop Confd,  Speakqut. _ I'opaye  Project Universe %*��l��n*_i?E!.!J*   Se����mci'HtrotTt Ifugs Bunny  Cont'd. Cont'd.  Mr, Ilogers Leave to Honv'r  pectrlo Co, Bewitched  Doiuhue  Cont'd.  1 Day at a Time  Bent the Clock  CHANNBL II  All M> Children  Cont'd.  Barefoot In  The" park   S'�� Company  listing Game  Itassmatasi  Funorama  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Odd Couple  Haiti* of Plan'ts  Zoom  Over Basy  New*  orld of Baa  cow.  A9,  ���8  Odd CoupU  Hogan's   Iltroes  M.A.S.H.  Bob Newhart  Cont'd.  GlUigan'a  Island  llrady Bunch  Bddla's Father  .ft  Cont'd, Cont'd; Hart To"  Man Alive Cont'd. Confd,  News Now* Newa(  ii. ii it Ii ���",* m0mmmAmmlm*m.M.mniJU��AmMmm*wmAm**tmm  Hart  sova  Confd.,,,,.   Symphony  iWi"*ii!ffi.j<*<uii*��iiii  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Bon Adventure  AntonotH Band  TleTTjaw  -ft   ""  io:.pr  Match Oame  Joker's ��� Wild  Tic Tao Dough  FUntatonM  Carol HurnaU  News  Confd,  itaiJftMBtliJHIsili  News  ��ca  ���wlywed dam*  ���dESw  FamUy f*wF  Bob Nswhart  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Jaw*  Chloo 4a Man  Benny Hilt    .  toysi Am fltylf  ni.i_i��iii.imi,K|,      'i   i.  Peyton Place  News  Danny Hill  conTa;���  . .flaWrt'sV.  Movlei  ���i 4.ff!f i. JJT.^Htt������  part ll  ont'd.  port* Page  ttM   im ��������� ,\  /  PageC-ft  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 24,1979  CARRIE TROUSDELL is off to 1979  World Championship Quarter Horse  Show in Oklahoma City this  November. (See story Page A-2).  Just more  garbage  It's bad enough that politicians espouse  what those more cynical in the electorate  call ''garbage" at election time, but this  time the Sunshine Coast Regional District  has come up with the real thing ��� a non  binding referendum on garbage pickup.  The SCRD public utilities committee  hasrecommended to the 'Regional Board  that a referendum be held this November  to ask the electorate if they want no  garbage pickup or once a week pickup or  pickup every two weeks.  SCRD director Dave Hunter warned  the committee, "we may be raising a can  of worms."  "Referendums are supposed to solve  the problems, not create them."  NOW! Jam packed  with NEW TOYS  & GAMES!  Drop n today!  CttARGEX  VISA  It's the  International Week  of the Child!!!  PICK UP THE ICE CUBE  Float an ice cube in a  glass of water and  challenge your  friends to try and lift  it out with a loop of  string. Of course,  they won't be able to  do it.  Then you can show  them how easily it is  done. Wet the loop."1  First lay it on the ice  cube and.sprinkle it  with salt. After three  minutes, lift the  string and you'll be  able to lift out the ice  cube.  From Shelley McElroy  PICTURC 1  Pierage 2.  WHO IS WHO???  Across from SuperValu  ������*���  (?d  HALLOWE'EN POEMS  A Pumpkin Speaks  Said a pumpkin to me,  ���  "I'd rather be  a lantern for all  The world to see!"  "With a mouth and a smile,  All, all the while,  I'd brighten the dark for     ,  Many a mile!"  v  Little Jack Pumpkin Face  Little Jack Pumpkin Face,  Lived on a vine,  Little Jack Pumpkin Face,  Thought it was fine.  First he was'small and green,  Then big and yellow,  Now little Jack Pumpkin Face is a fine fellow!!!  By Suzanne Sully  One day Jane and Lori were invited to a Hallowe'en party  at their friend's house on Hallowe'en night.  The two girls asked their mother if she(could make them  each a costume for the party.  Their mother said, "Alright. I'll make costumes for your  two."  So after supper their mother started their costumes for the  party.  The next day Jane and Lori's costumes were ready for  them.  When the girls saw their costumes they started to laugh  because both costumes were the same. 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LITTLEST GIRL guide looks on She may not have liked the bagpipes,  Sunday at opening ceremony of Lions but the glamor of the ribbon cutting  Club Camp Olave at Wilson Creek,   ceremony had her on her seat.  Year of  By BRIAN MacDONALD  Times Reporter  International Year of the Child, and  IYC Day today, October 24, mean many  different thing? to different people.  That became pretty obvious in a quick  survey of Sunshine Coast schools last  week.  Students are participating in activities  ranging from dance-a-thons to classroom  cooking demonstrations. Yet most are  organized by teachers forJheir individual  classes, and very few activities will honor  IYC Day itself.  The reason? Most teachers, in fact  most Sechelt district schools feel the  concept of IYC should be part of their  everyday curriculum. ,   ��  The focus of IYC is to "foster healthy  attitudes in our youth towards the young  people in other lands," through  recognition of "basic human needs, the  richnessjuid-diversityjQfjirorldjcultures,"-  and to promote "some knowledge of world  problems, and a sense of his/her own  capability to take some action in contributing to the solution of these  problems," according to a pamphlet  called Why Should I Care?  v Several teachers said the learning kits  supplied by the school district through  Unicef and the Red Cross, however, were  not practical.  Many of the suggested lesson plans In a  24 page booklet were covered by social  studies classes, they said. i  Lorene Taylor runs the schoolhouse at  Halfmoon Bay and teaches 14 children in  grades one, two and three. She said the  IYC booklet raised important concerns  about nutrition and cultures of other lands,  but was of no use to her primary learners.  "It's definitely for a higher grade. You  can't throw questions like "when do  Ukrainians celebrate Christmas" or "what  is Hanukkah" at grades one, two and  three.  "You can't find the average amount of  water drunk ��� without proper research  skills. They (IYC lessons) would have to  be really teacher directed," she said.  "But what you can do is integrate  different games and songs from other  countries into the students' activities."  "And we do that, not just on IYC Day  but every day." She said one student's  mother is helping to coordinate Vietnamese refugee settlement on the Coast  means many  People 'can breathe easier'  "People around Gibsons can breathe a  little easier now. The rash of B and E's  (breaking and entering) is over."  That, at leastrwas-the-bope of-RCMP4  Staff Sgt. D.N. McDermid following the  arrests, and convictions Thursday of three  juveniles for a series of breaking and  entering, theft, and wilful damage  charges. Most of the incidents had occured  in Gibsons and Langdale over the last  three weeks.  But McDermid warned Sunshine Coast  residents not to let down their guard in the  wake of the arrests. "Many people have  summer cottages that remain empty  much of the year, and that's how a lot of  the break-ins occur," he said.  "In fact, it was because these kids  broke into a house they thought was  Former editor  to write about  his experience  Provincial Justice J.S.P. Johnson felt  that Robert Ronald Andrew's fifth conviction for impaired driving was worth  writing about���and that's exactly what he  ordered the former Times editor to do Oct.  17 in Sechelt provincial court.  Following a three month stay at the ji  Alouette River institution, where he will &  receive alcohol counselling, Andrew has i|  one year to recount his incarceration and ^  rehabilitation in editorial form. Johnson ^  directed that tho piece be submitted to the fc  court anytime during Andrew's probation k  period following his release from the in- k  stitution. K  Andrew's driver's licence will also be K  suspended for six months, in accordance K  with the Motor Vehicle Act, however a K  further suspension by the superintendent k  of motor vehicles in Victoria is possible. *  unoccupied that they were caught."  McDermid said the "culminating incident" in the series of breaking and en-  terings happened Oct.'17 in Grantham's  Landing when Shelley Hancock discovered.  two of the juveniles in her kitchen. She  shooed them away, called the police, and  all three juveniles were picked up that  same day, McDermid said.  For his part in a break-in at Langdale  Sept. 6 resulting in approximately $1000  damage, one juvenile was told Thursday in  Sechelt provincial court by Justice J.S.P.  Johnson to live with his fattier, observe an  8 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew, attend the alternate school in Gibsons, and complete on  Outward Bound program. Johnson  remanded the boy, who had run away from  his home and broken his probation officer's imposed curfew, to December 13  for sentencing.  The other two juveniles, who jointly  admitted to nine counts of theft or  breaking and entering, and one count of  wilful damage -Oct 6--at-Langdale  Elementary, did not get off so easily.  One was sent to the Willingdon Avenue  juvenile detention centre pending entrance into a 60 day corrective camp, due  to start Tuesday.  And the other boy, who had appeared  previously on similar charges and told  Johnson on each occasion that he would  behave if put on probation, was sent to  Willingdon until December 13 when his  case would be reviewed.  Included among the charges to the pair  was one for theft of a wallet from a jacket  sitting on the back seat of a car in which  they had hitched a ride.  Both boys were remanded to December  13 for sentencing.  and  her  experiences  are   related  in  classroom show and tell periods. \  "International Year of the Child is not a  one day thing, it's an attitude." Taylor  added that school reading material "is not  dealing with your Dick and Jane  anymore."  Awareness of other children's  problems and a broader perspective of the  world is "a kind of feeling" schools  promote in every grade, she said.  Roberts Creek Elementary is holding  open house today, which just happens to  coincide with IYC Day. Children will bring  their parents to witness how each class  chooses to celebrate the day.  Pender Harbour Secondary is sponsoring an afternoon sock hop featuring  dance cards that must be filled out by a  variety of partners in order to win prizes  and promote friendly competition between  school "houses." Jan Brintoiywho hopes  lo~ihcIwle~Chatelech Junior Secondary in  the festivities next year,' said a sock hop  "may sound like an odd approach, but we  thought it was the most appropriate way to  show respect for rights and good feelings.  to each other."  And Langdale Elementary has asked  parents to demonstrate different kinds of  cookery and share a meal with children in  the classroom.  Principal Charles Passmore said each  class will observe IYC Day in its own  fashion, the cooking will1 entail "nothing  fancy." But he added the varied cuisine  will give children an idea of what people  from different ethnic background have for  dinner.  "Our grade ones are busily constructing models of homes ��� grass huts,  Board barks  It might be hard "to make a deal with  barking dogs," but Area A director Joe  Harrison and the rest of the SCRD  directors are willing to give it a try.  the Regional Board put off taking any  action concerning Star Securities' dog  kennels in West Sechelt until October 25.  The regional board has received  several complaints from neighbours about  the noise from the barking dogs as well as  a letter from Lawyer John Gordon  representing two neighbors, Alex Gibson  and Norman Nelson.  "As you can ho doubt appreciate, my  , clients have been bothered considerably  by the barking dogs, and are anxious to  find a solution to this problem as quickly  as possible," Gordon said.  Director Harry Almond asked that  /along with the motion to put off the matter,  .that the planner be instructed to see if  t there is a bylaw infraction.  houses on stilts, and the like.  "We read stories that reflect how other  children live. It's part and parcel of the  social studies program. The integration of  subjects goes on anyway in this school,"  he said. .  One project he had reservations about,  however, is the showing of a CBC speeial  produced by IYC United Nations personnel. Several schools planned to show  the special during school hours today.  Passmore said reviews warn of too  much dated film footage, so-called graphic  shots which are too far removed from  relevant experience to be meaningful.  "It's no good telling these children they  have a lunch and some kids in other parts  of the world don't," he said.  "There are discrepancies in our own  school, What some students consider a  luxury, others take as an everyday occurrence."  Passmore said the film would have  more, impact if it pointed up not only  differences but similarities between  children around the world.  Part of the special which deals with  Pearson College on Vancouver Island, an  international scholarship school for young  people, may focus students' attention on  that ideal, of friendship and learning, he  said.   >       ' ���  That kind of experience, and others,  like student exchanges, can broaden the  horizons of young people, inspiring them to  find solutions to international problems,  he said. '     '  "It broadened my horizon."  Our Utile DATE BOOKS for 1980 are  again available to you now. Ask for yours  anytime. -Miss Bee's, Sechelt  12%%  1 YEAR-INTEREST PAID ANNUALLY  GUARANTEED  INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES  MINIMUM DEPOSIT $500  Mt>mb��r of Canada Deposit Iniuranc* Corporation  \KorttiWestTrust\  ^mamammimmmmeemmmmcotiMitrmmm  BONDED AGENT  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  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Election, at least colorful  The wording to the referendum on the  Gibsons Municipal Marina will be "Do you  favour the permanent moorage Municipal  Marina?" "Yes" or "No," according to  Ian Morrow.  Morrow was addressing the Gibsons  Chamber of Commerce at its general  meeting Tuesday, October 18.  Morrow told the chamber that the  marina will provide over 100 jobs, afloat  and ashore.  The minutes of the meeting said, "Ian  .reported that the application for the water  ARTIFACTS  Juried Show  You will hopefully notice entry forms  for the Juried Show in each of the local  newspapers this week. Filling out these  simple forms and sending them to Juried  Show, Sunshine Coast Arts Council, Box  1565, .Sechelt, will not only give the Arts  Council some idea of the number of artists  participating, but will also aid us greatly  in the organization of wprks on the Jury  day.  Failing to send in a form will in no way  penalize any person from submitting up to  three pieces of artwork,-as we wish to  encourage as many as possible to take  part in this event. The fee is $5.00 per  artist, and media including painting,  drawing, prints, .photography, sculpture ,  and multimedia will be accepted. Please  make sure all wall pieces are ready to  hang and with no loose frames.  Also, name, address or phone, title of  'work and medium should be attached on  an unseen area. Artists have the choice of  whether they wish to sell or not.  Artwork may be brought to St. Hilda's  . Anglican Church Hall in Sechelt between 9  a.m. and 11 a.m. Saturday, November 3.  Juror will be Glenn Allison who is  curator of the fine Arts Gallery at UBC.  This exhibit promises to be a most exciting  presentation.  For further information phone 885-5412.  CANCELLATION  We are most disappointed to announce  the sudden cancellation of Jeff Kenyon  who was to present an "Evening with  Robert Service" the weekend of  November 26 and 27. .  The mask Show is only for one week so  try and plan a visit. It will be well worth it.  lease has now been made, and Fisheries  and Oceans has now received the application for the Marina."  "There will be a public hearing on  November 18 in the Gibsons Legion Hall  and Ian encouraged us to advise those who  have a vote in the Village to come along  and 'be informed, vote from a point of  knowledge.'"  Chamber member John McRae moved  a motion of financial support for the  marina. The chamber will put up $500 in-  advertising for the marina.  The information advertised will be who  can vote, what the marina means from the  Chamber's point of view, and why vote.  ���,&__k  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN THE  *  OF SECHELT  Now Open MONDAY ��� SATURDAY, 9:30am - 5:30  885-9816    /Mdmirat  Ask about our <_______> Mark of Quality  "Package" deals. APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  EXPERIENCED WATER WELL  DRILLING  MORRIS GILBERT DRILLING  CALL POWELL RIVER COLLECT  485-5442 FREE ESTIMATES  WELLS FOR FARMS  HOMES AND COTTAGES  The promise of a colorful campaign for  municipal council ih Gibsons this  November should be borne out by at least  one candidate.  Benoit LePage, 25, informed Gibsons  council Oct. 16 that he intended to run for  alderman to "stand up for my rightsas'an  individual." He said in a statement:  "being a member of council has its  responsibilities as well as its rewards.  Who will benefit (from council decisions),  the people who pass these bills and permits, or the taxpayers?"  LePage has been fighting council for  some time to obtain a sewer completion on  his property.  And he lived up to his responsibilities in  his campaign statement by revealing "the  skeletons in my closet."  "r have been to jail, time and time  again," the statement said. "I have served  time in Oakalla and our local lock ups." He  said the reasons for his impairment were  "alcohol and ignorance of the law".  "Rehabilitating oneself to a much  better person can be rough at times."  LePage, a painting and carpentry  contractor and a resident of Gibsons since  1967, has been a close observer of council  in recent weeks.  Also in the running for two year  positions are Diane Strom, and Laurent  (Larry) Labonte. /  Strom has been a member of Gibsons  official community plan committee for one  year and called It "an enlightening experience". A homemaker who has lived In  the village "all my life", Strom Is taking  her first run at a council seat Nov. 17.  "I'm really impressed with the number  of things that can and should be built into a  community plan," she said. "Lower  Gibsons should be cleaned up. and the  (proposed) marina would help." Strom  has been employed by commercial vessel  owners to lobby different levels of  government for a new marina ln the last  year.  A 40 aero chunk; of village ��� owned land  at the end of Shaw Road should bo  developed Into residential housing, she  said, to provide a better tax base. Strom  said she favored a referendum In adjacent  regional district areas E and F to better  distribute the tax load for recreational  services as weU, but would not force a vote  onto rural residents.  "I'd like to avoid that kind of thing,"  cfaniodown  ft Is so-d'd-tthoftt tetecave  ._-* ��� i���  ***  she said. "We have to find some sort of  'working relationship with our rural  areas."  Larry Labonte said he favored a cost  sharing referendum as well, because area  E "wants the amenities of the village",  and area. F. "is interested in recreation."  But he said he was "very interested" in  seeing the two areas remain rural. "We  can develop one acre lots. You don't need  sewers for a while because the big lots will  have good drainage, and you can raise a  few chickens, have a dog and not worry  about it."  Labonte, also a member of the community plan committee, said he is anxious  to return to council after a two year hiatus  and get on with the changes to be made to  Gibsons in the next two years.  "The community plan will be ready for  public input in January. Pm very interested in beautification of lower Gibsons."   ' .������  '^Xworker at thePort Mellon pulp mill,  Labonte said he is excited about chamber  of commerce prospects to bring light industry into the village to broaden the tax  base.  Labonte was mayor of Gibsons from  1975 to 1977.  No candidates have as yet filed  nomination papers for Gibsons area school  trustee. Jo Ann Rotluff has indicated she  will not run agin for the two year term.  Western Canada School  of Auctioneering Ltd.  Canada's first, and the only completely  Canadian course offered anywhere.  Licensed under the Trade Schools Licensing  Act, R. S. A. 1970, C.366. For particulars of  the next course write: v  Box 687, Lacombe, Alberta or phone 782-  6215. ^_  Winterize  &  Storage  FREE STORAGE (til Spring)  WITH WINTERIZING ON YOUR OUTBOARD  Several new 1979 Evinrudes still in stock  MADEIRA MARINA  Madeira Park  883-2266  FIREPLACE CENTRE  Everything you need to heat with wood  WE INSTALL OUR PRODUCTS  DanlaftoKfl lakai Hilda In Ida quality, moikimnatufi and ��Ki  aalartinn ol Ihair ciwlintnial niniii You can luin flnwn Ida hi al  and alill kiap coilly waim tin I'll cniilail mglila anil liaa yum tall  Irom iniioui Mmaaing lituvar,  Chiton covaii, accaaimlai and dianaa limn a laiga clinua til  iiik maloh colnwa in pamn nm labile Ih* daeoialing noa-  ailnliiiai aia andlaia, and milaa ilia mail gill  (iron in and laa wtiy daniadown la ma mt\ nnimiir qmii in  Canada flaam mi and cuimir tiipchina on iai|uem  #t*WA"*m**&mm*mmmi��&m*^/AA^&*����m*��* n..  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Hwy. 101  <&>  -d  u  i  WE ARE  HERE  \  ���/>  %900��i  -�����**^   s 'Im^^mum  ;jUwj  v/jQ. auto.P? -..  povf.r window  351' cievai ^j^^^^^^^^^uHk^^J^kMi^i^Mki  MAINLAND MOTOR PRODUCTS LTD. The Grub Bag  Hallow's Eve  By Ann  Soon it will be AU Hallow's Eye ��� big  night for fat black cats, werewolves,  vampires and broomstick-powered witches ��� you should welcome your tiny  ghost guests on their terms. If the party is  to be at your house ��� greet your invited  ghosties with a party that says "Hello  Halloween."  Let the spook party begin right at the  front door. Cover the door with white  butcher's paper, oilcloth or plastic. With  black indelible stick marker, write the  words, "Tomb. All Who Enter Abondon  Hope." Tack dead branches on each side  of the door to form an arch. Cut a big black  paper circle and attach.to wall. Write,  "Werewolves, Enter Hear."  Bewitch them with food that is not  merely delicious but to which you've  added a dash of black magic.  Devils Brew (Cider)  one gallon apple cider  four sticks cinnamon  % cup brown sugar  two teaspoons whole allspice  12 whole cloves  lemon slices for garnish  cinnamon sticks for garnish  Empty cider into a large saucepan.  Add cinnamon. Tie the allspice, and cloves  in a little piece of cheesecloth. Add to cider  mixture. Heat all together (over low heat)  for 20 minutes. Remove cheese cloth with  spices. Serve the' cider in a punch bowl  either warm or cold. Just before serving  add a few slices of lemon with a cinnamon  stick pushed through the centre of each.  Float on top of punch. Makes 12 to 14  servings.   Make a doughnut "tree" by anchoring  a bare branch into a sturdy stand or large  flower frog. Hook the doughnuts on the  limbs or tie with orange ribbons. '  Harvest Moon Pumpkin Doughnuts  three eggs  Squaringly yours  By Maurice Hemstreet.  C  one cup sugar  two tablespoon melted butter or margine  two tablespoons finely-grated orange rind .  one cup canned pumpkin  three-and-a-quarter cups sifted all-  purpose flour  three teaspoons baking powder  . 1% teaspoons salt  % teaspoon each of. soda, cream of tartar,  nutmeg, cinnamon  Vi teaspoon allspice  Beat eggs until light,and fluffy; continue to beat while ad(Ung; sugar. Stir in  melted butter, orange, ririd and pumpkin.  Fold in dry ingredients'just until well-  . moistened.. Cover'and let chill about two  hours. On a lightly-floured, board, roll  dough (its soft, not stiff) one-quarter inch  thick. Cut with floured 2%-inch doughnut  cutter. For easier handling, let stand 15  minutes. Fry doughnuts in deep of shallow  fat at 375 degrees F (browns a one-inch  cube of bread in one minute). As they rise  to the surface, turn. Cook until light  brown.  Drain on absorbent paper. Cook only a  few at a time. Makes about IVz dozen  doughnuts and holes. Frost with orange  and chocolate icing.  While writing this, my memory slipped  back to a Halloween Party and a young son  who had been told he could invite his class  at school (as it was also his birthday). Not  only did his class arrive ��� but the whole  country school. It couldn't have been more  fun!  PageD-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 24,1979  Bullwinkle Glass is moving but...  WE'RE FIRMLY PLANTED!  on Cowrie Street  Sechelt  - largest selection of tropical plants  - clay, plastic and decorative pots  .- bulbs: tulips, daffs, etc.  - perennials  We will be closed for minor renovations  Oct. 29 and 30. Sorry for any inconvenience.  -cut flowers  - flowering plants  - basketry  - pottery  9:30-5:30  MON-SAT  Pentangle Plants  885-3818  Hello dere fellow square dancers, lets  get on with the swing thru's and whats on  part of the future of The Country Stars.  The beginners classes at St. Hildas  Church Hall on Monday evenings 8:10 till  10:10 p.m. are doing just great and are  well ahead of where they should be and it  sure is nice to have a group of dancers that -  are so eager to learn.  Oct. 19th. ��� with myself on stage again  and not feeling too well, we had another  great evening of square dancing and some  said that I should get flu more often as  they never heard me call so well', anyway,  what do you mean? Shecks, I always sound  just great to myself and thats what counts  but of course I am deaf in one ear and don't  see too well with the other so!  Yes, with over three sets on the floor  and one of the nicest guest couples one  could hope to have join one's square dance  club for an evening of fun. Al and  Marguerite Jacques from The See Saws in  Burnaby are always a pleasure to see  coming thru the door and we hope that  they come often but bring a few friends,  like three or four sets.  Bob and thehna Grimsdick were also  on hand to help make this particular  evening a fantastic one. They have square  danced with Brian Murdocks Village  Squares in North Van. but are in the  process of moving to Middle Point, Pender  Harbour and they say that it won't be too  long before they will be coming steady so  from The Country Stars, Welcome aboard  the floor of happiness..  This coming Friday Oct. 26th is hard  times square dance night so dress accordingly if you want to win a prize.  Ron Huggins is our new vice president,  I think he coughed at the wrong time and,  well, thats the way it goes, he is now in  office.  FISHER STOVE  SALE ENDS  SAT., OCT. 27th  V.  ioaEUCTMNICS  J��v & APPLIANCES  "Closing out our Cowri* St. store"  SECHELT ��� 885-2568  Gold Seal  SOCKEYE  SALMON 7 % oz.  Hills  COFFEE $039  1 lb.or 2 Ib Ib. V  Grade A  Beef  Coffeemate  CREAMER  18 oz.   $r*  Inka  COFFEE      250 $| 95  SUBSTITUTE J��� 1  CHUCK ROASTS  $139  lb. JL  Fresh Medium  GROUND BEEF  $169  lb. JL  Brisket  Make  this moment  a lasting  A professional  AAA  8xlO colour portrait 00  Choose from our selection of eight scenic  .intl colour backgrounds. You may select  additional portraits offered at reasonable  prices, with no obligation. See our new  large Decorator Portrait. Satisfaction  always, or your money cheerfully,refunded.  One sitting per subject ��� $1 per subject for  additional subjects, groups, or individuals  In the same family. Persons under 18  must be accompanied by parent or guardian.  COMING...  Wod, Oct. 31-10 am-6 pm  Thur��, Nov. 1 - 10 anv6 pm  Fri, Nov. 2 ��� 10 am-8 pm  Sat, Nov. 3 ��� 10 arn-5 pm  WESTERN-DRUG MART  Troll Bay Mall  Socholt, B.C.  Royal City. _ ���  BEANS & PORK /tO  China Lily  BAMBOO  SHOOTS 2S4 gram  Swifts"^" '  CORNED BEEF  LOAF 340 gram....  HONEYCOMBS    QQO  atf 0 giain \Jmf  Chiptts  CHOCOLATE     $169  CHIPS  12 oz. JL  Ovaltine  NATURAL or     $155  CHOCO12 ^      *1  Farmans  POLISH DILLS    QQC  32 oz. VV  Kraft  WR APPLES       $1i  255 gram X  Nehsons  Halloween Asstd. 16's  CHOCOLATE BAR!  PAPER TOWELS $109  twin pack X  BOILING BEEF  Grade  BAKERY SPECIALS  HOVIS BREAD   COO  16 oz.  Buttermilk  SCHONES  TEA BUNS  Mcintosh apples  Canada  No. 1 1  B.C.  Hot House  TOMATOES  Canada  No. 1  California  BROCCOLI  Canada ��� ��mV  No1 Ib.  California  CARROTS  Canada  No. 1 2 lbs.  Libby's  TOMATO  JUICE48 fl oz  Northern Gold Creamed    t Al Q  HONEY 2��,       *Z  Alcan  ALUMINUM  FOIL is  Starkist  TUNA  flaked  white.  $139  Skippy  PEANUT $129  BUTTER 500 gram       1  Minute  RICE 48 oz.  $129  Kleenex  FACIAL  TISSUES 150  Downy  SOFTENER  2 litre  $039  Wizard  AIR eoz   CQC  FRESHNER aerosot   W  Best Buy        Twin pack  LIGHT      w*  GLOBES    100 s  Baggies  FOOD SAVER  BAGS sos  Libby's  RED KIDNEY      QCC  BEANS 28 oz.       OP  Aylmer  TOMATOES        CQC  18 oz. ��J9  E.D. Smith  CHERRY $139  PIE FILL 19 m.       1  [TRAIL BAY CEMTBE   SEChIltI  Prices effective  October 2b, 26, 27  i��iv���, one inti  flp<>.9fl?.1   Hnlory  08S-V012. Moot Dop't,  wr Ri^rRVF Tur wic.m to i imit quantitils  N


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