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The Peninsula Times Aug 22, 1979

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 ..,  to be used  on all ambulance calls  885-5191. .  The emergency ambulance telephone  number nobody seems to know about, but  which came into effect Aug. 1.  885-5191 replaces all the ambulance  telephone numbers from Port Mellon to  Egmont.  Ambulances on the Sunshine Coast are  now dispatched from a regional dispatch  centre in Nanaimo, which also handles  calls on Vancouver Island from  [.emainus-taQualicum Beach, provincial  centre will "always1 have a call-back  number," Tones said.  The dispatchers are "simply giving  information, the crews themselves are  responsible for knowing their own areas,"  he said.  This week, recording equipment on all  telephones was installed enabling  dispatchers to replay within seconds any  phone call they may have doubts about.  All the dispatchers are qualified am-  bulance men, Tones said, and the new  communications co-ordinator John Tones  told the Times last week.   "They-have-facilitiesrto-page-am^  bulance crews directly," he said. "Once at  the station, the crew receives the call on  transistorized radios in the ambulance."  "A turn of the.key puts them in direct  contact with Nanaimo."   ,  Local ambulance crews have provided  the regional dispatch centre with "up-to-  date maps of the area" to prevent location  errors and except in very rare cases, the  system will allow them to relay minor  first-aid advice to the caller who. can then  _make_the_ patient comfortable until the  ambulance arrives.  Most of the dispatchers are "ex-  Vancouver dispatchers" accustomed to  dispatching 400 calls per day, he added.  Presently, if a person calls an old  ambulance number, a B.C. Tel operator  intercepts the call and gives the new  number. This should continue for another  month, Tones said, before the old lines are  disconnected.  Mair willing but not able  Environment minister Rafe Mair is  "willing to put the question of justification  before ELUC," Kim Roberts told the  Times Thursday in a telephone interview  fromTVictoria;  Roberts, of the Westcoast Environmental Law Association, represents  the Cheekye-Dunsmuir Alliance which is  protesting the B.C. Hydro Cheekye-  No public hearing  Sechelt village council decided last  Wednesday changes in the community  plan  do  not  warrant  another  public  hearing.   A  letter   from   the   Sechelt  ~RatepayersnAssociatit��n-requesting-a-  second public bearing "due to the substantial changes made to the plan since the  last public hearing"' prompted-the-  "discussion: - ;   "I don't feel the community plan needs  another public hearing," community plan  committee chairman Joyce Kolibas said.  7 "They think the plan is law, but it's, a  proposal.. .It's a guideline, Mayor Harold  Nelson said. <..-.     -_,.  , . "Ypu are quite entitled to take it bade  to Victoria as, they have suggested.and-  "seek its  foi^$  acceptance"  village,  planner Dennla^aHaa said.   ^ . -  --Kolibas-agreedJoitiiid a meeting with  Dunsmuir 500 kv. transmission line.  However, Mair told the alliance at the  45-minute meeting in his office in Victoria,  the group would not have much chance of  -successunless-it-gained-the-support-of  Energy Minister Jim Hewitt and Tourism  and Small Business Minister Don Phillips.  "There was no real confrontation. It  was an agreeable meeting," Roberts said.  "He is willing to hold a public hearing  on environmental impact of the Cheekye-  Dunsmuir line and the selection of various  routes."  Mair said "there should be"some kind of  public process" where the public can  express their opinions on projects such as  these, Roberts added.   A-request-for-a-moratorium-on-con-  struction of the line until the public  hearing is held was not answered.  ."Itbink if we get Phillips and Hewitt's  JOE WELLS of Sooke, left, and Ron  Brackett of Sechelt start the saw  humming in the two-man crosscut  saw competition at the first annual and prepares the saw. Winners in. this  Logger Sports behind the Wakefield event were Lee Williamson and Dan  Inn Saturday. Jimmy Marr coaches   Jackson who sawed through the log in  22.5 seconds. More results inside on C-  1.  ���Helen Parker photo  the community plan committee and the  ratepayers' executive to go" over the  changes, which she describes as  "housekeeping."  -support, we-get Mair's".Hoberts-said.  "He'^hot willing to go out on a limb."  Mair's policy coordinator Tony. Stark  said Mair told the alliance he is "willing to  place the matter on the -agenda for the-  Environment and Land-Use Committee  (meeting in September) but qualified that  by saying the issue of justification was a  matter for the cabinet to decide.'.!  ��� ."There is,still some question as to  whether a-jteV;*!; ��* environmental  impact .^oiiIdreM^y satisfy ata^stsr^jr  -solve-anything.  2nd Class Mail  Registration No  Serving the Sunsfiine Coast "fHowe Sound to Jervis Inlet) Including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing   Granthams Landing   Gibsons   Roberts Creek  Wilson Creek   Selma Park   Sechelt   Holfmoon Boy   Secret Cove   Pender Hrb . Madeira Park   Garden Bay. Irvines Landing   Earls Cove   Egmont  Label  24 Pages-20c Copy  AARGEST READERSHIP Of ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 17 ��� No. 36  JS-C,  cna Wednesday, August 22,1979  VILLAGE OF SECHELT  entitled" to ask  "They would like to question  justification and Mair said "y6u are quite  entitled to raise that question; but you are  talking to the wrong minister."  Sechelt village council should request  applicants for rezonings, for the information, council is "fully-entitled to,"  village planner Dennis Walton said last  Wednesday at its regular meeting.  Until council receives this information/  council voted in favor of recommendations  by Walton to delay a second public hearing  for the Rockwood property rezoning and  turn down rezoning applications for two  lots fronting the boulevard and the larger  portion of Block Seven.  Though the request to rezone the Rockwood Lodge property on the corner of  Shorncliffe Ave. and Highway 101 from  Public Assembly to Residential IV conforms with "the spirit of the community  plan," Walton said it is "supported only by,  a couple of photographs of apartment  blocks of a type which form the standpoint  of good design was discredited long ago."  He added, access to the property has  caused some concern to the school board  chairman and secretary-treasurer and the  provincial highways department has indicated it has insufficient information to  evaluate the application.  A public hearing at this time without  further information would only  "aggravate concerned parties unnecessarily," Walton said.  Jadran Construction should be given  the opportunity to present council with  preliminary sketches which would Include  a site layout plan and a building design.  "Such drawings should clearly indicate  the position of the building on the site, the  number and type of dwelling units in  volved ��uid an indication of the quality of  the construction design," he said.  "A layout plain should show the number  and design of parking stalls for the  apartment building and the means of  access and agress to Lot A in a manner  that permits both council, highways dept.  and concerned parties to base a worthwhile judgement."  A second request for rezoning from  Joseph Butorac of Jadran was denied "at  this time" by council. Butorac wished to  rezone Parcels G and H of Block B fronting  the boulevard from Residential 1 to  Residential 11 to construct a four-plex on  each parcel.  Walton considered the sketches accompanying the application "indicate  duplex houses undistinguished in design to  say the least."  He said the community plan designated  the area as "rather loose higher density,"  but it would be "premature to consider a  piecemeal approach to this block at this  time."  A policy for the entire block should be  formulated ��� whether lots will be  developed on their own or whether larger  parcels will be developed, Walton said.  The Community Plan's recommendation for a 25-foot set-back from the  boulevard should be considered and  possible steps undertaken to have It implemented. Also, he said, a decision should  be .made concerning vehicular and-or  pedestrian traffic on the boulevard.  "No attempt has been made to analyse  and quantify the impact on the community  such a project would have," Walton said of  Shorncliffe Ltd.'s proposal to construct a  $15 million multi-use complex on the  larger portion of Block Seven.  In June Shorncliffe Ltd. requested the  block next door to the Trail Bay Mall  addition he rezoned from Rl to Commercial 1. Walton advised declining the  application at this time and offering the  applicant an opportunity to document the  needs of the community and "meet such  objections as were raised by affected  landowners," without a guaranteed  commitment from council.  "Aside from the obvious conflict with  the village plan, there is no obvious need  for what appears to be a very substantial  complex,-" Walton said.  "On the contrary, no little time may be  required for the region to absorb  development and additions which are  proceeding momentarily.  "While there may be merit In some of  the suggestions put forward by the applicant,' I would suggest that considerably  more research and thought is warranted  prior to such a substantive policy change  to the village plan policy and it is  premature to consider such actions at this  time."  Child abuse not new but phone no. is  v^l"* w",s^yBr*r  ���' mmlf^-'^wif��'������mmlSyf*��**p**," i"^��MMi>������8' - mpmmpm*. *5fyjJ|��i; '���fmf"~ ,J<y��������t*laf- ^����#t>ja����ya<'^>^~l^~^**ll^'> ���8a����sa>*'<js>����y4a^.��~.��<(as)s*[a��ia^  -���**7. .sm^1'^.^' '^��'^'W''X*^-*^;feW.~- ��� lmi^->r'^<0'"mt^U^i   V*L,.,s��la).��sjJsa)*mmtifMn*.   ��sw��>   -      *��� * W*   JtS- <mwttm'   ******a��f<*��* f*����/i*��*^^ JW��p4.  *J* .    Zrl '      i.      *"_   li Ts/"* a. *. ��'     T      '_��i )��    �����     4   *" .      ___��* ' . .I1",***     .-.*,/ **"*       r',  THOSE AXES are about effective as  the Saskatoon Presto Loggers who  flew In by Tyee Air to the first annual  Loggers Sports behind the Wakefield  Inn Saturday and succeeded in  winning nothing but a good time. The  Presto Loggers' first event wasn't  listed In the program ��� the 80-foot  high pole chopping competition.  By BILL BELL,  Nurses and doctors in hospitals see it  quite often ��� a child with bruises all over  the body is taken In for emergency care,  the father claims the clilld fell down the  stairs, but many of the bruises are old.  Child abuse la not new, but in thla year  of the child the Ministry of Human  Resources has taken several steps to make  the public aware of the problem,  One such step la tho start of tho toll free  helpline for children which enables  residents of the Sechelt Peninsula to  report child abuse and neglect by dialing  the operator and wfclng f oFZenlth,W34,  Cruelty to children Is ofteh thought of  as a "big city" syndromo whero tho family  is subject to conditions alien to the people  on tho coast.  A lot of peoplo find It hard to believe  children may bo harmed by their own  parents or guardians, never mind tho  possibility of It happening in their next  door neighbor's house. Yet, according to  tho Human Resflunrei pistrtet SUperviiJbr  for tho Powell RlvetMSechelt area, It la a  frequent problem here as well.  Supervisor Fred Taylor told the Times  that his department Investigates ap-  proilmatcty ihmrortmr caseg of ctitW  abuM in Uw S^tolt Pwlwuk ��� month.  However, he did stress they do not get very  many serious physical abuse cases.  "Child abuse Is probably more serious  In places like Vancouver, but It Isn't just  confined to a specific areaJt occurs in any  family regardless of education, Income,  ethnic or racial background," Taylor said.  Both Taylor and workers at the Wilson  Creek Treatment Home pointed out child  abuse Isn't Just the physical abuse of the  child. They listed several forms of abuse  such as; physical abuse, physical neglect,  emotional abuse, emotional deprivation,  verbal assault and sexual abuse.  "Emotional abuse Is a very difficult  thing to see and therefore we don't get  vory many reports," Taylor said.  Neglect on the other hand is the most  frequent reported typo of abuse. This can  be,harmful to a.diUfL.^.n!wJta.Utt  forerunner of abuse. It Includes such  things as undor-nourishment, lack of  essential medical care or unlawfully being  kept from attending school.  The reasons why a parent may  physically or emotionally abuse a child  are complex, but according to Marney  Held, a child care worker employed at the  Wilson Creek Treatment Home, there aro  certain lytHlitdBs.  "Patterns of raising children are so  Ingrained In us from our parents that wo  frequently repeat them, potential child  abusers usually have children in an at-  twnptiwlaira  most Instances the children are tncapa We  of fulfilling."  Reid also pointed out that parents who  abuse their cWldren often feel inadequate  and condemned,  "They seek intimacy In order to obtain  what was missing in their earlier parental  relationship... alternatively, intimacy is  shunned because earlier childhoods attempts were such failures."  She goes on to say the behavioral result  of this complex set of feelings ls the  potential abuser malms an individual who  is less able than most to provide the  emotional support sought, thus the  potential abuser usually find their children  deeply disappointing because the children  don't provide tho desired emotional  support." v  ' Abuse an<| or neglect 'can be  precipitated by adding a crlsla or series ot  crises to the family with the potential to  abuse. Theso crises can Include things  such as a death In the family, unemployment, tho changing roles In society  such as the mother working while still  maintaining the household, excossivo use  of alcohol and drugs as well as Intense  guilt and anguish,  All this results in anger which can be  aimed at the child.  "The parents will direct their anger at  the child and they just don't know how to  handle It," Taylor explained.  It Isn't Just the child who feels the cf-  tectrtvt-tirmtfBBetrpmiictmmmwx:  "Moat- parental abusers become  Isolated. They become more defensive and  unreachable. This Isolation cuts them off  from potential sources of emotional  support that might help them avoid hur-  v a ���#��ftp<��g��B-6  / -V���:  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1979  A cure for a headache?  The Sechelt Arena doors opened , Simply, put, a yes vote, to the  for the first timen)nHNrovember--i7j���Eesidente^f-TAi^as^and-^-means-a  1974. Since that timie it has given'the   tax increase; while to the residents of  residents and politicians on the  Sunshine Coast a fair number of  headaches:  Financial  problems,  delays  in  grants, staffing hassles, not to  mention its out-of-the-way location;  all of which hasn't done a bit of good 7  for its reputation. -        , ,  Granted, the arena has provided a  great deal of recreation ahd entertainment for the ice skaters,  hockey players and curlers of the  region, but do the benefits outweight  the problems?  That question will be on the minds  of the Village of Sechelt voters along  with Area B and C voters during the  next two months as one referendum is  held on whether they wish to participate and share in the costs of the  arena.  Although this paper supports the  concept of having an operable arena  and in turn would hate to see the  the village it means a smaller increase in taxes than if they ran the  arena themselves.  On the other hand, a no vote  residents of Sechelt could mean  they want the arena closed orjthat  they want_ to pay the entire shot  themselves. To the voters of Areas B  and C a no vote is a little simpler���  they don't want to participate and  share.  To ask the Village of Sechelt voters  to participate in something ih which  they are already participating is a  little redundant ahd a little unfair to  the voters of Areas B and C.  Clarification should also be given  on who will be managing the arena,  . the make-up of the^board of directors  .and the projected operating costs of  the arena over a five-year period if  the referendum goes through.  The" people also deserve to know  what the alternative is if the  referenendum is defeated.  Does the Sunshine Coast Regional  jtft &ub4 ea��t��*. :  Refugee support  ; The.'Humanr.lUghts Commission.of  British. Columbia is undertaking a  program of community participation in  support of welcoming the Indo-Chinese  refugees.      \    *  -7 ";  /"      ��� '''  this.program will be in addition to  Federal and Provincial programs. The  situation of these refugees is. desperate  and they need public help. Your assistance  may be provided in many ways:     -  ���By working in your local community  to sponsor and receive referred families;  ��� By contributing clothing, household  goods, and money for the resettlement of  these abanonded men, women, and  children;  ��� By lending your assistance, time,'  energy, and sympathy when referred  families come to settle in your community. -  Jtights^nnniission is well-  aware of problems of unemployment in  B.C. Nevertheless, it wishes to remind the  public that, by world standards, we are  extremely well-off, 'and that 5,000 additional men, women, and children in a  population of ___. million will not have any  'major impact on the employment  situation, but will make a significant  contribution to our social, economic, and  cultural life.  1 The crisis is of international dimensions. We urge all citizens of the province  to accept these people ��� warmly and  sympathetically ��� on tlie- basis of  humanitarian principle, on the basis of the  respect and affection we owe each other in  a world community. At such a time there  must be no barriers.  Letters to the Editor  present arena go down the tubes for  lack of funding, we still think a great Board plan any capital expenditures  deal of clarification is needed before on the arena such as putting in a  the public can be expected to vote, cement floor?  First of all, we must question the       These are just a few points we  Flip-flop  What price beauty?  The following editorial is reprinted Some of the ISechelt Peninsula  from the Campbell River Upper protestors have suggested that Hydro  Islander and gives us a view on how    keep the cable undersea for its entire  The Times:  Once again we do our reversal act in  the matter of the Davis Bay "Pub" ���  creating another Salahub affair, the very ;  matter which determined me to become :  ...... uvi     i   ���*��� j v e     *._      uv     elected to the SCRD. Once again the  wor-dmgof-the referendum^l^  the residents of the Village of Sechelt, has   to   make   a   final   decision, almost physical antagonism rears its ugly  Areas B and C voting on the same Hopefully the work will be done and head> arKi as the Area Director I am  thing when the effects of referendum when and if the referendum passes determined that this shall not again  will be differentin-ther three areas;- the headache will stop; happen in Area "C".  The Chronology: Paul Flett asks for  guidelines and is told the steps to be taken,  i.e. local survey and personal appearance  before the regional board, is told board  approval finally will be subject to LCB,  Highways and Planning approvals, and  finally to public hearing.  Regional Board quite correctly at,  Flett's appearance gives approval "In  principle". Regional Board, planner as is $  usual,, advises LCB that this approval  "does not automatically guarantee that  the necessary zoning amendment will be  granted".  Scales enquires and is told that approval in principle is given in order that  Flett will have the right to have his application processed, nothing niore. He  being'against has the same right as Flett  to appear before the board. He is also told  the Regional Director will not take sides,  this is for the people to decide.  The regional board listens to Scales,  revokes its previous decision, without  examination of the petition list, can not  explain its previous motion, does not  understandthat rezoning requires a public  hearing, does not ask the concerned  director for his Opinion, twice cuts him off  while speaking to a motion (as tape  Sound of music  Editor The Times;  The sound of the firetruck's siren was  music in our ears when the Halfmoon Bay  fire brigade arrived at the Bolivar  woodshed fire on Redrooffs Road, August  4.  -Wrappreciated the prompt-arrival-(10  the people on the Island see us:  What price beauty? That's a  question British Columbians will have  to answer repeatedly in coming years  as development pressures intensify in  Canada's most beautiful province.  Environment Minister Rafe Mair  has hit the nail squarely on the head  - with the statement that''All of B.C. is  beautiful; mat's the problem." Mair  was responding to Stecheff Peninsula  residents who oppose a proposed  Hydro transmission line across  Sakinaw Lake' because of esthetic  reasons.  It's true that Hydro lines are  hardly a joy to behold. They would be  an environmental blight on any  landscape in British Columbia. Yet,  says B.C. Hydro, the government,  and Crown Zellerbach (for its Elk  route from the Mainland to the Island.  A Hydro spokesman said such a  project would be technologically  risky but not impossible ��� and much  more costly. So do we pay a power  surcharge in order to keep a monstrous eyesore away from Sakinaw  Lake?  That's a question worth at least  consideration, but the government is  telling us that it will bypass public  hearings on the project because  energy needs leave no time to waste.  For the petfple of Sechelt Peninsula,  that's equivalent to saying their  concerns and feelings are unimportant. It also should send quivers up  the spine of all citizens in the  province, for they too may have cause  one day to express their views at a  public nearing before a Controversial  for hearings can be dismissed once  with a shrug and an excuse, it can  happen again and again.  The so-called energy crunch has  many people across the world in a  panic. While thefe's good reason to be  concerned about our energy future, it  would be a mistake to brush aside  normal democratic procedures in the  hast to make important decisions that  will have lasting impact.  the petitions are techniqally Invalid, as he  attempted to advise the chairman, and  certain other basic steps have not been  taken.  I ask two questions of the public, does  this make any sense? Is "this  management?  Charles Lee  Director, Area "C"  Casa Messina  RadcliffRoad  Selma Park, B.C.  Falls Mill expansion), a 500 kilovolt    subject is allowed to proceed. If calls   recorded). The director knows that both of  line line from the Mainland to Van-   '"*u���' --*���-��.-���������->       ...  couver Island is essential to meet  power needs.  It would be nice to believe people  like NDP MLAs Bob Skelly and Don  Lockstead, who say that the line is  unnecessary. If people would stop  moving to the Island, if couples would  quit having babies, if the general  populace and industry got serious  about .conserving energy, if  businesses stopped expanding, or if  we developed a reliable alternative  energy source those arguments might  be more convincing.  For now, it looks as If the line is  needed. But what price beauty?  The PENiNsuLA^yfeweA  Published Wednesdays at Sechell     on B.C.'!, Sunshine Coast,,,        by  The Peninsula Timei.  lor Westprex Publications Ltd.  ot Sechelt, B.C.  Box 310 ��� Sechelt, B.C.  ,   VON MO  IMione HUS-.12.U  Qlflec hours; 8;3Uu.i,n.  to 5 p.m. Tucs.-Sut.  i  Suhscriplloii Rates: (in advance)  Local, !p7 per year. Beyond .15 miles, $8-���>!..  U.S.A., StO. Overseas $11,  ( '.i/I/iV/xiIm/V  \)\\. 7, Sechell lilciueiitnry  Koberl T'oxull  Vein tilusbreeht    Dennis (jray  Maurice Hcnistix^t  Jennie Norton  M ii rile Keel nitm  ' ���- ~�� "*- -.BftllfO-M-a^UtaW**--- �� - -   Gwji..i>imuiuls...  Marlon Ahagcr  Penny Connor  7., JJiH'isl.vdvvualstiii      ...  Mary Tinkky-Miiimioii  ~~1 ~~1 *  Do you ever get the impression that tho  Sunshine Coast Is a little strange? It could  liavo something to do with my being hore  for only three weeks, but there ls certainly  a uniqueness which sets it apart from tho  rest of B.C.  Some people sum up tho difference to  the geographic isolation from tho Lower  Mainland, but my hunch is nobody knows  what makes the coast so different.  Gcorgraphy just can't explain some of the  idlosyhcracies. V  There Just aren't very many places  where a newcomer ls described as  someone who arrived Just after World War  Ono. At that rate I will Btlll be described as  a newcomer when I'm 85-yoars-old,  Whore else would residents describe n  tnuyor at whom thoy are made as "nice?"  or the coynclV as "slightly nalvo?1'   Backroom deals between developers  are commonplace In every town.In the  country, but hero In Secholt tho developers  fight It out In tho public meetings and the  I've hoard ol-casranwhorp,^ mayof or  oldorrnan'sTson lias gone^ missing^ )��ut "a  bylaw? Of course there's nothing now  about Regional Bourds doing flip flops, It  liappbtis alt mo time. But, tho Sunshine  Coast Regional Board has added a new  News~and~Vfewr  Mair doesn't like me  by Helen Parker  I'm beginning to think environment  minister Rafe Mair doesn't like me. He  doesn't know me, (unless he remembers  me taking a very flattering picture of him  twist to the word making It sound more  like a dance than u political decision, flip-  flop-flip. Only Is Sechelt?    ,  Contradiction nnd contrast appears to  be the rule rather than the exception with  "red-necked" loggers knocking back beer  with a left-over 60's "freak", rather than  knocking back the "hippy".  For a place renowned for Its natural  beauty throughout the world, it still has  people who will dump their garbage at tho  side of the road when they find the dump la,  closed.  Then there Is the matter of tho arena.  There aren't vory many politicians who  would try asking for support for something  which has already been built.  And while we're on the topic of tho  arena ��� where else but on tho Sunshine  Coast would someone put an arena which  has such.limited access?, ..,..���.,., ���,  , Sechelt Is a place which still has affordable land and homes, yet mobile home  solos are still booming and these aro but a  few of the strange attitudes.  it is one of the warmest and friendliest  A place where tho waitresses still smile'  when thoy take your order nnd the people  whdtfsr^  listen to your response.  1  minutes) of the brigade, a miracle considering the fact that the volunteer  firemen must all be notified before rushing  to the firehall.  We are in complete support of the  Halfmoon .Bay Fire Department and we  congratulate the excellent work of the  team and too, their cheerfulness and utmost consideration and understanding.  The Bolivar family and Thea Leuchte  would like to thank the acting fire chief  said his men for the great service they give  and wish the Halfmoon Bay fire dept. all  the success uvthe future.      ~"  Richard Bolivar dnd family   Thea Leuchtfeu  Enjoyable reading  Editor The Times:  My daughter took out my subscription  to the Peninsula Times for me and I have  thoroughly enjoyed reading it as it was a  reminder of a very happy stay I had in  Sechelt when my daughter was living  there.  I thought it was such beautiful scenery  all round. Thank you for the prompt  delivery. Both good wishes to you and your  staff.  K.M.Smith  71 Oklands Grove  .    London  Skelly commissioned  Editor The Times,  Ray Skelly, MP for Comox-Powell  River has been commissioned by the  federal NDP Caucus to conduct a study  into Coast Guard and Search and Rescue  operations on the coast of British  Columbia.  We would like to obtain from your  readers any information or ideas which  they may have concerning improvements  in the Coast Guard and Search and Rescue  operations.  Anyone who has had such an experience or has ideas which would Improve our coastal protection Is urged to  write to Raymond Skelly, MP, Comox-  Powell River, House of Commons, Ottawa,  Ontario KIA 0A6 (postage free).  The study will involve a tour of coastal  communities from Alaska and British  Columbia to Washington during mid-  August.  Wayne Harding  Administrative Assistant to  Raymond Skelly, MP  Comox-Powell River  Christian Science  ...Speak, Lord; for thy servant  heareth." (1 Sam. 3:0),  So Ell Instructed the young Samuel to  answer, and Samuel obeyed. He learned to  listen and respond to God's voice. And so  aro we learning, though it may not seem so  apparont.  Mary Bakor Eddy quotes from a poem  by Follna Hemans as follows:  It is not much that I may worship Him,  With naught my spirit's breathings to  control,  And feel His prescence In the vast and dim  And whispering woods, where dying  thunders roll  From the far cataracts? Shall 1 not rejoice  That I havo learned ot last to know His  voice  soaring sj|uj 7,��������� .���_ ���.,,.   Now hath redeemed her birthright of the  , day,  And won, through clouds, to Him, her own  utffettoTOIwoyl ��� ��� ' ���      (Retrospection and Introspection Pg.0)  in his office one day), but still he doesn't  like me.  Why do I think so? Because he 'never  has answered personally my phone calls. I  have been phoning approximately five  times per week, over the last few weeks to  his office in Victoria and once to his  constituency office in Kamloops.  When I do receive an answer (only  twice) it is from his deputy minister or his  policy coordinator. His policy coordinator  last week said Mair "sends his regrets"  for not getting back to me. The week.  , before that his deputy ^minister was in-  istructecMto calrme,' but-only because I  tracked Mair down to' his' barber 'in  KamloopsT       " "^      ;       "  Then there was the case of the missing  Schaffer Report. We didn't really expect  second-day delivery, but we did expect to  receive it in time to print it.  So another phone call. The secretary  agreed to send another one out the next  day, but added we should be getting the  >first one. We received the second one (now  old news) the day after it was mailed.  Attached to it was a little note "Ms.  Parker: A copy of this report was sent to  you last week and you should have it by  now ..."  Almost two weeks later, we still haven't  received the original report.  Rafe Mair takes the time to write long  letters to the editor of the Vancouver Sun  expressing his feelings, but doesn't have  the time to make a few comments, or even  no comment, to a newspaper in the area  where It really means something.  Except for an advertisement from the  Madeira Park-Ambulance Service who,  because they are not full-time government  employees are still allowed to add that  personal touch, no press release was ever  received by this newspaper announcing  the emergency ambulance numbers were  about to change.  We can't blame the local ambulance  units because all decisions, including  whether to speak for themselves, has to  come from someone at or close to the top.  My feeling is whoever is was, screwed  up. Even David Tones, communicaiions  coordinator, misunderstood what was  happening. And he's the one who implements this kind of thing. He thought  anyone dialing an old number would still  get through. After^double-checking he  phonea Sack.  'at'sAotaTgbMasTtlwiighV'ire^sard:-  "Oh?" I said.  "If you. phone the old number the  operator intercepts the call and gives the  new number," he said. "Well, it could be  worse, might not even * do that."  The Emergency Health Services  Commission was going to cut off the interception this month anyway, but Tones  said they would try to continue it until  "well after the summer."  *      *       *  A funny thing happened at Sechelt  council the other night. The new village  planner Dennis Walton seemed to suddenly resemble former planner Doug Roy.  He didn't say anything Roy hadn't said  before, but council acted as if it had never  heard it before. Aid. Larry MacDonald  said later Roy may have had problems  communicating his ideas to council.  Maybe communication at a higher  price is easier to understand.  Report irom Victoria  Good business?  by Don Lockstead  MLA Mackenzie Riding  British Columbians have continually  been told by the Social Credit that the  province is nothing more than a big  business; good management is  synonymous with good government. Last  week the government demonstrated to all  just what kind of a business they are  running.  In fact less than two days after the  legislative session was over government  jets were dispatqh^dlw  for a special sitting of the House to correct  an enormous government mistake. In  legislation designed to "deregulate" or  remove expired and obsolete statutes, the  government Included Seaboard Life Insurance Company. However, the company, with $15 million worth of business,  assets of $30 million, 600 shareholders and  untold numbers of policy-holders, certainly was not obsolete. Because tho  government ��� this business government  ��� did not do Its homework, Seaboard was  officially dead and it took a spoclal act of  tho legislature to bring It back to life.  When all the dust had settled, the  taxpayers wore stuck with a $100,000 bill  und tho government In Its first attempt at  deregulation, ended up with more  legislation that It started with, As ono  embarrassed Social Credit member said  "it was deregulation gone wild". More  importantly this blunder was yot another  demonstration of. the grossest In-  competence by ��� tho goYor^mont.  something which has become almost  routine,  Let mo elaborate. During thla sitting,  the first Item bills wore all budget bills.  Most <*f tlie budget bills corrected tho  mistakes of the disasterous 197G budget.  The rationale of the government, however,  was somewhat unusual. Somehow this was  part of the government's policy of taking  taxes off people and placing them on  natural resources. That comment Just  doesn't hold up under any examination.  Gas revenues area case In point. As tho  second largest gas producing province,  B.C. has lost, according to the Alberta  Petroleum Marketing Commission, In  excess of |flO million. The current price is  substantially less than the going market  pr|ce. B.C. is subsidizing the American  purchaser, El Paso Gas Company, to the  tune of $120 million a year. Enter the  Socred government with its infinite  business sense. The government wants to  export an additional GO million cubic feet  of gas daily with provisions to almost  doublo that amount. This proposed export  ls In spite of thtj fact It may well jeopardize  future gas supply and prlco for B.C. Even  B.C. Hydro had the common sense to  oppose tho sole.  Another case of the Socred government  Ineptitude concerns tho collection of  business taxes. This government coats  B.C. residents $410,000 a month in Interest  alone because tho government ls three td  four months behind on stumpage billings  to forest firms. Similar Ineptitudes exists  In health, attorney-general and the mines  F^ a*a��a^ppB^^^aJJ^^I^^|^|^^l|,^^flfla|^||^(_B|,B^|s^^aa^ ^^.WJW^.nu.RCW WnQP^ffff ?ffi<^j..W'%^..tt^.j'l.al. ���,.  late billings is estimated to bo near  $760^000 per month In forgone Interest  alone. Tho past session of tho Legislature  unfortunately deomonstroted that B.C.  does not novo a government of common  sense, let alone business sense, Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  adults  only  no  purchase  necessary  in cash  prizes  FULL DETAILS AT YOUR  SUPERVALU STORE.  /-  is$  W*.?.  <<>?'  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By JEAN/E NORTON, 886-9609  Halfmoon Bay happenings  Pioneer memories  Mary Shannon, Ph. 885-9765  7. judging from7^7 meaigre turnout at  last Wednesday's' meeting, there's not  much hope for ^the 'September 22  referendum on the.prpposed gymnasium-  community hall project. If even those who  have been supposedly working and  planning toward this end for the last two  years have lost interest, how can we expect the skeptics and miserly curmudgeons lurking in the worlds to; be  persuaded of the merit an need for the  facility?  Bess. Maybee has recently returned \ but stui under doctor's tirders to rest and  from a visit to her hometown of Gilbert avoid strain. Other Halfmooners who were  Plains near_Dauphin,. Manitoba; driving   in hospital last_week were Blackie Petit for  snatched up. The carob fudge was popular  and Tina sold most of her zucchini loaves  and muffins. I don't know how the baby  carriers did but they were a bargain at $20.  It was a perfect day ��� sunny and hot,  but the park is well-shaded for those"  feeling  fragile  after Saturday  night.  Hopefully the good weather will return  next week, August 267  And hopefully the Market will be bigger  and better than ever. -The man-with- the.  Okanagan fruit has promised to come  WASHERS-DRYERS-DISHWASHERS-MICRO-OVENS  2-year guarantee .'oh all parts & labor  5-year warranty on the'dryer drum  10-year' guarantee' oh washer transmission  Lifetime guarantee on stainless steel  washer tub  WE SERVICE WHAT WE SEti. , v  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  883-2648  HopefuUy-the-poor response wasthie- to���^R^randiienphrhavrsaid^hey're-anxious  with her cousin,  Chris Wilson from"  Langley. They timed their visit to attend a  family reunion of the fine old pioneering  family to which they belong. The first day ,,  of the reunion there was a smorgasbord ,  dinner at the Legion, Hall, with: 102  -members ofthe family present, including  24 first cousins of Bessie's. Tbe, dinner,  catered by the Legion Ladies, was set out  on tables the full length of the hall and  reminded Bess of the harvest dinners she  had attended before she left Gilbert Plains  in 1925. The second day was tohave been a  picnic reunion, but as it was raining, the  picnic too was held in the Legion.  The family which is highly respected in  the Gilbert Plains area has been fanning  there for 77 years. Bess' grandfather,  Archibald Ferguson was born in Scotland  but came to Canada with his parents as a  boy, settling in Toronto in 1873. He  married Elizabeth Moors, a member of  another pioneering faniily and they farmed first in Ontario and then for twelve  years in North Dakota. Ih 1902 they found  their way back to Canada and settled on a  quarter section which they bought from  the CPR. It was black gumbo land lying to  the north of Riding Mountain National  Park.  The Fergusons had ten children of their  own, which would have been a big enough  - family for most-women-to eope-with,-but-  Elizabeth Ferguson was no ordinary  woman. She had a big heart and an  abundance of energy and she was very  wise_4 She adopted another son whowasleft  motherless and then raised six of her  grandchildren when they were left orphans. In addition, she kept busy with  household and farm chores, helped the  local doctor deliver most of the babies,  nursed any of her neighbors who were in  need of care and even found time to bake  bread for the bachelors. After the death of  her husband in 1917, she carried on the  farm with the help of her eldest son, Will,  until her own death in '1935.    -v "4 �� "��� "���*;.   As the various branches of the'family-  exchanged memories over those reunion  days, many stories were recalled of this  wonderful woman who was so well loved  by her family and her neighbours. There  were three generations of her family there  ���her sons, daughters, grandchildren and  21 of her great-grandchildren. There were  Fergusons, Moors, Wilsons, Hicks,  Sallows, McGregors and Woods, but Bess  was the only Maybee there. Her mother  was Annie Ferguson who married Nelson  Maybee.  Miss Maybee found the people of  Gilbert Plains warm and friendly but she  found many changes ih the farms. The  farm buildings, the fences, the shade trees  and woodlotsare all gone and there is  nothing but mile after mile of grain, with  not a sign of a bird or any of the wild life  that was so plentiful in her childhood. The  farms are large, one thousand acres or  surgeryv01ive Clear following a fall on the  steps of her home, Lois Edmunds, and  Janet Allen. Don Ross is resting at the,  home of his sister Eva Brown, in Vancouver following a cataract operation in  Shaughnessy Hospital. During his ab*  7sence, two other sisters, Nell and Hilda  Ross are. enjoying a holiday at his cottage.  VISITORS. FROM AFAR  At the home of Ronnie Dunn are  visitors from widely separated parts of the  world. Her son-in-law, John McDonald is  here-from-Motherwell, Scotland, while  Ronnie's daughter, Debbie Dunn, arrived  last week from Sydney, Australia. She is  accompanied by two friends from Sydney,  Dianne Heaperman and Diane Pye who  are particularly interested in seeing the  Women's World Field Hockey Championships being held this week in Vancouver.  Gary and Lorraine Spicer who have  been spending a holiday at Silver Sands,  with their three children, have been  visiting old friends. Both Gary and  Lorraine have deep roots in the Sunshine  Coast. Lorraine spent all her holidays as a  child at Redrooffs at the home of her  grandparents, the late Bill and Alice  Grundy. Gary grew up in Pender Harbour  where his father, Reg Spicer was chairman of the Board of School District 46 in  "Tfieearly 60's. Whear that Reg and his  wife Jo, who now live in Surrey, spent a  few days at the Pender Harbour Hotel  recently in celebration of Reg's 70th birth-  -day^  Another former resident who has been  back'visiting old friends, is Josanne  Eland, the former Joan MacDougall, who  was a resident of Halfmoon Bay in the  1950's. Josanne was accompanied by her  mother, Sally Romain of Port Coquitlam.  the timing of the meeting ��� admittedly, it  was short notice* and summer is a bad  time. On that premise and being the  eternal optimists that they are, tbe  committee, went ahead and Sketched out a  campaign strategy.  ��� ������ Information is tbe'keyword and an  attempt will be made to contact every  voter, either through the mail or by a door--  to-door canvass. Fryers and leaflets will be  passed out to explain the background and  general plan for the building.  Then there will be a public forum on  September 12 where a panel will be  available to field questions and criticisms  should anyone have the audacity. It is  hoped that we will thus have an informed  and supportive electorate to approve  funding for the project on September 22.  But what we need now is a group of  enthusastic and able-bodied volunteers to  conduct the blitz campaign the first or  second week of September. C'mon folks,  let's show the world that the Creek doesn't  deserve its reputation for "negativeriess"  and that we can "get it<together" to accomplish something. Phone Harry Almond  at 885-3484 or Jeanie Norton at 8864609 and  tell us you're with us.  ANOTHER MARKET  Once again the customers, were  anxiously hovering about an hour early for  the Roberts Creek Farmers Market on  _AiigusU2. They were evidently from out-  ^own-^reekereknow nothing starts on  time around here. But once the sellers  wandered in, they did a brisk business.  Christabel's eclairs went like wildfire  -and Janette didn't even get a chance to sit.  down with her eggs. Word got .around  about the Walders' cheese and David and  Sean got tips because they were selling  their plums so cheap.  The home baked pies went well, as  expected, and Randi's dried flowers were  Pender Harbour happenings  Dance at the Legion  'T  by Doris Edwardson 883-2308  There will be a dance at the Royal  Canadian Legion Saturday evening,  August 25 from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m. It will be  Gary Robinson Music featuring Darryl  Montague. There will be no admission  charged. The last dance proved very  popular as everyone enjoyed the music, so  come out and have a good time.  On Labour Day weekend there will be  another dance. September 1 at the Legion  Br. 112 from 9 p.m. till 1 a.m. LIVE MUSIC  ��� should keep you on your toes, no admission  charged, sandwiches and coffee will be  available.  PENDER HARBOUR & DIST.  more and the farmers live In the towns.    HEALTH CENTRE SOCIETY ~  She found the towns still attractive with       Members are reminded that the yearly  beautiful old maples, elms and oaks, and    membership they have, expired at the end  the roads lined with trees.  After the reunion, she accompanied two  of her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. Herb  Thompson back to their home in Winnipeg,  stopping for a visit with more relatives at  Neepawa. She was Interested, Just north of  Winnipeg, to drive through a new town  being built by the Mennonites In the hope  that it will help keep their children from  leaving the sect. They were putting up  magnificent factories and assembly plants  to manufacture everything from  recreation vehicles to breakfast foods.  SICK UST  Bill Urquhart is home from hospital,  !r,vestment brings  tourists to coast  The Investment of nearly |2.5 million  through government aid reported this  week for the tourism industry on Northern  Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast  highlights the Importance of the industry  and the need for continued attention to it, <  Comox-Powell River MP Ray Skelly said  Of $3.5 million approved by the Joint  federal-provincial travel industry  development plan so far this year, two-  thirds will go to low Interest and forgivable  loans for oxpanslon of facilities In the  Comox-Powell River riding.  Skelly said a i\ million loan for a  regional ski development between  Courtenay and Campbell River and major  low'"'Interest Wm fof ei^arided hotel  facilities at Gibsons, Port Hardy and  Courtenay will encourage tourism and  hove spin-off effects In other business  activity and more Jobs.  the resources^ndiweds of��1I�� areas}***  Skelly said, "and at a time of high  unemployment and concern about high  energy consumption, tourism must be  encouraged and enhanced In every way,"  of June 1970, Dues must be paid to the  receptionist at the clinic or mailed in to the  Secretary of the Society. Dues are $2 per  y^ar.  BACK IN ENGLAND  Cathy, Syd, Graham, and Phil are  home in Stafford, England after enjoying  their holidays with all their friends in  Pender Harbour. They look forward to this  holiday every year and it seems to go so  fast. When they leave their plans for a  return trip are always made. Barbecues,  parties and fishing trips are the highlight  of their stay here and Caryl and Don  Cameron, Bernlce and Orv Lawson,  Doreen and Mike Godkin, Peg and Ron  Pockrant, Myrtle and Chic Page and May  and Ernie Widman were the hosts, making  sure their friends enjoyed every minute of  their time here. Graham and Phil spent a  week in Victoria visiting former Pender  Harbour folks, Gladys and Jack Caldwell.  COME STAY WITH US  at ENGLISH BAY near STANLEY PARK  in beautiful downtown VANCOUVER  TOLL-FREE  800-268-8993  1756   DAVIE STREET   VANCOUVER   B.C.  V6G 1W5  TELEPHONE (604) 682-1831  I1����w*�����i.' in I wiuiin.ui li ii 411,1   i.m^mmm  '.���WW  im,... ...^  flano      CAPILANO COLLEGE  GIBSONS  ADVANCED SECRETARIAL AND BOOKKEEPING PROGRAM  Capilano College Is offering an advanced secretarial and  bookkeeping program. The program will Include: business  machlnas, communications, dictaphone, advanced typing and  bookkeeping.  STARTING DATE:  TIME:  COST:  ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS:  * 4^H 'WKWHWftfciat i��-,iaHi**s  I     For  v..  September 4, 1979  9:30 a.m. �� 4:00 p.m. dally  $145.00 plus $15.00 for books  Minimum of Grade 10 ��� Orade 12  preferred.  keyboard (25-30 word* per minute)  For further Information contact Mr, Kyle at 889-3737  to get rid of their tomatoes. We could use  more produce���that seems to be what the  customers are looking for. And eggs. -  But the crafts go well too and are an  attractive addition. We missed Cindy's  pottery last time and we'd like to see'more  things on display. How about weaving or  stained glass or dried weed  arrangements?  - - -> -  You can set up your own flea market if  you like���Sheila did quite well with her  records and books, though they were a  steal at the price. Jams, jellies, pickles,  preserves���if you've over-estimated your  iamily'sneeds,jwhyjiotbringthe extras  along for those too busy or lazy to put some  up? ���  Anything goes ��� use your imagination.  But get there early ��� the.customers are  there at 12 and you want to catch them  while their money's burning a hole in their  pockets. Bring your own blanket or table  to display your wares. We're in the park  behind the Post Office and there's a 10 per  cent commission for the Community  Association. Phone 886-9609 if you want  any more information. And see you on  Sunday!  Just a reminder that we will gladly do  your gift wrapping for you anytime and  there is no charge for this service. ��� Miss  Bee's, Sechelt  REFUGEE AID  Please Return this Coupon To:  P.O. Box 1186, Sechelt B.C.  D    I ENCLOSE A SINGLE DONATION OF $ ...    ���    I ENCLOSE 12 POST-DATED CHEQUES OF $ EACH.  ^ Please Make Cheques & Money Orders Payable to;        SUNSHINE COAST SOCIETY FOR VIETNAMESE REFUGEES  a  I WOULD LIKE A COPY OF THE CONSTITUTION AND I THEREFORE  ENCLOSE A STAMPED SELF-ADDRESSED ENVELOPE.  D    I CAN DONATE [e.g. clothes, food, accommodation, time etc.]  Name ..  Address  Phone  Sunshine Coast Regional District  NOTICE OF PUBUC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-law No. 96.44 .  Pursuant to sections 703 and 798A of the Municipal Act, a public hearing will be helcPto  consider the following by-law of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who deem  their interest in property affected by the proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity  to be heard on matters contained therein.  By-law No. 96.44 will create a newjahd.use zone which permits the retailing of goods which  are oriented ,Jo��� agricultural upe��. Byv-law; No. 96.44 alto .amends^tfae, zoning map by  designating the premises of Quality Farm and Garden Supply Ltd. on Pratt Road as an  Agricultural Commercial 5-A5 land use zone.  The public hearing will beheld in the gymnasium of Cedar Grove.School on Chaster Road at  7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 5, 1979.  The above Is a synopsis of By-law No. 96.44 and Is not  deemed to be an Interpretation thereof. This by-law may  be inspected at the Regional District office, 1248 Wharf  Street, Sechelt, B.C. during office hours, namely Monday to  Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Thursday and  Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  P.O. Box 800  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2261  Mrs; A.G. Pressley  Secretary-Treasurer  1979-08-22  1979^08-29  Sunshme Coast Regional District  NOTICE OF PUBUC HEARING  Land Use Regulation Amendment By-law No. 96.12  Development Permit Areas By-law No. 163  PURSUANT TO SECTIOr^703 and 798A of the Municipal Act, a public hearing will be held  to consider the following by-laws of the Sunshine Coast Regional District. All persons who  deem their interest In property affected by the proposed by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained In the by-laws.  By-law No. 96.32 amends the definition of "Lot or Parcel". This by-law amendment will also  specify the provisions to be contained In and the procedure for the Issuance of a development permit.  By-law No. 163 will allow the Regional Board to designate areas of land, wherein special  conditions prevail with respect to the physical environment, as a development permit area.  Any proposal within a devilopment permit area, other than the construction of three or less  dwelling units, shall be regulated by a development permit.  Bylaw No. 163 also designates Blocks 40 to 45, D.L. 3198, Plan 3874 as a development  permit area. This property comprises approximately 13 hectares (32 acres) and Is located  Immediately north of the Gibsons wdter reservoir.  i '  ti  ..i,  M  20  ,ip��'iTffar;��wc::  J7  40  !���'  3  18  FOCLB6T  L9(Ms7. ...skuuaai  I91T  30  I  ���S��  hi rrr?TC  ,C,M��ft><J>  -yr  40  10  10  aaaaauaaaiiii^iatHuii  40  aw.ri"  40  44  42  4*  mmmam  a.o.w  ��<;*fc��W*rB,.'f-e'1S^  ��* fW^t";:*^  BVOtOMat  The public hearing will be he'd In the gymnasium of  Cedar Grove School on Chaster Road at 7:30 p.m.  on Wednesday, September 5, 1979.  The above Is a synopsis of By-law Nos. 96.32 and  163 and Is not deemed to be an Interpretation  ofthe by-laws. These by-laws may be Inspected at  the Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street,  Sechelt, B.C. .during office hours, namely 'Monday  to Wednesday, 8;30 a.m. to 4,00 p.irj, and Thursday  and FrldayL8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m,  Sunshine Coast Regional District  P.O. Box 800  SechelfrBX;; VON 3A0  885-2261  Mrs. A.G. Pressley  Secretary-Treasurer  1979-08-22  1979-08-29 \ ; -\  7��:  i       i  The Garden C&rrier  Hdrhriony with nature  By Quy Symonds  Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageA-5  r, Try as one may to work In harmony  with nature, the fact is that the essence of  ythe wganizatloh of a garden, the grouping  together 6f the same plants In rows and  beds, is not how the the natural' order of  things generally operates. Nature mix,es  things up and does not demand the same  type of result from any particular location.  And always what grows is what must grow  because that is the natural order of tilings.  . So maybe this set pattern of ours can  stand, some modification and a special  article in a recent issue cf the Christian  that will do thai has earned a place in  history. Try sowing .radishes and  nasturtiums around squash plants to  protect them against beetles.  , We are told to avoid planting tomatoes  near potatoes or where potatoes have been  grown recently. This we are going to  watch carefully because in our ignorance  we planted them cheek by jowl and it must  be confessed that up to the time of writing  both have cropped very heavily and look  thoroughly healthy.  One of the recommendations carries a  Science Monitor elaborates on the idea.  We have the very heavy feeders, like  chard, corn, squash, cauliflower, cabbage,  lettuce, cucumber which drag on all the  nutrients they can get hold of. Then there  are the others, the legumes like beans and  peas which will be quite happy with what  is left in the ground after the gluttons have  great deal of interest for many gardeners  in this part of the world. That is small  destructive animals Jike radons and the  rodent forms of life do not like to travel  under or through the large leaves of  pumpkin or squash. This wUl arouse the  curiousity of a Redrooffs reader who  phoned the other day to say that his peas  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING  St uUa/ty's hospital! Society  To the members of St. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the members of  the St. Mary's Hospital-Society will be held, in the Senior Citizens  Hall, Mermaid Street, Sechelt, B.C. on  QA/ednesday, tfce 26t(i day of Septembe/t, 1979  alike (iouft of 7:30 p.m.  Dated in the village of Sechelt, in  Columbia this 16th day of July. 1979.  the province of British  By order of the  Board of Trustees  passed on. That anyway is the argument ~ had teen destroyed by a jmck rat, andhe  FOUR   GENERATIONS   of   the  Blomgren family turned out to the  Sechelt Legion Hall Saturday, August  11. Left to right are Mrs. Eileen  Bender, Mrs. Olive Blomgren, Mrs.  Doreen Nestman and in front  Christine Bender.  Sechelt notes  Blomgren reunion  by_Peggy Connor 885-9347  and it would seem to be well worth the  trying. One may be forgiven', however, for  having a few misgivings. There is no  quarrel with the beans but peas hate hot  soil and will germinate only reluctantly in  that kind of environment And by the time  the cauliflower, chard etc; have gone, the  hot sun has done its work, or at least it had  this year, and the ground was really hot ���  well above the 50F degree temperature  recommended for pea germination.  But the article goes on with quite a list  of plants and vegetables which we are told  are compatible. In other words they enjoy  each other's.company and so flourish,  Cabbage they saygrqw well with beans.  Summer savory repels beetles of all  kinds while rosemary and sage discourage  cabbage worms. Basil and tomatoes like  each other and the former also grows well  with rosebushes to the benefit of both.  Parsley has the same distinction. Plant  horseradish, we are told, with potatoes as  insurance against the potato bug and mint  among  the cane fruits,  grapes,   and  had the proof, and his garden injured by  squirrels and chipmunks.  . The writer of the article reminds the  reader that of all the helpful plants the  most important seems to be marigolds,  nasturtiums, chrysanthemums, herbs, the  onion family and garlicrrr   Now all or indeed none of these ideas  may work. But this gardener feels a  twinge of guilt every time he scatters  diazinone or applies any of the effective  poisons we have learned to use. The very  idea of poisoning the soil has something of  the obscene about it and indiscriminate  destruction oftlife is an act of sacrilege.  But the sadJact-is that our own life  depends on the practice. But if there is a  way of controlling the situation  biologically ��� then it should and indeed  must be explored.  Corn, beans and pumpkins are reported  to be good companionns. In fact at one  time it was common practice to set  climbing beans with the corn so that they  *************************************  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS For Times CaH 886-2827  sataaas.  **^^^^*^*a>**L>*^^*^,*4*a>^^*^*^******  Escape from Alcatraz  Wednesday, Aug. 22  Thursday, Aug. 23  Friday, Aug. 24  CALL 886-2827  STARTING TIME  ���������*���*���*  There were enough Blomgren's to fill a  hall at the Sechelt Legion Saturday,  August 11. One hundred and twenty sat  down for a smorgasbord dinner, prepared  by the ladies of the Legion Auxiliary.  To recite where everyone came from  was like spouting a tour of Western  Canada, some from Saskatchewan,  Alberta, Williams Lake, Urns Lake,  Fernie, Terrace, Courtenay, * Vancouver  and Squamish. "���-'���  Gene Blomgren, spokesman for the  evening and obviously delighted to be  doing the honors for his Mother. Passing  on the greetings to everyone, happy they  could all come, he carried on to speak of  the lady responsible for half of those  present. "Mum put up with a lot of  foolishness from us kids and still does, but  she is proud of her family just the same."  "A very patient Mother, and a very  loving Mother she has given us a lot more  than people realize, we love her very  much." With these last words .all those  present rose as one to give a standing  tribute to Mrs. Olive Blomgren Provencal.  , ��� Carrying on, Gene went on to say, how  I ten years ago they welcomed a new  member into their family, Joe Provencal a  real fine friend of the family whom they  all love very much.   He then called on each family member  to introduce their separate broods. This  Mother of twelve Is Grandmother of forty  iand great-grandmother of thirteen.  '''" The giiest book contained some very  interesting family pictures Including one  of Olive and all her prize winning baking.  After a lot of flashing of cameras with  pictures of each of the families taken, the  evening continued on with dancing and a,>  lot of talking. A fine reunion for a grand  family.  FALL BRIDGE APPROACHES  It is time to be thinking of fall activities  and for those avid bridge players or those  who would like to be the Sechelt Auxiliary  to St. Mary's Hospital sponsor a merry-go-  round tournament. Ladles play in the  afternoon and couples In the evening and  they will be starting towards the end of  September with their big start-off evening  of bridge. .      ,       ,  What better way for new people to meet  new friends than over the card table, this  Is open to everybody. For more Information call Margaret Humm at 805-2840  or 885-2916.  LEGION LADIES BAZZAR  The Royal Canadian Legion Branch No,  140 Ladles Auxiliary will hold a fall bazaar  at Uie Legion Hall September 20, Saturday.  EXTENDED CAR�� PATIO:f(AWPV'^-r-  Monday, August 13 was the day of the  monthly party for the patients of the extended care unit of St. Mary's Hospital.  Each Auxiliary sponsors two parties per  year, thla was the Sechelt Auxiliary's turn  and they were, delighted the weather was  such that Is could be bold In the attractive  garden patio designed for Just that purpose.  to the song "Sisters" were Margaret Jones  and - Madeline Grose almost  unrecognizable in their kiddy outfits, very  well done.  Lunch served to the fourteen patients  who were wheeled down to the outdoor  dining room started off with a punch, then  sandwiches and bran muffins, fruit in  could take advantage of the stalks  strawterries^Butnote-wellilatjT'liatihe ^_J^iy__rjBpbfirry_Lplantation_j)wnex   author fails to say is that both horseradish knows the losses that can be caused by an  and mint will take over the whole garden invasion of nematodes. They are the  in short order unless carefully watched microscopic beasties that can penetrate  and ruthlessly controlled. the root hairs of a raspberry cane and ruin  The common house fly and-ublquitous���ifc-PtantTmarlgftldsliiey'sayirrid'end the  white fly hate basil, yarrow and tansy   neumatode menace! Incidentally the  while garlic, chives and cucumbers  discourage ants and mosquitoes. Chives, it  is said, keep aphids away, and anything  brilliant colouring does a lot to make the  vegetable garden more interesting and  attractive.  Accidental fatalities down  Fewer people are dying as a result of  ^son,a'bigtewrofMridsi^ecaiitiloupe^  , accidents in Canada; according to a fiye  Watermelon, grapes? bananas, a '/tessert1*-- year-'revilw- (f9^-1^77 J-of^-aecldeht-  fatalities by the Canada Safety Council.  The rate of accidental fatalities per  100,000 population showed a decrease of  19.5 per cent from 59.6 in 1973 to 48.0 in  1977. The total number of accidental  fatalities fell from 13,167 to 11,182 during  the same period.  But all provinces did not have the same  pattern of change. Newfoundland, Nova  Scotia, Quebec and Ontario did well,  reducing the-number of fatalities  respectively by 26 per cent, 27 per cent,  21.2 per cent and 16.1 per cent. Alberta and  Saskatchewan recorded slight increases  while Prince Edward Island showed approximately the same levels in 1973 and  1977. New Brunswick/Manitoba and  British Columbia recorded decreases of  approximately 13 per cent.  However, the rate of accident fatalities  per 100,000 population for Alberta actually  made by President of the Sechelt group,  Chris Ward, which was a delectable  whipped cream mixture and a plain white  cake for those with a lesser sweet tooth.  This was topped off with a birthday cake  honoring the birthday lady of the month  Mrs. Sabina Gardiner.  Mrs. Gardiner spoke for the patients,  as she thanked the ladies for the wonderful  party. Her daughter Daisy Bailey from  Gibsons was invited to share the day with  her mother.  The volunteers mingled with the  patients assisting-the staff with the serving. One lady remarked that it wasn't  just the time and effort put hi by the  Auxiliaries, it was the thought that people  outside the hospital were thinking of those  inside, which is the very Idea of  auxiliaries, the patients contact with the  world outside,  decreased by 9.0 per cent, from 63.1 to 57.4,  ^though the number of fatalities in-  creased-This is due to a rapid growthnof  the population. Saskatchewan ��blso  recorded a very slight drop in its rate.  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  ********** *> If ************************  Starring Talia Shire,  Robert Foxworth  Saturday Aug. 25  Sunday, Aug. 26���  Monday, Aug. 27  Tuesday, Aug. 28  Restricted ��� Some  frightening & gory scenes.  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At this  period of time she also performed in small  operas. She was,'engaged by the Zurich  Opera House as a resident singer for three  years".  - The staff of therGibsons Public Library^  is braced for the expected increased  .service by/any means of transportation at   .^^ a____.��_.a _,��� ������,. _v<ri>r______m__a  Last year she was engaged by. IW  Canadian Opera Company ami hachenough  contracts io move back to Canada and  start "freelancing". Lyn has performed in  Ottawa, the Canadian Opera Company in  Toronto, The Edmonton Opera Co, and the  Guelph Festival.      -'~7      - ^  LYN VERNON, local celebrity, plans  to reside in Gibsons in her off season  and will be teaching voice and piano. -  Miss Vernon has performed in Concerts  with the Kitchener-Waterloo Orchestra,  The National Arts Centre Orchestra, The  Saskatoon Symphony.  Last year  she  played the role,of Joan, in Joan of Arc for  ^the CBC television. ��� ��� ��� ,,   '  -���^DuFing-her-4i>-years-in-0pera-she-has-  toured Australia, where she performed  'one   month   in   each   city,   Adelaide,  Melbourne and Canberra, at which time  she played the role1 of Octavian three  times. Lyn has done radio concerts in  Paris,  Zurich,  Geneva,  Palermo  and  France;  Miss Vernon has toured with the  English National Opera in all the Major  cities. She has sung in the Coliseum (home  theatre in London, Eng.) and has played  the role of Carmen in the Opera, Carmen  both in England and Toronto and also  Octavian while in London, Eng.  Lyn Vernon's next engagement is at the  Queen Elizabeth Theatre in October,  singing the part of Santuzza in the Opera,  Cavalleria Rusticana. This is an Italian  Opera in a "Verismo" style (Realism).,  This opera is full of tragedy and pathos,  takes place in a Sicilian village and is  very much" a'moral story; ~   Miss Vernon has been a Mezzo Soprano  and is now changing to a Dramatic  Soprano > repertoire, studying with  Margaret Hafshaw, Bloomington  University/Alabama.  Lyn has lived in the Peace River a,rea  and now plans to reside in Gibsons and in  her "off Season" time she will be teaching  voice and piano. Lyn is the daughter of Mr.  and Mrs, R. Vernon, Gower Point Road,  Gibsons.  MARINERS'REST  Steamboat Rock, Thornborough  Channel, Howe Sound has now been  designated and will be consecrated as the  permanent marker for the burial of those  associated with the sea and-or their  relatives. The consecration service will be  hold at 1400 hours, Sunday, August 20,1979  and will be conducted by Rev. J. Parker of  the Missions of Seamen, 60 North Dunlevy  Street, Vancouver from the deck of a  tugboat near Steamboat Rock. It is hoped  that as many as possible will attend this  has been instrumental in bringing this  matter to a successful close, along with  Canadian Merchant Service Guild and the  many seagoing men. The Gpvernment has  now set aside, this beautiful, natural spot  as 7a fixed marker in the. tribute -to.  Mariners whose wi^ifris.^to have their'  ashes committed to the sea. There'will be ,  ^BoolTof Record inwHcBThe names wiiT  be perrntinently recorded and will be kept  at the premises of the Company of Master  Mariners of Canada, Vancouver, B.C.  ART DISPLAY  Took in the Art and craft display in the  .Sunnycrest Mall on Friday, it was most  interesting to seejoyffranam and Rose  McLaren spinning wool. They told fnethat  they have used,local sheep's wool but  prefer New>Zealand wool.  ��� '��� <  . The display of paintings and sale  - thereof, were by local artists- Joan  Thompson 'Warn, Senja Boutilier and  KerttuViitanen. Senja painted a variety of  subjects, both in watercolor and acrylics  and she tells me that she is now associated  with the Federation Gallery, Gastown,  Vancouver, as an active member, this  means that this Gallery will hang her  erttu is an associate member  at the present time.  Joan Thompson Warn is a "regular" at  the Studio Shop and Gallery inJDundarave  and has been in a recent summer show  with several of the Gallerys' artists. She  has also had a "one person show" at  Brackendale and Sam and Betty Black's  Gallery, "The Shilling" on Bowen Island.  Joan has also shown at the Vancouver  Community Arts Council Gallery .and the  Rembrandt Gallery, North Vancouver.  Joan was a former teacher of Art in  Gibsons, Sechelt and Roberts Creek  Elementarjr fehoolsrSheis^published^ur  the Inter Gallery Trade magazine. Her  watercolors are superb and she also does  oil painting, although she tells us that  watercolors~afe her mam medium.  VISITORS FROM ENGLAND  Mrs. Stevens has been visiting her son  Bob and wife Rose Stevens. Mrs. Stevens  is from London, Engtend. Also from  England, Bob's sister Doris and husband  Ron Harris.  YACHT CLUB CRUISE  The Yacht Club is having a Cruise to  Halkett Bay this weekend, come camp  afloat or ashor��at:thif b&utiMsspot. The  new executive for Jift9-fl0 are: Commodcwfe  has been received, and will soon be on the  shelves, including such 'goodies' as books  on wild mushrooms, "Women of B.C.",  Doris Shadbolt's "Emily Carr", various  works on hitfory, biography and much,  much more.        ___y  These books forhv the annual grant  received by the-library, from the  x-provmcial-government^and-those-titles  were chosen by the local selection, committee from lists provided by Victoria.  They are chosen from a large purchase  made by the provincial' government to  provide assistance and encouragement to  B.C. authors and publishers; as well as to  assist local libraries. The funds - are  provided! J>jr- -the;-Provincial;- Lotteries  Foundation. ,''      7     ;  The Village of Gibsons provides a cash  grant annually as well as the Regional  District, and from time to time, donations  of books are made by local residents from  their own libraries. A}1 these sources make  _ possible-a7 much- greater volume- and  variety of reading material for the use of  the members of the Library Association,  and help the committee to keep up a very  high7 standard and wide scope, and are  greatly appreciated by the reading public  not only of Gibsons but of the surrounding  areas.  Each month a purchase of new books is  made, and a list of some oHhr titles is���  published in the papers, as the books are  received.  Young readers will find an exellent  variety of reading, and parents are encouraged to go with their children, to see  the section devoted entirely to the young  -people.-   , At no time does this library set itself up  in competition with, school libraries,  regional or church, libraries. It is, in  essence, and has always been a  Recreational' library, and of'late it has  expanded its reference section; its non-  fiction shelves .now contain much'  historical, biographical and scientific  material, as well as growing sections on  hobbies, handcrafts, and such topics as  boat-building and plumbing repairs,  Since all work is done for the library on  a voluntary basis. 4he least possible of the  funds covers operating expenses, the rest  7is spent on book purchases, periodicals,  and as many kinds of reading material as  -me funds-will-cover. ��    - - -  ., The library is located on South Fletcher  - Road next to the Village Office in Holland  Park.  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Jan.-August 17,1978 ���  74.52 cm. .      ,  22.5  nil  23.0  nil  22.5  nil  17.0  0.53  17.5  0.24  22.0  nil  20.5  0,53  ADMIRAL  Model #Vfl678 ��� Upright freezer with four spacious shelves.  * Full width roll out basket for storing bulky Items  * 16.5 cu. ft. capacity  * Fibreglass insulation  * Safety automatic key ejector  rf-Front mounted-power-on^signal-llghtrand many more~featuresr  CHECK OUR  SPECIAL SALEPRICE  $  00  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  885-9816  Stereo & Appliances  "After the SALE ��� It's the SERVICE that Counts"  Cowrie St,  Sechelt,  ���> _*. \^j.  - Dave Smethurst, Vice Commodore - Ray  Chamberlin, Rear Commodore - Roger  Douglas, Fleet Captain - Keith Baker,  Secretary - Gloria Fyles, Treasurer -  Lorrie Girard, Director - Ken Goddard.  Dues are now due, payable to Lorrie  Girard, or mail to Arbutus Yacht Club,  Box, 1400, Gibsons, B.C.  REUNION  An interesting family reunion took  place at the Salvation Army Sunrise  Camp, when Major William Kerr from  Toronto (Mr. Kerr is the Property  Secretary for Canada with the Salvation  Army) Major and Mrs. Douglas Kerr from  Cleveland, Major Gordon Kerr from  Winnipeg, Major Donald Kerr, Vancouver,  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kerr from  Parksville and Mrs. Major Kerr, Senior  (retired) of Vancouver all gottogether  after 30 years. Mrs. Kerr, Sr. is 81 years of  age and this reunion was very special for  her.  SUNRISE CAMP  Lieut. Gordon Bobbltt gave the ladies,  Tillie Knowles, Cora Hauka and myself a  tour of the Salvation Army camp, which  included the Administration building, the  Tuck Shop (a Canteen where children can  purchase candy, pop and; chips), the  Dining Hall, which can seat up to 200. This  week there were 100 children between the  ages of 7-11, the hospital, Gooding Hall,  this is one of the original buildings in this  Camp and is 50 years old and is used for  crafts or get-together when it rains,, and,  we were shown where the outdoor church  service ls held and then Bethel House (also  one of the original buildings) and is used  for churth services.  MARINE PUB ��  The Marine Pub opened on Friday and  was certainly the busiest place in town  from the moment the doors opened until  they closed at mid-night. We think the  .'��� place looks ',ve^y*"cia8sy^'^i"'",**'���''**",'*)",*,'"** ''i"-**  JWindson  PIP YOU KNOW WE HAVE:  PLUMBING, BRICKS, ROPE, WIRE MESH, ELECTRICAL, SPINOUS, SHUTTERS, GARDEN HOSE,  SHELVING, HARDWOOD LUMBER, CEDAR LATHE, INSULATION, LUMBER, FENCING,  HARDWOOD PLYWOOD & MUCH, MUCH MORE.  ECONO    STUDS  Reg. 79c  SALE  '���a.  CUPBOARD  DOORS  PANELLING  4x8xY4" Knotty Pine  Reg $7.99 *5.99  Good for Cabinet*, etc rooms.  Save $2.00  LIGHT AND DARK  PREFINISHED  Oak Panelling  Save $1.00  SUNDECK  COATING  D.cad.x, 9 lltran Coven 160 sq.ft.  Cholc* of colon grtty, r��d and gr��a��n.  * Regs $39*98  SALE  & up  Amerock Spring Loaded  HINGES  TO CLEAR  COMPOST BOXES  ��9.95  roll  $9.95roll  RoM roofing  90 lb. slate  Tar paper  50 |b. 100 sq. ft.  coverage  far paper  Breathing typ��,        ,  400 iq. ft. coverage  Cement  Ready mix ti ia  concrete, 60 lb,     **h*W bag  Reg. $1.59 pr.  SALE  pr.  <5.99  roll  CONTACT  CEMENT  ���&$,':"**8,88.-.i  Reg. $12.49  SALE  FIBREGLASS  PANELS  Heavy Gauge, 4 ox. fibreglass  8' length  SALE  '4.99  PAINT  UNSANDED    PLYWOOD    SANDED    PLYWOOD  Cloverdale  emmm%mmWm  WM  FLAT LATEX  Top quality white!  ��� R��gr$ 10.49 *M '~~mr%'j"Mtfr-  SALE ��� " *"  PLYWOOD  CUTTINGS  tt  4x8x%  OVERSANDED  ���Approx; 1 x3  ���ea.-  QUALIFIED  TV & STEREO  SERVICE  ��� Kenwood . Sanyo ��� Electrohoine  ��� Audio Keflex ��� Sound Design  SANYO VIDEO RECORDER  SIDING  CEDAR SIDING  BEVELLED  '"7/IxJO" ��� ' ""   Great for cottagei,  ���hedi, barm, etc,  R��g. 27c Hn, ft,  SALE 19'  STAIN  .**  ��;<*  STAIN  Reg. $14.95  ii, 'SALE  Cloverdale  mmmmmmmm  UNSANDED  PLYWOOD  17 mm  Reg. $22.95  SALE  '16.99  sl 1.95 a,I  Un. ft.  SPECIAL  OLYMPIC STAIN  WM' 44.95  L4m  4x8x5/16" "  Reg, $6.95  SALE  4x8x1/2  R��g. $11.95  SALE  Vn��f��f  *9.99  gal.  1-MsW  WrWk    ml       WfW    H w| Mr        W      W""    "1 W     I^W   H   ��� P^W   W   W_ ''mm  ll  uj.  mam M tA H   ^i itei kttHHi to__wm S_^l    M    M M   %, 0 fi   _%  H  y_^it *_ .M  ���tJSSoWK-I**����* W- VS*ifJfc��Hi'��-l'ils^'��* '��*'Si-?i^-3��  006-9733  Ono of tho Prlco CuMorV  no 9???fll7  MUCH MORE THAN JUST PLYWOOD  HIGHWAY 101  GIBSONS  OOfi A001    \MKS_l SS  oob-UZZl iBa  T^^T ^a^^aar       ^ ^y^^^ ^ ^^^r t ^ pa^b^^s^^M    Wm^^^^^l     mmmtm] ' a* f . i\  _.__!_.<_. >  THE PLYWOOD FIOFIE  I��  ���������"T Ppge,A-8  Tke Peninsula Tipies ^ea^ewtey, AugustJGJ, 1979  h'lHiii'iitWii'Kmat  GREAT SELECTION!  I  *m  \  MODERN SERvlCE  OUD-B^SHIONED  GOUKIEST  lied GarpehLease  EXAMPLES:  1979 Pinto - 3 dr. runabout/w/w tires .2300 cc, 4 speed,  full wheel discs, AM radio, pinstripes, body side moldings.  $118.59 p.m. plus tax - 48jnonths. -���^ 1_  1979 Bobcat-Villager stn. wagon - Y6 engine, auto, roofrack,  radio, w/w tires, wire wheel discs, ghia pkg, $147.48 P.M.  plus tax - 48 months.  1979 Ford FlOO PU V8, auto, p.s. p.b. radio, step bumper.  $161.53 P.M. plus tax - 48 months,  ,:-��� \'i  ��� V  FORTHE  DISGRIMIN/OING  DRIVER  Ha* 0tfp��, LMM tt ��� MfWal mairi, ��l fwti Motor CaWWsWT iW ClaMl, Utl    J  !���  u  ^��SSft  ���"**W,  ���mwgjm��JJ-i  m-^  'l,i      '   4<<WtV��l*<iyW��Wnnsm['m�� vr-   ���-.-,-   ... ���  "...''   i        I7..7-7i,ilVN<rM>i:lliliJ,v'/:��'-iJ'        '        ��� i      I...11. ��  Just arrlvedl 1979 Ford F-150 Super Cab,  4x4, Ranger, auto, radio. Raven Black.  1979 Lincoln ��� Collectors S��rlos Mark V.  Midnight Blue, loaded, Including moonroof.  M>y_'7^3!fh'hha ;''77c,.,.,.., ...,.-.,  1979 F-250, 4x4, 351 V8, 4 speed, hub*,  radio etc.  1977 Lincoln Town Coups ��� White ext., red  leather Int. Absolutely loaded and  like  new.  __  0  V  Good selection of used cars and trucks  i,  i /7 ��� ,  ..  Our parts and service departments are in full swing  Call Ken Begg for your  parts requirements  885-3281  'TVttaymt fo *?**d (fa<��fof'  Drop In for a test drive today!  Open Monday-Friday 'till 9 p.m.  SOUTH COAST FORD SALES LTD.  "Full Une Ford and Mercury Dealer"  1326 Wharf Road, Box 1759, Sechelt, B.C.  MDL 5936  Service Dept. Hours:  8:00 am-4:30 pm  *    *t"W      rtflt*a*'^*^Wffl4KSffii*J4S^il**fiaailgll^^ ��i  Monday-Friday  Van Toll Free 684-2911  PINTO ��� BOBCAT ��� FIESTA ��� COURIER ��� BRONCO ��� FORD ��� MERCURY ��� MUSTANG ��� CAPRI ��� FORD TRUCKS H VANS ��� COUGAR ��� T BIRD ��� GRANADA  /' ���Ihe Peninsula jfo^  Wednesday, August 22,1979  Pages 1-8  This pullout section will be offered weekly in the Peninsula Times to inform our readers on the latest news in the local real  estate market, to offer the most complete classified sales information possible and to provide news and information on  business and industry at the local, provincial, national and international level as it affects our lives on the Sunshine Coast.  Realty Feature  m  ���*HfS��fl  K7-Ei_  rs_-  : $& *>ft^  :> **���:#;  -m  5S��?S  k  Ojta��_.%   *   ���   MX  Please!  Forgive us!!  ��� .���� ,M U^ ^^Kh^^^__^sgjl^ ,  X        Justice to the noi^eTliVe^lnT^ro^  give     you  ^cqlmplete     word  , description  in  our  catalogue  of  properties for sale. Call "Tiny Bob"  �����        Kent  for  a  tour  of  this   above  average home, priced at $125,000.  Dial 885-9461.  !5,',>��-  formerly  Tr  na  CENTURY WEST REM ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, Corner  Trail & Cowrie St.,  ***     V0N3A0    PROFESSWWVLSFORYOU  AGENCIES LTD.  Ill  yiv  -'����*:  ' -?y. ^*.  x y ��w  >&.m��    As   .  toss  Remember: the nicest thing  about a  Times Classified  is that it is as near  as your phone.  JUST CALL  885-323}  Tuesday thru Saturday  WE'LL BILL YOU  LATER  ..'eX1  i*to  &::*:���:���:���:  Mmtm^-'&  "i ... ^vwwra PHONE  885-3231  PageB-2       The Peninsula Times       August 22,1979  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Help Wanted  For Rent  Mobile  Homes  7<.  Boats and Engines       Wanted to Buy  For Sale  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Deaths, Card of Thanks, In  Memoriam, ' Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  after that. Four words per line*.  - Birth Notices,.Coming Events  take regular classified rates.  . , Ad-Brieft must be paid for In    >���  7300 Cople�� Distributed advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  Classified Advertising Rates: to receive cash discount.  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion $2.15  Three Insertions $4.30 Subscription Rates:  Extra Lines (4 words)  60c By Mall:  Display Ad-Briefs Outside Local Area.,.. $15 yr.  $2.90 per column Inch USA ' ��� $20.00 yr.  Box Numbers $1.00 extra Ovewajat $25,00yr.  ._         '          .. ,      wA Single Copies    20c ea.-  Legal or Reader advertising 30c *  -per-agofe-Hne���_-. ���  ���       Announcements  ALCOHOLICS   Anonymous.  Meeting, every Thurs., 8*3t>  pm, Wilson Creek Community  Hall. 885-2896 or 885-3394. 4816-  tf   '  Personal   ,   GIANT POSTERS, black &  white or color from your  pictures. Photo stamp and  enlargements. Write for free  JMerature._Karreens Photon  118A Harbourview, Box 323,  Tahsis,B.C.V0PlX0.  1792-39  LADY 5' 2", slim looking for  companionship & outings,  late 50's, 60V Sechelt area.  Reply Box 310A7Sechelt. 1899-  40 ' .  Work Wanted  tree  SCRAP CAR pick up. Phone  8834290. 197941  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Let us care for your  needs:_  -Topping  -Falling  ���Limbing  Insured work  "Our reputation,  -speaks fof-itself"  ph. 885-2109  3283-tf  Help Wanted  GUITAR   &  Music  Theory  ���lessons.���Jazzr_improy_;_  reading, writing, all styles.  Beg.-Adv. Budge, 885-9285.  1528-tfn  Work Wanted  PORTABLE Sawmille to cut  on 50-50 lumber split. Write  Box 859, Sechelt, stating size,  capacity and-or price quotes.  195641  CLAPP'S CONCRETE  Placing ahd Finishing. All  types of Concrete Work.  Breaking and hauling away of  oia concrete. .Concrejte  leakage problems'. Seepage or  high pressure leaks.  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341, Sechelt  1211-tf  DRYWALUNG, taping and  filling. Free estimates - 885-  5058. 188840  THE h6u.SEWARMERS will  replace or convert your  existing wood windows to  double-pane thermal glass.  For homes with existing  aluminufn windows, we Install  inside-sliding storm windows.  Call us, we're the experts. CaU  986-3102 or contact PO Box  86514, North Vancouver. B.C.  1924-tfn  THUNDER PAINTING  Interior & Exterior.  professional work at  reasonable rates  Free Estimates  5 years on the coast  885-3301 & 886-7619  3861-tf  2 MATURE persons required  to manage laundromat &  amusement arcade in Sechelt.  6 hr. day. Contact Mr. Killam,  885-2283,10-5. 189240  CERTIFIED INDUSTRIAL  Electrician and certified  millwright. Full range IWA  benefits. Needed immediately. Contact Box 39,  Merritt, B.C. V0H 2B0. Phone  378-2224. Relocate to the  beautiful Nicola Valley!  1995-  40 ^  EXP'D   Housekeepers,.  Waitresses, Cook. Exp'd  only need apply, in person,  Lord Jim's Lodge.       194841  YOSHI'S RESTAURANT,  grill & hostess persons. Apply  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  -between^4r3 p.m-Aug-25 or*  between 2&3 p.m. Aug. 25 or  write to Yoshi's, R.R. 2,  Gibsons. 1969-39  REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY ; Dining  room, ctifeterial personnel for  Columbia Icefields in  beautiful Canadian Rockies.  Room and board provided.  Excellent wages. Contact Bill  or Paul at (403) 8524934. Box  178, Jasper, Alta. VOE 1E0.  1989-39  ADVERTISING Sales Person  needed immediately by  expanding weekly  newspaper: some  management duties required.  Attractive salary; Beautiful  Lakes District of B.C. Ask for  Bill at 692-7528. 199041  EARN UP to |100 a weekl.:  Spare time career with  management opportunity  available. For details send  name, address, phone number  to: M, Chester, 205, 1899  Willlngdon Ave., Burnaby,  B.C. V5C5T1. Phone 294-1512.  199M2  THE VILLAGE of Nakusp  requires the services of a  clerk-treasurer. Applications,  for this position wul be accepted until September 7,  1979: Mayor E.O. Johnson,  Box 280, Nakusp, B.C. V0G  1R0. 1997-39  SPARE TIME Career!  Openings available, with  management opportunity for  selected persons,. For details  send name, address, phone  number to M. Chester, 205-  1899 Willingdon Ave., Burnaby  V5C5T1.294-1512. 1784-39  REQ U.I RED IM-'  ; MEDIATELY: experienced  Grapple-Loader operator 599  '.American, with ' snorkel.  Temporary-permanent  position with JacobsonrBros.  Forest Products Ltd. Logging  - division at Horsefly, B.C.  Contact O.J. Andersen,  Woodlands Manager, Box  4710, Williams Lake, B.C. V2G  2V7. Phone-3924121 office;  392-5969 home. 192141  PART-TIME  INSTRUCTORS  Instructors are needed for the  fall    program    in    the  following areas:   _  Automotive Maintainence,  Basic  Automotive   Maintenance,  Tune up  Bartending  Bookkeeping  Candlemaking  Diesel Theory  Fiberglassing  Furniture Refinishing  Guitar  Office Machines  Quilting  Small Engine Repair  VERY MODERN 1 bdrm  trailer for rent. Mid-Sept.  Semi-WF beach access. W.  Sechelt, $175 mo. 885-5613 after  Aug. 18. 1929-39  AVAIL SEPT. 1 12 x 64 3BR:  MH stove and fridgev on  private semi-WF lot. Laundry  facilities avail. 6. mi. from  Sechelt, $250 mo. or $235 md.  on 10 mo. lease or more. Refs.  885-9098 after 6 br weekends.  193540  STORE  FOR    RENT  MODERN 750 SQUARE  FEET. CENTRE OF  Cowrie St. Sechelt  885-2045  FOR RENT:  Wilson Creek,  Community Hall and Scout!  lHall. Call Mabel Dooley at 885-  9804. 3691-tf:  2 BDRM HOME, Redrooffs,   nu_ ,��|UVV ���, vu�� w or  carpeted.. Stove, fridge, lg.  for what-have-you. 8834490,  '73 MONARCH trailer 12 X 60/  Sechelt. Skirted, lg. porch,  part, furnished, sm. spin-dry.  washer, lg. dryer. 885-9758  aft. 6:30 p.m.       ,      195241  SINGLE WIDE 10'. x 50' MH, 2  -   bdm, bath, liv. rm. kitchen,  appliances, good ctfhd. 885-  3967, $6,000.      ��� 193140  .������ijisai    i aal.ssisp.  ip    ��� ��� assaisaisi -   ��� ������������ ���'��� ���  Campers and Trailers  22'      1977      COACHMAN  Motorhome. Class A. Many  extras. 485-5167 after 5 p.m.  127940  .TRILLIUM,   .FIBREGLAS  ...' trailer, vrt. 975- lb. Stove.  fridge, furnace, sink; enclosed  toilet, elec. brakes, like new.  .$3,200.885-5068 ,1971-39  '75 9%' VANGUARD Camper.  Good cond. Sips. 6. 3-way  fridge, port, toilet, port, jacks  & pegs, incl., $3,200. 885-9846  aft 6 p.m. 196341  22' SCAMPER trailer, self-  contained.   Req's   some  work, $2,000 or offer to swap  -W-  garden, responsible couple  pref. 885-5235. Avail. Sept. 1.  1854-39  2,000 SQ. FT. upper floor office. Rent as is at $450 per  mo. or we will renovate to  suit. Heat & parking included.  885-3224 for appt. to view. 1503-  tfn  MAPLE CRESCENT Apartments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm apts.  Reas. rent. Incl. heat,  cablevision, stove, fridge. 886-  8333 or apply Apt. No 104-B.  4121-tfn  1839-39  22 FT. .SCAMPER. Exc. cond.  On pad in Garden Bay,  $4,500,594-7474. 184549  .*������'���"���    '-  ��� .isssi    ���      issii   usss   ������   issisi   r    ssa        ���   in.  Cars and Trucks  '71 GMC 6500 5 ton flatdeck. 90  pet. brsdt.es, 9000 mi. 427 cii. in.  mtr, new Michelins on front,  $6,200 for quick sale. 885-2615.  1665<-tfn  '66 PLYMOUTH station  wagon, $400. 883-2533 till 5:30  8834933 aft. 6. 1680-tf  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  J  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad In th. iquare., 6�� aur. to l.av. a blank apneas altar ���ach  word,  lliraaa llnata) I* $2,1 S. Eacr, i ddltlonal Una U 60c, \ ,  Takat advantage of aur apaKlal' aovlngs.  ��� Run your ad twit. ��� lha third tlmo It flit,  * II you pay lor y ir ad th* Iqturday b.lor. publication you get a  discount��- 2Sc lor I Ins.rllon ��� 80c lor 1,  ftnemaking  Woodwork  If you have skills you would  like to share with others,  please call or write immediately.  Karin Hoemberg,  Continuing Education  Box 6, Sechelt, B.C.  Von 3A0  Phone: 885-3512  1962-39  WELL ESTABLISHED  Fraser Valley Community  Newspaper requires experienced Sports writer.  Applicants should also be  '' competent with-jgeneral-news  and 35 nim camera. Dark  room experience an asset.  Apply Box 148, BCYCNA, 808,  207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C, V6B1H7. 1856-39  FULL-TIME reliable  babysitter needed Aug. 23  till school starts. Part-time  fall & winter. Secret, Cove-  Half moon Bay area. 885-9563  or8854076. 189340  For Rent  MADEIRA PARK: 2 bdrm  house, good cond. 1,000 sq.  ft., fridge & stove. Near  school, stores, WF. G. Betts.  Gen. Del., Madeira Park, or at  Lot C, Lagoon Rd.        1949-39  SUITE FOR ret. Gibsons. 2 or  3 bdrm. Avail, immed. 581-  0024;   195741  CLEAN FURN. spacious view  suite. FP, heat & util, incl.  Must have refs. 886-7769. 1960-  41 ���     '     ;���������'������-���   v."'    '  TWO 2 bdrm suits avail. .Sept.  1,1979. Lower Gibsons area.  Rent $235 per mo. Century 21-  Century west Real Estate  (1978) Ltd. 885-2235.      1977-39  your  ���It at  In S.ch.it at tha r.nlruulo Tlm.i Otllcs,  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Socholt, B.C.  VON SAO  1  1  1  FOR RENT  1  1  1  1  MOBILE HOME  TRAILER PADS  1  1  1  ���Double & Single*  1  1  West Sechelt  1  1  1  1  1  1  885-9825  or  885-2671  I ��� vtfmwmwmHmnrW Ivft IIVPI  I  15  %2  60'  60'  60��  Noma)  Addraiaa  foalolCod*  .  .T.I No.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I.  T  1 BDRM SUITE, West Sechelt  area. Avail. Sept. 1, 1979.  Rent $170 per mo. Century 21-  Century West Real Estate  (1978) Ltd. 885-2235.     1978-39  LEASE 3,000 square feet or  partial. Commercial  building, good location in  Courtenay. Avail, by Jan. 1st,  1980. Suit any type business.  334-2380 days, 339-6809  evenings. 1084^30  REASONABLE   RENT.   2  bdrm mobile homo. incl.  fridge & stove, Avail. Aug. 9.  mmXit,,   ,     , ,��� 1IW38  j   The Peninsula Times Classifieds  lamsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm m mmmmmass,saaiaa  r i  m    |  RENTING  On*  aWdroom   Apartment!  ��� Draptii * BalconiM  ��� ControlUd Entrance" Vl��w  ���*"Wall*TO"'Wolt*tqr|Mir"-*"*  ��� Colored Appllanc��  Kent from $140.00  Call DOUO FERRIS  885-2283  Wanted to Rent  RESP.   COUPLE   seeking  small house or cottage from  6 to 7 mos., Sept.-Feb. 886-9739  or call collect to 9864970. 1942-  39          /   RETIRED COUPLE, no pets  or smoking,, wish 1 or 2  bdrm WF or view by Oct.  Reliable. 886-7397.        1947-39  AFTER SEPT. 1: Heated,  furnished accomm. w-  kitchen for work crews.  General area Davis Bay. Good  care assured. Damage deposit  s avail. Ph. Collect Bryan,  Keith or Susan. 530-9771. 1959-  41  ACCOMMODATION     for  .   student teacher in Sechelt  area beginning Sept. 1. 876-  5466 or 6&-5165, collect.   1884-  .;.��.'���;��� Y'-"-.' 7������������.-       7 ���*���,-;  Real Estate  SEA BEACH: Treed waterfront on the open Pacific,  sandy beach, road and power.  West coast Vancouver Island.  $45,000; Lake Beach and  Cottage: 28 ha (70 acres).  915m (2000') waterfront, 3  bdrm year-round home,  outbuildings, float. Quesnel  Lake; Cariboo, $79,000. Ron  Burley, Pearson-Johnstone &  Associates Ltd., Box 580,  Ucluelet, B.C. VOR 3A0. Phone  7264447. 190441  7% ACRES WF 20 ml. up the  inlet from Sechelt. Timber,  water supply, self-contained  new cedar cottage, dock &  boathouse. $79,500.885-2879.  193841  LOT FOR sale by owner. End  of Pebble Crescent. Treed,  Frontage 40' - back 95.42'. Ph.  885-9758aft. 6:30 p.m.   195141  WATERFRONT lot Sunshine  Coast (Robts. Ck. area)  Browning Rd. 100 x 370. Very  private w-level entry  driveway off Browning Rd.  View from houseslte 2nd to  none. Water, hydro readily  avail. $79,500. Days 278^888.  eves. 433-7228. 1955-tf  GIBSONS TRIPLEX. Sun-  shlne Coast Hwy. Excollont  holding proporty. 581-0024.  195841  GIBSONS BY owner $40,900.  Clean 3 bdrm, view, sundeck, dining rm, FP, util. rm,  carpets, 1260 sq. ft. Good size  central located lot. 886-7657  aft. 6. 1070-39  EXCELLENT Investment:  Downtown Osoyoos, nearly  new commercial building,  approx, 4fn sq. ft. Suitable  for lease or business. For  further information, phono  493-6220 (eves.) or 405-2222  (days); J. Mahovllc, Box 553,  Osoyoos, B.C. V0H1V0. 1988-  39  ��  .WILL BUILD 3 bdrm home,  bsmt. carport, on our lot for  under $55,000. 885-2762, W'  0154. 1844-30  FOR SALE 1969 Grande Prix  2-door gold, black vinyl top.  454 engine, runs great. $2,200  obo. 886-9001 early morn or  late night. 193941  1975 CJS Jeep uTgoodcond.,  $4,000 obo. Call Iain at 885-  2555 after 6 eves. 194041  .... K.  HAVE A really good 327  engine and 1 yr. old 2-spd.  auto, hidden away in damaged  $69 Chev. Asking $500. obo.  885-9829. 194641  I I | ���I      S..I.I���..-I,���,S���I|���  .-    ..,,���* Ml  1974 FIAT Spider, good cond.,  885-2671 or 885-98^.   196441  30' FARRELL commercial  gillnetter and troller, new  diesel, radar, VHF, 2 nets,  four ton A-license, $65,000. C.  Stonehouse, 335-2244, Hornby  Island. .:     -   1998-39  OCEAN 1CHIEE freezer boat  t h e r mid-k i n g blast  33' x 6 x 10' beam. C-licence.  Fibreglass built 1973 by Fibo  Boatworks, Vancouver. Lge.  cabin, paper sounder, radio  phone Decca 050 radar & CB.  New tanks, 170 gal., new  drums, and ready to go with  170 prawn traps. Located at  Powell River, 4834774 or 483-  3204, $45,000 firm. 7,     194341  FIBREGLASS 9 ft. dinghy,  double walls, $175 obo. 886-  7877. ^ 195441  UNFINISHED 24 ft. Lap-  strack hull & cabin. Call Doug,  885-2283, business days. ,1633-  tfn  16 FT. K&C w-70 Johnson  outbd. Full canvas top, 2 gas  tanks, docking lights .&  wipers. Good cond. Asking  $3,000,883-2285. 1881-39  Business Opportunity  NATIONAL Signcrdfters  require area distributor.  Sandblasted signs/ murals -  specialty. Other signage lines  also. Prefer qualified persons-  agents in related field. 2710  Tranquille. Road: Kamloops,  B.C. V2B 7V2. Phone 3764611.  ^       2000-39  RESORT WEST of Houston.  Transmission Repair,  Prince George. Laundry and  Cleaners, Fort Nelson. Write  _oiLphoneJaose^562=8967,_563=_  7775. Block Bros, Prince  George. 1982-39  USED FURNITURE).,Phone  885-9785 betwn. 6&8 p.m.   200341  DOUBLE OR Queen Size bed  in good condition. Ph. 886-  7769.   ."       ^ 1961-39  Found  FOUND TUES., Aug.  14,  young male goat, vicinity  Crowe Rd., upper Robts. Ck.  Owner pis. phone 886-2613.  1972-39  For Sale  FENDER AMPLIFIER, $450;  .308 Savage lever-action  Hex barrel, new cond., $245;  Gibson elec. guitar, $450. 885-  3947L 19264.0  2 TWIN BEDS, oak. $70 both;  telephone    table,    $20;  dresser, $10.8854502.   188540  STOP!  HOT:  WATER  TANKS  II  siZM-  -b��it prlcci-  at MACLEODS  SECHELT  IF YOU enjoy gardening, do it  year round, . using an  aluminum and glass  greenhouse! Write for free  brochure to: B.C. Greenhouse  Builders, 7323 - 6th Street,  Burnaby, B.C. V3N3L2. 1906-  _tfn : .  -j��� i_.v,.^,i  ��)   FOR SALE ^  THRIVING 4 CHAIR  SALON  900 sq. ft. good !��������  For mora> information call  88S-2818  (9 am-4 pm)  and  886-7439'  (aftan  ,7'6i30p.m.)  1978 COUGAR XR7, a.c, p.s.,  p.b. 885-2671 or 885-9825.  196541  '68 PONTIAC Convertible  $400 obo. 886-8245.  '66 VOLKS BEETLE, complete motor tune-up, Incl.  new fuel pump & starter, new  muffler, good transportation.  Offers. Also 3.6 Scott outboard  for free. It runs! 885-9004.1975-  39  '67   COUGAR,   gd.   cond.,  $1,200. 885-3818, eves. 885-  5583. 1980-39  '77 DODGE % Ton, pu, V8,  AT. ps, pb, radio, deluxe  interior, exc. cond.,' $4,600 obo.  885-5289. 1981-39  . '69 FOR TANDEM, ��34 motor,  6-speed transmatic with 25  yard   Reliance ' garbage  Eacker. Open to nearest offer  v Auk. 25 (or nearest date  possible). Phone Mission 826-  2322. 1999-39  '77 DODGfc VAN, ps, pb, 4  spd. overdrive, many extras, $8,000.88678350.    1837-39  ���72 VW VAN. Asking $1,800.  885-5635. 1821-39  DUE  TO  health  problems  Must Sell Established Bath  Boutique business in  good  location. Includes inventory,  iOT��!frj   shelving, some furnishings.  ltr/iKW Availability date negotiable.  334-2389 days, 339-5869  evenings. 31983-39.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY -  One house, three cottages  all rented. Use as residence  and-or income. Located in  Courtenay on Highway.  $75,000. 334-2389 days, 339-5869  evelngs. 1985-39  Livestock  HORSESHOEING. CaU Bob  Hopkins eves. 886-9470. 3300*  tfn  DOORS! B.C.'S, Lowest  Prices! Prehung Interior,  $19.90; solid exterior prehung,  $49; Panelled doors, $39;  Deadbolt locks, $9.90{ Closet  _bl=folks,^_$11.90. -Canada's _  largest selection. Write or  phone for further information  Walker Door Ltd., 266-7211,  1366 S.W. Marine Dr., Vancouver V6P 5Z9 or 985-9714,  1589 Garden Ave., North  VancouverV7P3A5.     1912-tf  LADIES, Mens. Chiidrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  -Nearly .New'., .Encore-  -Boutiquer2445^anne^r,,JfV:L  .Vanc0uver,m-2020, Mon-Sat;  10-5; 1414 Lonsdale, N. Van.,  '980-8011. 4457-tf  LUMBER: 2x4s -10 ft; 2x6s -  20 ft: 3x8s - 60 ft; 2x10s - 45  ft. Ph. 552-3328. 3460-tf  STKA  SPItUCE  2x4*s  &  2 x 6's used for scaffolding.  Nails. 885-5272. 195041  ���65 IMPALAsSS 283 $uto, 2 dr.-  HT, 455 cl. Olds motor needs  reblt. 2 bucket seats. 1 king  size waterbed. Offers. 885-9616  -Tony. 195341  CAPTAIN'S BED, 4 drawers,  all cedar, $75 obo. 885-3818  days only. 1966-39  TURTLE   POOLS,   1   week  special, $11.49. MacLeod's,  Sechelt. 1967-39  NEW FROM MacLeod's,  Sechelt, wood air tight  stoves from $269.95. Selkirk  Chimneys. Best price on the  coast. 1968-39  1HIDEABED, 1 chesterfield,  1 lazy boy chair, reasonable.  886-6245. 1974-39  BUY, LEASE OR RENT  Record-a-Cal  Answering Device  J&C ELECTRONICS.  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-2568  1828-tfn  CLARK 667 grapple skidder,  24.5x32-80 pet. tires 1300  hours total time - Washington,  $34,500; 1974 Cat D3, 6-way  angle blade, ripper, 60 pet. O-  C, ROPS, Edmonton, $24,500;  1975 Clark 667 Skidder,  23.1 x 26 tires, checks out OK,  $26,500; 1975 Raygo 600,  smooth .drum with Knobby  tires, GM power, low hours,  Edmonton, $35,000. Phone 324-  2446 or 985-9759. 1991-39  1977 WESTERN Star Logger.  __400-Cumminal5SP-with_197S_  -Peerless Page  Three  Axle  Trailer. Phone 295-6278 or Box  1542, Princeton, B.C.    198740  RECONDITIONED 26"  TV  O  ELECTR0H0ME COLOR  Console $449����  886-9733  Pets  LET'S TRADE  APPLIANCES  ONNEWHOTPOINT  AT MACLEODS,  SECHELT  '76 VOLARE stn wgn, slant 6  eng, "car of the year". Low  ml., clean, top gas economy,  radio, tape deck, rear window  defrost, roof rack. $4,800 obo.  Mrs. Binns, 883-2424.    1822-39  '68 CORTINA GT rebuilt 1600  cc, % cam, side-draft,  Webers, shaved polished,  rebuilt trans (spare eng.,  trans, rear, struts, wheels),  mags, clble headlights, konl  suspension, 25 mpg, $2,000  obo. 885-2383. ikmfr  '70 FORD  Maverick,  good  cond. 885-9208. 183349  '67 REBEL V8, ps, pb, needs  paint, $390 or offer. 883-9490.  184049   ; .,   ���.1  ^Motorcycles ^ .;,,���,,���,.,���.  '74 NORTON 850 Interstate,  7,000 mi. Good cond., $1,900.  883-9490. 194441  '77 YAMAHA X-T,500. Single.  $1,000 obo. 863-0490.   1641-39  FREE 3 male white iSheperd  cross puppies. Will deliver.  886-9516. 189440  PUREBRED English  springer spaniel pups, liver  & white. Ready to go fii 3 wks.  Come & make your choice  now. 883-2557. 188940  Wanted to Buy  WE'LL MILL or purchase  your smaller logs. Small log  truck avail, for hauling.  .Smallwood Resources, 86>  2455. 1811-tfn  1964..TD20B Powershift CrW  Double Tilt Angle Dozer,  Rops canopy and winch  $24,500. Phone 4854009 or  write Van Es, Valley Rd.,  RR1, Powell River, V8A 4Z2.  198649  CONSOLE stereo, ex. cond.  wlthbuiltrin 8-track.$250  Obo. 885-5753. 194541  RUBBER STAMP Special.  Name, address and code on  3-line stamp. Only $4.95  delivered. Extra line $1. Ink  pad $2.75. JP Stamps, Box 271,  Chilliwack, B.C.V2F6J1.  1993-39  GOOD USED Fluorescent  light fixtures: indoor and  outdoor. Box 719, Osoyoos,  B.C. V0H1V0. Phone 4954436.  2001-39  {SHELVES: 36" wide, 12"  deep, 60" high, $20; 4  stacking chairs, wood &  metal, $6 ea.; 1 chair w-  magazine rack attached &  writing surface, $19? 4 used  store fixtures w-ajust.  shelves, $25 ea. Ph. betwn 6 &  8 p.m. 885-9785. 2002-39  KRAMER ELEC. guitar, 3  mos. old. solid body, 2 p.u.,  alum, neck, great sustain,  $425 firm, Ph. Lee, 8854404  aft. 5. 197641  Boats and Engines  EXCEPTIONALLY fine view  lot In West Sechelt On  water Hydro on lot. Cleared  for building. $32,000. 883-2335  or883-6423. 190040  Uia>Tlm*iAdbr,��Yfil '  1-0 OMC At fl hp outboard.  Spare prop, canvas, anchor,  depth" sounder. (l>h box,  deepllne, and much more.  25' BOAT, inbd, VHF, CB,  Rec. Depth Sounder, many  extras. Can be seen in Pender  Harbour. Ph, collect 324-9544.  185349  WANTED  Antique  Furniture  from the coast  885-3818  ~,.,.or..v.,  885-2161  1982 -CHEVY-* Roadster j  Ovesenberg Convertible,  1930 Packard Sport Phaeton,  1932 Ford Roadster, 1028 &  1941 Mercedes Benz Convert..  1928 & 1935, Chev. convert, 1930  Packard Sport Phaeton.  Cadillac, Rolls Royce or MG  to resotore. Call 485-9159.  Powell River. 127740  LOGS OR TIMBER WAntedf  fir,  hemlock  or cedar,  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  8854,408 or 885-2032.      4485-tf  WANTED   -   MACHINERY.  t>a>i^i^j^.MBs��s^'^^a��i^<vi|^wiM|Mp}av <a^f*^^HBr/M,-|t atf'tt.StfMtis^TT'fr ^  -and*retated machinery,wwith"  or without power, usable  condition; under $5,000.  Forsyth Timber. Box 5181,  Whitehorse, Vylson, Phone  (403)6684695. 199649  1 '  SOLAR REALTY  owned and operated by  AELBERS REAL ESTATE  APPRAISALS LTD.  Box 1189, Gibsons, B.C.  wishes to engage licensed,  real estate, sales persons:  For a discussion, please phone  v.A. rfcltn AtLDtltu  Rl (B.C.) FRI  8884238  OQOdTI^e^^  - x,y^m^MAM^  svlT  ^Wzl  'ltfl*ri*fyj_  ^4fe������|1*b��t��>  i^islaalWajtf^^ Wif��>m\  BR IT [ S H   CQLUM BTA Legislation in October to  enact tax, tariff measures  Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  On November 16,1978, the,  last budget of the Liberal  Administration was introduced in the House- of ~"  Commons. That budget  contained many suggested tax  and tariff measures, some to  be effective in 1978 and others  slated for implementation in  1979. Many of the measures  contained in the budget were  stated to be effective as of  November 16.  Unfortunately, the then  government failed to proceed  to have the tax and tariff bills  containing the budgetchanges  debated and enacted before  Parliament was dissolved...  The    government    has  decided      to      introduce  legislation, immediately  Parliament resumes in Oc- ,  tober requesting enactment of  nearly all of the tax and tariff  measures proposed by- the^  former administration in the  three bills to amend the Income Tax Act  (C47), the  Excise Tax Act (C48) and the"^  Customs Tariff (C41) which  were    introduced    before  Parliament was dissolved for  the May 22 general election.  The      dissolution      of  Parliament  prior   to   the  passage of these tax and tariff  bills has created problems of  uncertainty that I am now  resolving. Problems also were  created for Revenue Canada  since  it  could   not   assess  certain 1978 tax returns on the  basis of Bill C47 changes still  not enacted. Other problems  arose in collecting proposed  sales   tax   increases   and  issuing refunds relating to  them.  This  decision  will  permit Revenue Canada to"  complete the design of the 1979  -taxtonirwhiclrmust"go"ouirtD~  the printer by mid-September.  Most of the measures that  will   be   included   in   the  legislation are measures that  we have no choice but to__  continue since the Canadian  people have been conducting  -their affairs since November  16 on the basis that the budget  ' provisions brought down that  evening were effective at that  date.  Among the important  budget items requiring  legislation are the increase in'  -trie^Employmeift^ ExpSrisV*  Deduction to a maximum of  $500 and the tax-back of  certain unemployment insurance benefits received by  higher income individuals.  Income tax proposals of  substantial policy importance  and with fundamental effect  on business planning and the  tax system include the Investment Tax Credit, the  treatment of income debentures and term preferred  shares, the small business  deduction and the mining  taxation measures.  Among the important  federal sales and excise tax  measures are the reduction in  the manufacturers' sales tax  from 12 per cent to 9 per cent,  repeal of the special excise  taxes on aircraft, motorcycle ~  and. marine engines, and  exemption for solar water  heaters and signalling devices  for use, by the deaf. ���  The budget alsp proposed  increases In the Air Transportation Tax, a new special  excise tax on aviation gasoline  and repeal of the sales tax  exemptions for storm doors  and windows.  The government has  decided not to proceed with,  increases in the Air Transportation Tax as proposed by  the previous administration in  Bill C48.  . All of the other tax  provisions contained in the  previous bill, C47 and C48,  will be included in , the  legislation to be reintroduced  in October.  The,tariff bill, known as  Bill C41, will also be reintroduced in substantially the  same form. The bill proposed  revised tariffs on fruits and  vegetables and extension of a  number of temporary tariff  reductions. The effective date  for decreases in fruit and  vegetable tariffs will remain  March 13, 1979, but the increases contained in the  measure will not go into effect  until the day after the tabling  of the new Notice of Ways and  Means Motion in the House.  I am making this advance  announcement of our intentions to clear away any  confusion, and so taxpayers,  producers and importers can  make decisions and plan  actions knowing just what the  tax and tariff consequences  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  '689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  GULFVIEW- ROAD ��� Madeira Park,  fantastic,view from this new home ��� 3  new appliances, fireplace. $82,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home with view  on landscaped lot. Large workshop &  equipment storage area in back. Ideal  location for builder/contractor. $69,500.  RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� 1250$. sq. ft. 3  bdrm home-full basement, dble. carport,  large sundeck..built 1976A$65,000.  GIBSONS ��� 2 BR' residence with one BR  suite on Hwy 101, adjacent to Seaview  Plaza. Good investment at $53,500.  areT  Fabulous WF lot with super  view.    Gunboat    Bay    in  Pender Harbour area.  Good building site. Asking  only $45,900.  PENDER      HARBOUR  Country estate with  waterfrontage. Ap-  .proximately.62 acret with  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR view  home, architect designed. 5 major  appliances. $77,000.  NEAR "MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. Reduced to $33,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA,,��� -12 x 44'  Gl'endale mobile" home with 430 sq ft  addition. Ori 2/$�� acre lot. $28,500.  FRONT ROAD - MADEIRA PARK ���  Partially furnished 3 bdrm 22' x 56'  Double wide and storage shed. Fairly  level lot, beautifully landscaped in lawn  shrubs, flowers, trees, & a vegetable  garden. Close to stores & marinas.  $49,900.  SINCLAIR BAY.ROAD ��� 3 BR view home,  .1656 sq. ft., built 1974. Dble. carport,  storage room) heated 34x20' swimming  pool. Large lot, level & fenced, with  large garden area. $130,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view"  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w, 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. $67,500.  | GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR view home on-  Claydon Rd. Full basement, separate  garage. Close to marina. $87,500  over 700' feet of waterfrontage. 1000 sq. ft.  Panabode, your own dock.  Fabulous holding property.  It's already zoned  residential. Reduced for a  quick  sale ���  $295,000.  JEFF STEPHENSON  Off: 588-0131  Home: 630-2682  cswflc  GREyFRIARS REALTy,  MADEIRA PARK - Nice 2 BDR homewlth  fireplace, basement and large sundeck.  Close to stores, etc, $42,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home,  built 1976. Ensuite, fireplace, double  carport, landscaped lot. $56,900.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 3 bdrm split  level. Fireplace, sundeck & carport.  $60,000.  MADEIRA-PARK���-1280 sq ft home on  Wesjac Road. 3 BR (one unfinished),  Citation kitchen, fireplace. Treed lot  garden. Close to marina. $48,500.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  r  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  FRANCIS  PENINSULA,-   PENDER   HARBOUR���- Partially devejoped subdivision  property with potential of 59�� lots.  1,800��ft. of basic road constructed, 10  lots surveyed for first phase of  development. An excellent buy for  $135,000. ���  .7  /  11. OLE'S COVE ��� 5��  treed  acres  located  near  Lord  Jim's  Lodge  with  -access���to���wafer.1���Well���on- property .���  $50,000.  -ag~ -3zm.    j  HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  Highway 101  at Francis Penlntula Rd.  883-2794  WATERFRONT HOME ��� 4 acres with 330 ft. waterfrontage. Low  bank, southern exposure, Covered dock, water and hydro.  Priced right at $110,000.  WATERFRONT: A magnificent and unusual 15 acres with some  700' of waterfront In the lee of Harness Island. Haslam Creek  runs through the middle of this fine property and there's a  driveway In from Highway 101. A big plut on this one Is a 4 acre  oyster lease. Make an offer to the $165,000 atklng price (29%  down), it't a good buy at any price.  PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES: A new and prestigious subdivision  overlooking Pender Harbour. See with us and choote your ocean  view now .,. it't a wlte Investment.  WATERFRONT:  Pender Harbour area... 2 ad|acent  4 acre  parcelt each with approx  150' of deep protected moorage.  Fairly high bank but quite workable and well worth the asking"  prlco of $50,000 each,  WE HAVE SOLID PROSPECTS DESPERATE FOR  GOOD HOMES AND WATERFRONT. GIVE US A  CALL... WE CAN SELL YOURS QUICKLYM  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ���  HARBOUR SUPPUIS ��� Mumblnfl, electrical,"furniture and ap2  pllqncet, This butlnett shows a good return and It increasing  every year. No competition for miles, Perfect operation for  couple wanting to make their future In this area. Priced to tell  quickly todon't delay, phone now for detallt, Jock Hermon, 083-  997B,  HARBOUR MOTORS ��� At Kielndale. 4 bay service station, body  shop and store. Separate ���moll 3 bedroom home for owner. Thlt  Is a money-making situation. If you're a good body man, this Is  III  AUTOMOTIVE ��� Easy to run, well-stocked bui|n��M currently  operating 6 hours per day, 4 days per week, Add a new  dimension to your retirement and dollars to your Income ��� a  small Investment will do It. Call for particulars.  "PENDEROSA" at Garden Bay, Drive-In, take-out, groceries, 2  ���'���*eVea��fa^#rtnf..*^wtw^^  tyowlng builneti and good home In the mot! tough! after spot  on the B.C. coast. Like to live here wouldn't you?  MIDDLEPOINT ���2 bdrm home, 1100 sq.  ft. on 9.51 fairly level, treed acres. Well.  850��ft. frontage on Highway 101.  $49,000.  '2. RUBY LAKE ��� 5�� treed acres, close  to public lake access. $19,800.  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 3.4�� acres S  4��. acres, seml-waterfront. Overlooking  Malaspina Strait & just a few feet to the  waterfront. Hydro, water & paved road.  $35,000 each; ;-"���"   4. Near RUBY LAKE ��� 8.39 acres on  Hwy 101. $25,000.  5. Near MADEIRA PARK ��� 15 acres,  2150�� ft on Hwy 101. $44,000.  6. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� 3 semi-  lakefront acreages with nice view over  lake and southerly exposure.  3.92��oxres $20,000  6.83��.acres '... .$20,000  3.79��. acres $17,000  7. WARNOCK ROAD ��� lovel lot, almost  one acre. Good soil, selectively cleared.  $24,000.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2�� acres  with panorqmlc vlow of Pender Harbour.  12'x20' cabin, concrete dclvoway.  $32,000.  9. EGMONT ��� 11$ treed acres with  year round creel*,. Road access. $49,500.  10. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� l.Bf acret,  corner of Warnock and Francis Penlntula  Roads. $17,500.  LILLIES (PAQftAKE ��� 3 BR home on S��  acres. Fruit trees, garden. View over  lake. $77,500. ,  TROUT FARM - PENDER HARBOUR.'Ready  to go ��� raceways Installed to handle  160,000 trout. 95�� acres land.  Provincial commercial trout farm  licence. Water licence. Located on Hwy  101, across from Pender Harbour  Secondary School. $266,000.  LOTS  1. MADEIRA   PARK "-  $6,700 - $22,000.  serviced   loft.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� serviced lots.  $9,000-$24,000.  3. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Por-  poise Drive. $8,000.  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� , 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.    ''  5. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� 4 lots left. On  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula,  Water, some serviced with hydro.  $11,000-��12,750.  6. GARDEN t*AY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay estates & Sinclair Rd,  $13,500-$21,250.  JUNCTION ISLAND - ST. VINCENT BAY ���  18.75+ acres, treed, sheltered  moorage, several coves, oysters. 15 min.  ride by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. $120,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres wltb 387 �� ft low  bank waterfront. Good driveway to  waterfront. Launching ramp, site has'  been prepared for possible use as W/f  trailer-camper park & fishing resort. An  excellent property. Full price $95,000.  NELSON ISLAND - 40 unique acres with  1400�� ft. sheltered waterfront on  Westmere Bay and 225�� ft. lakefront,  on West Lake. 3 bdr. home, 2 cottages,  floats, road to lake. Merchantable  timber, Access by boat or float plane.  ���$160,000.'   OYSTER BAY - 37dh acres with 575�� ft.  low bank tidal waterfront. Access via old  logging road. $74,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY ��� 40�� acres  waterfront subdivision property, partially developed, Surveyed for 3 acreage  size waterfront lots & 3 acreage size  semi-waterfront lots. Road constructed,  ready for gravel, grading & blacktop.  Old 2 storey home & small creek on  property. $270,000.  NEAR WOOD BAY ��� 188�� acres with  1300�� ft, choice waterfront. Merchantable timber. $375,000,  EGMONT ��� 7 acres with 540 ft low  bank���waterfront���Site���has���beerr  Jprepared for possible use as a large  WF trailer-camper park & fishing  resort. This is an'excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina.  $180,000 ��� Owner will finance at  bank interest rate.  j -^Si  HOT ft.  LAKC  '���mm  jttrm   mt  1  *������ CUV*    tf  I  WATERFRONT HOMES  iOHN BREEN  803-9978  JOCK HERMON  883-2743  !   SOLD  MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 BR homo wllh  I600�� sq ft of living area on 2 floors,  130�� ft waterfront, large landtcaped  tot. Excellent view. $115,000.  I  COMMERCIAL PROPER  3  y-��  /  y  WILLIAM ISLAND ��� Nice 2 1/2 �� acre  Itland at entrance to Pender Harbpur,  Piped water. $125,000.  EGMONT ��� 3.8:fc acres with 550�� ft.  low bank waterfront. Float, launching  romp. Whole property It terraced and  levelled ready for development. Drilled  Well- $165,000.  LOTS  SECRET COVt* ��� lot A on Woscan Rd.  Stoop, but has good building site &  ���sheltered moorage, On sewer systom.  $35,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ���-- 132 ft W/F In  Pondor Harbour, 1.8 acros, doop  .moorage, $50,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 83 ft. W/F  (ad|olnt above property). 1.221 acret.  Deep moorage. $36,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 1.4�� acres on 75��  feet deep, sheltered waterfront. Small  beach area, $39,900.  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 400* ft waterfront,  5.97 acret, water accett. $29,500,  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Low bank lot with  sheltered moorage. Garage, septic tank,  and driveway In. A good buy for  $49,000.  0, A.  ���   f*7   y   X"**yX * *f v\\/��� *  y^:^U: ^/$4>Al -h /k.  "tH-r :fc ���- H-H-r--/ :i:iy^  ��TK~.$rB':    :   i     A.X    '   ..T.V "' ������������tfr*-;-* -|' <* ":.   -���'��� \\ ��� ^t^  PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES  Choice lots still available In this desirable location.  Most have view & sunny southerly exposure.  One lakefront lot still available.  Paved road, water & hydro. M.L.S.  ""''/   , Priced from'$10,000 to $37,500.  1 '..'.���ii  7        /"'���/  \ n"" .  ��� y-  i  MADURA PARK ��� 1,000t tq, ft. bldg,  business with good potential. $73,000,  Or -busmenr only*tn.OOO,; plusmock,  ��� " ' ��� " "-liwerHM'  , I < I * I < 111.11 \I��I.'��] * | .-  ����y "ftnf  "yf  ��� . in.  mm*d��  AltAO  ,'/��ll',r   i"  it'tHrmn���"*  V     "   i'spiou " \      >      ,i y ;v���,:'.,   //,  rl��r,��n"*    '      'i".   ".'i-'  '    V  ."    ,-.!<-      J"'���    in1'.��/.,"v".,*,|  mnder   tirtrtnou^  I'1  ������..L   rt  \ ...  1      l  *   I  *   I    '  ,1, 4,   . M  I 0  .  . . A      /.  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  0LLI or JEAN SLADEY. 883-2233  '"TT  i PageB-4  . Hie Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1979  885-3211  FREE REAL JSTATE CATALOGUE  Post OHlee Box 1219, Sechelt     -'  Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016  Doug Joyce  Bob Bull  i   ,-1 - '���  885-2761  885-2503  J-  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT  Unbeatable 125 ft of beach with a house plut guest cottage. All landscaped and In  lawn. Blacktop driveway. Approximately 1/3 acre of land. South, exposure.- FP  $134,500. Stan.  REALTY LTD.  Jack Anderson 885-2053  Stan Anderson 885-2385  DonHadden      885-9504  WATERFRONT  --i  *l* * v       *  REDROOFFS" >h .-. v��� <;$67.50p  New waterfront 3 bdrm home'with"expansive view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island. Features' shake roof,  stainless steel 'Shaw' fireplace & skylight.  Treed lot. Bob.'  SECHELTVILLAGE1 ..    $54,900  NEW-NEW-WITH-VIEWI View from kitchen,  living room & sundeck Include* 3  bedrooms, kitchen pantry, fireplace, car-  port, large lot. CallJBob to view anytime.  WATERFRONT: Sandy, Hook ��� 2 bedroom  home on 131' of secluded, hard to obtain  'WF. 1/2 basement, cedent driveway,  naturally landscaped, easy to care for and  priced to sell at $59,900. See Doug.  SECHELT-SANDY HOOK" " $135,000  Waterfront ��� moor your sailboat at this  dock. Large cedar home with super sauna,  decks everywhere. Privacy and expansive  view. Phone Bob for a-viewing. This is a  1 unique home.  BEAUTIFUL DAVIS BAY: 1300 sq. ft. of well  built  3  bdr.  home.   Large   sundeck;   2  fireplaces and cement driveway. Excellent -  family home with a spectocular'vlaiw. FP  $64,900. See Doug.  ROBERTSCREEK $52,000  3 bedroom home-on* 1.67 acres. Spacious  ,open plan of 1320 sq ft has ensuite off  master bdrm. Home has family room and  utility. Reduced drastically in price for  immediate sale. Take Gibsons home in  trade. Bob.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY $124,000  Sechelt Village, Fully rented, mostly on  lease. Shows good return on investment.  Opportunity to invest in this growing  community. Details to bonafide purchaser.  Doug.  SECHELTVILLAGE $63,500  Best view Lot on Sunshine Heights and  large too ��� 100 x 140' ��� over 1/3 acre.  This home- is well insulated for winter and  has air conditioning throughout for those  hot summer days. Dbl carpo/t, fujl bsmt,  landscaping ��� it goes on & on I, This home  by Knight Is worth viewing. Call Bob.  ���  hi^-,^4.  *& y  SECHELT VILLAGE: Pebble Crescent ���  $49,900. Completejiew remodel job. Large  rancher 1515 sq ft. Close to shops and  school. Level lot too. New cupboards,  carpets, quarry tile entrance & bathroom  floors, light fixtures & paint. Why rent when  you can move into a fine home at this price?  Wood heater to beat fuel bills tool Call Bob.  CREEKSIDE HOME $68,500  On 6/10 acre with parklike setting,  towering trees & spacious, easy to maintain  level lawns. One year new expansive home  has two large bedrooms. Separate entrance  hall leads to a large living room with  fireplace that invites gracious entertaining.  A 23x28'' ggached garage-could be converted to an extra bedroom & family room.  An added plus is a 440' workshop with 3 pee  plumbing. Close to best sandy beach in  area.  SECHELT: Family 4 bedroom home, 1,200 sq.  ft. two bathrooms, handy kitchen with bar &  dishwasher, stove & fridge Included.  Heatilator brick fireplace in living room alto  brick fireplace In family room. 600 sq. ft.  sundeck, drive-in carport. Landscaped  property with loads of trees ft shrubs. A  deluxe home that must be seen to be ap-  preclated.-Fall-prlcaj-$65,900rT��rnwr Call-  Jack.  WEST SECHELT: $75,000. Four bedroom  home, 2 baths, 2 FP, auto/oll heat, tundeck'  and carport on gentle elope 1 acre lot  overlooking Trail Itlandt. Half/ block to''  beach'accett. Alto hat tmall rental cottage.  An appointment necessary. Call Don.  g^j.fti'i'.i.lir.s.to,)  ACREAGE  fz��zz$i^,y  SECHELT VILLAGE: $47,900. 2 bedroom up,  den & extra bedroom down. Double  plumbing. Heatilator fireplace in large  living room * rec room. Stucco-exterior.  Large lot within walking-distance to schools  and shops. Easy terms. Call Jack,  WEST SECHELT $$97550  Good buy for tlze of Lqt and development of  lower level of home. Newly completed  house with concrete drive and parking  areas. Room on Lot to build twlmmlng pool  or other uses; Landscaping done complete  with lawns. Move In and enloy. See with  Bob.  SECHELT $47,500  Near new,, large, bright, economical three  bedroom home, 1 year,new, 1260 sq ft.  Thermopane windows and doors, central  fireplace, open plan, no stairs, ��� level lot.  Large tundeck, carport and storage. Good  value at $47,500. Call Don.  FULL PRICE $41,900  3 bedroom, dbl plbg, Handy Sechelt locale.  Landscaped lot with U-drlyeway. This home  Is only 3 years old, clean * bright, Real  value. Call Jack.  ROBERTS CREEK ~ $'16,000 each - 4 large, country lots In the hfart'  of Roberts Creek. Private yet close to school, beach, ttore and golf  course. A great place to live for all ages. Take your pick.  PLAN  . *o' i  oL'"       ."     ,1"'     /  t0 ./,1,    a  REDROOFFS ACREAGE: 3 1/2 acres subdlvldable all facilities including power. Could e.4-5 lots. Very-reasonable price. F.P.  $29,250. Call Stan.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330 x 660'. Will eventually  have a view. Close to the arena. Try your offer to $35,000.  VIEW ACREAGE ��� 5 acres In West Sechelt. Some view of the ocean.  Nicely treed. Good access. No logable timbers: F.Pv$25,900.- -* >.-,  in t *YAM,i  fl'.-C^jit-  l T ' ��� . b  .lnfUfH4t'i  ft*  WEST SECHELT ACREAGE ���Good investment for the patient, 200 x  1000 ft. of Highway frontage. Good access and a small stream for  water. FP $22,900.  A FINE ACREAGE: $35,250 full price ��� Sechelt Village. Just under 5  acres with an attractive view and lots of garden soil. Treed property  with a developed well and good road access. Partly cleared. Call  Stan.  BUSINESS BLOCK  GIFT SHOP ��� Good revenue producer in an excellent location with  room for expansion. Good variety of merchandise. Call Stan Anderson. [   WEST SECHELT, HWY 101 -Fourplex & house $149,000  Move Into this spacious comfortable home and enfoy a great view of  the Trail Islands. The rental from the fourplex oh the property will  help pay expenses. This property Is large 80 x 474' and is nicely  landscaped. Call Bob for more Information.  SEMI RETIREMENT BUSINESS OOINO CONCERN $74,500 FULLPRICI  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS. TERMS ft TRADI  Both of these sites are Ideql for year-round steady trade. 14 washer,  dryers In one location. 7 dryers and 14 washers In 2nd location. All  equipment In top condition. Stores ai;e clean anoVftewly decorated,  Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month. Foryfurther Information  call J, Anderson 885-2053 Vane 684-8016   . . _^  HOWES  SELMA PARK ��� $15,000. 1976 12x68' Bendix Paramount Mobile  Home, All new w/w Includes triple axles, tires & wheels, hitch,  Stove & fridge and 3 beds. Thl�� unit cannot be told from new. (See  Doug). '    NUMBER 19 .TSAWCOME: a co*y, near new 792 sq ft 2 bedroom*  home close to the beach at Chapman Creek. Not stairs, electric  heat, double glazing, Government prepaid lease has 19 years to  run. FP $32,000,  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Do you want a quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cart? We  hove a few "parcels of evergreen forett, 5 to 10 acres each.  Minimum of 250 feet of waterfront and stream thru mott lots.  Located 22 miles of Sechelt by water or air only. Fly In with Tyee  Airways Ltd. from Vancouver or Sechelt, or ute your own boat. Call  Don.  SECHELT ��� SANDY HOOK $135,000  Waterfront - Moor your sailboat at thlt dock. Large cedar home with  super sauna, decks everywhere. Privacy ft expansive view, Phone  Bob for a viewing. This It a unique home.  EGMONT WATERFRONT): Excellent Investment opportunity. Close  to 560' of waterfront with 5 acres & a 5 yr old double wide home.  Asking $85,000 with 1/2 dn. All offers & trades will be considered.  EGMONT WATERFRONTAGE: Over 20 acres with approx 1000' of  waterfront. Could be an excellent investment. Vendor offers terms  wtth $50,000. dn. Consideration given to trades.  LOTS  1/2 ACRE CORNER LOT: Level, paved roads, easily cleared. Suitable  for mobile hornet. RedrooHs Area. Try your offer to $ 13,000.  DAVIS BAY: $19,900 full price. 90' frontage on paved dead end  street. Underground telephone ft cablevision. Large view ��� a one  of a kind. See Doug.  CHASTER ROAD: $9,900 - Good, level lot 67' x 123', close to school  and all local services, on paved road. Call Don.  WEST SECHELT LOT: $16,900. Large creekside Lot on quiet cul de sac  gives privacy in parklike setting with many beautiful trees. Services  at road. Call Don.-  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��� $10,000. Extra large building lot in arsa of  new homes. All services including paved roads. Call Doug.  REDROOFFS-r/2 ACRE-TTeed'Sn04,^rfl;^ta"ge~61iT^rMffrRar."  Lots of good trees and some alder for firewood. Easy access from  the road and excellent topsoil. Serviced with power & water. FP  $12,500.  ROBERTSCREEK $16,00OeaT  Country Lots ��� 3 to choose from. These Lots are 1/2 acre or over,  close to school, store, golf course and beach access. Call Bob.  ROBERTS CREEK: Large treed, serviced lot close to beach & golf  course. Quiet area, mobile home permitted. FP $11,900.  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acres with 100 feet  road frontage. Excellent buys at full price $20,000 each.  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� Lot 6S selectively cleared leaving some trees.  I* * VieW<��Mrje.ace.gij & withjn.wajkjng distance to. shopping. Sewered  *    this year. Asking $13,500.���V~r *-.-t���, ^   SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 acre. Level building lot. Hydro  and regional water at road. Check & compare. Attractively priced at  $9,450.  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT: Sechelt Village ��� 62.5 x 120'. Ready for  ���tl^So ��Wner wi" ,racle as part down PQyment on home. Value  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x 179' lot, corner location,  easy access. Excellent view of Trail Island. FP $15,500.  WSSkS*1? ������������ $11.500 ea.  Secluded building Lott located on a quiet dead end street. The Lots  are 150 x 70, easy to develop and flat with some trees. Close to a  good beach. In area of new homes. (Stan)  HOPKINS LANDING. View lot close to ferry -, area of new homes  priced to sell at $13,000. Call Bob.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Inlet view lot 50 x 120 x 90. Clote to marine.  Atklng $13,500. Call Don;  SECHELT VILLAGE: Sunshine Heights Lot 67 x 125' In a district  containing some fine new, homes. Level and easy to clear. All  services. $2,000 down and easy monthly payments. FP $10,900.  '   '*    ' V  SANDY HOOK: Spectacular view Lot In quiet residential area, 55 x  163' zoned Rll. Mobile homes permitted. Asking $10,500,  COOPER RD: Lot 80x263', treed, level. Services along paved road.  Reduced to $9,500, Call Don.  OIBSONSt $18,500 full price ��� Small 3 room cabin on large Sea  View lot, landscaped, fruit treet, tewer and water, Clote to boat  launch and beach, Idoal location for boat owner who doet not own a  car.  IT"*"  REDROOFF RANCH INC. SUBDIVISION  \       REDROOFF RANCH INC. Phase I subdivision Is located on Redrooffs Road approximately 5-  1/2 miles west of Sechelt Village.^Hydrp^telephone and regional water serves the sub-   division, the iot^  Included In the prospectus ��� ask for your free copy.  PRICE SCHEDULE  Lot 31 ��� SOLD  Lot 32 ~ SOLD  Lot 33p. SOLD  Lot 3f��� $11,600  Lot 38���SOLD  Lot 36 ��� $11,900  ' o ���*'  '''���?>-   Lof 37 ~~ *12,760  V^^r    '  ^       ' it   ��''s.'*-  *yy*yr'y y (W,t; '     !  ������         ^^yj,,,;. iis. , ,  ,*ya \  Lot 38 ��� $11,900  Lot 39 ��� SOLD  Lot 40 ��� $11,600  Lot 41 ��� $12,700  Lot 42���$OLP  Lot 43 ��� SOLD  Lot 44 ��� SOLD  Lot 45 ��� $11,150  Lot 46 ��� $12,500  Lot 47 ��� SOLD  Lot 40 ��� SOLD  Lot 49��� SOLD  Lot 50 ��� SOLD  As l?v\ ���  y*    \ 'j.*.       j"/  Dimensions are given In both feet and metres',  Ay  JL&V-  '���'"��"*""������>.  o  is T  JJL_  :t*yyyy..x  v, <$  Tnr**" v\  P\ V>  '���'Of  ^yx  ���    sssasi    ,             ,           ..           ���         ,K        mJ      i ��\    7 ,*,��y  ,  .... ,���    ��f'f 4" .^.Q,V "V^'V   ,      x  '^^;,^!i^  r: A-" ' ' -y\y~:'  >r ��� ' , ���'   ' ,.^.i.y    ' v/  V  y  A  A. .1   Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-5  pV|  '^v;  *V  885-3295  Van. Direct  68V-7931  Box 979 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  Where Real Estate is serious���but a pleasure  T_ AMV tOl7 Pf.mvnni*nA MnnnrfAr f^Ai��**ir  Kirsch snips* the ribbon on the new  Sewing Machine Centre in the Sunnycrest Shopping Mall in Gibsons last  Friday." Owners Russ. and Joyce  Baker hold the ribbon.  Manufacturing industry  in competitive position  "Compared with the  European Common Market  (ECM); the US. and" Japan,  the Canadian domestic  market is extremely small.  Because  of this,  Canadian  MONTREAL,. July 9 -  Canada's manufacturing  industry~is~noWTn ~its~best  competitive position since  1970 and the best hope for  many companies lies in ob-    1alntog~freere��ess-towfld~^  markets. faced with comparatively  The Bank of Montreal's    short production runs  .and  July business���Reyiew says    many of them have always  that manufacturing-has come _ JoundVthemselves_at_ a_con^_  alive in the past two years,    siderable cost disadvantage  Output,   employment  and    vis a vis competitors located  capacity utilization have all  increased substantially.  But the Review ^cautions  that on the one hand, the industry must keep cost increases in check, if it wishes  to maintain its competitive  in   the   ECM',   U.S.   and  Japanese market areas.  "The move to freer world  trade tends to open up larger  markets for Canadian  manufacturers. If the advantage is seized, this will  encourage   increased   in-  position. Onthe oti^e^hacid,1it../ ^estmente."-  jsP-QxtSjL^wJLhgtu^  i  profitability is modest at best-  and investment, growth appears retarded.  The review discounts the  suggestion that manufacturing is in some sort of long-  run decline. It argues that  past fluctuations in the industry's business cycle could  be misread. Sharp upsurges ih  investment in earlier decades  were prompted by special  events such as the Canada ���  U.S, Auto Pact, the Trans  Canada pipeline, etc. and that  without these factors recent  investment levels would not  appear low or unusual.  The Review also points out  that "the successful completion of the Tokyo Round of  trade negotiations will, when  ratified, have, an important  positive impact on the industry. With tariff barriers  < lowered by up to 40 per cent  and with about 80 per cent of  Canadian industrial exports  now to enter world markets  duty free, there is a  significant expansion  potential for Canadian  manufacturing.  warns against rriore overt  efforts at increasing the  manufacturing sector by  direct government intervention in the form of  subsidies and tax breaks.  "This type of 'industrial  strategy' tends to breed industry of the hothouse variety  that frequently is not capable  of making it on its own in a  competitive world. Moreover,  it invites retaliatory measures  from other trading nations".  LOOSE  FANBELTS?  CHECK'EM OFTEN.  r-^^*f!Ht(*P^t��t U   ^l*i**^ wi >�� tan, { h^V Mp** <t&  ',1.1 1    *,<.     .,  NiW HOME ��� f RATT ROAD  New horn* on large lot with fruit treet. Extras  Include carport with doted 7x17 storage area,  sunken livingroom, fireplace, vaulted celling,  twin teal wlndowt, Jenn-AIre Move, dishwasher,  fridge, bathroom make-up counter, -  $93,500  IUNMYGRCIT  la$*$ft**H*<*aW**1^'*"  VANCOUVER  682-1513  CtNTMI  OOU" at at I I    ^. MQ LAN0 rjfvStOPMtNT UTD  S^JL ftjt. 2-MHmt, I.G, WW 1V0  CMnfTMCIMtMM. 111111 Clftl*sTII����mtt1a^��HiMn nHUCj  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmam+-  CAtL     FOR,    OUR     FREE    CATALOGUE  RELOCATING?????  DON'T   DELAY,   USE   OUR TRADE PLAN  PLEASE    CALL    FOR    MORE   DETAILS  Waterfront  WILSON CREEK $32,000  Two bedroom A frame with  loft and workthop. Partially  furnished on two of the most  beautiful , lott near Mission  Creek., Wading dlttance to  Davit Bay beoxhi yet off the  highway on a private road.  Fifteen years left on  Dominion ledte on land. For  more detallt, contact Rene,  885-9362.  GOWER POINT $84,250  Beautifully lantcaped two  bedroom home with a  panoramic view of Salman  Rock, the North Shore  AAountaint and Vancouver  Island. Older ttyle quality  construction, the full  batement is ready to be  developed. For more information, Call Rene  Jutherland, 885-9362.   ! SAKINAW LAKE $15,000  165' lakefrontage lot on  Provincial lease, $160 per-  . yeanJ.emedjyintiL 1 ?88. Boat_  access - only, excellent  buildjng site for your  weekend retreat. Call Ray  Bernier,-885-5225-or Emilie  Henderson, 885-5383.  WILSON CREEK $32,000  Two bedroom A frame with  loft and workthop, partially  f urnlthed on, two of the most  beautiful lott near Mltslon  Creek. Wading dlttance to  Davit Bay Beach, yet off the  highway on a private road.  Fifteen yeart left on  Dominion Leate. For more  detallt, contact Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  SAKINAW LAKE  165' of lake frontage, 1.82  acret.- Good building tlte.  Provincial leate. Please call  Ray Bernier, 885-5225, Emilie  Henderton, 885-5383.  DAVISBAY $61,900  Immaculate three bedroomt.  landscaping and tundeck.  Second F/P In rec room, 4th  bdrm and extra large  workthop In batement.  Double garage. An excellent  buy. Drive by on Laurel and  phone for an appointment to  tee. Emilie Henderton, 885-  _5.38JL.or Ray Bernier, 885-  5225.  Acreage  REDROOFS reduced to  $63,500  Thlt warm and ^welcoming,  three bedroom Panabode  home it beautifully situated  on a large secluded and  sunny semi wf lot. A few  special features are: two-car  heated Panabode garage,  double plumbing, cut rock  fireplace, ttep saver kitchen,  16 ' foot greenhouse, and  covered patio. Corry Rots,  885-9250.  GRANTHAMS LANDING  $29,500  A panoramic viewfrom the  glassed-in tunporch. One  bedroom in thlt cozy home of  780 tq ft. Large living room  rW^VH  ROBERTS CREEK $89,500  5 acret of beautiful bottom  land with a southern expoture. Large- organic  vegetable garden, fruit treet,  and' patture areas: PLUS, a  custom built 1700 tq ft three  storey 4 bedroom home.  'Quality and craftsmanship  have" created an inspiring  living tpace. Leaded glatt  windows. - cedar finishing  inside - - parquet floors. A  suana outside that will teat  10 people. An outbuilding  which could be converted into  a guest cottage. Thit property  mutt be teen if you are  looking for acreage with  comfort. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for viewing, 885-  3971.  ACREAGE & HOME     $65,000  A  hobby  farm   or   country  _.___, ���       estate near Jo ocean     9.8  with a fireplace and hard-      acret of good level land with  wood floort. 3/4 unfinished      year-round creek. Heated  DON LOCK  RAY���BERNIERr     Sales'  Manager     has      great  pleasure   in   announcing  that Don Lock hat joined  our team of salespeople.,  Don   has   lived   on   the  Sunshine   Coast   for   11  yeart and before entering  the Real Ettate profettion  was the owner-operator_of_  a large ttore and Marine  complex  in  Pender   Harbour. In moving to Selma  Park, Don hat brought with  him   knowledge   of   the  northern    part   of   the  "Peninsula*  together' with"  hit yeart of experience in  Real    Ettate    practicet.  Welcome Don.  Homes  WILSON CREEK $35,000  Semi waterfront leate land,  -with���a--two���bedroom���well-  maintained   home.   Large  batement, fridge, ttove and  new woodburner included.  Clote to the ferry, tchoolt,  thopplng and the beach. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for  viewing, 885-3971.  DAVISBAY $32,900   maintained   home.   Large       GRANTHAMS LANDING  Specatacular view from this    living room and dining room $39,500  waterfront lot in one of our   combo. Property it carefully       Thit  older  home   at  Gran-  most desirableareas. Sloped lgn_dtcape_dt_TheJ ridge, ttove thorns haL beeiLcompletely  lot has a lovely, beach and is    and   wather   are   Included.       remodelled and redecorated  nicely treed. For more infor.   Thit it a prepaid leate with  contact Terry Brackett, 885-15 yeart left. Call Suzanne  9865. Dunkerton   for   more   in  formation, 885-3971.'  SAKINAW LAKE        $124,900  2500' of lake frontage, two  dwellings,     two     floats,  boathoute,     completely SECHELTVILLAGE      $58,500  sheltered   private   bay.    15 An orchard in the village. Jutt  acret     with     subdivision q tew.bjockt from thopplng,  -jpoifltoitrnt^seRrttonrtw^*^  poture and vlewT Call  Ray thl* two **<*room 0��m hat  Bernler, 885-5225. many' manY extrat. Double  wlndowt, encloted tun porch,  TUWANEK WATERFRONT extra intulatton, walnut built-  LOTS ins and panelling, Harding  Nicely treed, side by tide, carpets, top - quality wall  95'x 110' of waterfront coverings, all In Immaculate  overlooking Lamb't Bay, condition. The garden It a  southerly exposure, thete blaze of color, and an en-  properties are priced at closed vegetable garden it  $28,000 and $28,500 each, waiting to be harvested. For  For more detallt, Call Rene at more Information, call Rene  885-9362: at 885-9362.  and will make somebody an  excellent starter or  retirement home. The added  income from the 1 b/r in-law  tuite will keep all payment!  low. See thit with Don Lock,  885-3730 and then make your  offer.  DAVISBAY   $*6;000  Beautiful view from this three  bedroom home. Large family  kitchen loaded with cupboards, work and eating  space. Separate dining room,  cozy   living   room,   with   a  greenhoute, patture and  many outbuildings. A  remodelled home with 2  bdrms, den. Owner hat tpent  over $30,000 on thlt  modernization and land-  tcaping the spacious grounds.  CairDonToctrar 885-3730.  ROBERTS CREEK $29,500  Enjoy the privacy and  peaceful surrounding on thls_  level treed acreage. In the  ALR. For more information  contact Terry Brackett, 885-  9865. MLS.  WEST SECHELT $39,700  An excellent starter for the  mini-farm enthusiatt. 2+  acres of level cleared land,  good well, outbuildings and a  cute one bedroom cottage.  Many possibll Itlet^n���thlt-  charmer. To view, call Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  VILLAGE ACREAGE  Thlt attractive 130' x 830'  parcel adjacent to Park Road  on Highway 101 It presently  Business  Opportunities  Dryc lean ing businest situated  in both Gibsons and Sechelt.  No competition. Ideal family  -business; Call Ray-Bern1err  885-5225 or Emilie Henderson, 885-5383.  Rettaurant - tituated In  Sechelt. Very established  with a super return. Priced to  sell. Call Ray Bernier, 885-  5225, or Emilie Henderson,  885-5383.  Industrial  fir3pigce. Finished rec room &     zoned R4 but it suitable for  bar with another  fireplace, ,  future development. It hat an  older type three bedroom  home which could be relocated. For further Information, call Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  guest bedroom. Close to  schools and beach��� all this  in popular Davis Bay I Call  Suzanne Dunkerton, 885-  3971.  SEAMOUNT     INDUSTRIAL  PARK  Now selling ���  light  In-  dustrlal,   service,   com-  mercial. Located on Highway 101 in the village of  Gibsons, Seamount Industrial Park provides a  mixed package of lots and  acreage sites. Reasonably  priced, fully serviced with  347-600 volt three phase  power, sewer, water,  paved roads and street  lighting. Lot sizes start at  50 x. 150, $12,950. Call  Rene Sutherland, 885-  9362.  WEST SECHELT VIEW  Two beautiful view lott, side  by side. These lots have 92'  and 95' of frontage and are.  nicely treed. Each lot Is  $17,500. Try offert on them  separately or as a package;  For more information, contact  Terry Brackett, 885-9865.  VILLAGE LOTS      $15,000 ea.  Close to Chatelech Junior  Secondary School, located on'  Hwy 101, thete two tide by  tide nicely treed lott are a  good Invettment. Sewer  available In near future. For  more detallt, call Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  WEST PORPOISE BAY $9,900  Here't a nice serviced lot  within minutes of the village.  This lot It partly cleared and  hat level building tlte. Call  Terry Brackett, 885-9865.  VIEW LOT. $14,000  On Malcolm Road In Pender  Harbour.   Building  tlte   It  Water and Power. Lovely  sloping lot. Clote to excellent  fishing. Clote to Beach Ac-  ceso. Call Terry Brackett, 885-  9865.  SELMA PARK $12,900  This choice view lot Is offered  at�� reduced price for quick  sale. Located at corner of  Hwy 101 and Heather Rood,  and backing onto Greer Rd.  Good value here, MLS. Call  Corry Ross, 885-9250.  PENDER   LAKES   PROPERTIES  21 view lott In new subdivision. $10,000 to $20,000.  Call Ray Bernler, 885-5225 or  EmlNe Henderton, W3-S383,  WEST SECHELT  Two lott tide by tide located  on NorWett Bay Rd. Priced at  $12,500 and $9,500. Lott  serviced with water, hydro  and cable. Buy separately or  try an offer on both loft.  Contact Terry, Brackett, 885-  9865.  SELMA PARK 14,900  Bautlful View lot with accett  from either end. 70x200  approx. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton, 885-3971.  WAKEFIELD BEAUTIES  $16,750 ea.  two lott, tide by tide on  Wakefield Road, bordered by  park and ravine for privacy.  Approved building tltet, view  of Georgia Strait, clote to  village. For more detallt, call  Rene, 885-9362.  Lots  VIEW LOT $10,900  On Marble Road In quiet  Wilson Creek tubdlvltlon,  owner may carry financing.  Call Ray Bernler, 885-5225 or  Emilie Henderton, 885-5383.  TUWANEK VIEW $9,000  Close to beach. Vendor will  carry agreement for sale. For  more details, Phone Rene at  885-9362.      ,  JUST LISTED SUBDIVISION  Located at the corner of Reef  and Shoal Roads In the village  of Sechelt. Thit eleven lot  tubdlvltlon It well treed, on  Regional Water, all lott  approved for septic installation. Priced to tell -at  $10,500 each. For more  detallt call Rene Sutherland,  885-9362.  WOODCREEK PARK  74 lot tubdlvltlon, ravine  park on three tldet. Fully  serviced. For more details call  Rene Sutherland,   1385-9362,  FRANCIS PENINSULA $10,000  Excellent Bldg, lot In new tub-  division, water & hydro,  septic approval. Near  Gerrons Bay - good fishing I  Emilie Henderton, 885-5383,  or Ray Bernler, 885-5225.  SANDY HOOK $13,500  The vendor will accept a low  down payment and  agreement for sale on this 58  x 346 foot potential view lot.  Storage shed and some  building materials included,  On private paved road,  potential view, one of the  nicer Sandy Hook lots. Call  Rene, 885-9362.  ROBERTSCREEK $15,500  Beautiful large view lot with  94 feet on the creek. Perflation has already been  approved. Centrally located  to shopping, tchoolt and  beach. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton, 885-3971.  WINN ROAD, GIBSONS $15,000  Here It a lot with everything.  Extra large and serviced.  Southern exposure to water  and mountain view.,Close to  all amenitlet. Call Suzanne to  view, 885-3971.  WEST SECHELT  Nice level lot with potential  view. All tervlcet. Priced for'  quick tale at jutt $11,900.  Terry Brackett, 885-9865.  CREEKSIDE  Residential Mobile Home  Subdivision  13 Fully serviced lots, tituated  approximately 2 miles northwest  of Sechelt, corner of Mason &  Norwest Bay, Road, Level lott to  facilitate both tingle & double wide  trailers.  Pleese cell  Emilie Henderton  BBS-5383  '""'Ray lernler,' 885-5225.  LV-  V,  /_y  J  4|V. ifL-   -X  ��� %Tit' ~~\    r��_r  ^VP..  ��   *  '<c,  *  ftOAD  :-fX--*f**ii��  ".'ii'"   7... \u>,'xyy�� X...XX^SXX.  ~w/rt\mr  i  Lot-3 $11,900  4 $12,500  6 $11,000  7 $10000.  8 $10,000.  10 Reserved  Lot 11 Reserved  12 $9,600  13 $9,600  14 $9,500  15 $9,500  17 $9,500  18 $9,500  ; Meate note Metric Meaiurementi.'  MASON  ROAD  IAY BERNIER  CORRY ROSS  RENI SUTHERLAND  ^sttUaltoagslMlllltts^^  TERRY BRACKETt  DON LOCK  EMILIE HENDERSON  885-5919  POWELL  * II IYER'  WEST  VANCOUVER  NORTH  VANCOUVER  OTHER OFFICES  TO SERVE YOU  MIMItft 0* "MlOtATION IIUVtCM CANADA" MMKiM tYITlfo  SUZANNE DUNKERTON  TERRI HANSON  nINuSWAi  SURREY  LANGLEY  \ -\.  -\  Skelly investigates  air-sea rescue  NDP leader Ed Broadbent has asked  Comox-Powell River MP Ray Skelly to  undertake an investigation of Air-Sea  Rescue facilities oh the British Columbia  coast:  Noting that there has been considerable  criticism of emergency procedures and  facilities, Mr. Broadbent said it was important that the NDP caucus be made ,  aware of the safety problems of air and  sea travel in B.C and develop a program to  solve these problems.  The purpose of his asking MP Skelly to  tudy the matter, he said, is to put into  perspective the many complaints and  frustrations felt by BC. residents about the  quality of air-sea rescue and recommend a  policy to caucus/   Naturalist's  corner  By ALISON WATT  It is a shock to realize that summer is  drawing to a close as we see that,some of  the stores as. well as the trees are  assuming their fall fashions. One of the.  latter from which red leaves are beginning  to dangle is "our very own" Dogwood.  Yet, remarkably enough, interspersed  with the dying leaves are youthful flowers.  Have the Dogwoods gone mad?; do they  not know that most flowers must bloom in  spring and early summer in order to bear  fall fruit? If you looked closely at the trees  you would not be asking this question for  thrDsgwood trees are also bearing their  fruits at this time of the year. The  Dogwood has the audacity to flower twice  a year, once in late spring and again in late  , summer.  The. spring flowering is more spectacular as the blossoms are more profuse  and seem fuller and fresher.  You have probably stepped on the fruit  of these trees more than once in^the last  couple of weefcflisTfie" musilffTOm-liker  stacks which bear the berries are commonly found on the ground. Often some of  the long red berries are missing from this   cluater,_piobably removed "byTsome  hungry bird.  The berries are edible to humans as  well as birds, but are recommended as  emergency food only. Their bitter taste  would exclude them from any other  culinary use. This fruit is known as a  compound fruit; like the blackberry, the  fruit is actually a collection of many small  fruits, each containing a seed.  The fruit of the blackberry is compound  because there are many ovaries contained  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1979  ��'1    t:  ���7" ���    ,       7    -  J.'i r- i"v- v        *  ���.  .V"'" ���v- -> V '���___t______i^���vt - '.,,���'    .,'  >\   i     .< <��� '*' ���'���; ~&___M__\__&_v "-  AND THE winner of the "Nsune the Trail   Bay   expansion.   Owners  Store NContest" is Sylvia Blackwell Maureen Clayton (right) and Mar-  (centre) who came up with the name jorie Nicholson (left) presented a $50  The Upstairs Downstairs Shoppe for cheque to the winner as well,  the new store which will be in the  MORE ABOUT...  Child abuse in Sechelt  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886*2277     \J AND lAuD DEVELOPMENT LTD  c��-t '   R.R. 2-Gibsons, B.C. VON 1VO  *   CONVEYANCING e REAL ESTATE CONSULTING ��� APPRAISALS ���NOTARY PUBLIC  ^l^  HOMES  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  6824513  PRATT ROAD  OWNER TRANSFERRED  Lovely ranch style three bedroom   1212  1V square fee*   home. Large level lot 75x143.  Cedar feature wall-In living room. Close to  new elementary school.  $46,900.  ��� From Page A-l  -ting their-ehildren.-  normsil business hours will bq connected to  tbe nearest Ministry office. At other times,  s  ���  within one blackberry flower. The fruit of  the Dogwood is compound because there  are many flowers contained within each  "flower-head of the plant.  The white petals, which are the insignia  which grace placemats and ashtrays  throughout the province, are actually a  type of leaf which has become modified to  surround the cluster of inconspicuous  flowers with an attractive wreath of white.  Finally, for any of you who have ever  wondered where the name Dogwood came  from ��� the late Lewis Clark, one of B.G.'s  well-known botanists traced it to the term  "dag" which was the word for wedges or  skewers which were once made from the  wood of this tree. (Given this fact, ''dag"  must be the origin of the word daggers.)  "Abuse doesn't often occur continually  and it is usually a crisis that brings on  abuse. The effects of abuse are great on,  the parent ��� they need to lose their self-  concept of being inadequate and worthless. Beating their children demonstrates to the world how bad they are,"  Reid said.  When a neighbour or friend suspects a  person of abusing his or her child it is not  only expected- ofrtfcem to report it, but  since 1974; British Columbia law requires  them to report suspected child abuse  cases.  During normal office hours from 8:30  a.m. to 4:30 p.m. callers can telephone the  nearest Ministry of Human Resources  off ice directly.  The helpline for children will provide  another means of access to the Ministry's  services for dealing with child abuse and  neglect.  "It is intended to supplement existing  services and provide accesV for people  who may not be able to find the appropriate local telephone number in the  amount of stress," said Human Resources  Minister Grace McCarthy.  Caller using the Zenith line during  the caller's information wilTbe relayed to  a designated contact in the caller's area.  "There are some cases where we have to  use our authority and take the child into  our care. Quite often though, we will try to  work with the family in solving their  problem," Taylor said.  The local Human Resources department has several alternatives open to  them in handling the cases. *    <  * '    -l ���<���    k  -"Whenwe-get-a call-we always sentra-  team out to investigate the complaint.  From there, depending on the case, we can  use the RCMP, we can use our own social  workers, family support workers or the  Homemakers as well as the services of the  Wilson Creek Community Association,"  Taylor said. '  While child abuse and neglect as a  problem has for a long time remained  obscure, the detection and reporting is  slowly becoming a community responsibility. Although most people don't like to  be put into the vigilante role, it is important each member in the community  assume some responsibility since parents  and children are often reluctant to ask for  help.  AUTVPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza, Glbtont Evet: Call  886-2000 Norm Peterson 886-2607  or D*nnlt Suveget 886-7264  FOR SALE BY OWNER  Deluxe family home, 4 bedroomt, 3 bathroomt,  over 2,000 tq. ft. living area. Attumable 10%  mortgage.  Asking $63,500.  Phone 886-2141.  Does Your Club or Group Roport  IH Actlvltlo* Rogularly to Tho Tlmo*?  h.b. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  30 Yeart ��� Cowrie St., Sechelt  HAIFMOQN BAY-: NIW ON WAHKIT  Prime sandy beach, waterfront lot. Two bedroom home, Faces  wes*. 60' x 330'. FP 168,000. '  WIST SICHILT ��� NIW ON MARKET  Brand new 3 bedroom, full bsmt. home. Wood exterior. Very  warm, beige ond brown tones throughout. Carpet, FP. 159.800,  SECHELT ��� BOULEVARD  Waterfront style, architect designed and meticulous croft-  manihlp, In this spacious two bedroom home. The four main  rooms are orientated to the south facing a view over the Gull.  The lower, daylight level Is fully developed. Double garage.  Priced o�� one hundred and thirty five.   SICHGLT ��� MARINE DRIVE  Waterfront estate. West Coast Contemporary Architect home,  Four bedrooms. Three fireplaces. Viewed strictly by appointment lo serious, prospective purchasers.  SECHELT ��� IMMACULATE  a BR basement home, Fireplace fully carpeted, carport, low or no  maintenance garden, PP 149,900,  WILSON CREEK ��� HIOHWAY 101 "  COUNTRY CHARM, Two bedroom bungalow and three room  cot too*. Studio/Workshop, Over one acre and short level walk  to the best beach at Davis Bay, Be sure and see this red and  white charmer, Priced at $69,000,  WHARF  REALTY LTD.  885-5171  HAtfMOON ��AY ��� '-�����--   Two bedroom rancher. Heatilator fireplace, Utility room, attached carport, seperote workshop. F.P. $48,000.  Dayt 885-2013     John Wilson.      Evening* 806-9365  "The Property  Movers"  SANDY HOOK VIEW & WATERFRONT  LOTS  EXCLUSIVE AGENT  WHARF REALTY  PHONE 885-5171  GRANTHAMS: Beach house located at  Granthams on a sandy beach with good  summer moorage In front. House has three ���  bedrooms, large kitchen, livingroom and  full bath. Just pay $36,000 and assume  lease. $36,000.  DAVIDSON RD: Exciting multi-level contemporary home on large treed view  property located In quiet area and offering  privacy and seclusion. Many outstanding  features such as high ceilings, skylights,  stone and brick fireplaces with heatllators,  quality carpets. Dream kitchen with sunlight  ceilings, custom cabinets, deluxe built-in  appliances, 'green house' window. Sundecks and patios for outdoor entertaining.  Nicely landscaped. Excellent financing at  only 10 1/4%. A must see for the city  escapee. $85,000.  JOE ROAD: Five year old three bedroom full  basement home in Roberts Creek. Situated  on 1 acre below Highway 101 wjth 4/10 of  an acre above the highway. Nicely treed  and landscaped with ocean view. This home  is   1,200  square feet  with  fireplace  on  livingroom feature wall. Oil fired hot water  heating��� system-provides��� maximum��� ef���of_the_lot-_Assume_*xlsting_10J/4%_  flclency. Basepient has roughed In plumbing  mortgage   and   live   happily   ever  after.  and fixtures and awaltes the handyman to ' $79,900.  finish the rec room, etc. Huge sundeck with   HEADLANDS:     Beautiful     starter     or  southern   exposure   accents   this   lovely   retirement home in bluff area. Close to boat  home. $59,900.  '��� launch,   shopping,-- P.O. -and -fnarlita,-  ELPHlNSTONE^RDrQulet & ^I^^Wg^eofgeou* vlew^oPGIbsonsand-harW.-  wlth panoramic view as only the Granthams   All 'services. W/W and appliances Included.  Landing area can provide. This well built  Vendor may carry agreement for sa e to  " "       ���    ��� ������'������    qualified purchaser. Phone to view anytime.  36,000.  POPLAR LANE: Sunny location on popular  Poplar Lane. Three bedrooms, plus ensuite,  huge kitchen, with large dining area. Lots of  room for expansion. The whole family will  find themselves within walking distance to  schools, shopping and recreation. $48,500.  Ml i   J TT*  three  SOUTH FLETCHER: Beautiful view from this SELMA, PARK: NOT on lease land. Try your  two bedroom well kept home. Livingroom down payment on this 2 bedroom house  has picture windows. Modern galley kit- with   ocean   view.   Would   make   great  B  chen with dining area. Large carport and  storage shed. Landscaped lot. $44,500.  3EAVIEWLANE: 105 feet of flat level pebble  beach with a southern exposure and a glass  enclosed patio are just two of the features  of this property in West Sechelt. House is  open beam construction with a wall  fireplace and five rooms. Separate sauna on  the beach used oil year round." Make an  appointment to view now. $145,000.  CHASTER RD: Now here's living in style I  1500 square feet full basement home with  many, many extras. Three bedrooms upstairs. Huge master bedroom has full ensuite including bidet. Sliding glass doors  open on to the southern exposure sundeck.  Extra large kitchen has a built-in dishwasher. Downstairs has a finished rec room  and finished two piece bathroom, plus lots  of room left to your Imagination and handy  work. Fully enclosed garage. Lot is 150 x  160 with home situated to allow subdivision  summer place or handy person could make I  it a permanent home. $22,500. |  LEEK RD: New home on view land of op- i  proximately 5 acres. Oak parquet floors j  throughout. Open beam type construction I  with large bedroom and sitting room up- |  stairs. Ensuite plumbing. Finished basement I  suite. Thermal glass and skylights.  Two ���  fireplaces. Walk-in cooler and  a  35x40 j  metal workshop on cement pacf $135,000. I  CRUCIL  RD:   Big  family!   Then   this   four I  bedroom, two bathroom home could be the ���  home   you've    been    looking    for.    Full j  basement   with-  rec    room,    utility   and I  roughed in plumbing. Intercom inside and |  out. Large sundeck over carport. This home j  is located on a quiet view lot, yet con- .  venient to the Village of Gibsons. $56,000. j  KEARTON RD: ,For the horse lovers. An |  excellent four bedroom home, featuring j  livingroom^with fireplace, family room i  dining area and brand new kitchen. Two j  sundecks and large patio. All this on 2.5 I  acres of level land in quiet area. Close to |  schools and shopping. Fenced grazing  areas, three stall stable and tack room. 120, i  . x 173 riding ring. 16 x 24 unfinished cabin!  _jn_reor. On regional water. $75,000  I  home features 3 large bedrooms, sliding  glass doors onto sundeck and vlewl vlewl  vlewl The home is 1150 sq ft with partial  basement for rec room & workshop. Nicely  landscaped grounds round, out this comfortable living package. $52,900.  SUNNYSIDE DR: Three blocks from Cedar  Grove'School in Gibsons area. This large  two storeyJMI basement'home has thre* ��HJllCRESI,. - R^ Own -your.,own  'ESJroomsTjpslarrrwIth a waltelirclosajt and -be^room-home-on-Strata-Title^ExceptionaL  ensulte plumbing in the master bedroom, investment. This 1280 square foot home,  Huge 20 x 14 living room with fireplace, has 1 1/2 baths, sundeck, close to shopping,  Double carport and wrap-around sundeck. schools, etc. Only 1 year old. Presently  Situated on a 100x150 lot with partial view rented for $300.00 per month. Buy it now  across Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island, and it can almost pay for itself. Priced for  This home is brand new and Is covered by quick sale. All offers considered. Owner  the Government Home Warranty says sell. $34,895.  Programme. $62,900. I ATC  FIRCREST RD: Over 20 nicely treed building  lots to choose from. 61 x 131. We will  arrange to have a home built for you.  Located a short drive down Pratt Road.  Priced at $9,700 each.  POPLAR LANE: Beautiful flat building lot  with view of North Shore Mountains.  Located on the end of a quiet cul de sac only  one block to Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  and schools. All services Including sewer.  Ad|acent to grass playing field,  $16,900.  SHOAL LOOKOUT: View lot with approval  for ordinary septic tank; lots of nice homes  In this attractive area. $19,900,  GRANDVIEW & HEAD: View lots, all services, ready to build on. Close to ocean  beach access and close to Gibsons, Priced  from $13,500.  BONNIEBROOK SUBDIVISION: Extra large  vlow lots in quiet cul de sac. All services,  easy cartop boat launching. Only one block  from the beach and Chaster Park. Priced  from $14,900. .  SUNNYSIDE SUBDIVISION: Large lots, most  have 100' frontage with 150 depth In quiet  rura) setting. All lots nicely treed with  southern exposure, 1-1/2 blocks to schools  and shopping centre. Priced from $13,900,  B  ���  LOT SO at  LOT 73 at  LOT 04 at  LOT 116 at  LOT 7 at  LOT 46 at  LOT 80 at  LOT 76 at  LOT 77 at  LOT 47 at  $10,000  $11,000  $9,900  $9,000  $22,000  $10,000  $11,800  $10,000  $10,000  $11,000  1 * & jm__; __t'^"vm"L''*^^1____Ma',^l>,g'^  "FourJgHE&jUb ItM^nM,  Sunshine Coast"  PAT MURPHY  885-9487  TREV GODDARD  886-2658  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: .Beautiful view lots.  Two to choose from and only $2,000 down.  $11,500 each.  GOWER POINT ROAD: Large view lot. Has  been cleared at ono tlmo, Power and water,  at front of lot, $16,500,  GRANTHAMS LANDING: Private setting  with concrete driveway to building site.  Panoramic view ol Howe Sound Islands and  North Shore Mountains, You can hear the  *V/avei as you watch them lap up orr the  shore. Building site Is cloared and ready to  go. $16,900.  GOWER & MABEL RDi Large seml-waterfront  ���view lot In quiet rural area, Short walk to  the beach. In Cedar Grove School! District.  Ideal for housing or a hedge against Inflation. Buy and Invest now. Priced at  $19,900,  REDROOFFS RP: View lot. $2,000 down.  75x560', Some large treed. Located near  Coopers Green, $12,300,  SMITH RD: Cleared view lot close to ferry  terminal ond oceanview, Triangular shaped  lot with good building site. $14,000.  COACH RDi Roberts Creek. Large lot 70 x  270 In quiet rural subdivision. Ready to  build on. Owner Is anxious to sell and oilers  excellent terms, Asking price $12,000, Try  f2,500 down payment, $180 per month ��  2'/. Intoreii,  GOWER PT RD at 14th; Nearly 1/2 qcre of  view property, Approximately 00 x 290, R2  zoned wllh 2 distinctive building iltes, Local  by-laws allow 2 dwellings on this property,  SCHOOL RD: Three view lots 73 x 110. On.  sewer. Three blocks from schools and  shopping centre. Cleared for building.  $16,000 each.  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65 x 130.  Close to shopping and the ocean. Sewer  easement of 10' on SE side of the lot.  $12,500.  GLASSFORD RD: This must be the best buy  Dn the market. 63 x 160. Cleared, sewer  and water connected. Culvert and fill.  Ready to build. $10,000.      -  BURNS RD: Good building lot, 65 x 130 on  . flat land in. Gibsons Village. Four blocks  from Post Office, stores and transportation.  Lightly treed. Three blocks from ocean. All  services available. $11,000.  PRATT RD: Approximately 110 x 200 this  nicely treed 1/2 acre has many choice  building sites with some view of Georgia  Strait. Zoned for 2 single family dwellings.  Take a look at this dream lot with a realistic  price. $18,900.  SMITH RD: Good view lot 125 x 165 with a  good building site and an unobstructed  ocean view. $14,500.  ABBS RD: View of the Bay area and Georgia  Strait is yours from this beautiful lot In area  of elaborate homes. Two blocks to schools  and shopping. $19,900.  MANATEE RD:  Roberts  Creek.   Excellent |  starter or retirement home In quiet area I  only a block to super beach. Very nice two ���  bedroom home. Fireplace and on large lot. J  Prices are going up, thit is an excellent buy. ���  $41,000. |  I  POPLAR LANE: Large three bedroom home, |  master with ensuite. Living room with j  California sandstone fireplace. Walking ���  distance 'to"'store's] schools, sports and J  "l^ecreli"tlonr$59;500: I  I  COMMERCIAL j  HWY 101: Large lot 82 feet on Highway 101 I  and 271 feet on School Road. This CDA |  zoned property could be commercial. Prime  opportunity to develop. $45,000, i  GROCERY STORE: Living quarter's of 8041  square feet. This Is the only grocery store in ���  the  area  and  the  business   Is   growing  steadily.  An   Ideal   set-up  for  a  family I  operation. The store hours are 10 a.       a|  6:30 p.m. seven days a week. Profit ana loss  statement and list of equipment available to i  bona    fide    purchasers.    Stock    Is    approximately $15,000. $79,000 plus stock. I  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: HOPKINS LAN- I  DING WATERFRONT ��� Excellent business |  Investment on'the Sunshine Coast. This  grocery and sundry store is located in the  heart of Hopkins Landing, |ust minutes to  the Langdale ferry. Ideally situated on 90  feet of level, walk-out WATERFRONTAGE,  being the only commercially zoned property  In this area, the land Itself is extremely  valuable. Aside from store profits there is  additional revenue from other sources, such  as Collection of wharfinger fees from the  government wharf ad|olnlng this property,  plus post office and an upstairs revenue  suite. This is an Ideal husband-wile  situation. Always wanted to be your own  boss, then don't miss this opportunity.  ACREAfiE  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES: In Gibsons  Village on North Road, Lots for single wldes,  double wldes and conventional homes, All  on sewer, water, hydro and all within three  blocks of the shopping centre, schools and  medical clinic. Priced from $10,900 to  $19,900,  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION: Fantastic  view loti. An areq of ������ riew and varied  homes, Theso lots offer themselves to many  different building locations. En|oy privacy  and the view of Howe Sound. Priced from  $12,900,  SCHOOL & WYNOART ROAPS: Only 3 of  these Duplex lots left. Beautiful view  properties overlooking the Bay. Close to  schools and shopping. All lots perfectly  suited to sldeby-ilde or up-down duplex  construction. Priced at $16,000.  HWY 101 & ARGENT RD: 6/10 of on acre of  treed land In Roberts Creek two blocks from  the Masonic Hall. Two dwellings allowed on  the property. 100 feet of highway frontage  that would be Ideal'for domestic Industry  site with home behind, On hydro and  regional water. $14,900,  DAVIDSON ROADi 2/5 of an ocre with a  fantastic view from Langdale Ridge, This lot  has a small creek on the very back of the  property, All new  homes In this area.  $14,900.  TUWANEKi 80 x 140 lot only one block to  trann^netm^  %lo*e to the beach. 117,900. ,    tnunlty water available, $9,900,  STEWART RD: Three private acres In quiet |  area with nice evergreens. Gibsons Creek j  goes through back of property. Close to ,  village amenities, $29,500.  SCHOOL RD: 1.56 acres ad|acont to tho  elementary school, Could be subdivided to  lots. On sewer and all services, $58,000,  HW.Y 101; Approximately 16 acros, 2nd  growth trees, level, great for a hobby form,  Close to Gibsons. Good holding property  and priced at only $4,000 por acre, See this  now. Large acreages are getting1 scarce.  $64,000.  CHASTER RDi Two acres of nicely troed,  level land across the street from Cedar  Grove School. Zoning allows subdivision  Into 1/4 acre lots. Excellent for hobby farm  or Investment. $30,000.  ARGENT RD; 2.7 treed acres In the heart of  Roberts Creek. 5 lot subdivision has been  approved, Excellent toll and drainage.  Perfect for hobby farm or holding property,  $29,900.  MIDDLEPOINT ^HIGHWAY 10)s ��17 acres  vacant land located on Highway 101,  Mlddlepolnt, 30�� miles from Olbions.  Logging road, not In use, through property,  Average subdivision size permitted 1/2  .acre, Southerly exposure and good vlow,  $30,900.  MIDDLEPOINT HIGMWAV 101; ;fc20 acres'  wllh Insulated cottage |ust remodelled,  Located on Highway 101 In Mlddlepolnt  ��20 miles from Olbsons. Average subdivision size permitted 1/2 acre. Cottage  view   from   higher   elevation   at  $49,800,���-���� ���������- - ���-   ���  rear,  LORRIE GIRARD  8867760  JON MCRAE  885-3670  ANNEGURNEY  886*2164  ARNE PETTERSEN  .   88697*3  JAY VISSER  889-3300  DAVE ROBERTS  - 886*8040  STEVE SAWYER  885-2691  >  i Wednesday, August 22,1979  Hie Peninsula Times  PageB-7  Yorm��rty  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD. :  %��� ]ryy    wfre the neighborhood  ?���*"'     v.n 3ao    PROFESSIONALS FOR YOU  AGENCIES LTD.  l^|^\<%��77^v  V  EAST PORPOSE BAY $39,900 #160  Everything Is oversized in this large mobile  with approx 1300 sq. ft. floor area. Ample  space for rec. room large enough to house a  pool table. 3 bedrooms, large sundeck and  a separate garage. Larry Reardon 885-3924.  Unemployment  benefits among  highest in world  By W. ROGER WORTH  Canada's unemployment.  benefits, among the highest in  the world, may be fouling up  the system by providing real  incentives for people to stay at  home waiting for a job that  tickles their fancy.  In an unusual way, we're  about to find out if the $400 or  more per year each working  ���eanadian~TJays~ar additional"  taxes   to    subsidize    the  unemployment    insurance  fund is money well spent. Big  chunks of tax money are also   spent_supporting���welfare-  recipients who don't" qualify  for /unemployment benefits.  During the next 12 months,  Canadians will welcome more  than 12,000 so-called boat  people, refugees from Viet  Nam and Cambodia who  staked their lives on a final bid  for freedom. Their success in  .. finding employment Via. this 7-  ���strange���new���land���where���  831,000 people claim they are  unemployed   will   provide  remarkable insight into the  number of jobs that are really  available.  Across Canada, irritated  business people have been  complaining about a shortage  of workers, contending that  overgenerous unemployment  insurance benefits of as much  v as' $160 per week have  seriously eroded the work  ,   ethic.  So if the boat people find  employment ��� proving jobs i  are readily available for those  who want to work ��� the case  for again tightening unemployment insurance  regulations will become even   stronger."   ���Undoubtedly the  newcomers will, in many  situations, be taking low-  paying, unskilled positions  that don't enthuse unemployed Canadians, particularly when government  support is so really available.  It's not unusual, for  example, to find students  accepting unemployment  benefits on the basis of contributions made the previous  summer.  Employers also complain  that many potential workers  are purposely unkempt and  obnoxious during Job interviews.  The reason: those  unemployment recipients  wont to be refused jobs,  meunwlille proving to Man-  .. power officials thut they arc  actively .seeking work.  Naturally, the potential  employers are forced to fill  out yet another government  form to record this charade.  Tho situation lias become  so pervasive that many  businesses have simply  stopped informing Manpower  when jobs aro available, thus  saving themselves tho  aggravation of useless interviews.  Needless to say, thoro Is  Indeed a serious unemployment problem In some  parts of the-country. But there  a^o also people ripping off  their follow taxpayers,  The job hunting,success of  the boat peoplo should Indicate  whether  Canada's  .. uMmployment tUttkulties are.  ....more UnaglncdJian real. ,,  Umo'Time*'Adbrlef *  toS��ll,Hont,Buy,  riVWAS all part of the fun- at the -two tots cross the finish line-in the  Pender Harbour Legion-Lions Picnic   under six race,  last Sunday at the Lions Park as these  Clean Up Vow Act  Pitch-In  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  Real .Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  EXTRAORDINARILY CONVENIENT       #4128  By the Hackett Park Tenni* Courts, couple  blocks to shopping, Medical or school. 3  bedroom (1 ensuite) plus self contained 1  bedroom rental suite. Phone ahead, we  need an appointment to tour. Call "Tiny  Bob" Kent 885-9461.  I CHOSE THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD #140  How about you? Three bedroom home with  21' x 24' workshop on q rather secluded lot  nicely developed and In an excellent neighborhood, $56,500. Larry Moore, 085-9213.  886-2248  Ml ��        ,t'   *  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 3 bdrm home on Lower Road, full basement with a/o  heat, large lot 110' x 145' hat some fruit trees/space for garden. House  has FP in LR and sundeck for summer leisure. Priced at $42,000.  GIBSONS��� Gower Point area, cozy 2 bdrm cottage with part basement,  older but well kept.Nice size rooms; ideal for retirement or starter home.  Lot is approx 1 acre in size, Asking $36,500.  LANGDALE ��� Panoramic view of Howe Sound and North Shore Mts���  from this comfortable 2 bdrm family home. Has finished basement with  kitchen and bath facilities (In-law ste., or?). Main floor is 1022 sq ft, has  large LR with FP and w/w carpeting. Range/fridge and drapes Included.  Carport with paved drive. Sundeck for summer relaxation. Only $53,500.  #170  r3-bedroom-VIEW���nomeHn quJeMamlly  oriented neighbourhood. Only $42,000. Call  Rita Peacheson, 885-5706.  VILLAGE VALUE #.4075  Comfortable 2 bedroom village home with  basement is within easy walking distance of  most essential locations. Gardeners will  enjoy the big level lot and productive  garden. Asking $39,500.00 Bert Walker  885-3746.  J*AYI$J��AYVJEW      _#J1JL  This spacious 3 bedroom home has- many  desirable features including built in wall  over and range, dining room, large rec.  room, 2 fireplaces and ensuite plumbing.  Asking $67,000.00 Rita Percheson 885-  5706.  HOMES  REDROOFFS AREA��� SECLUDED  HOME #4131  Peace and quiet at this 2 bdrm. home on  over 1/2 acre of treed property. 1056 sq. ft.  27*14 W living-dining room. Some finishing  needed, are you good with a hammer?  Asking $34,300. Offers considered. Peter  Smith 885-9463.  LARGE HOUSE WITH VIEW #3942  This is a large 4 bedroom home with 3  bathrooms, free standing fireplace In huge  PENDER HARBOUR WATERFRONT HOME  #4066  But it is two (2) homes on approx 3' ACRES  with 250 �� of waterfront, on Lagoon Road.  One home Is 3 bedroom with sauna, the  other is 2 bedroom, 768 sq. ft. Live .n one,  rent the other, cut down your mortgage  payments. Close to school and shops.. Full  price $115,000. Vendor considers carrying  for approved purchaser. Call Peter Smith  885-9463.  BLOCK TO PARK $82,500  Perfect location for Village living. 4  bedrooms, finished rumpus room, 2 baths.  Fenced lot. Only 5 years old. Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374.  living room. Large recreation room in  basement, also workshop. Situated on 97' x  135' lot with VIEW. Fully fenced with well  kept gardens,-fish pond. Price $62,500 Jim  Wood 885-2571.  hREDROOFFSAREA~  Large leveled lot with almost finished one  bedroom home. Move In and do inside  finishing yourself. Only $24,000. Eva Carsky  886-7126.  SPECIAL HOME ��� SPECIAL PRICE #4129  Lovely Village Home comes equipped with  JwoJJropJaces.-sundeck^carport^workshopT-  greenhouse and drapes, range and  refrigerator. For your special pride In  ownership see this now. $48,500. Ruth  Moore, 885-9213.  RETIREMENT HOME OR?  v-. #4126  This 2 bdrm. Garden Bay home offers  economical living, convenience of location  for shopping and fishing and the price includes furnishings. $33,500.00 Bert Walker  885-3746.  #177  4 LOTS ONLY IN THIS AREA OP NEW HOMI^.  Lots are VIEW and there are different sozes'  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 3 bdrm home on Lower Road; full basement with a/o  heat; large lot 110 x 145' has some fruit trees, space for garden. House  has FP In living room and sundeck for summer leisure. Priced at $42,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Ultra modern luxurious wft. home with 3,000 sq. ft of  living space; designed for modern executive or anyone wishing to entertain etc. Main rooms open onto patio sundeck with complete view of  Georgia Strait. Large attractive garden completely private; low gpproach  to beach, guest cottage and many other extras. Ask for further details of .  this choice property. , ,  GIBSONS ��� 3 bdrm post and beam with carport; 2 baths; master bdrm  ensuite. Fireplace, open area living and dining rooms; new w/w in living  area; beautiful well-planned kitchen, also two rec rooms downstairs.  Large level lot 127 x 225 with good garden soil. Asking $69,000i  GIBSONS��� Bay area, close to beach, stores and P.O. Attractive 3 bdrm  home on extra large lot with good vegetable garden. Home Is conveniently designed with large L,R. Rec Room, utility, workshop and spare  room in basement. $62,000.  SECHELT ��� 2 bdrm mobile home with large LR. Large rec room, sundeck  and  storage  has been, added.  In  first ' class  condition  with  W/W  -throughout. Priced'at $24,000; J. Blacky  LOTS  LOWER  GIBSONS ~~  3  lots,  corner  School  Road  and   Hiway   101,  tremendous potential, high traffic area. $175,000.  GRANTHAMS ---- three lots on Reed Road, Good Investment property,  potential view. Asking $8,750 each.  ROSAMUND ROAD ��� Three lots cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500  each.  GIBSONS ��� Level cleared lot In Gibsons Village on sewer and water, 62'  x 182', Inquire for details.  WHARF ROAbTV. Langdale, goodretirement area; lot 65' x 193', Try your  offer. ,  Other lots In Village and also in rural areas.  ���-'Evenings Call: Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;  George Cooper, 888-9344  John Black, 886-7316;  VrW^'-^^^^'^^'-V'^WW^'^fiM**-  and prices, in West Sechelt, water, power  and cablevision. Lot 26 - $11,500; Lot 24 -  $10,700; Lot 23 - $11,500; Lot 20 ��� $16,500.  Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  SOUTHWOODROAD #20$  Two large side by side level lots. Nicely  treed, easily landscpaed with good growing  soil. $10,500* each. Call George Longman  885-3400.  WATERFRONT LOT-VIEW LOT #206 ft #205  Sandy Hook, close to road ad|oinlng with  view lot. $15,000 ft $8,000. Eva Carsky, 886-  7126,.  .  LUCKY FISHERMEN #4019  To own 60 feet In protected cove at Pender  Harbour. Easy access via auto or boat. Has  cabin, good location for year round home.  Local amenities Include hydro, water, phone  & Marina next door. Just $32,500 FP. "Tiny  Bob" Kent, 885-9461.  SUMMER FUN OR YEAR ROUND ,  PLEASURE #M2  Two bedroom home with extra space on  lower level, large sundeck to take advantage of the view and sunshine. Only  $34,900. Ruth, 885-9213 eves.  EXECUTIVE HOME #141  1,785 square feet with full basement and  superb finishing make this home a must to  view. Five bedrooms, recreation area;  sauna and swlrlpool. Large living, dining  and kitchen with eating. View with Larry or  Ruth, 885-9213 eves.  WATERFRONT AND LOTS OP ITI       #4014  100' of useable waterfront and over an acre  of land. Excellent view and good building  sites. Just $43,000. Ruth, 885-9213.  UNEXCELLED VIEW AND #4121  much, much more on these beautiful West  Sechelt lots. Just 9 lots left In one of the  most desirable residential areas on the  coast, sewer available too. Larry Moore,  885-9213,  BREATHE DEEPLY, BEAUTY UNUMITID#40M  With a VIEW up Sechelt Inlet. The clear,  clear air, the forested vistas, 60 feet  frontage on Sandy Hook Road. 64 ft. on  Deerhorn Drive. About 12000 sq. ft. all for  $8,000.' .pj��a!X(��l!^*l���7I!ny.J!H,bV.!^nfrw.  OOOD BUILDINO LOT #4073  Frontage on 2 roads, Francis Peninsula Rd.  and Rendovous Rd.''134' deep, serviced.  Only $9,900, Pay 10% down, Vendor will  carry balance at current Interest. Over 5  years. What an opportunity for Investment,  Peter Smith 888-9463.  RARE 25 ACRES .$62,000  Only 5 minutes WEST OF SECHELT. High and  v4���7,''''mo���tly''trMd.''OtfcMv*Powntan;''''Vas���',"  9374.  ALMOST SACRI! WITH  SOUTHERLY EXPOSURE  Build your dream home and keep boat at  nearby Marina or purchase as holding  property, $29,000. Rita Percheson, BBS-  5706.  SQUARE BAY-VIEW LOT #4107  Do you like - WATER VIEW, ARBUTUS  TRESS, QUIET, "With all services Including  sewer? You will find It all at this location,  plus boat launch nearby. A dandy lot 61' x  134', Firm Price $12,500. View wllh Peter  Smith 083-9463,  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK LOT #141  ^CfiiCH This on* on Henderson Ave., .68  *-Aer*��f'70 1/2x40$ 1/ayWsll treed, qultt  area, water, phone, hydro and short walk to  excellent swimming beach on Henderson  Ave. Full price $16,500 Peter Smith 805-  9463.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  i,    aw, ... NOJWE$T*AY<*D.x-. v im,    -.   -OPPOSITE DERBY RD. #178-  5 lots ��� some with VIEW. In their natural  state so you can create your own landscaping. Priced at $12,500. Larry Reardon,  885-3924.  SUNSHINE BAY ESTATES  NEW ON MARKET  These choice arbutus treed VIEW LQTS In  Halfmoon Bay have beautiful water view  and are priced from $13,500.  Rita Percheson, 885-5706.  MARLENE DEVELOPMENT #174  Over 1/4 acre building lot. Nicely treed, all  services. $10,900. Call Ed Baker, 885-2641.  A CASTLE IN THE AIR #4108  YES I LOOK UP FROM THIS 88x164 ft. lot on  Lagoon Rd. at Pender Harbour. Besides, you  are only a short walk to Madeira businesses  and easy boat launch. Trailers allowed. Full  price $7,250. Dial "Tiny Bob" Kent 885-  9461.  HOTEL LAKE ACREAGE #4011  Nicely located 6 acre parcel on high ground  overlooking Hotel Lake and |ust minutes to  Irvlns Landing for the fisherman/boaters.  Here's your opportunity to obtain property  with a low down payment, full price  $28,500. Bert Walker 883-3746.  HALFMOON BAY - WESCAN ROAD  Large  lot  91x340'  with evergreens,  seclusion. Ideal for summer retreat, Try  $9,500 - ASSESSED at $11,500. Call Ed  Baker, 885-2641.  SARGEANT ROAD ��� OIBSONS ��� $14,500 #195  BEAUTIFUL VIEW LOT In an area of new  homes. Fully serviced with sewer. Close to  schools and shopping. Eva Carsky. 886-  7126.  5 ACRES. $31,500  Built-in pension, Build on one corner dnd  subdivide Into lots, when time Is  ripe.  Partially cleared and In the VILLAOE. Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374,        <  31.8 ACRES ��� NORTH OF LANODALB  On Hwy. 101, ripe for subdivision Into 5  acre parcels. $80,000. Call Rita Percheson  for more details. 883-5706 or 885-3271.  11 ACRES -PRATT ROAD #189  Just outside Olbsons Village, fully serviced  except sewer. Ideal for holding or  development. $57,500. Ken Wells, 886.  7223.  3.78 ACRES ON OAROIN BAY  Near head of Oyster Bay, Ideal recreation  property. Nicely wooded, some pasture and  stream. Asking $19,900. Call Ken Wells,  886-7223.  WOULD YOU LIKI TO IIA  MILUONARI #4131  Olve me a call about the 39 acres I have for  sale In Sechelt, This property overlooks the  village and shows Itself as a great potential,  For Information on viewing call Larry Moore  883-9213.  CONTEMPORARY VIEW HOMI #4081  It's new/never lived In I 3 bedrooms, one  ensuite, family room, huge view living  room, grade level basement, large area for  rec. room. Modern split level, 2 sundecks,  high double carport, takes tall rec. vehicle,  So much more. Offers considered to full  price of $69,500. Call Peter Smith, 885-  -9469,'��eves,"-'"'*�� *'������          VERY SECLUDED WATERFRONT #4127  6,96 acres of treed waterfront, accessible  but remote ��� the price most accessible at  |ust $30,000. Ruth, 6637213,  ^w^r^jll1jjfr~.^...,, _    ifnMr*  tn|oy the VIEW, uniquely Shaped dining-  living area, 3 bdrmi, |acusll, Ensuite bath,  About 2500 sq, ft, main floor area. Try your  terms on $125,000 Dial "Tiny Bob" Keni  885-9461.  -SPARINGLYPRICED      '     '   ' ���*> #149  ���Yes- $10,800���buys���nearly���100���ft.���on-  Redrooffs Rd. as well as 1/50 Interest in  waterfront lot "X". Close to public wharf.  "Tiny Bob" Kent 885-9461.  VIEW ACREAGE   . #4111  ALMOST 5 ACRES, NOT IN LAND FREEZE,  VIEW of  Howe Sound from part of the  property. Use for recreation now and subdivide later. Price $28,500. For more details -  Jim Wood 885-2571;  BIG BUILDING LOT #4109  Just.a few minutes' drive from Sechelt, this  fine (97' x 206') nearly level building lot of  almost half an acre could be |ust the answer  for your future homeslte. Hydro, water and  phone on paved Cooper Road, and |ust  asking,$10,500. Bert Walker, 885-3746.  CHOICE LOCATION #151  Treed bulldlng'lots within a block of beach  access. For a good family location at  $14,500. Ruth, 885-9213 eves.  RECREATION LOTS #4052 or # 160  Both close to water access and ready for  your fun In the sun. Priced to sell and lots of  advantages. Ruth, 885-9213.  LOOK FOR MILES #4089  Inlet View, Over 12,000 square foot lot  fronts on two roads.' Power, Water,  Telephone. Ask $8,000 Cash. Make offer to  "Tiny Bob", 883-9461.  DEVELOPMENT ACREAOI #4133  Right In the Village of Sechelt ��� 39 1/2 acres  at less than $4,000 and acre and good view  Included. Larry, 883-9213.  CABIN ON THE LAKBI #4028  Here's a rare opportunity to obtain that  little cabin on a half acre of lakefront  property, What a spot, right on Garden Bay  Lake with a 4 year old 12' x 14' cabin and  metal shed. Vendor will take low down  payment on the $29,300 asking price. Call  Bert Walker, 885-3746.  COMEI VIEW THE INLET #40B9  Cut a bush or 3 and'expand the outlook  about 12,000 sq. ft. fronting 2 roads with  hydro, hydrant, phone at road side. Deal on  $8,000.00. "Tiny Bob" Kent 805-9461,  CATCH THE BIO ONE HERE #4113  , Flat, near ready to build, Close as Spit to  easy ocean access. 50 ft. on blacktop  frontage by ISO depth. Invest $12,000 F,P.  Now. "Tiny Bob" Kent 885-9461.  INLET VIEWS. N147/14B  These two fine view lots offer a unique  opportunity for a family or friends to share  adjoining lots, Power, water and phone and  realistically priced at $9,500 each. Bert  Walker.883-3746.  LAKE VIEW ACREAOI #215  59.B ACRES overlooking beautiful Fraser  Lake In the heart of a hunters ft fisherman's  paradise. Highway 16 access with power to  the front of the property. 1/4 mile from ski  hill for winter fun on skis or snowmobiles, A  hide-away In the centre of things. Eric  Rudland 885-9837.  INVIITMINT REVENUE ��� $188,000  Attractive   7-sulte   rental   unit.   Steady  clientele, Na vacancies for years. Handy  location In village, Call Ed Baker for more  details, 885-2641,  -vitviftOT-'*~ ��� ��� ~TfiBT  Excellent level bvildlna lot, site approx,  100' x 120'. Close to arena for your winter  sports and close to good fishing for year  round sport. All services available, Price Is  $11,900.00 Jim Wood 885-2371.  * L- - ���-  PageB-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1979  Automotive Service  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts * Sales * Service  * Rotor Lather Service for "Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakes  * Valve and Seat Grinding  * All Makes Serviced  -  Dotsun Specialists  Gibsons Phone 886-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt  885-5181  E.E...[NUckey] COE  VILLAGE MOTORS LTD.  AMC-JEEP-RENAULT  2880 Arbutus St at 12th Ave.,  Vancouver B.CV6 J 3Y7  [604] 736-3861   ,     Res. 271-0486   .  SUPERIOR MUFFLER LTD.  BING'S EXHAUST PLUS LTD.  I   ^Complete Exhausts* Shocks * Roll Bars  1 *Slde Pipes * Stacks  I * -Running Boards * Duel Pipe Conversion  1 100% guarantee ��� Parts and labour  I Next lo Wal-Vent's Auto Body  I Gibsons, 886-1213  Blasting  Ted's Blasting ft Contracting Ltd.  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Resident Partner  BUSINESS'- 885:3511 ��� V_ t_ ;_       _VV, Residence - 885-2498  '      >   - ' *  The first annual logging, sports com- 7  petitions bWndVthe Wakefield Inn  ���Standing Block Chop novice: Teddy  , Brackett first"ini 26.2~seconds; Spencer  Saturday was a' success for both parVt.WiganiotSechelt second m 33.5 seconds  tieipantSj; whocamefrbrii arfaraway ^^ai^Bi^an Couture third in 14.7-seconds.  New Zealand, and spectators, who earner^ Obstacle pole bucking: Ian Moratti  from as far away as the Virgin Islands. 7$rst in 14.6 seconds; Bryan Couture  Loggewrf-the-Day Trophy and $250 went'| second in 14.7 seconds and Joe Wells of  to Ian Moratti of aSquamish.. ; sSooke third in 15.4 seconds.  roi^xmnc.   *����   .d ��,/�� �� aidc ' Hot ^ ��Pen: Ia0 MOratU flTSt Ul 15.2  WJNNE��S ARE AS FOLMWS: -  | ^m^ Spencer Wigard second in' 16.8  Axe throw open: first, Ron Brackett of. j{ ^^ Rnmn q.^ third in m.5  Sechelt; second, Jimmy Marr of Squamish *  and third, Teddy Brackett of Sechelt.  Underhand chop open: first, Joe Wells of  Sooke in 18.3 seconds; Jinuny Wass of New  Zealand second in 18.6 seconds and Ron  Brackett third in 18.8 seconds. '_  ^Standing-Block ?Chop open: Jimmy.  Wass first in 15.9 seconds; Ron Brackett;  second in 21.8 seconds and Dan Jackson of  Bellingham third in 22.3 seconds. Tree  seconds and Bryan Couture third in 23.5  \ seconds.  .     Choker race novice: Al Woods first in  19.5 seconds, Teddy Brackett second in  M 20.3 seconds and Jorgen Skytte of Sechelt  third in 20.8 seconds.  f     Axe throw novice: Gordie Davie of  7 Sechelt first;   Renee  Macintosh  of  ;. Squamish, second and Al Woods, third.  * , Two. man   cross-cut   open:   Lee  SUNSHINE ccrAsnv  ��� SALES & SERVICE-���  IN THE  +  OF SECHELT  Now Open MONDAY ��� SATURDAY, 9:30am ��� 5:3f  885-9816   Admiral  Ask qbout our C^S>' Mark of Quality  "Package" deal?. APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  Williamson and Dan Jackson first in 22.5  Climb,open (80 feet); Jim Knudsen of}seconds; BryanCoutureandIan Moratti  Squamish, first; Al.Woods of Sqtiamish, ; second in 24.2 seconds and Jimmy Wass  second and Al Trapani qf Victoria, third.  Choker race: Brian Christensen of  Campbell River in 18.35 seconds; Bryan  Couture of Squamish second in 19.9  seconds and Jimmy Marr of Squamish in  205 seconds.     .  and Ross Gilmour in 32.8 seconds.  Ladies Double-bucking: first Lyn Allen,  and Bonnie Wigard first in 15.9 seconds;  Sandy Moratti and Renee Macintosh  second and Wendy Wells and Toni Marr  tbird.  J  a-  .Hall wood resources  7& a*ar  OPEN SATURDAYS -11 a.m.-2 p.m.  OR CALL FOR LUMBER   *Rough Lumber * Logging *Cuttlng *Thlnnlng  Reid Road 885-2455  Water could mean trouble  NEW ZEALANDER Jimmy Wass  displays, his speedy style in the underhand chop competition ofthe first  annual Logger Sports held behind the  W.akefield Inn Saturday. But Wass'  forte lies in the standing block chop  for which he earned first place during  the competition. He currently is the  world champion in the standing block  chop. ���Helen Parker photo  Gilchrist leads seniors  in 1st round  Jim Gilchrist led the men's Senior Golf  Tournament for the first round last week  with a score of 74 gross. Cliff Sangster is  leading the low net golfers with a good  score of 60.  During the first day if the tournament  Art Kiloh joined the exclusive Hole in One  Club by canning his tee shot on the 171  yard No. 3 hole. He used his No. 4 wood to  accomplish this most elusive golf shot.  Congratulations Art!!  One of the club's surprising statistics is  the pleasant fact that 5,000 rounds of golf  has been enjoyed by the general public.  The directors and past directors, along  with the many active members take pride  in the fact that so many people find thine to  spend a pleasant few hours to relax and  enjoy themselves.  On Tuesday and Wednesday of this  week our lady golfers take to the fairways  in competition for the Senior Ladles Club  Championship. Some keen competition is  expected in the various flights.  Some of our members travel to various  tournaments on the Lowerv Mainland, It  would be of interest to learn how they  scored, and how were the fairways,  greens, and play In general.  Good luck to tho Cedar Grove Golf  Centre, Tho opportunity tocorrect thwe  long slices and hooks on a driving range is  now available.  Thanks for your co-operation in  repairing the greens and replacing divots.  Dreaming of spending tbe lazy days of  summer beside cool water?  Perhaps  you're one of the lucky ones who live with  water right in the backyard ��� a pool, a -  river or a lake. How nice to jump in for a *:  refreshing swim at any time! j-  "But it's not so nice when children and j  non-swimmers start playing around in the 7  water," says Mark MacRae, Red Cross'  local Area Consultant' for the Water .Safety  Service. "That body of water may look so  safe, so familiar. But familiarity breeds  contempt."  "It takes only seconds for a child to  jump into the water ��� the few seconds a ,,  watchmg"adult mighl~taM~t6~answer, a '  telephone, glance at a magazine,  or  prepare a snack," warns MacRae.  The Red Cross Water .Safety Service  has some sound advise for families  planning to spend summer by the water.  The advice holds true for pool-owners,  cottage-dwellers or vacationers, and  particularly for families with pre-  swimming children.  ��� Children must never be left in the :  water alone. , ;  ��� Define a safe paddling area with a^  buoy-line and order children to stay in f  bounds.  ;" '$  _,^.^Discourage pushing* shoving.an#*  "wrestling" urthe_watenor"on" the~pooTs"~  Ladies Golf  . Doreen Matthews carded 85 on  Tuesday, August 14. The competition of  the day was Blind Hole where two  unknown holes are deleted from each  player's score. The resulting low nets  produced a tie for first place by Doreen  Matthews and Audrey Jost.  In nine hole play Elsie Cupit won with  the least putts.  August 21 and 22 will be a two-day  competition for Ladies Club Champion.  Those golfers for Ladies Club Champion's  Cup will be in two flights competing for  low net prize*.  edge. Accidents happen that way.  .   ,��� Fence pools in to discourage uninvited and unsupervised visitors.  ���Enroll your family in a course which  will teach them to swim and to be safe  around water. Call your local Recreation  Organization for information on Red Cross  swim programs.  Have safety equipment on hand. A long,  strong pole can be reached out to someone,  in difficulty. With its help even a non-  swimmer can be a lifesaver. A lifebelt, or  a float, attached to a rope, should be handy  at all times. Try a giant empty plastic  bottle with the cap on.   ��� Emergency phone numbers for the  doctor, ambulance, police and fire  department should be kept handy, by the  phone. (A good household tip at any time.)  .��� Keep a First Aid kit available.  Soccer meeting  All individuals br organizations wishing  to enter teams in the Coast Men's Soccer  League for the 197940 season are invited to  attend an organizational meeting 8 p.m.  Thursday at Chatelech Junior Secondary  jfchgpl, Room 112.. ' ,���.���  ; \ ���:_,',^}.   . *^Hf!?mf^9T.%Sf  FIBREGLASS  SHEET VINYL  SEAMLESS GUTTERS  S INCH CONTINUOUS GUTTER MANUFACTURED AT  YOUR HOME. BAKED ENAMEL INSIDE & OUT.  ALUMINUM FACIA COVER & SOFFIT  VINYL        SIDING      ALUMINUM  ROLL UP   AWNINGS   ALUMINUM  >*W*M^'H*Jt^^,"^*','w,''WjW'#^rtl**  ��**��-,'* WVt ��4iW.rJ��J- .,. *ww...  CANOPIES & CARPORTS  BAKED ENAMEL ON ALUMINUM FOR MAINTENANCE FREE USE  BLOWN IN  WALLS INSULATION tt'UNes  EASILY INSTALLED IN NEW ft EXISTING HOMES  UKalnntRIAI.  IRON  RAILINGS ����������  ~> pm 'ill] i^MltlnlgKt   ^-.-..-KoOr^OaHa--.���,-.-.,-.  ANY SIZE rinrrnnrryc  FIREPLACE  OR SHAPE  FIRESCREENS  FALL  FISHING  SPECIAL!  *1,679����  (until September 6th, 1979)  12' LUND  CAR TOPPER  20 H.P.  DAY TANK  5 GALS 50-1 FUEL  (���200* USS WITH A 9.8 MERCURY)  ACCESSORIES  Wo install nil our products  lortHKoaop  ��asaratt    886.9023  Gibsons  No) 5i}*t* <e��"-',HV. wa r'1����#8j--B. ^��fW#i4MW'>fe IU  MADEIRA PARK (PENDER HBR.) 883-2248  Free Estimates      IMo Obligation Page C-2  Hie Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1879  HOW TOJNVEST YOUR MONEY AND  PROFIT FROM INFLATION by Morton "  .Shulman,.Hurtig 1979, $9.95 ���*  : .Shulman's book,ANYONE CAN STILL  MAKE A MILLION, published in 1973, is  now obsoleteand this one should be used in  its place, inflatidn is with us and will be for  a long time, says Dr. Shulman. How we  dealt with the boom is not the right formula for the bust.  After reading the book, I learned that  old tactics are not necessarily the way to  invest. Shulman's philosophy seems to  follow the get-in-and-get-ouMast theory  in some cases. Commodities,'for example,  can make you money if you know when to  get out and if you have_ money to gamble  and lose gracefully. Morton Shulman  shows in his chapter on commodities,  computer print outs proving the worth of  certain commodities, but also pointing out  the chances to be taken in this venture.  Reading the author's chapter on his investment makes the reader-realize-the-  market is not child's play.    ��� -  There are some surprises in store for  you in this best seller. Forget bonds. Oil  and taxes eliminate all but millionaires.  Wine is only for the most courageous, Art  means buy high and hopefully, sell high.  And gold, few can afford it���the bars, that  is, not the pretty little chains! Diamonds  are a girl's best friend���as long as there is  not a lasting attachment to them.  Depression tactics of our forefathers is  definitely not the way to go these .days."  The author's advice is sound for the  serious financial hobbyist. The average  reader can dream about making that  million on the market, but most of us  merely find such ideas interesting and  somewhat amusing as we scrape together  enough to put in the rainy-day put. As  Shulman says, when people ask him how  can someone who has nothing invest to'  make money, he replies that only a  miracle can work in that case. He also  warns that the type who loses sleep before  the Visa bill comes in, is simply not the  investing personality.  Shulman's final chapter is likely the  one that should be read first. It won't ruin  Advertising^  helps you judge  good from bad.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  file,"plot" but-it does establish the tone  and purpose of the book; the author advises that there are not hard and fast rules  of the investment game. It depends upon"  your age, resources and personality. He  suggests three plans. One is for the settled  middle aged family with some money to.  dabble with. The second, is for widows  with newly acquired estates and the third  is, for the young 20-year-old with a few  thou burning a hole in his or her pocket.  The message I received from  Shulman's book is that as. usual, it takes  money to make money. It requires a lot of  energy to play the investment game. It  calls for courage to play with, money and  sometimes lose it. A good deal of the  gamble is a question of luck. And the  bottom lirte is knowledge about economics.  Books like HOW TO INVEST YOUR  MONEY AND PROFIT, FROM INFLATION help with the latter butonly the  deity can help with the others.  For readers-who .wondered," as I did,  what happened to the end of the review in  last week's .column: TREAD SOFTLY is  the story of ''Kitten'-' Tate. The 12-year-old  orphan who.lives with her moralizing  grandparents learns the ^meaning of  reality. When she gets a job as mother's  helper to a wealthy doctor she lies.about  her own life. As lies do, they caught up  with Kitten. Her idyllic trip with the doc's  family to the lake cottageis marred when  a friendship turns sour and the truth is  revealed..  TREAD SOFTLY is the story of a  younger teenager, Kitten. The twelve year  old who has been orphaned lives with her  grandparents. Although they are kind and  well-meaning, Kitten yearns for her  younger parents. She creates a fantasy  mom and dad with whom she talks every  night at bedtime.  Unfortunately, Kitten's fantasies carry  oyer into the real world. When she takes on  a job as Mother's Helper to a wealthy  family, she lies about her own. She creates  -a young mothewmdiaUierrAsliefrgorthey���|  grow, Kitten finds out, and she must build  steadily on the ones begun. When Kitten  goes away with the rich family to summer  camp, things become more complicated  than ever. Friendships and the rivalries of  '"young" love~cause"pfoblenisVThe fie' is  revealed finally and Kitten has- to cope  with reality at last.  Both novels will be enjoyed by girls  rather than boys likely. It isn't that young  boys don't encounter the same problems, it  is just that, although girls read ''boys'!  books, the reverse is seldom true/  Sechelt village council plans to upgrade  the road surfaces in various, locations  around the village. ���     V  At is regular meeting last Wednesday,  council agreed toVspend approximately"  $18,000, which will cover "the costs .of: *  Patching and" wideningPebble Crescenlr  and adding a hand-formed curb' to direct  water into existing catchbasins;  Patching a proposed trench cut at the  intersection of Salmon and Surf;  Air no longer free  "Check your oil, sir?" "That'll be 15  cents."  Service stations in the United States  are now permitted to charge customers for  services such as checking oil, inflating  tires and washing windows, advises the  British Columbia Automobile Association.  Most stations in the U.S. have indicated  that they will not surcharge for services  despite their legal entitlement.'  The BCAA has had reports of one gas  station - in Washington State charging -  customers 15 cents for paying with a credit  card. The auto club states, that this  practice is illegal under federal >  regulations although cash discounts are  allowed.  - Preparing and paving the portion of  Inlet Ave. from Dolphin St. to the lane to  village standards;  Continuing Inlet Ave. from the lane an  additional 340 lineal feet including a three  quarter cul de sac;  ��� Rebuilding Dolphin St. to a width of 52  feet from the four?way stop to Inlet Ave.*  and adding curbing;  The largest portion of the money is  allocated to preparing and paving Inlet  Ave. from Dolphin St. to the lane, then  continuing the avenue the addtional  footage.  Only  3 miles  to the  This work is . estimated at $9,574.  Rebuilding Dolphin St. is* estimated at  $6,830.  lllJllllllilllJ&lJlliJlillilJllJiUILiilliJLillU  VOICE & PIANO LESSONS  LYN VERNON  886-9409  CHECK  SPARK    ,  PLUGS  REGULARLY.  t\ ft I k i\ i nr  *paev6e&\  Hli mi 11 mm i ������������������  Books/Gifts Stationery  HAVE ACQUIRED EXCLUSIVE DEALERSHIP FOR A  '    COMPLETE LINE OF THE FINEST GALLERY QUALITY OF  PRINT AND PICTURE FRAMES  METAL ft REAL WOOD IN A VARIETY OF COLORS ft TEXTURES  IN ALL STANDARD SIZES ALONG WITH  UNLIMITED PRINTS ft CUSTOM MATTES  IN ADDITION TOTHIS  CUSTOM FRAMING IS AVAILABLE AT NO EXTRA COST  NOW YOU CAN INSTANTLY FRAME  * GRAPHICS* ART PRINTS* WATER COLORS  * PHOTOGRAPHS ft CERTIFICATES  [Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons 886-8013  CHARGEX  VISA  Ul  Mi  ,;-,i ...ii  SUNCOAST AGENCIES LTD.  (Formerly Charles English Insurance. Agencies)  GENERAL INSURANCE  ���Residential ���Commercial  ��� Mobile Homes        ���Travel & Medical  ARNE t. PETTERSEN  NOTARY PUBLIC  ���Conveyancing ��� Wills  ��� ARNE T. PETTERSEN  ��� EILEEN KINNE  ��� CHARLES ENGLISH  Sunnycr��ttC��ntf, Olbtont  886-8212  YOUR PEN TIME AD. DROP-OFF CENTRE IN GIBSONS  ,v  M  Alignment  Front End Suspension  Brakes ��� Shocks  ires���Sales & Service  ���Computerized  Wheel Balancing  All Tlr*t Slz��. AvallabU  * FR8I COFFII '*  HFGoodrich ��IFGoodrich  TIRE & SUSPENSION CENTRE  fmiii west ortfiisMs  886-2700  PRODUCE   tl  Due to the fantastic success of our 15% MEAT DISCOUNT,  we are pleased to announce as, promised,  that we are going to be passing on  SUPER SAVINGS in our PRODUCE DEPARTMENT.  This was initially a trial and error experiment but it  proved to us tte  the gross margin guidelines.  SO AS OF THURSDAY, AUGUST 16th, we will be passing on  SUPER PRODUCE SAVINGS to you and will be setting a  ��� ^PRODUC^ARGlH^oHM^ritt-  no weekly specials.  MEAT  iiiin  'V^W��7fl  *\ >4#\ fj.t.t'.ii ���*���*,��  V  '"'AT'  ***$*  if \ s ��� * �� $? I i ��l| -} y, W11  / >~ ' 7 k hit % % i ��� \ t m \ \ * -��� -. '-.. ' >��� J s  * ,* * * v,*J    Wk ��y\>m\ *  ^pj  faHMv     Sflir  t^ to Ito Suwhtn* Co����f* ^ ...     ,  %i^*ofiiBOutwi����inl��.  *   -���>. ,V> r ��-vjL*--, Vv-. ��� \iyXX.��   \. '  giffct^iiiiliH^ ������   ��2L  .'"'rAt,  '��!  "*   fl^\tf"i .^hiUyy  h        i p.  ^.IVrkl  Wl  ���PWS!  s  /.' ^>,'y\y%)''_  1   '       IJ'l,  "SHOP���SH0t��4M^M^1��lmi |S A ��|FiCll0iei  ��.* i V V  rwrfc ^ W< aiwPMitt wHlnot i��wiy o�� tM�� ot$ml% hUf  >*,', \,<h>   11>  ii�� . A  ,'a dlW,) t t t    .1.!    1 ^ Ut  y - '��� " y  wmmmmmmmmmmmm  MEMBERS ONLY SALE  15% OFF ALL MEAT, GROCERY,  PRODUCE and HARDWARE MONDAY,  AUGUST 27,9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  ��� STORE Wia BE CLOSED SUNDAY, AUGUST 26 ��� WE SELL BLOCK & PARTY ICE 90 bm  '"" * "W�� Rosorvo tho Rlghl to Umlt''C}uantlTJ����i'   * DON'T FORGET OUR MONTHLY  FAMILY  ALLOWANCE  CONTWT  CO'OP  Lower Gibsons ��� 886-2522 Wednesday, August 22  '-,*"  . 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Moore  Bonkers  Horseman  Seattle  Movie:  Newlywed Game  Angie\  News  Andy Griffith  Joker's Wild  Vancouver.  7:30  Riding By  Tic Tac Dough  The Optimists  Joker's Wild  Carter  Country  Stepping Out  Bob Newhart  Tic Tac Dough  Confd.  8:00  Mork & Mindy  Laverne, Shirley  Project UFO  ContU  The Waltons  The- Waltons  National            '  Adam 12  Newlywed Game  Lav.  & Shirley  8:30  King Kens.  Angie  Confd.  ContU  ContU  Confd.  Geographic  Donna Fargo  Merv Griffin  l Day At Time  9:00  Edward VII  Barney. MUler  Quincy  ConfA  HaWaU 5-0  HawaU 5-0 .  Being Human  Confd.  Creatures Great  DoUy  Cont'd.  Shirley Bassey  9:30  Confd.  Carter Country  Confdi  ContU  & Small  Pop  Country  News  Confd.  Peyton Place  ContU  10:00  Dallas  20/20  Mrs.   Columbo  - Barnaby   Jones  Barnaby  Sweepstakes  The Pythons  David Cassidy  10:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Parti  Jones  Confd.  Cont'd.  Dating Game  Report -  Confd.  11:00  National News  News   .  News  News  News  News  2 Ronnies  Chico & Man  Lucky Feller  Sports Page  11:30  Night  Final  St.  & Hutch  Tonight Show  ContU  Late Movie  ContU              >  Cinema B.C.  Gong Show.  ��� Late Movie  Cont'd.  Friday, August 24  Wednesday, August 22,1979 The Peninsula Times        . PageC-3  zyyy^>y,i&K^;yyy - -yxxxxyxy >^< A .-. ><-v  X'  kX  hy.  IT IS NOT NECESSARY  to leave The Peninsula  ���_�� __���-   forTMemorialJFunecal Services  Why deal with strangers whdn the Peninsula'friends a1"-* always  available togiveimmediate service 24 hours a auy���  Seaview Rd., Gibsons 886-9551  DAN DEVLIN, Director  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL >  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12   CHANNEL 13  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Summer  -Unlimited,  Medicine  Show  From Now On  AU My  Children  1 Life  to  Live  Days of  Our Lives  The Doctors  Another  World  News  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  News  As World  Turns  Guiding Light  News  Alan Hamel  Confd.  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GiUigan's  Island  Brady Bunch  Eddie's Father  Merrie  Melodies  Bewitched  News  Confd.  6:00  6:30  7:00-  7:30  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  News  Confd  -Mary-Tr-Moore -  B.C.  Artists  Confd.  Confd.  -PrM���Northweat-  Muppet Show  Confd.  Confd.  SeatUe  Tic Tac Dough  Confd. Cont'd. News Once Upon Bewitched Andy Griffith  Confd. Mary T. Moore     ContU Dick Cavett My 3 Sons Match Game  -Incredible Newlywed -Game���Patsy���Gallant News = Andy_Grif fith Joker_!a_Wil4   Hulk Joker's  WUd Circus Gardening Bob Newhart        Tic Tac Dough  (20,000 Pyramid  Vancouver  Cont'd. h  Confd.  World Track  _ Field  Confd.  Confd.  Fantasy  Island  World/ Track  & Field  Diff.  Strokes  Growing Up  Rockford   FUe  Cont'd.  Worldi Track Incredible Diffrent Strokes   Wn. .Review Movie:  & Field Hulk HeUo Larry WaU Street Evel Knlevel  Confd. Duke of CharUes Theatre Confd.  Confd. Hazzard Angels Confd. Confd.   Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  At The Forum  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  -11:00  11:30'  Cont'd.  Confd.  - National-News  Night Final  Confd.  ContU   News   Soap  Eddie Capra___  " "Mysteries  Tonight Show  ���_ContU  Cont'd.  News ���  ContU  DaUas  Confd.  -News-      Late Movie  Rockford  Files  - News   ContU  Grand Old  Opera  -Confd:   Confd.  News  Datins Game  -Chico-&- Man-  Gong  Show  Peyton Plaee-  Report  ���Drr-in���House  Late Movie  Eddie Capra  Mysteries  "Sports "Page"  Confd.  Saturday, August 25  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12   CHANNEL 13  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Sports  Weekend  Confd.  Confd.  Action  Soccer  Playoff  ContU  Cont'd.  Baseball:  Mariners at  Detroit  ContU  Sportsweekend  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Space   Academy  Fat Albert  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  Feel Like  Dancin'  Joyce KeUy  McGowan  2:00  2:30  -3-00-  _3j30_  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  Confd.  ContU  -Mr��_Chips_  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Woria Track  Reach or Top      aFKeld  Wk. in BasebaU  Movie: ___ �� -  Night That  "Panicked ������  Confd.  Co,ntU?   ���  Golden Years  TTraver  T.B.A.  T37A7 "-  Discover  VoVHTell .Us- ���  WrestUng  -Confdr-������  Fall of Eagles  Confd.  Movie:  Thei Servant  Confdi.  ��� Cont'd.  American  -Gospel  Movie:  Bird Of  Paradise  Cont'd.  Space  Academy  Fat Albert  Perspective  Outlook  100 Huntley bt.-  Confd.  Merrie  Melodies  Private Life  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  Drag Race  -ehampionships-  700 Club  Cont'd^.-' i _.  Honeyihooners  -Monneesj   Money Talks  WrestUng  Confd.  -Gastown   T.B.A.  Derby. Trials  Movie:  T.B.A.  Confd.  Confd.  World  of Sports  America  Target  Sports Legends  News  Marcus Welby  ContU  Discover  'Cap. Comment  Sports  Spectacular  Disaster  News  World Of  Sports  Cont'd.  Confd.  Sound  Cont'd.  Evening  at .Pops  Twillitht Zone  ContU  Bionic -  Woman  Funorama  Our Gang  Ruff House  Child's Film  Theatre  Confd.  Cont'd.  Weekend  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  News  Together  Paper Chase  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Lawrence  Welk  FootbaU:  Pittsburgh  at Dallas  Cont'd,  News  Stan Kann  Barnaby Jones  Part 2  News  Price Ia Right  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  News  Stan Kann  B.J. &  The  Bear  Meeting of  Minds  National  Geographic  Star Trek  Confd.  Hee Haw  Confd.  When'I Grow  Elvis  Name That Tune  Movie:  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Creatures   '  Great & SmaU  Movie:  Lies Father  Carol Burnett  ContU  Love Boat.  ContU  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Chips  Cont'd.  Chips  ContU  Movie:  Lies My  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  Movie:  Paperback  Hero   ���  ContU  2 Ronnies  Dad's Army  Big Band  Bash  T.B.A.  Nashville  Confd.  Country N.W.  Vanishing  Land  Confd.  Movie:'  Sports Probe  Nashville Swing  Bing  Crosby���  Life &  Legend  Cont'd.  Love Boat  Cont'd.  10:00  . 10:30  11:00  11:30  Told Me  Cont'd.  National News  Night Final  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  ContU  Late Movie  Senior  Olympics  News  Sat. Night  Father  Told Me  'News  Cont'd.  TiB.A.  T.B.A.  Movie:  T.B.A.  Fantasy Island'  Cont'd.  News  ContU  Cont'd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  South Pacific  Confd.  Confd.  Hatarl  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  2nd City T.V.  Sounds Good  Sports Page  Cont'd.  Sunday, August 26  No. 1 IN COLOR T.V.  Now Open Mondays-Saturday, 9:30 am-5:30 pm  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  STEREO & APPLIANCES  885-9816  IN THE If OF SECHELT  AFTER THE SALE IT IS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS  Cowrie St.  Date Pad  August 23 ��� Bingo, Roberts Creek Legion Br. #219, early bird 7, regular 8.  August 26 - Roberts Creek Farmers Market noon-2 p.m. Behind the Post  Office. Fruit, vegetables, produce, livestock, baked goods, preserves,  crafts, flea market. Ph. 886-9609 for Information.  Tuesday - Saturday 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. Art Centre open. Now on display  paintings by David Burgraf ft Ceramics by Muriel f arfltt.  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Lov  Dlok  Luoy  it D:  nee upon  lok Cavett  Newsmakers  !*!��  tJdtrittifr1"  Eyoiilng  Bewitched  A&iy Grfiffiti,  Hooceri  ,  "Bonier  Wy^noT1  ICddle'a Father  All My  Cont'd,  Vancouver  Confd.  Soon;���  Cont'd.  A.  hilderman  "Mi  b(  Do  Jonts  News  Cont'd.  rs  TT nannies  Movio:  Lord Of  jThe Files  ovle: TT  Jail's House  conrttr-*- *���  cont'd,  tatoh usma  ,  loker-s^vYlld  Tie Tap pouih  'amlly Feud  enoouver  M:   raimu  News  Love Am Style  dhloa 6, Man  Gong Show  Newlywed' rtaitie  ContU On_jt, I lot  TJ3ST6T  Report  TlftoTT  Lucky relies  Late Movie  ffiTTOT  ifd,  &  !*�������  Courtesy of  Wh^^f^  i A need for boat education  JOAN THOMPSON WARN, well known coast artists displayed her works at the Sunnycreast Mall last  Friday. Warn is best known for her impressionist paintings. .  Joan Warm's paintings displayed in mall  By EVI BLUETH  Joan Thompson Warn, well- known  coast artist, displayed her work along with  Senja BoutUlier and Kerttu Vitanen at the  Sunnycrest Mall last Friday.  Intrigued by the natural environment  around her, Joan is best known for her  impressionistic paintings of sea gulls and  croWs.'*Tamiliar things inspire me. I will  not try to paint things I do not understand"  said Joan. She spends many hours sitting  on the beach near Bonniebrook watching  the gulls and the sea. Joan feels that the  more familiar an artist becomes with her  subject matter the more exciting the  results.  , "Wood scenes attract me because of  tJhe^abstraclr patterns���formed���by-the-  overlapping of branches" said Joan. She is  also fascinated by wild flowers and is able  to capture their texture and delicacy in her  paintings.  Joan majored in Fine Art Education at  UBC where she was encouraged to pursue  her talents. She taught elementary school  in Gibsons for two years before deciding to  devote all her time to her art work.  Following a year of hard work and exploration she had a one man show at  Brackendale, Squamish. She has also  displayed at the Vancouver Community  Arts Center, The Rembrandt Gallery in  North Vancouver and the Studio Gallery in  West Vancouver. In 1969 she spent an  inspirational year studying art in Mexico.  At various times she has given evening  painting courses which she says were as  much a benefit to her as her students. She  feels it is important for artists to exchange  ideas and learn from one another.  "The opening of the Sechelt Art Center  was clear proof that there is a real lively  -appreciationrof art^nd artists hereon the-  coast. We needed a place on the Peninsula  where carefully chosen work could be  displayed." said Joan.  Joan finds it helpful to write in conduction with her painting, and composed  the following poem while doing a harbour  scene.  Gibsons Patchwork  Masts and poles  Needles and pins  That's the way the harbour begins  Prows and sails  Sterns and hulls  .Strung with threads  Qf wings of gulls  Fishermen's nets  Pilings and lines  Sewn together  Like leaves on vines  JSlectricJoglights   Nets on rolls  Bright coloured floats  High held poles  The bay is a quilt '  ^7  White blue and red  Which the masts have stitched  With invisible thread.  Joan aims at attaining fluidity by using  materials in as free a manner as possible.  She also feels that the observation process  is just as important as the application. The  crows and gulls are her neighbours and  friends. She insists, that -they,partake in  conversationvwhileit4iey surround her-as  she sketches.  By ROBERT MAXWELL  Big ships at slow speed may not have  good rudder control.  "That's a fact of life in the boating  world,',* :Say. members of. the Sunshine  Coast Power Squadron.  i 7jAnlnoreasing;needjorj>ubUc_education-  in, the handling-of boats and for an understanding of ,the^ relationship between ���  large ships and pleasure boats is becoming  moist evident in our coastal waters.  The Sunshine Coast Power Squadron is  the local nonprofit organization which ,  represents the Canadian Power Squadrons  on the Sechelt Peninsula.  " The squadron makes available through  continuing education programs in Gibsons, Sechelt and Pender Harbour, a  comprehensive boating course which may  be followed up with advanced courses in  seasmanship and navigation.  Commander Don Hadden and the  Training Officer Commander (ret.) Kent  Carruthers have planned an extensive  educational program for this fall.  With an awareness that some people  learn much more quickly than others, the  ���squadron plans tahave both standard and _  accelerated' boating courses to accommodate people with little time to  ppare.  Tentatively planned is a standard 21  week boating course to be held in Sechelt  once a week commencing either September 19 or 20 (students will vote on the  choice of night).  Accelerated boating courses will be  held in Pender Harbour right after Labor  Day and in Gibsons right after New Year's  Day (14 weeks).  Upon graduation, students are invited  to become members of the squadron which  entitles them to take selective advance  courses and last but not least to enjoy the  social meetings with keen boating types  who have learned to combine pleasure  with safety and knowledge of seamanship  and navigation in both power and sail.  - It is interesting to note that the  dedicated members that teach the cour-  Hazard down  ses, do so without remuneration.  ' Interested 'persons are invited to  contact either Don Hadden at 8854504 or  Ken Carruthers at 885-9025 should; they  wish any details, concerning the boating  courses offered.  Pitch-In  Http  BriU/h Cftfwnbto  Beautiful  PageC4 ThePeninsulaTimes  Wednesday, August 22,1979  Alt-MOON INN  8   SERVICES 885-5500  GAS & DIESa PUMPS  & TOW TRUCK SERVICE  * RESTAURANT OPEN  TUESDAYS-SUNDAYS  Lunch: 11:30-1:30 p.m.  Dlnnor,: 4:30-10 p.m.  Smorgasbord: Frl, Sat, Suit  The CLARKSONS'  SmllaM north of Sechelt-Hwy 101  VOLKERKAEMLING  GOVERNMENT LICENSED  SUNSHINE COAST PEST CONTROL LTD.  *Pre-Tra��atm��nt of Buildings Under Construction  * For guarantaMd control of Corpontor Ants, Rodonts, Skunks and.  other Potts.  MADEIRA PARK, B.C. ~  883-2531  needs proper training  By GORDON POLLOCK  The old adage says, "a dog is a man's  best friend." However, how many dog  owners can honestly say they enjoy their  'pets. .'  Oh sure he's cute as a puppy, and  comical chasing balls with the children,  but what about when he comes running in  out of the rain-soaked ground and jumps  on you or the furniture? Or when you take  him for a walk and he tears off after a cat,  or another dog, with you screaming  frantically for it to come back.  How much pleasure is a dog you don't  trust?  The paradox is that with a small  commitment from you, it doesn't have to  be. In a few short months,.you can mold  the erratic ball of fluffy clumsiness, or.  that belligerent aggressive house-wrecker  into a companion you will value to the  death.  Instead of fearing what your pet might  be doing, you can have assured conf ldeiice  of knowing your command is being  obeyed, even when you are out of sight.  Dog training clubs have been springing  up in all major areas (and not so major) as  people unite in the common goal of Improving their pets' behaviour. And as a  result, dog obedience trials (as the shows  are called) become more numerous with  increasingly larger entries. More often,  the bulk of the general public at dog shows  congregate around the obedience rings  marvelling at the performances of all the  fou*������l��b(i��jd wonders (ranging from  Chihuahuas to Bulldogs, from Labrador  Retrievers to Saint Bernards), all the time  wondering why "Fldo" won't come when  he Is called?  In absence of a club, it Is still possible  for the lay person to get the proper  directions, and instructions by programs  such as supported by the continuing  education people on the Peninsula. They  are arranging a dog obedience course for  anyone with a dog six months or older,  either pure-bred or mongrel.  The saying about old dogs and new  tricks is poppy-cock. Some dogs have been  over seven years of age before their  training began. Whether you're interested  in training your dog for organized showing  or just to make him a more enjoyable  addition to the family; both ypu and your  pet will discover a bond develop which  seems beyond a human-animal possibility.  Some may call it ego, but I call it pride  to wtdk with my Great Dane sharply at my  side, him watching my every move so as  not to miss a chance to show his greatest  . reward is to please his master.  More cedar shakes kindling available  ��� just ask. ~ Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  DON'T GAMBLE!!  When it comes to  Yojir BiisineoB  u��e  e Peninsula Times  BUSINESS DIRECTORY  SEAVIEW   MARKET  UPTOWN ROBERTS CREEK  OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK  Summeft ^ou/tg  ICE CREAM PARLOUR  MON.-SUN. 10am ��� 6pm  * FRI. & SAT. 'til 8pm  CONES * SUNDAES  * MILKSHAKES * BANANA SPLITS  All products mad* with NATURAL FLAVOURS  & REAL WHIPPING CREAM  885-3400  Last week's rain brought the forest fire  hazard down, but a B.C. Forest Service  ispokesman said it's, still an "explosive"  ~situation-in-ihe-bush. ���'   It's time   ���  to  think about  ���your   The cooling trend also brought with it  three reported lightning strikes in the  Sechelt area with fires reported burning at  Smugglers Cove and Lord Jim's. The third  strike was reported at Harris Lake,  however no fire could be found.'  The extent of the two fires was still  unknown at press time, although they  were thought to be small.  QA^a/id/tobe  PUT IT TOGETHER NOW, AT  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  GIBSONS, 886-9543  TRAIL BAY CENTRE  SECHELT, 885-9818  y%  TORE-INSULATE  YOUR HOUSE  The new CHIP program covers all  houses built before '61 and covers  the cost of materials (up to $350.)  plus Vi the cost of labour (up to $150.).  ASK US FOR DETAILS  VISA  688-6814  GIBSDNS_  LTD.  Sunthln* CoaM Hwy, Olbioni  flQH ft1! A'I ���  ���flaT-. ��.      ' ���<,��a^^^^^pa^^^^^p^^^^^B'^^va^^^^^V','>^^^^M'^a^^^a^^^7^^^^^^u<-<T-  "FOR ALL YOUR BUILDINO NEEDS" Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageC-5  ' ^  -xh<*Z_.  i.ik "��������� '  .*?..���*?,%<������  exhibition promises  to broaden art experience  ft-   :������   .4&.jft.i -*���  ���*$<��  &%  %yS^^^^^iY^ yJ^ney7n\  INTBAlCKGROTJND~is~ thei first  Sechelt Hotel" on fire, June 1, 1914.  Furniture savexl from the blaze is  stacked on the Boulevard. Sign centre  Continued from last week:  ~fiwqsrouiiiaHt&^  Starting on Tuesday, August 28, a new  exhibition will be mounted at the Sunshine  Coast Arts Centre on the corner of Trail  and Medusa in Sechelt..  Showing will be. paintings, drawings,  prints and photographs from the greater  Vancouver Artists' Gallery. The Artists'  Gallery as it is commonly called, evolved  from a LIP project in 1971 in which the  purpose of the programme was to purchase original works of art from Regional  contemporary artists. . \  This marked the beginning of the City  of Vancouver circulating collection, the  first such programmer in Canada.. The  project has attracted, considerable,, attention and was lauded by art critics,  gallery curators and even Time magazine,  which cited the Artists' Gallery as "the  most imaginative project to be funded this  way."  ~7 'After. eight-years,_the _City_of_Van=_  talent on the coast but it takes time to  organize a proper balance and variety of  exhibits.  Shows from other' centres will be a  regular part of the programme so we on  the Sunshine Coast can continue to  broaden our knowledge and awareness as  it is experienced elsewhere.  ���  KEEP  C.    WATERS  CLE A  .tf$?|2^fc  PalchHWh.Pincandoihcr Pleasures.  For truly unique ideas at  memorable prices, and for the  warmth that only a country look  can bring to your home...  HOURS:  Tuesday ���  10-4 p.m.  Sunday  Colner-of-School Rd. and  Gower Pt., Gibsons  886-8355  and points,'down Wharf Ave. Surviving building was Sechelt's first  school in 1912 until it became the'  "Miss Kent was our first teacher and a  lovely person. She later married and came  to Powell River with her husband, who was  manager of the first bank in Powell River,  the Bank of Hamilton." Arnold, Elizabeth'  and Charles Alan McQuarrie attended  school in Sechelt as did their sister  Katherine for a few months only be fore  she returned to Maine with her. grandfather. Within a few years Kate died in the  flu epidemic.  The four Morgbn children, Edith, Jim,  Winnie and George lived in 1910 in the  Sechelt Hotel where their father had just  come as manager for a time. Later they  and their mother lived in several cottages,  including the one now known as "Whitaker  House". Subsequently they moved to  Porpoise Bay and were near neighbours of  the McQuarrie family. AU-four-ehUdr-en  attended the local school.  San> Diego in 1920 but Edith and Winnie  returned after marrying two Delong  brothers of West Sechelt, who logged on  .the Sunshine Coast for many years.  George Morgan still lives in San Diego.  Arthur and Willie Tait (or Tate) were,  also pupils in Miss Kent's class. Their  father was storekeeper for Bert Whitaker  and the family, including four children,  lived in Cottage No. 1. The Taits moved to  San Diego, where they were acquainted  with the Morgans.  LOGGERS HELPFUL  At Christmas 1912 the community, in  particular the loggers, provided a really  Winnie Morgan, now.Mrs. R.S. Delong  of Vancouver, thought Miss Kent was  wonderful. Each day before lessons the  scholars sang a song and then repeated the  Lord's Prayer. The teacher permitted  them to choose their songs and Winnie  always wanted "Good morning Merry  Sunshine". The Morgan family moved to  large sum of money to be spent for the  purchase of gifts for the pupils. The school  closed on the preceding Friday to-allow  Miss Kent and Miss Ada Cook (later Mrs.  Sam Dawe) to travel to Vancouver to  select the splendid-presents which were-  distributed at the school concert on  Saturday evening. The party was held in  the hotel sitting room and was a rousing  success in spite of an earlier misadventure.  The gifts included very large dolls in  long boxes. When the shoppers had  boarded the Tartar in Vancouver and the  brigade on ladder, wetting down the  roof; Photo by Charles Bradbury, the  telegrapher.  first teacher  vessel had passed Brockton Point, Miss  Kent realized that she had left the dolls  propped up against the wall of the ticket  office on the dock. Capt. Sam Dawe turned  the Tartar around before they reached the  narrows and picked up the toys.  Elizabeth McQuarrie Fossett wrote  fondly of the 1912 school entertainment: "I  recall our first Xmas concert and dinner at  the old hotel. Lovely building. Both my  sister Katherine and I were given beautiful  dolls. We had a lovely tree and Santa  handed out candy, nuts and presents. We  had only been in Sechelt a few weeks.  Mother began to think Sechelt was not too  couver now owns over 3,000 works of art  which are circulated through 212 public  buildings, libraries, civic offices, schools  and galleries.  This exhibit will be an excellent opportunity for residents of the Sunshine  Coast-to view examples covering a broad  spectrum of contemporary art media. The  artists are chosen by a highly qualified  jury and include several who are  nationally recognized.  Glenn Lewis and Bill Featherston who  have pieces featured, both have had major  exhibitions at the Vancouver Art Gallery  this past year. Other names include Chris  Dahl, Gary Lee Nova, Michael Decourcey,  Judith Lodge; Marian Penner Bancroft  and Chris Hayward.  Selection for our showing were chosen  from a recent Artists' Gallery  retrospective exhibit 'Greatest Hits from  the Artists' Gallery."  Following the Artists' Gallery exhibit  will be a one person show of photographs  by Vancouver photographer Nomi Kaplan  bad after alTLater there was musfcand-^whois-previewingherpieces-at-the^un=  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.iSVWediTesday^venings~7r30r~  All in St. John 's_ United phurch,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157,  886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  UNITED CHURCH  9:30 a.m.���St. John's. Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m.- Gibsons  dancing for the parents, and the kids if  they could dance."  Grace Kent married George, Tyler in  Vancouver and they later moved to Los  Angeles.-where he managed a bank in4he  Ambassador Hotel. They had two children,  a son Kent Tyler of Walnut Creek, Calif.,  and a daughter Shirley (Mrs. S. Mark  Hogue) who predeceased her mother.  Grace Tyler is survived by her brother  George Kent of Vancouver, her son and  grandchildren in the U.S., and here  nephew T.M. Grimmett.  rolled as  B.C. tourism hits new high  shine Coast Arts Centre before sending  them for an exhibit in Seattle.  These two shows will further the trend  of quality and professionalism in the Arts  _Centre andhopefullyas more locjffjylMs  are featured they will appreciate at the  same high level.  Local crafts people will be spotlighted  in October and in November artists of the  .Sunshine Coast will be called on to participate in a juried show from which individuals will be encouraged to show at the  Arts Centre in the near future.  . The Arts Centre stealing committee is  becoming famtiiar with the ^astamountof  a  Sechell   ^bislvicl  uer ol L^c  NEW CAR DRAW  ctmbet  oirunerce  ���1st PRIZE���NtW1979iJHBfR0LEni0MPACT  2nd PRIZE - TRIP TO RENO for two for 1 week  3rd PRIZE - CAR STEREO   Proceeds to be used for Chamber of        -  Commerce New Home plus to promote  business, etc. in the Sechelt area.  ������*������������*���������***���������*  :DRAW ON LABOUR DAY}  Tickets  :$5.00 each  Tickets available at  your local merchant*  MHkWWMMMi  With yet another record-breaking  Tourism year looming on the horizon,  Good times '79 is fast becoming the stuff  that dreams are made of ^ not only for the  hospitality industry, but for the provincial  economy in general.  Hotels and inns are booking to  capacity, fish are biting, cash registers  ringing, buttons, banners and bumper  stickers sizzling the land with a friendly,  spirited invitation to everyone, "Have a  (Good Time in British Columbia".  That invitation has been accepted by a  greater number of visitors and B.C.  rodents than have ever before chosen to  make Canada's - westernmost province  their favorite vacation playground.  According to Victor Burt, past  president of the Vancouver Visitors  Bureau and general manager of Hotel  Vancouver, his happy hostelry is seeing  100 per cent bookings on quite a few nights  and has been averaging close to that  magic figure for some time now.  "Last year business was good," says  Ken Noble, president of the B.C. Hotel  Association, "but this year it Is even  better, After promotion and advertising  have brought the tourists to British  Columbia, His up to individual operators  in our industry to iriake every effort to  ensure they enjoy themselves and come  back."  The private sector as well is doing its  part to ensure a successful tourist season,  Throughout the province, 25,000  businesses are displaying either window  decals, cash register stickers, signs or  large 23-Inch diameter displays, all encouraging visitors to relax nnd let the  0  \j Don'l forget your y  '      daniadown  "Good Times Roll" in B.C. Over 100,000  cars, trucks and campers have been given  bumper stickers bearing Tourism British  Columbia's cheery message "Have a Good  Time in British Columbia". To date, at  border crossings and ferry terminals,  approximately 150,000 out-of-province  vehicles have been gifted with bumper  stickers bearing a similar message with  only one word change. They will travel  across North America carrying the news  "HAD a Good Time in British Columbia".  To sweeten the Current campaign even  further, millions of packets of sugar,  produced for use in restaurants and hotels  by the B.C. Sugar Refining Company, beat*  the Good Times logo and message, In  addition, Safeway'Food stores have im-  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  ��ac/? Week  printed two miUiofTof their bags with a  two-color reproduction of the same  Tourism logo and slogan.  Way off ih the future, when the summer  capers of this ebullient province have  quietened down, the memories of the 1979  Tourism trade will be bringing a slow,  steady, glow to the hearts of all British  Columbians.  Actually, everyone should take a bow.  When you've put a hit show on the road,  the word travels fast ��� and the world  comes to your doorstep.  Tourism British Columbian put out the  welcome mat, but It was the citizens of this  province who kept the door wide open in  greeting their visitors.  Good Times'79! ���  MONEY  AVAILABLE  FOR  SOUND  En|oy pu  Diniado.  . . pure, welghlleee comlort every day ol lha year under a  Oiniadown Ideal (or vacation*. Daniadown u available in  limitiwi down or min-eitergwtc Oicron II, Ju�� make to nuke  H_ ettvtr (tt iTnp m match cotouM��ntaefin tot i colour  brociimo and the name ot a dealer near ypu.  ��4aT^^^p��  dankxlown quite ltd.  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  ���M*741torllM033  OUNDASAfAffATT  LW  5  1  T'  4  8  2  10  3  13  19  6  12   U  9  20  11  19  24  28  23  16  29  27  36  22  IB  21  TW  1 I Want You To Want Mo   2 You Take, My Broath Away   3 WKihY^'f��,ntoviWthaB3a^^  4 Shlno A Uttlo Lovo   5 Oold '   6 Logical Song   7 JuitWhonlNoeidodYouMoit   B Wo Art family   9 IWaiMadoForLovln'You   10 Dooi Your Mothor Know    11 Chuck E'i In lovo .,,   12 ShoBolloyotlnMo   13 Bod Olrli ,;, ,',,',77','., 7,",,.".....",,,, 77,77.7  is HotatuH '..'.xxx.'.x'.yy,',',',  16 My Sharona , ,   17 lovo Tikeji Time.    1B Mama Can't Buy You Love,   19 Getting Clour       20 Born To Bo Allvo   21 Ooodbyo Strartgor.,,   22 OoodTlmln'., ,   23 Wookand   21 li She* (Wally Going Out With Him   26 Lovo You Inildo Out , ������  mt . nOnsftfy,.,.,,,,.��....,.,.,.,...., .i.,,,.*,..,,,,,.m  28 Shako Your Body   29 - ut'i oo.,, .��� ,,,,.. !!,!'.!!!!!!  30 Tho Davll Wont Down toOoorola .,.,,....,,l.Jl.^.J,Jk,  i t t i i ( r ��  Gibsons  886-9111   Choap Trick   Rox Smith  :,;77 7,:7Dr7Hiok7   E.l.O.   John Stewart   Supartramp  Randy Vanwarmor   SlitorSldtgo   Kin   .Abba  , ..RIcMLoaJanoi  ,,, K��nny Rogod  ,., Donna Summor  ,.. Donna Summor   Tho'Knock   Orlooni   Elton John   Wlngi  Patrick Harnandoi   Suportramp  ,,,.,, .loachBoyi      WotWHIlo  ......... ,.D0U(*tt��  ....Joo Jockion  ,..,, BmOih  .......Billy Jo��l  ,,,,',, Jackiom   Cam  ACREAGE  SMALL HOMES  (Under 1000 sq. ft.)  SUMMER HOMES  LOTS  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  P^^fAi^Btli'fte^w^W.-!-'..- ���.* ^Wfijtf^^HteH  Cowrie Street, Sechelt  ,Tetr885s9255���     -   ...,,,������  (UMSMffs-W'.*--'. :"-������.  ��� PageC-f^  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 22,1979  wairn young  ��* ���  *, <?�� ^  * l-  Sc^*Z3R-w: *t~  'JUS**.*?- ~ *  BRYAN  COUTURE was tired of feet while the others caught up. This  waiting for the others to carve their was one of the novelty events at the  chairs with power saws, so he carved first annual Wakefield logger sports  a foot stool as well on which to rest his behind the Wakefield Inn Saturday.  Council changes mind  Sechelt Village Council has decided not  to sell the property on which the Centennial-Library is located and the sale of  the village office property, at Times  deadline, depends on whether the village  can purchase another piece of property to  replace *it.  Shorncliffe Ltd., with whom council  previously was planning to trade the two  properties for a one-acre portion belonging  Annual meeting  ^-The-St��� Mary's Hospital Society-will^  to the company and $20,000 tendered the  minimum amount for each property as  asked, for in the advertisement.  Dr. Jack Malnarick's bid for the village  office property was higher, village clerk-  treasurer Malcolm Shanks said. -  The proposed joint-use facility, which  would include regional board, school  board and village offices, a common  boardroom and the Centennial Library is  "up in the air," Shanks said.  "We can't do anything without a piece  of property."  Also, the library will remain in its  .Sechelt RCMP are issuing another  warning to young motorcyclists following  complaints1 from residents on Tsawcoitie  Properties of young pereohs"ro<tftagfovef  the_property Jjninus. headlights,_helmets_  and insurance.  Any person caught on the property-"  without permission will be charged on  whatever violation of the motor vehicle act  he has committed.   . '  A trailer on Garden Bay Rd. was  reported forceably entered August 10  along with a tool shed on the same  property. Nearby, a cabin was also entered after the hasp was torn off the door.  Some damage was done to the inside, but it  is not known if anything is missing.  The ropes holding up the Gospel,Tent in  Hackett Park were, burnt through "more  than once" it was reported Aug. 11.  The vandalism to the ropes and light'  bulbs happened during the day. A boat  docked at Porpoise Bay Gov't Wharf was  broken into, it was reported August 12.  Stolen were a 10%-foot mooching rod, a  Windsor trolling reel and 1500 feet of 15 lb.  test-line. Value is estimated at $70.  . _ A^iko_silvetJ��alch,jHrithagrey face  valued at approximately $250 was  reported missing August 12 after the  complainant left it inside his shoe while he  went swimming during a party at Ruby  Lake August 4.  Two local juveniles were apprehended  after the tires of three B.C. Hydro vehicles  were slashed August 13:  Several articles were disturbed when  someone entered through an open door at a  home on Redrooffs Rd. while the owner  was away August 4.  Twenty-one dollars was stolen from the  cash register at Bullwinkle Glassworks on  Cowrie at approximately 11 a.m. August  15.  The door was broken and a hole  smashed in the wall of a shed which was  entered on Hwy. 101 in Selma Park August  16.  A towline was hooked to the Lions i3ub���  sigh near Francis Peninsula Rd.' August 16  and Jthe -uement_ mount ,and- sign -were  , dragged down the road.  ^ A battery was stolen from a yellow  Firebird parked at the Tyee parking lot  while the owner was away at camp, it was  reported August 17.  BEACH PARTIES  Complaints of noisy beach parties are  still a major headache for Gibsons RCMP.  Those involved in these beach parties are  liable to be charged, they warn.  A "bicycle-built-for-two," a small  scooter and a boy's older motorcross  bicycle have been found and can be  identified at the Gibsons RCMP detachment.  - Two suspects were apprehended by  local citizens and turned over to the RCMP  after they were discovered stealing a boat  about 2 a.m. August 15 from the Gibsons  government wharf.  A stereo receiver, turntable, cassette  tapedeclrand Husqyarna chainsavr valued  at $500 were stolen in a break-in through  New Pastor  Pastor Tim Shapcotte, 31, has taken  over duties from Reverend. W.S. Ackroyd  at the Pender Harbour Pentecostal Church  on Lagoon Rd. Rev. Ackroyd has moved to  Langley.  Shapcotte, a recent graduate of the  Western Pentecostal Bible College, and his  wife Donna moved to Pender Harbour  August 1 from Abbotsford.  Church services include Sunday School  at 9:45 a.m. and Sunday morning service  at 11 a.m. Beginning in September,  evening service will be held at 7 p.m.  the bathroom window of a Pratt Rd,:  residence August 13.   A battery was stolen from $. car parked  . at the Langdale Ferry Terminal August  -13. TAiRoberts-Creek homerwasreported-  broken into August 14, however nothing is  missing. A flag was stolen from a building  on Gower Pt. Rd. and back-up lights were  stolen. from _ a vehicle parked at the  ' Langdale Ferry Terminal August 15.  79 MODEL CLEAROUT  VANS-BRONCO 4x4  PICK-UPS 4x2 & 4x4  70 UNITS TO CHOOSE FROM  AUBRAND NEW "   "EXAMPLES:   ������"���"���"  1979 _ Bronco -4x4,   351V8, _ 4   speed,  gauges^ GT rbirijar, fllp~fold, RR seat,"  power tailgate window. PS.PB STK  #40406,   was    $10,540.   Clearout    at  -22i^:L ���'���mm   1979 Tiso""Cargo    van?   300    CID,"~  automatic,   buckets,   gauges,   W/C  mirrors, PS, PB, HD shks, sliding door,  STK #40417. Was $8,110. Clearout at  $7,130.   ' 1979 F100"s7yloslde Pickup, 300 CID,  automatic, PS, PB,' step bumper, 3750  rVRR   axle   STK   #40391.   Was   $7,420.  Clearout prlco $6,345.  Ms��L��HMsast)jMnH>jMNiVMMHO>MHa1aWhiaH ����������������� mm  .  LEASE OR PURCHASE  ON THE SPOT FINANCING  BRASSO LINCOLN-MERCURY  '305 Marine Dr., N. Vancouver  ^allcollect : DSoST  [ KEN DIAMOND 988-7172  SWIMMING POOLS  INGROUND ��� INSTALLED ��� ABOVE GROUND  ��� CHEMICALS ��� MAINTENANCE ��� SERVICE  Saunas - Whirlpools - Spa's ��� Hot Tubs  We install all our products  iROOUCTSi  Richard  Sasaratt  806-7411  or  886-8023  North Road,  Gibsons  Free Estimates      No Obligation  hold its Annual General Meeting on  Wednesday, September 26 at .Senior  Citizens Hall in Sechelt.  All members of the Society are invited  to attend the meeting which is scheduled to  start at7:30 p.m. -The Senior-Citizens Halt  is'situated on Mermaid Street.  present location.  School District No. 46 secretary-  treasurer Roy Mills agreed there was  "some uncertainty about it." He said if the  village cannot obtain a piece of property,  the school board and regional board will  have to consider relocating ori a piece of  property the school board already owns.  t    VOIGfLANDER     |  I Slide Projector  Exclusive to KITS CAMERAS, the Voigt-  lander VP 135 AF has many fine features  I- ineludina-.-carrylng_ case, ..remote ..control,,  auto focus and built-in timer so that you can  view your, slides for specific time intervals  and a low voltage lamp system that prohibits lamp fade-out.  MINOLTA 200X  ELECTRONIC FLASH  Specially    designed    for    the    Minolta  Cameras:' Thfe" advanced flash' unit 'can  synchronize with the    4, gp^ jm *%*%  Minolta auto winder for $ \__Mu CKv  rapid flash sequences.  MINOLTA XG-1  It's a superb compact 35mm SLR  with aperture priority automatic  and full manual control. Yet the  XG-1 is priced so low it saves you  money to put towards the accessories you want to build a complete photographic system.  (NOT I'.X/CTI.Y  AHII.UI8TIIATI!!))  ���ml 15*) 1/nkJK  EXD-4B  TRIPOD  4 section tripod with centre  brace for added stability.  Flip-lock for speedy setup.  195  ������ KITSTAR   135mm 12.8  TELEPHOTO LENS  F.xpnnd the cnpnblllly of your  nowenmern with n now Kllitnr  Wm, Theft) l��nt���� arc  ilcilrjncd (or cuperlor  performonca,  Minolta   $*  Mnt.  88  ���.<\}\J   m  KITOcoiOrt   ^  ��� ���!:��� ������ .... _ M  KIT8COLOR  135/20 FILM  for Color Prints; 20 Exposures  $|09  KITSTAR  7 to 15x35  ZOOM  BINOCULARS  Idcnl for Just about  any spectator event;  allows you to zoom  in on your subject,  $!  ,95  This fast f4.5/80.200  zoom lens has macro  capabilities for .fascinating!*  closeupN.  Bnyonet Mount  Screw Mount  mm7  SUNNYCREST  GIBSONS  *H">6tJ����*<^^rt^J��fflWii -M:  886-8010  Subject to availability/Sale ends August 25.1979  STORES  WITH SERVICE  PERSONALITY  ^**9*Rk  r)V#a*MKaa^HB4sS  * Times Crossword -byJoMeinyk  22  23  24  26  ACROSS  1 Mosc.  Nickname   > -  5 Pretajndor  10 Hiflhschool '  Diploma  14 Margarlns  15 Slat*  16 Topnotch  17 Palm  16. Perform  20 Masc  Name  Letter  Snake  Shelves  Pastry  27 Balancing  Ornaments  30 Flags  34 River  35 Milk (Fr.)  36 Elec. Unit  37 Journey  38 Shrub  -40-Cunnlng   41 Eskimo  42 Columbian  Indian  43 Numb  45 Fred ���  47 Scolds  48 See 10  across  49 Car  50 Wand  53 WW 2 Agency  54 Animals  58 '   My Love"  61 State  62 Catalogue  63 Deck of 52  64 Greater  65 Fewer '  66 Lock of     -  Hair  67 Grain,  DOWN  Animal.  Province  True  Winners  Award  Snake  Restrains  Allowances  8 Greek     Wine  Pitcher  9 Female     Ruff  10 Peninsula  '    Place with  48 down  11 Street  12 Stake ���  13 Animal  19 Contaminate    -  21 Crown  25 One   Hundred  Years  26 Decorated  27 Fem. Name  28 Neglects  29 Unable to  do well  30 Forbid  31 Burst Forth  32 Fasten   Again ,  33 Snow Vehicles  35 Fate  39 Hurry  40 Skulls  42 Fem.'    Name  44 Spoken  46 Miscarries  47 Hair   Growths  49 Cell  50 Dance    -  51 Friend (Fr.)  52 Throw"  53 Poet  55 Indian  56 Loki's Son  57 Hut  59 Deed  60 Curve ���  Within two weeks, students will be back  in school and most visitors, will have left  for the season; Jli^.UJte.retu_rns,to a more���  nonnal pattern. WithOJje fall, new  energies seem to materiaMZe and people  begin agpin to looHor worthwhile projects-  in which to get involved.,  Vqipnteering-ean be the answer for so  many people. Use your spare time to help  others. In so doing-you will enrich and help  not only another person but also yourself..  This involvement is such a growing experience. Here are a few of the opportunities to consider:  ENGLISH AS A  SECOND LANGUAGE  This fall, a new program will begin to  assist people to upgrade4heir command of  English. Some participants will be learning English for the first time and others  will be adding to their existing skills.  Perhaps you are a ware of a man or woman  who needs a better command of English to  carry out a job or get more out of daily life.  Each volunteer will work with one  student under the direction of a co-  ,ordinator. The,learning setting will be  outside a school ��� perhaps in the adult's  home.:      <  Become one of the volunteers and help  this program to grow. Please notify us if  you know of anyone who might benefit  from being involved in this program.  BABYSITTERS  Volunteer babysitters are needed to  look after pre-schoolers on Tuesday and-or  Thursday mornings, so that mothers can  take part in some fall courses beginning at  the end of .September and lasting ten  weeks. The children will be looked after in  a hall. Hopefully two people will be  available f<>r each morning ��� are you  interested? Some of your expenses will be  covered.  VISITORS  Special visits can make a big difference  to someone confined to a home or to  hospital. Share some of your time and your  interests with another person who isn't as  free as you are to travel around the Coast.  TUTORING  _When classes, begin, assistance will be  Wednesday, August 22,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageC-7  will work individually with students. Some  need special help with their reading or  mathematics. Others will look forhelp in  ah enrichment program, because they are  beyond their peers in certain skill areas.  Some elementary students would benefit  from a woodworking, drafting or music  program.- ���  -  In Gibsons, a volunteer will be needed  to   help   senior ���- students   with   their  mathematical skills. Help a child to  achieve his learning potential.  DRIVERS  Volunteer drivers are needed on.an on-  call basis to drive people to medical appointments. Can we add your name to the  list? We" only need your services occasionally when the Minibus is unable to  transport someone but it is important that  we have a list of volunteer drivers that we  can call upon.  BABY CIJtMC - *  PENDER HARBOUR  A person is needed to work with the  Public Health. Nurse at the Baby Clinic in  Pender Harbour. The Clinic is held on the  first Wednesday of each month from 1:30  p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The volunteer would  weigh the babies and help keep the  records.  SAVE THE CHILDREN PROGRAM  Volunteers are needed to, unravel  knitted garments and others are needed to  use this wool to knit and crochet afghans  for the Save the Children Program. This is  an activitiy that can be done in your home  in your spare time.  needed in many classes where volunteers  These and other volunteer opportunities  exist on the Coast! Call the Community  Services Society's Volunteer Bureau at  833-5881. We would be very pleased to hear  from you.  Advertising^  keeps you  posted.  -CANADIANAOVERTlSINGAOvisOBY-BOARD-  PASSPORT PHOTOS  & CITIZENSHIP  WHILE YOU WAIT  NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY  Sunnycrest  Centre, Gibsons  CftMMM    %mm  POTTERY  from  _EGM0NT  and DENMAN ISLAND  WEST COAST SILVER  and ARGILUTE JEWLEREY  FLOWERING andTROPICAL  PLANTS  885 3818 PENTANGLE sechelt  K^Jl  CH00L SUPPLIES  ^ONE STOP SHOPPING"  Enter Oir  &//^fo?/Contest  * WIN A KODAK INSTAMATIC CAMERA  Value $37.00  OR / 1 of 6 other PRIZES OF A $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE  (redeemable for our store merchandise only)  (Winners must answer a skill testing question)  * A COMPLETE SELECTION OF SUPPLIES FOR ALL GRADES  * SCHOOL LISTS ARE POSTED FOR EASIER SHOPPING  *GOOD DISPLAY OF SUPPLIES FOR YOUR  CONVENIENCE  Deposit all school supply receipts up to the value of   $l(Lor_more-ln-our-conte��t box.   ^���U/IW���4> Books/Gifts Stationei  Sunnycrest Centre, Gbspns    -8868013"  CHARGEX  master charge  **m"    ��4s-    /wi-s-vto  h<s^fvtfi   taps?    ft"* <"*J<S��'SV  S��a   J?g��_2&'**     H;*~ ���"���������  :��777K'  Drive  Carefully  %blx*  ��&*%Mm����X\t.  Protect your pick-up  J/vitii n  What a difference Line-A-Bed makes!  LINE-A-BED is a molded liner/protector  for your truok* bed that's virtually Inde*  structlblo. Because It's made of the  same high-Impact material you'll find In  football helmets and golf club heads.  The purpose of LINE-A-BED Is to protect  tho bed of a new or U9ed pickup truck,  lo onhanco Its appearance, to,Insulate  tho bed when It Is used In conjunction  with aiQRper or recreatlQoaUqulpment.  With LINE-A-BED, a pickup truck ownor  can haul heavy equipment In It, carry  strong   alkali,   manure,   etc.,   without  scratching, marring or otherwise damag-  v ino '010 truoK',b0Oi,***,i^'i-,ii*^*^^ ���'',"**  Even If It didn't do anything, LINE-A-BED  would be worth having just because It  makes a pickup look so good. And made  to stay that way. It's tough, easy 19 clean,  resists stains, and It can even be waxed.  One pleco protects the headwall, side-  walls and bed floor. Another slips right  ovai; M)e,t^lgftt^.*Ona,inan,,c��iaJ��.BU.H,,  It in ton minutes or loss. And tho result?  Well, look at any pickup bed without  LINE-A-BED, then look at one with.  Don't  Speed  Be  Alert  Obey  the  Signs  SCHOOL  STOP  NEW SERVICE  AFTER HOURS TRUCKERS SERVICE  'till 11 p.m.  ��� We service gas or diesel ��� Clutches  Rear ends etc. ��� Heavy duty equipment  ��� Industrial & domestic rad service by  Sunshine Rad & Brake  We also service & repair all makes  and models of forklifts  ���     Of  ��� OBEY THE SIGNS ��� DON'T SPEED  BE EXTRA ALERT ��� GIVE THE KIDS A CHANCE  Drive  with  Safety  _ite\  ?~c  ����*��W��w*i(i>��WtWii|j  melt .  .�����'  ' .*  Page C-8 The Peninsula Times  air 9^m>.  Wednesday, August 22,1979  "tJlanle QJou fiue/tyone ...  ' tiftat' uWfede ��u/t Qtond ��pcumg  Sued a Success  WINNERS of  * GIFT CERTIFICATE for $25.00 ��� Clara Roiser  * GIFT CERTIFICATE lor $20.00 ��� Andrea Bond  * GIFT CERTIFICATE for $15.00 ��� Laurette Dennlt  *-G)in^^imFIC^��^oi^mO(H--^Aary-Dahl  *^GIFT^ERflFICATC^oi^5^)CH=^Rlby^ud��oi  Cowrie St. Sechelt  885-2916  Does Your Club or Group Report Its Activities Regularly to Tho Times?  SERVING UP the hot dogs for the Thelma LfiSeelleur. The weather  lions-Legion Annual Picnic at the clewed up and everyone had a good  lions,Park in Pender Harbour is   time.  Provincial court briefs  Gary Frederick Larson was fined $500  in .Sechelt Provincial Court last week for  obstructing a police officer by standing  spread-eagled in front of his friend whom  the officer suspected of impaired driving.  Defence lawyer Sid Simons said Larson's behavior "was not a pattern this man  observes," and in a similar charge seven  years ago,i "there was no actual physical  violence as I understand it."  Judge J.S.P. Johnson refused Simons'  "Tequest-for-trconditionaldischarge-and-  agreed with the probation officer's  presentence report that probation tanfl  community work service were not suitable  since Larson lived most of his time in a  logging camp.    Despite the previous offence, Judge  Johnson said, this was a summary offence  which he did not feel was serious enough to  warrant a jail sentence.  John Leslie Setchfield was fined $100  after he pleaded guilty to consuming  liquor in a public.place. He was charged  June 28 when Gibsons RCMP found him  drinking beer on'Gower Point Road with a  group of friends.  After hearing what, community work  service entails, John Williard Enevoldson  chose the work over a fine. The H}-year-old  pleaded guilty to being a minor in  possession of liquor and supplying liquor  to minors and was given six months  probation to complete 25 hours community  work service on each charge.  Walter Joseph Dempster was fined  $400 after he pleaded guilty to impaired  driving. Dempster was involved in an  accident in Granthams Landing April 21  arid suffered cuts to his head.  When he was helped from his Datsun,  which had rolled on to its driver's side,  Strong signs of Impairment were noticed  by the Gibsons RCMP officer, crown  prosecutor Tony Rowley said.  , Dempster asked for a longer driver's  , licence suspension rather than a larger  fine. However, Judge Johnson said impaired driving causing personal injury  means a minimum six-months suspension.  In levying the fine and six months  probation to attend the Impaired drivers'  course, Judge Johnson said Dempster's  financial state was considered.  "Are you still going to be a user?"  Judge Johnson asked William Wayne  Morrison sifter. fining him $200 for  possession of marijusma.  "That's hard to say," Morrison raid.  Morrison was charged when the RCMP  visited his home .and found five marijuana  plants from one to two feet high growing in  his garden. Morrison admitted they were  his after first denying any knowledge of  their existence.  ���-,James^Wolfe^was- fined~$70���for  .operating a motorcycle without the proper  class of driver's licence.  Uie 'Times' Adbriefs to Sell,  Rent, Buy, Swop etc.  AM  INVITATION  i  TO PARENTS  AND INTRESTEO  MEMBERS OF THE  COMMUNITY TO MEET  Mrs. June Bernauer,  PRINCIPAL  CHATEUCH JR. SECONDARY  SCHOOL  9:30-100 put  Tkrtaity Aujuit tl  & Friday, Ajutt 24  HUSQVARHA  Jaw-proof hook  Automatic bobbin thread  Eaty bobbin thread  Eaty bobbin wining  ButtonHol��t in tooonds  Slow ipoo** joor  Eaty threading  Snap-on. prossor foot  Froo arm towing  Permanent lubrication  Reg. $969.00  MnsODUCTOW SPECWt  2000 SI  m  Backed by on tho  CUES.  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Tydeman  APPLES  Commercial  Grade       I  ���f��l��*WM!*��>(ll|i^ ��W^��i-J  mg���  Bakery Specials  MOCHA c*mq  LAYER CAKES v   2  TURNOVERS 3for69  HONEY WHOLEWHEAT  BREAD 454 g  CHOCOLATE -   rAC  CUP CAKES 4f��r69  ^ififflHT HEfi jmmBt  m-mmmmi_n0mmmym_mmm_m0mmmimm-mmm0mw  Purex  BATHROOM TISSUE  $129  4 roll JL  mmmmmmmmtmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmtit  B.C. Bunch  CARROTS  Canada       ^CC  No. 1 1#*J     bunch  m0mmmmmmmmmmTm*-mmm_m0mmmmmmm0mmmmti  B.C. Bunch  SPINACH  c  r<*MW-sJ^ *f<H  Canada  *  No. I  Prices effective  Aug. 23, 24, 25  Hiuim oi. j-2uii  005-7023, BuUiy  n05-Vfll2,Moo��Dop't.  bimrh  ITRAIL BAY CENTRE, SECHELT  Wt KE&EKVI: THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES


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