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The Peninsula Times Jul 18, 1979

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Array {.r.^ioyyf^^ii^^.i'^1]  m  Qavc Vanila  mmMmBmmm  to  Municipal Affairs Minister Bill Vander  Zalm agreed last Wednesday to a  preliminary investigation into alleged  irregularities in Sechelt Village council's  handling of zoning, subdivision and  development proposals.  The decision was made following a  meeting between , NDP-MLA Don  Lockstead (MacKenzie) and Vander Zalm  on the basis of a 27-page letter from the  Sechelt Ratepayer's group to the ministry  itemizing the alleged irregularities.  .  "I want the air cleared," Lockstead  told The Times Friday. "As long as there  are these kinds of allegations...you know  what it's like in a small community."    .  The investigation will involve a ".senior *'  ministry official talking to those who made  the   allegations,   and   the   council,  "Lockstead said.  -The  preliminary   investigation- will-  determine whether the allegations are  warranted and whether a full inquiry,  involving the RCMP, is needed, Vander ���  Zalm told the Times Friday.   .  "The investigation was requested by  the MLA and the inspector , of  municipalities (Bill Long) complied with  that request, Vander Zalm said.  "Investigations of this kind are not  Council sur  shocked at inquiry  uncommon," he said "We've had perhaps ���  two or three in the last year."    >  Vander Zalm said he had notyet seen  the ratepayers' letter, but these requests  for investigations are not uncommon  either^ and "particularly when the request -.  comes from an MLA, or a responsible  citizen, the inspector of municipalities  responds."  Vander Zalm said the inspector of  municipalities has "no comment at this  time."  "We're looking at the complaint, that's/  all I can say," he said.  Long would not discuss previous in-  __��-maium^miummmmmmsmmmmmmm  vestigations into othe/ municipalities, nor  * would he say. whether these investigations  have ever-led to a full inquiry. - -  Long also had "no comment" on which  , specific points in the letter will be investigated. ���   Sechelt Ratepayers Chairman Chuck  Dowman   said   the  preliminary   investigation comes as "a bit of a surprise."  His "secondhand" information he said,  was that if council elected to place a 90-day  moratorium on the  present zoning  , amendment bylaws, "they  (municipal  affairs) would send someone to help out."  Alleging that council may be involved  in some wrong-doing "was not our intent  at all,'! Dowman said,  - The letter had "nothing to do with payoffs" he said. "Where the government  came up with that, I don't know."  - Dowman said-the original letter contained certain statements which may have  alleged some illegalities on the part of  council, but these were struck before the  letter went to Victoria because "we had no  proof."  The letter was not released to local  press, because the group's board of  directors agreed to "put a lid on it,"  Dowman said.  However/the Vancouver Sun reported  Thursday, the letter changed that rezoning  applications have been "rushed" through  council and hinted at possilbe outside  influence by developers,"  -According to documents submitted by  the ratepayers to the inspector of  municipalities, the Sun continued, there  have been cases of zoning and re-zoning  amendments "extending back more than a  year where the Municipal Act has  allegedly not been complied with."  Also,'*ome concern voiced by residents  to the council over zoning matters have  remained unanswered.  The municipal affairs ministry's  decision to conduct a preliminary investigation into charges cf irregularities  in zoning, subdivision and development  proposals handled by Sechelt village  council has sparked reactions of surprise,  shock and disappointment.  And - the actions of the Sechelt  Ratepayers' group now has helped two  aldermen decide whether to run for reelection- ufNovember:       ;    ~~ .  "I am certainly not running (for reelection) after this treatment of council by  the ratepayers," Alderman Morgan  Thompson told The Times Friday.  "I feel they have claimed we are doing  something wrong," Thompson said, "I feel  badly that people in this group feel council  isunapproachablc.I am just sorry it was  handled in this way rather than coming to  council to discuss it  "I can find no "fault with thena for  disagreeing with us... but I do't feel that.  . . council was given the chance."  Thompson said he thought the group  ^%entirffTHra-^Trbad~taiigent;,'-whtel  has caused "some disappointment" of the  coucil in the ratepayers group.  Both Thompson and- Aid. Frode  Jorgensen wondered what would Tae investigated, since all zoning and rezoning  bylaws .have'to. be approved py Victoria.  If one bylaw is at odds ..with another,  Thompson said, the ministry of mulicipal  affairs will not accept it. THbmpson*caued -  it "double protection.",    A-     S\ ^.r'  ''We work hard at .it  CVlHageFad-  ' mmlstiftitiont;" Jorgensen said. "?;��d wi  do our best." '*"'  "We are not experts utfafay field, but.  that is1 why we have advisors." r'  Jorgensen said he has not decided,  whether to run for,re-election.  "A lot of people/have made up my mind  for me, but I hate not,".he said.  Mayor Harold Nelson said he was  considering not running for re-election,  however this .investigation has changed his  mind St. this point. ^  He feels the ratepayers'  letter "to  Victoria "must have hinted at something  or there would be no investigation. He also  mentioned the necessity of the ministry's  approval before bylaws are adopted.  "Can you see Victoria letting us do  something wrong?" he asked.  , ' Nelson said the group could have "gone  about it in a different way," but he said,  "hi the long run it (investigation) is going  _to help us out."  Sorving th�� Sunshine Coast   (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  Wilson Creek  Sel/na Pork   Sethelt   Halfmoon Boy   Secret  ��� 20c Copy  LARpEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER 0NTHE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 17 ��� No. 31  CNA  Alderman Joyce Kolibas also felt the  ratepayers could have approached council  first, but "if they feel they are justified  then it's their right to go that road."  "I don't feel there have been any  irregularities/' Kolibas said. "If the  ratepayers thought there was--well,  they've had every chance to come to the  meetings and find out."  Alderman Larry MacDonald returned  from a yacationJThi^day morning to find  his resignation as planning committee  chairman had been cited in the letter as  support for the request for some form of  action by the ministry.  xI-did-not-Tesign-because-I~thought  there was any wrong-doing-it was  because I disagreed with council's  procedure," MacDonald said.  -'$ think the.iratepayers jtave rnade^  mistake. A lot of the things 'kaid in theje  (theletter) need to be talked about. I think  it svas premature to bring-P the ptovjni-  ce��J  ���?*  JJjjfacDonald said he7 fought:,the  ratepayers main compla^;cp1r^Jn|d^��  village roads-and thata^infbi^r^ee^ig'S  il'& coffee-shop session") kmong;'%ou^  developers, ratepayers and council had--  promised a hirther meeting which never  materialized.  1 He thinks the council should sit down  with the ratepayers "to see'what prompted such a.large jump" from an informal  meeting which led him to behevejn further meetings to calling, in /munibipal  affairs. , ��� >������  ,   He called the ratepayers' action an  "over-reaction ... done put of emotion."  Wednesday, July 18,1979  Peninsula may get  uranium hearings  ���The- Sunshine Coast-Regional-District-  is in support of holding local hearings by  the Royal Commission on Uranium Mining  after receiving a letter and brief from  Freda Hanf ord, a member of the Coalition  for Nuclear Responsibility.  A motion at the regular meeting last  week backs a letter from Hanford saying  nuclear technology is "extremely  hazardous" and "for the safety of us all it  should be abandoned by man."  It states that since uranium is the fuel  used in nuclear'power stations, their shutdown means there will be no need for  uranium.  "So why start mining it?" the letter  iksr  T0E OFFICE of The Dazed Planet  newspaper (disguised as Don  Granvery's'Volkswagen truck) came  into the sleepy settlement of Roberts  Creek (disguised as a - big Daze  parade Saturday) and baffled  residents (disguised as everything  you caii mink o$; when, the Telephone  Booth (disguised as Times office  manager Judy Fitzgerald in overalls)  opened to reveal mild-mannered  reporter Clark Kent undisguised as  Super.... uh.... man? (disguised as  darkroom lady Jenny) wfrp, was going  to fly/away with reporter^Lois Lane  (disguised as reporter Helen Parker .  . can it be?) who works for that  Masked Editor (disguised as Mary  Puchalski in a..: uh... zoot suit) hut  Super-It couldn't even lift Lois  because it had fake muscles... yah..  ;,, just bulges .������. .phoney...ptteww..':���:.  and thanks HdenTasker for minding  the real office.    7  It says radio-active contaminated air  and water can reach many places in BC if  uranium mining goes ahead, not just areas  where the mining is carried out.  Handford asked the board to consider  hearings "in order to get the facts on  which to- base (your community's)  protection."   >'  The" coalition's submission to the  commission, accompanying the letter  states?/  " "The BC Uranium Mining Royal  Commission will be an opportunity for  cit��zens,to hear about this problem...The  impact on the nuclear industry (environmentally, biologically, genetically,  socially, economically, politically, and  internationally) will be great and possibly  irreversible.  "It is important that all citizens of  British . Columbia   should   have   the  priyiledge of holding uranium mining  . ��� SeePageA-7  Blow up towers if Cheekye line built?  Blowing up the towers of BC Hydro's  Cheekye-Dunsmuir transmission line if  they are built wasnpt exactly advocated  by me Sakinaw Lake delegation to the  SCRD board meeting last week but it was  admitted, by both Ivo Cargnelli and Area  A dir. Joe Harrison, that threats, of  blowing up towers by Lasqueti Island  protesters were the reason Hydro did not  pursue their original proposal to route the  line there.  Cargnelli, on the steering comhiittee of  the 250-member Sakinaw Lake. Owners  and Leaseholders Associatlonj said,  'security was the only 'reason they were  given that Hydro didh't pursue the  Lasqueti route.  bir. Harrison added he had heard that  the only reason the line didn't go across  Lasqueti Island "was because the people  said they'd blow it up.'^ ,  Such statements of frustration are  SCRD doesn't condone  destruction of towers  SCRD board chairman, Ed Nicholson,  released a statement Saturday, indicating  the board's adopted policy toward recent  developments regarding Hydro's proposed  Cheekyc-to-DunsmuIr transmission line;  Following is a text of tlie statement;  The board of directors of the Sunshine Coast Regional District wish to  express tholr concern oyer some of the  , statements reported recently by tha media  in roforenco to tho security of the proposed  Cheekye-Dunsmuir 500 kv transmission  line. ,���.  Under no circumstances whatsoever  would the regional board encourage,  support or condone any action taken which  might result in the damage or destruction  of public property.  Wo bcllevfe that any suggestions that  such action might be taken were made as a  result of tho anger and frustration felt by  ninny Of the residents of tho Sunshine  Coast of tor our repeated failiiro to obtain  ploar evidence of the economic necessity  for this power line.  Tho official policy Of the Sunshine Coast  Reglonul District, adopted unanimously  on July13,ifl anfollows: *      ,' r>  1. Wc urge tlie provincial government, oh  requested by our MLA Don Lockstead,  immediately table In the House nil  documents relevant to the Checkyc-  ^ IJtBwnn^  mentor nudum. A delegation from the ���  Sunshine Coast will travel to Victoria  next week to support that request.  1 We are deeply concerned over the  effects that the actual, construction, of  the line across the Peninsula will have  on  both  the environment and  the  economy of the Sunshine Coast. The  , presently proposed route for the line  would take It through an area not only  Important to the residents as a base for  recreation industry but is also vital to  them ns n source of drinking water.  3.' Although we are sympathetic with the  concerns of the residents  and local  governments of Vancouver Island over  the spectre of "Jobless, shivering In the  dark", wt? do not behove that they are In  possession of all of the facts on this  'matter. ���' 7"  4. Nevertheless, if It was clearly and  conclusively  demonstrated  that  the  need tot the Cheekye-Dunsmuir line  exists,.the Board would continue to  i advocate the adoption of the Reception  Point - Nanoose Bay route ps the most  logical choice in terms of economics  and ecology.  To this end, the Board is writing to the  ���premier and Minister of National Dofence'  requesting them to como to oh agreement  which Would allow BC Hydro to construct  tho powor lino through tho naval testing  grounds if tho power need Is justified,  This would demonstrate to the people of  this province In general and the residents  of thrStnrahhw Coasf hrparMcnlur that  tourists are more Important than torpedoes.  Ed Nicholson  Chairman SCRD  ���  i  being expressed now more than ever after  Hydro's final route selection for the 500 kv..  Cheekyerto-Dunsmuir transmission line  across the Sechelt Peninsula includes a;  Sakinaw Lake crossing after a previous  Agamemnon Mouth crossing was abandoned as their choice.  '.'Anything would be better than  crossing Sakinaw," . Cargnelli told the  board. "Not crossing the Sechelt Penin-  slula would be a prime victory. But not  crossing Saklnaw would at least be second  .best."..'.'."..-.'1        .'. ���',:.���'���   . ������', 7 ;  lie said after tWp years of studies and  meetings Hydro's route selection across,  the Lake is a big disappointment.  "Hydro listened and we thought we'd  made our point," ho said.', .  But, according to Cargnelli and his  ''Lake .'.supporters, Hydro's "divide and:  conquer'' tactics are not going to work on ,  the residchts. Ho indicated he thought the  toute options were given by Hydro but that  they knew all along whore tho line would  6o7,    ��� ������������'������ .';.���': ���.'���, ���'   :''        ''     ;  Tho lino Is not crossing the lake. It's  too high'a, price.*'  Cargnelli said that it has even been said  that some tire at the point that if the line  begins across the Luke It could ho "blown  off the side! of the cliff."  Ho.added that with Hydro's tract  record of what they tell the pubUc, ''we  don't know if Hydro's Vancouver Island  power needs are justified."  He gave as specifics against the line,  firstly the fact that within five years the  lake w��uld.be polluted by leaching herb-'  icides Hydro would use to keep the line  right-of-way cleared, .and secondly the  "visual trauma" that would be experienced when they "slashed through  here...tp destroy one of the last wilderness  areas around." ,  He said he was concerned about the  area's future recreation potential being  destroyed if the lino went through. 7.  He pointed out the' slash required for  the double 250.kv cables would be "700 to  800 yards wide" and that there Is no way  they would clear, it by hand.  "They'U uaie herblcides...We are going  to have herbicides la the Lake.: And we  drink the water,", said Cargnelli.  Ho said cost of the line could escalate to  $1 billion and said that up to a recent point  "Hydro didn't even know how much the;  cable would cost or if It could be obtained.-".'  Board chairman Eel Nicholson, told  Cargnelli, and steering committee  member Blake Cyr also at the" meeting,  that ho had always been a strong advocate  of the Reception Point route (crossing  under, water from tho trout Lake*".  Redrooffs Road area to LantyvlUo on  Vancouver Island), . 7, '  This route was ruled "absolutely  unacceptable" by me Ministry of Defence  as the submarine cable would have to  cross a Canadian Forces marine testing  ground.  The Sakinaw committee has written  defence minister Allan McKinnon saying  the residents of the Sechelt Peninsula find  the proposed power line "absolutely  unacceptable to the surrounding countryside",  They are asking the minister's help in  finding a solution that will make a "well-  marked and wellrcharted submarine cable  acceptable to the Department of National  Defence Test Range," making the  Reception Point route a possible alternative.. '  Several Vancouver Island communities  ,and the Cowichan Valley regional district  have written the SCRD board in support of  additional power to the Island by way of  the Cheekye-Dunsmuir line.  The letters were precipitated by a  request from Area* F Director David  Hunter to the Association of Vancouver  Island Municipalities who recently passed  a resolution in support of the line.  The board, however, Is not satisfied the  line Is justified and is not, satisfied with  ��� Seepage A-7  Lockstead to press  government on Hydro  B.C. group supports  Sargeant's Bay park  The British Columbia Waterfowl  Society can offer no financial or  managerial support to tlie Sargeant's Bay  Society for .preservation of 30 acres of  waterfront west of Sechelt, duo to other  commitments but thoy fully support the  group and recommend the SCRD manage  the urea on a continuing basis If it can be  acquired.  Tho Information camp In a letter to the  lioa^whl^rfilnte'd Snrgount's Bay Is nn  "eligible nnd worthwhile; acquisition fof  the Second Century Fund" and tho society  stated they would wrlto to, tho fund In tills  regard in tlio near future.  Two directors of the BCW8 recently  visited the property. The group has offered  managerial nnd technical advice. If the  SCltt) takes over tlie area for public use.  Owner' of the unique waterfront marsh  below Rcdrooffd Rond Is dovolopor Art  Angell who recently revealed plans for fffG  million high-density condominium,  housing nnd mnrlnn project on tho  ���property,'-^ - - -^ :��^- - -- ��������� ~y -r��--~~   The locftl Snrgonht'i Bay'Society wants  tho. land parcel Acquired as a regional  park and operated as a wildlife refuge and  nesting ground.  H  Mackenzie MIJV,Don Ijbckstead told  the Times from the legislature Friday that  h? wl)l continue Monday to question Environment Minister Rafe Mair ahd Energy  Minister Jim Hewitt about a inemoran-  dum from economist Marvin .Schafer  concornlrig economic aspects of tlie on-  vironmentnl impact of the Cheekye-  Punamulr transmission line;  IiOckstead said that in questioning  Friday, Mair said ho didn't know of any  such report but knew only that tlie Environment and Land. Use Committee had  looked at various routes for tlie lino.  "It seems he's not tolling, us the whole  Story/' the MLA said.  "Hid answer is inconsistent with the  facts.'*  , LockAtcad said it appeared ELUC did  brief the minister In spite of the fact lie  said he wasn't aware of tho memorandum.  "tcollarcd tho minister Jin a bit of a He..  tie denlod,ho hod seen the study.", :  '  ELUC1 secretariat senior biologist  Brian Gates told the times recently that,  though ho study of justification of tho \  GjjeetePjy^muit iln��7waft undertakieiv  by. ELUC'i hired economist, there hud  '';bebVA momojrfmduin by Scliater filed with  tlie iplnister.  Lockstead said ho hud Information  from Hydro chairman Robert TQonner that  he had "made up his mind" the, line would  go through and that the decision was  partly based on a $250 million expansion of  Crown Zellerbach's Island operations to bo  located at Elk'Falls, Campbell River areu.  SCRD dir. Joe Harrison, un opponent of  the line, .said Thursday ho was advised  thatday'thatCrown Zellerbachhasn't had  their forest allotment sorted out and  questioned how Bonner could make n  commitment to the company.  "How  con  thoy  contemplate  ox-  - pansion," he asked.  The questioning, however, may never  bo answered.  Tho Environment Minister has denied a  request by tho regional board for n full  public Inquiry Into tho line's justification,  and according to Harrison, Energy  ,. Minister Hewitt has stated there is an  energy crunch nnd "no time for public  Input." ; . ...  Said Lockstead from Victoria: "My  oyerall assessment la that they fully Intend  to proceed with this project and I'm vory  angry that Hydro and tho government  knew all along tho route they are going to  Pr��^dwlth-' , ,    .^i.^  "It's Just another oxamplo of Hyoro's  arrogance nnd tho government's  arrogance, Thoy (Hydro) must be, broken  up and brought to heel." <  T^^J*Jtr^3r?E3iE��:-s,.E \  -T2L-.  Page A-3 The Peninsula Times  EDIT  '���*���*'.�����* ��'"^**  W I 1  -    '���*��� - '"   �����&:  .���; ������:./��� 7 .-:���' -;' ���*���. :>:'~\ y'h\ '' ytyi:r^^kmm*i^(y'  ' :'V=*7;''KO,BOX3l67SECHELT.]r^oii^^S-323r- jV-^: ��� V':-;7"���./"-''''���'��� -���  -"  '      '":   -;"        ���   :    ���"'���'" ;;.'������   ���'���   ' ' :*."- "'.."��� - /���'/.."fc-S -'  "v  .  . Robert (Bob) Andrew - Editor . ���. Hat^J^cQac^'^Ma��k^^^:;.A  .. Helen/Parker,- Reporter/Photographer '   Helen Tasker7- Ad#��fe��.int.S��l��i ;������}'.  ���"'lenMfer Hinde -Darkroom Technician;".[Mt^^v^Ukl'^'^}^fl$:-f- 'h:j~  Judy Fitzgerald -. Office Manager :\    "y ' ���" '-.*". '. -.;',  P^hk^M^tl^lmQ^ter  According to MLA Don Lockstead  the Social Credit government has  some 27 reports in various ministries  that they are refusing to date to table  in the legislature.  ���' It-s���understandable���4jhat���in--a-  highly technical and-supremely-  beauroeratic age such as this there is  a loi of information and expert opinion  available to the government. It's  understandable that it is a real job to  keep abreast of everything that is  going on that affects provincial affairs. ���  Also, making reports is a favorite  pastime for Socred hacks that have  been put out tq pasture. The government can pay their debt to a bagman  or supporter by giving him or her a  report to write.  We wouldn't expect to hear the  contents of them all.  But surely when the opposition  asks to have a report tabled on the  basis that if affects a good number of  people in serious ways, then it is the  duty of the government to table that  report and make the contents public.  This is not a secret society. This is  not the Klu Klux clan but the  government of the people, by the  people, for the people.  We don't believe they liave the  right to hide information sought by  members of the legislature.  Granted, Environment Minister  Rafe Mair has his hands full at the_  moment with oil tanker ports, people  trying to wipe out the wolf population,  and other matters. They are crucial  and must be deal with.  But the Hydro debate and the  Gheekye-lineare-GruGialas-well.-���  Members of the. opposition,  notably Bob Skelly and Bill King, are  doing a good job of reminding the  government that one of their own  reports recommends Hydro's  organization be decentralized. It will  still be a monster but a several-  headed one. It could then be  prevented from being, as the minister  admits, out of control.  Our MLA is on that team, too, and  is pressing bojth Mair and Energy  Minister Jim Hewitt for revelations of  important Hydro and . Cheekye  matters ���.especially information  done for ELUC regarding the cost of  "ttarlineT        ~ r  Hansard shows that our man in  Victoria gets in a good dig at this  Bonner-headed monster ��� this  dinosaur of a public utility that is run  in semi-secretcy���when he can. He is  known for that. We commend his  efforts.  We want to know what they know.  Everything they know. And we want  to know It now before a final line  decision is. made ���" before it's too  late.  We'd like to see him keep poking at  that monster until it spews out the  -whole-story._ It _could BeTJwrMuf��~I  News Views  Remember ��� council is  NOT dabbling in illegalities  By HELEN PARKER  All hell broke loose in the world last  week ��� terrorists took over the American  embassy in Ankara and the B.C. government agreed to an investigation into  certain charges against the, Sechelt  council.  What can I say? We all have our beefs  against Sechelt council, but it seems the  Sechelt Ratepayers Assoc, went right-to  the top with their beefs and got action they  never dreamed of.  But it was our MLA Don Lockstead who  got thercfirstr��� before the ratepayers' 27  ��� page letter made it into the hands of  minister of municipal affairs Bill Vander  Zalm and inspector of municipalities Bill  Long.  What has'to be made clear, even though  this is headline material and doomed to be  written into the ground, is this is a  preliminary investigation and though  everybody seems to be convinced council  is dabbling in illegalities ��� they are not.  Council has- done nothing Illegal until  the preliminary investigation turns into a  /        ��� '���'.������.���  full inquiry, the RCMP lay charges and a  judge has determined council, or a part of  itV guilty.  Though the ratepayers never intended  any allegations of wrong-doing, the  ahegations are there and have to be  cleared away and that was Lockstead's  purpose in his personal meeting with  Vander Zalm.  Vander Zalm and Long were typically  difficult to get hold of and were typically  non-committal once they were reached.  But they were reached and hopefully  Vander Zalm's comment that such investigations are not Uncommon Will ease  the public's mind somewhat.  , Maybe the ratepayers' should have  gohe over that 27-page letter with council  as carefully as they did with their lawyer.  And then, maybe, they wouldn't have  had to send it to Victoria.    '  If Lockstead had not met with Vander  Zalm, the letter would have received just  as prompt attention, because, as Long told  me, "you can't just offhandedly ignore a  ratepayers association."  Successful students vastly  outnumber school failures  Editor, The Times:  Our esteemed North American society  appears to be breaking apart at the seams  ~ energy crisis, street violence, family  break-up and an Imperfect school system  aro tho symptoms of of Its demise.  Even the Sky (lob) Is falling and we  hnvc   our   own   Chicken   Little   ���  The F^NiNSULA*yfc*#e��  Published Wednesdays at Sechell  on H.C.'h Sunshine C'oiml  by  The Peninsula Times  lor Weslpres Publications l.ul.  al .Sechell, H,C,  Hox.HO- -Sechell, B.C.  VON MO  Phone 8K5..WI  Oilier hours; 8:.W n,m,  lo .S p.m. Tucs,-Sal.  Subscription Kales: (in advance)  Local, $7 per year. Beyond .15 miles, M  U.S.A.,'* 10. Overseas SI 1,  Ciiiiiiihiih>i'\:  \)\\, 7, Sechell lilcnieiilaiy  RiiIhti I'omiII  YaiiUlcshrccJu  Dennis (Jray  Maurice llcmvliecl  ��� J<"uiic Norton  Miniie Redman  .Ikuuc Kublmou   .  (iuy Symonds  Marion Alsager  Pe^y ('"iinor  Doris Udwardson  Mary Tliikley-Shannon  J 4  editorializing for the Coast Snooze.  Schools, and the society which they  reflect, have In this turbulent setting failed  some. But those failures are vastly, outnumbered by successful, stimulating and  Inqulfiltive young adults graduating from  our schools every year.  It Is tempting to look at only the failures  of an Imperfect school system. It is always  tho easier path to criticize rather than to  construct (for fear of being labelled an  innovator).  In fact, some teachers were so overwhelmed by these challenges and  responsibilities that they gave up and left.  When those ex-teachers begin to rant  about an Imperfect system for which they  have fled, then there can only be one  response���that response which was given  to Chicken Little,  Yours truly;  J.D. Pope  Ed.'B note, Mr. little was Ignored In his  admonitions.  Clinic success  Editor, Tho Times:  We would llko to thank you for the  excellent coverage In your paper of the  Blood.Ppnors Clinic he)d fit St,, Mary's  Hospital on June 25.  We would also like to thank all the  Auxlllans who worked at the Clinic, the  Volunteer Nurses, and the Hospital for tho  tremendous cooperation they gave to  ic such a huge success.  Youra truly,  P, Lamb, Secretary  Co-ordinating Council  C. Raines, Chairman of tho  Blood Donors Clinic  WOULD YOU LIKE,     ,  A NICE BALLOON?..;   $  Naturalist's  corner...  By   ALISON   WATT,   Porpoise   Bay  Provincial Park naturalist.  Warm summer evenings bring many  creatures out of cool daytime hideaways.  -These are-the animals that forage in the  half-light of dusk and often into the black  of night. Among them are the bats."  Bate are among the few animals that  have adapted well toman's communities;  attics and caves provide fine sites for their  hibernating colonies' and summer  maternity wards. Their natural  habitations are caves and hollows in trees,  especially near insect-ridden areas like  quiet ponds.  Bats are.insectivores, like the shrews,  and the only mammals that can truly fly.  , If we put these^Wo'facts together we come  up with a hunter that pursues insects on  _th&_wing,_  Reflections  Back in the berries again  By Vern Giesbrecht  The Clearbrook-Abbotsford area bills  itself as "the raspberry capital of the  world." When I picked raspberries in the  Fraser Valley some 20 years ago, this  claim had not been made but even then  there were hundreds of berry fields to  beckon students as soon - as- summer  vacation began. When I heard several  weeks ago that long-time acquaintance  was looking for pickers, I impulsively said  -I?d help-outs-whichJs-Why I'm back in the  raspberry fields-again ���  The two-acre raspberry patch is  situated near the southern shore of Mill  Lake and is bordered on the west by a row  of Lombardy poplars. There is very little  traffic on the quiet street; we are entertained by the roosters which crow incessantly from the neighboring property.  Swallows and robins flit around the 20  rows of raspberry vines ahd a swarm of  bees congregate at the end of the twelfth'  row. ;, - g  It's pleasant work, for the most part.f  wheeling carts along the well-cultivated  rows and filling the 12-basket flats with  _rj^ berries^^  and cool-but it's rained heavily twice and  cmeday was extremely hot. At lunchtime I  and the other pickers sometimes have a  picnic at the lake's edge or feeding the  ducklings or wade into the lake to pick  water lilies;!  Wages have increased 250 per Cent ih 20  years but this is still not^a,lucrative job.  I'm glad I'm not dependent on my eary  nings. At 15 cents a pound of raspberries  picked, the most I've earned a day has  been $18,90.  The owner of the raspberry field is John  Nickel; Who lived at the top end of Tims  Road when I was a boy. I remember him  as a shy, vague bachelor of indeterminate  age who shared a household with his  parents and two spinster sisters. The  Nickels were the only people my mother  know in Clearbrook when she moved to  B.C. from Saskatchewan so they have a  special place In her heart.  Helen and Mary (my mother still refers  to them as "the Nickel glrla") were  always very protective of their brother  and when he gave signs of relinquishing  his bachelor status, they became alarmed.  He defied them by eloping and now, seven  years later, they seem resigned to the fact  that he's married.       '  The Nickel sisters, probably in their  seventies, come out to pick raspberries  once In awhile, Helen has trouble bending  for the low berries and stretching for the  high ones, so Mary, a few years younger,  helps her. At boon thoy sit on the green  front step that Was salvaged from their  parents' home before It was burned.  "I come out hereto pick sometimes  because living in the condominium 1$ so  boring," Helen says.  . "If I was younger, I'd race you to see  who could pick the most," Mary says to  eight-year-old Barry, the youngest of the  10 pickers. "I'm slowing down, though. I  can't pick as fast as I used to."  Until this summer, I had not exchanged  more than a few hundred words with John  Nickel but now, It we happen to bo on  adjacent rows, he becomes almost  voluble. ��� I learn that he's an avid  photographer, enjoys flying and is very  interested in current affairs. Wo chat  about the alarming crime rate (he's strong  on capital punishment), speculate on tho  probable landing slto of Skylnb and reveal  our respective biases about Trudeau and  Clark. John's wife Isabel Joins tho  discussion nnd explains that the  established political parties have been  Infiltrated by Communists. She says she  has propf that Trudequ is "a card-carrying  Communist" but won't reveal her source  of information. Though I tease her about  ;, being pju��noM about Co^  remains firm In her beliefs.  Among the occasional pickers are  relatives of the Nickels', Allan nnd Loutso  Schmidt of Hope. We talk about mutual  acquaintances In Hope and I'm surprised  to find that I know the same Sunshine  Coast residents that they do, such as Willie  and Pat Takahashi and Bjorn and Gisella  Bjornson. Another picker's mother comes  from Hague Ferry, Saskatchewan, where  my parents lived briefly. When relatives  from the Prairies drop in to see me one  lunch hour, it's learned that the Nickels  knew their folks, also back in Saskatchewan. Yes,' things are very cosy here.  The raspberry patch won't be here next  summer, because John^has sold the,  property and bought^largcThop^THe-  field will be plowed under and wilf  probably sprout deluxe townhouses instead of the vines that have borne fruit for  almost 30 years.  It's a shame, John agrees. He hopes the  new owners won't cut down the trees near  the lake.  "I don't know what the market for  raspberries will be like in the futurie and I  want to enjoy the fruits of my labors, so to .  speak. Some people wait until they're^ td <C  retire, and then they get sick and die."  So this is the last hurrah for the/ field  that has produced something like 200 tons  of raspberries over the years. Some ofthe  rows are straggly aridwithered'"but most"'.  appear capable of producing indefinitely.  It doesn't seem right to destroy so much  potential fruit but housing, [ which has  taken oyer so much of the once-rural  Eraser Valley, is a much more lucrative  proposition than berry fanning. Last year,  John Nickel cleared about $3,000 from his  berry operation. You can't blame him for  wanting to get a better return on his in-  vestment. Still, it will be sad to see this  calm cheerful place turned into yet  another housing site. Perhaps the birds  will continue to sing but the bees will  certainly be gone and the ducks may  have to seek another sanctuary.  That's   progress,   in  the   heart   of  "raspberry capital of the world."  Not personal  Ed.'s  note:~A~letter from  one of  Sechlet's   most   concerned - citizens   to \  Mayor Harold Nelson.  Dear Mayor Nelson:  Thisietter iscomposed-on-themorning-  follbwing Sechelt's public hearing of July  11,1979.1 wish to diassociate myself from  remarks of a personal nature heard at that  meeting against individual members of  Council.  Although I have frequently disagreed  with Council's policies and regretted its  lack of understanding of the wishes of the  "ordinary" citizens of the community, I  have never doubed the integrity or honesty  "of individual members of the present  Council.  {'  In private conversations with other  residents of the Village regarding local  government I hope I never fail to point out  thatTlbeUeveih your' probity and your  sincere desire to serve Sechelt. Also-your  clerk, Mr7 Shanks, has been unfailingly  courteous and cooperative.  Yours sincerely,  (Miss) Helen Dawe.  Times  ���by Jo Melnyk  1 .  2  1  4  �����'  1  <  7  8  9  ,0  |  "  12  13  w  ,  "  ��.  \7  18  "  20,  ���  ���  f  '  ���  22  23  24  25  '  V  27  26  29  ���  30  31  32  ���  "  ���  "  35  36  37  ���  3B  ���  39  40  7,  ���  *  ���  *  43  44  ���  -  46  4?  48  .SHI  49  ..  -  ���  50  51  1  B  53  54  55  56  ���  1  ";  58  1 .'  ,  T  4o  *.  �� ���  ���'  \  .7  1  ��  &  "  :  ACROSS  I, Hit  6, Sharp Incllno  II, Sick  H, Prnvarlcalort  15, Roofing Man  16, Now (Praflx)  17, Bayond Recovery  19. Croie  , 20. Army, Dlnlna,  Room  21, Hon*  22., Strain  24. Exclamation  26. Walli  27. Struggle  30. Travel toward   ���  tho Rising Sun  32, lock of Hair  33, See 30 down  ����� &4, Anoer  37. Opali  OS. DUhet  39. Journey  40, Royal Medical  A����n, (abbr.)   ��� 4 t-r #Mf��p��ejftt - -" '  42, fiundl*  43, Staggerer  45, Sad (Fr.)  46, "  ye  iholi receive"  48, Jackal  49, Phlliopher  50., Rabbit  52; Prod  56, Hebrew Teacher  abbr.)  57.Fear  60. Fuel  61. Wlerd  62. Hqrkened  63. Direction  64. Lettuce Dlih  65. Donkayi  DOWN  i; Thin  2, Mud  3, Paddlei  4, Encroach  5, Extra Sensory  P��rctption    ,  6, The Lait    7, Pope* Triple  Crown  0, River  9, Congar  10. Prearranged    Seating  Tl.'"Easily SptmM  12. Depart  13, Mineral Depotltt  10. So Be It  23. Incumbent* (abbr,)  25, Pronoun  26, Martha*  27, Atterltk  28, Neat  29, OutMandlng  30, Ponlnsulo Place  (wllh 33 ncro����)  3). Grea��e��  33. Cornbread  35, Corrode  36. Celt  38. Halrlei*  39, Pral��e��  41, Indicate*  42, Three (Italian)  44, Con��umo  45, United  46, Plnalore  47, Klllod  48, Arid  50, Feather Barb  51, Samoan Port  53, Craek*  54, Penetrate  55, Flnl��he��  98, Tumeric  59, Exclamation  Many birds are insectivores, but the  _Mt_wh}g_J^veiyjlifferent from that of a  bird. If you ever have the good fortune to  look closely at a bat's wing you will see the  usual five-digited mammalian hand (like  your own) but the forefingers have  become greatly' elongated. A Flexible  leatherlike membrane is stretched across  these fingers and attached to the bat's side  forming the wing. The thumb has become  a tiny claw-like hook at the wrist and the  bat uses this to cling to and drag itself  across surfaces.  A membrance is also stretched between the back legs and tail of the bat. It  forms a "Basket" into which unlucky  insects are scooped as the bat flies in its  erratic fashion. A tricky hunting  ~technique?~Notas-trickyastherhunting-  method which is referred to as  "ecolocation". Bats emit sounds beyond  our scope of hearing. These soundwaves  bounce off any solid object and back to the  bat allowing it to locate flying insects and  to navigate its way around any obstacles  with great accuracy. So if a bat appears to  be flying too close to your head don't  worry, ladies, they won't get tangled in  your hair.  My talk on Night Life on Friday at 8  _ p.m, will reveal more about bats and some_  of their nocturnal cohorts.  Other activities this week:  Saturday 8 a.m. Early morning bird  watch, 9 p.m- Dusk walk".  It) a.m. Cone-hurit���fonc^r"8~pT   Forest walk. ~ -  Monday 10 a.m. "Fruits of the  Forest"���a walk.  Meet at the change house on the beach  for these events. Bring a chair to the talk.  Special Days at  Porpoise Park  Provincial Parks announce that the  weekend July 28 and 29 will be Special  Events Days in Porpoise Bay Park.  The events are to provide an opportunity for BC residents and visitors to  participate and develop a better understanding and appreciation of the Parks  system and its programs. Everyone is  invited to meet Parks staff, use facilities  and participate in programs.  Saturday programs are at Porpoise  Bay Park picnic area:  1 p.m. ��� Reading the Woods ��� A  treasure hunt involving tree and cone  identification, shell identification, and  plant identification.  6 p.m. ��� Craft and Cultural display by  Sechelt Indian Band (To be held inside  Park Headquarters if weather is inclement). ��� ���  8 p.m. ��� A talk by a Sechelt Indian  Band member.  Sunday programs are at Park  Headquarters, Porpoise Bay:  10    a.m.,     1     p.m.,    3     p.m.:  ���Hour long conducted tour through the  Headquarters,  ���Demonstration of park furniture and  sigrt design,  ���A discussion on problem animals  (such as bears and cougars ��� precaution  should be taken with these animals),  -tA display of tools and equipment in  parks.  8 p.m. ��� Historical talk on human  history of the Sunshine Coast (at Porpoise  Bay picnic area, Inside headquarters If  raining).  Christian Science  "Let us then be up and doing, with a  heart for any fate." So'said Longfellow.  After the crucifixion, Jesus' disciples  went back to their fishing and their nets,  but Jesus did not leave them there. He  vsald, "Cast tho net on the right side. . ."  (John 21:6).  A helpful quotation ls,' 'If our hopes *uid  affections arc spiritual, they come from  above... and they bear as of old the fruits  of the Spirit," (Science and Health.with  , Key to the .Scriptures, by Mary Baker  Eddy).  :|pi;7|T'S UP TO you .ipl  $!$;i$::HELP PREVENT*:  ,v,,v^^Q CANCER.,7' #t��  wm^m ��������  lW..'-v7'--'   ���  THINK ABOUT IT.  CANADIAN  CANCfft  SOCIETY  4- **}"  m -  yiMiM^M  ;���& "'?,VC Vv^-f j^'.'r^r Vtf C$se ;fo..-> 'i? ���  ^ditejB^ii^  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  v.w.v.v.v.xvX  v.v.v.v.v.XvX*.  PAINT WITH THE BEST ��� SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY  GENERAL PAINT  11  # #    >  Tops Them All!  LATEX  "������   ..      U'  GAL  FLAT LATEX  98  TsittT^  SEMI GLOSS  ENAMEL  98  ~~ GAt.  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Graham are staying at Madeira Marina  ^^op^Hfce4tae4n^his-SD0rtirig-goods���and^5yd-and-Gathy-at-May-and-fiHii��s.~-  store; then he went.to Egmont for awhile "ALEXANDRA (GRANDMA) BECK  and came to Garden Bay 2 years ago, had Funeral services were held for  a Charter -boat-business-with the boat   Alexandra Beck in St. Andrews Church,  "Peco 111" and it was and still is the .finest  charter boat afloat. When you chartered .  Colly, you caught fish. He cpuld cast a line  and land it on a.dime. Colly was a big  game guide, superior fisherman, skipper  and quiet and dedicated to his businessrHe  was   renowned   for   his   handlebar..  mustache, admired by his friends for his  skill and knowledge and will be sadly  missed by everyone on the B.C. Coast and  the Interior. Taylor's wharf will never be  the same again,' God Bless you Colly.  ���__ '   Geo. R. Taylor,  Garden Bay, B.C.  -BEaLANELBREAKEASX,   .. The best view in Garden, Bay is from  the Sunshine Inn which has a historical  background as it was formerly the old St.  Mary's Hospital. It overlooks Hospital Bay  and is only minutes from the wharf and  store. Bed and Breakfast"is available there  with coffee galore from a bottomless cup.  The breakfast is cooked the good old-  fashioned, way. Rental and charter information also. If you would like more  information on this spacious renovated  Madeira Park on June 14, 1979 with  Reverend John Patkeau officiating.  'Alexandra came from Finland in 1924 and  married Arvid Beck in 1925. Moved to  ^Hbtham Sound in 1927 and then made their  home in St. Vincents Bay" during the  depression in the 30's and came to Pender  Harbour in 1950. Later, because of poor  health Alexandra moved to Squamish Jn  1967 where she stayed with her daughter  Arvida. Her grandaughter, Cecile Girard  wrote a poem for her and it was read at the  service.  GRANDMA  _May__God grant yon all the peacefulness  that you've been waiting for,  Reach out and cahry you gently  thru his wide and open door  And when you've passed thru his Golden  Gate  to begin your Life anew  Nothing will cause yon grief again  for God now walks with you.  Drain all fatique that you once felt  recently from day to day  buildingplease phone Dick at 883-9&6jvho_ Many days of rest lie ahead for you  is ready to hear from you 24-hours a day.  ON HOLIDAYS FROM STAFFORD  .Syd, Cathy, Phil and Graham from  Stafford, England are pleased once again  Jo be in their favourite holiday heaven,  Pender Harbour. Tfieyhave been coming  to Pender for quite some time now and  have made many friendships with the  local people here. When they arrived this  time via Tyee to Madeira Park they had a  welcoming from long time friends: Myrtle  Cause GodVs love will show the way  And once you've reached these Heavens  that await yon from above  May you rest forever and peacefully  In God's Home of Warmth and Love.    Cecile Girard  even'worse, .there were furrowed brows  and many anxious tune-ins to, the weather  forecasts. However; on Fttday night the  weatherman-rdented^usfyui time; for a  cloudless Saturday morning to encourage  the workers to go ahead with the setting up  of the Fair. In its new setting at the  Halfmoon Bay school groundSi it proved a  great success offering ample room for all  the attractions and,a' good-sized sports  field-for the sports and races.   Around noon, Alex Ellis welcomed the  visitors and introduced Sechelt's Timber  Maid, Els Mercer, who declared the fair  open. Immediately the crowds around the  home-baking, farmers' market and white  ^elephant^talls~went4nto-iiction-and-the--  first two or these_were the first to sellout. .  Meanwhile there was bingo called by Bill  Fraser and Geri Smith and many attractions to amuse the young fry. Heidi  Goodman, Cheryl Grognet and Louise  Rutherford operated a contest corner with  a fishpond, a penny toss and a balloon-  popping competiton. There were sports  organized by Els Mercer including sack  races, shoe races and bob-apple. The  sports program' finished off with a.  volleyball match between the volunteer  firemen and the Halfmoon Bay Recreation  Commission with the firemen victorious.  Els Mercer presented them with a trophy  donated by Mary Walker..  There was a hush over the crowd as  Joan Mackereth announced the drawing of  Ae^affle'wihWsrTO  child's table and chair set was Marguerite  Jacques of Redroofs while the grocery  hamper was won by Neill Johnston of  Cedarbrook. Pat Thibodeau of Egmont  was the winner of the child's fishing rod.  For the nearest guess of 570 jelly beans in  a jar, the prize went to Susan Gore. The  watermelon weighed 13.73 pounds and two  contestants tied for the nearest guess.  They were Kathy Varcoe and Vicky  Ridding.  ..Perhaps jme of the _most Jascinating  elements of the Country Fair is the  number of people who can be found there  from far-away places. There were visitors  present from all over the Sunshine Coast  wim'mahy^reiuiions ofold friendsT  the late Bob Cunningham and Marilyn is a  sister of Joan Clarkson.  Also met' at the fair were Mabel  " Aikenhead with her sister .Elsie Confry of  Vancouver and Freda Rhoades with her  niece, Thelma Milne of Delta.  The   Welcome  Beach  Community  - Association -and- the -Halfmoon- Bay  , Recreation Commission wish to thank all  those who supported the fair and helped to  ~make~it such ^a success.-They extend  special thanks to the group of men who  worked so hard to set up the stalls, sunshades and tarpaulins and to Art Perry .  who did all the electrical work. They express their gratitude to Eva Lyons who  -read-teaeups-the-whole-afternoon in���  fact, she still had a line-up of customers  when most of the people had gone home  and the stalls were nearly all cleared  away.  Special tribute is due to the children  who helped ���Margaret Connor and Sonja  Sorensen with the sports, Michelle  Grognet, Donna Nygard, Dawn and Brian  Goodman with the children's - corner,���  Susan Perry and her guest, Wendy Pow  who operated the popcorn and lemonade  stallwith such-cool efficienty, and Earl  Perry, announcer and music operator.  The proceeds of the fair will be used for  the Welcome Beach Hall and for  organizing' sports for the young folk.  GIBSONS SEA CAVALCADE  QUE6NS  8:00 pm. Thursday, July 19  GIBSONS LEGION  "'"' ��� $2.00 per person  ��� 8 DOOR PRIZES ��� REFRESHMENTS  Everyone Welcome  ���&.**  Summer  Puiwheel Crystal Vases, Ashtrays, and  Bonbon Dishes will always be much-  appreciated gifts. We have a very good  display of such items at the moment. ���  Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  on all summer shoes &  leather & canvas purses  Campbell's Family  Shoes & Leather Goods  In tho heart of Sechelt  885-2912  PENDER HARBOUR LIONS  CASINO NIGHT  The black jack tables were filled with  eager gamblers hoping to beat the dealers,  crown and anchor wheels were spinning  and the mousies were up to their old tricks  trying to tease you as Casino Night got into  full swing on Saturday evening. Cathy  McQuitty won the, Texas Mickey (third  time in a row)  Dot Silvey  won the  Vegetable hamper and Bruce Kobus was  winner of the $200 door prize. I got the  costume prize as there was no competition. The P.H. Lions club wish to thank  all who supported them.  Among the people we talked to were  Diana McDonald and her friend Linda  Barclay from Motherwell, Scotland who  were guests at the home of Diana's  mother, Ronnie Dunn. From Jersey,  Channel Islands, were Brian and Lesley  Hamilton, guests of Brian's father, John  Hamilton. Ena Armstrong was accompanied by her grandchildren, Linda  ^and.Mark Cunningham, just arrived fro>nij  "Washington, D.C. where their father,'*  Commander Jo Cunningham has been  attached to the Canadian Embassy for the  past three years. Johas now been transferred to Victoria where he and his wife  Erst  IGA SPECIALS & VALUES  TABLERITE MEATS  GROCERY  ~R��Al/SiK  Full Cut Boneless  ROUND STEAK  Country Style .  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The skirt was tiered with  net frills from the waist to the floor with a  form fitted brocade top and long sleeves  and the full length veil was a new addition.  The bridal bouquets were simply  gorgeous and were the work of Jean  Hertog, containing Cynbidium orchids,  pinks, bridal pink roses, purple  baby's breath and ivy. .  Cindy's matron of honor was her sister  Joanne and the bridesmaid was sister Tiny  Hughes with Amber Hughes a very pretty  _fl6w_er_girl_and_her_brother_l0fly_Hughes���gQtting-in--touch-with-wife--Jean  the perfect ring bearer  Joanne and Tiny's dresses were in a  lovely shade of mauve mist in interlocking  jersey with flowing full drape blouse on top  over a slim long skut.Mother of the bride,  Lenore Nygren, wore eye-catching, blue  pleated long dress with caperlike pleated  top while the groom's mother Renie  McKay was in an oyster-white satin full-  flowing dress with high waistefMpgnt  gatherings        vs-^rf��� ��� ���->�����*  The groom Cliff McKay, be|t rtfcn%ad  Ackerman and usher Mike Kelly were in  grey suits with white shoes (something  odd about the footwear, closer inspection  found they were sneakers!) White running  shoes at a formal wedding! Showed an  excellent sense of humour an asset for any  couple.  The ceremony was performed by a  friendly and sincere Fred Napora.  Musician on the guitar singing the  Hawaiian Wedding Song was EarlHughes,  brottier-in-law to the bride.  The crowd that filled the church were  mostly relatives on both sides with a good  sprinkling of friends.  After the ceremony, a gaily-decorated  car awaited the young couple with a  bouquet of tin cans to clang ahd bang  behind the car as it whisked them off to the  Canadian Legion Hall for the wedding  reception.  A beautiful smorgasbord was already  set up in the hall with the wedding cake at  the head table, stunning with a pair of.  swans made out of blown glass decorating  ;the_top, a wedding gift from Terry Koch.  The wedding cake supplied to each guest  was made by "Aunt Jean" Wyngaert.  Master of Ceremonies Earl Hughes  called on Uncle Fred (Pahl) to say grace.  Another uncle, Frank Wyngaert of Gibsons, was asked to toast the bride. The  bride, digressing for a' few words to explain how her parents came to be in this  area, said Frank had come out riding on a  freight car in 1930 like one-third of the  people of Saskatchewan who are here in  Vancouver following the same pattern.  Then in 1935 Paul and Celia Stroshein  (Cindy's mother's sister) ventured  westward ��� an ad in the paper bringing  them to Gibsons. Frank met up with Paul  chopping wood, and said Paul was always  Roy-  Nygren was here when Lenore, at 15, came  out to visit her sisters ��� a visit that led to  their marriage in 1945.  The groom thanked Mr. and Mrs.  Nygren for having such a lovely daughter.  The best man then led the toast to the  bridesmaids.  There were so many out of town guests  that every motel and hotel in the vicinity,  Sunday, July 8 we were invited to oe at  - Cortinas Landing, Narrows Inlet, at 12-  - noon, The occasion was the twenty-fifth  wedding anniversary of Cor and Martina  Zuidema. This was to be a surprise but Cor  had to be in on it as he had to make the  - -arrangemehts-to get-the-guests tip-the-  Inlet, but Martina thought it was just the  ,  immediate family coming up.   piff,���Margaret-and���I -(Mary���un-���  fortunately had to work) left home in the  morning to meet Bruno Kay and Donald  Dombroski at Egmont as they were  ~coming down from Malibu in an eighteen-"  footSunrunner. We were a wee bit too soon  __Jo^oJJfffmgh-the.Skookumchuck-buWuck���-  was with us and we skimmed over the  boiling waters with-out incident, except  for" Cliff losing his new cap.   ,  A summer rain fell steadily for most of  tbe day, but did nothing to mar out trip. A  large rock along the lands edge was roost  for several dozen seals,'some rolling lazily  into the water as we came closer to take a  picture  - - - -     -  Shortly after rounding Highland Point  we spied, the MV Cortina 2, loaded with  many family members. We trailed along  behind until close to our destination then  shot across the Inlet to hide behind a bluff  until the other boat coming up from  Tillcum Bay had arrived and the first boat  had time to unload. Bruno managed to  catch-a couple of dogfish and a sole in the  short-time-waiting.  We moved out to head for the dock as  the second boat passed and the plane was  just coming into land. Well, Martina was  standing on the dock with tears running  down her smiling faro as she met this  wave after wave of people.  Cor's Mother Mrs. Zuidema had  arrived* a week before from Utretcht,  Holland and was in on the secret but had  kept it from Martina; also longtime  friends from Calgary, Alberto and Mayo  Kieboom formerly from Holland had  arrived earlier.  Everyone got in out of the rain into  their beautiful log. home with the black  heater sending out the same warm,  friendly waves as did the folks .inside.  ��� The-coffee-pot couldn't begin to serve  enough for everyone but daughters Els  and Martina had forseen this problem and  provided bigger ones, as well as seeing  there was extra food for the delightful  lunch enjoyed later.  Now was the time for opening of gifts; a  beautiful handcrafted quilt brought more  tears to her eyes as she recognized the  work that had gone into the making, as in  were booked with the Nygren-McKayAfoe- earthen _goblets, "stained glass wall  planters with"plants, beautiful toweUs,  chinaware, silver spoons, sheets, a most  gorgeous rug for the floor, redwood outdoor furniture for relaxing and many more  lovely gifts. Just when Martina was catching her breath and her emotions, one  more envelope was handed to her, the card  was read from Jerry and Els (Mercer),  Glen and Martina (Dubois), Yoka, Rob  and Mark (Zuidema), and with the card a  certified cheque for $700 to be used to buy  a generator to bring electricity into the  house.-���,���.'_-.���-__��� _ l_���_i7..:. .,_.  and wife Willie with Sylvia and Cynthia  from Calgary. Other good friends present  were Bob and Jerry Lou Wickwire and  their niece Tammy Wilson from Salem  Oregon, with John Mercer was his wife  Irene doing.extra'duty besides their own  pleasure in attending by representing the _  rest of the Mercer Clan, Jack and Jean,  Bob, John and Nancy, who all would have  Joved-to have come but business-at-the-  Marina is at its busiest on Sunday.  It was a nice mixture of two languages  heard throughout the day, and when-it  came time to eat Grandma Zuidema said -  grace in her native tongue and though the  -words-were-foreign the strong- feeling- of -  thankfulness and blessing came through  loud and clear.  When it came time to return home,  there was one less.boat load as the far  away relatives and friends stayed for a  few days. Margaret was delighted when  Rob changed places with her, coming  home on the boat with us. Her flying down  with Tyee made, a, complete end for a  wonderful day. The young people had  canoed, boated and hiked around the  property.  Marina was quite' dazzled by the day  saying "It was the most wonderful thins to  happen to me."  LOCAL MAN MUSICAL RIDER  Robert Nestman of the Sechelt area has  been picked to be one of the horsemen with  '1M^CMP~Musical^rde7TIe~finds~irar  tough job that he is enjoying very much.  Robert has been home visiting his parents  Leo and Doreen Nestman but has now left  for Ottawa. It takes three months of hard  training but the results are well worthwhile, he says.  Doreen. Nestman has returned from  Fernie where she Has been looking after  Christine and. Carol Bender while their  mother Eileen was delivering a bouncing  baby boy. The new member of the family  is called Jacob Jerome Bender and  weighed in at eight pounds. Father Jerome  and Uncle are in the RCMP and this could  be another member in years to come..  wedding.party.        * - *  The groom's parents are Harry "and  Renie McKay from Queensborough, his  grandmothers are from Richmond, and  from Langley. Cindy's grandmother Mrs.  Nygren and daughter Gunny and Nate  Granboys, five aunts and one uncle from  Saskatchewan on the bride's maternal  side were there with one of these aunts,  Grace, married to Roy's brother, Henry  Nygren. Cliff McKay's sister and many  other relatives on both sides were all  there, plus a good representation of fellow  workers of both Cliff and Cindy's from the  Kelowna Growers Co-op in Kelowna.  Ceremonies over, there was an evening  of dancing. The bridge changed to her  going-away outfit of white dress and  jacket. The couple were planning a  honeymoon trip to Powell River then on to  Vancouver Island.  The wedding guests gathered at the  Roy Nygrens Sunday with good weather/  co-operating for the 100 people that spread  out onto the grass for an outdoor lunch.  "Societies Act"  NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING  fit. uUa/tij'g ^ospttai? Society  To th* members of St. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the members of  the St. Mary's Hospital Society will be held In the Senior Citizens  Hall, Mermaid Street, Sechelt, B.C. on  QAJedhesclaij, the 26th day of September 1979  at the fcou/i of, 7:30 p.m. .  Dated In the village of Sechelt, In the province of British  Columbia this 16th day of July, 1979.  By order of the  Board of Trustees  "Uncle" John Mercer had the honor of  leading the toast to the bride and groom of  twenty-five years ago. Cor replied  thanking everyone for coming and said he  was pleased to see their friends from'  Halfmoon Bay as they feel welcome in all  our homes.  Now to describe this home on the edge  of the Inlet with the forest behind. The  main room Is 25' by 30' with kitchen and  dining area on one side, Cor feels his wife  should be able to enjoy the company while  preparing the meal. Also on the main floor  is one bedroom, bathroom with shower  ready to be hooked up, a utility room with  dryer and washer, upstairs with room for  three bedrooms In future . x  Covering a good part of one wall in the  main room is a huge moose hide shot at  Bablne Lake. Also several excellent oil  paintings, the work of Martina and her  father. The huge beams are nearly all  scraped to bare wood-one of the jobs saved  for a rainy day.  Cor and Martina moved up to their  property three years ago. They remember  it well as It was their anniversary. Next to  the house there was a big swamp which  they have filled in by hand, cleared the  land, built first the shop which they lived  in while building the loghouse in his spare  Umo, as Cor still worked at his trade as a  carpenter In the Sechelt area.  The homo will be finished In ahothef *  two years, then ho will stop working and  enjoy life in the bush,  There are four streams of water running down the back and side of the house  coming from a 300-foot waterfall, the  source of tholr future electricity.  An attractively lald-out vogetable  garden flourishes beside the house with  plants nrtlscally arranged around the  stumps bordering the lawn in the front of  Die house with tho waters of the Inlet at the  edge. Across tho Inlet the land is covered  with forest, and rises up to one of the  tallest mountains In the Earle Range,  Mount Drew, 6185 feet.  , Thoy are not far from the head of tho  Inlet wlwre* the R .c, Forest ��� Pioduote,,  Narrows Inlet Camp la situated and where  the Tzoonle River flows Into the Inlet.  Later, friends Ed Seykora and Myrtle  Rlemer from tho comp came along wtth  their good wishes. Married In Holland in  TO, they moved to the Isiuismno CoasOn  1985, after five years in Calgary.  Cor's two brothers came out for this .  special time, Peter and Ernestine with  daughters Liette and Michelle ahd son  Kevin from Namao, Alberta, and Eddie  Walk it to me?  :7-  /VftMHTjtr/on,  <I_^  y:   ~^>  Does Your Club or Group Report  Its Activities Regularly to Tho Times?  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So, a little after 8 o'clock that evening,  "they" drove   to  the  hail  which   was  remarkably quiet and dark, in spite, of the  fact that the parking lot was full to  ���overflowingr-Onenteringthe-hall, Anton  was speechless with surprise as the lights  were switched on and he was confronted  - -with a huge crowd of his friends waiting to  greet him. They were'of-every age from  very young to Olive Clear's 91 years and  -^_Jliey^wfire_DL.eyejy_^d_e^Lpi)UtlcaL  adherence, for Anton Kadin has a gift of  friendship which. transcends age or  politics.  A banner across the hall said "Happy  Birthday Anton" and the same message  appeared on the huge birthday cake which  decorated the long table, set out with  goodies of all kinds.  atie party was sponsored by the  Welcome Beach Community Association  and president Grace Rutherford, on behalf  of all his friends, presented Anton with a  garden chaisette and expressed the  opinion that she hoped she would look as  young at 80 as he looked today. She read a  telegram from some old friends in Edmonton and introduced the out-of-town  guests present. From Calgary there were  born in Sweden and emigrated to Canada  in 1917.. He worked for many years in  Cominco at Kimberley and Riondel.  FIRE DEPT. GARAGE SALE  On Sunday, July 22 there will be a  grand garage sale at the Halfmoon Bay  Firehall from 10 jJ.m. to A__9_jn._ The  firemen have an interesting collection of  beds, furniture and useful household items  for the sale. Support your Fire Department by patronising this salerCbffee arid  hot dogs will be available.  25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY J  Narrows Arm of Sechelt Inlet, where  Cornelius and Martina Zuidema settled  when they decided they wanted a  -pioneering-lifej-is-a-quiet-backwaterxand-  oftentimes a lonely spot. Let us imagine it  on July 8, a dreary drizzly Sunday, just  before noon, with smoke curling up from  the Zuidema chimney and not another sign  of life around.  Suddenly at noon, there is an invasion,  with three boats and a Tyee seaplane  arriving almost simultaneously at the  Zuidema's wharf. Considering two of the  boats and the seaplane came from Sechelt  and the Bruno Dombroskis brought their  boat from Malibu through the Skookumchuck Narrows, it was a masterpiece of  organization.  The occasion was the 25th wedding  anniversary of Cor and Martina Zuidema  and   their  friends   and  relatives   had  _.���. .   .  .     planned this get-together to honour them.  -John-and-Diane-MdMiway^ arri^ from Holland a  children Colm and David. John had known    week be��ore and when ^ rest of th? party  Anton all his life, for as a small boy lie was  a neighbor of the Kadins in Kimberley.  Doug and Dolly Raincock were there from  Penticton and Greg McNeil, from  Kamloops who was a guest at the home of  his grandparents, Fred and Eileen  Greaves.  The Kadins' neighbour, Einer Eriksen  proposed a toast in Norwegian, which very  few people present understood, but one  and all responded to the final word of the  toast ��� "Skoal".  Olive Clear, still word-perfect despite  her 91 years, recited a poem "Age" which  most aptly fitted the occasion. Anton \vas  had disembarked, 31 people sat down to  lunch. Among those present were the  Zuidema's daughters, Els, with husband  Jerry Mercer, Martina with husband, Glen  Dubois, Cor's brothers, Eddie from  Calgary and Peter from Edmonton with  their families and old friends from Red  Deer, Alberta. From the Halfmoon Bay  area came the Jack Mercer clan, the Bob  Wickwires and Cliff and Peggy Connor.  The'Zuidemas were born in Utrecht,  Holland where their first four children  were born. Mark, the youngest, was born  after they had settled in Canada. They  -lived. on-theJEledrooffs-Road^for-several-  /years, but three years ago sold their home -,  to the Harold lyes and embarked on their ;  pioneering venture in Narrrows Arm.  SUNDAY CRUISE  The Norsal Cruise will leave the  Halfmoon Bay wharf at 10 a.m. Sunday,  and all passengers with reservations  should allow plenty of time to park and get  aboard by'that time. As parking space is  limited, neighbors arje asked to double up  t with cars and there will" be a parking  director in the area wno win leu anvers  where to park. Fishing enthusiasts should  bring their rods as there may be an opportunity to do a little fishing. All ,  passengers -have ���been stelephoned ~  regarding what they should bring towards  the lunch. The loan of a few more deck  chaira would be appreciated. - . -- -  VISITORS  ���!  Merrill and Lois Meuse from Prince  Rupert were in the Bay last week visiting/,  Merrill's sisterj Evelyn Pallant. It was  their first visit here for 18 years but they'  are no strangers tp_ Halfmoon Bay for it_  was here they met when Lois, tfien Eois  Minish, was a teacher at_the Halfmoon.  Bay School and Merrill was a halibut  fisherman working with this father, the  late Peter Meuse. They plan to move to  West Vancouver shortly so they are likely  to be more frequent visitors at the Pallant  home.  Visiting Maria Mahar have been  relatives from her native Port-aux-  Basques, Newfoundland. Her guests were  her brother Albert Marshall with his.wife _  Classic and daughter Julie and her sister  Winnie with husband Ed Butt. At the time  we interviewed them, they were not impressed with our B.C. weather, but the sun  did shine in its full July splendour before  they left to visit more relatives at Sooke  ���last-Saturdayr-One-of-t)ur-moslrfaithful~  visitors is Darin Piper of Burnaby who  loves nothing better once school is out than  to get away from it all and do some fishing  with Grandpa Bill Fraser.  MORE ABOUT . ..  Wednesday, July 18,1979  The Peninsula Times  Gibsons glimpses  Stink potters, rag baggers  by Marion Alsager, 886-2458  Page A-7  SMALL WOOD RESOURCES  ALSO OPEN SATURDAYS  11 AM-2 PM ,  .:    *K<��ugh' Lumber *L<��p9'n9 ^Cutting. iJhlnnfeg";  Field Road 885-2455  HELP!  $5000.00 has been received in  pledges, on the Sunshine Coast,  for Vietnamese Refugees. All of  this goes to the refugees, with  1.5% toward administrative  fees.  If You Want to Help: I  I  PLEASE ��� fill in the coupon for j  refugee   aid.    For    more    in- i  formation CALL j  Susan Nicholson: 885-9798  Elaine Flutterman: 885*2395  I I pledge a single donation of $.. |  I I pledge i  I                    $2.00 a month for a year |  |                    $5.00 a month for a yoar j  j                    $10.00 a month for a yoar I  | I can donate: j  I [������8- clothes, food, accomodation, moral i  support, etc.,] . ...,...,..',...,,.. '  I  Npmo .  Address  Phono ,.  Please return to P.O. Box 1186 Socholt, B.C.  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  LW  TW  1  1  Logical Song   2  2  Hot Stuff  ���,',.,.  3   '3  Shake Your Body y,  4  4  Lovo You Inside Out   7  3  Love Takes Time   5  6  Ain't Love a Bitch ,,  10  7  Shine A Little Love .,.'...,  9  a  We Are Family ..,,;',,,  6  9  Happiness '   0  10  Reunited   13  11  GoodTlmln'   14  12  Honesty  .,,,.;   11  13  Knock On Wood        12  14  Blow Away   IB  is  You Take My Breath Away ,,  19  16  Minute by Minute   13  17  RhumbaQIrl ,..,   20  10  Chuck E's In lovo    16  19  Goodnight Tonight   21  20  1 Wont You To Want Me   17  21  Heart of Glass    23  22  When You're In Love With A  Beautiful Woman   24  23  J lilt When 1 Needed You Moil  2B  24  Gold ,  27  25  She Believes In Me   23  26  In The Navy    30  27  Mama Can't Buy You Love ,.,  2f��  1 Was Made For lovln' You ...  j��--  "*t"  ��� ��<wf OTrtrr,"?;" r, r;r ,t,t ; v, t  23  30  fioftcj A Gong .,...,....,.,,,.,  SOUND  Sunnyrrost Contro  Gibsons  886-9111  ..,,,,, Suportramp  ,.., Donna Summer  7,7V'.': .', ,Jafck��6ri.v   ,., .BeeGees   Orleans   Rod Stewart   E.L.O.   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Nicholson^had said earlier that since  previous  communication  with  Mair  '<^dot^^tL���jwm.to.,_,^ye_.made ani..im-u  pressibn" maybe they should go to the  Premier. -.  At the request of dir. pavid Hunter the  board is also expected to communicate to  the Defence Department "that, we don't  need a shooting gallery in our (Georgia)  Strait'! in reference to the ruling on the  Reception Point route for the line.  '  '      ' ' A  MORE ABOUT. ..  ��� Uranium hearings  ��� From Page A-i  hearings in their own local area; the  benefits and hazards will be experienced  everywhere, not just in foe uranium  mining areas."  Of several points made in the brief, one  states that protests all over the world are  slowing the industry down mentioning a  new reactor in Austria that was stopped by  a public referendum, six USA reactors  shut down for safety reasons, and that  orders for new reactors have virtually  dried up.  "Canada Is'peddling its CANDU  reactor to countries in revolution (Korea,  Argentina, Pakistan, Taiwan, communist  Romania) and at a loss.  "Westlnghouse, General Electric and  several large American manufacturing  companies are not making money from  reactor sales.  "So If uranium is not going to be  needed, why start mining it in B.C."  The brief is followed by a request for  mayors and councils to hold hearings by  contacting Brig. Gen. E.D. Danby,  Executive Secretary, Royal Commission  on Uranium Mining,'3724 West Broadway,  Vancouver, BC V6R 2C1.  s , Another point In the. submission states.  that uranium mining and mill tailings  would need to bo Isolated from the environment "for spans of time beyond  human history."  "Residents of BC downriver from  uranium mines (all Fraser Valley towns)  nnd downwind (all BC) would receive  odorless, Invisible, tasteless, free samples  of radiation; a^borne or wateNwrne.  "Surely we all have a right to understand exactly what can happen, and  make Judgements about what we find  'acceptable* doses of radiation."  The Arbutus Yacht Club members  enjoyed an evening barbecue on Keats  Island last Monday. About 30 adults and  children attended and some arrived on a  , "stink potter" (power boat to you). There  iW_ereJive_-,!rag_baggers"-(sail boats) and-  ; the secret password was "Happy Birthday  Mo." After the drowning in the downpour,  ; everyone retired to the Keesie for coffee  QUEEN CONTESTANTS  The Sea Cavalcade Queen Contestants  ahd their chaperones were graciously  entertained at the Poppel residence last  Sunday afternoon. The judges were also  present and at the beginning of the social  -event���the ~girls-Hfelt���ralher-nervousr  however, Eileen Poppel's charm soon  relaxed everyone.  Harvey McCracken of Pacific Picture  Taking Co. was on hand to take some informal photos of the Queen contestants in  the lovely gardens. After the picture  taking was over the guests were served a  delicious luncheon. The girls were given a  tour of Poppels home and then they  quickly changed into their bathing suits  and enjoyed a swim in the heated pool.  DANCE SPECTACULAR ^  Helen Weinhandl, Edna Husby, Bobbi  Cramer, ~Gwen Nimmo, Sandra Nield,  Freda Scott and Marion Alsager attended  the  Dance  Spectacular  at  the-.Hotel  Vancouver Ballroom last Saturday. There  -werenumerous-eatagories-ofcompetitions-  but the most fabulous treat was to watch  the  World   Champion  dancers   Pierre  Dulaine and Yvonne Marceau perform.  They had just returned from Blackpool,  '. England where they defended their title  . for the third consecutive year. They are  "Theatre-Arts" champions of the World.  MARRIAGE  Congratulations to Susan Kinne and  Ted Lee on their recent marriage.  DRUMMER FIRST  Mo Girard, Bass drummer of the  Sechelt Legion Pipe Band, went into  competition on Saturday, July 7 with the  Powell River Clansmen Pipe Band and  -they-came-f irstr-in-their -class-and fourth-  place in the overall competition;  VISITS CALIFORNIA  Oney De Camp has just returned from  visiting her family at Pacific Grove and  Castro Valley, California and also attended her grandson's wedding reception.  Marie Scott is visiting her son in  Kimberley.  CEDARS PARTY  The Cedars Inn staff held a party for  *ex-t)oss John Kavanagh at the home "of  Jackie and Tony Tyler and we hear that  John was properly "roasted." Word is out  that there are additions to the Tyler  family? 7    - -  ���NEW BUSINESS  The new building next to Wal-Ven Auto  Body shop will be occupied by Tideline  Plumbing and Superior Muffler: shop  which will be operated by Lloyd Bingley.  They hope to be opening in the very near  'future.  WHOPPER  "[John Kavanagh caught a 48 pound  salmon in the Secret Cove area on Monday. He plans to' have it stuffed and  mounted; that's a WHOPPER and John  wants to see it around for a long time!   IT'S A/BOY  It's a boy for Winnifred and Dave  Vernon. Proud grandparents are Doris  and Tub Skellett and Ran and Ev Vernon.  GOLF  ~ Eight ladies of the Sunshine Coast Golf  and Country Club went to play at Langara  Golf Club on Thursday. They were Norma  Gaines, Eileen Evans, Wilma Sim, Marg  "ArbucHer:iJl"BulUedrKar^BudrTVera���  Munro, and Mary Horn. Though it was a  close match and our ladies played well,  Langara won by 4% points.  ART COURSE  Wanda Best who is presently teaching  an Art course at Chatelech school for.  Continuing Ed, studied art at the Ontario  College of Art, University of Manitoba,  University of Saskatchewan (all three  campuses) and University of Oregon. She  has taught in Ontario, Manitoba,  Saskatchewan, Yukon and for one year at  Elphinstone.  Wanda worked as assistant editor for a  non-profit organization publishing and  exhibiting art and creative writing. At the  moment her major work in art is silk  screening and ceramic sculpture.  Wanda says that there is an exciting  and mushrooming interest in art on the  Sunshine Coast. We are sure that all her  - studentsare enjoying the course and will  all feel richer for having taken it from this  very enthusiastic 'and knowledgeable  person.  KIWANIS VILLAGE  Kiwanis Village extension will be a  personaland intermediate care facility.-  Plans   are   moving   slowly   but   are  progressing. The final sketch drawings  are   waiting   for   approval   and   the  jffeJurumrxbud^eU^  the provincial government for approval.  The proposed plans are for a 36-bed unit  with an open courtyard design and continuous walkways for the flow of  pedestrians. Also there will be outside  walkways. The individual rooms will have  washroom facilities and there would be  lounges and hobby rooms, and of course  the dining area.  on  dispday  [Aldergrove]  DRAPES  Custom QTaifo/iect to Suit  ^t)6uT Worwf oft" ^edcuj ZMade  OWL  BUILDERSMART  THE HOME OF  THE "OWL"  HE GIVES A HOOT  WHAT YOU PAY  OWNED & OPERATED BY OCEAN WHOLESALE  LTD.  Top of Field Road by Sechelt Airport  LUMBER  PLYWOOD  RIGHT OUT OF THI STICKS  ON THE SUNSHINE COAST  * not only do you save on lumbar but our grades aro much better.  * Rough Codar tho best monoy can buy. All sizes A dimensions in stock.  Panelling ���amploi In stock for you to select your choice and place orders.  & SERVICES        885-5500  GAS & DIESEL PUMPS  & TOW TRUCK SERVICE  * RESTAURANT OPEN  ,_,.,,.,.JMIIPMMUNDAY,S_ ^  Dlrinen 4i30-10 p.m.  Smorgasbord, frl. 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If you can't find It here, There Is no other way.  * Owl Hoot Coffee It still Free *  TOLL FREE  688-3314  k  i  ' r  By JESSIE LA^EBER  Sargeant's Bay has been in the news  recently in connection with a proposal for  a Regional Park and plans for commercial  .development. The two seem to., be in  conflict. What is so special about this area  that it warrants this much attention. Not  too -manr^eople���eveff~kfiow^���of~-its  existence. It is located on Redrooffs Road,  seven kilometers west of Sechelt, almost  Exactly-.halfway between. Langdale and  "Earls Cove. Its original name was Northwest Bay and the maps consistently call if  Sargeant Bay, Most people prefer the  .spelling, Sargeant's Bay.  The bay looks out on the Trail Islands in  the south-east wind direction. During  stormy weather, the se&s can become  ^quite heavy. Wave erosion is evident "on  ��� the sandy south-west side and all the way  ' west of the bay towards Reception Point.  MARINE LIFE  There is much more to the Bay than  meets the eye, This goes particularly for  its marine life. The intet^idalzone is only a  tiny sample of what hides under [the  surface. Two distinct marine habitats,that  reveal themselves to the underwater  explorer are the shallow, sandy bottom  -with its eelgrass beds and the deeper  Tdckybottom oft the north side" of the bay;  The eelgrass beds can readily be explored-  by almost everybody, requiring only  goggles and a snorkel. The rocky bottom  requires a scuba outfit.  The most common inhabitants of the  eelgrass beds are the yellow shiner perches and pipefishes. Pipefishes are close  relatives of the MedHerranean seahorses.  One can really see it when one looks them  in the face^Some people clatajth^j*re_  biologically more advancedlhah humans.  After fertilization of the eggs, they are  deposited in a pouch of the male pipefish.  There, they hatch and he gives birth to a  few hundred little pipefish fry.  Sometimes one can see large schools of  sandlances, long bodied silvery little fish  that bury in the sand when they are forced  to hide. With their sharp noses they  literally pierce themselves into the sand  and disappear in no time at all.  "Of the less common eelgrass fish, the  beautiful Silverspotted Sculpin is worth  mentioning. With graceful waving motions  of its large iins and tail, it makes its way  This is where the material came from that   ut IW M, BXSMUB. ���llvl ���  now forms the beach and a solid gravel' through the eelgrass.  berm at the bay head. The berm started as.    - >jn.e spiny Lump Sucker,  with its  a sand bar which, when it rose above high   almost spherical body, is certainly the  tide-levelrleft-a^hallow-salt-water-lagQen���fannjestidoking-litfle-fishHt-has-a-sueker  behind it. Over the years, _yegetation   0n its belly, with which it can attach itself  changed this into a marsh  The marsh  contains mostly fresh water due to the  influx from Colvin Creek, but the water  level varies along with the tides. During  the higher tides, sea water runs into part of  the marsh, particularly since the mouth of  the creek was diverted in 1977. ���  This type of coast formation is not uncommon along the Pacific Coast, but it is;  rare in British Columbia and unique on the  Sunshine Coast. It provides a variety of  habitat for all sorts of sea and wildlife as  well as a beautiful sand and gravel beach.  Log pollution is heavy as the bay acts as a  to a rook or shell. This would indicate that  the sandy bottom is not really their  trap for everything that can be carried by  the sea. The logs will hopefully- become  fewer over the years as the logging  companies are cleaning up their act.  - .tfSWIsi,,  TALK TO US ABOUT:  -HAWAII)  [TORONTO  END OF OCT., NOV.,  BEG. OF DEC.  VIA CP AIR   h      -  Book   now  whilo fhoro is  still  spaco! rotu  NIGHTHAWK (AIR CANADA)  or  COURIER JET (CP AIR)  WEEKEND   i   MIDWEEK  roturn    ) \_   tm% Em  ANYWHERE  UNDER THE SUN  roturn  Gibsons Travel  ��� Book Your Flights  Make Rail or Ship Arrangements  ��� Arrange Insurance  ��� Reserve Accommodation  TAKE CARE OF IT ALL  AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU  Gibsons Travel  Wo wiito your tir(tots whilo you wait"  Oosmi July l\\.\   I v  si wx.iust ci.yihi:  Sargeant's Bay  preferred habitat, but we have found them  there all the same.  In tlie deeper waters of the Bay* one  can find huge sea cucumbers,,scallops,  and .multicoloured nudibranchs. There is  also the bright orange and red coloured  JPagurus Crab. This is a hermit crab winch  ;is quite particular about its housing. It  uses exclusively old Moon. Snail shells. So,  ifyou find Parurus Crabs you know there  must be Moon Snails ��� ahd'there are!  Their shells become as large as a good  sized orange, and their bodies are several  times larger. They can only hide inside,  their shell by squeezing lots of water out of  their large foot, which is a slow process.  They are protected by spending most of  their lives under the sand. They feed on  clams, which they kill by drilling a small  hole through the shell with their specially-  designed tongue. .Sometimes one can fund  the Moon Snail's egg collars on the beach,  but the wave action1 soon destroys them.  wells; A nest, box program might be  troduce the colourful Wood Duck as well.  FISHING  Emerging from our dive, we can see  many people who, from a variety of craft  are trying to lure the fish out of their  element and into their boats. There are  often successful, Fishing in probably the  most popular pasttime in Sargeant's Bay.  I need not say much more. Before sunrise  one can hear the rumbling of small boats'  being dragged over the rocks on the beach.  Most of the sport fishing is done from  small rowboats.  There is not much commercial fishing  in the Bay, but the- odd fishboat can be  seen once in a while. Sometimes  "Prospector II", from Nanaimo, sails into  the bay in search of perch. This is the last  perch fish boat that is still active in B.C.  wateK.^Jien-the-skipperHivho^runs-the-  boat all by himself, spots a school fo perch  from a little rowboat, he rows around the'  school paying out his net. Well-behaved  perch will stay in one place when he does  this, so they get trapped inside. However,  not all perch seem to get the point.  JL  ANIMAL LIFE  - Of the "fur bearing" animals, the River  Otters are the most* notorious. You can  sometimes see them in pairs and  sometimes with as many as three  juveniles. The have a voracious appetite  forflounderSswhich seem to be their staple  food. Mink are common on the beach and  Harbour Seals can often be seen in the bay.  Deer are in the forest north of the Bay.  Last summer, many people on the beach  watched a beautiful male deer with huge  antlers swim all the way across the bay.  people worry about the snakes that often  share the sunshine with them. Let them be  assured that there is no need to worry.  Those snakes are all varieities of the  harmless Garter Snake. They are not  poisonous, but can bite when handled.  Their teeth are sharp and can draw blood.  Even that need not happen if you pick  them up by the tail, with the head hanging'  down.-They are not strong enough to raise  their heads high enough to reach your  hand. Do not kill them, their staple food is  slugs. They also eat snails, earthworms,  salamanders, etc. The largest of the  Garter Snakes is the Coast Garter Snake.  This is the one that most prefers the beach.  It also catches larger prey like mice. Its  food on the beach consists of crabs and  small fish. We have seen one swim in  shallow water with a fairly large size  sculpin in its mouth. _' _ 7  Most people who'enjoy the beach on one  of these fine sunny days that give the  Sunshine Coast its name, end up climbing  the rock at the north end of the beach. It  has a breathtaking view over the bay on  oneside,and over the beach and the marsh  on the other.  What makes this bay so unique is its  variety of different features: rocks, beach,  marsh, and forest; fishing, boating,  swimming, and sunning; marinelife,  plantlife, birdlif e-and beautiful _scenery. _  Where else can one find such diversity all  in one area?  This account of the attractions of  Sargeant's Bay is by no means complete. I  hardly wrote about the fishing and not at  all about the plants and the Bay's history.  Maybe" this will encourage-someone to  climb on his pen and write his own thing. If  you know oflntefesting experiences and  observations at Sargeant's Bay, please  .drop,me.a_nQte.     ._ _ ________ __. _ _ __.__.  P.O. Box 3, R.R. 1, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.  VON 1V0.  ���sfc>t.'.',  -AND'PEOPIE   On summy summer days, the beach is  the main attraction for sun worshippers  and swimmers. At low tides the finer sand  is exposed and the bay is shallow a long  way out ��� ideal for small children! Some  OLVO PENTA DEALER]  - SALES & SERVICE CENTRE -  ��� MARINE REPAIRS  ��� MOORAGE      __  ��� MARINE WAYS  ��� LIVE BAIT     ^^  ��� CHRYSLER OUTBOARD  ^-GAMPING-*-STO]  -885-HOt-  TILLICUM BAY MARINA  5 Miles North of Sechelt on Sechelt Inlet ^J ^ |  BIRDS TO ENJOY  There are, of course, times when the  fish just don't feel like biting and the sport  fishermen may be given to boredom. Not  so in Sargeant's Bay. Apart from the  beautiful scenery there are the Bay birds  to enjoy. Fall, winter, and spring are the  best times to observe them, as they are  more numerous, closer to the shore and as  some are only winter visitors. There are  four kinds of grebes, the Western, Rednecked, Eared and Horned Grehe. The  graceful Western Grebe can. often be; seen  in large numbers, the others. more, occasionally and. in pairs. Common, Loons.  . and Cormorants ar$ around throughout  the year. So are Belted Kingfishers arid the  Great Blue Herons, which can usually be  . seen catching small cj:abs,, gunnels eihd  other small fish. Common ducks include:  Barrows Golderieye, Common Goldeneye,  Bufflehesid,. Common Scooter, Surf  Scooter, and VVhiterwinged Scooter,  present. during the winter season. Less  common, but very colourful, are the Old  : Squaw and' Ijdriequln Ducks; Of the real  sea birds, the Marjiled; Murrelet can be  seen andlts high pitched call can be heard  .aid year round. The Pigeon Guillemot arid  Common Murre are less common.  ��� .,:',; Of the larger waterfowl; Canada Geege ���  and Snow Qeese fly over in large numbers  during migration and Occasionally touch  down, Shoreblrds are not commqnibut we  7 have Seen Spotted Sandpipers and Black  '' Oystercptchers on occasion.    ������."!,������  All of the bay ducks eat -mostly'small  fish. Their presence indicates an abundant  food supply,,on which the larger fish  : depend also. In tiirn, soflie of the ducks fall  prey to the Bald Eagles. Wo have seen a  Bald Eagle catch n Surf Scooter,  ft  ' Glaucus-wlnged Oull and a big dogfish.  ���Osprcy are seen regularly. Some of thqlr  ��vprey v consists ���'��� of- flounders, caught in  shallow watcjr,  The marsh supports, besides Redwing  'Blackbirds, a variety of small birds. Once,  1 ,w)icn the marsh had open water, It must  havo  supported  u thriving  waterfowl  population. It la the only marsh of Its size  on tho Sunshine Coast^ that we know Of.  \ CoipjTson Mcrgnnera, which aire basically  fresh wnter duckfly hreed In the marsh and  .' can bo seem feeding on small crabs in the  hay. Wo haVe soon several broods each  'year over the Inst five years. Slrico the  dredging, their numbers seem to have  decreased.  In the winter of 1077-70, a Trupipetor  Swan was seen In the marsh. It may have  been attracted: by the temporary shallow  "opon Water oauscd by tho dfcdftlng; "  It Is claimed that tho marsh con be  enhanced as a waterfowl breeding habitat  by creating some open water. Pond or  puddle ducks need this for feeding. Somo  I'^tstands am to mated ^  The water level would alio need to to  controlled so tho nests cannot be flooded.  This would provide habitat for Mallards,  Canada Geese, Cinnamon Teals,  Shovelors, Wuc-wlnged Teals, and Gad-  OUR MOVE IS  NOW COMPLETE!  ��� WE WANT TO THANK OUR CUSTOMERS FOR BEING  SO PATIENT WHILE WE MOVED OUR SERVICE  and PARTS DEPARTMENT  ��� With the Addition of another mechanic - our service time will  IMPROVE EVEN MORE  ��� BELOW ARE LISTED THE NEW SERVICES  - AT OUR NEW LOCATION  HAND CAR WASH  includes complete hand wash  - no brush marks on your paint.  thorough cleaning of  trunks & carpets - windows  -in and out  *9.95  TIDY CAR  NOW IN OPERATION  - .ant! rust with a guarantee'  -preserve a Shine  - undercoatlng, steam cleaning,, etc.  PHONE for APPOINTMENT  liSttiJ  Every car has t|ny, uninvited guests living In'  Its body panels and undercarriage, WI)o are   ���  ihey? 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He wasnot  surprised at turnout, he said, because .of  the previous "ballyhoo" in the  newspapers.  to voicetheiropinions omvhat now are���= -Mayor- Harold -Nelson- said it is not.  , ���   . _ , j___4.��� l.,.1�����.n nncoirila tn <<chnt itnnn tho  villaao fnr Oft  controversial zoning amendments bylaws.  The crowd audibly made its feelings  ___Jknown, groaning j)r_cheering in response  to the speakers on the floor.  Sechelt Village Council repeatedly told  the residents the meeting was a public  hearing, not an information meeting and  that council could not act! on the final  question from the floor to pass a resolution  -���^^np-pgrtlnipt^^  Hall dominated the floor with svO>  missions against each of the zoning  amendment bylaws on grounds they  contravene the Sechelt Vicinity Plan  (subregional plan) and the present draff of  the community plan.  His opening remarks included a protest  that five bylaws were "too large a load" to  be dealt with at one meeting.  He urged council to either follow the  subregional plan or approach the regional  board for amendments. The bylaws before  the meeting, he said, contravened the  subregional plan, the community plan,  "the the wishes of your planner and those  sitting on the community plan corn-  possible to "shut down the village for 90  days."  "People think things are done overnights .^-it probably takes 90 days (before  bylaws are adopted)," he said.  "We have never turned down anyone  who wanted a hearing. Unfortunately  people think once it goes to public hearing,  it has been decided."  The public hearing-was "just like a  ioo'-CAldera^  "It would have hoped to hear more than  one man's opinion for the two hours it'  lasted," he said. "I hoped to hear more  input from the public."  Sechelt Ratepayers chairman Chuck  Dowman, who said at the meeting the  group supported Hall's presentation, told  The Times council was in a dilemma.  It can pass the zoning amendments and  be unpopular with the residents, elect a 90-  day -moratorium and "save face" or  "rescind everything" and be unpopular  with the developers, he said.  The following is a summary of the  opinions expressed at the hearings.  Zoning Amendment Bylaw 146.6, 1979  rezones the Rockwood Lodge property  shops, and yards."  Hall said he was against this bylaw  since this has been dealt with in a previous  bylaw (176) which went to Victoria last  year for approval, came back and was  never adopted.  Bylaw 176 would have deleted the In- >  dustrial zone completely because council  felt   sufficient   village   land   was   industrially-zoned and .added service In-  dustrial to.allow for lighter industry.  , Where only offices for contractors on  the site are allowed previously, this  amendment would allow offices, shops and  yards.  "Killam said he supported the amendment, though the competition "makes it  more difficult for mte to operate."*  Zoning   amendment   bylaw   146.8  jprovides for the addition of a Residential  Ttfezonepch^^^  from 10 feet to nine feet wide and from 20  to 18.5 feet long, rezones lots 26-29 of Block  G, DL 304 from RII to RIV and rezones the  one acre parcel plus access easement of  Block 7 DL 303 and 304 from RI to Public  Assembly.  Hall, said the addition of an RIV zone  _ contravenes the subregional plan and the  community plan both of which are attempting to "minimize the im-  personalization" of the community and  limit higher density. Apartments  presttfflyaftf allowed "only in conjunction-  with commercial buildings.  Since the area is tourist-oriented,  Renee McCall said, smaller parking  spaces will create a problem for campers  and motor homos.    .  "We need parking for the decent-sized  car, not the Mini-Austin," Bea Wilkinson  said.  "There's a gas shortage-and it's going  16 getworse^'KillamT^Uedr^'Yb^can't-  evey buy a big car any more." "  The audience groaned in response.  "You can't buy a 22-foot car and that's  a fact and I have the floor," Killam said.  One member of the audience suggested  a sign be placed at the entrance of Sechelt  advising that only those persons owning  smaller cars should move to the village.  Presently there'is no RIV zone, so how  can the property owners seek a rezoning of  lots 26-29 to RIV," Hall asked.  He said again the amendment contravened the subregional-plan:"He~read~  from the plan which stated that area in  particular was a "sensitive environmental  area."  From the bylaws presented that night,  he said, it sounded like there would be an  Industrial Park next to an apartment  building which would turn the area into a  "slum'!.  Killam told the hearing that 10 or more  Miss Dawe objected because one of the  TflsH^HL^s^. ^______________m_____w  he Peninsula/ifose&  Section B  Wednesday, July 18,1979  Pages 1-8  'persdnslm tKe"community plan committee"  did riot agree with the plan as it was  presented and "the planner was not ready  to accept this."  Killam said Roy was "inept" and both  Hall and Miss Dawe rose to defend Roy.  Dowman said he was against the  rezoning for the joint-use facility because  the community plan stated existing  commercial areas should be built up  before expanding further.  properties the village plans to trade for  this acre was sold.to the village at less  than market value for the present library.  Hall objected because Block 7 was  originally slated as a civic site.  Stan Anderson said he and his partners  are willing and have gone on record  stating this, to deed a 30 foot buffer strip  around block 7 to the village for a park.  ��� Christine Hunter said she did not trust  the developer "to see we get a fair deal  and I don't trust council to do if for us'  either."  She said the residents in the area of  Block 7 have "been this route before with  Trail Bay Mall," when it was promised the  trees would be left standing and they were  removed."  However, once the land is deeded to the  " \allage7m"e:village is responsible forwhaf-"  is done with it.  Hall also stressed the necessity of  maintaining the "downtown core concept"  before increasing commercial space.  Zoning amendment bylaw 146.10  amends the lot size in the Industrial Zone  7,535 square feet.  Hall repeated that Bylaw 176 deals with  this and that it contravenes the  subregional plan.  mittee."  ���eouncirsx��pinions-on-tiie-meeting4ateE���from_Public Assembly to Residential-IV;���|  were varied. Correspondence   on   this   already  Alderman Joyce Kolibas said she felt    received would be noted in council's  the residents attended the meeting with    deliberations, however Miss Dawe said  "blood in thier eyes." she had seen six letters protesting the  "It doesn't bother me when someone  shouts at me, but I am not going to rant  and rave back," Kolibas said.  . At one point, where Hayden Killam  "made the remark about Mr. Roy being  inept," Kolibas said, "I was about to rise  to my feet."  However, she said, she concurs with  -Miss-Helen^-Dawe'si-immediate defence  that Roy "has the village at heart and  knows what he is doing."  rezoning and these letters have been lost.  Access to the property from the rear  (Pilot Ave.) is "dangerous," Miss Dawe  said. Bus drivers to Chatelech have a  "standing order" not to proceed up the  road if there is any snow on it.  There was only a narrow access to the  property at the rear and the previous  owner had determined it to be between 13  and 16 feet wide.  Surveyor Robert Allen informed the  ^1-strongly^etieye^andJl^-e.jsaidJt^heamg^  before, thatcouncil is making a mistake in  accepting his resignation," Kolibas said.  Kolibas said council will have to "hang  on" until it has a planner before decisions  are cnade on the bylaws, but she does not  know "whether it will take 90 days."  Alderman Morgan Thompson agreed  'Whether access is from theback-or-  front," Miss Dawe said, "it is a traffic  hazard to elementary and junior secondary students."  Zoning amendment 146.7, 1979 deletes  the word contractor from Section 2.9.1.,  Subsection 10, and substitutes "offices,  Water line held up  A "dangerous precedent" is how Hank  Hall Of Pebble Holdings described possible  expropration of lot 49 by the regional  district to allow continuation of the 14-inch  water main through the Utility Corridor to  Police news  Gibsons RCMP reports a quiet week  "for this time of year" while Sechelt  RCMP are warning people not to park  overnight in the lots near Tyee Air because  of the risk of vandalism and theft.  A pick-up truck stolen from the Tyee  Parking lot was recovered damaged on  Hydro Rd., Reserve No. 2 July 7. Damage  was conservatively estimated at $800.  A rock was thrown through the driver's  window of a red Volkswagen parked at, the  Tyee Lot July 8 and there was a report the  same day pf minor vandalism to a boat  docked at the Porpoise Bay private wharf.  A wall of the Sechelt Legion was  damaged when a vehicle was driven into it  July 13.  Fishing equipment, a Kodak In-  stamatic and money from a wallet was  reported stolen July 12 from the canopy of  the back of a Ford. The items valued at  $180, were taken when the truck was  parked at the Pender Harbour Legion or  Pender Harbour Hotel.  Two bicycles were reported stolen from  the Whlttaker Road, and Hwy 101 area  July 11, The bikes are a Mark H,  Eliminator and a blue Nomad, serial  Number N601091,  The wharfinger's hut at the Porpolso  Bay Gov't wharf was reported broken into  July 11, though nothing is missjng. A  building under construction on Cooper Rd.  was reported vandalized July 10. Forms  were damaged and a sledgehammer and  carpenter's hummor stolen. It is suspected  younger children are Involved.  A 25-foot boat stolen from Vancouver  was recovered at Coho Marina July 0.  Theft was reported from the highway  project at Mlddlepolnt July 8. Diesel fuel  was stolen from a D-7 Caterpillar and tho  fuel cap Is (itlll missing.  A number of items have boon turned in  at the Socholt detachment. An orango tarp  containing camping equipment was found  .luly 6 In tho Trout like area. Owners  wishing to identify it can refer to File 43P.  An Olympus camera was found on tho  side of the road near Redroofs Road, and  Hwy. 101 July fl. (File 1919). A greon  plastic bag containing cumplrig gear was i  found July 3 on Browning Road. (File  1879).  A Volkswagen stolen from Wyngaert  , Rd. July n was later recovered on South  Fletcher Road,, Gibsons RCMP reported.  A gray Samsonlto briefcase was stolen  from a motor vehicle on Hwy 101 July 11.  Papers contained in tho Briefcase wore  Inter recovered near thescene of the theft.  VTbe theft of chain link fencing from  Stewart Rd, July 10 Is under Investigation.  A {13-foot Powercraft, stolen from the  Glbttynjs Gov't Wharf July 8 was later  recovered in Pender Harbour.  supply Sechelt and West Sechelt"  He indicated to the board'meeting last  week that as an ordinary citizen he should  be allowed to negotiate an easement  agreement through the property enabling  the line to go through.  Works superintendent Gordon Dixon  reported to the board the water line was  complete up to lot 49 and from the time of  agreement on ,the disputed easement,  water would flow in "about three weeks."  The West Sechelt area has been serviced by a smaller line and the insufficient  water pressure, has raised concern among  residents and developers for fire safety  and improper service.  A management committee recommendation to the board last week was to  offer Pebble Holdings a $7,750 appraised  value for lot 49.  An expropration bylaw before the  board was tabled pending further  discussion' with Hall and a possible,  agreement.  Friday the 13th bad  day for motorists  Friday the thirteenth lived up to its  reputation for some motorists and it didn't  waste any time getting started.  John Hautala suffered minor injuries  when the 1973 Camaro he was driving left  tho road about 1 a.m, on Hwy 101 just south  of Trout Lake. He was taken to St. Mary's  Hospital and later released.  About 1:20 p.m., Julie Johnson of  Campbell River, was seriously Injured  near Beach and Park Avenues in Roberts  Creek when who went off the road on a  mini-bike.  Oscar Cargylo, 59, of Sechelt was taken  to hospital following an accident in his 1908  Mercury .truck at 2 p.m. near Brooks  Road, and Hwy'. 101. He was later  released.  Laura Small, 18, was taken to hospital  suffering serious head Injuries after the  1973 Vega in which she was a passenger  left tho road south of Trout Lake on Hwy  101 about 7:50 p.m- The vehlclo was driven  by Kenneth Matthews, 20, of Vancouver.  Weather  La  HI  .13.6  20.5  .13.5  21.5  .13.0  22.0  .14.0  17.0  ,13.5  18,0  .11.5  .30.0  .11,0  1875  Prec.  cm  0.52  0.12  3.12  -0.50  iho  0.10  nil  July 7   JulyO.   July'O.'i   July 10   July li.,, :...���; V....  July 12   July 13 ,,..  Week's rainfall ��� 4.82 cm, July to date  ��� 5.28 cm. 1979 to date���53.00 cm.  .Tttiy7-is,iirm =:tmrnxwVmX iwr  ���0.01 cm. Jan.-July 13,1978 ��D7,M cm;  The 3,12 cm of rain which fell between 0  p.m., July 9 and 8 a.m. July 10 has not been  equalled since tho night of March 23-24,  1076.  ��2^% '&$&.~<jjjt_g_\\  ^IkfefS&S  hh-'hi  m  y^yyt''--  ^m&y->i  >/^*A 7  \iyyyyyf   '���^i^'-ii^  BY 15%  imontworkt  ��" THERE IS A DIFFERENCE  &k^  ^...mmMm^  Ton 4rid*^~}iltt&4*t  ",'�� '���' -"7?7*  GROCERY  MUSHROOMS'"'  Whole TO oz. tin  59  '< S-i  K00L AID R.9Pk8.  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I  never realized we were so well  thought of, but it would be  quite a task to sit down &  7answer all thoselovelyeards.���  Sincerely, Harry Sawyer.  161834  WE'D LIKE to thank all our.  family and friends who were  so kind and generous to us  after, losing everything in the  fire. ��� Dave & Linda Husby &  family. 1636-34  THE.FAMILY of the late  Alexandra Beck wishes to  thank Dr. Burtnick & all the  nursing staff of Extended  -Gare-at-Str-Mary^s-Hospital-  for their kindness to our  mother, wife, grandmother &  great-grandmother while her  stay ut there the past 2 years &  thanks alsolo other doctors in.  the-hospital. We-alsa wish to  thank all our friends who  came to the service & sent  flowers & cards. A special  thanks to Rev. J. Paetkau for  the very nice service he gave  & for reading a poem that one  of Mrs. Beck's granddaughters wrote for her.  Thanks also to Mr. & Mrs. D.  Devlin. All was much appreciated in our time of  sorrow. -^ Eileen & Ted  Girard and all the family.  1674-34  WbrKVyanted  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Let lis care, for your, tree  needs:  -Topping  -Falling  -Limbing  Insured work 7  ''Our reputation  speaks for itself"  ph. 885-2109  3283-tf  THUNDER PAINTING  Interior & Exterior     .  professional work at  reasonable rates  Free Estimates  5 years on the coast  885-3301 & 886-7619  3861-tf  "Hour, or contract: All work  guaranteed. 885-2005.   1673-37  2 HARDWORKING brothers,  aged 14 & 16 will do yard  work, handyman jobs, etc.  Separately or together in  Gibsons-Langdale area. 886-  7237. 1588-35  ^=REIWINCU.  .On�� --Bedroom - Apartment*-  * Drapes * Balconies'-  * Intercom * Cablevision  * Controlled Entrance * View  * Wall to wall carpet  * Colored Appliances  Rent from $190.00  Call DOUG FERRIS  885-2283  Help Wanted  CAMP RANGER req.'d for  youth camp on Sunshine  Coast - single or couple. Ap-.  plicants should be interested  in outdoors, handy with tools,  and enjoy working ,with  people. Housing and utilities  provided.   Send   complete  -resume and salary  requirements to Box 310 H,  Sechelt.-      . 1474-34  EXPERIENCED     PERSON  wanted   in   automotive,  mechanical repair. 886-7919.  1476-34  DRY KILN OPERATOR:  Fully experienced  operatore required to operate  3 new double Moore gas kilns.  Reply directly to: A.  Kovlaske, Mainland Sawmills  _Ltd.,_87JMJ_7Yuk(m_5t^~Van=.  couver V5X 2Y9. Phone 327-  6344. 1591-34  VIEW APTS. for Rent. Easy  access, close to schools and  shopping in Gibsons. Call 886-  2417,886-7243.      l      1531-tfn  2,000 SQ. FT. upper floor office. Rent as is at $450 per  mo. or we ,will renovate to.  stiit. Heat & parking included.  885-3224 for appt. to view. 1503-  tfn   WATERFRONT lot Sunshine  Coast (Roberts Creek area -  Browning Rd.) 100'x 370'  very private with level entrance driveway off Browning  Rd. View from future  homesite second to none.  Water, Hydro readily avail.  $79,500. Days 278-3888, eves.  433-7228. 1498-34  Business Opportunities   ��� - ���i��� ��� ���  SECHELT BOWLING Alley.  For    sale    or    leased  operation. Ph. 885-9611.1675-36  -UNIQUE-BUSINESS Op-  portunity.   Constantly, ex-  . paneling Taxi Company on  saltspnng. Owner will finance  if down payment suitable. For  details write C&R Taxi Ltd:,  RR 2, Cranberry, Road,  Ganges, B.C. V0S1E0. 1647-34  ���.���  ..������   ��� ���   ������������������ i.    ��� n 11��� ��� i��� ���-  23 UNIT Motel - Fernie's  future looks prosperous -  invest now! $100,000 down,  business will carry itself!  Asking $375,000. Call (collect)  386-2955. Century 21 Mayfair  Realty, Victoria. 1645-34  . TIRE,  WHEEL and Shock  " Shop.   Est.   Wz   years.  $143,000 plus per year gross  sales. Paying $30,000 plus in  5x10 CONVERTED trailer.  Single axle, $950.883-9398.  1579-35  PIANO  TJJNER,   1st   class  Steinway technician just  arrived   from  Europe.  886-  7792. 1537-34  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your nit In tha tqunrii,, On sorts lo loavo a blank tp<i<:�� ollai onch  word.  Ihroo linos I��$V,I5, End uildlllonnl line l��60c.  Take odwnnloQs. ot our ipaclal saving*.  ' Run your od lwlc��     thsilhlrd tlmo Is FREE.  ' II you pay (or y> ir ad Ih* Saturday b*lor* publication you gs>t a  discount     26c lor | Insertion - 80c for 3,  Mall us your ad, or drop It old  In SsKhsdl ol th* Pinlnsuln Tlmt>s Olllcs)  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  CLASSIFICATION  ...  ...  >2IB  60c  60*  60'  Nam*  Address  Postal Cod*  AVAIL.   IMMED.   unfurn.  bachelor suite. 1 BR avail.  in Aug. Central Gibsons. 886-  9336,886-2597. 1580-35  WEST SECHELT. New 3 BR  house, fridge, stove,  washer, dryer, spectacular  view, $350 per mo. For immed. viewing-885-3377A 1669-  36     '  Wanted to Rent     ���  CIRCULAW SAW Filer: Fully  - - k experienced -Circular -Saw-  Filer- required���Apply in  Kerson or in writing to:  [ainland Sawmills Ltd., 8708  Yukon St., Vancouver. V5X  2Y9. 1592-34  MILLWRIGHT: Fully experienced Millwright  required. Apply in person or in  writing to: Mainland  Sawmills Ltd. 8708 Yukon St.,  Vancouver V5X2Y9,    1593-34  SAWYER: Experienced  Sawyer; required. Apply in  person or in writing to:  Mainland Sawmills Ltd., 8708  Yukon St.,7 Vancouver V5X  2Y9. 1594-34  Sechelt Agencies (.1979) Ltd.  needs more licenced real  estate salespeople to handle  the mounting volume of real  estate work coming into pur  office. We can offer an,  excellent "walk-in" and  parking location and, as far  as we know, the best  commission policy in" the  area. If you are a licenced  salesperson we'd like to talk  to you. All enquiries will be  treated Ih the strictest  confidence. Phone Graham  Craig, Manager, at 985-  2235.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  T*lNo,  |   ssaasa<s��ss*Ms>ssisassM mm sMsssisssis*ssssj��sa��*i*sass*issssB*s����sisssisssi*>sMss*  I  I  I  Is.  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  pMHnM��ns*M��ss*s*s**sisss>ii��isisas*nisss**issii  RESP. PROF, woman wants  sm. cabin or cottage month  of Aug.  - quiet,  secluded.  Reas. rent., Call collect 112-  "SBMWr;_2*J__        1635^34  WEST SECHELT to Halfmn  Bay. House 1 or 2 bdrm.  Sept. or before till June. 886-  7727 or collect 734-1467. 1683-36  SUNSHINE COAST Figure  Skating Club (situated on  the Sechelt Peninsula).  Requires: Professionals for  the 79-80 season for NST  lessons and opportunity to  freelance with minimum 5th  figure and Jr. Silver Dance  preferred. Membership: 150  (all levels). Approx. 12 hours  per week. All applications will  be, considered. Current pros  encouraged to apply; Reply:  Stating qualifications,  references, experience,  remuneration expected and  telephone number to: Sunshine Coast Figure Skating  Club, Box 1316, Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3AO, 1530-34  SKELEEM Community  Village for mentally handicapped adults requires full  time residential volunteers.  Village supplies all necessities  to all residents. Experienced  and-or qualified with skills in  crafts, agriculture, horticulture, homemaklng. Single  or families. The Director,  Skeleem Community Village,  Cobble Hill, B.C. VOR 1L0.  1652-34  BABYSITTER ,   wppted,,  Halfmoon Bay area. Hrs.  vary, preferably family. 4 yf.  old boy. 085-3963, after ��� 1617-  38  EXP'D COOK, morn, and-or  evo shifts. 4-fi days per wk.  063-0311, 1C1S-36  TRAMPOLINE Dealers  Wanted. Businessmen ���  Housewives: fastest growing  home entertainment.  Aluminum and stel frames:  square, rectangular and  round. Sell nowl Be ready for  Springs I960. Skl-Hl Trampolines. 32210 South Fraser  'WwrAMwtefori*rB.���r W  1W&, ...w.,......,,.,,..,...,.... ,..1660-31,  For Rent      MADEIRA.PARK 1 BR funv  house. W-w carpet. FP. 738-  570410 a.m.- 10 p.m.    1624-36  Real Estate  $41,500-OCEAN VIEW  6 yr old 3 BR Gothic design,  landscaped lot, nice view of  Trail Islands.  Ph. Ross Gamble  112-274-5017  United Realty, 736-3831  or 885-2047   1241-tf  Pender Harbour  3 BR home on 2.3 level  be res. Good soil &  creek. By . owner  $52,000,  885-5436  75  ITASKA  25 A LOADED  With  ��� GENERATOR  ��� LOW MILEAGE  88E743ir^  owner  25' BOAT, inboard? Head, VH-  F, CB, recorder depth  sounder. Many extras.  Vancouver 324-9544, Pender  883-2322. t   1504-34  SUPER BUY. 24ft. fibreglass  cabin cruiser, sleeps four,  stand-up head, galley, command bridge, depth sounder,  VHF, 188 Mercruiser IO with  approx. 300 hours, new canvas. A-l condition throughout..  View at Seaside plumbing  bldg., North Rd., Gibsons. Ph.  886-7760 eves. First $11,000  ^kes-no^ff,ers..-vT^r^4529r34^  18" SHINGLE or 24" shake  blocks to purchase on a 50-50  cutout basis. Contact Cornie,  885-9417 after 4:30 p.m.; Fred,  886-2284, 9-4. Timber marks  required., Cornel Sawmills,  Wilson Creek. 1101-tf  LOGS OR TIMBER Wanted,  fir,   hemlock   or  cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  ��FRAME FOR youth bed to fit  mattress 33"x66".  886-  7336. ., 1582-33  '69 21' TRAVEL Trailer in  good cond., $2,750.886-7610.  1475-34  23.5 ACRES industrial land in  Smithers 1% miles from city  centre, near, rural route,  Cleared, fenced. Older 3 bdrm  home. Phone 847-2086 or write  Box 753, Smithers, B.C. VOJ  2N0. ���     1478-34  OKANAGON insulated  canopy-type camper for small  truck. Good cond, $700 obo.  885-9791. 1634-36  Motorcycles  -salaryr~Lease~rehewable~at��� ���=���~~~  ~~~  S60-per  month.  Inventory   '78 YAMAHA RD 400, Cash or  $40,000. (approx.). Located in  growing seaside B.C. community offering excellent  quality of living, hunting,  fishing, etc. Good potential for  owner-operator to increase  sales and profit. $65,000 buys  equipment, stock and franchise. $25,000 down will  handle, balance at 1 pet. over  prime to approved credit.  Contact Box 5000, Sechelt  -Times, Sechelt, B.C.   -1644-34  trade  for vehicle.   Low  mileage. Ph. 885-3910.   1566-35  77 RM SUZUKI  $600 obo. 885-5291.  new  motor.  1638-34  SALE OR Lease - One-half  Acre, Central Vancouver  Island, three bays, sales lot,  5400 square feet, living  quarters, ~ $89,500. Keith  Webster,-246-4541r Boxr802r  Chemainus,B.C. 1643-35  UNDER $20,000 & good  return: have to sell half  partnership in thriving  restaurant in the growing  village of Gibsons. Antique  furnishings, close to "Molly's  Reach" & boat harbour. 886-  8301 eves. 1679-36  Cars and Trucks  '70 FORD % Ton 4x4. Good  mechanical cond., $2,450  obo. 883-9284. 1500-34  l!74lG^CjymJyi6,_carpetsr.  sunroof, bed, radials, am-  fm cassette. Offers to $2,900.  885-5779 aft. 6. 1502-34  BY OWNER: Pender Harbour. 3 bdrm, custom-built  executive home; Approx. 2800  sq ft. Indoor fishpond in large  circular living rm & dining  rm, separate cocktail room,  double FP on main floor, 2 full  bathrooms, sunken tub w-  Jaouzzi in master's ensuite,  large kitchen and family  rooms, games room in part  bsmt., ocean view, 2 patios. ,  1.33 actes. $125,000. Phone R.  Small, 883-2212. 1548-34  MApEIRA PARK. 2 lots  $16,500 ea. Near stores &  mooreage, nicely treed. Also  20' trailer, $4,000. Ph. 883-2410,  lv. message. 1549-35  EXCEPTIONALLY flno view  lot  in  West  Sechelt.  On  sewer. Ph, 885-9706,    4724-tfn  FIRE-PROOf Stone House. 3  fail bathrooms, '3 bdrms, 2  fireplaces, slate roof. On ono  cleared view acre, end of  Marble Rd. off Airport Rd,  Giveaway prlco $46,000 cash.  Rose Simpkins, 885-2688. 1621-  34  GOWER PT. Rd. by owner. 3  ml. from Gibsons, 1 cleared  acre. Unobstructed Ocean  Vlow, Beachrfccoss.886-2656.  \ 1632-34  GREENWOOD, B.C. on Hwy.  3. Three-bedroom. 1% baths, 3  largo landscaped lots, rock  wan at rear, asking $38,000.  Open to offers, phono 036-4442  evenings. 1041-34  68 MOUNTAIN Acres, Souther  exposure, 7 acre meadow.  New cabin, gravity wator,  electricity. Avail. 'Soon.  $37,000. G. Rempel, Box 48,  . GoUMiFarJu,BXLtCMUl, ,���   ^_:._ __  JMW*  W-F IX3G Cabin at south end ,  of Saklnaw Lake, Road  access, floats, boathousc. Call  G. Chnppell, 298-8480,420-3113,  1832^4  Excellent opportunity  for ambitious person  to    turn    a  - good  paying,  into .. i  part time job  i    full    time  business. Call LEE,  883-2533 or 883-  9171.        7  Mobile Homes  CLEAN 3 BDRM Port Royal  12x60'. Completely mobile  with wheels, some appliances.  Asking only $10,800. Jack  Noble, 883-2701. H.B. Gordon  Agencies Ltd., 885-2013. 1040-  tfn  302 eng. Four-  nice- cond.',  no  2 BR 12 x 68 1 yr. old. Stove,  fridge, dishwasher, washer,  dryer & storage shed. Fully  skirted on pad. $15,000. 886-  2530. 1609-35  NICELY KEPT, 10x52'  Safoway, 2 bdrm, w-w cpt,  col appliances; auto washer &  dryer, porch, blt-in cupboards, drap0s. 885rfl870. 1422-  36,. '  CLEAN 3 bdrm Port Royal  12 x 60' completely mobile  with wheels, some appliances,  asking only $10,800. Jack  Noble, 883-2701. H.B. Gordon  Agencies, 885-2013.      1623-tfn  GREAT VACATION or  retirement home! Bendix  Paramount 12' x 68' - 3 bdrm,  galley kitchen, fridge, stove,  oil heat. Immac. cond. Roady  to move in, Furnished or  unfurn. Complete with front &  rear axles, skirting, deck & oil  tank. Selma-Vtata Mobile  Park. All utilities installed.  Cablevlslon avail. Must sell,  Asking $15,500. Call 888-.WJ.  1663-36  10 x 48 WITH extra llvlngrm  10 x 16. On pad In nice trailer  crt. At reas. rent. Close to  shops, etc. offers to $6,000.886-  9203. 1670-30  12 x 60 COMMODORE Noble.  Canadian built. Unfurn. now  elec. range, furnace, tank of  fuel, now carpet In llvlngrm,  corridors, master bdrm, lots  of cupboards. 1 blk to Sunnycrest Centre. Storeroom  liner construction, Sold as Is,  where ls, $7,000 Cash. 886-7432.  ' 1678-36  SMALL l BR mobile home. All  cash orposs. terms. 886-7187.  "  ���'"  " 1681-34'-  Campers and Trailers  CAMPERIZED van, 3000 mil.  As new. 886-3289. 1M2-36  '70 TORINO   door,. very-  rust, new heavy-duty shocks,  new tires, 8-track, CB and  radio. 886-7094-35. 1558-35  '65 FORD 800 Tandem. 8500  mi. New motor, good tires.  461-8184. 1560-35  '73 PONTIAC Astra sta. wgn.  46,000 mil. St., $900 obo. 885-  3143.\ 1583-35  '69 GMC 1 ton truck on duals.  Steel flatdeck & body skirts.  350 cu. in. 4 spd. Ideal welding  or tow truck. 885r5151.   1627-36  AUCTION Forestry Vehicles  and Equipment. Saturday,  August 18th, 1 p.m. -3980 22nd  Avenue, Pfrince George.  Payment in full sale day. Joe  Wark Auctions, Ph. 747-1894,  Quesnel, B.C. 1640-34  '71 GMC 6500 5 ton flatdeck. 90  pet; brakes, 9000 mi. 427 cu. in.  mtr, new Michelins on front,  $6,200 for quick sale. 885-2615:  1665-tfn  ���76 CHEVROLET 3x3 crew  cab long box, 4 spd, 350 cu. in.  heavy suspension to 1 ton  capacity. Not duals. $5,900.  885-2615.       '���''���������'���������'   1666-tf  '66 PLYMOUTH station  wagon, $400. 883-2533 till 5:30  883-9933 aft. 6. 1680-tf  11 FT.  FIBREGLASS Lap-  strake dinghy, $45Q. 885-2287.  1629-36  UNFINI.SHED   24   ft.   Lap--  strack hull & cabin. Call Doug,  885-2283, business days.   1633-  tfn  WEST COAST TroUer, 6.32  ton, reg "A" licence, diesel,  sounder, new pilot. Extensively-rebuilt and Jn good  shape. Must sell to buy larger  vessel. $65,000. Write or view  "Nortel'IV", Winter Harbour,  B.C. 1655-35  28' DIESEL launch. Needs  some work. Ideal for pleasure  ���erlogsalvageT$l-,800i-883-9032r-  1658-36  '78 9.8 MERC outbd. Like new,  $695. Days 883-2533, eves. 883-  9933.  1668-tf  Livestock  HORSESHOEING.  CaU Bob  Hopkins eves. 886-9470. 3300-  tfn  THOROBRED      gelding,  . -registered, beautiful, well-  -trained,-gentUv4350_to -good-  home. 885-9285. 1561-35  5 YR. OLD Toggenberg stud  buck. Hercules, $50 obo. 886-  7186. 1586-35  REGISTERED HALF Arab-  Palomino Mares. Gentle,  greenbroke, 4 and 5 years.  Also Purebred Arabians, all  colors and ages. 18 head.  Winsome Arabians, Little  Fort, B.C. 1656-34  '74. DODGE club cab, low  mileage, Ideal for canopy,  camper, 2 reserve tanks.  $4,395,885-2455. 1612-36  '75 FIREBIRD Formula 400.  Ps, pb, 4 spd.. 400 hp, mags,  TAs, trick paint, 34,000. orlg.  ml., $5,900. See at Jay's Auto  Body or ph. 885-5212 days, 885-  ?664 aft. 9 p.m. 1613-36  '757% T DODGE club cab,  21,000 mi. A.C. ps, pb, 2 batteries, 2 gas tanks, 7 tires &  rims, 10 ft. Alaskan camper  sold as unit or separately,  $0,500 obo. 085-2151.       1014-34  72 FLATDECK truck, $3,000  cash. Mrs. Alex Slmpklns, 885-  2688. 1620-35  ��� ' : : 1  Boats and Engines  16�� K&C w-70 Johnson OB. Full  Canvas top, 2 gas tanks,  docking lights & wipers. Good  cond., asking $3,000. 883-2285  aft,6p,iri. 1585-35  FOR SALE  V OVERHAULED 440  CHRYSLER MARINE,  HEAT, EXCHANGED.  PENDER  HARBOUR  DIESEL  883-2616     Hwy .101,  ""Pwdir" Harbour.    14'  FIBREGLAS  boat  w-  outboard     mtr,      New  upholstei7 & canvas top. A-l  , c��Ml, Gwikio, ��8��-7����>. 1*7144  MUST BEIX. Need $. lift,  flbreblass boat, oars &  trailer, $400.885-5775 aft. 6.  1501-34  U����Tlm��iAdbrMil  -24".-CEDAR resaw-shake  blocks. Purchase on 50-50  cutout basis. 885-9494 or 885-  2581. Timber marks req'd.  1409-36  USED BATTERIES. Will pay  $2 & up. 883-9375.        1505-34  WE'LL MILL or purchase  your smaller logs. Small log  truck avail, for hauling.  Smallwood Resources, 885-  2455. -     .    1611-tfn  OLD GROWTH Cedar Blocks:  24" long, 100 pet. clear of  defects. 90 pet. edge grain. No  sap wood. 95 pet. over 6" wide.  $300 cord delivered to  Chilliwack. For more  in-  -formationxall 604=858^94717   1651-37  For Sale  HOT WATER TANKS  All Sizes. Best Prices  MACLEODS, SECHELT  1575-33  5-TON BEEBEE  Winch  on  Keats Island, $350. Weekdays 886-2120,988-3812. 1487-34  Lost  tEFS-TRAOE���  APPLIANCES  ON NEW HOTPOINT  AT MACLEODS,  SECHELT  MAN'S   SIGNET, ring   w-  family crest. Lost Porpoise  Bay or Mason Rd. Reward.  886-7186. 1587-35  GREY & White tomcat, long  fur.     missing     several  months. M. Parker, Roberts  Creek. 1626-34  Pets  PUREBRED OLD English  sheepdogs for sale. 885-5784.  1631-36  GERMAN SHEPHERED  Puppies from world's finest  bloodlines. For work or show.  Exceptional temperament.  Rare opportunity. (604) 246-  3800. 1657-35  BRITTANY SPANIELS -  Champion bred CKC Pointing  Hunters, 10 weeks old, wormed, shots. Top quality  satisfaction guaranteed.  Tandes Kennels, Reg., 4204  176 Street, Surrey, B.C. Ph.  574-4668. 1658-34  SPRINGER SPANIEL  purebred puppies. Females,  $175- males, $150. 883-2366* aft.  4. 1682-34  SERINE 5-speed with  following features: radio,  speedometer, headlight,  flashing left-right indicators,  built into front console. Front  disc brake, electronic horn.  Rear console: brake light,  flashing left-right indicators.  19" frame 26" wheels,  shimano 500 derailer. Exc.  Cond. Current value $279, will  sell $150. Also 1 Eliminator 3-  speed boy's. Mint. Cond. 19"  frame 24" wheels, $80. 886-  2989 Mark. 34  LADIES, Mens, Childrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New'. Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5; 1414 Lonsdale, N. Van.,  ���980-8011. 4457-tf  Wanted  /  WANTED  HALF-SHARE IN C-l 80  OR C-l 85 ON  FLOATS. PENDER  HARBOUR OR  HALFMOON BAY  AREA.  CALL 885-2232  ICE CASTLES LTD.  Party Ice,  Block Ice  For Every Occasion  WE DELIVER  Minimum Order  Required  PHONE:  886-2641  AT LOWEST  COMPETITIVE PRICES  For Quick R*tulti  UifcTlm��i Adbrl*fi|  6   WEEK   OLD   Muskovy  ducklings, $2.50 each; metal  gem top canopy for small  truck, $160.883-2383.     1676-34  MorcClnsfllficdH  Seepage B4  SUMMER FABRICS  ��� COTTONS  ��� RAYONS  ��� POLYESTER  plaint  a  prints  REGULAR  PRICE  FAB SHOP  SUNNYCREST CENTRE, OIBSONS  I July 18,1979  The Peninsula Times     PageB-3  For Sale  For Sale  5 PCE CHESTERFIELD  suite; solid oak dining room -  suite w-china cabinet; console  stereo; . kettle barbecue;  telephone table-seat; brass  fireplace set; antique  fireplace dogs. Many other  items, 883-2526. 1578-35  CANNING SUPPLIES    -^  Pressure canners $62.75.  Jars & cans,  plus all your needs.  MACLEODS, SECHELT'   1589-33  ELECTRIC    stove,    good  condition, $85. 886-9416 or  886-2025. 1671-34  KING SIZE mattress. Good  condition, $50.886-9409.1672-  34 �����    '���  24'1 RANGE, $50. Good for  ^^<;ottager885^3l4pr=^1345-31r;  LUMBER: 2x4s - 10 ft; 2x6s -  20 ft: 3x8s - 60 ft; 2x10s - 45  ft. Ph. 522-3328,885-5272. 3460-  tf  SHUFFLEBOARD table 11'  long, $75; fridge 5'x24", $40;  3 dresses, $15; good for  summer cabin; 2 hyd. jacks,  $10 & $7. All in excel shape.  885-2898. 1439-31  TRUCKS  1970 FORD XLT  V/8 auto with sportsman  canopy.  Transmission cooler,  trailer towing packages;  hew tires; no body  damage.  Clean  $3,295 O.B.O.  SECHELT R.V. SALES  885-5522      LTD-  M.D.L. 6266  _WASHER_&JDryer,_$20JLJ85^  2853.  1677-34  325' 15 KV subcable. 12 hp  Sears garden tractor. 885-  9789. 1684-36  NEW E-FLAT Reynolds  Medaust saxophone, $320;  C- melody Conn saxophone  restored, as new,- $185. 885-  2752. 1685-36  GARAGE SALE, odds n' ends  of furniture, old wood stove,  two fridges (7 cf.), aluminum  windows, "lifejackets, spray  gun,  butcher block,  heavy  TRY THE  CLASSIFIEDS  If s AMAZING  what you'll  take home.  FOR BOTH  BUYER & SELLER  CALL  885-3231  TODAY  OLD   CHESTERFIELD ' &  chairs with slip covers, $45.  885-2766. 1639-34  NEW HIGH Production All-  steel Portable Shake Mill.  Diesel Electric power includes blower, bandsaw,  summer, waste truck,  forklift, etc. Can be seen  operating. Ph. 826-9042. 1646-  -34   boat rope, etc. Sunday, July  22, Grow Rd., Robt's Creek, 11  a.m.-4 p.m., 886-9983.   1687-34  SEMI-PRECIOUS  _j^m&hihyhh  SPATSIZI Wilderness River-  raft Trips ��� 8-day trips,  August, 13-20, 23-30. Luxury  at  Free  family    ^vacations  reasonable  Tates.  SINGLE SEALY Posture-  pedic mattress, box spring  & padded headboard, $75.885-  2605. 1546-35  2 ROOM TENT. 12'xl3%'  offers to $200. Also in-  ; flatable 11' x 5' dinghy w-oars  & elec; pump (clips to any 12  volt battery) $175. Ph. 885-  5020. 1547-35  GARDEN PESTICIDES  ������?���       & CHEMICALS^    -  nowsoldat  MACLEODS  Sechelt  1468-31  f-3l543^5^zJ)rodiureuSpatsizi^Wilderness  ���. ������' ��� Trips Ltd., Box 410, Hazelton,  B.C. Ph. 842-5909. 164834  STOP!  HOT  WATER  TANKS  -best prices-  at MACLEODS  SECHELT.  TENT 9' x 12', $75; portable  TV, $25;  power shredder,  never used, $150. 885-3494.  1565-33  TELEPHONE    Answering  Systems for rent or purchase. See J&C Electronics.  885-2566. 1574-35.  URINE-ERASE guarantees  removal dog, cat, human  urine stains, odours, from  carpets or fabrics. Free  brochure. Dept. A. Reidell  Chemicals Ltd., Box 7500,  London, Ont. N5Y 4X8: 1649-34  1976 WHITE Western Star  Dump Truck with transfer  trailer, 350 Cummings 15  speed A.C, CB. Contact Bill  Wallick, Box 1259. lOOMile  House, phone 395-3502. 1653-34  1978 450 JOHN Deere Crawler  Loader, IV4 yard bucket,  ROPS canopy, detachmable  back hoe, single axle tilt  trailer. 494-3406 evenines.  Write Box 583, Summerland,  B.C. 1654-34  28 CU. FT. 1 yr. old, $300. 883-  9032. 1660-34  APT.-SIZE   port,    clothes  dryer. HD Kenmore, $150.  883-9032. 1661-36  FOR SALE or trade - for out of  town property. 26 ft. 1975  Mariner fiberglass cruiser.  Command bridge, CB,  completely equipped, excel,  cond; Moorage to May 1,1980.  Price $23,000. 9854688 after 5  p.m. 1662-34  FRANKLIN-TYPE    stove.  New, never used. $125. 885-  5089. ' 1664-34  More Classifieds  ScePngcB-5  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL FREE PROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  GULFVIEW   ROAD  ���   Madeira  fantastic view from this new home ��� 3  .new appliances, fireplace, $82,500.  ,, 7 "-7. v* itizmmkt. <��� '.r'mM^k  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home with view  on landscaped lot.  Large workshop &'  equipment storage area in back. Ideal  location for builder/contractor. $69,500.  RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� 1250$. sq. ft. 3  bdrm home-full basement, dble. carport,  large sundeck, built 1976. $65,000.  WHARF  REALTY LTD.  885-5171  "The Property  Movers"  ACREAGE SPECIAL  Redrooffs Road near a beautiful waterfall.  Approx. five acres of woodland. An exceptionally good buy at $29,900.00. Call us  today for Information on added attractions. Tel.  885-5171 ��� call collect.  JUST LISTED - DAVIS BAY  Two-bedroom home, landscaped ocean view.  Near shopping and rocroatlon, Priced at  $52,900,00. Call u�� for mare Information.  "Your Real Estate hosts on the  Sunshine Coast"  PAT MURPHY  885-9487  Cfl  TREV OODDARD  886-2658  GIBSONS ��� 2 BR residence with one BR  suite on Hwy 101, adjacent to Seaview  Plaza._^pojL_i.iY_ealmenLflL_$53J>00   IRVINES LANDING - 3 BR view home,  stone .fireplace, ensuite, 6 appliances.  Close to marina. $75,000, One car taxi  business available with above for additional $10,000.  voir' ���u"''Yi,W-]ii-:  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w, 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. $67,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x 44'  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft  addition. On 2/3�� acre lot. $28,500.  WARNOCK ROAD ��� 1.95;�� acres with  1,4001 sq. ft. 3 BR home. A good buy at  $49,500.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500. -  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 BR home on 2 levels.  .Electric heat. Landscaped, close to stores  8 marinas. $54,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR view  home, architect designed. 5 major  appliances. $77,000.  [SINCLAIR BAY ROAD��� 3 BR view home,  '1656 sq. ft., built 1974. Dble. carport,  storage room, heated 34'x20' swimming  pool. Large lot, level & fenced, with  large garden area. $130,000.  FRONT ROAD - MADEIRA PARK . ���  Partially furnished 3 bdrm 22' x 56'  Double wide and storage shed. Fairly  level lot, beautifully landscaped in lawn  shrubs;1 flowers, trees, & a -vegetable���-  -garderrr^Close- to-stores���&��� marinas.- ���  -$49r900r-   GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home^  built   1976.  Ensuite,   fireplace,   double  . carport,-landscaped lot.-$56,900.  .FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Near new 3  __bdrm_split_lev_eLFireplace, _sund_ec_k &  - 'carport.-$60,000.   GATOJf^AX^J BR_yfew'home on"  Claydoii_Rd.-TEulLbasernent,--separate-  garage. Close to marina. $87,500  LOTS AND ACREAGE  Jwi  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  FRANCIS PENINSULA - PENDER HARBOUR��� Partially developed subdivision  property with potential 6. i'q.'. '��-\6.i:.  1 ,'8Q0�� ft. of: basic road constructed, 10  lots surveyed for first phase of  development. An excellent buy for  $135,000. '������'',  7; WARNOCK ROAD ��� level lot, almost  one acre. Good soil,' selectively cleared.  ,$24,000.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2�� acres  with panoramic view of Pender Harbour;  12'x20' cabin, concrete driveway.  $32,000.  9. EGMONT.'���7 11-db treed acres with  year round creek. Road access. $49,500.  10. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� l.Bf acres,  corner of Warnock and Francis Peninsula  Roads. $17,500.  *"���. 1 ������  JUNCTION ISLAND  18.75+  ST. VINCENT BAY:���  treed,    sheltered  MIDDLEPOINT ��� 2,bdrm home, 1100 sq.  ft. on 9.5�� fairly level, treed acres. Well.  850$ft. frontage on Highway 101.  $49,000.  2. RUBY LAKE ������ 5�� treed acres, close  to public lake access. $19,800,  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ~3.4�� acres 8,  4��. acres, sernl-watorfront. Overlooking  Malaspina Strait & just a few feet to the  waterlront. Hydro, wafer & paved road.  $35,000 each. >  4. Near Ruby Lake ��� 8.39 acres on Hwy  ���''101. $25,000.  5. Noar Madeira Park ��� 15 acres,  2150�� ft on Hwy 101. $44,000.  6. GARDEN BAY LAKE ~ 3 semi-  lakefront view acreages. 3i92 �� acres ���  $25,000., 6.83��.acros ��� $25,000, H 3.79��  acres ��� $20,000.  1. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots.  $8,000 ��� $22,000.  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE ~ 3 BR~'home on 5��  acres. Fruit trees, garden. View .over  lake. $77,500.  acres,  moorage, several coves, oysters. 15 min.  ride by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. $120,000.  EARL COVE ��� 5.57 acres, 450�� ft  sheltered waterfront adjoining, ferry  terminal. Excellent site for possible:  motel, hotel, camper-trailer park.  $135,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres with 387 �� ft low  bank waterfront. Good driveway to  waterfront. Launching ramp, site has  been prepared for possible use as W/F  trailer-camper park Si fishing resort, An  excellent property. Full price $95,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY ���400�� ft waterfront,  5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  EGMONT ��� 7 acres with 540 ft low  bank waterfront. Site has been  prepared for possible use as a large  WF trailer-camper, park & fishing  resort. This is an excellent property  adjoming the Egmont Marina.  $180,000 ������ Owner will finance at  bank interest rate.  TROUT FARM ��� PENDER HARBOUR. Ready  to go ��� raceways installed to handle  160,000 trout. 95�� acres ' land.  Provincial commercial trout farm  licence, Water licence. Located on Hwy  101, across from Pender Harbour  Secondary School, $266,000.  LOTS  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA  $9,000-$24,000,  serviced lots.  3. SANDY HOOK - view lot on Por-  polso Drive. $8,000,  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1:5 acres,  treed, serviced. $29,000.  5. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� seven lots,  serviced with hydro & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.  $11,000-$! 2,750.  I COMMERCIAL PROPERTY^  6, GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay 'estates & Sinclair Rd.  $13,500-$21,250.  7. RUBY LAKE ������ semi waterfront lot,  with road access & hydro, $9,000.  noret,      t.AK��  .,   ....    .-..    ...     -,. _ --,r.~^._.^T, ...,,���..   ,,,._.   ., - ir^-fys-F-tQmu>9ilHjsm^nsjlsstv'  GUNBOAT BAY ��� 152�� ft waterfront  with small beach area, 3 cottages, dock  and float. On 5�� acres with access from  Hwy 101, $85,000  SECRET COVE -, Lot A on Woscan Rd.  Stoop, but has good building sito 8,  shollorod moorage. On sower systom.  $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA 132 fl W/F In  Pondor Harbour, 1,8 acros, deep  moorago, $50,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 1,4�� acres on 75dfc  foot deep, sholtered watorfront. Small  boach aroa. $39,900.  WEST LAKE, NELSON ISLAND ��� 100��  acres, ,4140�� ft. chjjlce lakefront,  1800�� ft. oceanfront on Vanguard Bay.  2 log cottages with fireplaces, 1 post &  beam cottage. Access by boat or float  plane. An excellent buy for $140,000.  EGMONT ��� 3.8i acres with 550�� ft.  low bank waterfront. Float, launching  ramp. Whole property is terraced and  levelled ready for development. Drilled  well. $165,000.  LOTS  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 83 ft. W/F  (ad|oins above property). 1.22�� acres.  Deep moorage, $36,500.  GERRANS BAY ��� Cleared lot with 78'*  low bank, shelterod WF Level building  site, septic tank and drain field In.  $42,500.  "Vi"?-  '"���v,-.^.-  x ������ .yy.r-hh.vy/h    *<���  ^ ytf\A"\-'\->-/y���������-,..,  I ��       i s        si W.'.'l'1 _,��"    \    \m   J    *_,    _)' t  '���>*. (    /*>:V-%    " *#    ^ - /   hL  ** si     1     I     r -ji     <���   *���  _v    v  ���   7    .k '.  .    f   *   f ^  I       J   -K   fo.        A*   + \ \ \ I ,   "/. t. V  .y^,h'   t"/- t-y,, ^'V /  jpp*  MADEIRA PARK - get yourself out of  the house and Into this fqsy-tp-run  clothing business with flood potential.  $22,000, plus stock,  Also available with above ��� 1,000ft sq.  ft, commercial building with room for  expansion. $53,000,  H'  11>  P>W*~fe^'  /  ill  >'     1    It       ... "���'  ,/'  t.   I  " p  1.1  *���**  '���'<'!. i'  .���'���!  r***j  f"Tr.r f-  r/ifiilfl*1'. M.U  II '       '       '  ti  ,,<"W  ** r<y,..., ���     J  1,'U,      ^; , -7;;  yr^y^'''^Z  PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES  Cholco   lots    still    available    In    this  desirable location, Most  have view A  sunny southerly exposure. Paved road,  water * hydro. One lakefront lot still  available.    Prlcod   from    $10,000    to  $37,500.  /  -1 ...  ��������'  "   ;\<  / ���:."  '- r  \[h,.\   \,\ .  1     '    "  "... i!  1 . !  .....1 1  ',1,'j.t  ; 1  ���,./.�����../  '"'X../  11  H" v  ���/. ..-.��  ��*, m m h      I 4.  ~?~'  pBNntf   MnnnoM^  , /'  JJ  mmmmmm\Mym}miA^^^  i*���a^3^BIK!EU3?^:  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  0LLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  I -TT  PageB-4  ������- mmmmmm.  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 18,^1979  Doug Joyce  Bob Bull  885-2761  885-2503  ���DAVISBAY   ��� $64,500 full price  3ti0dfoom with view, plus 2 bedroom suite.  .Two A pee baths plus ensuite. Insulated -  ' drive'In gafage. Fireplace, Targe sundeck &  close.'to beach & store. Caft Jack.  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219. Sechelt  Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016  Jack Anderson 885-2053  Stan Anderson 885-2385  Don Hadden      885-9504  "-vtas*********.  SECHELT VILLAGE . $52,900  NEW-NEW-WITH-VIEW! View'Irom kitchen,  living    room    &    sundeck.    Includes    3  'tiedr'MWsrMfcheh''"parttrVrftr'eplefc;e;'Caf"  port, large lot. Call Bob to view anytime.  WEST SECHELT Asking $43,500  Contemporary 2 BR home. Total of 1168 sq  ft on 2 levels. Fireplace. See Doug.  ROBERTSCREEK $52,000  3 bedroom home on 1.67 acres. Spacious  open-plan of 1320 sq ft has ensuite off  master bdrm. Home has family room and  'Utility. Reduced drastically in price for  immediate sale. Take Gibsons home in  trade. Bob.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY $124,000  Sechelt Village. Fully rented, mostly on  , lease. Shows good return on investment.  Opportunity to invest in this growing  community. Details-to bonafide-purchaser.  Doug.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Pebble Crescent -  $53,900. Complete new remodel job. Large  rancher 1515 sq ft. Close to shops and  school. Level lot too: New cupboards,  carpets, quarry tile entrance & bathroom  floors, light fixtures & paint. Why rent when  you can move into afine home at this price?  Wood heater to beat fuel bills too I Call Bob.  PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE $54,000  Like new 2 bdrm bsmt home. Good layout  with southern exposure and view. Save  money ��� extra insulation, ��� twin seal  windows and heatilator fireplace. Call Bob..  SECHELT VILLAGE: $47,900. 2 bedroom up,  den & extra bedroom down. Double  plumbing. Heatilator fireplace in large  living room & rec room. Stucco exterior.  Large lot within walking distance to schools  and shops. Easy terms. Call Jack.  SECHELTVILLAGE $68900.00  Panoramic view of village and Trail Bay.  Like new spacious home with room for  everyone including home occupancy In  lower level. Features are too numerous to  mention. Check them out with Bob 885-2503  WATERFRONT, W. SECHELT  * Pebble beach with your own road right to  water. 3 bdrms,. 3 complete bathrooms,  recreation room, wine Cellar and lots of  extras. View from all Jiving areas. One of  the better waterfront homes on the coast.  Bpb.  WEST SECHELT $69,500  Good buy for size of Lot and development of  lower level of home. Newly completed  house with concrete drive and parking  areas. Room on Lot to build swimming pool  or other uses. Landscaping done complete  with lawns. Move In and enjoy. See with  Bob.",  ���������kJlW..  Y.:  . L **f _^_.^^^^^��_   !  .M'WmMts..  SECHELT $47;500  Near new, large, bright, economical three  bedroom home, 1 year new, 1260 sq ft.  Thermopane windows and doors, central  fireplace, opon plan, no stairs, level lot.  Large sundeck, carport and storage. Good  value at $47,500. Call Don.  *****.  FULL PRICE- $4^900  3 bedroom, dbl plbg. Handy Sechelt locale.  Lqhdscaped lot with U-driveway. This home  Is.only. 3 years old, clean & bright. Real  value. Call Jack,  .  ROBERTS CREEK��� $15,000 each ��� 4 large country lots In the heart  of Roberts Creek. Private yet close to school, beach, store and golf  course. A great place to live for all ages. Take your pick.  �� ttet.l  A  P>.AN  \r  cr .o'        oo'  OO'   I1  43 r*  PLAN  s> *$*'lt'40"  * 10   0*8 ,   ���  ti or  d ro-  40*  4  It 01  40'  i ro <  ii'  40'  o rtt  8/0  Q\  t"  ^jrs'14'M'^y  *p m    s  Q  -       *l,   -  ..��'  TflEDROOTFS " " """"*"""WfSOQ  New waterfront 3 bdrm home with expansive view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver. Island. Features shake roof,  stainless steel 'Shaw' fireplace & skylight.  Treed Jot. Bob.  WEST SECHELT: $75,000. Four bedroom  home, 2 baths, 2 FP, auto/oil heat, sundeck  and carport on gentle slope 1 acre lot  overlooking Trail Islands. Half block to  beach access. Also has small rental cottage.  An appointment necessary. Call Don.  SECHELT-SANDY HOOK $135,000  Waterfront ��� moor your sailboat at this  dock. Large cedar home with super sauna,  decks everywhere. Privacy and expansive  view. Phone Bob for a viewing. This is a  unique home.  "$68,500  SECHELTVILLAGE $63,500  Best view Lot on Sunshine Heights and  large too ��� 100 x 140'. ��� over 1/3 acre.  This: home js well insulated for winter ahd  has air conditioning throughput.for.those  hot summer days.,Dbl carport, full bsmt,  landscaping ��� it goes on & on I This home  _^y_Kni9ht_Ji-^P!?iLvl?y'i0fl'_Call Bpb.      CREEKSIDE HOME  On 6/10 acre with parklike setting,  towering trees & spacious, easy to maintain  level lawns. One year new expansive home  has two large bedrooms. Separate entrance  hall leads to a large living room with  fireplace that invites gracious entertaining.  A 23x28' attached garage could be converted to an extra bedroom & family room.  An added plus is a 440' workshop with 3 pee  plumbing. Close to best sandy beach in  area. _   ,   ACREAGE  REDROOFFS ACREAGE; 3 1/2 acres subdividab!e_gJLiqciJities including power. Could e 4-5 lots. Very reasonable price. F.P.  $29,250.-Call Stan.- ���       ROBERTS CREEK - $18,500. Privacy In the trees on this 1.3 acre  parcel with gentle   slope towards the sea. Hydro, phone and  reg. water at road. Call Don.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330 x 660'. Will eventually  have a view. Close to the arena, try your offer to $35,000.  VIEW ACREAGE ��� 5 acres in West Sechelt. Some view of th'e ocean.  Nicely treed. Good access. No logoble timbers. F.P. $25,900.  WEST SECHELT ACREAGE ��� Good investment for the patient. .200 x  1000 ft. of Highway frontage. Good access and a small stream for  - water.-FP-$22,900.:--'.-       ���:- ���.������--������-      ���   -  AFINE ACREAGE: $35,250full price��� Sechelt Village. Just under 5  acres with an attractive view and lots of garden soil. Treed property  with a developed well and good road access. Partly cleared. Call  Stan. :      . ������ -     ��� '    ; ��� ���.        ���.".-���������  BUSINESS BLOCK  '.','.'���''      ', .���       ��� ��       ���       ���    .  WEST SECHELT, HWY. 101-Fourplex* house $149,000  Move into this spacious comfortable home and enjoy a great view of  the Trail Islands. The rental'from the fourplex on the property will  help pay expenses. This property Is large 80 x 474' and Is nicely  landscaped. Call Bob for more information.  SEMI RETIREMENT BUSINESS GOINO CONCERN $74,800 FULL PRICE  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS. TERMS �� TRADE  Both of these sites are Ideal for year-round steady trade. 14 washer  dryers In one location. 7 dryers and, 14 washers In 2nd location. All  equipment In top condition/Stores are clean and newly decorated.  , Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month. For further Information  call J. Anderson 885-2033 Vane 684-8016  HOMES  SELMA PARK ��� $15,000. 1976 12x68' Bendix Paramount Mobile  Home. All, new .w/w Includes triple axles, tires & wheels, hitch,  stove & fridge and 3 beds. This unit cannot bo told from now. (See  Doug),  ��� ;      ,       " ���   ���  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: a cozy, near new 792 sq ft 2 bodroom  home close to ��ho beach at ChaDrnan Crook. Not stairs, oloctrlc  heat, double glazing. Government prepaid lease has 19 years to  run. FP $32,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE -$49,900, NEW 3 bdrm, Village, walk to thopplng  - carport, flreploce, wood exterior, bsmt. Compare prices and buy  this one. Call Bob,  WATERFRONT  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT ��� Lot 100 x 725 - Great view with all  services, water, paved road, cablevision, hydro. F.P. $39,000.  SECLUDED WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Do you want a quiet waterfront retreat with no roads or cars? We  have a few parcels of evergreen forest, 5 to  10 acres each.  Minimum of 250 feet of waterfront ahd stream thru most lots.  Located 22 miles of Sechelt by water or air only. Fly in with Tyee  Airways Ltd. from Vancouver or Sechelt, or use your own boat. Call  Don.  EGMONT WATERFRONTI: Excellent investment opportunity. Close  to 560' of waterfront with 5 acres & a 5 yr old double wide home.  Asking $85,000 with 1/2 dn. All offers & trades will be considered.  EGMONT WATERFRONTAGE: Over 20 acres with approx 1000" of  woterfront,_Co.ylcU?��?zflBHBxeeHenHnvestnjent^ Vendor, offers terms-  wtth $50,000 dn. Consideration given to trades.  SECHELT ���SANDY HOOK $135,000  Waterfront - Moor your sailboat at this dock. Large cedar home with  super sauna, decks everywhere. Privacy & expansive view. Phone  Bob for a viewing. This is a unique home.  LOTS  1/2 ACRE CORNER LOT: Level, paved roads, easily cleared. Suitable  for mobile homes. Redrooffs Area. Try your offer to $ 13,000.  DAVIS BAY: $19,900 full price. 90' frontage on paved dead end  street. Underground telephone & cablevision. Large view ��� a one  of a kind. See Doug.  CHASTER ROAD: $9,900 - Good, level lot 67' x 123', close to school  and all local services, on paved road. Call Don.  WEST SECHELT LOT: $16,900. Large creekside Lot on quiet cul de sac  gives privacy in parklike setting with many beautiful trees. Services  at road. Call Don.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS��� $10,000. Extra large building lot in area of  new homes. All services including paved roads. Call Doug.  REDROOFFS 1/2 ACRE: Treed & 104' of frontage on Redrooffs Rd.  -���Lots-of-good-trees-and some-alder -for-firewood.-Easy-access-from -  the road and excellent topsoil. Serviced with power & water. FP  $12,500.  _ ROBERTSCREEK      . .SI?-?00,-   Country Lofs ��� 4 to choose from. TheseJ.ots are 1/2 acre jor_pyer,__  close to school, store, golf course and beach access. Call Bob.  ROBERTS CREEK: Large treed, serviced lot close to beach & golf  course. Quiet area, mobile home permitted. FP $11,900.  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acres with 100 feet  road frontage. Excellent buys at full price $20,000 each.  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� Lot 6, selectively cleared leaving some trees.  View of the ocean & within walking distance to shopping. Sewered  this year. Asking $13,500.  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 acre. Level building lot. Hydro  and regional water at road. Check& compare. Attractively Driced at  $9,450.    .7 . ������������:;.'   . ������   ...   .  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT: Sechelt Village "��� 62.5 x 120'. Ready for  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home. Value  $12,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extrp large 90 x 179' lot; corner location,  easy access. Excellent view of Trail Island. FP $15,500.  r.S?^s7f,REEK $ll,500ea.  Secluded building Lots located on a quiet dead end street. The Lots  are 150 x 70', easy to develop and flat with some trees. Close to a  good beach. In area of new homes. (Stan)  HOPKINS LANDING. View lot close to ferry ��� area of now homos  priced .to sell at $13,000. Calj Bob.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Inlet view lot 50 x 120 x 90. Close to marine.  Asking $13,300, Call Don.  VIEW LOTS, SANDY HOOK ��� take youricholce of 3, priced low to  sell at $8,050 & $8,150, Owner will look at reasonable offers to  these low prices.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Sunshine Heights Lof 67 x 125' In a district  containing some fine new homos. Lovol arid easy to clear. All  services. $2,000 down ahd easy mqnthly payments. FP $10,900.  SANDY HOOK: Spectacular view Lot In quiet residential aroa. 55 x  163' zoned Rll, Mobile homes permitted. Asking $10,500.  COOPER RD: Lot 80x263', treed, level. Services along paved road.  Asking $10,500, Call Don, >  REDROOFF RANCH INC. SUBDIVISION  REDROOFF RANCH INC. Phase I subdivision Is located on Redrooffs Road approximately 5-  1/2 miles west of Sechelt Village. Hydro, telephone and regional water serves the subdivision. The lots are wooded and level to gently sloping. Particulars ofthe subdivision are  Included In the prospectus ���*��� ask for your free copy.  PRICE SCHEDULE  Lot 31 ���  SOLD  Lot 32 ���  SOLD  Lot 33 ���  SOLD  Lot 34 ���  $11,600  Lot 35 ���  SOLD  Lot 36 ~  $11,900  Lot 37 -  ��� $12,750  Lot 38 ��� $11,900  Lot 39 ��� SOLD  Lot 40 ��� $11,600  Lot 41 ��� $12,700  .Lot 42 r��� $15,500  Lot 43 ��� SOLD  Lot 44 ��� SOLD  Lot 45 ��� $11,150  lot 46 ��� $12,500  Lot 47 ��� SOLD  Lot 48 ��� SOLD  Lot 49 -r- SOLD  Lot 50 ��� SOLD  Dimensions are glvon In both feet and metres,  /V/'^SJ   ������ CS   *���'     "; f--  <*���   Co  /*f_0   '*& '   ^  ��' *��>*���>-.  "&J-*   -' %���$*   /���> ;  Q  , ��� v.'��i, I , >s _l _  "    *** ���� *  '"-�� .'*'-'   't_.     >,' "*'   -V ���"'      ��.,        ' *���'   4?\    m.\4(_ '*    41 .'^  Ky <s>  \  7P . V  2*  ...y^.  y^h/    i?  ������ $ i3   ;'   *!--   " *"CT>i~. *���*�����" ,*���*#---.-���<--,-.- -�������.* ��� -f i -,--.,-- - -It- -��� - ��� ���-- |T- i y - - - ���' ���S��*r-"  .���r-.-. s      ' ~^4n,,':'\,..i pV    It' ";,���=���'���--*���TJaouc- ��� -   . ������  *.\  v.*1.  T  .10  -r  ../  * Wednesday, July 18,1979  The Peninsula Times  For Sale  OLDER GE Frostfree fridge.  Adj. s.s. swing-out shelves,  large lower freezer, .white.  SO" x 24" x 64" with rollers.  Runs well, $150.885-2126. 1610-  34  WOODEN BLDG. for sale. 32'  high, 50' x 100'. 50' rafters,  10x10 beams, 32' long. Ph.  112-433^137. "'   1616-36  TECHNOLOGY 12 class at  Elphinstone wishes to build  a small log. building. (20 x 20  approx.). Anyone ..wishing to  obtain such a building, please  contact the school.at .886-2204  or 886-2736. '" 1625-34  DANISH     STYLE     con-  temporary sofa. Green wool  upholstery, $100.883-2287.  1628-36  SINGLE BED with frames,  bed,  chesterfield,  console  stereo," picnic table7fe6��fete,  solid pine table, 2 chairs, chest  of drawers, desk, cedar chest.  886-7630. 1630-34  SIMPLICITY    spin-dry  washer, exc. cond., white.  Ph. 885-9490 or 886-7111.   1637-  34   Legal Notices  Sealed tenders for sub-trades  for the project below will be  received at the office of the  Pender Harbour" Aquatic  Society, Box 361, Madeira  Park, B.C. VON 2H0, until  12:00 noon, P.D.S. time, July  24th, 1979.  Project: The completion of  the Pender Harbour Aquatic  -Society^acilities;   Specifications and drawings  are available for viewing at  the Regional Board office in  Sechelt.  A deposit in the amount of  $25.00, in the form of a certified cheque, or cash, shall be  required to obtain plans,  specifications and tendering  documents. The deposit shall  be refundable on the return of  the documents, plans, etc., in  good condition within five  days after July 24th, 1979.   Harbour Builders,  RR1, Garden Bay, B.C.  VON ISO  Construction Manager,  883-9062  1577-Piib. SPT July 11, 18,  1979.  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula RH. ; 883-2794  TOUGH LUCK I Owner needs funds and will  sell his view lot overlooking Pender Har-  hour and Malaspina Strait for any  reasonable .offer. This could be the best  investment you ever made. Call us now to  view.  WATERFRONT: Pender Harbour area ... 2  adjacant 4 acre parcels each with approx  -150' of deep protected moorage.' Fairly high  bank but quite workable and well worth the  asking price of $50,000 each.  WATERFRONT: A magnificent and unusual  15 acres with some 700' of waterfront in the  lee of Harness Island. Haslam Creek runs  through the middle of this fine property and  there's a driveway in from Highway 101. A  big plus on this one is a 4 acre oyster lease.  . Make an offer to the $165,000 asking price  (29% down), It's a good buy at any price.  WATERFRONT: Almost 4 acres of prime, iow  bank waterfront-offering deep moorage on  a sunny south slope in Pender Harbour. Has  cabin,   water   and   hydro.' Prlcnd^ to   sftll  The  assessment  system  Though a good deal of  publicity has been given on  tlie change in the assessment  system to a provincial common standard; no-one-paid ~  much   attention .until   in-  4 dividual assessments appeared in the mail. Reaction  varied from surprise, to  anger, to jubilation7  Spokesmen for. Assessment ���  Authority offices explain that  actual values as noted on your  assessment have been  determined by professional  appraisers, but in the final  , analysis, the value of property  is determined by the  marketplace.'  If you are planning to sell  y. ur homt> in the coming year  and you feel the "actual"  value was listed as too low, the  real estate industry reminds  you that there could be a  marked difference between  that actual value figure and  the market value.  It will be indicative of the  rantfe .. . but the marketplace and consumer will  dictate the price you will get  for your home for sale,  Planting  energy trees  Energy '������ llko money ���  does not grow on trees, but  trees can be an energy saving  device.  Deciduous trees planted on  the south, west or east side of  your home will grow to bo an  energy reduction  feature . . . and tall  evergreens planted, on the  north side perform the function.  Shade produced by  deciduous trees during hot  summer months reduces the  amount of solar heat your  home absorbs and lessons the  burden placed on cooling  oqulpment. Evergreens block  ley winter blasts from the  north side, reducing the work  your furnanco will have to do  to maintain reasonable  warmth In your home.  "RR'SOlMtCR      CONSERVATION  Resource conservation  makes sense because  preservation of depleting  ���upplie* wW m*int��ln 0tir  prc��t!nt lifestyle for future  generations, Tho quality of  life can bo maintained If the  quantity of resources used Is  curtailed.     ,'  "quickly $62,5007  PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES: A new and  prestigious subdivision over looking Pender  Harbour. See with us and choose your  ocean view now . .. itfs a wise investment.  WE    HAVE    SOLID    PROSPECTS  DESPARATE   FOR   GOOD   HOWES  AND  WATERFRONT.  GIVE   US   A  CALL ... WE CAN SELL YOURS  QUICKLY! i  John Breen - 883-9978  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES���  "PENDEROSA" at Garden Bay. Drive-in,  take-out, groceries, 2 bedroom living  quarters with close water view. Here's, a  growing business and good home in the  most sought after spot on the B.C. coast.  Like to live here wouldn't you?  AUTOMOTIVE ��� Easy to run, well stocked  business currently operating 6 hours per  day, 4 days per week. Add a new. dimension  to your retirement and dollars to your income ��� a small investment will do it. call  for particulars.  HARBOUR SUPPLIES ��� Plumbing, electrical,  furniture and appliances. This business  shows a good return and is increasing every  year. No competition for miles. Perfect  ope rationf or cqupje wanting to rnoka their  future ih this area. Priced to sell quickly so  don't delay, phone now for details. Jock  Hermon, 883-9978.  HARBOUR MOTORS ��� at Kielndale. 4 bay  service, station, body shop and- store.  Separate small 3 bedroom home for owner.  This is a money-making situation. If you're a  good bodyman, this is it I  Jock Hermon 883-2745  Pitch-In  And Smile  ftfe  Real Estate & Insurance  *5SS?5P?Sfi    Box 238''589 MarineDrive�� Gibsons   886-2248 ._   LANGDALE ��� Panoramic view of Howe Sound and North Shore Mts.,  from this comfortable 2 bdrm family home. Has finished basement with  kitchen and bath facilities (in-law ste., or?). Main floor is 1022 sq ft, has  large LR with FP and w/w carpeting. Range, fridge and drapes included.  Carport with paved drive. Sundeck for summei^rejqtcation., Only $53,500.  SELMA PARK ��� Luxurious custom built home has three bdrms, also  completely finished basement. Cathedral entrance is brightened by  mirrpr_wq||; deluxe7car  buiitin oven, dishwasher, etc. Exterior is finished, with vinyl siding;  property is landscaped and has a view to Trail Islands. Just a 1 /A mile to  school qnd located in choice residential area. Don't fail to see this fine  home. Asking $67,000.00  SECHELT ��� 2 bdrm mobile home with large LR. Large rec room, sundeck  and storage has been added. In first class condition with W/W  throughout. Priced at $24,000. J. Black.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 3 bdrm home on Lower Road; full basement with a/6  heat; large lot 110 x 145' has some fruit trees, space for garden. House  has FP in living room and sundeck for summer leisure. Priced at $42,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Ultra modern luxurious wft. home with 3,000 sq. ft of  living space; designed for modern executive or anyone wishing to entertain etc. Main rooms open onto patio sundeck with complete view of  Georgia Strait. Large attractive garden completely private; low approach  to beach, guest cottage and many other extras. Ask for further details of  ; this choice property.  GIBSOSN ���' 3, bdrm post and beam with carport; 2 baths; master bdrm  ensuite. Fireplace, open area living and dining rooms; new w/w. In living  area; beautiful well-planned kitchen, also two rec rooms downstairs.  Large level lot 127 x 225 with good garden soil. Asking $69,000.  . '  ��� ,       ��� "  GIBSONS ��� Bay area, close to beach, sfores and P;0. Attractive 3 bdrm  home on extra large lot'with good vegetable garden. Home Is conveniently designed with large LR. Rec Room, utility, workshop and spare  room In basement. $62,000..  GIBSONS ��� Rural area, very nice 2 bdrm home with dinette, utility and  storage shed. One-half acre of property includes trailer pad. Asking  $48,500.  LOTS  LOWER  GIBSONS  ���   3   lots,   corner  School   Road  and   Hiway   101,  tremendous potential, high traffic area. $175,000.  GRANTHAMS ��� three lots on Reed Road. Good Investment proporty,  potential view. Asking $8,750 each.  ROSAMUND ROAD ��� Three lots cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500  each.  GIBSONS ���Level cleared lot In Gibsons Village on sewer and water, 62'  x 182', obtainable with small down payment of $3,500. Inquire for further details.        * mi  WHARF ROAD ��� Langdale, good retirement area; lot 65' x 193'. Try your  offer. \  Evenings Call: John BJackr S86-7316;  Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;  George Cooper, 886-9344  PageB-5  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE ,M�����.^- ,   m^���._, ,  886*2277 O^^^el0pment ltd    682"1513  c-ry RR-2;Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0 cQ  *   CONVEYANCING* REAL ESTATE CONSULTING ���APPRAISALS* NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  HWY 101 & ARGENT RD: In the heart of .  Roberts Creek. 8/10 of an acre of nicely  treed, gently sloping land. With 600 square  feet two bedroom home presently heated  with wood burning heater, but wired for.  220 volts. Second dwelling permitted and  could be built behind existing building.  $24,900.  LOOKOUT AVENUE: Near new three  bedroom home in good condition on large  view tot in new subdivision just past the  Sunshine Coast Arena In Sechelt. Bnntlnfl _  facilities "close T)y"."Owner is transferredi and  you may have immediate possession.  $51,900.  WILLIAMSONS LANDING: This beautiful,  summer br year-round luxury home must be  seen to be believed. A 200 foot high and  low tide dock make this the home for the  boater. Fishing, water skiing, and pleasure  boating all out the front door on 100 feet of  your own. .78 acres of waterfront property.  Beautiful 1280 square feet A-frame house  features three bedrooms with loft and part  finished basement. 25 x 8 sundeck  overlooks Howe Sound. Large guest cottqge  with fireplace, fridge, stove, 220V and  sundeck'. $97,500.7  TRICKLEBROOK DRIVE: Affordable housing  ayailable in Gibsons. This new double wide  mobile is fully furnished. Two bedrooms,  built-in china cabinet in dining room, wall 16  wall carpeting. Fridge and stove. Carport  and good dry storage in crawlspace. Fully  "larJdscapedTCall or come rnafidlJircuss the-  easy financing. $47,500.  LOOKOUT DR: Overlooking Porpoise Bay  this near new 1200 square feet basement  home has everything a family would want  for comfortable living and more. Four  bedrooms, full bath plus ensuite, convenient utility room upstairs and plenty of  cupboards and cabinets. Situated on a  completely landscaped lot In quiet  residential area. Other features include  huge rec room, two fireplaces, twin seal  windows and screens. Priced for a quick  sale. $49,900.  _WilARFlfyiLJ;x.ej:yJiyjBj5omeJJ.cirge.Spanish_  style home. Deluxe in every respect.  Finished on two floors with quality workmanship and materials. Large sundeck and  carport plus separate heated _double  garagel Large lol mostly lancUcapedT  $90,000.  GRANTHAMS: Beach house located at  Granthams on a sandy beach with good  summer moorage in front. House has three  bedrooms, large kitchen, living room and  full bath. Just pay $38,500 and assume  lease. $38,500.  JOHNSON & FORBES: This brand new three  bedroom Rancher must be seen to be appreciated. Features large family room,  fireplace, attached garage, utility room, top  quality wall to wall carpeting, bathrootru  access from master bedroom and large lot  ready for landscaping. Close to the ferry  terminal. Must sell quickly. $47,000  TRICKLEBROOK DRIVE: In the Village of  Gibsons/Threebedroommobile home;with"  two full bathrooms. Fully skirted and set up  ready for you to move in. Situated on nicely  treed lot, on sewer! Close to schools and  shopping. May be purchased on rent to own  basis; $29,900.  REDROOFFS ROAD: WATERFRONT' Wind  'your way down a gently sloping path to a  158 .feet of your own waterfront property.  At low tide, a beautiful sandy beach for the  kids to play, swim and water ski. From your  large living room window the most spectacular View you have ever seen. Watch the  large ships and pleasure craft churn their  way through Welcome Pass. This unbelievable view fakes in Halfmoon Bay,  Welcome Pass and Thornby Island. This well  built, single storey home features  "beautifully ~ianaTcaped~grounds -Tand^s"  mostly in huge trees for complete privacy.  This beautiful home must be seen to be  believed. $109,500.  1286 HEADLANDS ROAD: This three  bedroom home is attractively situated at  the base of the Bluff and close to the boat  launching ramp. Greaf living' room for  entertainment, 16 x 25. Also has 10-1/4-  mortgage.. $42,900.  TRICKLE COURT: Brand new three bedroom  ranch style home. Features double carport  plus storage area. 5 foot overhang soffits  and bevelled cedar siding. Inside there is a  spaclous_kitchen, with, separate utility and  mud room. Living room has heatilator  fireplace with stone facing. Al) with view  potential. $49,900.  GRANTHAMS: Unobstructed million dollar  view from this well maintained 2 bedroom  home. Has in-law suite in basement.  ^^catedorrflphlnstonerwith^igrnrnTPhone  to view. $49,500.  CRUCIL RD: Big family! Then this four  bedroom, two bathroom home could be the  home you've been looking for. Full  basement with rec room, utility and  roughed, in plumbing. Intercom inside and  out. Large sundeck over carport. This home  is located on a quiet view lot,, yet convenient to-the Village of Gibsons. $56,000.  CENTRAL RD. & REED RD: 3.98 acres of  dynamite view. Keats! Bowen Island! North  Shore Mountains! A truly panoramic  outlook. Zoned for 1 /4 acre lot sub-division.  TKe'mdm'home'Ts^Tfl!) square feet-with ~  two bedrooms, heatilator fireplace, covered  carport, large utility or workshop area. Plus  300 square feet cottage with new wiring  and plumbing (presently rented). Comfpr-  table living and excellent investment all in  one. $95,000.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale. Exciting multilevel contemporary home on large treed,  view lot located in quiet area and offering  privacy and seclusion. Many outstanding  features such as high ceilings, skylights,  stone and brick fireplaces with heatiiators,  quality, carpets, sauna (unfinished). Dream  kitchen with sunlight ceiling, custom  cabinets, deluxe built-in appliances, "green  house" window. Sundecks and patios for  outdoor entertaining. Nicely landscaped  with lush lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable  patch. Only a skip and a jump to the  Langdale ferry terminal. Excellent financing  at only 10-1/4%. A must see for the city  escapee. $85,000, .  POPLAR LANE: Only one block from schools  and shopping with 2084 square feet of  finished home. This split level custom home  features heatilator fireplace, 2-1/2 baths, (3  piece ensuite off the master bedroom) with  7x8 walk-in closet. 20 x 17fqmily room  opens on to a large sundeck with wraparound benches. Concrete driveway leads  up to double fully enclosed garage. Many  special features that must be seen. $69,900.  1539 SARGENT RD: Four bedroom  executive home. Sunken livingroom, floor  "ToMilTng'fireplaceslFp aricTdown. Large rec  room with built in bar. Panoramic view,  Keats, Gibsons Harbour and Georgia Strait.  Many extra features. $69,900.  ^rS^ARGENTl ROAD: ImagineL Absolute,  privacy in your large beautifully landscaped  back yard with fruit trees etc, and a  spectacular view of the ocean from the-,  front. All this right in the heart of Gibsons.  Close to schools, shopping etc. Immaculate  three bedroom well-built home with 1/2  basement, fireplace and sundeck. Priced to  sell $58,000.  POPLAR LANE: Sunny location on popular  Poplar Lane. Three bedrooms, plus ensuite,  huge kitchen, with large dining area. Lots of  room for expansion. The whole family will  find themselves~withln~ walking "distance" to  schools, shopping and recreation. $48,500.  HILLCREST RD: Own your own three  bedroom home on Strata Title. Exceptional  "investment.; This 1280 square foot' home,  . has 1 1/2 baths, sundeck, close to shopping,  schools/etc. Only 1 year old. Presently  rented for $300.00 per month. Buy it now  and It can almost pay for Itself. Priced for  quick sale. All offers considered. Owner  says sell. $34,895.  LOTS  ���  POPLAR LANE: Beautiful flat building lot  with view of North Shore Mountains,  Located on the end of a quiet cul de sac only  one block to Sunnycrest Shopping Centre  and schools. AH services including sewer.  Ad|acent to grass playing field.  $16,900.  SKYLINE DRIVE: Irregular shaped lot with  great view of Village, the Bay, wharf and  boats, An area of very nice homes. 100 feet,  on Skyline Drive. Approximately 180 feet in  depth, $13,500.  GRANDVIEW & HEAD: View lots, all services, ready to build on. Close to ocean  beach access and close to Gibsons. Priced  from $13,500.  BONNIEBROOK SUBDIVISION: Extra large  view lots In quiet cul de sac, All tervlcet,  easy cartop boat launching, Only one block  from the,beach and Chatter Park, Priced  from $14,900.  SUNNYSIDE SUBDIVISION: Large lott, most  have 100' frontage with 150 depth In quiet  rural tettlng. All lott nicely treed with  touthern expoture. 1-1/2 blockt to tchoolt  and thopplng centre. Priced from $13,900,  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Beautiful view lott.  Two lo choose from. $11,500 each.  GOWER POINT ROAD: Large view lot. Hat  been cleared at one time. Power and water  at front of lot, $16,500,  GRANTHAMS LANDING; Private tettlng  with concrete driveway to building tlte.  Panoramic view of Howe Sound Itlandt and  North Shore Mountains You can hear the  waves at you wutch them lap up on the  thoro, Building tlte It cleared and ready to  go. $16,900.  GOWER & MABEL RD: Large teml-waterfront  view lott In quiet rural area, Short walk to '  the beach, In Cedar Grove School district,  Ideal for houtlng or a hedge agalntt Inflation; Buy and Inveit now. Priced from  $15,900.  SCHOOL ROAD; Three view lott 73 x 110.  On tewer. Three blockt from tchoolt and  'thopplng centre, Cleared for building.  $16,000 each,  SMITH RD; Cleared view lot clote to ferry  terminal and ocean view, Triangular shaped  lot with good building tlte. $14,000.  COACH RDi Robertt Creek. Large lot 70 x  270 In quiet rural tubdlvltlorrr Ready to  build on. Owner It anxloui to tell and offert  j excellent termt, Atklng price $12,000. Try  '$2,900 down payment, $190 per month ��  I 12% Interett. ...   .  d>OW��R PT RO at 14th; Nearly 1/2 acre of  view property, Approximately 00 x 2S0, R2  I loneti with 2 distinctive building tltet, Local  j'bylaws allow 2 dwelling! on thlt property,  I Partially cleared. Clote to Glbtont and  |cloti"to'lHi"��eacH; 'JTOWr'''���'���'   PRATT RD: Approximately 110 x 200 this  nicely treed 1/2 acre has many choice  building sltes'wlth some view of Georgia  Strait. Zoned for 2 single family dwellings.  Take a look at this dream lot with a realistic  price. $18,900.  SMITH RD: Good view lot 125 x 165 with a  good, building site and an unobstructed  ocean view. $14,500.  ABBS RD: View of the Bay area and Georgia  Strait Is yours from this beautiful lot in area  of elaborate homes. Two blocks to schools  and shopping. $19,900.  GLASSFORD ROAD: This must ba the best  buy on the market. 63 x 160. Cleared,  sewer and water connected, Culvert and fill.  Ready to build, $10,000,  BURNS RD; Good building lot, 65 x 130 on  flat land In Glbtont Village. Four blockt  from Pott Office, ttores and transportation.  Lightly treed. Three blocks from ocean. All  tervlcet available, $11,000,  SKYLINE DR: Thlt 70x59x131x122 foot lot  with expansive view of the Bay aroa and  Glbtont Village It vory well priced,  $11,500.  CENTRAL AVE: Granthams. Beautiful home  on double wide lot. Million dollar view of  Keats & Howe Sound. Dining room has  sliding doors ppening onto the balcony.  Revenue with suites currently rented at  $250 and $200. Perfect investment. Priced  to sell. $49,900.  HWY 101 ���WILSON CREEK: One bedroom  home with .great potential as revenue or  starter home. Over onehalf acre of incredible land, 80 x 300, level and ideal for a  garden. Dedicated road at back of  property. $27,900.  KEARTON RD: "For  the  horse lovers.  An  -excellent -four-bedroom - -homer-featuring -���  livingroom   with   fireplace,   family   room  dining area and brand new kitchen. Two  sundecks and large patio. All this on 2.5  acres-of-level land-in -quiet-area. -Close to -  schools   and- shopping.- Fenced- grazing -  areas, three stall stable and tack room. 120  x 173 riding ring. 16 x -24 unfinished cabin  in rear. On regional water. $75,000  POPULAR LANE: Over 1500 square feet of  livingspace. On 130 x 70 lot, sewer connected. Ensuite plumbing. On new foundation. Needs-Handyman. $34,900.  POPLAR LANE: Large three bedroom home,  master with' ensuite. Living room with  California sandstone fireplace.. Walking  distance_Jio _.stores,_schools, _ sports _ and  recreation. $59,500.  HILLCREST RD: Cute two bedroom house on  large .lot. Separate workshop. Low down  payment if you qualify for Government 2nd  mortgage..$.29,500.  PRATT RD: New on the market. Lovely ranch  style, three bedroom, 1212 -square feet  home. Large level lot 75 x 143'. Cedar  feature wall in living room. Close to new  elementary school. Owner transferred.  $46,900.   ,  COMMERCIAL  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: HOPKINS LANDING WATERFRONT ��� Excellent business  Investment dn the Sunshine Coast, This  grocery and sundry store is located in tho  heart of Hopkins Landing, |ust minutes to  the Langdale ferry. Ideally situated on 90  feet of level, walk-out WATERFRONTAGE,  being the only commercially toned property  In this area, the land Itself it extremely  valuable. Aside from store profits there Is  additional revenue from other sources, such  as collection of wharfinger feet from the  government wharf ad|oining this property,  plus post office and an upstairs revenue  suite. Thlt Is an Ideal hutband-wlfe  situation. Always wanted to be your own  boss, then don't miss thlt opportunity.  ACREAfiE  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES: In Glbtont  Village on North Road, Lott for tingle wldet,  double wldet and conventional homos. All  on tewer, water, hydro and all within three  blocks of the thopplng centre, tchoolt and  medical clinic. Priced from $10,900 to  $19,900,  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION; Fantattlc  view lott, An area wf new and varied  hornet, Thete lott offer themtelvei to many  different building locations, En|oy privacy  and the view of Howe Souhd. Priced from  $12,900,  SCHOOL & WYNGART ROADS: Only 4 of  thete Duplex lott left. Beautiful view  propertlet overlooking the' Bay, Clote to  tchoolt and thopplng. All lott perfectly  tutted to tlde-by-ildo or up-down duplex  construction* Priced at $15,500 and  $16,300, ���     '     "  HWY 101 a ARGENT RD; 6/10 ol an acre of  treed land In Robertt Creek two blockt from  the Masonic Hall. Two dwelling! allowed on  the prpperty, 100 feet of highway frontage  that would be Ideal for domeitlc Industry  site with home behind. On hydro and  regional water, $14,900,  DAVIDSON ROAD; 2/5 ol an acre with a  Iqntajtlc view,from Langdaltj Ridge, Thlt Jot  k^ on the vory back of the  hat a tmall cr  property,  All  new  $14,900.  hornet  In  thlt  area,  TUWANEK; 80 x 140 lot only one block to  ...bt.wh��jMlJ.yltw���.pf .tht..JnitJ..f!p��^.,��.9.rJi-..,  munlty water available. $9,900.  SCHOOL RD; 1.56 acret ad|acent to the  elementary school. Could be subdivided to  lott, On tewer and all tervlcet, $58,000,  HWY 101; Approximately 16 acret, 2nd  growth treet, level, great for a hobby farm,  Clote to Glbtont. Good holding property  and priced at only $4,000 per acre, See thlt  now. Large acroaget are getting tcarce,  $64,000.  CHASTER RD: Two acret of nicely treed,  level land acrott the ttreet from Cedar  Grove School, Zoning allowi tubdlvltlon  Into 1/4 acre lott, Excellent for hobby farm  or Investment, $30,000.  ARGENT RDi 2.7 treed acret In the heart of  Robertt Creek. 5 lot tubdlvltlon hat been  approved, Excellent toll ond drainage.  Perfect for hobby farm or holding property.  $29,900,  MIDDLEPOINT HIGHWAY 101: ��17 acret  vacant land located on Highway 101,  Mlddlepolnt; 30�� mllei from Gibsons,  Logging road, not In uie, through property,  ' Average tubdlvltlon tlze permitted 1/2  acre, Southerly expoture and good view,  $38,900.  MIDDLEPOINT HIGHWAY 1011 ��20 acret  With Insulated cottage |utt remodelled,  Located on Highway 101 In Mlddlepolnt  ��28 miles from Olbions. Average tubdlvltlon tlte permitted 1/2 acre, Cottage f/^  hat all tervlcet, toutherly expoture and ������  view from higher elevation at rear, B  $49,500, ���  HIGHWAY 101: 21 acres of gorgeout treed ���  property on Highway 101 directly acrott H  from the Sunthlne Coatt Golf Course, Al-C ������  zoning petmitt tubdlvltlon, dometilc In-m  duitry, all typet ol animals, agriculture, J  campsite, public or commercial outdoor H  reertwrHonr drtve-tn - theatre etc, $��9,000t H -  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JON McRAE  885-3670  ANNE GURNEY  886-2164  CHRIS KANKAINEN  885-3543  ARNE PETTERSEN  886-9793  JAYVISSER  88S-3300  DAVE ROBERTS  886-8040  STEVE SAWYER  885-2691  in  ���i  i  > EageR^S   .   K 1teFeniMSttlat>Bii3s^^tily 18,7 W  edsMsMUsaeiVsBtNtaisMsrisHiaswmastessiMsasMissas^^  J?  vf  Mitten Realty Ltd.  Where Real Estate is serious���but a pleasure  885-3295  Van. Direct  681-7931  Box 979 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station   ���-.i��_  1 -^VVs"*> 'f*\  ^l-r  Homes  " V  fcisSSKUSiSSffi  QUEEN ELS picked the raffle and contest winners.  CHILDREN LOVED the sunshine at the Country Fair.  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  AU. TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza, Glbtont Evoi: Call  886-2000 Norm Peterson 886-2607  or Dennis Suveges 886-7264  hb GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  ., 30 Years -.Cowrie St., Sechelt .  tMi  m+tv  NEW ON MARKET  COUNTRY  CHARM  7.Twa btdroor^,^  , workthop, Over one acre and thort level Walk to the belt  "' btpeh at Davii Bay. Phons John Wilton now for your appointment to tee thli Red and White Charmer,  Days 885-2013  Evenings 885-9365  ���jr  'TSmssC '  L  WHISPERI11 Drive by slowly and see what "Whisper" is all  about. It's situated on 3 acres with subdivision potential. You  can't miss it. It's on the way to Poropise Bay Campsite. Call Ray  Bernier, 885-5225 or Emilie Henderson, 885-5383.  HOPKINS $79,000  Two bedrooms in this elegant  and comfortable home 1700  sq. ft. on two levels. The large  dining-and living room are set  off with the panoramic view  of- water and mountains.  Kitchen is bright and spacious  and also enjoys the view.  Large 36 ft x 11 ft cedar  sundeck overlooking the  tastefully landscaped garden^  THe property is all fenced and  is- close to the ferry. The  vendors are open to offers.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton, 885-  3971.  REDROOFFS $45,000  Three bedroom-1339 sq. ft.  family home. Large living  room with a cozy wood stove.  Kitchen is spacious with large  working areas as well as lots  of cupboard space. Some  landscaping done on the  large lot which has a  southern exposure: Call  Suzanne Dunkerton to view  this well priced home, 885-  3971.  ~wilsoju;rejk_ _____   For only $9000.'Q0 youricdh  own this semi-waterfront  unfinished cabin, complete  with 15 year pre-paid lease,  For more details call Rene, at  885-9362.  Waterfront  REDROOFFS  Beautiful   v  brand new  75' wate  area o  $59,900  ew   from   this  nfi ijome on  je>^ec!uded  Rd. Ready  for imm��# possession. Call  Ray Bernier, 885-5225 or  Emilie Henderson, 885-5383.  ROBERTS CREEK $89,500  5 acres of beautiful bottom  land with a southern exposure. Large organic  vegetable garden; fruit trees  and pastUfe~areas, PLUS~a"  custom built 1700 sq. ft. three  storey 4 bedroom home.  Quality ahd craftmanship  have created an inspiring  living space. Leaded glass  windows, cedar finishing  inside, paykay floors. A  sauna outside that will seat  10 people. An outbuilding  which could be converted into  a guest cottage. This property  must be seen if- you are  looking for .acreage with  comfort.      Call      Suzanne  J DunkerJo.n_.f or���app!lJo .yiew*.  | 885-3971.      . - -   -   Homes  ^*"**c-  , .-!  SECHELTVILLAGE      $58,500  Many,  many extras   in  this  VILLAGE ACREAGE  This attractive 130' x 830'  paved acreage adjacent to  Park Road in Hwy 101 is  presently zoned R4 but is  suitable for future  development. It has an older  type   three   bedroom   home  which   could���be ~ re-located;���  For further information  call'  Rene, 885-9362.  VIEWI VIEWI VIEWI  $2500 DOWN  For qualified buyers. Immed.  occupancy in quiet convenient Wilson, Creek subdivision. $49,900. Further  details with Ray Bernier, 885-  5225 or Emilie Henderson,  885-5383.  well planned tastefully-  decorated two bedroom gem.  1300 square feet of immaculate house, plus an  insulated garage and  workshop, surrounded by the  best garden soil available.  For more details call Rene at  885-9362.  WILSON CREEK $35,000  Semi waterfront on Jease  land. The 2 bedroom home is  -we)', maintained. Large living  -and ��� dining _rroom combo.  Property is carefully landscaped. The fridge, stove and  wa riser are included. This is a  prepaid lease with 15 years  left. Call Suzanne Dunkerton  for more information, 885-  3971.  WILSON CREEK WF   $32,000  2 bedroom A frame with loft  and workshop^ partially^  furnished on two of the most  beautiful lots near Mission  Creek. Wading distance to  Davis Bay beach, yet off the  highway on a private road.  Fifteen years left on  Dominion Lease. For more  details contact Rene, 885-  9362.  DAVISBAY $64,500  $1400 price reduction. Immaculate 3 bedrooms,  landscaping and sundeck 2nd  ~F/P "1 rTRec "room, ~4th ~bdrm~  and extra large workshop in  bsmt. An excellent buy. Drive  by on Laurel or phone for  app't to see. Emilie Henderson, 885-5383 or Ray  Bernier, 885-5225.  GRANTHAMS LANDING  $29,500  A panoramic view from the  glassed in sunporch. One  bedroom in this cozy home of  780 sq. ft. Large living room  with a fireplace and hardwood floors, 3/4 unfinished  basement, fridge and stove  and new wood burner included. Close to the ferry,  schools^���shopping���and���the  beach. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for viewing, 885-  3971.  SIDE BY SIDE BEAUTIES  'Two lots in Tuwanek, 110' of  waterfrontage priced at  $26,500 and 95' of waterfrontage priced at $25,000.  Gentle slope to water and  southerly-exposure'7erihar,cfL  these properties.Phone Rene  for more^details,  885-93627  DAVISBAY $32,900  Specatacular view from this7  waterfront lot ih one of our  most desirable areas. Sloped  lot has a lovfily-beach^gndjs  "nicely-iiree'd. For more Jnfor"  contact Terry Brackett, 885-  9865.  GIBSONS ACREAGE _^  2+ acres of potential  development land located at  Highway 101 and Park Rd.  One of the few corner  properties left in the village.  Across from curling and  swimming, 1 block from  shopping centre. Priced at  $.115,000. Call Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  SELMA PARK $14,000  Two bedrooms in this cozy  home. Large family kitchen  with a view. This is a lease  property with 16 years left.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton for  more info, 885-3971.  SECHELT VILLAGE       $45,000  Centrally located immaculate  3 bedroom home.' Spacious  kitchen with lots of storage  area. Fireplace which . is  shared by the living room and  the dining room. Lovely  garden with fruit trees,  berries, flowers and  vegetables. Aluminum   10 x  10 ft.    garage.    Close    to  " scHoolT,   shopping _and _ the_  park.       Phone      Suzanne  Dunkerton for viewing, 885-  3971.  SELMA PARK $13,000  Two bedrooms in this 600 ��  sq. ft. home. Combination  dining room and kitchen add  to the cozy atmosphere. The  fridge, stove, washer and  ��� dryer are also included. This  is on lease land and has 16  years left. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information.  SEAMOUNT INDUSTRIAL  PARK  Now s^Uta��,-^���Hghi_Jri-  dustrial, service, commercial 7 Located on Highway JOHn the villagejof  ^bs^h^~S^alnoljnt \r\__  dustrial Park provides a  mixed package of lots and  acreage sites. Reasonably  priced, fully serviced with  347-600 volt three phase  power, . sewer, water,  paved roads and street  lighting. Lot sizes start at  |50 x 150, $12,950. Call  Rene Sutherland, 885-  9362, :^���������������-���������������  Business Opportunities  Drycleaning Business situated in Gibsons & Sechelt, No  competition. Ideal family operation. Priced to sell. For more  information, please call Ray Bernier, 885-5225 or Emilie  Henderson, 885-5383.  WEST SECHELT  Two |ots side by side located  on NorWest Bay Rd. Priced at  $12,500 and 9,500. Both lots  are serviced with water,  hydro and cable. Buy  separately or try an offer qn  both lots. Contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  SELMA PARK $12,900  This choice view lot Is offered  at a reduced price for quick  sale. Located at corner of  Hwy 101 and Heather Road,  and backing onto Greer Rd,  Good value here. MLS. Call  Corry Ross, 885-9250.  ROBERTSCREEK $15,500  VIEW plus 94 ft of creekside  and 164 ft of depth. Centrally  located to schools, shopping  and boach. Perculatlon has  been approved as well as  building plans, Excellent  residential lot. Call Suzanne  Dunkorton, 885-3971.  WINN RD. GIBSONS  $15,000  Build tho homo for your  future on this extra large lot.  Closo to all amenities plus p  gorgeous view. Call Suzanne  for more Information, 885-  3971,  SELMA PARK $14,900  Large woodsy vlow lot with  southern exposure, Close to  the beach, schools, community hall and daycare. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton on this  ono, 885-3971.  GARDEN BAY EST.    $13,500  Just listed MLS - super view  lot in sub-division of beautiful  homes. Pie-shaped with nice  flat rock bluff * excellent for  building. Ray Bernier, 885-  5225 or Emilie Henderson,  885-5225.  VILLAGE LOTS    |        $15,000  Close to Chatelech Junior  Secondary Schodl oh Hwy  101. These two side by side  nicely treed lots are a good  Investment. Sewer available  In near future. For more  details call Rene Sutherland,  885-9362.  WEST PORPOISE BAY  $9900  Here's a nice serviced lot  within minutes of the village,  This lot Is partly cleared and  has a level building site. Call  Terry Brackett, 885-9865,  Lots  FRANCIS PENINSULA  $10,000.  Just listed MLS. Excellent  Bldg. lot in new sub-division,  water & hydro, septic approval Near Gerrons Bay -  good fishing I Emilie Henderson, 885-5383, or Ray  Bernier, 885-5225.  PENDER HARBOUR   $12,500  Large view lot on Malcolm Rd.  SitO already cleared for  building, serviced with  regional water and hydro.  Trailers permitted. Also  beach access close by. Call  Terry Brackett, 885-9865.  TUWANEK VIEW $9,000  Close to beach. Vendor will  carry agreement for sale. For  more details, phone Rene at  885-9362.  SANDY HOOK $13,500  The vendor will accept a low  down payment and  agreement for sale on this 58  x 346 foot potential view lot.  Storage shed and some  building materials included.  On private paved road,  potential view, one of the  nicer Sandy Hook lots. Call  Rene, 885-9362.  KEATS ISLAND  This summer retreat you've  been looking for? A corner  lot   with   a   view   at   only  $7,500.   Hydro   and water  available. Contact Terry  Brackett, 885-9865.  WAKEFIELD BEAUTIES  $16,750 ea.  Two lots, side by side on  Wakefield Road, bordered by  park and ravine for privacy.  Approved building sites, view  of Georgia Strait, close to  village. For more details call  Rene, 885-9362.  JUSR LISTED MLS  Pender Lakes Properties - 21  view lots In new subdivision,  $10,000 to $20,000. Call Ray  Bernier 885-5225, or Emilie  Henderson, 885-5383.  DAVIS BAY VIEW  $15,500  A beautiful sloping lot with  good garden soil, just a short  walk from the best swimming  on the Coast. Close to store,  schools and transportation.  Tow view call Don or Rene  Sutherland, 885-9362.  CREEKSIDE PLACE  Residential Mobile Home  Subdivision  13 Fully serviced lots, situated  approximately 2 miles northwest  of Sechelt, corner of Mason &  Norwest Bay Road., Level lots to  facilitate both single & double wide  trailers.  *>r.  ^  EmllU  Please call  Henderson, 885-6383  or  Ray Bernler, 888-6226.  ��<:  Lot  $11,900  $12,500  $11,000  $10000.  $10,000.  Reserved  Q  V>     1  s.';v"  i\>  lM  ROAD  I.t.  ItOAO  Pleaie note Metric Meaiurementt'.  .�����{.'.�����.  Lot 11  ft  . ^  <iH  ��Tr        '�� ,��      *   tt t.  -������^.--sV*.,*.*.���.,... ��>-'���*~.  icr  <&  Reserved  $9,500  13 $9,600  14 $9,500  15 $9,500  17 $9,600  18 $9,500  ..itf.it..  MASON  ffOAn  RAY BERNIER  CORRY ROSS  ������$���9260  RENE SUTHERLAND  885.9362  TERRY BRACKETT  ������*9J65  EMILIE HENDERSON  M5~S3����   SUZANNE DUNKERTON  ~��� ���... ��85-3971   TERRI HANSON  Nojrth Vancouver  139 Wett 16th Street  Wett Vancouver  1806 Marine Drive  OTHER orncEs  T O SERVE YOU  Vancouver  3343 KlnQtway  MEMBER OP "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM  Surrey  10474 137th St,  langley  20305 Frater Hwy  Powell River  4726 Morlne Avenue  I Wednesday, July 18,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-7  ���wr  WATERFRONT PROPERTIES  GAMBIER ISLAND  8.2 WATERFRONT acres on Gambier Island. 260' on waterfront x 1230.  . Approximately 2 acres cleared plus 6 acres tall timber. Secluded bay with  2 year* old,wharf, ramp and float approximately 40 x 15. Sandy beach,  stream and pool then' property. Water, power and telephone in. Approximately 800 sq. ft. cabin yet to be finished. 200 degree west-south-west  view. 275' supply train to cabin. Ideal recreational and investment.   $125,000  WILLIAMSONS LANDING  This beautiful .summer or year round luxury home must be seen to be  believed. A 200 foot high and low tide dock makes this the home for the  boater. Fishing, water skiing, and pleasure boating all out the front door on  100 feet of your own. 78 acres of waterfront property. Beautiful 1280  "square feet A frame house features, three bedrooms with -loft and park  finished basement. 25 x 8 sundeck overlooks Howe Sound. Large guest  cottage with fireplace, fridge, stove, 220V and sundeck. -*  $97,500  REDROOFFS ROAD  r=n=^^i?i3ryo^-"way down a gently sloping path to 158 feet ofybur'own'wafer^  front property. At low tide, a beautiful sandy beach for the kids to play,  swim and water ski. From your large livingroom window the most spec-  /   tacular view you have ever seen. Watch the large ships and pleasure craft  churn their way through Welcome Pass. This well built, single storey home  features beautifully landscaped grounds and is mostly in huge trees for  - complete privacy. This beautiful home must be seen to be believed.  $109,500   GRANTHAMS  Beach house located at Granthams on a sandy beach with good summer  moorage in front. House has three bedrooms, large kitchen, livingroom  and full bath. Just pay $38,500 and assume lease.  ,    $38,500  SANDY HOOK.  A most appealing property with over 130 feet waterfrontage, sunny south-  ____wggtgrly_gxppsur_e_flnd a beautiful view. Small but comfortable home in  excellent condition and with character and charm. A fantastic hide-away tor"  a young comple. 159,900  SEAVflEW LANE  105 feet of flat level pebble beach with a southern exposure and a glassed  enclosed patio are just two of the features of this property in West  Sechelt. House is open beam construction with a wall fireplace and five  rooms. Separate sauna on the beach used ail year round. Make an appointment to view now. $145,000  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING^.  CENTRE  8S6-2277  ^5  mm.  AND UND DEVELOPMENT LTD  R.R.-2-GibOTnvB.e.-V0N 1V0  VANCOUVER  Jf0iLER��E__  682-1513  services  1. War>t to change your  lifestyle?  Most _ real " estate  professionals are  knowledgeable on the newer  concepts of strata title  ownership, cluster housing,  the . availability of  recreational land. Whatever  questions you may have  regarding the housing scene,  you can get the answer.  2. When you sell your home  *you mayJifLvje_a Jot-oi-money  "to invest.  The real estate  professional can often suggest  a commercial or financial  investment that would' suit  your tax bracket and in-  . vestment needs.'  3. What should I look for if I  am investing in an apartment  or cooperative for my own  .use?  Probably you don't realize  there is a difference in  ownership possibilities. A  trained real estate specialist  can explain the difference  _between^trata4>wnership7and-  cooperative, and provide the  technical information  necessary to avoid red tape.  He-she will eliminate  properties beyond your ability  to finance, and save you time  and trouble.  4. I am knowledgeable in  all aspects of housing, Why  can't I buy-sell myself?  Of course you can. But if  your time is worth more than  FORMER PLANNER Doug Roy,  right, said the local community was  in a state of ferment" and wondered  aloud what is going to come out of it  and what is going to be left, but it  didn't discourage about 30 guests  from champagne toasting the Sechelt  Marsh and lunching in the sunshine  Sunday on a visit from Second Century Fund's Pat Good. Certificates  acknowledging valuable contributions to the Marsh went to Bill  Neilson, Joe Fisher, Ted Osborne, Vic  Walters, and Henry Hall.  ���%��&&��$%��>. sal 'h K,t'  Business information  at Sechelt Centre���  Sechelt and District Chamber of  Commerce has.opened a Business Information Centre in Sechelt located at its  office on Cowrie Street.  The Business Information Access  Program is running in all parts of the  province under the auspices pf the  Ministry of Tourism and Small Business  Development and the B.C. Chamber of  Commerce.  This program is a referall service  organized by the government where  business persons can seek help with  problems. The Centre has access to many  sources of information so that clients can  be advised of which agencies they can go  to for 'help.  The program is not just for those  wishing to start a new business, but is also  for those who wish to upgrade and improve  CONVEYANCING*REAL ESTATE CONSULTING*APPRAISALS*NOTARY PUBLIC  the trouble and possible expense of inexperience, a real  -estate sales-agenHs^licensed  bjran~Act of Government to  provide valuable assistance  when needed in the sale or  purchase of real estate.  WHEN YOU HAVE  THAT SPECIAL HOME IN MIND,  WECANHELPYOUFINDIT.  QntujK  F?T  CALL CENTURY21 FIRST.  a WE BUILT OUR NAME ON  ' KNOWING YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD  i��  WATERFRONT $69,505,  4 bedroom home overlooks Porpoise  Bay. Windows where they count. Boat  lockers, workshop and greenhouse.  Walk to stores & marma. Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374.  SECHELTVILLAGE $54,900  21/2 years built, 3 bdrms. on main floor,  2 in, high, dry basement, rec. room &  laundry room. 2 fireplaces, sundeck &  carport. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  PRESTIGE HOME $82,900  Designed to give an atmosphere of  spacious and graceful living. This 3 level  home has 3 large bedrooms, fireplace  etc. Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  CHUCK DOWMAN  885-9374  885-3271  ED BAKER RITA PERCHESON  885-2641 885-5706  Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C.  LARRY REARDON  885-3924  EVA CARSKY  886-7126  885-3271  Wave Lengths  By SHAKEN GURNEY  The Elphinstone Aero Club had a very  succesful Fly In on July 7. Due to weather  conditions on Sunday, July 8, we were  forced to cancel our pancakfe breakfast,  which we apologize for. We would like to  thank the following for their help and  donations:  Sea Cavalcade Queen candidates,  Sechelt Legion, Sechelt Lions Club, EAA  ���Bob CareyandBob Haslam, PEP ��� Art,  McPhee, Gibsons Fire Dept.  Sechelt Fire Dept., John Farrer -  computor, Gordon Mullins - video, Carl  Chrismas - Master of Ceremonies.  Also, all the pilots who provided the air  rides, the Penn Kings who provided the  music for our dance which was a sellout.  A very special thank you for Charlotte  and Terry Raines for all their help at the  barbecue; the pilots, of the Harvard air-  crafts who provided entertaining performances. Another special thank you to  the people of our communities who came  out to our first Fly In, and gave"us the  support we need.  We hope you all enjoyed the day's  activities enough to come again next year,  when we hope to provide a better program  of events.  existing businesses. For example,  counselling is available through Federal  -Business-Development���Bank -seminars-  Individual counselling services are also  available through the Counselling  Assistance to Small Enterprise (CASE)  program which provides skilled persons to  help business owners for only $5 per hour.  All client inquiries are kept strictly  confidential.  Inquiries should be directed to Judy  Mathon, Business Information Officer,  Box 360, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0, or phone  885-3258 for appointment. The office is  .open from 1 to 5,.Monday through Friday.  9WAL9  t  DEATH BENEFITS  * Many   people   are   not  -awar-e.   of --the     death  benefits payable by  various Crown agencies.  ~*~Tfie~CanadcrPension Pi a n  will pay up to $1,045.00 on  the death of a contributor.  This is in addition to the  widow's pension.  * A veteran's family may  be eligible for a grant from  D.V.A. or the Last Post  Fund.  * At time of need, Devlin  Funeral Home will assist  the family in determining  eligibility���tot various  government   or   private  jieath bengfi ts.   uvi&e o-% ft&o-ttc-  D.A. DEVLIN  owner-manager  2n Eurieral Home  COME STAY WITH US  at ENGLISH BA Y near STANLEY PA RK  in beautiful downtown VANCOUVER  TOLL-FREE   800-268-8993  1755   DAVIE STREET   VANCOUVER   B.C.  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With the Gilmore-Sunnycrest connector  road now approved, Hunter is seeking an  expiditious start on the road to alleviate  heavy ferry traffic that must use what he  called "these two dangerous highways"���  Marine: Drive or the alternate (North  Road) route "that has curves so sharp that  most trucks cannot use it and other  vehicles must use extreme caution on it."  - The letter called the Marine Drive  route1 "narrow and shoulderless, with  dangerous curves and steep hills . . .  during cold or snow periods very hazar-  ^douMind _almost-impassable.?Lg-  two fiercly opposing forces  Sally,Field-stars in the title role of  Twentieth Century-Fox's "Norma Rae", a .  film suffused with humor and glowing with  warmth, even though a clash between two  fiercely opposing forces rages at its core.  The'heroine of the film is an appealing  worker in. a Southern Industrial town  whose life" is dramatically altered when  circumstances bring about a relationship  with a man.unlike anyone she has ever  known-,  "    ���  Although-his ways of thinking and  living are foreign to her view of life, he  becomes her.mentor and guides her into  an awakening sense of her dignity and  worth as a human being. The bond which  unites them," however, also involves them  in an even larger drama with far-reaching  implications which extend beyond their  own lives.   ,  In filming a screenplay in which the  characters are so carefully delineated, the~  casting becomes particularly crucial and  "Norma'Rae" draws much of its strength  from a brilliantly evolved central performance by Sally Field in the title role.  He said long-weekend ferry traffic is  backed up for two to three miles along  Marine and said the local highway patrol  was "most uncooperative" in assisting  residents to get through the traffic into  their homes and communities.  "I personally experienced this treatment from the Highway Patrol on duty this  (May 24th) weekend," Hunter said in the  letter.  He is backed up by a resolution from  100 Area F property owners asking for the  bypass as soon as possible.  Christian Science  "But oh for the touch of a vanished  hand, and the sound of a voice that is still".  (Tennyson)  Have we lost someone very near and  dear? The following words may be of  comfort. "When the light of one friendship  after another passes from earth to heaven,  .-we kindle-in placethereof the^glo^ of ^ome,  deathless reality. Memory, faithful to  goodness, holds in her secret chambers  those characters of holiest sort, bravest to  endure, firmest to suffer, soonest to  renounce." (Pulpit and Press by Mary  Baker Eddy)  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN  THE ������ OF SECHELT  Now Open MONDAY - SATURDAY, 9:30am - 5:3f  885-9816    Jidlntiroi  Ask about our  "Package" deals.  ~^=r> Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  PASSPORT PHOTOS  & CITIZENSHIP  WHILE YOU WAIT  NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY  Sunnycrest  Centre   Gibsons  mwn  mmt>  Coopers Green campers  may be breaking bylaw  "Players" a first  Robert Evans' "Players" is a first.  It is very difficult for films to be wholly  original, but what Evans has achieved in  "Players" has never been done before.  The film's Central character, Chris  Chrjstensen, & fictional while everybody  surrounding him in the world of tennis is  real and played by the actual people,  themselves,  . Because of this, "Players." presents a  unique authenticity about the international tennis world, a blending of  reality and fiction that has never, before  been captured on screen. ,  Pancho Gonzalez, one of the greatest  tennis players of all time, portrays Dean-  Paul Martin's coach. He was a tremendous help in technically orchestrating the  tennis sequences and in bringing to the  screen the understanding of what goes on  in a tennis player's mind.  Usually producers in Hollywood would  have cast someone like Burgess Meredith  of Jack Warden as the coach, but not  Evans. His concept was totally different.  Evans peopled his film with the real  champion tennis players, and they are the  BneSTDean^auLMartin-competes^agai  in the film.  Much of the film was shot at Wimbledon  at the - official menV singles -finals- in  England. No one believed Evans would be  able to convince Wimbledon officials to let  him shoot his film at the real tournament.  Wimbledon being to sports what the  Vatican is to religion. Evans was told it  would be impossible to invade the privacy  of Wimbledon, but he did it. Shooting at  Wimbledon is a first, and the cameras shot  on-court, locker-room and background  sequences during the run of the real event.  -The regional district board has advised  their staff to look into possible violations  and infractions of health or highways  bylaws by overnight campers at the  Coopers Green campsite.  Called a "sensitive localissue" by  chairman Ed Nicholson, the summer  camping crowds have been the subject of a  number of complaints.  Nicholson, also Area B director, said  recent clarification indicates that one  camping space is allowed for 900 square  feet of property.  He said the complaints would indicate  the allotment is being exceeded and that  trailers are being parked on Crown land.  There has been no success to date in  getting any local agencies or the province  to take action, Nicholson added.  Planner Bill Lindsay will contact the  owners of the Green about the possible  trespass.  Director Joe Harrison commented on  the problem: "We'd better damn well do  something or the people will lose respect  for the rules."  *  *  *  *  TWILIGHT THEATRE  GIBSONS For Time Call 886-2827  * >********************************^ *  J Sergeant Ron Nicholas  ion. mum  moves on for 12th time  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  SH3AVH  WED., JULY 18  THURS., JULY 19  FRI., JULY 20  ^2222^  PIAYERS  Occasional coarse language  Starring All MacGraw,  Dean-Paul Martin  ��*�����������*����,�� ������*������**��������������������*��**��  After 22 years in the RCMP, the last  three years in Gibsons, Sergeant Ron  Nicholas is moving on for the twelfth time  in his career to take a promotion to the  Staff Sargeant's position in Parksville,  Sgt. Nicholas said he has spent a "very  SWIMMING POOLS  INGROUND ��� INSTALLED ��� ABOVE GROUND  ��� CHEMICALS ��� MAINTENANCE ��� SERVICE  ��� ;'> . ''.:7/,;7'  ���;';.   Saunps - Whirlpools-Spa'f-Hot Tub*   :.'-:y';:  We install all our products  Richard  Sasaratt  m#4<i   North Road*  886-9023  Gibsons  Free Estimates      No Obligation  challenging three years" in Gibsons.  "I've always enjoyed the small community way of life and that certainly was  offered in Gibsons," he _ said. "Very  friendly people ��� down-to-earth, that's  something you don't really see in a bigger  community."  Sgt. Nicholas, his wife and seven  children will be leaving for Parksville  sometime in August.  Replacing Sgt. Nicholas is Sgt. D.N7  McDermid who is being transferred from  plain clothes duty in serious crime investigation in Vancouver.  St. Nicholas is replacing Parksviile's  retiring Staff-Sergeant Lou Biggeman.  SAT., JULY 21  SUN., JULY 22  M0N.T JULY 23  TUES., JULY 24  Staring Sally Fields,  Ron Liebman,  Beau Bridges  _f if _f if if if if if if :��**��*�����������.**����? �������������������� +   +  <   COMING NEXT  LOVE AT FIRST BITE  For Starting  Tlmo Confirmation  PI ���as* Phono  886-2827  ****** if if if if * * *************************  ot , FORD , MERCURY MUSTANG , CAPRI , FORD TRUCKS & VANS , COUGAR , TBIRD , GRANADA , MONARCH ,  i$-  WATER  SKIS  K GLASS - Combo Pair  Reg.'119 NOW  *99��<  K GLASS Tunnel Compops ���������    .  Reg.:U69 :      '14800  See the New E.P. SLALOM at >16995  ANCHORS  SAV FOLDING  jib.:'.'.;.;,... v.. $17.99'  5.5 lb.;'.'.���. $26.99  DAVIS SEAHOOK  Stranded Without  A Car!  CHECK THE  DEALS AT  SOUTH COAST  FORD  Come Look Us Over & Have A Cup Of Coffee..  24 6 99  Mm, "E, mm,  ������*���  ~*%_f"  Uahnsan  auraoAnus  2 HP  4 HP  .6 HP  9.9 HP  Reg  MmrWm  *533.  ���786.  *989  SALE  ���   irWm  *489����  ��699����  *879����  LAWN BOY  "The WprldV bniY  ALL MODELS  Antl Fouling /Anchor",  ON SALE  5HS ., 24.99  "Provw Deluxe;  Ptrformerr  ��� SHB.. ,.,.,-, lV( $87.99  That Last  and Last"  s _  SH10HP $43.99  mm���       ���'���'              '    '   mmm. /  1%ait'Say SfuviU  Cowrie St, Sechslt  -wwmf'~���'    -   Sunnycreit. Centre, Olbioni  086-0020  * Crodlt Cordi Not Applicable  on Solo PrlcM.  ���H  We Have In Stock:  BRONCO  MUSTANG  CAPRI  LTD.  STATION WAGONS  ZEPHYR  FAIRMONT  MONARCH  GRANADA  VANS  F-100  F-150  F-250  GOOD SELECTION - GOOD VALUES!  ft  For Ford Parts,  Call Our New  Parts Manager  KEN BEGG  At 885-3281.  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Numerous small trails in the  of Harbour Publishing, Madeira Park.'; picnic site area lead to the creek or just  ACCEsSS: Take Highway 101 west from t**ne through the woods.  Sechelt six and eight-tenths miles. The POINTS OF INTEREST: Nicknamed  turnoff road is the second road on the north the "Gumdrop Caves" for their small size,  side of the highway one and three-tetiths these twelve limestone caves are one of  miles past Brooks Road, and has to be the highlights of this hike. The two largest  closely watched for. Follow this turnoff caves are around forty feet long and are  road one mile up to the cut off for .the, inhabited by large cave crickets,  picnicsiteandtrialasmarketfonthemap. j^b^ Forestry has provided picnic  HIKING TIME: One half hour for the tables and cleared areas for campfires  circle route which is one mile long. near a waterfall and further down the  . DEsSCRIPTTON:.Primary. This trail is creek a log jam has created a tempting  well-defined except for that portion that swimming hole.  SUNCOAST AGENCIES LTD.  (Formerly Charles English Insurance Agencies)  GENERAL INSURANCE  ���Residential ��� Commercial  ���Mobile Homes        ���Travel & Medical  ARNE T. PETTERSEN  NOTARY PUBLIC  ���Conveyancing ���Wills  ��� ARNE T. PETTERSEN  ��� EILEEN KINNE    ��� CHARLES ENGLISH  SUNCOAST AGENCIES LTD.  Sunnycrest Centre R.R. 2, Gibsons      886-8212  ti  V  YOUR PEN TIME AD. DROP-OFF CENTRE IN GIBSONS  titiutrc  ��� DECCA RADAR  ��� COM - DEV  MARINE  EQUIPMENT  ��� SPILSBURY  &TINDALL  MARINE  ELECTRONICS  ���,.   .    -JfW  Pender Harbour  Boat Works  ��� ��� ������  ���,y.-A  :f|^  *" i&����  ; ���   ��� ��� ���   , : j... . ...���'.  Homesite Greek Caves-crickets, swimming  &��       ���       .      -   '     ���.'   ���   ���   ������   '    :   .      . ' ������"'    7  y y  SMALL WOOD RESOURCES  ANNOUNCES  SHORT LOG TRUCK  Available For  Your Log Hauling Needs  FIELD ROAD  I1'1! "I hi     i  is  885-2455  Lome S. Miller is pleased to announce that Dudley Dahoo will be  running the MILLER MARINE ELECTRONICS SALES & SERVICE  DEPOT at GARDEN BAY MARINE SERVICES. This Shop is now open  to service the entire PENDER HARBOUR & SECHELT AREA in  Marine  Electronics  and  Marine   Electronics  Wiring.  "WE SERVICE ALL MAKES & MODELS"  'J* .���*  V-  ��� CUSTOM BUILT  BOATS  FIBERGLASS  REPAIRS  WOOD  *  _"��.  'V'f  : ,i 7  /    ('       is  >&  Don't let lack of business  rob you!  ADVERTISE  IN  The PmrmuiA^Jimei.  885-3231  ��� ���  drop-off  centre -  for  classifieds  AGENCIES LTD.  SUNNYCRIST CENTRE, OIBSONS  i  PROBLEMS WITH  BOAT MOVING?  ��� WINDERS ��� FISH BOATS  e PLEASURE CRAFTS  We're fully  �� _m        ____  insured and  licensed  ^SmmmmjZ^^^^^^^^J^^i r' ��� ��� ��������� ������g^jmgg^.  AB HADDOCK  BOAT MOVING  ��� ALUMINUM  WELDING  mmmmmmm  '���>���!  Pender  Harbour  FINEST QUALITY  GARDETSf BAY  MARINE  SERVICES  LTD.  DEALERS FOR  ��� VOLVO/PENTA  ��� CHRYSLER  ��� HOURSTON  GLASCRAFT  ��� EZ LOAD  ��� MERCRUISER  Immediate Repair Service - 7 days a week  ��� CERTIFIED MECHANICS mmm  ��� MARINE WAYS ��� BOAT SUPPUES  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  t n t   i i mmm v i  ' .*** ml* m A** w* mmmwmmmm'  ��>*!��4sj*(lt*^w  I  A   jw   ' ' ^  ^^ "  [������Hms^Isimi m mr M/mt+t*f*gS  l>T^yi jVVliI A VsWUsV  MMWllMMiiJiiiW^  ^iwigis^  xutrmvn  )  ���.  \  f ���\-  Coast crafts  ByEVIBLUEtH .  ���:   "Our imagination can grow here in  : Canada, where we aren't restricted by a  cultural tradition of mask making," says  local mime' teacher and mask-maker  "Gerardo- Avila. He is much more concerned about the expression of his masks  than the finish, arid makes them for  . theatre, not to hang on the wall as objects.  He likes to have a wide selection for use in,  his theatre groups and is not interested in  selling them commercially.  Gerardo. began <his career as a clown  and puppet maker in 1969. He studied  communications and drama at a  university in Mexico City where he was  born. When he arrived in Canada in 1975 he  became part of an independent mime  group call "Ephemeral". They appeared  at the first Canadian Mime Festival in  Toronto and put on a show called "Faniily  Ties". In-this show a child receives gift  masks from his parents. Each year he  changes and receives a new mask that  ariimates-him accordingly.  "Your personality is revealed by how  you respond to a mask" says Gerardo, who  has taught mask-making at both UBC and  Brittania' Community Centre in Vancouver. T3*e course included instruction  on how to make a mold with plasticene  followed by paper-mache applications.  Most of'his masks have seven or" eight  coats of paper, but he says the long lasting  commercial masks are made with' 25  layers and an inside coating of gold leaf,  "Subtlies like the smell inside the mask  __are very importantfoijflng stage use^Jie  ��� .He has put together an enormous  portfolio with photographs and drawings  of masks from different countries, and he  hopes to have a niask exposition here on  the Sunshine Coast.  The problem of the way humans relate  to machines is fascinating to Gerardo and  he is planning to portray all the ways of  communications, from electricity to  computers,- by means of masks. This  unique presentation will be seen in school  performances in the area, possibly next  term.  Gerardo's ten-w0ek mime course was  sponsored by Continuing Education last  winter. Next season he hopes to have a  separate course that will focus completely  on the art of mask-making.  During the opening ceremony of t  says in praise of master artists who make  smoothly finished well-fitting specimens.  "You can't wear someone else's mask.  A mask is a very personal object,"  In Mexican tradition, the actor often  made promises to the mask before performing. It was regarded as a very sacred  object possessing great powers, and was  treated with the utmost respect, the mask-  maker says.  The'audience respose to certain masks  is intriguing, and often surprising.  Gerardo ��ev.er���knows���what���th  theatregoers will find amusing.  "Once you're familiar with the history  of masks, you can begin creating," says  Gerardo. He is most influenced by Greek  .artists,-Second by Italian classical, then  Mexican and Balinese.  new Arts Council Centre, the Horizon  Theatre will bring Picasso paintings to life  with their exciting collections of masks.  This welcoming celebration will be led by  Gerardo and his five-man troop.  "It takes time to stimulate interest in  mime here on the coast, but the children  are responding well and the spontaneity Is  inspiring," he says.  He feels that mime is really developing  now in this country and he is glad to have  the opportunity to share his interests with  the Sunshine Coast community. He uses  the Grantham Landing community hall fpr  rehearsals and is planning a new series of  skits that will be performed in local  schools. Anyone who would like to display  their masks in the exposition of Coast  Masks can contact Gerardo at 886-8085.  Page C-2 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 18,1979  mm*m_m0mmmmm_mm  ALL  HEMLOCK  2x4 ��� 2x6  FOR ECONOMICAL  FRAMING * SHEDS " WALLS  SMALL WOOD RESOURCES  Field Road  ftfttfMM*  885-2455  It's OUR  line  r  _��  .jii  And From HOW  until SEPTEMBER 4th  There will be a REDUCTION of  OFF EVERYTHING  We might add that this is a further reduction off our already discounted everyday low prices.  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Beginners:. Nicole  Acton,- Kim7Steed. Juniors: Mark  Paetkau, Mamie  termediates: Lorie  Kwasnyeia, Blythe  Debbie Midnight.  ':������}���'���,���   I.  Kwasnycia. In-  Walker, Mamie  Killam. Seniors:  Af��pu  ky ****.,  . An impaired driver involved in a  serious accident was fined $1,000 and given  a one-year suspended sentence in Sechelt  Provincial Court last week.  Cecil Raymond Mark, 24, of Port St;  John'pleaded guilty to driving while impaired and driving dangerously after an  accident in May ih which he and, his  passenger and the driver of the oncoming  car were Injured. 7  ^^ark^asrattempting^o-pass-a-police-  caratan estimated speed of 70-80 kmh in a  30:kmh zone when he noticed the on-  craning, car. He. swerved right to miss it,  struck the front fender of the police cari  bounced back into the path of the other  car and collided with it.  . Mark received the fine for impaired  driving and the suspended sentence for  dangerous driving,     j  . Mark also must report to the probation  officer in Fort St. John, not leave the town  unless he has the permission ofthe officer,  not become intoxicated and submit to a  breathalyser test if a police officer asks. A  . reading over .01 is considered a breach of  probation.  Callum Duncan Robertson, 17, was  fined $100 when he pleaded guilty to being  a minor in possession of liquor-   -  Vt*  <&>  OPEN  10"5  P.IVl.  OR BY APPOINTMENT ���  886-2765  Looking For Quality?  Looking For Service?  Looking For Selection?  Looking For Ideas?  CARPETS  ,^ Look No Further ��� ��� SjJ*  Look To Us  "��*  Richard Dougan, 18, pleaded guilty to  drtvtogiriffioutinsuraT^  the motor vehicle act, and was fined $100.,  . tiorina Herberts, 27, of Surrey.was  given a conditional discharge-after six  months when she pleaded guilty to  operating a boat on Sakinaw Lake towing av  person on, waterskis without another  person aboard to keep watch on the skjer7  At  '&*  CARPET CABINET  CERAMIC CENTRE  North Rd., Gibsons  886-2765  By ERNIE HUME '  Thursday, July 12 nineteen of our club,  members visited Seymour Golf and  Country Club for an inter-club match.  Seymour defeated our club 15 points to 8%  but afterward supplied an enjoyable roast  beef dinner. A return match is being  arranged at the Sunshine Coast Golf and  Country Club at a later date. ,  The house committee is working, hard  tyXft. ��\... /.jnMi____j&*.al&___Gj_3__^��_tk__tli%___���a  hkc me vzutiii uaragc onie hi noper  Creek Hall a success.: Don't forget the date  is Sunday, July 22 and it's on from 10a.m.  to 4 p.m. They are still interested in  .receiving any artMesihatmay-be'Jying-  around your basementor-shed;that-eouldL  be of value to your neighbor. Also you  green thumb people bring your slips arid  plants down to th^clubioUse or-phon^the���|  Laidlaws at 885-9405 and the Hennikers at  886-9893 for pick-up service.  Jim Munro, ex-president and long-time  member ofthe club, managed the thrill of  a lifetime earlier this summer. He hit his  tee shot on the 8th hole for a hole in one.  Belated congratulations; Jim!     .  The Cedar Crest-Golf Center will be  opening their driving range soon; This will.  be a welcome addition to the golf facilities  on the Sunshine Coast. Get rid of that  bothersome slice and improve your golf.  score at the golf course. . .  This year to date 31 new members have  joined the club. Our object of 40 new,  members is slowly being.achieved. If you  are thinkirigof joining, drop in and talk to.  us or phone 885r?2127  Glad to see that club manager George  Leigh is recovering nicely from his recent  operation, arid Mrs.. Jim Leith (Priscella)  is home from hospital.  am  her o  oinmerce  1st PRIZE ^ NEW 197$ CHEVROLET COMPACT  2na PRIZE ��� TRIP TO RENO for two for 1 week  3rd PRIZE -CAASTEREO  Proceeds td bo osecl for Chqmber of ���''  ; Commerce New Horn�� plus to promote  business, etc. Inthe,Sechelt oreo. ,,,,,'  "i'.^-.t *,,* ****** ���',*"* * * * *  I DRAW ON LABOUR DAY J  Tickets  $5.00 each  Tickets available at  your local nrerchontp  * .*���;.**&��. ��� W**W.:7.i7.', <W<  i'~*tyfr:' *Wt"*'  WICKER  Tor Summer  UNIQUE' ������v.;-  "SELECTION','. ���  pqt^tisry  SfiftI0GRAPHS  PETER MARKGRAF  %:,i j  .,r  IKiBL*  '���ttfl*'-1*!���(*" H-V---'f Wkvi*&*\*y .^i-V^f^c^w^'WBi-  i\'  985-;  s  c.^f/..      ...... .v   .   ,   ............. M  ���'���i_:Sj-t.'.ztu.i.-t  '������ ���' --' ������'. -'-���-������- ��� -   ��� t*>_ -71  cmii  >i��"'W&.  KW  lhe-<T  '''.-,*'.?.  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"���        s   <  R   !.'��' ^'   ��   ��.     �����  ���t    "���  H��j�� ' ��   i ,  ' �� 'i  ' m ''''���"    ^-', ,V''7,','Vi1;i'r'--'T' ���������! r, r?   ifc*.*fj,  M   ���!���  /.V.V-A".';.  ��� ���,'>  '���;,':7v:a' "'' ���'���'. ���,,  . ��� ������ ��� r.'     '. ���   -  Jl ;���  ILsln  '       11  Jl  i   y/-4-   /  'km  I ?    if,1,11   It   '        '      ' n  w*��w^m^h4m*j. *to**.>m  '.     )*  Im.^wsH* * ^* r j^*4^4p *W..iH W��J^Wfi^1tl ^j) tiAi^ft^ft^*^^*]^  ,' MJ  jf��#N)��*^  ��*^***MSW  |>V ��>  'Aii^\  |f��!  [l.HimW_s;>>>.\  . 11 * inn *,,i, ^ i ���  1 '*,�� ,771/  li  toi^i) U fsJ^BRi*'ytt-fT^i * *i'> i'ir*    (i,    t ,u i V.',. i| ii'/|i   t h i n'jTT.'ii ��� I i JJr*,,t, >' ' > ���i'|Ji���fl(^^|'^^^��J���i���,  1'iA'U'W'^F    ('! '      ' i  ' "      '      .        ' /    ' "        |' ''���   I'   '     t'i'l*     ���'   '' ' "'��� ' ,i    i'< ''*���}' '���     * "   '< �� '    ���' '    ',  w�� Wv*wVir\*'f <'��, i.    ) �� r    is    ���'    . (,, % '�� ��r,,. �� , ,,.i.'   ,* ��/��,   , *("4�� ����i.|A��i',      ���', w ', jv   (i'M  [n t,��j��*i|i*ji^��j %v* fi��'v��t'��i I'm      I  ui1 /m ,^ ,. ISs'*. ��'.i��i'fts����'*j,'iili'��initf'*t(J^j*U/'yv^ *,\rt' ,t,4t)(>t"  �����i,.*i(>(  Vt i < ^ t^^nil*,^^^^-���*1^',^^^,^ ,  ,, i7(' j, h'.|>i��.iS��^{',iili^tj(*s(J^J >U /"jH^i jf\rti   ,>,.,,(��i.   �����l,,�� i(,(,,',i,   ili,k.i����   ,',f .t1   i.'m (^ikfct'Ats > v >*'*'����� ���    ''M ' m i <   't    ���'�� v��       , i ? 'I  it                        i             i                    "                   ' t'l ���    '      < ,   ���''"'  ���   '1 '  '  t'7 ���     '��'     '       ,        i         i   '               '      ',,''','' i'i       "  i1   '      '. '  ' 11   ���"'          ���                    '                  I  'ifl^.'' 'h ''.I'/tV''', vr.''-'"��."' >' " '  #i^s^(��s>��>f'fft','i|i��'<i'ii. �� M'^sP|Jp|Psiil!lp >���.|.i,iiyyw^^^  i ��iii^#.��is��^��>iw��i��wi)t^  I)��iti)iyiwls)te^^  . Jji^ ^^*yiA^  itfStlT* <WHI��>SfSM��)l>��������"��l��l��SMISW��ISi||��>i��SS^^  ���     I        ",    ���      IHII    II.*      Y'slB'M "I'lt'l J       t|��      ,    if,  ��� .���/''.���?. 'fM'^^^y'"-^'' ';7 ^,h*m  t- c  ������*  Wednesday, July 18  .   CHANNEL A  CHANNEL 4 ''���  CHANNEL 5;'  . .CHANNEL 6  '���  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL?  "CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12 *  CHANNEL 13  tow ���_  ���. Swltzer.  AH My.Children  Cont'd.  Days of-"  .News ���  News  News  Daytime '  News  Donahue  AU My ChUdren  Cont'd.  12:30-  Search for Tom.  -Our Lives-  , Idti- ���^arkwn1     .  As the  Alan Hamel  Program*  - Discontinued  Adaha-12  Cont'd.  mo.  ���On the         ,  1 Life To Live "  The "Doctors   ;  MaEevs <W��lby  World Turns  Cont'd/  Movie:  Love of Life  Vancouver  1:30  '. Evidence   >  Cont'd.  Another World"  COrtfd. >  Guiding Light  Another  for Summer ���  Woman Times  All In Family  Cont'd,  v  2:oa  Edge of Night  General  Cont'd*  Mr. Hressup  CoritU  World  '  Seven  HUlbilUes  -  Cont'd.  2V3Q .  " 30 JFrom     -   *  Hospital  Cont'd.  Take 30 .  M A.S H.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  M.A.S.H.  Behlndi Scene  ���3:00 ,  3:30  Atlantic  Merv Griffin  Movie:  Atlaptic  ' ,  Dinah  Movie!  Popeye  Match Game  Family at War  Cont'd.  Summer,'  Cont'd.  King of  Summer."   .  Cont'd.  Comanche   -  ���  Banana Splits  Gong Show  4;00.  4:30 >  Sherlock Hblmes  Afterschool  the Sua ,   ' "'  Sanford & Son  Mike Douglas  Confd*  Sesame Street  Super Stars  Funorama  Merrle  Melodies  N.P.8. Film  Gonfd.  Cont'd;  Price is  Right     '  Cont'd.  T.B A.     _  Cont'd.  Leave to Beaver  Brady Bunch  Bewitched'  5:00  Part. -Family  News  Make Me Laugh  News  Hollywood  Mr. Rogers  I Love Lucy  1 Love Lucy  News  5:30  An In Family  Cont'd.  News  . News  Cont'd.  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T.B.A.  A Question  Sanford $c Son  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  S.W.A.U  lOiOO  Conf a.  Vega$  Cont'd,       ���       '  Paper Wheat  of Guilt  Vega?  Cont'd*  News  Medical Center  Cont'd.  10:80  Week in Ball  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Place in Sun  Dating Game  Cont'd.  Confd.  flfOO  NeAvs  . Cpnfd.  News  News  News  News  News  Advocates  Odd Couple  Dr. In House  Sports Page*  11:30  Police Woman  Tennis        ...  "  . Cont'd.  Late  Movie  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Thursday, July 19  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL. A  CHANNEL 9 CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00.  ���12130  : V.00  VJ0  Sum., Unlimited  Search for Tom.  On the  Evidence  AU My Children  Cont'd.  1 Life To Live  Cont'd.   Days of - .-  Our Uvea  The Doctors ���  Another 'World  News  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  News  As the  World Turns  Guiding Light  News  Alan Hatnel  Cont'd.  Another '  Daytime  Programs  Discontinued  for Summer  News  Adam-12  Movie:  The Trap  Donahue  Confd.  Love. Of Life  All ta Family  All  My  Children  Vancouver  Confd.  WO  2i30  -3J0O  3:3d-  Edge of Night  30 From  Atlantic  Summer  General  Hospital  Merv  Griffin  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  -  Cont'd.  Movie:  Man in :���  Mr, DreSsup  Take 30   <  Atlantic  Summer  Cont'd.  M.A.S.H.  Dinah  Cont'd.  World  Confdr  Movie:  Neptune  Confd.  Cont'd.  Popeye  Fllntstones  HUlbilUes  M.A.S.H..  Match Game  Gong Show  Cont'd. -  Confd.  Family at War  Con't.  .4:00  4:30  $00.  5:30  This ls Law  Kids Only  Part. Family  All jn Family  $6,000,000 Man  Cont'd.  News  Confd.  the Middle  Cont'd. , *  Make �� Laugh  News  Sanford & Son  Price is Bight  Cont'd.   ,  News  Mike Douglas  Confd.  News  Confd.  Disaster ���  Cont'd-  $6,000,000 Mail  Confd.  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  Munsters  GUUgan's Island  I Love Lucy  Dick -Van Dyke  Funorama  Brady Bunch  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Merrle Melodies  Bewitched  TCew*  Confd.  ' 6:00.  News"  Confd.  Confd,   ���  ' Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Studio See  Bewitched  Fishing Report  $20,000 Pyramid  Family Feud  :4:3d  Coirfd.       ,  ,  Mary Tr Moore  Bonkers  Cont'd.  Confd.  Confd,  ���  Mary 1, 'Moore  Confdi.  Dick Cavett  My 3 Sons  Dating Game  7:00  Horseman  Seattle.-"   "���  ��� MovJe:  Newlywed Game  Angie  .   News  Andy Griffith  Joker's WUd  Vancouver  '7:30  Biding By  Match Game  Ba  JOker's'WUd  Stars on Ice  Stepping Out  Bob Newhart  Tie Tac Dough  Confd.  8:00.  Mork & Mindy  Mork & Mindy  Project -UFO  Expedition  Lenny WUkens  The  Waltons  ���   Nova   .  Donna Fargo  Marty Bobbins  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Confd..  ���8:30  .'King Kens.  Infinite  Cont'd,,,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  ���9:00  Edward VU  Horizons  Quincy.- -  Confd..'  Hawaii 5-0  , Miss Universe  Live It Up   '  "Marie Curie  Dolly  Confd.  Nana  9:30  Cont'd,  Barney Miller  Cont'd*  1 Pageant  Soap  : Cont'd.  Pop Country -  Cont'd.  Mouskourl  10:30  Dallas  20/20  Maa    ��� -  Sword of  Justice  Confd.  Sweepstakes  Soccer  News  Medical  Center  Man  ContU  Cont'd^  Undercover  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Dating Game  Confd.  Undercover  . 11:00  National News  News  News  .-  News  News  News  Cinema B.C.  Chico & Man-  Lucky Feller  Sports Page  -ir.30.  Night  Final  St. & Hutch  Tonight Show  Confd.  Late Movie  ConfdL  Seasons of Bas.  Gong Show  Late Movie  Confd.  Page 04  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 18,1979  Clean Up Voui Act  Pitch-in  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11;30 a.m��� Wednesday Evenings 7:30.  All in St. John s United Church,  Davis Bay  . Phone' 885-3157, 886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  UNITED CHURCH  9:30 a.m.���St. John's, Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m.- Gibsons  Fridayr^trfy^20  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4   ���CHANNEL 5  12:00  . .12:30  .noo  .- 1:30  Sum. Unlimited  Search for Tom.  On the  Evidence  AU My  Children  1 Life  to Live  Days of-    <  Our lives  The Doctors  Another   World  CHANNEL 6  sps^fOTtfaMMstasns*  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 9 CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  News  Ida Clarkson  Marcus  Welby  Confd.  1 :���  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Edge of Night  30 From  Atlantic  Summer  General  Hospital  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:.  Trail of the  Mr. Dressup  ^-Take 30  Atlantic  Summer  News  As World  Turns    '  Guiding Light  News  Alan Hamel  Confd.  Another  Daytime  Programs  Discontinued  for Summer  News  Adam 12  Movie:  Pony Soldier  Donahue  Confd.  Love of Life  All in Family  CHANNEL 13  AU My  ChUdren  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Confd.  M.A.S.H.  Dinah  Cont'd.  World  Confd.  Movie:  Saskatchewan  Confd,  Cont'd  Popeye-  Fllntstones  HUlbilUes  M.A.S.H.  Match Game  Gong Show  Confd.  Confd.  FamUy at War  Cont'd.  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  This is Law  Mr. Dressup  Part. Family  AU in Family  $6,000,000  Man  News  Cont'd.  WUd   .  Cont'd.  Make Mo Laugh  News  Sanford & Son  Price is Right  Cont'd.  News  Mike Douglas  Confd  News  Cont'd.  Confd,  Confd.  $6,000,000  Man  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  Munsters f  GiUigan's Island  I Love Lucy  Dick Van Dyke  Funorama  Brady Bunch  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Merrle Melodies  Bewitched  News  Confd.  6:00  News Confd. Cont'd. Cont'd.  6:30  Confd       Confd. Confd. Cont'd,  7:00     Mary T. Moore    P.M.  Northwest Seattle Incredible  "-7t30���Inventors -Muppet-Show HoUywfrad-Sqs  Confd.  Mary T. Moore  Newlywed Game  News  Confd.  Oper. Petticoat  Studio See  Dick Cavett  News  going  Bewitched  My 3 Sons  Andy Griffith  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  All In Family  Challenge  John Cameron  Language   Oper.   Petticoat  welcome Kotter  Movie:  Reincarnation  Diffrent Strokes  Rockford FUes  Confd.  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  Dating Game  Joker's WUd  ac���Dough���  $20,000  Pyramid  FamUy Feud  Vancouver  -GoBfd=   King Kens.  Challenge  John Cameron.  Watch Language  Incredible  Hulk  Dukes of  Hazzardi  Diffrent Strokes  HeUo Larry  gukes of  azzard .  Wn. Review  Wall Street  Theatre  Confd.  Movie;  James Dean  Cont'd.  Confd.  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  At the Forum  Cont'd.  10:00  W;30-  11:00  11:30  Across Canada  - Cdn.- Authors  National News  Night Final -  of Peter  Proud.  News  Soap   Lunar  .Landing __  News   ^  Tonight-Show-  Wonder  Woman  News"  Cont'd -  Dallas -  Confd.  News   Late Movie -  Rockford  Files  "News   --  . Cont'd  Clouds of  Witness  - Austin' Clty-  _Confd._  News  Dating Game  -<Jhloo-&- Man  Gong  Show  Medical  Center  - Dr.-is���House -  Late Movie  Main Event  Behind  Scenes  -Sports- Page -  Confd.  No. 1 IN COLOR T.V,  Now Open Mondays-Saturday, 9:30 am-5:30 pm  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  STEREO & APPLIANCES  885-9816  IN THE ^ OF SECHELT  AFTER THE SALE IT IS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS  Cowrie St.  ���Saturdayr-;itily~21  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Sports  Weekend  Confd.  Confd  Am. Bandstand  Action  Bonkers  Untamed World  Baseball:  Mariners at  Boston  Confd  Sportsweekemt  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Space Academy  Fat Albert  Ark H  Film Festival  Feel Like  Dancin'  Joyce KeUy  McGowan  Fall of Eagles  Cont'd;  Movie:  Jules & Jim  CHANNEL 11  Movie:  If a Man  Answers  Cont'd,  CHANNEL 12  ��� CHANNEL 13  Space Academy  Fat Albert  Perspective .���������:'.'  Outlook.  Special:  Summer  Madness  Cont'd.  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Movie:  Roots of __  Heaven  "  Cont  Movie:  Joyous-Sound  Cont'd  Movie:  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Travel  Movie:  Horizons of  the Sea  Sports  Discover  You Tell Us  Wrestling  Coni'd  Confd  Cont'd  Weather  Machine'  Movie:  Tarzan's  for Life  Confd  Fight  700 Club,.  Confd.:    V.  Honeymooners  Monkees.  Cont'd.  .  Confd." ":.:  -Confd,7/ ;��i<  Cont'd. -  4:00  4:30  5;00  5:30  Confd.  Reach for Top  Movie: T.B.A.  Confd.  Confd.  British  Open Golf  Confd.  Justice of  the West  Sports 'Legends  News  Sports Review  Country Garden  Goldien Years  Cap. Comment  Spectacular  Confd.  Havoc Struck  News  World of  Sports  Cont'd.  Confd  Confd.  Cont'd  Evening  at Pops  Twilight Zone  Cont'd,  Bionic  Woman  Funorama.  Our Gang  Ruff House  Child's Film  Cont'd.  .Cont'd.  Confd  Movie: ���  6:00 News Confd. Cont'd News News News Meeting of Star Trek Weekend Cont'd,  6:30 Together News Animal World       Stan Kann Price ls Right Stan Kann Minds Confd. Cont'd. , - .   Confd.  7:00 Paper Chase Lawrence   Welk   Wild Kingdom      Chopper .    $1,9.8 Beauty     ��� Project U.F.O. Nova Hee Haw Name That Tune  Cont'd.  7:30 Cont'd. Cont'd., Gong Show Squad .   7 . Faihlly ;Feud Confd   . .7    _ _Conf A.,__. ���...���.��� Cont'd: Movie: _ TConfd.^  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Creatures  Great & Small  Movie:  1 Night Stand  Battlestar  Galactlca  Love Boat  Cont'd.  Chips   ���  Cont'd. ..  Sword of  Justice ".  ���10:00  10:30  '11:00  ���.11:30  Cont'd. ���  Confd.  National. News  Night Final  Fantasy  ���.  Island  News     .  Late Movie  Super train'  Cont'd.   .  News'  Sat: Night  Chips . ���    ���  Cont'd-  Movie: .���..���-.-  1 Night Stand  Movie:-  Animal.  Crackers'  Cont'd  Movie:  Face-Off;  Cont'd.  Confd.  2 Ronnies  Dad's Army  Summerfest  "79  cont'd  Cont'd/  - News  Confd.  Cont'd.   ���  Nashville  Cont'd  Country N.W,  Funniest Man  in the.World  Cont'd.  Movie: ���  Cont'd;  Beatlemahla.  Love Boat  Cont'd,  News'  Cont'd  Movie:  The Hireling  Fantasy  Island,  News   .'.  . Confd,  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd;  Sign Off  Movie:  Stagecoach  Cont'd  Confd.  The Ambushers  Cont'd.  Confd.  Late ' Movie  2nd City T.V.  Sounds Good  Sports Page  Cont'd.  \  Sunday, J lily 22  p.  CHANNEL 2  T5?  12;:  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12 CHANNEL 13  :00  30  1:00  1130  2:00  2:30  3:00  3i30  Meeting  Place  Co. Canada  Hymn Sing  Issues & Ana.  Directions-  Movie:,  Man Called  Baseball: ..' ���   ���  -Mariners ���>  at New York  Confd  Terry Winters  Show. Biz  Co, Canada  Hymn Sing  T.B.A.  ��� T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  McGowan  Jim Swagg&rt  Terry Winters  Movio:  Prevln St  Pittsburgh  Wn. Review  WaU Street  Access  Gallery.  Music to See  Sky Begins  SS-  5:00  5:30  Peter  Confd  Cont'd  ���'.  World of  Move:  It's. Alive  Cohfd.  Spartaoade  Jerry Falwell  Cont'd.  Faith 20^    :  P.T.L. Club  Super-bowl' ,  Football Pre.  Sportsworld .  Cont'd  Movie:. ,'  Checkered Flag  ; or Crash '  .  Confd,    .     .  T.B.A.  T.B.A.   *  Jacques  Cousteau  The Magician  Confd.    ,  Movie:  Short Fuse   ,  . T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.RA.  TvBvA.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Movie:  All in a  Cont'd,  Confd.  Confd.  Outlook  100 Huntley St.  Confd.  Confd.  Laurel & Hardy  Images of  Canada  T.B.A.   ^  Spread Wings  Sports  Confd.  Great Teams  Newa  Confd. .  ���Tony .Brown   '  Meet the Press'  ,News  ���  Images of  Canada.  ��� Student Forum  ���News ��� ���.  National  Geographic     ,  In Search Of  David Horowitz  6:00  ��:M  7i��S  ���:00  8:3d.  9100  9i30,  World of  Disney  Beachcombers  Happy Days-  Confd7  Viewpoint 7  Hardy Boys.  Cont'd.,  Confd.  Castaways  World of,  Dlaney  News.-.  Travel *70 . ���  Beachcombers  Movie:'  Nows,  ��� Around Hero  60  Minutes  Confd.  Cont'd  Sueatlon Period  ntamed World  Capital Com.  T.B.A,  T.B.A.  After Vietnam  German Soccer  Nights Work  Confd.   ,  Bionic  Woman  Perspective ��� .'.  In Tune  Movie:  Tarznn's      ���  Cont'd.  Bugs Bunny'  Cont'd.  Wrestling  Confd.      ���  Horst Koohlor  Global Weekend  Cbnfd    Barney Miller  3's Company  Gift to Last  Cont'd.  Salvage 1  Cont'd.  Movie:  War Games.  Movie:  Pleasure 'Cove '  Coiifd,  Cont'd.  The  Magician  A Gift to Last  Cont'd.  10:00  10)307  11:00,  U:3Q  Oerry it Ziz  Man Alive  National News  Night Final  Confd.  Confd.  News  Late Movie  Tom Snyder ;  Confd.  News  , Lata Movio  Gerry & Ziz,  Cont'd  ���News .  Cont'd.  , All In Family  1 Day at a Time  Alice  Jeffersons  Nows  ���  Travel '78  Hardy Boys  Cont'd.  Battlestar ���  Galactlca  Lou Grant  Cont'd.  Confd.  Fall of  Confd  Life <Arouhd Us  Eagle  Star Trek  Confd.  The  Virginian  Revenge  Have Gun  00 Minutes .  Confd  Great Debate  Confd.  So Story Goes  Sounds Good>  Moses,  Tho Lawgiver  ��� News  Late Movie  W-5  Confd;  News  Cont'd  Evening,  at Popa  Theatre.  Cont'd^  The Prisoner  Cont'd  Cont'd  Confd '  Confd.  Speakout  60 M.P.H.  Probe  Contact  700 Club  Confd,  Cont'd.  Donahue's  Beat .  Jacques  '  Cousteau  Glittering ,  Prizes    ,  Confd. ���'  Lato Movie  Welcome  KoUer  1 Day at a Time  Movie:  Cry of the  Penguins.  Oonfd  Sp6rts Page  Cont'd.  Monday, July 23  .        CHANNEL 3  12:00 ,   Summer Un,  12:30     Search for Tom,  1|00 '   On the  1130  - Evidence  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNBL 6  CHANNIL 7  All  My     7.  Children  f Ufa to Live  Cont'd.  Days of  Our Lives  The Doctors ��� ���  Another  World  Nows  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Cont'd  2:00 ..Edge of NiihT  2:30     30 From  atop     Atlantic  3:30 - Summer  General  Hospital  Morv arlffln  Confd.  Confd.        <  Confd.  Movie:  You're a Hla  I  4t00 This I* Law $0,000,000 Boy How  4t30 Child of World Man Cont'd.  3:00 Part. Family News. Muko Mo Laugh  8:30 A|l In Family Cont'd,  Newa  r. Drossup  >ko 30       '  Atlantic,  Summer  News  As  World  Turns  Guiding Light  Tt  CHANNEL ���  CHANNBL 9  ews  Alan Hamel  Confd.  Another  .Cont'd.  M.A.S.U.  Dinah  Oonfd.  *  7:10  "Howa  Miry T. Mooro1  Reach  for  Top_  Sanford & Son  Prlco la Right  Cont'd.  lows  White tiiwulgw  Cont'd.  lioff  1(30  9:00      M.A.S.H  9:10     W.K.B.P.  Confd.  p!mv rWthweit  Piaase Standi By  UaseiJaTl:^^ ^MBlTB  Teams T.B.A. on ihe 1  Cont'd, Movie:  Cont'd.  Confdi ,  fle��tW7."-i ���-;��������<���'���  HollyWood  Sqs,  No  Mike Douglas  Cont'd.  Now*  Confd,  "WorYoT  Cont'd.  Movloi   '  CarrX_5H-  Daytlma    -  Program)  Discontinued  fof  luirwur  CHANNBL 11  New.      '   Adam43  Movio: - '��� , ���  Jolinpy Come  CHANNIL 12  Lately  Cont'd  Popeye  Kllntstonos  Donahue  Confd.  Lovo of Life  All In Family  CHANNIL 13  All Mv ChllJi  Cont'd.  Vancouver  Cont'd  Date-Pad  July 18 ��� Family Library S Storytime, Wilson Creek Community Hall, 11:30  - 1 p.m.  f July-lSU=iAlcohQUcs-Anonympus.AApptingt Wilunn Creek Community Holl.  8:30 p.m. For info call 885-2896 or 886-3394.  July 19��� Gibsons Sea Cavalcade Fashion Show, Gibsons Legion, 8 p.m.  $2/person. Everyone welcome.  July 19 ���Roberts Creek Legion Br. 219 Bingo, Early bird 7, regualr 8.  .July 19���-;- Teen Drop In Centre, 12-18 yrs old, Gibsons Elementary &  Pender Secondary. 12-5 p.m.  ., July, 20.-���Teen Drop In Centre, Roberts Creek EJem. & Pender Secondary,  ���Oi'.t-i.iWil' R**"'.',...:���''.-ivv'-;. -y..<\i 7777" ;-:H7v;.  '  *--;-.\.^i 7' .--i7vU; V-;  July 20 ���Community Library, Wilspn Creek Community Hall, 2-4 p.m.  July 22 ��� Garage Sale, 2-4 p.m. at Halfmoon Bay Fire Hall organized by  '7'7''HBVFD.' ���' ''.��� .';������ .  7 "July 23 -ttTeen Drop In Centre, Roberts Creek Elem. 12-5 p.m.  July 24 ���Al Anon, St. Aidan's, Roberts Creek, 885-3394 or 886-9041.  July, 24��� Teen Drop In Centre, Gibsons Elem, Pender Secondary, 12-5  ���p.m.;. ''.-. .'.-'���;: . ������������'���.. ���" .    . '   ��� ''  USE THIS SPACE TO PROMOTE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S EVENTS.  IT'S FREE. CAU 885-3231.  Hear Y��I Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  REGIONAL BOARD  2nd ft 4th Thursday Each Month  July 26 - Planning Hospital & Reg. Boqrd Meeting  All Meetings at 7:30 pm In Board Room  >r��n  Cowboy  Confd.  $0,000,000  ficiioine Street       Munsters  imilblllles  M.AJJ.H.  Match Game  Oontf Show  Cont'd, '  Cont'd,  Family at  Cont'd.  War  Cont'd.  Mr. Honors  Electric Co.  nfd.  Cont'd,  choppcrr  Bguad  10:10    This Land  lllOO  11(10  National Mew*  Nipt Final  Cont'd,  Cont'd,   T'onfif,  Cont'd,  News     ���  Police Story  oiue  Pralrlo  Anna of  OTtTBaya  ;  Confd..  'Iowa ���  onlght Show  LTttie llome  on the 1'rairle  Lawrence  Cont'd.  Mary, T. Mooro  ���Newlywed Game  Jokers Wild  I  News Mbm,  THIS Und  N��wa -  Cont'd.  iVhite  Shadow  M.A.SJ1.  W.K.H.f��.  Lou (Vrant  Cont'd,  News  Lato Movlu  News  Cont'd.  What't My Line ���  llead^liuntera^^  "BoHy lfuinan  Cont'd.  Movie;  Anne of a  Studio floe  Dick  Cavott  News -.���������.,..,  I'ravlows  QUlluan's. Island  1 Love Luoy  Di,ck Van Dyke  Oob Days  cont'd*     i  Nawa  Cont'd.  Mill Movers  lieauty A Brass,  1'oldark  Cont'd.  Bewitched  My 3 Sona  Andy Orll/llh  Hob Newhart  Funorama  lirady Bunch  I Love Luoy  Andy Qrlfflth  Bi>artacad��  Cont'd.  Cont'd,      .  Cont'd.  Newlywed Qame  Dating Game  Joker's Wild    ,  Tlo Tao Uough  Merry Melodies  Bewitched  Naw��  Confd.  Sea Festival  Family Feud  Vancouver   Cont'd.  Crosswits  Merv Qrtffln  Confd.  Cont'd.  When Boats  Coma in ,  Academy  Ixiadors  Saws  atlng Oam*  Chlco A Man  qony Show  Medical^  CanUr  Dr, in Homo  Late Movie  Cont'd,  Movie;  l��t,2  Confdi,  Sports I'ana  Cont'd,   <s��sp*Tr  T5W  1X130  I too  llM  2)00  auo  iioo  iiio  1W  4l)0  1)00  (iM  CHANNIL %  Summer Un.  Search for Tom.  On the  KvUUnce       ^_  "KdW OfNlHhr  aoTivom  Atlantlo  Summer  CHANNBLA  All My mnvm  Confd.  One Life  to Uv  CHANNIL S  ur Uvea  The Ooolora  Another   World  CHANNIL 4  Nawa ������  Ida Clarkson  Marcus  Walby  lit i��ni,aw  I In Family  FootbaAi  B.C. at  (leneral  Hospital  Morv arlffln,  Confd.  4i6o     WlhhUr  Co  ipooiooo  News  Confd.  ��� .���nlpti|  ���DO Cont'd,  liOO Cont'd.  M0 Cont'd.    ,  *" ijta ���y/riii���.-*-���-   ���110 l'art. Family  IOiOO The GobdlM "  1��iM Cafe lllbou '  TonHI  Confd.  P.M. Northwest  Sha Na Nik   "bey �����,."  Confd.  Confd.  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Lovo of Ufa  j^]lllnJPj��miiy_  [TSuI,  Murutera  Ollliitan'a  TlTlWilka  M,A,8,H,  Match Qame  Qong Show  CHANNIL II  All My ��l>ll<ir.n  Cont'd.     ,  Vancouver  Cont'd  SCHOOL BOARD  SUMMER SCHEDULE  Meeting July 19, 7:00 p.m. Board Room Office  (Declolon pending on Meeting In August)  VIIXAGE OF GIBSONS  lit A 3rd Regular Council Meeting,  Tuesday Municipal Hall, Gibsons,  Each Month ���     7:00 p.m.  "l*'*r.ai,i_'"J_;i|ls��i.i<-^'si* ' *yri 'm..m -��^��7-i  u^^isr-  Island  rama  oni'A.  T'illianrjri. r  Confd.  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmm��  #?nfd\  .%+imihm i,  Confci  Confd.  !''���*���.. _.  Lata Movla  News  Cont'd.  Downright DUco  PaU)>_Oaijant __  . CmHm CaufcUy  Just Frlenna  Atudlo Sea  Dick Cavett  Newsmakers  an Dyka    An  Tfunioi  Bra<1v Bunoh  "CSnTdT"   Cont'd,  Family at War  Cont'd.  Quincy  ContM.  Newa  Cont'd,  T'fjF  m.  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Perhaps a guided tour will show you what  you missed.  7 p.m. Friday night. What's that crowd  of people lining the fence at the School?  Why, it's the game between the Roberts  Creek Ladies Softball Team and "The  Beachcombers" of course. Aren't the  ladies flashy in their slinky Disco dresses  with sequins and feathers and glitter?  Even their coach is dressed upr-as__  Granny Disco". Don't you kovet his green  metallic blouse���a thrift store special if  ever you saw one. The way he's clutching  that purse though, all the team's secrets  must be inside. ,  Oh yes, he just slipped Marlene a  "White" grapefruit. And didn't "Jesse"  Pat John take the pitch beautifully-all  over the backstop. A few antics like that  lighten the mood. The Indies got behind 4���  0 but a few tricks by the four buxom  cheerleaders loosened them up and they  finished with a reputable 9-7 score in favor  of The Beachcombers.  .Where's everybody, going now? Well,  the Teen Disco has been going up at tbe  Hall since 7 but it looks as if most of the  adults are headed for the Legion. Yep,  'wk"aTth^c^sT^atlieTine-iip^^fieT)a^  There's not evenToom to dance. No more  chairs? Well, we can just table hop and  visit with everybody���what better way to  meet people?  10 a.m. Saturday morning. Uh-huh. It's  your own fault for staying to boogey till all  hours last night. Never mind, have a nice  refreshing piece of watermelon and sit in  the shade to watch the parade. Oops, stay  out of range of the fire truck. Oh, that one's  all right ��� it's the Metcalfe Road  Volunteer Fire Department and he's too  the finish line, right Britt? It looks like a  real family affair in the winners' circle ���  Patrick Cromie, -Sean Eckford, and  Michael Eckford all won their classes with  their sleek black job. Everybody will have  to soup up their vehicles to beat that one  next year.  Oh, good idea, they have a "direction  post" at the bottom of the hill. There are  the kids' games under the trees ��� bean  bag toss, crazy golf, nail driving (with a  first aid station nearby) and face-painting.  The fish pond is down by the bridge. The  face-painting is sure popular ��� the kids  are lined up in eager anticipation. The  ladies are very good ��� everythingfrom  full clown faces to dainty butterflies with  sparkles. What a bargain at,50 cents!  The adults' games are here too ���  Crown and Anchor and Bingo. We can  conie back when we want to relax under  the trees. Time now for the canoe races  across the mouth of the Creek. Oh, it's  Edna Naylor and Lee Stephens splashing  first to the finish and it looks like Rick  Maitland andLoretta Harrison second and  Sue and Kevin Shepherd third.  Might as well stay here for the toy boat  races/They've got a lot of kids entered ���  it'll take several heats. There's a good  breeze for it ��� looks like fun. Most of the  boats were supplied but there, somebody  with his own boat just won.  Well, if we wander down toward the  jtgharf_we,shQiildfiDd the food booths. Yes.  criticism. You have io watch where you  ,,walk ��� there are casties and sculptures  everywhere.  It was a tough decision for Helen  Gordon and Betty Merrick but they m&de  excellent choices, in Scott MqCulloch'and  Gabe Joe tied for first in the 5 and under  class and Sarah Macaulay for imagination  with her eagle in the 6 to 8 class.  But the open class sculpture ��� that is  really a toughy The ogopogo by the  Gourlay camp is truly magnificent. But  Dave McCulloch and Otto Schmidt's  "Reclining Nude" is a close second.  Honorable mention goes to the "old tennis  - shoe" but the ship, the car, the frogrCisave  the whales", and all the, rest are truly  works of art as well. .. _,_  5:00 p.m.. It looks like they're packing  everything up. The backgammon tournament under the trees by the wharf is  over ��� Paul Henry emerged champion.  There were lots of winners in the raffle too.  That handcrafted writing desk by Richard  Birkin is really a beauty. You didn't buy a  ticket? Well, you can't expect to win  . without one,jnow can you?  A little 4ate to enter the golf tournament up at the Sunshine Golf and  Country Club. It's been going all day Sand  they had 49 golfers enter. In the Low Gross  Class it was Ken Hincks, 71,. Brian  Covernton, 74, and Dean Warns; 75; In Low  Net it was Don Douglas, 65, and John  Petula. Len Mitten, and Norm Saltma;  busy pedalling to spray you even if he does  have water in that wagon behind his bike.  The clowns are goodand that two^  7^ea3e^,"tifi'eSlegged^^rollef~sk��tuig7entry  is managing very well. Yes, that other  lady on skates is Marlene, the pitcher last  night. See how you begin to recognize  people? The dog with the tennis visor  there's the dunk tank. We'll have to come  back later and soak George Gibb. M-m-m,  there's the barbecue. The shish kebabs  taste like more. They go really well with  the Greek salad. And there's the first corn  on the cob of the season. And tacos. And  barbecued salmon! What a feast!  We can wander around the crafts  section while we eat. What a perfect  setting for the booths against the bushes at  the edge of the cul-de-sac with the sun  beating down and the ocean in the  -background. There's a good selection of,  slipping over one eye is Gyp���what a good  sport! And that's the Peninsula Times  staff on the "Dazed Planet" float with  Superman, Lois Lane and Perry White I  think the telephone booth is Judy. Well, we  all have our niche in life..,, ,  Yes' it all went by tpo fast ��� maybe  we'll see it again on T.V. They were videotaping it and the game last night. It would  be fite if they'd show it on Chammel 10  next winter. We could all get together with  the popcorn and reminisce. But on with the  Daze activities.  Oh, better get off the road ��� this is now  "Wipe-out Hill", for. the Soapbox Derby.  Yes, it's for kids and adults alike. See,  they're having a grudge match between  Roberts Creek and Gibsons Fire Departments, Some of those machines really get  moving, others need a little push across  things ��� pottery, weaving, jewellery,  toys, ceramics, stained glass. Really a  good show of local talent. ..   Not many kids-turned-jui,for the'  swimming races. They say the water's  pretty chilly. Chantelle Scott, Janice, and  Holly Lacey could tell you ��� they came  4st,-2nd,-and-3id-i3speclively._  tied at 67. Marg Arbuckle wot the Ladies  competion with 69 and in Calloway it was  George Potter.A nice little bonus for those  players and congratulations to all.  9:30 p.m. Boogey time at Roberts Creek  Hall. The Creek is famous for its dances  and this looks like a real stomper. The  tickets weresold out early in the week and  people are still clamouring to get in. Too  bad, but the Hall only holds 200 people ���  that's why we want a new one. Meanwhile,  let's enjoy ourselves. It's a bit crowded out  -pnJhe floor but it's all goodaaturecLand  The greased pole should be in full swing  by now. Yep, there's Glen Dempster  covered with axle grease. And there's  Sean Longman at the top just grabbing the  $10 bill. Ouch, slithering down may be a lot  easier thanshinnying up for him but it  was hard on the rest of his totem pole of���  helpers ��� Kenny Dempster folded up like  an accordion with Sean coming down on  his head. Demir Shtenz made it up shortly  after with his "second" John Andrews.  Time for a soothing cup of tea on the  gre,en behind the Post Office then down to  the sandy beach again for the sandcastle  contest What a picture -^ the wide expense of sandy teach wim.ihe curve, of  shore behind and. the waves rolling in and  everybody in their bright beach garb on  their knees grovelling in the sand or  standing   back   giving   constructive  who can resist that beat. It's the Rainbow  Ryders, local fellas, and they're really in  good form ;   -What, 1:30 already? Where'd the time  go? Oh good, they're playing a few more  numbers for an encore. Now for the cleanup ��� of course we'll stay to help. And for  the post-mortem in the kitchen afterwanL_T_|  We could have gone all night if the sandwiches had held out. Oh well, see you  tomorrow (or today rather) for the  cleanup at noon and the barbecue afterward. If we get a good crew of people  we'll have all afternoon to sit on the beach  and relax. We deserve a rest ^ it's been a  lot of work as well as fun.  See what you missed? Aren't you  sorry? And won't you make a point of  being there next year? It's really a good  time with something for everybody. And  it's a demonstration of what a real community effort can accomplish. "The  JQazely News'' provides, a good explanation of the background and impetus  of the Daze and. the new community  centre. It's also a good souvenir. There are  still copies available, at the Seaview  Market so pick one up.  ,   i ti   i   j  TT"       , c ' Is* t <at >   K*hImmA  i        I  itiUiflW n'^iMWhw" r.iit  '    ',"   l/'^f',;\,i  i      '' h jimt c I JiA^''1  ,     , ��� ���     fr>'Tw>'ltiin   i W-li&b  '     ,./      .4   , ,J'*S  ,n'��'\h    i   v  I \ V 'JmmmmWvMiW^ 'V  ' i \_mk-______, * i ' *   f  K 'A '  4.  \ 7jw,ife.A"-��-V"  Sea Cavalcade Queen contestants  PageOfi  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 18,1979  MISS LEGION Branch 109 Darlene  Duncan'.  '"We've known each other for a  long tiine," Mm legion Branch 109  Darlene Duncan said of the Miss Sea  _fcavalcade contestants.    .'..  .__   'We're all^a.team.^:   "   Darlene, 16, has lived in Gibsons  for lfc yeftjfs and is concentrating on           _       secretarial, courses at Elphinstone  Mi<��5 ftiKW I ioM KimM^nsfieldl' '^mVSS GIBSONS Fire DepkMaureen    . Sh$ expects to gain confidence^ #  *oP?sto" '        ,-   ..       ^ rt#^Sp^iflT,��  design and recently finished a       M|ss Gibsons Fire Dept Maureen   her activities in the Sea Cavalcade;��  modelling course in preparation, for: Forsythgraduated from Elphinstone .wll^sieammore about the Sunshine,  the contest.;   '���*  -'        ���   ;    '.. this year.and plans to take first year.  Coast and other areas.  Kim, 17, has lived in the area for science course at University, of   '  jeven years and graduated feoniL Victoria.inlhefallihjireparatiotto^ a  JSlphlhstone this year: At EIplfih-TTca-eer in. physiotherapy/ ' ..  $6fre7 sh^ fofo^ 7 Maureensaid she^ws~iffi tblnfc':  MISS GIBSONS LionsKim Mansfield.'  ~-=f~*~  AS LONG AS  QUANTITIES  IAST!  24 oz. NYLON SAXONY Carpet J1099 Sq. Yd. INSTALLED  2 colors only: Spice and Orange  UNDERLAY INCLUDED  Rubber Backed KITCHEN CARPET, <A_ _ _   WJ llieTJll. cn  3 Color. Only: Beige, Brown and Ru$t ..9.39 Sq. 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Because the society is non-profit  7 and based on hiimanitarian -ptintiples,;  there. is little doubt that the laxatfon  ; number will be granted; However, it can  take up to six month for Revenue jCaiiada ; I  to s��id th^r ^pprpvaL. The society Vis  looking into ways to speed up ^process.  However, if it does take six months before ..}  the society can issue tax receipts,7that  tinie will still be before. 1979 tax returns ���  are due;. ' ',���-'.'.'���'  :���'��� ������ ','���"' h~ :.  .7 : Fdr more information please .phone  ,.. Susan.Nichola 885^9798. , ��� .';.'  Cpm.e ih and see'the little treated'Brass:  ,. Napkin Rings with small Dogwood api  I  pilque; The ,shnp|iicity bf design adds to',.  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