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The Peninsula Times May 16, 1979

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Array H3-  Serving the Sunshine CooM   (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)   including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing. Granthams Landing   Gibsons   Roberts Creek  Wilson Creek  Selma Park. Sechelt. Halfmoon Bay   Secret Cove   Pender Hrb    Madeira-Park''Garden Bay   Irvine s Landing "Eorls'Cove   Egmont  Phone  885-3231  Union tfsSSgSf&f? Label  26 Pages ��� 20c Copy  Rejects nuclear  Hydro chief insists  500 kv line needed for  XARGfSrRtADERSMIP^rANYPAPER^NTHrSONSHINEeOAS-rT-  ^himirl7^Nffr2fr  ffrCkA-^  WednesdayrMay 16,1979  Island power "crisis  ft  Measles shots  recommended  Because of a local outbreak of measles,  nt is recommended that infants age six  months and over, and all children of  preschool and school age Who Have Not  Had Natural Measles Or Been Immunized  B <j~ government resultedjfrom ajlecade  "^Against Measles seek ii-_m_wizatiori now.  0{ studies by B.C. ^Hydro  in  which  rilL__eJ-e_d_as_Mlowiu^^  Thursday, May 17, 3:30 p.m. '4:30 p.m.,   supply ��� including, nuclear  ��� were  res-Tnew warnings of critical electric  power shortages on Vancouver Island,  with demand outstripping supply, were  sounded Saturday, May 5, by J.N. Olsen,  president and chief operating officer of  B.C. Hydro.  But in a prepared speech before the  Association of B.C. Municipalities at  Courtenay, Olsen said the looming crisis  can be warded off if a proposed 500 kV  transmission link to the mainland, is  permitted to proceed on schedule.  He said a firm proposal now before the  megawatt-Tlast UMOT-BeTW^cffwas  60 megawatts over forecast', but fell within  six per cent cold weather contingency  allowance.    >  "We just managed to squeak by without  serious load shedding,", said Olsenr-  Last year eight industrial firms indicated they would need about' 200  megawatts of additional supply in 1981 and  1982, but "we were forced to advise them  that we could not serve them until the fall  of 1983 at the earliest, and only then4f~we~  have successfully added  more  power  capacity              _______  "The situation-still prevails today,"  -_01s_m_add__L  Gibsons Health Unit and Friday, May 18,  3:30 p.m. ��� 4:30 p.m., Sechelt Elementary  School.  t No appointment is necessary.  Parent or guardian must accompany  child.  - For further information contact the  Health Unit - 886-2228.  rejected. '"  Last winter's severe strain on exisiting  facilities, coupled with an anticipated  demand Jbr future supply, has brought  new,urgency to bolstering Hydro's plans  for expansion of the Vancouver Island  power supply.    The Island's peak demand hit 1,255  Lockstead re-elected but  with doubts about Socreds  'To solve the problem of how to meet  the forecast load in 1983 and beyond, increasing at the average rate of 100  megawatts per year, we have examined a  dozen alternatives.  "The conclusion drawn from aU these  studies ��� carried out over a ten-year  period and updated to current cost levels  ��� was that Cheekye-Dunsmuir 500 kV  "trans_mssiorrexte-_siorr^odd-provid__-the=  New~Bemd^1ac~Party'-f~re^_ected���PoweU'River^from-Vancouver-harbour  HEYMUM! Corporal Wade's the nice they might go if they look like they hang up on the wall because we didn't  giiyat the Sei*eltfRCMP)_.etachmei-t might hurt themselves. Then he took do anything wrong -- except plgm our  who showed' us the  thing driitik our fingerprints, but we \vere allowed %ass break from Sechelt Elementary  drivers pldv^into and the cage where to take burs back to Kindergarten to school for Friday afternoon.  For Comox-Powell River May  MLA for Mackenzie, Don Lockstead, said  after Thursday's provincial election that  at one time during the returns he  thought his party would be able to form the  government and added a few of his fears  he had hoped to allay by an NDP majority.  The future __>f jOcean Falls and all  those people up there is in serious doubt.  The 500 kv Cheekye-Dunsmuir line is  another. I'll do my bit and fight thefight  (against it) in Victoria. But they are likely  to proceed. The whole project of the  natural gas pipeline to Vancouver Island is  dubious now. If they proceed on that it will  probably be the Southern route (Gulf  Islands) instead of by way of Powell River  and the rational economic development of  this area will be in doubt. It will be founded  on a politicalrather than a fttional basis."  As transportation critic for the NpP  opposition last term, Lockstead said'he  Would not be opposed to changing to  another assignment for the experience.  j He mentioned forestry or mining and  'atkfed^hiB-is^quite interested in. being-  critic to the energy portfolio" since he   ^ _   ^  served tlie government in that ministry for |fttSnoon sailing' had' been added for  one session previously. He said he would Friday and Monday only and stated the  in.- *- -u���--,�� i���-_.,_.__ "there is so much    "problems will be horrendous."  "I  want  to  see  improved  sailing  schedules all year round  because of' excessive noise, cost and  operating problems.  "I'd be inclined not to want to live  within about a mile of the launching area"  because of the noise Jetfoils make in  leaving and arriving.  "I'm not convinced it is the transportation answer. It may be part of the  answer for passengers only. But it would  require a heavy subsidy, it would be expensive to operate and I'm reserving  judgement on it."  He said on his return to the legislature  he would be looking into charges against  the Social Credit government of "direct  political interference in crown corporations' namely the B.C. Ferry Corporation.  He had indicated before polling day  that the government ministry had been  rescheduling ferries without even letting  the executiv$'director of the ferry system  know until later.  , He said he would be dealing with the  ^Hnerschedulinglor theHdrseshoe Bay  ,%tol^angdale run where one additional  like to change because  to learn."  The MLA said he would not be in  support %f the jgoveniment's proposed  Jetfoil passenger service to Langdale and  %  Jack Pearsall, lib. MP  There are those who say unity, others  say constitution, and a large majority say  the economy, says incumbent MP Jack  Pearsall about the Isauea in this riding.  "I place the economy up front and then  feel that the riding looks to local issues. In  this bracket I believe our resources are the  concern of all.  "Fisheries, forestry, tourism, these  three play a major role regardless of  where you Uve in the riding. Campbell  River ��� needs a larger boat harbour for  its duo industries, Whitig and tourtem.  ��� See Page A-7  Ray Skelly, HDP  West Coast fisheries policy came in for  criticism when federal NDP candidate  Ray Skelly addressed a public meeting in  Pender Harbour. Friday night. .  In response to questioning by fisherman Sonny Reid, he called for a Royal  Commission to port out the tangled mess of  fisheries policy. He suggested that fishing  boundaries were used as a bargaining chip  by Trudeau to gain advantage in other  economic negotiations.  "Hew else can you explain that the  Americans used opposite arguments on  ��� See Page A-7  Al Lazerte, PC  "Canada's West Coast Fishery Is in  chaos. Sports-fishermen are being  threatened with "barbless hooks,"  licencing,.enlarged size limits, smaller'  catch limits. Commercial local fishermen  in the Central Coast area (I.e. Bella Bella,  Bella Coola, Ocean Falls) were not even  allowed a single herring; while others  (mainly the big companies) caught tens  of thousands of tons of herring off Torino  and further north In the Queen Charlottes.  "As the main cause of the problem lies  In declining fish stock* (resulting from  ��� See Page A-8  Sy Pederson, Communist  Pederson, a log scaler who is active in  the International Woodworkers of  America and the Campbell River ���  .Cpurt'enay Labei...CQun.cH,.said.the  Communist platform includes reduction of  the work week to 32 hours, a 25 per cent  Increase in pensions, lowering of the  retirement age and raising of unemployment Insurance benefits to W per cent  of wages for the full period of unemployment.  The Communists also advocate higher  fexes for corporations, lower Income tax  ��� See Page A4  'I think Social Credit got the  message," Lockstead said in regard to  their reduced majority. "In day to day  constituency matters they will look a little  more closely."  , But he lis still concerned about-What he  termed the "arrogance" of the Social  Credit government in matters of health  and education.  He said if Pat McGeer is not taken out  of the education ministry and Bob McClelland out of health ministry "there will  be real problems'*.  "If Bennett got the message at all,  there has to be changes in both those  portfolios," Lockstead said. v.  He said he is "not sure if* a good  thing" that Conservative leader Vic  Stephens was defeated in the Oak Bay  ridingf because now we will not have even  one of Canada's top major political parties  represented in the B.C. legislature.  "Vic Stephens, in spite of his oddball  ways, made a considerable contribution to  the legislature," Lockstead said.  Federal candidates  on Cable 10 tonight  The federal all-candidates meeting  videotaped during the recent Community  Forum at Elphinstone in, Gibsons will be  shown on Cable 10 by Coast Cable Vision  at 5:30 p.m. today in Gibsons and at 7:30  p.m. in Sechelt.  needed energy at the lowest long-term  cost," he said.  Alternative power sources considered  and discarded by Hydro included hog fuel  co-generation,   expansion  of  Campbell  River power production, oil fired gas  -t-trbines-and-coal-fueled-steam -electric���  -plants.   Limited,  power _ production  -capabilityrhighcostsi-pollution-controls���  and attendant environmental impact  problems ruled these out.    v  Nuclear power?  "We looked at it quickly but rejected it  as not being feasible," explained Olsen,  "either ih the time required or in the area  of public acceptance, even though it could  be economic.  "Our major concern now is that the  proposed transmission project to the  mainland be delayed or disallowed, and  we will have to take some fairly drastic  steps to avoid serious brown-outs or blackouts in the winters of 1982 and 1983, and  continuing until an adequate supply is  established."  "The over-riding objective in this whole  process," Olsen1 explained, "is to provide  an adequate amount of electrical energy  with a safe> reliable system at the lowest-  feasible cost,) There is no .other purpose.  We don't build a generating station or a  high-voltage transmission line because we  think it is fun to do so. We do it only as a  -re^uliit)f:anl��59nalysiaJp jtetennini. the.  lowest-cost'long-term supply to meet the  anticipated loads in the area in which they  occur.", .  Olsen said that B.C. Hydro is currently  embarked on a public information  program in an attempt W slow down the  rate of load growth; It includes TV advertisements, school programs, thermogram displays, an insulation finance  program, seminars with industrial and  commercial plant managers to improve  load management, and a pilot project  aimed at controlling hot7 water heaters  ��� See Page A-7  Two polls go  Socred here  Only the advance poll and the Irvings  Landing poll went Social Credit on the  Sunshine Coast In the provincial election  last week that saw Premier Bill Bennett  re-elected with a reduced majority and  Mackenzie NDP-MLA Don Lockstead reelected with nearly 10,000 votes while his  opponent Socred Gerry Gray got just over  6,000 votes.  All other local polls^_avored the incumbent, among therrfGibsons with 1,302  ' for Lockstead and 716 for Gray, Sechelt 854  and 793, Roberts Creek 459 Lockstead and  244 Gray, Madeira Park 310 and 280 in  favor of the NDP and Hopkins Landing  with 247 for Lockstead and 133 for Gray.  Halfmoon Bay had 211 votes for  Lockstead and 133 for Grfty. ,  Irvings Landing favored Gray 110 to 99  and the advance poll showed 145 in favor of  Gray with 116 for Lockstead.  B.C. to spend seven times more on wind, solar, tidal energy  Minister of Energy Mines and  Petroleum Resources, James Hewitt, and  federal Minister of ^ Env.-wmwt, Un  Marchand, today announced the signing of  a five-year, |27 million agreement for the  development and demonstration of energy  conservation and renewable energy  municipal solid waste.  In the area of alternative technology,  projocts' will evaluate the potential of  geothermal, wind and solar energy as well  as tidal power,  The program Is a major boost for B.C.'s  ftMfJfcLccmjervatlon and renewable  , ��� Under fhA iigT.iiWfiiOTlt.te gnCTrirofmtf  of Canada and British Columbia will share  costs of projects ranging from energy-  efficient building ysyitems to energy  production from' wood residues and  energy program and repreaentB a flcven-  expenditures.  "Energy conservation is a cost-  effective way of extending our energy  ���  t  resources, but to date Ls not being practiced widely enough," said Hewitt in  making the announcement. ''Thin major  now program will provide concrete  examples of the benefits of ctmseivatlon  through demonstration projocts carried  out both In the public and private sector."  'Tha. Britiih Columbia agreement Ja_  last July by the federal government of  which $114 million had been allocated for  cost-sharing agreements with the  provinces,"   Marchand   said.   "The  development and demonstration of  renewable energy and energy con-  ��ervatton U part (rf tr* Government's  national strategy for energy self-reliance  by the mid-lWO's and will help limit our  demands for import oil."  the program will be managed by the  tmrirtly formed fl.<^Mlnirtiyttfl-iiergy,  Mines and Petrolettnt Resmvtes.-The  actual project selection will be done by a  federal-provincial management committee.  I  A SUBBMRtNE in Ttt with    Pisces   submersible    in-  happen every day aa Environment vest-gating sewer outfall possibilities.  Canada and local PEP crews got Full-length photo feature by Helen  together last week to prowl the depths Parker1 inside.  f  I PageA-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 16,1979  '-Eobe|t &*), Afidrw >4%tor ;. v. , ��� -l^^M^^^l^^^-  I~:^j��3_M_-r1_f--^^  Judy Etagen*--* Oflte* Mw^ger  ,���__.-,_    4li  YOU CAtfT BtAME ME L  F VDU HAI> LEARISIEI? 7  TQ SPEAK FRENCH; YOU  COULD HAVE BEGSED IN  4WMAN60ASE5  The grim didya-see-ihe-  debate reaper cometh  T^e Sunshine Coast is not the most He was throwing rotten tomatoes  populated portion , of the Comox- at poor Geoff Madoc-Jones In Gibsons  PoweSvRiver constituency we know." ancTSRelly mmseif forked^outailollar  -^u^we_^so_know^atU^c__mb.ent__=_x  Liberal-MP Jack Pearsall's home wouldn't end up with juice on his own  and campaign office are only a short young and beardless face. He was at  ferry fide away and that, even though the Timber Days Dance in Sechelt  Conservative candidate Al Lazerte last weekend dancing it up with wife  has headquarters on the Island, he Dorothy. . . '  has a pilot's license and flies around a. , He's everywhere. He comes, into  lot. But, except for the all-candidates the office in his shirtsleeves and talks  meeting at the Elphie Forum a month   it over and he brings you his thoughts  -ag^we^aven^seen-hideJior-hair-i)-^���in-person-aveq if he's fom-C_-_-ilen__y  meets  for brief :  to C-B-tC  EditovThe Times:h__ __:���.���7 ���_  Elphinstone     Student     Research  Productions has learned that the CRTC  foTdiscusSton-  provlde an.opjportumtyjogj  cOfie^iCBlFrV interference with  PBS  Channel 9 at its June 19 hearing in Vancouver. ,  Cable subscribers,who are concerned  may wish to meet with us Thursday, May  17, at 7:30 p.m. in Room 107 at Elphinstone  Secondary School to prepare a brief and  intervention.  ESRP  Ed. note: Petitions to accompany an intervention will be available at the  newspaper office.  Marcia negative  these two around here  It's quite possible they come and  go privately. But that would seem to  be a funny way for somebody seeking  public office to go. Especially at  across the way.  He deserves a gold star for attendance. And if his activities now are  any indication of how he'll be if he  gets elected, he deserves the best gold  READER'S RIGHT  ���'  "������'���"     -,  election time. Especially during the   star andector can give. A vote,  campaign. ~ Not only ttiat,~but his national-  Mihd-ybu, their platfonra  Socred policy gives pensioners  the mail so we know what they are  running for. But that's no substitute  for the flesh. It may be bad timing on  our part, but we haven't been able, to  shake their hands, or look into their  expectant faces. Just the one time.  Don't we matter enough,over here?  Sure we do. We matter to NDP  candidate Ray Skelly. He was at the  Forum. He was back when national  the time. We hope he came across as  well in the great debate as he does on  his commercials. We couldn't see the  big three-way yak on Sunday because  of business. Newspaper business.  When the grim didya-see-the-  debate reaper comes to our door, all  we will haveTo say is "I gave at the  office."  If he comes to your door, be honest  price oMwo4oave8^>t6read  on Arts Center  Editor, The Times:  The comments on the new Arts Centre  by your columnist Marcia Poultice are  excessively negative.  A' small, number of people with very  limited resources have indeed devoted a  lot of time and energy towards bringing a  facility to promote all aspects of the arts  here. It was expected to be a farily lengthy  process, especially when our initial source  of funding was a Canada Works Grant  covering "wages only" at $3.60 per hour.  The Arts Council had no option but to build  with raw materials and we have en  deavoured to do the best we can with what  -we-had .   labor leader Henry Lorrain passed with him. Tell him you saw it all, you  through helping to scare the pulp- thought it over, and you're going to  workers into some NDP votes. He was vote for the next candidate you see in  tWiging  around  NDP's various person,  campaign pffices quite a bit. Ten to one it'll be Ray.  A fine line  tike Science Fiction  - V  ���by Bruce'Robinson  Editor, The Times:  Well, one election has come and gone.  The parties came out close to even which  may mean a more reasonable line of  thought by the. Socreds. Gerry and his  sidekicks won't be able to go off on far  "business" junkets at taxpayers' expense.  Who ever heard of a business man going  off on a "business" trip and not throwing  in a goodly chunk of fun? They won't be  "funning" at our expense because if the  government tries to push through one of  their wealthy man's goodies and the poor  man's loss they may be defeated in the  house.  Another thing. The media, which in  most cases we all know is all- out for the  -Socreds,���is. saying Dave Barrett will  maybe step down after what they call two  party defeats at the polls. Rubbish! NDP  didn't quite make it but it was far from a  defeat. DON'T STEP DOWN DAVE. You  have a whip in hand now.  . being inflicted on those who cannot afford  \them, such as knocking $2 off GAIN at the  same time the federal government .gave  an increase in OAP of $3.35 leaving us the  price of two loaves of bread extra per  month.      ^  Let's see them live that way and be  forced to like it.  Sincerely  Keith Comyn.  Old People's Revenge Party will  kick'em out of pubs, off welfare  By MARCIA POULTICE  Voting day at the polls was interesting.  The Gibsons Legion looks just as it does  for dances, the only difference being the  pre-fab cardboard voting cublicles. I  missed the mysterious littieflapping black  curtain which used to be. a feature of the  polls. It used to twitch with the vigour of a  voter marking his X. I guess by now  , everyone knows what a disgrace the  voters list was. One man had the distinc-  I have always had enormous respect  for science fiction writers, even though I  seldom read books. The books I have  read, however, have consistently impressed me with their foresight and  imagination, pre-requisites for any SF  writer of stature. But another ingredient,  not so heralded and yet perhaps the most  important element of all, is "a sense of  humanity." The SF writer's love for man,  and his concern for the direction the  human race is taking, pervade his stories.  It is these writers more than anyone else  who appear to be dealing realistically with  our future, even though they deal in fiction.  Nobody can consistently foretell the  future. But the track record of SF writers  shows they have in the past guessed as  accurately as anybody what the contemporary world has become. They are  valid. They now tell us what kind of condition the human race will be in a hundred  or five hundred years in the future.  So what are they telling us? Well, as  thoy are obviously fascinated with the  potential for change in the future. They  are saying "leTs take our time." But we  are clearly not taking our time with  technology. We are integrating glsmos and  formulas Into industry as fast as we invent,  them. Are we ignoring their warning to'  look before we leap?  Technology is as insidious as it is  progressive. The main advantage of Invention in the past has been the convenience It provides. Industry constantly  looks for ways to cut costs, while the"  consumer, percnially frustrated In that  pursuit, at least succeeds in increasing his  The FmimuhAq/fone*  I'uhllshed Wednesdays nt .Sechelt  on B.C.'si Sunshine Const  by      ,  I lie Peninsula Times  lor Wc-lpres Publications Ltd,  al Sechelt, B.C.  Box 310 ~ Sechelt. B,C,  V0N7VA0  Phone 885-.12.il.  'Office hours: 8:..0a.m.  to5p.ni, Tueju-Snt.  Contributors:  Div. 7, Sechelt lilcmciiUtry  Robert i'oxall  VvrnGtefsbrccht   .., 4 ���,.,,, Dennis Gray.., ..,,,,..��,..,,   *     Maurice llenlstreot  Robert Kirsch  Mnrdn Poultice  Miirriu Redman   ,,���..,,���.,,���..-,w,_BigaKs#iMiu, ^ ,.���. _   GuySymonds  '"Mnrloli'AlIagcsr*  Peggy Connor  Doris Rdwuidsqn  MnryTlnkley.Sliannoi)  t A  leisure time. Inventions will do both, but  too often we forget to weigh the consequences of introducing a new process or  a new product without studying extensively the possible implications.  If something new is implemented into  industry before its ramifications are fully  understood, it may be extremely difficult  to adjust without incurring immense costs.  And we all know that industry has a tendency to try numerous alternatives before  taking definitive measures to correct its  mistakes, as necessary as those steps  might be. Meanwhile, destructive reactions occur as industry'stalls. It is a  dangerous game.  The most obvious example of  irresponsibility in our recent past is the  development of nuclear power. The  potential for disaster "at Three Island  pointed out two things ��� what we know  about nuclear power was not being acted  on, and what we didn't know was J)eing  dangerously ignored. When nuclea^uel is  examinee(from all possible viewpoints,  and whenlwe know all of Its characteristics  and all ofl'ts possibilities, it may turn out  to bo one of man's greatest blunders.  Science Fid-Ion writers talk at great  length about the dangers of over-  increasing reliance On machines. Industry  responds that machines will never think  for themselves, and that man will always  be required to program such machines.  Already we have seen evidence of many  employee whose jobs have been rendered  obsolqte by computers, but perhaps that is  not the most alarming result of the so-  called computer age.  For the. past few weeks I have been  teaching math itt Chatelech Junior  Secondary, and I must admit a strong  aversion to calculators. Many of tho  studonts are literally lost without them.  Tho argument for thorn Is that students  will havo to understand systems before  they can utilize their calculators, but that  Is not entirely true..The procedure of  changing decimals Into fractions and the  converse process have always puzzled a  portion of students. Calculators will make  theso changes without,���a. student really  being aware of what4 transpired. As woll,  their basic computation abilities, that of  adding, subtracting, multiplying nnd  dividing are disintegrating In many cases.  Problems" they could Iiavo readily solved  In grade four or fIvq, are now hopelessly  complex.  As a final statement on the age of  convenience, I'd like to mention an occurence at tho bank the other day; I had  gone there to make a rare deposit but Ivud  neglected to bring my savings account  book, forgetting tho number of my account  ns woll. Tho teller found my card without  the bonk would- be-switching over to  computer within1 the month. What this  meant, she said, was that the bank would  no longer need to know my name; All they  required was my number.  . ; They wan__yotfibut of there, you are a $ tioh of having been .dead through three  'thorn in theirV-de. So stay with it and we'll f administrations.7 This" remarkable  bless you for it. Anyone with thoughts like achievement is almost equal of some  these should write to NDP caucus mem- members of the Senate. One voter, Mary  bers. It will keep future insanities from    Carmichael of Gibsons came trumpeting  Great big warm family hugs  best for Mother on  By MARCIA POULTICE  Mother's Day has become a commercial enterprise but the initial idea was  good. Mothers go through a lot trying to be  everything to everyone. Their hours are ;  long and many of their tasks are tedious. ;  Neither their wages or hours are union j  scale and there are no retirement benefits, j  Most mothers are pretty nice and they !  usually say they don't need anything for ;  Mother's day but they do. What they would j  rather receive more than anything else, I |  suspect, is a good healthy hug. Great big |  warm family Hugs are the most precious :  things around and they will often lay to 7  rest the most fearsome family feud. Hugs  especially, please, from the boys. Boys j  who started but as fat little babies just ���  rolling in hugs, then became open-hearted <  clumsy eating machines and all of a j  sudden were great big, out in the world, '  men. They may seem suddenly urbane but j  their mothers still think of them as the '  awful darlings and reminisce fondly about I  socks, gonchles, runners and soccer strips. j  We lpve the girls too but the girls are |  always lovely about Hugs and sometimes ���  boys forget. Gentlemen, if you can't hug j  your own mother, go hug someone elses, If'  she has been nice to you.  My own mother was very tall (5'9") !  nnd beautiful. She had flaming red hair  and a vibrant creative personality. She  was posltiyely histrionic at the ^dinner  table oh every subject from politics  through literature to street cleaning. She  was never without an opinion or the ability  to voice it vividly. She had, as most  mothers have, a colossal repertoire of old  maxims which were trotted out at appropriate moments. They are all true and  still useful for passing on to assorted  grandchildren ���mothers being mothers  and grandmothers the same.  But my mother had an interesting side  any7.  work. They Were always given a nights  sleep, a bath, some good food and a task  about the gardens. (This was to maintain  their pride, nothing was a handout). If  their lot was our house a trip to the dentist  was included.  Our dentist was a cranky stout man  with upward mobility ih mind and he  didn't care for the looks of mother's  clientele. There was a scathing, verbal  scuffle at one time about his not wanting  mother's group in his waiting room. This  was settled by his taking them first/For  many years he kept the better dressed  waiting while mother's hordes sashayed  through.  After this she went battering around to  every business she supported, pointing out  where men could and should be employed.  She was not above a little boycotty-type  blackmail and always went right to the  head man, She was usually successful, but  was considered too forceful and energetic  for many of her tea-slpplng contemporaries. Many of the persons she  helped did get on their feet arid many  returned to visit. And thanks offered was  brushed aside with the admonition "please  Just pass it on" and then we would get  down to the serious business of "was that  molar or bicuspid still giving him  trouble?" She was glad he was prospering  but "keep after those teeth".  There was a lovely atmosphere of  helpfulness throughout that awful  depression and all was accomplished with  the most exquisite tact. During her  "tooth" years, mother also kept a  secretarial school occupied with tlie young  women she was continuously putting  through their six-week blitz course so that  thoy might bettor face a hostile world.  in plugging a new party she has planned. It  will be called the Old People's Revenge  (OPR) party and the first plank in her  platform is to "kick everyone out of the  pubs and off welfare!" Well, Mary... by  199(1 that may include all of us|   A 73 per cent turnout is something  British Columbia can be very proud of  'though it wa? a little embarrasing to have  one poll call happily in with the news that  : they had 103 per cent turnout. Hundreds of  ^section 8p; special ballots had to be made  '^ffor'thbse who stoutly maintained that  their'names were indeed on a voting list:  somewhere and the same special ballot  under section 117 for those too lazy to  make it to their own polling place. In that  comment I am not referring to the senior  citizens but rather to those Who couldn't  afford to be late for bowling. Those special  ballots were sent away and I>m told that  most of them will not be counted. Many  nineteen-year-olds wereirate at not being  on the voters list although they had made  pot the slightest effort to place themselves  on it. Their most commoh excuse being  that they didn't know where to go! Well,  little lambchops, did it never occur to you  to inquire at the Newspaper of City Hall?  You seemed to know exactly where you  cotild get your first legal drink, why not  your first vote?  I think we have the most beautlfulx)lder  ladles hereon the peninsula. They came to  the polls looking absolutely immaculate in  their lovely bright springtime colours and  they contributed a delightful fashion show  of their very own. They must have gone to  a lot of trouble to look that charming and  not for themselves but for the eye of the  beholder. It does brighten a room. While  speaking of brightening the Legion, Joe  Caumpman brightens up any room just by  entering it. He looked very dashing in his  yachty bright red with cap to match but  "with Joe it's mostly his smile which lights  any room. First thing you knew all the  grim harassed Wees were smiling, What a  nice way to be and how sad If Joe goes  through with his talk of moving to Victoria  and taking that blazing smile with him.  Getting* back to more serious matters  such as results. The SoCreds now have a  very narrow margin of four v6tes In the  house (when you knock off the appointed  speaker). This should save the taxpayers a  lot of money in that there will be much  less junkettlng off to Europe, Africa' of  where -over��at our* expense. The vote  margin will be too narrow for oven a 'flu  epidemic, When that buzzer rings in tho  legislature for a vote the members must  air bo within range or ZAP goes tho  legislation. Any floor-crossing will bo* a  serious business.  Did anyone keep track of all those  Nevertheless, the building has been  under construction for about a year and a  half with a break of about six months while  further funding was awaited.  There are no "garbage-like heaps of  left-over rubbish" around the building.  The village is moving the last of their  materials out so that the nearby completed building can coincide its opening  with the sewer start and landscaping can  commence.  The Arts Council is providing a  valuable service to our community and  requires lots of support instead of hindrance.  Clarke Steabner.  Surrey students  to re-unite  Editor, The Times:  The Surrrey High-Lord Tweedsmuir  1912-19'79 rciwnpf will;lj6lheld at our school  on-Ju-H. l-fc,-197$ 7-10 p.m. We would be  very grateful if you could find space in  your paper to announce this event and thus  help us to reach the people who we hope  will return to Cloverdale for that evening.  Location is 6151180th Street, Surrey, B.C.  and all former students and staff k are  welcome. Phone 574-7407.  JoanParolin.  Secretary, Staff Reunion Committee.  not  person in her own right rather than just  my mother or my father's wife.  ,,--      ���-���,���       Her thousand little autocracies were  fetish: she was always Interested in teeth,   splendid too. One of many, always oe-  She wanted oyoryono she know, par- rcompanled by a glare, was "Anyone who  What loycly memories! have ofher as n    promises? I sort of lost count but there Is  Editor, The Times:  It is unclear to us why Jpan Foster  (alias Marcia Prtultice), an active Arts  Council member, would choose to condemn the largest project the Arts Council'  has ever undertaken. True, the completion  of the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre has been  delayed,.but this does not warrant Ms.  Foster's scathing attack.  We disagree with her belated comments on the building's design. Did she  make her opinion's known during the  initial discussions? In our view the Arts  Centre is the most imaginative building in  Sechelt. The "inexpensive" panabode  which Ms. Foster champions would not  on,ly be indistinguishable fipm the other  buildings in Sechelt, but would in no way  reflect the aesthetic standards the Arts  Council is presumably fostering.  ' The stacks of wood, etc.v around the  building are merely part of a "proper  construction" site. From what we can see,  no "cover-up" will be necessary. Rather,  tho completion of tho landscaping ideas  already proposed will provide Sechelt with  a showpiece no hastily constructed  panabode could match.  With tho opening date approaching, Ms.  Foster's criticisms can only bo counter  productive. Wo look forwnrd to an active  arts program which never would bo  possible without this building.  Jody Pilling  Donna Shugar.  .tlcularly tho young, to havo good strong  teeth.  She felt healthy teeth meant general  good health. If one of us had a stomach  ache or slight.ever shW(^k our teeth  before moving on to other remedies. All  our cousins, the children of the less fortunate, or really anyone over whom she  had any direct sway, was shipped down to  remember ever hearing: Wmcomplatn  about what must have been astronomical  dental bills, This was during depression  times and mother belonged to some eager  group who assisted tho jobless in finding  ft  lias to use the same adjective more than  onco a day is a boro," No IPs, nnd's, or  but's. If any of us hod a tale to toll wo had  better toll it with colour or remain silent.  No one Ih Mr house rottialned silent.  My mother died in 1040 after a long and  ghastly illness. Her funeral was understandably crowded and many dentists  attended, I wondered, at the time, if she  tasa'putimr over *on*f>a(han .r^mptoyed  ���'fleveral'0f'themr'----''>'*'-��---**-�� *������>.-  So ��� to those of you still lucky enough'  to have mothers, I hope you saw to it that  she got a hug and a flower on Mother's Day  or any day fpr that matter.  one thing Idd believe, f do believe that It  will be a longlsh time before we see  anothor three-year election called. Tho  government may fall but will not look to  ihe hustings again without a great deal  more thought. So much for the Provincial,  gasp... and now on to the Federal.  ��  luf     ,-L.-_k..-l I 1. rumr ��� lr, 1 .,���   -!^*rf^   r*pr   " "iff n^lf  i f -r...*... rTrm. n n f" ~..T  I ___-__;  r    ���  fy& {fencing  n n.,--tf&ii��t>����� ,  Z&#e  A picket fence, a ranch-type fence.,. your  friendly Tlm-BR-Mart dealer . will gladly  work out how much material you'll need lor  the job and suggest a stylo of fonco to suit  your landscaping or budget.  Ififlfi^flfl  Wednesday. May 16,1979  Jfe/viliV  ,%Wa\  SUPER-TONE FENCE  LATEX STAIN  A long-wearing exterior italn.  ililllllllllUJiSlg  >3��a^  1  GREEN VINYL  CHAIN LINK FENCING  Protect your children, enhance the value of  your property, keep your yard free of animals.  Chain link fencing It easy to Install and  requires no annual painting. Take your plan  and measurements to your neighbourhood  -Tim-BR-Mart store.  1 m[39"]  12-1/2 Go. x  10 nwtrM [39*]  L18  1.25 m[48"]  12-1/2 Ca. x  10 mmUmt [39'] i  &8  Your TIm-BR-Mart dealer can also supply  posts, caps, gates, etc. to complete your  fencing |ob.  sjssjs���ustsmi  ]  RED  GREEN  ���i  CREOSOTE  For treatment of wood  against rot, mildew,  fungus etc.  O  8,��ono <;  Sgggn  2____^**vi_E_-  m_______,w~-  ROUND TREATED  FENCE POSTS   4 litre  ea.  ttteyand!  -... \  i"  fiSSi  -    __^Z^  *SBT  ^v^**'  Sequioa stones. A durable and beautiful  replica of a redwood round right down to saw  marks   and   worm    holes   In    the   bark.  195  ea.  I**  CONCRETE MIX  MORTAR MIX  *2��  Bag  $2*5  Bag  12" x 12" x 4"  SCREEN BLOCKS  Privacy wllh a touch of  ���Itganc*. San Hernand��_  or San GabrM.  12" x 12" x 2"  PATIO BLOCKS  Eaty to Install,  ���aiy to maintain.  VISA  ������, * -j^^'^Bt-l-*^^'4-^^___i_^^i-_____i^'-'.'^__t ! St*1**1 '^L' "'*  688-6814  GIBSONS  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Sunshine Coast Hwy, Olbsons  -��� 886*_4_F  "FOR AU YOUR BUILDING NEEDS"  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  ���SPECIAL COVERALL KITS  -2 ROLLERS/TRAY/  DROP SHEET   $) A A  ���PADCO PAINT PADS  $3.99  BRUSHK20% OFF ALL  PAINT TH.HNER $2.49 ML  GET YOUR  MARINEENAMEL  NOW!  IS BASIC COLOURS  -_   TO CHOOSE FROM &  UNLIMITED COMBINATIONS.  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  tuns ttttte C*e*tsHwy, Olbsons        ���  and or      000"Ol41;  ������FOR ALL YOUR BUlUnNGJKDjr  mememm  mm PageA-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 16,1979  Sechelt notes  Salute to Kathy and Carl  By Peggie Connor, 885-9347  Pender Harbour happenings  Pender wins darts  by Doris Edwardson 883-2308  Two relative newcomers to Sechelt^    oyefrwith-a-apeeiaLj  young, up-and-coming loggers;  - McKay, Cecil and Mary Gordon, Bill and   suspected it is not just for family reasons  Bea Rankin and Andy Atcheson went   she comes to the coast.  complete with crutches, having broken bis  leg doing a good deed. Mrs. Fleetham of  North Vancouver travelled with the  Mittlesteadts. Held May 3 to 6, it was for a  . four-day affair, with Thursday's golf game  for theiNoblejCandidates at Cedar Hill Golf  ourse." TCay "Middjesteadt:~was_the~only  Cliff and T iz Lindsay at the Cozy Court  Motel have, their parents visiting. First  to.come were Cliff's parents Paul and  Mable Lindsay from Pointe Quebec  for two weeks and they enjoyed themselves immensely._Mr�� Lindsay found the  Ttflmon hWsrcoioperativ^ Wthisrhi-f fifst-  . The Pender Harbour, Port Moody Dart  Co_npetltion was held in the Royal  Canadian Legion Br. 112 on Saturday  l_.temo6-rMay~12rTh��rtournament was  won by G. Kobus in a three dart finish,  -Bend_a_-,Harb_i_ff__^^  Congratulations to all players and the'  crowd that cheered them on. A delicious  smorgasbord of salmon, baked to perfection, roast beef, oysters, salads etc; was  enjoyed by the dart players.  PENDER HARBOUR SENIOR    ,  CITIZENS' ASSOCIATION BR. 80  A change of date has been announced,  for the May meeting of Pender Harbour  Senior "Citizens' Association, Br.. 80.  Members please note that since May 21  conflicts with Victoria Day, the meeting  will be held on May 28. Entertainment for  the evening will be cards and bowling.  Everyone is welcome, whether a member  or not. For-transportation please phone  :Ja:<*JHeideniarat 883-9973.- ���  Imabelkent  Mabel Kent passed away May 10,1979  in Haney, B.C. and will be remembered by  many long-time residents of the Harbour.  She resided in Pender Harbour from the  early 40's to the mid 60's and left the area  after her husband Captain W.A. Kent  passed away. Mable was an active community worker in those days, had been P.  President in the R.C. Legion Br. 112 Ladies  Auxiliary, helped with hospital and  Community Club projects and made many  friends.  She was 84 last September 19 arid had  been cared for by the Homemakers group.  ~A~ memorial-service-washeldin-Haney^���  Captain W.A. Kent passed away May  7H962pHe=used=to-run-the=Eost=Office=aU  Irvines Landing in the early days of the.  Harbour and then he looked after the little  Post Office in Madeira Park. He also  operated the school ferry before Wilkinsons took over with their Dakota Belle, and  at one time he was Sec.-Treas. of the R.C.  -Legion Br. 112."Kent Road in Madeira  park was named ;after him.  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION  BRANCH 112. ��� >x  Live, entertainment Friday and  Saturday evenings at the Legion also tbe  ever popular Meat Draw on Saturday  afternoon at 2:30. Sunshine Coast Zone  Commander, Wally Erickson, his wife  Marty and other R.C. Legion Br. 14)  members attended the Dart tournament.  -heldin-the-Legion-Sa1--_--ay-_after___n^^  "Kathy Acton and Carl Chrismas,. are  devoting their energies to making this  Timber Days an exciting time. There are  many energetic workers^ assisting them  but a lot of planning,.ordering of tickets,  trophies, ribbons, guests, etc, fall to the  chairman of any group. .  Kathy Acton is in charge of. Special  ig^tff��� ten teams vying to points to put'  their representative on top to be Ms.  Timber Days. Carl Chrismas is the man in  charge, of -Timber Days Logging events  and the General of Timber Days, both  doing a fantastic job.  The Village of Sechelt and surrounding  district would do well to show their appreciation by full.attendance.  =Dpw>thy=Goeson=is-weltl_nown=for-her=  ie woman' thft plpyeri and she-received-a���tripiiererAfrpresent-Drrand-MrsrBuekley  PAST MAYDAYS  Traditionally May 24 weekend is  Sechelt's celebration day-and the Navy  Cadet Bank has participated for many  years. They first were brought up by Ted  LePage on board his "Gulf Wing" vessel to  small trophy.  VISITORS  Mrs. Dorothy Tomashewski is a  frequent visitor to Davis Bay to visit her  daughter and son-in-law Ken and Ann  Pearson. This year she is particularly glad  to leave her home in Teuton, Manitoba  '���playand-form-tiie-honorguard-for Mary���where spring.Is dragging its.feet about  '.Parker, now Mrs. Cecil, Gordon. Mrs.   coming. A great lover of seafood, it is  Powell,   an  English /lady,   was   the ' __,  originator, then came Lee Redman, Ada  Dawe; Winn Toynbee and others who were.  the mainstay for years keeping the event  going. It is good to see new arrivals taking  ���up���the���duties-to���assure-^Sechelt���its-  celebration days will continue.     '    j  from Hightown, England, Liz's parents,  are here for several weeks. They too have  been successfuly in .catching many  salmon. The Buckley's will take a boat trip  to Stewart and take in other parts of B.C.  This is a second-time visit for them.  YEAR OF THE CHILD  This is the Year of the Child. Maybe  next year could be the year of the Teens.  HOSPITAL NEWS  Bill Scoular is coming along very well  now after having a series of heart attacks  and son Stanley said he should be home in  a few weeks.  FIRE  Last Thursday the Fire Dept. was  called out about midnight to a boat fire in  Garden Bay, but everything was under  control before they got there.  work on May Day events and helping her is  Sandy Cavalier, the star of May Day. The  new queen elect, Lisa Blackwell, is still in  England and will be back in Sechelt by  tomorrow.  One worry now is how to feed the Navy  Cadet Band that is coming up from North  Vancouver. They wouldn't turn down any  offers of help, The Navy League Cadets  and Wrens from Gibspns will be marching  with them. This makes four bands for the  parade and Parade Marshall Homer Glass  is anticipating,,participation of over 30  floats. The other bands are Chatelech,  Elphinstone and the Legion Pipe Band.  VOIJ3EYBALL_    ,   Special EventsVolleyball takes place  JI_h__r_Lday.,iMay_l7_st^^  Friendly rivalry  =SA_-MON=DERB��^=^  Better not forget the second day of the  Timber Days-Salmon Derby is Saturday,  May 19, weigh-in Hackett Park 2 to 3 p.m.  No entry fee, no registration, and prizes  donated by the Sunshine Coast Credit  Union, including their big trophy.  MERCHANTS TOPS  The response of Sechelt merchants in  support of Timber Days > is simply  fabulous. The committee are high in  praise for the way the majority contributed willingly, so read your program  carefully and note who is helping make  this weekend a true community effort.  TOTOMA SPRINGCEREMONIAL  The Shriners biggest-ceremonial in  Temple history, held recently in Victoria,  BUIUHNG A NEW  HOME  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at ll:30-a.n..,- Wednesday. Evenings77:30.  All in St. John's United Church,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157, 886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pastor  TIMES 0_" SUNDAY MASS  7:00 p.m. Sat. eve at St. Mary's, Gibsons  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on  thei Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in  Sechelt.  12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons  UNITED CHURCH  9:30 a.m.���St. John's. Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m;- Gibsons  with spectators invited,  will prevail.  FIELD EVENTS  . These start at 1 p.m. Sunday, May 20 at  Hackett Park. It's fun and antics as the ten  .teams try to outdo each other in a three-  legged race_ egg and spoon race,.sack  race, slosh race rtiu_u_ne has to be seen), .  sleeping bag race and the tug-o-war. For  the latter I'm sure they will rope the public  well back so everyone may see.  BAKING CONTEST SUNDAY, MAY 20  Each team will .supply one apple pie,  on baker's dozen butter tarts, one loaf of  bread, chocolate cake. Competition was  close in this event last $aar.  CHILDREN'S SPORTS  ANDFREEBIES  ~The firsUadsto arrive will receive free  tokens to purchase either a hot dog or  drink. Then their sporting events will start  at 11:30 a.m.  PARADE ON MONDAY, 11 AA!.  A bigger and better parade, with the  bicyde;decorattng contest. Entrants tajbe^  at Sechelt Indian Band Grounds by 9:15 "  a.m.  CEREMONIES FOR SPECIAL EVENTS  Monday, May 21 at 1 p.m. at Hackett  Park, crowning of Ms. Timber Days '79,  Timber Cup presentation, draw for the 50-  50 raffle.  LOGGERS SPORTS  Also Monday, the Loggers Sports take  was attended by local residents Charlie  and Kay Mittesteadt, Mick and Betty  CALL "BILL"  at  885-2980  or  885-9578  WSr  family...see us first.  A Royal Bank Loan can help you get the camper you want...  a little sooner than you'd planned. We have flexible interest  rates and a friendly and .helpful stair to serve you.  When you succeed,.. we succeed.  SECHELT BRANCHf  Cowrie  Sechelt. 885-2201  eopte  <!  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FROZEN FOOD  Minute Maid  ORANGE JUICE u.-.,  Mrs. Smith's  APPLE PIES   ..g-rCrumb  PRODUCE  BANANAS  Florida Grown  CORN ON THE COB  \  California Fresh  GREEN ONIONS  RADISHES          Sp | SAUCES ho>   Betty Crocker Super Moist "f Af>  CAKE MIXES s.��_r 79  $169  w  $129  $189  $��39  SJ49  Kraft  MIRACLE WHIP i utre   French's Prepared  MUSTARD i6 ox   Blck's  SWEET MIXED PICKLES 32 oz.  MARGARINE 3 ib���   Crls'co  SHORTENING 3ib...n  ��� lb,t_Q  4/95  2/J9  Z/J91MARSHMALL0WS  Old Dutch  POTATO CHIPS wr  79c  Kraft Jot Puff  11 ox.  ���>iM��WSW.*l*w'''^^.+(>W  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park��883-9100  ^4ta^i^-^l-^^<^ftVm^(4)Mt^  \  Prices effective May 1609  ���> Pender Harbour  Auxiliary to St.  Mary's Hospital  The FendeFHarBour AuaalIa_yTd-$t7;  Mary's Hospital held its annual Mem-  WeifaeBday, May X1979  The Peninsula Times        . PageA-5  t,_���2--._i_-'f_.*-*_*j-4 ;_ U^(_li'V.  it t���V L��� 1  O     CCD\/irCC n-.r re-AA  1^Hp^ea^-_rWednesdayr/_��fa^  co-operated and under sunny skies1  members ahdguests arrived to be greeted  by our President Jean Prest. The tables  were beautifully decorated with flower  arrangements in which pink dogwood  from the convenor's garden was the  conversation piece of the day. The  dogwood was mixed with lilac and other  spring flowers and set off to perfection by  blue tablecloths. Doreen Webb was con*  venor and like the decorations the refreshments were a sight to behold and a delight  to sample.  The business meeting was short and  fmi6W^d~t5r3srsddi%s^^  Paetkau of Sechelt. He commented on the  ivorkof-au-fliarie^and^tressed its benefit-  ���WE HAVE GAS & DIESEL  PUMPS & TOW TRUCK SERVICE.  ���RESTAURANT OPEN  THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY  HOURS: 4:30 P.M. i|0:00 P.M.  The Clarksons ��� 8 miles north of Sechelt ��� Hiway 101.  NGAIRE MORGAN, wife of Lions International first vice-president Lloyd Morgan of New Zealand gets.a  knowing look as he speaks to Gibsons club last week. ^  Gibsons glimpses  World's greatest club  by Marion Alsager, 886-2458  the new Children's Hospital be the Golden  Anniversary project and it was moved that  _theI^_UeaAi--_lia-7-i^e^25^>_{Ltowar--S  to patients. He spoke too of the history of  our auxiliary, the first to serve St. Mary's  Hospital.' Dr. Paetkau went on then to  describe what is being done at St. Mary's  during this building and improvement  period. He spoke about the Master Plan  being set up for the hospital ��� a plan that  is laying a foundation now for the  fulfillment of future needs.  We were interested to learn that St.  Mary's Hospital has an enviable record in  the field of Day-care Surgery, a form of  An open and shutcascfor  Keating your fiome^tKwood  this hospital. There were 143 auxiliaries  represented and approximately 1,000  women present. It was moved that we  contribute $1,500 to the Royal Canadian  Legion Bursary fund also. The amount of  _i__bfiQ0 was donated at the Convention by  care which reduces the need for bed-care  and thus frees bed-space and personnel for  the care of the acutely ill. The improvements in the Emergency area  "presenUy~being^6n-plef��l~will~gfeatly_  enhance this aspect of hospital service.  At the Gibsons Lions dinner meeting in  honor of Lloyd Morgan, International first  vice-president from Lower Hutt, New  Zealand, Larry. Campanas, district  governor from Tasu, Queen Charlotte  Islands, said, "I feel humble to have the  honor of introducing the International  vice-president."  Mr. Morgan brought greetings from  Lower Hutt and said, he was here because  of his fellow Lions, that the Commonwealth of Lionism is one of fellowship  ��� that is how he met Ray Holbrook, who  invited him to Gibsons. He said that ideas  stem from thoughts and individual action  from all club members and that is why the  Lions Club is the world's greatest club and  that it originated in the U.S.A. They reach  - out beyond community borders to help the  more unfortunate, i.e. youth exchange, a  costly but a very successful program.  Morgan said, "Think of how many  people who have been made happy  through the Lions Club." There are 32,664  Lions CluBs and he told jte peninsula club  members tone prbud'of flie en_blem"i__ey  wear, whether they are local club rtiem-  ber, district or international.1 Morgan  emphasized that the Lions are a "people to  people" organization and their challenge  is to bring mankind together and harmony  amongst people of the world! This year,  "Year of the Child", members should  reactivate themselves towards the "child"  by care and Concern for all infirmities, so  that they might be avoided in future times.  Past district governor Ed Porter  responded to Morgan's address and said,  "Power belongs to the Clubs." Mrs. Porter  was also at the head table. She is the  former Olive Service and it was our  pleasure to have had a chat with her. She  and Ed live in North Vancouver. Present  were Lions Club members from Pender  Harbour, Sechelt and Vancouver. Mayor  Blain welcomed Lloyd Morgan ahd  presented him with Gibsons Centennial  coins. The Gibsons Lions Club presented  Morgan with The Gibson's Landing Story  and to Mrs. Morgan a dogwood design  china cup and saucer.  RANGERS  Nadene Smethurst and Heather  Cattanach were the two' girls from this  area who attended the B.C. Ranger  council Conference, where 56 represent-  1 atives came from White Rock to Taylor to  Prince Rupert. The elected council  members were all from the Lower  Mainland. The girls say they really enjoyed themselves even though it snowed on  tho Friday and in Ft. St. John the  pussywillows, were just out. Tho next B.C.  Ranger Conference will be held in Victoria  next May. We must congratulate the girls  for winning second prize in the Gong  Show!  RUGBY  Congratulations to the Elphinstone  Girls' Rugby Team who defeated the  Garibaldi Girls last week,  GERONTOLOGY  Louise Hume and Leslie Hudson are  attending the Gerontology Association of  B.C. conference in Penticton this weekend.  LEAVING  Ron and Lou McPhedran are leaving  the Sunshine Coast to take up maidcuee in  North Vancouver where Ron will be  working for CPU No. 433 and Lou at  Capilano College.  HORSEMAN  Rick Blakeman is visiting his parents  Dick and Marlene this week. Rick is from  Yakima, Wash, where his job is transporting race horses to various points in  the U.S.A.  RIDING CLUB  - - At the-TimbW Trails Club riding show,  Jeneane Cramer won first prize in Hunter  Hack and second prize in Western  Pleasure and had an all-round good day on  her new horse "Chico Bill".  BOUTIQUE  Rosemary Carlisle and Mara.wUl soon  be opening a boutique shop ^ "Lower  Gibsons at the bus stop. They will also  have quality used clothing for sale.  IN HOSPITAL  Doug Meldrum is in St. Paul's Hospital  and is in satisfactory condition after his  operation.  AUSTRALIA  Evelyn Blain has just returned from a  five-week trip to Australia, Fiji, New  Zealand and Cook Islands. She had a  wonderful time despite the loss of her  luggage. It seems they just did not transfer  it in San Francisco and it finally caught up  with her a few days later.  LEGION LADIES  the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies  Auxiliary Convention was held in New  Westminster May 6,7,8,9 and Val Parker,  Tillle Knowles, Vi Wilson, Ivy Fiedler,  Cathy Mandelkau, Ann Pearsall. and  Sandra Neild from the Gibsons Branch  attended. They say the convention was  very fruitful and they enjoyed themselves  and were very well looked after by the  different Legion branches in the New  Westminster area. Thre off our ladles  were lucky enough to win prizes, Ivy and  Gladys won car waxes and Cathy won a  tablecloth.  At the Convention it wap decided that  two Auxiliary Branches from Nanaimo  and Vancouver areas.' This Children's  Hospital is near completion and is situated  on the Shaughnessy Hospital grounds.  There were 147 flags in the color party  in the parade, and most certainly did look  impressive. ,  SUVEGES-ANDERSON NUPTIALS MAY  5,1979  A beautiful wedding was solemnized in  the Gibsons United Church, officiated by  Rev. Canon Minto Swan, uniting in  marriage Mona Suveges, daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Dennis Suveges and Duane  Anderson, son of Mrs. D. Anderson.  Given in n_arriage by her father, the  bride looked radiant in a gown of white  chantilly lace and fingertip veil. Her  headpiece was lace with flowers matching  her bouquet. She carried a cluster of bridal  pink roses and baby's breath with leather  leaf and pink streamers.  Mava Schneider was maid of honour  and bridesmaids were Heather Wright,  Debbie Stromquist and Cheryl Bone:  B-jdal, attendants, wxere _ gowned alike iff  pink chiffon overlay gowns. They e *a'  carried colonial botlSuets of blue carnations, pink roses and baby's breath.  The groom, best man and ushers wore  blue tuxedos. Best man was Trevor Swan  arid ushers were Martin Swan, Clint  Suveges arid Lance Suveges.  The bride's mother wore a floor length  gown of pale blue and lace and her corsage  of blue carnations arid white roses complemented her ensemble; The groom's  mother wore a floral gown with blue sheer  overlay and her corsage of pink carnations  complemented her ensemble.  The reception was held at the Legion  Hall,'Gibsons with Darwin Suveges, uncle  of the bride, as Master of Ceremonies^ The  bride's uncle, Ivan Labree, proposed the  toast to the bride to which the groom  responded. The groom then gave the toast  to the bridal attendants.  The five-tier wedding cake was  beautifully decorated with pink rambling  roses topped with a bridal figurine. The  hall was decorated in a pink and blue  motif. The guests enjoyed dancing to the  Mainlanders' Band and out of town guegts  came from Manitoba, Prince Georg^.  Kamloops, Hope and the Lower Mainland)-  ' The happy couple left for a honeymoon  trip to California and upon return will be  residing in JRichmond.  Several guests became new members  and we welcome them to our auxiliary. We  urge others to follow their lead. As mentioned before, new members are like a  blood transfusion.They-add" nevr lifenand~  vitality to the organization, We welcome  new ideas and enthusiasum.  Residents of Pender Harbour are asked  to take note that there will be a Blood  Donor's Glinic at St. Mary's Hospital on  Monday, June 25 from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.  JeanWhittaker  hpp  ASHERS-DRYERS-DISHWASHERS-MICRO-OVENS  2-year guarantee on all parts & labor_  5-year warranty on the dryer drum   ���  10-year guarantee on washer transmission  Lifetime guarantee on stainless steel  washer tub  WE SERVICE WHAT WE SEU  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  883-2648  South Pender Harbour Waterworks District  1 u  P.O. Box 9, Madeira Park, B.C.  ��� ','''���'���''     ,,,     ���    , i  The annual General Meeting of the South Pender Harbour Waterworks District, was  held at the Community Hall In Madeira Park on Sunday May 6th at 2:30 P.M.  Two new Trustees elected were Mr. James Fraser and Mr. Lome Smith each to serve a  three year term. These Trustees are to replace the two retiring Trustees, Mr. Wm,  McNaughton and Mr. Wm. Williamson who have served the board as Co-Chalrmen for  the past year.        ._.. '  Much progress has been made In Improving the water supply but much work is still to  be done.  #  A work party U being organised for Sunday Morning at 9;00 A.M. May 27th. This party  Is to h*lp eradicate the alder around AAcNell Lake. Anyone wishing to help In this  worthy iffortiiaikedto,|Qln the pqrty, on th�� morning of the 27th at the directory sign  on Highway,101.  \  Publicity Chairman  "B.C.'s recent-cold wave (with more predicted)T  power shortages, and rising fuel prices are all good  reasons for you to consider heating your home with  wood.  "s-L-f-i." n" mm.  A Fisher Fireplace Insert  can be installed in your  existing fireplace. It can  trim up to 50% or more off  your heating bill.  It's fun to hear the crackling of a good wood fire, and  it's nice to have the security of being able to heat  your home without depending on a utility. Incidentally, you can cook on a Fisher Stove too. We.'d like  to suggest you see a Fisher stove today. There are 7  models to choose from, including a mobile home  ���model, and a fireplace insert that slips into your  existing fireplace and turns it into an energy efficient  wood heater .'So come ih^ooriand see what makes a  -Fisher4-AN IDEA CANADA IS WARMING UP  TO" ���CASE CLOSED.  A.C. Rentals & Building Supplies  Madeira Park ^  883-2585  J. & C. Electronics  Cowie St., Sechelt  885-2568  idea Canada is warming up lo"  Summer Schedule  Effective Friday, May 18 to Tuesday  October 9,1979 inclusive. Daily.  VANCOUVER  via Horseshoe Bay  Lv Horseshoe Bay  ROUTE  NANAIMO  via Departure Bay  Lv Departure Bay  6:30 am  3:30 pm*  6:30 am  3:45 pm  8:30  4:30  8:30  4:30,  9:00*  6:30  9:00-  5:45  10.30-*  8:00  10:30  6:30  12:30 pm  8:30-  11:15-  8:30  1:30  10:30  12:30 pm  10:00  2:30  2:30  ���No Pacific Coach Lines bus service on these sailings.  HOWE SOUND  VANCOUVER  via Horseshoe Bay  Lv Horseshoe Bay  ROUTE  SECHELT  PENINSULA  via Langdale  Lv Langdale  6:35 am  7:50  10:10  11:15  12:25 pm  1:25*  2:45 pm  5:00  6:00  7:15  8:15  9:20  11:30  6:30 am  7:45  9;00  11:20  12:30 pm  1:40  2.30 pm*  3:55  6:10  7:10  8:15  9:25  10:30  "Fridays, Sundays unci Holiday Mondays effective Friday, June 29 to Monday, September 3 Inclusive (Monday, July 2, August 6, September 3).  NOTE: Sundays preceding Holiday Mondays will be Saturday schedule.  For information phone  BRITISH COLUMBIA  FERRY CORPORATION   Vancouver 669-1211 Langdale886-2242  Nanaimo 753-1261 PageA-6  Hie Peninsula Times  Wednesday. May 16,1979  SARGEANT'S BAY now . .  PROPOSED SARGEANT Bay regional beach and nature park.  seeks members for park  Last year some residents around  arg-^-S-BayJ-_nD_-__ai--^^  promote conservation of the natural  habitat of Sargeant's Bay. At that time the  beach and the marsh were threatened by  plans for a marina.  Sunshine Coast residents.  The Society has letters of support frorn^  the Fish and Wildlife Branch andDucks  Unlimited, who will change the marsh into  a  productive  breeding  habitat  for  waterfowl. There are favourable reports  from the Land Management Branch and  by shoreline expert Wblf~Bauer. Tlie  National Second Century Fund of B.C. and  the provincial government have been  approached for funds.  Anyone on the Sunshine Coast who  agrees with the Society's objectives can  Join as a member. They are: To promote  conservation of the natural habitat of  Sargeant's Bay, and: To act in the best  teterest of those who wish to enjoy the  rural atmosphere of Sargeant's Bay. The  membership is $5 per year.  Anyone concerned about the future of  Sargeant's Bay ahd in support of the  proposed Regional Park, should contact  the Secretary, Judy MalnarickTP 0. Box  1562, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0. Phone 885-  5698. ���JoopBurgerjon.  "Now,  the  Society   is   proposing   a  Regional Beach and Nature Park for the  area with a parking lot, boat launch,  washrooms, picnic area, walking trails,  waterfowl sanctuary, view tower and a  nature house. If the area were purchased  tot public" use, it" would- becomean- attractive park for the enjoyment of all  Coast jokers  motor-cross  By Dennis Gray  The following, to the best of my  memory, isa conversation I had the other  day with old Duff .. .  ���_!ve-got-aproblem._WeU_don'_Ue-lmej   he says I've got enough of my own... what  is it? Well, I whisper looking around to see  if anyone is listening, we are going to have  a motor-cross in Sechelt for Timberdays.  A moto-cross! in Sechelt? Hfibellows  back, where you gonna haveit&rll have  the boys come up and try it out, he says.  This loud outburst, which takes place at  work, has my boss looking at me over his  glasses. I pick up a wrench and begin  taking apart a piece of equipment that  heeds nothing more than to be left alone.  That is my problem, I says, we cannot '  ride until Sunday afternoon and if we  advertise it there may be bikers swarming  in there like wasps looking for a rotten  fish.  Well, if you don't advertise it, Duff  says, you'll have to ride it yourself. Why  didn't you advertise it at the Mission City  Moto-Cross last Sunday? There must have  been five hundred people there and they  sure wouldn't take the ferry up here before  the event just to ride on the track.  Oh sure I says I, can you imagine what  they will do to me if a crowd came up from  town? If three hundred trucks, vans and  campers rolled in here like a bunch of  prairie schooners and began regurgitating  bikes, equipment and boisterous kids I'd  be run out of town. Besides, I says, I want  it for the local kids, I don't want them  intimidated by a bunch of riders from  town.  Where in hell you gonna have it? On the  main'street of Sechelt or something?  No, I reply, more like skid road.  Well they can't stop you from having it  in your own yard, he laughs as he heads  out the door.  The boss meanwhile has walked over  and asks, problems? Huh, oh yeh, I says, I  have to advertise something yet keep it a  secret. Perhaps I could call it a sack race,  I mumble, how does this sound? SACK  RACE SUNDAY, MAY W at 2 P.M.,  PRACTICE AT NOON, SIGN UP AND  DIRECTIONS AT COAST CYCLE.  The boss pulls out a little black book  and begins writing something In it as he  walks away shaking his head. (Damn  there goes my promotion).  Past, there will be a class for enduro-  type bikes as well as minis, helmets and  protective clothing are a must as Is consent from a parent or guardian for all  minors. See you all at noon Sunday, rain or  shine and bring a friend, it will be a Le  Mans-type start.  Keep Rtrokln..    ��  MB REPORTS: The third in a series of five.  Our roots  are deep  in  >���<���)��� S.7tf-^!Ci  ���W[  In the current five-year period  (1978-82), MacMillan Bloedel is investing an extra $700 million in B.C.  mills, togging equipment, transportation  equipment to make us able to produce more  efficiently, to deliver better products for  B.C. fs huge international markets. These  investments will help make each worker  able to produce more, keep us competitive in  the world, make B.C. jobs'more secure.  MacMillan Bloedel's business is international; our roots are in B.C.  We are building a brand-new,  $163 million newsprint  machine at Powell River. We're  rebuilding four other newsprint  machines in B.C. to increase production and improve paper quality at a  cost of $32.7 million.  Our new self-propelled log barge, the  MAID A BRAVE, was built in Victoria at a cost of $13 million. It  eliminates losses through logs sinking. Each of its cranes can pick up  40-ton bundles of logs (about the  weight of 35 Datsuns). At Port  Alberni, we're spending more than  $73 millioa to build a new sawmill  and modernize our own plywood  plant.  These are just some of many  hundreds   of   improvements  MacMillan Bloedel is making to keep  our products competitive in tough  world matkets.  We are an independent B.C. company, putting capital to work in this  province, where our roots are. Our  mills, plantations and production in  other provinces and countries bring  income to B.C.  t- ��� -^ T      lfV__ -^%3r -"If^J��� -,  j_g��t-^a---_-----^E'5-��S3_ga-��feas-_?'ife^ t*thi..-s��  The HAIDA BRAVE is just one of  hundreds of investments MacMillan  Bloedel is making in B.C. Total:  $700 million by 1982.  If you have a question or would like to  know what tve have told shareholders  about MacMillan Bloedel's investments,  profit, plans, write for a copy of our latest  annual report to MB REPORTS,  1075 West Georgia Street,  Vancouver, V6E 3R9>  MACMILLAN BLOEDEL  ���  ; i \. V 7  MORE ABOUT...  ���From Page A-l  ^port Hardy needs a Marina to handle the  marine traffic that pours into the Port,  -_and_P_t.__.McNei Ijl.]needs _ _a 7 -.marina  enlargement, and Alert Bay is desperately  in need of harbour expansion.  "The same applies to Bella Bella and  ^ella-eoolarDown^outh-iHsrtribsons and   |  ~ Lund seeking expansion of their small boat  M^^i^:\t,fl:^> :: - M0RE ABOUT ;���:���.,  m&stjMsw.  :]_;"':* JS^l?.  harbours.  "Tourism is tied to every one of these  towns. The services must be made  available.  "At the calling of the election, I was  involved with small craft harbour officials  in both Ottawa and Vancouver in my  capacity as Parliamentary Secretary tg  the Minister.of Fisheries. Priorities were  being considered and all avenues of funding were discussed.  "The Salmon Enhancement Program  -is a major-project in Baritish^olumbia-and -  Ttistr^i)1rbe^Uow"ea^^lo^down: ^The"  next five years are most important. The  drain on our fish stock increases annually  and the sources of supply must be maintained. I have spent* the past two years  fostering the Enhancement program and  recently was successful in preventing cut  backs in this program due to monetary  restraints. The program will continue on  last year's basis.  "Why am I talking forestry which is  generally a provincial-priority? I have  attended the-last-two-aiuiual-meetings-cf-  the Canadian Forestry Association held in  Ottawa. It is very shocking to learn as I did  at the 1978 meeting, that Canada is now  _OT_L__utting_its timber resources. LasL  year, only one firm was reported as  -jnaking-any-majot-effort-to-reforest-and-  Wedn.sday, May 16,1979.  ^_.���^���m���m^^���m���������������^���mt�����mm���mt���rmmm������immmmm^^m  The Peninsula Times  Page A-7  / -. V"?-  X '  ��� From Page A-l 7  with a radio signal t -  Olsen then warned of drastic measures  ^efforts fail to slowdown thejoad^growtti  and if additiohalcapacity is noravauable.  These include: rejection of all new electric  space heating from portable plug-in  heaters to fully  electric-heat-designed  homes and buildings;- rejection of any���  "additional large commercial or industrial  electric loads.'  Taking note of the fact he was speaking  on the eve of an approaching election, the  3��year Hydro veterarri, who in 1949, was  local power utility manager ih Courtenay,  emphasized that "nothing I say is intended  to carry political undercurrents. My  remarks are strictly technical, non-  political, non-partisan."  /  For your convenience,  Holiday Market is open:  MONDAY-FRIDAY, 9 am-8 pm  \   / _/l  "for flowers, gifts & great produce"  HOUDAY MARKET  Madeira Park 883-2524  AN INCREASE in Sechelt rezonings,  subdivisicfn and everything in general  wiH^^p=new=village^lepk^aleolii--==^ankM^s&  Shanks, 38; of Victoria busy for a long   perience with  time to come. Shanks takes over the  position' after a three-year absence  from municipal work. Previously he  MORE ABOUT ...  ��� Ray Skelly - NDP  worked six.years as deputy-clerk and  tax collector for Central Saanich.  has=^eeoairtwg===e^  B.C. Hydro and its  predecessor as well as .the: City of  Victoria.  /  From Page A-l  the West and East Coast boundaries and  -ended-up-winning-both?��� asked-Skelly.���  '    Japanese   connrol,   loss   of   the  processing industry, and boat licensing'  issues were also raised by fishermen.  ___----kel-y__at-a__sed_^  replant in British Columbia. The message  was delivered again three weeks ago by  the Association. Someone is still not  listening.  "As a native bmn ot: British Columbia,J  am concerned. I want all people in this  riding to understand, we have a Salmon  Enhancement Program. How about a  Forest Enhancement program? It is one of  our major resources, let's protect it now,  next month may be too late.  "Transportation? Yes the problem is  still around. Once a Federal responsibility  fo assist in the maintenance of service to  remote ahd isolated settlements along the  British fcolumbia Coast, now it's a  Federal-Provincial responsibility that  includes both sea and air. How are we  doing? It depends on where you live. The  north coast is still awaiting a suitable  " passenger ��� freight water service. The-  central coast fares better through the  continuing of a freighter service with  passenger service between Vancouver and  Bella Coola. It took nearly two years of  battling the Ministry of Transport to keep  this freighter service from being scuttled.  I am still not satisfied and feel the  provincial government has not done its  part. The federal government has transferred $17 million to the provincial  government for transportation assistance  to both the British Columbia Ferry system  and private operators. Where did the  money go? There has been no reductionn  in ferry, fares. No private operators have  received any help during the tough and  lean winter months. I want Premier  Bennett to tell me what he did with the $17  million. To date, he refuses to answer me.  "On employment,71 have never accepted the job creation formula of the  Minister of Employment: In my opinion  we should have concentrated on job  training instead. H6 has seen the light and  the new programs Introduced earlier this  year are now In th$ system. I would hope  we will have trained enough tradesmen to  be available for the Northern Gas Pipeline  project that swings into action next year.  "My long association with the native  people along the British Columbia coast  . has provided me with an inside knowledge  of their concerns, t have been most fortunate in having as my advisors for many  years, Senator Guy Williams as well as  Clarence Joe of the Sechelt Indian Band,  "There are other Issues of a local  nature or on a more personal level relating  to individuals. These I know of through my  nearly five years as MP.  I feel my experience and continuous  contacts with the various departments of  government In Ottawa can be of  assistance, to someone with a problem.  . First elected to the House of Commons  In the 1974 general election, Pearsall has  served on several Standing Committees of  the House of Commons including Fisheries  and Forestry and the Special Committee  on tho Northern Pipeline. Ho lias lobbied  successfully for improved radio and  television coverage in his riding, pushed  for better and more landing- strips and  wharf facilities and demanded improved  postal services.  Before his election to the House,  Pearsall was a senior payroll clerk for  MacMillan Bloedel in Powell River where  he had worked for 34 years. During those  years he became involved in such  organizations as the, B$C,t Hear) Foundation and Tonstniasters Incorporated.  He and his wife Ann have three  children; Janet, Susan and John. Ho was  born m April of 1915m Vancouver. "  tality" used in managing fish stocks.  ���Poor-fisheries���department���budgets,-  direct political interference by fish  companies, the consolidation of the industry in fewer and fewer hands, the  progress in salmon enhancement were  mentioned by Skelly as problems.  " ""FdonTliave ainhe^answersT It will  take a long time to sort it out. This  resource belongs to our children.  Fishermen and processors have to sit  down and work out a rational policy," he  said.  Hitting- the Alaska boundary  negotiations, Skelly said that international  law recognizes that androrrrous stocks  such as salmon belong to the country  where they were spawned. He said most of  the salmon Trudeau gave away to the  Alaska pandhandle are spawned in B.C.  rivers that empty into the Pacific in  Alaska. "If we don't get benefit from our  -fish,-many people want these rivers used  for hydro-electric dams," he stated.  Asked about his chance of being  elected, he said Jack Pearsall is~not  campaigning and is neglecting his  responsibility. ^  "I am optimistic and if I had my choice  I would choose this riding over any other in  Canada," said the candidate.  "You're getting to be a politician,  Already," said one may to the crowd's  laughter.  A North Lake resident, Ann Sather-  waite, raised the question of pensions for  housewives and a Mr. Tapio said he  thought husbands should be able to pay the  Canada Pension contribution for their  wivesi B.F. Friesen voiced concern about  those on fixed incomes and said tax  exemptions were too small.  Skelly outlined Ed Broadbent's  economic package.  "The corporate share of taxation is  shrinking while the wage earner is paying  more every year," said the candidate.  7 He mentioned Tommy Douglas'  proposal to keep oil prices low to stimulate  employment and keep our products  competitive.  "If the NDP holds the balance of power  In a minority government, they'll sing a  different tune when it comes to the neW  Bank AkCt.and mortgage rates," he added.  Regional director Joe Harrison  thanked Skelly1, for his dedicated and  thoughtful approach. Skelly promised to  make himself available to his constituents  and to speak for their concerns if he is  elected.  Local piper Jock Cummings piped him  Into and, out of the meeting to a rousing  Scottish tune.  "I'm no stranger to the sound," Skelly  quipped. "Our house was often filled with  pipe music and my brother (re-elected  NDP-MLA for Albernl, Bob Skelly) is, a  piper of some note."  At earlier meetings, the candidate has  outlined other campaign priorities.  ' 'There are 7,000 people seeking work In,  the Comox-Powell River Riding," he has  stated, "and more than a million In  Canada. Full, employment Is my first  priority. We all pay the price of high  unemployment.  "W,e've been exporting Jobs with our  resources. Tho next priority then, ik  Canadian control of Canadian resources,  ond processing them In Canadian factories. We must husband our resources  more wisely.       ���  "There are many concerns that are  Seciflc'tb this riding that 1 want to give  ose -attention: coastal transportation,  emphasis on Air-Sea Rescue, bettor  balance'and iprnmunicntlon betweenitho  agencies governing forestry and fisheries.  - "The most common 7 concern of the  -people I-have-talked-to ofrih^doorstep is  the high cost of living," Skelly stated,  "and helping working people fight rising  costs will be a top priority." ^  Specific proposals for Comox-Powell  River are reforestation grants for em-  plpyment���now���and���in���the���future,  rehabilitate fish spawning grounds, local  research project to investigate wood-  waste as an alternate energy source, local  man power training programs geared to  local job opportunities, and a grant system  to sinall"busihesses_ tor stimulate ~em~  ployment.  Skelly, 37, has tried his hand at a  number of different occupations:  labourer, steam engineer, first aid attendant, correctional officer and teacher-  Born and raised in New Westminster,  he teaches Social Studies and Psychology  at George P. Vanier.Senior Secondary  School in Courtenay.  He has been active in union work in the  International Woodworkers of America,  the B.C. Government Employee's  Association and the B.C.. Teachers  Federation.  He has served for several years as  chairperson of both the-^Comox Valley  Family Court and the Ctanox Valley  Resources Board.  Skelly has been active in the New  Democratic Party, serving as president of  both the provincial constituency and  .federal riding associations. His brother  Robert, is the Member of the Legislative.  Assembly for the Alberni constituency.  Skelly and. his wife Dorothy live in ;.  Courtenay with their three daughters,  tiheistine 11, Karen 9 and Kathy 6.  FED UP WITH  TBDMflfi?  WORRIED ABOUT  j^-ARKE?   On   MAY 22  Elect a good M.P.  MY SKELLY  Put Canadians To Work, Together.  Authorized by the Official Agent, Comox-Powell River N.D.P.  1509 Cliffe Ave, Courtenay , B.C.  lead  1 Honda  dealer And with  reason. Honda lawn-  mowers, outboards, generators,  tillers, General Purpose engines  and walor pumps are making nows    deck is specially designed to  as powerful,economical alternatives to the competition.  That's because at the heart of  1 every Honda power product Is the  world famous Honda onglne.  But wo don't stop thore. All major  pans aro Hondia parts. Unllkq  some O-fior rrninufaclurdrs.  The result: maximum  offlcloncy, reliability und long life.  Take our lnwnmowors. Our  exclusive Roto-Stop�� clutch system*  Hiimniliiiil  provides additional safety  by allowing you to stop  the blade In seconds,  without stopping the  engine.  Tho cast aluminum  create Iho utmost suction for  cleaner cutting. And yot, they're  surprisingly odsy to operate.  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Page A-8 -Tbe Peninsula Times  :    Wednesday, May 16,1979  MORE ABOUT  Al Lazerte  ��� From Page A-l  poor habitat control and increased ef-,  ficiency of commercial gear), my position'  -is-that the sports fishery (which catches 2.  sr^ent-of^e-salmoiMtoeH---by==weigra;  regulations be left as is until accurate data  is gathered over the next f two or three  years.  "Presumably the Commercial fishery,  (which catches 96 per cent of the fish crop)  will be straightened out within the same  two to three year frame."  In other words, \ Lazerte says, no  saltwater fishing licence, no barbless  hooks and no reduction in the present  "first four fish caught in a day" limit.  Further, any changes in the future would  be made after consulting the individuals  - and organizations involved in the various  TisheTiesr  ==~~~ ���-  On law and order, Lazerte says,  prostitution, pornography and organized  crime must be reduced to the lowest 7  possible limits. Capital punishment must  be restored as a possible option for juries  in crimes of terrorism, premeditated  murder; armed robbery, etc. Gun Control  legislation should be amended in light of  its bureaucratic delay and failure to keep,  weapons out of the hands of criminals.  It was a Conservative Government that  Jestablishe_LC_inada_asjL confederation, he -  says about national unity. Joe Clark will  work to hold Canada together.  It is a time for a fresh start���a time for  Canada to realize its potention, he states.  -THE SUNSHINE-helped-last-Friday ��helLQiL_-ags_as__pai# of Operation  as Chatelech students came out in    Pitch-In sponsored by Outdoors  force to pick up Sechelt garbage with    Unlittered. ,   "New  With Joe Clark, we will have a  -Beginning and he quotes Joe Clark:   "We are determined to restore a sense  of building to Canada and to give  Canadians a stake in the development of  their own country. That is and will remain  the major thrust of our policies for Canada  ���to help Canadians own ahome, expand a  business and participate in the ownership  of their own resources."  Although economic recovery was  Lazerte's main topic to Comox Rotarians  recently the question period concentrated  on "How to get rid of Trudeau and would  he go if defeated." The candidate gave his  opinion that there were two ways to elect  Trudeau. First is to vote Liberal; second  to vote NDP, explaining that this would  split the anti-Liberal vote. The way to  assure that Trudeau would go, would be to  elect a PC majority. Lazerte expressed his  fear that Trudeau would cling to power  with the aid of the NDP as in 1972.  Lazerte, 51, is a graduate in Arts and  Law from the University of Alberta and  practiced law first in northern Alberta and  then in Edmonton until 1966.  His political background is campaign  manager for Jack Bigg, MP Athabasca  during four elections, Alberta Progressive  Conservative Organizer, one of five  candidates for Progressive Conservative  Alberta provincial leadership in 1958,  Progressive Conservative candidate in  Cbmox-Alberni in 1974 and former school  trustee for School District No. 72.  He is married with five children.  " He is a licensed pilot, who enjoys  hunting, fishing, hiking and has travelled  extensively in Mexico, Carribean, Europe,  Israel, and is a student of Political  History.  He is a lawyer with Lazerte and Schmidt of Campbell River and has practiced  since returning to British Columbia in  1966.   ;  Volunteer helpline  -Take a step in the right  direction. Take a few.   parniapaamnk  Fitness. In vpur heart you know it _ right.  WAL-VEN /WIDOW  Sunshine Coast Hwy - Gibsons  886-7133  Use T/mes' Adbriefs  to Sell, Rent, Buy, Swap etc,  introduces n|-|oft I  Ht-loti I. lha nnw conMfuctlon ol Ihe popular Dinladowi quill.  Ill-loll loll ido down tilling wand lo IU fullait extant, and  maintains (he high quality that panlidown la notad lor, Ht-lort  ensures that Iho Daniadown Is lha aoltest, most comloitablo  quill you csn buy and learned with our wide range ol iccer  90H04, the decorating possibilities are endless, '  Read our tree colour brochure, or como and see us, One nl our  Halned stall will be happy to help you select tbe right quill lor you  Irom oui wide range  '���&  ft  fi daniadown quilts ltd  p"    "Ovor 10 yam* ol Quality A Borvlco"  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  886-8023  Ol-NPA SASAt-AH,  886-7411  Volunteers have been busily crocheting  and knitting afghans for the Save the  Children Program. These are all made  from recycled wool from knitted garments  MORE ABOUT . ..  ���Sy Pederson  ��� From Page A-l  for'persons earning less that $20,000 annually and the elimination of income tax  for those making less than $15,000, he said.  "Working people have worked too long  and too hard for too little," Pederson said.  "I'm sick and tired of hearing that  working people aren't producing enough."  The problem is that the results of the labor  are not being distributed fairly, he explained.  "We heed public ownership and  democratic government control ... We  need people like you and me on the boards  (of the companies)." ;  "I favor strict control of foreign investment in the fishing industry, as well as  any other industry, to insure maximum  returns for the Canadian people. Any  company that is not prepared to abide by  government control of foreign investment  should be nationalized and put under  democratlclcontrol7~~ ~ ������ -  "I support the union's call for a full  investigation of concentration of ownership in the fishing industry.  "With respect to the United Fishermen  ahd Allied Workers Union being investigated by the Restrictive Trades  Practices Commission under the Combines Investigation Act, I believe this  action is inconsistent with the original  intent of the Act which was to prevent  corporate price fixing. It is imperative  that this Act be used to control monopolies  not working people.  "The membership of the UFAWU are  workers and as such should be certified  under the Labour Code of Canada. If  elected I would' certainly raise the  question of the prostitution of the Combines Investigation Act against the  UFAWU.  "I support the union's call for a  Canadian negotiating position that  maximizes Canada's boundary claiins and  access to stocks which would include  strong opposition to the surrender of any  part of Dixon Entrance to the United  States. The Canadian government has  continually retreated from the pressures  of the American negotiators for con:  cession. Canadian sovereignty is not  negotiable.  "As a candidate for the Communist  Party of Canada, I believe that the issues  facing the fishing Industry workers are  issues Important to nil workers ��� the  rights of workers over monopoly interests,  jobs for Canadians, and the protection of  Canadian sovereignty."   , .....,'   .  (hand or machine made). Most of these  blankets are sent to children in various  parts of the world.  NOTICE  . , .v    .........   f   ...   .      ���  The Sechelt Water Pollution Control Centre  will commence operation on Monday, May 14,  1979. Effective this date all sewer connections  may be made direct from the building to the  sanitary sewor subject to the following conditions:  1. the connection fee has been paid.  2- * heowner's sewer line has J?f erj Jnsp^cltd  .  3. under no circumstances may the contents of  , a septic tank be discharged to the sanitary  ���ewer.  K(t��^BiWiWi(����i<ft<��iw*i'i (wltnn* i  ��������� i -  #w*wNMSM'#  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  In order to raise some money to purchase more wool and for some other special projects connected to the Volunteer  Bureau, a raffle is in progress. The afgtian  (winner's choice) and the rug which are  being raffled will be on display again this  week in both the Gibsons and Sechelt  malls. Tickets are 25 cents each, or five for  $1. The draw will be made on May 20 at  Timber Days. If you have any knitted  garments you would like to donate, please  leave these at the Volunteer Bureau or at  the display in the mall. Any new volunteers to the program would be most  welcome.  VISITOR  An elderly couple in the Gibsons area  would really enjoy spending time with an  Italian-speaking person or couple. Have  you a couple of hours each week to share  with these people during the next few  months?  DRIVERS  Drivers are needed to help supplement  the services of the Mini-bus. When doctor's  appointments etc. conflict with the >'  existing schedule, volunteer drivers are I  needed. Your driving expenses are J  .-covered, where-_necessary._: WE���ARE  REALLY DESPERATE-IN THE GIBSONS AREA. Will you please call us and j  tell us if you are available to help.  ESCORT  An older woman needs another person  to accompany her to Vancouver for a one^  day trip. She wishes to investigate some, i  future living possibilities.  Will you share this day with her?  VISITORS  ���    Visitors are needed to spend two hours  on a Monday or Wednesday morning  sharing tithe with an elderly gentleman..  He loves crib and enjoys walks.  "visitor  " \  An elderly woman in Wilson Creek!  would enjoy visits from another person ��� ���  have you some time to share with her?  !  HOSTS AND HOSTESSES  Mature young adults to alert elderly  are needed to act as volunteers at St.  Mary's helping to direct people to their  destinations. With the hospital expansion,  people need extra help in finding their  way. Guides are needed from 6:30 - 8:30 in  the evening and on Sundays throughout the  day.  If you can help in any of these areas  please call the Community Services  Volunteer Bureau at 0854621. We would be  most willing to find help for any elderly;  people jDMtuirlng extra assistance in their  gardens. Please call the bureau If you need <  help. ���  We  arc  expecting  some  of  those  delicious Laura Secord "Summer Candies" again. Don't miss out on them, they,  are exceptionally good. ��� Miss Bee's,  Sechelt.  THINKING OF A HOT TUB?  HEAT IT WITH A FISHER.  n idea Canada is warming up td.   "  EVERYONE IS INVITED TO  COME AND TRY THE HOT TUB  SATURDAY, MAY 19  BRING YOUR BATHING SUITS.  THE FISHER STOVES  REPRESENTATIVE  WILL BE PRESENT  MAY 19 to  ANSWER ANY  QUESTIONS.  J&C ELECTRONICS  885-2568  Radio Shack  authorlxtd Salai Contr*  Cowrl* St., S.ph.lt  Don't let the name  fool you ~~~Ms imported!  Good European wines don't need  unpronounceable names, the first sip of  Magic Flute reveals its elegant Austrian  ytmo imported TofnrfrrtfirUtnrtmttk:  Don't go by the name alone.,,  the taste tells you; It's imported,  >  \ ���       ..      1 '������.:���..'  denstity population in the community plan  ahd points to a letter from the ministry of  municipal affairs senior planning.coordinator���Tom- Maftechuk-which-supports.  him.  screen" over more important matters. But the'rezoning is only part of his  By HELEN PARKER  Sechelt alderman Larry MacDonald  said last week he hoped publicity over his  -resignation-as^halrman-of-the planning-  committee did not create "a smoke-  council meeting, but - the agreements!'  reached are not being followed through. 7  ���Heated two cases including4he;recenC  approval of Bylaw 146.1, the eastern  portion of Lot 10, where agreements were  -not^followe  , "Council chose io accept Mr. Watson's  assurance that a portion of this road would  be completed by a third party," he said in  his-resignation-letter.  ..,_'&_;���, r-K   -_t ���-���--.  His second reason was that, except for  bond to coyer the road servicing of  bWe-ifoldiiujs^^u_^^  rezoning of the remainder of Block 10, Lot       "The reason I resigned was because        He said he believed he had the full   gave final approval to Bylaw 146.3 without  4Mo^higher^ensi^Mlwellingshwhieh-he���eouncil-M-idn't go^ along-Jwath-decisions���supporH)f^ouJicil^henrhe^told-those^at=���att^oTTditionsifelngTm^  has Toted against since the proposal  Bylaw 146.5 was first introduced.  A public hearing is set for 7:30 p.m.  May 23 at the Senior Citizens' Hall.  MacDonald feels too much land in  Sechelt has been set aside for higher  made at committee level,? he said  In his letter to Mayor Harold Nelson,*  MacDonald said, "I find it very difficult to  understand what happens between a  planning committee meeting where all  council members are present and a  Section B  Wednesday, May 16,1979  Pages 1-8  tending the bylaw's public hearing that  Marine Way was to paved from Reef to  Trail.  At council's regular meeting May 2,  from , which MacDonald was absent,  council gave final approval to the bylaw  and accepted Norm Watson's $22,250 letter  of credit which covers paving of only two-'  thirds of. Marine Way.  The statement with the letter of credit  fulfils only one and one-half of the nine  conditions  originally  agreed  uppn  at  ���committeerMacDonald~saidr~ ���r  "Pebble Holdings was to pave the lane  next to Neptune Street to the satisfaction  , of the village, bring the extension of East  ���Eprpoise Bay Road where it intersects  with Trail Avenue up to grade, prepare a  prbfile otthe East Porpoise Bay extension  from Traitto Wharf at the expense of the  village and pavs^he road to service their  lots rezoned to industrial," the letter said.  "I believe Stan Anderson (partner in  Pebble Holdings) will do ity" MacDonald  said later. "But that's not the *&ay you do  -business:l,rT| ~   VOLKERKAEMUNG    7 GOVERNMENT LICENSED  SUNSHINE COAST PEST CONTROL LTD.  *Pre-Treotment of Bulldjnfl_-_Und��r-<>iiTtfMCttpr��  Police nows  RE-ELECT  JACK PEARSALL  May 22nd  Vandals slash  police tires  FIVE YEARS YOUR MP  It's Experience  That Counts  Vandals have been busy in the Sechelt,  'area with reports of slashed police car  tires and flag thefts as well as smashed  automobile glass.  Twoifres of a policencarpafkednwr  Mason Rd. were slashed May 4 while the  constable was checking the Wakef iakHfin  premises. The tires are,vjjued aTabqut $70  each.  The^aftSaian flag was reported stolen  flag from the Sechelt Legion.  Meanwhile, members of the General  Investigation Branch from the RCMP's  Vancouver headquarters have been investigating" lead_rtorthe~whereabouts-of���|  Julia Helen Klachan, since she was  reported missing April 57  Constable Gary Tidsbury is the third  constable assigned to the case from the  GIS. Sechelt RCMP report there is no  _May~7"from"the^flag-pole-outsiderthe���furtherinformation-and-the-casewill be-  For Information call: 485-9777  ' This political advertisement was paid by the official agent  of Jack Pearsall Liberal Comox-Powell River  Sechelt village office.  The report follows another the same  day of the theft of the flag from the  Cenotaph. A few days prior to this, an  attempt was made to steal the Canadian  Timber Days Program  id  _y  \  The  , first 500 KJDS  each day JW��U  from Ronald)  Clown  token 9  the  Sechelt Timber Days Committee  will present the following Awards  Best "Dressed" Business  1st   Perpetual Plaque  2nd   Cup  3rd   Cup    .  Best "Dressed" Business? Person  ^' 1st" * Gold lyte^al HorT  2nd  Silver Medallion  3rd   Bronze Medallion  Best "Dressed" Resident  . Medallion  PARADE MONDAY,  MAY 21  ���//(���  I Mmm . >,  " i **_  .V.  W,  Ilk  r/>  .Wf %  a PPP  a  hot dog  and ����__!?!!  /,  ./*���  Bike Decorating Contest  Prior to the Parade  (Sponsored by tin R.C.M.P.)  ��� ENTER OUR 50/50 DRAW  Don't Forget  the FISHING DERBY, M��y 19 Wtl(Mn b��tw*M 2-3 pm in KkMtt Parti.  & Help Us Support Timber Days���  You could be this year's winner.  Mt-trsa f IrMt  Hadott f.rU  Dolphin tlr.tl  _vr__sy 76  Map of Parade Route  Hwy 101 '  CawrlaX  SUNDAY MAY 20, 1979  OPENING    CEREMONIES  10:45 A.M. HACKETT PARK  0 CANADA  Elphinstone School Band       Bandmaster Mr, Raymond  is)  Master of Ceremonies  Introduction ���  Invocation-  Official Opening -  Chairman Sechelt Timber Days  Chairman Loggers Sports i (  {   Chairman Special Events  Representative Weldwood of Canada  Mr, Carl Chrismas  Mayor Harold Nelson  Rev. F, Napora  Mayor & Mrs,    Nelson  , Mr, Carl Chrismas  Kathy Acton  Mr. John Hlndson  1:00     Prize Presentation for Winners of Parade  Crowning of Timber Boy Spons, by Sunshine GM  Crowning of Ms Tlmberdays  Presentation of Timber Cup ,  R.C.M.P. Prize Presentation for B1*e  Decorating  Loggers Sports  1:15     Horse Shoe Pitch  Junior Logger's Sports   A-ges  Boys  & Girls  HChokorman's Race  Nail Driving  jlSwode  Saw, Bucking  (Double)  10  Sponsored by (  Sunshine G,M.|  I  11:00 A.M.  SCHEDULE OF EVENTS  Onwards Lions Carnival. Tea Garden, Pop K Ice  Cream, I.O.P,  Food Booth, Candy Floss, Doy  Scouts,Tot Lot, Cake Walk  11 s30 - 1;00 Children's Sports - Sponsored by Royal Dank,  St. Mary's Hospital ft Halfmoon Day Rec, Com.  1:00 Horse Shoo Pitch  Sponsored by Senior Citizens  1:00 - 2:00 Baking Contest Sponsored by Chamber of Commerce  1:00 - R:30 Field Events Competition Spons. (lank of Montreal  1:30 - 3:00 Cako Walk - Wostern Weight Controllers  Z:00 Motorcyclo Motocross - Dennis Gray  2;30 - 3:30 Gibsons School of Theatre Dance     Joan Mllward  3:30 Soap Box Derby  1:30 Prize Presentation for Events of the Day  MONDAY MAY   21, 19 7 9  9i30 - Mar&halUng at Socholt Indian Band Grounds  9:30-10:00 Bicycle Decorating Judging R.C.M.P. Parking lot  11:00 Parade a Fly Past Spons. by Chamber of Commerce  Following to bo hold at Hacked Park  1?:00 0 Canada Chatelech School RandMr. _pp, Bandmstr,  ��� M.C, Maurice Fok  Official Welcome It Crowning of May Queen  (Mold In Chatolach School Gym If raining)  12:30 -  1:30 War of Hoses - Trail Bay Parking Lot  *  Your _*cl>6�� Timber Day* ComrnlUM ttkM thi�� opporlu-  nlly to thank tho mnny Individuals and organization, who    >  contributed so freely of their time to make this event a  roaring success,  ft  Logger's Sports Show  EVENTS TROPHY SPONSORED BY:  $ Underhand Chop - Open Anderson Realty Ltd.:  Men's Axe Throw- Open   , Macleods Store:  Men's Axe Throw- Novice Secholt Inn:  Limited Power Saw Bucking - Sunshine Auto Parts;  Unlimited Powor Saw Bucking Suncoast Power Marine}  Underhand ChOf. - Novice Sechelt Inlet Barge j  Ladles Axe Throw Ann-Lynn Flowersj  Standing Block Chop- Oport Royal Bank'  Ladies' Nail Driving Socholt Building Suppllos;  Standing Block Chop- Novice Shannon Industries:  Ladlos Double Bucking Shop Easy:  Men's Double Bucking Trail Bay Sports:  Obstacle Pole Race Independent Qrdor ol.Foresters?  % Jack & Jill Bucking Morgans Men's Wear-  Men's Single Bucking C 8, S Hardware;  Pole Climb Bank of Montreal j  Chokorman's Race- Opon Wakefield Inn  AChokorman's Race- Novlco Suncoast Chrysler  ^���������^���-������.������^���^������������^^^������^������������^������������.^������^���������������t����-�������.����������������'  1:00 Presentation of Trophies:  Logger of tho Bay - Sponsored by Weldwood  Sportsman of tho Day   Sponsored by Art Williams  Junior Logger of the Day Spons. by Sunshine G.M.  Lady Logger of the,Day -pon.by Sechelt Agenctet  !>:00 May Queen l�� Attendants Dinner  7;00- 0:00 May Queen Dance at Sechelt Elementary School  All Children to Grade (1 and Parents Wolcomo  wi ArreiciATi thi turnout or thisi local mmm �� niAti lurrour thim.  I,.   ��. II,   I.WANS0N  Al.llll  I. CUMI'AMV  II,I'..   1 AND (lll|(VI\Yil|lH  filTlllll.T  YMI)  Hit I AN'II  All in  llllhY  lllli ,l'l<|i,Mi  tll/.Y CiHIIII  HOIlil.  H.M.T.  COACH 1,1 MI'S LTD. '  fll.CIIKI.i   INN  HMIAUHANT  CAMi'nivi.i.n Niiur.H  CANADIAN rHOPANK  i.iiAtir casie vi'iini i in,  M.KIIinlN  A  hi I ( HAM  iNiiii'iNiuNi immn nr nmi snim  f'UAKT   Ml UN  i.m.n.N i.nr hm.aukani  KOYAI. CANAIIIAN  I.MilllN  1*0  fUTIIt'l.T A 1)1 STRICT rilAHIII'R or cohmchc  1'iiiai. uiuk iia^h iimiui)iii:  n an rnuiii:  nilNCOAIlT I'OMKH * HAIIINI"  HAVIII  lillHIll A  lil'UiUl.TY  HlttH'  '  WIHllltU.T IHIsH.I, IIVKVICV  l.liilll.l.l   Ai.KNCII'.H  I,III,  m.n i. uuiti' .Tons'  MKCHKl.T NftWMWl AM.KV  i'.i., i'ni.ihui  simsittNF Airrn tarts i.tii,   ^HiUIEJLt.,irA^lJt,K.JtlWii,vv-'IIJ-.....1.-..v.^v.......  1UMNAI'.A,IN HUl.lilNCfl  I.IH.  StlASTW. HrNTM.1 1,Tn,  .1. a c. i'.i.i:i;triin|<:ii  MiilU.AN'S MINS WIAB  CAN IIAHIllMllli  I'AKTMKNON TllhATW! HKHTAIIItANT  r. coAfiT Monit.r 11nHr.fi un,  CAIIRY!) COUNTRY IJAHIirNS  iirciuci.T auto ��:i.ir.ic  MK.NNKH'H  PURIUTIIHK I.Tn,  iiAvin's miicoiiNT h'i'ihii,  ,.    PENINSULA TlHKft  nnsroAST nniYni.rii ltd.  HI TUN HV.ALTY  Mill MAIl'H  KIII'KKIUTK  WIIAIir  RKAI.TY  I.TII,  arcHiti.T o.k. Tii��r, %wn  rroNinry auto i'ahih  "I'ININtilllA (LI AMI Hli  ��� ���-' fwwws * - .tflnowNKw ������ oa wkw  MAC-MIINNIK'N HAIR  IHIII'I K|ll|;  Iyii: air  I'KTKR (iOIIMIN  (lllk.llI HP li.H.  Mini1 I'.AIY MO.  ���>  THAI I,  RAY  IIAIIIIWAIIi;  CAHVmi.L'R IIKIMHTMFNT BTOHK  IIODDAHIi'll  I'ANIIION crNI'HK  IWAU. HAY   lll'OHU  Mil,  I'lAdl illlli  liN'l'i:ill'HII!l,|i  UNICORN RfTII N'   I'UNTS  I'KNrANDI.R  IM.ANTH  HIII.LWINKLI! (II.WIII WOIIKII  MACI.rOD'S  STORf  ..-^-.Jtt*,UtVlll-UU-*tJitttl..UU*._   VII.I.AIII;  KlliTAUHANI  wnim,T irAtrrf" jmiiii  nrw lAtiY si.mn.T  HUN-IIINF, COAHT  I ,V.  ,    |��A(.I_ MlllillHlHIH  CO-OPKHAflVB  INS,   (|HH   [<��t��m��n)  treated as a missing persons' case until  evidence proves otherwise.'  Klachan, 31, was last seen early  February 20 in the Madeira Park area.  Sechelt RCMP are investigating the  theft of $400 from a man's wallet at the  B.C. Forest Products camp at Narrows  Inlet May 10.  Vandalism was reported May 9 after a  rock was thrown through the windshield of  a van at Coppings Car Town the night"  before.  Windflower Books and Stationery on  Cowrie Street was broken into sometime  during the evening of May 6. Three sets of  Papermate gold-plated pens valued at $20  a set were taken. RCMP suspect a young  person or.persons since entry was made  through a 12-inch by 10-inch window at the  side of the building.  ^..Specializedfishing gear valued at more  than $200 was reported stolen from a 25'  Reinell boat moored at Osborne's Marina  May 7.  Stolen, was a short, green fibreglass  rod with a roller tip and a large wooden  reel holding seven-strand wire line. Also  stolen was a Fenwick seven-foot mooching  rod with plastic guide eyes and an open-  faced mooching reel. ���___-_.._.-..���  The rod is hand-made and caramel-  colored. A g^een tackle-box containing  various fishing tackle was taken also. It is  suspected the gear was stolen by a person  pulling alongside in another boat.  Two plastic company signs were  reported stolen May 5 from a truck parked  aUthe_Park-MoteLJ5he^gns^reading-_|  Norway Logging Ltd., Port Coquitlam, are  valued at about $80.  The rear lights ojf a vehicle parked at  the Gibsons' Executive Apartments were  reported smashed May 9, Gibsons RCMP  said last Week.  Shrubs valued at $250 were reported  stolen from outside a Dougal Rd.  residence May 7.  The potted shrubs stolen included a  bonsai, two Japanese blockpines and an  assortment of others.  A color TV and an AM-FM receiver and  turntable valued at $1,600 were reported  stolen May 6 in a Hwy. 101 residence  break-in sometime during the first  weekend In May.  A Davidson 10-foot, white boat and  Mercury 4Ma hp. motor were reported  stolen May 6 from the Gibsons Government Wharf. The two are valued at about  $500.  The Dept. of Highways reported a sign  missing from the corner of Pratt and Hwy.  101, May 5.  MURRAY  NURSERIES LTD.  Largest ������Uctlon of Nuncry  Stock on th�� Sunthln* Coaitl  Specializing Im  ���EVERGREENS  ���ROSES  ���FRUIT TREES  ���RHODODENDRONS  W* also offer a compl*.* land-  leapt dtflan * contracting  ������rvlc*.  Opon for your Inspection:  12-  . 6:30 pm THURSDAYS ONLY.  "i��Kl��IV*.CrV��N"��A��"   Locatod 1 mil* north of Hwy 101  on Mason Road.  * For-guarontood-contro|-of-Carpontor~AntirRod��ntit Skunks and  -*tKor1����fsr-T ^F~~_S*F���~"  MADEIRA PARK, B.C. *W*       ^>\*    . 883-2531  LONG WEEKEND  SPECIALS!  MEAT  Smoked Dinner Hams  ready to eat Cryovac 1/2$ lb.  $2.59  Pork Chops  Rib or Tenderloin End Ib.  $1.49  1 DOZEN BULK WIENERS  with  1 DOZEN HOT DOG BUNS  Bick's HOT DOG RELISH  12 oz. far       1L49  GROCERY  Nailers Twin Pack  naueys iwin raw aa  POTATO CHIPS A-Va**,   B   69  Imperial  MARGARINE *��> im  $199  Co-op Tin  POPstins  $100 pi��  deposit  MUSHROOMS S2_r.*;."?!,... 51c  APPLE JUICE-.oTl;....    7 89c  PEACHES hZSZ. *"��� 59��  RED KIDNEY BEANS ^������, 2/79'  WIENERS VB__ANS���_^__ 85c  SPECIAL K CEREAL Kj^. *1.59  SWEET MIXED PICKLES ^1^ s1.25  UQUID DETERGENT ..'Z'.lZu *1.59  l-IIWIinJIJBIliE^^  FABRIC SOFTENER _?.p, $1.39  MARSHMALLOWS Rl '��_"*. 2/W  BLEACH i_8ox._.tti.. $1.19  POWDERED DETERGENT 6HKr $1.99  VITAMIN C TABLETS _-?." 4.29  PRODUCE  STRAWBERRIES   CUCUMBERS Long English    WATERMELON   POTATOES N.wwhit..   ...-M.W  ... 59c  ib 29  5.11.00  z'  BnlitHY  BERRY CUPS  DOUGHNUTS KLftTr '1.79  Wlllmani  6 pack ...  pkfl.  Snackeiy Omner  FROZEN FOODS  12"  11*111  WE SELL ICE!  DOKT FORGET OUR FAMILY ALLOWANCE CONTEST.  We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities  Lower Olbsoni, 886-2522  STORE HOURSi  Monday thru Thunday   TjTWf *^'TTf" r77"777, '7,' ;77'7',";,"."," 7  I. S��Uird��yi..,...,..,..,..,   Sundays ,,,,, ,,,   Prlew ���((���cllv* May 17, IB, )��  1 885-3231  Page B-2       The Peninsula Times  May 16,1979    MQip WantflH    : ^Wbrk-Wai  Pop-Renf-  Mobile Hor  >ats and Engines   Motorcycles  Xt^SSIFtEDTMDVERTISING RATET  Phone 885-3231  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications ltd.  at Sechelt. B.C.  Established 1963  Deaths, Card of Thanks. In  Memoriam, Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  after that. Four words per line.  -  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take regular classified rates.  7300 Coplei Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion g-'^By Moll:  -Jhree Insertions.,--^-���r^-*4.30���_-_\-_,  Ad-Briefs' must be paid far in  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  to receive cash discount.  Subscription Rates:  Extra Lines (4 words)  60c  -Display A d-Brjefs, _  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extro  Legal or Reader advertising  per agate line.  30c  1L  Local Area ...'. $7,00 yr.  Outside Local Area .... $8.00 yr.  ^.SiAy^^T-r-^,rr-v   $10.00^---  Overseas $11.00 yr.  Senior Citizens,  Local Area $6.00  Single Copies 20c ea  EXPERIENCED reporter  required by modern  southern Interior weekly  newspaper. Steady position  for competent person. Usual  benefits. Give full particulars  to:< Advertiser, Box 142,  BCYCNA, 808,207 W. Hastings  St., Vancouver V6B1H7. 4843-  25  ^ .  EXPERIENCED TV & Stereo  technician to work part-  tirne on commission. Contact  Miller Marine Electronics.  886-7918. 4811-tf  Announcements  ALCOHOLICS   Anonymous  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30  pm, Wilson Creek Community  Hall. 885-2896 or 885-3394. 4816-  tf   ROBERTS   CREEK   Community Association monthly  meething May 16,8 p.m.. hall.  Personal  WOMAN PITCHER wanted  ���for-ladies'-so_tball-Jeague_-  885-5264.        1080-25  Birth Announcements  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the-telephone.  Our forms and typing services  are lawyer approved. ^Call  Self-Counsel Services toll free  -{112 )-800-663-3035.-Chargex-  ahd Mastercharge approved.  4324-tfn  FISHING IS hot on Vancouver  ���Island!���For���results-book.:  with professional skippers.  -Write-Na-nayanJa-Charters^-  ADVERTISING .SALES,  Weekly pewsi>apffrl_i_le_.s_  salesman, some management  duties. Advancement  potential. Attractive salary  plus bonus scheme. Write:  Bill Graham, Publisher,  Lakes District News, Box 309,  Burns Lake, B.C. V0J 1E0.  Phone 692-7526. 1012-26  SOMEONE to care for elderly  lady in her home: 885-2069.  4949-25  WILL BABYSIT in my home,  weekdays only. 8864205.  _ 4876-25  Business Opportunities  NOW      LOCAL      Amway  distributor    offers    op-  ?>rtunity for good earnings,  ou pick the hours, we assist.  For appt, call Paul Morris,  926-0807. 3918-tf  _ RENT IBM  SELECTRIC TYPEWRITER   Studentiate$35��enth   For more info re: Service,  Rentals, or Purchase (calc. (  =T=iW.-)-call^  BDRM HOUSE in Gran- -  thams Ldg. avail immed.  $245 per mo. 886-7701.    1039-27  STORE SPACE for rent on  Cowrie, $300 lease'. 883-2676.  1058-25  SUITE FOR rent central  Sechelt. Spacious % bdrm,  stove, fridge, washer, dryer,  carport, storage, $235 till Aug.  1 then $251. 885-9366 or 885-  5506. 1066-25  T!EEAlT3"BDRM~PorfTlcyar  12 x 60'. Completely mobile  with wheels, sqme appliances.  Asking only $10,800. Jack  Noble, 883-2701. H.B. Gordon  Agencies Ltd., 885-2013. 1040-  tfn  PENSIONER wants to buy 2,  bdrm mobile home about 50'  to move off pad. In good cond.,  oil furnace, light jpanels, CSA  approved & good price. 886-  7452 after 6. 4810-25  2-ONfcY-Alumlnumrboatsri6,r-,76YAMAHA125-Endurorlow  need work  2232.  Best  offer. 885-  4963-26  T_rcT_(JXE PENTHOUSE Apt.    '7fi 24x60 4 bdrm, 1% baths.  BEEBY  Office Equipment  434-9144  with approx. 1,400 sq.'ft. comp. furnace, 2 porches,  living area. Blue plush car- Replacement value $42,000,  pgtec[ stairway jeading up to asking $38,000 firm J "  T5% x :_4TivmgTm, blue w-w,  '73 FIBERFORM 22%';  188  Merc ib. ob; depth sounder;  compass; fresh water cooling.  885-2788. 1054-27  15 FT. FIBERGLASS  over  plywood, 33 hp Johnson, tilt  trailer, $350.883-9940.   1055-25  25 FT. C&C, 3 sails, 2 anchors,  sounder,   compass,    9.9  Evinrude,  two 5-gal.  gas  TarSsTT-efines, life jacketsT  524-1535.  1071-27  mileage, good cond. 885-3688  after 6.    /.-,' 4794-25  '77 YAMAHA XT 500 Enduro,  only 5000 km. 885-2614. 4878-  25  '77 HONDA 554,  immac. shape,  885-5304 after 5.  new tires,  $1650 obo.  4905-25  '78   KAWASAKI   100.   G5,t  Enduro. Gd. cond., approx.  1,700 mi., $450 obo. 883-9084.  ___ 1068-27'  $18,500. 885-2503 or  T82fc25=  4879-26  FOR  et  BORN TOHDanny ~& Donna  Olsen of Mackenzie on April  27,1979, a baby girl, sister for  Jessica. 7 lb. 5% oz. Proud  grandparents are Mr. & Mrs.  Cliff Olsen of Sechelt,  Elmeda Whyte of Sechelt &  Ronald Whyte of Qualicum.  1083-25  Obituary  PROST: Passed away May 7.  1979, John Andrew Prost,  late of Sechelt, in his 70th  year. Survived by his loving  wife Glady, 1 son William  Duncan of Surrey; 3 grandsons Rick, Ed & Tony  Michael; 1 brother Joe of  Richmond; his father-in-law  Duncan Nicholson, numerous  nieces & nephews. Private  cremation arrangements  through Devlin Funeral  -Home, Gibsons: Flowers  gratefully declined. Donations to Cancer Fund or St.  Mary's Hospital. 1072-25  Card of Thanks  THE BOY SCOUTS & Girl  -__Guides-otSecheltwould like-  to thank all concerned for  donations & volunteer help  making our recent auction a  success. 1061-25  Personal  DIVORCE! $100 Plus Filing  Fees ��� Obtain your uncontested divorce-fast-over-  the telephone. Our forms and  typing services are lawyer  approved. Call Self-Counsel  Services tollfree (112) 800-663-  3035. Chargex and Master-  charge accepted.        4325-tfn  439 Davis Road, Ladysmith or  phone 245-8239. 1051-25  WANTED! 1929? welfare  ���type7"small7_female7~t(r  share older mobile ��� plus,  Sooke, with working nude, 55,  with fringe benefits. No  Charlie's Angels please.  Phone 642-5703 Collect. 1046-25  Help Wanted  PART-TIME INSTRUCTORS  Instructors are needed for the  fall program in the following  areas:  Aquarium  Auto Maintenance & Tune uj  Auto   .  Maintenance  Emergency Repair  Bartending  . Cooking, Gourmet  Cooking, Mexican  Diesel Theory  Drapes & Bedspreads  Driftwood  Fiberglassing  Furniture Refih-shing  Guitar  Hair Trimming  Home Landscaping  Knots & Splices  Microwave Cooking  Office Machines  Oil Painting  Pruning  ���Reflexolog;  Part Time/FulT~Time  Retail sales people  for    inside  sales.  Experience-  preferred,  but    not  weekends.     Salary  negotiable.  Contact  PAUL  FLETT  886-2244.  A sincere, low-key yet  professional look  at  the  Amway  opportunity,  phone  Maureen or Art, 885-9595.4972-  26      - - -   WANTED: Distributors to sell  - and assemble vinyl sash  -windows. Small investment.  Best suited to carpenter or  woodworking shops. Woodcraft Industries Ltd., Box  4599, Quesnel, B.C. V2J 3J4.            4998-26-  ���JPRIVATELY��� OWNED-Ser-  vice Station. Two bays in  Houston, B.C. Asking price  $155,000. Fore more information phone 845-7357 or  write BOX1299 HdustwTB.Cr  Good location. . 1049-25  EXCELLENT SECOND  business, low overhead,  high income. Established  custoniers plus all equipment  & training. Phone Lee  Christian, 883-9171.     1016-tfn  _ine  WANTED IMMEDIATELY, a  Qualified welder. Minimum  no. 2 ticket req'd. Apply at  Precision Machine works,  4464 Franklin, Powell River,  4854667. 9840-26  R E Q UIRED -TivF-  MEDIATELY, qualified  machinist. Apply at Precision  Machine Works Ltd., 4464  Franklin, Powell River, 485-  6667. 9841-26  CHEF & CHEF'S assistant to  start immediately. Apply in  writing or in person to Mr.  Gadsby, Lord Jim's Lodge.  1062-25  WANTED: Housekeeper tor:  an elderly man in Secret  -Gpve^Box495rSechelt���1079-25-  Small Engine Repair  Solar Greenhousing  Speedreading  Speedwriting  Toymakinglor Parents  Winemaking  If you have skills you would  like to share with others,  5lease call or write before  une 1. ��� -��� - -  Karin Hoemberg,  Continuing Education,  Box 6, Sechelt, B.C.  ; VON 3A0  Phone: 885-3512  1038-25  A TELEPHONE answering-  bookkeeping lady is  required by a service co. with  office in West Sechelt for  Mondays thru Wednesdays.  8:00-16:00. Please contact Bill  Nielsen at 885-9578.      1084-27  ELDERLY   LADY   needs  ���companion. Share seaside -  home,    light    duties    &  remuneration.    Non-smoker  pref. 886-2147. 1099-27  Wanted to Rent  2 I.DRM waterfront cottage  wanted for Aug. 942-5381 or.  write Geo. Van Zvylekom,  1461    Knappen    St.,    Pt.  Coquitlam V3C2P7.     4792-25  WANT COTTAGE 3-5 mo. in  Secret   Cove,    Egmont,  Pender, Thormanby Is. area.  Reply 681-8155 or Box 310 R.  4903-25  MALE PHARMACIST wishes  .'to share apt. or house in..  Gibsons. Ph. during day, 886-  8192. 1069-25  For Rent   FOR  RENT:   Wiison  Creek  _���Community��� Hall���Call  IMabel Dooley at 885-9804.  3691-tf  44 ft. rosewood feature wall,.  wall of stonework with hooded  elec. fireplace. Swag lamps,  upholstered wet bar with  colonial stools, sliding glass  doors opening onto deck  featuring spiral stairway. 3  bdrm vanity bath with large  gilt mirror. Open cabinet  kitchen, dining rm with  crystal chandelier & mirrored  planters. Lovely carpets  thruout. Colored appliances.  View. Rent $300 per mo; Port  Mellon Hwy.. Ph. 8864352.  1070-27 '  MADEIRA PARK. 1 bdrm  - furn. - house, ���w-w- carpet,  fireplace. 738-5704.       1082-27.  "UNFURNISHED: 1 bdrnT  with elbsed-in Sun Porch,  fireplace. Gower Point area.  Avail, immed. Rent $245 per  -monthr-Century���West���Real-  Estate (1978) Ltd. Wharf  Road, Sehelt B.C. 885-3271.  1087-25  Real Estate  CUTE LITTLE house for sale  on 1053 Franklin ~Rd by  owner. 886-7051. 4881-25  COZY 2 bdrm & storage rm,  w-w carpet. 886-7306. 4888-25  PENDER HARBOUR,  Duncan Bay. Charming,  quiet seclusion, view lot near  sea & lake; paved road, city  amenities. FP $10,000, $1000  down, 9 pet., $100 per mo. Ivy  Potts, 883-2402. 4835-26  EXCEPTIONALLY fine view  . lot in West Sechelt. On  i. sewer. Ph. 885-9796.     4724-tfn  MOBILE HOME furn'd 1  bdrm in Big Maple Crt, an  exclusive adult park. Cozy,  well kept, w-w carpet, elec  heat. Has to be seen to be  appreicated. $6450 obo. 885-  2538 or 885-9638. .4882-25  2 BDRM 10 x 55 Mobile Home  with 8x30 sundeck, w-w  carpet living.rm & kitchen,  with wall oven, counter-top  burners, fridge & double sink',  plumb, for' auto washer in  bathrm. Blt-in drawers in both  bdrms, vanity in larger. Oil  barrels & stands, etc. $6,000  firm. 885-3398 aft. 6.���1020-26-  -74���12Tr68-SAFEWAYr  bdrm, all appl., good cond.  Asking $11,800.885-5444. 4956-  29  SAILING dinghy wanted, 12' -  14'. Should be "one-design"  class. Condition not important  if repairable. 883-2287.1015-26  Cars and Trucks  '73 CHARGER SE, auto., 4004  bbl,   mags,   new  brakes,  engine   overhaul,   radials  37,800 mi. $3995 firm. 8854588.  4842-25  '77  PACER  DL,   1  owner,  approx 26,000 mi., gd. cond.  Hurry make me an offer. 885-  2022. 4800-25  -NEW FORD pickup box^ $600  obo. 886-9192. 4804-25  KAWASAKI KH400, 1,300 mi.  Richman racing faring."  ^Excnforrd^i^ooorfiB^Tsesr-^"  4975-26  Machinery  JOB'S FINISHED. Must sell  D8 angle dozer and winch,  $14,000; 1HC175B loaderwith  grapple, $13,500; 977 H-bucket  and grapple with bucket and  blade, $18,500; 40 low-bed  hooks to log bank, $6,500; '74  D9G, excellent, $85,000. Phone  823-6491. 1050:257  GOING LOGGING. Must sell  two 631B  motor scrapers  and D9G with ripper, offers to  $48,500 each. Phone 823-6491.   _.__:���__ -1052-257  '67 VALIANT 6 cyl., clean,  good running cond. $325.885-  3167 or 885-9882. 4906-25  Boats and Engines  COMPLETE MARINE  ELECTRICAL WIRING  "SERVICE  NOW AVAILABLE THRU  MILLER MARINE7  ELECTRONICS  886-7918  3823-tfn  HEADWATER MARINA  LTD  Moorage and Marine Ways.  Down Narrows Road  883-2406 24 hours   3826-tfn  LOT FOR sale in Gibsons,  view of north shore  mountains. On the end of a  quiet cul-de-sac. 1 block to  shopping centre. All services  including sewer. Offers to  $14,000885-3818. 1019-26  Work Wanted  NEED A Divorce? For free  information and  professional, fast, inexpensive  lawyer-designed services,  contact: Vancouver Divorce  Service, Suite 8, 1734 W.  Broadway, Vancouver, B.C.  V6J1Y1. Ph. 736-2684.   4851-27  r������-���  ������'  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  HD MECHANIC required by  road consruction company.  Shop, field work on Caterpillar equip't, welding ex-  Krlence preferred; Reply to  ���x 77, Avola, B.C. VOE 1C0.  4915-25  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad In Iho ��qunr��iv, De ��ur* lo loavo a blank ��pn'.u allnr ��ocli  word, '  Thro��llnisl��$-,15.Eor.|. additional lino l��60c,  1 advonlag* ol our ipaclal ������wlngi,  * Hun your od twlc* ��� Ih- third tlm�� l�� MM.-  * If you pay lor y ir ad tha Saturday _-lor�� publication you gat a  dlicount-r-irSetor I Inwrtlon��� 80c for 3,  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Let us care for your tree  needs:   .  -Topping  -Falling  -Limbing  Insured work  "Our reputation  speaks for itself"  ,      ph. 885-2109  One bedroom  apartments  * Balconies  ���ColoredAppliances  * View ,..  * Wall to wall carpet  * Drapes  * Intercom  * Controlled Entrance  * Cablevision  Rent from $190.00  Call DOUG FERRIS  885-2283  3283-tf  Tok  In iichi  i your ad,  alt al th*  Panlmula Tlrooi Ofllca  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  CLASSIFICATION  ....  ~.  .-  -  .._  ���  ...  ...  ...  ....  _-  _....  ....  ,,  ���  .,-  -~  :���  a  ��218  60  W  60'  Noma  Addrasl  PoitolCoda  TflNo.  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Ins* is* spa mm sMMsmsiaasssi 'mmnmm ����� w ��ss psn ��ss> ��s�� is* ���������������*����*������*�����  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. All  types of Concrete Wdfk.  Breaking and hauling away of  old concrete. Concrete  leakage problems. Seepage or  high pressure leaks.  Phone Wayne Clupp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt  4437-tfn  WINDOW CLEANING  Hourly or Contract  free estimates,  085-5735 mornings  3627-tf  THUNDER PAINTINQ  Interior & Exter|of  professional woritgt  reasonable rates  Free Estimates  5 years on the coast   '" M5--301& 886-7019  30fil-tf  SMALL APPLIANCE  REPAIR  through  MILLER MARINE  ELECTRONICS  886-7018  3822-tfn  FOR CUSTOM rototUllntJ.caU  RON'S FIX-IT Shop. Will fix,  ���ny kind of small appliance.  mmiih '1081-27  �����' --���-rwHW���r-imil         Ws_> rwsm���M-llm ii si., i.i. I I. I-.-S..II1  UiaTlmtt Adbrlef ��� I  MAPLE CRESCENT Apart-  ments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm apts. '  Reas;   rent.   Incl.   heat, ,  cablevision, stove, fridge. 886-  7836 or apply Apt. No. 103-A.  4121-tfn  TRAILER PAD, Irwin Motel  & Trailer Court. Close to  Sunnycrest Mall, 886-0615.  4803-25  MOBILE HOME pad in West  Sechelt. 885-2070.     4062-tfn  ROBERTS CREEK 2 bdrm  ste, $325; 4 bdrm ste, 1350,  avail,  immed.,   c-o  Mitten  Really, 88M295,9 to 5. 4989-26  BARGAIN HARBOUR,  deluxe WF house, 2 bdrm,  w-w. elec. heat, 1V�� bath,  washer, dryer, all appl., incl.  dlshwsh. Ideal retired couple.  Long-term lease avail. $400  por mo. 883-2384. 1014-26  SUMMER RENTAL. 2 bdrm/  furn. beach cottage, Davis  Bay. FP. Avail last 2 wks of  GAMBIER ISLAND.   New  home on 1 acre; 3 bdrm,  ensuite plumbing, 5 min. from  West Bay wharf. 886-2027.  1036-27  MOVING! Try mUd  Ladysmith, have 3 bdrm  natural wood finish basement  home. Treed view. Lot close  in, $55,000. Fbr"details write"  Box 1233, Ladysmith V0R 2E0.  Phone 245-3747. 1042-25  BRAND NEW by owner,  Parksville, Van. Isle, 2  bdrm, elec. heat, Thermopane  windows, cedar patio,  heatilator fireplace, intercom,  fitted carpets. Blacktop  driveway. Ideal retirement.  $48,000. ONO. Phone 752-6743.  1041-25  SMALL CAFE and Convenience Store on Hwy. 16.  Halfway between Prince  George and Terrace. Near  schools. Small living quarters  suitable for couple on v�� acre.  Write Box 70, Topley, B.C. V0J  240. 1044^25  PRIVACY IN Sechelt ViUago.  ,    100x200. Short walk to  beach,   stores   &   school,  $12,900,885-2087. 1063-27  WATERFRONT Central  Gibsons. Attractive well-  kept older 2 bdrm family  homo with self contained  nccom. in full basement,  40' x 343' level lot, garden  with many fruit trees,  boathOusG, sewer; water *&  power. An excellent investment, $63,900. Call E.  Insley. Block Bros., 007-9950  or 98(1-0311. 1074-25  TO SETTLE an estate, 56�� lot  on Hyw. 101, Hopkins Ldg.  Prov. assessed value $13,200,  885-2116. 107&-27  REBUILT ENGINES  FOR SALE  6V53 Ovsrht-ulad'tVtdrlno  453 Detroit Dlvsel  Used 6 cyl. Dl��s��l Marin*  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL LTD.  Hwy 101, P��nd��r Harbour  803-2616  -"65-CHEV -%TCarryallr$150-  obo. 885-3782. 4865-25  '71 MG Midget in excel, cond.,  low mileage. $2700.883-9167.  4857-25  '69 GMC 4x4, 2 spare tires, 2  spare      tanks,       good  mechanical cond. $1750 obo.  883-9368. 4862-25  '69 GMC % ton 4x4 w-canopy,  needs new engine, best  offer. 885-5064. 4873-25  '64 FORD Fairlane Vt auto,  runs well. $200 obo. 886-9424.  - 4885-25  '69 FORD  100 pickup, gd.  running  order,  $950.  885-  3650. 4974-tfn  -TWO-X-HYDRG-lme-traeks^  hydraulic boom, auger  cabinets etc. Excel cond.,  capable of lifting long log  trailers, $12,000 each; Cariboo  lractor   parts. ~Box   4268^  Quesnel, B.C. V2J 3J3. 1047-25  NOW WRECKING 1971 GMC  Astro 318, 13-speed SQHD  1966 Dodge Tandem carter  box Eatons 1968 1HUF190  tandem Cariboo tractor parts.  Box 4268, Quesnel, B.C. V2J  3J3. 1043-25  EQUIPMENT. AUCTION  located 150 mile ranch,  Hwy. 97, south of Wms. Lake,  surplus equip, from famous  Chilko Ranch, Sat., May  26,11 a.m. Sale conducted by  Joe _Wark Auctions. 1666  Jasper Road, Quesnel, TJ.C.  V2J4L6.747-1894. 1048-25  Livestock  i73 510 DATSUN, 4 dr',  new radials, rear defog; 88l��  9064. 4973-26  '67 CHEV van, long box, 6 cyl  std, propane tank, rack &  furnace, insul, runs well. $950  cash. 8854575. 4948-25  HORSESHOEING. Call Bob  Witt,-'" "'Hopkinseves.886-9470. 3300-  tfn   "-vi--v    -���-  ���75 TRIUMPH Si  rrd7$3#00788��!  itfire, 25,000  CHICKS - brown egg layers,  white Leghorns, white  Rocks. Order early-ship  anywhere. Napier Chick  Sales, 6743-216th St., Box 59,  Milner, B.C. VOX 1T0. 534r  7222. 3462-tf  eves.  4953-25  25' BOAT, inboard, head VHF,  CB, record w-depth sounder, many extras. Van. 324-  9544,883-2322. 4832-25  8x45' HD bolted construction  wooden float, styrofoam  -flotation, -_commercfel_iype,-_  $2500. 883-2709, 464-5451, eves  291-1642. 4822-25  20' O'DAY sailboat. 4 sails,  head, fixed keel, fibreglass  hull, 6 HP. 483-9109.      9914-25  DAVIDSON Chugger 21'  diesel cruiser, 24 HP V2  Farymann diesel eng, comp.  w-2:l reduction gearbox,  galley, stand-up head, teak  interior, oak brlghtwork,  hand-laid HP moulded  fiberglass hull. $16,000. 885-  9006, or 885-2807 eves.   4899-25  Your  E  CATERPILLAR  CitopHty, Cal *ft) (I ft Trpdvnwhi erf C��1��rpM��r TfMlor to  ENGINE DEALER  ON THE  SUNSHINE COAST  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL LTD.  "'"Hv^io'ir   P��nd��r Harbour  '73 CORTINA L 2000, std.,  50,000 mi., new brakes, good  run cond., $1,500.885-5442.  1031-27  '     .1"      'l-    I '    I ��� ��� '   .11  '69 BEAUMONT station  7 wagon.,Auto.V-8,307cu. in.,  air shocks; Offers; 885-9430 or  885-2808. 1033-25  1972 METRO Walk-in-Van  with large air compressor  hose and reel, $4,500; 1971  Ford 600 cab and chassis, new  front tires $3,800. Cariboo  tractor parts. Box 4268  Quesnel, B.C. V2J3J3. 1045-25  '75 GMC VANDURA V8,3 spd.  Prof, camperized, many  extras, $5,400 or trade  on  Toyota L.C. 885-2839.    1059-25  '69 FORD FALCON, blue, 4  dr., 3 spd. std., low mi., exc.  cond., $500 obo. 885-9636. 1065-  25  ���72 CHEVELLE Malibu, 2dr.  HT, 350 turbo, 327 cu. in.  engine, headers, Quadra jet  carb, new paint, mags, $3,300  obo. 885-5407. 1067-25  HORSESHOEING,    exper'd.  Farrier, Warren Drader  available, 886-2977.      4864-30  REGISTERED   Thorobred  gelding,   well-trained  &  gentle, $500 without tack. 885-  9285 or 8854888. 4961-26  Lost  ���67 CHEVY Caprice  wagon. 885-2181 eves.  station  1085-25  883-2616 or 843-9921  '68 FORD Gnlaxie 500 convert.  V-0, ps, pb, new top. 885-  5076.  1090-25  ���73 FORD  885-3514.  F250 4x4  $3,000,  1096-25  FROM HILLCREST neat  Crucil, "Bo" neutered tabb>  Persian cat, 3 yrs old, had  belled collar & name tag. 886-  9106. 4897-2E  Wanted to Buy  LOGS OR TIMBER wanted,  fir,  hemlock  or  cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  WANTED: Waterfront  property, Pender Harbour  or Secret Cove. Older house,  protective moorage w-wharf.  E. Anderson, 16456-10 Ave.,  White Rock, B.C. 536-7384.  4837-25  USED   100   LB.   &   20   lb.  Propane tanks wanted. Call  885-3143. 4986-26  2 -100 LB. PROPANE tanks,  older Propane stove, midsize freezer.Ph. 885-5765. 4955-  26  More Classified Page B-4  VIEW LOT Davis Bay area.  Gently sloping treed corner  June.ail"olAug. only. 88W310 M aboutJM��,x 237:, Very well  or  8818417,  1025-28  BASEMENT STUDIO suite, In  Lowor Gibsons, overlooking  tho son. Partly furnished,  avail, immed. Rent $135 por  mon, Century West Real  Estate (1978( Ltd. Wharf  Road, Sechelt, B.C. 8854271.  1088-25  WATERFRONT   HOUSE.   2  bdrm for r^nt by week Jun��-  jyug,8QlH754,  ���    ,,109^7  3 BDRM  MOBILE  homo,  private soml-waterfront lot,  Tuwanek. Avail Juno l. $235  por mo, 885-0090 nft. 6 p.m.  1094-27  priced by ownor at $12,000  with Some torms considered.  885-37.37. 1000-27  BARGAIN HARBOUR. Fully  serviced lot. Furn. mobile.  Wharfage incl, $21,500 or  offers. 883-2352. 1092-25  Mobile Homes  12x66* 4  "-quick���  any time.  BDRM.  -"-sal*.  Prlcod for  ��88MKH>0  mm  76 12x68 Berkshire, 3 bdrm,  carpet, drapes, all appliances incl, washer fit dryer.  Lge sundeck. Asking $15,000.  8W-2706, 3913-tf  20' REINELL softtop w-head,  loaded,   165   Mercruiser  T4EZ Loader trailer, top cond.  88W101aft8. 4901-4S  14'   RUNABOUT,   canvas  decking, vory good cond., c-  w controls & 2ft HP Evinrude,  $600 firm. 8854901 weekends.  4902-25  14 FT K&C, 33 hp elec. start  Evinrudo, 2 tanks, 2 hp  Spirit on bracket; canvas top ,  & sleeper seats; Gator tilt  trailer, lots of extras, $2,000.  883-2385. 1077-27  73 24' REINELL, vory clottn,  new leg. $10,000.885-5814,   *"  I007-!-S  15' SANGSTER, 1976: 60 hp  Evinrudo. 883-2386 after six.  ��� 477IW5  U����Tlm����AdbrMil  59 FORD Econollno van. Fair  cond., $660.88M740. 1100-25   ,��� -,.. j.,. ,     ,_     , ,_   __,   _,   Campers and Trailers  CAMPER for Import, furnace  St icebox. 885-0452.     4868-28  18' TRAVEL trailer. Skylark,  sleeps 6, toilet, fridge, stove.  883-2356. 4875-25  74 BMi' Cannonball Camper, 3-  way fridge, 3-brnr stove w-  oven, furnacfr. sink, dinette,  sips 4, hyd. jacks, as new,  $2700. Bob 8854211 or 885-2503.   4896-tf  6' x 30' SEMI-FURN trailer.  On WF lot in Porpoise Bay.  Cqn be easily moved. FP  $2,950, terms. 885-3310 or 88&-  22'    GLENDALE    GOWOn  Falcon travel trailer, $3,950.  884-5392. 1035-27   ��� '" "i '   Por Quick R��iwlli  U����TlmM Adbrlef ��� I  SUMMER  ART COURSE  Capilano College  Soch.lt  Thoio pvraona with  Idoat for a cradlt or  non-cr��dlt lummir  art courts pUat��  contact tha coll��g�� at  885-3814  b*twMn  6:3000800 P.M.,  AAon.-Thurt. ���v��nlng��.  b*for��  May 31, 1979. Wednesday, May 16,1979        Tlie Peninsula Times  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  HASLAM CREEK WATERFRONT ���  A unique and incredibly beautiful property  of 15 acres and approx 750' of beach. Included ,is a 4 acre oyster lease, small cabin  and year.'round creek. An investment to  suit either an individual or a group at  $165,000 with terms.  EXCEPTIONALLY LARGE LOT ���  Desirable location on Francis Peninsula  Over an acre of privacy in a park-like  -settingJAfater-ond-p-__ver.ar��tothe-lot-line.-  Cldse to the water and |ust a short walk to  the Government Wharf ��� Can be yours for  ^$15^000.    MIDDLEPOINT AREA ���  Here's a great spot for the family7 .. a 1482  sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom home on  almost 10 acres of gently sloping and well  treed soil. This ideal place has everything  and is just 3 years old. At $60,000 there's  not a better investment oh the Penlnsola.  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ���  "PENDEROSA" at Garden Bay. Orlve-in,  take-out, groceries, 2 bedroom living  quarters with close water view. Here's a  growing business and good'home in the  most sought after spot on the B.C. coast.  -Ll-ke_tpJlve_her___wQuldr_J _you?_Call-A.lke,  WATERFRONT LOT ���  Deep protected moorage at Egmont. This lot  has trailer pad, water, power and septic  field already In. An opportunity plus at  $35,000.  McNAUGHTON POINT ���  1.9 acres of choice view waterfront  overlooking Malaspina Strait. Most charming 3 bedroom home with sunken living  room, ship deck floors and cut stone  fireplace. A llttlesprucing up will make this .  retreat worth much more than the $70,000,  asking price.  MADEIRA PARK ��� >  High on a hill overlooking the harbour, Gulf  and islands is a large (100* x  164') lot  -waiting-foryour^nspectlc^TThe_swe7^1rig"  view   is   unmatched   and   what   an   Investment 1-$lv-750O-fornuickT��lft   Rosse at 863-9378.  HARBOUR MOTORS ��� at Kielndale. 4 bay  service station, body shop and store.  Separate small 3 bedroom home for owner.  This is a money-making situation. If you're a  good bodyman, this is it I Call Mike Rosse at  883-9378.  HARBOUR SUPPLIES ��� Plumbing, electrical,  furniture and appliances. This business  shows a good return and is increasing every  year. No competition for .milei. Perfect  operation for couple wanting to make their  future in this area. Priced to sell quickly so  don't delay, phone now for details. Jock  Hermon, 883-9978.'  PART TIME ��� Why be a thumb twiddler. We  can show you a small, growing business  currently operating 6 hrs per day, 4 days  per week. Lots of time for fishing or |ust  ~taklnglhmgrealyrA-smainnves^^  bring rewards ... Call Mike Rosse at 883-  9378:  John Breen ��� 883-9978       Mike Rosse 883-9378    Jock Hermon 883-2745  Page B-3  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  -AAember-ohMultlpfe-i.litin^��ivfce~  HOMES  GIBSONS ��� 2 BR residence with one BR  suite on Hwy 101, adjacent to Seaview  =Plaxa^ood=investment---_-$5__T500^===  -FRANCIS���PENINSULA���=���l^���x7-i44"  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft  addition. On 2/3�� acre lot. $28,500.  GULFVlEW   ROAD   ���   Madeira   Park,  fantastic view from this new home ��� 3  ^l>w^ppliOTt��sJsrffreplB~eer$87;O0r.  ~SINCrA1K_ATiraA1T=irBR view horneT]  '1656 sq. ft., built 1974. Dble.' carport,!  storage room, heated 34'x2(V swimming  " Tjr=i6tr1eveT"8 fencedrwHrt  large garden area. $130,000.  SiL  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  95  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  SELMA PARK ��� Luxurious custom built home has three bdrms, also  completely "finished basement. Cathedral entrance is brightened by ~  mirror wall; deluxe carpeting throughout and many extra features, i.e.  builtin oven, dishwasher, etc. Exterior is finished with vinyl siding;  property is landscaped and has a view to Trail Islands. Just a 1/4 mile to  school and located in choice, residential area. Don't fail to see this fine  home. Asking $67,000^00   ' "    . ���,.���>.. .-.,,.���  LANGDALE ��� Panoramic view of Howe Sound and North Shore Mtt.,  from this comfortable 2 bdrm family home. Has finished basement with  kitchen and bath facilities (in-law ste., of?). Main floor is 1022 sq ft, has  large LR with FP and w/w carpeting. Range, fridge and drapes included.  Carport with paved drive. Sundeck for summer relaxation. Only $57,500.  LANG DAL E-r=JAanyj^.slqndin^  bdrm home. Spacious master bdrm with sauna, wired and lined;  cathedral ceiling in LR, finished in Calif, redwood; FP finished with  Arizona sandstone. Kitchen has barbecue & rotisserie , ceramic tile floor.  Basement ready for finishing touches, has a window wall. Cozy family  room adjoins kitchen. 2 FP with heatilators, double glazing on main floor.  $85,000. Call George Cooper for app't.  GIBSONS��� Bay area, close to beach, stores and POl Attractive 3 bdrm  home on extra large lot with good vegetable garden. Home is conveniently designed with large living room with rec room, utility,  workshop and spare room. $62,000.  GIBSONS ��� Lower Village; fantastic view from LR, 2 bdrms on main floor  with den or extra bdrm In basement. FP in living room and very good  convenient kitchen. Close to shopping, on sewer. Priced to sell at  $46,900.  GIBSONS WFT ��� Gower Point area; 2 bdrms, large living room with FP,  electric heat, full basement could be made Into rec room or extra living  area. Garage with lighted drive, beautifully landscaped, Very choice  property. $85,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ~- Thlt well-built contemporary home has over 1040 sq  ft, Is located on Hanbury Road, and hat oyer 20 octet with all-year creek,  power, young orchard, good gardening ��� beautifully treed. This property  offert complete teclutlon and privacy. By appointment only, call John  Black for detallt.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� New subdivision, 2 bdrm house on large lot; lower  floor has utility room, storage and extra lavatory.1 Some view of Georgia,  Strait from upper floor; priced to sell at $39,500.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� 3 bdrm home on Lower Road; full batement with a/o  heat; large lot 110 x 145' hat tome fruit tree?, space for garden. Houte  hat FP In living room and tundeck for tummer leisure. Priced at $48,000.  VETERANS ROAD -- Comfortable 3 bdrm family home, lovely pott &  beam conttructlon with ttone FP In Hying room. Main roomt are arranged  In attractive open ttyle; extra room In batement, a/o heat. Entulte  plumbing, Situated on large lot with good garden area. Mutt be teen.  PORT MELLON ��� Cozy 3 bdrm horn* on Dunham Road, FP In living room,  attached carport, nice tlze lot 70 x 173. Atklng $37,500.  LOTS  GLASSFORD ROAD ��� Nice building lot, on tewer; good residential area,  $13,000.  FIRCREST RD��� New tubdlvltlon, lot tlze 61 x 191. Priced at only $9,700.  LOWER GIBSONS ��� 3 lots, corner School Road and Hiway 101,  tremendous potential, high traffic area. $175,000.  GRANTHAMS ��� three lott on Reed Road. Good Investment property,  potential view. Asking $8,750 each.  WHARF ROAD ��� Langdale, good retirement area; lot 65 x 193'. Try your  . offer,   '       ROSAMUND ROAD ��� Three lott cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500  each.  Evenings Call: John Black, 886*7316;  Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;  George Cooper, 886-9344  "**���*"$.;,  lfl^_��M��_i-_.��es^.'^r  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR split level home,  built 1977. 6 appliances, 2 sundecks,  carport. Excellent view. Landscaped  semi-waterfront lease, lot. $35,000.  "J   -fc'^Tj'  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Near new 3  bdrm split level. Fireplace, sundeck &  'carportj.$��0,000.  AAADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR view  home, architect designed. 5 major  appliances. $77,000.  IRVINES LANDING ��� 3 BR view home,  stone fireplace, ensuite, 6. appliances.  Close to marina. $75,000. One car taxi  business available with above for additional $10,000.  MIDDLEPOINT���2 BR home, 1100 sq ft  on 9.5�� fairly level, treed acres. Well  850+ ft frontage on Highway 101  $49,000.  -MADEIRA-PARK ���-4BR-home with-view  on landscaped lot. Large workshop &  equipment storage area in back. Ideal  location for builder/contractor. $69,500.  NEAR AAADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500.  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 BR home on 2 levels.  Electric heat. Landscaped, close to stores  8 marinas. $54,000.  LfUlES (PAQ) LAKE ��� 3 BR home on 5_fc  acres. Fruit trees, garden. View over  lake. $77,500.   GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home,  built 1976. Ensuite, fireplace, double  carport, landscaped lot. $56,900. _  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w , 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. _$67,500_  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 2 BR view home,  built 1971. Fireplace, double garage,  garden area. $42,500.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  r>*.  ��' "I  LOTS  1. AAADEIRA   PARK   ���   serviced   lots.  $7,000-$22,000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� serviced lots.  $9,060-$24,000.  3. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Porpoise Drive. $8,000. _'  4. WARNOCK ROAD ��� excellent lot,  landscaped, septic tank & foundation for  12x60' mobile home. $16,000.  5. BARGAIN, HARBOUR ��� 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.  6. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� seven lots,  serviced with hydro & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.  $11,000-$! 2,750.  7. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay estates & Sinclair Rd.  $13,500-$21,250.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 8 nice  building lots at corner of Cochrane and  Cameron Roads. $11,000-$ 13,000   LOTS  9. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ��� Sinclair  Bay Road.; Serviced lots, most with view,  three with lakefront. Priced from  $10,000 to $37,500.  10. RUBY LAKE ��� semi waterfront lot,  with road access & hydro. $9,000.  IRVINES; LANDING ��� At "last, a  waterfront lot with all the features you  have been looking for ��� 108 ft low bank  sheltered waterfront, westerly exposure, good view, nearly Jevel and.  nlcely^tfeed. $5X0007  SECRET COVE -,- Lot A on Wescan Rd.  Steep, but has good building site &  sheltered moorage. On sewer system.  $35,000.  GERRANS BAY ��� 75�� ft waterfront  with deep, sheltered moorage. A good  buy at $35,000.  FRANCiS PENINSULA ��� 132 ft W/F in  Pender Harbour. 1.8 acres, deep  moorage. $50,000.  -FRANGIS-PENINSULA���783-ft-W/F-in-  Pender    Harbour     (adjoins    above  property). 1.22�� acres. Deep moorage.  $36,500.  GERRANS BAY ��� 220�� ft low bank  sheltered waterfront, 1.24 treed acres.  Access from Francis Peninsula Road.  $44,000.  ACREAGE  ACREAGE  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  partially   developed   subdivision   with  potential of 59 lott on Francis Peninsula.  Pender Harbour. $150,000.  1. MIDDLE POINT - 2.9 treed acres on  Hwy 101 with 949i sq ft 2 BR home with'  carport. Drilled woll, $39,500.  % RUBY LAKE ��� 5Hh treed acres, close  to public lake access*. $19,800.  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 3.4�� acres &  4��. acres, seml-waterfront. Overlooking  Malaspina Strait & |ust a few feet to the  waterfront. Hydro, water & paved road.  $40,000 each.  4. Near Ruby Lake ��� 8.39 acres on Hwv  101. $25,000.  5. Near Madeira Park ��� 15 acres,  2150 �� ft on Hwy 101. $44,000.  6. Francis Peninsula ��� ),8__ acres,  corner of Warnock and Francis Peninsula  Roads. $17,500,  7. WARNOCK ROAD ~ level lot, almost  ono acre, Good soil, selectively cleared.  $24,000.  8. FRANtlS PENINSULA ��� 2�� acres  with panoramic view of Ponder Harbour.  12'x20' cabin, concrete drlvoway.  $32,000.  9. EGMONT ��� 11 db treed acres with  year round creek. Road access, $49,500.  Mn-'i: l ;';:-.',"  J@4j&-  i  COMMERCIAL PROPER  3  JUNCTION ISLAND - ST. VINCENT BAY ���  18,75jt acres, treed, sheltered  moorage, several coves, oysters, 15 min.  ride by fast boat from Earls Cove or  Egmont. $120,000.  EGMONT ~ 3.8�� acres with 550�� ft.  low bank waterfront. Float, launching  ramp. Whole property Is terraced and  levelled ready for development. Drilled  well. $165,000.  EARL C6VE ~ 5,57 acres, 450�� ft  sheltered waterfront ad|oining terry  terminal, Excellent site for possible*  motel, hotel, camper-trailer park.  $135,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres with 307.+, ft low  bank waterfront. Good drlvoway to  waterfront. Launching romp, site has  been prepared for possible use as W/F  trailer-camper park A fishing resort. An  excellent property, Full price $95,000,  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 400db ft waterfront,  5.97 acres, water access. $29,500.  EGMONT ��� 7 acres wltR 540 ft low  bank waterfront, Site has been  [prepared for possible use as a large  WF trailer-camper park & fishing  resort. This Is an excellent property  ad|olnlng the Egmont Marina.  $180,000 ��� Owner will finance at  bank Interost rate,  ���tV*.-.\.  WEST LAKE, NELSON ISLAND ��� 100��'  acres, 4140�� ft. choice lakefront,  , )800_b ft, oceanfront on Vanguard Bay,  2 log cottages with fireplaces, 1 post a  beam cottage, Access by boat or float  plane, An excellent buy for $140,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� get yourself out of  the house ond Into this easy>to-run  clothing business with good potential,  $22,000. plus stock.  Also available with above ��� 1,000 �� tq.  ft, commercial building with room for  expansion. $53,000,  GARDEN BAY MARINA ��� 700;fe lineal  feet floats,, Living quarters, laundry,  showers, On leased land, Complete  marine gas a diesel sales, $85,000.  WATERFRONT HOMES  TROUT FARM ��� PENDER HARBOUR. Ready  to go -' raceways Installed to handle  160,000 froul. ��5-fc acres land,  Provincial commercial trout farm  licence. Water licence. Located on Hwy  101, across Irom Pender Horbour  Secondary School. $266,000,  V^-'rfV  *i��..|) ,>.,.. ��� ,'S'lf ���������>��� V  ������ Ii Sl"'..iW)nii.Jti��f,����  MADEIRA PARK ��� vacant store bldg,  od|olnlng living quarters. One acre with  104' frontage on Madeira Park Rd.  Zoned R3, $52,000.  HOSPITAL BAY - 3 BR home wl]h 1/3  batement on SOdfc ft low bank waterfront. Southerly exposure. Float.  $95,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� spoclOMt 3 BR home on  1.16 acret on Claydon Road, On 95 �� fl  waterfront with float and boathoute.  $149,000  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  0LU or JEAN SLADEY, 8832233  i Page B-4 Peninsula Times  May 16,1979  Wanted to Buy  OLD GROWTH cedar blocks  24" long, 100 pet dear of  defects* 90 pet edge grain no  sap wood, 95 pet over 8" wide.  _$-_K__peE__cord _delivered-to-  -���hilUwack>-Ph.-85frfl4TWor-  _lnfo^ 4938=26-  - WANTED"  BAND-IRON  Ph. 885-2339  1057-26  SCUBA EQUIPMENT  wanted. Tank,- regulator,  spear gun and lead. Also small  dinghy. Carpenter work for  part. 886-2737.      ,       1053-27  WANTED: live animal fleas.  Will pay 10c each delivered.  Ph. Gordon Mullins. 885-3666.  1056-25  .,��� ._&  .  j.   -, i  ___-~^*'.  Doijg Joyce  Bob Bull  885-2761  885-2503  REALTY LTD  Jack Anderson  Stan Anderson  DonHadden  885-3211  im-  SECHELT ,., $47,500  Near new, large, bright,' economical three  bedroom home, 1 year new, 1260 sq ft.  " Thermopane windows arid doors,, central  fireplace, open plan, no stairs, level lot.  Large sundeck, carport and storage. Good  value at $47,500. Call'Don.  REDROOFFS $67,500  New, waterfront 3 bdrm home with expansive view 'of Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island.. Features shake roof,  stainless steel 'Shaw' fireplace & skylight,  Treed lot. Bob.  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE -   Post Office Box 12197Sechelt"  Vancouver Toll Froo: 684-8016  885-2053  885-2385  885-9504  For Sale  -LADIES^TMens^Chlldrens^  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New', Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5; 1414 Lonsdale, N. Van..  980-8011. 4457-tf  LUMBER: 2x4s-10 ft; 2x6s -  20 ft; 3x8s-60 ft; 2x10s-45  ft. Ph. 522-3328. 3460-tf  OLDER FRIGIDAIRE,  50"  tall, working cond. small  icebox, $50.883-9958.     4812-25  -     -���     - Sill  GE     PORTABLE     auto,  washer, $70 obo; garbage  burrter, $15 obo. 8854171. 4816-  25  WEST SECHELT  ' $91,000  9.5 acres of good farmland. Has new 4 bdrm  ___rgnch _tyb_.home<.-2._ponds__Aupplle_d_.b^  spring water with approx 4 acres cleared,  ��� balance has some timber. All, services on  paved rd. 2 miles from Sechelt centre. This  property, has- many potential uses. Bob ���  SECHELtVILlAGE: $47,900. 2 bedroomup,  den & extra bedroom down. Double  ngr"Hea1ltarer~ flfrptorcc- tn~targe-  llving room & rec room. Stucco exterior.  Large lot within walking distance to schools  [no^hopsHiasy-termsT-CalW-ckr"^"   VIEWOFTRAIHSLANDS $82,000  Luxury new West Sechelt home. Tastefully  decorated with numerous extras. Well-  insulated; energy-conscious home with a  fireplace that must be seen, plus provision  " for space heater lower level. Tastefully  decorated with numerous -extras. 3  bedrooms, sunken tub, shower, large level  'garden' lot, sundecks, double carport. The  price won't shock you once you see it. Call  Bob for an appointment.  CREEKSIDE HOME $68,500  On 6/10, acre with; parklike setting,  towering trees & spacious, easy to maintain  level lawns. One year new expansive home  has two large bedrooms,.Separate entrance  hall Jeads to a large living room with  fireplace that invites gracious entertaining.  A 23x28' attached garpge could be converted to an extra bedroom & family room.  An added plus is a 440' workshop with 3 pee  plumbing. Close to best sandy beach in  -area:���. .   LOTS.  WEST SECHELT $60,000  Cul de sac off Norvan'Road. 3 bedroom full  basement family home. Good garden soil  and large sundeck. 1,154 sq. ' of quality  construction.' Asking $60,000. Call Doug.  8x45' HD bolted construction  -wooderrfloatr~styrofG-rnr  flotation,, commercial type,  $2500. 883-2709, 4644451, eves  291-1642. 4823-25  ASHLEY automatic Wood-  stove, good cond. $125. 885-  2642. 4803-25  1 CB JOHNSON Messenger 6  channel, hand held, $165: 1  CB Pace mobile, 23 channel, 2  weather channels, $150. 886-  9757. 4872-25  WELL-BUILT all-cedar boat  house. Holds up to 24 ft  boat. Can be seen at Johnson  and Goodwin at Indian Arm.  8854101. Wkends. 9294085.       1027-26  -24'-'- PROPANE -stove���4 -  burner & oven, good cond.,  $145; Renault 10 for parts,  $100, eng. has 32,000 mil. 886-  9238. 4900-25  NATURAL HIGH potency,  vitamins, also reducings  plan. Lowest prices in  Canada. Prompt service. Free  catalogue. Write: Vitamin  Discounts by Mail, Box 69337-  A, Station (K', Vancouver,  B.C. V5K 4W5. 1010-25  -PPLJANGEPRICES-  are always better at  MACLEODS  Sechelt  Come in & try us.  1093-25  74 VANGUARD CAMPER. 8  ft. Stove, furnace, icebox.  Asking $1,400: 16 ft. flberglas  lwat,jnotor.&.trailer,.$l,200.  885-2481 eves. 1076-25  'ROBERTS CREEK , "'    $52,000  3 bedroom home on 1.67 acres. Spacious,  open plan of 1320 sq ft, hos .ensuite off  "master bdrm. Home "has family' room- and  utility. Reduced drastically' in price for  immediate sale. Take Gibsons home In  trade. Bob.  SECHELT VILLAOE; Pebble -Crescent ���  $53,900. Complete new remodel job. Large  ~fancher~T 515Tsq~ "f t.^Close^to "shops~"and  school. Level lot too. New cupboards,  carpets, quarry tile entrance & bathroom  floors, light fixtures & paint. Why rent when ~  you can move into a fine home at this price?  -Wood heater to beat fuel bills tool Call Bob.  . COMMERCIAL PROPERTY > $120,000  -Sechelt-Village-Fully-rentedr-mostly'on-  lease. Shows good return on investment.  -Opportunity���to���invest��� in ���this���growing-  community. Details to bonafide purchaser  Doug.  WEST- SECHELT: $75,000. Four bedroom  home, 2 baths, 2 PP, auto/oil heat, sundeck  and carport on gentle .slope 1 acre lot  overlooking-Trdil-Islands.-Half block to  beach access. Also has small rental cottage.'  An appointment necessary. Call Don.  MADEIRA PARK ��� $21,000. Over 3/4 acre, almost level with view  through Pender Harbour. Jusf 400 feet to water's edge. Close to  marina. On paved road with hydro, phone and water along road.  Call Don. ,  VILLAGE, PEBBLE CRESCENT LOT ��� $12,500. Save some trees &  have a garden on this level Lot.* Easy walking distance to all shops.  Price,now only $12,500. Call Don.  - DAVJS BAY WATERFRONT - ~ $36,500  Large lot with a fine beach. Fairly steep access but walkable.  Fantastic southwest view. Nicely treed. (Stan)  WEST SECHELT LOT: $16,900. Large creekside Lot On quiet cul de sac  gives privacy In parklike setting with many beautiful trees. Services  at road. Call Don.  ''^���^������t^mlWSmm-  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� $52,900. NEW-NEW-WJTH-VIEW. View from  kitchen, living room and sundeck. Includes 3 bedrooms, kitchen  pantry, fireplace, carport, large lot. Call Bob to view anytime.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��� $10,000. Extra large building lot in area of  new homes. All services including paved roads. Call Doug.  SECHELTVILLAGE      -' $36,900  Near new 3 bdrm modular home, on clear  garden   lot   with   carport.   Price   includes  stove, fridge, washer & dryer and is completely furnished. Walk to shops. A bargain.'.  "Stan". "  PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE     $54,000  Like new 2 bdrm bsmt home. Good layout  with southern exposure _ond_yiew^ Save _  money   ���' extra   insulation,   twin   seal  windows and heatilator fireplace. Call Bob.  WEST SECHELT $72,500  Spanish split-level home, near new with all  the extra features. Double carport,  workshop, 3 baths, 4 bdrms, 2 fireplaces,  bay window and a formal dining area. Good  level lot affords a view from the 2nd floor.  Tile roof. 2288 sq ft. Call Bob.  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK - $18,500. Privacy in the  trees on this 1.3 acre parcel with gentle  slope towards the sea. Hydro, phone and  reg. water at road. Call Don.  -iECHELT-VILLAGE- 5 acres-measuring-330-x 660'. Will eventually  have a view. Close to the arena. Try your offer to $35,000.  SANDY HOOK LOT ��� $10,300. Approx 70 x 127' with shed on.  Hydro, phone & water on paved road. Close to boating'S fishing.  Call Don.  REDROOFFS 1/2 ACRE: Treed & 104' of frontage on Redrooffs Rd.  Lots of good trees and some alder for firewood. Easy access from  the road and excellent topsoil. Serviced with power & water. FP  $12,500.  REDROOFFS AREA: Wildwood Rd., 125 x 200' level lot, very easy to  build on. Beautiful evergreens. Priced for immediate sale at  $11,200.  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT: 68' of accessible waterfrontage with  boat launching slipway. 400' sq ft cabin with fireplace & large deck.  Partly furnished. Asking $49,000.    WATERFRONT. W. SECHELT  Pebble beach with your own road right to  water. 3 bdrms, 3 complete bathrooms,  recreation room, wine cellar and lots of  extras. View from all Dying areas. One of  the better waterfront homes on the coast.  Bob.   WILSON CREEK ��� Own your own trailer park on Hwy 101. Complete  with mobile home for you to live in. Winding stream through 2.41  acres,Jwp_doublewide_ concrete pads. Asking $60,000   HALFMOON BAY: Approx 1.1 acres. 2'BR home. Could put second  home on this property. FP $44,900.  ROBERTS CREEK: Large treed, serviced lot close to beach & golf  course. Quiet area, mobile home permitted. FP $11,900.  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acres with 100 feet  road frontage. Excellent buys at full price $15,000 each.     ���  EGMONT WATERFRONT 1: Excellent investment opportunity. Close  to 560' of waterfront with 5 acres 4"8'TVr ole. cfouble frlBe'home.'*  Askjng-$85,000'WithT/2'dnVAII offers & trades will be consideTedT  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� Lot 6, selectively cleared leaving some trees.  View of the ocean & within walking distance to shopping. Sewered  this year. Asking $12,000.  /  SOUTHWOOD ROAb! Close to 1/2 acre. Level building lot. Hydro  ond r#dn'at,W_r*W%<Sd'.Ch_mJ*^oropare. Attractively priced ,at  $9,450."   h'-.   "���      " -'*���   ��     '*.      -  SECHELTVILLAGE H ~. $68900.00"  Panoramic view of village and Trail Bay.  Like new spacious home with room for  everyone Including home occupancy in  lower level. Features are too numerous to  mention. Check them out with Bob 885-2503  EGMONT WATERFRONTAGE: Over 20 acres with approx 1000' of  waterfront; Could be an excellent investment. Vendor offers terms  wtth $50,000 dn. Consideration given to trades.  A FINE ACREAGE: $35,250 full price ��� Sechelt Village. Just under 5  acres with an attractive view and lots of garden soil. Treed property  -with a developed well ond good road access. Partly cleared. Call  'Stan.  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT: Sechelt Village ��� 62.5 x 120'. Ready for  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home. Value  $11,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x 179' lot, corner location,  -easy access^Excellent view oKraillslandrFP$15;500;��� ���  BUSINESS BLOCK  PRIVATE SALE  Quality built home on 3/4  acre of the finest view  property In Pender Harbour. All rooms exceptional size and living  room has large natural  rock fireplace. Lower floor  Is designed as self-  contained suite or as extra  rooms for purchaser. Two  sundecks, patio, double  carport and greenhouse all  Included.  PRICED IN MID 70's  Call  883-2526  ANYTIME TO VIEW  SECHELTVILLAGE * $44,900  Sunshine Heights. Spectacular view of the  Inlet & mountains. 1058 sq ft of easy to keep  _2 bedroom home,    Landscaped    by g  professional.  Priced to sell   immediately.  Call Doug.  A LITTLE GOLDMINE: Sechelt's best restaurant. A THRIVING  business with an excelltn gross profit. Living accommodation on site  for the new owners at very little extra.  GOING CONCERN: Small trailer park, 4 pads and lots of room for  expansion, 2.41 acres of land, some trees. Wilson Creek location.  Very convenient. FP $60,000.  WILSON CREEK: On Browning Rd, a 75 x 158' view lot only 300' from  beach, road access. This lot Is partially cleared and fenced, ieady to  build on. A quiet street close to all facilities. One of a kind at  $16,900.  WILSON      CREEK $11,500 ea.  Secluded building Lots located on a quiet dead end street. The Lots  are 150 x 70','easy to develop and flat with some trees. Close to a  good beach. In area of new homes. (Stan)  WILSON CREEK  3 bedroom 1200 sq ft sea view from this  new lull basement home. 3 pee vanity bath  plus ensuite off master bedroom. Fireplace,  shako roof, dbl carport. Cement drive,  landtcaped, plus garden lot has been  completely developed. Real yalue at  $59,000, Terms. Call Jack.  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME $65,900  3 bedroom, full basement home on a large  landscaped lot. Lots of sundeck on the  southwest side. The home also has an extra  large attached double garage with direct  entry to the basement. Rec room and  bedroom In basement are basically  finished, Call Stan.  HALFMOON BAY: Commercial opportunity , on Hwy 1011 Gas  station, auto repair shop investment. A one of a kind. Zoned C2.  Asking $39,900. '   .  SEMI RETIREMENT BUSINESS GOING CONCERN $74,800 PULL PRICI  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS. TERMS * TRADE  Both of these sites are Ideal for year-round steady trade. 14 washer  dryers In one location. 7 dryers and 14 washers In 2nd location. All  equipment In top condition. Stores are clean and newly decorated.  Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month. For further Information  coll J: Anderson 885-2053 Vane 684-8016  HOMES  SELMA PARK: 2 bdrm part basement home on a large view site,  Home Is near new and In excellent condition, Wrap around sundeck  and double carport. Basement Is finished. FP $54,500,  REDROOFF.S'WATERFRONT: Lot 100 x 725 ��� Great view with all  services, water, paved road, cablevlslon, hydro FP $29,000.  HOPKINS LANDING. View lot close to ferry ��� area of new homes  priced to sell at $13,000, Call Bob.  ' 1 ' .11      .11    II.'I    ���     .'���   .1    1 '   ���      III' I     I. ���������       I I "*  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Inlet view lot 50 x 120 x 90. Close to marine.  Asking $13,500. Call Don.  VIEW LOTS, SANDY HOOK ��� take your choice of 3, priced low to  sell at $8,050 & $8,150. Owner will look at reasonable offers to  these low prices.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Sunshine Heights Lot 67 x 125' in a district  containing some fine new homes. Level and easy to clear, All  services. $2,000 down and easy monthly payments, FP $10,900,  SELMA PARK ��� $15,000. 1976 12x68' Bendix Paramount Mobile  Home, All new w/w Includes triple axles, tires & wheels, hitch,  stove & fridge and 3 beds. This unit cannot be told from new. (See  Doug).  SANDY HOOK: Spectacular view Lot in quiet residential area, 55 x  163' zoned Rll. Mobile homes permitted. Asking $10,500.  COOPER   RD:   Lot   80x263',   treed,   level. Services along paved  road. Asking $11,500 Call Don.  Fabulous WF lot with super  view. Gunboat Bay In  Pender Harbour area.  Qo^bylldIng ���!���?., AskIng  only $39,500.  PABULOUS INVESTMENT  61,5 acres plus approximately 700' of  waterfrontage, Located;  again In Gunboat Bay with  900 sq It Panabode In  excellent condition, plus a  wharf. Property able to be  subdivided Into lots,  Asking only $350,000, Will  ..eonild^^olt^tj1^!,^*,  terms.  JEFF STEPHENSON  """'"'"'"'OfffStiiOUT*'""^  "      HOmtl 530-26S2      *  m  GREyntlARS REAITK.  SARGENTS RD. $59,900  Watch the Beachcombers filming from your  living room*wlndow. This Immaculate home  has a fantastic view of Keats Island, Gibsons Harbour and beyond, Well-maintained  garden affords beauty and privacy In a  village setting. For appointment to view,  call Dob,  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: a cozy, near new 792 sq ft 2 bedroom  home close to the boach at Chapman Creek. Not stairs, electric  heat, double glazing. Government prepaid lease has 19 years to  run. FP $32,000,  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� $49,900. NEW 3 bdrm, Village, walk to shopping  ��� cafport, fireplace, wood exterior, bsmt, Compare prices and buy  this one. Call Bob.  DAVIS BAY $65,000  Beautiful 3 bdrm home In prestige area, Has  one of the best views on the coast, All  services, A must for serious buyers, Doug.  FULL PRICE $41,900  3 bedroom, dbl plbg, Handy Sechelt locale,  Landscaped lot with U-driveway. This home  is only 3 years old, clean & bright. Real  value, Call Jack,  REDROOFF RANCH INC. SUBDIVISION  V  REDROOFF RANCH INC. Phase I subdivision Is located on Redrooffs Road approximately 5-  a*  1/2 miles west of Sechelt Village. Hydro, telephone and regional water serves the sub- W^     ^s<.. %f>  division, The lots are wooded and level to gently sloping. Particulars of the subdivision are  Included In the prospectus ��� ask for your free copy.  PRICE SCHEDULE  / .I-.    *-��>.  Lot 38 ��� $11,900  Lot 39 ��� SOLD  Lot 40 ��� $11,600  Lot 41 ��� $12,700  Lot 42 ��� $15,500  Lot 43 -*- SOLD  Lot 44 ��� SOLD  )|t   4'%l, i>t,W'��(,!, ,    >fc*v  ^^^ieH____sSi'____���__!___    *_Mi_______  %_____. __&_ l|U|l||jytaUjU{^^dit|M|ta|i  -ITOIIffRTSCRIfK-"���-��'��� - 143,000'  Brand new 3 bedroom home. Immediate  possession, Try your offer, Call Doug.  Lot 31 ��� SOLD  Lot ?2 ������ SOLD  Lot 33 ���r SOLD  Lot 34��� $11,600  Lot 35 ��� SOLD  Lot 36 ��� $11,900  _*-   .-������   _���%-*        Lot 37 ��� $12,750  **^_J '���"* /vcP$k  A * a  Lot 45 ��� $11,150  Lot 46 ��� $12,500  Lot 47 ��� SOLD  Lot 48 ��� SOLD  Lot 49 ��� SOLD  Lot 50 ��� SOLD  Dimensions are given In both feet and metres.  V.JUs X'*  ft  *ff- ��� ��,\  *<__���   \r.AX _o   .  tVi.  \ I i    ���- ., J��' '* '. Is,  : T    ' ��� ���.   ,. ��� > ,      \  >*'"-   to  29  A  ���"���-���go---  X  s?0  v  o^   /  /  ^  X^l" '�������'  /  /  I -#  Wednesday, May 16,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-5  For Sale  For Sale  OIL RANGE with now 30 gal.  hot water tank. 885-3905.   _       1030-27  ' SANSUI 4000 solid state  ..    amplifier, AM. FM, 65 watts  per chan. Handles 3 speaker  ���systerns; Checked bjr-Sansuir  $200 firm. 885-5252.       1032-27  .-JUESI PROPANE cam&  "cookstove, -"Burner^ oven,  lge. grill. Offers. 883-2496.  1034-27  16"    TRIMMER-EDGER  weedeater and 60' of cord,  $75. Pb. after 6,886-8270. 1037-  27      1 _  YARD SALE. May,20, Sun., It)  a.m. Cedar Grove Rd.,  Roberts Creek. Windows,  wood cook stove, bath tub, 45  gal. oil drums, 250 gal. oil  tank/odds & ends.       1060-26  ASSORTED -DRILLS, ;$15;  jacks; hdro car, (7; house  10T, $10; LD V*'f drill,, $8;-  brace bit with expansion; $10;  ass't car tools, $50; B&D grass  shears, $7; .mitre box $12.  Phone 885-2898.  :,.     , 1078-&.,  SEALY POSTURPEDIC bo7  ^ringL irattress jy)added^  aaboar*        ~  ��5T  885-3295  r:v  Van. Direct  681-7931  Box 979 Sechelt, B.C _ VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  _*  Where Real Estate is serious���but a pleasure  ^iKtidboard: 885-2665T^I086^_r  "GARAGE SALE. StrtTTMaT-BT  7 Isles, Hwy. 101, Madeira  _PkJ?h,_eyes for further infor.  T8��2576.   " 106--_���r  12.5 CU. FT. Propane fridge..  Fully reconditioned 1 yr.  ago. $350 firm. 8864268 aft 6.  1022-26  2 COMPLETE sets fishing  gear. 1 salt & 1 fresh. $100  each. 885-2446. 1095-25  '64 FARGO 400 2% T cab &  chass., slant 6 motor, as is,  $400; wrecking '70 Chev. stn  wgn., power window, 15" bias  tires, roof rack, 400 cl, big  black, running; 4'x8' util.  shed, $75; '67 6 hp Evinrude  motor, gd. cond., $250. 885-  3546. 1098-27  GARDEN PESTICIDES  now sold at  MACLEODS  Sechelt  4965-24  1 BDRM HOUSE. Must be  moved. $1,500 obo. 885-2465.  4966-26  The structure of the  real estate profession  . The real estate industry in  B.C. is formulated for your  security and protection.   The-Real-Estater Act- is-  explicit in its protections to  Ihe'pubUc'ancT-S^adn-rnfstefed-"  by the Superintendent of  Brokers & Insurance on behalf  of the Minister of'Consumer  -andCorporateT-ffairs;"  People in the real estate  industry must be qualified to  hold either a salesmen's or  agent's license, both of-which  require basic study courses  and examinations conducted  through the University of  British Columbia.  Under the Act, all newly  licensed people are required  to update their practical and.  academic knowledge and each  of the eleven B.C. Real Estate  Boards accepts as a serious  ���responsibility' acontinuing-  education program forv their  members.  The real estate  -professional- is-trained-in^-a  service that is complex,  exacting~and~verjmecessarjr"  to the majority of home  buyers and sellers.  Let~your salesman sell.  Leave the showing of your  house to your salesman. He  know the features to best  emphasize; he knows what his  clients are looking for.  ������Gibsons Realty  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  HB GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  30 Years - Cowrie St., Sechelt  SECHELT - BOULEVARD  Watorfront stylo, architect detlgnod and meticulous craft-  ���mamhip In thlt tpaclout two bodroom homo. Tho four main  rooms are orientated to tho touth facing view over the Gulf.  Everything you wanted,In a home It here, from the electric holtt'  for the living'room fireplace wood, to a wine cellar In the fully  developed lower level. Priced at one hundred and thirty five. For  your private showing call John WlUon.  Days 885-2013  Evenings 886-9365  "The Property  Movers"  WHARF  REALTY LTD.  885-5171  PORPOISE DAY WATERFRONT LI 53  Waterfront, 1400 tq ft home It now on the market. 173'  waterfront x 4ft?' depth, Iff approx, 1.82 acre. Own private  water tyttem. The 3 bedroom home alto o+tert a ipacloui  rumpus room, and a 3-car garage, Pretently rented It the 600 tq  ft 1 bdrm guett cottage, FPU 18,000  . _.   7.fjfc'  .. __ :/��n*WlC|ll>Si   STOCKWELL ROAD G-PORPOISE BAY L-189  Beoutllul landscaping, gravel path* t dogwood* In Moom.  Compliment! ��� 3 bedroom well maintained 12' x 60' Mobile  home on concrete crawl space. Plut ��� tcreened gatebo and  carport. FP 133,300. Call Pat 889-5171.  Sunshine Coast"  PAT MURPHY     BOB BEAUPRE     TREVOODDARO  885*9487 M5-3SI1 886-2658  ROBERTS CREEK  $65,000  Finally 4-1/2 acres, a creek, a 1  bedroom home of 600 sq ft. A  newly constructed born of 900 sq  ft, fenced and In pasture, and a  southern exposure on a gentle,  slope. A beautiful property. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more  information, 885-3971.  HOPKINS $88,000.  A spectacular view and a home  with, elegance and comfort. Over  1700 sq. ft. on two levels, two  bedrooms, a large living and  dining room set off by cathedral  ceilings    and    a    heatilator  .fireplace. Kitchen is bright and  spacious. A 36 x 11' cedar sun-  deck  to  enjoy  the  landscaped-  garden. Property is oil fenced. All  , this and close to -ferries.  Call  Suzanne   Dunkerton,   885-3971.  ~  Homes  -������^mmsim'.J^^  EAST PORPOISE BAY-  View , $98,500  A short 10 minute drive from  Sechelt will take you to this  exceptional 8.92 �� acres, partly  cleared with good garden soil.  The 1208+ sq. ft. two bedroom  home has a million dollar view of  Sechelt Inlet, extra large living  room with fireplace, plus garage  and workshop. Call Corry Ross,  885-9250.  GAMBIER ISLAND $65,000  1/2 acre of sunny privacy. Enjoy  the ocean view from the sundeck  of tHi^<^_dlHy^onstruSe^_home~  ��� 1372 sq ft of comfortable living  H��pioeeT.rrM~ch~flooTrA"few^f~the"  features are wall to wall  throughout, wet bar, 2-1/2 baths,  plus two fireplaces. All appliances, some furnishings and  drapes are included. Truly a  bargain. Call Terri Hanson for  oppt to view, 885-5046.  LANGDALE Semi Waterfront  A delightful country setting yet  only minutes from schools,  "shopping and the langdd1e~fenyT  Spacious 3 bdrm home. Fireplace  & large private .patio to enjoy the  panoramic ocean view. 1536 sq.  ft. Jbsmt awaits your finishing  touch, Easy access to beach and  Immediate occupancy are a few  of the features that enhance this  quality constructed home. Phone  Terri for- appt to view.  Irreplaceable at $89,900. 885-  5046.  REVENUE WHton Creek $98,500  A uniquely designed ,2 bdrm  duplex. Each with 1182 sq ft,  spacious open living room with a  fireplace. Kitchen is bright and  convenient, lots of work area and  storage   space.   Dining   room  located directly off the kitchen.  -Large   10   x���18   ft- tundock^=U  bedroom inlaw suite under one  side of duplex and a large concrete basement on the other side.  Located on 2/3 of an acre and  close to the beach. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for more information,  885-3971.  Waterfront  ROBERTS CREEK $85,000  For easy transition from city to  country living thle*"te maculate  two bedroornJidfciewp much to  -offers���V��e��AVb " secluded-  waterfroifHpHv absolute^ level  to the houte which Is just above  the beach level. If you are looking  for a comfortable home in a  tranquil setting, please call Corry  Ross, 885-9250.  ROBERTS CREEK $115,000  Unique log & frame home. 5-1/2  acres treed property with stream,  six bedrooms, huge living room  with floor to celling rock  fireplace, brick f/p in country-  sized klt��heri73 batht. Open for  offers. Call Ray Bemlerr885=52:  or Emilie Henderson, 885-5383.  HALFMOON BAY $45,900  Contemporary- split-level- in  perfect condition on secluded lot  easy to maintain. 3 bdrms,' 2  bathrooms, close to water access.  Call for appt to see it. Ray Ber-  nier," 885-5225 or Emilie Henderson,, 885-5383.  ><.  SECHELTVILLAGE $49,500  Charming and close to  everything. 3 bdrrnbta this four  year old ranfL%ty\\ome. Cut  stone flrrfJJdfcj^YiiJTiving room  also a dlnQ^oom and sun room,'  not to mention a garage and fully  fenced garden with flowers and  shrubs. Call Suzanne to view this  home, .885-3971.  EAST PORPOISE BAY       $104,900  Tastefully finished 4 bdrm rancher features 3 pee matter ensuite, large family room, self-  contained in-law accom plus a  guest cottage. On 3 acres of level  treed property with subdivision  potential. Many extras here. Ray  Bernier, 885-5225 or Emilie  Henderson, 885-5383.  >mwmm  SAKINAW LAKE $124,900  -JWate-front-acreage���-_-J��_acres-  plus 2500�� lake frontage. Two  bdrm house and guest cottage, 2  floats   and   boathouse.   Private  Bay. Call Ray Bernier, 886-8241.  ROBERTS CREEK $93,506  Custom built 3 bedroom 1550 sq  ft executive home located ori 3  level subdividable acres, partly  landscaped, partly woodsy. Top  quality throughout with innumerable .extras. Near good  beach. Call Corry Ross, 885-9250.  _L  ROBERTS CREEK $59,000  Brand new thoughtfully designed  home. 3 bedrooms and full  basement and 1334 sq ft of living  area. Large spacious ktichen with  lots of storage and counter space.  Living room and dining room are-  open-plan���and-both en|oy the  comfort of the fireplace.  Basement is ready to be finished  with your own ideas. Large  private lot which backs onto a  creek. Within walking (distance of  the school and the beach. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more  Information, 885-3971,  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT$79,900  Two' bedroom home with  'Unimpeded ''view anlfN.'ISitffYS  beach. Cedar and glass abound in  this thoughtfully planned house.  Full downstairs to be developed  to your taste. Close to all  amenities. Call Terri Hanson to  view, 885-5046.  BRAND NEW $49,900  Good ocean view from this new 3  bdrm located in quiet convenient *  WILSON CREEK. Immediate  possession. Call Emilie Henderson, 885-5383 or Ray Bernier,  88S-5225.  GOWER POINT $85,000  Private quiet beach at your front  door. This 2 bedroom home has  1050 sq ft of warm immaculate  living space, a kitdWi that is  spacious and��lv*j*t, lots of  -storage s&fe^dUcmention the  teak waWXd custom made  cedar cupboards. Cozy living and  dining room with a cut stone  fireplace. A workshop downstairs  which could be a rec room. A  beautiful 'garden full of shrubs,  'flowers and 'bushes' surrounds  this lovely home. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton, 885-3971.  SELMA PARK $14,000  17 years of lease left on this 2  bedroom home. A family size  kitchen with a view. Large garden  area and a small workshop. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more  Information, 885-3971-  ACREAGE IN GIBSONS,- $69,900  Here's good value! A well-  maintained remod home on level  5 acre parcel. 3 acres are cleared  and arable ��� just perfect for a  mini-farm. Call In and we'll be  pleated to thow It. Ray Bernler,  885-5225, or Emilie Henderson,  885-5383.  WILSON CREEK $18,500  This is a semi-waterfront summer  cottage, approx 500 sq ft, one  bedroom and a fireplace in a cozy  living room. Lovely garden area and  2 extra buildings on property for  storage or conversion to a guest  cottage. Call Suzanne Dunkerton for  viewing, 885-3971.  SELMA PARK $13,000  Two bedrooms In this 600 �� sq. ft.  home. Combination dining room and  kitchen add to the cozy atmosphere.  The fridge, stove, washer and dryer  are also included. This Is on lease  land and has 16 years left. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for more in-  i formation,  SELMA PARK $21T500  Unique waterfront home.  Remodelled, fully winterized and  completely furnished. Protected  anchorage behind breakwater.  Leated property ��� Ideal summer  home ��� easily rented. Emilie  Henderson, B85-5383 or Ray  Bernler, 885-5225.  CHASTER RD $85,600  Large modern houte: with view,  Batement Is tet up and uted at a  hairdretilng talon, but could be Inlaw suite. Extra wide lot for privacy,  which also may be subdivided. Excellent financing is assumable. Call  Suzanne Dunkorton for more Info,  885-3971.  KEATS ISLAND $47,900  Charming panabode nestled on a  well treed secluded lot. Panoramic  view with easy beach access. Approx  -890-sq-ft-of-comfortableHivlng7S|5a"eS7~  two bedrooms, fireplace. Ideal for  retirement or recreational property.  Call Terri Hanson, 885-5046.  SAKINAW LAKE $7,000  Here It Is ��� 100 feet of waterfront at  an affordable price. Build your  hideaway and relax. Water access  only. Call Suzanne Dunkerton, 885-  3971.  TUWANEK WATERFRONT LOTS  Side by side beauties ��� 110' of  waterfrontage priced at $26,500  AND 95' of waterfrontage priced at  $25,000. Gentle slope to water and  southerly exposure enhance these  properties. Phone Terri for more  . details, 885-5046,  SECHELT VILLAOE 2 lots $16,000  each  Two nicely treed lott side by side  equalling approx 200' frontage,  Close , to Chatelech School,  located on Highway 101. Accett  rood allowance on North tide of  property. An excellent Investment at this price. To view,  call  Don Sutherland,  885-9362,  SELMA PARK $16,000  Large view lot with southern  exposure. Close to beach. Accett  It from both Greer Road and  Highway. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton, 885-3971.  WINN RD-OIBSONS $15,000  Here it a lot with everything. Extra  large & tervlcet, southern exposure  to water and mountain view. Clote to  all amenities. Call Suzanne to view,  885-3971.  SEMI-WATERFRONT $28,500  A good buy on a quiet large double  ended lot acrott from tmall Marina,  Beautiful View. Call Terri Hanton for  more details, 885-5046,  KEATS ISLAND $7,800  Nicely treed corner lot with a  view, Hydro & water available.  8x12 thed to remain. Call Terrl  Hanton.  Lots  ORANDVIEW RD, GIBSONS    $12,600  Here It the building lot you've been  looking for. Clote to tchoolt,  thopplng & beach. Potential view to  boot. Surrounded by quality new  hornet, Call Suzanne for more Information, 885-3971.  REDROOFFS $7,500  Check the price & compare. Thlt lot it  priced to tell. Excellent building lot  with eaty access, Trailers per-  mlttlble. Call Terrl for more Information.  DAVIS BAY $16,500  A thort walk to the best twlmmlng and fishing on the Coatt.  Nicely tloplng cleared lot, good  garden toll, In an area of well ���  kept hornet. Beautiful view  acrott Georgia Strait to Vancouver Island. To view, Call Don  Sutherland, 885-9362.  ROBERTS CREEK $15,600  VIEW plut 94 ft of creektlde and  164 ft of depth. Centrally located  to tchoolt, thopplng and beach.  Perculation has been approved at  well at building plant. Excellent  xetldentlal lot. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton, 885-3971.  PENDER HARBOUR $12,600  Lovely view lot overlooking Texada  and Lasqueti Islands. 70x290' approx.  Cleared and ready for building, beach  accett close by, trailers permissible.  Phone Terrl Hanson for more details,  885-5046,  COMMERCIAL  GIBSONS  Small thriving cafe business In the  heart of Glbtont. Call Suzanne fo'r  more Information, 085-3971,   ^   CREEKSIDE PLACE  Residential Trailer  Subdivision  17 Fully serviced lots, situated  approximately 2 miles northwest  of Sechelt, corner of Mason &  Norwest Bay Road. Level lots to  facilitate both slnfll* & double wide,  trailers.  Please call  Emilie Henderson, 865-5383 or  Ray Bernler, 885-8225.  ROAD  ,��>....*��������: 1   p/,i>*ji* ���* r i*�����  </.'   RJ *fc fa,  ill.  ifli  ;r,r  "-"I'lr-  Lot 2 $12,500  3 $11,900  4 $12,500  5 $11,500  6 $11,000  7 $10000.  8 $10,000.  9 SOLD  10 Reserved  Lot 11 Reserved  12 $9,500  13 $9,800  M $9,500  16 $9,500  16 $9,600  17 $9,600  18 $9,500  Please net* Metric Measurements.  RAY BERNIER  CORRY ROU  .   ffrlfflY,  EMILIi HENDERSON  WJL  FOR A  COMPLIMENTARY  MARKET  IflHIuil. I  EVALUATION  ON YOUR  PROPERTY,  CALL US ANYTIME.  ^l��.*im,*��MM^-������.1^ffl����iii~'J  f UZANNi DUNKiRTON  TERM HANION  ��-^J#f��flj^^-B-*l��'S��Ma!��(^l��fv-��>  ^britfVttrtittflvir  139 Wett 16th Street  Wiitvancowtr  1586 Marine Drive  OTHCT OFFICES  T O SERVE YOU  ���������"���voneairyer  3343Klngtway TO SERVE YOU 10474 137thSt  M-MB-R Or "RtlQCATION ItRVICM CANADA" HrtMAL ��YITtM  .%tfrf^>%)lt^^^#i#l3W!*iW"��i-'.v  )i*y  20585 Frater Hwy  Powell River  4726 Marine Avenue  ��s>  I Page B-6 ������ -The Peninsula Times   fniini���inii i���s In . ���t,ifM5''��*V-"r'<������ V '.",'..-i."' ._V  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. 2-Gibsons, B.C, VON 1V0  CONVEYANCING-REAL ESTATE CONSULTING.APPRAISALS^NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  A DUNK IN the tank for teacher Mike Lynch was the prize at .Cedar Grove Elementary's Fun Fair Saturday  &tfvacp tettte'Kety  QUIET  RURAL  SETTING  All Lots are large  _*^-_most have .100'  frontage with.  150'depth.  All l_btsdfe  nicely^reed^withr  southerh  exposure.  T/2 blocks to  school.  =B  B  ScuwtfAide  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPINO  CENTS-  886-2277  CONVEYANCING  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. 2-Gibsons, B.G. VON 1V0  ���REAL ESTATE CONSULTINGe.APPRAISALS��� NOTARY PUBLIC  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  682-1513  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271  U'"  HOMES  GIBSONS AREA TO ROBERTS CREEK  INVESTMENT REVENUE $185/000  Attractive 7 suite rental unit. Steady cllentel. No vacancies for  years. Handy location in village.  Ed Baker 885-2641  $*4.S00  ���7STA*TEE3PE���tAt ��������������� ������   Spotless 2 bdrm home, with basement, extra LARGE kitchen.  Walk to beach and store.  .   Call Ken Wells 886-7223 or Chuck Dowman 885-9374  UP! DOWN DUPLEX $49.500  Large 3 bdrm with excellent revenue potential, located on 1 acre  near Roberts Creek. On Highway 101. Vendor will consider  offers.  Call Ed Baker 885-2641  WIlSONCREEKTO-SECHEtT���  SECHELTVILLAGE ��� ';. $36,000  Cozy bungalow, 2 bedrooms could be 3. Neat & clean Inside and  out, walk to school and shopping. Large LR with w/w carpeting,  kitchen & dinette, carport. Fenced ond fully landscaped. Call Ed  Baker, 885-2641.  COMMERCIAL  P.  i^JUrtf  SECHELT $44.600  ^ 3 bdrm. sparkler, Immaculate, with  "S-l-^NS wParat* dining room, coiy fireplace,  _Wml li w/w ,hro'- ��n|y ' y*ar 0,d * already  has an established garden with fruit  trees. 2 blocks to shopping ��� level  walk.   Call Ken Wells 886-7223  OREAT LOCATION ��� I BLOCK TO BEACH  This 3 bdrm, basement home has ensuite, large living room with  Heatalator fireplace, great location, I block to Davis Bay Beach  ��� 1 block to Elementary School and a corner store close at hand  ��� only $58,900  Chuck Dowman   885-9374 or 865-3271  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD ' $19.900  Everything Is oversized In this large  mobile with approx. 1300 sq, ft.  floor area. Joined under one roof  are 71x12 and 36x12 units, creating  ample space for a re<;, room large  enough to house a pool table. 3  bdrms, large sundeck and a separate  garage, (30x16)  Larry Reardon   885-3924  SECURE INVESTMENT  2400 sq ft showing good rental history. Approx 900 sq ft for  owner. Constructed for 2nd storey. $147,000. Call C. Dowman,  ��� 885-9374 or 885-3271  LOTS AND ACREAGE  "NEW ON MARKET"  8 new lots on Nor-We��t Bay Road opposite Derby Road. They are  In their natural state, so you can create your own landscaping.  Some with VIEW. Your choice of 7 lots at $10,900 ���OOPS) your  choice of 6 lots ��� 1 SOLD.  Larry Reardon 885-3924  VIEW ,4 ACRES $U..00  Semi-cleared corner property. Gently sloped to the East. Zoned  for mobile or would s,ult a custom home.  Chuck Dowman 885-3271  YOUR CHOICE OP 1/2 ACRE LOTS ��� FROM $10,800 to $15.000  "NEW ON MARKET"  Southwood Road ��� large 1/2 ACRE lot, good gardening soil,  treed but has driveway cleared. Good value at $10,500  Call Larry Rwrdon 885-3924 or 885-3271 '  REDROOFFS RD: Waterfront. Wind your way  down a gently sloping path to 158 feet of  your own waterfront property. At low tide,  a beautiful sandy bkatb for the kids to play,  swim land water ski. From your large living  room window the most spectacular view  you have ever seen. Watch the large ships  and pleasure craft churn their way through  Welcome Pass. This unbelievable view  takes in Halfmoon Bay, Welcome Pass and  Thornby Island. Well built, single storey  home features beautifully landscaped  grounds,and is mostly in huge trees for  complete privacy. This beautiful home must  be seen to be believed. $iay,5U0. "  HOPKINS LANDING: Two bedroom view  home 1/4 mile from Langdale Ferry Terminal. See Keats, Gambier and Lions Bay  from the large combination family  room/dining room or from the living room.  Heatilator - fireplace. 19 x 27' concrete  basement for workshop and storage. Five  appliances included. Park like landscape.  $42,900.    ,       ,  1286  HEADLANDS   ROAD:  This  three  bedroom home Is attractively situated,at  .the base of the Bluff and close to the boat  launching romp.  Great  living  room  for .  entertainment, lo x 251 Alsohas 10M/4  mortgage. $42,900.       __     _  TRICKLEBROOK DRIVE: In the Village of  Gibsons. Three bedroom mobile home with  _4wo fullJ_othroomi.J---iy-ri����rtedwndjL__-^  _ ready for you to move In. Situated on nicely  5_JteedJ_>L_o_n_siwArJ_CloseJo^cl^s and  S  shopping. $29,900.  9  CHERYL   ANNE   PARK   ROAD:   Architect-  H  designed tudor home in quiet cul de sac  with some ocAan view. This large  1278  square feet three bedroom home must be  seen. Two finished fireplaces, finished rec  room, ensuite plumbing, two sundecks and  the list keeps going on. Situated amongst  other quality homes. Front yard landscaped  with many evergreens. Don't buy before'  seeing this home. $64,900.  HILLCREST   RD:   Own   your   own   three  bedroom home on Strata Title. Exceptional  Investment. This 1280 square feet home has  1-1/2 baths, sundeck) closfesk) shopping,  schools etc. Only  1  year old) Presently  - rented for~$300 per monthjjluylt now and It -  can almost'pay for Itself/Priced for~qulck "  sale. All offers considered. Owner says sell.  $34,895.  DAVIS ROAD: Exceptionally well built 3  bdrm home, heatilator FP, 2 sundecks,  family dining room plus eating area in  kitchen.- All this on-main floor.- Lovely  landscaped level lot with storage shed, full  garden in & double garage. Plus 2 furnished  suites in basement, self-contained with  private entrances. Rental $200 each suite.  This is a fantastic value & only 2 blocks to  shopping, schools etc.vThe" price on this  487,500.     ��� >- -  -  PRATT ROAD: 2-1/2 acre farm close to  schools and shopping. Beautiful grounds  with room for horses, etc. Existing tenants  Include nearly 200 chickens In the coops.  Farm house has two bedrooms on the main  floor with a loft area for additional space.  Has wood burning heaters In living room  and den. Comfortable rural living. $44,900.  PRATT & FAIRVIEW ��� Executive home on  landscaped 1/2 acre. This home must be  seen. Master bedroom Is 19x17 with full 4  pee ensuite. Four bedrooms In total with 2-  1/2 finished baths. Features large living ,  room with fireplace plus 26 x 14 family  room with fireplace. Close to schools and  shopping In rural Gibsons. $69,900.  CHASTER RD: Two bedroom A-frame on  large lot for small price. $24,900.  CRUCIL RD: Bright and spacious three  bedroom family view home in excellent  -condition���locdted���withln_��qsy_-Wa|klng.  llstan-��ftirtchwtraridlihop-ft_lr8��klfchwii  with built-in dishwasher and indirect  lighting. Two fireplaces. Huge recreation  room. Lots of extra space In daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  workshop. $58,900.  LANGDALE: This non-basement Langdale  three bedroom view home features extensive use of granite on exterior and huge  walk-around fireplace. Modern kitchen has  solid walnut cabinets and built-in dishwasher. A garage and workshop round out  the picture. $49,500.  ��� DAVIS RD: Idea] starter or retirement home^  Only two blocKS from schools and shopping.  This three bedroom home has everything  you need for comfort and convenience. The  carport could easily be converted to a  family room and ^separate carport could  ~~&e~biiil- on many sites within the extra large  landscaped lot. $39,500.  LOOKOUT AVE: Near new three bedroom  home In good condition on large view lot in  new subdivision just past the Sunshine  Coast Arena In Sechelt. Boating facilities  close by. Owner Is transferred and you may  have immediate possession. $51,900.  1760 SCHOOL ROAD: Cozy , comfortable  four bedroom older home on large lot  conveniently located between upper and  lower Gibsons. Several fruit trees. Zoned  for multiple dwelling. Excellent starter  home and a good Investment and holding  -property .-$3 K500.  NORTH ROAD: Excellent starter or  retirement home comes within the  guidelines for a $2,500 First Home Family  Grant. This nicely appointed and completely  remodelled home features three bedrooms  and a 9 x 9 utility roam immediately off the  kitchen. Large back porch. 1122 square feet  of full basement. This home also features a  large living room with cozy brick fireplace  on a large level lot ready for landscaping.  Fridge and stove included. $42,900.  JOE ROAD: 5 year old three bedroom full  basement borne In Roberts .Creek. Situated.  on 1 acre below Highway 101 with 4/10 of  an acre obove the highway. Nicely treed  and landscaped with ocean view. This home,  is 1200 square feet with fireplace on living  room fegture wall. OH fired hot water  heating system provides maximum ef-  f Iclency. Basement has roughed In plumbing  ���  ���  ���  1  ���  B  CREEKSIDE PARK: In the Village of Gibsons,  close to schools and shopping. Two large  bedrooms In this . completely furnished  double wide home. Sunny lot on a quiet cul  de sac. Carport and landscaping now irt  progress. $47,500.  LOOKOUT DRIVE ��� Overlooking Porpoise  Bay this near new 1200 sq ft basement  home has everything a family would want  for comfortable living & more. 4 bedrooms,  full bath plus "ehsulterconvenlent" utility  room upstairs and plenty of cupboards &  cabinets. Situated on a completely landscaped lot In quiet residential area. Other  features include huge rec room, 2  fireplaces, twin seal windows and screens.  Priced for a quick sale. FP $49,900.  WILLIAMSONS LANDING: This beautiful  summer or year-round luxury home must be  seen to be believed. A 200 foot high and  low tide dock makes this the home for the  boater Fishing, water skiing and pleasure  boating all out-theiront-door-on-lOO-feet-of- ���  your own .78 acres of waterfront property.  Beautiful 1280 square feet A-frame home  features three bedrooms with loft and part  finished basement. 25x8 sundeck overlooks  Howe Sound. Large guest cottage with  fireplace, fridge, stove, 220V and sundeck.  . $109,500.-   _-__   POPLAR LANE: Only one block from schooli  and shopping with 2084 square feet of  finished home. This split level custom horns  features heatilator fireplace, 2-1/2 baths (3  piece ensuite off the master bedroom) with  "a'7x8 walk in closet. 20 k 17 family room  opens on to _���"��� large'' karftit#4tfV"/inp iW.a>"'  around benches. Concrete driveway leads  up, to double fully enclosed garage. Many  special features that must be seen. $69,900.  CENTRAL RD ft REED RD: 3.98 acres of  dynamite view. Keats I Bowen Island I North  Shore Mountalnsl A truly panoramic  outlook. Zoned for 1/4 acre lot subdivision.  The main home Is 1120 square feet with 2  bedrooms, heatilator fireplace, covered  carport, large utility or Workshop area. Plut  300 square feet cottage with new wiring  and plumbing (presently rented). Comfortable living and excellent Investment all ,  In one. $95,000.  and fixtures and awaits the handyman to  finish the rec room etc. Huge sundeck with  southern exposure accents this lovely  home. $59,900.  COMMERCIAL  SEAVIEW MARKET - ROBERTS CRK: Living  quarters of 804 square feet. This is the only  grocery store in the area and the business is  growing steadily. An ideal set-up for a  family operation. The store hours are 10  a.m. to 6:30 p.m. seven days a wekk. Profit  and loss statement and list of equipment  available to bona fide purchasers. Stock is  approximately $15,000. $79,000 plus stock.  8  REVENUE  WINN ROAD: Four-ptex, Positive cash flow  with eleven thousand dollars revenue per  year. Top units contain five bedrooms with  one and a half bathrooms. Lower suites are  large two bedroom units. Low maintenance  and" good~ retu rn7 make ~ this- an ~ excel lent -  investment value. Close to all the  amenities.   Financing  available.   $94,500.  FAIRVIEW RD: Revenue. Duplex on a 1/2  acre lot represents the ideal Investment  property. There are 1232 square feet In  both of these side by side units. Features  are post and beam construction with  feature wall fireplace and sundecks. There  is appeal to separate rentaK markets with a  two and three bedroom suite. Assumption  of present mortgage makes'purchase very  easy and a yearly income of over $7,000  makes this property hard to beat. $75,000.  B  -SUNSHINE-4-OAST^lGHWAY-^Jj-lp_e___  located in Gibsons Village. One two  bedroom suite and two three bedroom  suites. Good holding property for future  development. Close to schools and shopping mall. $52,500.  m  I  LOTS  INVESTMENT POTENTIAL.  beautiful  w  STARTER SPECIAL-- 1 BLOCK TO BEACH $35.500  Spotless 2 storey, ideal for starter home on double lot with shed  for Work Shop,     ,,.., .���������,.,,.,..,.   Chuck Dowman   885-9374  .4toH>i2&*>.  ��.  ____& QUAUTY AT BARGAIN PRICI I  ^m%_\'r^________m____im0m^ constructed 2 bdrm. home  has a large sundeck and a VIEW of  Lambs Bay. 1/2 basement is finished,  wlfh plumbing and private entrance  for In-law suite. A OREAT BUY AT  ONLY $35,500  Call Rita Percheson 885-5706  jy__jM_r  Everywhere you look there is value  In this truly boautllul homo. In  West Sochelt. Cathedral entrance,  3 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, large roc    ^^  room, workshop plus one bedroom suite downstairs. Nicety  landscaped and the price has been reduced. Larry Reardon 885-  3924.  WtiTfECHtLT M-_-0?  Attractive Spanish type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3 yrs built.  Large IR 20x20 fireplace, open beam celllnO. DR, family kHch*h,  All bdrms large, master ensuite, w/w throughout. Large  workshop at rear, Floor area 1584 sq ft. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  QAIPiNIRt PARADISE ��� $48,000. 3  bdrm,   well-maintained   rancher  landscaped lot,  100x263, Separate  large playroom for the youngsters.  Call Ed Baker, 885-2641.  __^  $10,800  In this beautiful 1/2 acre + wooded lot on Wlldwood Road.  Zoned R2 for mobile homes. Hydro & water.  Rita Percheson   885-5706  Near Level, LARGE lot with 140' frontage on quiet street. LOTS  THIS SIZE ARE RARE I Selectively cleared and ready to build that  'dream home. Roberts Creek on Coach Road,  Priced low at $12,500  Call Rita Percheson   885-5706  Cleared and ready to build on. Serviced, Incl. cable. Nickerson  Rd, Call Ed Baker, 885-2641. $13,500.  LARGE TREED LOT at the corner of Redrooffs road and the road  to Sargent Bay, Serviced with hydro and water. Call tarry  Reardon, 885-3924. $15,000.  Loaded with trees on blacktop road, with hydro and water In  Redrooffs. Call Larry Reardon, B85-3924. $13,500.  WATERFRONT l_OT/VWW LOT  100+ WATERFRONT lot at Sandy Hook,  adjoining with an excellent VIEW LOT, that I  B  B  E  S  B  B  B  Close to road  les next to B,R,  1,17 ACRHi  Nicely treed, gentle slop to SW, will have a good VIEW when  some trees come down. Call Ed Baker, 885-2641. $18,500.  MM���flff..ftfi8lt,L  On!/ 5 minutes West of Sechelt. High & dry. Mostly treed, Asking  ' $62,000. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  NOR-WIIT BAY ROAD  Wooded lot 150 x 70', zoned R2, trailers allowed.  $12,500. Call Ed Baker, 885-2641.  BAROAIN HARBOUR LOT  facing Bargain Harbour. Treed and good for building on, with  |ust the road between you and the water, Call Larry Reardon,  885-3924. $22,500,  We're the Neighborhood Professionals.  ��-_NMM--N---l-��M^  1  $12,600  Sign on;  laa.aoo  1555 SARGENT ROAD: Custom built four  bedroom homo with view of Gibsons  Hqrbour, Georgia Strait and nearby Islands,  Master bedroom has ensuite and double  closets. Full basement with finished rec  room and bedroom. Double windows with  screens.' Lot Is nicely landscaped with  terraces. $59,900,  GRANDVIEW RD: At the corner of Mahon.  Southern exposure overlooking Georgia  Strait and Vancouver Island. Quiet no  through road. Nearly 1/3 of an acre with  104 feet of frontage. Close to schools and  shopping. The perfect building site for your  home. $16,900.  SCHOOL RD: Three view lots 73 x 110. On  sewer. Three   blocks   from   schools   and .  shopping  centre.   Cleared   for   building.  $16,000 each.  SMITH ROAD: Cleared view lot close to ferry  terminal and ocean view. Triangular shaped  lot with good building site. $14,000.  COACH RDi Roberts Creek. Large lot  70x270' In quiet rural subdivision. Ready to  build on. Owner is anxious to sell and offers  excellent terms. Asking price $12,000. Try  $2500 down payment, $150 per month @  12% interest,  GOWER PT RD at 14th: Nearly 1/2 acre of  view property, Approximately 80 x 250'. R2  zoned with 2 distinctive building sites. Local  bylaws allow 2 dwellings on this property.  Partially cleared. Cloifta Olbipni and  close to the beach. $17,900.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROADi Roberts Creek.  Large lot with beautiful trees and same  view on quiet cul de sac In area of fine  homes. Before you decide see this attractive  low priced property, Owner will consider  terms, $12,500.  LANODALE RIDOE: Lot 8, Davidson Road.  Bargain price on this lot amongst attractive  new homes on quiet cul de sac, $8,950    ���  SANDY HOOK ROADi Sechelt Inlet Estates.  Excellent building lof with water, hydro and  telephone to lot, A spectacular view of  Porpoise Bay and only 4-1/2 miles from  Sechelt, $8,900.  SANDY HOOK ROAD: Three Ideal building  .lots In beautifully wooded and park like  Iting. These view lots overlook Porpoise  Bay and Sechelt Inlet. Water, hydro and  paved roads In good quality subdivision,  $10,000 each.  HILLCREST: $9,000 down, balance by  Agreement for Sale will purchase this  beautiful view lot on a quiet cul de sac. All  for building. $14,900.  GLASSFORD ROAD: This must be the belt  buy on the market. 63 x 160' cleared. Sewer  and water connected*. Culvert and fill. Ready  to build. $10,000.  PRATT ROAD: New three bedroom home on  large lot dotted .with fruit trees. Sunken  living room with open celling and flreplacs.  Bathroom has separate make-up countsr.  Kitchen has built In Jenn-AIr range, drop-In  oven and dishwasher. 8x22 sundeck.  Carport with 7x17' storage. $52,500,  SKYLINE DRIVE; Irregular shaped lot wllh  great view of Village, the Bay wharf arid  boats. An area of nice homes. 100 feet on  Skyline Drjve. Approximately 180 feet In  depth. $13,500,  McCULLOUGH RD: Wilson Creek. Close to  one acre of treed property with sub-division  possibilities. $22,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER: At School Road. Two lots  40 x 150 each. One lot has a cottage which  could be rented. These lots are mostly  cleared and ready for building. A spectacular view of the entire Bay area and  Keats Island. $27,500.  PRATT RD: Near Cedar Grove School. Tills  lot Is cleared and ready to build on. Mature  fruit trees dot this 76 x 125 lot. $ 13,500.  COCHRANGE ROAD: Good building lot 65 x  130, Close to shopping and tha ocean.  Sewer easement of 10' on s.e, side of the  ^ M, $12,500.,__  CHASTER ROAD: Nicely treed bulldlno lot In  area of new homes. Size 67 x 123. $9,900,  TRICKLEBROOK DRIVEt Brand new three  bedroom two storey home with full garage,  Excellent family home covered by Bulldsrs'  Warranty Programme, This home Is  designed for low cost heating with ther-  mopane windows throughout plus fireplace.  . The home qualifies for the $1,000 new home  grant or the $2,500 first family home grant,  $46,000,  ELPHINSTONE AVENUE t $1,000,000 vlsw.  Located on ElpWnstone Avenue at Oran-  thams. Has lane at back. Suit two storey  home with level entry at front. $9,800,  SMITH RD: Oqod view lot 125 x 165 wllh a  good building site and an unobstructed  ocean/view. $14,000,  HOPKINS LANDING' View lot c/w fl K 12'  Insulated shed, has chemical toilet. You can  live on lot while building home to suit.  Offers to $12,500.  POPLAR LANE i Village lot handy to all  ,,omtnltlti*.,-M,.jJ...J.Il.. Vft.fY-,,��-��a��onobly_  priced. $8,900.  WAKEFIELD RD: Fully serviced lot on paved  road. View, overlooking Trail Islands. Bring  offers. $14,500.  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanek. Ideal recreation  lot in beautifully wooded and park tike  setting, Zoned for trailers. This lot  overlooks Sechelt Inlet and the Lamb Island.  $8,900.  POPLAR LANE: Beautiful flat building lot  with view of North Shore Mountains.  Located on the end of a quiet cul de sac only  1 block to Sunnycrest Shopping Centre and  schools. All services Including sewer.  Ad'acent to grass playing field. $14,900.  SUNSHINE COAST TRAILER COURT: Immaculate 3-1/2 year old double wide 24x42  on large plot In trailer court with lots of  privacy. Includes washer, dryer, fridge,  stove, wheels and hitches. Double windows  and 12x12 addition at entrance. Livingroom  has fireplace. $22,700,  OCEAN BEACH ESPLANADE: WATERFRONT.  High quality waterfront home on landscaped 1/2 acre. Located on Gower Point's  sunny Ocean Beach Esplanade. Home  features two large bedrooms, two baths,  kitchen with custom-made maplecablnets  and two finished fireplaces, Cement  driveway. $95,000.  B  ���  B  ���  ���  B  ACREAGE  CHASTER RD: Two acres of nicely treed,  level land across the street from Cedar  Grove School. Zoning allows subdivision  Into 1/4 acre lots, Excellent for hobby farm  or Investment, $30,000,  AROENT RD: 2.7 treed acres In the heart of  Robert* Creek. 5 lot, subdivision has been  approved, Excellent soil and _ drainage,  Perfect for hobby farm on holding property,  FP $34,900.  HIGHWAY 101: ��17 acros vacant land  located on Highway 101, Mlddlepolnt +30  mllos Irom Gibsons, Logging road, not In  use, through property, Avorago subdivision  size permitted 1/2 aero, Southerly exposure  and good vlow, $38,500,  BAYVIEW: 2,0 partially cleared acres In  Roberts Croek with 273' frontage. Crook  runs through tho proporty. Idoal for hobby  farm. Close to beach, Zoning permits  subdivision Into ,1/2 acre lots. $39,900.  HIGHWAY 1011 ��20 acres with Insulotod I  cottage just remodelled. Located on Highway 101 In Mlddlo Point ��  mllos Irom I  Gib-ions.   Average   subdivision   slzo   permitted 1/2 acre. Cottage has all services.  Southerly exposure and vlow ffom higher I  elevation at rear. $49,500.  B  8  B  LORRIE GIRARD  886-7760  JONMcRAE  8*5-3670  ANNE GURNEY  886-2164  chris kankaihen  885-3M5  ARNEPETTERSEN  886-9793  JAYVISSER  885-3300  DAVE ROBERTS  886-8040  STEVE SAWYER  885-2691  \  > i _-_T.  Wednesday, May 16,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageB-7  By ROBERT FOXALL  I always feel sorry when, for one reason  or another, members have to miss some of  ou^oeial^ventsr_?he^same^holds true for-  those who were unable to attend at the  show of May 10 given by the., Burnaby  Rascals. Our visitors arrived by car just  and Bows," "I wish Lwas on the Farm"  (with a few ribald additions to the words,  and, "I'm An Old Cowhand".  ���Norah ixme-oLihe active participants |  and the pianist) then taught the audience  to yodel to the tune of. "He Taught Me To  Yodel".  inipBtesanea^onimch-tiinetorbe-greeted ^FoHowing-was^4Pn-^Iattle~Sunshine  by a goodly number of our membership  InTour Heart". Then the ladfes to the tune  and all were soon seated at the tables  around the hall. President Bill welcomed  our guests, who added a lot of color to the  surroundings with their white slacks and  red jackets, and then called upon Dave  Hayward to ask the blessing so that we  could all tuck into a welcome lunch  prepared by the Social Committee under  Ruby Breadner. Surnames were not very  prevalent so I can only say that after the  lunch we were thanked by a lady I must  call "Scottie" for her accent could not  have come from south of the Border. ..  Msc_ML^7fRCtabie~rwerecleared the"  BILL AND SHARON Van Westen of  SunCoast Chrysler recently were  awarded an all-ejKpense-paid trip to  Portugal by Chrysler Canada for the  highest sales percentage in B.C.  Presenting the tickets is Chrysler's  district sales manager Jim McHaffie.  School money meets  Pender pool need  By HELEN PARKER  The Pender Harbour Aquatic Society's  Further, for 1980 that rental is, and  shall not exceed, $5,000 and the swimming  chances  for  receiving  a  recreational   program offered to the students shall be  JadUtiesi_assista_i(fi-_grant_hinges_on-a de__.n"_diL^-_arrouaHy_-_b^^  monetary commitment  from School    recited inlts annual budget,  program began and the "Rascals"  marched into the Hall to the tune of "The  Old Grey Mare". By this time they had all  acquired white, stetsons and the ladies  were carrying red and white parasols  which they twirled most rapidly as they  marched. Forming a circle and with  parasols twirling they performed a most  intricate and colorful dance. With guitars,  banjos and ukeleles and two harmonicas  accompanying the pianos and drums the  group sang "Turn on the Sun (and smile  Tagain)". Onenof1heTnenra7fine-baritoner  then sang "Let's GoBack To The Bible" a  song with a lot of sound philosophy, for our  troubled times, which was followed by  --.--'-This-Land-is-Our-Land^   With the audience participating the  ���group theirsang^'Brown-Eyes-'T^Buttons-  6FrWagflnWE^^^  of Parasol twirling.  We all joined in singing "Something to  Sing About, This Land of Ours" and the  Rascals a paraphrase of a well known song  which they called "Sechelt By The Sea".  Surrey is celebrating its centennial this  year and Freddy played his own composition "Let's Celebrate, Surrey" written  to honor the occasion.  Dorothy in Top-Hat and Tails led in  singing such songs as "Country Fair"  "The Home Town Band", "Little Brown  ~Jng^-mdTii3ty~ others:  Then camelJS^~3wn~nro"t1xayedbytwlr  of the ladies of the group and an exhibition  of dancing and the "Tiger and its Trainer"  played by two of the ladies in which the  tiger turned the tables on its trainer,  seized the whip and drove the trainer off  the stage. It was a most happy afternoon  and it is our hope that the Rascals arrived^  home safely and will soon visit us again  with more of their fine entertainment. It  could be seen, also, that they were having  fun from their performing.  ���I would like to think that it resulted  from, my mention last week -of the  swimming at the Gibsons Pool that there  was a larger turn out on Friday than I  have yet seen, and we have had several  .because every  child has the  right to smile  1979 International Year  of the Child  Unicef Canada ��  Are You Planning To Wire Your Own House?  We Will Give You  A 15% DISCOUNT ON The Entire Package.  inquiries as to times and the availability of  lessons--Come-on-down-----it's-fun.  /Iring Materials, Light Fixtures, Heaters  SIM ELECTRIC LTD  1316  Wharf   St.    Across from   Legion  Sechelt  885-2082  We'll Help You "pott Yourself" or We'll Do It For You.  Drop "Off YouFPlani For A Free Estimate.  RANGES, DRYERS, WASHERS, FRIDGES,  FREEZERS, MICROWAVES  15%' OFF  1  For a limited time only    * Discount based, from man. sugg. list price.  District No. 46 to share the.proposed  swimming pool for the basement of  Pender Harbour High School, Shirley  Vader told school trustees.  Because the society's application  deadline was already extended two weeks  to May 14, the decision must be made at  this particular meeting, she said Thurs-.  day.  After discussing various alternatives,  the board agreed to rent the pool at a cost  per hoilf equal to the'estimated operating  cost of the pool.  DESCRIBED AS the finest saxophone  player on the coast, Riccoh Talento  entertained parents along with the  Elphinstone Concert Band, including  seven Pender Harbour students, at  the educatton. pieeting at Pender  Harbour high school Thursday.  To be eligible for the $89,000 grant, the  society was told .a "signed, complete  addendum"- outlining the agreement  between the school board and regional  district must be added to their original  application, Vader said.  "I don't think an agreement-in-  principle would suffice" she answered to  that suggestion.  As long as the regional district's involvement is within the ^limits already  established, it is agreeable to any addendum the board finds acceptable, school  -district -secretaryrtreasurer- JRoy._Mills-  advised'the board.' ~   -  In Vader's lobby for the board's support, she reminded them of the "overwhelming" success of Pender ^Harbour's  pool referendum April 21.  - The Area A referendum carried with a  69.5 per cent majority, and the regional  board has already accommodated the  society by giving three readings to the  necessary bylaw, she said.  . "It is a joint fpcility-school and we hope  it -will continue tas-that-,-she said. �����.��.  'Though it is against board policy io deal  with briefs on short notice���some trustees  had only just received it'��� the board  agreed after much discussion to waive  policy.  District superintendent John Denley  jjaid he felt the board would be "dealing  with a  political  issue Hratll^thair~a7  program issue" if the brief was dealt with  that night.  There were a few of the "cost-saving  suggestions" he did not like at first glance,  he said, and the board could be faced with  paying approximately "$25 per pupil  because there is a pool here."  Trustee JoAnn Rottluff said the thought  of the board committing itself immediately for the economic life of the  facility bothered her and wondered if it  could be reconsidered after a period of  time.  Vader explained the board was in no  way restricted to the program outlined in  the brief, but it was an attempt to show the  estimated cost to the school board for 200  hours of pool time per year.  The brief estimated costs for pool  rental, instructor and lifeguard wages and  bus transportation at $5,220 for a grade one  to 12 swim program, swim meets and  recreational programs.  .Advertising^  helps you find  exactly  what you need.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  JOE CLARK'S PLEDGE  A vote for Joe Clark is a vote for a new beginning.  Joe Clark is emphasizing'the importance of building on  GanadaV iwtenM ^  "WE ARE DETERMINED TO RESTORE A SENSE OF  BUILDING TO CANADA AND TO GIVE CANADIANS A STAKE  IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR OWN COUNTRY. THAT IS  AND WILL REMAIN THE MAJOR THRUST OF OUR POUCIES  FOR CANADA-TO HELP CANADIANS OWN A HOME,  EXPAND A BUSINESS, AND PARTICIPATE IN THE  OWNERSHIP OF THEIR OWN RESOURCES."  AL LAZERTE  Wants to be YOUR  Member off Parliament  Joe Clark  AL UIZERTE says Fisheries is an important issue in this election.  He gives this comparison:  PRESENT GOVERNMENT  Failed to got maximum benefit from 200 mil*  limit., ;7 .    .  Patrol and surveillance aro Inadequate  Fish landings decreased drastically  Fish processing well below capacity  Half of Canada's fishermen earn less than $7500  per year  70% of fish caught are loaded on foreign ships  v  A CLARK GOVERNMENT  Provide adequate fisheries patrols  Assist In modernizing the fleet    Offshore freezing capacity to provide work for  shore processors  Change regulations to ensure fair sharing of the  catch  Establish effective advisory councils  Appoint a Deputy Minister for each Coast  Licensing procedures created Inequities  ARE YOU STILL UNDECIDED, BUT WANT TO MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT?  Consider these statistics taken from the Chief Electoral Officer's reports on the 1974 Federal Election  In the two ridings that make up the new riding of Comox-Powell River:  Comox-Albernl Coast-Chllcotln  Liberal   13,594 votes        Liberal 10,336vot����  Conservative [Al Lazerte]  12,683        Conservative     9,988 votes  IF YOU WANT TO GET RID OF TRUDEAU, D0N7 WASH YOUR VOTE ON THIRD PARTIES  p*i  UN MAY Am  VOTE  AL LAZERTE  PROGRESSIVE  CONSERVATIVE  Published by Comox-Powoll R|v��r Proflrosslv* Consorvatlvo Association, P.O. Box 68, Campbell Rlvor.  -Pft-M}Q  MAY IS FAMILY MONTH!! DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR FAMILY:  This ad paid for by the Village Council of Sechelt and the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  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IB68.00  NOW ONLY  Picture* not Madly ��i illuttrattd  779��'  By CHRIS SNAPE  Sechelt Renegades placed in the top  three in the B.C. zone two soccer playoffs  May 5 ahd 6 in Squamish and will go to the.  B.C. finals after beating out their own'  local competion, the Chiefs.  Renegades defeated the Chehalis  Golden Hawks in the Saturday morning  game by a 6-0 score with Darrien Dixon  and Vern Joe getting a p-dr each and  singles by Stuart Craigen and Robert Joe  for the victors. Tony Paul got the shutout  and the two game stars were Darren  Dixon and.Robert Joe. as selected by.  ^fcgQegade coach Hubert Joe.  4te afternoon game saw a  heavy  rairtf-fl Qfe. made Che ball hard to control  but it lead to afflm fyr the Renegadesover  ffi^ChiefsCEa-f^T.TOT"''^^  and Vern Joe scored with Gary Feschuck  and Darren Dixon pick*, as game stars. 7  Iioyd Jackson picked Howie   Joe ahd  Kirby Jackson as the two stars for the  Josing Chiefs."' Again.Tony-Paul got thei.  shuBut.  The Renegades went into penalty shots  but lost the much-disputed Sunday morning game to the Sliammon Sounders after  the Sounders scored 46 seconds after the  game should have been over. Confronting  the referee about the almost-46-minute  half instead of 45 he ruled that there was a  two-minute injury time allowance. Goal  scorers for the Renegades in the 5-4 game  were Darrin Dixon, Vern Joe, Stuart  Craigen arid Robert Joe with the two  Sechelt allstars Robert Joe and Darrin  Dixon.  Sunday afternoon the Sechelt  Renegades walked all over the Chehalis  Chiefs with a 12-2 victory on goals by Vern  Joe with 5, Rick August with 4, Darrin  Dixon, Bradey Joe and Barry Johnson.  Sechelt goalie Tony Paul got 4 assists in  the game that had Vera Joe and Tony Paul  selected as allstars.  The decididng game for third place at 3  p.m. Sunday put the Renegades up against  the Sechelt Chiefs once again with a 3-2  win for the Renegades with Chief goals by  Kirby Jackson and Kenny Paul who were  also picked game allstars while. Robert  Joe got two for the victorious Renegades  and Vern Joe added one as the two Joe's  were selected Renegade allstars.  This game gav/arthe Renegades third  place and entrance to the B.C. Zone final  playoffs.   .  All in all the bad weather didn't  damperf'Scchelt spirits with fans enjoying  a great weekend of soccer and Sechelt  came home with six trophies.  Tony Paul was picked best goalie.  Darrin Dixon, Ernie Dixon and Vern Joe  were tournament allstars with Joe get.  ting a topscorer trophy for his ten goala  and four assists.  Special thanks must go to Frank Dixon  for boosting team morale for the Chiefs.  Although tho Sliammon Sounders' won  tho tourney, rm sure tho Renegades are  looking forward to their next confrontation.  Local Golf Club  Two Elphinstone teams scored their  e~season-on-Tuesda;  y_-_teaii-c=by_--:  defeating Garibaldi 124 in a home match,  and the tennis squad by edging Brittania 6-  5 in Vancouver.  Tries by Carla Paetkau, Shelley  Wagner and Peggy Swanson and a solid  defence gave the Elphine girls the first win  of their inaugural season, after three  losses.  Paetkau opened the scoring on aa  eighth man pick-up play and Wagner increased the margin to 6-0 by touching  down the ball after a Garibaldi miscue  hear the goal line. The visitors scored to  c~-Tthe~leadin"ha1f but* Swansoirdasbed  down the right sideline on a set play  ;oHowing^^nalty4o-put_the-game_out=of=====^  reach.  -Garibladi nearly pushed in for a try late  in the game but fumbled the ball at the  goal line.  Coach John Spence, pleased with the  team's rapid improvement, said an important factor in the^ictory was Wagner's-  10Ugh~defensive���playr-She���keyed���on-  Garibaldi's,standoff and kept her off  =balalice^folQnuchJof~theTgame7-Spence~:  said.  Elphinstone played in a round-robin  tournament with Garibladi and Port  Coquitlam at Garibaldi yesterday.������  In tennis, easy wins by two girls'  doubles' teams and triumphs by Lena and'  Robbie JraMsinsingles'matches allowed-  Elphinstone to win six of 11 matches  against an East Vancouver school,  Britannia.  IN THE ^ OF SECHELT  Now Open MONDAY * SATURDAY, 9:30am ��� 5:30  ���~~~~~S> Mark of Quality  Paekage'nieals7  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  5" CONTINUOUS  ALUMINUM GUTTERS  Hurricane gutter* and  matching  fascla-feoard  cover in baked whit* enamel finish can now be  complemented   with   vented   aluminum   soffit  OOE 444 4      panels ��� the final step In arriving at a per-  Qq5"3311      manent solution to a perennial problem.  Phone  4^-} SUNCOAST  *\^miW    ,      Weather Products  *"*Wr Box 1418, Socholt.  SEAMLESS GUTTERS'  MOBILE UNIT  GUTTERS INSTALLED  Debbie McDonald and Bonnie  Janiewick whitewashed their opponents, 6-  0,6-0, while Shirley Ten and Lisa Bjornson  won almost as handily, 6-1,6-1. Lena Jonas  shut out her opponent 6-0 and Robbie  Jomas won his singles' match 6-2.  Elphinstone almost won another set when  the Jonas' team lost a mixed doubles' set  in a tie-breaker.  The Elphinstone tennis team will host  Windermere tomorrow (Thursday).  Meanwhile, a doubles' tournament  sponsored by the school team has been  scheduled for the last weekend of the  month, Friday and Saturday, May 26-27.  Entry fees of $2 per person per event may  be paid at Trail Bay Sports in Gibsons.  -r -There-will be -championship and consolation flights in men's, women's and  mixed doubles. The tournament is expected to begin about 9 a.m. Saturday,  May 26.  ANYWHERE ON THE PENINSULA  INSULATION  MOBILE UNIT  BLOWN IN NEW HOMES OR EXISTING HOMES  Walls  Ceilings  SIDING - VINYL OR ALUMINUM  SUNDECK COVERS - ALUMINUM  AWNINGS ��� ROLL UP, ADJUSTABLE  Sunshine *��  ITroducts^  We install all our products  Richard  Sasaratt  886-7411  or  886-8023��  1527 Sargent Rd.  Gibsons  Free Estimates      No Obligation  .<���*  ' W * ~J5.  \;-\.  Consider  - ,<��ai  '���^L^  ^  If you have been looking for an affordable new washer/dryer com-       i_rli>_fe    A AM*   UAn~K  blnatlon, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Thl. ioili absolutely undamped, but       MlO   lUlll   ��Cfll  we're marking It down anyhow. That makes our price almost 2 years old I  *Bxcept tho Fisher Stoves. Somehow the smoke doesn't seem to have  damaged them much I  Prices effective Tuesday to Saturday, May 802.  jo.���* ELECTRONICS  ^^H ^^^^^S        ~^F       ^R ^jEp5   Q ^m SL��Mm^~^^  Cowrlo  Stra��t.  S��cl.��lt    003 2560  On Juno 2 tho Sunshine Coast Golf (nnd  Country Club will celebrate Its 10th wn-;,  niversory.  In tills short time, it has bocomo ono of  the best nlno-holo courses In tho entire  province. The fairways aro lush, tho  groons ore superb hnd the wotor-holes and  sand-traps mako It u flno tost of golfing  skill. ' ' "���-���"������": - ������"*"'  Membership U now up to 238 playing  members and 60 social members, In addition to enjoying golf aH year round, tho  membership hag imhctlvo social calendar  nnt'tiiraqBii'fne'ftitt ���^mrt^���,,wll���^B^^*���,   ���- The chtb't Annual membership drive Is  now underway and 14 new members havo  Joined so far. Anyone considering Joining,  can call club manager George Lieth at 885-  0212 or any club member.  You will be better served  if you elect a  Liberal Majority Government  (Coast-Chilcotin 1974-79)  was successful In bringing $34,743,705.78 in  Federal Government Initiative to his riding���a very good record.  May 22nd  *i*'iMflM*(*i!#S! .&#���; I  Thl* political advartliomont wai paid by tha official os��nt of Jack Paanall Mboral Comox-Powoll Rlvar  . ���\'.'.  Ll ���  May 16  CHANNEL 2  .CHANNBL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9 CHANNEL 11 CHANNEL. 12 CHANNEL 13  12:00 Swltxer  .12:30' Search for Tom. conf ���  1;00 Today 1 Life To live  1:30 Cont'd.   . Cont'd.   -   ���  All My Children  Days of  Our Lives    ���  The Doctors   .  Another World  News ���  Ida Clarkson  '  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  News-  As the ���  World Turns  Guiding Light  News ���  Alan Hamfel  Cont'd.  .Adam 12  Nova  .Cont'd.  1 Art Starts   ���, .  Blue Umbrella  - News  Adam-12  Movie:  Hear About  Donahue,  Cont'd.  Love of-Life  All in Family  All My  ChUdren  Vancouver  Cont'd.  2:00  2:30"  3:00  3:30  _Edge of Night  <TSKe~30~  Bob McLean .  Cont'd.  General  -Hospital������  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  ^ontu���  Movie:  Goodbye  School Broad.  '-Take-W-  Bob' McLean  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  -M.A.S.H7  Dinah  Cont'd.  Another  -World   Movie:  Started with  Stories of Am.  -_ao__k*-L-_)-__-_--  Over  Easy  Footsteps '  Traveling  -Saleslady.  4:00   ' Sherlock Holmes   $6,000,000 Columbus ' Sanford & Son     Mike Douglas        a Kiss  ~4*30���Filwcsirada -Marrr���������' Confd; Price-ls-Right Confd��� Cont'd;   _5;00������Part Family-.  _ News -Carol Burnett       Cont'd. News Hollywood  -_S;30    All in FamUy   ���   Cont'd."    "��� "     News'" News Cont'd." '       -T.T-Wlngday5���  Popeye���  Banana SpUts  Wives of Pat.  M.A.S.H.  "Match Game  Gong Show  Cont'd;'  .    .  Behind Scene  party Game  Spiderman  Sesame Street  -Cont'd.   Mr. Rogers  Super, Stars Funorama Petti. Junction  -fceave-to-Beaver���Brady-Bunch Bewitched-  I Love Lucy        I Love Lucy        News  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30>  News-  Cont'd.  Mary T, Moore  Muppeta  -Confdr ���-  Cont'd.  P.M. Northwest  Hollywood  Mr. Rogers  I Love Lucy        I Love Lucy        News  Taggtncxo.   ���- paTtr-j-areafy-'���^m��^rtmh=__zsJis__w_^  -ContU  Cont'd.  Seattle  Evergreen Ex.  -Gonfd;���~  Confd.  Star Trek  Cont'd.  -Cont'd:  Mary .T. Moore .  Newlywed Game  Joker's Wildi  News  Cont'd.  Merle Haggard  Cont'd.  Studio See  Dick-Cavett  News       '  Dad's Army  Bewitched'  My 3  Sons  Hogan's Heroes  Bob Newhart  Newlywed Game  Dating Game  Joker's- Wild'  Tic Tac Dough  Carol Burnett  Bob Newhart  Vancouver  Cont'd.  8:00  Mork & Mindy  8 is Enough  Real People  Movie:'  Muppets  8 Is Enough  Yesterdays  . The Africans  * Crosswits  Confd.  8:30  Mary  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  She Cried  Confd.  Cont'd.  Gold  Confd.  Merv Griffin  Confd.  9:00  Charlie's  The Sacketts  Murder  You Can't Take  Charlies  Performances  Unknown War  Confd.  Nana Mouskourl  9:30  ' Political  Angels  Pt. 2  Political  It with You  Angels  Cont'd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd  -.lOsftO...  . Ths_-Ropfirs   __  Watson   Report  :-Vegas  Cont'd.-     .     .  _ Sha,Na Na  Cont'd.  .Vega$ '  Dial Line 9  News      . '  .Fight Against  The'  10:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Watson  Report  Cont'd:  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Dating' Game  .  Slavery  Entertainers  11;00  National News  News  News  News .      .  - News  News  Advocates  Odd Couple  . Dr. In-House  Sports Page  Cont'd.  11:30  Night Final  Police Woman  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Confd.  Cont'd.  Gong' Show '  Late Movie  Thursday, May 17  Page C-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 16,1979  No. 1 IN COLOR TV  .  Now Open Mondays-Saturday, 9:30 am-5_30 pm  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  f/ STEREO ft APPLIANCES  **5*a.6  in THE #p OF SECHttT  <��"<�����  AFTER THE SALE IT IS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS    '  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9   CHANNEL 11   CHANNEL 12 /  CHANNEL 13  12:00  12:30  ,--1:00-  1:30  Swltzer  Search for Tom.  --To__��_-_-___-==_-.  Confd.  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Family  AU in FamUy  $6,000,000  News  Confd.  Bounce  Confd.  Carol Burnett  News  Sanford & Son  Price ls Right  ContU  News  Mike Douglas  ContU  News  Cont'd.  El Alamln  Confd.  $6,000,000  Man  Wives of Pat.  M.A.S.H. -  - Match Game  Gong Show  Sesame Street  ContU  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  ContU  Confd.  Party Game  Spiderman  Super Stars  Leave to Beaver  I Love Lucy  Part.  Family  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  Funorama  Brady Bunch  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Petti.   Junction  Bewitched  News  Confd.  News  Cont'd  Mary T. Moore  Inventors  Confd.  ContU  P.M. Northwest  Muppet Show  Cont'd.  Confd.  SeatUe  Hollywood Sqs.  ContU  Confd.  Incredible  Hulk  ContU  Mary T. Moore  Newlywed Game  Joker's WUd  News   .  Confd.  Delta House  Circus  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Political  Challenge  Burton  Cummings  MacKenzies of  Paradise Cove  Movie:  Return of '  Diffrent Strokes  HeUo Larry  Rockford  FUes  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Wlnslow & Son  Cdn. Authors  National News  Nlght-Flnal  Modi Squad  Cont'd.  News  .Soap  The Ddke  Cont'd.'  News  Tonight Show  Political  Challenge  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  Lelf Garrett  Confd.  Dukes of  Hazzard  Studio See  Dick Cavett  News  Gardening  Diffrent Strokes  HeUo Larry  Duke of  Hazzard.  Wn. Review  WaU Street  Theatre  ContU  Bewitched,  My 3 Sons  Hogan's Heroes  ��� Bob Newhart  Movie:  Legend of  Boggy Creek  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  Dating Game  Joker's WUd  Tic Tac Dough  Carol Burnett  Bob Newhart  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.  Wonder  Woman  News  Cont'd.  DaUas  Cont'd.  News  NBA Playoff  ContU  Confd.  At the Forum  Confd.  Rockford  FUes  News  ContU  Royal  Heritage  Austin  City  Confd.  News  Dating Game  Odd Couple  Gong  Show  Fight Against  Slavery  Dr. in House  Late Movie  Hot City  Confd.  Sports Page  Confd.  Saturday, May 19  CHANNEL 2'  CHANNEL 4  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Sports  Weekend  ContU  ContU  2:00  2:30  3:00'  3:30  Confd.  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Merrie Melodies  Private Life  Preakness  Stakes  afip.^w?*^  White Suit  Women in Art  .OH���Painting - - -  ' Lowell 'Thomas'  Movie:  Tarzan & the  ^untresa^ ���  ContU' *  700 Club  Confd.  - Outlook  Monkees  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  Reach for Top  News  NHL Playoffs  Confd.  F Troop  Movie:  Good Morning  Miss Dove  Oonfd..  ContU  Sports Legends  News  Gardening  News  NHL Hockey  Playoffs  Spectacular  Cont'd.  Havoc Struck  News  World of  ' Sports  Discover  You Tell Us  Money Talk  Wrestling  'Gootu^rewfrsj-  Gastown  Firing Line  Confd.  Symphony  ContU  Twilight Zone  Confd.  Bionic  Woman  Funorama  Our Gang  Ruff House  Child's Film  6:00  6:30  7.00  7:30  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  :News': .'������ ��� ���____������-  Lawrence Welk  Cont'd.  Conf d-  Animal World  WUd Kingdom  Gong Show  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Confd.  News  Price is Right  $1.98 .Beauty  Family Feud  News  Confd.  -B.J. & the r  Bear  Theatre  Confd.  Confd.  Global Weekend  Once Upon  Oonfd.  -Nova   Cont'd.  Star Trek  Cont'd.  -Hee-Haw--  cont'd.  Weekend  ContU  -Movie;������  Where  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Concert  Paper Chase  Cont'd.  The Goodies  Love Boat  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Fantasy  Chips  Cont'd.  B.J. & the  Bear  Chips  Confd.  How the West  Was Won  Bad News Bears  The Hobblt  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Love's Savage  Fury  Conf d.  Lively  Country  NashvUle  Westenr Front ~  Cont'd.  2 Ronnies  Dad's Army  From China  to Us   '  Soccer:  Seattle vs  San Jose  Cont'd.  Angels Go  ContU  ContU  Movie:  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Survival  Cont'd.  National News  Night Final  Island  Cont'd.  News  Late Movie  Nightengales  Cont'd.  News  Sat. Night  Confd.  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Steeltown  ContU  Movie: FistfuU  of Dollars  Fantasy'  Island  T.B.A-  News  Cont'd.  Confd.  Love Boat  Confd.  Confd.  Sneak Preview  Sign Off  ContU  Cont'd.  Country N.W.  Honeys  NashvUle  The Collector  Confd.  ContU  Conf d.  2nd City T.V.  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Rod Stewart  IN THE NAVY.............................  ...........Village People  KEEP ON DANCIN' .............:..... .....Gary'sGong  SEPTEMBER .,  E W F  REUNITED .V.77.  .7 Peacries& Herb  HAPPINESS,.; ,.       ,.. Pointer Sisters  EVERY V'S A WINNER     .        ..... i; Hot Chocolate  HOT STUFF .������'.. Donna Summer  RHUMBAGIRL..........,,  .Nlcolette Larson  BANG AGONG :..... witch Queen  DANCER   GlnoSoccIo  Hear Yet Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  \  A Halfmoon Bay happenings  Tribute lib Jack H<jl!  by MQry Tinkley-Shannon 885-9764  Jack Pall, who died suddenly af-flsT  -homeTit%elc6me^each on May 7~in his  79th year, was born in Forfar, Scotland. Ih  -1910,-he accompanied his family to Gariada-  and they settled in Vancouver. He was  only 16 when he enlisted in the Canadian  Field Artillery and served for four years ih  World War 1. Returning to Vancouver at  the end of the war,' he worked as a  salesman for the \Gutta Percha Company and later with the B.F. Goodrich  Rubber company, he rose from salesman  .Welcome Beach HaU on May 12 with ihe  Rev." John Paetkau officiating. HI  -LITTLE-RENO NIGHT   On Saturday, May 19 at 8 p.m. social  evenings at the Welcome Beach Hall will  wind up for'the season with a Little Reno  Night. Everybody is welcome and the  admission price of 50 cents will include  refreshments. Come along and enjoy the  thrill of a 25-cent chance on Bingo, Poker,  Shuffleboard, Carpet Bowling and many  work. If so, please telephone Donna Perry half mast in tribute to the memory of Jack  .$t ,885-3742.:..' s HaU they,; were unable to find the Hag  BEEFS AND BOUQUETS wMch,,wben^ was taken down after the  v This week we have a Beef and'a death of the |ate^.A.C. Bennett, was,not  Bpuquet.The Beef if from a resident of pu^awaytojts usual place. The Executive  Redrooffs whose children have had per- ��**' that.anybody who knows wherethe  mission-to work their horses on the land 2ag -^as" ��� 4*aFA shoi,ld telephone  behind the Harold Ives property, fhe   Grace Rutherford at��8&fl672. Alex Ellis  -^parents hadinstaUe^six dnims-and*^^  _poles onjhe prdperty for_Jthe *pa_M*m1-*w^^ ^  T-eiereises-and-some-oHhese-have-been���flranffli-g-aJtapj-O^t^^  stolen. Residents are reminded that the   coulfP*f due honour to a loved and  "land in question is private property, as are ~respectedTnempei^  the drums and jumping poles. RETURNING TRAVELLERS  When the officers of the Welcome Beach       Bill and Alice Fraser are home after  Association came to raise the hall flag at   two weeks in Hawaii. They spent a week in  Wednesday, May 16,1979  mmmmmmtmfmmmwmmmmjmmimmmtmm  The Peninsula Times  Page 03  . Waikikiwhichttiey enjoyed btrt which they  found to be all hustle and bustle. They  thoroughly enjoyed7the biggest bargain  Waikiki has to offer, a 25-centbui ride all  around  the  island.  They, decided  to  celebrate Bill's birthday with a dinner-  boat cruise. When it was discovered that  Bill was the. only person on the cruise  ���celebrating his birthdayrhe-was honoured-  . and_ feted.  Of-course,- he -blushingly  ���receivedtheusuallei^ndicis^frcMirt-verjr  lovely Hawaiian girl. The second week  belonging to the condominium.They met  . niany interesting people from all over B.C.  and from the States. ~  Another returning traveller is" May  Holgate who journeyed by train to Regina  for a vistt with her father, sister, daughter  Joe Buss and her grand-daughter Julia,  Shejoundthetrain journey interesting and  relaxing. It was jusFlike a house party, she  says, with a great deal of vffitffig-_n-lei--ai-  some bingo.  they spent in a delightful condominium on  the norjth-west coast of Maui! The beach  was beautiful but the breakers!huge, so  they swam in the.two very fine pools  1 ' *     ".   ' ^       , l      �� * i _     r  WAKE-UP! SHAPE UP!  WALK!  V,  wmr-P.  mtmimtaianM  tt.il- n t*��k.T(Kljy.  to become head of the Industrial Products ' other skills without any danger of losing  Division, responsible for the whole of   your shirt.  western Canada. He married his wife   .  Dorothy in 1943 and they made their home    HMB HOSPITAL AUXILIARY  in West Vancouver where he becmae a       When 21 members of the Hospital  Mason and a memberTojE the King David   Auxiliary met at the Welcome Beach Hall  Lodge. .   on May 7, the president^ Geri Smith,  -After^eirmarriagerme-H;^^  frequent visitors at the home of Mrs.  Hall's cousin, Jessie Meikle, so on  retirement in 1965, they bought the lovely  waterfront home where they had so often  been guests. Jack took an active interest in  the-���Welcome- Beach -Community.  Association and worked hard to establish  the shuffleboard club. It wasn't always  easy in those days when there was only one  shuffleboard, no furnace and frequent-  water problems. He would make  numerous journeys from his home to the  hall to start up the heater, open up the hall  for the players and pack water for the  mug-up when the water lines became  frozen, but Jack played an important part  in building up the group to the part it now  plays in the community. He also served for  a term on the board of St. Mary's Hospital  Society. .      '  During his years of travelling through  B.C. both with the Gutta Percha and  Goodrich companies, Jack Hall became  intensely interested in the history of B.C.,  particularly of the older places like  Quesnel, Barkerville, Williams Lake and  Prince George. He started collecting items  of historical interest and when he settled in  Welcome Beach, he started a small  museum where he loved to show friends  his collection of old telephones, railway  equipment and farm implements. He was  an entertaining companion and liked  nothing better than to tell anecdotes about  his travels around B.C. He was a good and  enthusiastic cribbage player and will be  sorely missed by his many friends.  Jack Hall is survived by his wife  Dorothy, a son Peter of West Vancouver, a  daughter, Marguerite MacKenzie of  Prince George and five grandchildren. A  memorial  service   was   held   at   the  Dickenson and Mary Sewell. Members  were informed that the Thrift Shop was in  urgent need of used clothes and that any  donations would be most welcome and  could be left with Grace Rutherford at the.  post office.  A Mothers' Day party^th^EMended  CareUnit waiTbeing planned with Mary  MacDonald as convenor. The Auxiliary.  Jaialsojgreeitaputjot its usual refreshment stall for Timber Days, serving tea,  coffee, sandwiches, cake and pie. Grace  Rutherford will again act as convenor. On  June 4, the last meeting date before the  summer recess, the Auxiliary will hold its  usual smorgasbord supper at theJiome i>l  Mary Dolmage.  WANTED ��� A GOOD SAMARITAN  Some three years ago, Bob Paulhus, a  community minded resident of Redrooffs  Road, was concerned to find that several  elderly people using the Shoppers' Bus on  Thursdays, were finding it a problem to  get their groceries home. He volunteered  to pick up their groceries each Thursday  after he left his job at B.C. Hydro and  deliver them. It proved a wonderful service for the people concerned, but when  Bob Paulhus was transferred to the Prince  George office, it seemed for a time as if the  bus passengers were back to square 1.  However, another public spirited citizen  came forward to fill the breach. Earl  Perry agreed to carry on the good work  with the help of his mother as chauffeur.  He has done a fine job for the past eighteen  months but will no lonner be able to continue as he will be working during the  summer vacation and then will be going to  Gibsons to school. The Perrys wonder if  there is another good, Samaritan who  would be interested 4n -carrying., on thJU3  PHARMACY  LOCATED RIGHT AT THE GIBSONS CLINIC ON HWY 101  886-8191       OPEN MONDAY-FRIDAY 9:30 to 5:30       closed Saturday  mmmmmmm  mmmmmm^mm  K_t _. *��-"���/__.>    K.    .'.J.  irtfiiiwii*  _H  IM  mmm  Ml  mmm  ma  mmm  ma  mmammmm  memafm-mmmmm  mmmmmmm  mt  Happy belated  Birthday to:  DARREN SHINN,  Age 11, May 1st  To Join the  Hey Kids  Birthday Club/  send your name, age,  address and the date  of your birth to:  Box 310, Sechelt  MAKE IT!  Eggs and Chips  1 cup crushed potato chips  6 hard-boiled eggs  1-10 oz. can cream of mushroom soup  1/2 cup milk          _   2 tbip. finely chopped onion  salt and pepper to season.  Hoat ovon to 400 degrees; Placo potato chips In 1-qt. casserole. Add  sliced hard-boiled oggs. Blond togothor soup and milk. Add onions.  Pour ovor oggs and chips. Sprinkle wllh salt and pepper. Bake 25  minutes or until bubbly. Serves 6.  Here two letters from some kids in Mrs. Potter's class at Sechelt Elementary.  They are writing to Mr. Denley, the superintendent of the School Board, asking  for a camping trip in June.  .     \  Sechelt Elementary,  Dear Mr. Donley,  t   .  We would like tc  > go camping In June, please.  1 like camping. Camping Is fun. We like camping. We like  walking. We like playing at 3:00. We are taking Miss Craig.  Thank        you,  ���  Yours truly,  DEVIN JOE  cv  .*-"  Sechelt Elementary  Friday, April 6th.  Mr, Donley,  We would like to go camping In June please.  We will learn to cook, And we will clean up after.  And we will not play with fire. We will learn to get  along with each other. We would get along for  two days, We will not go Into the woods by  ourselves,  We will follow the rules. We will learn about  the forest while we are there. We will play In the  water.  Can Miss Craig come too?  ��� Thank you,  Yours truly,  ,        Jonathon Hunter.  "0  O  Just for fun!  What It raited In Brazil during 'he rainy teaton?  An��wer: Umbrellas,  Jf _^L _f- Jf Jf _f Jf Jf .if  *  *  *  Whan does a man have four hands?  Answer: When he doubles hi* (lift  ")  Teacher: Dick, how did you get lhat horrible swelling on your nose?  Dick: I bent down to smell a brose In my garden.  Teacher: There'* no "b" In rote,  Dick: There was in this onel  A ���nail wai climbing up a cherry Ire* when a beetle spied It.  "Hey," *ald the beetle, "there aren't any cherries In that tree I"  "I Know," replied the mall, "but there will be by the time I get.  there."  -���Jl* ���j^r - ^r "-T|jy-- -^r ~v^-. -^������������'-^ ^ ���  i^mmm^^^ ^^^Bm ^^^^*t ���^H^^--h ^m��^KRk> <--_s^H-^l I^Hk *m*^^Hb* jflHBhh  _f-  Friday, April 6th.  , Dear Mr. Denley,  We would like to go camping In June, please.  I like to cook hamburgers for supper.  I like to camp out In the cabin with Robert.  I like to play with Robert and Jade.  We would like to bring Miss Craig.  We would like to have a campflre.  Thank you,  Your* truly,  Charlie Craigan.  Answer to change the word:  TAIL  CHANGE THE WORD  ���fM>f^^1H*^Wri^(*n1Ji��"��:IWVM^Wl*W"^i'  ^J^Mi^^rt^trtStyt^iJ*  cash" by changing one letter with each move. Use the boxes,  writing the words from top to bottom, '  _MP**M*I**M  ma  mmm  m  m  mmmemmmmmmemi  Science Fair to be held at Sechelt  Tho annual Science Fair will be hold at Socholt  Elementary School In the gym on Thursday May  displays and projects.  m%%mmam0mWmmm0mmmfwmmewmWm%fmmmam  mmmmmmm J_  Page C-4   ,      The Peninsula Time?  Wednesday, May 16,1979  GREAT PACIFIC  HOT TUBS  An Experience in Pleasure and  Relaxation  TO SEE OR TRY FOR YOURSELF  Phone 885-2183 HELEN PHILLIPS  i  Like hockey the finals of Canada's  political game are at hand where some  hard checking in the political arena will  The Tim^pbliaied cSndid pictures of  well-known political personalities each  PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU  PM of Canada,  Mount Royal, Quebec  May Day is the Official Start  of Swim Season....  week, like these of Clarke and Trudeau  week, like this of Broadbent, during the  during the campaign.  Each had a blank balloon in which you  wrote what you-thought was an appropriately funny expression, thought or  quip.  We chose such provocative portrayals  to tickle your sense of humour and to inspire you to think up suitable captions to  broaden everyone's smiles or to downright  break us up with laughter!  The winner each week will get two  tickets to Ray Boothroyd's Twilight  Theatre and the prize entry published in  next week's issue.  Print your quip in the blank balloon,  clip the entire picture, attach your name,  , address and telephone number-arid send to  L   Parliamentary Playoffs. <M) Peninsula  ^DTBHOADBENTTTIVDTPT  O&hawa-Whitby, Ont.  DEATH BENEFITS  * Many people are not  aware of the death  benefits payable by  various-Crown~agencies7���  * The Canada Pension Plan  will pay up to $1,045.00 on  the death of a contributor.  -This Js-to-addition- to-the-  widow's pension.  -^.A-^vel_2can-S--^-ao-i!y__j-iay-^-  be eligible for a grant from  D.V.A.   or  the   Last   Post  Fund.  * At time of need, Devlin  Funeral Home will assist  the family in determining  ^eligibility    for -various���  government   or   private  death benefits.  unite at pbo-He:  D.A. DEVLIN  owner-manager  ���i* a t ,,v,_ iA  DIVE IN for 10% OFF  v-w<. -.-l^OpW*-  MASKS  ���FINS  ���GOGGLES  ���VINYL  PLAY  BOATS  ^.  TRAIL BAY SPORTS  Cowrlo St., Socholt  Sunnycrest Contra, Glbtont  885-2168  886-8020  WE HAVE ZIMM ZAMM  Times, Box 310, Sechelt, or drop it into the  office on the3 Sunshine Coast Highway.  All entries to qualify must be in our  office for judging no later than 5 p.m.  y. Saturday.  W/In the event of identical entries, the  winner will be the one opened first by our  judges.  Sharpen your pencil and your wits...  get in on the fun... join the election antics  . 7. and wlnn_ast chance! .  Okay! Here's Joe and Pierre.  To the Unfit  If you just sit  You won't quit  Being unfit ^^__-  ���m  mmnmWt  mfmaflaamn^'��  Tha Csn.onn mov.iD.ni to, p.ison.1 lltiwst  NEW FROM FLECTO  NOW AVAILABLE from Olb-oni Bulldlno *uppH����  FACTORY  REPRESENTATIVE ^^^  WILL BE  PRESENT  MAY 19  FROM 10 AM  TO 3 PM TO  ANSWERANY  QUESTIONS.  4Dc��f| ��� 1,141.   __>  Preserves, Prolongs and Protects  FtooM VwafMl' wood prtNrv-t!va<M<->H p*r*tral���� tht wm ot Wm  t wood tlWo cot to oompkti,<Hy ��t��b*lJ0 any twa wood wirfiwo, thus onnWioa i\  ' witamquont coatma ol pnlnl or otnln lo tost ynnr_ lonoof, Vwnnol la ��l��o nvoK-  nhto In B rMi oolootB,  Varapel* ^  A varsaillo family of high quality coatings, RjkA  M.coTocoATiNoai.tn.nicMMOND.nc   * WF  ���li��il.n<*fhilMI>pri.llii('li I'll   O.mnil I . lt��u<.l��i.i*Hiff ri.i III (*nsl"ig�� till  flirlimimil l��~  AVAILABLE FROM  * Dopotltt Chomicolt  Into Collular Wollt  * Wator In.olubU  * Rottrlctt Shrinkage &  Expantlon  * Won't Pool, Crack, Bllttor  * Wldo Spectrum Funglcldo  * Mlldow & Dry Rot  Provontatlvo  * Undor Tap Ckan-Up  * Wator Ropollant  * Damp Wood Application  Pottlblo. ,,  WOOD INSURANCE.  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Our  people working to help each other  . whenever or whatever need arises Jif^  ~you~lm5w anyon^tMnieed-ri-elp or  would like to volunteer to help-fl-fiL  senior citizens, children or students a  few hours, a week, please-contact Jo-  Anne Bushnell, co-ordinator of  Community Services, at 885-3821.  "TheSurrey Dance Festival April,23 to  27 is the largest in N. America and has  operated for the past \% yearsjt is tacked,  by the City Council of Syrrey and the  Mayor-and-has^nWes_f��)rarall"overthe-  Province and some out-of-province entries. The Dance section of the Festival  had some 2,500 entries and covers all  forms of dance, National, ballet, tap, stage  and own-choreography.  Three local girls who participated and  accredited themselves in the Festival  were Karen Boothroyd, Susan Francis and  Debbie Middleton. Karen placed 1st in Duo  Tap Stage, 2nd in Jazz Solo over a field of  20 contestants, 3rd in a Tap Solo and  earned a Ceftificate^of Merit for a Duo  Jazz. Susan placed 1st in a DupTapStage  and earned Certificates of Merit for a Solo  -JSOTg-T-fm^DancerrTaFSol^a^TaiTSolo--  t_��age and a Duo Jazi. Debbie earned a  Certificate of Merit, for a Solo Tap.  As 'a ppint of interest, Debbie ,ahd  Leanne Middleton, who study Voice with  Geneva ColandgeMsister to local Helen  Sinclair), also participated in the  Coquitlam Festival, held during the first  week of April. Debbie placed 2nd jn her  ' Voice Class and Leanne scored 84 per cent  _in.her_eiass7r~���:     ~_     ^tt:  Susan and Karen are students of the  ..Gibsons SchooL of-Theatre-Dance,-under-  the direction of Mrs. Jean Milward.  Debbie studies dance in Vancouver at the  Bonnie' Lee Academy. Susan, and Karen  also jparticapated in the^qgmttanL  Festival and placed 2nd in a Duo Tap  Stage Classification.   ���. _i...'<'  ,'t.  share in tho  GGq  fatten &fy%e4factn*��t  New Summer Hours  Monday 4 pm-9 pm (Closed Tuesday)  WednesclayrThursday,-Sunday 11:30 am-10 pm  Friday. Saturday 11:30 am-12 midnight  WHARF ROAD, SECHELT  885-2511  Christian Science  ' 'A new commandment I give unto you,  that ye love one another; \ . ." (John  13:34).  Such is the law of Love.  "True prayer is not asking God for  love; it is learning to love, and to include  all mankind in one affection." (No and Yes  by Mary Baker Eddy).  There's a lot of talk about investing in B.C. About keeping  control of local businesses In the hands of local residents.  Sunshine Coast Credit Union is locally owned and  operated. Serving the financial needs of Sunshine Coast  residents since 1941. Its roots in the community are deep.  rYourCanrmake-sufertheyrgrow-deeper-by-investihg-in  Sunshine Coast Credit Union. Each share is $5. No limit on  Got the blues?  Want to get away from  it all?  -Take a walk! =���  .i       I*   /^. -  P3nrtc.P3tr.ani  WaUca block-Today.,  the number of shares. No broker's fees. Just come to the  credit union and fill out a simple application form.  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Vancouver Toll Free 684-2911  ��**S  MDL00623A  1  I  f- -4-  vi-   ' l v  The Garden Corner  Test before germinating  -7 :       t -^ -By Guy Symonds  In a recent column it was promised that     ' First, he says, you take 10. seeds and  alprocedure4or-4^tirig^eeds-Woi^ a wet paper tojyeland  ^escribed a-Mksomehowrthat-prom^^  Jpst. So now it must be redeemed,  , TNo one, surely, who has a spark of  feeling can fail to'be awestruck fwith thp  power tW Ifcs within a tiny, seed Any  gardener feels tlW Haggle every time he is  given the privilege of starting pew life on  rolled-iip paper towel in a piece of soaked  terry cloth and roll that up too. Finally,  you put both rolled up towels in a plastic  bag, seal it and leave it in a warm place to  encourage germination. After the proper  length of time, could be anything from four  the result of the germination of seeds, this    DfAU III f-.iflfeL.fl* A|||4  gardener has run into a problem that is    ��� ��� Vf ���IIVlWI   Will I  quite junique in his experience. In a  lifetime of growing green peas in the  garden with admittedly varying but  generally pretty good success, this year  has injected a new and baffling  development,   \___j-   ,     ,   *    .  .This appears to be some kind of a cut  worm that chews up the newly-spon-ted  m_at just about soil level. But -not only  thiatr:itrjee_i��-to-operate~fiPthe-same  fashion  as   ffie~wgevTl���thatr attacks���Peninsula-May-21,-last_year_,  PageOB  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 16,1979  Judge Johnson concluded Richard  Arthur Emerson did not intentionally ram  the Pacific Salt with his commercial  vessel and found him not guilty of  operating a vessel in a mariner dangerous  to life pr limb last week in Sechelt  Provincial Court.  Emerson was charged following an  incldent~in~theT3roteraToff :r Frances-  KOK, MOORBY, KOWBLUK & CO.  s    CERTIFIED GENERAL ACCOUNTANTS  JOHN W. AAOORBY, C.G.A. Resident Partner  BUSINESS - 885-3511  \ Residence - 885-2498  its way by giving these tiny miRrctes the   to 10,days depending on what variety of  chance to fulfil their destiny.  Everyone who talks about seed* and  their value br money always emphasizes  that it is so.cheap,that one should never  use any seed left over from the previous  year. Here is on�� gardener, however, who  -cannot-bear-to see it-go to waste and last.  seed it is, unroll the towels and count the  numbe? of seeds that have germinated. If  seven of the ten seeds have sprouted,  obviously you have 70 per cent ger-  mination. Some people say that the test is  not accurate because of the small number  of seeds being used. Well there is nothing  rhododend$bns. That is, its thrice-  accursed offspring chew pieces out of the  leaves ML around the edges. This does not  kill the young plants but it certainly must  hurt their growth. After they have grown  three or four inches high the attacks cease.  So bad has this been that the Feltham  Earlies had to be resown as the loss was  at least 50 per cent and it looks as though  the Kelvedon Wonders that were so successful last year will also have to be  resown.  A small fine and a long driving  suspension was handed down to Peter  Viggo McKenzie following a conviction for  driving while disqualified.  ;7 McKenzie was fined $100 and  suspended from driving for three years.  Judge Johnson said the lengthy suspension  was for the protection of others, since  McKenzie has committed other driving  offences in the past and he is under "heavy  medication" for chronic arthritis and  ^aTi^stsrveiTis^^arrot-^  that was two years old. Admittedly, the  percentage of germination was not as  high, but still its use made good economic  sense. " N   ' '  Now, in a recent article on the subject,  a gardener offers advice on a method for  testing seed before taking chances on its  germinating power in the garden, ahd  claims that it works very well.  provided that the result is reduced to a  percentage. .,  If you have noticed bow the price of a  packet of'seeds has increased both in the  amount of money demanded and in the  vastly reduced'amount of seed in the  packet, the old idea about seeds being  " cheap loses'some of its impact.  While still on the subject of seeds and  Not being'able to find the answer, this        ..\.    '.     '. ,     .    .      ���  lenw^VfiSTJrtea^^much^gainst���^S^ftr^f��M^f ^^  his will ��� to the use of diazinon to try to  Board of School Trustees, District14o. 46 [Sechelt]  FOR SALE BY TENDER-9" METAL LATHE  -The:SchoolDistri^has-for-disposql-one-9���South4tend-Jathe-  complete with stand and mbtor. It may be inspected at the  Maintenance Shop, corner of North Road and Highway 101  in Gibsons, during normal working hours by appointment.  Sealed tenders, marked "LATHE TENDER", will be received  by the undersigned up to 12:00 NOON, Friday, May 25th,  for the purchase of this lathe, as is, where is.  R.MILLS,  Secretary-Treasurer  control the cutworm if cut worm it be, and  to a Malation spray to take care of  whatever is chewing the leaves.  The annoying part is that this had  seemed to hold the promise of an ideal  growing year as far as the weather was  concerned, and since extra effort was put  forth to bring in a good lot of mushroom  -compostto add to the green manuring and  the garden compost heap, good results  j_eEe_C-_afidently expected.  ,  If anyone has the answer it would be  i-Hfefrgratefully accepted by this gardener  Mho muSl humbly accept the fact that once  more he has been given the lesson  ongihally laid down to Adam���it is never  going to be eagyjo grow anything.  of driving while impaired by a drug.  Because the Crown charged him with  driving while "impaired by a drug when  evidence led the judge to suspect impairment was caused by a combination of  a drug and alcohol, Judge Johnson said he  had no alternative but to find McKenzie  not guilty of the offence. ���  Richard Peter Brehm, 20, pleaded  guilty to driving whilejmpaired and was-  given a $350 fine and six months probation  to attend the impaired drivers' ^course.  Andrew James Watt pleaded guilty to  being a minor in possession of liquor and  was fined $100.  So far it,does not seem to be SH that  good a growing year ��� or maybe one gets  too impatient, but the ground does not  seem to be responding as it used to. Maybe  the very penetrating frost we had in the  late winter means that it takes more time  to raise the soil temperature and one has  fallen into the trap of trying to get things  into the ground too early.  It calls for all the philosophical  rationalizing of which one is capable.  "Nosuccess or failure ��� only results!"  They say the answer to  your problems is just  around the corner.  Why not take a walk and  find but.  atmmkm~0  on ctispfoy  r ��� - ���   ��� ��� 7..'  \       ' \   '���'!  "���'���'- -���:  - . __    .     __.li.l-.  ���      - -  . I    ~l  . ,j  ��� ���}  ���'���������. j  S00*?*  [Aldergrove]  Cv<&  \&  o.^  panmipacrinnt  Walk a Mock/Today..  ���^0t**  **   .  ���Q0r  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  886-7411  886-8023  Glenda Sasaratt  <  .2  GIBSONS I ��  1<  I*  15  a  NORTH ROAD TO lANCDME  FIND OUT MONDAY MAY 20th,  1 PM, AT HACKETT PARK,  WHO WILL WIN THE TRIP  TO HAWAII.  THANKS TO ALL PARTICIPANTS  AND GOOD LUCK!     ___  THE BEST  AT SUNCOAST!  Prices shown are good to  Mayi!3rl979only.  ARE  $1.00 OVER OUR COST  SAVE $1341.00  TIMBER DAYS SPECIAL  19' Citation MinMlome  Reg $21,695  NOW $19,900  NOW IN STOCK  OUR ONLY NEW 1?78 DODGE ASPEN  2 Dr Coupe w/SE Pkg.  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The, extension  seas near Trail Islands on a Thursday  afternoon.  And the camera can be explained too.  But when I'm gripping with my knees to  the seat of the Sechelt Rescue 11 Zodiac, as  ifto a buckingvhorsMW youtealljrexpectr  me to pull out liquid lens cleaner and  paper?  And so I was late for the school board  meeting. No one noticed, and I did manage  to do my duty and vote just before the polls  closed.  mersible, obviously the technical name for  tiny submarine, and usj-d lor make  biological observations of the ocean  bottou-r --������ - --���    ���  ���Art and I reached the ship just in time  to see Pisces IV emerge and change  crews. Even its weight of about eight tons  didn't prevent the, submersible from  bobbing abound a bit.  But, hopefully, we weren't going to  spend a few hours bobbing around our-  in tbe bar; with my coffee, and asked*a few  questions.       - ,  _  _The���senior project-biologist, Parcy  . Goyette, explained the complicated family  may be five to 10 years into the future.  The biologists had been out on the  ocean since Monday checking sewer  outfalls at Macaulay Point and in the  BuUt=aU-_at_u_^-_B_y_3_-^^  portt-fiAy-dien it emerged again and was  taken aboard: (.  And the buoy marking its descending  point kept disappearing and we didn't  want to get in the way. Then a voice from  behind the Selma Park breakwater with  Provincial Emergency, Program  coordinator Art McPhee and a life-long dream  for what you might call a real scoop.  So   when   I   discovered   Art   was  tree of those aboard, including the sub-"< X;0*0*!* area'_^a!_ ,?uxll!>sites.in *��?  mersible.       '*..'*  The crew comes with the ship, which is  chartered by the Dept. of Fisheries and  Oceans and Goyette and his fellow  biologists are with the Environment  Protection-Service. The- Pisces^-lV���is  liwnedT^Dept. ofFtsKeries andOcear  and somewhere, I've forgotten now, the  Institute of Ocean Sciences comes, into it.  The reason they were in the area was to  "observe general bottom .conditions ������  Victoria area, and at Harmac pulp mill.  From* Sechelt, they were headed to  Woodfibre with a stop to take a few  shellfish .samples to see if the copper  concentration in them had reduced since  Britannia Mines closed.  -JheTPisces IV" kept contact with the  mothership through, underwater  telephone. The biologists aboard the  Pisces IV used a 16 mm film camera and  70 mm still camera as well as tape  recorders in their studies of the ocean  bottom.  Goyette said the submersible was  Canadian-designed and built and isthe  first Pisces to be certified safe, manned, at  6,600 feet below the surface.  :=^TJnmOT_red^andora-ll,_--3econ-i7i--ate  Harry Johnson said, it can go down 7,200  teetr ���-���-������-=- ���  I went up to the bridge to take a few  pictures and found the crew trying to  locate the buoy to take a radar reading.  Again it Jiad disappeared. Finally, it_wa&  spotted closer to Sechelt, where the crew  was^robably-checMng-eut-feeTpresent  HTS  *m% W<  -   \  *X-��*��-  '��� |l4iX^��' * ������ * '���$$  outfall.  They were running behind schedule and  didn't expect to finish for another hour, but  in the meantime, Art and I were invited to  stay for dinner   Just as we finished a good meal of roast  turkey, the Pisces crew informed the  mothership they were ready to emerge.  We put on our lifejackets, climbed back  into the Zodiac and followed Goyette and  ' Bob Taylor, a Pisces IV pilot with fisheries  and oceans, in theirs, in search of the  buoy. Once the Pisces emerged, I crawled  out on the front of the Zodiac and peeked  over the conning tower to look at the hatch.  It made its w_ty back to the mothership  with Taylor standing on top to attach it to  the grappling hook. From there it was  raised on to the ship and rode on runners  inside.  As we parted companyTtheTandowrir  toward Britannia, and Art and I back to  Selma Park, Art radioed:  "Pandora 11, Pandora 11,  "Sechelt Rescue 11.  "Thank you kindly."  ��t-��-.^-    -r_i,l  W^~7  t^���^-*"-'-****''*-  * h?J^   -<���-*���> ~-?~ ,**> -  w.sJJftt  M  CARPETS    CARPETS    CARPETS    CARPETS  ;'.'{&$&  ���.y  ���*�������  m  ~> \  (R^-iT-'-1 ;"       Ut'       *."?����� '.7*3" ��� ;. 3  ���....  _ _. -_r-St* _-_*___  ���R.l  -__i>  W��*  J<>., <  m  __7 7*  K  **r  v;  ISl'V>,'V.7nK'i,-* '_u  ^.*WW<#��*!wt%i��,;> -  -"W03��  V .  a.  *J  <..$' \  . ���...,. i- "... **.-*._  ��� -"'������.���7'"|,*<-?-3fiSJW^-5��__  , *m*"4iTr,m  hpj^n^���:;_. ,���.��-miWi,  1if _7+h    ^  i,^^^XtJ^iM';:     : ,4i  H.^Kfil!  K**  gsear^rr:  -��� **"7*..'.:.���  ��� 'liym<��&*& v."1*  THE  HERON  CAFE  GIBSONS HARBOUR  HOURS: MON THRU SUN,  7:?0 AM-5'PM  Try our Homemade  Shepherd's Pie,  Welsh Rarebit or  Roast Beef  "SOMETHING DIFFERENT EACH DAY"  FULL FACILITIES  Peninsula Times  classifieds here  Christian Science  "I am come that they might have life,  and that they might have It more abundantly." (John 10:10).  Jesus proved life to deathless for all  time and for all people.  Mary Baker Eddy writ*, "����� U' tha  living Christ, the practical Truth, which  makes Jesus 'Ihe resurrection and the life'  to all who follow him In deed." (Science  and Health wtth Key to the Scriptures).  I)(mI\  Our Sale  Continues!  Come in  browse.  Bargains to be  found that you  cannot afford  to pass up.  KEN DEVRIES & SON  LTD.  Sunshine Coast Hwy.  i#owne ��_fin  SECHELT  m  885-3424  CARPETS    CARPETS    CARPETS    CARPETS /v  ;l;i.  The Peninsula Times  ���t^^di^i^ifi^?  imMilmm  GO DOWNHILL  ������- i^-^tf^afimmiiti..   Fitness. In >W-rhea_t>t)U know hV right.  UNIQUE  T?red and Ius7fcoat-eat-n& goat was  ;expeciehced7vJ)��   Desertecl77 Bay  students oh their recent visittp head  of Jervis Met.   7  Use'Times'Adbrlefs  Date Pad  May 16 & 17 ��� "Perinatal Exhibit" (last 4 months of pregnancy & 1st week  of life) sponsored by Coast Garibaldi Health Unit, Sunnycrest Mall.  May 16 ���Roberts Creek Community Association Monthly Meeting, 8 pm.  Hall.. ,     .  Family Library &'-~Storytlme, Wilson CreekCommunity Hall,"  May 16  11:30-1 am  May 17 ��� Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting, Wilson Creek Community Hall,  8:30 pm. For Info.call 885-2896 or 886-3394.  May 17 ��� Royal Canadian Legion Br 219/Roberts Creek, Bingo. Early Bird  7, Regular 8.  May 17 ��� Community television Ass'n Meeting, Rm 107, Elphinstone, 3:30  pm. Workers 81 Jdea^welcorne.T :  ,; .  May 18���CommuinltyLibrary, Wilson Creek Community Hall, 2-4 pm.  May 22 ��� Al Anon, St Aidan's, 8 pm.  May 22��� SC Arts Council Meeting, Sechelt Elem, Mr. Lizee's Rm, 7:30 pm.  Everyone welcome.  May 24 ��� CWL Rummage & Garage Sale, Holy Family Catholic Church, 11  am-2 pm.  June 3 ��� 2nd Annual Fantastic Flea Market & Craft fair, Gibsons Winter  Club, 10 am-4 pm. For stall rental call 886-9816 or 886-7712.  Through the end of May at Sunnycrest Mall "Airborne" ��� A History of  Flight, sponsored by the Elphinstone Pioneer Museum.  TIMBER DAYS May 20 & 21 ��� See ad elsewhere in paper for schedule.  USE THIS SPACE TO PROMOTE YOUR ORGANIZATIONS EVENTS  IT'S FREE. CALL 885-3231.  We managed while tlte jyeather was  okay to go and visit with a logger named  Fred. He lives at a deserted logging camp  near the head of Jervis Inlet (Huna-Chin).  His family are two big pigs, goats,  chickens, rabbits and a dog. He keeps  them just for pleasure.  Everyone was on a chase to catch  rabbits since he said we could keep  whatever ones we caught, but we had no  luck. His place was interesting and we  plan to see Wm'more often.  While we were at Fred's, Mr. Micky  Jay arid Mr. Eugene Turenno came up on  their troller "Garry Al".'   .'  They also gave us three salmon that we  barbequed on an open fire. We really liked  eating them.  On Wednesday, Mr. Clarence Joe,  Gilbert Joe, Rob Robson and Dave  Newland came, up for a surprise visit oh  Clarence's bo^^the "Hunsichin Princess"-  for a couple of hours.       * -  We did some landscaping around the  camp. We planted grass seeds and the  - bulbs from Joan Allan and ponnie Colbeck  will become flowers and plants to deeorate  the area a lot more.  On Thursday some ef us went out  fishing. Rob Graham Caught a red snapper  and I got too dogfish.  We had an easy week this time. We  would like to thank Roy Mills for changing  the times for travelling. And  congratulations to, the Nicholsons on the  birth of a baby boy.  Don't get caught by our spring showers.  Rain hats and hoods or scarves are always  available here. Many colours to brighten  your day. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  DEMONSTRATION  SAT., MAY 19,  WA^-rPMr  v  There is a 10% discount on  purchases over 5 gallons.  SPANTEX  the resilient, textured, self-  vulfcanizing rubber, seamless deck coating,  you ROLC-ON in two easy coats. No more  Trowelling, simply roll on two, coats of new  SPANTEX Texture-Tread for a'tough, resilient,  seamless waterproof deck tliat Will last  for years.  ��� SPANTEk Texture-Tread in 3 colours.  ��� SPANTEX Colour Coat available In  a choice of Custom Colours.  [SitofrOto*  Sechelt Building  Supplies Ltd.  885-2283 or  Vmcomrtr  Tol Free 682-0213  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts * Sales * Service  " Rotor Lalhor Service lor Disc Brakos  and Drum Brakes  ��� Volvo ond Soal Grinding  ��� All Makes Sorvlcod       Dalsun Specialist}  Olbtont  Phone 886-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt  885-5181  BLASTING  Ted's Blotting ft Contracting Ltd.  ALL WORK FUUV INSURED  * Basements * Driveways * Septic Tank*  Slumps * Ditch Lines  Coll lor a froo estimate anytime  013.2734     "Air Track Available"      0*33306  TEDDONLJY PENDER HARBOUR  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtm  BUILDINO SUPPLIES ^  A.C. RENTALS* BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  All Your Building Needs  Madeira Park Phone 883-2585  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  CHIMNEY SWEEPS  CONTRACTORS  ������-. ���fl��W|llp'B<Wi(B��W<-l-,il#V��'  BE  *$S-*��*4<i.***>'^-r*.V' ^*lft. 'I.  ttavi YourChimney Cleaned NtMrV  POR ALL CHIMNEYS * OIL STOVES  *   Call l��ee Christian  M3-��171  HANDYMAN, FINISHED CARPENTER,  CABINETMAKER, ROUGHING  WILL DO ANYTHING,-  CONSCIENTIOUSLY DONE  Newcomer, References  JOB WELL DONE  Albert - 885-3386  HAROLD PEARSON LANDCLEARING  * Roadt  * BASEMENTS  * Landicaplng  886-9580  RAYSTRUQHNO  Gravel * Fill * Dralnrock  SERVING PENDER HARBOUR  885-5260  M.W. TRANSPORT  ft BULLDOZING SERVICES  CLEARING ��� EXCAVATION ��� TRUCKINO  Complete Site Preparation  Murray Warman Helfmoon Bay  885-5648  J.B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  886-9031  Dump Truck ��� Backhoo ��� Cot  Woter. Sower. Dralnoge installation  Land Clearing  FREE ESTIMATES  Prion. 885-5392  JOHN DENHAM  Building ft Remodelling  CONTRACTORS (cont'd)  ALLAN CRANE ft DRAGLINE SERVICES  DRAGLINE OR CLAM BUCKET WORK  PILEDRIVINO "WHARF CONSTRUCTION  any beacfi or breakwater  |ob quoted on ��� free of charge  FROM THE LAND OR WATER  Lome Allan       936-9082 anytime  DISPOSAL SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTD.  Port Mellon to Ole's Cove  Tel: 886-2938 or 885-9973  * Commercial Containers Available  ELECTRICIANS  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  Electrical Contractor*  Residential & Commercial Wiring  Polo Line Installations  -- Electric Heating  885-2062  Ron Sim  Rick Sim  CB. CONTRACTORS  Complete Building Insulating  Interior** Exterior Fainting,  Roofing, Shakes  ft Apshalt Shingles  FREE ESTIMATES  885-9272  ELECTRICIANS (cont'd)  ROB HAGAR  Electrical Contracting  Eves: 886-9261 Dayt: 886-2756  FLOORING ���CABINETS  H   SSHWISW^B.!.^..���..������.������SS^SS.^.   ��� .1 S.S-.I-S.������������������ I -..III���,-������������.���-_���-���..��� ���������  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  Kitchen Cabinets  , ,   Specialists In Remodelling  886-9411  Showroom In Twilight Theatre, Gibsons  KENDeVRIESSSONLTD.  . LOORCOVERINOS  CARPETS ��� TILES ��� LINOLEUMS ��� DRAPES  OIBSONS t SECHELT  885-3424  SSSMSSSSSSSSSMSSSSSSSSlSSSSSpSSSMSSSSISSSSSSSSlSSSSSSiSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSiaiMsSSISSSSSSSI  HEATING  Box 1604, Sechelt, B.C.  SECHELT METAL PRODUCTS  LTD.  GENERAL SHEET METAL  Domestic, Commercial, Industrial heating  and Air conditioning.  885-2466.  LANDSCAPING  m���m*^Hmmm��~���Bm���mt���m*mmmwmmm���mmmim*m���mMmmmmmm���mmmimmmmmmmm���^  ' ^'"iraNd'spiaAL***"'  ROTTED MANURE from EAST DELTA  ALSO FINE BLACK TOPSOU.  PHONE 576-1870  im . ..<_.,, et  LANDSCAPING (cont'd)  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  and  GARDEN MAINTENANCE  For an over-blooming garden  fruit tree pruning  WILLIAM BORAGNO     Free Estimates  (Bango) 885-5033  SECHELT ORIENTAL LANDSCAPING  Landscaping * Pruning * Shaping  Willie Takahoshl  Call alter six 885-9890  PEST CONTROL  PIED PIPER COMPANY LTD.  BONDED PEST CONTROL SERVICES  call Paul M. Bulman at 434-6641  7061 Gllley Ave. Burnaby  REFRIGERATION  BILL ROBERTS  REFRIGERATION AND  AIR CONDITIONING   SALES* SERVICE"   To stores, ofllces, restaurants, A marine  GOV'T CERTIFIED TECHNICIAN  693-9461 6832648  RENTALS  A.C. RENTALS LTD.  TOOLS ft EQUIPMENT RENTALS  Scaffolding, Rock Drills, Power Tools,  Automotive Tools, Pumps, Generators,  and Compressors  Highway 101 883-2585  at Francis Peninsula Road  ROOFING  ROOFLAND ROOFING PRODUCTS  Your One-Stop  Roofing Supply Centre  B86-2489  TIRES  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coast Highway  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C.  886-2700  SALES t SERVICE  All Brands Available  Monday to Saturday, 0:30 om to 5:30 pm  Friday evening by appoinlmont only  COpDlMtfi'79  I1  Times' Directory _-__.,: __
Book Look
AMERICAN MALE by Florence King;
Steiq7& Day (M^raw-HiU Ryerton),
cl978. 204 pages, $12.95. ' -
'SALEM'S LOT by Stephen King, Signet
paperback, $2.25
"^"Stephen King Is no relation to Florence -
King tut the two books bear a relationship
in their bite. The former ai»«ior writes
about vampires, while the latter chooses
biting humour as her style. While Mr. King
deals in men who bite, Ms. King prefers to
bitermen.         ;
HE is not only "irreverent" 9s tlte title
so snidely identifies itsplf, but also
downright mean. Naai&le, stereotyped-or
otherwise escapes King's scrutiny. The
macho stomter who assumes all females
_fin(Lhim_ irresistible and the "liberated"
young househusband are objects of
ridicule. The old swinger and the nice-guy-
^uextaioor-falHo-her cuttingfwordsr^-^^
But, and even male readers must
.agree, there is nothing so healthy as"
laughing as oneself. The book is truly one
that should be read in private. The guffaws
and.giggles that are apt to escape are
decidedly ones that will drive onlookers to
stare or bedmatesto'takt^pjl^^pi-lows
1-rWsleeplnth7eden.Those who readTt will
hear themselves saying "of course", "how
true" and "exactly".
JLo Hi .„-„-
May5 9.0' 14.0    0.36
May7 7.0 ■ 14.5    0.08
May8 8.0    15.5     nil
May9 6.0    15.0     nil
MaylO' ..-   7-°    13.0    0.14
Mayll 7.0    16.0    0.05
Week's rainfall —0.84 cm. May to date
—3.49 cm. 1979 to date—43.32 cm.
May 5-11,1978-2.03 cm. May Ml, 1978
-2.11 cm. Jan.-May 11,1978 — 53.11 cm.
King's book puts all of those secret
foibles which you have often noted about
the male sex down in text. It is unkind, it is
nasty and it is. thoroughly, and riotiously
"and men who "can retain their sense of
humour, is HE. < . ; . 7
Stephen King brings an even bloodier tale '
of the macabre out in print. The story is set
in a small village much like those on our.
fair peninsula. The people there centre
their lives around each other and the
goings on within the boundaries of its self-
contented and self-contained confines. Mr.
King excells at seeing the ordinary as the
perfect backdrop on which to superimpose
his occult novels.
Ben Mears, author, comes to 'Salem's
tot where he had experienced as a child, a—
ghostly encounter. In the old Marsten
^fikmse on the hill there had4)eena-strange--=
murder-suicide. On a childish dare, he had
returned'trembling to the very hallway
leading t«i the room where the murderer
had hanged hinisglf. When he threw open
the door his young eyes had bugged at the
vision of the hanging Uaan..
Needing to settle after a personal
"tragedy, Ben decides torreturn to,'Salem's"
Lot. There he meets an attractive young
woman and.things go swimmingly/
Strangers rent the Marsten House and
-townspeople begin t^disappear.-Untimeiy—
deaths and tales of ghostly vampires are
whispered. In the usual King manner,
vampires or ghosts are not vanquished as
are those in old movies.
Ben and his friends mustdevise ways of~
fighting back at the encroaching vampire_
andh_s companyof Hool3^servM&lWien~
the whole town is under the control of the .
stranger on the hill, only Ben and a little
boy are left to search out the offenders and
do what must be done.
King describes the stench, the sight 4%
gore of it all to satiate evea the most
demanding occult ftp Readers are' in for
the bloodiest «f vampirical endings in
'Salem's l_ot.
Wednesday, May 16,1979
The Peninsula Times
Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department
Decorate your bicycles
for Timber
Saturday, May 19th
^—      10 am-2 pm
Dry Chemical fire extinguishers will be recharged FREE for residents
of the District.
Get out the crepe paper, pump up your
bicycle tires and get ready to roll 9:15 a.m.
Victoria Day, kids, because the Sechelt
RCMP are again judging the Decorated
Bike Contest during Timber Days.
There are -three-categories: for
children one-to-four-years-old;;_tiverta-
eight-years-old "and iuh^r6.12ryears:ordr
Constable Tom Hansen'and Special
Constable Carl Dixon will be awarding
trophies to first, second and third-place
winners inthe two-older agegroupsand
cheques for $10 and $5 to the fourth and
fifth-place winners in the same groups.'
Preschool, winners will receive
rosettes. Judging takes place in front of
the Indian Band office.Erit-y~f6rn__rha~ve
been distributed through local elementary
schools and are available from the Sechelt
RCMP detachment.
The RCMP prefetthe entry forms to be
handed in at the detachment before the
contest so they have some idea of the
number of children they will be dealing
Use Times'Adbriefs
•Expand Search and Rescue Facilities
•Process Canadian Resources in Canada.
• Control Prices^   — —	
•.Expand Employment
On May 22 Elert
Authorized by the Official Agent, Comox-Powell River
N.D.P., 1509 Cliffe Ave., Courtenay, B.C
• Cent/te
fat BiftfUftmiituf.
you'll even need.
queen size
*12°° ea.
Sunshlna CM, Hwy,
r- wMjpeoST--^, \_
TMnYMM rwtu
"mnm^if OU tmtbu .9mwmn_\"
* Loans
* Mortgages
* Best Saving Rates
Don't be sorry
years later.
SftT - WR - Comm-Dev
Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons
next to Dogwood
Cafe, Lowor
CDE & Browning CB
Auth. Decca Rad.ar Centre
Remember: "One
Call Does,
Sunnycrest Contro,
Sumhlno Coait
Highway, Olbioni
Como %
Soo Ui
ff\        BARBECUES.
'      »     COME ON INI
* Comploto lino of Appllancot.
* Barbecues
* Camping Equipment
Wharf Rd., Socholt
Noxt to Bui Dopot
For all your Cosmetic and
Fashion Jewelry Needs.
Hand, Nail a Footcare Available,
Make-up Application ft Facial dooming
for Appointment
885-3813       °r*>rs
'Specializing in Ladies &
Cuts & Styling,
Blow Drying. __
.    -J    Long, soft, wash & V-■     k
^-~h>        $ear tfSrfns.        <—x \
_\. Hair Care for theentire family >
Quality Redken, yhlrmack & Vldal Sassoon Products
Sec&dt beauty Sola*
Open Monday to Saturday
888-2818 Cowrie St.
1297 Surf Circle, SECHELT
(BERNIE) 885-5485
Come & see our SPANTEX Demonstration
Sat, May 19 10 am to 3 pm
Sechelt Building]
Supplle« Ltd.   j
m  4„__!.■»».I-1-1.1.t,___»_________l_tSi^  '■     '   "'■   "-'"        *     '     '-   ■<■■'.■■■?* 'tMmTmm!t~~m
HOljRSi 10 om-4i30 pm
\\   ;   I many more great
product! at everyday, prkei.
Worth Rd., Olbioni tU-iHf.
P.M. -j« .,■' tn..fj. 4. #jj*j#t«ip
Our Showroom Is Open
FRIftSAT lOftnvSpm
Madeira Pork- 883-2266
Madeira Park'883-9115
For All
Handicraft Needs
•Itartlng May 8 pailng
4.M pm [lot. only]
Soon Agent 683-2613
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•nd SMALL SHRUBS*svallsblo NOW*
1 7  !  woman  to lung meet  Mrs. Patricia Murphy of the Sunshine  Coast Christmas Seal Committee, will  attend the 1979 Annual Meeting of the  British Columbia Lung Association to be  held May 17 and 18 at tlie Sheraton Plaza.  500 Hotel in-Vancouver.    ,-T r  Delegates from around "the "province-  will be attending, and in addition to par-  '?**   ticlpating irt the business transactions they  ^ 3jj   will have the opportunity to hear progress  1      reports from the directors of several  research projects funded by Christmas  Seals  ih  British  Columbia. .Health  education   and   smoking   cessation  programs which are also an important  part of ihe Lung Association's work will be  discussed and reviewed.  Speakers at the meeting will include  Dr. Kam S. Tse, a Vancouver physician   acUv-dy-concerned-witii-asthma research,-^  Dr. W. Hulbert, an Electron Microscopist  working in the pulmonary research  l^bofato"iy^t="Str"Paul,-r -Hospiter^inr  Vancouver, and the Hon. Bob McLelland,  Minister of Health for the Province of  British Columbia.  PageD-4  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, May 16,1979  SHOWN HERE  are the Nine Com- of the Rings". Saul Zaentz produced  panions with Gollum as they ap- and Ralph Bakshi directed the pic-  peared in the film version of J.R.R. ture, which was written by-Chris  Tolkien's popular novels, "The Lord Conkling and Peter S: Beagle.  USED  BARGOONS!  So Many New Cars Have Gone  This Month, Our Used trades  Across the Street are OVERFLOWING!! I  For Timber Days,  60 Units Are Reduced to Clear.  ���RED HOT  TIMBER DAYS SPECIALS  on SPECIALLY MARKED  VEHIvL-LSy  MAY 16-MAY 23  First Come--First Served.  If You Ml-tad tha Last BARGOON SALE w�� had 3 WhIci Aflo, Tha  Prlco Will D* tha Sam* Thlt Tim* ��� MAYBE Evan Batter. Soma good  ��� Soma Not So Good...  SUNSHINE  GM  SS5-5131  Wharf & Dolphin St,  Sechelt  Free  Coff06  Buy Local  Buy Canadian  MDL 8792  ^  Clean Up Vow Act  Pitch-In  Walk it to me!  /vnmifliimn,  MS- ���(inrtolkiemr-  ���cne"  AUULZAEtrtzHtooutrncM i  A RAUtf BAKSHI tlLU  K 5. BUGLE  |-THErT]Xoi��H-POFTH_: RlNC"  ��nd-THETWOTQWER_n rfj R.R TOLKIEN  MdusM ftf SAUL ZAXNTZ  ou-ua by RALPH BAKSHI  DOE   MSMU mtn. wiuss  UW-CsmU-Iui.  M-MtSHMSSMS-flS  A8ss-��r Wests.  TO PARENTS:  MAY   ���  . FRIGHTEN  SOME  CHILDREN  HOLIDAY WEEKEND  LATENIGHTSHOWJUNDAY, MAY 20  PLEASE CALL FOR TIME  55~  JENNIFER & MAD HOUSE  HORROR SHOWS  THURS, MAY 17  ���ERI^-MAY 18   SAT, MAY 19  ^-SUNrMAT^-0  * .  all times 8:00 P.M.  THESE ARE THE ARMIES OF THE NIGHX  7   >   wm      ��� 9 ���v  FREQUENT VIOLENCE  &  COARSE LANGUAGE  Pronoun. Pictures Presents A Iftrenu Gordon Productaa *THE WWtfttORS*  EucutnerY)dunrffv*Mjr)hal Btsed Upon the Nnd ty Sol Yundi  Scrccryb. by Dwdggto wl Wttrrhfl Produced by jjarenceGorton  _��.  ^MONrMAY~21-  _TUES,_MAY.22  WED, MAY 23  all times 8:00 P.M.  Sunbeam  HOT DOG 7QC  or HAMBURGER BUNS    1 doL I %J  licks  Hot Dog,; Hamburger, Cubits      FA0  RELISH 12 oz        99  French's 4*AC  MUSTARD 24o-     09  \ 7 ��� '  Wylers Bonus Can  DRINK CRYSTALS $159  Bye the Sea  Chunk Light OAC  TUNA M o, 59  libby's  RED KIDNEY BEANSOQC  A*J   Ha   Vis _> .............. ^Br ^mW  TuPp  LUNCHEON MEAT $119  King Oscar OAC  SARDINES 35 oz     59  .1        ' ���'  libby's  BEANS WITH PORK 7QC  28fl.oz. .....Ill  W"rSfewl JMM  PEARS miiol *jO  V____Lf _MA sfWM  PEANUT BUTTER  ���l-l��..;;........';.::..r;..v.-....;  Nabob $948  COFFEE lfc.pkg.      fc  H��bob $039  TEA BAGS i25s 0  BATHROOM  TISSUE 4 roU  !B  Royale  PAPER TOWELS  Twin Pack   *l  JS__*^*     j��  *L______  '*tW*:\*emmemmF  S^S??*  to. r      . f * *   , <*  Black Diamond  CHEESE SUCES ie oz  .1  Imperial Soft  MARGARINE i  DRINK  CONCENTRATE io o,  89'  65  Bee Maid  HONEY Buckwheat 16 ol  $1  ;'5W'  * A_\&   ^ __ -���- ^.VA5S wlcflliP  '*.*,i' �� ,)��i'V yj&s-j ��V*i '��'���* '     "'���> v  W'^*' *^ - i^-_-__w  m.wHJ;~ *     -di-i_i_ki*  l"   *tt___l'___'  _0  ::���![ i^ ' <* :1 ��� 1  5s��XK&*; >'': k>l?t ;i;��S''sV'?  jwa^^siii^^'M  -"-.(.sssii.Wss i  ^^!P''l'^n^^^  WroMHMBKBto^' ,;,v .*_w_B_i  IWrM^UPW MtWMHHK*__Hr^lll        VMl*   Si    TmW  lm        v   i<  _"fe   _'"_7A*A��_������*���-_.   ILi "_   "'������,-  T1_ffi'*''__C__*w>^_-y'^^'^i_ll_y  . -r_T~,.-. ^~ rT-.    _,_J*pWi)��wK��sw-  Wail) [ Mm1 i,;  LIQUID DETERGENT OQC  24 01        09  Upton Chicken Noodle OAC  S0UP4*.        69  Nestles  MINI PUDDINGS    7Q0  3x5 01 Ill  Maxwell House  Instant Decaffeinated $C79  COFFEE 227g D  FOIL WRAP was..... JL  Ajtaier  VEGETABLE SOUP 07(  10 fl. OK.- ill  Good Host  ICED TEA MIX     $01  3Boi. gm  BHBBJI^^ M-mW maw     ^+\\\\\\W^ m  *,4S��  .'_7.l?__tW~mliWI   J'-iL-.'_i_"M-fH--f!f    ,MK'.E",Ll,L_Ji__1-!-'        ^S_ST  MmW-W-WAmW     ]^ ggtHtrnt**      JHV  ITHAIL BAY CBNTWI. SECHlLTl  Mny  17,  18,   19  PKr,,w. HO':.  OO'ir,  085 Vfl I?, Moot Dof. I.  Wf RtSfRVE "IHI. RIGHT TQ LIMII QUAN1ITU.S  \  1


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