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The Peninsula Times Dec 20, 1978

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 ���i r :      I.  ,7^~-'-'~'    \  -���{���  '     -I  ���I   ���  M��  ...   .   ;...,     \  <-*���        , V    -     !.  ���Ir  A  -   -' .-.     r.--y ,y.  x ���"���'     f" ":������'������ ������/���'"������  ". -���    ii  _..        i  X ������ ���(���:���   ���"������ '���'<  '*  ;                     m                 *  ���   : -   '.  ..  ���      ���  ��� -1  /.^   .   ^r.'..> ',...,*. ..--.J'*..,",...... fr, if...o.  ../*:,. .  ���7^   ,^.,..-Ji>��.v-_^  /  '>'  \  :?   -  PageA&  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, "December :8ffpl978  i  i  Until next year  Christinas is a traditional time of  cease, fire. ( V  A''time to hang up.sliplgs. and  arrows and love both thyvneighbour  and thy enemy. At Christmas opposing rugby teams, businesses and  even newspapers sit down together  vfor a cup of the festive spirits.  It's'also a time to help thoseT-in  need ��� to pick up that coll, wet  hitchhiker or visit a lonely friend.  Fifteen years ago, in the first  Christmas issue the Times published  editor Joan Donleyjurged readers to  or lonesome individual whose day you  could brighten by ah invitation to  share your table ahd your friendship?" ' \  ^The message still rings true in 1978  as-it will Christmases through the  ages.  Here's hoping you'll spend a happyt  Christmas, with friends and family"  and will enjoy a prosperous 1979.  - Until next year, the Times would  like to express special thanks to our  contributors, advertisers, readers  "Look about you before you sit dpwn   and to our critics. The very merriest  to your Yuletide feast. Is there a_lone _ of-Christriidsesto-you all   Reflections    ' St, '  Fo r I o ve of the s ea  By,Vern Giesbrecht -  - *Mjr love affair with the ocean began  long before my first glimpse of the Pacific,  even longer before my first flight over the  Atlantic. --1  It began with the poetry of Robert Frost  and Matthew Arnold and Lord Byron.   I rememtief being impressedLin high  " school,    with 'Frost's  .understated  description of the ocean's menace.  "The shattered water made a misty din.  Great waves looked over others coming in,  .And thought ,of doing something to the  shore        "   '_'  That water never did to land before."  'Arnold's "Dover Beach", though  fraught with'symbolism, can be appreciated simply as a vivid pictue of the  white cliffs of Dover glimmering in the  ~ moonlight above the tranquil sea. Arnold  depicts the rhythm of the ocean:  "Listen! ywOirarthe~gratingTo~ar~  Of pebbles which the waves,draw back,  and fling,  At their return, upon the high strand',  Begin, arid cease, and then again,-begin,  With tremulous cadence slow, and bring  The eternal note of sadness in." .  '   In "Childe Harold's Pilgrimage",  Byron celebrates the savage, implacable  mastery of the ocean, able to swallow up  man,  "When for a moment, like a drop of rain,  He sinks into thy depths with bubbling  groan . .���'���.."'������.'.���  My first trip to California expose^ me  to the woricjers of the open ocean; my  second taught me a lesson about the power  -of-the-sea,-^-^���., 2... ���:",:, ., ,_; . ���_  Determined to retrieve an errant  ^frisbee, I recklessly plungect into the surf  . at Carmel. Reaching the frisbee was no  problem but returning to shore was. My  limbs soon grew chilly on this March day  and the Wa'yes buffetted me roughly as I  inched to shore.,'  Thena buge wave slapped me on the.  back and cartwheeled me along the sand,  tumbling me over and over asJ held my  breath and protected my fac? from the  -    sand-flecked, foiling water. Finally  I  TThanks to voters  i ���   ���   ��� ��� ���  Editor, The Times:   .      '. ���'-,  ���   I woulc| like to giye my special thanks to  the'people Of Secholt who helped In "the  recent flection of the two aldermen on   ,  council !���_ .'�����*���.' ��� (,  i    Seasons greetings to all of you.        S  Biid Montgomery  Secholt.  popped to the surface, seyegalyards closer  to shore.  Still, it took more strenuous paddling  before J could stagger ashore, becausethe  water swooshing down the sloping!beach  Threw me^back^ust^as^seemedHoTSe-  making progress.  When  my   feet   gratefully -touched-  Txittom arid I began to walk in, a towering '  wave sent me sprawling, as if to reprove  me for my rashness,  Since then, my forays into the ocean"  have been cautious and respectful, but my  lotfe for the wild spectacle of the sea  remains undiminished. The Oregon Coast,  Long Beach, 44 miles o{ ocean On the West ���  Coast Trail, Laguna Beach,, and other  shores have given me hours and days of  intense pleasure.   MyJdvoriteoceanside-campingspotJs-  "atStanley Beach, on the West Coast Trail  between Tsusiat Falls and Clo-ose. The  - outstanding feature of the beach is a well-,  worn rock bluff which centuries of waves  have tried to batter into submission. The  ocean has opened crevices in the rock and,  when it's cornered in "a space too punyior *  its wanton energy, it spurts out through,a  bloyho_le,_gushing ih a" tower of foam as  - high as a house.  ' !.j About a dozen of us sat on the rocks one ���  summer night, watching the spectacle.  The ocean swell began far, away as a mild  ^^duiationbut'ti^^  and higher until they curled: oyer like a  ��� hydroplane-'s tail before smashing into the  rock? with sledgehammer blows. We coiild  -hear���the~water-boom-and-^sizzle-as-it-  shouldered its way through "narrow  chasms like a school bully in a" hallway.  , Then, it whistled up through the blowhole,  showering us with spray and forcing us to  flee.' ,(,.V.  '���:','��� It was easy to fall-asleep, listening to'  the  comforting  moan  of,' the   ocean,  ^knowing the rocks would "protect us from  the ocean's awful jpower.  It's been stormy on the beach at Davis  Bay lately. The saner has been washed  clean* though littered:;wnnFBsh logs as  "well. Three sea lions' frolic, off Mission  P'plnt, as I write this, and the wind skims  the spume off the tumbling waves. There's  no place I'd rather be.  READER'S RIGHT  r  Excuse-mer-yew  bumper's showing  -1\  VlQRCfc  Bri MARCIA POULTICE  :- The last word in Christmas gifts. Tliey  are advertising a $600 computer as a/gift'  for >our favorite school child. This piece Qf  equipment can be touch programmed by  him to video his entire education before his  teyes rather than through his head. It has a  friemory bank. As long as the electricity  holds up yourtchild will'be a genius. God  alone can help him in a blackout.  '    -It has been said many times that pets  resemble their people. Has anyone ever -  noticed that cars do too? Or if not people,  cars have an attitude conforming to thejjr  area.  "Mercedes, whatever their age or area,  glide slowly and gracefully along. They  never show unseemly haste, burn rubber,  try to pass when it's awkward or on a hill.  They don't run orange lights or cross over  the solid yellow line. They have nothing to  prove and they sure don't want any bumps  ^ or scratches from inferiors.  >    Now take a look at the driver. He is just  like his car. He has no specific area.  Datsuns and Toyotas are at war and  will kill anything trying to pass each other  -and anyone else.���?-"---   "Firebird" Pintos are gutog ho! Par-  , ticularly the ones that haven't been spayed  (the recalls). They are showing everyyone  how daring and gutsy they are. They are  aware that they will never be rear-ended  and will always be given a wide berth.  Everyone's scared of Pintos. They are  frequently seen at Halfmoon Bay and  Porpoise Bay. They kind of Hug the water.  Then you can watch-the enormous  suburban station-wagons filled with fruit,  groceries and glowing children. These are  often Pontiacs and can be seen helping  someone else". They run a regular duty  route to the ferries delivering and picking  up earless strays. Thgy take -old people  and puppiesv~out and~de]iveF firewood toT  maiden ladies. These cars are often seen  parked in front of churches and hospitals.  Trucks are all philosophical and good  natured but really, in their hearts, they  wish the rest of us would get off the damn  road so that they could get on with the  job. Giant trucks are even gentler. They  They-lurch -up - the-highway- towards-  Madeira Park gasping, wheezing  and  cussing over each kilometer, swaying and '  rump sprung with every curve; white  knucklers all the way. Their indoor bookcases are packed,with Erika Jong novels.  Then there are'Roberts Creek^ehicles.  Morigrels mostly and charming all. Some  are mythology, greats . . . front grill  rescued from a defunct '48 Buick ....  midsection a half-ton '54 Chev pickup and  the rear.a small single-cottage with  strange greenery. Often seen holding  several children, la_rge dog, goat and hot  food for someone else. Creek cars are  mouse-trapped so no one ever steals from  them. If a would-be thief is not trapped he  will be stripped by the goat and arrested  for indeeent exposure . . . but not in  Roberts Creek.  Cars in Gibsons vary in all but one'  thing. They have no keys. Those chaps are  so used to hot wiring they, do it without  thinking. They just don't ramiprkeys and  they never steal... fromiiraother.  "West Sechelt cars are more careful and  __well,_sort _of ibi$nal,jfjhat's what you  want to call it. You will ofteiksee a clean,  tidy car in West Sechelt, al  locked and bolted. They worry  surance there arid never  hikers. �����  There are a few peninsula Cadillacs for  those still getting splinters on the ladder  ���rip and odd Lincoln Continental for those  getting splinters on the ladder down.  These are kept locked, padlocked and  preferably right off the streets... indoors.  "And then, my dears, ther is MY AUTO  which loaded with bravado ventures froxn  ghetto to Mansion with serene aplomb; It  is painted asphalt gray to maintain my low  profile and to foil helicopter road wat  abov  ��k up.  well  in-  itch  \  move politely to the side when they can  ^-ahd.are so ashamed.when they can't.  Trailers, campers and mobile homes  towing bikes, boats and small cars are  jiwful._-They-^waddle-and-sway-like panic"  stricken pregnant rhinos in a brush fire.  *chers. I pick up all hitch hikers and never  lock my car. For protection I carry along  my old green >sweater which would  knocked off a wftd buffalo at 40 paces. No  one steals from a mobile garbage dump.  ,- Ah, but with 1979 leaping at us, the real  Queen of the road here or anywhere, The  Garbo and Dietrich of this or any other  road is, and always will be the 1955 Mark  Vlf Jaguar saloon.. vAh... The halcyon  daysjra wine and roses and purple indoor  ^dSSirUghts^^^^^ i__ .   HAPPY, HOLIDAYS TO ALL . . with  love from Marcia.  "   I       " "  ~<v.  Chamber protests school board move  The following is a copy of a letter  /presented to School District No. 46 trustees  at a regular board meeting December 13.  The letter was received by trustees but the  ; protest was not discussed at that time.  Dear Trustees:  Your recent announcement of the plan  to relocate the School Board offices in the  -Sechelt-area-has-come to-us-as-bbth-a-  shock and a surprise. V^e ��feel that the;  ��� decision ,to mpve the offices should be tied  toboth the present criteria and the future  criteria. That is to tyase<tiie School Boand  the area where the.  exists and will exist  school  in the,  offices in  k population  'future. .";."-    ,     " ,��� '   v p  There is no doubt that population  growth will form ne#r industry and the  potential for Howe Sound tQ draw industry  is incredible. *L & K Lumber Ltd., hrifj  committed trmbvinglfei opefatibhs with  ��� up to 150 employees, to Gibsons and they  will act as- a magnet to��other industries  which like LHi K require a deep sea port,  something only Howe Sound can offer.  According tp managiement, 70 per cent of  the L & K employees are expected to be  with families and .thereby increasing the  school enrollment. k.  answers  ���\;  8  :\  Dear Ned,      ,  Ned ^chwnrtz,wo;lovo youl You' may  be only four and one-half Inches tall, but  you; really know what's - happening! Wo  Ju��iwaift to reassure yoilfthnt Punk is also  nllvo and well horo in Rockln' Roberts  Editor, The Times:       "  Your news item and editorial of 13th  pocembor poses a question and  statements requiring a reply, may Palso  mention that Dir. Lee was nominated for  the Chair by Director Marshall, and Vice  Ghalrtyan by Director Harrison, not as  stated; '  ������ , : ,'���'',.", ,,'���'  Wb^ didn't kco get elcc^d ��� simply  my prqpnr��)<l, statement "Rife with  statistics" follows tho pattern, of, your  editorial idol Sir Winston Churchill who  without a prepared qcrlpt". This script sot  out very clearly what eachi'nsplropt had to  C,rcok and to prove tt^wo n^houricti,'tlw'-^Qfito,^^ ox>  formation.Of the Roberta Creek chapter porJCnco ln control and and management  ond hoaqqunrtors of thoWpd Schwartz Fan for "44 years, pnd on the other hand an  Club. Wo welcome'nqw (members who can   Academic, propounding the vdry laudablo  have the provisional budgot in their, hands'  in, time to seasibly study It before giving.  even provisional approval, eight months"  later Lee got" the right Inscribed in,to Bylaw No. 1, Almond ptijl protesting. Lee  fought for full disclosure of tho $2,300,000  Recreational Boondoggle, Almond  protesting, and .much more.  I had blueprinted ri 1970, Boprd of  "Facta,non Verba". Jt was elected by the  people of Area "C" with a very substantial  majority, a clearly voted mandate, to  The Sunshine Coast Regional District  , has recently commissioned a $30,000 study -  ���* of-,��g~onomic  development "withai >the  Regional "District with a report due. in six  -months. Without the tesultsof this study it'"  seems illogical to make a iBajor decision  on centrally locating the school fcoard  offices; in that central location should not  be considered only in terms jjfGeggraphy^  The resuiteofthe economic study should  provide, some current information \yith  regard to which direction the Sunshine  Coast is going.     ;     ( ;  "^TVside" from md^i^GiBsfeliffEufal"  harbour is a large.draw anjl stimulant to  growth in the area. The marina will not  only provide a pleasure boating facility,  but moorings for commercial fishing  boats, and with the boats come "the  fishermen and their families. Con^itructlbn  of-the marina itself will again bring  workers, and their families."  ,b!c. Tel has indicated, that Sechelt is  the growing area as there are 17 mfrre,  business phones (and therefore more jobs)'  in the 885 exchange than in the 886 ex-  changej They neglect to mention that 884-  5223 is the business,phone for some 400  employees at the Canadian Forest  Products Mill atTort Mellon. Also B.C. Tel  projected biislness phones for the Sechelt  and Gibsons area for 1977; the Sechelt  -area fell short of the projection while  Gibsons was oyer. ;        ,  ���' In tlio reports on school population, it  hap been stated that there are 125Q  students fromRoberts Creek to Pender  Harbour and 1250 students South of  ���Roberts Creek. However, In tnat Roberts  the School Board. In that both agencies are  supported by tax dollars the Village has  tried to co-ordinate with the School Board  to.'cut'costs wherever possible. At this time  the" School Board is paying only token  rent for their facilities as leased from the  Village of Gibsons. And for the future, the  Village has offered to provide the property  at no?cqst to. the School District. The site  has 4jeeh laid out and prepared for the  proposed 5,400 square foot building, the  Village : has offered. to help with the  development of the site, and work with the  needs\of the School Board in any way  possible.        .*������-*_ - m,   ���  The Gibsons and District Chamber of  - Commerce feels strongly that the decision  to move the School Board Offices should be  reconsidered and in any event be postponed pending the report of .the Regional  Economic Development Committee.  JoiiMcRae  President, Gibsons arid District  Chamber of Commerce!  is  Small talk  sma  By Ned Schwartz  ���Twas the'night before Christmas, when  all up the Coast -  Not a person was moving,(the pubs were  all closed). ..'���'���       z17' '   '  The merchants had bolted their, doorways  with care, ,.  And hoped tliat-the. vandals would yisit  elsewhere.  The scavengrs tied up their booms to the  shore,    , -'.  While, the mill had shut down at a quarter,  to four;''   i   . ��� ' ���    ;���,,'.     /'.',���  And mum in her nightgown, and I in my.  'sho.rts,-     .'"'.,.,��� ������''��� ���;. ;^ ���������  Had turned off tho tube and doctored our  warts, ������'.���,"���'  When out by ihe road there arose such a  Creok is; equidistant from Sechelt and,: ferment,        ' '  ,'    '  Gibsons, why ls tho Roberts Creek school. I (knew tliat it must be tho Highways  population accredited to Secholt? If wo   Department.  send In 60 conte and'a sclf-addrcssdid envelope and receive an autographed photo  \of,.'ty(rJwro. ,2,.,.., .'.���,,;������������-.������    " ;���;���  Keep It uj); Ned -*- in fact, wo scream:  ' louder, foHlfob wo^oll Xj   .*'.,��� '     >,<'. v'TlroPuriklps  1    Robo'rtB Crook.  philosophy of good public relations arid bo  nlco to your follow director. "Shades of  ���pjE.-ltuttonu"!' " ")r "���*: ��� ������  lyiy posltlon^wos nnd t& Uiat whon tho  Roglonal Board starts producing, things of  major practical valuo te tho public It will  Ins getting all tho good public relations It  can httndie. . 7  m      |-|����� �����. dr. i T)lr,1 Almond who donplto his "give  lHE ITE!NINSULA Unteb   mmoonUm a ctonco" ivas In fact run-'  .tovonlng, whorj hodlacovolx^ltlip questions  closo oyo on expenditures" and "not jfllri a  Coastal Coso Nostro however, comfortable  lt ^nay ttpplcnrV that was my pflntcd and  stated, program and that Jq whot I have  boon doing/and wfiat I Intend to continue  to dortl)ls ttoosn't mako mo popular with  Sonus Directors. I mado my promise to tho  Pooi)16 of Area "C" and api keeping It.  Color I-bo ^Flamboyarit'' if you will,  but don't color him stupid or timid In  pursuit of tho! public Interest^ ho remains  complotoly uhoboshod, and damned proud  of tho peoplo who elected him In tho first,  place and loft him nlono to do his job.  As the now chairman of the Flrinnco  Committee ho Intends to cxnmlno ovory  cont going out of the peoples bank account,  -wlthout-fearor-frivoitrrlnfiludlng"iffovdrnl  now areas, and soriio old usages, and If  .exclude Roberta Creek (as it is central  between Gibsons and Secholt, the RCMP  consider Flume Road ns the boundary)  and tako a look at theAsaoasmont Taxable  f6r School Purposestlgures wo find that  Gibsons, Area E and Aroa F, account for  ^43i848j391;00, while Sechelt; AreaArArea  B, and Area C account for only  $37,409,084.00:  s     In light of this why ls Uio school board  , movln��SteoHlcf)3?Jt lias been said that it  will provI3?E;l088 Wavelllhg time for tho  trustees since 6 of 7 llvo closer to Secholt  -I rah for tho front door to yell at tho bum,  Tripped over the dog and spilled all of my  rum. '''."';    .  p/.pjn  Tho rain fell in buckets as I took that dlvd,  Tho salmon wore spawning right up ori tho  drive,  When What should my* Wcflry eyes perceive then  But n big wooden raft and felght Arguing  mon. .'        ...... V ... (. '��� ���'  When opo of them yelled, "This'IS'too  much to afford,"  I know thnt lt must bo Uio Regional Board.  than Gibsons,^and wUIlt be Uie^amo nftor   Mueh slower than ferries, decisions were  oyery election time Immemorial? It la   made       $>       '      *    '  Important also,to remember that considerable upheaval will occur in a movo of  nearly 14' mllos. Staff relocation mtty  prpvo untonnblo and tho subsequent  retraining of tho staff can only moan a loss  of productivity. Tho ro-orlentlng of occasional ,usors of tho ��chool Board  facilities may prove to bo a hardship for  some (lo. Uio offices liave moved 14 mllos  HWftffis opposed to /iffinrid'thOornor).  7XAX  ���'WfT,"  ,L,  :,*��  Ai,,,  'iihllsliwl WcdiiuHdnyN��(JJcelioit-;,.  Ntivoning, whoi^ hodiscovor^l tho questions   now areas, and sortie old usages, and If   Thoro should also bo'some consideration ..^t  The f'onlhsuinTiincN -  ;     " ' boynnco (GorfeOrtusiy colored) /comp 111   public tmm wlloro hti'wlll put up onm\iV  As Uioy pushed and thoy pulled so In ono  pinco'tjjioy stayed. M  Now Harry, Now Ed ond then Joe nnd thon  Charlos, .' \f 7  Tho   darkness  was   filled   with  tholr  shouting and quarrels.      ���  "ix)t'fl flro all tho.Btaff ond then,turn off  the water," '.',*''  Somo cried Uiut wo oughtn't and some Uiat  "^'ougfi'tr6'r,'r'''*',"'"'',!':''   tugnln Uw strait  inkling.   .���'[''  "It's Santa," I said, "he's coming, thank  goodness,  The only one I know to sort.put this  rudeness."  But Ed Nicholson smirked, "Is your head  only bone?  That ringing your're hearing is simply  your phone." '  ��Well I answered, wondering who'd call at ���.  this hour, ,   And was starlled to find it was someone in  power. 'I  ' , ��� " ���  '!Schwartz," said the caller, "this here is  the minister,"  And the way that ho��suld It sure sounded  sinister.  I couJd���tell ho was smiling, ho spnrided  quite merry,   ' . ;j "^  But hlfl politics, Ird hoard, were dreadtuHy',  dreary., y ,'\  Electlori day pending, he'd got a now  posting, *       '       '  And, shortly thoreoftcr wos heard to bo  boasting,... ,.     '      .  He'^j putroglonnl districts all under tho  leaving evoryono cvorywhoro sleeping  \Vlth Socred.     '  ' '  Ho had a tan face In |;hej,middle of winter  And a smugness Uiat nothUig but nothing  could splinter.  SO smooth and, good-looking, hisHwords  dripped of honey,       . ������,,.,,  As he told the poor pcoplo Uiey had too  muohmorioyi  Ho said, "Merry Christmas," 'then,'  "Listen, Nted,  I've hoard vou think small; that's how wo  got ahead.'1 \  Woll, at that very minute tho'board took a  vote,  i,  '     '       ,1      ��� %   .......  And surprtalngly struck a harmonious  note,  C  Ml>     \,  i\A\ \   \    i   V  ...���."c'^v^'^H-'^  loi' W��sl|)i��d 1'ubllunUoiit.l.Ul  .��������, Jil JJCfciiull, U.C. ���,,  Ho^.tlO ���Sceholl, ll,C.  ,. .      VON'MO  ,   ,l��lH)i^t|8,5.323r ,  during' iho tlmo of construction,, Con-  .-.,!-      -   >,      i   ..j       ������; t-t�� ��� - "-.i r,~..M..T��.   fllddi'atlori muflt iilflO bo"glvon to the"tle-ln  ir(��n bucii, o monumontai nonAacmever.   upland that Koc��l��doubler-w"*'��^^^  IIte���whlnln8,about wUe being,,��  thliUM.   nnmnlntelv   l��nnr��H, thri   hnRlh     ^UnUluur^ .��� .M,��^ ,���,, .������, n...     ��W WOnder Who la to bonoflt,'thO taxpoyor  'or Uio trustees?  Thoy quickly got nowhere as hard as thoy  all tried. ,  S^iip to my porch tho lorof them tnindiedr  ""���'"',""" * "Despltoall of oiir liasslcL wo'iro In tills     "''  will stand still; in ��   tbttcther��fI ; v   x)     '.  r "���  X..".  .,.,.,:,'--i<r:r"V,-;"n,;  como  change In the weather,  Arm^ln oribjcft ol'nM (an unriglonal  llg^t),~*,^*"**"*"'^^T"~'~"  ...: *���.  things, completely Ignores' tho basic  promlso that to bo agalwit something ond  linti to bo for somothlng olso. Foroxumplo,  1*00 fought for the/right for.dlroctors to  probability of, on exciting and productive  Now Year on tho Reglon��(l Board,  "  ,������ . .,���. .��� ' ...v..���'���,'���... i.,:,: 'Charleslice;  ' '<���'' .'���::������        ���.   Director Aron "C��r  In thopast the Vlllago of Gibsons Iibb  Worked, hard to accommodate the nbeds of  AffSTnwny, l'hoard%a small   AN^ TO ffi-A ��OO0 NIGHTI"  Unkllng,  A  '"���r-V(~~���  rTnm--*��|,  '/  /      '  ��������v  tit* *��wi^i��^ii!*i?<s'Spt"fc  .'!���  /;  /dollcato' sourid, but It vgavo mo on  r'l  I)1  i*^��**f **w����**��it+.inw^   i * y  'rS  r  /'  y  "S,  s m ^n��^M.p��r,i|^%^.,^,��t^i?s^,i^.����?^^  , Nwf flchwnrtx, apumpkin fnrmcr,��tS 4V<  inches toll nnd Hv��h In Roberta ,prqek'��  '���''**��� -it- <,������;   .. ��������    ' ,   .;  ���).  !*^/*M*��(i''SSi^^r(ft��tS��W*��,��^to-'��*  'pf  ^��1tl"'  ,A���,  M  ^f.,uHffflW^ua.��ft'ft*,->  :n.\  \!   L  ly  \        <m\"J*.lt\m  fir " ,'...- a      .  .: IT  .- t  '    -������   ������;�����������������  \   '  \y  fp;-"-.  -1T'V  ->"'  2%  ���s    '  <  A  /  ' nH  ��� ������   -A^'i  I- *  PRAWNS  FOR SALE  883-9604  883-2038  $1.75 a lb.  ffe  oi*!  .GAMES Vs���-^'  NOVELTIES  PLUSH  DOLLS  ���TONKA TRUCKS  NYLINT TRUCKS  ELECTRIC  TRAINS  AFX ROAD���-  Sechelt  The annual meeting and Christmas  luncheon of the Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary  was.held on December 6 at the Golf Club  with 57 members and two visitors present.  Billie Steele, president, welcomed the  members, former membr JEiene Lawrence,  and the two visitors, Betty Wood and  Eleanor Thompson.  Reports were received from the  Quiet week  on peninsula  GIBSONS *   -     ���.  The RCMP detachment in Gibsons  . reports a quietweek with only twb-minor  thefts reporte3r^A~quantity- of lumber  described as 100 pieces of 2 x 6 fir studs 6  feet long was reported stolen from the rear  of Shannon'Industries December 11; The  following day, a wallet containing Identification and $7 was reported stolen from  the Sunnycrest Plaza.  SECHELT "  A theft from Chatelech Secondary  School was reported December 12. The  . .culprits stole 15 pairs��of athletic socks, 1  pair of blue shorts, a:.��8 calibre, starting  pistoland 2 boxes of blanks from teachers  offices adjacent to the gym. '  The goods are worth $130 and Sefctielf  RCMP ask anyone with any information as  to the whereabouts of the merchandise to  contact their office. ^.'   ��� .  ,  A great "Thank You" to all for'  I your very kind patronage duringl978. ��  : Please accept our very Best.Wishes  : for the New Year, may it bring Peace  F.to the World and Contentment for all  [of you.   .  Have a Very Enjoyable Holiday-  I'Season.       :      " JT^  Wednesday, December 2"  Committee Chainrian and showed that the  past ^ear had been very ,busy and  productive and that 1979 promised to be  even better.  . Thursday, December 21 at 11 -.45 a.m. in  the Mall will be the time and the place of  thedrawings of the Christmas Hamper.  Plan to be there and you could be the lucky  one who carries-home all that good food..  Ada Dawe reported that our present  bursary recipient,, Lisa Graham, is the  twelfth student this auxiliary has aided.  The president gaVe her report on the  auxiliary's service for the Hospital in 1978.  - As our.hospital grows so does the need for  more volunteer help and she was pleased  'to report that the members were  responding to the call. She extended her  personal-thanks-to-alLwlio helped-make-  1978 such a successful year in- the  auxiliary.  The new slate of officers was presented  to the meeting by Ada Dawe. Past-  president Billie Steele; President, Chris  Ward; Vice .President,. Eileen Smith;  Executive Member, Mary Pelatt;  Secretary, Jeanne Lear; Treasurer, Mary  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  Seryoirn&fyear  This is the last issue of the Peninsula  Times until the new year.  The office will be .closed until  December 27. when it will re-open to  take ads and news copy for the January  3 edition of the Times.  RACING SETS  KIDS FURNITURE v  .MODELS-large    T  , & small ���'������     j"  HOCKEY GAMES  ���RADIO-CONTROL *  LED VANS  From all of us here at Miss Bees-  ���  fSechelt.    "- .   -  ���DOODLE ART  ."PLAYSCHOOL"  ."ROMPER  ROOM"^  .NERF"  f  J. Got the-blues?-  Want to get away from  Wall?  Take a walk! (TP  Yr ^|  Fund raising  plans firm  The_BuildingCommittee for-Sunshine  _CoastArts_Ceritre-i'Special-Effects-*have  finalized activities for" fund raising this  season.  dThe gigantic plant sale, The Sketch  Club" Art Show and "Variety Night" in  Gibsons raised a total of $922.56*  We wish to express our gratitude to all  those who participated in making these  _eyentslsuccessful ' , .   Bannerman; Publicity, Kay Purdy.  The president introduced the Chairman  of the Hospital Board, WarrerTMcKibbon,  who then conducted the Candle Light  Service-during which the in-coming officers, wete installed.  Chris Ward presented Billie Steele with  the Past-president's pin and told of the,  years that Billie had given to the auxiliary v  and the hospital. The members gave Billie  a well deserved ovation. _  Thanks were extended to the ladiesybf  t^e Golf Club for the most enjoyable  luncheon.  ��� Next meeting will, be held orrTfiursday,  January 11,1979 atf2 p.m. in St. Hilda's  Hall. Make it your New Year's resolution  to be there.       - V       'J   Merry Christmas aid Happy-New Year  to yqu all. VT"~'  Irvines Landing  wharf in danger  People at Irvines Landing want their  government wharf left as is but spending   _ ^ ^  ^cutbaiiks^by^ie^federal-fisheries-depaiir���"jjj"-*"  ment may see the two floats removed ap&   |f  the rest leased to private interests.  -  About 40 people, attended a meeting in  the community last week and told. Stan  Wallace, official from the SmaU Craft  Harbors Branch of Fisheries that they  didn't want to lose the facility.  The government spent $6,000 on repair  and maintenance of the wharf in the past  year.  Wallace said the government wanted to  " move the floats to other government  wharfs within Pender Harbour and gave  as a reason for Uie "inconvenience" that  their department was trying to juggle a  limited-budget.��� *  ������Wallace���said���the���meeting���was���a  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235 EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Bus: 885-9244  Res: 885-2686  .Gft/ty (jWiistmas wd  From the Management & Staff of  THE VILLAGE RESTAURANT  *--.  Closed Dec. ��2 - Open after the New Year-���  i- i  Mr. G. Floros is leaving in December to  vacation in Greece for 3 weeks - BUT  WATCH - YOU WILL BE SURPRISED  SJR^SUft**? AFTER THE NEW KEAR �����  paRTicipacnont��� c  Walk a-Wock.Today.  ~Wf~  RECORDS  &TAPES  v/-*�� 'tti'ryt*\r  ���  i "MECCANO"      y  *uiimW77 2-X22'A:t  "BILLING jr  BOATS"    .7:7 X  SHOfiUM [  WARRIORS  ���ETC. ETC. AND ETC.!  Merry Christmas  To All Our    ���.'*.  Customers and Friends  Save time and riioriey ordering the records and tapes you want. Pop?country, folk, specialty -. "current" hits and  golden oldies. Special discounts all  labels, satisfaction and safe delivery  positively guaranteed. Send 25c mailing for rush /copy latest catalog.  Supersound, Box 5227-SY Vancouver  B.C.V6B4&3.      -  On t)ecembejr 7 a meeting in Murray's  Studio with Rita Sober, Joy Graham,  Margaret Jones, Ola Arnold, Kay Cole,  Barbara Gough, Charles and Alice Murray  formulated plans for events to be held next|  season. Those being: April, 14, a carnival  or plant sale, June 19 a Trail of Quarters,  and a garage sale at the Arts Cehtre on  Timber Days weekend.        ~   ;  Many donations of materials" and  volunteer labor'; doors, -windows, pliim-  bing, cartage, a, stove, glass, backhoe  work'<and* time are being given/ and  greatly"appreciated Jay the committee. '  If you have any riew or.used building  materials to donate we would appreciated  preliminary one to see what options there"  were for the future of the4vharf. But he  said it was no longer economically feasible  for the government to continue operating  the wharf at its present level.  Commercial' fishermen who use .the  wharf told Wallace it should not-only be  left but-alsoilpgraded-and. expanded-with-  possibly a derrick added for net loading.  Qther residents Said docking facilities  vvere already overcrowded and it would be  detrimental to the community to lose the  wharf.  Wallace~explained "that usage of  wharyes under the Small Craft Harbors  Branch were determined by home port on  commercial fishing licences, where fish  are being sold, and visual counts by harbor  managers.  r    Present plaps by Wallace's^ department  are to mweJ^iloatltoieitherLQarden Bay:  or Madeira Paii^&hd leave! one at Irviffes  Landing.    *       ".        y-fX r ___ Tj.''   JflfLJflanjkaLlfiegional director for   Area A,^ saidi after the .njteeting that hev~^  would  be  making  a   "strong  recom-  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  SOUND  Sunnycrest Centre.  Gibsons  886-9111  w  MMa  WEnzma   ������  VISA  " Across from SuperValu        , I  Sunnycrost Contro, Gibsons    < *  Attend  the Church  A'Ak.Q,tk       --'  your choice  ���f"*1  UNITED CHURCH  s , , X      ���    i . i  \        > ���   ; ,    _ i / ,  9:30 a.m.���St. John's. Wilson Creek  #11:15 a.m.~Gibs6ris;  hearing from you or income tax deductible  cash donations may be mailed to ttie Trust  Fund, PO Box 1753 at Sechelt, B.C. Or'   mendation" to the December 21 meeting of  -phone-Alice Murray4854662 or-OlaArnold���the Tegionalboaifd to keep^the wharf as it  He iriclicated Wallace didn't understand  the:'nature of'the usageof thewharfs,  885-9219.  -^���z  1      .1       RIGHT DOWN THE LINE....       Gerry Rafferty  <3-   '2      HOW MUCH I FEEL-WU Ambrosia   ;_"  '3i ~jWH^NfeV��feifc^U^bU FRIEND-^rr77:7-r.7. rn r.-.. ^. Kenny Logging 'X7  ^TWfeKWa&tg^f^'., AkA^,^. '. J?!}'..' ..A. ��� Al'St^wirt" ���'*  n.     5'^'AAni^'."-r,y^y���Vt,... Xi^A'AZu. k   ...' ,...'.'.. .Billy Joel ��� ''  1&% 6 . " YOU DON'T BRING'MrjrLOWERS^ ..'.' Diamond/Streisand  r 6 ' .: ^^-JDbMXWANIIQiiyE WITHOUT IT *...... .7  Pablo Cruise  STRAIGHT ON ���  heart  .DOUBLE VISION ......'... AT '...'.--i , Foreigner.-^  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service~and~Sund ay ���SchooJ~each~Sunday  at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday Evenings 7:30.]  A-.��11 in St. Johft's United Church,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157, 886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T.Nicholson, Pastor  -TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat. cvcNat St, Mary's, Gibsons  8:30 a.m. Our Lady_qf Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indima Reserve      '       '  10:00 a.m. atTheHoly Family Church in  Sechelt.  '��� s ^ '    1 I i  12 nOon at St, Mary's Church liv Gibsons  ' "Tugboatmen apd log .salyagprs are^  stojppui|Tinr(^eVery hour of the^day arid1^  night* He doesn't see the transient use of  it," Harrison explained. v  He said many people depend on the  wharf for business and if it was not kept,  about 40 or 50 people lit the community  would be adversely affected.    . j  He said that last year the department  dumped the Hasseri Store wharf on the'  Francis Peninsula side.    .  But as for Irvines Landing's wharf he,  said it does not make sense they would  want to do away with it now.  "They'ye done all that work ori It and  they might as well leave the two floats andj  make use of the thing," Harrison added.  , 7  10  11  A   5,'  -. ^  A 8  ~.';V5���  8  9  10  ^1-  \%  13  ���14  ���7\%  STRANGE.WAY. 7..X77. .'.'..., .Firefal  MacARWURPMK~^A7y^' ��������� ��� ��� >���'������������ ��� XX. ���,.,'. ���.-. ���-. .-^Donno^^mer,-  s w; \\  ���^  t'*,-r:.i.7p.i6  ���MlAJl  tl 18  20 .19'  12i 20  -23-21  24    22  ;J<l5SYOU;(AirJO,ver  rrimtkk'7:7777:7k A:... y  I JUST WANNA STOP ....  I WILL PLAY A RHAPSODY  ',',ALIVE AGAIN  \'  iiRicOMEStHENlGHT '.  TdOiMUCH HEA^|I<I .'. A:-.  NEYfRBE'TtfESAMB'.   BEAST OF BURDEN ...  PROMISES ..,.i............  WE'VE GOT TONIGHT ,......     .'  28 23      SHARING THE NIGHT TOGETHER  29 24      ILOVETHENIGIjfLIFE .   14    25      ROUND ROUND WE GO ....,....,  22    26      READY TO TAKE.A CHANCE  ...,  -    27      HOLD THE LINE.,..,   ;,:1*',' 28 f   SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN  26    29'   BACK IN THE U.S.A. !,!....  -    30      DONT THROW IT ALL AWAY ..,,  .Exile  .,,.;. .Steely Dan  . .Gino Vannelli  .Burton Cummings  .Chlc'ogo  ..;.. Nick Gilder   Bee Gees   Chilliwack  , .RollingStones  .-mEric Clapton  ,     .., Bob Seger   , .Dr. Hook  ,. .Alicia Bridges  ,;.,.,,, .Trooper  ,'. Barry Manllow  , Toto  . ..... .Billy Joel  Linda   Ronstadt   j^ndyGIbb  *^^<^^*^<^��^��^^<^��l^<^W^>^  >��.  "GIFT  CHECKLISTS  GARDEN BAY  MARINE  Sinclair Bay Road  JpstupA over the hill  VCtfVO/PENJA * CHRYSLER  HOURSTON GLASCRAR  EZLOAD-MERCRUISER  Immediate Repair Service���7 days a week  883-2602  ���-���-���-.-.:���,.    ;-,������ y.. .^,, ,',  or  x��,7^7���,yy7i. 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Of   course Ferla Packer, Jolene Malnarik"  there's a Santa but not at the Half- Dawn Goodman,  Erica  Renouf.  moon   Bay   school's   Christmas Jarret Mulnarick, Tracy Laasko and  production this yeaiL From left to our missing.Santa_Christy���Hawes   right are-performers Donna Nygard^  Does Your Club or Group Roport    > Its Activities Regularly to Tho 'Tlmos'  **���->  kA'  Give yourself a treat over the holidays. See the christmas Children's  and Sports Specials on a giant screen. We'll deliver, install and jsick  up. '  SUNSHINE COAST INDUSTRIES  CALL NOW:  P.O. Box 917, Gibsons  886-7988  ��^^S^S��^^5��^^ii^5��^5^5i��^^i��^  Halfmoon Bay happenings  No Santa Claus?  By Peggy Connor, 885-9347  .t   ^  ���&2m\  ���!��>.,     m. ...  THE ARENA WILL BE  CLOSED  from DECEMBER 21  TO JANUARY 2 inclusive,  in order that repairs to essential equipment  ~ may be maife.  . WE WISH ALL OUR PATRONS A  -^M AND-lOOK-F-0RWARD-T0-SEEING-yj0LLALUIsU5.79-  5^^S^^��S��k^^i^i^^5ti��S^^^^��^  u��' _ _��� .  A delightful play called "What?. No.  Santa Claus?" vras- performed by. Halfmoon Bay School. Itxwas enjoyed by  parents, grandparents and friends on  Thursday, December 14.  The performing artists were: Donna  Nygard, Ferla Packer, Jolene Malnarick,  Dawn Goodman, Brian Goodman, ��� Erica  Renouf, Jarrett Malnarick, Mrs. Santa:  Tracey Laakso and Santa Clause was  Christy Hawes.  Thisjwas followed by audience participation as Thea Leutche played the  piano tor a- community sing song of  Christmas carols.  Katherine Kelly thrilled everyone with  her rendition of an old Scottish song "My  Christmas   Dreaming"   fcUwed   by  iMn&Graee^It-was-a-grea^leasure-  to hear her voice.  i   Dawn Goodman and Donna Nygard did  a duel recitation oi "The Night Before  Christmas",   speaking  well   and   with  ���feeling.  Two real troopers, Ericajftenouf and  Jh^ptay on the top.         -- Mrs. Davis,r Katherine-Kelly and-Thea  Leutche take a bow. Your efforts provided  an entertaining afternoon. Mrs. Heide  Goodman served the coffee and tea.  IT'S A GIRL! -  Pixie Daley was thrilled to receive the  news from her son Shawn that his wife  Carmen had a girl, born December 11 at  Thompson, Manitoba, weighing in at seven  pounds^ three-ounces. This ia a sister for  Paquito, who 4s 18 months old."  BOUQUET TO ��� ,���  Mrs. Chic Page of Pender Harbour  wishes to give special thanks to the ladies  who came to her aid when her bar broke  down. Sorry she did not know their names,  biit we are~passing on the thanks in hopes L  ^hfey readThis. / ~X -XX  NON DENOMINATIONAL  Pastor Cliff Drieberg would like to start  a non-denominational Sunday school class  on Sundays at the Welcome Beach Hall.  Besides lessons there would be films. If  Ferla Packer executed their dance steps   f8^ a��f interested in their children  ���wiy^n=3ou^1]^i^    music, which'for some reason was not   HALFMOON BAY AUXILIARY  available. The Halfmoon Bay auxiliary to St.  All members of the cast, including- Mary's Hospital will hold their January  HOUDAY  MARKET  Open Sunday, December 24,  Christinas Eve  it-  and New Year's Eve -  :?���10:00 a;mr^6:00;p.m7~  [Closed Christmas and Boxing Day and New Years Day]  yyj     MADEIRA PARK   ���  ) iX-'rX'-Xl-rX'.X^-.XyyrX^-Xi .};���}7X%.\;.\A J:.   4 -   J .'.   ���-.�� J-J ..��  iroue  yftewitfi (Zkuabnatf  7 7:1  ���*M*!%iiiiii  l"  'Jt-  * SCANADOWN  QUILTS  .     *  BLENDERS        -  JUICERS f  * BRAUN electric razors  *  MUSTANG  FLOATER JACKETS  *  RADIOS *  CLOCK. RADIOS  '  TELEVISIONS      '  WASHERS  ' DRYERS   * MICRO-WAVE OVENS  1  FREEZERS '      /  \  AND MANY MOR^GIFT  -v^  teacher Mime" Davies, played a flute orchestration directed and accompanied by  Thea Leutche on the piano.  A lovely piano solo by Jolene Malnarick  was played and "Santa Clause Is Coming  To Town" was sung by Christy Hawes and  Tracey fcaakso.  The children served the audience with  a beautiful cake with the scene and title of  meeting January 9, instead of the first  Monday. Members and prospective new  members please take note ��� place,  Welcome Beach .Hall.  HALFMOON BAY RECREATION  | This commission will hold their  monthly meeting as usual at 7:30 p.m. at  the Welcome Beach Hall on January 8.  Everyone welcome.  SUGGESTIONS  J^Si  ( IIAKU.X  [ muter charg* 1  Pender Harbour Nibbles  ���Ah  A Polish Santa     $���*  ^m'  M  By Queen Rat, 883-2308  ,-fi  "ilr -ft.*'  HARBOUR SUPPLIES 883-2513  Courtesy of  Cowrie St. 885-9330 Sechelt  \  ..:!. .Ruby Lake Cafe will be open on  Christmas Day and will be the ideal place  for those who love family type enjoyment.  Staush, the Polish Santa Claus, will attend  and guests will be introduced to other  jguests, There will be gi$s for children and  they can feed the swans. Ann will be  cooking perogies, Ted will be making sure  there are plenty of prawns, as you can  have all you can eat, and there is a nice  new salad bar. Turkey dinner is on the  menu with all the'trimmings, plus music  you spill love to dance to. Hours are 4:30 to  9p.nv        .';.' ,  PENDER   HARBOUR   COMMUNITY  cum-,- ''������'���'.        ��� :  *, There will be a general meeting of the  Pender Harbour Community Club on  January 0 at 7:30 p.m. They vyould like to  see a good turnout of members and also  ' any new peoplo In the area wishing to Join  , are i welcome. Congratulations from the  Bingo Committee and the Bingo fans to Jill  Wiley who won the trip to Reno in 54 calls.  Jill and husband Dan'will be leaving on  January 20-for Reno, Sparks and Lake  British Columbia Hydro  and Power Authority  PUBUC NOTICE  ���I / i  v.ci  \  POWER OUTAGE  ELECTRIC POWER WILL BE INTERRUPTED AS FOLLOWS  ���MONDA Y--JANUARY-8r-W^-4<HtR��PA^^ANUARV-12,  1979 - PpWER OFF FROM 9100 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00  p.m. to 3:00 p.m., approxlmatoly. JI  NOTEj Ootago Times could vary ana powor may bo roatorod  barllpr, than 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. iji  AREA AFFE^TEDs FromHIghway 101 and NarrowB Road to  Irvlnos Landing'and all Aroas In1 botwoon.  REASON: Upgrading of tho protont Distribution System^.  ~7"z * ' t" "~ rr ' * m"T*'"' *"r:  Tahoe witii Getaway Holidays, Sechelt.  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR, 112  Winners of the "Case of Cheer" raffle  by, the Ladies Auxiliary to Br. 112 Royal  Canadian iLegion were Brent McCallus  and John Gable. J. Seabrook, Egrnqntvyon  the second prize. Winning tickets were  drawn by Glenn Scribtsr, Madeira Park at  the Legion at 10 p.m', December 10. The  Legion Dart .Turkey Shoot winners were:  Merv Charbonneau, turkey. Hams were  "Won by: Madeline Woodward, Ted  DeBrindti Don Morris and Mike Reid.  PH LIONS CLUB    v  ���Winner of the pennies guess atthe PH  Lions' Club' Casino Night was Marge  Rankin, Egmont, whose winning guess  was 5,003 and her prize was a Texas  Mickey. The PH Lions Club hold their  Christmas party at the Legion Hall  December 16. ..,' ,  TID Bits' *���  Jeannie Morrison was ih tho Harbour a  week ago nnd Is looking weliand is slaying  in North Vancouver.  , Message tq J.L.; Heard you were not  going to uso "bottle, caps or truck thermostats for bait apymore but ^ro going  to try tinsel. [ . *  Merry Christmas to ail my readers and  friends' and to those Who we  year round like Pat Garrison oiu3  carrier, bur Highways crow, Flro De  RCMP, Ambulance driver, Medical staff  at.Cllnlc, and Mark Myerajond his school  bust drivers.  { ���-   \ . ' ���!  ���W^HflUV,-^, ,  ��   .'-'..   ���!,'' ���"' ������!��� r  .-.y,.,.. A..,,,. .x.y���,,.  i-t.X'Xi ;yyi>r,..yK  ������ i    f ���' * '���'���   . i .���    ,  *ErHe!B��h|   '  District Manager  | ... '^.. hi irifam.aitm^jtiap, ��V u^An^m^m.*! W  ,!.( Mitifl'Vn mi' liiii|i'iVi!i,iW}i4iili|!iliiiiililMiii (up  !���" i'i-'u'mit'*^ *vo/'' iX  ���-1..yUf.Tr***<%;���mm'', r>-  FIREMEN THANK COMMUNITV  ~ Tho Pendor^ Harbour.. Volunteer  Firemen thank: Family Fashions, Pender  Harpour CrcdiHEJnlon, Royal Cnnadlan  Legion Br. 112, Bank of Montreal, Royal  Bank of Cnnndn, Ted's Blasting, nnd  Contracting tyd., Duncan Ctjvo Uesort,  Irvines Uridlng Marina, M�� delfn Park  Pharmacy, Pendof Harbour Transportation, Oil! Sladey Realty, A.C.  Rentals; McCann Electric, Astro Contracting, Jorvls Tug Co. lid., Pendor  Harbour Boat Works, Mndorra Morlna  Ltd., May'Dpy Committee, Dune and  Flora Sims, WnrronMcKlbbon Accounting  Sorvlco, Fishermen's Homecoming  Committee and Pendor Hftrbour Chevron  for donations to Uio Hallowoeu fireworks  display fpr 107]  HOUDAY SCHEDULES  SUNSHINE  COAST  _   VANCOUVER  SECHELT PENINSULA  POWELL RIVER  To permit as many members of our crews and  terminal personnel as possible to Ip'e with their  ';famllie8^guHn^th*e Christmas holiday season,  the followihgischedule changes will be in effect;  HOWE SOUND  Vancouver-Sechelt Peninsula  The following sailings will be cancelled, Christmas Day and New Year's Day;,  Lv Horseshoe Bay *     Lv Langdale       '  11:30 am '12:35 noon  6:15 pm 7:i5 pm  JERVIS INLET  Sechelt Penl^euIo-Powell River  The following sailings will be cancelled Christmas Day and New;Year's Day:  Lv Saltery Bay,l       Lv, Earls Cove  6:15 am 7:15 am  BOWEN ISLAND  Ll Snug Cove-Horseshoe Bay  The.followlng sellings will be cancelled ChrlsK  mas Day and New Year's Day:  Lv Bowen Island..       Lv Vancouver  (Srlug Cove) (Horseshoe Bay)  ,     6:45 am 7:15 am  ' ;;*"" """.:" r'"^*" '" : ""T "rr 2   BRITISH COLUMBIA  FERRY CdRk>R.^TlbN  t/\NGDALT*88fi2224^  VANCOUVER 669-1211 7  SALTERY. BAY 487-9333 *  r  ��K^i��tpi HWOil. MtWft^^W    n-futt J! Vrf* < v    W** I   f  -A....  i\    ,.  I ��....  " V  ���7^,"kJ"'.  ��� A n.  'W  ��, .  !',��������      ..., nr,  'f^i  b  >-.t -  ,.,,..^y,,.  i '       \, \ ���'.  1 /  yr-ViWi^.yM'Cix  X    1 /���  -:../-,...;>  ^ff  ���   -   I .-   ��� ���   .  .v     .   r  ��� \  ,>   .'  .    Wednesday, December 20,1978 The Peninsula Times "        Page A-5  Saving your specially colored  IGA Cash Register Tap����:  They can acfd up to Big Sayings...  so shop and salve the IGA way.  Look for the Special Display in your IGA store  CHRISTMAS  TABLERITE MEATS  STUDJENTS OF Sechelt Elementary gym. An overflow crowd attended?the  School perform in the play "Santa's play which featured mice,  Dream" last Thursday in the school's J '  snowflakes, elves, a snowman and of   5j  course, itoy soldiers. If  Sechelt notes  Santa's dream  : by Peggy Connor, 885-9^47  An overflow crowd attended the Sechelt  Elementary School annual Christmas  Concert held in the school gym, Thursday,  December 14.       ��� -  They came to see the students perform  and it was an evening of good ,en-  ^rtainment that flowed right along as  each class was ready and waiting to do  their part in Santa's Dream.  Beginning and ending with the school  of a variety to please all. Leader of the  group was Ron Watfy with musicians Bob  GROCERY  POTATO CHIPS S&   89'  flAQ!|   Green Giant Niblets -J /QCO  A AH il Green,Giant  vUllll Creamed Style. 14 oi  Summerfield, Ken Dalgleish, Loren Jones  and Stevie "Guitar".  Thanks were  extended to Marty  Meldrum,  the lady in charge  of the  "banquet. George.Flay was cOmplimented\J  on the fact he had not missed a banquet in  25 years. Bea Rankin was thanked for her  The enlargement of the Trail Bay Mall   part in the seatoocTbanquet earlier this  would lend itself beautifully to a com-   year. -  mumty auditorium with a parking lot that       .The faces behind the bar belonged to.  sits empty, at night.                        - .      Inspector  Carl Dixon,  Corporal Gary  SECHELT PENINSULA   ���      -                Wade, Dan Gory and TonvGory'."  ROD AND GUN CLUB                             .   Ray Kraft announced n^would be his  It was the first time in my memory that    last banquet here as he has been posted to  the annual game dinner of this club was    ParksviUe.  not held on the first Saturday of Decern-    HOSPITAL AUXILIARIES HOST   -  heJvbuUt-was a change that in no.way Hie^om|)Hied-attalianes-to Sk-Mary?s-  IFI1 A Jelly Powdered Dessert  3oi.  fTURKEYS  Grade A TABLERITE Basted  ��� frozen  TABLERITE *??.��i��  ! CRANBERRY SAUCE       coo 2  j   Ocefcji Spray. Whole or Jellied   14 oz *Jv   g|  %Vi I C0FFEE-rta;ine"^:.f^....$319i  " IA-BAGa^f,Gold^'........$3i9^  22 lbs. & over ^  Regular   ~  10-16 Ibs   SMOKED OYSTERS       qq  Carnation  4 oz     VV  ea.  ^hoi^t���^e^Mts^snow.-i'ne���^paired the excellence of either the meal-Hospital hosted a party fornEfiToEnideir  teB^^teteii^j^pnta.   or the music. The night was Saturday,    ^patients in their lunge at' the  December 9 at the Senior Citizens Hall.   . hospital, Sunday, December. 10.  Head table guests introduced by",   Lil Peters-another'hospital staff  President Bill-Boyte irfcluded Ms_wife    members had~decorated the" halls with  Gwen, Regional Director for Region 2  (Lower  Mainland)   Fish  and  Wildlife  were memorized costumes made, obvious  evidence of what had gone into making  this a good show was displayed by the kids  to the-teachers' credit. *  There were mice, snowflakes, elves, a  snowman,-a great Rudolph, several  ^antasrUvFtoysrdancers of all ages,froiri   servatjffiL Officer Jaimie Stephens and  the smallest grades up. The grade seven. Wife'-Helen,- Fisheries Officer Ray Kraft,  Ji SMOKED HAMS  ft?    Ready to eat  V&    Whole or Shank Portion...���I  d.Qr  Ib.  ���JtanchteAl ^est-and-wifelEiorau-Coifa  gingerbread mien made by the patients  and hung gorgeous gold decorations.  ^Dwenty=oheHMdren^ntCedafcGrove=  POULTRY DRESSING  1 ib. bag  ��    . -disco dancers were delightful  Full    marks    for^ performance  originality and entertainment value.  The low marks I give to the-community  for not providing proper faciUties. The cry  for an auditorium is never answered.v  The best staging possible was supplied  by the teaching staff, but still many people  did not have a good view of the smaller  children. Two new school buildings have  been built in the last few years, but why  RCMP'Sgt. Bob Evans and-wife Phyllis,  Bill and1 Bea Rankin and Mr. and Mrs.  Chic Page from Pender Harbour Rod and  Gun. _ " ..       '��� f  It was catered by Helen Robertson and  the food was out of this world. There were  bobcat balls, bear ribs, venison, ragu of  assorted wildmeats, and other equally  delicious dishes, mmmmm.    .  Music was by the "Connection". The  gun club always has good music to dance'*  Elementary school entertained with  choral speaking under the direction of  Collee^Ellis. They told the story of King  John's Princess remarkably well.  Debbie Newman played and sang  several renditions with her guitar and  Mary Redman'was pianist for the carol  singing.  Mrs. Lil Flummerfelt sewed up bags  which were filled with fruit and candy and  boxes of shortbread and-giftswere given tot  the patients. Pauline Lambe made little '  Santa corsages.  SAUSAGE MEAT  "DAIRYLAND FESTIVE"  SNOGn^--:...:.....-.85s-%r  1 lb, pkt.  $ SKINLESS WEINERS W.  jJMdn^jjraperza^^  have beerffarrang&ir^* !��*���*- *=; * * 'thwefo^lfemwsWy^'ekcenentmijsIlr. Bil^and Pauline Lambe, Eve Moscrip,  ICE CREAM LOG ROLL    sl"  1886 ICE CREAM utre$l29 ��  | BACON TABLERITE ���- L;    $1791 MARGARINE it* 49*  g M^m^m^^mm^ SOFT MARGARINE #U  59c  SARAN^RAPib.H        aW  FROZEN FOOD  Help create  Rene Lawrence, Laura Weller, Wilma  Sim, Betty McCallum, Eileen SftSth,  Annie Metcalfe, 'Sharon Webber, Jean  Prest, Peggy Riley, Karen Stelk with sons  Scott and Ryan; The co-ordinator:was-Mrs.-  Mary McDonald.  Mrs. Annie Spinser thanked everyone  jfor the very festive party, oa behalf of the  Itents.     .���      ".   v  SECHELT LEGION 140 ANDPA^DENTS-  The Legion held their Christmas party  I DESERT TOPPING    $109  SH,B  If    1 litre .- ������ f   Country Stvle   W ��� Fraser Vale _f_\\ _f*\_ A  IH��.:...'.:,, 99��  Southern Style,  79!$  Fraser Vale  y.  we'll help you.  r       Young Canada Works'is a federal g'overnment  job creation program designed to fund projects  which improve the skills and future job* prospects  of students,        ,     *        '\k.'" ~"    ,  :,       Get, your group or organization to think of an   ,  K   idea, If it will create at least 3 student jobs last-  ."���'  "ing from 6 to 18 weeks each between the months  of May and'September, then Young Canada      -   ,  Works may be able to helpyou turn ydur idea into  reality. i  Your project should benefit the-community, -  ,   'and must meet all the program requirements.^-  Apply today. Application forms and guides are  ready now at your nearest Canada Employment  * Centre/Canada Manpower Centre or Job Creation  '  Branch office.  ��� Application Deadline February 2,1979.  ��� ~fu    Employment and      , Emplolet  ��� t     Immigration Canada    Immigration Canada  Bud Cullen, Minister    Bud Cullen, Ministre  7"  .OKI'   ,  i    ���-   '    "     -.,     - -4-^^��^*pV^��)��A^ifW*��*w^p  for the Extended Care patients from St.  Mary's Hospital on December 14.  -  Unfortunately this was a busy night in ;  Sechelt, with the school concert taking  place.  The pipers ��� were not expecting to  perform ~ they would have liked to do It in  style with full uniform.  Santa came in full-dress, and Herb and  Ann Ebach supplied good entertainment.  It was unfortunate,but things' were a'  little late getting started. It would seem  once again the demand and need for  services quite exceed the supply.  The new driver of the Mlnl-bus, Kathle  Tuppert, enjoys serving the public,  especially on a facllltiy that serves a great  heed for this area. However, lt does take  moro, than "one person to transport  wheelchair patients. Care and strong arms  are, needed on the loading and unloading.,  The uses and funding of the mlnf-bus  was explained In last week's paper, po lt Is  not necessary to go into that again.  The bus service committeo headed by  Art McPhee Is hopeful of better bus service In tho near future. If we aro lucky wo '*  might have an c^tra bus driven by another  driver as competent as Kathio Tuppert.  At present, social visiting and shopping, \yhllo ,of therapeutic value to extended care patients, Is not on tho priority  list for mlnl-bus uso, But Is high In tho  ^mlnib1.of.ttio8iB.,ln.charga^and.th<QL;ar��^  hoppy and willing to put oxtra effort Into  accommodating those outings. 1  ARTS COUNCIL CONCERT       ,.  TbO Highland United Church Bell  Ringers from North Vancouvbr undor tho  direction of Mrs. Charlotte Nelson,  received a* standing ovation from tho  audience attending tho concert sponsored  r v by tho Sunshlno Coast Arts Council. This  was held at Elphlnstono Secondary school  ln Gibsons, Docombor 10.  Also dn the program, whs tho Sunshlno  Chorlntors xvtth '-^eqglo ..jOnlrnn as, conductor. This Is a grftbp that Is woll  received wherever they sing.  , GRAND 80th BlfclDAY     ', '���    '     *  Tho birthday party Vic Pranskj^  1 lilariftcd "lor Bl mother,^ Mrs." Mnrlono  Williams, took four months of planning  and ho enjoyed every mlnut?,of It, DesDlte  V.the!^^fqTO^'^'>idBQri^d.to;k0op Jt %r  big surprise right uprtb tho end,       ' '  ?  ^ MIXED VEGETABLES  CORN  CHEDDAR CHEESE  mAffi  I.G.A. Randon Weight    .. ....   1U /0    III I   ft'  '' " " '"    " ' " kTTXkkW  -Libby's-  48 oi. ,  I.G.A.  2 litre  Fraser Vale ..,  York Unsweet  McLarens Stuffed Manz  12ox. ...''; ;.....  | ORANGE JUICE  VS    Mrs. Smiths  MINCE PIES  26 oz.  PRODUCE  ICECREAM  ALCAN FOIL ,8���  OLIVES  CHIP DIPS NallGy"  ORANGE  CHOCOLATE WAFER  I.G.A. Macaroons and Buds 250 g,,  CHOCOLATES *"*'**  8oz.  lb.  $159  $129  *i29!  65 ^  9r  MARGARINESP0k^      *209  Tang  2 ��� 7 oz.  INSTANT COFFEE  Nescafe  10 oz. ..  Gom n  POTATOES  IS Ib. Cello Bag  California....  WHOLE DILL PICKLES  |iV��r\*   *A OX#    ��� f.  *  *  ���  ��  i, ���  t  ��� *  t  ���  i  i  i  i  t  i  t  *   .   t  ���  i ���  t  ��  P0LSKIE 0G0RKIE DILLS  i i i i *\ i  89��  *109  �� W, J'lfivv*^Tifl*i^aK>^^ VJ;*.',  t     ���     I     I     I     *     I     1  .lb.  NUTS  Christmas ..,, ,  Navel d  ORANGES  $149  .ib. JL  Bick's 32 oz.  FRtSH PACK ONIONS^i U19  SWEET MIXED PICKLES  Bick's 32 9*.  80's ;,.,,,.,.,,,. i, % ,',,, .7,'lb,  ^_*ll_^_^_ml_t__^_______d____^_____^______ _______________ ��^^d|a^Ay^M|^KUjM|^i j^Kb M|yi^a^ ^^JUj^^^a u  IIIIIIC sWlfft Canned  nfllflO 11/2 lb   MIXED NUTS  SMAlL shrimp  SCOTT TOWELS 2 Roiu  Aloha  13ox. tin,"i, 7,7  Cloverleaf  *y 0*s   iitii  ^4fiW^*3^  " ' '.  imeTeiBOffformtripiwprtfWBra*^  lebrate MrerWllUanw*Wthyear,*-���--^-.  Thero wero 23 blood relatives at Bill  cog's Golden City restaurant and, they.?:;  did lip the party 101 per cent perfect."  VJc and Kay Frankso and tholr family,  V  ~-8eo Pago'A-��  "****��  $P  $389  $129  $J39  ?109  V  L _&^_t_1____- mtmmAtf^wmw^^m^iiTmDto^^U^i^^ii^^Ai^^ij  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  ���~mmmm^~t*^��*tsmffl^��m^ir^~��~m^^   Jtjjf* EffoctlvflDe^O .^Pthi 1978  " SAUS IN RiETAIL QUANTItis ONMT.  <  A  I.,  |��i^^m)i{iMiJ^  titm^mtvm^vis^iii^ imjw�� t*  ' y"  *il,'  '^y  7     ��,.  :i  r l\  'A..  **H*f��*>*    �����=*  7  'i-nWi* j^^nSw  '/'  ifSHtwIfet-'tlsfcSp^'WfcW'KW^^  ,('��   I  ^.H-.-Wv*.!^^-"  <t Wlf^WrtliafifKMfl #H^��-��i*  <jj^i^w^l'^*e#W^i1��!*^^1^t!^*^^  \2. "*   ,y,',\,  ,,:..,..����,���,.-.. t^r
tm    *,     ■ .    f «■■
_ .:•- ■' .f ■ :•- •••    ■■■       "■• ■■
.• ■     ■/.'•■ .■■•:;•'-*•*  -v.?.•»■,.' -*r,. ■
: x    '    ' .x "\"x      ■" ■
■\- ■',
.1   i
/     ««■
-fl..     -v
-   fr
— i*
Squaringly yours
By Maurice Hemstreet
Page A-6 The Peninsula Times
Wednesday, December 20,1978
v -
Hello fellow^square dancers, well it's
that time df year when I try to wrap up this
column until next year so here's, hoping
that I don't forget'anything this year.
December. 15 (that was last Friday
evening) The Sunshine Coast Country
Stars wound up the 1978 square dance
season with a fantastic Christmas Square
• Sechelt notes
' —From Page A-5
son Yvon and girlfriend Carmen italler
jwr_^jrom_Vancouver,_as__was_ BarryZ
Frankse, Vic and Kay's second son.
Daughter Vicky- Lee Hanson with her
daughter Melissa, 2, from Quesnel also
shared the limelight with great.grandmother Williams.
Mrs. Williams' daughter Ruth and
hubby Chuck Langley from New York
attended, as did her other son Norm and
wife Nancy and family frpm Powell River,
including Kirk and Paul and Janice and
Brian Faye.
Then there was a real surprise — her
brother Frank and wife Jean came from
the cold to the coast,.all the way from
Viscount, Saskatchewan. Niece Faye and
Bob Reeves from Victoria also attended.
Husband;Archie Williams came down
Dance party. You want to hear about it?
Well, hokay, drag up°a box sit down and
bend an fear.
• With top'callerHarry RoBferteon, M.C.
for the evening and of course Shuaripgly
Yours as back up caller or whatever and
with six sqts on the floor, this just had to be
the best denied Christmas square dance
we have ever had. The convenors went all
' out to make sure that everyoneriad plenty
to eat, jiist great. PresidentMerrill Bowes
was always interupting,iiowever, he did a
very good; well he, I'm sure that he, Ah!
he really did a fantastic job, of a long-
winded speech thanking all that helped
make the evening on the square dance
floor one of the best Christmas square
dances e^er.    »
To help make this particular evening a
success, Harry and Deanna's square
dance beginner class came out and joined
us too and We hope that they had as much
„fun with The Country Stars as we did
having them.
Coffee time, with the .exchange of
presents   brought  many  good  laughs
because you have to use your imagination
.when limited to $1.
„ .Bill Bealer our. school, maintainance
engineer, joined us at coffee time and The
CountryStars .wish to thank him for his1
help and Bill,'do have a Merry Christmas
and a prosperous New Year again we all
thank you. - .'.   _  = 1
led the Senior Citizens Association
Branch 69 in the singing of Adestes
Fideles at their annual Christmas
luncheon last Thursday; About 140
attended the event.
Your heart works
harder when   -
you're'not irmhe
game. Get fit —
and turn the clock back.
A phone call from Florida from a,
' grandson wishing her happy birthday
nearly let the cat out of the bag, but he
managed to recoup his slip.
It was a happy time for all, with love all
round. .
Merry Christmas to all.
-Specializing in Annuities_and_
Retirement Income Planning
RHOSPs ■ RRSPs,   .
*5   year, guaranteed   Investment   Certificate earning 10%
•Investors mortgage Fund earnings 10-
J.W. (Jim) BUDD
Linda Laing dropped in to join us on the
square dance floor and she sure hasn't
forgot anything about square dancing.
Shirley Hulls and Hugh Duff were the
winners of the door^prizes and it's nice to
see our beginners win something the first
learners class is doing just great. Keep up
the good work.
Syd and Loraine Conroy-received some-
kind of booby prize for having to run to
catch the ferry back from-Catapbell River
square dance. Just give me a little more
time and I will have the whole story on that
The New Years Eve Square Dance will
be held_arThe~United Church Hall ur
Gibsons, same callers and for further
information caU!Harry at 886-9540.
Well, another year has'just about come
to an end so on behalf of caller Harry and
Deanna Robertson, my wife Peg and
myself and all The Country Stars we wish
to pass on a Very Merry Christmas and A
Happy "Nfw Year to all square dancers,
our families and friends. Have a good day
and I will be back in The Pen Times next
year. Merry Christmas to alL Squaringly
^four-Sp Maurice^
Modern^ 5 storey, first class motor hotel/Good location v.l MoclTfrom ■
beach, English Bay and Stanley Park, near downtown, shopping within 2
blocks. 125 attractively appointed air-conditioned room*, studios, efficiency
units ai>d suites - each with private bath, color TV and phone'. Dining
Room and Coffee' Shop. Lounge with entertainment. Sample and Meeting
Rooms. Drive-In lobby and free parking.
1755 Davie Street. Vancouver V6G 1W5. Phone: 604-682-1831 collect
'■''•'■' '     Telex: 04-51161     :
1   'I!.
-QenoShallt, NBC-TV'"
''<>)'.,'"     '   ',    ' '    ' , i
\ Nun****
"if* '
TO LABOR DAY."-n*n 6w<), N«w votti My Ntwt
' * * 1
DELIGHT." -noo.O.trtll, AMTV *
««■(,*% ilAl^i^t^MUii™^^.*!.^ ^I.'»sSisl<t
■■'• WRECTEOBYWAnnENBEATTYANblWCKHENRY ItewlilwBslulntlrw'PaptrbKk
"MATURfi"   '   • © i»/«i>»MMo«Mrrii\riwnco(inwi*Ti<iN,Mtrti»MrsiirM«vin
I    ' ' I   . .' '    "
through Monday, January 1st
>'Jll. ' 7  '
i 1 .
\*     \   ' >
Um .+ ,
1 Itl'l.
 iUv.'i : v ia9Li7,  J.  ". '<., .~i«, .'*a»i ? .x:yrxj..r.,rv,;f ■/*'>"©<'!''.i^r'.*
i!X^'t%©r#r€f^»*^*^ and Sfa$
N(    -m   I-'-
1 .,     ,      „,, ,..*,'. 1.
. .'i;.. ,1.  , . ,.!.,i . ii'
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i i . ���->., ,--.> -v -<������:>���?-  ".     . .   i-  \  ��� -t ���  .^a-,, ry-,  PHONE  885-3231  December 20,1978        The Peninsula Times  Page A-7  -mmaaaammaaamaaaammmmaa^mmmaaaaamaaam.mmmuamaamammammmmaamamaammmmm.^mmmmmaammmmaaa.m  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES ^   ���.  Phone 885-3231  Work Wanted  For Rent  Boats and Engines       Wanted to Buy  !r-  For Sale  For Sale  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963-  Deaths!    Card    of    ThanksT  Memoriam, > -Marriage  Engagement .Notices  are  7300 Copies Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-lihe Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion T $2.15  Three Insertions $4.30  Extra lines (4 words)  ,.. 60c  Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extra  Legal or Reader advertising 30c  per agate line.  and  $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line.'  after that. Four words per' line. (  Birth Notices, Coming Events  fake regular classified rates.  Ad-Briefs must be paid for in    ���*-  advance by Saturday, 5 pjn.  to receive cash discount.  Subscription Rates: ������  By Mail:  Local Area $7.00 yr.  Outside Local Area .... $8;00 yr.  U.S.A $10.00 yr.  Oversees .. .> $11.00 yr.  Senior Citizens,  - Local Area  $6.00-  Single Copies  15c ea.  Announcements  ALCOHOLICS- Anonymous  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30  pm, Wilson Creek Community  HaU. 885-2896 or 885-3394. 4816-  tf- j  Personal  Obituary  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the telephone.  -Our forms and typihg services  are lawyer approved." Call  Self-Counsel Services toll free  (112) 800-663-3035. Chargex  and Mastercharge approved.  4324-tfn  HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC' <���  . ^APPRENTICE  Available ^aftej*:Dec. 22.1 yn  experience &Gmos. of school.  Very reliable & have good  references.  885-3818  1     r 9:30 - 5:30  4092-tfn  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. All  types of Concrete Wor,k.  .Patios, Floors, Foundations.  Driveways, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems:  Seep&ge or ^high, pressurev  leajks.       ' ���   ,'  Phone Wayne Clapp v  for free estimates   ,  885-2125  'lifter7p.m.  ..-  Boxl341 Sechelt  ~   4437-tfn  "     FULLYQUAfclFIED  EEECTRICJAN  Free Estimates,    .  . 886-2546  4060-tfn  TYSON ��� Mr. Stanley Tyson  of 3rd Ave. North, West  way on  Decembe'r 12,1978, at the age  of 67 years. Surviving are his  loving wife Pearl; 3 sons and 4  daughters, Stan Tyson in  Vancouver, Earl Tyson in  .Wilson Creek^Robert Tyson in  Port M<  JOURNEYMAN   Shipwright  seeks , work. Exp.. in all  aspects boatbuilding; 'house  ������������������,������������,.,. m -..     carpentry. & cabinet work-  PHOTOGRAPHS published in .--Reliable-worker, reas. rates.-  e-Peninsula-'Hmes-ean4)fr���Forrfree est. & professional-  ordered for your own use.at   job, call Allan May, 885-5765.  ACCOMMODATION . avail  for 4 working persons, $135  per mo. each. Incl. cleaning,  heat, light, kitchen- facil.,  furn., carpeted, priv. entrance. Top floor of'log house,  Roberts Ck. 886-2542 aft. 6.  ������_ -  43604  BEAUTIFUL 3 bdrm WF  home. All appliances incl.  washer, dryer & dishwasher.  This home will be available all  year & the summer will be  yours. Good workshop & boat  house. Reference required. S.  Anderson, 885-3211.        44534  3 BDRM HOME, very large  rooms, carpet, warm wood  panelling throughout, modern-  bathroom, fireplace, oil heat,  located on Mason Rd., 5 mins.  from Sechelt. 885-2974 or 261-  2151. 4383-tfn  o  .  1 BDRM   apartments   in  Sechelt.   Fridge ��&   sfove  included.  $175. - $245.  Call  Hayden, 885-2283.'        4196-tf  2 BDRM HOME with stove &  fridge,  carport & half-  basement. $230 per mo. Doug.  885-3211.  , ' 4497-4  SELMA PARK WF, 1 bdrm,'  FP,  elec. heat,  stove &.  JndgP. Avajl -Tan 1  $MS par  ��� 15' 6" Sidewing Hourston  Glasscraft (new).....; .$3;000  -18'Sabrecraft, 140 Mer-  c r  $4 900  -17'%K&CThermogias,'ll5  hp Evinrude........... .$2,800  - 42' Sailboat "Sea falcon"  (unrigged ferro cemen-  LOGS OR TIMBER wanted,  fir,  hemlock  or cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  For Sale  t)   $35,000  " Winterizing & Boat Moving  Immediate Repair Service  7days.aweek  GARDEN BAY  MARINE SERVICES  LTD.  Sinclair Bay Rd.  883-2722 or      '    '  883-2602 (eves'.)  4355-tfn  GARY  wfolTEsells*oats.  -  \ 45054  mo. 9364082.  HEADWATER MARINA LTD  Good winter moorage  ���.-" 1.25 per foot-  20tonmarineways     * '  DRYLAND STORAGE  DownNarrowsRd.  V^   Madeira Park  883-2406 24 hrs.  4900-tfn  FISHER woodburning stove  with the 10 year guarantee.  can be seen at Radio Shack, -t  &C Electronics.  ��'    4855-tfn  LADIES, Mens. Childrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New'. . Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-��at,  1(W.. 4457-tf  ORCANA elec. chord organ,  72  base,   $150;   electric  metronome,  $25;   McLary  stove, white, combination  . elec. & wood, $75.885-9693.  4475^  .    R.V. RENTALS  Vacation the unhassled way.  Campers fully  equipped  & -  heated & insured;  $70 per week  We have added to our fleet 21'.  Winnebago Motor Home.  Superbly-equipped.  $200 per week  The Times office.  1473-tfn  4578-tf  DIVORCE!. $100 Plus Filing  Fees ��� Obtain your uncontested divorce - fast - over  HOUSE      CLEANING.  Professional work. 886-9324  or 886-7069. 44424  GIBSONS LG. 2 floor, 4 bdrm  apt., $265; 1 lg. 2 bdrm apt.,  $205, avail Dec. 20. Move in-  rent free till Jan. 1. Phone  Jerry 885-9834. 4468-6  Livestock  CERTIFIED Farrier, Hans  Berger is coming-to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm.-898-  3751. 994rtfn  plus 10c a mile  885-2600  anytime  MAN'S LEATHER coat, size  44; zip-out lining. Ph. 885-  2462. 44174  1 buffet, sliding glass door  with3drawers  $99.  1 wheelbarrow $25.  1  wood  & canvas  antique  ��� trunk, with leather strap-  1 ping *..$5i0.  1 coffee table, unusual design,  cedar top $25.  1 captain's bed, king size,  made solid cedar with 2  drawers either *side, ornamental handles (mattress  not included) $99.  1 serving table with  wheels.:....:.." $10.  1 fabric covered chair with  wooden arms (needs  recovering) $10.  1- electric sewing maching  (Baycrest)  (zigzag stit-  J iching, buttonholing, etc.)  excellent condition .$75.  1 Mexican blanket, (Firedog  design), $25.  Scheflera (umbrella) plant, 5'  tall, beautiful Christmas  present ..." ^$45.  Phone: 885-3258 (O)  . 885-9785 (H)  ' '   .       45204  GOLD     ENAMEL'^ free-  ���-standing1ireplsce7$200.885-  3605:      ; 7    4446-4  SWEDISH  steel  fireplace  screen, extra wide. '40 x 29.  with attached accessories,  $40,885-9280. - ) 45044  NEAR-NEW^ Franklin  stove, $100; 20" b&w port.  Sears TV, $70; 110V stove, $40;  bdrm suite, $130; loveseat,  $40; bedm suite, $60; 9x9  mushroom beige rug, $65;  kitchen table & chairs. $30;  ,new kitchen sink & top cupboard, $50; plus misc.  household items. 885-5068.  45014  ' SELKIRK INSULATED  -CHIMNEYS  Best prices oh Coast  MACLEODS -SECHELT  4527-tfn  1 �� m  ,8 FT. VANGUARD camper.  Icebox,   propane   stove,  heater & light,"plus 110 & 12 V  light. Jacks incl. Immac^  cond. $1,500.886-9491.     4459-6  MODEL 1895 Winchester Cal.  .30-03 U.S. 24" bbl $300; 2  Ross MK IE cal. ;303 br full  ^military, $150 each; .58. cal.  muzzle loader, replica,:$100;  Eddystone P-14��calni()3 br.  full military, $85.885-9710.  ... , 447M"  Moffat  Irene McDonald  Vancouver. ��and Barbara  Hamner and Phllis Weir, both  of Westbank; 19 grandchildren; one great grand-  _childf���and���two���brothersr  Services toll free (112) 800-663-  3035. Chargex and Master-  charge accepted.       4325-tfn  Norman Tyson of ParksviUe.  B.C. arid Albert  Tyson  of  -Richmond;   BtC. -Funeral"  service will be held fronrjthe  First  Memorial  Chapel   in  North-Vancouver on Friday,  December 15th at 3:30 p.m.  with cremation to follow.  , Friends wishingto remember  Mr. Tyson may do so by-  donating to .the Heart Foundation, Box 186, Kelowna, B.C.  Funeral arrangements are in  care of Day's Funeral Home.  45324  Help Wantech  -**&-���  ! !HELP'    GREENPEACE '  HelpTTHSeHers  urgently^  needed fof the Greenpeac.e  'Go Anywhere' lottery. "Make  money I -Save   life!   !! Imf ���  portant Notice!! During the  mail strike Greenpeace 'Go  Anywhere' lottery tickets will  ^be distributed by Greenpeace  volunteers. The number to call  ���in this area is:  898-5851 or  Greenpeace Vancouver 736-  0321. 4921-tfn  ".I. ���*���  INTERIOR   designer   op-  '-. ^portunity. Must., be ���-fully  ^^perlencied^vResumes- to  IN REGARDS ^\itm^^'^Si^at^''t^^S'  Card of Thanks  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, insured work?  ���Prompt, guaranteed      ! ���  service?  ,���Fair-estimates? ���  Then give us a call:-  "peerless  ���tre&servicesxtd:���  885-2109  758-tfn  For Rent  TRAILER  spaces  in .West  Sechelt.    1    donblewide  24 x 40 singes. 885-2079.    4224-  tfn ��� - '  FOR RENT:   WilSorf Creek  - Community Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  ' xa "* :\' -'-    q��i  **&7&  GIBSONS PRATT Rd., 3 bdrm  house, fully carpeted, fireplace, $300 per mo. Avail. Jan..  2. Jerry 885-9834. 4469-6  rWantedtoRent'  COUPLE with child, looking  ���for-^-bdrm-house-to-rentT-  CaU 885-2924. 45154  DR.NICKKIEIDER  is available for veterinary  work every Monday, Practice  limited to horses only.   X���Eorappointment  r    please'call:  EQUINE VET  CENTRE  7 x 10 LT. BEIGE br6adloom  - carpet with quality lih-  4967-tf   derlay^ ^-cond^r$85; 2 Ar-   ���--������-���^-���-������ ���    boriteJat. tables^with leaves,  MASTER Channel powerTTV^15^aJ88&3737 45?.fr4i  antenna, $90 obo, used only6  mos. 886-9835 wkends.    4518-7  MUST     SELL.     Leaving  country. 1971 VW camper &  new tent, $2,000. Also box  trailer with -2 propane tanks.  "$25078853605^^    ~-\Wiy  TRY AND buy the Great  Pacific Hot Tub. To view  phone Helen Phillips, 885-3183.  4430-7   m-i dL   OLD FAWCETT cook stove.  Best offer. 883-2640.    44264  HAMMOND T4100 organ with  rhythm   Aze   & , Les lie  speakers, $3,000 obo. 885^3533  eves. -. 3520-7  m���et^^  Real Estate  '3691-tf'  "fell  Gerry Owens, who is'  presently in St. Mary'.s  Hospital, we would like to  express our thanks to Capt.  Burton & crew'of "the'MV  EXCELLENT opportunity for.  accountant or fully experienced bookkeeper to start  n��������� Ma��� nr��crfw.;����*��- ���i���A    owft - business  with  buillrin  _Qu^nJ^J��estn^E^  our father recently took ill.  Also we would like to sincerely  thank all the ci^ew^members  he works with & previous  COTTAGES, ,,-weekly    or  monthly.    Housekeeping  units,   furnished,   TV.   Ritz  Motel. 886-2401. ,        4249-tfn  WANTED LOT on or. near ���  ocean front, small, house  OK, under $50,000. 9864657 or  write 3359 Redfeni PL, North  "Vancouver. 44194  3 BDRM custom home, Selma  Park. 75 x 130 view lot, well  treed.   1375  sq.   ft.  double ~  carport, shake roof, basement',  ^roughed  in  for  future jex^i  gansion, family room,  replace, covered sundecks.  Buy direct from , builder &  choose colors. 461-6184.  44574  or Diana Siaj-buck  886-9739  4213-tfn  HORSE FOR Sale, needs  experienced rider,  plus  winter feed, $400.885-2853.  45234  Pets  :RE,GISTERED female  , chocolate Lab puppy. Only  1 left in litter. Steady to go  -Decrl87$175r885$307."  Includes CB radio, T whip, PA '  loud speaker.  $134.95   (also  sold separately).  Prentjs Enterprises  V^      884-5240  500046  SUITCASES," asst. & ladies-  warm coat, size 14-16. 885-,  9096. ~\-j:    45124  WF SELMA PK.  of over 900 sq.  FOUR BDRM mobile home.       .   .    . -   ���   .  ^Set-up-^-West~Sechelt���F^vated^n���and  Trailer. Park. Ref. required.  Ph. 885-2600. tfn  people 'he worked with  through the years for being so  kind & thoughtful asking  about & visiting him. We are  so very grateful he has so  many friends to think of him.  Thank you also to Joe Kap-  man for/all the help he has  glvei> us. Dr. Hobson & the  nurses of St. Mary's for their  care of our very much loved  father. When he is transferred  to Vancouver we i shall put a  notice in the paper. Our Sincere j gratitude to all. -r-  Daughters Theresa Fair,  Geraldine Kinrade, Nancy  Amos. 45024  EMPLOYMENT op-  ��� portunities for Mechanics,  Automotive Countetmen,  TReifflofcingSteelBleridersand  Industrial Parts Salesmen.  These" lobs are.available in  Edmonton, Grande Prairie,  Dawson Crefek, Fort St. John.  Fort Nelson, Watson Lake and  Whitehorse. Apply to Northern Metalic Sales, Box 876,  Grande Prairie, Altii. T8V  3R5. '    ,7 35054  OPPORTUNITY on Northern  Peninsula. Part of full-time  experience in accting &  bookkeeping an asset,  . Resume to Box 310 P.     4529-7  'DUPLEX Davis Bay. 1 blk.  < from school, 2 bdrm, no  - appliances;-Availrimmddv  $175,885-9719. 49514fn  2 BDRM house, 1434 Wharf  Rd., Sechelt. Avail immed.  (112) ^67-3995 aft. 6 p.m. 45224  " FOR  RENT  or  sale.  WF  Selma Pkj 2 bdrm home,  renovated, $250 per mo. 885-  3737:���1 4525-7  1 BDRM Waterfront,  fuUy  furn., cottage. $225 per mo.  ,883-9098. 4530-7  Ui* Tlmos Adbrlofil  I  I  I  ���I"  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  m**mmtm*m*mnmm.m*tmm.imm.m.m.mram*m.imm��m.m**pmm'm*m*m  ,-���������' 1   ���    '���"������,' . <  I'rlnt your ad In Iho tquara'., Da ��uro to loavo a blank ipaco alior each  ��� i word,.      "/      .'.'���'. Xr    7  1  Throii llno�� l> $2,15, Eacli uddlllanol lln��| l�� 60c,'  Tah^odvantnoif of our ipoclol "Vino*.  '    * Run yViur od twlc�� ��� Ih* third |lm�� Ii MtlsB,  �� If you pay for yr Mr od Iho Soturdoy bolort publlcdtlqn you o����"'  '   iHitount^-aSclorl ln����rtlon-('-80c lor 3.  Mall u�� your ad, or drop l�� old, i  In ����th���� ��' th�� Tonlniulo Tlmii Ofllco  "      in Olbioni at tho Arliulut Troo  -i.tmamm*m* m�� m* m�� m* tm ma m* -m m*aa.*mm.mim*mm*mmml*mm-l*mimrm  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  ��� '. 1 - '      . 1 . , ,  .  2.:.... Box 310 Swhelt, B.p.,, ,-,2:J.^...^. ,_.. ,  V0N3Atf  WEST SECHELT view home,  2 bdrm, 2 t>athF family room  ���&lr. Electric heat plus 2 freestanding FP, $295. ��85-5487  before 3 p.m. Avail. Jan. 1..  ���.).���' 4503-7  inyyAMA*  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  !  I  I  I  'J  I  -lJ  1'  CLASSIFICATION  *���r I ,"-r������ t������r������r*-*T���T~~ T*"*]**** ~  /  $2*5  60'  60'  60'  .*.��..,  Addroi*   'p.  ���\;\  ��i  ���:if\  -\,.  .llf,','^^'! I I  'I'oifal'CoiU  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  1 I  I  I  I  I  .,'!".  I  I  I  I  .,,1 :  I  I  I  I  I  I  8  I  I  I  I  r  1  APARTMENT for  2417 OF 886-9636.  rent, 886-  4507-7  LARGE   furnished   home,  waterfront, 3 month. Jan.-  Mar. 885-2766. 45104  1 BDRM ' cottage Madeira  Park    area.   ,, Recently  renovated. 880*7901.'  4513.   4  2 BDRM  HOUSE; finished  bsmt,   appliances,   w-w  carpet, drapes, $300,per mo.  885-5555. ,    1 451ftfn  CX)ZY 2 BR older house.  Granthams. Part, bsmt  could be studio or workshop.*  Fridge, stove, beautiful vlow  , Koata Island, Gibsons Harbour. AvAll. Jan1. 1, $235. 886-  older home  ft. recently  out���  Heatilator FP, oil furn., insulation thruout. Sheltered  anchorage out front. Some  cash to FP of $19,500. Take  over leasfe dnlot. 885-3737.     ,  .-;..���. .;:������._.,:���.:,���1... _4524-7.-;-  SELMA PARK. 5 yr. old 3  bdrm home, FP, w-.w, no  bsmt. Lg. enclosed back yard;  Price mid'forties:* .Will list in  79.885-9328.   yjA 35214:  Cars and Trucks  X'"      ���   ���'   \ x   1'     , ���  ���,;,,', '��� '",l  '66 MUSTANG 289 V8 auto.H  Radio. 2 extra rims with,  mounted  snow  tires,   good'  running order, $960 obo. 885-  3417,885-3310.,, 44374  '74 VEGA Hatchback, auto/  new palrtt, $950. 885-2030.  44444        ��� ���    ' '.   ������ ,       .';  '76 METEOR, 42,000 mil, ps,  pb. * showroom cond.  886-  9960; 4499-6  CHRISTMAS present for  Mom. 1977 Silver, Grand  Prix. Ps, pb, ��w.i tapodeck,  bckt seats, low mileage. 883-  9261. 44014  3, PUPPIES    ready   for  iChristmas. 886-9253 or 885-  y5. 4477^  Lost  1 KING SIZE mattress, ex.  cond., $100; 1976 Harley  Davidson FS 175, exc. cond.,  $850; Franklin FP with screen  grill tools, eVcond., $200. 886-  9409. '      45174  snows, mounted on late  model Volvo rims. Little used,  $70 firm. 885-2889 aft. 5 p.m.  35224  SMALL APPLIANCES  ���    -at  BIG CITY PRICES    '  MACLEODS  Sechelt  *-       .4481-3  , =>  .2 USED SUMMER tires F:  78x15, $20 cash_peiLpair;_  new solarayTieat  DRESS  MAKING  by    ;  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  Call  886-7916  after 5:00 p.m.  , p\  "L  massager-.*f  with heat rrat, sz 12" wide 31"  long, $40.885-9049. 35254  ^TELEVISION ^14"    B&W  portable, like new, $50. 885-  3494. 45064  RED SPORT Yak with patch  on bottom. Seat at stern.  Also a 12' aluminim boat. Lost  from Welcome Beach.  Reward. 885-2886 or 885-3649.  -������ ��� :----'-45334-  -3ET.L���STTTOWELir 35m  manual slide projector &���  trays, good con., $35.883-9118.  45084-  Found  IpAIR   OF   lady's   bifocal  glasses,    At    Langdale  parking lot. 885-5786.     35234  ���   For Quick Iteiultfi        :..,  U��oTlmoiAdbrlof��l   '  FOR SALE  3. bdrms upstairs, full  basement w/rec rip ar\d 'e^tra'  bdrm downstairs. Good view  In Selma Pk. Nicely fand-  scaped and fenced. .  Reduceid, to $49,90,0  885-3855  Y Woodburn Stoves  &FuelLtd.  Wood stoves by Fisher,  Lakewood, Sedore Valley,.  Comfort .9nt^_ -Fljiell^ay.^  Di'strib'u'fo?T~'Tn "Western  Canada of the Kerr Scotsman  and Kerr" Titan wood fired  boiler. Dealers Inquiries Invited. Northern Heqtliher-and  Shaw Zero Clearance.  Wood/oil furnace's. Insulated  pipe, accessories' and fittings  110 fell   Ave.,  North , Vqncovver   .  987-0811  $2206 DN $29,000  Beach access, 2  bedrooms, family-  size kitchen, 85 x 115  level lot, newly  decorated & wall to  wall;        '      .  OWNER  885-3742  ���71 TOYOTA,  aft. 3 p.m.  $125.  885-5634  45094  EKYBODrS DOING IT!  7701 or 086-7567  4516-7  Nowly decorated two bdrm  sulto In Loweir Gibsons, Appliances included, bright and  cheery with beautiful view of  the harbour, $225 jpef month,  Phono Mr, Domon  orMr.wolls  CENTURY WEST      . ���  REAL ESTATE  �����  45214  CRESCENT, Apart  '&"3 fxlr;  ,    .   Iiml,  cnMoylslon. stovo, frldgo. flixw  ''MAPLE  '' mdiitfl.Tl,' J!  R6as,   ifont.  '74 DATSUN 710. Qdod cond.,  needs trunk wgrk, can bo  seen at S.C. Motors,  Mechanical section, (112) 738-  4427. $950 firm. 45114  '74 FORD window van, rebuilt  I  trans. 2 mo. ago, $2,500 obo.  A/\obile Homes  .   i r--ii-       ii     ,i r 'I11* i.       i ���    i t  12 x 48* 2 bdrm Mbdullno,  $7,000 no dp; 12 x 68 ��bdrm  Gendall, $10,400, no dp. 920-  1024 aft, 0130 p.m.       4700-tfn  L&M. Radiators, 1449  Charlotte Rd��� N, Van, Mx  5334. Automotive & Industrial  coollufiidpeclallstfl, Pick up &  (lollvory c��n bo arrangodr-Cnll"  now for fast, economical  Borvlco,' , ' N4024-tfn  04X12 SET UP In court, $0,500  Obo. 000-9012 aft. 0 or  5?36.,.' .���'���.     4528-7  And they sure are htippy>about it!  Wfttlt are they doing? Why, they're  redding fhfe TIMES.. .lopking for anew  home fc>r car or job or washer or  i . '  bicycle. 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Motorcycles  W*\ mTm m* *m im tm m. m. m* m*m* tm m m mt *m m.tm *mifai*mim*mM**mmmmtwm , ;.{M)u-8471 OIJ BflffV^lO.  , 4430-4  HONDA motorcycle SL70,  1074. good cond,, $200 obo:  i��|0-2407,J6rry.      ,     44^5-4  /��� <  i.x  i  "1  .'  I      ���** <#    om p^f*  \AX,I  4  1,7  w*��4 i  t  rt 4  *"**"* >��* "��***���*   '  V  xyykx  ���ii ���!. ..,.y:.,.-.v..��jS)>'"'."OT.v-,  ���    *>  ,7'**         *;��*���.'  -������   -: t-V,��*  :TT~7 ^������������'"���'"  :''J>.  v'_', _'_.'.'^���"^,- -"'/"-'    ���*  t>  '������- �����,���  ���   ���';  "'   .   t  , e  ���i '���'  a  ,��#  +-AZT^y'  ,.  .*���  I.' \  V  ;.-4ii.;_v,.  J'"ii3l3"'  V-.-.  jWedn&aay^edein^  PiigeA"8  ��      Se Pellicula Times-  it .!������ "%>*  5>\/;t'"  xm\  ..,'.S.4'-.Ji.  I  ^1-*^  :0ifkSimi'  tyl'Xx-A'.i'-  -i 'fiXfl  'W'XA'if^  r!s'i*-u*kiffl  y U^UyMi  ��y,t    r  ,;^<>>*pg*v*ij  : ��� ������' "���������kmm  Q  ^?,  -��  I'  ���^^^^m\m\\\m\m^m\^^^^rmm\^*\^^m\mmm^m***^*^*^mm^^m^~^m���w .. ^ i^^^^^M^^^ ^  and <j4  ���/tOUg  Aica/if  .v Ij  ^fianfe ijou |o/t you/tftitaage to tfie {last ten months -  ~~^wT\^  Sechelt  ^  uMe/t/ty Ctetmas and  and a good selection; <^ ,77 "*  Siieniiig "rjbotuiea/t  CAMPBELL'S FAMILY SHOES  & LEATHER GOODS  Sechelt  6^ itHrfewted tittetirt, fo  the heart of Sechelt  Q>s^  :2'y:.-S,7...        ,  .  77 ''���'     ..��'���'.���  ;  ,,,_.'.-....   ^            ^  ��������������� r  .'.���'#���.;'  1      ���', ���  '������)  ���';';-.                               ~  .<  ..-  '�����'  ' -                  .'���..'���                -^  ���"   ��� -  ���      '  -  IS  .'KI  ���sr^ffB-TT  '��*  HAND STORE  at the  WHITAKER HOUSE IN SECHELT  See what's on our rack  for the holidays.,  ���V  >  '������������������'��� ��� ���"���  I   r  ���Hv  Reg.'66900  how $599��  m MR 755 <  -   *-3 power settings,  * * automatic heat sensor  -X-���&~many-other~items-  ��� ���.��� ��� ��� ��� ��� "e ���  ��� �� ��� ��� ��� ��� ���>��� ��� ���,  WE SERVICE ALL  MICRO-WAVE OVENS  [KM  MICRO-WAVE OVENS  %fa&�� 1  -���^f^iL?^** *,���>���*��� ���'��������������������������������� ������  %, '  SUPER DELUXE]  Reg. *73900 /��� I  NOW  $649  00:  J.))  .���$���.  885-2568  J&C ELECTRONICS  fc ,MR 760  ?  * Safety handle  *;'Vsee through'door  *  *"1.2 cu. ft. oven,capacity  .��� ��� ���  ��� ��� ���������'.,��� '��� ��� ���  ��� ���  ���������������.  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THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING  CENTRE FOR ALL THE MEN  IN YOUR LIFE  SEASON BEST  from  MORGAN'S MEN'S WEAR  Sechelt  .s  VYEHAVE  f .V. TABLES  STEMWARE  SLEEPIH6  BAGS*  ������."gflBffliBW  \  ALL POLE  LAMPS  REDUCED  20%  FIREPLACE  SCREENS  REDUCED  10%  ai' ou/t'  Christmas Hours ���  Dec;18ri9,?0 -d'am -5:30pm  ',    Dec. 2.1, ?|r;1^J.^(l,.Pf_,v.  Dec. 23 7 9 am - 5:30 pm  "'"rtiHi'.  & 0  s��ch��it  '. i  r Hm \\ \7  * \'    .;S     i> i  -fc" <v**r "%,'.'.����� :*:i,'*aV  '������N,  TWiswitW^iWWHjmBWKttj^if *��, i(��n, jftfissflTM  WM**^��Wf^^^-i^^WHT��^Mf'>^^fl*W,i��w^ Mm^HIWi^'^^'^iflslW^^  M*p^u^WffiBfeipawS(����(Wii  W^^W^'iWss^isMaflWi^*^^^  J ,.  r"  * " *,.**  V'V.V.'  \  ,A  \   I  ^  V. ,w The iiru^ory benefits pflandr baiiking  A popular assumption is  'that    laqd    banking    by  municipal    or - provincial  governments can make the  dream of cheap land through  ^go^firnmenV^onie-true^   But the facts show that  removing land from the  private-market often increases its cost.  When   land   is   removed  Chinatown  planning  committee'  "from the tax rolls it reduces;  property tax income, and  when it is left to the  management of a��i already  unwieldy bureaucracy its  ser-vicirig-and- release -can-be-  fraught with the usual public  inefficiencies.  Removing profit incentives  from land development  destroys . much -creative  leadership and innovation in  the private sector, and the.  taxpayer must foot thg bill for  such things as transportation  inprbvementsjy > public  borrowing for development  and escalating costs. * '-  Government costs of  development are not  -significantly-different-from-a-  private develqper's costs ���  land acquisition, financing,  administration and  development plus end risk.  . The difference corned in  the search for efficiencies by  the priyate sector tygcause it  knows illusions can foster  expensive mistakes.  *i  < V 1..  ���      Two years ago City Council  appointed   the   Chinatown-  Historic    Area    Planning  Committee in response to the  strongly expressed wish of the  .\   .  "Chinatown community to have  more direct involvement and  participation inf planning,  decisions affecting th*e area.  The committee is made up  of a broad representation of  the. community, Including  merchants, property owners,  residents,  and  associations.  Fbr tha past year they have  been meeting with city  planners every month to  discuss planning matters' in  the , area ��� arid ..'revijw'  development proposals.     ���  this committee is sure to  protect the Chinatown that  has a long history In fhe city of  Vancouver ��� |t has arranged  for bilingual signs on streets  ��� exercised care that alr-  chitecturaHy."' historic  buildings vyill' be preserved  and that the atmosphere and  character of this corner: of  Vancouver will remain the  'way the cltlzcite know and  love it,  This co-operation of  planners and residents must"  M lauded for the benefits  iwicriilnfi to the city as a  whole. ' ��  A basic   >  economic  Merry  Christinas  mm  (Be happy   ^fmmm^^\Wm<^%^i,yM^^%^^  and' full of   .-*  good cheer now and throughout the holiday season.  K. BUTLER RLTY.  Pender Harbour Realty Ltd  \,  I  i '   u  L,:,X,.i'A\��l,lK,^^Sfbl'.i  w  s'   Government cniyt glvo us  ;' \ any tiling witliouf depriving, jui  of something olaol Noted  . i* ������ ��� econojiilflt, author, editor nnd  coliimnlHt of tho Now York  Times, Henry Hazlitt, makes  this point flijcl urges all con-  ptlliKHjtfi   to   looH   ovotyV  1'.ijovcrnmont gift-horso In tlio*  moi|th by nsklnK tho qucHtlon,  i> ."INSTOAUWWHAT?"  Yqu may bo told1 ypu got  (i\ich-mid'Hucli benefit but ���'  ','. what In tho cost? Ah Mr.  Ilnzlltt Hny��, In order to glvo  PuuUa family4^,000 worth of  free hoimlng, ti\a govornmon^  :;,, ejAOTU#YB>ltf -.rhtfXtKZxMy ��� ���'  (rorn Poter'H fntjiiily In Homo  '������ form of taxes. ���   ���  .    ���Even,.l,aul,.Uft8.,to-pttj<t,,  l>V'0mino an iiddltlpnal U\k Jowl,  'will vvontiiaily uccrUo to him'"'  <*     to |>ay flnlnrlcs (or additional  biuoHiicrnta w admlnlsto^'  now; proj^flnw.  .[,.,*,.r-> ���' *"V "���"'","' r  view   on- landscaped    lot.   Large  workshop & equipment storage area in  back.    Ideal- location   for,   builder/--  contractor. $69,500. ���" ���   ,"'    "-���  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x _44'  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq fl  addition. On 2/3+ acre lot. $28,-500.  EN BAY ��� 3 BR split level home,  1977. 6 appliances^ 2 sundecks,  cap^oct.   Excellent view.  Landscaped  i-waterfront   lease* lot.   $35,000.  GARDEN   BAY��� 4 BR-home  on   1  Isvels. Electric heat. Landscaped. Close  b stores-&-marinas. $50,000,  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE ��� 3 BR home on *  5�� acres. Fruit trees, .garden. View  over lake. $77,500.  IRVINES LANDING ��� 3 BR view home/  stone fireplace, ensulter6 appHances.  Close to marina. $75,000. One car taxi  business available with above fpr  additional $10,000.  -   . _ ���/*  GARDEN BAYJSTATES ��� 3 BR view*  home,       thermopane       windows,  '  fireplace, w/w 3 bathrooms. Easy walk'  to stores. PO & marinas'. $67,500.  CLAYDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY '��� 3  BR view home, full basement, built  1975. CJose to marina. $88,000.  WATI  T LOTS & ACREAGE  LOTS AND ACREAGE  ���ai^nwj^M.. ��*...,  *  __      LOTS  FRANCIS PENINSULA- .   1. 132 ft W/F in Pender Harbour, 1.8  "acres, deep moorage. $50,000,  2. 83 ft W/F adjoining above 1.22��  acres. $36,500  3.70' bluff waterfront, view over  Bargain Harbour. Asking $21,500 but  opien to offers.  ,   '"'���     t..  4. 220*�� ft low bank sheltered  waterfront. 1.24 treed acres. $48,000:  11.6 ACRE ISLAND ��� 3 BR furnished  panabode, float. Water" & hydro.'  SK-5J0QIL- ���_ __   LOTS  I.MADEIRA  PARK  $7,000-$22,000.  BROOKS CQVE ��� 194' waterfront,  access by trail (1000' from parking),  septic inrhydro,ft water, $25,000,  W&TMtRE BAY ��� i,400itf ft  waterfront on 4;8 treed acres, hlice  beach Ond rocky point, Water access  only. $47,500.    ,������������,������  ������?  ACREAGE .../������,���������' ���  S:S*T. VINCENT BAY ��� 365�� f) \vater:  -front;   ��.71   acres,  ^water   access.  $2^5ob.        "������,;���.  ,.,:. EARLS C6VE.-r- 5.57 acres, ,450��; ft  sheltered waterfront adjoining ferry  terminal. $125,000, ,   '���    ���  serviced   lots.   2rFRANCIS-PENINSUL-A~s-ervice-dTotsr  ��    $9,000-$24,000.  3. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view  lots.  '$12,900-$21,250.  4.. SANDY- HOOK   -r-   view   lot   on  .Porpoise Drive. $10,500. :   '  5,'PENDER LAKE .PROPERTIES -i-  Sinclair Bay Road. Serviced lots, most  with view, three with lakefront, Priced,  from $10,000 to $37,500.  6. MOBilE HOME LOTS ��� seven lots,  serviced "With hydro & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis* Peninsuld.  $11,000-$! 2,750.  /. BARGAIN HARBOUR _ 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.  8.. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 8 nice  building lots at corner of Cochrane and'  Cameron'.tRoads. $11,000-$! 3,000;  Ip. FRANCIS   PENINSULA   ROAD  Serviced lot; low pHce-$7^00,  m*m,mM- *********  To vou urul your family .oiir jyn^crq, ,^,  ^ K^iilifcft.S^a ftbmo Wsedljy alfchc"joys ���  ..      of the holiday .season. Happy Viile!       . ���     ,  ��------^W>N^O^OHN��-OBOIWe*CARt*Mr*:-----  MMhXt  OIBSONS  JUNCTION ISLAND ��� ST., VINCENT BAY  Beautiful 18,75^b acro Island In Jorvls Inlet with numorous good building  , sites, oxcollont sheltered moorago artd several coves, WaJLtreed with fir,  cedar, arButus ~- somo merchantable timber, Oyster bMllfflhly )5 minutes  rtdo by fast boat from Eqrl^Covo or,E^rjnb'nt. $120,000,  '���W  ACREAGE  ' 1, Silver San^s ���, l.Bdb ,acres, Gulf  vlewi 10 x 50' furnished mobile home,  small cabin. $45,000,,  2, Silver Sands ��� 1.6*�� acres'. Gulf  view, furnlihed 12 x 60 tnoblle home.  Ad|oins above property, $45,000.  3, Klefndalov��� S-k acres pn Hwy 101.  $21,000. *   ! ,      ���  4, Nfear R��by Lake ��� 8,39 acros onr  |fwy 101. $25,000,  5, NedPMadelra Park ��� 15 afcres,  2150�� ft on Hwy, 101. $44,000.     ',  6, Kleindale ~ 23.7 acros, some  merchantable timber, Lots of trees for  building a log house. $��0,000,        v  7. Francis Peninsula ~ l,8dh acres;  comei1) of of v Warnock and Francis  .Ponlrtsula Roads. $17,500.  8. KLEINDALE ��� 1,6�� acres, with  creek, acrpss Hwy; 101 from P'ender  Harbour  Secondary  School,  $80,000  9. WARNOCK ROAD '��� level lot,  almost one acre. Good soil, selectively  cleared, $24,000*. V  1Q. MIDDLE, pblNT ���' 2,9 treed acres  on Hwy, 101 with 949-f sqft 2 BR home  with carport, Drilled woll. $3,9\500.  11. GIBSONS ��� 8,75 acres Wvel farm  land on! PI'atti Road, with oldor homo, "  barn.and storago shed. $55,500,   ',  f  riEs!  i  WATERFRONT HOMES  . ^JL '  UKEFR0NT PROPERTIES  SAKINAW LAKE ���1300^ ft lakofront, D.t, 3250 ��� botwoon Sakinaw ft Ruby  24jtj atros, 4 BR furrilshod panabodo, Lakes,   1500* ft oh" Sakinaw Lako,  float, $105,000. '  crook. Hallowoll Rd onds at proporty.  ���     ���   X   , $115,000.  , .?UDY l/^ijj-^S^ijrood acr����, closo .to...,..,..,,  , 2.,^ ,7'X ,, ��� ���  public lako access, $19,800, , RUDY LAKE ��� 400tfc fl lakofrontago,  ���   5^; trood,acroi, rodd accoss, $49,500,  CARTERS LANDING - Sakinaw tako,  r24,oa3 defos',.13503B ft lakofront, road  , houso, crooK, $135,000,  GARDEN BAY ESTATES'��� 5 BR homo,  HOSPITAL BAY r~ 2 BR homo on flOdbfi     ., ,full basomont,1997 sqft on maln.floor,  L ���'- '-"-**"���� ' ���-!   Built    1976.    Soparato    700    sq    ft  workshop, On 122*fc choice watorfront  lot with ramp ft flo'ot, $10Q,Q0(V  '���      "     \                   '      "  ���', ���; ���- "  - -���" '���'������'��� i ���'.���"������"���" .': "' ',  GARDEN BAY--spacroiV'3 BR homo   ,  on 1,16 acrosson Claydon Road, On .  93-f-   ft  watorfront   with  floaf   and  boathoimo, $130,000,'  r^  iMi'^Of'^^^CC  P^pp ' <J^RAt%^BAY;-^^^C|^:;p,lt W/ftyil'i7���'%!,��� ,'nv,^.^,^i.y,-i  Y**"- acWs^'BR'homi'with'flropaco/^'BR,'- "<���'  ' :'"��� ���"," 7"  I  *** x>:w<t  HASSANS STORE'-* Prancls Porvljisula: , ��� MADEIRA'PARK - vacant store bldg,   > ���   cottofl*,' dock �� llopt; $150,000.  tumoral store, 3 BR rosldtnco, ronta!      acjlolnlng living qunr|i��ri. Pno. ocro  houso, Onjl, 18�� acros with 16B�� ft'     with 104'frontagoo^AHadoIraPork Rd "     '    ,, " ' i  plus cosh lor stock, , , .    , '.   i       ���  3ta,|ai,.||ptw.hiT.,mmpBig��ag����aay^^  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149 OLU or JEAN SLADEY, 883 2233  mmSm  wbmimwmwmlmwmm  \k"7  "/*''   . s        ��� ,'i'f ���'   ><������   ������..'���*&���  mkmmim  \   ~.j.���  mp  mmmmmm*  mmmtmmmmmm  .lywtA'iWii-'i;  :��� <  7 'I  , ',.,/   Il.m,,'.   ..,  ^'7^47iia,  p-'i -  <.  -.  * ~~  y  '^fii-��p.  I.       -   , -��   , .    r/.li  J1 I  '\'  ,-��nlM(����r^jfciH#, ���  I     '     " ���<�����"��  1^-  S.t  J  !\ L  ��    p       V'.'V'a"/  I ."  \J-  V-"^ -���~ ���'-*������  A  'i-1  '���rr-  *i��i  **Tf .vfclMi/- (ln^fa*wui'. i(-b  I  .mm m *.*.!*  '\ "  I  r        ,,,��>*,     P,   ,  I       I  ^i*.*,     ���*Wfppeiim ip****  ,    ���..  ].  i     , i K  V,(..,'.^      >     r        ,.   ,,   I  \,,J...$fc'X  ��   I  '*'������'/  7'    \y7  \     *  '*��  ��������� 1  hy *  7  7      I.  >    )  ��� *. ��� I A"  7''\ ���-,  p'p'V  ���A, '   ..( ....'., ������*���*���  ,r:|  i  :". x  \Xi:y.: r-ry  ��� 11   \  ../'; if  > '-�����.  7  7.  XU���-:f  ���\  -yi=z  .A   ������  ?  "mA  lj'  PageB-2  ie Peninsula Times'     Wednesday, December 20; 1978  )  Geprge Townsend 885-3345  Doug Joyce-  Bob Bull  885-2761  885-2503  Jack Anderson 885-2053  Stan Anderson  885-2385  WEST SECHELT: 9.5 acres of good farm land.  Has new 4 bdrm ranch style home. 2 ponds  supplied'by spring water with approx 4  acres cleared, balance has some timber. All  services on'paved rd."2 miles from Sechelt  _centr.e^-Thi��-proper-ty-has-mony-potentiat  uses.  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Offlco Box 1219, Sechol(%  Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016  GIBSONS:    2    1/2    acres    with  modern 3 bdrm basement home.  Oil fired hot water heating, two  . fireplaces, rec rm and many other  _ features!-Approx'  1    1/2'acres  cleared and in  lawn with  fruit  _ trees and shrubs, excellenfsoilr  ~ FP-$68;00C  ROBERTS CREEK: 3 bedroom home  on 1:67 acres. Spacious open plan  of 1320 sq ft. Has ensuite off of  .master.bdrm. Home has family  room & utility. Redifced,  drastically in price for immediate  sale. FP $48,000.  6+ ACRES-jON REID ROAD:  Mostly cleared, some fruit trees 8  "yFround creek. Property mostly  fenced, front yard landscaped S~  in lawn. House is very large.2300  sq ft, 2" fps, several sets of  plumbing. Kitchen & LR have been_.  completely remodelled. South  slope, all usable land. PP $85,000.  ROBERTS  CREEK: - Brand   new ' 3  bdrnr___hqrne. jmmediate  possession_=3-_pick_ _youF~owrr  carpets. Try your offer to $46,000.���*-  WlST SECHELT: Almost nevy 1136  sq ft 3 bedroom home. Excellent  construction featuring wood  'ceilings, skylights in bath room &  entry & large private sundeck in  area of new homes. Basement  has laundry, workshop and rec  room. Level, treed lot on sewer-  Asking $59,000.  t��80_sq_fi_oi  ROBERTS-CHEEK  bdrm   home   situated   in   a   quiet  residential area. Full basement, 12 x  30   sundeck,   cement   driveway   &  sunken living room. Priced to sell at  $65,000.  PENDER HARBOUR: Madeira  Castle ��� unique home~fbr value &  location. 2800 sq ft with  breathtaking- view,- -Decor--in'-'  eludes- original���murals, sunken  gold bathtub & extensive cedar  work. Double windows  throughout,and easy to heat. FP  $72,000.  REDROOFS: New waterfront 3 bdrm  home -witt- expansi.ye__yiew  "5f  Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island.  Features shake roof, stainless steeP  "Shaw" fireplace & shylight. Treed  lot. Priced at only $67,500.  .j *  i-.:  WATERFRONT WEST SECHELT: Pebble  beach with .your owrf road right lo  water. - 3 bdrms, 3 complete  bathrooms, recreation room, wine  cellar*and lots of extras. View from  all living areas. "One of the better  waterfront homes on the coast.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Walk to shopping.  Large kitchen with lots of "cupboards,  _utjjijyjroom, two-bedrooms, carporf,  level "lot. '$46,000. "'      ~"~~  REAL VALUE - SECHELT VILLAGE ��� 3  bdrm, 1150 sq ft, fireplace, deluxe  carpet & fixtures, sliding dr to patio &  workshop. Large laundry rm.  Property is nicely treed., Haftdy  location. Close ~ to boat launch.  Asking $43,500^ terms.  ,',    *���&  _VILLAGE.'-Surf���Circle,���5-  bdrms (2 in <-bsmt). Home has 2  fireplaces] heatilator in bsmt bdrm, 2  baths, rec rm, lge laundry S  workshop. Home has shake roof,-  concrete driveway, c'port- & "lge  sundeck. Landscaping mostly done.  Many more extras. Close to schools &  shopping. FP $54,900.    *...  SECHELT VILLAGE: Comfortable  single bedroom home, ideal for  starter or retirement. Good size  living -room with Franklin. 7x14'  -greenhouse and large steel shed.  Vendor would consider carrying  1st or A/S ��current interest  rates. Asking $33,900.      v  CLOSE TO BEACH HALFMOON BAY: 4  -bdcm.(one in bsmt) home on large lot  close to beach, boat launching,  schools & store. l/50th interest in  waterfrcJnt lot. Carport, sundeck,  landscaping done. Owner must sell,  bring offer to $45,500.  ...--:.-, a        _,.      9   WEST SECHELT: Spanish split level  home, near new-with-al|-tho-extra.  features. Double carport, workshop,  3 batbs, 4 bdrms, 2 fireplaces, bay  window & a formal dining area. Good  level lot afford; a view from the 2nd  floor. Tile roof. 2288 sq ft at only  , WEST SECHELT: New 4 bedroom with  finished basement in area of new  h'omOs.. Features include largo kltchon & nook, ..fireplace,, basomon.t  flue (pr stove, finished rec room In  basement, carport; sundeck and a  lovel easy to landscape yard, Priced  right at' $54,900,    .       ,    ,  HOMES  WEST SECHELT: 900 sq ft 2 bdrm  homo" on 6-lot that Is 62x205'. Needs  some minor repairs and landscaping*  Priced   to   soil   Immediately   at'  $33,900.  $72,500.  SEMI-RETIREMENT BUSINESS GOING  CONCERN $74,500 FULL PRICE TWO  ...LAUNDROMAT .LOCATIONS.  Both of these sites are ideal for year-  round steady trade. 14 washer & 12  dryers in one location,. 7, dryers and  14 -washers In 2nd location.\ All  equipment In top condition. Stores  are clean, and "newly decoroted.  , Grpss revenue approx $2800 per  month. For further Information call J.  Anderson or Bob Bull 885-3211,  Vane. 684-8016,  ��� REDROOFFS AREA: Wlldwpod Rdit125,x 200' level lot, very  ea?y, to build on, Beautiful evergreens, Priced for Immediate  salo at $U,0QQv T\        , .','��� . X  '     "       .,,.������'  A\  UPPER ROBERTS CREEK: lOJpcrbs of land, 4000 sq ft building  with .3 bdrm near-now homo of 2376 sq ft aluminum clad,  fully Insulated building. Building Is all wlco^'for 220 power  and could havo many uses, Concroto floor, cloar span.FP  $09,900. ,;        ,-,."���"' 77 ry, ��� '������>��. ���,:        '   ��� ���  ���,    ..' " 3 . ,    i-V '  .        i.    ' .'���  ,-,    r v:, in.'tZ. ���" ;:',':"," "������.     .  DAVID.rAY MOTEL: 10"s(c. units plus owner's homo, 4 lots  fronting on Highway 101 & beaph,' 351.47' frontage, Largo  workshops, storqgo. Solllnn undoranso's^odvalue,'$225,000.  Terms, '     ..''���'   '���'!'   ''   ",, ���.7"']ik'[')    ��� <  I  DAVIS BAY VIEW H9ME1 060 sq It 2 bdrm homo with appllancos, All wall to wall carpot. Cozy ftlnoxponslvo to hoat.  Concroto drlvoway and parking slab, Fir ROad location, FP���  $43,500,, forms.  8 ACRE VIEW COUNTRY ESTATE:, 3  bedroom, 1400 sq ft> full basomont  homo with spacious livlng-dlnlng  room. Fireplaces up arid down plus  extra flue In basement. Open  staircase to rec room, extorsive  codar work Insldo and good kltchon,  cupboards, Largo carport with  storago and 22 x 45' swimming pool;  Approx 3 acros landscaped lawn,  Orchard, fishpond, yoar round croelj,  organic garden, groonhouse and  complete privacy, f? $90,000,  LOTS  SECHELT WATERFRONT: Two lots on Boyfovard Sf, 7,0' x 129'.  Each (rood & Soworod, Asking $40,000 por lot.\  ROBERTS CREEKi Largo trood, sorvlcod lot closo/to boach ft  golf courso. Qulot aroa, mobile homo pormlttod/ FP $1,1,900.  REDROOFFS: 4 side by sldo vlow lots, oach 1.18 acros with  100 foot road frontage, Excollont buys at full prlco $15,000  oach.  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME! a coiy, noar now 792 sq ft 2  bodroom homo closo to tho boach at Chapman Crook. No'  stairs, oloctrlc hoat, doublo glazing, Govornmont prepaid  ,, loaso hos 19 .yoarslo^run.FR $32,000, ,.,,���,..,:....',,..,,.,�����....,,.,,   ROBERTS CREEKi A flno building lo��72 x 105', cloio to,boach  access Proporty Is sloping to tho south, Pqvod road, Asking  $15,000, , I  Offices jat: .  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  -G^hsonsl.  Toll Free: 682-1513  Phone  886-2234  AND UND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R. 2, Gibsons, B.C., VON 1V0  Offices at:  DENTAL BLOC!*' ,:  Gibsons X~^ _  Toll Free 682-1513  Phone  886-2277  CONVEYANCING   -   REAL   ESTATE   CONSULTING    -    APPRAISALS    -   MORTGAGES-NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  DAVIS & SHAW. ROAD: A Gold Medallion  four bedroom family home. Three'levels of  luxurious living. Four bedrooms, two  bathrooms, two hot water tanks. Family  ���rgqm,_recjgom and utility. Double glazed  windows ' and separate entrance to  basemeHtT$-57,000T A  140.2 ALDERSPRING ROAD: Two storey  home on quiet - cul. de sac with view  overlooking Gibsons Harbour. Three  bedro6ms on main floor. Fully furnished  suite on ground floor. Completely fenced  ~"��n"d"Trrlawn. 06se"T6""p"arkrtBTiriis-courts-and-  -shoppingr $47;500;   PARK,ROAD: Three bedroom home on 5  acres in Gibsons. Property on both sides are  also for sale making a total of 15 acres  available for future development. A good  holding property, $79,500.  FORBES S THOMPSON ROAD: Excellent  home. Very attractive brick front.; Extra  insulation. Three bedroom, full basement  dining room. Two fireplaces. $65,000.  PARK<>_8_ -REID ROAD: Spacious home  featuringjtiree bedrooms. Living room and  dining room. Large kitchen. Basement has  .separate suite and large 36 x 13 garage. 20  x 14 rec room. $56,000.  ,  - ��� 1  JOHNSON ROADi:' New homo under con-_  struction. The ideal time to purchase is right  now, so-you can choose'your-colors.-three  bedrooms, dining room, family room and  utilityTroom. Garage. $48,500 LIL.    , .  1760 SCHOOL ROAD: Cozy, comfortable 4  'bdrm older home on large-lot, Conyenlently  located between Upper and Lower Gibsons.  Several fruit trees, Zoned for multiple  dwelling. Excellent starter home and a good  >pd holding propffr^y. $fl  CRUCIL ROAD: Big Family?"Then this four  bedroom, two bathroom home could be the  home you're looking for. Full basement with  rec room, utility and royghed-in plumbing.  Intercom inside and out. Large sundeck over  carport. This home is-located -on- a cjujet-  "CRUCIL ROAD:-Bright and spacious three-  bedroom family view home in excellent  condition located within easy walking  distance to schools and shops. Large kitchen  with built-in dishwasher and ^indirect  lighting. Two fireplaces. Huge "recreation  room. Lots of extra space in daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  workshop. $58,900.  .CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Roberts Creek.  Excellent two bedroom Starter or  retirement home in quiet subdivision only 4  miles to Gibsons. Home is on (o, nicely  landscaped lot and only one block to level  beach. Some viewZ-OmlbeLpurchased for  under. $2000' down and with such low  payments   there- is. no   reason-to   rent.  $37,000" .. ��� .;- ~  SHAW.RpAD: Incredible potential. Ranch J  style two- bedroom homer-, completely ���  remodelled. 16 x 12' master bedroom, I  fireplace, bequtifully landscaped and I  fenced grounds. Evergreen hedges add -to |  the seclusion and privacy of this hobby, fa nrvj  with three outbuildings. But that's not all! I  The'property is 5 acres with spectacular 1  view from over half the property. Fronts on ���  Shaw Road with Stewart Road dedicated on j  the view face. Zoned Rl in the Village of J  Gibsons. $79,900. I  ���>.,ij  secluded view lot, yet convenient to the  Village of Gibsons. Special price. $56,000.  FRONTAGE RD: Langdole. Something  special! Spaciot)s,__deluxe family'home in  quiet area on a-fabulous view lot with attractive" landscaping and rock walls. For  extra comfort and convenience there are  thermo windows throughput, efficient not  LANGDALE:���This non-basement Langdale  three "bedroom view home features extensive use q^ granite on exterior, and huge  walk around fireplace. Modern kitchen has  solid walnut cabinets-and buitPin dishwasher. A garage and workshop round out  the picture. $49,500.   .  COCHRANE- ROAD:   Six   bedrooms,   four  bathrooms, large livingroom with fireplace.  :On_full_basement_wifh_unfinJshed_rec.roojn._  "Rot" wdfer~heat;r Two^sundecksr-AIF  JOE ROAD: Roberts Creek: This is a well- I  kept three bedroom family home in'a treed |  setting of 1.55 racres. Home features large |  recVoom in the basement plus cTspare room -j  which could be a 4th bedroom and Idts "pf \  storage 'Space.' Separate dining room.-ri  $53,900..  CHAMBERLIN" ROAD: Executive home on  acreage over 2 TOO square feet of floor  area. Two fireplaces, formal living room  and dining room. Family room and eqting  area. Double attached garage all on 4.38  acres. Unreplaceable at $97,500.  ^hard-  woodffoors. On 67 x 172tot ohly two blocks  from the ocean. This house requires some  finishing and can be yours for $55,000.--  GOWER   POINT   &   HEAD   ROAD: J.ovely  spacious (approximately 1300.square feet) '  two  bedroom  home,   features   heatilator  fireplace, 1-1/2 bathrooms, huge family rec  water/heating, air conditioning, intercom,  JenivAIr range, huilt-in oven and dish^  washer, expensive light fixtures, 200. amp  service, 'and many more fine features.  Located close to school and within easy'  walking.-distande to ferry terminal. All this  for the price of $84,900.  HILLCREST RD: Cozy-two bedroom home on  50 x "268 lot.*Cleared'with large evergreens  in the back. Close to schools and shopping.  $28,500.  room, all hardwood floors except for kit-  chen and re'p foom. Situated on large corner  spectacular view lot,100x 130 x 109 x.112.^  .Very reasonably priced at $49,500.  HAN BURY ROAD: Panabode home featuring  staifTgtoss wipdowsT^skylights, and shake  roof situated on 12 acres inRoberts Creek.__  Flume Creek - runs through middle of  property which includes A-frame' guest  , cottage and 16 x 1.6 workshop^ with 220  wiring. Partially cleared and fenced with  vegetable garden. $67,500.   ROBERTS-CREEK: Aitiori_ddve��hcough-park^BL_  like area then over your own creek and H  "behold a two bedroom home nestled on the B9  edge of approximately two acre clearing in f/^  pasture and gardens with sunny south BB  slope. Wooded area to west rounds out the H  total of 5 acres. One of o kind offered _at �����-  $80,000.  ii. j*  LOTS  CREEKSIDE SARK ESTATE: -  NortFTRoad in Gibsons. Now selling building lots; single wide mobile home lots, double  wide mobile home lots, all serviced with sewer etc. 2 blocks from schools, shopping  centre, transportation*to Vancouver. Good flat"land, nicely treed, and all for $10,900,  with a $500 building bonus if you build within one year. Come in'and discuss a plan for'  oneof these units for os little ai5.%down/ ���'   ,..."   i,: ��� .   ���   ���'        C~~~   ..    "',-   : '" "���������  PRATT ROAD:. Hobby' Farm. 2 bedroom  home with all appliances, ready for you to  mo$e in. Although the horses do not go, the  -3-stallbarn-with tack room, grooming area  & loft does. Hen house & laying hens.included. Large corral at the "rear of the  property. Fully landscaped with trees &  shrubs. All this on 1.16 acres with subdivision potentiql. $44,900.  BURNS-RD: Good building lot 65 x 130, on  flat land in Gibsons Village. Four bldcks  from Post Office, stores and transportation.  Lightly treed. Three blocks from ocean. All  services available. $11,000.  :  FAIRVIEW RD: Nearly 4/facre of flat easy  to build on landi Mobile homes are allowed.  Large   cedar   trees   provide   privacy   and_  enhance this setting. Close to Cedar Grove  School, $11,900.  PAVIDSON RD: 2/5 ,of an .acre With a  fantastic.vie^,from Langdale Ridge.This lot  has a smoll creek on the very back of the  property.' All,new homes In -this area.  $14,900. '...',  TUWANEK: 80 x 140 lot oniy one block to  beach. Full view of the Inlet. Piped community water available. $9,900,  GOWER PT RD at 15th; 1/2 ocre waterfront  view lot. Building slto has been excavated  and.soptlc tank-and field In and approvod.  Stoop to boach but has walkablo path In.  Hydro and water In. $29,500.'  PRATT RD: Noar Codar provo School. This  bt'ls cloarod and roady to build on. Mature  rult troos dot this 76 x.l 25 lot, $ 13,500,  1      ' ,      " ' I ' ,  COCHRANE RD: Gqod building lot,;65 x 130,  Close to shopping and tho ocoaty, SoWor  easement of 10' on s,e, side of tho lot,  ,$12,5Q0.  PORPOISE DRIVE,SANDY HOOK: Lorgo lot  approxlmatoly 122 x III with 34 x 140  panhandlo ontranco, Nlco lovol building  slto, Excellent vlow, ONLY 40 FEET FROM  THE WATER. You must soo |hls lot to fully  appreciateaho valuo, $12,000,  CHASTER ROAD-.Nicely treed building lot In.  area of new homes. Size 67 X 123. $9,900.'  ,     '   ' ���     .,. :   ; .'.. ......   .  ��� '. *  ���   m ��� ���,,..; i      ,  fiEDROOFFS ESTATES: 100x250 lot on the  south side of Southwood Road. Create y6ur  own estdtoon this half acre. $10,500.    .  ELPHINSTONE AVE: $1,000,000 view.  Located, on Elphinstone Avenue at Granthams. Has lano at back. Suit two storey  home with level entry at front. $9,500.  SMITH ROAD: Good view lot 12'$ x 1&5 with  a good building' site and an unobstructed  ocean view. $14,500. .  POPLAR LANE: Good building lot on qulot  street, Close to shopping and schools. All  services Including sewor. $13,500.  1   !L ,.  '  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122 ft'lot H  with expansive view of tfoo Bay Area and m**  Gibsons   Village   is    very    well    priced. H  -$TlT500-~~~~"'"r"~"''-���^ *��� B  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Four, building lots  on Sandy Hook Road, Water, hydro and  telephone to each lot, Theso lots havo a  spectacular view ofjPorpoise. Bay and are  only 4-1/2 miles from Setholt. One priced qt  $B,900 arid tho other three at $10,000.-  POPLAR LANE: Beautiful flat building lot  with .vlow of North Shore Mountains,  Located on -the end of a quiet cuf de sac,  only 1 block to Sunnycrost MallShoppIng  Centre and schools, All services Including  sewer, Ad|acent to grass playing field,  $14,900. ' ���  ROSAMUND RD,: Throo lots to chooso from,  tloso to Codar Grovo School, $11,900,,  POPLAR LANE: Vlllago lot handy to all,  amonltlos. 65 x 135, Vary reasonably prlcod  at $8,900.      ''   ,   , \ ,  GLASSFORD RDi,This must bo tho bost buy,,  on tho,market, 63 x 160' cleared, Sowor and  wator connoctod, Culvort and fill. Roady to  btilld, $10,000,  \    ���    ' ^ - .���'    ���   p. ���  ABBS riOAD: Vlow of Bay Aroa and Georgia  Strait is yours from this beautiful lot In area  of elaborate homos. Two blocks to schools  and shopping. $18,900,  '     ' '"       ���'       ���,     ' ^  ���    f  SIMPKINS RD: Half acre vlow lot In Davis  Bayi 100 x 220' ORproxImata a|ze; A low  hundred foot to'sanay boach, school & storo.  Lovol land with a few evergreens, $16,500/  s  ACREAGE  *.i��  "AkTxxrks,  by*  MIDDLEPOlNTi 17-1/2 acros of boautlfully trood vlow  pfoporty, with 300 foot highway frontago, Zoning permits  1/2 acro lots -��� oxcollont holding property, FP, $43,000.  Torms,  REDROOFFS AREA: Aporox ono troo  Rd, Closo to beach ana boat launch  only $11,500, 1  od acro  . Fi/lly.  99' pn Rodrooffs  sorvlcod, Full prlco  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT) Easy torms r- 20V. down & tho  balanco ovor oasy paymonts on this southern oxposuro vlow  lot. Excavation and cloarlng h'avo boon dono. f P $ 12,900,  SECHELT VILLAGE;  5 acros Wasurlng  330 x s660'. Will  evontuolly hayo a vloW,Cloio to tho or��na. Try your'offorto ,  $35,000,   ^���, ,  APPROXIMATELY 3 ACRES: Tr��odf gontlo, southerly slopo, '..  260' highway frontago, Somo morchanlablo tlmbor, Hpndy  location, closto to Joo Ropd, FP $31^000. (  20 ACRES $39,500 FULL PRICE; Locatod on Highway'i&f Wost  of Rodroofl* Road, iZdnod 3 acros, nlcoly trood, accost roods  arn In, Rqal'Invostmont.'', , '  \ BUSiESS BLOCK  f ��� ��� X X ,'   '''''' ��� ', ...   ���'������*���'��� ���' -  ...  '  ' Oolntf corjtorn H��h�� good'aross/Thls-blocti^wl^roturn 64<  apod solid '1Q7. on Invoitod capital, 3 "sullos, a rostaurant'  -'and a dry cloanors q/i iopontf. Low malntonanco, Havo ac- -  -,.coss��,Som��.��r.oo.ntJor..i,��*pans.lbn.��^^  SECHELT ViUaOBi 4 Commercial lotsr<4ot thow Moro tho  prlcos rlio again I; Located on tho proposed Torodo Stroot,  main  highway  dovolopmont,  Will   bo  on  sowor   soon,  $i2B,ooo..,.,,'.   ,..    ;   .    .   . . , . .  ,  SOjJTHWOOD' ROAD; Closo, to 1/2 ocro, Lovol building lot  Hydro and regional wotor at .roqdf 'Chock 8 eortiporo,  ^actively priced at $9^450,, ,       "\  ,   *'     '  .���,.*,,.,..,, ���,,11. ...Vy, .  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT; Socholt Village . 6^5 x VW. Roady for  building, Ownor will trado as part down, payment on homo.  Valuo $11,000. , ;  WEST SECHELTi LargV~60 ��ror"(ToO~xl?5) vlow lot on  Norwost Bay Rd, Lovol ond oasy to build on. Regional wator,  cablovlslon.1,Offors lo $10,000, '  bglma parkiview tbT: Extra larcf ?0'x W mf.^cornor  p^ocallon, o?iy accpSi, Excellent vlow of TralHsland, FP  v$15,500.   >    ' ./     .  *���,   *  ���'V '���     ''' '^��i^.:.s^.��w^^x^| "'  ���WasPN CREEKi On drowning Rd, a 73 x 130' viow lot only  300' from boach, road accoss, This lot It partially cloarod and  *-f oneod, fswfytb bwtW wn A tjutot itroot ttoso To off foctlWt��ir   Ono*el;q kind, of $16.900..   ,   , , , .',:;:,.,,...,��,,��  A    ���'���"'   ���,'}' : 1  V"   >  SELMA^PARK: Prime building lotl Ovpr 150' road frontago,  Largo enough to atsuro privacy. FP $10,500,    ,  A^-X  LORRIE GIRARp       JON McRAE       ANNE GURNEY      CHRIS KANKAINEN     ARNE PETTERSEN     JAY VISSER.    DAVE ROBERTS  8867760  885-3670  886-2164  885-3545  886-9793  885-3390  886-8040  ,"  ���  1      <     V  ,1..  . �����,Ji>iAt <���*.��'*������" 1+'1  (UI  ��=  , 1  .p.-  ��i  '*��� ��W��.'.a,^.i  M 1  #t  "1.,  , '    '      T**  ��  ������  S  A'  *H   AriMfM-W- fl "*��    I  h ^~^r,., ..... m ., <*, ���^ 41., ^.J. T.tt .^*mm*vwt**iwtt/tmtprm<mtmjtftwmm**iit*mtmmwf^  *���      (  '  '< >.  "   I  v.   ,  ��� -A  \(,:  '��   \!  r   I . '   7,1  .A J' K  X I  ' \t  w^mrf��  \i    ''  "��-��-*���<.��,-  /     .     I ��  K ���'  Vi'\-\  1  "'(  ,\  'a.   ���)>'������'7  .it '  't  ? , 1  1 ���     \ ,-'  t   , ���o'    if. ��� I.   . ,-,?..  'I    ���������'.. P"'��t^~Q'  ...-a:  - ���' '   -.,.. '��- -  .->��� .-���  A-  The Garc/erh��omer^  Good sense of humus  By~Giiy Symonds  *Y-��  "The last Corner talked about the soil  and attempted to give some idea of what  makes it "tick". The vital importance of  maintaining humus was emphasized and"  the compost Heap got a bare mention.  Actually.itReserves.far more than that,  and if the last six monthsif so has riot seeiv  the build up of compost it is going to be  difficult to do much this growing season.  There are, o�� course, commercial composting agents that can be used if the  material is there, but in this gardener's  experience they actually work best in the  ~warnrweatherand-need-aHeast-sitweeks-  of careful work to get results.  . The other way to put good, humus into  the soil where organic, manures, are not  available is what is known as "green  manuring". This is simply the production  of quick growing forage crops like fall rye,  rape, vetch and the like. These are grown  of course in late summer or early fall and  long before the winter sets in will colver the  ground.with a healthy growth of green  stuff. Allowed to stay in place all winter  this prevent leaching by rainand melting  snow, retains moisture and conditionsland  soil through the development of the root  system of each jittle plant. Then it is all  dug in several weeks before planting and  sowing time. The green stuff breaks down  quickly into good humus and plant food.  There are however a couple of points to  bear in mind. First in must be buried deep  in the ground, particularly in the type of  soil generally;found on this peninsula. This  is mostly a mineral type where the organic  matter decreases in amount at the lower  levels where the root systems operate.  This entails "trenching" or double digging  the ground. The first row dug goes down  two "spits" or spade depths. The first  ���^spit^s^airied-io~the^iy'baclcn)^the~  plot^being_dug:: and as the-next"-- and��  following rows are dug tlie green growth  gets properly covered and the last row  gets the benefit of the soil moved from the  first two. Compris?  The second thing to remember is that  everything produced by the soil takes  -something-outBfitliutnoteverjrpnelakes-  the^same thing. For instance, while fall  rye uses up nitrogen, legumes such as  clover and vetch put nitrogen back into the  soil. But it is going to be necessary to find  out what is lacking or how the crop has  depleted the soil reserves and make up for  that when sowing time comesrTliis will  bring us, maybe next time, to a look at soil  analysis and what" it can tell us.  The next statement is going to annoy  those who have their faith firmly fixed on  "natural" or what many describe as  "organic" gardening'. Nevertheless it is a  fact that plant food is plant food in  whatever form it comes. Scientists go  further and point out th^t once the  chemicals arid organics have released  their component parts they have done  exactly the same job as the "natural"  fertilizers and offered a food that is just as  acceptable. Not only that, but these  "natural" manures do not and cannot  supply many of the trace elements needed  for healthy growth and which are supplied  by the chemical fertilizers, So do not ever,  feel guilty about using chemical fertilizers, provided all tbe other requisits  such as htimusl drainage and the right pH  factor are looked after.,  On this part of the subject of soils,.  Preference should be made to another  -provincial government pamphlet entitled  "The piac^of^lrerflfcalfertilizters-urcroir-  production". It is available free of charge  of course, and is identified as "Soil Series  No. 4; 70-5". Agreed that this booklet is,,  directed to farmers more than gardeners  but there is a great deal of useful basic  informatiori in it.J)ne sentence really tells"  a good part of the story ��� "Organic fertilizers are generally more expensive and  are not generally suitable for balancing  crop needs": The important word there is  "balancing". Which brings us to the next  -most important- and a most interesting  step in establishing ttie needs of your  garden soil.  Reference was made to the pH factor-.  This of course simply means the degree of  acidity or alkalinity in the soil and is of  paramount importance. It is a subject of  its own and'cannot be dismissed in a few.  words.-  Most gardeners know that different  plants, be they vegetable or decorative  ' demand a growing medium that satisfies  their need for either an acid or an alkaline  condition or a neutral one. The trick is to  find out how your soil measures up to these  demands and how to satisfy them. There  are a couple of ways to do this. Either one  AM RADIO  Saturday, The Hornby Collection ���  11:05 p.m. The Labour bf Obedience, life in  the Westipinster Abbey^atMission^  .    Christmas   Eye,   Bing   Crosby's"  Christmas special ��� 4:35 p.m.  Year of Ihe ChUd ��� 9:05 p.m.  .  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Also a short story by Paul  Boles, A night of Vengeance set at the time  of the first Christmas and told by a Greek:  galley slave. Finally Holidays Jn Old  Crowe as. described by Edith Josie. ���___  . CBC-FM RADIO  Saturday Audience ��� 9:05 p.m. Part 1.  Bach's Cantata No. 61. "Let the bright  Seraphim" sung by Margar-et Noye with  ttie Vancouver Baroque Ensemble. Part 11  Christmas with��the Gargerys from Great  Expectations. -      ��� _  Christmas.Day ��� 4:05 p.m. Festival bf  Nine Lessons,an^ Carols from King's  College, Cambridge.  Ideas ��� 8:04 p.m. a five-part series,  Freud revisited, a blend of biography,,  psycho-analytical theory and criticism.  TELEVISION^  Christmas Eve,TCriimet OffeFs Jug"  -andt^ristmar^"lsm^trspecTar^^^  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. t  ~ Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3AO  885-3271  -ir  p.m. "-���.._-_���:_'--���J   _ Raisins and Almonds ��� 9:00 p.m. How  it felt to be the only Jewish child in the  school at Chrisbnas time.  Christmas Day Festival of Carols from  King's College, Cambridge ��� 1:00 p.m.  followed by Her Majesty the Queen.  i  CLE A  FOR SALE  COMMERCIAL C-2  Hwy. 101 .Gibsons       2 lots 90 x 180', $32,500 ecu  1 - Acreage Lot, combined C-2^  3.5acresfi$52(500  Phone 886,2663.or 886-9075  ���     t~     "        Fp&SALE  3 bedroom, completly remodelled .home. Full  basement on large lot. North Road, Gibsons,  Fireplace, electric heat, fridge & Stove. Asking  $44,500.  iOT  i^Gibsons^$S.5QD ___  lot H :"" '. .���������.  Gldssford Rd.��� Gibsons. Sewer, water, year-  round creeRT Asking $14,500.  1  PHONE 886-2663  GIBSONS  SARGENT ROAD $13,900  Magnificent ocean view lot. Fully serviced, on sewer. 65 x 110'.  Close to all amenities. Builder's terms available, tarry Reardon,  "885-9320.  ROBERTS CREEK   UP & DOWN DUPLEX $49,500  Large 3 bedroom with excellent revenue potential, located on 1'  acre near Roberts Creek on Highway 101. Vendor will consider  offers. Ed Baker, 885-2641: '   '  DAVIS BAY  DAVISBAY . $42,000  Attrqctive and well-kept 2 bdrm rancher. LR with fireplace. Both  . bedrooms large, kitceen has plenty of cupboards, utility wired  for washer & dryer. StpveTfridge, all drapes included.0Lqnd-  scaped grounds and workshop. Close to beach. A home you  should see. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  VALUE VALUE VALUE >  Everywhere you look there is value in this truly beautiful home. Cathedral entrance, 3  bedrooms, 2 firepldtes, lge rec room, w'orkroonrrplusone bdrm suite downstairs. Nicely  landscaped and the price has been REDUCED to $57,000. Call1 Larry Reardon to see 885-  93207 . ' '  REDROOFFS / HALFMOON BAY AREA  WELCOME WOODS ' $15,500 & $9,750  Two extra large lots, 125 x 20Q'. Larry Reardon, 885-93,20.     "  , . 4 -$13,500  Beautiful 1/2 acre lot loaded'with trees on blacktop road, with  SANDY HOOK  EASY-TERMS���  $1,000 DOWN  $175 per month buys you a terrific, large, view lot, Ideal .rock  outcrop to build on, storage shed on property. FP $13,500.  Dowman, 885-9374. " "'"         _-..*.->  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT .... $15,500* $8,500  At Sandy Hook we have this 100'+ waterfront lot, close to road  and adjoining with an excellent view lot that lies next to B.T.  Larry Reardon,- 885-9320;-   - " .  i.  1/3RDACRE. TUWANEK OH��s�� $15,000  Only half block to marina. Level, tood loi,with-water & hydro.  Lots of privacy. Chock Dowman, 88^-9374.  SECHJ  SECHELT VILLAGE:^ bdrm sparkler,  Charming & immaculate.w-dining rm  P&4& arid    kitchen"- eati n"g    space;" cozy-  "%��'fireplace   &   carpeted   throughout.  "     Only  1   yr old and  already  has  a  bountiful   garden, with   fruit   trees.  Priced to sell fast- at$46;900r Ken  Wells, 886-7223.  $13,500  including   cable..  WESTSECHELT  1/2 ACRE LOT ~  Cleared  ahd  ready to build  on.   Serviced,  Nickerson Road. Ed Baker 88��2461.  $18,500  1.17 acres, nicely treed, gentle slope to SW, will hcave a good:*  view when some trees come down. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  hydro and. water. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  HALF ACRE LOT' $15,000  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road and the road to  Sargent Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Rearcbn, 885-  9320.   A -    -  REDROOFS $24,000*  Nor West Bay Rd. wooded lot. 150 x 70, zoned R2, trailers  aflowed. Sign on. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  FABULOUS HALF ACRE $15,000  Southern -view over Sargent Bay,  gently  sloped  and treed,  18 x 12' storage shed. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or K. Wells,   '  886-7223.    PENDER HARBOUR AREA  MONEYMAKER $35,000  2 yr old 3 bedroom full bsmt home on one acre. Live in while you    ��.  do the finishing. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  GARDEN BAY ROAD $22,500  -Bock.blufLb.uildinq.9Jte on this 3.5 acre wooded property���would a-  provide terrific -view over pasture land. All-year stream. Easy  -terms-.available. Chuck.Dow,man, 885=9374."   " "    -  BARGAIN! HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Semi-waterfront property, just .across the Narrows Bridge and  facing Bargqiri Harbour. Treed and good for building on, with  just the road between you and the water. Larry Reardon, 885-    '  9320. ��� y  GAMBIER ISLAND  $65,000  It's going to be easy to fall in love with this charming log home  - that is completely remodelled inside. Nestled on 8 acres of  beauty that includes lge trees, fruit trees, flower & garden. This  2 bdrm home is,5 min. from New Brighton wharf. Larry Reardon,  885-9320. ...  - MADEIRA PARK RANCH --'-         $125,000  22-acre working ranch, all fenced and cross-fenced. Good large  barn, good pasture and some fruit trees. All year-round water  supply. And for the lady of the house it has a modern 2 bedroom  home. Has facilities for horse shows and rodeos. Larry Reardon,  885-9320.-   -. _-_- ^ "    '  HIGHWAY 101 COMMERCIAL C2       T      ~~  Corner of Airport Road  SHOPPING CENTRE SITE        "   .    "  Lot 4; Corner lot 1.883 acres, price $125,000  tot 3, Inside lot 1.778 acres, prfce $75,000  RARE 25 ACRES  Atklng $62,500  i"n:Li  ~~    Only 5 minutes west of, Secfielt. High and dry, mostly treed.  Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or K. Wells, 8867223/.,  A--:..���������:, '-;������/���;,;���'.'' ".../,v ',: ,"'   $56;5oo  ���^Attractive Spanish type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3 yrs built. ,  /,'������:    Large LR 20x20 with, fireplace, open be,am ceilings'; DR, family   .,:  . -U���kitf tien.-AILbdrrosJiirae,. master^ri��ult&f^w^hrougKouVXarge-���-~ ������-���-*--���  workshop at rear. Floor area 1584,sq. ft/Ed Baker, 885-2641. ;  ������    _.,  ' ;>>   ..'������,, ���'��� ','','    , '    p  Were the Neighborhood Professionals.  * as*  Lot*  iea  rtHr  in  9V  -._����.  433  Hia^yvMj   /0|  Revenue Lot 4 $4,000 PX  Revenue Lot "3 $1,500 P.A.  i  t  ���mi,-.  X '  '..O.  ��������"'. ?!,  ��"���"-"-  "T '  >;  ���,  HOMES  JITLi  m  ROBERTSCREEK ' ' ,, $46,500.  Throo bdrm family homo on Boach  Avonuo.1 Largo living room and  unlquo kltchon with a noo^, This  proporly has lots of Rotontlal ffor  somoono with Idoas, Call jSuzanno  Dundorton for viewing,       I  ROBERTS CREEK VIEW m       $48,000  Locatod on chlld-safo' nornl- i  watorfrof\t cul do ��ac noar schodl and  *itore, this 3 bdrm two��sforoy homo  loaturos llroplacos In both living and '  roc roo mi, plus a family tlzod dining  room. A' good homo' at a roall^tlc  prlfo, Call Corry Ross,  ROBERTSCREEK 40,500  Doach Avonuo ��� 2 bdrmf; 12Q0'iq, It, ���  largo prlvato vlow lot all foncod,"  Spacious kltchon & living room, lots  of storago spacoj cloio to school and  boach, Thlt It a tlarlor homo for Iho  young .family,'' Call Surahno for  vlowlnfl,    "  SEMI-WATERFRONT $89,500  Park-llko totting, privacy plut, Eaty  accott to boach, spectacular vlow of  North Shoro mountain*, Oraco It, A  Howo Sound, Opod mooraoo,  mlnutot from Langdalo Fecry tllp,  Don't mitt toolng-thlt magnlflcont  "hbmo"wlf'h''T��WI.'',,toir7or',an"'op.  Whoro Real.Estate is serious'���but a pleasure  HOMES  BEST BUY ' $29,500'  Looking for a bargain? Don't miss  seeing this 3 bdrm ��� 12 x 68 1974  Mobil*? Homo, Thoro It a bay;  windowed living room, largo dining  aroa plut four major appliances. Thlt  dandy'homo Is locatod on a park-llko  landscaped half acro jutt minutes  from Socholt. Call Corry Rott to vlow.  GIBSONS $62,500  179,5 tq,,ft; In this 3 bdrm horrio,  Largo living room, with a heatalator,  fireplace, Convenient kltchon with a  nook, Full onsulto off matter  bedroom.,Tho roc, room> flnlnthod  and Includos a Schroadqr airtight  wood hoator. Workthop & utility aroa  with an ontranco from tho carport,  tall Suzanno Dunkortdft for viewing,  KING ROAD OIBSONS  $115,000  Alf,"'^...^  '4kk.'  Five ocrit cloarod A fenced,* Ready *  for your horto, robblts, ottrlc and  chlckontl With outbuilding* to hojuo  thorn, A 1152 tq, ft. 3 bdrm hom����  built for a fdmlly that noodrtpocb,���-  Kltchon It tpa'clout with a dltlv  wathor and lott of storage room,  Living room hat a flroplaco which  croatoi a foaturo wall In Ittolf, Largo  workthop and a 2nd rotldonco for  oxtra rmvmmio, -������  OAMBIER ISLAND $65,000  1/2 acro al tunny privacy, En|oy tho  ocoon vlow from tho tundock of thl*  quality conttrOctod homo ��� 1,372 tq  ft. ol comfortable living tpaco on  oach floor, A fow ol tho foaturot aro  wall to ��wall, throughout, wtet bar, 2  1/2 bath*, plut 2 flroplacot, All  appllnnco*. somo furnlthlng* A  drapotqrolncjucfod,Jruly.a bargain.  'Call Torrl Hanson for appointment tp  HOMES  FAIRVIEW RD, GIBSONS $87,950  130 x 220' residential lot In excellent  aroa, T,hlt la^ge lof-hpt room for a  tennis court q^id swlmmlngpool. Tho  modorn tudor house is a |oy to  bohold wltfi features tuch as formal  dining A llv|ng room, a family room-  with flroplaco, wprklng kltchon,  mostqr bedroom with ontulto,'fully  developed suite In lower level and a  loft 30 x 13'. This 3 bdrm homo off or t  qualltlos of living hard to find In our  aroa.  DAVISBAY $��9,950  '1536 tq ft family home located on  ylow lof, Homo foaturot largo master  bodroom with ontulto, largo kltchon  with first lino qablnett,, dining room,  living room with tpoctacular -  flroplaco and many othor comfort!,  1936 tq It of downstairs aroa alto  avallablo to glvo you room to  broatho, A quality' homo for your  ,,comfor|.iand onloymflnt. .Call.Pon���  Suthorlapd, ^  SELMA PARK - $51,500  Immaculato 4 bdrm homo, with room  for a growlnfl famll/.; 1 ond~T/2  bathrooms, flroplaco, mud room,  flnlshod roc room, workthop, tun>  dock, landtcaped lot, foncod, carport  and to top all thlt off a boautlfully  relaxing vlow,of Trail Islands. Call  Syionnt Dunkorton for a four and  Information.  IANODALB $09,500  (Soml-watorfront. Hidden paradlto  with oaty accost, to boach ancf good  moprapo, Ideal 3 bdrm and family  homo. Woll-plannod kltchon with'  ������parato dining room. Sliding doon  opon on 16 a tecludod patio, Two,  lllroplqcat plut quality construction  , are a foyy of fh�� mqnyJ��,qturoi, A  tpacloiit A ologont homo, Call Torrl  fa**'  ���yf,  :./~'  imtrpwrtt io vI��y*.'  ' DON SUTHERLAND  885-9362   ', ""������ i i '" f"  ANN IBBITSON  i   ,       886-2842  7** North VahttStivor  139 Wott 16lh Stroot  ' ,w��lnvflnc6uyorv'  , 1586 Marino Drlvo  "���yeim;ouv*r-"t'"-;""*:i8"*'"  3343Klng*woy  MEMBER'OP '  885-3295  SECHELT  , Von. Direct  681-7931,  Box 979 SecMt, p.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  t'*','',*mSS$&tB/im*'*i'ii _  ��*"  i'', I"  A Pur Meet  Holiday to all  ��� '������"��� *? fAwmmmWmmmii+mlm  ^  RECREATIONAL  TUWANEK ^ $19,500  Recreatl6naj_ retroat<osy> cabin of  quality construction, Close, to beach  on a treed lot. Call Terri Hanson for  an appblntmont to vlow. Don't miss  this onol  . r '  10TS  SELMA PARK 1���,       $14,900  Seo this lovoly vlow Hot with Ann  Ibbitson, Call mo for an appolntmont.1  SEMI-WATERFRONT  In  Village opposite Marina,  level Rl. Atklng $25,000,  Lbrga  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS $10,000  Build your country rotroat and enjoy ,  the  Inlot vlow  of mountains  and  ��� wajor. Lot U ��������� viced, with tolophone  and   underground   wiring,   Call  Su*ann�� Dunkorlon,.  SANDY HOOK tj0|floa  .Beautifully unimpeded vlow df  Socholt inlot on thl* largo building  Jot, Suzatjno Dunkerton.   i  ".p.:KBAT8'iSLAND'��-r��� -���^--r��-  ���   Nlcoly trood corner lot with'a vlow^  Hydro A water available, 0x12 thod  to romaln, Excollont buy at $7(600,  ���-��� Call Torrl Hanson,    " - ' ���  dAvisbay $15,000  Cloto to store and |Ctt a thort wafk  to tho boach, You could build yopr ,  '  now homo In thlt popular qroa. Call  Don Sutherland, '     '  TUWANEK ''''..  Vlow lot oyor,loqklnq Lamb's Pay,  Clototo oaty boach accott ��� vondor  will carry at CI.R, Prlcod at $10,000,  Phono Torrl for "more Information,  ' NORWBST BAY ROAD ~ A     $2$, 000  Two fort   tide  by  tide,' Ideal   for  .mobllo homo., tlloi,, Buy  both  for  ��a privacy., end. ���, lnv��Mmont' or bi��  .��-wWdmr- Call Don $u.h.rl<tnd. -~  '.  ������'       ���   ���        '    \    ���       "v ������������  ������������������ ��,ii��i .��'������ , ni.. in  WATERFRONT  MINUTES FROM SECHELT       $55,000  Waterfront with spectacular view of  Troll Islands, I acro of southwesterly*1'  oxposuro.   call Torrl rjapson.  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According to Lockstead supporter Eton  Spragge, when the protest spread to  Island and MLA Don Lockstead wants to  see ah election within six months so the  NDP party can come to power and  legislate a stop tothe project.       -  ^ He made the comments in the wake of a  recent Texada Island meeting between t  Hydro  officials  and  some' 200   coast*  residents. *   *���  ���* vThe prevailing opinion at the meeting,  . an observer said, was one of suspicion of-  ^Hydipci's power-need' projection for Vancouver Island and of outright rejection of"  their indiscriminate use_pf,he_rbici_des to  _tetard^planLgrowth_undeiL|)Qaeiiiines.���  ��� Hydro has too much power," Lockstead  said. "They are run by people like Bonner  from another erar��� the. Dinosaur-Era."  He indicated jn a statement to The  Timesthat by legislation the government  must separate the decision-making power  of Hydro from its other functions and  added that the decision-making agency,  should be a body like the B.C. Energy  Commission.  ''Bennett said, he would put other  people on Hydro's board j)f directors and  that will make a difference. It won't. They  just (to what they're told. It's complete  nonsense," Lockstead said.  He said there was a "90 per cent  chance" of an electiont>y May and said if  an NDP government is elected "we may  be able to stop it (the power line project)."  Lockstead said he was in touch with the  Energy. Commission last week and confirmed they have a study' on a proposed  natursOas pipeline that would provide  some of Vancouver Island's energy needs.  The reporj/ i^to be sent later to Energy  Minister Jim Hewitt.  Lockstead protested that Hydro did not  even wait for the results of "this, study  -^fore^ping:^ead-jwittH;he-500-kilovolt  power line plans. ILthe line goes through,  first stage is scheduled for use in 1983.  ���  "I: am dig>uting Hydro on the power  rieedsof Vancouver-island until J983. They  have-out  of  hand  rejected���studying  ���^ernative energy  proposals  such  as  natural gas, such as coal, such as burning  * woodwaste. There is a"plant in the Interior  "of the province burnirijg woodwaste for  enough power.to put some back ih the  grid."   . *     '  Lockstead said he attended an energy  . seminar last spring  and  has  spoken  repeatedly in the legislature in_protest_ol  Hydro's energy policies.  "They have a rigid position as to power  no matter what other people think. But this.  -protest (against Cheekye-Dunsmuir line  and a possible' nuclear power plant on  Northern Vancouver Island) has crossed   political lilies:' "^ "^��� _  Texada Island, the crowdlired questions  and alternative solutions at Hydro officials  for six hours.  - The meeting centred around Hydro's  presentation of the Project Status and  Justification Report' outlining their  position onthe need for the power line.  Spragge, chairman of the Texada NDP  Club, said it came out at the meeting that  according to Hydro's figures Vancouver^  Island is going to require a substantially  greater power supply and that there werei  Various choicesincluding Hydrtfof cqal_  -transmissioitfrwnihE^iterior or nuciear ~  power. _..'���'  "They said the only two economically  feasible choices were a power line ahd  nuclear power,"* said Spragge.  He said Hydro's power forecast was  very strongly challenged by. the people at  the meeting.  "Both the Nuclear Responsibility  Group and SPEC had alternative sets of  figures of power-need estimates that  showed there is not nearly as great a need.  as Hydro Says. Natural gas was mentioned  as an alternative to .some of the power  need."      " . '  He said Hydro "tended to downgrade"  the:alternatives of solar power,-wind  , power and the use of forestry byproducts  by burning woodwaste for power.  He'indicated Hydro was intentionally  keeping its industrial power supply rate  low to discourage industries from seeking  other power alternatives.  "Hydro's rate for industrial users is 0.8  cents per kilowatt hour as opposed to the  general rate which is almost three cents.  Hydro is making it uneconomic for industries to burn their woodwaste for  ! power. '    " -  ���In-^ffect���tiie-publit-is^-subsidizing"  industry in this way," explained Spragger-  He said Hydfo's attitude at the meeting  was that the government had approved the  power-line project "and it will be going  through whether you like it^r not."  "They think it is their mandate to'  provide cheap power any way they like  ahd that is what they are doing," he said.  The power from .the line, Spragge indicated, would be no good to Texada  because of prohibitive costs of putting in a  transformer to take power off the line.  Spragge said Hydro was questioned why  Jheyjieeded suchabigpower line attfiis  time unless it was to eventually be used for  nuclear power from Vancouver Island.  But he added that Hydro said they had  no such nuclear power plans at this time.  v "They said the government had told  them not to do any-work toward a nuclear  'plant for the nextrlO yearsrBut at the same  time they said they were toldto keep their  eye on it."       :  " Spragge said he thought the rtcrux of  the whole issue" is if Hydro is padding its  own estimates qf power needs to make the  ^foject"loolrnecessary-to the public.  I don't think anyone would protest the  lline if Vancouver Island really needed the  power." '" "��� " -"  .  Spragge mentioned two examples of  Hydro being uninformed.  He said Beak Consultants, the company  ��hired by Hydro to select the location for  the line, did not show on their map of the  corridor that there is a substantial oyster  bed in Davie Bay, the place chosen for the  line to cross on vthe west coast of Texada.  -Another  example .involved  what  Spragge called the-crowd's "grave concern'! for the possibility that if the line  goes through there will be spraying with  . herbicides along the right-of-way.   He said thgJHydro official in charge of  herbicide spraying^ right-of-way supervisor Bill Courts; maintained that the  amounts they use are "perfectly safe".  "He said the chemical spray.broke  down lira few days. Somebody asked him  what it broke down into and he said he  didn't, know."  Later, Courts said the breakdown  period varies but is usually not less than  ���"a few weeks."  Spragge said that in a show of hands at  the meeting, all but two people indicated  they were against the use of herbicide  sprays. _1  But  Courts said he  recommended  herbicide spraying in 70 per cent of the  cases in his division and that 30 per cent of.  that is spraying from the air.  ���rAecording-to-Spragge, Courts said he  could not promise that they would not  spray here if th! line goes through. But the .  people at ttie meeting said they would'  "bloody well not allow it."  "The Hydro representative said the  initial clearing would be done by hand and  it would bein maintainahce of the line that  herbicide_would be used. He__said__tlw  difference in cost bf re-clearing by hand  and air-spraying'with herbicide was $180  per acre by hand: and $130 per,acre with  jpfaying. But by the time yqu.figure the  benefits of employing people, hand  clearing would cost less/' commented  Spragge.   " ,   ; -  He was not optimistic about changing  Hydro's plans for the power line. ^Te  were "told at the beginning of the meeting  thaf we wouldn't be able to stop it. They  didn't come there to say Jt could be  stopped. I can't see any government  dropping a project- after it Ijas had  tremendous amounts of money spent dn  it."     "' --\     ���     ,        /     . .  ' lockstead has asked the provincial  government for a two yea!*, moratorium on  the power line project.    $ ��� - ~  Spragge said when he told the meeting  of Lockstead's position on the matter the  people were^strongly in support of it.  SCRD board won't  discus  The following tea .copy of a .telegram  sent to the Environment and Land Use  Secretariat, Premier Bill Bennett and  . Environment Minister Jim Hewitt by the  Sunshine Coast Regional Board in protest  of the routing of the Cheekye-Dunsmuir  . 500-kilovolt transmission line:  -- The Sunshine Regional District wishes  to re-statej its position in regard to the  routing of the Cheekye-Dunsmuir Hydro  Transmission Line.       .���.    , ,  The board is opposed to'the routing, of  this transmission line across the Sqqhefi  advised by Beak Consultants that the route  selection hats been made and thatTve-will~~  be allowed to submit a narrow range of  _ technical data regarding alternate sites on  the Sechelt Peninsula. '  The decision of whether to'cross or not  cross the Sechelt Peninsula has been made  apparently without reference to the social  iftipact^ WeTcan ohlyTconcIude .that the  intention is to frustrate an open iand^  straight forward public discussion contrary to thejpii^jiotj^lettgjfthe law  (ELUC guidelines). We suggest that the  Peninsula. Our position is based On the  negative social impact as wpll as a variety  of economic and social factors.  Mr. O'Riordan stated that the public  would have an opportunity to comment on  Hydro's social impact study before the  final route selection. To our consternation,  we have been advised by John .Thortia^of  Beak Consultants that the cabinet has  approved the route selection with only the  details of final siting) on the Sechelt  Peninsula to be decided.  It is the position of the SCRD Board that  the public has not had the opportunity of  comment on the.social impact to which  Mr. O'Riordan referred. Instead we are  democratic principles of natural justice-  require you to re-assess the route across  the .PeninsulaJrLLrelation_to_tte_sqcial;  impact.  The board would be very pleased to  submit its evidence regarding feasible  alternate routes, minutes of public  meetings, and submissions by groups and  individuals.  We are sure youcan_appreciateJhaL  SCRD is not prepared to discuss specific  sitings on the Sechelt Peninsula/ This  would hopelessly compromise 6ur  position. The board is resolved to exhafist  every step available to represent the  opinions which, the public of the Sunshine  Coast have made so forcefully.  .  SIDE GLANCES  Horse tails  by George Campbell  .. "He was the kind of a'man that when he  ordered prime ribs of beef, with horse  radish, he wanted to know what kind of a  horse it came from."  A jackass is a member of the horse  family, too, and'judging from some qjf the.,  carrying on here, there and about, a  member of quite a few other families as  well.  so often been painted. The same.scene  with a camel would not hay^eaFly-the-  impact. I: think we should be thankful,  therefore, that the west was won with the  horse and not the dromedary. The Lone  Ranger would have looked ridiculous  galloping off into the sunset astride th^  hump of a great browh camel, screaming,  "Hi ho Silver, avyay." (He would also  It has occurred to me that there are a  lot of sayings around about horses. A hold-  " over,, no doubt, from those days not sos  Jterribly long ago when the horse tilled our  land, carried our freight,.and was our  chief mode of transportation.  "You can lead a horse to water, but you  can't make him drink.". "It is no time to  switch horses when you.are half way  across the stream." "NeverHtook a gift  . horse in the mouth." "A horse of a different color;"  Then there are those words ^nd phrases  - that have- become-part-of -our -everyday-  language. Words like "horsepower" ��� the  more you have, the more it costs. "Horsing around..." usually applied to teenage  boys wrestling in the hall of the high-school  just before knocking over a teacher, or  putting a foot, through a: locker (a foot-  locker? )-. -  i :  And then there is that particular phrase  to do With horses, that was so aptly .  referred to by the movie director^ when  addressing an actor who had made a pass  at his (the director's) wife, at a house  party the previous ��� week. "Do ��� you  remember that scene in the ffim, The  Godfather, jyh'ere the wealthy movie  magnate-wakes upinjhe morning to findr  he is in bed with the head of his $100,000  /race horse? 'i-asked the director. "I certainly do," replied the actor. "Well, there  is a part in that movie that is a natural for  -your"���said- the- directorH^What-partris ~��  that?" asks the actor. Replies the director,  "Tlie other end of-that horse!'-'    .  I once heard a_. description of a  politician who was .considered by some to  be akin to that portion of the horse's  " anatomy   referred   to   in   the   above  -paragfapkLThe description went like this.  iTherels a story-ofa hiflbfllytfiat could " appeared torhave^eenjcolor blinds)���  neither read nor write that fits in here.  When his first son was born he got the  village postmaster���to-fill out- the nec-  cessary form to register the child with the  government. He named the boy Luke, but  when the birth certificate came back, the  name was listed as Lucas.  Next year- he had-another'son and,  registered ;him as Tom. The birth cer-.  tificate came back "Thomas". When his  third child ^as born and.the postmaster  was helping him out again, he was asked  what he wanted to call this one. "Well,"  said the hillbillyr"I reckon I'd like to call  him Jack, but I'm afeared to take the  chance."  $he horse has .been described as a noble  creature, and rightfully so. It is an animal  that looks, natural and dignified  silhouetted at the top of some windswept  lull, h<|ad lifted and tail blowing, as it hbs  Today, the horse is ijot nearly so much  in evidence, except at agriciritural fair!^  . gymkhanas-andir^celjtr^te  xreature certainly has won itself a place in  .our history as witness the many sayings  and phrases' to do -with horses  that  prompted /this article.:    :.^. 777.7 2^..-. _______  On re-reading what I have just written  about horses,.! have come to the conclusion that there-is not a great deal of  importance 'to anythingJ^have jsaid, and_  that, quite probably, I should have left the  entire issue alone. Obviously it fetoo late  to do thafTiow���fccaTisrihe~article is  already written. It is, I suppose, a bit like  "closing the barn door.after the.horse has  bolted". .  J ;..      ' y:  A plealant weekendtoeveryone, and  Be sure to dress^warmly if you are going  outside. 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Ii      ! |  ...     f,lw       ...,,  CHOICE LOTS #3834  Several level lot* avallablo on qulot road, In Wost Socholi  |U��f T .7 itiTldA to Socholi, Hydro', phartii,1 wat��r dhd eab|��*a|  ^^?',;^VP'^^^'H'9PW.''!  ,fcffi,ir'V.:ii'^ii.V.v,;..*'^|p--o''^A^o-^i  '     'HApDEtV R05rJ?^5 ���[^\,i^r"(  Retirement lot #3854  7fi x 105 troed lot, close toi j||o Horbouf^id a \nllo fo  ��������� Wfel ihf^^feHV^'r. A'3nt,**��,.' ���.^f';��l^''��5i'ii<jwrPrlie*i*ri-  ,   ,   , right dl $10,700. Now MIS DONHADDEN, aa3i2233, (24 |i��). r  QUIET C6UNTRY LIVING ',-,       #4027  ���,���. .With,Q|l.^h��'cony��nl<9nci>tMht��'..loy��|y .j?. t>��^rQqm. h����m��.i��. pn. o  large 70 x 2031 lot,  Largo f|rop|ace, dollflhf|ul Idtcjien,  ^M'vvi**^}' deti^,' flaragoi!<m.! all In this lovoly ��telud��d '  "   aroa. $42,500. RUflf MOORE, tffi5.2233 (24 hrs).  Ruth Moore  8859213  Don Lock      Peter Smith  883-2526        885-9463  Don Hadden  j85-$504:  Jim Wood  885-2571  "Hil*rv-  Bert Walker  885-3746  Jack Warn  886-2681  ��,  Bob Kent  885-9461  .if'*"  FAMILY CONVENIENCE ' , #3975  4,bdcm. IfMll* two,eh��ult�� bathrm*.,fullb��mi, sauna,  shqwor ft swirl po^l. On sowor In lowor Gibsons, Cold spring  W'47$1.:'!7X"*" ���"-" r~J, *">noo.. JACK WARN. 805-��2?3  .(24 hr��),     . .  .'.,      ���, ' ���     ..n',\i..,.-%.,��.   ".';     ('....v'���t. . ; . . ���-7x'a. -a  .        ' ' it' '    "  -   John R. Goodwin  885-2456  Brian Coyle  885-2235  ���r,  . ii.,       ���     ���.. , ��� ,���..���.   ���. ,-, f .>  (*A.���'  4   ���:  or �����*  tMri-/i ri^-*4"W -*���  '"'"7"  V *        ft**  1 ���**  \  ��>i&^r��. 'M'lK^siViVllt^  ��� ,'v  .!������  V ��� it* , ' !     ''  ,   ,"*  .' "T*1  br'     '    f '    .v'!'1-,^;  V,    *���  "A ��,-/���* ' ,     "   Aj  .<*-.  ,���    ��!     ���  / ,  i'ti'1'  ���"      ����� X  -'--,-,���.!>  t,,a-  4-..<   .  ��� 4~..  *'  -  ; v.  ^     '���  ��^L.^  ...   ., _.  o t   a r  r\  f~     ,  ti 1  I  to pay damages  ��� Mis'chief charges resulting from about' %_,&,  $1,000 damage to the Wakefield Inn July  19 got a local logger a six months  suspended sentence when- he pleaded  guilty in Sechelt Provincial Court last  wee��  - ���   -i.  :i;i,f  Use'Times'Adbriefs to Sell, Rent, Buy,  otc.  HEY FELLOWS!  - David Eugene Stewart, 31, was also  ordered to pay $500 restitution to the inn's  owner and was barred from local drinking  establishments for the probation period.  Lawrence William Drury, also a  logger, appeared on. the same charge and  was reniandedto December 20.      N  Court was told the majority of'the    y  damage was done~with steel bars after  Drury was ejected from the premises after  an altercation with the bartender. -"'  they went into .the bar after alriend had  . died .day at work and that his partner,  whistled to get the bartender's attention.  The pair returned after they had been   KEN AND J0AN Clarkson of the   completely rebuilt crane. Its last   towing and recovery service.  The  thrown out, at which time "tftnjamages - Halfmoon Inn now have a tow truck   towing job before being rebuilt by   garagejservice at the Halfmoon Inn is  . was done to the doors and window of, the   emergency service and gasoline   Clarkson was hauling a bus from   being  resumed  after  a  five-year  premises, court was told. - sales.   The   four-ton   truck, ' an   Portland to Vancouver. Clarkson has   lapse. Mrs.. Clarkson has been in-  The offence carries a maximum   overhauled Dodge 500, has a towing   been in the trucking business for 30   volved with the business for 20 years.  penalty of $500 %ie or six months "in jail,   capability of four tons and carries a   years with about three  years  in  ' "r, ' '    .  t, _ J -.      ^.      '   '        ^ . '. -       . _m_    ~ ^_ ��� _ . (V  Gets a suspended sentence  The P  Section C  Wednesday, December 20/1978  - Pages lr6 A  It's Not Too Late To ^  Choose SOMETHING  SPECIAL For Your  AXASQUtONLSPECIAL  Our Staff Will Be Happy  To Help You Make Just  The Right Choice  i  ���liiX&h  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN THE  *  OF SECHELT  885-9816  v���   Ask about our -  "Pqckage'^deals.^  _ --,C^s> Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  A 24-year-old painter, Benoit LePage of  Gibsons, was given a one-year suspended  sentence with probation in Sechelt  provincial- court last week after being _  found guilty of writing a bad cheque at  SuperValu in the Sunnycrest Mall last July  10.  He told Judge J.S;P. Johnson he was an  alcoholic and was drunk at the time he  wrote the cheque foife$^U2.  He was charrasdwitlL obtaining  groceries by false pretenses in an amount  not exceeding $200.  Sunnycrost Contra, Gibsons 886-9543 t��  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt 885-9818 |||  GREAT CHRISTMAS SAVINGS  AT  THE PRICE CUTTERS  teJtoidTfie~c6urTfie had done painting  nyork for which he expected to get paid the���  day after the cheque was written but that  he wasn't able to collect the moneyowed  him." x  In passing sentence, Johnson called  LePage an7 "intelligent" young man and ,  said he should get some counselling while  attending school on the Lower Mainland ~  after the new year.  He said the- charge could carry a jail  term, but added he was giving LePage a  chance "to stay off booze."  He is prohibited from consuming or  possessing alcohol-during the probation^  period.  .Drinking driving offenses cost three  motorists $500 fines and automatic three  nionth driving suspensions in the same .  court session.                               _^  . __ Alphonsus Francis Frizzel, JBryan_  JepeyJ^^er andClarenceEdmond HSU  aU^pleaded guilty to impaired driving and'  had the additional charge of driving with  over .08 per gent blood alcohol withdrawn.  The three" were each given six months  probationary periods to attend the im*  paired drivers course. - n_   Johnson also handed out fines of $150 tp,  Russell Lapp for causing a disturbance by.'  fighting "oinhe street in~ Vanderhoof^  September 30 and $100 to Gary Ronald v  Lockhart   of ^Hopkins   Landing dEo^  '. marijuana"possession datingWQcf^1"'"^""'  at Gibsons.'  ��� CABINETS  FURNITURE  Whether you're  rTV*  -CARPETS  -APPLIANCES  -RECORDS  Christmas Shopping  ^or fixing up the  "old homestead"  for the holidays,  ���WALLCOVERINGS  -DRAPE* -QUILTS  -LAMPS  T.V. G&MES  .��*-  you only have  to stop once at  THE PRICE CUTTERS  CASA CARPETS#QUALITY FURNITURE#KERN ELECTRONICS   Seaview Place. Gibsons      ���*v  rr,.^m.ir  "'iij-Xti %i>'  B.C. AUTOMOBILE"  ASSOCIATION MEMBERS  IMPORTANT  fv.  '������-'��-  "The Association is pleased to  announce the app$iptmen} o,f  the following BiGA^Appointecl  Emergency Road Service Operator to serve poAA; CAA;and  AAA members.  HALFMOON INN & ,  SERVICES  885-55Q0  THECIARKSONS  BMlUi North ol StcMt on Hwy 101  BRITISH  p. COLUMBIA  ..-'.../|y.TOM0Bll-.E .  . //ISSOCIM'ION ��� '  ',   * ........'.,(.'  '���"^\, )AliP���\\\-    '....    , |  i     . *m,      ...     .��� ��.,. i  ,,,���,���,�����,���,,.,W..,.���H  999 W��et J3road w��y (at Oak),  Vancouver, ifa}. VS7. IKS  *'"   Phone: 732*3911  \ ���*  Youth ordered  to write essay  A Halfmoon Bay youth, 18-year-old  Kenneth Wayne Newcombe; will be facing  an oral exam on alcohol and writing a 2000  word essay on the dangers of drinking  after pleading guilty to breaking in and  stealing 30 cases of beer from the.Garden  Bay Hotel last July.  , Jijdge J.S.P. Johnson gave the youth' a  one-year- suspended���sentence - with~~  probatlfifr during which time he' cannot  consume or possess alcohol when he appeared  in Sechelt     Provincial  Court'2  Wednesday.  Defence counsel Bob Reid told the court  the young logger and two Juvenile friends  had been at a drinking party with the hotel  owner until 5 a.m. and unlocked a window  so thoy could return for tho beta." They are  were attempting to take lt to tho dock  whon apprehended.  He said the only reason that the youth  committed the offense was that he was  ''completely Intoxicated,"  / Reid spld.Newcombo had a gopd work  record aa a logger ot Zoballos and had-  been steadily' employed since ho was; 16.  He la off 'work for 25woeJui with a foot '���  Injury. "  "Twenty flvo weoks Is a lot of time to  study. And whoa.���ypu're>back in, camp  you'll haveilots of time to wrlto tho essay,'"  Judge fTohnson told tho youth,  Ho said tho oral test was,td mako sure;  Newcombe read tho material on alcohol  that was to bo supplied by tho Drug and  AlcohoT Commission In Vahcouvoru  -    It was the youth's first offense. Thfe  essay Is duo Juno 1, 1970. '  announce  is  we now  our gas pumps!  ��� rp*r;-s  REGULAR & UNLEADED  We also are able  CD  8  to provide  N  Q  towing and  emergency  i(aj&&&js&gm  service  ,   ^00 ., ,'p    iXrjL*' 1 ( \  wi  ^^^^  THE RESTAURANT��..fj^IWItL BE CLOSED  FROM CHRISTMAS DAY - JANUARY 3rd, 1979  HALFMOON INN  -N-  ���/x.:\%  *l w����!  Kb  iTHEz:..:;:":  4LARKS0NS  VISA  l*..Wi^***��H. '���-(.. I"''"'  8 miles North of Sechelt on Hwy 101  Vu. . .  tm>*fyti&wwwiirr&i*a    ��  ff * Wi^n��lf|*w.��wiw|��..  "<i  i**l-r���t&isrj*9>1irj&>tiye'i**^tm HtYtW&t ^S  1       *���    ��/S    ���*�����-$>- If S If  ft* * iOW-HiSi^jjijiiBBS^^asH^aj,^^     ^nrUt-^  or  ..I,.  nriW^wiy iS-*��vjii��rt * ((ffWW **���>-  lO-m^oHV^tl-i^fifr*, v��,tiMi��.  y  '���i' '','�����'>��  ;     ���'<������, I,  <i_  <  \      I  , i' '/'/'*> ,f,f..-.~.
... 9y
X    7
■U •;.   ■£,.-
_,^__ 4,   . ,\:_	
*"      "
"1        '
The Peninsula Times Christmas Story Contest winners
Grade 1
By-Aaron ChambeHia___— *-=-
. The Underground Tunnel
I went to my back yard and I saw a
secret passage and there was wreaths and
paper models and the models were paper
angels. I just sat there and I just sat there.
apd I looked at the! beautiful things.
■--A-- */
meteorites had wings thatwere big. Zoom    before than this. Let's see now, -I'm about   "rolling toward/Wilber. Wiiber Jsjraughtup,
monsters had 48 arms, 22 eyesi 64 legs and   20 feet off where I'm' supposed to be: Oh,   in it. The twin gets away on a snowmobile
no ears. There were moon people in Zoom-   oh! Snow' blizzard coming up! Ouch! This   -while the ball roils faster than ever toward
__land. " " " pole that marks the _North"Pole^ure is   the steel plating:   . "   ~—: « elves
"We are. hurrying," we are."
"Okay, goodbye!"
"Goodbye Santa," yelled all of the
A moon maiibought a flying Christmas   hard on the
reerSe^md his moonjwife and their moon   shacks
-HaLHa4-ThatJpaping^ocks_wimy   THREE O'CLOCK
 __ _.      _ head is something, you'll never-JfivOo   • — "Whew,_ I'm   bushed^^~said—Santfc-
He got to the shack ahd went inside. " regret! , '        coming in the door, panting.     •
Gee! That must be Santa's evil twin.       But just then the snowball changes        "Have a nice night dear?"  asked
children all decorated /the    flying~"
Christmas tree with zoom shiners that lit *
„ up. They came in all different shapes and He's taking presents out of the boxes and course and knocks the twin out of the   Martha
'.   sizes and all different colors. In all of the replacing them with rocks. snowmobile and into a polar bear's cave.    ^."Are you kidding? I'm dead:"
Wverse the flying Christmas tree was the       WUber thought and thought and finally The pieces of the ball plug the -caveX   "Oh come to bed now dear." <-^
most beautiful flying Christmas, tree ever came\up wfflf a plan" ' opening^ I   i       (       "Alright, but I'm selling that jet pack
seen. If that box of rocks .over his head could       Ooh! Hi bear. Want me to serve dinner? \ tomorrow". -*""
After Christmas,  the moon  family be dropped it would knock him out. No! No! I didn't mean as dinner! """"Why?" ,.    P    i
undecorated the flying Christmas tree.       Quickly he slithered up to the shelf. He t   t   t "It's hard work-carrying that bag oi
 ^"Th^TOTtofTtheTighrupshinersand-put—pushed with all his might and the rocks Jell  toys around alright."
_/•'-- them away. The shiners were put away knocking out the evil twin. ^____wmsnmm. "Well7you~tried^J	
~ \>    until"  next Christmas  and  the  flying       Wiiber goes to join Santa after tying up
Christmas tree was allowed to tiy away, the fiend.
*       **}    *
Grade 2
Grade 3
.* "
_By__(ilenaJ)fimpster__    _      y
Roberts Creek Elementary
One Xmas-Santo cluas went to a house
and a car went by and scardhim and he
fell off the roof and spraid his ankel and a'
man h@]g>ed him and the man got just what
He wanted. A,car.
By Laila Ferreira  ,
Langdale Elementary School
Once upon a time there was a little girl
She liked Christmas because she gets lots    By Mark Graham
pf toys. She is greedy. She steals toys. One    Grade 3
.day she hadJhe fhi_She saidl_][am sorry. Christmas,Christmas,Christmas.
Grade 5
of bed and looked out the window and there
— -  before me was one or two feet of snow! So I — gy Bnfce MacDougalT
That sure was nice of you Wiiber, I'll
see to it that your name appears in every
Aw, it was nothin'. You don't-have to do
that. - - ■■■•  .       *
Wiiber turned on the radio while Santa.,
phoned the newspapers, .
We interrupt this program to bring a -   Wm'' *     w                  MmT       ^ Slugger DemPfer
special news bulletin: The Claus„twin has :■      U         'b      /j»,       Roberts Creek Elementary, Grade 6
"been captured!" "*~^H|          '-,*■* "^".W_W_\"                    TheCapture of Santa ^
Santa! You didn't have to go so far as ' ^wBp                       "."?____*' '        Four days before Christmas my big
having me mentioned on the radio. ''^'IHL '   "^    *  -     J£_Wr          brother and I were irt Inuvikskidoing whenf-
TIME PASSES:  (A WHOLE DAY IN ^F'fUfe.        "  "    -'MEl2     '     all of a suddenly brother Mike said "Hey
FACT).                                              • ^'^jBRi. '          wx^____f__tr      look at that." We drove over to it. It wasjan
Let's turn on the radio I want'to listen to   ___^_\ml*r^*mi- jJF   AflHft   ice burg- ^^ was ? utStie ty™^ going _,
some music, Santa.   • WHSSMm^A-~AZa^     't_W______\   dowiuntoit.We followed it, .All o^ajudden
' And now for the news: A-'roaming polar wmmmcy JT                   ** 0HPH   we popped up ia another land^       r
bear reported seeing theQaus twin on the, <f RON JACKSON                       Mike said:,"This must be thtfnorth|p,ole;
loose. He was seen on a-steel platform with ,                       >                and what a big house that is!'J We started
sheet metal on front ot it at the bottom of a ^% a^m     * J ^_      ^             *°r the houJe when skidos broke down. So
very steep hill. Iv'i Slll'A'   W%-            we-had to walk about half a mile tp the
That's all I need to hear! Bye Santa, ^^ I /ClIUM©;-.   %#            .house. WfSen we got there I knocked oil the
I'm off to see if I can stop that fiendish -                  ;       door.    -                          °
fellow.                         • ByRonJackson                                   „     Mrs. Claus answered it. "Who are
WUber journeys for only five minutes Roberts Creek Elementary School.    '       you?" she yelled.                     ■ •-
before he sights.the platform.         " ,-,_    Santq Tries to Go Modern                   "I said "There really is a Santa."      .
yy^nri'_y_         :    _    ^ said Santa^s wife, M_artha. "But what-Mrs.J3aus?"—^Tii	
=^^quiekl3r^otnlre^ed^nd-withoutJasking    langdale" Elementary School
     _went outside. When I got outside I made an Wilber-and the Chm$ of Christmas - -
angel. And suddenly it floated up and wiiber the snake was enjpying a hot
came to life! And said"Merry Christmas lemonade in spite of his rotten cold._ Just
to all," and then floated back on the snow,    then the phone rang. He answered it.
 ■;   ;   ; =—Mumpli!-This_is~Mumph1vSanta1   a
Grade 4
Santa! What happened? You mijstbe
gagged! y
I,"Mumph! am. It's my Mumph! evil
twin. He'Mymph!  wants to stop the
By Alan Jay Mumph! Christmas toys from Mumph!
Langdale' Elementary School getting to the children!
A Zoom Christmas in Zoom Land Holy smokes! I gotta get down there! I
Tt all started in the galazy, at Christ-   mean up. there !~It" will only take me 15
mas, in Zoom land, in the year 9999.-  minutes to get to the airport. I promise.
Meteorites  had  jet  engines   and   tht       jVnd it did too JI Five minutes to pack a
___ _snake size parka-and-ear^muffsrplus 10
minutestoget totheairport,
'     0    r-
. Pamicipacwn,
Fitness. In your heart >ou know it's right.
\      Tm up here you silly snake!    ' "No ^m not. I just can't afford a jet       "Well one nightSantawent;to;feedthe
^-Suddenly he starts a giant snowball   pack^" argues Santa.      -     _       * reindeer. He was gone for three hours so1
- - "Oh yps you could if "youdidn't^spend sent Bumpy-out ta,see iwhat-was^taking
all of your money in Las Vega's!" yelled Santa so long. Jhe elf-^camaiback with
Martha. _ some bad news. There was a note. It said
"I don't spend ALL of my money in Las "If you ever want to see Santa again
Vega§. And it would cost me $999,999.99 cancel Christmas.V'!-
with $133,333.33 tax to buy one." I jumped up and said, "No Christmas,
"It costs that much every year to feed no presents, no nothing."
those silly reindeer of yours." "Right," said Mrs. Claus."
"But what about tradition?" argued       "WeU," said Mike, "we're going to find
Santa. ' Santa."/ :; v
"Tradition, pook!" We started the next morning. On the
"Alright, I'll buy, one then, but I'll have way Mike suggested we go to the- giant
to give my reindeer to Joe," agreed Santas snow man caveand sure enough Santa was
"What do you  mean,   'Give, them' there. The snow man hated Christmas,
away'?" , * We made ,a-plan. It tookjwo days to
— Wellr there jsn't much of-a-market for—figure it outrl went and got askidoobutl
reindeer anymore."
He only had 5 cents tp pay for the ticket
,  so lie had to sneak, into .the baggage
''compartment.^ The badthings didn't stop
; there. He had to jump to the spot yvhere he
was bound, but the snow cushioned him.
Oof! I've had more fun in the snow
  fixed it first. It was to distract the mon-
"Okay, as long as you buy a'jet pa^ck." ster. When I got back I revved the motor
^STMAS'EjyE'         s     ' ' ^K .up ^nd the snowman started to Cl^seme.;
'"(jet'jmy.bag f|lled with toys, wves. While I was being chased Mike went and
Hurry up!" said Santa angrily. " ^-See Page C-3
.-n"i-r<l*■*'•'">\t1%At" * "f"" '.*.il'«i.^W»/'
m>       from
MCHBtT        ,      '
rETT*"""".""1''!!')!! \i1 j.t*''"'.T,'Mi< •i,«i"'''M-.W,
^■*',i«.','iii'|p'f'r,,',|it'pi!.J;'i*''" \iA*jfi ',C: "
HaigrJim, JVtaureen, Gwen, Nancy, Katliy, Susan,
Eleanor, Joanne & Brenda   ,
 i...... 7 ■.f.:f.:..yX.y::..::. i   ■..".■■'-■<.■ •-■-■■■■■   ■-»■■        '        ■■■   ,\     .■ ■  - <   ■ ■ ,        ■
- "-«**y**,,,.,.„^,.
'\l '   ,
Lrqo lights are glowing everywhere. Gay wreaths bedeck the windows.
Carolere raise -tl^olr voices in song. Anticipation fills the air. Hearts
^ brjghrira t)hrlatmas; Hav6 a merry oh,C !     :'"•';
m +^j^(»cn^..%(flffi*ip'*Jipt«*v«t-«
Gibsons Branch
I      i.
ftH *"        J*   WKB'YW ^^*»M
mm.,    ,,»
1 V    '
I' \
,.\ 4 •
i   v.-.i. j!
n»,>aWtH«Hfff'S'    ft.»D^HB>,
■ir (4?i*wBi otm* t *im«i *
",       I      ,    '        I
p,\ ,• i»/V
i  •,"''' )V
17     .f
7.,',i.,";|Jw;/»ii„i.r ....y.uy^ Xy<r tfXr, ■),ftfii->
'       p I ' .   ' * ''' , 'P I
, r '>•!     '
1*5**0* 'X/H Wft)^ttotiMiito»#pfa^^ J.fti?i**{J!?TO«i tfaty--
Ii "X
) »' ; V  \  ���</  ^ X:  ���  - ���/  s ���  <���������   \  s  Aytp-aye, mateys!  Seasorfs best to all along ivith our thanks  _ r~  MADEIRA MARINA  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  Wednesday December 20,1978 The Penfasnl&Times  Merry Christmas  "-- Have the cheeriest holiday ever.  Best wishes and thanks to all of our"  neighbors. We value your patronage.  CANADIAN PROPANE GAS & OIL LTD.  ���for Emergency Calif during th* Holiday Season ���  Fuol Deliveries - 885-9203  Service - 885-3947  ^  CE AT? CHRISTMAS  Wishing ,you all the joys of the Season ���  Good health,  good friends, 'good  cheer!  FROM ALL OF US AT THE  mt>  May Holiday Happiness  t^���remain   with   you   our  customers    throughout  the year.  t "  SUNSHINECOAST  PEST CONTROL  ^ LTD.   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It was .the first week^f December when  the Christmas tre^s were-cut down to be  sold and decorated for the Christmas  -seasonr ���  Joyfittecold oufrhere," said one of the  trees standing outside a market amongst  the other trees.  "Ya, look at it snow like mad.. It looks  like it's five feet deep! complained another -  tree. All the trees came in on the  discussion. Then the tree keeper came and  started trimming their branches until they  looked nicely shaped. Thpi after a while  customers came in big groups admiring  the trees^And after a goocUook at each!  tree, some' finally bought one.  As the time.came nearer to Christmas  more'people bought thejaaees- and -more  people came out of the stores, with hand-  fulls of parcels, and fewer trees were  standing in the snow.  . "Look at all the trees being sold," said  one of the last few trees. . . ''   'livish-someon^would-buy-me-soonr  'cause I can't stand out here for long,"  ��� answered another.  - "I feel like an icicle right now!" said  the other. There was one tree that was so.  quiet, he never spoke a word. But lie felt  ; th��stoleras the'other tes7Thiis:^met tfee"  was named Harold. :       "yr ,  * A father came out of his station wagon  with a boy and a girl named Bill and Mary.  They looked at the few trees left, and  spotted Harold.     V  ,    "What about this one, Dad?" suggested  Mary holding oiie of Harold's branches.  "Sure," answered his father. Harold  , couldn't believe what he heard. He was  finally getting out of the bitter cold  yveather apd into a warm homfs. Harold  . Was put Into the back of the station wagon,  theh Mary, Bill and their father Mr..Ad-  mas came in after.      X..,f,.f..7.       ,-..;���  -Theyvarrived atthe-Adam's houserand"  Mrs. Adams was waiting at the door. They  picked up Harold and went into the house.  Mrs. Adams went to the kitchen and came,  back with a tree stand with a ltttle water in  It. They all pitched ih to put up Harold,  that looks likia string bean. This fat guy  over here eating & piece of chocolate bar is  called Slob Boy, not to mention his.  bedroom. And last but hot least, my name  is Smarty. I'm the one with the brains.'?  ���>   "Hello little mice, my name is Harold."  "What did I hear about Santa?" asked  Smarty.  "Is there really a Santa?" Harold said,  repeating the question.   ''Wellrl^uesrll^s^h^w^OJ511^661"  CHRISTMAS  *'   CARMELLA DELOS SANTOS  When they finished, Mary helped Mrs.,  Adams get the old Christmas decorations.  "Put the decorated balls  on - each  ' branch," said Mrs. Adams to Mary.    -  "Help me with these lights, Bill," said  Mr. Adams.  " "OK, I will," answered Bill ahd ran  -Lover toget one-end of-the lights.They all-  finished the decorating of. the tree in an  hour. Mary steppedrback to'admire the  nicely decorated Harold. Harold gave a  deep sigh of gladness. He thought to  himself, "I finally have a warm home."  . "Look at the tree," said Mary, "doeistt^t  it look beautiful?" ,,  "Oh, we almost forgot something/'  ~said-BillTand~reached~over~to~getrthe_  aluminum star.  ��� "The star is what we almost forgot,"  Bill reached up trying to get to the top, but  his arm wasn't long enough, so father put  ^ItWl theHop. ~       ���r^7A~''''k7A~'~X''  ~   "Well,Ttfiiiikitvs tinie to1iaye"dinner7  don't you?" askectMolher.        r,'���''"''������  "Ya!" Mary and Bill said running to  the dinner table. The Adams sat down for  dinner then went to bed. Harold was in the  living room alone thinking to himself.  "Ijyonder if there really is a Saritq  Claus?" hp wondered^ ''I do wish to see  liirn." '";'"   ...'..���:    ��� " , ������    S  'Tes, there is a Santa/' said a tiny  voice. Harold knew he wasn't alone now.  "Wh-wh-who is that?" Harold said,  shaking the ornaments.  -    "It's only us," answered the tiny voice.  Three littlejnlce came out behind _the_  "Couch.7\ \ y r . .        ,   ', ~".  "What are you doing In the house?"  asked Harold astonlshedly.  "Let me introduce myself, and these  other two durnbiesj beside me. This guy  over here is named Skinny, he's the one  about it. If you think it's for little kids and  it's sissy stuff _6r maybe Santa's your toy-  hero and you truly believe in him. It all.  depends upon you," Smarty explained.  "What do you think?" Slob asked with a  mouthful of chocolate bar.  "Well," said Harold, "I think I do  believe in him and I do wish toseehim." ~  "He will come," said Skinny skipping  around through the chimney.  '.'But how?" Harold asked. When he  looked down they were gone. Harold stood  alone in one corner of the room falling  asleep.  The next morning the mice were up  early. They ran over to Harold and tugged  on his branches. ,  "Harold, Harold, wake up!" called the  mice. ���   ~-     ~~     .        ,  ."Who? What? When? How?" gasped  Harold, half awake.  "; -  " "Don't you want to know when and Jrow  Santp comes?"    .  "Sure," Harold said, "but why so.  early?"       -    ,  "Because Mrs. Adams chases us out of  the house. So we want to tell you before she  ~^a^sTip;"'tli^^xplain^7^afold'was"  fully awake now..,    "  - "Tell me the story then," Commaned  Harold anxiously.     , '  "Well, it beginsJke this :J&nte\ lives  kk. M WkUP-Ktiit, jv^jfifc, at. & workshop..".  , with little elveis making toys. They start  riiaktttf'toys. very early and by the time  they take Out the reindeer and sleigh; the  toys are ready for that big night.  December 24. He goes all around the world  giving gifts to good little girls and boys."  Smarty took a deep breath.  ���'What's the chimney got to do with it? "  Harold said puzzled. .  "When you hear hooves, on the roof that  means Santa's here with his reindeer. He  will gbt his big bag of toys ahd climb down  the chinpney," Smarty replied. Suddenly,  theyiheard ttiud, thudding on .|||e.stairs/  J^Lli^eA^im.are.awake.L(^^hBel^  Smarty commanded and slid under the  couch. Skinny easily slid under, too, but  Slob was so fat that he didn't fit: So he  walked around and behind it. The Adams  had breakfast then went out to go shop:!  ... '] n ' ���See page,C-4  May fhe joys of this  Christmas season rekindf  dieris.hed memories, and fill  your 'heart with great happiness.  FAMILY FASHIONS  Madeira Park  <*  from  J ���  / George, Marlene & Stbff  SEAVIEW MARKET  ���____.p___ ������:~'-��Roberts"G'��ek":''";,:'":'"H'':','"''':''''  %    \  i'fsm.r.''   \   >t%.  �����CW,|MC,  As we celebrate.the birth of  the prince of Peace; it, is oik  fondest .prayer that His pfeace ^  Wi 11 ;dwel I With in every heart at  Christmas, and evfer after. ..        s ,  ..���i    JJ^yJin  Funeral Howie  DA(Y ft DAWN bEVUti ,  ,''''�����  ���i,-i.,..,fi.!,\i\'M,r,^.,i.i ,1.1.^ i,,,-. >i^-"ffi^ii',��fi;.t,i  ,,^i����t.".  f/ ���  wmmwmmmiymm  GREETINpS  TOOURMA^Y  */ 7a:- : FRIENDS  ANb PATRONS...  ^���*���r**~-~-from���-m���1��:  THE HOMESTEAD  DRIVE-INN ^  ��� cloned Mondays ���  Cloaed Dec. 24 ��� Jan. 2  It glvos us great pleasure to greet  you and to extend jwr warn), sincere thanks; :,  pi' pp^"*-...'-.'' ��i.,^,,���c7..~A...im.n-m^*JXxit{.m.;';\ ..:",t"*l*Hi  ;';XW.... .MH6mf��oUhflR��dXorp��t^erWkfi.*-����,.,---  Whoro th'o Coffee,,f>p.t,ll.,Alwoy��,6nll,,w,,  OK TIRE STORE  Cornerof Wharf & Dolphin, Sechelt  OjLm.  Mm  ... to you, our customers.  We thank you for your pat-  ronago and wish you a Joyous     -i-*Ip-Bi A RINE~ |s|Wr~*  n^ wimi>**~��. !*��� ,-j *��!���������! ��Mf4p*os��!JV��  "Tho Chain- Saw Centre'  Sechelt ,  V ������  X^'X-  \   ���      . J"   \  X  ������������tt m  i*    * ���. VV y      U     '  ,        ��� ', * 'kV/.' ���       *.       r.  ���^  i . :xV    i-i���*    V|v-v  ifpyfi  Wisliiiiff our friends  nnd customers  Happy Christmas  and?a prosperous 197^  ''�����'  ^."^flF'l'*^^^'!  HAi��|i ANN  Madeira Park  v-  -,   ���,r...��...  .���*,��,,��������*,>,-  ��T-rr:l ���;-  "Y  im inimiW  s.  '    \  \  -, -w  '  ''��� ���!,1,  .X  ' J '    '  f,,,,,.^,,���������*..t   �� ��^  ..;,.  f '  1^|R<����8��"��  I ,   y    -  Jt JflSrtWS* <��il��)��^*W��WlW^ i  *^FWSS*S2"!#W'^*>8Siai��$^  ,    ,.,.BV.,.V.*(Wi'i-J..'��+*..1s<sl. KeUrKsv.r-iM'i.&Wrfr  I    I,  pi-a^$&i^.'mt3>t^-Bit>r^^  ���*��r%jm^i!biigiit&zz&&��^^  ���j-^-M^^ww^ffMatiWitKRaift^wHifii  "T"V"   '  ll  * I  O  /.'    ���/.  \  ' -���'V-'  :'hx  ''7,721:  \- f.r.  .- -v  >  '  PageC^T"  The Peninsula Times     .   Wednesday, December. 20,1978  '.:,.  X- ���  . ������'/.;���, :...  i"..  '",'           ���:������.'���  '���..'    :'  .'.���   '    ���,  y\  ������������' I  "  \  "                  ."'       '  .-\.y  i  "'   '   i  *i  <r  ���'-:  ' ,J...'  '���������>.    .    ' -yr ���'-.  hy     i.  -   -  '_   ^  i  t  -  -^_  ���  ��� \-  ��'  "                       s^  L.  '  fc  r,  z  1*  .Jn. Uve,6pi/ut oj.�� J/uetul.5ni�� aiict good .wjiu  tliat id LivitAtmoA ... vJc tKcmJc om manu  _cuMom-zx& lgx VfwMS continued aatianaae! ���  Jo alt, oui AinccK AOiAtteA laxnotulau -jau!  Closed December 27  Closed Week of January 2 - Jan 8  GOOD FOOD STORE    "  Sechelt ~> .  It's such a pleasure to say  thank you to our many friends  and customers at Christmas.  ���    Season's Greetings from our Staff,  ' ' Bribn* Hartley, Fred & Wade.  BRIAN'S AUTO BODY & PAINTING LTD.  J-'-ifV  ^VJLETIDE GREETINGS  t  O SCW, INC  Staff & Management df  PENINSULA TRANSPORT LTD.  Wish you a   . y ���  Merry Christmas & '  Prosperous New Year  OF BEST WISHES  *      FOR THE     .  HOLIDAY SEASqN ]  from .the Start  Roberta, Mary Ellen,  Linda & Ava -  SEW EASY  Sachelt  MORE AIoutT  Christmas story contest winners  We wish youevery jojf _  and blesaing .of this happy  Christmas Season!  L&H SWANSON LTD.  Contractors  Porpolso Bay Rd.  Secholt  ���From Page C* ���   . '     e  ping. When they had came back they were  loaded with wrapped-up presents.  As time passed it came closer to being  ..Christmas- More presents were underneath Harold, and he felt proud with all  of thqm under him.  And finally ^ame the long-awaited  Christmas Eve.  "I hope what you say about Santa is  ' .y,.  Closed Ddc, 2i#7th & Dec. 31 ,Jan 1 &2nd     .;:  PENINSULA CLEANERS  SECHELT ��� Glbioru '  true," Harold said.  ... "Yes, I assure you_that_itJs true,"_  ^answered Smarty. - -  -   - - '  ~J,Well, I'hope he comes soon;" said  Harold. ��� '  The next.day was Christinas. Harold  .heard everyone greet each other with a  Merry Christmas. Harold was disappointed because he had heard no Santa.  "Merry Christmas, Harold!" the mice  greeted.  "Merry Christmas to you too," answered Harold.  "The Adams are still getting ready, for  the patty, huh?'Vsaid Harold.  "Yup," answered Smarty. /  That night the Adams had their party,  and opened their gifts. When the guests  had left, the Adams went to bed and the'  ''Yes, three.mice. Ho! Ho! Ho! to you  too," Smarty said angrily.  % ' 'And give me a good reason why you're  late .and not on schedule," Smarty continued.  "That's easy to explain. The power  went out because of the blizzard so we  couldn't use the clock and we had no  calendar. So-this watch my wife gave me  for Christmas was the only thing left. And.  pect to find in the stable?"  "I'll know when I find it," replied  Holmes. ~- -   -     .  Just at that moment another little  fellow in a green suit walked ,up to Santa,  ^Santa?" he said."  "Yes," Santa replied, "what is it?"  "Inspector Ningkompoop of Scotland  Yard to see you," ttie little fellow replied,  "shall I send him over; to see you?"  , this_stupid. quartz __watch__was_one_day !^Y_esJdo," said.Santa.  -hehindULSanta explained-angrify-pointing  Uo the watch. He finally started up the-  chimney leaving a present behind for each  of them and the Adams family. When they  unwrapped their gifts at the same time  they could hear Santa call out.  "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a  good nighj!"  The three mice scurried to the window  and saw Santa at his sleigh waving  goodbye. The mice were sorry he left,  especially Harold, but they knew he would  come back with more gifts next year..  ,  Honorable  three.mice came out. /  "Why didn't he come last night?"  asked Harold. "You kept meup aU night  waituig for the guy. Now I feel like Sa^y on,  the Peanuts cartoonls who's waiting for the  stupid Great Pumpkin!" Harold said  angrily.    *  "Alright, alright, so we were wrong,"  said Smarty and scurried off behind the  \- v... �������������� .."   ��� ��� ��� ..,  ,.l.i.  t"' ���"  couch leaving Harold. alone. Harold  couldn't sleep because he couldn't get over  his madness. Then when it was about 12:00  midnight Harold heard thudding on the  roof. ' '���������{ ������-;',.  ���;.j^nld4tbe?.'-?-hewondered.~.-... ..  "Woooo! Rudolph! Wodoo! Reindeer!"  a deep voice said.  "It couldn't be," Harold said.  "Ho! HoHHo!'"the deep voice said.  "XT IS!" Harold gasped astonishedly.  "Smarty/Slob, Skinny, cdme here!"  it's wrong?" they asked;   ,  jk!"    ': '���/". ,,   ,  '  ��� ���' '";'.������''  They heard hlnj slicle down the chimney. The mice hid 'among Harold's  branches.-The figure came out with a big  bag of toys Just as,Smarty described- it.  , The figure reached into the bag and put big  parcels under Harold. '','���'  "Are you-Santa?!L Harold asked.-The  figure looked around wondering where the  voice Was coming from.'  "Yes, yes, Tam," he answered. "Who  am I talking to?"  , Harold,-the tree/i'.he proclalijaedl.^  "HO! HO! HO! So it Is aitreei'1 exclaimed Santa. ���*,���������  "You are real,'.' Harold said. "I don't  believe Iti" ,  ' "Well, believe It," Santa answered.  Then the three inice Jumped [off of Harold,  "And three little mice, too.,HO! HO!  HO!" he said merrily,   i.'.]������  mention  By Sean Eckford  Roberts Creek Elementary School,  Grade 7  The Case o^the  Missing Reindeer   �� ~(asivitnessed by i  Dr. Watson) ,  It was K 00 Christmas eve day, Holmes  ahd I were sitting in our rooms on Baker  Street. Holmes was playing his violin and I  was reading a medical;Journal. Suddenly^  there was a knock on the doior! Holmes  v opened it, there standing before us 1vas a  short fellow In a green suit.  "What would you like?" inquired  Holmes.  "One of J Santa  Claps'  reindeer  i��  1 missing!" screamed the little man.  "Come Watson we haven't a momentto  lose!" yelled Holmes.  "Mrs. Iludson," I yelled downstairs,.  Holmes and I shan't be wanting dinner  tonight!-\ . ���;"���������' ;..,, -..'  "Righjtol." yelled Mrs. Hudson.,, ��� \  Upon arrival, Holmes and I, walked  briskly Into the workshop.. ���'.  "Weil now Santa, can you tell me  exactly what happened?" inquired  Holmeg.,  4<T think so," saidlSanta. "I was with .  JMju Claus at about 12:00 p.m. yesterday  1 and then Mrs. Claus said she heard a'noise  from the stable. So I took two elves and  Went���out to the stable and found Prancer  missing.'!���T,_t '.:....  ;..-.',.  "Could you show mo the stable?"*  Holmes asked.  "Certainly," onawerc^ Santa.  "Holrties," I yked,"what do you ex-  "Now Jhen Mr. Claus what has happened?" asked Ningkompoop.   ���  "Well, well Inspector, we are a little  slow on the uptake, eh?" teased Holmes.  "You've beat me' to it again, Holmes,  how do you <lo it?" was Ningkompoop's  reply. .  "Logic, Ningkompoop, logic," said  Holmes.  While this conversation was going orf "'  we were walking towards the stable. Upon  arrival Holmes bent to examine something  on a post. ���  "Watson, hand me the magnifier," said ,  Holmes.  ���   "Right Ht)lmes,." I replied.  "What is it?" inquired Santa.  "Yes-do tell, repeated the Inspector.  "Well it appears to be a piece of fur  from a reindeer," Holmes said..  ~ "Help!-Holmes!" Santa-said.   ��� ���  "Wher&dftPyou.^irtquired Hohhesi-  "Down here in thtfhole,"'said'Santa,  "and Tve found Prancer!"  "Well Santa, looks like you .didn't need  us at all," said Holmes. "Well we'll be off  now."      ^z -__  All aboard for a joyous season! Thanks  for letting us keep- things ship-shape.  fa/to. THo/iitta  Madeira Park  ~y  Honorable  It's nlwnyN ft pleasure to greet *  our friemln nt Christmns nnd wish '  ���- y-\y- -'  ��.,   them tlic very b^U -Thank ^6u'J^%"]kt*{',  piitroiiHgc and happy holldnysl '    .  ^ftttiMWA  CLLY ft MARY  Sunnycrest Centra  py Debbie Gibb"  Roberts Creek Elementary, Grade 7  ". David's Christmas Story  '.'"Mommy*" asked five-year-old David,  watching his mother struggle with the  stubborn (ahd lop-sided) Christmas tree,  "what is Christmas? Why do we give  everbody:pweSents?"  "Go play outside, David. Can't yotj see  I'm. vei7 busy?" she, returned with an  unpleasant edge to her voice*  . "Nobod^wuVs-mer-I'mgolng-to-wun-  away fwum home! Den she'll be sorry she  yelled at me," he muttered rather inn  coherently under his breath, as he trudged  down the hall to his slater's room!'.  " ' ."Sissy, help jjtue pul^ my boots and1  snowsult on, pwiease," he demanded,  pushing open the door. ''  : .'.'.David, can|t you learn to knock before  you barge In like that? I was right In tho  middle   of   a   really   tough   algebra  problem," stormed Mtianha, his thlrteen-  ~~���~t���SccPagfiC��5  ^"lA/e're singing out our warmest wishes  -���to-you-ior-a^Holiday-richly-rcward  ing m goo'd" qhepr and happiness.  THE VILLAGE STORE  THE PARTY STOP  & THE NEW ORANGE OASIS  mtmmmm  Christmas Joy  Our alncereat wish thin holiday aaaton  Is that all ouf<;leiiiltf ntifcJM th��Joy of  Chri��tmn��. Thank you for your, patroniifle   '  throuothout the veAr. ��� _*_ ~ _���  ~i-.*i'.,.+*,�����  COASTAL TIRES  Closed December 28 rJanuary 1   t _  k     .       . 'I       .        .. ' , m-^t -  ' -rf  ���4MMMHMMWM  r  *f*xyiy,!z ~p:i-'-~r^|f^thivM^Ju.io:bo grivtoful i  ,     -. ' ���     m. t '  forhUiHMiii^,',, /and w<i nppronlnt'o your  J":~7^UMSHlktC0A8T^,ri*" '"  DISPOSAL SERVICE LTD*  Roy Chamborlln, Tom Qoiy tk Stuff  X  mmtmm-ywimmmm Kw<tWMi  ��� \  VlAIq'jq building a  bonanza  of /holiday  Wlsh6s,' for   all xour   friends' In Vtho  )community. Thank you and happy holidays.  ��� ���; v'  , * x '  Al ,, ' ,  ^PV-^Js^^JP-Pv'i*^.* $.*^.\-w*^^.'*ltmW>t<-.Htt���*,tpt*i?tm.>r*xilbr*i!- m^ li^ri^i^^mm^^r^^^^.i.i^r.^i^i.Jet- ">t1*p. IWVT.&? ^^tmy^Hi-.lbtl'l.mt.. - ti3*.��.;^!iTT^-infl'lJ'-'-'.��.''"t"'Lil��y.'*  r.,i��-#in t/�� kchim!s   & Building Supply  Hlwy, lOVat Pranclt Psnlniula Rood  *, -  \  -,   *  " /'  mmwmmmmmmmmmmmmm  .   .,. .,   ... (|  1   f W-MW"   tmi-1 AU^.J J0  I'  ,}  X  \  ���11       I  *r.  i  .,u.p,����i����,||..���,��,.,,.�����..����-��.��,,,.....-.�����.���.,��  I  "V  ""TT""'  ���7,'',  -,v  ����������W*��*lIlM"H*><H����p��llt-l*l !**���+(��"  f'  ��; , "i.  , > MA^n^n wt*^*jWn    jl/ *v tf n K* ��W. r t^w   Be-i   <r  ll..  I ,���'���>,  .   rk,,' -i, ,:���    ;...���;��� |   .'  ^ ,    'i        i  ii��  ..^.-..V,-.;   ,* ,   t:��     -, *,  *i       *      v  \.- i  7i  ;'; ',��� ,i p,  p     ,   ,i  :������-. i ,   ��  ��� i.t '������'.. ��� 1 ���  ���*..: *  'V'.'*1'  ->  t'r  V  tmtmjf^mmmtaa.ammmwmmmf'fmmmmwfvwfgiig  '** a w-v>, /IN, *^ >���   '���"'V  Wednesday, December 20,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageC-5  Chrisfmas  Blessings..,  May the blessings   ,  ' of the, Christnias  ���  ���season-be-yoursr���-  WILSON CREEK  COMMUNITY  CENTRE  ���*y  fay the inspiration  of faith and love fill  your heart with quiet'peace  and happiness. A joyott&JMoel to all.  '  �� ���r".. "--  . ~"  )Terry & Darlene  X of  MAXPS SHOES LTD.  Gibsons Harbour  >  Everybody's preparing for the big Day.  -Hope it's mer-ry-in every way. Our thanksr  Big Mac's       ^  Superette & Delicatessen  885-9414 ��� Sechelt  _  "^  MORS ABOUT  contest winners  From Page CA regret-ever leaving his home.      ,.  yearnold sister, "but HI help you put on . He kept walking onwards, until it was  your boots and snowsuit, because you said pitch black out, except for the road:lights.  (niooao' >�� David was very sad and tired, and scared, ^  'please  "Okay, I'll go get dem, Tank you,  Sissyj/' replied David, in a_ decidedly  meeker voice.  vOn his way back to his sister's room  from the closet he passed his own room.  "Oops! I can't forgej; Teddy!" he  shuddered merely at the thought of  leaving behind his favorite toy.  ''Hurry up, David, I haven't got all day,  you know," came the call from Louanna's  room.     m    r- .  "  "I'm comin', Sissy," yelled -back  David.  "Louanna and David,_ityou two don't  behave yourselves and be quiet, I'm going  .toicall your father!" yelled their mother,  so he stopped under one of the street-lights  to look around. - ,  ��� Not very far away, he saw a barn. It  was the only building he could see, so off  he trudged towards it, his feet dragging at  every-step.  Once inside, he saw that there were  horses, cows, pigs, sheep, and. chickens,  all regarding him with "curious stares from  various places arouhd the small crowded  ���room and hay-lolft.  Suddenly, a horse (yes, HORSE) spoke.  jto_Dayid. _  "Well, well," said the'horse in a very  low voice, "what have v^ here, eh?"^  "pwease Mr. Horsey, don't hurt me. I  who was still struggling with the crooked ' .wan away,fwom, home, and now" I'm  .tree. The threat made both of them  decidedly quieter, for their father lyas not  one to hesitate with a good spanking. '  Louanne quickly zipped up David's  snowsuit, and helped him pull on his boots.  "Where's your hat and mittens, and  your scarf? You can't go outside without  them, you know,M warned Louanna.  "I'll go get dem," Sissy," answered.  David, anxious to go outside and be on his  way.  losted;" h�� explained, trying very_hardto���he-fell-asleep,  keep from crying.  , ^  ' 'Why would yofc want to run away from  homehis close to Christmas, .eh?" asked  the horse, very puzzled. ���  "My mommy yejied at me, 'cuz I  wanted to know why we .give everybody  presents at Chwistmas," stated David,  brushing aside a lone tear that trickled  ^own his cheek.-  . "Do you reaUy want tp know about  That night, a huge star shone directly  above the stable where Mary and Joseph  lay. Three wise kings saw the star and  followed, it to Bethlehem'. An angel appeared to some shepherds as they tended  their sheep, and sang out, "Come and  behold him, born the king of angels, the  son of God."  While all this was going on, Mary had  her1 babe, a son as predicted.^All^ofJHll_  aninwls_ga^red-around_andlSared^n-  wondjermfcnt TaX his holy head.  He was wrapped in swaddling clothes,  and laid in a manger. The three wise kings  brought gifts and placed them at the head  of the child. The shepherds gazed in  fascination, while the angels sang lullabies  overhead. It was indeed a holy moment,"  finished the horse at last.       -  ��  "Dat was a good story. Why can you  talk?" asked a puzzled (and tired) David.  - - "Pve-always been able to talk. All  animals can talk, but when adults are  around, we have to stay quiet," replied the  horse.   < -^      ""  "Oh," was all David could say, because  FILL ER UP WITH BEST WISHES!  Jim HeppneF j  HARBOUR MOTORS  KLEINDALE  883-2414  Finally, he was dressed and ready to goN-Christmas, David?" questioned the horse.  ...and from all of  Us to all of you, the  * best of the holiday  season. Thank you  . for your patronage.  DON*  SHOES  Sunnycrest Centra  outdoors.  "Sissy, I can't reach the doorknob. -  Can't you pwease open the door for me?"-  pleaded David. ���    -_    ,  "Alright, just a minute," was hejr reply.  , Louanna'opened the door for him, and.  he was outside, into the fresh crispness of  , newly-fallen snow.  "David, Mom said not to go outside the  yard," stated Louanna through the partially opened door. She closed it before  David could answer. k  ~~"GoodT  said  ir.  now I can wun away,  David, with satisfaction.  And so, clutching his precious Teddy  .close to his body; he pushed onwards, out  of the gateway, and onto the sidewalk. ������':���'  ~~"1\lraSimm^the grocer'swife^t6pped~"  him outside the grocery store just down  the roajl. "And where might a fine boy like  you be-going?" she asked.  "Urn., v I'm going on a um...urn.... a  twip;" replied David guiltily." >  "Is that sd? WeU good evening to you,  then," she said laughingly, pressing a  peppermint candy stick into his hand.  '���Thank you," said David politely,  . continuing on his way down the street.  He wandered farther, ahd farther away.  jfrom his home, until at last h'e reached the  ��� outskirts of the town. It was really getting  dark out and David vyas beginning, to  "Yes," stated David, "then I can go  home and tell my mommy."  - "Well, it all started a long, long time  ago, in the town of Bethlehem. A man by  the name of Joseph was trying to find a-  place ior him and his wife to stay for the  night. He tried all the inns in the area, but  they were all filled up. After all-tljp inns  had turned them away, Joseph went back  to each one, hoping for a cancellation. Hg  had no hick.  Jd ter.he.had been turnedawayJrom-the-  "I tell you, Mrs. Owens, he's asleep  rights outside ih my barn," shouted, the  ifate farmer into the telephone.  "Tell me where1 you live, and I'll come  .and get him right away," said Mrs. Owens  (David's1 mother).  "Aye, I Uve about six miles down the  highway," was the farmer's reply.  . "Oh, dear Lord," wailed Mrs. Owens,  ���"he walked six miles, and he's only five!"  "Never mind how far he walked, just  tell me how long he has to stay here before  you come to pick'him up?"-  "I'm dn myway," she yelled, slamming down the receiver.  "It's the'sam'e old story, them city folks  jest don't know ho^ to raise a' child;"  remarked the farmer to. his wife.        & (  "Ashley, how do you know? Shut up and  dry these dishes!" snapped Martha, his  wife. -  ,Mrs. Owens rushed to her car and flung  L  from  AT  TIDELINE MECHANICAL  &  last one, he noticed a stable behind it. He  rushed back inside and asked the owner if)  helanci Maty could stay iii it for the hight.  The ownef said yes;        *       ���'".,.';  Poor Mary was near her time with her  first, child, who was a very special child,  for an angel had appeared to Joseph and  told him his wife, would have a child, the  son bf God.  Joseph spread out the bedrolls and  relieved the, dorikey of its saddle.  "Mary, you better lie dojvn.,arid rest,"  said Joseph, worriedly.   '     -  He   looked   around,  at   the   badly  neglected animals. Shaking his head, he^  put hay into the mangers, water into the  troughs, and spread grain fpr the chickens.  Then, with a satisfied look around him,  he,crawled,into the blankets beside Mary  and went to sleep. ,  open the door.. Fumbling around in her  bag, she finally fourid her car keys, and  promptly dropped them on the floor.  Finally she got tire car started and began  to back out of the drivewayi >  -^"EbuaniiaTTbone^e-poUc^ng-iAii  them he's beeh found." She pulled om a."  squeal1 of brakes.^    : 1  FIVE MINXES LATER   ''.''���  ''Mommy, mommy, I went on a twip  and I gbt losted. The horsey told me a story  and I went to sleep,*' babbled David as his  mom puflejd into the driveway and braked  sharply. ;'"���;'' ��� .  All Mrs. Owens could do was hug him  jbtd tell him he's been dreaming, because,  horses couldn't talk.       /  Dayid looked back through the open  barn door. The horse gave him a long, slow  wlnk^.. .'   p.- '        V.J,.  Pender  Hiirbartir  Auxiliary to  x',St. Mary's  Hospital  tnaKtottf) % opt  May tho joys of the season be yours  "K  ti'irv.  ,   Chqrllo, Mhuroon, Wendy, Brian, Sharon  A Diane Lee < ,     "  Tad ft Elloon Alexander '���,  ,,*R6iii"*'ICaihrMMjoiMy"J"*",s."-*"T":",'*J  Frod ft Evelyn Ol��on !  Aloe�� Matf Rankin  '  Dob A Joan Prost & family;  Rod SPoroen Webb & family '  John ft Dorothy Boicb     ���<���   IDorhn Bos��h   ...,'.'���  0111 ft Jean Sladey'..  Duncan, ft Flora Sim  John A EUpeth Logan    '  Plbh ft Joan Vincent  Jack &j,lou Fprrell  Erno��ti ft Norma Carswell A lamlly  Helen Ellxaboth Catering, Socholt    �� ,  Dov ft Helen RobertRfliv  ,    Tod ft Irene Temple! ' \ '  mil ft Oladyi Drown  Dunbar ft Joy Phllp '  Sally Roblnion  ��� Ruth Schaler  : Irnnn.M^Ksnjtlw.. ���.. ..,...���   Henry ft Joan Wltlllahor  ���,! Lyall'fi Maryl-'Alt't��Cltji:',..,;.p,,'-. ���"-'^C*  . Don ft Caryl Cameron  ,    Mr. ft Mm, J.ll, Swerdfogor    ',  Mel ft Jean Mkei  .J:rGaK*ftjClflnUlMu���*^^  Dill ft Edith McNaughton,       *    '  - pnt **-tJ��Mio!-vyillrorn��on"w- yi*-y--ry  . Kathleen,Colwell  J|m ft YVonno Hamblln  Eric A Emmlo Brook*     ,\ ,,     ,.;.  FranM luabol AAcWhl.nnl��  ^rlc'ftither'Edwar'di ""���.'���"  Till ft Marlon Wray  Julio Rold      X        . ���  Gary ft Choryl Thompion ft family  Dill, PhyllU, Marty ft Dllly Knution  Gib A Louvaln Loo  Oraomo ft Donnlo Wost    >  Diirt ft Isabel Gooldrup  Sadie Edmond  Wllllo A Llhdq Mattis '     '  Dick A Marg,Gooldrup  Bill ft Gall Ewon "'  Ernlo ft May.'WIdman /  Duncan ft Joan Cameron  Roy ft Doris Dusonbury  Ray ft Doris Phillips,  Milton ft Janlco Watson  Dutch ft Carol Rold A boys  Colin ft Shirley Vader  Dill ft Wilma Thompson A family  ,. Ernie. Lee.��,., >,Vi..���.'.��,��., ..". .,..-.'  ���Billy & Iris Grlflllli ft fnmll/  Cj^lo^MyrtU Pag*      .     .  Dave ft Muriel Stlgllti ft family,  >'  Potor ft Floronco Prescesky     ,   ,  Mark'lo A Myrtl9,Myon  Ron ft Peggy Pockrant .,**....��.v., 'X  Darby, Kim Janlne, Da|e A Jamje  ''''Orv'A'''Dorhlcfeilawson   Horvjoy ft Mary Wright    ���  Lawrence ft Mar|y Monroe ^    (  T  pp|" "  *   ,i ���  ������"I .i   ,. i  .  "��� . 'i  stmai max? anauie kacoe'L^^,  hoaHOiiH Greeting,  X^7r,.^.yiy^^-,~,rAL(_f0 ,||| ~m���jLmm.m~mm~,  ~   ,KOY--AfH>-F'AUL-A-  PENDER HARBOUR HOTEL  Madeira p^rk  Nlppm  From all of ut to "all of yoli,  ourb����tandm��rrloitwlih����.  ���  Horo'�� hoping tho holiday looion  holdt many ploaiuroi for, you and yours.  Slncorothonkiforthoopporfunltloiyou'vo  ,     Havo a wond��r.f,wLf]!?.!!doy.    '  COAST CABLE VISION  imT.' Y'W'b ''.>'.-��, 'm '������������ .'��� "���������-'���  itfK'.'V  m ���<������""m .��������  i  ���V  N  \  pf  fe#HBSBlSWj��*lT^��W.|^p��* f   -tun    s   ���**���>��  '  i   .  '-[,  /  .   l'   '  7 i-i��  imjmmmmimmmmmfripmmettm.  -.uu^ V    *.i     ^   1ft ^. *.   .  m^m^mmmm^mm^sttmn  I     , ,,���..,  I    ,  x. i\.  ��� i  ./.    !';  .   -'   V  . I���.  kX,  \      l,(J(-��.���, (   I  . -*^�� n * i ���  .;.,.(;,., j:.t.:\   V.,...,;.I., ...,'.,...).\.., I...... "...m���.  '!���    "  , , ..i  /'     7:\  \     i  �� \  \ <:   x  y ''i  17"  ��� ..A     i* '  j  ,       ......  fi '  .? v*  ���' ; x  "i TmniiMi  a  \'-  7i     rr  \ ���  "�� .'*'  ^rm��...   ��!,��.   (���-,     ��...!  ''       ,'V  r ,f ��� H2  :'*��K  \     T-.'vV  i- V     ''  '   J   ^/.'.-.  -'::>  .'    V ���' ���'..   ���     \ ���  '''       :'J-    ������!���. ��� .-���������  ���/���  / ���*��� .:./���  -*'.  --,/-  ' c  " ���   <?  J  Page Of  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, December 20,1978  ' ..'l-i.  ^      x      rl Christmas bright and  ��� cheery is our greeting to' you.' And  add pur thanks for your generous support.  HAPPY   HOLIDAYS   from   Gordon   &   Shirley  Walker, Mary,-Yvonne, Roberta, Jill, Ginny & Heather  =;-*���  *^^  PRIFWOOP CRAFTS  Sunnycrest  Centre...  Our best wishes for  the very happiest of  Holiday  Seasons L  from Bill, Shqyne.  .  Freda & Lee  DAVIS CURIO & SPECIALTY!  SHOP  -   Fill 'er up , . . fhe season that, is,  with out good cheer.and appreciation.  MADEIRA PARK SERVICE  883-2241   S '-  Open Sunday, Dec. 24,10 a.m. - 4 p.m  Closed Christmas & New Years  f  Use Christmas Seals  It's A Matter of Lite & Breatht  ULtWELDWG  (1978) tTD.  ^.TIS-THE-  SEASON  May your holidays be  merry and future joyous.'  "We enjoy serving youT  Madeira Park:  Variety Store  has successful  and busy year  Twenty members .of the Roberts Creek  Hospital^ Auxiliary met for their usual  monthljTmeeting on December 11.  Annual reports were given and these  confirmed that this is a busy-auxiliary and  we can look back on a successful year.  There was an acknowledgment from the  hospital of the gift we have made from our  G/teetuujA  Memorial Fund j)f^ two  alteTriafingf  pressure mattressesT~~~ ~_ :   Our next meeting on January 8 will be  heldat the Golf Club, followed by luncheon  and installation of the new executive. It is  hoped there will be a large attendance..  PleaseadvisePresident, Wilma Rodgers,  , or Pauline Lamb if you intend to come, so  . that fheygive the caterers some idea of  the number expected. The charge will be  -$4.   -   -  -    --    " "   ���  The meeting then adjourned and  nominations were accepted,r-"As-"a^result-  . the executive for 1979 will be: President:  v Pauline- Lamb;���Vice-President: Jim  /trohside; Secretary: Marjorie Gihb;  Treasurer:    MildredJForbes;  Mem-"  bership:  Marion Cupit^and  Publicity:  Louise Dorey. ^ -  Madeline- Grose-thanked Charlotte  Raines and Jean Carey for their support  on the nominating committee and a brief  social tune followed. The members then  left with mutual good wishes for. the  Festive Season. Don't forget: January 8 at  11/a.m. at the Golf Club. -^Madeline  Grostu        ,  .  Lady Lions  raffle winners  Santa drew the lucky tickets to con-  M  \ep?f \^/Jr\pis'(m $s  JTeie's hoping everyone, everywhere  enjoys a very hap]?y holiday! ~  PENDER HARBOUR  -    ������-XREDJTUNIONI   /   j  elude the Lions-Ladies' Christmas Raffle.  Mrs. M. Greaves of V/est Porpoise Biay "  BIBLICAL  JOSEPH  ponders   the, featured Troy Clayton, H/^  ~^fieflimnMaWKC?arlf^ authentic EgyptiSiFdesiina those who supported their bake sale and  Schpol's Christmas play "Joseph's"   and costumes at arecent visit to the raffle. Proceeds-from this project will go  CMtTofTMahy Colors." The musical   King Tut Exhibition in Seattle as part to help furnish the lobby in the hospital,  drama, directed by Joe Harrison,   of history program. r expansion. Merry Christmas and a Happy  Wendy Skapski,  and Stan  Lewisy  New Year to you all!  (Oe hope Santa brings extra shares,  of happiness td you and yours. We appreciate all our fine friends and customers.  p, I,*  SEASONS GREETINGS!  Quality farm supply  GIBSONS  Best  wishes for health  and happiness, peace and good willrto all.  ] fi'   " ii  .Glbsc^ns Harbour  ,.>��'...  !E!2��  # Sleigh bells, Carols. '  \0* Holly wreaths. Snowflakes'.  >$,   7       And goodwill to men. .  FROM THE STAFF OF  YOU-DELS  Sunnycroit Contro  ^erry  from  ThePenins  staiL  Harvie, Helen, Mary, Judy  Boh and Terri1  the best to you and yours  "  in the New Year  '���'"������''   "Joyeux jSpe!" .  \  -A  YULETIDE CHEER  :,,,..���p.-i..  A Sincere Wish for a Merry Christmas *-.;  Jlhdt JhanU You to Our Customers I    v  OIC��l,IN0.  DAN   _  FUEL a SERVICE      X  IMPERIAL OIL,AGENT!  HOPKINS LANDING  wm  ^r  '',,.,... ,..,,!, ..���:?" ....������.'.'''AfJ'ifbXX'Xky.......,.,,:,.,   THis greeting comes to Wish y6u all  the, blessings of tliis holy season A  very merryjChriatmda!      1( ���", -  w* will bm cloi��d b��t^i��nShi:Jilm(��i.!l Nf wft-tor.i�� .,���,.-����� ,,..  Opan again on Join, 2nd.  FLOORGOVtiRINGS  Glbaoni; 666*7112  Socholt, 88S-3424  mcRRY ciimsTmns  :    :.,r,7  May tho holidays (III ua,;....���...  young and old, with Iho wonder ol *'  ' childhood. Beat wlOhQa   ; ,  .   and thanks to our good neighbors,  K       i from the Staff at  PENDER HARBOUR DIESEL CO. LTD.  Merry Chjrhtmtis  and  "","/ 7 New Jeor  6f health ami happiness  for atyour loyal customers  during 1978*  Frances 4 King wish to thank���you all for your  continuing aupptfrt & assuro you wo will do our  be��t to bring you quality, variety & fcjjlr pricing  during 1979��.Hwvs   ��� ;  "  V  -.(  ','''    r  BbOKS/GIFTS/STATIONERY  ,1''   ' Supnycreit Contro   .|  \  ���-���-��� ^m"-~-- ������  '\        <  ,'  1  ,        .   1  \  t  1��*ft^*^(*u��p^^pHitfl(ia����JWAi(iBB%tnivitJi v*^*>i j-si ft -ft  ^J ** ^wl  n,���lj.#^��flPt.����(.  mm,..  ��������.���  :���  b *       *  -% HTO *  P*                                          <                       |  _.  "��'  :-...,������...,.  "7r"  imil*.f��to*.   V|jP*W W^t^rtfPrtW)  t    C*  i*> ��m^��if-^ t     �� **�� -a i��i>-M!Vrt'^tt(-��-.'  ^.AXJ.  '���-,-*���- ���'  ^ /'  '  "m<-  < r )+   t*'��  HWWhUtv 4 ui��q#pr$  ')      '���  *���.,.  ;/  j,  '���;p>ii��iu>pm  , / ,  i  *mn    Hrttv^r  "< ��wmr*qr* iir**  nwj--��l<H��'*l**'-��,'*'��"l 'WM  ,...u*\*-.#����**   ,fV,...��...*.*���*...). v*...*,**> A  f-tiypt, n*WWBh��lt.l#-W��l *n*��   (STSt^ t"  itfKtitif mmwanwrt 4 w����.aj��,ui��wf.a. ���  1     M  -   v^lrVt*va��'4����rM4  X... .,;..!  Li  i v.  ��� x , y  ��  I ,t' pvt,  '��� i i ','    ) 7  X,y\       p  i'' '���' A Ak *  ������X,  %  v  ���s��  Section D  Wednesday, December 20,1978  Pages 1-8  Gibsons site of volleyball match   Gjbsons has been dlosen.as,4he��iteJor^__JThe match will be h6ld in the Elphin- -  ^an international men's volleyball match gtone gymnasium on January 24 at 7:30  featuring the Kyonggi University. ��.m. , " ^~ "*'  volleyball team from South Korea and the Admission will be 50 cents for children, ���  Vancouver Volleyball Club representing $1 for highschool students, $2 .for adults,  British Columbia. Thfe South Koreans are Mid $5 for a family. Tickets will be  collegiate champions inlheir country ahd available from any member of Uie Beach-  will be on a tour of North America. comber Volleyball Club and alf the door.  Got the blues?,  Want to get away from  it all?  Take a walk!  pamupaaiapL- c  Walk a blockTodav.  v*w~?>*& ���!''����� ���xjc-ri^  ELVES OF ALL age's iQtJntp the -the groceries. The 83 tb&So_^7��*^^  Yule spirit Friday as-;f.-rec*d 15Q   volved this year isihe'n^^r&!Jjb':< 7-  hampers were packed for distributaoh~~has hadsinceU was organized seven  toJhe_iwedy.__Jenny_Stocks,_4,.helps   years.ago.  Elves Club President Ron Clarke box  Coast Strokers  wristmas luck  By Dennis <Scqy2  n aw*.  m  Wishes You - Our Customers & Friends  The Season's Best  <%  ��- X&7$*->  if/.  \i'  Do you know anyone who is real lUcky ?  ��� I mean so lucky it's spooky, ^^ lotsfjrf,  raffles perhaps even a lottery, can vralk,  into a convention late and still win the door  prize-,- buys- only-.one.iickett says if only  take one to win and" does." Everything  -seems tocome soeasyrnot;liketyou^orme~  huh? "^r^���  For example I won a sweepstake once  ��� the Jamaica sweep, I spent $10 on  tickets and won $8. Most people don't win a~  sweepstake in a whole lif$ime, I win one,,  lose t\ro bucks and blow any more chances  to win for the next four reincarnations;  I also won a door prize last year, a  beautiful stereo set. I was in the washroom  and just got back in titpe to'see a guy from  Lethbridge win it,in the second draw! This  year I didn't leave my-seat, F didn't win  MythlngjindULji^^  ~  TeFpantirantod me of my holidays.  People at work call me the rain god and  . schedule their holidays away from mine if  v they want good weather. It got so bad the  ppymlstress wouldn't;,, believe I was at  work If we had a bad rain storm.  I have the same luck with guessing  games. If I had come to a fork in the road I  flip a coin, usually lose the coin and always  " take the wrong fork. I always turn the key  the wrong way when locking the car door;  , chooso the slow line flf traffic, take the  garbage out in time for the dog patrol  instead'of the garbage truck and decide to  pass right in the middle of a radar trap. On  the rare occasion that I am the first to the  bathroom in the morning I, kick the hot air  louvro the wrong way and shin my toe and  if given a choice will choose thq hair  cream Instead of the tooth paste to brush  ....... ihy-teetH;,^^.^    , ,  ,'���   Some people would become depressed  at alwoya being wrong but not jmo,I figure  /with my record I'm klnda Infallible ���*-'  always wrong. Show mo someone who is  always right and I'll show you a bore.  a������� Besides there are worse things than  getting the hamburger with tho onions or  tho small slice of plo and though at tlmos It  may Seem wo ore hard dono by, thorp aro  many who are worse off, njany'jyho would  love to'bayo our kind of bad luck, many  who will hot have a Christmas, ot all  without pur thoughts oud gchoroslty- (and|  my stereo set), McirryChristmas a.pd keep   ,' ptroklnr"''���''";''"'''''.''",'' "���.'" ���'"'' "  iii'iiliiiljiiiiJT'S UP TO YOU    jM  Ii|Miil|El.P PREVENTlIi  it  n  W tl ,'(N!]*I  l;VOU KNOW,  vK'.tv-.i1"**;*.  '     ��tfpW��  THINti  p    ]2.0XV  CANADIAN  CANCER  socirrv  f  m^jmi*te'*''tt!**<'u,i  I , <  ���r    t  /��!  ���\  ������Wrn  ���wcv  ?>.  n .  I     .-I  , mt,   I  k  i   rt  /��' '  BB'V M. <����� '  ���    ,����� m -�� ,        m .       m    ,    . ���,,,,-��... ..     . !.        - ft-      .1     ���>  *�� ���    mt        1     ���    ~- >.        .       \      **   ��  ' ���   -  ���        ���      .1       p     ��� xl)    V.   .  'i ���"   -   ��   r: i  ,     ���.        ,     ,.f.     .    ^     \ r,        ^,.     f*.     .**  1  <J'r  \  A  ���vM^.  Ii "I  '/',',;.  , /,',  |   ���/,/���,.'     .,      '7     "f"-K'<l;,  i     i . af   ,        ' ;. d .     fi ���  t\.  -���-�����   t.      .��*,     . 'r, ���'  ll.- ������-.  ^.  .��� ��������� ���. v f  x   'A  ���W  }  STONEWORK  Stone facing - Fireplace  & ChiKM&y Repairs  '��������. ANDY 886-2821  j<^.  SAW FILING SERVICE  CARBIDE TIP      -  ���   ,   �� ���   HAND SAWS -,',  CIRCULAR SAWS  & ALL SMALL TOOLS *  ?  Wharf Rd. corner of  Porpoise Bay Rd.; Sechelt  (Bernie)  Page D 2, The Peninsula Times  ' -- Wetbiesday, December 20,1978 *~  t ' ���-, -j  Weather report,  Weather December 9-15        *  - JLp. HL Prec.  December 9  .> 0.0 Jbti    0.38  December 10..'.............2.0  6.0    2.34  December 11 4.0 7.0    0.32  December 12  . ^... .-1.0 6.0     nil  December^ -2.0  4.0    0.28  December 14 3.0 J.O trace  -December 15r.���AxyxryyO.O ~3;r" 0:56  Week's rainfall - 3.88 cms. December to  date - 7.34cms. 1978 to date -115.31 cms.  1 December 9 - 15, 1977 - 9.63 cms.  December l,u- 15, 1977 - 10-37. Jan. -  December 15, JGTTjl 113,98 ems'. _ _jl_  HERB&THEL  WISH ALL OUR-  CUSTOMERS A  MGRftV   .  .'  ANDA  HAPPY MEW YEAR!  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  f 883-2648  V  THE HERON CAFE  - Gibsons Harbour       ^  HOURS: MON. - FRI. 8 A.M. - 8 P.M.   NOW OPEN FOR SUPPER  Try Our Homemade  Shepherd's Pie, Welsh Rarebit,  or Roast Beef  FULL FACILITIES     ~'~  -DROP-OFF YOUR PENINSULA. TIMES" -  CLASSIFIEDS HERE   A  V    -     ' "    '���  Remember Bridge Wednesday Evenings  IT IS NOT NECESSARY  to leave The Peninsula  for Memorial=Funeral Services  Why deql with strangers when the Peninsula friends are always  available to give immediate service 24 hours a day  . ONE HUNDRED and forty members in Sectifelt. FoUowing the meal the  of Senior Citizens Association Branch seniors  sang, "carols,  danced and  69 satdown to a turkey luncheon last heard a recital by Olive Clear.  Thursday at the Senior Citizens Hall  Seniors No. 69 enjoy  Turkey and carols  Did you ever stand by a beehive and Hayward who soon had called a choir to  listen to the hum from inside? Multiply Hhe podium and had us all singing carols at  this by about two thousand and you will the top of our voices. I am sure Santa  ��� have some idea of the noisethat poured out hearditandgaveusagreatbigHo-Ho.  of our hall on Thursday when-some 140 of The tables were .moved- back and a  us pet to enjoy a turkey Christmas dinner. . space cleared so that dancing would-finish-  ���The hall wasieautiftdly decorated, thanks off the afternoon to the music of The Senior  ,' to the Hospital Auxiliary who had left the fcwingers. A most excellent party.-  decorations in place: We were greeted by Next meeting will be held on Thursday,  -   President Bill Scott who did not waste too Dec. 2i, when the new executive will be  much tune on effusive greetings but got to installed and the next big party will be  ^ttie business of the day. Prdparejl by Mrs. New Year's'Eve       "  , 'Robertson, we were soon busify stuffing i haVe been asked to advise members  ourselves wj^^_andjalUhe seasonal _that-there-will-n6t- be any -Wednesday  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 30  CLOSED JANUARY 1  OPEN FOR BUSINESS JANUARY 2      j  oM tfe qanq at  .._^   )'  Seaview Rp., Gibsons /       ���  DAN DEVLIN, Director y  v    . . L, *tf.  886-9551  trimmings perfectly cooked and served on   dancing until towards the end of January.  warm phites (wann plates are most im-   The hM is being used for a series of Safety  . portent..to this writer's thinking). Courses. More about this at the meeting.  Afterwe had cleaned up everything in       To aU my friends and well^ishers a  sight-w^ere asked^to4ookHmder-our^^^  place mats. If there was a number there a  price was awarded, and a draw was also  held illsiiig. the numbers on, our dinner  tickets. After these awards the drum was  horned to decide the winners of the Doll  . House raffle. The Doli House was won by  Peg Thompson and-the painting went to  Rose Ellis. '..    ���  After the draws were completed and  the tables cleared, Pres. Bill turned the  gavel  over to  Social  Director  Dave  J-J.J,,) J J ;,l���l���,.l' .1   .)   .) ...   .1  -V-  ..... J J J  OF  CHRISTMAS GIFTING  for everyone in the family  "HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES OF OUR CHRISTMAS SPECIALS!"  CCM NYLON TACKS  WITH STAINLESS STEEL  TUUK BLADE  0}  &'&���&.  Q  '���&:.  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  GIBSONS  886-2525  i  Reg.*1335?  SPECIAL  $11750  HOCKEY STICKS  SHERWOOD PMP *7"  NORTHLAND   *#vqq  CUSTdM PRO *9"  CANADIEN CPM *11"  THERE'S A GIFT FOR  EVERYONE AT DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS!  kfcfe-Ji'^^^A'.^J**.,,^^^  t*1***!'^^ ^^WMMsMa*^. **������������'  Cowrie St.f Sechelt 885-2512  sttl  a  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons 886-8020  mmm'*mmimmiimmmm^amm^^a^aam.^Ammammmmmama*marammmrmmmmmmmmwmmmm  '*?,*<"  CHRISTMAS HOURS f SECHELT ONLY  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 21 k FRIDAY; DECEMBER 22 ��� 9 AM- 8*30 PM  " --''yi:r-SM  '"rr  -,',. "������ ������������' TUWPAY, pWCIMBER'2fcBOXilwmfvctOSE#::',A4"^.*-:^:,'  :- ��WEON6iDAY. DECEMBER 27 �� THURSDAY,DECEMBER28 ��� OPEN -   FRI DMJ)EC!^BAR 29 & 8ATURD/\Y4 DECEMBER 3Q ��� CLOSED  *^#^*'i'^Wjpts*tw'^(��$wij#^^ *'��>'"��� J��vi',',^"j'*^i'*w.''-*1<.'^,'^+*i^-.,^^Was���^*i*'W.nm���^W mm. JWMP"fcj��  Tuesday; January 2, 1979 ��� open  y     :> ������  iKi-li^;-,.;.'���;.��*"���"'  r':;%iMlS7x:  ff''L Uir.l   WWImF^i  ONE THING LESS FOR YOU TO DO  IF YOU BUY YOUR GUT FROM US  IT 5 rRtt  ALL OTHERS IT'S'1.00 & UP  SPENDING C^illE  ��,.$t,Z,r,!,;:..m.l  i ���a(ii(!H��*t*W7^��'*j*��^f*1w*^  WWhwWMKfWJf.'!*  ���*lp*M��Hi w*M'.*r WW  ^^.*,^i.5to*^;-^#-i'����,iff*<Wl��W>rf  ^��#vjrf,. *****  .) j I. j,yj ..�� ,\ . ,\..��..��  �� }  ��� .��  ���  ��  ��  ��  i  >  .  )  i  ��  i ,. ;�� r  ^im^��^ti>tm^*��s^KiK��vt^-imt��'r ws  /...,  r-  I  ��t*��V*4|.*^(*  ��. (l*l��H>f llWffT**  'm w^-ti^H^ v4-HJ>yM$- *->  ��mmm~m.+^���  ,#mi$m^f*m<~-m>T<*t**����  r  , J^TXky  a it .  \   i 1- '  HkXr  1  5.        '     ��  &>  '  -A  A  \  fe.  Wednesday, Dec. 20  - -���    -���     -  "CHANNEL^  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL S   ~  ' ~ CHANNEL f  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL'8  CHANNEL 9    .  CHANNEL 11    -  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  Syltzer  . All JVly Children  Hollywood Sqs...  News. _    _ - 5  ..News. -' 1 _  -News . _ ���_  Sesame St. .  Bewitched; _  Dr. In Hodse^  All My Children  12:30  - Search foivTom.  Cont'd,  ��� Days of   x  Ida  Clarkson  As the  Movie: P<L  Fly Me,% You  Find Me  Cont'd.  *  Adam-12  All In Family  Cont'd.  1:00  Bob 'McLean  1 Life To Live  Our Lives  ;  Marcus Welby  .World Turns  '78 Novel  Movie;  Crosswits  Vancouver  1:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  "The Doctors  Cont'd.- -  Guiding Light  Awards  War of  M.A.S.H.   "-  Cont'd.  2:00  Edge of Night  General  Another  "Cdn. Schools   ^  Cont'd.  Another  Cont'd.  Gargantuas    ���  Conl'd.  Dating Game  Cpnt'd.  2:30  Cdn. Authors  Hospital  World  Adam-12  ' M.A.S.H.  World  BirJth & Death  Tic Tac Dough  Lively Special  3:00  Take-30  Edge of Night  Movie:1-  Take 30  Dinah  Alan Hamel  ���QVer Easy  Popeye  Match Game  News  3:30  Celebrity Cooks  Boomerang  Love ls a Ball  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Book Beat  Banana Splits  Jeannie       -Cont'd.  4:00  Charlie  Chaplin  $6,000,000 Man  Cont'd.  , Btonic  Cont'd.  ���Hollywood  Sesame Street  Super Stars  Funorama  Little Rascals  4:30  -For Kids  Cont'd.'  Cont'd.     -  Woman  Joey,  Redhawk  Hockey:  Cont'd.  Leave to Beaven  Hall of  Gilligan's  Island  Part.  Family  5:00  Goodies  News  Carol Burnett  Sanford & Son  News  - Vancouver  ���Mr. Rogers  My 3 Sons  1 Love Lucy  Black  Beauty  ' 5:30  All In Family  Cont'd.  News  News  Cont'd.       -  -  at Detroit  Electric Co.  Karae Bowl  Cont'd.  6:00  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Blue Marble-  Cont'd.  Silent Night  _CanQ,l-Burnett-_,  6:30.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.     *  Cont'd,  ^Mary_T. Moore  - Cont'd- '  -Dick Cavett   - Cont'd. - -     -   -  " Gong Show  Bob Newhart  ���7:00-  - Mary - T; -Moore-  -P.-Mr-Northwest-  -Seattle ���  Oral Roberts  Newlywed  Gm.  News  News      �����  Cont'd. '  Joker's  Wild  Vancouver  7:30  Muppets  Animals  Once Upon Tree  Cont'd.  > Jokers Wild  Winsday  Reginald Perrin  Cont'd.,  * -Wives of Pat.  Cont'd.  8:00  Gift to Last  Si is Enough  Dick Clark  Gift to Last   ���  Oral Roberts  8 Is Enough  Cont'd.    *  Dial Line 9  Lou Rawls  Newlywed Game  Cont'd.  8:30  Cont'd.  - Cont'd.  Cont'd.   .  Cont'd.     '  ,. Cont'd.  Cont'd,  On  Ice  Merv Grlfffta  Cont'd,        T  Cont'd.    _��,.  Movie:     ft*   .  9:00  Musicamera  Charlie's  Movie:  Musicamera  Movie:  A Christmas  Charlie's Angels  Performances  Wayne  Newton  4:30  Cont'd.  Angels  Ishi: Last of  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.'  Cont'd.   .\  Tell Me .You,  10:00  Cont'd.  Vega$  His Tribe  Sha Na Na  Ato Remember  Brenda Lee  Simple  Gifts  News  Fight Against  Love Me,  10:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd. ���  Cont'd.  Watson 'Report  ���Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cotit'd.      -  Dating Game  Slavery  Junie Moon  11:00  News           * ,  News  News  News  News  News  Short Story,  Gong'Show  Love Experts  Sports Page  11:30  Cont'd.  Police Woman  Tonight Shdw  Cont'd.  Late MoVie  Cont'd.  Cont'd. --  Outer Limits  Late Movie     _ "  Cont'd.  .  ���  Thursday, Dec. 21     -    CHANNEL 2   CHAN NEL-4 -  CHANNEL- 5 "  " CHANNEL~6~  CHANNEL /  CHANNEL-8   ;  ~~ CHANNEL- 9  CHANNEL 11  ^CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13'  12:00  Switzer  All My Children  Hollywood  Sqs.  News  News  News  Sesame Street  News  Sr. In Hou&  All. My  12:30  Search for Tom.  Cont'd.  Days of  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  As the  Movie:  Cont'd.  Adam-12  All in Family  Children  - 1:00  -Bob McLean  1 Life To Live  Our Lives  ���   World Turns  Gamera vs  Bernstein  Movie:  Crosswits  Vancouver  1:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  "-     "_  The Doctors���   -  Conf d.-  GuIding_Light  Monster X  at 60  Wonders of  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd.  2:00  Edge of Night -  General  Another  Can. Schools ,  Cont'd.  Another  World  ContU -  Aladdin-      -    -  -Dating' Game   ���  - Cont'd.  2:30  Cdn. Authors  Hospital  World Jr  Cdn. Authors  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Tic Tac Dough  ContU  3:00  Take 30 '  Edge of Night  Movie:  Take 30     .  <*��&&  Alan Hamel'  Over Easy  Popeye  Match Game  News  3:30  Celebrity Cooks  Treehouse        ,  I Walk Alone.  Celebrity Cooks  Coht'd.            *  Julia Child     ,  i Banana. Splits  Jeannie '  ContU  4:00  Charlie  Chaplin  $6,000,000 Man  Cont'd.  -Bionic   Woman  Everyday  Cont'd.  Price is Right  Sesame Street  * Super Stars  Funorama    ���  Battle9' Planets  4:30  What's New  Confd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.      A  Cont'd.  Leave to Beaver  Gilligan's  Island  Part.  Family  5:00  Goodies'  .News  Carol' Burnett  Sanford & Son  News  / $6,000,000 Man  Mr. Rogers  I Love Lucy  My'3 Sons  .Black Beauty  5:30  All in Family  Cont'd. .  News  News  Cont'd.              / Cont'd.  Electric Co.  Part. Family  I Love Lucy  Cont'd.  6:00  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.'  Cont'd.   .  Mrovie:  ���Cont'd.  News  Blue   Marble  Brady Bunch  Andy Griffiths  Carol   Burnett  6:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  Cont'd.  Dick Cavett    '  My 3 Sons  Gong.Show  ' Bob Newhart  7:00  Mary T. Moore  P.M.  Northwest  Seattle  Newlywed Game  Stars on Ice  News  Hogan's  Heroes  Joker's Wild  Vancouver  7:30  Carolling  Exploration NW  Match Game  Silent Night,  Joker's WUd    ,  Patsy "Gallant  .Stepping Out  Bob Newhart  On "Uie Buses  Cont'd.  8:00  Barney Miller  Mork & Mindy  Drummer Boy  Lonely Night  The Waltons  Oral Roberts    ���.  Nova  Donna Fargo -  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  , 8:30  King   Kens.  'Happening  Gift of t,  ContU  Cont'd.  Coht'd.  Odyssey  Marty Robbins  Cont'd.  9:00  Canadian  Barney Miller.  the Magi  Hawaii 5-0  Hawaii 54  Xmas Lace  Rush  Dolly  ContU               |  Nana Mouskouri  9:30  Express          '  Soap  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Soap  Cont'd.  Ski In  Cont'd.               !  Cont'd.  10:00  Return of  Family      "  Man  Barnaby  Barnaby  Family  Visions  News  Fight Against  j  Man  10:30  the Saint  Cont'd.      .  Undercover  Jones  Jories  Confd.  Cont'd.  Dating Game  Slavery             1  Undercover  11:00  'National News  News  News  News  News  News  Cont'd. -  , "Odd Couple  Love Experts  Sports Page  Cont'd.  11:30  Night   Final  , Starsky,   Hutch  Tonight Show-  ContU *    .  Late Movie     '  News  Sign Off  Gong Show  Late Movie  Wednesday, December 20,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageD-3  No. 1 IN COLOR TV  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  Stereo & Appliances   ,  ���""   IN THE ^p OF SECHELT  . - _ ..        _ .AHf R THE SALE JT IS THE SERVICE-THAT COUNTS.  Cowrie St.  (P  A ���������-.  n  Friday, Dec. 22  CHANNfcL2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  .12:00 Switzer All My    '���/.  12:30 Search for Tom. Children   .  1:00 Bob  McLean L Life  1:30 Cont'd. to- Live  Hollywood Sqs.  Days of  Our- Lives  The Doctors  Newj>  Ida Clarkson  Marcus  Welby  .Cont'd.  Ne'ws  As World  Turns  Guiding Light  News  Movie:  Naples Best  ContM.  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Symphony:  Messiah . .    ..  News ���  Adam-12  Movie:  The!  2:00   ��� Edge of Night  2:30    .Cdn.   Stars  -3:00 Take-30 -A     "7  3:30     Celebrity  Cooks  General-  Hospital  ^Edge-*if-Nlght-r  Treehouse;  Another  World  -Movlei-  4:00 Charlie  Chaplin  4:30 Kids^Only   \  5:00 Goodies^  5:30 'AU in Family  $6,000,000 'Man  Cont'd. -^     ,  News  ContU  ���Scared Stiff  Can. Schools  Cdn. Authors  -Take- 30- ~-  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  M.A.S.H.  -Dinah���  Cont'd.  Another  World  Cont'd.  -Alan-Hamel   Cont'd. - -  Cont'd.  ContU  -Cont'tt-f���-  Over-Easy  Day dreamer,    ���;���'. Dating-(Jame  Dr. In House      _ All My Childrer  AH In Family < Cont'd.  Crosswits "��� Vancouver  M..A.S.H.   -f .       Cont'd.  Cont'd  -Popeye  Banana   Splits ---a Jeannie  Tie: Jae Dough  MatcirtJame���  Coht'd.  Cont'd. r  Carol Burnett  News *i��  Bionic Woman  Cont'd.  Sanford & Son  News  Everyday  ContU  News  Cont'd.  Price is  Cont'd.  $6,000,000  Man  Right  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  "Electric Co.  Super Stars.  Leave, %o Beaver-  I Love Lucy  Part. Family  6:00 News  6:30 Cont'd.-  .7:00 Mary T. Moore  7:30 2 Ronnies  /  Cont'd.  ContU  PM Northwest  Muppet. Show :  -ContU  ContU.  Seattle  Hollywood  8:00     All in Family John  8:30     Challenge. Davidson  9:00 " Loto Canada Movie:  9:30      Gold on Tapp Eight is  bob Hope  Cont'd.  Rockford ���'  'Files     ���  ContU     ���  Cont'd,  incredible  Hulk ;  Cont'd.  Mary" T. Moore  Newlywed Game  Joker's Wild  News ���  Cont'd.  Downright Disco  Circus r:...r....r.f.,mm.  Growing Years  Dick Cavett  News  Gardening     ..  Brady Btinch  My 3'Sons;;  Hogan's  Heroes  Bob Newhart  King; Kfens. s  Challenge        .^-~  Loto Canada   ~���  Cont'd:       -  Basketball:  Seattle at  Los' Angeles  Cont'd.  John  Davidson  Rockford  Files  Wn. Review;  Wall Street  Theatre  Cont'd..  Dating Game  Comedy Shop ���  Hot City  Disco  10;00     Pacific Enough  10:30   'Report ContU  -Ht00 ���National���News News-  -  11:30 Night Final Baretta  Eddie Capra  Mysteries ..  News  Tonight Shoy  National  -Geographic-  News,  Cont'd.  Incredible  -Hulk-  News  Late Movie  Sword of  -Justice   News  Cont'd.  Turnabout  -Cinema.   Soundstage  Cont'd.  ,  NfiWS  ���  Dating-Game-  Odd Coupler  Gong ~Show  Saturday, Dec. 23  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL. 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Sports '78  Curling  Cont'd.  Mr. Chips'  Am.  Bandstand  Football:  L.S.U.  vs  Missouri  Vegetable  Soup  This  Generation  Wildlife  Hockey: "   McGowan & Co.  Curling  Travel  News  FootbaU:  Chicago at Wn.  Sports  Spectacular  McGowan  Discover  Feel Like  Dancin'  Feeling Free  Xmas'in Wales  Movie:  Androcles and  Movie;   ;  Angel & the  Badman'  Cont'd.  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Movie:  Should Happen;  to You  Wild Kingdom  ContU  Confd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Seattle Breakers  <vs Soviet    .  Cont'd,  ContU    .  Sports Review  Gardening  Joyce Kelly  Discover  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:   .  3 Worlds of  Journal  Flint''Flam  Wrestling  Cont'd.*  the Lion    .  Cont'd."     ,k '  Oil Painting  Egypt     :  Movie:  Bomba & the  Lost Volcano  Cont'd. %���"::���.  4:00  4:30  5:00  .5:30  Reach for Top  News  Hockey:  Los Angeles  I Remember  Mama        l ���  Cont'd.  ContU  Confd.  Great Game  Adventure  News  Travel  Cap. Comment  Hockey:  Los Angeles  Gulliver  ContU  Tell the  News  World of  Sports  Truth    Confd. -  Confd.  Firing Line Voyage to Funofama  Confd.      ", Bottom Sea .   ;   -Our Gang . ���  Wonder Anew      Football: ''Ruff House  Confd. Tangerine Bowl    Gift of Winter  6:00     at Vancouver -: Game. <fl Week  .. ContU       ;       ��� at Vancouver Cont'd.   -  6:30     Cont'd. News -   Animal World ,    Cont'd, Good Times  7:00 ' Cont'd.: ' Lawrence, Welk   Wild Kingdom       Conf d.   , ��� $1.98 Show  7:30     Cont'd. Cont'd, i ���   Gong Show    .".'���   -. Confd. Family Feud  News..' :..-/.-.',-.  Cont'd.  Rudolph's  Shiny New Year  Once-Upon ���Cont'd.���-  Julia Childs Cont'd.  Nova Cont'd :  Cont'd,    . Cont'd.  8:00  -8:30-  9:001  9:3,0  - Mork & Mindy  -Bonkers  Paper Chas  'Cont'd.      T  Welcome  Kotter   Stingiest Man  ter���Countrjc-^-ln-Tawn-������i-  Love Boat f ^-Lifeline������r���  Cont'd. Cont'd.  Chips  -Confd-  -Movlet-  Legend of  Stole Xmas  -i-Mar-y���Tr-Moore  ���Movie:-  Who'll'Save  Movie:  -It-Happened���r  -One-Christmas  Cont'd.  , 10:00 Nice Show  ' Fantasy Island     Weekend .       Hell House,            Our Children Fantasy Island  10:30, Like You Cont'd.                   Cont'd.      ' Cont'd. .      ; Cont'd. Cont'd..  11:00 National News News                     News News Movie: News ���  11:30 Night Final! ContU ' Sat. Night .    Cont'd. Breezy ��� ,Confd.  Life Around Us    Hee Haw Honey  -Reginald���Perrin���Popf-Gountry   Christmas  ' 60 M.P.H.  Heritagery Country N.W.    ~  Ballet  -eonfdr  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Xmas p Celebrat.     Movie:  Xmas Snows        Arsenic &  Percussion  Noel   Old Lace  Sign Off  Cont'd.  Sunday, Dec. 24  Funorama.''  Gilligan's  Island  My 3 Sons .  I Love .Lucy  Andy Griffith  Gong Show "  Joker's Wild  Dr. on the. Go"..  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  Confd. /��� ��� ���  Cont'd.^  Fight .Against-  -Slavers'-"   -Love Experts  Late Movie-  CHANNEL 12  Bugs Bunny  Cont'd. -  Ray's BUdg��t  Perspective .-  700 Club.  Cont'd.y--..  Cont'd.- '*/���-���  . Wacky>Races  Fight Against���   Inside Track  Slavery Bob Newhart  Sleeping .    - Movie:.. /  Beauty    , Hugo the  Movie:- v        2ndj City T.V.  .The Horsemen     Showdown.  Cont'd. .  Sports Page  Cont'd. Confd.  2A  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  -CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8,,  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00 '  Football:  Teams/ T.B.A.  Issues & 'Ans.  AFC Division    ;  Terry Winters  .Lively Arts  Pre-Game Show  Good News  Christmas        '  Movie:  ..  Gospel'Hour  ContU  Sports  12:30  t;b.a,  .Playoffs  ��� Emergency  Cont'd.    .  Better Way  Heritage  .Santa Conquers  Cont'd.    ,  1:00  Cont'd.  Confjd.  Directions  , Movie:      -  Football:  Terry Winters  Movie:        ''.���''  Wash, Rovlow .  the Martians l  Rev; Solbrekkon  P.T.L. Club  Confd.  1:30  Action  Dr.  Doollttle  Movie; '  , Minnesota.1  Wall  Street  Movie:           " "���  Confd.  2:00  Xmpk Special  - Ilnroia Lloyd  Cont'd.  Fly Me, If You  Find Me ,  nt Oakland  Homo for tfio  Nows  Enchanted  Confd,  '���COtjfd.  2:30  Cont'd.  Muiii<;  to Seo  Money Mag.  Stand   By   ,  MrfKoberts   '  '  Confd.          ���-  Cont'd.  Holidays    ,   ,  Live from' Mot  Forest  Cont'd.  Confd, "  3:00  Cont'd.  lyiusio to See  Confd.  Movlo:  Cont'd,  Mavie:  Confd,  Nowa  3:30  T.B.A.  Americans  Money Mag.  Cont'd.  ' Murder Arena  Confd.    '  Mouse on  Mormon Choir  Cont'd.  4:00  Count.' Canada  Hymn Sing  Sly Thief  T.B.A,  Confd.    ,  Count,  Canada ,  National  Confd.   .  Cont'd. ���'!  tho Moon  Fuhoramar  Our, GatiB        f  Monoy Talks  4:30  T.B.A.          f  Ro)lgloua ,  Hymn Sing     '  Geographic  In Search of  Question   Period,  Untamed .World  Copt'd.  Cont'd,  Horst Kochlor  5:00 '  Alias Smith    ��  '& Jones '   '  Moot tlie Press  Student Forum  Cont'd'.  Tarzan            "  Boars  Panco  ,VIMt Mrs. G.  5:30  z -Parliament  Newa  News  '  David Horowitz  Cap.  Cofnmdnt  Gorman  Confd.  Dickons  A.  Cartoon  6:00 /  World of  Nows ,        ,    r  Cont'd.      ,  Confd,  Havoc Struck  '' Nows  Soccer  ,Stnr Trok  Christmas    '  Christmas j*ith  Sosamo Sir  FIintston���a ,  6:30,  Disney  T.B.A.  How Como  Confd.  Around, Hero  Confd.  Christmas on  Cont'd.  Carol .  7:00  Beachcombers  T.B.A,  , G.B, Theatre  Beachcombers  Naturo Things  60  Minutes  Cont'd/1  iiHardy Boys  Confd.   ,  .Sosnmo Stroot  .Outer Limits  00  Minutes  7:30  Naturo Thinga  T.B.A,  Cont'd.  Egyfit  Confd.   ���-   ��� '  Confd,  The Chrlstmajs  8:00  Emmett   Otter's  Battlestar  Movli?:  Lawrence  , All In Family  Cont'd.  Battlestar  Poogo  Snoakout  Native Visions  Mixed  Blosslnga  Martian  8:30  Jugband Xmas  Ralalns ,&  Galactlca  Huckleberry, '  Wolk              i  - Galactlca.   *  Sing Mo  Nool  Namo Tuno  Forgot Xmas  9:00  Movio:   T.B.A.  Finn  Rnlslns U      \  'Kaz  Johnny Cash  Thoatro ,  Lutheran  Movlo:    .,,  Dofasco. Xmaq  9:30  Almonda <  Confd.  Confd.  Almonds  , Confd.  Christmas  Confd,  . Choir  Bella of  Joyous N90I  10:00  Porvotti  Confd.  ' /Swordi of  1'avarottl  Dallas  Calffary  Philharmonic '  p Handel's  Kroozo Bros,  St, Mary'B  Cont'd',  Movlo; ''  10:30  Spoclal  Confd.    ,  Justice  Special   '  News  Confd.  Messiah  700 Glllb  'Wo'rdNo  11:00  11:30  Nntlonal Nowi  Nows     '  , Newa            ,    ���  Nowa .  Nowa ;���  Confd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd,  Angola  NlRht Final  Confd.  Lato ..Movlo  Cont'd.  Lato Movlo  -.Cont'd.  Confd.,  Confd,    ���  Lato ,,Movlo  Confd,  Monday, Dec. 25  CHANNEL 2  CHANNBL 4  CHANNBL 5  CHANNBL 6  CHANNBL 7  12:00      hwllzor  12:30     Hnlloy'e  m. 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V  lockstead backs Regional Districts  Mackenzie MLA Don Loekstead told   officials or any private citizen who agrees   Central Coast Regional District and in-  Mackenzie MLA Don Lofckstead told  The Times last week he-will put up a battle  in the legislature to keep the" regional  district form of government in spite of any  attempts by new Minister of Housing and  Urban AffaiFs Bill Vander Zalm to change  the concept.     . ' :  "Bill Vander Zalm said he doesn't like  regional districts and I'll be fighting him  to the end to kee&them," Lockstead said.  The MLA has written a letter to the  Minister objecting to some" of the 52  recommendations in a report recently  completed by the Regional District  Review Commission after".? ja year of  hearings around B.C.  "Iam objectingto the recommendation  to amalgamate the Sunshine Coast and  Powell River Regional Districts.-It-would  just double the problems and not offer any  solutions. I have not talked to any regional  officials^ any private citizen who agree]  with this recommendation. It would be  disruption of present planning, policies,j'  he said  7_ Lockstead added he closed the letter by  "sayihg~that alth6ughrthere-are-many\  that althoughthere-are  problems in the administration qf regional \  districts, --if  they   are   abolished   the1  problems still remain and they would have \  to be handled by another form of govern- '  ment.  "All the power would pe centralized  back in Victoria and the people would lose,  their voice. Regional district governments  do give people, especially in rural areas, a  chance to express-their point of view in a  direct voice on how their areas are to be  developed," he added.   ,__ :   He said he also opposed the recommendation in the report to eliminate the  Central Coast Regional District and indicated it would mean that'portion of B.C.  would again fall under direct control of  Victoria.  ���She.CCRD.is roughly the 10,000 miles  'surrounding' Bella Bella and-BellaCoola.  Street people are feet  ..people. ^  They're neat people  who meet people.     ,  \    Why not join up? Take a  \ I walk. -  X...... ,7.,:7..^.  v Walk a block/Today.  TREAT YOUR WIFE  TO AN  Admira  REMEMBER, GIBSONS WESTERN DRUGS IS OPEN EACH  iVERY SUNDAY, INCLUDING DECEMBER 24th, 1  FROM 12:09 NOON Tr4 PM  CLOSED CHRISTMAS & BOXING DAYS  FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 886-2045  WESTERN  DRUG MART  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  886-7213  AND/OR  Admiral  DISHWASHER  y^    AlS*****- ^  "1  i     >."  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HELP SfitfTA  V2XW*727   hmd wis.  ��� 7$��rA:7'  WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME  ' ���  \  SILVER BELLS  SoiTip people think Christmas js about getting presents and candy and  decorating trees. But really it means to me this: Christmas meansto me thqt  Jesus was born on the twelfth month and the 25th day. Jesus means a lot to me,  -byt-it.-may-not-seen)^ttiat_W-ay._Just_think about .this: if God /wasn't born^e  v Wouldn't be-alive^We should be happy we are alive ancf'yve have a.home,  parents, a warm bed. Think abbut the people thatxan not celebrate the birth of  Jesus' Christ^ur savior. Don!t you feel sorry for them. Wouldn't it be nice if we  could give\them Christmas presentsrtet's go back to what Christmas means to '"  me. When I was about 4*(l am 10 now) I used to think that Christmas was about  presents but now I know it is all about God.-- /  ���By Kathy Choquer  Christmas makes you feelj emotional ,. /  It may br^ng parties cjr thoughts devotlonql  Whatever1 happens,or what may be \ '    ','. A'  THIS is what Christmastime means to ME>  1 . .,v^^WO^bra.Chrlillahvoh  ���i  DcK-fe' b��u'fcn��.n.d  \o<r'    1)    ' I <1 "Vjf,, .'.'  1'Q,     'Sds-'l' fa. C.\k(A$a  7 :.: :::. ".'....   .. '..'....,. ...,.,..'.. ,   '. < .   : .' .���  I'   |(|\e'you:.,.'.    'I    vtinumd'   id\(L.:CK tapim\iiri'hi,Ji'7.7  ''  ��� k    ''    '   '���'' ���   I * ',    '  |'u(i     C(ohy/'"t'^>.'   ����/W a-lSo,   'l .   Wo* Id,  *"' "iflvc^'^bK^nto*^ $zrr ^mwir nsatiarTST  .''���'','.      '   ���..       " ." '  . '' ... . 7  f-J-iriSli'    vMlcl    Jail's-    v^(^/t|Vi,      pm.   \^o>r\      r\v-m<;l<\,f\m-  t i ,��� ' i .  X   y.n    '.xu/'i.n   ^no1    n\ ��� S^hr���'->(��� i.V   f^w %k- >7>i  1     ���    ''       . ' ,",,;       '       ' ��� .���     ' ���  "' xk  b*\M ��� ijty7.\ ��� '(xntl   "tT ' t*.M .b��.i'.ifj   ,   ,   ,    ,  '.,,  p     u*r)d    \|oti.   , lf\\i  ,  ���JiSUX    *\/o*A-l<i     \,\\<ii. (A.   \or\i_) ci(1>'^  CHRISTMAS ON MARS  . One day I was walking around on Marsj;; Everything was  green,,even theChrlstmas trees, and all the decorations ��� it was  .ugly. I would Imagine how S'anta would look llko; And then I saw  some little green people with things on their heads. Then I saw a  funny llttla dog. It had p pink tail and all the rest was green. Then  I saw a yellow cat. I saw a mouse: It was yel|ow, pink and blue.  THep I saw'.the reindeer. The/ were.'all different colours. Then T  saw a green Santa. He Was funny, then, I got Into my space ship  and It was good again. "  Sechelt Elementary School  ������:.. , '������/'.,.-t    \ \. , . ,,  Dear Friends:    ,  On behalf bt bli th^chilolren and staff of our school, I would  like to sayihank you.'Ciur fall, fair vyas a huge success and  you helped\to mak�� tWs possible. Merry Christmas.  ;  ���From Donlso Foxafl, blvlfjon 11  <f  J&,  /<]��'.* T   ;'   '  '���'/I  l-ov/c- v 7?','-1"-' ���*���    .CU r1o fti-   -!X~-Z7       ' '       '  vi    '  p.,,p.',��i  s��-*-_��-*'^  ���By Tamara  ���       i ,       ���       i  HANUKKAH  h i  ��� ���  i- ��� < ������ ���������  - L'��p '���<- ���-*��������������������� ��������� �� '������ i. -n ������ - ������    ������ r,p ���. -.i , . . .  Hanukka Is a Jewish  celebration that takbfl place at  about t|io j same thiio as  Christmas. It Is a foatlval of light  and colobratoa rollgloua  freedom for the Jewn.  On Hanukkah handles are  lit oach night In a special  candloholder callod a monorahi  Every night and extra candle Is  lit, until all candloal In ,tho  manorah are lit. \f ���'  *; rfiJhndiCU play"gaKiss with a  dreldel whlcfiirlik^rtnimall topr^  Thoy also generally waive glftt  pn this occasion/one each night.  ��  ���(  .:7\ .,..  r. . ."     ,,*"'��1   *  "r  I   , 1  fl^su^fB^MWn���. 1  , .. .. \   It  r       i        .ft  ..yJ.^^Jb,. :_��._-...  " ' \,  1   J  ���\  * f^i*  ��-���->f,*i    .  *���*- ^t ,4��t�� .  hy   ��� .���*)" V  r,.    *1   /  >..  .,      ' ' | / ; \  ,'    '   ','  >   ),'   mi'  uf J7  : *.���/.�����.'  ".rvn>:.������-��������� * :.���::���  -y���y-.  ���*��  yX^  7 -  r .--<���*--.���.; �����'  ._    * a��� ' ���'���",-/' "  -.'fl(    *'.    ���'    �����    ��...���,  :..s,.., p,,..;....y...,...>  ,..#><'  1*  1-,  ������\  ' - V  ->J  \  .y^-  V   -w-  %  r  7v  r��-  THE FIREPLACE THAT ACTUALLY  HEATS YOURHOMI^.^^  -NORTHERN  HEATLINER-  I Peace ciruf blessings  today and alWaus  ��� ')   .���  ; ,  BILL & HEIDI GOODMAN 885-2615    I  Book; Look  By MURRIE REDMAN  Wednesday, December 20,1978 fhe Peninsula Times   "'"'"   Page PS  STUCK  Use 'Times' Adbriefs to Sell, Rent, Buy, Swap etc.  By MURRIE REDMAN         DRAW 50 FAMOUS FACES, DRAW 50  VEHICLES,   both   by   Lee' J.   Ames,  Doubleday cl978, $8.75 and ?3.50.  SIR BASIL DE BOLD by Joan Raeside,  i Wynkyn Press, ^alt Spring Island.  THE YELLOW BRICK TOAD by Mike  Thaler, Doubleday cl978, $7.5Q.  JOHANN'S GIFT TO CHRISTMAS by  Jack Richards, illus. by Len Norris, J.J.  "Douglas C1972, $5.95.    (  .   First of all, I would like to wish all the  readers of Book Look a very happy holiday  and good reading in the New Year. Next  i  to  '4th ANNUALTURKEY DINNER SPECIAL  )      - .   ,  We Would like to extend our best wishes to everyone and  ���rwish you all-a-vsry Merry-Ghr��stmas^-Thank-you-very-much-  ,     for your patronage and to sho#/ our appreciation, we'd like  to invite you all to come alotfg on: ���  ��� Thurs, December 21st, 4 4)111 ��� on  1435  only  each  * Everyone Welcome *  No, reservations, first come ��� f i/st served  HOLIDAY HOURS  Closed Christmas Day ��� Open December 27 at,4 p.m.  Regular Hours right through to New Year's Eve   ;���Qosed-New-Year^s-Day   GOLDEN CITY RESTAURANT  Wharf St. 885-2511 Sechelt  IN GIBSONS  HIRE AN  EXPERT IN  TILE SETTING  ,886-9505  FREE "ESTIMATES  .  NO OBLIGATION,  Don't be lorry  ���>'  y��artIdler. *-  DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS  8862525  WE HAVE A COMPLETE   ,"  SELECTION  OF  WOOL   &  ��� CRAFT   SUPPLIES   -  McCALl'S  PATTERNS,  SEWING  NOTIONS &  JEWELRY  Sunnycrast C��ntr��, Glbioni  WW  UPHOLSTERY &  BOAT TOPS LTD  MAKING CUSHIONS  FOR CHRISTMAS?  JOSS CUSHION  FORMS  .886-7310  2  tmmmmaammaammmmm  i|   'r\ COMPLETE BUILOINO BjiftVICE" ���  886-8141  Sunshine Coast  Highway, Olbsons  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  Windsor  Sunshine Cst.' Hwy.  Gibsons.  "MORE  THAN  JUST  f LYWCJOD",  r-wiMDpoiT'S  VMrtvmMHoru  886-  9221  mi  JANE'S TUB & TOP SHOP  886-7621  SPECIAL  RQMAMUAtH ANTiqUE fttb  Includes Dolta fntjcqt A   I    j    W*~7X  Rog, $470     :i     ' ''    W    *��*���; \*/' ,  Seaview PI., 0\htmn%*-mC^��^^vi^'  Call MS about our  Craft Classes  mmmmwmmmmwmmmwmmmmwmm  MOREL'S FRAMING &  CONSTRUCTION LTD.  J'SEEOMR ;  SPEC HOUSES"  ��yy��s  teUTjr^X,  FMMINQ   A  886-2440  -"^SjwwaHf^ijwfe-w."  ' .  1  week you will enjoy a guest reviewer  under this heading. Jack 'Pope wilt be  reviewing a new book called OCEAN OF  DESTINY by a friend of mine,'J. Arthur  Lower. Watch for it.  Today's  collection  of books is  for  youngsters., Books have never been,  amongst the most favored of children's <  gifts but a Christmas without a new book is  not a happy thing either.  Books to use, are DRAW 50 FAMOUS  ��� FACES and DJIAW 50 VEHICLES. The  first one may not be appealing to Canadian  children for most of the laces are  Americans - either those in show business,  or U.S. politics. The author pushes;  mimicry as a valid method of teaching  drawing. Children enjoy it, but they are  very choosey about what they want to  draw. The second bookralsor by Ames,  does have child appeal, it is the subject  thatseUsit. This time Vehicles are hard to  execute*, indeed, and this step-by-step  method helps. The latter book is also much  cheaper-which makes it a good stocking.  stuffer. +  SIR BASIL DE BOLD pokes a little fun  at the days of yore when knights errant  -rescued-damsels iiidistress. SinBasil-sets-  "out to find "a layde kept close in a tower"  only to discover that site has gone there  and Ribbit Redford. Young readers may  start up new froggyis^s themselves  beginning with this funny, silly book, *  Not new, but nice is the story of  jbHANN'S GIFT TO QHRKTMAS. The  little mouse leaves home to ply his trade as  church mouse. He loves to hear Franz  Xavier Gruber, the organist, play. When  times get tough just before Christmas,  Johann nibbles at the leather of the pipe  organ and soon it will not play, at all. Mr.  Gruber is forced to compose a song to sing  rather than play for the Christmas church.  _goers._ _When__Johann_.hears the_lovely_  "Silent   Night",   and  finds. haw   wMl.  received it is, he feels he has given his^ift.  Len Norris' expressive drawings and  Richard's story make this a modern  Christmas "legend" that promises to stay.  Advertising.^  points the way  to better buys.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  ���r* -.  RffilA GREAT ^  CHRISTMAS IDEA?  COME TO  UNCLE MICK'S  SHOES  ��� FOR A GREAT  SELECTION OF GIFTS!  HfauUb qoti fa tie fiMt yean, '&  fant, 'Bcituuc (ZtonfML THwUel Swi*t&. $kdtf&  &an6, /UiUc 1Kte6 md %ttfe 1Hft6  <t  Trail Bay Mall, Sechelt  i  885-9838  WHERETO  "tor quiet, to write to my Percival". And  what is worse, Sir Basil trips on the stairs,  dropping the lady and suffering more  verbal abuse. Thinking it's all in a knight's  work, he goes off with his trusty steed ,to;  find other adventures. Evidently there are  more of his zany escapades following, in  SIRBASIIrCAPT'UKES A DKAGONfancT  SIR BASIL DE BOLD ENTERTAINS A  DRAGON-  THE YELLOW BRICK TOAD is a joy..  There are froggy jokes, puns and riddles.',  In boldT cartoons we learn that the frog  evolved from tha dill pickle (when you;  think of it, there nre similarities).  The puns are IWny enough for Mom  and ��op, .too. Ti^ttiese:  "Harrumph.  Excuse me. I fed a ^ehtan in my throat",,  and "Yeah, yeah. We're all princes." Of  course you have all heard of Davy Croakitv  CASA MARTINEZ wishes: "Felices Fiestas  <ljti   ������   -'-ydeNavidad-  cMe/t/ty Cfotstmas  6 9Jappq lNqw ^ea/t  eugfome/is  __________ from ^ the ;  Martinez family  New .Year's Day  Smorgasbord  (reservations necessary)  We will be  closed on~New Year's Eve'  ������/������  IN SECHELT  V     '"  PORT MELLON INDUSTRIES, GIBSONS  ���        j-    CREDIT UNION  V fl II D mtf ",*m*t*t "t* ��aiie emmmtfrp"},  * Loans  * Mortgages  * Best Saving Rates  LOCATED NEXT TO  THE BUS DEPOT  8868121  UNCLE MICKYS SHOES  Handbags & Slippers  for Christmas   8359838  886-7918  Tmrom iMdusTimmmMtnvio  865-2296  *��**$?*. $C98  i">J&C ELECTRONICS'  ' m-itoSSSXlSScSii  OMMIi:,R��MM(l,I.Q, *-nlK��  885-2568  For your  com..  puter  needs  87995  MILLER  MARINE  ELECTRONICS'  th  SPECIALISTS IN  RAD^R, VHF, CD  S��yc/test  \ Ceat/t6  you'U cvtn. need.  .r  'Specializing In Ladles & Mens  -- Cut* �� Styling,     fi  Coloring,       '  ,j      Blow Drying.  -J   Long, soft;wash 8i W  '"-^>J        Wear Dorms,       (- .   ���  ,JGIFT CERTIFICATES FOR CHRISTMAS  iuallly RodKop, JIHrmach & Vldal Saasoon Producio  SecAefa^&wfy Sato7k\  ������������������ Oponjuosday 1o Saturday  803-2810 Cowl* St,  UNICORN  tersr'tf Hants  1B5.S526, S��ch*)t  Ifl   J HAVE A HAPPY  HOLIDAY SEASON  'from-^Qerry & Vlckl  ' '.*���  V  \   '(><  EXQUISITE BOUQUET  " 086-922?  HOLLY PACKS'.' '������  ''v:���MISTLETOE &-~t~  ^OINS^TTIM  Avallablo tor your  iCKHitmal^i^rallorwr  Sunnycrest C*ntr��, Olbi^��  .tffttfSii^WSrfl'  IN PENDER HARBOUR  j&jxl:  OIARB00R SUPPLIES  jk-        m.      883*2513.  '-m��^7L Af IS SPACI A rROBlBMT  H*lp Mom this Christmas  with a nitachl "Compact  -~*WHttwrf""  -,.���;;;������ Dry*r..,��,-,  R��0, 1769,90.  Now $����9.00  Ik   *.  L'^fasllioHs  Ladlet, /yVen'�� A  ^hlldr^n't^Weor  883-2316  MADEIRA PARK  ���MHMHHI  'N'  i   I  X  )  A  f���� gf tf-^^*"^^,  I     ���   ���;  .1  ,,  ���4  ,   I  i  i  I  1.  ,  ���  ��* i  '\  ii'-1 ..   ii  ('  i    ��"���   \\. i  i  1   p (;  ��� ��   f  ab\' ,x.7,.  ..,',,.��....  .:, .:.. '.   ���  rb.'h  I '' ,'  �����rf����l        .   *v     j *  .   *p��t**x.   ���*����' ��� ��  -T' 1'*  ���r, VfiW-1 tsitf SW-   "  '        ,' .... v. -. .....,,  ,---'������"     \   ���>���  7 \   ���-  -��r  A  La  ������17-y\���:.-���*������'������  ���}  \ ������  ���~ttx/~:.  1   -  v  PageD-6 The Peninsula Times' Wednesday j December, 20,1W��  mm���mmmm ,,   .   . .        ^       ^ ^   ^ - _- ,>,',,  .'       i , >   X    .  ���i . .  ���    Si  .   ) 1.       p.p.  ranwiuyatoaiyiiniitornitaa  *"**n     *rf   -    .  I   p p  ,  1  1' [ I  "   "1  .,   7m" IV,�� i. J��. .^,��,��..   ��... ,    i.  w���  /  V  'It ' ��� " '    '  I  ,  '       Kp  ;  '���/���," \  .,   ,,' it,  I I    ''  , I  ),'- X  I     I ,,,, I     11  K/  .....  ?w  '   I  I >.;"  >' ���  /.  .���"/.. ...  :;;,l-'-  '/������;���;..  '"-'if I l"aV  <*\    '   (II  ���   ',     fc    jr   ,  ��� 4 .���������  ���v. v   y  I,p   r       I, ��� ���  ' S  y  ^  *    ,���  <  r  Prime Retail or/)fjlce Space In hv  constructed in Loner (,ibsons.  Prospective tenants contact (,EOR(>E  ClASSxikOS after 3:00 p.m.. HH6-226H.  Fgrjlljpur kst minute s  ' /.; from paper clips to stereo's  mmm  Happy Holidays and A Prosperous  _ .^        *        -. _*> _ ._   v,      ^_  New Year from the Staff and  Management at   7  DOUGLAS'S VARIETY  DEPARTMENT STORE  Bursary society provides funds  .   The Sunshine Coast Bursary and Loan   donations to $e fund. The*, perpetual  SocietjrheldUheir  annual  meeting   bursary now pro^d^ $150 annuaUy to a  t%'   '~u��- 10 �����. m��i,i.^,�����'e-Mj;��r,' student from the Sechelt Peninsula who is  December 13 at Elphinstone Secondary .^g -^ or any] j^ r^ted  |^-SchooJ\yith a good quorum of directors in   ��ie^   . -    *  attendance.     7 "     ���  Officers elected for the coming year  were; President Bill Foist, vice-president. _,.:^_  Charlotte. Jackson,  treasurer Beatrice  '  Rankin, Secretary. Moira Richter and %^  directors Helen Grisak, Lenore Inglis, Bob     ,  ~Graham.-WallyJLangdale. Barry Boulton  and Dave Richardson. /  \  Gibsons  886-2615  The society is in a healthy financial,  position^ as loans to students are being  repaid.in an orderly fashion. In the new  year another meeting .will be held to'  provide additional means by which  ��� financial help can be given to graduating  and-post-secondary- students <-on the  peninsula,   "The^ashnprizfeirhavebeernlrawnrBnd  awarded from the recent raffle conducted  to enlarge the Margaret Lamb memorial,  bursary which is sponsored by the local  chapter of the Registered .Nurses  Association.  The fund is administered by the Sunshine. Coast Bursary and. Loan- Society^  The draw was made at Chatelech School  oaDecemberl5: $200was won by Bob Dall  otSechelt, $100 byCH. Richte��of Roberts  Creek and. $50 by R.G. Lacey of Sechelt.  . The nurses association wish to thank all,  those who participated .by*selling or by,  buying  raffl^ tickets   or  by  making  Large seiecuun \ \  of all giftware &  etectrkal appfiances,  Czechoslovakian crystal,  ?toys, trees &  & much, much more!  in effect  'til Dec. 23rd,  A.    ��     ���*    -  -   /'-  drop in and  pick up a copy!  mmmmmmm  NEW SHIPMENT OF BLUE MOUNTAIN  POTTERY, JUST ARRIVED!  n�� **u*\A *it*n*\m 4*><*\* *tf/_p_A **n9*.*f4***m\.m *>4B\* m*j��\m Mtrnxm Mijm Mi mi* mjj*\* ***** ^i^v* mu*\*M>��\* 4>Sf\A ^fftf jRfltf tf{m?  -**���-*���v^*-'-r��3-;  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  ,s ' Parts * Solos * Service  (' Rotor Lather, Service forDIsc Brakes  '���.   i and; Drum; BrJtko_s ������___ :r ..,,7.X���k   ''"Volvo "and Soat Grinding ; ' y     AX  'AH Makes Sorvlcod  Datsuni'Speclallsts  Gibsons  Phono 886-7919  f ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  ^ "Automobile, Industrial  ,a*nd Body Shop Supplies  Secholt  885-5181  BUILDING SUPPLIES  ������'V  A.C. RENTALS & BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  All Your Building Needs  Madolra Park  Phono 883-2585  CHIMNEY SWEEPS  ���1   1  BLASTING  tod's Blaitlng & Contracting Ltd.  ALL WORK FULLY INSURE^   ^  * Basements ' Driveways * Septic Tanks  Stvmps/Ditch Llne^i  Coll lor a froo ostlmatp anytlmb'  B03-2734     AAlr Track Available'/      063-2380  '"fED DONLEY*"* ""' *:"*" PEI^MifiMRBbLJR  PjUh-lnTtt  Http  British Columbia  Beautiful  '       ���,'-..   BESAFEI  Have Your Chimney Cleaned Nqw   ��'  FORALL CHIMNEYS & OIL STOVES  '   y .   Call Lee Christian *  ,   , _;,,.; $��$}?}     r ���._..  -*,  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  Business,Cards, Wedding Invitations,  Lottorhoads, Envelopes,  Raffle Tickets. .,  '    PENINSULA TIMES   - f  ~~~~  I Phone 885-3231  CONTRACTORS  >  BUILDING SUPPLIES  (cont'd)  ;������j���=���, ... '     ,i  L &�� SWANSON LTD.  READY-MIX CONCRETE  whbRodlMlxplants   ,  ' In Socholt & Pondor Horbour  "' ''7*Bacl<Hoes" tiurjipjfucli�� fSorul I Gravel  m '.  :   , Porpoli* Bay Re}., Rax, 172, Sechelt    ���  Ph, 885-5333 or 005-9666  CM, CONTRACTING  Painting & Insulation  , .Proo Eslrfiatos  i Vow Nam* it ���We'll Do it  (   885-9372  Bok 1383, Sechelt, D.C.  M.W. TRANSPORT  & BULLDOZING SERVICES  CLEARING; EXC Ay^TJON.-.TRUCKING  Comploto-Slto Preparation   .  Murray Warman "       s'    Halfmoon Bay  v        885-5648  J.B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  .X^r.:J. ^";"886-9031 '..     _'   ,  1 :,  ' Dump Truck ���i^acklioo- Cat  Wator, Sowor, Drainage Installation  J.and Cloarlng  ' l FRES ESTIMATES ���  DISPOSAL SERVICES  ��*- >��mmi.m i ii 11 ��� n ii i i iiiiii     ��� i p i ii��  >ymmi  ��� | ���' il m������thi���mwimi���ii  SUNSHINECOAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTp.  k   ,),':,Port M��|l0n toON'i Cove  Je(f886:2938 or 885-9973  -'-���"   * Cohim��reiarcontaln��ri Available  CABINETS - dARPETS ��� LINOLEUMS  HOWE SOUND DISTRIBUTofeHfFa  P.O,"Box 694, Gibsons, fi.C.  ,     ''���Bltilr Kennfit, ��ol���� manager  Phono 886-2765  *'  7  KENDoVRIES&SONLTD.  Vloorcoverinos        \  /  carpets ��� tiles ��� linoleums ��� drapes  ANDY'S PAINTING  Professional Interior ft Exterior Painting'  ,   Froo Estimate V  Commercial & Residential.  885-5407  /  OIBSONS A SECHELT  885-3424  ELECTRICIANS  / SIM ELECTRlClTb.  Eloctrlcal Contrqctori  RoslilontloUCominorclol Wiring  ' Polo lino Installations  ^ '""���       ""      Eloctrlc Hooting  '  '''������'  Ron Sim  RAY'S TRUCKING  GrWol * Fill A Dralnrock  885-5260  t  ���mqfi*-  Rick Sim  FLOORING; CABINETS  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  , Kltchon Cabinet!  ,'^88��-94n  Showroom InTwIllght Thec|tr|i,Olbsojts  ���rmmmmmmam^mmmmmmmmm.  HEATING  '   SECHELT HEATING H  & INSTALLATION  ,   "        Gas, Oil & Eloctrlc Furnacos  \   Flf^p(ocos, Sl^ot^otol      "  Wayne Brackett a|    ���      '     Bok 726  Ph. 885-2466 Socholt; B.C.  PEST CONTROL  PIED PIPER COMPANY LTD.  .BONDED REST CONTROL SERVICES  _call Paul M, Bulman at 434-6641  7061 OllUy Ave. Burnaby   ��������� ������ ��������� i    I    i   i   ��� n ������ h��mi  PRINTING SERVICE  < ���,;���  CO/V)MEReiAL PRINTING  ��    I! ���',���*  ROOFLAND ROOFING PRODUCTS  Your One-Stop  Roof ing Supply Centre  886-2489-    .��� ,;  >    i  TIRE!  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine, fipast Highway  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C.  886-2700  1 SALES ft SERVICE     '  .      All Brands Available  Monclayto Saturday, 0:30 om lo 5:30 pm  Friday ovonlng by oppolntmont.only  TREE TOPPING  LANDSCAPING  , EVERGREEN LANDSCAPINQ  and  GARDEN MAINTENANCE  For an over-blooming garden ,  fruit troo pruning  WILLIAM BORAGNO    Freo Estlmatos  (Bango) 885-5033  SECHEIT'ORIENTAV LANDSCAPING  Landscaping * Pruning * Shaping  Willie TakahasKly  .,.,���.,,y, .J.c��ll,,,"!r..?!5..885*9890..,.���.���_, .;...,  -        PENINSULA TIMES  i��,������..P.hooQj8^3,2aL���  REFRIDGERATION  BILL ROBERTS     .  REFRIDGERATION AND  AIR CONDITIONING  over 23 Years Experience  (?overnmont l|��en��<��d '"777  883-9461 or 883-2648  '  serving the entire sunshine coast  m~mm,  RENTALS  PEERLESS TREE SERVICE   Complete Troo Sorvlco ,  ;" Pfonrtpl��.GwQrqntoad,: Injiurod Work ,,  Prjcos You Can Trust.  Phone J, Rlsbey,  885-2109  \  Give to  Christmas  Seals  ftkftWW-Sw^Wsr���-"  ���%   ��� ,.,'  i, I'I  ���'.    ijaY  * a���^B>~'���u r*"1  1              >*  l"  n -  ("W��Ma  art *. A*.  1   '  I  ii  .  *  *  rl ������"  f  .   1       'p  . 7      . ,  i  ''".',  "  HM.$mhf��fti*l  i.  '   .......', ,V  .     ,  I- ,'-  I ' M^yX22^l2  ' :(���    i..  7:X7:ll^k  . \ ���.-";���  ���>-, IV." *.'������;���'/''  /������'  ..-���/  fr:r:  w.  X'  \  T"fe #fc:pilk^f����  -Arrryy-:  \r^y.i  Ay-r  ���jfijw^ji^s^^  ^^iTJv^r  ... ^-,;uvU:.^��;  filfF  '^^S^^^^ jiK^fc ? '/iXyi77iAiX 7x7 ''bXkbkM  ^&mM^l^m^wX27X7'k:7<':i - 77_4l__U  fv'-/-ixx'.x:y..i^i^^-r!^'A^.  J-' -'��� ':;4,;%Zi"'t���  ���&M85  ������>*>:  7k2s7  'yy  AX  rX-  At\  AU��NS  . >  m-  ' t ~, *   ���.*.-*���*���V J.".  '���/  ym**v?  izei  !ra<  resl  .us  Ib,  1        ! 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SOCKEYE SALMON ?X^1  W  159.  i ���"�����  .t  OlD SEAL       }1  *l OXi   i % i i i ��� t i j * i IM  29  !,  <     \l    <���   'I  tt^J  fc  ��?  Ii  tor  >il^B��S  CALIFORNIA ALMERIA GREEN  ,)J  \l  /  CALIFORNIA  SWEEI^  POTATOES  CANADA No. 1.   B.C. or CALIFORNIA  ���  fc.��f��*e��eJ**  CANADA NoiTT  CALIFORNIA  :  CELERY  LB.  InCANADATIoTi  CRUSf)T  /  White  100'  Whole!  120 bg.  s a e  ��� ��� e i  KLEENEX BOUTIQUE  APER  t \fitimt  KWl*'Tr''%'1  Atx  �� s-  il. /*  JMef ��*^  / ;>.j  '<uk  h'TSi  5��l  750 ml  %  BROKEN SHRIMP  ~pWHITE4UNA^  ���     . i '  , I '' )' ���, "  :  Klrt ULIVto j4o%. ,\   :,./.!..,',....  UBQYS ,  *..f<  KRAFT PROCESSED  CHEESE ALICES ^s^  LOAF CHEESE vrVEETAPR0^ess  CHEEZ WHIZ :  10M ISLE DRESSING  '.,     '   v  MIRAliLt WHIP  > i * ��� i * ji i * i' 11 * *,  KRAFT  ��� Q'oif'.'��"  KRAFT    -'  48 OK. ,. i,, ,,'.,.  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ITBAIL BAY CENTRE, 8ECHEL1  ','77i'2,  Prlcos Effocllvo;  Docombor 19 to 31, 1978  Phono 085.2025  fiflS.9n?3, Bokory  flRS-9ni?,MootDn(V��  WE RHSERVP THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  11 | F I |


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