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The Peninsula Times Apr 4, 1979

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Array X  &���  j ��____>J__Sa__^-*' i',^vAi  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  DJBI-C-I-_jm^  ffi*  '________B  !n  . Ia! -  L V  St i3___l  j&m__W$:p._  \_uv^_  tW s^1, >-'__________  *ylMffl  .r      **     'l______!��_  * ___?_________B__.  ^_--><BIBPg--l  Sif'_fcMP_i  fr ^IS  _M^*^V ^IS___I  $&. *<s^- ^$4iS--3___  ^���r^T*  ^^^J  i-H  i ^H  ���  *'       v  Cheekye-Dunsmuir trari-  smission line across the Sechelt Peninsula  drew to a close Saturday at Madeira Park  Community Hall, a man at the back of the  crowded room could take it no longer,  "Every time we go to say something,  Sakinaw Lake resident Bruce purkin  knows the line will come right past  where he lives on the south shore with  his own 5 kw Onin generator which  gives him power for less than he's pay        ^^   ww ���t ����,_.��  *,��-_.��-��  jizin-_-the^ty.-7He-^mt^ ^_^Sa  proposed to young girls who talked, 'the general direction of B.C. Hydro vice  |==^bout4he-line-inschool?======?===^���^president-eharles^as-)and^nginee^Ned  Crowley.  It seemed to express the prevailing  feelipg of a lot of people at the meeting,  ^both4hose.recently interested andthi  " who have been fighting against the power  line foryears  Serving ihe Sunshine Coast   (Hpwe Sound'to "Jervis lnle��)  including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing   Gronthoms tondmg. Gibstin's/Roberts Creek  Wilson Creek  Selrno Park. ��echelt, Hodmpon" Boy, Se-tef Cove   Pender Hrb    Madeira Park   Garden Bay   Irvine s Landing   Earls Cove   Egmont  20c Copy  Volume 17 -~ No. 17  3��E  As-the 4%-hour mmeting in protest of  the ��00-kv  ,., Another protester, Karl Risingmore of  j^exa$^larrdri>utitTnorepoeticallyrHe;  implied, as he had earlier in the meeting  and oh previous occasions, that Hydro  officials were not there to listen to protests  but only as a gesture, an exercise in public  relations,    ,  ereioda:  we are experiencm]  is Hydro Summer Stock Theater. We have  i Mr. Gates to rubber stamp Mr. Nash's  proposals,'" he told the crowded hall.  JOE HARRISON, Area A director,   surplus of power.  :f 'There were twenty people from      "There seenis to be $ regl crack  ^Jro;thereun fte.haU. ^^_is^^_developing jn the j^^f^on ttfcthe  ���liSfiame confidential figured which  line.' Hydros Crowley' told .Howie  indicate^ hpw many me^awatts'were  White af erthe meeting that if this line  ?;a^$bl|j- fey using thefvnatural! gas   doesn't get going soon it could be  handled py political means ... which'  means the line may not happen.  ''Brian Gates admitted that just in  the last little while ELUC has hired ah  economics to study the need for the  line. The economist says privately  thereTis absolutely no question about  the heed for the line. It can't be  justified. It's funny they would pick a  critic of the line to make a study of  justifying the line when Hydro has  already said it's justified."  y  (t  ie to Vancouver Island. It was  twice .as much power available  through natural gas than Hydro has  been admitting. The capacity of the'  Cheekye-Dunsmuir line is based on  the dne-day-a-year peak load and the  line is designed for that.   -_..-._-_._.  , "Whjft they didn't tell us is that at  Port IJardy they have small oil-fired  turbines that cut in at peak load. It's a  helluva ldit cheaper than building the  line for peak load and then having a  Inside...  ���SCRD budget  more  ^EMaiFGstiKi^i-^^  of ELUC (the Environment and Land Use  Committee Secretariat of the provincial  ' government), wad there, as he has been at  several meetings in the past, to put  questions from the people,to,Hydro on  behalf of the Environment Ministry.  Capably directed and controlled by  SCRD area A director Joe Harrison, the  CBC-cpve.ed meeting culminated in a  unanimously supported resolution to ask  , B,C. Environment Minister Rafe Mair for  a full public inquiry by ELUC into the need  /for the line based on the projected power"  .needs of Vancouver Island and possible  , alternatives. ���>  Emotion was high at the gathering as  reports not only of. the line's adverse ef-  , fects oh environment and landscape  -beauty, sound pollution, herbicide  dangers, ozone and electromagnetic  hazards were' repeated -from experts aid  residents alike, but hazards to aircraft' of  , over-water 7 power lines, and probably  I most of all, the nagging question of  f whether or not.the power was even needed  7 on Vancouyec��Island and wlw. other  Wednesday, April 4,1979  the statement they are only suggestions  IfiraTior^meant^o^lJe^lakennas^econp   mendations. B.C. Hydro is not recommending nuclear power at this time. This  line is not being designed to transport  nuclear power from Vancouver Island."  He said if there was a nuclear plant on  rdlh&'pSrwer'coifldbeTfanspo-t^  by the existing power line on Tssawassen.  Risingmo.��=--a<3U��sked=i<a-_ier==-n=41  ���See Page A-3  Poo^vote  in Pender  A referendum has been announced by  regional returning officer Mike Phelan for  April 21 in electoral area A to establish the  tax boundaries for the $192,000 Pender  Harbour-swirnH-ing pool.  Polls will be open between 8 a.m. and 8  p.m. at Madeira Park Elementary School,  Pender Harbour Auto Court-Garden Baj  d Egmont Elementary School.  KARL RISINGMORE, Texada Island  resident. -  "The only step I can think of offering  here is^that the NDP government would  put*a two-year moratorium on the project  and fire Mr. Bonner. We have to consider  it. Any company with their (Hydro's) debt  situation would have been bankrupt long  agOjl'm sorry I haven't anything more to  sayf ' Risingmore added to loud applause.  But Nash said there was "nothing yet  built in B.C. with the purpose of exporting  power to the U.S." and indicated Hydro  exports power surpluses, as the situation  arises.  . "I don't know where they relate this to  the Bilateral Commission. It is completely  irrelevant", he told the people.  "You keep talking about Hydro's debt.  Hydro is an agent on your behalf. Any cost  to which Hydro is put, you are put. It is a  capitsltisiten?|v.eiuyiity. it baa ta beJ-Us  ;$ternatfedr sources ofApower were iuAj su^rted by revenue from sale of ihe  being thoroughly investigated.    * ������  At least twice that day, perhaps more,'  Nash's response came down to "there is no  technically feasible alternative for the  power supply to Vancouver Island."  "I haven't said there aren't alternative  . power supplies," he added at one point  Risingmore told the crowd that the  power line had more to do with the  eventual export of power to the US than  with the Island's needs.  "It is by (Hydro chairman) Robert  Bonner's commitment to the Bilateral  Agreement that he is forced into this  position," he told Nash and Crowley.  product."-  He said if there was no increase in  demand for power and if inflation wasnt a  factor "Hydro could'pay off its debt In 20  years."  "It's no different than the mortgage on  -yQ_-C_hQ-isef--_N---h_sa-d.  Questioned by .Risingmore about  nuclear power projects for the Island and  the line's use to transport this power, Nash  said there was no place in the report where  nuclear power is advocated.  "The reference to nuclear power are  not recommendations. We have a number  of scenarios here. They are preceded by  Ballots can be cast by residents on the  voter's list, property owners, or those who  register or are otherwise qualified.  An advance poll is to be open Thursday,  April 19 at Regional District offices between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.  The question to the electors on the  ballot is:  "Are you in favor of the Sunshine Coast  Regional District undertaking the construction, operation and maintenance of a  swimming pool fa(__Uty jnja_td_for the  specified area- of electoral- A;���the  borrowing to meet the estimated construction cost not to exceed $192,000; and  all costs including operation and maintenance shall be on the assessment which  may be taxed for school purposes for the  current year in the specified area?"  The legal notice describing the  referendum appears in the advertising  section of The Times.  TV series  *____!  in  Gibsons will no longer hold the title as  television capital of the Sunshine Coast  when CBC film crews move into the  Egmont area to start work on a new  -television series.  -&...  ^ ,*_*~'****,#ii?!**'***_���tts>'~*'  ��m  CHARLIE OVAND  ������ Saklnaw Lake resident.  ' "The line' is straight through the  centre of my property and I thought, I  have a private Interest. Why should I  Speak publicly of my private interest.  But It is not so private. There Is a  generation coming after me. It's not  spoiled just for mo but for generations  to come. We've got the best of two  beautiful wbrids. It's a unique setting  ... world famous. Hydro's not looking  at tho world through rose-colored  glasses but through copper colored  glasses. They talk about the cost of  bipasslng, but what about tho cost of  wrecking this valuable land? It was  one time mostly summer people but  now it ia retired people .. .Looking  west from the Saklnaw Bluff you'll  see towers and lines .. . I think this  property it too potentially valuable to  even think of going through with it.  ~~Tho*IastToW  Mtitith crosslrig)^ is the wore of all  possible routes. Surely they can go  right around this area and I think  that's what they should do,"  li;   BILLY GRIFFITH  Egmont fisherman.  "What if there is an oil leak in the  underground cable? ... Herbicide is  lethal to fish and people... Mr. Ellis  said underground lines would cost"ten  to 20 times as much as overhead. One  has been described that would be only  10 per cent to 50 per cent more . . .  sulphur hewafluorlde insulated... for  future power needs of Vancouver  Island has Hydro considered a fluid  bed burlng reduction plant as used by  the Tennessee Valley Authority to  operate a 200 megawatt system?"  NASH ~ "I wi&h some of these  statements were true. Unfortunately  they are not.. . Submarine cable Is  o-Hiiled. A spill would be less than a  flshboat would spill... Low viscosity  oil would rise to the surface... If the  (underground) cost were only ten per  cent more It would be okay, but It's  not true. i > Coal-fired thermal plant  Is in the development stage and not  full scale. It's commercially viable.  We've, looked at it (with U.S. and  British authorities),., it's not yet an  ifflsWerrrrtw^  *'corobnBtti��ir*T^wT*nw-lr''Ti��ire  , development work. We are looking  into this process tor such power  supplies as Hat Creek (coal).  ^  VERA MCALLISTER  alt. dir. Area A.  '���Who's responsible for radio interference, health problems and  damage,to fish and wildlife?  MIRIAM DOUCETTE  herbicide specialist, with  SPEC'S Terry Chandler.  " . . ���. Plcloram has now been  Ozone is produced in the vicinity of declared a mutogen . . . Hydro haft  500 kv lines and It's poisonous to used It in the maximum amount they  human, plant and animal life in less   used it in Vietnam .. . (shows news  they are going,to have to look at 2,4,D  as a real baddy. It's worse than 2,4,5T  In my opinion .. .  HYDRO'S Nash ��� "in general,  thqre's no need to make a decision  whether or not to use chemicals until  the 1980's... there may be changes In  than one part per million. Can your   article). Shrum (former B.C. Hydro   application      arid'we will abide by  committee assure us there won't be a   head)   was  drinking   It   (hydro   them as we do iow... I repeat, as we  health hazard from thin nrnhtam?"    chemical) but ha'a nast thn nhild-    j  ���-n -_._ .. ._ _...._     health hazard from this problem?", chemical) but he's past the child  ELUC's Brian Gates.���" . . . the bearing age ���. . . with 2,4,5T and  developer is responsible... under the , 2,4,5,TP (use in an Oregon area) eight  B.C. Hydro Act. We are working on out of 11 women had spontaneous  guidelines for mitigation and com- abortions.. .thero were 200 per cent  potation ... I would say we may be more birth  deformities  in  areas  In a position to recommend a study to that have been sprayed . . . used  cabinet but we would not necessarily "according to label directions' which  have the technical experts to carry have been told ad Infinitum that it will  do now ... until the line is built, we,  can't tell whether we will use them...  they may be now regulations,.. there  may be new chemicals . . , who  knows?   HOWIE WHITE, Pender ratepayers.  "... three ways of being diddled.  Pick one. It doesn't matter what they  burtheTrtudyrrr^^^^  reviewed existing information." decided people cant accept tWs kind   diddled r v, One alternative ... a  HYDRO'S Nash t- "... the 500 kv, of risk ... If Hydro is thinking about   major portion of Vancouver Island  substituting 2,4D for 2.4.5T . . . 2,4D  causes thyroid problems, cancer ...  overhead line is not a first... The 500 kv  submarine cable is a first/'  powor could be by pulp mill-based  ���See iPage A-7  Executive producer Peter Kelley told  The Times last week the series will concern an aging coastal pilot, Carl Ritter,  who because of his difficulty in getting his  pilot's licence renewed, finds it necessary  to hire a younger pilot.  The younger pilot is a woman, Kate  Ashcroft, and from there,the series involves "the trials and tribulations of Carl  and his famUy,iarid of course, Kate Ashcroft," Kelley said.  Kelley could not say who would be.  starring in the series as contracts have yet  to be signed, but approximately 30 people  will be moving Interne Egmont area in  June for four months.  Those who can offer summer accommodation In the Pender Harbour-  Garden Bay area are asked to call Hugh  Spencer-Phillips at CBC Vancouver, 665-  6828.  Plan stalled  for Sechelt  seafront hotel  A proposal for a 30-unlt hotel-  restaurant on the corner of Trail Ave. and  Boulevard Is not acceptable to Sechelt  planning committee In lta present form,  The committee recommended March  27 that Bucklln Holdings Ltd.. be advised  council Is not in favor of amending the  zoning bylaw to accommodate the  proposal's deficiencies.  It recommended also that tho  developers and village planner Doug Roy  discuss the problems with the possibility of  changing the proposal's design to comply  with the village bylaw.  The proposal lacks 15-20 parking spaces  and calls for almost 100 per cent coverage  , of the side of the lot fronting Boulevard.  Tho Commercial 11 area along  Boulevard calls for a maximum 60 per  cent lot-front coverage to prevent wall-to-  wall buildings along tho beach-front.  Tho committee was first under tho  Impression Bucklln Holdings was short  only six to 10 spaces, Closing Trail Aye,  between Teredo and Boulevard for  community parking as suggested by the  community plan was dlncusscd and It was  thought something could be worked out  between council and the developers In  'wmwwrmAoTxmimm&:   When the committee learned Bucklln  Holdings was nearly 40 per cent short, of  parking spapes, It was decided  proposal was not acceptable,  i  >  r PageA-2  The Peninsula TimeJ.  Wednesday, April 4,1979  Like Boy Scout badges  on brink of disaster  In the wake of the Huntingdon,  Pennsylvania nuclear power plant  disaster, that could get worse if it  doesn't get better" it is interesting to-  hearanews report Sunday thatB^C.  environment minister Kafe Mair has  stated the province has no plans for  nuclear power., ,  The reason that is interesting is  because  Hydro   chairman. Robert  Bonner, who works fora company we _  would expect Mair knows about, has  said- B.C.~is, going to get nuclear"  power.  As we've lamented before, the  alternatives to the Cheekye-  Dunsmuir power transmission line,  according to Hydro's own report on  energy needs for Vancouver Islands is  shown right there in the charts as a  -supplemental nuclear- generating  plantonthe Island-in-the 1990?s.;   Yet, every time somebody asks  Hydro corporate affairs vice-  president Charles Nash, it is more  than once, about Hydro's nuclear  policy, he says they have no plans at  present that include nuclear power  generation.  It's a cop out..  Premier Mini-wac Bennett is  reported in the news report to have .  said there is no plans for nuclear  _powerhere. ;- -  Does the right hand not know what.  the left hand is doing?  It's about time the cabinet,  ministry officials, Hydro and en  vironmental interest groups got  together.  - It's about time we had something  -forthright-and-^serious-said-about  whether or not our elected officials,  ^g_-i^7 the "cfoOTTcorporations^hejr-  supposedly control, have a real policy  on nuclear power for B.C.  We've heard enough offhand^  remarks that  are  belied by  the  written facts. We need an honest  statement about whether or hot they  ~ are- conspiring to bring- a-nuclear-  plant to B.C. ,  We've caught McGeer and Mini-  wac red-handedly negotiating for the  world's first fusion reactor to be built  on the lower mainland. They were  doing it secretly and McGeer thought  there was something wrong with the  people- of- B.C. -knowing what they  -were up to. ���   Well, fusion might be safer than  fission in a nuclear reactor, but if it is  and it's such a good thing why are  they so closed-mouthed about it-  While some of our eastern  American neighbors sit on the brink  of evacuation and holocaust, we toss  around these matters like they were  innocuous rituals toward a Boy Scout  Badge.  We can be flippant about this no  longer and a government who will not-  assure us, not only of our right to  know about nuclear power, fusion or  fission, but of our right to decide if we  want it, is an irresponsible one.  ���A fine line  ^jo^e rrerghbars^  by Bruce Robinson  Bearded, beat-up, dun,  layered "in"��� no jokes  Reflections  A hope grown dim?  By Vern Giesbrecht  When I began reading Studs Terkel's  rambling collection of anecdotes, Talking  to Myself, I wasn't particularly impressed. His clipped, jerky writing style  .("I am standing outside Ihe door. Flat  Number Five. Braemar Mansions.")  bothered me and I found some~oFhis  digressions tiresome. However, my interest picked up when the author of Hard  Times described his interview with  Bertrand Russell in the fall of 1962.  It was a timely meeting, coming as it  did just after the Cuban missile crisis.  Russell, the renowed mathematician,  philosopher and author of 65 books, had  become a leading spokesman for the  disarmament movement in his spry old  age.  Driving to Russell's home In Wales,  Terkel was reminded of Russell's incredible life span. Not only was he leading  anti-war protests at the age of 90, but he  was the grandson of a man who had known  Napoleon at Elba back In 1815.  "Here I am," Terkel wote, "about to  shake the hand of the man who shook the  hand of the man who shook the hand of  Napoleon."  The interview was to.be one subject  only: survival In a nuclear age. At the  most tense moment of the Cuban missile  crisis, just before Khrushchev backed  down, Russell had sent telegrams to all the  major leaders ~- Khrushchev/Kennedy,  Nehru, de Gaulle, Mao Tse-tung, Mac-  The Peninsula5^^  Published Wednesdays at Sechelt  on H.C.'s Sunshine Coast  by  I he Peninsula Times  lor Westpres Publications Ltd."  at Sechelt, B.C.  Ilox .110 ��� Scchcll, H.C.  VON MO  Phone 8HS-.12.1t  Office hours: 8-..10a.m.  to 5 p.m, lues.-Sal,  Subscription Uutct.: Un tuivun.e)  Local, $7 per year, Hcyond 35 miles, %H  U.S.A., $10, Overseas SI I.  Contributors:  Div, 7, Sechelt Klementary  Robert Fox all  Vern Giesbrecht  Dennis Gray  Maurice Hcimtiecl  "Robert Klrscli  Mnrcla Poultice  Murrle Redman  IVritcc Robinson  Guy Synionds  '" ' " ''"'Mn'JWTliSflier ~ - ���  PtggyComwr  Doris Hdwardson  Mary Tinklcy-Shnnnon  millah ��� making a plea for sanity. The  American president was the only one who  did not reply.  Terkel was impressed by Russell's wit,  by the depth of his feeling, by the vigor in  the frail-looking body. When he suggested  that much of the world might survive a  nuclear war, Russell shook his head sadly;  "Survivors will be ill, hungry,  rruserable and:'wvage7rRii^U"said.";"A  very large percentage will be idiots or  monsters. During all that time, there will  be horror and ghastliness. It would take  ages and ages for the wretched descendants of these survivors to build up  anything at all again."  Russell talked about being ridiculed for  his beliefs, about being called a fanatic,  about the need for civil disobedience when  wrongs must be righted.  A clever interviewer, Terkel kept  priming Russell with broad open-erided  questions, and was not disappointed. The  old man talked about man's "power Impulses" goihg Into creativity, "poetry,  music, in lesser ways, gardening..." and  expressed regret that positive changes  occur so slowly in society.  "In some ways, things are better than  they used to be. People used to be burned  alive. Today they're only slowly starved. I  suppose that's slightly better, but I don't  know. You take steps. You can't get very  far In our world. There Is such a lot to do."  Near the end of the interview, Terkel  fumbled In his wallet for a copy of a poem  by Shelley, eager to read It to Russell, who  was a great admirer of Shelley in his  formative years because "he had a vision  of what the world might be."  Terkel located the poem and read from  It:  "The world's great age begins anew,  The golden years return,  The earth doth like a snake renew  Her winter weeds outworn..."  There was silence for a moment after  Terkel read the poem; then Russell spoke  softly, as If to himself: "It's a hopo grown  rather distant, but It remains a hope. It's  what human life could be. In gloomy  moments, It's good to reflect how glorious  and splendid and wonderful human life  could be, If only human beings would let  it..."  Reading this fascinating chapter in  Terkel's book, I was reminded of another  statement by Russell, mode in a different  context. Llko many of his opinions in his  Inst years, It dealt with his longing for a  better world.  "The root of the matter, If wo want a  stable world, la a very simple and old-  fashioned thing, a thing so simple that I  am almost ashamed to mention It for fear  of the derisive smile with which the wise  cynics will greet my words. The thing I  ro��^ k k>v��, ChriaUap Uwyor coro-  pasalon,  ,,���,,.,  "If you feel this, you have a motive for  existence, a reason for courage, an lm*  perative necessity for intellectual  honesty."  Some misguided locals are just not  following the current trends in Sunshine  coast fashion and manners. This creeping  individualism must be stopped. Times are  lean and conformity is the bylaw.  Hereunder I will restate the .rules so that  slipshod pariahs will pull up their jogging  socks.  (1) To be hirsute is de rigueur for both  male and female. Gentlemen MUST have'  beards and women must be encouraged to  grow them. Failure in this respect will  only be condoned if those persons who just  can't grow beards will grow their hair long,  and pull it forward to completely cover  face and eyes.  (2) Ih the realm of cosmetics: for the  males they are OK but women will NOT be  seen wearing lipstick and not even a hint of  blusher or eye shadow will be tolerated.  These Items are considered by the  Presidium to be both frivolous and expensive. Also they are used with.the ob-:,  vious express purpose of permanently <.  attracting a member of the opposite sex  thus disrupting our free life style. Those  caught using such devices will be severely  dealt with.  (2-b) Women may only wear hair  rollers on the street. They must not be  secretive with them at home. The individuality of not having a mini-afro,  wash-and-wear perm will no longer be  .condoned. By wearing their cur^ while  shopping; these 2nd class women will be  exposed to public ridicule and their  cowardice revealed. Men may wear  curlers between 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.  (2-c) All perfume atomizers ��� will be  confiscated and substituted with Gov't.  Issue indoor hosing equipment. This will  combine the fragrances of diesel fuel with  horse sweat and garlic oil and will quickly  cure any tendency towards flippancy in  attitude. It should also curb the birth rate  to a large extent. Neither Chanel nor  Jontue no Bal de Versailles will.be allowed  across our border and the smuggling of  such subversive materials will be  punishable by public stoning.  (3) In dress, men may wear bright  colors but women will restrict themselves  to earth tones and muddy grays and blacks  In order to look more useful and  utilitarian. Any sneaking in of gold or  yellow will be noted and dealt with by the  ministry of dress. A working woman will  henceforth damn well look like a working  women. *  (4) Shoes; Miscreant persons are to be  flogged for any infraction of the shoe laws  however minor. Guccis are disallowed for  cither sex. Allowable are the following:  earth shoes, biblical sandals, Ho Chi Mln  slippers, steel toed work boots ahd any'or  all jogging shoes, soccer boots or frayed  runners. High-heeled shoes are totally  OUT unless they are sponge-soled, well-  ���weighted wedgies. Feet MUST look heavy.  There will be a public burning of light  D'Orsay patent pumps or any delicate  colored Italian heel strap slipper. Any  woman caught wearing anything so'  frivolous as gold or sHver~high" heeled"  dress sandals will have one foot cut off at  the public scaffold.    .  (5) In Dress: The dun coloured, layered  look only is acceptable. Heavy socks must  be worn to match the worky boots. Trim,  nylon clad ankels are OUT.. .de trop...  finished. Heavy long woolen skirts may be  accompanied by longish frayed cardigans  over leather vests, over turtleneck  sweaters, over cotton shirts, over T-shirts,  over undershirts, over yesterdays nightgown, over the day before's longjohns,  over last week's underwear. There will be  road blocks and matrons to check,on ther  required layering. Any woman caught in  anything so simple as a silk dress will be  held in the public stocks. Coats are  disallowed and punishable in a variety Of  excruciating ways. Ski jackets, old  blankets and serapes are acceptable for  both sexes. Leather and naugahyde coats  are OK though anyone caught nauga  hunting out of season will be severely dealt  with. Forget about ermine or^able.  (6) Itets otheFthah flsheraiah'scaps of  beat up cowboy are considered unwelcome.  (7) Final decision on frequent or infrequent bathing is optional and to be left  up to the individual and his plumbing. -  (8) Behavior: These several Peninsula  communities will soon learn by enforcement that frivolity is no joke. Witty  comments on the mental gymnastics of the  Regional Board will cease and giddy  political humor, will be punished with  severity. Those flohtlug these rules or  caught smiling, giggling, or making wordplays and jokes will be brought before the  courts and publicly rebuked, Rebuke is IN.  Flippancy is OUT. Those who remain  stern, pessimistic and sour, who live by  the dun coloured rule "dislike and distrust  almost everyone," and who take themselves suitably seriously, will receive 5  free shares in the local waterworks and  sewer authority, thus gaining new status  in their areas.  These times on tho Peninsula WILL be  taken seriously and the motto or watchword remains: LIFE IS NO LAUGHING  MATTER.    .  Coming soon ��� "establishment drag".  Mnrcla Poultice  The week before last my column did not  ^ppearlrrthe paperrthe reason isjsimpler-  I was too busy trying to regain enough  equilibrium "to even "attempt a piece of ���  writing. You see, I was testing the strength  of that-new telephone pole, .the one  recently erected between Orange Road  and Crowe Road after the original lost a  closely contested battle with a car���I -  should   have  known   better   than   to  challenge the pole with a Volkswagen van.  The van was a big loser, but miraculously  neither I nor my passenger were seriously  injured. According to officials oh the  scene, people who are no strangers to  automobile accidents, we probably should -  be dead, or at least seriously maimed.  >���-Someof-you-will-know-what thatkind-of  experience does to you. To begin with,  shock is very much underrated as a brain  scrambler. If you had tried to talk to me in  _.J-b-Lfi_'itJwcLor three^days following the^  accident, you would���friends'say ��� have"  found me a trifle' scattered. Seeing my van  again ih theauRhwreckersproved to be  - the-most sobering- experience of-all, -It -  hardly resembled a van. The frame was  actually broken through in three places,  the floor was ripped right off as was the  sliding door, the front wheels were bent  together and.,. well, you get the picture.  It matle most of the other occupants of that  auto graveyard look like showroom  editions. Lately, I haven't fretted too much  -about the bank-payments or the-dirty-  laundry or the noisy partyline. It just feels  good to be around. , "  In talking with friends and relatives,  they shared similar experiences.  Listening to various accounts of tragedies  and near tragedies, it struck me that the  mind is an amazing shock-absorber. It  -seems to do one of two things when an  accident occurs. Either it blocks out whkt  is too horrible to grasp at that moment,  saving it for a more expedient time to be  digested ��� though sometimes total recall  is never possible ��� or it chooses to view  -the-accldent-inslow motion,__muting_ and.  cushioning and securing all the potentially  destructive mental energy. It's true that  shock is still a major consequence of accidents, but if the mind didn't install its  own safeguards, just think how colossal  the shock would be then!  Our accident was over before it began.  That fast. I remember that we started to  slide across the road, and I remember  waking up in a funny position, but that's it.  What my passenger recalls is about the  same. Except he remembers that I said,  "oh-oh," before we both blanked out.  ' Another friend told -me : about" -a'  motorcycle accident that took place in  slow motion. The bike was rear ended by a  truck. He remembers the impact as a dull,  almost benevolent thud, and he remembers watching his friend rolling on the  road while he too was rolling, feeling as he  was watching it, like a kid somersaulting  on thiek-grass.-He recalls^oming-toaiest-  painlessly, almost regretfully; as the~fun  ended.The surreal scene, this fraudulent  serenity is; of course, a vehicle .through  which the mind eases the enormity of what  is actually happening.  Yet another friend told me of an accident he hacLwhere his mind blocked out  what was happening ~by~~playing out  another scenario. What he saw was a  narrowly-averted accident,, his car just  missing another and coming to rest  without incident. When the accident was  reconstructed for him, he learned that not  . only-had he-practically sheared the other  car in half, he had also rolled hundreds of.  -yards JiLt^_.carJjrhis_to_me is the most  incredible of all the mind's tricks. A  complete fabrication acted out unconsciously, again.to temper the cold  reality.  The night of theaccident IstayedTvith a-  friend because my stability wasn't great  and Ididn'tfeel much like being-alone. As  - the mind allowed some reality.to enter_into_  its buffer zone, I started to realize what  had really happened. More importantly, I  saw what could have happened. As I sat on  the bed I felt tears streaming down my  face and this continued unabated for some  time, A friend who arrived the next day  said "You just had a glimpse of your  mortality. How does it feel?"     "   -   It's not an easy question to answer. -  Nobody would wish an accident on a  friend, but there can be.a-pdsitive~side to~  such an experience. I not only came away  with no broken bones, but I think I learned  to appreciate something a little more than  I did before.  Life and death are next door neighbours and the-fence between them is a  very fine line.  Coquitlam  homecoinirig  Editor, The Times:  One of Coquitlam, B.C.'s oldest  elementary schools, Mountain View, will  celebrate its 50th anniversary May 7 to 11,  1979, and plans a Golden Homecoming to  mark the occasion.  The committee is attempting to reach  as many former students and teachers as  possible, and asks that they contact the  school at 699 Robinson Street, or the  committee convenor, Mrs. Mae Kydd, 700  ���- Rf��binsorh,%"^��36-7924, or historian Mrs.  Alyce Noton, 817 Cottonwood, 936-6172.  This is a New Horizons project of the  national Health and Welfare department.  Thank you for your co-operation.  Mountain View  Homecoming Committee  at  Grace's 'high profile'  S.O.A.P.  thanks all  We would like to thank, all the peoplo  who came to tho dinner dance, the peoplo  that bought raffle tickets, tho advertisers,  the donors of prizes and the people who  sold tickets at their stores nnd privately.  Thanks to our caterer and all the work  by the committee nnd clubs. Thoy did woll,  considering wo only had about a month to  prepare.  ���  It was a success.  Tho winners of tho raffle were: 1st  prize, L. Brackctt - Lady and Men's  watches; 2nd prize, Linda Robllllard ~  clock radio and third prize, Sharm Van  Weston.- Jig Saw and blades.  Thanks again,  Committee for S.O.A.P.  Old photos brought  back many memories  The Honourable Grace McCarthy,  Minister of Human Resources,  Parliament Buildings,    ,  Victoria, B.C.  Dear Ms. McCarthy:  I am in receipt of your letter of  February 19 asking for nominations of  individuals or organizations deserving of  recognition for service to the community  in connection with the' International Year  of the Child. While I am aware that this  kind of promotional event has appeal to  you, since it enabled you to keep a high  profile and receive a large amount of  publicity as Minister of Tourism, I am  appalled that you would continue this  publicity seeking approaching in your new  portfolio.  I would like to suggest to you that a  more suitable recognition of the International Year of the Child would be to  focus on the Implementation of programs  and legislation which would address the  needs of children In this province. To begin  with, I would hope that you will give  serious consideration to rewriting the  draft legislation of the proposed Family  and Child Services Act to reflect the many  , concerns expressed by family child service agencies and individuals throughout  the province In recent months.  The seven part report on children and  tlie law dono by the Royal Commission on  Family and Chlldrens' Low provides an  excellent basis for a comprehensive approach to tho needed changes In chlldrens'  law and social policy. For your Information, the seven parts of the report  are: legislative framework, the status of  children born outside marriage, the  protection of children, custody access ond  guardianship and adoption.  In addition, the tenth report of the  Commission, "Native Families and the  Law," deals with the special problems  experienced by native children who  constitute a high proportion of children in  care. These reports represent extensive  research and study, and the work of the  Commission is recognized throughout  North America as being one of the most  progressive and thorough reviews conducted on the subject.  While I recognize-that many people in  British Columbia have worked diligently  to ensure a better life for all our children,  It ls my sincere hope that you will consider  cancelling your plan to give out "scrolls"  and choose instead to implement a special  program for children in commemoration  of this very special year. I would personally llko to recommend that you consider a program which would provide  specific attention to the disadvantaged  children of the province,  It ls to our shame that one-quarter of nil  Canadian children now live below tho  poverty level. In addition, our society  remains largely lnsonsitlvo to the  problems of native people and their  children. Surely this yeor offers us nn  opportunity to concentrate on guaranteeing the economic, social and physical  well-being of theso children.  The Individuals and organizations who  urc recognized for service to the community, particularly as it relates to tho  child and family, would consider such  action on your pnrt a very special "scroll"  Indeed.  Hope you will accept these Ideas In tho  spirit in which they are given.       <  Yours sincerely,  Rosemary Brown, MLA  Vuncouvcr-Burrard  Editor, The Times,  Just a few linos to let you Unow how  much we enjoyed the pictures In your  Gibsons special edition Feb. 2fl, especially  the one of the three girls, Phylls Lowden,  JDorolbyla Mr Jaugbtpr, And would ho  15 or 16 at that time. We had never seen tho  picture before.  Dorothy is the mother of Steven Thlcko,  whoso picture is In tho edition also under  *���  \  ^Determination" for swimming from  Keata Island to Gibsons. Her eldest son,  Brian, came in first for three consecutive  ycors.  1  ��� The different pictures havo brought  Luid. u-a^ auu^rla.. uad uc .ImU keep  them for old time's soke.  Again "thank you".  Sincerely,  (Mrs,) Harry J, Chaster  P.S, The car belonged to Ccc Chamberlln.  .because every  CnllQ n3S in��  right to smile  10~70 |*^+r\t-"r>'~vf.o1r>'~iil \^\or  l\J i   \J   tl   llv^l  I   K UIV.I   sV-U      IVv-il  of the Child  Dnieef Canada (J)  * r"  T~~  The Peninsula Times Pag.eA*3  Wednesday, April 4.1979  GIGANTIC  .   Arts Centre Building Committee will  hold the second Gigantic  Plant Sale  Saturday, April 7,10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the  "riew^AilsC^ntreTTrallAverand'Medusir  St., Sechelt.  It will be an exciting time for gardeners  looking for rather unusual plants; shrubs,  herbs, berries and soil improvers needed  for this area. ,  There will also be for sale a beautiful  Japanese "Five Pine" Bonsai, created for  us by Mr. (Baba)lJ-Ti-ac7s Nursery set in a  stoneware container by Mick Henry from  -the-well-known =Gold Mountain -Potteryr  Roberts Creek.  Come Saturday to enjoy with us a very  worthwhile project which will be of great  value to the entire community upon  IT WAS A busy week in Ottawa  recently for Shirley McLoughlin, the  MP, Coast Chilcotin, Shirley spent an  interesting ten minutes with Mr.  newly elected president of the B.C.   Trudeau discussing liberal plans for  ^beral-Partyr-Presented-to-Primei���tJrerfuture.   Minister Trudeay by Jack Pearsall,-  MORE ABOUT  completion.  Please bring plants to Arts Centre,  Friday, Apr. 6, 6:30 to 8 p.m. with name  tag of plant attached.       For pick up service call the following:  Alice Murray, 885-9662, Selma Park; Bea  Rankin, 885-9787, Selma Park; Irene  Crowell, 885-2759, West Sechelt; Virginia  Crawshaw, 885-2198, West Sechelt; Barbara Gough, 885-2579, West Sechelt; Rita  Sober, 885-3196, Porpoise Bay; Joy  Graham," 886-9260, Gibsons.   Protesters ask for inquiry  ���From Page A-l  confrontation if Hydro officials had taken  jnto consideration what_peopie thought  about the Cheekye-Duns_-Hiif line. "Have ~  you heard the message we don't want it?"  He questioned.  Said Nash: "The answer is yes, but it  doesn't mean because some people want it  that it wUl disappear. No man is an island.  No man can live by himself... there is av  broader perspective."   "I understand people don't want it.  -C-  PUBUC HEARING  SECHELT VILLAGE COMMUNITY PLAN  There will be a Public Hearing for final reading  of the Sechelt Village Community Plan in order  to ratify late changes.  April 9, 1979���7:30 p.m.     _ _ _ Sechelt.Senior_Citizens__Hall_   R.C. GIBBS,  Acting Clerk  PROVINCES BRITISH COLUMBIA ,J  MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATIONS  ;     AND HIGHWAYS  HIRED EQUIPMENT REGISTRATION  The Ministry of Transportation, Communications and Highways in  the GibsonsHighwaysDistrict iis compiling its Hired EquipmenrList  and advises all persons or companies wishing to have their rentable  equipment such as trucks, backhoes, loaders, excavators, graders,  rollers, scrapers or tractors listed that they should contact the  General Office, Gibsons, B.C. ,  Equipment previously listed must be re-registered during the month  of April.  Full details of equipment including serial numbers are required for  registration.  T.M. Forsyth,  District Highways Manager.  Dated at Gibsons, B.C.  this 30th day of March, 1979.  Jam Airs  "Convertible Cooktop  Broil  Grill  Griddle  Slilsli kebab  Deepfry  ^ _&���''���  '.ilX  ....���_,... ...i���_... i.. .,     . r   <   i   .     -  NEW HOURS: SHOWROOM OPEN  SATURDAYS ONLY-9 A.M.-4 P.M.  ���**_!.  /SK**  or  BY APPOINTMENT  886-2765  886-9198  I  CARPET CABINET  CERAMIC CENTRE  North Rd., Gibsons * 886-2765  There is no reasonable technical alternative. We have said the line must go in  the general area. Now we are choosing the^  pa_^culafar^,'rthe Hydro officiarsaid.-  Risingmore told Nash at that time that  if there had been "reasonable justification  proven you wouldn't have had objection, to  this line." But, he added "There is no  justification for energy on Vancouver  Island at this time."   Nash replied thatthose whosay there is _.  no justification, should re-read the" Vancouver Island power supply needs report  - and added that the Island was "very near  the limit" of their supply capacity.  At the other times in the questioning,  Nash put down both the B.C. Energy  Commission's forecast of V.I. power needs  as being "wrong" and "out of date" and  the report by UBC economists John  Helliwell and Allan Cox outlining alternative energy supplies on the Island  (burning wood waste especially) as being  "not the most reliable" and "their figures  are not reliable."  Nash was asked by SPEC'S Terry  ; Chandler if the-only information the  Socred cabinet had when they made the  decision to build Cheekye-Dunsmuir in  October. 1978 was Hydro's report on V.I.  power needs and Nash replied, "As far as I  know"/Chandler asked if the report was  "biased by an interest group" and Nash  said it ^shouldn't be if it is a good one."  In closing the Sunshine Coast Regional  District-I?ender Harbour and District  Ratepayers' Association co-sponsored  , meeting, SCRD board chairman Ed  Nicholson told the gathering that although  -���cthey met.in.Madeira Park and it was at-  ���^ tended by local residentsi "the opposition  expressed here is felt up and down the  Sunshine Coast and echoed up and down  the Coast."  "I assure you a letter to the minister  will be placed on the agenda of the  regional board to ask for a public hearing.  I assure you of that," Nicholson added. ,  He said meeting Chairman Joe  Harrison did a "particularly good job",  and thanked ELUC and Hydro "on behalf  of the government which is really us the  people."  "Pitch in" to  fill 55,000  garbage bags  British Columbians are being asked to  'Lend a Hand' to fill 55,000 garbage bags  donated by Shell Canada Limited to the  Pitch-In 79 campaign to be held May 7-12,  1979.  Any non-profit organization can apply  for  garbage   bags.  Deadline for  applications  Is  April  10.   Bags will  be  distributed on a first-come, first-serve  ', basis,  The Pitch-In campaign is sponsored  annually by Outdoors Unlittercd in cooperation with the British Columbian  Ministry of Environment. In 1978 520  organizations received garbage bags and  participated In the campaign.  Special garbage bag application forms  havo been mailed to every school and  large number of non-profit organizations  throughout British Columbia. Any  organization which has not received an  application form can contact Outdoors  Unlittercd, 200-1328 Johnsotn Road, White  Rock, B.C. V4B 3Z2.  This la tho second year that Shell  Canada Limited has supplied garbage  bags for the campaign in British  Columbia. Shell also contributes to the  campaign In Alberta and Manitoba.  The garbage bags will bo allocated and  distributed by Outdoors Unlittercd, a nonprofit organization founded In 1067 and  supported by governments, Industry,  schools, the media nnd the public.  BEFORE YOU BEGIN  STAINING & PAINTING  il3-3Uld_y_0-U_Stain  Paint?  If you are working with bare, new wood, stain is the  logical choice. It offers you beauty, protects your  investment and gives you about as much freedom  from painting chores as you can get. Stained wood  blends in with the natural surroundings because  stained wood looks like wood while painted wood  looks like paint.  Whether you use semi-transparent stain or the  opaque version known as solid color stain depends on  several variables: Ihe type of building; the kind and  quality of wood; the grain and texture of the wood; the  surrounding decor and your own personal prefe_renc_e^  If your heart is set on having a stained house, even  _tfaough-Vour-house-is-painted-now-Qlympio-Acryli(_--  Latex Stain is the logical choice for you. It will "bite"  into old paint-that is sound and clean while giving  you the flat, rustic look of stain, Generally two coats  are required unless no color change is involved  Before you begin any painting or staining, you  might want to consider the things you can do new to  assure maximum durability and to make re-do, v.hen  necessary, much easier:  ��� prepare'the surface properly and follow direcions  on the can.  ��� put Olympic Primecoat�� on bare, new wocd or  over a   stained surface.'  ��� over old paint, put on the Overcoat.  Re-Do Over Paint  Application  ^ If your re-do project is to cover up old paint, then by  all means use Olympic Overcoat. It is specially  designed to put old paint undercoverforgoodl You'll  probably never use anything that goei on as easily.  ���= covers so completely and-stays put-as long. Thate-  because Olympic Overcoat is formulated with super  wetting agents, rich pigments and 100% acrylic latex  ingredierrts^More often than not, one coat of  Overcoat is all you need except when extreme color  changes are involved.  There are some things you can do to reduce the  problems associated with paint film build-up. Use  stain whenever possible since stain causes very little  film build-up, especially semi-transparent stain.  . Another is to use only topqualityproductscontainmg  adequafe quantities of the highest quality pigments  so good hiding is achieved without having.to apply  an excessive amount. You should always follow the  manufacturer's suggested spread rate to assure that  you don't apply more than necessary. This not only  saves you money, but also reduces future problems.   Overcoatjseasy to appJyJustopen the can and stir.  thoroughly. No thinning isnecessary. Use a nylon brush,  roller, brushpad or.sprayer. Put enough on! i  Before you begin, cover shrubs near the house with  adropcloth. Remove house numbers, shutten, exterior  light fixtures, etc. Usually they're easier to tai :e down  than paint around. Paint the trim first, with a tri n brush.  This can prevent your having to rest a ladder on newly  "painted siding. Helpful Tip: Wrap ladder ends In" old  ~towe1s-to~pfevefit scarring of"s!dingTThen painf"the  siding, beginning with, the highest point and work  down. If the trim is to be thesame color as the rest of the  house, naturally you do it all as you go.  NOTE: Use Overcoat only when the temperature is  above 50�� F. Read label instructions carefully - if you  have additional questions, consult your Olympic  dealer.  Clean Up  If you use Overcoat or Latex Stain, clean all  equipment and tools immediately after use with  warm, soapy water. Rinse with Clearwater.  4.  W-RM-l-BEAUi.'ij, v.<  JM^  stfv  iy/MPTc  TWIN  i t-rsco-jw^.T,-  ���E_-v_=p(iwoot) !>.: m  iSJW-FBNOES   OtCK>     ���  ��5to  r.*eV'|  oiy/MPTc  Sale  $1C99  1��J   gal-  Reg. $17.95  -'�������*-,.  GENERAL PAINT  CRAFT  *15"  gal.  SOLlbcoLOR  STAINS  WOODCRAFT  SOLID  SEMI-TRANSPARENT $4"  STAIN *  SUPERTONE  FENCE STAINS  Red,  Brown,  Green  $��39  gal.  '��_fl��*S.v'*k*��a.Wr  iSk flecto:  VARAPEL IN 9 COLOURS  WOOD PRESERVATIVE/SEALER  * Roducod shrinkage & swolllng of wood. _  * Longlasting protection against fungus & mildew fl  * Rotards chocking & cracking ��J  * Can bo appllod on damp surfaces.  * Easy cloan-up -��� rinse brush or roller under tap.  mniilnr r;hnt(|o  VISA  tiM-BR-MARt]  _-_���! mm  688-6814      and or  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Sunshine Coast Hwy, Gibsons  886-8141  "FOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS"  i ���V'    f  4.  PageA^  The Peninsula Time  Wednesday, April 4,1979  Gibsons glimpses  X_l  UtTOPS light shine in 79  by Marion Alsager, 886-2458  LET YOURSELF GO DOWNHILL  scr/ontm  pamiapaamnk  , Fitness. In your heart you know it's right.  Area B ratepayers  association meet  By MARY TTNKLEY-SHANNON  At a general meeting of Area "B"  Ratepayers' Association held on March 26,  President Ralph Maliar drewThe attention  of the members to a "Notice to Water  Users'* ~published~ln the-local^pressr  warning residents of Sechelt, West  Sechelt, Redrooffs and Halfmoon Bay of  the possibility of a serious water shortage  during the summer months if the dispute  withrthe-Indian- Band "over a:~i-Mlitjr -  corridor remains unsettled. The meeting  agreed to send a petition to the provihcial  government urging that the matter be>  given priority. Copies of the petition have  been posted at the Welcome Beach Hall, at  the Halfmoon Bay Post Office and at the B  & J Store.  TRAPLINE  Following a report in The Times of a  young coon caught in a trap at Secret  -Cove,���the ���meeting���questioned���the-  desirability of having a trapline in a  residential area where children and pets  could be seriously injured. It was agreed  to advise the Fish, and Wild life Department of the members' objection to the  trapline.  FIRE DEPARTMENT  Harold Ives gave a most comprehensive report on the Halfmoon Bay  Fire Department. Commenting on the  Department's $5,000 deficit, he pointed out  that last year's budget of $27,836 was only  a guesstimate, as there were no previous  figures to work on, and the regional board  might be taking this Into consideration in-  arriving at this year's budget figure. The  Fire department, he said, is making every  effort to acquire a tank truck to supplement the truck's water supply.  There are 18 members of the department, he said, and their weekly practices  on Wednesdays from 7-0 p.m. are mandatory. Most of the calls have been during  the daylight, when many of the fire  fighters are working over a scattered  area, and this sometimes means a slight  delay in answering calls. Because of this  factor, Mr. Ives advised residents to take  whatever steps they, can while .awaiting  the arrival of the fire truck. Because at a  time of crisis, even the coolest head can  panic, he suggests that all residents have  handy by their telephones the Information  which they would need to give the firemen  when reporting a lire. This should include  their name, address, telephone number  and the exact location of the house.  Residents are recommended to ascertain  and record on this notice the exact  ^tS-M~ortheir~home~*onr-any-easlly-  recognizable point, such as the Firehall, or  "tteWelcome Beach Halk He-suggested-  that every home should be equipped with  one or two fire extinguishers and a smoke  detector. The Fire Department can supply  ABC model fire extinguishers for $15 each  -andsmoke^detectors^or $25;   RECREATION LAND   t  ~_z:Cliff_Conn]oQ��portedJhat sitev_ almost  2% years of negotiations, he~had TSeeh  successful in obtaining a lease of approximately 45 acres of land suitable for,  an athletic field. The land is on D.L. 1623  and the lease is at $25 a year subject to  renewal after ten years. A vote of thanks  was given to Cliff for all his work and  patience in bringing this matter to such a  -satisfactory conclusion   "TOKTSiairtCTm^B^ Sunshine Coast tor-  small advertisements are abnormally  high. In one particular case the billing  charge was higher than the cost of the ad.  COMPUTER BANKING COMING  ,. How about this! Banking, Is sure,  changing. Dorothy Cresswell and other  employees of the Bank of Montreal have  had their noses to the grindstone doing  "Open 50's" (customer's statistics) for  input to the new computers scheduled for  operation at the Gibsons Branch June 5.  Changes have already been made to the  -banking area and last week there has-been-  has welcomed 13 members to their  membership since the middle of  February. Four of these are, ex-TOPS  members and one is a transfer from  Powell River. This brings our active  membership to 38.  A variety of activities have highlighted  the month of March; election of officers,  Awards Day, Installation and a visit from  the area co-ordinator, Theresa Weston.  1978 Awards Day Theme was "Let the  Light Shine In '79". Members took the  -March -45���meeting���day_to���review-  achievements and accomplishments. The  -meeting -room was tastefully decorated  with a spring atmosphere using the  chapter's colours of blue and green. The  mottoes for 1979 were evident In words  "Let the light Shine In '79", "light the  -waywith-TOPS^-and^Wfeed TOPS AThe-  programme acknowledged all previous  chapter queens, including the 1968 queen  -who was recognized as a Charter member  and Honoured Queen, the 1976 Chapter  Queen, Dorothy Lukas and the 1977 Queen.  The 1978 Royalty was presented during an  Impressive candle-light ceremony conducted by the 1977 Queen.  TOre Is n&just a place for women, it's  a place for meln too. The 1978 Chapter  Wng, jnet Joss_pf.. 25% -pounds,   also  SETTLEMENT PLAN  - Al Lawson, in reporting on the progress  of the Settlement Plan, said that the  Committee had been going through the  points brought up at the recent public  meetings. Before any plan is agreed to,  there would be further public meetings  and it might be another two years before  the plan is completed.  APPOINTMENT OF ALTERNATES  There was discussion about the method  of appointing alternates to the regional  board and the meeting agreed to approach  __the_provincial- government. aiwLsuggest  that the Municipal Act be changed to make  it mandatory for a candidate for the  regional board to name his alternative  before the date of the poll and for both  names to appear on the ballot.  The need for a numbering system in  such a fast growing area carte under  discussion and the Fire Department would  be asked to look into the possibility of  numbering the fire hydrants.  There were many suggestions regarding the need for signs, the opening up of  road allowances and "the rights of  assessors to, enter people's homes, all Of  . which will be passed over to the proper  authorities.  Those little Hallmark Plaques proved  to be so much in demand that we doubled  ourborder! They arenow^on display agaln._  ��� Mi*rBee's, Sechelt.  Sechelt Fire Protection District  PUBLIC NOTICE  Outdoor Burning  Within the Boundaries of Sechelt F.P.D.  Under the provisions of the Forest Act and with the co-operation of  the Forestry Service in the S.F.P.D. will Issue Burning Permits in the  following manner.  FROM APRIL! 5 - OCTOBER 31, 1979  STEP NO. 1 An application form obtained at the Sechelt Municipal Hall  will be filled out by applicant and deposited there.  STEP NO. 2 Twice d week or as required a duly appointed Fire  Prevention Officer will take these application forms,  personally Inspect the proposed burning site and If. pp-  <��� proVed, may Issue a burning permit.  ,        NOTE; No permit Is required for a screen covered incinerator.  R.F. Branch Representative ��� S.F.P.D.  NOTICE  On March 8,1979, the Honourable K, Rafe Mair,  Minister ol Environment, ordered pursuant to the  Pesticide Control Act that the sale and/or application  of the herbicides 2,4,5-T and fenoprop (2,4,5-TP) be  prohibited in British Columbia until June 30,1979,  The purpose of this order was to allow time for  government authorities to examine technical evidence  on the use of theso herbicidos.  Any persona having Information pertinent to this  subject are requested to provide this Information In  writing to the undersigned on or before  May 15,1979.  Togld Jones,  Public Inlofmation bllicsr,  Parliament Buildings, Victoria. British Columbia V8V 1X5  represents the overall area of Vancouver  and outlying districts as Inspirational  King. Crowned Chapter Queen is Debbie  Ball with a net loss of 35 pounds. Runners  up were Genie Torvick and Elinor Penf old.  All were presented with their respective  banners, ribbons, charms, flowers and  various appropriate gifts.     '  The active membership showed a  combined net loss of "over half a ton." The  presentation of the KOPS Alumni saw 12  members .being recognized for maintaining their goal status for the year. The  .weight division award winners and the  chapter level awards are always, most  insplfingTC-iapters bestloser f or1978 was"  Myckee Madill. Myckee travels from  Gambler Island to attend the weekly  meeting.-She was also recipient of the  regular attendance award, along with Kay  Marshall, Mary Mellis, Debbie Ball,  Elinor Penf old, Lil Hammond, Kay Butler  and Liz Vandendrlessche. KOPS of the  Year Award went to the very deserving  Debbie Ball, Congratulations, Deb!  : Installation of elected officers was a.  very impressive ceremony. They were  installed by the, former executive. Past  leader-Jean Jorgenson presented the new,-;  leader* with her pin  and the' gavel.)  Executive  co-leader  is  Shirley  Gurr,  secretary-Myckee Madill, treasurer Kay  Marshall and Weight Recorder, Debbie  Ball. Meeting adjourned and a social hour  took place at the leader's home.  ������Thanks to all who supported the TOPS  book sale in the Sunnycrest Mall on March  24. TOPS theory is: Coming together is a  beginning, Keeping together is progress,  Working togetherisSUCCESS!  TOPShave52 weekly meetings each  year every Thursday from 1-3 p.m. in the  Old Elementary school, Gibsons, If you  are Interested, contact one of the  executive or Just come and Join the group.  RAINY HOLIDAY  Bert and Estelle Hagelund have Just  returned from a two-week holiday in Palm  Springs. They tell us the weather was not  too great, with several days of very heavy  rain, On rainy days they went visiting,  calling on Bob and Jo Emerson at Hemet  and they are pleased to report that Jo Is  recovering quite nicely and the Emersons  hope to be travelling back home very  shortly. <���  SUNNY TRIP  Ray and Terry Delong had great  weather as they travelled by camper truck  through Southern California, Las Vegas  and on to Arizona. They were away five  weeks and certainly covered many miles  and had a most enjoyable trip and holiday.  Jo-Anne Jorgenson, graduate of  Elphinstone Secondary school from the  UBC Faculty of Education visited her  parents and friends last week-end. Jo-  Anne la employed by the Ministry of  Human Resources, field service branch in  "Special Education" work at Coquitlam.  HIGH CHARGES  It has been brought to our attention that  MURRAY  NURSERIES LTD.  Largest selection of Nursery  Stock on the .Sunshine Coastl  Specializing In:  ���EVERGREENS  ���ROSES  ���FRUIT TREES  ���RHODODENDRONS  We also offer a complete landscape design ��������������� contracting  service.  Open for your Inspection: 12-  6:30 pm THURSDAYS ONLY.  a placement of two new posting machines.  To get a balance of your account, a  teller completes an inquiry (?) over the  terminal and a little "something'' Inside  the machine comes back with your  balance. This is all intrigue to this writer  -but-this-ls-what-we call^'modernlzatlon!^-  LAD-ESLGOI-F  LadieVGolf starts on April 3 with a  "shot gun" start at 9:30 a.m. for 9 holes of  golf. At 12:30 there will be a luncheon anc'  annual meeting.  GOLF CLUB CASINO NIGHT  A very successful casino night was held  at the golf club Saturday evening. A good  crowd, interesting food, door prizes,  games of chance, and skill made it a fun  evening. Barmaids Marty and Colleen  capably handled the thirsty players. *A  . hearty vote of thanks goes to Rita and  Ozzie Hincks, convenors of this popular  annual event.  ART SALE  A two-day art display and sale In  Sunnycrest Mall was just great and  paintings were by local artsit Joan Warn-  Thompson and Sentja Boutilier, and Mrs.  Vlitanen.  ^V  A GIANT  BIRTHDAY PARTY  JUST FOR YOU  _i---__si--_ar��-__i  FRI/SAT. Mar. 9-10   AX   CAPILANO COLLEGE'S  10TH ANNIVERSARY  ft  Province of British Columbia  Ministry qf Environment  m  ttcholt, B.C, VON SAO  Walk it to me!  C7  tcnonm  Well light the candles, cut the cake, feed you, entertain you, do magic tricks, give prizes, "show and  tell" about science, art, athletics, business,  humanities, geography, outdoor recreation, women's  studies and a hundred more things you'd like to know.  Well sing and dance. Our actors will-improvise while  . our. musicians play-everything from-jazz-to. Bach. .You  can meet our authors, see our films from around the  .world. You may even learn a foreign language. .Well  let you gamble and play games on our computer, see a  fashion show, dance at our disco..  AND IT WONT COST YOU A PENNY  It's our 10th Anniversary OPEN HOUSE  FRIDAY, MARCH 9TH, 12:00 noon to 9:00 p.m.  SATURDAY, MARCH 10th 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  COME JOIN IN THE FUN  Pick up a schedule of events at your library or call 986-  1911 local 321.  ~s  Organizations and individuals are invited to speak,  listen, learn and debate the effects 6f growth and its implications at a  Community Forum on  ����  Evening Open Meeting: Tuesday, April 10,8 pm  All-Day Forum: Wednesday, April 11,9 am to 5 pm  Hotel Vancouver  Panel discussion, open forums  and workshops Will consider:  1) "Setting Priorities for Growth:  The Direction and Trade-Offs"  2)  "Forecasting, Planning and  Public Involvement"  ,3) "Growth Rates for British Columbia:  How shall our province grow?"  4) "Assessing the Quality of Growth:  What kind of growth do we want?"  5) "Land Use Planning:  How else can we draw the map?"  This program, which will Involve speakers from many  different fields of activity, is sponsored by:  B.C. Hydro  Bank of British Columbia  British Columbia Energy Commission  British Columbia Federation of Agriculture  British Columbia Telephone Company  British Columbia Wildlife Federation  Canadian National Railway Company  Consumers' Association of Canada  (_MtishColumblat958)  Council of Forest Industries of  British Columbia  Employers' Council of British Columbia  FLC���-Elder Citizens Organization of B.C.  The Mining Association of  British Columbia  The Royal Bank of Canada  Canadian Scientific Pollution and  Environmental Control Society  Union of B.C. Municipalities  The Vancouver Board of Trade  The Canadian Trend Report  Woodward's Stores Limited  Registration Form  In order to assure your participation In this Forum we are asking you to provide the  following preHrtglstratlon Information by April 6 at the latest.  Name:  Title or Field of Interest:  " Address:' '77.777777".  Phono No:  Although then It no tee to attend the Forum, there will be a speaker at the luncheon  on April 11. If you are planning to loin us for lunch, please merit YES I i  and a $S charge will be collected at the door.  - - - T_>tW-l_K-_l Btoft sM___B��_ ��->_-___-_ _r%-l-_-_-s> *OW Hfl __TW_  ���^���� f ��^f��|w ��������_�� mFwmmw *tmw~m~rmr^ ���frfw^w wnPfwpnpw  wi^^ww   wm^_| mm  �� ~~W*^^^^ffee IllTifPknS etW9 .ee~*e, ww*me-.Wmm\~~*wWj^~rrIW^IPflflF^iP"w^e4~m���m*M x!-l��-^ ��� ���  1D       2D       3D       4D       5P  Pleas* mall this form to: R. W. Shemko, 070 Burrard Street,  Vancouver, D.C. V6Z 1Y3 TWephone: 8W-2406  -4>>~ Pender Harbour happenings  New church���open house  by Doris Ed wards on 883-2308  this is their first for the year. Lots of  goodies in the kitchen too.  CAR-WASH-   ���On April-14,-bet-__��--_2_flh_L4_p.ni1��-thei  ladies frbm St. Andrews Church will host  an Open House at the new church building.  Everyone welcome and refreshments will  be served. On April 7 the St. Andrews  Church women will be participating in the  Swap Meet at the Community Hall with a  table of choice white elephants and a  fantastic collection of books.  SWAP MEET  Saturday, April 7 from 10 to 4 p.m. the  doors to the Community Hall open for the  monthly Swap Meet. Rental of tables for  this are $4 per-tabler phone 883^9375-Qr.883-.  9258. There are so many items available  and even cars,' boats; motors "etc?"can be  brought to the hall for swap or sell, but the  rental space outside is still $4. There will  be items of new and used clothing, dishes,  books, leather goods, car parts, burl tables  _sung many favourite songs for the happy  couple.Catering was done by the L.A. to  Br. 112 R. C. Legion with social convenor.  Ann Hewitt in charge; table servers were  Muriel Crosby, Irene Crabb, Charlotte  Fulton and Jean Prest was in charge of the  guest book. Pictures were taken by Bob  Marsden and presented to Ida and Gordon.  Guests attending were: Jean Watson,  Courtenay; Bob and Sharon Vincent,  Prince George; John and Enid Godkin,  Halfmoon Bay; Doonedin and Les Holden,  Sechelt; Jo and Jack Gibsons, Sechelt;  Gwen Colby, Egmont and Emma Glyns,  ~DoreerHbeerNormanand-May^���u-Tan���  Joyce Wallace, IsabelHamer, Les Fowler,-  Lee Ellis, Jim, and Scotty Cameron,  Yvonne Hamblin, Margaret and Jack  Scott Williamson, Leon W. Cooley,  Margaret Porter, Win Course, Bill Course,  Les  Hewitt,  April  Edwardson,  Mary  There will be a Car Wash and Bake Sale  at  Taylors  Garden  Bay   Store   with  proceeds going to the Irvines Landing Tiny  Tots program.  WINE AND CHEESE PARTY  A Wine and Cheese party willbe held jn _  thOfvines landing Community Hall on  April. 21__at77 p.m. __.,' . ___' 7 _.  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR. 112.  Easter Bonnet Parade will be held on  April 14 at the Legion hall at 9 p.m. There  will be prizes for the most original hat,  comical and also spot dances, with music  supplied by the Harbour Lights. The meat  draws that have been held on Friday  evenings at the Legion and have been  popular have been switched to Saturday  afternoons.  Fashion Show tickets are available at  the Legion and are $3 which includes  luncheon and the show. Fashions being  TrloaelleaOTM'tafo^^  and this will "be heia at the Community  Hall April 21 at 12:30.  Port Mellon  hosp auxiliary  The regular meeting of the Port Mellor  Hospital Auxiliary March 13 was opened  by president Doreen Dockar with 11  __H?���kers present.  Wednesday, April 4,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageA-5  Reports were heard from the various  committees. Plans are being made for the  Silent Auction in the fall, the date and  location to be announced later.  Doreen Dockar gave a report on the  volunteers' luncheon. As always the  luncheon meeting was much enjoyed as  was the talk by Ian Hunter of the hospital  physiotherapy department..  - New members will be most welcome.  Our meetings are held on the second  Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. in the  homes of our members.  For further information contact any  member.  ���The-next-meeting-wffl-be-held^at-the-  horae of Betty McCaUum, Hopkins Landing, 886-7140, on Wednesday, April 11.  BfASHERS-DRYERS-DISHWASHERS-MICRO-OVENS  2-yeor guoronteq-on-oll~pot=*a-&-4.  5-year warranty on the dryeFclrum  10-year guarantee on washer transmission  Lifetime guarantee on stainless steel  washer tub   WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL   MADEIRA APPLIANCES  - ~^     883-2648  "  _on-dispteyTand-ina<fe-to-ord^  home baking, electric appliances. far-   Rae, Joan Rae, Bill and Vi Ev&ns, Ken  rature, etc. Refreshments in thettti��et��  md Mary_Richardson._George.GaVaUerr  Bob Prest, Bill Evans Jr., Trudy Finlay,  Caryl-Cameron7~Jean Prest, Jock and  Evans Herman, Elsa Warden, Warren  Hartley, Kay Hatcher, Ernie and May  Widman, Isabel Goldrup, Sadie Edmonds,  Luella  Duncan,  Jim and  Madeline  CONGRATULATIONS ON SIXTIETH  WEDDING ANNIVERSARY       Gordon and Ida Liddle will cherish the  memory of their open house held at the  R.C. Legion Br. 112 hall Saturday, March  31. Their family and many many friends  Halfmoon Bay happenings  Fire ca  by Mary Tinkley-Shannon 885-9765  congratulatedThem On their sixty years of   Woodward, Dave and Jessie Pritchard,  wedded bliss. Seated with Gordoctand Ida- -Ray and Doris-Phillips,_Muriel Cameron,  at the head table were their family and  special friend Elsa Warden, Gibsons, and  Jo and Jack Gibsons, Sechelt. Presentations were made by R.C. Legion  President Dave Pritchard. A beautiful  floral arrangement from Br. 112 R.C.  Legion, plant from L.A. to Br. 112, a tiered  wedding cake from their family and also  flowers, plus many cards.  The Pender Harbour Community Choir  Alice Fraser, Sandra Phillips, .Ted and  Irene Temple, Ruth Anderson, Charlie  Hauka, Pat and.Jenny Thibodeau.   IRVINES LANDING COMMUNITY  CENTER BINGO  Bingo starts once again at the Irvines  Landing Community Center. Come and  meet all your old friends at this friendly  place on Monday, April 9 when Bingo  starts at 8 p.m. They need your support as  While Halfmoon Bay firemen were at  the Firehall for their regular weekly  practice last Wednesday, they received a  fire alarm from the Lavigne home at  Sechelt notes  Young horseowners  By Peggie Connor, 885-9347  * Young riders formed a club called the  Timber Trails Junior Riders and anyone  who owns a horse is welcome to join. They  will be meeting at 7 p.m. the first Monday  of the month. Phone 885-2098 if you wish to  attend. Meeing places vary.  President is Debbie MacLean,  secretary Caron Hayward, treasurer  Caroline Newsham.  Saturday, April 7, they plan a Ride-a-  thon from Wilson Creek to Gibsons. The  riders attend shows off the Peninsula and  have competed well. At the Quarter Horse  Show in Langley, March 23-25 Carrie  Trousdell placed first in Trail Junior  monkey. These groups wish to thank the  public for their support.  APRIL 7 DANCE  The hospital employee's union still  have tickets left for their fun dance at the  Senior Citizens hall. Dance to the music of  Russ Clarke's SUiwhine Ramblers?rTicketst  bn&i��WWi *~  ^lorseranother time fifth and twice sixth.  Barb Hopkins sixth, Caroline Newsham  second in English Equitation Youth, then  fifth and seventh in two other events  competing In very large classes.  WESTERN WEIGHT CONTROLLERS  The Sunshine Slimmers, who meet  every Friday morning, are holding a book  sale in the Trail Bay Mall, Thursday, April  5 at 11:30 p.m.  RAFFLE WINNERS  The Lettuce Lose group held their  raffle March 28 in the Mall with Mildred  Swain winning tho afghan crotcheted by  members. Second winner was Betty  Cherdownesw, her lucky win was a pouf  pillow, with Elsie Bohn winning the stuffed  PARADE FOR SURE  Anyone planning to enter the Timber  Days parade can safely plan ahead as it is  confirmed there will be one. The theme is  Nursery Rhymes, so set your imagination  to work.   :;,;; .,;-.;  ARTS BUILDING FUND  The huge sale of garden plants,  livestock, compost etc., being held to  benefit the new Arts Council building in  Sechelt will take place Saturday, April 7,  10 a.m. to 2 p.m; This will be at the hew  building grounds, Medusa arid Trail  Avenue.  Members come from all areas on the  Sunshine Coast so the variety of plants  should be extensive. Come prepared to  find something different for your garden.  MERRY GO-ROUND BRIDGE  Wind up bridge party at St: Hilda's  Hall, Friday, April 6 at 7:30 p.m. Sechelt  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital welcomes  everybody. Awards for season's bridge.  COME STAY WITH US  at ENGLISH BA Y near STANLEY PARK  in beautifUl downtown VANCOUVER  Single    $23,00 Double $26.00  Twin     $29.00 Sultetfrom $40.00  TOLL-FREE   800-268-8093  1756   DAVIE STREET   VANCOUVER   B.C.  V6G 1WB  TELEPHONE (604) 682-1831  Welcome^��icE"Tffeyrecelveat--a-C-dlTit-  7:55p.m., wereatthe site by 8:06 p.m. and  by 8:30 p.m. had extinguished a chimney  fire and had everything under control.  There was no damage apart from a few  loose boards behind the stove.  It is readily understood that had the  call come during the working day when  some of the firemen would have been at  their jobs, such prompt service would not  have been possible, so be sure to read the  Fire Report in the write-up of Area "B"  Ratepayers' Association to find out what  you can do to help while awaiting the  arrival of the fire truck.  . _ Halfmoon Bay firemen held a most  successful supper dance at the Welcome  Beach Hall March 24 attended by 73  people. There was dancing to taped music  and a delicious buffet supper prepared by  Bonnie Semotiuk. After supper, dancing  continued until 2 a.m. The door prize, a  smoke detector, was won by Jerry Ber-  thelet. As a result of the dance, the  department hopes to get three more  members.  PLANT SALE  Gardeners who are inspirted by the  j$&��jiunny days to work on their gardens are  ~ "reminded of the Plant Sale planned by the  Welcome Beach Community Association  for April 14. So, if you are discarding or  dividing plants, please set some aside for  the sale. It is hoped to have a really big  sale this year with a tea and coffee bar and  a sale of home baking. Fran Reid will be  happy to pick upany donations for the sale  if you will telephone her at 885-3859.  Other dates to mark up on your  calendar are April 7, which will be the last  whist night of the season at the Welcome  Beach Hall at 8 p.m. Also on -Monday,  April 9, the Halfmoon Bay Recreation  Commission will hold its regular monthly  meeting at the hall at 7:30 p.m.  Joan Clarkson is recuperating at her  home following a 15-day stay in  Shaughnessy Hospital where she underwent two operations. Her son Russell  Cunningham and his wife Maryanne of  Burnaby were most faithful in visiting her  every day she was in hospital/Joan would  like to thank all her friends for their gifts,  flowers, cards and messages. She also  expressed the most grateful thanks to  feter Madison of Gibsons who travelled  all the way to Pender each week to complete the first aid course which she had  started there. During her illness, it has  been "service as usual" at the Halfmoon  Inn, thanks to Joan's' mother, Ena Armstrong, her daugters, Ginger and Cindy  and her sister-in-law, June Fletcher.  One of Joan's visitors was her mother-  in-law Fan Clarkson of Texada, who also  had an opportunity of a visit with her  daughter, June Fletcher. Other visitors at  the Fletchers have been June's daughher,  Betty, from Victoria and Mr. and Mrs. Pat  Lowney and two children from Edmonton,  Tho first report of hummingbirds was  received by your correspondent from a  resident of Hydaway on March 25. Wo  don't know whether it is a sigh of spring or  just too many dogs along the beaches, but  one morning last week two deer were  reported swimming just off shore, one  near Duck Rock-Beach-and-one~at-the-  western side of the bay.  CHARUE COATHAM    ~  News has just reached use of the death  of Charlie Coatham on March 30 at Burnaby General Hospital.  furieral.  So spare your family the added grief and  confusion of funeral arrangements.  You can have tho last word on ihe Inst      r--------^~--���--------------i  thing In your life, Your hmeral. To: MEMORIAL .SOCIETY OF B.C. I  protect your family from the strrts of P.O. Box 5240, Vancouver, D.C. '  deciding your final arrangement*. Plan I        V61)41,3  ahead for the possibility that you could i i  unexpectedly die. You can specify a simple     |  I/wo are Interested In tho aims of tho Society. |  and dignified funeral.iburlal, cremation or                n wnnt.moro Information   ,  memorial service. And It won't cost your      j        f] wish to enrol now. i  family unnecessary expense, J i  It's your funeral, So have your wishes      ! ., ���  recordednow. Join the B.C. Memorial | Nume-d)  j  Society and take a worry off your mind. I i  For the take of the family you love. j Address      --.���.,���. j  confetti "   -{Tny^owtfr~r~r-rcSSV:r;:rr:n:rJ  Memorial Storvsow Ltd,, now has a facility      j Amount i  at 2808 Mt. Uehman Rd., Abbotsford, B.C.    | I'lione enclosed , ���  Memorial Society of IJ.C.Ak\   " Membership _T$5 for eucluiciuir"  Telephone 68i6256       ^ J J       ,*, llr^ml VnZ m  ��� '" ' ' -II..I-.I. .1.. ��,! '  .H-I.....II-...  TOSHIBA  1  499  00  C393  14", Blackstripe color ~ with . reliable- computer  built  modular  chassis.   One-touch   Automatic  .Balanced Color for best  picture every time.  Energy-saving quick warm-up tube provides No-Wait sound and  picture. Moulded walnut finish cabinet includes CATV connector  J&C  ELECTRONICS  885-2568  Radio Shack  authorized-Sales Centre  Cowrie St., Sechelt, B.C.  Prime  TABLERITE MEATS  $089   ib.   -d  $179  ...lb.     X  GROCERY  RIB STEAKS  Canada A-l Beef....  CHICKEN  NOODLE  Upton, 2s ..  SOUP  _PJ<9--  Prok Side  SPARERIBS  Pork Side, previously frozen ...  SIDE BACON  Tablerite, Sliced       BOLOGNA  I.G.A. Sliced, 16 oz. pkt   WIENERS  Olympic Skinless, 11b. pkt   SAUSAGE  I Olympic Breakfast, Beef & Pork  $169  NIBLET CORN  Green Giant, 7 oz. tin ..  COFFEE  Maxwell House, 11b. bag  COFFEE  Maxwell House, 1 lb. tin .  2/69  69  89  ORANGE JUICE 7Qo  Southern Sun, 32 oz     fl V  .lb.  ORANGE CRYSTALS  Tang, 4-3-1/2 oz. pkg.   09  FROZEN FOOD  PEANUT BUTTER        $119  Squirrel, Smooth or Crunchy, 500 ml     sis  Niagara, Frozen  ORANGE JUICE  12-1/2 oz. ...,v   MARMALADE  Kraft,9oz........  ORANGE or  3-FRUIT  PRODUCE  APPLES  Granny Smith,  �� �� 1.1..#. f i,i.  . i t *���*.*,  BULK CARROTS  > i > ��� ��� i i * ��� * * i i  i i * i i  New  RED POTATOES  1 Id. i ���   CHEESE SLICES  Kraft, Singles, 2/3 oz. slice, 1 Ib. pkg.  SARDINES  King Oscar, In Olive Oil, 3.5oz   SARDINES  King Oscar, In Tomato Sauce, 3.7 oz.  BATHROOM TISSUE  Delsey Boutique, 4 rolls....  89  tlttttf.lt  MAXI PADS $099  New Freedom, Super, 30s ., tm  PENDER HARBOUR CENTRE  Madeira Park���883-9100  SAVE A TAPE PROMOTION ENDS  MARCH 31,1979  "WE RESERVE liWmSm TO UMIT QUANTITIES"  Prjces effective April 4-7 ��'-  PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, April 4,1979  Mba say instdation can pay for itself in time.  For itnow?  in shopping malls in the  areas we've surveyed.  Hydro technicians will be on  hand to help homeowners  find out how their insulation  measures up.  Research verifies  insulations^  The readings of the aerial  thermography program are double-  adequate home insulation can prevent checked by comp|inn|^^  major money leaks. And that's important.   aen^l thermograms of volunteer Hydro  What about the expense? It isn't      employees liome^with;their actual  an^p^salt'sTani^estm^^and-a^ ^*^^^:J:^  very good one. And, with the likely " * "" "   " *"*"" "  prospect of rising world energy costs  ��� ahead, it will become an even better  investment in the near future.  First step in conservation-  insulation:  ,  Is insulation all that  important? Look at it  this way. Home heating ia  thelargest single household consumer o| ^jiate^;  energy resource^^,:- ��  accounts for aboulRw 'bvk  of every dollar you spendolfftW  _ total home._��-nergy_exp.ensei_So  who is qualifiectfDori't hesitate to ask the  contractor for the names of references���  other homeowners for whom he has done  insulating work.  As a final check on the results of  the job, some contractors now provide  ground thermography verification of  wall insulation effectiveness. Ask your  contractor about this!  for instdation  The m^iny^ ways insulation pays:  In homes with substandard  insulation (or none) a proper installation job can pay for itself in as little as  five heating seasons. And that's only  the savings in fuel. There are other  pluses. Like a home that's more  comfortable year-round: warmer in  winter; cooler in summer. More  uniform temperatures with fewer  drafts and no cold spots. Insulation  even makes a home quieter. And  nowadays, when everyone's concerned  about the need for energy efficiency,  insulation can also add to your home's  resale potential.    Aerial thermographic  surveys pinpoint the need:  nee again this  ast winter, Hydro  took infra-red  aerial pictures  of thousands  of British  Columbia rooftops.  Our objective:  to help homeowners  fight high' heating costs.       -ifrnf^d^f  Individual roof  ^^V,   '^^^L^  temperatures    w^  are recorded       /   ^  ������  on magnetic  tapes to produce  black-and-white  "thermograms".  These images pinpoint roofs that  are losing heat by  showing them as  whitish or light-grey  areas���indicating  the need for better  insulation. As we "did  last year, we'll be displaying the thermograms V^/W^/^-  have proven remarkably accurate.   ��� ��������� ���������������f ���   " ���     ���   ���������'��� ���   ���,-'   n*     ���     ���   ���  '   ���"'"������    ������'���������"���wiiij ������'   ���"���<���������mmmm-mmm���  And more research:  Hydro is also studying energy  and dollar saving^in twelve test-homes  located around "t>h|_pt3virfe^^��s^'"  homes have been ;fitted with newly  recommended insulation levels  in roofs, walls and windows���  and their heat sayings  monitored on a continuing  basis. Preliminary results  indicate savings in excess  of 20%, over levels usual!  encountered.  Homeowners throughout British  Columbia have taken advantage of B.C.  Hydro's Insulation Finance Plan to  upgrade insulation or install multiple-  ^a&d^wiridoWs^TtM&ef^  financed over $1,000,000 to homeowners on this plan.  How to find out if  you need insula,tio:  Your nearby  B.C. Hydro office can  provide all the free  literature and information you'll need on  the subject of home  insulation. These  easy-to-follow booklets show you the  simple way to check your  insulation and decide on the improvements you require. They also  contain the simple language for  technical specifications, and many  how-to-do-it tips.      y     Andhow  togetitnow  How to get started;   First, decide if you  want to do the work yourself pr have it done. If you  decide to do it yourself,  you'll iii.d it's a pretty  'straightforward job as  long as you follow the  recommendations in  the literature we  I provide.  If you prefer  ��� to have tho work  done, get competitive  quotes on the job by  fim��m*fJMtyvit�� qualified contractors.  t^aefadtMm*        How do vou know  We'll provide up to  $500.00 at just 10% interest,  repayable over 24  months with your"  regular utility  bills. To get the  insulation you need,  ? right now, you need  only qualify with the  following:  ���have a residential utility account  with B.C. Hydro.  ���apply before March 31,  1980.  -have a satisfactory-  credit rating;  ���own (or be purchasing  by mortgage) a home  already built.  Projects by qualified contractors under the B.C. Hydro  Insulation Finance Plan are subject to  spot checks by Hydro technicians to  ensure the quality and standards of  workmanship.  All insulation and multiple  glazing materials must be to CMHC  standards and applied in accordance  with recognized practice. And all  "do-it-yourselfers" must purchase  enough insulation to achieve the  required performance. For details,  contact your participating insulation    retailer or contractor, or ask at your  local Hydro office.  B.CHYDRO  ��  WE'D LIKE TO HELP YOU SAVE ENERGY.  AND MONEY.  ���' ~?  '���      .-__'      ^-___w * * A        '  Wednesday, April 4,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageA-7  Does Your Club or Group Report  Its Activities Regularly to The Times?  The New Home Warranty  Program of British Columbia  andtheYukon.������   FL  THE BATTERY of experts confronting Hydro Saturday at Madeira  Park included, 1 to r, former Hydro  lawyer Harry Hunter, Silver Sands  engineer Bruce Woodworth, Quarry  Bay's George Polling, Pender  Ratepayers^Howie- White,- Powell  River Regional District's Peter  _Laj_oni^EEC-^_Ie__i_yJC-handle  separatee-West���bake���resident's  Robert Harris.  JERRY   SIBEEN  Sakinaw  Lake  resident.  _-_Qnly__Hydro could rediiC-Ttttis"  beautiful area into "The Bulge". How  long have they had this third option in  mind? Did they just dream it up?  They used to say crossing. Sakinaw  l_akewasthe-only^ayi;c^_lyr0rdi*-  they premeditatedly have three votes  Jn mind so thejri-could-tii-e. us:JdlDut:  and eventually difuse the situation...  It's a pristine, area tt-. -1     "~  The south route is a permanent  blight... If I wanted to make a mess,  an agency could step on me. Hydro  he  y^ctectionfoTyDiir  new home investment  The New Home Warranty  'Program of British  Columbia find the Yukon  was initiated by the Housing  and Urban Development  Association of Canada, B.C,  protected, up to 55,000.  ��� Registered builders  provide a one year  workmanship and  materials warranty, which  is guaranteed by the  rtcii~andTras^taHished-~   Program. "  in April, 1976. ��� You are protected against     and the Yukon protected by  your new home during the  five year period, the  balance of the warranty is  transferable to the new  owner. *  Today, there are over  lO^WOTrewtramsslirEfcer  It's a nice warm feeling.  can stomp through it and change the  environment . . . It's a flyway for  ducks, geese and diving birds that  FIELDING   THE  BARRAGE   of  questions, alternate route  suggestions, 'engineering  possibilities, alternate energy source  depend on fish for life ... Herbicide  could tip the balance and all that will  change . . . Migratory patterns of  birds are affected by the line's  magnetic field... And noise... We're  here for peace and quiet and don't like  the prospect of hissing, buzzing lines  above ... I read 'Danger ��� High  demands were Hydro vice-president ��� Voltage' in Environment Magazine  Charles Nash, standing, and engineer . and it's a danger to the central ner-  Emon Crowley. / vous   system   of   humans   and  ' animals."  The Warranty means  protection for you and your  investment in a new home,  five kinds of protection for  five years from the date of  purchase.  ��� Your deposit (money you  paid in good faith to bind  the contract) to the  registered builder is  _ structural defects in yout.  -aew.homeJothe_end_of_  the fifth year from date of  occupancy, up to  ' $20,000.      ��� In the event of a dispute  with your builder, the  ' Prpgram provides  impartial conciliation to  help yooresolve7our  differences.  ��� And, if you decide to sell  the New Home Warranty  Program. L<.ok for this sign  "when buying your new  home.  FIWilfiflR-  These builders, at time of publication, are registered with the Program:  Seacoast Design {-Construction Ltd.      P * Pdevelopments; Ltd.  Box 1425, Sccholt - Box 487, S��ch��lt  Halfmoon Bay Developments Ltd.  Box 769, Socholt  Cheryl-Anne Park  Development Co. Ltd.  Box 673, Socholt  D.T. Barry Construction Ltd.  R.R. #1, West Socholt  Tempo Products ft  Construction  Box 584, Gibsons  MORE ABOUT . ..  ���Howie White's protest  r  ALLAN CRANE ft  DRAGLINE SERVICES  DRAGLINE OR  CLAM BUCKET WORK   ANY^BEACH OR BREAKWATER   -~  JOB QUOTED ON - FREE OF CHARGE  FROM THE WATER OR LAND  Lome Allan 936-9082  anytime.  ���From Page A-l ,  steam turbines using a wood waste  source ... Helliwell and Cox report  says there is a large potential for this  ... nolinutationon the hogfuel supply  ... mills could still afford to barge  woodwaste from . considerable  distance .. .could serve to postpone  considerably-the Cheekye-Dunsmuir  ���line-v-v '.Ht>64>H_illion' to- install;|-ew>  equipment . . 7 more employment,  less vulnerable to interruption... one  drawback is B.C. Hydro's pricing  policy . . . they refuse to buy back  excess power generated by pulp mills  ... new (Hydro's) power is 20;milis  per kw hour... they sell to pulp mills  at eight mills ... less than half what  they pay to produce new power ; . .  main tiling to encourage pulp mills to  produce power is to lower Hydro's  rates to industry . . ; It's an inexcusable abuse of the public trust and'  can't continue ...  No thorough >at-  , tempt has been made independently,,  ^^discover an evaluation ofalterrt  natives . . . It's a classic case of  closing the door after the horse has  gone... absurd state of affairs... at  least a one-year moratorium and full  public inquiry by ELUC as they are  set up to do."    ,  When you mix it,  you don't lose it.  Lamb's full distinctive  flavour comes smoothly  through your mixer.  In fact, Lamb's unique  quality has made it known  round the world for more  ,, than 100 years.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  REFERENDUM: APRIL 21,1979  Pender Harbour Pool Specified Area Establishment  and Loan Authorization By-law No. 181,1979  A by-law to establish a specified area within Electoral Area "A" of the Sunshine Coast  Regional District for the purpose of construction and operating a swimming pool. ���  To establish in Electoral Area "A" a specif ied area to be known as the "Pender Harbour Po  Specified Area" comprising that tract of land as shown outlined in red on the sketch plan  marked schedule "A" and supplemented by a metes and bounds description per Schedule  "B", such schedulesjbjjngattached hereto, and forming part of this by-law.  :f.Vr��WVTlUy  To undertake and carry out or cause to be carried out and.provide a swimming pool facility  in arid for the said specified area and to do all things necessary in connection therewith,  including the construction of a swimming pool and to do all things necessary in connection  therewith and without limiting the generality of the foregoing���  (a) to borrow upon credit of the Regional District a sum not exceeding $192,000.  (b) to acquire all such real property, easements, rights-of-way, licences, rights or  construction of a swimming pool.  The entire cost of providing a swimming pool facility shall be borne by the owners of land in  the said specified area and a sum sufficient therefore shall be levied and raised in the  manner prescribed In the "Municipal Act" in each year commencing with the year 1980, for  such period of time as is necessary, on all lands and Improvements, on the basis of  assessment as fixed for taxation for school purposes, excluding property that is taxable for  school purposes only by Special Act, within the said specified area.  The maximum term for which debentures may be Issued,to secure the debt created by this  by-law is twenty-years. .  Take notice that the above is a synopsis of a by-law that may be Inspected at the Regional  Dlsrict offices during office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m  Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., and that the synopsis is not Intended to be and Is  not deemed to be an Interpretation of the by-law.  The vote will be taken at:  a) Madeira Park Elementary School  b) Pender Harbour Auto Court - Garden Bay  c) Egmont Elementary School  on the 21st day of April, 1979 between the hours of eight (8) o'clock In the forenoon and  eight (8) o clock In the afternoon and that M.B. Phelan has been appointed Returning Officer  for the purpose of taking and recording the vote of the electors.  Sub|ect to the exception hereinafter stated, porsons entitled to vote on this question are  only those electors whose names appear on the October. 1978, List of Electors as prepared  by the Regional District for Electoral Area "A".  ��1P*f80n whb8f name does not appear��� on the last certified list of electors of the Regional  District is entitled to vote If:  a) he filed with the clerk or Returning Officer an application for registration,  b) he Is the owner of real property Jn the area at the date he seeks registration as an  elector,  c) he Is otherwise qualified to have his name entered upon the list of electors.  The question to the Electori on the ballot will be as follows:  "Are you In favour of the Sunshine Coast Regional District undertaking the construction, operation and maintenance of a swimming pool facility In and for the  specified area of Electoral Area "A"; the borrowing to meet the estimated construction cost not to exceed $192,000.00; and all costs Including operation and  maintenance shall be on the assessment which may be taxed for school purposes for  the current year In the specified area?"  ALSO, take notice that an advance poll will be held In the offices of the Sunshine Coast  Regional District, Thursday, April 19, 1979, between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.  Given under my hand this 30th day of March, 1979,  M.B. PHELAN  * ~" ~*~ ' * ~"~ " " '" *" ~~ ~ " r " ~'RFrURf.lNG''OFFICER'���  . Maui. Hawaii explored  PageA-8  The Peninsula Tim^s  Wednesday, April 4,1979  blossoms and then dies.    y  At the Banger Station they were advised by the jocular Hawaiian ranger that    ____      __,  every souvenir rock they took home would  nothing more than to laze on tfie"l-f-e" observation fewer. The expdition started   haveireur-��(mitbut1hey^ereTryelcome  pools. The most famous of the pools are  sacred, because, legend says, (hey were  the washbasins, of gods and godessesses  before man set foot on the island.  ���-Theyreached-Hana-toJind-the-small-  beaehes=and--3njoy_ swtattning-jsnd^urf-- at* 2_a.m._pner_mra-ing^ten-toey7were���toteke-agoat home if they coiddcatchone.���fishing._-_-tt-eme--^^  By MARY T-NKLEY-SHANNON     .    . four ladies took was a sunrise trip to the  Many people from the Sunshine Coast 10,025 ft. Mt. Haleakala, which has the  have spent a winter holiday on the Island largest dormant crater in the world. It is  of Maui this year, many of them wanting 40 miles from sea levei to the^ghest  "Ybucleal  Henry W. Block  the specialist  preparing your  riding in the warm Pacific waters.  However Jour ladies who visited Maui last  month, decided to see everything there  was to see and they have brought back an  interesting account of their trip.  Thea Leuchte of Welcome Beach, was  accompanied by her daughter, Annemarie  Hickey of Seattle, Lottie Luxton of Sechelt  and Win Clark from West Vancouver.  They enjoyed the lazy beach life, pari  picked up from their hotel by a 12-seat   Apparently there are wild pigs artdTgoats- flshennen-had-been--lost~ at���sea-the  Hula-Hula Bus.  Under a full moon and a starlit sky,  they travelled along the beaches, through  ranchland, steadily climbing up into the  mountains. When they reached the observation tower, they found an icy wind  howling, and were glad of the warm  clothes they had been warned to wear. It  roaming around the crater which are a  threat to the vegetation. At the lower  ranger station they saw Hawaiian geese,,  which are the state bird of Hawaii and  which, it is claimed, are descendents of  some of our Canadian geese which had  strayed to Hawaii at some time.  One Sunday morning, the group attended a service in a little Congregational  was still pitch dark, but their driver  ticularly walking barefoot for miles along���^pread^out-a-most welcome-breakfast-for  the sandy beaches in the early morning,   them on a bench and by the light of a large  seeing golden sunsets and the- palm-- candle they ate papaya cake and fruit and  fringed beaches under "a full "moon. And   warmed themselves with Kona coffee or  wherever they went on the ^'^^they���1ro1rchoco-aterA-sea-o_-elouds-surrounded;���yeaiM)ld^awaiiarUadyH^^^-^i  were delighted to wit. w S^JS^* they   the tower, with a few craggy peaks    white robe and with1 a hibiscus flower  piercing the clouds. As they waited, a fastened ih her white hair. They were  young man played plaintive music on his deeply impressed, with the friendly, happy  lute. atmosphere in the flower-filled church.  The hymns and part of the simple service  previous week. Over this far eastern part  of Maui, the rainfall is very heavy and the  vegetation is tropical. There were  breadfruit, mango and papaya trees.There  are groves of bananas, huge monkeypod  trees and the African tulip tree with its  fragrant red blossoms. The vegetation is  particularly lush in the lava canyons  which stretch from the crater to the sea.  -churchbuUt inl850.-Thechur^^  lovely tropical garden blooming with   and there are some black beaches, formed  hibiscus, plumeria and ginger shrubs. Thej-by-pulverized lava  mfitfsteTwas, surprisingly, a delightful'85-  income tax return"  When you come into one of our  offices, a trained tax expert will take  the time to understand your personal  tax situation while preparing your  return. To dig for the facts. To save  you as much money as legally possible. At H&R Block, we are income  ���tax^peeialists.   ! delighted  Hawaiian people.  . They enjoyed Lahaina, a lusty old  whaling port, where the first Christian  missionaries landed. It is a quaint little  town, centred around a huge banyan tree,  claimed to he 105 years old. The tywh has  old buildings, boutiques, art galleries and  exotic restaurants and in the evenings one  can watch Polynesian dancing on the  wharL      In I_a-unaluna, a few miles' up the  mountains-bthind-_Lahaina,  first school, Built by missionaries in 1831,  surrounded by modern schools in a  parklike setting.  The mosfexcitihg excursion which the  As it grew lighters-he sky was flushed  with pink and at 6:30 a.m- they witness the  fantastic spectacle, of the sunrise  illuminating the huge crater with its  strange formations, streaking them with  many colours. The distance across to the  opposite rim is 7% miles and the  surrounding peaks tower 3,000 feet above  s_ands_Jhfi-jthe.CTafter_flpor._There^is some strange  vegetation on the barren crater, including  the rare "Silversword" which has silvery  sharp cactus-like leaves. It takes from 10  to 20 years to produce its magnificent  GIBSONS BEAVERS CUBS  & SCOUTS  will be holding a Bottle Drive on  SATURDAY, APRIL 7  Please have your bottles ready.  IF YOU WON'T BE HOME ��� CLIP THIS AD AND LEAVE IT WITH YOUR  BOTTLES.  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.mM Wednesday Evenings 7:30.  A11 in St. John's United Church,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157, 886-7882,   '  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  ���-���-Rev.t.Nicholson, Pastor  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00~p.m.':Sat. eve at -St.Mary's, Gibsons  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, oh  the t Sechelt Indian Reserve .  10:00 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in  Sechelt.  12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons  UNIT^  9:30 a.m.���St. John's. Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m.- Gibsons  Does Your Club or Group Report It* Activities  Regularly to The Times?  Some Ads Do  and Some Don't  OursDov..        TnThe  Peninsula Times Classifieds  ���-���gSM^t��� ~   et DftOP OFF YOUR CLASSIFIEDS AT  THE HERON CAFE, LOWER OIBSONS  were in the Hawaiian language.  One day they did a bus tour around east  Maui. Travelling over some rough un-  paved roads, they passed farms, pineapple  plantations and fields of flowers for the  commercial market. They travelled by  ranchland where Hawaiian cowboys  rounded up cattle and by deep volcanic  canyons with silvery waterfalls and deep  On the KerraePenlrSula7where1;he_sea~  roars ���against the craggy rocks, in a^  beautiful setting of palm trees stands an  old mission church built of lava'and coral  in 1857. According to legend, the people  prayed to St. Gabriel for help in building  ~the Tfihur dirA'ljig'storm" brought"fiTfhe"  coral and-after the church was finished,  another storm washed away the unused  surplus coral.  Waiting in the little Maui' airport for  their return flight,  the 'ladies  found  -j_hemselves_sitting beside. Premier Bill  Bennett and his wife. They had a nice chat  together, mainly about our beautiful  Sunshine Coast.���   H&R BLOCK  GIBSONS 886-7414  HiHrh*5unnycr<MfShopplng-Mall   (Across from SuperValu)  Mon.'Sa t,r 9 i30-5i30[ Fr 1.-9^30��9:00  THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE Appolntmoirti Available Com* In TodayI  Does Your Club or Group Repot t  Its Activities Regularly to The 'times'  The Garden Corner  A peck of March dust  By Guy Symonds  Once upon a long time ago when the.  care and feeding of airplanes was closely  connected with the existence of the nation,  airmen had a name for the inexplicable  malfunctions that spoiled the performance  of their mechanical charges. They said it  "was the "gremlins" at their fell work. "  Well, sometimes we who write for  amusement and-or profit feel that the  np^nTlirisrarrh-nTassinrTis:   Last week this column talked a little  about the need for boron in the soil and  gave some tentative directions as to its  application. How the mistake was made  will probably never be known except by  the gremlins, but now there must be a  correction made. According to the best  authority available the dose of borax to  necessary, too, and the best way to do this  is to drive holes down to the root area and  pour a mixture of something like 6-84 and  water down them. A terrific demand is  being made on the systems of these young  trees at this time of the year. Since we all  try to force Nature into a man-made  pattern by demanding ever more and  earlier fruiting, we must help.   Finally,   a   word   to   those   with  fl  ,V  greenhouses who are raising their own  vegetable plants. These must not be set out  in the open until the regular sowing season  has started���that means until the ground  is warm  enough  to  welcome   them.  Adolescence in the greenhouse brings  severe problems if the young ones are  thrown out into a cold world before they  n * ��. i   j-       * _._ -i- on   are fit to cope or the world ready to receive  applytothelandisonetablespoonfulto20_ ^    *      ^ .        .  sq. yds. NOT a teaspoonfull per yard."  Fortunately the warning was given that  this is not a treatment to apply indiscriminately and expert advice should  be sought in each individual case. But  since this is not always possible and  someone might take a chance, this is to  hope that the correction is made in time.  This gardener, convinced tfiatthesoildoe  lack the essential trace element, made the  application by mixing it with sand and  broadcasting it. Apologies are in order and  are hereby tendered ��� unless it is cori-  ceded that it is all the fault of the  gremlins!  If there is any value to the old saying  about a peck of March dust being worth a  king's ransom, then we have become  pretty rich this month. In fact it is to the  point that we have an embarrassment of  riches ��� and the largess continues. The  water table is down with nothing to help it.  Certainly it has been possible to get a lot of  outside work down and it is suspected that  this is the value of the March dust. The  compost pile has been buried in what is  hoped are the right places and, as always,  one could have used twice as much.  The broad beans have been in a couple  of weeks or more and the early peas sown  March 10 are up and attracting the attention of the robins. They are pretty hard  to discourage, too. The peas are Early  Felthams ��� a new one for this gardener  and will be followed pretty soon by  Kelvedon Wonders, which proved so  successful last year. Leeks are sown and a  strip of leaf lettuCe with the seed set ih  fertilized soluble plastic. This also was  very good last year. Some multipliers  should be set ��� but, unfortunately, they  are not a favorite with "she who must be  obeyed" ~ so the Item ls not encouraged,  And that ls all that will go into the ground  for another three weeks or so ��� except  maybe some radishes.  If the moisture situation does not improve, and that right smartly, this light  land gardening Is going to try mens' souls.  More and more this gardener is attracted to the heavy mulching technique  but it still bound by tho old doctrine of  keeping the hoe going during the worm  weather. But, after eight decades of living,  probably one should bo willing to accept  other Ideas nnd, If it Is available, mulching  will be tried on a modest scale. Not  however till wo havo a fair dose of rain so  we havo moisture to conserve.  At this time of the year, even without  rainfall, riot too much la being lost by  evaporation. But ono Item in the garden  should got attention from now on r- the -~��*  yo|_ng fruit trees, particularly if newly  planted; M the tree Is allowed tod_y out In  tho first year or two of setting-out, there is  grave danger of losing it entirely. Not Just  to drought conditions either, Nature's  Inoxorublo law brings disease and brings'  prey upon those of her children (the trees)  who look as though Uioy cannot cope with:  the battle for survival.  Fertilizing  tlie  now  planting  la  COASTAL TIRES  t  Ken & Sharon Gurney invite you to drop in for  a coffee & have a look at their new  Tire Service Centre.  ><..i'.  The 2 New Bays will  mean faster, better and  more efficient service.  Drop in Todayf  886-2700  1 mile west of  Gibsons, Hwy 101.  [������  ��������  !*���  .:���-������.,  ��-������'  '������<  >  W'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS WITH  A BASKETFUL OF BARGAINS!  Check Our Easter Specials on Cars-Trucks-Vans!  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Wharf St., Sechelt "Across from the Legion"  885-3281 MID,5936 Vancouver Toll Free 684-2911  s*����  , Believe it or not dept  KOK, MOORBY, KOWBLUK & CO.  *     Certified General Accountants  JOHN VV.MOORBY, CG.A. Resfdenf, Partner  -BUS-NESS^885-3r544- 1 r- ^-^Re$idencer885=2498-  With a few tentative proposals for  Teredo Street before Sechelt council, the  development of the street was the subject  of lengthy discussionr at the village's  planning committee meeting March 27.  Planner Doug Roy submitted a report  -recommending a-parking-court-betwjeen-  Teredo and Cowrie ta prevent on-street  parking;       " '/,. { "   ' ,  ' Alderman Morgan Thompson stated he  was against the concept of a parking court  because "from personal experience, if  they, (customers) don't see, parking, they'll  ignore the area.''  Roy said the parking will not really be-  behind tlie stores and that in some cases,  with arcades through to shopping areas,  commercial outlets will have three fronts  showing to customers.  He estimated that bythetime the block  is developed,'268 off-street parking spaces  Symphony cellist local pianist  in first Countryside Concert  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra's  principal cellist Anthony Elliott and local  pianist and piano teacher Susan Elek are  featured Sunday in the first of a new  seriesr_Classical~COhcertsy ~set~for~  Elphinstone School at 2 p.m.  Elliott, born in Rome, New York,  started studying cello at the age of 16. By  the age of 18, however, he was already  studying music at Indiana University with  Janos Starker, one of the world's leading  cellists.   After  graduation  Mr.   Elliott  new job  Former Sechelt village clerk-treasurer  Tom Wood left last week to take the  position of clerk-treasurer in Pemberton,  B.C. Wood was fired March 14 by Sechelt  council.,  Pemberton covers about one square  mile with a population of approximately  300.. ' .  ���   ���!'  Wood told the Times he plans to return  to the area to follow through his Intention  to retire here.  studied with Leopold Teraspulsky at  Aspen/ Colorado, where he was the  principal cellist in the Aspen Chamber  Orchestra and the Colorado Philharmonic.  -Jytheage or2_7Mr7Elli6tt wasplaying  in the Toronto Symphony, where he stayed  for 3 years. He later became the associate  principal cellist with the Minnesota Orchestra where he stayed for 5 years.  Elliott has, for the past year, been the  newly-appointed principal cellist of the  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.  Susan Elek has her B,A. .with Music  Major from the University o_ Western  Ontario, and has for the,past two years  been a student of Robert Silverman,  probably Canada's leading pianist today.  Miss Elek is still, in addition to teaching on  the Coast, pursuing her interest in playing  the piano and giving concerts.  Last summer she was given the unique  -opportunit^E-p]  Courtenay Youth Orchestra. She has at-  tened Courtenay Music Camp for two  years on a full scholarship! to study with  Bob Rogers and Bob Silverman.  The program for this concert will include, Bach's Solo Cello Suite No. 6, in D  minor, Beethoven's A major Cello Sonata  and BrahmsVE minor Cello Sonata.  Refreshments will be served after the  concert.  CONSTRUCTION OF another section  of unites for the senior citizens'  housing project started last Monday  with a little help from Mary Tinkley-  Shannon who was the first secretary  of the Senior Citizens' Housing  Society when it was incorporated in  1967. Mayor Harold Nelson checks  Mrs. Tinkley-Shannon's progress in  digging the foundations for the  $272,000 project while the society's  board of directors cheer, her on the  background.  .will be required. The trend is toward  parking between the building and the  street and he feels this should be avoided  on Teredo St.  Committee chairman Larry MacDonald agreed the parking court concept  "wc-Tddelimihate���numerous (fr-veWays^'~-  Roy said the concept follows Jhe_  community plan and ''what's the point of  council spending one and a half years  , forming a community plan to back away  from it?"  "I think the planning committee should .  go with the principles' outlined in the  community plan," he said."  "I would like tq see council in a position  that when a developer comes over, they  can say ."look, we are not allowing any _  development* in there until the parking  problem is taken care oF\  "If council takes the ifflGafivel-ierrth^  are in the driver's seat."  ���i -. Acting Village clerk Ron Gibb said  there was "no law in the land" that says a  zoning certificate  carl  be  refused if  {developers have complied with village  ibylaws Tequ-ringT.dequate~~parking7_  Ithough not along the court concept.  \ __. "I would hot be afraid to be sued by any  developer if I were a municipality," Roy  said.  He said he would like the committee to  recommend to council the parking court  , "is the way to go."  ^ThompsonH-aid~_^"was afraid" the-  concept would "become written in stone," _  and this was the only block where the  parking court was possible.  ,.. __Rpy_said_he_wasJ'jn no way suggesting  arbitrary action," and that the property  owners should be consulted.  -Thei planning committee recommended  that council authorize the committee to  [consult with owners in the block bounded  ��y Teredo St., Inlet Ave., Cowrie St. and  prail Ave. to discuss off-street parking as  ^proposed by Roy.  Roy recommended also that a parking  study be implemented of the whole  downtown area. Since the stufly falls  within area covered by the community  plan, he suggested the committee apply  __iorj>roymcial government grants offered  for this purpose.  In other Teredo St. discussion, .Roy  advised that a decision should be made as  to the final elevation of the street and the  AlfMOOH INN  & SERVICES        885-5500  ���WE HAVE GAS & DIESEL  PUMPS & TOW TRUCK SERVICE.  ��� RESTAUR Afff OPEN  THURSDAY, FRIdXy.SATURDAY & SUNDAY   HOURS: 4:30 P.M.- 10:00 P.M   The Clarksons ��� 8 miles north ol Sechelt ��� Hiway 101.  method used to reach it.  The PENiNSULA^yfoflg*  -...__.  w_ _______ j     ���___.__   _    .__*_. m T%~_.___. _ O.  Section B  Wednesday, April 4,1979  Pages 1-8  THE NORTHERN HEATLINER  *ls a double walled firebox to be used as a'  built-in structural part of a masonry fireplace.  *The only fireplace that replaces-the oxygen  used by the fire, on a continual basis.  ^"J'.*.7? ?'l c�� _*r(?!. r~ {Jfoater fuel efficiency.  * Smoke-not- heat goes up the chimney 7 two  dampers.  *No   drafts   -   gentle   air   pressure   created  throughout home.  ^OldJashionBd.-_-avfi__ij__na_JLr_?ptg_-.5-_fuQC-_  885-2615  Fresh outside  air enters  back of/  heatliner  tion only because of the imperfections in our  homes. Strictly speaking, they should not work.  There is no physical principle behind theii  design.  ALSO AVAILABLE NORTHERN FIREPLACE INSERTS.  Adjustable, just slide if into your existing fireplace. Use our unit, save hundreds of  dollars, and still enjoy an open fire.  Our fan can be installed to further increase  efficiency, on BOTH units, if required.  Court briefs  $250 for driving  VOLKER KAEMUNG  GOVERNMENT LICENSED  SUNSHINE COAST PEST CONTROL LTD.  *Pre-Tr��atmont of Buildings Under Construction ���  *For Guaranteed Control of Carpenter Ants, Rodents and other  Pests.  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2531  UNCLE MICK'S SHOES  TRAIL PAY MALL, SECHELT  885-9838  IT'S SPRING!  '"    CELEBRATE'..'.   '  WITH A NEW YOU!  Socholt Beauty Salon Is plodsod to announce that  MS. CHRISTINE NELSON  has jolnod our Staff.  Bbe hai previously worked ot Crimped, Unlis* * The dip Joint II In  Vancouver, She will be Matting work on Tuei., April 3 and looki forward to  working In this area,  Driving while under suspension by the  superintendent of motor vehicles netted  Nicholas Daniel Bergnach a $250 fine in  Sechelt Provincial Court last week.  ��    *    *    *  John Burnside was fined $500 and given  six months probation to attend the impaired drivers' course after he pleaded  guilty to driving with a blood-alcohol level  over. 08.  Judge J.S.P. (Johnson said he was  convinced that slgnliig her son's name to a  cheque was a result of "desperation" and  granted Wilma Baptiste a conditional  discharge after, six months probation.  He ordered Baptiste to make restitution  of the f 140 to Sechelt Supermarket Ltd.  where the cheque was used to buy  groceries,  *    *    *��    ��  Michael Tlsdale, 31, of West Vancouver  was found not guilty of operating a vessel  on the internal waters of Canada in a  manner dangerous to navigation, life or  limb.  Tisdalo was charged in December after  an incident at L&K booming grounds  involving log salvager Manly Fisher last  August.  Fisher said while he was attempting to  salvage three logs, Tlsdale, who was  working on a boom near him, "bore down"  on him In his 42-foot towboat at approximately four to five knots per hour  and took two of the logs away from him.  At the same time, Tlsdale rammed tho  log already on Fisher's dog-line under  Fisher's boat ond Into tho propeller,  Fisher said.  The Impact knocked Fisher's two  daughters Into each other tipped a capped  drum of gasoline over and caused Fisher  to drop tho dog-line into the water.  Tlsdale said tho three logs escaped the  boom while he and hla partner were tying  the boom at L & K. He said he pushed two  of the logs back into the boom and did not  know where the third one was until Fisher  pulled up alongside him later and he saw it  on Fisher's dog-line.  Because the logs were "low-floating",  Tisdale said he could only approach them  at one to one and a half knots or they would  go under the tug.  A "heated" exchange followed between  Fisher and Tlsdale, which both said they  kept short because Fisher's daughters  were present.  Judge Johnson said the real issue was  who had the "rights of the logs", but he  had to decide "beyond reasonable doubt"  whether Tisdale was operating his vessel  dangerously.  He accepted the evidence of Tisdale's  partner Mark Jewitt of Langdale because  he "in some degree was independent of the  situation," he said. Asked if Tisdale's  operation of the tug was in any way  dangerous, he replied "Absolutely not,"  the Judge said.  mmwmmimummmmm^mmmmmmymgumeiegmmmmemm  *mk  ARTIFICIAL LIGHT FOR PUNTS  ���Growing house plants under artificial light opens up a whole new world of gardenings ;���i���������^\        -       h ���"; ���"��� ���     .'   ;  ���During the dull, short days of winter, many house plants suffer from lack of natural  light. Using artificial light, home gardeners can maintain plant growth.  _____ ____.._^._���_^___.. | jg^���Tjg^���~(S���-|y^^|^- ~f oF_"naturar 'Isun IfgKt;" _mar��y~~"cc��rY."nr."on  hoo^eplants'will grow succossfully M/lth 14 to 16 hours of artificial light dally.  ���For light gardens, fluorescent lamps are recommended rather than conventional  Incandescent bulbs. Fluorescent lamps are more economical because they provide  -more illumination per watt of electricity used. Most fluorescent lamps provide a good  spectrum of light and are cooler than Incandescent bulbs. -  ���There are a variety of fluorescent lamps designed for plant growing, but cool light  white tubes are satisfactory for most home gardeners.  ���The bettef known house plants such as Pbllodendrum, African Violets, Gorman  Ivy, Begonias, Pathos and Clndapsls will grown well under artificial light,  ������Lights should be set about 3 metres directly above the plants for maximum light.  Raise the light as plants grow In height.  ���Most flowering plants will not grow successfully Indoors because of insufficient  light.  Sponsored by  ANN-LYNN FLOWERS  COWRIE ST.,  SECHELT  mmmmmmmmmmtmmmmm  885-9455  WMMMMWWM  Cowrie St.  885-2818  CASH FOR POSTCARDS  WANTED - PRE-1920 PICTURE  POSTCARDS, IN OR OUT OF  ALBUMS USED AND UNUSED.  NO AMOUNT TOO LARGE..  PAYING $20 EA, FOR WOVEN  SILKS (NOT EMBROIDERED) IN  GOOD CONDITION. ESPECIALLY  NEED CARDS OF B.C., SHOWING  SHIPS AND STREET, SCENES,  CANADIAN PATRIOTICS, CARDS  OTWTtTTAWT INTfRfSTT*"  CALL MRS. ROSE KErrUE  886-2588  COMING SOON!  Ocean Wholesale Limited  PACKAGE HOME SALES CENTRE WITH  ���Marine Supplies  ���Plumbing Supplies  ���Electrical Supplies  ���Industrial Supplies  ���Hardware Supplies  and all other related  Industry, Lumber and Home  requirements.  WATCH THIS PAPER FOR MORE DETAILS!  ii  Ocean Wholesale Ltd  * Turn cit the 'Homestead Drive-In and up Airport Rd,  you can't miss us I  For more Information call  faw ftfTT ��� OiwrtiT Mt��i!B|ir��885*2244  or from Vancouver 688-3314 [Toll Free]  1  K  '}  I PHONE  PageBJ.       ThePenirtsulaTiines A9rg 4> 1979 /^^ wanted  For Rent  Mobile Homes  Cars and Trucks  Wanted to Buy  For Sale  GLASSIFIED-ADVERTISING-RATES^  Phone 885-3231   _'   Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  7300 Copies Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:  -3Ji-te-Ad.Briefs_(l 2-words>-  Deaths, Card of Thanks, In  Memoriam, Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per tine  after that. Four words per line.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take regular classified rates.  Ad-Briefs must be paid for in  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  to receive cash discount.  One Insertion $2.15  _Th-ee_tearJia-is__._____-__-.__.. $4.30  Subscription (totes:  Extra Lines (4 words)  60c  Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extra  legal or Reader advertising 30c'  per agate line.  By Mail:  tocalArtfa . ���. ."." $7;00"yrr  Outside Local Area .... $8.00 yr.  U.S.A _..,$10.00yr.  Overseas $11.00 yr.  Senior, Citizens,  Local Area $6.00  Single Copies 20c ea  -JOURNEYMAN���Shipwright-  seeks , work. Exp. in. all  aspects boatbuilding; house-  carpentry & cabinet work:  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  For free est. &> professional  job, call Allan May, 88W765.  4578-tf.  SPRING     CLEANING     -  reasonable rates. 885-5570.  3860-19  STRONG 18 yr. old desires   evenu-g-jt-CLweekend work.  Have painting exper. but  _wilLingto.doa--ythlng,.Ph1.886-..  7883 aft. 4 pm. Have own  transp.  3863-19  Announcements  --������-.i--.-i-i--.-i i ,,r"s-_-s._- __r ��� -^...^T.,  ALCOHOLICS   Anonymous  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30-v  gm, Wilson Creek Community  [all. 885-2896 or 8-5-3394. 4816-  tf  HELP PLAN Roberts Creek  Daze, come to meeting at  Community Hall, Wed., April  4,8 p.m. 3969-4.  HOUSE&OR pet sitter avail.  . Also, looking for fresh farm  chicken eggs. 886-7526. 3923-19  HORSESHOW Apr. 15, 8 a.m.  rain or shine, Brushwood  Farm, Gibsons. For entry  forms see Jacobson Seeds,  Sechelt or Quality Farm  Supply, Gibsons or ph. 886-  2160. 3975-19  EDGAR CAYCE Study Group,  starting in Madeira Park.  , Interested? Phone 883-2363.  ��� 4606-21  Obituary  LIGHTFOOT - Passed away  March 26.1979 _n_St_.Mary-S-  Help Wanted  LOGGING foreman required  for expanding Central Interior high .lead operation.  Applicants must . have  thorough knowledge of conventional logging systems and  preferably some highlead  experience. Fulltime duties to  include crew and maintenance supervision, camp  organization and scheduling  of off-righwayhaulirig. Full-  range of benefits available.  Salary commensurate with  experience. Apply in writing  to Box 262, The Tribune, 188 N.  1st Ave., Williams Lake, B.C.  V2G1Y8. 3962-19  PROLIFIC experienced  reporter-photographer for  full time work with award-  winning lower Mainland  community newspaper.  Ability to produce news and  feature copyN and above  average photographs a must.  Union shop and good benefits.  Apply in writing only with  resume,. clippings and  references to: The Editor, The  THUNDER PAINTING  Interior, & Exterior  . professional work at  reasonable rates  - ���Free Estimates ������-  5 years on the coast  885-3301 & 886-7619  -    - - - -   -    3861-tf  MADEIRA-pARKrurnew T  BR home, 2 baths, w-w, fp,  'bsmt; $325.-883-2212- or 987-  9736. 3846-19  2 BACH, suites, avail immed.,  unfurn'd, Central Gibsons.  886-2597 or 886-9336.      3875-19  '72 MOBILE Home near beach  for rent. $185 per mo. 926-  1024. 3890-19  BEDSITTING room suitable  for young bachelor. CH,  H&C water, use of kitchen,  -cooking���facil.���in���roomv-  Visitors welcome. Apply 885-  9047.-       ,. .   _. 4629-19.  t-OUSE IN Roberts Creek. 5  acres, 3 bdrm, privacy, yr-  round rent. Avail. May 1. $225.  886-7968 aft. 5 p.m.       4623-19  -ATT SELMA��� PARK-Mobile-  Home Park. 12x68 mobile  home. Used only 9 mo. 3 bdrm,;  stove & fridge, w-w, sundeck,  fabulous view. Tpp cond. Only  $15,500 or try your offer. Enid  Reed, .72-5078, Goodrich  Realty Ltd., 873-4811 or 885.  3505 aft. 6. .   3836-19  '7612x68,3 bdrm; fully furn'd.  885-3487. 3842-19,  '70 2 BDRM mobile home,  very good cond'n. $8500.885-  5030. -3848-19  75 FORDFl00"%-tonr$2600r���LOGSOR- TIMBER-wantedr  885-3949. 3911-20      fir,  hemlock  or  cedar.  Porpoise-Bay Logging-Lid:  MOBILE HOME. Choose from  36 different homes. (New 2  bdrms). Many options $12.995.:  Offers invited. Westlawn  Homes, 16099 Fraser Hwy*  Surrey, B.C: V3S2W8. Ph. 596-  1111 or 596-4205. 3880-20  Gazette, -^ox-t00r-Maple-  Ridge,B.C.V2X7E9.   3953-20  EXPERIENCED Sports  Reporter Wanted for"  Central Interior weekly.  Salary commensurate with  experience. Start immediately. Contact Editor,  Cariboo Observer, Box 4460,  Quesnel, B.C. Phone 992-2121.  . 3995-21  POSITIONS now available for  fully qualified Dairy Herdsman in the Okanagan-  Shuswap. $1,000 - $1,500 per  month DOE plus excellent  housing and utilities. Excellent recreation facilities,  SMALL APPLIANCE  REPAIR  through  MILLER MARINE  ELECTRONICS  886-7918  3822-tfn  .Business Opportunities  -HIGH-POTENTIAL Business  in Gibsons, mall location,  plants & giftware. For info  write Box 576, Sechelt. 3917-20  NOW LOCAL Amway  distributor offers opportunity for good earnings.  You pick the hours, we assist.  For appt, call Paul Morris,  9264807. 3918-tf  UNIQUE BOOKSTORE for  sale, Comox, B.C. Excellent  business opportunity in fast  growing area. For information phone 339-6111, or  write 1803 Comox Ave.,  _ComoxrBrC^9N4Al^-399749-  COZY 2 BDRM Selma Park, 3  mins. to beach, t mins.  Sechelt. $175. 885-5543 days,  885-3885eves. (Danny). 4626-  21  -Real Estate  OCEANVIEW -  ,6 yr old Gothic Arch beauty.  Sunny Selma  Park, 3 lge  bdrms, 100 x 125' treed lot, 5  min from Sechelt. $41,500.  RossGamble, 274-5017  United Realty, 7363831"  ...        . 3885-20  -   -    - '  EXCITING OCEAN VIEW  Sunny West Bay Gambier Is.  Gov't wharf, nr town of New  Brighton, 5 acre parcels.  $24,500.  Ross Gamble, 274-5017  United Realty, 736-3831  3886-20  1  LARGE  office   &  store.  Lower  Gibsons.   View  of  Howe Sound. 581-0995 collect.  3847-19  SMALL FURN'D. house on  acreage  w-stream,  out-  -buildings, suitable-pasture-for-  '72 12x48' 2 bdrm Moduline.  $7800 or will rent, good cond.  926-1024.; 3891-19  '76 12x68 Berkshire, 3 bdrm,  . carpet, drapes,, all appliances incl. washer & dryer.  Lge sundeck. Asking $15,000.  886-2706. 3913-tf  74 EMBASSY 12x64, reverse-  aisle, 3 bdrm, furn'd, incl  washer & dryer, good cond.  885-2 _72after 5 pm.      3968-20  Boats and Engines  COMPLETE MARINE  ELECTRICALWIRING  ���     SERVICE  NOW AVAILABLE THRU  MILLER MARINE  ELECTRONICS  886-7918  3823-tfn  BAYUNER  2550 H.T.,   188  Mercruiser,  FWC,  VHF  radio, many extras. Ph. 487-  4266, Powell River.       9178-tf  HEADWATER MARINA  Moorage and Marine Ways.  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TRUCK_for. sale._ 885-_  5111. 3971-20  77 CUTLASS Supreme, T-  roof, ps, pb, pw, in-dash  tape, bucket seats, wht int,  new radial, lady-driven.  Asking $6700. Serious  inquiries only. Valerie, 883-  2722 days, 883-9482 eves. 3941-  20  PARTS   TRUCK,   '65   Chev  Carry-All %T, runs, no rad,  grt. tires. $150 obo. 885-3782.  3843-19  75 DODGE Coronet stn wgn.  49,000 mi,  318  c.i.,. good  cond'n. $2200.885-5252. 3845-19  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf.  PRIVATE PARTY interested  in buying small acreage or  large lot, Sunshine Coast. Will  give prompt consideration &  reply to all inquiries. Write  Box 310 G, Sechelt.       3838-20  WANT TO BUY used propane  stove. 885-3143. 3841-19  WANTED: Small or large  ��� acreage on lake.���Suitable-  for hunting, fishing, ranching.  Please send legal description,  price to Keith Atwater, Box  142, Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5K3.  4602-19  For Sale  -HAMMOND^ORGAfik,--2-  . manuals, 13 pedals, new  cond. 886-7106 after 6 pm, 3884-  19  VERY GOOD COND. Ken-  more oil range, $100; 2 oil  stands w-barrels & all connections, $25; lge white fridge,  mod. style, $85.885-9560. 3893-  17  FISHER woodburning stoves,  for sale at A.C. Rentals,  Hwy. 101 & Francis Peninsula  Rd. 883-2585. " "3217-tf  LUMBER: 2x4s -10 ft; 2x6s -  - .20 ft;.3x8s-- 60 ft;72xl0s -. 45  ft. Ph. 522-3328. 3460-tf  R.V. RENTALS  CAMPING THE  FUN WAY  Camper Rentals  Fully Equipped & Insured. $70  per week (winter rates in  effect till June 1).  Book early  885-2600  3408-tfn  FIS__ER woodburning stove  with the 10 year, guarantee  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  &C Electronics. 4855-tfn  LADIES, Mens, Childrens,  Maternity aothing, 'New &  -Nearly New.'. Encore.  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5.  4457-tf  HARBOURSIDE  DEVELOPMENTS  LTD.  presents:  FOR SA1E ��� the old Pool  Hall on 103 ft. waterfront  in Lower Gibsons. This  prime location property  has tremendous potential  for future development.  Close to site of marina and  TRY MACLEODS, SECHELT  for 40 gal.  Hot Water Tanks  139.94  3934-18  8' HYDROPLANE; Gibsons  Titan amp., 50W 15 & 12"  speakers; pr of 14" chrome  wheels;    18"   woodribbed  . canvas canoe.885_9.564.3916-20  76  FORD  F150,   4x4,   exc  shape, wide tires, 360 motor.  $5500.886-9777. 3924-20  -   ���       w   -        ���    -���   -���  ALL   YOUR   PLUMBING  SUPPLIES     ARE  CHEAPER AT MACLEODS,  SECHELT. 3933-18  INDUSTRIAL   Automotive  steam cleaner,  Malsbury  750.885-5111. 3970-20  18' SHUFFLEBOARD table,  $500 obo. Call May 883-2507.  3946-20  PROPANE range, oil space  Hospital, Sechelt. Dorothy  Lightfoot, late of Sechelt, inner 94th year. Survived by 2  nieces in Philadelphia and  close friends in Sechelt.  Private funeral service was  held Friday, March 30 at  Devlin Funeral Home,  Reverend Brown officiated. In  lieu of flowers, donations to St.  Mary's Hospital, Sechelt.  Devlin Funeral Home in  charge of arrangements. 3985-'  19  FYLES   ���   Passed   away  March  27,   1979.   Thomas  , Fyles, late of Hopkins Landing, aged 92 years. Survived  by 3 sons: John Fyles of Ot-    ������Unn.B   v___._���nr, ���,..���_   u__  tawarzJames Fyles-oF-Vic^  toria, David Fyles of Hopkins    experienced in-day^r���  Landing. Memorial funeral  service April 6 at 2 p.m. at  Gibsons^ United Church,  Reverend Dinsley officiating."  Flowers gratefully declined.  Devlin Funeral Home,  directors. 3986-19  Personal  DIVORCE! $100 Plus Filing  Fees ��� Obtain your uncontested divorce - fast - over  the telephone. Our forms and  typing services are lawyer  approved. Call Self-Counsel  Services toll free (112) 800463-  3035. Chargex and Master-  charge accepted.        4325-tfn  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the telephone.  Our forms and typing services  are lawyer approved. Call  Self-Counsel Services toll free  (112) 800-663-3035. Chargex  and Mastercharge approved.  ,4324-tfn  DISCERNING ADULTS. Shop  \ discreetly, send $3 for our  latest catalogues of marital  aids and lingerie. Direct  Action Marketing Inc. Dept.  Y.K,, Box 3268, Vancouver,  B.C.V6B3X9. 3956-21  N & L played with flair, but it  Just wasn't there, so they  learned how to play & that  saved the day, now wo all  know the way. M&T.  3980-19  Help Wanted  STUDENT vlclnty Surgenta  Bay for hourly work  weekends - piling wood,  digging, & general property  clean-up. Box 310 X, Sechelt.  3982-19  WANTED: Indian Education  Co-ordlnator for Salmon  Arm. Now full-time position,  salary based on training and  experience. Should be native  British Columbian with post-  secondary training. Experience in recreation, social  band-school work. Applications to D.S., S.D, No. 89,  Box 699, Salmon Arm, B.C,  VOE 2T0 by April 23,1070.3093-  OPERATOR   for   modem  photo-typesetting   equipment. Must know advertising  layout and pasteup. Send  ���remmir to,*"-.ox",-T!Wr-"c-o   BCYCNA, 808407 West  Hastings St, Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7.  3994-19  Ore Timet Adbrlef* I  herd management, milking,  breeding records, heat  detection, feeding and calf-  rearing; Write in firstinstancer  with references and resume  to: Canada Farm Labour  Pool, Box 129, Armstrong,  B-C.V0E1B0. 3996-19  FULL-TIME   Accredited  Health Records Technician  required    immmdiately.  Hospital    experience  Preferred, Apply in writing:  'ersonnel Officer, Mission  Memorial Hospital, 7324 Hurd  Street, Mission, B.C. V2V 3H5.  4601-19  NEEDED FOR film crew,  person with accounting  background, able to type. In  Pender Harbour-Egmont  area. May 15-Oct. 15. Reply to  Box 310Z, Sechelt.        4618-21  EXPERIENCED BAKER  required for summer relief,  June-Sept inclusive. Apply  Shop-Easy Bakery, Mr.  Blackwell, 8854823.      3910-20  Work Wanted  PEERLESS TREE  SERVICES LTD.  Let us care for your tree  needs:  -Topping  -Falling  -Limbing  Insured work  "Our reputation  speaks for itself"  ph. 885-2109  3283-tf  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. AIT  typos of Concrete Work.  Patios, Floors. Foundations.  Driveways, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Seepage or high pressure  leaks.  Phono Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt  4437-tfn  WINDOW CLEANING  Hourly or Contract  free estimates  885-5735 mornings  3527-tt  PIANO tmrtng,cattW-Baror  888.7874, 480741  DMl CONSTRUCTION, site  clean-up. Free estimates.  886-4)324. 3888-19  2-BAY CAR Wash equipment  complete with accessories.  New condition. Must be  moved. First $4,500 takes.  Write Box 960, Summerland,  B.C. 494-3716,494-1462. 3998-19  IN KAMLOOPS, B.C. - Five  chair men's styling shop.  Eight years in major mall.  Gross in the six figures. Phone  372-7009 for more information.  3999-19  SMALL PROFITABLE  business - Ice cream,  Confectioneries, Light snacks.  Fully equipped. Centrally  located in booming Mission,  B^r-Apply-Val Mac-Holdings,  Box 3246, Mission, B.C.  4440,826-9657. 4000-19  MAN-U.EACT-.URER__l>f.-.  Magnetic Car and Truck  signs seeks dealers or  salespeople. Sales' Kit $5; ,  Store Display $15. Refundable. B.C. Magnetic Signs,  29939 LougheedTHwy., RR 2.  Mission, B.C. 4603-19  EXCELLENT business opportunity: become a  Chimney Sweep. All equip't  needed plus training. Call Lee  Christian anytime. 083-9171.  ,   3554-tf  Wanted to Rent  WANTED immediately - 2  bdrm and 3 bdrm house.  Sechelt area. 886-2337. 4613-19  For Rent  TRAILER spaces  In  West  Sechelt.    1    doublewide  24 x 40 singes. 885-2079.    4224-  tfn  FOR  RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community   Hall.    Call  Mabel Dooley at 885-9804.  3091-tf  MAPLE CRESCENT Apart-  ments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm apts.  Reas. rent. Incl. heat,  cablevision, stove, fridge. 880-  7836 or apply Apt. No. 103-A.  4121-tfn  4 (.0TTAGES7   weekly    6r7  monthly.    Housekeeping  units,  furnished,  TV.  Ritz  Motel. 886-2401. 4240-tfn  horses, fruit trees. Close-to  beach, quiet peaceful area.  Write to Box 310 T, Sechelt.  3887-19  NEW 3 bdrm house, 1000 sq ft,  non-bsmt, sundeck, carport,  view prop, w-w, elec neat,  fridge & stove incl. FP $39,000.  Call collect 245-7283 eves. 3865-  19  ( ���������-"������ - - ��� iA  ���EAST BARRIERE Lake..  ��� beautiful setting, over 100  acres deeded, Kamloops area.  All seasonsaccess," services,  turf airstrip, lakefront beach.  Ideal commercial or private  estate. Box 37, Barriere, B.C.  VOE 1E0. 9216-19  Renting  On* bttdroom  !  apartmentt  1  * Balconies  * Colored Appliances  * View  * Wall to wall carpet  * Drapes  * Intercom  ........  * Controlled Entrance  * Cablevlslon  Rent from $190.00  ,.......^  _,CallJ[^J(G���ll|i|S_  885-2283  ,/"'  SMALL 2 bdrm house, Gower  Pt area. Stove & fridge. $276  per mo, 88672160, 3837-19  1  SELMA PARK: modern 6 yr  old home on concrete  crawlspace, 80x1*0' lot, 3  bdrms, ^stone,fp, 449ft. sq~ft-  living space. Room to park 3-5  vehicles in completely enclosed back yard. Only  $46,000,885-9328. 3922-20  CHOICE CLEARED view lot.  Above Selma Park, natural  dogwoods & smaller trees,  good SOU. 885-2198.       3927-18  WFT Pender Harbour area.-  190' in Bargain Harbour,  timbered, deep water  moorage, fully serviced,  ready to build. Exceptional  property. $68,000.943-2835.  3943-21  LOVELY ocean view, 2 bdrm  remodelled home for sale by  owner, $35,000. Assume  mortgage. Irvines Landing;  883-9232. 3989-19  PRIME WF overlooking entP  to. Pender Harbour. Deep  moorage - good float. Spectacular view. Qual. constructed 2 bdrm homo. Open  plan living area. Lge. stone  FP, full bsmt, hw heat,  $95,000. Owner 883-2740.   4608-  CUTE LITTLE house for sale,  1053 Franklin. Ph. 880-7031  or inquire at 1136 Cochran.  4625-21  Mobile Homes  ���   '.*���' mmmimmmmmmmmit ��� i hi��� Mw���__��w ��!.��������������������� .iiimm-M-wW   -i  I. & M Radiators, 1449  Charlotte Rd., N. Van. 080-  5334, Automotive & Industrial  cooling specialists, Pick up &  delivery can be arranged. Call  now for fast, economical  service. 4024-tfn  72 MODULINE   12x48.   2  bdrm, good cond,, $8,406 or  offor. 926-1024. '  3296-tfrt  12x66' 4 BDRM. Priced for  quick     sale.      685-2600  anyttmo. 3489-tf  73 CHANCELLOR mobile*  home,   12x66  unfurn.,   2  bdrm, sop. dining area, w  , huUWn ,f,��� shiim cabinet.  Franklin Fp,  drapes. Good  cond., $10,600.80^9053. 3901-21  74 SAFEWAY Bucna Vista 3  bdrm, ldry rm, washer &  chesterfield, fuel tanks &  "rtdrtlnglncl. $12,000 obo. ��w  6444. 3008-20.  Cor Quick Retulti    v  Ui�� Timet Adbrlef. I  ���4  GARDEN BAY MARINE  SERVICES LTD.  15'6"     ��� Hourston  Sidewing  353 GM - used; 371  Nissan - used; Volvo  AQD 40-280 leg - new;  440    Chrylser-rebuilt  T20 AAercrujser -  new.  BOAT MOVING   -  IMMEDIATE REPAIR SERVICE   7 DAYS A WEEK- ���  Sinclair Bay Road  883-2722  4355-tfn  77 PACER  DL," 1  owner,  approx 26,000 mi. Good  cond'n. Hurry, make me an  offer. 885-2022. 3852-19  HARDTOP for Jeep CJ5 w-  doors, $175.885-5000. 3897-19  Campers and Trailers  78 TRAVEL trailer,  29',  excel, cond., sliding glass  door, new furniture. 8834230.  '     3869-22  CAMPER for small Import  truck. Furnace, stove & ice  box. 885-9452. 3902-19  -SELF-CONTAINED���mobile-  existing harbour. Priced-at  $80,000 for early sale.  Phone 886-2207  9 am-5 pm  VALLEY COMFORT  WOOD HEATER  Special Clearance  MACLEODS, SECHELT  4619-19  home-style camper On IT  Ford oh duals. 8834603 aft.  4:30. ���-���.' 3983-21  FIREWOOD, box cords, $55  full cord; $30 half cord. 885-  9418.   Be  wise  order  your  firewood before you need it!  ��� ���������-! 3709_2_L  heaf'er,- propane hot water  tank. 886-2428. 3973-21.  FRIDGE,   electric   stove,  bicycle. 883-2676 evenings.  3974-19  PORTABLE, auto, shake-  splitting machine with  electric & gas engines. For  use anywhere. Exc. cond.,  $2,000; 12" planer, belt-  driven, ball bearings, good  corid., $4,000. Ph. Tony at J&J  Woodworking, 530-1720.  Weekends 885-5669.      3981-21  ��� See More Classifieds  See Page B-4  NEAR-NEW 16 ft. K&C  canvas t6p & camper back;  55 hp Johnson (less than 100  hrs): new EZ Loader trailer)  Dantorth-Astroturf carpeting.  Moorage at Smitty's. Asking  $4,550,8864177. 4630-19  15' 6"  SANGSTER;   50 hp  Merc, Roadrunner trailer,  new canvas, $2,000.8864484.  4628-19  26' SAILBOAT, needs work.  Incl, mast, boom, standing  rigging, sails & miscl. hdwre,  $1,400 obo. Ph. Allan, 885-5765.  3977-21  34-FT. 1974 5th wheel, rear  bathroom, tip-out patio  doors, power unit, full kitchen,  lots ot cupboards. Clean. W.R.  Pinchin, Magna Bay, B.C. 955-  2950. 3092-19  CAMPER  FOR sm;  truck.  great    for    vacations!  Propane fridge, stove, heater,  sips. 3 nicely, $1,200.885-2051-  4605-21  Motorcycles  HONDA ODYSSEY, like new.  $1300.885-5000. 3896-19  '77 MONTESA 348 Cota trials,  exc.  cond. .Helmet  incl,  some extras. $1000. Ph. 485-  4098 after 6 pm, 9345-20  SILVERLINER tent trailer,  gd   tires,    new    wheel  bearings, new wiring, needs  new canvas. Sips 6r$200r885^  5252. 3844-19  DUSKY   PINK   wool   rug,  15x12'; matching runner  10'x4', $200.885-3389.     3853-19  BRAND NEW Metal  Newsstands, never used, set,  up for 15 cents but can be  changed. Ideal for community  newspapers. We have 19 of  these newsstands for sale for  $1,700 or $100 each. Write  Times Printing & Publishing,  1422 Pembroke Ave., North  Vancouver, V7P 2S1 or phone  980-7531 days, evening 922-  7761. 3843-tfn  ���ARGIttlTE  JEWELLERY  -from   the   Queen  Charlottes  ���CARTER SEEDS  ���PERENNIALS  ���PANSIES  ���BULBS  885-3818  We Deliver  19' K&C freshvvater cooled, ^ON^'lflLCB400'^;^  trim tabs, sounder, comi 750'77,885-2030.        4615-tf  pass, radio etc., $4,500. 885- ,m.nJ'T-_,-:;"r:::'^";���i^  &051                          4604-21 '77120O HAILEY Decker. 885-    2030.    A  l:           4616-tf  Amine Multiple Listing Schvices   Livestock  WHITE CAP  YACHT BROKERS  Poaturen  1974 REINELL  Pluih deck model, VHF,  depth sounder, pulled  ovory winter, new canvas,  command bridge, 450 hrs  on IBB Morcrul.or  $12,100  HORSESHOEING, Call Bob  Hopkins evea. 88.-9470. 3300-  tfn  CHICKS - brown egg layers,  white Leghorns, white  Rocks. Order early-ship  anywhere. Napier Chick  Sales, 6743-216U. St., Box 50,  Mllnor, B.C. VOX 1T0. 534i  7222. 3462-tf  REGISTEREP Arab Welsh  bay mare. 13.2 hands high. 9  yr. old. High point English  champion pony, 1078 super  lumper. Asking 11,200.112-656-  3353. '    4622-19  Pets  i  i  i  i  i  ���  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad In lha iquamV, Bo turo to laava a blank ipacn ollor each  word, "  lhr-�� line* It $3.1 S. -ad, uddltlonal Una It 60..  Toks advantage ol our ipaclal lavlnfli.  * Run your ad twlt�� ��� tho third tlmt It FREE,  * II you pay for yr 'ir ad !h�� Saturday bolor* publication you Q��t n  discount ��� i Be lor I Inmrllon ��� 00c lor 3,  Mall ui your ad, of drop It alii  In Socholt at tho Ponlmula Tlmat Ollko  In Olbioni at tho Arhutui Troo  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  CLASSIFICATION  440     CHRYSLER     w-2;l  reduction: 235 Chev w-2.5:l  reduction. 885-2630.      4627-21  Cars and Trucks  I-AB-Alrddalo puppies, need  ood homes. (186-0400 or 886-  i7. 3870-10  Lost  '74 FORD window van, new   a77rrz���: :������ ������    ,  tros,  reb't  transmission    SMALL   female   Siberian  1250��^  Lost beg, of March.  18  60��  60  60  10.  3839-20  ROADRUNNERS for fixing,       flOO each. 1067 Rambler   ami. nnr.un_ ___��_%.__.. .   ���. ��  ___lnn wuoon. 327. n.nnina.   ONE BROWN leather Jacket  station wagon. 327, running;  1005 Japanese Rover, l.filltre,  not running, 686-2809,   8816-18  73 VW Westphalia, fully  .ninporlz<xl,(U15-2<}-l.   4611-  10  tor Jacket,  size .18, in vicinity of Dougali  ParitjM��rch��4.88WH01.  Wanted to Buy  1100   FOR  winch."  ;ood  0-ton  BB  2.        3978-10  I  r  I  I  I  Im  Nam* ..,  Addr-ii .,  Coital Coda  T.I No,  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  7  Vr PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  Highway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  HASLAAA CREEK WATERFRONT   Over-l 5 acres -with 750-ft waterfront���with-  cabin & oyster lease. FP $165,000. Possible  terms.  ONE ACRE LOTS  On Francis Peninsula. Privacy plus value in  this most'desirable area. Just 2 left so don't  delay. $15,000 each. <  WATERFRONT LOT  Deep and protected moorage in, Egmont.  ��      Has  trailer  pad.   septics   and   water  and  power. $35,000.  McNAUGHTON POINT  1.9 acres of view waterfront overlooking  Malaspina   Strait.   Attractive   3   bedroom,  _1200 square-feet .home. A fine property  going for $70,000.  ���BARGA1N-HARBOUR-tOT   And a real bargain it isl Close to beach &  free moorage. F.P. $12,000.  John Breen - 883-9978 Mike Rosse  EXCELLENT  Building latrFroirt RoadrMadelraParkrFully  serviced $10,500.  7 ACRES -   On Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slope.  Asking $35,000. ,  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  "PENDEROSA" at Garden Bay ��� Drive-In,  Take-Out, groceries, barber shoj>, 2 bdrrr^  separate living quarters with water view.  Now is the time to buy this going concern.  Call Mike Rosse, 883-9378 or 883-2794.  HARBOUR MOTORS ��� At Kielndale. 4 bay  Service Station, Body Shop & Store. Separate  small 3 bdrm home; real opportunity for a  body man looking for a lucrative family  operation. Call Mike Rosse, 883-9378 or 883-  2794.  883-9378 Jock Herman 883-2745  _ffc  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248   ROBERTS CREEK��� Hanbury Road. 20 acres, all year creek, power, young  orchard, good gardening ��� beautifully treed plus very well-built contemporary home over 1800 sq ft has to be seen. Exclusive listing, by  appointment only. This property offers complete seclusion and privacy.  Call John Blpck for details.  ��� ���       * *       - -* ' ' ' * j j    : ,.      .' i,,_, ,.*>  LANGDALE ��� Many oustahding feature's in this contemporary styled 3'..  bdrm home. Spacious master bdrm with sauna, wired and lined;  cathedral!ceiling in LR, finished in Calif, redwood; FR finished with  Arizona sandstone. Kitchen has barbecue & rotisseries, ceramic tile floor.  Basement ready for finishing touches, has a window wall. Cozy family  room adjoins kitchen. 2 FP with heatilators, double glazing on main floor.  $85,000.  GIBSONS WFT���-Gower Poirit area; 2 bdrms, large living room with FP,  electric heat, full basement could be made into rec room or extra living  area. Garage with lighted drive, beautifully landscaped. Very choice  property. $85,0007 r  GIBSONS��� Bay area, close to beach, stores and PO. Attractive 3 bdrm  home on extra large lot with good vegetable garden. Home is conveniently designed with large living room with rec room, utility,  workshop and spare room. $62,000.  GIBSONS ��� Lower Village, fantastic view from LR, FP and fine built-in  kitchen. 2 bdrms on main floor with den or extra bdrm In bsmt. On sewer.  $48,500.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� New subdivision, 2 bdrm house on large lot; lower  floor has utility room, storage and extra lavqtory. Some view of Georgia  Strait from upper floor; priced to sell at $40,500.  VETERANS ROAD ��� Comfortable 3 bdrm home, 2 Jsaths, master bdrm  ensuite, lovely post and beam, stone FP In living room, A/O heat, extra  room In bsmt. Situated on large lot with good garden area. Must be seen.  LOTS  LOWER GIBSONS ��� 3 lots, corner School Road and Hiway 101,  tremendous potential, high traffic area. $175,000.  GRANTHAMS ��� three lots on Reed Road. Good Investment property,  potential view. Asking $8,750 each.  CHERYL ANN PARK ��� 2 lots 72 x 105', no rock, easy to build on, all  services, septic approved and beach access. $1,500 down, balanco at  $125 per month @ 10-1/2%. Terrific Investment. On lower Cheryl Ann  Park towards beach.  WHARF ROAD ��� Langdale, good retirement area; lot 65 x 193'. Try your  offer,  ROSAMUND ROAD ��� Three lots cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500  each.  GIBSONS - LEVEL CLEARED LOT IN Gibsons Village on sewer and wator;  62 x 182', obtainable with small down payment of $3,500. Inquire for  further dotal la,  ACREAGE ��� Five acres, secluded with creek across one corner. Beautiful  property In Roberts Creek area. Good Investment, Asking $23,000.  *tf'  I  Evenings Call: John Black, 886-7316;  Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;  George Cooper, 886-9344  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 1596 sq ft 5 BR  home with 3 bathrooms, partially  finished rec room, hot water heating, 5  appliances. Built 1976. 84,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES��� Luxurious 3 BR  cedar home, built 1975. View and many  extras. $105,000.  GULFVIEW ROAD ��� Madeira Park,  fantastic view from this new home ��� 3  new appliances, fireplace. $87,000. -  IRVINES LANDING ��� 3 BR view home,  stone fireplace, ensuite, 6 appliances.  Close to marine. $75,000. One car taxi  business available with above for additional $10,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR split level home,  built 1977. 6 appliances, 2 sundecks,  carport.' Excellent view. ~ Landscaped  semi-Waterfront lease lot. $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Near new 3  bdrm split level. Fireplace, sundeck &  'carport, $60,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR view  home, architect "designed. 5 major  appliances. $77,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x 44'  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft  addition. On 2/3�� acre lot. $28,500.  MIDDLE POINT ��� 2 BR home, 1100 sq ft  on 9.5+ fairly level, treed acres. Well.  850+ ft frontage on Highway 101.  $49,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home with view  on landscaped lot. Large workshop &  equipment storage area in back. Ideal  location for builder/contractor. $69,500.  CLAYDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR  ���view home, full basement, built 1975.  Close to marina. $88,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 BR home on 2 levels.  Electric heat. Landscaped, close to stores  & marinas. $54,000.  -.--. *_*"'  .-'I'm  **4  ~: *,  LULIES (PAQ) LAKE ��� 3 BR home on 5��  acres. Fruit trees, garden. View over-  lake. $77,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home,  built 1976. Ensuite, fireplace, double  carport, landscaped lot. $59,000.  .  ^Sjp    !������* __.-������*;!-1}<       '.,  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w , 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. $67,500.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  i  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  LOTS  LOTS  1.   MADEIRA   PARK  $7,000-$22,000.  serviced   lots.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� serviced lots.  $9,000-$24,000.  6. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� seven lots,  serviced with hydro & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.1  $11,000-$! 2,750.  3. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay estates & Sinclair Rd.  $13,500-$21,250.  4. SANDY HOOK.���. view lot on Porpoise  Drive, $10,500.  5. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1.5 acres  treed, serviced. $25,000.  7. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ��� Sinclair  Bay Road. Serviced lots, most with view,  three with lakefront. Priced from  $10,000 to $37,'500.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 8 nice  building lots at corner of Cochrane and  Cameron Roads. $11,000-$13,000.  IRVINES LANDING ��� At last, a  waterfront lot with all the features you  -havo-boen looking for��� 108 fl luw bunk  sheltered waterfront, westerly exposure, good view, nearly level and  nicely treed. $55,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA. ��� 132 ft W/F in  Pender Harbour. 1.8 acres, deep  moorage. $50,000.  SECRET COVE ��� Lot A on Wescan Rd.  Steep, but has good building site &  sheltered moorage. On sewer system.  $35,000.  ACREAGE  FRANCIS.PENINSULA ��� 83 ft W/F in  Pender Harbour (adjbins above  property). 1.22�� acres. Deep moorage.  $36,500.  GERRANS BAY - 220+ ft low bank  sheltered waterfront, 1,24 treed acres.  Access from Francis Peninsula Road.  $44,000.  INVESTMENT PROPERTY  Partially   developed   subdivision   with  potential of 59 lots on Francis.Peninsula,  Pender Harbour. $150,000.  1. MIDDLE POINT ��� 2.9 treed acres on  Hwy 101 wllh 949�� sq ft 2 BR home with  carport. Drilled well. $39,500,  2. RUBY LAKE ��� 5+ treed acres, close  to public lake accelitf. $19,800,  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 3.4 �� acres &  4dt acres, seml-waterfront. Overlooking  Malaspina Strait & just a few feet to the  watorfront. Hydro, water 8 paved road.  $40,000 each.  4. Near Ruby Lake ��� 8.39 acres on Hwy  101. $25,000.  5. Near Madeira Park ��� 15 acres,  2)50+. ft on Hwy 101, $44,000.  6. Francis Peninsula ��� 1,8-fc acres,  cornor of Warnock and Francis Peninsula  Roads, $17,500.  7: WARNOCK ROAD ��� level lot, almost  ono aero, Cjood soil, selectively cloarod,  $24,000,  ACREAGE  EARL COVE ��� 5.57 acres, 450+ ft  sheltered waterfront ad|olnlng ferry  terminal. Excellent site for possible  motel, hotel, camper-trailer park.  $135,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres with 387��. ft low  bank waterfront. Good driveway to  waterfront. Launching ramp, site has  been prepared for possible use as W/F  trailer-camper park & fishing resort. An  excellent property. Full price $95,000.  EGMONT ��� 7 acros wllh 540 ft low  bank watorfront, Slto has boon  prepared for posslblo use as a largo  WF trallor-campor park & fishing  resort. This Is an excollont property  ad|olnlng tho Egmont Marina.  $180,000 - Owner will finance at  bank Intorost ralo,  ST. VINCENT BAY -- 365_fc ft watorfront,  6.71 acros, wator accoss, $29,500,  I  COMMERCIAL PROPER  ty|  IByi^ftlfi;:^tlJHl  MADEIRA PARK - vacant storo bldg,'  ad|olnlng living quartori. One acre with  104' frontage on Madeira Park Rd.  Zonod R3, $52,000.  GARDEN BAY MARINE ��� 700�� lineal  foot floats. Living quarters, laundry,  showers on leased land. $85,000.  TROUT FARM ��� PENDER HARBOUR. Roady  to go ������- raceways Installed to handle  160,000 trout, 93 �� acroi land.  Provincial commercial trout farm  llconco, Water licence. Located on Hwy  101, across from Pender Harbour  Socondary School, $266,000,  ���**,  JUNCTION ISLAND ~ ST.VINCENT BAY  Beautiful 10,75+ aero Island In Jervis Inlet with numerous good building  sites, excellent sheltered moorage and several coves. Well trood with lir,  cedar, arbutus ��� some merchantable limber, Oyster bed, Only 15 minutes  ride by fast boat from Earls Cove or Egmont. $120,000,  I  WATERFRONT HOMES  GARDEN BAY ��� spacious 9 BR horn* on  1.16 acres on Claydon Road, On 93 d. ft  waterfront with float and boathouie,  .1149.000.,...,..,..  ,     . .....  GUNBOAT BAY ��� 9�� acres with 3 BR  home, 3 cottages, float, On 132,�� ft  waterfront. N��ar Madeira Park,  $123,000**  -,*. , ,..���.,.... , ,....  GARDEN BAY ESTATES 3 BR homo, full  basement, 1997 sq It on main floor. Built  1976, Separate 700 sq ft workshop. On  122 �� choice waterfront lot with ramp A  -ftenrttWitwa; ���   .'����nii*j':im��i.iwj.;rii^te  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  0LLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  ��� 2v  Page B-4 Pen-Jisula limes  AprH4,i97&  -ForSate-  MANDOUN, $75: sink from a  train," $75; putting harness  for horse, $25.886-9324. 3984-21  2-HORSE trailer, double axle,  front entry, spring-loaded  gate, exc. cond. Asking $2,800.  -8854513: 3987-21-  14>: FIBREGtAS���Boston-  Whaler-type with 9% hp  Viking & 7 hp Chrysler out-  boards with tanks. All in  working cond. Package deal,  $1,000,883-9055. 3988-21  SWIMMING pool, 15 x 18.4 ft.  deep; 2 antique love seats; 2.  console stereos; 2 old TVs.  885-2661. 4612-19  36? VIKING elec. stove; med  siz�� Gibsons fridge, both in  -liandsome--���Qr_dr���Must���sell-  immed. 1st quite low bid will  secure. 886-2167. 4614-19  DougJoyce  885-2761  Bob Bull  885-2503  ���N  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  Jack Anderson  ^tan Andersoif  DonHadden  885-2053  885-2385  885-9504  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  -Pott Office Box 1219,Sechelt-  SPECIAL THIS WEEK: $41,500 full price. 3  bedrooms, 1140 sq ft, fireplace, laundry  room plus storage building. Handy village  location. Close to gov't whqrf. Terms. Call  Jack.  REDROOFFS: New waterfront 3 bdrm home  with expansive view of Georgia Strait and  Vancouver Island. Features shake roof,  stainjess steel "Shaw" fireplace & skylight.  Treed lot. Priced at only $67,500. Bob.  Vancouver Toll Froo: 684-8016  The following  equipment   Is   open  for closed bid:  1 ONLY 1955 Pacific Diesel  _J.umpJruek, Model #459C  .Serial   #T559-79  with   10  yard box. Unit c/w NH220  - Cummins   Diesel   and - a  Model  8241   Dana  Spicer  Transmission.    Two    axle  rear  end  with   one   Diff.  centre removed. Unit was  in  fair  running  condition  when   parked   1-1/2   yrs.  ago.  Terms "As is, where is"  For    further     info,    or  viewing. and for  presentation  of-treolW-"  bids, contact  Mr, Glen Williams.  Mrllsfores- Superin--  tendent  Canadian  Forest  Products Ltd.'  Howe    Sound     Pulp  Division,  Port Mellon, B.C.  C.F.P. reserves the right to  reject all bids.  Bid closing April 20, 1979.  WEST SECHELT: 9.5 acres of good farm land.  Has new 4bdrm ranch style home, 2 ponds  supplied by spring water with approx. 4  acres cleared, balance has some timber. All  services on paved rd. 2 miles from Sechelt  centre. This property has many potential  . uses- Reduced .to_$89,000_-Bob ���_  I STD. INTERIOR door 31%"  wide x 80" high, $15 obo; 2  windows 34%" wide x 29%"  high, $15 obo. 886-9275 Sat.-  Sun. 4617-21  II CU. FT. upright freezer,  .new cond4-blue 9'x 10%'.  rug & underlay. 883-9053. 4620-  19  1 PR COFFEE & step tables,  $30; occas. chair, $25; chest  drawers, $8; rollaway bed,  $15; plate glass mirror,  32 x 26, $30; patio Its., $10; tri-  light, $7; fire exting., new,  $120; hotplate,   $15;   tree  Sruner, $6; elec. hedge  ���immer, $25; dbl. hibachi, $6;  hedge shears, $7; point  shovels, $6; block & tackle &  lg. blocks & ropes, $25; pee  vees lg, med, sm.; nails, 10"  galvan. 885-9570. 4621-19  1 SMALL chord organ; 1 desk,  exc. condition. 885-3750.  6�� ACRES ON REID ROAD: Mostly cleared,  some fruit trees and yr round creek.  Property mostly fenced, front yard land-,  scaped and rn lawn'. House is very large  2300 sq ft, 2 fps, several sets of plumbing.  Kitchen & LR have been completely  ~renrodelledrSouih~5lopsrall"usabte1andrFP~  $85,000. Call Stan.  BTPXRlt VIEWXOUNTRY-RrATCrrbYdfrrr"  1400 .sq ft full basement home with  spacious living-dining room. Fireplaces up & _  down plus extra flue in basement. Open  staircase to rec room, extensive cedar work  inside and good kitchen cupboards. Large  c'port with storage & 22x45' swimming  pool. Approx' 3 acres landscpaed lawn.  Orchard,   fishpond,    year   roupd   creek,   .  VIEW OF TRAIL ISLANDS~-Tuxury new West  Sechelt home, Tastefully decorated with  numerous extras. Well insulated, energy-  conscious home with a fireplace that must be  seen, plus provision for space heater lower  level. Tastefully decorated with numerous  extras, 3 bedrooms, sunken tub, shower,  *��� large level 'garden' lot, sundecks, double  carport. The price of $82,000 won't shock   you���once���you��� see���lU-JCal__-tQ-__t_U-_.PP-_  pointment.  CREEKSIDE H6ME7"on~T/i(T acre with  parklike setting, towering trees & spacious,  easyjjto maintain level lawns. One year new  expansive home has two large bedrooms.  Separate entrance hall leads to a large living  room with fireplace that invites gracious  entertaining. A 23x28' attached garage  could be converted to an extra bedroom &  family room. An added plus is a 440'  -workshop-with Xpce-plumblng.Xlose_to--he-  best sandy beach in area. FP $68,500.  garden, greenhouse & complete privacy. FP  $97,000. Bob.  BUSINESS BLOCK  A LITTLE GOLDMINE: Sechelt's best restaurant. A THRIVING  business with an excelltn gross profit. Living accommodation on site  for the new owners at very little extra.  ts "of roon-'ibr~  ROBERTS CREEK: 3 bedroom home on 1.67  acres. Spacious open plan of 1320 sq. ft. Has  ensuite off master bedrm. Home has family  room and utility. Reduced drastically in  price for immediate sale. FP' $48,000. Bob.  .:-^MB'MH---l_  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ��� Sechelt Village  ��� Folly rented mostly on lease. Shows good'  return on investment. Opportunity to invest  in this growing community. Details to  bonafide purchaser. Asking $120,000.  Doug���,    _ ���. ��� .   _-_-_���_���  PENDER HARBOUR: Madeira Castle ���  unique home for value & location. 2800 sq ft  with breathtaking���view.- Decor - Includes"  original murals, sunken gold bathtub &  extensive cedar work. Double windows  throughout and easy to heat. FP $72,000.  MLS:" Bob      "        --.----     -r   "GOING" CONCERN": Small trailer parkr4~pads~ahd~lots"  expansion, 2.41 acres of land, some trees. Wilson Creek location.  . Very convenient. FP $60,000.  HALFMOON BAY: Commercial opportunity on Hwy 101! Gas  station, auto repair shop investment. A one of a kind. Zoned C2.  Asking $39,900.  SEMI-RETIREMENT BUSINESS GOING CONCERN $74,500 FULL PRICE  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS.  Both of these sites are Ideal for year-round steady trade. 14 washer  & 12 dryers in one location. 7 dryers and 14 washers in 2nd location.  All equipment in-top-condition.-Stores are" clean-and" newly  decorated. Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month. For further  information call J. Anderson or Bob Bull 885-3211, Vane. 684-8016.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Attractive 2 bedroom'  home, no stairs, newly decorated in & out, on  level 66x122' Ipt; Close to post office and  shopping. 8x12' tool shed, rear lane. Landscaped. FP $42,900. Call Don.  PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE: Like new  2  bdrm   bsmt   home.   Good   layout  with  southern exposure and view. Save money-  . extra insulation, twin seal windows  and  ���heatilator-fireplace.-$54,000r Call-Bob.-   LOTS  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Brand new  3 bedroom home. Immediate  possession. Try your offer to  $43,000. Call Doug.'  SECHELT VILLAGE: Near new 3 bdrm  modular home, on clear .garden lot with  carport. Price includes stove, fridge,  washer, dryer and is completely furnished.  Walk to shops. A bargain at $36,900. Stan.  WEST SECHELT: Spanish' split level home,  near new with all the extra features.  Double carport, workshop, 3 baths, 4  bedrms. 2 fireplaces, bay window and a  formal dining area. Good level lot affords a  view from the 2nd floor. Tile roof. 2288 sq f\  at only $72,500. Coll Bob.        -  HOMES  REDROOFFS 1/2 ACRE: Treed & 104' of frontage on Redrooffs Rd.  Lots of good trees and some alder for firewood. Easy access from  the road and excellent topsoil- Serviced with power & water. FP  $12,500.  REDROOFFS AREA: Wildwood Rd., 125 x 200' level lot, very easy to  build on. Beautiful evergreens. Priced for immediate sale at  $11,200.  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT: 68' of accessible waterfrontage with  boat launching slipway. 400' sq ft cabin with fireplace & large deck.  Partly furnished. Asking $49,000.  SECHELT WATERFRONt: Two" lots onBoulevdrd St. 70'" x:"l 297EacfT  treed & sewered. Asking $40,000 per lot.  ^ERGEANTS--RDr-$59^00.-Watch"therBeachrembeTS"ftlffiir^  your living room window. This immaculate home has a fantastic  view of Keats Island, Gibsons Harbour and beyond. Well maintained  garden affords beauty and privacy in a village setting. For appointment to view call Bob.  course. Quiet area, mobile home permitted. FP $11,900.  you buy  1. A real estate  professional can synchronize  your "sell and buy" transaction if you are in this  situation. He can make both  moves easier for you.  2. When you are buying, a  real estate agent can guide  you in all benqffts available  from government and  financial sources. Every  licensee keeps abreast of  legislation dealing with the  housing market.  3. Market value Is the real  estate sales agent's daily  business. His advice on the  home you want to buy will be  guided by his' Intimate  knowledge of housing,  location, condition and  amenities.  4. Every day the  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE arrives on the desk  of every sales agent in the two  Ixwer Mainland Real Estate  Boards. No matter what  location you choose, a  selection Is available to you  through an MLS sales person.  5. Words like 'zoning*,  'mortgage' , 'secondary  financing' and 'leasehold'  may be mysteries to the  layman, but form a part of  everday conversation to a real  ostato professional. Tap this  wealth of knowledge by  buying through a duly  licensed professional and save  ninny a headache later.  6. A real estate sales  person is n trained, Informed  professional In a service  occupation and is bound by a  strict code of ethics to protect  tho public.  Advertising  help* you find  exactly  what you need.  CANADIAN AlrVtHtlMNO ADVISORY ROAM)  ������1 "���'  WEST SECHELT One of the prettiest- split  levels around' Less than one year old. Twin  Seal windows & screens Half basement  with downstairs bathroom. 7x9 steel shed  on a cement pad Asking $49,900. Call  Doug.  SELMA PARK: 2 bdrm part basement home on a large view site.  Home is near new and in excellent condition. Wrap around sundeck  and double carport. Basement is finished. FP $54,500.  WATERFRONT WEST SECHELT: Pebble beach  with your own road right to water. 3  fcedrms, 3 complete bathrooms, recreation  room, wine cellar and lots of extras. View  from all living areas. One of the better  waterfront homes on the coast. Bob.  DAVIS BAY MOTEL: 10 s.c. units plus owner's home. 4 lots frontinp  on Highway 101 & beach.'--35'l.47*''frontage: Large workshop 4"  storage. Selling under assessed value. $225,000.|t*trms.*:-'i^  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: a cozy, near new 792 sq ft 2 bedroom  home close to the beach at Chapman Creek. Not stairs, electric  heat, double glazing. Government prepaid lease has 19 years to  run. FP $32,000.  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acres with 100 feet  ��� road frontage. Excellent buys at full price $15,000 each.  ROBERTS CREEK: A fine building lot 72 x 105', close to beach access.  Property is sloping to the south. Paved road. Asking $15,000.  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx one treed acre. 99' on Redrooffs Rd.  Close to beach and boat launch. Fully serviced. FP only $10,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE ��� Lot 6. selectively cleared leaving some trees.  View of the ocean & within walking distance to shopping. Sewered  this year. Asking $12,000.  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 acre. Level building lot. Hydro  and regional water at road. Check & compare. Attractively priced at  $9,450. "  SECHELT VILLAGE��� SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ���  Spectacular view of the Inlet & mountains.  1058 sq ft of easy to keep 2 bedroom home.  Landscaped by a professional. Priced to sell  Immediately ot $44,900. Call Doug.  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 3 bedroom full  ���basement home on a large landscaped lot,  lots of sundeck on the south west side. The  home  also has  a  extra   large  attached.  -_-QM.bJe_ggrqgejwJth_dirtCt._er_-y.Jlp_.J___L.  basement.   Rec   room   and   bedroom   in  basement   are   basically   finished.   FP  $65,900. Call Stan.  GIBSONS - NORTH ROAD: Near new 3 bedroom  home with 3  -bathrooms, has shake roof & cedar siding    which blend into the  wooded setting overlooking Keats Island & beyond) Good location,  close to ferry for commuting. Ready of occupancy next month.  Priced at $64,900.  ACREAGE  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT: Sechelt-Village������ 62.5 x 120'. Ready for  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home. Value  $11,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x 179' lot, corner location,  je��y.qccess^Exce!!ent^    WATERFRONT ACREAGE: 1.47 acres of wooded parkland with 104'  of frontage on Howe Sound. The site is gently sloping and provides  a spectacular view of the channel between Bowen and Gambier  Islands. Priced at $40,000,  '  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330 x 660'. Will eventually  have a view. Close to the arena. Try your offer to $35,000.  WILSON CREEK: On Browning Rd, a 75 x 158' view lot only 300' from  beach, road access, This lot is partially cleared and fenced, ready to  build on. A quiet street close to all facilities. One of a kind at  $16,900.  GIBSONS: 2 1/2 acres with modern 3  bedroom basement home, Oil fired hot  water heating, two fireplaces, rec room and  many other features, Approx. 1 1/2 acres  cleared and In lawn with fruit trees and  shrubs, excellent soil. FP $68,000. Stan.  nam  DAVIS BAY: ONE OF THE COASTS FINEST ���  Fully finished on both floors. This all cedar  home Is of the highest quality. Two heatilator  fireplaces make the home very inexpensive  to heat. One extra large main floor bedroom  and 2 on the, lower level. Large attached two  car carport and a large carpeted sundeck, all  thermal pane windows, a lot that Is over 1/2  acre and landscaped make this a MUST SEE  home I FP $73,500, Call Stan.  m  WILSON CREEK���Own your own trailer park on Hwy 101. Complete ,  with mobile home for you to live in. Winding stream through 2.41  acres, two double wide concrete pads. Asking $60,000,  HALFMOON BAY: Approx 1.1 acres. 2'BR home. Could put second  home on this property. FP $44,900.  EGMONT WATERFRONT I: Excellent investment opportunity. Close  to 560' of waterfront with 5 acres & a 5 yr old dpuble wide home.  Asking $85,000 with 1/2 dn, All offers 8 trades will be considered.  EGMONT WATERFRONTAGE: Over 20 acres with approx 1000' of  waterfront. Could be an excellent Investment. Vendor offers terms  with i 50,000 dn. Consideration given to trades.  SELMA PARK: Prime building lot) Over 150' road frontage. Large  enough to assure privacy. FP $18,500.  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT: Lot 80 x 414' ��� Great view with all  services, water, paved road, cablevision, hydro. FP $26,500.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS: Inlet view lot 50 x 120 x 90. Close to marine,  Asking $13,500.  VIEW LOTS, SANDY HOOK ��� take your choice of 3, priced low to  sell at $8,050 & $8,150. Owner will look at reasonable offers to  these low prices.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Sunshine Heights Lot 67 x 125' In a district  containing some fine new homes. Level and easy to clear, All  services. $2,000 down and easy monthly payments. FP $ 10,900,  -ANDY HOOK; Spectacular view Lot In quiet residential area. 55 x  163' zoned Rll. Mobile homes permitted. Asking $10,500,  COOPER   RD;   Lot   80x263',   treed,   level. Services along paved  road, Asking $11,500,  FIRST TIME OFFERED,  SOON TO BE SEWERED VILLAGE LOTS  Lot 2 Block Q $10,750  Lot 3 Block Q $10,750  Lot 4 Block Q $10,750  Lot 9 Block Q $12,900  Lot 10 Block Q $12,900  Lot 12 Block Q $11,000  Lot 13 Block Q $13,500  Lot 14 Block Q $12,000  Lot 15 Block Q $12,500  Lot 16 Block Q $13,500  Lot 17 Block Q $13,500  Lot 18 Block Q $13,500  Lot 16 Block R $11,500  Lot 17 Block R $11,500  Lot 18 Block R $11,500     Lot 19 Block R $11,500  Lot 20 Block R $12,500  Lot 21 Block R $12,500   T ! Police report  Wednesday, April 4,1979      The Peninsula Times  PageB-5  "As the good weather rolls, in, Sechelt  RCMP are, receiving" numerous complaints of young persons?riding motor-  ^ydes~^nd_nc_d-tt:b-ke_r_on;rpublic~and  private property..  "Unless permission is obtained from  property owners, the biker is liable to  charges under\the motor vehicle and  trespass acts. If th|biker is apprenended,  the RCMP say they will seize the Bike at  The owners expense.  If there is an accident involved, the  person will be held for damages' and  - possiblyT^r. bersuedin Tjivilcourfc   The-Bf-^^are^ repeating parents'  " assistance because it^is parientl 'who'a^rle'  ' sued, not the young person. They ask that  parents learn where their children are  riding, if they are properly licfinced and  whether they are wearing toe-mets.  I ____  m  Book Look  By MURRIE REDMAN  CHRISTIAN OCCASIONS, A. Whitman,  Doubleday Dolphin, $8.95.  SAINTS ALIVE:  by A. Fremantle,  Doubleday, $9.95.  INVITATION TO MARK, JOHN,. ACTS  by P. Achtemeler, G. MacRae, and R.  Karris respectively, Doubleday Image,  $3.75 each.  As the Christian 'occasion., of Easter  approaches, thoughts turn to religion. No  matter, who the individual, the spiritual  side of that being's nature is an important  aspect of his or her character. In North  America we enjoy a vast number of  denominational and non-denominational  groups.-The books that follow do not  preach, but do provide an insight into the  variety of religious systems available as a  choice in our free world.  CHRISTIAN OCCASIONS is  an in-~  timate photographic look at some of the  more bizarre religious sects in the United  States.  The pictures are taken in what is called  "the Bible belt". The heat of the sun seems  to bring out the foot-stomping, Bible-  thumping nature of the human being as the  photographs prove. "Getting saved" is not  a humdrum, quiet ceremony .between  yourself and your God. In this book, it is an  agonizing, tearful, joyously-hysterical  event accompanied by shouting ministers  of the gospel and hand-dapping audiences.  From truck chapels, model holy cities,  drive in churches, and auditoriums, fer-  However, with the Reverend Jim Jones  not far behind us, skepticism hovers near.  SAINTS ALIVE: portrays the lives of  13 of the more popular saints. Among them  are Paul, Augustine, Benedict and Francis  of Assisi. Where the first book is, full^of  lighifiess^ndTiumourrthe- secohd~-sr  academic and historical. Questions such  as ��� how does an ordinary person become  a saint? are answered in this book. It is full  of detail and history. The scholarly nature  of the volume has it arranged  chronologically from around the year 5, to  1917 with St. Francis Cabrini.  - One becomes a saint by going the extra  uncalled for mile that most of us wish for,  but never attain. Lessons are to be gained  from reading about the sacrifices, often of  life and limb, that were given so freely by  these people. How nicetoseejhat women  are represented, in Saints, Bridget of  Sweden, Helena, Catherine of Siena and  Therese of Lisieux.  Image Books presents a series of bible  study paperbacks called Invitations  To...They are commentaries on the  various books of the bible. For those involved in Lenten studies, they are an interesting guide. The chapters are set up  with an introduction to each biblical book.  The Jerusalem Bible text follows, with a  commentary useful for discussion or  contemplation    _   __  In each book there is a list of further  reading suggestions. Having a different  A~window was_K6ken7at7Century 21"  Real Estate during the evening of March  29. The same evening there were,four  windowsbrokenatCJopptng'-r Car-Town.-  The Sunshine Inn in Garden Bay was  broken into March 29 and nothing appears  to be missing so far. A boat moored at  Pender Harbour was broken into and tools  and fishing gear worth $1,100 was stolen.  A 12-foot aluminum boat with fishing  tackle was stolen from Backhouse Road in  Madeira Park March ,29. The items, are  valued at approximately $500.  An electric jig-saw worth $35 was  reported stolen from a shed March 27. A  break-in was attempted at the hot-dog  stand near the IGA in Madeira Park  March 27. The hot-dog stand has been  Tl-tmaged on numerous~occaston_riuid-  RCMP ask anyone who saw anything to .  call them.  There was a report of a hit-and-run on a  parked motor vehicle in the Sakinaw Lake  parking lot March 26. The offence oc-  curred March 24 and police are in-  vestigating.  Approximately $6,000 worth of stereo  equipment was stolen in a break-in at a  Madeira Park residence March 25. A few  tools and some liquor were stolen,from  another Madeira Park residence the same  day. '- '    ���  Vandals splashed paint on the wharfinger's cabin at the Sechelt Government  .Wharf March 25.   Gibsons RCMP are investigating a  break-in at a Lower Road residence that  happened between March 14 and 29. A  break-in to a shed on Lower Road between _  March 23 and 28 netted the thief or thieves  a half-bottle of rum.  Festival Highlights  Concert at Chatelech  Fine performers who came close to  winning awards at the recent Music,  Drama . and Dance Festival will be  featured in ia Festival Highlights Concert  at Chatelech School, Sechelt on Saturday  evening at 7:30.  vent folk are healed, saved and preached  to. It looks like ajjery happy time.  author for each, means a variety- of  -toui-rt-randTjptnions-toTnake^the-series-  more stimulating.  Admission is only $1 for adults, 25 cents  for-students-so-come���and���see���these���j  talented artists in action again.  Ontufli.  m  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271  HOMES  GIBSONS AREA TO ROBERTS CREEK  $54,000  bedroom homo on-  LANGDALE  largo spacious 2  85x165' lot. Large kitchen, dining  room, sundeck, carport, 2 fireplaces,  2 bathrooms, finished basement.  Price includes fridge, stove, washer  -and dryer. Larry Reardon-885-3924v-  NEW ON THE MARKET ��� A really great location. 8 new lots on  NorWest Bay Road opposite Derby Road. They are in their  natural state, so you can create your own landscaping. Some  with view. Your choice of 7 lots at $10,900. Larry Reardon, 885-  3924.  QUALITY AT BARGAIN PRICE  Quality constructed 2 bedroom home has a large sundeck &  view of Lambs Bay. 1/2 basement is finished with plumbing &  private entrance for In-law suite. A great buy at only $35,500.  Rita-Percheson;-885-5706.��� ; ���':���v���-.���.���- :��������-  YMCA RD  $49,500  WEST SECHELT  $56,500  ___-__*  A great family home, neat as a pin,  and spacious. 3 bedroom home large  LR with fireplace, close to ferry, It has  an attractive kitchen dining room  area. Carport and outside storage  space. Larry Reardon 885-3924.  ONLY STEPS TO BEACH  This family favorite has 5 bedrooms and a large rec, ���room.  Completely fenced yard is safe for children. Lots of room for only  $48,900. Rita Percheson 885-5706.  UP & DOWN DUPLEX $49,500  Largo 3 bedroom with excollont revenue potential, located on 1  aero near Roberts Creek on Highway 10,1. Vendor will consider  offers. Ed Baker 885-2641.      ���  CHfRYl, ANNE PARK $42,500  Spotless 2 bdrm home In secluded  aroa, family size kitchen with  separate dining room. Fireplace In  20' LR with now wall to wall, Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374. '  ELT AREA  IMPOSSIBLE? $57,6001  1700 sq, ft, of qulalty workmanship In this now homo under  construction, You chooso carpets and colours, Many doluxo  features In this boauly, Wllcon Crook, Rita Porchoson 005-5706  or Chuck Dowman 805-9374,  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD $39,900  Everything Is oversized In this largo  mobile, with approx 1300 ��q ft floor  area,  Joined  under  ono roof   are  71x12  and  36x12   units,   creating  amplo space lor a roc room large  !onough to houso a pool table.   3  bedrooms,   largo   sundeck   and   a   separate garage. (30x16)  Priced to, soil. Larry Roardon 88i<J924,  SECHELT VI1LAOE $38,000  Cozy bungalow, 2 bdrms could bo 3. Noal 8, cloan Inslclo and out,  walk lo shopping & schook Largo LR with w/w corpollng, kit-  "   clion 8, ciinotto, carport," Foncod and fully landscaped,''For' fullior  Info, rail Ed Bakor 005-2641.  SECHELT VILLAOEi 3 bdrm sparkler,  Charming ft Immaculate w-dlnlng rm  and kitchen oatlng space, cozy  flroplaco ft carpeted throughout.  Only 1 yr old and already hat a  bountiful garden with fruit troos,  Priced to noil fast at $46,900.  |,Phono Kan'W��l!fj3a6-7223 ,  | $_9,500  Ronova!ed.-2����^f,��f hornin,lSood slxo kllchon wllh dining aroa,    ,  "OriaWciroom on main floor, 2 chlldron'* rooms up, 1 block to  wator. Now wall to wall throughout, Chuck Dowman, 005-9374,  Ify.iy.AC.llr.ATfi .... 3 bdrm homo In  Socholt Vlllago. Largo corner lot Is  completely fenced and landscaped.  Carport has ad|olnlng workshop ft  storage area, Price roducod for quick  salo, only $43,900, Rita Percheson,  805-5706 ftChuck Dowman; 88S-  9374,  yM.Ufi.lAWfVV*'-^        157.000  Attractive Spanish type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3 years built,  Large LR 20 x 20 with fireplace, open beam ceilings, DR, family  kitchen. All bdrms large, master ensuite, w/w throughout. Large  workshop at roar. Floor area 1584 sq ft. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  REDROOFFS TO PENDER HARBOUR AREA  REDROOFFS AREA $45,000  Gardeners paradise, 2 bdrm well-  maintained rancher situated on large  attractively landscaped lot 100 x  263, separate garage, 1 rm cottage,  greenhouse, large playroom for the  youngsters. To view call Ed Baker,  885-2641,  SUNNYCREST  SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-1277  VANCOUVER  TOLL FREE  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  A RJ. 2 ^jbsons,B��. VQJL1V0  682-1513  CONVEYANCING ��� REAL ESTATJE CONSULTING ��� APPRAISALS ���NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  WILLIAMSONS LANDING:  This beautiful summer or year-round luxury home  rpust.be seen to be believed I A 200 foot high and low  tide dock makes this-the home for the boater. Fishing,  water skiing, and pleasure boating all out the front  door on 100 feet of your own. .78 acres of waterfront'  .-j-COP,edy.Jle-Q"J-i-!iJ.?8Q. square feet A-frame home  features three bedrooms with loft and part finished  -basement. 25x8 sundeck overlooks Howe Sound.  Large guest cottage with fireplace, fridge, stove, 220V  and sundeck. ' $109,500  s  LOOKOUT DRIVE ��� Overlooking Porpois.e  Boy this near new 1200 sq ft basement  home.has everything a family would want  for comfortable living & more. 4 bedrooms,  full bath plus ensuite, convenient utility  room upstairs and plenty of cupboards &  cabinets. Situated on a completely landscaped lot in quiet residential area. Other  features include huge rec room, 2  fireplaces, twin seal windows and screens.  Priced for a quick sale. FP $49,900.  STEWART RD: Lovely Spanish style home on  1-1/2 acres level land. Four bedrooms,  separate dining room, sunken living room  with fireplace. Almost 1400 square feet of  living space on one floor. Definitely a one of  a kind. $55,000.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Architect  designed tudor home in quiet cul de sac  with some ocean view. This large 1278  square feet three bedroom home must be  seen. t|vo finished fireplaces, finished rec  room, ejnsuite plumbing, two sundecks and  the list Keeps going on. Situated amongst  other quality homes. Front yard landscaped  with many evergreens. Don't buy before  seeing this home. $62,500.  FIRCREST PLACE: Three bedroom family  home very nicely appointed. Large rec room  with built-in bar nearly completed. Many  kitchen cabinets, fireplace. Nicely treed lot  tnnted"on"qut��ftTio"lhroogh-streBf-clo?e-to"  schools and shopping. $49,900.  DAVIDSON RD: Langdale. Fantastic 8  Sensational! New three bedroom home  close to school and ferries. Quality built and  covered under the Government Home  Warranty Program. Situated on a large  nicely treed view lot at the end of a quiet cul  de sac. Ail new quality homes in the area.  $51,500.  O'SHEA ROAD: Nice little house on very  nice lot at a terrific price. If it's your first  home and you qualify you can receive the  $2,500 grant which doesn't have to be  repaid. $27,500.  1258 HEADLAND ROAD: Cozy village home  with good view of the Bay. Close to beach  and boat launch. Lane access in rear. Ideal  .itnrtftr   home   and   vendor   will   consider  CHEAPER THAN RENT $32,500  4-yr old 3 bdrm full bsmt home on one aero noar SHversands.  Live In whllo you do tho finishing. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  JTftHTPIUPifflAA  ���'-HM-mA  Everywhere you look there Is vnlun  lit thin truly beautiful homo, In  Wait Snchnll, Calhodrgl enhance.  3 bedrooms, 2 tlroplacas, largo roc    _______________________________  "���"ftiam, wnrtuoom* pUm pno ''b*dro9mJ,iulirk'da^ifdli^,^1l;ffIy;m:'''  landscaped and tho pilco has boon roducod to $57,000, Larry  Roardon 005-3924,  LOTS AND ACREAGE  INVESTMENT POTENTIAL! In this beautiful 1/2 acre + wooded  lot on Wlldwood Road, Zoned R2 for mobile homos. Hydro and  wator, Rita Porchoson 805-5706. $10,500,  WATfinTRPNT f.QVYHiVUOT -At Sqndy Hook wo have this  100'+ waterfront lot, closo to road and ad|olnlng with an excellent vlow lot that lies next to B.T. Larry Reardon, 805-3924.  $15,500 ft $8,500.  1/2 ACRE LOT ��� Cleared and roady to build on, Sorvlcod, Incl  cablo. Nickorson Rd, Ed Baker, 085-2641, $13,500,  1.17 ACRES -Nlcoly trood, gentloslope to SW, will havo a good  vlow when some troos como down, Ed Bakor, 885-2641,  $18,600,   ..,, ,        ,  BARE flfl ACRES ��� Only 5 minutes wost of Socholt. High and dry,  mostly traad. Chuck Dowman, 889-9374, Asking $62,000.  NQRWE$T BAY ROAD- Wpodod lot, ) 50x70', zonod R2, trailer-  allowed. Sign on. Ed Baker, 089-2641. $12,500,  WB-CgMfiWQQP-- An extra largo lot; 125 x 200', sorvlcod wllh  hydro and water. Larry Roardon, 085-3924. $9,750,  fiEAUTJBJU-ALrlACRLLQI.- Loaded with trees on blacktop road,  with hydro and wator. Larry Roardon, 005-3924. $13,300.  HALF A-JSllsOI- Large trood lot at tho corner of Rodrooffs Roqd  and tho road to Sargent Bay. Sorvlcod with hydro and wator, '  Larry Reardon, 685-3924, $15,000.  PAROAIN HARBOUR LOT ��� Seml-waterfront properly, |ust across  the Narrows bridge and facing Bargain Harbour. Trood and good  for building on, wllh |u��t tho road botwaen you and tho water,  Lqny Roardon, 005.3924, $22,500,  H HIGHWAY 101, COMMERCIAL C2  f Corner of Airport Road  SHOPPING ClENT^IPOf ENTI Al  ' Lot 4, Comor lot 1.003 acres,  [, prlco $125,000  I'     ' Lo|3, Inside lot 1.770 acros,  price $75,000  .���.������,.,J..,������,-.���,.w,���,.,.���������-.��� ..���,���$|4j(Q0o���..w.,,  ,., Wj|| built cpmmorslal building.Jn,S*��tinlJ,,y)IJpat..wlt|i.����M!.f��il��jn<l  rental history, Ad 2nd floor for additional Income, 900 It vacant  far you, C, Dowman 005-9374.  s  ���  s  ���  ���  9  ���  B  ���  B  carrying Agreement for Sale. $28,000.  ELPHINSTONE: A terrific view from this  large home on double lot. Two finished  fireplaces and a sundeck with- plenty of.  room for summer entertaining. This Is a  home built for owner with the best of  materials. $62,500.  NORTH FLETCHER; Five_room_home with  ~<_evel6pment~in half~basernehtr_ons'76"x~  129 with panoramic view of Keats, Shelter.  Islands the water and- mountains. Very  private. Separate garage. Livingroom has  fireplace and dining area will take large  suite. New copper piping and new electrical  wiring. $43,500.  HWY 101 ft ARGENT ROAD: In the heart of  Roberts Creek 8/10 of an acre of nicely  treed gently sloping land. With 600 sq. ft. 2  bedroom home, -presently heated with  w6od burning heater but wired for 220  volts. Second dwelling permitted and could  be built behind existing building. F.P.  $24,900.    HOPKINS LANDING: Two bedroom view  home 1/4 mile frbm Langdale Ferry Terminal. See Keats, Gambier and Lions Bay  from the large combination family  room/dining room or from the living room.  Heatilator fireplace. 19 x 27 concrete  basement for workshop and storage. Five  appliances included. Park like landscape.  $42,900.  1286 HEADLANDS ROAD: This three  bedroom home is attractively situated at  the base of the Bluff and close to the boat  launching ramp. Great living room for  entertainment, 16 x 25. Also has 10-1/4%  mortgage. $42,900.  ~172<TMARTIN ROAD: You couldn't wish for  a better location in Gibsons, being within  ���"easy^walking-distance-to-shopSr-schools,--  and harbour. Spacious and comfortable one  level home in excellent condition featuring  large livingroom, three bedrooms, one full  bathroom plus powder room off living area,  huge sundeck. Landscaped lot and a  beautiful view. $45,900.  1272 HEADLAND ROAD: Ideal starter home  for Mr. Fix-Up. Two ��� bedroom home  presently rented out at $195 per month. _  Close to beach and boat launch. Lane access  in rear. Close to shopping and transportation. $28,000.  MARINE DR: Soames Point, Gibsons. Ideal  summer home on beautiful large view lot.  Beach access just across the street. Good  recreational or holding property. Large  covered sundeck overlooking Keats Island  ���-tort   Hn���P   Snnnrl    VftnHnr   will    consider  CRUCIL RD: Bright ond spacious three  bedroom family view home in excellent  condition located within easy walking  -distance to schools and shops. Large kitchen  ^with built-in dishwasher and indirect  lighting. Two fireplaces. Huge recreation  room. Lots of extra space in daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  workshop. $58,900.  LANGDALE: This non-basement Langdale  three bedroom view home features extensive use of granite on exterior and huge  walk-around fireplace. Modern kitchen has  solid walnut cabinets and built-in dishwasher. A garage and workshop round out  "I tie- picture7-$4^ 500:   DAVIS RD: Ideal starter or retirement home.  Only two blocks from schools and shopping.  This three bedroom home has everything  you need for comfort and convenience. The  carport could easily be converted to a  family room and a separate carport could  be built on many sites within the extra large  landscaped lot. $39,500.  1402 ALDERSPRING ROAD: Two storey  home on quiet cul de sac with view  overlooking Gibsons Harbour. Three  bedrooms on main floor. Fully furnished  suite on ground floor. Completely fenced  and in lawn. Close to park, tennis courts and  shopping. $47,500.  DAVIS & SHAW RD: A Gold Medallion four  bedroom home. Three levels of luxurious  living. Four bedrooms,  carrying Agreement for Sale. $33,500.  TRICKLEBROOK DRIVE: In the Village of  Gibsons, 3 bedroom mobile home with 2 full  bathrooms; Fully skirted and set up ready  for you to move. Situated on nicely treed lot,  sewer, close to schools & shopping. F.P.  $29,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Beautiful view lot on a  quiet cul de sac in an area of new homes.  All, underground services. Cleared and  ready for building. $5,000 down, balance by  Agreement for Sale. $17,900.  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION: Fantastic  view lots. An area of new and varied  homes. These lots offer themselves to many  different building locations. En|oy privacy  and the vlow of Howe Sound. Priced from  $12,900. . >  SCHOOL ft WYNGART ROADS: Only 4 of  those Duplex lots loft. Beautiful view  properties overlooking the Bay, Closo to  schools and shopping* All lots perfectly  sultod to slde-byslde or up-down duplex  construction. Priced at $15,500 and  $16,500,  FIRCREST ROAD: Ovor 20 nlcoly trood  building lots to chooso from. 61x131. Wo  will arrange to have a home built for you,  Locatod a short drive down Pratt Road.  Prlcod at $9,700 oach.  CREEKSIDE PARK ��� ESTATES: In Gibsons  Village on North Road, Lots for slnglo wldos,'  double wldos and conventional homos, All  on sower, wator, hydro and all within throe  blocks of Iho shopping contro, schools and  modlcal clinic, Prlcod from $10,900 to  $19,900,  LOTS  FAIRVIEW RD: Nearly 1/4 acre of flat easy  to build on land. Mobile homes are allowed.  Large cedar trees, provide privacy and  enhance this setting. Close to Cedar Grove  School, $11,900.  DAVIDSON RD: 2/5 of an acre with a  fantastic view from Langdale Ridge, This lot  has a small creek on the very back of the  proporty. All new, homes In this area.  $14,900,  TUWANEK: 80 x 140 lot only one block to  beach. Full view of the Inlet, Piped community wator available. $9,900.  ABBS RD: Vlow of Bay aroa and Georgia  Strait Is yours from this beautiful lot In aroa  of elaborate homes, Two blocks to schools  and shopping, $19,900.  REDROOFFS AREA: Over 1 treed acre. This  sloping proporty offers maximum privacy  and Is actually two lots, (Can bo bought  soparately). Serviced'with regional wator.  Power 2 blocks away. $15,800.  SMITH ROAD: Cloarod vlow lot close to forry  terminal and oceanview, Triangular shaped  lot with good building site. $14,000.  two bathrooms, two  hot water tanks. Family room, rec room and  utility. Double glazed windows and  separate entrance to basement.  $57,000.  GRANDVIEW RD (Off Pine): Lovely three  bedroom ranch style home situated on  secluded and fully landscaped 1/2 acre.  Southern exposure combines privacy with  view of Georgia Strait and Vancouver  Island. Huge Carport allows for easy addition of a family room and still leaves a  carport. Sundeck accessed from living room  and master bedroom. Floor to ceiling cut  rock fireplace, thermopane windows.  Winding concrete driveway and many other  features. $63,500.  THOMPSON & FORBES: Langdale. New out  of the ordinary rancher on 79 x 135 lot.  Featuring living room, dining room, three  bedrooms, family room and utility. Garage  fireplace. Very attractive and practical floor  plan. $48,500.  CHEKWELP: Prime waterfront on Chekwelp  Indian Reserve. Three bedrooms, stone  fireplace, A truly beautiful spot. $36,750.  SOUTH FLETCHER: At School Road. Two lots  40 x 150 each. One lot has a cottage which  could be rented. These lots are mostly  cleared and ready for building. A spectacular view of the entire Bay area and  Keats Island, $27,500,  ACREAGE  ~~T.nr"  'Vi;  lu  " Mt^wijrw **  ��    MIIKW INFLATION  We're the Neighborhood Professionals  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmw^  HWY 101 ft ARGENT RDi 6/10 of an aero of  trood land In Roberts Crook 2 blks from tho  Masonk Hall. 2 dwelling* allowed on tho  proporty. 100 foot of Hwy frontage that  would be Idoal for domestic Industry site  wllh homo behind, On Hydro ft Regional  wator. F.P, $14,900,'   GIBSONS VILLAOE: Wo offor you 1/3 of an  aero of parMlko property locatod within  (Jlbsont) VII|aflo, Has crook flowing through,  this sacludod private area, Needs  Imaginative ownor to bring out full  potential, Offers to $10,500,  TRAIL ISLANDS; Largo watorlront lot with  small covo for moorage, Beautiful vlow on  throo sides, Excollont fishing spot on your  doorstop, Call and lot us show yau this  watorfront roatroal. $17,900,  HILLCREST: $5,000 down, balance by  Agreement for Salo will purchase this  boautlful vlow lot on a qulot cul do sac, All  underground sarvlces, Cleared and roady  for building, $14,900.  UPLANDS RD: Tuwanok. Idoal recreation lot  In beautifully wooded and park like sotting.  Zoned for trailers. This lo* ovorlooks Socholt  Inlet and, tho..jjamb Ulgnd,M$99a    ,.;..  WAKEFIELD RD: Good building lot on wator  and pdwar overlooking Georgia Strait and  tho Trail Islands, This Is a corner lot In a  nowly built up aroa. $12,500.  McCULLOUGH RDi Wilson Crook. Close to  ono aero of trood proporty with sub-division  possibilities, $22,500. ,  COMMERCIAL W^TERPRONTiGlbioni, With  watorfront as scarce at It Is this double uio  lot represents real value, $33,000.   ,  OOWER PT, RD, AT 14th: Noarly 1/2 aero of  vlow property, Approximately 00' x 250', R2  zonod with 2 dl��tlnctlvo building sites. Local  by-laws allow 2 dwellings on this proporty.  Partially cleared, Closed to Olbsons and  ��!������� to |ho boach. $16,900.  GRANDVIEW ft PRATT: Building lot In a fast  growing area, Approximate size Is 146 x  141 x 74 x 125, Prosont all offers on tho  asking prlco ol $11,500,  ^������i.wiMi..-.i.i��-n���-mniiMiiinn.iii^lmiWiis^iiin.s... -nwi m%  SCHOOL RDi Throo vlow lots 73 x 110. On  ���owor. The** blocks from schools and  ���hopping contro, Cloarod (or building.  $16,000 each,  SCHOOL RD: 1,56 acros ad|acent to tho  elementary school. Could be subdivided  Into lots, On sewer and all services,  $58,000,  PARK ROAD: Gibsons, Excollont prospects ,  for  tho ono  who   holds  this  potentially  commercially zonod 5 acros. Lightly cloarod,  close   to   shopping   centre   and   schools,  $59,000.  GIBSONS: ApproxImatoly 16 acros. 2nd  growth treos, level, groat for a hobby farm.  Close to Gibsons. Good holding proporty  and prlcod at only $4,000 por acre. Soo this  now, Largo acreages aro getting scarce,  $64,000.  CHASTER RD: Two acros of nlcoly trood,  lovol lond across tho straot from  Codar  Grovo School. Zoning allows subdivision  Into 1/4 aero lots, Excollont for hobby farm'  or Investment. $30,000,  ARGENT RDi 2,7 trood acros In tho heart of  Roberts Crook, 5 lot subdivision has boon  approved, Excollont soil and drainage,  Perfect for hobby farm on holding proporty,  F.P. $34,900,  HIGHWAY 101: -4-1.7 acres vacant land  locatod on Highway 101, Mlddlopolnt +30  . mllos from Gibsons, Logging road,, not In  uso, through property, Avorago subdivision  slxo permitted 1 /% aero, Southerly oxposuro  and good vlow. $30,500.  lORHIE GIRARD  886-7760  JON McRAE   ANNE GURNET CHRIS KANMINEN  885-3670       886-2164 885-3545  B  i  ���  ���  HIGHWAY 1011 +20 acros with Insulated  cottaga |ust remodelled, Locatod on Highway 101 In Middle Point +, mllos from  Gibsons, Avorago subdivision sl��o permitted 1/2 aero, Cottage has all services,  Southerly oxposuro and vlow from higher  elevation at rear, $49,600.  BAYVIEW: 2.0 partially cloarod acros In  Roberts Crook wllh 275' frontage. Crook  runs through tho proporty, Idoal for hobby  farm, Closo to boach. Zoning permits  �� subdivision Into,l/SKacr�� lots. $39,900.  ARNE PETTERSEN  886-9793  JAYVISSER  8853300  DAVE ROBERTS  886-8040  STEVE SAWYER  886-2691  &**-.<  \ z_.  Regional budget kept to 5 pc line  The SCRD board last week approved  their 1979 operating budget of about $1.5  jnillioriincludihg.ej-penditures ofjiearly  $850,000 for regional goventtnent services  liri<.   jp56,TW0   for   water   supply   and"  distribution. -_-������ J _, i__r  -\ (Schedule G in the budget showed $72,182"  fpr the Sechelt sanitary sewer specified  area and schedule D showed a capital  expenditures  program   for   1979   of  $1,556,111.  , Finance committee chairman David  Hunter said they had kept most of the  items.within the 5 per cent provincial  government guidelines except the joint-  use of schools function and pagers for  Halfmoon and Roberts Creek Fire  Departments.  "The finance committee did an ex-  _cellent jfih-betoreltookoyer^this. portfolio  Presley said the biggest reason the mill  rate for this year, will go down slightly on  the average is because the region is getting over $40,000 more in provincial grants  relating to houslng^starts:��� ~   ^-^There-will be a-small reduction^  became rf_the7ttc^sed^sess��l value  the area. However, iTan,  assessed value has gone  overall in  dividual's  during the year, the mill rate will go up  accordingly," she explained.  Requisitions are up in the three fire  departments, West Howe Sound by 30 per  cent to $23,140, Roberts Creek by 20 per  cent to $35,633 and Halfmoon Bay 25 per  cent to $31,649. Garbage site requisitions  are up to $77,310 from $55,562 last year and  joint community use of school facilities  requisitions are up from $63,953 last year  to $89,800,  Center, Hopkins Landing, and District  Park requisitions are all down slightly  from last year.  Biggest project expenditures are  iteworksexpansions-forWorth-Road-at-  $465,000, _ Flume Road _ $410,000, _ water  supply mains" replacement at $254,683r  in=���westward���expansion- of. waterworks  up  CBC  system B-L 111 at $200,000, joint use of  schools at $89,140 and garbage site improvements carried over from 1978 at  $56,524. '  -���-Street���lighting���improvements���have"  been .approved for the Egmont Road-  Sunshine Coast Highway intersection and"  the Port Mellon Hwy.-YMCA Road corner  Life, work of Byron  and (former chairman) Duv Charles Lee------ Community planning requisitions-are-. _Newton-as-the_poet  AM RADIO  Saturday, Anthology 10:05 p.m. Before  the Years of Exile, a documentary on the  life and work of Byron, with Christopher  and the secretary-treasurer (Ann Presley)  are to be commended," Hunter added.  Comparing total requisitions by  taxation of $459,006 in 1978 and $457,191 in  1979 there is a slight increase.  down to $53,028 from $68,352 and building  inspection requisitions down from $23,201  to $15,855.  Regional parks, recreation programs,  Pender Harbour and District  Health  Div. 7 Sechelt Elementary  Stories by kids  THE GIANT STORM  By Darren Kohuch       "  - ~  There were these real poor people that  had very little farm land, a small house, a  _CQ-E,_lQg^cat,_chickens,_jMgs _and, _pf _  course, a barn for the animals to sleep or\  eat in.  It was very cloudy and it was going to  storm, so they rounded up the animals and  put them in the barn. Then they got ready  for the storm.  Finally it started to rain. Then thunder,  lightening, and the wind came. Then trees  started to fall from the storm. All the  animals were yelping and screaming and  squealing, too.  It was going to flood everywhere and  drown the animals. They could'nt go out in  the storm because they might get hit by  lightening or perhaps drown themselves.  The next day it was a mess, but the  animals survived the storm by hiding in  the cracks of hay so the people got the  animals out and everything was alright.  Then some othef people cleared the  trees away and built a road right in front of  their house so they moved to another  place.  That place was a city in Saskatchewan.  He and she got a job and the kids were  going to school. They were just living in an  apartment."   Then they started to get some money  and never spent too much of it. They just  kept on saving until they could build a new  house.  Then in a few weeks they were settled.  They bought another house and had his  own company. Never again would they be  suffering on a small farm and being poor.  ���The End���  THE HAUNTED HOUSE  - By Stacy Walker���    Once there was a house in the forest. It  was very big. In the house there was an old  man who lived in it. 7   . One day. the old man died. So then six  people moved into it. There was a mother,  father and four kids. One night when they  went to sleep they heard footsteps.  They got up and looked for a new house.  They found one so they moved in it. That  was about two year's from now.  Then my friend and I went for a walk in  the woods. We saw the house so we  knocked. Nobody answered, so we just  walked in.  When we opened the door it creaked  and scared us. So we just walked in and the  board would screak.  We started to walk up into a bedroom  and we saw old dressers and an old bed.  We opened the closet and there were old  sheets and blankets.  Then we went in another bedroom and  we saw an old bed and a rocking chair  rocking. We were just about to run out and  we heard laughing and thought it was a  ghost.  So we ran as fast as we could down and  we heard "Get out of here before I lock you  up in the basement!"  Then when we got home she ran to her  house and I ran to mine ahd I was so  scared that I was crying.  Finally my brother came in laughing  and everytime I asked him he just kept  laughing harder. Then when I was just  about to walk out the door, he said "get out  of here," I ran over to my friends house  and said that was my brother trying to  Sunday, CBC Stage 1:05 p.m. The  Fallen Idol by Graham Greene, based on  the Carol Reed film version.  Celebration 9:05 p.m. Hymns ��� the  traditions of hymn singing with the Elmer  -Tseler-Sirigers.���:���--������__-___-   . Tue$day,jCBCJ__lsyM^  DeadEnd, a parapsychological tiiri-lerby  Eric HarnbUn.     _        .     FMRADIO  Thursday, Once More from the Top 9:04  p.m. The long-waited program of repeats  of programs you.might have missed or  wanted to hear againTPart1. Interview Jiy~  Dr. Boyd Neelr -internationally known-  Sephardic Tradition ��� The Sepharidim  are descended from the Jews of Spain and  Portugal with colorful traditions.  .  Monday, Ideas 8:04. Monday-Friday  ^series-Part-I---Ideas-in-I^-nt-and-Fun-  damental Ideas - the assumption that  fundamental ideas can be explained by an  articulate expert in 15 minutes - includes  readings from non-fiction works. Part U  Pornography and Romance, the  charaderi^csrfunctions-and-effects of  -the-Hterature-of-ioveless-sex;   .,    CBPTELEVISION~ "  ~~ Wednesday, The Watson Report 8:30 -  note change of time for this week.  The ACTRA Awards 9 p.rn. Eighth  annual ceremony of awards to Canadian  Radio and Television.       _____!   scare~U3r  - The End���  conductor and former dean of the Royal  Conservatory of Music in Toronto ��� in  conversation with Don Di Nova and  Sharon Marcus. Part II. Andre Laplante, ay  second-prize winner at the 1978 International Music Competition in Moscow  plays Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1.  Saturday, Signature 7:05 p.m. Portrait  of Albert Einstein. Jeffrey Crelinsten  presents Einstein as a man whose life was  a continuous search for the deep secrets of  nature.  Sunday, Celebration 10:05 p.m. The  Hydro's fault  If you noticed your lights winking at  you, or your refrigerator making odd  noises March 27, be assured it was B.C.  Hydro which had the problem, not yourself.  Power from Powell River to Port  Mellon was affected that Tuesday in what  B.C. Hydro District Manager Erich  Hensch said was a "coincidental happening."  While one transmission line was taken  out of service for maintenance, there was  -<- ainalfunctibn in a circuit for the other line  serving the Sunshine Coast at the Cheekye  substation past Squamish.  With no service from Cheekeye, the  Clowholm station couldn't handle the  entire load which resulted in high and low  voltage conditions.  At the Gibsons substation, unac-  _i-3f-tabl_LVoltage conditions resulted in a  black-out for more than an hour.  Saturday, Sportsweekend 12 noon to 3  p.m. New~ Wee-dy-program-integrating  amateur and professional championship  events, both Canadian and International.  Patterned after tlte successful format  used uT Oiympiclahd Commonwealth  Games. Ernie Af&ganis will host the show  from Toronto - reporting results from  around the world as they come in. This  week, Canadian Winter Swimming  Championships from Winnipeg; World  Cup Freestyle Skiing from Grouse  Mountain; Canadian Ski Championships  from Mont Tremblant, PQ; The Grand  National from England; Major League  Baseball.  Sunday, Science Magazine 7:30 p.m.  Gnotobiotic Pigs; Reyes Syndrom.  ��� Romie-0 ��� and���Julle-8���8- p.m.  Shakespeare's classic transformed into a  space-age robot romance  adaptation by Nelvana Lyd, Toronto.  Monday, The Academy Awards 7 p.m.  from Los Angeles.  Tuesday Stanley Cup Playoffs - 5 p.m,  first game in the elimination round.  Christian Science  "The kingdom is the Lord's: and he is  the governor among the nations." (Ps.  22:10).  Can this be apparent in our present life,  and is prayer effective?  In Miscellany, Mary Baker Eddy  writes, "You worship no distant deity, nor  talk of unknown love. The silent prayers of  our churches, resounding through the dim  corridorsof time, goforth urwaves of  An animated���soundpa diapasoitof heart-beatsy-V-brating���  "NOW LISTEN here fella, a little  more brushing and flossing will keep  your teeth healthy for a lifetime,"  says Dr. Don Scramstead, chairman  of National Dental Health Month to  killer whale "Hyak" at Vancouver  Aquarium. It's a reminder that April  is Dental Health Month in Canada.  from one pulpit to another and from one  heart to another, till truth and love,  commingling in one righteous prayer,  shall encircle and cement the human  race." (Pg. 189).  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Cowrie Street 885-2013 Sechelt  VILLAGE OF SECHELT. Waterfront. Architect designed home. By  appointment only with John Wilsohv ',--'���-  SELMA PARK. Only $27,700 for this two bedroom rancher near  the Selma Park Hall. Yes, it is freehold property. Quick  possession on this view home.           REDROOFFS AREA. Large 1 /2.acre. 125' x 20C. Only $9,900.  GOOD SELECTION OF VIEW LOTS  JOHN WILSON  885-9365  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  V  1000 m (metr6) =  1 km (kilometre)  "The Property  Movers"  WHARF  REALTY LTD.  885-5171  VILLAGE OP SECHELT  3 bdrm, 1120 tq (�� quality built home on crawl -pace, well In-  tulatod, thermopano window*. Nicely treed corner level lot.  Cedar sided -forage ihed. FP $42,300. Call Pat, 003-9407 or BBS-  3171.  IAOLEVIEW PARK  Are you o��lnO lo Du"(' a quality home? Wharf Realty It sole  agent for prestigious Eaglevlew Park. 4 mlkt weit of Sechelt,- 10  loti left; tome waterfront; tome view. All with excellent beach  otcett. Priced botwoen $16,900 and $35,300 for the  discriminating buyer.  "Your Real Estate hosts on the  Sunshine Coast"  PAT MURPHY      BOB BEAUPRE  885-9487 888-3831   I   TREV GODDARD  886-2688  HOMES  ��J__&A}__._       A*  ,1 .1 uji'  #J&  im-w     ,r rrm_  EASY TO OWN $49,900  Brand new home with good ocean  view. Roughed In batement dev.  Quiet convenient location In Wilton  Creek. Immediate pottettlon. On  MLS. Call Emilie Henderton or Ray  Bernler, BB6-B241.  JUST LISTED IN OIBSONS        $69,900  There'* room for hortet on thlt  excellent five acre parcel, Approx 3  acret are well cleared with creek  ,and good ��ol|,for gardening, Homo I*  well maintained and completely  remodelled, Streamlined galley ttyle  kitchen, new bathroom, 'Old Brick'  fireplace, plut full bimt. Ray Bernler  or Emilie Honder*on, 886-8241.  SEMI-WATERFRONT $89,800  With beach accett ft good moorage  in Langdale. Spectacular view of  Gambler l��. & Howe Sound. 3 bdrm, 2  bathrooms, Indirect lighting ft 2  fireplace! are a few of the feoluro*  ' of thlt tpaclout home. Lot* of privacy  on thlt park-like property tltuated on  the north tide of the ferry tllp on  Smith Road, Don't mitt thlt one,  Watch for tlgnt or col) Terrl Hanton  for more detail*.  GRANTHAMS $49,000  Watervlew home with two lot* for  your privacy, great potential, two  bedroomt, part batement, large  living room. Suianne Dunkerton,  Mitten Realty Ltd.  Where Real Estate Is serious ��� but a pleasure  ooie oooc       Van- D,rect  Oada4-��?d 681-7931  Box 979 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  HOMES  i       ^m_________m______m_^^fm!_rrr  �� ^'^P  DAVIS BAY ' $48,000  View ��� clote to beach accett,  tchoolt and playgrounds, Two  bedroom* In thlt well-kept home.  Large living and dining room combination, cut (tone fireplace. Kitchen  It detlgned with convenience. Large  tundeck to en|oy the magnificent  water and mountain*. Lovely garden  area with a greenhouse plus  aluminum ttorage thed ft carport.  Call Suzanne Dunkerton, 885-3971.  HOPKINS $89,000  A tpectacular view and a home with  elegance & comfort, Over 1700  tquare feet on two levels, Two  bedroom*, a large living & dining  room tet off by cathedral ceilings  and a heatilator flroplaco. Kitchen It  bright ft tpaclout, A 36'xll' cedar  tundeck to en|oy the beautifully  landtcaped garden, Proporty It all  fenced, Call Suzanne Dunkerton,  BB3-3971,  SECHELT VILLAOE $49,800  Charming ond clote to everything.  Throo b#droorm in thl* four yoor old  ranch ttyle homo. Cut itono fireplace  In the living room, alto a dining room  and tun room ��� not to mention a,  garage and fully fenced garden with  flower* and ihrubt. Call Suzanne to  view thl* home, 803-3971.  OIBSONS $89,800  Family home with view of harbor,  Immaculate     condition,     three  bedroomt, tundeck, landtcaped lot.  Clote to everything! Call Terrl  Hanton for viewing.  HOMES  ROBERTS CREEK $45,000  Drive down to the end of Metcalfe  Road and tee for yourself what a'  great teml-walwircrOocatlon thl*  It. Tho hou��e<n@V��r-pot of paint  outtlde, but Irrmae there It plenty of  good accommodation Including three  bedroom*, family-sized dining room,  rec room and two flreplacet, Please  call Corry Rot*.  KEATS ISLAND $47,900  Charming panabode nettled on a  wall treed tocludod lot, Panoramic  view with oaty beach accett, Approx  890 tq ft of comfortable living tpace,'  two bedroomt, fireplace. Ideal for  retirement or recroaflohal proporty.  Call Torrl Hanton, 8B5-5046.  COMMERCIAL  OIBSONS  Small thriving cafe butlnett In the  heart of Olbton*. Call Suzanne for  more Information, 883-3971.  /     .     '  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK $115,000  Unique log ft frame home, 3-1/2  acrot treed property with dream.  Home hat 6 bdrmt, huge living room  with floor to celling rock fireplace,  brick fireplace In country-tlzed  kitchen. 3 batht, Open for offer*, call  Ray Bernler or Emilie Henderton,  ACREAGE  EAST PORPOISE BAY $ 104,900  Unique ranch stylo home located on  level treed 3 acre lot with subdivision  potential. Rustic motif throughout ���  2600 sq ft In main house. Attached  ono bdrm self-contained tulte plut  guett cottage. Truly a country ettato  to bo teen. On MLS, Further Info with  Ray Bernler or Emilie Henderton,  886-8241.  LOTS  GRANDVIEW RD, GIBSONS    $ 12,800  Hero It the building lot you've been  looking for. Clote to tchoolt,  shopping ft beach. Potential view to  boot. Surrounded by quality new  hornet, Call Suzanne for more Information, 885-3971.  REDROOFFS $7,800  Check the price & compare, This lot It  priced to tall, Excellent building lot  with oaty accett, Trailer* por-  mUtlble. Call Terrl for more In-  formotton,  WINN RD, OIBSONS $18,000  No cramping on thl* lovely tpaclout  lot. View of water and mountains, All  tervlcet at road, plut thl* i* clote to  all amenities, Call Suzanne for more  Info, 883-3971.  TUWANEK  View lot overlooking Lamb*Bay.  Clote to oaty beach accett ��� vendor  will carry otC.I.R. Priced at $10,000.  Phone, Torrl for more Information.  WATERFRONT  ROBERTS CREEK WF $96,500  This lovely rambling 1450 sq ft home  Is just full of charm I Spacious rooms  with lots of windows taking advantage aiy"S%JT3 tpectacular  panoramic vg^w/ltratTorm fireplace,  double plumbing, garage and  workthop. The lot ha* approx 89' of  high bank waterfront and It approx  ��� 375' deep. Please phono Corry Ross  for appt to view.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT  HOMES *%  Two oxclusl>M ^mfMnt propertlo*  newly  lltte<Op6r  oppolntment   to  ��� view, call Corry Rots, 885-9250.  WEST SECHELT $79,500  Cedar and glass abound In this  contemporary 3 bdrm home with  delightful Interior. Cozy & bright,  fireplace, hardwood floort, 2 full  baths, large Sundeck and unimpeded  view, PLUS your own path to pebbly  beach. Call Corry Ross to view.  SAKINAW LAKE $7,000  Hero It It��� 100 feet of waterfront at  an affordable prlco, Build your  hideaway and relax, Wator accost  only, Call Suzanno Dunkerton, 80"5-  3971.  TUWANEK WATERFRONT LOTS  Side by tide beautlet ��� 110' of  waterfrontage priced at (26,500  AND 95' of waterfrontage priced at  $23,000. Gentle tlopo to water and  southerly exposure enhance theso  propertlet, Phone Terrl for more  details, 085-5046.  LOTS  SANDY HOOK $10,500  Beautiful view on the Inlet S  mountains on thlt 76x122' lot, Call  Suzanne Dunkerton, 085-3971.  ROBERTS CREEK $13,500  Beautiful largo view tot with 94 foot  on the crook. Percolation hat been  approved, Centrally located to  shopping, tchoolt ft beach, Call'  Suzanne Dunkerton, 885-3971.  KBAJ9 ISLAND $7,800  Nicely treed corner lot with a view,  Hydro ft water available. 6x12 thed  to romaln. Call Torrl Hanton.  RAlllRNIER  886-8241  CORRY ROSS  EMILIE HENDERSON  *��� -usinr ' ~  SUZANNE DUNKERTON   ~ MOTtTT���-   TERRI HANSON  North Vancouver  139 Wo*t 16th Stroet  Wett Vancouver  1366 Marine Drive  Vancouver                         OTHER OFFICES                             Surrey  3343Klngtway                     TO SERVE YOU                       10474137thSt.  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL $Y$TiM  Langley  203B5 Fraser Hwy  Powell River  4726 Marine Avenue  1 :/l  Wednesday, April 4,1979    PageB-7  21 for  DRIVERS";^        ��� j.>Jthe3e:'.vqlunteer opportunitiea. JDo let us  TherepnSu-frbe^omerofTTO^w^      ���-cnWtf we cari  t who coultl help others on the peninsula get - information.  to doctors:,appointments, ��tc. As men-  : tioried before, many are outside much of  the time now, making it difficult for us to  , contact drivers when we need .their ser-  ^(jesrT-hus^t~becomes'wennmbre-iinF-  -portant to have many people-listed on the  7"dn:caU1_^of:Mwrs^^iUd^ou-heIp?^���  Someone with a van is needed to oc>.  casionally  transport. a   child  in  a  wheelchair home from school. If you live  ih the Sechelt area, and own a van, please,  let us keep your name on file.  /schools. _ '  Students are back in class this week,  and some of them need your help. The high  school is looking for volunteers with ap-'  propriate backgrounds to help students in  the  woodworking,, sheet  metal,  an  automotive shops. You would not only be  c^ing-7w4tl---the~maeh-neiy~but-would-  sUstr  GREAT PACIFIC  -HOT TUBS  An ExperienceJa Pleasure and  '_'['_:__[_ J-/ft'O-^'on v    ,  ~-      '"T^tmeeRTRY FOR YOURSELF  Phone 885-2183 HELEN PHILLIPS  iliis Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Eash Week  Sunnycrest Centre.  Gibsons  886-9111  br  helping  working witfiTthe students"  the  teacher  to  Weather  Weather, March 24 - 30       ^ m p^  March24 4.3 13.5 nil  March25  3.5  9.5 0:35  March 2r;r:T:r r:~ ;:":t.t4;012;5 ml  March27 2.0 12.0 nil  /March 28..______. 1.5 1L5 nil  March 29 3.6 11-5 nil  March30 ' 3.0 12.5 nil   a_eek-s_rainf all__=: J)_3_-j;mL_Miirch_to  date ��� 6.68 cm. 1979 to date ��� 33.22 cm.  March 24 - 30,1978 ��� 3.81 cm. March 1 -  30,1978 ���10.64 cm. January 1 - March 30,  1978 ��� 38.07 cm.  Rainfall ��� 6.68 cm compared with  10.64cm last year, and the 18 year average  of 11.89 cm. The driest year since 1965  when only 5.26 cm were recorded.  Daytime high temperature ��� 16c compared with 14c last March. Overnight low  temperature ��� 0.0c compared with -1.0c.  could browse among the successes\Of  gardeners _who_ spent.many, hours  caring for their favorite plants to  display_atJthe_aiinual--Sp-_tag--eio-v.er_.  Show and Plant Sale at the senior  citizens' hall Saturday.       _ _      Squoringly yours  By Maurice Hemstreet  and  assist these  teenagers to develop their skills ���just as  you were once helped.  ^ Volunteers work on an individual basis  with students, perhaps listening to them  read or spell j.ome words. This caiTbe so  rewarding for you as a volunteer and you  will be helping children to masted areas of  learning which are difficult for them.  A volunteer with a science background  is needed to help a very bright and highly  motivated student persue this special  "; interest area. Perhaps you have the time  to share with this teenager.  KNITTED GARMENTS  DEATH BENEFITS  * Many people are not  aware of the death  benefits payable by  various   Crown   agencies.  * The Canada-Pension Plan  will pay up to $1,045.00- on  the death of a contributor.  This is in addition to ihe  widow's pension.  * A veteran's family may  be eligible for a grant from  D.V.A. or the Last Post  Fund.  * At time of need, Devlin  Funeral Home will assist  the family in determining  eligibility for various  government or private  death benefits.  fat fatten. Otfrvimatio-*  cvtfte tvi fi&o-Ke:  D.A. DEVLIN  owner-manager  .  i i w\fmm^mrmmimm^mmmmmrtmm_mi'^^l'-''i  "/   ���,.,;i'>��-.���', . V ���';?;vvi:3Virj-!itffij--j^  Kf  Well helloo dere fellow square dancers,  this being on time sure is a drag. Why  should I be the only one,in the world on  time all the time, beats me. Just naturally  perfect I guess. Well enough of the truth,  now on to square dancing.  Caller Harry Robertson has been on the  sick list so I had to stpnd in for him last  Friday evening on the caller's dais. Now  this proved to be a problem because I had  to make all his mistakes as well as my  own, so there just wasn't time for too much  dancing. Well! one must put on a perfect  -3h0W- .   Harry and Barbara Morris-Read from  West Sechelt brought us a pair of real nice  guests, Barnie and Helen Bjarnason from  Chuck Jordans Chuck Wagon 8's new  dancers' class and Cliff and Rene Betts  from Vi Harris' Lockdale new dancers  class, and this gave us over three sets on  the floor and in turn really made a fantastic evening of square dancing. We hope  that you enjoyed dancing with The  Country Stars, also it would be very nice-to  see Barbara and Harry join our fall class  and once again we thank you for helping to  make another perfect evening of square  dancing for fun. That is what square  dancing is all about.  At coffee time our president, Merrill  Bowes gave a very nice welcome, to our  guests. I didn't think he could do it without  a book to read from but he dooded it.  I think that the reason a lot of members  from square dance clubs in other areas  like to come up, over, down or from;  wherever, is that our club is one of the few  originals left in the square dance field. We  dance for fun and friendship and when the  good clean fun stops, well, I shall cross  that bridge when I come to it but I still say,  The Sunshine Coast Country Stars are the  best.  Knitted garments, synthetic or wool,  are % needed for recycling. These are  -unrayelledand then thejyoolis-crocheted-  or, knitted into small blankets for the Save  the Children program. Would you please  check your basements and closets?  VISITORS  Volunteers are needed so spend time  with some elderly people. Some would  enjoy visits in their homes and others  would enjoy talking with you at the Adult  Day Care Centre. Take the time to share  yourself with someone else.  OUTSIDE WORK  Several elderly people in the Gibsons  area need help in their gardens. These are  Well, must unbuckle my typewriter and    not big jobs and would require only a  ~getalong-foF-now-so4-ave-agood-dayrsee���couple -of ~hours-��_-your-time.   you next Friday at the square dance. Bye        Call   the    Community    Services'  now.      ' Volunteer Bureau for information about  Well, my dear mother finally came  over for a visit and I knew that it was her  coming up the back steps when the meter  on the wall read "Tilt". However, I  shouldn't tease her because she is the  nicest mother a person could have but I  noticed that she has already used my  bathroom scales. For a moment I thought  that there was some kind of new tile in the  floor. Anyway, all joking aside, it's always  nice to see one's mother as long as she is  staying;. outof trouble. Jffi Mom!  -LW���TW-  ~4-  1  2  3  6  5  8  -1-  -TRAOEPY���r B66Gees~  ^"^ Pointer Sisters  DA YATHINK I'M SEXY .} Rod Stewart  YMCA Village People  LADY ��� ���, Little River Band"  SOUL MAN Blues Brothers  11  19  12  15   14-  18  16  20  ���-21-  17  24   26.  -23  22  29  25  ���   27  2  3  4  5  6  7    WHATA FOOL BELIEVES Doobie Brothers  M 8���SULTANS-OKWIN&^rr:���rrrT--- r-rrrrrr. TV77-7T7TT���DireStrdtfir  7      9    SEPTEMBER  EWF  9    10    EVERY IS A WINNER HotChocolate  10 " 111 "TOOMUCH"HEAVEN "...... .Bee Gees  A1ITTJ.EMORE LOVE Olivia Newton-John  I WILL SURVIVE Gloria-Gaynor  12  13  14  15  HOLDTHELINE , Toto  MY LlpE Billy Joel  -+6���tOTTAtOVE   Nicolette Larson  17 SONG ON THE RADIO : AlStewart'  18 SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT BarryManilow  19 FOREVER IN BLUE JEANS Neil Diamond  -20-HEAVEN KNOWS _ -..-...-.-. ,,. ,,. ,.  - ,-.-..-.���-.-Donna Summer-  21 DON'TTHROWIT ALL AWAY      AndyGibb  22 EVERY TIME 1 THINK OF YOU  Babys  ���l3..-KNOOCOfcWOOD- r^_^rAmii SteWart-  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  SHAKE IT ..-..-..-. -. r.-..-. ���.-..-..-.  THE MOMENT THAT IT TAKES ...  HEART OFGLASS   HERE COMES THE NIGHT   YOU DON'T BRING ME FLOWERS  CRAZY LOVE   SHARING THE NIGHT TOGETHER  vIan Mathews"   Trooper   Blondie  Nick Gilder  . Streisand/Diamond   Poco   Dr. Hook  ol  The Grub Bag  Re-educating tastes  -   *' *-"' 7" "*     By ArlrT  Take a step in the right  direction. Take a few.  icrton^  . Pdiwapaaiom  HttKM. In your heart you know it'n right.  PUBLIC HEARING  Sechelt Village Official Community Plan  There will be a Public Hearing by the Village Council on Monday,  April 9th, 1979 at 7:30 P.M. In the Senior Athens' Half on Mermaid  Street to answer any questions concerning the above Plan which  has been amended by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.  R.C. GIBBS,  Acting Clerk  NOTE:  A final  formal ��� Public  Hearing  will  be held  under  the  provisions olthe Municipal Act at a later date.     .  ^YOSiU'S  886-8015  ���������. mr^^m*  i  Siinnycrctl Mall, Olbtom,  . "for'" thr"��iirii$f   ;' ""  DININO PI7IASUM"  ���AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD  ���WESTERN FOOD Served Promptly �� Courtoouily,  "HAPPY   .,���, EASTER"  Business Hours: Tim-Sat, . 4:30 pm - 10 pm  Sun ��� 4:30 pm ��� 9:30 pm  (Closed Mondays) '  fUM HOMI OfitviKT twlthtitVWofli of Olbipftl! "YMir Fully  Deemed �� Fgmily Rtitquranl". '  We all know the foods that our family  likes to eat. Not too long ago, the usual  meal started with Steaks-Roasts-Chops  and other expensive meats and Seafoods.  Many of these have soared right out of our  budgets. By keeping a close eye on the  store specials'and re-educating our tastes  with some good basic nutrition, we can  come up with family pleasing meals and ���  have a varietyof foods,.      7    : 77  Eggs and cheese are both inexpensive v  compared to roasts and steaks and one  high in nutrition. .  Egg and Cheese Casserole  1 package (8 ounce size) egg noodles  y_ cup (% stick) margarine  V. cup all-purpose flour  1 tablespoon curry powder  1% teaspoon salt ��� dash of pepper (%  teasp.)  3 cups milk  .1 package (10 oz. size) frozen peas, thawed  & cooked    v  6 hard-cooked eggs, sliced  8 slices processed American cheese  Cook noodles in lightly salted water,  drain well. Melt margarine in a saucepan;  stir in ���milk, flour & curry powder, salt'&  pepper. Cook over low heat stirring until  sauce bubbles and thickens. Arrange the  cooked noodles in a well-oiled shallow  baking dish. Spoon about 1.3 of tho sauce  over the noodles, toss lightly to moisten,  and cooked peas; top with slices of hard  cooked eggs. Pour remaining sauce over.  Bake for about 30 minutes In a 350 degree  F oven. Remove from oven, Cut cheese  slices In half diagonally; arrange over the  top. Return to oven long enough to soften, 3  or 4 minutes.  Country Chicken Dinner  Chicken Is plentiful, now ��� and the  price ls good I  2 pounds cut up boiling chicken  4 cups water  1 onion, sliced  1 stalk celery, sliced  lVfc teaspoon thyme  3y_ teaspoon salt ��� dash of pepper  1 envelope chicken noodle soup mix  3 cups moist bread crumb stuffing  1 can baby carrots, drained  Mttcups cooked peas  1 can cream of chicken soup ( or 2 cups  thick white sauce-unseasoned).  Cover and simmer the first 6  Ingredients In a deep sauce-pan for 1W>  to 2 hours or until chicken ls very tendor.  Drain and return Juice to saucepan, Add  tho, dry soup mix and simmer for 10  minutes. Remove bones and skin from  chicken and cut moat Into largo plocos/  Spread stuffing Into a well-oiled baking  dish (about 2 quarts) and cover with  layers of chicken, carrots and peas.  Measure thm sauce mixture, there  should be about 2^. cupa and tho condoled chicken eounTasU) for aouaonlnga  and pour ovor tho chicken and vegetables,  Heat in n 350 degree F oven until hot and  bubbly. You may want to Bprlnkle It with  chopped parsley before serving. Will serve  .6-8. Add a big tossed green salad.  Sweet & Sour Fried Pork & Peppers  Makes a little meat go a long way.  2 tablespoon oil  1 clove garlic, minced  1 pound boneless pork, cut into strips  (thin)  2 green peppers, seeded & cut. in one inch  -':square:r-; .-- -'-:-;   2 green oinions, coarsely chopped  2 celery stalks, cut in Vk inch diagonal  ���slices"' ���  2 tablespoon cornstarch  2 tablespoon soy sauce  1 can (13-14 oz. size) pineapple chunks,  drained (reserve the sweet syrup)  Chinese noodles or cooked rice  Heat oil In skillet, add garlic and thinly  sliced pork, a few pieces at a time. Cook  and stir over very high heat about 5  minutes or until meat is lightly browned.  Add peppers, onions, celery and cook and  stir on medium heat for 5 minutes or until  vegetables are crisp-tender. Dissolve  cornstarch In soy sauce and stir In the  .reserved pineapple syrup; stir this into the  pork mixture, quickly heat to a boll,  reduce the heat and cook a few minutes  until thickened. Add pineapple chunks and  heat through. Serve.at once with a side  dish of hot, steamed rice.  The Large "Hallmark" Key Chains are  in stock again ��� many new scenes and  captions. ������ Miss Bee's, Sechelt.   TMI^AMl,m..-*JNL :Mh,MBk 7th^ a m~.  Tlm���� #ub|*ct to chonfl*, Prion* 006-2627 for conflrnwtlon.  I  M  ' .��� "_c  '���>.���:.,-  ^v^^V-.?  M I  *t4J*___,  ^"'1  J^W>2  .////,   ,,V\V\  777st2a^;'?'"'',''''>'*"  (0  Y0  sJ>  v.'-  KIDS OR THE YOUNG AT HEART  are  TO TICK THINGS OFF  +  ,����� '(P  0-  ������'" ' u _  This Weekend, April 7,  :00 p.m., The Elphinstone  High School Band  Will Be Playing  In The Mall  v\  ro  (X)  U  PRIZE  DRAW  lX��nr CU* Xvm   rimkCiJUkll.  Loaded with a  SIDE OF BEEF  from SuperValu  fr.  NEXT WEEK-  DISPLAY  OF  1979  PRODUCTS  Courtesy of Sunshine GM  Mm ^  ���\  shop at  KE SUNNYCREST CENTRE.29 SHOPS TO SERVE YOU  i- v\  ���;r~  :.;>^v, .. ^Vi;7^..^^^^.^j; yj_���^>;  St'wf'iW.*  Ji'.i'r.-  Sports fishermen throughout- British  Cdumbiaahdltiiei Yiftoi^ri^h^  own advisor in the federal department of  Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Pacific).  Si_a!-^fd^^  angling in our management of the marine  ah47a.-^in^^ ___--_-_  ^d^S^jpjiajedp^  iH  Wedne,  ii  efltorl^thl^  1_1_-  Pages 1-6  �������������*��������������������������������;  native sonrhas contracted to act as om-  hudsaccM fOT^  wide, general and challenging, both to him  and to our department" said Fisheries and  ;'0^e��ris;:fdii-ec^  Johnson, in announcing the appointment.  ' 'Straight's association with us reflects bur  Wmi^mMi^i  advisor., is-_ _ope_n___to7_the jjpibUc. or   |  organizations who wish to express concern   |  '^Wt;fihSi;._h  ?^��_a__-j_;  ^s-ybiip^^  {CANADIAN ADVERTISING^^  Sfi^i&Ef^  determining and recommending controls.  He will seek to develop, test and sell ideas  ;;:fqi^pro|e^  jirecre^ipq^  develop educational action and awareness  Lee Straight;^^^a^e)^:^ipni^i|6ip^  oirgariizaUonsia^  ::;si_bri---Wioiris7^7'' V^i^i^i^^^i^^i  fishing. His interim telephone number is  7666^18767:7--77, ;7:7:7777:77,7--v;>i7^7^7ji7��i^:i  ' mi  I<?r,fl  Gibsons Athletic Association  I  Saturday, April 7-10 am-4 pm  Sunnycrest Mall, Gibsons  iibsons Elementary School  Teams will be picked April 9. All players please corned        ���''*  ;-BoysJl:.Girls.;:F<e��er-^  FOR MORE INFORMATION pTOMW^  marathon_ winner  Eric  Hagedorn,   flpgs fhis year,  Adrian  Belshaw,  Robert  [iniftl.our^   M^y^meWmmj-Afk.^f^B  FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT  Public Notice  OUTDOOR BURNING  WITHIN THE BOUNDARIES  OF SAID DISTf-CT  Under the provisions of the Forest Act arid with co-operation of the  Forestry Service, Hajfmoon Bay Fire Protection District, and serviced  by the Halfmoon Bay Fire Department, will Issue Burning Permits in  the following manner:       ,  FROM April 15th to October 15th. 1979  STEP No. 1 ��� An application form obtainable every Tuesday at Mr.  George Murray, Redrooffs Road, 885-2613, will be filled out by  applicant and deposited there.  STEP No. 2 ��� Friday of every week a duly appointed Fire Prevention  Officer will take these application forms, personally inspect the  proposed burning sites, and if approved will upon the receipt of  $2.00 Issue a burning permit.  NOTE: No permit is required for a screen covered Incinerator.  FIRE CHIEF  Coast Stroke���  WatGhing  nkheed  $y Dennis Gray  The Mexicans play a little game called  "watch the Gringo". It is a game with no  winner or loser, the rules are simple and  anyone can play. In fact some people play  and don't even know it.  This is the way the game is played. In  the evening, after the sun has gone down  but while the breeze is still warm, the  -Mex?s get all dressed up and~head.f or. the  town square. All towns and. cities in  Mexico have a town square, some have  several. The Gringos, seeing all these  Mex's in motion, tag along, thinking they  are going to a ceremonial sacrifice or  something.  Now most Gringo tourists are overweight or out of shape and after about one  lap of the square they begin to look for a  bench to rest on. When the Mexicans have  us lined up like a bunch of over-ripe fruit  on a grocer's shelf, they walk around the  square comparing this one.wlth that one  and giggling.  You see all the Mexicans have at least  three things in common ��� brown skin,  brown eyes and black hair. Other than  that, they may differ but on these three  things they are the same. Not so the  Gringo. Some have skin the color of  Volvo Pertta  AQ 140/280  Compact fresh-water cooled  Volvo Penta I/O engine  * VOLVO/PENTA - CHRYSLER  * HOURSTON ��� OLASCRAFT  * EZ LOAD . MERCRUISER  * IMMEDIATE REPAIR  ~ SERVICE - J��AY* A WISH  * BOAT MOVING  GARDEN BAY MARINE  zSERVI0ES:tfO^  Sinclair Bay Road,  Jutt up A over the hill  883-2722  mountain snow, some the color of firey red  peppers, some have their pink skin  crocheted by the sun like a huge lace  doiley and some are splattered with  freckles.  Perhaps you have played this game  yourself before.-*The variations are endless. For example, just think about eyes  r-r the many sizes, shapes and colors��� and  you can begin to appreciate the endless  interest of the game. Think about hair  colors ��� yellow, white, red, brown, black  and even blue ������ some long and straight,  some frizzy, some neat, some shaggy,  some with no hair at all and others with  'wigs.  To this list you can add clothes, the  Mexican, for the most part, is extremely  clean and well dressed. They dress  tastefully and conservatively; some areas  have their own traditional dress. Again no  so with the Gringo. The people who  originally insisted that the natives  modestly cover their bodies, now parade  around bra-less and half-naked themselves.  Similarly, Mexicans are now ridiculed  for their religious beliefs by the descendants of the people who Imposed It on them  In the first place. ,  The Mexican sees people from all parts  of the world and I am sure part of the  game Is speculating on who came from  where and what their home must be like.  Many, for example, hear about Quebec  and think all Canadians speak French.  One young lady who spoke excellent  English questioned my wife about the  many exiting places in the world she was  sure we had been. (We told her all about  Sechelt).  This game ls conducted with no sign of  ridicule or scorn and is as pleasant for tlto  playee as the player. The Mexican people  are very proud of their country and are  willing to share It with you. The only  prerequisite Is to be happy.  - This must have shown, for as we sat  contentedly watching and being watched,  a small girl ran from tho crowd and  showered my wife and I with confetti, At  this point I mentioned to my wife that we  seemed to Iwve a rather large share of  mirthful people around us. My wife answered "I think It's your short pants. Thoy  are giggling at your knobby-kneed white  legs".  Keep strokln.  Got the blues?  Want to get away from  it all?  "Ttakcnrwalkt' - ~   ~~   UmA  /v/wc/mmM**_    W��lk n Mtxk.Tntlay. k  >  I  iW":.  IWi  Canada Gr. A  by the piece  Olympic;::. -Q,  lb.  09  Wim  22 oz. ea. Jl  GROCERY  Fraser Valley  DINNERS  $109  McCormicks ^^v_ i ^i  McBIG COOKIES bagT 1  ..};'���:'".��� ':';'������ .������'.���.'���     -'���...''������"���''-, ''.'���   .'.'.'v.>':'.���-".-��� ������'.    r :-�������� .    .������  CAKE MIXES Co-op, S Varieties  ... ... 69  :lfaf^:;t.^!io.:.to,.....:.:.........4^99��  LIQUID DETERGENT **&, s m. *li9  INSTAN10m PDR.c^Mibs 7*339  CHOCOLATE CHIPS ��ffSMni*"<�����    ��1.77  U.69  *1.89  2C90T  SOFT PARKEY Kraft Max! Bowl, 2 lbs.   7 .  COLESLAW DRESSING c���.p25om  1000 ISLANDS DRESSING coop 250n���  59c  GOLDEN SYRUP R���g.���; ,5 ���,. H.63  PAPER TOWELS ^ _ci5 $1.09  SODA CRACKERS Christies, Salted & Unsalted      83  READY-CUT MACARONI co.P 2 _*.       73  KETCHUP ^^^  LONG SPAGHETTI Co ;P 2 ..,,.; $U3  BAR SOAP   Dove Reg 2/77��  PRODUCE  LETTUCE head 29��  TANGERINES 2n�� 89��  HONEYDEW MELONS __'1.29  BANANAS 3>b,$L00  .    _ FROZEN FOODS  Swanson $"129  T��V��  DINNERS 3eef, Chicken, Turkey ... ea.    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Paint Supplies: Rollers & Handles, Paint Brushes, Trays  10% OFF  WATCH FOR INFORMATION NEXT WEEK ON OUR  "FAMILY ALLOWANCE CONTEST"  Introducing to our store  FISHING TACKLE ��� Available this Saturday, April 7th  TH^E BEST FOR LESS  ALL POPULAR  BRANDS  AT  LOWEST  COMPETITIVE CITY PRICES  'Wlk Reserve the Right fo Limit QuaritltlAl"  CO'OP  Lower Olbsons, 886-2522  STORE HOURSt  Monday thru Thursday _.,.. ������4>  -'tntvrdtprfrv i-vvr.-vrvt ���--*���--- .��� .--v.tt. ,���...��� .v,v.,���,*������������  We WILL BE CLOSED SUNDAYS UNTIL EASTER  Prlc. ���If*c(lv�� April 4, 0, 6, 7 ..M$i���&$''  ii^^#i^^ii^l^Ki_s^i^-P^PiS��S?S8|  mM0^��i^^mWif^M^^mm^^  nlll��_liIiiryS  ���Roads ���Industrial Sites��Parking   ���Tennis Courts ���Driveways ��� Gravel Sales*  d-QItERE--iESTJMATJ-E_iAtk-  JEast Porppise Bay Rd, Sechelt  Members:  : Amalgarnqteyi,  7'<-pr|strortlor|V^W'|  ^^siwiptipn.Vj:.  i__i.Q.fkoiitd.:hi  ^^     ;'Biillders:7;:777,  ||iS-S5?^|^S|^pi|^B^5S  M  m  JB&i-_$ii)^^  T-^TeTOW^^hesday^pnTiTaBp.m.     "Ted Winegai^" t^emtefS-the-mUl  ljgS77foty^i^^  liy&lafly-iis^^   Nelson about an active and interesting life.  7 77Ma^7MiM  in the area but in logging methods, road  witmvouiicycs  <3B) p*i*s,fian s8'*^  )FF COMES a year's heard-erowth  growing contest to be judge during  the Sea Cavalcade in August. In the  background, Jim Stobie waits his turn  to lose his Bead and a-Tll-year-d-d  moustache, while Tony Tyler, right,  agrees that paying his dues to remain  ^|^4^Wrnily]-ibrary;&-St^  Apr. ;5^- VyVyC Sunshine Slimmers Book Sole, frail Bay Mali711:30 am;   ;  Apr. 5 r��� Alcoholics AnpnymooiMeetihg^yVllsbn Creek Community H  '777;8:30(pi^|o*'in^ "���  Apr;6 ^- Community Library,Wjlson Creeki Comm Hall, 2-4:30 pm.  Apr.17 ���^Gigantic Plant & Agricultural Sale spons. by the building fund  (special ettects) committee ot the SunsHine CoastA7ts Council,, new  !7-7:/ Art; Centre7:SechelV 716-2 ] pm7 ��� '��� ��� ���  Apr,-7^^Hospl.al.Dqnce,_Sr..Citizens| Ha|l7S��helK4J-Prn.J.ightsupper.-  Everyonewelcome. Tickets $6.50, fbr. in.o^cqll 885-9761 or 885-2539.  - Api7 8 ^Countryside^ Concert sports, by S.C.; Art- Council,- Elphinstone  ^rluncl, room, 2 pm. 1st In a series -���featuririct Anthony Elliot, cellist  ;'vwith; ypncpuver .Symphony Orchestra .8 Susan Elek, piano. $2.50,  7:'i;:-istudentV:$i/5o7A:\:7^^^ 7.77'.  Apr. 10-��� A' Anon Meeting, St. Aidan's Hall, 8 pm.  Apr; 11 ^LdstVPioneersofthe.SunshineCoast'lfeaturesTed  Cable10, 6 pm in Gibsons, 7:30 pm in Sechelt'��� dividing line Maskell  77'7Kd7;7,7;.;;7.. 0^h00;P-r\:0. W'':--':-0 ._������������ '���: '7:777'; 7:-7.,  Apr. 17' ��� Women's Aglow,fellowship Lunch. Harmony Hall, 11:30 am.  Lil^c*atLXa_oesu^RBa^  ,;-v_i^'jtg_^^tl^^  barber Jerry Dixon and Corrance k  l����tls77l;#sf  ready to challenge anyone in the first  7^ui|i?l)!Ba^  USE THIS SPACE TO PROMOTE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S EVENTS.  IT'S FREE. CALL 885?3231. ~  Sunm  far Sue/iqt&UtQ  <f6k'Uwen need.  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Hand, Npll & Pootcare Available,  Make-up Application & Facial Cleansing  For\Appoln1ment  885-3813  Orders  Taken  ATTENTION JOGGERS I  r We7' Ha ve ei Good  Selection of  JOGGING SHOES  CAMPBELL'S FAMILY  SHOES & LEATHER GOODS  /In the heart of Sechelt, 88S-934S  .Quality R.dken, Jhlrmack & Vidal Sassoon Products  Secteti Seaxfy So&xk  Open Tuesday to Saturday  885-2818 Cowrie St.  Gibsons.  -SPECIAUSTSJNSl  tmSiShiimmm^mmX  886-2525  WE HAVE A COMPLETE  SELECTION  OF  WOOL  &  CRAFT  SUPPLIES   -  McCALL'S  PATTERNS,  SEWING  NOTIONS &  JEWELRY  -MlS-M-M  GIBSONS  TRAVEL  886-9255  Remember: "One  Call Does,,  .If All I1  No .Extra  Cost to  You  "SAW FILING"  'V- CARBIDE TIP  ��� HAND SAWS  ��� CIRCULAR SAWS  1297 Surf Circle, SECHELT  (BERNIE) 885-5485  ,    m4kmmmWmm  Sunnycrest Centre,  Olbions  PEATMOSS  4 cu ft Bale  ONLY  95  Bale  Sechelt Building  Supplies Ltd-  "SmVtfiidto* (fmitotout'  ���rTtlfr**  "Wr    '"��55,7,  BUILDING  SUPPLIER  A C0MPI.BTB BUILDINO BBIWICE"  fll-lMTiTI  886-8141  Sunshine Coast  Highway, Olbions  Come A  See Us  SEE OUR SHOWROOM  HOURSi 10 AM-5 PM   ��� "* yhi^sat  *CARPBTS *KITCHIM  CAHNETS "JENN-AIR  . A many more great  producti at everyday prices.  CARPET CABINIT  CIRAMICCINTRI.  North Rd��� Olbioni 886-3768  JANE'S TUB & TOP SHOP  ..-��. ��� ���..���.-. -... 886-7621 r:"-- ���������"-"  1 - 76" [or will cut to length]  Mold.d VANITY SINK TOP ,  yvlth 2 end splashes Reg $I65.00j|��|mo  1 -36" AVOCADO N0W *a3  Fiberglps Shower Slojl  mi*tifl0ip*tf*t? ^-WiltJKiflHiK  Reg 1299,69  t^OaiB  MADEIRA MARINA  .Madeira Park- 883-2266  YOUR >m  *OMC HBfe  ^MERCRUISER W  *VOLVO J  SERVICE CENTER    ,        fl  DO Tpamtft]  883-2315  MEN'S, WOMEN'S &  CHILDREN'S WEAR  MADEIRA PARK ���  MADEIRAPARK  VARIETY STORE  * Madeira Pork 883-9115  For All Your  *i,% A ,W-1J,*P AMfAv 9&AM> ^��*=" S IwIPiIp AM i  Drapes  Sears Agent 883.2613  emmmWmmmmmmWmWmm  AC RENTALS &  BUILDING SUPPLIES  GARDEN CENTER OPEN  Featuring i  STEER MANURE.......$2.,5 beg  PEAT MOSS;.....17.98 4 ��uv bale  883-2585  Hiway 101 Francis Pen. Rd.  m  m Wednesday,  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  -12:00���Switzer-  12:30  1:00  1:30  Search for Tom.  Today  Confd.  -Alr-Mjr-Chtiafea  Cont'd.  1 Life To Live  Cont'd.  CHANNEL 5  Days of '  Our Lives  The Doctors  Another World  CHANNEL 6  News ~  Ida Clarkson  Marcus  Welby  2:00  '2:30  3:00  3:30  Edge of Night  Take 30 -  ,  Bob McLean  Cont'd. '  General  _  Hospital  Alerv Griffin  Confd.  -Cont'd..-"-_ .-  Cont'd.  Movie:  ��� Bang the Drum  CHANNEL 7  News  As the  World Turns  Guiding Light  CHANNEL 8.  CHANNEL-9 .. CHANNELJ.1.   CHANNEL 12  -CHANNELJ3-  News  Alan Hamel  Cont'd.  Adam 12  Nova ���>  Cont'd.  Art Starts  Blue Umbrella  News  , Adam-12  Movie:  See How  Donahue  Cont'd, -  AU in Family  M.A.S.H,  All My  Children  Vancouver  Cont'd.  4:00 Sherlock Homes  4:30 Watson  Beport  5:00 - Part. Family   .  5:30 All   In -Family  Afterschool  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd,   School Broad.���*  Beyond Reason  Take 30  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd. ���--  M.A.S.H.  -  Dinah  Cont'd.  Slowly  Cont'd.  Carol Burnett  . New__-._: _   Sanford & Son  Price is Right  Cont'd.  -News   Mike Douglas  Cont'd.  News  -Coned. ���  -Another .  World  Movie:  Pillow Talk  Stories of Am.  Book,- Look  Over - Easy  Footsteps  They Bua   - -  Cont'd,  i   ���  Popeye  Banana Splits  -Honestly - -- -  Tic Tac Dough  Match Game  _My 3 Sons  Cont'd.  Behind Scene  Bewitched  Spldernian  6:00  -6s30-  17:00  7:30  News  -GWAZ&r-  Mai v_.T. .Mopre  Muppets  Cont'd.  -Confd-- '   P.M. Northwest-  Romie-o. Julie 8  Cont'd.  -cosTar  Seattle  Prosperity Gap  Cont'd,  cont'drr-  -Star-Trek  Cont'd.  Confd.  TVtary-TT-Moore"  Basketball:-��� ,  Seattle at  ContU  Cont'd.  HoUywood  -Wlnsday���  Sesame Street,  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers . ���  -Etectrlc^Co;  Super. Stars "'  Leave to/Beaver  I Love Lucy  ~PaTtr~ygmify   Funorama  Gilllgan's Island  I Love Lucy  "AndaTCSrlfflfa  Petti. Junction  Party Game'  News   Confd.  News  Confd.-  "Canuck "Review"  Stahn Kann  -Studioe-See-  Dlck Cavett  News  Dad's Army  Bfiwltched-  _My_3 Sons  Hogan's Heroes  Bob Newhart  -Gong-Show���  Dating .Game  Joker7*  WUd  Newlywed Game  -Carol���Burnetf  JBob Newhart-  Vancouver    ���  Confd.  8:00  Mork & -Mindy  MacKenzles of  World of  . Sha Na Na  San Diego  a is Enough  Performances  Edward, '  Crosswits  Confd.  8:30  Watson Report  Paradise Cove  Disney  Wheels   .  Watson Report  Confd.  Cont'd.'  Confd.  the King  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  9:00  .ACTRA  Charlie's  ACTRA  Confd.  Charlies'  Scarlet Letter  Unknown War  Confd.  T.B.A.  9:30 '  ' Awards  Angels  Pt. l.>  Awards -  - How Much fdr  Angels  Pt. 3  Confd.  Confd.  T.B.A.  10:00  ��� Confd.  Vegas  Confd.  Confd.  < Handicapped  VegaS  Black Man's  News  Luke's  T.B.A.  10:30  Confd.  Confd.  Confd. f ,  Confd.  Winslow & Son  Confd.  Land  Dating Game  Kingdom   ,  T.B.A. ,  11:00  : National News  News   -  News  News  Newa  News  Advocates  Odd Couple  Benny Hill  Sports Page  Cont'd.  11:30  Night Final  Police Woman  Tonight Show  Confd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Confd.  Gong Show  Late Movie  Wednesday, April 4,1979  The Peninsula Times  PageC-3  Thursday, April 5  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  r12:30-  1:00  1:30  Swltzer  -Search^for-Tom.  Today  Confd.  All My .Children,  Confd;-*T-���  1 Life To Live  Cont'd.  Days of  Our Lives  The Doctors  Another World  News  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.-  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Edge of Night  .Take 30  Bob McLean  Cont'd.  General  Hospital  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Movie:  JDynaaty  News_ _-_   - _-  As the"  World Turns  Guiding Light  News-- .-.-  Alan Hamel  Confd.  Adam 12  Vegetable -Soup  Music Place  M for Music  Word Shop  -News-  Adam-12 '  Movie:  .Kiss of Evil  Jonahue^-^���  Cont'd.  AU in Family  M.A.S.Hi ^  -AU-My      ChUdren  Vancouver  Confd.  School Broad.  Take 30  Bob McLean  Confd.  4:00 Sherlock Holmes  4:30 What's New  5:00 Part. FamUy  5:30 All in Family  Cont'd.  M.A.S.H.  Razzmatazz  Dinah  Another  World  Cont'd.  Movie:  Bad Man's River  Art Cart  Once Upon  Oyer Easy  Behavior  Confd.  Confd.  Popeye  Banana' Splits  Honestly  Tic Tac Dough  Razzmatazz  My 3 Sons  Confd. ���  Confd.  Bewltched  Spiderman  $6,000,000 Man  Confd.  News   '  cont'd.  Confd..  Cont'd.-    ,  Carol Burnett  News  ~*:00~~  6:30  7:00  .7:30  News"  Confd.  Mary T. Moore  -T.B.A:   Confd.  Confd.  PM  Northwest  Exploration NW  Sanford & Son  Price Is Right  Cont'd. ,  News   Confd.  Confd.  News  -Confd.-  Confd.  Confd.  $6,000,000 Man  -Cont'd.   Sesame Street  Confd.  Mr. Rogers .  Electric "Co.���  Super Stars  Leave to Beaver  I Love Lucy  "Partr-Famlly-^���  Funorama  GiUigan's Island  I Love Lucy  -Andy-Griffith-���  Petti.   Junction  Party Game  News  Cont'd.���   8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Barney Miller  King Ken.  Cdn. Express  Confd.  Confd. ,  Cont'd.  Seattle  Match-Game  Confd.  Confd.   >  Movie:  .GahlU:   U.S.  Confd.  Mary T. Moore  Newlywed Game  -Joker's Wild  News  Confd.  Angle  Stars on Ice  Mork & Mindy"  Delta House  Barney MlUer  Carter Country  Harris & Co.  Confd.  The Duke  Corifd.  Studio See   ,  Dick Cavett  -News -  -    Stepping Out  Bewitched  ,My 3 Sons.  Hogan's- Heroes  Bob Newhart  Gong Show      '' Carol  Burnett  Dating Game       Bob Newhart  Joker's WUd Vancouver   Newlywed Game  Cont'd-  No.4 INXOLORJTV  Now Open Mondays-Saturday, 9:30 am-5:30 pm  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  ___,__��� _mt__ , STEREO & APPLIANCES  ""<   IN THE ������ OF SECHELT  �����..��.  AFTER THE SALE IT IS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS         Marshall  Confd.  Hawaii 5-0  Confd.  The   Chisholms  Confd.  Hawaii 5-0  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  11:00  ir:30~  Dallas  Confd.  .National _News_  Night  Final  Dr's. Private  Lives  __Nfiws_  Mr. Horn  Confd.  Live it Up  _Sqap_  Nova ���  Cont'd.  Scarlet Letter  Confd.  Donna Fargo  Marty Rabbins  Dolly  Pop Country  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.  Confdi  Confdi  Choice for  Oscars  Cont'd.  Confd.  -News-  Confd.  Confd.  -News-  Starsky.  Hutch    Tonight Show      Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  -News   _Late_ Movie  Buck Owens  Confd.  News  _Nbwp_  Black ��� Man's  _Lan_d-__ _ .   Cinema B.C.  Estampa Flap.  News-  _Dating-.Game  Odd Couple  Gong Show  Upstairs/ ,  __2ow-U-talrs_-  Oh the Buses  Late Movie  Cont'd.  iConf-L.  Sports Page  Cont'd.  'Friday; April 6  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7 - ' CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9   CHANNEL 11   CHANNEL 12   CHANNEL. 13  12:00  -12:30-  1:00  1:30  Swltzer       "Search for~T6m."  Today,  Confd.  All" My  TKlldren  1 Life  to Live  -DaM-,o_L  .2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Our Lives  The Doctors  Another World  News   Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Confd.  -News-  Edge of Night  Take 30  Bob McLean  Confd.  General  Hospital  Merv Griffin  Confd.  As World  Turns  Guiding Light  -News-  Alaa Hamel  Confd.  Adam 12  -Music ^~  Art Starts  Write On  Universe  ~News   Adam 12  M6vle:  The Raiders  .DOhahue  ^Cont'd.  AU in FamUy  M.A.S.H.  "Air My  ChUdren  Vancouver  Cont'd.  4,.41-llll-IUfc.,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Going: Home  School Broad.  Take 30  Bob McLean  Confd.  4:00 Sherlock Holmes $6,000,000 Cont'd Sanford & Son  4:30 After School Man Confd. Price ls Right  5:00 Part. Family News Carol Burnett Cont'd.  5:30 AU in Family . Cont'd. News News  Confd.  .  M.A.S.H.  Dinah  Cont'd.  Another World  Confd.  Movie:  This is a  Books, Look  Jackson Jr. Hi  Over Easy  Speakout  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  Mike Douglas  Cont'd.  News  Confd.  Hijack  Cont'd.  $6,000,000  Man  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  Cont'd..  Cont'd.  Popeye  Banana   Splits  Honestly  Tic Tac Dough  Match Game  _My_3 ��� Sons  Confd.  Confd.  Bewitched  Spiderman  News  Confd.  Ma_y__T. Moore  Inventors  Cont'd..  Cont'd.  -P.M.   Northwest  Muppet Show  Super-Stars  Leave to Beaver  .1 Love Lucy  Part.  Family  Funorama  GiUigan's Island  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Petti.   Junction  Party Game  News  Confd.  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  All in Family  Front Pg. Chal.  Tommy  Hunter  Confd.  Cont'd.  Seattle  _Hollywoqd Sqs.  Cont'd.        .    ,'  Cont'd.  Incredible^ Hulk  Cont'd.  Confd.  Mary T, Moore  Newlywed Game  Joker's  WUd  News  Confd.   Delta House  Circus  FamUy  Confd.  Movie  Girl Who Lives  Diffrent Strokes  Hello Larry   _  Bro. & Sisters  Movie: Beauty  Studio See  -Dick Cavett-  News  - Gardening  Bewitched  My-SSons  Hogan's Heroes  Bob Newhart  Gong_Show__ __  Dating Game   '  Joker's WUd  Newlywed Game  Carol Burnett-  Bob Newhart  Vancouver  Cont'd.  King Kens.  Challenge  Tommy  Hunter  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  2 Ronnles  Cdn. Authors  National News  Night Final-  Down' the Lane  Cont'd.  News:  ___.<__?_   Miracles'  BasebaU:  Seattle at  Los Angeles  Diffrent Strokes  HeUo Larry  Dukes of  'Hazzard  Wn. Review  Wall Street  Theatre  Cont'd.  Movie:    '     i  The Search  Confd.  Confd.  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Harris & Co.  ContU  & the- Beast  Confd.  News  Tonight Show  National  Geographic  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd/  News  T.B.A.  -Rockford  Files  News  Confd.  Born at Home  Confd.  Austin  City  Confd.  News  Dating Game  Odd Couple ���  Gong Show  Luke's  Kingdom  Benny HiU  Late Movie  Hot City  Confd.   ,  Sports Page  Confd.  breeze  .IMTIgjeOM  flat;'  fl__!Sft   v;  ���-WJE-Slt^-���  ,'460 ��fl 4.55 SW*.  INTERIOR  FLAT LATEX  M-AL-or-k*8a--  Quart $4.49 or less  Get your money's worth  Saturday, April 7  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL*  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  ,    CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11.  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  Sports  Am. Bandstand  Baseball:  Sports  Weekend  Space Academy  Feel Like  Footsteps  Movie:  Space Academy  100 Huntley St.  12:30  Weekend  Bonkers  Teams T.B.A.  Fat Albert  Dancin'  Tennyson  Amazing Dr. G  Fat Albert  Confd.     --.  1:00  Confd.  Action  Confd.  Cont'd.  Ark II  CIAO  Movie:  Confd.  Perspective  Harrigan  Private Life  1:30  Cont'd.  F Troop  Confd.  Confd  .  30 Minutes  McGowan  Earth  Confd.  Agape  2:00  Confd.  Mr. Roberts  Dinah Shore  Confd.  ' Abbott. CosteUo  Stann Kann  Confd.  Tarzan  700 Club  Money Talk  2:30  Cont'd;  N. Am.  Golf  Cont'd.  Workshop -���_  You-Tell-Us-  Scarlet Letter  ContU-.  Confd.  SJS��*    '.-;  3:00  Mr. Chips  , Soccer.   ', , "i  Gonfd.  Golden Years  Tournament "  Wrestling"  Oil -Painting  Hee Haw.  Confd. ~  Outlook..  3:30  'Hoe, Hoe      "  Bowling ���  ��� Movie:  Senior Chef '  Preview  Confd.  Lowell Thomas  Monkees  Gastown  4:00  Reach for Top  Confd.-  Satan's  Triangle  Discover  Sports  World of  ���'���  Firing Line  Twilight Zone  Funorama  Theatre  4:30  News  Confd.  Cont'd.  Cap. Comment  Spectacular  Sports. ii"-!,ii  Cont'd.  Confd.  Our Gang  Confd.  5:00  Hockey:  World of  Sports   Legends  News  Hockey:  In Search Of  Cont'd.     .  Ella  Bionic  Ruff House  Confd.  5:30  Buffalo'  Sports  Buffalo at .  News  Confd.  Fitzgerald  Woman  30  Minutes  Global Weekend  6:00  at Toronto  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Toronto  News  News  Once Upon,  Star Trek  Weekend  Lively Country  6:30  Cont'd.  Animal World  Confd.  David Horwltz  Confd.  Julia Chiids  Confd.  Cont'd.  ,��� NashvUle  7:00  Cont'd.  Lawrence   Welk  WUd Kingdom  Confd.  $1.98 Beauty  B. J. & the  Nova  Honeys  Name Tune  Western Front  7:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Confd.  , Family Feud  Bear  Confd.  Soccer:    Movie:  Cont'd.  8:00  Concert  Happening  Chips  Chips  Bad; News Bears  Movie:  2 Ronnies  Seattle at  PipPI on  1 Day at a Time  8:30  Mary  Delta House  Confd.  Confd.  Billy  Three Desperate  Dad's Army  California  the Run  Welcome Kotter  9:00  Cont'd  Love Boat  B. J. & the  -How the West  Movie:  Women  - National  Confd.  Cont'd.  Love Boat  9:30  The Goodies  Cont'd.  Bear . ��� .  Was Won  Seeding of  Cont'd.  Geographic  Cont'd. '            ���  Movie:  Cont'd.   ,  10:00  Just Jazz.  Fantasy1   Island  Supertrain   '  Confd.  Sarah Burns  Fantasy  Who Killed  Country N.W.  Nashville  Walk on the  2nd City T.V.  10:30  Confd.  Confd.  . Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.    .    ,  Island  ��      .  Martin L. King  Wild Side  Showdown  Sports. Page  11:00  Natlohal News  News  , News  News  Movie: Von  Confd.   ;  Ham'amatsu  Cont'd..  Cont'd.  11:30  Night Finals-'  Late Movie  Sat. Night  Confd.  Ryan's Express  News  Sign Off  Mrs. America'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  ~ ������wKSSOTsW"--*  'House ��fm��  i . JBSKL..'~.  'iMTt  J��-IMI��-  'f_MiWs}et     ii-  ^perglIoss  INTERIOR  ��� Interior Undercoat  ��� Pnmer Sealer  ��� Alkyd Semi-Gloss  ��� Alkyd Eggshell  ���Velvet Alkyd Flat  ��� Latex Semi-Gloss  ���Latex Eggshell  EXTERIOR .    -  ���Primer  ���Porch & Floor  ��� House & Tnm Gloss  ���Latex Flat      (  -���latex-Gloss   ���Woodcraft Stains  ���Latex Solid Color Stain  CHOOSE FROM  HUNDREDS OF- -  CUSTOM COLORS.  "DEEP AND ACCENT  COLORS SLIGHTLY  HIGHER PRICED.  QOCfULMWrr I  WOOD  CRAFT  SOUOMtOH-TW*  GAL.  or less  Quart $4.99 or less  fe  April 8  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNBL S  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9.  CHANNBL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13       .  12:00  Meeting  Directions  -^"���V-  . Terry Winters ���  .. African  _JNe,ws  -  -Earth,- Sea���   -Movie:���   -Gospel Hour   -100 Hunttey-St.���  12:30  - Place .-  Issues, Answers  Show Biz         1  Adventure  Jim. Swaggart  & Sky  Wn. Review  Conquered  the World  Confd.  Confd.  - 1:00  Co. Canada .  Boxing  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Co. Canada  Long Beach  Terry  Winters  Rev. Solbrekken  Confd.  1:30  Hymn Sing  Dinah Shore  Hymn Sing  Grand Prix  Movie:   Darling  Scarlet Letter  Movie:  P.T.L. Club  Little Rascals  2:00 .  V.I.P.  Confd.  Golf  Movie;  donfd.  Daughters  Cont'd.  Dancing  Confd.  Sports Probe  Wrestling  2:30  Gallery  American  Confd.  Pillow Talk  Confd.  Anniversary  Confd.  Masters  Confd.  3:00  Boating Test  Sportsman  Confd.  Confd.  '  Challenge  Movie:  Confd  Movie:  Confd.  Confd.     ,  3:30  Confd.  World of  Week in Ball  Confd.  NBA Regional  Murder Arena  Cont'd  Tho Oscar  Perspective  Party Game  4:00  Ilavo I Lied  Sports  Great Game  Have I  Game  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  Funorama  Oceana Alive  4:30  to You  Cont'd.  Tony Brown  Lied Before  Confd. ,  Question  Period  Untamed .World  Confd.  Confd.  Our Gang  Horst Koehler  5:00  News  Sports Afield  News  Meet the Press  Student  Forum  Confd.  Confd.  Bionic  Movie:  News  ^:30  Parliament  News  News  Confd.  Cap.  Comment  Gorman Soccor  Woman  Bomba &  Cont'd.  6:00  World of  Confd,  Confd.  Confd,  Nows ,  '  News  Confd.  Star Trek  Jungle Girl  Sounds Good  6:30  Disney  Viewpoint  How Come  Confd.  Around Here  Confd.    ,  World  Cont'd.  Andy's Party  80 Minutes  G. Hamilton IV  7:00  Beachcombers  Friends  World of  Beachcombers  Science  Map;.  60 Minutes  .Friends   '  Confd.  N.H.L. Gome  So Story Goes  -7:30  Science  Mag.  Cont'd.  Disney  Confd.  Cont'd..  Life Around Us  of the Week  Confd.  Dick Emery  8:00  Rome O, Julie S  Battlestar  Jesus of  T.B.A.  All In Family  1 Day at a Time  Battlestar  Cou-tonu  Daffodil  Donahue  Welcome Kotter  8:30  .1's Company  Galactlca  Nazareth  Hollywood  Galactlca  Odyssey  Festival Parade  Confd.  1 Day at a Time  9:00  Family  Movie:  Pt. 4  Family Prince  1 Cont'd.  Allco  Lou Grant  Theatre  Public Affairs  Movie:  Choice for  9:30  Prince  Thunderbolt  Confd.  . Stockard  Chan.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.'  Magic Box  Oscars  10:00  Marketplace  U Llghtfoot  Cont'd.  Weekend  Marketplace  Mary T. Mooro  Cont'd.  W-5  The Prisoner  Confd.  Confd.  Confd.  10:30  Ombudsman  Confd.  Ombudsman  Confd.  Confd.  700 Club  Confd,  Confd.  11:00  Notional News  News  News  News  Nows  Nows  Sign Off  Cont'd.  Movio: City for  Sports Page  Cont'd.  11130  Night Final  Late Movie  '  Late Movie  Confd.  Lato Movie  Confd.  Sign Off  Confd.  - Conquest  dig am        H     n  .9 >t ?!9ljt  ijiarrB  time!  1     _!><-_     >'.  v$sK! ^S&^^  Monday, April 9   ,  CHANNEL 2  CHANNBL 4  CHANNBL S  CHANNBL 6  CHANNBL 7  CHANNBL 8  CHANNBL 9  12:00  12:30  HOO  1:30  2:00  2:30  3:00  3(30  t-wltzor  tiearch for Tom,  Today     ,  Cont'd. /  All  My  Children  1 Life to Live  Confd.  Days of  Our Lives  Tlie Doctors  .Another  World  Wows  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Confd.  Edgo of Night  Toko 30  Hob McLean  Cont'd.  General  Hospital  Morv Griffin  Confd.     ��i  Confd.  Confd.  Movie:  JPho Honkers  ^55 Sherlock Homos   ��G,.00.0-0 Cont'd,  4:30 Stationary Ark     Mon Confd.  5:00 fort. Family Nows Confd.  ��i30 All In Foml-y Cont'd. , Nows   School Hroad.  Take 30  Bob McLean  Cont'd.  News  As World  -Turns  Guiding Light  Nows  Alan Ilnmcl  Cont'd.  Adam  12  Sanford & Son  Price is  Right  Confd.  Newa  Cont'd,  M.A.S.H,  Dinah  Cont'd.  Another World  Confd.  Movio;  Dr.  in . Homo  Zebra Wings  Muslo Place  Books, Look  Monsure Up  CHANNBL 11  News  Adam-12  Movio:  Brass Bottlo  CHANNBL 12  Donahue  Cont'd,  All  in Family  M.A.S.H.   s  CHANNBL 11  All tey Chile-ran  Cont'd.  Vancouver  Cont'd  Cover to Cover  Music  Ovor Easy  Survival Kit  Mike Douglas  Confd.  Nows  Cont'd.  ��i00  6:30  7:00  7)30  ��:00  ��!-0  9:00  9:30  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Nowa  Cont'd.  Academy  Awards   :SI:    :  Cont'd.  WhUe   "TJKiidow  M.A.S.H  Notional News  NWU Mnal |  Cont'd.  Confd.  Academy  Awarrito  Cont'd,  ClioryT Lndd  Confd.  Confd.  Seattle  Hollywood  8<j��.  1  Cont'd.  Confd.  Chopper Squad  Cont'd,.  Confd]  Perry Como  Confd.  Nows,   tho Prairie  Movie:  DoUvoranco  Cont'd]  Cont'd,  Nows  Tonight Show  Little House"~  on tho Prairie  tywrenoo  ~A��it"aiilt on  Mt.  Kvorast  Nowa  "EmOT  Mary T, Mooro  Newlywed Gamo  _JohoIL.w"_,   ��.BViwn  Lou Grant  Cont'd.  Nows  Late Movio  Confd.  Confd.  t6,000.000  tan  Tjows  Confd.  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Sports Page  Shirley  SecheltBuilding  Supplies Ltd.  tWf^��!t.w>,iinllfm��.4B^-i-'-ih.| ��iBT,w��(.*!Mi��.mmSi*..i-**,ii..lli����1   '.-  HOC *%���%___%*%        fHKIWIf Ifl !!������  885-2283 or     612-0213  f  mm*-..'  \ PageC-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday; April 4,1979  111*!-.-,.!-  ..   ...  love  ii  -There,-is something-about the: at.,  mosphere of Bullwinkle Glassworks, with  its rustic interior, its plants and Tiffany  lamps that Harry Smith says encourages  "creative^glassworfc������ "^77^"  ~ ���And-he-rfioul|Uknow^As the maker of _  those Tif fjany lamps, he has in many ways  created his own wording atmosphere. For  three-and-a-half years, Smith has,been  making his living from glasswork, one��  and-a-half years at Whitaker House and  the last two at .the, glassworks.       In theback of the small store, whose  /unique exterior is welcome relief among  Sechelt's more modern /commercial  buildings along^owrieStrrSmith and his  two_artisans are _3aimper to bumper" in,  the small workroom. * -,-��� ~  The reputation of the glassworks is  spreading and Smith is quick to credit the  fine work of the other artists in the store  for their contribution. -  -   Doug-Topper, is a fully-qualified  journeyman who4oes some of the "finest  stained glass and leadwork around the  country," Smith says. ��� i  & Doug NewbyrSmithhas found^one  of the best designers and makers of leaded  windows." Newby is responsible for some ,  of the lamps, mirrors and knick-knacks in  the store and teaches evening classes in  glasswork.  Donna Winchester, "an up and coining  young artist", has a place.in the store as a  -glasswork apprentice.  It involved "a lot of hope and worry"  when Smith turned from glasswork as a  hobby to glasswork as a living - "from a  steady paycheque to maybe-I'll-make-  some-money-this-week."  But displaying the store's work at  many art shows ir\ the past yearslias-paid-  ..off in increased business and7a reputation  for quality glasswork.  ;"< . "The business is starting to come to  us," he said.',"We don't have to chase it:  But I miss the art competition, it's like  .racing horses, it gets in your blood."  Glasswork is also in Smith's blood��� he ~  calls it a "love for glass.!' His total in-.  volyement with the glass trade has put the  , store in a "different class" of glassworks.  He says Bullwinkle Glassworks is more of  y a studio because they rely on what they  _-n__&e_comp_u:��i-to7wi_at_are-rea_ly^only-.  retail outlets in Vancouver.  "We are struggling hard to fulfil all  parts of the trade. We're bending glass  now, which is basically a lost art.  "Nobody has taken the interest or incentive to study it in our part of the  the-older method of English leadkaming:  Copper foil may be stronger, neater  and quicker, but he feels there is history  with glass which can't be replaced.  ���<iI!m-the-only-^neJn-.t-_^sh��>pJoLjuse.  lead. It's a bit more of a challenge, though  Besides coloring and painting glass, the  artists are fully-qualified to do "etching,  sand-blasting and lamination of glass," he  says.  Now the store receives orders for  almost "anything; from someone's pet  dog in glass to $3,400 lampshades," Smith  says. Two churches in Sechelt and  ' Madeira Park are displaying stained glass  windows made at BuUwinkle Glassworks  . and he says he is proud of the support from  the people in Sechelt.  Smith concerns himself mostly, with  making Tiffany lamps and seems  something of a romantic when he explains  frustrating at times."  With lead, each piece has to be  measured accurately, it's dirty until it has  been treated) it's heavy to cart around and  it's delivered in a raw state, so it .has to be  stretched to add tension to It.  .This is where the artist's patience  comes in. Smith could work on a lamp for a  few days, then dump it.  "If it's not good, it goes into the garbage," he said.  While the Times was there, he had done  just that, but he retrieved the pieces of  glass first to start again on the skirt to ar  partially-finished lamp.  Perfection is something the shop works  toward andit angers Smith that some "so-  called" artists are producing junk and  passing it on as art at enormous prices.  His "love for glass" is a hunger shared  ~ariTmg-t_ieT^er~a"rtists^  "There never seems to be enough to  " satisfy our hunger for glass/'   v At word of a shipment later on,  everyone's eyes light up and the first  question is "is there any glass?"  The shop receives glass from England,  Germany, Czechoslovakia,Japan, Canada  and the U.S., and Smith says they, are  always looking for new types of glass.  Smith's favourite glass is English  antique, which is clear with multi-colored  streaks that "add warmth." But because  .__��_1toe���p_to,.-J,e���U^^  _- "Most people are condemned all their  lives to making a living at something; not  because they want to, but because.they  have to," Smith says.  ���A-lotof .studios .tend-tti-become i-'hopfc^  conscious",' but he says he tries to avoid it.  Unfortunately,, as much as he would  like to involve himself only with original  glasswork. he is an artist with a sense of  reality. He knows there are bills to be paid  7and, in his own words, admits-'3 have this  nasty habit of eating."  American opaque glass. "With hand-rolled  glass, you can't pull a sheet that's the  same," he said.  Progress made in glasswork are not  really new ideas, but rather new processes  as a result of more refined tools, he says.  "Now we have modern grinders,  diamond routers and electric kilns, where  ionce it took hours just to grind the glass.  . "These ideas have been going on for  hundreds of years, but now, they are being  refined."  Smith says his training has been the  "pick up and go" type, except for some  AFTER GRINDING the glass to fit   product will form the skirt of the  together evenly, Smith joins them   lampshade in the background,  with pieces of lead. The finished  NO MORE long hours grinding pieces of glass to fit together as Harry Smith  proves with his electric guitar.      ..        -  why:  "There was a little bit of elegance that  went along with the turn of the century  that shows in the lamps.  "I like the coziness, warmth and good  feeling of the Tiffany style."  Previously an advocate of the copper  foil method to join pieces of glass, Smith  says in the last six months he has turned to  -worl_-w4th-a^UH_^raan--at-4irstI--He-  worked for Pilkington of England in Ottawa doing glasswork and CPI in Vancouver doing storefronts in glass.  From designing and building houses,  Smith moved into an occupation he wanted  to concentrate on. That he has been able  to, with help from his wife and friends, he  considers a "real privilege."  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After he woke up, he got  hungry so he went home.  Ohefpay a little b6y^  went oh his7way home and he found a dog. He did not know where  the dbig camef ^  ;.*frow7his;#bthe^  When hegot hoif\e7 he sqid/TMprn, I found/  swimming: Can I keep it7M6m?"7  ^.e)\&$_$t^^  �����__$ S-J-.S&1 L7g57i7g5���_ J&M~.^z-AJ^^_A-_��^_A&*_c3j___t  ���'������v'Vbnv'^iewei^^WTi;"'  ���7uWe!i,fb.K^'7;^v.;;7;:;.:;'.:V 77:7\7;;;'-���;���;,:,v'.  7'Oh goodie, goodie."  7 "But just for awhile7'  ;7 :"Alright,;;bye)-Mom.':7^  7 "Bye,.Dear, be back at four o'clock."  :;7,,O.K.7Mom,7Bye.'"' 7-:;7'������,,:���:���;,;;;  H^KIDS  BIRTHDAY CLUB  Have you entered our NAME THE FROG contest yet? Our story frog  mascot would like a name. Think up a good name for him, finish the  picture, color it, and send it to:   FROG CONTEST, Peninsula Times, Box 310; Secheh:7*#~^  '  ^-rtf*' '.*.%.*'��. ' 'V��  Hey Kids 17 Why not |oln  bur HEY KIDS BIRTHDAY  CLUB. 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Wednesday; April 4,1979  ur has a good dump��� Harrison  'We don't know if everybody's happy-Hunter  Area A director Joe Harrison put up a  good fight Thursday, to keep his voters off  the garbage collection referendum and  _ Jeavethe Pender Harbour area dump and  collection system as it is, but,he ran into  what appeared to be an ongoing debate  with Area F director David Hunter over  democratic rights.  The SCRD board witnesses the tension,  between the two directors when the time  came at the regular meeting to discuss  recommendations from the Public  .Utilities Committee after Dir. George  Gibb'Ei extensive report on Sunshine Coast  waste disposal methods.  "We don't know if everybody in Pender  Harbour is happy with the  garbage  planning committee)" in his area had told  him to say^if we want something we'll ask  lor itlmdWdcmTwahtIt imposed onus."  'I think you are making a big mistake  and you are''going to face a lot of  criticism," Harrison added:  Almond and Hunter reiterated the  board was looking at the future by going to  referendum in all areas.  "If the people in Pender Harbour want  to defeat it, they can on a referendum,"  said Almond.  Added Hunter: "This is for the answer  for ten years ahead. Pender Harbour has  members of the 'other faction' that can't  get their word through to the board. It'll be  waste disposal contractor in attendance.  The motion to have a November  Merendt-nTuT'^cTinaectoraliurea" on"  garbage collection was passed with dir.  WOOD SHADES  ���AS PRACTICAL AS THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL  ���AS VERSATILE AS THEY ARE DURABLE  right there on the ref erendum and nobody  colleetionBnd^umprlt's-insaneifthere-is���will have-to-worry-about-itr"   no referendum in Area A. Everybody in Retorted Harrison: "Director Hunter  Pender should have a chance to say what will get strange satisfaction from in-  they want, weekly, -twice weekly or no flicting his will on the board."  collection. If they say "no", okay but the Interjected Director Marshall: "The  director (Harrison) can't say what the regional board is pushing people around in  people want without a  referendum,"    areas where they arejurt wanted,  chairman  Hunter said.  Harrison had told the board that people  ih Area A were "adamant" about not  closing the Pender dump adding that some  of the information being sent out about the  site was innaccurate.  -_^PeMer_Harix_ui-_lias_a--gQodjdjymp.  There is no good Pollution Control Board  reason given that it should be closed.  There is no good reason it is not an  adequate landfill site," Harrison commented.  But Dir. Harry Almond tried to explain"  to~the - Harrison-Hunter-debate -that-he-  agreed with Dir. Gibb's report that a  central location near Sechelt for a dump  with container service from all areas  would result in a dollar saving that is  "fantastic".  "If we continue to maintain three or  four sites we are looking at a cost we can't  tolerate in future. If we keep the Pender  dump open we have got to look at some  way of financing that dump. Gibb looked  at bringing it (garbage) down to the  Sechelt dump and it could be done quite  cheaply," said Almond.  But tiie debate raged on.   "I assure director Hunter that there is  no need for a new function of garbage  collection in our area," said Harrison. He  asked regional secretary Ann Presley if it  was correct that "you can't hold a  referendum in Area A if we are not in the  function."  He  said the  "sizeable APC   (area  Acting chairman Charles Uee  suggested an "escape clause" on the  referendum enabling Area A to "opt out"  had been put there "in deference to the  wishes of (Area A) alternate dir. Vera  McAllister".  iarJngJthe_ hor_-estr_-1-_hH-_he-J-^_flj_iL_!  voted  to delete  two clauses  in  the  referendum    recommendation     but  remained in  favor  of a  region-wide  referendum including area A.  "Let's quit before we lose everything,"  put in Dir. Hunter at this point.  ���"Past-performance~-<nr-a���garbage  referendum have been less than glorious.  They have different interpretations," said  dir. Harrison.  But the finish line was still not reached.  Dir. Harrison was compelled to get the  word in again for Area A.  "There is no support for closing the  disposal site in Pender Harbour. It is very  unreasonable and very unfair for the  board by majority vote to overrule the  elected director."  Interjected Hunter: "How does dir.  Harrison expect us to carry on this board  with the democratic process then?"  And dir. Almond again tried to reason  Harrison against.  The recommendation to close Gibsons,  Halfmoon Bay and Pender Harbour  garbage dumps was number 2 of the three  sent to committee.  In a later conversation, regional  secretary Ann Presley said she had been  here for five years and the garbage debate  had been going on when she came. She  said the public works superintendent had  been here eight years and he said it was  going on when he got-here.  She was placing nobetsjan a November  referendum or a solution in the hear  future.  In an information-only garbage pick-up  referendum last November, termed a  "mockery of democracy" at the time by  board chairman Ed Nicholson, only seven  -per-cent-of~the region's eligible voters  M1.^!  THE ULTIMATE IN WINDOW DECOR,  BLENDING WITH TRADITIONAL, CON-,  TEMPORARY OR ANY FURNISHINGS  YOU CHOOSE. 60 COLOR PATTERNS  NOW ON DISPLAY IN OUR DRAPERY  SECTION.  *Not exactly as illustrated.  KEN DEVRIES & SONS LTD.  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-3424  Sunshine Coast Hwy.,  Gibsons 886-7112  came out in favor of bi-weekly over weekly  pickup by a voteof-260-241.  that he had made the motion but "instead  of direct confrontation, let's look at  alternatives or other options.  "A year ago we were given $50,000 by  the government to do something about our  garbage. We've had a report on incineration and George Gibb has had a  committee. He said nobody showed up for  the meetings. We've had a year to study it.  Some of us have been studying it. It's time  we got something done," said Almond.  Garbage recommendations 2, 3 and 4  were then voted to be referred to a  meeting of the finance committee with a  Lower  Gibsons  886-2919  GARDEN & PET SUPPLIES  LET'S GET GROWING  ���Easy top results ��� No experience necessary  PLANTS MATURE IN BAG  ���Ideal for Apartments & Patios  ���High yield from small area.  *3 ��� %f %f  ���������  fcasJ  BOOKS/GIFTS/STATIQNERY  SUNNYCREST CENTRE OIBSONS  886-8013  "  -  VISIT OUR NEW EXPANDED GIFT SECTION  * FEATURING HANDCRAFTED LEATHER  Elegant Benlon Leather Ladles Purses * Disco Bags  Wallets���������* Belts  * REAL ROSES ��� preserved In natural state under glass  * LARGE SELECTION HANDCRAFTED POTTERY  Local & B.C. 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