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The Peninsula Times Nov 29, 1978

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Array ���(   ���  &~ ! 7-.  T~  ^mmi^ArMf&vy  I^g^^^s-isP^  <*s  i  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, November 29^ 1978  What-g^heration gap?  The way parents of Pender Harbour Secondary'School students  flocked to the school on two hours  notice after last Friday's student  protest is a-sure sign that the  generation gap can be narrowed when  the need arises.  Though soihe parents made it  clear they disapproved of the walkout  action and some voiced doubt it was  necessary to go that far just to get a  dance, at least they came ,out. <  If 30 parents of the school's ap-  -proximatesly-lOO-students-showed-upr  -itse_ems_to:be_an improvement _over_  past  participation ��at  the   school.  -Principal-John-Nicholson-mentioned-  one function* where parents ��� were  invited and only one snowed up.  The gap is decidely narrowing  when parents, principal and students  can get into a room and voice-their  opinions pro and con on a matter and  then work out a solution.  Did the parents remember their.  own school days when they looked  forward'to a dance, just like their  sons and daughters are doing now?  The students reminded their parents  how they have the right to make  demands and strike for what they  believe in on a bigger scale and they  made it clear they thought it was their  right to strike for what they-wanted.  Most parents, and thejarincipal as  well, .voiced some admiration for the  students having the guts to" take action. 'y___   . It -was, admittedly, done hastily  and��pontaneously, butit was done���;  sincerely and it got results and  "brought parents, students and  principal together to hash it'out. ^  It is hoped an example lias been  set. In future the three groups can get  together before any such drastic  action as a walkout is made  necessary to force such a confrontation.  Small talk  *          9  The  best truths     ��� -  -             -By^Ned Schwartz"  THE HONG KONG-based ship, Star "loading pulp. Dennis Gray tells how   days of hauling 450-pound bales in   member is shown at the St|r World's  World, was in Port Mellon fecently   pulp loading has changed since his   rusty Liberty ships.' At left a crew   sophisticated controls.     ~  Man's-sweat replaced by remote T^ntrolF  -���BULLETIN-���-wLastSunday at lp.m.-  numerous mythological creatures came  ���gaUqping up suddenly, the lot of them still  dripping from the bogswamp and belching,  fire, overturning picnic tables, trampling  about in the rose garden and smoking  cigarettes.  1 It was (everyone agreed afterward) a  period of exceptional disorder characterized by a general running amuck and  several obscene breaches of the peace *~  although unfortunately photographs of the  latter tend to haye more the appearance of  the Northern Lights or perhaps a temperature inversion.   Having carried on in this manner for  some time (accounts vary) while defying  alL^appeals to reason, the creatures then  proceeded to the courthouse, emitting  acrid fufties and muttering amongst  themselves. There demanding and  receiving safe passage out of town, they  became quite personal with'the reverend's  -wifirpaiSSlrimmifgagging aiid drinking-  cheap whiskey but of rubber boots:  '  rThe-flftemoonJ^amage-being:-irt"-e3c*  -uplifting and generally leaving the world a  little richer. Nevertheless, I have written  down another poem which is chock-full of  - true facts of a local nature and which will  mak&you a more worthwhile person if you  read it.  Except before I "do my poem, I just  remembered we should also send a box of  chocolates to a new band on the peninsula  named Connection. They played the  benefit for Ron and Sophia Phare at the  Roberts Creek Community Hall last  Friday, and I wore holes right out of where  the big toes fit in my new socks. They did  Blueberry Hill without ever having  -rehearsed it together, and RonJWatts was^  so good they probably will pass a law  against him. ���  So here's the poem. If you're reading'  this on the ferry and feel like you'd be sort  of embarrassed if one of your friends  caught you reading a poem, you can go in  the bathroom and shut the door. Just read  fast and make a little noise so as nobody  gets the idea.you're up to anything funny.  f  cess of $500 (not reckoning the roses), it  was the decision of council to prohibit  ��� unicbrns.from holding publicoffice and to  leave the  picnic  tables  as  they lay  "inasmuch as winter is fast approaching.  Nope of this, of course, was reported in  the local press. The best truths never are/  For instance, did you know it took a  reporter for one of the two local rags two  phone calls to pry a victory statement out  .of Sechelt Alderman-elect Larry MacDonald?  Larry was so wrapped up In a Mickey  tytouse show on the tube that he had difficulty composing his thoughts. Obviously  ���the people have made a wise choice. Any  man who likes Mickey Mouse will, love  Sechelt Council y  The main problem with Sechelt Council  is they don't get enough love. This is my  deduction.because otherwise I don't see  why they should be so laissez f aire with all  those developers parading ln and asking  for tokens of their affection.  Morgan Thompson said'once that  council had riever turned down any  development scheme. That doesn't seem  exactly true since I seem to recall-, they  gave Hayden Killam a pretty hard time.  (Whatever happened to his threatened  slander suit against Morgan1?)  But anyway I figure lt would be a good  idea if some of us little pcoplo, just plain  folks, got together and bought tha Sechelt  Council a big box of chotfolate cltoams to  show thorn how we really dp care.  , ���'v Also wo could take a box of candy ovor  to Jthose,, ndwlicHpwp,��� inning ..tho^^fl^  thenon In gratitude for their having turned  off the TV set.  Doing Uipso kinds of gestures would  make the Sunshlno Coast a better place to  live. Maybe if they knew there was a bo* of  chocolates In lt for them, tho Beach Buoy  pooplo could oven get up tho energy to dp-  uglify that' establishment. People wero  pretty upset whpn the JBeach Buoy first  sprang up, but lately thoy scorn to bo moro  nccoptlng. Maybe because they've got  good onion rings there. , ,  I dldn'J get any chocolates for my poom  last week, despite It's being so culturally  In their almost best dresses /"; ��� .',  the no-longer-blushing brides  have come each clutching three  afternoon toatercpWujte' to be judged,  but not harshly,  by the slightly renowned  art critic from another town.  They, are hoping for approval,  or at least p nod,  some sign tjh^t the world  (whatever that is)  is not yet lost to them. ���  They pay ttyo dollars  for his attention  in recognition of his stature  plus expenses      f.       ���   , ' ' ��� '  and are not disappointed.  He tells them their colours ?  are passionate,  alive,  that they should drown their children  and paint. J  After tea the ladies  return home with their paintings  and prepare dinner., >  Ned Schwartz, a pumpkin farmer, Is  iY. Inches toll pnd lives in Roberts Creek,  Christmas Seal  rei  ider  I'uMWicd Wi'dniiNiiuys ill Seehell  oMll.Cj'NSiiihhlncCoiwl   ���  *��'r'  yl i n.,  , ������.,.. ��..........���rr^rJ^^^:x:xx:  S**J        ,<-v�� , /;-,,,���jv.J.-.ri'.nn-i.r.Mvi'r' "-' ' '  ���     ��� tor wctrptw PiihTOfliTonir trtdr*  .w.fuScchcltrH.C1,-'-���--"  Hox.VlO Seehell, B,C,  VON.MO  "     ' '       I'lwne HH3..U1I  ,''���!>���  tii?:;;-,:  Editor, The Times:  Christmas Seals have now been mailed  to all homes In British Columbia und as  chairperson of tho local Christmas Seal  Committee I" hlnvcT* beep " receiving  telephone culls from local residents-who  ore a ilttlo confuted about our system of  mailing. If you will be so kind as to print  (thls letter it may clarify matters for others  who/hove similar questions.  hrlstmas Seals aro sent Initially to  approximately 170,000 pooplo who contributed last year. A second mailing la sent  to oil residences and businesses in British  lolumbia to ensure that everyone has nn  pportunlty to uso Christmas Seals on  tholr holiday mall If Uiey so wish.  Wo realize thnt by using this system our  contributors from previous years'' will  receive two packages. I hope, however,  that thoy will regard it as a gentle  f reminder If thpy have not plrcady sent In  their cloniitiontfjls year, and thnt they wiU  also welcome the opportunity to uso this  second sheet of Seals, >,  *i y,f:7^7i,X77"\ >^"'^;:^|ther auto^tOtrw-l.   will' ot '(^otirw'iatf'dnTy'lb^ap^Wfolk' ttii  Ui��ffirth<rwIMW  ���04B7r���      '        - ���   : ""*'"sl  With mnny thanks to yotf, and all the  contributor* to Christmas Seals'.  Patricia Miirphy  Halfmoon Bny  By DENNIS GRAY  -Away back_when, iurther_back than I  should admit to remembering, pulp bales  weighed 450 pounds and were stowed on  ship by hand. The ships of that time were  mostly rusting, smelly liberty ships with  small hatches and irregular-shaped holds,  either tapered, rounded,or with a large  tunnel running its full length for the  propeller shaft. The pulp was stowed in  every conceivable space, and in places  like under the hatch combing and between  decks it had to be stacked three or four,  high���this was done in steps, in a manner  as ancient as the pyramids.   Weworkedin pairs and if you happened  to weight about 300 pounds less than a pulp  bale you chose your partner carefully; size  or strength was not the only factor, for big  or small if a man worked against you, the  day was endless. To move these square  Bunyon-sized play blocks 40 feet or more  across ah irregular floor seemed not only  oMWerbutrfoolhard;  i When the first sling load was lowered  by the shuddering steam winches it nearly .  filled the hatch, creating an ominous  darkness in the hold where we stood. As  the pulp spilled Across the floor like giant  chunks of fudge, men began languidly  selecting a, bale to attack, some men  fought them, some stumbled and cursed  them and some waltzed them across the  floor In a lively dance, then deftly  pirouetted them into place with a flick of  the wrist, but we all sweated and earned  our pay ($2.45 pferhr.)  Entering some of these holds was an  ordeal like descending into a mine shaft,  the long open ladder which clung to the  bulkhead was often twisted and rusty and  the hold dark and forboding. One never  knew What smells would assail the, lenses,  since most ships, were general cargo. It  could be aroma df coffee or the stench of  rotten hides, or on the occasions we loaded  pulp in the ballast tanks, we were nearly  overwhelmed with the fumes of bunker oil,  But it was not altogether unpleasant. It  gave me a workput better than the 'Y\ and  a chance to work out problems In a,  physical and positive way with ample  evidence of your accomplishments at the  end of the day, both In the ship's hold and  In your aching muscles.,' .  Biit as hard as wo worked or as good as  wo became, wo were not too efficient, and  llko John'Henry, we were replaced.by  machines.   ���, -  By" machines and ships llko the Star  , World, recently benrthed at Pbrt Mellon  loading pulp. Jn placo of the two splndley  bourns-sprouting from a hissing steam  winch are two 30-ton gantry cranes which  ride rails from tho superstructure to the  lf,how and transversely 30 fppt pver tho  dock, Each crane is capable of loading 200  tons per hour and where we wrestled  sling loads of eight bales, they lift 72 bales  at a time.  display in feet, fathoms or meters (depth-  at  dock B  was  34.8 feet.  Even  the  barometer had digital readout and made  compensation for our height,.82 feet above  sea-level.  Visibility from the bridge was~good in  all directions. From way up there both  Eschew obfuscation  The ship,itself is shaped like a huge  milk carton with the engine and all the  superstructure at the rear. The hatch  covers fold up like accordions exposing the  large uncluttered holds and the open holds  are protected from the weather by a large  fibreglass roof over the cranes.'  In the days before theTwheel, as many  as 40 or $0 men were used to load a ship.  Today six men do it, four men on the dock  attach the bales while 50 feet above them  _encapsulated_in_a plexiglass pod_sits the  winchman. He has complete control of his'  cargo, travelling with his cranes-north,  south, east or west as he assembles'a huge 7  meccano-like glacier of pulp in the open        Everyone used'to watch Perry Mason.  shlP- ., And I bet unless you've actually been  The ship based in Hong Kong is 600 feet   through  the  Sechelt  Provincial -Court  one quarter inch long, has a beam of 102   doors, that-long-cancelled and eterrially-  oTig~hainBcli^raws 3srfeet of water   syndicated TV- show vaguely comes to  loaded and saili3 at 15 to 17 knots. Sailing   mind when you read the Times' court  timelaSfeiJanTwfcerethe^^ ���'. :���,;. ,   ���'''������   - ������������" ,'���"���  men and-pulp-lobked-insignificant-and-  although ships like this^ put men ^out of  work, it is work we can get along without.  Grasping the small wheel, I ask Lam Ki if  I can take her for a quick spin. He doesn't  understand me, perhaps he is from  another galazy, R2, D2 Cu Star World.  Cpurting the plaster  *--���  XT"  ���Jk "  By Terri Brandmueller  is 11 days. Its carry capacity is 39,000 to  40,000 tons.  Although pargo loading has entered the  Star Wars^age, passenger access is still by"  ancient gang plank, it just got longer and  steeper. The ship is clean and comfortable  and is run by a crew of 37 men. The food  - may not have been gourmet but it smelled  appetizing j��  In the wheelhouse it was difficult to'find  Students from  classes have been  always knew was no good taking the rap  and providing the entertainment.  And the court report lets you keep in  touch with old acquaintances���sort of like  a running update on the old high school  year book. You may not haye turned put  "richandfamous, bufyou~aicTaTiell of a IpV  sessions these last few weeks, and while I  never actually saw one of them fall asleep,  !tl gathered whispering during the.hiilf hour  15 minute recess that they were less than  thrilled. One even asked a buddy when  Perry Mason was coming.    ���'.;,���  It's not that we've all been totally  snowed by Raymond Burr, but one does  Elphinstone's  law   better than that bum who used to sit  sitting in on court   behind you in French who is always up on  the traditional wheel, it was so dwarfed by ~^f U J^fS.! ^t^^L^J!^.  the sophisticated navigational equipment. ���  The wheel when I found it, was very small,  so small In fact, even Ned Schwartz could  bring her about.  There were two radar units. I was told  by��ihe third mate, Lnm< Ki Cheong thpt  there were two because of 'Riberlan  resuratlons*,. They i have radius settings  Trom one half, mile to 120 miles. I saw no  sextants but there was a unit (Decca) for  plotting positions automatically when  within 1,000 miles of shore transmitters.  Jhere was also a plotting instrument that  located the ship's exact position while at  itsea '������ this is done with seven point shore  transmitters via satellite. There was a  (|epth sounder that read out on a digital  'A  Christian Science  " "Act, net in the living present." So wrote  Samuel Wadswortt) Lonfefollow. And Paul  wrote to Peter, u... be established in the  present truth." (U Peter 1:12).  Grieving over past mistakes can bo  replaced by Joy ih present achleviemo'nt;  Mary Baker Eddy wrote, "Time pqst  and time present, both, may pain us, but  time IMPROVED is oloquent in God's  pralsp." (Pulpit and Press Pg. 1).  nesses and a fair sprinkling of objections  ~ sustained, over-ruled or otherwise,  when sitting in on a trial.  The whole truth (and nothing but) is,  however, adlfferent sotry. In a small town  most of the, trials are impalreds and  though riot as exciting a\a full-blown TV  murder, they sometimes can be ��� murder  that is.  But the boredom of real liie court  drama does not stop the reader in a small  town from getting those same vicarious  thrills >n evidence in Perry Mason's  courtroom. t  -Because while in the TV show ft wns  nice to see the spoiied-brat rich heiress get  sent away for bumping off poor dad, in  real life it's that Wild kid next door you  driving a defective motor vehicle charges.  One thing.the reader does miss by  reading the report is courtroom color -r  you know -���- what the lawyers wear- and  stuff like that. It's too bad because the  Sechelt courtroom is really unique. Not  only does it have a witness box a Gibsons  lawyer once described as Early OrangP  . Crate, it has a sloping ceiling that always  leavesW slightly off-balance after sitting  ' through a marathon over .08 trial.  The courtroom has eight foot wood  panelling all around, but since the walls  are only eight foot on the left side and  gradually get about to be about a foot and  a half higher on the right side of the room,  there is a strip of plaster above the  panelling a quarter inch wide at one end  and a foot and a half at the other. It may  not seem like much to you, but after sitting  in that courtroom for nearly a yearptarlng  at a triangle of plaster over the Queen's  head, I sometimes forget why I'm there.  Why I'm there, of course, is to keep you  regularly Informed to to the high price of  crime, so you can either reform or starts,  , savings account.  '���V  Chrismas thanks  his sujSiiorters v.  Editor, The Times;  Congratulations to Joyce Kolibas ond  Larry McDonald for winning tholr  -MaldormonliGi"flfiotrii>'ni Secholt  Village  Council/Lot's hope Uiey have a busy and  productive term by following up on tholr  rwrl": ��o��'s with tlw confidence am,  /;,.i>{lity qs expressed in tholr qnfnpalgri, for  -wtycirihejr have-treBn^chMeri&y'thP^*"  ... Vpl��r��r'>*^p.���<-.��"^^  I also wish to thank Bill Harris and  Frank Leitner for nominating mo, and all  ot my supporters for backing up their  Judgement.' I must apologize for not cam  paigning just a little bit harder, nnd for  not doing moro ojf my homework on council  ond community affairs, I promise'to  become moro nptlvo in those matters in  Uio coming year and will bo watching, with  interest^ the ncUyities and Judgement of  Uio. new council. By doing so, I should bo  nhlo to- prj^t,.;j�� ,����"* h meaningful, ptetrsr.  Jonn.&UwQj-tyf&^^  ;,   In,thejiipflntliinp*Jet'sJiopo'the con-.,  fldcnce shown by tho voters In Joyce and  Larry will add 'flplco" and 'smmjI', In Uiat  order, to our Socholt Vlllago Coundll  -a-*  '    Carl Chrismas  Sechelt.  ?W*??!W*TTW^'Wr��W  lli  ' I ''t'l.i l ''\ ]>'>"' 'i''''i'i ' 'lLi' ;''!''"* *i'''''''; j i'iiMiJiiiiiii*i*|i^Vi1^tti|ti  '���Sr|r|.WW!'WrHr|'W!lWI'!lllWr,^^^^  i:i'$t.'&>'i;S;-'i:ft^  . .'.'.'.'.'.:.....'...'............|........'... .���...'���'���'.'.;.���.'.������..���������...........i.........r...r.....r,r.............r ... ���    , f ,J.,MlUfnTm  iii* '"'I     T'l" ���' I  Tfiy?;'^lW 'W1.!.'1! !l|f!l!'i'''!il|'l':'!V!!|'y^',y'll! ".W  <ii>|:'iii|Wl>illl''l'lVii  iiwHMiM.*HriVnillill��iiHiiM<MI  -..Jn -  X  anct to sm all the bothe? of picking and choosing,'our now  models have Just ono channel on the dial,.. CRTC."  i ������      ���������: '' ��� -   ���  ���     '*" ��� ;��� ���    !  !*.*,  XOm ���&* *���  ����>* it*-r&  *H  *  ��=l ���H1*5t^>WiB     W *(* rttUJppH"��W*i������-��!��*iIV P>  nrim*> ^jj^'W-ba  ��� rfrtrJS- ��"i*,*��*'*ii)-i-^'>0B'*��.'f��WWii  i��M*pia^#������fly*!^��'^e^*i^!ri^  '"7"  V I  '/���'  x \ vv  l��.  t      ' T'l  ���h A ' ./ I'  'J  .X  7  :X  *?  Elphi student forum  Won't be a waste  4'  ���'All of Vancouver's garbage is in  Delta" So Delta Community, TV mobile  unit will visit the Community Fonim on  '���Waste Management" to bex held at  Elphinstone Secondary - School on  December 3, from noon to 5 p.m. Delta 10  plans to create a shpw about what, our  community-here on the Sunshine Coast is  doing about municipal,waste. The idea of  our Regional Bpaibd asking and supporting  the students to research the topic of waste,  management is unique and an excellent  example of school-community in-'  volvement. Waste management is a topic  relevantto every community.  John Thomas, owner and manager of  Coast Cable, as well as Vice-President of  Delta Cable, has given the Elphinstone  Student Research Productions considerable support In their past efforts and  once again deserves our thanks. The  MORE ABOUT ...    ��� Sewer-system^  -i-From Page A-l .        ,  -to_the-fiiro,JteJ)rjoken^dow^  - million for the collection system, $1.4  million for the trunk line, and $% million to  expand existing services to a second level  of treatment.   ', 7y,x  About 75 per cent of the cost could be  absorbed by provincial grants under the  Canadian Mortgage and* Housing Corporation.  ' The need for the system including West  Sechelt is based on growth estimates for  the area of from $1;350 population in five  years to 3,200 in 25 yaprs.    ��  The firm has previously designed-a-  similar  foreshore- trunk  system  in  Nanaimo with 10 miles of interceptor  installations   to   move   sewage.. It   is  -reported to "be  working well in that,  location. ���*=-  students will-, be able to observe a  professional TV crew in action. "The  educational value will be excellent.  The day will begin at noon with a choice  of activities. Films and.videos will "be  shown. A thrift shop sponsored by the  grads will be in the gymnasium, and  student and community displays and  posters. The Community Recreation class  will be selling sandwiches and other  munchies. The panel discussion will be  held in the band room.   .  At 2 p.m. Paul and Lyfida Handshe will  provide us with their.talenfed music and  song. FoUowing this, the open forum will  begin.  The panel consists of:  George Gibb, Regional Board director.  D. Mason, Section -Head of Pollution  Control Board.  Brett McGillvray ��� concerned Roberts  Creek resident.  .Pat-Benjamin ��� Landfill-ConsultEgit.-  ;$i&h,  Ask about our  "Package" deals.  There will be various resource people  intheaudierice^ whowUl beJavailablet6-  answer questions. < ,  These people are:  Wednesday, November 29, lff78  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN THE M OF SECHELT  885-9816    Admiral       Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  NANA FARDA AND Beth Smale  KE JtP  B.C.    WATERS  CLEAN  Canada World Youth Organization  .Dick-Derby���Sanitation Engineer.���,���bravedtheautumn. chill to help Miss _andJiavp. been helping members of  Ray Chamberlain ��� Sanitation Engineer. -   -.     .  Harry   Almond   ���   Chairman   of   the  Regional Board.  Bruce Culver ��� Organizer of a recycling  centre.  There will be two special guests who  are coming to listen to the people of our  community in a discussion of importance  to all of us. From Ottawa, Jack Pearsall,  MP and from Victoria, our MLA Don  Lockstead.  __  Waste disposal is Jhe .most urgent  problem.Jacmg the Sunshine "Coast. ^  Present sites are inadequate to cope'Witlr  the sheer volume and complexity of  today's garbage. Who know what toxic  chemicals are leaching out of the dumps?  This Forum is an opportunity to discuss  some of the options open to us. Inevitably  Ormrod of Sechelt build a compost   ttie Sunshine Coast, community,  heap. The girls are members of the  -Volunteer helpline  Youth group lends a  helping hand on coast  DANIA DOWN QUILTS  dcta custom becfsp/teacta  SUNSHINE INTERIORS  GLENDA SASARATT  886-7411  : "Earlier this month the Canada World  Youth group responded to a request in  Volunteer Helpline to assist the elderly  with outside chores that they were unable.  to do themselves.  waste disposal is going to cost, more. A lot  more!  , The choice of the best system for the  Sunshine Coast is not going to be a simple  one. Your representatives on the Regional  Board need your informed support in  order to make the right decisions. Please  come.  Squaringly yours  By MAURICE HEMSTREET  J. CHOQUER& SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  Bus: 885-9244  Res: 885-2686  Q   7,\.  ���.���sexmr  trs>*i#to-m  Mac & Sunni's Hah* Boutique  formerly known as Sechelt Barber Shop * 885-3409  ~~~6RftNDr0PENINCnS?ECIAL  '<r  Long, Shag, Wash, CutTTBIowDFIod^O^   for Men iTWomon  . V    ' '   '   .' . '    ,   ���    ' ���  Business Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 9 am-6 pm  Speclqllxlnj) In Regular Cut��, Shag* and Modern Styles lor Men* Women- ���1_ ~__  Located next to Coast Cable Vision, Sechelt      No appolrvTmont necessary  :     ,''   . ' .< . .4 ". ��, ..'   '  -���  The-youth group, is "composed, of 14 _  young adults, seven from various parts of  Canada and seven from Indonesia. All had  been carefully screened and selected to  take part in this program. Since their  arrival on the Sunshine Coast 10 weeks  "agoTthe group WbecomeanintegM^arr  of the-community. They have been  voluntarily sharing the daily workload in  small businesses and learning about the  working world in a small town. Besides  this daily work, the Indonesians have been  sharing their culture with the community,  puting on cultural {&a$sys, and educating  the public about Indonesia.  On November 1) and again on  November 25, the group divided themselves into work" parties- to rake leaves,  clean windows, split wood, plant bulbs,  - and do a variety of other tasks which were  needed. Local volunteers responded to  provided transportation. The recipients  were grateful to. have had these chores  done for them; the group en joyed.meeting  these people and being able to help.  The group demonstrates tbe true spirit  of volunteerism. Relative strangers to the  community are willing to give their time  GARDEN BAY  MARINE SERVICES  LTD.  883-2722  Hello dere, fellow square ^dancers, I  hope this column finds you all in fine fettle,  because one look at the calendar will tell  you that there are only 26 days left till  Christmas. Now, wasn't that nice of me to  let you know how time flies?  Due to Remembramce Day, I somehow  lost track of time, and missed a column, so  . let's go back to November 17 where, to the  ,,."pleasure of all square dancers, they found  beautiful me on stage. Well, to keep this  column short, I had best carry on with the  square dance news.    ~  President Merrill Bowes thanked all of  last year's executives with a  Special  anksJ^the-CBnvenorsJLiOrraineJIonrQy:���and<energy4ohelp4theFfeople-who4re-in  and Ethel Scrimshaw, for a job weU done   need.      ./ v  (at this point there was a tremendous        More people are becoming increasihgly  aware of the presence of the Canada World  Youth Group. Unfortunately just as they  become a part of theiSutBhine Coast, they  must leave for Indonesia. Hopefully we  can remember their contributions and let  them serve as an example to all of us in  helping others in our daily lives.  Remember tliat the volunteer  workshop, being led by Elizabeth Brown,  will take place on November 30 in the  Continulng^Educatlon portable, The half-  day workshop will start promptly at 9:30  a.m. Call 885-3821 or 885-3215 for more  Information. The skills and information to  be shared at this workshop can be used in  round of applause), then Merrill went oh to  remind those square dancers present to  tell the other dancers that the jiew  ~executiyOaT:beenTa^  come out and give a hand to fill the floor  with laughter and thus keep the club  caller's spirits at a high level. Oh! ^nd by  the way, dues are due or is that doo,  anyway, please do come out. All square  dancers welcome.  November 24 ��� With caller Harry  Robertson on stage and three sets on the  floor, another evening of square dancing  was soon past history and remember that  Harry  and  Peanna  are  heading  for  Campbell River this Saturday, December .your everyday Uving and relating with  Date Pad  Nov, 29-��� Preschool Library and Storytlmo, Wilson Creek Community Hall,  lli30am, !  Nov. 29 ��� Carpet Bowling, Harmony Hall, I pm. <���  Nov, 29 ��� Dancing, Sr. Cltlions Hall, Socholt, 1130 pm.  Nov, 29 ��� Film Nlghl "The Bost ol NFB", froo film* to entortaln, on leisure,  hoalth, recreation, daneo;sports, gymnastics, Spons, by Recreation  Service, Chatelech Music Room, P:30 nm.  "'Nov; 30 ��� Alaloen Mooting; Uriltod Church Hall 7G lb'io n'i'T 7 p mi; "*"���"- -"�����������<�� -!-  Nov, 30 ��� Western Weight Controllers Mooting,  10 am, 005-930'6 to  register. . ' ' '     v  Nov. 30 ������-'Blnjjo, Harmony Hall, (3 pm, i   0ec,*T���- FlfnossToitlrig & Dlo^    ..^_<3fflco (Secholt, next to Manpower Ofllco) 12-J pm,  DSfcrV ��� Blood Pressure Clink, Trail Boy Mall, 1-4 pm,,085-5440 for Inlo, k  Dec, 2 ��� Kids Basketball Clinic, Chatelech Gym, 10:30 om-12:30, 009-  5440 for Info, For students of all agos,  Dec, 2 ��� The MIME Show, with Oerordo Avlla and Patricia Smith. )C*dar  Grove Elem. Oym, 8:00 prtii Tickets $1�� $2,50,'  Dec, 2 ��� Pender Harbour Health Clinic Christmas Bazaar, 11 am at fhe  Communlty'Hall, Featuring home baking, art ond crafts, Refreshments  '      available, ,. , <  Dec, 2 ��� Timber Trails Riding Club Annual Banquet, Sechelt Rod 6, Gun  Club, 6:30,  Dec, 3 ��� Family Activities (volleyball, badminton, tumbling, ping-pong ���  for the whole fomlly) Chatelech Oymffi-4 pm, 883-3440 for Info,    ,  Dec. 4��� Carpet Bowling, Sr.Clfliens H<ill, Secholt, 1:30 pm,  Dec, 4 ������ N*��w Horlions Club, jjpborti Crook, Comm, Hall, 1:30 pm, Carpet,  PoyUnfl, whlit, bridge etc, #> *  Dec, 5 ��� Al Anon Meeting, St, "Aldan's Hall, 0 pm," 006-9041 or OOff.3394  Dec. 6 -~~ Drama Group --, ora&nUatlonal moiling for-all Interested In  acllrtg, directing, sot, designing, stage managing, cMt^mlng or at-  . ���;-, ten'dlpg dfomo .wfcjfg' fv -r^l -^4cMZ: _^   ^*;tyfo$S��tt'or  ,     Recreation Service fpr details.  Olbsons Hospital Auxlllpry CnrUtmai Card Fund now accepting donowoni   ot< the three focal bonks vp to Oecr13( for further Info, call Amy Blatn  ��  at 086-7010, V '  Donations to the Pender Horbqur Hospital Auxiliary In lieu of Chrlstmaf  cards'to be mode to Clora left (Mrs. Fronk Loo) be Dec, 13,  c  2 on their first one night stand of square  dance calling away from our own Country  Stars. So if any of you are free to go, call  Harry at 885-9450 so that billets can be  arranged and only enough cars taken to  transport all at a shared cost.  .The, Sunshine Coast Country Stars  Christmas party square dance will be held  at the Roberts Creek Elementary School  December 15 at 7; 30 p.m. till, 11 p.m. More'  On this next week.  By the way, Peg and I have sold our  place In Roberts Creek for many reasons  and in the process have kicked' iftany ,  dreamls down tho drain. However, that Is  all a part of life and ono must take the good  with the bad. Tho new owner, Paul Wer-  bormann, will no doubt bo a wonderful  neighbour to all nnd his Ideas for the place  are fantastic.  Wo have bought a placo not too far from  .where wo used to live in JScchelt, tho ai: ���  dress; 1261 Dolphin Street, Sechelt, B.C.  VON SAO, The phono number is Uio samo,  885-3369, so for square'(lance news or Information, call r^ncsomo. ~"~ ���""���-   "������   ���-  Well, myst get along so have a good  day, see you next week ht the squaro  dance, whoro once again, I will do my best  to mess up the calls. Bye-now.  - *:������ *������  ": ������ -- '   vr- ������'* -  other people ��� not only  world of volunteering.  in the official  LW    TW / :-���������:   y ���   .   .-���   ���/.      ���  1       1 KISS YOU (ALL OVER)   ,'. .Exile  3      2 RIGHT DOWN THE LINE ! .. -Gerry Rafferty  2'     3 SHE'S ALWAYS A WOMAN r. :  -t. '.....  Billy Joel  5 4 WHENEVER I CALL YOU FRIEND .�� 7.7..... Kenny Loggins  6 5 TOOK THE LAST TRAIN  .David Gates  7 6 BESTOFBURDEN  Rolling Stones  9      7 ROUND, ROUNDWEGO   ., Trooper  10 8 HOW MUCH I FEEL   ..AmbroSia  -9���BACK4N-THE-U.S.A���-~_-,.   .Linda Ronstadt  11 10    JOSIE '......  .Steely Don  B    11 HOT CHILD IN THE CITY ,.,..,���. v -.  .NIck.Gllder  18 12 DON'T WANT TO LIVE WITHOUT IT ��� ..PabloCruise  15 13 I JUST WANNA STOP ........ ,^..'. ;'. :.GIno Vannelli.  17    14 STRAIGHT ON  Heart  42��� J 5_J=06L.(IF YOU JHINKmS OVER);..,.:......... ...'..... Chris.Rea  16 16 WHO ARE YOU : ; ,.:..,... .The Who  20    17 DOUBLE VISION Foreigner  22 - IB I WILL PLAY A RHAPSODY ,.,    .   ..     .. .Burton Cummings  14    19 FLYING ....,,..,;....;,,.',., ., .Prism  24 20 TIME PASSAGES Al Stewart  23 21 STRANGE WAY ..;...,,.. .,,..,,...,  Flrefoll  13    22 MAGNET AND STEEL.,..,,,......,,. ; Walter Egan  25 23 ALIVE AGAIN -.. ��� ,:..., .Chicago  26 24 READY TO TAKE A CHANCE,'. ..,,,..,,;..,,. Barry Manllow  19 25 DON'T LOOK BACK .�� .Boston  28    26 NEVER BE THE SAME..........,',.'.....',  ,, .Chilliwack  ������ , 27 MY LIFE ', .', '.'.' i.. .Billy Jqo|  30    28 PROMISES ,,.....,,.., ;. ���  .ErlcClapton  ��� 29 WE'VE GOT-TONIGHT ..7, ; Bob Soger  ��� 30 HERE COMES THE NIGHT ,,     ,.,, ,Nlck Glider  y  1  STEREO SALE  at RADIO SHACK Nov. 29-Dec. 16  ^^xu^  m**0  ���were*  Includes Custom.  Walnul Vonoor  Sldo Panola  r'  a.,, ���  SYNDICATE  A GOOD INVESTMENT  COMPANY  i.W. (Jim) BUDb  Spoclallzlng   in  Annuities ,i��nd  Retirement income Planning  The Heart of a Great Stereo System  *Dual-Cat��MOSFKTFM*PhM��"Lock��<Jl.oopFM*3IFI:llt��ri   "  ���*HI Multiplex F|lf��r *2 Aux, Inputi *FM Muting Houdn��M  ADual>Conc��ntrlc Bail and Trabla *)5 an4300-Ohm FM Inputs  AHlgh*Ovarload, Low-Nolta Phono Praamp *Tunad AM-RF Stag*  ' . '  ��� ' ���/       '   '      ' ,  Many other Stereos with  savings up to $200.00  ,klL  l-fW^f f  *��� .-^ +*���  00 %**\%w  ���wlfrr  OPEN HOUSE Sunday,  December 3,124 p.m.  Come & haye a look.  75 watts por channel, minimum   RMSat0ohmii;from!20^0;000^  v   with no moro than 0.25% total  *    harmonic .distortion  Reg.   mim^ml'  SAVE $100.00  ^ $/IQ095  V  .1 ��� i. ..i,. i,,  "1      .J..i,��.-i ,,h,   ���  ,mri,i'lm.,miV>'.ti  885-2568  Radio Shack  authorized Salai Contro  , .   ... ���.),.  Cowrlt St., Socholt, D.C.  ���I  '.  rrA;  ,.i? C  >���  "5-V  ��� -*y,  l\j^^��^i^��5^(i*i=l��1!Vf!fl��lWwlM;M  I     X    .   \  ��;w<J��i*i��ii!i< ��si��'j*��'W  )W��n*^<*#!mfeW^*'4lartli��^*'*^  r^ft'Wl^lWWla^u^^l^^^t^t^fi^^  l^JJ^WI��^*'Silii��ifi^tei<W'*>^^  fl .X,  b  \  \>  I I.  }/:  i J A  V-li •'  7
\. /
Pender Harbour
Page A-4
The Peninsula Times
Wednesday, November 29,1978
Hospital auxiliary holds annual general meeting
Sechelt notes
School fair!
by Peggy Connor, 885-9347
Crafts made by the students of Sechelt
Elementary School will be sold on Friday,
December 1 at 7 to 9 p'.m. This will take
place at the school gymnasium at Sechelt
and besides crafts there will be games of
chance and an interesting everjinj^ all
around. .
The articles for sale are well made and
will rpake attractive gifts for Christmas..
The following week on December 14 the
Sechelt Elementary School-Christmas
concert will take place. The concert
promises to' be as good as last year's, so
don't miss it. A lot of effort goes into
making this an evening to remember.
Wednesday will be soup day starting
this week at Sechelt Elementary School.
The Parents Advisory^C^ranmittee will
provide hot soup at-15'cems a cup and
students must bring their money the day
before. This program "was very popular
with tHe students last year. Help-would be
appreciated — an hour on a Wednesday
morning is all that is needed. Phone thi
> school for more information.
• Emma Campbell isuie new president
of the Sechelt Chamber of Commerce,
songs familiar to'her, Indonesia being a
former Dutch Colony.
Ralph and Wilam Stephanson are
hapey to have both Dale and Darcy home
for awhile and especially pleased to be
entertaining Dale's friend. His friend is
Richard Tiogonca from Hilo, Hawaii.
Richard is finding the weather cold, but
~this is theTveather he -wants-to experiencer-
In fact he is looking forward to snow while
here. Fortunately he will be taken iipto tlje
Snowline and will not have to wait/^-*
Appreciating his friendship and kindnesses to Dale while in Hawaii, the
Stephansons find their visitor a delightful
The Sunshine Choristers have been
working real' hard for the last three
months and now the fruits of their labors
~can be heard. ----.-- —
They will be taking part in the Sunshine
Coast Arts program to be performed on
December 10 in the Elphinstone School
Then on December 12 at 8 p.m. at
ibsons United Church, the annual
evening of song put on by the Sunshine
Choristers will take place. This same
November   2.It is the first time a jvoman   ". 8 p.m., at the Baptist Church, the very    ™	
has held this post, although women have
On November 22, the Pender Harbour
Auxiliary'to St. Mary's Hospital held its
annual general meeting proceeded by the
annual luncheon.
The luncheon was catered by Helen
Elizabeth Caterers and held in Morrison
Hall, in Lion's.Park. The small cozy and
tables were tastefully decorated and the
bountiful, delicious lunch was enjoyed
by all. Guests were introduced by Eileen
Alexander and "Grace" was given by
Winn Course. A vote of thanks to Helen
Robertson was proposed rkby Jean Patterson.
After lunch Mr. McKibbon, Chairman
of Hospital Board, addressed the ladies of
the auxiliary. He thanked the members of
all the auxiliaries for the equipment they
have provided to help make St. Mary's
Hospital one of the best equipped hospitals
in the province. Mr. McKibbon brought the
best wishes of Elsa Warden to our group.
Mrs. Warden is at present a patient in St.
Mary's.    .    ■ ',
~ MfTNichVucarevichradministratorijf-
St. -Mary's Hospital, addressed, the
auxiliary. He stated that*the locaL
authorities have given not only in money
but in work and companionship to patients
bf the hospital more than he has seen in
any of the other hospitals in which he has
worked. Mr. Vucurevich wishes in 1979 to
attend auxiliary meetings to answer any
questions that may arise.
Eileen Alexander presented "Ten Year
Service Pins" to Jakie Donnelly and
Gladys Brown.      _  -           k	
Doreen Webb had a raffle set Up for this
^meeting. It was Marg Rankin's lucky day.
Pender Harbour
to hold gala
,„,ytf  ,,....
■""f**-   "   - *
beenactive members inthechambsrs for
At the same meeting Clarence Joe was
made an,honorary memberfor the year.
Clarence Joe was host as the Sechelt
Indian Band ^entertained the student
visitors to Gibsons from Indonesia at the
Band Office November 24.
There were many young children there
and they, as well as the.adults present,
were thrilled with the beautiful music and
the dancing. Even though there was a
language barrier, when it came to performing, everyone understood* with toes
tapping and hands clapping to the music.
Clarence Joe spoke on how the Indian
Village was formed and of their culture
attractive new building on the corner of
-Trail and-Mermaid. — —
Jessie Gairns is the choir instructor
with Bunny Shupe on the piano. The
singers are local voices of great merit,
with a great variety of material.
I made myiirst visit to the new building
in Gibsons and found it a delightful school
— it has a completeness about it, and no
dead ends. The hallways all lead^ you
around until you come back to your
starting point.
The visits with the teachers are most,
enlightening. I feel they very much have
the interest of the pupils at ^ heart . . I
definitely felt they Were approachable by
students and parents alike. However, I feel
there is a lack of understanding about the
and  crafts.  Members  of the  Sechelt- marking   system   existing   between
Chamber of Commerce were invited to   students, teachers and their principal, and
attend and Emma Campbell, their new   ^us *e parents-
president, originally from Holland, found    EASTERN STAR BAZAAR
she could converse with some of the       The Christmas Star Bazaar was an
students. She also joined in thesinging^f
THeTforofinas bazaar you liavtTBeeiir
waiting for will be held in the Madeira
Park Community Hall December 2 at 11
This Pender Harbour Health Clinic-
sponsored event will feature a children's
flea market, arts, crafts, sewing and bake
stalls and the largest selection of Christmas corsages on th^ Sunshine Coast. The
Weight Controllers haye made 300 of these
lovely corsages.
-After a morning of Christmas shopping,
relax and chat over refreshments, tea and
Proceeds from this event will pay for a
new electrocardiogram machine for the
clinic. ^Donations fo the bazaar can be
dropped off at the hall on Satiirday morning or you can contact Doreen Lee (883-
2283), Ruth Kobus (883-9603^ or .Violet
Evans (883-2625) for more information.
Her tickets were drawn for both first and
second prizes. Many thanks to Joan
^Ulcock for the beautiful hand-made
rjjinner which was one of the prizes.
'kyh short business meeting followed the
above activities. Minutes of the last,
general meeting were read by Flora Sim.
| Annual Reports were given as follows:
j Volunteer Report given by Irene
Temple — 420 tray favours were made —
92 hours were put in by two people in this
5 Thrift Shop Report given by Gladys
Brown. The following four people worked
in 1978; Edna Johnson, Jean Prest, Gladys
$rown and Linda Parker. '
f Sunshine Report given vfey Nel
lillington — U~plarits and flowers, 13 get'
well cards and 2 sympathy cards sent
during the year.
Crafts reported by Doreen Webb. She
thanked   all   members  for  the  help
throughout the year. .
j> /Publicity Report by Clara Lee — Nine
Peninsula Times and to The Press.
Treasurer's Report was given by Cathy
Secretary Flora Sim reported taking
minutes on nine regular meetings, and on
one executive meeting.
-y. Coordinating Council report given by
Jean Prest who attended all co-ordinating
council meetings and reported same to
local meetings.
-   Presidents report given  by Eileen'
Alexander who thanked all members for-
the support given throughout the year-
Jean Patterson, of the nominating,
committee, asked for further nominations
for executive positions. The following slate
. of officers were elected by acclamation: „
Jean Prest, President; Clara Lee, Vice-
President; Ann Hewitt, secretary; Peg
Riley,_ treasurer and "Jean Whittaker,
publicity. ;
the nominating committee, especially Jean
; Patterson.-Evelyn Olson installed the
flower arrangements on the tables. Mrs.
Prest presented a bouquet to Evelyn
Olson, who accepted but asked to have it
sent to Elsa Warden in St. Mary's
Hospital. Mrs.. Prest presented the past
president pin to Eileen Alexander. Mrs.
Presto the president-elect, named the
following committees for 1979:
Bursary commikee, Jakie Donnelly;
Flora Sim andf Jean Whittaker. Phone
calls, Ruth Schafer. Roll call and knitting,
Alice Whittle. Scrap book, Gladys Brown.
Sunshine fund, Emma Glynes. Tea,
Doreen Webb and Jean Wood. Volunteers,
Irene Temple.
Note: All persons wishing to donate to
Pender Harbour Auxiliary in lieu of
Christmas cards, please send donations to
Clara Lee (Mrs. Frank Lee) at Madeira
Park, P.O. by December 13.
Residents of
(and Area)
Many thanks for your
patience and support.
has finally arrived and
residents who have already placed orders
officers, in the8 candle-lit ceremony,
"Better to light a candle than complain
about the darkness. Many candles give
jnore light than one."
Irene Temple was given a vote of
thanks for all the volunteer work done ih
the past year. Cathy McQuitty. proposed a
vote of thanks to Doreen Webb for the
will be connected as quickly as possible.
If you have not placed
YOUR order yet, please do so NOW.
, Wharf Rd. corner of;  ','
Porpoise Bay Rd., Sechelt   '
■v \
. r-«
Elves seek
a problem and some people in their
eagerness to get in the Roberts Creek
fall fair Dec. 1
It's the time of year when the Elves
seek support" in their annual bid to fill
Christmas hampers for needy families on
the Sunshine Coast.
■■ Those wishing to assist the club in its
campaign should write The E]lves Club,
Box 1107, Gibsons or phone 886-2149,',
You can leave your donations at any
one of the following depots:
ttoly Family Church Hall (rear) Dec. 1,10
a.m. - 6 p.m., Sechelt,
W.W. Upholstery and Boat Tops,' Dec, 2,10
a.m. - 6 p.m., Gibsons.       	
Benner's Furnlturo Store, Sechelt.
Coast News, Gibsons.
We do have other depots in Davis Bay,
Wilson Creek, Roberts Creek, Gibsons and
.Port Mellon. If you wish to find out the
drop off,in your area, you may find out by
phoning 880-2149.'
Members are asked to drop their
donations at the Holy Family Churcji or
W.W. Upholstery and Boat Tops as wb do
havo to keep our membership records
straight and our record books aro at these
two drop off depots,    ,
Bonner's Furnlturo has a spin dry
washor for $150. If this machino la sold for
this amount, thoy,wlll donate this money to
Uio Elvos Club, so If you do need a spin dry
Community HaU were careless.   _■_
tSer trails banquet      7
• The Timber Trails annual awards
dinner will be held at the Sechelt Peninsula Rod and Gun Clubhouse on December
2 at 7 p.m. Those wishing to attend, phone
Elaine Mills at 885-9295 or Joan Newsham
at 885-2098.
^ "The Sechelt Elemenjtary School invites-
the whole family to its fall fair December 1
from 7 to 9 p.m.
There will be a pre-Chrlstmas sale.pf
arts and crafts, plants, macrame, white
elephant, Christmas decorations and gifts.
For the hungry — a bake sale and food,
food, food.
% LP H IN 5 Tone Stu de n t Kxs e arch
We Have A Hot Number for You!
■>' y'      " :   .
r. ■ xx^7rk"y^;Woby***,^Service Manager
:' i'.:. ■•■■
(We Also Install Hot Water Tanks)
■',.:■ "':":..■        £    ';.'■■■
Con^UNvTy ; , FoRum
M    T>isposA l £ J\ecycu\H&
To,  Re Held December 3* $78
]&;oo-£:oo   -IIHlRFT shop
* " PlSfLAVS
MuNCHiES   (/vt-M-M ©)
£:po -.&■ &0    IN  THE   CiVM ,- MUSIC
2:£0~4:30 OPEN   F6RUK    "-
•$Panel |>iScussVoN(- '
<3eo^e<SiBB-Ke^ional fJoflW)'Director
ftRETrB. CiLLVRfiy-^oNcERN^P Roberts
Crgetk Recipeht
PflT'uEN^ PillC^nsulitant
-5AE.S6ui^cE People^
Pick Derby - SaNtTBRV .Eta.4weep* •
j ■        i , '  HC% ■ ar*\"i< """■■ If   • "
I ..'fii.S%r.
»;■;;! nxy-
■ ■fti0p."
, uxt p
iMWi'pWf* M»(H»K«a!(iwl(i'aa^s«inBirHk
i. i
^*«Wiiiw*ss8i^i^w^*t^^ fm
><!  ( •
jftjfc ifc^^VtiW'pfta^W^,^^^«»s^>,olewrsit-
J yrA  "I-. .. ..,   '���  t*   '  HaHmoon Bay happenings  Red letter week  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479  The Peninsula Times        .  Page A-5  Wednesday, November 29, 1978  Last week was a red letter week for the  area, for Cablevision arrived along the  Redrooffs Road and many residents of the  Bay were connected to the Regional  Board's water system. While some  residents were busy twiddling the TV  knobs, enjoying the variety now offered, a  few of the women were wondering, when  they would ever be able to tear their  husbands away from'the TV now that so.  many sports programs ar^/available.  While, there are still a number of  Cablevision connections to be made, you  can be assured that the crew is working at  full pressure and doing their utmost to get  everybody connected as soon as possible.  BEEFS AND BOUQUETS  At the suggestion of Grace Rutherford,  .this week's bouquet is awarded to two  wonderful neighbours,- George Murray  and Alan Mackereth who have voluntarily  Tiven-a-great-deal-of-theit-time.-including  and George Murray bowled the highest  score in carpet bowling. Winners in the.  spot waltz were John and May Holgate,  Keith and Olive Comyn, Peggy Connor and  John Charleton. In addition 16 people  received door prizes. So many people went  home happy. A vote of thanks was given to  George Murray for convening such a  successful evening. *  FILM SHOW  . The last film show of the year, offered a  program of^great interest and variety.  "Keepers of Wild Life" gavtLan exciting  picture of the man of the Canadian Wildlife  Service working with patience and  courage throughout B.C. and the Yukon to  protect and conserve our wild life, with  particular stress on the creatures  threatened with extinction. They are seen  trapping and tagging polar, bears, grizzlies, predatory birds ahd the whooping  THESE ELPHINSTONE Secondary  School students achieved grade point  averages that made them eligible for  the school's roll of honour.  -��>.'.  ,,, i  Mrw.^���r^rr����wWWWft. Mr-y-ir  l(        ,., ...  too week-ends,-in helping Bay' residentr^^^^  get their fete connections completed       existence,-was at one-time on the edge of  Elphinstone honor roll  COMMUNITY DATES  Saturday, December 2 is Whist Drive  Night atthe Welcome Beach Hall at 8 p.m.  Everybody welcome. -  The Sechelt Brownies Pack which  includes six Halfjfnqph Bay children, will  be holding a sale at the Sechelt Mall on  Saturday, December 9 from 9:30 a.m. to  2:30 p.m. Donations of plants, crafts and  toys would be gratefully received and can  be left at the B & J Store dr you can  telephone Heidi Goodman at 883^2615.  The cribbager afternoon orjJNevember-  19 did not draw enough playersto make a  satisfactory contest, so games will be  deferred until the New"Year. Watch'this"  column for the next cribBage.afterhoon in  January.  LITTLE RENO NIGHT  There was an excellent turnout for  .Little Reno Night at the hall on November  18. High card winner was John Holgate  and Tor Cfrre proved to be the expert at  Housey-Housey. Alice Halford made the  highest score with her dice throw and Thea  Xeuchte won the poker prize, while Anton  Kadin made high score at Bingo. The  shuffleboard prize went to Eileen Greaves  Advertising.^  saves you  time!  extinction. . * '  " An excellent film directed by Barbara  Greene, showed the Indians of Bella Bella,  striving to preserve their own way of life  and resist integration into the white man's  world. It is an intimate study of this small  community of 1,200 people living on the  shores of Campbell^ Island, fishing sun-  drying and smoking their fish, very much  as their forefathers had done for  generations.  An impressive film, "Flyway North",  shows the snow geese gathering near  Montniagny on the St. Lawrence estuary,  darkening the sky and filling the air with  their cries as they gather for the flight  northward to their summer feeding  grounds on Baffin Island. A film vibrant  with colour was "In Praise of Hands",  which shows craftsmen in Japan, Nigeria,  Finland, Mexico and India, working at  their varied and skillful crafts.  GRADE 8-HONOUR ROLL ~  Kirsten Storvold, Raymond Dow;  Shelltey Fyles,. Cathy Hummell, Lisa  MacDougall, Clint Mahlman, Karen  Risebrough, Wendi Rottluff, Kari Tveit-  Pettersen, Rosalyn Lee, Stephen Star-  buck, Erika Fredericksen.  GRADE 8 HONOURABLE MENTION    '  Murray Gant, Renee Michaud, Susan  Brandys, Bruce Russell, Hanna jfonas.  GRADE 9 ��� HONOUR ROLL  Robert  Macey,    Gillian   Morrow,   Barbara  JNowoselsM,Anne,Parkei,vSigrid Sk^  Cathy^ Swinhart,";Tony Teo,"Keh"Awrey,  Tony EnglishrKelly Henry, Joey Hogberg,  Leonard Jiew,  Leonard. Lee,  Mairi  , Robertson, Rosanne Russell.  GRADE 10 ��� HONOURABLE MENTION  Sylvia Passmore, Nadene Smethurst,  Esther Michaud, Jeff Krintilla.  GRADE 11 ��� HONOUR ROLL  Karin Achterberg, Grant Clayton,  Robert Nicholas, Gail_ Thomas, Trudy  Jfedoy, Shelley Wagner; Joanne Braith-  Lee, Leanna Lynn, Shannon ^waite,  Neil  Goddard;  Noel   Goddard,  Bonnie Janiewick,: Janice Beard, Lance  Parish.  GRADE 11 - HONOURABLE MENTION  Joanne Ford,  Gary  Knowles,  Dale  Maedel, Geoff Spencer -      \  GRADE 12 ��� HONOUR ROLL  Kfevin Casey, Sharon Markwart, Herbie  Ono, Laurie Townsend.   V  GRADE 12 ��� HONOURABLE MENTION  Maureen Forsyth, Jeff Redman.-    ;  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  REGIONAL BOARD  Joint Use of Community/School  Facilities  Meeting, Reg. Bd. Room, 7:30 pm.  Hospital and Regular Board Meeting, Req.  Bd. Rm, 7:30 pm.  , ,     __���    10,  Shirley Ten, DawneAtlee, Heather Cattanach, Joanne Craze, Irene Edgecombe,  Steve Gentles, Dennis Holding, Ma;  Ellen Jamieson, Mike Jiew, Allan Carrol  GRADE 9 ��� HONOURABLE MENTIOl  Brian Mansfield.  GRADE 10 ��� HONOUR ROLL  Juli MacFarlane, Dawn Maddern,  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  9  There was variety too in the cartoons.  "My Financial Career" is a delightful  satire, light and typical of the humour of  Stephen Leacock, while "Hunger" is a  grim satire on a world in which half the  population is greedy and gluttonous, while  the other half starves.  ��� There will be no film show in December, but on January 26, Thea Leuchte will  present an all British program, including a  film on Ireland. Two of the viewers at last  Thursday's show, came * from outside  Canada. Mary Wilson of Oregon was  visiting her sister, Jerrie-Lou Wickwire,  while Mrs. Jutta Essary of Cleveland,  Ohio, was a guest at the home of Lottie  The Creek runoff  Goodwill dance  By Arinie Dempster, 885-3326  .^-Luxtan...  aoLm^-i tit*     \-Z "l,v  "&?  ,'A  REWARD  FDITTNFORMATrON LEADING TO CONVICTION OF THE PERSON(S)  -RE5I^NSIBLE-FOR-THE4J0VEMBE^8th7H^7��7^REA^IN^ND-THEFT-  FROM OUR PREMISES.    .'  JACKSON BROTHERS LOGGING CO. LTD.  R.R. #1, Sechelt, 885-2228 .  Th^goodsill dance for Sophia and Ron  Phare, whose home was destroyed by fire,  that was held on Friday night at the  community hall was a great success.  The hall was filled with well-wishers,  and numerous people came to the door to  &J contribute to the benefit1; even though they'  did not stay to join in the fun. Sophia and  Ron are both extremely shy people and  were most nerVous that they would have to  make a speech, but when they were  assured that they were to relax and simply  finjey_themselyjes,Jhey_settled_down-an{L  ..  , -   ., ��� ������ 'I ,   Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday Evenings 7:30.  All in St.JoHn's United Church,  X   ' -        Davis Bay  ' Phone 885-3157, 886-7882/   '  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T, Nicholson, Pastor  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat. eve at St. Mary's, Gibsons  8:30 a.m. Our Lady bf Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. at The Holy Fomlly Chunty In  Sechelt,   '   ;                                     *  ;         'J                                             "  12 ncton at St. Mnry's Church In Gibsons  UNITED CHURCH  9:30 a.m.~St. John's, Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m.���Gibsons           '  British Columbia Hydro,  and Power Authority  .��,.   DISTRICT OFFICE CASHIER  We ana looking for 'someone'whola Interested In working on a  Part-Time Tenft^orary 'basis In our Sechelt Office.  Good typing and clorlcal, skills1 aro required, as woll as some  Grtporlonco In cashiering. Rate of,pay will be $6.22 por hour.  Ploaso apply to (Mrs.) S.E, Bowman; Metro Personnel, 970  Burrard Street, 4th Floor, Vancouver,, B.C. V6Z 1Y3, or pick up  an application atthe Socholt Office, Wharf Road. Please quote  competition Numbor Motro-T-59. Applications will bo accoptod  uriflhfl December' 197B. ���-���"���.'- "���" ������ -���';���--  m , , mi- *"*1>'V' "'  did just that. The band, "Connection", that  -^la^fprlliraance did a fantastic jobT"  The members have not played together as  a group for very long but you wouldn't.  haiveknownitfrom-the-wajrthey entertained. Even hard core music critics that  frequent most of the local dances were  singing their praises. One regular dance-  goer even asked that the band booked for  this week's dance be cancelled and get  Connection to play in their place. They  certainly played to the crowd, rather than  going off on their own stuff the way some  of the bands have done in the past.  All in all, it was a great feeling to be  able to present the Phares with over $1,000  thanks to the wonderful support of the  community. . ; ,  Thanks to the Elphinstone Recreation  Group for paying the rental of the hall,  Connection, for doing such a fantastic job  on the music and Roberts Creek Legion for  their very generous donation that was over  and above the thousand dollars. Their  presenting the cheque to Ron and Sophia  at the dance, sure helped to make the  evening nice for the Phares.  It's a terrific feeling to live In such a  wonderful, caring community.  HAMPER WINNER  The lucky winner of the food hamper,  that was raffled at the craft fair on  November 10, was Carol McGillvary from  Orange Road. No doubt, Carol was  delighted with hpr win as there n)ust have  been 150 poundJs of goodies In it. Suo  Shepherd from Lockyer Road was the  person responsible for nutting the hamper  .together, Sho purchased sovoral items for  it, but also contacted n number of pcoplo  for canning, home baking, etc. tfygut in the  ..hamper. ' ^ ^  Sue also spent four evenings, hand  printing 500 tickets for tho rafflo, then  manned tho rafflo, table for most of  Saturday night and all day Sunday. Pretty  difficult to m&tdh that kind of energy.  SHUFFLE TICKETS '^" " :'"7    "'   After a rather loud complaint from a  local, I find it necessary to refer to our  local dances as shuffles rather .than,  boogies. According to" our complalner,  boogie is becoming ho-hum. To get to tho  JrJrllJLi O oJkiwvJJNL/  point, this is your last chance to "get your  tickets.for the SHUFFLE on Saturday  night at the community hall. SHUFFLE to  the sound of TNT. .Tickets are at Seaview.  This will be the last Creek SHUFFLE for  this year. There will be no door sales and  absolutelyNO MINORS-(to.borrow an-old.  phrase, loggers and fishermen, okay).  BIRTHDAY GREETINGS  Birthday Greetings to Jack Wood of  Henderson Road on his ? birthday.  HAND STORE  ^PEN MONDAY-SATURDAY  10 A,M, ��� 4 P.M.  Located in  Whitaker House  Sechelt 8853835  |Wn  Salmonid Enhancement Update78  Twer years ago, members of the Salmonid Enhancement Program of the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, visited your community to hear your concerns and  your opinions on the proposed Federal/Provincial Salmonid Enhancement Program.  In response to your request that they return to report on the hearings of 76, the*  Salmonid Enhancement team is coming back to outline to. you what it has, and has  not, done regarding ypur concerns, We also want more input. What do you want  Salmonid Enhancement to do now? How? When? Where? Why?  The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. and is divided into two parts:  PARTI.   A PROGRESS REPORT  What has been done as a result of the 1976 meeting?  PART 2.   WHAT'S NEXT?  Where should Salmonid Enhancement go from here?  Each.person or organization will have 40 minutes in which to present a written or  oral brief outlining their concerns and/or recommendations. Longer written submissions will bo accepted upto January 12,1979 and may be mailed to:  Update 78 ; .  " Salmonid Enhancement Program  Fisheries & Oceans Canada  1090 West Ponder Stroot  Vancouver, B.C.   V6E 2P1 I  >  Each meeting will be fully recorded and a report published in 1979,  Join Salmonid Enhancement, Wednesday evening, December 6th  Time: 7:30 p.m. ���.!**..,...,:,,:,.,.   .'. -   ..      .   ...,.���v.  Place; Senior dtlx��'n�� Hall, ^echelt,^^  , ... i..*,  -JK.   .,�����  yi...  Government of Canada  Fisheries and Oceans (Pacific Region)  Salmonid Enhancement Program    *  %  y  -;<}  \'i;.tr:.'*"-~-f*\:  y,i.,r K\  U.-  N  ���4*1 tmtfV��J:l**'#MI^"JSrt|**N*4*^f<���***���� '  '*"tj>** 1 It   V��l 'MSW'W.t' �������s  !M<*waw��*1��WlMtWilM Willi* fc* *��� ff  jnuMWf* W**JW ��  f -mUst&mf. ttmntpHMl*. Mr  -'���<*'  I*.  "IT  j.(*-.*i.-i   **s*.  %  ,-!'��*-  'II" J..   ..    ' ���  ������- \  ../:_,.���  ;/  -J  **  Jttjt&fm*  ���������  School board wants portable  moved to West Sechelt school  Overcrowding at West Sechelt, Davis  Bay and Sechelt Elementary Schools has  prompted school trustees to ask the  Ministry of Education to move a portable  to the West Sechelt school.  John Denley, superintendent of schools,  told trustees at Thursday night's meeting,  Sechelt Elementary is "close to needing  another teacher" and the West Sechelt  Jschool. is overcrowded according to  district standards.   ^^   ,  He said the biggest pressure at the  Sechelt School is in Grade 5 and 6, where  there are 30 students per class.  Sechelt Elementary principal Brian  Butcher told trustees that he has "some  reservations about moving students to  another school."  ��� "I have mi^ed feelings," said Butcher.  "It's a whole ~caril)f"worms that you've  opened jip."  A parent, who has children both at~  Sechelt and West Sechelt, said she, too,  has reservations about having the older  grades enrolledinthe_school,_which_now:  "goesunlyto^rrade-Sr���  ���  "Bullying is prevalent at Sechelt  Elementary," "she said. "The Grade 5's  would be disruptive ih that little school.".  Denley said it is jiot known now exactly  which classes would be affected by the  addition of the portable to West Sechelt but  that he expected the reorganization would  affect four classes.  School board Secretary-Treasurer Roy  Mills said an alternative to acquiring the  .portable for West Sechelt would be to  utilize a classroom in the Sechelt school  that has been displaced because of the  library. '  "I'm really hostile to that idea," said  Butcher., "it would effectively destroy the  library." .  ���IThere really is no nice answer," said  Denley, "but statistics\ say wej must  consider this by (next) September."  ----  T^e portable being considered for the  mQY_e__is__dne_lDf_the_Pender Harbour  facilities that were used while the new  trustees to consider adding^toilet facilities  to the unit if the ministry okays the move.  The West Sechelt school has only two  "toilets.  "This is a very good portable," said  Board Chairman Don Douglas. "It's big  and it's well-constructed."  The board also approved the addition of  a part-time Learning Assistance teacher  -at Davis Bay School,-to relieve part of the  \$r  .high school was being built. TheJiQardJs__Ioad_at-Se_chelt Elementary. At present,  asking the ministry to move it to defray . some Davis Bay students attend that  costs. ' school for the Learning Assistance  Parents present at the meeting asked   Program offered Jhere.  SECHELT DENTAL CENTRE  The addition of a second telephone line has required us  to change our phone number.  OUR NEW PHONE NUMBER IS  885-3244  NewECG  machine  displayed  Double Attraction: On December 6 at 7:30  p.m. at the Pender Harbour Medical  Clinic, the new electrocardiogram  machine will be on display at a reception  given in honor of the women's auxiliary,'  who purchased the unit, by the board  members of the clinic society.  Later, a 26-minute film called "I'm  Joe's Heart" will be shown. It depicts  heart attacks and their causes and consequences.     . ' ? .  All welcome, admission is free.  You will be pleased to know that your  little date-books have finally arrived as  well asjhe I^ura Secord chocolates^ ���  MissBie's Sechelt.    ^ -',"'*�����  i -*��  IN GIBSONS  HIRE AN  EXPERT IN  "; TILE SETTING  886-9505  FREE ESTIMATES  .   NO OBLIGATION  Don't ba ��orry  yaara later.  DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS  886-2525  WE HAVE A COMPLETE  SELECTION  OF  WOOL  &  CRAFT   SUPPLIES  -  McCALL'S  PATTERNS,  SEWING  NOTIONS &  JEWELRY  Sunnycreit Centra, Olbion*  WW  UPHOLSTERY ft  BOAT TOPS iTTD  MAKING CUSHIONS  FOR CHRISTMAS?  PORT MELI  TOW*  LON INDUSTRIES, GIBSONS  CREDIT UNION   ^  Loans            ,  IIP *  Mortgages  Best. Saving Rates  1 "Mw-  LOCATED NEXT TO  THE BUS DEPOT      886-8121  L  TOSS CUSHION  FORMS  886-7310 v__  2  Windsor  Sunshine Ctt. Hwy.  Olbsons.  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Plus all you can eat from our 2 bars  ADULTS $8.50 CHILDREN under ^2X|4.95  Plus alLyou can eat  from our 2 Bars  FULLY LICENSED  Reservations Appreciated  883-9453  101 Highway  Ruby Lake  IN SECHELT  \\  "Christmas Favorites"  Slippers for the Family  885-9838  C&S  HARDWARE  0* ��$*  po<  o\*  Uw  {**�����  885-9713  m  CHRISTMAS IDEAS  "Inexpensive Verdle Hand Tools"  "Stewart-Warner Gauges &  Testers'** V  {J��  i" J&C Electronics'  1    JSmteSSSmir  OMii.Ha.it win  885-2568 v  For your  computer  needs  87995  MARINE  ELECTRONICS'  THE PEACH TREE  . For all your Cosmetic and  Fashion Jewelry Needs.  Manicures, Pedicures, Facial  Cleansing* & Make-up Application  , \Ordors Taken  885-3813  m.mnr chnrgo  OPEN HOUSE  Sunday, Dec. 3, 12-4 pm "  COME & HAVE A GOOD TIME  CAMPBELL'S FAMILY SHOES &  LEATHER GOODS  In the heart of Sechelt    -885-9345  f Specializing In Ladles & Mens|  Cuts & Styling,  Coloring,  Blow Drying. .  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Wear  883-2315  MADEIRA PARK  HpaMaMiaAwMMMe  y  '  ' ���' '���'  \S  ,!*��� *���*.���  '��� \'f      '"V"  ^,'p  I  ^fHvi^fUl-t-S -At     "Vs- ��f*�� 1(l*>-"*tt,** J-  ���T  ......    y.  > i  <  .1  \   I  'Pf*  '        m       ....  '    I  ,.,'.,.       /  ,        J  .1 /���   ���  \       . /���      p . I, ���  Court briefs  PageA-8  The Peninsula Times       Wednesday, November 29,1978  -)--��-  V  \  t    ��l'f* ��U       !   "l,  I       ft Uj��    ������   t     '     . I  Impaired boater swears off drink after mishap  A $5,000.boating mishap in Garden Bay  July 31, brought a peninsula resident a' <-  $250 fine in Provincial Court last week for  impaired driving of his boat. . *  Donald   David   Richardson   pleaded,  guilty to two -charges driving while impaired and having control of his vessel  while his blood-alcohol was over .08 per  cent. '  "All I can say is it scared the daylights  out of me and I haven't had a driiik since," ^  Richardson told Provincial Court Judge,  J.S.P. Johsnon. /  Court was told Richardson's 22-foot  "cruiser was in collision witt^a docked 26-  ��� foot sailboat after he.left the Garden Bay  Hotel about 11 p.m.  .The sailboat's owner~is~reported to"  have searched and found Richardson and  his damaged vessel a short time later as  he attempted to make moorage .before the  cruiser took on enough water to sink it.  Richardson's boat was then escorted  into a Madeira Park marina where RCMP  later laid the charges.  He told Johnson about $3,500 damage  was done to his craft.  Also fined for drinking driving offences  ^ast\TCek-wer^errar4-PiGcMoru^f^prthr  Vancouver who was levied $700 for a  second ."offence, and Mar.cia.Jane Bland  who was levied $500 for a first offence.  Both pleaded guilty to" charges.  At the^same court session, 18-year-old  Brian Thomas Beaudoin was fined $100 for  possession of marijuana, arising out of an  targe turaouHor^  Eastern Star  Christmas bazaar  \Saturday, November 18, saw the  largest crowd ever to fill the Roberts  Creek  Community  Hall  for  the   Mt.  -Elphinstone ChaptW No. 65 Order of the  Eastern Star's^Annual Fall "Christmas  -Stars!i-Bazaarr  RCMP Check of a house in Gibsons during  which marijuana cigarettes and about one  pound of the "home grown?'" substance  were seized.  After the youth admitted he had grown  the plant himself, Johnson reminded him  that if he continued to grow and use the  narcotic he would be subject to a "much  higher penalty" if he came before the  court again for a similar offence.  An 18-year-old grade 12 student Pierre  Joseph Berdahl, was given a one-year  suspended sentence after pleading guilty  to ttie same charge.  Court w\s told the youth had one ounce  of marijuana in his jacket pocket', when  checked in a car near the Langdale Ferry.  Counsel for the youth presented two  letters to the court from teachers attesting  to his character and said his client did not  plan to use the substance again.  The suspended sentence carried the  condition that the youth refrain from  possession of the drug.  Both youths pleaded guilty to the.  charge laid under the Narcotic Control  Act.  Logging boom-man Michael Anthony  Devaney also pleaded guilty to the charge  and was fined $100.  Santa and  The Transcendental  Meditation ** Program  Develops Invincibility for the individual & society  .   Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  885-9916     .  FREE INTRODUCTORY LECTURE .  Chatelech Junior Secondary School  Room 112  Thursday, November 30th, 8:00 p.m.  "Assodationfor the world government of the Ageof Enlightenment  ' >' y.  'TX G'  Have 5 Good Reasons  Why December is a  Good Time to Buy a Car  Sales tax oh tho purchase is deductible from this  >���    year's Federal Income Tax. *    .  .^  Promptly at 2 p.m. Mrs. Muriel Eggins,  the Convenor, introduced the Worthy  Matron,, Mrs. Betty Brown. She in turn  introduced Mrs. Beatrice Rankin, Past  Matron and Cancer Convenor,of the local  Chapter, who gave a brief resume of what  donations are given from the funds raised  by the Bazaar. Each year a generous  donation is given to cancer research and to  cancer dressings. The dressings are made  by the ladies of the Order and are  available free to any cancer patients  requiring them. Now also available free of  charge are dressings for ��� non-cancer  patients. in the area. These - may be, obtainedthrough the'Districthealth Nurse  at Gibsons. Other donations are also'given  towards scholarships tor advanced  student education, the Sunshine Coast  Retarded-Children's Organization and the  Sunshine Coast Bursary and Loan Society.  The OES members extend thanks and  -appreciatibn-to aUthosewho continuetar  support their money raising functions.  -^thout-this-the-donations-could^-not-l:  given.  Winners of the Draws were as follows:  .._JOo.Qr_prize,���Wilma_.Sim.���.Grocery-_  Hamper No. 1, F. Cornwall; No. 2, E.  Johnston; No.3, J. Lear. Crib blanket  (choice), Dorothy Loukes, Powell River;  Joan Rigby. No. 1. Quilt, Paul Gauci. No.  2. Christmas Hanging, Ben Fellowes. No.  3. Doilie, L.E. Tickner, Spoke, No. 1.  Christmas Cake, Mary Harvey; No. 2.  Carafe, Edna Fisher. Fudge Guessing; >  Fran Ovens.1     -  Choristers sing  Christmas carols  The Sunshine Choristers will hold an  all-denominations Christmas Carol Service, December 12 at 8 p.m., at the Gibsons  United Church and December 17 at the  Sechelt Baptist Church.  Jessie Gairns will conduct the  choristers. Offerings will be taken for the  Save the Children fund.  Navy League meeting  The Sunshine Coast branch of tho Navy  League of Canada is holding its annual  general meeting on December 7 at 7:30  p.m. ln the Gibsons legion.  All parents and friends are invited to  attend.  THE HERON CAFE  NEW      Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.  j HOURS    Sat & Sun, 10:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m.  BRIDGE  An Evening of Bridge  at The Heron Cafe  Gibsons Harbour  -m   _ ,'. 1  \  Every Wednesday, 7:30-11:30 p.m.  Cover Charge $1.00  Coffee Included  Meals & Refreshments  NOW  Full Facilities  ��� r*y v ��� ���-���-*  TYEE AIR  The Downtown Airline  A  DEPART  SECHELT  7:45 am  9:45 am  11:45 am  3:15 pm  12:30 pm  4:00 pm  DEPART 7:45am  VANCOUVER 8:30 am  FOR SECHELT 10:30 am  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  DEPART 11:45 am  SECHELT 3:15 pm  DEPART 12:30 pm  VANCOUVER 4:00 pm  3 FLIGHTS' DAILY TO NANAIMO  CONNECTING FLIGHTS TO POWELL RIVER  For further information phone: 885-2214  A new car Is one of the nicest Christmas presents  ytiu could find.  During cold weather ��� the fast starts and  dependability of a new car give one confidence and  save on expensive repair hill* ���    '  The federal sales tax reduction of 3 per cent is  effective Immediately on all new vehicles in stock.  (This could mean big savings to you.)  A set, of 2 snow tires included with every new or  used vehicle purchased during the month of  December.  j?��  Beat the Increase  and Save  * More i  .���:f*. -  Brand now       ^ '  1. 78 DODGE ASPEN  Bucket seats with console, radial tires, light package,  premier SE package, torqueflite automatic, 318 V8, rear  defrost, tinted glass, digital clock, undercoated, landau roof,  AM & 8-track, rally wheels etc.  2. '78 AsNi P^ilftlv^SON" *  Mocha tan with premier SE woodgrain package, radial tires,  vinyl upholstery, light package, protection package,  torqueflight automatic, radio, pw, power door locks, rear  defroster, 318 regular fuel engine etc. J  Sug. Retail Price  Special Discount  You Pay Only, ..  $7891  -49&L:  Sug. Retail Price .;.  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SEE OUR NEW CARS FOR SALE  AT THE ESSO STATION IN GIBSONS  4.    78 DODGE RAMCHARGER  Honduras  Maroon,  posl-trac 3.55   ratio, V8, load flight "  automatic, HD alternator, HD battery, deluxe cloth buckets &  roar bench, rear step bumper, stablllzor bar, undercoatod,  ps, plus many other extras,  5.   78 B200 SPORTSMAN WAGON  318 loadflight automatic, tlritod windshield, groen A white 2  tone, radio, mirrors, ps, custom Sportsman wagon pkg.,  undorcoatod plus many other option^,  Sug. Retail Price ...  ���   r.    .    .    1    1    ,    ,    ,    .    ,    ,   $8628    1  ���    Sug. 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No. T35  SHOP & C0MPARE-SUNC0AST WILL BE THERE,  with the lowest interest rates and     -  2.x.,...     Jhjtbest cars & truck deals in town,   i  .one call does it all        OOD~Di 11'  next to St. Mary's, Sechelt  *u   :  \'  HiHmi^sa^  ��a*[.ifc;fiS**W������'r  HMW'i  <#.  ;��4rW��trVWrt^iv^^,^fc^^  '<l��*v1i^r*.��,Uf!i*��i*i��t'*ii^��!BV��  ^w*��*i��5i*g^sh.w��f��i(��i^  Mi^A^*lW?3i;^��*^^-^'^tft��'^*����  ����^^twj"^^^iflas��-ri������6sj*  r\  N  ,/'���.  ... \. x  <*V -ays-  1  :f-  *��'^ 'A  Ai\  \S��^Ax  X:aA>'"^.  7-r*'y;Xy  ^77kXijf( y  X A~" -"tr'Ax, <-'t  IIHMBHMHMiHaiiMMMHHMniMMHH^  Section B Wednesday, November 29,1978 c Pgeesl-S  Sports briefs  Figure skating  B,W Sharon Schroeder, 883-2573  Drama group meets Dee. 6  Would-be actors, actresses, directors,  stage managers, set and costume  designers and those interested in attending drama workshops are invited to  join a drama group now forming, with the  hope of having a production ready in the  spring.  The group will be organized now and  get under way after Christmas and the  first meeting will be held on December 6.  For details and location call" Mary  Livingstone at 885-9248 or the Recreation  service at 885-5440.   CT  Minor hockey news  A good turnout was on hand a weekend.  ago for the Minor Hockey's referees clinic.  From all reports it was well worth the  time. The Minor Hockey association would  like to apologize for the inconvenience  caused by a slight schedule mixup with  regards to the clinic, but they'd-like to  thank the players and coaches involved for  being patient while the referees were  given their time on ice instruction.  Minor Hockey has already arranged  some inter-association exhibition hocfcgy  games for a number of the teams. The  association fully intends to have all teams  take parMn exhibition games. They^now.  have a working agreement  with the  Pacific . Coast    Amateur flogkey  yyi      : f~ l7~-~~  Association as an associate member, and  will be partaking in home and away games  with teams in Zone 1. The association in  Zone 1 are Burnaby, Burnaby WC,  Coquitlam, Hastings, Hollyburn WC,  North Shore WC, North Vancouver Rec  Center, Three Star and West Vancouver.  Their first serigs of games will ipvolve  the home teams and teams from the West  Vancouver   association  , The figure skating classes are having a ���  Mistletoe and Holly Pop concert. The date  of the concert will be December 17~at 4:30.  p.m. The figure skating classes are also;  having.'ajrafflejand the tickets will be 50.  cents each or three for a $1, The first prize";  on the raff le will be for a grocery hamper.'*  Second prize will be a 25 lb turkey, and,  third prize will be a Ginger Bread House..  Thi&raffle will be drawn on December 11,7  so get your tickets-now frob any figure'  skater. -' ' - >  Hi.)  Prec.  cms  4.0  0.06  7.0  nil  6.0  nil  b.i>  - ���  4.0o  ���  ,4.0  0.06  '5.0  0.66  Weather report  -r. Lo-  November 18 .,,.1.5  November 19  .-3.0  November 20 -1.5  ~November21  023T  November 22 .-2.5  November 23 0.0  November 24 2.0  Trace of snow on November 22. .  Week's rainfall ��� 0.78 cms. November  to date ��� 8.05 cms. 1978 to date ��� 104.43  cms-  November 18-24, 1977 ��� 1.88 cms.  November  1-24,   1977  ���   11.40.   Jan.-  November 24,1977 ��� 93.70 cms.  Advertising.^  points the way  to better buys.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  scheduled are games December 2, where  the Midget "B" Rangers will host West/  Van's   Midget   "B".   The  following  weekend, on December 9, the bantam  house team, the GT's will host a similar  house team from West Vai^ while we, will  be .sending down to the West Van com-"  "rnunity ouFimdget-house-Tyee-F-lyersi���  Also on the weekend of December 9,  they will have tentatively arranged for a  series of Saturday and SundayVjgames in  POwell River for all of the house players in  pups, atoms and pee,wees. This would  involve a two-game series in which they  would return the visit after Christmas.  WEEK NO. 7 SCHEDULE  FISHING REPORT \  The fishing is improving again and ini  Gibsons they have been catching quite a \  Tentatively^ few gp^g salmon. They're catching theniv.  from the Government Wharf to the inside",  of the Beacon. The salmon they are cat-\-  ching are about 8 to 10 pounds and they are1*  mooching. ^  RUGBY , <  In rugby action this week, our rugby;  Mm_hadja_gan^e oniSahirday^gainst^GerryiVterce^  *   ~ -"--���- ~-~  will be a league tournament and it will be  held in Sechelt.  Nichobson 276 (618); Eva Chappell 213  (557); Esther Barry 210 (537); Leslie Fitch  215 (584); Janice Haslett'217 219 (573);  Brenda Subert 223 (530); Lynne Pike 214  1211 (618); Phyllis Handford 207 (484); Joan .  Filbrooks215 (535^ Ruth Slade 241 (587);  Vera Summerfelt 253. (575). ���  November 22  Flo Stavert 227 (555); Pat Squire 204  (593); Joan Filbrook 259 (549);. Lynn Pike  201 (539); Ev Chappel 202(516); LU. McCourt 218 302 (704).  SOCCER  The Pender Harbour Bananas defeated  the Wakefield United 3 to 0 in. a game on  Sunday.^ November 26. The game was  played in Sechelt at Hackett Park. It was a -  very scrappy and chippy one, and at half  time the score stood Bananas 1, Wakefield  0. The goal was scored by Mike West on a  corner from Gordy Kammerle. The other  two goals were made by Peter Kenny and  MOREL'S FRAMING &  7   CONSTRUCTION LTD  "SEE OUR  SPEC HOUSES"  specializing in  CUSTOM HOME BUILDING &  FRAMING  r  886-2440  "ThusdayTNov. 30 ��� 7:15 p.m. ��� Elson  Glass vs Canadiens.  Saturday, Dec. 2 ��� 10:30 a.m. ��� All  pups; 11:45 a.m. ��� Exhibition (W Van vs  Rangers); 1:40 p.m. ��� 140s vs Tyee  Flyers; 3 p.m. ��� T&T Truckers vs TKs.  Sunday, Dec. 3 ��� 6:30 a.m. GTs; 7:45  a.m. ��� All pups; 9 a.m. ��� PW Oilers &  Atom Elphinstone; 10:30 a.m. ��� Aces vs  Twin Creek; 12:05 p.m. ��� 109s vs TBS;  6:30 p.m.. ��� Weldwood vs 23s.  Come out and give the Midget "B"  Jiangers some support Saturday,  December 2atll:45 a.m. You will-be  favourably impressed with the style and  the brand of hockey these youngsters are  playing. At this-stage of the season,,  however, there is no idea if they are in an  "A" level, a "B" level or just good calibre  house teams. Come out Saturday and see  how they stack up.  .Modern; S storey, Br si class motty hotel. Good location ��� 1 block' from  beach, English Bay and Stanley Park, near downtown, shopping within 2  blocks. 125 attractively appointed air-conditioned rooms, studios, efficiency  units and suites ��� each with private bath, color TV and phon^-Dining  Room and Coffee Shop. Lounge with entertainment. Sample and Meeting  -Rooms-Drive.In lobby-and free-parking. ��� ^^l-  -1755-Davie-Street^V��ncoii*ei-V6G-lW5, Phone: 604*682 J 031-coUect-  Teles: 04-51161  UBC. They won 21-3 ��� congratulations.  The scorers of the game were Ryam  Matthews with 12 points and Frank Havies  with 9 pfflnts. Next week they play the Katsv  in Vancouver so we all wish them luck.,  That will be their last game until January,  the 20. X  LADIES BOWLING   ~ ?   T-he-Wednesday���Afternoon���Ladies-  Bowling scores as of November 15:  Sylvia Wood 217 (494); Terri Henderson  201 (582); Flo Stavert 234 (583); Penny  WMtting 217 (517); Jean Gray 205 (545);  Pat Gibson-262-232-268~(762); Marge  Riding club news,  the monthly meeting of the Timber  Trails Riding Club was held at Sechelt Rod  and Gun Club "premises. The building  committee announced that the "survey on  proprty-locatedbythe^pbwer" linOis"  been completed and necessary documents  have been forwarded to Victo* ia for a final  approval. It is expected that land clearing  for a clubhouse, show ring, and trails will  be started in the new year.  Junior members under the sponsorship  of Bob Hopkins were elected as follows:  president ��� Debbit MacLean, viqe  president. ��� Carrie Trousdale, secretary  ��� Caron Hayward and treasurer ���  Caroline Newsham. They are hdping to  promote inter-club activities with Lower  Mainland clubs and generaUy_create_more.  activities for junior members.  The year end banquet will be held at the  vSechelt.Rod and Gun Club, December $',  C6:30p.m. for, pot luck supper. All members, their families and interested friends  are welcome. The more the merrier.  Trophies for year's activities will be  awarded. Gordon Reeves has donated a  ���handmade-waUet-for-a-raffle-to-be-held-  during the evening.  WALK WISE  WITH YOUR CYES  THE 79 MOTORCYCLER IS SO FANTASTIC  ,   WE OVER-BOUGHT!  XR-75  Let Our Mistake Make It  A Special Christmas for You.  BB.A. BLACKTOP1  ��� QUALITY   SERVICE   SINCE 1956  Grading & Gravel Curbs "  ��� Soil Cement ���Drainage Roads  . ���lndustrial,Sjtes��Parking Areas*1  Tennis Courts*Driveways  885-5151  PORPOISE BAY ROAD, SECHELT  North Vancouvar Office���ZMtth 2A2I  Members.  .^���.    Amalgamated  J_m_f_ Conttruclloo  *mm,wmm Alt (v lot Ian  rfjw^pfc. BC Road  BCjfc ��ulTd��fi  .-   ���^ Allocation  FREE BICYCLE  (or equal _yolue)  WITH PURCHASE OF  ANY NEW MACHINE.  XOAST CYCLE,,,,,  ^QiH" THe 2 Best Names in Motor Recreation      _ f*"A  Sechelt,  885-2030  Powell River  483-3912  Recreation  THE FIREPLACE THAT ACTUALLY  HEATS YOUR HOME  , , s . Warm air llovw  Irom front  h��oillner 300"  * Constructed ol oxtra heavy duty 3/16"  boiler plate, the firebox and other steel  . parts will last Indefinitely duo to the  fresh air continually circulating  throughout,  * The warpn air produced by the NORTHERN .FIREPLACE fills the room and, If  you open the door, it fills the adjoining  room, oMtha-next, With ONE NOTHERN  ' FIREPLACE and entire houso could bo  hoatod.  Freih outildo  air enlori '  back ot/.  vheatllno'r ,  GOVERNMENT TESTED & PASSED  BILL & HEIDI GOODMAN 885-2615  For your enjoyment and entertainment, a reminder of some of the  highlights of the Recreation Service's  program being' offered in the coming  week.. ������ '��� ���"���,���'���'  On November 29 some of the best  National Film Board films will be shown  (free) in the Music Room of Chatelech  School at 8:30 p.m. The films deal with  various topics relating to leisure,  recreation, health, dance, sports and  gymnastics. .  The second production of "The Mime  Show" with Gerardo Avlla and Patricia  Smith will delight audiences at Cedar  Grove Elementary gym on December 2 at  8 p.m. Tickets are $1 for students, children  and seniors and $2 for adults. ;���  ���t \  ?'\  GARDEN BAY  ,h,.  Sinclair Bay Road  VOLVO/PENTA - CHRYSLER  HOURSTON GUSCRAFT  EZLOAD-MERCRUISER  Immediate Repair Service���7 days a week  883-2722.883-2602  Phone for Our Rates on  Winterizing and Storage  V/SA  <' WSBiPWPTOS  fi t f��*A  \ ,  I  !,����*���*****��*. m^^M Miiws'fcifeW't  J, wv.^L'.ii(yk'-��.  ��� Guaranteed installation  before Christmas  Custom-built Cabinets/Furniture/  Appliances/Stereos/TVs/Quilts/  Drapes/Wallcoverings  "Ono of tho Prico Cutters"  -�����  Ui: fix?:,"' . >ii,u,-ft  ;n -  CA  �����/&*.$$ ^H JWt'-Svfcp^^^B���-*����*&'sv^.^*-1*^**"^^  <��U  Gibsons  ���>4*WWr*tm*m*mm&ipl*.:'t.i\Jfi+��liH )  jRL ,.|TH| m^wJKT.^^y-'^^^m- -r  OUrlVltwi ��� Luff vt AAA OVI \ T  OOD-Z41/  ���lk*'*'''  * U. m.V (*r*Vf7. *. It' ', *��.-"*#^S?t I  *r~  U.  **<���*���    j) *t iW-VH   '  *��.��<��   *��� ��ht��w+JWWI,  ^��t*.  ^v����� .��*��  ���'./,'  '���   I  <nt  ������ll. . \.'"..  -?  (���  .-n- .������/...-'-y  \- ' '-|-  PHONE  885-3231  PageB-2    The Peninsula Times      November 29^, 1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Help Wanted  For Rent  Real Estate  Livestock  v���  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  forWestpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  7300 Copies Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion $2.1*5  Three Insertions $4.30  Extra Lines (4 words)  .    60c  Display Ad-Briefs^  $3.60 per'column inch  Box Numbers !. $1.00 extra  legal or Reader advertising  per agate line.        ,    .  30c  Deaths, Card" of Thanks, In  Memoriam, Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  after that. Four words per line.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take regular classified rates.  Ad-Briefs must be paid for In  . advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  ,   to receive cash discount.  Subscription Rates: J  By Mail:  Local Area $7.00 yr.  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Featuring controlled  front entrance, colored appliances, ..qablevision,  panoramic^view, extra -  soundproof suites, drapes,'w-,  w carpets. Rents from $230.  Inquire atJI86-9593'aft. 5 p.m.  m 4072-tfn  TRAILER  spaces  in  West  Sechelt.    1    doublejyide,  24 x 40 singes. 885-2079.    4224-  tfn  FOR RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  .  3691-tf  uSe  47 SUITES 24 - 2 bdrm, 22 -1  bdrm, 1 bachelor. $130,000  gross revenue: located close  to downtown. Camera Store  1 well established - high traffic  area -1978 year - to date sales  up. 25 pet, excellent lease  terms. FP $25,000 plus inventory. Terms available.  Central Interior - excellent  business9 for, family or 2  couples.   Launderette, Dry-  cleaning,   Coverall rentals;  : fully equipped, fop downtown  location with mall pick-up. FP  ? $220,000.   Details  with  Ron  '/Hume or Glen Woods, 392-7723  or 398-8740.  Murray Hume  Agencies Ltd., 19A 2nd Ave.  N��� Williams Lake, B.C. V2G  . 1Y8. , . 4396-1  -      ��� ...... -      ,    '_  ,. I       I      in  Business Opportunities  CERTIFIED Farrier, Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  375ir _ :    2     _'.     994rtfn  .       DR.N1CKJCIEIDER  is available for veterinary  > work every Monday, Practice  limited to horses only.  For appointment  please call:  EQUINE VET  CENTRE  112-530-5344 (Langley)  \        or Diana Starbuck  886-9739  4213-tfn  Pets  Personal  ��� i* ....  GARAGE SALE Sat.  Foot  of  Eureka  Redrooffs. 10 a.m.  , Dec. 2.  Rd.  off  4364-1  NAVY LEAGUE of Canada,  ^ Sunshine Coast Branch. Our  annual general meeting is on  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office.       1473-tfn  DIVORCE! $i00 Plus Filing',  Fees ��� Obtain your un-  Thursday, Dec. IjaX 7:30 pjn.   contested divorce - fast - over  in Gibsons Legion. All parents" Jeldephone.. Our f orms~and-  and friends are cordially   typwg services are  lawyer  invited to attend. 4408-2   approved.  Call Setf-Counsel        Services tolllree (112) 800-663-  WILSON CREEK Cubs will -3035- Chargex and Master-  --begin again! -Registration -.chargeaccepted. 4325-tfn  night is Thursday, Nov. 30,  6:30- 9 p.m. at the Wilson  Creek Cub Hall.. So,. Cubs,,  bring .your parents out to sign  you up. 4387-i  ALCOHOLICS  Anonymous  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30-  pm, Wilson Creek Community  - -HalL885-2896 or 885-3394. -4816-  tf  AM LOOKING for , local  writers, .photographers,  artists et al with keen environmental perspective to'  help provide B.C. content for  ���quarterly. journal. Call Paul  Handshy. 886-7979. 4291-1  Card of Thanks  TO DR���Cairns and a]J the  beautiful people on staff at  St. .Mary's Hospital; Sechelt,  B.C., my sincere thanks to all.  ���Martha L. Way. -      4378-1  TO ALL the people -whe  assisted in the search of my  husband, Elgin Gorden, after  his boating accident last'  month, I would like to say  thank you. A lot of people gave  up their time and put all their  efforts into the seaTcKT  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the telephone.  Our forms and typing services  are lawyer, approved. Call  Self-Counsel Services toll free  (112) 800-663-3035. Chargex  and Mastercharge approved.  4324-tfn  . MACRAME SUPPLIES -  The Macrame Hut has a  complete catalogue of  Macrame books and supplies.  Order your free . catalogue  now. Mail your name and  address to Macrame Hut, 2393  Ness Ave., Winnipeg, Man.  R3J 1A5: Phone (204) 889-  0055. 4400-1  THE DATE of your life is in  - our computer's memory  banks. Our space-age process  will unearth uie right match to  your aspirations, motivations  and tastes. No personal in-  verview. Write: Date-World,  Suite 300B, 885 Dunsmuir St.,  .Vancouver, B.C. -VBC,.1N7.  Phone 688-5444. 4398-1  ARTHRITIS!   Relief  from  aches, pains. Send $1 for  brochure  to  A.S.   Baalam,  RPN, 1604 Hamilton St., New  -Westmin��terrB;CrV3M 2N8:  my  father,  Bill   Peterson;   my  brothers, Bill and John; Clay   " oung~^na^roydeir-tands^���Hel p Wanted  downe, who made a special ������-���"--���  flight from Bella Coola, and  myjmoilLer,_whoJookeoVafter_  these people, aii3 who knew  the agony of waiting at home.  These were people who knew  and loved him. To Corporal  Wade and Corporal Wayne  Garten, Tyee Airways and  Ray Keeland, thank you also  for an efficient, well-  organized search, and to the  UFAWU  for  keeping   the,  plicants must have experienced:  in managing people, layout,  design and promotions.  Photographic experience an  asset. Salary commensurate  with ability and experience.  Send complete resume to: Box  13V BCYCNA, 808, 207 West  Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7.      .. 4403-1  EXPERIENCED "reporter-���  . photographer, or graduate  of  recognized  journalism.  Erogram. Must have  nowledge of darkroom work  and be willing to work in the  Lower Mainland. Knowledge  of sports coverage an asset.  Job would begin early in the  new year. Forward job application including samples of  writing and references to:  Box 129, BCYCNA, 808, 207  West Hastings St., Vancouver,  B.C.V6B1H7. .   4401-1  -APPIJCATIONS" invited for"  position of Public Works  superintendent. Preferred  applicants should have  several years experience in  senior & position with  Municipality or related Public  Works. Certification as  engineering technologist  desirable. Salary negotiable.  Applications by December 11,  1978. ' Write Clerk-  Administrator, Village of  Lillooet, Box 610, LiUooet,  B.C.V0K1V0. 4393-1  Work Wanted  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing; ,A11  types of Concrete Work.  Patios, Floors, Foundations.  Driveways, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Seepage or high pressure  ���leaks* :   DELUXE  WF  unfurn.  cot-  tage72bdrmr2-bath7fridger-TEAR^���A���second-incomer  :stoverL-w=-w:-carpet,- drapes,, 7-Learn - ���Income��� Tax  $250 per month. Madeira Park,  preparation with the All-.  area. 883-9098. 4286-1' 'Canadian Company U&R  ������ '���    //Tax Services. Send for free  GIBSONS   2    bdrm    apt.   brochure today. U&R Tax  REGISTERED    chocolate  Labrador pups. Males &  females. Excellent hunting &  -fleld-trlal-stoefe-rReady^rfor-  new homes by Dec. 18. "885-  53077  42594  4390-2  search going. ���  Gorden.  Uso 'Times' Adbriefs  to Soil, Rent, Buy,  Swop otc.  T  ADVERTISING' Salesperson  :iwai!ted���.by established,  community newspaper. The  successful applicant will have  had at least three years of  sales experience; be willing to  work for an aggressive, up  and coming paper, and be  Krepared to live in ttie Lower  lamland. Good salary and  benefits, go  with  the  job.  Forward Job application Including references and em-  4404-1 x0Toyment history to: Box 130,  ���^BCYCNA,   808,, 207   West  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates   78853125, ���  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt  Spacious,, w-w, fridge,  stove, elec. heat, view. Days  985-8761, eves. 926-6609. 4258-1  WF  GIBSONS Dec.  1st.  4  bdm, furn, $250 per mon.  731=8834; -4261-1���  3 BDRM home. Quiet, Sechelt  residential area, nr. beach.  88M476. 4280-1  COTTAGES,    weekly    or  monthly.    Housekeeping  units,   furnished,   TV.   Ritz  Motel. 886-2401. 4249-tfn  FOUR BDRM mobileJiome^  Set up in West Sechelt  Trailer Park. Ref. required.-  Ph. 885*2600. tfn  DUPLEX Davis Bay. lblk.  from school, 2 bdrm, no  appliances. Avail, immed.  $175.885-9719.. 4951-tfn  ACCOMMODATION      avail  for 4 working persons, $135  Eer mo. each. Incl. cleaning,  eat, light, kitchen facil.,  furn., carpeted, priv. entrance. Top floor of log house,  Roberts^Ck. 886-2542 aft. 6.   -  4360-4  MAPIJj: CRESCENT Apartments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm apts.  Reas. rent. Jncl. heat,  cablevision, stove, fridge. 886-  7836 or apply Apt. No. 103-A.  4121-tfn.  1   BDRM   apartments   in  Sechelt.   Fridge   &   stove  included.  $175 - $245.  Call  Hayden, 885-2283. 4196-tf  .JKHYL-&ENT?__No^ down  payment, 197112 x 48, nice  NORWEGIAN Elkhound  pups, registered champion  parents. Available December  6. Will hold for Christmas.  $175 and up. 246 - 4th Ave.,  Kamloops V2C "3N5. Phone  372-8974 or 57*5717.        4392-1  For Sale  AIRCO oil furnace. $200; table  saw, $150; fridge, $30; 15"  % T GMC split rims; offers.  883-9665. - 4357-3  BOOKCASE headboard bed &  foundation, rock maple  finish/ mattress not incl. Also  continental double .bed &  mattress. 885-5381.     ; 4358-3   \ < y_\   TWO 14" SNOW tires mounted  on Ford chrom reverse  rims, $75 obo; two 15" Chev.  mag whls, $75 obo. 885-2906  aft. 5. 4359-3  18" ADMIRAL b&w TV;  kitchen table & chairs- 3-  drawer dresser; cedar chest;  new single bed, dresser, lg.  mirror, etc. 885-2176.     4365-1  rS $2fr MEMBERSHIP   in  ���B&AA-makes~a~woffderfar  i_Christmas-gift._Joln before the _  price Increase.  Pis.  phone  Bernle Ackerman, 885-3614.  4367-3  For Sale  LEATHER hockey gloves,  size 9, $50; shin pads, DG 9,  $6; elbow pads, EK 3, $3; and  helmet SK 10 jr., $10, exc.  cond; 886-9326.    4413-3  R.V. RENTALS  Vacation the urihassled way.  Campers fully  equipped  &  heated & insured.  $70 per week  We have added to our fleet 21'  Winnebago   Motor  Home.  Superbly equipped.  *   $200 per week   .  plus 10c a mile  885-2600  anytime  4967-tf  Legal Notices  Machinery..  CLAMSHELL well digger  mounted on 1965 International truck. Good  working-order Cedar Rapids  crusher 4" x 36". Phone 498-  2970 or write: A. Pallay,  Oliver, B.C. V0H1T0.     4399-1  Lost  cOnd., 2 bdrm, $96.50  !lus_padJfe��JL_19Zi_l  _pu  bd  er mo.  x68 3  Services, 220 St. Mary's Road,  Winnipeg, Man. R2H 1J3.  Franchises available. . 4394-1    ������---���- ���  Mobile Homes  _��� _j*   l"2~x"48^2~bdrm~M6duliner  ;- $7,800 no dp; 12 x 68 3 bdrm  Gendall, $10,400, no dp. 926-  J024 aft. 5:30 p.m.       4786-tfn  L & M Radiators, 1449"  Charlotte Rd., N. Van. 986-  5334, Automotive & Industrial  cooling'specialists. Pick up &  delivery can be arranged. Call  now for fast, economical  -service. ���������/ 4024-tfh  '70 GENERAL Leader  -12' x 45' mobile home. Fully  furn'd, 2 bdrm with covered  sundeck, $7,500. Call Marcia,  885-2201 or 886-7804 after 6  p.m. h      4407.JL  '73 25 FT.' Kustom Koach.  Excel: cond'n. Set up in  Capilano Trlr.  Pk.  Asking  $7200.883-9066 or 886-9066.  4300-2  MUST SELL  IMMEDIATELY ,  12' x*64' Bendix MobUe Home.  3 bdrm, galley kitchen, oil  heat. Occupied 2 mos. Immaculate cond. Asking $16,500  , furnished. Unfurnished price  negotiable. Call after 6 p.m.  88W301  '        ' 4384^3  Cars and Trucks  '75 AUSTIN Marina.  Good   .   -���tires-&-snnw,���- Well main- For Sale  $1,700     '������ ���  42654 FISHER wOodbiirning  TRAILER 10 x 50, fully furn.,  $3500.521-5016. 4369-1  POOL TABLE, $150; fridge,  good  cond.,  $50.  885-9955  (eves.). *    .   4370-3  'ALBERT' AT. Sechelt dump'.  Small collie-like female.  Brown, white and black.  Child's pet, sorely missed. Ph.  883-2627. 4377-1  SIAMESE-TABBY cross  ���vicinity - W.   Beach  Ave.,  Robert Creek. Call Jody, 885-  ���3782. 4414-1  Wanted to Buy  WATERFRONT   or   ne  waterfront property  preferably developed on Coast  - Sechelt to Pender Harbour.  $20,000-$40,000. Immed.  possession. No agents pis. 980=,  3188 or write 1184 Kilmer, N.  Van. 4353-2  WANT TO buy'  �� motor. 885-9883.  winch with  jDD'   .4362-3  LANDROVER for parts. Must  have 16" wheels. 885-3587.  �� 4306-2  tained.  40,000 miles,  obo. 885-9617.  NEAR-NEW TV all-purpose  head complete with superior  remote control antenna  rotator. All leads, wire, mast  and chimney supporting  brackets, $250 new, $25. Ph.  8185-9023. " <     4376-3  2 MINIGUAGE locomotives, 2  transformers & 5 freight  cars, $30; guitar, $20; banjo,  $15,885-2853. : 4412-1  STEREO SYSTEM," $350. Ph".  885-3155, ask for Doug. 4409-  3 ,A  3 USED 10,000 btu propane  -  wall furnaces, good cond.;  $45 ea. 435-3536^       4405-3  JEEP OWNERS. Parts for  Jeeps 1942 to 1978. New  dies," metal tops for CJ5,  CJ7. G(#m Sales; 4736 East  ' Hastings?lst., Burnaby, B.C.'  V5C 2K7. Phone 294-2623. 4397-  1 f   l  8,000 LB. FORKUFT. 100 hp.  471 GM diesel on skids. 1967  2010   John   Deere   loader  backhoe.  1967 GM 5-yard  dump,truck. T4 International  ; crawler. Phone 336-8222, s4395-  ,.1. X     ._"'   '  1975 HINO KL140 with Royal  GTO garbage packer,  $12,000. Economical and ideal  tor small town pick-up ser-  vioe.Phone 832-3858.      4391-1  Notice of Creditor-  and Others  CYRILKENNETH  JOHNSTONS  (Cy Johnston)  Deceased  NOTICE is hereby given that  creditors having claims  against the ��� Estate of Cyril  Kenneth Johnston, o.k,a. CY  Johnston, deceased, late of^  Granthams LandingrB:C., are  hereby required to send them  to the .undersigned Executrix  at 2404 Williams Avenue,  North Vancouver, B.C. V7K  1Z3, on or before-29thrday-of-  December, 1978, after which  date the Executrix will  distribute / the said Estate  among the parties entitled  thereto, having regard only to  ttie claims ofjwMch she men  has notice>/  ^KATHLEEN AGNES  y j? ^TEKMAN  / ���   ~        : 7.   " Executrix  R.COLIJSbN BARKER  Solicitor  4287-Pub. SPT Novrl5r22r29r  ,Dec.6, 1978  For Quick Rttsults  Use Times Adbriefs)  \ <c  rm,$122 permo. 926-1024.  4936-tfn  Linda L.  Hastings &.,.Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7., 4402-1  Use Times Adbriefs I  r  i  i  i  i  i  i  ���  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad In Iho iquciro'.  word,  Oa tura lo laava a blank ipaca nllor each  /T  Thron lino* It $3,16, End uddlllonal lino It 60c,  Tak* advanlao* of our ipaclal tavlnai.  ���Run your ad tWIc* ��� Ih. third ��lm�� It FMB.   ���  ,    ��II you pay lor yi 'ir ad tha taturday b��M�� publication you get a  dltcount ���> %m\t. for I lm��rllon ������ S0�� lor 9.  Mall ui your ad, or drop It olfi  In S��h��ft at th* P��nln��u|a Tlmot Ofllco  In Olbtant al th* Arbutut Tr*��  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Secholt, B.C.  V6N3A0  CLASSIFICATION  ~  .'  ,11  ...  f ���  .....  -  ....  $2��  60*  60'  Namt,,.  MAi.h  Jhmmli C��4��.��  fi'*lW^ii-��j*a��*.��/i��'��fi**-'*pv  ���I'wft,'.  ��|��*M��w5.  *v ;f^* ^m W^ .^^, ytm ^^ ^^ ^mm *r%^ ^? W^l. j^^ .i^^f. ^^*w i^l���, Ir^mM ^Wl.JI^^.^Wf fm^^ w^m}. ;|^VF H^W. 1^^. ^^.. f  t  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  '"V^W1*^,  .,  .   i        ���   -    ....   .,..���-. ,...,-,       i     .i .���."���!>��''���*-*����'|.1i,*m��*-:*p.M',-il   ftl.'t';     ������ . ���>.      - ....    ,.,,  (. I ���   .   A, ���'������ ���    ���  WILL BABYSIT, weekdays In  my home. Davis Bay. 885-  3862. .    4328-2  FULLY QUALIFIED  ..:���   ELECTRICIAN .  Free Estimates . ...  886-2546  4060-tfn  JOURNEYMAN Shipwright!  seeks work. Exp. In all  aspects boatbuilding; house  carpentry & cabinet work.  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  .For; free est; & professional  job, call Allan May, 885-5766.  ��� ���   ��� 4&M"  WHAT DO YOtJ EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE7  ���Experienced, Insured work?  ���Prompt, guaranteed  service? ,  ���Fair estimates?  Then glvo us a call:  PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD. '  885-2109  y         758-tfn  WORK WANTED by 23 yr.  .   man. Phone Ted, 885-5453.  4334-J5  PRIVATE TIMBER wanted.  Top prices paid. Egmont  Contracting Ltd., 883-9066 or  ^.OfKMWOO. ; ^.433ft-2.  HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC  APPRENTICE  Available after Dec: 22,1 yr.  experience &(J mos. of school,  Very reliable & have good  references.  885-3818    ,  9:30 - 5:30  4092-tfn  WILL DO your personal accounting  In  my   homo.  Qualified accountant. 005-  3409. 4262-1,  m���mm-m.������w.wi.iw.1,ihww.i .n������ imit���miM"; ���<��� ���������.���������������nil���t  For Rent  2 BDRM  mobile  homo on  r private lot, $179 per tno, 1)20*  1024 lift. 0. -   s '4131-tfn  CHERYL WK P��rk Rd.���  l,300sq.ft.h(������,iyr.bldfif '  Mrm. full bsmt, carport^ 2  FPs, 2 bath, 2 rnmdedts,-^SO  per: rao,,��� excluding ��� uUL,.2Lw  reliable refs. 880-7995,885-30951  or 880-2207.    '     <        4339-2  HOUSE m Sechelt; fi bdrms.  885-3211. 4290-2  44374fn. _ Modern -2. bdm home-with -  dining room, laundry room,  carpeted throughout, ensuite,  fireplace, appliances, heat &  /light ihcluded. Gower Point  area. $325 per month. >  3 bdrm family home in Gibsons. Fireplace and carpeted.  $300 per month.  Newly decorated two |bdrm  suite in lower Gibsons. Appliances Included, bright and  cheery with beautiful view of  the harbor. $230 per month.  Ranch at Pender Harbour - 2  bdrm home, near new barn, '  pasture, all fenced and ready  to use. $300 per month.  Bachelor   suite   in   lower'  Gibsons. Modern kitchen, w-w  throughout, partly furnished,  heat & light Included. Only  $165 per month.  .^   Phone Mr. Dowman  ^   v     or Mr. Wells ,  .    CENTURY WEST  REALESTATE  (1978) LTD.  885-3271  ,   4389-1  1 BDRM HOUSE, 2 mln, walk ,  to Sechelt, $80 per month.  Balance to be paid by me In  exchange for occasional  telephone answering. Monthly  rent to decrease as business  Increases. Pensioner or  woman & child?. John  Beuger, Box 1015, Sechelt.   ������-���p��'-p^^^*w...^,^....r.,4374.1,.  SUNftY 3 bdrm house, near  now,  full/ bsmt.,  view.  Fridge & stove, $300 per mo.  880.7081. 4375-1 <  - -����������� '   ..ii j.   1 BDRM waterfront fully furn.  cottago, $225 per mo. 883-  9098. -4379.3  '67 GRAND PRK, orig. miles  57,000,400 cu. in. engine, ps,  b, tilt steering. Immaculate,  12,000 firm. 885#670r<���4250-1  '68 GMC Ms ton, 292, c.l. eng.,  $1000 firm. Good cond. 885-  9768. , 4308-2   ^__ _J ,_  '69 % TON Ford, am radio,  tape  deck,  good rubber,  $1,095.8854588.    . 4361-3.  '67 DODGE Dart GT. $250; 4  BF Goodrich 13" tires, $50.  885-2774, aftet7." 4368-3  stove  with^the-lO^ear-guarantee-  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  ,&C Electronics;        4855-tfn  LADIES, Mens. Childrensr  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly     New'.      Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,'  10^. . .      .   4f57-tf  BOTTLE DEPOT & 2nd Hand  Store. Experienced furniture. Halfmoon Bay, 885-  2639.Frl.^un.9:3(H.     4304-2  ONE 100 lb. Rockgas tank,  ���newr���83^2396. 4388^1-  1     HYDRAULIC,    winch,  suitable for 4 x 4, complete,  T250;883^934ir~ .   7r��86-T  THERE MUST BE AN  -EASltRiA^  Check lights regularlyT  '68 VW, good running  .��� $700,883-9286.     '  cond.,  4371-3  FROST-FREE  880-2427.  fridge,  $100.  4337-2  BOUGHT Pinto wagon. Now  selling '78 Pinto hatchback,  21,000 ml., new tires, etc.  Modified. Owner 886-7657 or  880-9613. '   4372-3  '76 MG MIDGET, $3,500. CaU  Marcia, 885-2201 or 886-7804  after 6 p.m. 4406-1   �� _;���  Boats and Engines  18'BOAT, 105 HP OB, 085-3921  orBfl5-2497.       ���        4313-2   "^,^.1,,, ,..,  12' HOURSTON Glasscraft,  $300.883-2704 eves.     4410-3  HEADWATER MARINA LTD  Good winter moorage  1.25 per foot-  20 ton marine ways  DRYLAND STORAGE  <���.���....������ Down Narrows Rd,,....-..,..���.,  Madeira Park  883-2406 24 hrs.  4900-tf n  21' FIBREFORM 165 hp IB-  OB, head, sounder, CB,  cassette tope, spare prop.,  many extras, moorago paid  Smitty's Marina 'UI May '79.  SEWING MACHINE  REPAIRS  Overhaul, Tuneups,  Chemical Wash, Parts for  all makes  All Work Guaranteed  21 Years Experience  Phone Stove at    -  885-2691  , 4150-tfh  12" ZENITH black & white  TV, $119, brand new, full  warranty. S.C. TV, Cowrie St.,  Sechelt. 805-9816. 4284-1  PRAWNS. 885-3805 or M.V.  "Maranatha".    Madeira  Park gov't wharf, 4264-1  . USED VILAS.harvest maple  dining rm. suite. Extension  table, seats 8,4 chairs, 1 open  hutch, $295, Ph. 886-9852. 4385-  INDIAN sweater, $15; Hvio  single quilts, new,. $20;  Muskrat coat, $50; sewing  machine, z-z; stereo console,  as new; electric blanket, dbl.,  $20,885-9570. 438M  FRANtftlN stove. Ph. 885-  9092. 4380-1  CB Marine Package  Includes CB radio, 7' whip, PA,  loud speaker. $134.95 (also  sold separately).   ,  Prentis Enterprises  884-5240  500H6  FOR SALE  3 bdrms upstairs, full  basement w/rec rm and extra  bdrm downstairs. Good view  in Selma Pk. Nicely landscaped and fenced,  deduced to $49,900  885-3855  DELUXE WF unfurn. cottage, 2 bdrm, 2 Ijoth, fridge,  fstovo, w-w carpot, drapcB,  $250 per mo. Madolra Park  Broa.W3-9098. 4410-3  $7500.8804491.  4354-2  3 BDRM HOME, very large  - 15' 6" Sldewlng Hourston  Glusscrnft (now) $3,000  ~10'Sabrecraft,140Mer-  c $4,900  r17'K&CThermoglas, 115  hp Evinrude $2,800  Woodburn Stoves  '       &Fu��l Ud.  Wood ��lovo�� by , Fishor,  lahowood, Sodoro Valloy,  'Comfb7V'*^,aKdl'**"'Frn(l|oy.��  Distributor* In Woitorn  Canada of tha Kerr Scotsman  and Korr Titan wood flrpd  bollor, Dealers Inquiries ln-  v(t��d. Nortborn Hoa1lln��r and  Shaw Zoro Clearance,  Wood/oil furnaces, Insulatod  pipe, accostorlos and fittings  UQ   Foil   Avo.,  North   Vancouver  9B7-0BU  DRESS  MAKING  by  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  Call  886-7916  after 5:00 p.m.  LUMBER  SPECIAL  1x8 Utl Channel  Cedar Siding $329.00 M  LUMBER  rooms, carpet, warm wood   ^. 42' Sailboat "Sea Falcon"  MMUlog thMkoot, intern, (unriggeffiocemen-    9  bathroom, Hrcplace, oil heat,   \} ^,.._.,,,,,,,^,,,,$35,001  located on Mason Rd.. 5 mlns;  from Sechelt. 885-2974 or 201-  2151.     , -   438Mfn  # j^rtM 0OUSE, Sechelt.  Available Dec. 1,- $250. Ph.  WATERFRONT   home   Ih  Selma Park. 3 bdrm homo  with FP, washer, dryer  fridge & stove Included,  permo. 885-3870. 441M  Winterizing & Boat Moving  Immediate Repair Service  ��� (i p.  ��� ldajf��ipmr-hv.,. ^..  '���^nc��r^ayna.'' <  883-2722 or  SNUGGLE INTO  A HOT TUB!  for further.  Information  h.m<;i\-*tt''X��� rr"i\'.   I J,.,.*..., 1   'V^rrJSrrt.'.,,,.    \*..  mwK*.M$n 3%���, Wv.m..Vw*?���,  Box 310,        s*-  ���'SittttiTrBxr'"**"  6853618  Now avalloblo  on lh�� Ponlnsula  ^ * ���#,,*,     ��4����.N��> ^1 m  ,   /*��� n   am <irHH^Vs.JwttxPrt-^V 1'5W  1* -��m i^lS     ��* u- ^w-fTY���ih    m^if timftfttt �� w�� K  r  i n  1x3 Strapping   ,,.10 ft  1x4 Strapping  ,,.12 ft  2x3x6'Shorts ,...  .08 ft  2x4x6',,   ,',.12 ft  2x4Util.precut ...  ,,.18 ft  2x4 Econo Studs.,.  ,, .79 ea.  2x4 Econo Fir kl,.  ,,.12 ft  2x6 Shorts   ,,.19 ft  2x6 Util. Precut,.,  -.. .29 ft.  2x6Util. RL   . ..22ft  2x8x6'   ...27 ft  SIDING  V<xl0 Util Bevel $299 M  ROOFING  210 Sq. Butt 8.19 bdl.  SEWERPIPE  4" Perfo Sewur , .75 ft  4"SflldSewer 89 ft  100k Big OPipo ,. $35 roll  FUEL  40 lb. Coal 3.49  Pmto Log bulk,,,',,,.25 m  Fire Lpgs ..'.,... 3 for f2.99  -GIBSON3 ^  BUILDING  SUPPUES  88&8141  ,ri''       ml"   I  ,v"v.      p-'>.H  ���a * wuiM��*49ei>(0Hl<<4>t ** tn*��f*��-t, U��^H[  *��.*'r  /    1. il.  -'J . -   Seniors No. 69 honor charter members  By ROBERT FOXALL  Thursday, November, 23,  was a verynappy occasion for  some 100 members of Br. No.  69 who gathered to honor our,  charter mfmbers. After  suitably welcoming the  guests, President Bill Scott  asked Dave Hayward to MC  the proceedings and we sat  down to enjoy a concert,  which would nave cost us $10 a  seat at the Queen Elizabeth  Theatre and which was well  .worth that price. To open,Eva_  Hayward and Mary Redman,  the Gold Dust Twins of the  Siano, gave us two numbers In  ieir inimitable style. The  first, a selection from Brahms,  and the second, "Wouldn't It  Be Luverly". Following.  Walter James accompanied  by Tom Walton sang two  numbers, "Sweet Nancy" and  "Camelot".  . John Risby then gave us a  short but interesting history of  the development of the accordion and then went on to  prove his knowledge of the  subject by playing first some  French music followed by  "When   Irish -Eyes.-are.  be present were: Chris Crucil,  W.J. Main and Reg Smears.  Branch No. 69 was started  in 1969 and has grown since  that time until today we have  320 paid up members on our  roll. There was a real hum of  conversation as.  reminiscences were exchanged by our charter  members:  The floor, was cleared for  dancing, but most of the interest was in talking with old  friends.    :_i._  The executive will meet  December 5. December 6 will  seeNa bus trip into Vancouver  and our Christmas Dinner will  take place December 14. The  installation of incoming officers will take place at our  regular monthly meeting to will continue as usual on  be held December 21: In the * Mondays and dancing on  meantime, carpet bowling  .Wednesday afternoons.-  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  Smiling'^' "Grandfather's  . Clock" and finished off with a k  polka which had everyone's  toes tapping.  In a change of pace, Olive /  Clear, always a popular-en- '  tertainer,       gave      two  recitations: "Rhymes, of  a  Stump     Rancher"     and  "Friends".  This portion of the afternoon was brought to its  conclusion   by  MC   Dave.  -Hayward, _and_Daxejwas. in   excellent voice singing "Oh.  What A Beautiful Morning'*  "Let's, Sing again" and  "Passing Byr\  I must reiterate what I  have said so many times.  Sechelt can be very proud of  the ability of its musicians and  entertainers.    -   -v-*9-  We then adjourned for a  refreshing tea party which  saw the cutting ot a very large  birthday cake.  ���' The honored guests were  then presented with souvenir  spoons as a memento of the  occasion.  Our honoured guests were:  Janet Allen, Margaret  Crawford, Madge Bell, Ada  Dawe, Olive Clear, Helen  Erickson, Mae Garnett,  Elizabett Geer, Dorothy  Greene, Ena Harrold, Phoebe  Hanson, Louis Hanson,  Florence Hales, Jessie Luken,  Dorothy - Campbell,���Blanche  McCrady, Mary Tinkley,  Marlene Williams,, Nellie  Whaites, and Lorene Yates.  Also on the list but unable to  ii  FLOROH  AGENCIES LTD.  *38  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  HOMES  GIBSONS ��� New 3 bdrm home in Lower Gibsons, electric heat, FP in living room, carpets, ensuite  plumbing in master bedroom, kitchen with nook, fully insulated, full basement. View oft he Howe '  Sound. Asking $48,500.  GIBSONS ��� Bay area, close to beach, stores ond PO. Attractive 3 bdrm home on extra large lot  with good vegetable garden. Home is conveniently designed with large living room with rec room,  ~ utility workshop and spare room. $62,000.  GIBSONS ��� Lower Village. Fantastic view from LR with FP and fine built-in kitchen. 2 bdrms on  main floor with den or bdrm with FP in basement. On sewer, $48,500. ,  GOWER PT RD��� 3 bdrm house, secluded on one acre, cleared. Large living room with fireplace,  extra room in basement. Asking $43,200.  GIBSONS ��� Hillcrest, 3 bdrm home on quiet cul de sac. Panoramic view of islands and salt water.  ~J FP rn"livih^>o6~mrrQomy"family kitchen .underground wiring. $497500.                             '  COACH RD ��� Sun-filled home on neat, welt-trimmed lot. 2 bdrms, kitchen-dining, high-ceilinged  living roorrywith acorn fireplace. Secluded subdivision just off Hiway 101. $45,500.  GIBSONS ��� Veterans Road. 3 bdrms, 2 baths, lovely post & beam, large lot, stone FP and open,  style living area. Oil heat, extra rooms in basement. Must be-$een. ^  DAVIS BAY ��� Only one block from beach with good View, immaculate 2 level home with 2 sets  plumbing,"2 kitchens, 2 FPs, hardwood floors, patio and lovely garden. Some furniture in lower  suite. Call for appt to view. Priced at $59,500.     -;^r" ",    - LOTS: " ���     ���" ���        '."     "���'  LOWER GIBSONS ���- 3 lots, lower Gibsons, corner School & Hwy 101. Tremendous potential, high  traffic area. $175,000. * -  SEMI-WFT ��� Easy beach access, 1/4 acre with view, $16.50Q. Buy now, this is investment quality  property.  6.9 ACRES ON LEVEL LOT ��� beautiful p/operty with year-round creek and well-treed with alder,  maple pnd fir. Hwy 101 access-. Would make fantastic private estate or other devblopment. Coll  John Black for map and details. 886-7316.  TWO LOTS ��� 72 x 105; no rock, easy to build on. All services, septic approved and beach access.  $1,500 down, balance at $125 per month at 10-l/2%.'Terrific investment. Located on lower Cheryl  Ann Park.towards the beach. '  WHARF ROAD ��� Langdale, good retirement area, lot 65 x 193. Try your offer,  THREE LOTS ��� Rosamund Road,"cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500 each.  LEVEL CLEARED LOT��� in Gibsons Village on sewer and water, 62,x 182'. Obtainable with small  down payment of $3,500. For further details phone Karl Bull, 886-2814.  FIVE ACRES ��� secluded with creek across one corner. Beautiful property, goodjnvestment. Asking _  ���$23,000._ . _   _ ��� - "  Evenings Call: John Black, 886-7316; Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;       '.   George  Cooper, 886-9344  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C. YON 3A0   885-3271.   VALUE, VALUE VALUE  Everywhere you look there Is value in this <trujy_beautjful home. Cathedral jntrqnce, 3  bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, lge rec room, workroom, plus one bdrm suite downstairs. Nicely'  landscaped and the price has been REDUCED to $57,000. Call Larry .Reardon to see 885-  9320.'������������'   '. ��������� :'.���.' 'v.' . ; ;., ���������������'  rf  "f'.t  rt 'If.  '>y-  HOPKINS LANDING  PRICE REDUCED $29,900  Dandy 2 bedroom home with half basement. Large Kitchen,  loaded with cupboards. Stove Jd fridge Included. Chuck Dowman,  885-9374,  1 '' '       ���     "V- .      ''''        ' '  ��� _' GIBSONS  ,   StfftOENT ROAD . $13,900  Magnificent ocean view lot. fully serviced, on sower. 6^5 x 1)0'.  Close to all amenities. Builder's terms available. Larry Reardon,  885-9320. ,'������'.,,,   p. '���  ROBERTS CREEK  UP*DOWNDl)PLEX $49,800  Large,3 bedroom with excellent revenue potential, located on j  acre near Roberts Croek on Highway 101. Vendor will consider  offers, Ed Baker, 883-2641.  ^ "i , '     ' '     , '   '  DAVISBAY $42,000  Attractive and well kept 2 bdrm ranchor, LR with fireplace."Both  bdrm* large, kitchen has plenty of cupboards, utility wired for  washed & dryor. Stovo, frldgo, all drapos Includod. Landscapod  grounds & wood shed. Close fo boach. A horpe you should soo.  Ed Baker, 885-2641.  SANDY HOOK        '���'���    '���.  1/3UDOPANACR1 $1,300 dn  Wator It on this beautifully trood lot fronting on two roads.  . Excollont view potential. Full prlco $13,500, Chuck Dowman,  1305.9374; j  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT $13,300 A |8;SOO  ,.,��� Al Sandy Hook,wthaVJUhls. 109,'^,vWfltorlrpnlJp,t,j:lo>i��Jo,r9flc|.  and ad|olnlng with an oxcollont vlow lol that lias next to B.T.  Larry Roardon, 008-9920, :<"'---���  TUWANEK  J/3RDACRB iuti��iwi\ Offers ��!��,0QQ  Only liall block to morlna. Lovol, trood lot wllh wotor & hydro*  -Lau ol privacy. utwk uawnMni UU3-VU/4,  SECHELT VIUAOfi .w...?F?y?VT->..,....��� J.$8?,6Q0  Now (loluxo 3 bodroom, full basomont homo of 1320 sq It,  comploto approx 30 days, Large LR,DR area with PP, kltchon Ii a  houtowlvo's droarti With built-in bar-b-q, pull doublo plbg. All  foaturos must bo soon to bo appreciated, Ed Bakor, 088-2641,  REDROOFFS /HALFMOON BAY AREA  WELCOMEWOODS $16,500 �� $9,750  Two extra large lots, 125 x200;i Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  $13,800  Beautiful 1/2 acre lot loaded with trees ^n blacktop'road, with  hydro and water. Larry Reardon, 885-9320. ,��'���  HALF ACRE LOT $15,000  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road and the road to  Sargent Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Reardon, 885-  9320.   ;  REDROOFFS $M,3Q0  Waterfront 1.67 acres. 100' frontage. Ed Bqkor,i885-264l.  ���'''���' $12,500  Nor West Bay Rd. wooded lot. 150 x 70, zoned R2, traitors  allowed. Sign on. Ed Baker, 883-2641.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  MONEYMAKER ,     ��� '       $38,000  2 yr old 3 |>odroom full bsmt home on ono acre. Llvo In while you  do the finishing, Chuck Qowman, 885-9374,  GARDEN BAY ROAD X- $22,<JO0  Rock bluff building site on this 3,5 acro woodod property, would  provido terrific view ovor pasturo land.,. All-year stroam, Easy  torms avallablo, Chuck Dowman, 805-9374.     ''  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,800  Soml-watorfront proporty, |ust acro��s,tho Narrows Bridge and '  facing Bargain Harbour, Trood and good for building on, with  |ut�� tho road botwoon you and tho walor, Larry Roardon, 80S-  9330,        , ,'���     ,' .  MADEIRA PARK RANCH   < $128,000  22-acro working tench, all foncod and cross-foncod, Oood largo  barn, .good pasturo and somo fruit troos, All yoar round vya(o("  supply, And for tho lady of the house It has a modorn 2 bodroom  homo, Has facllltlos (or horse shows and rodoos, Larry Roardon,  885,9320,  "~~~��� ��p<��...~���^^  It's going to bo oaty to fall In lovo with this charming log homo  that It complotoly romodollod Intldo, Nottled on 0 ackt of  beauty that Includot Igo (root, fruit (root, flowar A garden. Thlt  2 bdrm homo It 5 mln. from Now Brighton wharf, Larry Roardon,  883-9320,  Offices att  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Gibsons  Toll Free: 682-1513  Phone  886-2234  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD!  ML 2, Gibsons, B.C., VON 1V0  Off ices, at:  DENTAL BLOCK  Gibsons  Toll Free 682-1513  Phone  886-2277  CONVEYANCING   -   REAL   ESTATE   CONSULTING    -   APPRAISALS    -   MORTGAGES - NOTARY PUBLIC  HOMES  DAVIS & SHAW ROAD: A Gold Medallion .  four bedroom family home. Three levels of  luxurious living. Four bedrooms, two  bathrooms, two'hot water tanks.< Family  room, rec room and utility. Double glazed  windows and separate entrance, to  basement. $57,000. ���> (y  FORBES & THOMPSON ROAD: Excellent  home. .Very attractive brick.front. Extra  Insulation. Three bedroom, full basement,  dining room. Two fireplaces. $65,000.  PARK & REID ROAD: Spacious home  featuring three bedrooms. Living room arid  dining room. Large kitchen. Basement has  separate suite and large 36 x 13 garage. 20  x 14 rec room. $56,000,  1402 ALDERSPRING ROAD: Two storey  home on quiet cul de sac with view  overlooking Gibsons" Harbour. Three  bedrooms on main floor. Fully furnished  suite on ground floor. Completely fenced  and in lawn. Ck$e to park, tennis courts and  shopping. $4f|500.  GRANDVIEW RD: . (off Pine) This lovely  ranch style home is.situated on a fully  landscape'd 1/2 acre of Jand. A thrie  bedroom home combining ocean view and  acreage privacy.' Huge carport allows for  the easy addition of a family room and still  leaves a two stall carport. Master bedroom  and living room have"access onto the large  partially covered sundeck..Floor to ceiling  cut roclTTieaHlator fireplace, thermopane  windows and many other extras. $63,500.  SHAW ROAD: Incredible potential. Ranch  style two bedroom .home, .completely  remodelled.   16  x   12'   master   bedroom,"  , fireplace,  beautifully   landscaped  and  fenced grounds. Evergreen hedges add to  ' the seclusion and privacy, of this hobby.farm  with three outbuildings. But that's not all I  The property is 5 acres with spectacular  view from over half the property. Fronts on  ShavrRoad with Stewart Road dedicated on'  the viev^face. Zoned Rl in the Village of  Gibsons. $79,900.    ,  PRATT ROAD: 2.87 acres out of the ALR with  road allowance at back of property. House  is completely remodelled inside. Attractive  fireplace, knotty pine kitchen, three large  Wcffooms^iirrdndenr^SSiOOO; ���  JOHNSON ROAD: New home under construction. The ideal time to purchase is right  now, so you can choose your colors. Three  bedrooms, dining room, family room and  utility room. Garage. $48,500;  1760 SCHOOL ROAD: Cozy, comfortable 4  bdrm older home on large lot. Conveniently  locofed between Upper and Lower Gibsons.  Several fruit trees. Zoned for multiple  dwelling. Excellent starter home and a good'  investment and holding property. $32;000.  YMCA ROAD: Langdale. Excellent quality  built 2-1/2 yr old spacious two bedroom  home with- finished basement, * two  bathrooms, two fireplaces. Large 21 x 13  living room, Idrge kitchen with lots of  cupboards; Separate dining area, drapes'  and many extras. $54,900.  CRUCIL^ROAD: Big Family? Then this four  bedrobmi two bathroom home could be the  home you're looking for. Full baseme'nt with  rec room, utility and roughed-in plumbing.  Intercom Inside and out. Large sundeck over  carport., This home is located on a quiet  secluded view lot, yet convenient to. the  Village of Gibsons. SpeciaKprice $56,000.  FRONTAGE RD: Langdale. Something  special! "Spacious, deluxe family home in  quiet area on a fabulous view lot with attractive, landscaping and rock walls. For'  extra comfort and-convenience -there are  thermo windows throughout, efficient not  water heating, air conditioning, iptercom,  Jenn-Air range, built-in oven and dish-washer, expensN$ light fixtures, 200 amp  service, and many more fine - features.  Located close to school and within easy  walking distance to Jerry terminal..,. All this  for'the price'of $84,900!" -    ~  ''"*' '  HILLCREST RD: Cozy two bedroom home on  50 x 268 lot. Cleared with large evergreens  in the back. Close to schools and shopping^  $28,500.  CRUCIL ROAD: Bright and spacious three  bedroom family view hpme in excellent  condition located within easy walking  distance to schools and shops. Large kitchen  with built-in dishwasher ��� and Indirect  lighting. Two fireplaces. Huge recreation-  room: Lots of extra space in daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  workshop. $58,900.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Roberts Creek.  Excellent t'wo_ bedroom starter ~ or  retirement home'in quiet subdivision oniy 4  miles* to Gibsons.- Home is on a nicely  landscaped lot and only one block to level  beach. Some view. Can be purchased for  under $2000 down and with such low  payments there is no reason to rent.  $37,000.  LANGDALE: This non-basement, Langdale  three bedroom view home features extensive use of granite on exterior and huge  walk around fireplace. Modern kitchen has  solid walnut cabinets and built-in dishwasher. A garage and workshop rou/id out  the picture. $49,500.  COCHRANE ROAD: Six bedrooms, four  bathrooms, large living room with fireplace. v  .On full basement with unfinished rec room,  hot water heat. Two sundecks. All hardwood floors. On 67 x 172 lot only two blocks  from the ocean. This house requires some  finishing and can be yours for $55,000.   '  PARK ROAD: Three bedroom home oiTT  acres in Gibsons. Property on both sides are  a||| for sale making a total of 15 acres  available for future development. A good  ��� holding property.- $79,500.  GOWER POINT a_ HEAD ROAD: Lovely  spbcious^approximately 1300 square feet)  two bedroom home, features heatilator  fireplace,J-l/2 bathrooms, huge family rec  room, air hardwood floors except for kitchen and rec room. Situated on large corner'  spectacular view lot 100 x 130 x 109 x 112.  Very reasonably priced at $49,500.  JOE~RO"A'D7"Roberts~CreekrTfiirts a well~  kept three bedroom family home in a treed  setting of 1.55 acres. Home features large  rec room in the basement plus a spare room  which could be a 4th bedroom and lots of  storage space. Separate dining room.  $53,900.  CHAMBERLIN ROAD: Executive home on  acreage over 2100 square feet of floor-  area. Two fireplaces, formal living room  and dining room. Family room and eating  area. Double attached garage all on 4.38  acres. Unreplaceable at $9,7,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: A short drive through parklike area then over your own creek and  behold a two bedroom home nestled on the  edge of approximately two acrO clearing in  pasture and gardens with sunny south  slope. Wooded area to west rounds out the  total of. 5 acres. One of a kind offered at  $80,000. ._  PRATT ROAD: Hobby Farm". 2 bedroom  home with all appliances, ready for you to  move in. Although the horses do not go, the  3-stall barn with tack room, grooming area  & loft does. Hen house & laying hens in-  eluded. Large corral at the rear of the  property. Fully landscaped with trees S  shrubs. All this on 1.16 acres with subdivision potential. $44,900.  LOIS^  GIBSONS VILLAGE: 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrms,  large Ivg room & kitchen with fireplace,' on  full basement with unfinished rec room, hot  water heat. 2 sundecks, all hardwood  floors. On ,67x172' lot, 2 blocks from the  ocean on Cochrane Rd. This house requires  some finishfng and can be yours for $55,000  Full Price.  HANBURY ROAD: Panabode home featuring  stain glass windows, skylights, and shake  roof situated on 12 acres in Roberts Creek.  Flume Creek runs "ihrbugH middle of  property which includes A-frame guest  cottage and 16 x 16 workshop with 220  wiring. Partially cleared and fenced with  vegetable garden. $67,500.  COMMERCIAL   CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES:  Now Gibsons Village has lots-for single wldes, double wides and con-  ventlonal homes, all on sewer, water, hydro and all within 31 blocks gfjhe  shopping centre, schools and medical clinic. Come in ond.dlscuss a unit and  a lot as a package deal with approved bank financing. Lots prlcod between  $10,900 and $13,900 depending on view and size.   ���"���''  APARTMENT BLOCK: Nine suite apartment  -block-centrally-located-ln-4he-Village-of���  Gibsons. The block shows a good return and  tho vacancy rate has been nil during the last  year. Ideal investment for owner-manager.  ~ Ask" ,(Js~for"tftorei InformationTabout this"  project. $160,000.  HIOHWAY 101 COMMERCIAL C2  Cornor of Airport Road  SHOPPINO CBNTRI SITI  M>t 4 Corner Ut 1,003 ocros, prlco $128,000,  Lot 3, Intldo Lot 1,778 acrot, price $73,000,  T  r-f r.'.'v :���)'���  ; .,.,,.i ������.!���. ���r.i<..-i-r*  "I  '}'  WES^ SECHELT, $ib ooo  1.17 ocros, nlcoly trood, gontlo slopo to SW, wll| havo a flood  ' vlow when iomo troot como down, Ed (Jokor, 083-2641,   )���   ���':"'���  .lv,RARB.2BACRB8.,. 1���.      ,���.:���, ,... htMnvWim    Only S mlnutot wott ol Sooholl, High and dry, motlly, irood,  ''r.,'irCM.>pDO��iii,v'��,0S-^^' ��� -' '' V rf|*�� -PT---  J ,' ,     '    ��� '     '    "  -Jp"JV'T^,    . ,^^.pO .��-.,k���,^,��� :������..,,.��� ,,.., .,, y.y    -ifikm^i,' ..- -A:  ,      Attraetlvo tpqniih type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3 yrs bulll.  Largo Ml 20x20 with flroplaco, 6pon boam colllngt, PR, Inmtly -  - p workshop at,roar, Floor aroa 1584 ��fl. It, Ed Bokoly 085.2641.  We're the Neighborhood Professionals  "- , '\\**77 ,  1      '      ''  I    itfa  i  / imf H  y , ��� .k.,','. '.  fl'pp'-i ;��� ...<r�����p..<-  /                           U  /                         *  I                        ��*  TT" y :������'������':">- ���"-  ���' '                             '           '     P   -.��".w.ij  it.',',   , nm. \. m   .         '"-H',*^' ���'.'������'  *   I.7.* ���i  ml , aas    -   -  7"i .<!  FAIRVIEW RD: Nearly, 1/4 acre of flat easy  to build on land. Mobile homes are allowed.  Large cedar trees provido privacy and  enhance this setting. Close to Cedar Qrove  School. $11,900.  ,-���* ; : ���  ' ���,,  DAVIDSON RD: 2/5 of an acre with a  fqntastlc vlow from Langdalo Ridge. This lot  has a small croek on the very back of the  property. All'/ now homos In this area.  $14,900, ���,-,','������.���,  TUWANEK: 60 x 140 lot only oho Llock to  boach. Full view of the Inlet, Piped community water avallablo, $9,900.  GOWER PT RD at 15th: 1/2 acro watorfront  view lot. Building site has boon excavated  and septic tank and field in and approvod.  Stoop to. beach but has walkablo path. In.  Hydro and water In. $29,500.  PRATT RD: Near Codar Grove School, Thlt  lot Is clearod and ready to build on. Mature  fruit troes dot this 76 x 125 lot. $13,500.  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 63 x 130,  Close to shopping and the ocoan. Sowor  eatemont of 10' on t.o, sldo of tho lot,  $12,500. ,  PORPOISE DRIVE SANDY HOOK: Largo lot  approxlmatoly 122 x 11) with 34 x 140  panhandle ontranco,, Nice lovol building  tltoi Excollont, vlow, ONLY 40 FEET FROM  THE WATER. You mutt seo thlt lot tp fully  I   opproclato tho valuo,'Jl 12,000. ,  SOAMES POINT: View lot on Marino Drive  south"of Soames Road. Landscaped In front,  llko Stanley Park In back, $10,500.,  ���i * .   ���   ���       t      .i      i '    -   ���'   i      ���    i ,_���  CHASTER R&AD: Nicely treed building lot In  area of new homes. Size 67 x 123. $9,900.  REDROOFFS ESTATES: 100x250 lot on the  south side of Southwood Road. Create your  own ��state,,on 1Mb half a^ro. $10,500*,   : .���r     ,���!��� '  ELPHINSTONE AVE: $1,000,000 vlow.  Located on Elphlnstono Avonuo at Granthams. Has lane at back, Suit two storey  homo with level entry at front. $9,500.  SMITH ROAD: Good vlow lot 125 x 165 with  a good building site ahd an unobstructod  ocean vlow. $14,500, - ,.  POPLAR LANE: Good building lot on qulot  stroot, Close to shopping and tchoolt. All  sorvlcos Including tower. $13,500.  ..���.,,... * i.         LANDALE: 3 view lots loft on Smith Road.  All extra largo and have ocoan views,  $13,500 full price oach lot.   1  1  POPLAR LANE: Vlllago lot handy to all  amonltlos, 63 x 133, Vory reasonably prlcod  at $8,900,   ,���.. .���.,,.,.    .  GLASSFORD RD; Thlt mutt bo tho bott buy  on tho markot, 63 x 160' cleared, Sower and  wqtar connected. Culvert and fill, Roady to  "T��������  SCHOOL A WY^GART ROADS;  Only 4 ol thoto Duplox lots loft, Boautlful vlow proportlot ovorlooklng tho Bay, Cloto  to tchoolt and shopping, All lott perfectly lulled to tldo-by-tldo or up-down duplox  faaconttructlonr-Prlcod-ot-^l^JOO-^rtd-^HriOO, '��� *~ �������� .-..-������   \.  BURNS RD:.Good building lot 65 x 130, on  flat land In Gibsons Village, Four blocks  from Post Office! stores and transportation.  Lightly trood, Three blocks from ocean. All  services available, $11,000*  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122 ft lot  with expansive ylew of the Bay Area and  Gibsons Village Is vory well priced.  $1.1,500,   '  ."���j1   - ,       <      ''''....' '  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Four building lots  on 'Sandy Hook Road, Wafer, hydro and  tolophorto to each lot, These lots have a  spectacular vlow of Porpolso Bay and aro  only 4-1/2 miles Irom Socholt. Ono priced at  $8,900 and tho other three at $10,000.  POPLAR LANE: Boautilul flat, building lot  with view of Nor.th Shoro Mountains.  Located on tho ond of a. quiet cul de sac,  only 1 block to Sunnycrest Mall Shopping  Contro and tchoolt, All torvlcot Including  tower. Ad|acant to grass playing field.  $14,900.  " A&BS ROAD: Vlow of Bay Aroa and Goorgla  Strait Is yours from this beautiful lot In aroa  of elaborate homos. Two blocks to tchoolt  and shopping., $18,900,  BEACH AVE; 87.3 x 208 lot, mostly cleared  with decorative troot loft, Culvorl and  drlvoway. Close to park and boach access.  $13,000.   M~ ���  SIMPKINS RDi Half iacre view lot In Dovls  Bayi 100 x 220' approximate slio, A fow  hundred foot to tandy boach, tchool 8, storo.  Lovel land with a low ovorgraons, $16,500,  Or  *l.  ���  5  :  B  ACREAGES  PARK ROADi Glbtont. Excellent protpoctt  lor1 the one who holdt thlt potentially  commercially zoned 3 acrot, Llgtitlytloored,  cloto to 'shopping centre and tchoolt,  $39,000.  GIBSONSi 4,6 acrot ol excellent holding  property clote to Soamet Pdlnt, Partially  cloarod. Try your olfert. $27,800,  LANODALR: 4,31 acrot, Excellent holding  properly right acrott from thr ferry terminal, Langdalo Crook It tho oaftorn  boyndary.of thlt property, $39,500,  NORTH RDi 3.4 pork-llho acrot. Accett from  jld* rpfllwiiLMcurji privacy, Nlcoly trood.  Cloto to vlllago, $29,900.  Rovonuo Lot 4 $4,000 PA  Rovonuo Lot 3 $1,800 PA  ^  'ie::*������  .,'^QH A MAtAVUfyV;,4.W ;acrei,nf,J*r-'  park-tiki*"IM adftrcont'it>'X*d<irOwaVo1  School, Zoned R2L, Tho Idoal holding or  d*voiopm��(j0rB|ii?fyrf4T,?iw;*   :*��� **  *     mmm*.<��imJ&mimmm>mm>}lmwmmim.km*m*mmu mimim �������   LORRIE GIRARD       JON McRAE       /INNE GURNET  ,886-7760 885-3670 8862164  INDUSTRIAL  INDUSTRIAL) 3,3 acrot ol Industrial with''  highway Irontago, Como In and dlicutt you.  proauljfliffifnlii* Wmi**"? cut o��on^cr�� wl(h  l?r"firi  oVmo  mgftvVoy,  ol^ifcfviwn  available,. Thlt   It   future   development  It-        mmm t f      .^.rt^^-J'.lflfl.PTlp-.vflJvr^^^jW^lrrfAt.ftrt^*^,^,^,'-*.*.    ^       tf    m fi ( f  tirrltofyrfor Iho core of Glbtont,    ]   REVENUE-   WINN ROADi Four.pUx. Positive cash flow  with ol��v*n, thtyitand dollars rovonuo.pur  yoar I Top unlticontalno five bodroomt with  ono and a half bathroomt. Lower tultot are  largo two bedroom unlit, Low maintenance  and good roturn make thlt on excelled!  invettmont valuo, Clote ��d all the  amenlllet,  Financing avallablo,, $B9,900.  FAIRyiEW RDi Rovonuo, Duplex on a 1/2  acre lot roprolontt tho Ideal Invettmont  property, There are, 1232 tquare foot Invl  ,both of these side by tide tultot, Foaturos !  are pott ond, boam contfructfon with  feature woll flroplaco ond tundockt. Thoro'  It appe6| to toparato rental darken with a  WiM^: f'-.Mlif*��'b-ir;wHn ���uiity^-*'''.. .;,*iiurt'."  of preiont mortgage maket purchase very  m  ���asy and - yearly, tacom* ol over $7,000  maket thlt'property hard to boat. $^3,000,��� j  I  ���At  ftt^'-wi '  " I    ' '  ���'��� ���-! ��''' ' ' ������' ���  CHRIS MNKAINEH     ARNE PETTERSEN     MY VISSER     DAVE ROBERTS  .���      - - * W5-3543:      .mmr     mm* x    mtw  !||IIPIIIIIIIIIIIBIIIIIII|I|||||||||||||||||||||||||  I- '  ,<:li','t '���! I.' '''r  I ���  !V^^*Wap��".M*p.&<5i!  .SSfiofrajVSiSttW-^fiSiWlwW^.Si  'i  ',���,���' N  ' ,���       ,'������"���''   ..-.  ,,;,,, ,,,, ,,.h.i,.p .'���  ���t '������,.,�����'', X.'ty- ,'"'���'''���'"'''"  ��� "���-'���'���Ji^v'^-rr.'.' 'i'^-^1;"'  i  'w>  #*,* mr-'..,.-f,i.li*,mtltl^tf��l>h; J ��-;'r, :���   ���,'**.��. '.. tei,...., ���VWI����.'-   ... .���������,>>" ���   ��� *   "������' ���"   - f ���   ���'��� ���  ., .    i  :       . , ���  ���   .   ,  -,,*,.     I*  v i IK-,**.... ��� vv.��vr-i*'iv  )>..  It. .I  '���*'  il  Vi-^Uj"  ��,. 7...  " \  i f  /  Nl  I      I  **  ll',      ')       '.���.<���  / , (',  K< ���  i <   11-  ii I    .  i iS  v.  ,-,       ..,  ;''i,  '  " '"��� ' ' *<*
■ I
'     \
Book Look
RIPPER by Frank Spiering,
Doubleday cl978, 192 pages,
blbllog., $10.95.
Peter Lane, Arthur Barker
(McGraw-Hill Ryerson)
cl978,136 pages, Index, $14.95.
The two princes of today's
books are as unlike as' they
•could be. One was a wastrel
and a murderer while the
other, our Prince Charles, is a
peerless figure of a man.
Edward! Duke of Clarence,
as Jack the Ripper is the
thesis of the first book,
Spiering provides evidence
which was obtained from a
number of sources that were
reliable, but perhaps not
accurate. The Duke's personal doctor carried files
which were destroyed after
his,, sudden death., Scotland
, Yard closed their files on the
case for the usual one hundred
years after the murders
Conjecture seems to be the
basis of proof as pieces of
coincidence surrounding the
activities of the Duke ahd the
murderer are given in the
text. The murders took dace
where the Duke was. They
occurred when the Duke was
away from his quarters and
the murder suspect vaguely
looked like a young gentleman
such as Edward might be.
Other than that, definitive
proof is siinply not there.
The great merit of the book
is that it gives a vivid picture
of the era. The spirit of the
Victorian society that was
both horrified and fascinated
by the murders, comes across
clearly as the public reaction
is recounted. Even ladies of
the higher classes made
reference to their "unfortunate,, sisters" who fell
' victims to the Ripper's knife.
Attention was given to the
otherwise ignored slum area
of London, and, outraged
politicians who toured the
scenes of the crimes sworeJto
improve conditions there.7
As to the murders, they are
described in all the morbid
detail that satisfies even,the
most curious. Documents,
letters- and -newspaper accounts are included to give the
whole, an authenticity. The
delicate royal sensitivity. is
not spared. either. Queen
Victoria1, herself, admitted
disliking her homosexual
grandson and his very
presence made her ill. A lot of
crown.closets are opened to
expose some embarrassing
skeletons in PRINCE JACK.
Prince Charles is a shining
mStSiii Wan t0 be tried after August choking
4elligent,       «      ■
 ,   well   educated,
thoughtful and dutiful. Unlike
his sleazy ancestor, he is a
royal member of whom one
can be proud. The book has
the usual rather dull reports
about the Prince's schooling,.
his family life and his Mends.
There are a few interesting
traditions and mores of the
monarchy, but expect no
surprises from OUR
Jacob Birza of North
Vanc'ouyer will, appear in
county court in Vancouver
November 29 to face charges
of choking with intent, and
assault causing bodily harm
arising out of an inddentat a
Madeira Park washroom last
August 5..
Birza appeared at a three-
hour preliminary hearin
Thursday    , in      Sechel
Provincial Court where J.S.P
Johnson found sufficient
evidence to commit him to
trial on the charges.
The November 29 appearance is a regular 90-day
bail revue. Birza has been in
custody since August 6.
A ban on publication of
evidence brought out at the
hearing was issued by
Johnson at the request of
Birza's   counsel,   Howard
Bradbrooke of North Vancouver. _*
Birza chose to be tried on
the charges by judge alone.
In the Nov. 22 Sechelt
Agencies ad The Times
mistakenly mispriced one of
their houses. We apologize for
any inconvenience.   t.   '        .-
Mitten Realty Ltd.885-3295
& Box 979 Serh«
Whore Real EstateJs serious — but 6 pleasure
Has to be this 4 yr old 1200 sq ft 3 bdrm home with a 4th bdrm
and nearly completed rec room in full bsmt. This lovely home is
located on 80 x 100 landscaped lot just past the arena on
Lookout Ave. Vendor is transferred and will look at any
reasonable offer to $47,500.
Lovely 2 bdrm post & beam permanent home only 8 yrs old.
Located on 68' W/F lot with oasy access to good beach, plus 312
sq ft attached workshop'. Very realistically priced at only
A:frame construction with 2 bdrms, bathroo.m. & living room-
kitchen combination withfirepla~ce~on main fldorplu's' 2 bdFrnsirT
the loft. Located on a secluded 63 jc 249' lot with road access and
a good pebble beach! Only $27,900.
You'll be looking now in the off-season for next year's summer
cottage! Try this one! Near new Gothic A-frame located enlarge corner semi-waterfront view lot. Only $32,500:
Recreational and waterfront lotsi
I have n good selection of both! Recreational lots priced as low ,
as $7500 with only $1000 down, and Waterfront lots as low as
in t" ] stiai id
This is not a drive-by. Lots of
potential in this well-built' 3 bdrm
family home. Large living room and
kitchen. Covered sundeck of 208 sq
ft. Garden soil is excellent for your
winter supply of vegetables. Close to
schools and the beach. Call Suzanne'
Dunkerton for. further  information.
This 3 bdrm family homo is well
located on a quiet cul de sac near
school, store and boach. Both living
room and rOc roam have open
fireplaces. There isa pretty creek
along one border as well as a lovely
ocean'view. Move in'for Christmas I "
Call Corry Ross.       '
LANGDALE $89,500
Semi-waterfront. Hidden paradise
with easy access to beach and good—
moorage. Ideal 3 bdrm and family
home.- Well-planned kitchen with
separate dining room. Sliding doors
open on to a secluded patio. Two
fireplaces plus quality construction
are a few "of the many features. A.
spacious & elegant home. Call Terri
for an appointment to view.
DAVISBAY $69,950
1536-sq ft family home_located-on_
view lot. Home features large master'
bedroom with ensuite, large kitchen .'
with first line cabinets, dining room,
living ropm with spectacular
fireplace and many, other comforts.
1536 sq ft of downstairs area also
available to give you room to
breathe. A quality home for your
comfort and enjoyment. Call Don
Four bedrooms, separate dining
„room with new roof, lovely mature
shrubs in garden and a gorgeous
viewT If you have good credit but
small down payment; this may be for
you.' Call Ann Ibbitspn.
REDROOFFS $29,500.
Seeing is believing! This 3 bdrnv
12x68' 1974 mobile home is in
spotless condition. There is a sunny
bay-windowed livingroom, a good-
sized dining area. Avocado stove and
fridge and heavy duty washer &
dryer. Located in approx 1/2 acre
park-like setting. Nicely landscaped
 this—one—won't   last I    By   ap-
pointment_only — Corry Ross..
PRATT ROAD $53,000
Handso.me fireplace for those cozy
winter nights. Carport and 12x20
workshop, separate dining room,
wood panelling, large kitchen are a
few features " that enhance this
spacious home. Situated on one acre
of excellent soil. Call Terri Hanson
for viewing.    - _ " _^	
GIBSONS   ' l .      $49,500
Looking for a quality family home in
a quiet neighborhood close to all
amenities? Three large bedrooms, a
spacious living room with a fireplace.
Kitchep full of cupboards and counter
space,_a 3/4 finished basement with _
a bar waiting for your finishing
touch. Call'Suzanne for a viewing of
this priced-right home.
HOME & ACREAGE   /     , $110,000
STOP, if you're looking for a hobby
-tarm.-you'vo-found-it.-Five-acres-of- —Gorry-Rossr
cleared and fenced land. Large 3
bdrm quality/family home with
feature fireplace,-, several outbuildings, very large workshop &
second residence for that extra
revenue.^Call Suzanne Dunkerton for
further jnformation.
Get Ann to introduce you to a 3 bdrm
home on this attractive 1-3/4 acres of
flat land bordered by a rushing creek
that opens to the ocean right behind-
the property. Call Ann Ibbitson.'
SANDY HOOK $27,500
Woll located view lot approx 70 x
200' on Corocle Road. Sign on. Call
Van. Direct
Box 979 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0
Nejct to the Gulf Station
Why not be the proud owner of 6+
acres with 20 trailers giving you"an'
income whilst you enjoy the secluded
house with inground pool. Low
maintenance makes this a natural for
the couple who don't want to
stagnate. Call me — you're not,
obligated in'any way, but maybe it's
" what you're looking .fpr! Ann Ibbitson. ■   -
WHISPER       nvlflt*     $1,0 000
East Porpoise Bay. Three acres of
corner^property located close to
Sechelt. This excellent acreage is
-nicely developed-with-a-quality -4-
bdrm home, workshop, guest cabin,
private revenue suite, four carport,
vegetable garden, corral, & outbuildings. To see this s special
property call Don Sutherland.
Three bedroom house with creek &
beach access & view. $250'/mo. to
reliable tenants. Call Ann Ibbitson,
Approx 370' of waterfront with SW
exposure. Older ~2 bdrm cottage,
private dock with good sheltered
moorage. Call Corry Ross. <-
THIS IS ITI $79,500
Your waterfront home in " West
Sechelt. A tasteful design and excellent plan. Quality throughout with
two bathrooms, oak floors and priced
to sell.'Allow Ann Ibbitson to show
■you. — --—;---•— 	
Waterfront with spectacular view of
Trail Islands.. 1 acre of southwesterly
exposure.   Call'Terri Hanson.
I have lots, calUfor particulars. Ann  -
Ibbitson. - .
Executive WF home on the Georgia
Bluff. This is a large 4 bdrm home;
--^.quality & space are only two of the
many features of this home. Three
view   of   Howe   Sound,   Islands   &
mountains. Separate 2-baVmgiJrest
cottage,   fully   insulated   on   lower
level of this double lot. Call Suzanne.
Build your country-retreat and enjoy
the Inlet view of mountains and
water. Lot is serviced with telephone
and underground wiring. .Call
Suzanne Dunkerton.
-ly  ,
TUWANEK   * $19,500
Ideal for'a weekend retreat. Sturdy
cottage close to the beach. Situated
on a lovely treed lot. This is not
leased land.- Call Terri for more
information.   ,
Nicely (freed corner lot with a view.
-Hydro S-water available.-8x12 shed
to remain. Excellent buy at $7,500.
Call Jerri Hanson.
SANDY HOOK $10,500
Beautifully   unimpeded   view   of
Sechelt Inlet on this large building
lot. Suzanne Dunkerton.
SPECIAL    . $16,000
Big view lot with southern exposure.
Ann Ibbitson.
DAVISBAY. $15,000
Close to store and just a'short walk
to the beach. You could build your
new home in this popular area. Call
View lot overlooking Lamb's Bay.
Close to easy beach access — vendor
willcarry at C.I.R. Priced at $10,000.
Phone Terri for more  information.
Two lots side by side, ideal for
mobile home sites. Buy both for
privacy x and investment or buy
separately. Call Don Sutherland.
>Hn! i,*j-i;d 1' n-i !- is'.'''! ^91       iavei>to»n    mu>ucl
North Vancouvei
1&9 West 16th Street
West Vancouver
1586 Marine Drive
3343 Kingsway
10474 137th Street
20585 Fraser Hwy
Powell River
4726 Marine'Avenue
.■ *~
\ .
WEST SECHELT: 9.5 ocres of good farm land.
Has new 4 bdrrh rancfr style home: 2 ponds"'■
supplied by spring water with dpprox 4
acres cleared, balance has some timber. All
services on paved rd. 2 miles from Sechelt
centro. This property has many potential
uses;        •
GIBSONS: 2 1/2 acres with-
modern 3 bdrm basement home.
Oil flfod" hot~water heatlngrtwo"
fireplaces, rec rm and many other
features. Approx 1 1/2 acres
cleared. and In lawn with fruit
trees and shrubs, excellent soil.
FP $68,000!
WEST SECHELT: New 4 bedroom with
finished basement in area of new
homes. Features include lat-ge kitchen & nook, fireplace, basement
flue for stove,
finished rec room
single bedroom homo, IdeaJ for
starter or retirement. Gpod size
living rooro with Franklin. 7x14' >
greenhoi/se and large steol shed,
Vendor would, consider carrying
1st or A/S @ curront Intorost
rates. Asking $33,900.
level easy Iq landscape yard. Priced
right at $53,900.
"WES-rSECHELT:'" 900 -sq W 2 bdrm
homo on a lot that Is"62x205'. Needs
some minor repairs and landscaping.
Prlcod to' sell Immediately at
$33,900.    :''. 7 .■ ,    •    ,
ROBERTS CREEK; 3 bedroorn KSme
, on 1>67 acres. Spacious open plan
,of 1320 sq ft, Has onsulto off, of
mastor bdrm, Homo has family
room & utility. Roducod
drastically In price for Immodiato
sale. FP $48,000.
'  . '<■'■,'■'-+..•'■''■'
Mostly cleared, somo fruit trees &
yr round creek. Property mostly
foncod, front yard landscaped A
In lawn. House Is very large 2300
sq< ft, 2 fps, several sets, of
plumbing, Kltchon ft LR have been
complotoly., remodelled, South
slope, all usable land. FP $85,000,
WEST SECHELT: Almost now 1136
sq ft 3 bedroom Home. Excellent
construction featuring wood
ceilings, skylights In bath room 8
entry 8 large private sundeck In
area of new homes. Basement
has laundry, workshop and roc
ropm. Level, treed lot or\ sewer.
Asking $59,000,
BMW Twrnsswl, 883-3345
thm feyc, MS-2761
MB*, 885-2503
feck Andttwi, 8854053
SUn AiKkfMp,, 885-3385
Vancouvar Toll Frae 684-8016
P.O. Box 1219 Sechelt
ROBERTS CREEK: Brand now 3
bdrm homo. Immediate
possession — pick your own
carpets. Try your offer to $46,000.
>»<■, 1
bedroom, 1400 sq ft full' basomont,
homo   v^lth   spacious   llvlng-dining
room. Flroplacos up arid down plusl
extra   flue   In   basement.   Open J
staircase   to   roc  room,   extenslvoP'i
cedar work Inside and good kitchen;]
cupboards.   Large   carport   with!
REDROOFFS AREA: Wlldwood Rd„ 125x 200' level lot, vory  storage and 22 x 45' swimming pool. I
oasy to build on, Beautiful evergreens, Priced for'Immediate' Approx  3 acres  landscaped lawn.'
This development Is exclusively designed for the en|oyment of mobllo home ownors, ilngUand
double, featuring sowor systoms, paved roads, lorgo lots Idoal for gardening and closo to a school.
All this and ownership at less thon normal pad rontol I Vor^ low down payment.
»d'»rfi 1 .
o ros!> to
*> „
NOTE      Distances
shown In metres,
I metre* 3.20 foet
..4ot2,,,.  ..I.......
»12, SOO
'fc1H,S0Q,'. \
11.000    Ldt 13
10.000    Lot IS
Lot 17
lot 18
Jtt'~t >'
closo to boat launch,' 1096 sq It with
fireplace,   plus   patio   &   workshop,
Largo (rood lot, FP $43,5Qp. Torms I
salo at $11,000.
bdrm (one Ih bsmt) homo on largo lot
close to beach, boat launching, ,
schools & storo, 1 /50th Intorost In
watorlront lot. Carport, sundock,
landscaping done, Qyynoj' jii^st sell,
"bring"offor to $45,500! ,,""","" """'"<"''
UPPER ROBERTS CREEK: 10 acros of land, 4000 sq ft building
with 3 bdrm noor-now homo of 2376 sq ft aluminum clad,
fullv Insulatod building. Building Is all yvlrod for,220 powor
and could havo many usos, Concroto floor, door span. FP
$09,900, ...:,..
DAVID BAY MOTEL: 10 s,c."*unlts plus ownor's homo, 4 lots
fronting on Highway 101 & boach, 351.47' frontage. Large
workshop & storage, Selling under assessod valuo. $225,000'.'
Torms, '
Orchard, fishpond, yoar round croek,
organic garden, greenhouse and
comploto privacy. FP $91,000.
DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 860 sq ft 2 bdrm homo with appliances. All wall to wall carpet, Coiy ft Inexpensive to hoat,
Concroto driveway ond parklng«slab, Fir Road location, FP
$43,500, terms.
ROBERTS CREEK: Largo trood, sorvlcod lot close to boach-&
golf courso. Qulot oroa, mobllo homo permitted. FP $11,900.
REDROOFFS: 4 s|do by sldo "vlow lots, oach 1.18 acros wllh
100 foot road frontage, Excellent buys at full prlco $15,000
, opch, ,t
ROBERTS CREEK; A flno building lot 72 x 105', close, tp boach
_»sfi«!SJElCBR»Cl1yJ».i!oplna.1o the south, Pavod road. Asking.
a cony, near now 792 sq ft 2	
^rTTl.'S'h'ioI'JouLl- iinna,<Lha,?man C:°°k" ^    WDHOOfFS AREA, Approx ono treed acre. 99' on Rodrooffs
WIST StCHiyr; Spanish tpllt lovol
homo, near now wllh all tho extra
features, Doublo carport, workshop,
3 balhs, 4 bdrms, 2 flroplacos, bay
window ft a lormol dining aroa. Oood
level lo| affords a view from the 2nd
lloor. tlio rool. 2288 sq ll ol only
REDROOFFS; Now watorlront 3 bdrm homo'wlTir
:iavii-oLGlaatfllo-4»R»l»H,f<d-Vorit-ouTnr liluiiil.-t'oa)
rool, stainless steel  Show' fireplace & skylight. Trood
Prlcod at only $67,500,
MIDDLEPOINT; 17-1/2 acres of boautlfully troed view
property, wllh 300 foot highway frontago. Zoning permits
1/2 ocro lots — oxcollont holding proporly, FP $43,000,
SECHELT  VILLAOEi  3 acres measuring 330 x 660'.  Will
eventually have a vlow, Close to (ho arena. Try your offor to
balance over easy payments on this southern oxposuro vlow
lot. Excavation ond clearing have boon done. FP $ 12,900.
—■■■—"-"—" ■■■ '"'"" ■' -'■■■C—..-...,..., *.
SOUTHWOOD ROAD; Close to 1/2 acre. Lev3l building lot,
Hydro and regional wator at road, Chock & compare. At-
^actively priced al $9,430,
CLEARED, LEVEL LOTi Secholt Village r 62.5 x 120', Roady for
building. Owner will trade as part down payment on homo.
Voluo $11,300,   '
Both of tliese fifes aroldeal for yoar- ^PROXIMATELY 3 AC
»,,4..o,...'.^/)l«,.Al,„,,. 4„„.-,«,^-.,vn..T!., V1'M'"TW7T*...*..«,,,.»
dryers In ono location. 7 dryers ond     location, close to Joe I
14  washers   In   2nd   location.  All  <-
WEST SECHELTi lorgo ,68 ocros (100 x 293) vlow lot on
Norwest Bay Rd, L»v»land »a.y fo build on, piglonar wotor,
ACRpSi Treed, gentle, southerly slope, ' "Dillon. Offers tp $18,000,    ,    .,■■*.        ,        '.
washers   In   2nd   location.  All
equipment in top condition. Stores
month, For furthor Information call J.
Andorson   or   Bob   Bull( 883,3211,
Vane, 6B4B01,6, ....,,.,; / ,4
ftoad. FP $31,000. .
r OoJrtfl con«m*ii»rtttraiioiKl'oro*i7"nili blacfc will riium a
good solid 10% on Invested capital,..3 suites, 0 restourant
ond odry cleaners as tenants,-Low maintenance."Have ac
diss. Some-room for expansion. ■■■; >       -■ -,*
SELMA PARK VIEW LOTi E^tra large 90 x 179' lot, cornor
location, easy access, Excellent View of Trail Island. FP
WILSON CREEKi On Browning Rd, a 73 * ISA1 vie* lATonly
300'from beach, rood accerfs. This lol Is partially cleared ond
■ '.foncod. roady to build oh. A quiet street close to all facilities,
Onopf a Wwlor 116,900, '   ■,,
....... ..^r_.
■v.,y, •►,,,      ■    ,     llw
.a „ ;.„..,,; ■-.-ft'Vj*.*..;:
***fl^ «n-*fl" ■■   ^
' S
'   f
•1   >:
»5i**v *rt***'*--fiM r^TH"****-^!*'* 'rtmirrr't
tl   .
i         m    .
<l        1
m*mA hs*j»»e*«««'l,ut a*t*«« v**
V / /
t                   *
.7    y
1  v
:' .    '
'<'  .         A
""'"" ""* "**"'"    "T '
1- fM>«a«rH,i«VT*wlK»)»l *W 4ft   «mTM~» W*W it
f      •
F. ■ ei,*    r J^Kmf w    '
) f-»S^l*ll«SiWI*WrtlVW^«»fK!^^^^
.     1*
mk~m..~m.mf-   m. . , ■ ':   I' ,..  .7 '    i ���  ��� ��� \��� ;'   '."  .A: ,  . i ���  '   'J*,'-' "'.     ,  '������    ��� ���'   "  y    - \  ��� 1 ���  ,  ���^yAXd  ^^Jyy^Xy  " Takr���~~~'2~^X���-77-7^���- r���' ~  7s:..X''x^  -m :-.  ���������-������' '.'i  -{..  ��� ,.��� ,,'.<v-  ���'"/*  Fisheries offence nets $200 fine  A charge under the B.C. Fisheries Act  got an Egmont land clearing contractors  $200 fine in Provincial Court last week  after he was found guilty, of depositing  debris in a creek inhabited by fish.  The charge against Dorhn Bosch arose  out of caterpillar tractor work he had done  adjacent to the creek August 4. Fisheries  officers told the court he was charged  after they visited the site,, on a small  tributary to Anderson Creek near Pender  Harbour, and found the six-foot wide  watenraynpartially-'blocked by^'treesr  branches, gravel and mud."  The creek flows into Anderson Creek  about a half-mile above the newly-created  V          STONEWORK  Stone facing - Fireplace  & Chimney Repairs  call ANDY 886-2821  Pitch-lnTO  Keep  Df ili/h Columbia  Beautiful ���  salmon spawning park.  Bosch told fisheries lawyer B. Purdy he  had driven the machine into the creek in  the ptocess of taking down trees in a  landclearing project for Ronald SmaU.  ; Asked by Judge J.S.P. Johnson if he  had been told by Smail to stay out of the  creek, Bosch said he had not been told  "one way or the other".  He said he was Hired on an hourly basis  and suggested it was up to Smail to tell  him not tp go into the creek during the land  clearing-project���; y '���  Purdy _told Johnson that-Bosch was  hired as an independent contractor to do.  the job "as he^aw fit" and indicated, that  meant, not to break thelaw, by going into  the stream when'there'was fish in it.  \ /  In passing sentence, Johnson said that  irt future, anyone having contract work  done with a danger of breaking the  "Fisheries Act, should make a "contract in  writing" to the effect that the contractor  will not damage fish-inhabited streams.  The offence, under section 33-3 of the  Fisheries Act, carries a maximum fine of  $5,000.  Jackson   Brothers   Logging   Co,   of  Wilson Crteek is to appear in Provincial  -feourt-^larch^fon^si^counts-oFthe^same���|  offence.  JUST WHEN MITTENS and scarfs  were coming out of closets to meet  dropping temperatures, these black  beauties popped up in Ivan Smith's  Davis Bay yard.  Prime Retail or Office Space to be  constructed in Loner (iibsons.  Prospective tenants contact (>E()R(>E  (tl i\\AkOS after 3:00 p.m.. 886-2268.  to meet twice monthly  Due to extensive clearing operations at McNeil  Lake, sediment will be noticed in your water for_  the next three months.  Thank you for your tolerance.   y . _ ^. ,,,r     ^, ^^    ^ ^  k '���"    ^    , /  aT is not necessary  >x to leave The Peninsula   '__   for Memorial Funeral Service�� ^  Why deal with strangers when the Peninsula friends are always  available to give immediate service 24 hours a day  Se/ivitw} t&e Su*t4/tiKC @o.a&t  Seaview Rd., Gibsons -, r ��  DAN, DEVLIN, Director,  *y��- - -   <;       '>$���*$!* -%-.-��� -    .   ' /.  M-^-^Rrlrv''ifr:lrl'|p>'  886-9551  f  V,  -A<\   ^  AI  * *'ml-d$fc'  In order to try and stimulate some  interest in the activities of the Gibsons  Wildlife Club, two* meetings per month are  now being scheduled. The first Wednesday  evening of the month is devoted to a  speaker and-or film on some subject of  interest to members and the public at  large. Everyone is welcome and the club is  sure you will find something both informative, stimulating and enjoyable at  the same time._   In October it presented a film and  on water pollution as it relates to salmon,  with particular reference to work.done in  the Port Mellon and Howe Sound areas.  November saw Keith Simpson of the  Canadian Wildlife Service talking' about  his^orkwith the great blue hennraml he  illustrated his talk with slides. He also  brought a film about caribou and the  discussion afterwards revolved around  predation and the proposed control of fhe  wolf population. ,   The club's next meeting on December 6  will be hosting Phil Gilbert, ^Forest  Manager with the Council of Forest Industries. His topic will be forest  management and sustained yield. He will  discuss forest management as it applies to  recreation and wildlife, and outline the  new forest regulations.  In view of the fact that the Sunshine  Coast is dependent to quite a large extent  on the forest industry, we are hoping that  rwe will be able to attract quite a number of  people to this meeting. We suspect that  Gilbert will be bringing along a film or  slides to illustrate his talk.  .77 The meetings are all held at the Gib-*  sons Wildlife Clubhouse on Highway 101  right opposite the cemetery. The time is ���  7:30 p.m. and out of deference to speakers,  the club likes to start the meetings on  time. There is no charge for admission.  The second meeting of the month is the  one where business of the club is discussed  and takes place on the third Wednesday of  the month, again at 7:30 p.m. If members  have any problems or suggestions they,  would like to discuss, this is the time to do  it. Remember that if you don't participate  in the making of'decisions, you have no  grounds for complaining afterward. So  come out and air youjr views, and let the  club know what you are thinking.  In January the club hopes to show.the  iilm Tanker Bomb, a film about oil tankers  on the West Coast and the potential  hazards involved. The film has won many  international awards. The club hopes to  have the Provincial Emergency Program  co-ordinator for the Sunshine Coast at the  meeting.  But don't forget Wednesday, December  6at7:30p.m. atthe Wildlife Club. Thtfclub  is sure you will have an interesting  evening. ��� John Hind Smith.  - Another-useful gift idea, very nice  ' drinking glassed single or in sets of six or  eight. Come in and see them. -^ -Miss  ' Bee's, Sechelt. ,;  I  TRUSTEES,  South Pander Harbour Waterworks District  k��&&����&^  STERN DRIVE HEADQUARTERS  On the Sunshine Coast:  cvmmiDA  ��� Authorized, factory-trained  technicians.  MERCRUISER    ���VOLVO  ���CHRYSLER    ���OMC  ���EVINRUDE &  HONDA OUTBOARDS  PIONEER POWER SAWS  MADEIRA MARINA  Box 189, Madeira Park, B.C.        |    883-2266  L SECHELT  -$Rrl��Rri  ^Rr^Hrl"::<r:&^"l'nc frfr fonr&Rr  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  '"���    JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  ^arts * Sales * Service  �� Rotor Lolfier Service for Disc.Brak.es  ona1 Drum Brakos '    ,  ���Valve and Seat Grinding   /  ��AII Makes Serviced ��� Dqfsun Specialists  Gibsons  Phono 886-7919  BUILDING SUPPLIES  A.C RENTALS & BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies    ���  Sechelt  885-5181  BLASTING  Tod's Blasting & Contracting Ltd.  ,     AU. WORK FULLY INSUREP  �� Basements * Driveway* * Septic Tank*  5tutap�� * Ditch Lines  CalMor a fropostlmato anytime  083-3734      "Air Track AvallabU"     ae3-23B$  TED DONLEY    ' PENDER HARBOUR  JC*.  ^  Pttch��lft*7ft  _Ms��ft.  BfRlftt Columbia  Ifeautlfut  BUILDING  SUPPLIES (cont'd)  _.iiil-n..in       ���!*���!       '    -m-ii ''-iii      -    ���i-     -    '-      ��� ": ���������I  L&HSWANSON LTD,  RE ADY-MIX CONCRETE  - ''v-W'MihRedi Mix plants  In Secholt & Ponder Harbour  "   Baekhoes-Dumptruck��-5and��Oravol  All Your Building Needs  Madolra Park Phono 883-2086  -I      I     ''        '  Ti '    I   i'i   ii''     1  CHIMNEY SWEEPS  ,, i   ,''' -.        '     i  ' ' '  BESAFEI  Havo Your Chimney Cleaned Now  FOR ALL CHIMNEYS & OIL STOVES  Call Lee Christian  883-9171 X  COMMERCIAL PRINTING   '. .iii.i 11 ���  Business Cards, Wodding Invitations,  Lottorhoads, Envelopes,  Rafflo Tickets.  v '   '   '     ", '"'    "   y  PENINSUtATIMES        ;  Phono 885-3231  CONTRACTORS (cont'd)  M.W. TRANSPORT  & BULLDOZING SERVICES .  CLEARING ��� EXCAVATION - TRUCKING  Comploto Site Preparation    i   *  Murray Warman   ,   ��� Halfmoon Bay  885-5648  CONTRACTORS  J.B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  886-9031  ���        . Mr ' '  .' Dump Truck ������Backhoe. Cat  Water, Sowor, Dralnago Installation  Land Clearing  FREE ESTIMATES  >i  H i   mmmrmmmmmmrmmmmmmammm n ��� n \      In n  DISPOSAL SERVICES  ,   ., ��� ,    ��� ���      ������  SUNSHINE CpAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTD.  Port Mellon to Olo's Covo  Tol: 886-2938 or 885-9973  '^"^'*'Xom'm���ri:ldlC^hliBlrt���r���'AV'flll6bl���'"'4i'���''",  �� .    ' ....  ELECTRICIANS  Tfl  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  -Electrical Contractor!  CM. CONTRACTING  , Painting & Insulation  FraoEslmatos  You Namo It ���Wo'll Do It  886-9272  Box 1503, Sechelt, B.C.  ������-vr-v,  r. * ���'���     ',  *__.���*' .-'m\    ���:r''r>"r ''  ^''Wr-'"' : ', j. ���**'���'-  '  ';"i'"X', ':m<Xxxy.: /(l,*^,;;wii,^^uaJ'^' ���*;���" ^'"i'"- ^-.^  Ph, 885-5333 or 885-9666  Residential�� Camrnorclal yvirlng  , , Polo Llpa Installations  Eloctrlc Hontlno  Ron Sim. 885-2062   ,  Rick Sim  FLOORING-CABINETS  ��� ��� ��� ' i ,   SUNSHINE KITCHENS  Kitchen Cabinets  >     Speclalltits In Romorlelllno  FLOORING ��� CABINETS  CABINETS ��� CARPETS - LINOLEUMS  HOWE SOUND DISTRIBUTORS LTD.  \\2. PA Box694, Gibsons, B.C. ;  Blolr K��pnot, ��alo�� manager  1        Phono ^2765  KENDeVRIES&SONLTD.  FLOQRCOVERINOS  CARPETS i TILES ��� LINOLEUMS . DRAPES  OIBSONS* SECHELT  885-3424  PAINTING  v;    TODY'S PAINTING  Professional Intorior a Exterior Painting       ,,',;   FrooEstlmato   ,r      ���.  Commercial A Rosldontlal  885-5407  TIRES  PEST CONTROL  HEATING  SECHELT HEATING  ^INSTALLATION  Gas, Oil & Eloctrlc Furnaces  Flroplac'os, Shoot Metal ���<  Wayno Brackett Dox 726  Ph. 885-2466 Secholt, B.C.  PIED PIPER COMPANY LVD.  BONDED PEST CONTROL SERVICES  call Paul M. Bulman at 434-6641  7061 Gllley Avo. , '       Burnaby  ���"���^^"P""��""��"��f."��*"P��"  PRINTING SERVICE  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coast highway  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C. x  886-2700  SALESiSERVICE     ���   , ���  All Brands Avallablo  Monday to Saturday, 8(30 am to 5s30 pm  Friday everting by appointment only  mmmLmm  LANDSCAPING  'i i i   '..  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  and . ,"   -^GARDENTMAINTENANCI     :���  For an ovor-blbomlng gardon  fruit tree pruning    WILLIAM BORAGNO     Froo Icstlmatos  (pango)   ,   i 885-5033  ,I��,���II..BW.,..II.I- ^���������������l.l... r,i..ll>l..I..I.W,M- ������..lM..���-������������������ll.nri  SECHELT ORIENTAL LANDSCAPING  Landscaping ?' Pf'uhlnflT* Shaping  '* 7;7 ',', Willi*Takohashl   .,.2���,kX .^����f��*f1i!5,BM��989P..., .,,   .COMMERCIAL PRINTING  PENINSULA TIMES  ___,bi fSm^^J^^thm^m.  RENTALS V   '" A.C. RENTALS LTD. "'  ���TbORT��rEQqn��WBNrRENTAL8   Scaffolding, Rock Drills, Powor Tools,  Automotive Tools, Pumps, Oonorators, (  andComprosiort   Highway 101 ���. 883-2585  at Francis Ponlnsula Road  ? ty  ���^..���...W.^j^p.*^'   ���... I iuAtHkrWrn K*.' .'yltl! ' ^*<^��*''V!i I,'. I WJl ��fM ./��t*J, U, Ma-mSl-aimammym.. m ,. v ��.. ,-<^| Cf��^ A,V*i'�� ** *-" llV'Wff "ly>W��V)'rKV��-'�����*,. ��  to Sell, Ijtont, Buy, Swap otc,  PEERLESS TREE SERVICE  C��vnJ3ibto Tree Sorvlco  . Prompt, Guaranteed, Insured Work  ��� Prlcos You Can Trust  Phono J. Rlsboy,  885-2109  Christmas  -���J|  ROOFING   H^  ���I'M  ROOFLAND ROOFING PRODUCTS  ;jM**f"''."��'" V]"im J.XJX17 **  Showroom In Twilight Thoalfo, Oibions  ,;.1:,>^ w YourOno;$top   , : >  '  fi��6.2409  l ' ��� ��     '  of life ft  H*  S  Use  ���hi'  ���:.mX..i\  ���i>^��^'i!arr��i^'^^r|^,>.pi:f.-:!...r--'5.��'Mi��fl';p'��'��||��i(-.i��'J<%..,..", ,'.'j,"      ",",.;  ��� .,'.���    , ��� '"' p ��� '  i      :- 2"7  i.;" rwu,.   ,.^.,,,...,1.,,.^.,.,.,.,   i p'/'r-1  ������, i \  ■;■.■■
■-'■[2^.*.,.* ^■■^■■X-Xy■•:.<■'■■<■;. AA-- A'.
...,..      .     - i   .       y
\ ■       ■     \
..-. 7.yii.:.\..- ■■■
.4 1
Wednesday/ Nov. 29
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Wednesday, November 29,1978
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. Woman
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Loto Canada
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Teams  T.B.A.
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-Ark H
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Feeling Free Movie: Space Academy
Cinematic Eye Flame of the Fat Albert
Cont'd. _BBrbary Coast — Outlook	
Confd. Confd. Perspective
100 Huntley St,
Cont'd.   -
Movie: T.B.A.
Cont'd? " ■
Beach War
Buffalo at
,y   ,GreM Game, *
«portsworldJ '
t-v-. vjCont'd,s—» * ■
Travel   .
V-NeWs i'-y .    -
J Sports Revicto
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Si One   ,■•  '
Cont'd.     \
' Cont'dr■"■"■•♦ "•
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OU' Painting
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Bomba,  .
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10:00 Nice Show Fantasy Island     Weekend Confd. Chance Fantasy Island1      Confd. Movie: Key Largo Confd.
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11:00 National News News News News Movie: News Ripping .Yarns Cont'd. Cont'd. Cont'd.
11:30 Night Final Cont'd. Sat. Night Late Movie , Executioner Confd. Sign Off Cont'd.. Late Movie Confd.
Dec. 3
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Conf dv
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the Sea
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p Kldio    ■
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' Confd.
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ntamod World
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, Santa Was
' Here
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Pt. 8
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. Xmas Eve on
Sesame St.
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00 Minute!
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the Forum
60 M.P.H,
Probe    i
Billy Graham
'News   '■   ■
Late Movie.
Sign Off
Bl«n Off
Kroezo Bros.
700 Club
Namo Tuno
Carry on Cleo
Bob Hope
Dinner at 8
Sports Page
Monday, D^c. 4
"SwiSSF       ~~
Search for To,
Bob McLean
2io0"~Edgo of Nfght
3|30     Cdn.   Authors
3|00     Take' 30
3i30     Celebrity  Cooks
All M/ Children
Confd.   '
One Life
to Llvo
Hollywood Sqs,
Days of
Our Lives
The Doctors
Ida Clarkson
Marcus Welby
Charlie Chaplin
Catch Up
All in Family
Edge of Night
$0,000,000 Man
Nowa «
Girls of
Ca. School
Cdn.  Authors
Take 30
Celebrity  Cooks
as World
Guiding Light
Moat Cruolal
Mary T, Moore
Reach For Top
Pleasure Island Blonlo Woman Everyday
Confd. Cont'd. • Cont'd.
Carol Burnett Sanford At Son Newa
News Nows Confd.
Another  World
Alan Hamel
Explorer* Nowa
Music Place Adam-12
Book, Lobk, Lis.   Movlo:
Measure Up      __South of
Supor Special
Chicago vs
High Steaks
Cont'd,   ^
National Newa
Sail Diego
Cont'd. ConfcT^ 7
Cont'd. Confd.
Seattle Chopper Squad
Hollywood, Sq*. Confd.
Llttlo houae Clttlo  Home
on the Prairlo on the Prnlrlo
Movies jyt.vn9 *
Suddenly Love Scnuiter  •
Price Is Right
Coyer to Cover
Freestyle       v
Over Ea*y
Survival Kit
S »". In.; House ■'
I In Family
Sesame fftroot
Mr, Roger*
Ileotrlo Co.
St. Loul*
Banana Split*
Dating dome
Tlo Tao  Dough
Joey, Rett Hawk
Mary T. Moore
Nowlywed (jamo
Joker* Wild
Super Stars
Leave to Boaver
1 Love Lucy
Part. Family
Gllllgana laland
My S Son*
I Love Luoy
Soooby Doo
"n" I* for
White Shadow
1 Day at a Time
Newa Growing Yeara     Hrldy Bunch       Andy QrlffitlT
Confd. Dick Cavett My 3 Sona Gong Show.'
Carter Country    New* Hogan'a Heroes   Joker'a  Wild
ThSj-WsUons .y..Battle Line *■*«,.» aob»Newhsrt   - - a'sCompany**
Cont'd.       ,.
Reform Church
Lou Grant
I.*te Movie
Lou dranf"
"Kail of Eagle* Movlo:
Confd, Garden of
10 Who .Dared Final Contlnl*
Confd. Confd.
I Seo a Dark
Nowlywed Gamo
Merv Griffin
Carol Burnett
Bob Newhart
-cont'd.-- -*-""
Wheels Pt
Love Experts
■^onUA _flang^aho«-
Dec. 5
Search, for Tom.
liOO     Bob McLean
1130     Cont'd,
3i30     Celebrity Cooki
AUMy flhlldrwi' Hollywood flq*.
Oont'd. Day* of
One Life -     --
to Live "
ySKj'oi Night
Our Live*
Tne Doctora
Ida Clarkaon
*g    eKOTj&haplln   W,to«M»TTfK     fionW"
JiM    Pencil Box Cont'd,       r       Cont'd,
apodies«.«p-.-»«.-.^»p'pppNtw*:-'- s-.—."-»-c*roi"Burn*«*
Arpy-.ra^ly     CWd. Now* J
<3an,r flcilliooir
Cdn, Author*
World Tin
guiding X.I
irna .
Clnematlo Bye
Measure Up
, 2o Worth
War Italian
y Cooka    Con
Another  World .Spinning fitorl.s   Style
"   ■" '  Cont'd.
Pr. In Houte
All In Family
Alan Ilamel
4,30 ISp^^ssS
Over Kas;
Banana Bjgllt*.
bating Game
Tld Tao Dough
ame1 Tuna
na '•■     Jlutoh. ..   ■."' -     £0K«iy*gi_W>l
Mr, Rp««r»   -^l-taii,
BlaotrTo fry       LParC
Super" 'ftftri"
Laavstoj Beaver
Jooy, Red, Hawk  New*
Jeannie' Cartoons
Funoraina liattle" Planets"
(iiiii«an'« uianrt P*ft/ Fiimiiy
My a Sons . Peul, Junollon
•t-iiove.Luoy Hollywood flqa
•"'"lu'tti1 '■'km^mm—'-Knsrmm *"S»t°\»%n4^—
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h-.tf>mwm'Z-iA:..:!C*r.tim%t^^ S'-rnm^Jw^.i.'.,'
\M    CoamloJCmai    ^wn'TSwT7,    ^ndpii'1fo#*      Stand By Paper Chaae  ''   Grandoa"QoM'^T'ftym'plhi
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J'Ss " ^nt'4^.-'^'p'~-'''»-»'New8 ■ ■ ;"- for MVft Cortt'fl.    '   X Arti          "          Quinoy ~    > Ray  0
S'2J     fi•^'.on<,. R«m»«   filowup Cont'd, Beyond Reason Conl'd,' ,    Cont'd. at Mm
!'8S    NMlongl New*     N**».   . S*w<Lj. W«w*        r      , N«w»       »           New* Cont'd,
IliiO    Nghtyinal          late Movie Tonight attawrA OontPd,' M         '_ late Movlfc           Cont'd, Cont'd
 p ■i""'wu"'»'i'■<»■>■■*»'" iflniw mmmwmmtmmmmymmmwmwwm^mmmmmmmmti ■» lp »i iw ,fw»^. t ,w i«tewMWi «*«■—a»*wft»w*>i.#w«*ii»i i^wwawiw sman w m «|Mi»ai —>»»»» y^wway p»jm ■ «^ i»ww8f«w jwiwwiimiw^ li^»w*w^*w^jh^lpl^pw^ll«lwW|■WiJ mnm»wwiwn«wwMHppswiw
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^ haf* wy Line   Nawahiakera
OrandM Qqe* '",",' Rymphony
In  W«»lno»nn        t^^^4kmmXmm*m, ^. .
,„.aw Wlg.._
S'2J     fi•^'.om,. R«m»«   filowup Cont'd, Beyond Reason     Cont'd
,!'8S    NMlongl New*     N**».   . S*w<Lj. W«w*        r      ,   N«w»
IlliO     Ni(htnnal .late Movir Tonight Bhow '    Cont'd. "> > \  VwtwfU
On tho Bu*e*
Bay. Charles
"RowlywadTSanio ' 6oritr3.
All Mv Children
Battle Planet*
Part. Family
Petll.  Junoflon
Hollywood flga.
All M> Children
Cont'd.   -
ove JCxp....
Odd Couple
Oong' flhow
t Moptreux        I/>ve Expert* ■     Downatatra
Love Experts
ye Expert
'W .mm
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—■••f - .,.,..-,.*. ,.,,„«^
, I
Jt*     '.
i -■;•* '■ ��� ���������-���:���!��� i.  -,������/���  ��� V-1-  PageB-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, November 29,1978  vLniiiiL  J  Oi  ���j ~lJ~  Swift's Premium ��� Smoked  PICNIC HAMS  Shankless   Swift's Eversweet ��� by the piece  $108  lb.   JL  Olympic ��� halves  COTTAGE ROLLS  Olympic ��� Fine  GARLIC RINGS 12  oz.  .ea.  FROZEN FOOD SPECIALS  Fraser Vale  JANCtKAS-2��,.  Fraser Vale  MIXED VEGETABLES 2 .*.  \  Fraser Vale  CORN KERNELS 2����.  Bick's  POLSKI  MLLS 32oz  Ocean Spray  CRANBERRY  SAUCE u fi.oz.  Bick's  SWEET MIXED  P__\_g_   _*_*-           lUftLES  32 oz.  Tang--  ORANGE 0 + AO  FLAVOR >1 UO  CRYSTALS^!  Post  SUGAR CRISP  CEREAL 4oo9  ~Sunmaid  California Seedless  RAISINS  $098  2 lbs.  Nabob  MINCEMEAT  $088  44wT ma  Libby's  BEANS  with Pork     8fl.oz.  3 for  foremost  ICECREAM  K2l!*ir<Mh ,"it  Sunlight  UQUID  "������"UWITkl  _32Aj9x*  Llbby^  SPAGHEHI  in Tom. Sauce J4ox.  2 for  Libbys 2 for  AtPHAGETTtOOC  'UII.O&   t<   i  $04^  2.4 kg at,;y^^m  litvk  16 ot.  Hmfi  2 for  Xj4$X0i.'  ������m1h.i'  ���*fj  ���>i*ZM_  *7j4ir- >y'y y -*; 'r*  ���iAX  ...  X>~7,  .J>^\y*-y ��� <-���  "&��  A  <<^M10MMmt   **���*   * m m + *_ *  t  * + f ,  '(C     s 7  Xy *  *   ,_     '  mmmmmmmmmmamrmmmmmmrmmrrmmmmmm  ' mm.    *      T     J��       A V *      *      / .   t a. j_ I'm "���  ^JtoptW'j X- y->" 7-'    .     "   > H�� ����� \  FACIAL  ��"��  : *>  I j  1*  s  Fraser Vale  PEAS & CARROTS 2 *  Fraser Vale���s :   88  __Hj��Si_     _ .       Meg  MARGARINEJ\r  BRUSSELS SPROUTS:  ���$4^  Mbs. , X  4a  Fraser Vale      -  FISH & CHIPS io  Mrs. Smith's  PECAN PIE is  oz.  Mrs; $mith's��Chocolate ���Coconut*Lemon  CREAM PIE i6  oz  mmm** '������*���������<���������<������'������������'***'**  78  NatwaJ*.  iftttMA .  BRfcAU4S4f  '- '    -I   a    ���     fa* ,'���  �������" '      �� \\ f V t*  Cebw�� WUta or VQOS W.W  H'  ^\  ��� ��� ���.,���,>    1   1 f  I. .      ,   I'll* ',  WBMW  iMl)*<tiM(i(rf��Mi)i*'<<|'V"  Hill's  Req. or Fine  ^���^.^:,.%"%.?.^*,T ^.^"* f. ���'..������ 7 ���     AX.*.X. ���*  RED  .;**   >y r  28*Ux^  i . /  '���^ ^,  !ff,'    <<"P   -���-  OWELS  iyCX*  '7 l .'%��'., x ,  FROIT ,'.,  COCKTAIL M,  ��  V       's'.  ~��v  >r t  t!fefey**V  2 for  **-1 s  ��� T,pster.|s Choice  INSTANT  COFFEE 8oz  CHEERIOS  CEREAL  15oz.  98  Bee-Maid * No. 1  CREAMED  HONEY 2 ibs...  $018  Red Seal , ���,       .  COHO                      $108  SALMON 7-3/4 oz.  JL  ���*mLr��s''r  08  Ubb^V* jointly or' Pitted,  OUVES ufioi  ,r ���  Kadono * Gr��n |.obel  T|A,kV' v>;v:' *' ���  BAGS  1     '<.', V !>>>    >;  ���IM��)|MtfflP*#t  >f  X^-^L'1'',  ^,"i  �� mum* ii f*  x^Wffl^X'" \ i'77>"x^A <x V^'  " , "'���>_^Lf'_w^7__2  'raffik : ,��� ,x, X" '  ���^g(%i, i'M     ', i  >     j \��~' T hi /' '        ���     '   tVV*' 'I  ,  PRODUCE SPECIALS  B.C.* Red, Golden Delicious, Spartan or Macintosh  M  I  M  M  M M �����  M ��� ��� ��� I  M ��� ��� I  l{ M  I ���  ��� ��� ���   ��� t ���   ��� M I ���  Gold Seal  3 III ALL  SHRIIVIr 4ox,  <   I   t   t   i   I   i   ��   i  $128  '- wiri___m_^-': :.-kyy 777-: 7 :___&���& ~  I111 i |s."i   iii. h  �� t  fc, ,.5*i.   f,  ��   . .,   . y  it .^Sjiw  *,fi��j^  Dad's * Varloty or Oatmeal  COOKIES  20 ox.  $17*  -WestonV-  C^K*  STONED WHEAT  F<"^,'jfc.l THINS  20 ox.  \ ,i':'.',���'' 1-  ��  t  *  t  I  t  I  I  t  t  I  I  $118  B.C.���Thrifty No. 2 Gem*  POTATOES  3^08  '.������    ���,''''   '��� .:"'��� ���  ''''  13 bag JIO  California  TOMATOES ib   IIU-I  California  CARROTS  llllt M  MIMI ll  l^s.%llil  \  ;���.!, '-p^ffC '    "M,' ���" V  r  '���ti, ���  , ,H''*i"  ���nr*-',* ',  'iitlV^rn'm,  ITRAIL BAY CENTRE. SECHELT'  v wmim/im��< tommwHm.����*��*,..  Prices effective  November 30, December 1 & 2, 1978  Phone 885-2025  5  805-9812, Mt3QiD���>p'{.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  IL<""'-    i,���� V'-'r ���!��� '    * 'v  \  i'" ^;  ���P,.-Tp��t'    ��� ���,,  ��  ��  |KlS��8((*��B^4WsW^*t����it;'ies  ����..,.��J|V���, ������l���������..,.,''..���..  V ,'  ���r^,*'H����'W^4aiWW<1l9S?>��W^��iFW>i.MWHi^r^ ����� WVM *�� Mf#rrt iv&mim. ���*>  ,       ,1  m j^rf���^*?i������ft'lsi1"'vi| wwDijiB1" *WV|iiHi<JWIi1iii  i/,,  p) ,/  /  �����������-�����-  -/..:  f^s^HW-^s^-rtfr^eprtWrtffinwV ^jut,^^  ��   r ���   I..  .... ,  ��������������;   , ,     mm-.  9?  p    ���'���    ,   ' ���  '1!  ������. i". "'    .   i ���  ���,7\....     i     *  I  .      '       '  '    ;     " \   ;��"V '7 V ^  pp,        !���   i  / ' -     ' p A  yJir'... V...������  * "-nMiEtJ     *   _..!,,   7^  v    ���  ��� -^v  _-_->le���L.  -r~r  "'--'."i-'  \ p  /  *  V   i    '.'  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'^rr%yy.yrr^y,  ;;h|i^rsijpc����d:ff cpi��help||  1 antastic Refect ipn  ;;Tpys"l&^ami|��i  Wednesday, November 29,1978  Page 5  Men's All Wool  MX  ,7ikA7k��yk  k i'SHtxh:  : '-ri-m-yZ.',  y\ -"H-v.  7\'~-}X:  ymx,  ���Xri07r  yx&n-  lite  %k&2.  r\.'7Sy  r -:-^g':  A7M7  .���': ���yy  7Xr\y��X  'y7kXX��7i  ir ������:���: -v .��*������{���  "mm  mm  nr fc -Vt:-:  .-:,.'.���������! rXTri  r. r7.. :ifc:-p.i  - l '%  Sic  i .  .i  V'r ���.. . ../  c    ,-  ,.fV '  *a  li      i  k*  t-  ���  ��  ,           bo  X -i8  1  ���<_  '_.  />  -  oo  ��� *  '    s  '.             iH  X                  *>  *          o>  **  u  i    *  "  :      S  ���'-  0>  >  ��  as  ���r.  >��  ca  ���' . "8  **  ���S  <u  i    ��  '.    '^ax't ������/���  v -         ;..  ��� ��� ��� '/ '���   '         .  2i,. x   :-  <^j^^^5<^?^^  w���" ;.- ^:.^/^^..^^^r^^y^^^T^^^^g^yt?f^-T��rti  -���:���-p .-^-,. -  1  -  .  '     J          ,'     '         "f - f          '    ���'  ���-��1.    J." ...   (       * ,      '���        '     '    '  ��*  .  **"  "  .}  9'  f  ^  r. '\ <   i   t   t   i   i   i  =4  r  uisite  886-9222  -y- -'.-/.  QAie liai/e ei/etojt{i[ng Jjoft  you/i j$o/ta�� needs ��� unique gi  and Canadian-made items  al i/a/tytng p/tices.   >  Come In & Browse  QA/e now iiai/e a good selleet  ��i 9$ ideas ^o/tlC{i/tisimas  ei  its  '  ��u/i J/riendftj �� couftteous gia^  u/ouM be fiappij to Wp you  witii you/i 6ve/iseas  oft local o/tc(e/i��.  on  T i   i   i   ����t   t  A  rX%   i   i   J   i   *   ��   4   J    I   ,l"i"'.rj  = *  t*  T7-  : U-  i  \  ���HANDCRAFTED I  CrRAMICWARE  ���ARTIST 1CALLY DESIGNED  "CLAYi FORMS" BY  LOCAL ARTISANS ALAN  * Af*4D JOAN GROUT   \  ���f^kcriONAL POTTERY,:  -G INNJSTB* SETS, OIL I  U ^PSf TEA POJS.SPICE  i' & l^AMfJARS PLUS MANY  k-OTHER jDESIGNS FROM  egmont potters  ��� beautiful "stained  g|kss? effect sand  c/Ndles  ���Alic| A UNIQUE    a.     '  SlJECTipN OF  CASSEROLES, TEA POTS,  V^ETABLE SERVERS, I  GR&VYf BOATS, MUGS]  SCmP DISHES FROM  ecmTkoAD pottery,  MA^LE RIDGE B.C..     j  rcH|!STyii\AS candles  RlilsiAN STONE  CAfeVINGS  if-  V7SA  -^r'SSJ  ^- .. -^_ ^ -  _.   t  ;    i  }    t  l xi  /  7i  771  <i;n  - 4  II  1  I  ' �����    :i  {   i  "     I  I  ���f, ��_  I  1    i  Wednesday, November 29,1978        Pag; 11)  f V  j  '7&6m %&c (fane Stt&tffc  - COUTTS/HALOIARK -  Complete Selection of:  CHR1STAAAS CARDS/WRAP/BOWS/TAGS/NAPklNS/  ]     TABLEWARE/SERVIETTES/INVITATIONS  IN STOCK NOW    '  Shot  M��*eSe/ec,  !2ZJL<��r>pietei  ���!9^m\  Pick up a free copy of; ^>   \l  "Books far   v^ ^  Everybody" :���.%'$  A selection of the      7F - -Tp  Season's Most Popular ^j$ -)f  '  Books���Gifts for all    \fc .* 4  ages and interests��� .^ '^  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  :^^i^i��:^?S��i��^5^?^!  t>  /DI  .V--  E��^  Boo  Wngs  /  f#  f ii  nov  taken  availob\e  befn9  v/acations     r  ��� ^tav tnouy  Don  Jal  -^ detaY  cruise ��P9ce  7c2f-~-  ���^ry?7/j%.  Travel Agency  iSL  886-9255  "A Registered Ageh  '4&2��^^22S^^ ^ra^t^V-^-^'WIM^ffSS^iS^AnV-,  ^Wednesday, November 29, 1978  'yk-~g��- - *-v  .^  V  , jj^-f**^.^.^**,  W��� *��*�������� y* "V  ;';' ..:;'��;".:!;:,*����>����^.^.i*.' *> ^W'*w^w-yii**ik*����M^��^-^--'V'^..��'r..,'p   ,i ^*,.:iii, mm^^^^.*"'.*^^^   r<"-*" ," "V��� f"  -m-~ }..--,.���.- mf,*,;  .cm  '~.^t*r*J��**r<-~~<'mm~mmm~rm  1 \   >  r  'mvm>imifiimiwm*W*#iK>** ��" "<* ��(W. teWi* ���**** ttWmM A-rffcf M **nw<w�� -  i  ��***�����!    W��*TM^ ���  ,�� �� ���  tS ����BWiWo(��l��# WBBWS����iHMB��i(   *'��*ftT|rfl&lM^i#W���*I��a*^"^i�� *Wr*^ >#^ ^^#�� *1*J***��^>-��!  y.  1     ' ���  \ X^m^xxxxykix.  _^_yL  X-  X  4     f  PF*.  -J  I   I  ���,..*,,  ' Ol  -��*(fltflU  PO  ,ii H  f��<  5 a^4    "    n'l  dl-^^ it   k �����** ,...�� A  2     "���'.   '  ������'rftp-,����|ff*,Tll**p-p'. '' , ���'   ���,  '"'''"'I  rw;'^^S;pi:.p:^:f^^t:��*��~-:t:^  1 ^3 y  ��*^_       -.    mWmW   H .  w' ^^?" . i  -4 '^y.,....��� .,,;. 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I  y  '"i '    '.-/  u>  fc  tt;  V,  v_   r^��.x  Page 16  Wednesday, November 29,1978  Advertising Feature  c  t  x.  )-  ...,!  \i  X  ��� \  A;^'-i  Santa will arrive via  at the Centre at noon on  Saturday, Dec. 2nd.  SANTA'S  COMING TO  GIBSONS!  , "HEY WDS1  f/HOPE YOU'VE  ISSUE  STORE HOURS  WEDNESDAY, DEC. 20th-9:30 AM-9 PM  THURSDAY, DEC. 21st-9:30 AM-9 PM  FRIDAY, DEC. 22nd-9:30 AM-9 PM  SATURDAY, DEC. 23rd-9:30 AM-6 PM  A  X,  ���/I  l\  miL  fr-. ���  ' oy  SANtAfSHOURS  AT SUNNYCREST CENTRE  SAT, DEC. 2nd-12 PM-3 PM  FRI, DEC. 8th-4 PM-7 PM  SAT, DEC. 9th-il AM-1 PM & 2 PM4 PM  FRI, DEC. l5th-4 PM-7 PM  SAT, DEC. 16th-ll AMI PM & 2 PM-4 PM  WED, DEQ. 20th-11 AM-1 PM & 2 PM4 PM  THURS, DEC. 21st-U AM-1 PM & 2 PM-4 PM  FRI, DEC. 22nd-4 PM-7 PM  SATURDAY-SANTA'S GONE BACK TO NORTH POLE TO FILL ORDERS!  ���kvlnr h\ k% M >n M kvk\ kvM k%Mkvfr\k\fr\kfcfr\'fr>fr\ En 4<\ >n )��>  HAVE YOUR PICTURE  TAKEN WITH SANTA!  kirM-fr*1 hwi, fr*. k�� kit #4 k-v<n k�� fr^ kii fa k% kv  SHOPPING SPREE  |l TO BE GIVEN AWAY TO ONE LUCKY  ll   SUNNYCREST CUSTOMER!  No purchase necessary  Pick up entry forms at any participating merchant  WINNER WILL BE PICKED AT 9:00 P.M., DEC. 22nd  ,   SO YOU'LL HAVE LOTS OF TIME TO SPEND IT  FOR CHRISTMAS.  ���k Spree excludes catalogue A Manor safes.  mmm    WINNIR MUST ANSWIR A SKIU TISTINO QUIST10N.  Imploy��*i ol Sunnycratt Mwdiantt am not ���llglbU,  \<  v,      TPtatie tyou* 0ttUafata& a *%Afefuf, One.  ���YP        THE SUNNYCREST CENTRE-29 SHOPS TO SERVE YOU  "Vs  /  \  ti,t*\  ���'   i ��� ��� ',{  ^14. ���'  '71 ���', :h\7A^'Xk :*:���� ��� ��� '������ '":-.^p.'^^:^'. * '"���������:.-y\ 7.x::..,...,;..  ^  jit ' .   r��cU  ' '"V.rw.  ...   ���   ' i"  ,,      \V\-i~rx,1''*"'":  '.;....���.����� f'l',r  '    "V- T  WV"*Er       .        ���       ���.,������.,���,�����. "T'  '��� ...    ��..    ���.i     ,        ......   ,....���     -.,..,  wr,,  ���-,�� . ���-</���     ���>  ��� ���'��� "��*"  tmmm$Mimmiw**H*u  "V v""  V        /  \  .��.^.m **��'V 'li.-rr.(r.'r.|  .1     ��� r  ..mm -maimm.:!��...' *t, ..'fit.*'  'i''  ���t  ,v: ��� I  X  'l^,^...*'"',*,l*M"*'^��/*'^��l''^^~'��^'^*'*����H'M^.'Jt .** -H ���**���**> t'*��*|1*1i)-^i-- ^-: ,..l.  *,���������*, *    fc�� '���"'������7��t�� Ar-t.f'l'"*-- ���.*���.{*<���*** ">'���******"������>���>���*' * ������������"-*-*fel,  *   **,***,,"*%,^***r*^-its-MWi(  W^M^^,  r~r'  "r���~'t**  ���������."V  '���' ���'/'-  ,  .,     '      .   ��.   .1  V'    >  /���I


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