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The Peninsula Times Feb 21, 1979

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 Serving the Sunshine Coo-it. (Howe Sound to Jervis ]nlet]_iricludina Port Mellon ^Hopkins lOndirig   Gronthoms Landing, Gibsons. Roberts Creek  Wilson Creek  Selma Pork   Sechelt   Halfmoon Bay   Secret Cove. Pender Hrb    Madeira Park   Garden ^Boy   Irvine? Landing   Earls Cove   Egmont  Union c'��Bttss*">7 Label  8|5^3i23TT     ^T��aips^^2firCrOjprjr  J.ARQEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ONTHE SUNSHINE CQ&ST.  Volume 17 ��� No. 11  ga**     Wednesday, February 21,1979*  Gibsons' Golden Anniversary  ���ssss*ftNts*MsiM��M*i*<  > -7iTJf*T��iM ii '  WHEREAS Sunday, March 4,1979 wiU  mark the occasion of 50 years as an  incorporated municipality for the  village ofjGibsons; '; ,  AND WHEARAS the municipal council  . of Gibsons recognizes'that the past one-  half- century has-witnessed an-un-  countable number of citizens contribute  to the betterment and enrichment of  our community;  AND WHEARAS the municipal council  of Gibsons wish all of our residents to  join together in celebration for the  calendar year-1979 to commemorate  the efforts and achievements of the  village's citizenry hi making Gibsons  the finest little town anywhere;  NOW THEREFORE BE IT  RESOLVED thai the calendar year  1979-be-recognteed-by- all-groups,  associations, add individuals as a  hallmark year for our'village and  henceforth 1979 be known and  celebrated as Gibsons'' Golden Anniversary.  \ji B. (Lome) Blain, Mayor  money  Although no decision has been made as  yet by the provincial ministry in charge,  the Sechelt area could be in line for lottery funding and the decision could be  made by the provincial cabinet.  Mackenzie MLA Don Lockstead told  the Times last week he had brought the  pUght of the arena's financing before  provincial secretary and travel industry  ministry Hugh Curtis and special projects  Tofficer E.J. Semmens. _ _^  ���> "They indicated they wanted to meet  with the recreation fund facility people  wrote to the ministry'asking for $50,000  from lottery funds..  "Even if we got $25,000 it would be a  real shot in the arm," Nelson said.  The mayor said he had heard of lottery  funds going for medical work and fire  extinguishers in private hospitals which he  thought was a fine thing.  "But I thought it (lottery funding) was  to look after recreation and sports," the  mayor said.  The mayor said Saturday that deputy  ininistry.Gerald Cross had informed him  village could expecte a response  a week."  'in about  oecause-mey-toought-if-they-mdJU^  they would have to do it elsewhere with  other places in a similar situation," the  MLA stated.  He said he had been informed by a  senior official in the ministry that they  were "not prepared to make an arbitrary  decision."  "They are considering taking this to  cabinet. But there is no decision yet. I hope  the people in the area will get behind it and  support this facility since it is used by all  people."  Lockstead said if he was. politically  involved at the local level; he.-would be  supporting the idea of lottery funds going  to the arena.  Sechelt Mayor Harold Nelson last week  Madeira Park  seniors get  AS I(ipir(Msr;POT^ (Marie-, (Ronny Edmonds). This~is~only~one,,o*\ttie scenes from Cedar Grove  AnneN0u!eld),^^t#cal|a?h|rjewoiitof Fr^kenst?m'sfreiizitfihrain;'!'>Ei<>nie,ntary School's, ^ade^jye pr^uetioji of Frankenstein v*hich.i$J)eing  The-testilt of tto�� dtat^cal^fcin is, of course, the monster Frankenstein   video^pedforitevrorldpreniier.attteC^^  ,.*f.  Plan wants W. Sechelt-Halfmoon to stay rural  Commercial development 'on the  Sunshine Coast Highway in area'' B bet-  ween West Sechelt and Wood Bay .has been  rejected in the Official Settlement Plan  released last week and the rural character  of the area is to be maintained.  Though a new community center and  an expanded local commercial area for  residents along with strip development  along the waterfront is seen as  unavoidable, the plan encourages  recreation while protecting environmental  values.  Considering the growing population of  the area, the document says, the large lot*  size in residential areas is "particularly  attractive to families".  The area included in the plan is from  Wood Bay in the west to the village of  Sechelt boundary in the east, and from  Piper Bay in the north to the shoreline.  Thormanby Island falls under the  jurisdiction of the Islands Trust and is not  Included. The plan states it does not apply  to tree-farm licence and forest reserve  land.  The plan gives three goals:,  "~ areas with particular environmental, scenic or recreational values  are to be retained in public ownership to  provide for the use and the enjoyment of  residents In the local areas and the region  generally,  ~ community services are to be  provided In a way that supports the pattern of development defined in the plan,  ��� the quiet, rural community atmosphere Is to be retained and all future  development will be designed to reinforce  tho rural characteristics of the area.  Policies to be pursued to achieve the  goals ore given as;  " "���to preserve the aquatic environment for fish and wildlife,  ��� to improve tho opportunity for  recreational boaters by expanding boating  and docking facilities and by developing  suitable areas for boat launch facilities  and for attendant unland servicing,  ���to provide opportunities for the quiet  enjoyment of streams and lakes by obtaining wherever possible easements In  favour of the local government or  dedications to the Crown upon which  walking trails can be established.  ��� to preserve buildings or structures  for historical or cultural Interest Including archaeological resources and  historic buildings,  '��� to preserve all possible present or  future watersheds,  ��� to develop existing public land to  .., lncrojisejhjJfjkttMmte  compatible with the surrounding area,  ��� to supply potable water from a  central system to all residents within tho  area,  ��� to Improve existing systems of  sewerage disposal and to ensure future  -systems have a minimal environmental  impact,  ��� to provide a community centre for  the entire area which will be a focus for the  local community and offer services for the  larger regional community,  ��� to provide additional arrangements  for the collection and disposal of garbage  with the view in mind of implementing the  most efficient and economical methods,  ��� to ensure that fire protection and  other emergency services are carried but  in an efficient manner,  ��� to design residential roads that will  maintain a quiet, pleasant neighborhood  atmosphere while assuring basic safety  standards,  ���to provide a variety of residential lot  sizes throughout the area at a scale-  - The1 Senior Citizens Branch No. 80 of  Madeira Park has been given a grant of  $3,134 by the federal New Horizons  program.  ��� - The money will be used to renovate the  kitchen area of the drop-in centre. The  work will be undertaken as a community  with high school students and  designed to maintain the rural character,  ���to provide for uses of land consistent  with a rural character.'?  Particulars of the policies  include  preserving marshes at Trout Lake,  Sargeant Bay and Cooper's Lagoon with  ���See Page A-3  protect  IDYLLIC SCENES like this view from Redrooffs Road are to be protected from distortion by developers If first  draft of Area B settlement plan ls Indication of future.  seniors co-operating and working on a  voluntary basis.  Contact for the project is Mr. Jack  Heidenia, R.R.I, Madeira Park.  New Horizons is a program of the  Department of National Health and  Welfare to fund projects by groups of  seniors to enable them to remain active  and involved in their communityi The B.C.  regional office is located at 104-1525 West  8th Avenue, Vancouver, V6J 1T5,  telephone 732-4303.  S&Rbeefs  up for  herring run  Three Federal government departments have combined their search and  rescue resources to attempt to prevent  logs of life during the most hazardous  fishing season in British Columbia.  Air and marine Search and Rescue  resources are being provided by the  Departments of National Defence,  Transport and Fisheries and Environment  , during the two-month roe herring fishery.  Search and rescue crews will watch over  the fishing fleet of about 1,500 vessels on  the fishing grounds and as it moves from  one fishing area to another. Tho widely-  spread harvest areas, openings that can  last as little as 15 minutes, rugged coast  line and potential bad weather all contributes to the hazards faced by fishermen.  The Canadian Armed Forces 442  Search and Rescue Squadron based at  -��ce Page A-4  Trustee seat  contested  Unlike the school board general  election last November where all three  vacancies were filled by acclamation, the  byelection March 3 will not be called an  election-that-was-not-an-election.  Three persons are contesting the Area  B seaf made available by Tim Frizzell's  resignation January 22.  Peter Bandi of Davis Bay is making his  second attempt for election to the school  board;  His'reasons are "quite simple."  "I have four children in school," Bandi  said. "At the risk of sounding trite and  obvious, I'd like to see the kids learn and  the teachers teach."N   Bandi haS'lived 14 years in the area and  isilhb ���jmrtsc ^Broughanr Autobody?  Bruce Puchalski, a log grader from  Roberts Creek has two children just  starting in the school system which is why  he feels now is a good time to get involved.  -'��� He said he is interested in community  education and community schools, "the  v inter-relationship of the two especially."  v He is also concerned with how the  money made available through the  regional district's joint-use of schools  function is utilized.  Presently manager of Jolly Roger Inn,  Ltd., Brian Stelck of Sechelt recently  added his masters degree In education to a  bachelors degree in education.  He said his teaching experience in the  Sechelt school district will enable him to  become involved immediately with the  "tasks expected of a school trustee."  He feels his experience In education has  given him "some of the background un-,  derstandlng necessary for the operation of  a school district."  "Concern for the quality of education In  the school district is spurred by our having  one child already In the school system and  another child about to begin," he said.  BRIAN STELCK  ...Trustee hopeful  Next one in year 2017  mmti-mwtmmammmwmmmwmw-mimmmmwmwmmmmmi Aw m-tmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwlm  r*V  Solar eclipse Monday but don't look at it  "Watch the eclipse on television I"  That's the advice of eye doctors as one  of the epic astronomical events of tho  century, a solar eclipse, occurs over North  American skies early on the morning of  February 28.  Th�� sxdlps^ reaiLy U^ mooo'�� almdow  sun'and earth, will begin In tho Peninsula  area around 7:17 a.m., reach 07.2 per cent  of totality for a little over two minutes  around 8:24 a.m., and terminate about  9:31 a.m.  The B.C, Medical Association warns  that the only truly safe method of observing the eclipse ls television, CBC  Vancouver Is tentatively planning to carry  a live network telecast from Winnipeg,  per cent, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. CKVU-  TV and BC-TV say they do not expect to  carry live coverage.  Dr. Peter Praslowskl, President of the  Oto-Opthalmologlcol Section of the B.C.  t  Medical Association warns: "Many  i devices for viewing the eollpae, such as  polarlod lenses, filters, smoky glass, or  exposed film, are not completely foolproof  slnco they filter only the visible sunlight.  "Under no circumstances", says Dr.  Pra��low��k4,"��bould anyone uUUm  binoculars, telescopes,or camera lenses,  because they can magnify the damaging  rays. No. 12 or No. 14 welders glasses are  safe, but they are not easily available to  the average person."  I  "Placing a cardboard box over one's  head with a pinhole punched In one end to  focus tho sun's Imago on the Inside of tho  box at the other end for the viewer to  watch is also safe, but cumbersome. Tho  wisest box to watch Is television," says  Dr. Praslowskl, "because It is indirect and  does not transmit ^harmful rays."  He adds: "Staring at the sun can cause  retinopathy or permanent damage to the'  retina of the eye In less than a minute, and  without any pain,"  Tho Path of, Totality or 100 per cent  eclipse begins over the Pacific Ocean with  sunrise), touches land near the Oregon-  Washington border, moves into Canada  near Estevan, Saskatchewan, thence east  over Brandon and Winnipeg, Manitoba  and on Into the Arctic, Unninatlnu at  sunset over Greenland.  Tho next total eclipse over Canada will  be visible only on Boffin Island In 2000.  Western North America will not sec  another total eclipse until 2017.  <w -);.-..-..  Pat  The Peninsula Times  Lotsa water but not  much in the pipe  It's one month today until the first marina. According to one regional  day of spring and we trust we will be director, the Band agrees with the  seeing less liquid falling from the problems B.C. Hydro is having and  skies. But our handy almanac reveals will try to negotiate an agreement.  some interesting figures. Each acre But it will eventually have to go to  of land onthe.Sunshine Coast receives referendum within the Band- It looks  ~an~average:of about 1,063^80 gallons ���like they will be negotiating for a good  of rainfall weighing about 6,780 tons while yet:               j  per year based on a 60-inch-per-year The public utilities committee of  figure. So we thought it was time to the SCRD will recommend to the  look at the SCRD's proposed utility board that a committtee be appointed  corridor across the Porpoise Bay to study an alternate route for-the  water line that doesn't cross Indian  land. But it would appear that costs  for that line are prohibitive.  Especially since the areas on the  other side are looking for money to  put their 14-inch pipe through to  Roberts, Creek and eventually Gibsons. ~~ ~ ~  The PUC has recommended no  "saysitrhas-taken-threeyearsto get���building- -permits���be issued for  this far on the agreement and it will development in West Sechelt for the  probably take another three to settle summer months because of the ,im-  it. pending water shortage. At the higher  SCRD's water committee has had elevations, it looks like they'll be  a 14-inch pipe to replace the existing getting not much more than a dribble  six-inch  pipe  that   supplies  West   at times unless lawn sprinkling is  reserve.  You ask what is the connection?  It seems like that is a lot of water  coming down but it looks like in spite  of nature's bountiful endowments  West Sechelt is not going to get more  water any other way. Not for some  time, at'least.  Regional director George Gibb  Game  pledges go  to arena  Editor, The Times:  ���Ret-Mountie-Mumpers-vs Mailers-  -V  The growing interest and support in the  pending hockey game between the Old  Time Mailers and the local Police team is  heart-warming.  A letter of moral support and financial  backing was received from Larry MacDonald of the Sunshine Coast Credit  Union. A pledge of $10 per goal for up to  five goals scored by the RCMP was made  by Larry and his. staff. They thought it  would be cheaper to support us rather than  the Mailers. Sechelt Building Supplies is,  and maybe the Lions CLub, backing the  Mailers to a maximum of six goals.  ���Anotherxhallenge^heTrisTjfferedrWho-  ._ elsecan match the support offered by the  latter misguided benefactors?  A further need is located here at home.  Our arena is in need of help. All pledges  received in support of either team will be  given to OUR ARENA. As mentioned  before in other articles the silver collection admission will be going to the Variety  Club Telethon.  Game time is 8:30 p.m. on Saturday,  Feb. 24. See you there.  Slash Mac  (G.W. Mcintosh)  . Fischer namec]  Election deluge makes mighty       YEP co-ordinator  Fraser look like dewdrop  Sechelt sitting there for three years.  But B.C. Hydro has a hold on the  corridor and they don't want to swap.  The Sechelt Band has a tentative  agreement with the province to swap  the corridor for foreshoreat. Wilson  Creek where they want to put a  rationed.  Then there is also fire  protection to consider.  You'd think with all that water  coming down there would be enough  for everyone. But lo, it looks like  they'll be going short in West Sechelt.  again this summer.  Young and no stranger  budgetary and financial affairs.  Area C has a new alternate  director on the regional board with  the recent appointment of well-known  businessman Hayden Killam by Dir.  Charles Lee.  Though Dir. Lee no longer heads  up . the  finance' committee, Jwe're  betting hevvillTstiil-haye^  for   watchdogging   the ^board's  READER'S RIGHT  Alt. Dir. Killam, young and no  stranger to the world of finance, could  be an able addition to the board.  With Dir. Lee's polemics^ and his  new alternate potential, we are, exr  pecting even^miore vigilance oji jhe  regional purse strings.        ,. "vi'*  OK fellow voters, you've been  miserable for several years and soon, with  two elections coming up, you're going to be  given the opportunity to provide your own  misery for the next few years. It is a most  interesting form of masochism. We can  vote federally for A; B or C but provin-  cially it will be A vs C. They'll offer us a  world of joyous fulfillment and, the final  irony, they call themselves "Parties". In  fact, they offer us a chicken neck for every  pot.  Each of these parties, if the usual  procedures are followed, promises to solve  all our problems ��� to lessen red tape,  balance the budget, lower taxes, increase  employment, reverse inflation and on and  on and on over hill and dale dash the Rover  boys to our rescue.  If anything goes wrong the party in  powerl; -blarhea^ltjp pnr: ther- last ~ad-  ministratioh.jif anything' goes fight the  party in power takes full credit. Con-'  versely if anything goes wrong the opposition blames the party in power and if  anything goes right the opposition loudly  proclaims it was their idea or that they  started it.  All are double jointed from personal  mittee? Or maybe just giving our 'approval in principle' to be revoked later  when we damn please?  How about a political relay race and the  politician who can pass the buck and run at  the same time is a winner? Think of the  savings, not just atthe public trough but to  our ears and our sanity.  Anyway, failing any of the above, gird  your ears chaps! We're in for a verbal  deluge that will make the spring run-off of  the might Fraser resemble a droplet of  early morning dew.  I am the only one looking forward to the  relative honesty of George Orwell's 1984  and the simplicity of his four ministries;  Peace (which deals with war), Love  (which deals with law and repression),  Keep Left,  he has guts  Editor, The Times:  I, as a taxpayer, was very shocked to  Plenty (which deals with scarcity) and  Truth (which deals with propaganda).  I'd like to have some of the purveyed  platitudes and political cliches for my  garden though. The cost of living has gone  so high that I won't be able to afford fertilizer this year.  Cranky Post Script: I wish all governments would stop, once and forever, all  mention of Budget Surpluses. I just don't  want to hear about the extra 138, (give or  take) millions. If it is really there, would  the government please hand it over to our  very own friendly, wirey B.C. Hydro and  tell them to put their rotten rates back to  where they were before the March,'78 rate  hike. If the government is unable to do  this, would it PLEASE shut up about it's  fat surplus 7. , JUST SHUT UP!!  ,���,      ^S77 7.\7x.;rr^tdmVmAUce.  iX, Heart-disease costs Canada's economy  over two billion dollars each year through  premature death and disability. You can  - help reduce that cost by knowing the risk  factors and modifying your lifestyle accordingly.  Ingrid Fischer has been reappointed as  a field co-ordinator in the Provincial  Government's Youth Employment  Program. She will be based in Burnaby  and will Cover North and West Vancouver,  the Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island and the  area from Lions Bay to Pemberton.  Fisher has previously worked as a field  co-ordinator with the Youth Employment  Program. She has administered the  Business Program in Vancouver and in  1977 co-ordinated the local college and  university program.  - The Youth Employment Program  seeks to stimulate summer jobs for  students and unemployed youth. It involves Provincial Government funding as  an incentive toward creation of new jobs.  Twenty-eight field co-ordmators in the  Youth Employment Program are located  in the various areas of the province. Their  job is to seek out and screen prospective  employers and assist in placement of  employees through the Program's Youth  -referral Seracev"~~^"~^  ThePr^ogram covers employment from  May 1 to August 31.  The Provincial Youth Employment  Program Office in the Lower Mainland is  located at 4946 Canada Way, Burnaby.  Telephone 291-2901;   -~ J������  ~nn*  Editor, The Times:  The time has come again for the  Timber Days Committee to seek the aid of  your newspaper. It may only be February  but'time is most precious to those involved  with Timber Days.  As it stands we have four people who  have committed themselves to being a  part of the organizing committee; What we  need from your newspaper is an extra  special push to help advertise our upcoming meeting and recruit new faces.  Last year, we found recruiting new faces a  difficult task. With only a handful of  s group  volunteers we are able to organize a very  successful Timber Days. Just think of the  success we could attain if a few of your  readers could be persuaded to help. I  cannot promise fame or fortune to those  willing to help but I can promise them one  of the most rewarding experiences of  "79".  So any considerations given this letter  would be appreciated. In closing our  meeting Is on February 22,1979 at.7:30 In  the Sechelt Village Office. I ibark you in  advance for your cooperation.  Kathy Acton (8854051).  Lee'sright ��� "fiscal"  not "fitful" restraint  Editor, The Times:  As sure as shootin* they've gone  bonkers in that Regional Board enclave (I  would stress the word enclave).  Now they've ganged-up and removed  tho only person from their private club  who dared keep an eye and a tight rein on  our bucks ... and this because the man  dared tell it to 'em as It is. I, among many,  back him up 100 per cent. I refer here to  Chnrles Lee.  Mr. Leo as a person Is, without doubts  controversial and I can't say that I agree  with his philosophies all the time - If I did,  I would be Just one more sheep In the flock.  However, when the man is right, he's right  and that's all. I would emphatically  suggest that tho Board reconsider.  Ono of tho Directors was quoted In your  '+*+#*0*m*****i*#+t**r**^0*0^*0*0*0***0i  m0*0**mmmt  H**SW*WW  The Peninsula5^***^  Published Wednesdays at Scehch  on lUVs Sunshine Const  by  The Peninsula Times  lor Wcfilpres Publications Ltd,  n,t .Sechelt, B.C, ,  llox 310 ��� Scchull. H.C.  VON 3AO  PhoneH85-.12.il  Office hours: Ht.lOn.m.  ���-- --���-*���-�����& p. mf-T������vJiii4��-���- -���,--   newspaper as saying "he rambles along  with Hangs that don't make sense. It's  codswallop". I would suggest VERY  STRONGLY to this Director (Mr.  Almond) that the way our money Is spent  on all levels of government Is NOT codswallop and if he can't see the sense of  being made aware of how spending growth  is progressing, he should resign forthwith.  His very comments suggest a "head-ln-  the-clouds" attitude which is Indicative of  lack of Interest,in the position he holds;  and as such he can no longer exert clear  directorship in matters of vital importance to all.  I am led to believe that a sum of money  is about to be expended on pay boosts for  program co-ordinotors which are  federally and provinclally funded. Taxpayers must be made aware that they  have already paid for these programs at  the senior government levels and should  not bo made to pay more, and again, at tho  local levels. Furthermore^ wo hoar or read  precious little of what these Fitness  Programs and PEP employees do to  Justify their wages. How about a Job  description as it actually pertains to tho  work Involved. ^  In ending let mo simply say that this is  a time of fiscal restraint - not fitful  resentment.  J.E. Belanger.  -and^8^ty~back-pattingV^e-parly--in���readiin-youHpape^bout-the_Begional  power does a lot of pointing with pride and  the opposition does a great deal of viewing  with alarm. We, the tax payers keep the  whole treadmill going. Why don't we, as  voters, face the obvious fact that seekers  of office are exactly that. They are individual persons, scrabbling and  knuckling each other in order to obtain a  highly paid, high-pension job that is loaded  with tax-free fringe benefits and opportunities for travel. If.I hadn't so many  skeletons boogeylng around my closet I'd  probably take a snap at it myself.  AS usual when elections are in the offing I find myself snarling back at the TV  set during the News and laughing  hysterically when a political hopeful from  any party starts trying to project his  personal panacea along with his toothy  'made for TV' image.,  All this feverish shouting is upsetting  my little dog and he is spending more and  more time under the table. He will be  happy when all elections are behind us and  he. can settle back and snooze to the usual  steady stream of low cursing.  When we are actually hit with the next  election wouldn't it be fun If each and  every voter, unanimously, voted to put the  whole damn bag of worms away for further consideration? How about initiating  an Independent study of the ballot? How  about referring all the ballots to a corn-  Board asking for Mr. Lee's resignation as  Chairman of the Finance Committee.   He is one man on the; board who really  does his homework and tries to keep our  expenses down. There are too many on the  boanl that have never had to meet a  payroll and don't seem to know the value  of a dollar. The name of the game seems to  be "spend money, there is more where this  came from."  Mr. Lee has always done an excellent  job of keeping us Informed about the  Regional Board's spending. It is a great  loss to all taxpayers In this area to have  Mr. Lee relieved of his chairmanship.  Regarding the sums of money the  Regional Board proposed to make to the  Fitness Program ($5,000) and the  Provincial Emergency Program ($2,000)*.  Sure it is "only" $7,000, but that Is this  year, what will they ask for jneixt year?  ' If these people are not happy with the  funds they are getting now, why don't they  go to the senior governments that started  the programs? Why do they come to the  Regional Board? Probably they feel the  Regional Board is easier to deal with.  Personally, I wish we had more  members like Mr. Lee on the board, with  the Intestinal fortitude to stand up and say  what he thinks ahd stand by it. He calls It  as he sees It.  E. McDonald  iftrfirre tine  Awash in self-serve cascade  ������by Bruce Robinson  A Vancouver guide  r)y Robert Kirsch  Subscription Rniesi Un nrtvnncc)  I,nciiI, $7 per,year. Beyond .15miles, $H  U.S.A., $10. Overseas SI I.  CoToiraiT csro urtttrwmch have had  considerable suocea* in reducing mortality in patients admitted to hospital with  heart attack, were pioneered In Canadian  hospitals.  Vancouver Is a city that abounds with  ethnic restaurants and nestled side by side  In the shadow of the Georgia Street  Viaducts you'll find two of the finest.  Although now closely connected, their  origins are far opart. . .the PUNJAB of  the north of India, and PUCCINI'S of Italy.  The rich scent of curry clings to the  hand-carved wood and ornate brass of this  brightly-colored dining room at the  PUNJAB, Turbaned waiters seem to drift  silently through tho room adding to tho  exotic mood already created by the Infectious music ot on off-beat altar and the  hollow cry of temple bells.  The menu rings with mystic dishes of  spicy meat and vegetable. Beef hussanl or  (fttcfcmtJtan^^  mullgani soup are two of my favourites!  And if you're brave, order the curry hot  with lots of chatnl. Your nose will twitch  and your eyes will water and your voice  I  may crack ��� but then you can quench  your thirst right next door ot HOGAN'S  ALLEY.  Tho atmosphere at HOGANS Is one of a  Now York piano bar with low-hanging  Tiffany lamps, pink velvet bar stools and  pretty cocktail waitresses. This is tho now  addition to on old and famous Italian  restaurant which Is located on the floor  above PUCCINI'S. '  Thro Is carpet on the narrow stairway  and planked floor now and tho tables and  chairs aro newer. But the food is still old-  country Italian. Salads with oil and  vinegar, parmeaan cheese, fried tomatoes  and crisp lettuce, tungy Lasagna, steak In  basil and garlic, pizza bread and spumoni  ice cream ��Italian food atlts best;  You will have to take two trips to this  part of town ���' both very different experiences and a must on the list when you  come to Vancouver, *  There are many who contend that good  workmanship is a lost art, that craftsmen  are an extinct breed who disappeared  about the same time as the dodo bird. The  critics of those contemporary workers who  produce the Immense variety of consumer  goods, point out the dubious quality of  these goods in comparison to the more  substantive work of years ago.  you remember those days. Those were  the days when you could actually drive  away in a new automobile without a  windshield wiper falling off in the lot,  picked up by a sheepish salesman who  pointed out a garage down the road with  reasonable rates. Those were the days  when the main material in houses was  wood, Those were the days when you  didn't have to be a seamstress if you  bought clothes retail.  Alright, so I'm being a little harsh.  There are still many who take pride In  their work and who are every bit as accomplished as any of their predecessors.  Still, most goods today are produced with  less precision and care than they once-  were.  But there exists another form of  deterioration related to this question of  workmanship, even more Insidious and  possibly more threatening to our lifestyle  than a decline in the quality of commodities. The magic word is, or should I  say was, service. Service. Tho human  element involved in a transaction, Tho  trimmings which accompany a purchase.  The manner in which wo aro treated by  fellow human beings who have something  to sell. Lately It has been conspicuous by  its absence and I'd like to suggest a few  reasons why I think this ls so.  Firstly, if it is fair to soy that tho  quality of workmanship huB eroded  somewhat, then it may be equally correct  to state that people ore finding it a difficult  task to promote Inferior products,  products which they themselves are not  sold on, and therefore cannot find sufficient Inspiration to sell, But that, It  seems to me, Is only part of the problem.  More than anything else, what service  consists of, is ah attitude, If I am in the  market forsoniethtnKrttwn I have certain  expectations of the person or persons to  whom I go In order to make a purchase. I  expect to be treated politely and with  respect, and I expect the seller to possess a  fair knowledge of their product. But what  motivates me to return a second and third  time, and what I value as much, If not  more than the product itself, is that little  extra something, the attitude of the seller  which makes me feel good about being  there. I like to think that the person with  whom I am dealing will do everything in  their power and then some to satisfy my  wants and needs. I want to feel special and  I have that right because I have picked  that place of business in which to spend my  money.  Perhaps part of the responsibility for  shabby service these days can be related  partially, at least, to we the consumers,  With costs so overwhelmingly high, we are  more concerned with finding the best deal  that we are with being treated well. The  entrepreneurs, aware of this, have cut  down on service so that they can lower  prices and now, to a great extent, we have  to provide our own servlce.We are being  bombarded with a cascade of self-servo  enterprises which contributes to this  separation between buyer and seller.  Tho small shop-keeper usually knows  that tho human element holds tho key to  his survival. However, It grows increasingly difficult for such people to  compete with tho huge companies which  can buy wholesale so much more cheaply  than ho can. He often becomes absorbed  Into tho machinery of big business, selling  out and working for anonymous executives  for whom growth is an obsession.  Sometimes the small shop-keeper is forced  to abdicate to tho franchise, to sell the guts  of his business and to remain on 1m-  potently in the capacity of figurehead, all  major decisions rendered by an uaseen  hand.  Franchises, department stores, self  serve, They thrive despite their indifference. How many times havo you  shopped in a department store and felt  that, tho part-time help was actually  capable and knowledgeable of tho  products which they were soiling? How  many times hove you bought a hamburger  at ono of those outlets wo all know so well,  and felt anything remotely llko n warm,  personal exchange takes place? This trend  towards mass production persists because  for tho corporation It is commercially  viable, but If it is big bustness's gain it Is  still our loss.  t :.\.  MORE ABQUTJ . .  Wednesday, February 21,1979       The Peninsula Times'  PaeeA-3  Weather, February 10-16    Lo.. Hi. Prec.  February 10 :..<..,-....'. 3.0 4.0    1.02  Februaryll 3.0  6.5. 0.48,  Februarys 3.0 ��5    1.77  February 137v ,...:....6.0  7.5     nil  February 14 .............. .-2.5 4.5     nil  Februarys -1.0. 7.5    0.26  _Februaryl6-^. ___^^1JLASJ 1.22-,  Week's rainfall - 4.75 cms. February to  date -10.34 cms. 1979 to date -17.01 cms.  February 10-16, 1978 - 1.65 cms.  February 1-16,1978 -11.05 cms. January 1-  February 16, 1978 - 24.82c.  The 9.5 C temperature was reached  during the night ��� the warmest night  since October 17,1978.  RECORDS  STAPES  ��� Plan wants area to stay rural  '���From Page'A-l'..  Sargeant Bay to become a nature park and  picnic site with boat launching .and  acquiring of Cooper's Green as public  land. Spawning areas in Wakefield Creek  and Halfmoon Creek are to be enhanced.  The expansion of Halfmoon Bay wharf  ^requested alongwithImproved docking  Save time and money ordering the records and tapes you want. Pop, country, folk, specialty - current hits and  golden oldies. Special discounts all  labels, satisfaction and safe delivery  positively guaranteed. Send 25c mailing for rush copy latest catalog.  Supersound, Box 5227-SY Vancouver  B.C. V6B 4B3. <  facilities throughouTthe area.  The Limestone Caves are to be  developed to give the public access to  them and more walking trails and campsites are to be provided at Smuggler's  Cove Marine Park.     . :_  The regional district water system is to  be expanded, when needed, to include  Halfmoon Bay-West Sechelt, but this is not  to be used as a reason to increase  development.  Any sewer systems used are to be of the  "highest quality", non-polluting, with  outfalls that allow for good flushing action.  The community center is to have an  auditorium for-meetings-and-other-uses  and lawn bowling and tennis facilities are  desirable in small park areas to be  provided throughout area B.  "Additional arrangements" are to be  made for the collection and disposal of  garbage such as large refuse containers at  appropriate locations for tourists.  UALfMOON INN  N^ ���- ���   X  OOC  CCAA  V %_* %S ~ ��J�� iS V <wr  ��� SMORGASBORD EVERY FRIDAY, SATURDAY  & SUNDAY-CLOSED MONDAY.  WE HAVE GAS  PUMPS AND TOW  TRUCK SERVICE.  The Clarksons ���  8 miles North of Sechelt.  ��� Hiway 101  In addition, for fire and other protec- .  tion, all buildings are to be identified by a i  numbering system.  The plan asks for narrow, winding-  roads with use of cul-de-sacs and loop  roads where possible with Highway 101  designated a scenic route and with the  ^addition of a bicycle lane to the highway Jt .2  ~askTfOT"passinglane^^  highway widening and for view points,  large enough to remove cars from the,  travelled portion.  The Highways Dept. is asked to leave a  band of vegetation on either side of the  shoulder in residential areas to decrease  noise and maintain the rural visual aspect..  Roads should follow natural contours, the  plan adds, and regional by-laws are not to  insist on conventional rectangular lot  shapes  but allow  for  "flexibilityv of  design".    The plan recommends .2 ha. as the  average lot size with the lands south of  ���Halfmoon-Bay-between-the^oast-and-the_  Sechelt Provincial Forest at .2 ha. size and-  in West Sechelt .1 ha. in size.  "No urban five-meter-wide lots are to'  be allowed to develop in strips along the  residential roads," the plan adds.  No apartments are to be allowed in the  area with home occupation and home  industry allowed where it satisfies land-  use by-laws. The commercial centre for  > Halfmoon-Bay-West   Sechelt   should  provide a local store and "tourist-oriented^  commercial enterprises" and it is to be  "oriented off Highway 101 but may back  _ontoJ^hwayJ0T.   one^weTling^rloHs^be^allowe  maintain an average density of one  dwelling per .2 ha., although in larger lots  secondary cottages may be allowed, the  report concludes.  Residents of area B will, hold their  second meeting on the plan Wednesday at  the home of Louis Vignal, Nor'west Bay  Road'next to the West Sechelt School at'  7:30 p.m.  Heart Fund gifts have speeded virtually every advance in cardiovascular  medicine in recent years, prolonging  thousands of lives.  m  m   m___m   m m  m  gov't inspected  m _. ea  whole or shank  gov't inspected, gr. A beef chuck  short rib roast  gov't inspected, boneless, frozen  sirloin steaks  gov't inspected, Wiltshire  h_tt%@.��   C2iifl&31���?��i  m&%&%it>Bl      %sr^t5 wS^srwB   d. iu. jm&.  Nabob  Harvest  coffee  Province of British Columbia  PUBLIC NOTICE  PUBLIC INQUIRIES ACT  (R.S;B.G. 1960, Chap. 315)  ROYAL COMMISSION OF  INQUIRY HEALTH AND  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION  URANIUM MINING  TAKE NOTICE that, pursuant to the British Columbia Public Inquiries  Act, His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor in Council has been pleased  to appoint as Commissioners the following persons, namely:  Dr. David V. Bates, Chairman  Dr. James W. Murray  Valter Raudsepp  The Commissioners shall inquire into the adequacy of existing  measures to provide protection in all aspects of uranium mining in  British Columbia. In particular, the Commissioners will examine the  adequacy of, existing Federal and Provincial requirements in British  Columbia for:  (a) The protection of the health and safety of workers associated  with exploration, mining and milling of uranium, and  (b) The protection of the environment, and  (c) The protection of the Public.  The Commissioners shall make recommendations for setting and  maintaining standards for workers and public safety and for the protection of the environment in respect to the exploration, mining and  milling of uranium ores. They are to report their findings and recommendations to the Lieutenant-Governor In Council In accordance with  the provisions of the Act.  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that Public Hearings by the Royal Commission of Inquiry Health and Environmental protection ��� Uranium  Mining will be held at selected locations throughout the Province, at  times and dates to be announced. The first series of Public Hearings  to receive Briefs will be held during the months of May, June, and July,  1979. An Inaugural Public meeting Is to be held  10:00 a.m., Tuesday, March 6,1979  Holiday Inn  711 West Broadway Avenue  Vancouver, B.C.  The purpose of this meeting will be to outline plans for future sittings  and rules of procedure.  AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that those persons or organizations Intending to appear before the Commission at any of Its Public Hearings  after March 6, 1979 are required to:  (a) Wrlto immediately to inform the Exocutlve Secretary at the address below and Inform him of such Intention, and thereafter  Prepare a Brief to bo forwarded to the Executive Secretary prior  to their appearance before the Commission.  There will be an opportunity for Informal presentations to be made  before tho Commission during Its Public Hoarlngs without prior notice  being given.  The Executive Secretary will contact tho parties concerned and cer  tain othor organizations and expert witnesses to arrango for their appearance at a sultoblo time and place.  Further Public Notices with respect to tho Public Hearings will be  isauod In due course.  On behalf of the Commission;  Brig. Gen. E.D. Danby (retired)  Executive Secretary  Royal Commission of Inquiry  Health and Environmental  Prottottofr���^tomKtm-rVttirtng--���������.-��--.���  (b)  P.O. Box 46302, Postal Station "G"  Vancouver, B.C. V6R 4G6  1 lb. pkg.  Aunt  Jemima  pancake  mix  1.75 kg pkg.  Sunspun  clear  apple  juice  48 fl. oi. tin  SuperValu  cream  all flavors, 2 Itr ctn.  3 lb. pkg.  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Hosp. aux. plans  IT'S THAT time again and Val Micnaud, left, and Donna Harrison of the  Gibsons Motor Vehicle branch are there to give you your new licence plates  before the Feb. 28 deadline.  Gibsons glimpses  Reflexology workshop  by Marion Alsager, 886-2458  About 40 people attended tfte  Reflexology Workshop given by Vivien  Harder last Sunday afternoon in the  Chatelech School, Music Room.  Reflexology is a science which deals with  the principle that there are reflexes in  -the^eetirelative4o*ach-and=every-orgar  and all parts of the body. Stimulating these  reflexes properly can help many health  problems in a natural way, just like  preventative maintenance. Everyone  present benefited from what they learned  and Vivien told us she only covered half of  the program and would be happy to hold  another workshop as soon as it could be  suitably arranged. Evans Hermon, the coordinator for this workshop has agreed to  make the arrangements.  CURLING  Last Saturday's Curling Bonspiel at  Gibsons Winter Club pitted teachers  against merchants against Canfor and the  Canfor "Tie-breaking Team" showed such  RARE style in winning the "Golden  Broom" award. Congratulations!  BASKETBALL  The Junior Girls Basketball team took  Mr. Bjornson and Mairi Robertson to  dinner on Thursday night in appreciation  for their time and effort with the team.  Mairi has done a fantastic job of managing  the Junior girls basketball team.  ���The Senior Girls Basketball are having  a Provincial Tournament on February 28  to March 3. There will be 200 girls involved  ��� do come out and support them!  JOB TRAINING AT MILL  \ Further information on employee  training at the Howe Sound Pulp mill. Ray  Delong told us that hourly-paid employee  training commences with initial new  employee induction of:  a) mill orientation  b) film on company-integrated forest  product co.  c) safety tape slides ��� HSP  d) discussion on specific safety situations  related to pulp production  e) safety gear and equipment required and  manner of obtaining.  f) blue hard hat program.  On the job training is handled by the  "buddy" method ��� one experienced  operator and the new trainee. However  many of the operating positions, because  of complexity, require more than "buddy"  training, i.e. theory of process is then  involved, the "whys" as well as the  "hows". This type of training involves a  training manual and in some cases a day  by day training schedule with tape-slide  audio visuals for each main operating  function.  A new video tape recording and  playback unit has been recently purchased  and will be used for specific training  situations, as video tapes are obtained.  At the present time the Howe Sound  mill has 21 Indentured apprentices in 11  trades. They are pipefltting, steamfitting,  macmnisi, Heavy uuiy iwtxuawv, industrial instrumentation, industrial  electrical, millwrighting, sheet metal,  heat and frost insulation, pressure  welding, painting and decorating and  carpentry.  Jpeeifie^radesmen^trainm&^a  There was good attendance at the  regular meeting of the Pender Harbour  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital on  Wednesday, February 14.  Committee reports indicated that  progress is good in their various fields of  endeavour,  The chief business of the meeting was  to lay the groundwork for this year's  Fishing Derby in August.  inuvcoming-datet>f-importance-is-the-  Annual Volunteer's Meeting to be held  _March_6.The=place;^St^HUda^Hall^.  Sechelt. The time: 11 a.m. Tea and coffee  will be served but members should take  their own lunch. All members are urged to  attend, not just members of volunteer  committees.  Mr. Ian Hunter of the Physiotherapy  Department at St. Mary's Hospital will be  the guest speaker. Do plan to attend. It is a  rewarding experience to hear what the  volunteers have accomplished during the  past year and a pleasant way to spend  time with other Auxilians. Gibsons'  Auxiliary is hosting the event.  There is to be a lottery in conjunction  with our Membership Tea in May. Prizes  are $100, $50 and $25. Tickets are available  from members at $1 each.  ���New-members-are^o-morganizatioff  what a blood transfusion is to a patient.  They provide the hopootfuture.vigoutart  well-being. It is not necessary to wait until  the Membership Tea. New members are  always welcome.   The meeting closed with the serving of  tea. The ladies in charge took advantage of  the date and set an attractive table in the  Valentine theme.   "See H&R Block for  assistance with the  British Columbia  income tax credits."  H&R Block knows all the income tax credits, including the   Henry W. Block  British Columbia Renters Tax Credit. It's our business to  keep abreast of dll the complex tax laws in Canada so you  ^dTft^HaWTFo7iV\fe~OTe~1n^  H&R BLOCK  THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE  GIBSONS  In tho Sunnycrest Mall   ���  [Across from SuperValu]  PHONE 886-7414  During Regular Mall Hours  Appointments Available  upgrading in 1978 were: electricians ���  solid state electronics, high'voltage  breakers and fire alarm maintenance;  millwright training was in belt splicing,  Magnaflux techniques and thickness  readings, also vibration analysis;  .pipefitters, were upgraded in value adjustments and troubleshooting; the* heavy  duty mechanics trained in specific  equipment servicing; and the millwrights  ih bearing uses, fitting and maintenance.  SALE RACE  Dave Smethurst won the Yacht Club  Sail Race ��� the route was, once around  Keats Island.  Roger have you found your keys yet?  Navy League Cadets had a successful  "survival day" on Sunday. It was held at  Roberts Creek.  AT LEAST AN ACE  What lady at Tuesday's bridge dub  said "if you're going to bid something, the  least you can have for me is an Ace"?  > Who's been kissing Kathy now that she  is Sweet Sixteen?  WHALES PASSING  Did you take a good look at the Killer  Whales which were going through the  Sound on Tuesday about 4 p.m. There were  four of them and they were surely  fascinating to watch.  Have you got your tickets for the Disco  dance scheduled for February 24th in the  . Legion Hall. Ask for them at the TJS  Sound. Cost of admission is $4, no minors,  please.  VISITORS  At was -niee���ehatting���jwith���Jii  Williamson last week-end, he was here  visiting Haig and Maureen Maxwell. Jim  works in North Vancouver as a probation  officer and tells us he really finds the  position most challenging.  Lome and Vicki Buchanan were  visiting their grandmother, Mrs. Anne  Prewer and Lome's mother, Mrs. Trevor  Baxter. Lome and family live In the Haney  area now.  VALENTINE DINNER/  The Ladies Auxiliary to Legion Br. 109  held the annual Valentine's dinner for the  OAPA members last Saturday. Mrs.  Eileen Spencer convened this successful  event. Mrs. Eileen Poppel entertained the  group by playing several numbers on the  piano, Mr. Roy Harris sang some solos and  Janlne Pednault did the Highland fling. It  was a most enjoyable evening.  GOOD FISHING  We heard that the Sport Fishing is  excellent around Keats Island and seems  to be "at a peak" in our general area.  Date Pad  Fob. 21 ��� Cable 10 at 6 pm In Gibsons and 7i30 pm In Sochelt; "Pioneers  of the Sunshine Coast", Richard Reeves of Roberts Creek In con:  vorsatlan with Bert Nelson.  Fob. 21 ��� Roberts Crook Community Association Meeting, Discussion of  |olnt-use community hall/gym and dog control. Everyone urged to come,  Feb, 21 ~ Seminar on Insulation and ventilation of dwellings, Board room  of the regional offices, second floor or Hansen Block on Wharf St, 7:30 pm.  All interested parties welcome,  Feb, 21 ��� Heart Fund Drive will be presenting 2 educational films at the  Kinsmen Hall, Gibsons,' 7130 pm, Admission free,  Feb, 21 ��� Horizon Theatre Company, Roberts Creek Elementary Gym, 8  pm. Newcomers welcome, Call Mary Livingstone, 885-9240 for more info,  Feb, 22 ��� Rummage Sale, 10 to noon, Catholic Women's Hall, Sechelt,  Westorn Weight Controllers,  Feb. 22 ��� Film Show, Welcome Beach Hall ��� Iran, Eskimos, Hawaiian  Volcano and Marsh-life. -. ������������:. -v- -v ���-���-.���  Feb. 22 ��� Bingo every Thursday, 8 pm, Pender Harbour Community Hall,  Jackpot $300 In SO calls or less,  Feb. 24 ��� Sechelt Boy Scouts, public dinner at the Senior Citizens Hall, 3-7;  adults $ I,SO, children $1,00, Limited advance tickets at Macleods or Royal  Bank arid at door,  Feb. 26 ������ Horizon Theatre Company, Roberts Creek Elem Gym. Call Mary  Livingstone, 889-9248 for more Info. 8; 15 pm, newcomers welcome.  Feb. 28 ��� Pender Harbour and District Health Clinic Auxiliary Meeting at  the Clink, 7:30 pm.  March 2 ��� World Day of Prayer, 1:30, St. John's United Church, Davis Bay,  -"All arrlnvlMdr"--* '-;"--' -���" ":-    --" ' :��� ������"������-������-���   March 2 ��� World Pay of Prayer, St, Bartholomew's Anglican Church,  Gibsons, 1:30 pm. iveryone welcome,  March 3 -- Family Dance at the Roberts Creek Community Hall, 7-11, Music  by Moonlight Rider, $2/person,  ~~--TjiiTinrirWrwTfli^^   '���iriniiirCAUMsvnti.  One company, One cheque \        the balance in three installments at  Combine your Basic insurance with your  Optional insurance at the same time.  Autoplan offers both in a neat, simple  "Protection Plus" policy - one cheque  does it!  Easy claim handling  two-month intervals. The interest rate is  only 15% per annum.  Available to ALL vehicle owners  Autoplan's "Protection Plus" policy is  available to all vehicle owners, regardless of  driving record or claims history. It should  With both your Basic and Optional insur- be noted that any indebtedness to the  ancein a single poHcy, claims handling is Corporation must be resolved before  simple and time-saving. You can phone or renewal,  drive m to any of the 39 claim centres A   *  throughout the province. And more  ci'r'rm* ���    \t i- !������!%��� ^ Check the 1979 "All about Autoplan"  Sate Driving Vehicle Discounts booklet. It provides concise information on  If your vehicle has a claim-free record for most aspects of Autoplan. Pick up a copy  from your agent when you renew.  one year your Safe Driving Vehicle Discount will be 15%; for two years it's 25%;  for three years, 32.5%. Your agent can tell  you if your vehicle qualifies - 8 out of 10  vehicles do.  Choice of deductibles  With the wide choice of deductibles available from Autoplan, you can virtually  design a policy to suit your own particular  needs.  Easy financing  If you prefer, you can pay your Autoplan  premium in installments. You pay 30%  down, subject to a minimum of $75, and  The deadline for renewing your Basic Autoplan Insurance is February 28th, 1979.  ��� INSURANCE  CORPORATION  Of BRITISH COUJMBIA  ���  One company/One cheque  s  One stop, easy claim  handling Province-wide  s  Safe driving vehicle discounts  V  Choice pf deductibles  V  Easy financing         '  s  And more  Motor Vehicle Office  ssswrassr6"- sechelt' "*��� von 3ao  \ ��� ��� . ^__ r  - r  . **.  Sechelt notes  Area   B   meting  by PeggyConnor, 885-9347  7 Wednesday at7:30 pirn, istheTAreaB  Settiemeht Plan meeting at the home of  -UuisJVignalJiext.dttorJ^)_the.W_est5echelt_  School on Nor-west Bay Road.  Read the copy of thefirst draft received  in the mail and let the committee know if  this is how you want your area to be.  SECHELT RATEPAYERS  ,7 The recently formed ratepayers group:  for the village of Sechelt passed several  resolutions being ^studied by village  council. A. That the Village of Sechelt not  accept land subdivision applications  unless made in writing to accordance with  the Municipal act. B. That the Village of  Sechelt establish a fee to accompany these  for senior citizens navigating stairs.   Maybe you have other suggestions that  -merit-attention     .  FRIDAY SCHOOL IS OUT  February 23 is an inservice day for the  teachers and a holiday for the kids.  VALENTINE GREETING  ��� To Dad from daughter-r- Roses are red,  red as a mitten; you know and I know, that  I want a kitten. From other daughter ���  Roses are red, violets need water, you are  so lucky, that I am your daughter. To Mum  ��� Roses are red, violets are blue, and  nobody else, is nicer than you. Also ���  Roses are red, violets are smoke, I would  have bought you a card but I was broke  was held to meet the many newcomers to  Jflalfmoon Bay. They responded enthusiastically and consequently our  number of members has swelled.       -;  The Jim Cooper Memorial Fund is'  slowly growing and as soon as a workable  amount is reached, an athlete on the  Sunshine Coast,will receive a bursary to  assist in future training. At present it  ~stands-at-$400;   Sechelt hospital auxiliary report  By KAY-PURDY   ,    The regular meeting of the Sechelt  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital was held  February 8 in St. Hilda's Hall. President  Chris Ward, opened the meeting at 2 p.m.  and welcomed new member Judy Kar-  penko.  ___Repi>rts_j\[CTe_given_ by  committee  the-Physiotherapy Department.  Next meeting of the Sechelt Hospital  Auxiliary will be held on March 8 at 2 p.m.  in St. Hilda's Hall.  Western wheel a parts ltp.  NEXT TO T&T WELDING  E. PORPOISE BAY RD. .  SECHELT  ��-ct**��47��-  OFFICE:885-M��  RES. EVES: SW-2650  TELEX: 04-5J413  "applicationsrCrThr-Village-Planner-be���Mother���to���daughtersj���written  responsible to insure that the Municipal  ActandJhe-,villageJ>yrlaws .bejenforced _  before giving preliminary approval to the  applicant. D. All sub-divisions, property  and land .development -with Village of  Sechelt be inspected by the planner and  recommendations made to council. E. The  Mayor and Council shall not act on any  development or subdivision applications  until recommendation of the planner are  before them. F. The association suggests,  that Marine Way from the end of the  present paving on Trail BayAve. junction  of Reef Road be paved. G. The association  requires that the sub-grade be b,uilt to  Department of Highways-Standards^-H.  The aforesaid road should be completed  before the plan of six lot subdivision on  Marine Quay and the rezoning of Block 10  be approved. I. The Association in regards  to zoning stands behind the planning guide'  that was made by the Planning committee.  This group is sincerely striving to assist  in making development in the Village go  forth in a sound, sensible way.  They are encouraging developers to  bring their proposed building plans of  subdivisions before their group. This way  rumour and talk will be accurate and basis  for complaints will be cleared away before  a lot of time and money has been spent. A  good sounding board.  The next meeting is planned for March  14 and the place not yet confirmed, but if  you wish to become a member phone the  membership -chairman "Mrs:���Moira-  Osborne at 885-9767 and either her or  assistant Trixie Wilkinson will get your  membership cards to you.  They are concerned with the village  bylaw that allows only apartments on the  second floor, thus presenting a hardship  receiving the above poems ��� Roses are  xed,imade_your_ bed, Tidy_ yourj'qom, or_  I'll lower the boom.  CONFIRMED DATES  , The lunchdate for the Sechelt Auxiliary  to St. Mary's Hospital, when all Sechelt  lunches with the Auxiliary is June 7 at the  Senior Citizens hall.  The Sechelt Auxiliary will hold their  first bazaar November 24, Saturday at the  Senior Citizens hall.  The Eastern Star will hold its annual  bazaar the usual third Saturday in  November the 17th.  HALFMOON BAY RECREATION  Donations may be sent to the Halfmoon  Bay Recreation Commission, RR1,  Halfmoon Bay.  Since the meeting, word has been  received that the application for lease on a  portion of Lot 1623 for playing fields has  been received by the Sunshine C&ast  Regional Board. At the meeting much  interest was exhibited as to when this  lease might be received. With the enthusiasm expressed indications are, there  will be lots of help ready when the time  comes to go ahead.  The chairman thanked the directors  before���andmembereiortheirgrand-co^peration-  during her two years as their chairman.  ^Election,_of _new_directors followed.���  nominating chairman Barbara Laakso.  Five openings for director were filled  by re-electing Donna Perry for two years  and electing, also for two years, Jack  Barnsley, Bob Beaupre, Jerrie-Lou Wick-  wire and for one year Helen Hain. Those  five added to the four who still have one  year to go, Bonnie Semotiuak, Steve  Doughty, Barbara Laakso and Peggy  Connor.  The directors chose Steve Doughty as  new chairman, Bonnie Semotiuk for vice  Chairman, Donna Perry as Treasurer and  FT^glflalHannmrTneetto^^  Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission  was held Monday, February 12 at the  Welcome Beach Hall.  There were fourteen members present  and they heard chairman Peggy Connor's  report on activities over the past year.  There was the annual Easter egg hunt,  a pancake breakfast, Timber Day  festivities, arranging of swimming  lessons, taking part in the Country Fair  with the Welcome Beach Community  Association, local hikes through interesting parks, Hallowe'en party,  bowling, Christmas parties for children  and teens.  In January a "get acquainted" dance  Another dance will be held soon for the  members. The annual Easter Egg hunt  will be held April 14���place not decided as  yet.  For all those interested in one afternoon of bowling, Friday, February 23,  phone Donna Perry at 885-3742. This is an  inservice day for teachers so school is out  for the kids.  Members are reminded to attend the  Settlement Plan meetings to be held this  week.  The next meeting of the group will be  held as usual on the second Monday of the  month, March 12, 7:30 p.m. Welcome  Beach Hall.  chairman and showed that members are  busy in the various fields of service.  Sincere sympathy was extended to the  family of Maxine McNeil who, prior to her  death, was a long-time members, and to  Ellen Danvers and family on the death of  Fr. Danvers.  Ada Dawe, our Life Member, was  heartily congratulated on her very successful TV appearance and interview on  Channel 10. She praised the interviewer  and the students who arranged the  program.  The Scottish party held for the extended care patients was a fine affair and  -Peggy-eonnorand-her-helpers-areto-be���  congratulated.  The members agreed with the  suggestion that future Friendship Teas be  held in Sechelt as it is the most central  location. Gibsons' Auxiliary will sponsor  this year's tea on April 19 in the Sechelt  Senior Citizen Hall.  Billie Steele reported that the Quilting  Bee will be held on Mondays at 2 p.m. at  the home of Rene Lawrence. Do plan to  attend and learn this old-time craft. Phone  Billie at 885-2023 for further information.  Our Annual Spring Luncheon will be  held on Thursday, June 7 at 11 a.m. to 2  p.m. in the Senior Citizens' Hall. The  -convenors are already���jirawjng_up_plans  for this event. Mark the date now.  The Volunteer Meeting and Annual  Luncheon will be held in St. Hilda's Hall on  Tuesday, March 6 at 11 a.m. Bring your  lunch and enjoy the reports and Ian  Hunter speaking about the work done in  School District No. 46 (Sechelt)  TRUSTEE ELECTION  Three valid nominations have.been received for the position of  trustee'to complete the balance of Mr. Frizzell's-term of office, i.e,.  until December 31st, 1979. Candidates are:  NAME  Peter  Puchalski, Adam Bruce  ADDRESS  Stelck, Brian Francis   Sechelt; B.C.  Davis Bay, B.C.  R.R. 2, Gibsons, B.C.  OCCUPATION  Autobody Mechanic  Log Grader  Businessman  Polls-will be held-at:  -        "  Davis Bay Elementary School  Roberts Creek Elementary School  Elphinstone Secondary School  Langdale Elementary School  Bowen Island Community School  and will be open from 8:00 a.m.  3rd.  until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday, March  PERSON ELIGIBLE TO VOTE ARE THOSE ON THE VOTERS LIST OF  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT ELECTORAL AREAS C, D, E  AND  F  AND  THE  GREATER  VANCOUVER-REGIONAL���DISTRICT-  ~ECECTORA17AREA~C (BOWEN ISLAND). All of these Regional District  Electoral Areas together form School District No. 46 Rural Area "B"  for which the trustee is to be elected.  Pender Harbour Nibbles  Clinic Aux;bargain barn**  By Queen Rat 883-2308 7  WASHERS-DRYERS-DISHWASHERS-MICRO-OVENS  2-year guarantee on all parts & labor "  5-year warranty on the dryer drum  10-year guarantee on washer transmission  Lifetime-guarantee-on -stainless- -steel---���  washer tub  WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  883-2648  ^wikqkt eHeat/ie  fjitVionfi  FOR TIMES CALL  886-2827  A MAI (VSSO COMPANY riLMCo-strtrririB SONDRA LOOKI  GKOffREy LEWIS  IllVIRiy D'ANGELp Odd RU [H GORDON as Mo ��� Written by JEREMY JOE KRONSBERG  J'lodiKcjd by ROflCRlPAlEYvtetuxJtiyJAMtSJARGPvCQlOf by DELUXE*      Distributed by WARNER BROS ��A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY  8oiiikII((k.(( ���Ibuni��n<it*p���� ��v��ltnW�� hwnEMitr* PUccxri�� leffl^fllnT'Ssfc     mjadmima. >.>��.���_>  r��nlkwlnu CtWI* RMrtMI. Climlto Rlcli.rVtol Itlllsi.        H'1���!*'"     WAKNItWI rr��qu��nt  " "'                 coars* language, occasional nudity,  WED., FEB. 21 -  THURS.. FEB. 22  FRI., FEB, 23 -  SAT., FEB. 24 -  SUN., FEB. 25 ���  MON., FEB, 26 -  TUES., FEB. 27 ��  1 show each evening ��� 8 pm,  2 shows each evening - 7 pm & 9 pm  1 ���how each evening ��� B pm  "i  1 show each evening - 7 pm  \  *rrogramm* 1 Ttmtts subject to chang*. Picas* confirm by phoning 886>3*w,  iH��n*fl.^*ji;lfiSi��ii!a(jW'��"*<w'r<'*  i*.*iV*i i&mbmfr B*m*��i'W>i %i  COMING NEXT  A WEDDING  The ; Pender Harbour and District  1 HealJ^^SA^^Fy'S-bg^1: jneeting  '���/ wfilcbe held on Wednesday, February 28,  7:30 p.m., at the clinic. More members are  needed to help with this worthwhile work,  so if you have any spare time, come out  and join the Auxiliary. ____J_j_  ���Tne���A-u^lltaTy^s^Bl^am^a~m~ls~  flourishing but more help is needed here.  There are orders to fill for waste rags for.  e machine shops, garages, etc. If you  have any old sheets, towels, cottons,  flannels, bring them in to the "Barn" or if  anyone has time for "cutting", drop in to  the barn and pick up a bag of waste,  material.  For mothers who do sewing for the*  kiddies there are good selections of adult-  size clothing that can be cut down or make  up for the children. You will be helping the  Auxiliary and saving on the clothing  budget.  Clint brawls  way through  this movie  "Every Which Way But Loose," a  Mal^aso Company Film for Warner Bros.,  constitutes a definite change of pace for  Clint Eastwood, who stars as Philo Beddoe  ���an easy-going truck driver who happens  to be the best barroom brawler in Southern  California's San Fernando Valley.  The flim was produced by Robert Daley  and directed by James Fargo from a  screenplay by Jeremy Joe Kronsberg.  ���HGiso starred are Sondra Locke, Geoffrey  Lewis, Beverly D'Angelo and Ruth Gordon  as Ma.  In the movie, Eastwood has a buddy  named Orvllle, portrayed by I^swia, who  sets up fights for him for side bets: a  girlfriend named Lynn Halsoy-Taylor,"  played by Miss Locke, who ls determined  to be a country music recording star, and a  pal named Clyde, who happens to be a full-  grown male orangutan.  On the down-side, Eastwood has to deal  with a motorcycle gang out to get him for  roughing up a few of their members. He  also has a couple of cops looking to square  things ��� while ofWuty ��� for an unfortunate misunderstanding at a local  tavern ��� unfortunate for them. Life, for  Philo Beddoe, as ono can see, ls definitely  a bed of roses ��� but not without some  thorns.  Eastwood's role as Philo Beddoe would  at first appear to be somewhat apart from  the unemotional lieroes ho Is famed for  portraying. Yet, when Phllo attends to the  business of fighting, he does it with the  seriousness of purpose and cool efficiency  that the stylo of Clint Eastwood makes so  Treated brass or copper napkin rings,  their simplicity of stylo will add a personal  touch to your table setting. ��� Miss Bee's,  Sechelt.  Saving your specially colored  IGA Cash Register Tapes.  Th��y can add up to Big Savings. 7  so stop and save the IGA way.  TABLERITE MEATS  Look for the Special Display in  your IGA store ���ends March 31779"  BLADE or SHOULDER ROAST Bon.  CROSS RIB ROAST  In, Cda. Gr. A..  ���-.-Ibr-ii  Cda. Gr. A..  *1.69  BEEF SAUSAGE oww u.U.29  ~SIQtJllLCfl|r^  CHICKEN LOAF i.G.A.siicadi&0T,pM,  ib. l>3*f  J*CU  GROCERY  CUP-A-SOUP Upton's 4s  BEANS WITH PORK IN T.S. I.G.A. ,���  APPLE JUICE.  I.G.A.   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I -.(.'���  PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 21,1979  Hattmopn Bay, happenings  Area B recreation land  v ��� i  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479-  Communitv education  -TSiis���week's���bouquet���goes���to���Cliff���^Welcome-BeaclrHall-will-be-on^SundayT  Connor who is Area B's representative on  the Parks and > Recreation Commission  and, who has been vigorously agitating for  recreation land for Area B for more than  two' years. At last his patience and persistence have been rewarded and he has  received a letter from the Department of  Lands approving the lease of a parcel of  land in D.L. 1623 adjoining the Welcome  Beach Wilderness Park. How fortunate we  are to have men of foresight like Cliff who  can look ahead and perceive the future  needs of the young people of this area  -while there is-still-land-available^ ���-��� ~~  DATES TO REMEMBER  ���A reminder that if you did not manage-  to attend the Settlement Plan meeting at  the Welcome Beach Hall last Sunday, you  will have an opportunity to discuss the  draft plan at a second meeting to be held  tpnight (Wednesday) at 7:30 p.m. at the  Louis Vignal home on Norwest Bay Road,  adjacent to the West Sechelt School.  ', Tomorrow (Thursday), the film show  at the Welcome Beach Hall at 7:30 p.m.  Febraury 25 at 2 p.m. For further information telephone Bill Fraser at 885-  2103.  RECREATION COMMISSION  The Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission held its annual meeting on  February 11, when the following slate of  officers was elected: new chairman is  Steve Doughty, with Bonnie Semotiuk as  vice-chairman, Jerrie-Lou Wickwire as  secretary, while Donna Perry was reelected as treasurer. Other directors  elected were Jack Barnsley, Bob Beaupre,  Helen Hainr BaTbara~lsal^~andT,eggy~  Connor. The Commission is planning a  dance and an-Easter Egg hunt.- - ������-  MEXICAN HOLIDAY  Mae and John Parsons are home after  an interesting holiday in Mexico accompanied by Janet and Allen Pollock of  West Sechelt. They spent a week in the  fascinating city of Guadalajara,. where  they stayed at a beautiful hotel. They took  a bus trip to Chapala, a nice little town on  Lake Chapala where the scenery was  will include, films, on Iran, marsh life, _ entracing but the lake polluted. In the little  Eskimos and the eruption of a Hawaiian town of Tlaquepaque, famous for its  volcano. pottery, they enjoyed delicious food at the  The next cribbage afternoon at the ��n0 jjamg Restaurant".  On the west coast, they visited Man-  zanillo. At the Luna Ranch where they  stayed, almost all the other guests were  Mexicans, delightful people and most kind  and friendly.  The four Canadians were loaned a car  so that they could do some sightseeing and  they received invitations to visit many of  the Mexicans. The swimming there was  excellent and the weather throughout the  trip was beautiful.  COME AND GO CORRESPONDENT  Since your correspondent has other  matters on her mind thisr week, Peggy  Connor has kindlyajjreed to write next  week's" Halfmoon Bay Happenings, so  please telephone your hews items to her at  885-9347. The following week your  correspondent expects to be back at her  desk with a new name and "a new telephone-  number ��� 8855765.  Whistler  Accommodations Rental  by Day or Week  REASONABLE RATES  TELEPHONE:  l"2)  $32-573*  or (112)  433-3137  By HELEN PARKER  A workshop to determine the community education needs of the Sunshine  Coast and Bowen Island concluded with  the question "whose needs are we talking  about?"  Capilano College staff organized the  four-hour workshop at the Parthenon last  Friday to determine in which areas  Capilano College services should be extended on the coast.  Input was provided from Sunshine  Coast and Bowen Island representatives of  ^econd^^KKools^Mainiawerr^ScAoor  District No. 46 board, the Arts Council and  Capilano College among othersr ���   The information received will be  compiled into two surveys which will be  distributed in the community and in the  secondary schools within three to four  weeks.  A number of public meetings are  planned to enable the community to  provide more inpute for Capilano College  to act upon by September.  Chairman of the workshop, Gordon  Wilson said it is hoped from these  meetings and surveys a model can be  worked for programs which can be con-  -stantljnupdated-t(rsatisfjndemanrJ  Capilano College principal Dr. Paul  Gallagher determined from the summary  of the four mini-workships there was "no  single, obvious large-scale need."  He said a co-operative plan of action  was "necessary to ensure we are not  dispersing energies where they are not  needed or duplicating efforts (of existing  agencies)."  The group split into four areas of interest: adademic interests, vocational and  technical, community education needs  (non-credit courses, workshops) and  "special education needs (remedial  programs, job up-grading or special  coulhsellihg)7  Dr. Gallagher explained the services  offered by the college and methods of  funding, then emphasized the college was  looking for what tiie community needs, not  Tiowlhey could bTprbvidair  The academic workshop determined  there were three groups of people who  could be served with the addition of  academic courses. The first group would  like one or two courses in the general arts  and social science areas.  Spokesman Bob Graham stressed the  importance of giving credit for these  courses which would give "the notion it  could lead to something more."  The second group would be served by  full-time academic courses which would  be university-transferrable.  The third group is the community's  professional people, such as teachers, who  would be served by academic courses in  areas Uke environmental concerns, local  Tiistofyand geography.  The academic workshop looked also at  therlocatiomrf TSijcrjrqourses; "Courses"  aimedat the first and third groups could  be held in different communities while a.  full-time academic program should be  held in Sechelt which is considered the  most central location.  Members of the vocation and technical  workshop explained the immediate need  for training in industries which will be  developing on the coast in the near future.  ���With few employment opportunities on-  the coast, they wondered whether local  industries would be willing to train  students in their off-seasons.  ierTieeils~to~^oTnmuluty~eaucation  were determined mainly to be for  workshops in self-improvement, communication, career-development training  and assertiveness-training.  In the special community heeds  workshop, geographic constraints were  seen as a problem and the potential use of  Cable 10 was seen as part of a solution.  Members of the workshop said there-  was a need for a demographic survey to  determine whose needs Capilano College  should satisfy. Without this survey, some  members thought they were operating  under assumptions.  CLOCK REPAIRS  ALL KINDS  Hous* calls for larger clocks  ���DAVID BURGGRAF  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN THE M  OF SECHELT  Now Open MONDAY - SATURDAY, 9:30am ��� 5:30 pm  885-9816    Admiral  -Ask-abouf-our   "Package" deals.  :=T5r-Mark of Qualify-"-  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  Use 'Times' Adbrlefs to Sell, Rent, Buy, Swap etc.  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  Sunnycrest Centre.  Gibsons  886-9111  MORE ABOUT.,.-..;  ��� S&K beefs up  ���From Page A-l  Canadian Forces Base Comox will deploy  Labrador helicopters to coastal airfields to  follow the fleet. Buffalo search aircraft  will fly daily out of Comox on surveillance  patrols carrying droppable pumps and life  rafts.  -Tracker and Argus aircraft-based-afr-  Hear Ye.' Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULf  r  REGIONAL BOARD  2nd & 4th  Thursday 7:30 p.m.  Each Month��� Regular Meeting.  Feb. 22 ���        Hospital & Regular Bd Meeting,  _7:30prh. -  2nd & 4th  Thursday  Each Month  Fob. 22 -i.  Fob. 23 ���..  SCHOOL BOARD  -   Regular School Board Mtg���  Board Office, 7:30 p.m.  Regular Bd Meeting, 7:30 pm.  .^Non-Instructional day  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  Ut & 3rd  Tuesday  Each Month  Regular Council Meeting,  Municipal Hall, Gibsons,  7:00 p.m.  " ^_m_^,'\     ,Kymm*_mm**tlmi.  VILLAGE OF SECHELT  1st ft 3rd Wednesday  Each Month ��� RogularCouncll Mooting.  -TT.-"-������  Courtesy of  Cowrie St. 885-9330 Sechelt  Comox, operating in their normal role of  coastal surveillance, will provide additional fleet coverage. HMCS Dauphine,  manned by naval reservists, will patrol  the west coast of Vancouver Island and the  east coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands.  The Canadian Coast Guard has increased its primary search and rescue  fleet to 13 vessels for the '79 season. The  two additions are the chartered Bastion  City and the Coast Guard launch Relite.  Three Coast Guard 30M cutters, the  Ready, Racer and Rider, will move with  the fishing fleet along Vancouver Island  and the North Coast. They also will patrol  the hazardous transit areas between the  fishing grounds. Two rescue hovercraft  and a 12M cutter will provide coverage for  the lower end of Georgia Strait and the  Gulf Islands from their Vancouver bases.  Three 14M life-boats will provide coverage  in the Toflno, Bamfield and Bull Harbor  areas. Relite will be available as required  off Campbell River.  Bastion City, last used for search and  rescue during the 1977 fishery, will patrol  the Gulf Islands and the Straits of Georgia.  The Ocean Sciences vessel Richardson  will patrol the Straits of Georgia and Juan  de Fuca. G.B. Reed, a Fisheries research  ship, will be used In the exposed waters off  Vancouver Island's west coast, the Queen  Charlottes and Hecate Strait.  Fisheries and Environment will  provide both primary and secondary  search nnd rescue support during the  nerrlng roe season. Five patrol vessels  which havo been assigned special search'  and rescue duties are the Tanu, Louder,  Kltimat 11, Arrow Post and Chtlco Post.  In addition, other Fisheries patrol  vessels are available to assist in search  and rescue efforts during tho course of  their regular duties on the fishing grounds.  Search and rescue operations will bo  coordinated ot tho Victoria-based Rescue  Coordination Centre (RCC), Maritime  Forces Pacific, telephone 388-1M8 or 732-  4141. Additional back-up resources are  nvnllable from other government agencies.  Search and rescue is complemented by  a preventative program, including safety  hints and Information which has been  provided to all fishermen with their roe  tier ring licences.  Steamship inspections for vessels over  15 tons are mandatory, however, the Coast  Guard will make courtesy safety Inspections for herring roe vessels under 15  tons if requested. \  Ii'laharman _\s% &dviaod to baed "��>HAta<t  weather forecasts and dally notices to  shipping broadcasts. As most accidents  occur when the fleet Is, travelling to the  fishing grounds, fishermen aro urged to  use the buddy system and travel In groups.  885-3163  IW TW  2 1    DA YA THINK I'M SEXY Rod Stewart  1 2    TOOMUCHHEAVEN BeeGees  ___4___ .3--YMCA  ~...-.-.. r.-.-. --.....:..;: Village People  6 4    HOLDTHELINE Toto  3 5    MY LIFE Billy Joel  8 6    SEPTEMBER E.W.F.  5 7    DON'T THROW IT ALL AWAY _                            Andy-Gibb-  10 8    LOTTALOVE Nicolette Larson  7 9    SHARING THE NIGHT TOGETHER  Dr. Hook  12 10    FIRE Pointer Sisters  9 11 YOU DON'T BRING ME FLOWERS Streisand/Diamond  16 12    EVERY IS AWINNER Hot Chocolate  11 13    I LOVE THE NIGHTLIFE Alicia Bridges  15 14    THE MOMENTTHAT IT TAKES Trooper  13 15    TIME PASSAGES Al Stewart  20 16~SHAKE IT  |an Mathews  14 17    HERE COMES THE NIGHT Nick Gilder  21 18    WASITYOU     Stonebolt  17 19    OOH BABY BABY     Linda Ronstadt  24 20    SOUL MAN     Blues Brothers  28 21     HOME ANDDRY r. .Gerry RdffeVty  18 22    MacARTHUR PARK Donna Summer  ��� 23    TRAGEDY.4'., ��������� ���.��� ������ ��� ���- .-.���.-". .v,���',.., .BeeGees  27 24    A LITTLE MORE LOVE ;.'.  .7. Olivia Newton-John  26 25    SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT                                       .. .Barry Manilow  22 26 PROMISES .;...   7...        .   .....      . .                     . ..Eric Clapton  19 27    WE'VE GOT TONIGHT         ..  Bob Seger  ��� 28    LADY.......  .Little River Band  23 29    RIGHT DOWN THE LINE Gerry Rafferty  25 30    ALIVE AGAIN      .Chicago  utL  Participate in Canada's i^iployiiient Tax Credit Pi\>gnini.  The Employment TaxGredit,,,.,.,,.  -PrGgram5w���^.introdu[���ed'Jb^!t}je n < >  Government of Canada to^timulate  employment in the private sector.  In essence, we're encouraging  you to expand your work force  by providing a tax break for your  business. .'������''."  -���rTheirotential annual tax credit^  for each new employee is over  $3,000. And there is no limit to the  number of new employees you  can hire.  Now, by using the experience  we've gained so far, we've  changed the program to make it  even more attractive.  Up to 33%% more tax credit.  The maximum term for the tax  credit has been increased from  nine to 12 months for each new  employee.^h,^m^ms.viD'.t(^331^^.  more tax credit L.." ' .������'..'':  Greater eligibility  We have expanded the number  and types of businesses eligible  to benefit. Now almost every business that's been operating in  Canada for a year or more can join in.  "M'ider choice of new employees.  Now, almost anyone who's  unemployed and registered at a ,  Canada Employment Centre for a  minimum of two weeks is eligible.  A minimum of red tape.  We've simplified the procedure,  so you can do the whole thing,  from beginning to end, with just two  single-page forms.  For full details on the program,  contact any Canada Employment  Centre/Canada Manpower Centre.  EMPLOYERS:  CAN YOU IGNORE  APOSSIBLETMCREDrr  OF $3000 OR MORE?  ~vr~���"-"���  ��� ��JL   Employment and  ~ "    immlnratlnn Can*  Immigration Canada  Bud Cullan, Minister  Emplolat  Immigration Canada  Bud Cullan, Mlnlatra  \ 7 V 7   r  LUNAR ATTRACTIONS by Clarke Blaise,  -DouWeo^emsr^c&Twgesr^^sar^----  JJU^ARJ^TRACIIQ3^JsJhe_sJtojrx5L  away forever. ' -:*~^\  In fact* David is a~male in the sight of,;  his father only when he is involved in a sex  murder. How he becomes enmeshed in the  strangekilling is one of the secret horrors ,  known only to him. His outward life seems,;  dull and "pathetic but his private excursions and activities go well, beyond  that -.author - Blaise.- is 7a -professor -of  humanitiis at York University in Toronto.  He brings into his fiction many hurnman  issues: prejudice, child rights, education,  family relationships, sexual'deviance.  Says one critic he ''turns personal perception into the rarest kind of fiction".  Other books by Clarke Blaise are DAYS  Wednesday, February 21,1979  The Peninsula Times      Page A-7  Roberts Creek Auxiliary  David Greenwood. David is one of those  sad adolescents who is the butt of jokes  and the centre of ridicule. His body is fat  and homely, he seenis unable or unwilling  to fight back when taunted. Inside his,  ungainly frame rages the misfit, plotting  horrors beyond the silly imaginations of  his oppressors.  -BavJKHsHtoni^a-fafherw^^  concern is the attainment of respectability   Throughout these unusual experiences he   authored and TRIBAL JUSTICE, a short  and success in business. David's mother  sniffles her way through life, weak and  ineffective except to stand firm between  son and father. When David is given  boxing gloves by his father, a former  boxer, she interferes. In a family quarrel  involving slaps, the boxing gloves afe put  TeraalrswimRR^^  somehow    becomes    involved    but       For those who appreciate fine fiction in  momentarily. a   Kafkanese   style, ��� LUNAR   AT-  Roberts Creek Auxiliary meeting was  held February 12 with the new executive at  St. Aidan's Hall. There were 25 members  -presentr~-^--'"--~:���^s-~- ���  Two new members were welcomed:  -The only people who empathize are  other misfits which may, in part, explain  how he becomes a witness to so many odd  occurrences. It is not surprising to learn  TRACTIONS is recommended.  Walk away your excess calories. It's  the cheapest safest form of exercise. -  ~Moira Rlcrffer and Olive Provencal.  Our new president, Pauline Lamb,  started the meeting with a poem and  suggested that any new member knowing  a suitable poem should get in touch with  her for future meetings.  It was suggested we form neighborhood  groups from various areas in Roberts  Creek to work,together for our fall Coffee  Party.  ~~The~Auxfliary~^reed-to-a" year'ir  subscription to the,large^ype Readers  "Digest foFhospltal patient*;  The.Volunteers Annual meeting will be  held March 6th at 11 a.m. in St. Hilda's  Hall. Friendship Tea td be on April 19th.  Next meeting will be held at St. Aidan's  Hall, March 12 at 11 a.m. New members  welcome.  ECLIPSE ON FEB. 26  ��� OO  CC  Monday7Febr26;M979-be1weOT^40Ti.m.-and-9:00  be a total eclipse of the sun. The eclipse will become total at 8:20    ^������^  "a.m.  The moon will move in front of the sun and block it out except for  just a rim around' the outside of it. The rim of light around the  outside is called a CORONA.       One of the dangers of this eclipse is that if you look at it you could  begin to go blind-in a very few seconds. The damage is done to the  retina in the back of your eye_which wjll.be burned by the infra-red  ^rays of the sun. -  Please do not look directly at the eclipse. If you want to see it,  watch it on TV or make a simple viewer like the one below. There  "will be~no~p~ain~wheri the burning of the eye is occurring, so for the  sake of your eye sight, don't watch the eclipse directly.  -CD-  JUST FOR FUN  When an earthquake hit a s'rrfbll town the   people  were terribly frightened. One couple sent their young  son to stay with an uncle in another province, explaining  "The" reason "for the visit. A few days later  the parents received this telegram: AM  -RETURNING-YOUR-SONrPLEASESEND--   EARTHQUAKE.  Then there's the boy who stayed up all night to  -study for a blood test   Then there was the fellow who crossed a  woodpecker and a carrier pigeon and got a  .messenger pigeon who knocked on the door.  nnnnnnunn  Happy  QiVthdox/  t  PGfcY  fi��rurO��TT  SeruQ Vour?_ n)Brr\_  ^DOftESS, AG�� TO;        '  ttO*  3iO  SecheH-  ��>  An old Chinese proverb states: He who crosses ocean without taking bath is a dirty  double-crosser.  ~PToT,~AFTER~ATAILSPiNiTII bet 50% of The peopTe~in that towrTdown there~thought~  we were going to crash.  STUDENT PILOT: Yeah, and 50% of the people up here thought so too.  -HOST4_That-dogj��ilLecit_off_your_hanA   GUEST: That's what I'm afraid of.  Take one ordinary shoebox, the longer  the better. [For best results build a box  about 1 metre long]  Punch a hole in one end.  Tape a piece of aluminum foil so as to  cover the hole you have just made.  Put o pinhole* through thef oil; You have  just made1 a" solar viewer. It can be  improved if you ...  T^pBT��^luTrxrwh1te_��ii'd to trie eric  the shoebox opposite the pinhole. Cut a  hole through the box lid near the end  farthest from the pinhole. To view the  sun, point the pinhole toward the sun.  Look at the white card inside the box.  The pinhole will form the image of the  sun which can be viewed without danger  to your eyesight.  Parfe  er  Make It! FRUIT LOAF!  V  Grease and flour a pan. Mix together thoroughly:  2/3 cup sugar  2 eggs  1/2 cup shortening  Stir In one cup of grated apples or mashed bananas. Sift together and stir In 2 cups of  flour; 1 tsp baking powder; 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda.  Bake one hour at about 3/75 or 400 degrees.  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE   i     i1'      JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts * Sales * Service  "Rotor Lather Service lor Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakes  * Valve and Seat Grinding  ��� All Make* Serviced -   Datsun Specialists  Gibsons  Phone 886-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  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TRANSPORT  & BULLDOZING SERVICES  CLEARING - EXCAVATION ��� TRUCKINO  Complete Site Preparation  Murray Warman       . Halfmoon Bay  CONTRACTORS (cont'd)  J.B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  886-9031  Dump Truck ��� Backhbo ��� Cat  Wator, Sower, Drainage Installation  LandCloarlng  FREE ESTIMATES  DISPOSAL SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTD.  fort Mellon to Ole's Cove  Tel: 886-2938 or 885-9973  * Commercial Containers Available  ELECTRICIANS  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  Electrical Contractors  Residential 8 Commercial Wiring  Polo Line Installations  Electric Heating  Ron Sim 885-2062  Rick Sim  HEATING  SECHELT METAL PRODUCTS  LTD.  ...WNWAISH^TMETAI'. ,.  Domestic, Commercial, Industrial heating  1 and, Air conditioning.  FLOORING e CABINETS  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  Kitchen Cabinets  Specialists In Remodelling  886-9411  Showroom In Twilight Theatre, Gibsons  KENDeVRIES&SONLTD.  FLOORCOVERINOS  CARPETS ��� TILES . 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'tt  '���������X::5i  *  Zf'.'.'-_W_.'.'._  "���.���.���.���nfV.V.4  /  mm*  fee  L��-��-.'  ft**  re ��� ���t  ^  Val & Donna, our local "experts" have 7 years collective  M are ready to assist you.  ��:��i  tm  '��� m e> ��� ��� �����������]  ��� ��� ���  ���  ��� �����' ���  ��4  ,v.v.-.-.-.3  sp>  pa  Support your Village by purchasing your  Autoplan at your own Motor Vehicle Office.  LIKE INVESTING IN YOUR OWN COMMUNITY  FOR MORE INFORMATION      s ,  CALL 886-7913  FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, WE HAVE EXTENDED OUR HOURS:  FEBRUARY  ii  KwvW  |.%l*XyX*l  i;v*::v>y  ':���:���:?  �� ��� ���?��� ��� ��� ��� j  MONDAY  FEB. 26  8:00 AM-  6:00 PM  TUESDAY  FEB. 27  8:00 AM<  6:00 PM  WEDNESDAY  FEB. 21  8:00 AM-  7:00 PM  WEDNESDAY  FEB, 28  8:00 AM-  7:00 PM  THURSDAY  FEB. 22  8:00 AM-  7:00 PM  FRIDAY  FEB. 23  8:00 AM-  9:00 PM  SATURDAY  FEB. 24  9:00 AM  5:30 PM  S3  �����  IP  mm  Kv��*3  KvM  GIBSONS MOTOR VEHICLE/ICBC OFFICE  Winn Road, Gibsons���across from Post Office  rare*?  c��ro����a  it.  f ���  ' 77 ���    I  "���r  Court briefs  Bad horse care gels   JudgejCJ^WaUcer said last week in   aboutjwo weeks old.  Provincial Court he was "horrified" and   ~ Dr. Bailey deicribed_The~hDrses-as  -disgusted^and-found-James-Kgnt-PeerS}�����stremelH^an<l"weaki-Tne-raln^cal^r  t ( i  ���?.l  20, guilty of wilfully neglecting to provide  suitable and adequate care for two horses  he owned last April.  Peers was given two. years unsupervised probation, prohibited from  owning horses during that period and  ordered to present the court within one  month with a 2000-word essay on his  responsibilities as a pet-owner.  The SPCA investigated a report that  two horses were being neglected in the  . Pender. Harbour area last April. Charges  were lai4 after veterinarian Dr. D. Bailey  examined the horses.       ,  -Crownprosecutor.Eric,Chesterleyjsaid_  ^eexamtaationTshowetiTjneitorseTannalr  Apaloosa about four yerirs old, was suffering from anemia, diarrhea, rain scald  and Uce infestation.7.!_____'7'   ~T '  where hair falls from large patches of  skip, is common because of the west coast  climate and was the least of the horses'  problems, he said.  He explained a lot of horses suffered  from parasites but when they were  neglected nutritionally, the problem  becomes more serious and these horses  were "heavy with lice."  "Any person of normal sensitivity  would notice there was something on his  horses," Dr. Bailey said.  Chesterley presented photos of both  horses to the court and said the injured  horse-eventually-had-to-be-dispo8ed of.-  Chesterly said this horse was in better  condition than the second horse, a six-  year-old mare, which besides suffering the  same maladies, suffered from two wounds  The other horse was fed back into  condition.  - -Dr. Bailey-estimated the horsesin the  photos weighed about 500 lbs. each and  normally weighed about 800 lbs.  Peers said in his statement that he had  been feeding the horses, but when his car  The PENiNSULA^S^e^  'Section B    WedresdayrFebniary^lrW Pages 1-8-  brpke down he was unable to obtain feed  ���fbrthemr���' ���    He-said-he-was-told-the-horses -could-  live off the grass where they were kept.  -   "I knew-they-would get-skinnier, but���|  people said they could eat the grass,"  Peers said.  He said the second horse was injured  when another horse from another farm  broke into the paddock and fought with ,  both horses. The injuries were treated  with a medicated spray, he said.  "Do you know anything about horses?"  , Judge Walker asked.  "No," Peers said.  "What would happen if these were  ' children, your babies?" Judge Walker  asked. "Would you come into court and  "^^itdidniyiaw^Tg^SQi^^V-tfe^t:  them'?"  "You are ignorant, callous and you are  -disgusting m-my view to let arunialsget-  - into this-condition^ ��� ; 7  He said the Criminal Code provides;  protection for pets and Peers has as equal:,  . a responsibility for animals as he would  for children.  Francis Tamilin, 45, of Vancouver was  given a conditional discharge with six  ��� months-unsupervised probation after \  pleading guilty last week in Sechelt  Provincial Court to two counts of obtaining  groceries under false pretences.  \  THE NORTHERN HEATLINER  Ms a double walled firebox to be used as a  built-in structural part of a masonry fireplace.  ���The only fireplace that replaces the oxygen  used by the fire, on a continual basis.  "Positive air control ��� greater fuel efficiency.  *Smoke-not- heat goes up the chimney, two  dampers.  885-2615  Fr����h outjlde  olr enter* '  back of/  hMllin.r  *Tfo drafts - gentle "air piessure createtf-  throughout home.  *Old fashioned conventional fireplaces function only because of the imperfections in our  homes. Strictly speaking, they should not work.  There is no physical principle behind their  design. "  !      ALSO AVAILABLE NORTHERN FIREPLACE INSERTS.  Adjustable, just slide it into your existing fireplace. Use our unit, save hundreds of  dollars, and still enjoy an open fire. Our fan can be installed to further increase  efficiency, on BOTH units, if required.  GIVE THE KIDS  A GOOD MAN  Jis ���"  BRUCE PUCHALSKI  for School Board Trustee. Area B  Bruce has lived on the Sunshine Coast for 24 years. He went to  school here. He Knows the system and he knows the people.  Bruce Is a log grader and a former IWA trustee. He is an active  member of the Roberts Creek Community Association and the  Roberts Creek Elementary School Parents Auxiliary. He is a pee  wee hockeycoach and a volunteer fireman.  " ���       n  Bruce is a strong supporter of the community school concept. He  and his wife Mary live on Lockyer Road In Roberts Creek and have  two school age children.  Bruce Is capable, hardworking and enthusiastic. We know because  we've worked with him. If you want to know more about Bruce  Puchalski, ring him up. His phone number is 885-9208 and he would  be happy to talk to you.  Please give Bruce your vote on Saturday, March 3. He's a good man  for the kids,  Defence lawyer Robert Haley said at  the time of writing two cheques for  groceries at SuperValu in Gibsons in  December 1977, Mrs. Tamilin's mental  health was "extremely poor."  Mrs. Tamilin had just separated from  her, husband and was about to undergo an  operation, Haley said. Her busband had  told her there was money in her chequing  account and she did not know his word  could not be relied upon.   Mrs. Tamilin-had4nadeiull-resututioru  to the store by July, 1978. She presently is  residing in Vancouver where she supports  two children by working part-time and  welfare, Haley sa}d.   Judge_CJ.7Walker-said_he accepted  Haley's defence that Mrs. Tamlin was in  personal difficulty at the time of writing  the cheques.  Police report  Near-search,  break-ins,  Sechelt RCMP was ready to conduct an  .jextenslvel search of Halfmoon:Bay-J  ' February 14-after a woman was reported'1' '  missing at 9:20 p.m.  The 30-year-old woman, a frequent  hiker in the area, was out with her two  way back to the road at approximately  midnight and flagged a ride with a passing  iriotorist. ���   SPONSORED BY THE COMMITTEE TO ELECT BRUCE PUCHALSKI  European Motors in Wilson Creek was  broken into February 13 and $400 was  stolen. Entry was made through a window.  A tool shed at a summer residence in  West Sechelt was pried into with a metal  bar and fishjng tackle was stolen.  Two windows of the Cedar's Inn in  Gibsons were punched out at 11 p.m.  February 15. Charges are pending.  A house on Marine Rd. was broken into  and ransacked at 6 p.m. the same night.  Nothing was stolen.  At 6:30 that evening, the theft of $160  worth of heating oil was reported.  Twelve dollars was stolen from a wallet  left on the seat of a car in Port Mellon  while the owner visited February 15.  A van driver was injured February 14  when the vehicle he was driving failed to  negotiate the corner at Crowe Rd. and  Hwy. 101 and struck a Hydro pole.  The driver was taken to hospital.  , Charges are pending against a woman  who stole two bottles of wine from Mr.  Mike's Steakhouse at 3 a.m. February 15.  A purse was stolen February 14 from a  building at tho corner of Shaw Rd. and  Hwy. 101.  There was an attempted break-In at  Simpsons-Sears February 13.  Ken DeVries & Son Ltd.  2 locations:  r~, ^ . Gibsons, 886-7112  FloorCoverings secheit, 8853424  ROOM-SIZE "SAXONY" Plush���100% Polyester  for high performance, by Crossley and Karastan,  and Burlington, at a savings of up to 60%.  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HERITAGE BOOKCASES  a  /j  24"x48"71jfF:  36"x48"8755  These handsomftl  oasy-to-assemblo  bookcase units!  are styled In o\  distressed  walnut finish. Do-I  It-yoursolfors getj  professional  looking results!  with Belwood'sl  patentod Unlfrontl  system of dowel-[  flocked units.  /J ;-������  WALNUT STAINED SHELVING  8" x 36" 3.79    8" x 48"  4.49    8" x 60*  5.^  io"x36"4.29 io" x 48" 5.19 10"*60"��:19  12" x 36-4.89   12" x 48" 5.99   12" x 60" 735  ^  VISA  p.-ifl^i^^^i^toi^.HKiji^.,*  688-6814  GIBSONS  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  Sunshln* Coast Hwy, Gibsons  and or      O00"0l41  'TOR ALL YOUR BUILDING NEEDS" r  Legal Notices  Legal Notices  Provincaaf Ministry ot  ' BrttWi Columbia       Forests  PageB3 The PeninsulaTimes" February ^171979"  Announcements  ������ALCOHOLICS" "Anonymoiis-  Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30.  pm, Wilson Creek Community  Hall. 885-2896 or 885-3394. 4816-  tf  Personal  itelp-Wanted  -For-Renfr-  Real Estate  Boats and Engine*  . Vancouver Forest Region  NOTICE OF TREE  PLANTING CONTRACTS  Sealed tenders for the  following; tree planting-contracts will be received hy the  British Columbia  Hydro & Power  Authority  Invites tendersfor supply of ~  material, tools, equipment &  ever    been  BEWARE MARINERS Part  H *  Have    you  awakened,  While sleeping afloat,  By a tall, mean, dark stranger  Yelling - go off this float..  A sandwich, a smile, tall glass  I'm sure, '  JPl^hange-his-dispositioai.tQ-_  marshmallow pure;  A wrangler,  an  angler,  a  mangier I'm not-  Take heed you smooth talker  __and     stay off my yacht.  A good deal, a bad trade  On road or afloat  See your local broker  For an old leaky boat.  3558-13  In Memoriam  GOD GRANT me the serenity  to accept the things I cannot  "change; "   "    "   ""  the courage to change the  things I can  and the wisdom to know the  difference.  In loving memory of Elmer  Harold  McDonnald  who  passed away Feb. 20,1977.  Love always, his wife Anne  and loving family, grandchildren, and sons-in-law.  ._   -.       3566-13  Personal  DIVORCE! $100 Plus Filing  Fees ��� Obtain your uncontested divorce - fast - over  the telephone. Our forms and  typing services are lawyer  approved. Call Self-Counsel  Services toll free (112) 800-363-  3035. Chargex and Master-  . charge accepted.        4325-tfn  NATURAL high potency  vitamins, also reducing  plan. Lowest prices in  Canada. Prompt service. Free  catalogue. Write: Vitamin  Discounts by Mail, Box 69337-  A, Stn. 'K\ Vancouver, B.C.  V5K4W5. 3368-113  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the telephone.  Our forms and typing services  are lawyer approved.-j���all  Self-Counsel Services4oll free  (112) 800-663-3035. Chargex  and Mastercharge approved.  4324-tfn  BRAID Nutri-date offers  specialty Natural Vitamins;  sugar-free cookbook for  Hypoglecemics; comprehensive nutritional health  profile; Iridiology  photography. Free brochure  on request. Box 97, Pt.  Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 3V5. 461-  1752. 3470-13  POSITION- available_ior.  exper'd bar steward to start  Mar. 1, 79 at Royal Canadian  Legion Br. 140. Preference  given to ex-servicemen.  Please contact Bud Starrs,  885-9743 eves, or Pat Murphy,  885-5171 days. 3568-13  Work Wanted  Help Wanted  \  W.. SECHELT waterfront.  Fully furn'd 4 bdrm home on  excel't beach. Fridge, stove,  washer, dryer, freezer, dishwasher, auto oil heat. Until  June 28. Ph. 224-1876.    3458-tf  2 BDRM HOUSE, beautiful  view. Garden, 1 blk from  govt wharf, close to schools,  Fridge, stove, fireplace. $295  per mo. Available now. 986-  3765. 3461-14  JOURNEYMAN   Shipwright  seeks work. Exp. in all  aspects boatbuilding;  house  carpentry & cabinet work.  rccuc     vi__ui= uu.sai   auc   RelkMe worker, reas. rates.    v.__waMMl  uo-Auywnere loirery. ���Tjib, caU Allan May, 88M765T~   WRWM50ueGl*  '! IHELP      GREENPEACE  -Help!!   Sellers  urgently  J!eM60QiL-the_GEcenpeace  money!  portant Notice!! During the  mail strike Greenpeace 'Go  Anywhere' lottery tickets will  be distributed by Greenpeace  volunteers. The number to call  in this area is; 898-5851 or  Greenpeace Vancouver 736-  0321.     4921-tfn  WANTED IMMEDIATELY:  exper'd accountant-office  manager. Attractive wage  and benefit pkg. Write or  phone George Wall, Wall's  JH(mie_Eunushings^JBox_I0^  Smithers,B.C.V0J2N0. 3595-  13  SAWYER - exper'd. Sawyer  required to operate Double  Circular Headng. 60" Hafer  carriage Sel Set setworks, for  Vancouver sawmill. Apply  Vancouver Sawmills Ltd.,  8708 Yukon St., Vancouver  V5X2Y9. 3596-13  EXPERIENCED brake and  muffler man. Ref's  required. $15,000 yr, plus  profit sharing. To work in new  expansion of established tire  & alignment shop. Reply Box  5000, 4548 Marine Dr., Powell  .River, B.C.       ���        3597-13  PLANT MGR. required for 50-  bed accredited general  hospital. 4th Class Stationary  Engineer preferred. Apply to  Administrator, Lady Mnto  Gulf Islands Hospital, Box 307  Ganges, B.C.V0S1E0. 3598-13  ELECTRICIAN 'B* Lie.  Qualified journeyman with  several years' experience  ' performing 'B' lie. type work  as well as on intruder alarms,  fire alarms, PA and  programmed time bell  system. Experience with  multi-zone rooftop heating-  cooling systems a definite  asset. Submit applications to  School District No. 14,  (Southern Okanagan), Box  850, Oliver, B.C. V0H1T0.  PEERLESS TREE   SERVICES LTD.  Let us care for your  needs;   .  -Topping  -Faffing  -Limbing  Insured work  "Our reputation  speaks for itself"  ph. 885-2109  LARGE Office and Store,:  Lower   Gibsons.    View,  overlooking Howe Sound. Ph.  2 BDRM duplex ste. Waterfront, yr-round. 885-2754.  3485-14  MADEIRA PARK: 4 yr.old  1000 sq ft 3 bdrm vacation  home. Fireplace, patios, %  block to beach. $38,500 firm.  Write: H. Bicker, 10834-141A  St., Surrey, B.C. V3R 3J8.  3531-14  PENDER HARBOUR -.  Duncan Bay. Charming,  quiet seclusion, view lot, riear  sea and lake. Paved road, city  amenities. FP $10,000. $1000  down, $100 mo. at 9 pet. 885-  2998, Mrs. Ruth Walker. 3533-  17  tree    1 BDRM  WF   fully  furn'd  cottage, $225 per mo. Avail.  immed. 883-9098. 3530-tf  $300 PER MO. 2 bdrm, 2 bath,  house  in Village.  Kids,  welcome. 885-12688.       3454-14  J2834L  1 BR APT in Sechelt. Stove &  fridge & heat incl. $185. 885-  -9344.- - ~_32444��~  WINDOW CLEANING  Hourly or Contract  free estimates  885-5735 days  3527-tf  ELECTRIC Contractor,  unbeatable,     reasonably  priced. Phone now, 687-6306,  688-9285,886-7618. 3529-14  EXPERIENCED Dutch lady  will do gen'l cleaning by the  hour. 885-5292. 3540-14  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. All  types of Concrete Work.  Patios, Floors, Foundations.  Driveways, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Seepage or high pressure  leaks.  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  ..Box 1341 Sechelt  4437-tfn  SPRING CLEANING - need  help? 886-7069,886-9324.  3571-15  Business Opportunities  FISH   MARKET,   Gibsons  area. 886-7888 or Box 796,  Gibsons. 3388-12  MRS.  MADELLA.  Spiritual  reader and adviser. Palm  and Tarot Card reading. She  -wiH���help you  with  your  problems in business, health,  love affairs, sickness, where  others have failed. Special  reading by mail with free  monthly horoscope. Send $10,  date of birth and year to: Mrs.  Madella, PO Box 69784, Stn. K,  Vancouver; B.C..V5K 4Y7. Ph.  251-3697. 3581-14  NEED A DIVORCE? For free  information and  professional, fast inexpensive  lawyer-designed services,  contact: Vancouver Divorce  Service, 8-1734 W. Broadway,  Vancouver, B.C. V6J1Y1. Ph.  736-2684.  3582-14  Livestock  CERTIFIED Farrier,  Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  DR.NICKKIEIDER  is available for veterinary,  work every Monday, Practice  limited to horses only.  For appointment  - please call:  EQUINE VET  CENTRE  112-5305344 (Langley)  or Diana Starbuck  886,9739  4213-tfn  HORSESHOEING.  Call Bob  Hopkins eves. 886-9470. 3300-  tfn  CHICKS -brown egg layers,  white Leghorns, white  Rocks. Order early-ship  anywhere. Napier Chick  Sales, 6743-216th St., Box 59,  Mllner, B.C. VOX 1T0. 534-  7222. 3462-tf  RUMOURS help spread the  cause. Your best car deal is  at Suncoast Chrysler. 8994111,  DL2180. 3021-15  WELSH mountain pony. Well-  trnlned and gentle. 886-8015  after 3 pm. 3815-15  IRISH WOLFHOUND pupa,  Dundee Dlnmont pupa. 769-  3200 Kelowna. Regjd. Champ  fltock long-hair Chihuahua  mips; 402-4517, Peritlcton. 3570-  REG'D SIBERIAN Husky  pups. Karnovanda Dlchoda  lines. 53<M)614 (24 hrs,) 574-  4358 weeRelds. WrK^: 'CopT  permlne Kennel, 8720 Hanrie  Rd., RR.fl, Surrey, B.C. V3S  4P1. 3592-13  Use Times Adbrlef* I  '   <1 *  -359^i3^~TEXCEELENT~- business^ op-  ; ������������: ���        portunity:     become     a  BAIT    DISTRIBUTORS    Chimney Sweep. AU equip't  wanted for praparirpd ^~���neededjuustoining. Call Lee  and redworms and other bait    CtoistiananjrtEner888-9174.���_  needs. For more info, write 3554-tf  FONSS Worm Farm, 11989-267  St., Whonnock, B.C. V0M ISO.  Ph. (604) 462-8198.        3603-13  RECEPTIONIST-Typist.  Part-time position, 9:30 am  to 2:30 pm. 5 day week incl.  Saturday. Varied duties.  Please forward resume to Box  1490, Sechelt. 3614-13  EXPER'D General Reporter  "wanted for Interior weekly.  Must have own car. Salary  negotiable. Contact Editor,  Cariboo Observer, Box 4460,  Quesnel, B.C. V2J3J4. 3478-13  AVAILABLE for full or part-  time work. Income potential  $200 part-time, $400 full time.  Car needed, call 886-0144, 9  am-9 pm. 3486-14  CHALLENGING sales  position available In advertising department of  Cariboo community  newspaper. Managerial advancement possible for right  person. Retail sales experience and marketing  background an asset. Send  resume In confidence to.  Paulettc Ernst, Mgr. Dir.,  Cariboo Observer, Box 4460,  Quesnel, B.C..V2J 3J3.  3477-tf  WANTED  HOMEBUILDING  & IMPROVEMENT  SUPERVISOR  A challenging management  position exists for an Individual in our Home Building  and Improvement Centre,  Tho successful candidate will  possess   an   ability   for  Marketing, Sales,  Budget  Planning and Control. The  Ideal person will also have a  good technical knowledge of  building supply products,  electrical, plumbing, roofing,  masonry and carpontry fields.  We offer  a  good  starting  salary with a bonus plan and-  or an equity position  ls  possible. ��  This opportunity will appeal to  an energetic self-starting  individual who would enjoy a  dynamic work environment.  the relaxed pace of a small but  * rtipldiygrowing"community"  nnd the recreational potential  of tho Sunshine Coast,  Please submit, in confidence,  your resume with full details  of experience, education and  *lalirTe#ietliHd��i"lo: " s "  Teramnet Manager  PO Box 1733  Sechelt, B.C,  V0N3A0  3560-13  POOL HALL, arcade  business. Monthly average  $10,000, with good lease.  $25,000 or trade for motor  home. Also furniture business  grossing $250,000 yearly, in  Alberta. Box 700, Sparwood,  B.C. V0B 2G0. Ph. (604) 425-  6403 eves, (403) 562-8525 days.  3591-13  INCREDIBLE new Solar Ray-  Lens. Starts campfires in  seconds. Produces 1000  degrees. Laser-like solar drill.  Under $10. Free details. Write  Box 3435, Castlegar, B.C. 3604-  13  i _ '       I,,'-'  Wanted to Rent  2 OR 3 BDRM house, near  Sechelt for Mar. 1.885-3864.  3450-13  2 BDRM home for Mar. 1,  prefer Pender Harbour,  Monty Rolston, 883-2248. 3532-  14  YOUNG RESP. working  couple looking for small  cottage on or near WF, year-  round rental. No children, no  pets. 886-7979. 3538-14  For Rent  TRAILER  spaces   In   West  Sechelt.    1    doublewldc  24 x 40 singes. 885-2079.    4224-  tfn - -.-'   7838 or apply <  4121-tfn  COTTAGES,  monthly.  ^2=BDRMlhooe,_SechelLjaEea=  Fully furn'd. Stone's throw  from beach. Fantastic view on  % acre. Loads of extras. Near  marine, boating & fishing.  Sacrifice at $39,000 obo. 985^  8463. 3572-15  Mobile Homes  L & M Radiators, 1449-  Charlotte Rd., N. Van. 986-  5334, Automotive & Industrial  cooling specialists. Pick up &  delivery can be arranged. Call  now for fast, economical  ^sen?ice^- ��� 4024-tfn _  -WANTED: approx 14' alum.  boat & trailer. MustJbev in  good cond'n. No motor, 112-  922-7474 or Box 310 D, Sechett.  3557-15  '75 BAYLINER 2350 Nisqually -  CB.   200-280   Volvo   FWC,  sounder, CB radio, Bennett  tabs, other extras. $15,900.885-  2126.  3552-15.  Cars and Trucks   . l_<  '74 FORD window van, new  tires,  reb't  transmission.  $2500 obo. 885-3258.       3261-tf  "Regional ManagefrBrltteh   labourforJanitonalServices  Columbia Forest Service, 355  Burrard" Street, Vancouver,  B.C. V6C 2H1 on the dates  shown below.  1 Contract 92G8-73, Located  Cascade Creek, Ranger  District 4, Mission. Number  of trees 32,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  2 Contract 92G8-74, Located  Rpse     Creek;  at the  District Office and  Lineroom, Sechelt, B.C.  Reference No. Q9-5617  Closing Date: 8 March 1979  Sealed tenders clearly  marked as above-referenced  will be received in Room 1026,  B.C. Hydro and Power  Authority Building, 970  Burrard Street, Vancouver,  B.C. V6Z 1Y3 until 11:00 AM  local time.  Details may be obtained from,  the office of the Purchasing  Agent, 10th Floor, 970 Burrard  '67 CHEV Van, long body, 6  cyl, std,, part camperized,  propane furnace, 2-tanks, bed  nook,- roof rackr snows -runs  excel't. $1200 cash. 885-9575.  . 3410-13  '73  RED  Capri, 2000  cc,  buckets, 4  spd,  trk,  A-l  shape, clean, no rust, $2300.  886-2581. 3492-14  '56 GMC % ton, good shape,  383 c.i., 4 spd, posi rear.  $2000.885-3938 between 5-7 pm.   3550-12  Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z   Ranger���iYi.-telephone ,,663��5J.7���and  District 47MissionrNumber���663-2560������_���_   of Trees 30,000.  NOTE:    Viewing   of   the  ��� planting -'-site���prior- to���Machinery  submitting a tender for this���      --       contract is not mandatory.  Deadline   for   receipt   of  tenders  is   3:30   p.m.   8  March 1979  3 Contract 92G1-15, Located  Sally    Creek,    Ranger  . District 4, Mission. Number  of Trees 40,000.  NOTE:    Viewing   of   the  planting   site   prior   to  submitting a tender for this  3574-pubSPTFeb. 21,1979  1 BDRM trailer,: no pets. $195:  per mo. 885-2079.        3339-tf  2BDRMcottai  $195 per mo. 5  ;e, near beach.  26-1024.3555-15  NEW 3  BR house,  Wilson  Creek.    Fridge,    stove,  drapes incl. $310 per mo.  Refs. 885-2235. 3580-15  HOUSE   FOR   RENT.   W.  Sechelt; 3 bdrm, basement,  2 yrs old. $350 per mo. 885-  2762. 3609-15  2 BDRM WF home, 462-7563.  3611-15.  1 BDRM bsmt ste in Gibsons.  Living rm, dining rm,  kitchen, bathrm w-shower,  spacious, carpeted  throughout. $225 per mo incl.  utilities. Ph. Chuck Dowman,  Century West Real Estate  (1978) Ltd., 885-3271.     3613-13  GO TO Hawaii in style. Ask  for details at Suncoast  Chrysler, 885-5111. DL 2180.  3618-15  COUPLE with cliild, 2 bdrm  cottage  on WF  or near  beach. Reasonable rent. 885-  9258.- -      --   -������  3553-15"'  3 BDRM house, lower Gibsons, beautiful view, Extra  room in basement. 886-9957.  3421-13  3 BDRM full bsmt house. 4th  down, carport & sundeck.  $275. Halfmoon Bay. Ref's.  8854583. 3428-13  FOR  RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community   Hall,    Call  Mabel Dooley at 885-9804.  3091-tf  MAPLE CRESCENT Apartments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm opts.  Rous.   rent.   Incl.   heat,  cablevlalon, stove JrJdBe,jjr"  weekly    or  Housekeeping  FOUR BDRM mobile home,  Set  up In  West  Sechelt  Trailer Park. Ref. required.  Ph. 885-26007 1    tfn  '72   MODUUNE   12x48,   2  bdrm, good cond.,' $8,400 or  offer. 926-1024. 3296-tfn  AMERICAN 10x40, porch 8x8.  Big Maple Crt. Furn'd, w-w,  good cond'n. 885-2538.   3455-14  12x66' 4  quick  anytime;  BDRM.  sale.  Priced for  885-2600  3489-tf  1970  2  BDRM  MH,  good  cond'n. 885-5030.       3563-15  DID YOU know the deals are  great at Suncoast Chrysler,  885-5111. DL 2180. 3619-15  Boats and Engines  HEADWATER MARINA LTD  Good winter moorage  1.25 per foot -  20 ton marine ways  DRYLAND STORAGE  Down Narrows Rd.  Madeira Park  k     883-2406 24 hrs.  4900-tfn  '78 - 23' SANGSTER, Volvo  diesel 280, $20,500; 22'  Bertram offshore deep-V,  Chrysler Super Bee, $11,500.  Ph. 486-7268. 8802-13  One bedroom  apartments  Balconies   ,  'Colored Appliances  View1  ' Wall to wall carpet  ' Drapes  ' Intercom  'Controlled Entrance  * Cablevision  Rent from $190.00  Call DOUG FERRIS  885-2283  Real Estate  V  flsya^jsyfr-  HALFMOON BAY: 3 bdrms,  full bsmt house, 4th bdrm  down. Sundeck & carport. All <  on Vi acre, owner transferred,  must sell. All reas, offers j  considered. 8854583.    3429-13j  SHUSWAP LAKE near Blind  Bay. Semi-lakeshore, beach,  across the road. Doublet  carport, sundeck, 2 baths. J  rock and acorn fireplaces, wet;  bar, family room, treed, great;  view. $59,000. 837-4931,'  Revelstoke. 3589-13  6-YR OLD 3 bdrm home on 2  acres. Near 1700 sq ft plus  ensuite. Double carport. John  Sllzer, 6184 Todd Rd.,  Kamloops, B.C, V2C5C1. 3590-  13  SALE OR TRADE by Owner;  zoned serviced apt. site  ChlUiwack, B.C. Cap. 125-150  apartments. Sell or trade, all  or part of site. Consider  trades, warehousing, small  opts., houses, aircraft. Price  $325,000 (terms considered)  Call Jim at 530-1412, Vancouver, between 9-5 or Garry  at 792-8200 after 0 pm.   3602-13  WANTED: WFT or view ppty  with water access. Reply  C.E. Parr, 5070 Redonda Dr.,  N. Van, V7R3K2.982-6200,    3578-15  2 VIEW lots In W, Sechelt  across from beach access:  Call owner, 885-2762.    3397-13  W. SECHELT. 3 bdrms,  master onsto, contemp.  design home. Lgo family  kitchen, floor to celling fp,  thermo windows, cedar-  planked ceiling, poneljled  feature wall, heated garage  imdcr bamt rouglied Uu FP  $jj8,9j)0.885-2762. 3404-tf  WANTED I Urge lot or small  acreage. View pref. Roberta  Ck. to W. Sechelt. 8854256.  3420-13  GENUINE DETROIT  DIESEL PARTS  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL CO.  HIWAY 101  PENDER HARBOUR  883-2616  "R.bullf  6V53  Marin*  Sale or Exchange.  For  23' NEW fibreglass boat. Can  be used for camp or log  salvage. 487-9285. 3457-14  24' ZETA hardtop, 225 Chev on'  Volvo leg.  Full ��� galley,  loaded with extras. Excel't  cond'n. 886-7004. 3491-tf  165 Mercruiser  rebuilt; 471 GM-used;  353 GM - used; 371  Nissan - used; Volvo  AQD 40-280 leg - new;  50 HP Mercury outboard - used.  WINTERIZING & BOAT MOVING  IMMEDIATE REPAIR SERVICE  7 DAYS A WEEK  GARDEN BAY  MARINE SERVICES  LTD.  Sinclair Bay Road  883-2722  4355-ffn  TRADE: service lot. 108 Mile  House, value $8,000; service  view lot N. Pender Island.  S 1,000; 2-acre serviced lot  unalmo, $16,000. For  trailcrable boat or cash. 022-  0298. , 3594-13  hum* Multiple Listing Services  SAIL  44' SAIL $89,000  AY MOTOR SAIL$55,000  32' SEAFARE ... $20,000  WHITE CAP  YACHT BROKERS  power  33'CRUISER ...$25,000  25'TOUYCRAFT.$6,pOO  24'REINEU,..,$ 17,000  I  NOW   OPEN   IN   OUR  NEW SHOWROOM  QUALITY CARS-TRUCKS  1978 COUGAR XR7 MET.  BLUE, WHITE VINYL ROOF,  RADIAL TIRES, PREMIUM  COND.  1977   COU  GREEN,  ONLY  :7   MET.  DIALS,  MILES.  1976 OLDSMOBILE-DELTA~  ROYALE, MET. SILVER WITH  BURGANDY CRUSH VELOUR  INT. STEREO, AIR CONDITIONING, ONLY 20,000  MILES  1977 FORD LTD II 4 DR AIR  CONDITIONING, LOW MILES  1975 FORD GRAN TORINO,  4 DR., MET. BROWN A-1  CONDITION  1975 BUICK LESABRE 4 DR  HTP, LOADED WITH OPTIONS INCL. AIR COND.  AFFORDABLE LUXURY  1978 FORD F-250 4x4 c/w  ELECTRIC WINCH ONLY  12,000 MILES.  1976 FORD F-150 SUPERCAB",  390V8 REAR BENCH SEAT,  CAN FORD CANOPY  1976 FORD E-IOO. VAN,  LINED AND INSULATED, SEMI  CAMPERIZED, CAPTAIN CHAIRS. NEW TIRES,  ONLY 28,000 MILES.  1973 FORD F-250 CREW CAB,  GOOD WORK TRUCK  1973 CADILLAC SEDAN  DEVILLE, 4 DR HTP, LOADED.  LOCAL CAR, GOOD CONDITION.  MORE CARS  & TRUCKS  ARRIVING SOON  COPPING'S  CAR TOWN SALES LTD.  885-3281  WHARF RD., SECHELT  across from Sechelt.Legion  M.D.L. 00623A  Vancouver toll free 684-2911  Motorcycles  '70 MACK tandem dump  truck, 13 yd Reliance box, 6  cyl, new 5 & 4 trans, new rear  end, new turbo,, new hoist (25T  Heil). 485-2217, PoweU River,  after 5 pm. 8725-14  '75 JD 450C 4-in-l, $32,000; '75  Dodge crewcab, $4800; '69  Ford,  Cat  225,  5&4  dump,  $8000;   '64 Merc 534 dump,  ���contracHsnot-mandatory;���$4000;���64-GMC-V6-5th-wheelr  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  ���  4 Contract 92G1-23, Located  Fire Creek, Ranger  District 3, Harrison.  Number of Trees 104,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders  is   3:30  p.m.   8  REPOSSESSION: 1974 Dodge  Maxivan for sale to highest  bidder. For details, call  Marcia at Royal Bank, 885-  2201. Written bids to be submitted by Feb. 21.        3559-13  '68 CAMARO SS, black on  black.     Immaculate,  recently  restored.  Ask  for  Chrb or Nell, 885-2727. 3561-15  ���70 GRTO convertible, 400 c.i.  hi-perf. New top. $2200. 885-  2454. 3564-15  ���74 GREMLIN X304 3 spd, in  good shape. $1700.886-9687.  3567-13  '60 PONTIAC in running cond.  $100,885-9829. 3569-15  WINNEBAGO-type   motor  home. 4 wheel drive, new  motor. $3700.886-7167.  3575-13  DODGE window van, low  mileage, radio, roof racks, 8  tires on rims. Excel't cond'n. 3  yrs old. Driven only on highway. 837-5867. 3580-13  ���76 HONDA Civic 1500. Ph.  Doug, 885-2283 days only.  .   3579-13  ���75 DODGE Coronet stn. wgn.  40.000  mi,  318  c.i.,  good  cond'n. $2200.885-5252. 3007-15  ���60 FORD LTD for parts, good  running motor. Offers. 883-  2289. 3617-13  ���75 HONDA, good cond'n, low  mileage.   $1800   obo.   Call  suppertlme, 889-3387.   3818-15  OUR mid-winter Special for  $14.05 Is still on 'til Feb. 26.  Suncoast Chrysler, 885-5111.  DL2180. 3620-13  $1200. .112-539-2411,  message.  leave  3587-13  MarcITl97ff  5 Contract 92H5-96, Located  Maisal Creek, Ranger  District 3, Harrison.  Number of Trees 103,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  6 Contract 92G8-72. Located  North Statlu Creek, Ranger  District 3, Harrison.  Number of Trees 73,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  7 Contract 92H5-95, Located  Three Mile Creek, Ranger  ^District _J,_Cultus-, Lake.  Number of trees 29,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract-is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m; 8  March 1979.  8 Contract 92G12-39, Located  Misery Creek, Ranger  District 7, Sechelt. Number  of Trees 85,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  9 Contract 92G11-35, Located  McNab-Box Canyon Creek,  Ranger District 7, Sechelt.  Number of, Trees 139,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  10 Contract 92G12-38, Located  Chapman Creek, Ranger  District 7, Sechelt. Number  of Trees 220,000.  NOTE: Viewing of the  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1979.  11 Contract 92H4-62, Located  Tamahl Creek, Ranger  District 1, Cultus Lake.  Number of Trees 46.000.  NOTE: Viewing of tho  planting site prior to  submitting a tender for this  contract Is not mandatory.  Deadline for receipt of  tenders Is 3:30 p.m. 8  March 1079.  Tenders must be submitted on  the form and in the envelope supplied which, with  particulars, may be obtained from the Forest  Ranger(s) Indicated or  from the Roglonal  Manager. 355 Burrard  Street, Vancouver, B.C.  V6C 2H1.  The lowest or any tender will  not necessarily be accepted,  3570-pub. SPT Feb. 21,28,1979  LOWBED & MACHINERY  moving business, central  B.C. Going concern. Good  equip't. B.C. PUC operating  authority. All enquiries c-o  Box 3103, Kamloops, B.C. V2C  6B7. 3588-13  SEMI-PORTABLE sawmill  with Coutts edger, head rig  w-air & hydr-controlsr-green-  chain w-trim saws, all steel  construction. Cranbrook,  $35,000. Ph. 271-0343 or 687-  2872. 3593-13  Pets  ���77 MONTESA 348 Cota  in  good cond'n. $1,000. Ph. 485-  4008. 0621-13  FREE to good home,' neutered  poodle cross. 883-2241 btwn 8  &6. 3496-14  Wanted to Buy  LOGS OR TIMBER wanted,  fir,   hemlock   or   cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  885-9408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  WANT USED rototiller, good  cond'n. 883-9163.        3411-13  SHEET. METAL Shop equip't.  Brake, lock former, rolls,  shears, turning machines etc.  Ph. 112-3744910 collect, or  write 748 Chaparral Drive,  Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5W4.  3601-13  WANTED: water well pump.  886-7294 eves. 3623-15  For Sale  LUMBER: 2x4s -10 ft; 2x6s -  20 ft; 3x8s - 60 ft; 2x10s - 45  ft. Ph. 522-3328. 3460-tl  EARLY  SPECIAL   potted  manure from Mainland.  Also topsoil. 536-3732. . 3482-14  HIDE-A-BED,  grn;   kitchen  ste:  8-track player recorder; TV stand. 885-5098.   3545-  14  See More Classifieds  PageB-3  Woodburn Stoves  & Fuol Ltd.  Wood stoves by Fisher,  Lakowood, Sodoro Valley,  Comfort and Flndlay.  Distributors In Wostorn  Canada ol tho Kerr Scotsman  and Kerr Titan wood flrod  boiler. Dealers Inquiries Invited. Northern Heatllner and  Shaw Zero Clearance,  Wood/oil lurnaces. Insulated  pipe, accessories and fittings  Up   Fell   Ave.,  North   Vqncouver  9870811  DRESS  MAKING   -by ���  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  ".QpMlriClgliifj  '   ^aiYi|)fir.fi(-W'  Call  886-7916  after 5:00 p.m.  FULL OR PART TIME  Work Available. Income potential  $200 per week part-time,  $400 per week full time.  Car required.  Call   886-9144   9 am-9 pm  \ Wednesday, February 21,1979 The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  For Sale  For Sale  For Sale  26" RCA color TV, excel,  cond'n $300; sectional  chesterfield 1-8 ft. & 14 ft.,  light brown, $75; 2 stereo  spkrs 4 x 12 x 16", $20; coffee  table, 5' long, $15; chesterfield  'chairrsreenr$40; dbl-bed  bbxspring & mattress, $25; 2  folding ironing bds, l-$2, H5;  -kitcheirstep-stoolr$4.-885-2357T-  3562-13  ,SPEED QUEEN auto washer,  good  shape,  needs  some  repairs. 885-2669. 3565-15  PARTS for '68 or '60 Vauxhall  or Epic. iPh. Gord at 886-  2332. 3573-15  RENOVATING - Selling.  Grocery gondolas, meat  cases, freezers, check-outs,  hardware shelving. For info,  contact: Lake Cowichan Coop, Box 730, Lake Cowichan or  ph. 749-3013. No reasonable  .offer refused. ~~358$I3~  COMPUGRAPHIC 7200  headliner - includes 3 fonts,  --plus~spare parts^kit. .Excel't  working cond'n. Offers.  Contact Revelstoke Herald,  837-6211. 3585-13  R.V. RENTALS  CAMPING THE  FUN WAY  Camper Rentals  Fully Equipped & Insured. $70  per week  (winter rates in  effect till June 1).  Book early   --685-2600-  3408-tfn  LGE   AMT.   of  embroidery  paint, $65; % size black 120  bass Titano accordion, $125.  885-3167 or 885-9882. .    3577-15  HOME LITE    Super    Mini  chainsaw, Vk yrs, used very  little, 16" bar, $125.885-5252:  3605-15  SHELL of 'Silverliner' tent  trailer, good tires, new  wheel bearings, new wiring,  needs new canvas, sleeps 6.  $200,885-5252. 3&6-15  -SEEKrAND-FINDrLifeHme-  collection.  Name  it.  886-  7731. 3608-13  '68 VW stn. wgn, good running  order, $600; 6' wide wooden  utility trlr, $100.886-7370. 3610-  13  1% TON TRUCK camper,  fridge, 3 burner range w-  oven, sink, water tank,  propane tank, furnace, sleeps  5 people. Reasonable price.  Olivetti Lettera 35 manual  portable typewriter w-  carrying case, like new, $125.  885-3527 eves. 3612-15  HAPPINESS is a new car and  a trip  to Hawaii from  Suncoast Chrysler. AsKHfor  . details, 885-5111. DL 2180.3622-  15  ."- BLACK-HOODED.. Replace.,  w-screen, $100.885-2788.  3399-13  QUALITY Wood Heaters:  Ulefos of Norway, Petit  Godin of France, Kresno  combination heater-fireplace,  Dealers throughout B.C. write  Miles Ind., 1293 Marine Dr., N.  Van.,B.C.V7PlT3.      3584-14  McCLARY frost-free fridge,   good-eond^ j-wood-tunung-  lathe, complete w-motor,  chisels, steel stand, new cond.  885-3127. 3402-13  DOORS! B.CTslowesf pricesT  Pre-hung interior $15.90;  pre-hung exterior $37.00;  fancy doors, $49.00. Huge  stock! Walker's, ph. 266-7211,  1366 S.W. Marine Dr., Vancouver V6P 5Z9. ~336��tr  CB-AAarine.-Package  Includes CB radio, 7* whip, P/,  loud speaker.  $134.95  (also  sold separately).  Prentis Enterprises  884-5240  500046  FISHER woodburning stoves,  for sale at A.C. Rentals,  Hwy. 101 & Francis Peninsula  Rd. 883-2585. 3217-tf  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD,  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  SELKIRK INSULATED   CHIMNEYS    Best prices on Coast   MACLEODS - SECHELT        - ��� 4527-tfn-  FISHER woodburning stove  with the 10 year guarantee.  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  &C Electronics. 4855-tfn  LADIES, Mens. Childrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New'. Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5. 4457-tf  MAJESTIC      38"      zero  clearance   heatilator  fireplace   c-w  glass   doors.  Price reasonable, 886-9957.  3406-13  Use Times Adbrlef 11  CAMPER for back of %T pu,  $500 firm; white Titan bass  woman's accordian w-3  switches, $100; autoharp,  $100; zither, $35. All as new,  885-9882. 3409-13  HAMMOND   Dolphin   chord  organ, new $1800, 1 yr old.  Asking $1000.883-2461 eves.  3528-14  SB  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  96  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  LANGDALE ��� Many outstanding features in  this contemporary style 3 bdrm home. Spacious  master bdrm with sauna, wired and lined;  cathedral ceiling in living room finished in  Calif, redwood; fireplace finished with Arizona  sandstone: Kitchen has barbecue & rotisserie,  ceramic tile floor. Basement ready for finishing  touches, has o window wall. Cory family room ���  adjoin kitchen. 2 FP with heat Motors; double  glqjyng on main floor. $85.000.1 ,r .-,    .-.,,,,,  GIBSONS WFT ��� Gower Point areaf2 bdrms, large living room with FP,  electric heat, full basement could be made into'rec room or extra living,  area. Gar-age with lighted drive, beautifully landscaped. Very choice  property. $85,000.  GIBSONS ��� Bay area, close to beach, stores and PO. Attractive 3 bdrm-  home on extra large lot with good vegetable garden. Home is conveniently designed  with  large  living  room  with   rec   room,   utility,  workshop and spare room. $62,000.  GIBSONS ��� Lower Village. Fantastic view from LR with FP and fine built-  in kitchen, 2 bdrms on main floor with den or bdrm in bsmf. On sewer.  $48,500.  COACH ROAD ��� 2 bdrm home in secluded subdivision, nicely landscaped lot. Living room has high ceilings with large full-length windows  opening onto sunny garden, acorn FP. Kitchen includes dining area.  $43,000.  LOWER ROAD ��� Roberts Creek, 3 bdrm house with full basement on  large lot 110 x 145'. A/O heat, acorn FP In living room, sundeck, some  fruit trees. $48,000.  VETERANS ROAD ��� Comfortable 3 bdrm home, 2 baths, master bdrm  ensuite, lovely post and beam, stone FP in living room, A/O heat, extra  room In bsmt. Situated on large lot with good garden area. Must be seen.  BUILDING LOTS  LOWER GIBSONS ��� 3 lots, corner School Road and Hiway 101,  tremendous potential, high traffic area. $175,000.  GRANTHAMS ��� three lots on Reed Road. Good Investment property,  potential view. Asking $8,750 each.  ACREAGE ~��� 6.9 acres on level lot, beautiful property with year-round  creek and well-treed with alder, maple and fir, Hiway access at Wilson  Creek. Would make fantastic private estate or other development. Call  John Black for map and details. 886-7316.  CHERYL ANN PARK ��� 2 lots 72 x 105', no rock, easy to build on, all  services, septic approved and beach access. $1,500 down, balance at  $125 per month @ 10-1/2%. Terrific investment. On lower Cheryl Ann  Park towards beach.  WHARF ROAD ��� Langdale, good retirement area; lot 65 x 193'. Try your  offer.  ROSAMUND ROAD - Three lots cleared, ready to build. Only $10,500  each.  GIBSONS ��� LEVEL CLEARED LOT IN Gibsons Village on sewer and water,  62 x 182', obtainable with small down payment of $3,500. Inquire for  further details.  ACREAGE ��� Five acres, secluded with croek across one corner. Beautiful  property In Roberts Creek area. Good Investment. Asking $23,000.  Two store for rent; Inquire for further details,  Evenings CaM: John Black, 886-731%  Ron McSavaney, 885-3339;  George Cooper, 886-9344  T  FRANCIS PENjNSULA ��� 1596 sq ft 5 BR  home with 3 bathrooms, partially  finished rec room, hot water, heating, 5  appliances. BuHri976r 84.000:  7GARDEN BAV i^ATES_r^Luxuriqus 3 BR  cedar home, bujjt 1975. View and many  extrdsT'$105,0007" "*  GULFVIEW~ROAD"��� Madeira'ParkT  fantastic view from this new home ��� 3  hew appl(dhces7 fireplace.~$87,000.  IRVINES LANDING ���; 3 BR view home.  ~stone~ fireplace���ensultef~6 appliances.  Close to marine. $75,000. One car taxi  business 'available- with"abbve"~for~adr   ditional $10,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR split level home,  built 1977.  6 appliances,  2 sundecks,  "carport;���Excellent���view;���tandscaped-  semi-waterfront lease lot. $35,000.  FRANCIS  PENINSULA ��� Near new   3  -bdrm-sptiHeveL���Fireplace;-sundeck~&  'carport.. $60,000,  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR view  -home,���architect���designed.���5���major-  appliances. $77,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x 44'  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft  <jdditionT-On-2^3��-acre-lotT-$287500;���  MIDDLE POINT��� 2 BR home, 1100 sq ft  on 9.5+ fairly level, treed acres. Well.  "SSO+^lr-lreTrtoge on  Htghway--+0lT-  $49,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR home with view  on landscaped lot. Large workshop &  equipment storage area in back. Ideal  location for builder/contractor. $69,500.  CLAVDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY ��� 3 BR  view home, fuirbasemenr, buTlrT975.  Close to marina. $88,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 BR home-on 2 levels.  Electric heat. Landscaped, close to stores  & marinas. $54,000.  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE ��� 3 BR home on 5��  acres. Fruit trees, garden. View over  lake. $77,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home,  built 1976. Ensuite, fireplace, double  carport, landscaped lot. $59,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, thermopane windows, fireplace,  w/w , 3 bathrooms. Easy walk to stores.  PO & marinas. $67,500.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500. ���/  . i i. ���,";.-, -a  LOTS AND ACREAGE  LOTS  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  LOTS  1.   MADEIRA   PARK  $7.000-$22.000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� serviced lots.  $9,000-$24,000.  3. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view lots, on  Garden Bay estates & Sinclair Rd.  $13,500.$21,250.  4. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Porpoise  Drive, $10,500.  5. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ��� Sinclair  Bay Road. Serviced lots, most with view,  three with lakefront. Priced from  $10,000 to $37,500,  serviced   lots.      6. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� seven lots,  serviced with hydro & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.  $11,000-$12,750.  7. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.  B. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 8 nice  building lots at corner of Cochrane and  Cameron Roads. $11,000-$13,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA  1. 132 ft W/F In Pender Harbour,  1.8  acres, deep moorage. $50,000.  2. 83 ft W/F adjoining above   1.22Jh  acres. $36,500.  3. 220+ ft low bank sheltered waterfront. 1.24 treed acres. $48,000.  SECRET COVE  Lot A on Wescan Road. Steep, but has  good building site & sheltered moorage.  On sewer system. $35,000.  ACREAGE  9, MADEIRA PARK Low priced lot on  Francis Peninsula Rd, serviced with  Hydro & water. $7,000.  ACREAGE  1. MIDDLE POINT ��� 2.9 treed acros on  Hwy 101 with 949+ sq ft 2 BR home with  carport, Drilled wall. $39,500,  2. GIBSONS ��� 8.75 acres level farm  land on Pratt Rood with older home,  barn and storage shed. $55,500.  3. RUBY LAKE ��� 5+ treed acros,'close  to public lake accots, $19,800.  4. Near Ruby Lake ��� 8.39 acres on Hwy  101. $25,000.  5. Near Madeira Park ��� 15 acres,  2150+_ ft on Hwy 101. $44,000,  6. Kielndale ��� 23.7 acres, some merchantable timber. Lots of trees ,for  building a log house. $50,000.  7. Francis Peninsula ��� 1.8+ acros.  corner of Warnock and Francis Ponlnsula  Roads, $17,500,  8. KLEINDALE��� 16 + acres, with creek,  across Hwy 101 from Ponder Harbour  Secondary School. $80,000.  9. WARNOCK ROAD - level lot, almost  ono aero, Good soil, selectively cloarod,  $24,000,  EARLS COVE-5.57 acres, 450+ ft  sheltered waterfront ad|olnlng ferry  terminal. Excellent site for possible  motel, hotel, camper-trailer park.  $135,000.  EGMONT ��� 2.27 acres with 387��. ft low  bank waterfront. Good driveway to  waterfront. Launching ramp, site has  been prepared for possible use as W/F  trailer-camper park & fishing resort. An  excellent property. Full price $95,000/'  EGMONT ��� 7 acres with 540 ft low  bank waterfront. Site has been  prepared for possible use as a large  WF trailer-camper park & fishing  resort. This Is an excellent property  adjoining the Egmont Marina.  $170,000 ��� Owner will finance at  bank Interest rate,  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 365+ ft watorfront,  6,71 acres, wator access, $29,500.  "���i*W?��Ph. .'!**,  .A     *\    .  ' ���}��� >'���'  W  m  mm>  JUNCTION ISLAND ��� ST. VINCENT BAY  Beautiful 10,75+. aero Island In Jervis Inlet with numerous good building  tltos, oxcollont sholtorod moorage and several covos, Woll (rood with fir,  codar, arbutus ��� some merchantable tlmbor, Oystor bod. Only 15 minutes  rldo by fast boat from Earls Covo or Egmont. $120,000.  i  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY!  i  WATERFRONT HOMES  i  .JUfllHrWl  &��� ������'.���.(,   '  f  'J|l  *>��� . f "  ' t  MADEIRA PARK ��� votant store bldg,  ad|olnlng living quarters. Ono aero with  104' frontage on Madeira Park Rd,  Zoned R3, $52,000.   ,  OARDEN BAY ��� spacious Q BR homo on    GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR homo, full GUNBOAT BAY -    5 + acros wllh 3 BR  1,16 acres on Cloydon Road, On 93+. ft    basement, 1997 sq ft on main floor, Built homo, 3 cottages, float, On  152 + ft  watorfront with float and boathouio,    "7o' Separate 700 sq fl workshop: On watorlront.    Near    Madeira    Pork.  ,.HaOJ0OiL���...-..���...,������.���,.��� ._,���.���. ���,,���..,..._.4?2.��ch^             Hoat, $180,000.  i��wu��i*��Jiw,��4*;*r^-aa'Ji.te-JM*aW  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLL1 or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233   , ^   A  \  \ ,-7.:v  PageB-4 The Peninsula Times  [ George Townsend 885-3345  Wednesday, February 21,1979  ���I  Doug Joyc*  Bob Bull  885-2761  885-2503  ! Jack Anderson   885-20531  Stan Anderson  885-2385  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  WEST SECHELT: 9.5 acres of good farm land.  Mas new 4bdrm ranch style home, 2 ponds  supplied by spring water with'approx. 4'  acres cleared, balance has some timber. All  services on paved rd. 2 miles from Sechelt  centre. This property has many potential  uses.  "Pi  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016  NEW YEARS SPECIAL - SECHELT VILLAGE:  Reduced $2,000 for immediate sale.  Compare other homes offered in Village  and buy this. It's the last of the bargains. 3  bedrms,_ 1150 sq ft, fireplace, deluxe  carpets and fixtures. Sliding door to patio &  ^workshop. Large laundry  room,  close  to  ' boat launch. ONLY $41,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: 3 bedroom home on 1.67  -acresr Spacious open plan of-1320 sqv-ft.-Has  .ensuite off master bedrrru Home has family  room and ~ utility! Reduced drastically in  price for immediate sale. FP $48,000.  6+. ACRES ON REID ROAD: Mostly cleared,  some fruit trees and yr round creek.  Property mostly-fenced, front yard landscaped and in lawn. House is very large  ~2300sq~ftr2"fpV5everal_setrbf"plumb1ng~  Kitchen    &    LR    have    been    completely  .remodelled^South slopa..a|l.usable.land.,EP���  $85,000.  . ROBERTS CREEK: Brand new 3 bedrm_home.  Immediate possession ��� pick your own  carpets: Tryyour offer to $46,000.  'W.^.^  %  m  MIL.., ,  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ��� Sechelt Village  r- Fully rented mostly on lease. Shows good  return on investment. Opportunity to invest  in this growing community. Details to  bonafide purchaser. Asking $120,000.  &m:  .tite  r .��_���������  WEST SECHELT: Almost new 1136 sq f~3  -bedroom���home;���Excellent���construction-  featuring wood ceilings, skylights in bath  room and entry and large private sundeck  in area of new homes. Basement has  laundry, workshop and rec room. Level,  treed lot on sewer. Asking $59,000.  LOi'  REDROOFFS: New waterfront 3 bdrm home  with expansive view of Georgia Strait and  Vancouver Island. Features shake roof,  stainless steel "Shaw" fireplace & skylight.  -Treed-fo'tr-Priced-at-only-$67;500.   SECHELT  modular  carport  VILLAGE: Near new 3 bdrm  home, on clear garden  lot with  Price includes stove, fridge,  washer, dryer and is completely furnished.  Walk to shops. A bargain at $36,900.  PRICE REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE: Like hew  2  bdrm   bsmt   home.   Good   layout   with  southern exposure and view. Save money-  extra insulation, twin" seal "windows  and-  heatilator fireplace. $54,000.  ��**���<_  _j.~%>   WATERFRONT WEST SECHELT: Pebble beach  with your own road right to water. 3  bedrms, 3 complete bathrooms, recreation  room, wine cellar and lots of extras: View  from all living areas. One of the better  waterfront homes on the coast.  WEST SECHELT: One of the prettiest- split  levels around! Less than one year old. Twin  Seal windows & screens. Half basement  with downstairs bathroom. 7x9' steel shed  on a cement pad. Asking $49,900.  GIBSONS: 2 1/2-acres with modern 3  bedroom basement home. Oil fired hot  water heating, two fireplaces, rec room and  many other features. Approx. 1 1/2 acres  cleared and in lawn with fruit trees and  shrubs, excellent soil. FP $68,000.  i\:j  /  ^  ibl'i  ' - *"����*-  ^  |^ECHELT-VILLAGE4-*omfortable~single-  bedroom    home,' ideal    for    starter    or  retirement.   Good  size   living   room  with  Franklin. 7x14' greenhouse and large steel  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 3 bedroom full  basement home on a large landscaped' lot,  lots of sundeck on the south west side.'The  home also has a extra large attached  double garage with direct entry to the  basement. Rec room and bedroom, in  -basement���are���basically���finished,^���F-R-  $65,900.  WEST SECHELT: New 4 bedrm with finished  basement in area of new homes. Features  include large kitchen & nook, fireplace,  basement flue for stove, finished rec room  in basement, carport, sundeck and a level  easy to landscape yard. Priced right at  $54,900.  .�������-��  shed. Vendor would consider carrying l st or  A/S @ current Interest rates. Asking  $33,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Immediate possession -  tidy one bedroom home, steel shed &  greenhouse'. Vendor would consider  carrying agreement, Very anxious to sell,  FP $27,500.  HOMES  SELMA PARK: 2 bdrm part basement home on a large view site.  Home Is near new and In excellent condition. Wrap around sundeck  and double carport. Basement Is finished. FP $54,500.  ���fmKMJm,  WEST SECHELT: Spanish split level home,  near new with all the extra features.  Double carport, workshop, 3 baths, 4  bedrms, 2 fireplaces, bay window and a  formal dining area. Good level lot affords a  view from the 2nd floor. Tile roof. 2288 sq ft  at only $72,500.  8 ACRE VIEW COUNTRY ESTATE: 3 bedrm,  1400 sq ft full basement home with  spacious living-dining room. Fireplaces up &  down plus extra flue In basement, Open  staircase to rec room, extensive cedar work  Inside and good kitchen cupboards. Large  c'port with storage & 22x45' swimming  pool. Approx 3 acres landscpaed lawn.  Orchard, fishpond, year round creek,  garden, greenhouse & complete privacy. FP  $91,000.  REDROOFFS AREA: Wlldwpod Rd.  build on. Beautiful evergreens,  $11,000.  125 x 200' level lot, very easy to  Priced for  Immediate sale  at  SEMI-RETIREMENT BUSINESS GOING CONCERN $74,500 FULL PRICE |  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS.  Both of these sites are Ideal for year-round steady trade. 14 washer I  & 12 dryers In one location. 7 dryers and 14 washers In 2nd location,  All equipment  in top  condition.  Stores  are clean  and  newly  decorated. Gross revenue approx $2,800 per month. For further  Information call J.' Anderson or Bob Bull 885-3211, Vane. 684-8016,  UPPER ROBERTS CREEK: 10 acres of land, 4000 sq ft building with 3  bdrm near-new homo of 2376 sq ft aluminum clad, fully Insulated  building. Building Is all wired for 220 power and could have many  uses. Concrete floor, clear span. FP $89,900. '  DAVIS BAY MOTEL; 10 ��,c, units plus owner's homo, 4 lots fronting  on Highway 101 & beach.. 351.47' frontage. Large workshop 8,  storage. Selling under assessed value. $225,000. Terms.  LOTS  SECHELT WATERFRONT: Two lots on Boulevard St. 70' x 129'. Each |  treed 8, sowerod, Asking $40,000 per lot.  ROBERTS CREEK; Large treed, serviced lot close to beach &, golf |  course, Qulot aroa, mobile homo permlttod, FP $11,900,  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: a cozy, near now 792 sq ft 2 bedroom"  home close to tho beach at Chapman Crook, Not stairs, electric  hoat, double glazing, Government prepaid loose ha* 19 years to  run. FP $32,000,  ACREAGE  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acres with 100 foot |  road frontage. Excellent buys at full price $15,000 each.  ROBERTS CREEK: A fine building lot 72 x 105', close to beach access. |  Proporty Is sloping to tho south. Paved road, Asking $15,000.  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx ono trood aero. 99' on Redrooffs Rd,  Close to boach and boat launch. Fully serviced, FP only $10,500,  WATERFRONT ACREAGE; 1,47 acros of wooded parkland with 104'  of frontage on Howo Sound, The slta Is gantly sloping and provides  a spectacular vlow of tho channol bolweon Bowon and Gamblor  Islands, Priced at $40,000,      v      ,              _,.  SECHELT VILLAGE! 5 acros measuring 330 x 660', Will eventually  havo a vlow, Close to tfio arena. Try your offer to $35,000,  WILSON CREEK -Ownyqui own trallor park on Hwy 101, Complolo  with mobllo homo for you to live In, Winding stream through 2,41  acros, two doub|o wlclo concrete pads, Asking $60,000.  HALFMOON BAY: Approx 1,1 acros, 2'BR homo, Could put second  homo on this property, FP $44,900,  BUSINESS BLOCK  A LITTLE GOLDMINE; Socholt's best restaurant. A THRIVING  buslnoss with an oxcolitn gross profit, Living accommodation on ilto  for tho now owners nt very llltlo extra.  GOING CONCERN with a good gross, This block will roturn a good  solid 107. on Invested capital. 3 sultoi, a restaurant and a dry  cloanars as tenants, Low maintenance. Havo access, Some room for  expansion, ��� ������- ��--- ���         ��� ;-"������        ��� -   ������������������"���< ������������������  SECHELT VILLAGE; 4 Commercial lots, Oot thorn before (ho prlcot  rise again I Located on tho proposed Toroda Stroet main highway  development. Will be on tower soon, $125,000,  | HAUMC)ON ftAY^Commorciol opportunity on Hwy 1Q11 Qa��  station, auto repair shop Investment, A one of q kind, Zoned C2,  Asking $39,900.  SECHELT VILLAGE ���--��� Lot 6, selectively cloarod leaving some treos.  Vlow of tho ocoan 8. within walking distance to shopping, Soworod |  this yoar, Asking $12,000.  SOUTHWOOD ROAD; Close to 1/2 aero. Lovol building lot, hydro  and regional water at road, Check S comparo, Attractively priced qt  $9,430.  CLEARED, LEVEL LOT; Socholt Vlllago ��� 62,5 x 120'. Ready for  building, Owner will trade as part down paymont on homo, Value  $11,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT; Extra largo 90 x 179' lot, corner location,  oaty accoss. Excellent v|ow of Trail Island. FP $15,500. J  WILSON CREEK; On Browning Rd, a 75 x, 150' vlow lot only 300' from  boach, road accots, Thl* lot Is partially cloarod and fancad, ready to  build on, A qulot street close to all facllltlot, Ono of a kind at  $16,900.  SUNNYCREST  -SHOPPING  CENTRE  886-2277  VANCOUVER  TOLtrFREE-  682-1513  AN&UNDDEVELOPMENTLTD.���  R.R. 2-Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0  CONVEYANCING* REALESTATE CONSULTING^ APPRAISALS ���NOTARYPUBLIC  HOMES  DAVIS & SHAW: A Gold Medallion four bedroom family home. Three levels of  luxurious living. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two hot water tanks. Family room,  rec room and utility. Double glazed windows and separate entrance to basement.  $57,000.  SELMA PARK; Prime building loll Over 150' road frontage, Largo  enough to assure privacy, FP $1(1,300,  REDROOFP8 WATBRPRONTt Lot 80 x 414'��� Groat view with all  services,, water, paved road, cablovltlon, hydro. FP $26,500,   i .,,,,.. ' ��� ..,..   REDROOFFS; Largo lot, 80 x 896', tamo troei, southern expoturo on  Coopor Road, Reduced to $7900 lor quick solo,  VIEW LOTS, HANDY HOOK ��� toko your choice of 3, priced low to  , toll qt |B(090...AMi 190, Owner will look al reasonable oflo[i jo;,  those low prices,  -LANGDALE^This-non-basement-L^ngdale^hre&-bedroom^iew~hame~featijrer~ex^~  tensive use of granite on exterior and huge walk-around fireplace. Modern kitchen  has solid walnut cpblnets. and built-in dishwasher. A garage and workshop round out  the picture. $49,500.  HILLCREST RD: Three bedroom, orje year old home on full basement. Located on a  view lot on a quiet cul de sac with underground services. Close to shopping, schools  and transportation. $50,809.50.  O'SHEA RD: Price reduction on this cozy two bedroom Village home. Close to  shopping, schools and trqnsportqtion._Mortgage available. $28,000.   MALAVIEW RD: Quality built three bedroom  ranch style home on treed landscaped lot In'  area of new homes. Located on quiet cul-de-  sac providing safety for children and pets.  The home is in immaculate condition and  features separate dining room, wall to wall  carpeting, spacious kitchen, utility room  and double windows. Easy walk to  ~ elementary schoolr $45,900.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Large three  bedroom home with finished heatilator  fireplaces up and down. Situated on approximately 1/3 of an acre on a no through  rogd. Neatly landscaped and nicely treed.  Rec room roughed in with, finished  bathroom downstairs. Double windows  throughout. Excellent family home.  $57,900.  FIRCREST RD: Three bedroom home in quiet  . rural    sub-division  properties-  schools  livingroom  has a finish'   ideas. $49,900.  ded    by    ALR  no  mile  from  Large - open  The full basement  your rec room  FAIRVIEW & PRATT ROAD: Excellent starter  or retirement homo. This nicely appointed  single bedroom home features a large  livingroom with cozy -brick fireplace. Many  wood- feature walls. Property-Ms nicely  .'landscaped and completely; fenced;' Large  carport with storage shed at rear. Some  appliances included. $32,900.  ROSAMUND RD:.Safeway Doublewide on  jjyHyJandjcapj^JpJ^onJ^  Separate garage arid metal storage shed.  Lots of shrubs with bark mulch. Good  I vegetable patch. This is an extremely well  LOOKOUT AVE: Near new three bedroom  home'in good condition on large view lot in  new sub-division just past the Sunshine  Coast Arena In Sechelt. Boating facilities  close by. Owner is transferred and you may  have immediate possession. $51,900.  WHARF ROAD: Executive home. Large  Spanish style home. Deluxe in every  respect. Finished on two floors with quality  workmanship and materials. Large sundeck  and carport plus separate heated double  garage. Large lot mostly landscaped. A  bargain  at  $90,000  FAIRVIEW ROAD: Ranch style home on 1/2  'acre. Nice setting with glimpses of the  ocean through the trees. Tastefully  decorated with large rooms. Master  bedroom is 16 x 11 including ensuite. Room  for full-sized dining suite! Living room has  large antique brick fireplace and sundeck is  full length of house. $57,500.  GRANDVIEW RD: Large family home on  quiet no-through street. Has fireplace  upstairs S Earth stove down. Three  bedrooms on main floor and one bedroom  suite in basement. Full basement with rec  room and utility. Master bedroom has full  four piece ensuite. Large 13 x 20 sundeck,  yard is landscaped & has concrete driveway.  $59,900.  ���GRANDVIEW ' RD1' TOff 'Pi'nejr Lovely'' 3  1 bedroom ranch style home situated on  secluded and fully landscaped 1/2 acre.  Southern exposure combines privacy with  view of Georgia Strait & Van Island. Huge  __car.por!jjilQwsiar_easy_OTdition_ofjiJamily_  room & still-leaves a' learpor.t. Sundeck  accessed   from    living    rjbom   &   master  JOHNSON & FORBES:  Langdale. New out of the ordinary rancher  on 79 x 135 lot. Featuring livingroom,  dining rooom, three bedrooms, family room  and utility. Garage, fireplace. Very attractive and practical floor plan. $48,500.  living. $39,900.  DAVIDSON RD: lovely new three bedroom  | home In Langdale Ridge, 1236 square feet  upstairs. All large rooms. Double windows  throughout, sundeck and full unfinished  basement. Situated on nearly.1/2 acre 90 x  200 with private access road. All this and a  beautifi^ velw of Keats Island and  surrounding waters. $53,900.    (-  ���  UPLANDS RD: Tuwanek. Ideal.recreation lot  in beautifully wooded and park like setting.  Zoned for trailers, This lot overlooks Sechelt  Inlet and tho Lamb Island. $8,900.  bedroom. Floor to ceilingfcut rock fireplace,  nopane windowsr~^vvindmg���concrete  driveway & many other features. $63,500. ���  COCHRANE RD: Six bedrooms, four  bathrooms', large livingroom with fireplace  and kitchen on full basement with unfinished rec room. Hot water heat. Two  suhdecks. All hardwood floors. On 67 x 172  lot only two blocks from the ocean, This  house requires some finishing and can be  yours for $55,000.  NORTH FLETCHER: Young three bedroom  home. 1-1/2. .bathrooms... .Living room with  Franklin fireplace. Large eating area &  some view. $45,900.'  CRUCIL RD: Bright and spacious three  bedroom family view home in excellent  condition located within, easy walking  distance to schools and shops. Large kitchen  with built-in dishwasher and indirect  lighting. Two fireplaces. Huge recreation  room. Lots of extra space in daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  workshop. $58,900.  POPLAR LANE: Three bedrooms, master  has ensuite. Nice bright kitchen. No need  for a second car in this convenient location.  $47,500.  CHAMBERLIN RD: Executive home on  acreage over 2100 square feet of floor  area. Two fireplaces, formal living room  and dining room. Family room and eating  area. Double attached garage all on 4.38  acres, frreplacable at $97,500. "  ROBERTS CREEK: A" short drive through parklike area then over your own creek and  behold a two bedroom home nestled on the  edge of approximately two acre clearing in  ���pasture and- gardens with sunny south  slope. Wooded area to west rounds but the  total of 5 acres. One of a kind offered at  $80,000,  LOTS  MAPLE ROAD: .97 of an acre on Maple Road  (drive down Pine Road). Southern exposure  with water and Island view. $19,000.  WAKEFIELD RD: Good building lot on wator  and power overlooking Georgia Strait and  the Trail Islands, This it a corner lot in a  newly built up area. $12,500.  McCULLOUGH RD: Wilson Creek. Close to  one acre of treed property with sub-division  possibilities, $22,500.  5AMRON; West  treed lot on  have a good  '���*t Sjdnok. *T\ 150  *WefleWLo*|^?reet.  ^WMfl^iexr? future. $  nicely  Could  10,500  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: Gibsons, With  waterfront as scarce at It It thlt double use  lot represents real value. $33,000.  GOWER PT. RD. AT 14th: Nearly 1/2 aero of  vlow property. Approximately 80' x 250'. R2  zoned with 2 distinctive building Bitot. Local  by-laws allow 2 dwolllngt on thlt property.  Partially cloarod, Clotad to Gibsons and  closo to tho beach, $16,900,  SOUTH FLETCHER; At School Road. Two lots  40 x I SO each, Ono lot has a cottage which  could be ranted, Thue lots are mostly  cloarod and ready for building. A spectacular view of the ontlro Day area and  Keatt Island, $27,500.  ,...,  GRANDVIEW A PRATT; Building lot In a fast  growing aroa, Approximate tljte It 146 x  141 x 74 x 125, Protont all offers on tho  atklng price of $11,500.  SCHOOL RD; Throe vlow Iota 73 x 110. On  tower, Three blockt from tchoolt and  shopping contra, Cloarod for building,  $16,000 each,  DAVIDSON RD, 2/5 of an aero with a  fantastic view from Langdale Ridge. This lot  has o small crook on the very back of tho  property. All new, homes In this area.  $14,900.  TUWANEK: 80 x 140 lot only ono block to  beach, Full vlow of tho Inlet, Piped community water available, $9,900.  PRATT RD: Near Codar Grove School. This  lot Is cleared and roady to build on, Mature  fruit trees dot this 76 x 125 lot. $13,500.  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65 x 130.  Closo to shopping and the ocoan. Sowor  easemont of 10' on t,o, tide of tho lot.  $12,500.  PORPOISE DRIVE SANDY HOOK; Largo lot  approximately 122 x 111 with 34 ,x 140  panhandle entrance. Nice lover building  tlto. Excellent vlow. ONLY 40 FEET FROM  THE WATER, You mutt too thlt lot to fully  appreciate tho value, $12,000.  SOAMES POINT; Vlow lot on Mqrlno Drive  touth of Soamot Road. Landtcapod In front,  llko Stanley Park In back. $10,500.  CHASTER ROAD; Nlcoly trood bulldlno lot In  aroa of now hornet, Size 67 x 123. $9,900,  PRATT ROAD: Hobby Farm. 2 bedroom  home with all appliances, ready for you to  move In. Although the horses do not go, the  3-stall bam with tack room, grooming area  & loft-does. Hen house & laying hens Included. Large corral at the rear of the  property. Fully landscaped with trees &  shrubs. All this on 1.16 acres with subdivision potential. $44,900.  POPLAR LANE: Good building lot on quiet  street. Close to shopping and schools. All  services Including sewer. $13,500,  HOPKINS LANDING; View lot c/w 5 x 12'  Insulated shod, hds chemical toilet. You can  live on lot while building home to suit.  Offers to $12,500.  SMITH ROAD; 170 x 127 lot with terrific  view of the ocean. Good building site on  slightly sloping land. $14,500.  OLE'S PLACE: Off Marlene Road, Lots 13 &  15 In nicely developed area. Those lots are  level with easy building tltos, Many large  treat & nice landscape In surrounding aroa,  Zoned R2 and situated at the end of a qulot  cul do sac, Lot 13 ��� $12,900 Lot 15 ���  $11,900.  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATES; Locatod on North  Road In Gibsons. Zoned for mobile and  conventional hornet. All lots on sewor,  wator, hydro and all within throo blocks of  tho shopping contro, schools and medical  clinic. Priced from $10,900 to $19,900.  ACREAGE  SMITH ROAD; Cloarod vlow lot clota to farry  ' tormlnal and ocoan vlow, Triangular shaped  lot with good building tlto, $14,000,  ChtKYL ANNE PARK RD; Robortt Crook,  j Largo lot with beautiful (root and tome  vlow on aulot cul-de-tac In aroa of fine  hpmot, Before you decide too thlt attractive  low priced property, Owner will eonildor  torint, $12,500,  REDROOFFS ESTATES; 100x250 lot on tho  touth tide of Southwood Road, Croato your  own ottata on thlt half aero, $10,300,  LANGDALE RID0E; Nice water view  thlt bargain priced lot. $8,950,  from  ELPHINSTONE AVG; $1,000,000 vlow.  Located on Elphlhttono Avenue at Grantham*. Hat Ian* at back, Suit two itoroy  homo with lovol entry al front, $9,300,  SMITH ROAD; Good vlow lot 129 x 165 with  a good building tlto and,an unobstructed  ocoan vlow, $14,800.  NORTH ROAD: 3.4 park llko acrot, Accott  from tldo road will secure privacy, Nlcoly  trood. Cloto to tho vlllago. $29,900.  GIBSONS: 4,6 acres of excellent holding  proporty c|oto to Soamot Point, Partially  cloarod, Try your off on, $27,300.  MAHAN ROAD; Acreage next to village  boundary, 2.16 acrot of nowly subdivided  land locatod on Mohan Road, Property hat  tovoral tprlngt on II and It fairly lovol,  Offort to $30,000,  urn  i  E  MASKELL ROAD; 1,44 acrot of tubcllvldablo  proporty on Matkoll Road and Lowor  Robortt Crook Road, Zoning allows for 1/2  aero avorago, Thlt It a qulot rural area only  3 mllot from Olbtont. $19,900,  Jt"l^tttt��*;w���  L0RRIEGIRARD  886-7760.  JON McRAE  885-3670  ANNEGURNEV  886-2164  CHRIS KANKAINEN  885-3545  ARNE PETTERSEN  886-97M  JAY VISSER  885-3300  DAVE ROBERTS  886-8040  *  ' 7  r  Smokirtg <sfid r\ea rt dl  Wednesday, February 21,1979        The Peninsula Times  -YonrB.C; Heart Foundattpn presents the��  third In a four-part series on heart disease  and stroke to inform the public of the  progress being made to combat this 20th.  century health hazard.  After 15 years of countless campaigns  to. wipe out smoking, it is somewhat  disturbing to find that cigarette sales  today are higher than they were in 1963,  the year before the U.S. Surgeon General's,  -first report linking smoking todeath from  heart and lung disease. In fact, cigarette  consumption, is at an all-time record  despite the thousands of Canadians who  have ceased ^to smoke. Even though  population growth may account for the  increase, it still constitutes a danger sign  of major proportions, particularly in view  of the evidence that teenage boys are still  smoking at the same rate as previously  The Grub Baa  ZRcjjfTyTmgHTsou ps  By-Ann  These hearty soups based on beans  make wonderful cold weather meals'  served with salad and a favorite dessert.  Beany Soup is quite a favorite in our  house.   ,  BEANY SOUP  1 lb (2 cups) pea beans  6 cups water  1 teasp. salt  Vz lb ham hocks (smoked)  1 tablesp. butter or margarine  Vz cup finely chopped onion  salt and pepper to taste.  Measure beans with water into a deep  "saucepan; let stand overnight or 6-8 hours.  Add salt and ham hocks. Cover, bring to a.  boil; then simmer until beans are tender,'  about 1 to 1% hours. Melt butter in a small  skillet and saute onions over medium heat  until light brown. Stir into so.up._ Add salt  and pepper to taste. Remove ham bone  and dice meat into small pieces. Serve  Christian Science  "Glory to God in The Highest, and on earth  peace, good will toward men. And it came  to pass, as the angels were gone away  from them into heaven, the shepherds said  one to another, Let us now go even unto  Bethlehem - (Luke 2 14: 15).  "... and, lo, the star, which they saw in  the. east, went before them, till it came and  stood over where the young child was."  ((Matt 2:9).  "The wakeful shepherd beholds the  first faint morning beams, ere cometh the  full radiance of a risen day. So shone the  pale star to the prophet shepherds; yet it  traversed the night, and. came where, in  cradled obscurity, lay the Bethlehem  babe, the human herald of Christ, Truth,  who would make plain to benighted understanding the way of salvation through  Christ Jesus, till across a night of error  should dawn the morning beams and shine  the guiding star of being." (Science and  -health wimJCey-to^ifrSeEiptures by Mary-  Baker Eddy).  piping hot.  SPLIT PEA SOUP  A special favorite in the deep south  that's now a national favorite.  1 lbj[2 cups) green or yellow split peas  %_Va smoked hamjiock  2 quarts boiling water ���    -  1 teasp. salt  1 bay leaf  -Harge virion chopped ���  1 teasp. ground thyme  \Vz cups diced carrots  Vz cup chopped celery or celery leaves  salt and pepper to taste  1 can condensed cream of chicken soup  chopped parsley.  Rinse and drain' the peas. Wash ham  hock. Place all ingredients in a large  saucepan. CoverL bring to a boil; then  simmer oh low heaTJKHfc Hourslmtil the'  peas become mushy. Stir occassionally to  prevent scorching. Remove ham hock and  cut meat into small chunks, discarding  bone, fat and rind. To puree, press other  ingredients through a sieve, or swirl in a  blender. Add ham cubes to blended soup.  Add salt and pepper to taste (onion salt  gives a good flavor.) Pour into large  tureen, garnish with a wee bit of chopped  parsley. Serve very hot.  HAMBURGER BEAN POT SOUP  This delicious soup makes a little  ground beef go a long way. Rather than  make meat balls, crumble the meat, toss it  in and anyone who gets some is lucky.  Wash 1 cup dried marrow beans, add 3  quarts water and bring to boil. Boil 2  minutes, remove from heat and let beans  soak in hot water for 1 hour. Then simmer  beans���20 minutes,, add, 1 No.ni2.A>can  tomatoes, 1 cup diced celery, 1 carrot  cubed, 1 potato cubed, Yi cup rice uncooked, one third cup chopped onion, 1 can  beef bouillon (or 1 bouillon cube), 1  tablesp. salt and >4 teasp. pepper. Brown  the ground beef in 1 tablespoon vegetable  oil. Bring soup to a boil, add the meat (fat  removed), cover and-slowly-sifflmer-fori-  and smoking in teenage girls is on the  increase.  The use of cigarettes means that  smokers are increasing their chances of  premature disability, and death from  coronary heart disease, cancer and other  disorders linked with cigarette smoking.  The evidence confirming such links is  overwhelming and irrefutable. As long ago  as 1967 a world conference of scientists  from many countries agreed there is no  longer any controversy ��� smoking is  dangerous; it does increase the risk of  coronary heart disease; it does increase  the-risk-of-lung-cancerf-it-aggrevates-  chronic bronchitis and emphysema and  seems to bear a significant relationship to  other disorders, particularly those of the  digestive systerrk   The question is not whether cigarette  smoking is injurious to health, but what to  do about it. '   '    . ,  The best advice of all is "don't start".  The next best thing to stopping smoking, is  to cut down the number of cigarettes per  day. Cigarette smoking can increase the  risk of heart attack from two to 10 times  that of the non-smoker. The death rate  from coronary heart disease decreases  promtply among those who give up  smoki^jnd^eventoaUy approaches Jhal,  of people who never smoked. Also, ih individuals who stopped smoking, abnormal  changes in body tissue ��� such as occur'in  the lungs or bronchial tubes ��� may  gradually revert towards normal.  The latest statistical reports on  cigarette smoking suggesting a definite  increase ih those who start at an early age,  particularly teenage girls, are alarming.  They not DnlyinjureJthemselves but eouldL  harm another generation yet unborn. They  will be a bad example to their own  children. The earlier people start on  cigarettes, the greater their risk of heart  disease. The risk also grows as the daily  consumption increases.  Diehard smokers and tobacco companies may claim that new filters reduce  the hazard by substantially cutting tars  and nicotine, but most scientists feel that  these claims have not been accompanied  by well-documented scientific data. As for  the 100 mm. cigarettes, perhaps the U.S.  Surgeon General said it all when he  warned that they only increase the  smoker's risk by giving him more to  smoke.  If you are not one of the non-smoking  Canadians, take a positive step to better  . heart health by giving up your cigarettes  today iAnd j if you are a parent, remember  your example may well decide your  children's attitude to smoking and their  ultimate risk of acquiring heart disease,  "like father, like son; like mother, like  daughter" still holds a great deal of truth  /today..' .;.  For further information on smoking  andHheart-diseasercontect your British  PageB-5  ^--QQL  -FT^l-  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD.      -   Box 1490, R.R. It���      t  Wharf Road, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  ai:'��� -���i 885-3271 i   LANGDALE AREA  LANGDALE ~ ~ ~",'7~"~ $54,000  Largo spacious 2 bedroom home' on  85x165' lot. Large Kitchen, dining  room, sundeck, carport, 2 fireplaces,  2 bathrooms, finished basement.  Price includes fridge, stove, washer  and dryer. Larry Reardon 885-3924.  YMCA RD  $49,500  A great family home, neat as a pin,  and spacious, 3 bedroom home large  LR with fireplace, close to ferry. It has  an attractive kitchen dining room  area. Carport, and outside storage  space. Larry Reardon 885-3924.   GIBSONS AREA : ~  SARGENT ROAD              "                                                  $13,900  Magnificent ocean view lot. Fully serviced, on*ewer..65x-l 10'. -...  Close to all amenities. Builder's terms available. Larry Reardon,  _ 885-3524 '. :   WEST SECHELT  VALUE, VALUE, VALUE $57,000 |  Everywhere you look there is value  in this truly beautiful home.    Cathedral entrance, 3 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, large rec room,  workroom plus one bedroom suite downstairs. Nicely landscaped and the price has been reduced to $57,000. Larry  Rea/don'885-3924  1/2 ACRE LOT $13,500  Cleared and ready to build on. Serviced, including cable.  Nickerson Road. Ed Baker 885-2641.  $18,500  1.17 acres, nicely treed, gentle slope to SW, will have a good  view when some trees como down. Ed Baker 885-2641  RARE 25 ACRES Asking $62,000  Only 5 minutes west of Sechelt. High and dry, mostly treed.  ���Chgck-Dowmanr885~-9374; ���  ROBERTS CREEK  WATERFRONT LOT $82,500  135' of level waterfront .6 acre in lawn and shade tre.es. Water -  and hydro to lot, excellent swimming beach, probably the best  waterfront lot available on the coast today. Owner may carry  part balance. Phone Chuck Dowman 885-9374  UP*. DOWN DUPLEX " $49,500  Large 3 bedroom with excellent revenue potential, located on 1  acre near Roberts Creek on Highway 101. Vendor will consider  offers. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  $42,500  , Spotless 2 bdrm home in secluded area, family size kitchen with,  -separate tfining-roomrFireplace-in-20'i.R with new wallto'tyallr~  Chuck- Dowman, 885-9374.  SANDY HOOK  HOUSE OF QUALITY $85,000  One of the most breathtaking views in the peninsula. Main floor  consists of large LR with heatilator fireplace, dining room,  kitchen and master bedroom with office or den ensuite, and  attractive bathroom. Out of grounds lower floor has rec room  with fireplace 3 bedrooms, full bathroom, laundry and storage,  w/w throughout. A home of truly superior construction. Must be  seen to be appreciated. Phone Ed Baker 885-2641  -EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD $39,900  iEverything is oversized in this large  [mobile, with approx 1300 sq ft floor  ���area. Joined  under one roof  are  J72xl2   and   36x12   units,   creating  ���   J^ample space for a rec room large  'T-^'^x^^sfe-kenough to house a pool table.  3  bedrooms,   large   sundeck   and   a   separate garage. (30x16)  Priced to. sell. Larry Reardon 885-3924.  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT $15,500 ft $8,500  At Sandy Hook we have this 100'+ waterfront lot, close to road  and adjoining with an excellent view lot that lies next to B.T.  Larry Reardon 885-3924  SECHELT  fs��$$*f~,  ki*  SECHELT VILLAGE: 3 bdrm sparkler,  Charming & immaculate w-dining rm  and    kitchen    eating   space,   cozy  &   carpeted   throughout.  Juniy   i   yr old and already .has  a  _  bountiful  garden  with   fruit   trees.  ���  Priced to sell fast at $46,900.  Phone Chuck Dowman 885-9374  $56,500  Attractive Spanish type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3 yrs built.  Large LR 20x20 with fireplaceTbpen beam ceilings,-DR, family  _Jkitchen. All bdrms^large^rnastejjBnsuite,jrv/wjhrougho_ut_. Large   wdrkshop~afrear. Floor area 1584 sq. ft. Ed Baker, 88&2641.  REDROOFFS /HALFMOON BAY AREA  INVESTMENT POTENTIAL /$ 10,500  -���ln-this beautiful-1/2-acre andwoodidlot onWildwf)od-Road.~-  Zoned R2 for mobile homes. Hydro and water. Rita Percheson.  885-5706.  NEW $39,700  "Attractive and well-built 3 bdrm rancher. 1196 sq ft, situated on  1/2 acre treed property. Large kitchen with eating area, 21' LR.  All bdrms good size. Utility plumbed and wired for washer,  dryer. Wall to wall thro'. This is a real good buy. Must be seen if  you are looking for a good home. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  NOR WEST BAY ROAD $12,500  ~"Woodediotrl50-x"70'~zo?i^^2rtrailersn]ll"<^ed."Sign-dhT"Ed~  Baker, 885-2641.  WELCOME WOODS $9,750  An extra large lot, 125 x 200', serviced with hydro and water.  Larry Reardon, 885-3924.  $13,500  Beautiful 1/2 acre lot loaded with trees on blacktop road, with  hydro and water. Larry Reardon 885-3924  HALF ACRE LOT $15,000  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road ond the road to  Sargent Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Reardon, 885-  3924.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  MONEYMAKER $32,500  4 yr old, 3 bedroom, full bsmt home on one acre. Live in while  you do the finishing. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  GARDEN BAY ROAD $22,500  Rock bluff building site on this 3.5 acre wooded property, would  provide terrific view over pasture land. All-year stream. Easy  terms available. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Seml-waterfront property, just across the Narrows Bridge and  facing Bargain Harbour. Treed and good for building on,' with  just the road between you and the water. Larry Reardon, 885-  3924.  COMMERCIAL  ^'��^%j fireplace   i  SSmjfc |^| Only   1   yr  u(  "S  L.t-3  / wt  m  In  1.  ���  w  /  ..Of  Ht^wuj   ISI  We're the Neighborhood Professionals:"  HIGHWAY 101, COMMERCIAL C2  Corner of Airport Road  ���SHOPPING CENTRE POTENTIAL  Lot 4, Corner lot 1.883 acres,  price $125,000  -?tot-3, Inside lot 1.778 acres  ���< price $75,000  hour. This makes a lot ��� about 3 quarts.    Columbia Heart Foundation  help  your  Heart Fund  help your  heart  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seasido Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  Mitten Realty Ltd. -2SSK  v  Where Real Estate is serious ������ but a pleasure  HOMES WATERFRONT  tx  VS  HOMES  "The Property  Movers"  MASON ROAD' ~Lovely: largo"  3 DR - 1346 tq ft homo with  vlow of Trail Itlandt and Strait  of Georgia. Lot tlto 7x130'.  WHARF  REALTY LTD.  885-5171  Entulto with thowor to matter  BR, Quality workmanthlp &  materlalt throughout. Full  btmt unflnlthed, awaiting  your Ideai, 2 fireplace*. 1  heatilator, Vaulted colling,  living rm with cedar wallt &  colling. Largo thormopano bay  window*, Separate  12'0"h1 VO'1 dining rm, olto  breakfast nook. Reduced from  $72,300 to $69,900. Call Pat,  809-3171  or 883-9487 ovot.  WIST SECHELT  Loaded doort, vaulted  colling* and lott of cedar  make thlt a 3 bodroom  with that tomethlng extra.  21 x 24' double garage I*  now a itudlo-workthop,  P.P. $34,900. Call Bob 883-  3331.  "Your Real Estate hosts on the  Sunshine Coast"  PAT MURPHY  885-1487  BOB BEAUPRE  818.9891  TREVOODDARD  806-3688  ROBERTS CREEK $45,000  Drive down to tho end of Metcalfe  Road and too for yourielf what a  great teml-waterfront location thlt  It. Tho houte neodt a tpot of paint  outtldo but Intldo there It plenty of  good accommodation Including throe  bedrooms, family tlzod dining room,  roc room and two fireplace*. A good  Investment In tho future of your  family. Ploato call Corry Rot*.  til8TW  OAMBIERISLAND$65,0(1  Ideal retlremont or recreational  property. Well designed' 5 bdrm  homo with fireplace In living room at  woll at tho roc room. Spaclout kitchen with lott of cupboardt. All  appliance! drapet and tome fur-  nlthlng* to ttay. En|oy tho ocean  vlow from thlt tunny half aero.  Irroplacablo at $65,000. Call terrl to  vlow.  i_3>.  SAKINAWLAKE $7,000  Thlt beautiful waterfront can be your  hideaway. Boat accett only. Call Ann  Ibbltton.  OIBSONS $85,500  Largo modorn houte with vlow.  Batomont tot up a used a* halr-  drottlng talon ��� could bo in-law  tulto. Extra wide lot for privacy or  ...mqy���bo iubdly|d��d off. Excellent  financing I* anumablo, Call Ann  Ibbltton.  OIBSONS $59,500  Family homo with vlow of harbor.  Immaculate ' condition, throe  bodroom*, tundock, landtcapod lot.  Clo��o to everything. Call Ann Ibbltton for viewing,  GRANTHAMS $45,000  - Wolorvlew home with two lot* for  your privacy, groat potential, two  bedroom*, part batomont, largo  living room, Vlow thlt ono with Ann  Ibbltton,  WCFV  OOWER POINT $85,000  Qulot boach oppotlte thl* Immaculate teml-wotorfront homo,  Fantaitlc kitchen, tudorlzod celling,  teak wallt, blended with cuttom-  made cedar cupboardt. Largo matter  bodroom with guott bodroom  downttalrt, Largo garden boautlfully  kept, thrubt A bulbt abound, Nice  beach |u*t acroi* the itroel.. View  with Ann Ibbltton.  SEMI-WATERFRONT $69,500  With boach accett & good moorage  In Longdate, Spectacular view of  Gamblor I*. & Howe Sound, 3 bdrm, 2  bathroom*, Indirect lighting & 2  fireplace* aro a (ow of the feature*  of thl* (paclout homo. Lott of privacy,  on thlt park-like property tltuoted on  tho north tide of tho lorry dip on  Smith Road. Don't mitt thlt one.  Watch for tlgnt or call Terrl Hanton  for more detail*.  , i  1 t5H\JL  !�����  SECRET COVE $��8.��00  Thlt exceptional .45 acre waterfront  proporty In tho long arm of Secret  Cove It truly one of a kind. Approx.  370' watorfrpntago, older two  bodroom cottage, deep water  moorag* and dock. Lott of sunshine  horel Ca(l Corry Rot*.  OOWER POINT BEAUTY $85,000  2 BR, fabulou* teak & cedar kitchen,  blacktop drlvewayr A residence of  distinction. View with Ann Ibbltton.  ACREAGE  PRIVACY $18,000  Why live In a rural community unlet*  you on|oy rural tolltudo. Thlt 145 x  409' 1.3 aero lot It 2-1/2 mllot from  Socholt above Porpolto Bay, A rare  offering not often found on the  Ponlntula. Private driveway, Call  Terrl Hanton for Information,  COMMERCIAL  TANTALUS APTS. $160,000'  Showing good revenue ��� may bo  your chance for a tax Iwrlte-off? To  vlow call Ann Ibbltton,  ���*      4  WATERFRONT  WATERFRONT ACREAGE       $89,500  1.89 acrot, and an elegant 2 bdrm  home. Kitchen It tpaclous and  practical. Jennalre range, built In  ovon, dl*hwa*her, cupboard* galore.  Open living and dining area  overlooking water and Itlandt.  Beautifully designed bathroom that  includei a tauna, tunken tub and  double tinkt. Largo utility with a  thower and a separate entrance. The  back It surrounded by a 600 tq. ft.  tundock for you to tit and en|oy tho  vlow. Tattofully landtcapod with  little maintenance necot*ary. Phone  Suzanne Dunkerton for more Information.  Van. Direct  681-7931  B.C. VON 3A0  Next to the Gulf Station  WATERFRONT.  ��-**+i  HOME BY THE SEA $79,500  West Coast look. Hardwood dining  room floors, three bedroom*, two  bpth*. Full value here, in West  Sechelt. Call Ann Ibbltton.  LOTS  LOTS  WINN ROAD $15,000  Build your ocean view home on thlt  lot In Olbtont, dote to everything.  Call Ann Ibbltton,  REDROOFFS $7,500  Check the price A compare, Thlt lot It  priced to tell. Excellent building lot  with    oaty    accett,    Trailers    per-  ml**lblo,  Call  Terrl   for  more   In-  formatlpn.  SUNSHINE HEIOHTS $10,000  IBulld your country retreat and enjoy  tho vlow of mountain! and wator. Lot  It   tervlced   with   telephone   and  underground  wiring. Call   Suianno  Dunkorton,  TUWANEK  Vlow lot overlooking Lamb't Bay,  Clote to oaty beach accett ��� vendor  will carry at C.I.R. Priced at $10,000,  Pt)one, Terrl for more ^Information.  t  GIBSONS $13,500  Here it the building lot you've been  looking   for.   Clote   to   schoolt,  thopplng & beach. Potential view to  boot.  Surrounded   by  quality   now  hornet. Call Suianno Dunkorton for  Information.  CHOICE, CHOICE. CHOICE  View lott in Glbspns, Davit Bay and  Socholt, from $13,500  to  $16,000.  Call Ann Ibbitson.  SELMA PARK $12,300  Largo building lot In developed aroa.  Some lovely tree*, Build at tho back &  rotaln your privacy, Call Suzanne  Dunkerton,  CHERYL-ANN PARK RD. $ 13,500.  A vlow - a creek - centrally located In  Robert* Crook. 94 foot of creekiide ���  164 feet deep - prime residential lot.  Call Don Sutherland  KEATS ISLAND $7,500  Nicely treed corner lot with a vlow.  Hydro & wator available, 8x12 *hod  to remain. Call Terrl Hanton,  DAVIS BAY 818,000  Clote to ttoro pnd |ust a thort walk  to the beach. You could build your  now homo In thlt popular area, Call  Don Sutherland.  �����*">,  "wn  ���V  ___^f^\  CD  DON SUTHERLAND  ANN IBBITSON  CORRY ROSI  085^520  SUZANNE DUNKERTON  .-_~-*��f����i��*>pfw-~��.-  TERRI HANSON  Norlli Vancouver  139 Wett 16th Street  We��l Vancouver  1586 Marino Drive  Vdneouvir OTHER OFFICES  3343 Klng��way TO SERVE YOU  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM  Surrey  10474 137th St,  Langley  203B3 Frator Hwy  Powell River  4726 Marine Avenue Div. 7 Sechelt Elementory  rtes  raaaziatjs  MY NEW PUPPY  By TERESA CAMPBELL  1. It was my 10th birthday, when I blew  out the candles, I started opening  presents, I saw a present-withholes, and-  no paper. I looked inside of the box and  there was a puppy. It was Black and  White, so I called her Panda.  II She was now three old, I fed her and  took her for walks everyday. She is seven  inches high and ten inches long. She will  always be that size.  III When she was four, weeks old she  ran away because I never got to spend as  much time with her, so I went out looking  for her. I found her at the neighbours  house hungry, so I brought her back and  fed her. "/* ���--  jyJThe-next.day^mda:wiiS-Ste��pJtogjHL  my bed. I looked and played with her all  day, so she would not run away again.  V The next day I went to feed her7but~  shewas not thererl searched the whole  house. I found Panda in the bathtub, so I.  gave her a bath.  VIA puppy sure is hard but I sure love  having her.   " >   -    -   ���. The End  THE MYSTERY OF THE LETTER  By VINCE PHILLIPS  Last night I was watching a scary ghost  story on TV; It was about when ajman dies  and his ghost comes back and scares  everybody. It .comes-every night and it  opens windows, closes door, blows the  curtains ^ind knocks on doors.   After the movie was over David went  into the kitchen to get a cookie and glass of  milk. When he came back the window was  open and the TV was turned off. He'  remembered the movie he had just watched.  Now David was scared. He put down his  glass of milk and walked toward the TV/  set. Just when he was going to turn it on  again a rock came through the window. He  picked it up and there was a note there.  He took the note off and read it, It said,  "Give me twenty dollars by Friday",  -signed nobody. When David went to bed^ie-  couldn't go to sleep. He was thinking of the  letter he had just got.  In the morning he had breakfast arid  went outside. At about eleven I found out -  that a new kid here was playing tricks on .  me and he wrote that letter too.  The End  A novel idea by Sunshine Ceramics,  small spoon racks, very well made,-with  contoured tiles. Come in and see them. ���  Miss Bee's, Sechelt. .  On January 23, 1979 at 12:15 a.m.,  Father Leagh Danvers passed on to a  higher,life"at St: Mary'srHospitalr���  Fr. Leagh was born in Edmonton,  Alberta and spent most of his young life in  JhaLcity, ���_ 1 7 ^ ^ _  In 1948 he was drawn to the Liberal  Catholic Church by Fr. Barney in Vancouver. In March of 1951 he was baptized  by the late Fr; Harold Taylor at St. Mary's  of the Angels in Edmonton and in October  of that year, was given Orders to the Sub-  Diaconate by Bishop Ernest Jackson. His  ordination to the Diaconate was performed in December 1963 by Bishop Franz  Erwin. Ordination to the Priesthood was  by Bishop Franz Erwin on the 14th Sunday  after Trinity, August 30, 1964, at St.  Michael's-in-BurnabyrB.C.���  ���m-1952,-Frr-Leagh-married7his-wife-  Ellen,   who   has   supported   him   in  everything he has done.  Together they built their home in North  VaricouveFand raised Ellen's sister Carol  and their-daughter Susan.  In November 1964 the small chapel in  the basement of their home was dedicated  by Erwin. While regular Sunday attendance was never large, special services  such as Christmas Eve Mass would find  upwards of 30 people in attendance.  Fr. Leagh believed in a community-  oriented church and took the services to  the people, performing baptisms and  weddings-mgardens.UvingTroomsrand--  even one wedding on a houseboat while ,  afloat on the ocean. During his time he  performed 23 baptisms, 102 weddings, and _  15 funerals. Fr. Leagh was elected as  President of the  North Vancouver  Ministerial Association in November 1971  and held that office for two years.  Fr. Leagh was a man of love. He loved,  people and everyone loved him. He was  Graphite exhibit  at Gibsons  the type of person that made you instantly  comfortable in his presence and was  always ready to lend a helping hand.  school  >ender Harbour Realty Ltd  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  HASLAM CREEK WATERFRONT - Over 15 acres  with 750 ft. waterfront, with cabin & oyster lease. FP $165,000  Possible terms.  BUSINESS   ���   Ponderosa  Grocery   &   Drive-In   at  Garden Bay; Owner will take~house in trade. Phone for particulars on this going concern to Mike Rosse at 883-9378.  McNAUGHTON   POINT  -   1.9   acres   of" view  waterfront overlooking Malaspina Strait. Attractive 3 bedroom,  1200 square feet home. A fine property going for $70,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT ��� And a real bargain, It Is  with clean beach, free moorage, clams and oysters just steps  away. Price just $12,000.  ONE ACRE LOTS ��� On Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable area. Just 2 left so don't delay.  $15,000 each.  EXCELLENT ��� building lot. Front Road, Madeira  Park. Fully serviced, $10,500.'  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Deep and protected moorage  in Egmont.  Has trailer pad, septics and water and power.  $35,000.  7 ACRES ���; on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slope. Asking $35,000.  PHONE 883-2794  JOHN BREEN MIKE ROSSE        JOCK HERMON  883-9978 883-9378 883-2745  Closing costs are   By_Jhe_Jime_you_have__  reached the completion stage  in a home purchase, you have  already worked out the difference between the mortgaging and the purchase  ���price, and have your required  cash down payment.  Closing costs! These ex--  penses are one of the most  overlooked and also one of the  FOR SALE  BY  BUILDER  New 1200 sq ft, 3 bdrm home.  Large kitchen and living room,  utility room off kitchen, wall  to wall' carpet throughout,  large lot ��� .65 acres, partially  cleared, possible to subdivide,  road allownace in rear.  Redrooffs Road. Asking  $43,000.  885-9793  cash costs!  most unexpected features of  home buying.  First ,��� there are the  vendor's adjustments. This is  simply paying back the  vendor for such things he has  already paid ��� for the period  of time you will own the house  ��� real estate taxes, insurance, water rates, oil in the  fuel tank, etc.  Second ��� there are  mortgage costs if you are  arranging a new mortgage.  Appraisal fee, mortgage fee,  interest adjustment, legal  fees. Sometimes these will be  added onto the amount of the  mbrtgage; sometimes they  are deducted. Ask. at the  beginning, because if they are  to be deducted you will have to  make them up in cash.  Thirdly ��� legal fees and  disbursements which include  your lawyer's service, and  expenses for registration fees,  transfer fee or taxes,, title  search,_etc   ��� ^GRAPHITE", an . exhibition of  drawings by leading historical, and _con-._  temporary artists, wLU be available for  viewing at Gibsons Elementary school,  Monday, Feb. 26. This show is selected  from the permanent collection of the  Vancouver Art Gallery, and a representative from the Extension Department of  that gallery will be on hand to answer  questions at an evening presentation that  day between 7 and 9 p.m.  The subtle richness of graphite is, at  times, overlooked in favor of the overtness  in f dnfiTand colour of othefmediums, yet-  its varying textures and luminescent  qualities have retained this as a versatile  and major tool for the artist.  In the exhibition, Edward Burne-Jon^'  . cooly poised classical models from the late  nineteenth century are contrasted with the  more expressive and topical work of  Robert Rauschenberg. A whimsical  sketchbook drawing by Emily Carr which  served as an annotated and personal  record from a coastal trip represents a  different use of graphite than the  photographic likeness in Suzy Lake's  "imPOSITIONS". By contrasts such as  these, "GRAPHITE" emphasizes its  changing role from a 'preparatory' to a  finite medium in the modern era.  Included in the eighteen drawings are  works by British Columbia artists Salmon  Harris, Glenn Howarth, E.J. Hughes and  Doug Biden.  This exhibition is brought to you free of  charge with the assistance of the British  Columbia Cultural Fund, the Western  Canada Lottery Foundation and the  National Museum Corporation of Canada.  In his secular occupation he was a  hardware clerk. Everyone he worked with  enjoyedJiimand his employers found him-  invaluable. -  In 1976, Fr. Leagh and his wife Ellen  and their daughter Susan moved to  Sechelt. Fr. Leagh loved the Sunshine  Coast and its people. He was a member of  the local Ministerial Association and  again, as in North Vancouver, took his  ministry to the people. He was employed  by the MacLeod's Store in Sechelt and  -thoroughly_enjoyed-his-work-there.   In tribute to Fr. Leagh, his 20-year  employer, Paine Hardware, North Vancouver, jshut-their- doors -for- the-day-to  enable their staff to attend services for  him.  . _ Serviceswere held on Friday, January  26, 1979 at the Boal Memorial Chapel in  North Vancouver. Rev. David H. Hartman  officiated with an attendance of standing-  room only.  r__  Closing costs are cash  costs! On aa average house  purchase they could run up to  $i,qoo, ,  7    ;   ,  Good heart and health habits ingrained  during childhood may, in later years, help  the individual to avoid or at least delay  'heart'attack., ::7.7,'..,.,,,..'������.;..L���... ' 'ft:\  STELCK, Brian F.  Candidate for School Trustee Area B  BACHELOR DEGREE IN EDUCATION  -MASTERS-DEGREE-��N~EDUCATJQN______  TEACHING EXPERIENCE IN SECHELT SCHOOITDISTRICT   MEMBER OF CURRENTJUNSHINE COASTECONOMIC ADJUSTMENT  COMMITTEE  MANAGER OF THE JOLLY ROGER INN  PROPERTY OWNER AND TAXPAYER  HAS CHILDREN IN THE SCHOOL SYSTEM  .WOULD APPRECIATE-YQUR-VOTE-QN MARCH-3--1979. ���  PENDER HARBOUR RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION  Annual General Meeting  SUNDAY, FEB.  2:00 p.m.  MADEIRA PARK SCHOOL  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday .School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.m., Wednesday Evenings 7:30.  All in St. John's United Church,  Davis Bay  Phone 885-3157, 886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pastor  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat. eve at St. Mary's, Gibsons  9:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on  the;Sechelt Indian Reserve  -10:00 a:m;-at-TheHoly Family Ghurchin-  Sechelt.  12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons  UNITED CHURCH  _9:3aa.m.^St..iohn's..WJlson.Cteek  11:15 a.m.���Gibsons  ~ _��  ���    i                                                         r        ���'-���������;  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  885-2235 (s) l&o.l  Box 128  We Are As Close As Your Phone  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  CONVENIENT VIEW LOCATION #4030  Ideally tltuated overlooking Howe Sound |utt the right slope,  In a good neighborhood, clote to shopping, tchoolt and the  ferry. Larger than many lots, with hydro, water and phone.  This could be the lot you've been tearchlng for. Try your  offer. $15,500 atklng price. BERT WALKER, 885-2235 (24  hrt.)  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Goodwin  885-9213        883-2526        885-9463 885-9504 885-2235 885-2571 8854748 886-2881        885-9461 885-2456  i Roberts Creek pioneer on Cable 10  Video students: learn from pro's  By BRIAN WALL  A small group from the_ Elphinstone  Student Research Productions /went -to  North Vancouver recently to have a look at  the TV studios at Capilano College and at  Minibus schedule  To help more people and to better serve  Jhe entire community, the_Minibus  ~schecl\ile has been revised:.  Leaves Sechelt  for Gibsons  Mon      Tues     Wed     Thurs  Fri  8:30        8:30       8:30       8:30  8:30  12:30      10:00     12:30     10:00  12:30  3:30       2:20       3:30.     2:20  3:30  Leaves Gibsons for Sechelt  9:20       9:20      9:20      9:20  ,  9:20  1:00       1:00       1:00      1:00  1:00  4:00  If you wish to book a ride on the  Minibus you must call 24 hours in advance.  Remember that the Minibus is mainly  used for those people needing medical  treatment. There is a priority list indicating eligibility and if you want to see if  you are eligible to use the bus please call  the Sunshine Coast Community Resource  Society's Minibus office at 885-5012. We'll  do our best to help you.  NorthWest Cablevision. The students  learned a good deal from the people at  both places on how to-go about creating a  proper studio.  Our studio at. Elphinstone underwent  drastic changes^after this trip as we used-  the examples of more sophisticated  studios to improve our own. New ideas  such as black walls which absorb extra  light, diffuse shadows,and provide a  -contrast-to-the-subjectr-carpeting-and-  plants have made the ESRP studio rather  impressive and improved our picture.  At Capilano we watched some simple  tapes being done by individual classes  learning interview techniques. This serves  a dual purpose as it gives the students  more confidence in front of a camera as  well as learning from the interview itself.  At Northwest Cablevision we watched a  more professional interview in the process  of being taped. The students were  delighted to discover that even with all of  their fancy equipment the basic mistakes  can still be made, such as someone falling  off a stage and communication problems  between the control room and the sudio.  The trip was as usual an education for  everyone concerned.  Your Heart Fund is the Number One  defence against heart disease, Canada's  Number One health enemy.  KEITH COMYN of Halfmoon Bay,  right, had a few suggestions for NDP  MLA Don Lockstead.at the Sechelt  Village office last Wednesday. Comyn  was one of many visitors who  dropped in to see Lockstead to discuss���teadiers-and classes and-compares his  different  needs- for the   Sunshine   education to today's schools.   Coast. Lockstead was receiving This interview is the second in a series  visitors in the GibsonsMunicipal Hall��� of fourlshows produced here on the Sun-  the next day. ^ne Co*3* by Delta Cablevision Ltd. The  If you saw "Pioneers of the Sunshine  Coast" on Cable 10 January 31 by Coast  Cablevision, you saw Ada Dawe and Bert  Nelson xUscusshigher childhood-days-  growing up in Sechelt. This .Wednesday,  February 21, Coast Cablevision will show,  thesecond program in theories, 6 p.m. Jn.  Gibsons and 7:30 p.m. in Sechelt.  In this half hour colour production, Bert  Nelson, a retired CBC announcer  reminisces with Richard Reeves, a long  time resident of Roberts Creek.  Richard Reeves attended Elphinstone  Bay School and later HoweJSound School in  Gibsons. Many local residents will  remember Elphinstone Bay School which  stood at the corner of what is now called  Lockyer Road, but which was formerly  called Elphinstone Road and later Flume  Road; and Highway 101.  Howe Sound,School with another two_  rooms added, became Gibsons Landing  Elementary School, which is presently  used-as the District Resource Centre and  for Continuing Education, and stands on  the corner of School Road and the Highway. Richard Reeves describes his  Delta program of which it is a part, is  called "Window on the West,Coast."  Correction���the dividing line between  the Gibsons Cable system and the Sechelt  system is Maskell Road, not Marlene Road  as previously stated.  Wednei  The Peninsula Times  PageB-7  Qlfeddlng ^Boutique  9fbft <JM QJouft ^Pe/isona&ged  bedding o\feecfe  ��� btj Sunset  * INVITATIONS  *~NAPKINS  * REPLY CARDS  -"TWATCHEST  I  M QJou/x gffo/iaC creeds  ��� --& qSentafc   *- # &&______________   egmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmt  Ann-Lynn Flowers  885-9455  ' Sechelt  mmmmmmieeTemmmmmmmmmmmmmmr  SMASHING SALE!  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OOC_1CAI  authorli *��4 Met Contra  Cpwrl* It,, 't��ctuMt, i.C,  *WC  VcwMavide  ^���^  "***  o  BATH  5-'���4"  >D  BEDROOM  e'd"  5!0"  \-J-  [55) H  KITCHEN  lOlO'l  MASTER) BEDROOM  l3'-0"  7  Dining  8:4"  FAMILY  ROOM  ,10'-O"  STR  LIVING    ROOM  ENTRY  CHANCELLOR-07503  24 x 52 [length 48] 1152 *q ft - 2 BR - 2 B - FLR/DR  MASTER   BEDROOM  1*0"  3  BATH  5:0"  o  ���Bl-f  KITCHEN  lO'O"  BEDROOM  ioia"  #  DINING   9-4^-  I BEDROOM  ;v  =3"  Ed  ENTRY  LIVING   ROOM  Ti'O  EO  CHANCELLOR-07512  24 x 48 [kngth 44] 1056 ��q ft 3 BR - FLR/DR  LZZ1  Qa  |tLTQ,TH.\UTL    I*  3-  A  qr  FAMILY   ' +  ROOM KITCHEN  11-5"       , ,    lO'O"  MASTER Bi.  ROOM  BEDROOM  9! 11"  BEDROOM  Q'Q"  DINING  6'-4"  ING ROOM  16- 9"  J  CHANCELLOR-07506  24 x 60 [kngth 56] 1344 tq ft ��� 3 BR - 2 B - FLR/DR  rTTT-  WlW'l'i 1  ^>-JF7TlffT . ���*  0A|ll I  M, tll;-k,  fi' ' '  ���<p  &  I     'I J*  ' >-.'"  P:^..l.t-  '>'*'  \.Ql\@  / m  ���j-t-*  u  j  QE5  "*188gBH,1XI '   ���c^~  "'I, !' T ��� ��� I I !"���-  '������ ��� I  ,..jL..:..:j.ul4..ijUu'b..il. a ii ;  CHANCELLOR - 07501  24 x 44 [longth 40] 960 tq ft, 3 BR ��� FLR/DR  DOUBLES FROM  $23,900 F.P.  *T  GLEN RIVER "HIGHWOOD" model 2440-12  24 x 40 2 BR  Includes delivery , set-up, all taxes, 200  gallon oil tank, set of wooden steps, sewer  and water connection, fridge, stove, carpets,  drapes, duroid roof, gutters and downspouts,  and ensuite bathroom.  "OVER 200 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS"  ps; m  ftfti; QQ7Q Wharf Rd., Sechelt    Vancouver Toll Free-684-2911  ifQ9mW 19 uni   nn*oiA  M.D.L. 00623A  ����� fi-X'Y Criminologist tells students  PageB-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 21,1979  harsh, cowards break the law  By HELEN PARKER  If does not take courage to get into  trouble, a member of the John Howard  Society told grade nine students at  Chatelech Junior Secondary last Friday.  "What you are,' is, stupid, and what you  are, is a coward," Jerry Philipson said.  Philipson, with a masters degree in  Criminology was giving grade nines at  Chatelech, Elphinstone and Pender  Harbour the benefits of 11% years of experience, dealing with criminals in the  U.S. and Canada.  The objective of his 30-minute lecture,  "What Breaking the Law Could Mean to  You," is to give students information only.  "We don't try to scare them, or preach  ~toT;hem,'r Philipsonsaid;r^Itkrpurely air  information session; no morality is involved."  With this information, "when the time  comes to make a choice (whether to break  the law), hopefully they will decide  against it-,"-he-said:���= ������ ���  The lecture covers the difference  between juvenile, criminal and police  records and what to expect from juvenile  court, elevation to adult court and  probation.  'Also .discussed are the realities of  prison and the meaning of a pardon. After'  the lecture, students were given a chance  to ask questions.  The lectures are a province-wide attempt to prevent juvenile delinquency.  The John Howard Society arranges for  Philipson to visit through contact with the  school districts.   Last year, PhBplonTaMdTonaijnosIr  15,000 students around the province. This  year, the second year in operation, he  hopes (o reach 15 school districts, 3 of them  outside Vancouver.  School District No. 46 financed expenses, but where school districts cannot  afford it,- the- prevention program- is-.  sponsored by a $5,000 grant from the B.C.  Law Society.  Last year the program was initiated  with $18,800 from the society. Whether a  request for funding is granted by the  provincial government will determine if  the program continues.  Before going into th��^hools7the^ohrr  Howard Society insists on three things: all  grade nines in the school must be reached  through regular classroom sessions;  either the teacher or principal must  remain throughout the lecture and no  persons of authority, such as the RCMP or  probation officers, may sit in. Afterwards,  the teacher or principal evaluates the  lecture.  Chatelech students' questions" mainly  were concerned with penalties for drug  possession and the life in prison.  "The minute that door closes shut  Valentine tea held  A successful Valentine tea was held on  Feb. 10 by St. Bartholomew's WA in the  Parish Hall. In spite of very inclement  weather there was a good crowd, and a  happy atmosphere prevailed in the hall  brightly decorated with spring flowers arid  valentine motif.  The bake table, resplendent with many  home baked goodies, was completely sold  out. * "  Two home made afghans, one  crocheted and one knit, which are to be  raffled at the Fall Bazaar were on display,  and there was a good demand by early  buyers for tickets.  The raffle of a large food Hamper  added to the attraction ��� this was won by  Mrs. Eleanor Abbott.  behind you, Philipson said. ��,'You��are all by  yourself. No-one is protecting you. A lot of  the time you are trying to survive against  the guard."���  He told the students that a vast  majority of criminals are in prison for the  same crimes juveniles commit ~  breaking and entry, car theft or drugs.  "Prisons are full of young people who  thought they wouldn't get sent to prison,  who don't think their crimes are serious,"  he said.  "You will get away with things for a  while, but sooner or later you will pay for  it."  He stressed that a criminal record will  affect a person's job opportunities and his  chance to travel abroad. It is detrimental  to obtaining credit or loans.  If a person has a juvenile record, he  will always have a juvenile  record,  Philipson.said. A person has-a-police-  record if the police "have ever written  your name down for any'reason."  "It helps police decide what to do with  you if they ever come across you again."  To the disbelievers  in the  class,  Philipson saia,~"Goright oifnot believing  it. I get paid for what I do; I get paid very  well."  ���--Irhave been getting paid for ll%^rears  and you are the people who are paying my  wage.  "I will see you somewhere in four or  five years and I will keep on drawing my  salary."  1979  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY  Hiway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  883-2794  Your Autoplan Agent from  Halfmoon Bay to Egmont  FOR SALE  at Garden Bay  ��� DRIVE-IN TAKE OUT  ���GROCERIES  ��� BARBER SHOP  ��� FANTASTIC 2 BEDROOM  SEPARATE LIVING QUARTERS  WITH WATER VIEW.  NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY THIS  GOING CONCERN  To view call Mike Rosse  883-9738  or  883-2794     ���-  sws��*a>'��(w�� *.w Aiw��w>w��i4*a��a*i,f  ��*&a^i��rt*iMt'.j*Mi^  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  Hiway 101 ot f ronclt r*>nlmula Rd.  An  rom  When real quality teams up with real value ��� that's a GreatJDeal and that's just what's  happened. We're delighted to offer you not one but TWO Great Deals from Sanyo. Now ���  at special prices ��� you can enjoy great Sanyo sound, Sanyo reliability and Sanyo features.  Come in and get yourself one or both Great Deals.  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Truly a Great Deal at our special price of  the special price of just  849  279  (9  ��  ������������*��  *****   ***��n  * Dolby la'a roolatorod Trado Mark of Dolby Laboratories,  SANYO makes the good things of life.... better  KERN ELECTRONICS  886-9733  "ONE OF THE PRICE CUTTERS"  Seaview Place, Hiway 101, Gibsons  ATARI  There have never been so many  ways to have fun���than  THE FINEST VIDEO GAME ON THE MARKET  ���will not hurt your color TV  250 "Present Stock Only"  \  1.1  Chock and Compare ���We Will Not Be Undersold  sieayiow.jri&ce^  ���rax~nrt��\  W*Mr-i*"JSP**,fc <*ij��t&t4,  Reg. $350.00  SUPER SPECIAL  :'^.��W  J40NE0FTHE  PRICE CUTTERS"  Hiway 101f  Gibsons, 886-9733 wrt  - f��� * }\t"-f- -"~i"- ���^ ^���^'f  Section.C  Wednesday, February 21,1979  &***<{  SSI     j-v' m*��'ii  yV"i<&;s<V  Pages 1-6  Sunday soccer  Bananas peel of 3,  Iv "*  ��M  '%!,���$ I  iv  ,*��*#���  skin Raiders 4-2  IK'"'  Ii'*.  ^Bananas peeled off three goluOThelasC  ten minutes to dump Gibsons Raiders 4-2  in soccer action jit Pender Harbor High  "Sunday .with^ex-BajianarBtfaTT^  Doyle added the clincher with seconds^  remaining,  Billy Charlton and Roy Moscrop were,  stfpBg~iMi' Bana^aridetence, and" tout  sm  coming through for the Raiders'second    correspondent reports good refereeing  marker as, his new teami field forth for    throughout the contest. ���  most of, the game. s,7     " Acjton cratinues Sjmday,  ^Larry Campo scored the Bananas'first ��� *       ~:'-'���-���;������71  and Jerry Mercer got the equalizer, but    R**ms*a CLm&Smj* II mm* -  with three minutes to go Doug Barsaloux    rKVrf! dKdllllE HCWS  came through for the winners and Pat        *f .        '        .        *  Plans are well under way for the Annual Carnival Sunday, March 11, 1979.  Times, will be 2:30 in the afternoon and  6:30 in the evening. Tickets will be on sale  shortly.  A successful bake and book sale was  held in Gibsons, Saturday, February 10.  The successful winner in the. guessing  game was Wiljo Wiren. There were 4,753  beans in the jar. Thanks to all who supported our sale.  . A special thanks to the Sechelt Legion  Branch 140 for their generous donation in  support of our club activities. .   miSi&*__*<->  *M  Got the blues?  Want to get away froni  it all?  Take a walk!  -1  action &c  'Ml,::  parniapstnont  Walk a Hock.Today.,  7s]  CHIMNEY SWEEP  Any time is a good time  tb clean your chimney.  *We bulfd th��m new and repair th��m.  *We know how to swevp and clean them "with the  best equipment money can buy".  PIPE AND STOVE CLEANING  "SERVING THE PENINSULA FOR MORE THAN TEN YEARS  S.C. PENINSULA ���  Leave message with DEAN at 885-2159  8utnab^yLi73Z0^OIUey-Av��nu��^-^^^^433-3437^  Whistler Mountain 932-5732  ^*��tfc*T   _Je*J ^*^_  DIVISION OF H. BANKA MASONRY LTD.  '���KB-,  'c  v*'^^  <?j^>  X^tfv.  "V    Wj-��,>^  -V&>S  wmmmmm  ���/$���* *'     Um  TWO CHIEFS, Mark Westland (9) and; Len Minar (34) outreach Cougar Bruce  Northway (6) with Chief backup Nett RobertsJB) as Howe Sound dumped  Elphinstone seniors 67-60 last week.?  Basketball round-up  Chiefs pounce,  Cougars falter  After matching baskets with the ^  poweful -dttowe^STrtrnri^c^elB^'fot*:^  quarters February 13, the Elphinstone  someone   driven to the wafls by  IKHIW TUM ���  Cougars senior boys' basketball team  -faltered in the second half and lost 67-W in  one of the best games this season in the  Elphinstone gym.  Centre Neil Roberts, 6' 5", riddled the  Cougars' defence with 31 points, but the  Tffife&rplaytag" without~starting guards  Bruce Ramus and Brent Petterson, had a  tough game against the much smaller  iflphuiaiuae tearor-  ��� tho name of the foamed-ln-place Insulation that fills the spaces between interior  and exterior house walls, where much of your energy loss occurs. (More than  through the ceiling in a typical two storey house - according to the Dept. of Energy,  Mines and Resources, Canada.)  Insulspray is non-flammable, nort-toxlc, resists mildew, fungus and insects ahd will  not settle as "Ibose-fIII" wall Insulation can.  We'll be glad to tell you about Insulspray  and the other types of Insulation we Install.   imuiir>royui)riraiii<inidtra(i��m��i<o(Dord<in,inc,  iDORJJEN  callus  today, at:  ���for a free  estimate  M^M��i^^��W��>��iiiM��i<  i��VM*KS��i<>����*.'i��ii'  Weather Products  Box 1418, Sechelt  ���insulation-thermal windows-aluminum products-  ENERGY CONSERVATION PRODUCTS-  INSULATION - All Types, Storm & Sealed Glass Windows, Storm Doors, Celling Fans  and Insulating Skylight*.  ALUMINUM PRODUCTS:  Siding   (vinyl,  too)   Awnings,   Sundeck   &   Patio   Covers,   Enamelled   Railings,  Greenhouses, 5" Continuous Gutters, Fascia Cover and Soffit System.  .The game was a preview of the  weekend's match-up in Squamish, site of  the Howe Sound playoffs. Howe Sound-is  expected to retain the��championship^  although North Vancouver arid possibly  Elphinstone; if the Cougars play exceptionally well, could upset the host team.  Elphinstone played Howe Sound and North.  Vancouver on Friday, the other teams the  following day in the round-robin tournament-(see story.]!  In last Tuesday's game, the teams were  tied 16-16 after one quarter, and 29-29 at  half-time, as the Cougars countered  Roberts' prolific scoring with a balanced  scoring attack featuring Bruce Northway,  Clint Suveges and Jeff Mulcaster.  Howe Sound took a quick 6-0 lead but  Suveges hit two baskets and the second of  the two layupa by Mike Partridge gave  Elphinstone its first lead, at 9-8. Northway 's shot at the buzzer tied the score at  16 and the teams were still tied at half-  time.  A flurry of baskets by Roberts and  excellent foul shooting by the Chiefs  enabled the visitors to open up a 12-point  lead. The Cougars rallied after several  minutes of disorganized play but missed  easy scoring chances in the final minutes  and could only narrow the margin to seven  points.  Northway led the Cougars with 14  points, followed by Larry Lineker, 11;  Mulcaster, 10; Suveges and Rob Jonas,  eight; Partridge, seven and Denis  Turenne, two. The Cougars played Without  guard Gary Knowles, who suffered a knee  ,injury,,''ln"'t)ractice; "'        "*"** "'"  Coach Gary Gray said the Cougars  played well in the first half but would need  a superlative effort to upset the Chiefs in  the Howe Sound tournament. The Cougars  made only about one-third of their shots  ' and would have to shoot considerably'  better in the tournament, because of the  Chiefs' superior height and rebounding  advantage, ho said.  Ten days ago, Elphinstone placed  second in a tournament at Hillside,  defeating Queen Elizabeth of Surrey 82-76  before losing to tho highly-rated Hillside  team in the final. Jeff Mulcaster, who  scored 18 and 14 points in the two gomes,  was named to the all-star team,  Larry Uneker matched Mulcaater's lfc  point effort in Elphinstone's victory over  QE, Bruce Northway scored 17, Wally  Nygren 16 and Rob Jonas 11. Nygren was  the top scorer In the Hillside game, with 20  The (Sugars go into the Howe Sound  tournament with a record of 15 wins, 10  losses, JLast year's Elphinstone team  battled Howe Sound to the. final seconds  before losing by two points In the cham*  jp-$ee Page OS  licence  (compulsory coverage only 1  plus plates max. $300����   #  Buy a minimum of  to fit your car or pick-up  and we will issue you a  cheque to license & insure  your vehicle.  (��� non-commercial only}  You pay us back in six  monthly payments  with  INTEREST  or  Nil A Nut  (even your bank can't touch this!)  The Staff at  SECHELT INSURANCE AGENCIES  will be available to assist you  with your insurance questions.  PLEASE NOTE:  The above arrangement is available  to APPROVED CREDIT CUSTOMERS  only, and OK reserves the right to  accept or reject any customer.  v*>M��j_\w��e^^wmw-"**emw^^e\"i��9e&  ... to/mm the coffee pot U ohmy on.  .'. " Page 02  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 211979  PUBLIC NOTICE  MEET GERRY GRAY  Your_��<Lcie^   WILSON CREEK COMMUNITY CENTER  Davis Bay Road, Sechelt  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 26,1979  8:00 p.m.  GUEST SPEAKER: STEPHEN ROGERS M.LA.  For Information: 885-5636 or 886-7225  HITACHI  __' STEREOS  COLOUR TVS  3 YR. WARRANTY v  B&W T.V.S  CLOCK RADIOS  DOUGLAS'S  VARIETY DEPARTMENT STORE  886-2615 Sunnycrest Shopping Centra, Gibsons  SUPERIOIT  STYLING  SUPERB  QUALITY  SUPREME  TECHNOLOGY  in  By S.R. ROCKY MOUNTAIN , over Howe Sound of Squamish.  Elphinstone Cougars survived a fourth- Both Elphinstone and Chatelech  quarter let-down Saturday to wiffthe Howe- qualified for a four-team playoff against  Sound Junior Boys' Basketball Cham- the two top independent teams in Van-  pionship,^8-34~over Brackendale.       couverr-Vancouver-College-and-Notre  The victory was the second straight   Dame. The location and date of this  Howe  Sound  chanpionshlp -for  ah  Elphinstone junior team, following three  successive triumphs by Squamish teams.  Elphinstone had built up a 34-22 lead .  against the young Brackendale team but   8 points respectively. Elphinstone started  scored   10  points  for   the   upstart  Brackendale squad, which had no Grade  'HTplayersr  tournament have not been established.  Tom Kennedy, Bobby Nicholas and  Geoff Butcher led the Cougars to victory in  the championship game, scoring 14,10 and  substitutes.  In   the   opening   games   Friday,  Elphinstone broke open a dose game with  In the consolation final, Chatelech got   18 last-quarter points to defeat Howe  -strong efforts from-Gory-Mottishaw-and���Sound���40-29-and���Brackendale -beat-  Gordie Clayton and unexpected help from   Chatelech, 42-33.  appeared to panic when the host team  rallied in the last quarter.  Neither team scored in the frantic last  minutes of the game and Elphinstone  finally ran out the clock after a  Brackendale three-second violation.  Chatelech Eagles of Sechelt won the  consolation final with a solid 45-33 triumph  slowly in the sloppy, sometimes rough  game, falling behind 8-2, but Butcher  came off the bench to spark the Cougars to  a 24-16 half-time lead and Nicholas scored  several spectacular lay-ups.  Other scorers were Gerry Bernach with  4 points and Jamie Gill, with two free  throws. J. McCrae and S. Mackin both  Greg Mottishaw in winning by 13 points.  Chatelech led by only one point at half-  time, 17-16, but Clayton scored 10 points  after the intermission and Martin Brooks  -found his scoring touch in the last quarter.  v Cory Mottishaw and Clayton both  scored 12 points, Brooks had 10, Greg  Mottishaw 5, John Choquer 4 and Dean  Collins 2. Rick Pennel was the top scorer  for Howe Sound, with, 10 points.  Greg Mottishaw of Chatelech's Grade 9  team, in Squamish for a hocky game, filled  in ably for the short-handed junior team.  After Collins fouled out with nine  Tom Kennedy scored 23 points to lead  the Cougars and Martin Mahoney contributed 10 points and 14 rebounds.  Assistant coach Dave Neumann said the  Cougars played exceptionally well in the  last quarter as they avenged a recent loss  to Howe Sound.  In Chatelech's loss to Brackendale,  turnovers and poor shooting in the last  three minutes allowed Brackendale to pull  away. Cory Mottishaw^ Dean Collins and  Gordie Clayton each scored 6 points while  Martin Brooks had 5.  No all-stars were chosen in the tour-  minutes left, (MjeleclLplayedjyUh _no_^iament, hel(LaLBrackendale._  MORE ABOUT. . .  Chiefs pounce, Cougars falter  BASKETBALL ACTION at Howe Sound tournament.  ���From Page C-l  pionship game.  In other games against Howe Sound  last Tuesday, both the Elphinstone senior  girls' and Grade 8 boys' teams recorded  victories.  Carta Paetkau and Shelly Wagner  sparked the Elphinstone girls to a 42-32  win, with 16 and 12 points respectively.  ElpHftstoneled 12-9 aftefa poorf irsfhalf ,~  but then widened their lead to five points  after three quarters, then pulled away in  the final quarter as Wagner swished in  several jump shots.  Laurie Hill scored six points for  Elphinstone, Cathy Swinhart, four and  Cindy McLean and Bonita Dube, two each.  Brenda Robson scored 12 points for Howe  Sound. _  XrFthe Grade 8 boys' contest, centre  Howard Honeybunn popped in eight points  in the last quarter as Elphinstone broke  open a 33-all tie and went on to win 47-40.  Elphinstone fell behind 7-1 in the  opening minutes, scored 16 straight points  to lead 17-7 but trailed by two points late in  the third quarter.  Clint Mahlman led Elphinstone with 15  points and also pulled down 10 rebounds^  "while guarcTMurray Ganfscbred 11 points  on a variety of shots. Vince Coates scored  four points, including un unbelievable shot  from centre just before halftime. Other  scorers were Gerry Edgecombe, three;  Gerald Bailey and Joseph Stnib, two each.  The Elphinstone Grade 8 boys will go to  Squamish tomorrow (Thursday) for a  return game with Howe Sound, and have  been invited to a tournament in  Brackendale in early March.  WHERE TO GET IT!  IN SECHELT  Look on this page for weekly bargains  ~   and sale information!  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The Waltons  Cont'd.  Live it Up-  Soap   Nova  Cont'd.  Academy  Leaders  Donna Fargo  Marty Bobbins  Dolly  Ski In  Crosswits  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Women in  White  Roots:  2nd  Generation  -10:00-  10:30  11:00  11:30  -DaUas-  Cont'd.  National News  Night Final  . -Generation.   Cont'd.  News  Starsky,  Hutch  .Women in  White "  News  Tonight Show  Barnaby  Jones  News  Cont'd.  Barnaby  Jones   News  Late Movie  8 Is Enough  -Cont'd;   News  News  Basketball:  -U.-of-Washr  vs U.C.L.A.  Cont'd.  News  -Dating-Game-  Odd Couple .  Gong Show   '  Upstairs/  -Downstairs   On the Buses  M.A.SJL   Cont'd.  -Cont'd.-  Sports Page  Cont'd,   Wednesday, February 21, 1979 ,     The Peninsula Times  Page 0*3.  No. I IN COLOR TV  Now Open Mondays-Saturday, 9:30 am-S:30 pm  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  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Griffin  Movie:  Dinah  Movie:.  Over Easy  Popeye   >  Match Game  Rocket Robin  3:30  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  Culpepper  Celebrity Cooks  Cont'd.  Instinct for  Speakout  Banana   Splits  My 3 Sons  Spiderman  4:00  Charlie Chaplin  $6,000,000  Cattle Company  Sanford & Son  Everyday  Cont'd.  Survival  Sesame Street  Super Stars  Funorama  Petti.   Junction  4:30  After School  Man  Cont'd.  Price is Right  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Leave to Beaver  GiUigan's Island  Hollywood Sis.  5:00  Part. FamUy  News  Carol Burnett  Cont'd.  News  {6,000,000  Man  Mr. Rogers  I Love Lucy  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  News  5:30  AU in Family  Cont'd.  News  News  Cont'd.  Electric Co.  Part. Family.  Cont'd.  ���:00  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Studio See  Brady Bunch  Gopg Show  Carol Burnett  6:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Basketball:  Cont'd.  Dick Cavett  My 3 Sons  Dating Game  Bob Newhart  7:00  Mary T. Moore  P.M.  Northwest  Seattle  Star Trek  SeatUe at  Makln' It  News  Hogan's Heroes  Bob Newhart  Joker's  Wild  Vancouver  7:30  Challengers  Muppet Show  Hollywood Sqs.  Cont'd.  Wash. D.C.  Circua  Gardening  Newlywed Game  Cont'd.  ���:00  All in FamUy  Makln' It  Diffrent Strokes  King Kens.  Cont'd.  Diffrent Strokes  Wn. Review  Movie:  Crosswits  Cont'd.  1:30  Front Pg. Chal.  Happening  Bros. & Sisters  ChaUenge  Cont'd.  Delta House  WaU Street  D-Day, 6th  of  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  9:00  Tommy  Roots:  Next  Hello Larry  Tommy  Dukes of  Dukes of  Theatre  June  Cont'd.  Roots:  2nd  9:30  Hunter  Generation  Sweepstakes  Hunter  Hazzard  Hazzard  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Generation  10:00  Pacific .  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  National  Dallas  -Rockford FUes  Turnabout  News  When the Boat  Cont'd.  10:30  Report  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Geographic  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Caravaners  Dating Game  Comes in  Cont'd.  11:00  National News  News  News  News  News  News  Austin  Odd Couple  Benny HIU  Sports Page  11:30  Night Final  Baretta  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  City   Limits  Gong  Show  Super Fight  Cont'd.  Saturday, February 24  I  YOURSELF  HEAD-  ###  ELECTRICAL  ���2 LITE FLUORESCENT  LIGHT FIXTURES  Reg. $27.95  SPECIAL   ��^^W^We��Vef��V��iWV^^yvy����W^W��i��<��^W^VW��^#MWMVV��<V��^WWV��^WMMM^^ ��� *A"V^VM^^WAA  GENERAL ELECTRIC PORTABLE  BASEBOARD HEATER  CHANNEL 2  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Cdn. Winter  Games Closing  Ceremonies  Mr. Chips  CHANNEL 4  Am.  Bandstand ~  Bonkers  Action  F-Troop   CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL IS  Veg. Soup  This Generation  Survival  BasketbaU:  Cdn. Winter "  Games Closing.  Cont'd.  News  Space Academy  Fat Albert  Lively Arts  Cont'd.  Lorefta Lynn  Cont'd.  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Comment  Hockey:  Boston at  Sports  Spectacular  In Search of  News '  World of  Sports  Cont'd.   .  Cont'd.  Firing Line  Cont'd.  Symphony  Cont'd.  Twilight Zone  Cont'd.  Bionic  Woman  Cont'd.  Our Gang  Ruff House  Honeymooners  Theatre  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Global Weekend  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd..  News ���  Lawrence   Welk  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Animal World  Wild Kingdom  Gong Show  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  David  Horowitz  31.98 Show  FamUy. Feud  News ���  Cont'd.  B.J. & the  Bear  Once Upon  Julia ChUds  Nova  Cont'd.  Star Trek  Cont'd.  Hee Haw  Cont'd.  Weekend  Cont'd.  Name Tune  Movie: .  Carol Burnett  Bob Newhart  Western Front  Cont'd.  COO  1:30  9:00  9:30  Bonkers  Papar  C.hnsr,  Cont'd.  Nice Show  Delta House '  Welcome Kotter  Lovo Boat       Cont'd.  Chips  Cont'd;  B.J. & the Bear  Cont'd.  Chips  Cont'd.  How the West  Was Won  White  Shadow  Variety Club  Telethon  Movie:  Kitty CNeU  Story  Cont'd.  2 Ronnles  Ripping Yarns  Always for  Pleasure  Hee Haw Honey  Pop! Country  Nashville Music  Country N.W.  Earth U  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  1 Day at a Time  Welcome Kotter  Love Boat  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Like You  Dance Fever  National News  Night Final  Fantasy  Cont'd.  News  Late Movie  Island  Rockford  Files  -News  Sat. Night  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Fantasy  Island  News  Cont'd.  Basketball:  Huskies vs  U.S.C.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Nevada Smith  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  The Hot Rock  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie:  Natural Causes  Cont'd.  Sports Page  Cont'd.  Sunday, February 25  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNBL 5  CHANNEL 6  TiToT  12S30  1:00  1:30  Music to See  Money Mag.  Talking Back  Hymn Sing  Issues, Answers  Directions  Superstars  Cont'd.  Basketball:  Wichita  at Indiana  Cont'd.  Music to See  Money Mag. '  Talking Back  Hymn Sing  CHANNBL 7  Variety Club  Telethon  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  CHANNBL 0  News  Jim. Swaggart  Terry Winters  Movie:   CHANNBL 9  Our Own  Image  Wash. Review  Wall  Street  CHANNBL 11  Movie:,  Godzilla.  Cont'd.  Movie:  CHANNBL 12  Gospel Hour  Cont'd;  Rev. Solbrekken  P.T.L. Club  CHANNBL 13  100 Huntley ��t7  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Movie:  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  4:30  5:00  5:30  Opera Time  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Boxing .  Cont'd;  World of  Sportsworld  Cont'd.  Treasures  ��� Explorers  Movie:  Carry on in  the Legion  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Playmates  Cont'd.  Movie:  Murder by  News  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  The Foreign  Legion  Movie:  The Movie  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  The Monkces  Wild is the  Wind  Cont'd.  Wrestling  Canadian  Superstars  News  Parliament  Sports  Cont'd.  Sports Afield  News '  Great Game  Tony Browb  Meet the Press  News  Canadian '  Superstars  Student Forum  Newa  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  the Barrel  Suestlon Period  ntamed World  Cap. Comment  T.B.A.  Beethoven  Festival  German  Murder  Cont'd.  Bionic  Woman  Funorama  Our Gang  Movie:  T.B.A.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Horst Koehler  Newa  Cont'd.  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  World of  Disney  Beachcombers  Science Mag.  Cont'd.  Viewpoint  Fantasy  Island  Cont'd. .  How Come  Movie:  Sound of Music  ���100  s:M  9:00  9:30  10:30  11:00  11:30  Super  Special  Jx��r tho Record  Cont'd.  tBattleatar  Galactlca  Roots: ���  Next  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Beachcombers  Science Mag.  News  Around Here  60 Minutes  Cont'd.  News  Prov. Lottery  Movie:  Sound of  Soccer  World  Cont'd,  Life Around Us  Star Trek  Cont'd.  of the Week  Cont'd.  Andy's Party  60 Minutes  Cont'd.  Carol Burnett  Bob Newhirt  At the Forum  Cont'd.   Suparspeclat-  Cont'd.  For the  Record  T.B.A.  T.B.A.  National News  Night Final  Generation  Cont'd.  News  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Weekend  News  Late Movie  Marketplace  Ombudsman  News  Cont'd.  AU In FamUy  Alice  ChaUenge  of Sexes  Cont'dT  Cont'd.  Newa  Late Movio  Music  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Legacy of  Vietnam  Theatre  Cont'd.  Fast Lane  Native Vision*  Probe  Focus  Donahue.  Cont'd.  Movie: T.B.A.  Cont'd.  Benny HIU  Cont'd.  Roots: 2nd  Generation  Cont'd.  W-5  Newa  Cont'd.  Pennies from  Heaven  Cont'd.  Sign Off  Kroete Bros,  700 Club  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Movie: T.B.A.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Sports Page  Cont'd.   Monday, February 26  TUgr  1*:M  1:00  1:30  CHANNBL 2  SwlUer  Search for Tom.  Bob McLean  Cont'd.  2i  2:  3:00  1:30  Edge of Night  Beyond Reason  Take 30  Celebrity Cooks  CHANNBL 4  "HTMy   Children  1 Life to Live  Cont'd.  General  Hospital  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  . CHANNBL 5  Hollywood Sqs.  Our Lives  The Doctors  Another  World  Movie:  A New Leaf  CHANNBL 6  News '  Ida Clarkson  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  CHANNBL 7  "TioT  6i��  I��  Famous 0  Catch Up  Part. Family  All In Family  16,000,000  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Carol Burnett  News  School Broad.  Beyond Reason  Take 30  Celebrity Cooks  News  As World  Turns  Guiding Light  . ___$&,,���,,.,. ������,.,. ,  Mary T. Mooro  Reach for Top  White Shadow  Cont'd.  . Cont'd.".��.��. ��*  PM Northweit  Please Stand By  10|M  Cont'd.  wtfi  I  A  Salvage  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Galileo  Moonshine  "Sanford A- Son  Price is Right  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  M.A.S.H  Dinah  Cont'd.  CHANNBL a.  News  Alan Hamel  Cont'd.  Adam 12  3r��ie-  WSfwt  West  Lews  an      National News  Xmas Carol  T355Pd.~~~  Cont'd.  News  Police Story  ' Little House on  the Prairie  Mrs, tjtolumbo  Cont'd.  ..Cont'd.... ,....*������,  Chopper Squad  Cont'd.   '  Everyday  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Another World  Cont'd.  Movie:  Never Forget  CHANNBL 9  Shakespeare  Julius Caesar  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  CHANNBL 11  News  Adam-12  Movie:  Battle  Beneath  ___      _____  Cont'd.  News  Tonight Show  TjttfiTJIouse  on the Prairie  Lawrence  6iws  Magattne  an Alive  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  Newlywed Qsme  Jokers Wild  TBA"        ~  $0.  What's  Name  ,000,000  an  Cont'd.  Cont'd,  Over Easy    -  Survival Kit  Ilia  S  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  Popeye  Banana Splits  CHANNEL 13  Donahue  Cont'd.  AU in Family  M.A.S.H.  CHANNBL 13  All M> atldVon  Cont'd.  Vancouver  Cont'd,   Cont'd.  Cont'd.  ^fdr*  Movie  Salvage  ST'1  Cont'd.  tudlo See  [lok Cavett .  [ews  Interrupt  Super Stars  Leave to Heaver  1 Love Lucy  Part. Family  Love Experts ,  Tic Tao Dough  Match Game  My a Sons  Cont'i  News  Late  Downright Disco II  i  BUI Moyer'a  Journal  The  Commanders  Brady Bunch  My.i&ns  Hogan's    Hob Newhart  Funorama  ailllgans  Island  AndyV��OrlffUh  Cont'd  Cont'd.  Rocket Robin  Spiderman  eroes  Jews  ont'd.  leaven  f��M    Basketball:  Oregon State  at Stanford  Cont'd.  Gong Show  jo\?Afa  Newlywed Game  Petti.  Hollywoo  tetV  48"-  1500 Watts,  ONLY ,...���<!.  [68  F.P.E. BASEBOARD HEATERS-220 VOLTS  20% Off  NOWI  ��i^^V%WWWWVM^��M^  MARKEL PORTABLE FAN HEATERS  JC69T7  ONLY .  .95  ��^��**A��^*^*^ie*����*V��s*A��*tL  GENERAL ELECTRIC PORTABLE  FAN HEATERS OQ98  ONLY  ���DUPLEX RECEPTACLE OUTLETS  White 59 oa  BrOWn 90 ea.  ���ELECTRICAL TAPE  ONLY ���:'..:.'..���  Roll  I  Croaiwlt  Merv Griffin  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Carol Burnett  Bob Newhirt ,  Vancouver  Cont'd,   ews      ..  atlng Game  "Co   "  Odd Couple  Qong Show  Shen the Boat  imos In  Hill     ��oni4'   *  Benny Hill  Rockford   Files    Cent1  Tuesday,  17  CHANNEL 2  Awltter  %?���  ont'd.  tes^  B��n  Kdge of Night  yond Reason  ake 30  CHANNBL 4  AU My Children  Cont'd.  One Lite  to Live  CHANNBL a  Hollywood Sqs.  Days of  Our Lives  The Doctors  CHANNBLa  News  Ida Clarkson  yutrTtfy.ffwN  6)i  u.  7:30  amous T  encll Box  ���arL Family  AU In Family  General  Hospital  Merv Griffin  ���CMIMr  w  Mmmmgfmm.  Man  Well  ous  iby"  oof",  #  3  ContV  ews  ���ontTd.  Mary T. Moore  Northerners  130  isppy Dkyl'  UniSjmsrd  'fionftC**   fortunes  National News  PUMM   nOToT  PJw. jfoorthwest  ha Na Na  onH.  ont'd.  . arol Burnett  ML  hooi Broad7  eyond Reason  Take 30  ItiiMr.fW.,  CHANNEL 7  World Turns  Guiding Light  nt'd,  "iVfcft  Cont'd.  TITOT"  Coni' .  Seattle  Name Tune  JBh.  Mnah  CHANNBL���  News  Alan Hamel  Cont'd,  Adam II  CHANNBL 9  nfor* IT Son  ice Is Right  mmmr  Cont'd.   flr"Vn3ilM,n  Everyday  Cont'd,  Newa '  ovle:  "WW  "Han  plsc'i  _Mjij��  st of Man  anet  eg. Soup  -,,oora>a  ar  Ttiiio      Julia  Ihort Story  Wonderama  Over Eaay  CHANNBL 11  "toews ' 7' '  Adam-12  Movie:  Tall Man  12  leram  ChA  CHANNBL  "SSI.  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Downstairs  On the Buses  Darnshy   Jones  'fn'JIlW'-'"'."''''-'"11""-  -HST&  ���ports J  LUMBER & PLYWOOD  ���PRECUT ECONO STUDS-2x4-92%"  ONLY..../ '..  ���UTILITY y4"xl0" BEVEL SIDING  only... ;:���   ���SHIPLAP RANDOM LENGTH 1x8 UTILITY \ 7C  ONLY...,    Xf ft.  ���ASPENITE 4x8x3/8" CHIPBOARD ^79  DECORATING  ��� WALL PAPER   Many patterns In stock - all at  reduc.dprlc.aupto    PAQ/     gkff  CORK ROLLS  unlqu* for dsKoratlng wolla,"T30  24" xM", ONLY ,   f roll  ���PREFINISHED 0995  WALL PANELLING a. low as... /ah^t  x">* * 1 '"|| ' ��� "" * ^ *   Supplies Ltd.  ���X  885*2283 or    wimn  I TkiUJaa? and, alas, one must feel sorry, for  tbfr^lttUers of ttie^localhock^scene. They,  not only are getting%iiffikW'lNta *��  local gentle gendarmes but now a kindly  The ighomony of it all ��� there is a  decrepit old bionic man (the six-dollar;  _a^^&enur^  pl.1j3ticartir7.and $5.60 for thread to hold  old gentleman from the conf toes of the   him together), chaUenglng the best of the  heart foundation is challenging the   Sunshine G___Eji*Y \   ��      .,?-_������.  supi^nacyM__tnefrigpalieS7py ithrowlng  one of them the guanttet, to a duel of one-  on-orie during: the intermission.  B.C.    WATERS  CLIAM^  s-t_B>  SunshineiCrdastl  The rhetoric eixls and re_ulty begins on  the 24th of February, as the friendly fuzz  have'agreed to help the old guy. out to  centre ice, give him a shot of Geritol, and  gently shove him towards the goal!  It may not go down in history as the  most magnificent confrontation ever, but  it will prove beyond any doubt that heart  attacks andjieart surgery are not the end .  of the line; for doing things that 'you have '-  always done. Also see Readers Right page  A-2.  Coast Strokers  jettin- in the john  By Dennis Gray.  Page 04  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 21,1979  LET YOURSELF GO DOWNHILL  <_!  .__.'>  P3/mctP3atan,  Fitness. In your heart you know it's right.  Every kid knows the value of a pocket  knife. That's why. my youngest son gavel,  me one for my birthday; It's not my first  knife, Iliad one when I was a.little boy  also, but I lost it.  A pocket knife is sort of a symbol of  manhood, you know, like saying "now you  are old enough to have a knife without  cutting yourself "..You would immediately  run outside and whittle down a few trees.  (What do they do in the city ��� slash tires  or something?)  Anyway, my dad gave me a pocket  knife about the same time as I got my first  Thaf wasfifteen years ago and he still  has it, he does not let me use it. The other  day, when my _��n gave me that knife he  said, "Dad; it'a just like the one you liked  so much ~ the, one you ftept so long (two  weeks). Don't cut yourself with it.".How  couldT? I was wearing a pair of my son's  old jeans and lost it through a hole in the  pocket. Now what? My' son trusted me to  look after that knife. Does this mean I will  never grow up? I can't let him know, I will  go out and buy another one just like it.  Sorry they said; they have stopped  production of that model, not mueh  pai_roHong*pantsrT_Ry"were~ai_andiine;���demandrfoi^flint-blade-knives anymore  down from my older brother and they had       1�� desperation I confess all to my wife.  a holetn the pocket. I lostthe knifer She-is understanding^Yoii -idiot! -How  The next knife I bought myself. I lost it   could you. be so carejess? You'll never  -grow up. That's-the-second-knife-he has  COME STAY WITH US "."*.,  ' at ENGLISH BA Y near STANLEY PARK  in beautiful downtown\ VANCOUVER,  Single    $23.00 Double $26.00  Twin     $29.00 Suites from $40.00  TOLL-FREE   800-2688993  1755   DAVIE, STREET   VANCOUVER   B.C.  V6G 1W5  TELEPHONE (604) 682-1831  NOW OPEN  NEED HELP WITH BOOKKEEPING  7 OR INCOME TAX?     _,  I got so I would buy a knife, use it ohce  to clean my fingernails, and it was gone. I  bought a fingernail file once but it was not  the same. How can you look cool in the  face of a bully when you're whittling on a  stick with a nail file?  Tears later,,my mother gave me a  knife that had belonged to her father and  before that to his father, etc. I don't know  if it was very valuable, but it was very old.  The blade was made of flint. 1 became  "p^uckyr If roUxppediiriirour'graver  driveway I would never find it.  Then I got an idea. "Here son, "I said,"  you are old enough to look after a knife.  This was your grandfathers etc. "Take  good care of it."  given you. The first one you lost cleaning a  fish. You threw the knife overboard with  the fish and kept the guts." I begin to  smile. If only I could find it, I would keep it  here beside my chair with my good pen.  This morning early, before the  household is up, I sit in my chair, reach for  my pen case and there is my knife. As I sit  and write this I am thinking, I lost a pocket  knife and found a pen knife. Maybe I will  grow up at last.  ���HNowTirtiere in hell did I put-that-knife?  DbAbi BLAvlVTur  "QUALITY   SERyiCE   SINCE 1956"  '  ���GRAVEL ���GRADING .CURBS  ���Soil Cement ���Drainage Roads  ��� Industrial Sites*Parking Areas  Tennis Courts ���Driveways  Keeping fit may not prevent a heart  attack, but it will make you feel and look  better, and will improve your chance of  recovery, should heart attack strike.  \  GIVE US A CALL AT  ��� 885-3611 or  ��� 886-9235  Located in CAMEO INDUSTRIAL PARK,  or write to P.O. Box 1670, SECHELT, B.C.  Minor hockey  Clippers outskate PR 11-4  SEAMLESS GUTTERS  MOBILE UNIT  GUTTERS INSTALLED  ANYWHERE ON THE PENINSULA  INSULATION  MOBILE UNIT  BLOWN IN NEW HOMES OR EXISTING HOMES  Walls  ���Ceilings  >H�� SIDING-VINYL OR ALUMINUM  ^*�� ^       SUNDECK COVERS - ALUMINUM  VW AWNINGS- ROLL UP, ADJUSTABLE  Again the house teams from our Sechelt  area showed they could compete fairly  evenly with teams off the peninsula.  Although our atom teams found the going  tough in Powell River against some "rep"  players who average between four and  five hours of ice a week, they did enjoy  their trip.  Our bantam Weldwood Clippers  completely outskated and outscored the  Powell River bantams to a tune of 11-4,  while again in Powell River our bantam  GTs found the going tough up there, losing  two games.   Upcoming.._e^_bitions_haye_ our Twin  Creek peeweeks hosting a Powell River  team in an exhibition series of games. As  well, our Juvenile Anderson A's will play  the Squamish Midget Reps who enjoyed a  successful pair of games here two weeks  ago.  I    COACHES _______________________________. ______  There will be an important meeting  Tuesday, Feb. 20 to determine play-off  schedule, choose teams for Powell River  and Hope tournaments, and also to hand  out raffle tickets for play-off ice time.  See you Tuesday at Sechelt Elem.  School 7:15 p.m. A schedule and league  standings follow:  Thurs., Feb. 22:7:15-fl:15 p.m. Glass vs  Rangers; 8:15 p.m. TBS and Aces.  Sat., Feb. 24: 10:30-11:30 ������ Kin-ucks  vs 140's) 11:45-1 p.m. ��� OWL vs Elphinstone, 1:15-2:30 p.m. ��� Exhibition ���  Powell River vs Twin Creek; 2:45-4:15 ���  Exhibition - Squamish vs 140-23's; 6 p.m.  ��� Flyers to Squamish.  Sun., Ffcb. 25:7-45-8:45 p.m.���Sabres &  T&T (practice); 0-10:15 - Exhibition -  Powell River vs Twin Creek; 10:30-11:45 ���  GTs������ Clippers (practice); 12-1:30 p.m.  ��� Exhibition ��� Squamish vs A's; 8;30-  8:15 ��� Oilers vs 109's.  STANDINGS (as of Feb. 16)  Pups W L Pts  Kin-ucks                                5 2 10  Legionl40's 3 3 6  Sabres   2 4 4  Atoms  T&TTruckers  6 0 12  OWL  3 3 6  Elphinstone 0 6 0  Pee wee  Legonl09's 4 2 8  :TBS 3 6 6  Standard Oilers 1 4 2  Bantams  "GT's 77 .77777777777.7 TiTr" .7  Family Mart Aces .  .2  Twin Creek Pee wees.........'.. 0*  Midgets  Tyee Flyers 5  Weldwood bantams 3  140-23's ... ...0  2  0  2  6  Juveniles  Rangers midgets 5  Elson Glass    ..... 3  Anderson A's  .1    6  TIME TO RESH0D?  15% OFF  flLL'  SH0ES,B00TS  &  * Except for Steel-toed Boots & Items  Currently on Sale,  WED, FEB. 21, THURS. FEB. 22, FRL, FEB. 23 & SAT., FEB. 24 ONLY  Cadet Corps  Young sailors  get sea fever  With John Masfield's "Sea Fever  coursing through their veins, 18 eager  young volunteers recently spent a  weekend on one of Her Majesty's ships  "H.M.S. Wolf."  This was Indeed high adventure for the  boys and girls and brought home to them  in no uncertain manner what seamanship  is all about.  No luxury cruise, this, but complete  participation all the way with navigation,  lookout duties,, man overboard drill;  , cooking in the galley and a thousand other  things which constitute a tight ship.  Destination was Indian Arm and for  good measure some really big waves on  the way. Reaction to the cruise? "Please,  Sir, when ls the next one?"  As A.C.S. Jack stated afterwards in an  essay, "Wo were taught to react quickly to  orders while under stress" ��� a useful  lesson to be learned even for dry land.  Because of the cruise's resounding  success their hardworking officers are  hoping to arrange at least three trips a  season and this seems a distinct  possibility, if you are the parent of a boy of  girl and they aro between the ages of 13  and 18 maybe they too could measure up to  the high standard set by the Sunshine  Coast Branch of the Sea Cadet Corps, Good  volunteers are always welcome.  The Corps meets every Wednesday at 7 '  p.m. above Ken's Lucky Dollar Storo in  Gibsons. It's a great crowd, why don't you  Join us, you'll bo made very welcome."  Christian Science  "Am I a God at hand, salth the Lord,  and not a God afar off? ��� Do not I fill  heaven and earth? salth tho I_ord. (Jer.  23:23).           .(.....,   In othor words, God is omnipresent,  and Webster's dictionary defines "Omnipresent" as "presort in aU places at all  times." How comforting to know that wo  .can nwcrJjflanywhorQut an  God is not present with us,  Mary Baker Eddy writes, "God Is  everywhere, and nothing apart from Him  Is present or has power." (Science and  Health with Koy to tho Scriptures, Pg.  473).,  Of TOP LTD.  885-5151  PORPOISE BAY ROAD, SECHELT  North. Vancouver Office-- Zenith 2628  HONEST  CO_OJ_>  VALIUM  STANDING RIB  ROASTS Can. Gr. A ..  39  lb. i  STEWING HENS  59c  ^  4-6 lb. ovg  lb.  PORK SAUSAGE  $129  ��� i b__bb  ib  APPLE DRINK...  GRAPE DRINK  ox.  48 f I. oz.  . ea.  .���a.  59c  59c  Co-Op  ORANGE DRINK..,., _59c  Harmonie 7"^ -~~rg  STRAWBERRY JAM __ ���115  Cb-Op  14fl.oz.  ASSORTED PEAS  Co-Op, Boston Style  BEANS WITH PORK n  oz.  2/85c  2/85c  ONION SOUP MIX  M/2oz.  2/59  Co-Op Chicken Noodle  SOUP MIX  2-1/4 oz.  2/89  DRY GOODS  [LaSallo]  THERMAL BLANKETS  approx 72x84"..........  I ��a.  50%  50%  acrylic  poly*tt*r  |99  r.  Quaker, 4 varieties  HARVEST CRUNCH BAR  200 gm  Maxim  FREEZE DRIED COFFEE  TOMATO SAUCE  .ea.  .ea.  I19  519  3/79��  TOMATO PASTE����.,...     3/89c  l68  7-1/2 oz..  Co-Op  Paulln  6-VARIETY COOKIES  700 gm  Post  ALPHA-BITS  450 g  .ea.  .ea.  Harmonie  CHUNK LIGHT TUNA  Co-Op  MAKuAKINb nb   6-1/2 o *.  .ea.  ^  Gem  ���  " I iH I .wl��w IS lb. cello pak   DfiRflRftw ib,..,   BULK CARROTS w.   ^��    �����������������������������������������������������__�������������������_- him ���mi      in  JOIN THE CO-OP AND SAVE EVEN MORE!  Lower Olbsons, 886-2522  STORE HOURS:  Monday thru Thuriday ?�����  FrMqyTTi, 7.V,'.,.."..,:...,,,,,....:',.., M  Saturday '���'  Wl Will SI CLOSED SUNDAYS UNTIL EASTER  Prlc����teff_ctlvei February ii'U  ! \  'V  V  Wednesday, February 21,1979       Tfce Peninsula Times  PageC-5  V.'f^'X'..^?  Elphie honor roll  GRADE 8 HONOR ROLL                        Erika Fredrickson, Michele Harper,  "RosalyirKe7C_mstiff^BorleyrSheUey~  ; -���  .Fyles.^Murray^Gant^ yictorJa_Hawken,^  Cathy Hummel, Hanna Jonas, Raymond  Dow, Clint Mtahlman,^tenee Michaud,  "Karen RisebTougli7WeTr6TTfb^fliuVTnn  GR.-9 HONORABLE MENTION   Allan Carroll, Michael Peters, Greg  JStewart J_oreen_Webher.   Squoringly yours  By MAURICE HEMSTREET  Stevenson, Lynn Strom, Karl Tveit  Petterson, Kirstin Storvold,  Duane  Hogberg.  GRADE 9 HONOR ROLL  Robert Lee, Leanna Lynn, Shannon  Macey, Brian Mansfield,. Shannon  McGivern, Gillian MorroW, Barbara  Nowoselski, Anne Parker, Sigrid Skogmo,  Shirley Ten, Dawne Atlee, Lisa Bjornson,  Heather Cattanach, Joanne Craze, Sabina  . _Foss, Steve Gentles, Dennis Holding^Mike ���'  GRADE 10 HONOR ROLL  Michael Brandys, Ken Awrey, Jeonard  Jiew, Tony English, Jeff Krintilla,  Leonard Lee, Marian McFarlane, Dawn  Maddern, Sylvia Passmore, Maira  Robertson, Catherine Swinhart, Tony Teo,  Kelly Henry. ,  GR. 8 HONORABLE MENTION  Stephen Starbuck, Lisa MacDougall,  GR. 10 HONORABLE MENTION  Geoff Butcher, Glenys Davies, Joey  Hogberg.  GRADE 11 HONOR ROLL  Neil Goddard, Noel Goddard, Gail  Thomas, Trudy Vedoy, Robert Zuidema,  Bonnie Janiewick, Brent Lymer, Robert  Nicholas, Lance Parish, Joanne Braith-  waite, Karin Achterberg.  GRADE 12 HONOR ROLL   Kevin Casey, Herbie Ono, Laurie  Townsend.  Hello fellow square dancers. Once  again I have been dragging my left foot  !Eodl^tetu^d7_IoweWr7h^  will catchupormyname isn't speedy.  Feb. 2���Harry only had one set out but  then maybe all the girls thought that I was  getting married instead of my baby son.,  Feb. 9 ��� With caller Harry on deck  again we had-over two sets on the floor  brushing up on figures that we think will  be used at the B.C. square dance ball.  Our guest for the evening who is a very  good friend of Eileen and Fred Greaves  -jcameJrom Vancouver-and there was a  GR. 11 HONORABLE MENTION  Diane Campbell, Joanne Ford, Kerry  Goddard, Denis Hostland, Steve Ripper;  Geoff Spence, Lisa, Torvick, Shelley  Wagner, Kerry White, Norman Williams,  Dale Maedel, Kim Anderson.  GR. 12 HONORABLE MENTION  Tom Awrey..  *YOS_U'S  8864015  Sunnycrest Mali, Gibsons.  "FOR THE FINEST IN  DINING PLEASURE"  'AUTHENTIC CHINESE FOOD  'WESTERN FOOD   Served Promptly & Courteously.  WE ARE PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE ADDITION  TO OUR STAFF, RONALD CHOY. of HONG KONG,  WITH 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN CHINESE CUISINE,  Business Hours:. Tue-Sat._--4:30, pm.- L2. pm  ,     , Sun - 4:30 pm - 9:30 pm  *      -,. >      .   ^ r-fdosed Mondays*)' t' *?**  FREE HOME DELIVERY (within Village of Gibsons) "Your Fully  Licensed & Family Restaurant".  TO THE RESIDENTS OF PENDER HAI  & SURROUNDING AREA:  THE PENDER HARBOUR VOLUNTEER  FIRE DEPARTMENT and  MADEIRA PARK AMBULANCE SERVICE  Wl��h to invito you to an OPEN HOUSE on  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th,  1979 from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm  to c_l��brat�� th�� opening of th_ n��w MADEIRA PARK EMERGENCY  SERVICES building locatod at th�� Madeira Park Fir. Hall.  Coma and tea displays of smoka alarms, fire ���xtlngulshars,  rascua work tind first aid.  Rafrashmants will be served.  TAK|f THIS OPPORTUNITY TO MEET YOUR LOCAL  VOLUNTEERS AND SEE HOW YOUR FIRE AND  AMBULANCE SERVICES OPERATE.  nice roundJDf applause for Vivian Brown.  We hope you enjoyed our square dance.  At coffee time, caller Harry seemed to  have a bad case of eatinitis (that's  something like termites under the belt)  and Deanna was up to her did tricks of  being a bit of a (ding ding ding) ��� I can't  use that word. Let's see, Webster just dunt  have no words that qualify anyway most of  the time. She is a very sweet lady.        ;  The beginners class is doing just great.  Their ability to learn is just, fantastic. I  should know because I have been there the  last two evenings. There is only one  problem, some nut keeps turning on the  fire alarm. I think the firemen should join  our square dance class, they have to come  anyway.  The Beginners Square Dance Jamboree will be held March 3 at the Moscrip  School in Burnaby this,year, so if you  intend to go, contact Harry Robertson so  that transportation and lodgings can be  arranged, thank you.  Well, if all goes well, tomorrow morning (that's Sat., February 17) we head for  the ninth Annual B.C. Square Dance Ball  - atThe Vancouver Hotel Ballroom and this,  has always been a great experience, so.  more on this next week*. ... .   This being Friday, February 16 and the;  fact that I call to-night; I must get a  program on the stove to boil because they  want a hot time at the square dance tonight. So more on all this next week, see  you then and have a good day.  izon theatre  wants new plays  Horizon Theatre Company will begin  meeting twice a week from now on, as  Interest in the group is very high. They will  not only be casting a one-act play bu(t will  also continue to have evening drama  workshops and to do play readings.  Newcomers of all ages, with or without  previous drama experience but with enthusiasm; are still welcome to join the  group on Mondays at 8:15 p.m. and  Wednesdays at 8 p.m. in Roberts Creek  Elementary Gym.  Any people who have plays which  might be suitable foran evening's reading,  or for a production, are requested to bring  them along ~ more than one copy if at all  possible. For more information about this  fascinating company, please call Mary  Livingston at 8854248.  m  GARDEN BAY  Iwl mm Im 11 ji _Li  Sinclair Bay Road  Just up & over the hill  VOLVO/PENTA - CHRYSLER  HOURSTON GLASCRAFT  EZLOAD-MERCRUISER  Immediate Repair Service'-7 days a week  Winterizing and Storage  BOAT MOVING  CHARGEX  MOTOR VEHICLE  OFFICE - SECHELT  __j  Monday, Feb. 19-9:30 am-5:00 pm  Tuesday, Feb. 20-9:30 am-5:00 pm  Wednesday, Feb. 21-9:30 am-5:00 pm  Thursday, Feb. 22-9:30 am-5:00  t     r* /  ,. ^   ._-_*. J  ����� **   fr*   v   **i ��***���  ���*- *m     ���'-*��� ��*     *-���"   v'-'.�� ���*���-*   -i  Fri, Feb. 23-9:30am-9:00pm  Sat, Feb. 24-9:30 am-9:00 pm  Mon, Feb. 26-9:30am-9:00 pm  Tues, Feb.27-9:30am-9:00pm  Wed, Feb. 28-9:30 am-9:00 pm  PROTECTION PLUS SERVICE  Sunshine Coast Credit Union  CUWWlt SIKi-fcTy StCHELT ���  *_r��jBM^^��W__*,���jPE_Mp -^  AUTO PLAN-Motor Vehicle Agent  ������ f  Page CA   7     The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 21,1979  Senior citizens association  More activities for seniors  Further activity was the promise of our   placed on the door so that firemen or  monthly meeting held February 15. police, in the event of a collapse, could  - -After disposing- of-routtae^business_a<^  under the efficient guidance of Pres. BUI   victim. As there were members who ex-  Scott we had a,detailed financial report   pressed a preference for "Medic Alert  _ ~ _''"-...      __    ' 1   _.. i.        km/_lnfn    if inns JanMarl fft l)Alia1imimflr��  from Treasurer Ivan which showed that  the Branch has been using good old-  fashioned thriftiness and planning to keep  our affairs in a healthy condition.  Eva Killiam of Ways and Means advised that this committee would have a  bracelets, it was decided to develop more  data regarding the two schemes' and the  costs involved. There, was general  agreement that these were worthwhile  ideas.  Before adjourning for a "cuppa" Dave  visea tnai mis committee wumu nave a  ���*- ��� _^_ ^t",.   -���,_.  .  meeting immmediately foUowing,bowling. Kw**��f^^^  on 9&ur 26. Eva asked that toembertr l^lgSS :S!^i��r&S_SSS ;'  saveiM.Uwnce plates, any, glass ����Uort; -{SSJHS'^iSflff flffirita -  bottles and cotton spools. I don;t,knbw S*S^dLKinS^^ ?*V.  whaf they are going to make,but the 'V*^^^^IB,BS^.^*'____^4''  C^^hUp^orthemfor articles ^DT^i!fgul^fl^SS_l  fi^"tWn��__ Tea and Sale, RaSCa_n^rJTViBitrM8jriO. Be SUttrtOr-:  for tte next Tea ahfj_aie. mark tlu^dat0 on your calendar ^ it will  ���Dave- Hayward..advised- Jhat^the__r*!":^^SSjZJl'____. _- __J______._ ___  Disneyland-San Diego, trip would start   ^L^SS flat Brian Butcher of  AprUr22rDaveinarhaveafewmor^aeats _r___��__SM___L��__���  GOOD REASONS FOR A  v ____.��___'        ���_��� _______  I' .t  Cowrie St.,  -Secheir-  IT'S OUR  AND IT'S CLEARANCE TIME  ��� STARTING FEB. 26th  "^852725  __Sb - tdeptae Mm �� interested.  Sf^T^^K"__* ��  ��ra__fa?___rA: ffittf-asxtajfi  would be Swimming for seniors attne 'w-^ni__w^i___ii_Mto_i______mta  Friday mornings that had been set.aside.  The Social Committee is looking for  volunteers to assist with the Tea Tables in  the kitchen, Rally around Mrs. Breadher,  -gals. , -.____������__. _____  The Membership Committee reminded  us that dues are now payable. We have 199  paid-up members, but as we had over 400  members at the end of the year, itshows,  we heed to remind the members.  We had correspondence about an  allergy identification scheme called "Vial  of life" which called for the medical  history of the individual to be placed in a  vial which would be fastened under a shelf,  of the refrigerator and an identifying decal  __  SPRING  FLOWERS  ���CARTER SEEDS  'PROPAGATORS  ���PEAT POTS  ���SOIL  ���VERMICULITE  ���CLAY POTS  PENTANGLE  Sechelt  885-3818  Turn out for an afternoon of Bingo and  other games.  totarteer  helpline  The Communications Workshop being  held, February 21 should.be a growing  experience for everyone, not just those  involved in volunteerism. Anyone wishing  to further, or refresh, his ability to com-  municate with greater awareness will  benefit from the evening.  I had the privilege ot taking part in the  YWCA Workshop last week and fully  enjoyed the group experience. The leaders  were__confident, easy and humourous as  they guided us through different com-'  munication exercises.  Harriott Dennison a volunteer from the  Vancouver Volunteer Centre and Colleen  Walton, Director of the Voluntary Action  Resource Centre, will lead our Communications Workshop here at Elphinstone on Wednesday, February 21 at 7:30  p.m. The two hour session wUl be worth  your involvement. The registration fee of  $2 is to help defray travelling expenses.  Volunteer opportunities are available  through the Resource Society's Volunteer  Bureau. Call Jo-Anne Bushnell 885-3821 for  more information.  Think about these needs: volunteer on  call drivers; interviewers for Capilano  College Survey; assistants in school shops,  science lab; teaching assistants in  schools; drama teacher; special friends -  "visiting; updating directory of services.  /Mi  ifllr.  i *���>  *   i  >"��� t  r  "d  ���> .  .*'  :.,,l$IS:NQT NECESSARY  _4_yTeaye The.Peninsula  for Mehtorial Funeral Services  Why deal with strangers when the Peninsula friends are always  available to give Immediate siafvlce 24 hours a day  Seaview Rd., Gibsons  DAN DEVLIN, Director  886-9551  ��A<-   "t*  << i  M  *   J   ���>>> ' < At     H' i    \     ,   J ��i ft  i   /I .  *   I  -Are you interested in summer  swimming lessons for your children  at a mini^  ��� ���_. ���'���������".' '        ,     ..   '',' '���   ��� ��� :.. ���������. ��� ��� .'������"'���,'   i  Do you live between Davis l3qy and  Halfmoon Bay?       IF SO...  FILL IN THE FORM BELOW AND MAIL  IMMEDIATELY TO  SUNSHINE COAST LIONS CLUB,  BOX 275,  SECHELT. B.C. VON 3A0  'Whether or not there will be lessons It dependent upon your  response to this ad.  tlfll9f$t4f4fffli9f9Mt��19tftftf  ADDRESS   TfclftPflWNS   ��� .   �� i * is.  f ^ i �� ��  i #-f .'��������#-��� i' t   .  i ��� i ? * *  r�� �� �� r* ��  NUMBER OP CHILDREN   nnniuuuutminiuinnn  Metric  measure for measure, it's a better way to measure  <*


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