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The Peninsula Times Jan 3, 1979

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 r.  >**SEWj��  JANUARY. Coast ..__^^_ T���_  -woulqVmake- thingr^d^rTi^  peninsmVs --waters^���Pearsafl  politicked at a meeting in the Roberts  Creek Community Hall.  rThe-firstbabjrofthfryearwarborn  /to K.B. and Sarajim Pillai of Gibsons,  [ who did thfiir-pdrtfor brightening 1078  by naming the seven pound two ounce  baby  boy Prakas,  which  means  -^iight^  Experienced school trustee Don  Douglas was elected school board  chairman.  Serv,ngrthe&bnshine Coost, (^e^ognd \o ^ryH tnten^nclMding PgrffasMto'fylHopkrns landirig  Granthoms taring   Gibsons   Roberts Creek   ,v;  WTsorrfcreek^S't/lma p0rJ�� ^S^e��lhe��t��^STfmo^ w" ^ecfet.CpVe .rericfef Htb,   Madura Park   Gorden B'ay v1rV;neSr,tpndmg  frjrls^Covir   Egmor)t   ,  iii    iiiimiiii iiiiii i    i i ml  1i    i    Jn l1    " ii   iiiiiii riii, II  ,    iilH "'       ''> iwmmfmmmmmmmmmm  ���     i     ij  ���yr ny eAfriR d#m\ sUmne coast.  LARGEST READERSHIP   Vohime 17 -U No. 5  pyearmr  *,v  MAY.' Despite fears by organize]  that Timber Bays would never gefroff  <i.'  %VS\  KJj  4��# ;  le^roundr-the^VUlage^pHSeehel^  enjoyed the annual May 24 weekend ,  event. The glamour and excitemeriiof;  =J��eJfls^JQmberrD^MSDntes!;J^^  writJejM^o^er the fftqes (and knees) {n  of  Princesses  Marie  Hoffar rand |j  rianne Rayment. And the winner  ^m  feii j "���>    *���  -^  S?S^BS��?&''te*-  i '&<��.  ^^  " was ... LyntfXJolb��Sr  A B.G Hydrotlapp}ication for the m  aerial spraying ^/rights-of-ways on  the SecKplt PemnsuUC wasljfcjtcted*.  JS^jbtowiw corporation-Jklied~ia^  meetingwith regional board directors h  to disj?#J^apfteai sprayingv&pd  defended its spraying policy. Officialf  told the directors that a B.C. Medical  ' 'Association recommendation against ���;; \  spraying would not stop, their p^ans. %\  ' "We!ve got a Job tb.do,!' saidnydro^]  FEBRUARY.    The Sechelt Indian   bmldinif Was , only   one   of  two  DistricJ Manager Erich HenscV^  Band gym, after being gutted by fire   destructive fires that day,. Steve and  *<We*re_ concerned*    but   until |  February 11, was bujldpzed into   Mary Leander's Cowrie St. .home was, somebody gives .us evidence, that we ;  rubble. The fire, which destroyed   destroyed by fire after a faulty oil  arydptagtfje wrong.thihg we cannot^]  both the structure and Ihe colorful   stove apparently -malfunctioned.  Justify to the taxpayers ''eliminating I  ?&''**!&  j-  U ���Jfc�����  , ���>***%)&.  -<V  W^l  ���"// ifcit*  k?/ ml  Jr^'  ^f  \,  Indian graphics that adorned the  me spraying."  *.!  '>.  a\i  %* vx  >  "S��^i  **��!  <t  i^T"  ��^^  i'i^. , <si  " .        -IT A*  %1  u~  v^BI^^j^��.iti*^M^*^<  j. ��     ��� ai '  , ��, -  ' V, '��  ��f��*.  sr^?^  ^;v  ,v��s*  ���SW'.  ,-'.>  rs��'  &*t.V!i  '~\M  \M%��  t,^&- -���"  t*  %,  P  v>  r'/tl^ii^ ',  r��  jm;>?-  ��<��  >j  *lS ��^��U4%V'*-^  ���^"'.'r^t  i-*1*' t\ -p      /- i.    X  %P  <",  two1", \  i ��� /f  <T  ! ���  !/'  #'     ?  X  ceptions of the greatest show oil  earth.; The Carson and Barnes Show  was late for a Sechelt performance,  after a runaway elephant incident at  the Saltery Bay ferry terminal.  Hundreds of cranky children roamed  the circus grounds waiting for the,  show to go on ��� as it must. It did, but  with minus a few animal performer's.  Canadian Forest Products Ltd.  was   fined  $100,000   in   Sechelt  ,B<@jipji^ marina would not-mean a tax in- ^   of ^^^ the deposit of a  displaysi the uniquely inscribed e^g united when thevlllage was placed on crease for Gibsons taxpayers. Crime gUbstance harmful to fish in Rowe  matwohhu�� recreation in Gibsons did increase by 36 per cent ^md wate]^ near tne companys  priie at the Halfmoon Bay Egg referehdeura tp: help  finance   its from 1977, it was reported Jthis month, Port Mellon mill. The conviction  Decorating Contest at Easter. Quinn swimming pool. Marinas made but RCMP )Sgt. Ron Nicholas at- J0nowe(j a September 14,1977 oil #111  printed the entire Lord's Prayer on headlines when Area B ratepayers tributed the increase to increased cauSe(j by a ruptured oil pipe.   ; ^i >  ^e^ggrBul^ithoiit-a^rayei^and-a���^oted-down^-pUv^                                                                         ���   Bnwfq /wir; r**M*nt* ''Mk  few pennies, the peninsula's Gales Angell for a proposal to buUd a crime. Gibsons', neighbors ���: to the jiiS^ttoiSLrrfffrtS  Hockey Club were forced to disband, commercial marina in Sargeant's north saw a M per cent increase in r{Safert^Avf ESK5  Oub organizers blamed the club's Bay. In Gibsons/ foweyer, a com-, crime over last year. Regional mrt ���"S^��Sfflff  straits on flaggihgloqal-support and a rnittee was struck to^tudy a 350-berth directors approved a $1.45 million T^n^^ZiW^^  rash of canceUations by scheduled ' niariha for Gibsons, harbour. Arid budget after much 4eUber^n.   ^. 52^2   fiSStt  opponents/And whUe the club split; constituents were promised that the                                  .             $ ^pUoh ^the clearl^! T$e two  groups eventually reached a compromise.  i   i  <��ii��iiii.ii��(' yymmitffitiV,* 'II f T"  v\  ������**0  V  APRIL, People mnli usually thlst? Shannon was  convicted  of  the   Dr, BHipe Lalng.The health uplt, JULY. This tidal wave didn't really catastrophe - although doubtless pulled his ticket as the winning  t^^flfl^y tfoimtm Gibsons "NbViml*rcXr:ifOT^^ thatfart- number of the $1,000 lottery .Times  to Sechelt but then they don't u^ly   Black at Roberta Ctsek. During a 17-   and PowellRlver areas, approved the created  in the  PenlnMla  Times taahsed one  above  la  a  remote editor Dennis Fitzgerald waa more  travel by.fa&ftyfygiitaB                                                                                          of Powell River?* darHroom. But realdenta of the possibility. To avoid another kind.of surprised    than    embarrassed,  rival Qe^rgfr^tthewa planned the   Shannon had shol; BUjck In front of   geographically remote locatlq��v rienlnaula could sleep easy In July, catastrophe, regional board directors however, when he won the $100 top  MEnMniand after two hSurilid 23   CojiBr^GraDaldl IHwPparFj!^^ ^S^iimSlM^m^ against a B.C. Hydro h^r- Razzle Dazzle Raffle. Roberts Creek  WiVutes.   uBC   student   Adrian   Health  requested a liaaquartera   cenfrlTgaifDap^lulnJ at a waste proceaiires lo oTeal "with such a Hclde program In the Pender Har- Daase was only one of the many local  Belshaw didn't do much cuddling, but   move from Powell River to Gibsons   disposal alteinear Sechelt. A contract situation. A geographical fault ex-1 hour area. And Stan Joe, Organizer of celebrations in July, which Included  he won the race by finishing In an   despite   the    contrary    reoom-   was signed for the $2.75 million ox- tends along tho mountain range to the the Sechelt Indian Band RocreaUon the Dogfish Derby and the Redrooffs  hour and a half,  Robert James   mendatlons byboard of healthiChlel   panslon of St. Mary'a Hospital. east  of   PorpoUeBay   and   a Lottery, was embarrassed when he Country Fair.        '-8eePageB-l  #.    s   -������ ��� ��� "i ������ i ^ .��  ��  r  / . ..L;.\,.  \\  ���-���7--M.--��������  PageA-2  The Peninsula Times  S��JJiBlj&/f��8j^S^I  :;l^e|^-lr^^  the Regional District Review Commission report, another election and  Hah^e^li^is^Enasi  we didn't  ithe BiC,  Derby, Sea^avalcade, RobertsCreek  ^u*ifiar^^  rcbuiritle��^^  dividuals  worked  ffitratrrw^Oflrfr^^���������������  ^hveinlJP^  didn't get the utility corridor through ���     *** ^ W^-wtoM.  Sechelt or_rec_re_ation referendumtp.  parties ��� Timber Days, the Dogfish  -?.;���  READER'S RIGHT  Editor; ^^^M^^'^&:-^^^0^^  :   ^ou^g^  ;w%nft;fr6ra^v^  would like to give you something to think  :0m�� ;;;dulringjJ|hose;|^fte^  ^dbldniumsml^  ";W^^  everyon&|^  hadn't been for some last minute help  from former committee members, things  ma^hotfe  Especially the parade! There was even  ���talk oftaricelling^^  think  of aL_cojnmunity Jhat_ TOuldrft.  |^ap��^^  |fir$|rie^^  ;g$|wifc|u%ciz^ '"  |||ifope^^  ?;&mm|  ;|Ey)|^in!78 aridsh^did^  Smtr|^  ^T^mt^Dayk ;%e.;w^:^^andj^:C^:  Stfta^mlfi-j^  ;;^G^ih^a;:call. You ''jiM^i^^J^^  ^ww^witi^  " In my own case, I will be away until  - February and on myreturn, will chair the,  organize a parade to show off:their Miay' Loggers* Sports for '79 and helping out  Queen? And the decorated bikes, floats   ^th Timber Days, where I can.  back and reflect on_1978 sometime  during^the holiday:;What we'vefound  ��i^|f^^;^^r>wiser|   and ,clowns? And how about our local  . drafts and industries who put out a lot of  money, time and effort to dress up a two-  day celebration?  Last year we fiddled around until we  missed having our local pipe band in the  parade. What is a- parade-without a pipe  band? Rather dull, I would say! We will  certainly hope to have them this year and  also have them do one of their special  drills as part of our field day celebrations.  .We are going to need a Parade Committee Chairperson this. year, and  spm'ew|L^e;put terete fb&i&qffilgm,  ^^^^wmt^,(^m has  done it before, iifwiil be a breezed Arid for  anyone who has never done anything like  it, a real challenge that will leave them  with a sense of accomplishment and  satisfaction that is very rewarding. And as  a result, if a prize-winning float can be  selected to represent SecheltTimber Days  with\the 'big outfits' parades in Vancouver, as we did in the Sea Cavalcade,  that ufoulti be the frosting on the cake!  There will be other committees,  equally as important, that y will require  leading and helping hands. We have the  TD '76 folks as a nucleus for 'Committee  '79', but we will heed new people, with hew  . ideas and enthusiasms to make the coming  Loggers' Sports will be bigger and  better than ever in '79 and our little mascot  "Tim Berdays" will be the busiest guy  around. A planning committee is already  doing the groundwork to improve the show  for next year, such as having mid-morning  competitions so that the main events of the  afternoon will move along faster. ~  . We are hoping for the return of-Copper  Canyon Sal... that is, if she can be Kept  sober long enough to keep all her clothes  on during her tree climbing act. And her  .Jbpy-friend, Art Williams,,, is ^donating, a  -#ew. *  TJay1      _���      p..       ��� _���        and Weldwood's 'Logger of-the'Day'  trophy, the boys of the 'Calk Boot Club'  will really have something to shoot at.  So that is the tip of the iceberg for.  Timber Days '79, but we will need a few  people to help out, to bring the 'berg to the  surface. Give it some thought, over the  holidays and watch for the February  meeting date!  In the meantime, to all our friends and  neighbors who gave us encouragement the  past year, andto all who will help in'the  next, a very special Christmas arid New  Year from Lucy and.Carl Chrlsmasl c  . . v    C^rlChrisnias;  Sechelt  Small talk  Solidarity in 79  By Ned Schwartz  This is National Clean Up Your Act  Year. Only 363 more chances to leave the  decade in better shape than you found it.  Some people despair of the possibility of  this. When my gutless magic carriage had  its spell frozen last week I hitched a ride  into Sechelt with a gentleman who told me  R-SC regional  es not make  talon Lockstead  sense  The following Is a copy of a letter sent  to newly-appointed Municipal Affairs  Minister Bill Vander Zalm In protest of the  recommendations of the Regional District  Review Commission.:  Dear Mr. Vander Zalm:  I have how had the opportunity to read  the recommendations put forward in the  Regional Plstrlct Review Committee  Report published recently for your  ministry, and wish to make the following  observations as these recommendations  relate to my constituency. As you probably  are aware, there are three whole Regional  Dlstrlcts'ln the constituency, of Mackenzie  plus part of two others.  Firstly, that the Sunshine Coast..  Regional District should be amalgamated  with the Powell River .Regional District  because these two districts share a  common highway link, to me simply does  not make sense. The Powell River  Regional District'"is geographically  separated from the Sunshine Coast  Regional District by Jervts Inlet and both  districts encohipasr^  areas. Further, both Regional,Districts  are In the midst of carrying out planning  functions in their respective electoral  areas In consultation with the community  and people involved arid the recommended  change In my view could seriously hinder  these functions. I have, not spoken to one  Regional Board member, or member of a  Municipal Council or private citizen who is  favour of the aforementioned recommendation.  Secondly, Central Coast Regional  District takes strong exception to the  proposal that they be eliminated. I tend to  agree with their point of view. While I  realize that that particular district Is very  large with all Its electoral areas  geographically isolated from each other,  He said he'd been on the peninsula 20  years and that all the changes in that time  have been for the worse,  The millionaires are ruining the country,  he said, and their aspiring brethren ��� the  local developers and real estate hustlers ���  are scraping every nickle they can off the  Coast with no regard for what'si lost^ iiTthe  process.  The problem, he said, is all the people  who move out of the city arid-then want to  toring the city conveniences here.  I suppose one man's progress is a chip  off somebody else's dream.  All the chips off all those dreams would  fuel-a healthy-movement for the preservation of the Sunshine, Coast. But mostly  they seem to get sweap up Into little piles  of bitterness and frustration.  Too many people 'get caught up in the  notion that somebody else is running the  future and that all we can do is adapt to  whatever happens and move farther'away  if it gets too hostile.  MyJNew Year's wish is that all the  cornmuhity associations and ratepayers  groups form some sort of co-ordinating  council which would give us a means to all  talk together about what's happening on  our pininsula. I figure we're all afflicted  by the same ailment ��� growth disease ���  but Instead of trying to come to terms with  it in a unified way, we fight little isolated  battles. Or mostly Just watch it spread and  do nothing. ,  A residents', organization for the entire  Sunshine Coast would be a sweet wind  blowing Into the 1980s.  On the news scene, we have fresh  developments in the controversy  surrounding the school board's decision to  move the administration offices from  Gibsons to Sechelt.  Although It has been widely hushed up,  once a  on  Is  matters  of prime social  activating  concern.  In protest of the school board decision,  Mr. Dickery last week smglehandedly  The PeninsulaT^^  Published Wednesdays al Sechelt'  ..���,on.B.CYs Sunshine Const;         by        ���   .���'  The Peninsula Times  ���' for Westpres Puhllcnilons  at Scvhclt. B.<F.  Hox .110 ��� Sechelt, B.C.  "~" * *~ *vffirw ; * " ~T  PMhe B85-3231  Office hours: tt:.10n.m.  t()5|),m,''lue,v.-Sul,  and that they as well have a very low tax we have discovered that local activist Mr.  ,Hserra  starting to co-operate and.to work much  better now and It would bo disastrous to  dtassemble all of the efforts that have been  put forward to date,  Finally, while I understand the  problems of Regional Districts to at least  some extent, It Is my opinion that Regional  District* still offer the average dtlwn the  beat opportunity, particularly In rural  areas, to have a democratic voice in  governing their own affairs.  I look forward.to discussing this matter  personally with you In the now year.  DonLockstead.MLA  (Mackenzie)  walked out of Shop-Easy. I interviewed  Mr. Dickery on this significant action.  Ned: Tell me, Greg, what did it feel  like?. I  Greg: Frankly, I was scared. I always  am, you know. But if you feel you're right,  you have to go ahead.  . Ned: Exactly how did you'dolC?  Greg: Well, I kind .ofsauntered ino*.  pushing a grocery cart. Lwkuig%k'^any -i  other customer, you know. I hung around  amongst,the baked goods, pretending like  I was trying to decide between the whole  wheat and the squishy white stuff, you  know. And then I saw him.  ���}���. Ned: Hiiri?  7p GregiiFt}glit, Dick; Clayton. He was  standing around by the light bulbs and the  jssda pepy you know. .Then he started  /walking straight towards me. I caught his  eye. He nodded at me and smiled. -  ,}.   Ned: He smiled at you?  Greg: He did. Pretending that he didn't  know, what was going on, you see. Tdidn't  flinch a muscle.        '  "\   Ned: What did you do then?  Greg?: I can't be sure. It happened so  fast, you know. But I flunk he hiade a )  move towards the produce section.  !   Ned: And you ..|.?  Greg: I turned around and Walked  straight out. ,       ' ' '  Ned: ^He didn't try to sto,p you?       v  , Greg: No. He's a gentleman, Pll have  to allow that. No dogs, no police, no rough  stuff at all. Strictly non-violent.  Ned: You're sure he got the message?  , Greg: Sure? Of course, I'm sure. I  always shop at Lucky Dollar, you know.  Why else would I walk into Shop-Easy if it  wasn't to talk out? Yeah, he knows.  "i   Ned: So what's your next move?  Greg: I donft figure I'll need one. I  figure Maureert will march right into the  ' board room and tell them how this move to  Sechelt is all a big mistake,  i Ned: But on the slight chance that  doesn't happen?  Greg: Well, I don't normally reveal my ,  professional tactics in advance. But as an  exception this time ��� Just to let me know I  mean business ��� I'll tell you. I'm going to  chain myself to the front door of the Wilson  Creek Daycare Centre.  ��� Nedi-You mean . . ^^^^^^      .,,,    .........  Greg: Right. I'm going after   Frlzzcll.  Ned: But. . .  Greg: I know. I know. The children. But'  you've got to realize these are desperate  times. This is all part of my new tactic of  indirect action, you know. Much more  effective than the old direct action. I'm  going after wives, husbands and innocent  bystanders. Also, to maintain the Clayton  pressure. ;I may give up eating collard  greens-until the decision isreversed;   Ned: But you shop at Lucky Dollar:  Greg: It doesn't matter. They're all part  of the grocery megalopoly. You have to  look at the big picture. A collard green  forever lost out of the whole system has a  trickle down effect on all of them.  So there is it. It's brutal stuff, but the.  public has a right to know. With Greg  Dickery on the scene again, those movers  and shakers r are sure going to have to  watch their moving and shaking.  Ned Scharti, a pumpkin farmer, is 4*4  inches tall and lives in Roberts Creek.  ���<;  SIDE GLANCES  A Lhristmcis tan  by Georae Campbell    jtM  Love and success to all  This week of sunshine has made the  Coast live up to Its name ���1978 has been a  vivid and fascinating year for me.  It has been my FIRST on the peninsula,  my FIRST In Roberts Creek, my FHIST  Senior say thank you  Editor, The Times:  The members and executive of the  Senior CUkeua, Branch Gfl of Sechelt, wish  to express their sincere thanks Jpjrpi| for  your co-operation with ourii Assoclatlori  over the lost year.  We appreciate the free, publicity you  have given ua through Mr. Foxall's  living truly alono ~ I havo honestly adored  all three FIRSTS.  So now that I'm Intho water, let's get  on with the swimming for 1070.  I must thank the peninsula for the  prlv|ledge of meeting about 365 now  personalities, at least one a day. Each I  bs%ftMwmtMll.to^hnoir..butJ..nm.ii alow  study. I hope you are too and that we will  grow on each other. Transplants require a  column and your pictures showing the lot\of understanding and special loving  friendly times we enjoy, care. I am truly astonished at how/much of  staff Best Wishes .lor the Holiday Season   from so manyl  and a^vety Happy arid ProaMfotirWew i "TlSWryfiOT^^  Year. !       ���        you GOOD. HEALTH; LOVEr and SUC-  '    KayMacKemle  *    Secretary, Branch 69.  CESS In anything syou may,up^rtako,ln  197p. i- Murcia Poultice  This Christmas story is for hiy granddaughter, who is three years old, but if you  older kids want to listen in, it is all right  with me.  THE TALE OF THE CHRISTMAS CAT  Once upon a time, not so very long ago,  there Was a small gray cat that lived with  a! little boy, his sister and their mommy  and daddy. Now, this little gray, cat was  exactly the same as all other cats except  for one thing���her tail was too long.  It was always getting caught in the  door, or getting in someone's way.  Sometimes it even got in her OWN way.  Once she was sitting In front of the  fireplace with her tail wrapped around her  feet three times, and when she got up to  walk away she forgot and only Unwrapped  it twice. She tripped over her own tail and  landed "right oh her little pink nose. That  hurt! But it didn't hurt so much as when  somebody stepped on her tail, which is  exactly what happened the night I want to  tell you about.  Everybody was sitting, at the table  having their supper. There was the  mommy, the daddy, the little boy and his  sister. Things were Just fine until the  mommy got up to get the tea. She picked  .up the tea pot arid, Just as she was about to  set it down on the table, she stepped on the  (cat's tail. The cat howled, mommy jumped, and the tea pot went flying. It landed  on the floor with a loud crash and broke  into a zillion pieces.  "That's It!" cried the daddy. Ml.have'  had it with that stupid long-tailed cat, it  has got to go>-'J-'  "Yes," said the little girl. "I am sick of  . having a cat with a long tall that keeps  ' getting caught In things. It's a nuisance I",  "I am glad wo are getting rid of it,"  said her brother. "The dumb thing looks  more like a monkey than a cat, anyway."  Well, I can tell you . . . that little cat  didn't feol too good right about then, and  she crept away to her bed. She tried to go  to sleep, but she couldn't for thinking of  what would happen to her tho next day.  This would bo the last night that she would  sleep safe and snug in a warm house.  .Never again would she have someone to  pet her, or feed her. Tomorrow she would  be thrown out into tho cold and snow to  fond for herself. Oh, It was Just too much I  And tho poor little thing began to cry,  She tried to cry softly, so as not to disturb  anyone, But It Is very difficult to cry softly  whon you are scared and lonely, so It Is not  . surprising that someone heard her.       ,  "What is all this crying about?" asked  a kind voice, arid the little cat looked up to  see a most strange-looking person: He had  a long white beard, and he was dressed all  shiny black, and ho had n great brown bag  ,.^^,���^^^^^��,,....J,,,,,i,,.. ,..��� ,.,���,������  Yes, It was Santa Claus.,, for of aU of  tho nighty to get into trouble, tho little gray  i'i.S  ,/  jf  X  cat had: somehow  managed to pick  Christinas Eve.  Welli of course the cat told Santa Claus  the whole story about her extra long tad,  and how it was always getting her into  trouble, until tonight when it had got her  thrown out of the only home she had ever  known. ��� ;  Santa Claus looked a little surprised for  [ a minute, then his twinkly blue eyes began  to twinkle even more than usual, and his  grin became even wider than-eY.er.___  ''How would you like to come wlthme~  to deliver toys to all the boys and girls in  the world?!' he asked. "And after that,  how would you like to come homfe with me  to the North Pole? Because I have a job for ���  you:'*- f--~~-  ~<~���rj��� ���-   Now who could turn down an invitation  like that? Certainly not a small, gray,,  long-tailed cat. So away she went with  Santa Claus and his reindeer, delivering  toys and filling stockings for good little  girls and boys (and even, I am afraid,  some naughty ones) all over the world,  until just as the great golden sun came up  over the rim of the green world, they  arrived at the North Pole.  "This Way," said Santa, and he led the  little cat into his big candy cane factory.  There were white candy canes of all  sizes standing upright on the workbench  ready to have a red stripe put on them. "I  have a problem in here," Santa Claus '  explained to tho "cat. ''My little, elves get  ! dizzy and fall down from running around  and around the candy canos while painting  on the red stripe. I would be happy to send  the candy canes out of my factory just  plain white; it would save my little elves a  lot of trouble. But a candy cane is not a  candy cane unless it has a red stripe  around It.  ... -ugo^y.������ggjj |g this . 1. if yoh were to  dtp that long tall of yours into the red  candy paint, and then back up to a candy '  cane and wrap your tall around it... when  you unwrapped your tail there would be a  red stripe wherever your toll touched It."  So while all of the elves and Santa Claus  watched, the little cat dipped her long ,  long tall into a large bucket of red candy  paint. Then she backed up to a big white  candy cane and wrapped her tail around,  and around, and around, and when she ,  unwrapped her tail, there on that candy  cane was tho nicest red stripe you havo  over seen.  Santo Clous laughed and clapped his  hands, and all of his little elves cheered.  As for the small gray cat with tho long,  long tail, why, she just purred and purred,  and went on pulntlng cpuidy canes like  mad. You see, now snFnad, a nlc^ warm  home; people to love her; antl'atovcouM, do -  ,��oJlMnj,o^  *^if you pa candy cariounder YOtJR \  Christmas tree this year, or In your  stocking, It might Just bo that it was  painted by Uie tall of tho Christmas cat.  *\  \ ^g  ���/:  >,.  �����r-*���t��S*���  �������.''  becomes alcohol  abuse counsellor  Anne Quinn, a member of the Sechelt  Indian Band, has completed a five-week  training program in alcohol abuse in  Vancouver and qualified as a counsellor.  ���The intensive course, which included  some, weekends and most evenings,  covered the subjects of alcohol and  _alcoholism; counselling the alcholic-and-  Coast Strokers  K~  A cowboy's life  J&y^Pjtpnis-Gfay-  As I was riding up the steep mountain,  switchbacks in the cool October sun, my  thoughts kept drifting back to the cowboy  we had passed back in the heavy timber.  He was albig man, one who looked to be a  burden for a horse, big and raw and open.  family; fundamentals of human relations;  social policy; community organization  and theories of counselling.  It is the fifth one given by the Nechi  Institute on Alcohol and Drug Education,  His clothes, not-for show, had served him  weftVHis face was red, perhaps from the  cold wind and it had the leathery look of an  outdoorsman. His eyes were as bright as  lights shining from the folds of his face.  intimate affair, like watching a "mother  give birth, and even as I watched she  reached over and flooded me with her cold  rain. The many little streams were filled  .with activity from Shis sudden wealth,  little knowing that their liquid assets  ^foerta, founded by the Medical Services- ^ massive arms gave the impression of  would be frozen one night soon.  The gnarled trees moved gently in the  north wind, their full branches spread  wide hugging the earth. OthefsTn their  folly once taller,,now lie helpless like  overturned beetles, still clinging in  the Department of Indian and Northern  Affairs.  Branchof-HealthandWelfare^anadarand���prtk^isogtb.JikeJie^Md_j��i^^  *" J *"~ boulders; Still-greenthey lie beside^tne  bleached white remains of their ancestors.  -=H3o^bvious^uianswerbringsHmy^recent=-  question to mind ��� why else but for theo  peace and beauty would the cowboy stay?"  -horse-if-need-be  He was .leading a string of eight horses  jtoh^J��Jwfat^^eadojra^Jtte=Jalk^  Gibsons firm gets  washroom contract  Work has started to remove existing  washroom trailer facilities at the. Hor-  seshoe Bay ferry terminal and to replace  them with a new concrete block wasnroom.  ��� as well as a second similar building to  house fire, electrical, sewer and water  ���services equipment.    "1~2 :  A contract was awarded to Tideline  ..Enterprises Company,Ltd., of Gibsons,  Transportation, Communications and  Highways; Minister Alex V. Fraser has  announced.  The firm's bid of $79,980 was the lowest  pf 13 tenders received. A crew of eight will  complete the job by the end of January,  1979. "    .  Total cost, including engineering  supervision and materials, will be $92^000.  briefly as we passed. He offered us the use  of his cabin high up in the mountains, but  what bothered me as I bought atouthhh;   ^   ta ������ tt ^^  n0 clocks  n0   .  was_-;wh^Why,_djd_M^  running water, no Friday night bowling,;  no workshop, no motor bikes���well, like l._  say, it's- a nice place to visit but that  cowboy must be nuts. Keep stroking.  , lonely life?  ' He was not a young man, I would not.  expect he had many possessions, nor was.  he apt to get many at that job. He temporarily left my mind as we reached the  old mining camp high in that hidden alpine  valley.   ,   I had seen this place once before in the  rainbow colours of mountain August, now  as I walked the bills the, summer plants  had lost their colour of life ��� some were  standing dry and brittle, others lay limp  and transparent like a soggy tissue on a  carpet of green. Nothing could be heard  but the wind and my own thoughts coming  up from my gut in gusts as I trudged  through the thin mountain air.  Frorii a ridge I watched winter roll over  the naked slumbering mountains as nature  began a new cycle. I felt an intruder to an  DON'T MISS OUR  PM hosp. aux.  elects officers  The regular meeting of the Port Mellon  Hospital Auxiliary was held on December  13 at the home of Bev McKie.  The meeting was chaired by president  Margaret Gill. Reports were hear from the'  various committees. A warm vote of  thanks was given Glorine Gray for, all the  lovely knitted articles she has made, for  the gift shop.  Doreen Dockar has been elected vice  chairman of the. Gift Shop Committee.-  Following the .business meeting, the  candlelight installation service was  conducted by Margaret Gill for the new  officers���for���the' conung���yeatrrNew"!  president is Doreen Dockar, vice president  is Edith Simmons,, secretary is Betty  Kiloh, treasurer is Betty McCallum arid'  .publicity is Edith Ross.  A lovety luncheon was much enjoyed  followed by the exchange of small gifts.  The next meeting will be held at the home'  of Wilma Sim on January 10 at 1:30 p.m.  Did you forget someone this Christmas? Enclose a little linen handkerchief  when you write to acknowledge their good  wishes, a nice redeeming gesture. ��� Miss  Bee's,,, Sechelt.  ��WTEftP��0T0TlP5  f  I"  1   cup oUT  5&g&5&ftft  ISriOVY ,  t0 cut glare.���.   |  1 *  the  most ,ari ang'e ro      _      ad..  iDhaafce shape ��n�� *      dlcatedbyihe��9���'        1  BRING YOUR  HOLIDAY FILM  IN FOR  PROCESSING  ide\lcatety-Pa  far SS- ssw*fes  ,e��owedbyia��  looVei  the snow  the wo other,  leaser ana I  wmm  \ grass, yeuu���..    dW8  f Magically    *?    athe sn0�� -  lS!idsno^en.QO^"9 ^ compen9ate lor       1  rZ heat times to.��*\  Shadows  ��mrioolngIdclos, ro-     ��"-      t Urnes to ���� |  DROP IN AND HAVE A LOOK  AT OUR GREAT SELECTION OF  Uaua��y ��Bn"   lhat causo trio snow  ^  imath ot:tha, 8*?rm;":e B reilei  v$��j^n ourio^u:.^ct 0ul,  BK��5j��Si?-S��\  .   usuany �� - lhat causo ��<�� "-�� some :  ol ti  bad  ���do soe a  <��"���"   'irat)on euro the w,;w"_- Melons-1  Jlndude lha *>����� Bu,   ��   t����     ',houW.  SAMS0NITE  and  OCEAf  LUGGAGE  '"��� HAPPY  AK  ~ ^ 886-8010  A  &#  ���'   a  ... yaii^iqyiiyy-y,!, * mi^^-yiHW*mW>qg"'^W*m^^'*plnc'-  '^apr4ia^P^F^#^1'���  \  <J  Wednesday, January 3,197fr  The Peninsula Times  PageA-3  .���^  New Zealand �� boneless  Cii^I^in   ^f!��l^l#    gov't inspected  gov't inspected  regular grind  gov't inspected  chuck blade  bone removed  gov't inspected  gov't inspected ��� Wiltshire  Super-Valu   '   plain  or  salted  Super-Valu  1 lb. pkg.  Campbells  I  1  14 oi. tins  Capri  TO oz. tins  Catolli  dinner  7 1   4 oi. pkgs.  Super-Vali  margarine  1 lb. print  Kadonu  4 roll pack  Robin   '   red  minced  salmon  7 3  4oi. tins  Sunlight  liquid  detergent  3? or. bottle  *���;  pl<q. of 100  Oven  ffosh  Libby ������       in  tomato  saur.e  spaghetti  14 oi. tin  Wostnn's  hamburger or  hot dog buns  Ov����n  Fresh   '   cinnamon  pull-a-parts  cracked  wheat bread..  Venire  Bokoty  english muffins  pkcj. of 6  ffl I %S%M   pLa CIO^s3 California ..lb.  potatoes Sfr���  ���^'  i cucumbers��... -i  ^������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������H  Prices  offoctivo   Jcntuory   4    5,  6  B.C. grown  No. 2  15 lb. bag  -v-  We 're right for youl  in'  a .   j ~-l~~—-.-f -.-
. 7
.   *
The Peninsula Times
Wednesday, January 3,1979
On January 3 the Gibsons Wildlife Club
will hold the fourth,in their series of
special meetings, These meetings are held
oh the first Wednesday, of every month at
the wildlife club oa Highaay 101 at 7:30
piin. The object of the meetings is to'try
alrdpl^enTtoTWBmber^ip^iidihe public
rugged. coastline -, of B.C.' would' be
disasterous.        .*■  *   .
v -The club invited Art McEhee? thelocal
co-ordinatof of the Provincial Emergency
Program to explain the measures taken to
combat a spill locally and we think we can
'Welcome " Beach * Community
Association recently expanded' the
Welcome Beach hall, but still not enough
to accommodate their total membership
comfortably.,The- Christinas party this
year was celebrated two nights. ■,
The first night was Friday, December
15, the fare both evenings catered to By
Helen Robertson, a delicious turkey dinner
with all the trimmings. Roy Hill was
driver to let her off. He kept telling her
there was 17 miles of highway through
Half moon Bay (he must take in a couple of
other areas) take her choice where to get
off. She was let off three quarters of a mile
past the junction of Redrooffs Road and
the Highway, not a house or person near,
._,-_- _-,..-      ... -   .    ,  -^  ,.   guarantee—that^people^attending?the
in general subjects which ttie club feels   meeting wUl come, away .better informed
same-o^loguetand-diseussioni *■—-     -—   ~p,;-,M.;.f t.^, l^L/z
.(The January subject is particularly
topical. We will be presenting the film
Recently it was announced that Rafe
Mair, the hew Environment Minister of
B.C. was going tocall a federal-provincial;
so she had to hike packing a heavy suit
case and bag back to the junction. Her luck
changed there, two kind people from there
Master of Ceremonies for the evening/ „phoned our house and Cfoff returned to
Paul Hensen brough along his organ' to   pick her up.
provide music for dancing .that kept       We encourage our visitors to come by
times. . v driver, this one needs retraining. Her
'President Grace Rutherford-drew-the- ticket read Halfmoon-Bayr	
was Helen Hain and Jim Nygard. Mrs   pam  Brodgesers  son  David
Ruth Forrester soloed with her guitar   j d     ^   ^^ ^^        t the
Creative design and. layouts for
newsletters, booklets and
advertisements. Fast and
~eff icieTTrreTvice~forall70ur	
printing needs. ...
* Letterheads
* Envelopes
• Business Cards
• Invoices
.at the
waters of the West Coast carrying oilf review precautions to be taken in the event;
between Alaska and U.S.A;'-    ;-    ^f/r™8-??^  '-^ '--:    ^   .- ~-L    -
-The  film1 points out- the potential--- The club executive would like to thank,
7ffieResouree^Centre ol4heJ3echeft45cho
dangers of operalffig^a^hlp^dPfiTs^SeSna^
warns of the consequences blah accident
resulting in an oil spill. The. law of
-averages showsihat an accidjentwiHoccur _
sometime, whatever precautions may be
taken to prevent one. The results to the
District for allowing us to use this outstanding film for our meeting and we look
:fop£8rdJo_ se5jng.a_goi^jtarnojut.MJhis.
first meeting of 1979. the film is open to
the public and free.
There was about 65 persons attending
each party, a goodly number without being:
too crowded. ' • ;_
somewhat different from the preceding
night, as a concert followed the excellent
Many pe6ple~wereTterenadedi)y:young—
xarolersinthe area us-Mrs. Jerrie-bou-
Wickwireiirove-the young-people-around-
to sing. This group were carolling for the
pleasue it gave to themselves and others.
Delighted to-hear-them. .—
®^te* Notices
«• Bulletins
Help create
student jobs.
we'll help you.
Young CanadaWorks is a federal government „.
■ job creation program designed to fund-projects   '
which improve the skills and future job prospects
'.''...   ofstudents, ,«■;.'..'
Get your group or organization to think of an
idea. If it will create at least 3 studjent jobs last-
,ing from 6 to 18 weeks each between the months
'  of May and September, then Young Canada •
Works may be able to help you turn your idea into
reality. y      , ■■.
Your project should benefit the community    "
and must meetall the program requirements.
1        Apply today. Application' forms«and guides are '
ready now at your nearest Canada Employment
Centre/Canada Manpower Centre or Job Creation
Branch office; *. ■ ■
Application Deadline February ijvm.
Uk    Employment *nd        Emplolet '
, ■ t    Immigration Canada    Immigration Canada
Bud Cullen, Minister   Bud Cullen, Mlnlatra
fciytM.fy,,. f
,  Alex Ellis was Master of Ceremonies
'■ with president Grace Rutherford making a   GRANDCHILDREN FOR THE REDDS
, welcoming speech. ..      Dave and Fran Reid received, a double
' Mrs. Olive Clear, the little lady with the   present December 20. John and Lynn Reid
.fabulous.memory, recited some of her   became the happy parents of a girl in
4 popular recitation. Mrs. Catherine Kelly,' Victoria. They named .her. Michelle. Then
with her beautiful voice, sang, several in Richmond on December 23, their
solos. - - ' ,    ' daughter Andrea and Nick Boni had a
. A few games of Robber bingo, then a   baby Boy, Angello. What nicer present to
community sing-swig of carols. There was _ receive.-.     _. -»
dancing to recordsVend the evening. The v ' " -''*?)
r door pri^e winners were Joyce Williams
^and John Mercer St. The prizes both
' nights were Mr^ajnd Mrs. Santas.
\»"   This is the first year the Christmas .
party has been divided^ it was good that
each person wishing to attend could do so.
: FIREMAN'S ORAW.r     - .-'-
'   The lucky, winners of the draw held'
December  20  by  the' Halfmoon  Bay
Volunteer Fire Brigade were: first prize
, winning a lamp was Fred.Leadly of New
vWestimster, second winner of a' lamp was
Pam, Watson of Sechelt, third prize of a
t smok^e detector won by Mike Shanahan of
Welcome; Beach," and tiie fourth winner,
: was R. Brown of Sechelt, who won a fire
The first whist night of4he new year
will be held Saturday; January 6 at the
Welcome Beach Ifell,starting at 8 p.m. A
gooditime to^pme^and mteet your neigh-_
bors. *" ' •
1 The Ladies Auxiliary to Welcome
Beach Hall Community Association will"
hold a meeting Tuesday, January 9 at 10
a.m. to plan the social events, for the
- coming season at the Welcome Beach hall.
Meeting of the Recreation Commission
for January will be held as usual on the
second Monday of the month, January 9 at
7:30 p.m. Anyone interested in recreation
is welcome to come, it is not necessary to
be a member, but for 50 cents your name
will be put on the membership list.
The annual Christmas par y was held
for the children of the area on December
17 at the Welcome Beach Hall with a good
turnout of children and parents. Gifts were
brought by Santa for 89 children up to the
age of 12, this is an Increase of about 20
from last year.
A Christmas dinner was arranged for
the teens of the area with 15 sitting down to
....'•/ a turkey dinner provided by the Halfmoon
Bay Recreation. A donation of turkey
came from the Welcome Beach Community Association. Brenda^osby, on
behalf of those present, thanked those
responsible for the evening. The date for
this occasion was December 28. After
,' 1( eating their fill of Christmas fare, there
was dancing under the strobe light.    .
A draw made from the membership list
of the Halfmoon Bay Recreation Com-
mlsslQn drawn at the Children's Christmas
Party was not necessary to be present to
win. The first prize of a Halmoon Bay T-
shirt went to Al Laakso, a mug second
drug to. Grace Rutherford and mug to
Brenda Dowdle.
The beef in regards to people who left
for the holiday season leaving their dog out
in 13 degrees of freezing weather without
food or shelter In the area east of
Cooper's Green. A real cruelty to dumb
animals.        '   *
The bouquet Is to a hospital neighbor
who took pity on same dog and fed the
hungry animals.
It Is more often we hear of bouquets to
tho, SMT bus drivers on ,Uie Sunshine
Coast, but on Friday's bus that goes
through this area at noon the driver
earned no plaudits from a Manltoban
The lady wanted off at the Connor
residence, her brother and his daughter
were waiting on tho Redrooffs road,
signalled the,bus but it failed to atop*
Having blown tho truck horn, emergency
lights flashing, Cliff Connor swung the
truck around and followed the bus to
Halfmoon Bay figuring this was where she
In the meantime, her slater Mrs. Peggy
Bird from Winnipeg had recognized her
nlace Margaret standing en the aide of the
road at her stop, and hod a time getting the
Business Forms
f* Invitations
BLADE or SHOULDER ROAST k-.*    i 1.09
>•••■•« •■
in T.S.
14 ox.
Reg or drip
lib.tin ....
Ubhy's ;   ;
In T.S. & cheese
14ox, ..........
Five Rotes
FLOUR io k„
2 rolls
10 ox	
white or wholewheat
IflllHr krlCUl I     White or Pink ....    	
Medium . %
loaves ssV ■ W V
•  •»»««
i  • t  i  i  *  i  i
! lbs. I
fiUhv itlMf^^iMfH^w^i
IrtlWft MMiA i«*i.**^i-
h+4l  ,
B.C. Grown HZ
Madeira Park •883-9100
.,..,,«, Prices Effective January 3 • 6 	
CI      I
• J \
* ^  >s-  c  > y.  H0'   S w     \_v  ,.*.   S,  Santa Visits kids  Santa visited Halfmoon Bay December  17 and found 57 children waiting to see Wmj  and ready to receive their gifts. Prior to  his, arrival, Ron White from Burnaby  performed acts of, magic which had.  yeryone-wondering: A" special thanks 16  Dave Reed who Hook Santa's place that  afternoon and to Ian Nichols for. films, Art  Perry for projectionist. ���  ��� Turkey was for the bolTday dinner the  teens enjoyed Dec. 28 which ended'wlth  apple pie and dancing, under the watchful  eye of Ian Nichols. ;  The next recreation meeting is at~7:30  p.m., January 9 (MonclayJ and at T;he  WelcomeBeach Hall. Hope to see all those  new members there^-fr Jerry Lou Wick-  wire. .  Sechelt notes  Christmas carols  .byJPeggy Connor,4E8&g34Z  transported by the Mini-bus for a shopping  spree in the Trail Bay Mall in, Sechelt.;  There was a lack of assistance but the  patients managed to finish their, shopping  and enjoy some refreshments before going  back to tfifi hniipif^|r v  Wednesday, January 3,1979  the Peninsula Times,  PageA-5  CAROLING FOR CHRISTMAS  The Bethal Baptist Church in Sechelt,  renovated into a beautiful building, werj  hosts for the all denominations  service. This was held Sunday, Decemlj  17 at 8 p.m.  - -,��'-  Christian Science  ���r^HappfNew Year!" This Is a time for  new thoughts, new ideas, new resolutions.  -The Bibleribounds lnrthoughts^f inewaags^  and rejoicing. " ��� Behold, I' make all  things new. - " (Rev 21:5) "This is the  day-which the Lord hath made; we will-  rejoice and be gla��i*�� it." (Ps. 118:24) UA  new commandment I give unto you, That'  ye love one another; ���" (John 13:34)  Of this commandment, Mary Baker  "Theslnging^of the Sunshine~Chbilsters  led by Jessie Gairns accompanied by  Bunny Shupe, soared joyfully up to the  high ceiling,.swelling in volume as the  congregation joined in on the popular  carols of the season.  Among the readers of scripture and  speakers were Kay Lequime, such a lovely  speaking voice, and Art McPhee, John  Crosby, Rev. Paetkau and Stuart Mitten.  -^,jr^e^Cnurch-was-packe(Uwitluan_en^  Cole Bissett visiting her over % Christmas, season from Vancouver. .   _  HOSPITAL AUXILIARY MEETING  Start the New Year off by plunging into  help the volunteers at St. Mary's Hospital.  Ji)in^theJSecehelt���Auxiliary,, whose  CLOCK REPAIRS  ALL KINDS  Houi* cctlle for larger elo��k*.  DAVID BURGGRAF  885-3163  ^^^^^SHERS-DRYERS-mSHWASHERS-MICRO-OVENS  *'      -^^"^'' 2-year guarantee on all parts & labor  5;year warranty-on the dryer dfrm  10/ ���-*���-.'-���  jme-guarantee oo-stqinless steel���:  washer tub  WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL  MADEIRA APPLIANCES  : 883-2648  meeting���will -be- the- second-Thursday, -  January 11 at St. Hilda's Church Hall at 2  P-m- . ,    '.  SETTLEMENT MEETING  The next settlement plan meeting for  Area "B" will beheld Tuesday, January 11  at the-RegionahBoard~officerAnyTnem^  bers of this committee unable to attend  should pass the word on to another  member.  thusiastic . audience, the service was  followed by, a light lunch of Christmas  cooking. i__     _     _*_   _  CHRISTMAS EVE  St. Hilda's Church had a program put  on by the Thursday group of children, a  delightful little concert. Later in the  Eddy "wfUesT^inrobvious that tie called  -his disdples^speclal attention tc^his-NEW-  COMMANDMENT. And wherefore?  Because it emphasizes the apostle's  declaration, 'God-is Love'���--(Message  for 1902, Pg. 7)  werftigrprioT~t^^  -merewas-time^or^carol-singing���Taking-  part in the service was Rev. Paetkau and  Rev. Godkin.  VISITOR " ���   - Mrs. Mildred Greg enjoyed her son  SHOPPING SPREE  ' Wednesday before Christmas the  patients from the extended care were  IT'S UP TO EVERY  WOMAN TO HAVE A  BSPTEST.  Local Weather report  Low  December23 , 2.0  December24 ���.._.. .1.5  December 25 .* -1.0  - December26r. "Trr.-".. .* r::773J.5~  December27 ).: -2.5  December 28 -4J.0  December 29 -8.0  Week's rainfall ��� 0.78 cms rain plus  0.18 cms snow, totals 0.96 cms. December  JoJ9tR=J2McnaJOBAio date^-120.37-  ,cms. "   ,-. ��-  ." A*.  Hi  5.0  7.5  5.0  Rainfall    Snowfall    Precip.  4.0  -0.5  ���3.0  cms_  0.78  nil  "niT  nil"  nU  nil  nil  cms  nil  nil  nil  "IT"  nil  nil  nil  December 23-29, 1977 - 1.50  December  1-29   ���   14.30   cms.  December 29,1977,���117.91 cms.1  cms  0.78  nil_  nil  0.18~  nil  nil   ,  nil  cms.  Jan.-  HELPPREVENT  CERVICAL CANCER  CANADIAN  CANCBl _  SOCIETY  ���  *  il  :-���  *��  ���   ._._   -  _ ..���.-:..  1 ^^^^^^^^^^^^e^^fr^^^ss^^^^^^s^'  /NFO/HEALTH  Apgar scale  L  by Dr. Bob Young  Vour>iiew babyfc^eStepur new car,  needs periodic checkups. While your car  may be several months ^old before this is  required, most hospitals demand that the  doctor assess a newborn at one minute and  again at five minutes after birth, Often a  10-mihute check is also asked for.  In addition, a standardized rating  system, the Apgar score, has been used for  many years to. permit accurate comparisons, of different babies and to follow  the progress of an individual newborn.  The doctor who is in the process of  delivering a maternity patienj is usually  very busy, so the initial assessment must  be done quickly, but it also must be  meaningful.  Five things that can be rapidly  ascertained one minute after birth are the  baby'scolbr, its heart rate, the character  and rate of its breathing, its response to  stimulation (usually a suction tube in the  nostril), and the tone or firmness of its  muscles. These can be noted in- a few  seconds.  Each item is rated on a scale of 0 to 2. A  limp, pale, blue baby that is not breath^gk ;l  and has no puls^and whb'does hot respona  to stimulation earns, not surprisingly, a  zero on The Apgar scale. .  A completely pink baby, breathing well  and crying and actively moving will score  10 points if he or she also sneezes when its  nose is tickled and the heart rate is a  healthy 100 Mats a minute or more.  An improvements a poor score in five  minutes  is  a   good   omen,   while   a -  deteriorating rating may be cause for  concern.;":        ���'���'.������<���'.  The Apgar score results form a part pf  the baby's chart. When carefully analyzed  it can provide guidance in resuscitating  the infant. The baby doing poorly because  the mother has been heavily sedated will  show a different pattern than the oxygen-  starved Infant. ;.',  Even years later the: Apgar readings ���:  may be helpful to a family doctor or  pediatrician who is,assessing a learning-  disabled or epileptic child ^ or any child  who may have delayed problems that  could be related to birth experience.  mriimtlHaJf-^Jj^  P ITNfiSS  now!  If you think fitness is  a distort goal,  consider this:  you^walk  ���1  pamicipacnom  i Th�� 0��n��dl��n movamt nl lor ptriorjtUlin'tit  tj  5 a  H �� ft?  i-  ���S fl  K*: ���:���  F*ff? ���.  :^^0^z^  CM0$* , ^MVg&XS^^  mmmmmmm*  DID YOU KNOW?  * That your ICBC Autoplan insurance renewal  -'��(  is going to be due soon...  iift*<*M  wv> ������>: 'i4."V*<"*ft��!*l!*-.  tl    VJ.'J,^ ���">   ."��� *k*T^*tFy��^J  ��� That the Motor Vehicle Branch in Gibsons is an agency  of the Village of Gibsons...  ��� That the Motor Vehicle Branch is an Autoplan agency...  ��� That a percentage of the money you spend on your insurance  stays right in the village of Gibsons.  Purchasing your Autoplan at the  Gibsons Motor Vehicle Office is like  investing in your  ��� ��� ���  FOR MORE INFORMATION  CALL 886-7913  ���*W^> *+%' (�����*'���'  Monday & Tuesday���8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  Wednesday���8:30 a.m.-12:00 & 12:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m,  Thursday���8:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m.  X.   Friday���8:30 a.m.-5:45 p.m.  Saturday^9i00 a.m.-l:00 p.m.  Whin Road, Gibsons-across from Post Office  ^uJK  >,\(  I i  i'     I PageA-8       The Peninsula Times       January 3,1979  .*   CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES    .'  Phone885-3231  Help Wanted  Worfc^toanted  Real Estate  Livestock  For Sale  For Sale.  Published Wednesdays by  .The Peninsula Times   .  JorWestpres Publications ild.__  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963   '  Deaths'.    Card    of    Thanks, ' tn  Memoriam,      Marriage     and '  ^Engagement _No!lces jore. $7uQ0__  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per Itn'e"  after that. Four words per line.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take^egular classified rates.  NEED BABYSITTER in W.  , Sechelt for 2 children, 4 days  a week. 885-9554 or 885-2771.  ���*���   .*,*        "45484  ~Z3Q0 CopI��i_ Distributed  Classified Advertising Rales:  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  " One Insertion .". ,..... 7 .Tr$2.15  Three Insertions $4.30  ^E^trai.frfe^^wbrds)1-T~7:~ ~Wc~  Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch  ^Box Numbers"7"r:T7 .VfKOO'wctrcT'  *~    . ' ^      ,v *  .   '  1 Legal or Reader advertising 30c"  .per agotejiiie. _   ��� ,'.     '  Ad-Briefs must be paid for in ��  .advance by_Sat(irday, _5_p.m._  to receive cash discount. *  r,.=��j��J>Q_jfiv  Subscription Rates:  By Mail:  lacalArjtfl^^,,,.^  Outside Local Area  ���U4.A.--.,v...p-...  jOynfMoi^.i;.!-*^..'..;. $J1.00yr.  Senior Citizen*,  "   ���''-'" \ ,\V  - Local Area r...    -,\. $6.00  Single Coj��le*���_.......V^lScea.  -SCHOOL DISTRltTT No. 10,  '   Arrow   Lakes-   Jan.   2,  [English & Drama 8 to .12.  Lucerne     Elementary-  Secondary  (Secondary  91  students,   and   8.5   staff)  requires a qualified and en-s  - thusiastic -teaeher*- for���this-^  ���' small school located in the  rural community of' New  Denver on Slpcaii Lake. The  _  applicantishould possess the  tn on IT   pVrsonal~aTiio!^nVTrciaemle^  ..mooJl!-    ��e?},bilit^ W*n___Lln a  FULLY QUALIFIED  ELECTRICSTAN  Free Estimates  886-2546'  4060-tfn  For Rent  TRAILER  spaces   in  West  ^.Sechelt.    1    double wide  24 x 40 singes. 885-2079.    4224-  Jfa. 2 L   FOR RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  ������ "3691^tf-  FOR SALE by builder. New  .1200 sq f 13 bdrm home. Lge.  kitchen & lvg. rm, lge. lot .65  acres, partially cleared,  possible to subdivide, road  allowance in rear. Redrooffs  Rd. area. Asking $45,000. 885-  9793. . 4549-tf.  ���3 BDRM Home, panoramic  view on 3  lots.   All  ap^  gliarices,     w-w    carpets.  ranthams,-$300. ReCs.req?d^-  886-2842.   , 3207-6  Mobile Homes  Announcements  In Memoriam  small school placement and  should'be prepared to be involved, in extra, curricular  .activities.. The! applicant  should be prepared to travel to  teitter.New .Denver orNakusp   FouR BDRM mobile home'  ^for-an-mtemew.at-their_own set_up���|n���west���Seeheli-  COTTAGES,    weekly    or  .   monthly.    Housekeeping  units,  furnished',   TV.  Ritz  Motel. 886-2401. 4249-tfn  Si' ALCOHOLICS   Anonymous -  ';,"    Meeting, every Thurs., 8:30,  "��� pm, Wilson Creek Community  ���Hall.885-2896^r-88^-3394.-4816���  _N LOVING memory of Flora  -, Scqular, ���  passed    away  tf  Birth Announcements  DICK & CATHIE are pleased'  to announce the arrival of  Ashley Heather on Dec. 5th,  1978 at St. Mary's Hospital,  Sechelt, weighing 7 lb. 3 oz.  Thanking Dr. Rogers &  nurses,���proud -grandparents  and Mrs. R. Finnegan of  Dundee, Scotland. 3219-6  January 7,1977  ���I-^know���she  patiently  moon"  -is���waiting  just beyondi the  BfflScoular  45464  Personal  Obituary  ZONDERLAND, passed away  December      22,      1978.  nJosephine-Maria- Zonderland,  ' late of Roberts Creek, aged 55  years. Survived by 2 brothers,  6 sisters, nieces and nephews.  Funeral mass was celebrated  by Rev. Tom Nicholson on  Wednesday, December 27 at  St. Mary's Catholic Church,  Gibsons. Interment Seaview  Cemetery.   Remembrance  ��� donations appreciated to the  Cancer Society. Devlin  Funeral Home, directors.  >               45504   ^   ALMOND,    passed    away  suddenly in Vancouver on  December- 29,   1978.   Molly  ! Almond,1 late   of   Roberts  ?;Creek.Survived'by her loving  s husband Harry, 3 children.  David of Coquitlam, Kim of  Gibsons   and   Robbie   of  Roberts Creek; 3 brothers and  2 sisters. Graveside services  were   held    at    Seaview  Cemetery Tuesday, January  2.  Devlin  Funeral  Home  Directors/   Remembrance  donations appreciated for {he  new Art Centre In Sechelt. v  ���'������,;....:���' 3201-6  INCORPORATE yourself -  fast - over the? telephone.  Our forms and typing services  -are lawyer���approved.   Call  Self-Counsel Services toll free  (112) 800-663-3035. Chargex  . and Mastercharge approved.  4324-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHSjublished in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own* use at  The Times office.       1473-tfn  DIVORCE! $100 Plus Filing  Fees ��� Obtain your uncontested divorce - fast - over,  the telephone. Our forms and  typing services are lawyer  approved. Call Self-Counsel  Services toU free (112) 800-663-  3035. Chargex and Master-  charge accepted.  '    4325-tfn  Help Wanted  away  CROWTHER,  passed  December      27,  Margaret Crowther, j&tprbf  Madeira Park, aged 52 years.  Survived   by   ner   f$ing  husband     Geoffrey   vlma  daughter Anne. Service was -  held Saturday, December 30,  at Devlin Funeral Home,  Gibsons. Rev. John Paetkau  officiated.   Crejnation.  -' "Remembrance���donati<ms~  ��� appreciated to B.C. Cancer  Institute, 3202-6  Use Times Adbrlefsi  ! '.HELP      GREENPEACE  Help!! Sellefs^furgently ,  needed for the Greenpeace, <  'Go Anywhere' lottery. Make  money! Save life! !!Important Notice!! During the  mail strike Greenpeace 'Go  . Anywhere' lottery tickets will  be distributed by Greenpeace  volunteers. The numberto call  in this area is: 898-5851 or  Greenpeace Vancouver-736-  0321. 4921-tfn  INTERIOR   designer* opportunity.  Must   be   fully  expefiencedT^ Resumes���to-  Cameo Industries Ltd, Box  741, Sechelt. 35194  EXCELLENT opportunity for  accountant or fully ex-  . perienced bookkeeper to start  own business with built-in  major client. Send resume to  Box 310 H, Sechelt.        35184  -OPPORTUNITV^^orthern  Peninsula. Part of full-time  experience in , accting &  bookkeeping an asset.  Resume to Box 310 P.     4529-7  r"  i  i-  i  i  i  i ������-  i  i  i  i  i.  ���  i  i  x  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  ^f liny for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad In th��  word.  ��qnar��,  llo turn to loavo a bla'nk.ipac. altar eoch  ',,,;'4-  1hr��m Un��t l��$2.15. tad, additional lino li 60c,  Tali* advantage ol our ip.clal lavlngt. "  ��� Run your ad Iwlco ��� tho third lima It f REE.  * If you pay lor y 'ir ad tho Saturday baloro publication you got a  dlicount ��� i S�� lor I Intortlon ��� SOc lor 3,  Mall u�� your ad. or drpijtoj'olli  In lochoit at tho Ponlniula Tlm.i Olllco  In Olbtont at tho Arbutui Troo  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  "1  I  I  I  l  I  I  I  I  ��� I  I  I  I  CLASSIFICATION  I  I.  I  expense. Send application and  -supportingJiocumentatioE '  Tom Good, ^ - District  Supe'rintendent^of Schools,  Box 340, Nakusp, B.C. V0G  1R0. ;   -, . t321^6-  REPORTER".ahd Reporter-  photographers are required  to handle the expanding  operations at the Northern  Times, a morning daily  newspaper published in,  .Whitehorse, capital oflthe  Yukon. Send resume and full  Particulars to the Erator, the  ukon News, 211 Wood St.,  Whitehorse, Yukon Y1A 2E4.  ^^    .     3211-8  ACCOUNTANT^- office  manager -required for  successful, fast growing  community newspaper in the  Vancouver area: Duties include supervision of a staff of  six accounting personnel. This  position will be of interest to a  second or third year RIA or  CGA who is long * on interpersonal skills and  supervisory abilities. The  accountant prepares monthly  statements and .reports for  management and supervises  office support functions. This  is an opportunity for a person  with a good background in  systems and procedures to  join one of "North America's  most successful publications.  Salary starts at $1600, with  lots of.room to grow. Please  .reply ,to: Box 13?, RCYCNA,  808, 207 W. Hastings St.,  Vancouver, B.CV6B 1H7. All  replies will be answered. 3214-  7  EXPERIENCED reporter for  Southern B.C. Weekly  newspaper, away from the  Lower Mainland. Successful  applicant must be fully experienced and able to  produce. Job offers opportunity for advancement.  Jsteady_positiQn._gQQd_salary���  and other benefits go with the  job. Please forward job application including references, employment history and  samples ot writing to: Box  134, BCYCNA, 808, 207 W.  Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7. 3216-8  EXPANDING Canadian Oil  ;.... Co. offers opportunity for  high income plus regular cash  , and vacation bonuses;  abundant fringe benefits to  mature individual in the  Sunshine Coast area, Airmail  President, Dept. CI, PO Box  70, Station Ri Toronto, Ontario, M4G3Z6.,. ���       3218-0  Work Wanted  HEAVY DUTY MECHANIC  APPRENTICE  ' Avullable after Dec. 22.1 yr.  experience & 6 mos^f school.  ���Very reliable & have good  references.  885-3810  9:30-5:30  4092-tfn  obs and  ed.  v4535-fl  Trailer Park. Ref. required.  CARPENTRY, odd  clean up. 885-5453  -���*  ���  ,"  �����-mV  ���n*  *-  ���*  .._.  *���  "-  ,.,.,  --���  ....  ~  ���  .....  ���-"T  ~  ...  -  !���  18  r  ,i,..  i ���  i  i  i  i  k,  *2  i w  1 60c  60'  Namo  Mint*  ���, X "��'i'iW��fr��  .To) No.  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  jgmm.  12x48 2 bdrm Moduline,  $7,800 no dp; 12 x 68 3 Mrm  Gendall, $10,400, no dp. 926-  1024 aft. 5:30 p.m.       4786-tfn  t, & M     Radiators,     1449  Charlotte Rd., N. Van. 986-  53341 Automotive & Industrial  _coXrlmg-specialistsrPick-upi8r  delivery can be arranged. Call  ical"  ^^^ _    .   _      , .���      service. ,              -   4024-tfn  DUPtEX Davis Bay. A blk.      -  ._  _. Aonl__s?Mi��_ 2.,bdrm��_.np_ ,_64_xl2SET-UP-incourt,-$6,500-  ^SSSSSo AV8,L 5ff?fc       obo. 885^012 aft. 6 o?S  $175.885-9719. 4^51'tfn    5235. -     4528-7  FOR  RENT   or   sale,   WF Cart. anrt_Tnirl>^   Selma Pk, 2 bdrm home, tars<ana THICKS  renovated, $250 per mo. 885- ww ^mmr,nn  ^ ^,���-���  3737.                            4525-7 ��� METEOR, 42,000 mil, ps,   :  pb. showroom cond. 886-  1 BDRM  Waterfront,  fully 9960-                           4499*  furn., cottage, $225 per mo.     ���  883-9098. 4530-7   Boats and .Engines  WEST SECHELT view home, ��� 15' 6" Sidewing Hourston  2 bdrm, 2 bath, family room   Glasscraft (new) $3,000  & lr. Electric heat plus 2 free- ���18' Sabrecraft, 140 Mer-  standing PP, $295.  885-5487    c   $4,900  bef6Tr3prm. Avail. Jan. 1. - 17' K & C Thermoglas, 115  - 4503-7    hpEvinrude $2,800  APARTMENT for rent, 886-   - 42'Sailboat "Sea Falcon"  ^417 or 8864636. 4507-7    (unrigged ferrocemen-  ____________________________      t) *' ��� .$3o,uuo  2 BDRM  HOUSE   finished      Winterizing & Boat Moving  bsmt,   appliances*   w-w      Immediate Repair Service  carpet, drapes, $300 per mo.    , 7 days a week  885-3555. ' 4514-tfn  COZY. 2  BR  older  house, GARDEN BAY  Gra^hams.  Part,  bsmt MARINE SERVICES  could be studio or workshop.  Fridge, stove, beautiful view LTD.  Keats Island, Gibsons Har- ���..'-.'-..  bour. Avail. Jan. 1, $235, 886- Sinclair Bay Rd.  7701 or 886-7567.             4516-7 883-2722 or  ^r~7~Z ._.���.,. -    883-2602 (eves.)  Newly decorated two bdrm 4355-tfn  suite in Lower Gibsons.* Ap-   pliances included; bright and  cheerrwith beautiful view of  the harbour. $225 per month.  "   Phone Mr. Doman  or Mr. Wells  CENTURY WEST  REALESTATE  (1978)LTD.  885-3271  ..--_��� L  45214  CERTIFIED  Farrier, Hans  Bejrger is coming to Coast.  -Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994rtfn  dr.nicrkieIder  is^ available for veterinary  work every-Monday, Practice  limited to horses only.  Forafipointment  please call:  EQUINE VET  CENTRE   112-5305344 (Langley)  -    -  or Diana Starbuck-  - -  886-9739  ������= =421��tfn-  ORCANA elec. chord organ,  "72 base, $150; electric  metronome, $25; McLary  stove, white, combination-  elec. & wood, $75.885-9693.  '    4475^  CB Marine Package  Includes CB radio, 7' whip, P/.."  loud speaker. $134.95   (also  .sold-separately)   Prentis Enterprises  =- 8B4-524Q-   TRAVEL TRAILER for sale.  * 883-2396. 4547^6  2 WINTER coats, $40 ea. Size  48.88W68. 3205-8  HAVE BOUGHT newHotpoint  Washer,   have  near   new  Inglis fridge for sale. 885-2171.  '-.'"     " 320M  SAVE ON fuel. Insulated your  home. Warmth in winter,  cooT" in- summer. Approved  CMHC mat'ls used. Gov't  grant. For free estimate^,  phbne Bill at 2454876.    3212-6  Wanted to Buy  LOGS OR TIMBER wanted,  fir,  hemlock  or  cedar.  Porpoise Bay Logging Ltd.  8854408 or 885-2032.       4485-tf  HAMMOND T4100 organ with  rhythm   Aze   &   Leslie  speakers, $3,000 obo. 885-3533  eves. 3520-7  5000-46 25 TON P&H Crane. Also 3          bdrm home in Greenwood,  B.C.  Contact 445-6765,, Al  Johnson.     '' 3213-6  RAW MAPLE burls wanted,  large���burls���w-wood���at--  CURED FIREWOOD, box   nJ.nnnmne  _ cords,    split.    Stacfoff,~Ra788��2585.  delivered. $55 full cord; $30 %  FISHER woodburning stoves,  for sale at A.C. Rentals,  Hwy. 101 & Francis Peninsula  _. nvMt-jr  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. All  types"- of Concrete Work.  Patios Floors, Foundations.  Drlvewuys, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Sdepage or high pressure  leaks.  Phono Wnyno Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  alter 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt  4437-tfn  JOURNEYMAN   Slupwrlght  seeks work. Exp. In  all  Specta boatbuilding;  house  rpentry tk cabinet work.  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  For free est. & professional  lob, call Allan May, 885-6705.  -.; -v ' "*-: -��WMf  WHAT DO YOtl EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, Insured work?  service?  Then give ua a call:  HEADWATER MARINA LTp  Good winter moorage ,-  1.25 per foot-  v 20 ton marine ways  DRYLANDSTORAGE  Dqwn Narrows Rd.  MadeiraPark  883-2406 24 hrs. ���  4900-tfn  tached, any amount 485-5340  collect for info, on cash &  specifications. 4539-8  WANTED: reasonably priced  lightweight elec. typewriter  in fair condition. As would-be  Eurchaser has badly crippled  ands. Also want ladies boot  jack. 885-9047 aft. 9 am. 3221-8  WANT TO BUY  acoustic  guitar. Call Ed, 885-3885.  3206-6  For Sale  *  FISHER woodburning stove  with the 10 year guarantee  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  &C Electronics. 4855-tfn.  LADIES, Mens, Childrens,  Maternity Clothing, 'New &  Nearly New'. Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020. Mon-Sat,  10-5: 4457-tf  R.V. RENTALS  ��� Vacation the unhassled way.  Campers fully  equipped  &  heated & insured.  $70 per week  We have added to our fleet 21'  Winnebago   Motor   Home.  Superbly equipped.  $200 per week  "   '      plus 10c a mile  cord. 885-9418.  "*���   885-2600  anytime  4967-tf  MAPLE CRESCENT Apart-  .;  ments. 1, 2 & 3 bdrm apts.  Reas.    rent.    Incl.    heat,  ..cablevision, stove, fridge. 886-  7836 or apply Apt. No. lOt/R  .4121-tfn  3 BDRM HOME, very large  rooms, carpet, warm wood  panelling throughout, modern  bathroom, fireplace, oil heat,  located on Mason Rd., 5 mins.  from Sechelt. 885-2974 or 261-  .2151.. ...   4383-tfn  Pets  l  BDRM apartments In  Sechelt. Fridge & stove  included. $175 - $245. Call  Hayden, 885-2283.^ 4196-tf  SELMA PARK WF, 1 bdrm,  FP,  elec.  heat,  stove  &  fridge. Avail. Jan. 1. $225 per  mo. 036-9082. 448M  GIBSONS LG. 2 floor. 4 bdrm  apt., $265; 1 lg. 2 bdrm apt.,  $20$, avail Dec. 20. Move in  rent free till Jan. 1. Phone  Jerry 885-9834. 448M  GIBSONS PRATT Rd., 3 bdrm  house, fully carpeted, fireplace, $300 per mo. Avail. Jan.  2. Jerry 885-9834. 4469-6  WILSON  CREEK:   new  3  bdrm house. Fridge, stove &  drapes. $310. Ref's. please.  Call885-2235. 4534-10  .... a,    ��� -     ���   ..       ,    2 BDRM house. 1434 Wharf  Rd., Sechelt. Avail, lmmed.  112467-3995 aft. 6 p.m.   4537-tf  2 BDRM apt.  w-w,  fridge,  stove,   drapes,   mature  couple. 885-0713 or 885-9445.  32044  $190 PER MO. Halfmoon Bay  waterfront, furn'd. 2 bdrml  cottage 'ill June. 112-674-7024.  "P'"x ' ���   . *  ; ���������   3209-8)  ��� : ��� ���:,:r:^\  - : __l  Lost  DEC. 24, Gower Pt. Rd., 3 yr.  bid male unneutered  Alsatian Husky. White  muzzle, brown & black  markings, no collar, very  friendly, Any Info. ph. 886-  9147. Reward; i 454H  3   PUPPIES    ready    for  Christmas. 886-9253 or 885-  9595: ~   ���    4477-6  TWO 6  week old Siamese  kittens for sale. 885-2443.  \    ,��������� 3203-6  TOO LATE for Christmas, but  2 beautiful Norwegian  Elkhound puppies would like a  permanent home. One male,  one female, 9 weeks old. Good  with children. Champion  parents. $175. 372-8974 or 573-  5717. 32154  MASTER Channel power TV  antenna, $90 obo, used only 6  mos. 886-9835 wkends.    4518-7  .    ���        - v ���  TRY^ANDbuy  the  Great  Pacific Hot Tub. To view  phone Helen Phillips, 885-3183.  4430-7  "        ������!������!   ���, ~-.--t--.i-.---���������--������    ���������   I���   l'-���,W---1---������-���  ��� ~~. For Quick RMultf  UMTIm*sA-bri*ft|  ZENITH 23" Color TV, con-  ���sole- modelf-good- cond'n ;-  9" Toro lawnmower, needs  lotor work. 885-9819.     45384  flOV- ELEC,~stover-$25r an--  tique loveseat, $130; 9x9  beige rug w-underfelt, like  new, $40; 12x18 rug, $15; cast  fireplace grate, $5; floor  polisher, $10; skis & poles,  $15; old trunk, $20; toboggan.  $5; upholstered occasional  chairs, $10 ea.; mesh playpen,  $10; 2 stereo speakers, $15 ea.;  new kitchen sink cupboard  compl. w-top, $50; shopping  cart, $3; couch, $20; good  curtain firescreen, $15; bed w-  matching 6-drawer chest, $50;  like new Sears best auto  humidifier, $100; lge. teak  coffee table, $50; hockey  game, $5.885-5068. 45404  *69 CASE diesel tractor,  backhoe-loader, compl. w-  Model 530 CK operator &  service manuals. $6500 obo.  885-9304 or 885-3529.        4541-8  26'   10"   PORTACRUISER  houseboat, 210 HP. $11,950  obo. 885-9304 or 885-3529. 4542-8  RANGE - Frigidaire 30" elec.  White. $125.8854438 eves.  45454  SELKIRKINSULAXED , ,.o  CHIMNEYS  Best prices on Coast  MACLEODS - SECHELT  4527-tfn  8 FT. VANGUARD camper.  Icebox, propane stove,  heater & light, plus 110 & 12 V  light. Jacks mclf "Immac.  cond. $1,500.886-9491.     44594  45364   MODEL 1895 Winchester Cab  .3043 U.S. 24" bbl $300; 2  Ross MK IH cal. .303 br full  militaryr$150-each|-n;58- cab-  muzzle loader, replica, $100;  Eddystone P-14 cal. .303 br..  fuU military, $85.885-9710.  -    ���     44704   A.    PIANO - beautiful Sherlock-  Manning. Walnut, Italian  provincial style. As new  cond'n. $1600 - offers. 8854438  eves. ������ 45444  \  Legal Notices  Province of  British Columbia  "CHANGE OF NAME ACT"  (Section 6)  NOTICE OF  APPLICATION FOR   '  CHANGE OF NAME  NOTICE  is hereby given  that an application will be  made to the Director of Vital  Statistics for a  change  of  name,   pursuant   to   the  provisions of the "Change of  Name Act", by me:��� Edie  Geraldine Marks of 121, The  Waterfront in the Village of  Sechelt, in the Province of  British      Columbia,      as  follows:���  To change my name from  Edie Geraldine Marks, known  as Edie Geraldine Joe to Edie  Geraldine Joe.  ^fe;��fel5th   day   of  December, A.T). 1978..  '    Edie Geraldine Marks  32204f  FOR SALE  3 bdrms upstairs, full  basement w/rec rm dhd extra  bdrm downstairs."Good view  in Selma Pk. Nicely landscaped and fenced.  Reduced to $49,900  885-3855  Woodburn Stoves  �� Fuel Ltd..  Wood stoves by Fisher,  Lakewood\J^edore Valley,  Comfort and Findlay.  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(His game of tennis and his one-  man presentation of an entire opera,  complete with orchestra, all voices and  intervals for coughing, are in a special,  superior category of their own).  Throughout the 17 weeks' shooting  schedule of riDeath oh the Nile," Ustinov  remained the impeccably dressed dandy  of his character, moustache waxed and  curled, hair waved in 1930's elegance, his  burly figure and precise reasoning readily  ^n~haWTS^Unmbments of, cri_&nand  crime. Ana\there are quite a few, as  benefits, sin-Agatha Christie thriller.  Wednesday, January 3,1979  The Peninsula Times  EageA-7  on  conversations overheard in the most  ^-unlikely i>laces! HeV forever stepping  fprward and saying knowledgeably, 'Ah,  b��W4iappene*M��^oveThear4��=y��^  versation with so-and-so,' always in the  most unlikely places. We do know that he  is a bachelor and, therefore, all his time is  pretty much his own, but there surely-  must be undisciplinedl moments in his life  when he is not constantly on the receiving  end of other people's conversation."  , "Of course, I quibble," Peter Ustinov  smiled and brushed a fleck of cigar ash  from his Poirot-elegant creW trousers  before returning to the set to continue a  major scene in which the detective sums  up the motives , of suspects gathered  aboard the Karnaici"As you will per^eive.v  I am deeply into character and now,  __ 9US;new-foun4r  interesfaU'su^ici6us'��un^nl3ehavT6f-  even that of tfengrel^nmTrMrpolrot  himself."  Paramount Pictures Presents An EMI  Film Presentation, A John Brabourne and  Richard Goodwin Production, A John  Guillermin Film, Agatha Christie's  "Death on the Nile." Music composed, by  Nino Rota. Screenplay by Anthony  Shaffer. Produced by John Brabourne and  Richard Goodwin. Directed by John.  Guillermin. A Paramount-EMP Picture.  Gibsons man awarded degree  I ''-\t, ���-, t ���  .- As his character of Poirot grew to form KMi'ff" ^VS^ . 'f *> .Vsf-V - \X.  certain conclusions about the natures of, ���~2.'.���Ll^-T^ '"'* in'"' ?"  his fellow passengers aboard the Karnak PETER USTINOV stars as the leg:  on their luxury cruise along the Nile, so. endary detective Hercule.Poirot whp  Peter  'Ustinov   developed -certain must find the murderer qf the richest���(dernentar^^urri^un^and^eJiplomas  suspicions of his own ��� about the great   girl in the world in Agatiia Christie's' in education (secondary curriculum)  One man from Gibsons is among the 254  students granted ,<ragrees_andjjp!omasby  the University of Victoria Senateat Jts  November meeting.\ =   ;   "f  Gary Morgan Gray, who holds a B.Ed,  from the University of British Columbian  has been awarded a Master of Education  degree in physical education.  This fall the University has awarded  227_degrees,> one diploma in education  Bachelor of Science, one Bachelor of  Sciencejhonours) ;���43 B_acnelor_ of _ Arts_  and one Bachelor of Arts (honors)..  "=The^aiiuate^caTOe^rom=more4han-5ft  communities throughout British  Columbia, from Alberta, Saskatchewan,  Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, from the  states of Connecticut, Pennsylvania and  West Virginia and from Japan, England  and Hong Kong..  detective:  "He's a wonderful character, but I do  have certain reservations about his way of  ���lifef"v explained Peters "Poriot may  always get his man, but I would regard bis  chances of securing a happy domestic life  with any woman a trifle hazardous. I  visualize him as someone eternally set in  his ways, worrying forever about his cuffs  or his collars, deeply disturbed about  trifling with any aspect of his routine and  ^jfesdhe rhythms of his life."  Asked on one occasion whether he had  . ever had any doubts about taking over the  role from Albert' Finney (who played  Poirot in "Murder on the Orient Express"), Peter grinned broadly.at his  questioner: "You make acting sound like-a  relay race. No, that simply never occured  to me. My biggest reservations always  ^DeatiiohtheTfileT"  were whether I would be .able to do justice  to Mr Poirot's high standard of grooming.  Since he is essentially immaculate in his  person at all times, and I lean towards  untidiness,^ creased garments. and_a_  general lack of sartorical elegance with no  effort whatsoever, there were certain  major differences between us that needed  to be reckoned with."  Peter Ustinov's good-humored scepticism, about Poirot's character continued  as he enlarged on the theme of the -great  detective's infallibility: "The man's sense  of logic is quite extraordinary, for sure,  but I have become somewhat disturbed  during my examination of. Poirot's  methods, about his sources of information.  He does seem to gather1 most of his facts  r  DECISION i  ,*.'..  Ottawa, December 12,1978  Following a Public Hearing com/nenclng October 24, 1978 in  Vancouver, British Columbia, the Canadian Radio-television and  Telecommunications Commission announces' the following  decision.  Decision CRTC 78-748  SECHELT, BRITISH COLUMBIA < 780805800-'  -  -GIB^O^S/^ttUYlSHCOLUMBUA^808066dd^<U.lvc  Coast Cable Vision Ltd. '   ~ ' *"   "  '  Applications for renewal of its cable television and broadcasting  licences for Sechelt and Gibsons, British Columbia expiring  March 31; 1979.  Decision: APPROVED  The Commission renews .these Licences from_Aprll. 1, .1979_ to_  March 31, 1984, subject to conditions to be specified therein.  These licences ore subject to the condition that the licensee own  and operate, as a minimum, the local head-end, the amplifiers  and the subscriber service drops.  The(Commission acknowledges the licensee's progress Jn  developing the community channel operations at Sechelt and  Gibsons and will expect the llcensee-*& continue these efforts^  particularly with a view to increasing the accessibility of the  community-channels through a relocation of the origination  sites/" " ��� , ��� ' .  v With regard to the on-channel distribution of'CBUT, CHEK^TV and  CHAN-TV, the Commission is assured that the quality of the  signals distributed on channels 2, 6 and 8 is satisfactory.  However, should technical difficulties arise/the licensee must  take appropriate remedial action to improve the quality of the  signals. * ���  J. O. PATfNAUDE*  Acting  Secretary General  Three Fituswere awardeaTalongrwith  12 Master of Arts degrees, 40 Master of  Education; three Master of Science; three '  Master of; Public Administration r two���  Bachelor of Social Work; two Bachelor of  Science in Cursing, five B.A. (child" care)  _one.Bachelor__of Music; six Bachelor of__  Fine Arts, two Bachelor of Arts (history in  art); 83 Bachelor of Education in either  elementary or secondary curriculum; 20  Gibsons woman  wins $500  shopping spree *  Liz Topham of Gibsons is the lucky  winner of the Sunnycrest Mall merchants  sponsored $500 shopping spree.  "It was a great surprise to me because  JL'y&Ji&sxjfon anylhtag-befofeAshe told-  theTime. �� ,       ���  The   winning' ticket   was   drawn  December 23, but Mrs. Topham says she  has until January 15 to pick out her prizes.  She can spend the $500 on any mer-  . chandise sold in the mall.  "But right now," she said, "I have no  idea what I'm going to get."  Council names  committees  i  The following council members are  appointed to standing committees at a  Sechelt council meeting in December:  Mayor Harold Nelson - Regional  District Director; Aid. Morgan Thompson  ��� Transportation and Public Works,  Deputy Finance; Aid. Frode Jorgensen ���  Finance, Recreation; Aid, Joyce Kollbas  ���Health United Representative, Library,  Alternate Regional District Director and  Aid. Larry MacDonald ��� Airport, Fire,.  Provincial Emergency Program,  Economic Study Representative,  Have you seen our lovely Irish Linen  ,_ "Dogwood" Placemats? A very acceptable gift any time of the year. ��� Miss  Bee's, Sechelt.  I*  Canadian Radio-television  and Telecommunications  Commission  Consel) de la radlodltfuslon  at dea ttlecommunlcatlona  canadlennes  V  Got the blues?  Want to get away from  'it all?!  Take a walk! '_(*_-7  pgnmipatnonl^c  Walk a Mock/Today,  GARDEN BAY  MARINE  Sinclair Bay Road  Just up & over the hill  V0LV0/PENTA - CHRYSLER  H0URST0N GLASCRAFT  EZLOAD-MERCRUISER  Immediate Repair Service���7 days a week  883-2722 or 883-2602  ., ,,  Phone for Our Rates on  i n��*H{-> i im -^i v��*' ��v; rn  winterizing and stor  BOAT MOVING  i  DEATH BENEFITS  Many > people are not  aware of the death  benefits payable by  various   Crown   agencies.,  * The Canada Pension Plan  will pay up to $1,045.00 on  the death of a contributor.  This is in addition to the  widow's pension. /  * A veteran's family may  be eligible for a grant from  D.V,A. or the Last Post  Fund.  * At,time of need, Devlin  Funeral  Home will  assist  -the-family-in determining -  eligibility    for    various  government   or   private  death benefits.  <m& at jb/to-HC  D.A. DEVLIN  owner-manager  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  SOUND  Sunnycrost  Centre.  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Steely Dan  14 23 I JUST WANNASTOP     Gino Vannelli  30 24 DON'TTHROW IT ALL AWAY' Andy Gibb  26 25 READY TO TAKE A CHANCE :  .Barry Manilow  27 26 HOLD THE LINE  Toto  20 27 BEASTOFBURDEN Rolling Stones  35 28 RQUNDflOUNDWEGO'. A, -Trooper    -  ��� 29 '-OOH BAfi^BABY'.'.V. .'.".V. .'.?*.. .".:i.-���.\ .. ;,:���.:.'. /.     .-. '.LlnrftfRonstadt ���'  ��� '30 THE MOMENT THAT IT TAKES ..:....\.[ :.. .Trooper" '  HappyN  May it bring  betterdtiyspthG  best of friends,  abundant  happiness. Thanks  ���toall-fpr your  support and  friendship.  SUNCOAST CHRYSLER  SECHELT  *, Am  ,   i  !'"  \  fi     I  ���'   I \  .:��:>...:.,.'..  j*  J  ~^A^-  -<* . ^,_.  )A  _>.  "Sjii.  "IP"  The Garden Corner \  Lime ggqin$J acidity   By. Guy Symonds  Area F APC members named   ���  West Howe Sound (Area F) aWctor   will meet every third Tuesday at Langdale  Divid Hunter i and Alternate director , School. The meetings will be open to the  David_Fyles .named the-Area Planning   PuW*c-���__': _..        ---V,-  Conirhittee to eo-ordinate and advise onaU   ,   At the inaugural meeting, th& APC  ^otleiic_f^arM"njolQttons for "' "  Page> :8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 3,1979  ;conceii_rftr~thjjj���  m^tosed-a4alk-ahont solJin the last,   nnttie siirfore ,or natrhes of m<v�� that    _. .Named were Nancy Douglas tor worth   ^JEJa,lSj, JS^JtlSSSli  Corner with a reference to lime and this  would seem to be a good time to deal with'  the subject in some detail.  Ume is used primarily to correct a soil  that is too acid to grow a variety of plants  and vegetables.   ..  : Among the many beneficial results of  using lime is that the soil is put into better  -physical shape t!o respond to. use and  treatment. It breaks up a sticky clay and  compacts the loose sandy soil so that it will  hold moisture better. In some mysterial  way undoubtedly known to ehemists but  not to this humble gardener, lime acts  upon the (humus in the ground setting free  the chemical substances that feed plants.  Obviously applying fertiliser to lime  deficient ground means waste of money.  -jrhis-refers-particularl)p=to-potash^which-  the land on this peninsula seems to lack.  " Being intensely alkaline, lime counteracts acidity and most garden crops be  they vegetable or decorative do not  flourish in an acid soil.  Lime is also a good tonic and while it  will not eradicate such diseases as club  ipme  have killed up the lawn plants. With a lawnr  the reasons for moss and similar conditions may lie deeper than just a temporary or, local acid condition. Here the  gardener must look for fundamental  principles like drainage, poor fertility and-  or lack of sunshine. While lime wJlLJielp,'  there is no cure until and unless these  basics getthe attention they must have.  In the vegetable garden lime deficiency  will show up in disappointing results from  the gardener's efforts. Fertilizers cannot  do their job and,the land does not respond ,  to cultivation and care asat should.  ���. Whichis all-a -good -argument fofr  analysis of the soil to find out just what  condition it is Jn and what the pH factor,  ~the"flgure tharshoWlhe acid-alkaline"  =balancef-actually-isT  RaVJoan Park for Grantham's, Laurella  Hay andHuth HogbergfofSoames Point"  Ray Chamberlin and Joyce Smethhurst  for HopkinsLanding,Shirley Macey and  Marvin Iverson for | Langdale, Gordon  Stephens for Williamson's along with  special advisors Don Hoops for Economic  Feasibility and Don Mead for Marine  Services.. Joyce Smethurst will act as  secretary and Phillip Hopkins will act as  communications officer.  . The West Howe Sound (Area F) APC  recreation, beach access, waste disposal',  ^errsewage^ettlem^  mas and planning.  ~7 AlTcitizens th^tTiave^6blelnTsK)ulbr~  discuss it first with the APC member  named fpr their district, but may at any  time bfihg It to the attention of the monthly APC or directly to the director (886-  7075) or alternate director (886-7714)  The director.and alternate director  were elected and the APC'was appointed  to serve you. Use them. -       -    -    foot, certainly helps to contain it7 aridT  ^ahy-other4ess-%elHmow-afflicitionsT-  A final warning about using lime is thatt  it must not be applied at the same time as  fresh manure, if one is so fjftunate asto be  able to get it. Applications of these two  substances should be at least a month  apart. ' .  A look at the flower garden and its lime  Ministry approves seniors project   The_provincial government has__ap-__ .owned by the society.       '_  proved a one-third capital grant to a        fin addition to the provincial grant,  ~maximuiStiH1073B8tor^^  -project in-Secheit,-according to- Lands,-- grant_irom -federal _funds_ Jo -ensure-  requn*ementsTnightiw"agMQ"idea.TlosesT  -Hke-4fane,���so���tfo���noneysuekles^-and���  flowering currants among others.r  catoneasters, a much used shrub in these  parts, Jwill doiwell even in-shallow soil iLit  overlays a limestone formation. Another  common and well loved shrub, the  cIematis7^nouIlsiies~far better uTaTiroe~  bearing growing medium as do lilac,  privet, lavender, biiddleia and a score of  others less well known. Phlox, poppy,  salvia, asters, delphiniums^ wall flowers,  sweet Williams and gerneriums do well in  the presence of lime, as do many other  herbaceous border plants. This information should be sought out by the  gardener from the wealth of written information available and from nurserymen  when planning work in the garden.  As to the amount of lime to be used, this  will depend on the soil condition. From  what the authorities say, a dressing of  anywhere from a quarter to a half pound of  garden lime to the square yard is indicated  it is pretty obvious. The coarser grasses andjightjdressinga^on alternate years are  take over and the finer grasses disappear,    preferable to less frequent heavy ones.r  Often one can see a sort of green scum        The light land prevalent here Js very  ^_^us^ptible-to4eacbing-and-more water  moves down through the ground than  conies up from below. So the soluble  matter goes with it and lime is one of the -  most soluble.  As always, good husbandry is essential  to good results and essential to good  husbandry is knowledge of soil conditions.  Parks and Housing Minister James* residents pay no more than a very  Oiabotr"-r-^-^-~"-"--^' ������ reasonable portion of their.income for  The sponsoring Sunshine Coast Senior , rentr  Citizens'Housing Society will construct 15 --.   Chabot said he was pleased that the  singtestorey, self-contained units as an ministry could assist in providing not only  expansionof thelexisting. 24-unit Greene housing for senior citizens,  but em-  Court complex, all on lands presently ployment for those working on the project.  ���- - - . ; 7 ;   SECHELT CARPET CORNER  [opposite the R.C.M.P.J  885-2283-ASK FOR JOHN  Moreover slugs, leather jackets and  wireworms do not like a limed alkaline soil  and tMs^is of particular interest to coast  gardeners who are "cursed with these  pests, especiallyjthe first named.   iBesideshavihgthe ability to liberate  plant food that would otherwise remained  "locked" in the soil, lime may claim to be  a] food in itself 1 Peas, lettuce,, beans,  cabbage and turnip for instance, revel in  lime. On the other hand some plants hate it  and lime should for this reason never come  within six feet of the root systems of  rhododendrons, azaleas, or any of the  heather family. Potatoes, while not  exactly hostile, are not crazy about a lime  treated environment, particularly if it has  been newly developed.  Apart, from the much recommended  practice of soil analysis, how does one  recognize soil that is over acid and  screaming for lime treatment? eWith lawns  STONEWORK  Stone facing - Fireplace  & Chimney Repairs  ������� ANDY 886-2821  DON'T MISS OUR  SALE  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  ,���   Cowrie St., Sechelt  "AFTER THE SALE ITS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS"  Grade A Boneless     /  CHUCK POT ROAST 159   :...: lb.Ji  ��� ���.  Kohler's  BOLOGNA        fiQC  By the Piece lb. %JiJ~  Fresh.Regular AA ��  GROUND BEEF ..ay  AlphcC* Creamed  HONEY  No. 1  2 lb.  Delsey *f   1 Q  BATHROOM TISSUE A1"  Snbflake  SHORTENING  2 1/2 lb.  Sunlight  4.8 KG.  DETERGENT  CHOCOLATE DRINK  Zzy  ��� mp  h��\  ���)��%-  %*  Delmonte * French Cut  GREEN  BEANS uo,  ^&j$X  Libby  TOMATO  juice ������!*  m/jjfsm:  m  Tf^r^t  I f*i ��t j"___l?AtlaAgw. Htaftr  %##l|  ��� t JI ,V��).   ��� ���, > *  mM  ttfSisHS  "tiBBy's ^Small  WHOLE  BEETS 14 oz.  Austral  \Ar ���.<>!���' .^y ��S  ���^  Kadanq  TEA  BAuo loos  Big Dip  ICE MILK  2��r.  ,..;;.,'.. ,,;  PEACHES   _K  Hot. i-lr  &��  7\  -���j  Libby's  $PAGHETTI7O0  u ot  .^^for  WHOLE  Mir  LIQUID  DETERGENT  Ovaltine  HOT  CHOCOLATE  Melitta * Deluxe  COFFEE  lib...,   Freshpak  Frozen Fancy  FRENCH  FRIES  2 ib  2 for  ��� * t i ���  ���i'f'*r^i-w��ii*ai'*.Lv ���* v,k  "�� ' 4 (PS %  .,.(.. t  ��&ti*����  i,lUi it Sli.W|  Niagara * Frozen  ORANGE  JUICE 12 1/2 oz.  I    . .' ���     ' "  ��� 'J ," ."���,  tW^  '."Kt.r'f"''  BAKERY SPECIALS  COFFEE LAYER  CAKES 8��  CRACKED WHEAT  BREAD 454g  ^IMMMIIMIM  BAKED  SQUARES  6 for  PRODUCE SPECIALS  B.C. DELICIOUS o ,hs aac  ArrLtO    Red or Golden V cello %9%J  B.C. No. 2 Gems gM  ������   .     f\^\C  POTATOES ,15 SL 99  B.C.��� Fresh S"! 09  MUSHROOMS ib. JL  CalifornSa, Canada No. 1 M _f\C  BROCCOLI 4*��  ���Mi_t___?��ffM#>**a  <QU^M|M��M. Wm. jmnyu|^j^|^^^^��       ^||Uuia^>||Ha||faUj|^       ^^^^^^^^a^^ym ^^^|_t  PriLos [!(((>( Iiv(>:  JANUARY   ,|    fi    (,    )  Pbono 085-2025  HM.'j-VHi'J. hokoiy  HHIi-^iH;!, AAtMit Dm  ITRAIL -BAY CENTRE. SCCHELTl  WP RfSERVC THE RIGHT TOIIMIT QUANTITIES  '     'Wv .  f'    '  , /* ^ .  >  -*��^  -J-  ��� ���'���JJM-,f.���'  NOVEMBER. Sechelt parents saw  u [triple four years ago when Matthew,  f - Cameron ^and3enjarjMnjLwere born,-_^  '   but it paid off when the triplets was a  J^Most^ulkeu^ontestna1rthe-P/acific  .Centre Mall in Vancouver. The  regional district's much-maligned  V iwreatlb��re^  ?!  the polls November 18 as planned  when Municipal Affairs postponed  approval of the project until the  release  of the  Regional  District  '   Review Commission report. At the  polls, Sechelt Aid.  Joyce  Kolibas  ^-regained-her-seat-on-couneil��-while  Larry MacDonald replaced retiring  Aid. Frank Leitner. In Gibsons, in-  cumbent AM. Lorraine Goddard  topped=the=poHs^=retium=to=anothe!  two-year seat,and newcomer Dick  Yit^ettnaega~b^rTeUTTume for the  second vacant seat. Brian Hodgins  Len Van Egmond and Al Lloyd took  ��� school board seats by acclamation, as  did Area D Director Harry Almond  and Area B Director Ed Nicholson.  David Hunter defeated David lasHe  attgitst. WprpVthe fire? Oh, this is   as smoothly for the regional district   criticism from the village planner  just the Sea  Cavalcade  Parade,   and Secret Cove resident John   and support from local developer  Although rain clouds threatened the   Grames, who  both filed  appeals   Hayden Killam, while the council  annual  Gibsons  celebrations,   the   against B.C. Hydro spraying policies,   remains mostly in the dark,  event went smoothlyvThings didn^go���A replotting^chemedruSecheltdraws^  in the Area F race.  t    i  The Peninsulat7k��ea<  -  ���    '' -���   .        , Z  a.   iwb       J   W T,   ��� Tf"  Section B  Wednesday, January 3,1979  Pages 1-8  ��ECEMBERr^n^eirGlassfordrone-  of Gibsons' most-respected pioneer  citizens, died in a house fire early this  month. Gibsons mourned the passing  jHhisrgreaHady^and-plans-are^foot-  tb establish a threatre in the village  as a memorial to her. Area B Director  Ed Nicholson jps elected regional  board chairman, gaining five  directorial votes against opponent  Area C Director Charles Lee's two.  Lee told board members prior to his  defeat that Nicholson had tried to  strike up a deal with Lee for the  chairmanship. The students of  Elphinstone Secondary hold the-third  comffiffirity^foTum and the subject is  one regional board directors have  been, struggling with all year,v ���  garbage. Regional District Planner  Robyn Addison resigns to take a job in  the Ministry of Municipal Affairs.  Peninsula residents enjoy a happy  Christmas.  SEPTEMBER. The driver of this began on the peninsula following the   gravelfsectioh 6f theI '{Arena" road.  Pacific Transport truck suffered only dismissal of two local appeals of the   Residents hooted; jeered, booed and  minor  injuries when  the"  vehicle project. West Porpoise Bay residents   cheered as they made a call for  tipped into the ditch at the S-bend turned up en force at a Sechelt , someone ��� either Sechelt council or  near the Sechelt Elementary School. Community    Plan    information   developer Len Van Egmond ��� to  A B.C. Hydro heFbicide program meeting to protest the condition of the   pave the road.  use guns  ��� �� ���  a few don't  ���.���40W V,  OCTOBER,   Peninsula   pumpkin   council to allow placement of the  grower   Ned   Schwartz   gained   heritage home on Hackett Park as a  notoriety when the Times tried to   clubhouse, but council says no go. The  pass off this picture of 4% incliNed   regional    district's    recreation  with his normal-sized pumpkin as a  mammoth vegetable, Readers caught  on quick enough and It was only three  weeks before the calls asking to see  the huge pumpkin stopped coming In.  In Sechelt, the Housing Corporation of  ��;<>raptmirore#^  ofifunds to complete the project and  Whltakor House Is without a home.  The Lions Club tried, to persuade  referndum has many ��� Including  Area C Director Charles Lee ��� up in  arms. The press is accused of giving  the project bad publicity.    -  Vrimc i\rhnl oi   Ojjicc Sjhuc iu he  t oiish m(r<l in l.twcr (,ihsons.  ���� , .  .    f ' -           ....,....��/   It ��!,��/   I  U I \\ \k()S afirr :\\00 p.m.. lUlh-2'Jhlt.  Canada's gun laws require that anyone wishing to pur-  * chase, borrow or exchange a flrqarm obtain a Firearms  Acquisition Certificate from police.  Certificates coat $10.00 and are valid anywhere In Canada  tor five years, allowing tho purchase of any number of guns  with a single certificate during the five year period.  The purpose of the new taw Is to ensure that guns are not  made readily available to those with a history of violent  behavior, mental dlaordora or a criminal record Involving  violence.  YOU fiQ_NOT NEED A FIREARMS  ACQUISITION CERTIFICATE FOR  Gun Control  In Canada  Working Together    To gave Lives   FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL POLICE  I*  Solicitor Oonoral     Sollicitaur gAnAral  Canada Cartaria  *  .   .__ __._    L -; ;!*���-.  Second draft of  A second draft of the proposed Official  Regional Plan for the Sunshine Coast  Regional District is now available for  review by members of the community.  - The first draft of the plan was reviewed  by SCRD dire<tors_andjthjir^esgecti\re  TagevBS  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 3,1979  /         _  'Jt'"^"  _^-  .  \  I  . ��� :.���������>  I  1  1-       ;������  ��  *                     ���"  Area Planning Committees and councils.  Their Comments were Incorporated into  this second draft of the plan.  A series of public meetings will be held  in early 1979 to discuss various aspects of  the plan.  The Times will publish the plan, in a  three-part series, but copies can be obtained free of charge frrom the SCRD _  office in Sechelt. The following is the first  of the series:  WHAT IS A REGIONALLPLAN?-     _    An Official Regional Plan is defined  under Section 795(1 of the Municipal Act as  "a general'scheme without detail for the  ^rojected-use���of^the���land=-within=-the=  Regional District, including the location of  not heavily, developed. arid there is  potential for infilling within the existing  communities, without requiring the expansion of small lot settlement areas,, the  traditional expectation of land owners has  been  that  all  private   land  can   be  developed.'  The result has been pricing of land  based on potential small lot subdivision.  This has elevated the costs of the larger  lots in areas outside of the settlement  nodes in an entirely unrealistic manner.  Development of small lots in separate  areas creates added cost and difficulty in  designing service facilities.,  Ths purpose of planning residential  areas is to remove the element of  speculation and thereby decrease the  pressure"7for'developing Inappropriate  areas, creating a more sensible pattern of  development for a rational cost structure  of lanoV     -.           Access to the: region is, via ferries^ features of the region, to provide for the..  through Howe Sound and Jervis Inlet with A * health,'    safety, , convenience;   and  a controlled access highway connecting   satisfaction of the people living, working <  the two ferry points. The region is alsp-^ad visiting here,  serviced by aircraft. /__''_ Recognizing the enyiornmental qualify  GOALS  of the area is one of itejoajor attraction^!  1. To provide for a variety of housing  Atyles to meet the needs and to ensure  orderly_ growth whfle maintaining the  regional amenities. ,   -  hi developing regulations for land use  in the region, the district, will insure a  variety of residential areas are available  to satisfy the diverse wishes of the  residents. This will preserve alternatives  for residents to select an area most  suitable to them. Settlement Plans and Bylaws will indicate how an area will likely  develop and whether the existing  character will likely be retained. ,  2. To facilitate economic, commercial and  major highways." Special attention must*  bepaid to the Inter-relationships of areas -  and uses and to the transition from present  to proposed patterns of use.  The purpose of the plan is to set out  guidelines and policies for development of  land use regulations within the Regional  District.  The Regional Board is required to  prepare a Regional Plan under section  ^79^~of^he-Munieipa^Acf.-IfFat=the-  discretion of the Board, the  Plan  is  designated under Section 796 as an Official  Regional Plan,it must be passed by a  -simple-majority of the votes cast. The  provincial government's approval of a  Regional Plan is not required.*  An Official Regional Plan cannot  directly affect land use development in "the  Regional District. The legal force of a  Regional Plan arises only because it  controls, to a limited extend, the future  decision of the Regional Board and  Councils of member municipalities within  the Regional District.  Thus, if existing by-laws permitted a  particular use of a piece of property, that  use is lawful even if it contravenes the  -Official^RegionalPlanr ;   The intent of the Official Regional Plan  is to provide a general framework to be  used as^guidance for decision by all  agencies dealing with land use in the  Regional District.  Like Settlement Plans arid Community  Plans, it does not commit the Regional  Board to undertake any of the provisions  of the plan but it does prevent it from instigating any land use changes which  would impede the ultimate realization of  the objectives of the plan.  WHY A REGIONAL PLAN?  The historical development of the  Sechelt Peninsula has seen a number of  small communities establish .near-water  access points. The later development of  the major highway and ferry systems  modified the distribution of development  into a more lineal pattern.  The overall pattern involves  three  ���distinct-major-centres ^-Oibsons,J5echell  arid Pender Harbour, and a number of  , minor centres: Roberts Creek, Halfmoon  Bay and Egmont.  Surrounding and between these  developed centers are rural areas with a  different kind of lifestyle altogether but  contributing to the personality of the whole  region. ,  < The highway system has tended to  encourage a lineal sprawl that has created  conflicts In the rural areas. There is encroachment upon these areas and  pressure for development of smaller lots  of a suburban nature that would undermine the distinct personality and the  overall pattern of the region.  The necessity for planning has arisen  out of the distortion in the pattern of  development and the resulting problems of  serviceability and economic development  In the area. Although the Sunshine Coast Is  COURTESY  IS  CARING  Economic development in the region  can be enhanced by careful land use  planning. Concentrationi of retail commercial enterprises strengthenslhe base -  and increases the potential range of goods.  Recreation and tourism can be en-s  couraged'by appropriate zoning in prime  areas and by protecting the character of  these areas by zoning in the surrounding  areas. .,  . The industrial base cannot be so easily  ,aided--through_landr^-e^designatipns._,_  Rather, policies to evaluate'proposals and  offer general guidelines for locations  related to l resource, base' and transportation can be established.  the board will plan development in a^way  to preserve the qualify of air arid water  resources, conserve open space,-protect  capable agricultural soils and forest lands  for crop production. The board will at- ��  tempt to control pollutants to allow  maximum utilization of the resources in a  way that will not destroy all recreational  benefits. -  * ^ (  4. To encourage safe, convenient and  economic  transportation  systems,   In-;  .eluding jaUjnotles of travel. _._  The design and placement of fran-  . sportation systems has an immediate-  _      _^_     effect upon settlement patterns.  The  ^]__ii_irt_Pj^^  preservation of the environment and the    Regional, District, should reinforce the  4  tfo. 1IN COLOR TOF  SUNSHINE COAST T.V.  Stereo & Appliances  >"�����'��   IN THE ^ OF SECHELT c.w,..s..  AFTER THE SALE IT IS THE SERVICE THAT COUNTS  AREA INCLUDED  The Sunshine Coast Regional District  extends from Howe Sound in the southeast  to Jervis Inlet in the northwest. The southwestern boundary is the Strait of Georgia  and the northeastern boundary is the  coastal mountains.  The region is inundated with fjords and  inlets which provide access to much of the  land area. There are a number of islands  included in the Regional District, notably,  Gambier and Anvil Islands in the east and  Nelson Island in the west.  The regional^ve'nHneTitiloesTrotrhave  responsibility for planning land use on the  Islands designated for special consideration under the Islands Trust Act.  Only the islands in Jervis Inlet and Pender  Harbour remain under the jurisdiction of  the Regional District Planning Function.  Existing development within the region  is concentrated along the coastline on the  low lying land from five to 25 kilometers  wide, primarily at an elevation below  1,200 kilometers.. Although the total area  of the district is about 3,900 square  kilometers, most of the development is in  approximately 195 square kilometers  along the coastline.  social fabric of the Regional District.  .-The distribution of land the resources in  the region allows the segregation  of  various types of land use in compatible  .groups and provides for the development.  of industry, commerce and commercial'  recreation. ��^  Recognizing the resource base of the"  Sunshine Coast includes extractive industries and these are clearly site specific;  :flexibiUfy-will^ejnamtemedJn4heiland=  use pattern to allow the development of the  fishery, forestry and gravel extraction  resources.  3. To protect the natural environment and   NEXT WEEK: POLICIES  - desired���settlement   pattern   and^ a'  deliberate, attempt will be made to instigate programs to increase efficient':  transportation.  5, To develop a variety of community  services to satisfy the needs of every  segment of the community.  * The population in the region is increasing'at an accelerating^ rate. In intervals of five years, population has in-  ^creased^cm-lOBLdaTA^y^iaA-peEdCent^  16.9 per cent and29 per cent. The growth  indicates increasing need for community  services.  DISCO DANCING CLASSES  A CHATANOOGA PRODUCTIONS   OFFERS-���   Dance Classes Starting January 15 & 16 In Gibsons  7 Woek*Instruction [10-1/2 hours]  Limited Class Enrolment  ,    Prereglster at TJ Sound Ltd., 886-9111  DISCO - ITS THE BIGGEST  "    THING IN NORTH AMERICA!  ��*;;_. ^ -*  *VTi*-- *-"/ ���'",  JAN. 3rd TO JAN 13th  "READ THIS A^^RffUttffl  mmmmmmmmm --laMM-a-a-M   a-a-a-ai     ���������������-^������������������������������������������������-���������MaB-a  7y4"B40 SAW ,7340 SAVE '30"! SSw SALE $54^  JIGSAW ROUTER TABLE  save m III��� sale <29"  4x8x3/8"  ASPENITE CHIPBOARD      SAVE >l��! & SALE'S?9  4x8x7/16"  ASPENITE CHIPBOARD      save ui %% sale *649  2x6x14' FIR #1-2 fir SAVE 421 $4976ed. 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SALE $387  BARB WIRE !UT    save 'io��! &��� sale W5  ALUM. STEPLADDERS��... save >4<��!����,,saleW5  CHRISTMAS LIGHTS  SAVE 50%  4 FT.  A.  FLUORESCENT FIXTURES save.m-i ��?,��, sale j2395  BULLETIN BOARDS save som & sale '2  m  WEED EATERS u��� ...save nn &,. sale 569m  " '����..'. SAVE '5M! Jj?.��s SALE W*  WEATHERSTRIPSETS^Isavemi ��.%sale*33b  STOVES AND FIREPLACES  SAVE 10% ON ALL STOCK  V-Jk  Sechelt Buildinjw  SixppKesX,d.  ���V. l,*f*fi'��"!r,*,i"S*J'��W  885-2283 or vi^g^h*#  ,��A  y  I  ...--���'"���v.  '\ ^  'r  \u  \     *<$\     V  _&u L_  .RejfapBJafo January 3,1079-   ^ The Peninsula Times-   ���Page B-;  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  <t.  ���****���-'  Membor of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  Encouraging news for property buyers  J  If fear of excessive price  fluctuation has kept you from  buying or selling property,  .J^wjlLM.Ji)^X��st_d���iftJthe_  results of a cross-Canada  survey.    Probably   the   most   im-  Concrete  portent and encouraging news  in the Canadian Real Estate  Association's survey and  ���ap.al_3ia^oi^MJlMpM-.iiatiiLg���  activity across Canada is the  -indication that prices of  properties are stabilizing in  most regions of Canada.  A buyer's market exists in  Vancouver, and indeed in  most  regions   across   the  housing  A unique concept in pre- A  cast concrete 'housing is ,  taking Western Canada by  storm. A typical home incorporates three bedrooms,  and economical heating and  cooling system and kitchen  and bath in 1300 square feet,  *and the units sell for about  $25,000 each, which is. below  present housing costs.  About 30 houses, most with  CMHC'approval, are under  construction in Melville,  Saskatchewan, where the  developer, -Mid-Canada  Plastics Ltd., is located. The  company says labor and time  are cost saving factors. Once   the_ foundation is poured the  house can be closed within two  -,*���<��-, days -with no skilled "labor  necessary.  Roof trusses are either  conventional materials Or  concrete, and three inch steel-  reinforced concrete walls are  laminated with three inches of  rigid foam which in turn is  - laminated to a series of one by  i two wood strappings.  In Alberta, the system is  being developed in a 200-house  project, a shopping centre and  school in the Municipal  District of Sturgeon,  i '    ������  Effects of  inflation  We live in an affluent  country ... and that affluence  is evident even with the high  unemployment register. Two-  income families... generous  unemployment benefits and  tccssive settlements in  ly union trades have made  'a certain strata of society In  Canada almost immune from  the effects of inflation. But it  has also reduced some people  to a state of poverty they  never expected. Those old age  .pensioners who retired a few  years ago, after many years  of working without the  protections built into society  today, are finding a 1060's  pension Inadequate to meet  ��� tho steadily rising costs of  maintaining a home, proper  diet and dignified lifestyle,  People on welfare are reduced  to near poverty because  benefits do not matchtpriccs.  Inflation Is the ttuairi...  Inflation caused In many  rases by the lucky ones who  force prices up with high wnge  settlements and price rises,  Tho Real Eatato Board  suggest inflation fighting is  everyone's duty, so that all  Canadians can enjoy a comfortable life.  l!ountryrgivihlPthe~Duyer a  good cross section of market  stock,  and  providing  the  vendor   with   a   fair   opportunity to ��sell if he prices  his property realistically.  ,���^���XheEe��iias.nJalsou��i3eeau^n^.  couraging news about mortgage interest rates coming.  down. ��� Combine these three  indicators ��� prices levelling,  a good stock on the market,  and reducing- mortgage interest rates, and they seem to  say that this year is going to  be a ,good year to buy or sell  real estate.  An alternative to rent control  Yet another economist has  spoken out against' rent control.  Raymond Heung of the  Fraser Institute studied the  British Columbia housing  industry and calls on the B.C.  government to abandon its  rent control program in favor  of a housing allowance.  Housing allowances would  -guarantee-all-needy-resident  access to basic accommodation, and according  to land economist Heung, at  less than half the cost of  current government spending -  on shelter. It would also lead  to increased involvement in  the Housing market by the  private sector, solving the  supply side of the shelter  problem.  A: housing allowance  program would fill the gap  between the provincial  government's estimated cost  of basic accommodation and  the recipient's income ���  giving benefits directly to the  individual in need instead of  heavj government ' investment-in stock.        -s ���  Free    enterprise     and  government then, could work  hand 'in   hand   to   provide,  benefits to people who really  need housing help. ^  -FRAN���IS=PiNINSUL*=^W96TScrft=5flfi  home   with   3   bathrooms,   partially  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR home,  built 1976. Ensuite, fireplace, _dogble_.  carport, landscaped lot. $56,000.  finished rec room, hot water heating, 5  appliances. Built 1976. $84,000.  IGARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  BR cedar, home, built 1975. View and  many extras. $105,000.  WARNOCK ROAD ��� furnished 2 BR  mobile home, 12 x 60', onjarge, level'  landscaped lot. $28,500.  "GTJLFVIEW ROAD ��� Madeira  Park,  , fantastic view from this new home - 3  new  appliances,   fireplace.   $95,000.  _NEAR_MADEIRA,PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sunaeck, 3/4 acre lot drTHwy ~  101. $37,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR  :view   home,   architect   designed.   5  '-^"majQr -appliances. $77,000.  'MADEIRA PARK ��� 4 BR hpme with  view   on   landscaped   lot.   Large  workshops equipment-storage area in ���  back.    Ideal   location   for   builder/-  contractor. $69,500.  FOR SALE BY OWNER  Unique prestige home Is  open for inspection 2-4 p.m.',  Jan. 6th and 7th; Vendor  open to offers or trades.  Asking $115,000, Log house  located on Masked Road and  Hwy.   101,   Roberts   Creek.  886*2542  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  S��atid�� Plaza  886-2000  Gibson*  886-2607  Pender Harbour  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  BUSINESS  ���   Ponderoia Grocery &  Drive-In  at  Garden Bay. Owner will take haVse In trade, Phone for particulars on this going concern to Mike Rosse at 883.9378,  McNAUGHTON    POINT   ~   1,9   acres   of   view   '  waterfront overlooking Malasplna Strait. Attractive 3 bedroom,  1200 square feet home. A Jlno property going for $70,000.  'WATERFR0riT''HOMirn~^Mr'nW'hoWwiih'4'^  bedrooms, deep safe moorage, southern exposure, Full price  $60,000,   BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT ��� And a real bargain, It Is  with clean beach, free moorage, clams and oysters lust steps  away, Price |ust $12,000.  SECRET COVE AREA ���- 10.6 acres with 400' beach,  water and power available, r6ad In. FP $125,000.  ONE ACRE LQTS ��� On, Fronds Peninsula, Privacy  plus value In this most desirable area, Just 2 left so don't delay,  $13,000 ���cell, A-" r  EXCELLENT ��� building lot, Front Road, Madeira  Park. Folly serviced, $10,500,  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Deep andprotected moorage  hv Egmont. Has trailer pad, sepllcs and water and power.  $39,000.  7 ACRES ��� on Highway il 01 close to Madeira Park.  Portly cleared and on a westerly slope, Asking $33,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Extra large (690) building  lot with 72' frontage on McKllntock Road, $9,300 or orters.  ,-.���.��� pr.Qrjp 8B3.2704 *""""*  JOHNBREEN MIKE ROSSE        JOCKHERMON  8839978 883-9378     f 883-2748  :u_auz.m_ciAAi  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 12 x 44  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft  addition. On 2/3+ acre lot. $28,500.  GARDEN BAV?~ 3 BR split level home,  built 1977. 6 appliances, 2 sundecks,  carport. Excellent view.' Landscaped  semi-waterfront   lease   lot.   $35,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 BR home on 2  levels. Electric heat. Landscaped. Close  to stores & marinas. $50,000.  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE ��� 3 BR home on  5�� acres. Fruit trees, garden. View  over lake. $77,500.   -  IRVINES LANDING ��� 3 BR view home,  stone fireplace, ensulte, 6 appliances.  Close to marina. $75,000. One car taxi  business available with above for  additional $10,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 BR view  home, . thermopane windows,  fireplace, w/w 3 bathrooms. Easy walk  to stores. PO S marinas. $67,500.  CLAYDQN ROAD7 GARDEN BAY ��� 3  BR view home, full basement, built  1975. Close to marina. $88,000.  I  7  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  LOTS AND ACREAGE  tots  FRANCIS PENINSULA  1. 132 ft W/F in Pender Harbour, 1.8  acres, deep moorage. $50,000.  2. 83 ft W/F adjoining above 1.22 ��  acres. $36,500.  3.70' bluff waterfront, 'view over  Bargain Harbour. Asking $21,500 but  open to offers.  4. 220�� ft low bank sheltered  waterfront. 1.24 treed acres. $48,000.  11.6 ACRE ISLAND ��� 3 BR furnished  panabode, float. Water S hydro.  $165,000.  BROOKS COVE ��� 194' waterfrorit,  access by trail (1000' from parking),  septic in, hydro S water. $25,000.  LOTS  1.'MADEIRA  PARK  -  $7,000-$22.000.  serviced   lots.  WESTMERE BAY ~ 1.400if ft  waterfront on 4^8 treed acres. Nice  beach and rocky point. Wafer access  only. $47,500. " ���'  ACREAGE  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 365�� ft waterfront, 6.71 acres, water access.  $29,500.  EARLS COVE ��� 5.57 acres, 4502E ft  sheltered waterfront adjoining ferry  terminal. $125,000.  2. FRANCIS PENINSULA - serviced lots.  $9,000-$24,000. '   '   -    .  3. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view lots.  $12,900-$21,250.  4. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on  Porpoise Drive. $10,500.  5. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ���  Sinclair Bay Road. Serviced lots, most  with view, three wi|h lakefront. Priced  from $10,000 to $37,500,  6. MOBILE HOME LOTS ��� seven lot's,  serviced with hydro- & water, on  Cochrane Road, Francis Peninsula.  $11,000-$! 2,750.  /. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1.5 acres,  treed, serviced. $25,000.  8. FRANCIS   PENINSULA   ���   8   nice  - building lots at corner of Cochrane and  Cameron Roads. $11,000-$ 13,000.  10.  FRANCIS   PENINSULA   ROAD  serviced lot, low pr|ce. $7,Q0O,  <s  ;*&> .:'?&, sr  ^���'C  *�����"**.  JUNCTION ISLAND ��� ST. VINCENT BAY  Beautiful 18i73�� acre Island In Jervis Inlet with numerous good building  sites, excellent sheltered moorage and several coves. Well treed with fir,  cedar, arbutus ��� some merchantable timber. Oyster bed, Only 15 minutes  ride by fait boat from Earls Cove or Egmont. $120,000. ��� ���  ACREAGE  1. Silver Sands -n 1.8�� acres. Gulf  view,, 10 x 50' furnished mobile home,  small cabin; $45,000.  2. Silver Sands ��� 1,6�� acres, Gulf  view, furnished 12 x 60 mobile home.  Adjoins above property. $45,000.  3. Kielndale ��� 5�� acres on Hwy 101.  ,$21,000,  4. Near Ruby Lake ��� 8.39 acres on,  Hwy 101, $25,000.  5. Near Madeira Park ��� 15 acres,  2150;fc ft on Hwy 101. $44,000.  6. Kielndale ��� 23.7 acres, some  merchantable timber. Lots of trees for'  building a log house, $50,000.  7. Francis Peninsula ��� 1,8�� acres,  corner of of Warnock and Francis  Peninsula Roads. $17,500.  8. KLEINDALE ��� 16_k acres, with  creek, across Hwy 101 from Pender  Harbour   Secondary   School.   $80,000  9. WARNOCK ROAD ��� level lot,  almost one acre. Good soil, selectively  cleared, $24,000.     ���   \  10. MIDDLE POINT��� 2.9 treed acres  on Hwy 101 with 949+ sq It 2 BR home  with carport. Drilled well. $39,500.  11. GIBSONS ��� 8,75 acres level farm  land on Pratt Road with older homo,  barn and storage shed, $55,500,  ?  WATERFRONT HOMES  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES  3  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 1300dB ft lakefront,  24+j acres, 4 BR furnished panabode,  float. $105,000, .  r  RUBY LAKE ��� 5* treed acres, close to  public lake access, $19,800.  CARTERS LANDING ��� Saklnaw Lake.  24,8-fc acres', 1330j?ft lakefront, road  'access, house, creek. $135,000.  D.L, 3258 ��� between Saklnaw & Ruby  Lakes, 1500dB ft on Saklnaw Lake,  creek, Hallowed Rd ends at property.  $119,000, ,  ��      ���     i  RUBY LAKE ��� 400jfc ft lakefrontage,  9 �� treed acres, roerd access. $49,300,  ^^4!%<imSmm^ \  HOSPITAL BAY ��� 2 BR home on 50�� ft  beach lot, $57,000.  f COMMERCIAL PROPERTY j  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 5 BR home,  full basemonl, 1997 sjit on main floor.  Built 1976, Soparn.U> 700 sq It  workshop. On 122�� cKtolco waterfront  lot with ramp a float. $180,000,  !'A ' J   -��MMK,'  ��� 1  fit! (ifir'  i flN*MW | ,,   I *���*������*  GARDEN BAY ��� spacious 3 BR homo  on 1,16 acres on Claytlon Road. On  95+ It waferlront with float and  boalhouso, $130,000,  HASSANS STORE ��� Francis Peninsula,  Oeneral store, 3 BR residence, rental  house. On 1.15* acres with 168�� ft  sheltered, deep waterfront. $105,000  plus cash for stock, ' ' i  f$itoWj��M*'wv***  MADEIRA PARK ��� vacant store bldg,  ad|olnlng living quarters, One Bare  with 104'frontage on Madeira Park Rd  Zoned R3. $32,000,  PIRRAX3 RAY ~~ JtQOJfi H..VMP,. 2,4  'acros, 2 BR home with fireplace, 2 BR  cottage, dock a float. $130,000.  ����M-''j��MAt--��itiaunM>^Bii'M.wa juiiii��ni,ii��i;iM-iii I n i��iiwm m  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  MMMM  .��, .. .. vl.  f *  \  t\     r ~V  , -  -~  **  p^&r  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, Janaaxy 3,1979  ^  George Townsend 885-3345  Doug Joyce 885-2761  Bob Bull 885-2503  Jack Anderson .885-2053  Stan Anderson  885-2385  REALTY LTD.  885-  WEST SECHELT: 9.5 ncres of good farm land.  Has new 4 bdrm Vqnch style home. 2 ponds  supplied by spring water -with appro* 4  acres cleared, balance has some timber. All  "services on paved "rdr2_miles frorrrSechelt ���  centre. This property has many potential"  uses. '   ,      ���-  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Pott Office Box 1219, Sechelt  Vancouver Toll Froe; 684-8016  GIBSONS: 2. 1/2 acres with  modern 3 bdrm-basement home.  Oil, fired riot water heating, two  fireplaces, rec rm and many other  features. Approx 1 1/2 acres  cleared and in lown with fruit  trees and shrubs, excellent soil.  FP $68,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: 3 bedroom home  onl .67 acres.. Spacious open plan  of 1320 sq ftt Has ensuite oil of  master bdrm. Home has family  room & utility. Reduced  drastically in price for immediate  sale. FP $48,000. '"  -  Mostly cleared, some fruit trees &���-  yr round creek'/ Property mostly  fenced, front yard landscaped &  in lawn. House. |s very large 2300  sq ft, 2 fps, several sets of  plumbing. Kitchen & LR have been  completely remodelled. South  slope.all usable land.FP $85,000.  ^WEST SECHELT: Almost new 1136  "*" [sq" ft 3 bedroom home. Excellent  construction featuring wood  .ceilings, skylights In bath room &  ilD*IY_* large private sundeck In  'area of ��� new homes. Basement  has- laundry, workshop and rec  | room, level, treed lot on sewer.  |Asking $59,000.  ROBERTS* CREEK: Brand new 3  bdrm home. Immediate  possession ��� pick your own  carpets. Try your offer to $46,000.  PENDER HARBOUR: Madeira  Castle ��� unique home for value &  location. 2800 sq ft with  breathtaking view, Decor in-  cLudes_-jorjgingl_jnuj-aLs^j|U4!ken  'gold bathtub &- extensive -cedar  .work. Double . windows  throughout and easy to heat. FP  $72,000.  ROBERTS CREEK:   1,380 sq ft of,,3,  bdrm   home   situated   in   a- quiet  residential area, full basement* 12 x.  30   sundeck,   cement   driveway  S  sunken living room.-Priced to&sell at,  $65,000.  REDROOFS: New waterfront 3 bdrm  home' witt expansive view of  Georgia Strait and Vancouver Island.  Features, shake roof, stainless steel  "Shaw" fireplace & shylight. Treed  lot. Priced at only $67,500':  WATERFRONT WEST SECHELT: Pebble  beach with your own road right to  water. 3 bdrmsi 3 complete  bathrooms, recreation room, wine  cellar and lots of extras. View from  'all living areas. One of the better  waterfront homes on the coast.  REAL VALUE ; SECHELT VILLAGE ��� 3  bdrm, 1150 sq ft, fireplace, deluxe  carpet & fixtures, sliding dr to patio  & workshop. Large laundry rm.  Property is nicely treed. Handy  location. Close to boat launch.  Asking $43,500, terms.  WEST SECHELT: New 4 bedroom with  finished basementrin area, of new?  SECHELT VILLAGE: Comfortable  single bedroom home, ideal for  starter or' retirement. Good size  living" room with Franklin. 7x14' *|  greenhouse and large steel shed.  Vendor would consider carrying  1st or A/S @ current interest  rates. Asking $33,900.  WEST SECHELT: Spanish split level  home, near new with all the extra  features. Double carport, workshop,  3 baths, 4 bdrms, 2 fireplaces, bay  window & a formal dining area. Good  level lot affords a view from the 2nd  floor. Tile roof. 2288 sq ft at only    ,    I ��-o��nft.-     .< Av,-W,*.. -.:���); -eiyJfi:  homes.  Features include large kitchen' &  nook,  fireplace,   basement  flue for stove. finished(rec room in  bos��'rnent,-carport,._sundeck and  a. .  level easy to landscape yard. PricediV  right at $54,900.  WEST SECHELT: 900 sq ft 2 bdrm  home on a lot that is 62x205'. Needs  some minor repairs and landscaping.  Priced to sell immediately at  $33,900!'  SECHELT VILLAGE: Surf Circle. 5  ijbdrms (2 in bsmt). Home has 2  fireplaces, heatilator in bsmt bdrm, 2  baths, rec rm, lge laundry &"  workshop.. Home has shake roof,  [concrete driveway, c'port, & lge  Sundeck. Landscaping mostly done.  " any more extras. Close to schools &  jshopping. FP $54,900..  utility room, fwo bedrooms, carport,I  level lot. $46#00."  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY ���  sechelt Village ��� Fully rented  mostly on lease. Shows good  return on Investment. Opportunity to invest in this growing  community. Details to bonafide  purchaser. Asking $120,000.  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 3  bedroom full basement home on  a large landscaped lot, lots of  sundeck-on thesouth-west-side.  The home also has a extra large  attached double garage - with  direct-entry to the'basement. Rec  room and bedroom in basement  are basically finished. Full Price  $65,900, \  *_OHfi. iJMBfct  CLOSE TO BEACH HALFMOON BAY: 4  bdrm (one in bsmt) home on large lot,  close to "���. beach, boat launching,  schools & store. 1 /50th Interest In |  waterfront lot. Carport, sundeck,  landscaping done, Owner must sell,  bring offer to $45,500,  HOMES  REDROOFFS AREA: Wlldwoo'd Rd., 125 x 200' level lot, very  easy to build on. Beautiful evergreens. Priced for immediate  sale at $11,000.  UPPER ROBERTS CREEK: 10 acres of land, 4000 sq ft building  with 3 bdrm near-new home of 2376 sq ft aluminum clad,  fully Insulated building. Building Is all wired for 220 power  and could have many uses. Concrete floor, clear span, FP  $89,900.  DAVID BAY MOTEL: 10 s.c, units plus owner's home, 4 lots  fronting bn Highway 101 ft beach, 351,47' frontage. Large  workshop & storage, Soiling under assessed value. $225,000,  Terms,  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 860 iq ft 2 bdrm home with appliances, All wall to wall carpot.Cozy ft Inexpensive to heat,  Concrete driveway and parking slab, Fir Road location, FP  $43,500, terms.  :...,...."   NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: a coiy, near new 792 sq ft 2  bedroom home close to the beach at Chapman Creek. No  stairs, electric heat, double glazing. Government prepaid  lease has 19 years to run. FP $32,000,  ACREAGE  MIDDLEPOINT:' 17-1/2 acre�� of beautifully treed view  property, with 300 feqt highway frontage, Zoning permits  1/2 acre lots ������ excellent holding property. FP -$45,-000,  Terms. ..,,���! i   ���  8 ACtfffylEW COUNTRY ESTATE: 3  bedroom, 1400 sq ft full basement  home with spacious living-dining  room! Fireplaces up and down plus  extra flue In basement. .Open  staircase' to rec room, extensive  cedar work inside and good; kitchen  cupboards. Large carport with  storage and 22 x 45' swimming pool.  Approx 3 acres landscaped lawn.  Orchard, fishpond, year round creek,  organic garden, greenhouse and  complete privacy. FP $91,000.  SEMI-RETIREMENT BUSINESS OPING CONCERN $7,4,500 FULL PRICE  TWO LAUNDROMAT LOCATIONS. ':  Both of these sites are Ideal for year-round steady trade, 14 washer &  12 dryers In one location. 7 dryers and 14 wdshers In 2nd location.  All equipment In top condition. Stores are clean and newly decorated.  Gross revenue approx $2800 per month. For further Information call J,  Anderson   or   Bob   Bull   885-3211, Vane, 684-8016.      /��>    ,  LOTS  ,j    SECHELT WATERFRONT: Two lots pn Boulevard St, 70' x 129'.  Each treed & Sewered, Asking $40,000 per lot.  ROBERTS CREEK: Large treed, serviced lot close to begch &  golf course. Quiet area, mobile home permitted. FP $11,900,  ..,���'.... .,,       .���'  REDROOFFS: 4 side by side view lots, each 1,18 acre* with  100 feet road frontage, Excellent buys at full price $15,000  each,     , ��� p���   ROBERTS CREEK: A fine building lot 72 x 105', close to beach  access. Property Is sloping to'the south. Paved road, Asking  $15,000. '        : ___  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx one treed acre, 99' on Redrooffs  Rd, Close to beach and boat launch, Fully serviced, Full prlco  only $11,500.��� ���   DAVIS,BAY,VIEW LOTi Easy terms -r- 20%  down A the ������<  balance over easy payments on this southern exposure view  , lot; Excavation and clearing have been done. FP$ 12,900.  "-      A    .  Offices at:  SUNNYCREST CENTRE  Gibsons '  Toll Free: 682-1513  Phono  886-2234  CONVEYANCING  '���B  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.  R.R., 2, Gibsons, B.C., VON 1V0  Offices at:  DENTAL BLOCK  Gibsons  Toll Free 682-1513  Phone  886-2277  REAL-ESTATE-CONSUlTING-----APPrAISALS-7���MORTGAGESr^NOTARYT��UBi:iC~  DAVJS & SHAW ROAD: A Gold Medallion  four bedroom family home. Three levels of  luxurious living. Four, bedrooms, fwo  bathrooms, two hot water- tanks, -Family'  room, rec room and utility. Double glazed,  windows and separate entrance to  basement. $57,000.  FORBES & THOMPSON ROAD: Excellent  home. Very attractive brick front. Extra"  insulatioaJUi tee. bedroom,-full. basement,  dining room���Two fireplaces. $65,000.  HOMES  1402 ALDERSPRING ROAD: Two storey  home on quiet cut de - sac with view  ^overlooking Gibsons Harbour. Three  bedrooms on main floor. Fully-furnished  suite' on ground floor. Completely fenced  "and In lawn. Close to park, tennis courts and  shopping. $47,500.  CRUCIL. ROAD: Bright and spacious three V.  bedroom family view home In excellent  condition - located���within���easy ���walking- -  distance to schools and shops. Large kitchen  with    built-in    dishwasher    q_nd_ jndjrecLL  .18  PARK__* _BEI.p_.ROAD: Spacious home  featuring three bedrooms. Living room and  dining room. Large kitchen. Basement has  separate suite and large 3Vx 13 garageJZO  x 14 rec room. $56,000,  JOHNSON ROADj_Nflw_ home under construction. The ideal time to purchase is right  now, so you can choose your colors. Three  bedrooms,' dining room, family room and  utility room. Garage. $48,500.  1760 SCHOOL ROAD: Cozy, comfortable,^  bdrm older home on large lot. Conveniently  lacated-between-Upper-and Lower Gibsons.- -  5everal~fruif~trees.   Zoned-for   multiple-  dwelling, Excellent starter home and a good  investment and holding property. "$32,000.  CRUCIL ROAD: Big Family? Then this four  "bedroom, two bathroom home could be the  home you're looking for. Full basement with  rec room, utility and roughed-in plumbing,  intercom inside and out. Large sundeck over  .carport. This .home. is_. located on a quiet  secluded view lot, yet convenient to the  Village of Gibsons. Special price $56,000.  FRONTAGE RD: Langdale. Something  special! Spacious, deluxe family home in  quiet area on a fabulous view lot with attractive landscaping. and rock walls. For  extra comfort and convenience there are  thermo windows throughout, efficient hot  water heating, air conditioning, intercom,  Jenn-Air range, built-in oven and dishwasher, expensive light fixtures,-200. amp.  service, and many more fine features.  Located close to school and within easy  walking distance to ferry terminal: All this  for the price of $84,9.00.  HILLCREST RD: Cozy two bedroom home on  50 x 268 lot. Cleared with large evergreens  in the back. Close to schools and shopping.  $28,500.  DAVIS ROAD: Ideal starter or retirement  home. Only two blocks from schools and  shopping. This three bedroom, home has  everything you need for comfort and  convenience. The carport could easily be  converted to a family room and a separate  carport could be built on many sites within  the extra large landscaped lot. $37,900.  riighting. .Twotipsplaces^JHuge recreation  room. Lots'of extra space in daylight  basement for den or extra bedroom and  ; workshop. $58,900.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Roberts Creek,  ^Excellent two - bedroom starter, or  . retTremenrHome in quiet subdivision only 4  miles to Gibsons. Home is on a nicely  landscaped lot and only one block to level  beach. Some view. Can be purchased for  under $2000 down and with such low  payments there is no reason to rent.  $37,000.  PARK ROAD: Three bedroom home on 5-  acres in Gibsons, Property on both sides are  also for sale making a total of 15 acres  available forfuturedevelopmentrA- good  holding property. $79,500.-  SHAVV ROAD: Incredible potential. Ranch  style two bedroom home, completely  remodelled. 16 x 12''master bedroom,  fireplace, beautifully landscaped and  feneed~grounds.-Evergreen~ hedges-add -to  the seclusion and privacy of this hobby farm  _wUh_thr_ee_Qulbuitdljigs,'.But_ thqt>_ngt al_l!_  The property is 5 acres with spectacular  view from over half the property. Fronts on  Shaw Road with Stewart Road dedicated on  the view face. Zoned R1 in the Village of  Gibsons. $79,900.  JOE'ROAD: Roberts Creek: This is a well  kept three bedroom family home in a treed  setting of 1.55 acres. Home features large  rec room in the basement plus a spare room  which could be* a 4th bedroom and lots of  storage' space. Separate dining room.  $53,900.  :  .-_>- IW-AlVf ��JJ-J-t-1��l-^.��,K-V>��  (NqkTJH^ROAP^lmmocuJc^  mobile home set up on landscaped 50' 139  pad in Comeau Trailer Court.'$12,900. ' <���  LOOKOUT AVE: Near new three bedroom  home in pood condition on large view lot in  new sub-division just pasi the Sunshine  Coast Arena in Sechelt. Boating facilities  close by. Owner is transferred and you may-  "have-immediate-possesslbh. $51,900. -���_  LANGDALE: This non-basement Langdale  three bedroom view home,, features extensive use of granite on exterior and huge  walk around fireplace. Modern kitchen has  Tofld-walnTJf-cab1rle!$~and~bTniRn~c11ih~  ' washer. A garage and workshop round out  the picture. $49,500.  COCHRANE ROAD: Six bedrooms, four  bathrooms, large living room with fireplace.  On full basement with unfinished rec room,  hot water heat. Two sundecks. All hardwood floors. On 67 x 172 lot only two blocks  from the ocean. This house requires some  finishing and can be yours for' $55,000.   >  GOWER POINT, & HEAD ROAD: Lovely  spacious (approximately 1300 square feet)  two bedroom - home, features heatilator  fireplace, 1-1/2 bathrooms, huge family rec'  -roomr-all-hardwood-floors-except-for���kitchen and rec room.- Situated on large corner  spectacular view lot 100 x 130 x 109 x 112.  .Very reasonably priced at $49,500.  HANBURY ROAD: Panabode home featuring  stain glass windows, skylights, and shake -  roof situated on 12 acres in Roberts Creek.  Flume Creek runs" through middle of  property which-includes A-frame guest  cottage and 16 x 16 workshop with 220  wiring. Partially cleared and fenced with  vegetable garden. $67,500.  CHEKWELP: Prime'waterfront on Chekwelp  Indian Reserve. Three bedrooms, stone  fireplace. A truly beautiful spot. $36,750.  ^FlRCRf-ST-RD^Brtind new quality built horned  The cathedral entrance with wooct feature  wall leads you into the lc%e IjvjlffgYoom  with feature' wall fireplace:. This three  bedroom home has a large family sized  bathroom and lots of storage area. The  . basement awaits your finishing touches  The lot is nicely terraced qnd ready for  .landscaping. Close to schools and shopping.  $47,900.    LOTS  CREEKSIDE PARK ESTATE:  North Road in Gibsons. Now selling building lots, single wide mobile home lots, double  wide mobile home lots, all serviced with sewer etc, 2 blocks from schools, shopping  centre, transportation to Vancouver, Good flat land; nicely treed, and all for $10,900/  with a $500 building bonus If you build within one year. Come In and discuss a plan for'  one of these units for as little as 5% down.  FAIRVIEW RD: Nearly 1/4 acre of flat easy  to build dn land. Mobile homes are allowed.  Large cedar trees provide privacy and  enhance this setting. Close to Cedar Grove  School. $11,?00.  DAVIDSON RD; 2/5 of an acre vvlth a  fantastic view from Langdale Ridge. This lot  has a small creek on the very back of the  property, All new homes In , this. area.  .$14,900. *���"* 'J   TUWANEK: 80 x 140 lot only one block to  beach. Full view of the Inlet. Piped community waW available. $9,900.  ,w...  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330 x 660'. Will  eventually have a view. Close to the^rena. Try your offer to  $33,000;    '������' '    "  ���  ���'���   ���'��� "     ;*i'  APPROXIMATELY 5 ACRES: Treed, gentle, southerly slope,  260' highway frontage. Soma merchantable timber, Hand/  location, close to Joe Road, FP $31,000.  20. ACRES $39,50% FULL PRICGi Located on Highway 101 West  of Rodrooffi Road, Zoned 9 acres, nicely treed, access roads  are In, Real Investment.  BUSINESS BLOCK  Going concern with a good gross, This block will return a  good solid 10% on Invested capital, 3 suites, a reslaurant  and a dry cleaners as tehaqli, Low maintenance, Have access, Some room for expanilon,,  prices rist agqinf locattd oii(the proposed Tor��do Street  main highway development,' Will be on, sewer soon,  $125,000.  SOUTHWQOD ROAD: ClostVto 1/2 acre. Level building lot,  Hydro and regional water at road, Chock �� compare. At-,  Iractlvely priced at $9,450,  CLEARED, LEVeT LOrTsechelt Village . 6_Tx~120'. Ready for ,  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home.  Value $11 ,'500, ..'/>',.���,,.,.  .. ,1 ...  WEST SECHELT: Large .60"acres (100 x 298) view lot on  Norweit Bay Rd, Level and easy to build on, Regional water,  cablevlslon. Offers to $10,000.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra larfle 90 x 179' lot, corner  location, easy access, Excellent view of Trail Island, FP  $15,800.   ���   , ���   WILSON CREEK: On Brqwnlng Rd, a 78 k 180' view lot only  300' from beach, road access, Thl�� lot Is partially cleared and  fenced, ready to build on. A quiet Itreet close to all facilities,  :-.On��.pr,tvklnd.at-$!6,0OO(' i ������������...' ,... ..,.��.���..      <.-...  SELMA PARK: Prime building lotl Over ISO' road Irontage,  Large enough to assure privacy. PP $18,500,  , REDROOFFS WATERFRONT: Lot 00x414' - Great view with all  . services, water, paved road, cablevlslon, hydro, FP: $26,500,  RlDR0C��FF6rtdrfle*1ot, 10^88^  posure on Cooper Road. Reduced to f0,900 for quick sale!  GOWER PT RD at 15th: 1/2 acre waterfront  view lot, BOildlng site has been excavated  and septic tank and field In and approved,  Steep to beach but has walkablo path In.  Hydro and water In, $29,500, ��� ,,<���  PRATT RD: Near Cedar Grove School. This  lot Is cleared and ready to build on. Mature  fruit (roes dot thla 76* 125 lot. $13,500.  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65 x 130.1  Close to shopping and the ocean, Sewer  easement of 10' on s,e. side of tho lot.  $12,500,  PORPOISE DRIVE SANDY HOOK: Large lot  approxIrnately 122 x 111 with 34 x 140���,  panhandle, entrance, Nlc�� lev*) bulldlno   site. Excellent view. ONLY 40 FEET FROM  THE WATER. You must see this lot to fully  appreciate the value, $12,000.  CHASTER ROADi Nicely treed building lot In  area of new homos, Slie 67 x 123, $9,900,  ."���" "W f ��� ' '   REDROOFFS ESTATES: 100x290 lot on the  south side of Southwood Road, Create your  own'estate on this half acre. $10,300.  ELPHINSTONE  AVE:  $1,000,000  view,  Located on Elphlnstone Avenue at Gran-  thams; Has lane at back, Suit two storey  ��� homewjth level entry at front, $9,300,    "  | ,r<l..**i.-l��iliW|^W->��M��-ltM..MM.-..-.,..r.iJ....i.  SMITH ROAD: Good view lot 123 x 168 with'  Q good bulldlno �����'��� and an unobstructed  ocean view, $14,300,   |   )'*"���' '��� ��� ���������  ............. ,..(C ,u ...,..��  I ,,, .-.-.-..,  POPLAR LANE: Good building lot on quiet  I street, Close to shopping and schools. All  services Including sewer. $10,800,  ROSAMUND RD: Three lots ta choose from.  Close ���* Cedar Orove School. $ 11,900,**-  POPLAR LANE:! Village lot handy  to all  amenities, 65 x 135. Very reasonably priced  'at $8,900,  GLASSFORD RD; This must be the best buy  on the market, 63 x 160' cleared. Sewer and  water connected. Culvert and fill. Ready to  build. $10,000.  BURNS RD: Good building lot 65 x 130, on  flat' land In Gibsons Village. Four blocks  from Post Office, stores and transportation.  Lightly treed. Three blocks from ocean., All  services available, $11,000.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Four building lots  on Sandy ���Hook Road. Water, .hydro and  telephone to each lot, These lots have a  spoctacular view of Porpoise Bay and are  only 4-l/3f miles from Sechelt. One priced at  $8,900 and the other three at $10,000.  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 1Q1 x 122 ft lot  with expansive view of the Bay Area and  Gibsons Village Is very well priced,  $11,500.  POPLAR LANE; Beautiful flat building lot  with view of North /Shora Mountains.  Located on the end ofja quiet cul de sac,  only 1 block to Sunnycrest Mall Shopping  Centre pnd schools, All services Including  sewer. Ad|acent to grass playing field.  $14,900,  ..,, ,,���     ������.;:.".*".,".',',"'���',''..',',',.,' j,'���',l,'",",',',','.'''.''..'.',',..'','",*';"* '������";:"  ABBS ROAD: View of Bay Area and Georgia  Strait Is yours from this beautiful lot In area  of elaborate homes, Two blocks to schools  and shopping. $18,900.  ���  i   , .  -T-.-��  SIMPKINS RD: Half acre View lot In Davis  Bay I 100 x 220' approximate ilia. A few  hundred feet to sandy beach, ichpol A store.  Level land with a few evergreens. $16,500.  LOOKING FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT? We  offer you 1/3 of an acre of park like  property located within Olbsons Village,  Has creek flowing through this secluded,  > private area. Needs Imaglnqtlve owner to  bring out full potential, Offers to $10,8001  FIRCREST ROADi Over twenty .nicely treed  building lots to choose from. 61x131, We  wl" arrange to have q harm built for you,,  Located a short drive down Pratt Road. Price  at $9/700 each, ,  GRANDVIEW & PRATT: gliding: lot In a fast  flrowlng   area.   Approximate,   size   Is  146x74x128'.  Present all    "  '�����Mrnprleirof ��� 11 .flOOr  :��HAMBERLINZROAD:^Executive- home-on^  acreage over 2100 square feet of floor  area. Two fireplaces, formal  living room  and dining room: Family room and eating  area. Double attached garage all on 4.38  ~affesrUnreplaceable_at~$97;500^  ROBERTS CREEK: A short drive through parklike area then over your own creek and  behold a two bedroom home nestled on the  edge of approximately two acre clearing Fn  pasture' and gardens with sunny south  slope. Woqded area to west rounds out the  total of 5 acres. One of a kind Offered at  $80,000.  PRATT ROAD: Hobby Farm. 2 bedroom  home with all appliances, ready for you to  ��� move in. Although the horses do not go, the  3-stall barn with tack room, grooming area  & loft does..Hen house & laying hens in-  cluded. Large corrol at tho r����nr-of-the  property. Fully landscaped with trees &  shrubs. All this on 1.16 acres with subdivision potential. $44,900.  CHERYL ANNE PARK ROAD: Large three  bedroom; home with finished heatilator  fireplaces up and down. Situated on approximately 1 /3 of an acre on a no-through  road. Neatly landscaped and nicely treed.  Rec room roughed in with finished  bathroom downstairs. ^Double windows  throughout. Excellent family home.  $57,900.  NORVAN ROAD:.At the top.of the hill in  West Sechelt. This brand new three  bedroom home in an extremely quiet area  offers incredible features. Large 95x129'  lot size.. Feature, lights.abpve.the fireplace.  Extra large bathroom with twin seal  skylights. All > this, and ocean view and  more. $49,900.  WILSON CREEK: Over 1/2 acre of incredible  'land, level with super growing soil. Landscaping only requires tidy-up, one bedroom  home presently rented for $175 per month,  shows great potential as revenue or starter  homer $27,900. "   GOWER POINT RD: at 14fh. Nearly 1/2 acre  of view property. Approximately 80'x250'.  R2 zoned with 2 distinctive building sites.  Local bylaws allow 2 dwellings on this  property. Partially cleared. Close to Gibsons and close to the beach. $16,900.  SMITH ROAD: Cleared view lot close to  ferry terminal and ocean view. Triangualr  shaped lot with good building site. $14,000.  CHERYL ANNE PARK RD: Roberts Creek.  Large lot with beautiful trees and some  view on quiet cul-de-sac In area of fine  homes. Before you decide see this attractive low priced property. Owner will  .consider terrns. $12,500.  LAUREL RD: Sechelt. On the high side of the  road this Davis Bay view lot will be all your  dream home ever Imagined, Priced to sell  and waiting.for you to build on. $14,900,  LAUREL RD: Sechelt, Approximately  72x297', nicely treed, some clearing on, the  lot will create a beautiful Davis Bay view,  Almost 1/2 acre of view property Is hard to  find. $17,900..  TRAIL ISLANDS: Large waterfront lot with  small cove for moorage. Beautiful view on  three sides, Excellent fishing spot on your  doorstep. Call and let us show you, this  waterfront retreat. $17,900. '  HILICHEST ROAD: Only $3,000 down I  Balance by agreement for Sale wjll purchase one of theso beautiful view lots at the  end of a quiet cul-de-sac. All underground  service so there Is nothing ot mar the view,  These lots are cleared and ready to build  on,. The ravine In front will ensure your  privacy, Theso lots represent excellent  value. Price from $13,900.  SCHOOL RD; Three view lots 73x110'. On  sewer, Three blocks from schools and  shopping centre, Cleared for building,  $16,000 ea.  LANGDALE RIDGE: Nice water view from  this bargain priced lot. $8,980.  MAPLE ROAD: .97 of an acre on Maple Road  (drive down Pine Road), Southern exposure  with wafer and Island view. $19,000,  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION: Fantastic  view lots, An area of new and varied  homes, These.lots offer themselves to many  different building locations. En|oy "privacy  and the view of Hawe Sound, Priced from  $11,900.  SCHOOL ft WYNOART, ROADS: Only 4, of  these duplex lots left. Beautiful view  properties overlooking the Bay,- Close to  schools and shopping, All lots perfectly  lulled to, ilde-by-side or up-down.duplex  construction. Price at $19,800 and $16 nno  "  ���  ���   .   ��� /.-'  v         "  . .'   ,'i  1  .  .'���.-.���  SKYLINE DR: Irregular shaped lot with great  view of Village, the Bay, wharf and boats.  An area of very nice homes, 100 feet on  offers  on  the     Skyline'Drive, Approximately 100 feet In  ~ *���*��� ~ <""a*iptrrf13;B06',   ' "��� ~�� ' ~* "  LORRIEGIRMRD       JON McRAE       ANNEGURNEV     CflRIS KANMINEN     ARNE PETTERSEN  886-7760 885-3670 886-2164 888-3945 886-9793  JnYVISSER  885-330  ���r  i  OAVE R0BEHTS  886-8040  ������'���) ���" \  ._.'.    iL :P-  f  1        *.  professional biirglar's tips on home protection  ' A brochure available from  local police departmentOgives'  a professional burglar's hints  on how he works.  .' He reminds you that he  rdoes not-wear traditional  mask, peaked cap and striped  shirt ��� he dresses to suit the  ������'������/.    - -r      -  neighbourhood he is working  rso he-bjends with the scene.  OTStbecause a man-going.  up to the door of a dark'house  is wearing a shapbrim hat  and" carrying" a^brief_ case  doesn't meaa ,he isn't a  burglar. Lights left on all day  One area of confusion in  the . public^.mind is the  meaning of the 'real estate  references to TERM and,  AMORTIZATION- in :sr mortgage.    , _     ,  The word TERM refers to  the length of time of the loan.  A five-year term simply  means the borrower has the  use - of���the, money-for-five  years.       ��� .  The _word__ Amortization,.  :���rmr  end of the term the unpaid  balance of the mortgate  becomes due and payable to  the mortgagee. ,  ��� ���Your���neighbourhopd  ! Realtor has a free pamphlet  called     MORTGAGE  ^FINANCING __jy hat���you-  should know, before'moving  ahead.  ~������Ask"him for~a~copjrso~you  can understand the  com-  and all hight are dead  giveaways to a buglar. If you  wan_t_a light Jn your vacant-  home at night, nse a, timer  that turns light t after dark..  �� Burglars-woi . bothef~a  two storey hou&�� vith a light  on both upstairs nd down ��� ���  too chancy! -The) don't like  dogs ��� too noicy! They can  see inside if Venetian blinds  , are   turned   DOWN,: but.  Venetian blinds turned UP/  only show the ceiling so ax,  burglar can't be sure there's,  none home.  v    Use these tips for your own .1  protection.when your home is,  vacant for an evening, or a  holiday. Protect yourself andL  your possessions with a bit of  forethought. ; ���_  JlomeJ^airattitie  The home buyer making    maximum, of $20,000 and the  e biggest investment of his,   programme ensures that the.  life getaspecial protection for builder wJlLJiye^nn-to-hte���  ttfat investment if he buys a    obligations for the first year of  home. enrolled in the New  Home Warranty, programme  of B.C. launched last year by.  HUDAC. All' pre-payments  made' by the home-buyer to a  builder! registered .under the.  ro#aja^et>rei)rbtectri^  ownership. The new homes  built under the programme  are automatically covered by  a warranty for a five year  period, against any major  structural defects .that .vitally  <   J��  Mitten  Whet* Real Estate is ������riout ��� but o ploaiur*  885-3295  'Van. Direct  681-7931  HOMES  HOMES  ACREAGE  iihtUia^  simply described, is a series  of payments calculated to  retire the debt:  Usually it is used to refer to  equalized monthly payments,  of principal and -interest.  Amortization schedules  can  range up to forty years.  General practice is to  renew or renegotiate the  mortgage for a further term,  at the prevailing mortgage  4)lmtie��uoLmorlgaging._  Help somebody  back to life!  Interest rate;  Obviously, the expiry date  of the term precedes the,  amortization schedule. At the  He.I Kfllf re,-, Mr  FOR SALE  COMMERCIAL C-2  ' Hwy. 101, Gibsons  2 lots 90 x 180', $32,500 each  1 - Acreage Lot, combined C-2 & R-2  3.5 acres, $52,500  Phone 886-2663 or 886-9075  FOR SALE  3 bedroom, completly remodelled home. Full  basement on large Ibt. North Road, Gibsons,  Fireplace, electric heat, fridge & Stove. Asking  $44,500.         - TOT 7  Fircrest Place, Gibsons - $9,500  LOT H  Giassford Rd., Gibsons. Sewer, water, year-  round creek. Asking $14,500.  PHONE 886-2663  HOMES  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  $89,600. .  An elegant - bdrm home designed  .with practical living in mind.  Spacious kitchen which includes a  Jennaire range/built in over and  dishwasher, loads of cupboords  and counter area. Heatalator  fireplace sets off the open living  and dining'room area,' which  surrounded by windows from  floor to celling to give a spectacular view of water and  jnountoins. Phone Suzanne  DunRefton-for~m6re~ detdl1s_6r7  this special home.  INFLATION FIGHTER  $28,500.  .SfdrRHe NewYear r'lghf by giving,  up paying rent I You can move  into this immaculate  =be1drooTh^^T4^hancelforrno  home and en|oy living on your  own -��� half acre landscaped  property, while land values increase.. P*fease cal I ��� Corry Ross.  ROBERTS CREEK $46,500.  |���Three'-bdrm-familyhomeon Beach���  Avenue. Large ~ living room and  unique kitchen with a nook. This  property has lots of potential for  someone with ideas. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton for viewing.  GIBSONS $49,500.  Well designed family home in quiet   '  neighbourhood. Three bedrooms up  and possible one down. Spacious  living room with a fireplace, large  kitchen with lots of cupboards and  .counter space. Basement with a-bar  is   3/4   finished'.   Call  'Suzanne  , Dunkerton to view.  ROBERTS CREEK VIEW $45.000  ' Located on child-safe semi-  waterfront cul de sac near school and  store. This 3 bdrm,two-storey home  features fireplaces in both living and  rec rooms, plus a family sized dining���  room. A good home at a realistic  -price. Call Corry Ross.  GIBSONS $62,500  1795 sq. ft.'.In this 3 bdrm home.  Largo living room with a heatalator  fireplace,. Convenient kitchen with a  nook. Full ensuite off master  bedroom. The rec. room.is fininshed  and includes a Schroader airtight  wood heater. Workshop S utility area  ~with~7jn^rrtrance- f rom-tfie" "carportr-  Call Suzanne Dunkerton for viewing.  KING ROAD GIBSONS . $116.000  Five acres cleared & fenced. Ready  "-for^our'liorierrabbltsrBifrlcH and  chickens! With outbuildings to house  them. A 1152 sq. ft. 3 bdrm home  built for a family that needs space.  .Kitchen is - spacious with a dishwasher and lots of storage room.  Living room has a fireplace which  creates a feature wall in itself. Large  workshop and a 2nd residence for  extra revenue. Call Suzanne  Dunkerton.  GAMBIER ISLAND $65,000  1/2 acre of sunny privacy. Enjoy the  ocean view from the sundeck of this  quality constructed home - 1,372 sq  ft. of comfortable  living  space on  ~��acrrfleor7A"fewof the-featareT"are~  wall to walj throughout, wet bar, 2  1/2   baths,   plus   2   fireplaces.   All  appliances.- some .furnishings   &  ,_i}cflpfiS-ajce.Jncludfid.-lruly.xubocgair4^  Call Terri Hanson for appointment to  view.  FAIRVIEWRD, GIBSONS - $87,950  130 x 220* residential lot in excellent -  pnnis court an^swlmming pool. The  ^modern tudor house is a joy to  behold with features such as forrnaj  idtnlf^&"|rvtrT|^o^r|��7a~fdmify room  with , fireplace,, working kitchen,  master bedroom with ensuite, fully  developed suite in lower level and a -  loft 30 x 15'. This 3 bdrm home offers .  qualities of living hard to find in our  area. Call Don "Sutherland.  DAVIS BAY     $69,950 ~  1536 sq ft family home located on  view lot. Home features large master  - bedroom with ensuite, large kitchen -  with first line cabinets, dining room,  living    room    with    spectacular  1536 sq ft of downstairs area also  available to give you room to  breathe, A quality home for your  comfort  and  enioymenL_��all_Don   Sutherland.  SELMA PARK $51,500  Immaculate 4 bdrm home, with room  for a growing family. 1 and 1/2  bathrooms, fireplace, mud room,  finished rec room, workshop, sundeck, landscaped lot, fenced, carport  and to top'all this off a beautifully  relaxing view' of Trail Islands. Call  Suzanne Dunkerton for a tour and  information.  LANGDALE $89,500  Semi-waterfront. Hidden paradise  with easy access ta beach and good  ' moorage. Ideal 3 bdrm and family  iome:���Well^planned'kifcrfen wflhT-  separate dining room. Sliding doors  open on to a secluded patio. Two  Ifireplaces plus quality construction  spacious & elegant home. Call Terri  for an appointment to view. '  RARE FIND  $18,000.      ���_____  ~l73~qulefiacreVofTurarsolitude  with'private driveway. Well treed  145 x 403 located In excellent  =area=above-StockwellIs���In���East  Porpoise. Bay. CgJJ Terrj Hanson.  Box-979 Sechelt,- B;C; V0N3A0t  Next to the Gulf Station   L   RE0REATION Ai   TUWANEK $19,500  Recreational   retreat-cosy  cabin  of  quality construction. Close to beach  ~dh a ffeedloCCeiirTeFrrHairisonloir  an appointment to view. Don't miss  this onel  RURAL RANCHER $110.000  -East Porpoise. Bay. Three acres of  corner property located close to  Sechelt. This excellent, acreage is  nicely developed with a quality 4  bdrm home, worJtghop.^guest .cabin,  private revenue suite, four-car  garage, vegetable garden, corral and  outbuildings. To see this special  property,' call Don Sutherland.  WATERFRONT   SANDY HOOK $27,500.  Well located view lot approximately  -70;X200'-on^:oracle-RdrSlgn-oni-Call -  Corry Rosr.  SECRET COVE $68,900  Approx 370" of waterfront with SW  exposure. Older 2 bdrm cottage,  private dock with 'good sheltered  moorage. Call Corry Ross.  TIREDOF CUFF HANGERS      $75,000  Get Ann to introduce you to a 3 bdrm  home on this attractive 1-3/4 acres of  flat land bordered by crushing creek  that opens to the ocean right behind  the prooerty. Call Ann Ibbitson.  WATERFRONT HOME $105;000  And acreage. 87.25 feet of your own  __waterfrontLCIoseJo village r-house-is-  2,093 sqft with full basement. Come  to see this home with Ann Ibbitson.  ������t0TS"=���  CHERYL-ANN PARK RD. $ 15,500.  A View - a creek -'centrally located in  Roberts Creek. 94 feet of creekside ���  164feet deep- prime residential lot.  SELMA PARK   " $14,900  See this lovely" view lot with Ann  Ibbitson. Call me for an appointment.  SEMI-WATERFRONT-   In Village opposite Marina.  Large  level Rl. Asking $25,000.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS $10,000  Build your country retreat ond enjoy  'the~ln1e"t~y1ew~~ol  mountains" and  Cot is sefvfcecTwitri telepjpne  wirlng.fleall  "water.  and underground  Suzanne Dunkerton.  SANDYKQOK   FOR RENT  G1B50H5 -TT50"7mo:-Tb"ar"rS5;  Call Ann Ibbitson.   ,-410,500-  .Beautifully  unimpeded  yiew   of  Sechelt Inlet on this large building  Jot. Suzanne Dunkerton.  KEATS ISLAND  Nicely treed corner lot with.a view.  Hydro & water available. 8x12 shed  to remain. Excellent buy at $7,500.  Call Terri Hanson.  DAVIS BAY $15,000  Close to store and just a short walk  to the beach. You could build your  new home in this popular area, Call  Don Sutherland.  TUWANEK  View lot  overlooking  Lamb's  Bay.  _CJoseItpjBQsy-beach-access-^- vendor-  will carry at C.I.R. Priced at $10,000.  Phone Terri, for more Information.  NORWEST BAY ROAD $23,500  Two tots  side   by  side,  ideal  for  ~moblle-homeTs1tesT"Boy"b6Th ~ for"  privacy   and' investment   or   buy  separately. Call Don Sutherland.  DON SUTHERLAND  885-9362  ANN IBBITSON  886-2542  CORRY *OSS  885-9250  SUZANNE DUNKERTON  885-3971  TERRI HANSON  885-5046  North Vancouver  139 West 16th Street  West Vancouver  1586 Marine Drive  Vancouver,  3343 Kingsway  OTHER OFFICES  TO SERVE YOU  Surrey  10474 137th Street  Langley  20585 Eraser Hwy  Powell River  4726 Marine Avenue  MEMBER OF "RELOCATION SERVICES CANADA" REFERRAL SYSTEM  ���ovif.d   z-.^'i  *  ,/'"���  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  V  We Are As Close As Your Phone  885-2235 (^) ^��E  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  t^i&pz^:���������������!*; Sechelt  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  NEW ENERGY EFFICIENT HOME #4049  Under construction how - 3 bedroom bungalow with energy  savers, Insulation of oversized walls filled to R20 capacity I  Thermopane windows I Skylight to keep artificial lighting to  a minimum. Quiet cul-de-sac Ipt adds to the enloyment of the  young .family and peace of. mind for mother. Near the  younger tots school tool Qualifies for government $5000  second mortgage or $2500 first home grant. Qupllfled family  would require low down payment on the full pi'lee 'of  $46,900. RUTH MOORE, 885-2235 (24 hrs.)  HANDY FOR THE SPORTSMAN #4050  This dandy lot on Gun Club Rd, Is ready for building. 64'xl 16'  of near level lot makes a great spot for your new home. Not  too far from the ocean and close to the Sports Club. Priced at  |ust $9,900. RUTH MOORE, 885-2235 (24 hrs.)  QUIET COUNTRY LIVING #4027  With all the conveniences this lovely 2 bedroom home Is on a  large 78 x 205' lot.  Large fireplace,  delightful  kitchen,  sundeck, detached garage and all In this lovely secluded  ' area. $42,500, RUTH MOORE, 885-2235 (24 hrs).  SPACIOUS QUALITY HOME #4024  Three bedrooms, master ensuite, nook In, kitchen plus  separate dining room. View living room warmed by corner  fireplace, supplementing all electric heating. Fine water  view,Close to arena. Unfinished basement -gradeentrance,  allows full scope for your design. Has mortgage 3/4*/. below  current rate. Asking $56,500. See with PETER SMITH, 885-  2233 (24 \}t��).  COUNTRY ACREAGE  ������������ ..���,; ��� .., J.3.W.0>  Well built and recently remodelled 3 bdrm home located on  2,33 acres with the added bonus of a yoar-round creek. The  property has other secluded building sites, so call DON LOCK  and discuss the possibilities of this property. 883-2233 (24  lirs), The price Is only $49,300,  CHOICE LOTS  #3834  Several level lots available on quiet road, In West Sechelt  |ust 1,7 miles to Sechelt. Hydro, phone, water and cable al  rpad, MmMmi,��t $10.OOqV Choose your site, Cpll DON  HADDEN, 883-2233 (24 hrs).  VIEW LOT #3985  Two looks long,��all the,way to the Skookum'chuck. 79 x 120'  lot at Sandy Hook for only $8300. Only brush to clear, JACK "  WARN, 888-2239 (24 hrs). i  SELMA PARK HOUSE WITH A VIEW #4033  Attractive 3 bedroom with spacious kitchen and dining area,  bright living room with stone fireplace, full basement, with  recreation room and sauna. This home'l��. in excellent condition, The Iqndicaplng Is beautiful. Asking $60,000 JIM  WOOD, 089-2239 (24 hrs).      .  DID YOU KNOW?  THE BEST WAY TO BUY REAL ESTATE  IS THROUGH THE YELLOW PAGES  OF OUR FREE CATALOGUE.  CALL US AND ONE OF OUR  KN0WLEDGABLE REPRESENTATIVES  WILL DELIVER ONE TO YOU ANYWHERE  ON THE LOWER SUNSHINE COAST.  JOHN R. GOODWIN  MUST SELL��� 4 BDRM FAMILY HOME #3999  The absentee owners wont to sell so call DON LOCK and  view this very substantial house on 3/4 acre of land, Some of  the features are large living room, kitchen with arborlte  cupboards and large nook. Bathroom with all walls treated in  arborlte, recreation room and enclosed garage, Asking price  Is $49,900 but let me submit your offer.  RETIREMENT LOT #3894  79 x 103 treed lot, close to the Harbour and a mile to  shopping. Hydro, phone and water along quiet road. Priced  right at $10,700. New MLS DON HADDEN, 885-2235 (24 hrs).  OETTINCi HARD TO FIND #3819  Quiet forest setting with year-round stream, 3 yr old cottage  A guest cabin on 12-1/2 acres, A mile off highway but on  paved road at Roberts Creek, Oood terms. $39,000. JACK  WARN, 883-2233 (24 hrs).  LEVEL LOT PROTECTED AREA #3988  Treed lot, site 80 x 140, on blocktopped rood, upper West  Sechelt, New horne area, protected by building schime,  Asking |ust $12,800. Don't pass It up, PETER SMITH, 883-2233  (24 hrs).  GREER ROAD-VIEW LOT #3848  Lovely water view, easy to clear bushes and fine for that  view home of your desire. Big 71 x 193', lots of scope for  planning. Asking, $14,500. PETER SMITH, 885-2235 (24 hrs).  RECREATIONAL LAKEFRONT #4028  Just picture yourselves relaxing and the natural beauty of a *  secluded recreational lot on the shore of beautiful Garden  Bay Lake. A small panabode cabin Is Included In the low price  of $29,500. DON LOCK, 885-2235 (24 hrs) has all the details  on this very attractive property. ��� '  CENTRAL LOCATION #4037  Conveniently located, nicely treed, almost level and with  hydro, water and phone to lot side. At the new low price of  $11,900 this one should be seen. BERT WALKER, 885-2235  (24 hrs).  LARGE BUILDING SITE #3847  Look no further for that larger than average building site as  this 83 x 240' level parcel with all local services at roadside  could be yours. See It then moke your offer on the  $11,500 asking price to BERT WALKER, 885-2235 (24 hrs).  A LOT OF POTENTIAL   ^ #4030  Offering a spectacular view of this fine homesite also offers  the convenience of shopping, schools and the ferry terminal.,  Be sure to stop by ana see this one. Asking $15,500. BERT  WALKER, 885-2235 (24 hrs).  NINfcTENTHS ACRE #3764  Large lot with stream through gives you plenty of scope to  develop your own estate. Services on paved road. Vendor  says sell for $10,500. New MLS. DON HADDEN, 885-2233 (24  hrs).  FAMILY CONVENIENCE #3975  4 bdrm, 1 full A two ensuite bathrms. Full bsmt, sauna,  shower A swirl pool. On sewer In lower Gibson*. Cold spring  In garden for a trout pond. $49,000. JACK WARN, 883-2233  '"(24 hrs').;   '," " '  LARGE LOT, COACH ROAD #4001  Large building 140 x 130' In quiet area; 2 miles from Olb-  sons, gentle slope, sunny orea,, some trees but could be  easily cleared for that dream home you have In mind. Asking  $11,900. JIM WOOD, 883-2233 (24 hrs).  SMALL HOUSEI SMALL PRICEI #4036  Beautiful ocean view from this two bedroom cottage wlfh  carport, have a home and money In the bank, On lease land,  the low asking price Is $19,900. JIM WOOD, 883-2233 (24  hrs).  ���_**!?.    *!*_*���   .,'*.**       Don Hadden       Jim Wood       BertWalker       JackWam       BobKsnt        John R. Goodwin  88541213  885-&504  '(^(M'**'!'Pt��W-f"J']>S'VK*t��<  $85-2571  - ftt*^<^$^i$$a��*j��^^ emtio-** W*��*'w*��#i*����r��w'i��(�� WW**!**  SW374T  Brian Coyle  885-2235  r , - - -/���  ���J-  PageUp  . The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 3,1979  DoojYour CiuborGfougrRBpori  _-r,i-i-,.  _&.  Its Activities Regularly toThoTMes?  ������i-fj  control legislation enters final  rr^er^inal"Tjh8seTi)i!^^giin-<X3)ntrol"  legislation approved by parliament in  1977, a screening system to control the  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE (1978) LTD  ^v     Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Roid, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271 I  ?  VALUE VALUE VALUE '    - _.-'���*  Everywhere you look there is value In this truly beautiful home. Cathedral entrance, 3  bedrooms, 2 fireplaces, lge rec room', workroom plus one bdrm suite downstairs. Nicely  landscap^dnd the price hbs been REDUCED to $57,0007"Cair Larry R.eaTlJolTTo_see~BI_��'"  9320. v         REDROOFFS / HALFMOON BAY AREA  <7<  ^ARGENT ROAD GIBSONS $13,900  -Magnificent oceon-vlew lotl Fully sejvlced, on 8ew_er._65 _x_J j0'._  Close to all amenities. Builder's terms available, lajry Reardon,  :_885;?320\ , .   LANGDALE ^ , , $54,900  Large,- spacious, 2-bedroom home on 85,' x 165' lot. Large kitchen, dining room, sundeck, carport,,2 fireplaces, 2 bathrooms,  finished basement. Price includes fridge, stove, washer and  ' dryer. Call Larry Reardon 885-9320.  ----������        ROBERTS CREEKr���=   ; UP & DOWN DUPLEX '"f /" _   $49,500  Large 3 bedroom'with excellent revenue potential, located on 1  acre near Roberts Creek on Highway 101.  -offers. -Ed-Baker,-S85-2641.  Vendor will consider  DAVIS BAY  WELCOME WOODS    - '  $15,500* $9,750  Two extra large lots, 125 x200', Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  $13,500  ^Beautiful-Va^acreMo^loaded-wlth^treerion-blacktop^rood^with^  hydro and water. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  MALFACREIOT.-  ~   ������-      ��� $15,000 ~  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road and the road to '  Sargent Bay. Serviced with hydro and water, lorry Reardon, 885-  9320.  REDROOFS  Nor West Bay Rd. wooded lot. 150 x 70, zoned R2, trailers  allowed. "Sign" onrSB5v2_64f!  FABULOUS HALF ACRE  Southern view over Sargent Bay, gently sloped and treed,  _18x-l^-storage-shed^Chuck-Dowman,-885-9374-or-K���Wellsr-  886-7223.  DAVIS BAY , , ��       $42,000  Attractive and well-kept 2 bdrm rancher. LR with fireplace. Both  ���bedroomlargeT-kitceen-has-plenty-of-cupboardsr-utility-wired-  for -washer & dryer. Stove, fridge, all drapes included. Landscaped grounds and workshop. Close to beach. A home you  should see. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  *  EASYTERMS $1,000 DOWN  $175 per month buys you a terrific large view lot. Ideal rock  ���outcrop to build on, storage shed on property. FP $13,500. C.  Dowman, 885-9374.  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT $15,500* $8,500  At Sandy Hook we have this 100'+ waterfront lot, close, to road  and adjoining with an excellent view lot that lies next to B.T.  Larry Reardon, 885-9320. __  4 TUWANEK  1/3RDACRE Offers $15,000  Only half block to marina. Level treed lot with water & hydro.  Lots of privacy. Chuck Dowman. 885-9374 or Ken Wells, 886-  7223.  SECHELT  SECHELT VILLAGE: 3 bdrm sparkler,  JCharming ft immaculate w-dining rm  *and    kitchen   eating   space,   cozy  fireplace   &   carpeted   throughout.  Only 1  yr old and already has a  bountiful  garden  with  fruit   trees.  Priced to sell fast at $46,900. Ken  Wells, 886-7223.  $13,500  including  cable.  WEST SECHELT  1/2 ACRE LOT  Cleared  and  ready to build  on.  Serviced,  "Nickerson Road. Ed Baker 885-246K  $18,500  1.17 acres, nicely treed, gentle slope to SW, will have a good  view when some trees come down. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  RARE 25 ACRES Asking $62,000  Only 5 minutes west of Sechelt. High and dry, mostly treed.  Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  $56,500  Attractive Spanish type 3 bdrm bungalow, approx, 3 yrs built..  Large LR 20x20jwith_fi_replace,_open beam.ceilings, DR, family,  kitchen. All bdrms large, master ensuite, w/w throughout. Large  workshop at rear. Floor area 1584 sq. ft. Ed Baker,'885-2641.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  MONEYMAKER  ' , _- $35,000  2 yr old 3 bedroom full bsmt home on one acre. Live in while you  do the finishing.' Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  GARDEN BAY ROAD > $22,500  Rock bluff building site on this 3.5 acre wooded property, would  provide terrific view over pasture land. All-year stream. Easy  terms available. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 or Ken Wells 886-  7223. y.  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Semi-waterfront property, just across the Narrows Bridge and  facing Bargain Harbour. Treed and good for building on, with  just the road between you and the water. Larry Reardon, 885-  9320.  GAMBIER ISLAND  $65,000  . It's going to be easy to foil In |pve__with_thls charming log home,  that is completely remodelled inside. Nestled on 8 acres of  beauty that includes lge trees, fruit trees, flower & garden. This  2 bdrm home is 5 min. from New Brighton wharf���Larry Reardon,  885-9320.  MADEIRA PARK RANCH  -22-acre working ranch, all fenced and cross-fenced. Good large,  barn, good pasture and some fruit trees. All year-round water  supply. And for the lady of the house it has a modern 2 bedroom  home. Has facilities for horse shows and rodeos. Larry Reardon,  885-9320.  HIGHWAY 101 COMMERCIAL C2  Corner of Airport Road   "  SHOPPING CENTRE SITE  Lot 4, Corner lot 1.883 acres, price $125,000  Lot 3, Inside lot 1.778 acres, price $75,000  We're the Neighborhood Professionals"  a<?quisitio^-o!-^unsr-caine-into-iorcp-  January 1,1979. Details of the new system  were announced by Solicitor General  Jean-Jacques Blais,  After January 1, all persons acquiring  guns," whether by purchase, exchange or  borrowing, must have a valid Firearms  Acquisition Certificate. Those who are ���  prohibited by a court, and those with*  recent records of violent crime, or who  have  received . treatment  for-mental  disorders associated witH violence, will  not receive certificates.  _���These-measures-are-designed- to-  combat the use of guns in crime. They  complement the phase one measures  introduced January 1,1978, which included  tougher Sentences for those committing  crimes with firearms, new categories of  restricted and prohibited weapons, and  ~ new police_and~cburt powers toUeaT with  gun misuse.  The solicitor general expressed con-  -cern-^t=^e-=jiisturhin_ulevels-of��� gun-  murders, accidental deaths, and suicides.  "Firmi measures had to be"taken," he said,  "to reduce the rising number of gun  deaths. I have been particularly concerned that the majority of firearms  murders occur between people who know,  each other, usually- in-domestic-distur���  bances, which are also the most difficult  situations for police to deal with."  "The firearms law received lengthy  -consideration before it was approved by  Parliament,l'_Blais noted_._ "The_law_was_  carefully and deliberately conceived to  include tough anti-crime measures, but it  does not interfere unduly with the continued private, legitimate use of firearms.  This government is committed to such a  i policy, which also has the full support of  all provinces.   "The firearms measures have# of  course, been discussed in details with all  provinces, which are responsible for the  enforcement of the law.  "I am sure," the solicitor general  cdncluded, "that these measures will also  receive the full endorsement of people in  all parts of Canada who realize that there  must be reasonable controls on the use of  <firearms in a rapidly growing urban:  society."  The solicitor, general stressed that the  firearms measures, like any other law,  require the active support of all Canadians  - if they are to be successful. /  Firearms Acquisition Certificates, to  be issued by local police, will cost $10, and  will be valid anywhere in Canada for a  period of five years. They" permit the  purchase of any number of guns.  Application forms together with explanatory material and detailed instructions are available at all police offices and at most firearms- businesses.  Applicants will be asked whether they  have been prohibited by a court-from  owning firearms, whether they have been  convicted within the previous five years of  a crime of violence, and whether they have  been treated for a mental disorder  associated, with violence.in that period.  Police will check for possible criminal  records involving violence before issuing  thecertficate  In cases where applications  ant^f^ arjpUcaUons, the^appUwmtwill -  be. notified in writing of the refusal, and  the reason for it. The legislation provides a  right of appeal to a magistrate, and the  applicant has 30 days to notify the  magistrate of his intention to appeal. In  such cases, the magistrate will hear both  sides of the question before making a,  decision.  All firearms dealers must ensure that  ~guri"rpurchasers"have~vaUd���Firearms  Acquisition Certificates before selling any  guns.after January 1, 1979. As well, all  dealers will be required to meet basic  standards of security on their premises,  and will keep records" of all gun transactions. All -such businesses are now  being inspected, by police officers and  business inspectors, andmust be licensed  under authority of the provinces.  DON'T MISS OUR  THE FIREPLACE THAT ACTUALLY  HEATS YOUR HOME  Warm air flow*  from Iron*  h��atlln��r 300*  * Constructed of extra heavy duty 3/16"  boiler plate, the firebox and other steel  ..-.parts, will last-indefinitely due-to the  fresh air continually circulating  throughout."  * The warm air produced by the NORTHERN FIREPLACE fills the room and, if  ou open the door, it fills the adjoining  room, and the next. With ONE NOTHERN  FIREPLACE and entire house could be  heated.  Frwh outilde  oir'Weri  back of/  hwfllner  GOVERNMENT TESTED & PASSED  BILL & HEIDI GOODMAN 885-2615  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  UNITED CHURCH  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  " Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.m.( *Wednesday Evenings 7:30.  All in St. John's United Church,  Davis Bay  ���  Phone .885-3157, 886-7882,  Sechelt P.O. Box 1514  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  ,   .' '      Rev. T. Nichdbon, Pastor,  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:0tf p.m- Sat. eve at St. Mary's, Gibsons  8:00 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on the  Spchelt Indian Reserve - '  100 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Ports *. Sales * Service  Rotor Lather Servico lor Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakes  Valve and Seat Grinding  All Makes Serviced   -   Datum Specialists  Gibsons  Phone 806-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Sechelt  885-5181  BLASTING  Ted's Blasting ft Contracting Ltd.  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RENTALS LTD,  TOOLS ft EQUIPMENT RENTALS   Scaffolding, Rack Drills, Powsr Tools, ,  Automotive Tools, Pumps, Generators,  and Compressors  Highway 101 083-2085  atf rancls Peninsula Road  ROOFLAND ROOFING PRODUCTS  Your One-Stop  Roofing Supply Centre  .   886-2489  TIRES   COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coast Highway ^ '  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C.  886-2700  SALES ft SERVICE  ,   All Brands Available  ,   Monday to Sajurday, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm  Friday evening by appointment only  TREE TOPPING   PEERLESS TREE SERVICE  '��������� Complete Tree Sorvlco   Prompt, Guaranteed, linurod Work  Prices You Can Trust  Phone J, Rlsbey,  885-2109  CERVICAL CANCER  w  f  ft <"%;  ,      ^-v  -��-- \~ r __ ".  Many motorists wU be piirdiasUig  "gasoline and motor j)U by TtRe fltre^  HSeg^ingpin January, 1979?The meti^q,  conversion of service station pumps to  dispense in litres instead of gallons will be  atgradual process, scheduled to be completed by the end of 1980.  The petroleum industry plans to con*  vert pumps first^in the major population  centres following a plan developed by their  metric conversion sector. committee, and _  published (two years ago by Metric  Commission,Canada.  '__ _ A tank flli-uplnay very from less than,  M LiorsmaU jarsJa-overifiO-L forJarge,  "oies;- Results, ~ of oil company "test  programs in Canada and the United States  using service station pumps dispensing in  litres have! shown that motorists adapted  quickly to the changeover. Most drivers  continued[to buy gasoline in terms of a  tank fill-up or the number of dollars worth  they wanted! -   ~  , Other changes will be seen at service  stations. Motor oil will be sold in litre  containers.  Wednesday, January 3,1979 .  The Peninsula Times  the-Grub Baa  s-'.' _L  t  By Ann  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  . Bus: 885-9244,  Res: 885-2685  -    BUTTERMILK PANCAKES  2 cups sifted, enriched flour  1 teasp. soda '  1 teasp. salt-  1 tablesp. sugar  2 cups buttermilk  2 tablesp. melted butter or bacon fat  Siflrdry-ingredients-into-a-bowlT-Add���whippedbutter.-  grind, Fold into a recipe for-whipped  butter..  For Cranberry-Orange Butter: Dice  one small orange, but do not remove the  peel. Put orange, Y�� cup raw cranberries  and Vi cup sugar in electric blender. Blend  for 40 seconds or so. Fold into onerecipe of  PageB-7  eggs, buttermilk and melted butter,  stirring only until flour is barely  moistened. (Never mind a few small'  lumps.) Bake on a hot, lightly oiled griddle  or electric skillet heated to 375 degrees F.  jF^r^uniformrJpancacks,. _use_a _ Y* cup  HAWAIIAN PANCAKES  Drain one nine oz. can crushed (one  cup) pineapple and fold into, buttermilk  pancake batter. Sift powdered sugar over  the top, and serve with whipped orange  butter.      ���    Modem, 5 storey, first, class motor. hotc�� Good Jocattar) - 1 block from  beach, English Bay and Stanley Park, near downtown, shopping within 2  �� blocks. 125 attractively appointed air-conditioned rooms, studios, efficiency  units ,*and suites - each with private"-oath, color TV and phone. Dining  * Room and Coffee Shop. Lounge with entertainment. Sample and Meeting  Rooms. Drive-in lobby and free parking.  " > '. $'  1755 Davie Street. Vancouver V6G 1W5. Phone: 604-682-|83I collect   ���i ___���Tele-r04-5t 161 ��� ���   _   J.       . -  ^  GIBSONS      FOR TlfVIES CALL  rf*fe 4?*fe &&       -fi^ JWk dlfStk B8S99  measure ��� or use a drip-cut pitcher, and  count 1-2-3 as you pour. Turn cakes when  bubbles on the surface break. Serve with  - whipped orange -butter -or-syrup.  TUES., JAN. 2nd  WED., JAN. 3rd  THURS., JAN. 4th  FRIV JAN. 5th  8:00 P.M.  "MATURE"  THEMYSTERY^BMEDr'  THAT TASTES  _^X300DASIWOOK^  IOWMAR ���  AQflTllflCnRlSTIK  /iBwrojrrr/tnincnjr  4%.  STARTS SATURDAY,  JAN. 6th THRU  WEDNESDAY, JAN. 10th  8:00 P.M.  "MATURE"  COMING SOON  THE CAT FROfVf OUTER SPACE  )ISH PANCAKES   They are delicate and tender. You can v serve Wltn  keep the first ones hot in the oven while  you bake the rest. ~. These pancakes stay  happy even if they have to wait!.  2 eggs  .Lcup:lightcream��� " ~.   % cup sifted enriched flour  Y* teasp. salt" J  ���iBeaLeggS-justenough to blend yolks_  and whites; add light cream.. Sift flour,  - sugarand salt into liquid ingredients; beat  until smooth with a rotary beater. Let  stand at least two hours so batter will  thicken and cakes will hold their shape on  the griddle. Heat the griddle or skillet to  .375 degrees F until a drop of water will  dance on-the- surface.- OU lightly- Beat -  batter up again and pour from a drip-cut  pitcher (about 2 tablesp. for each cake).  Brown on both sides. (If difficult to turn  pancakes without breaking at first, loosen  edge with spatula and lift pancakes with  fingers, peeling it off the griddle). Roll or  fold pancakes; place in an oven-proof  platter; cover. Keep warm in a slow oven  (300 degrees F); unroll, fill; reroll and  - sercev-Willxnakea-dozen 5 inch pancakes^  (You may use % cup heavy cream and Vz  cup water).  WHIPPED BUTTER  . Use this airy, topper as is, or with any  ,-^fruitbutter =���=������-!=   Let Yi pound (one stick or Yz cup) butter  stand at room temperature for one hour.  Place in mixing bowl and run mixer at low  speed until it smooths out. Gradually  increase mixer speed and whip until butter  is fluffy (takes about 7-8 min.). Cover until  ready to use. (If made ahead and  refrigerated, remove from refrigerator an  hour before serving).  For Whipped Orange Butter: Dice one  small:orange, do not remove the peril;  AFRICAN PANCAKES.  .  Add Yi. cup diced ripe bahans to buttermilk pancake batter. Garnish the cakes  with slices-of bananas and powdered  sugar. Sprinkle with chopped pecans;  butter  whipped butter and warm  syrup.  Most young mothers will agreee.���  what we really need are seat belts for the  home.  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES~ASlRyi_CE^l_ _.  IN  THE M OF SECHELT  885-9816    Admiral  Ask about our  "Package" deals.  Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  '��*���..  British Columbia Hydro  and Power Authority  PUBLIC NOTICE  R OUTAGE  ELECTRIC POWER WILL BE INTERRUPTED AS FOLLOWS  MONDAY - JANUARY 8, 1979 to f RIDAY ��� JANUARY 12.  1979 ��� POWER OFF FROM 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. and 1:00  p.m. to 3:00 p.m., approximately.  _> NOTIh-OutageJnmes^codd^ary-andpower-mayLbe restored  earlier than 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m..  ���������'���, AREA AFFECTED: From Highway 101 and Narrows Road to  Irvines Landing and all Areas in between.   REASON^Upgrading of the present Distribution System.  E. Hensch,  District Manager  GET IT!  IN GIBSONS  HIRE AN  EXPERT IN  TILE SETTING  886-9505  FREE ESTIMATES  NO OBLIGATION  M��  y  years later.  DRIFTWOOD CRAFTS  886-2525  'WE HAVE A COMPLETE  SELECTION  OF  WOOL  &    ,.  CRAFT  SUPPLIES  -  * McCALL'S  PATTERNS,  SEWING  NOTIONS &     tfM.IWrM  Sunnycreit Centre, Gibsons  Mill UPHOLSTERY ft  IfflBOATTOPSLTD  MAKING CUSHIONS  FOR CHRISTMAS?  TOSS CUSHION  FORMS  886-7310  WnEEK  ����   CREDIT UNION   ^  * Loans  * Mortgages   * jjest^ Saving Rates  LOCATED NEXT TO  THE BUS DEPOT  *' 886-8121  IN SECHELT  '���s*^  UNCLE MICK'S SHOES  885-9838  COLD WEATHER BOOTS FOR THE WHOLE  FAMILY ��� SNUCiGLY LINED  LEATHERS & RUBBER  'X  BUILDING  SUPPLIES  A COMPUTE UUILDINQ SEnVjCG"  lilCTifpTil.  'Conte-1  See Us  886-8141  Sunshine Coast  Highway, Olbsoni  Sunshine Cshjtwy.  Gibsons.  "MORE  THAN  JUST  PLYWOOD'  886-  9221  C&S HARDWARE  CHRISTMAS LIGHTS  ��� 2 FOR THE PRICE  OF ONE  OTHER IN-STORE  SPECIALS  885-9713  SECHELT AUTO  CLINIC  885-5311  ELECTRONIC  ENGINE  croc  ANALYSIS*!)  V1 J6VC ELECTRONICS  II. ��.0. h>tM  2568  For your  computer  heeds  879��5  ELECTRONIC  next to Dogwood  Cal*, Lower  Gibsons.  h&m-  SPECIALISTS IN  RADAR, VHF, CB  THE PEACH TREE  For all your Cosmetic and  Fashion Jewelry Needs.  Manicures, Pedicures, Facial  Cleansing* & Make-up Application  Orders Taken  885-3813  TYDEWATER CRAFT  A HOBBIES LTD.  Cower Pt��� Olbsons  186-2811  JANE'S TUB & TOP SHOP   ���.���.,      886-7621... -   SPECIAL :  ROMAN BATH ANTIQUE RED  Includes Delta laueql rJ  Reg, $470     '        '    fll   V \\"A ".'  now, $350    , y$g$^ Sg:  mmmmmmmmmmmmmiti iii 'mi  Centoe  yw'U tvvt ttted,  BEST SELECTION OF  .CHILDREN TO TEENAGE LEVEL  BOOKS ON THE PEI^NSULAI  Aarge variety of Ad(i|lt paperbacks  Stationery - Home *J Office  GREETING CARDS  -  r gfl\   contemporary sV standard  ��9 J 885-3258  ly RedKen, JhlrmacK & Vldsl Saasoon Produois  Secu<fy  Open Tuesday to Saturday  885-3818 Cowrie St.  > CHRISTMAS     ^  DECORATIONS  40% OFF  885-9455<  SECHELT  \  UNICORN  ^     PETS 'N PLANTS  \ 888-5526, Sechelt  SATURDAY  SPECIAL  .* BLACK SAILFINMOLLIES-  BUY 2 GET ONE FREE  INVENTORY REDUCTION SALE  JANUARY 3 to JANUARY 13  Sechelt Building I -s^-��_^__w  "    i:��_J��ii��__jf es_!��.< ���wm*, w,J ;���-: itf.tMi ��   ' Vessseierfsi*n  ���tS-flt|er  Mt-0111  Call m* abotit our  Craft Classes  ��IflUnCLS41NftMInU ft -.. ...  CONSTRUCTION LTD,  "SEE OUR  SPEC HOUSES"  t^*w>��iiw^sv��^w*W"^wnf��*h"*iM��wtr;-  ~  cuifbllloliluilbla J  886-2440  i [\h '  J.***  EXQUISITE BOUQUET  AflM 886-��222  CHRISTMAS  DECORATIONS  j^m -   Sunnyerest Centre, Olbsoni  IN PENDER HARBOUR  HARBOUR SUPPLIES  883-2513  AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE  !���'t|��*^-'**r,#��!|��#!*;l  plumbing fixtures  W- '.Ml  miCy   (Sl��� W-l> W- m. A mM ��� "HI- IJLflsV^.. Us*  ChJldr��n,��i><W#��r  MADEIRA PARK  !  /.�� ~JT  ,- V.  X,  -     s��  ,  -%*>���  ,   ��� ^.  .  "f-���S>-T-  ���     ,                     .-,:  ' ').. ���.   ���  ��� .-������-.  ��� '  " '                 '���'������J  n  V    '        '  M  ph0:y"::^  o.;;;:v-'>-f^v^.:V?  *"]---;'   ,?'  :-^j.v  ��� .'- $ss% ���'-��� .���;!; ;'>  X:";��.;V  :^'  .^>.  .vv  11  ������"'���'��� ;,������*,''���" :':*?r !���''<-  >''. ;<V.  �� j-^-.���.-,-, ��,;_��������  **' V^ *v��,f"  "'^^v:^_":'V  *��^  5  ,'������+������' -.������  "Vr:!v;*'";y".'  "^^���0  ���'^'Vv#  > V ''''.'::  V.' ���"\-:"'..'.'-'.' "���:'.-'���.   ���  l-&\?Ks^-'^-S':-:>.  - - -'fc.-  '���'-"���']  1  ���^  3?^5?Wr  ^������r  �����;;,��  K'7';-':  .'.w^-i.;.^.^^,,^^  ,:V;v;!r.-"ir';  ^VOm1  ���S-V."'. ���,;������-;'  '1%;-':!;'.]^  ||vl|  ;;ft%|^*'  .;,������:';���; .''".V:,-7  ui  a*  Every customer whq comes in and|jriakes a  purchase during January, 1979-^Th receive  at no extra charge  BONUS OFFER  Norman Rockwell  p   containing 12 prints'  I    ready for framing!  This offer good only for month of January, 1979.  Koi  W�����  ,| . *,>  %  1  '^S?/  Wm  ��l ifii  W  '���>.  if  <*V7  .���*"(>  A  CHAROKX  SB  >*  accepted  mm^aMv^-:  "\  ����  ���'  t I  TIRE STORES  . ..wherc-the coffee pot is always on.  PLEASENOTE: '  ��� nose'beautiful uw  Phone 885-3155 for an appointment  Wharf & Dolphin St.  -.   �������  '


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