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The Peninsula Times Aug 16, 1978

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Array ������/.��� /  ���'!��  -i n7  g��p....,..-��  ....  rr: :��i*&yj��__  Wflfi!\\\\\\\\\\\\\\_\^^  2nd-Class-Moil -  Serving the Sunshine Coast   (Howe Sound lo Jervis Inlet)   including Port Mellon   Hopkins Lending. Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Csee'k _    . ..-..-  Wilson Creek. Selma Pork. Sechelt. Halfmoon Bay   Secret Cove   Pender Hrb    Madeira Pork   Gardon Bay   Irvine s Landing   carls Cove   Egmont       ff     885-3231 22 PageS  Union (..misiS'fe Label  ~m^m.^��mj  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST  Volume 16 ��� No. 37  2cNa      Wednesday, August 16,1978  ^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm0*mmmmmmmmmmmLWmmm  By DENNIS FITZGERALD      s  District Highways Department  Manager Tucker Forsyth says his  department's plans are no secret, but he's  a little skeptical of encouraging public  debate about them.  "We're not trying to bulldoze anything  through," he said in a Times interview last  Friday. "But if you go but and announce a  job, the first thing people want to do is call  a public meeting. We just can't operate  that way."  During the last couple of months  Forsyth has found it difficult to operate at  all in Roberts Creek. First, the opening of  a beach access road on Park Avenue ���  which he says "seemed like a logical  extension to me" ��� stirred a flurry of  protest which ultimately led to dropping  the project.  That uproar was scarcely quieted when  one of-his-crew-was physically blocked  from proceeding with another project on  Flume Road. Several residents stood and  "satinfrontrof road bidding machines until  Forsyth agreed to compromise and knock  enough feet off the planned 66-foot  -widening "t,   :  ��� The next thing Creek residents knew,  ^survey-crews- were-putting-up-flags-along-  the perimeter of the Beach Avenue right of  way. A committee was struck during a  hurriedly called Community Association  meeting, and instructed to convey  residents' fears that the meandering, tree-  lined road was about to be converted to a.  barren 66-foot-wide throughway.  Forsyth says that during his 12 years  here with the Highways Department he's  seldom encountered anything like the  oppostion he's been drawing in Roberts  Creek. _   work on Francis: Peninsula, all kinds of  little side roads and work just exabtly like  Beach Avenue. We did Havies Road and  Snodgrass Road (in Davis Bay). And I  don't think we had one complaint from all  that."  Situations such as the ones in Roberts  Creek "do make it difficult for us," he  said.       s.  - Job allocations are. approved from  Victoria every spring, ahd must be spent  during the April 1-March 31 fiscal year.  Delaying a project so that it can't be  completed during the year it is approved  for, means that funds for the job are  returned to general revenue and no longer  available to the district, Forsyth said.  Although final funding approval rests  with Victoria, Forsyth says that decisions  about "Which projects to undertake and  -what priority should'be attached to those  projects originate with him, in consultation with regional officials in Burnaby.  And his Burnaby superiors are not  desk-bound bureaucrats, says Forsythe.  "They're over here all the time; they know  factors including a particular road's traffic volume, maintenance problems and/  requests'from entities such as the regional  board and ratepayers groups.  Another factor is the department's five  and 10 year plans for road construction  and upgrading.  From hot  to humid  Last Tuesday, August "8, was, the;  warmest day of the year so far, but you  won't find it recorded that way in the official weather report.  Maryanne West of the Gower Point  _weather��� recording station says" the  mercury reached 85 degrees Farenheit  last Tuesday ��� one degree F above that'  recorded on July 22. Official weather  records are now kept in Celsius, however,  and 84 F and 85 F both convert to 29 C.  If you suspect it was hotter than 29  -around-your house on August 8 , you may  the area." The Burnaby office oversees six be right. West says other parts of the'  other districts in addition to Forsyth's, peninsula, such as Gibsons and Pender  .wMch-toclud<��~T^da4sla^-an^  perature of 32 (90F) or higher.   " The" rain last Saturday, which fell  mainly on the Sea Cavalcade opening  ceremonies, was the first good soaker in  two months. The Gower Point station  recorded 18 mm (almost % of an inch),  Saturday. The last rainfall better than a  shower was the 23.9 mm (almost 1 inch)  recorded on June 12.  " Despite the rain, local Forestry Service  spokesmen say this arena's campfire ban  "Last year we did 17 miles in Pender  Harbour along Garden Bay Road. We did  River as well as the Sunshine Coast.  He says Victoria can order htm to  undertake a job which he hadn't considered a high priority, but that such  directives are rare.  Issues such as Park Avenue are certainly important to the people who live  there, acknowledges Forsyth, but "in  Victoria's scheme of things, they've got  more important things than that."  Forsyth submits estimates in September for jobs he wants to undertake remains-in-effectr-The-Saturday-Fainfally  during the following fiscal year. He says    dropped the fire risk to a low hazard  job decisions are based on a_vari^ty of    rating.  Once approved, the projects are seldom  altered substantially. "We do make  changes during the year, if something  serious comes up, but not too often."  For��rjrth says the compromise on Flume  is an example of the department's  willingness to listen to public opinion. The  beach access road from Park Avenue was  not a budgeted project. It was an extra  which Forsyth thought could be  easily managed with the machinery  already on site.  Road construction or widening and the  resurfacing which follows normally are  not planrted-for the same fiscal year.  Approval for the Park Avenue paving, for  example, will be sought under the 1979  budget. \ *  The reason for this, says-Forsyth, is  that if bad weather or other factors delays  a constuction project, it may not be  possible to resurface the same year and  thus money budgeted for paying in the  same year could be lost.. Also, he said, it is  technically preferable to let new road  construction settle a bit before paving.  Major construction projects, such as  the recently approved continuation of the  Highway 101 upgrading north of the Jolly  Roger, - fall outside "Forsyth's" administration. They are handled on a  DISTRICT   Highways    Manager f skeptical of the wisdom of opening  Tucker Forsyth says  his  depart-   local projects up for debate,  ment's plans are "no secret," but he's  '%  contract basis by the department's con-'  struction branch.  Smaller projects are handled under the"  supervision of two foremen on the Sunshine Coast, one based in Gibsons and'the  other in Madeira Park. There are about 25  full-time employees of the department in  the two foreman areas, and they basically  constitute a maintenance crew.  Construction projects require the  -hiring otmachinery and extra workerson~  an hourly basis.  Although  Forsyth, encourages  local  groups', requests for road improvement  projects, and although he says he wilT  readily discuss the deparment's local  .plans with..anyone who requests information, he's not sure encouraging local  -debate-is-a practical-move.  That's not so bad; it lets in lots of sun and  "It's difficult for people to agree on  these things. Look at what finally happened on Park Avenue. What was the final  .vote ��� 34 to 31? That could have gone  either way, and so who's to say what was  right?  "We can compromise a little, like we  did here (on Flume) in view of community~-drumined into me, I guess j look at it  feeling. But the ultimate responsibility for mainly from an engineering viewpoint,  maintenance is ours. And to maintain a The way I see it, if you cut down some  ~road;  air,".- ���.������       r.    ���. ,  Putting small amounts of money into  limited upgrading jobs means that in the  long run a project jnpycost twice as much  -as~if4t-had~beeri~hmdled^onTCT^  adequate scale at the outset, says Forsyth.  He --says he is concerned about  preserving the natural beauty of the area,  but he has difficulty understanding people  who rush to the defence of "every tree and  blackberry bush. -,-������-*-���  "After all theSe years of having it  we have to do what we feel is  necessary. I would have liked to have  cleared it (Flume) to the full 66 feet.  trees, look at all title trees that are left  behind. A nire, straight 66 footf width is  easy to maintain."  vote set for  ly  -���<' The ^Regional   District's   recreation  committee,has Set October 7,as a "ten-\v  tative  date','  for the  controversial '���;  recreation referendum. ; i'  , The committee met last Thursday at  the request of the Regional Board to set a  date and' plan strategy for selling the 12-  item proposal at the polls.  Directors have received a letter advising them that the Ministry of Municipal  Affairs has reviewed the proposal and1''  found; it in order but cannot give final  approval until a referendum date has been  ;Set."'"." "'"'rX ������';-:-.-���-���;��� ^ ���'.       ;  .��� .RecreationGoirnnitteeChaimiahDick  Derby told committee members that a  date in mid-September was desirable  because it would allow a break after the  back-to-school rush and let returning  vacationers settle in, but the committee's  decision to hold three information  meetings has pushed the date into October.  The three meetings will be held prior to  the referendum in Gibsons, Sechelt and  Pender Harbour, Spokesmem for" each of  the projects will bei available at the  meetings to answer questions. ���_ >   '  The committee also decided to publish  articles in the locaf papers outlining the  projects-for the,public, to "leave no stone  unturned to get tho people to come out to  vote,"-"" '  Committee member Bill Groso,  however, suggested that no meetings  should bo held and that t|he proposal should   -- -  '  ���See Page A-6  ainergivei  all clear for  LOCAL FIREMEN had it pretty easy  during the Sea CpValcade parade  Saturday ��� just the'occasional water  bnUoonjnd the usual attack frpmsn^k attack from down below caught  Gibsons Building Supply ��� until they   the' firefighters by surprise and, as   Cavalcade phots in Spctlon (J.  rpached the Esso Marine driveway. A   sjjen here, one of them,didn't ffire too  A scheme to rcplot several properties  near ChAtblech Junior Secondary School Is  a "reasonably good, Idea/' says Sechelt  developer Hayden Killam.  Killam, who owns ono of tho 15 lots  affected and has a financial Interest in f ivo  others, told tho Times that ho is In favour  of the replotting plan despite protests from  tho vlllago planner and a long-time  resident ot tho area.  Ho said it was his opinion tho replotting  could bo handled without seriously affecting tho residents of tho area, Klllnm  said his properties aro developable undor  tho present grid system, so "it's Immaterial to us" whether Uio replotting  occurs or not,  ���������������   As   tho   repotting   wUl-allbw���for  development of properties ndjacont to his,'  KUlam said, "Maybe as a developer In this  situation I should say I'm opposed to It, but  I bally think It is bettor forthe vlllago.,,  is a  Killam saldjio no\j has no plans to,' hos opposed tho replotting because ho says  develop the property, but Intends to  subdivide and soil.the lota Individually at  somo dato.  Including Killam, Tho Times was able to  contact U of tho 15 property owners. Two  of tho owners who hove previously expressed opposition said thoy, havo been  told they will be allowed to opt out of tho  scheme. Two others declined to state tholr  opinions, and ono was opposed.  Three of the four remaining owners'  proporty Is apparently Inaccosslblo  without tlio replotting.  The replotting plan was instigated by  the Village of Sechelt over n year ago when  It applied for tho B.C. Housing Cor-  poratlon*flnanced replotting assistance  program in an effort to facilitate  development of blocks 5, G, 7, 8 and 14 of  District Lot 1331.  In contrast to Killam's statement, that  his-propertit(i*flre"iioir-developable  It will preclude condominium construction  which ho favours for the area. Ho also has  expressed ooncorn for protecting tho  water source originating in tho area and  preserving a trail to Porpolso Bay.  Killam said ho agrees with Roy's Idea  of condominiums for tho area but does not  bollovo tht) replotting will prevent that.  John Goodwin, who hns qn interest In  block 14 through Sunshlno Investments  Ltd., said that although 1)0 la not for or  against tho plan, ho believes that all thoso  Involved should "keep an opon mind about  Ixjs Chamberllk whoowns lot 9 of block  8, adjacent to Killam's proporty, said he  has not yet been notified by the BCHC of  the property lino changes,  "In somo ways it might bo alright," ho  said, "but I can't say I'm for or against It  yot."  jChamberllne was, however, a little  upset at tho way tho roplottlng Is being  handled.      ,  "Tho village should have lot tho  property ownors know about It Instead of  letting It leak out* gradually tho way it  did," said Chamberlin. "It also seems a  llttlo funny to mo tho way the planner  i Mere rainclouds couldn't keep the  thousands of people bent on having a good  time away from the Gibsons Sea  Cavalcade celebrations. Organizor Sue  Rhodes said the 1978 event may have been  the best yet, despite the rain.,  "Boy, we're going to have the biggest.  , party," a tired Rhodes said at the end of  the three-day celebration that offered  something for everybody. *  "On Friday night even though it was  pouring rain, the diehards suffered  through the fireworks, we even went  ahead with the opening ceremonies and  the people suffered through it," she said.  "Everything was fantastic."  While the kids enjoyed the events at  Dougal, Park on Saturday, adults whooped  it up at the Beer Gardens (yes, they had  beer) both Friday and Saturday night.  A slightly nippy Sunday didn't seem to  have much of an effect on the water sports  at Armours Beach, eithejr. Rhodes said  there were more contestants this year  than ever before. , >  "It's been a lot of fun ��� everybody's  had fun," she said.  The following^ the list of event dinners available at press time: ,..';'  . POSTEIt CONTEST   " .'  Jrsf.���' Rachel Goldman, first; .Jason  Earwaker, Second; lieah Venecuk, Third,  Int. ~- Brian Klassen, first; Shelley  1 Brpngers, second; Leilainia Larson, third, f  1 Srs. Hfeldl Brongers,  first;  Joanno  Seward, second; Stephen I^nrson, third. 6  ���'"'   -i-See Page C-2  |r��  only flvo moro of, tho owners pf Uio 15 a^,Secholt Mayor Harold Nelson said at the  fected properties nood ��Indorse It for It toJune 21 council meeting that only by  ftrfln Uio required 70 per cent approval. Six roplottlng could a road ba built through  '^t^wWopwityownprsapparonUy stand block 8 because of the area's terrain,  to benefit from tho replotting.. Meanwhile, Village niannor Doug Roy  '.-. " " .    "7: .7. ���     >��� x.  (ilea  smaller ones, but said she does not havo to  subdivide as long as sho lives In Uio house,  A proposed cul-de-sac at ono end of hor  proporty will intrude Into hor vegetable  gardon, however, nnd her proporty linos  will bo altered slightly.  "I think I'm Just going to have to, live  with this thing and If they cut Into my  proporty I'll just havo to cross that bridge  whon I como to It," sajd Steele, "But right  now I'cun see I'm outnumbered."  Killam said that Steele's fears that hor  proporty will bo chunked up nro groundless. "Thoy can't force hor to cut hor  proporty up Into llttlo pieces ��� thoy would  just glvo her a,different shaped lot," he.  said,  "Certainly to protect her Interests, If  sho wontod hor property to stay exactly as  it ls now,* If wo had a mooting about this, If  nra angry ana upset at uio plan, but   J^~^���JJ2^J^";^  bh>clra8nnM*^ way or another to protect her, I'd say ko  .'���tfrtttSt -  Bllllo Steele*, however, jyjhto ovWis bTOck  (farid has lived in a house on the proporty  for almost 40 years, will havo tho boundaries of her lot changed to aid tho  development of tho other lots,  "I don't havo a hope of over gotUng put  of It," sho told tho Times. "Thoy need my  lot for:tlte sewer line." "^  Gibbons, whoso lot is adjacent to  Steele's, said alio can not understand why  Steele's lpt must bo chopped up, "If thoy,  can opt mo out and thoy can opt Rozentals  out, why can't they opt Bllllo out?"  1M.   . A. ,.  ,���,__. ,  ,.,..,.  v-.MKv.���. "No, I'm not very habpy about  Allof tho proporty Irtvolvod In tho   tho whole thing." '  It right now. ^^ nuR  "Sovontly per cent hnvo to say yes to  didn't know about tho whole thing." Gibbons'  the plan," ho said, "and I think that's       --���������������--���        ���MMV   '  pretty good protection for leaving It tho  way it Is If that's tho right thing to do."  Goodwin sold that ho hns spokon to a  represehtaUvo of tho BCHC, but has not  seen a complete plan of lltnrvep\(itr~~~m'    -"I wouldn't l^^^    onovwny or th�� other until I'soo thnt       "As far as I can understand,'  "She's tho ono I feel bad for ��� sho's  boon horo tho longest of all of us," said  replotting is undeveloped wlUi the exceptions of blocks 5,5A and 0. Tho owners  of tho three houses on these lots were at  first angry and upset at Uie plan, but  Steele told the Times that slnco tho  articles about tho roplottlng havo appeared In tho papers, several pooplo havo  way ���... r.y��wv.M��.j -  ^hoad antl:d61itiu: srild KUlamr  "I can^ understand,'Mrs. Steele's con-  w..��.,,.v   >����    ���..v   um>v��   (�������������   *   r^w   MiMk               <��f   ��w��   up   *   vmi   uiiuuiatuuu,      Said '"   '    .      ��.-          ?,'       ��� .        '       ,       ,-T         j"  Hnnllzed plan," sala" Gopdw/n.,''! thlpk; P^  somo people have got this v��MotWg   Rozentals (block 5A ownor) and I have Stoolo has boon given a map showing   aroa tho plan doesn't affect mo or tho  moved ahead Just a llttlo too far."           been opted out of tho plan." hor 1,0 acro lot divided up Into nlno   others Uie way it docs Mrs. Steele."  1 . '  \   p         ...                                                       'A .' .               >  1^1*^^*W*����''!^-^^ ^t-FWWlF^^-S **   ��<  " V  .   *���  w1**^*?-a -."Jab *  1.1* it*M��mgitft*. -imw *���<��(,*'* imjtoai-rtftem nn\  ���bfiH lS*��,*��t^lJlir-ni)(��iB *����J�� *��  ���K��p��(wwvth'��s^^t(W'S��1-ww^#��'WiWr ���*#*M*i!*iWJ��t#(�� w-mww  ' \  17  'tf\r^/f Tnm-.m:i-���>!���>���-*�������.      f- > i��t ��� pq .*>  ")'l|f����(ti  '  ' . -  , . '  ;,, ��i* ���"������"*'h- ," ",-> ',  . . j,v,h-'" "-!���"�����>   t��rr*T*iiH*f  t>.**   ����W*!".    "���(���      1"t��    ��  * - I' '.: t:  *  ��^a  U��-v*5��"w��t  i    \?>-  <^J  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 16,1978  Dennis Fitzgerald, Editor  "4 free press is the unsleeping guardian of  every other right that free men prize."  Az~ Winston Churchill  *  Answers, please  Talking to local developer Hayden  Killam,-this replotting thing in  Sechelt really doesn't sound so bad  after all.  Maybe Billie Steele is worried for  no reason at all. Maybe Doug Roy, the  .village planner, is just out of sorts  because council neglected to tell him  about the plan. Maybe. Who knows?  It's awful hard to get a clear story  about what's going on, and why, and  at whose instigation and for the  benefit or to the detriment of whom.  And one of the annoying things, has  been the relative silence of Sechelt  Councilr Could it be that they don't  know much more than we do about all  this? {.  If they don't ��� and that's the most  generous excuse for their silence we'  can think of ��� then shouldn't they do  some homework and let the rest of us  know the results?  B.C. Housing Corporation officials  haven't fallen over themselves in an  effort'to fulfill our requests for more  specific information. They say a  certain amount of secrecy is important to minimize land speculation  ��� a curious rationale in this instance  since it seems like the developers,  and not the current residents, are the  ones who stand to profit most from  the replotting..  We suspect that BCHC, however,  would be a little franker with the  village than they are with us. And  then the village could tell us all about  it. Right?  Lockyer Road  residents ask  for help  Congratulations  WhBwMfrfi-skies-dearedT the   parade   is   becoming   almost   im- ��� Editor, The Timesf  or our economy model, complete with all the navigational aids of a Liberian__oil tanker..."  READER'S RIGHT  Delta man says we have a reason to be proud  Editor, The Times:  We wish to draw your attention to the  number of taxpayers residing beyond'the  pavement on Lockyer Road. There are 24  permanent residents and at least 40  registered vehicles belonging to those  residents.  There are at least 32 preschool and  school-age children who wul walk to the  school busJvhich comes only-to the junction of Lockyer and Hanbury roads. There  are some children who will be required to  walk over a mile to the school bus.  Parts of upper Lockyer Road are  hazardous to vehicular and especially  pedestrian traffic because of blind corners  and, narrow road surface. The school bus  perator refuses to go beyond the Han-  bury-Lockyer junction because of the  conditions mentioned above. -  - Since the Highways Department seems  to have men and equipment available for  more controversial projects in Roberts  Creek, we the undersigned assure the  Highways Department that any road  impr6vemeritswiU?b��  area... iA ...'������.  Upper Lockyer Road Residents  A copy of this has been sent to the  Department of Highways jn Gitepns.  behind-the-scenes hassles were  minimized, and we frolicked through  another Sea Cavalcade. Good show,  .out there.^ndjie^t.yearJt's.goingrto���  be even easier and even better...just  ask any of the organizers.  Moving the beer garden to the  curling rink really didn't work out so  badly. The .cigarette smoke was  stifling after a while, but when people  are intent on having a good time,  they'll have it._AsJong-as_the-rain-  threatened lflooked like the move _  -vras going to be a genuinely lucky one.  vThe crowds were everywhere. The  pressive as the number and quality of  entries grows every year. How about  a little more music next time? Water  balloohs are-great fun,but, oh,-we do-  love a parade with music.  The organizers are due a big  hurrah, and we'd name them individually except for the certainty  than an> important name or two would  be left off the list. There's a lot of^  work-that goes-intoSea-Cavalcade,  and it takes a lot_pf hands.    -  So, we'll just do it this way:  Congratulations, Gibsons.  Reflections  Learning a lesson  By Vem Giesbrecht  A series of unfortunate, yet somehow  uplifting N events,   has   caused   me   to  ' abandon the column idea I was working on  in favor of another one.  A few weeks ago, just ^when I was  beginning to feel somewhat better after a  difficult wisdom tooth operation, I  received a call from one of my brothers  about a family crisis involving my mother.  I flew to Smithers to help comfort my  mother, who had suffered a nervous  breakdown, and was quite shaky after a  long stay in hospital. It was a difficult  time, although some of the ancient jokes  - that had been r^urrected at every family^  gathering still had the power to make my  mother laugh ahd there were signs that  she was on the way back to health.  Not long after I returned, minus half  my luggage, which PWA had* con-  ventiently left in, Smithers, I received  another telephone'call, from St. Mary!s  Hospital In Sechelt, telling me that Susan  had fallen from a shed roof and had broken  her arm.; v  This was Susan Hope; the little girl who  used to Hye.next door to ipe in Davis Bay.  I'd returned from Smithers too late to Join  the dozen friends who helped celebrate her  sixth' birthday* Now, two days later, I  drove to the hospital to sit with her awhile,  She had been trying to get a stray cst down  frpm the roof when she slipped and fell,  she explained. There was a cast on her  right arm, from wrist to elbow, a slight cut  near the right eye, and she was being kept  in ^rospltal overnight so the doctors could  check on possible Internal Injuries.  Susan was palo and looked a little  bewildered, After I road her a few stories  she fell asleep and I remembered the  many times sho'd cheered mc with hor  winsome smile when' sho skipped over to  visit mo and thought of how much worse  tho accident could have been. Later, hor  moU^  stuffed animal to add to Susan's enormous  collection ��� two animals, actually, a pair  of monkeys cuddling each other, and wo  nil settled down to watch cartoons.    '  Whon I babysat hor a few tlmos,  months ago, It's hard to say \pho got moro  enjoyment out of watching dnrtoons. Sho  wns tho easiest person ln tho world to look  The Peninsula^dmeii  Published WnlneMliiy}, ut Sirclicll  tm UX'.'s .Sunshine Const  hy '       ,  The Peninsula Times  ���    I'm'WuNtpruKPuhlimuionHMtl, i  al.Scchcll.B.C,  llox .110 ��� Seehell, B.C,  VON .MO  IMioneHR5-32.il  1 ���     - OtncctrmimfWfrtnitt,  t��>5|>,m, Tue��,.,Snt.   Siilm-ilptlon Kiitos: (In itdvniu'c)  ...,���   ll, R,a .,-��fcBvfiftciisUjj_  .M...  after because she could always amuse  herself. Bathing*W "little men" in the  bathtub; for example, was good for an  hour or more, and she could play contentedly for long periods without  demanding any attention. She took delight  in so many strange things and even her  brief stay in hospital was not, without its  interesting moments. Still, she did not look  forward to nighttime and was more than  eager to go home the next day, okay,  except, for the cast on her arm. Isn't it  lucky you're left-handed and won't be  hindered too much by the cast when you  start-Grade 1,1 said. Yes, she said, and  later thaOay she was eager tetty  chopsticks in a restaurant..  The day of Susan's birthday also  marked a milestone for my other former  neighbors, John and Lou Goodwin. It was  their wedding anniversary and had had  shared the celebration with Susan's  mother Joy-Anne. On Thursday, the day of  Susan's accident, I had enjoyed roast beef  and Yorkshire pudding at the Goodwins,  one of many fine!'meals, I've enjoyed at  their home since I! moved In next Jdoor  almost two years ago, Just as Susan and  her brother John had cheered me with  their frequent after-school visits, Lou had  often brightened my day \vlth a note  tacked to miy door j Inviting me to dinner.  Even on Hallowe'en, garbed In a ghost  costume, she couldn't disguise her  hospitality, or her Identity. I knew her  right away by the generous .-, slice of  pumpkin pie she hold out to mo.      ,  She next shock camo a few hours after  Susan s return from hospital. Lou and her  daughter Becky had been in an accident  near Halfmoon Bay. The car had skidded  on a patch of oil during a rainstorm, spun  around, rolled over ond over down an  embankment, They were both shaken up,  but okay. Whon I saw tho battered car, I  couldn't believe they had survived. Llko  .Susan, .thoy had boon a big part of my llfo  and I tried not to think of how I would havo  felt If thoy hnd not returned from the  drlvo.  That evening, Becky played Scrabble In  front of the fireplace with a fow friends. On  n coffee table wero tho host of trophies sho  won at Chatelech this year. Sho had a few  scratches and joked about being able to  take ri fow days off work. She wos plainly  happy Just to bo homo. Tho realization of  what liad happened, and what had not,  would probably strike with moro force  lator,  Her riiothcr went to bed early, aching  all ovor, Wo bought them somo flowers,  lotting thorn say tho words that aro always   jo awkward,te say, _ _. :������...��� _��� .   I don't know what to mako of all thoso  events. Numerous cliches spring to mind,  Sometimes tho cliches aro true. All I know  for certain Is that you can't underestimate  . Uie vnluc of a friend,.a family member*  someone you lovo, but it so often takes  Illness or suffering or n close brush wlUi  death to underscore that simple point.  Taught, by theso series of Ovonls, uri-  ���^SjftumrtoTyot'somohow-upllfUnt  I would like to make this an open letter  to the people of the Sechelt peninsula on  behalf of myself and my wife. It is a letter  _pf_ thanks^i,a^���appreciation for what we  believe to be extraordinary effort and  hospitality on the part of the many people  involved in this episode.  My friends and I had docked at Smitty's  Marina last Wednesday evening, August 2,  At about 1 a.m. on Thursday morning I  awoke with severe pains in my chest.  -Having been through~this^egre7-l realized  I was having a heartsiizure of some sort-  < The owner of the boat managed to get a  short message through to the RCMP  before his radio cut out.  Another boat at the marina then attempted to reach the RCMP but the brief  message we had managed to get to them  proved to be enough. In less than five  minutes four RCMP officers were racing,  down the wharf, had taken in the situation,  faced back and had an ambulance on its-  way. They helped administer oxygen we  had aboard, and in a very few minutes the  ambulance attendants arrived with their  stretcher. -^! ��� $  ���, I am sure your local people will realise  the difficulty of the'next step. I weigh  approximately 170 pounds and had to be  -camed-along the narrow wharf and up  that tremendous flight of steps to the road.  I have never seen five young men (RCMP)  and ambulance attendants) work harder  in myhfe. In spite of my urging to put me^  down and rest, they carried on doggedly to  the top-in-order to get mc to-an adequate  oxygen supply. ,  - Possibly the most amazing part of all  this is that I found out the ambulance is  staffed by volunteers. The efforts and  kindness of these young men is beyond"  ���belief.  The level of treatment I have received  since being admitted to St. Mary's  Hospital had in my experience never  been excelled, and the dedication of the  Pender water question  tas"^Catcfc22_7fta$or  Editor, The Times:  News stories in our local papers re  "Pender Water" have me very confused  and I feel that I have company in my  confusion.  From what I read, the facts are roughly  as follows:  1. A high school has been on the present  site since 1957, a new one in the building  for two years.   .  2. The Wise subdivision is 2% miles  from the high school.  3. Mr. Dixon, a paid employee of the  .Regional Board, undertook on his.own  .responsibility to supply Mr. WisefTjvith  water for his subdivision.   ',  4. Mr. Harrison, the elected Director  for Area A and his Area Planning Committee, requested and obtained from the  Regional Board, a motion NOT to  establish a water system in Pender  Harbour, without written permission from  the South Pender Harbour Waterworks  ��� District*, in which the Wise subdivision is  situated.  nurses is superb. '    . .  My wife arrived from Delta on Friday;  August 4, and due to the holiday weekend  was only able to obtain a motel room for  one night. When a fellow patient and his  wife heard of our problem, they without  "Ire^talaojrMfereaT^wpe the hospitality  Zof^eiO^e.-which-shergratefullyac-  cepted.  I have only briefly outlined the details  of this story, as to tell itiully would take  too long. Suffice fbsay^jbth my wife and I  extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the,  people involv^d^and say to you the people  of Sechelt,beproucfof your RCMP detachment, your doctors and staffat St. Mary's  Hospital, and especially of your volunteer  5.  All  subdivision   mi^st   have   an^ambulance service. Also be proud of the  Again 'falsely accused',  says Islands Trust rep.t  Editor, The Times:  Once again at the Gambier Island  Association me.etlng, the Islands Trust has  been falsely accused of wrongdoing. The  meeting held August 5 on Gambier was  attended by about 50-60 people. Hardly an  residents were present.  Chief Planner Dave Morris from the  Islands Trust in Victoria represented the  Island Trust. Mr. and Mrs. W. Reynolds  our roads foreman Introduced themselves  as being proud to belong to the Gambier  Island Association. The lady in question,  Mrs. Reynolds, then stated "I have  received a letter from the Ferry Corporation over there" ��� wherever that Is  ���stating the Islands Triist made the ferry  schedule f of tho Dogwood Princess before  the ferry schedule Langdale to Horseshoe  Bay wasppt and with no consideration of  the residents and ^he people on the Island.  . Thet*erry Manager In Langdale has  asked us our opinion In making the  schedule for the Dogwood Princess and we  have always contacted the residents and  the people commuting on the weekend.  Mr. and Mrs, Reynolds have more than  once been invited to come to a meeting for  tea when island business was discussed. I  have contacted the ferry management in  Langdale and ttie Traffic Manager in  Victoria. No such letter has been sent out,  and no copies found.  The Island /Trust is asking Mrs.  Reynolds to produce this letter to us or to  the President of the Association, Mrs.  Reynolds can also publish the letter.  Should this not be done In two weeks it  would be ovbious she is not telling the truth  ahd I shall coll lt slander. Maybe the  Gambler Association would not be so  proud then to call such people their  members. Vfe have published another  Incident in this paper about false  statements and we never received an  answer or an apology. It strikes as being  funny that It Involved friends of the  Reynolds. M. Dombrowskl,  Islands Trust representative,  Gambler Island.  adequate water supply beforVthey can be  approved. y    ,  From these indisputable facts we have  somewhow arrived at the following  situation.; --        '������ "'  tThe establishment of a Vater district,  promised by Mr. Dixon, has become a  "motherhood" question with a definite  "Catch 22" flavour. To vote against it  would be some how denying water to the  High School and voting for it would be  supplying water to a subdivision 2% miles  away. It would seem that Mr. Harrison's  concern and the opposition of his'APC to  this proposed water system, do not carry  the same weight with-his fellow Regional  Directors as Mr. Dixon's unilateral undertaking to supply Mr. Wise with water  for: his subdivision,,!i.,..:!r,,:j..:,^...,������:. ...,.��������� .���.-...,.,  If the word of a paid employee given  without consultation with his employers,  the Regional Board Directors, outweighs  the expressed wishes of an elected  Regional Director, and his APC, then let's  ,save the Director's time and let the paid  employee's make what decisions they think  ���best.   ,  I am particularly confused by the  emphasis placed on Mr. Wise's possible  ' bankruptcy if not bailed out with taxpayers' money. Is he, perhajpsf willing to  share his profits with the taxpayers in the  same way as he is willing to share his  expenses? ���  I think all taxpayers in this Reglona'  District will be interested to hear the  upshot of this attempt to extend the good  old taxpayers' duty to include bailing out  subdividers who fail to do their homework,  A.A.Lloyd  Kleindale  kindness and hospitality of your own  citizens.  With all our thanks.  Astrid and Norman Bowers  ���:.:.,. -^,�����,?.,,...,,.......  :Deita,'B.C.  ReiHafflrwas  uncalled for  Editor, The Times: '���'!.'  In reply to Jack MacLeod (Letter of  Augusts Ed.)  Mr. MacLeod should be sure of what he  is talking about before he makes  statements that are not the truth. At no  time was my huisbarid mentioned in talks  with Miss Bunyan.  I was the one who asked to be taken to  the hospital in a wheelchair by the Mini-  Bus: Ihave been having therapy for my  knee twice a week since July 4. Also  nothing was said about taking me on the  morning run. I was informed the driver  had a contract to take children to the play  school.  In rogard to Miss Bunyan's ability as a  driver, I already stated she was very good.  The remark about using the Mini-Bus  as a taxi vyas very uncalled for.  Grace Cumming  RobertsCreek.  Beefact ��� According to. ..Statistics  Canada, 'Canadians' .spend more on  alcoholic beverages'each yitor than they  do on beef and throo quarters as much on  cigarettes.  ,.-.,',      " p, .      . ��� _,},,.      7 .- ',  .-,"  All youse crows���|ip against the wall  By MARYANNE WEST  Something needs to bo done about the  crows around hero ��� nothing drastic, but  maybe a careful culling of tho population?  Now," don't get~'mo"wbngri*havb~T''  great respect for tho crow, oven though I  don't welcome him to my garden. His  intelligence and adaptability are well-  known and even his eating habits (which  aro mainly what brings him Into 111 repute  nnd conflict with man) aro not all bad.  In tho wild the crow obviously fits Into  his own nlcher He disposes of carrion,  tokos his sharo of booties, grasshoppers,  mice, wild fruits, grains nnd nuts, and his  numbers ore controlled by tho food  avallablo and tho success of predators.  Even his hnrrassmont of songbirds nnd his  partiality for eggs lias to bo token within  , tho context of Uio overall bird populations,  fly, disrupting the nesting schedules of  Homo birds, forcing them to start over nt a  later date, ho spreads tho demands for  food over a longer period ��� In effect,  gly/ng his victims a bctyor chance of  raising healthy young.   But when man moyes Into tho areaJho  whole picture .changes. Instead "ofwild  frults"and nuts dispersed throughout tho  forest, human settlements offor closo  ^ grouping  ' tfriiin,v and ;,��U -grtat  llko pooplo, nre very qulqkly demoralised  by easy living and beltig adapatablo and  gregarious by nature movo In with tholr  human benefactors.  -fwMVnC^M��lot'br'i6hi)rgy'hu'ntlng'for'*  crcepy-crawlles and searching out thoso  flmoll, hard wild fruits when there aro  whole groves of fat, luscious apples,  pears, plums and cherries for the taking In  vlllago gardens ��� nnd all thoso tempting  leftovors.  There Is no doubt tho clover crow has  man's measure and lives tho good life as a  camp follower, caring llttlo that ho often  Incurs man's wrath. His native wit hos  become flno-honed ovor the centuries ho  has lived in closo association wlUi human  kind, and he's n match for us nny day of  Uio week.  To make things easier for him, man for  generations waged unrelenting war on the  .falcons, hawks and.owls capable of Jm  stilling somo fear and rospect in the  audacious and wily crow. Thoso predators  havo long since given up the unequal battle  with mankind and  retreated  to  tho  truslvo. Some may agree with  Shakespeare the "Tho Crow doth sing as  sweetly as tho lark". But lt is abrasive to  my ear, not' to bo compared to tho boll-llko  rcsbhaWco and variety "bf thb raVoh's'  repertoire,  In recent years, however, as Uie crow  population Increased and spread out from  Ute village, I've been fighting a losing  battle to keep them from taking ovor. They  are woll awaro of my fcollhgs and knoyy  thoy aro unwelcome in our gardon. Whon I  first hung a dead crow on tho end of my  clothes lino somo 50 or more gathered to  discuss tho sltunton and to bawl mo out In  Uio severest tonosJl left them in no doubt:  I didn't Intend to bo Intimidated and thoy  weren't welcome.  A former editor ovon stopped to  retrieve a dead crow from Uio highway to  enable me to keep Uio black warning  their victories I  We do perhaps share one thing ��� the  humour of tho situation ��� which ln turn Is  shared by tho rest of tho rcsldont birds In  Uitf gardeh,lvlib hnvo long slncb become  accustomed to my erratic behaviour and  just duck their heads and go on coiling  when I suddenly erupt from the house  yelling and waving my anna I ���-���  "Ha-ha" I hoard, the fishermen  chuckle. "Listen to this lass who.had all  those nlco things to say about tho  dogfishes, As tho old saying goes, It  depends on whoso ox Is being gored."  And this Is undoubtedly a parallel caso.  Tho crow, llko tho dogfish, has earned a  bad reputation lind become n nuisance  because man has upset Uie delicate  balanco of nature.  Bwt tiwro is no way I'm, advocating  wholesale destruction or war on tho crows,  not that everyone or anyono.be allowed to  signal flyylng.JHt crows aresnmart. They  ...          .  know by now thoro ls no flro-powcr behind take pot shots ot them. Quito opnrt from  that black symbol ��� though Just to be on tho fact Uiat crows are far too clover to sit  tho safe side, humans being untrustworthy there and bo shot at and con recognize n  at the best of times, they take evasive gun n mile away. However, barring somo  wilderness, leaving tho crow unmolested action In flight when I shout at them. disease epidemic tho crow problem Is  and lord of nil ho surveys. Ever watchful, but stealthily  ond   destined to got worse,  Twenty years ago wb rarely saw w crow ^oiontlfiSBirtllbFftPeniovlnB In,"p��elttoB'^^Part��i��noiir",wfldilto of f leer Jamie  nt close quttrtoF�����ptitflldo Gibsons. Th6y   holes in "Uio apples as they ripen, stealing   Stephon has some ideas?      ,  fruits aw����r''��,i fields, of�� overflow jihor '"dcnonroutC scavenging C'tfl, hnrrt��tt^1^io smallor C> ond-ffCC   > menntlC ���) vA wplc(���f'  any^ (i  riot^tffc��'vivi<Tbi^  iWvo'ngoWrOha-garbage^ other and chalk up   posts to'stay clear of my fiardohl   !'  | ' ' �� a ���      '   ' ' ' - 'p     , '   I        I  }-������ .i , .4 - ��� !   \*  \  ;i  A, >��, I   mm..  * iS-tefMmwWMii.���flt���wi��IH>*,*W-SpS--^ <b/fa #*-tyil,wW?<l_^�� ^ *"*  i   -j *> ipn ^   *-mmt0***>*������**��� * * M**�� v^m-"***-*  ,    !w����n4ilS<>">'t<l* *��*��-���  **��������������� i��<��*W^1i^^#II*II(**I(NM^^  *��jiftwtWWwi*W"viw  l!-|*lf ^!t1w     *��J^T*�������������TR>pW��'''i��#��I Al  *1-M"W*Bp��S. tl "M*    *> li  1 ���*    <>*w�� ** **  *.1- ���       ���*  /   '  r       * " m/  \ '..  \ I  ,\       ..;���-,  ' ,t-  y...  ^nS-V ~Y~*   > ~^'.~yyA ^.>,AmmJ^_M__________i_m_^ *'.}',   ,Vi..A*v".  '<*���* *���'-'������-.. . <-\^ X'..-*yy A^y-:y-x\-sX'i'y'A\ ->- v-.. -V;.'. .-..^'.;i.,^.'..^i'��^L  Wednesday, August 16,1978  The Peninsula#Times  Hajfmoon Boy happenings  Fire  ByAAafyTinkfeyr 885-9479  da  Happenings around the harbour  It's picnic time^  By Doris Edwardson, 883-2308  4&  sSml  The combined picnic sponsored by the  RC Legion Br. 112 and the PH Lions Club is  being held August 20 starting at 10 a.m. at  Lions Park.  There will be horseshoe pitches, tug-o-  wars, races, games and contests. This  event is open to members of both clubs,  their families and relatives. Children  under the age of 14jwill be given free pop,  chocolate bars and hot dogs. Tickets may  be obtained for this picnic only from the  Legion hall (as soon as possible as this is  the final week for getting them).  You take your own lunch basket and  coffee will be provided. Adults and anyone  over the age of 14 ��� $1, children 5 -14 - .50  cents and under 5, free. In case-of bad  weather, the picnic will be postponed until  the following Sunday. This is a good way  for you to meet new friends and for your  children to meet new pals.  1978 FISHING DERBY  The ��� PH Auxiliary ^ to St. Mary's  Hospital wishes to thank everyone-who  gave their time, to make.this a very  successful derby.  Largest salmon ��� Martin Higeno,  books on their shelve?. Walk Gently This .  Good Earth by Margaret Craven, Adventure With Wild Animals by Andy  Russell, No Man Alone by Wilder Penf ield,  Through Fields of Clover by Peter De  Vries, Judas Ship by Brian Callison,  Raven Seek The Brother by Maxwell  Gavin, Come by Robin Cook, Don't Have -  Your Baby In The Dory by H. Gordon  Green.  OUR ENGLISH FRIENDS  Grahamme, Phil, Sid and Kath have  left sunny Pender Harbour and are on  their way back to Stafford, England. They  had a wonderful time here with all their  friends. Myrtle���and���Chidc ..Page.-haaLa-  delicious smorgasbord supper in their  honour. The smoked fish was superb, Gus.  They were also dinner guests of Ron and  Peg Pockrant and family, and Ernie and  May Widman invited them to another  buffet supper which they enjoyed on the  patio. Doreen and Mike Godkin took them  fishing and Syd went out fishing himself  every time he had a chance.  They were also dinner guests of Caryl  and Don Cameron and spent some of their  Gai^enBayr194bJ^XH-2nd^Ted^weieaT-time^iting^erniee-andO^  Delta, 19 lb and Dave Nuttall, Garden Bay,  19 lb.; 3rd. Brian Ward, Vancouver, 17 lb.  -K-ozr  ���   "���������   'I'..  ���  ���i.._���.��� r  Largest cod���Lome Lum, Burnaby, 18  lb. 14 oz.  Largest coho ��� J. Houston, Burnaby 9  lb. Mexican trip donated by Strand  Holidays,' Al Davidson and George Taylor  was won by ArtJJndi^Gardenjtay^___  Dfaw~ bh~~floater jacket ��� name  unknown. There were numerous'hidden  weight prizes.  HOSPITAL NEWS  Warren Hartley is in St. Mary's  Hospital suffering from back ailments.  Jean Prest was rushed to St. Mary's and is  recuperating from surgery. Bill Ewen is  home and is coming along fine.  PENDER HARBOUR LIBRARY  For,those folks who enjoy reading, the  PH Library has some very interesting  Robbi and Bill Peters and Miriam and  Lloyd Wiley. Grahamme and Phil went to  Victoria-^d^isited^Iaa^^  Caldwekk, former Pender Harbourites,  and then had a lovely trip to Campbell  River to see Gladys' daughter Doreen.  They had such a marvelous time here they  will be back next year as they love this    .  J^Vic^The  area,. ' y       e  On Saturday and Sunday, August 19 and  20, the Halfmoon Bay Fire Brigade will  hold a garage sale at the Fire Hall on  Redrooffs Road from 10 a.m. onwards.  Donations of any saleable items will be  greatly appreciated and can be left at the  Fire Hall tonight (Wednesday) between 7  p.m. and 9 p.m. Or you can telephone Fran  at 885-3859 or Hazel at 885-5772 for articles  to be picked up.  And if you have been thinking that you  must get yourself a smoke detector and  fire extinguisher, here's your chance to  win one on the Fire Brigade's raffle.  Tickets, 50 cents each or three for $1 are  available from any of the firemen, from  the B&J Store or at the garage sale,  where coffee, pop, hotdogs and donuts will  also be available.  GRACE RUTHERFORD   .   '  HONOURED  On the eyening of Thursday, August 10,  members of the Halfmoon Bay Hospital  Auxiliary wended their way to the  Welcome Beach Hall. Grace Rutherford  was quite sure she was going to attend an  r4mportant=meeting-qoncerning=the-^Fhrift-  Shop, but all the other members who  turned up knew that the sole purpose of the  get-together was to honour one- of their  most popular and hard working members  on the occasion of her birthday.  The proceedings started off as a serious  and business-like meeting with President  Geri Smith and Vice-President Mary  Murray seated at the table surrounded by.  papers and records. It was the happy task  of Past President Olive Comyn to pin a  corsage on Grace Rutherford and tell her  that-the-only-business-before-themeeting  Page A-3  Brad Biroda, 2. Steve Taylor,  Dalton.  Judge for the diving contests was  Lynda Hunt, who awarded the following:  10 and Under: 1. Panny Newcombe, 2.  Andrea Dalton, 3. Leigh Dalley. 17 and  Under: 1. Tina Newcombe, 2. Sharon  Hunt, 3. Allan Russell.  There was great enthusiasm for the' log  rolling events and after several heats, the  following were declared winners: Boys 6  and Under: Allan Russell; Girls 6. and  Under: Tiki Jarislowsky; Boys 10 and  Under: RickyMerrin; Girls lOandUnder:  Andrea Dalton; Boys 17 and Under: Allan  Russell, and Girls 17 and Under: Betty  Russell.  Competition was keen for the title of  Men's Champion and the victory went to  Robbie McPherson, followed closely by  Steve Taylor and Stan Russell. With the  end of the races, everybody was ready for  the hot dogs, popsicles and pop dispensed  by Virginia Dalton, assisted by Dorrie  Merrilees. The Regatta was convened by  David Birrell with the help of his wife,  .jCandy.  Modern, 5 storey, first.class motor hotel. Good location ��� 1 block from  beach. English Bay and Stanley Park, near downtown, shopping within 2  blocks. 125 attractively appointed air-conditioned rooms,<��tudios, efficiency  -units and suites���-eacb-��rith-privafe~ bath~color TV and phone. Dining  Room and Coffee Shop. Lounge with entertainment. Sample and Meeting  Rooms. Drive-in lobby and free parking.  1755 Davie Street. Vancouver V6G 1W5. Phone: 604-682-1831 collect    Teles: 04-51161  buck re SCHOOl  SPECIALS  '^Effective' Aug. 16-Sept. 8  CANADIANA PENCIL  CRAYONS  lOpack, reg. $2.f0   VISITORS  Dr. Mark Hewitt, a consultant dermatologist from England was in Winnipeg  last month to attend-the-annual meeting of  the Canadian Dermatological Association  at which he was a guest speaker. Being an  old friend of Dr.. John Mitchell's, he  returned with him to Redrooffs for a visit,  and promptly fell in love with our Sunshine  Coast. Though he lives and works in  Cornwall, one of England's most famous  4)eaut3^potsrhe-has^etiiriied-home-with���  the avowed Intention of emigrating_to   'jRTpaclcFog:^4n 9 ��� ��� ��� ��� r "TSTAIE  $130  SALE     1    '  $259L  British Columbia.  jvas���,toJionour���one^whoin-ihey^were-all������Mrsr-HaroliMVIerrili  RUMOURS >^~iA  Doug Orr, our waterboard officer, is  leaving his office in order to resume his  electrical business on the Peninsula.  BATHTUB RACE  Marty Knutson  came  41st  in  thej  bathtub race.  REQUEST  If there is a registered graduate nurse  in the PH area who is not working at  present, would he or she please contact Art  Alexander 883-2249 or 883-2491.  Sechelt notes  Queen takes a dive  by Peggy Connor, 885-9347  This is Susan McKibbin's big year.  Crowned Queen at the Timber Days  celebration was the start, and now maybe  the beginning of something else. Last week  Susan swam from the Trail Islands to the  mainland, landing in front. of Phyllis  Parker's Seaview Lane home. Accompanied by her parents Warden and  Kathy McKibbin in their boat, Susan, took  25 minutes to swim the-distance, about  three quarters of a mile.  EXTENDED CARE PARTY  It was just one of this summer's  delightfully warm days, but extra special  to the extended care patients who recently  enjoyed a lunch outside in the garden patio  surrounded by lovely flowers with a water  fountain for extra freshness.  Hosts for the occasion were the Sechelt  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital. Helping  serve were Eve Moscrip, Kay Purdy,  Jean Lear, Sheila Stewart, Yvonne  Eggins, Mary Walker and Peggy Connor.  Providing dainty sandwiches filled with  nutritious food were Ruth Steele and May  Normlnton, Ada Dawe sent a trifle pudding for dessert. Several fluffy desserts  were also provided by the servers,  Lillian Peters, activity aide, was there  to see that each of the 13 patients had  enough to eat, and was properly cored for.  Besides tho treat'of eating outdoors the  patients seemed to enjoy Just sitting in tho  sun.   TRIP TO SCOTLAND \  /Bob Harvey picked the wrong tlmo for  his recent trip home to ScoUand, as It has  been the coldest summer on record. Tho  first two weeksM^ren'MtJ^���!^.(iKbwLlho,  weather wasn't good for the last two.  Tho Queen was in Edinburgh for tho  Royal Scots Grays Celebration. Quito a  sight to see the Tank Corps on parade  down Princes street, travelling on special  treads to protect tho pavement.  Tho TV coverage was excellent of tho  many special events taking, place in  Britain this summer ��� the British Open  Golf Tournament, Wimbledon tennis, etc,  so It was not necessary to often venture  Into Uio cold. At 81 years, Uils is appreciated. ,  Tho return trip coincided with Uio nlr  strike at Gatwick Airport ~- arriving In  tlmo for tholr flight, only to learn It  wouldn't leave for another 12 hours.  WardAir provided six coaches to transport  their charter customers to a place nine  miles out of London with a swimming pool,  park and, musical entertainment, then  brought them back in time for the flight.  No lying around the airport all day for  them.  A^^Arriving in the middle of the night in  Vancouver, the passengers received accomodation for the rest of the night. This  , consideration for their customers certainly earned WardAir some gratitude.  They were calling Bob Harvey the  rainmaker, and maybe with just cause  With his return to Sechelt, the rains fell  here, too. And so very welcome they were,  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  proud to have for a friend. She paid tribute  to the devoted services Grace had rendered not only to the Auxiliary but to the  community in general.  Then a transformation took place as if  president���and- vice-  president discarded their pa_pers__and.  simultaneously their serious mein. As  quick as a wink, the table was spread with  a snow-white tablecloth and decorated  with spectacular arrangements of flowers  and mouth-watering refreshments, including a birthday cake made by Alice  Halford. Joan Mackereth presented Grace  with a handsome crystal wine decanter en  behalf of the members of the auxiliary.  After singing, accompanied by Sylvia  Richardson and Maggie Dickeson, the  members sang "Happy Birthday" as they  cut and served the cake. Grace Rutherford  has been an active member of the Halfmoon Bay Hospital Auxiliary since its  formation 23 years ago, and has rendered  outstanding service, particularly in  connection with the Thrift Shop.  REDROOFFS REGATTA  Redrooffs Beach and Country Club held  its annual Regatta August 5 under perfect  weather conditions, with everybody in fine  swimming-form after such a long spell of  good weather and warm swimming.  The following are the results of the  swimming races; in the Girls 6 and Under  category, winners were 1. Maricha  Jarislowsky, 2. Amanda Rae, 3. Christy  Merrin. In the 10 and Under class, the  girls' ace resulted in 1. Annie Dalton, 2.  Panny Nevteombe, 3. Leigh Daliey, while  the boys' race was won by 1. Ricky Merrin,  2. Michael Boyd, 3. Neil McAllister.  Winners of the Boys 13 and Under race  were 1. Lance Ross, 2, Robbie McPherson,  3. Todd Rhe. There was a mixed race for 17  and Under, resulting in 1. Tina  Newcombe, 2. Lance Ross,. 3. Allan  Russell. The Men's race resulted in 1.  spending a  vacation at the Tom Campbell cottage, is  delighted to have as guests her two  'daughters, Bobbie, who is working with  IBM in Toronto, and Gail Jarislowsky of  Montreal with her family.   ���*Rutlr Forrester's^ guests are Maggie  _Dickeson and her-three children from  Wycliffe,' near  Cranbrook.   Ruth   and  Maggie's friendship dates back 20 years  when they were singing partners.  CANADIANA FELT  MARKERS  10 pack, reg. $2.59    SALE  20 pock, reg. $5.10 ...-=. i .. .SALE  $155  $311  BEROL GRAND PRIZ  H_B. PEN CLLS   reg.6/$1.15 ���������  SALE  _f_eg._12/$2.2Q SALE  12/$1  15  DUO TANGS  5/pock,  ~reg.~$i.45/pk...  jmrmm  3 RING BINDERS  PLAIN EXERCISE BOOKS 9x7  3-48 pg., reg. 3/$l .17 ... SALE  W2>g1f7eg737$T:a7 .' TSALE  3/85  3/9T  SERGENT CRAYONS  8 pkg.,  reg. 59c SALE  40  PINK PEARL ERASERS #100  reg. 12c-  SALE  T  KEYSTONE  LOOSELEAF  FILLERS  Lined Narrow, 100/pkg.,  regr'$lTTOT"~ "XTA'AT'.'  -Lined NorrowriOO/pkj-FT  reg. $2.05 _���_���_���_���..���.���.:  SALE OO  Lined Narrow, 500/pkg.,  reg. $4.90:, ........;. SALE  $392  SALE  ��mf  SOUND  Sunny( tost  Ccntic  Gibsons  886-9111  .'V.  ising.r  you know  ..what..  NO ^llVliiOMY llOA]^)  LW  TW  4  1  3  2  ,,.2.,  .......3..  1  4  5  5  S  6  7  7  11  0  10  9  13  10  6  11  9  12  14  13  16  14  IB  IS  12  U>  20  17  10  IS  22  19  23  20  24  21  25  22  17  23  27  ...a*.  28"  "25^  30  26  29  27  21  20  Crooio ,   Love Will Find A Wqy    ���'-  Mill YOU.;���,���������������,���.,..;,-,-,.���.,���.,.-..',���,p'rv-i-f"  Two Out Of Three Alnt Bad ,,,,,,  I've Had Enough ,, ,.,,  Throo Timet A Lad/ ',,,,,  Only The Good PI* Young   Arms of Mary,,,,,,,,,..,.,,,,.  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Joo Walsh  ,,,.,,,:.,.,,, Andy Gibb      , ,Gorry Ralforty  ,;,,;,,;,,",',",",',",Trodpbr"   O'Jayi   Prl��m   Jolforson Starship   Stonobolt   , Eric Clapton  ,, .Atlanta Rhythm Section   ,,,,.-,.,, Forelfjnoi   Burton Cummings   Lltt|i> Rlvor Band   BobSoflor  -;7r:,i;;r;;;v, Nick Gilder   RllaCoo|ldga  , i,",',",,; Earlh, Wind A Flr"�� '  ,, CcJHln Mbnoy  ,', .Trnvolta/Newton-John   Wnl|ar,nflan  A..",",,' ChrURoo  cr  a  '-,(,'.  j.rjfcp,~  ,k)Urf|i^��.  A  ��  C'%W'  Considering the cost of oil, gas ��nd  electric heat tl]esc days, it's easy to see  why hundreds of thousands of liomcown  ers across North America have recently  installed a wood stove,  But there's more lo he said for heating  with wood thnn the fact that it saves a lot  of money,  - "Worid smells and sounds good as It"*'""  hunis. And, in an age of vanishing resources, it's one form of energy thafs  still growing,!  In fact/there's almost as much forest  lahtl iii North America today us whon  the colonists first arrived. So regardless  of other energy shortages, we've got  wood to bum,  The burning question.'"'  But for centuries, the problem wilh  wood lias beenelliclency. What should  we burn ll In Iokci ihe moSl fieat oul of  il?  The liicpliicii is no solution, ll gives  us beautiful dancing flnmes, but very  little warmth, Some l)5% of (Ircwood's  heat disappears up the chimney, pulling  :'xx\c::%::" *'""  11 lot of expensive  furiiace-heateiliiir  with H.  Beiiiamin  Frank!in'n stovo and  Jlmflllwwttsilmu.  stoves that followed  Were liii iiiiprove-  nienl^licy lh"|M S*  it;.:, in,  ..-lli.^,h/,h',ll>���..)l*-r��fcj��.|W,,  "���rr  1f(-ptyr��W.  the amount of air that could reach the  } (lames, so wood lasted longer. And they  I trapped the heat inside, so that it  : radiated throughout the room,  But still there were problems, Cast  Iron expands a great ileal      ���  when it's hot, allowing air 10 seep in,  lliroiiglf seiims iiiul      "  feed the lire!  Anil most of ,  these stoves   -'A^-JPf  did little ��obumH'^-'  the gases  that escape   �����^>  burning       #>*''  wood, containing most  of its hem potential.  The burning answer,  Then came Ihe Fisher Stovo. Its ,  unique two-step combustion chamber  ro-clreulaled wood gases back Into the  (lames for almost total combustion, resulting not only in more heat but fewer  'ashes.'      ���'���",. "''   ' :   '       ;'.-... '   The Fisher Stove's patented spin draft  ~ '"""controls (ihdVirtually airtight ;  construction meant almost absolute control over how  much air reached the lire,  And its cnrcflilly welded,  solid sice! wmmictlonmnde-"*"  .sure every 1'ishcr JStovowould"  deliver years anil years of remark-  (iblejKjaHnj} efllclency,  Naturally, imitations followed. But  there's still no other stove around that  can offer nil tho patented design features  you'll lind in a Fisher Stove,  Save 50% or more on your heat  bill,  ��� ������ "������'*"  ��� ��� ���  ' ������,.    , "   "   We can show you a. variety of Fisher  Stove models, One of them can cut your  present, heating bill by 507c or more, Or  maybe even eliminate it entirely,  And as authorized Fisher Stove dealers, we can give you answers to any  questions you might have about healing  with wood, So come in soon,  Maybe you can'ldomuch about what  people havo to pay these days for gas,  oil or electric heal, But will) one of our  Fisher Stoves in your house, you can do  plenty about what you have to p'nyr  .it, i.  Full line of Chimney A Stove Pipes  'wsrnii  <(|>)   '��cC ELECTRONICS  Radio/hack  authorized Sales Centro  '     Cowrlo at,, 8onhnlt,n,C,   0px-i2wr_^ .���.  885-2568~   Avs^ifnikklnnmla h, wurmlnn up to.  *t  Tl  ���AkA  ���A  I ���!  I; i,.ii^,��isy"n  .>...  ,  i  "'-; .tr.*<--'p   V",",:K'- l i,i,Ula-'  Kli,  <r  U     .   >      ' Ut   ,.!���.       ff.   I,       - fl  I    I  SW*��*'ii!*|J(ii*����"Witr*-j��w*i* ***,*<  I "\  ^^^jMs^W1**3**^******  '"!"  t      '  1 4  ,  >  .,  ���  ,-,  ���  i  ���  .,  1 rif' <t-  ���v .,.,..���  i  i, '***  ��� i  -pp im*;.!  .-  X          i  ." .. 1   ....  ,   i   '\.. ,  ':     '  1  I     I x; rl-  4  '*&������'4^  '**  *~t.  7)   m SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT   NOTICE  Contractors and the general public are reminded that under  Garbage-Collection andDisposal By^law"N6r2?(l) the dumping of  stumps and logs in the Regional District waste disposal site is  STRICTLY PROHIBITED. , -  Special Notice to Pender Harbour Residents  Please note that under Pollution Control regulations tne gully on the  right hand side of the"Pender Harbour"disposallsite cannot bemused  for dumping refuse. Please obey the directional signs.      ,   ���  (Mrs.) A.G. Pressley  ,   ' ��� Secretary-Treasurer  CBC  Wednesday, August 16,1978  The rebuilding of touisbourg  'erv/CB  Creative design and layouts for  newsletters, booklets and '  advertisements. Fast and  efficient service for all your '  printing needs...  * Letterheads  * Envelopes  * Business Cards  * Invoices" =~  aithe  Ph. 885-3231  ��� ---fr' -i%  * Business Forms  * Posters  ^Tickets~~  S��*'Notices   '/  |* Bulletins  * Invitations  * Advertisements  * Announcements  * Menus  * Photocopying  * Brochures  >   In 1720, having lost Newfoundland,  - France began, consolidating her position  by founding a large fortress on a tongue of  land projecting,from the tip of a small  peninsula between two bays on Cape  Breton Island. By 1744 Louisburg was,a  beautiful and astonishingly-sophisticated,  bastion with a thriving fishing town of  some 4,000 people at its feet. It guarded the ���  mouth of Uie St. Lawrence like ,a giant  mastiff with bared teeth and Kifl| Louis  XV of France felt sure it could teuse on .all  comers.  ��� Its bark, however, turned out to be  much bigger than its bite. A radio  documentary on Between Ourselves,  Saturday 6:15 p.m., brings the old fortress  to life through the eyes of the men and  women who have spent 17 years recreating  the French colonial seaport as it was in the  summer of * 1744. The . rebuilding of  Louisbourg began in 1961 and is probably  the most ambitious historical reconstruction in North America in both scale  and beauty.  CBC-AM 690  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 16  . Afternoon Theatre ��� 2:04 p.m. Nicolas  Nickleby by Dickens Part VI  Mostly Music. ��� 10:20 p.m. Musicals  - continued.  THURSDAY, AUGUST 17  Crime Serial ��� 2:04 p.m. Clouds of  . Witness by Dorothy Sayers.  Playhouse ������ 8:04 p.m. The Vidoc  , Society by Gordon Pengilly arid Ben  Tarver.  Country Road���8:30 p.m. Dolly Parton  and Charlie Pride. Duck Donald and Cathy  Fink. ' i-       XX ;_  ���' i_l  Vf-   fc ^v  FRIDAY, AUGUST 18 :   ������ Panning   for   Gold   ���   8:04   p.m.  -_discussion��on,curaent.books��and-films.-"~  SATURDAY, AUGUST 19  Between Ourselves ��� 6:15 p.m. Fortress Louisburg, A Moment in Time.  Presented by Marjorie Whitelaw.  Anthology ��� 10:15 p.m. The Poet's  ~Tofce Fart~Vll^h^Romrritics7lTord^  worthrKeats, Shelley, Byron. "Helen" a  dramatic poem by Greek writer Yannis  Rotsos in translation.  SUNDAY, AUGUST 20  Noel Coward ��� 1:05 p.m! Sir Noel's  career as actor,- playwright.  The Entertainers ��� 4:35 p.m. Your  Number One Hit Song.  Identities ��� 6:05 p.m. A musical  Journey to Hungary.  .  Music de Chez Nous ��� 7T05 p.m. Ensemble* de- percussion McGill. Contemporary programme.  My Music ��� 8:35 p.m. BBC Quiz  Folk Fair���9:05 p.m. Jamaican Songs,  dance-rhythms and folk tales.  MONDAY, AUGUST. 14- .    ������ ������ / ,���,        ,-   . ^.  .   'Altera(K��n"Tbeatre^^2:04 pjfl: Vanity* ^^N  Fair by Thackeray.  ��� GoldRush���8:30p.m. Valri Bromfield.  '- Mostly Music ��� 10:20 p.m. Music,  Magic ahd Myth. 5 part series Part 1.  Fangs for the.Memory. .  TUESDAY, AUGUST 15 . -  Crime Serial ��� 2:04 p.m. Inspector  West at Bay by John Creasey.  Touch The Earth ��� 8:30 p.m. Sunshine  Coast Singers recorded in Roberts Creek.  Bob. Carpenter, Casa Blanca, Ken  Dalgleish and King Anderson.  Mostly  Music ���  10:20  p.m.   Film  Fantasies.  CBC-FM 105.7  SATURDAY  Touch the Earth ���12:05 p.m. Sunshine  Coast singers recorded in Robert's Creek:  Bob Carpenter, Casa Blanca, Ken  Dalgleish and King Anderson.  Audience ��� 9:05 p.m. Part 1. Captain  Cook of Nootka conclusion. Part 11. Vocal  duets from 18th C. Anna Chornodolska,  soprano; Janice Taylor, contralto; Linda  Lee Thomas, harpsichord.  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We Treat You Right!  .... ....   .....        ..   ..   _  iif  ��� 'Ifunrn uMljf  lu&ll  tm #^ttw^si*W!��issv*pf^��wii��sa^  **���>#' .* t* I  ���*W��>*'l'antfMWii-p-n^^  .  .. *v\�� .4   I-,**-....���-,    .,..  V^-^Jl��>^flS*BfWlIW��fTaM>ll-5(-J'   #MlM"(  .' *    .>,C,"    ��  ���    ��r 4 1      IM^MM-uHManr*  ��f#*Wip"  wZSS&fmWmmwm  .wu:WVt</..Wl&#.W&��*tity  |ljggn��T��p^  .;">*-��-  S  ���>'���/  /'" ���/���/*���������<���  .'.-/J  *~y<  \     \  ^4  '*&"  i;^jiii&S^  Wednesday, August 16, 1978  ':\:  V.. 1.4  The Creek runoff  Qur firemen are champs  By Annie Dempster, 885-3326  FIREMEN CHAMPS  In the Sea Cavalcade's war of the  hoses, our own Roberts Creek firemen  remain the champions of the Sunshine  Coast but, unfortunately, not the champions of the coast. The Powell River  ' department has that honour. We are proud  of our boys, in any case. Powell River was  obviously a worthy opponent.  HIGHWAYS COOPERATES  The committee for Beach Avenue  improvements has presented its wishes to  the Department of Highways. Steve  Hodgson, chairman for the committee,  says, "I personally am happy with the cooperation from the Highways Department.  I can't speak for the rest of the committee." It appears that a minimal  amount of work is being done so,  hopefully, all concerned will be satisfied.  GARBAGE CLEANED UP  Several people have commented on the  fact that there is ho longer an eyesore on  Beach Avenue every Thursday, garbage  pickup day. People must be keeping their  dogs confined on pickup days. The men  , wly> pick up the garbage are pleased also.  It makes their job a whole lot easier when  they don't have> to clean up garbage that  dogs have strewn all over.  LEGION HAS NEW ROOF  The Roberts Creek Legion has a new  roof as of last week. Thanks to some  professional roofers who donated their  time and wish to remain anonymous.  Some of the credit must surely go to Ernie  Fossett, president of Branch 219. Ernie  constantly generates goodwill. He goes out  of his way to make everyone welcome and  comfortable when they patronize the club  room. Never have we seen him lose  patience, and he always has his wonderful  smile for all of us. There must surely be  times when his patience wears thin, with  some of us, but never a word or gesture to  make one feel uncomfortable.  Thanks for your hospitality, Ernie. We  really do appreciate you, even if-we don't  always show it. ��   -  SCHOOL SUPPLIES  Sunnycrest  Centre  DOUGLASS  Gibsons  BOWLING  SEASON  IS NEAR!  Register now  for Fall Leagues.  885-2811 (NM85-9611 (Df  SECHELT BOWLING ALLEY  IT WAS A SURPRISE birthday party  for Annie Dempster at the Roberts  Creek Legion last Saturday as 100 of  her closest friends turned out to honor  the popular lady. At left is Paddi  Petersen, presenting Annie with a  beautifully hand-crafted chicken  milking stool.  A farewell to the Scotts  By ROBERT FOXALL   .  Thursday-, August 10, approximately  100 seniors met at Our Hall in Sechelt to do  -honor���and-say-farewell-ta-Gracie-and-  Emery Scott,~who are leaving shortly to  reside in Clearborook. How fitting that we  should fill the Hall considering the time,  thought, and effort Emery and Gracie put  into the acquisition of our meeting place.  Nellie Whaites smarted us off with some  new and very funny games. Then we  gathered in groups at the tables to have  Ellen Berg arid her helpers' very special  tea. On behalf of the membership with  well-chosen words of gratitude President-  Bill, Scott then presented our honored  guests with an engraved tea service.  President Bill introduced Provincial  President Evelyn Olsen who after  acknowledging the work that our guests  had done both here and at conventions,  presented' them with Life Membership  Cards. A signal honor but a worthy one. Of  course the afternoon ended with dancing  and who loves dancing more than EmerV  and Gracie? They will be here until the end  of August and I'm sure will welcome any  friends who can visit fpr a short time  between the trunks*and boxes.  Don't forget the Lions Picnic on August  20. Meet at the-Hall if you require transportation or if you are driving yourself.  We ^vill leave together. Otherwise meet at  Wallenders on East Porpoise Bay Road  before noon.  I'm sorry to report that Jack Eldred is  a patient in St. Mary's. Do let hini know  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  Wo offor a  Comploto Post  Control Sorvico  For conlidontial advko  and ostlmoto call  that we are all thinking of him.  Marguerite and I want to thank all of  you for your kindness and thoughtfulness  whilsH-was-in StrMaryis-How fortunate-  we are to have such a_well operated,  hospital with a most effiStent staff and  pretty nurses. I am now o^ a special  cardiac program devised by our resident  physiotherapist, .Mr. Ian Hunter, but  unfortunately he put Marguerite in  command and you all know how darn  bossy she_can bejCheers and will try to see  you all at the picnic.  MORE ABOUT  883-2531  Recreation vote  ���From Page A-l  be left to stand on its own merits.  "There's no way we're going to get au  these meetings in," he said, "and they'll .,  probably only serve to stir mud up from  the bottom again,"  Norm Watson told the committee the  referendum is to have each director go out  and "sell it in his own neighbourhood."  Area C Director Charles Lee, the  board's representative on the committee,  told the members that he was disturbed by  talk of "selling" the package^nd "stirring  mud iip from the, bottom with information.  "The public has a damned good right to  know," he said. He also added that it was  not the committee's place; to "sell" the k  proposal, but rather to let the public know  the options and them make their own  decisions.  The information meetings will be held  on September 13, 20 and 27, and locations  will be announced in the papers starting at  the end of August. - '  The 12-pro]ect proposal will be financed  over a period of 12 years, costing local  taxpayers approximately 2 mills per year.  - The proposal requires a total of $875,000 in  capital costs and would pay for an annual  operating deficit of $78,350.    * '  The projects and their costs are as  O Safari III  . -<^CA&  O Saturn III  Don't think of it  as fitness,  think of it as  funness.  follows:  Project  Arts Centre  , Roberts Creek Hall  Pender Pool  Redrooffs Playing Field  Arena Extension  libraries  Equestrian Centre  Motorcycle Site  Gibsons Pool  Sechelt Marsh and  Solma Park  Blcyclq-Skato  Board Track  Hopkins landing  Park  Capital  Costs  $ ~r   225,000  275,000  20,000  200,000  1,000  500  80,000  Opcrat.  Deficit  % 1,000 ���  5,000  25,000  1,000  3,000  5,000  38,000  in the latest fashion colours.  So if you're planning to travel, don't go anywhere, until you've been to Kits Cameras.  \  . ���MXV% ut&K'a AT)Wt5-pBi<u.* ��, TV'  ���;'X  '.?  A i  7TkeiQarsleDi��oxnBr^  Planning a lawn  By Guy Symonds;  The really dedicated gardener, one  supposes, knows no such thing as a time of  __idleness- in  the - garden.  Most  of  us, ~  however, stop short of making the garden  a career and do just about as much of it as  gives us pleasure.  So the past week or two ��� and for that  matter the next week or two ��� constitute a  period of gratifying harvest. And if one is  old enough, of harvesting with gratitude.  But even then there is a sneaking feeling  that Jtoings must and should be done soon if  next year is to bring the same sort of  satisfaction. i  Trouble is,'where to start. So one might  make a preliminary list. In the decorative  part of the garden, for instance, the  matters of lawns, of rock gardens, of shrub  planting and hedge building, and of getting  the spring bulbs ready, all merit thought.  Th�� vegetable garden calls for the building  ���of-the compost heap, of getting the fall rye  on to the ground, as the harvest makes it  _available^of-setting- out -the -young leek -  plants and brining the brussel sprouts,  the kale and other winter stuff in a state of  abounding health.   X^ 77%  If the lawn figure/pronunently in your  plans and it is a matteiyof making a new  one, then the next month is when it_should  be done. Actually the site should be kept  black all summer so as to destroy the  jveeds   and   weed-seeds.   It-.is   an~  -aclmowle^g^l^rtfiaHtis^ttertofoW^  a lawn in the fall than in the spring.  Keeping the ground black in summer  will destroy weeds, and in the fall birds are  not so actively looking for food in the form  of seeds so are less likely to bother the  newly-sown area. Then there is the matter  of moisture without which there is not  ^defense,., and _the_whole_photosjaithesis-  process on which root growth depends,  -comes to a halt.  While the grass seed needs a soil  temperature of around 50F to germinate,  once the root system is started, it needs a  cooler environment. To provide this, it  should be growing on_from four to~eight  inches of top soil. This allows' enough  reserve bottom moisture to take care of  the plant's needs over a hot spell, lasting  several days.  t Once the seedlings, are started, they  must be supplied with moist conditions  and never be allowed to dry out. This does  not mean a state of sogginess that will  compact the surface and cut off the vital  oxygen supply.  If a lawn has to be built, now is the time  to get things going, with about six to seven  weeks before the end of the sowing  season.  Good lawns are an asset to any garden,  big "or "small~and to ensure years" of"  pleasure with a minimum of labour and  worry, start on the basics qow.  One other point made often by every  authority, but everywhere there is  evidence thatrtt is~being ignored. During  this hot weather, do not mow the lawn  closer than 1% inches high. "Scalping" is  a sure way to ruin it. _  -_  .-r -  -going tc be anyi��!THffiatlMrnrtRis^'rtl)T  ttje world, moisture in the fall is just about  right. Also it is pretty certain that the  months following will not be subject to a  dry spell, so young seedlings are not likely  to suffer fronusuch a situation.  Johnson tops  Sea Cavalcade  ISotf-wimteFs^  \   "If a new lawn islielhg planned, try to  avoid odd shaped little bits of grass. They,  make a lot more work, and sharp curves,  and right-angled turns tend to make the  person doing the mowing an embittered  gardener. Easiest are -the free flowing  curves, with a brick or concrete border  which does away with some of the more  ^ niggling edge-cutting chores.  By all means, talk to your local nurseryman orsome-equally knowledgeable  person about the right variety of grass to  use. Do not put your trust unreservedly in  claims that certain mixtures prefer of  even like shade. Admittedly some  varieties are more, tolerant gf shady  conditions, than are othersi-huteas-far. as  can be ascertained none of the grasses we  know anything about do more than just  that ��� barely tolerate it, and then with a  lot of encouragement.  x One of the basic needs of a lawn is  morning sunlight, and the experts explain  it thus. If you submit,a patch of grass to.  cool temperatures all morning, with the  dew still on^t,, and then blast it with noon  arid afternoonxhot suri, the moist grass fc  scalded and the-j^omata, those tiny little  openings in the leaves, close up in self  Sechelt Provincial Court Judge J.S.P.  Johnson shot a low net 130 and took home  the Sechelt Red and White Trophy in the  1978 Sea Cavalcade Golf Tournament held  -August~5-Hr.  Other winners were as follows; in the  men's division:  Low gross, 36 holes, for the Village of  Gibsons trophy, Bill Cartwright, 141;  runner-up, Owen Ellis, 145.  In low net for 35 holes, O-10 handicap,  Bruce Taylor,132; 11-13, Don Grant, 132;  14-over, Bev Giles, 132. _  Tournament low gross winners were  KenHincks Jr._witha 71 oh Saturday and  Laurie Milligan with a 73 on Sunday,  Tournament low net winnfers were DicK  Gains with a 63 on Saturday and Frank  Lewis with a 62 on Sunday.  In the, women's division, - Virginia  Douglas -took:-th& Trail Bayl^SjWtfts  Unlimited Trophy with a low gross 36 hole  score of 154. Runner-up was 'Anna May  Taylor with 161.  Low net for 36 holes was Lena Grant  with a 149, followed by Doris Ellis, also  with -149, Kay Budd with 150 and Ruth  Carmichael with 153.  The low net team score as .533 for-  Virginia Douglas, J.S.P. Johnson, Bruce  Taylor and Ted Korluck.  The workers draw was won by Henry  Draper '���'  iiiiiiwrni  Are ydu playing with  x...:. : FIRE? :_:���.:.  BESAFE!  your  cleaned  NOW!  FOR ALL CHIMNEYS & OIL STOVES  LEE CHRISTIAN ���883-9171 any�����  ^j| ^  25% OFF  Summe/t  lichens 6  168  BACK-TO-SCHQOt  FASHIONS  nons  ARRIVING NOW  M.  k*��ipB:)3<f;'  Wlmrf Rd.  1*85.563X5:  ������Sechelt"--,/*  WednesdayrAiigiisf IB, 1978"      The Peirinsula Times "       Page A-7  GARDEN EQUIPMENT  MTD TILL-IT TILLER $10(100  $22��.oo      n5i5f  TORO 4 hp TILLER $OQQQi  ^39^fsA:ryy::::: -.-.'.: ~.,: ^jhvtr  GE ELECTRIC MOWER $ftfi99  TORO 21" POWER DRIVE     $01Q00  $359.95   W X V  TOM 19" WHIRLWIND       *21900  ���ggy""'    ��i09����  .:r.s*s "0WD,1    .uir  �����1? -^".mm,*my-^immu  $429.95 rear bagger 7.;;"       IT.'* .J�� IT ���  TORO 18" REAR BAGGER    $269����  ABS 800 SEWER PIPE  ;,3"perf;,;,;.^  -4";S0UD���  ft.  BIG "Q" PIPE  ?3500  100 foot rolls  per roll  Presto Ugs      9 for$200  40 lbs. Coal $329 bag  \ ���  SHELVING  1x6 Spruce 32* ft.  1x8 Spruce,........,...._-Z39V  1x10 Spruce 49* ft.  1x12 Spruce 65�� ft.  PANELLING  1x4 Select V-Jolnt 22*��.  1x6 Supreme 43* ft.  1x6 Select V-Joint 37* ft.  CLEAR S4S CEDAR STOCK  2x2 21  un.ft.    ^2x3 33�� Wft.  2x4 50CHn.ft.  RR CEDAR  5x5 Cedar R/L $1 ^ 2x4- 5' 90�� ea.  2x6-5' X*l25 M.        1x8-5'   99�� ea  4x4 Cedar 6'49* im. ft.  2x4S4Sfir-6' 11 ��iin ��   "������ *    una n,  2x6 Precuts Utility 10'Hn. ft.  2x4 Econ.Rr 6-16'     12c ft  or nso/r  WATER BED MATERIAI  2x10 Pine 99-ft.-2xl2 Rne $109 ff;  SIDING  1x5 pine ;....i:..:::::i?4fi&/lli  MxlO Suburban Bevel,      $ 199/ IM  '���������"���i<p/--"'*"��-  BUILDING SUPPLIES LTD.  886-8141  W*M.p&!$WI,)<>*m)f*��U  " ^���'X.yAXXr/  ���   \   .!        *'     'i'p'i !���''''���''���' \ ��������^****,t* ���l**)'!*'^'  8  ^<B����->   1*   *i*��  H-h**.* ��*r |  4 %  ,   -w^, if,       \t* . -fs  ,y. t��(.^/����2**#*��**��swwi��MWs**i*��V��it*r*^*..m��*s*-��  ��   "*"���  ���A 1  ^-.. ���!*    '<  TT  Mulligan leads in golf match  "��Former Conservation Officer Pat   holes. He was followed closely by Roy  Mulligan was the leader Sunday in the first   Taylor with a 78 andJEd Mdlwajnejand-  rqundj^heJ5unshin^(&^  "Counfry   Club's   Senior  Men's   Championship Tournament.  Mulligan shot a low gross 77 over 18  J*&  KEEP  B.C.    WATERS  CLE ANj  The second 18 hole round will be played  this Sunday. The tournament is open to  men 55 or over.  Mcllwaine distinguished himself in  non-tournament play on August 8 with a  hole-in-one on the club's par 3, 217-yard  fifth hole. He used a number 3 wood for the  shot. Mcllwaine was accompanied by Jim  Budd and Laurife Todd.  Guest Books, Travel Books, Address  Books; many sizes and colours; also One-  Year and Five-Year Diaries. ��� Miss  Bee's^Sechelt.  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235 EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD Bus: 885-9244  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0 * Res: 885-2686  LORNE S. MILLER  ELECTRONICS  Marine  Electronic Specialists  it  PageA-8  The Peniosula Times  Wednesday, August 16,1978  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  REGIONAL BOARD,  Aug. 17th ���Planning   Committee   &   Regular    Board  ��� ^ Meeting, 7:30 pm, SCRD Board Office.  Aug. 24th ��� Public Utilities Conimittee Meeting, 7:30  _pm, _SCRD_JBoard_Roontu_  Aug. 31st ��� Hospital Regular Board Meeting, 7:30 pm,  SCRD Board Room.  VILLAGE OF SECHELT  Aug. 16th ���Council Meeting, 7:30 pm, Municipal Hall,  Sechelt. '  fi-  LOCAL MUSICIAN Bob Carpenter is  VHF-Radar-Sounders-Crtizens Bam  NOW OPEN  Overlooking the.harb^xin_Lower Gibsons  Across from the Co-Op  J  s-r.  \5*  Wallander and  Connor named  as alternates  Peggy Connor and Olaf Wallander have  recently been named new alternate  regional board directors.  Wallander of East Porpoise Bay Road  was chosen by Area C Director Charles  Lee  to  replace   Jack1 Whitaker,   wher  resigned after moving off the peninsula.  Connor, of Redrooffs Road, has been  selected by Ed�� Nicholson as the alternate  for Area B. Nicholson, the former alternate, became director last month  following the resignation of Director Peter  '   Hoembergs  one  of  several  Sunshine  Coast  ..musiclans^HhA^v^J^e^ieatuted,  Saturday, 12:05 p.m. on Touch the  Earth, CBC-FM 105.7 and Tuesday,  August 22, 8:30 p.m. on CBC-AM 690.  Courtesy of  .Cowrie St, 88^9330 ~ Sechelt  ...iSNEDA  BUNDLE M  SUNCOAST  'Ls  "O,  "   ��� umAr  I I. f  �� ���-  AUStfARES  AND DEPOSITS  GUARANTEED,  4  PUBLIC NOTICE  lit Unic>n wishes to inform  the genera I pu bl re th"gfTh^y^d.te;not L-i  responsible for the questionnaire recently  circulated throughout the local mailing  area.  ��� /  The Board of Directors of this credit  union, on behalf of the membership,  declare they believe the purpose of the  ^y��s^  '"���>'.  damaging tp the Credit Union movement.  i    i  Port Mellon Industries  *i <���*!> "ay <   , ;-"i .-ii-  '.**,  hi IB** "     turn  Box 715  Am^mk  yt^.m^*.,,  ��� i     , mni^t.^.m^       'lln.    u   .'Jj, J#"' ' l'i J u,...v  . r*i m*��mt*m*~v*"  *    �� J  '   *"  \  *��4''*��*wp#Mi*l*.t*, i.     r#;?"fii,"l#f!-'��-v?*'*H(i((���,**%,;;T*'-*^ '���.,��%}*,  }   .���������'  -5111  ��� 1*  ���   1*  '���"Ir;  1  1  TO MAKE ROOM FOR  THE 1979 MODELS  Specials On  "FRONTIER"  MOTOR HOMES  VAN CONVERSIONS  CAMPERS  next to St. Mary's, SectTelt"  D02180  ftWJij-mtt^bMy^^ #*  T~  \ i    ., -  '4* p.,  iflSw- " *,  # n#��Mw4 - **- -mm  4th,.* 0 ffrt tr^mm/-f lpj*V��l~t*H -�� *';  Mitt^-��^<*e!ttt��i'S��^J��<,|N$^   Ni.  I ^ / ;...  '~b^^2$Z*  r I _  The pENiNSULA^Z^e^  i Section^ -��� Wednesday, August 1ft, 1978  Fal^sI-aT  "Pages 1-8  Hydro herbicide appeals  to be heard this Friday  ,\���  ... ^,,..  ..p....+..��.  BERNARD MAHONEY, 8, of Davis  "Bay Holds, tbe prize and trophy for  catching the largest salmon-Saturday  in the Charles Brookman Memorial  -Ghildren's-Fishing-Derby^-at-Davis-  li4>+lrt  embarrassed, however, because in  addition to being the largest salmon  caught, his was also the only salmoi  caught���weighing- in-at-four- poundsr  Children's fishing derby winners  The following children were winners in   largest sole, Steven Laidlaw;   largest  the   Charles   Brookman   Memorial   salmon, Bernard Mahoney, and guessing  Children's Fishing Derby held  last   contest, Erik Watson.    JSaturday-at-Davis-Bay-wharf;-^ -Walter Taylorand'MariQTMdTiTahlf  Laidlaw expressed thanks to the following  for their donations to the event: Ladies  Auxiliary to the Royal Canadian Legion,  Tyee Bait- Co., Big Mac's Superette,  peninsula Market, Trail-Bay Sports and  The Sunshine Coast's two appeals of  B.C. Hydro's herbicide application permit  will both proceed as scheduled on August  18 in Vancouver, according to a Pesticide  Control Appeal Board spokesman.  Lawyers for Secret Cover resident John  Grames had requested a delay in his  appeal hearing until September 14 because  both Grames and one of 'his -expert witnesses will not be available for the August  18 date. -  The appeal board spokesman, however,  said the boardJiaslurned down the request-  in order to hear the appeals as soon as  possible. The second appeal has been filed  by the Sunshine Coast Regional District.  Hydro officials have agreed to postpone  the herbicide program pending the out*  come of the appeals. Hydro's permit  authorizes the corporation to apply Tordon  10K pellets to about 180 acres within the  Hydro right of way in the north peninsula.  Tordon 10K contains the herbicide  picloram.  . In a related development, theCoinox-  Strathcona Regional District (Campbell  River) recently voted to appeal plans by a  private logging company to spray 58 acres  of roadside alter^with the controversial  herbicide 2^>D/  Theapjieal board spokesman said that  regioiial district and the Sunshine Coast  Regional District are the only two regional  districts thus far to have filed appeals with  "the~hewly^6nfi^^^^T>oafar"^"  -The Comox-Strathcona board went on  record earlier this year as being opposed  to the use of 2,4-D for vegetation control,  favoring instead labour-intensive methods  of removing unwanted growth.  Meanwhile, a study released by the  National   Research   Council's   sub-  Largest bullhead, Sara Frisby; starfish, Glenn Farenholtz; most shiners,  Victor Namura (boys) and Nichole Sim  (girls);  largest shiner, Jason Jeffries  (boys) and Cindy Livingstone  (girls); _ Mrs. Tobiasson.  1  Lockstead: Cooper's Green  road is set for transfer  -       - '  Imim^' m- -.        .-    r    -      a   . n��*. -  *      *-B[i'<^��.�� ������-     ������,  MLA Don Lockstead said last week, he  has received information that a provincial  order-in-council has been prepared, wfiiSh  would transfer to Khona Cooper the'  ownership of a closed road allowance  adjacent to Cooper's Green in Halfmoon  Bay. '���'!������;,':"..;��� "~ '" ' . \  Lockstead said the order is awaiting  the signature of Highways Minister Alex  Fraser, and alleged that Fraser has been  uiider direct pressure from Premier Bill  'Bennett .to.effect the transfer.  The road allowance, on the south side of  Cooper's Green, was closed by a gazette1  notice dated June 15 of this yeai\  Area residents and regional board  directors, who have been attempting to  acquire Cooper's Green for a park, have  expressed concern that transfer of the  closed road allowance to the Cooper  holdings would result in an appreciation of  the proposed park's value, which would  make it practically unattainable for public  purposes.  Such a transfer, would tie together  blocks 7 and 8 (Cooper'sGreen), which are  now separated by the closed road.  Fraser stated in a July 10 letter to  Halfmoon Bay resident Stuart Lefeaux  not been approved).-!  Fraser's letter also stated that a  suggestion by Lefeaux to acquire the  green for park purposes had been passed  on to Recreation and Conservation Miniter  Sam Bawlf for his. consideration.  Ixtckstead said he had requested that  Fraser delay the order-in-council at least  until the middle of next week in order to  permit more discussion of the matter.  ���cwrimtteelMrpesticidra^has stated that  phenoxy herbicides���which include 2,4,-D  and 2,4,5-T ��� may cause genetic mutation  and other adverse effects.  The study recommends that the herbicides be extensively monitored and  -researched. ���  A survey conducted by the research  group found that among 3,300 Saskatchewan gain elevators and operators, 20  per cent suffered ill-effects during  seasonal spraying of 2,4-D. Symptoms  included nausea, loss of appetite, weight  loss and occasional vomiting.  The study concluded that, "In terms of  human exposure, to phenoxy herbicides,-  health effects from operational spraying  have not been propertly monitored in  Canada."  Tests, have confirmed . genetic  mutations in laboratory* animals, it said,  although no such effect on humans has yet  Bone China Cups and Saucers,  "English Country Garden" design; very  pretty, soft colours; ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt*  Bad weather frees boats  Sechelt RCMP say that stormy weather  last week resulted in a rash of complaints  of boats ihissing or drifting in north  peninsula waters.  On August 4 a 12-foot aluminum  "lowliner" with a 9.8 Merc was reported  missing from the West Sechelt area.  An 8-foot gold-colored dinghy was  stolen from Smugglers Cove August 7.  Police say the craft is valued at $350,  A 14-foot K & C runabout went missing  from the Pender Harbour area on August  7. The brown boat has a 50 h.p. Merc  engine.  and between $40 and $50 in cash was taken.  On August 8 theives stole towels and a  sleeping bag from Tammy's Restaurant in  Earls Cove. '  Two small blood hound pups were found  in the Madeira Park area August 11. The  owner can contact the Sechelt RCMP  detachment office.  Policei say a car went off the road near  Halfmoon Bay on the morning of August  11. The car was totalled and driver was  unhurt but "pretty well shaken up".  Uiat "My ministry shares youi^ concern for-      A breakin was reported at a Madeira"  the availability of public water access."  He said it was for this reason that a  previous proposal to extend the road  closure to include a road allowance between Cooper's Green and tho foresoro had  Park cabin August 4. Thieves stole $20  from a hand bag that was later recovered  in the bushes outside the cabin.  A wallet was stolen August 1 from the  Madeira Marina campground. Some ID  STONEWORK  Stono facing - Flroplaco  & Chimney Ropalrs  call ANDY 886-2821  m  CHAIN SAWS  \  STIHL 051 AV ELECTRONIC  Electronic  A fong-fl|Ti�� favorite arid ''tfdhdar'rf of tho  woods" ��� whon II comtrto a li��avy duly  loading   ��ow,   lis   oloctronlc   Ignition   and  automatic compression  rolooio  Imwra* In-  ���tan! starting ovon undor advorso woathor  condition*.  Powor unit onlyi 10,7 lbs, (0,9 kg)  Ouldobar* aval!ablo( 14", 17", 21", 25", 30"  (33, 43, 83, 63 and  73 W)  031 AV Eloctronlc/QulckStop   ,        >  A moro powerful' llght-wolght saw for  commorclai forostry and farming, for foiling,  ���.cutting and limbing,-Foatores-includo oxtra"  qulot mufllor, oloctronlc Ignition, A-V systom,  automatic oiling; A roal favorllo with pulp-  wood cutlorn, Comes with now QuIckStop  Powor hoad onlyi 12,1 Ibs,  5,5 kg). Outdo bars  Lavallabloi 14",'16",  klP"qnd,20" (33, -  40, 45 and  50 cm)  chain brako,  STIHL 4308   Doom Stick Augor  This two-man boom stick augar Is avallablo as an attach  moot for OB S powor unit, or as comploto unit, Also  avallablo for postholo digging. ��,,  STIHL TS.OB CutqMlk sow   ~_  ���STlNt's most-vorsaHlo cfiir-off saw With  tlio powerful |obsprovon 00 S chain saw  ���nglno, ll  cuts stool,  stono,   concroto,   cost   Iron, corn  mlcs and composition matorlals, Popular wlih llrto", pollco  and  roscuo  units,  utility ropalr crows and contractors  STIHL 045 XV  045 AV Eloctronlc/QulckStop  Tho lightest of our lino ol hoavy-duty  production-cutting saws, Tho Idoal "all-  around" logging tool lor uso In lum-  boring and cutting modlum and hoavy  tlmbor .-: bocays* of Its, ���xcollonV  balanco, oaso of handling, qulot  operation and groat dopondablllty,  Powor unit only: 16.0 Ibs, (7,6 k{j)  Ouldo bars avallablo: 14", 16", 10", 20"  and 25" (33, 40, 45, 50 and 63cm)  SUNCOAST POWER & MARINE LTD.  "Sechelt Chain Saw Centre"  ; &Wrie5t^     ^  -*-T  been proven.  Outside the Sunshine Coast, 2,4-D has  encountered its most substantial opposition among objectors to the milfoil  control program in the Okanagan Lake  system.  Kelowna City Council recently  prohibited a Ministry of the Environment  project which would have used the  chemical' in an experimental milfoil  program along the city's foreshore.  EimronmMLMinister_ Jim Nielsen said-  last week that the government will not  abandon the project in light of the Kelowna  opposition, but will find another test site on  Okanagan Lake.  KODIAK II  FOHTSALE^  Reduced to $13,000  For sale this week. Excellent mooching boat,  can fish 6 people comfortably. 28' Lapstrake  mahogany hull, 350 hp Olds marine engine.  FOR VIEWING PHONE  RON GOODMAN  886-9578  s  i  s  3  IBI-  SUNNYCREST  UNDER  iM'tftlAi  ���sso  1  Being operated by Sechelt Esso  GENE, JIM & BILL  Invite you to feel free to drop in and  see Jim for all your automotive needs.  FULL AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS  Full line of ATLAS Accessories A Tires  SUNSHINE COAST HWY  GIBSONS  AU. SHARES  -ANDOETOStTS ���  % t  f 1 'AT  PORT MELLON INDUSTRIES  "GIBSONS    v  CREDIT UNION  "Better in so many ways"  YOU CAN  Enjoy the security of this community  Credit Union with the industrial background,  REAL ESTATE  95%  Up To %ff .%0P /.", of Purchase Price can be  arranged for approved members (MICC High Ratio)  HIGHEST RATES OFFERED ON  SAVINGS AND TERM DEPOSITS  JOIN NOW  our member-owned modern offices  located by Gibsons Bus Depot.  ;.__.   .'^    HOURS; _ ^ ���,.___  10 am~5:30 pm Friday  \  mJL  10 am-l:00 pm  .Saturday  ~     CLOSED ON MONDAY  ]fjmmmw*>w#>#$<*'  mmmfmmmmmmmm.  ���^W0(!S&WjUmilffi9!&<!firt'tiZ^^  -^^���w^'*^s��*Jiat**wwjM'��W*'H*'-**,^if  ���M��-(W,^^^^'**,p*^'>'-��K,#.'-��'ii��'iW<'fu  ���/���'���  i4ff.-i*0Tit  ��i��-JS��.  v*i fl'H/'HfcpfWh*  "*��f ��Wtj*   ��1B_  *��'  ���J*  <  I'  h. '\ ~x  l\  &  PHONE 885-3231  PageB-2    The Peninsula Times      Wed, Aug 16, 1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Deaths, Card of Thanks, " In"  Memoriam, Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and��� 60c per line  after that. Four words per line.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take regular classified rates.  Ad-Briofs must be paid for ln  advanco by Saturday, 5 p.m.,  to receive cash discount,  .   Subscription Rates:  By Mail: "~   "  Local Area $7.00 yr.  -Outstde local Aroa ^t���$8;00 yr.-  Help Wanted  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  ,7300 Copies Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:        ,  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion $2.15  Three Insertions $4.30  Extra Lines (4 words) 60e  ~ Display AcPBriefs  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extra  Legal or Reader advertising 30c  ���per agate line.  U.S.A $10.00. yr.  Overseas $11.OO^yr.  Senior Citizens,   ��� ,  Local Area $6.0Q  Single Copie's 15c ea.  '���'I \  In Memoriam  Work Wanted  ZWICK: In loving memory of  our. dear, dad who passed  away August 17, 1957.  Nothing can be more beautiful  than the memory we have  for you.  To  us  you were   someone  special and God.must have  thought so too. ..  c ��� Mary, Kay & Elaine.  4544-37.  ULTRA DECK  byTrodan   ���  "The ultimate in fiberglass  sundecks"  SPORTSWRITER for The  Times. Typing essential,  photography skills useful. A  volunteer position 5-6 hours a  week, token pay, no benefits,  but lots of good company and  all the glory sportwriters are  heir to. 885-3231 Tues.-Sat.  4552-39   S* :   AUTO BODY mechanic -  journeyman for N. Vancouver Island. Must be conscientious, reliable and  produce top quality work  including frame work. Family  man preferred. Top wages for  ~right-person.-Mel's-Auto Body-  Ltd., Box 661, Pt. McNeill,  B.C. VON 2R0.956-4226. 4590-38  MAKE EXTRA $$$ selling  jewellery fully guaranteed,  Be, your own boss. Free  catalogue and. information  from Zou Enterprises' US.  7659 Wren  V2V3C2.  Wanted to Rent  NEW TEACHER in dish^t  requires 1 or 2 bdrm house?  Sept. 1 to Juiie 30. Collect, 792-  0462 aft. 6 pm. 4508-38   mf  Real Estate  FOR SALE in Wilson Creek  area. New 3 bdrm 1,100, sq.  ft. house with full__bsmtv.  double plumbing, standing  fireplace, sundeck, carport,  beautiful view. Asking $53,500.  By-owner. Ph 885-377$. 4886-tfn  CHASTER RD Lot 67 x 123'  partly cleared, ready for  ���building���close-to-school���  $10,000,886-9984. tfn  Mobile Homes  7412 x 68 Statesman, 3 bdrms,  all appliances, drapes, w-w  carpet,  immed,   possession.  $12,500,886-9489. 4564-42  12 x 68  7072.  MOBILE  home. 886-  4571-38  Business Opportunity  PROFITABLE opportunity to  participate in thriving class  food service establishment.  Gibsons. $16,000. 885-9560,  evenings. 4529-45  Campers and Trailers  Wanted to Buy  CANVAS-COVERED canoe in  good condition. Replies, Box  310.    . 4575-38  For Sale  LOOKING for a Rock & Roll  Band? Horizon is available,  best price on the Coast. 885-  "2815:    : 35013T  For Sale  For Sale  CLEARANCE SALE  To make room  for 300 snow tires  arriving Sept. 5  4 ply polyester tires  (pairs only)  10 pet. off  (on sets of 4) 15 pet. off  -Fibreglass Belted Tires"  - J2(LpcLag_    Radial TA 50, 60 & 70 Series  FISHER woodburning stove ������������,���.������.��� :...20pct.off  with the 10 year guarantee Mag Wheels  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  15 pet. off  &C Electronics.  "     4855-tfn - p&  discounts   are  off x our  t *t,tt-,��  i..       7ZTi\ regular selling price which .is  LADIES, Mens, Childrens, well below manufacturer's  PRATT ROAD, large lot,  76'x 125'   cleared  and   in  fruit trees, $12,500.886-2155.  4364-tfn  Enterprises'  St., Mission, B.C.  4595-38  For Rent  886-2953  4487=tf  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, insured work?  ���Prompt, guaranteed se'o  Personal  ���PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula Tunes can be  "OT^eFed"Tof"'y6ur^owir"use~at~"  The Times office. ���   1473-tfn  ALCOHOLICS anonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. every  Wednesday, Madeira Park  Community Hall. 883-9260 or  883-9238. '    4452-TFN  '   vice?  ���Fair estimates?  Then give us a call:  PEERLESS   TREE-SERVIGESLTDr   885-2109       758-tfn  FOR RENT:  Wilson Creek  Community Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  -    3691-tfn  GARDEN BAY - fc duplex for  rent - furnished, for July-  Sept. 30. $225 per month. Light  -and-fucl incl. 883-9676r4906rtfn-  Help Wanted  WILSON CREEK Daycare, a  non-profit child-care centre  for 3-^ yr olds needs donations  of toys & books. Will collect,  ffl5-272iy^~~r77~~~~ 447438  Work Waited  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing. All  types of Concrete^ Work.  Patios, Floors, Foundations.  Driveways, Custom Work.  Concrete leakage problems.  Seepage   or ��� high   pressure s  leaks. -  r'rrr r--y.  Phone Wayne Clapp  for free estimates  885-2125  after 7 p.m.  Box 1341 Sechelt  .���".-::���������''Ax,    ;;; 4437-tfn  HOUSEWIVES, Students.  Earn extra money putting  out catalogues, taking orders  -and-delivering.-Writ��-Fuller  Brush Co., Box 108,-c-o 808,207  West Hastings St., Vancouver,  B.C. V6B 1H7, or write Mr. T.  Diamond, 585 Balmoral Road,  Kelowna, B.C. V1X1W1. 4406-  38  JOURNEYMAN Shipwright  seeks work. - Exp, in all  aspects boatbuilding; house  carpentry & cabinet work.  .'Reliable'worker,, reas. rates.  F-or free est. & professional  -jotreaiFAllan May, 885-5765.  4578-tfn  ! VI'.HCKKKN  ��v*"~:H>Tr\l-jac,AWNt^:~���~  '"Complete landscaping service. Reg, sch. lawn & garden, dire, Don't'do it twice ..  Call u,s first.  Free Estimates  885-5033 f  ,.\';.-;������      4086-tfn'  RAGING CRANE  ;  CONSTUCTION     ���  Framing and renovations  Free RRAP estimates.  y.���. 885-5677 eves  ���:  or 885-5055 eves.  7 ~ -J-~ 4334-tfrt-  PERSONABLE, aggressive.  salesperson to accept  responsibility as Advertising  Manager for progressive  southern Interior newspaper.  Position to begin in late  September. Salary plus  commission. Applyr stating  personal data with resume to  Box 124, c-o BCYCNA, 808, 207  W. }Hastings St., Vancouver  V6B1H7. 458439  BEAUTICIAN wanted,, apprentice or qualified  operator, needed immediately. 60 pet. offered.-  Apply directly or write to  Hairibou, 54 Oliver St.,  Williams Lake, B.C.     4586-38  DISTRIBUTORS needed in  the smoke and heat  detection field to market top  line product. Apply Western  Pyroguard Inc., 101-225  Trahquille Rdiy Kamloops,  R.C.V2B3G1. 4587-38  Speech pathologist.  Athabasca Health Unit  requires a speech pathologist.  Duties to include assuming  established caseload,  programdevelopment, liaison  with other agencies and  .Health Unit Staff. Apply  immediately to Director,  Athabasca Health Unit, Box'  1140, Athabasca, Alberta TOG  0B0. 4598939  SMALL NEW  cottage  near  sandy beach. $195 per mo.  885-3636 or 926-1024.       4262-tf  FOUR BDRM mobile home.  Set   up  in  West  Sechelt  Trailer Park. Ref. required.  Ph. 885-2600. tfn  MADEIRA PARK, rridn. 3  bdrm bsmt home. Elec heat,,  $275. Contact Pat De St.  Remy, 4l20ohnston"R^rPt.  AlbernHf 724-0469 before Aug.  12, or will be available at 883-  9083 aft. Aug. 12.    ..    445138  AVAIL: partly furn. bachelor  & 1 bdrm suite. 886-7490 or  886-2597. 4458-38  LEASE A LOT near beach for  Mobile Home. $85 per mo.  8853636 <Jr 926-1024. -   4511-tf  NEW HOUSE: Redrooffs  ��� avail, Sept. 1. $325 per mo.  Ph. Van. 591-6287. 447238  TUWANEK. Lot overlooking'  Lambs-Bay.-Serviced witii  water & power. By owner. 112-  2263019. 4381-tfn  QUALITY HOUSES.  Available to be moved.  $13,000-$18,000. Delivered to  your property. Nickle Bros.  Moving. Call collect, days 524-  3884*.eves, 4613773.     445438  BY OWNER: semi-wft. View.  P & beam, 2 bdrm house, w-  w, bsmt, wrap^arouiKtporclrtr  patio, by Govt wharf. 883-2329.  445638  '69 - 18 FT. travel trailer.  Fully equipped, located af  Secret Cove. Asking $2,200  obo. Days 9373444, eves. 936-  0181. 4523-tfn  -CAMPER -for-small-truck;-  Frig, stove, etc. $1,200. 885-  2051 or 885-2109. 453139  TRI-STAR camper for import  p.u.   Furnace,   stove   &  icebox. 885-9452. 4532-39  Cars and Trucks   Si.   74 FIAT,  128 Sport. Good  condition.-8853876 (after 5).  455039  Maternity^otiiing.^New-&^^Uggested_.list,���pr_ice_Sale  dqpIv Moot' fT.nnnra       ��� ___��� i__j-  -^.m-n-a.. ,   �����*_  Nearly New'. x Encore  Boutique, 2445 Marine Dr., W.  Vancouver, 922-2020, Mon-Sat,  10-5. 4457-tf  3-WAY Frigiking  4  cu.  ft.  refrigerator. 12 volt -110 or  propane. Used 1 yr. $250. 885-  9312. __ 441937  -,65-eOMETr$20007885=9846r  Sewing'Machine  Repairs  - Overhaul  - Tune-ups  - Chemical Wash  - Parts for all makes  All Work Guaranteed  21 Years Experience  455538  WFT ��� HOUSE  Halfmoon Bay.  112327-9594.  for ^rent,  885,-2754 or  /   447538  UteTlmotAdbrleffl  I  I  I  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  ���-"I  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  V  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I'rlnt your ntl In Iho iquarnjl. Da turci to lonvo n blank tpaca r-lfor anch  word,  Ihroo (loot l�� $2,15, t<Kluidcl|||on<i| !ln��M0c, N  Tak* advantag*'t>f our ipcclal savlngi,  ' Run your ndtwk.--th�� third tlm��li FREE,  ��� || you pay lor your ad th* Saturday before publication you g.t p t  cllicount ��� 2 5c (or 1 Iniartlott ��� 80c lor 3,  Mall ut your ad, or drop II olll  In Sachtit al th* P��nlniuln llm*i Olllc*   ���.ln,oiit��<��n��,otJh��.^i:l?M)����.Jr*s.���J,.,Wt,������������ :��,..���.,.,^.,;,���.���.t ,������...  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0    .  CLASSIFICATION _  1 BDRM Cottages, Langdale,  Redrooffs.   Sept.    Refs.  required. 980-2154 or 985-5990. :���' ~  .:,.., 451539  MADEIRA PARK:  1 bdrm  furn. house, w-w carpet, FP,  883-2258.10-10 p.m. or 112332- :  3111, loc. 501 Office hrs. 453039  FULLY FURN. new 1 bdrm  suite incl. light, heat, dishes  &_linen- $200-per-mo. 1 blk  from Sunnycrest Plaza. 886-i  9102. 45363^  2 BDRM Waterfront .house,  Davis Bay., $325 per mo.  Avail Sept. 1.886-7701.  453938  3 BDRM HOME East Porpoise Bay.  1 mil  from  village. Four appliances, $275  per mo. Avail Sept. 1.2533810  aft.6p.m. ',���.  ,.., ,    ^4539  ROOMS FOR rent with use of  kitchen & utility facilities.  King Rd., Gibsons. Fully  furnished $125 per iho. 885-  3370.885-9408. 455139  HOPKINS LANDING, furn'd 2  bdrm w-fireplace. Walk to  ferry. Avail. Sept. 1. $275 per  mo. 886-9195. ,     455338  DAVIS BAY: furn'd cottago,  Sept. 1 to April 30.2nd house  on Whittaker Rd, off Sunshlno  Coast Hwy. 455038  MODERN, clean, nil elec. 4  bdrms, w. Sechelt nr beach.  $330,885-9969. 4563-40  PARK-LIKE level acre easily  subdividedrserviced urgood"  area Gibsons.  $19,000.  886-  9270. '     452039  FOR SALE. Privately owned  -^buildingjot, over 12,000 sq.  ft. Garden Bay, Estates,  Pender Harbour. Paved rd.,  front & back access, walking  -distance~'to~_store7~PO���&~  launching , facil. Any  reasonable offer, will be  considered. 112345-6443 after  6 p.mrrMrrBrowh���^ 454937  LEASE a lot near beach for  mobile home, $85 per mo.  885-3636 or 926-1024.    . 4512-tf  3 BDRM full bsmt, fp, full  ensuite plbg, 1300 sq ft, close  to arena. 885-9027 for app't.  .4478-40  PENDER HARBOUR:  charming, peaceful  seclusion on view lot near lake  & 'sea^paved foad; elec. etc*  $500 down,'8 pet. int., FPL  $8,000. r Colleetv 768-5659,  Jeariette, Davidson, RR 3,  Westbank; V0H2A0.     449641  :" INLET mtn View, W. Porpoise  Bay. Underground wiring,  sm. marina, bluff waterfront.  17000 sq ft, subdivides 2 lots,  $5500 cash & 5 yr. loan, 7 pet.  $336 US $17,000. Spielniann,  1645 Ala Wai, Honolulu, Hi.  Griffiths, 291-2713 Burnaby.  ::-���,, ��� 450439  y    BARGE A HOUSE  Waterfront home North  Vancouver can be moved by  barge. 1538 sq ft post & beam.  12 yrs. old. $15,000.  CROFT 6693022 (Ref. SX26)  SUSSEX REALTY  984-9711  ,    .   4565-40  BUILDERS, INVESTORS  BLACKBERRY PICKERS! I,  Where else can you buy just  under % acre of serviced land  on paved .road_wlth���vUlBge.:  close by and a magnificent  southwest exposure all for  $15,000, Take a.look at Winn  Road, just up from Gibsons  Museum, then call me:  Brian Mollis, 9293037  Saxton Realty, 929-3416  45663,8  WATERFRONT 00' serviced  lot. Total 10,817 sq ft.  Malcolm Bay, Francis  Peninsula, 3 ml. to school and  Shopping. 8853892.       455438  BEACH   HOUSE:   unique  modernized 2 bdrm cottago  with incredible view, located  behind breakwater in Selma  -,69-PL��MOU'HI~Roadrunnerr-  383, 4 spd, orange w-black  vinyl roof .-885-2750.- - - 456238 -  Phone Steve  prices include installation. No  trade-ins accepted on sale  merchandise. Sale ends Aug.  31. Credit terms available; no  down payment required...  interest-free for 60 days. Chgx  or MC Cards accepted.  Senior Citizens extra  10 Pet. Courtesy Discount  . SECHELT OK TIRE STORE  Comer Wharf & Dolphin -  Streets  885-3155   -  6472-40  BUNK BED, $25; 4 draper  chest, $15 r 48" boxspring,  offers; GE dryer, $125; fun fur  sofa & 2 ottomans which  convert to queen^size bed.  GIGANTIC  Auction   Sale,  liquidating   3   different  businesses.    Automotive  wholesale - partv tools &  equip't,  warehouse:  service  and garage - auto parts, tools:'  & equip't, office equipment  and      guaranteed     used  ' automobiles:   construction V-  _equip't,  building  material^  D6 Cat w-hyd. dozer & other  small equip't.. Sale \days  August 19 & 20.1 mile W. of  Canadian    Forces    Base,  Comox on Vancouver Island.  458838  MERC-BRAUN plate burner,  ���gaiKL_working cond'n. 36"  deep, 58" wide, 49" high. $200  (fob Times plant). Ph. collect  C. Hoodspith, Times Printing-  tJi.KHt.v.'rt  OOA7W1 ~- ���_;��������  H  matching round chair  chrome & glass" round  . tables,...must be !seen,^l-  w-3  end  nL.a_  &"Publish'g, 980-7531 or write  1422 Pemberton Ave., North  Vancouver V7P2S1.     459138  EXPEDITERS LTD. provides  magnetic & permanent  truck signs, labels, decals,  custom - matehes, novelties,  custom glasses, rubber  stamps. Highest quality. 3009  Carina Place, Burnaby, B.C.  V3J1B4. 459338  KEEP  '66  CHEV,   running, - needs  work. $100.886-2542.  457838  2 BSA 441 cc.One '70, heeds  rings; '68 as parts. Both $450  obo. 885-5354. 4574-40  Boats and Engines ���  26 FT. REINELt sailboat. 3  sails,    trailer,     15    hp  Evinrude. $9,900.886-9984.  : 4967-tfn  BOAT,. TRAILER, no winch,  $200 obo. 2-14" car rims, $20.  8853779 -   4517-37  20' GULFMASTER, 155 OMC,  head, sink etc. $750. 885-  9648. 455638  YEARLY      MOORAGE,  Pender Harbour, $1.25 per  ft. Headwater Marina,  883-;:  2406.20 ton ways. 4559-41v  VIVACITY 20 frp hull,  stainless & alum, rig, 4  sails, 4 bunks, head, galley &  many lockers. Comes with 7%  HP Merc. All on trailer. 886-  9335, 4577-40  Livestock  'CERTIFIED Farrier, Hans  .'��� Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  'GOATS! Want to learn more  about them? For free copy  of B.C. Dairy Goat 'News'  write B.C. Goat Breeders  Ass'n. PO Box 59, Whonnock,  B.C.V0M1S0. 4583-41  Machinery  COAST TRACTOR & Island  Equip't offer special prices  on Berco Under carriage  JD350 track groups, $650.  JD450C track groups $880.  Pengo teeth for most makes of  utility tractors. 448938  "Will be out of town 'til  Labour Day."Sorry"for any  inconvenience. Please call  then. ���    4510-tf  kind, $1000; white 100, pet.  wool rug, $50;_child plywood 3  drawer desk, $25; 63 GMC  truck for parts, $75; 18' boat,  motor stUl on warranty, fully  equipped, ideal for fishing,  full line of fishing gear, best  offer.883-9208. 4567-40  CAN4D4  GROWING  AKAI SPEAKERS, 3-way,  fully serv; Akai 4-channel  receiver 65 watt nhs; Pioneer   RUGS: 9x 12 nylon brown &  casette tapedeck; Toshiba      black. 9 x 12 shag-browns,  "turntable-complr-with-base���-$5(Tea78863073r���������456938-  cover; $50 empire, cartridge.  Value over $1,300 - $850. Old  design Fender Redondo 6  stringer acoustic guitar  cdmpl.x.with case, $325;  Yamaki deluxe 12 string, $200.  8853779. 451637  LARGE DININGroom suiter  as new. Has to be seen. 885-  2383. > ���     39  2 SETS oil & propane cooking  & heiating ranges W-water  coil, hot water tanks, 110 gal.  oil drums on stands, some  pipes. $110 each set ono. 886-  9747. 4481-38  4' x 6' x 6' WALK-IN cooler,  Biro meat saw. $1000 for  both. 8853400. 4495-38  TENT   TRAILER;   4-A78xl3  tires; 9x9 tent. 886-2402.  }   .' " 446438  For Quick Roiulis  Use Tlmot Adbriefs I  NEW 40 channel CB radio &  antenna. $98.50.884-5240.  4579-40  DOORS! B.C.'s lowest prices.  Pre-hung interior, $14.90;  pre-hung exterior $37.00;  fancy doors, $49.00. Huge  stock. Walker's. Ph. 266-7211.  1366 S.W. Marine Dr., Vancouver V6P5Z9. 458538  PLANT TREES!  Woodburn Stoves  & Fuel Ltd.  Wood"   stoves ' by    Fisher,  Lakewbod.   Seclore: V'alley,  Comfort,      and ',     Findldy:  Di-.tributof s      in      Western  Cdnadq of the Kerr Scotsman  and   Kerr   Titan   wood   fired,  boiler.   Dealers   inquiries, invited. Northern Hedtliner and  Shaw    . Zero      Clearance.'  Wood/oil   furnaces.   Insulated  pipe, accessories and fittings.  110   Foil   Avo.,  -North   Vancouver  987-0811,  DRESS  MAKING  EXPERIENCED  SEAMSTRESS  Call"     ;  886-7916  after 5:00 p.m.  Lost  3  BDRM   furn'd  cottago,  Gower Pt. Rd. Avail. Sept.  1-July 31. $225 per mo, no pets.   , protected buoy in front. Incl  2 BDRM hpmo, Va acre lot on furniture, Ixsase land. $20,000.  Browning Rd. Avail. Sept. 1, Call Rick. Off. 8733474; Res.  $275 por mo. 886-8040 oves. 430-2290; wknd. 885,2482. 4560-  ...    '.,   H.45WM0 40  3 BDRM house, $250 per mo.  (1853630 or 920-1024.    4581-tf  m�� i wininnwi -������mi���Mi ��� i��� ii���'iw ��� ���!������-^ ii��������� ����������������� ������ mi^ii���n   .  2 BDRM house In David Bay,  furn'd or unfurn'd. $200 por  mo. 298-2147 collect.     4597-40  $2��;     CENTURY 21  60e  60!  60��  Nam*  Adftroi  Century Wost Real Estate  (1978) Ltd.  HRA   ,  CARIMieE LANDLORD  Wo   flpocloH2o, In   rental  management,  885-3271  459638  TsrwoT":  Th�� Peninsula Time^ Classified?1  v\mm^crtd*R��itr"^  AUG. 15. house for family of 3.  ��� .Will take cxcellcpt care. Bdfli,  7411 or 434-0004. 446030  \  UiaTlmai AdbrUfil  HOUSE PLUS 1 acre for sale.  81)6-2064 or 11^-730-4390. 4561-  30       .  3" ACRRS panoramic view  prdnorty on the Island  Provldenclalcs, in tho Turks  nnd Caicos, British West  Indies overlooking Turtle  lA\io. $27,000. Apply File 'A',  Yukon News, 2\\ Wqpd St.,  Whitehorse, Yukon Yl A 2E4.  459238  qnv MOp^TAW-v acvM>8t  Southern oxpnauro: 8 acres  pasture. New smaU houso,  gravity wator. Friendly  neighbors. No power. $37,000.  G. Rempol, Box 46, Grand  ForKll.^V0HUlQ.44741W.  Mobile Homes  ^IMLK WWK:��rmwv:twir  Sandy Roach'on full lot. ,$70  per mth 0853636. 4264-tf  BLACK LEATHER keycase  btwn Gibsons & Granthams,  $5 reward to finder. 886-7375.  ,    , 450938   (   SIAMESE   Sealnoint   cat.  Reward. 8853353.     459839  RECTANGULAR key ring w-2  keys. Lost Sunnycrest Mall,  afternoon^Aug. 11.8853482.    ���  460038  Found  LAVENDER  point Siamese  cat. 8853353. 459938  PRAM  Lollipop,  Aug.  10,  Sechelt Inlot.  2773337 or  John Breuger, Secholt Inlet.  457038  Pets  MALE IRISH Setter. 16 mo.  old. Registered. Champion  sired. Obed. train. $300. Ph.  8M-S301. r 442339  BABY    domestic    brown  ferrets.  Make oxcollont  house peta. $100.886-2508.4500-  38 ���  ,      -  FREE to good homo, grey $  jwhito Manx, 1Mi-2 yrs. 085-  '3870.  ���>���        ^-^ 4573-40  Wanted to Buy,  (WANTED - BEAR CUWS).  Will pay cash for bear claws  -��m* bMRWckws. For fwrthei*  Box 351, Slcamoiu, B.C. VOE  2V0, '    4340-43  , o*>*  WANTEDv 3 'cords green  alder, dollvered for flOOr  8853200. 457238  %*orry i  we don't print money,  but we do try to  save you money...  :tj ^���???rw***w��t  Aflor all, you and your buslnoss aro |udgod by what olhors  soo . . .and wo cani offor^ou flno^^qualltyyyork based on 50  yoara of qxporlonco-joi fair and roasonablo prlcos,  Romombor ~ your printing roflocls your business ... andf  Ihoro's no substitute for Quality. \  Corn* ond dl��cu��% your printing ��oodi arxall ����  ,.���. wo'JI,��bo..,rJSht���ovor.,....���.��,,....���,., ,,���,,���;..���.��,���.,,,.���  ..  ���        .   -j '     '���   ���    4      (^^    -      �����    I     .    .  .       *|���-��� fm  **,...  , 1  !  ���sfet*��W��a^*jft��^w**iift^^  ���I  :>-s  ���>��        I  ���mi\:^^:��^^t^ii!it^\v^mimii^^  \  /        '  *^-i**j*����,aW's*^^^��i^'^M.��!M*a*f!wip-^  y{ .,  \    i /'  AK     ���';���'*'  Wednesday, August 16, ,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  r  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTDo  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  y  Member of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  ^^w^rdL4o-WnieJMiyei,s  This could be the exciting, market knowledge, his bourhogd, .arafatthe_right_  year when you've finally residential expertise, and his price so your home ownership  reached, your goal of home-^contacts-in~the���financial- starts on the right foot. This is  ownership. Unless yoii' are community to find the right , a public service feature of the  trained^ in construction, home in the right neigh- Real Estate Board,  plumbing, design and  financing . . . you wilj_..  probably need some help in  making a decision on the right  property for you and your  family. You can have a friend  Pender Harbour Realty Ltd.  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  or-relative-help-you4ook . . ;   iVBARGAlbUiARBCdJRLOT-^^DdjcuienLha  or, you can choose a  professionally trained and  licensed real estate agent who  can give you the advice and  assistance to make -your  purchase as exciting-as-thei  idea of Ownership. Remember  ��� home purchase or ,home  sale does NOT require a real  estate agent... but over 90  per cent of- people who are  buying and selling find that  the services of a real estate  agency are desirable and  downright necessary. Let  your local real estate agent  give you the benefit of his  ~\v  with clean beach, fr^e moorage, clarps& oysters ji^st steps  away. Price just $12,000.  SECRET COVEAREA��� 10.6 acres with 400'beach,  water & power available,, road in, F.P, $125,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� Waterfront lot, quiet location F.P.  $13,000.'  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Deep and protected moorage  in  Egmont.  Has trailer, pad,  septics,   water  and  power  $35,000.   ,    . -   '--  cJ  ONE ACRE LOTS ��� On Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable areo. Just 2 left so don't  p>lay ... $15.000 each. r  BOATERS ���Older type, 5 bdrm home with deep  moorage in Pender Harbour. FP $60,000.'  PITCH 111  EXCELLENT   building, lot-. Front Road,  Madeira  Park.  Fully  "���'serviced. $10,500.  7 ACRES -���on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slopo, Asking $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ~ Extra large (650' deep)  building lot with-**' frontage on McKllntoch Road ., . %%4oO.  PHONE 883-2794  JOHNBREEN JOCtf HERMON  /   883-2745  883-9978  "W!~?  FLORQN  AGENCIES LTD.  m^igw  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marino Drlvo, Gibsons  il       ��� s  886-2248  f< iwWH  StLMA PARK ��� Cornor Sno3grasrd"ndRadcllffe!-lovoly-2.bdrnL,opon vlow homo; foaturos aro 17 x  21 living room.with froo standing FP, 1  1/2 baths, opon kltchon'wltlralhmodom-appllancos,   laundry roonV roofed patio at roar ovorlooklng lovoly flower gardens; alto a largo workshop and  wood storago, By appt only, FP $44,500, '  DAVIS BAY ��� on Whittaker Road close to Bay Rd, Immaculate two lovol vlow homo,' could bo  rovonuo, 2 full sots of plumbing, 2 kitchens, 2 flrop|acos, hardwood floors, loqds ol bright airy  spaco, patio and lovoly gardon, carport otc. Somo good quality furnlturo In lowor sulto, Call for  Inspoctlon or appt, Good buy at $64,900, , '  GIBSONS ��~ Attraetlvo 3 bdrm family homo with'forgo lot, garago, woll kopt grounds, conlrally  locatod, Inquire for further dotalls of this attractive proporly, *  VETERANS ROAD ��� Throd bdrm post S beam with carport; this Is closo In but still In rural sotting,  Foaturos aro ppon aroa living and dining arob, throo bdrm?, boautilul. woll-plannod kltchon and  two roc rooms In'lowor lovol. Largo lovol lot 127 x 223 wllh good gardon soil, Ashing $69,000,  CHERYL ANN PARK ��� Nowly ronovatod and rodocorotod with now Wiring, roofing, carpot otc.  rotlromont and only $37,500, j  i  ; LOTS ;.,  LEVEL LOT - In Day aroa, has a largo workshop with iomont lloor whlcfi could bo converted or  used as Is, Asking $10,000,  TWO LOTS���>2'x 105', no rock, oasy to build on, all sorvlcos, Soptlc approved and boach occoss,  $1,500 down, balanco at $125 por mo, �� 10%, Torrlflc Invostmont, Signs on lowor Choryl Ann  Pnrk towards booch,  SfMI-WFT  . oasy bonclV'accosn, f/?a"c7o"*wlih"vl��W, $ 16,500, ,...'..,'  THREE LOTS--Rosamund Road, Cloarod, ready fo build on, Only $ 10,600 mich.  HALF ACRE Lowor Road, somo tlmhor, cr����k at sldo, Asking $16,000, Cdn bo had wllh halt-cnth,  NICE SECLUDED LOT --��� on sldo rood In Roberts Crook, Close to storo, jchools o|c, Roducod to  $10,000,  LEVEL, CLEARED LOT - ; Gibsons Vlllogo, on sowor and water, 62 x 102', obtainable with small  down paymont of $3,500, For lurlhor dolnlls of this and othor exclusive listings phono Knrl Bull,  006-2014, ������'     ,    ,   SECLUDED FIVE ACRES ��� wllh ��om* small troos, -crooK crosses property.y\��hln0?23,q0p,  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES  -...BUSINESSLOPPORTUNITIES��� OotMnfl Morrn, \wmri., cosuols ���fc, Oood steady buitn��il," f)Mrf  rovonuo, J7J300 plus stock; o|| pllori cpnildoced,  l|    .(fl. v^l,  ������ vrW"-  1','     -W"  '       :, ���   ���  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  BR cedar home, built 1975. View and  many extras. $105,000.  MADEIRA PARK - nice 2 BR home with  fireplace, full basement. Close Jo  stares etc. $42,500.  GULFVIEW ROAD - Madeira Park,  fantastic view from this new home"- 3  new  appliances,   fireplace.   $95,000.  SILVER SANDS''��� 1.8�� acres. Gulf  view, 10 x 50' furnished mobile home,  small cabin. $45,000.  SILVER SANDS ��� lL.6^r acres. Gulf  view, furnished 12 x 60 mobile home.  Adjoins above property. $45,000.  EARLS COVE ��� furnished 12 x 44'  Skyline Mobile Home on semi-'  waterfront lot. $20,000.  MADURA PARK ��� one BR concrete  block cottage, fireplace. $23,000.  NARROWS ROAD ��� 3 BR rancher, built  1976, carport & sundeck. Close to  Madeira Park. $36,900.  MADEIRA  PARK ���  interesting 4  UR  view home,  architect-designed.  5,  major appliances. $77,000.  m  M"~ ' '        ' ���*��* ���     <    -,    ��~ ���-     r*i*.'    ,  GA'RDEN BAY ��� i "I76,.sg ft 2 BR view  hortie, full basement, sundeck. Built  1975. $56,000.  WARNOCK ROAD ��� cozy 2 BR  panabode, fireplace, full basement. On  large level lot. $36,000.  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE ���  5+ acres. Fruit trees  over lake."$77,500.  3 BR home on  garder^View-  GARDEN BAY ��� 1 �� acre view lot,  with 22 x 56' Safeway doublewide- 4  appliances, large sundeck, concrete  foundation. $62,500.  CLAYDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY - 3 BR  view home,-Jull basement, built 1975,  close to marina. $88,000.  FRANCISPENINSULA ��� 1596 sqft 5 BR  home with 3 bathrooms, partially  finished rec room, hot water heating, 5  appliances. Built 1976. $84,000.  PRANCIS   PENINSULA   ���   12   x   44'  Glendale mobile home with 430 sq ft '  addition. On 2/3�� acre lot.,$28,500."  iS'ym, -,  WARNOCK ROAD  furnished 2 BR  mobile home, 12 x 60', on large, level-  landscaped lot. $28,500. _  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  '101.-$37-J500.'" "  GARDEN BAY -r- 4 BR, home on 2  levels. Electric heat: Landscaped. Close  to. stores & marinas. $50,000.  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE |  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES  if  iy in, serviced.  ISLAND IN BLIND BAY ~, lovely (��>3b  qcres freed Island. $60,000.    . ;  II16 ACRE ISLAND ~3 BR furnished  . panabodo,    float,   Water ��� &    hydro,  $165,000.  LOTS  GERRANS B/  i. ioo#ft-w*i=  $28,00t>.  2. 78 fit. W/F lot,^eptk-tdnk & drain  field in 8 approved, driveway, in, bldg1  site in, southerly exposure., $39,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA  1.132ft W/F , In Pender Harbour, 1.8 ���  acres, deep moorage. $50,000,  '2. 83 ft W/F adjoining above 1.22��  acres, $36,500.  3. 70' bluff waterfront, view over  Bargain Harbour, $21,500.  4. 220�� ft low bank sheltered  waterfront. 1.24 troed acres. $48,000.  BROOKS ..COVE, ��� 194' watorfront,  acc��ss by trail (1000' from parking)  septic In, hydro & water, $25,000.  ACREAGE  WESTMERE    BAY    ~    l,400:fc    ft  watorfront on 4,8 trood acros.  Nlco  boach and rocky point. Wator,\accoss,  ...only.-JM7.500.  NELSON ISLAND ��� 40 acres, 1500' on  Wostnibro Bay, 225��on \Vest Lake. 3  BR homo, 2 cottages, road to lake,  floats. Wator accoss,' $160,000,  NARROWS INLET ��� socludod acreage ���  trood, low bank, 5 to 14 acro parcels.  Wator access. $24,500 to $39,500.  ST VINCENT BAY ��� 350�� ft waterfront, 6,5 acres, Water access,  $25,000,    -  EARLS COVE ��� 5.57 acros,��450�� ft  sheltered watorfront ad|olnlng forry  terminal, $125,000.  SAKINAW    LAKE    ���    1,300+;   ff  lakefront, 24+ acres, 4 BR^furnished  panabode, float. $105,000.  ' RUBY LAKE ��� 5�� treed acres close to  public lake access. $19,800.  CARTERS LANDING ��� Sakinaw Lake -  24.8 i acres, 1350 $ ft. lakefront, road  access/house, creek. $135,000.  )  RUBY LAKE ��� 95:fc nacres excellent  land   with   400:fc   ff   lakofront   and  2600;t; ft on lapoon. $100,000,  D.L. 3258 - between Sakinaw & Ruby  Lakes. 1500 t ft. on Sakinaw Lake,,  croek. Hallowell Rd, ends at property.  $115,000,  "'"' ���  .' '     \    ., \,"   -  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 2.9 acres, 128&  lakofront, $18,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� lease lot with small  dbtiage and float. $15,000. Make an  offer.  NORTH LAKE ~ 2 BR home, needs  somo finishing, lako view, road access,  Prov. lease lot, $21,000.'  RUBY LAKE ��� 400��. ft Idkofrentage,  5-^ trood acres, road access* $49,500,  I  WATERFRONT HOMES  LOTS AND ACREAGE  i  -IrMADEIRA-TAftK ���'sorvlcod lots,  $0,00O.$22,00O,  2, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� sorvlcod Ibts.  $9,000-$24,000,  3, GARDEN BAY AREA ��� vlow lots.  $12,900-$21,250,  4, SANDY HOOK ��� vlow lot on Pop  polso Drlvo, $10,500,  5, PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ��� Sinclair  Day Road. Sorvlcod lots, most with  vlow, throo with lahofront, Prlcod from  $10,000 to $37,500,  6, LANGDALE CHINES-- Lot 35, Grady  ,Rd, Trood, $13,500,      '  LOTS  1,5  acres,  7.  BARGAIN' HARBOUR  ���  trood, sorvlcod, $25,000.  K DAVIS BAY ��� Trood vlow lot on  Groor Road, $16,500.  9, SELMA PARK '���  lot with  boautlful  vlow, closo to boach, $22,000,  10, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 9 nlco  building lots at cornor of Cochrarto and  Camo'ron Roads, $11,000-$ 13,000,  11, FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD ���  sorvlcod lot, prlcod for quick solo,  $0,000, '      '  FRANCIS PENINSULA��� 2 BR homo, full  basomont, 6 appllancos, flroplaco. 133'  watorlront, ramp 8, float, $01,000.'  1, IRVINE'S LANDING  lot, lovol, $35,000,  2, NEAR RUBY LAKE  Hwy 101,. $25,000,  3, MIDDLEPOINT ~-   10,9 acros, 2  collngo, crook, $40,000,  A, KLEINDALE'-- 5��acros on Hwy 101  $21,000,  ACREAGE  2.07 pcro vlow      5. NEAR MADEIRA PARK - 15 acros,  2150 i ll, on Hwy. 101. $44,000.,  6, KLEINDALE ���'��� 23,7 acros, somo  merchantable tlmbor, Lots of troos for  building a log houso, $50,000,  7. FRANCIS PENINSULA - l.O-J; acros,  cornor ol Warnock 8, Francis Ponlnsula  Roads, $17,900  0,39 acros on  BR  'EOMONT ��� 4 BR homo, partial  basomont, sundock, on 3.3 ocros,  P����. '��� cholco watorlront, $93,000,  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 5 BR homq,  full basomont, 1997 sq ft on main  floor, Built 1976, Soparato.,700 sq fl  workshop, On 122+ cholco watorfront lot with ramp & float, $100,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ���  largo  3,BR  .���"archllecf^cloflgnoy''Komo on  130 ft,  watorfront lot, $95,000,  GERRANS BAY --��� 200* ft W/F, 2.4  acros, 2 OR homo with flroplaco, 2 BR  cottago, dock & float, $150,000,  HOSPITAL BAY - 2 BR homo on 50A  bonch lot, $60,000,  I  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  i  f4\-     X   m^HmftklVMp 4J*t  , Ml   %      mf��ai  '7\    , I  Ev��nlng�� call: John Black, 886-7316    Ron McSavanoy, 885-3339  ll1111" ' I" ���� ' ' tw-vjj-i " ��� iiipniwiMi. n.iiiii i   fi"i;  ,.,^U��sSfc*>..il,  m  :M1I ill  ���l'|)'',�� ;:^ ^���,^iw,jiiip|''"''i^^2HS  MADEIRA PARK - vacant itoro bldg, '  ad|olnlng living quarlbts, Ono acro  ..���,,.. wllh 104'frontogt on McwMraPorl-t'lWp"  ���.. J^^Lmt'm^W^^^^^^^mm^m.  'utiwwtraTciwm-ji i/mvijgpimmimWumia&B  ��� rM'-w-'lt'^',  '.:��::';'..',;',  >bBERTS CREEK -������ 1.35* T��uJTvd' HASANS; STORE - Francis Ponlnsula,  corner lot with old houso and garago, Gonoral storo, 3-BR roildonco, rontal  J5��nj��^S^MjjabJ��JoUmni��dlP��o  . - J^^Au^ldWj^Wi-wlih 160�� ft'  dovolopmont or for holding proporty. "  sholtorod, doop watoruont.'i $105,000  .,$60,door-��"-'��--'~���'^*~-"1-"������ ,. p        jn plus casfjirtor ��t��>cKrrr,J   '* ������   '       '"'       ' m^nlm^l^L^k.                ''          "            '    " '"   ']  W��'��    "SV ,  f, H,W*.,.��.,- ,. ''-J-^f*'#��\ii I,,'���.*' ���  '" '"- "      ,   .       n   . > i       ���  , J" '>  DAN WILEY, Res, 8839149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  "f n I"  I k>  / \.)  *mm��^m *.iw^^,  mmmm.mmmm.      .,  wr. v    '  1  ��� ^imm-mmX  ��  .  .              ,11  1            ���/'  t^w��i*A"ii ���  1  ^-.��  ��  .1  .  I    '  - i  >   i        i  �� r  '!,.  J-  N  i *  ** ��1*H fan      ft, -  ..            '4  1       1  1  ,  ,          1  1  1  ,  i  ' 'I',      ��� '   '  '���  t  ��� ..  -     ���  i  \  ( -  ���..   \'   ,   ���  ������������    ,   ''I  ���        1    (  '���     1  1   ^ '"���'���.���;.'.  f  <'    ' ''  1  \  -  i  ,.,{  #*St^- f5 *4l I iWT*,^ if  ***ttb wt tiJanMXswtt mm i  H  'f ��     a   MJJj-yt**  .,.    ,1 S& cso  cd"---   c-ir> iiCiD   ���_-,  -C3D  w-MraCTJTl  A  ��eople^iiL-the   market  ~foF TTKome  The residential home you  buy is probably the biggest  investment you will ever  make, so plan it as carefully  as you would plan an investment portfolio. Study your  lifestyle, and decide what you  need most for your family. Set  your priorities down on paper  .. . with the most important  items first. * Price, down  payment available and  monthly payments} are  probably the most important  to every buyer. Then space  needs . . . number of  bedrooms, bathrooms . , .  recreational or family area  and other conveniences.  Location is important ��� do  you need to be near public  schools... private schools...  a college? When your needs  are written down, contact a  local real estate agent who  has the services of the Heal  jJASBiR.jSanad^  Wednesday, August 16  Even tht playground has dangers you will find,  Carelessly walk in front ot a swing and you'll be hit (rqm behind.  Estate Board's Multiple  Listing Service available. He  will be able to check his  listings for the properties that  fall    within. your     own  guidelines ... and you'll soon  be viewing a number of  properties in order to make  the all-important choice of a  homeof your own.   The possible  6 figure  income  In nineteen twenty one, the  average annual income for a  Canadian working man was  one thousand fifty seven  dollar's a year. It took thirty  years and a depression before  this sum doubled to two  thousand one hundred twenty  seven dollars. But in the next  twenty three years, a 450 per  cent increase was experienced and the average  wage was eleven thousand six  hundred eighty~three���dollars  in 1974. According to financial  experts, if pay increases  continue at 8 per cent annually, in only twenty seven  years the average Canadian  male will earn ene hundred  thousand dollars a  year.  gMegji^REAL ESTATE  ^-=^^   APPRAISALS  JF NOTARY PUBLIC  JT     . -yJm^j-  DENTAL BLK?^  GIBSONS       ^  V  ���-/  THE NOR-WES  CEDAR HOME  These facts are mathematically valid, not wild  speculation, but other factors  should be noted too. If the  battle against inflation is lost  and-prices keep rising, then  how much will that annual  income of one hundred  thousand dollars buy? Em-  pl6yee productivity must be.  improved and inflation  conquered, so Canadians don't  become the highest paid poor  country in the world.  ,   WW  /^y AND TRICKS  AN INVITATION TO VIEW our lovely "Mauna Hale" home now under  construction on Lower Claydon Road in Garden Bay. Chat with the  owners Lou and Anne Varney and watch construction progress.  Literature is available at the site on the full line o^ Nor Wes Cedar Homes.  Nor-Wes CEDAR HOMES  Dept. (PHI) 11120,BridgeRd., Surrey, B.C. Canada V3V3T9 Phone (604) 525-2024  The best way to "meet people and getthe feeling and atmosphere of a new-place is to  spend only half the day sightseeing���and the other half doing "as the Romans do" for  amusement and relaxation.  *  *  A small, lightweight travel  iron, (with an international  plug) can be taken anywhere  for handy, cost-cutting touch-  ups you can do yourself.  * * �����  You fcan rely on getting  the room you want' if you arrange for reservations in advance. You can get a room at  any of the 1700 Holiday  Inns, for instance, by calling  your, nearby Inn and letting  the reliable Holidex system  work for you.  '.iy~-  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271  Were the Neighborhood Professionals.  EXCEPTIONAL     VALUE,  $59#00, From the landscapod  grounds and cathedral entrance to the 1 bdrm suite, this  almost 1500', 3 bdrm, 2  fireplaces,, large rec room  boauty truly represents value.  Sltuatod In W. Sechelt, It is our  pleasure to show this home.  Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  HOPKINS LANDING  OLDIE BUT GOODIE $34,000  2 bedrooms on main with erttra In bsmt, Largo kltchon loadod  -with cupboards and noar now frldgo and stovo includod, Chuck  Dowman, 085-9374!  ��� ' 'GIB.   ,  SARGENT ROAD $13,900  Magnlflcont ocoan vlow lot, fully sorvlcod, on sowor. 65 x 110',  closo to all amonltlos, Builders torms avallablo, Larry Reardon,  885-9320.  RETIREMENT SPECIAL   ' $43, S00  Spotless 2 bedroom homo with terr|l|c garden-* and comont  patio, garage with work-shop and storage level. Walk to shops  and watorfront. Chuck bowman, 885-9374.  ROBERTSCREEK  UP & DOWN DUPLEX   $49,500  Larflo 3 bodroom with oxcollont rovonuo potontlal,  Locatod on 1 acro noar  Roborts Crook on Highway  101, Vondor will con&ldor  ollors, Ed Dakor, 085-2641,  ACREAGE-INVESTMENT        , ' $25,000  2,14 an1.1, flt Joo and Lowor Roborts Crook Road with ovor 700'  on llio Lowor Road, Could bo 4 lots ��� terrific potontlal for tho  ^JiwoMw, ChwckJJowman,,M$:$M.iy.,,,,.,,,, ,,,.a1,,,���,...,_��.-���-..,..���....,1'.  SELMA PARK  OCEAN VIEW $17,500  Oood solid Oldor typo lamlly homo In good repair with unln-  (. rrupocl vlow ol Iho ocoan, It has 3 bodrooms, tho living room  has wall to wall carpot, and thoro Is a largo kltchon and dining  cirun, Thltt homo Is on loaso land $600 p.n, Ed, Dakor, 885-264),  TUWANEK  ������������'-���ifcOPT/paqNif^ojL.pp;':;^^   $U,S00  Cloarod ond roady for building. Hall black to wator and safe  swimming, Easy forms, Chuck Dowman 885-9374,  SUMMER HIDE-A-WAY $17,500  This hnll acro has wator and hydro, A 33 ll trailer and two motol  shads |nlnod togothor wllh a wood Itoalor, Eqsy torms aro  available, Chuck Dowman, 085-9374.  SECHELT  1/3RDOPANACRB $1,500 DN   w.a^��fJv.m.,thlt.bftagnlw1ly...lrMd.lol,...lf,ontlng.6n.iwo,rood��...  ��� Excollont vlow potontlal. Full prlco $13,300, Chuck Dowman,  885-9374,       ,    ,   -���  SECHELT VILLAGE SECHELT      \ $59,500  New deluxe 3 bedroom, full basement home of 1320 sq ft,';  completed approx 30 days. Large LR, DR area with FP, kitchen Is  a housewives dream with bullt-ln^bqr-b-quei Full doublo plbg. All  features must be seen to bo appreciated., Ed Baker, 885-2641.  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT $15,500 & 8;500  At Sandy Hook wo have this 100'+ watorfront lot, close to road  and adjoining with an excellent-view lot that lies next to B.T.  Larry Roardon, 885-9320,  VILLAGE $46,000 offors ploaso  Woll  kept, sparkling clean  2  bedroom   bungalow-  Walking  distance to stores ond schools, LR 17x19 with flroplaco, dinette,  utility, 2 full bathrooms. Owners leaving. Immodiato possession, '  Ed Bakor, 885-264^ '  WEST SECHELT , $is,soo   <  1.17 acres. Nlcoly trood, gontlo slope to SVy will have a good  vlow when somo trees como down. Ed Bakor, 885-2641.  NEW, NEW, NEW $52,900  Deluxe 3 bodroom bsmt homo with ensuite off bright mastor  bodroom. Great kltchon with lot*'of cupboards and eating area,  Good vlow off flborglassed sundock, Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  24>7 ACRES $62;500  Was logged a low yoars ago, sb cloarlng Is oasy. Possible vlow  ovor Sochelt Inlot, Locatod top of Mason (td on right. Chuck  Dowman, 885-9374. '  $56,500  Attraetlvo Spanish typo 3 bdrm bungalow, approx 3,yrs bulll,  Largo LR 20 x 20 with flroplaco, opon boam callings, DR family  kltchon. All bdrms largo, master onsulto w/w throughout. Largo  workshop af roar, Floor aroa 1504 sq ft, Ed Bakor. 085-2641,  REDROOFFS/ HALFMOON BAY AREA  WELCOME WOODS $9,500* $9,780  Two oxtra Inngo lots 125'x200', Larry Roardon, 805-9320,  $13,500    /  Boautlful 1/2 acro lot, loadod with troos on blacktop road, with  wator and hydro,'Larry Roardon, 885-9320, ,  ""HAt^AcREtof ��������� "*f ��� - "-' r^^ooo*"  larqo hood lot at tho corner of Rodrooffs Road and tho road to  Sargeant Bay, Sorvlcod with hydro and wator, Larry Roardon,  005-9320,  $10,5pOOR NEAR OFFER  Recreation proporty, 100 n 250, Lovol, partially cleared, lor  homo slto or trallor, Wator and Hydra, Ed Bakor, 085-2641,  $12,800     i  Nor Wost Pay Rd woodod lot, 70 x  150, lonod R2", Trallori  allowod. Sign on. Ed Baker, 883-2641/  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  GARDEN BAY ROAD ' $22,500  Rock bluff building silo on this 3,5 acro woodod proporty, would  provido torrlflc vlow ovor pasture land, All yoar stream. Eaiy  lr>rms available, Chuck Dowman, 005-9374,  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Soml-watortront proporly, (ustjicrbs* tho Narrows Brlrigo and t  lacing Rurfl-aln;.,Harb6uf, TrootTdintl "good forbulldlng di\, wllh'  |o��Mlio road bolwetm you and the water, Larry R��ordon, 005-  9320.  MADEIRA PARK RANCH $125,000  22 acro working ranch, all foncod and cross*  frull troos, All yoar round wator supply. And for  "���WTfldyttflMhouie It ban a modern"tedroom  homo, Has facilities for horse show, gnd rodoot.  Coll Larry Roofdon, 883-9320, .     ������<���������������������'< ' ���>'  <<>  PHONE 886-22  AND LAND 06VELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682-1  ��� M  Jon McRae  885-3670  BOYLE ROAD: 5.05 acres partially cleared  and electrically fenced. Includes cow,  chickens and ducks. Rentable trailer pad with  own septic. Partially finished home, all new  construction, approximately 1/2 completed.  White onyx fireplace, varnished cedar ceiling,  thermopane windows, and large combination  furnace. Please make an appointment first to  vjew. $68,000.  jL '  -GRANTHAMS_LANDlN_G_j^We!I kept 3 bdrm  family home with full basement. New shake  roof and for heating economy thermopane  windows. Basement has rec room, workshop  and laundry room. Grounds are beautifully  landscaped. Large sundeck to enjoy a lovely  waterview of Keats Island and" the Gap.  $42,900.  PARK ROAD: Three bedroom home on 5 acres  ���in.Gibsons. Property on both.sides are also  for sale making a total 61 15 acres available  for   future  development,   A  good   holding,  property. - $79,500  GRANDVIEW ROAD: (Off Pine) Three  bedroom home on a beautifully treed and  folly landscaped lot (175 x 150) with an  _exceJifiijLyiew_QLGeoigua-St��aLL_Kilchen_has_  Lorrie Girard                   Chris Kankainen  Arne T. Patterson  886-7760                             885-3545  886-9793  w    HOMES  CRUCIL ROAD, GIBSONS: Bright and spacious  3 bedroom family home in excellent condition  located within easy walking distance to  schools and shops. Large kitchen with built-in  dishwasher and indirect lighting. Two  fireplaces, huge'- recreation room. Lots of  extra space in daylight basement for 'den or  extra bedroom and workshop. For the price of  $62,500 you also get a beautiiul view for your  constant enjoyment.  NORTH FLETCHER ROAD: Three bedroom  home on completely landscaped view  property in Gibsons. Lawn in front and back  of home with small garden. House is very well  kept witfi~sepdrat~e suite in basement. Included are fridge, stove, washer and dryer.  $64,500  GOWER PT-RD AT FRANKLIN rA WATERFRONT  lot is the setting for this lovely two bedroom  home. Living room with heatilator fireplace  has~hardwood floors." Brand-new carpets-in  the bedrooms and hall. The attic has been  panelled for extra sleeping quarters and/or  storage. A view of Salmon Rock and 4he Gap  from the covered patio. Nicely landscaped,  eating nook and a built-in oven and range  top. Floor to*ceiling cut rock fireplace. 45 x 9  but most important is the easy access to the  best beach in the Gibsons area. $77,900.  GIBSONS,REVENUE: Foiir-plex. Positive cash.j  flow with eleven thousand dollars-revenue j  per year!!! Toi units contain five bedrooms I  with one and a half baths. Lower suites are i  large two bedroom units. Low maintenance S  and good return make this an excellent in- !  vestment   value.   Close   to   all   amenities, j  Financing available.   * $89,900 '  "- ________________ I  BROWNING RD:  Wilson  Creek.   Rustic  and ]  -cozy   A-frame   home   tucked   away   on   a. I  beautifully~ffe6d���lot.-^-The���house is op-J  proximately 3/4 finished and an enterprising |  couple should have a good time finishing it off |  to suit their own taste. The asking price for  this hideaway project is $34,900 I  NORTH   FLETCHER   ROAD:    Gibsons.   Cozy,  compact   ahd   comfortable   home   with  character and charm. A place for people who '  enjoy the rustic and~woodsy feel and ap- I  predate a panoramic view. The basement has  in-law   s'uite   potential.   Huge .sundeck   for |  outdoor entertainment: Substantial workshop |  for the hobbyist or-tinkerer. ., $60,000 j  HILLCREST ROAD: Panoramic view of Gibsons :  Harbour and Georgia Strait from this lovely  home. Exceptionally large kitchen as well as  a separate dining room. Two bedrooms and a  "covered sundeck and a huge double carport.  $63,500  ROSAMUND RD: Excellent full basement  family home on nearly a 1/2 acre. Two  bedrooms upstairs and two down. Rec room is  finished downstairs and a separate utility  aarea. Twofull bathrooms. Yard is private with  large cedar trees. Fruit trees and a garden  are in. $47^900.  DAVIDSON ROAD: Large three bedroom  home oh 1/2 acre treed lot on Langdale Ridge,  offering view ahd privacy. Lots of cabinet  space in well thought out kitchen/Fireplace  upstairs. Full basement. $54,900.  'rec''room-andT5edroomHiriished-downstairsT->  Living room features a floor to ceiling wa' |  fireplace in cameo marble. Lot is fully Ian , |  scaped. $52i500. I  ���ROBERTS CREEK: This could be the home with  acreage you have been looking for. Situated  -well back-from-the-street-to-give-you-all-the-  privacy you want. This rustic home is in immaculate condition and has 1050 square feet  of living'space. The partially-cleared property  is just over five acres and could be developed  into a nice hobby^fprm. The zoning allows  subdivision into half acre lots and there is a  dedicated road along one side. A good buy  and an excellent investment. $65,500.  FIRCREST PLACE: New large ranch style home  with tongue and groove cedar feature walls  in the living-room and family room. You can  eliminate heating bills with the airtight wood  heater and double glazed windows. Three  'bedrooms with room^O-expand by,'putting  ' walls'on the carport._$42,"900,''.*Jl "-'   '   'V  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Triplex located  in Gibsons Village. One two bedroom suite  and two three bedroom suites. Good holding  property for future development. Close to  schools and shopping mall. $52,500.  HANBURY ROAD: Panabode home featuring  stain glass windows, skylights, and shake  roof situated on 12 acres in Roberts Creek.  Flume Creek runs through middle of property  which includes A-frame guest cottage.and 16  -x���Tfr���worRshop���with���220���wiring^���Partially���-  cleared and fenced with vegetable garden  $67,500 ..;,':..  COACH ROAD (off Leek Rd): Three ye,ar olcL  three bedroom home situated on a quiet  subdivisiorrJrt'7ll^e"rTs-'rOeek*-o'ft1y'2_''mlles:'  from Gibsons. Large kitchen with an eating I  nook. Yard: is ni'cfely landscaped, yours to I  enjoy from the split level sundeck. Extras |  include a wired and plumbed darkroom and a |  7x 8 storage shed. $44,900 1  STEWART ROAD: Lovely Spanish style home  on 1 1/2 acres level land. Four bedrooms,  separate dining room, sunken  living room  DOGWOOD ROAD: Two bedroom home with |  completely equipped in-law suite!close to I  schooisiand shopping. Full basement with"rec I  room. Lot is completely fenced, needs some I  landscaping. Excellent family or retirement S  home. $49,900. \  LOOKOUT AVE:  Near  new three bedroom  with fireplace. Almost 1400 square feet of  home in good condition on large view lot in  living space on one floor. Definitely one of a   new subdivision just past the Sunshine Coast  kind. $55,000. Arena in Sechelt. Boating facilities close by.   :       "  'Owner is transferred and you can have immediate possession. Asking price  $52,500.  . HILLCREST ,RD;   Excellent   three    bedroom. ,, A1 ~~~77~~     ~ ; .  UaiWly home-close'^schools and shopping., ^AL^VIEW* ROAD:    Immaculate    three  -Partibrbdsement,'separate   utility   room,   bedropm home'on level  landscaped M in  Landscaping is in with many large trees in the  bock yard. Nice neat home priced to sell.  $42,700.  area bf new homes. Situated on quiet cul de  sac, safe for children and pets, Double  windows for comfort and economy. Separate  dining room and wall to wall carpeting.  $46,500.  LOTS  WHARF  ROAD  Lot 19 $11,900  Lot 20 $12,900  Lot 21 $13,900  Lot 22 $14,900  / Lot 23 $15,900  Lot 24 $12,900  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION: Fantastic vlow  lots. An area of new and varlod homes. These lots  offer themselves to many different building  locations. En|oy privacy and the View of Howo  Sound, Priced from $11,900.  SARGENT ROAD: Build your droam homo on  thlj outstanding proporly In Gibsons most  popular rosldontlal aroa. Fabulous vlow ol  tho harbor ond Goorgla Strait. Ovor 65' stroot  frontago, Easy walking dlitanco to schools  and shops, $17,900,  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanok, Idoal rocroatlon  lat In be-dutlfully woodod and parkllko sotting, Zonod for trailers. This lot overlooks  Socholt Inlot and tho Lamb Island, $8,900.  McCULLOUGH RD: Wilson Crook, Closo to ono  acre*treod -property" with- subdivision  possibilities.    .   ���     ��� $22,500  WAKEFIELD RD: Good building lot on wator  and powor ovorlooklng Goorgla Strait and  the Trail Island, This Is a corner lot iri a nowly  bulll up aroa, $12,500,  TUWANEK; BQ x 140 lot, only ono block lo  b*oc>). Pull vlaw ofthffInlfft.Plpod community  wator avallablo, $9,900.  WHARF RDi At tho cornor af Davidson, Wllh a  llttlo oasy cloarlng this lot will bo roady to  ,build on, Walking dlitanco to tho forry, lot  bIjoMOx 110, '    $12,900  FAIRVIEW ROAD: Noarly 1/4 acro of flat oasy  to build on land. Mobllo home* are allowod.  Largo - codar troos provido privacy and  onhanco this sotting, Closo to Codar Grovo  School. $11,900,  'DAVIDSON RDi 2/5 of an-acro with a fantastic  vlow from Langdalo Rldgo, This lot has a small  crook on tho vory back of tho property. All  now homos In this aroa, $14,900,  popi,/SR LANEs Cloarod and lovol building lot  ,..cpnYftnl��ntivL,lo(i.��'t��yj^uo..<iul��t��<;ML'(|s.jacJ.  only   ono   block   away   from   Sunnycrost  Shopping Contro. Tho slto Is roady to build on  and Is suitable for a conventional or contemporary stylo homo. $12,900.  ABBS ROADi Vlow ol the Bay aroa and  Goorgla Strait it yours from this boautilul lot  In aroa of elaborate haw homos; Two blocks  to schools ond shopping. $10,900  YMCA RD; Langdalo, Cloarod, lovol building  lot measuring Bl x 173, sultabU for a variety  af houso plans, Locatod within oasy walking  dlstanco fo school and a low minutes |og to  tho forry terminal, Mpko an offor on tho  asking prlco of $12,900  TUWANEK; Only ono block to boach, full vlow  of Inlot. piped community water avallablo, BO  x 140, ! ,   .      ���   $9,900  POPLAR LANE; Boautlful flat building lot with  vlow of North Shore Mountains, Locatod on  tho ond of a qulot cul do sac only 1 block to  Sunnycrost Mall Shopping Contro and schools,  All sorvlcos Including sowor, Ad|acont to  grass playing Hold. $14,900  HILLCREST RD; Only $3,000 down I Bolanco by  Agreement for Salo will purchase ono o|  I fho^a;bediitlfulWow lots at tho ond of a quiot  cul do sac, All underground sorvlcos so thoro  Is nothing to mar tho vlow, Thoso lots aro  cloarod and roady to build on, Tho ravlno In  front will onsuro your privacy, Thoso Ibts  represent oxcollont value, Prlcod from  $13,900"  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONTi With wotorlronl,  as   scarce   as   It   Is   this   doublo   uso   lot  represents real valuo, $33,000       '  I'm'!  " 'UV' '���l.in.l.l���Mi.|||.,ll.i,   il  FAIRVIEW RDi Largo codar troos oh 'this'  noarly 1/4 acta al flat oasy to build on land  provido a prlvato sotting lor your homo,  Mobllo homos aro allowod, Closo to Codar  Grovo School, $11,900  HWY 101 (off Hall Roarf,; 5 subdivldablo  acroirLand Is vory'ilryvlth good porcolatlon.  ���Southern *xposore in th" heart of Robsrl��  Crook, On Roglonal wator, Approxlmatoly 1  otro is doorod. Has oldor homo boing rontod  for $133 por month, Includos small barn.  Vondor has .subdivision plan for 9 lots.  $42,900,  ACMME  ���Syswll  |.*fiCflQ^kJPADjp,*lp,644��oeM��---<��dlo��on��---����i  ���lomonlary seh6ol, Could b<s subdivided to  lots, OnsflworandaHnt��rvlco0, .,.-���>, IfSftOQO  29'/'��� ���  '   ' "     ���''   '        ���'.   ��� ���  .-   ��� ������ '' ' 'f      i  liiw  GIBSONSiPgrkRoadr Excollorif pros^  -tho  ono  who* holdk  thlt   potentially   commercially  jto-ned  5 pcros, LlQhtly, cleared,  closo   to   shopping , contro   and   schools!  $59,000.  -proporty ��loto to Soo mat Point Porki Pontolly ���  cloarod, Try your offors, Prlco now roducod to  :;$2^5oo,",."' :.���-:���""������ '?"���"��� ��� .;;-. -- �����.*- ��� -,;. p.,.,  ���~iki-r ���  i   . "sfT"A^T"l''Hlft4*��fpi*w*<-YQw .'<* *'-Vli"T**'  L/^NODALE:   4.31   acrot,   Excollont   holding'!  proporty right acrosi from tho forry forminol, a  Langdalo Crook Is tho eastern boundary ol S  this p'rdpeny. $39,500, *m  prdporiy,  $39,500,  MASKELL  RDi   1,44   acros   of   tubdlvldahlo  "propertywMoitwtl toatf orttlttm*��rrto,biirw<  vCrMJc.ftead..<-Zoolna.~allew*.Joi:��,J/2~,acr*��  avorago, Thlt It a quia) rural aroa only 3  mllos frqmQlblont., ; $19,900  ���:��������� -' .-���;.... ,$7.ult^^^^^  i .-,;��� "  A**!?:  '**V  ^   ��W!^pP!l��-V1?ar-"|t!tM*-r*0'-#i��>  s  -T'-'  '"  'Wft*WW-K*W%iWap3*!M*W��K^^  ^i#j><8^n!SrOT��,^au^^^*fl����M��^ **    * **>"*��� ���*  *.**>* ��,,*tH-.i -,���,..* .,,  '  / 1  .   . /  y  ' ���'  ' r     ���    '������- -A  >  i a  NOW  RENTING  Executive House  Apartments  * Overlooking Gibsons Harbour  ��� 37 Deluxe 1 & 2 Bdrm Suites  Featuring:   Controlled Front Entrance  Colored Appliances  Cable Vision  Panoramic View  Extra-Soundproof Suites  Drapes  W/W Carpets  Rents from $230.00  Inquire at  886-2465  Marsh World  MARSH THIEF ��� -The-mink is a strong, agile  swimrfier and appears more at home in water than  on land. It preys on small mammals, birds, eggs,  frogs, fish and snakes. Males are almost two feet  in length, weighing approximately two pounds,  while the females are somewhat smaller. . Strong  and fearless, mink have been known to carry off  ducks, or large fish from unsuspecting sportsmen.  The mink is prized for its rich brown fur and was  the first American furb'earer to be domesticated. '  (^ 40  \u* ����� <am*i'<r> *t 'ftd***!^!  Ducks Unlimited (Canada)  1495 Pembina Hwy. Winnipeg. Man. R3T 2E2  ��248-78  Reduciii^rush^hour  traffic congestion  Wednesday, August 16    Peninsula Times     PageB-5  T3ie dethroned consumer  At one lime the housing ���  consumer was king in the  marketplace and the  marketplace responded to his  "demands.. ' '" " ';  , ' Now the shift irom market  criteria to p^lanniny criteria is  rapidly ihoi.nmt, housing  development decisions from  consumer demand.  The developer now often  finds himself so onibroiled ih  trying to ascertain what is  likely to gain' '".icceptaffc^'at"  the local government planning  level, that consumer  preferences are taking a back  seat. The restrictions placed  on the developer often hamper  his efforts to satisfy the  consumer.  Surely planners and  developers should work  together to become more  responsive to ihe consumer,  other that they tend to forget  they are both serving the  same client ��� the housing  consumer ��� who should have  some say in the product he is  expected to consume.  THINK  ABOUT IT  In a report prepared for the  Transportation, Research  Board of the National  Acacemy of Sciences,  researchers examined car-  pools and 16 other techniques  of mass transit. Researchers  found strong ingrained objections to carpoqling in most  urban areas. While individual  techniques offered only  marginal solution, the report  says combinations of ideas  hold great potential for better  urban transportation* These  include incentives to increase  transit use . . . lower fares,  more park and ride facilities,  priority street and highway  treatment of transit vehicles  and improved circulation of  transit in central business  areas., Staggered working  hours, parking controls, tolls  for using congested streets at  certain times, auto-free zones,  and planning to place homes  and jobs closer together were  also recommended. This  report should be studied  carefully as a way to encourage people to use rapid  transit in every congested  city.  Protection for buyers  & sellers of property  Purchase of real property  involves a substantial amount  of money, it could be complicated and its successful  conclusion requires detailed'  knowledge of the market,  municipal regulations and  legal matters. ,  Agents and sales people  licensed under the Real  Estate, Act of British  Columbia are .^prepared  through stringent prepensing-training _tq perform  the complicated task of  purchase or sale of- real  property;   and. all  licensed  agents maintain a bond with a  minimum of $10,000 to cover  anylosssuffered by a client in  a real estate transaction as a  ousni  result of wrongful or dishonest  dealing by a real estate  licensee.  This bond is a condition of  licensing and is registered,  with the Superintendent of  Insurance. Greater. Van-  . couver purchasers are further  protected as the Real Estate  Board of Greater Vancouver-  carries an excess bond of  $100,000 over the required  bonding, to protect customers  of some four thousand Vancouver Board members.  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  P *^���"^^^^---^>-^fc^i^^��i^>^i^jWw3pJfc^i3W>3tjB3fc3WPO>3pijMJi3^JiiJ%3p3fcjfc3^JKI I'  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Cowrie St. 885-2013 Sechelt  WEST SECHELT  Large quarry tile entrance. Vibrant  royal red wall to wall In en-  tertainmeht size living room.  Fireplace in cozy family room and  master bedroom. 4 bedrooms, 2 full  bahts and powder room, 2 car  garage, workshop, storage room. A  versatile home. FP $72,500. Phone  John, 885-9365 for further info.  SAMRON ROAD  Two year old, 2 bedroom home just  on top of the hill. The full bsmt is  partially developed w-sauna,  shower bath and den. Heavy insul,  dbl windows and low utility, bills.  Landscaped 8. fenced 80' wide lot  with garden area. Please call Lynn,  885 5755.  Two   5   acre   parcels,   Hwy   101,  Roberts Creek    $29,500 each  PHONE ANYTIME ON THE RED AND WHITE SIGNS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON, 885-9365  frwossssxxssssssxssxa  "everv. though our complex  society and political climate  make it difficult to do. Too  often the planner and  developer are so busy  squaring   off   against   each  Most builders set out to fill  a void in the marketplace, but  because of the time lag in the  period .from a builder's  original applications until the  groduct is finally mark����able,  tne. marketplace has* often  changed. Costs rise annually,  municipalities impose higher  and more costly standards,  Jinancing.rates incerease7. .-.-  so often by the time a house is  on the market it costs much  more than the original  customer it was planned for  can pay. The real estate industry has constantly pointed  . to the red tape process in the  development industry as a  great factor in the high cost of  housing. The market need and  production stage must be  brought closer together for the  sake of the home buyer... but  also for the sake of the builder  and his labour sector which  must stay employed for a  -Jiealthy���economy,���The���approval processes should be  studied carefully by governments concerned and  tightened up for, the sake of  . the citizens who pays for these  costly housing delays.  ��  Operation  L'rfe/tMte  Ddn't let a high food bill  limit your family's nutrition. Poor planning, overbuying, limited storage  space,   convenience   foods  IMAGINE.  ������  your cabin or home  quiet woods    ----------  pristine Lake  spectacular views of sea & mountains  75 large lots & acreages now available on Hotel Lake  {some-waterfront] adjacent to" Pefrdof'Harbour "on the  fabulous Sunshine Coast. Water, power, telephone &  Terminal. Some of the world's best fresh & salt wateV  fishing & aquaftcTecreation. " ���    ~  Some of the world's best fresh & salt water fishing &  aquatic recreation. Moorage & shopping a stroll away.  ... AND AFFORDABLE TOO!  For detailed information, contact  richard vonr-""**^--  Westwater Properties Ine.    689-5771; 591-7459 eves.  and~wastjngleftovers ratfieT  than high food prices may  be contributing to- your  higher food .bill. Make proper nutrition a part of your  Lifestyle.  V_^t��k^*A Co  =P^   ^M^7^  The South China Sea the largest sea in the world, covers  an area of 1,148,500 square miles. Its average depth is  4,802 feet.  FOR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE ���INSURANCE ���MORTGAGES  MEMBER BROKER  J>  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.    2 Offices to Serve YOU  886-2481   (GIBSONS)  S '���' w  Van Dlroct  687-6445  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre   VON IVO  HOMES  HOMES  DAVIS* SHAW ROAD .557,000  Gold Medallion trl-lovel homo,, Four  bedrooms, two firoplacos, two bathrooms,  workshop, Closo to,shopping centro, Call  Jay Vhser,  2 BDRM HEADLANDS ROAD        '  $26,900  Solid llttlo homo, .auto,oil heat, lull bath,  fruit troos, close to boachand boat Iqunch,  SPECIAL  GLASSFORD RD, 63 x 160' cloarod lot. Fill  In. Wotor ft, Sowor' connoctod, $10,500,  $58,500  uudrooms could  pi ico  for   horso,  $23,750  DA*HTO POPLAR IANE $47,500  Two 3 bdrm onsulto homos to chooso  Irom. Basomonts & carports. Walking  dl-atonco to schools, shopping, recreation  a Imbibing,     -  PARK A REED ROAD. $56,000  Excollont lamlly homo on largo landscaped lot, Frull troos, This homo foaturos  3 good sl/od bodrooms, living'room wllh  firoploco, dining aroa, largo kltchon,  Flnlshod rumpus room with F.P,, and In-  -law- sulto- In basement 36 x 13 garago, *  HILLCREST DUPLEX $37,500  Good Invostmont, good assumablo  mortgago of $22,000, Rovonuo $300.  2 DPRM SPLIT LEVEL $53,000  ' locotod on Proft Road on npprox 1 acro of  good gardon soil, Roomy 12x16 Miction,  Soparato dining room, Largo carport ond  12 x 20 workshop, ���  LANODALIVIEW $49,600  3 bodroom, A torrillc vlow ol Howo Sound  qnd North Shore mountains, 16 x 30' living  room with gronlto flroplaco,  -NORTH ROAD A --' ��������- ��� $12,900 -  1974Noonox Trallor Homo, boautlfully sot  op on rontod pad 50 x 130, Comean  Trallor Court. ]  CHEKWELP, GIBSONS $39,900  Unbeatable   wotorlronl   with   throo  bodroom homo, Lorflo llvlrtfl room* wiffr  ���tono flroplaco,  POPLAR LANE $48,500  Throe bodrooms, tireploco, dining room,  Walking distance to village, ono block to  amonltlos, A must seel Call Anno Gurney,  SEAVIEW RD $27,600  2 bodroom older homo with pundock and  carport, Groat viow,  FAIRVIEW  Largo char  mg homo,  bo   4,   On   I '7   ocro,  chickens and hobblos,  SEAVIEW RD  Good startor or rotlromont homo On trood  ylow   lot.   On   sowor,   Frldgo,   stovo   &  washor.  LIKE WATERFRONT $48,000  Hall  block  to ��alo  pobblo boach from  boautlful   Gibsons   bluff   location.   3  bodroom homo  has  torrlflc vlow from  living room 8 mastor bodroom, Flroplaco,  basomont, good gardon aroa, drop In and  soo tho plcturos or coll to vlow.  WATERFRONT OR ? $89,500  Ono   cornor   pin   on   tho   boach.   No  watorfrontago tax. 1500 sq It In almost  brand  now  homo,  vory  modorn,   vory  prlvato,   Slops  In  to  good  boach   with  oxcollorif moofaflorcdll fol'appoinlmont ��  to vlow,  HOPKINS LANDING $52,000  Pt Rd homo wllh lots of living spaco, Groal  vlow, boach accoss across slroot,  CRMCIl ROAD $96,000  Lovoly   family   homo,    2   flroplacos,   3  bodroom*  up  and   1   down,   Vlow   o|  mountains,   Koats   Island  and   Shoal  ,C,,anno1'        .   |ATC  TUWANEK        LUIS* $7)90fr  Rocroatlon or pormanont homo.  GRANTHAMS ,. $10,000  ��,. Nlco vlow lot| ��� SO x 11 Or ��� ��� ��� "'"���"  CHASTER ROAD $12,500  Lorgo lot noar schools,  SOUTH FLETCHER VIEW LOT $H,900  $2300 down  PRATT A GRANDVIEW. $11,900  Good building lot, 78' frontago on Prqtl  "*"ef'ft'cl'"T*40,"'d��ibp"���""*    -w.���^*-^^. ����� ������ .<<-.-  DUPLEX ZONED vlow lot In v|llafl. $17,500  FIRCREST LOTS $9,700  Takb your choice, Signs on. 61 x 131'.  JOHNSON* FORBES $11,750  Clearod lot for this low prico,  HOPKINS LOT $10,500  Has good vlow, locatod qcrosjs from good  boach accoss,  MAHAN RD only $12,500  93 x 125, Lots ol lovoly big codars. Qulot  aroa, Wator 8, powor.  WATERFRONT  SECRET COVE AREA $35,000  51' x 161' Sofvlcod lot on Truoman rd.  GAMBIER ISLAND WEST BAY $65,000  133' of good watorfront. S.E, oxposuro and  groat viow, Good wator supply, Largo lot  with posslblo luturo subdivision, Prlvato  ramp 8, float, 3 DR Ponabodo, Sundock  w'w carport. Hootolotor flroplaco, stovo &  fudge,  ROBERTS CREEK $45,000  Accoss easement on ad|aconl  lot,  This  typo of prlmo watorfront Is faro on tho  rrtarkot,  GAMBIER ISLAND $12,000  Soml-watorlront lot at Thornboro Bay.  5AROENTSBAY   00'Wit Lot, *    $32,000  230' doop and covorod wllh salal  and  arbutus troos, Idoal location naar ond pf  qulotitroot In Wost-Socholt, Powor and >  wator to lot,  HALFMOON BAY Low Bank Wft, $35,000  Boautlful lot wllh southern oxposuro, This  Is low bank watorfront, but dooi not havo  a boach, Salal buihos and Ar|>utu�� troos  aro tho natural landscape, Sowor, wotor A  powor avail,  EASTBOURNE KEATS ISLAND $46,600  Vory attraetlvo 2 bdrm Gothic Arch with  623 iq ff, lundocK,.SE oxpoiuro, ' ' *""  ACREAGE  10 ACRES OF WOODLAND  "Frit"' IVuo plofjoofs, $31000,'"vIcln11y  of  HanbMry Road,  2 III ACRES, ROBERTS CK $26,000  2 1/2 acros of subdivldablo proporty In  Roborts Crooh v'      w  NORTH ROAD $27,000  3,4 eta-si, trood and parhllM,.No wlndlolll,  or undorbrOih, Access Irom sldo road for  privacy,  "fflftlSSHT"-"  -885-3300  GIBSONS OFFICE SALES STAFF  ^FrStV^^W^^i^Ww^sif-  AtmEtroimiY  Nfnww^ffljwWftfiwu-i*:  '*Ma*WrtMf��f^*w*w-*^^  wrsoTHEraiiDrBrmr  MS'MM*"*'"  TBwnwrcwr  886.9344  ��p*"��'*IW*Wj  885-3295  Van. Direct  681-7931  Box 979, next to Gulf Station, Secholt VON 3AO  HOMES  DAVIS BAY $29,500  Bright, cozy homo ono and a half blocks  from tlio boach,-Houso and grounds In tiptop condition. Call Ann Ibbitson or Goorgo  Coopor for moro Information. 84DB  ROBERTS CREEK Asking $48,500  7/8 of an acro glvos lots of on|oymont on  this dovolopod slto, Houso Is Immaculate  with 2' bdrms, big squaro kltchon, full  basomont, wllh root S.wlno foliar, Vlow of  tho wator, Grounds aro woll kopt with  frull, vegetables 8, flowers, Malcolm  Stroam rlpplos along ono boundary.  Attraetlvo triple carport wllh shako roof &  comont slab. Call Ann Ibbitson ft vlow Ihls  roa| value, 65/RC  SECHELT VILLAGE $62,500  Family homo locatod across from Hackott  Park. This 3 bdrm homo has many foaturos  such as; onsulto plumbing; Indirect  lighting; built-in appliances; carport;  basomonti lnrgo lot with gardon. All  wllhln walking dlstanco o| school and  'shops, Roady for Immodiato occupancy.,  Call Don Sutherland, 69SV  "-SECHELT VILLAGE" '"", -*"~   U^QoCT  Immaculate throo bodroom lamlly homo ���  1300+ sq fl homo on Ebbtide Stroot.  Vogolablo garden Is alroady In with  sovoral small fruit troos, Call Suinnne  Dunkortdn lor moro Information,       70SV  SELMA PARK  Immaculate Ihroo bodroom homo, Ono  and half bathrooms, Quality craft-  *mamhlp throughout. Nlcoly landscaped  with vlow ol Trail Islands, Roallsllc price of  $93,000, Call Ann Ibbitson or Torrl Hanson  lor Kill dotalls, v    IN THE VILLAGE $36,900  Roducod $2,000  An opon plqn homo with tho kltchon and  living room comb|nqd, JhK homo^ha* a  sofikflh \h)h 'and d^lsldb barWdo, <two  bodrooms, two washrooms and a  ���flroplaco. Groat for a starter homo. Call  Don Sutherland for moro Information,    '  54SV  HOMES  GOWER POINT ROAD       . $6 8,000  For tho discriminating buyer, This, view  rancher foaturos true picture, windows  ovorlooklng"tho gulf from both tho post &  beam living room and mastor bodroom.  Homo has family room and bar, four  bodrooms, foncod yard and doublo carp6rt  with workshop, Why build whon tho homo  of your drqams is avallablo now? Call Don  Sutherland for appolntmont to vlow, 63GP  >i.  LANGDALE $90,000  Fantastic price for a fantastic homo I  Locatod on Langdalo Rldgo looking down  on tho wator & forry tormlnal, Tho 1800 sq  fl homo Is fully dovolopod on two lovols  and has foaturos galoro, Circular concroto  drlvoway, spiral stairs off tho foyor, fully  flttod kltchon, largo master bodroom with  'walk-In closot, A truly quality homor CqII  Don Suthorlond for appolntmont fo vlow,  WATERFRONT 63Lp-  A RARE OPPORTUNITY $85,000  In popular Roborts Crook, Horo Is a  gloaming whlto two bodroom bungalow  k nestlodnoar.Jhoiharo on a noarly-lovol  largo landscapod lot with approx 76' of  hard to find watorfront, Featuring largo  living room and dining aroa with vlow  windows, flroplaco, sunny kltchon with  oxcollont cablnots plus a cojsy guost  coltogo In Iho'socludod gardon, Call Corry  Ross,  DAVIS BAY W/F $85,000  This charming two bodroom 1097;fc sq ft  homo with largo vlow living and dining  room   featuring   cut   stono   hoatllalor  .. 'lrPP!f1cP.l,l,QSaledctn a boautlfully trood  vlow acro with approx 80 foot of  wotorfront, Thoro u also a woll built  combination workshop and'guost cottago  and highway lovol qarago. Call Corry Ross  If you would llko to soo this homo.  ^WATERFRONT LOK-,,.,/  Facing south with lovoly arbutus troos,  ���Good  building  slto.  Hydro,1 wator  and  - telephonoavallciblorSubdlWUdh sorvlcod  by   prlvato   sowago   plant,   Priced' at  $32,500. Call Torrl Hanson,  WATERFRONT  MAPLE ROAD, EGMONT W/F $95,000  560 foot of watorfront on sholtorod  Egmont Chapnol. This approximately 5  acros of land lends itsoll to foroshoro  development for your own doop water  float, Excellently dovolopod 1040 sq ft of  doublo wldo with addition. Many good  building sltos. A perfect' combination <?f  privacy, view . and sholtorod moorago,  Ownor will llnanco. C-allDon Sutherland  for moro Info, .     66EG  CALLING ALL BOATS $70,000  Dollghtful grass-covorod ponlnsula [ut'tlng  southwost Into long arm of Socrot Covo.  Noarly 370' of watorfrontago wllh oldoi1 2  BR cottago, doop wator moorage'and a  dock, A supor b^oy. Call Corry Ross, 52SC  WEST SECHELT W/F $38,300  Excollont 112' watorfront lot offorod for  your on|oymont. Locatod on a pretty bay,  PS; lis flat, too. Call Ann Ibblison, ' 70WS  LOTS & ACREAGES  WEST SECHELT  iVIoW   lot,   nppraWftiatoly   90 V   150',  ��� Soloetlvo -clearlhO" dono. 'Phono   Tofrl"  Hanson for moro dotalls, ' 02WS  POPLAR LANE, GIBSONS $8,700  A valuo buy ��� throo building lots on  sowor at $8700 oach, Call for details - Don  SuthoHand, 595V  ORANTHAMS LANDING  Your chanco to own throo ad|olnlng lots,  No walor qt present but.prlcod lo hold at  $4,700 oach, Cqll Ann Ibbitson, 60GL  -MDRoorrs,"���"  M��p!J.g! vi?.w...J.?k.Jilfi��ly..Jr��tdfc...Apt.,  proximately 50 n 475', Priced right at  $I2,?00, Call T��r.rl Hanson for moro  dotalls, oird  WEST SECHELT LOTS $23,600  Two lots sldo by sldo on Norwost Bay  Road. Ono lol wllh two frontages, 'Idoal  fpr Invoitor or builder, Call Don  Suthorlond, 03WS  GRANDVIEW ROAD $13,600,  Lovoly building lot In Gibsons,f Gower Pt,  In  aroa  of  now   homos,  closo  to  all  ���Jj-JMHJU.?!.' Call Suzanno..Dunkorlftn.  SECHELT OFFICE SALES STAFF  SUZANNE DUMERT0N  WiWjX-'  885-9250   p- ^-'      88&4f  ���IERRI HANSON  885-5046  T*"V  OVER 800 OFFICES AND GROWING FAST  -p^Tr���"*"  ^=*"'h>J-:  ,,.*��,\,^%��t!*-..| ftf)��.",^  I ��^|. �������(  ,��!(.,/  ��', t.l,  1  <,  ,=.,���.�����.���.��"K  V      "-1 Pag��eB-6j  ^njePe^sidaTtoe^  / -:  /  Doug Joyce  885-2761  Bob Bull  885-2503  .'/*������  886-3997  Sechelt 885-3211  ___ 885-2053  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE %\m\W Anderson  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt      Vancouver Toll Free: 684-8016        885-2385  The Dock  OFFICE SPACE  FOR LEASE  NEW BUILDING  Main street location, on-site parking.  New building. Move in now. Sizes  from 350 to 700 sq ft. Allbffices are  carpeted and painting will be done.  Up to 5 year leases- available with  renewal option.        ' ,  Call S. Anderson -. Anderson Realty,'  885-3211 - Home, 885-2385  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, easy access.  -GoodMartje-shop-with-HD-wiring-for���|  bench tools. Home completely  remodelled. Shake roof, rancher  alum, siding. Several outbldgs.  -Secluded-landscaped .property.- FP  $69,500.  rmlm&S&tysy  SECHELT VILLAGE - 3 bdrm modular  home, 864 sq ft. Near new on. clear  garden lot. Walk to shops Price  incl udes~stove~and���fri dger���wash  and dryer, drapes. Must be sold. FP  $33,900.  REDROOFFS AR'EA: Wild wood Rd.;  build, on. Beautiful evergreens.  $11,000.      '    V"  125 x~200' level lot", very easy to  Priced   for   immediate  sale   at  SECHELT VILLAGE: Pebble Crescent. Large city lot cleared, ready for  building. Priced at $13,000.  SECHELT   VtLLAGE   -Brand   new   2_  bdrm custom-built basement-home. ���  Sunny bright kitchen. Extra insulation  in the ceiling, ttoin seal windows and  heatilator fireplace. FP $56,500.  GIBSONS: Attractive two bedroom  home with part basement on large  sewered lot 98 x 148'. Magnificent  view property. Cozy living room with  -brick- fireplace���and = wjll-td-wall.  ��� Modem kitchen . wfth -wall-to-wall,"  new cabinets and view windows in  eating area. Smiprt vanity bathroom.  Auto oil heating. Excellent buy at FP  $36,500.     *, *  WEST SECHELT: 1/2 acre treed view lot in a quiet residential subdivision off of Mason Rd. This will be the finest residential area on  the coast. The lot has all facilities including sewer. Lots of topsoil. FP  -$���1.5,500.      -. .    --     -  .  ---���-.-.: -������.---   FRANCIS AVENUE: Redrooffs��� 2 bedroom cottage on 1.54 acres of  land with fruit trees and a good garden. Almost 1/2 cleared. Cot-  -tage-is-very-cozy-.with-heatilator.fireplQce.and-oxar'por.t..FP-$47,50.0-  SECHELT VILLAGE LOT: Already cleared, ready to.buiid. Sloping lot'  with possible view. Close to shopping, schools. Asking $13,000.  HALL RD:.2 l/2..acres-aenoss-from-��chool-in Roberts^Grjek^lmgst  flat land:  - cleared. Ready toj&uild on or zoned for subdivision  of half acre lots. FP $27,900. .������.'�����  SARGEANTS BAY: 1 acre waterfront lot, fully serviced. Beautifully  Jr<^.dj^tb^.cbuJtus^^^  VIEW, HOME, DAVIS, BAY: 3  bedrooms, large living-room and a  fantastic landscaping job. Garage, in  .parj-t-nbasemonts���lot���is~-6Q-rX~^4J>i  Many excellent building sites. Well known fishing spot. FP $30,000.      blacktop driveway, 1 block to leve  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx one-treed acre. 99' on Redrooffs Rd.  Close to beach and boat launch. Fully serviced. Full-price only  $11,500.  beach. Asking $48,900.  SECHELT VILLAGE, WATERFRONT: 150' of treed gently sloping easy  to build on waterfront. Al) services including sewer later this year.  Serious waterfront buyers should see this one. FP $30,000..  DAVIS BAY VIEW'HOME: 860 sq ft, 2 bdrm hooe with appliances. All  wall to wall carpet. Cozy & inexpensive to heat. Concrete driveway  and parking slab. Fir Road location. FP $43,500 terms.  BEAUTIFUL DAV|S BAY: Immaculate  3 bedroom home ��� in this- most  desirable ' area.    Features    are;  ���rreoiter  forced  tractive view1  xscsm  air heating and a  FP $55,000.  fireplace,   electric  most  at-  ACREAGE: West Seche|t - 21 acres of predominantly level lan'd. Half  is cleared, fenced, drained and in pasture. Remainder is wooded.  Year round creek traverses property. No buildings. FP $55,000. ��  ���j, ��� .-��.  ; ; A ���  ja��AE��QJXV��l~LQI^.Sg^  building. Owner will trade as part down payment on home. Value  $11,500. ���       .  HIGHWAY 101 SOLNIK: One acre  with two bedroom house, Gently  sloping land in grass with creek at  one side. Shed at rear could be used  for horse barn. Under proposed  bylaw No. 96.27 it would allow home  industry. $39,900.  SECHELT: New 2 bdrm. Walk to the  shops. Loads of cabinets la large  kitchen. Good dining area. Large  utility and laundry room. Level lot  Drive in carport. $43,500.  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT: Easy terms ��� 20%>down &;the balance over  easy payments on this southern exposure view lot. ExcavatiorTand"  clearing have been done. FP $13,900.  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 acre. Level building lot. Hydro,  and regional water at road. Check & cofnpare. Attractively priced at  $9,450.  -ROBERTS CREEK,-^ BEDROOM -Immaculate  3 bedroom^ ground  level  "home~-sn-an-80-x-l 40kcleared lot.  ome nice cedars on the property.  Home has a brick fireplace.. & is  heated with automatic oil. All walHo  wall carpets throughout. Crawl-space,  foundation. FP $44,900.  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: A cozy, near new 792 sq ft 2 bedroom  home close to the beach at Chapman Creek. No stairs, electric heat,  double glazing. Government prepaid lease has 19 yrs to run. FP  $32,000. '  _SELMA_PARK Eantastic ViewL Neat-  new family home on Jarge, treed  garden property Large living room,  separate dining room. Rec room is  finished plus extra bedroom ground  level. 12 x 26' sundeck. Double  carport. Landscaped, foc|��wall,  shrubs 8 "shade trees. Excellent  value. FP $57,500. Price is firm!  SECHELT VILLAGERS acres measuring 330i x 660'. Will eventually  have a view. Close to the ar^na. Try! youroffer to $35,000.  SELMA PARK VIEW LO�� Extra large 90 x 179 lot, corner location,  easy access, excellent view of Trail Island. FP $15,500.  DAVIS BAY: Laurel Road view lot 67.50 x 162'. One of the better  views in the area. Asking $16,000.  fU  GIBSONS HOME WITH ACREAGE: Large 3 bdrm home onj>7 acres  .with Chaster Creek bordering 1  side of fenced properly^Home  needs somo repair but has been partially renovated. Land is cleared  &-in grass. A nice situation. FP $89~500.  CHARMING FAMILY TWO STOREY  HOME io Sechelt's-newest residential  area- Short walk in to the Village.  Home is two stories and 3 bedrooms.  Large lot and double carport. Paved *~  dead end road. FP $52,250.  UPPER-ROBERTS CREEK: 10 acre of land with 3 bdrm near new home  of 2376 sq ft, and a 4000 sq ft aluminum clad, fully insulated  building. Building is all wired for 220 p^wer & could have many  uses, Concrete floor, clear span. FP $89/>Q0.  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK: Over 5 acres of gently sloping  property with southern exposure. 580 x 380'. Year-round creok  flows through corner of property. Excellent buy at FP $35,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Ideal ' location  close to boat launch. 1096 sq ft with  fireplace, plus patip 8, workshop.  Large treed lot. FP $43,500. Terms!  WAFERFRONT SECLUSION ��� A most  dp-jiKible residence secluded, yet  close to Sechelt. Excellent private  moorage! Spbcious and bright living  r om, 500 sq. ft. covered, tiled,  s nporch.Withopen sundeck 12 x 36'.  Lower floor has bedroom! '"Vittinij  room & bath. This is an exclusive  home for elegant living and entertaining. Priced at $11 5,000. Some  terms. '  MAIN STREET LOCATION: approximately 50 x 220' lot with business  premises and living quarters behind. Excellent location for almost  . any type of enterprise. This is an opportunity to become established  in the village. Lots of room for expansion. FP $95,000.  ACREAGE: Almost,7 acfes of cleared, gently sloping land. View of.  ocean. Zoned for development, jgould be trailer park. $46,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: Treed lot with a year round stream. Asking $7500.  APPROXIMATELY FIVE ACRES: Tcaed, gentle southerly slope. 260'  highway frontage. Some merchantable" timber. Handy'.location,'  close to Joe Rd. FP $31,000.���  -SECHELT WATERFRONT ���Two 70' treed lots 70 x 128 with lane at  rear. Ideal retirement sites. $35,000 each. '���  WATERFRONT - HOPKINS LANDING: 2 adjoining beachfront lots,  each 50 x 200 fl'. Older typo 3 bdrm bungalow on one lot, Could bo \  restored. Lots levelwith safe "moorage In front. Excellent buy at FP  $75,000. '.      "  SANDY HOOK ��� WATERFRONT COTTAGE: Fully serviced on Jdrge  (75x227') lot' beautifully treed with arbutus S evergreens. Steps  from sundeck to boat  launching  slipway.  Excellent deepwater  WEST  SECHELT,   3  BEDROOM,   FULL  (if BSMT, comfortable.family home on  IVj quiet street,  1   1/2 years new with  I high ceilings(and well designed floor  JJ plan. Large lot with lawn and garden  t 0^7 in-  Bsm'  development in progress:  *%''' Priced to sell at $47,900.  REDROOFFS AREA: Large treed lot 93 x 400' approx. Good garden  soil, water & power. Asking $12,500,  REDROOFFS: Tidy 2 bedroom cottage on 11/2 acres of land 100~x,  662 sq ft. A road pt the back_of the lot could lead to future subdivision! Home has an open plan with heatilator fireplace. Carport  and storage shed-.'FP $47,500.       i_. -.        \. '."���',���  ijf,  4.f����ri  ,;*mn f ���  <!",}'-*  ���>'* Mf-ty;?*?'  .���*w>p^i^afea��i��-��u*-sp#W�� M*pj4  r *<^���<*  p^*,^.  t n, srf ��toaE*i ^H^jy��=M- *  t|S^p^^*'-T��>W'*llW'������iW'rti>'rSaci!(pli  an-** ti .*^��mi*;��s^iusr3i<W)i��v'#��a^^  '-' ���>'���-     i,  'v    "Y,  ���J      HI  /       '  if ����� i  i .J!'  ^ Entertaining  Traditions  THE ENGLISH OF IT  v Words that come ash or e in d  England go through a kind of  alchemy, or magic change.  For instance, there's a district  in London called "Elephant  and Castle." That's from the  long-ago visit of a'Spanish  princess, the "Enfanta. de  Castile"!  And the traditional English  Beefeater, member of the  oldest existing royal bodyguard in the world, got his  name in the time of William  the Conqueror. He was called  "buffetier," from his hbnored  role attending the king's table  or "buffet." (He stands  guard today at the Tower of London, where the  Crown Jewels are kept.)  WednesdayrAngustlB,ri.W8  The Peninsula Times      "~ ,PageB-7  High cost housing standards  According to the  Engineering Institute of  Canada, Canadians are  building better quality houses'  than we. need, and are spending too much to service  them. Servicing costs today  hover around two hundred  dollars per front foot, or  eleven thousand dollars for a  typical fifty five foot  residential lot. Tested,  engineering standards exist  that can effect great savings.  Engineer H.S. Leach of Edmonton used the Cadillac-  Volkswagen  metaphor   in  outlining possible savings.  Cutting the 55-foot Cadillac lot  size, to 45 feet brought the  servicing cost down to nine  thousand dollars, and cutting  it further to 35 feet brought it  to sixty three hundred dollars,  for a 43 per cent saving.  Reducing house size from the  Cadillac twelve hundred  - square feet to theJVolkswagen-  ;~nine~hundred square feet  saved another ten thousand  dollars, for a total saving of  fifteen thousand dollars on the  seventy two thousand dollar  average price of a Canadian  home today.   JKhat. about_  gin? It came  from Holland, originally, as  "genever," from the French;  "genievre," or juniper. It was  invented as% remedy for  _fever,:;base"d on the juniper  berry. But more than the  name Was changed! A London distiller's art wotk^d- its  magic. That same ��� distiller's  family uses the original formula handed down for generations, to produce the  outstanding London Distilled  -Dry Gin���Beefeater," "ttie "gin  Condominium living Summer  ^pcurity  Condominiums are  receiving greater public  acceptance today than ever  fore. Construction  ecolK^mies provide home  ownership at a lower cost than  single-family units, and  common ownership of such  areas as parking, laundry  facilities and landscaped  areas_ bring   these  eliminated, and there are  servicing and energy savings  in stacked or side-by-side  units. Many larger projects  provide complete recreational  facilities, and most projects  are located conveniently near  transportation and shopping.  Condominium Uving will not  appeal to everyone, but if the  idea of home ownership ap-  o'f England.'-'  Elephants and castles, the  Beefeater on guard for nearly  a thousand years! These are  things worth discussing at the  grownups' hour, that time set  aside for talk .among friends,  over a Beefeater Martini! It's  the call for excellence worthy  of the  hour that has made  Beefeater the  first���name���in���  gin.   Why   not   summon  its'  excellent   magic ?to  ybur-  table-or "buffet"?   .  -veni��neesH;o^unit-"--owner^peals--to-your~while--the"-high-  without the high cost of individual purchase. The cares  and costs of maintaining  single detached dwellings are  of single detached  ownership doesn't^ybu should  giwHseH-qus thought to.con?  dominium mang.  The Egyptians once believed"  that the  rising of the Nile  -River was brought about by  & goddess' tears.  <%<&&����    By Bunny-Di%  -Whatdoyougive-  a seasick elephant?  LQTS OF ROOM!  Thanks to: John Becerra, Savannah, Georgia  **^J,e5#&'-'  You may not be enthusiastic about home  ownership in the summer  when it means mowing lawns  and pulling weeds, but there is  one who is���this is the "green  thumb" burglar. While you  are staking the tomatoes, he is  -doing���his���own���stake-outr-  Patrolling the lane to spot  people-working outside, then  knocking at doors to make  sure no one is left inside,  before attempting entry  through unlatched doors and  windows. They usually work  in pairs; one acts as look-out  .while the other searches for  I rhoney, jeweUeiy^liquor, tape  I fecoWersetc. Be a sensible, if  reluctahL gardener. Lock.  doors and windows if outside,  don't leave suins of money  and valuables in sight, and  contact police if  knocks at your door  suspicious-sounding excuse.  For further protection, mark  all appliances and valuables  ��� including jewellery, with a  special "Operation Identification" engraver.  Picturesque  Francois Lake;  in central B.C.,  is a fisherman's  delight.  ���Tourism B.C. Photo  ATTENTION!  Retire on the beautiful  coast of Pender Harbour. We have 6 Mobile  Home Sites left.  Single Wides  or Double Wides  Located at Garden Bay  100% Bank Terms OPFC  LANCER HOMES  call collect  Ed Zack, 591-5105  ;i!jsT  1           ATTENTION:  ll    Future Home Owners  llll      Having trouble finding a home just right        II  llll       *��f y��u?                    _���''���'.'���             II  *  llll      Consider this:                                                         ||  .��� ���'  1            TEMPO PRODUCTS  llll       's now ��"er'nS a complete__home������������  llll planning" and~building service.  IIM       Some Features in your new home.would include:  llll                  -1200 sq.ft., 2 or 3 bdrm, full basement  llll                  -Floor-plon of your choice                         ':._.___i^  IIM -             ���Brick fireplace .and chimney  llll                 -Thermal Pane windows  llll                 -Ready for occupancy In 2 short moftths.  |||l                      And many other attractive features.                        II  |||l                     A quality home at aiLafiordoble price                       II  IIM                            -Further inquiries Please call                               II  Ull                    GREG LEMKY at 886-2706  1278 sq. ft. three bedroom home in Cheryl Ann Park, Roberts Creek  FORSALE^  $59,500 Firm  Features:  * Thermo-pane windows  * Shake roof,  * 2 heatilator fireplaces  * 2 piece ensuite  * Concrete driveway  * Enclosed double carpdrt  * Front yard completely .landscaped.  * Completed rec rqom in basement  * Two sundecks  PHONE 886-2207 day, or 886-7995 after 5:00 p.m.  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235 (-) E&o.E.  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  Box 128  We Are As Close As Your Phone  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  .'.-''*���'��;_,./  Real Estate Service  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  |v��'~y��!  X.rhkX"  "' V'  PRICE  REDUCTIC0N  VACATION LOT, TUWANEK #3845  Wolor & electricity at roadside. Corner location,  Soa accoss a few stops away. Full price only $4950,  B6B KENT, 005-9461 evos, No Mistake!  $4950,  RIGHT PRICE, BEAUTIFUL VIEW #3985  Two 75' lots wllh full longth vlow ol Sechelt Inlet. Once  cloarod, light brush, Serviced with hydro, wafer 8, phono,  Only $0500 oach, JACK WARN, 006-2601 ovos.  MOBILE HOME LOT '���       ,   113989  Largo, socludod lot In woll trood qulot oroa, Mobllo homos  allowodjn this Idoal locnlloni Powor ft wator avallablo, on  blncktop road In Iho Roborts Crook aroa, ll Is |ust a boautilul  ploco. Asking $11,900, JIM WOOD, 005-2571 ovos,  PEACE & QUIET #392S  Rural soiling on 1/3 qcro but only 2 1/2 mllos to Ihe vfllago ol  Socholt, Lovoly 2 bedroom home, brand noWand complete  wllh doublo carport and a groat neighborhood. Just $44,500.  PETER SMITH, 005-9463 ovos, ,  FINE VIEW LOT P7&%  Tho vlow"|�� groat, -big I&9 x 102'. Good accoss, gnd very flno  building sltos, Local services to lot lino, Closo to Davis Boy  sandy boach. Asking $14,500. Soo with PETER SMITH, 005-  9463 ovos.        '  CONVENIENT LOCATION #3907  This solid, oldor 2 bodroom homo on a largo, lovol lot with  goocl gardon also offers tho convenience of walking dlstanco  to most vllldgo amenlllos. Try your offer on the $39,750  asking prlco," BRRT WALKER, flB3-3746^vo��i  Ruth Moore  s 885-9213^-  803-2526  ��� \  ROBERTS CREEK ACRES \ #3994  5.A acros south slope land*, 1/2 acro lots pormlttod. Much  work dono. Nowjovy prlco of $39,900, JACK WARNr886-"  ~268T~qvos7" "  GIBSONSVIEW #3982  s��yth Flotchor lot with good view of Koafs&Harbour. Lano at  top of lot, FP $11,500. JACK WARN, 806-2681 evos,  SUBDIVIDABLE ACREAGE #3992  Doslroblo acreage In an excollont location, Well troed, close  to good lovol beach with easy access for fishing and  swimming, Dovplop your country o��ta|o or subdivide lator,  518' of road frontago on Mdrgarot Rd In beautiful Roberts  -Crook. Glvo mo a call and try your offor, Asking $45,000, JIM  WOOD, 865.2571 ov.os. ' �� ��� ���  PROGRESSIVE BUSINESS #3941  Roady for q now owr^or this doveloplng welding shop can bo  yours for $39,000, For rnoro details, PETER SMITH, 885-9463  ovos,  ���  - ���- ���  GARDEN HOME  #3963  READY FOR SCHOOL? #399143993  Horo Is your opportunity to be all movod In bofbre school  starts, Two lovoly lamlly homos, Each 3 bedrooms and both  walking distance to all amonltlos and schools, Prlcod at  $44,500 and $48,500, PETER SMITH, 805-9463 eves.  Lovo gardening? You'H lovo this, 3/10 acro of lovol ground,  good soil, lawn, shrubs, Mowers, fruit 8, vegetables, Also a  vory nlco 2 bodroom .homo, oloctrlc hoat plud" llroploco,  Carport, workshop and gardon shod, Regional water, and  cablo, phono & hydro. It Is fully foncod,"Short drlv* to Gibsons  and Gowor Point beach, Asking $44,900. PETER SMITH, 885-  9463 ovos, t  HOLIDAY HOME        ,. #3871  Sunny Sandy Hook, Groat wator vlow, Only stops away from  tho boach, 4 bedrooms, family room, furnished & oqulppod, 2  sundocks, On pavod road, water, pl)ono���fliJlvirJ3.-A��klng  $35,700 wllh just $ 10,000 down. Dotalls PETER SMITH, 005-  9463 ovos,  ROBERTSCREEK #3824  Doslrablo location, nearly lovol building lot wllh hydro,  wator and phone available, On paved road, close to beach  accoss. See this one beforo your decide, PP $13,000, BERT  WALKER, 883-3746 oves, '  HOME PLUS REVENUE  #3970  Low Investment, good return, 2 bodroom )io'mo, oil furnaco,  oloctrlc rango, Irldgo, washor and dryor. Also a soparato  unit, soll-conlalnod and lurnlshod, fine far a single, Good  Solma Park location, Full Information from PETER SMITH, 005-  9463 ovos,   . .,,,.��� ��  ROOM TO ROAM  #3946  In this large family home, Complete with 4 bedrooms, don,  Iqrgo playroom and garage/workshop, All this room and  prlcod at |utt $,45,900. PETER SMITH, 085-9463 ovos,  *��L1Pi  Y  LAROB   HOUSE   WITH   VIEW   ���  03942, 4 bodroom with I lull bath  and iwo 1/2 baths, Freestandlnfl  flroplaco In hugo living room.  Large roc room In basement, a|so  workshop 35 x 10', Large carport,"       well kept.oard��n* with,fishpond,  T^jpepfo* Lot size 97 n 135', Could bo tho  m.mmh��       ���" answer to your houso searching.  Asking   $65,000,     jim WOOD,  085-2571 eves,  MV-  j-y-  jMi..  WfATBRFRONT ENJOYMENT ���  A3930. Attraetlvo 2 bedroom 720  sq ft Insulated home with 49' of  frontage on Lambs Day with  beach access too/ |ust ono Ipl  oyer, J^ndpr,,l*.���aliQ , olforina  Jtorms with $20,000 down. FP  j$45,900, a good buy, BERT  JWALKER, 009-3746 eves,  Peter Smith  885-9463  Don Hadden  885-9504  Jim Wood t  888,2571  (ir:  Bert Walker  885-3746  Mck Warn  886-2681  NEW  ON MARKET  BUILDERS DREAM #4000  Delightfully lovol cloarod lot, somo troos  remaining, Locatod right In Socholi so closo, to  school, pork, shopping and boach, A grand lot to  build upon and soworod soon. Prlcod right at  $12,500, RUTH MOORE, 005-9213 ovos,  CJ.OSE TO THE BEACH "' ~ ��4002  Ono block,to Ihe bosH>oach on t(ift,Cob.i��t>,fclo^o to  school playground and storo, Gbod^bulldlng lot, J1  partially cloarod and prlcod to soil al $13,500,/  RUTH MOORE, 805-9213,0X03.    ,  SUPERIOR 2 STOREY HOME #3981  8 bodrooms and ibath pn uppor floor, flno sta|r\vay from  gracious lowor floor. Very nlco flroplaco In tho largo vlow-  living room, AUo 1193 sq ll ground floor, only kllchon, u|,l|l|y,,  and ) 1/2 baths, so so roomyi'Cwpttrr"diTd"'worlishop  soparato, Loyoly oasy-caroigardon, Vlow Is groat Irom both  floors. Many oxlras, FP $69,500. PETER SMITH, 005-9463  ovos, -  EXCELLENT WATERFRONT HOUSE #3997  Wllh lawn to pobbla boach, Large living room wllh rock  flroplaco,-'boomed ceilings, bay window dining room, FP  $97,000, DON LOCK, 003-2526 ovos,      '  2BEDROOMHOME #3998  Woll,built, .right on lino'watorfront opposite,Trail Islands,  Ideal for weekend hideaway or pormanont living, This  property must bo soon to bo appreciated. FP $02,000. DON  LOCK, 003-2526,        \  FAMILY HOME #3999  Owd ffi'Tilly homo on 3/4 acros at Klolndale, 3 bedrooms,  living room, largo nook kltchon with arborltfl cupboards. All  offors consiiiorod by owner, F|�� $51,900, DON LOCK, 003-  2526 eves,  ���'���(���-'"���-���r-rf"  Bob Kent  885-9461  John R. Goodwin  885*2456  '***<C��� ;r--fft*,yy  \  '#  i^^Wi   *nl-iM��i.ti"��  A  *�����*���*  ^6A��i^��iwjnfiMfii> ��)��ngrn*^ -i��>^��i��*i����^-w-ir��wii-��**-  I Wr   1W����*B'* -* *  f Jw��<mi����mi-*h|��ft*B*M*,^. ����� m MtM.��w��isw��#��-wit��*-wi*H�� * /*- ^��  <4 W^i*^-mr,-i<!4*#&t*$m<<m>*t<f  I'   I <*--".  PageB-8  The Peninsula Times Wednesday, AHgiist lti, 1#8  YOUR MORTGAGE  .a:  r  is less  lOOO-sq^ft*  lot is hot on Municipal water s  Your property is "over an acre.        '  COAST  ������)  PURCHASE OR  ':*/  Wi  *-��'���������  JU-m,m.m.mmmtU*.yL  Calculated daily  on the declining  balance.  ���.\  Can! be repaid at any time without notice or  ������',.���.:''        s i       '       ���    I i    ��� .""7" p; k' "I'.; "���'"���'���'��� , i'  '     ^  ��� ; ��� ���, ���     ��� -'," ���  Payments can be amortized over 25 years.  The Credit Union can vary the rate of interest  ' > ' '\ , i  ^r one year,  expanse of registering a new  mortgage  '      .  WI  }-.,..  '"' mmm'��*��"*i'**i*m**\um M  Sunshine Coast C  MA-  ���- \  v^ -\       \  A.   M  BOX 375, COWRIE STREET, SECHELT, B.C. VON 3A0  mERHQNE-885^^  m-mmmm  :-\ ��  . X  W-."*'"1   Ml   ���     tt/lf'l...  f-i>.,,-,��.!.��'��� ,,i/ji "*��-.���>-.;. >��r  Tiysr_��ira*mi  H i ~\<a ��,��i��,wwi��i#(hmw�� a v��w* "M^���M*^��win*-��������***^^  7,7,'~ *"'""���'*���"''?"*"''*-"''���'-�������.(.��.���.������.'.  r>  '"'"���~"*r*  Ni%��W#*��^SW*^i**^i^^^  B~MWB������ft���iW(T'*BJ��r������W  u�� SfcmiA*f ���!*�� W*|(t(i[l  .... A. - ,  -, <f To��A��-iit^toitaw��*^��p',<^^w^a^y>!^'i����'.��J  " ��� " -�� ���*>�� *-�����><��� -|i��-  "Amwwhj*"  <.���*',- >-  V    "i  V' / ���    '.-     v->  The Cruices celebrate   The Peninsula^w^  Vim ��k%W*  Gft%Mn��kW%  OI1 til If AKCOPlf  Section C Wednesday, August 16,1978  * Pages 1^  their golden anniversary  Pages 1-6  Fifty jrears._of_wedded_ bliss, .was  celeBrated August 11 by'Fred and Dorothy  Cruice of Gibsons. Fittingly this was held  in Harmony Hall, for if ever a couple lived  in harmony, it was these two.  Married in Winnipeg in 1928, they left,  immediately^ for  Regina where Fred*  worked on the Regina Leader for 26 years.  He had been with The,Winnipeg Tribune  prior to that. *"  Coming right.from Regina to Gibsons,  the Cruices purchased the Coast News.  Dorothy retired in 1974, and the following  year Fred $nrned the business over to his  son Ron, who carried on for one year until  the paper was sold.  Ron and Marie moved to Kamloops,  where Ron works for the Kamloops News.  The planning for their parents celebration  was done from Kamloops and Regina,  where Roy, the elder son^orthe Cruices,  works for the Saskatchewan Telephone  Company.  ���Letters and wires-werereceivedfrom-  H.P. Bell-Irving, Governor General of  B.C.; Prime Minister Trudeau; Beth  Claws, of Manitoba, a bridesmaid at their  wedding; .Mayor of Gibsons; Lome ahd  Amy Blain; Jack Pearsall, M.Pij Len  Marchand, M.P. for Kamloops area; Don  Lockstead, M.L.A., Jules Leger, Governor  J5pnerB*..gf Canada..  -_ Out of town guests were Don Lockstead  and his wife, Dorothy's sister Mrs. Elsie  Sparham of Vancouver, sister-in-la^y Mrs.  Elsie Wright from Thunder Bay, Gordon  and Gerry Clarke with Jenny and Robert  from Quesnel, and of course Ron and  Marie with Vicky, 14, and Barrie 12, fronj  Kamloops'and Roy Cruice from Regina*  Longtime friend and neighbour Mrs!  Jean Crowhurst made the toast-to-the  happy couple and her sincere words wer��j  -echoed-by-those;attendingr  T  Mayor Blain's letter says, "The village  is indebted to both of you for your unerring  effort over, the years towards making  Gibsons a -better community" and-was-  most apt as it certainly applied to both of  them and extended well beyond the Gibsons boundaries.  Ron Slack's miniature printing press  done in gold, is a conversation piece that  will be treasured for ever.   ,  The Cruices have been doing a fair bit  of travelling since retiring and in September they are off on a charter bus trip  through the national parks in the States,  for three weeks. Retirement sits well on  both of them as they look forward to  another 50 happy years. ��� Peggy Connor:  Weather report  Weather August 5-11  -       Lo Hi Prec.  mm  Augiist5 14    23     nil  August6-,... .....14-   23 -nil  August7 16    28     nil  Augusts 18   29     nil  August9 18    24    1.3  August 10 .-, , .,16    21  -0.5  Augustll  16    16    18.0  Week's rainfall ��� 19.8 mm. August to  date ���19.8 mm. 1978 to date ��� 70.47 cm.  August 5-li, 1977 ��� nil. August 1-11,  1977 ��� nil. Jan.-August 11, 1977 ��� 51.80  cm.  TREVOR NEATES  and  LARRY LEWIS  DENTAL  MECHANICS  886-2712  1557 Gower Point Road  Will Be Closed  from August 19th thru September 5th  RE-OPEN SEPTEMBER 6th  ���v  Squaringly yours  By MAURICE HEMSTREET  HOW CAN ROAD SAFETY BE IMPROVED IN OUR PROVINCE?  AS USUAL,  almost  everyone  at- unexpected angle when  the  hose  tending Sea Cavalcade got _a_ good sprung a sudden leak���just-as���the~  soaking at one time or another. This firemen's  war of the hoses  was  group, however,  got  it - from  an beginning Saturday.  A bad cheque writer  A pregnant woman who passed a bad  cheque because she needed to buy  medicine was granted a conditional  discharge August 10 by Provincial Court  Judge Ian Walker;    : - -"  Darien Leslie Bowie, formerly of  Granthams Landing,, pleaded -guilty in  court last week to two counts of obtaining  goods by false pretences after passing bad  cheques earlier this year.  Speaking on behalf of the 20-year-old  Bowie, Robert Reid told the "court that  Bowie wrote an NSF cheque- for $15 at  Sechelt Western Drugs on April JO,, in  order to obtain* s6iSe"non-prescriptlon  drugs. .  Reid said the woman was on welfare at  the time and could not affprd to buy the  iron pills, calcium and B12 vitamins that  Tier doctor suggested she take for her  condition. Welfare will not pay for non-  Take a step In the rigM  direction. Take a few,  "'"''  paRTiapocnon  I'lineti*. In your heart )im kmjw It'll right.  prescription drugs, said Reid.  The lawyer said Bowie used a second  NSF cheque May 12 at Attic Antiques in  Gibsons to obtain some money so she could  leave town. Reid said Bowie had wanted to  leave town because she had been assaulted  by her common-law husband.  She wrote a cheque for $40 at Attic  Antiques, where she received a $20 shirt  and used the remaining $20 to pay a friend  to drive her to the Vancouver airport.  Reid said Bowie, a lantlecUmmigrant,  was born in the United States ahd came to  -Canada approximately two yearsag;o"  when her New Jersey family disowned  her.  Walker said tjiat although the woman's  circumstances are "very sad," Bowie Is  here "on sufferance.",  /"As a foreigner you have fewer rights  than a Canadian," said Walker. "You can  be deported;" i  The judge put Bowie on probation for  six months an^ ordered her to pay  restitution to Attic Antiques and Western  Drugs., Walker called the conditional  discharge a "once In a lifetime remedy"  for Bowie's problems with tho law.;���  Hi dere, fellow squaj��<9ancers. Lots of  goodies coming up in mis next season o|.  modern square dancing. \   Lsast-Saturday^"evening~there~ wer4    ~  almost two sets on the floor in our square  H room justa wheelin' n dealin' to the calls  of Harry Robertson aM good old me.  The Robertsons, VolBhs and Conroys  left last week for Penticton's 25th annual  square dance jamboree, August 9 - 12.  Then they boarded a chartered bus to'  Edmonton, Alberta, for the first Canadian!  ; Square JDance Jamboree,' August 17 -lS^H^f?  With 6,000 already sold, this should be one \ -py  whale of a square dance. More on this   .  later.  The word is out. Learn to square dance  with caller Harry Robertson, starting   .  Monday, September 25 at Elphinstone  school lunch room, 8 p.m; till 10 p jn. Then  on Wednesday, September 27 learn round  dancing to the qualified instructions of  ,  Harry and Deanna  Robertson.  Same  place, same time.  - l^ast year I got half of a, round dance  diploma, so I am going again to see if I  can't do well enough, get the other half.  \A pictureframe looks silly with only half a  picture. .-;*.,  "Sunday, August 27, at The PNE  Coliseum from 5 p.m. till 10 p.m. ($4 admission includes grounds entry), the  program will be modern square dancing.  Leading the way then, the well known  Moms and Dads dance band followed by  Old Time Fiddling. This will be the first  time, that the PNE has allowed an open  modern square dance, so support yoiir  square dance movement and. have fun  doing it.  Well, If the clock on the wall could talk,  lt would say, Maurllce, get that denied  column to yur, editor. So see yon next  ���wwltrHa'veiV|!^^^"day, chow-now;  to answer this question, the  government of British Columbia  has established a task force to  review all laws, regulations and  administration governing motor  vehicles and other road users.  The Attorney-General, Hon.  Garde B. Gardom, has named  to the Task Force specialists in  law, insurance and motor vehicle  administration from the Ministries  of the Attorney-General, Energy,  Transport and Communications,  the Insurance Corporation of  British Columbia and the  "Counterattack Drinking-Driving"  programme of the Ministry of  the Attorney-General.  The broad mandate of the Task  Force will include study of driver  and vehicle licencing, the "point'-  system, licence suspension, administrative procedures, the role  of criminal and provincial laws  and any other matters relevant  to the safety and convenience  of those who use the roads.  The views of individuals, professional and private groups will  greatly assist the Task Force in  making its recommendations.  Proposals in writing before  September 30. 1978 are requested,  and should be addressed to:  Ministry of the Attorney-General  "Motor Vehicle Task Force"  525 Fort Street  Victoria, B.C. V8W 1X4  I ^- ,  Province of  British Columbia  GARDEN BAY  MARINE SERVICES LTD  Sinclair Bay Road ��� Just Up & Ovar tho Hill  883-2722 or NIGHTS 883-2602  Immodiato Repair $arvio��~~ 7 Daya A Week   ,  i, r^:,����>*^H*>��J-*l'-*"-f  VOLVO/PENTA . HOURSTON GLASCRAFT  ��� EZ LOAD ��� MERCRUISER  ��� CHRYSLER  , FOR SALE  l5'6"Sldowlng"  Hourston Qlatcraft [new]   42' Sailboat "Sea Falcon"  [unrigged iorrocomont |,   10'Sabrocraft,  140 Merc  ,,/   TrKicThornioglatif  llSHPEvlnrudQ   "The Home of  Trouble-Free Boating"  #;:>  i     <:.,..., ��� ,  1500 Gower Pt. Rd,,  ���^���^���V-*   f-da.f-MirsJi'e  yfBitnliHBiUSMfV^HW-itwfiWlltnl  M HMMWUffW.** "�� ���v* Jtf��nt "���tw  m �� ���    * *< * T ' '���  *��� f-ft**->N ���*>���*�� IS  W-   >*r-^pvniWS'  * _u_JL  ~-\  MORE ABOUT  PageC-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 16,1978  ���From Page A-l-  ahd under, Jill Venechuk.  PARADE- ----  Best decorated float ��� CBC, first;  Sechelt May Queen, second; Job's  Daughters, third.  Best commercial float ��� Royal Bank,  first; Gibsons Realty, second; Sunnycrest  Centre, third.  '. Novelty float ��� Tracy Smith and  Joanne Braithewalte, first; Ann Ritz and  Kristine Borley, second; Chamber of  Commerce, third.  Best individual float ��� Judy Cook,  first; Middle ton family, second.  Best establishment float -������ Bank of  , Montreal.  Honorable Mention ��� Kits Cameras.  10-SPEED BIKE RACE  Cameron McCallum, first; Gordon  Booth, second; Mike Ryan, third.  CANOE RACE  Blue Canoe with skipper Alec Startln.  WAR OF THE HOSES  was for everyone  WET T-SHIRT CONTEST  Kim Winchester.  JOUSTING  Clint Surveges and Steve Miles  WATER SPORTS  tie.        Keats to Gibsons swim  30:30; Cathy Adams, 30:31; Cindy Hard-  Rick Souter.   wicke, 32:26; Lothar Hierschfelder, 34:53.  Youngest swimmers ��� Tammy  Sharpe, Roxanne Wiseman.  Boys 7 - 8 ��� John Richardson, Josh  Livingstone, Chris Doray.  Girls 7 - 8 ��� Lindsay Matthews, Jennifer Earwalker, Jennifer McClymont.  Boys 7-8 novelty ��� John Richardson,'  Josh Livingstone, Shane Christiansen.  Girls 7 - 8 novelty ��� Lindsay Matthews,  Pauline Partridge, Gillian Tyson.  Boys 9-11 ��� Glen Illingsworth, Brad  Doray, Danny Schwindt.  Girls 9-11 ��� Sonja Valencius, Andrea  Matthews, Sharyl Douglas.  G Boys 9-11 novelty ���'DarrerCamp-  bell, Brad Doray, Michael Marshall.  Girls 9 - ll novelty ��� Gail Wheeler,  Sharyl Douglas, Marion Vander Geest.  Boys 12-14 ��� Danny Ferguson,  Raymond Dow, Wayne Sim.  Girls 12 -14 ��� Bernice Christiansen,-  Margaret Setterley, Heather Hogan.  Boys novelty 12 -14 ��� Raymond Dow,  Ross Elson, WayneSim.  Girls 12 -14 novelty ��� Brenda Gibson,  Amber WolansW, Heather Hogan.  RobertsTCreek, localwinnersrPowell  River, overall.  LOG BURLING  Tommy Kurucz, Colleen Kurucz, Tony  Kurucz.  BOOMSTICK FOOT RACE  Bill Henderson, 47 sec;  Clint Surveges, 48 sec.; Gary Davies,-49 sec. I-, -  GREASED POLE  Clint Surveges.  DOZER BOAT COMPETITION  Jimmy Pierce, 2:18;  Paul McBeth,  2:25; Danny Zueff, 2j48. '  PULP PACKING CONTEST  Tie, four packed 600 lbs. ��� Brad North,  Craig North, Jim Laird, Rudy Cantogn.  -TUGOFWAR  Czar Roofing beat the Rugby Club In  the finals.  * i  THJEA PARADE was  blemished   whon   this  *' <  ���wimwi-y ������^���mm^&mTtJim*mmmmm*www^m\mimtMiMm*wWmwm\\im\<mm                                                                                                                                                                                                              . t_ i^/flls-l-^^                                                                                                                                                                                *"**                             ,M '""'"*���* "w #��� ^H^itii  only slightly  unidentifiable,womani apparently,,.iioccnt photographer with her hfiiul-  wwuwyoitj^i^iuw.ttlw foUowing   MELANIE MAHi^ANrMlsa' Gll>  Volunteet- Fire Dennrtment chrf  his   readily  wont berserk and, flttdqltod an in-   bag.Tho oflsallont claimed to havo no- day.            -     .��. r    ���� impairment crow.  ."   ,' :" '.'    * '���'.      . ���   :   N' '    '"    i' ,     ��� ��� ' '        *  ''\  " ' "'    '  "���' "  i >   >  ; ,  \    *&,/�� -ttrtflr.!^ * *H br~* ft-J  (.  1.!MV*��V��-*>'"l'-��*'��w-iW  **L���        -   ��t       #   1  '<XP  ��iJ������(!4^S*ll*P��*f(^*l^*iS*-W^  **%i^S����^Wi5-V'^lft4rtM#pWi^  .\  ' \  rr  C'p  , -.-.. .* ���>"n-..!-.-������  i, **<���',;>:  ,,...���...,,I :    .,...fr*\.. IT'S ALL a matter of style. Some  the water with Olympic grace... and   PEASE PORRIDGE in the face, split,   Graham gothis again... and again ..~A~~BE HI N^-^HE^e^^^S-situationtodicatedV-faWyWual-  young swimming contestants go to   some simply got there.     - splat, splut. Elphinstone teacher Bob   . and .-. . ~    -       examination   of   Bob   Graham's   reaction to what was going on.  A ROYAL SALUTE from.the Rpyal Bahk ih GibSoris'wbn this "entry firk' place in the commercial float.  >-W  mSSSm^mmmmmi,  immmmtm^m".  W'pWi.J"''.'  ���rMif'A.ht'-:,  ���?���"  -.-),   ��� .'���'���!, /.���-���, 'A&Tf  ���'**' tt I ���">..:iljiiii,f  ^ratf^.  ���^���p;^^-^^^  '       w^**"   j* ST*  ,. M.^1,0  .AJ ,'������  ty,      <���%?>���!.  ,*'��,  emSmlimvii  mBiMm^!^^^ ���' *  \      \\v,<>'.    0 '���* H  HEY, NO'LYING down on tho joblluMM^  ��� . '.IS  ���. 1UM    .     .^ Wliy, JTHANK Vpli, I'd love to visit  CooH ��� formerly actor Kelvin An-   pirato's recently capturpd hostage,  -r a little too fast*; Hawaii, BCa Bicentennial Captain  drew^^ ����� oxchfl^ges Rreotlngs with a  -yvrft-y.y.  ^-JWS^^o-��wmiiA��Sn'��*��w��(Kai!jf  i^fftw^iri^fewiv^  ^ftWilWii^^rW^"^**^!!^ sa-iirliiB  ��>MI*-<i**Bf #!*������ w *Mw-"i >*  ,r  w r? '..mm*. ...ukf;r:: ���- -... vwrrt- "--wr  ��. u,  .jw*J.rj'--' 1"- p^.^VVviTj''  *"'\    ^fi' ^wv*#*  * ��\~ '���" "*   ". -..���'-'���C-'H', 7 "    M  '( J  /    '  /      /. ���/���"!  i  m^^TA  '* A<"  I; ���* m  -��aj^-_  i/  'V  -A1  W  ���/yfc^V-  s?^f  Kfcli'r  * ' '"       JS****  ,v Ji-"-J*  P>-  ��H  -'-v- *y  ��.}v  ~m. 's! 1  ��. *�����*��  **\.��*1  **.  J*      4  <M  ,A>  <���&*  >A  YOU PAYS your money and you  hopefuls at right were about to test   their skill with the pop gun.  takes your chances. The two young  WRISTWRESTLING (grunt)4si all a matter, (groan), of leverage and a (gasp) positive mental attitude.  ��� B  m  l<P^  V&?*.  ./?  '��*  ���y'  > y:y ��� yyMmgM  ���:r >::m?r-JAA'ry^  ?<&.  ArWyX^i  :Jfr  3*-*$ j" * ���?  AAA  ��� <t,*",  Vf'l   *  **�� -?v <  f.^i��  SS  *���?*,  VW^jj  ���A '-iZ.  -,r>.o.i  rt  JSS\  5j;.*  ARE YOU SURE that darned ball's   Fire Department (left) bested Gib-  the day Saturday ��������  -still dowi^tifew^j^e-Roberts^preplc���sons-(rightf in the firstmat6h-up of-Powell-Riyer^y :  ^���Kl  s��**8tjnf<��i.*.rt<*���>*..,; *m~,t *J�� A-1 ���  Svt  .���*��<  ���J^*>?  .&  n  ^   t ��� **j  &�� K  s  later fell to  WEREN'T THOSE the days now ���   were princesses and nobody gave n   thought to t-ghirts,  when men were knights and women t r ., "  ";  *et or otherwise.  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  '    Parts * Sales * Service  ', Rotor Lather Service lor Disc Brdkes    ,  ,v     and Drum Brokos.1  ���.Valve and Seat Grinding  .*.. All. M'akos Serviced       Datsun Specialists  Gibsons Phono&86-79l9  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Shop Supplies  Socholt  885-5181  SPECIAL DISCOUNT  To Sunshlno Coast Residents on Now Datsun  Cars & Trucks. BanlV financing avallablo, Call  Collect 9-5 p.m.."'  ART LEIGH Bu��:^73ll661  D-01774A  BIASTIN  I  Tod's Blasting & Contracting Ltd.  | AU WORK FUUY INSURED  " Basements * Driveways ��� Soptlc Tanks  Slumps * Ditch Linos  Call lor a (roe ostlmato anytime  663.2734      "Air Track AvallabU"      883-2385  rCD DONLEY ,   llfNDER HARBOUR  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING LTD.  * Controlled Blasting  * Soptlc Tanks Initallod  FULLY INSURED �� FREE ESTIMATES  083-2274  BUILDERS  101 CONTRACTING CO, LTD.  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News  News  Your Move  Summer  News -  Mike  Douglas  AU My ChUdren  Cont'd.,  12:30  Ryan's Hope  Cont'd.  Days of Our  Ida  Clarkson  As World Turns  Movie:  Programs,  Get Smart  As World Turns  1:00  Atlantic  One Life,  "to Live  Lives  Sanford &'Son  Cont'd,-     .  , Larry  ContM.   -  Begin at  Movie:   ,  Cont'd.  Vancouver  1:30  Summer,  The Doctors  Marcus Welby  Guiding Light  4:00 p.m.  Hong Kong  Medical  Cont'd.  2:00  Hoe. Hoe  General   '  Another World  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Another   World  Farewell  Center  Cont'd.  2:30  Edge  of  Night  Hospital  Cont'd.  Edge of Night  All In Family  .Cont'd.  1  Cont'd.  Tic Tac Dough  Party Game  3:00  High Hopes  Edge of Night  Movie:  High Hopes  Dinah  Alan Hamel  Popeye  Match  Game  Lively Woman  3:30  Take 30  Merv Griffin  Girl Happy  Take 30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Flintstones  Hillbillies  Going Places  4:00  4:30'  Little Woman  Cont'd.  Cont'd:  Child's Program  Emergency  Lucy Show  Sesame Street  Munsters  Funorama  Spiderman  Vision On  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Flipper  Cont'd.    ���  Gong Show  Cont'd.  Flipper  The Monkees  Part.  Family  ���   5:00  Celebrity Cooks  News  Newlywed  Adam-12  News  Football:  Mr. Rogers  , Leave to Beaver  My 3 Sons  Oregon TraU  Cont'dl  5:30  All in Family  Hourglass  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Edmonton at  Electric Co.  Bewitched  Brady Bunch  6:00  Cont'd.  Cont'd. ,  Toronto  ,Zoom  I Love Lucy  Andv  Griffith  Alice  6:30  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  Cont'd.  Over Easy  Andy Griffith  Match  Game  Am. 2 Night  7:00  Mary T.  Moore  World Animals  Seattle             *  Hollywood  BasebaU:  Tell  the Truth  Cont'd.'  News  Hogan's Heroes  Joker's Wild  Not on Nellie  Vancouver  7:30  Baseball:  Hollywood  Special Edition  Family Feud  Confd.  Ancient Egypt  Adam-12  Cont'd.  8:00  San Francisco  8 Is Enough  Movie:  San Francisco  Down Home  8 Is Enough  Anna  Karenlna  Movie:  Newlywed Game  Cont'd.  8:30  at Montreal  Cont'd.  Beasts Are In  at Montreal  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  Evening ln  Merv Griffin     ���  Cont'd.  9:00  Cont'd.  Charlie's  The Streets  Cont'd.  Movie:  Grizzly Adams  . Performance  Byzantium  Cont'd.  Black Sheep  9:30  Cont'd.         >  Angels  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Deadly Trap  Cont'd.  Cont'd.'i  Cont'd, v  Cont'd..  Squadron  10:00  Cont'd.  Starsky &  Police  /Cont'd,  Cont'd.  B.C. Summer  Cont'd.'  News  Donahue  Police Woman  10:30  Week ln B. BaU  Hutch  Woman  - Week in B'ball  Cont'd.  Games  John Cage  Amer. 2 Night  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  11:00  National News  News  News  News  News  News  Dick  Cavett  Odd Couple  Phil  Silvers  Sports. Page  11:30  Night Final  Police Story  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Outer Limits  Late Movie  Cont'd.  Wednesday, August 16,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageO-5  Country notes  It can happen to you  By John Hind Smith  Thursday, August 17  MSA Cable 3 (Aug. 17): 7 p.m. Show  of Hands, "gong show"; 7:30 SUver  Sages. Autumn Tones sing; 8:00  What's Happening, current events,  alrshow highlights: 9:30 Rock On!  Rock music- with Autumn.  -i.  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00 Sum.  Unlimited  12:30 Ryan's Hope  1:00 Atlantic  1:30 - Summer  All My Children  Cont'd.  One Life  to Live  Hollywood  Sqs.  Days of  Our Lives  The Doctors  News  Ida  Clarkson  Sanford & Son  Marcus Welby  News  As World Turns  Cont'd.  Guiding Light  Your Move  Movie:  Nick and Nora  Cont'd.  Summer  Programs  Begin at  4:00 p.m.  News  Love, Am. Style  Movie:  Brushfire  Mike Douglas  As World Turns  Cont'd.  Medical  Center  AU  My  ChUdren  Vancouver  Cont'd.  2:0Q  2:30  3:00  3:30  Cooks Tour  Edge of Night  High Hopes  Take 30  General  HospitaL.'      ��o  Edge oPNight  Merv Griffin  Another  World  Cont'd.  Movie:  Carmen Jones  - Cont'd.  Edge of Night  High Hope  Take 30  t  Cont'd.  All in FamUy  Dinah  Cont'd,   TBA  TBA  Alan Hamel  -Cont'd.   Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Popeye  _ FUntstones  Cont'd.  Tic Tac Dough  Match Game  HUlbiUles   Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Lively Woman  Going Places .  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  Canadian ���  Open Tennis  Cont'd.  All ln Family  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  News i  Canadian   Open  Tennis  Cont'd.  News  Emergency  One  News  Cont'd.  Lucy Show  Emergency  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric  Co.  Munsters  Flipper  Leave to Beaver  - Bewitched   Funorama  Monkees  My 3 Sons  Brady Bunch  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  Hourglass  Cont'd.     ,  Mary T. Moore  Concert  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  People Place  Cont'd. ���  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Seattle  Match Game  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  B.C. Games _  Free Country -  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  ._TelUthe-Truth-s  Tattletales -   -'  News  Cont'd.  i��B.C. Games -_=  Grand   Country  Zoom  Over Easy  -News ->.,- -'..  Playhouse  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith,   '  Hogan's -Heroes-  Adam-12  Fishing  Family Feud  Joker's WUd-  BlUy Liar  . Spiderman  Part. Family  Oregon TraU  ConT'di.  ice  TKri. 2-Night  Vancouver  Cont'd.  _8:00 _Duchess-of���  8:30     Duke St.  9:00     Denny's  Show  9:30     Honestly  -Welcome'TCotter  Happening  Barney Miller  Mother, Juggs  Chips  Cont'd.  Richie  Brockelman  Duchess of  Duke St.  Hawaii Five-O  Cont'd.  The  Waltons  Cont'd.  Hawaii  5-0  Cont'd.  The  Waltons  Cont'd.  Future  Soap  Opera  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Who Built This  Evening - in  Byzantium  Pt. 2  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Richie  Brockleman  10:00     George,  Mildred  10:30     Cdp. Authors  11:00     National Newa,  "11:30���90  Minutes  Close Up  Cont'd.  News--  Operation  Runaway  "^J-BWS "      '  Tonight- Show"'  Lawrence   Welk  ^Cont'd.        -   ���  News   . .,..-_   -  HCohfd.  -l���-'  Barnaby  "Jones  .'News . y..~  Late "Movie  Baretta.  "ConPSr  :iNbws���  News   ���  Jvan BnnnlPH NeWS-  Clnema  Dicfe-Cavett-  TBA  _Am-2_Night- _,  ���^Qdd-rCouple   ���  Outer Limits  'Donahue���  -Cont'd.-  .Phil Silvers---"  Late- Movie  -Shadow"  -Cabinet-  -Sports-Tage'  Cont'd.  Friday/ August 18  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  -12:30  1:00  ���1:30-  Sum. Unlimited  -Ryan's-Hope- --  Atlantic  -Summer- =���-  -All My  "Children-  One Life  -to=-Live���:  Hollywood  "Days of "  Our Lives _  -The-Doctors  Sqs.  News- - ;���_".���  Ida Clarkson  .Sanford:. & Son  -Marcus-Welby���  As World Turns  Cont'd.  -Guiding-Light���  -Your Move"  Movie:  Money to Burn  Cont'd.   Summer  Programs  Begin at  -4:0OHP".m.~-  News -"���  Love, Am. Style  Movie:  Billy -the-Kia  Mike Douglas   -  As World Turns  -__ Cont'd.. _r  _  _  Medical  Center  All My Children  Cont'd.  Vancouver "  "Coht'd. "   ".  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Concert Canada  Edge of Night  High Hopes  Take 30  General  Hospital  Edge of Night  Merv Griffin  Another  World  Cont'd.  Movie:  Legend of   Confd.  Edge of Night  High Hopes  Take 30  Confd.    .    --.  All In Family  Dinah  Cont'd.  TBA   TBA  Alan "Hamel  Confd.  -vsr-Bracuht   Confd.  Popeye  Flintstones  Cont'd.   Tic Tac Dough  Match  Game  Hillbillies  -Cont'd:   Confd.  Lively Woman  Going Places  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  Canadian  Open Tennis  Con'td.  AU  in  Family  Confd.  Confd.  News  Confd.  Amaluk  Cont'd.  Newlywed   Gm.  News  -Canadian   Open  Tennis  Confd.  News   ���      --   ������  Emergency One  Confd.  News                ~  -Confd.          Lucy Show  Emergency  Confd.  Gong Show  Sesame Street  Copt'd.  Mr. Rogers..  Electric Co.  Munsters  Flipper  .Leave -to-Beaver  Bewitched  Funorama  Monkees  My-3 Sons  Brady Bunch  Spiderman  Part.  Family  Oregon TraU  CoSt'd.  6:00  "6:30"  7:00  7:30  Hourglass   Confd.  Mary T. Moore  Reach  for  Top  Cont'd. ��� -   -  Confd.  FootbaU;  Minnesota at  Confd.  Confd.  Seattle  Hollywood   Sqs.  Confd.  Confd.  B.C. Games  Free Country  Confd.  Mary T. Moore  Movie:  Three' Worlds  News  Confd.  B.C. Games  JuUe  Blue Marble  Over Easy  News  Gardening  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Hogan's  Heroes  Adam-12  Andy Griffith  Gong  Show  Joker's  Wild  Dr. in House  Alice  Am. 2-Night  Vancouver  . Baseball:  For many years there has been a need,  in some people's minds, for setting up  some sort of search and rescue  organization on the Sunshine Coast. Every  year ��� and for most of them only once a,  year ��� hunters go toddling off into the  bush with high hopes of bringing back one  of those elusive deer. These expeditions  always carry a potential for danger.  Since the ruling that all ^first-time  hunters must pass the government-run  Conservation and Outdoor Recreation  Education (CORE) program before a  licence is issued, the chances of the hunter  getting into trouble in the bush have been  reduced considerably. But the chances  still remain. It only needs a twisted ankle,  a broken leg or a miscalculation in a  person's direction finding. fcLcreate-a  problem which the individual by himself  would find hard, if not impossible, to  overcome^  This, of course, is one of the prime -  examples ~of sometlffigT^which could-nbt  Thappen"to me." But don't yoif believe it.  This can happen to the most experienced  bush man or hunter around, and he would  be the firat_to_admitjt  never be required, but to be realistic one  must accept the fact that accidents and  emergencies of all kinds do happen, and it  is far better to be prepared than to bury  one's head in the sand and say, "This could  never happen to me."  Anyone planning on going hunting this  fall is going td be out of luck when he applies for a hunting licence if it is his first  time ��� unless he has already completed  the CORE program.  The course was offered by the Gibsons  Wildlife Club earlier in the year, but due to  lack of interest it was cancelled. It may be  offered again next spring. Anyone interested in participating should contact  George Ruggles at 886-7703.  If you are interested in ospreys, you  will be pleased to know that the pair I have  been watclung recently have a young one  -���which at last observation had not learnt "  -to fly-yetrlf its wing span is anything to go  " By?lt must be nearly as big as its parents.  Unlike smaller birds, adult ospreys do  not seem to work themselves to a shadow  ..trying-to��� ieed their- offspring. Over a  /  ZlHaving^aid alHhisrit-is-good to know���period offoui- hours I never saw anything  in the way of food brought to the nest.  Maybe they haul in one big fish a day and  it suffices to keep the "little?" one going.  It is encouraging to know that at least  two pair of ospreys have had a young one.  that the Gibsons Wildlife Club is supporting a; search and resuce course  compiled and run by the Provincial  Emergency Program and taught by Bill  Lawson, a fully qualified instructor. A  -great deal of-interest has been shown by  club members and a good attendance is  -revidence of this^nterestr The course itself  is quite a comprehensive thing, covering  thisyeafinthis area. J believe they were  on the endangered species list for sbme  time;  By the way, my osprey pictures have  all aspects of search and r_escue,_ao_d-the improvedrbut unfortunately this timethey-  l*eriefal.idea is to have trained personnel are colour slides which do not yield good  available to help the RCMP in times of black and white prints. So ypu'll just have  emergency. * to take my word for it until I can give you  . EveryoneJiopes that these services will   some proof.  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Robin's Nest  Cuckoo  Waltz  Sum. Variety  Confd.  Miami ���  Confd.  Cont'd.'  Cont'd.  Black Sheep  Squadron  Rockford  Files  Robin's  Nest  Miss Jones, Son  The Raes  Confd.  of Gulliver  Cont'd.  Incredible Hulk  Confd.  Wonder  Woman  Rockford   Files  Cont'd.  Wn. Review  Wall St.  Theatre  Confd.  Wonder  Woman  ironside  Confd.  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  Confd.  Confd.        'y   ���  Teams  TBA  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  10:00  Husbands,  Shirley Bassey  Quincy  Charlie's Angels  Winner Take  Quincy ���  Southie  News  Donahue  Movie:  10:30  Wives,  Lovers  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  All  Confd.  : Cont'd.���  ._  -���Am. 2_Night  Cont'd.  Black  11:00  National News  News  News  News  News  News  Dick Cavett  Odd Couple  Phil  Silvers  Christmas  11:30  Night Final  Baretta  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.    >  Real Am.  Outer Limits  Late Movie  Confd.  Saturday, August 19  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  qHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL U  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00  .12:30  1:00  1:30  Canadian -  Open Tennis  Confd.  Confd.  Am.  Bandstand  F Troop     '  Impact  Action  .  BasebaU:  Teams TBA  Confd.  ��� Cont'd.  Kiwanis  Auction  Confd.  'Cont'd. -  Fat Albert  FootbaU:   '    ��  Los Angeles /'  at Seattle     /  Hollywood.  Discover  Film Fill ..  .Cont'd.  Gardening  Turnabout  Consumer Kit  French  Chef  Movie:  Light Fantastic  Cont'd. ���/  Cont'd. -  Fat Albert  Space  Academy  Ouy.qok    ���.,_-  Perspective���":" "  100 Huntley St.  Sports  Cont'd.  Cont'dr��� -   '  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  CPGA Golf  Cont'd.  Lassie  Hobbledehoy  Movie:  Blackbeard and  Pirate  Cont'd.  Week in B'baU  Sports  On  Sidelines  Movie:  Confd.  Conf-d.  Confd.  Confd.  ^Cont'd.  Confd.  Westchester  Classic  War Year's  Confd.  Wrestling.  Confd.  Gardening  Daniel Foster  Paint Along  Book' Beat-  ������  Movie: Tarzan -  Life for-a Life  Canadian Open  Tennis ���-���"*  700 Club  Confd. '    .  Confd.    '  Robonlc Stooges  Confd.  Confd.  Lively Woman  Party Game  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  Movie  Cont'd.   ���  Cont'd.  Canadian  TBA  Derby  NFL Great  Teams -   -.  World of Sports  Cont'd.  Tale of Gold  Cont'd.  Adventure  .News  Confd.  Confd.  Sports Review  Travel   Journal,  Sports  Confd. o  Baby  I'm  Back  News  World of  Sports  Confd.  Confd.  Firing Line  Confd.  Evening  at Pops   Confd.  Confd.  Twilight Zone  Confd.  Speed Buggy  Funorama   ���  Sha  Na  Na  Ruff  House  Oceans  Alive  Cartoons .  Confd.  Monty Python  6:00 News . Cont'd. Confd. News  <6:30 Great Escape News Animal -World* .   B1C.  Games  ,  7:00 Muppets   - Lawrence Wild Kingdom   : Lou  Grant  7:30 Two   Ronnies Welk       Gong  Show Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Superman  Abbott,  CosteUo  In Search Of  News  B.C. Games  Bionic  Woman  French  Chef  Once Upon    i  ' T.B.A.  Johnny   Mathis  Star Trek  Confd. *  Hee Haw  Confd.  Weekend  Cdhfd.  M.A.S.H.  Movie:     -  Behind Scene  Friends of Man  P.  Appleyard  Mary & Michael  8:00 TBA       .�� NCAA Pre- Bionic   Woman     Robert. Bob Newhart        Avengers Cont'd. Marty Robbins  8:30 TBA Season Cont'd. Charlebols Mary T. Moore     Cont'd. Wolf Trap Pop Country  .9:00 Movie - TBA Love Boat Movie:  ."���.'.'���,      Movie: Movie: MoWe: Cont'd. Nashville Mustek  9:30 Confd. Cont'd. Something-Big���-Love-Among  Come Back���������Mahogany ~���cont'dr Country N.W.  Male  Animal  Cont'd.  Cont'd.���j���'-  Movie:  Welcome Kotter  Maude  -Love-Boat���������  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Confd.  Confd.  National News  Night Final  Fantasy  Island   -  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd,,  News  Le Disco  the Ruins  ,  Confd.;  News  Late Movie  .Charleston  Blue  ; Movie:  .  The Law  Cont'd.  Confd.  News  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.'  Strange Case of  Civilization  Movie:  Topaz  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Watch on the  Rhine  Confd.  Cont'd.  Fantasy  Island   .  Sports ..,v��p  Confd.  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  IN THE  V  OF SECHELT  885-9816  Ask about our  "Package" deals.  Admiral  <S-jg> Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  ay, August 20  V  CHANNEL 2  CHANNBL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00 ,  Canadian  12:30  1:00  1:30  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Open Tennis  Confd.     .  Cont'd.  4:00  4:30  5:00  5:30  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:S0  CPGA Golf  Cont'd.  Confd.  Harness   Racing  Issues & Ana.  Directions  Movie:  Spanish Main  Sportsworld  Confd.  Football:  Oakland at  Canadian  Open ���  Tennis  Confd.  Cont'd.  Auto Racing  Confd.  Westchester  Classic  Film Fill  Better Way  Terry Wlntors  Star Trek  Real   Amer.  Egypt  Wash. Review  Wall  Street  Movie . TBA  Confd.  Cont'd.       ���,;;  Movie ��� TBA  Cont'd. .  Cont'd.  Mov(e:  Feet First  San Francisco  Cont'd.  Confd.  Confd.  Access  Hymn Sing  Music to See  Co. Canada  World of  Disney  Beachcombers  Rhoda  Confd.  USGA Jr.  Alias Smith  St Jones     -  Confd.    '  Gt. Am, Gamo  Meet the Press  News  CPGA Golf  Cont'd.  Confd.  Harness  Racing  "studont Fiirum  Hymn Sing  Music to See  Country  Canada  Cont'd.    ,  Confd,  Soccer Playoff  Cont'd.  Cont'd.'  Movlo: To AU  My Frlonds on  Shore  Gospel  Hour  Cont'd.  Faith for Today  P.T.L. .Club  Oceans   Alive  Vic Franklyn  Wildlife  The Editors  Bill Moyer's  Journal  Performances  Confd.  Confd,  Confd,  National  Geographic  Confd,  Confd.  Movlo ��� TBA  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Confd.  The  Goodies  Sports  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Horst Koohler  Question Period  ntamed   World  Capitol Com.  Confd.     >  John Cage,  News  Soccer    ..  Confd,    . .     ���  Confd. < '  Voyage ' to  Bottom of Soa  Funorama  Confd.  Honoymooncrs  Movie;  Confd. i  Confd,  Lively Spec.  Behind  Scones  <t\  ,:. i  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  King  Kenslngfn  All In Family  This Land  This Half Hour,  Symphony  Newa  Anything Goes  Hardy Boya*  Nancy Drew  Point of View  Castaway  World of  Disney  News.  Confd.  O.C, Summer  Games  News  David Horowitz  00 Minutes  Confd.  News       .  Cont'd.   *  B-.C, Summer  Games  Confd.  Faces of  Communism  Old Friends  How tho West  Wns.Won   ,  Movie:  Joe Kldd  Star Trek ���  Confd. *  Outer Limits  Cont'd.  Tarznn'a   Magic  Fountain       ,.  <<0  Minutes  Confd.  Groat Debate  Cont'd.,       ,  $120000 Question  Movlo:  10:00 Symphony Cont'd,  , 10:30 Confd. Confd.  11:00 National News ..News;  11:30 Night Final Cont'd.  Project UFO  Confd.  Movie:  Day of Terror,  "Night of War  Confd.  News  Late Movlo  King Kenslngfn  AU In Family  This Land  This Half Hour  Rhoda  On Our Own  All In Family  Alice  Project U.F.O.  Cont'd. ,  Godfather  Saga  Cont'd.  Evening at  Pops  Theatre  Confd.  Speakout-  Access  Probe  Contact ���  Movio:  Strawberry  Ulondo  Confd.  Apprenticeship  of Duddy  Kravltz  Cont'd.  Symphonies  Confd.  Nows  Cap. Comment  Switch  Cont'd.  Nows  Lale Movie  CTV Inquiry  Confd.  News  TOA  Playhouse  World War I,  Sign Off  .   ." , ;     ii" I;      Kroezo  Bros.  700 Club    ,  Confd.  Cont'd..1  Movie:  Rhapsody In  Bluo  Confd.  Jo GaUlard  Cont'd,  Sports Pago  Confd.  '���  -,'��',' t.  .f  August 21  Attend  the Church  your choice  ��   ���     .. -41  UNITED CHURCH  &���  Rc\: Aiiiic'itc M. Ri'inhurdt  ���     886-2333  9:30 am ��� St. John's. Wilson Creek  ��� 11:15 a.m. ��� Gibsons  SUNSHINECOAST     -  GOSPEL CHURCH  ..Davis Hay Rood al Laurel  Davis Bay  Sunday School .,..,..,,.,'.,,. 9:45 am  Morning Service ,.,,,.,.,,,, 11 :(K) am  'Evening Service .,,,.' 7:00 pm  Wed, Prayer and Bible Sludy  Phone 885-52%  "iioii-dcnomiiuitioiHil"        "  Pastor CUl'lbid M'cM'ullcn  ���-CHRISTIAN SCIENCE    ^~  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at  11:30- a.m,.(except -last  Sunday in  month at  12:30 p.m.) Wed. Evenings,  '7:30;'X_..: ',    '���   ' ������������'  '  !  All in St. John's United Church,    s ' ' ' ' Davis Ihiy.  ~~ Phone,,p85-'3l57, 886-7882, 883-9249  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Hv\'.7\ Nicholson, Pii.stur  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat. eve. at Si, Mary's. Gibsons  8:30 a.m, Our Lady ol' Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in.  Seehell . .       ' '  12 noon i\\ St, Mary's Church in Gibsons '  H      ' '          ' fl       ' M, '  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  CHANNEL 3  Sum. Unlimited  Hynn's Hope  Bob McLoan  Atlantic Sum.  CHANNBL 4  All > My Children  Confd.  CHANNBl. 5  CHANNBL 4  CHANNBL 7  Ono Life  Live  to  J  3:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  TioT  4)30  Si00  3:30  Heritage  EdKo  of  NlHht  High Hopes  Take 30  4i00  ��|30  7(00  "Parr Traill  Mr, Drosuun  Celebrity Coohs  All In Family  Hourmans  Cont'd.  Mary T, Moore  Canadian  Stars  0:00  0:30  f;00  9:30  ToioT  10:30  JS  7l��i)l>yT)nys  Itonn Mlmard  M.A.S.H,  ,1's Company   "News Mor,  Harney Mlllor  National News  N|Hl\t  Klnal  Gonoral  Hospital    .  EdKo  of NIKht  Morv_Grlfflnj__  "Conl'cir   ~V  Cont'd,,  Nows  _Cont'd.   _^  Cont'd,    ~"   ~  conl'd.  Hiiflco 1000  ''--Cont'd,:;:""';-1"  linsotmlli   "    ���  Teams T.ll.A.  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Iollywood   Has, |  ~oys of /  Our Lives       (  The  Doctors  Another  Confd.  Movlo:  Trapeze  "CoirUU  Confd.  Nuwlywad  Nows  "World    Cont'd?  Now*  Ida Clarkson  Sanford & Son  Marcus Welby  News  As the World  Turns  GulcllniJ LUltt  Edno of NIKht  'Hh Hoi  Take .10  HlHh Hopes  Cont'd.  All ln Family  Dinah  CoAfd,  CHANNBL ���  Your Move  Movloi'  Earthquake  Pt. 1  Anothor  World  Alan  Hamel  Cont'd.  CHANNBL t  Summer  Prouramq  Begin at  4i00 p.m.  CHANNBL 11   CHANNBL 12   CHANNBL 13  News  Lovo, Am. Stylo  Movlo ��� TBA  Confd.  Corifa.  Confd.  I'opeyo  flintstones  Mlko  DouMiau  As World Turns  Confd.  Medical   Contor  Confd.  Tlo Tao PouBh  Match  Gnmo  Hillbillies  ,      Child's Program   Kmer/renoy I.uoy Show Sesame Stroot Munsters ���  l<\uiorama  l-Ttlpper                  Cont'd, KmorKonoy Cont'd. Flipper Tho Monkees  Oama  Adam-U                 News Confd. Mr. Honors Beaver " My 3 Sons   News; Confd, (long Show Bleotrlo Co. Bewitched             Brady Bunch  AU My Culiuroi)  Cont'd,  Vancouver  Frlonds of Man  "WIKlllfo  Party Oamo  Llvoly Woman ,  Qolng Places  Spiderman  Part. Family  OroHon Trail  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  , Cont'd.  Hol{j'Wood"'_S<ia,^  on  - Confd,  Confd,  Nows  Soap  Town Hall  Mooting  Movioi  Sgt, MatlovloH  "vK'TOTAfr���  Forco  News  Tonight Show  Confd,  Cont'd,  Jinppy IJnys  Iteuo Simard  M.A.S.H,  J] 's_Co mpany  "NowsHlVlag.  Barney Mlllor  Si.   '  Cont'd,  Mary T. Mooro  Toll_the Truth.  Around Horo   >  Nows  Confd.  Bobby Vinton  lload. Hunters  Jeffersons  nood Times  M.A.S.H,  1 Day at a Time  l.ou qranf  Cont'd!- ���  Nows  Late  Movlo  "WSlWLW  Man  Movloi  ^L Matlovloh  Zoom  Over Ku��y  World War 1  "Anna  KiTroniTin  Cont'd.  Wolf Trap  Confd,  1 Lovo Lucy  Andy Griffith  Hogan's Heroes  Adam.12  "Movie ���  Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  TBA  Little Vic    ;'^  Cont'd.         '  Jokers Wild  -**  JL'UOkjrJPeUor   "Nowlywod. flame  Morv Orlffln  Confd.  Confd.  vs, U.S. Air  Force  Naws  Confd.  Confd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Dink Cavett  Nows  Amer, 2 Nljlht  Odd Couple  Outer Limits  "BonnTmo,  Confd.  Phil Silvers  Lnto Movlo  Alloc  Am, 2 NIKht   "Vnnoonvor       *  Confd,  CmFS: ~~  Cont'd,  11,0,   I.ioha  1 Day nt a Time  IvfiiiFy SiRtJaViiiiiol  v��o Franklyn  Page  ���i  Date Pad  iisf 22  ',ft... V " ���"'   i-%|-h'-   ���!-'  Sum,  uyaii  Bob  CHANNBL 2  Unlimited  I2l00  12)30     Uymi's Hope  1:00     Bob  McLean  1i30     Atlantic Sum  "TiooT~~  CHANNBL. 4  "ifioo    iianlpn at Large'  2i30    KcltfoTof Night  , AU My Children  Cont'd.  One Life  to Llvo  3:00  3(30  III ull Hopes  Take B0  "file & i'lo  North, Summer  0 <mer��i  Hoapllal  mite of NIKht  Morv Orlffln  iiJO   .  9:00    Football:  fl:_30    B.C. at  "MonTniiff  cont'd,  4:00  4)30    7t00 Cont'd,  .7130 Cont'd  Cont'C  Cont'd,  News  Conl'd.  CHANNBL��  Hollywood   tiqn.  Pays of Our  Lives  _Tho Doctors  "Anoiher." world  Cont'd.  Movlei  Instinct far  CHANNBL 4 CHANNBL,7  Howsi  As Tho World  Naws  Ida Clarkson .��� ...  Sanford U Son Turns  Marous,_Welby Quidlng Ll^ia  Cont'd,       ; ., cJonPa,  CHANNBL B  Your Move  Movioi  , {earthquake ,  1 1,   m  CHANNBL *  CHANNBL 11  CHANNBL 12  ~\%  Tola-glass  LtiMr*TflV;M<KNre.  lely '  Cont*d,  Cont'd,  Little Vic  Muppet Show  nappy' Days  ���ml  tfurvjval  -Cont'd.  Nowlywe  id (lame  Kdge of Night    "A 1 In Tarol y  IllBli llopes           Dinah  Take 30 Confd. ,      '  l��hW�� FrogrAm .,|Sargenoy, One   Luoy. Show  Flipper (Cont'd. .    Mmonjenoy  AMothur Wolld  Cont'd... ,  Alan Hamel  Cont'd.  Summor  Programs  Begin at  4:00 ^.m.  News  Movlo  Oonfd.  "Coni'd!  Oont'd,  l'opoyo  Flintstones  Am, Style  TBA  Mlko Douglas  As World 'iiiriu  Cont'd,  Me<jJ(o*l_Cehtor  "Co'llt'tf."  Tlo Tafii Dough  Matoh  (lame...  Hillbillies  L*v��m��i Shirley  id  ���*    - 2.TT*^t?m*.r-.',..*m..,___t_t**ww-^-mm-rwTt*wil���win.  JiOO    Variety '70 3's Company  ,,jO|305' AW*  Fonoy       Confd.  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'  Confeert  .���.Oont'd,  5��  News  Outentlmlla  J Night  "fC  Funorama  The Monkees  My fl Sons  Brady Bunch  "Andy "rtriMOi"  Llttlo Via Happening  Joker'a  W"d Vancouver'  J.uqky_Feiler Cont'd,  "Hvwirwia "flaniirTioHTOr  Morv Orlffln  Cpnfd^. .-   ..  Cfint'd.   "WonaKuo"  Cont'd.  Phil Silvers  I.nvcrno, Shirley  Movlo^-"****'"**,w*'^  O otta tlifL. yff* ���  Co��TnTo~"Moiiiiter  Vio Fronklyn  ���tarts at 10 am,       �� '  Spplombor 11 & 10 ��� Hoadslart Pro-natal C|a4,��e�� oflored by Public Hoallh  Nurito, 7i30 lo 9i30 pm, Chatelech School, woman up to 6 month*  pregnant wolcomo. firing husbands, For Info 8, prorofjlstratlon, 006-  2220, ll's Prool  iii-i'iii'i'i'i!:1  iiii-iiifitiiiiii  '   '/Ak  Special Exhibit at ElphlnitohoPlonoorMusoum /  "UIO EYESi OWLS, OWLS, OWLS" oxhlbll ol atuffod ow|�� native lo n.C, Open-  Mon,-Sa|,, 9 am-4 pm, 'til' August 22, u  HVERY SATURDAY Do you have oxtra frosh vegetables, homebaklnfl oi  pr,����orvatlvo�� thai you would llko to toll? Wo'would llko lo contribute  oiir outkldo aroa ovory Saturday, PI��o��o talk to Nancy or Potiy'at  .-...-.. PentaneUr 8��eb��lt,-008-DlO) Or' ' "��� y"-"> ** ' "*v *   I     ,,, Uik/rHis spAtrTO>ROiwoTrY6UIJ orSanization's events.   ���->���,+.   A-  rn.mb.l-- .-���"��--���"  #��**   1tl" -sty^ *    wy**  j��w* �����*** cswuurtr^C <">  ,*H,^riH  ��*   A^ixw mt.   y* M     -~     lir  T^r -  ,' V|W^��WS* J*   tftthmf'l-t^Vi:  I . '        ~ '  ..   .    m , ���.     , .L.\, #   ,,   W,-pjP   .��>-   fm-  *#wsWtf*^H.^.  mamtmmf*  �� iyH0Hiqmmmmm&��m*MmJ&v,  'V  ... ��,   ��� iii  j  i,\  \y    \  '\X   y  z ������  '�����,  Ji .' "l  rage \s-x>  me remnsiila Times'  Wednesday, August Id, wi  ... y-rX $$����&$$%  -.'-���.. .   .��u .y*\\^  "THEBEACHCOMBER'S crew threw  up   quite   a   smokescreen   Friday  eveningduring a 'series-oHforays-  against  visiting   naval  vessels.  ~Desp_i1^heiizcc^eT7^lie-W7crewA?as~  overcome by the Navy's superior  firepower ��� at least, that's the way  the sailors are telling it.  Taking a good  look at some  nasty critters  By TERRY HAMMELL  �� Porpoise Bay Park Naturalist  The world seems to be full of critters on  which we heap fear, loathing and abuse.  Some have nasty attributes which seem to  justify such feelings, but for others it is  hard to find reasons for their unpopularity.  My talk this Thursday evening is not  designed to change attitudes but.to instill a  heightened awareness of creatures many  of us hate. After all,.even the deadly have  a certain fascination! I have no love for  spiders with their ugly faces and eight  beady little eyes, but they lead fascinating  lives producing, a variety of silken snares  ���fronrorb-to-dome-tosheelrstyler  jBoofc-iooki  By MURRIE REDMAN  Snakes and slugs will probably come  into the conversation as well. Although the  Aztecs considered thesnaKe a symbol of  life; especially connected with the fertility  of the earth and the rain, we tend to view  him with rather a more jaundiced eye.  'Whatever your viewpoint, why hot  bring it to the talk?  NATURE PROGRAM - August 17-19  All events take place at Porpoise Bay  Provincial Park unlsss otherwise indicated.  Thursday 8 p.m.: Take a few spiders,  add a shake or two and maybe a slug and  what do you get? "Those Beasties You  Always Hated" ��� but may find in the  park! Bring a chair and gather around the  fire near the change house on the beach for  this informal talk,  Saturday, 2:30 p.m.: "Smuggler Cove  Walk*  a look at some Interesting  featuresalong tho trail fronrspidorsize to  "tree size. Meet where the trail begins at  th(? foot of Brooks Road Just north of  Halfmoon Bay.  Saturday* 8 p.m.; "Sapsucker, Hell  .Diver and Other Birds of a Feather: Interested ln birds? Then Join Terry by the  change house on the beach for this general  discussion. Bring. your own chair for  comfort. . *  LITTLE MAMMALS OF THE PACIFIC  NORTHWEST By Ellen Krtizman, J.J.  Douglas cl977, 120 pages, $4.95.  COMMON SEAWEEDS OF THE PACIFIC  COAST By Robert Waaland, J.J. Douglas  C1977, $5.95.  WILD    SHRUBS:     FINDING    AND  GROWING YOUR OWN by Joy Spurr,  _ Pacific Search Press (J.J. Douglas) c1978,l  $9.95.  One way to fill long evenings in your  cabin or camper is to read about the  wildlife around you. Those walks in the  woods Or along the beach are more  ,meaningful when you can answer the  questions that come to mind about the  animals and plants you see.  The following books are expert but can  be enjoyed on the lay level also. All of  them have illustrations in color  somewhere in the book. Diagrams or maps  further clarify locations and plant or  animal habits.'  The books are written by people from  _the-United-States-but therareas .covered-  extend to put province as well. Science and  'certainly wildlife itself knows no political  boundaries. Although I recommend  "buying Canadian" whenever possible, I  think it must be appreciated that  nationalism has its dangers where  knowledge is concerned. The books" are  distributed by J.J. Douglas, situation in  North Vancouver.  The first book, LITTLE MAMMAUS,  describes the many delightful creatures  that are so tiny, quick and shy that it is a  rare treat to catch even a glimpse of them.  Mice and rats are feared and avoided, but  emerge in this book as intriguing, adaptable creatures. When there is a shortage  of food or unsuitable weather conditions,  the small animals can go into a dormant  stat^. Their diets depend upon even tinier  creatures or plants. .Many of them provide  a dletforjargecanlmals also^and'hecause^  "oftfiTs they travel and feed at night.  Author Ellen Kritzman, curator of  mammals at the Tacoma Museum of  Natural History, Is an experienced  collector and observer in the field. She  includes maps showing, directly above the  articles, tho ranges of' animals. Hor  measurements are in metric, as are Jwse  In tho other two books. Tho photographs  are, delightful. Small mammals ���look so  alert and gentle.  Host of the seaweed that we see along  the beach is a rather sorry looking, partially rotted mess, but photographs in  Waaland's book indicate that their colours  are rather vivid when fresh. His is a  detailed study not only of the algaes'  appearances and locations but of their,  reproductipn _and_the_ reason_for_ their _  being located in certain areas and not in  others. His diagrams are detailed. Likely  because she is' a professor of Marine.  Biology, Waaland leaves no stone unturned in this work. It can be used by,  student and lay person as well.  It is Very tempting for a gardener to lift  a small plant and take it home when out on  a hike. It's only one tiny plant, we think.  But with so many people out in the wilds  these days, a lot of tiny plants can  disappear very quickly. For example, the  sad lack of wild rhododendrons along the  Hope-Princeton Highway can be ,at-  tritubed to the indiscriminate taking of  . plants by the public. ''       .   ���.'���.'"  It is a fine advicethat Joy Spurr gives  -when she recommends in her book, WILD  SHRUBS, the taking of cuttings or seeds  but best of all going to special nurseries  where samples can be purchased. In the  list at the back of her hook she points out  Alpenglow Nurseries in Surrey as the  closest one. Perhaps you could investigate  the local ones first.  As are the other books today, this one is  well illustrated in pen ana' photo. Each  page contains a full description as well as  capsule information, for the hiker. The  back section called Landscaping Guide  gives full charting on the time of flower,  location desirable, and the size. The book  is aimed at "amatuer gardeners who have  no special facilities for plant propogation  but who may want to blend intoJhelrJiQme-,.  J^d��cape^soni(h^f^e'flowerIn^  shrubs."  Adveirtising.-ni  '      kfeepsyou  posted.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY DOARD  NO MONKEY BUSINESS  at  >W  ���*.*  ^  A  6Q" Wool Blends  $3.49/yd & up  60" Poly-M-.Ob/yd. & up  45" Poly   ��1.45/ydyd.  PLUS MANY MORE SUPER BUYS.  ,***���;  %  10%Witn our yarns,  ~p��"pp* ��� ��".����������� .����k^��.�������..��,^,��- *        *  [S.Cpwri0��t., Sechelt      ���,  8&5-272S  ,,%'*'��<   *��.��.!  -..z.x'i^'t. ���'w-.tw-'wc.';  Medium lb  Fletcher's, Bulk '. lb;  ,$2.69  $1.29  ��� BLftUllEiV  B.C. Canada, Domestic  BANANAS 7**1.00  POTATOES   B.C. Bulk, Canada No. 1 TTTT^TjAJ Jbs. 0��f  CARROTS  B.C., Canada No. 1  Doles, in own juice  PINEAPPLE  19 fl.oz   FRUIT COCKTAIL SftS*  CORN OIL ?27'a  . oz.  $199  Kal Kan, All Varieties  CAT FOOD ......  00  I0GF00I  14 oz.  -WlcCormicks-  FIG or DATE BARS  lib.  iWHIP TOPPING itvW,ilp59'  Squirrel CA7Q  PEANUT BUTTER ,1" *279  Chipits C<i��C  XHOCOUTE CHIPS,,o?r5  FABRIC SOFTENER Downy  2 litre  $169  nirraESHENER?orarA:���"  SHAMPOO ��Zi  tampons S:ex:.Re9:or.ul,ra$l49  POWDERED CLEANS!  22 oi. V V  Rupert Frozen  FLIP & FRY PERCH 2,1  79  Moms  MARGARINE  3 Ibs.  Tange, Orange  FLAVOR CRYSTALS^:  09  Aylmer, Choice, Cut  GREEN BEANSuh  00  . oz.  Campbell's  TOMATO SOUP mi  . oz.  Delmonte, Halves or Sliced  PEACHES 28 f. ox.  Bee-Maid  LIQUID HONEY<!iIpe���Ser  $1,)9  Cheer  DETERGENT PDR,  79  6 litres  BATHROOM TISSUE  09  4 rolls ,.  ,u  Duncan Mines   "���_::'. ���  CAKE MIXES-is 120,  Old Tyme ,  PANCAKE SYRUP 320,.  39  Gold Seal  BROKEN SHRIMP4.,  19  Gold Seal, Solid, Light  TUNA 70,  Reynolds  FOIL WRAP  1121x25',,.,.:  AmmZ,,    1  '"1     ~T,1��Q��  HASH BROWN POTATOES  CANNING JARS BnUW,d"M0U,h  Carnation, Frozen  2 lbs   Casoof 12 16 oz.,,  Case ofJl  32 oz   ftAFFFF  Nabob, Regular br Drip  1 lb. pkg.  GRANARY BREAD 4549 67  JAM TURNOVERS 4/79'  WHIPPED CREAM DOUGHNUTS     3/$1.00  FRUIT BUNS  ��&r*  onnmrnftM             u  SPECIALS      J  1  -      Prices Effective;     -Mr-  Thurs., Aug. 17,       1  fri., Aug. 18,            1  Sat., Aug. 19             1  ���  ^jehQnfl.afl&2025uJ  685-9823. Bokory ��� 1  ....                .  *"*885.9812:". MealDept.   1  ]  Hc��E��ERY��.tHPRI<?HT. 1  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES ^J  '���   ���      ,.^'ta'<  .         ,.   . ���~,.,,   ,   Wr-.t ... ��,....._,,-_..;   -.j..��� ^   ��,  . *   ���������������"fff^f, ,.'; . r ��� < ���, .  l��(��*Bi��i��*^.imSnfl>iY^'?'*'l'W'f*^'  'Wtt4^���^^W4^W'^^l''ffi��#��t������s^*^^��W^Sfc*ll���sll*.,  Y******-^****!?*?  .;*,*hi^i��'SW!��w>p^^  \*  ��**-^^-^#��Wp&Wff^^*^^  /      '


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