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The Peninsula Times May 3, 1978

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/   ' ■;- ■ I
' *^;%\mm$&^~xxv- -,*..
iaot-4BK,4)mjiiwii,ni0,3Btt *^v
^'^i^wsgpatwswjiA iaSS wt4£\ %3S^%i=£X<^-'
Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis-lnlet), including Port Mellon. Hopkins Landing. Granthams Landing. Gibsons, Roberts Creek.
Wilson Creek. Selma Park, Sechelt. Halfmoon Bay,-,Secret Cove-Pender Hrb ,-Madeira-Park-Garden Bay-Irvinestanding   Earls Cove   Egmont
j2nd Class Mail
Registration No.  1142
Union {»tfi<jsi?*&? Label
22 Pages—15c Copy
Under the prodding of At-ea E Director
George,Gibb, the regional board has
reversed an earlier decision and decided
to locate its new, central garbage dumpoff
Conrad Road at the eastern end of Roberts
Creek. , ~7 ~ .
Dumps at Sechelt, Gibsons and Halfmoon Bay will be closed according to the
new plan, although a container will be
placed at the Halfmoon Bay site to permit
continuedjndividual dumping—of-
Uousehold refuse. The Pender Harbour
dump will be maintained at its present
level of use.
Directors had voted on April 20 during 3
Public Utilities Committee meeting to
establish a central dump at a new location
near Sechelt, to retain the Pender Harbour
and Gibsons sites, and to close theHalf-
moori Bay site. -       	
—TheTiew~dMteiOTns"c6htingent on a
detailed study of the site by Dayton and
Knight consulting engineers. Thelirm has
conducted thus'far what Gibb described as
only a~ "cursory" study.
The main reason for the directors'
locating the lower peninsula's dump in
Roberts Creek — the "centre of the garbage population" — would significantly
reduce transportation costs incurred by
contractors hauling garbage.
He later told the Times, however, that
savings in transportation costs will likely
be offset by the cost of higher maintenance
standards to bring thenewsttejug_Jo
Gibsons Director Jack Marshall said
Thursday he could not support Gibb's
proposal until he had received-some
estimate of what impact closing the
Gibsons dump might have on the village's
garbage collection costs. Weekly garbage
collection as a village service began today
in Gibsons.
___MarshalLlater-told the-Timesrthat the
Volume 16
No. 2^
Wednesday, May 3,1978
garbage collection contractor, Sunshine
Coast Disposal Service, had assured him
closing the Gibsons dump would not result
in higher costs for the village. "I think-I
can support George's plan now," he said.
—See Page A-3
Board approves brief
for committee after all
The Sunshine Coast Regional District
will submit a brief to the provincial
Regional District Review Committee
when it meets in. Sechelt this Monday —
" sort of."
In one of several reversed decisions
"neither for dor against" regional district
government as opposed to district
Thompson later told the Tunes that
although he~ supports regional' district
government, he doesn't know enough
last Thursday, directors revived a-motion—^about-the-district municipality system to
to submit the controversial brief—which draw comparisons between the two.
had failed to win approval in a 4-4 deadlock -"■ "Maybe it's about time to begin a study to
ttie previous week —and hammered out a . look at the advantages and disadvantages
scHemefor presenting-the-document with of each," he said.
" the' backingof five" of the board's" eight-
directors! ,
The brief will not be an official submission of the local regional board but
instead will be submitted in the name of
Regional Board Chairman Harry Almond
with the support of directors Morgan
Thompson of Sechelt, George Gibb of Area
E, Joe Harrison of Area A and Ed
Nicholson, alternate director for Area B.
Gibsons Director Jack Marshall and
Area C Director Charles^fcee continued to
oppose the submission. Area/F Alternate
Director, Jim Metzler, abstained, saying
thatihe was unable to support the sub-'
mission- in light of the negative vote cast
the previous -v/sek by Bernie fcMtfg'ia,
director for Area F.       „V-v;\,
The swing to majorityjaipport was_the_
result of Harrison's affirmative vote. Vera
McAllister, alternate director for Area F,
had  opposed   the   submission   at  the
previous week's meeting.
In restating his opposition to the siib^
mission, Lee said, "It is not a matter of
whether the brief is good or bad j it's
inadequate. All it stresses is planning;"
Director Marshall indicated at the
earlier meeting that he favoured scrapping regional districts, and Mulligan at
that meeting characterized regional board
activities as "a waste of time."
Director Thompson, while supporting
the submission, stressed that he' was
opposing the brief, saying that they had
agreed in January to collect comments for
a submission from their area planning
committees or other constituent groups,
but that no directors had done so.
As a result, he said, the board had
resorted to having staff draft a submission, which was then amended by,,
directors. "I find it hard to accept why"
after four, months opportunity to make
comment, opposition suddenly develops *
now," he said.     ,   ; A.- ' ''*
The six-page brief traces the growth of'
the -local regional district since its inception in 1967. Since thrt year the district *
has assumed, 14 funcU^cand-has^riv
dergone a consequent growth in its biwget^,'
, , One page of, the brief is devoted to
building inspection and public works. It
IT WAS THE DAY of the great f rdg
hunt, and James Davidson's Gdfde
One class at Roberts Creek
Elementary set out for the pond at
shipwright Allan May's Hall Road tadpoles remained atthe scene. But   Joyea Kirk, Joe Parker and Tammy
home Friday with gumbbots, buckets nobody seemed to mind much. Kellei   M^Mullen took full advantage of the
and high hopes. Alas, somebody must BuJmer, standing, and left to right, .authorized fuddle play,
have tipped off theJrogs; only a few .1
No school
on Monday-.
Monday, May 8, will be a holiday
for all school chUdren on... the
peninsula. The day is one of six
designated non-instructional days
this school year.
notes that provincial incentives encouraging the consolidation of small water
improvement districts are slowly
producing a •more efficient system, birt
that the process "also adds to the image
that regional districts are empire
builders."    ''^Xtl: :-.
About 2$ dpages of the briefs are
devoted to planning. It states that
"Without, plashing, development has
occurred in areas that cannot be easily
serviced and in areas where cumulative
effects of development have created
serious environmental and health
prqblems.The loca.1 community has hadsto
pay th^cost'W'CorBi^ihg the situation'."
Tbe brief states that rather than seeing
planning ;*'ai a useful step towards self-
determination of the growth and direction
of communities,' (many individuals -have
seen it) as simply a restriction upon the
development of land."
The brief suggests that to dispel the
.public suspicion of regional boards,
regional governments should be required
to "produce policy statements that define
—See Page A-3
In the wake of a recent rejection of an
application for aerial spraying on the
Sechelt Peninsula, B.C. Hydro will meet
with concerned residents to discuss the
question of chemical spraying on rights-of-
way. ■:.'.'.'      '.'•:■'■: •'.-■.'
Regional Board Chairman Harry
Almond told regional directors April 27
that Hydro has requested the meeting of a
board-selected group Friday, May 12, at 4
pi.m. in the board room.
"I have to take exception to this," said
Area A Director Joe Harrison.
practices that has prompted organizations
in the province to call for a Royal Commission inquiry into the Crown corporation.      „■> "
The board had earlier endorsed that
-call-for-a Royal-Commission-Enquiryby
sending a written request to Premier Bill
Bennett, and on Thursday approved a
motion to ask the support of the
Association of Vancouver Island
Municipalities in"the call for an enquiry.
The request will go before the AVIM this
week  at  their  annual  convention   in
But Sanford warned that the vigilance
of groups that- have fought againpt the
spraying must be maintained.
"Theywill be trying every method of
bringing in 2,4-D sprayipg with or without
-the support of the pubUcrn€art-year.''
Don Lockstead, MLA for Mackenzie,
said he has asked Finance Minister Evan
Wolfe point-blank whether Hydro will be
allowed to use herbicides for the clearing
of rights-of-way this year in other areas.
"Specifically, I asiwkj 'the minster if
chemical sprays, 2,4,5-T and 2,4-D would
be used this year,'1' Lockstead said, "and if
so, I asked whejre and in what quantities.
Th'e'minister assured me he would respond
shortly and I am waiting his reply. But if
-he'does hot respond shortiy^Lwill-ask. the
Minister again, and continue, to do so until
I get an answer."
Lockstead also took issue with another
Hydro project that is meeting with public
protest, the 500 kilovolt line, from Cheekye
1 —See Page A-3
'I'm grateful they're willing to hold a   Qualicum and wife be forwarded to the
meeting," said Harrison, "but it seems to
me a four o'clock meeting rules out quite a
number of citizens. I really have to
question Hydro's intentions. If they want a
nice, quiet meeting I don't, intend to cooperate."
The board decided to send a letter
expressing its disappointment with the
day and time of meeting, but agreeing to
: the meeting if no other time Is available. A
request will 6e made for another, larger
public meetingj later.
The question of spraying of Ktytiro
rights-of-way is only one issue in the
current controversy over B.C.  Hydro
Union of British Columbia Municipalities
conference in the fall for endorsement.
A B.C. Hydro plan to conduct aerial
spryaingrof rights-of-way near Salmon
Inlet and in two areas between Sechelt and
Sakinaw Lake was rejected earlier this
year by a Ministry of ithe Environment
Committee. • „
" Hydro now plans to appeal the decision
through a'new Pesticide Appeal Board
appointed by the environment minister in
mid-April.. The seven-member board is
headed by Valtcr Raudesepp^who is a
retired former Deputy Minister of Water
Resources and a former chairman of the
Pollution Control Board.
A similar spraying program in Campbell River was postponed last week by
Hydro for one year, along rights-of-way
between Black Creek and Campbell River,
and between Gqld River and Tahsis on tho
Comox MLA Karen Sanford
congratulated t)ie members of the Campbell River Environmental CouncU and
other concerned groups for forcing Hydro
to back down on'plans to spray 2,4-D In the
Three new events set
Timber Days organizers last week
announced three new events for Sechelt's
May 21-22 celebration, A Ms TimberDays,
a Salmon Derby and a '150-50 draw.",
The derby, sponsored by the Sunshine
Coast Credit Union, will be held Sunday,
May 14, with the welgh-ln from 11 a.m, to 2
p.m. at Hackett Park.
There Is no restriction on the fishing
area, but all,fish must be gpught and
landed on sport fishing gear the day of the
derby. First prize Is $50 and a trophy.
There also will bo trophies foo second
ahd third placo ond prizes for hidden
weights, the oldest and youngest persons
to catch a salmon, and the biggest dogfish,
Entry forms for tho derby may bo
obtained from tho Credit Union, Trail Bay
Sports or Cambell's Variety,
Ms. Timber Days, who must bo 19 or
"Rook gun"
turned over to
7 Gibsons RCMP reportedly liave Been
given a weapon, thought to be the missing
"rdok gun", referred to \n tho murder trial
last month of Robert, James Shannon.
Although police declined to comment
on tho matter, other sources sold that tho
gun had been found In an 'abandoned
vehicle at tho Gibsons dump. The individual who found tho gun reportedly sold
tind Grauer took tie gun to Slack's home
as a joke several days beforo the killing.
After Block's death, Taylor testified, lw
retrieved tho gun from Black's homo, nnd
returned lt to his own house. Taylor said
Uio gun subsequently disappeared from
his home,
According to sources, tho vehicle ln
which the gun was found had been
• It - u» ^ii-fio^0^ ~p«r«on r who turned tho ; removed t^t firom" Tayior'0-np^opdrty^nnrt*
towed to the dump by a contractor.
Weapon over to police,
The "rook gun" mentioned in Shannons trial was'owncd by Daniel Taylor of
Roberta Creek. It waa a central element in
defence In the November H,'1076, slaying
of 13111 Black at the Roberta Creek
_.  , ., ,„ %Hrealaence, o^ Dal Grauer, Shannon ms   mm$- ww¥>u«nflHc-'
i .
dhrfamfyJ, and  Kathy Ucton ami Credit Union Manager Larry Mac- credit union is sponsoring the May 14
Angela MacDonald, apodal events Donald with printed forms for the contest.           ,n    .'>
■■•■,'.'                         ■ ,       * ';'■>•.■      '                                 '■     \   .        \ '■■".                         '      .    ■
il A"   y   ■'* '      " ' °"' >    ' ' *' '     ' •■' .' 'I •■•.-•■ . '
Shannon testified during the trial Uiat
he had been told nbout tho delivery of tho
gun to Black ahd that this circumstance
and othertrictdenfcrratisedWmtafearfor*
his life, He ettoo testified that Black had a
gun in' his possession on tho day of tho
According lo Taylor's testimony, he
Older, is being selected on the basis of her
sponsoring organization's cumulative
scoring in various games and events
rather than on the basis of her personal
attributes. A
Candidates for Ms. Timber Days — the
Timber DayaMalds — will be presented at
a dance May 12 at the Sechelt Legion. The
dance, featuring the music of the Penn
Kings, will b6 from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Tickets
are $5 a couple and $3 for singles and arc
on sale now ih Sechelt at the Royal Bank,
the Bank of Montreal and the Lcgioh.
Ms. Timber Day# will Receive $50 and
various other prizes. Sho will bo crowned
on Uie opqnlng day of Timber Days, May
21, at Hackett Park. 1,
Tho samo day tho "SO-Sb draV Mil bo
hold at tho pork to distribute half tho
proceeds of ticket sales for tho draw. First
place winner will receive 28 per cent of the
proceeds, tho se'eond place winner 15 per
cent, and the third fclace winner 10 per
cent. The remainder of the proceeds will
go to meet TlmberDaya expenses,
Meanwhile, progress is continuing in
plans for tho May 22 Logger Sports activities under the co-direction of Timber
Days. Chairman Carl Chrismas nnd Lll
At a gonoral meeting of tho Secholt and
District Chamber of Commerce last
Wednesday, Mario Hoffar, Ed Nicholson,
John Wilson, Joo Bolangor,' Joo Fisher and
Homer Glass volunteered to mnrshall and
patrol tho Timber Days Parade on Mny 22.
For tho youngsters, tho Mny Queen
Dnnco Is oclwdulcd for May 21 at Secholt
Etoirftishtary gym beginning at 7 p.m.
Arrangements for Iho dance nro being coordinated by Dorothy Gossen, >
', Othor activities thus far scheduled
include field events, a baking contest, a
bejforo tho pnradoi ton garden, horseshoe
th^bycit'^iritlurb, ',V»iif «vf *H^«cs *mid
The "rook gun" was described during   various food concessions. There will bo no
the trial ns h ,410, gungo shotgun. ' bebr garden this yoar.
» *tret"»«BK*wiim»*WM(v> sn
**i1*«n***»< »*(*i*«*1Mflai*i(sw *»■**■ lif
i#)iitvw-s*i**«si*MKnwi* l-«'««m^™w!R!W*sU*-M'«»^W^^*'^^W'«<^^^
1.   -    ..
B *w«Wrt tt.f>A^rft^Nar»<l
w»*^<ji4wpj*»»i'«ftta)'ijttit«H:A if
M4H5.A-J j**WJ t*W«^*»« W-f «w
,**jwS'"   wnSiss^iiiti^pMrt^^w^ii^^w'-^^
0^-jim S~ JWWU*«#*«
!|Wf"«jBUWW"*^IP»* #
■'/.-■ A  ���IV^W   " "��3k.r   .     i;       .  <*$���  ��� ��� -U  I       .,-       i  -fe-,.  ^^j-.���  t^  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 3,1978  mmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmm  :Dennis>lt2gerald, jEditor  ."A. free, press is the unsleeping guardian of  eveiy other right that free men prize." ���  .-���-,��� - ���WinstonChurchill,.  Getting dumped on  So now the lower peninsula's dump  is going to be in Roberts Creek ���' 'the~  centre of the garbage population," as  Area E Director George Gibb faux  pas'ed a coupled of weeks ago.-      '  Gibb's arguments for locating the  dump in Roberts Creek were" sufi_  Jiciently persuasive to swing the  entire board, but we feel like there  was one small step over looked. "Why  was there no public involvement in  this discussion?  It may be that Roberts Creek is  indeed the best site for the dump and  that the directors had all the" facts and  figures they needed. But may, just  maybe, the people concerned could  have come up with some other ideas.  Certainly the people on Conrad Road  would have a real interest -in���vantages of living in this place,: Right,  examining the alternatives. ��� Harry?  The situation that arises now is  5pferiirRoberts-Creelr  are going to feel like they had the  dump dumped on them. And that's the  very sort of thing that tends to breed  ill will for .the regional board.  It's still not too late to call a public  meeting to examine the question.  While the engineering firm is completing its studies of the Roberts  Creek site, why not give the residents  accessfto all the pertinent information  and see if they can come up with a  better plan.  Then, if the decision still goes  .against them, at least they won't feel  like Big Brother was shoveling.it  down their throats. They will be involved in the decision making, and  theoretically that's one of the ad-  _*�����--  <^m'c>ra<asm*~-i.  HD VANCOUVER SON  A disgusting  mess ofgiuSage^  Following is a copy of a letter sent to  the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit.  As law abiding citizens we meet with  your strict approval regarding our septic  services and garbage disposal from our  cabins and homes. What applies to one  ���should-appljLto_all  <cWe teachers appreciate the keen interest of our student body but wish to inform you the question of a  three-day week was not discussed ..."  Impressions from down under  READER^SRim^  By MARYANNE WEST  Scouts do some thinking  The following two letters were forwarded to The Times for publication by  TV1E. Messner "so that the public may be  informed as to the standards that boys in  our community have."  Mr. M. Messner , ^_ ,A__  Group Committee Chairman .  Gibsons 1st Cubs-Scouts  Dear Mr:~Messner:   -    __ .  some measure to the criticism they have  received. Whatever my personal opinion  or philosophy may be, I respect the opinion  expressed by the Troop and fully support  their position in this matter.  W. Norris  ~���     ���  Gibsons  ���Mr. W. Messner   -      -  Group Committee Chairman  .1st Gibsons Scouts-Cubs  Dear Sir: ~       ,     We have been informed by our leader  that criticism has been levelled at the  Scouts because of our performance at the  Thinking Day ceremony.  This situation has been discussed'at  Please find enclosed a letter drafted by  the Gibsons Scout Troop.  I have read this letter with interest, and  feel that it indicates a good deal of concern  by these boys, not only of respect for their  own collective opinion, but consideration  of otKefs'~feelings-as-well      '    .     .. .. ..   _     .       ,    ... .,  m       ���    __    , ���- length amongst the Scouts and with Mr  As a Troop Scouter I encourage the Norris arid^eTakethefollowing-position:  boys to think for toemselves and:maintain (1) We feel we have the same right to  a positive attitude-m-anything they^o eXpressan opinioiias any other citizen in a  These are young people developing into democratic society  adulthood and should be free to express (2) We ^^^ the statements made  their fresh thoughts, whether it is individually in everyday life or collectively  as social comment. , - if ..       we expressed we made ^apology: ���>'��� - - mountain  vrlras-the Troop leader;Tealiz$d;durjng r     (3)rThe'-'Scb'utrfi^  narntirtn  nf tha Snnnt  nnn'tfikiitinn    >   -   ���<���   ���    _.'' * '-- ,��    _      .'T'i.'.    ���        rSv   '  Buckminster Fuller in Toronto recently  described that7city as "the best operated,  most comfortable and cleanest city in the  world". Discounting the obvious hyperbole  and desire of a guest to please his host,  I've always been amused and somewhat  amazed by American comments about the  cleanliness of Toronto, realizing of course  that it must be a relative judgement.  After visiting San Francisco a few  weeks ago I understand better ��� my-first  reaction to that city was that I've never  seen such a dirty place! San Franciscans  will remind me correctly, that, that too is  relative and I haven't had that much  experience of North American cities.  Riding-in���from'-the_San Francisco  glance and perusedjhe. local newspapers,   national and world issues. However, a  I've often complained about the national  and international coverage^ the Sun and  "Provuiceandl apologise^ compared fothe  San Francisco papers we're exceptionally  well served. It was interesting to note  though that if Californians heard nothing  else about Canada, they did know about  Greenpeace and the Newfoundland seal  hunt which evoked almost daily letters to  the paper.  visitor to San Francisco, watching tv in his-  hotel room * has an immediate understanding that he-is-in-a-multi-Ja-Qiar  society. I was impressed by the news  teams on all local stations, of the 3 or^  anchor persons, one is over forty, one a  woman and one black or obviously not a  white Anglo-Saxon. r <.  Television is a very powerful medium  for social change and one of the quickest  Again we have the same squatter who  spends his whole summer and into fall  camped where the Creek meets the sea,  leaving his garbage piled high (as was  photographed in local papers last fall) and  using the bush and log area where children  play^or his bathroom facilities. He is not  an unknowing tourist but a local working  man with car and should be renting a  cottage or suite with proper facilities or  using campgrounds.  This   should   coiue   under   your  ���jurisdictton-and-we^n-the-Creek-feeL   something should be done" to prevent a re-~  occurance of last years disgusting mess of  garbage and toilet.  j      Mrs. Mr. Conrad  ': 1        Roberts Creek.,  Skeptical of  Cheekye plan  Following is a copy of a letter to J.C.  Dawson, community relations manager  for B.C. Hydro.  Dear Mr. Dawson,  Thank you for informing us, through  our regional board, of youcplans to initiate  field surveys of the Cheekeye-Dunsmuir  -triahsmission-liri^Laiircuriou^howeverr  It has always interested me tofind that���-ways-to update-old stereotypes to- con-  the most ardent supporters of our CBC are  Americans, .and watching news in San  Francisco offers a partial explanation at  least'. Television is as parochial as the  print media, outreach covers Sacramento,  the state capital, and includes Oakland  airport past endless junk: yards~andTun ^wdSanJose with occasional input from  down, untidy industrial concerns then  through the lower part of town with winos  lying on th�� sidewalk makes one realise  how very fortunate Vancouver is. Visitors  toB^C. are just a few minutes drive from  toe^i^rcrentrera^juick-ghrnpseiof neatly  temporary equality for racial or any other  minority is for them to be upfront  regularly holding down positions of  equality with professional expertise.  And when you come to thiidOof it why  shouldn't the news be read by an anchorman of Native Indian, Chinese, or  evenSihk descent ��� or for that matter by  a paraplegiciromjnvheel chair. The only  by the Scouts at the ceremony to be true  and still hold this opinion. For statements  L.A. Onlymajor disasters, in other parts of  ,the U.S. and the world apparently  penetrate this navel gazing. To be fair, an  urban metropolis of this size generates  enough daily disasters, "mayhem and  _ _      scandals of its own to keep those two hour  stacked lumber yards, a^'fOT=S5aSTf--J,fiK5-?^J^ffl^- '     '.  older commercial South Granville before       Canadiannational-newscoverageKfar _  ......  the  beautiful  tree  lined  streets   and   and away more comprehensive and with fee^hopr-y^ur-^upisfilledalmost as soon  mansions of Shaughnessy and all the while���^U1^ shortcomings and tendency to give as you sit down, and keptBotwith refills,  upfront the panorama of the North Shore   Preference todisasteK-^nywhereJirthe . small gesture, but one which makes you  mountains.*���       ���" *   ' world provides .^idet; ^news, cpvejrage of feel a-welcome. visitor  wlfy:you^uld^larttheseJLeldsurveysjfr  -as you say>Hydro is in no way committed  tofeonstructionof the project, and won't be  for several months until more preliminary  investigations have been made. Could you  tell me what the approximate cost of these  surveys'will be? And if the ultimate  decision is not to build the line, does this  ihean the users of hydro will have to pay  for these unnecessary surveys through  higher electfical bills? '������.���������"���  ��� Richard Tarnoff  Garden Bay, B.C.  Impressed with park  Editor, TTie ^Times: "  On April 18,1978, our Brownie Pack  went oh a hike through the Pender Har-  criterion surely is his or herability-to readbour Lions Park.We were very impressed  fluently.  ' ^~The bridges^andiejichesjweregreat. The  "There is certainly one other obvious   paths were creativetymade~and:the-park   way in which Americans, excel, and every   was beautiful to venture through,  visitor must notice it ��� the quick friendly       A lot of very hard work has gone into  service you get in even the smallest cof-   this park and we want to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the people  responsible. , The Children.of  FirstPender Harbour  Brownie Packr~~'���  j- -,vUf ��. t *'  the preparation of the Scout coritribution  to the Thinking \ Day ceremony, the  ramifications of a performance of this  nature and for this I accept full responsibility. I also accept the responsibility for  the letter the Scouts have directed to the  Group Committee.  .  ������It-would-be disappointing-to-me and  indicate weakness of my leadership  abilities if the Scouts had not responded in  criticism of our performance with a great'  deal of respect to those people who felt it  was in poor taste. However, we would  expect these people to accept what we  considered to be constructive criticism ih  the same spirit.  It is hoped that this incident is now  ended and will not affect our position in the~  Scouting community.  1st Gibsons Scouts  .ft>Ti.^^^Jit     i _      _.  becoming,a Canadian by choice  A side order of brain drain  Editor, The Times;    ;'  It would seem toat Mr. Gibb, in his own  assinine way, has once again contracted  "fdot-in-mouth" disease, with a side order  of.brain?drain., .,...,: ���.���.:...;,._ -  To quote from your article "Directors  OK Dump", it would seem that Mr. Gibb  feels that Roberts Creek is the "center of  the garbage population". Thanks a lot,  Gibb. If this quote were to be taken out of  cohtpxt, it could well earn him a fat lip. His  atrocious use of the English language  leads me to believe that he Is not fit to  perform this type; of work.  On another quote of Gibb's from your  article, Mr. pjdltor, "How can we expect,  as a government body, people to abide by  our regulations," etc, etc.  Obviously, Mr. Gibb, the budding,  politician, has forgotten that his job Is to  reflect the wishes of the electorate, not to  impose regulations willy-hilly in a power-  mad dash to the top. ,  He, and others ��� all the way to.the top,  ��� mTislT^cFbtv&llo'wed to forget, that the  electorate, and ONLY the electorate is,  "all-powerful". Only the many "J6e  Lunchpall" like myself( who work hard ,  and steady, and pay and pay, and those  many others who did word hard, and are  still paying, but who are finally enjoying ,  the rest they deserve so, well,"will'decide  who will represent us, and how wo wjflbo  represented. : ���'.'"'''..'  In a modification of another old  I might end by saying: "Beware, the  electorate walks softly, but it also carries,  an awful big stick".  .,:,...,;,.,,.'.' ',..���;.,;:'.'.',.. ,' ., J.E.Bolanger  Roberts Crbok  Hydro spending questioned  The following ls n copy of a letter sent   DMnsmuIr which wlll| add oh additional  to Premier Bill Bennett:   \   ,, flvchundred million dollars, or more to  Canadian dollar, tho enormous rate of  Inflation and your valiant attempts at  cutting costs In every Government  Department to savo the taxpayer's money.  " Why has the B.C. Hydro escaped your  Scrutiny so long? Why are' tho Hydro  authorities allowed to stcabi ahead unbridled with a proposal to build a 600 Kv  transmission line from CheeKoyetoi  It seem^' Incredible, to add this  crushing amount to an .estimated four  billion dollars already owed, on Hydro's  projects completed or under cohstructlon  and; at the current rate of Interest on  borrowed U.S. dollurs.  It Is public knowledge, moro people'  (thirteen thousand) work for Hydro than  In the combined Departments of Parks,  Fish, Wildlife, Agriculture, Forest Service  ond Highways. ���  Hydrop^otlucos only 11 per cont of tho >  total energy consumption of this Province.  Why Is Hydro allowed to Incur 00 por cont  6f the Provincial debt?  Tho B.C. Energy commission's fifteen  year projection between 1070-1091 for tho  * VnncolWer Island population growttown/r  2.26 per cent. Tills figure is much lowor  tlian Hydro's estimate.for tho same  period, which states a growth of 4 per cent.  This gives \ik good reason to question  ���'-Hydro'fl���forecast���lor-^ralld -enorgy-  J--r-~r��qulremenU--oiv-41ia���4��lfl'��d and tholr  "1! tiv       '   ��� ���'   ,"'���������� *>*(,~rXr*��-^X a ' , A'W-rri''^.' wlS'-'-r?^-;-.r;flr.',*rft'-  ,Sub.sprlp\|nn Raiok (In mrvSncor* "'<" ^^r^^^J^ �������' Wy'iArtt t����K- ^tu0 Urtio Ih"  tocnli-srporye.ir.'neyond .IS miles, $fl ,   perpotuating themselves and their debt?  U.S.A., .fl(). Oversets S) I, N MrS. Sylvia Woodsworth  The PENiNSULA^��e^  Published Wednesdays al Seehell  on H.C.'n Sunshine Cimsl  hy        \)   XlieJ^uInsiilnJliAjis^.. i,.a,   I've puzzled about what happened to that  surge of independence, that spirit tof  freedom and confidence' with which  Canada embarked upon nationhood. The  sheer size and awesome majesty of the  physical environment of the country  should produce people of strength of  character, "tenacity and initiative, but  instead fae seem to have substituted one  apron string for another and instead of the  "true north strong and free" become a  colonial dependent of the United States.  While it's natural to go through a stage  when the grass appears greener on the  other side of the fence, usually experience  teaches one that this isn't actually so, but  the Canadian sense of inferiority, the  assumption that the Americans are bigger  and therefore better at everything seems  to be ingrained, So Iniade this Ijirst extended visit to an American city with  conscious critical appraisal.  Now, I'lltbe the first to disclaim tlio  authority of Instant experts -- but I found  the exorcise'.,of Interest nevertheless.  There is no doubt San Francisco has a  character all its own, and wisely from tho  point of view of,attracting tourists from  contlnehthl North America rtiakes tho  most of retaining the atmosphere of ,jm  hlstbrlc'sca port. The old ls cherished anil"  maintained as an integral partof a modern  city. Tho disruption of downtown traffic by  lumbering cablccnrs, for which already In  March tho queue was a block long by 10  a.m.. Is happily ' accepted. In contrast1  across Market Street is tho now Bay Area.  Rapid Transit (BART) system, fast,  comfortable, clean underground electric  trains with all the latest electronic  godgotry. I'm not sure whether It's really  moro economical than tho traditional  ticket-booths and��� tokens of-Toronto'si  Transit system because staff has to bo  available at all times to help when thp  ���sophisticated ticket and change dispensing  ^machines baljt at a nicked dime or worn  nickel, but It's fun nevertheless as tho  electronic wlckot whistles the plastic  tlckot out of your hand and pops it up on  tho other side, opening the gate ln tho  process.    ,' "  -..'  '  Because of my Interest In com-  munitions and media I patched  tolovlslon nows^wlth more than passing  zaoKinik  FOR 11 lllBPtf  TOHIIRffCf  I'orWesipresl'iihllciillon  ', ul Seehell, B,C\  Hox-,110 ���Seehell, n  VON 3A0  hoiiuK^^^^  ��PII|ce liuurs; fljJOwan,  loSp.ni, TiiCK.-Sni.  s Lid.  C.  Christian Science  :~ "Now is the accepted tlmbj behold now5  Is tho day of salvation," (yCor 0:2).  Using this quotation from Paul, Mary  Baker Eddy writes, " 'NOW', cried tlio  npostlo 'ltf tho accepted time; behold,'  KOWWthrdfly-or��ftlvHtion;'innennMO()r  that now men must prepare for a future  There's no better way  to advertise your product  or service than by placing an ad  JaihaliMES JitoLQlflsiMtea^^  Display ads produce positive results!  THE  PENINSULA TIMES  "a wookly part  of your  l|fo"  in Gibsons,  Ads can be dropped  off or paid for at  MJQi0jliiii.i|tiisMTiieer:  8869711,  Gibsons Village  '*'-*.tt*u*m**i* ^tWSm*p^ �����''��***' now>w  I   ��S)fil*|��*?W*Pt  Hnlfmoon Bay,  Which ��� td experience thnt  sqlvatfoti In spirit and Hi ljfi?,',' (Sclohc(5  arid Health wlthKoy to tho Scriptures, Pg.  ao),       :,  *ri  Vt^i Mk '^Mtvfltw*  ^(*^*^W^^'*ftN^^i^i��MaHrW��#'*i^KMaMw-wM^Urt'*^^  I ((,*,., >.-���'.    t-  i'Siiiewp^HSS-^  MORE ABOUT . .  Approves  SMILING BUT NOT HAPPY, Conrad  Road property owner Sandy Barrett  expresses her opinion about garbage.  Barrett's five-acre parcel will be one  of the closest properties to the new  dump site chosen for Roberts Creek.  Conrad Road residents last week  were busily organizing a Conrad  -BoadJOefencejCommittee . ������  .MORE ABOUT  ���Hydro spraying  ���From Page A-l  to Dunsmuir that is slated to run through  the Peninsula. "[������'.  "I demanded the Minister declare a  ���From Page Arl  hHhe=fJebnrara~md~4nit^^  passed so the public can understand not  only the process but the particular interests of any board."  The present, cumbersome system .for  processing and enforcing local regulatory >  by-laws is criticised in the brief as an  impediment to. effective and efficient1  government. It suggests that although the  �����doption-of^^ Of fiGial-Settiement_0^nsJwiU_  improve the efficiency of local government, more provincial assistance is  needed in developing the plans. Also, some .  mechanism is needed for transmitting  provincial policies to the regional level,  particularly with regard to Crown lands,  forest lands and foreshore, all of which fall  outside regional control.  The   brief   also   criticizes   "the  |��� segmentation of parts ofrcgionaldistricts_  brought about by the changes to the  Islands Trust Act," which severed certain  designated islands~lronrTegional-distric  jurisdiction, and which "subverts the  whole concept of regional determination of  development."  The brief makes six recommendations:  1. Ways be found to define local  autonomy on appropriate issues within  Regional District control.  2. Policy documents be required by  legislation from every provincial agency  to provide implementation on a regional  level and from every Regional District for  the information of the community.  Provision must be made for annual review  of these policy documents.  . 3. The autonomy of the Regional  District in terms of Crown land be redefined. Particularly, the stewardship of  foreshore and other Crown land should be  within the administration of the regional  government.  4. Guaranteed financial assistance be  offered to regional, governments to speed  the process of self-determination through  development of long term plans. Part of  iwt*yeai^noratoritim-cas--tterbuiHm  MORE ABOUT. . .  ���Dump planned  ���From Page A-l  Area D (Roberts Creek) Director  Harry Almond-supported location of thp  . dump in his area. He has previously  argued against putting a dump in Roberts  Creek, saying that residents have opposed  the project in community plan discussions.  Almond said Thursday, however, that  the site off Conrad Road is in a relatively  remote corner of his area, "almost in Area  "I wouldn't even call it Roberts Creek  ~   Teally^ihesaid. "It would be different if it  were up Lockyer Road or something.  "Besides, how jean I talk about  parochialism (at the board table), and  then turn around and say we won't allow a  dump anywhere in Roberts'Creek?" ,  jtalph Mahar, Vice-president oMfie  AreaTTRatepayers' Association, said his  group would accept closure of the Half-  lOMiBay site provided that a container is  provide^rtiiedump of a suff identsfeeto  accomodate weekend" and^sammer  residents who are unable to make use of  the area's garbage collection service.  Directors were unable to say how soon  the new dump might be in operation. The  160 acre parcel, Lot 2477, will have to be  approved for use as a dump by various  provincial agencies. The land is part of the  Sechelt Provincial Forest and is located  about one half block above the Hydro right  of way north of Leek Road.  The Regional District has already  received a $50,000 provincial grant  designated for development of the new  dump.  that power line," said Lockstead  "This would allow environmental  impact studies to be properly done.  Furthermore, I demanded a study to be  done into the future energy needs of  Vancouver Island and the use of alternate  energy sources be encouraged.  In a recent letter to the Sunshine Coast  Regional District, Environment Minister  Jim Nielsen suggests that the board  continue participation in a series of  working meetings with B.C."Hydro in an  attempt to "resolve differences of  opinion" regarding that 500 kilovolt line.  Nielsen said in the letter that Hydro is  responsible for seeking public and >  regional district responses to alternative  corridors. However, Harrison said for that  reason the "public is very skeptical"  about the meetings. "     ".X"  The board will send a reply to Nielsen's  letter pointing out that since Hydro is  ���responsible for seeking ttie public input on  its own project, it therefore has an interest^ HafboflrEstates,  in controlling that input. The board will The public hearing begins at 1:30 pirn,  request that the Environment and Land at the Senior Citizens Hall on Mermaid  Use C9mmittee-holdJh��.publiC-hearings   Street, Mividuals-^ishing-to-make-Oral-  research and data collection programs.  5. Social functions requiring provincial  and federal co-ordination and supported  solely by senior government funding  should remain the administrative  responsibility of those agencies. Welfare  benefits and health care are two examples.  6. New programs for effective solid  waste disposal should be instigated. It is  clear in order to devise systems that are  environmentally sensitive and efficient,  there must be some offsetting of the cost by  provincial contribution for the short term.  Other groups and individuals scheduled  to make presentations to the review  committee oh Monday include: Mayor-  Harold Nelson and Village Clerk Tom  Wood for the Village of Sechelt, Mayor  Loriie Blairffor the Village of Gibsons, Mr.  and Mrs. Cliff Salahub, Tim Frizzell, the  ^Elphinstone Electors Association, The  Powell Riyer Regional District and Sunny  rather than Hydro.  ���Aj'' T think a good example is this four  o'clock meeting in a board room that holds  only a few people," said Harrison! "This is  the kind of public input Hydro wants."  Area C Director Charles Lee'suggested  the fight against the Hydro transmission  line through the Peninsula was a futile  one.  "I seriously wonder why we beat our  brains out about this," he said. "We were  told right in this board room that hone of it  was negotiable."  "I think you could make the same  argument for life," replied Harrison.  "Why worry when you're going to die  anyway?"     ' .A. X  presentations to the committee are also  welcome.  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  Wo offor o  Comploto Post  Control Sorvico  For confidential odvico  and ostlmato coll  883-2531  if  andCommerce  "������'-" V ���'*"  Vh  'I'  i ��� >.. 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For your convenience while in Ottawa; the Business Centre Is located atr  "    Lqvel 01 (Centre area)  235 Queen Street  ���  Ottawa, Ohtario  r     ,K1A 0HB. ,     "    ���  ,"'   ���    ��� . ,    ., \.Telephone;995-5771  Thcrcis also an.lncJustry, Trado and Commerce Regional Office at:     .'���  British Columbia and Yukon Region -��� :   p..p ��� - -p.. ...i~-.'.. -, X,,,, : RO, Box 49178, Buito 2743     .�������.-.-   DcntAll Centre, Tower "III"  595 Burrard Street  ,     VANCOUVER, British Columbia V7X1K8  Tel. (604) 666-1434,  J<ich HomerA Min):itcr__ . j--^J'^^wwJonyiljbptJ^inlMQU-.-^>w���-  .istry,Trade and Commerce of State for Small Business  M^^WJmmmmQm^t      du Cdnndn  n^w*-"----'-''V';'p':*lndiWryr.Tia'flQ..p:.j.:lodualho' ���'���' ' 'v.. .'"  nnd Commorco    ot-Cofnm#ti  ' ..' .' " '      "' "   '.    "  <   '   ��� ''������   'a     ���'. ���      K  va' _m%  ^:XAX-M.:^,>i  Wedne^day;May3;1978  The Peninsula Times  P?geA-3  It  4 varieties, marigolds, petunias, alyssum, lobelia,  per basket  B.C. grown, Canada no. 2  nor iuu,  . . ea.  California  .... ea.  Harvest  _[���>��� I d I I Ml  3 1b. block  Snocap cholco  french fries  2 lb. pkg.  SuperValu  *   all flavors  SuperValu   ���   mild  cheese  Nabob   *   3-Fruit or Seville  marmalade  24 oz. tin  2 litre ctn.  Ift  /  detergent  powder51 b  Squirrel   *   smooth or crunchy  peanut butter  5 lb. box  SuperValu  ���   5 varieties  3 1b. tin  SuperValu  cookies  14 oz. bag  Sungold  10 kg bag  Royale  facial tissue  200s  orange crystals  2 pack      pocket  radios  buttercrust  breads^':"!:..  Vonico Bakory  ���   Italian  french bread  ^^T*X*.  Ovon Fresh  pan buns  glazed  donuts o���  Ovon Frosh  g*E  [ pork picnics  ���  g porn loin Ha^oZ  n   ���  gov't inspected,  fresh Ib.  gov't inspected, frosh  quartered Into chops Ib.  ^^^^  ��**�����.,  '���"*$**?-ly***' VMV ^:"'"**' ^ '  #fl  -A-" 'if**'' "  1    i  3  i. ^,!.Viv Si^^-flE.S-a.U-r'  ,;���,-,;,.^,^._.^U^^  -*~.-^.rs-.fr'H*-^..,, ,.vilai,iv.  -,.,.._���_��r��  -"SJ*-^  _a_  Page A-4      ,   The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 3,1978   ��v  COMMUNITY  REPORT  MMM  Halfmoon Bay happenings '  ComniMnity news  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479  COMMUNITY NEWS  Halfmoon Bay Hospital, Auxiliary will  hold a thrift sale atthe Halfmoon Bay post.  office at 1 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday), so  come along and find some bargains to help  cope with the soaring cost of living.  ,* Halfmooners won't have to go far from  -home to give mother a treat on Mothers'  T3ay���this���year;���The-���Halfmo  Recreation Commission is organizing a  pancake breakfast on Sunday, May 14 at  the Welcome Beach Hall from 8:30 a.m. to  around 11 a.m. Furthermore, there's a  breakfast to suit all tastes���a dollar plate  for the smaller appetite and a two dollar  plate for those who really dig pancakes.  > The annual general meeting of the  Welcome Beach Community Association is  scheduled for Tuesday, June 6 at the  -Welcome Beach Hall at 8 p.m. Members  -are-reminded-that-$2-dues-for-the-year-  1978-79 are now payable and can be handed  to Olive Comyn, secretary, or to Grace  Rutherford at the" post office.  APRIL 22 - A BUSY DAY    __  1 Welcome      Beach      Community  Association chalked up another successful  venture on April 22 with a plant saleat the  Welcome Beach Hall. When the doors were  the many faces of the Orient. A Japan Air  Line film took viewers on a quick look at  many fascinating places���Manila, capital  of the Philippines, Taiwan with _its  beautiful women, exquisitely gowned, the  beautiful island of Bali with its interesting  native dancers, and rice cultivation in  Bangkok. A film on India showed its  crowded markets and teeming millions of  iulationr-There-^ere-shola_M_tii^Tai  Mahal and other magnificent examples of  architecture. There were studies of Indian  cavalry regiments which showed them as  fine horsemen and highly disciplined  soldiers. Another film took viewers on a  tour of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan,  which includes West Pakistan on India's  northwest, frontier and East~~Pakistan  around the Ganges .Delta. The camera  dropped in on Peshawar, with its people  bf many races, on fine sandy beaches and  onHhe���River-Ganges���holy���but���very-  polluted. There was a visit to the Khyber  Pass region, made famous by the writings  of Rudyard Kipling, and still British fn its  traditions. This difficult mountain pass  between the West Punjab, Pakistan and  Afghanistan was traversed by Alexander  the Great and later by two British expeditions  RECORDS & TAPES  ~^VM| Save time and money ordering the re-  i ^^^H C0RjS and tapes you want. Pop, coun-  S�� m^LWDmrn try, folk, specialty - current hits and  ^m      1 golden oldies. Special discounts all  ,,vt-.>iM-     ,> labels, satisfaction and sate delivery  ikv"^0��*K ~i   positively guaranteed. Send 25c mall-  Sk   Ml   i_ J. Ing tor rush copy latest catalog.  SMl^B'V' r   Supersound, Box 5227-SY Vancouver  AK^Bk.         a B.C. V6B 4B3.  ' '������-'  Walk it to me!  ���j  portrinpornofi.  5 YEARS ��� INTEREST PA|D ANNUALLY  GUARANTEED  INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES  also  "Registered Retirement Savings Plan"  "Income Averaging Certificates"  -0I^-TSVIERJ]riiy^i_RandaUdiows^  the   students  of  Roberts  Creek  Elementary    {lis    collection ' of  Canadian fur pelts. Old Timer was in   with beaver fur, to tell tales of the  T6v^^pril^8^omplete-w of Canada.  hide clothes and mukluks trimmed  MINIMUM DEPOSIT $500  Member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation  \NorttiWestTrust\  ^������������������������������������������i commmy mmm  BONDED AGENT  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt 885-2013  .  i  .-;  ,  ���'������)  ���'���1  -^-A���'-^���y^_  '   '-J  yk' ���  ��� -���  , i  Old Timer dazzles local kids  The kids at Roberts Creek Elementary  were dazzled by a visit from a fine figure  of a man at* school on Friday. He came  dressed in his buckskins and furs. There  MacKenzies cross Canada canoe trip in  1967 to commemorate Canada's centennial.  It's a wonderful job that he is doing as  is-wel^oveF^K-feet^f4iimrWith-hM  the size of which is seldom seen. He wore a  gold ring with a golden eagle insignia on it  and I managed to get two fingers inside the  ring.  His name is Guy< E. Randall, but most  folks know him as Old Timer, The  Voyageiir. Old Timer is probably one of  the most knowledgeable people in Canada  learn about their country history when it's  taught to them in such an exciting manner.  Along with his hides and clothes, he also .  shows the kids 200 colored slides of artifacts.  We have invited him up for our planned  Roberts Creek Day celebration on July 15,  and he has agreed to attend if his calendar .  SEAVIEW MARKET  Roberts Creek  10 am-6:30 pm, 7 days a week  also, we hove a point spray gun for rent  " openecfaT21)jnrffiere was a rush, sucTTas'  one might expect to see only at Woodwards  on $1.49 day. Even after the sale had  started, there were arrivals of more  rhubarb, bedding plants and garden  magazines to give it fresh impetus. An  hour after opening time, the tables were  practically denuded and a work party was  busily cleaning up the hall for the social  evening which was to follow. The convenors would like to express thanks for the  generous co-operation they received from  so many friends and they wish their  customers great success with their new  _   plants.  If   you   read   Maurice   Hemstreet's  fiolumn last week, you already know what  Aa happy and successful social evening  followed the plant sale, with the Country  Stars as guests and square dancing to the  calls of Harry-Robertson and Maurice. It  " was nice of Maurice to miss those two old  ladies, who, as he so rightly says, were the  instigators of square dancing at the  WekomeJBeach-Hall-some-years"ago   They want to assure him that they can still  do quite a sprightly allemande left, so  watch for them next time, but' please  Maurice, make it an evening when they  aren't worn out with organising a plant  .sale!'  "   FILMS'"' :V.;,p.  Last Thursday's film show on Asia  presented a most comprehensive study of  ����5l��SS?5fiS22��^^  Canadian explorers, voyageurs and fur  trade in Canada.  Randall was born in High Prairie,.  Alberta in l923rHe started trapping with  his father at the tender age of five. At age  seven he started to trap on his own and  continued to do so until he was 17.  He was raised among the Indians in the  Peace' River Country of Alberta and  dresses in Indian tanned moose hides. The  Cree Indians of Lesser Slave Lake make  all his clothes and the workmanship.in  them is truly something to see. His jacket  is beaded in the authentic Cree India  designs and his mukluks are trimmed with  beaver fur. He likes to wear moosehide  pants but sometimes finds them too hot in  our climate.  Of  the  19  fur-bearing;  animals__.in���  -Canada, Old Timer has 12 pelts of which he  e"or^tetedtti"e*"rbUhd<the: woHd" ^oumej^"exhibits. He hopes to have the complete  Which was'her theme for this season. So) collection by the end of the year. His most  the official last show will be on Thursday,    precious pelts are_oLtffiQ_fishers_and-a-  !_ May_25_when-she-wiU-present-filmsT)n   blacK~fo��7He also has three priceless pelts  island just off the coast of mainland-China,  was shown as so densely packed with  homes that it has no place to grow except  upwards in the form of skyscrapers or out  into .the harbour, the ten square miles of  which is a city in itself. It swarms with  junks and sampans and has a floating  school bus-and a floating store. In addition  there is a steady stream of freighters and  luxury liners visiting the free port. The  film took viewers by thecable car railway  to the 1,300 ft. Victoria Peak which offers  magnificent views of the harbour and  beyond to the borders of Red China. With  another fine film of Japan to wind up the  programme, it was an evening of infinite  variety and interest.  Thea Leuchte, film director, tells us  that we were a little premature in winding  up the film programmes .as she hasn't yet*-  ���     -     ... . - ���   ,i  Introduction.  Immigration is one of the most  important influences in Canadian life.  It always has been.  Immigration affects us culturally,  socially and economically. Domestically  and internationally  % ensure that immigration continues  to work for the good of Canada, our  immigration law has undergone some  -significant changes. And whether  you're a fifth generation citizen or just a  visitor! you ought to know what's new. -  of the immigration of a wide range of  close relatives. With the new family  class, Canadian citizen? can now sponsor  parents of any age.  Canada has always protected  refugees within her borders according  toaConvention of the United Nations.  This protection is now given the force of  Canadian law. In addition, a new  refugee class defines the when, how  and who of accepting refugees for  resettlement in Canada.  Civil rights of those involved in  immigration proceedingsjecejye'greater-   protectinn-under'tHe new law. And  -  deportation will no longer be the only    ,.  ��� ....        ^possible penalty.There are no.w-less ..'-_  For the last four years, individuals      !flfasti^jternatiyes for mu^infractions_- ille��aJ:imrmgrapJ3r~ ,.,  andorganizationshavejmadesuggestianJM^ will- " The new la\y, of course, will continue  The changes.  governments will share many responsi-  bilities.To this end, formal agreements  on immigration planning and management will be made with the Provinces.  Each year, after federal-provincial  discussions, a target figure for immigration volume will be announced.  The number will depend upon national,  regional, economic and social goals.  Immigrants will beuencouraged to settle  in places where their particular skills  are really needed. They .will be discouraged from settling in placeswhe_r.e_   -;  employmentislf problem.  Generally speaking, illegal immi-  grants.will find the lawjtougher than  ever. As wilijhose.people who expjoj:  Take a step In the right  direction. Take a few.  pafmupacrion  <__  Wnnt, In your hArt you know h'�� ri|<hl.  Australia and New Zealand.  Bill and Evelyn Pallant are not new  grandparents, for they already had a  granddaughter, but there was great excitement in the family at the news ot the  birth of their first gfandson born on April  27 to their son Wayne and Ms wife Pam.  Grandmother Pallant rushed straight into  VanconvierJnjgelcome the new baby.  Guestat the Brodgeselljiorne has been  Bob's son, Mark BrodgeselTofHEdinonton.  Recent visitors at the Fred Greaves' have  been Eileen's, brother and sister-in-law,  Roy and Pearl Sawyer of Burnaby.  Returning to Vancouver withtheir guests,  the Greaves proceeded south for ��a visit  with daughter Charlene and henfamily at  Edmonds, Washington.  which consist of an albino squirrel and 2  muskrat mutations, one orange arid one  light gray.  Randall will be attending the Captain  Cook celebration in Victoria on May 20 at  Inner Harbour, He is organizing the Indians participation in the celebration. It  sounds like it will be a great event arid the  folks that will be able to attend will be in  for some great entertainment. Chief Dan  George will be presenting Captain Cook  (portrayed by Kelvin Andrews, who apparently is a ringer for Captain Cook) with  a robe made of beaver furs. Captain Cook  in turn will present Chief Dan George with  a broadsword.  Old Timer was one of the organizers  that put together the re-enactment of  r1  Putyouf feet up.  and cjo house hunting  Westwood have just produced a homes, homes for narrow lots, split  '  brand new, lull colour catalogue of level homes, bungalows ��� a design to  tholr entire range of component homos. moot every need,  We'll mall It to you for just $2.00,      ( ��� Our homes not only look good ���-  '   Whon It arrives,settle 'down In your"' ' they "are good. From top to bottom, "  favourite chair and go house hunting  ' among dozens of beautiful designs  and lloor plans, t  I   There's such a choice you're  bound to find wlfat you're looking for  Wo havo large homos, oconomy  inside andoutslde, quality comes first.  So, if you'ro looking for tho porlpct  home, mall us the completed  coupon. Or, dontoct  the Wostwoop  dealer In your aroa.  '���'', I ':i."',;  .. m*>h.  ..,.���>��'-  ���S.',. y:  -..;,.>��*  -forchangeToCanada's immigration  law and policy.  Many of the responses received have  become part of the new immigration  law, designed to serve everyone's best  interests for years to come..     ,  For the firsttime, the basic purposes  ahd principles of our immigration  " law are clearly stated in the law itself- All  other provisions of the law, and the  way they are carried out by immigration  officers, now flow from these purposes  k and principles:  .   Non-discrimination. Reunion  of families. Humanitarian concern for  refugees. And the promotion of Canada's  economic, social and cultural goals.  Just words you say? Well read on,  because the rest of the new law has been  carefully written to, make it possible  for Canada to live up to its word,  How it affects  immigrants and  visitors.  From now on,  ���  immigrants and those  visitors who come  to work or study must  make nil immigration  iincnngempntHbcfoio  .thoy arrive in  .Cagada. No ono  may cliungo bin  orhor'stiitUH  while Inside  Canada,  ' Canada  lms ulwayrt  allowed  HpoilHOI'HllIp  not be easier, but it Will be more predictable. Immigrants and visitors:should ���'���:���  always talk to their Canadian Government visa office before they make  a move.That way, they'll know exactly   :  where they stand when they step off  v  the plane.    , -,      ; _���  How it affects  Canadians.  Tire, new immigration law is a .  blueprint for the future. A flexible  blueprint that allows for unexpected  change, Its influence,on the fabric  of Canadian society will bo subtle and  long-range.    ''  Under the  , now law,  'tliQ federal  pk'j* and provincial  ouftraditionofstrojigprotectionagainst  international criminals andterrorists.  '      In these ways and more, our new  immigration law can only make Canada  stronger. And a better place to liver  The future.  The future of immigration in Canada  cannot be controlled by an ironclad  set of rules; Canada's ne\V immigration  law combines humanity, justice,  .'. international responsibility and adaptability in a way that no other country's  immigration law ever has.  ��� .',, We're proud of it. And we invite you  to learn more by asking for detailed  pamphlets at your nearby Canada  I Immigration Centre.  - -.'��#*  Employment and  Immigration Canada  Emplol ot  Immigration Canada  Bud Cullen, Minister    Bud Cullen, Mlnlstre  O-p  :Wf*y^X^A'X^X?ii  I.,.. v m.-.- .jii jf^m, mmtTi -y,.  mm a   ' �� ������������--��� -, ji  , ���  Immigration  ���  I' 4M17 h9C  : ~~~~. l^AWV 11C19  t%Wm\'^k^t%^mO.  ^,,v,.<^,p,^^,��pp^^^  <\.  , V  ���v,���'���'**' wM't'.*pV]f��M'f ^VX,lUX'4.  i^ft.^Ji^      J    (  ^  it   U*l'il"   'ii  -'���  '   i*'"ii~it|'-��IH',p|-''.1..''''    ,  i    '    ���    p  ^.-. .TV'>,,,U.,,t}^Cjv',.l:i  -,'      *      '     '���'!     ��� l  - fl*rt^��*tmsw#f^1a> tfflwfe'-nfy'.w'i nt  i^ffC-*Vi.t\'X^  m    .   u r*   T^ '-  U*-jpnfUkB����e��iiiHi(*-#�� ^b ttii **(^* f*S.Wf>�� 41  /  �����>��#��(*������**  '* ii'iiliwitniiwuniiw wm^wmmmLaiSJ *, *,  '��������^'*ihw#^'W(*^^^'*fl^^^)'^s^ i >&*t��*��mr*i"'* iwoypt  *  *A.-nta�� m*v f(*sw��5(��s��wi'i> i&\vfWi*iw^*&imm'toiwm&K^^  B*-l��*W����*flfrtlrutirt��Hf Mf'MS>*Wi����-'*wa((l'W)fHh(i *��M4p��*fW!KWmi��Wi*WMWtLti��'' ���** \    ��� \  " J  a=  Seniors set new meeting date  ii.  -T^  -4  i^��<��.. u��!:. tyju*  By ROBERT FOXALL  , Another excellent Fourth Thursday  (ivai held in Our HaU on April 27 when more  than 40 members met; for an afternoon of  bingo followed by various table games and  a social afternoon. A good turnout when it  is considered that a busload of members,  inany, of them Bingo steadies, are'  presently away at Disneyland.  . Because of the absence of many of the  executive and because of the visit of a  busload of Ppwell River Seniors on May 9  it has been found necessary to change the  date7 of the executive meeting. Will  executive members please note that the  May. executive meeting will be' held- on  Wednesday, May 10 at 10 a.m,, '  Before leaving for Disneyland, Dave  Hayward left me a note in which he asked  me to express his thanks to, the patrons  who make our plant sale such a success  and he wants to apologize for starting the  sale a few minutes ahead of the scheduled  time, but he did not warit anyone to get wet  in the pouring rain and have their enthusiasm dampened. -   -  The CjreeR\uh6ff~  ing Anniversary  By Annie Dempster, 885-3326  Wednesday, May 3, 1978  The Peninsula Times  Page A-5   Sechelt notes  Strike up, the Band   by, Peggy Connor, 885-9347-  STRKE UP THE BAND_,  When it is the HMCS Naden band, they  can strike up anytime. Thanks to the efforts of Commodore Ian ��� Morrow and  Captain A. McPhee who arranged for the  Navy League Sea Cadets to host the band-  for three concerts ori the Peninsula.  Wednesday night, April 26 they played  at Chatelech Junior Secondary school in  Sechelt. Earlier, a concert had been put on  for the students at' Chatelech. If you  weren't among the couple of hundred  persons) attending you fiiissed -a great  eveningfs entertainment.  Popular band numbers, music from the  musicals, a tribute to Elvis Presley,  "Clarinet Polka" played backwards, a  -haunting^olBT^6lo~"Twr^GmtafsrTKe~  Naden Band is the top band in Canada - if  not, irmusTb'e tied fof"first.  Also on the program "was our own  Legion Pipe Band, having enjoyed their  music many times I must say I have never  heard them play better. When the Naden  band joined-in with the pipe band on  "Amazing Grace" the most glorious sound  JKUed the auditiorium, playing together for  "My Bonnie Lass. The sound swelled to  delight the hearts of even those who are  not Scots. .  .  JANE NEWCOMBE  After a long illness Jane Newcombe  finally is up and able to get down to do a bit  of shopping. Jane; it's nice toTthow you are  back on your feet, even if we haye to look  twice to see you.  SCOUTS AUCTION THIS SATURDAY   Be surefo take in theauction Saturday,-  May 6,1 hear they have some interesting  items for sale, across from the Bus Depot  next to Quest Electric. They are still accepting donations for their big sale held in  conjunction with the Girl Guides.  TIMBER DAYS "~  Plans are well under way for the May  'Day weekend. Make it your plan to be  there May 21 and 22 at Hackett Park.  WHATTHEY^RE^  -A���ftlm-of���great���interest���to���people-  concerned with the youth of today will be  shown at Sechelt Elementary Thursday,  May 4, at 7:30 p.m. The film, titled "What  They Are is Where You Were When," deals  with the ways in which our upbringing has  served to influence our relationships with  our children and their consequent  behaviour;   WWC RUMMAGE SALE  _. Western Weight Controllers, "Leftovers" branch, will hold a garage and  rummage sale at Holy Family Catholic  Church on Cowrie Street, Wednesday, May  10, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  I R0T0TILLING  ��|  Spring Lawn & Garden Care p  AND MULCH SHRUB BEDS ��� LAWNS BY  SEED OR SOD ���COMPLETE LINE OF FENCING  AND SHRUBS  WE OFFER A COMPLETE  GARDEN MAINTENANCE SERVICE  Don't  Do Anything Twice-Call Us First  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  FREE ESTIMATES  'no fob too big or too small"  ?6.-"-��� 885-5033 :���'"*!** sk  FIFTIETH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY l  Dr. Gerald Evans and his wife Madelon  from   Lower   Rd.   Roberts -Creek,  celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary  on Saturday, April 29; at St.  Mary's  Hospital, Madelon has been a patient at St.  Mary's for some tJme.She was aware that���  she was going to, a party but did not know,  that it was in her and her husband's  honour. Dr. Evans and two df his sons  (who'has travelled all the way from  Minneapolis  for  the  occasion).had*  decorated one of the sitting rooms at the  end of the corridor in the hospital with  heliiun-filled balloons,__ ribbons,;Jots���o_f_.  flowers and a big cake with sparklers and  then replaced with candles. Mrs. Alice  Horsman, a nurse at' the hospital was on  her  days. off  and  she   attended  the  celebration and sang some appropriate  songs. Mrs. Horsman was accompanied by ���,  Dr. Evans' son John on the guitar. Father,  -Thomas���Nicholson-also-attended  and -  blessed the happy couple. With-Father  Nicholson's kind permission, the family  played Mahalia Jackson's record of The  Lord's Prayer. Dr. Evans said that it was  a vety happy affair.  "Dr. Evans was born in Gait, Ontario in  1900. Madelon was born in Luxembourg to  French parents. The couple married while  Dr. Evans was still a medical student ih  Montreal on Apirl 29, 1923. They spent  their first year1 of married life  honeymooning between New YorK~and~  Montreal where they then settled in to stay  for a few years. Eir. Evans attended UBC  where he received his B.A. He then taught  high school at Bridgeport High.in Richmond for six years until he had earned  enough money to enable him to attend  medical school. Dr. Evans then attended  McGill University, where he received his  -M.u. and then went on to Pennsylvania  where he received his Doctorate in  Chemistry.  He   than  taught  at  Yale  ' University in the medical school and last,'  but far from least, he went to the  University of Minnesota and started the  medical school there. He worked in  medical research there for 25 years and  although he retired to the Sunshine Coast  in 1967, he is still officially connected with  the school as a consultant and is still on the  payroll. When Dr. Evans first started wi|h  the medical school at the University of  Minnesota, his laboratory consisted of a  _- little room in the basement-With anopeir  charter and lots of young dedicated men,  the department progressed to the stage of  _ a huge complex that loolfiSlike a city unto  ^tself:^ens��h(K)lnrt^ of  scientif ic,ma$ters,,per$aining :tp the human  body..   ,[..'���''       .   ,  When not busy with his professional  career, Dr. EVans keeps himself busy with  his garden. He is an avid loyer of flowers.  Madelon, when she was well did much  to occupy herself. She played bridge, was  an excellent knitter and in the words of Dr.  Evans, "She was, a people specialists."  The couple certainly have had a full  enriched life with raising sue adopted  children^  Dr. Evans is the brother of Hubert  Evans, well-known poet in this area.  When asked what he attributed his and  his brother's driye tp, Dr. Ev^ns said, "We  had parents that allowed us to do our own  thing, although father was strict."  The Evans say they are crazy about the  Sunshine Coast and most of the people on  it, I would like to ridd that most people that  know the Evans, feel exactly- the same*  way about them.  LEGION SPONSORS T-BALL  Thanks to the Roberts Creek Legion  Branch 219, the Roberts Creek T-Ball team  has a sponsor. The Legion very generously  donated the monies to purchase uniforms  and equipment for the team.  THANKS TO ELPHINSTONE  RECREATION  The Roberts Creek Ladies Softball  team would like to thank the Elphinstone  Recreation Organization for their very  generous donation which enables the team  to equip themselves for this year's games.  POT LUCK DINNER  AND DANCE  Don't forget the Roberts Creek School  Parents Auxiliary pot luck dinner and  dance at the community hall on May 6.  Tickets .are .stilLavailable -.atiSeaview. -  Market at $3 per person. Dance to Eclipse.  WHY US FOR GARBAGE?  One should let sleeping dogs lie but it's  pretty difficult to forget that when people  were working so hard to have a recreation  centre built in Roberts Creek, many  people felt that it was but of tbe question  because geographically, we were way hell  ahd gone in no-man's land. Now, because  certain people feel that a new site is  needed for a garbage dump, Roberts  Xi^eiri^alliir^addenlhei^itifar^rMr  the peninsula. Would some please explain  that reasoning? If, the people' on Conrad  Rd. are up in arms about it, who could  blame them? One would be curious to  know that if the same people who insist on  a garbage dump here would think it were  such a good idea if their homes were  situated on Conrad Rd.  What mother needs the worry of sending their little kids out to play or off to  _ school if they have to worry whether or not  there is a bear lurking around the next  corner? Rats are not really too pleasant to  have to deal with either. Enough said, for  now.  Village of Gibsons  NOTICE  SPRINKLING RESTRICTIONS  ' '       Effective Immediately  Effective immediately sprinkling restrictions are imposed on  all users from the Municipal Water system as follows:  1. Odd numbered properties in the Village and  North, Shaw and Davis Roads may sprinkle  on:  Odd Calendar Dates from  /  6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  ! -    .  2; Even numbered properties in the Village and  _ Hillcrest, Crucil,  Henry  and  Reed  Roads  together with Highway 101 may sprinkle  on;  . i.  Even Calendar Dates from  6 p.m. to 9 p.m.  3. Soaker (soaking)hoses are NOT permitted <  and the use of same will be considered to  be in direct contravention of the Village of  Gibsons Water Regulation By-Law..  4. Sprinkling is permitted from one (1) outlet  m\y-^jfLW~~pmmr~~on~daysT of   sprinkling  'permitted.  ALL SPRINKLERS MUST BE TURNED OFF  IF ANY FIRE SIREN IS SOUNDED.  FJ. Holland,  Superintendent of Works  .!__  Use Times* Adbriefs to Sell, Rent, Buy, Swap etc.  ;1.  Pravince^fBritisfiXoliTiTibla  \  ROYAL COMMISSION ON  v*  For National Forest Week ���May 7 to 13 ��� and  throughput the. year.  National forest YVeek Thefne  #(���-.���� S.H^ffl' jp ��tt.fa S!S| ������  ''<'>JlKtl!ji^il��'ir*.���  aA>"Axx^A'!M^AX  i' >kXXi-.st-.'r'  MWeNeBdTree$  The following Public Hearings will be held by the Royal Commission  on Electoral Reform, 1978, in the Province of British Columbia appointed under authority of Order-in-Councll 82, approved January 12,',  1978, namely: -    \  MACKENZIE ELECTORAL DISTRICT ���  Powell River-Room 112, Provincial CourtBuilding, 6953 Albemi Street-Wednesday,May 24 at 7:30 pm.  COMOX ELECTORAL DISTRICT  Courtenay-CouncilChambers, City Hall, 750 Cliffe^venue-Wednesday, May  24at10am, ��� ���;  The Commission will make inquiry into and donceming the need, if  '������ any, for amendment of the Constltution'Act and the Provincial Elections  Act in order: , !   .  (a) to secure, by whatever redefinition of electoral districts is required,  proper and effective representation of the people of all parts of the  Province In the legislative Assembly and that in formulating the,  recommendations to be contained In the report the Commissioner  take into account where,feasible historical and regional claims for  representation,   (b)to give consideration to alternative methods,of voting to those  presently used wjthlnthe Province and elsewhere,  (c) to give consideration to eligibility requirements to voters In provincial elections, and  *(d) to make Inquiry Into and concerning the desirablity to assembling  suitable guidelines regarding the collection and expenditure of  funds by provincial political parties and by candidates In provincial  elections,       i    ���  (e) to make Inquiry Into and concerning the desirability of an Income t6x  .      deduotloh related'.to oontrlbutlons to provincial political fundsrand  (f) to ,make Inquiry Into 6nd concerning the need or advisability, If any,  of proposing legislative provisions to prescribe requirements for  the designation of political parties for the purposes of status In the  Legislative Assembly.  All persona desiring to be heard by the Commission at any of the aforementioned Hearings are requested to forthwith send to the Commission  at the bdlow noted address a letter of Intention to appear and stating  the nature of theirInterest,   ,  Submissions for any of the above-mentioned Hearings should bo delivered to the Commission addressed as follows:  Royal Commission on Electoral Reform, 1978  ���   Box 11569, Vancouver Centre ' ���    '   <  650 West Georgia Street  Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4N8  If time ddelfiiotTSermir^  place of Hearing 30 minutes prior to scheduled Hearing time,  For further Information please contact the Office of the Royal Con)-  v mission at 668-3011. "  fi .  I"  'tr~  ,.   -.  iai  .-By order of the Commission  Judge L S. Eckardt  ','..ComiJil^loQer  ' *'    ...  I,'  �� i.     ��� v>��  ..; , .���y0faJte.L?fr[W..?!L*:  .1 /     '���     N  pnPT"  ii  ^<^^^vm  c&tt  --J--;-^^  ���\^<S*S3SF  ^saKraKa^tSi^-1 - ���  -���^ir^Qr^-^Y"  ���*-=  Page A-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 3,1978  ���**  \ i  Bush blether  "��� I  Fishing Regulations  By JAMIE STEPHEN,  Sechelt /Conservation* Officer  During a court case in which I was  involved two jrears ago, the defendant  expressed.tp_tfie_court,hisconfusion-ui-  tfying to interpret the B.C. Sports Fishing  Regulations. There was nothirfg unusual  about that ��� it would be an unseemly  defence for an accused to state that he was  well acquainted with the regulations but  didn't find them to be very convenient at  the time. So it wasn't really unexpected  when the accused was. conyicted.  But what was surprising however, was  .the judge's concurrence with the accused's submission that the fishing  regulations were so difficult to understand  that wlien the judge went fishing he said he  'always took a Conservation Officer with  (him)'. Appropriate giggles and chortles  followed, I acquired a minor sunburn and,  notwithstanding His Honor's sympathy^  the accused was fined $50 in addition to  losing his fishing gear.  Alas, two years later our regulations  are no more streamlined'and there are'  many more of them. It seems that a lot of  confusion or alleged confusion is related to  the terms 'bag' and 'possession* limits, so  -"Below-is-a-summary of- shellfish daily 'catch and possession limits (so"  beware of the Fishery Officer disguised as a large oyster!;:  Species Daily bag limit Possession Limit  Dungeness Crabs. ' 4 8  ' -Clams-frazpr)_--^^r- ~-~-**===.-- 6 -���... ���-- 12���l   Clams (all species  combined)  24 48  Oysters - 15 or % litre 30 or l.lifre  Abalone .-rrrr^-r^ 12 24  ��� Sea Urchins-! '....12' - - .24    ,  to help you understand their meaning,  here are a few examples, relative to the  y Suijshirie-Goask -7  . If you have a penchant for oysters and  leave your bed for theirs in the early  morning, you may gather a maximum of>  15 of the tasty seashore treats that day. If  you prefer to leave the shells behind, you  may take with you from the beach a  maximum of 500 ml. of shucked oysters  (just short of "a pint). Fifteen in the shall or  one-half litre of shucked oysters is your  daily bag limit, i.e. the maximum that one  person may collect any one day.  And while the demonstration of  parental responsibility in taking'with you  your two-year-old son may get you apr-  . proving nods and. commendations, the  little chap's presence will not  automatically.double your bag limit., A  person's bag limit "reflects what Tfe"is~  legally able to harvest and actually does  harvest himself, but has no correlation to  the number bf friends or family pets on  x board on in his car.  Your total possession limit in the case  of all shellfish is twice the daily bag limit.  Rock Crabs -\ j 4 (in aggregate ��� ��� ���.  \ - ���   with other crabs)  8 (in aggregate  with other crabs)  ��> kob ^AIoui--^~For-9��0i'--se'ection-0^ Gi*ts  "'      \ .Sterling Silver Bracelets & Charms  Mother's-Day-Spoons j, _  _g^ants-from-... ..'...-..1.49  A large selection of Baskets'  Complete Line of Cards  1500 Gower Pt. Rd.  * Gibsons  XXi  i ",v.  X \  tXi  II  \,y\  i  IT IS NOT NECESSARY  v       to  join  a' society  or  group  to  pre-arrange  funeral   in-  ..   structions. .������...���   '. >.'...;           ������....���..  Why pay fees at the time of joining and at time of need, just  to receive a pre-arrangement form from an out-of-town  organization?  ���   ��  No death benefits are paid by these groups; they are simply  pre-arrangements.  DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME OFFERS FREE PRE-ARRANGEMENT  SERVICE TO SUNSHINE COAST RESIDENTS. ABSOLUTELY NO  FEES INVOLVED, AND ALL TYPES OF SERVICES ARE OFFERED.  A'  y< <  > t  A  *A\  S  'f'A  DEVLIN FUNERAL HOME  1665 Seaview Rd., Gibsons 886-9551  '*< <'<&ifflt,v**L*y i ks.  This then7allows"you to have~aiiywhere ixf  your possession including your vehicle,  person or home (whether frozen or canned) a maximum of 30 oysters in the shell  or one-litre if they are shucked. No more at  any one time for each person who picked  them. But (and this isn't written in the  regulation) if,you invite me over for.a  seafood extravaganza, andl consume 29 of  your 30 oysters, (strictly as a favour to you  of course), tides permitting the very next  day, ytm can go gathering oysters in May;  but only 15, and then 14 more the next day. _  soit goes^=~ad infinitum.  Although there are no size limits for  tysters and clams, abalone and sea urchins must be a minimum of four inches  across at the pQint of greatest breadth of  shell, while Dung��ness Crabs must be no  less in width than six and one half inches  across at the point of greatest breadth of  the shell. Similarly, the red or rock crab >  must be no less than four and-one half  inches across the longest diameter of the  shell. Because of complexities and  disparities between bag limits for trout  and salmon caught in tidal waters as  .opposed to non-tidal waters, notes on these  species will be carried in a later issue.  HITHER AND YON   The case of the capricious cougars  appearsto ffave'comVtban endrAlTis w<Hl ~'  that ends well, but it may be worthwhile to  recount what we feel actually happened in  the Port Mellon area about two weeks ago.  Early on Thursday morning of April 20, it  appears that a mature female cougar  killed a domestic goat at the residence of a  local family. Later that day when the ���  family returned to the. house, after a_  shopping trip, they saw three cougars  leaving their back porch. In all likelihood  the female was bringing back her last  - year's kittens for a feed on the goat, which-  had. since, been  removed.   When ' she  couldn't locate it, and since there appeared nothing to challenge her, she undertook a search for the carcass. The  husband shot at the three individuals,  hitting one and fatally wounding it. A short  while later, a member of the Gibsons  RCMP and I attended the scene and, while  searching for, evidence that second cougar  might have been ,wounded,~were-approached by a immature female cougar  which we shot and killed. Later on, it  appears that two cougars returned,  probably looking for the rest of their  family and tliey were scared away by the  gunfire of the' husband and a friend. The  _jwounded cougar has since turned up dead  and it is felt that this one was the mother of  the family. Although we do not anticipate  any more trouble with these individuals,  sightings or-cougars in .residential areas  should be reported immediately to myself  or if not available, the RCMP. But please  be certain before calling that you're not  confusing, the dusk's halflight, a prowling  Persian cat with his bigjer and more  dangerous-cousin!  A very interesting Becord for our files is  the sighting of a Canada lynx by Ralph  , Mahar two weeks ago on Doyles Logging  Road. And Pat Mulligan, my predecessor  in the district, informed me that his family  of blue grouse has again returned to their  roost by his trailer a few weeks ago. Pat  feels the same family return every year  for the nesting season, and it's the  Mulligan sign of Spring. The birds obviously know their benefactor doesn't  change with retirement.  And a hasty note about black bears ���  please keep your garbage cans spotlessly  clean and your compost heaps in a similar  state,"preferably in a strongly-built container and as odor-free as possible. More  on the latter subject next column.  Edmonds are  contest winners  First prize in the recent photo contest  sponsored by Kits Cairieras went to Janice  Edjnonds, and the prize/for best local*  scfene went to B. Edmonds. Both winners  were incorrectly identified as Edwards in  last week's issue of The Times.  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Af 91 his mind is }as active and  probing as ever and he reads a great deal,  keeping himself informed as to1 what is  were_stricken-with-sleeping-sicknesSr-A���going-on-intte^smallworloVoftheSunshine  good hunter and a great horse lover, he is   Coast as well as the greater worijd outside  the veteran-of two_world wars,  On his 91st birthday oa April 24, Reg  was surrounded by 32 of his oldest and  most-cherished friends, who celebrated  the occasion with an excellent baron of  beef dinner at the Homestead Drive-Inn at  Wilson Creek. Mine host, John Petula,  obviously delighted to be serving one of his,  favourite customers on such a happy  occasion, spared no pains to make it a gala  occasion. A toast to Reg was proposed by  John Hamilton,'and Mayor Harold Nelson,  on behalf of all the guests, wished a happy  birthday to a great guy. Alice Gaines  spoke for her husband Roy and her son and  daughter-in-law, Tom and Corrihe Gaines,  when she said what a wonderful friend and  neighbour Reg had been for 26  Ha has decided views- on almost every  subject and can express himself articulately and even forciblyat times. He is  public spirited and when he saw how many  people, both young arid not-so-young, were  jogging around Hackett Parky he started  agitating for a track around tne park and  just inside the' fence. He has watched  children from Grades 1 and 2 of Sechelt  Elementary School jogging oh the black  top of Ocean Avenue and Mudusa Street,  with older children with red flags looking  out for traffic, which seemed to him absurd when there is a park suitable for such  a purpose. He offered to pay the cost of  making a 2ft. track and found that Ted  Gough would be prepared to supply the  neighbour Keg had been tor 2b years.   $^^^^^^2*1**1  Frances Ahlin who expressed the regret of   ^ve n0* aceepted his offer  WrnariyiJttfre-guOT^  t  <"^j  'A  *  *    V  'i  rX>'  <  IK  ��;  <���  4  ��/"*  k  y^i  ii  f  ���9  �� *  *  ��� i *  r*  *-"  t  _,"  ���+$  ���y.  n  "-  v  >���  v  ���  *  .  ;  * >  !  j  r-  ��� * |  *%l  *��  I\|  Maud Paterson through ill health. Maud  Advertising.::  fieTps you judge  good from bad.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  he finds in his post office box each day and  considers ittragic that trees areieing cut  down to provide the pulp for such ~a  wasteful purpose.  At his birthday party, Reg told his  -guests that this would be Wsswan^songT  but considering the shape he is in, and his  great spirit, his friends all hope to see him  around for a few more birthdays. So many  -happy-returns-Regi-and-rememberf^i^s  only nine more birthdays to make a  century.      'A "  IMPORTANT  South Pender Harbour  Waterworks District  ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  Sunday, May 14th, 2:30 p.m.  Madeira Park Community Hall  1977 Audit available for inspection at District Office.  Wednesday, May 3,1978  The Peninsula Times  JPageA-7. ���:   Gibsons auxiliary Dogwood luncheon  The Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary's auxiliary members, from K. Butler  "Dogwood Luncheon" will be Friday, May Realty, Don's Shges or phoning 886- 9148.  12,11:30 a,m. to 2 p.m. at Gibsons United rw n*Ami ��f �����,, �����.~  Church          -     ���       - ��"  ��       of    w Sames and puzzles  - will be in this week. We hope you like  Tickets at $3.50 each are available f rom' them:^ MissBee's^JJechelkJ    J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235  Socholt, B.C. 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J.,--* *&M?X^SA��y~  - *���    A'Xymmx-  ���"-, 'AA  SENrGUY WILLIAMS���eulogizes���munity-leader.-AmQngJLh,e_dozenQf_JPegrsall> MLA Don Lockstead, Chief  Sechelt Indian Band'Mr. ClaHnce Joe   other dignitaries who turned out to   Dan George, ChieTSimon Baker, Joe  at a retirement dinner held Saturday   honor Joe, who is also the band's   is retiring for reasons of health,  at the Sechelt Legion_for the~com-   hereditary  chief,   were  MP  Jack  Regional District briefs  Gibsons area water system delayed  Directors voted Thursday to refer back   it would have on available moorage in   proposed parkland~at~Soames-Point-i  IF YOU DON'T HAVE 10 INCHES  OF INSULATION IN YOUR ATTIC,  YOU'RE LOSING HEAT AND  WASTING MONEY.  .= ILpur homeis_like 90%-Of Canadian-  homes, it'snot properly'insula^QTTfiiscl:  gives you an idea of how much you could save  by bringing your home from the averagedevel  of insulation up to todays recommended  standards. Of course, as'energy costs go up,  (so will these saviggs^.  iaW-HOME&BUILTJEEOREJ9a6^RE-  ELIGIBLE  FOR A HOME INSULATION  GRANT OF UP TO $350.  k. \,  Directors voted Thursday to refer back  to their May 18 Public Utilities Committee  (PUG) meeting a decision they made at���  the April 20 PUC meeting to begin  development of a water system along  North Road, Chamberlin Road, Chekwelp  Indian, Upper Reed Road and Upper  Granthams. X:'~Z _       _ __  Director George Gibb said he had  received some complaints from residents  in his area who feared they would face  expensive frontage charges on their  properties- in addition to their present  it would have on available moorage in  Quarry Bay.  . Stott saidjhis clients were prepared to  attempt to meet any objections raised by  the APC but would be blocked even from  the attempt if the board declined to give  approval in principle.  _ _ The _ area currently has a_ 10 _acre  minimum subdivision with a maximum  two residence permitted on each lot.  OUT OF THE WILDERNESS  Regional   District   directors   last  -Thursday managed to find a path out of the  .cosJts^f_jnamta^ng_ jndLvi_dual_in= Municipal Act wilderness by-resolving two  proposed parkIana~at~Soames-Point���is-  "much in excess" of the maximum  amount agreed to by the Area F APC. The  firm will be asked whether they will  consider a lesser amount.  -BOWSPRIT WHARF  The board approved the Bowsprit Road^  Community Wharf "Association's request  for a lease extension but qualified the  approval on successful negotiations  between the planner and the association to  iron out several "kinks", including better  provisio^fOTjmbUcjdocking,   dependent water systems  He suggested that all resident of the  affected areas should be polled to determine whether there is a 60 percent margin  of support as required in conventional  extensions. Other directors suggested that  such a poll should be deferred until  procedural points which have divided the  new directors from^the old directors  almost since their inaugural meeting in  December:  The board voted 5-2 with one abstention  to accept Area C Director Charles Lee's  HOLY JOE'S PARK  The board approved a request from the  Selma Park Community Association  naming the proposed park at the foot of  Sfclma Park Road "Holy Joe's Park."  LIBRARIES "   , .  A letter from. Margaret Shuttleworth of  j      " Oil Heat Gas Heat      Electric Heat  1ST. JOHN'S $209 N/A $296  FREDERICT.ON " $204"   "N/A       -     $215 ���  MONTREAL $195 $176 $202  TORONTO -$159 $115 $242  WINNIPEG $237 $162 $320  REGINA N/A $430 $390  EDMONTON        $228 $140 N/A ���  VANCOUVER       $130 $120 $199  These savings are based on a typical 2-slorey pre-war home  of 1,100 square feet.     ,  ���Based on insulation material with R-3 value per inch (2 54 cm)  If your home wasfeuilt before 1946, is your  . principal residence, and is three storeys or  less, you're eligible for a taxable grant of % of  the cost of your insulation materials, up to a  maximum of $350 (retroactive to materials'  purchased on or after September 1,1977).  For FREE and complete information .about  how to insulate your home and how to   .  apply for a grant, send in the      .  coupon below. ' ~"  \  INSULATE TODAY. SAVE TOMORROW.  Canadian Home Insulation Program  vldL'   Government  ��� ^    of Canada  Canadian Home  Insulation Program  Gouvemement  duCanada  Programme d'isolation thermlque  des residences canadlennes  Honourable Andr* Ouellet L'honorable Andre Ouellet  Minister Ministre  D Send me the free book  "Keeping the Heat In"  T. in English H en franqais^  Please print.  NAME _L  ADDRESS   CITY   Q'Send me the grant application kit.  (My home was built before 1946,  _ _ is 3-storeys or less, and-is my -���  principal residence.)  -    "inEnglish ''��� enfrancais  - POSTAL-CODE"  T"  PROV..  Mail to Canadian Home Insulation Program,  P O Box 34180, Station D, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 4N2  ' Or call collect through yourv-   telephone operator (604) 732-7295  I     Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for processing and mailing. 8A-E  ,J  by-law     amendment     jto     require  residents-could be informed.of -exactly   inauguration of directions and presen-   f^Z^Lh^^Ea^^^J^^i1  system extension.       - / -        board s inaugural meeting..,, ,      fr7mthe J^^ recreation function ^  QUARRY BAY  Thirty-one families who jointly own 188  acres at Quarry Bay on Nelson Island got a  reprieve when the board voted to give  approval in principle to the cooperative's  application for a land use contract which  seeks permission, to build 36 homes on, the  unsubdivided parcel.  The approval in principle was granted,  contingent on the assent of the Area A area  planning committee (APC), which had  advised Director Joe Harrison to vote ���  against the application.  Adrian Stott of Explan Consultants,  representing the families, argued that  approval in principle did not commit the  board to any plan but simply left the door  open for negotiations on the matter to  proceed.  Harrison, who supported the mption  since it hinged on his APC's approval, said  the primary objection to development at  the requested density is the likely Impact  Paperback  BESTSELLERS  FICTION  1, Holocaust. Gorald Groon. Bantam. (1)  2. Soawltch. Alistair Maclean. Fontana,  w '���.,.'  3,Tho Lawloi*. John JpKos. Joyo (3)  4. How to'Save Your Own  Life. Erica  Jong. Now Amorlcan Library. (5)  5. Tho   Rich   Aro   Different,   Susan  , Howatch, Fawcott (4)  6. Coma. Robin Cook,  Now Amorlcan  library, (6) /  7. Tho   Chari<MI��r  Manutcrlpt.   Robort  ludlum, Bantarn, (0)  8. Condominium. John   D.   Macdonald,  ' Fawcott, {���) '     '  '  9. Jow�� 2. Hank Soarlt. Bantam, (���)  10. Ollvor'i Story. Erich Sogal. Avon. (7)  board's inaugural meeting.'  Directors Lee and Joe Harrison voted  against adoption of the 1978 provisional  budget on December 22, saying they had  not received the document in time to give  it sufficient study.  Directors Jack Marshall, George Gibb,  Ed Nicholson and Harrison supported the  motion Thursday. Directors Harry  Almond and Morgan Thompson opposed it,  arid Alternate Director Jim Metzler abstained.  A committee consisting of Lee,  Nicholson and District Secretary-  Treasurer Anne Pressley was struck to  work out the wording of the amendments.  SOAMES POINT PARK  Goodrich Realty Corporation will  receive a letter from the board advising  them that their offer to accept $215,000 for  a new function created  referred to the finance  consideration.  for them was  committee for  CONTRACTOR  to hold auction  The regulai^monthly meeting of the  Port Mellon Hospital Auxiliary was held at  the home of Bev McKie on April 14.  Tentative plans are being made for a  Silent Auction in the fall. Twelve members  attended the meeting, chaired by  Margaret Lili, and heard the various  committee reports. -  The next meeting will be held May 10.  GIBSONS  SUPPLIES  FriM-BR-MABT]  -'���-M.^����,l,   <������-  NON-FICTION  \, By Periont Unknown. Barbara Amlol  and George Jonat. Collin* (I)  I. Tho Book ol Uiti, Irving Wallace, Amy  Wallace and David Wa|loehln*ky.  Bantam. (2)  3. Pauagei, Gall Shoohy, Bantam, (4)  4. The Oho��f of Plight 401. John Fuliar,  Borhloy, (5)  9. Your Erroneout Zanet, Wayne Dyer,  Avon, (3),  6. Haywire. Brooko Hayward, Bantam,  7. The Other, Side of the Mountain, Part  II. E.G. Volant. Warner (���)  0. Snow Blind. Robort Sabbag, Avipn. (0)  9. Changing, Liv Ullman, Bantam, (9)  "' 10, The Oulnett Book of World Records,  Noffl* McWhfrfdrrBanfam; (7) rr  (The numbor In bracket* It latt week'i  petition)  Compiled Irom bbokttoret acrott Canada  compHmonfiof  mm. ^,.Mm^m^mwj^tmwm\.M^-.,.m%^W\ " tw��**^^     Jf  Sunnycroit Contro, Olbkont ,  8B6-8013 'A.  ** GARDEN SCENE  Nursery  We're Located  AcroflB From  tlic Sunshine  Comh( Mobile  HomePark  _m Miles West  of Gibsons  on Hwy 10f.   ��� FLOWERING TREES  ��� FRUIT TREES  ��� EVERGREENS  ��� BERRIED PLANTS  ������FERTILIZERS &  GARDJEN SUPPLIES  I  RHODODENDRONS  all budded & roady to bloom  ���"ll ���&ttw��**i(rr\r' t-iirtrfklv**: ���;"t*jf"< ������ ���.'������ ':.,��� -  2x4 std & btr)  HEMLOCK PRECUTS  92l/4"   ��262m  2x4 STD & BTR  ��"���Ml. m���m\*m���m     \W  2x10 STD & BTR  HEMLOCK  k��24   *260id  2%n  COMMON  NAILS1  50 lbs.   .  Y*  SHOP  AND  COMPARE  5/8" STD SPRUCE  SQ.EDGE  IMIIMlilMMIKIMMMMI  DELIVERY  ID  JM.  MELLON  V i ������".  WEST  SECHELT  ^  fHourn Tuoiday thru Saturday; 10 anrfl pm  SUNDAY, 12 prti-6'pm  iwimmiltlnuiiiii iiipiiiii  IPW1  i^l  1  Ml>.t|<i'l  ��tt*^MHft(lW-����*P ���WWtrWj-'-iaf f  ���W '      *  ���*���*��� "��������� W����=ilS<fi#W"*t'JWt f"* i"   "-"��>��*    ^M  ft fMo* ft MH!��U4��   Wife   *  m^l-nip^&m^Wim^  mW**W^^  ^lW����M!Wn��!#��Hl| 11^ ��f^^  >* f*��fl��Wp*ftr ^^��isiciw*-i9wpjvfd*����^^��^wra*^^ ���  nCt ,��   ���,���!��,(  wftyy**t&^-vAv^>m#*Mi>&w  jBMS"���*.-(Bs-*iJ i-t,,aimtmi-ir'*  W*t**lfl((��,t��'��ll ��4��Ullliii  tf:<*ff^��.m^^mm^f  \       ��� PHONE 885-3231  PageB-2      The Peninsula Times      Wed, May 3,1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Published Wednesdays by Deaths,    Cqrd -of^  Thanks.    In  The Peninsula Times Memoriam,      Marriage      and  for Westpres Publications Ltd. Engagement, Notices Nare   $7.00  at Sechelt, BT.G-.-   - (up to 14 lines) and 66c per line  -Established 1963 **-' after that. 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For'  details write, Fuller Brush,  Box 108,207 West Hastings St.,  Vancouver V6B 1H7, or Mr. T."  Diamond, RR 3, Kamloops,  .. B.C. V2C 5K1.    4227-tf n_  WATERFRONT    2    bdrm  cottage, small. Heat & elec.  incl. Avail. May 1. $200. 883-  9923.        ���       .     .'     4441-24  NEW .2 BDRM home. 1288 sq.  ft. ��plus carport. Elec. heat,  w-w carpet. Ph. 321-0880. .4448-  24 '  -Business-Opportunity- -Mobile-Homes-  GRAVEL HAUL operation  incl. 4 Kenworth tractors,  one diimp, one scale, one 980  loader and spare parts.  Licensed going concern,  contracts pending. Ph. (403)  668-5854.' - -^    4409-26  Campers and Trailers _  For-Sale-  j  Legal Notices  Real Estate  BUY NOW. Large 3 bdrm  home in Village of Sechelt -  ensuite, 2 fireplaces, dining  roonijCedarfeaturejvalls, full  SALES MANAGER for  Community   Newspaper.  Fully experienced person with  proven track record. 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Front -  $49, Back - $19; Pre-hung  Interior - $14.90, Exterior - $32.  Bundle of 2' 4" interior doors -  .20 for $60. Walker Supplies,  1366 South West Marine Driver  Vancouver, B.C. phone 112-  266-7211. 4476-23  100 LB PROPANE tank $15.  Umbroller stroller $10. %  bed and boxspring_$15. Baby  ~Backpkr$47885~-2949.    4393~-23  Announcements  CALL WELCOME Wagon if  you or your neighbors are  new to Sunshine Coast. 886-  9973 or 886-8043. 4444-24  FURNITURE refjnishihg and  rebuilding. 886-2809. Antiques a specialty.        4468-25  Work Wanted  HIGH  QUALITY  sundecks. Call  8003.  fibreglass  eves,  886-'  4488-tf  Coming Events  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing  All Types of Concrete Work  Patios, Floors, Foundations  Etrive_ways, Custom Work  Prompt Service   ,  Free Estimates   ,  Box 1341 Sechelt  885-2125  4429-tf  SPECIAL     GENERAL  meeting of Sunshine Coast  Community resource society,  Thursday, May 4 at 7:30 p.m.  at Sechelt Elementary School  "Open   Area."- - Purpose: -DECKHAND looking-for-job,-  authorizing Board of Direc-      would like to know as soon  -tors ���to���borrow���temporary���as-possible^883-9935.���4387-23-  funds  from the  Bank  of  Lower Mainland. Good  starting salary with. sub-o  stantial commission. Per-"  manent, position, open, to a  man or woman, is to- start  June 15. Write Box 116, c-o 808,  207 W. Hastings, St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B1H7.   4411-tf  HELP! Do something nice for  whales, seals and the  planet. Sell . Greenpeace  Spring "Go Anywhere"  Lottery Tickets. 2108 W. 4th  Ave., Vancouver, B.C. 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Tuesday, May 9, 1978 at 7:30  p.m. at Elphinstone Secondary School. R. Mills,  Secretary-Treasurer.   4467-23  CAREER OPPORTUNITY.  We require a Village, Administrator. Our Village is  small but growing so this is a  key position. Fpr details write  Mayor. John Allen, Box 28,  Harrison Hot Springs, B.C.  VOM1K0. 4477-23  RAISE EARTHWORMS!  Growers needed. Buy-back'  contract provides year round  market. High profit potential.  Full or part7tim6. Write Bait  Barn Worm Farms, 253  Harbour Ave.. Noirth Van-  cbuver, BiC, V7J 2E8 or call  112-986-1033. 4475-24  YOUTHS 17-24 tar kitchen and  dining room holp. Ph. 883-  9453. Ruby Lake  Restaurant. 4483-23  BEAUTIFUL Gillies. Bay.  Immaculate 2 bdrm 1,110 sq.  ft., block from beach. Low  taxes, many extras. Med.  clinic, cable TV. $44,000. Ph.  486-7359. 4396-24  FOR  SALE-by   owner.  4.5'  acres on North Rd., Gibsons. Ideal- for hobby farm.  $31,000. Ph. 886-9839.    .4419-24   ��   GARDEN BAY water view  lot. Cabin, 600 sq. ft. Elec.  heat, 2 bdrm, living and bath..  Needs some finishing on %  acre. $15,500. Ph. 883-2318. _  4424-27  UNSURPASSED   panoramic  view.      Garden      Bay,  semiwaterfront. l^acre plus 3  .-bdrms,���1^���bathsT���16-X-24-  STAKCRAKT tent trailer,  deluxe model, mint cond.  $1800 firm. 485-2264.      5013-23  Boats and Engines  HIGGS MARINE  ������-'��� SURVEY-S��T-K=^  TRUCK   CAMPER  $450,885-9643.--,  canopy,  4451-23  The Peninsula Times; Classifieds  .<  l*r  ''*���>&��':- %T<  I  l  i  l  I  I  I  l  I  I  I  l  60��  60��  60��  Nnma    Addrau    p   I  FURNISHED  cottago,  $225  Avail Mr   '  *, ^Htic*t*��(-l*.1il.����!'riH����l|l  ;TniN6r  ���t ������>*,  ...   ...   .,    ;^,,^-'^^X"'"'"*'',.'^,,,!,,:,^i,,^'-'<^  !   The Peninsula Times Classifieds" !  IN I  p   fi        ' I  mm$pmzm��mttft <  ftvnll, for rent nt Whltakor  House for mirnmor months,  18'   GLENDETTE   trailer,  sleeps .6, hot water, furn,  toilet, shower, A-l cond. $2200.  Earls Cove, JerVis Inlet Rd.  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Wookly or monthly,  1 Mi, 1105-3295 or 11(1(1-2542.    41511-  "tfir" X" :- -*-;-"*���" " '* "  living room with huge stone  fireplace, ^6 x 24 rec room,  Jacuzzi'pool, suana, 2" sundecks, hw heat. $87,500. Owner  883-2318. .4425-27  HOUSEBOAT Gibsons wharf.  32x18, many extras, must  sell. Offers. Van. 733-4665.    .  4439-24  -A- FRAME 1200 sq. ft. off  water. Garden Bay. Stone  Heatilator fireplace. Fully  furnished. Dominion lease  land, $16,500. 988-1433 or'883-  9048. 4447-24  2 LOTS No. 24 and No. 25, on  Wildwood  Rd.   Two-thirds  acre ea., nicely treed. $7250  and $7750.885-2454 or 723-7547.  4455-25  SELMAi-*PARKr"well"-built'"  v modern - 3 - bdrm non-bsmt;  view home. Concrete crawl  space, 1170 sq ft, plus 300 sq ft  partly finished potential living  area. Lge lot, closed-in back  yard. $45,000.885-9328. 4465-23  YUJKON! Investment  properties, all types of  businesses: acreage, homes.  Yukon's most experienced  licensed realtors. John Dumas  or Mel Stehelin; Investment  Research, 6101-6th Ave.,  Whitehorse, Y.T. YlA 1M7.  Move Now! 4470^23;  FOR SALE in Grand Forks -  14.9 acres, two miles from  town, five miles from U.S.  border; irrigated, beautiful  view. Bargain at $32,000. For  more information ph.  Castlegar 112-365-5600. 4473-23  CARIBOO Creek Estates at  Burton, B.C. on the Arrow  Lakes. Lovely treed lots from  four-tenths acre. Good fishing  and boating. Prices $6,000 and  up. Selkirk Realty Ltd.,'Box  40, Nakusp, B.C. VOG 1R0.  4474-23  FOR SALe'sOjOOO sq. ft.  Commercial Property ln  downtown Whitehorse. Terms  of sale: 10 pet. with offer,  balance 60 days. Apply In  writing to Canadian Legion,  (214G 2nd , Ave, Whitehorse,  Yukon. 4479-23  ^OPPORTUNITY of a  '����� Lifetime 1 '4 unit motcl-  trallerpark otc, 7Ms acres. 400  ft lake Irontago on Hwy. 10, 2  miles west ot Smithers, B.C,  Ideal for potential oVornlto  campers. Offers to $120,000.  ���For further info, write Box  *2744rSmlthersrB;C."V0J-2N0 ""������  or ph. 112-847-2110.       4470-24  320.ACRE FARM, modern  1800 sq ft hohiq, power, well,  barn, outbuildings, fenced, o  ml. from town, $120,000, Write  Box 703, Vanderhoof, B.C. 507-  4109. 4400-23  ��� ��� ��'���'��������������������� i iiim;n.i��� ii .���m.mimmmmmfmm���������>������������������  M ACRE LOT,  serviced,  driveway, cleared bldg slto.  $0500.885-0798. 4491-25  NEW'3 bdrm house, 1000 sqft,  ,boflutlful view; w-w carpot,  carport, olec hoat. Ready for  Immed. possess. FP $37,500.  005-3773. 4492-U  J!6' REINELL sailboat, 3 sails,  15 HP Evinrude complete w-  custom   made   trailer   plus  much more. $9900.886-9984.  4443-tf  24' REINELL 188 Merc 1.0.  Sips. 5. Many extras. As  new. Take small trade. $9,500.  885-3455,  4482-2&  SPECIAL OFFER 10 Color  Pictures from any'one  negative for only $1. Send us  your ColorrNegatives (any  size) plus $1 and we will send  ���-you-10 Beautiful Jumbo-Size  Color Pictures within one  week. Also send your color  films for developing and  printing to Pronto Photo. We  will give you fast guaranteed  quality and service at  reasonable prices. 12 exp. roll  complete $2.99; 20 exp. roll  complete $3.99; 36 exp. roll  complete, $6.99. Satisfaction  guaranteed or money  refunded. Pronto Photo  Service, 30 Eastgate, Wuu-  nipeg, Manitoba. R3C 2C1. ���  4402-26  ��� British Columbia Hydro  - and Power Authority -  INVITES TENDERS FOR-  Re-clearing of distribution  . line   rights-of-way   in  the  Sechelt Power District.  Reference Ho. Q8-4410  Closing Date: 17. May 1978  - For slashing aridtrimming 'of"  a 20' clearing boundary at  North Lake, Sechelt Peninsula  Reference No. Q8-4411  Closing Date: 17 May 1978  Sealed     tenders    -clearly  ,_marked_ as_above=referenced-  will be received in Room 1026,  B.C.   .Hydro    and    Power  ' Authority    Building,    970  . Burrard Street,  Vancouver,  B.C. V6Z 1Y3 until 11:00 AM  local time, 17 May 1978.  Details may_be obtained^ r om_  -the-tsffice-of-the-Purchasihg-  Agent, 10th Floor, 970 Burrard  Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6Z  1Y3, telephone 663-2577 and  663-2560.  4469-sptpub.May3,1978  FIRST AID TIP  from  '73  DATSUN  auto,   excel,  -runner-& gas mileage. No"  rust, set of snows (2 studded)-  almost new. $1200 obo. After  3:30 weekdays, 886-2373. 4368-  23- -     -  '66 ENVOY SW, complete, for  parts, good engine, take it  away. 885-3393. 4371-23  '64 DODGE_ Power  Wagon,  winch,  needs work,  $350.  886-9316. 4375-23  '68  PLYMOUTH  Fury,   V8,  running, $250 obo. 885-9255.  4376-23  74 K5 BLAZER, blue-w-white  fiberglass  removable top.  Good cond. 885-2961 aft. 6.  4345-23  '71 FORD, Econoline 200 Van/  $2000. Very good cond. 885-  9764. 4399-24  '76 FORD Club Wagon Window Van, extra seat, almost  new  rubber, new brakes"  34,000 mi. $4750.883-2318. 44264 .  '���24-':",  '67 RAMBLER Ambassador,  $400,885-9647., 4446-24 '  '74 CHARGER-400, 4 bbl, ps,  pb, $300 stereo, mags' and  boots, custom striping, $3100  obo. Consider trade. 883-2502.  4461-28  ���54 CHEVY 2 drr6 cyl, auto,';  excel, running cond., new  brakes, good interior, excel.  2nd car or to restore. $900.1952  Pontiac, needs work, $100.886-  9154. '4486-tf  '63  VALIANT,   clean,   runs  well, good tires, $450. 886-  9441, 4454-23,  '68 COUGAR XR7n new paint,  new trans, 390 c.l., best  offer. '48 Plymouth; all  original, 82,000 miles, hew  paint. Best offer. '73 Trident  Chopper, 4300.00 invested,  pearl paint, sacrifice, best  offer. 885-5407. 4459-23  FIAT Spider Sport 124, immac. cond. 3200 mllos, very  good buy nt $2500.885-3747.  4463-25  VARIOUS VW & Corvair  engine   &   body   parts.  Reasonable. 805-9538.   4464-25  MINI BRUTE, 1950 altered  Austin, high tension 120 mpli  305 Chev, 600 HP, fiberglass  tilt front end, Ford 4 spd, $0500  with trallor. Ph. 112-334-4333,  Courtonay, B.C.      . ��� 4472-23  ���05 VALIANT, $300.883-9979.  ��� 4495-23  ���72 FARGO % PU, pb, auto,  chrome rails, new rubber.  26,000 ml. 805-9538.        4490-23  171_ CONTROLS  '   $350,885-9798.  and  trailer,  4490-30  18%' STARCRAFT V6 Buick,  - OMC leg; fwc, 4 wheel tilt  trailer. 885-2997 or Radcliffe  Rd., Selma Park. 4481-33  Only  3 miles  to the  gallon?  CHECK  SPARK  PLUGS   REGULARLY.  SUFFOCATION BY SMOKE  I  ��� Protect" yourself by tying a wet  towel or cloth over your mouth  and nose ��� Keep low and remove the  SUPERB SURFER 24' Sedan1 casualty as quickly as possible ��� If  _ Cruiser, command bridge the fire is smouldering leave doors  and crew boat models. Fac- and windows closed to reduce the  tory to you saves $ $ $ Surfer risk of fire * lf breathing has stopped  Marine, 678 Anderton Road, or is fai|in9- start artificial respiration  Comox, B.C. V9N 5B8. Ph. 112- immediately ���When breathing returns  339-5733. 4353-24 to normal. place the casualty on his   ������ side with head back to keep the air  LlV6StOCk ' passa9e ��Per) * Obtain medical aid/"  CERTIFIED  Farrier,  Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  EAR INJURIES  ��� In most cases these injuries, especially thpse causing obstructions to  the middle or inner ear, are serious  f;,-�� r. ..p., ,.-,-���- !t,   l;,;     and   require   medical'   aid.,f��, S.rpall  .CLICKS; .brown." egg-layers, children frequently push, beads or.  " White" Leghorns, white ^"s ir|to the ear ��� Do'not attempt  Rocks. Order early, ship t0 remove them ��� The child should  anywhere. Napier ChicK be taken to a physician immediately  Sales, 6743 216th St.,-Langley, * Foreignbodies such as insects may  Box 59, Milner, B.C. VOX 1T0. t'pat out if the ear is flooded, with  Ph.534-7222. 3882-tf tepid water or olive  . ���i . ^. . ��� ��������� ' ���  '  GOOD LOCAL Ladner hay for,  sale. Call 596-0920.    3634-tfn  Motorcycles  Wood burn Stoves  & Fuel Ltd.  All Canadian products. Stoves  by Fisher, Enterprise,  Lakewood & Sedore.  Northern Heatliner & Shaw  ,Zero clearance fireplaces.  Annex heaters, Franklins &  Camping stoves. Wood  boilers, wood & Wood/Oil  furnaces. Pipe, Accessories &  fittings.  110   Fell   Ave.,  North   Vancouver  ������    .58V-0811  HONDA ST 90,300 brig, miles,"  $350.886-9316. 4373-23  Machinery  IN STOCK: complete lirie of  BERCO undercarriage for  yoUr John i Deere Crawler  Tractors. Coast Tractor and  Equipment Ltd. Ph.  Coquitlam, 524-0101 or  Chilliwack, 792-2781. Call  collect.,, 4408-23  Lost  LOST April 1, Siamese and���  tabby cross; male, vicinity  W. Beach Ave. to Hanbury..  ��� Call Jody, 085-3702.       4392-23  For Sale  CHILDRENS, miUcrnity and  ladies clothing, good  quality. 'New & nearly now".  Encore Boutique, 2445 Marine  Dr., W. Vancouver, 022-2020.  Tucs-Sat. 10-5, closed Mon.  4141-tf  DE WALT 16" radial arm  saw, 5 HP, electric. $350.  000-9310. 4374-23  Holidays  Only Authorized  Airline Ticket Agent  on the  Sunshine Coast  THIS WEEK'S  SPECIALS;  p    ��� ��� ��� ���������(      ��� :  A comploto Travel Sorvlco  r NOW BOOKING  CHRISTMAS/WINTER 7,9  Wardalr Chartori from $279  * Canada Nlghfhawk  Fare* & Chartori  GETAWAY HOLIDAYS  '" "nowopen  monday through friday  '       9:00 TO 5:00  .     CLOSEDSATURDAYS  1212 COWRIE ST., SECHELT  8QS-3265  CONTRACTOR  SPECIALS  '���.    ��� ,     .1.. ��,.  2x4 std & btr hemlock  precuts, 92V4" ..... $262 M  2x4 std & btr hemlock  8-24   : v.    .    *255 M  2x10 std & btr. hemlock  8.24v,;.:;.,;".:.^0:m  % std spruce sq edge  p?rsheet7.77:77.  1x8 slap   1x4 strapping ,  ZW common nails  50 lbs."..   , ,   ," .  2x4x8' econo studs  $029  '225 m  U69 m  $12  95  69��  ea.  2x6x8'autil   :  2x6 rl util (ir  1x8 util channel  cedar siding ,,,,  %xl0 util  ..  bevel cedar siding  3" ABS 800  Serforated pipe,,  " ABS-800  perforated pipe ,,  10�� ft  >199m  '180 m  U50m  49'u.  69�� it.  GIBSONS  BUILDING  SUPPLY  for contractors Irom Pod Mellon  West Sechelt delivery Included  886-8141  to  Mortgages  1 bdrm wf  . , , per month,  ay 1. Ph. 0(13-9205.  4320-tfn  itooms,  'hit  t*Af*,m<'"'*ArV"  ?m&;  MOHTOAGE LOANS  promptly nrrnnfiod  anywhere In B.C. Information  nnd references on request.  -,!,D;~Phllllra-'���d)f)(|tfll-Cop'-  poratlon, 10073 Kln�� Oeor��o  Highway, Surrey, B.C VST-  2X0, Phono 50B-O411 dnyfl, or  ���OS FOUD.  ijood  running  cond., $350 obo, 885-3710.  4400-23  Mobile Homes  08 3t 12' NEONEX, all fur-  nlshlnga   &   appliances,  $10,000.003-0004 or 003-2038.  ,.',_���,, ,,.��� ......������,, w 4-132-21  TRADES WANTED I  "���  Trado your older 12' wide  on a  now 14'   wldo  or i  1 doublowldo homo. Wo have '  -~ctt8toroor��-��wattin��-. lor*  .GLASS piUlo door w-2 side  windows, 6' x (>' x 9'; now  firescreen; green basin w-  - taps; 30 gnl, clecrHW tank,  whlto; 24" whlto olee stovo;  all nbove items In 1st class  cond. 003-2231. 434(1-23  BOATTRAILER up tt) 19'; 300  gal,  gas  tunh  w-hoso  &  Stand. 003-2209. 4303-23  3 VACUUM CLEANERsTl  Viking upright $20; l  Eureka $25; 1 Hoovor $20. TV-  radlo-record plnyer' console  (rec6rd playor not working)  $50; Portable Admiral TV gd  working cond, $25.000-9359.  4349-23  FMREGi lAsTlSiiSioSr ~W  Arrow. Excellent condition,  IdgaLiQarnlng craft, .Will  teach sailing. $1,000 with  trailer obo. Ph. 005-3153 after 0  P.m. 4440-24  Marsh World  HALFMOON   1VAY   small  furnished pottage, $100. Ph.  005-2700, 4410-24  lV    Hni/ill     > '"������"��� ' '     ' 'I    t y'n'.-,.    '���   ^Vnrs'i  IN FINE wklng ordor: Philips  ,#]nttof4.^J9fj240W _Jtos^pusc2lMtXreMw  prlco rango, Act now., * $1T)0, Sunbeam mlxmnstor  Const Mobile Homes Ltd,    ,   stainless $00.005-2121).' 4494-25  $epltflt,B,0,   ^.   Dfl5-9970 i  for Quick ftoiulti  U����tlm��iAdbrlofil  4405-23  ll(��>Tlm��i Adbr|��lO  DURO WATER pump,JifH>��,  motor     and'   35   ^ghiT''  galvanized tnpk, A rpnlbuy at  $90,0118-2000, 4493-23  larva  HORSE FLY (A) �� This largo Insocl Is n constant  annoyanco to lorgo a'nlmalB and lo humans, Tlio  fomolos food on blood, sucked from. tholr victims  following n  sharp and  painful  blto,   Larqo  liorao  ...fllos.moaaurQ up���tQ.,25,cm In. longih. Thoy.'haunt.  ponds, marshes, lakoa ond av^amps,  CRANE FLY (B) p This Insecl ranges from small lo  25 cm In length,   They k\)Mq oxtromoly long logs  <ind  narrow  wings,   Common  In  wet   moadowsv.  mnrsli odgosy ponds nnd swamps, thoy Joed on  " Jiv'fTbr doc^ftW'vQQOtallon flnrf minuto*"nquntTc'"nfoT  A  "TvJ     >  Sucks Vj)t|inlt��t (Cflnhcla)^^"-'*"-. .:'������, <ri:->  -toa Pombtnr* Hwy, Wllinlpoa, Min rWT V. 1=8'  ,-i*',"':*t(^  '���*&  77',..'  w__j i wm ���  ?n*_y��>'-i  Ml'fi.m��,  ��� t.  y (ra&fei^��4^W*��TrtJI'*'SM'*'**v"'  t *��WJ^^Mn*a��^P4��M^M^��W"^^'^��*^n,^*"*'^^  H��K**'W��tlM*����g,>.I-l,-5lMWl^'<    ^��^i*(*fl48t-'��(WWO*ia?5i��f��s��-  m K��(Wf��.'��H"�� B"^, H tt(iMjj��*^*ffi*J^  tKfnftWe* rt5Bw^*,^i^��.V5''w5HP^-"(*W^ jHf <  ��^j-^��rs��<**s#iHt��h-^H j*�� e-  ���r  H.i"p  if*i*  ,w. >.A%W,,  '"*l  ..,1.>^-,J,�� ,���! lit  y Home conversion loan program  Financial assistance' is  provided under this program  to persons or- corporations  ..wanting  to  converf~fairiily  dwellings into  duplexes  or  first new unit and $9,000 for  each additional unit. The  loans are available only in  areas    that    have    been.  designated by the Ministry,  bylaws.      ���  At December 31, 1976, 136  conversion mortgages had  been approved -for the  creation of 226 suites in the  multi-unit    accommodation.  In addition to increasing��,  the housing supply, the  program encourages more  intensive use of. municipal  services in built-up��� areas.'  Assistance is available in the  form of a loan of $15,000 for the  The true  spirit of  brotherhood  and the conver-sion-must-meet���amount-of-$2^94T750r_f or_an_  all local zoning and building   average of $10,153.76 per suite.  'Should you buy a home'  It's hard to find a heart  warming story on the front  pages of our newspapers in.,  this day and age,ibut,last week    ^H"?  we did ��� ana we want to  salute the cause of it all.  Vancouver citizen Rudy  Puschmann -^ the victim of a  traffic accident caused by a  local 17-year old youth ��� went  to court to plead leniency for  the young driver.  Though he had suffered  pain and loss of work due to  injuries, .;, Mr,, Puschmann  displayed the true spirit of the  brotherhood of man ��� a  Christian principle so rarely  found anywhere today.  Speaking in imperfect  English'because he is a native  of a foreign land,- Mr. Puschmann spoke more eloquently  than any Rhodes Scholar  when he plead for leniency ���  when he asked that this young  man's future not be ruined as  a result on one thougtless,act,  A citizen Vancouver can be  proud of ��� and a citizen we  could all emulate ������ Rudy  Puschmann who brought the  spirit of Christmas and  chlrlstlanlty Into a court  room.' .    ���  Some time in every person's lifetime the question will  be asked, "Should I buy a  home?" Sixty-one per cent of  the Canadian population has  answered this question  "YES," for economic reasons  or for such a simple reason as  being able to keep a pet.-  Owning a home can .be a  hedge against inflation, a tax  shelter, an investment. It can  make you your own landlord  as you pay rent into your own  While "mortgage payments  remain    fairly    constant  throughout the life of the loan,  as time goes on, and wages  increase, mortgage payments  represents a smaller^and  smaller portion of income.  Ownership of a home  automatically, makes you  more interested in your  community, in good government, in the future. In short,  ��� ownership of a home provides  more than just a place to live.  A home of one's own offers  comfort and economic  stability, a value which can't  'be'measured Ufhiere^dollars  and cents.  'ender Haitour Really Ltd;  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.     ��  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Semi waterfront lot with  choice harbour view ... $13,500.  GARDEN BAY ��� One bedroom house on a large  view lot close to Gov Wharf.A good buy at $30,000.  WATERFRONT .LOT ��� Deep, and protected moorage  in  Egmont, Has trailer pad,  septlcs,  water and  power,  $35,000.  ONE ACRE LOTS ��� On Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value In^ this most desirable area, Just 2 left so don't  delay ,. . $15*000 each.  20 ACRES ��� Mostly level land on Highway 101  across from Sunset Covo. Beach access, nicely treed, driveway  In.^Hero. Is a fine Investment at $44,500.  7 ACRES ��� on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cloarod and on a westerly slope, Asking $35,000,  _ ',    , -  ., ,��,' _   FRANCIS PENINSULA - Extra large (650' deep) ,  building lot with 72' frontage on McK|lntoch Road., , $9,500.'  PHONE 883-2794  JOHNBREEN, JOCK HERMON  883-9978 INSURANCE 883-2745  GARDEN BAY ��� large. 4 BR  family home. Recently remodelled.  Large lot. Close to stores & morinbs.  $46,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� nice 2 BR home with  fireplace,   full   basement.   Close   to -  stores etc. $45,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 BR split level on  5+ acres ���view over Paq Lake. Frujt  trees, garden. $77,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� New 3 BR  cedar home, ensuite, 2160 sq. .ft. of  living area on large view lot. $69,500.  WAR NOCK    ROAD    ���    cozy   -2    BR  Panabode^ fireplace^ full basement._On  'large level lofT $367000.  GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� Well built 670 ��  sq. ft. home, furnished, large treed lot  close to lake. $36,900.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 2 BR home with  view, built 1971, fireplace, dbl,  garage, garden area. $44,500.  GULFVIEW ROAD ��� Madeira Park,  fantastic view from this new home - 3  appliances, fireplace. $95,000.  KLEINDALE j���duplex (one 3 BR and  one 2~BR)~oh���2.2���acres]-close~fo  Secondary School. $85,000.  EARLS COVE ��� furnished 12'x44'  Skyline Mobile home on semi-  waterfront view lot. $25,000.  NARROWS ROAD ���3 BR rancher, built  1976, carport & sundeck. Close to  Madeira Park. Reduced to $36,900.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Vacant store bldg.  with adjoining living quarters on  Madeira Park Rd. $52,000.  NORTH-LAKE _;- 2 BR home, needs  some finishing, lake view, road access.  Prov. lease lot. $21,000.   "" ��� - -___  MADEIRA  PARK  view home  major appliances. $77,000,  ���  imeres.Ting. *  an.  arcfiifecNdesigned.  5?:  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  . BR cedar home, built 1975. View and  many extras. $105,000.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  ACREAGE  LOTS  1. MADEIRA  PARK   ���  $8,000-$22,000.  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  ACREAGE  serviced   lots.  2.   FRANCIS  PENINSULA  lots. $9,000-$! 3,500.  serviced  AREA ��� view lots.  ,1, IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2.87 acre view  lot, "level. .$35,000.  2. KLEINDALE 7_ 20-fc. acres, fairly  level, half cleared. $38,000.  3, MIDDLEPOINT ��� 18.9 acres, 2 BR  cottage, creek. $40,000,  fi, KLEINDALE ���5��acres on Hwy 101.  $31,000.  5, NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 15 acres,  2150 �� ft. on Hwy. 101. $44,000.  6, KLEINDALE ��� 23.7 acres, some  merchantable timber, Lots of trees for  building a log house.. $50,000.  7, NEAR RUBY LAKE ~ 7�� acres on  Hwy 101, $25,000,  3. GARDEN BAY  $12,900-$21,250.  .4. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on Porpoise Drive. $10,500.  5. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ���new 81  lot subdivision off Sinclair Bay Road.  Serviced lots, most with view, thrde  with lakefront. Priced from $10,000.16  $37,500,  . ,      ,  6. LANGDALE CHINES-  Rd. Treod. $13,500,  7. BARGAIN  HARBOUR  .  trood, sorvlcod. $25,000,  Lot 35, Grady  1.5  acres,.  NARR6WS INLET ��� treed waterfront  acreages, secluded low bank. 5 acres  to, 14 acres priced from $24,500 to  $39,500.   ���-;,,  ST. VINCENT BAY , ��  1,5,48 acres, 375-fc ft, waterfront 8,  small creek. $35,000,  2.   5.23   acres,   400��   ft, low   bank  wato/frpnt, SW exposure, $33,000.  /��L'.-   J��^?M^tk  NELSON ISLAND ��� 40 acres, 1500' on  Westmere Bay, 225.+ ' on West Lake. 3  BR home, 2 cottages, road to lake,  floats, $160,000.'  EARLS COVE ��� 5.57  sheltered Waterfront  terminal. $125,000.  acres, 450+ ft  adjoining ferry  LOTS  8. DAVIS BAY ��� Treed view lot on  Groor Road. $16,500,   .  V^k  f LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES^  GERRANS BAY  1. .100* ft. W/F, drlvoway In, sorvlcod.  $28,000.  2, Ad|olnlng   W/F   lots,   71'   &. 77'  $30,000oach.  3. 78 ft, W/F lot, soptlc tank 8, dra|n  field in & approved,'' arfvoway in, bldg.  slto In, Southorly oxposuro, $39,500;  4, 70|��.fl low bank sholtorod WF lot,  fairly lovol, troed, $38,000,  ���\...,,  1,300^    ft  Bf^ furnlshod  RUBY LAKE ��� 3 BR partially furnlshod  tfrttQflo, 96 ft lakofront In qulot covo,  RUBY M^KE - A00��, ft lakofrontago,  5;�� trood ocros, road accoss, $49,500,  SAKINAW LAKE -��� 2 loaso lots, oach  with a small cottago and Hoat, $22,000  and $25,000.  SAKINAW LAKE- 150��ilt, low bank  akofrpnt, small cabin IrvRugglos Bay,  $24,000,  SAKINAW    LAKE  lakofront, 24��_ acros,"4  panabode, float. $105,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� 5��. trood acros closo to,  public lako accoss. $19,800.  CARTERS LANDING.��� .Sakinaw Lako ���  24,8 t acros, 1350 t ft, lakefront, road  access, houso, crook, $135,000,  RUBY LAKE -*- 95�� acros qxcollont  land with 400;fc ft lakofront and  260p�� ft on lagoon, $100,000, '  I  ISLANDS  3  FRANCIS PENINSULA  1/, 132 ft, W/F In'Pondor Harbour, 1.0  acros, doop moorago, $50,000.  2, 93 ft', W/F ad|olnlng abovo, 1,22 t  acres, $36,500,  3, 70'  bluff   watorfront,   vlow  Bargain Harbour. $21,500,  ovor  GARDEN DAY #  1,2 acre WF lot, trood, drlvoway In,  bldg sltos cloarod, soptlc approved,  $50,000,  SAKINAW LA^ -  lakolront, Water  J6,qsros(,750i: It,,  accoss, $36,000.  RUBY LAKE���Lot 4, 117��fl lakefront,,  road accoss, $17,600,  D,L, 3250 ��� botwoon Sakinaw & Ruby  Lakes, 1500 * ft, on Sakinaw Lake,  crook, Hallowoll Rd, onds at property,  $115,000,  >t,ACRE ISLAND-  'Panabode,    float,   Wator  $163,000.  furnlshod1  ��   hydro.l  ���sutton &)W?YcS/WbNT'~r.y-  acres, trood, boach, sholtorod  covo,  $35,000,  WATERFRONT HOMES  3  Mm  Wm0*  -*&' $Zt+a \ /-���%.,**:.  CHURCHILL DAY -~ 2 BR homo on  ft watorlront, Clams A oysters on tho  beach, $65,000,  GUNBOAT DAY  mjj��'��"* f 100173  front, $115,000.  3TJR homo, 3 cot-  acre*,"* 132 trwatwr��  n,..,*V-^\lf  EGMONT   ���   4   BR   homo,   partial!  basomont,   sundock,. on   3,3   acres,'  J2?i^(.LcboJm���iwite(iifiat.k,..$.9.Si,ooa....:  GERRANS BAY ~ lovely 2 BR homo on  "70��*f| Wblorlronlloiwlfirsoutherly"  oxposuro, float, $117,000,  GERRANS  DAY  r   2   BR   hW,   Ml  basomont  an   133;fc ft,  watorlront,  .~^l��r.^4����W-W#wp*pr-*<MK4--��t-'-|i#l,p00(>f~��~"  iOERRANSBAY.-W latgw 3 BR ..arctyltcL  doslgnod home on 130 ft watorfront  lot. $95,000,   ��    ���  r ' '���������.. ��� ky <v,' ��   ��� ������ ��� . 7 ���  * - ���          '-  ���  '"'pppv'*^  GERRANS DAY - - 200-f" It W/F, Z��  acros, 2 DR horrio with flroplaco, partial  bo����m#n��, 3 RR ��M I ogo, d<x k m 4 loot*~  jisOjpqo^,^^^,^^^  ���,������.,_  , HOSPITAL DAY   - 2 DR horrio on 50 ��  h, beach lot, $75,000,  s?K=a(,  ^,(4.Ai->?$  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY; 883-2233  'wfAjtf**;  u U Sy^ w*t-^t, '.fa if * ��r4*'*  .*   t ����b��*ww) t*8KJM> �� ^*M��p*.n s^y^^f^^t^-ii^^Js^Wrtjafi^JBsww*^  ������*.  ��* ����� ��Sim^^W^*��>9^W��^*rW^m��SSiS��^^  -���fffm^M^^anmsmmitms^i^^^^  �����MW(#ft ��P��"'J*lie1W  fcjfcv i^^fl (flprnMaWMWiw^s.^  ���$X,  fi "  ���   f -s  .,      \  ���Jk-  Wed. May 3,1978       The Peninsula Times    PageB-5  More federal aid  " The National Housing Act  provides for other types of  housing assistance other than  .loans for purchasers. Some of  these include:  Residential   Rehabilitation  Assistance .  This is a program that  assists in improvement and  repair of substandard  dwellings for homeowners,  landlords who agree to control  renis, non-profit corporations  .and^co^pCTatives in areas  alterations,' repairs and additions but may not be used for  hotels, motels or summer  cottages. Maximum interest  rate on NHA loans is applied,  and loans are repayable in  monthly instalments together  with interest in not more than-  10 years. No fee, service  charge or any other charge  except the insurance fee and  interest is made as long as the  borrower is not in default. If in  default for a period of more  participattog~inrThe~-Neigh-���UianJO days, the lender has  the option "To make-" Mr '  bourhoods     Improvement  Programme.  Assistance is in the form of  a loan to a maximum of  $10,000 per dwelling unit but in  no case exceeding Uie actual  cost of repairs. Part of this  repayment may be forgiven,  in the case of borrowers with  adjusted family incomes of up  to $6,000 are eligible for the  -ma^imum^foi^ivenessof  -$3,750-As-income increases,-  loan forgiveness decreases.  Loans to homeowners, with  annual adjusted family incomes of $11,000 or more are  required to pay back in full.  ' Home   Improvement  Loans  Owners of existing homes  can get CMHC loans in return  for an insurance fee equal to  one per cent of the amount of  the loan, paid by the  borrower. The.maximum loan  .is $4,000 for a single family or  the first unit of a duplex, semidetached or multiple family  dwelling, plus $1,500 for each  additional existing unit.  These loans can be used for  a variety of permanent type  ATTENTION!  Retire on the beautiful  coast of Sechelt. We  have-6���Mobile- Home  Sites left.  Single Wides  or Double Wides  Located at Garden Bay  100% Bank Terms OPFC  LANCER HOMES  call collect  Ed Zack, 533-1651  liili-,4******* i>  'T,'  'immediately payable.  Assisted Rental Program  The    Assisted    Rental  program  is  to   stimulate  production ~of "moderately-  priced    rental     housing.  Developed in 1975, the ARP  provides    builders    with  financial assistance to bridge _  the gap between rents they  would have to charge-due to  ���creasingefend,Auildmg.and^  operation costs, andwhatthey-  can actually expect to receive.  -Assistance available to  builders includes loans up to  $1,200 per unit annually and  interest free "for at least 10  years. The loan is determined  by the number of units in the  project, costs ofconstruction,  interest, etc. and the average  rent     for     similar     accommodation in the area  proposed for construction.  The assistance, disbursed for  at least 10 years, decreases  annually as prevailing market  rentals rise, closing the gap,  between those rental rates  and the-rates  the  builder  ^would have to charge.  During the disbursement  period the loan is interest free  but at the end of this period it  ���is-repayable-at-the prevailing  NHA interest.  Other Programs Available  ~ ThenTIaT^~severar~other"  programs available through  CMHC including Non-profit  Housing Assistance, Rural  and Native Housing Program,  The Neighbourhood Improvement Program, Land  Assembly Assistance,  Municipal Infrastructure  Program, Public Housing  Assistance and Co-operative  Housing Assistance',  programs is fully documented  at the Central Mortgage and  Housing  Corporation office.  Marsh World  %  N   >  :<5  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISALS  ^���"NOTARY PUBLIC  4+. A  DENTAL BLK?^.     ��  GIBSONS        ^ v  SOTt/I  PHONE 886-22  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682  HOODED MERGANSER (Lophodytes cyajllatus)   -  This merganser is the smallest but the moto striking  in appearance of the three species found in Canada.  Irr-ftrH���fereedmg__pjyrnagethe male is black and  white with chestnut sides! HinFrge~farr-like-head___  crest can be raised or lowered at will. Females are  predominantly gray with a smaller light brown  crest. In flight, both sexes display a white wing  -patch-with���black- bars^���Hooded" mergansers-often-  nest a considerable distance from water in hollow  tree trunks or man made nesting boxes.  ^  Ducks Unlimited (Canada)  1495 Rembina Hwy, Winnipeg, Man. R3T 2E2  ) 236 - '78  Jon McRae'  885-3670  ���gm.y'  mm  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  Future fear generated  by economic analysis  Economists predict the  future by using figures and  rends from the past.  The premise is good ��� but  people rarely end up following  the pattern of facts and  figures, points and projections  that look so neat on the  economist's graph.  In mid-December, the  possibility of a price decline in  housing was given a 30 per  cent chance of happening by a  well known economist... but  he said this would only be so  IF the birthN rate kept  declining ... and who says it  IF the immigration into  this area stops-��� but we all  know that, a large percentage  of new and native Canadians  want to live in our desireable  area.  Home owners and potential  home buyers should be made  aware ��� of the IFS involved  when newspaper headlines  predict either good or bad  news.  People create the demand,  and people are in the  marketplace for housing, and  society and societal changes  will still depend on the people  ::ingredient7  FOR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE ���INSURANCE .MORTGAGES  MEMBER BROKER  REALTY WORLD  ARLES ENGLISH LTD.  885-3295    (SECHELT)  Van. Dlroct  681-7931  Box 979, next to Gulf Station, Sechelt VON 3A0  HOMES  CORNEft LOT HOME ,141,500  Two bodroom homo oo crawl apaco. Good  layout with oxtra storage undor largo  sundock. Nlco flroplaco, this homo noods  an ownor I Ploaso view with Ann Ibbitson,  '7   ' '   36SV :  MARINE PR. ���GIBSONS $42,900  1 Atlractlvoly romodollod tf^reo bdrm homo  with lovoly vlow ovor Armour's Boach.  Flroplaco; fruit troos, protly gardon and a  garago, Call Corry Ross,   , 40GV  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS    .,        .        $39,500  Now, 1040 sq ft homo with fantastic vlow .  _ of.-Socholl Jn|(3t .and Polso Island. Has a  boautlful    kljfhonMl Mod ,, wllh    custom  .....caWrTo^  attractive foaturos," Two bodroom ���*- Idoal  for young family, Call Ann Ibbitson,    19SV  WEST SECHELT $41,900  Now   houso   ovor   1000 ��� oq   tl,   Two  bodrooms, toak kltchon cablnots, colored  fixtures and full basement. Try your DP of  $8000 cash to first mortgage for qualified  buyors. Call Ann Ibbitson, 12WS  SELMA PARK "'":"' '" 7" $43,780*"  Tho houso Is ready for Interior finishing  while occupying tho finished sulto, Most  ; matorlals aro on slto and Includod,   ' 37SP  ���EXCEPTIONAL) $93,500  Horo |s a homo you rrilght find In Bottor  Homes   8   Gordons   offering   complete  -���Boclun|onry��Yfrva control location, Thiw"  bodrooms,  doublo  plumbing,   charming  , HvlriQ room and dining room oponlng onto  a boautlfully landscaped gardon, A rare  find, lor tho mopt discriminating buyor.  Ploaso callCarry Ross, 20RC  WATERFRONT  SECRET COVE ^\       $175,000  ,3.1 acros of R-2 *onod wptorfromt ���-  foroshoro loaso In placo, This prbRorty has  an oxcollont future and Is located In  totally sholtorod wator. A prhm>  development proporty. Call Do>  Sutherland for dotalls. 28RC  SECRET COVE $75,000  Largo sunny, lot with 2 BR 'cottago and  float. Noarly 370 foot of watorfront with  ample doop wator aroa for moorago. 52SC  DAVIS BAY      ' $87,600  Custom built superior homo right on the  boach, Hugo living room has oxtra high  collingand largo windows to tako full  advantago of tho magnlflcont location.  ,Has two washrooms, two flroplacos, fiill  basomont, only four yoars old, Call Ann  Ibbitson. ��  , WILSON CREEK $31,600  ���  A   cottage   right   on   the   boach.   Two  ��� bedroom panabode year* round cottago  with soparato boach houso locatod on  paid up loaso lot'at Mlsslpn. Point, Stono  flroplaco, partly furnished, 46WC  SELMA PARK COTTAOE $51,500  Conveniently located with cottago on tho  boach, waiting for your family to on|oy tho  ocoan | For dotalls call Ann Ibbitson, 14A1  WATERFRONT  ROBERTS CREEK - NEAR JOE RD< |   $66,000  108 ft, of vlow W/F. This unlquf proporty,  Is hoavlly trood for most of Its 670 ft,  Drlvoway-In to a charming old log cabin,  Idoal for a,summor rotroat, Sltuatod on a  point of land which allows for more than  ^-IGO degree vlow of tho Gulf, A rare opportunity for tho discriminating buyor, Call ���  Don Sutherland. 27 RC  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK-Maskoll Road      $22,100  Your chango for q ploco of tho good earth, ���  1,44 acros on lowor road closo to boach.  Posslblo vlow! Try your down payment  cash 16 assumablo financing. Call Ann  Ibbitson. 35RC  SECHELT VILLAGE  2+ acros of cloarod homo slto offering  privacy and a mountain vlow, A buy for  $10,0001-Call   Ann   Ibbitson   for   more  /details,  COMMERCIAL  HWY 101 A PARK RD $105,000  130 x 720' of prlmo cornor proporty,  Locatod rioar tho now shopping contro and  Sodmount Industrial Park. Prosontly ironed  R4, howovor It's rlpo for a planned  commercial pro|oct,  Chris Kankainen  ���^885-3545  Arne T. Pettersen  886-9793  V  HOMES  COACH ROAD: (off Leek Rd) Three year  old three bedroom home situated in a  quiet subdivision in Roberts Creek only 2  miles from Gibsons. Large kitchen with  an eating nook. Yard is nicely landscaped, yours to enjoy from the 300  square foot split level sundeck. Extras  include a wired and plumbed dark room  and "7x8 storage shed. $44,900.  DOUGAL ROAD: Nice starter^or. retirement  home on level lot. Two bedrooms and an  additional room to be used for sewing room  or an office. Wall to wall carpeting. Stone  fireplace. Yard is landscaped with a patio in  the back yard. $42,500.  TRAIL BAY? Cozy older type home on. leased  waterfront property. Situated in a 'peaceful  and quiet area with a safe sandy beach,  beautiful view and desirable southwesterly  exposure. Lbrge lot with level landscaped,  -grounds_a"round the-home and a nicely treed  bank to the rear. $15,000.  SARGEANT_ROAD-_A_spacious_family_ home-  situated on the low side of a quiet cul de sac  in one of Gibsons finest and most popular  residential areas. The large 132' x 133' lot is  extensively landscaped for minimum  maintenance and offers a fantastic view of  the harbour, Howe Sound and Georgia Strait.  For economy arid comfort there are double  glass windows in front. The kitchen features  Citation-cabinets, garburator, 20 cu ft  fridge/freezer and self-cleaning electric  stove. Each of the three bedrooms has large  closets and the master bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. The . huge unfinished basement^  offers endless development possibilities^.ftir  . recreation and hobby activities. Large sundeck and patios for outdoor enjoyment. Many  f/Tior^ntte. features-included in the price of  .$69,500.      ,.,,.'  Lot 19 $11,900  Lot 20 $\2,900  Lot 21 $13,900  Lot 22 $14,900  Lot 23 $15,900v  Lot 24 $12,900"^  LOWER ROAD: This could be the home with, acreage you hove been I  looking for. Situated well back from the street to give you all the |  privacy you want this rustic home is in immaculate condition and has |  1050 square feet of living space. The partially cleared property is just j  over five acres ancLcould be developed into a nice hobbyfarm. The |  zoning allows subdivision into half acre lots, and there is a dedicated i  road along one side. A good buy and an excellent investment at ���  $65,500.  SEAVIEW LANE:   approximately   2  acres of |  forested-1WATERFRONT .property   in   West]  Sechelt. 1758 square foot 3 bedroom home.-]  Sauna and beach house combo on  beach.  Enjoy the-view of the Trail islands from the  glass enclosed patio. $148,500. 'I  GRANDVIEW RD: (off Pine) Three  bedroom home on a beautifully treed ~  and fully landscaped lot (175 x 1 50) with  an excellent view of Georgia Strait.  Kitchen has eating nook and a built-in  oven and range top. Floor to ceiling cut  rock fireplace. 45 x 9 covered sundeck  and a huge double carport. $63,500.  DAVIS RpAD: Charming gable roofed three  -bedroom single storey home. Fully landscaped lof. Large utility room for washer,  dryer and storage. The cement slab carport  Could easily be finished as a rec room. The  perfect family home close to schools,  shopping, the curling home and the new  swirnming pool. $37,900.  1103 FRANKLIN: Large family home on a level  lot. Five bedrooms, rec room and a separate  utility room. Living room has a stone fireplace  and both it and the dining room are done in  wall to wall carpeting. Separate workshop in  rear. The lot has southern exposure with  some water view. Close to shopping and  Pebble Beach. $52,900.  FIRCREST PLACE: Three bedroom home in  quiet rural subdivision surrounded by ALR  properties on all sides. One mile from schools  and shopping. Large open living room with  fireplace.  The  full   basement   has  finished  SOUTH FLETCHER: A beautiful view of Gib- |  sons Harbour is only one of the many features I  of this four bedroom home. Others include a I  feature wall fireplace, hardwood jjopxs.^i  lovely large kitchen and for the handyman a ���  16 x 18 workshop. $37,900. !  .GOWER PT RD. In the heart of Gibsons one I  block from  shopping and the  Post  Office )  . Three bedroom home on concrete block |  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn j  fireplace gives a. cozy^.atmos'phere to the I  living room. Nice and bright with many large I  windows. $33,000. j  TAYLOR LANE: Lovely new three bedroom j  home overlooking Gibsons Harbour. 16x19 !  sundeck. Large eating area and kitchen J  combo. Two fireplaces. Master bedroom has I  ensuite and his and hers full double closets.-1  Full basement. $67,500. j    I  MALAVIEW RDHmmaculate "three 'bedroom-J  home on landscaped lot in area of new |  homes. Situated on quiet cul de sac, safe for I  children and pets. Double windows for i  comfort and economy. Separate dining room !  and wall to wall carpeting. $47,900. J  fireplace for your rec room ideas' Price "includes'brand new fridge and stove. $52,900,  SARGENT ROAD: Custom built home on a  Jovely landscaped terraced view lot. Master  ���"bedroom has; ensuite': and double closets.  Mahogany custom cabinets. Two heatilator  fireplaces, double windows and screens. Full  basement with finished rec room. Separate  utility room and a workshop. Carport and  cement driveway. $63,500. :'....^y  FAIRVIEW RD: Lovely full basement home on  quiet street. Two bedrooms upstairs and one  not quite completed .downstairs. Wall to wall  carpeting throughout. Heatilator fireplace  and thermoglass windows for heating  economy. House is situated on d-1/2 acre lot  with some water view. $49,500. X^'~~.  LANGDALE RIDGE^SUBDlvisiON: Fantastic  view lotsvAruareo of new and varied homes.  These-lots offer themselves to m*any:;diffeirent  -building locations. Enjoy privacy and the view  of Howe Sound. " ���'  ���  SOLD  19  20  23  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION:  Fantastic vlow lots. An area of now and varied  homes. These lots offer themselves to many different  building locations. En|oy prlvqcy and the view of  Howe Sound.  ��� HOMES  SECHELT VfllAOE $30,900  1000 sq ft home located on good corner  lot, This proporty requires a builder's  touch to bring II up lo Its roal value, An  Interesting dosign that lends Itself' tto  Innovative chango, Call Don Sutherland ,  for more Info, 53 SV  REDROOFFS $44,500  ~9unny 2-bpdroom*'ofion"plan homirrwitfT  plonty of room In good high basement for  .... a third bedroom,and,rec room. Attached*  carport, spacious sundock,. Large  03x309+ lot with keyhole ocean view,  Coll Corry Ross, 42 RD'  pNORWEST BAY RD.,,,,,,,^,,  SANDY HOOK Seml-Wf,,  REDROOFFS 100x250 ,,,  DAVIS BAY, FIR ROAD ,,  PORPOISE BAY 2 lots .,,  TRAIL ISLAND WF LOT,,,  ROBIRTS CREEK 01x127 ,  ROBERTS CREEK treed lot  FIELD ROAD 68 x 120',,.  'FlELDROAM5V'i"3br7T';  ���a. SI0,000   $12,000  . .,,$10,000  ,   .,$15,000  ���a. $11,500  .,  $13,900  , ,.,$13,500  7777*10,-800-   $8,500  7kTXi%\\,m  | SKYLINp DRIVE: Ovorlooklng tho Bay and Iho  | Village df Gibsons from this qulot and prlvato  j lot on the Bluff. Start building your droam homo  right awqy on tho expanso of this  | 207 x 119 x 1B1 x 66 uniquely shaped lot, LOW  DOWN PAYMENT-EASY TERMS, FP $13,500,*  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 X 122 ft lot with  expansive vlow of the Bay area and Gibsons  Village Is well prlcod. $11,5Q0,  SKYLINE DR;-��,Wlth th���� sewer only .150 feet  away from this lot and the ad|olnlng lot also for  salo, makes this an excellent value. The Ideal,  spot for a distinct and original home, Nice view  and sheltered from the open sea. $13,900,  ! GOWER PT, RD: At the corner of 14th, Th*  proporty has levels cloarod for the building site  I of your choke, Excollont view of Georgia Strait,  | Approx 80'x 250'. $16,500,.,  TUWANEK: Only ono block to beach, full view  of Inlet, Piped community water avail ible, 00'  x MQ* lot, $9,900.  LOTS  MUST SELL, MAKE AN OFFER; Grandylew &  Pratl: Ono of tho bottor'building Idts on" frat(/  Rd In rural Gibsons, Lovol and cloarod with a  vlow, $11,900,  UPLANDS ROAD; Tuwanok, Idoal rocroatlonal I  lot in beautifully woodod and park like aroa.)  Zoned for trailers, This lot ovor looks Sechelt' |  Inlot and tho Lamb Island, $0,900, I  PRATT RD: Near now school slto. This lot is  \. H  cloarod and roady to build upon, Mature frult^,.,--���_._  ���'..,,',.....,   H  troos dot this Vx 125' lot. $)3,500, VWVET ROAD, Beautiful vlow lot In desirable R    i '  '  oroa,   Road   In   and   hydro  and   phone  to ���  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65'x 130'. pr��^orly.' Frlcotl 'wall bolow assossod value, g  Cloio   to   shopping  and   the   ocoan,   Sewer*"'000,                                         ** " ' H  easement of 10' on SE sldo of lot. $12,500,  "  B  LANGDALE: Level building lot on Johnson5  Road, Fantastic vlow of Howe Sound, $ 14,500, B  BURNS RD: Good building lot (65 x 130) on  flat land In Gibsons Village, Four blocks from  Post Office, storos and transportation. Lightly  freed, Throo blocks from ocoan. All sorvlcos  available. $11,000.  WEST SECHELT: Calota Estates, 73 x 113  gorgeous v|ew lot, Consider It waterfront as  thoro are rio lots botwoon this ono ond the  beach, $19,900,   ,  , GOWER PT RD: 100' of waterfrontage, steep  Itiut managable slope, Hydro and water on the  esplanade road. 217 deep with a completely  unimpeded vltw to Vancouver lilamf, Paces  south west for lots of sunshine,  $15,900,  SECHELT TnlET isT^ilteUlISAhH "with a  spoctacular view of Porpoise Bay, Beach  facilities; nearby moorage, water, hydro and  tolophone at oach lot, Only 4 1/2 miles to the  conveniences of Sechelt,'  YMCA ROAD: Langdalo. Cloarod, love|,l  building lot measuring 01' x 173' suitable fori  a variety of house plans, Located within easy j  walking distance to school and a few minutes j  log Ip tho forry terminal. Moke an offer on the  asking prlco ol $12,900, i  WHARF ROAD: At the cornor of Davidson.  With a little easy cloarlng this lot will be  ready to build on, Walking distance to the  ferry, Lot sire Is 00 x 110, |  $12,900,  ACREAGE  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS excellent building  Mot, yours for,.,  $14,000  HWY 101(3 acres kubdlvldoblo off Hall Road,     GRANDVIEW ROAD AT 9TH; Over 1/2 acre  Land  Is   vory  dry  with  good  percolation, *,very private with view, Houfo plans anti  **t **"* W ""���"^IH*"*"'"'!"**^ *  *SECHEI^T~OFFIGE*5Ak  DON SUTHERLAND, Brokltfr  8839362  >.���'������  **^*^n5jfflH8Bff^*  L,m t- ��� �� ��� '  ANN IBBITSON  BQA-aaftv  fAt  SM  DON LOCK  *"2fT"  SUilANNR DUNKERTON  :ymc7*M*&3zkyAx  Southern exposure In the heart of Robert  Creek. On regional water, Approximately 1  Tiolng ro|^f0"j-jo'*r,"j|jj^~p#r~jftoojjf(' "includes  j-��mafl toarnr Vendor has subdivision plan tor T  lots, $42,900, .  building permit paid for and Included In price,  Foundation floor slab and plumbing all In for  ^ANGDAH: 4.31 ocres. Excellent holding 5  properly right across from tho forry terminal. 3  Langdalo Crook Is Iho ohstorn boundary of S  this proporty. $39,500, H  .',��&  oinsorvJS!r,4�� ������>�� oLflxcollont Jtoldlnfl H  prc^per/y close to Soames Point Park, Partially ���  Over 800 Offices and Growing Fast  S'."A<(��"**���"��' f'-��'l'jr,./      ,  -     ^...,;..w-.-...r,v.4.y^Vivi,,1!r,x><^ , ^.\,.^:\in',n'--^:--'^'- ������.*�����������������. ���*��������������,..    T.y-y. - :"? *W*-^-1-; ��������� ������W. p.  '    7* .*           .          ' >    Drop in or call for free hrtwhure"     ,  mmm ^M ^W m\%m) mmm ^mm ���%%%) ^^ mmm rn^mt %%%% mmm mm�� mmm mmm %%%% ^W ���%%% mmm *%%% Wmm HI HH {%*%% PWI *%%%% mmm\ m%m\ HH %%%% |HHBWPMBHPpBWM(IWw^|^PWW  ������.'������ '     '       "" " ���' ��� ���       / <-  WKf. r  ���',, -"V1   ,  .m.  . > �����  fl" ,iVf'����'"e"^t'Ti��'��w-����w#e^^^  p^b^Sp^^W^)^  ^ap^0��^4HMi  mnmmwmmmm  ���  >i-M*<*��P��^as*lill>��.l>l'H,!��-'��-,*f (        *  'V,  f-  >m({   -V!"  *(��T<B^>ii(*iwwtfasw*n*psiw��) -*i  Itls*. ,1*1  i i-.T.'?-,r/vp  ** I   /  .-:^-L   ;-\..  . ft..���������:-.;  r  h  The effect  of price  on supply  The natural gas surplus  that has developed in Alberta.  illustrates how quickly'supply  may respond to an increase in  price. z,  In mid-1974 when the  wellhead price of gas was 21.9  cents a thousand cubic feet,  many of the smaller reservoirs in southern and foothill  areas of Alberta and parts of  B.C. were too costly to explore  and develop. But now the  price has risen, to $1.19 a  thousand cubic feet and the  search for gas has been given  powerful stimulus.  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May_ 3,1978  Public awareness of conservation  Government agencies have ���  a responsibility to work  toward public awareness ���  and more importantly, ���  public acceptance ��� of new  realities of energy shortages,  before any,real success will be  experienced in energy cotu^  servation!  That message was given'to  a United Nations Seminar on  Energy Conservation, by  Philip Holmes, immediate  past president of the world  real estate federation.  Holmes a Victoria, B.C.  real estate man who headed  the; 37 nation federation in  1977, stressed the need for  greater co-operation and  ^Communication -between  governments ��� who can  impose rules r��� and citizens  who must" accept them/  The world real estate industry   will  co-operate,   he  said, by undertaking an  educational program as well  as providing more energy  secure homes, but governments too must co-operate by  not adopting overly restrictive  measures.  John Eyans, energy  economist for the Bank of  Nova Scotia, said in the  Bank's economic comment  that the revival of explpration  and development in Alberta  "has"resulted," atTleast" tem-~~  porarily, in a substantial  supply of gas that is surplus to  demand from established  market ares, proving the  direct correlation of adequate ���  payment providing adequate  supplies.  Pension  payouts  Workers contribute to  pensions. - during their  productive: years to supplement savings and government pension income in the  non-working years of elderly  retirement.  Rarely does a person retire  after six years with one firm  on an' assured pension of  nearly five thousand dollars  ���annually^���regardless- of"  contributions, but the  govenment of Canada does  give this benefit to Members  of Parliament-retiring after  only six years service.  "''"'"MPs^lilre^ei^CSadiaiv  should get pension assurance  based on years of service to  the country/ but do most  taxpayers really want to pay  them a pension before  retirement age?  For Quick Results  -    Use Times Adbriefs! .'-  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD..  95  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marine Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  TWO BDRM HOME on Rosamund Road, has large rec room; lot is large with some fruit trees,  good garden area. $33,500. .   COMFORTABLE, ATTRA.CTjy.El3_b.drmJamify_home_withJgrgeJot,_parage,, centrally, located,.  Inquire for further details of this attractive property.  THREE BDRM post and beam with carport, 2 baths, one ensuite, fireplace, open area living and  dining room, beautiful well-planned kitchen, also two rec rooms downstairs. Large level lot 127  ��� x 225'7-with good-garden soil. $69,000.   -      '    ' -   -   -        --    TWO BDRM home Cheryl Ann Park, newly decorated, new carpet, etc.-Quiet area with easy  access to beach. $38,000.  NEW!!! 3 bdrm home-in-area of attractive jiew homes. Alum siding, double glazed windows,  carport and fireplace. Plenty of roomy cupboards, large utility, the whole nicely decorated with  w/w throughout. Priced ot $48,000.  NEW two bdrm home, completely modern of unique design. Completely finished with carpet  etc, some utilities included. Cedar design kitchen, ideal for business couple or hideaway on  semi-wft lot with some view and access to beach. FP $42,000.  BUILDING LOTS  NICE building lot with 75' facing on Lower Road. Cheryl Ann Park area. Cleared, ready to build  and only $11,500.  LARGE LOT on Chaster Road. Close to school, level, good building site. $12,500.  THREE LOTS on Rosamund Road, cleared ready to build. Only $11,500.  SEMI-WFT, easy beach access, 1/4 acre with view. $17,500.  HALF ACRE on Lower Road, some timber,~creek at side. Asking $16,500.  .NICE secluded lot-on side road in Roberts-Creek;-close-to"store," schooPetc. ReducecTfoFTm^-  mediate sale, only $10,000.  LEVEL CLEARED LOT in Gibsons Village on sewer and water. 62 x 182', obtainable with small  down payment of $3,500. For further details of this and other exclusive listings phone Karl Bull,  886-2814. * '. ,:,.'y..:..,..:.  TWO LOTS South Fletcher and School roads, total price for both $30,000.  2 LOTS 72 x 105', flat.Jreed, no rock, easy to build on, all services, septic approved and beach  access ��� $1500 cash, payments $125 per month @ 10%. Terrific investment. Signs on Lower-.  Cheryl Ann Pari* Road towards beach.  RESTAURANT in Lower Gibsons, good steady business. Inquire for further details.  INQUIRE about other listings; some acreages available.  Evenings call: John Black, 886-7316,   Ron McSavaney, 885-3339  OnluiK,  r~r~i  HHiB  885-3271  Box 149d, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt B.C. VON SAO  We're the Neighborhood Professionals:  MADEIRA PARK  22 acre working ranch all fenced and cross  fenced. Good large barn.. Good pasture and  some fruit trees. All year round water supply.  And fbr the lady of the house it has a modern 2  bedroom home. Has facilities for horse and  show and,.rodeos. Call Larry Reardon, 885-  9320.    .  LANGDALE  YMCA ROAD $48,900  Fresh on the market is this brand-new 3 bedroom home, which  can be completed to your specifications within 6 weeks. It has a  floor area of over 1200 sq ft built on a generous size lot in a near  new area. Master BR ensuite, large modern kitchen with eating  spaceTlovelyII^Hojpedlivrrig/diningToom with~bfrck"fireplaceTlt_  has a full basement and a double carport. Within easys-reach of  school. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  GIBSONS  PRATT AND FAIRVIEW - $33,000  ���*   Small older type home with carport and nicely landscaped and  .fenced property.Jhe vendor has included some appliances-in  the asking price. Ed Baker, 885-2641. "*  STARTER HOME $19,900  As the price indicates, this is the ideal ..starter or retirement  home for the handyman. Located in the lower Gibsons areaL on a  - good-sizedlot. Close to all amenities. The wiring appears to be  new, and there is a new furnace and ducts installed. Larry  Reardon, 885-9320.  SARGEANTS ROAD $ 15,900  Magnificent ocean view lot, fully serviced, on sewer, ��5' x 110'.  Close to all amenities. Builder's terms available. Larry Reardon,  885-9320. _  J   ONE ACRE LOT [Multi-Zoned] $55,000  In an excellent location, zoned���for 18 apartments, 12  townhouses or duplex. Close to ali amenities and on sewer.  Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  MULTI-DWELLING LOT $70,000  Located on corner Highway 101 and School Road is this 1.3 acre  building lot. Situated close to all amenities and on "sewer. Larry N  Reardon, 885-9320..  ROBERTS CREEK  ACREAGE-INVESTMENT $25,000  2.14 acres at Joe and Lower Roberts Creek Road with over 700'  on the Lower Road. Could; be 4 lots A- terrific potential for the  jcMflVestor. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  SPACIOUS DUPLEX $49,500  r- Located on Highway 101 nearflume Road. 3 large bedrooms per  suite. Situated on approximately 1 acre. An investment worth  your consideration. Ed Baker. 885-2641.  ������^���^������DAvis^Tinr        ���;-;  HAVIES ROAD "     $53,500  Immaculate 2 bedroom home (mstr bedroom has dressing  room), in a nice area. Ideal starter or retirement, with large  workshop with ;wood heater and picture window.overlooking  ocean. There are lots of fruit trees and garden space. Offers  Chuck Dowman. 885-9374.  WILSON CREEK  HALF ACRE & STUDIO $48,900  Here is a home that features  four bedrooms and a Texas-  size kitchen. Ideal property for  the homemaker. Great  organic garden and lots of  room for chickens etc. Studio  over a dandy workshop, with  full cellar facilities. Chuck  Dowman, 88.5-9374.    ���  SELMA PARK  BUNGALOW $15,000  Attractive 2 bedroom bungalow. Well kept, clean as a whistle  inside and out. Wall to wall throughout, full length sundeck.  Ideal starter or retirement home. Crown lease. Ed Boker; 885-  2641.  OCEAN VIEW ' $17,500  Good, solid older type family home in good repair with uninterrupted view of tbe ocean. It has 3 bedrooms, the living room  has wall to wall carpet, and there is a large kitchen and dining  area. Ed Baker,-885-2641. <  SECHELT ^  ACREAGE ' $27,000  There is a choice of two excellent building sites on 2.37 acres in  West Porpoise Bay. It has an all year stream flowing through this  lovely wooded lotand there "is 320' of road frontage. Chinfk  Dowman, 885-9374.  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT ��� $15,500 & $8,500  At Sandy Hook we have this 100'+ waterfront Jot, close to road  and adjoining with an excellent viewToFYhat lies next to B.T.  Road. Larry Reardon, 885-9320. -."  REDROOFFS / HALFMOON BAY AREA  RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES ?" $11,000  Generous sized lots 125 x>200', well treed and secluded. Trailers  allowed and terms available. Lots serviced with power and  water, fed Baker, 885-2641. .  1.45 ACRES \ $14,900  Thererfs water and power to this property whichvis in a subdivision off Red roof f is Road. Close to community ���hall^nd just a  short drive, to all amenities. Offers Larry Reardon, 8B5-9320.  HALF-ACRE LOT '.'"$'10,000  " Nicely treed lot with hydro and water in. Serviced by blacktop  road. Trailer permitted and terms available. Chuck Dowman,  885-937  WELCOME WOODS $9,500 & $9,750  -Two^x4rcr4qrge lots":l 25' x 200'; Larry Reardon; 885=9320. ~":'~  COUNTRY BUNGALOW $39,900  Six miles west of Sechelt is this 1 year1 built home. Situated on  opprox 2/3 acre lot. Secluded, but within easy reach of  amenities. The vendors price includes stove, fridge, washer,  dryer and some LR furniture. Please try youroffer. Ed Baker  885-2641.  SARGEANTS BAY $16,500  View lot with arbutus and_.otber small trees, size 102' x 200'.  This is an excellent building site in an area of new homes. Offers. Ed Baker. 885-2641.  HALF-ACRE LOT "^ $15,000  Large treed lot at the corner of Redrooffs Road and the road to  Sargeants Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Reardon  885-9320. .   '  \  $  \  >>  ,-p.y.  I -     m  V *... K .  , c\ '^���'}<i"^-,,'\,',:^  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235 (^ e.&o.e  jos:  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  AGENCIES  Box 128  Sechelt  We Are As Close As Your Phone  ��� '���'������.������ ' ��� ���   '.''������     "������.'..'. ���''..'.'������'' ���'  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  '!*.'/��  &4$7tivAf  PROPERTY?  HOMES?  WATER -VJ  FRONT?  COMM. $ BUS?  )��<  ,\  \'i ^  yj  M.r.nwj.  il  WHAT ARE YOUR PROPERTY REQUIREMENTS?  WE CAN SHOW YOU AT LEAST 215 USffl PROPERTIES  AND HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF MANY MORE!  tvljM yh  i  s  i ,',  ��1  14'��  i1  XX i V ��!jJi  i re  /    \,  ���*<   ���? ll  Mm  7'r  lU.l  Call Bert Walker 885-3746  "'��� >i  OVER 170  L0TS-&-ACREAGES  OVER  65 HOMES  OVER  32 WATERFRONTS  AT LEAST 19  COMMERCIAL/BUSINESSES,  *9S up* to 149 AC  OVERLOOKS TRAIL IS. tf 3863  Gonulno prlco roductlon, largor Ihon average lot, Bottor than  average vlow, In fact tho bost, Ownor says soil 11 and has  roducod prlco from $16,200 to $14,900 for two wooks, If your  nood Is a vlow lot you should chock this ono out nowi Bort  Wnlkor, 005-3746 ovos,  "    " "',    " '"   "   y '  11/2 ACRES-POTENTIALLY YOURS W3939  So of U(!n requested, a nlco acroago with troos on a (jontlo slopo,  flood gardon potontlal and this Francis jtoad proporly has all  local sorvlcos, Vondor will consldor offors on Iho FP of $22,000,  Jim Wood, 003-257) ovos,  a3fe��?%0&  $39,000 to $375,000  IMPRESSIVE HOME ��3947  On Ra^cllffe Road, this noarly now 5 bodroom view homo offers ,  gracious Ming on olthor of tho two spacious lovols, Outdoor  amonlllos In tho form of a largo covorod sundeck ovor Iho  doublo carport assures tha ownor of ultimate1 convenience for  any activity, Gardeners will approclato tho thought'and caro  which tho landscaping avldoncos, Arrange for a visit thon I'm  sum you'll want to make an offor on tho $69,500 asking prlco,  Dob Kant, 003-9461 ovos,  Wm*Kk  AFFORDABLE WATERFRONT" ��3938  If you'vo olwayi wanted a bit of your own watorfrortf, this 720 iq  fl 2 bodroom homo ovorlooklng Lambs Bay, may bo tho answer,  , C}n full comont foundation with moro accommodation avallablo  , If ownor wished to \t\iM ll In. Largo wrap around*sundock will bo  appreciated, All local sorvlcos of course. Try yoOr offer on tho  F,P. of $43,900, Borl Walkor, 003.3746 evos/  BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY #3926  Horo Is an oxcollont opportunity for a couple to supplomonl tho  family Income or, for tho soml-rotlrod to ko'op In touch and busy  wllh this well located varloly/conveplenco storo on Wharf Road.  Flnnnclal details avaliablo, Full prlco $39,000 plus slock. John  Goodwin, 005-2456 ovos,  fir-  y-'X)"'  ������nr  BE ASSURED OF FULL CO-OPERATION^-LIST WITH THE FRIENDLY PEOPLE AT  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD,  ft  John R. Goodwin  ���A,  ',    p'p'p'p''1'       i   .'V.,  Peter Smith  886-2681  ,,r,.;; ^.^^Xr.p.-.-.VSptft.y^is '  885-9461  3n ..^mff^ntw  [mm^amlflm-  'Tttty  w*Hi>#ti&!giltzwi&��i[^^  fJ��S��*^*W^*WP^tefti|W^W��*^tWiSW*M  W *^^ifr&-&M'*^!f>l^>^fr'i^>^^ *)����AsW��i&  *��((ft��l��**ii*#*W *  .  <nrt  ^eijHB *<me>if '*jk��*i�� *  k>  ���  ,*w��n'  K   ?     i'' m  "**i"t\i"^  ^ >m\r:  rt jw*���- <jk s * ��**�� WJ  i< ##"*$!* l*1.��(*-*ftV�� r*tA in I-.   ���_ r���'..Aaf ��J8~--  :>W~r  "���"?*&������  ''* -i-  I-  WEDNESDAY, MAY 3,1978.  THURSDAY, MAY 4; 1978  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  30'  .   In  Window  Saattl*  Daybraak,  Donahue  Art or  Mulligan  Oonohu*  lOOHuntlay  q5  Touch  Conl'd  Today  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cooking  Slaw  Cont'd  8tra*l  Cont'd  Boomerang  Cont'd  Joyco  Th* Price  Joyc*  Sail, Inc.  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Amarican Styl*; 1.00-Movi*: "B��iu Jamil"; ��43-Cartoon  Tim*; tto-FI!ntiV(n*s; 110-Banini Split* And Frlanda; 4.-00-Munit*rs: 430-Gilllgin'i llland; S-00-Uav* It To 8*n*r, ,  5J0-B*wllch*d; SaO-Partrldg* Family; S30-Bndy Bunch, 7,-00-Hog.n'l HarMi; 7:30-Ad*m-U; f00-Sp*ci*l: "Olgloot - '  Man Or B**it?"; 10rfO-N*ws; 1030-Armrtca SNIght; 1100-Odd Coupl*; 11-JO-Th* F.B L: 1230-Naws  a**  );1��  ���4J  is-  :45  mo  IS  ���AS  a*0  ���AS  45  r��0  ill  :J0  ;45  8  Lowall Donahua  Thomaa Conl'd  Work Tog.thor Conl'd  All About You Conl'd  lOOHunlUiy  Slr**t  Corft'd   '  Cont'd  BC  8chool*  Millar  Oraaaup  Happy High Canadian ThaPrlc* Jaan  Daya flollara School* la Right Cdnnom  J2O.0O0 Wh**IOf Millar Lov* Of O.tlnlllon  Pyramid Fortun* Draisup Lif* Cont'd  Sasam*  8tr**t  Conl'd  Cont'd /  Family  Fwd  Ryan'a  ���Trent John  Shark* Ration  Oong-        "And Co.  Show Cont'd  Elaclrie All In Thl  Company Family  Jr. High Lov* of  Mualc Plac* UI*  Ed  Alton  Uvily  Womon  Young*     \    KarMrV*  Th*Raatlaaa n. Yog*  Saarch For     '-if'* Your  [tomorrow Mov*  M***ur*Up Mlk*  Art Starta Douglaa  Ovar . >   Cont'd  Eny Conl'd  Swltiar  Unlimitad  Ryan'a  .Hop*  AUMy  Chlldran  , Conl'd  Cont'd  Hollywood  Squar**  DayiOl  OurLlvrm  Id*  Clarkaon  Cont'd  N.W.  Cont'd  AaTh*  World  N*wa  Cont'd  Movi*  "A Death  Elaclrie qonl'd  Company .Cont'd  Music AaTh*  Art World  Coronation  Straal  Edg* Of  Night  Q*n��r*l  Hoapital  Conl'd  Conl'd  Anothor  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  EdgaOf  Nlghl  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In Th*  Family  Anothar  Worid  Cont'd  Cont'd   .  Word Shop ,      N*wlyw*d  Jr. High " Oama  JCinliWorth. Miy  Work Tog.th*r M*guln*  High  Hop��  Tak* 30  Cont'd  Edg* Of  Nlghl  Crosa  Will  Movi*  "Who'*B**n  Sl��*ping In  MyB*d?"  Hlgh       '  wow j  T*k*30   -  Cont'd  Olnah  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Alan  Hamal  Cont'd  Cont'd  Anciant Cont'd  Egypt Cont'd  Black B*wilch*d  Exp*ri��nc0 '   Cont'd  Columbo  Ouot**  Whal'a  - Naw?  Marv  QrlKIn  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Columbo  Quotaa  Fllppw  Cdnl'd  Emergency  On*  Conl'd  Conrd  Lucy  Show  Em*rg*ncy  On*  8***m* Funorama  Strwwl^"��� x Cont'd  Conl'd Th*  Cont'd' Monk**!  NHL Hockty  S*ml-  Final  PlayoHt  Cont'd  Cont'd  N*wl!  Conl'd  N*wlyw*d  0*m*  N*w��  Cont'd  NHL Hockay  S*mi*  Final  PlayoHl  Niwl  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cong  Show  Mllt*r  Rogarm ,  ElKtrlc  Company  MyThra*  Sona  ILova  Lucy  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  ABC N*wa '  Cbnt'd  N*wa  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  NBC Nawa  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd    P  'Cont'd  CBS Nowi  Conrd  MaryTytar  Moor*  N*wa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Zoom  Cont'd  Ovar  Eaiy  Andy  . Orltfllh  Family  Fwd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  P*opl*  Pl*c*  Cont'd  Cont'd  S*attK ,  Tonight  Match  Qam*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd   \  Cont'd .)  To Till  Tha Trulh  Th*Pric*  ' ll Rlghl  T*d  Xnlghl  Grand Old  Country  MkNiII  L*hr*r  Ernl*       f  Kov*ca  Joker'*  Wild  OnTh*  Bum*  Hourglasa  Conl'd  MaryTyl*r  Moor*  Phenomenon  OIB*n|l  What'*  H*pp*nfng  H*ppy  Hour  Cont'd  Cont'd  Hawaii  Fiv*-0  Conl'd  Cont'd  Th*  Walton*  Conl'd  Cont'd  Th*  Walton*  Cont'd i  Conl'd  Movia  Holiday"  Cont'd  Nama That  Tut*  Min  Griffin  -���00-  Mi,  .45  Croaa Can.  Concart ���  Survlvora  Cont'd  Barnay -  Miliar  Flah  Cont'd  -Oparatlonr-  Runaway  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movia   MQoln'  Down The  Road"     '  -Hawaii -  Flva-O  Conl'd  Conl'd  Hutchtnaon  Soap  Cont'd  Cont'd   Cont'd  Animation  Faallval  - Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  10  Cont'd  Cont'd  BC  N*wim*k*r*  Biralta  Cont'd  Conl'd  Con��d_  Polica  Woman  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Barnaby  Jon**  Conl'd  Cont'd  Baralta  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Two    -  Ronnl**  B.C.  Ounimok*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  11  CBC Niwl  Cont'd  N*w*  Conl'd  Slinky  * Hutch  N.WI  Cont'd  Tonight  Cont'd ,  CBC Nawi  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd  CTV Nawa  Cant'd   q  H*w* '  Cont'd ���  Dick  Cavatt  Turnabout  Cont'd  Phil  Sllvin  CBS Lll*  Movi*  -.  Family  F*ud  Party  Qam*  AUMy ���  Chlldrtn  Conl'd  Cont'd  :00 Bob -    qn*Uf* '      Cont'd   . Sanlord Turni Of Work Tumi Vancouvar  1:15 McLaan To Liv* Cont'd B8on Cont'd fnnocanco" Roomnaalici Cont'd Conl'd  :30 Cont'd Cont'd Doctors Marcua Quidlng Cont'd Art8l*rta Hollywood Conl'd  ���AS Cont'd Cont'd ' Conl'd Walby, Ughl Cont'd All About You Connection Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Young*  Th* R*stl**a  8piderman.  Cont'd'  Partrldga  Family  Hogan'a -  H*ro*l  Stroll  OlSan  Franclico'  Cont'd  Odd  Coupl*  Amvric*  SNighl  FRIDAY, MAY 5,1978  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL*  CHANNEL S_ CHANNEL 6   CHANNEL 7  CHANNELS   CHANNELS CHANNEL 12 CHANNEL 13  Ai  In  Touch  Cont'd  Cont'd  Window  Cont'd    (  Duaty'a  Traahouia  Saattla  Today  Cont'd  Cont'd  Daybraak Donahba ArtOI  Conl'd Cont'd Cooking  Joyca Tha Pnca Joyca  la Right Davidaon  Davidaon  Onca Upon Donahua lQQHuntl��y  A Claiatc Cont'd Slraat  Wordamith Conl'd Conl'd  Making Muilc Conl'd Cont'd  101  Canadian Happy High Canadian Conl'd Jaan  Schooll   ��� Dayi  -       -     Rollara ,   School! Conl'd Cannam  Miliar S20.00O Whi.lOI Miliar Lor.OI Definition  Preiiup. Pyramid Fortun* Drmup Lif* Conl'd  Elaclrie All InTh* Ed  Company Family Allan  3 C*nli Worth Lov* Ol Lively  Film Llfa Women  00  115J  Saaama  Straat  Cont'd  Conl'd  Family  Faud  Ryan'a  Hopa  Card  Sharka  Qong  Show  John  Barton  And Co.  Conl'd  Young ft  Tha Raatlaaa  Saarch For  Tomorrow  Karaan'a  Yoga  ll'a Your  Mova  AM Cart  All About You  Ovar  Eaiy  Mika  Douglaa  Cont'd  Cont'd  12  Switiar  Unllmiled  Ryan'a  Hop*  All My  Chlldran  Cont'd  Conl'd  Hollywood  8quar*a  DayaOl  Our Live*  New.  Clarkaon  Cont'd  Conl'd  AaThe  World  Newi  Conl'd  Movie  "Mongo'a  El��clric  Company  Inild* Out  Film  Cont'd  Cont'd  A* The  World  HO  1.5  I JO  45  Bob  McLean  Conl'd  Conl'd  On* Lll*  To Liv*  .Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  ^Cont'd  Doctor*  Cont'd  Sanlord  A Son  Marcui  Welby  Turn!  Conl'd  Guiding  Ughl  Back In  Town"  Cont'd  Cont'd, -  Zebra Wtnge  Mu��ic Place  Meeiur* Up  Art Carl  Turni  Cont'd  Hollywood  Connactlon  -00  >15  45  Coronation  ' Str**l  EdgeOI  Nighl  General  Hoapilal  Conl'd  Conl'd  Anothar  World  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  EdgeOI  Nlghl  Conl'd  Cont'd  All In The  Family  ^.L  b-00  t"  P:30  ,45  VHIgh  Hopaa .  TekeM  Cont'd  Anothar  ifilorld  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sreed\ N*wl,w*d  2C*nl*Worlh Game  Making Muilc Pan Th*  Wordinjith Buck  Edg* Of  Night  Crol*  Will  Movi*  "Operation  Croatbow"  Cont'd  High  Hop**  Tike 30  Conl'd  Dinah  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  ' Alan ^.  Hamel  Cont'd  Cont'd  Speekoul Malch  Cont'd Game  Vila     - Bewitched  Ategr* Cont'd  ���00  115  130  .45  Klahani*  Cont'd  Friday Alter  School  Men  Griffin  C6nt'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Klahani*  Cont'd  Fllppw  Conl'd  Emergency  One  Cont'd  Conl'd  Lucy  Show  Emergency  One  .Seiam* Funoroma  Street Cont'd  Conl'd The  Conl'd Monkeee  ���00  J-30  :45  Calabrity Cont'd  Cooka \ Cont'd  Ali In Tha Nawa  Family Cont'd  Nawlywad  Qam*  Nawa  Conl'd Conl'd  Adam-12  Cont'd  Nawa  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cong  Show  Miliar  Rogara  Elactrie  Company  My Thra*  Sona  ILova  Lucy  ���00  ��:15  130  45  Hourglaea  ��� Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd        ; | Cont'd  ABC Newa  Cont'd  Cont'd Nawa  Cont'd Conrd  NBC Newa Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd  CBS Newe Newi  Cont'd Cont'd  Mary Tyler Conl'd  Moore Conl'd  Big Blu*  - Marbl*  Over  Eeiy  Andy  Grlllilh  Hollywood  Squerei  ' V*ncouv��r  Conrd  Cont'd  Cont'd  r.-00  :15  ���JO  :45  MaryTytor (Film  Moor*   ' FMIhral  Reach For Th*'  Tin Top Muppeli  Senile  Tonlghl  Hollywood  Squ*r*s  Lawranc*  Walk  Conl'd  Cont'd  Movi*  "Born  Fr*."  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Operation  Pelticoel  Julie  Conl'd  MacNeil  Lehrer  Victory  Garden  Joker'a  Wild  Doctor In  The House  8  Rhoda  Cont'd   .  Hanrty  Korman  Captain t  Tannilla  Cont'd  Cont'd -  Grlzily  Adam*  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In Tha  Family  Harvay  Korman  , Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Black   Shaap  Squadron  Cont'd  Captain ft  Tannil|a  Cont'd  Cont'd  .Washington  Waak  Wall Straal  Waak  Nama That  Tuno  Merv  Griffin  Barnaby  Jonaa  Cont'd r  Conl'd  CKVU Sporta  Paga  Cont'd  Cont'd  12  ' Uv*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Tom*  Conl'd -  Cont'd  Conrd j  Cont'd  Conl'd  Lete Movie  "Hong  Kong"  Cont'd  CBS Law  Movi*  "To Commit  Maniog*"  Late Movie  "War  Italian  Styl*"  "How To  Commit  Marriage"  Cont'd  Quwtlon  P*r��d "  Conl'd  Cont'd  CHANMEVI1    WO-700 Club; 1030-Mlk* Oougl**; 1��00-Newe; 1230-Lovo, American Style; lAO-Movi*: "Court Martial Of Billy Mitchell";  ~     fi45-Cartoon Tim*; S.-00-Ftlntaton**; 3JO-B*n*ru Spill* And Frltnd*; 4:0O-Munitira; 430-Ollllgm'* Ulind, 5:00-Leave II  ~\_/To B**v*n 5J0-B*wllched; S-OO-Partrldg* Family; 6J0-Brldy Bunch; 7S0-Hog*n'* H*ro*a; 7JO-Ad��m-1S; IM-SpKlil-  "Jawi Of Death"; 1tM��-Newo; 10-JO-Amtric* iNlghl; 11��0-Odd Couple; 1130-Th* F.BJ; 1t3o-N*we  '    ��0  Lil*  Special  Conrd  Lai* Movi*  Pleyofle  12iS  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  "Carry On  Conl'd  ���Conl'd  Avengeri  Cont'd,  Cont'd \  Matron"  Cont'd  .45  '  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  ^Cont'd  Family  Faud  "Parly  Gama  All My  Children  Cont'd  Cont'd  Vancouver  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Young A  TheReslleis  Spidarman  Conl'd  Partridge  Family  Hogan a  -Haroaa  Slreeta  OlSan  Franciaco  Conl'd  Odd  Coupla  Amarica  2Nighl  Vancouver  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  9��  ' Canadian  ABC Movia  Rockford  Canadian  Incredible  Switch  Maatarpiece  Expreaa  ������With Thla  Filaa  Expreaa  Hulk.  Conl'd  Theatre  Conl'd   N  Ring"  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  "Our Mutual  This  M  Cont'd       \  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Friend"  Cont'd  Ring"  -00  10��  Huabanda,  \Cont*d  Quincy  National   ,  Conl'd  Quincy  World  Wlvaa And  Cont'd  ���   Confd  Geographic  Cont'd  Cont'd  -Tha  Lovara  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���Nguba  .45  Cont'd  ConVd  Conl'd    ���  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Connection"  Cont'd  Conl'd  at  11^5  C8C Nawa  Nawa    ~  Nawa  CBC Nawa  Nawa  CTV Hawa  Dick  Phil  Cohl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cavelt  Page  Nawa  Kentucky  Tonight  Newt  Baakatball  Newa  World  Late Movie  :4$  MMInutaa  Darby  x Conl'd  Cont'd  NBA  Cont'd  Warl  "The  Cont'd  yy  Late Movie  Fskera"  Lata Movie  "Dr Jekyll  Cont'd  ' Dream  And Slater  Cont'd  Lite"  Hyde"  Cont'd  Cont'd  CHANNEL 11 1:00-700 Club; 10-30-Mlk* Douglai; 12.DO.Niwi; 13-30-Lov*. Amarican Style. 1 00-Mone ��� Broken Arrow", 345-Certoon  Tlma; 3DO-Fllntlton��i; uo-Banan* Splili And Friend.. 4 00-Munalere. 4 30-Gllligan'e Ulind. 5 OOLeive II To Beaver.  5 JO-B*wilch*d; 6.-0O-p*rtrtdg* Fefflily; 6.30-Brady Bunch; 7A0-Hog*n'i Heroee, 7 30-Adem-12,8��0-Wonder Women. 9 00-  Ironlid*; 10:00-N*wb; 10-JO-Amence 2Nlghl; 11-00-Odd Couple, 11:30-The F BI; 12 30-700 Club; 2 00-Newi  CHANNEL 26    fe10-Ouv*rtur* Et Horaire; 9:15-L*i 100 Tour* De Cinlout; ��-.30-Lll Oralwm; t-AS-En Mouvement 10D0-U Bolt* A  Lellrei; Ithis-Vlrgini*; 10-J0-M*g*iin*-Eipr*u; 11M-L** Trouvaille! Oe Clemence, HJO-Mon Pay*, M*a Amour*; 12KI0���  Mini-Fee; 12:30-L*i Coquiluchel; 11^0-Telejoumll; lUS-Femme O'AuM'd'hui; 14 30-L* Tempi De Vhrra; tB-00-Bobino;  H.30-L* GranKr, 17r00-L'Heure D* Pent*; 1S-00-C* Soir. 1��00-A Communlqinn 1t:30-Bas*ball: Houilon Ailroi Vi.  Montraal Eipoa; 22A0-A Communlquer; 22-JO-Tole|Ournal; 23J0-Nouv*ll��* Du Sport; 23-IO^Iefl*!* D'Un P��y*; 24.10-  ChMma: "L* Ratour D* Don Camillo; 2:1��-T*leiourn��l  -  I  CHANNEL 26    8;10-Ouy*rtur* El Horair*; 0-.15-P*M��-P*rtout; fc45-En Mouv*m*nt; 10^1O-You Hou; 10:15-M)nut* MoumouUI; 10-^o-M*g*-   Iin*-Expr*s��rt1 *0-L*a Trouvalll** Da CI*rn*nc*;11dG-Qin����al*a D* L* Faun*; 12��0-Roqinl, B*ll*�� Orailt**; 12^0-Laa -  Coquaiueh**; 13^0-T��l*]purrial; 1135-Famm* D'AuJourd'hul; 1430-CiiMm*: "D*ui lmb*cll*a H*ur*ui"; 16rf)04oblno;  1&90-U* Conl** Du Tien 17��0-L'H*ur* De Point*; 18.-00-C* Soir; 1tA0-L*i Piirrefiu IftJO-Du Tic Au Tac; 2fk00-L*  Soir** Du Hock*y: L���� 6��ml-F1n��lM; 22^0-T*l*iourn*l; 23-00-Nouv*tl*e Du Sport; 23.10-L** Nouvclw* Av*ntur*e D*  Vido��i;I4:10-Cin*��ia:"LbLolDuSII*nc*";2.DO-T*l*iourn*l \  CHANNEL 26 l:10-Ouv*rtur* Et Horalr*. 8-15-Lae IOO Touri D* C*nlour, 9J0-L* Oraliem; 9 45*En Mouvement, lODO-Tem-Tam; 1015.  -. Virgim*riO:30-M*gazin*-Eiipr*li^1'00-Paya Erpeuplei; 11 30-T*moignigei,~12 00-Seiime, 12 30-Lei Coquetuchci,  13 30-Tei*iourn*l. 13 35-F*mm* D'Aulord hui; 14 30-L*l Aleliere. 15-30-AU Jerdin Oe Pierrol. 15 45-Du Soleil A Cinq Cenli.  K-00-Boblno. 16J0-L* Gulanbarg; 17-00-L'Heure De Pomlo: 15��0-Ce So,,; 19 00-Mircue Welby. 20 00-Aller-Retour. 20 30-  Prii Low* Phillpo* K*mm*ne;ttyi.T^��iournal:3310-Cinema "L* Fanlome D* Cet Dancing"; 1 30-Cinema "Un Homme  Ubr*";3:15-T*l*|ourn*l  '  SATURDAY, MAY 6,1978  t  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEfc-4���  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL8  - CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  M  Seeame  Utt-A-  Go Go Globe*  KktdieaOn  Buga  Kiddie*  One* Upon  Bugl���.  Latf-A-  A.15  9ai  Street  Lymplca  iratlera  Kamera  Bunny  On K*m*ra  A Clonic  Bunny  Lympiei  Laaaia  Cont'd  Pink  Jerry  Road  Lit'*  Rebop  Rood  Cont'd  0:45  Cont'd  Cont'd  Panther  Falwall  Runner  Go  Cont'd  Runner (,  Cont'd  ���00  CBC Sporta  Kroftl  Baggy Pente  Cont'd  Cont'd  G*org*  8��*am*  Cont'd  Rocket  10;;  Soccer      "  Suparahow  Nitwita  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Street  Cont'd  Robin  F.A.Cup  Cont'd  Space  Maturity: Tha  Batman  KldituH  Cont'd  Batman  Hood   -45 __  Finale  Cont'd   _���Santinala _-_  Golden Yaara  -Tarzan   -Cont'd-   ���  -Cont'd ���  - Tarian  OptnHoui*    -  M  Cont'd  Weekend  Pra-Gama  Show  Cont'd  Rid  Human  Cont'd  100Hunll*y  113  Cont'd  Special  Beaabatt  Bit  Cont'd  - Fllher  - Stfiuality  Cont'd ,  Street  - Cont'd  ABC Sporta  Cont'd   - ���^"  McGowan-'"  ���~ Tha Secrete "  ~CTV Sporta  Human  Th* Sacrata  Conl'd  ���45  Cont'd  Goll  Cont'd  And Co  Otitis  World  8*iu��lity  Of HI*  Cont'd  ���00  ToBa  Byron  Cont'd  Sporla  Fat Albert'  Cup  Ancient  f il Albert  Cont'd  1225  Announced  Nalaon  Cont'd  Review  Cosby Kids  Hockay  Egypt  Coaby Kid*  Confd    -  Conl'd  Claaalc  Conl'd  Travel  Space  Canada  Anciant  Spac*  CKVU Sporti  45  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Journal  Academy  Vi.  Egypt  _ Academy,  Cont'd  ���00  .    VIP.  Wide      "  Cont'd  Had  ��� Whal'a New  Sared��n  Survival  Outlook  Cont'd  1 30  Cont'd  World Ol  Cont'd  Ftaher  Miater Magoo  Cont'd  Kit  Conl'd  Conl'd  Mr. Chip*  Sporta  Cont'd  Discover  CBS Film  Cont'd  Frartch  . Porapecllv*  Cont'd  .45  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Festival  Cont'd  cimi  Cont'd  Cont'd  K��  x CBC Sporta  -Kentucky   '  Thla Week  CBC Sporla  Movie  Kentucky  Victory  700  Cont'd  ���   ��1S  <bJ0  Saturday  Derby  In Baseball  Saturday  "Alaskan  Darby  Q*rd*n  Club '  Cont'd  Sporta  Cont'd  Survival  Sporta  Safari"  Cont'd  MO.  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Vie Oicrili Pi* Anlmaum 17:W-Cln*-Magalln*| 11,00-Aua rronllmi Du Connu; 11 Jo-  Teta|OI��n*l| 1l;>5-T*l*lcopl��| 1�� 00-A��*o Le Tempi! 11 ��-lei Baaus Olmanch*i| 10:90-L*l Beeus Dim*noh*l| >1;50.L.|  Besua Dlmmcheii t>;90-Tele|ourneli ni4S-Sport-DlmMch*i Ilflo-pellllque Provlnclelei Miio-cme-ciubi "Slndbob"  \  \W&h,  SUNSHINE COAST TV  SALES & SERVICE  Use Times' Adbriefs to Sell Bent Buy, Swqp etc.  IN  the M  OF SECHELT  885-9816  Ask about our  "Package" dealt.*  Mark of Quality  APPLIANCES & TELEVISIONS  Date Pad  Does Your Club or Group Report  festy Highlights  PafrkrElementary  School Auditorium  . ^PW^WkMiH^Ww��B��^i'p^fcp^B.--J^^'^kMp*^  '$l;.(M>7^dwlt^^^^^  'ImmW'iJf'  ^������v  sn  ,���    '  CHANNEL 11 SOO-T00 Club; IftJO-Mlk* Douglas; 1J��-N*wsi 11-JO-Low, Am*rlc*n Style: 100-Movl*: "Llllee Ol The f leld"i >:45-Csr-  toM Time; J-OO-Fimiitoneei >;��.��Mine Spllla And rrlMdn 400-Munilin; 4:30.Glltlgen'e laland; JOOLeivi ll To  Beavar; Id0-B*wllch*d; ����0-Penrtdg* Family) SiM-Brsdy Bunchi 7-00-Hog.n'i H.,o��i| 7:)0-Adem-l>| lOO-M.rcui  Welbyi t-.IXHroneldei 1IUKI-Mewi| IlkM-AmMlo* Mlghli 1100-Odd Coupl*; 1 liM-The F.B.I.| l>i!0-Newi '  CHANNBL M A:10-Ouv*rlUf* (I Hor*k*l S:>VTh* Bun Bunnell: HJ-L.l 100 Touri D* Cinlout: l��Ln Onllenil ��;<5En Mouv.m.nl;  1000-Un�� F*MU* DMl Ma Tele| 10:1 J-VlrglnW: 10:)��.M*g*lln.-tapr.ll| 11OTL.I Trouv.ill.i Di Ct.rr.ir.ci: 11:M-Sur  U Cat* Du PMlltqu*| 11M-S*HM*| 1>:10-L** Coa,u*luch*l; llJO-Tililouinil; IllS-F.mmi D>u|ourd'hull KiM-Cln.-  mat -Clumibre A >nn IMMWHrwi H:J��-AI*l*ridr* (I La Rati 1T��0-l'H��ur* 0* Point*; 1S-00-C* solri IS:00-O.nW  ���dm*; JO00-A Cms* D* Mm Onol*| J0:��0-��o.n.rloi alflO-T.t.-Sll.clloni "McCloudi L. Crepulcule Du Bout Du  Mond*"i ��1:>0-Tete)ourn.l: >MO-Nouvellee Du Sporti MHO-Sohutmeleleri L'dpion De L'Cmperiuri >4:10-Ctnemei  '���  "Leonorn;S:00-T*t*|ourn*l ,"  II, 10-  May 3 ��� Socholt Garden Club Mooting, St, Hilda's Holl, 7:30 pm  Mdy 3 ��� TlmM Trails Club Monthly MoOtlnQ, Rod & Oun flub, iB pin,  May 3 ��� Toon Contr? Drop In.'WIUon Crook Scout Hall, 7 ;30-?:30 pm,  May 3����� Pro-School Library A Storytlmo, WlUon Crook Community Hal  1) i30 am        '  May 4 ���- Spoclal Gonoral Mooting, Sunshlno Coast Community Rosourcos  ,,.   Socloty, Socholt Elort, Opon Aroa, 7:30 pm, To authorlio tho Doard of  Director* to borrow Temporary Fundi. ,  May 4 -��� Women's Contre Drop In, Robts C.\y (next to P.O,) library S Information, 11 am-4 pnri  May 5 ��� Festival Highlights Concort Irom tho Sunshlno Coast Music,  Drama ft Dance Festival, Madeira Park Elementary School, 7:30 pm.  ���..,..,,.|V,00.pCKlgl��sr28C'cWldr��nr'---"':"pp --���--;--��-��*���-"���    --- :   May 6 ��� Scouting �� Guiding Auction, Sechelt, Habk     '      i  May 6 ��� Rummage Sale, St, Dart's ACW, 10 am-noop --,  May 7 ��� Family Fun'Day, Wilson Creek Community Centre, starts tyn,  Holds eventsi 8 pm, picnic; 6 pm, family daneo.  May 0.-��� Roberts Croek Hospital Auxiliary Meeting, St. Aldan's Hall, 11 am  May 9 ���Teen Centro Drop In, Wllsdn Croek Scout Hall, 7i30-9:30 pm!  -At,Whttnk��rHow��Bihrofl|^Mar<^^^  McConnachlo,  Annual Girl Guide Cookie^  Remainder on sole al Sunnycrost Mall, May 6. Thank you for your  , support, , , i    ,  USfi TH|$ SPAC1 TO PROMOTE YOUR ORGANIZATION'S EVENTS. CALL BBS-323)  .vv,p,,!i,,y''"'"*?^!','I'Cvl,''3|  ^iWgAWlit-lViitS-^i!!  fcl'.'W^'W'I'M'l^Illv/i!!^!!  ^^���'^.'C-  * *^m. wt| m 1tf  ii��W��Hi'(tS"*t *Jl!i*W��Sil��lWf^R*^1MH>W!4-  \ ^,  ,  I  /J \    >'  1 ,.  w  \  SIDB GLANCES  O indeed!  by George Campbell    ^ /g^,  ' '0 Canada!" We all sing it, but few of  us give any real thought to the words we  are bellowing... concentrating instead  on regaining our seats and getting the.  game started.  Most folks think that the "Q" of '0  Canada' is an exclamation of patriotism,  buY actually it stands for "Oil", which,  comes from Alberta.  "Our home and native land," means  that our natives would like to have their  land back, though what with pollution and  inflation, it is difficult to understand why.  "True" patriot love" was originally  written *as "true love," but the early  missionaries insisted that the lyricist stick  in the word "patriot", pointing out that if  they had wanted a love song tjiey would  have asked for one.  There is a touch of male chauvinisni in  the line,- -In all thy-sons command." But -  even though the  daugthers were not ,  mentioned, they were there. They.HAD to  be, because without them there couldn't  have been any sons. What with _those_  daughters, the sons, and all that true love  (patriotic or otherwise) it is a wonder our  population isn't four times what it is today.  "With glowing hearts" is the poetic  way of saying heartburn, which is brought  on by bilingualism.  "We see thee rise" refers to taxes and  prices: "The true north STRONG and  free" refers to odors created by kraft  mills, sewage disposal plants, and othei:  grand enterprises on the north side of the  49th parallel. The "free" means there is no  charge for these odors.  "And stand on guard, 0 Canada, we  stand on guard for thee." If this line  conjures up a mental picture of a red-  coated Mountie standing stiffly beside a  tall evergreen tree, grimfaced and alert,  : guarding the natural resources of the  Dominion of Canada ... boy, are you ever  naive! Actually the.line refers to the guard  dogs rented by the ownersofwarehouses--  across Canada, in a futile attempt to'  protect the premises from thieves.  The anthem becomes a bit repetitive  after this, going "0 Canada, glorious and  free, 0 Canada we stand on guard for  thee," or (your choice)) "0 Canada,  glorious and free, we stand on guard, we  stand on guard for thee." Having two  versions of this line makes for some interesting harmony when several thousand  people are singing both at the same time.  (Many Canadians stop singing when they  get to this line, leaving the orchestra to  carry on by themselves for a few bars.)  The last line, "O Canada, we stand on  guard for thee", is merely a repeat of the  line that went before. There are two  schools of thought regarding this  repetition. One holds that the composer  ran out of inspiration and took the easy  way out. The other holds that the composer suspected that eventually  Newfoundland would become a part of  Canada, and he wanted to make the song  simple enough for a citizen of that  province to memorize.  So there you have it.,.   the true  meaning of the Canadian national anthem..  And you;really should not be surprised that ;  it is so often muisunderstood. After all, the  music to "0 Canada" was composed by a ,  Frenchmen who lived most of his life in the '  United States, and the lyrics were written  by an Englishman who lived most of his  life in error.. '  Weather report  Weather April 22-28*   s     Lo    Hi Prec.  mm  April22 5     9     2.3  April23..., 7. 4    13     nil  April24.... 4    13     nil  April25 8    17     nil  April26 11    16.    5.6  April27  9    12     0,8  April28      8  .15     6.6  Week's rainfall ��� 15.3 mm. April ���  129:3 mm. 1978 ��� 510^0. mm.  April 22-28,1977 ���13.5 mm. April, 1977  ��� 54.6 mrrf. Jan. 1 ��� Apr. 28,1977 ��� 336.0  mm. 1, Af  PageB-8 -  The Peninsula Times.  Wednesday, May 3, 1978  Arena loss first in four years  For the' first^time in four years of  operation, the Sunshine Coast Arena experienced a financial loss.l 7;  The Sunshine Coast Arena Association  experienced a loss of $11,137.02 for th^.  1977-78 fiscal year. -   ;       % (,  The arena paid out $123,194.83 in expenses but made only $112,057.81. The loss  is attributed to a decrease ih coffee shop  and'bar revenue, during weekends the  Gales games were cancelled., *,  Payroll made up the largest chunk of  the budget at$64,571.47, with a $14,000 B.C.  Hyhro payment, the next highest expense'.  Advertising.-q  I      is  I * of i  j     CANADIAN I  your way  introduction.  ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  Book Look  By MURRIE REDMAN  7m  TRIAL  OF  ELVIRA  BARNEY  (Celebrated Trial Series) by Peter Cotes,  David and Charles (Douglas and Mclntyre) CJ976, 127 pages, illus.  Celebrated trials is a series that brings  famous; trials .back for anothei1 look.  General editor, Jonathan Goodman, has. |  six books to his credit. Cotes, who is the  editor of this particular account, is an  actor and writer. It is natural that he  choses to write about Elvira Barney  because her life was very dramatic. She  also aspired to the theatre ahd might have  been successful had she not been such a  spoiled and temperamental young lady in  true life. Cotes does not overly dramatize  Ws story, but he does add the necessary  detail to make Elvira and company quite  real and interesting, albeit decadent and  pampered.  To me, there Is little more exciting in  the realm of reading than a good report of  a trial. At a trial we see the human experience in action. The added advantage ,  of a post-trial account makes the crlrrie  even more intriguing, for it often answers  the question: Why. What drove the  murderer to commit such a desperate act?  Is the criminal a victim of circumstances?  Has. the accused been given a fair trial?  In the course of this murder,  questioning by tho lawyers Is clover and,  (fkulatcd. To discover if a witness  SWcmcnt that Elvlira had a gun ln her left  hand is true, the lawyer for tho defense  tricks her into picking up the gun spontaneously In thewitness -stand.-"**"���'--'-*  Also giving vitality to the book la the  prc-crlmo background outlining the times  as well aa the events leading up to tho  murder. It had not been the first time that  police had been, called to tho fashionable  converted garago In I/mdon to stop a  Violent lover's quarrel Elvira often gave  ccxiktall parties that went to excesses In.,���,  drugs and wayward activities. Cars of the  thirties bearing ipembcra of tho Bright  Young Things camo nnd went ot nil hours  of tho night nnd early morning. I/ondon  commoners read with pleasure, about tho  antics of what would Iks the Jet Ret today.  When It was learned that tlio racy KUvTrfl  had shotnnd killed her loverrwhose sexual-  naturo was somewhat ambivalent, interest Ih the group mounted te a no   HlgHT"  The event sold newspapers, mating o  pocket of, salacious curiosity In an  otherwise dreary period between wars.  Even after tho trial at which Elvira was  Bndatthenwityof-Mlimtng-rqKrrteref-  Her behaviour became more erratic and  her,life more abandoned., After what  ; ^-'-'#l)iiC^^  1> .7 ~M��f rtaturjal causcs^J^^  v..*.-,-"-meht��� KcrlBst" prcBH Feport was "M"~  obltynry. ,  �����������������      .   t y  CARPETS-APPLIANCES-CABINETS-T.V'S-UNO-STEREOS  ELECTRONICS  922-2017  (toll free  from  Vancouver)  with the famous  %���*��  ?: r.R-  I  iCIALLY SELECTED ROLLS  OUR MAIN CARPET LINES  "/ali-  DROP IN AND SEE  A"foS^finoV'^'     ��rd��nsllv  co,0r &    COLoUR   "�� tunin  ��y-  lisf  ci>* lini Qul     '  cond;(,'  -i flO* |;  ���HE**  mB  LARGE SELECTION  CARPETS & LINO  **>;�����  . -"'"9    *,0'��rv   ,  A::XAAx7k:;X  NOW $  ��� x .vl\w rA ���      V,  ^<V     $  IT'S ALL HAPPENING DURING THE  ;��� ������'������"���'''������ ������'������-.. ������;'"    ...-���������:  N..  .���,.....,,,.. r  Bi:.lfeiti*,Bi,^ I  k'W^^'^i��^|^HP��^��#^^Bi'nHwm^��||  +m9tomm** mmm  ^JWay 5th & 6th^  HHwy IdTSlbsons  A^:i''-<;y:y>:,->:,v ....  *    ',   ������  �� Mt^^^fs^^t^ftBisw^^ir^^eaiMMB^^  M|  '  ��fl*l ^W^W^!U��^**^#l*_Kt|(-lfMO|ft'��**Jt'wt����*ll*  '�������^^��'WM����irt(��M^^r^^    #^>*t^imiKw%irwMM��-VH%^B����^^ jU&mtito**w-tysto<e4lm#��%<  'i       i V    \  .    ��� Y  Squaringly yours  By MAURICE HEMSTREET    ���  Hello, fellow square dancers, once  again I bring you good news in the field of  square dancing. '  ' With^good old Harry and good old  _myself-teamingnpiOr The Sunshirie"Cpast  Country Stars Square Dance Club, we liad  ourselves a night of square dancing that  willing be remembered.as we preceded  . to wind up the ~ 1977-78 square dance  season. In fact, it was a night that will  never be forgotten^ but I had best start  from the beginning?  There was a delicious sit down Chinese  * dinner catered, by none other than Bill  Wong an ardent square dance fan of ours.  Then President Merril Bowes gave one of  the best after "dinner speeches that I have  event bent ari ear to, he really should have  a medal because this is the first night that  he mariSged to stay out of trouble, as an  after thought, we just may keep him on as  president.,  ^  After dinner, the beginner class had to  square up with shoe boxes on their feet and  oven mitts on their hands to prove that  -tfiey^could^square  dance   under - an^r  ���situation-and-they-didso-greattHat^callef"  Harry and teachers helper Deanna  Robertson presented them all with square  dance diplomas. Both dancers and  "teachers should-be-very proud of their  parts in the square dance world of  thousands.  There were also round dance diplomas  given out to those who were not present at  the last ofthe round dance classes, even I  received a half of a diploma with great  assurance from caller Harry that if I tried  real hard next season I may just get the  .^qther half, well, I'm not one to give up,  "thank's anyway Harry, may the hole in  your best record heal up.  President Merril had all the men line  up on one side of the hall and the ladies-on  ^jffie'offier, then the ladies had to take off  one slipper which were all mixed up ahd  _passedout tothe inen, where onthe word  go, the men had to find the lady that his  slipper fit, what a scramble, as the  slippers were put back oh the rightful  owner, she became his partner for the next'  dance. With so many slippers of the same  colour and style, two ladies had (heirs  mixed up, so on 'Changing they also  changed partners. This was good for quite  a few jests and a lot of laughter.  At coffee time, a beautiful cake with the  motif of the square dance, linked squares  with happy birthdays to all the 39ers club  in one square and the other held happy  square dancing 1977-78 Grads. It was one  of the nicest cakes we have ever had.  Well, on with the dance and with just  about six sets on the floor, I have never  known an evening to go by so quickly. Lest  I forget, The Country Stars gave Harry  ancLmajquite a--surprise.-You. know, there  are quite a few nice surprises as you  trundle through life that make living worth  while.  At this time Harry and I would like to  thank all of the square dancers that have  ��� made this past season* one of the best ever  and may the good Lord, Bless you all.  __'A special thanks to MrrBill Wong for a"  banquet supreme from all of the Country  Stars square dance club, and once again  we thank The Peninsula Times, for  carrying our square!'*' dance hews so faithfully. Don't forget to buy next weeks Pen.  Times where I will do my best to tell you-  all about our trip to Powell River, see you  all next week at The Square H room. Have  '  a good day, by now.  S^  keeps Vou  posteil.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  ELPHINSTONE    WANDERERS,   derers Tournament held April 29 and,.? -Sechelt Chiefs 5-1 in  winners of the -Elphinstone; Wan-   30._ The . Wanderers  defeated., the.; ,-at Langdale field on  the finals played  Sunday, AprilJO.  Sports briefs  Coast soccer standings  By RICK CROSBY  Ladies from the Sunshine Coast golf  club played the ladies from the Capilano  club on April 20 at the Capilano Golf  Course, losing by a slim two point margin.  "Lil "Bullied, Eileen Evans, Audrey  McKenzie, Gleena__J5alahub, -Norma-  Gaines, Wilma Sim, Vera Munro and  Jessie Pritchard made up the=Sunshine  Coast team and express their gratitude to  the Capilano team for a memorable-day. .  The final score was Capilano -73 and  Sunshine Coast 71.  On Tuesday, April 25 the.ladies club  played nine and eighteen hole tournaments at our local course. First in the  nine hole, irons only competition was  Margo Mathews. Second was Dorothy  Fraser. First in the eighteen hole, irons  only was" Betty Turhball. Second was  Norma Gaines. .   - - ' ���  SOCCER  On May 6 the Pender Harbour Bananas  and the Sechelt Chiefs will meet at Hackett  Park to play for the Coast League Cup.  Game starts at 1 p.m. The referee will be  Jerry Berthlet from Sechelt. Immediately  foUowing the game tHere will bife-an-aWards  presentation. Here are the standings for  the top three Coast league teams.  ��� W L T  GP  GA' PTS  Bananas.;..,...13  4. 1    52    35       27  Chiefs 11  2  3    60    38      25  Wakefield : 10   7   1    49    36       21  SCHOOL SPORTS  Track and field ��� An up and coming  meet at the grades 8, 9 and 10 levels between Brackendale, Chatelech and  Squamish will feature some promising  athletes from Chatelech. Here are some  names to watch: Tim Evans in sprint and  400-yard dash: Linda Lehman in the long  distance and sprint; Bonnie Janiewich in  ; the long distance; Greg Mathews in discus  and highjump; Carry Mathews in hurdles  and the 400-yard dash; Trever Paul in long  distance; Freman Smith, sprints and  Dwayne Joe in long distance.  RUGBY  On Thursday, April 27, the Elphinstone  senior boys rugby team played Garibaldi  senior boys at Maple Ridge In the Fraser  Valley. Rick Lawson scored the trl for  Elphinstone. 7 ,  i On Thursday, May 4 the Elphinstone  Come to Us:  We're Experts  QUALIFIED BIKE MECHANIC  onstaff  FULLY EQUIPPED SHOP  "NORCO SPORT" Model 2000-10 Spd.  TTVX91V  a [A,  senior boys rugby team will go to the  Spring Finals in Kelowna. Sixteen teams  from throughout B.C. will compete in the  event for the Provincial Cup.  In interschool soccer, Tuesday, April_  25;the Pender Harbour Grade Eight; teamL���  beat Elphinstone 4-3. In the junior division  Elphinstone took Pender Harbour 3-0.  On' Thursday, April 27, Chatelech and ,  Elphinstone Grade Eight soccer teams :  drew to a 3-3 tie. ��� '-Aa _77"_"_ _, _-4  MINOR BASEBALL  Minor Baseball is being organized on  the Sunshine Coast. With daylight saving  time into effect most games are scheduled'  for 6:30 p.m.  In the eleven and twelve year-oW,  Bronco   division,   Gibsons   Athletic  Association will play. Elphinstone Rec,.  Friday, May 5 at Brothers park in Gibsons.        7>  These following games will all be  played at Gibsons Elementary School  field.  OrTThursday, May 4, in girls softball, j  ,Gibs6hs Legion plays Elphinstone Rec. Om 1  *;J^dafc~May~5 &Jtn^  Gibsons Legion 109 plays Kinsmen. Ih  Teeball, the Foresters play Royal Bank  and Roberts Creek Legion plays Gibsons  AthletitrAssociation.  SPCAV  The executive director of the British  Columbia SPCA will be visiting the Sechelt  Peninsula on May 16 to discuss the  establishment of a branch of the SPCA in  this area.  FKHING      a  Gibsons has slowed down from a week  ago, probably due to a pod of killer whales  that went through the gap last week. A few  bluebacks are starting to show up off  Gower Point.  Pender Harbour continues to report  limit catches of bluebacks. A green  flashtail was the lure trfuse last week.  Springs are still being taken into the  Francis point waters. One boat brought in  two 15 pounders on Friday, April 28.  GOLF' '   ���' ���'-���   '  IJhe Golf club held their Spring Opening  Tournament on Sunday, April 30. The four-  ball best ball event began at 8:30 a.m. and  wound up at 1 p.m. Seventy-six entries  playe^ln tho event.  Flrstplace team was the Ed Mcllwaine  group with Margo Mathews, Jack Milburn  and Bill Peterson. Their team shot a 66 two  under par.  Second placo was tho Don-Douglas  team with Cliff Salahub, Adeline Clarke  and Isobel Draper. They shot a 68 for par,  Third place was the Ed Dory team with  Ron Oram, Eileen Evans, and Vlra Munro.  They shot a 69 on over par,' "���;  The next big event f is tho Walter  Morrison Memorial Trophy Tournament.  This will bo a four ball, best ball event with  weekly rounds running through tho  summer. Walter and Wilma Morrison  r donated the land ifofllie golf course in 1005.*  .y:y.yyy,,y,,.,,,     ,,,,,���.,��.  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Teachers' Federation  and the School Trustees Association. All  because the Minister insists on controlling  every aspect of education from Victoria.  This government's increased rates for  ferries   and   ICBC   are   atrocious.  ..Millionaires can pay these increased rates  but tfie^people of B.C. are burdened by  such actions.  The economic mismanagement of this  government is unbelievable. The budget  had no hope for the creation of enough  jobs. Unemployment is 20 - 25 per cent in  much of B.C. and this government does  nothing. Increasing the senior citizens  supplement by $100 would do more to help  the economy than anything Mr. Bennett  proposed in his budget. This money would  be spent immediately because senior  -eitizens^re^inable^o-pay-fortheir-basic-  living requirements-now. Undoubtedly  small business would be given a shot in the  arm by this action because that is, where  seniors would spend their extra $100,  The long-term care program sponsored  by the Ministry of Health is an excellent  concept in health care but badly funded. In  order for that program to work,  Homemakers must be given sufficient  funds. But this Social Credit government is  under-paying the people who provide this  service. Unless the Homemakers are  given enough money to run their part of  the program, the whole long-term care  concept will die. " -  It is typical of the thinking of this  millionaire's government that they would  increase the tax on cigarettes and liquor.  .Government members can afford to pay  for the increased cost but the poor, and  they are increasing in numbers every day  due to this government, have no hope of  paying $1 for a pack of cigarettes, $10'to  $12 for a.bottle of liquor.   The Indian Bands of this province have  proven their ability ticThandle their own  economic affairs, not with hand-outs but  sound economic management of their  economic affairs. I believe the bands  should be given the status of local  government and recieve government  revenue as a local government. The  Socreds believe Indian Bands are incapable of managing their own affairs and  will not recognize them as local governments.  I will be discussing these matters in  greater detail during the estimates of the  various ministries. I hope that this  government will take my suggestions to  heart. But their actions since 1975 nialce  me believe that they care very little about  the people of B.C.  TRANSPORTATION  In the past few weeks, I have spoken on  numerous occasions in the Legislature  concerning this government's lack of  transportation policy. This lack of clearly  stated policy results in transportation  .becoming a maj pr problem for residents  outside the Lhwer .Mainland and Lower  ^ancouver-;Island;;OT7���r7;--'-T���OT'''"  The   rise   in, ferry   rates   has   in  convenienced countless  people  on the  Nortel Coast. Ferries should be considered  an extension - oPthe-highway system' ur  areas where highways are not easily built.  As such,  they  should be  cheap  and  available.to all.  -_-:_  Secondly, more ferries should be'builf  to adequately service the coast. Right  Speeding  didn't  ___Wednesday,-May-3,-1978  Michael Allen Graham pleaded guilty  ^provincial court April 26 to impaired  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  .      SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPELCHURCH  Davis Uuy Roncl sit Lmirel  Davis Bay  i Sunday School 9;45 am  Morning Service  ,,,, 11 :(X) am  HvcninR Service .' 7:00 pm  Wed, I'rnycrund Bible Study  Phofte 885-52%  "'HOHnli'iiomiiHiiluiutl"  .PttslorClifawlMcMullen  UNITED CHURCH  Hev, AnnetteM, Reinlumlt  8 W).;  9:.10 am ��� SI. .Win's, Wilson Crock  11:15 a.m. ���Gibsons  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  "��( II:30 ii.iT). (except Inst Sunday in  month "nt 12:30 p.m.) Wed. Evenings;  7:.T(). t  All In Si, John's United Church,  Dnvls liny,  Phone 885..11,57, 886-7882, 88.1-9240  now, the Queen of Surrey is lying unused.  It should be.put to use immediately and the  government should build more ferries to  efficiently service the entire coast.N  If more ferries Vvere built communities  such as Ocean Falls could be adequately'  serviced. This government proves its  disregard for people once gain and this  time the people of Ocean Falls are the  victims.  Transportation policy is also weak  concerning air traffic in the province. The  government should be providing proper  lighting for airports up and down the coast  so these airports could be used at night.  This government should also build a mid-  coast airport at Campbell River to, serve  the mid-coast areas of the province. As it  now stands there is no adequate service to -  this area andthis government is unwilling  to start such a project.'  Finally, we may have forced the  government to keep open-the_B.CL,Rail  extension to Fort Nelson, at least until the  next election. The NDP has fought long-  and hard to ensure that all parts of the  province will have adequate transportation links. And we have prevailed  upon the Socred goverrment to keep that  line-open.  .These are some of the issues revolving  around transportation that I have debated  in the Legislature and I will be discussing  these matters in more detail during the  estimates of the various ministers.  driving after a March 18 high-speed chase  with police in his Honda Civic.  The 17-year-old Gibsons truckdriver  said he had been drinking all day March 18  when police spotted him at 9, p.m. making  a sloppy right hand turn out of the Beachcomber Motor Inn parking lot west onto  Highway 101.       RCMP put on their flashing lights, but  instead of.pulling over, Graham raced  toward Sechelt forcing "a~lighPcdlored  sedan off the highway. Because of the  better cornering capacity of the Honda,  police could not catch Graham, until he  stopped at the Roberts Creek Community  Hall. . ^  "Graham told police that hedid not know  they had been following him.  .  The youth was fined $500 in default 14  days in jail and was put on_pjobation-to-  "attend the impaired driverscourseT 7  Two Gibsons youths pleaded guilty to  theft under $200 and were given six-month  suspended sentences after stealing an  aerial that ''didn't work very good  anyway."  William Maurice Bowman and Wayne  Terrance Dubois stole a CB antenna from  a car February 12 and put it on a vehicle  belonging to Dubois.  The 18-year-old Dubois told the" court  that he had thought the aerial was a new  kind of antenna that was "the latest  breakthrough in CB technology."  "I just wanted to have it so badly," he  told the judge, "but I was going to return it  because it didn't work very good anyway."  Both Dubois and the 18-year-old  Bowman are laborers working for B.C.  Hydro.  the judge also restricted Dubois's  driving privileges to between 6 a.m. and 6'  p.m. during his probation period.  Robert-Allen Dufresneltf Gibsohs"wasT  fined $500 for impaired driving. The 27-.  year-old construction worker is also on six  months probation to attend the impaired  drivers course.  A 17-year-old apprentice electrician  pleaded guilty to driving while having a  blood alcohol level over .08 per cent.  Gordon John Currie was fined $500 -in  default 14 days ,and had his licence  suspended for six months. He will be,  required to take the impaired drivers  course duruig���a_six^month^-prnbatinn-  period.     --   - -        -  Murray D. Wilson of Roberts. Creek  pleaded'guilty Tto driving a motorcycle  without "insurance. Wilson was fined $250.  to be paid by June 1.  Thomas William Haigh of Madeira  Park pleaded guilty to driving while over  .0Q~ and Was fined $100. The 35-year-old  unemployed-man'will have his licence  suspended for six months.  Of the total of all life insurance owned  by Canadians, half is "participating",  where policyholders receive an annual  .refund on premiums called a "dividend".  School District No. 46 [Sechelt]  KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION  Parents of pupils entering Kindergarten or Grade One in  September, 1978, and who are not registered at, or attending, one  of our schoolVnatrpresiBTrtTTrrfe asKed to register on Wednesday,  Thursday or Friday, May 3, 4 or 5, at thp'n nearest elementary  school. \  Please, bring a Birth Certificate or Passport as proof of age.  It is most important th(3t-we^thieve*ajrrtftcOVdteTegistratr6rri?r  order to staff adequately.  1212  Cowrie St.  885-5715  '  i  5  l  t  I  I  i  |      "N  DAVIS CURIO  1                   & SPECIALTY SHOP  | \                  Eve Moscrip of Cedar Shanty Crafts,  ' 7 \  1  \           Whittaker House, wjll>_e ejosing out.soon.  ^V-~-THE.MACRAME,  '_.'.   T'        .  i  i  ... ;.. L..  ...������.  ^y���  SH^- ��� ART & CRAFT '^^^^^  SP^-     SUPPLIES      ^^^^�� "  ^^JffJ/i           will be moved to our    ^^^^^^^^^^L>��.  /  j  t  1  1  \  t  \  i  "    ���  JJf                stpre by May 2nd         ^^^^^^^^^^Skk  .       ^  |        Happy Trails Ahead Eve & Orv.      >^^^^^^^^P^  ...  7 8 YEARS IN :*78 i  and now our Annual Spring Sale  April 26-May 6  ONLY 78% OF MANUFACTURERS LIST PRICE  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  IU'\', T. Nicholson, Hm^iW  'jji-v TIMJ7SOI*.SUNDAY MASS  ��:()() p'.m. Sat. cvcVni Si, Mnry's, (ilbst  �����:flo Tdironroiitjr iraflraisc?rt^  ScclKltMntiinn''1<eservc-'-'��-p-'p''-��,*p'*p,'''p^***'-'-'p-��  I ���'i  l():(X) ii.ni, itl Tin; Holy I'nmlly Church'In  Sochelt j . >  ilFGoodrich  RADIAL T/A DYNACRON  BR50xl3  GR56xl4  GR50x1.5  I.R0Ox15'"  AR60xl3  BR60xl3  ER60xl4  FR60xl4  GR60x14  FR60xl5  GR60xl5  HR60xl5  LR6jGxl5  LIST  SALE  $102.25  $79.96  $130.30  $101.63  $138.20  $107.80  $163.45  $127k49  $ 77.20  $ 60.22  $ 81.05  $ 63.22  $ 86.20  $ 67.24  $ 92.75'  $ 72.35  $103,20  $ 80.50  $99.00  $ 77.22  $109.50  $ 85,41  $116.90  ~$T49720~~  $116.38  iiUT  ilFGoodrich  RADIAL ALL TERRAIN T/A DYNACRON  10RX15  6 ply  12Rxl5  6 ply  LIST  $174.20  $20T.05  SALE  $135.88  $156.82  Free Installation with Purchase  WATCH FOR  OUR SALES  ON BELTS &  LIGHT TRUCKS  APPLIANCE MAGS  15% OFF  MAN. 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[Come by the office or phone to get your prize.], . \  Thanks to Kelly, Darren, David, Stephanie, Vince, Darcie, Scindra &  Colleen who all sent in their solutions.    ������ ^  For you to have a chance to win next week's prize ���  -���v#ofM-he-*��D��-���ROSSWORDubelow-ancUend-your--  solutions to BOX 310, SECHELT.  PET STORY CONTEST!  -WeH-e-gotfnt^to+ave^inother-story-eontest���t4iifrone4s-about-PETS!  So write a story ���' either about a real pet you have, or an imaginary  one about a pet you'd like to have. Draw pictures to go with the  stories. Then send it to BOX 310, SECHELT. In a few weeks we'll  print what we get & give out some prizes.  These kids have made whistles out of dandelions. You can too ��� especially now  when there dre'so many growing everywhere. Pick a dandelion & then pick the top  part With the flower:off. Then blow through the stalk from the end that the flower  was on. if It doesn't work ��� break off the skinny part of the stalk a bit more. If that  doesn't work��� pick another flower & try again. You can even very gently poke a  hole or 2 In the side of the stalk and havo a sort of flute. Sometimes you have to blow  very Hard777 17 '���' ,'  By Nichole Hagedorn, 8, Roberts Creek  Wednesday, May 3,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageC-3  Family Month essay  contest winners named  May is Family Month in B.C. and appropriately the Sunshine Coast^Chapter ot  the B.C. Council for the Family is pleased  to announce the winners of.its essay  Tomkies, Grade 3, Madeira Park.  ' Jntermediate ��� 2nd. Victoria Gazely,  "'Grade 4 LangdalefSrarSheila Reynolds,  Grade 4 Langdale.  contest on the importance of family life.  The committee would like to thank all  those who took part and submitted entries,  and the teachers who made time and gave  encouragement to their students to participate. Also to the twenty-six peopled  representative of a cross section of the'  "c6m^mty"arid rahglng~in~afge from the"  twenties to the seventies who gave of their  time - some accumulated 120 hours and  interest to serve on the judging panels.  Each essay was read and marked on a  scale of ten by at least $jx people. Results  are as follows:  Primary Division���Patti Beale, Grade  3, Madeira Park ��� prize donated by  Gibson's Lions , Club. Intermediate ���  Wendy CummingSrGrade 6 Madeira Park,  prize donated by Mrs. Chloe Day. Jr.High -  JHeather CattenadyGradeJ Jglphinstohe.-   Jr. High ��� 2nd Kelly Henry Grade-977  Elphinstone. 3rd Dawn Atlee, Grade 8  Elphinstone.  The Judges also made two honourable  mentions, in the adult class L.B. Frederick  and Doreen Webber, Grade 8 Elphinstone  who submitted a poem.   The~first~pnze-^50ncheques"will~be---  presented during the Timberday  ceremonies in Sechelt, Monday May 22nd  and the committee in congratulating the  winners wishes them and their families a,  very happy family celebration.  ACROSS  3. Part of your body. You have 10 of them,  you use it when you write.  5. It's on your face ��� you'have to open it  when you eat.  7. They're Inside your lips. You use them  to chew and when you're about 6 they  start to fall out.  10. You have 2 of them. You use it to plck^  things up or throw things.  1 Kit's   between   your   head   and   your  shoulders.  13. It's inside your jjwjUjt^jwha^you use  to think witK. ~  14. You have 10 of them. It's inilde^your  shoesr--,= -  '15. Whaf you hear with.  7  DOWN  1. You have two. You use it to walk or run.  Rhymes with beg.  You  have   2.  It's  connected  at  your.  shoulder & in the middle of it is your  elbow. *-  You have 2 of them. You walk on the  bottoms .of them.  4, It's on your face and smells things.  6. Top part of your body ��� your face Is on  .  It.  8. You "have 2. You "see with It.  '9.~HVthesH^hargrewsout oFyour head  ������'���it-can-be long or short.  12. It's between the upper & lower parts of  your leg ��� right where It bends.  prize donated by Gibsons Legion. Sr. High,  Keviii Casey, Elphinstone, prize donated  by the Regional District. Adults ��� Mrs.  -Janice-Edmonds,���Pratt���Roady-Gibsonsr  prize donated by Holy Family Church,  Sechelt.  The Judges recommended 2nd and 3rd  prizes in some categories and the committee will raise (ahd welcomes,  donations) an extra $35 to be able to give  $10 and $5 -prizes to these students.  Primary ��� 2nd prize_=. Alan Pollock,  -Grade 3, Madeira Park prize donated by  Pender Harbour Legion. 3rd prize Kester  The Heron  ^Cafe^  _  Good, wholesome  in Gibsons  Village  V^r  f   Try us ���  You'll like us  ���__*  !  BOOK REVIEW    ' Ann Blades' spent a year teaching at a small school house on the Indian Reserve  at-Tache in northern B.C. She has written a story about a boy that lives there. The  book is called A Boy of Tache. W--   -  Charlie lives with his grandparents Za and Virginia. He-collects firewood for  them, checks the rabbit trapline with his sleigh and breaks ice on the lake to bring  water to their house. -  Spring has come and Charlie goes to trap beaver with his grandparents. Charlie  and Za go camping and Za gets sick. When they get back to the cabin Virginia tells  Charlie that he must take the boat and get help or Za will die. '   ���  Charlie carefully guides his boat downstream watching for rocks.and logs. He  goes to Middle River village arid tells his friend Camille that Za is very sick. Charlie  and Camille ask men at a comp to radio phone for a plane for Za. Soon tne plane  comes and rescues Za. ~  s^^^diarlje knows^Za will get better but he will have to hunt and trap for Virginia and  Zd^fiaw.;-, ;  'Books Courtesy of Wlndflower Books and Stationery in Sechelt  ^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^��^^^^^^^^^^^���^^^^^^^^^���^^^^^^^^i^^^^^  T0VES CERAMICS-NANAIMO  GREENWARE 30% off ��� thousands of pieces to choose from.  Bring your own boxes. Look for_ 1/2 price table. Hundreds of  glasses.  CHINA PAINTS & KITS 40% off. For porcelain.  DECALS 20% off. Great selection.  GOLD, SILVER & LUSTRES 20% off. Nice for Mothers Day.  HIDY BRUSHES 40% off.  BRUSH SETS 40% off.  STOCK OF NEW MOLDS, ali 20% off. Some at 1/2 price.  UNIVERSAL MOLD BELTS 15% off. Fast n Tight mold straps 40%  off. 7  SLIP-all ready to go. $2.85 gal. Bring your own container.  SALE MAY 1-MAY 13th  2100 NORTH FIELD RD., NANAIMO 758-2919  Open 10-5:30. Closed,Sun..  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He opened the first music  store in St. John's, a store which is still in  business 100 years later and operated by  his son, was ttie organist and choirmaster  of the Roman Catholic Cathedral. In the  1890s he fell under the spell of the D'Oyle  Carte and staged the Gilbert and Sullivan  operettas in St. John's. )  The Hornby Collection, Saturday 8:05  p.m. relates the travels through B.C. of the  Caravan Players in horse-drawn wagons  recorded by Jurgen Hesse.  Poetry and a short story and Morley  -Callo^ianVmqnthly-essay-on-Antholoi  at 10:05y.m. On Sunday the Entertainers  interviews Randy Newman at 4:35 p.m.  ~p - and-follows -with-a-Bruce Steele~comedy_  special.  Concern at 9:05 p.m. focuses on the idea  of .fate or luck and Part II looks at commercialism in' Christianity today, the  selling of Christian witness,- evangelism,  etc.      ���~r" _ ���~~~  CBC-AM 690  WEDNESDAY, MAY 3 ^     h  Mostly  Music   10:20  p.m.  Festival  Singers of Canada, Palestrina, Poulenc.  Nightcap    11:20   p.m.   Jose   Greco  discusses his autobiography. - - - ���  THURSDAY, MAY 4  World  Hockey  Championship   12:30*  ���p.m. Canada versus* Czechslovakia.  Playhouse 8:04 p.m. Livewires comedy  series.  = -Mostly-Music-10f20-p.m.-Bonnr-1977-   Beethoven-Festival-t'orchestra^e^arisT  '    Nightcap 11:20 p.m.Alan Paton his, role  ���in south-African politics.  FRIDAY, MAY 5  Jazz Radio-Canada 8:30 p.m. Nimmons  'n nine plus six. Brian Diwney Latin-Jazz  Septet.  ^Mostly-MusicUO^gOjun. Bonn 1977  Beethoven Festival. CzecTTPhilharmonic^  Orchestra.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Karl-Heinz  Stockhausen Part II.  SATURDAY, MAY 6  Update 8:30' a.m. Roundup of B.C.  Happenings.  -The House 9:10"a.m. The week in"  -Parliament.   -_  Quirks and Quarks 12:05 p.m. Science  Magazine.  Opera by Request 2:04 p.$a_ Your  favorite selections.  Between Qurselves 6:15 p.m. Charles   Hutton^the MaiuancLhis -Music, byJBHL  Squires.  The Hornby Collection 8:05 p.m.  4     Caravan by Jurgen Hesse.  Anthology    10:05    p.m.    Morley  Calloghan. Story ��� A School foe Entertainers by George McWhirter. Poetry  ������-. by-Douglas-Barbourv������- -���k���    ; -  SUNDAY, MAY 7  World Hockey Championships 11:30  a.ni. Canada versus Sweden.  The Entertainers 4:35  p.m.  Randy  Newman. Bruce Steele comedy special.  '���     Symphbhy Hall 7:05 p.m. Montreal  Symphony Orchestra. Franco Gulli, violin.  Mendelssohn, Mozart. Stravinsky.  ....... t    Concern9:05p.m. Trusting to Luck and  'God.  MONDAY, MAY 8  World Hockey Championship 12:30  p.m. Canada versus Sweden.  Gold Rush 8:30 p.m. Robert Garden  and Link Wray. Supertramp In concert.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m.. CBC Vancouver Orchestra. John Rapson, clarinet.  Weber. Berwald.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. film maker  Howard Smith.  TUESDAY, MAY 9  My Word 2:04 p.m. BBC quiz.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Austrian  /, Radio Symphony Orchestra. Honeggar,  Hinuemlth.      ,  ,Nlghtcnp 11:20 p.m, Charles Jencks,  architect.  C��C-FM 105.7 ���  Wens 0:04 p.m. Wednesday - Freud  revisited - Sons and Lovers. Thursday -  Tho sox object. Friday - Tho Legacy.  Monday - Five Faces of Communism.  -���������'���-��Tueflday----TV-Surrogatei'Worldi"*">'-'-,''��-~"'-  Radio International 9:04 p.m. Friday -  Amsterdam's famous Concertgobouw  Orchestra.  Audience Saturday 9:04 p.m. Part I.  Tho Citadel,under Siege, John Neville and  John Juliana; Part II. A Baroque Concert.  -\X*v  Horse starves at Pender Harbour  -K?-  ' A si��year-old mare and a four-year-old  stallion wpre seized in Pender Harbour on  Wednesday, April 26 by SPCA official Len  Wray after he received a complaint that  the horses were starving ��o death. The  animals were placed in a barn on Ken  Wells ranch on Garden Bay Road on  eating properly.  The stallion died on  Saturday. ,',  Charges under the Criminal Code and  the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act  may be pressed following an investigation  by the Sechelt RCMP. }  Wednesday, evening. .   '   . ' fhe surviving mare remains in the  Doctor Bailee of the Gibsons Animal   custo*y of ���� SPOC  ainie^bserved-both-animais^at-thfrWeUs���  ranch on Thursday and stated that their  condition "certainly wasn't very good,"  and that" it was clear that they were not  .��� T  .A  WAKE-UP! SHAPE UP!  WALK! .  airrilmarmnm  paAriarprwnm  U'.ilk ,i Mutk.T.xl.iv.  May 7 is Fun Day  at Wilson Creek centre  By Wilson Creek Community  Centre^Assn. _   Sunday, May 7 is the day to be at Wilson  Creek! 'the community is presenting a  Family fun day^just chuck-full of_events  designed to bring families together forfun.  We're kicking off the day at 1 p.m., wilh  families planting shrubs, flowers and  ground cover on the Community grounds.  Every family in the Davis Bay-Wilson  -Creek area is invited to donate a plant  and then plant.it underjhe direction of a  gardener. This way our^rounds~will-t  beautified and we'll have fun doing it.  At the same time, all the community  facilities will be open to the public, with  staff available for guided tours. In the  Scout Hall a Flea Market will operate, and  just down the road there'll bea Fun House".  Later, everyone1 can join in the field  events. There will be competitive and noncompetitive contests, including egg-and-  ir  'spoon races, a continuous volleyball game,  ^and^dChicken���hypnotising. JtoerjLjpar;  ticipant gets a ribbon! To slake your thirst  after all the activity you can visit our  Banana Smoothie stand at the_Daycare.^_  People with a bent for publicity can  have their face painted, or^pictures taken  at the Funny Photo stall. ,  May 7 marks jhe official opening of the  Wilson Creek Recreational area, near the'  bridge over Chapman Creek. Everyone is  invited to visit the park crew, get a  _baUoon, and^see fhe Hobbit House.  J^picnic wilTbegjn at 5 p.m. Families  should bring their favorite food, and we'll  swap and share.  The day will wind up with a Family  Dance at 6 p.m.. Admission at the door.  If you make your own wine or buy it by  the gallon we have small serving decanters for you. They will add elegance to  your table-setting. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  IT'S MAY QUEEN TIME again at  Madeira Park Elementary School.  Prom left to right, top row, attendants  Heidi Guenther, Wendy Cummings,  1978 May Queen Lee-ann Reid, 1977  May Queen Mendy Peters; front row,  attendants Tina Rietz, Janet Pollock  and Carrie Wallace. Crowning of the  -May-Queen will be Saturday,-May 27,  ^t the school. ���  Kinsmen holding  a swap meet  Sechelt Kinsmen are sponsoring a swap  meet May 14 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.' at Trail  Bay Mall in Sechelt. L  Sellers may reserve space for $5.  Admission to buyers 12 and over will be 25  cents. To reserve space, call 885-5056 or  885-2172.       ���  Xy  special  in Vancouver  Just $33.25  Per Person double occupancy  Plus 5%  Room Tax  , $1.00  i  From Jan. 1, 1978 to June 1, 1978  i  3 days 2 nites  ��� plus ���  ��� BREAKFAST 2 MORNINGS AND A FULL .  COURSE STEAK DINNER IN HY'S AT THE SANDS  ��� WHO SAYS IT TAKES A LOT OF MONEY  TO HAVE A GOOD TIME?  FOR RESERVATIONS 604-682-1831  collect or  04-51161 Telex  By The Sea  1755 DAVIE STREET, VANCOUVER, B.C.  V6G1W5 PHONE (604) 682-1831  On English Bay At Stanley, Park  TED PRYSTAY manager  X  "YES, WE ALSO PAVE  ~V  Jantzen  Ladies' & Men's Summer Fashions  NOW W STOCK!      v  Including shorts & tops  i^Good selection of sizes, styles, colors  _Jj        ylSOO GOWER POINT RD., GIBSONS [C?  MONEY  &U,": ���J'tMrc  DON'T   ^  .DRINK  AND DRIVE.  ���I    P��   ���*   'it*.  ���    "^W^Kf*"-'",','��������� I*-'������     ,.<"y"l���'  **��>J    ���'.�� Li.X-mmmLV.   i ^.'i.l.m. I il.l-WI.Lt. A...>W.p  Please call us for a free estimate on the  complete package: layout, grading and  gravel, drainage, asphalt paving and curbs.  BA. BLACKTOP  '��� ��� ���   ,       ''      ,..','      'i .   i ���.  Is pleased to offer this service, as well as  paving of roads, industrial sites  and tennis courts.  -GRAVEL SALES-  885-5151  Office & Plant Porpoise Bay Rd., Sechelt  QUALITY SERVICE  SINCE 1956  V  PENDER HARBOUR CREDIT UNION  r��i��*^t~al((��W(*Wfjl|H��JK  (t&WSOTsW"*- **v*�� Af.  *����H��f|f>��=��t�� t"  r&*> W^^j��vWV����p��m(rt��nWife�����*-B/W!i>*��i>ftt  'I  HB-01 *-*!������ ��W"iW��B!B(ltll*WvHi��lS(t*��  ������������!���������!  i ito��toigwifwt>iw��f*^m>)^^  Madeira. Park  ik*;  r***  r^m-m.  "yKLX.  ���nirr  KTOPLTD.  Members:  mrWA AMALGAMATED CONSTRUCTION  ASSOCIAtlON  B.C. ROAD BUILDERS ASSOCIATION  Hand Offlc*; 905-0611  Foot of Pombo^ ton Av��.,  ���AC* ���V7P-aW-~-������"���* **���  ,.*^'K^~*m,'..*~m*.^mm....,, ���*��. V.���.w*^.^,,��.-.-J  y,.mll.���,&m. , j  . ,litf ���  -    " "      m    -  r   a  . * i. v^^^/mitr^il^^mfm*1^^ ���# i &ti&&-tiMw'il0ll&0Wt* ftym^  iC.  mmx^ri1* (.  i��rw*w*tk*||��w* ��*ii)v**tnij   wm & f1-  7     �� \  -^  V  ��� 1  L  Gibsons youth sentenced to 1 year for break-ins  Wednesday, May 3,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageC-5  . After committing; a series of break-ins  in the Gibsons area with loot progressing  l.from candy and socks to suitcases full of  lighters and watches, a local youth has  been sentenced to one year iii jail.    _  -Claude James Cadorette, 17, of Gjfosons  was sentenced April 26 in provinciat'court  to a term of one year and a ,term of pine  months on four, counts of break, enter .and  theft. Cadorette will serve7the terms  concurrently with twp, six-month sen-,  tences handed down to him in Golden, B.C.  April 14, 1978 for possession of stolen  property and contributing to juvenile  delinquency.  Speaking on' his. behalf, Gadorette's  counsel Peter Leask tofiLthe court that  although the break-ins were "adult crimes  committed by an adult,'they were really,  childish". ' _;   \  _,  The youth broke into Trail Bay Sports.  &  ^  WS^mmWmmmmmW if  '/%A*SISi   fm tr.    if.    I  niTGibsonsTNTSvembBrl^T-!^??, gaining  access to the store by "cheating" the back  criminals," said Leask.  Listing what he. called '-'dramatic increases" in the break-in rate in Gibsons" in  recent monthsj Chesterly suggested that a  longer th��n usual jail term would serve as  a deterrent to a crimt? that is becoming a  common problem,in the community.  esterley-said-breafctas-were-up-40  per cent in-1977 from 1976, but that recent  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  Come on Inl  2 only  micro-wave ovens  $29&00  ^door lock. Along with five , jpyeniles,  \Cadorette stole various items ofjfcports  equipment such as knives and skateboard  wheels. J  On December 22, Cadorette.broke into  Al's Used Furniture and took a pair of  antique binoculars and a smoking pipe.  increases have been considerably, more.  There were 19 break-ins in October of 1977  compared to October of ��� 1976, 24 in  November of 1977 compared to 8 in the  same month of 1976,26 in December of 1977  compared to 6 in December of 1976 and 19  break-ins in January of this year com-  PENG A MARINA  & SHIPYARD  Volvo Penta Outboard ��� Waukesha  Sales & Service   SmlthMarlne Engines    Renault-Marine Diesel Engines   6 to 430 HP   2 Marine Ways ��� 1 Hydro Lift  Diving  FULL MARINA SERVICE  & ENGINE REPAIR TO ALL MAKES  Five days later, on December 27rne-br.oke pared to only 4 in January of 1977  into Ken's Lucky Dollar store through an  upstairs window and stole candy,  cigarettes and socks.  On January 10, 1978, Cadorette made  off with, approximately $1,000 worth of"  merchandise from the Douglas Variety  store in the Sunnycrest Mall. Small ar-f  tides such as watches and lighters were  packed into suitcases and removed from  the store.  .  .���  Police_ found the suitcases in busnfes  near the. mall, acting, on a tip from  Although Johnson said he was impressed by the figures given by the Crown,  he said he was unsure whether a lengthy  jail sentence for Cadorette would serve the  purpose of a deterrent to others considering committing the same crime.  "If we gave the maximum sentence for  this crime I don't know if it would deter  others," he said, "but Iknow there would  be a lot more people staying longer in  jail."  Leask asked the judge to consider a  ���A  A  ^  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  Come on in J  XiddL  FREE DRAW  5:00 pjiu-Sat., May 13th  Prize: AFGHAN KIT  ��aor^^th^tliearHcIgs"hiad been stolen   irine^nronth^ernrfoi^eadoretttrtoTnalre'  him eligible to serve his time at the:  rehabilitation camp at poulder Bay.  "I think Boulder Bay would be the best  thing for him and good use of a period of  incarceration," he said.  The_judge. _said that considering his  background, Cadorette was a good candidate for Boulder Bay.  "The pre-sentence report showed an  extremely unfortunate background of this  young man, with family problems and  conflicts with the law at a very early age,"  said Johnson.  The judge said he would sentence  Cadorette to a term at Boulder Bay and  ~A-iengthy^-term-in-jail-seems-to-turn��� -that���he���hoped-the-program���would  these' boys into nothing but graduate   rehabilitate him and "reidirect his life".  by another local youth. Cadorette later  told the police that he had offered the false  lead in an attempt to "remove the heat put  on him" by them.  ��� Crown Counsel Eric Chesterley asked  Judge J.S.P. Johnson to consider  "something on the higher end of the scale"  when sentencing Cadorette because  juveniles were involved with him during  all of the crimes.  Leask, however, told the court that  because Cadorette "is young for his age,"  his natural companions are juveniles and  his age was a good reason not to impose a  -heavy jail term.  No purchase necessary, put YOUR  ���mom-'sjiameJnJhe_dr_aw. ���_  Board approves 1978 budget  Mothers Day Gift Ideas  * Jewellery * Charms * Bracelets * Spoons * and  much, much more  f ���!  j   BRING IN THIS AD FOR 9C0/��FF   '  j   ANY RUGNELLE OR SHAGNELLE KIT fc V /0 j  Su^nycre^.C,entye'^'^:V'���'vi^-^>~���^"r������ v-A^--*- ''-**-< a Gibsons '���"' ���* <:  School trustees voted - to accept the  -$5,805,575-budget for. school district No. 46  at last Thursday's regular board meeting.  _ .ziThe mill rate for 1978 is 47.704 based on  a basic levy of 39.750, and is up 3.016 mills  from last year. The provincial average  mill rate is 50.515, but includes an average  college cost allotment of 1.884 mills, that is  not paid to district No. 46.  Secretary-treasurer Roy Mills told  trustees that the average' school district  mill rate for the same type of operation  that this district runs would be 48.613, .927  of a mill higher the Sechelt school district.  This year's budget includes $3,266,821  for teachers' salaries, based on a six  percent increase. Salaries for ad-  I niinistrative staff also.,only, show a six  u . pe&entiWeretis&itf triib' yeSr'rbudgetrj  Salaries for janitorial staff have,  however, gone up significantly over last  And they sure are happy about it!  What are they doing? Why, they're  reading TheTIMES... looking for a new  home or car or job or washer or  bicycle. And each person will probcK  bly find just the right itemat just the  right price! How do we know? Well,  we have loads of advertisers every  wee^...offering scores of new products and services.  We welcome ads of all sizes... we'll  1 even help you develop an ad if you  wish, for the same cost as the ad  alone! 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So the. year draw on and  before you carttufcn around, Spring will be  Summer to most gardeners this, means  bringing the vital gift of water to the life  they have been nurturing.  Moisture retention in the light soil  characteristic of this coastal strip, is a  -continuing challenge-But.. thaLchaUenge^  does not start with the garden hose or the  irrigation furrow., It starts with tillage.  Consider the whole cycle of growth that  draws moisture from the ground, from the  deepest tap root to the tallest tree top, It  reaches every cell with the nutriment it  carries, giving back to the animal life on  earth the oxygen essential for existence.  The water comes up to the root system by  capillary attraction that minute particiles  in.close_association_pass from one to,the'  other: fitt'~the ;surface is-reachedr The  nevaporationr-^aws-it^baelt4nto-the_at=  raspberry growers, and a" modified ver-"  sion pf this is how available for ttie home  gardener.  Back to the flower garden again. Some  plans such as clematis and begonia must  have cool, mpist roots. Some plants like  their foilage bathed. Some hate it. Quite a  study.  A point to remember at this time is that  freshly germinated seedlings do not need'  continuous watering.-The tendency often is-  mosphere, therety start the whole cycle  overjagainTA pretty,1 sketchy explanation,  but it should convey the idea of the job of  the husbandman.  First, evaporation should be controlled  so that at least all the moisture in the  ground can be utilized. That means two  things, cultivation and-or mulching.  Cultivation interrupts the chain of  moisture passage by openingup the soil  particles, and mulching keeps the warmth  away from the surface. This is demon- ���  strated whenever a travelled path crosses  a cultivated area. That pathway is, always  dark with the moisture that has been  brought up to the surface by���th^ compaction of the soil.  to give these little chaps a drink every day  or so in the mistaken beUefjhat theyneed  it.They don't or let's say they should notTif ~  they have been seeded in the appropriately  jmoist conditions, if these are right, then  ttie seeds should not need water until the  .first two true leaves are formed, say the  > experts.  To sum up, use a shallow hoe. continuously, particularly when the surface  _has-started-to- dry__out_after watering.  Incidentally v this also gets rid~ of the  moisture-robbing weeds. Make sure you  have at least a rough idea of the moisture  conditions where the root systems are.  Water applied little and often is a menace  ��� besides wasting water and time. Learn  what sorts of growth like how much water  when and where.  These general rules apply^qually to  71awii"s~, where you musf fgure that the  grass roots need moisture down to the five  ���3_____, or six inch level.  ftwer and longer. Lettuce and spinach       STt^inulchingr^at-TOiJBLwaitJor  ill get tough and ';bolt" if allowed to dry   another day. it's a whole newliibjirt:���  SHALLOW watering tends to draw  roots to the surface where they suffer  from heat and dryness.  years to replace or revive rather than a  single season.        ^,---"  . In the vegetable'garden, give a little  thought to'when, where and how much  -water  is needed by  different  plants.  Squash, cucumber and similar siicculent-  growth obviously need more water than,  nsay-T��rrets^ndO;ui3upsjvhere^rovvth is  slopsr  wiU  out. You don't need to drench green peas  that are in full harvest, but they will need  plenty df moisture when the pods are J  starting to swell.  Some gardeners liker an overhead  sprinkling system, which admittedly  covers a wide area but can be wasteful of  "water: And some like irrigation by means_  of furrows. Drip irrigation, which puts a~  regulated supply _ directly to the  root  system and nowhere else, is rapidly taking  hold commercially, particularly with the  Walk, jot), run,-  skate, ski, .swim,  paddle, pedal . . .  don't let life"  catch you with  your.head down.  Fitness is fun.  Try "some.  pamupantan  'aro/fim9e  J.  \y  (Advertisement)  When starting to provide"water to the  ' garden, take a look at the soil by going  down a spade depth and see how deep you  must go to get the moisture down to the  root system. With the knowledge that it  takes approximately five gallons of water  per square yard to provide the equivalent  of one inch of rainfall arrange to give your  garden a thorough soaking every 10 "days  or so, rather than a sprinkling to make it  smell nice.  One type of growth that is often  neglected in the watering program is the  hedge. Hedges, particularly the cedar kind  which is- quite common, on this coast,  require water just as much as any other  growth in ��� the garden. In fact, neglect  brings a heavier penalty than with any  other growth since a dying hedge needs  Charges dropped against  Sunshine Coast residents  _ . On May 1,__1978, the Sunshine Coast  Credit Union "stopped the presses" when  they announced that all service charges on  chequing accounts would be dropped.  The announced that Coast residents can  now receive unlimited chequing-  privileges, personalized cheques, money  orders and travellers cheques at no cost,,  while costs on practically everything else  continues to spiral upward, came as no  small surprise to the community.  Benefits do not stop here, the Credit  Union announced. Credit Union members  will receive 6% per cent interest on  chequing accounts, calculated on the  lowest monthly balance and paid to the  account at the end of each month.  "Amazing" commented one happy  Credit Union member. "The Sunshine  Coast Credit Union can provide tHese  services at no cost and pay the interest by  loaning your money to other members at  12 per cent."  This is just another episode in the  continuing story of how the Sunsfiirie Coast  Credit Union helps Coast residents save  and manage their-money.  eavieui  ..(#:,.'...  C\  Jane's Tub &  for your bathroom fixture needs we've got:  ���k Standard bathroom fixtures  * Fibreglas bath tubs & showers���many sizes, colors  & styles���mosf can be equipped with whirlpool jets  A Acrylic molded counter tops made to order \  ic Del^x, Delta, AAoen, Bradley & Waltec taps displayed  usual delivery on ordan 1 wook  Open Wed-Sat 10-5  886-7621  Peek Freon Cremes  BISCUITS,.��.  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