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The Peninsula Times May 31, 1978

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 '0  ����� >-*Wn��H^r<lf^yg^iMiii i ^i i  **���***���'*���#, "*&. /*i"-'  *  c- <���  t  V --i-';' .        -.. iT<n  1V  ���J'' *���>  ,    ri'l  -r  < i" ,  ')  joss6s srowins  _A financial _statement-for-the-Gibsons���annual-projecfiwirfdr several- reasons^  swimming pool*after its first two months  of operation indicates that'the pool may  have a substantially higher annual lpss  than the village had expected.  The village's 1978 budget projects a  $39,000 annual loss for the pool. However,  the facility's deficit after just two months  of operation is already almost $15,000.  As of April 30 the pool had taken in  $12,373.17 in revenue and had $27,272.06 in  expenses. The -pool .opened February 25.  The village's budget projects an annual  operating cost of $90,000 and revenue of  $51,190.  Gibsons Alderman and recreation  committee chairman Lorraine Goddard  said she was "concerned but not panicky  by any means. I'm optimistic."  She pointed out that the expenditures  figure does not lend itself to an accurate  There were several- "one-shot" or infrequent expenses involved in starting up  the pool, she said.'  " For instance, "We used a tremendous  amount of fuel oil right at first" in warming up the centre. Also, a $552 expenditure for printing and stationery  "won't have to be repeated for a long time.  "Some of these figures will look better  when they're amortized over 12 months."  Also, a figure of $7,071.46 for full time  salaries represents three months of  payments (rather than two months as with  the other figures), because the pool's  supervisor was placed on the payroll a  month before the pool opened, Goddard  said.     ,  She acknowledged, however, that the  pool'.s  revenues,   as  well  as the  ex-  ���See Page A-3  Regional board approves  Tuwanek re-zoning plan        ...  i.i��l.ir�����m��mm���������     ���mi ii��� i ��� mm j.     .M^yr -' ��M)��lt��� SA<��iWMWB��jyaHM ���  NICK ADONADAS will abandon the PeVsepone for one Beachcombers episode next fall and take to the air. CBC Filmcrewswere at Gibsons Bluff last  Friday filming hangliders for the popular TV series. *���' f    ���Semng the Sun��h,ne CooM   (Howe Sound to Jerv.�� Inlet)   .nclud.ng Port Mellon   Hopkins Londmg   Gronthom's lond.ng .GjbspM-ltahetJs Creek.  -JMifanaXreak^Ma^rk^^ |rvlne s ~Land,ng~~Eorls Cove   Egmont  ^LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  2nd Class Mail  Registration No. 1142  "N  Phone   885-3231  Union ���,m3ss?*U? Label  16 Pages���15c Copy  Wednesday, May 31.1978  Following the recommendation of Area  C Director Charles Lee, the regional board  has given its unanimous approval to third  reading of a bylaw that would rezone the  Jackson Bros. Tuwanek'log dump  property to an Industrial 5 zoning.  In a reversal of his earlier position that  the zoning status be left"as it,is", Lee  urged directors "to approve the rezoning.  Jackson Bros, had originally sought to  rezone the property to an 14 zoning, but  protests from Tuwanek residents that this  might cause industrial pollution in the  area resulted in the compromise 1-5  zoning.     ���   Property owners had also expressed  the   fear   that   a- sawmill   might   be'  established at the site,if the rezoning were,  approved.  However,  Mike  Jackson,  spokesman for the, company," told the  board earlier that there are no definite-  plans to expandJhe_operation.   The-company requested the zoning  change to legalize its log sorting operation,  which existed prior to zoning prohibiting  such business in the area.  When objecting to the rezoning. on  behalf of Tuwanek property owners, Lee  had told the board that the residents would  "go to law" to fight the'board's decision,  At last Thursday's regular board meetings  however, Lee said that one of the two  leaders of the residents associations  (Tuwanek and Sandy Hook) had the  "timerity to threaten the board in general  ���and "myself ih particular wittflegal action  to the tune of $200 individual fines per  day."  - Lee-said-thaUhe-threat prompted-him-  to  examine   "the   credentials   of  this  potential adversary and his supporters."  ���See Page;A-3  Forum examines herbicide hazards  '. (See-, related story inside ��� BCMA  seeks public health tests.)  ; The second community forum held by  Elphinstone Secondary School students  might-have been sub-titled "Everything  ytfb $ways wanted to know about 2,4-D ���  ���~,mv vrawptnsafig tola/':   - - r. - -  The, students, under the direction-of  Marta McKown, a social studies teacher af  Elphinstone, gathered herbicide and  ~fl|esticideP;-information~1rom���sources"  varying from Dow Chemical Ltd. to SPEC  to the federal and provincial governments.  Information was displayed, in poster  and pamphlet form and approximately 125  people browsed the exhibit Sunday before  directing questions at experts on, the  benefits and dangers of the chemicals.  Merriam Doucet, chairman of the  SPEC herbicide committee, Frank Cedar,  a federal department of agriculture  pesticide evalu&ticm officer, and Bayne  Vance from the B.C. Ministry of the Environment fielded questions about a  herbicide pf particular concern to residents  of the Sunshine Coast ��� 2,4-D.  Cedar told' the group that although  there are other chemicals that could be  used in place of 2,4-D, that chemical is the  cheapest of the bunch. "You'd find the cost  of produce would increase with the use of  other compounds," he said. "2,4-D Is the  world's largest selling herbicide."  He said that 2,4-D is also the safest  herbicide in use. "Many studies back it  up; there's only one controversial study."  Doucet, however, disagreed. She' cited  .��� studies showing that 2,4-D was found to' be  carcinogenic (cancer causing) in 1969 and  ���was known to cause birth deformities in  ^vSIn|^!dbs&''as���fatl-��l3acIcasM7.-;, '   '���  f * vCfedar saidfo^definite scientific prtfofv  snowed that 4,4-D were carcinogenic, the  government fyould immediately���re-~  evaluaftTThe  Substance   and  possibly  restrict its use.   '% V  "The public should be protected in the  interim," said Doucet.  "' Vance said the problem the provincial  government has found with alternative  chemicals is the fact that their effects are  not known.  "A problem might show up 10 years  down the road, but 2,4-D has been in use  since the late 40's."  Vance said the 2,4-D, used in the proper  manner, results in minirnal damage to the  environment but said that 2,4,5-T will soon  be taken off the market because of its  harmful effects.  Doucet asked Vance that if 2,4-D is  harmless why thfcre was once a warning  that pregnant women should avoid ex^  posure to the substance, but Vance denied  that there ever wap'that vyarning on 2,4-D  sold in B.C.        ?   '  Cedar said that his department does not  recommend against the use, of 2,4-D by  pregnant women and sees no risk for them  whatsoever in the "normal course of use."  Ray Skelly, NDP candidate for the  Comox-Powell River riding, asked Cedar  if he would like his wife to use 2,4-D while  pregnant. Cedar replied: "I wouldn't  ijectt^wd'my wifeWdriritf coffee."  :.').$. member of the audience pointed out  fto-'fcedaf that ;'It ish't fair to���cbmpare  -something���dbne���voluntarily with"  something people have no choice about."  Other politicians present at :the forum  suggested to. the  group  that political  ' pressure  is  the  only  way to change  government  decisions,  and   gives  the  people a choice.  Norm Levi, MLA for Vancouver-  Burrard, urged the crowd to continue its  protest until results are seen. "You simply  have to keep the pressure on," he said.  Jack Pearsall, MP for the .Comox-  Powell River riding, said that a forum  such as the one put on by the Elphinstone  ...Students, was the best way to collect information about one of the most "controversial and emotional subjects ever."  "I am not thoroughly convinced that its  (2,4-D) is good or bad," he said, "but I'll  do my best to convey your feelings and  views to Ottawa." '  One man asked Vance "what it takes"  to have an application for a spraying  perrhit turned down.  ���See Page A-3  HAHVETTB ALWAYS gets "her"   fever when Const. Chris Anneily   they're, "just good friends." More  Parade. Harvette had a little scarlet   march in the parade. Anelly says   inside, ,  Arena finances'not that disastrous  Sunshlno Const Recreation Association   association had "paid off all the debts   $i 203.67 as onoo��jed to the ftum* nf *44i  J*�������1S^ Mnrch .11 statement listed $4,500.18 in      Xnoted  howeverTat tho Arena's  ���f I, Am.  $;.Sit>r  m*mm**~  It's been made out to bo,"  In n special meeting with tho village  council, Arona officials pointed to a  decline InJblp past season's bar revenues  and to nn $8,000 scries of rppalta as tho  principal factors behind tho faculty's first  annual deficit. ^       '  '"���"'" During M��bu^^>lKolnS^g71o^  schools, newspapers,- merchants and the  roglonal board were all criticized for  having failed to adequately support tho  Arena.  ~ * ���--wxqn'w*flft W:nh0^ttFfiM"*ni!ffnclflr  ���tai��iMni^lor;wthr^AnnirM,?rmiMiwl)Q'  "marginally bettor" than Uio ll-month  fltatem^- which';��hov  ^W:Wp;:p(^wic;k  association's current bank balanco was  Garbage meet  A special meeting of tho Sunshlno  Coast Regional Board Is scheduled for  question  of local  waste  disposal ���'  Tho meeting begins at 7:30 p.m. in  "about $12,000 pr $14,000" as opposed to  $7,500 at thlq tlmo last year,  '���Tho point ls,M snld association  President Brian Loewen, "whore do we go  from hero to.got a contingency fund?"  Ho snld that the debt to tho village wns  Increasing annually; although a good year  might enable Jh�� association to hold tho  line. ''But how can Ve pay It off?" ho  asked.  plxon suggested that the Regional  Dlattlct ougl^^^  .JlnaMlaLte^^^^  vvholo peninsula. "Thoy (tho regional  oittttned the  erfC8tarWfairf*'^m  children..  dimgersjnd^  i  !,,���,,.  ,,,,\.;  .ib/a^SilAesg^lt <S*KW��*t -A .���  .fi-  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 31,1978  y~  W-,  1 ,' ��� ml*.  s Delink Fitzgerald; Editor  <���- " evefykotter, right that.jree_meh prizeX  __j.������s-vi- -   -���, yz Winston iChurcWt.  Keeping bur distance  The recurrent rumoufiT that the answer lies in a scheme which would  Ministry of Municipal Affairs has an effectively destroy the integrity of .our  established plan for clipping -the unincorporated communities. The  wings of regional districts ��� or villages and the rural areas are  perhaps abolishing them entirely ��� distinct entities, and as such they  were re-fueled a couple of weeks ago attract residents who* have different  when the government introduced ideas about how they want to live and  legislation ending direct election of what they want their communttes to  municipal representatives to regional   be.  district boards. There  is   almost   inevitably   a  The amendment will re-establish   degree  of  tension   between   in-  the appointment by council system- corporated areas ��� which tend to be  which existed prior to introduction of   growth minded ��� and rural areas ���  which tend to place more emphasis on  restricting growth. There is nothing  necessarily sinister in this, although  the debate may grow heated at times;  it's a natural by-product of the  situation. And it requires constant  adjustment7���compromise ���and  reasonableness on the part of both  entities.  The  difficulties  arising  in  the  situation would not be fairly resolved  , hopper at this point does little to still   by having the municipalities swallow  direct elections by the New  Democratic Party government in  1973. The reversion to appointment  was greeted with approval by most  municipal councils ��� Gibsons and  Sechelt among them. But it was a  curiously timed move, coming-in the  very midst of the investigations of the  provincially^appointed regional  district review committee.  Tossing the  new bill into  the  the apprehension that the review  committee may be only so much  window dressing. Furthermore, the  fact that the change tends to increase  the influence of municipal councils on  regional boards lends some credence  ���to the suspicion-that���Victoria-may-  have more of the same in mind for the  future.  The notion that what the Sunshine  ���Gba^-nejeds_isJtwo_pr-threerdistrict  municipalities inplace of a regional  district  has  received .some  local  ���support. It is viewed in some quarters  as a solution to the situation which  supposedly allows rural residents to  enjoy the facilities of the incorporated  areas without footing their fair share   of the tax bill.           That's  a   complicated   question  _ which certainly deserves some public  discussion, but we don't believe the  READER'S RIGHT  up the rural areas. The two are not  homogeneous and any attempt to  treat them as such would curdle the  political process.  A recently-called meeting of  representatives from local community associations and-ratepayers-  groups to discuss the situation drew a  grand total of three persons. The  meeting was called on short notice,,  not all-of-the organizations-couldbe  reached, and it was unhappily  scheduled on the evening that Montreal-was successfully-clinching-the  Stanley Cup.  The meeting will be re-set for later  in June. It may be a waste of time<toi  prepare protests if Victoria has  already decided on a course of action.  "But" iiTview of what's at^take~,"one  evening doesn't seem too much to  risk.  ~_A���_ .T-35rTTi3^raS^C^&S3S  discombobulation  By MARYANNE WEST  The BBC television series the Duchess  of Duke Street starring Gemma Jones as  the inimitable Louisa Trotter returns to  CBC on Thursday at 8 p.m. (also carried on  Channel 6) with 16 new one hour episodes.  The new series follows the fortunes of the  owner of the Bentinck Hotel and its  patrons during the years 1911 to 1925. As in  the previous series, great care and attention has been paid to authentic period  detail,, even to the food served. Michael  Smith, adviser to the series; was com- ,  missioned by the International Wine and  Food Society to present an v18th century  banquet in New York and Philadelphia as  part of the U.S. bicentennial celebrations.  The Imperial War MuseuriKsupplied the  research into, war-time lifestyles,  uniforms and medals for this series.  Louisa's longest-serving and faithful maid  Mary, played* by Victoria Plucknett,x  receives the^jrr'omotion she deserves and  becomes the housekeeper of the Bentinck;  Merriman the butler is still there, and  Stair still guards the door ably supported  by his dog Fred.  Although   both  the   story   and   the  characters in the television series are  original, it may not be generally knownv  -that Louisa is based on a real life person.  Rosa Lewis, who died in 1952 well into  her 80's, is still remembered as the formidable owner of the legendary Cavendish  Hotel on Jermyn St. Rosa's life in many  ways corresponds to Louisa's. She too was  a Cockney child who began her working  life at 12 years old, scrubbing floors for a  shilling a week, and who became one of the  greatest cooks in England. Those who  remember her fondly recall her famous  quail puddings, and also her sharp tongue,  her abuse of servants, her terrific snob-  night when everyone is free for a meeting  ��� it does seem particularly inept to  schedule an important, informational  documentary ih the middle of a holiday  weekend and during Stanley Cup play offs.  There has to be a better time.  Hopefully Tankerbomb' will be  repeated. I understand that^among those  who were discombobulated by the change  without notice was the president of Mobil  Oil in Calgary���so watch for a re-run.  *   *   *  The Tankerbomb special is of particular importance to us in the light bf a  Provincial Government decision that each  coastal' community must assume the  cleanup responsibility for its own beaches.  Although it's generally considered that  the outer coast," Puget Sound and Juan de  Fuca are most vulnerable to a massive oil  spill, there is heavy traffic always in and  out of Vancouver Harbour and any  disaster at Cherry Point or in the inland  waters might very well reach our shores  given the right wind and tide. Even the  small coastal oil barge which sank in  Collingwood Channel some years ago  resulted in miles of fouled beaches and  many of us coping with oiled birds in the  bath-tub.  Undoubtedly we would be wise to  prepare, to .have some equipment  available at strategic points, and most  important a trained volunteer force  similar to the firemen .ready for immediate action in an emergency.  ' *   *   *  For the summer months listeners to  CBC AM radio can enjoy plays from tire  BBC replacing the school broadcasts  between 2:04 p.m. and 2:30 , Mondays  through Thursday. A wide variety is offered ��� from  contemporary  one  act  BILL   DOLMAGE  recalls  a  long career as head oflTtowihg company  which worked the coast.  Bill Domage���a  -ft  man of the sea  Recycling f<or local^illdllSJt*^  Editor, The Times:  Oncemore I take pen in hand to discuss  garbage. I would quote fromthe,latest of  Mr. Gibb's letters to the Times ���  "Needless to say, garbage has become an  issue, but this is only the case when it looks  as if someone is going to be "dumped on".  My word, this gentleman has a natural  proclivity for bungling things. He belongs  in Ottawa ��� along with the rest of those in  the stone zoo. If the garbage accumulation ,  , of a 9,000 to 14,000 population estimate only  "looks as if someone is going to be dumped  * on" I, for one would hate like hell to see  what any area would look like if we were  really being dumped on; this beifigln line,  or in a pile with Mr. Gibb's solution to the  garbage problem.  AS for producing heat with said garbage, it ls my humble opinion that such a  suggestion is just so much diversionary  hot air ��� and we all know that there Is ,  already enough of that around; At this  point I'm beginning to wonder if Mr.  Gibb's brain has not somehow become  incinerated to a frazzle if his re-entry  speed to the world of people, environment  and feelings?  Now I know, of course, that many will  say ��� and rightly so ��� "OK fella, you  write a fairly good line ��� but writing ,  criticisms and suggesting solutions are  two dumps of different garbage! How  about equal piles of each ��� and no hot  air?"  Very well. Mr. Editor, perhaps the  following ideas with some minor improvements and-or expansions may just  catch on. As you will see, I favour recycling ��� but rc-cycllng with a useful and  monetary .purpose.  1 GLASS ��� How about pulverizing all  glass products and selling theso for Inclusion in concrete ahd-or asphalt-making  aggregates. I uso all tho glass I have to  spare, for me In concrete, whenever I  have occasion to mix a batch or two.  Please note, I said pulverize..  2 PLASTICS���Has anyono oyer poured  a bit of lacquer thinner or acetone In a  plastic coffee cup or shampoo bottle? Try  Hi The plastic melts. Why then could this  sclf-samo product not bo melted in great  The PmimuLA^dtneli  Published Wcdiu'wluys nl Seehell  onn.C.'itSunshineCon$t ...........  ��v" .   i ,��..,', , ;..,: ,-,:nio.Pcnl,n*ul��,Tlmlch.,.,,.���.��!,..,.,,.,.,,,1,.���  for Wcstprcs PuhlicAtloiVK ,  atSwhclt,"'B,C.     '  "Bok.1IO~'Scchcll,D.'c;  VON3AO   quantitiesrand-indeed7a~great variety of  On his birthday May 7, Bill Dolmage  found himself the guest of honor at a  surprise   reception  at  the   Vancouver  harbor office of-his son John. The reception had been  organized by  his two  daughters, Susan and Wendy, and many of.  his old sea-faring friends were there including representatives of Kingcome  Navigation. They presented him with the  bell of the Haida Brave, a tugboat which  he had built for the California run when he  ^v-^wasv^Vice-president    of    Kingcome  'Navigation. He h��sJjrought_the.bell-bacJ  Halfmoon  joined the Royal Canadian Navy to service  in Naval Salvage and was loaned first to  the Royal Navy and later to the U.S. Navy.  It was a job for which he was most aptly  fitted and for a man who loved boats as  ' Bill does, it was exciting and challenging  to be in<command of the^huge 1500 h.p.  tugs. There was no book of rules for naval  salvage at that time, which offered  tremendous scope for such an experienced  _hery, _her_fiigh _spints_and^generosity ���  tales w%hich undoubtedly lose nothing over  the years.  -The earlier series won acclaim for its  professionalism, the authenticity of turn of  -the century-London and-the excellence-of���  the acting.  *   *   *  If you made a mental note to watch  Tankerbomb, Mike Poole's television  special on the inevitability of a west coast  oil spill, then turned to Channel 6 on  Sunday at 10 p.m. only to find the Beachcombers, you were doubtless annoyed.  It was one of those things. When the  fourth Montreal-Boston Stanley Cup game  was scheduled for 8 p.m. Eastern time preempting the 10-11 p.m. slot in Toronto, the  decision was made to change Tankerbomb  to 10 p.m. Saturday for the network. CBC  in Vancouver having invested time and  money in advertising the special and  colors, re-formed into lightweight, self-  insulating building blocks for use in  building garden tool sheds, lining flower  beds, driveways etc., etc? Fusing these  blocks together is simplicity in itself since  the same chemicals employed to melt  would also glue. Commercial adhesives  are also available ph the market.  3 PAPER ��� This product could he  shredded (by the same unit used for  pulverizing glass) wetted, baled, and sold  for processing as. loose-fill insulation. In ''  fact the process is simple enough that such  an operation could be implemented here  on "the Sunshine, Coast. A secondary  product of this plant could be the making  of inexpensive fireplace logs. ,  4 - CANS AND OTHER METALS -  These could be run through-a'; ughl flame-  cleaning process, then crushed, baled,  and, in sufficient weights, sold as scrap  iron. It might be worthwhile to note that  the metallurgy used in producing /'tin'  cans", produces steel of a better quality  than that used in making cars. Honestly  now, have you even seen a can at your  local super-market which needed an  "under-coating'^?  5 KITCHEN REFUSE - This could be  , chemically composted, dried in kilns and  sold. Or perhaps some members of the,  regional board could be, employed ln the  drying process!  Mr. Eilitbr, I firmly believe that all of  the foregoing Ideas are feasible, cpny  mcvdally viable, and potentially job-  creating suggestions. I also believe that  those fow Items of garbage left out of the  processes would be so minimal as to  require a space approximately the size of  Mrs. Gibb's backyard ��� and for thirty  years use at that!  ** *���'-"***"-'*-���������'*��������� "���^*wj;E*Bclan"giSr*'  Roberts Creok.  Hockey team  8ay8 thank you  Editor, The Times:  Tho Legion 140 Hockey Team would  llko this opportunity to express publicly  their gratitude nnd appreciation to tho  Secholt Legion Branch 140 and Ladles  Auxiliary for tho outstanding way they  sponsored their hockey team.  Whort'wo needed anything tho Legion  would always como through for us,'and tho  end of tho lretff'bttriqU0ttf"W*Wdl6B*  Auxiliary prepared were superb. Our  thanks also to our coaches, Carl Kohuch  and Val August for their tlmo and effort,  Uglon 140's Hockey Team.*  ._    and resourceful jpfficer. He-served off the   ..  le^east'coast/of Scotjand, Jn-Icelandandin jhaving their own copy wgre able J&run the  :iif-thfe4��edite'rranean. When the war ended'^g^m^as ^scheduled on Sunday.^ But  he was based at Genoa with the rank of   ri"r,tr rmr r"  Lieutenant Commander.  Though Bill Dolmage retired in 1956,  his main interests are still ships and the  sea. From his comfortable log cabin at the  head of Halfmoon Bay, he can watch ships  he has known and loved passing up and  down the Gulf, many of them bringing  back memories. Recently a tug came by  with one of the most mammoth tows of  To "Halfmoon Bay where it now hangs  beSide the door of his house.  Bill's home on the Redrooffs Trail  contains many such memorabilia of his  seagoing career, including models of  tugboats he has built and souvenirs from  many of his ships. The central lighting  fixture in his lounge is a huge steering  wheel from one of his early tugboats with  ships lanterns suspended from it.  It is small wonder that. Bill Dolmage    cedar logs he h^d ever seen. He estimated  CHEK-TV Channel 6 apparently did not  know or was able only to receive the  network feed, so Channel 6 viewers  probably missed it unless they happened  to be 'watching on'Saturday evening.  While there is no "right time" for a  television program ��� any more than a  dramas, - to-crime and espionage to  classics adapted for dramatization, including Vanity Fair, Dickens' Nicholas  Nickelby and two of Dorothy Sayers best,  Clouds of Witness and Whose Body?  - -The-schedule js arrangedjio that a  different play is. presented each day~6f the"  week. Now, they're not all serials, fortunately, but I find it confusing to have one  crime serial running on Tuesdays for "x"  number of weeks and another on; Thursdays. It's difficult to sustain the continuity and the atmosphere when 4;he  eRisodes are spaced at.weekly intervals,  quite apart from the fact that Tuesdays  come around so fast these days I probably  miss a couple anyway.  It would seem, to me at least, to make  more sense to run one play at a time  consecutively, every day at 2 p.m. One  may have a variety of reasons for reading  several books at one time, but plays  somehow demanjj a concentrated commitment to a concept or idea and should'as  far as possible be an entity in themselves.  Even serialization, often unavoidable, is  an artificial intrusion into the integrity of  the original.  Maybe it's just me .who isn't able to  juggle a three ring circus any longer ���  how do other listeners feel?  has the sea in his blood for he was born on  the Queen Charlotte Islands and spent ,  most of his boyhood in Vancouver around  the harbour area; Because of ttiFuntlmely  death of his father, which left his mother  alone with a young family, his early years,  were full of hardship and poverty, and  young Bill would accept any work he could  find which wou$ enable him to take a few  d611ars home to his mother. A kindly  benefactor secured for him an apprenticeship, at a machine shop in the  shipyards, where he received the princely  sum of $3 a week during his apprenticeship.',  and $15 a week at its completion. He  augmented his Income by working at thq  yacht club weekends and evenings.       j,  The agreeable young man with his,  enthusiasm for boats and his insatiable \  desire for work, attracted the attention of  Ron Maltland of tho insurance firm of  Macaulay, Nlcholls,and Maltland, who  suggested that for $5,500 Bill could get a  small tugboat and go Into, the charter,  business. BUI discovered there would be no  problems ln getting charter work for such  a tugboat, but he could see no way of  raising the necessary $3,500 cash advance.  Maltland, convinced that hero was a*  young man who would make good, m|ide  the cash payment on his behalf and so, ln  1025, Bill Dolmage became Uio proud  Tiwfioir'bf KIa"flr��rt"tu6l>6air&*32T6M6r'Wlth1t  a diesel engine. Ho named her "Wee  Giant" and got contracts with fishing  companies for towing their scows of fish. A  year later with enough charters coming In  to cover payments, Maltland persuaded  Bill to get a second tug, tills time financed  by the bank. From that time Bill Dolmage  never looked back, building a new tugboat  every year. The first three tugs wero.  Identical, but later he went In for bigger  vessels, He bought out Harbour Towing  Company, subsequently changing tho  name to Dolmage Towing, and he eventually had a fleet of 40 tugboats with  charters which covered tho coast  California to Alaska.  ,w,.Jn,to  employees were wonderfully loyal. Crew  members who joined tbe company as boys  would often stay on to become engineers or  even masters, working with the samo boss  that the tow contained almost $1.5 million  i worth of logs.  ;.; J....,- --'---"-   ���BiU is a member of one of the most  exclusive clubs in the world, the Cutty  Sark Club, which was originated by HRH  Prince Phillip, with branches In Britain,  Canada and Australia. The "Cutty Sark"  which was the fastest sailing ship ever  built, was launched on November 22,1869*  at Old Wharf, Dumbarton, Scotland and Is  now preserved in dry dock at Greenwich,  London. ,       .������ .,-������ '���.-���������  Membership of the Cutty Sark Club is  restricted to 100, and only when a member  dies does the group vote In a new member.  i The cliib 'contributes annually to the  Cutty Sark preservation fund, and one of  the social activities of the Vancouver  group Is an annual mystery day-cruise,  usually In September on the Maui Lou. It is  usually the responsibility of Bill Dolpiage  to organize and captain this cruise, and  when thoy leave tho dock, ho is the only  one who knows where they aro going.  One of his most treasured possessions  ls a bowl made to celebrate the centennial  i of the launching of the Cutty Sark. Spode,  the famous porcelain manufacturers,  mado 100 of these bowls and then  destroyed tho mould. Thoy wore all  numbered and made available only to tho  100 founder mombora of tho Cutty Sark��  Club,  Bennett should do more for B.C.  fisheries.  Premier Bennett does not have the  interest of the B.C. fishermen at heart.  This fact became apparent in the Canada-  U.S. negotiations over a Fishing Treaty for  1978. This Issue is very coipplex but one  which B.C. residents must be made aware  of.  The Canada-U.S. fishing pact is  presently being negotiated. The Federal  Fisheries Minister, Romeo Leblanc, is the  federal minister responsible. Mr. Leblanc  comes from a riding ln New Brunswick  (Westmoreland-Kent) which has a fishing  industry. As the negotiating stand Mr.  Leblanc Is willing to trade-ofr B.C. fishing  concerns In exchange for enhanced powers  in the East Coast fishery. As the  negotiations stand Americans would gain  Influence In the West Coast salmon industry and lose In the East Coast cod  trado. Although Mr. Leblanc denies this, it  is pretty obvious that this is, his game.  What is Premier Bennett doing in this  regard? He said ho sent a cable to Ottawa  outlining B.C.'s position and concerns.  That is ridiculous. Mr. tablanc, ls talking  of negotiating ono of B.C.'s largest Industries out of existence or scvorly cur-  tailing ItoactlvUlcs, A cable Is not enoughl.  It must bo mado abundantly clear to  ��� MLA, Mackenzie  Ottawa that P,;C's fishing concerns are  non-negotiable. The premier once again  displays his disregard for the working  people of B.C. When it is time to stand up  and be strong where is Bill Benriett?  Further in this matter, B.C. should  have sent an observer to the Law of the  J>ea Conference in Geneva this year. The  observer would have been able to lend  advice to the federal government on how  certain positions affect B.C. This would  have allowed the province's perspective to'  be considered in the negotiations by the  federal government.'  In both these matters Premier Bennett  has shown he has little regard for B.C.'s  fishing industry. But tho B.C. fishing industry provides for the people of B.C. It is  time for the premier to take action, but he  docs nothing.  correction  Dick Derby was erroncoasly Identified  as being affiliated with Sunshine Coast  Disposal Service in a news story in tho  May 24 issue of tho Times',  Derby opcrutcs a contracting business  under his own namo and has no connection  with Sunshine Coast Disposal Service. Tho  Times regrets the error.  Glaucoma���the sneaky disease  A glaucoma screening clinic sponsored  by tho Sechelt lions Club and run by the  UBC Department of Opthnlmology will bo  held at the Sechelt Medical Clinic Juno 15-  16.  Glaucoma Is an oyfe disenso which  affects 1 per cent of the average  population ovor 40 years of age, .It Is  usually InsJMloua and gives no symptoms.  Unfortunately, pcoplo often present with a  'dimming of vision" or total loss of vision  In oho eye leaving ho avenue for "treatment in that eye. Thla form of the disease  Is called open angle or chronic simple  glaucoma.  to 5-p.ni. Tiips.-S(U. ^  . t       leukemia patients, tomorrow we may bo  ���   V,trt3if$m HnrbsVcinF^iia') V* s*"*afele to snVeHhem. the future detfeCw  IjwiiI. 57'per year, fleyMlu MTnta*.*a ���' * ! ripwrch.3*? Canadian Cancer Sofciety la  U.S.A., $10, Overseas $11. , tho prime fierce of funds for cancor  research In Canada.  V  and often still staying with thosameshlp.       It is most frequently related to an in-  iffipnworwW  ,���and,h(y*0uld find tt#uhlnJn l(rtmaa*'W���� ��� turcs ntji&back of Uio eve. Damage 0jn  coridftfcfp "tymi:L ,uii|f��TfJt'��>��K��; u.iu alkbW8%>ntiTa. .��y uue to poor  cyo thla la a loss of "side vision" without  any change In dlstanco or reading vision to  tho patlont until the eye is nearly blind.  Once discovered, medical and surgical  therapy can bo employed to decrcaso  pressure within tho eye. Tho Importance of  discovering this.dlflcase before too much  damage has been dono is self-evident.  Tho second form of glaucoma Is closed  angle or acute glaucoma. It usually ls  .annpuncqdJw���pain,.blurred vMon.jirid  haloes aroiind lights, These sysmptoms  may come on quickly as within one half  hour, and and, providing theyurenot  Ignored, can bo reversed under medical  management. Surgery ls tho usual  ft/UK* ���'.lf>1|||iflf>^,U^W>��*PWewW>H*lt��*!W*^ *�����*  dounmvo trcaunent.  ���frorBcreenT^thowflisoasGStestmgror  gloaming;  In 1040 he mttrrlcd Mary Stewart and  soon afcrwardp l<?ft for war service. Ho  flow. In either clso the effect on the eye Is  not unlike a heart attack on tho heart. That  Is to say,' there is a loss of function, In tho  fp  those who havo a family histoid of the  disease or who Imve high blood pressure or  diabetes mcllltus, Also younger pcoplo  who have had an Injury to tholr eyes  sometime In tho past should bo checked.  It ls Important to soparato tho concern  for eye health from the need to wear  glasses. This dlcscaso takes vision from  pcoplo With and without glasses.  Christian Science  "ChrlsHoved the -churchr and gave  himself for it;" (Eph. 5:25).  Tho greatest Influonco the world bus  tlmier*  pressura-wip-'" <!>*ev�� .^^���-'"������ion of. ^ , MtoBal|prirddv ^vritoa In Miscellany,  ��nrtfeu$$fo\n<n^ "flrth  should he ,donc on the population and could imtttms brethren in one prayer,  specifically those people,at higher risk.''. Father, teach us t|io llfo.pf Uvo." (pg.  People at higher risk uro tltoao over 40,    301),  ���iffbk  ?i4.  m BwwWw#i--vi^.ag|sp��Hi*/ii -*  * J"*iy*aJH��{hWJl i���� >����*"#��&����� ��i!  (*#������  .'*|"1!k.)tSw afWHI+T* J***   i WO*tt*����-#i'WtJS'sB-i. J  * ' *  [ ���*f$4 $��^B<#xW>W^:&t< 'W'wWeWW-W^ ���'���S  V- W^T*��(Wai����rltWttHKW��jW|ii ��l*s!W��i��i��W*�� ��ni�� ��n�� -��  j, jJ|**l��t*>*Wj,w��  ./,'  / .V  i r  .     /���  .-_.!  MORE ABOUT  S^-Ss  re about..._^ Wnathpr rAnnrf     M0"E. AB9UT ��� ���  Foot losses    m^^rmm^JL      ��� Tuwanek re-zoning plan  ^om Page A-l    �� mm v��"��0   W"**"  Wednesday, May 3*, 1978  May20 11    21     nil  May21 8    16    10.4  May22   4    14     nil  May23 6    16�����nil  May24 6    16     nil  May 25 8    15     5.6  May26 ...9    12    17,3  Week's rainfall���3.33 cms. May to date  ���JL1.96 cms. 1978 to date���62.97 cm.  May 20-26,1977 ~ 2.62 cms. May 1-26,  1977 ��� 5.77 cm. Jan. 1-May 26,1977 ��� 38.29  cm.  MORE ABOUT  Herbicide hazards form  ���From Page A-l  penditures, may be, deceptively high in the  two month .statement.  Public use of the pool, which was  greater than anticipated immediately  after the opening, has since tapered off.  Also, the village now plans to close the  facility during August, and although there  will be no revenue for that month, most of  the expenditures ��� such as salaries and  the majority of heating and lighting costs  ��� will continue.  Goddard said she would "like to give it  six months" before attempting to revise  the village's deficit projection.  Total revenue and expenditures for the  Aqautic Centre for the period ending April  30 are as follows:  REVENUE  Public Swimming 7092.86  Pool Rentals 945.00  Swimming Classes 4095.50  Misc. 1..: r. 239.81  Total Revenue " 12,373.17  EXPENDITURES  Salaries-full time 7071.46  Salaries- part time r.. .6773.63  Rental wages  '  .268.00  Employer contributions  Employers liability insurance  Transportation allowances  .60.00  Printing and Stationery  .552.00  Advertising 400.70  Grounds Mtce -,  Equip mtce and operation 2174.18  Custodial supplies,etc  1265.40  Telephone 175.44  Heat, light and power....: 5755.14  Chemicals  2224.98  Recreation Program .. 424.48  Misc 126.65  Total Expenditures 27,272.06  Expenditures over Revenue 14,898.89  MORE ABOUT ...  ��� Arena finances "not disastrous"  ���From Page A-l whereby, the district would purchase a  in" to the recreation function, he said. block of ice time, similar to the district's  He also complained, "We really had agreement for use of the1 Gibsons swim-  problems renewing our advertising" by ming pool.  -area merchants around the Arena wall. He        >_,,������ M;n,n��. "bw ��7.i -j~vt "  said ttthe associate is more successM JEiEXMStfE  sS met TtSvel term " expense- "* thtok the schools "^^ **>  PM��m��MiH. scored *J ��� * "~ ^"^ P0Si,i��"'' ta  the local press for publicizing the Arena's  financial. problems but failing to give       Loewen added that at the rates being  adequate _ covqrage-to -activities. -^The���^1^S^t^-scheolsi!it!a.just a.breakeven���  papers are here tonight," he said, "but proposition at best. The rental barely pays  where were the photographers when the *or *e staff-"  kids were finishing up their season?" Dixon estimated" thaFl'he" Arena  Dixon   said, the   Arena   needs   an received about $2,000 in rental.revenue  agreement with the  school  district from the schools last year.  ���From Page A-l  Lee said his findings show that of thj? 84  that petitioned against the-rezoning) only_.  35 are on the voters list and only six had .  the "civic responsibility to vote."  "The question presented," said Lee,  "is that special and unusual consideration  is owed these people who have so  massively omitted their basic concern for  the local government?'  "The answer comes down loud  clear," he said, "none whatsoever."  and  ���From Page A-l  Vance,4&ted a recent case in Sechelt  when B.C. Hyjjjro had been disallowed the  aerial spraying of Tordon 101, a substance  made up of picloram and 2,4-D. He said he  felt the-aerial Nspraying of Tordon 101  \ would lack the precision necessary to  avoid streams near the Hydro right-of-way  and would wipe out all foilage in the area.  "I, took Hydro to task about this  because they had said they wanted to  promote low-growing life on the right-of--  way," he said.  "In the end," said Doucet, "I think  you'll find that all the deeiskJnc^ri.',J  political, not scientific."  Students organizing the forum passed  out a five-question questionnaire~asking,  whether pesticides or herbicides- were  used in the home garden. The students  received 71 completed questionnaires and  21 percent of the people who filed them out  said they used pesticides.  Of those who use pesticides, 16 percent  know that 2,4-D, 2,4-5-T or picloram is  . present in those products, while 84 percent  who use them do not know whether or not  any of those chemicals is present.  Thirty percent of pesticide users put  the used containers in the garbage can'for  dump pick up, while 11 percent burn the  containers and four percent bury them.  None said they dropped the used containers in a body of water.  Ninety-seven percent of those who,  completed the questionnaires said they  are against B.C. Hydro using chemical  sprays to clear and maintain the Sunshine  Coast rights-of-way and substations.  Lee added that of 45 persons employed  at the Jackson Bros, log dump and living  in Area C "22 exercised their franchise  and voted."-  Alex Lucas, one of the organizers of the  protest against the rezoning, said later  that although the group is "very much"  upset with the board's decision and Lee's  turn-around, no appeaf as yet has been  planned.  With Frank Giampa, Lucas organized  the protests against both the rezoning of  the Jackson Bros, log dump and "illegal  asphalt manufacturing" #t the Sandy  Hook Pacific Rim-Aggregates site.  Thursday night was the second time in  two months the board had approved third  reading of the Tuwanek log dump rezoning  bylaw.  The board previously approved the  rezoning on March 16, but a procedural  error forced a subsequent rescision of the  vote and a hew public hearing. Lee and  Area A Director Joe Harrison voted  against the ��� rezoning on March 16,  Harrison explaining that he believed the  board should support the decision of an  individual director in matters affecting  exclusively "his own area.  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  Pilch-ln*78  mou 8-M. WJB  Rflon-Thurs���8:30 am~5:30 pm  Fri���8:30 am-9:00 pm  Sat���9:30 am-5:00 pm  emmmmHm%um & HF,Ba&^ BI tf%B"  bH-��   HL-,  Nffi       ��_ %%wm.    W      WmYJS ran H H  ��� H  Eh     h     nl SR JB Rl **. ^h fi     H vn   Ho  H ^H m n  Eh        Bl        Kl    ��taw  nfflHBI vtaSF Hhi H in     RD    Ha   VLJv HLmh  ���m      tm      wa   ^ar BW XP' BSKH R3 IH    wr    B3   XjgJP Q9SS  L_  Cowrie St.  885-3258  SALE JUNE lst-3rd/^  FREE KITES to our  12 first customer*  AT OUR  ^-^^0-^OCKUpMFSR SCH00L  * "      - NOW-  ^^zx^^.^7r^��^^rA -^ ^  W LOCATION  COWRIE ST.r  I"'.*��������*,����  ,,,,.,.1 ����*iM     f******** -^^^^Lmmm^^^^M  X\  NOW  n!  50  , ���Bubble" Envo>opos^/axUVfl2'30'  4o0 J, ?"ck  Re,42ceo.SPEC^..Enveiope$   Re,$568/1Q0 ���^/Jfr*  **nl>Ordrt*'Fu        ������������..   9Sl   -  $7 10/100 SPECIAL   Not  just  T.V.s  LONG ON  TOO!  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By Doris Edwardson, 883-2308 ^^^J  ���ErJn  MAYDAY  Many thanks to the May Day Committee from the people of PH for a*  tremendous May Day packed full of  events. The first customers to the PH  -Uons- Pancake ^Breakfast -were Ernie  Widman, Myrtle Page, Eric and Annabelle-  Antilla and their daughter. These- f oiks -  were there before 6 a.m. drooling with  anticipation for pancakes, bacon and eggs.  Mel Likes was in charge of this popular  early riser breakfast.  Winners in the parade were ��� Com- .  mercial Float, Al's Blacksmith Shop;  Local Float, Sharon Falcohbridge May  . Bug; Non-Commercial Float, Brownies.  The PH Pool received honourable mention, as did the Cubs and Serendipity Play  School. Best decorated "bike, Randy Edwardson; Horse and Rider Debbie Haase;  Walkers, jr., Kevin and Erin Duncan, Sr.,,  April Edwardson. A special award was  given to the PH Health Clinic.  The Highland Games results were ���  Axe Throw, men's, 1st Ron Brackett; 2nd  Spencer JVigard; J5rd =Ted Brackett;  women's, 1st Bonnie Wigard;- 2nd Nancy  Ion; 3rd Lynn Allen. Nail Driving, 1st Jane  Reid; 2nd Mary Parker; 3rd Bea Marsden.  Shot Put, men's, 1st Randy Hoke; 2nd  /PT  W'"W  "P��am%f4mm<a  FUNERALS  DEATH BENEFITS  * Many people are not  aware of the death  benefits payable by  various   Crown   agencies.  * The Canada Pension Plan  will pay up to $1,045.00 on  the death of a contributor.  This is in addition to the  widow's pension.  * A veteran's family may  be eligible for a grant from  D.V7AT or"fKe" Last- Post  Fund.  * At time of need, Devlin  Funeral Home will assist  the family in determining  eligibility for various  government or private  death benefifs.-  DA. DEVLIN     \  owner-manager ,.  ywjiw  w  Tpn Funeral Hom^  Hank Sundquist; 3rd Gerry Girard and  John Marion. Caber Toss, 1st Randy Legg;  2nd Rick Ion; 3rd Sandy Hately. Softball  Throw, 1st Gail Girard; 2nd Wendy Lee;  3rd Krisi Hately. Marathon 'Run, 1st  Russell Cameron; 2nd Toni-Potts; 3rd  Hank Sundquist.  Shot Put, ladies, 1st Dorell Edwardson,  2nd Wendy Lee; 3rd Gail Girard. Wrist  Wrestling ��� The Heavyweight Champion  for PH is James Peers, 2nd Sandy Hately;  3rd Walter Higgins. Middleweight, 1st  Sandy Hately; 2nd Ralph Philips; 3rd  Mark Brackett. Lightweight, 1st Brian  Scoular; 2nd' Alfred Lajlar; 3rd Ian  Brown. Featherweight, 1st Chris Brown*  2nd Pat Wiley; 3rd Eddy Reid. Marge  Campbell is the champion for the women's  wrist wrestling in PH, 2nd Bonnie Wigard;  3rd Brenda Scoular.  During.the afternoon Bingo was held in  the Community Hall and the Beer Garden  outside was running a brisk business. The  Dunk Tank claimed Verne Wishlove and  Pat Hoff who wore wet suits, but really  soaked "Barry"Wilbee whose hat looks  really shrunk, and one of the highlights of  the day was when Logger-Jack couldn't  resist the urge to get up onto the tank, he  was soaked immediately.  -The May Queen amHier~ attendants  Three girls who hitchhiked here from  Quebec are visiting the home of Bob and  Yvette Kent. They found everyone friendly  and co-operative and enjoyed their mode  of travel tremendously.   .  Dianne Nieninen from Noranda is a  niece of Yvettes. Her friends are Johanne  Coriveau of Sherbrooke and tyn Lantier  . from St. Jerome. They are onftheir way to}  Alaska. On the return trip from Alaska  ' they will disembark at Prince "Rupert.  Directly from here they will make a visit  to: White Rock and another stop at Victoria. .  The girls, iiv-their early 20s, are enjoying their visit to Sechelfc-������*   NEWCOMERS ROBBED  Pat and, Louis. Mitten-were not long in  were served a dinner at the RC Legion Br.  112 Hall. The PH Secondary School May  Queen and her attendants were served a  lovely steak dinner at Ruby Lake dining  Troom~m~the"eVe"ning~Tjbd1Qng"radiant~iir'  formal attire were May Queen, Karen  Morrison and escort Gordie Waters, attendants Pam Mueller and escort Duncan  Ferguson, Mokey Sterloff and escort Kelly  Morrison. Later in the evening there was a  kiddies dance at the Community Hall till 9  p.m. then an adujt dance which was a.  selloutand success. (  NEWSY ITEMS  The Sunshine Inn is now open from 7 to i  11 a.m. and further services available by  request. If you need charter assistance,  .rooms or breakfast please phone 883-967$.   Information���for- tpurists-who-a^  always inquiring about the liquor store  hours ��� 10-6 p.m. Monday thru Saturday,  10-9 p.m. Fridays.  IN HOSPITAL  Mrs. Constance Harper was rushed to  St. Mary's Hospital last week suffering  from a stroke. Mrs. Harper is the oldest  resident and pioneer in Madeira park.  FAMILY ROOM  Ann and Les Hewitt, Jean and Bill  Graham are running the kitchen at the Br.  112 Legion and have decided to use the hall  part for a family room for breakfasts or  brunch 10:30 a.m. till 2 p.m. Banquets or  sniorgasbords may be, arranged by  phoning 883-9223 or 883-9979.  their new home before they were robbed of.  four pounds of instant coffee ��� a funny  welcome to a new neighborhood.  SUNSHINE REBEKAHS No. 82  Thirty people sat down to a  smorgasbord dinner May 24 to celebrate  the 16th.birthday of the Sunshine Rebekah  Lodge No. 82 at St. Hilda's Hall.  Guests were Brother and Sister Mr. and  Mrs. Gene and Evelyn Shaw from New  Westminster.  Sister Shaw-'was  the  President who installed the lodge at its  beginning.  There lyere two veteran jewels  presented- representing 15 years as  members. These were awarded t(T-Sisters  Ruby Breese and Hilda Clancy.  Brother Jack McLeod entertained the  gathering with slides of Holland.  While here for the Rebekah party,  Ruby Breese was a guest at the home of  Ivan and Eileen Smith. Her stay was short  but she plans to return for a longer visit in  the near future.  OVERHEARD AT TIMBER DAYS  Met an" Interesting . couple from  England who had two things in common  with the days proceedings. Mr. and Mrs;  Arthur Bagnall are from South Woodford,  Essex^and are visiting the Huggins in_  Gibsons.  First, Mr. Bagnall was born in Barking',  Essex, where Captain Cook was married  in St. Margaret's Abbey, a church built ��  during#the time of the Romans.  Second, Mr. Bagnall headed the ,  committee for.their Mayday celebrations  held May 20 in England but left the running to other committee members, feeling  <a wee bit guilty enjoying himself while the  Aux. luncheon  will be June 29  New Royal Albert Cups and Saucers  just in. Delicate floral pattern in a variety  of colours. ��� MISS BEE'S, SECHELT.  El'i  ��� The Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary's annual Spring Luncheon will be Thursday,  June 29, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Senior  Citizens Hall in Sechelt.  Auxiliary, members at the May 11  meeting at St. Hilda's Hall were informed  that the booklet of the history of the  hospital and the individual auxiliaries is  nearing completion. It will serve as a  record and also will be used to acquaint  members with services provided by the  auxiliaries.  Anyone having oddments of wool is  asked to phone Lee Redman at 885-9732 as  her mother, Mrs. Clampitt, is pleased to  knit these into articles for the comfort of  the patients.  Next meeting, the last'before the  summer break, will be June 8, 2 p.m., at  St. Hilda's Hall. - Kay Purdy.  rest worked. However, he saI37he was  getting ideas for their next year's event.  Their May queen celebrations or  crownings-are the same. He thought it was  a charming, idea to have the two grandfathers of the May Queen escort her to the  dais.  They thoroughly enjoyed the logger  sports. They tpo^Uve on the edge of a  forest,' but one completely unlike, ours  called Eppirig Forest. It was a pleasure to  meet them, and I do. hope they enjoy the  rest of their holiday.   ,  BAKING CONTEST  I heard the entries were masterpieces.  -ThatmusHncludeVernGiesbrecht's-pier-  Hank Hall finally beat out Bud Koch to  purchase a , cheesecake- for $23 at the  auction: Bud's purchases at the auction  were going to keep his crew working on  .decorating their float for the parade..   . .  LOGGERS SPORTS  Ken Nelson's participation adds spark  to the logger sports. A champion in our  midst is encouragement to local loggers.,  The Brackett cheering section gets  bigger every year as more of their family  join in the sports and on the sidelines.  Bonnie Wigard wishes more women  would enter, so get practicing for next  year, gals.  Sooke's "lady" participant ��� Copper  Canyon Sal, Lady Logger of the. Northwest  ��� was indeed a highlight. Climbing the  pole was enough without dancing on the.  top, highly entertaining.  Good sports awards should go to the  dunk tank sitters. Constable Gary Wade of  the RCMP was the target for Mabel Mc-  Dermid", whose aim was right on to put  him in,the water several times in suc-  _ cession. He came right up dripping wet  each time with a big smile on his face.  EXTENDED CARE AT LEGION  The Royal Canadian Legion Sechelt  Branch 140 enterained 11 patients from the  .extended care unit of St. Mary's Hospital  on May 18. Providing excellent music was  Earl Duty as well a^ the Legion Pipe Band.  Celebrating his 90th birthday was Karl  Makinen whose granddaughter baked him  a special cake. The Legion ladies also  provided a birthday cake for the occasion.  Lillian Peters, Dorothy Goeson, Peggy  Massey, Ina Grafe, Jack Boundy and other"  staff members were along to join in the fun  and assist if needed.  ' The Legion make the patients feel most  'welcome and enjoy providing this special  pleasure of an evening out of the hospital.  It is eagerly looked forward to and talked  about for days after. To bring sunshine to  someone's life' always-lights^youriown. ���  The Society for the Prevention of  "Cruelty   to   Animals   will   hold   an  organization meeting Monday, June 19,  7:30 p.m. at the Senior. Citizens Hall in  Sechelt.  For further information, contact Len  Wray, 886-2664.  RECORDS & TAPES  ��� ,*�� Save time .and money ordering the re-'  'i-corda end tapes you want. Pop, country, folk, specialty - current hits and  golden oldies. Special discounts all  ibels, satisfaction and safe delivery  positively guaranteed. Send 25c malt  Jnfl fo/ rush copy latest catalog.  Supersound, Box 5227-SY Vancouver  B.&V6B4B3.  Labatts  Established 1828  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwm'mmmmmmmmammm  A tradition in Canada  for 150 years.  This year marks the 150th Anniversary of Labatt Breweries.  That's a significant achievement for any company.   _y ���.,,Jcc!mic^  ,  country was even a nation. We began very modestly, in 1828,  on the quiet banks of the Thames River in what is now  the city of London; Ontario. Since that time, we've  grown and prospered.  We1 ve had gcxxl people with us over those 150 years. They made  good products and good decisions which furthered our growth.  Without doubt however, the fundamental factor for our  success was our good fortune to be a part of the young and  ' dynamic people who formed the nation we now know as Canada.  ,��� ���, _ :., , , ,���.. _ M gre\yjQKethcr,j , :���..,��� , ���,.���, :���   Started by Canadians and still owned by Canadians Labatts  feels proud, and grateful, for all those good years.  , LABATXBREWERIES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA LTD,  VICTORIA NEW WESTMINSTER CRESTON  /,..-;*. ^-tn -.'/.'���*���.,.���' v '^p'^^txJil^p'-Vip^s  ."~w\   y  V1*-^:  Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  r}liir--  Attention Community GroupsandOrganizations  Look how Canada Works  New Community Centre looks great!  N  ^^LworUspr��icci  Canaoa^S trades.  teaches new  ���.'.V,  lew jobs, And a better place to live.  jCanndn Works, a Federal Government  job creation program, has done it before and  Canada Works can do it again,  Get your group to agree on a project  you can all support. Most importantly, it must  make use of and improve the skills of  *��� unemployedpeople in your nrearcreatfc at"  least 3 new jobs, and make for community benefits that last.    "     '  Complete your application carefully  and on time,      *��������� ���  Jf your idea is good enough, Canada  Works may be able to contribute to the  necessary funding,  lb apply, just go to your closest  Canada Manpower Centre/Canada  Employment Cchtreorjob  Creation Branch Office. Pick up  the application form and  the "Guide to  Applicants!"  Canada  JWfeshsJls    for your community ^feur  provincc.Your  country. For all of us. So let's get  vvorkintfOJv*"roe new ideas..  6- fl'M()T^^t  ^Kftgtf  r*����-p*mw��*s��Sia5��s��i*!t^^ j^^^Pi^^fta^WtWi'M l"  '"^ap;i*y>V  "A'A i  employment end        Emplol at  Immigration Canada   Immigration Canada  mm^^mimmmmmt'mmmi <tiiMmmimw*#wm**Mm  *4iW^��^*��v^iS��iA4iiMt^m>*v  ���* W1����*����M^W'*^  H"   "���' jiffiffistyfrT'Jf W(* JVi*�� t   ���*nvsww*��s��w #<���& ^Jts*t��"*'#'5'*rt<*'!*,*aWMtHIMa* w*JMi^ii��ij��iMT(MiwtP,m��*��>-s��'/'i  ��mt<     ���WJ"^'^W^I^'-iMHWHf1(UiSWnW'Wc4IA6*   T  w*iif .*tf%sw^wWJi��* aft-wi*. ��KW��ttW'^ws^>>�������/'�� _./  The Creek runoff  ay's here ,*  By Annie Dempster, 885-3326  SPORTS DAY  Roberts Creek Elementary's annual  Sports Day is Friday, June 2. It's always  great fun for parents; as well as the  students. If you would like to offer your  assistance to theteachers for the day, just  give the school a call. The teachers are  always more than happy to have parent  participation ��� especially on Sports Day,  as it is always so hectic and the mote  hands the better.  FIREMEN CHALLENGED  *=��� While canvassing for donations to the  Roberts Creek Community Associaton's  Ways and Means Committee giant raffle,  to be drawn on July 15,_we_approached the  manager of the Sunshine Coast Credit  Union. After very generously donating $75  to the raffle, manager Larry MacDonald  mentioned that the Sechelt firemen were  very poor losers and because they had  been defeated by our own Roberts Creek  firemen in the war of the hoses at the  Timber  Days  celebration,  they  have  cholesterol?  "Many health prudes, I've noticed are  friendly, tolerent, understanding people  who never, ever try to make me feel uncomfortable about any of my. real failings.  But let me once lapse from the rules of  perfect nutrition or hygiene, by eating  brownies for breakfast, for instance, or  guzzling tap water sans charcoal filter,  and they turn into ruthless inquisitors.  Don't I realize that white sugar is a prime  cause of heart attacks, dental caries,  hyperinsulinism, and insanity? I do? Then  why do I continue to ingest this vile substance into my pure young body? Perhaps  I don't care about myself, but do I have the  right-to subject-my future children to the  deadly ravages of sucrose? If you have  difficulty, as I do, in coping with zealots  and moralizers, the health prude can be a  real menace to your self-esteem and peace  of mind. There's no use trying to guard  yourself against her by pretending to be  pure and wholesome��� she can find an  , _' The_B;C. Medical Association will seek:  -national -support~forfa~2,4;-D "resoliftibiT  passed-pt the organization's recent con-  vention in Vernon';  The resolution ��� which calls for.  discontinuing use of the herbicide until a  program can be established to monitor its  effects on public health ��� will be  presented at .the Canadian Medical  Association's annual convention next  month in Winnipeg, according to Jim  Gilmore, BCMA director of com-,  munications.  Gilmore told the Times that despite  some doctors' support for a limited use of  2,4-D, the call for a public health study  passed the convention "almost  unanimously.1'  He said ttie resolution will now be taken  to the association's board of directors for  their endorsement and then to the  provincial Ministry of Health and other  provincial agencies. At --  s -. The resolution; supportsij^detailed,_  Hminti^ciplinary studies of "public health  (not just measurements of environmental  ;pollution)".as part of the process leading  , jto the granting of pollution control permits.  It further asks that "no major  pollutants be allowed (uranium tailings)  or used (2,4-D) in this province until the  < parties concerned are prepared. to undertake the necessary baseline and  ongoing monitoring of the public health  that is necessary to ensure public safety."  The resolution says that measurements  of environmental pollutants without  measurement of those pollutants' effects  on public health "has proven and'will  continue to, prove to be an inadequate  method of protecting our patients' well-  being."  It acknowledges that the health consequences of substances such as 2,4-D may  -be difficult to measure, but states that the  effects. ..av& .r,eal,_-that_ihey. -^'frequently  consist bf an increased: "incidence" of  already existing diseases" and that the  costs of care for affected individuals ''are  reflected not in the budget of the corporation but in an already overburdened  health budget."  The Peninsula Times. -   ;   P"ageA-5  Wednesday, May 31,1978    ���  Advertising.T:  s- lets you know  what's what.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  SEAVIEW MARKET  Roberts Creek  SUMMER HOURS:  __10~a.m._--6:30-p.m. _  Fri & Sat - 'til 8 p.m.  also, we hove a paint spray gun far_ronf-  7 Days.  A Week  'aSngnged the Roberts Creekf ife^1enfoT'^Pen^g?S5y^ere^J'yerbearmured for  rematch during Roberts Creek Daze.  Come on, guys how about showing those  Sechelt- boys,that they haven't a prayer  against you? Take them up on the  challenge.  REAL FANTASY COMING  The very popular band, "Real Fan- ���  tasy", will be playing the Community Hall  on Saturday, June 17. These fellows are  well known for their Raggae and Rock  music. If you're-interested in knowing-  more about them, ask Marlene at Seaview  Market, as she is well acquainted with  their music.  ROBERTS CREEK DAZE  Almost' everyone you talk to these days  in the Creek is talking about the up and  coming Roberts Creek-Daze-celebration."  It's a real treat to see so many people with  so many different lifestyles working  -together 7in hamony^forjme common  purpose. Although the response has "been  absolutely fantastic from folks offering  their time- and energy to make the  celebration a success, there is always need  of more. If you would like to help out in  some way, there is a list at Seaview  Market thai; you can attach your name to.  DOWN WITH HEALTH PRUDES   ,' Anyone who knows Jamie Davdisonj  Grade one teacher at Roberts Creek  Elementary and at one time a resident of  . The Creek,,knows how he totally abhors  cigarettes, and of late has become  somewhat outrageous when dealing with  them���such as, snipping them in half with  sci^w^j*ibutting\^^r^j^b^fore  smoker has finished, and making all sort  not rinsing my Mcintosh apple in dilute  hydrocholoric acid (pesticide residues,  you know), for getting too much sun (skin  cancer), and not enough (rickets). If I  don't go jogging, I'm warned of impending  heart attacks. If I do, I'm accused of  savaging my metartarsals. -  ' 'What galls me about the health prudes  is their assumption that because I don't  adhere to their rules, I'm either a  miserable, qualing weakling who requires  immediate reproof, or a simpleton who is  unaware of the most elementary facts of  human physiology. It might surprise you  to know, dear health prude, that I have  read Adelie Davies, Rachel Carson and the  Surgeon General's. report on cigarette  Halfmoon Bay happenings  Community assflr  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479  ~ The-annual general meeting of the  Welcome Beach Community Association  will be held at the Welcome Beach Hall at 8  p.m. on Tuesday, June 6. All members are  urged to attend to hear the reports of the  past year's activities and to elect offers for  the year 1978-9. Members are reminded  that their $2 annual membership fees is  nowdue and may be paidto Secretary  Olive Comyn or to Grace Rutherford at the  Halfmoon Bay Post Office.  FILMS  Because of a televised hockey game the  same night, there-was a poor attendance  pressed special thanks to Keith Comyn,  the retiring projectionist who has served  the-associatioh so faithfully and loyally for  nine years. She reminded the audience  that while this was the last film show until  fall, the Mackereth slide show of Europe  would be repeated by request on Saturday,  July 29.  BEAR SIGHTING  Early one morning, Bob Brodgesell  went out to the back of his house to see  what was disturbing his dog, Sinbad.  Expecting to see a deer who is a frequent  visitor, he had the sunnsejrfhis life tqfind..  smoking._l'nL.aware.that butter- contains ���focthe-last film show of the season at the - himselfface tofjacewitha black beat. This  more cholesterol than safflower oil and  that beef liver is more nourishing than  cream cheese and lox;  -"I know-something else-too. It's anybody, not yours, and I can do what I choose  with it. If I want to stuff it full of cigarette  smoke, booze, and white sugar, no one can  stop me,.. If I .prefer jigsaw puzzles to  jogging, that's my privilege. Health is my  right, of course, but it's not a duty I choose  iCLimppse upon mysielf, and I don't think  anybody else is justified in trying to foist  his or her standards on me. Sure some of  the things I find pleasure in are unwholesome, unwise and fattening, but I  wish you'd PLEASE stop telling me so!"  I would like to add that most of us  smokers dislike to offend people as much  and we  others!  Unfortunately,  most  of us  have   our  Welcome Beach Hall last Thursday, but  those who did attend", a Pan-American  film loaned, by Audio Visual, gave a  comprehensive look at Australia. There  were-glimpses of its-cities, its fine,  beaches, claimed to be the best in the  world, its culture and its sports. The  camera offered some excellent shots of  wildlife'including kangaroos, koala bears  and exotic birds.  Four films loaned by the New Zealand  government gave an exciting and  descriptive picture of New Zealand where  sheep outnumber people 20-1. No longer  isolated as it once was, New Zealand  is 2V2 hours from Australia by air and only  a day's travel from North America or,  Europe. To its.40 million acres of arable  farmland, much barren land has been  reclaimed > for' > grass' -by> - aerial spraying  with superphosphate and lime. The people  tfbUrtantr���^^  enjoying his foul habit  Well, it appears that someone had their  fill because Jamie' received a clipping  from some anonymous party. The return  address was National Lampoon but seeing  as the postmark read Sechelt, one can  assume that the-sender fibbed.  ;, The following is taken from the clip-  ping._We have had to omit part of it as it  seenied a bit too racy for a family  newspaper. [  '\Just lately, it seems to me, every  ous busybody in the nation has  fitted lecturing me about my health.  Haven't you quite smoking YET?  Perhaps you're an addictive personality. I  don't suppose you saw that article on lung  cancer in Time last week ��� I'll lend you  my copy if you promise to give it back ..,  You're having a MARTINI? Don't you  know that's a sure symptom of boarderllne  alcoholism? Those pork chops look good,  but are you sure you can afford the  smokers -lack' the- strength " and-or  willpower to kick the habit.  Anyway, folks, Jamie seems to have  toned down a bit in his bid to ban the butt.  Don't stop altogether tho, Jamie, you just  might reach'a few of us.  WAYS AND MEANS MEETING.  The Roberts Creek Community  Association's! Ways and Means Committee  will meet oh Wednesday, May 31, at 8 p.m.  at the elementary school.  Lady Lions give  $606  The Sechelt Lions' Ladies have.donated  $600 to St. Mary's Hospital for improvements to the existing waiting room.  A further' pledge for completion has  been made.  many operating farms up to. 3,000 acres  under highly scientific and hygienic conditions. The film showed fascinating shots  of geysers, hot springs and mud pools ��� of  Wairakei where geothermal steam has  been harnessed for industrial power.  A film "Maoria Today" indicates how  well the Maoris are being integrated. They  are fine athletes and because of their  physical prowess, they are r always in  demand for heavy construction work.  However, there is no discrimination  against them and a Maori can be anything  he wants to be. Many go through high  schobj and some qualify for highly skilled  occupations.  Thea Leuchte, film co-ordinator, ex-  is apparently the third recent sighting of a  bear along the Redrooffs Road.  COMING AND GOING  -__Mofe visitors arriving from across the   Atlantic are two sisters, May Flack and  Florrie McCurdy from County Armagh,  who were at the home of Eva Lyons last  week. They were accompanied by their  cousins, George and Emma Flack of  Gibsons. The two sisters had flown from  Ireland to Los Angeles for a look at  California, before heading north to Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast.  '  Our faithful mail courier, Pete  Tschaikowsky, took a well-earned hoUday  recently for a t^ip to Reno. Becoming tired  "of the fickleness of the one-armed bahdits,  she continued south to California and  visited Sacramento ai$ Santa Cruz^which  she fgj}irid>to ^ja^^ght^spot. ^nether  Redrooffer who was trying his luck at  "Reno~wasrClmt-Da-vies;   Dick Schaich, who has been spending a  few days in St. Mary's Hospital, is now  back in his home on Southwood.       j  For the next three weeks jvhilg-'ybur  correspondent is busy entertaining her  English .guests, Peggy Connor will take  care of the Halfmoon Bay column. Please  telephone your news items to her at 885-  9347. i v  FORirouir  SUMMER DRIVING  V PLEASURE  "ALLEN"  ELECTRONIC SCOPE  ANALYSIS  1 x    U*j-*;x-u* ���.u i*+'  U99  4  t *<rM  A *'  Pick Up And  Pitch-lilTO  JUNE 8th & 9th ONLY  CALL OUR NEW NO.  885-5111  PENINSULA MOTORS  next to St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt  r:j....  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Tho well known Coast Mobllo Homes Installation and sorvlco Is  -available to you anywhere onvthe,'Sun8hlne"Co'a&t''atud^rVwi^lrhk  potltlvo prlco,  Mp t^tvww**Vm"IKtSfUftp m  U,<M,ft�� 'Hrf^HMM^f^ ^i^4W^^  LIABILITY FEATURES  tv/ y^^r,isM*eCy  cniiwn  i^^m 'ti^jti vL^f n m| ML^pr  Sunnycrost Contro  16-9111  -Flpor��rdl)<-dr6p����r2'Clr:firirldoordlX'��lBCTong'erplu��xar|>��flhg'"6n'Ldr  oasy car�� floors. Convohlont designed kllchons with dining area.  Gun oil furnaco with "warm" floor hooting system. ELECTRIC WATER  HEATER, ALUMINUM WINDOW W/SCREENS,  ASPHALT  SH(NGLE  ROOF, GUTTERS & DOWNSPOUTS PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE.  DELIVERED ANYWHERE ON THE   $-  5UN5HINR COAST FOR, Qf^.Y  f   */  ^vi't'"*", ���mi,;,.'.). '���'���y,i.i',-��;tnmimk ' v\: .������*���*>���.., ���",,���,,-,����,  THE SUNSHINE COASTS  LARGEST MOBILE HQME SERVICE  DEPARTMENT TO SEPVE YOU  BETTER THROUGH CUSTOMER CARE  EVERYWHERE*..,   '  SUCCESSFULLY SERVING  **7��iSaNSHII^JI^^NCE:i��73;  .,(,   ���       ,4       <|     >    I     (       i*       ��     ,ii|       |T  -, ���,,.,-,  p , p      -    i k iK.,!,,!�� ii,,--'~v n i"  ,���f i ,   -   i   '*, i " i��� ,  ���  ph*  r-tfflitf*?-'"*^ ***iWaiyWtWS^^y^^^  -.-rry^TB^r*"  F�� l" ��31 ���*-iX>*^#��Wsl^��*<!*'* '*J!^^*���**^fr'��^�����*^��^'*)^'^**,^"rt,*  ���/ '  '    ��\  t   t  ,���   ,,}��� :.y  jA'"  I       )  Navy League  Page A-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 31,1978  inspection set  for tonight  The public is invited to attend the annual inspection of the Navy League  Cadets, Wrenettes and Sea Cadets tonight,  Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. at Gibsons Winter  Club.  The inspection is th$ highlight of the  training year with various awards and  presentations being made. The mayor of  Gibsons and members of Sechelt-Village  Council are scheduled to be in attendance.  Inspecting officer for the Sea Cadets is  Commander R.F. Choat, CD., and for the  Navy League Cadets and Wrenettes,  Bujan Puri, president of the Lower  Mainland Division of the Navy League.  Light refreshments will, be served.  THE WICKED WITCH ofthe West did Sheila Page, Esther Reid and Susan  her nasty best to foil the efforts of Brookes on props arid scenery, and  Dorothy   and   friends   in   Gibsons Gloria Lindsay on costumes. Dorothy  Elementary's production of the was Stephany Sheridan; scarecrow,  Wizard of Oz. The ambitious drama Kirsten Storvold; tin woodmanTRuth  _wasalmost two months in the making Madoc-Jones; cowardly lion, Vicki  andlnvolved some 40 chiidrenTronT^^  SguaringlyyouK  By MAURICE HEMSTREET  grades one to four. It was directed by  Patti Allan with help from, among  others, Roger. Douglas _ on .lights;  Douglas, Sam Reid, Gordon Stevens,  Michaud. The play was presented  twice on May 15 for other elementary  schools and on May 16f or parents and  the community.  Timber Days  Results of the 1978 Timber Days  events:  LOGGER SPORTS  Kenny Nelson, underhand chop; Brad  Lance, limited power saw bucking; Kenny  Nelson, unlimited power saw bucking;  Kenny Nelson, men's axe.throw; Brad  Lance; men's standing block chop; Kenny  Nelson and Brad Lance, men's two man  bucking.  Lynne  Allen,   ladies'   nail   driving;  X  Kenny-i^lson7-pne^man-bucking4JLynn��L  Children��� first ��� Becky Cavalier;  second ��� Debby Farenholtz;. third ���  fconnie Edwardson.  Band: Chatelech Secondary School.  Miscellaneous ��� first ��� Sunshine GM  Motors; second ��� RCMP;- third ������  Hunechin Girl Guides.  Judges: Peggy Connors, Eric Paetkau  and.Rollie Uawes. ,',;.'..'      '..'���',      ."  BIKE RODEO  Sean Wager ��� 6 and Under Division;  Jolene Mlnarick ��� Over 6 Division.  Allen and Jean Roberts^two lady bucking;  .Bonnie Wigard, ladies' axe* throw; Ray  Pohoda, pole climb; Brad Lance,  chokerman's race; John Gryba, obstacle  pole race; Norm and Sandra Slavik, Jack  and Jill bucking. '  v  Kenny Nelson was logger of the day and  Lynne Allen was lady logger of the day.  PARADE  Commercial floats: first <��� Royal  Bank, second ��� T&T Trucking third ���  Peninsula Motors.  Organization floats: first ��� Job's  Daughters; second ��� Legion No."69;; third  ��� Sea Cavalcade.  Comic floats: first ~ St. Mary's  Hospital; second ��� Lions; third Peninsula  Times. ,.���'':  Horses��� first -r Kelly Reeves group;  second ��� Lynda Gibson; third ��� Yates  children. .  Paperback  BESTSELLERS  FICTION  1. Holocaust. Gorald Groon. Bantam, (1)  2. Jawi 2. Hank Soarls. Bantam. (2). .  3. Condominium.  John   D.   Macdonald.  Fawcoll. (3) ' "���  3, The Lawloti, John Jakos, Jovo, (4)  5. The   Investigation.   Dorothy   Uhnak.  PqporJacks. (5)  6. How to Save Your Own Llio. Erica  Jong. Now Amorlcan Library. (7).  7. Delta ol Venui. Analu Nln. Bantam. (���)'  * 8, Wheels, Arthur Halloy, Bantam,  (8)  9, The Graen Tycoon. Elloon Loltmon,  Warrior (���)    10. Seawlkh. Alistair Maclean. Fonlana,  J*L ��. , U~_.".._- ,   NON-FICTION  1. By. Persons Unknown. Barbara Amlel  and Goorgo Jonas, Maemlllan/NAL.^1)  2. Ppssages. Gall Shoohy, Banlam  (4)  3. Your Erroneous Zones.yWayne Dyer.  Avon. |2| < <���  4. The Book ol Lists. Irving Wallaco, Amy  Wallace and David Wallochlnsky.  Bqntam, (5),-,.,,  5. Snow Blind. Rohort 5abbafl, Avon (3)  6. The Camera Never Blinks. Dan Rathor,  Ballnntlno, (6)  7. How to Take Charge ol Your Lile.  Ml Id rod Nowman and Bornard  Barkowltz, Bantam, (7)  8. The Complete Runner. Editors of  Runners' World Magailne, Avon. (9)  9. The Ghost ol Flight 401. John Fullor,  , J����ijhloy, (10)  10. ClianBing. Uv Ullmlail, Bantam*.. (8),.,  (Tho numbor In brackets Is last wook's  position)  Compiled from bookstores across Canada  Hello, fellow square dancers. 'Tis a  nice day to pull up a chair and find out  what is going on in the square dance world.   Thelast two Saturdays, May.20_and 27,  have just been something else at our  square dance pavillion better known as  The Square H. room with over one set out-  on the first one and over two sets out last  Saturday night. At this time I don't know  who has learned the iriost, the dancers or  myself. Anyway you just can't beat the  ever popular square dance. Fun, health,  relaxation, friendship or just to be picked  on makes one feel that he is needed, so if  you are a square dancer and are in the  area, give a call to Harry at 886-9540 or  Maurice at 885-3359 and we will be glad to  call for you.  . Just got word that Dewiss and Nora  Brown's teenage squares, Thei 8���Teen  Wheelers of Powell River, came in second  at the square dance competitions at  Penticton a couple of weeks back, and at  It was a quiet  weekend here  Police attribute a quiet long weekend in  cheitto:the^lack=6f-a'beer-^arden-attliis ���  year's Timber Days celebrations.  However, Cpl. Gary Wade bf the Sechelt  RCMP, said a number of vehicles were  reported during the holiday for speeding  and passing on.double solid'lines. Wade  expects this "erratic driving" to continue  throughout the summer with the extra  traffic; ��� - -          Sechelt RCMP are investigating the  May 26 theft of cookware and cutlery from  a car parked outside the Manpower office  on Wharf St. The cookware and cutlery  belonged to a travelling salesman and are  valued at $130.  Police are also investigating the theft of  a - tape��� deck���and���tapes���worth���ap-���  proximately $200 from a vehicle at Ruby  I^ake May 23.  '~On"May 20~two cabinsrin-the-Madeira -  Park area were broken into. Thieves took  a small quantity of liquor from one cabin.  Nothing was reported missing from the  other.-   -, .Thieves took approximately $1,000  M?prth of tools from a resident at the  Madeira Park Trailer Court May 23.  Two kayaks were reported missing  from a home on Redrooffs Rd. May 22.  tftg Your RV"  By Ken and Marsha Rodgers  Marsha and I will not tell you which manufacturer builds  the best Recreation Vehicle, just the kind of things to  consider before you buy. If this is the first time you have  shopped for an RV you are about to enter into the same type  _pl_decis_ip_ns you have to make when buying a home, after all  you are buying your Jiome away from home.  a     ���  You want something that will suit the needs of your family  within the limits you can*��afford, whether you are buying a  Motonhom'e, Mini-motohome, Travel TraUer, Camper or  Tent-Trailer. .You have'as well, several models of the afore  mentioned, with different designs and floor plans.  Photos to appear next week  'Tom Sawyer'at  Madeira Park Elementary. School  will present a musical version of  "Tom Sawyer" today, Wednesday, at  1:30. p.m. and'7:30 p.m. at the school.  There is no admission charge. A  silver collection will be taken.  an  this tiinetHaPs about alTtliat I know about  the teen competitions. Just a wild guess  but I.would thinkthat they were competing  against, OH! about 50 other teen clubs, so  you have to be good just to get onto the  floor, and, Dewiss, you should be mighty  proud of your younguns. From* Tlie Sun-  i shine Coast Country Stars, Square Dance  Club, we congratulate you all. Never give  up, next year you could be in first place.  Well, for now, I must get along, so if you  have a notfon to square dance, see you  next Saturday' night in the Square H.  Room, good health to you all, have a good  day and Ciao Banjbino. - "v  Jobs big or small  We do them oil  -Addition, renovations  To cupboards on the wall  Good homes we build  ���Good work'we do ���>'"���__  PICK UP YOUR'PHONE   GIVE US A CALL-   ���fHrstf^tSH^l^scymeorne-who- owns~the type-of RV yoiF~are~  interested in. Talk to both the man and the lady who use  their recreation vehicle seriously. Men Lend to get into the  mechanical aspects of the vehicle, how it handles on the road  or how the trailer pulls. Women, on the other hand are more  interested in interior design, how easy it is to make up the  beds, if storage is adequate, stoves, refrigerators, etc. After  a good discussion you will get the feeling of how much they  enjoy this method of travel and you will probably be ready to  go out and buy what they have. Donl get excited, talk to  different people with different types of recreation vehicles.  After the verbal research, go to the local dealer and find  out what is available on the lot.    Walk through some, the  _dealer_is there._to._ help you decide what type of vehicle suits  your particular~requirements. He wants to sell you your first  unit, but he alsowants you-back to buy againv^so_he"is av.~  Vxce.lle'ril source of information. Pick up the brochures, go  home and talk some more. By this time you will be getting  close to deciding just what you want. You have ^talked to  people who own them,- walked through them", test 'driven  them and decided what price you can afford.  Now, go to "bed and sleep on it, because tomorrow you will  buy one and join the ranks of the happiest travelers in North  America.   Welcome to the club!  ���-iss:  <-��  Presented By:  885-5111  Your "Authorized " Frontier Dealer  BELANGER  CONTRACTING  885-3129  8'FRONTIER  CAMPER  includes stove,  furnace, 110 volt conv.  $  2995  *****  NM*  .^WW.*^���.*,^..^,,,.^,,,!   Atl  compllmmntM of  m> tii booki &)itciitl&n��j|'y)vi;wi  U Suetnycrobt Cont ro, Q|b��on��  V        r 60641013       ���*  ^%mmmm��ilmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmwmim��m*mmwmmmm*wmwmmmmmm  ;>r*'*  Timber Days  LOGGER SPORTS COMMITTEE  fo t&e coaA fottf$e&.  Secott&e, Off t&eut qenvuMtfcf,, once  ayoiK t6e event ct*o4> a, 4*tcee44>,  WELDWOOD OF CANADA LTD.  BRITISH COLUMBIA FOREST PRODUCTS LTD,  MACMILLAN BLOEDEL LTD.  LAND K LUMBER (North Shore Ltd.)  FORSHNER BROS. TRUCKING LTD.  SHANNON INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES  PERCY LOGGING (Jervis) LTD.  ANDERSON REALTY  JACKSON BROS. LOGGING CO. LTD.  WRIGHTS CANADIAN ROPES LTD.  CHOQUER & SONS LTD.  SUNCOAST POWER & MARINE  . ^__  LAND ^CWiAN6ft*" ^icHhCc rfoH('r -  There's no place like home.  Especially wl-hen home is  British Columbia;  What's more, 1978's our  Captain Cook Bicentennial  year, so you couldn't pick a  better time to take a real,  Cook's tour of our province.  You'll discover Tall Ships,  naval ships, and all kinds  of championships.  Rodeos, regattas, and rip-  roaring races.  Not to mention umpteen  parades, pageants, and  perfectly super places.  So this year, discover  British Columbia.  Captain Cook did,  fJSiUCXJRISM I1RI1ISH COIUMDIA  Vjn2/1 ION CiKAO M( CAK11IY, MINIS! IK  ��*#��5��*l �����***�����! ��*���**��� *       -.        �� "I      *tmtt �� ,i  jwmummnwin ��t����>vftv��i"��^<vwn��*'  \ ��� �����*  t f��.��H "* ���*.��..  The Tall Ships  are coming.  Salmon Festival. Campbell River. July 1-3.  Join in ttie Oyster Eating Contest.  SpoolmakDays. Kamloops. August 23 - 27.  "HowTtbB'BFSa^  horse racing, logging events, a mid-way, casino Yry<! ^ ..v.  Write todav for your free Captain Cook Bicentennial Calendar of Events;     yft  Tourism klriiish Columbia, Parliament HuiklinKs, Victoria VHW 27.2,    jtfr:'At J ,  .���/.-*���'��� *  f'      A W    'I*   4  JM&wtw^ JH mm^^m mn^tatr mt^rW   ���   mt^^ JKi       aw%m*J*m\\   m% wm JH mmi^rjm\    *%\     ^m^-*^wi��iiirMmmmmmm\Mi   mm,   mWmmt^tmrmmmkmmmm.1  l^&i^^  ^iftgaiK^A^  ��'mWl  V'~ ''���  ".rs-.r; r'-;fr  '* ,      ��      ���?.,     r.    V    #'        ^*    '  f��jW^jflM35fe4 $Lte!$M />3BB5BI  ���*W��^fi*if4��ffiliai*^^^*^ Uri/. J* tv, "W.��tf-*. nwitoiTi.iJ*-n<i  i(#��iw����es��*i*i*n  wBwus*P^��m*A^i*-mjWBra��''*'  ���Pft^��9*^��tt8.*'S*(��(#H��ta *k ,  ��iws��f��w*f^*'^nHa^JB��wwn��^-i'�� iMM��tm^' t^^^^ts^^eslMM^M*^^-^  ,t~. ���r^r^^ggatsmmmmwimwmvmjmsuta  " i r"vr*'���w",'���'nt,tMn  rw" f*" mm ii -i-"-".^n -n  WEDNESDAY, MAY 31,1978  THURSDAY. JUNE 1,1978  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5   CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7 . CHANNBL 8   CHANNEL 9 " CHANNEL 12 CHANNEL 13  9  Totieh  Conl'd _  "Cont'd  Window Saattla  Cont'd '   Today  Oootnaranp Cont'd  "Cont1?"  Cont'd  Daybraak ,  Cont'd  _Joyce   Davidaon  Donahu* Art Oi  Conl'd Cooking  _fho Prico Joyca   l�� Rlghl       ^.    Davldaon  Donahua 100 Huntlay  Conl'd  Stra��l   "Cont'd Coni'd  Conl'd J      Conl'd '  .001  105  -,- .45-  Cianl  Bonjour  Miatar  - Draaaup-  H#ppy  Daya  *20.000  -PyramJd-  .^  High  Rollars  Wheal Ot  -fortun*���  Canadian  Schooli  Miatar  -Draaaup���  Conl'd      "   '   Jaan  'Cont'd Cannam  (���ova Of ' Dellnillon  _t)l,���^__-���Conl'd-���  All In Tha   *       Ed  Family Allen  Lova Of Young A  -Ufa ThoReatleaa-  11  Saaama  - Street ���  Conl'd  Cont'd  - Family  -Faud -  Ryan'a  Hqpa  Card  ~ Sharka "  Gong  "SKow "  John   Barton  And Co.  Cont'd  _Voong m\ '_ _ ( Karaan'a  The Raatlaaa, Voga  SearcKFor   ' It'a Your  Tomorrow Move  Mike  Douglaa  Cont'd..  Conl'd  "Family"  Feud  Party  Game  12  Summer  Unlimited  Ryan'.  Hop.  All My      - v     Hollywood  Childr.n 8qu.r.t "  Cont'd Day. Of  Cont'd Our Liv*.  Id.  Clarkaon  Conl'd  Nawa  Cont'd  AaTh*  World  Newa  Conl'd  Movie:  "The  , Conl'd  Conl'd  A.m. -  World  'AUMy  Chlldran  Cont'd  Cont'd  .00  1:30  Bob  McLean  Conl'd  Conl'd  One Ufa Cont'd  To Live Cont'd  Conl'd Doctor*  Conl'd Cont'd  Sanford  A Son  Marcua   }  Walby  Turna  Cont'd  Guiding  Light  Pigeon"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Turna - Vancouver  Conl'd Cont'd  , Trulh Or Conl'd  Consequence* Conl'd  00  >��  p:30  .45  Coronation , General  Street Hotpital  EdgaOf Cont'd  Night Cont'd  Another  Worfd   -,  ,-Conl'd  ' Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Edg* Of  Nlghl  ' Conl'd ���Artolhar -  Cont'd World  All In Th* Conl'd  Family >      Conl'd  Newlywed Cont'd  Gam* Conl'd  Pate Tha Party  Buck Qam*  .00 High   ' EdgeOI  >.15 Hopaa s Nlghl  MO ' Tak* 30 Croai'  45 - ( Conl'd   ��� ' Wile  Movia: High  "Judge- Hop*a  mtntAI -T��k*3Q  Nuramburg"      Cont'd  Dinah Alan Th* Match Lively  Cont'd Hamal Original* Game Woman  Conl'd Conl'd Old Frianda. Beverly Hogan'a  Cont'd Cont'd New Frtahtta Hillbilliei Hero*a  00  rao  45  Homemade Aftarachool Pari 2  TV '  Special Cont'd  Vulon Conl'd Conl'd  On Cont'd , Conl'd  Homemade f Emergency Lucy Saaam*  TV On* Shaw Slr**l  Flipper Cont'd Emergency Conl'd  Cont'd Cont'd On* Conl'd <  Funorama Spidarman  Conl'd     t Cont'd  Tha Partridge -  Monkeea Family  15'  ho  Celebrity  Cook*''  All In The  Family  Call It     -���  Macaroni  New*  Cont'd  Newlywed  Gam*     "'  . Adam-12  Cont'd  , Newa *  * Cont'd  Mew*  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Winaday  Drew  Miatar '  Roger*  Electric  Company  MyThra*  Son*  (Love  Lucy  Toma  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  00  {.IS.  45  Hourgtae.  Conl'd   Cont'd  Conld  ABC N.M  _ConlJd ..  New,  Cont'd  Cont'd  -QtmVsL.  NBC Nm  Conl'd  Now*  -Cont'd.  ' Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS Now.  -Cont'd-  M��or Tyler  Moor*  Newe  -Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Zoom  Conl'd  Ovor  Eaay  Andy  GrlHilh  Match  Gam.  Odd  <Coupl.  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Moon"  Cont'd  Movia:  "R.j.��nno  Padovanl"  Conl'd  GraatL Cont'd  Parformancaa conl'd ���  "Tortulfa" Cont'd  Cont'd Conl'd  " y Movlo:  "OB VII"  Parti  Conl'd  10  11  12;  Cont'd ��� _ Conl'd  -Cont'd ���"Cont'd  Thla Week Cont'd  InBaaoball Conl'd  Cont'd  -Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ��� Conl'd        . _   Conl'd  - Cont'd-    -- -- Cont'd  Thl* Week Conl'd  In Ba*eb*ll        Cont'd  Conl'd < ''      Conl'd                Gunimok* Cont'd  ��� Cont'd Cont'd Conl'd - - Conl'd  Cont'd King County      Cont'd Cont'd  Conl'd Original*           Cont'd Cont'd  CBC Newa Newa  Cont'd Cont'd  Newa Polica  Late Movie: Story  Nawa  Conl'd  Tonight  Cont'd  /CBC New* Maw*  Cont'd Cont'd  New* c  Hawaii  Conl'd Fiv*-0  CTV N*w* Dick  Conl'd Cavatt  Nawa Silent  Cont'd, Minority  Phil  Sllvara  Hawaii  Fivo*0  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  ' Sierra"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd  ABC Myatery Cont'd  Movi* Cont'd  - Late (Movie: Cont'd  "Pie***, cont'd  Sir" Kojak  Cont'd Cont'd  Lala Movie:  "Varan,  TheUn-  ballavabla"  Cont'd -���  Question  Cont'd i Period  Kojak ' Cont'd^  ' Conl'd Cont'd"  CHANNEL 11 9 00-700 Club; 10.30-Mike Douglaa; 12 00-Newa; 12 30-Lov*, Amarican Style; 1-00-Movie- "Don't Just Stand Thera"; 2.45-  Carloon Time, 3,00-Flintslon**; 340-Banana Spllla And Friends; 4:00-Munttera; 4 30<Gi11lg*n's laland; 5-00-Leavo If To  Beaver; S 30-Bowitched; 6:00>Partridge Family; 0.30-Brady Bunch, 7,00-Hogan'a Heroee; 7 30-Soccar Anaheim Va. Saallla  Sounders. 10-00-New*. 10-30-Amarlca 2Night; 11-00-Orfd Couple, 11:30-The F B.I.; 12 30-Newa  CHANNEL 2  -CHANMEL'4 '  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7"  "CHANNEL 8  -   CHANNELS  CHANNEL 12  .CHANNEL 13~��  m. -00   ,  In  Window  Saallla  Dijfbr.jk   ���Jun*.���-���'���  -ArtOI   -DoflahUti  100 Huntley  _Q:15^-  "Tod.y  Cont'd  -Magaxlri*  Conl'd    /  Cooking  Joyc*  9:30  Cont'd  Duaty'a  Joyc*  Conl'd  Cont'd  -  :45  Cont'd  TreohaUM ,  Cont'd   .,  Davldeon  Conl'd  Davldaon  Cont'd  Cont'd  ^*mM  Giant  Happy ,  High   .  Canadian.  Don.hu*   '  Joan    (  -  Alt InTh.  Ed              ��  10;^  Bonjour  Daya  RolUra  Schoola  Conl'd  Cann*m  Family  Allen  Millar  - -Draaaup   S3O.0OO  ���Pyramid   WhMlOl  "Fortun*"  "~  Mlalar  ~���0r��fttup   Lov. Of  LH*   Dallnlllon  -Cont'd  ���  Lov. Of  -Lile ���  Young A        ,  -Tlu-Rottleaa  3 J*  i  -V�� ~  S.aam.  Family '  Card  John  Young A  KarMn',  Mlk*    '  Family  11��  Slraat  Faud  Sharka  Barlon  ThaRxtleaa  Yoga  Douglaa  Faud  Cont'd  Ryan'a  Gong  And Co.  qparch For  ll'a Your  , Cont'd  Party -  :4S  Cont'd  Hop*  8how  Cont'd  Tomorrow  'Mov.  '  Cont'd  Game  ..00  Summer  AUMy  Hollywood  Nawa  N.W.  Nawa  Conl'd  AUMy  VJtS,  Unlimitad  Childr.n  Squara,  Ida  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Children  Ryan'a  Conl'd  Daya Of  Clark wn  Ann*  Movi*:  AaTh*  Cont'd  ;4S  Hop*  Cont'd  Our Livaa  Cont'd  World  "8av.g*  World-  Conl'd  .        :00    "  Bob  On* Lit.  Cont'd  >  8.ntord,  Tum.  Gringo"  -  Turna  Vancouver  "|:1S  1:30  McLaan  ' To Liv.  Cont'd  ��� Son  Cont'd  Coot'd  -  -Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Doctora  Marcua  Guiding   .  Light ,  "  Cont'd  y  Truth Or  Cont'd  :��5  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Walby  Conl'd  , r  Conaequeneea  Cont'd  .00  Coronation  Ganaral  Anolhar  Cont'd  Cont'd  Anolnar  i  Nnlywtd  Cont'd  0:15  Straal  Hoapital  -World  Conl'd  Conl'd  World  pp ���  Own*  Cont'd  Edg. Ol  Cont'd  Cont'd  Edg* Ol  All InTh*  Conl'd  Jun*  Cont'd  :45  Night  Cont'd  Cont'd  Nlghl  Family  Conrd  Magazine  Cont'd  ��� :00   '  High  EdgaOl  Movia:  High  Dinah  Alan  Ancknt  Cont'd  Lively  Ot!  W.30  Hop..  Night  "Th.  Hop.,  Cont'd  Hamel  Egypt  Cont'd   '  Woman  Take 30  Croat  1 Slrippor"  Tak* 30  Conl'd  Conl'd  Black  Beverly  Going  ,45  Cont'd  _ Wita  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Exp��ri*nce  Hillbllliaa  Place*  .00  Columbo  ,    Marv , ,/  Conl'd  Columbo  ' Emergency  ���Lucy  8**am*  Funorama  Spidermen  "A=��  *��:30  Quot.a  Griffin  ' Conl'd  Ouot**  One  Show  Straat  Conl'd  Conl'd  What'.  Cont'd  Conl'd  Flipper  Cont'd  Emergency  Cont'd  Tha  Partridge  .45  N.w7  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  One  Conl'd  Monk**.  Family  ������00  Celebrity  Cont'd  Nawlywad  Adam-12  Nawa -  Cont'd  Ml,t*r  My Three  The  C.15  W:30  Cook.  Cont'd  Gama  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Rogar.  Sona  Rookie,  All In Th.  Nawa  Nawa  Now*  Cont'd  Gong  Electric  ILov*  Conl'd  .45  Family  Cont'd  .  Conl'd  Cont'd l  Cont'd  8how  Company  Lucy  Conl'd  -oo  Hourglaaa  ABC Nawi  Cont'd  CBC Nawa _.  ' CBS Naw.  Newa  Zoom  Andy  Odd  6-M  Conl'd  Conl'd  .Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  - Conl'd  Cont'd  Griffith  Couple  Conl'd  Nawa  NBC Naw,  Cont'd   >  Conl'd  Cont'd  Over  Family  America  45_  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  -  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Eaay  Faud  2Night  .00  Mary Tylar  PaoplaPlace  Saallla  Hawaii  TaT.ll  Fill,  MacNeil  Jokw'a  Vancouver  f :30   -  Moora    *'  Conl'd  Tonight  FIV.-C  Th. Truth  ConVd  Lehrer  Wild  Cont'd  CrD.a Can.  Cont'd  Match.  Conl'd  ThePric*  Grand Old.  No,  Billy  Cont'd  ���M  ���  Concart  Conl'd  Gama  Conl'd  1. Right  Country  Honeatlyl  Liar  Cont'd  ���oo  Ouchaaa  W.lcom* B.ch  , Evargraen  Duchea,  Th.  The  Movie:  Nam. That  Conl'd  Om  Ol Duk.  Kolt.r         r-  Wh.l'a         I  Eipre,.  OlOuke  Walton.  Wallona  "Tunee Ol  Tun*  Cont'd  Street  Conl'd  Straal  Cont'd  .Cont'd  Glory"  . Marv  Cont'd  .      M  Cont'd  Happening  Conl'd  Cont'd   ,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Grllfin  Cont'd  '   mmM  Donny'.  Barney  J.m..  8p��ei.L-  '���Htt*     .  Fee* To  '  Conl'd  Conl'd  Jamea  . Q IS   .  3:30  Show  Millar  Atie  "Wh**la"  Fiv.-O  Tac*  ��� Cont'd  Cont'd  AI1>  No,  Flah  Cont'd .  Part 4    .  Conl'd  So*p  Animation  Cont'd  Cont'd   .  :45  Hon.atlyl  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Featlval  Cont'd  Cont'd  .00"  10��  G.org. 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Got  Baitay"  "We've OOI  Cont'd  :45  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  A Problem"  Cont'd    .  -   " "���-  ��� A Problem"  Cont'd  CHANNEL 26 9 10-Ouverture Et Horaire; 9:1S-Lob 100 Toura Oa Canloun S-SO^Lea Oraliena: 9.45-En Mouv.m.nt; 10 00-L. Boil. A  L.tlr... 10-15-Vlrglnle; 10-30-Meg.zin.-E.pr.aa; II 00-Lev Trouvaillea Da Clemence; 1130-Mon Pay,, M.B Amour.; 12-00-  Mini-Fee; 12-30-Lea Coqualuchaa, 13 30-TeioJournal. 13 35-Femme D'Aujourd'hul, 14 30-Le Tempa Da Vivre; 1600-Bobino,  16 30-Le Cramer, 17 00-L'Heure De Polnte, 1> 00-Ce Solr; IS-OO-Jo, 19,30-B.a.ball: Chicago Cuba V,. Montraal Enpoa:  22-00-L* Ftalival ldl.rnatlon.l D. Jul De Monlreu.; 22:30-T.l.jouinal; 2300-Nouvallaa Du Spoil; 23 10-Rallel. D'Un  P.ya; 2410-Cin.ma "Entra* Oe. Artlalaa". 2-00-Tolejournal  CHANNEL 11 9-M-700 Club; lOdo-Mik. DougU.: 12-00-N.wa; 12^0-Lov., Amarican Style; l.-00-Movle: "I Saw What You Did"! 2.45-  C.rtoon Tim.; 3.10-Fllntalonea; 3J0-Bin.n�� Spllla And Frlanda; 4:0O-Muntlera; 4:30-Gllllgan'a laland; 5*0-La��v. It To  B.av.r. 5 30-B.wltchad; SDO-Partridge Family; &30-Br>dy Bunch; 7M-Hogan'a Heme.; 7JO-Adam-12; l-00-Mercue  Welby, g-00-lronaide; 1IM0-N.W.: 10-30-Amaric. 3Nlghl; 11K��-Odd Coupl*; IIAI-Th* F.BJ; 12JO-H.W.  - -v-  \  -'  FRIDAY, JUNE A 1978  1  n  * l   -' ~   ,  CHANNEL 2--fa��(*(Sr'~^!?~'7����INE'(."5  - chaS&MCL  .Channel 7  '- <WW A^<tr*"t!*S1^9  CHANNEL 12  "CHANNEL 13  mA"  In  Window  Saattla  700  Donahue  Art Of  Donahue   ���  lOOHuntlay  0:15.  9:3(1  Touch  Cont'd  Today  .    Clpb  Cont'd  Cooking  Coni'd  G*r**|     _ _,  Cont'd,-   '  Duaty'a  '<   ,  Canl'd  Cont'd  Th*Pric*    *"  iJoyce  ,  Cont'd  Cont'd ���  ��� :45  Cont'd  TraehoUM  Cont'd  Cont'd  1* Right  Davidson  Cont'd  Conl'd  <0  Giant  Happy  High  Giant  Conl'd  Jean  All in The  Ed  AIM  Bonjour  Day.  nailer.  Bonjour t_  Cont'd  Cannem  Family  Allen  Mlatar  UO.000    '  WtmlOf  Mister    '  Lov* Ol,  Definition  _   Love Of  Young t   -as-   '  Dranup  Pyramid'  ' Fortun*  - 0ree��up  Uf*  Cont'd  Lit*   The Rallies*  *o   .  S*aam*  Family  Card   '  Audubon  Young A  Kereen'e  Mik*  Family' ���  11S  StrMt  Feud     -  Shark.  Wlfdlif* ,  Th* Restless  Yoga  Douglaa  Feud  . Cont'd  RyonV  Gongl  Ed  Search For  tt's vour  ""Cont'd  Parly  :45  Conl'd .  Hopa    '  Show  Allen '  Tomorrow  Move  Cont'd  G*m*  M  Summor  AUMy   .  Hollywood  Newa  New*  'New*  Conl'd  A|l My  12X  Unllmll>d  Children  SquarM  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd"  Chlldran  Ryan'.  Cont'd,,  Oaya Of  Party  AaTh*  Movi*.  As The  Conl'd  :45  Hop.  Cont'd  Our Uvea  Oama  World  ��� "Dual"  World  Cont'd  KM  Bob  On* Lif*  Conl'd  Sanford  Turns       %  Cont'd  .  Turna  Vancouver  Ijo  McLean     ^  To Liv*  Conl'd  A Son  .Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ' Doctora  Marcua '  Guiding  ^Cont'd.  Truth Or  Cont'd  M  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  'Welby  Light  1  Conl'd 1  Conaequeneea  Cont'd  ���*��-  Coronation  General "  Anothar  Cont'd  Conl'd  Anolhar  N��wlywed  Cont'd    '  ^     '  Straat  Hoapllal  World  Conl'd ^=j���  -Cont'd-   -World  Game  Cont'd  Edg.OI       '���  Cont'd  Cont'd  ' Edg* Of  AU In Th*  Cont'd  Paes Th*  Cont'd  ^   :45  Night      ' -  Conl'd  --Conl'd.  Nighl  Family  Cont'd  Buck  Cont'd  .     40  High     ���  EdgaOf  Movie:     ,  High  Dinah  Alan  Speakout  Match  Lively  ,    Q:��'  OlX  Hopea  Nlghl  "Big  Hop**  Conl'd  Ham*l  Cont'd  Gam*  Woman  Taka 30  6roee  Clrcua"  Tak* 30  Cont'd  Cont'd  Villa  Beverly  Going  . *s  Conl'd   '  Wlla  Cont'd"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Alegre  Hillbflli**  Places  M  Klahanla  Merv  Conl'd  Klahani*  Emergency  Lucy  Sesame  Funorama  Spidsrman  ,   *td0 -  Conl'd  Friday Attar  Griffin  Conl'd  Conl'd  ^���Cont'd  Cont'd  IDr*amOf  One  Cont'd  Show  Emergency  StrMt  Conl'd  Conl'd  Th*  Conl'd  Partridge  ,     '*     *i  ,  ' School  Cont'd  Cont'd  Jaanni*  Cont'd  On*  Conl'd  Monk*��a  Family  40  Celebrity  Cont'd  N*wlywed  Adam*12  New*  Conl'd  _  Mister  My Thra*  Th*  Ojo  Cooka  Conl'd  Gama  Cont'd         ���  Cont'd  Cont'-d  Roger*  Sons  Rook it I  All In The  Nawa  "Nawa  Naw*  CBS New*  Gong  Electric  ILov*  Cont'd  :45  Family  Conl'd���  . Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Show  Company  Lucy  Contd  40 ,  Hotirglea*  ABCN.W,  . Cont'd  New*  ^BaaketbilL^  _tf*����   ���. JHg Blue  Andy  Odd  6��  Conl'd  Cont'd  " "Cont'd  Cont'd  NBA  Conl'd  , Marbt*  Griffith  Couple  Conl'd  H��w,  NBC Nawa  Cont'd  Finals-   ,  Conl'd  Ovar  Trulh Or  America  -   ^5  Conl'd  Cont'd  , Cont'd  Cont'd  Game 5  Cont'd  Easy  Consequences  2Night  40  Mary Tyler-  Film   ,  Seattle  Lawrenc*  Cont'd  Operation  MacNeil  Joker'a  Vancouvar  7:15  aT:30  ��� Moore  Featlval  Tonight  Walk  Cont'd  Petticoat  Lahrar  Wild  Contd  Reach For  Th*  , Hollywood  Cont'd  Cont'd  Julia  Victory  Doctor In  Conld  :45  The Top ���  . Muppeta  Squarea  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Garden  Tha poueo  Conl'd  m.*"  Robin',  Roll Of  CPO   ���'���  Robln'a  Cont'd  Wonder  Washington  Name Thai  Contd  Q:15  0:30  Neat  Thunder,  Sharkey  Neat  Movi*  Woman  Week  Tuns  Cont'd  On Our Own  .Hear My Cry  Chico .  On Our Own  "Gun* Of  Cont'd  Wall$tra��t  Merv  Cont'd  :45  Conl'd.  Parti  The Man  ���    Cont'd  Navaron*"  Conl'd  Week  ���-Qrlffm  Conl'd  40^  -CoRlifi'J/p  ABC Theatre  Rockford  Comm* Up  Cont'd    *~  Rockford  Maalorploee  Conl'd  Movi*'      <  A:15  9-J0  Country'  "EI*.nor   -  - Fllea  Country  Cont'd  File*  Theatre  Cont'd  "QB VII'  Cont'd  ' And  Cant'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Our Mutual  Cont'd  Part 2  ���M  Conl'd  Franklin"  Conrd  ���      Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Friend"  Confd  Conld  40  Ba.'Cta  Parti      ,  Ouincy  '  Class  Oont'd  Quincy  World  Gunsmok*  Contd  10^5"  -.Cont'd ��� .~  Conl'd  - Conl'd   -  Ofes -.  Cont'd    *  Cont'd  'Who Pays  Cont'd  Cont d  Conl'd   -  ConrU  Cont'd   '  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  For  Cont'd  Contd  ,     :45     '  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd   -  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  ,   Paradia*?"  Cont'd  Conld  -       40  CBC N.ws  Nawa ,  New.  CBC Newa  Cont'd  CTVNaw*  Dick  Phil  Contd  US  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd -  Cont'd  New*  Cont'd  Cavell  Silvers  Contd  N.w,..  BaratL  Tonight  Newa  Cont'd  New*  World  Lai* Movia  Conl'd  :4S  Lat. Movie:  Conl'd  Cont'd  Coni'd  Lat* Movie  Conl'd  War)  ' Fright"  Conl'd  40  "A Killer  Cont'd  Cont'd  UteMqvl*: -  "Daath  Let* Movi*  Conld  Late Movir  122  Wllh Two  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Diary  Ma*l*r"  "The  *i  Cont'd  "Th* Ssi  Facet"  Avenger.  Cont'd  Of Ann*  Cont'd  Busy  Conl'd  Shall Not    *"  45  Cont'd  Cont'd  -Cont'd  Frank"  Cont'd  Body"  Conld    ���  Have Them"  CHANNEL 11     fr00=>00 Club; 10:30-MJk# Douglas; 1240-Newa, 12:30-Love, American Style; 1-OO-Movw   'Bullet For X Bsdmart , 2-45-  ' Cartoon Tim*; &00*F1inlslon*s; 3J0-Banana Spill* And Friend*. 4:00-Munsiers; 4 30*Glllig��n a Island, S 00-L*av* I) To  Beaver; SJ0*B*witch*d; 6-00-Parlrldg* Family, 6 30-^rady Bunch; 7-00-Hogan'a Heroes., 7 30-Adam-i2r 8.00-Wonder  Woman, g OO-lronsld*. 1Q-00-N*wa; KMO-Amerlc* 2N*gh(TH-00-Odd Coupla, 11 30-Th�� F BI * 12 3O-700 Club, 2-00-Naw*  CHANNEL 26 9-,40-Ouverture Et Horalr*; 9:45-En Mouvement; 10*00-You Hou; 1ft15-Minute Moumoutal; 10^O>Maguln*-EKpf***; 11*0-  Lea Trouvaillea De Clemence; 11^0-C insist** De La Faun*; l2*U<Roquet, BoIIm Orelllee; 1lTO-La* Coqu*luch*s; 1330-  Talejournal; 13-35*F*mm* D'Aujourd'hul; l4JO-Cin**n��: "Soup* Aux Poulet*"; IflKJO-Boblno; 1BJ0-A Communlquen  17:00-L'Heure D* Point*; 18.00-C* Soir; 1��i��-L*s Pf*rral*u 1fl:30-Du Tac Au Tac; 20-00-L* Travail A La Chain*; 2030-  - Cinema: "Vol Perdu"; 22��0-T*leJournaI, 23rf��-Nouv��)l*�� Du Sport; 23.10-Cin*ma: '*AI*rt* Sur L* Wayne"; 2440-Cfnama-  Nutl: "Mon Homme", 2:15-T*l*Journal  CHANNEL 26 ft10-Ouverture El Horaire; 0:1S-L*s 100 Toura De Contour, flJO-Lo Oralien* , 9 4S-En Moiivemsnl. 10 00-Tam-Tam, 17-15-  Vfrgfni*; 10-JO-Magaztn��-Expr*sc; HOO^a Trouvalll** D* Clemence, 11 30-T*moignage*,-12:00-Sesefne, 12:30 L*��  Coqueluchea: I3��0-T*f*|oumal, 13 35-Famm* D'Aujord'hui, 1430-Le* Ateliers, 15 30-Au Jardin Oe Pierrot, 15 45-Du Soleil  A Cinq Cents; 16 00-Bobino; 16'30-Le Guienborg, l7.-00-L'Heure Do Poinle, 18-OO-Ca Soin Ift-OO-Le* Bellas Histoire* ;  20*00*Air*r-R*tour; 20-30-Forum, 21J0-Con*ommal*ur* Averti*, 22A0-A Commumquer. 22 30-Telejournal, 23-00-  Nouvellas Du Sport; 23.10-Cinema: "La P*tita Maison Dm Th*", 1 30-Cinema ' Unm Belle Fill* Comma Moi". 3 15-Telsiour-  n*l *  "**geSejten:i..  _SAIURPAyi.JUJhlE3,J97a-  CHANNEI. 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  _ ����  Sesame  Lalf-A-  Go Go Globe  Kiddies On  Bug*  Kiddi.. On  Once Upon  Bug,  Lalf-A-���  q,5  Street        ��  Lympics  trotters  K*m*r*  ounny  K.m.ra  A CUeatc  Bunny  i Lympico  Conl'd  Cont'd  Pink  Jerry  Road        '  Let'a  R.bop  Road  Cont'd  45  Contd  Cont'd  Panther  Felwel!  Runner  Oo  Cont'd  Runn.r  Cont'd  -m.���  Polks Dol  Krotfl  B*ggy pant*  Cont'd  Cont'd  George  S.Mmo  Cont'd  Rocket  10^  Door  Super*how  Nitwit*  , Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Str**t  Cont'd  Robin  Hobble  Cont'd  Spec*  Maturity. The  Batman  Kid.tull  Cont'd  B.lm.n  Hood  45  dehoy  Contd  S*ntin*le  Golden Yeara  Tarzan  Cont'd  Conl'd   r  T.rzan  Cont'd  00  Saturday  Dynomutt  Pr*-Oam*  Show  Conl'd  Cont'd  Hum.n  Cont'd  100 Huntley  11^  Morning    ,  Conld  Baseball  Biz  Cont'd  Cont'd  S.iuelity  Cont'd  Street  BC.  American  Conl'd  t, McGowan  The Secrete  Red  llumen  Cartoon  Cont'd'  45  Track ft  Bandstand  Conl'4  And Co  Of (sis  Fl.her  Seiuellly  Time  Conl'd  OO  Field  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sport*  Fat Albert  That'.  Anci.nl  F.l Albert  Conl'd  12^5  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Review  Cosby Kid*  Hollywood  Egypt  Colby Kide  Conl'd  Cont'd  F-T/pop  Cont'd  Trav*l-  Spac*  Flower  Anci.nl  Sp.ce  CKVU Sport.  .      45  Conld  Cont'd  Cont'd  Journ*!  - Academy  Spot  Egypt  Ac��d.my  '   Conl'd  ���00  Lassia  impact  Conl'd  R*d  What's New  Dl��cov.r  Survival  Outlook  Conl'd  115  Ijo  Cont'd  Conld  Cont'd  Fisher  Mister Magoo  Cont'd  Kit  Conl'd  Cont'd  Quiz  Action  Cont'd  Olacover  CDS Film  Crdaning  French  ,   P*r,p*cllv*  Cont'd  45  Kids  Irtner City  Conl'd  Cont'd  Featival  Cornor  Chel  Cont'd  Conl'd  00  VIP  Movie  Thl* Week  Emergency  Super Ve*  Th��W.r -  Victory  700  Cont'd  O 15  4C30  Conl'd  "Th*  In Baaeball  One  Racing  Year.  Garden  Club  Cont'd  Mr Chip*  Brave  Survival  Cont'd  Superman  Cont'd  M.D.  Conl'd  Cont'd  45  Conl'd  One"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  , Conl'd  Cont'd  00  CBC Sporls  Conld  Movi*-  CBC Sports  CBS Bporla  Wraalllng  Oil  Conl'd  Lively  W30  Goll  Cont d     ��  "Cla*��  Goll  GOlf  Cont'd  Painting  Conl'd  Women  - Peter  Contd  01*63"  Peter  Kemper  Cont'd  Book  Robonic  Party  45  Jackson  Cont d  Cont'd  Jackson  .  Open  Cont'd  Oa.t  Stooga*  Game  ���00  Ct***ic  "NFL  Cont'd  Classic  CBS Sporls  fWldo  Firing  .'Speed  Ocean.  *T30  Cont'd  Great Teams,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Spectacular  World Ot  Une-  Buggy  Allv.  Conl'd  Great  Yog People'*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sport.  Cont'd  _ Our  Rock.t  45  Cont'd  Yoars  Spacial  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  -   Gang  Robin  00  Spac*.  Wide  Journey To  Spac*:  i  The  Conl'd  Pr*vln  ShaNaNa  Hood  W.30  <*.>19��     *     v  WB**ft9t!Ctf'  Adventure  \   W0mi&       x^MtmiWnm   ,t  Conl'd^l  ((! 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Csflia   Peter  "Cont'd  Cont'd  Th* Gr.nd  OtaOpry"  Movir  "II It'a  Naahville  Swing  Cont'd  Show  Cont'd  of...  oo  CBC Special  Roll Of  Bionic  CBC Special  Mary Tyl*r  New  Cont'd  Tueaday,  The  Ow  Opar*  Thunder,  Woman  Opera  Moor*  Avenger.  Cont'd  ThlaMuat  J.tf.reon.  ��� Ab*rf an" r  Hear My Cry  Cont'?  "Aberfan"  Baby, I'm  Cont'd  Conl'd  8* Belgium"  Maude  .45  Conld  Part 2  Cont'd  Cont'd       *  Back  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  _:��!  CBC flpaclalj'  , ABC Theatre  NBC Movie:  CBC Special:  CBS 8pec!al:  CTV MovK:  Cont'd  Conl'd  Love  Q "  ���7:30  "Kennedys  "Eleanor  "Rafferly  "Kennedys  "America  "Which W.y  Cont'd  Conl'd'  Boat  Don't Cry"  And  And The  Oonl Cry".  Salutaa  ToTh.  Conl'd  Movir  Cont'd  .,' ...::.;*> .  Cortl'irt ���   '  Fran Mm"  Highway  Cont'd.  Richard  Fronir  Cont'd  "Only Two -  Conl'd  km 'JmM ���  RssdyWhan  Pari 2  Hustler*'  Ready When  Rodgere"  Conl'd  Conl'd  Can Play"  Fanlaay  1022  YouAr*  - Conl'd  Cont'd  You Are  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  laland  McGill  Cont'd  Cont'd  McGill  Cont'd  Cont'd  8p*cl.l:  Cont'd  Conl'd  ���   :45  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  "H��nk"  Cont'd,  Conl'd  ;0O  CBC News  N*W*  Nawa  CBC N��w*  Lale Movie:  CTV N.w.  Conl'd  Conl'd  CKVU Sport,  lis  Prov. Affair*  Conl'd  Cont'd J  '    Lai* Movie:  -Tha  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Page  Nawa  ABC New*   '  . W**kend  "WWeh Way  Looking  N.w.  No,  Lata Movlei  Cont'd  .    MS  '   Late Movie  Uta Movjei  Cont'd  To The  Qiao.  Cont'd  Honaaltyl  "The Big  ��� Cont'd  :00  Conl'd  "Margie"  Conl'd  FronTr"  War1!  Late Movlei  Moulh"  Lata Mevle:  ifrntrn'M  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cant'd      >  Conl'd  conl'd  "Em.rg.ncy; ;  Cont'd  "The La,l  Coni'd  ConVd  , Cont'd  Conl'd ,  Cont'd  Ch.rl.r  Cont'd  ���   Jgiirney"  . ..,.��� M  ,   Cont'd   .  , Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  aoo"  '  'Cont'd  ,' Conl'd  :00  its  1.30  ���45  10  CHANNEL 11  11  12  ���00  1:15  I JO  :45  i-30  M  ��:00-Bpe.koul| ��:M-Th�� le..on| 10:00-C>)arlern*l .IftJWJIa InTh. Spirit 11,00-P.clllc Brldg.ai lliJO-TKe RacUaViiHiO.'  Movie, "lilahd'AH.ir'Ylao-Movlei "Th* Ulllmata Wa.pon"i 1'00-Or.g Raclngi C.|un National*) *00-VoyiH>* To Th.  Bottom Ol Th* �������; 9:00.Twlllght Zon.i cOO-SLr Tr.k| TiOO-HM H.W| ��� 00-Bocc.n Mlnneaal. Kick. V.. Saattl* Soundar.l  10:M-Caunlrr Nenhi^eeli IIM-Mwty Retbrn. Hi��-Popl Oo., The Counlr) USO-THal Naafivtll* Mualo 1I:��-N��wa  CHANNEL 28 litt-Ouv.rtur. 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Ill,  Wrltun  Face The--  Nalion  Search  Cont'd  ���Good���  Nawa  Seeame  Strati  -Cont'd���  Cont'd  Anchor  Cont'd  -Robwl���  Schuller  My  Country  -8pid*rrnan   Cont'd  L*��l*  Cont'd  Wild  Kingdom  Boomerang  Cont'd  Jabb��r|*w  Conl'd  NBC Special:  "Beyond  Niagara"  Conl'd  Oral  Roberta  Search  Conl'd  ThrMOn  Thraa  Baakotbali  NBA  Oral  Robert,  DayOI  Diacovary  8eaeme  StrMt  Canl'd  Conl'd- -  Cont'd  Cont'd  P*r*p*ctlv*  Cont'd c  Goipet  , Singing  Lively  Women  MMtlng  Place  Cont'd  Cont'd  Grape  Ap*  Animala.  Animala  Movia:  "Rio  Bravo"  Cont'd  lite  Written  Garner Ted  Armatrong  Finale-  Game 8  Conl'd  Cont'd  ltla.  Written  To Be  Announced  Seeame  StrMt  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ernaat  Anglay  Conl'd  Cont'd  Think Ol  Nont?  Party  Columbo  Quote.  .Man  Alive  iaaue.A  An.w.r.  Directions  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  ���Cont'd  Country a  . Gardan  ' A Baiter  W.y  Cont'd  Conl'd.  Cont'd  Cont'd  G.rn.r Ted  Armstrong  A B.ll.r  Wey  Everybody'.  Buain...  Evvrybody'.  Buaineaa  Jerry  Falwall  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ocean*  Alive  Vic  Franklyn  Muilc  ToSm  Summer Co.  Cenada  Movlo:  "Guns  OITh.  Timber*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Brady  Klda  Mualc  ToSM  Summer Co.  Cenada  CBS Sport,  Goll  Kemper  Open  CTV Sport.  Goll  K.mp*r  Open  Washington  WMk  Wall Straal  WMk  Faith For  Today  PTL  Club  Wildlife  TMotr*  The  Editor.  Path Ol  The Paddl.  Hymn  Sing  lend"  Canl'd  ABC Sport.  Tenni.  Star Ad.m-1*  Trak i Cont'd    ^  Another Movie:  Point "Storm In.  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  > Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  World  "WhoPeya  For  PeradiM7"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  CKVU Sport,  Cont'd .  Conl'd  Cont'd  00 CBC Newa World NBC Sporta  |:15 Conl'd Invitational SporlaWorld  #.M Thla WMk Claaalc, Cont'd  .45 In Parliament Cont'd Cont'd ,,  Summer" Movie:  Cont'd "Way,  Cont'd . _ Way Out"  Cont'd   * Cont'd  Soccer Greet Cont'd Cont'd  New York PerfomuncH Cont'd - Cont'd _  Coamoa "Tarluffa" Th* .   Conl'd *  Va. -   Cont'd Goodiea '   Cont'd  UM CBC Sporta       American Cont'd  1:15 Golf                 Sportsman Oont'd  1.30 '   Pater                 Confd American  .45 Jackson -   Conl'd Gama  Moneymakara    Conl'd  Cont'd Conl'd .  Hymn -   Cont'd  Sing  "   ���      - Cont'd *���  Vancouver Cont'd  Whllecape Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd  . Conl'd   ' Cont'd  Funorama  Conl'd  Our~  Gang  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  00 ClaMIc All.. Smith        MeotTh.  1.15 Cont'd A Jon..    - ��� ���   Pr...  J.30 Cont'd Conl'd Newe  .45 Cont'd  Aj,n -conl'd ;*i i,-w. Conl'd,-; c  Lucy    > Notional Untamed Soccer ILove 4i..hvill��  -    ShowN ., Geographic   , Frontier.?   ,-   Mad*111   , -> Lucy 8wing  _3!ud*nt    - Cont'd Queation Germany/- Movi*: Behind  O Forum ,t; ConMJ���i. 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"Fits- "Th.  ,30           All InTh. And Conl'd All InTh. Awarda .Cont'd ,_    Cont'd willy" La.l  Family Franklin" Cont'd Family Cont'd Conl'd ' ~>   Cont'd Cont'd Cause"  Cerol  Burnett  Cont'd  Cont'd  . Part 1  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  NBC Movie,  "Top  Secr.l"  Cont'd  Carol  Burnett  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In The  Family  CBS Special,  "Tony  Ko|ak  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Masterpiece  Thealr.  "Poldtrk','  Cont'd  Cant'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  This  Land  In.ld.  Ou.bM  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Thl.  L.nd  All aad'.  Childr.n -i  Award."  Conl'd  Canl'd  Cont'd  C.n.d.  Five  Portraila  Conl'd  Cont'd  No,  Hona.llyl  No,  Lata Movie:  "How To  Save A  Marriage"  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  CBC Nawa Cont'd  Bu.ln.,., . N.w.  N.ws Cont'd  L.I.Movl.1 ABCN'Wa  Newe  Conl'd  p  Lata Movlei  "Women In  CBC Newe  Bualnesa  Comment  lale Movie:  CBS Newa  New.  CBS Uie  Movie:  CTV New,  ' Conl'd-  N.w.  Conl'd  "Th. Wall*     '   Late Movie! .Cheln." "Emergency!      "The , Let. Movi.:  Cm.            /."Nob   ' .Cont'd bh.rt.r              Lost    '              "Pari, .  Tumbling /     Hll|" .Qonl'd 330'!,                Run"    ,           Whenlt  Down"           -Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd' , Cont'd,            Sltflee"  CKVU Sport.  Pega  Conl'd  Conl'd  Quaatlon '  Period  Conl'd  -Coni'd" 'p   ...*.,  CHANNEL 11 >:00'aoadNew,!8p.l0-lle,Huml>erd:10il<MlaMrlSchuller|1tilO-VeteeOIC.Ivaryi13M>-Mevle!"Tha��IMkShMp''|1ilO-  Moyl.i "Clancy SitMl Boy."i 1-oOrMavKi "Bol.ny B.y"i >:<K1-H.r. Com* Th. Brldoi 8-oo-st.r T'eki r-M-Oul.r Llmlt.|  aiOO-Speekoul! t;10-Aec...| a OO-Frob.; HO-Conl.cIl 1000-KrMt. Brothw. CruiMl.; m>0-700 Club: 1 J-OO-N.w,  CHANNIL 28    ��� U-Ouv.rlur. Et Horaire; ��;00 Bixtu.l, Ball.. OrillKsi IiULii COnl.a Da La Rivai |:4t-L'Egll,e In Papf.fl 10-00-L. Jour  .   i Du��.lgn.ur|11i00-lMondR.g.rd!'ia:00.lalemeln*Varle|1J:00-D'HierAD*melni 14K��-CI<nM.teeO*UPawvai 14:10-  Cln.'Mag.iinai 15:00L'H.ur* Da,Qulll.,118-M-LaCl.a,lqu.Famlnln.P*|ef Jaokunitt-M'Au. Fronll.r.aDuConnui  ll:10.Tal>|ournal! 1US-Tele,copl.| ItOO-Av.o L* T.mp,] 1t:M-lea B.au, Dlm.nch.il n>10-T.I.)aurnal| ��;4J,��poil.  Dimanchai31-00-clpe'Clubi"OrphM"       "        "   '"    '.,   ':  ���M  10  MONDAY, JUNE 5,1978  CHANNEL 2       CHANNEL 4       CHANNEL 5       CHANNEL 6       CHANNEL 7       CHANNELS       CHANNEL 9       CHANNEL 12    CHANNEL 13  In  Touch  Cont'd  Conl'd  Window  Cont'd  Abomorang  Cont'd  Saattl.  Today  Conl'd -  Cont'd  700  Club  Conl'il  Conl'd  Donahue  Cont'd  ThePric*  la Right  Art Of  Cooking  Joyc*  Davidson  Donahue lOOHuntlay  Conl'd Street  -ConLd Conl d  Cont'd Cont d  Giant  Bonjour  .Mlalar   .  Draaaup  Happy  Oaya  120,000 _  Pyramid  High  Rollera  WhMlOl  Fortun*  Giant  Bonjour  Oresaup  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lova Of  Lite  Jean  Cannam  Definition  Conl'd  All In The Ed '  Family Allan  Love Ot Young 4  Lit* The Reitles.  11��  S*a*m*  Str**t  Cont'd  Cont'd  Family  Feud  Ryan'*  Hop*  Card  Sharka  Oong  Show  Barton  And Co.  Cont'd  Cont'd  Young A  The Reatlea*  Search For  Tomorrow  Kareen'a  Voga  It'a Your \.  Move  Mike Family  Douglaa Faud  Cont'd Party  Cont'd '      Gtmfl  12  Summer  UnllmHRl  Ryan'a  All My  Chlldran  Cont'd  Cont'd  Hollywood  Squarea  Oaya Of  Our Uvm  Nawa  Ida  Clarkaon  Cont'd  Newa  Cont'd  AaTh.  World'  N.W.  Cont'd  Movia:  ^Something,  Cont'd  Cont'd  A, The  World  AUMy   .  Children  Cont'd  Cont'd  KM  1:15  Ijo  :45  Bob  McL..n  Cont'd  Cont'd  One Lile  To Live  Conl'd  Cont'd  Canl'd  Cant'd  Doctora  Cont'd  Sanford Turna ....  A 8on Cont'd -  Marcus Guiding  Walby Light  Evil?  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd'.  ,\. .Turna     .  . ConUd  Medical  C.nl.r  Vancouver  Cont'd  Cont'd:  Conl'd  :45  Coronation General  Street Hoapit.l  EdgaOf   - Cont'd  Night Conl'd  Jtnolher  World  Cont'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  Cont'd  Edge Of  Night  Cont'd Another  Cont'd World.  AU InTh* Cont'd  Family Conl'd  Cont'd .  Cont'd  Paa, The  Buck  Conl'd1  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  ���M  High  Hope,  Take 10  Cont'd  EdgeOI  Night  Croee  Wile _'  Main*:  -8��i  AndTh*  Single  _Hijh_  -Tak* 10  Cont'd  Dinahs Alan Black Match Liv.ly  Cont'd _ _   H.m.1  Perepecliv. Gam* Wom.n  -Cont'd-. Cont'd VIII* Beverly Going  Cont'd Cont'd Alegre Hillbllliea Plac,  40 After M��rv "     Girl" After Emergency        Lucy Seeame  1:15 Four Origin Conl'd Four    " On*i- Show StrMt  fr:30 Miatar Cont'd Cont'd Flipper Cont'd Emergency        Cont'd ~  ���45 DrM,up Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd On* Cont'd  Funorama "Spidannsn  Cont'd Conl d  th* Partridg.  MonkM. Family  w*0  JlS  9:30  Ai  .C.l.brlly Conl'd  Cooka Cont'd  All In The Newe  Family Conl'd  Newlywed Adam-12 Nawe Cont'd Miater MyThrM Th.  Gam* Cont'd Cont'd {   Conl'd Rogare Son, Ropkia, .  Iwaa      ., Newa Cont'd Gong '��� Eleclrlc Brady Contd  ' Cont'd   '- - Cont'd' Cont^d , ,i i&hoitr...jLi. Compmy. ..fame*   .,,,,-, Cpnttli ,  .-oo  :4S  Hourglaaa ABC Nawa        Cont'd Newa  Conl'd '   Cont'd Cont'd        '      Conl'd  Cont'd Nawa NBC Nawa -      Cont'd  Conl'd '   Conl'd Cont'd Confd-  CBS Newa Nawa  Conl'd Cont'd  Mary Tyl*r Conl'd  -Moor* ~CenTd  Zoom  Cont'd  Over  Eaay  Andy  Grillith  _M��Uh���  Gam*  Odd  Coupl.  ���Americ  2Nighl  '.30  ���Ai  Mary Tyler '      Space.  Moore 1M9  Canadlen Cont'd  Stare Conl'd  Seetlle Liltl* ToTeU Bobby  Tonlghl Houm TheTruth -  Vmion  Hollywood OnTh* Around Hudlin.  SquM*. Prairi* H*r* Hunlara  MacNail  Lehrer  World In  Action  Joker-e '  Wild  Doclorln  Th* Houae  Vancouver  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  8  Happy Baaoball  Daya Cont'd  Front Pag* Cont'd  Challenge Cont'd  Little  On The  Prairie'  Happy Th*  Day* J*ff*r*on*  Front Pag* Oood  Challenge Timea   .  Six  Million  Dollar  Man  ShadeaOl  Green*   .  Cont'd  Conl'd  Newlywed ,  Qam*  Merv  Gririin  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  -OO' M.A.SH, Cont'd NBC Special. MA.8H M A.S.H,  |:13 Cont'd Cont'd "Our Cont'd Conl'd '  J.30 Three'* Conl'd Town" Three'a On* Day   ,  45 Company Cont'd Cont'd Company At A Tim*  CTV Mpvle; In Cont'd Foolb��ll  "Our Performance Conl'd: ,     Report  Town" Al Wolf Conl'd One Day  Conl'd Trap Conl'd At A Time  10  CBC Cont'd  Newamagaiin* Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  CBC Lou  Nawamagailna Oranl  Barney Cont'd  Millar Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd/'  Cont'd Gunsmoke  Yaslerday't Conl'd  Oo|d Conl'd  Cont'd Conl'd  .Celebrity  Concart  '���Connl* .  Stevenl"  * ;00  11��  CBCN��w* New*  Cont'd Coni'd  New*   : Boap   .  l.ord     * Conl'd  ' Naw*  Cont'd  Tonight  Cont'd  CBC Newi New*  Cont'd Cont'd  New* CBS Late  Conl'd '   Movi*  CTVNaw* Cont'd  Cont'd Onedm  New* Lin*  Cont'd Cont'd  Phil CKVU Sporla  i Silver* ' Pag*  CBSLala Conl'd  Movlei Conl'd  12  Peter Polica  Wlmaey Story  Cont'd  . Conl'd  i Cont'd 'I"���' Cont'd'  Conl'd Lale Movi.!  Conl'd "Th.  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Paga II.MTale|eurn.l l>0��Heuvell.�� 0u Ipavl H,i��Heit*Mlr..i  |li4IPr*peaIto*nhif.naaeiHill)oinemai'laVeaha��|I��� Pri,Mn(.r��|III T.t.|*um.l  ���X'Xyy^&AAAr&k  I''"'/       V  ���>^^.��;iteiai.lMW,s��l����iWE(rat!t  mhrv��i��i^^^^ymtm^g, 'fl  =W-a" %HM W=i ���el -^MWHHlw*. ��fM1l��^ wp" * ���** * ' ���A  \ ���  *>    ���  Court news  Second offence draws  two-year  The GatdeO-Corner  The hardy arbutus  -By-Guy-Sy monds���  Page A-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 31,1978  A 2fcyear-old Capilano College student,  convicted on her second, impaired charge  in two years, was prohibited last Thursday  from drinking alcohol or driving a motor  vehicle for two years.  Kathleen Susan Whiting also received a  $100 fine and was instructed by Provincial  Court Judge J.S.p. Johnson to attend the  impaired drivers course.  She was.:cfiarged as theresult of an  accident earlier this year in which the car  she was driving veered overjhe Hwy. 101  centre lioe.ahd struck another, yehicle,  injuring Whiting and resulting ih $4,000,  damage to the-vehicles.'    ---  "You're a very nice looking young  lady," said Johnson, "and we don't often  get nice looking young ladies in here on a  second offense."  He .noted that he could have fined  Whiting up to $2,000 and sentenced her to  jail, but said, "The. appropriate sentence  seems to be one which will keep her off the  road and off alcohol."  a breathalyzer reading of .20.  Day's attorney attempted to discredit  the results of the breathalyzer test by  introduction of police testimony that Day  had-only a faint odor of alcohol on his  breath, that he did not appear to the officers to be impaired, and that the  breathalyzer operator did not have personal knowledge of the suitability of the  breathalyzer testing solution.  Johnson said it was his opinion that a  recent higher jcourt__ruling_ ori_a similar_  case. should be not interpreted as  disallowing breathalyzer operators from  - relying -on~ a���analyst's- certificate -in-  determining the suitability of the  breathalyzer solution.  Two fishermen who pleaded guilty to  possessing more salmon than the catch  limit allows, were determined by "Johnson  to be within the spirit if not the letter of the  law.  Ronald Turner and Kenneth G. Green  were stopped by Fisheries Officer Ray  In other court action last Thursday,   Kraft, May 7, at the Langdale ferry ter;  _���_    m m    ��t__"��� ._.!....j-^minnl    Vonff   tr\���nA   OO  oalmnn   in   an   IP*  Craig Stewart Norris, an unemployed  construction laborer,~was fined $200 for  causing a disturbance at the Beachcomber  Motor Inn on March 30. Norris pleaded  guilty to fighting with the Beachcomber's-  manager when the manager attempted to  evict him from the premises. -^  Wayne_Roy_ James __Bricer- a vM,  worker, was fined ,$500 and ordered to  attend the impaired drivers course after  ~pe��dihg"guilty to" impaired charges.-His  car was stopped by police early (wTthfe  morning of April 23 after they spotted it  weaving along the highway in Gibsons. He  had a breathalyzer reading of .23.  Gordon Everett B. Day, 32, a towing  company employee of Gibsons, was  convicted of impaired driving, fined $500  and ordered to attend the impaired drivers  course. Day's pickup truck was stopped by  police October 22 on Hwy. 101 in Gibsons  after they noticed that it was moving very  slowly and huggipg the centre line. He had  minal. Kraft found, 29 salmon in an ice  chest in, their truck, five more than the  allowable catch over a twcwlay period for  the three licences in the vehide.  WliileT)leadingiguilty~to"th'e_p"(Sse"ssion_  charge, the men argued that six of the fish  had been caught previously and placed  frozen in the ice chest. "Kraft  acknowledged that some of the fish were  frozen.  ^-Johnson -fined -the-men _$5_each and  ordered Kraft to return the seized fish.  Another sport fisherman, Carl R.  Elliot, pleaded guilty to fishing without a  licence and was fined $25 by Johnson, the  price of a licence.  Kraft said he stopped Elliot May 8 as he  was disembarking from his boat in Pender  Harbour withjwo freshly caught salmon.  "He was very cooperative," said Kraft,  "and came right over and bought a  licence/' Johnson also ordered the forfeiture of Elliot's two salmon.  Some three months back this corner  made mention of the arbutus tree and its  interesting history. The information  comes from a brochure issued by the  Canadian Forestry Association in conjunction with the Association of- B.C.  Professional Foresters.  On this part of the coast we are quite  accustomed -to, the arbutus which  flourishes in its natural state all around us.  But with the limit of its range givenas 50  degrees southwemust beright on the edge _  of its habitat. Its southern limit extends to  the  coastal  mountains  of California.  Details of the growth requirements of  the arbutus are interesting in that they  show the importance of the site. The one  indispensable condition is the drainage,  which must be as close to perfect as is  possible. Where it has the sort of living  conditions it really likes, this tree may  grow to 80 or 90 feet, and one in the U.S.  had a circumference of 27 feet 8 inches at a  . height of about four and a half feet from  the ground. In Canada we run up to about a  three foot diameter. Even - average  favourable conditions will produce a tree  30 to 60 feet high. On poorer sites probably  not more than 25 feet can be expected.  ���Although the���arbutus-is~ always  described as the only broadleaf evergreen  native to Canada,, it does of course shed  leaves. But it differs from other trees in  that the new leaves start to grow in mid  summer when the old leaves start to turn  brown and fall off. All the other trees are  then in the full bloom of their beautiful   attractive.  older trees the red bark on the upper trunk  and limbs starts to peel off in thin papery  strips leaving a silky yellow-green skin  exposed. In a young tree this probably  occurs over the entire tree. As the. season  progresses this young green turns red. In  the older tree the early reddening bark  thickens and breaks off in small flakes,  leaving that familiar smooth texture.  - Now here is something to rouse the  curiosity of the gardener who finds trees a  _ challenge    "' As to the culture of the arbutus, or  madrona as it is called in the south, it  would appear, that tfie tree is not all that  particular, except with respect to  drainage. Apart from that it appears to be  happy in a variety of soils, in many different types of terrain and under a wide  range of temperature and moisture  conditions. Transplanting, however, is  well nigh a lost cause. If one is tempted to  try it, it must be done when the seedlings  are only a few inches high. Root cuttings  too are generally a failure. Probably the  best way is to grow some seeds in a pot,  wait until they are two or three inches high  ahd transplant in the winter time. As to the  site, always remember the one stipulation  ^"gooddrainage.  Once the trees are established they are  very hardy. They will withstand severe  drought conditions and can handle both  high and freezing temperatures. They do  hot need any training to assume the exotic  almost oriental shapes that make them so  Moke  This moment  a lasting  memory  Seniors trip moved to June  By ROBERT FOXALL  The date for Sr. Citizens Assn. Br. 69  visit to Powell River Seniors has been set  for June"14. Dave Hayward asks that if you  haye already booked for the original date  and cannot go on the 14, advise him as he  can secure substitutes. It might be just as  well to telephone him at 885-9755 and  confirm your booking.  We had a good time again on the Fourth  Thursday although the attendance was_  Increased aid  for libraries  \  v  A new funding formula^ announced  earlier this month will provide public  libraries with increased provincial  government support, according to Sam  Bawlf, recreation and conservation  minister. \.  "Under..Uiis,j(S!SL.fi)rmula.,we--wiU-'be:''  coricehtrHihg provincial grants on the  provision of the most essential resource in  our public libraries ��� books," said Bawlf.  Public libraries will now receive grants  on the basis of population. Municipalities  aud electoral areas having a population of  more than 6,500 will be supported at the  rate of $1 per capita, while at-eas with a.  population of less than 6,500 will he supported at the rate of up to $2 per capita.  Assistance will also be available for  staff training and the construction of new  facilities ��� the latter under the  Recreational Facilities Assistance  Program to a limit of one-third of the  capital cost.  Bawlf said libraries will be required to  meet certain standards of operation to  qualify for grants, Including minimum  books stocks, hours* of service, "qualified  staff/and adpquacy of facilities.  "They will, howoyer, bo given a period  of grace t(> mako up'any deficiencies," ho  said.  down slightly (after all it was a very rainy  day). The usual bingo game took place  with a different result this time:" your  reporter won one small bingo.  The program for June lines up as  follows:   There will :be  ag.^executive  meeting at "a date to be 'decided after  President Bill Scott returns from the  Provincial Convention. The executive will  be telephone. We goJtoJPowelLRiver-June-  -14-The monthly meeting will be June 15,  and Fourth Thursday will be on June 22.  There happen to be five Thursdays in June -  so it is possible that we will have a bonus ~  and make a garden tour on June.29.  Probably start the afternoon with a short  session of bingo and then take a short ride  to  Louis   (Gunnar)  Hansen's  Garden. _  Watch this column for more definite information.  I have just learned that Olive Clear,  who at the moment is in St. Mary's  Hospital, suffered no broken bohesrwhen  she took a fall recently. Tak��!._ it easy, r-  -OUve, and we will be expecting to see you  at the next meeting. ,  summer greenery.  Little real research has been done on  the arbutus apparently and the brochure  points out that those interested would find  their own efforts very enjoyable. It indicates some of the changes to be noted at  varying times of the year.  In late March the leaf buds start swelling  followecLby the flower bud swelling  in May. Flowering starts in May, as is  very obvious at this time of writing, and in  June the tree is in full bloom. In June and  July the old second year leaves fall and  from June to September that strange  phenbnemon of bark stripping called  "exfoliating" is apparent. In October the  orange-red fruit matures and is eagerly  devoured by the birds. The exfoliating  process is most interesting and there does  not seem any explanation for it available.  Bearing in mind that nature has a reason  for everything, it would seem that the  answer is there but is "still-to seek. While  there is a difference in the process in ,iri-  dividual trees, the general pattern is the  unusual-cycle-of-colour changer In tKe  A little bit of history to close this account. In the U.S. the name "madrona"  was given the tree by the first white man  who ever saw it. This was Father Juan  Crespi, the chronicler of the Portola expedition exploring southern California in  1769. In the States the name "madrona" is  used to this day and refers to the  "Strawberry tree" (arbutue undeo) native  to the Mediterranean.  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All residents from Canao Pass, to the  oncj of Francis Ponlnsula sprinkle on odd  calendar days, except botweert the  hours of A p.m, to 7 p.m. ,  8, Residents In the balanco of .Madeira  -Pork-aroa iprlnkloon ovon calan'dar  days, except botwoon 4 p,w, and 7 p.m,  In the event of fire, ploaso turn off your  sprinklers,  Sprinkling regulations will be strictly  TRUSTEES Of THE  EXCELLENT  ���%,  STILL  v9Xte>works pisf RICT-�� -LIllu  ������',���+<* ,''.��>��*  886-2417  ���f��i it *^.w��WftW^.^^ f*^i^!^ w.%��t*^a1��*;<-i| ���. *tt>  Centrally Located In Gibsons  k^^LykM  CARS  78 Z28, 4 speed, 14,000 km .  78 ZEPHYR Villager Wagon ..  78 Zephyr, 4 dr. sdn.,,   76 Volare Wgn, V8 auto   76 Colt Carousel, 5 spd,   76 Dodge Coronet, 4 dr.   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':  A GGGD SAVE by Mount Currie's playoffs on Saturday, May 20, at  goalie   in   the   first, half   of . the Capilano Park. The Renegades won  Renegades versus fzells match at the this game 6-2.  British   Columbia   Native   zone  t  Renegades headed for  provincial soccer finals  The Sechelt Renegades will be one of  two teams representing zone two at the  provincial finals in Kitimat in June.  The Renegades placed third in the  Advertising.-^  keeps you  posted  t^ri*t*      !*���**���-���  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  TUB AND TOP SHOP  SEAVIEW F'LACE  Sunshine Coast Hwy., Gibsons  Wed-Sat, 10 am-5 pm  886-7621  PURCHASE YOUR  FIXTURES-INSTALL  YOURSELF OR HAVE  YOUR PLUMBER INSTALL  IT FOR YOU.  FREE DELIVERY  LANGDALE to  ROBERTS CREEK  C'mon in and browse  ���i  ���i  ���i  ���  m&  British Columbia Native Invitation  Tournament, held at Capilano Park in  North Vancouver May 20^22.  The high point for the Renegades came  on Monday, May 22, when they beat the  Chehalis Golden Eagles 5-3 in overtime in  the first of two consolation games.  "A game and a half," said manager  Howie Joe looking back over the Chehalis  match. The Renegades had coasted  -. - through two easy victories on"Saturday; ���"?����  Treating Musqueum^'aM'tKerTJouhT  Currie 6-2. Then on Sunday the North  Shore Chiefs beat them 3-2. The defeat  meant that the Renegades had to win both  consolation games on Monday to make the  Provincial finals.  Stuart Craigen got the first goal against  the Eagles; then Vern Joe scored making  it 2-0 for the Renegades-at half time.  In the second half the Eagles fought  back, scoring twiceand bringing the game  to a 2-2 draw. A burst of tight playing on  the Renegade side failed to break the tie  and the game went into 20 minutes of  overtime.  , In the first 10 minutes Renegade Barry  Johnson scored to make it 3-2. Then Robert  Joe fired off a penalty shot, hitting it with  all he had and getting goal number four. In  the second half with four minutes to play  Vern Joe kicked one,, back to Barry,  Johnson and Johnson scored making it 5-2. ,.:  With two minutes left the Eagles came  back, scored, and the game finished 5-3 for  the Renegades.  On Monday afternoon the Renegades  clinched a spot in the Provincials with a 3-2  victory over Harrison Sasquatph.  The final standings of the tournament  are: Powell River Sounders first, North  Shore Chiefs second and Sechelt  Renegades third. ���  Renegades goalie Tony Paul was voted  best goalie for the tournamentand Stuart  Craigen and Robort Joo received all-star  awards. ' *  RIDING CLUB  The Timber Trail riding club holds  their next meeting on Wednesday, June 7  at 8 p.m. in the Rod and Gun club at Wilson  Creek.  An important discussion will be held on  the possibility of the riding club holding a  horsesnow or rodeo during Sea Cavalcade.  The benefit draw for the riding club's  proper^ will also take place at this  meeting.  TENNIS :   Elphinstone Secondary school* won  their exhibition match against Gladstone  Secondary on Thursday,. May 25. The  Elphinstone team beat Gladstone eight  sets to three.  A new date has been set for the Community Doubles tournament. This event  will be held on June 10 and 11. Registration  is at Trail Bay Sports. The fee is $2 per  person for each event. For more information phone Jim Wier, 886-7361.  t The first meeting for the formation of  the Gibsons Tennis-dub-is Wednesday,-  May 31, 7:30 p.m. at Elphinstone school.  The tennis club will promote tennis on the  peninsula and will hold clinics and tournaments.  -SOCCER CLINICS  The British Columbia Soccer  Association will hold a series of soccer  clinics throughout the province from July  3 to August 25 for youngsters between six*  and 16 years of age. Fifty-five centers in  British Columbia will be involved. The  clinics are open to boys and girls arid will  run five days a week, commencing July 3  from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Each players will receive 20 hours of  instruction by certified Canadian Soccer  Associaton coaches..  The registration fee is $15. Registration  opens May 29 at any Canada Safeway  store.  The British Columbia Socfeer  Assocation will be offering soccer school *  instructor courses to school teachers" in"  various centers of the province to help  copewitfithe large registration. These are  certification courses in the Canadian  Coaching Certification program.  Further information on the course is  available through Jim Richardson, 687-  3333 in Vancouver.  WOMEN'S GOLF  On Tuesday, May 23, Audrey McKenzie;  won the Pin Round tournament, shooting a  66. Norma Gaines came second with a 72.  m^mAm'm.  - In the nine hole match Belle Cottrel  came first and Hazel Wright was second.  In putting competition on Tuesday,  May 16, in the 18-hole match Vera Munro  was first with a total of 32 putts. Norma  Gaines came second with 35 putts.  In the nine-h(^le match, Hazel Wright  came first and i Marge Arbuckle was  second. >  _  Jessie'Pritchard will bring some back  issues of Club albums to the clubhouse  -fromtime to timerso that memberscansee'  them. Any pictures or news items that can  go into the albums is welcomed.  FISHING  The bluebacks have fallen off at Pender  Harbour, but they're catching good-sized  red springs. Just off Lees Bay outside of  Duncan's Cove, Ray Jurenson of Langley  got six springs ranging from eight to 20  pounds.  The biggest we heard of was a 29-  pounder. All these fish were taken by  mooching.  ���Fishing's been-slow-irr-the -Gibsons-  area, although the blueback are starting to  show up off Gower Point.  The biggest catch last week was an 18-  pound spring caught in the Gap.  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JM,m,'m*'*~a-K'A**-'~-',~;i"*>"t<l.*-f wr^-ip��f,��"'*l^l('":'''"'   ������","' '7"'   "'.jaAl'n   i^''S'.'"f~^!t?-7lffiM'<TBwK5..,.,r.2  W.W.**)****'^ f  I -"  *��$,  r  .r'.-rrvftw^''1  \ <'!?;.',��� Pf  mW.  :.i   . ._  V.  )t. ��l  W1��W*!***I1'^MI"^1=*", 1W��rS>ltK  . 11* (HiSitfcrf��*-lWiW ��J  "J JWtf^1*Jh*S*S����J!WVfiW  "i  r,J��v^^'lwl^Wa,lW   *Wnfrm.fk   f  ,�� <Wf��~��4 t-^SS^b^WJ^I y����Wm95rf"lp'��W|lw��>*t��W!l *JM��  SB *WW��tH��ipWl�� t*i*WWs <*l*���Srl*!e����*flr'B'1''���WW �����<'WiA*W����rf|(��ilS^'w(��*UMl��<,*'i^^  tr%"*   NB  �� vjP-'   wAWJ-B^i  "N  ' M  ../  m*. PHONE 885-3231  &���'���*%-  PageB-2      The Peninsula Times    Wed, May 31,1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Work Wanted  Help Wanted  Real Estate  Business Opportunity   Mobile Homes  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  forWestpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  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Interment Seaview Cemetery.  4687-27  PAGE: passed away May 24,  1978, Kathleen Page, late of  Gibsotns, in her 66th year.  Survived by her loving  family: her husband Bill; one  son, Don Sharpe, and- his wife  "Mary, of- Gibsons; one  daughter, Arlene McFarland  and her husband Bobrrf  Nelson, B.C.; four grandchildren Tammy, Darren,  ,Maria and Michelle; two  brother, Cy Ward and Harold A  Ward; one sister, Edi  Crawford. Service was held  Saturday, May 27 at Devlin  Funeral Home, Gibsons,  Cremation. 4702-27  Card of Thanks  MALCOLM SILVEY of  Egmont wishes to thank the  doctqrs and staff of St. Mary's  Hospital in Sechelt, especially  Dr. Paetkau, Dr. Bernstein  and Dr. Burtnick, for care  above and beyond the call of  duty. Special thanks to the  nursing staff of ICU for their  specialcare and attention and  friends for their visits, phone  calls and floral gifts.   :4705-27  INCORPORATE! $70.00 plus  filing fees. Obtain your  lawyer "supervised incorporation over the phone -  fast! Call Self-Counsel Services toll free 112-800-663-3007.  Chargex and Master Charge  accepted.-' 4530-27  DIVORCE! $100.00 plus filing  fees. Obtain your lawyer  supervised divorce over the  phone - fast! Call Self-Counsel  Services toll free 112-800-663-  3007. Chargex and Master  Charge accepted.        4531-27  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office.       1473-tfn  ALCOHOLICS anonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. every  Wednesday, Madeira Park  Community Hall. 883-9260 or  883-9238. 4452-TFN  COME IN TO J&C Electronics  for^your free Radio Shack  catalogue.        ,     ' 1327-tfn  Work Wanted  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, insured work?���  ���Prompt "guaranteed service?  ���Fair estimates?       ��  Then give us a call:  PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD.  *���-    -885-2109 ' * 7584&I-  RAGING CRANE  CONSTUCTION  Framing and renovations  Free RRAP estimates.  885-5677 eves  or 885-5055 eves.  4334-tfn  JOURNEYMAN Shipwrite  seeks work. Exp. in all  aspects boatbuilding; house  carpentry & cabinet work.  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  For free est. & professional  job call Allan May, 885-5765.  4578-tfn  VILLAGE of Gibsons Help  Wanted, Steno-Cashier.  Experienced in office routine  and accurate typing a must.  Interesting variety of duties  * ifietade; receptionist, steno,  Dictaphone, filing, record  keeping. For further information and application  forms contact the Municipal  Office, 1490 South Fletcher,  Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO.  Closing date June 8, 1978. -  J.W. Copland, Clerk-  'Treasnrer. .4735-27  VILLAGE of Gibsons - Accountant. Applications will  be received by the undersigned up to 4:30 p.m.,  June 8,1978 for the position of  Accountant. Duties: The  successful applicant will be  responsible for. all phases of  accounting to trial balance,  including the recording of  cash receipts and disbursement, payroll, billing and  preparation of quarterly  statements and reports. Other  duties will include the  preparation of Council  Meeting agendas, the taking  of minutes at various  meetings and the preparation  of municipal by-laws.  Qualifications: A sound  knowledge of general accounting procedures, ability  to meet and deal effectively  with the. public. Salary is  commensurate with experience and qualifications.  Applications in writing,  should state qualifications,  experience, availability,  references and other pertinent  information. ��� Village of  Gibsons, P.O. Box 340, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0. Attention:  J.W. Copland, Clerk-  Treasurer. 4734-27  SAWMILL MANAGER for 20-  30,000 Portable Mill on  Arrow Lakes, with years of  timber. Millwright or Sawyer  experienced required. Op-  ��� portunity' and compensation  excellent. Accommodation  available. Immediate reply.  , Box 119, c-o 808, 207 West  Hastings St. ,��� Vancouver; fr.Cr  V6B1H7. 4670r26  MATURE STUDENTS! Earn  $6 to $7 per hour plus bonus  with interesting . summer  work. Write Fuller Brush Co.,  Box 108, c-o 808, 207 West  -Hastings StrrVancouver,B.C."  V6B 1H7 or Mr. T. Diamond,  General Delivery, Station 'R',  Kelowna, B.C. V1X4K3. 4670-  tfn  For Rent  FOR RENT:  Wilson Creek  'Community -Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  3691-tfn, '  LARGE     HOUSEKEEPING  rooms. Weekly or monthly.  Ph. 885-3295 or 886-2542.    4158-  tfn-"  ROBERTS CK. 3 bdrm home,  w-w, FP, carport, elec.  heat. Resp. couple only. $325.  Ph. 886-2427. 4588-27  WANT BABY buggy in good  pond. 883-9989, 4583-27  NEW 2-bdrm no-basement  home. Elec. heat, carport,  w-w carpet. Ph. 5 to 9 p.m.  weekdays, 321-0880.      4658-28   E   3 BDRM 1% bath, 1 acre  waterfront. Carpets, d.w.,  stove, fridge. Must be  responsible and willing to look  after grass and gardens.  References $325 per mo. Ph.  (112)985-0771. 4637-27  AVAILABLE   immed.   unfurnished   bachelor   suite.  Central Gibsons. Ph. 886-7490  or 886-2597. 4634-28  PENDER HARBOUR. SmaU  two-bdrm waterfront  cottage. 883-9923.      4686. -    27  2 BDRM furnished mobile  home, dble. garage located  on Vz acre, large garden, on  Lower Rd. Available July 1st.  Ph. (112) 299-2869. 4690-29  GIBSONS: Large family  home, 4 bdrm, partial bsmt.  Finished rec rm, fireplace, w  to w in living-rm and dining-  rm. 1% bath. On sewer. Level  lot, close to beach. Priced in  low fifties. 886-7909 evenings.  4647-28  -QUALITY-HOUSES available  to be moved. Approx. 13,000  $13,000-18,000 delivered-to  your property. Call Nickel  Bros. House Moving collect.  Days 524-3884; evenings 461-  3773. 4639-28  FOR SALE. "2~ bdrm" house.:  $40,200,885-2868.        4681-28  EGMONT. Vh acres WF  crown lease ($160 per yr.) 2  bdrm cabin. Spring. Power  available. Water access only.  $12,000 obo. Ph. 883-9206 or 883-  -9060,   "      ~ "4692-29  3 BDRM home. Master ensuite. Possible rental income lower level. Asking  approx. $51,500. Owner  anxious to sell. View daily 10-  5. Corner of Harbour View Rd.  and Hwy, Madeira Park. 883-  9494. 4603-28  LARGE LEVEL lot. 4 acre  facing south on high side of  Browning Rd. Partly treed,  with driveway in and bldg.  site excavated. FP $11,900.  885-3737. ~"        4689-29  For Sale  acres, 560' WF,  comfortable  3  Help Wanted  2HRS. A DAY ���$200 a month  commision plus prizes. For  details write, Fuller Brush, -  Box 108,207 We,st Hastings St,  Vancouver V6B 1H7, or Mr. T.  Diamond, RR 3, Kamloops,  B.C.V2C5K1. 4227-tfn  LEGAL      SECRETARY  required,   Legal   and-or  bookkeeping   experience  preferred. Write with resume  Box 1250, Sechelt.  4507-tf  TO ALL the beautiful people  who sent their get well  wishes and gorgeous-plants  and flowers during my recent  stay in Shaughnessey, a great  big thank you. ThankJ3 also to  Dr. Pendelton. - Phyllis  Hedden. 4732-27  '  '. :���  Use Times Adbriefs I  CLAPPCONCRETE  -piacing-andFinishing-  AH Types of Concrete Work  Patios, Floors, Foundations  Driveways, Custom Work  Prompt Service  Free Estimates  Box 1341 Sechelt  1        885-2125  ' 4429-tf  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your od \n Iho iquaron, Bo iur�� lo loavo n l>|anh, ���pact .iltor ooch  word. ���  Throo llnot Ii )2.15, Each additional lino l> 60c,  Tak* advantage of our ipotlal lavlngi.  " Run your nd twle��--Iho third tlm�� l�� FREB,  ��� If you pay for your ad th* Saturday Mora publication you 0*1 a  dkcount ��� 1 Se for I ln'����rtIon ��� S0( for 3,  Mall uo your ad, or drop It offi                                             '  In Socholt at tho Ponlniula Tlmot Offlco  ��� In Olbiont at llio Arbujui Troo _ ^       ���     i ^  tm m^ jm ma m. ma rm m. mm rm rm m. am m. mmm. ma ma mm am am mt mmm. mm ^m  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  "1  I  I  I  I  I  * ' .  I  I  ��� I  I  CLASSIFICATION  ,-  L  ���  ���  --  ���.  _  ~  ,_  ,r-  ��.  ���  ���  _  _  ���  .���  ,mi.  ��w��  ���  1  $2*5  60'  60'  60��  SALES MANAGER for  Community Newspaper  Fully experienced person with  proven track record. Opportunity to buy into "one "of r  Canada's fastest growing  newspapers in attractive,  Eregressive community in the  lower Mainland. Good  starting salary with sub-'  stantial commission. Permanent position, open to a  man or woman, is to start  June 15. Write Box 116, c-o 808,  207 w; Hastings, St., Vancouver, B.C. VOB1H7.   4411-tf  YOU CAN WORK  AND STILL BE HOME  WHEN YOUR FAMILY  NEEDSYOU  Soil world-famous products  right  in  your  own neighborhood.   Make   excellent  earnings and set your own  hours. Avon can help show you  how. Call 886-9166 or8B5-2ia    4453-27  LICENSED hairdresser''for  Madeira    Park   Beauty  Salon, Full-time, but fairly.  short daya. 883-2715.     4570-27  -FAMILY DAY-core workera,-  Caro for young children In  your own homo. Homes  needed from Gibsons to West  Secholt. For info nnd Interview, call 005-5422.   4000-20  HELP WANTED - Three  experienced GM mcchnnlcB  Jor well established dealership^Top wages, fringe  benefits, flood,working conditions, fulUlmo employment,  Contact Advonturo  Automotovo, 403-835-4011, Box  8200, FnirvJ<?w, Alberta. TOU  IIA 4710-20  SMALL  CABIN.  FuUy  fur-  SWshedrShower, etc. Pender*  Harbour area. $100 per mo.  plus electricity.  936-3985 or  883-2274. 4703-27  NEW "3  BDRM   in  Wilson  " Creek. $300 per mo. 885-3773.  4708-27  3 BDRM unfurnished cottage,  $160 per month. Blackpoint.  Refs. required, Ph. (112) 886-  7622. 4707-29  AGASSIZ. Mild climate, small  town Fraser, Valley 70 miles  east of Vancouver. New.  building, one and two-bdrm  suites from $175. Also some  furnished available. Call  collect anytime 796-2627. 4717-  ,3o_, i .... ���/���,  Wanted to Rent  YOUNG   WORKING   couple  require comfortable house  to rent immed.  Waterfront  pref. References. 885-2188.  ' fi 4592-27  - ' ���     ���  HOUSEiOR cottage for small  family. First 2 weeks in  July. Phone 545-7087 collect.  . 4632-28    <   Real Estate     ,   u ,  UNSURPASSED panoramic  view. Gardon Bay,  semiwaterfront. 1 acre ��. 3  bdrms, \xk baths,- 16x24  living room with hugo stone  flroplaco, 16x24 rec room,  Jacuzzi pool, guana,; 2 sun-  deckd, hw neat. $87,500. Owner  083-2318. 442&r27  EGMONT: 5  zoned R3,  bdrm home, Wz bath, large  utility rm & sundeck.  Beautiful site .for 2nd home.  Asking $115,000.883-9066. 4697-  29  320 ACRES FARM, modern.  1800 square ft. home, power,  well, barn, outbuildings,  fenced. 6 miles from town.  $120,000. Write Box 783,  Vanderhoof, B.C. Phone 567-  4109. 4709-27  DUPLEX ON 4 creek-front  lots in Southern Interior  City of Greenwood. Superb  buy for handyman. $24,500.  Ownerr. (604) ~" 449-2446.  Carlton, Box 104, Midway,  B.C.V0H1M0. 4712-27  SHARE ownership of holiday  retreat   land   on   North  Thompson river near Avola. -  -Camping, build cabin, etc.-699~  Reeman, Kamloops, V2B 6S9.  'Ph. 579-9121. 4716-27  1   ��      ���__          "���     ������     ������     ������������  1320 ACRE hay-cattle ranch. 3  bdrm home, barns, corrals,  streams. Urgent sale for  health reasons. Cash offers to  $150,000. Machinery available.  Box 413, Telkwa, B.C. VOJ  2X0. 4723. 27  TWO BDRM house with 5 or 11  lots. Water, sewer, fruit  trees. 64 x 32 garage on 4 lots  with water and sewer. Box 5,  New Hazelton,-B.C. VOJ 2J0.  Phone 842-5563. 4725-27  20 ACRES 1000'WF. Beautiful  view looking up Jervis Inlet.  Zoned R3. On paved, road.,  ���Asking $150,000. Some terms.  883-9066 or write John Bosch,  Egmont, B.C.    .-,       4729-29'  GRAVEL^ HAUL operation  , incl. 4 Kenworth tractors,  one dump; one.scale, one 980  loader and spare parts..  Licensed going concern,  contracts "pending. Ph. (403)  668-5854.       -  "    ,;    4409-26  BAKERY lor sale. Well  established bakery in  Ucluelet, B.C. Excellent  -opportunity for right person;  Reply Box 219, Ucluelet V0R  . 3A0 or phone 726-7041. 4675-26   . _   Campers and Trailers  _������   ,    . _���      -    ,������.���1--.WI-I..WI ��� -   ��� ������ ��� -  .10x58' TRAILER partially  furn. Built-in oven and  , stove. Large side, addition.  $6,000. Hal! cash and halt  terms. Ph. 885-2444.      4659-26  ���73 MOTOR  HOME.  New  motor,-   tires,    brakes,  steering, batteries, Clean.  $8500. obo. 886-2734.      4664-26  '72 ROADRANGER 18' ten-  dem trailer. Little used,  sleeps 6, fridge, range, oven,  toilet, shower. Many extras.  Very, good cond. Madeira  Park. $3,000. 266-8877 collect  eves. 4663-27  CAMPERS  "VACATIONS THE  UNHASSLEDWAY"  FULLY EQUIPPED  FULLY INSURED  VANCOUVER RATES  RESERVE EARLYv  885-2600  ANYTIME  4629-tfn  19' SELF-CONT. Shasta  trailer. Sleeps 6-8. Very  clean. Located Halfmoon Bay.  $3,000 obo, (112) 525-1286 or  885-3568. 4582-27  31'    SELF    CONTAINED  tandem trailer  with  air.  cond. $5,000.885-2792., 4733-27  Cars and Trucks  '74 CHARGER 400, 4 bbl, ps,  pb, $300 stereo, mags and  boots, custom striping. $3100  obo. Consider trade. 883-2502.  - 4461-28  '69 CHRYSLER, excel condition. $1500 obo. 886-7936.  "        -  -4505-26  '741 TON F350, duals, new 390  motor, $3500 cash. '67. GMC  % ton panel, gd running cond.  $700.885-2444. 4506-26  '74 PINTO stn. wgn. 55,000 mi.  $1295.883-2336.       ,  4543-26  '74 128 FIAT Sport, am-fm  radio & cassette, good cond.  4 new tires, $1,800. Ph. 885-  3876. 4614-27  '72 JEEP COMMANDO. 4 wd.  29.000 mi.' exc. cond. Soft &  hard top, $4,295. Ph. 886-7310.  days.,,  v,   ').���������, ������.        4579-27  SMALL FURN'D mobile  ��� home ,on fully serviced  landscaped lot. Madeira Park.  883-2352. 4701-27  Boats and Engines  HIGGS MARINE-, -  , SURVEYS LTD.  V",  Insurance claims. Condition &  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast & B.C. coastal  waters. Ph. 885-9425, 885-9747,  885-3643,886-9546.       3490-tfn  12'4" FIBGL. sailboat Arrow.  " Planer. 100 sq." ft. dacron  main-jib. Rig for spinna.  Alum, -mast & boom> Double  hull. Unsinkable. Great first  boat for learning or racing,  with trailer, $1,000. Ph. 885-  '3153 after 6 p.m. 4625-27.  22'   K&C   THERMOGLASS  Fully equipped ready to go.  885-9485 or 885-9794.   -   4573-27  14'6" HOURSTON deep Vee,  40 HP Johnson elec, trailer,  all top cond. $1450.885-9883.  4554-26  17'. CONTROLS and trailer;  ,.$350,885-9798. 4490-30  18%' StARCRAFT V6 Buick,  OMC leg, fwc, 4 wheel tilt  trailer. 885-2997 or Radcliffe  Rd., Selma Park.        4481-33  A-FRAME boat trailer with  winch suitable for 19-20 ft.  boat. $315.886-7375.      4591-27  SAILBOAT 47L Davidson c-w  OB motor, sails, trailer. 886-  7534. 4633-31  . 1975 - 23* SANGSTER. Fully  equipped, loaded with extras. A-l  shape. 885-5030.  $11,500. 4685-29  20' KC cuddy cabin hardtop.  165 Merc, cruiser. 1-0 FWC,  trim tabs, depth sounder,  head. Immaculate. Low hrs.  With fully galvanized trailer.  883-9926 or 883-9080.      4700-27  Livestock  CERTIFIED  Farrier,  Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  TWO SPIRITED horses Arab  blood mare  and  stallion.  p Kathy Lloyd, 883-2660.' 4568-27  CHICKS: brown egg-layers,  white Leghorns, white  Rocks. Order early, ship  anywhere. Napier Chick  Sales; 6743 216th St., Langley,  Box 59, Milner, B.C. VOX 1T0.  Ph. 534-7222. 3882-tf  ���69 GMC HD 4x4  Ps, : pb,' 350  workhorse, $2,500  3430. ;  Posltrac.  cu.    in.  obo.  885-  4577-27'  '65 FORD, good running cpnd.  $350 obo. 885-3710. ,   4567-25  HORSEMEN!   Subscribe  to  "Horses AU", the, tabloid    ~���x;_^_ ,_,;���rp��� '  newspaper for current events,    71 , MERCURY^   Comet,  sales, shows and pertinent      Deluxe, loaded. Only 33,000  articles. Subscriptions $4 for * miles. A one-owner car in  12 monthly issues to "Hdrses   excel.cond.883r9020.    4585-27-  GARDEN  BAY. By  ownor.  , 24 c 60 dble wide modullno  homo.   Cement  found.   Lg.  sundeck, Approx 1 aero view   6 p.m.  -���proprft'-mflor^appllcancesra^'^^rrtirr^trri  bdrm,   pnsultc   plumbing,  family nn. Closo to store,  mnrlniifl. PP $62,500. 410-9003  or 083-2010. 4589-27  All", Nantori, Alta. T0L1R0.  4728-29  Mortgages  MORTGAGE LOANS  promptly arranged  anywhere in B.C. Information  and references ph request.  J.D. Phillips Capital Corporation, 10673 King Georgo  Highway, Surrey, B.C V3T  2X6. Phone 588-04U days, or  585-1603 evenings.       4301-tfn  Business Opportunity  ON THE beautiful Sunshine  Coast  In Gibsons,  B.C.  Men's Wear store, $7,000 plus  stock. Call (604) 080-9427 after  4710-27  Aitdroii  fmmmtmhr^i  rwtftor  |.i����^W^"!^��H^TW|1*.jI1!''M����i*^(S*^^ IWIWmifitflWJ'JS*  *.%r< i.,w.mt.%:���fm!  l��i 1" <.  ��� M     t ���*��  I  I  I  I  I   Mm mm-mr^r,mWymWmmumMm.mnmjmy,ummummmw-mr^,^mmmm^  mmmmmm^Wm^m^tZm ,^...f. ,,.(.  ���,. ,���,.,������.,    ,^w-v, .....v-..,,,,tj^vOC" WA-pJIvO,  llMM^IOMMHlllMn��l|IMIOIIMP<M��N4l<'llN'MIIMlOM       900'10334  8 GENERAL MANAGER  I required for rural Co-op  I General storo, Send resume to  Y Board: of" Dlroqtorsr Tapper  I  l  !  'I  I  J  $&  Co-op, Tappon, B C, VOE 2X0.       4711-27  RAISE    EARTHWORMS,  Growers needed. Buy-buck.  "TeentfMiF6WM76#iroiffi(r  marketrHigh profit potential;  Full pr narHlp)o,i Write Ball  ~��>i;n;,rWAun,,. pum  PRIME LOT, serviced, nice  location, 3 ml. from Gibsons, off I-eok ltd. Cleared  140' x 128'. Gulf view. By  owner, $12,500, Coll 08M0W  (collect), 4022-27  SELMA PARK  VIEW-3 BDRM ,,..-,  By owner - now homo with  finished l)unomeut, including  a cozy and bright family  room, Extra bathroom, and  soparato entrance guest  room. Tastefully landscaped  with lnrgo foncod-ln yard,  Family orientated neighborhood with no thru traffic on  Itndcllffo Rd, To view calls  085-3885 (ovos.)  4730-20  BUY ���NOW^*iinrgo"fll bdrm  homo In VUlogp of Socholt  FOR LEASE Licensee! dining  lounge In watorfrent hotol.1  Pendor Harbour area. 404-  2563.        , 4550-27.  GRAVEL HAUL opQratlon  Including 4 Kenworth  troctprs, one dump, onp scale,  one 080 loader and spare  parts. Licensed 'going con-  corn. Contracts ponding.  Canyon Equip't Sales &  Rentals, 08 Sunset Drlvo,  Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 3G5.  Ph. (403) 608-5054.        4722-27  fcE YOUR OWN BOSS I  Profltablo gonoral, variety  imd clothing storo In Central  intorior..,2 bdrm, living.  quarters. Asking $5(1,500,  Coulter Solos, PO Box 00,  Clinton, B.C, V0K 1K0, Ph.  459-2535 days, 480-2027 nights.  4724-27  ���72 CORTINA 2000,4-speed, 4-  door, good running cond.,  $600.885-9374 or 885-3271. 4679-  26  TOW TRUCK for sale! ��72  Ford F500 wold-built 2 ton.  Dollies, truck and car sling.  Asking $8,500, Phone 495-7474.  Oso^oos,B.C, 4676-26  10  FT.  VANGUARD, 'good  cond. $3,500.8854140 after 6.  4683-29  '67 METEOR, good shape. 885-  > 3330.      ��� 4684-27,  '74 JRtENAUW R12  station  wajgon.  good   condition,  $1,950,886-9173. 4694-27  ,78%TONGMCPU850V0,'F  50,  ,000 ml., $450.  '70 Maverick,-  obo, 883-2692.  ,4088-20  ���07 BARACUDA318 CIU, 3  speed  auto,  Body good  shape.  Intorior samp. $800  Intorior  obo; Ph. 085-885-0075.  4005-20  '00 PLYMOUTH, stn. wgn, 310  automatic, ps, 57,000, good  condt, $550,005-3583,  4700-27  ���00 VOLKSWAGEN van, Body  in good cpnd. Needs engine.  $750 pbo. 880-7440 meSsago.  ^730-27  - ��� "' "'"> ��� '   Mobile Homes  MOBILE    HOME     space  available .in court noar  bench. Coll. 920-1024,    4602-26  >Gl->Aw-aiWf-orp'Cal|p-':''tosprnonti'VleW'rPliJI8fl--i'^*��^-*��-��tor^Br4;Wi.��  4710   3078. ' '    tfn'"' ������ .7006.   ���  TOMTIT  centre'GlbsonsrSunshlno"  Coast, B.C. Present Income   >tcntlal $1510 mp;<  e Hnd D oHlneBV2Jv  7005. ������ 4720-27  *#M!Wi*^��**MJ*��W^>#'��  ���DRtessur^  -���.your-bathroomtt  with q now ihownr curtain ,  Ifi' :3*CHIW '���*��-*���*.��� ���������<��� Oftfrfti 2  ONE SEARS LT 10 elec start'  - lawnmower-& trailer. Exc. \  shape, $900.8867383.   .  4615-tf v  LENNOX electric.furnace. As  .. new with cable and pipes  included.  886-9275 Sat.  and .  Sun. . 4680-91?  FISHING RODS. New, used,  repairs,   custom  building.  Jordees, 883-9936.-   .   470f29__  FIBERGLASS      PANELS.  Light,      medium      and  heavyweights. For sundecks,  carports, landscaping etc. 25c--  45c  sq.   ft.   NUFAB  Construction Services & Supply.  22470 Fraser Hwy., Langley,  B.C. V3A4P6. Ph. 530-6201.    -   4713-27  ACT NOW to save money!  o. Switch to efficient heating  and ��� cooking with���"wood in  beautifully styled, quality cast  iron airtight boxstoves;.  combi-fireplaces; cooking  ranges. Enquire about earning extra income selling  "woodstoves from your home.  Woodstoves Unlimited,  Denman Island, B.C. VOR1T0.   4714-27  JEEP PARTS. New and used  for all .Jeeps -1942 to 1978.  Huge stock. Low prices.  Gemini Sales, 4736 E.  Hastings St., Burnaby, B.C.  V5C2K7. Ph. 294-2623.   4720-27  WAYNE power sweeper  model 876 w-cab. Like new -  143 hours. Ideal for parking lot  and industrial sweeps. Clean  64" side broom included. Ph.  462-8198 or write 11989-267th  St., Whonnock, B.C. V0M ISO..   .   4721-27  ACREAGE and waterfront  lots on Red Lake, 35 miles  from Kamloops. Fishing,  moose,-ducks. No power or  telephone. Write 421 McGill  Rd., Kamloops, B.C. V2C1M4.   4727-27  OLD 7 pee. oak DR suite,  needs refinishing, $175. 886-  7068. 4731-27  Legal Notices  Motorcycles  250    SUZUKI    with    new  Yamaha engine, $300. Call  Lee 883-9363. 4642-28  Machinery  1975 CASE 1450 with manual  angle dozer, Q.M. tree  shear, wlnfch, pony arch and  piling blade. $45,000. Call 567-  4846 Vanderhoof, B.C. VOJ  3A0. 4715-27  Found  ON^! PLYWOOD  886-2634.  punt.  Ph:  4643-28,  FEMALE   tortoiseshell   cat.  Sochelt Village area. 885-  2657. 4698-29  For Sale  LOOKING for a Rock & Roll  Band? Horizon is available,  best price on the Coast. 885^  2815. 4501-tf  GARBAGE BURNER. A-l  cond., used, $100.005-9007.  4624-27'  I        _���,.... .... ii...ii..,h...ii.. j ,...  .r-  ..nr-.i.  i  i  -   n  CHILDRENS. maternity and,  ladles clothing, good  quality. 'New & nearly new",  Encore Boutique, 2445 Murine,  Dr., W. Vancouver, 922-2020.  Tucs-Sat, 10-5, closed Mon!  ������k��� ^���-��^-^'*-p��>--->-4i4Hf *  BROTHER knitting machino,  comp. cost $900 or offers. 3-  speed bike $75, Phono 000-2000.  4620-27  BtACK hooded fireplace w-  scrcon<loor. 885-2708, 4548-tf  3 AXLE wheels and tires off of  mobllo homo. 085-2788. 4549-  tf  ,  UTILITY TRAILER. 1000 lb.  '71 Volkswagen body. 085-  9504. 20  Woodburn Stovoi  & Fuol Ltd.  All Cahddrari prisdafit*: StoVrti  by     Plihor,      EnlArprlio,  la|owood R 5odor.Oi  No thorn  Hoaflinor' &  Shqw  Zoro cloaranco flroplacai.  Annox hoaiBrn, Franklin* &  >!��Q|!trir<WQod - *��;��>Woo��l//OII  furnacm, Plpo, AcconorloR (k  llHlnoi..  ���, i ,  ���   ���������',: '9B7'0B1 \mXy.  OFFICE OF  PUBLIC TRUSTEE  V        T NOTICE TO  CREDITORS  Estate of the deceased:  KING, Alberta Marie late of  RR No. 1, Sechelt, B.C. oka  Selma Park, B.C.  Creditors and others having  claims against die said estate  are hereby required to send  them duly verified tp the  PUBLIC TRUSTEE, 800  Hornby , Street, Vancouver,  B.C., V6C 2L7, before the 5th  of July, 1978 after which date  the assets of the, said claims  , that have been received.  CLINTON W.FOOTE  PUBLIC TRUSTTEE  4631-spt pub. May 24, 1978.  VINYL WALLPAPER  To decorate, your   bathroom  '.���''������'   NOW AT  BATHROOM ACCENT  IN SECHELT  .,..���������.!:.  885.2912  im  CONTRACTOR  SPECIALS  2x4 std & btr hemlock  precuts, WA" ,,,., *262 M  2x4 std &' btr hemlock ,  8-24,, ,���,,..���.���;,., ,/,.,*255m  2x10 std & btr hemlock  824 *260M  % std spruce sq edge >  per sheet   ;*9M  1x8 slap,, ,;,,',,,* 225 M  1x4 strapping U69M  -2W! common nails -.���-.--  -  50Ibs. , ,,*1285  2x4x8'econo studs'   _         69V  10s it.  '199m  H80m  s150m  49'a  69'ft.  2x6x8' util  2x6 r I util fir  1x8 util channel  cedar siding ,,,,  %xl0 util  bevel cedar siding  3" ABS 800  perforated pipe.,  4" ABS 800  perforated pipe,,  )  4  MKiMWii��WoIs1irt*i"Wv^^ !.#j!^>-W!ift*'#|l!*M��-*(S>4*H��3��p'  '"" REMEM&ER  OUR GREAT SPECIALS  ON PANELLING  GIBSONS  JUILDINI  SUPPLY  t"r t��nlri;ton from Pod Mdlon to  '4  ���-��: -  ;ikAk^^4*i^AXu:,A7^m  ���^mmm��w^^^  yjw&'rfy ^f^1***^)^^  ���I I ��� i '  V ���.���'  '���?>  .'' A  ,      *  V. ���,"'"  Wednesday, May 31,1978  ^Jf-JhcLgBningitoTimes   v^ 4��2*BsiU  <X-;-= m<*  Thoughts on the best selling season  Timing the sale olj-your-.'  home is not dependent on  season, but rather on its  condition, realistic price, and  circulation of the listing  amongst the most potential  purchasers.  Any experienced real  estate broker will tell you that  any time is the best time to  sell.  Buyers are in the market  all year round, and the only  thing that can really prevent a  A different  population  explosion   Noted real estate-  sale is if your house is not on  the open market, ��� if the  asking price is inflated ��� or if  poor overall maintenance  makes it look like poor value.  Today the best circulation  of listing facts is the Multiple  Listing Service, which is  available to all member-  licensees    of   two    lower  mainland real estate boards  ��� giving all agents and sales  men an equal chance to sell  your property while you only  deal-with one person ��� the  agent of your choice.  The calendar does not  dictate the time to sell ��� only,  your decisions and realistic  attitude are important.  House prices separate  development economist from  the Brookings' Institute,  Anthone Downs, told a Real  Estate Board of Greater  Vancouver seminar last week  that despite energy shortages  on either side of the border,  there is a run-away population  explosion in automobiles.  The U.S. human population  .has FALLEN but the car,  truck and bus population has  risen alarmingly. ',:  The trend is_the same in  ' Canada? ~~~r~;, ���L      ;;���:  The real estate re-sale  market in Montreal is emphasizing the "two solitudes,"  according to a city-based real  ' estate  executive. Since the  Parti Quebecois was elected  in 1976, English and French"  house prices have lost any  semblance of uniformity, and  -gone-in-  .   It is mainly in  communities where the price  is going down. The French  market is holding up quite  well, said Pierre Lortie of  Secor Inc., in a recent Globe  and Mail interview.  Montreal 'Real Estate  Board statistics bear this out  with prices in Brossard, a  predominantly French  Community registering price  rises, while in Dollard des  Ormeaux in the Lakeshore  separate directions���area,-prices have fallen.. In  mainly in English . Brossard,the^averageMREB  MLS price toas<$36991a year  ago, and is now $38,966. In  Dollard des Ormeaux the 1976  average price of $44,121  dropped this year to $42,236.  The staggering burden  of government spending  From" 1970 through 1975 the  vehicle population rose 1.85  times the human population.  Mr. Downs says he feels  these statistics will adversely  affect the redevelopment  patterns on the North  American "continent.     .  It means large cities will  continue to be handicapped by  . rising' traffic congestion and  inadequate parking. Mr,  Down's perceptive analysis  may well be applicable to the  Vancouver metropolitan ^rea  which for two decade^, lia^ _  been unable to come to|rlps N���  I  I  I  -Taxation-is- one-of-the-  major burdens carried by  every Canadian. Forty three  cents out of every dollar  generated by the productivity  of Canadians, is spent by the  government, which is a nonproductive entity in our way of  .life,     i" '.    . ,  ' ������  Sweden, long known as the  most taxed country in the free  .democratic world .���. .takes 49  cents out of every dollar.  Canada's spending ��� Instead of being decreased as  the government promised, Is  -now only six percentage  points away from the Swedish  record.  Federal budgeting powers  are in control of the, cabinet,  so even the entire parliament  seems ineffective in making  changes. .Canadians should  riot accept these one-side^  spending decisions and should  make their dissatisfaction  known.  Call for more productivity  and less sending in government druing this election  year.  with rapid transit proposals.  PuMic  opinion  and work  An all encompassing public  , poll conducted by tho firm  Canadian Facts Co, Ltd.,  php\ys that Canadians; 18 years  of ago ftnd over from Ontario  westward who havo hoard of  Right to Work Uws arc  overwhelmingly In favour.  In this August poll, 81 per  cent of persons surveyed wore  ln favour of Right to Work  iMYtn, 0 per cont were opposed  and 10 per cent bad no opinion,  .,. Union niembcrfl.,8howed 76  por cent In favour of this typo  of Icglnlatlon.  The public generally,  regardless of federal political  party leanings, showed strong  support for the right of an  ernplpyeo to chooso his terms  ., of work, to bargain for himself   If ho wished to ��� Indeod to his  right to work however and at  whatever ho wishes ,to support  his family.   ^jnij^sur^  nP'Tonflr'ono "ovornlir im-*"  potlaM fa^wfiWIhoindbcr^  of interest to politicians ���  enactment of Right to Work  A7kirMlfi... would   ,      asset andoiot a liability  s  I  I  I  I  I  BY OWNER  75' level seafront architect  modern house, 1440 sq. ft.,  all appliances  .     WILSON CREEK  $96,900  Eves: 922-6959       Days: 688-9566  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  WATERFRONT LOT-  In  Egmont, Has trallor  $35,000,  Doop and protected moorago  pad,  toptlct,  wator and powor,  ONE ACR�� LOTS ���On Franclt P��nln��ula. Privacy  plu�� valuo In lhl�� mo��t dotlrablo aroa. Jutt 2 |o(t to  delay., , $15,000 .oach, ,  don't  FRANCIS PENINSULA - Soml watorfront lot with  ,chQlf��t,hqr^wr.ylflw.,,|13)5pP,    GARDEN BAY ��� bno bodroom houto on a largo  vlow lot dono to Gov't wharl. A good buy at $3q,000,  20 ACRES -. Mostly lovol land on Highway 101  .acroti -tromSuniotCovorDoachaccoii, nlcolytr<M��d)drlvaway  4n, Horo |�� a flno Investment at 144,800,  7 ACRES ��� on Highway lordoio to'MddoIra Park.  Partly cloarod and on a wottorly ilopo, Atklng $35,000.  FRANCIS RENINSUlA��-��fxtrcrte  ����teM!.WlrflJpLvyJllL7Xlwnt��flt..on-/^KlJn��oeh-Rood..^^*WO^  PHONE 883-2794  m^orn^^  jmMm^  c  ,.^+mpr'  'if^ui.  ������.���.H"*  ;��'.:;���$ W"****!**?.*1  yrtittoxxtomCm'  i-m*cr.  *$>  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK. B.C.  883-2233  REALTY  LTD.  T<5lL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  !      689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� New 3 BR  cedar home, ensuite, 2160 sq. ft. of  living area on large view lot. $69,500.  sss^^^Hjffi'Slgaaz^'j;-' -"  MADEIRA PARK ��� nice 2 BR home with  fireplace, full basement. Close to  stores etc. $45,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 BR split level on  5+ acres ��� view over Paq Lake. Fruit  trees, garden, $77,500.  GyLF-VIEW_ROAD - Madeira Park,  fantastic view frajn this new home - 3  new   appliances, ^fireplace.   $95,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� interesting 4 BR  view home, architect-designed. 5  major appliances. $77,000.  LOW PRICED HOMES  $40,000 AND UNDER  MUST BE SOLD - CARPENTER'S SPECIAL  ��� 3 bdrm, full basement. One acre lot.  Asking $40,000. Make an offer.  GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� Well-built 670 db  sq ft home, furnished, large'treed lot,  close to lake. $36,900.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500.  NORTH LAKE ��� 2 BR home, needs  some finishing, lake view, road access.  Prov. lease lot. $21,000.  NARROWS ROAD ��� 3 Br rancher, built  1976, carport & sundeck. Close to  Madeira Park, Reduced to $36,900.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  BR cedar, home, built 1975. View and ^*  many extras. $105,000.  WARNOCK ROAD ��� Cozy 2 BR- EARLS COVE ->*Fumished 12x44'  Panabode, fireplace, fulf basement. On Skyline Mobile home on semi-  large level lot. $36,000. waterfront view lot. $25,000.  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  ROBERTS CREEK - 1.35�� acre level MADEIRA PARK - vacant store bldg)  corner [ot with old house and garage, adjoining living quarters. One acre  Zoned 'C2J.   Suitable   for   immediate '���������!,L ",|��� .._j-.__.__j.-j  development; or_fpr_holding .property.  $60,000.  with 104'frontage on Madeira Park Rd.  _Zoned_R3._$52r000.  KLEINDALE ��� duplex (one 3 BR and  one 2 BR) on 2.2 acres, close to  Secondary School. $85,000.^  GARDEN BAY ��� Large 4 BR  family home. Recently remodelled.  Large lot. "Close to stores & marinas.  $46,000.  .   CLAYDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY - 3 BR  view home, full basement, built 1975,  close to marina. $88,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR cedar home,  bachelor suite in lower level, sleeping  cabin. Large lot. $46,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 2 BR home with  view, built 1971, fireplace, dbl.  garage, garden area. $44,500.  BARGAIN HARBOUR AREA - corner lot  with 3 BR home. Acorn fireplace, stove  & fridge. $45,000.  LOTS AND ACREAGE  ACREAGE  LOTS  1. MADEIRA  PARK  ���  serviced' lots.  $8,000-$22,000.  2. FRANCIS  PENINSULA  ���  serviced  lots. $9,000-$l 3,500.  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  ACREAGE  3. GARDEN BAY AREA  $12,900-$21,250,  view lots.  1. IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2.87 acre view  lot, level. $35,000.  2. NEAR RUBY LAKE ��� 7�� acros on  Hwy 101. $25,000.,  3. MIDDLEPOINT ��� 18.9 acres, 2 BR  cottage, creek, $40,000,  4.'KLEINDALE ~,5�� acres on Hwy 101.  $21,000, ��  4. SANDY. HOOK ~ view lot on Porr  poise Drive. $10,500.  5: NEAR MADEIRA PARK ~ 15 acres,  2150 �� fl, on Hwy, 101. $44,000,  6. KLEINDALE ��� 23.7 acros, some  merchantable timber. Lots of troos for  building a log houso. $50,000.  5. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES��� new. 81  lot subdivision off Sinclair Bay Road.  Serviced lots, most with view, three  with lakefront, Priced from $10,000 to  $37,500,  6. LANGDALE CHINES��� Lot 35, Grady  .Rd. Treed. $13,500.  7. BARGAIN HARBOUR - 1.5 acres,  treed, Serviced, $25,000.  8, DAVIS BAY ��� Yrood vlow lot on  Groer Road. $16,500,  NARROWS INLET, ��� treed waferfront  acreages, secluded low bank. 5 acres  to 14 acres priced from  $24,500 to  $3$:soo, ���...     .;....������....'..���. p.pj..  11.6 ACRE ISLAND ��� 3 BR furnished  panabode, float. Water * S,. hydro.  $165,p00.  ST. VINCENT BAY,  1. 5.48 acre*. 375jfc ft. watorfront ��  small crook. $35,000,  2. 5,23 acros, 400�� ft. low bank  waterfront, SW exposure, $33,000,  NELSON ISLAND ��� 40 acres,"1 500' on  Westmere Bay, 225^' on West Lake. 3  BR home, 2 cottages, road to. lake,  floats, $160,000?  EARLS ,COVE ��� 5.57 acres, 450+  ft  ''sheltered waterfront adjoining 'ferry  terminal. $125,000,  WESTMERE BAY -1,200jJb fl watorfront  on 4.8 troed acres, Nice beach ond  rocky point, $47,500,  LOTS  Tr  WATERFRONT HOMES  GERRANS BAY  1, I00t ft. W/F, drlvoway In, sorvlcod,  $28,000.  2, Ad|olnlng W/f" lots, 71' & 77',  $30,000oach,  3, 78 ft, W/F lot, ��aptk tank & drain  flold In & approved, drlvoway In, bldg,  tlto In. Soulhorly oxposuro, $39,500,  4, 7djfc. ft low bank sholtorod WF lot,  falrly'hsvol, trood, $38,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA  1. 132 ft, W/F In Pondor Harbour, 1.8  acros, doop moorago, $50,000,  2! 83 ft, W/F ad|olning abovo, 1,22 t  acros, $36,500,  3, 70' bluff watorfront, vlow ovor  Bargain Harbour, $21,500,  GARDEN BAY     -  1,2 aero WF lot, trood, drlvoway In,  bldg allot cleared, topt|c approved,!  $50,000,  I  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES  GERRANS BAY ��� 2 BR homo, lu  basomont on 133�� ft, watorfront  Largo lot. Now prlcod at $85,000  HOSPITAL BAY - 2 BR hortio on 50* ft  boach lot, $75,000,  EOMONT  m^tts&ss SsssSS"  boach, $63,000,  OERRANS BAY --��� 200+ ft W/F, 2,4  OERRANS BAY ~ largo 3 BR architect      acrot, i BR homo wllh flroplaco, partial  jdiM.l.fln.f d,,bomiLm J M J.t,.j^  lot, $95,000, $150,000,  - vu��  RUBY LAKE - 3 DR partially furnlthod  cottago, 96 ft lakofront In qulot covo,  float, $49,000.  RUBY LAKE - 400*, It lakofrontago,  fl��, trood acrot, road accott, $49,500,  , SAKINAW LAKE ~ 2 leato lott, each  with tmall Cottage and float. $15,000  and $25;000,  SAKINAW LAKE - 150* ft, low bank  ���tektfronrrwmHt toWit Tit toflfltfft "fitif,  ,,,$KQ0Q���L,,,,���. ,.,,,,,,-��.������,.... ���,...,,.��, ,....  SAKINAW LAKE - l,300��. ft  lakofront, 24+^ acrot, 4 OR furnlshod  panabodo, float, $105,000,  RUBY LAKE- Si trood acrot cloto to  public lako accott, $19,BOO,  CARTERS LANDING Sakinaw Lako .  24.(11. acrot, 1350 :l: It, lokofront, rood  accott, houto, crook, $135,000,  /  RUBY LAKE ���-���- 95��, ncrot oxwllont ,  land  with   400jfc   ft   lakofront   nnd  2t>QQ�� fi on lagoon, $100,000,  SAKINAW LAKE :- - 16 acrot, 750�� ft  lakofront, Wator accott, $36,000," *  D.L, 3250 ��� botwoon Sakinaw & Ruby  lakot,  1500 t ft, on Sakinaw Lake,  $ii5.ooo,..��� - ��� xA��� :x.  mm$��Zm2&m$mm^wmjmim&  mmm  *a:affW^mw3C3Ka^fe^  EY, Res, 983-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  *h  " v.  ���"?*.  \ ���  1�� j ,        >      i, Mt  , t . W ���      , , , , "       '    *    t     '��� 1 * I    -r �����,����*  W Ff-*^*~   PJ!*"!^ ���*,}-"#.) *��SMH*a,***'*p^^  >**#��W)^��-*gClwflfffltlf %mt frnym y wtj>wsAii|^,|f ^ff^^y *?'"?"*''''*> ***#mmmwmmm��im**#im&  W*WteW��NW*^��M��^*ip >>������* **  3p   U�� -IMf* lthr*fWtH* #!#p-aOTW���4j>-< 1    "��^J(J*   4  U.V1,.,'  ) ''��� \ u.  Page B-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday,. May 31,1978  ly^Ai^KAF  A  And they sure are happy about It!  .What are they doing? Why, they're  reading TheTIMES... looking fora new  home or car or job or washer or  bicycle. And each person will probably find just the right item at just the  right price.1 How do we know? Well,  we have loads of advertisers every  week y.. offering scores of new products and services. *  A  .We welcome ads of all sizes... we'll  even help you develop an ad if you  wish; for the same cost as the ad  alone! What other media can offer  that kind of bargain... on a one-to-one  personal basis? Check around, and  we think you'll want/to join your  friends who read and advertise in  The TIMES... it's the best buy  around! -v-^  The Peninsula ^inieb  .... a weekly part of your life I  ^Bbiydirt^^id^ disaster pf labor disputes  During  labor strife���it���-dispute__  always seems to happen���the   "   The  B.CT  _. and- me, they also planned   it's up to the public to com'  ...        . L        ,,. , Federatioir���of t(rextort-a-promise-��rom-the���pletely���ignore���this���un=  adversaries accuse, either    Labor publicly  urged  sub- company that we would not be   siphisticated unionism.  jHflmiuso^  ~ ; ���  each one  is  playing  dirty  tricks. ' \  However, the public  shouldn't be asked to become  involved in tricks, as it was  recently in the telephone  -bills.��� even while using the  service ��� to force action from  one side in the dispute.  While urging a totally  irresponsible -��� and we  suspect illegal ��� act on you  biased action.  Surely labor relations does  not need, to stoop -this  low... surely there is more  maturity and responsibility  among labor leaders! If not,  Accepting basic responsiblities  In the mid 60s the Secondary School . education  curriculum changed and  teachers found themselves  , completely unprepared for  basic business education they  were required to teach.  The Real Estate Board of  Greater Vancouver's"  .education Committee, along  with a group  of teachers,,  bridged this gap by producing  a text called Home. Ownership, a Basic Guide.  This text has been , in  continuous use throughout  secondary schools in British  Columbia.  Again in January of this  year, an updated edition was  circulated to schools for  business education courses,  The balance between  esthetics and employment  and t<K public/libraries for  general use. -  The real estate industry  helped minimize the  mysteries of home purchae  and sale through educating  the young, upcoming /consumer and by presenting night  school courses for adults.  Today,, more- business  groups should help prepare  tomorrow's, consumers by  going into the secondary  school system today ��� it's a  basic responsibility of doing  business in your community.  _FORSALE -._  TRAILER  Small, comfortable, modern  trailer, installed in Sundance  Trailer Park, , Sechelt.  AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY.  Suitable for single person,  pensioner, or woman w/small  child. FP $5,000 plus monthly  pad rental. Easy terms to  suitable purchaser.  885-2792  ��� There's a fine line between  a city concentrating on beipg  attractive, and a city concentrating on being attractive  . to both people and industry.  Esthetics are important, but  so are jobs.  Unless" residents have  secure employment,_there is-  no money to spend on environmental considerations  and services. Officials in all  levels of government must  effect the balance that will  ensure our province has the  air, land and water quality we  recognize for environmental  purp<Sesr ooTthey musflQso-  make the climate attractive  for the location of industries  that provide ongoing employment and a; guaranteed.  tax base. .  Another; priority is  protection of'industry and jobs  that are already in British  Columbia, so. closures do not  affect the security of citizens  now' established. Leadership  should come from Regional  Districts so overall ev-  vironmental demands can be  met, but employment opportunities are not overlooked.  ��^%<%1CV>>%%1^V��%<X^<1^%10��%%%^%%%%1tX36XX��  SELMA PARK-VIEW  ���~3  By owner ��� NEW HOME with FINISHED BASEMENT,  including a cozy and bright family room, EXTRA  BATHROOM and separate entrance,guest room.  Tastefully LANDSCAPED with large FENCED IN  YARD. Family orientated neighborhood with NO  THRU TRAFFIC on Rddcliffe Rd.  To view call:  885-3855  [eves]  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  Cowrie St. "885-2013 Sechelt  - HANG YOUR SHINGLE,HERE. Large  ^quarry tile entrance.' Vibrant royal  "red wall to wall in entertainment size  living area, Fireplace-in cozy den and  master bedroom. 4 bedrooms, 2 full  baths and powder room. 2 car  garage, workshop, ample storage,  landscaped lot with circular  driveway. A versatile home for large  family or those requiring home  office. FP $72,500.  -*!��.-*  A DANDY ADDRESS  5 year old California stucco, non-basement home. Living room  with wall to wall. Mod kitchen, vanity bath, 2 bedrooms, plus  cozy study or guest cottage on this large fenced, landscaped lot,  easily maintained. Tons of storage space. $49,500.  WARM, INVITING AND IMMACULATE  Charmi^jwtuj^Man^^  "garaen and patio. Skirted 1974 Chancellor Mobile Home on  oversized cement foundation. 3 bedroomv large vanity bath with  laundry area. Electric cabinet kitchen. Auto oil heat. 250 gal  tank, double windows,' 8x10 toolshed with power. $31,800.  RETIRE ON REDROOFFS  Wooded acre on transportation. Easy maintenance garden,  panelled living room with large granite heatilator fireplace and  woodbox. 2 bedrooms, cabinet kitchen, laundry, auto oil heat.  Carporrand 12 x 16 workshop. $42,500.  158 FEET OF SANDY B.EAfH  2 acres at Welcome Beach, magnificent landscaped waterfront  with spectacular view. Comfortable 5 room home and garage  with total privacy.  HWY 101, Roberts Creek, 5 ACRES     ONLY $29,8Q0  PHONE ANYTIME ON THE RED AND WHITE SIGNS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON, 885-9365  . J.'S*'   :*<M i',\,Z.  The number to remember  885-2235  Vane. Toll Free 689-5838 [24 hrs.]  We are as close as your phone  CAU NOW FORA  FREE CATALOGUE  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  ;**^.  ^A2&firy.\-  %  >'i*:A"l  Featured this week:  ���������������������������  Call Ruth Moore, 885-9213  WATERFRONT!  WEEKEND SPECIAL #3972  . Your ovyn super private cqbln, completely furnished, acorn fireplace  ready to Install, good spot for your own dock because It's deep  water moorage, all this for just $33,000. Ruth Moore, 885-9213  eves.  TUWANEK WATERFRONT #3938  Quiet natural setting and 720 square feet with two bedrooms, |ust"  seven years old and a great location. $45,900. To view call Bert  Walker, 885-3746 eves.  OCEAN VIEWPLACE �� BAYVIEW #3893  High up southern exposure waterfront. Has small 8'^ 10rcabin"  complete with airtight wood heater and a storage shed. Path to the  boach. Choice building slto framed In arbutus. $35,000. Peter Smith,  885-94^3 eves.  THEVERYBESTI ,        #3921  Secluded, quiet waterfront, has deep water moorage with Its own  dock and float. Price Includos a two bedroom homo, lovely fireplace  and all furnished for |ust $45,000. See It now with Ruth Mooro, 885-  9213 eves. .  CLOSE TO THE WATER  PENDER HARBOUR-BRAND NEW #3810  Large lot, new twp bedroom home, stone fireplace, long sundeck,  all this and close to fishing too. Just $41,000.,Don Hadden, 885-  9504 eves,  ECONOMICAL RECREATION #3881  Comfortable one bedroom home fust across the street from the  water. 16 years of prepaid lease Included In the price of $21,100.  Bert Walker, 885-3746 eves.  SANDY HOOK VACATION HOME    i #3871  On Launching lana,Jwojeye^  ,_����������,,pjjgijj-^j>oomlor'lot's of company! Very close to water accoss.  J!r!��fifLflL$.3Sl700.4CalL.Poter Smith, 885-9463 eves.  IMMACULATE GOTHIC ARCH #3748  Just a hop and skip to the beach, This two bedroom charmer Is  roady for occupancy now. Good Tuwanek location and all for just  $32,550. Ruth Moore, 885-9213.  HOLY SMOKE-WHAT'S CHEAPER    I #3845  $5,200 is the fujl price for a lot wljfh hydro and water at the roadside, Close to ocean accost and boat launching. Bob Kent, 805-9471  eves. ��� i  PEACE & QUIET  PRIVATE HIDEAWAY #3892  Redrooffs area,, this secluded 1/2 acre, lot all fenced, charmingly  landscaped, garden area and small two room cabin with fireplace  also has guest sleeping cabin. Priced at $33,000 Peter Smith, 885-  9463 eves.   ' ���     ,  PRIME VipyV     i #3933  Gower & Kelly Road. All cleared lot, close to Gibsons with Gulf of  Georgia exposure. One block to beach. $14,500. Jack Warn, 886-  26\l eves.  TILLICUM ���~r ��� #3951  Close to soa and boat, moorago. Interesting lot, well wooded and  perk tested, only $8,000. Jack Warn, 886-2681 oves.  REDROOFFS RECREATION #3961  Very large lot with some view, Wqtor and power Available, close to  launching facilities. Asking $12,500. Jim Wood, 885-257reves,  ����w.w.'-M.UWi|l-'����iiM����iwWii(ti��^'i'^";  LOTS, ACREAGE, HOMES, WATERFRONT. COMMERCIAL AND BUSINESS LISTINGS   ��� ���������  imsiiim-rm'-rs^fT^.  John R* Goodwin  885-2456  Peter Smith  885-9463  Don Hadden  885-9504  Jim Wood  885.2571  Bert Walker  885-3746  ,���!i^P!':XAA',::A;:^  886-2681  >-v  Bob Kent Louella Goodwin  U^^y0SUt^k^kimXX^X:  !���   ���',!  :V'i  "���^���-"���^r^r*'*-""^--"-'^  Sff^lfci  ���4 #> *iMn#!}Sar--^��iiff<vW��rSM> *  (t fli-M* >����"�� f ��.*#*����?'**  ^ *#*&&>#.  **#�� (^^��M>��~.'*^,W^^ f *Vm****W^ *^^  *#��� Hh.it>* **��������*    ��|snW(^    *    f J* W  -t,   M,   t ,  *l<  W��^i/'MW.*W'|ra��**W#* (* *+ :  ^Wnraw^Mni   i ^    ��*^nj��  "V   't  ttwiip-Vif    J  *n ^*|Ktw*''i****w^��WM^t^mt*>*i  �� I.   '   I'  i   nfii ...  The premier's opimism for B.C.  Premier  Bennett's   op-   address to the electorate was        In some areas ���especially  jimistic   outlook   for   our   his    statement��� that���all���the-social-services~=~tfiese  province ��� understandably   governments must impose   limitations ma�� be hard to..  xautious_=-seemed-��ensible���sever-e-^e_rti^ttte--tm~^x=-^l^ pompeirsatihg*  The Peninsula Times    Page  Wednesday, May 31,1978  B-5  from the facts contained in his  third quarter report on the  provincial economy.  But the best part of his  penditures,' with increases  limited to one per cent or less  below the growth rate of the  economy.  Joining the Canadian  Wildlife Federation  The Canadian Wildlife  Federation was founded in  1962 to. protect, conserve .and  restore our natural resources.  It is a non-profit, -non- -  governmental. organization  which attempts to attain  conservation goals through  a vigorous educational  program directed at all levels  of government, business and  industry as well as millions of  concerned Canadians.  The federation is presently  conducting a membership  drive to broaden its base.  Dues are $12.50 per year, of  which $8 is tax, deductible and  include a one"-year subscription to International  Wildlife magazine, published,  six times annually, which  combines good articles with  excellent color photography  that will please all'age groups.  This     worthwhile  the  organization    merits  support of all Canadians  Join   by   writing  Canadian    Wildlife  Federation,1673   Carling  Avenue in Ottawa.  the  decreases and common sense  in other areas cairaceomplish  it.    .  His edict that public  service salaries should follow,'  rather than lead the private  sector" should be combined  with public service pensions  more closely tied with what  the private sector is able to  provide for itself.  If governments balance  their budgets and curb their  spending, the economy would  become healthier t immediately.  KHMWHMUmk  DENTAL BLK!^   PHONE 88632  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682  53-  2TlM  Ml  MMMRMMWN  Improper storage and use of  flammable liquids causes 3  per cent of Canada's fires.  Use only non-flammable  cleaners in washing. Store  . flammable liquids in a metal  locker or ^approved safety  containers ,'and leave sufficient space for expansion of  the liquids for vapours.  Make safety consciousness a  part of your' Lifestyle.  WWMMMMMWMI  I  '���/'  ^^tt^ig  St  IS  til A  .\ >n^- - - < "' -",��}  ���*c*^*��e#f<r*(^NK>��i  i  A"i..           a   ' -'���Md  alt J������;VWJM'.''.:'���'."^"'v'  iSi  1  fc  ��� --'������"���'.}-".���"'���'"-'.���-.-."'        \W ������ '������ ������   ��-����^5*^&-: Ai$-*y '.-k'���  /���,���������': oj��^ojis    '<ii.AfcH(>i.?f,    "'^"^7 -' ':���'������                   '���������  'a  'x: ��������� j  /        i  1-      \  ��� mm  Jm^M^gfeY'^i'w'-MH  a wi  1  ;'l  - ���f:A>^ sSitMfspyg j~-;.';  mA  '���             ������:  A'k     A  a.    N    X     \  >    X   >    %    X    N    X  .j  ���: A'yy::XXM  MST^HI  Hd  iwyw^S^j^..^;  mwWmmmiijg^i^M  ^SSfi^^^^  $120,000  This commercial building is for sale by its corporate owner.  Approx. 3600 sq ft with  modern  shoe  store on  ground  floor  and   5  professional offices upstairs, with storage shed out back. _  Present income $1140. per month . ���-__,_   Potential income $1515 per month or more  ���lf4nterotedxanttrcrC6:'rso^^^^ at 886-2207 or 886-7995.  -1  I  FOR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE* INSURANCE ���MORTGAGES  HMHrara  ������HN  ttHMM  MEMBER BROKER  7j^ M^ ^ kty^suA'  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  "??^fcL',J' tmi i^r^adt'jn -mt-'j** c\ -.v*  " v'"ra''"r^.VqrWTDf reef  687-6445  Sunnycrest Shopping Centre   GENERAnNSTJRANcF  Business ��� Residential s���- Marine ��� I  Residential r��� Marine ��� Prompt attention  Charles English ��� Eileen Kinne  HOMES  LOTS  GREAT BUYS!  SEAVIEW RD $24,900  Two bedroom starter on''Seaview, ,Nlce  view, Well built, This Is not a drive by,  BURNS ROAD $31,5d0/offdrs  This Is a comfortable 2 bedroom home  near the beaches. Very well built.  CRUCIL ROAD ��� Ownor Leaving Area  Quality bwll,t 1300 sq.ft. home.on fully  .>JgQd^caped.^Jot,<-.-'Pavea'>;drlvewciyi;'':';%irfd'''''  carport. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 17x15.  living room with ,heatllator fireplace, large  dining roomopens onto sundeck, Droam  kitchen has 36' cabinet's and built-in dishwasher. Wall to wall throughout,  Downstair^ has 12 x 42 finished carpeted  rec room with fireplace, 12x10 entrance  hall, large workbench In basement,  roughed-ln 3rd bathroom, lots bf space,  Drapes Includod. A/oll furnaco, Torrlflc  viow, 2 blocks to schools and shopping  mall," $59,900. Call to vlow,  2 BDRM HEADLANDS ROAD $26,500  Solid little homo,' auto oil heat, full bath,  fcult trees, close to beach and boat launch,  PRATT ROAD $75;000  4/ bedrooms and possibly flvo, A largo  heated 20 x 40 swimming pool has Its own  pump house, goes from 4 ft to 10 ft deep.  LANGDALE VIEW $49,500  3 bedroom, non basement quality built  homo; A torrlflc view of Howo Sound and  North Shore mountains,  DRIVE BY $99,900  Crucil Rd, one block ofl Hwy 101, then  mako. appolntmont to vlow Inside this  quality built 3 bdrm homo, Foaturos wall  towallcarpotjng, 2 flroplpco��, flnlfthod roc,  rooms onsulto plumbing. Landscaping,all  L^.dbrt��..a..drlv��Wpy-ppp'vodi~"���'��,^*"is;!~"1*'t,i���**',v  1     HILLCREST D(|fJLEX $37,500  Oood Investment. Good aisuljnablo  mortgago of $22,000, i  OIBSONS BLUPP >   $40,000  3 bdrm view horn* on Geo'rgltl Drive, close* i  to boach 8 picnic aroa,' Has flroplaco and  flnlshod roc room, Call for appointments,  REDROOFFS ROAD  Waterfront, 77x360'.  TUWANEK   ;..."'.;  Recreation or permanent home.'  PRATT m GRANDVIEW       ,.���'.',' ;1  Large corner lot, open to offers,  GRANTHAMS $  Nice view lot, 50 x 110,   CHASTERROAD" :'""       ���'.'.".$"  Large lot near schools,,  SOUTH fLETCHER VIEW LOT $  Torms available,  LANGDALE $  Largo iv|ow lot on road.     '  LOTFONWH/VRF.Rb  LOT G ON WHARF RD  GRADY ROAD  YMCA RD Lots 3 ft 4  GRADY  Vlow & cleared  WATERFRONT  Rodrooffs Rd. 77 x 3  $11,500  $11,500  $12,500  , $1.0,500  $16,000  k  mar'afC: *''  / S!  t*,t,a,i  . .,    tirairi  yH$Aui.ii.i���^,  SKYLINE DRIVE "'    $13,500  Sewer only 150 ft away, vlow of Village,  bay and Wharf, Driveway In,  PRATT & GRANDVIEW       , $11,900^  Good building lot, 75' frontage on Pratt  and 140' deop, ��� ,  OLASSPORD lis; 500  Water & sowor connected, Fill In, ready to  '  M'd. ' _  BROWNINOROAD $13,000        STANLEYPAM ���,^     ,���/_   $10,500  4-95^224'cleared lotrRoadyto build, Was" ^haTirw(iQr��h*lt'iorwlil rpfnind you of.  approved for soptlc tank, Has good vlow, located across from good  DUPLEX ZONED vlow lot In vlllafle $17,500      .boach/qecoas,  _JEBCRESTJRD.-L0TS61'x 131'  $9,700  WATERFRONT  SECHELT ' $69,900  Spacious new 31 bedroom family home on  Osprey Lane. Large family kitchen dining  & living rooms, all about 40' from the  water's edge. Call for appointment to  View.  ROBERTS CREEK $45,000  Access  easeipeht on  6d(acent  lot.  This  type of prime waterfront is rarf& onHhe  1 market.. - ,  GAMBIER ISLAND ,        $) 2,000  Semi-waterfront lot at Thornboro Bay,  SARGENTSBAY 80' Wft Lot, $32,000  250' deep and covered with salal and  arbutus trees, Ideal location near end' of  quiet street In West Sechelt. Power and  water to lot.  HALFMOON $AY Low Bank Wft, $35,000  'Beautiful lot wlth.southern exposure. This  is low bank waterfront, but does not have  a beach, Salal bushes and Arbutus trees.  are the natural landscape, Sowor, water &  Dower avail, "  ACREAGE  Sl BDRM SPLIT LEVEL $53,000  Locatod on Pratt Road on approx 1 acre of  good garden ,'soll. Roomy 12 x 16 kitchen.  Separate dining room. Large'carport and  12 x 20 workshop.  IP ACRES OF WOODLAND  For true pioneers, $38,200,  vicinity of  Hanbury Road,  2 1/2 ACRES, ROBERTS CK $25,000  2 1/2 acros of subdividable proporty In  Roberts Creek.  100' WATERFRONT IN ROBERT^ CREEK  Epsy accoss to boach, 3000 sq ft homo  ryvlth flvo bedrooms (could bo sovon), 2  bathrooms & 2 kitchens, Flroplaco and  sundeck,    '____     ___, ���  "WANTED  Houses on Acreage  Clients Waiting  i&uMil'LiijiillLun'l  _        * ��� i�����mvmm^ ,m  ^/Ajf /iVA ,', ffOAD  it-iur-liLiLKil?  IO  f '  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  jure?;; ��..>ff  Chris Kankainen  885-3545  -���-.  Arne T. Pettersen,  886-9793  HOMES  HILLCREST ROAD: Three bedroom full basement home only two  years old. Living room, dining room and the bedrooms have woll to  wall carpeting. While preparing a meal or eating enjoy the view of  Keats Island, Georgia Strait and the Gibsons Bay area from this  large well-planned HffSfien. Feeling tired offer working all day;  stack the dishes in the built-in dishwasher and relax. The basement.,  has a partially finished fourth bedroom and a rec room. The lot has  been nicely landscaped and you are close to schools and shopping.  The ideal family home. $49,900.  COACH ROAD: (ofrreeR~'RcO"tRr^ye~ar old"  three bedroom-home situated in a quiet  subdivision in Roberts Creek only 2 miles  from Gibsons. Large kitchen with an eating  nook. Yard is nicely landscaped, yours to  enjoy from the 300 square foot-^plit level  sundeck. Extras include a wired and plumbed  dark room and a 7x8 storage shed. $44,^900.  " CHERYL ANNE, PARK ROAD: Roberts Creek.  Excellent two bedroom starter or retirement  home in quiet subdivision only 4 miles to  Gibsons. Home is on a nicely landscaped lot  and only one block to level beach. Some view.  Can be purchased for under $2,000 down and  with such low payments there is" no" reason to  rent. $39,900.-      ' ' *  REVENUE PROPERTY: Gibsons, Fourplex with]  positive cash flow of eleven thousand dollars ���  revenue per year!!1 Top units contain fivej_!  bedrooms with one and a half bathrooms. ���  Lower suites are large two bedroom units. I  Low maintenance and good rehjrrijTiqke-this'l  _an excellent investmerTt"value; Close to all I  amenities. Financing available. Full price |  $89,900.-'  ��� 1  HILLCREST ROAD: Low down payment of $2,062 could put you in one  of Gibsonsfirst Strata Title duplexes. Two storey homes with three  bedrooms,Jwo bathrooms and sundeck. 1250 square feet oMiving  space. Wall to wall carpeting. Two blocks from schools, shopping  centre and medical clinic. Own your, own home for only $36,500.  JJQ3JHANKLIN^Large.fxnnily-home.ona-level-  lot. Five bedrooms, rec room and a separate  utility room. Living room has a stone fireplace  and both it and the dining room are done in  '���wa!Ho-walh:arpetiTigrSep"ar"ate_Wofkshop in  rear. The lot has southern exposure with  some water view. Close to shopping and  Pebble Beach. $52,900.  GOWER PT RD AT FRANKLIN: A WATERFRONT  lot is the setting for this lovely two bedroom  home. The bedrooms are carpeted. The living  room (23 x 17 1/2) with heatilator fireplace  has -hardwood floors. The attic has been  panelled for extra sleeping quarters and/or  storage. Large 12 x 30 separate enclosed  garage and storage. A view of Salmon Rock  and the Gap is yourVtrom the covered potior  Nicely landscaped. Includes fridge, stove and  dishwasher. $79,900. "   ^ .?'  FAIRVIEW RD: Lovely full basement home on  quiet street, Two bedrooms upstairs and one  ��ot -quite completed downstairs. Wall-to-woll"  carpeting throughout!"Heatilator fireplace  and thermoglgss windows for heating  economy. House is situated on a 1/2 acre lot  with some water yieW^j49^5flO^-���������-���-������  -GRANDVIEW ROAD: Modern living aflts best,  over 2100 sq ft of living space. All rooms are  very large. Family room*opens onto courtyard  patio. Sunken cost iron tub_i_ijnain-bothroorn.-  ~Double glaze windows throughout. Large lot,  fully landscaped. This home has all the toys.  FP $68,000.       . ��� .!���  FIRCREST PLACE: New three "bearobm homS:|  with   unfinished   basement   for   expansion.]  Quiet   residential   area   Within   walking j  1. . ���  .... ���,..,,,a  distance-to-5chools-"an"d-shopping: You must-  view this horn? to-fully appreciate the quality  workmanship and the very affordable-price. ���  You can own this home for only $2,300 down.  $46,000. -'.:    '���'  ���"-���������'-1  LOWER ROAD: This could-be the home with  acreage you have been looking for. Situated  well back from the street to give you all the  privacy you want, this rustic home is in immaculate condition and has 1050 square feet  of living space. The partially cleared property  is just over five acres and could be developed  into a nice hobby farm. The zoning allows  subdivision into half acre lots, and there is a  dedicated road along one side. A good buy N  and an excellent investment at $65,500.  GOWER PT RD, In the heart of Gibsons one  block from shopping and the Post; Office.  Three bedroom home on concrete block  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn  fireplace gives a cozy atmosphere to the  living room- Nice and bright with many large  windows. $33,000.  FIRCREST PLACE: Jhree bedroom- home-in -  quiet .nyr?J.. subdivision sujjoynd^d. by ���^|.|?,,  properties on all sides. One mile from schools  and shopping. Large open living room with  fireplace. The full basement has finished  fireplace^LJttoiJLJ^c^poffCjdeasT-PrTicie-ln--  cludes brand new fridge and stove. $52,900.  TAYLOR LANE: Lovely new three bedroom,  home overlooking Gibsons Harbour. 16 x 19  sundeck. Large eating area and kitchen  combo. Two fireplaces. Master bedroom has  en,su|te and his and hers full double closets.  Full basement. $67,500.  '�����.'_'������������'���'���'    ���������  1  GLASSFORD'S GOWER PT RD: Country estate |  in the heart of the village. You must see this j  traditionally styled 4 bdrm, full basement 1  home with finished rec room. Fireplace up 1  and down. Large garage^ with workshop J  under. All this nestled privately on 2.lotsfcJ  year round creek goes through property. J  Beautifully landscaped with many fruit trees. I  Plus a guest cottage presently rented for I  $165 per month. Home could be. an" excellent |  revenue property as the basferhent ,has j  complete kitchen & washYoom facilities, all j  within a stone's throw of shopping and post 1  office. $67,500. '!  -SARGENT-ROAD;- Custom- built -home on'Pi  loVely landscaped terraced view lot;' Master  bedroom has ensuite and double closets.  Mahogany .custom cabinets. Two heatilatorj  "ItfepTates, double windows and screens, Fii'l.U  basement with finished rec room. Separate I  utility room pnd a workshop. Carport and |  cement driveway, $63,500, I  DAVIDSON  ROAD:'Nearly   1/2  acre  nicely |  treed lot on Langdale Ridge offering you view  and privacy. Lctrge three bedroom home. Lots 1  of cabinet space in kitchen. Full basement. 1  Fireplace upstairs.  Large kitchen,  $54,900. \  Lot 19  Lot 20  Lot '21  Lot 22  Lot 23  Lot  24  $11,900  $12,900  $13,900  $14,900  $15,900  $12f900  D  A  V  I  D  S  ,.0���.  N  W.H J  k R F  7"'''  SbLD  6  1  '  SQLD       f  >sJ      8  SOLD  5  /  R O A D,  12  SO��D  13  SOLD  14  SOLD  15,  SOLD  16  SOLD  LANGDALE RIDGE SUBDIVISION:  Fantastic vlow lots. An area of new and varied  homos, Thoso lots offor thomsolvos to many different  building locations. En|oy privacy and tho view of  Howe Sound. ''  | MUST SELL, MAKE AN OFFERf GrandVlow ��  Pratt; Ono of tho bettor building lots on Pratt  Rd In rural Gibsons, Lovol and cjoarod wllh a  vlow, $11,900,  COCHRANE RDi Good building lot 65'x 130'.  Closo "��o shopping and the ocoan, Sower  easement of 10' on SE sldo of lot. $12,500,  PRATT RDi Near new school slto, This lot It  cleared and roady, to build upon. Mature fruit  troos dot this 76' x 125' lot, $13,300.  I,.  j OOWER PT, RD; At the corner of 14th. Th*  property has lovol* cloarod for the building kite  of your choice, Excellent view of Georgia Strait.  (Approx 00'x 250', $1,6,500,  BURN��'W6o^ isoforT  flat land In Gibsons Village, Four blocks from  Post Office, Mores and transportation. Lightly  (rood. Throo blocks frorn.pc��gn..All iervlce��-  available, $11,006,  UPLANDS ROADi Tuwanok, Idoal rocroatlonalB  lot In beautifully woodod and. park like area.B  Zoned for trailers, This lot ovarlooks SecheltS  .lnlet'Pnd'-��he-l.omb-lslond,"$Bi900r"Uj'"'"w'w"H*'  VELVET ROAD: Boautilul vlow lot In desirable H  area. Road in and hydro and phone toH  propertyrPrlced-well below assossed value.f  $11,000,.'  Alt JOTS aBARlY' MARKED  I*     ��     . " ��i     :     ?  titi:, jtuM, .lf.uw.,^Ui u'.lli tt^.liUiMi,,,   - ��� '������' ��"������',���- "     " nn.  "   itoao  lAtM^'iO^.'jlfl Ml'l  iltlMi'jlftUH'J  IVE IN AND TAKE YOUR PICK  ��� VW  \ ' \ '  it.aM'-\ m,  CHASTER ROAD! Imagine I "A "subdivldahjo *  lovol lot approxlmatoly 64 x 264, Priced fowl  lowi lowi for quick sale, $11,900 firm,  GOWERPT RD: 100' of waterfrontage, steep  but managabl* slope. Hydro and water on tho  esplanade road, 217 deep with a completely  unimpeded view to Vancouver Island. Faces'  south west for lots of sunshine, >'  $13,900.  W^ST SECHELT: Caleta plates, 75 x 113  gorgeous vlow lot, Consider It waterfront as  thoro aro no lots belwoon this one and the  beach. $19,900,   _ . ^   ADDS ROADi Vlow of the Day area and  Goorgla Strait Is yours from this beautiful lot  In area'of elaborate new homes, Two blocks  to schools and shopping. $10,900,  YMCA ROADi Langdalo, Cloarod, lovol  b<i||dlng lot measuring 01' x 173' suitable for  a variety of house plops, Locatod wllhln oasy  wolklnQ dlitance to school and 0 few minutes  |og to the lorry terminal, Mako an offor on the  asking prlco of $12,900,  WHARFROADi At the corner of'Davidson. |  With a Utile easy clearing this lot will be]  roady to build on, Wolklng dlstpnce to the |  ferry. Lot size Is 00 x 110, '  $12,900,,  ^r*  JAYVISSER  685.3300  GIBSONS OFFICE SALES STAFF  mmmmmammmmwmmwiwwmmmwmmmmmimmmmmmmmwmmmwwmmw^ffmwmmmmwmwmw ' '   -C3-H* ISPimSffJWfsW! W' "���.^!fi^-'*'^'��'W��!!����^pniB=MMip;"e p^pP^l- wW!Ww"Pw^I W  "egw4}M  ��� ..\WiJWJI3,-.,;,,...  ^���w^^Kfetasi.^'WwwwK'-Mp Cglf^jBCgM" CClCDP^BIt"'  CONRAD ROADi Next to Camp Byng, 2 \/7  ncros with limited accoss, Leek Creek runs  through this partially cleared level acreage,  Zonod for, mobllo hpmes, Excellent for your  "hobbypfarmrl 1 ^,f 0Or-p---^~���w"~~^^"~-"'  - - -^yKI^Mt:::;:;::;r;;::';7::;^  " tANO't>ALfei "4.bV acres,   Excollont   holding   Orandvlow and Pino. Very unlquo building M  property rlghtj>qps*jf(>m 1h�� forry lormlnol,., .���"���lVUh Ad absolutely fantastic ocean view. ���  Langdale'CroeK Is the eastern boundary of   Moro than one aero of Ihnd whore one portion  this property, $39,500. If high on Ihe hill and tbe larger portion  ._ . ^ .. ravine proporty giving jjroat jpr}vojy q\)d  '-WS0'fW"Tr"a7r7s^^  ;��  Ovar 800 Offices mid Growing Pant  .  '     pceP.r��y<He.eto Sdamttfoint ParHrportlallf"J^J'^wS^7.^nJTffl!^  doarod Try vpui* offors, $32,000.'���_..,   ...    J ' *om*\[)H��"}SSSL- -- ��     ^    kl J3  .��� \3ytijl��+^ r':;.";papM��WOo��djMML^,'...,,i> price,$ if,'  Drop in or!caUfot free 'hr'iichu-re ,',,0 '��� *'''������';[". ''"''"*T,  v*.  '��� ���������/(.  %l,,'"^*ru.(.  !���  m  v,l  A'  &a**^t4ii^*fe^ww��w^^  i,rr  .���.its."  ,'   I       .        ..'��� 'N ' '    ' ...',,  vim'' ";;:.!'^'i'i*jC:-^/*'A.,,;; ,.'.^n - '*#  * Mimvf"t��t> nan  ^iwUkjv^nat j, J^JiWWWnvfn I wwwwW-WWw.* * Ws^mrt^ellW^**^'ri ^V^t-irii^^^  ��Hf J*  ��rpwfrt��p*MS*��fteHwSw�� HwrtiHTjJt toMtpirim*&iiitim)iMHiimrt^^^ 1*  ta"��S*'W��!^'*(!l^'^^ rt-*��*��"^Ml M(W�� I1 pV^V ***��((.  -;!"(',"'  ag    '<*    1    ***  \ ''  I   ll  "*T  fcrtw*"   *|fl    *-    W*  1^,,, ....��...,��,..'' .��,,���.���.  ' I  ./  I      ���'J r-  /���'  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, May 31,1978  Spotlight oh tKe changing world scene  UNITED KINGDOM  - Britain's Public Accounts  1 Committee is more than"a"  little miffed at the way the  Scottish Department of  Agriculture is operating the  $30-million worth-of estate  lands entrusted to it. In the  1975-1976 fiscal year it had a  trading loss of $2.8 million. At  the same time annual salaries  for administering the estates  totalled $1.2 million for  looking after 3,000 tenants..  Tlie committee urged the_  selling   off   of   unprofitable  parts of the  400,000  acres  being administered.  BELGIUM     More office space has been  purchased or leased in  Belgium in the first six  months of this year than in the  entire 12 months of 1976, ac-.  cording to a Richard-Ellis-  report.  Demand also continues  steady for industrial space in  the Brussels area, while the  DwneF-oeeupier=market=fo  both industrial and office  space remains buoyant.  ' Insurance companies,  pension funds and foreign  investors are investing in the  office market. Yields in both  the office and industrial  markets have remained fairly  steady at 7 to 8 per cent and 8.5  to 9.5 per cent respectively.  JAPAN  Housing construction in  Japan is expected tp increase  _to 1.7-million units this-year,-  an increase of 80,000 over last  year, according to the Japan  Long Term Credit Bank.  Th~e~~ increased���in- ~con-~  struction. the bank said.  of Seoul. Scheduled for bank deposits, savings with  completion in 1987, the city, building societies or.with  .will-be-able-to-accommodate���credit-unions.- No limit-was-  1S  related to readily available  mortgage, money,  stabilization in house prices  and a growing demand for low  cost houses. The country's  measures for economic  stimulation have also been as  factor in permitting the  Housing Loan Corp. to in-  -crease its loans.  i  KOREA  Korea is in the process of  developing  its  first   "artificial" city. Named Panwol,  it will replace a village on the  -west coast 35 kilometres south  1,500 small industiresand will  have a projected population of  200,000 to 300,000.  It is expected to become a ,  model for other new cities the  government plans to build in  the future. Panwol is designed  to prevent excessive growth in  existing cities, and promote  balanced development of the  country, There will be participationifirom both the public  and private sectors.  NEW ZEALAND  The.New Zealand govern-  _ nienthas implemented a new  housing mortgage guaranteed^  scheme  at  no  charge  to  borrowers or lenders.  Replacing two existing mortgage guarantee programs  _it guarantees the full amount  of a mortgage- advance, by a  lending institution, an  organization or a private  individual up to 90 per cent of  lue^nLAhe-propertyion -  terms of from five to 30 years.  There is not arbitrary loan  limit, but the lender. must  agree to allow repayment of  the mortgage in full without  penalty on six months' notice  or less.  - The new plan was described _  as   "a   step   in   the   fight  direction,"       by       T.F.  Molesworth, president of the  New  Zealand  Real  Estate  Institute:   But,  he  said,   it  would only result in more  families- owning-. their  own _  homes if more money can be_  attracted into the mortgage  market.   ���AUSTRALIA       v������  Although the grants may_  seem small by Canadian  standards, the Australian  government. has a grant  program with a maximum of  $A667 for anyone contracting  to buy or build their first home  during 1977.  Called the Commonwealth  Government's Home Savings  Grant Scheme, it provides for  grants of $1 for. each $3 the  prospective home owner  saves*. .Applicants for grants  must have had some savings  ijn "Acceptable forms" for one  year prior to acquiring their  new home,-such as savings  placed on the "cost of homes  acquired and applicants can  be young, old, married . or  single. The home must be  their first and they must not  have received a grant before.  . REPUBLIC OF IRELAND  ' ��� Property values in Ireland  have risen steeply over the  last several months, but the  largest increase has been in  agricultural land which has  risen from 50 to 100 per cent.  According to Raymond E.  Corish, spokesman for the. _  real_ estate industry, the increase in prices is due to  general world inflation; the  falling value of the pound and  Ireland's membership^ the  European EconomurCom-  .muhity. .  ISRAEL .  Citizens of Israel are  facing a dilemma. While the  ^QfiefifeiriBSSStoiggled^te^ ~  provide shelter for them, they  are not now able to afford the  housing being produced.  Because of the high cost of  production, dwelling units are  priced __at_nine-.times the  average worker's annual  salary. Buyers must^ be  subsidized which puts' an  additional strain on the  economy.    ,   ""  But help is on the way.  The Israelis turned to the  United States to enlist its  know-how    in-housing-con--  -struction and efficiency.  A  team of 35 American construction and design experts  wiUi5ducateisraeli"Workersin -  the use���o��-Jiew--materialst-_  concepts and methods. The  Massachusetts Institute of  -Teehnologjus-xiO'Operating in-,  the program.  INDONESIA  The Indonesian government has drawn up priority  guidelines for development,  permitting both foreign and  demestitf investment. Under  the guidelines low cost  housing has top priority,  followed by housing for the  middle income group, industrial parks, office  buildings and urban renewal.  Demand for housing for the  country's 130 million residents  requires approximately  400,000 new units annually.  Government housing accounts  for 20 per cent of the total with  private enterprise responsible  for the remainder. To make  more housing available in  Jakarta the administration  has ordered houses in several  areas being used for offices be  converted to residential use.  ATTENTION!  Retire on the beautiful  coast of Pender Harbour. We have 6 Mobile  Home Sites left.  Single Wides  or Double Wides  Located at Garden Bay  100% Bank Terms OPFC  LANCER HOMES  call collect  Ed-Zack, 594-5105-  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  OnkffiL,  r>,  a:  21  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE LTD.  Box 1490, R.R. 1  Wharf Road, Sechelt B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271  We're the Neighborhood Professionals:"  MADEIRA PARK RANC  22 acre working ranch,  a  fencsd. Good largo barm go'  fruit trees, All yoar round'ta  the lady of the house it has a  home, Has facilities for horse  Call Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  $125,000  fenced and cross-  pasture and some  er supply, And for  odern 2 bedroom  how and rodeos,  LANGDALE  C  <y\,  YMCA ROAD $48,900  Brand now 3 bedroom  basement horn*. Mastor  bodroom has onsulto and  kitchen, Has good slzo eating  aroa with dining room off ���  living room with fireplace,  Soloct your colors and carpots,  Ed Bakor, 885-2641, .  GIBSONS  MULTI-DWELLING LOT $70,000  Locatod on cofnor Highway 101 and School Road, this 1.J aero  building lot Is sltuatod close to all amonltlos and on sowor. Larry  Roardon. 085-9320.  ONE ACRE LOT [MULTI-ZONED] $65,000,  In an oxcollont locatod, zonod for 10 aparlrponts, 12 townhoisos  or duplox, Closo to all amonltlos and on sowor, Larry Reardon,  8B5-9320, _    ._ /( __ ^ 7 \.ri .    ^ '.... J���,,���,  SARGENT ROAD $15,900  Magnificent ocoan vlow lot, fully sorvlcod, on sowor,-65x110',  closo to all amonltlos, Builders torms available, Lflrry Roardon,  -883-9320:  " ,'  p  -i  STARTERHOMG,      ���  ,, ,.         . .' $19,900  As tho prlco Inmates, this Is tho Ideal itarlor or rotlromont  homo for Iho handyman. Locatod In the lower Gibsons aroa, on a  good-sized lot, Close to all amonltlos, The wiring appoars to be  neyv, and Jhtr��J*:a n��w furnace and ducts Installed. Larry  Roardon, 005-9320.  ROBERTS CREEK  ACREAOE-INVESTMGNT <     $20,000  2.14 acros at Joo and Lowor Roberts Crook Rood with ovor 700'  on Iho Lowor Road, Could bo 4 lots ��� torrlflc potontlal for tho  Investor. Chuck Dowmcin, 005-9374,  SPACIOUS DUPLEX $49,500  ,....Ucata(lon.Hlflhwgy,l<0ln9qr.F.lM(n.9JRff.g(I.JLlQr.aA.b��droQiT)i.p��tr.'  '*ulto,kSlti)afoc| oh approx I acre, An Invostmont worth yotir  consideration. Ed Bakor, 083-2641,  SELMA PARK  OCEANVVIEW .   $17,500  Good adlld older typo family homo In good repair with uninterrupted vlow of tho ocoan. It has 3 bedrooms, the living room  has wall to wall carpot, and thoro Is a largo kitchen and dining  aroa. Ed l\akor, B85-2641.  SECHELT  SEA VIEW R6AD $14,000  Hldo-a-way for' your summor fun on this woll trood 1/3 of an  aero, $3,500 Mown with oasy paymonts, Chuck Dowman, 885-  9374,  ROOM FOR KID4 $50,900  4 bodroom hornw wllh 26' living room. Groat rumpus room. 2  blocks to shopsW park, $5,000 down should handle, Chuck  Dowman, 085-9374.  SECHELT VILLAOE  Wol|  kept, sparkllpg clpon*2  bedroom  dlstanco to stores and school, LR 17x19 w  ��utility:. 2 full bolhrobms, Owners leaving  pllancos: stove, fridge, washer and dryer,  WATERfRONT lOTA/IEW LOT    '----  At Sandy Hook wo havo this 100'+ wotorf  and ad|olnlng with an oxcollonf vlow lot  Road, Larry Roardon, 005-9320.  $46,000  tiungolow, Walking  Ith flroplaco, dinette,  $2,000 worth ot op-  Ed Baker, 085-2641,  $15,500 *$8,rfoti  ront lot, close to road  that lies next to B.T.  SECHELT VILLAGE - Cozy one year old  3 bdrm home. Convenient is the  word.^Jry your offers to $45,000.  X  REALTY LTD  885^32 U  .     FREE REAL ESfAf| CATALOGUE  Pott Offlco Bffl* *2 If. $��&*}* : tVx ?  Vancouver   ToH$|ftij*��"!-$jgA$B$&  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, easy access.  Good large shop with HD wiring for  bench tools. Home completely  remodelled. Shake roof, rancher  alum, siding. Several outbldgs.  Secluded landscaped property. FP  $69,500.  SECHELT: New 2 bdrm. Walk to the  shops. Loads of cabinets in large  ftitchen. Good'dining area.. Large  utility and laundry room. Level lot.  Drive in carport. $43,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE,- 3 bdrm  home, 864 sq ft. Near new  garden   lot.   Walk  to   shop  includes sto~ve"and~fri9ge~,~  and dryer, drapes. Must be  $33,900.  modular  on clear  s.   Price  washer'  sold. FP.  SECHELT VILLAGE - Brand new 2  bdrm .custom-built basement home.  Sunny bright kitchen. Extra insulation  in the-ceiling, twin sea) windoWs and  heatilator fireplace.,FP $56,500.  WATERFRONT HOME: Locafcd on  Redrooffs Rd at Welcome Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  home. Well insulated, twin seal  'Windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator f'place, nice dng  orea in kit, plus sep. dng rm facing  view of Merry Island and Welcome  Pass. Lge 80x360' treed property w-  workshop. Above grd bsmt with  wood and coal stove for canning or  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  -jf-=��-r  VIEW HOME, DAVIS BAY: 3  bedrooms, large living room and a  fantastic landscaping job. Garage in  part basement. Lot is 60 x 150,  blacktop driveway, 1 block to level  beach. Asking $48,900.  ~SECHELf-CT^i^  very good value, 3 bdrms and lge  utility room, teak cabinets  throughout kitchen and enste.  .Wall to wall carpets. View lot.  Pr<ced at $38,900.  SELMA VISTA TRAILER PARK-12 x 68'  3 bdrm Bendix mobile home. This  unit is set up ona pad and is complete with septic tank. Pad rental  $79.50. Asking $10,500.  REDROOFF��_AREA ��� 1888 sq ft of  three bedroom architect designed  home. Situated on over 1/2 acre on a  non-through road. A must see for  those who desire quiet country  living. Asking~$57,900.  ROBERTS CREEK, 3 BEDROOM - Im--  maculate���3 "bedroom���ground���level-  home on an 80 x 140' cleared lot.  Some nice cedars on the property.  Home has a brick fireplace & is  heated with automatic oil. All wall to  wall <mrpets throughout. Crawl space  foundation. FP $44,900.  GIBSONS: Attractive two bedroom  "hbme"with~part bdsement"oh"~l'arge~  sewered lot 98 x 148'. Magnificent  view property. Cozy living room with  brick fireplace and wall-to-wall.  _Modern , kitchejn^, with walMo-wall,  new cabinets and view windows in  eating area. Smart vanity bathroom.  Auto oil heating. Excellent buy at PF  $36,500.    SECHELT VILLAGE ��� a home for the  happy housekeeper! Two bdrms up  and one down. Formal dining room  and fireplace. Very tastefully  decorated.   Affordable   at   $44,900.  DAVIS BAY: Two bedroom bungalow  on large, level ; lot with westerly  view. Safe swimming beach just  across the road. Excellent .fishjng  area. Rock fireplaces^in iWing room.  Ideal holiday or permanent home. FP  $46,000.  DAVIS BAY:.modern 2 bdrm full bsmt  home on fully landscaped lot with  excellent . westerly " view. Bright;  sunny, space-saving kitchen w-utility  rm off. Attached c'port w-finished  driveway. .'At reduced price of  $52,500. "  | DAVIS BAY - Panoramic view from  this immaculate 3 bdrm home. It's  called living graciously. 70' lot,  fireplace, carport and full basement.  In a class by itself. FP $67,000.  "SECHELT VILLAGE:-Large 3 bdrm  . .horpe..,Qn .Aolphin ,St across from  ff* tennis courts^^Home_Js-JD���top-con-���  dition, 1/2 bsmt. Yard is fenced &  landscaped. Double canopy height  c'port. Family kitchen, an immaculate  home. FP mid $50s.  CHARMING FAMILY TWO STOREY  HOME in.Sechell's newest residential  area. Short-walk In td the Village.  Home is two stories and 3 bedrooms,  'Large lot ond doubloXcarport, Paved  dead end road. FP $52,250.   -,  REDROOFFS ROAD: A delightfully  designed 2 BR, 2 bathroom home,  Super fireplace in living room and a  Franklin In the rec room, 1200 sq ft  on main floor. Double garage. Many  extras. Asking $64,500.  PARK AVE, ROBERTS CREEK: .95 acres treed with gentle southerly  slope. Hydro and regional water at roadway. FP $ 15,000,  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx one treed acre. 99' on Redrooffs Rd.  Close to beach and boat launch. Fully serviced. Full price only  $11,500. ���  OFFICE  SPACE  FOR  LEASE  Main street location, on-site parking.  New building. ..Move in now, Sizes  from 350 to 700 sq ft. All offlcos are  carpeted and painting will be done,  Up to 5 year looses avallablo with  renewal option.  Call S, Anderson -"Anderson Realty,  885-3211 - Home, 885-2385  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK:.Ovor 5 acres of gently sloping  property with southern exposure. 580 x 380'. Year-round crook  flows through corner of property. Excellent buy at FP $35,000.  SECHELT VILLAGE, WATERFRONT: 150' of trood gently sloping easy  to build on watorfront. All sorvlcos Including sewor lator this year,  Sorlous waterfront buyers should soe this ono, FP $30,000.  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: A cozy, noar now 792 sq ft 2 bodroom  home closo to the beach at Chapman Croek, No stairs, oloctrlc hoat,  doublo glazing. Government prepaid loaso has 19 yrs to run, FP  $32,000.  GIBSONS: Cozy 2 BR cottago on largo sewered lot overlooking  Gibsons Bay, Brick hoatllator flroplaco In living room with W/W  shag carpot, Largo bright nowly carpeted kltchon with lots of  cupboard space,,Auto-oll hooting. FP $36,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330' x 660*, Will evonturfNy  havo a vlow. Closo to tho arona, Try your offor to, $35,000.  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 060 sq ft 2 bdrm mobile1 home with ap-  pllancos," All wall to wall carpet. Cozy & Inexpensive to hoat.  Concrete drlvoway and parking slab. Fir Road location, FP $43,500  Torms I  SELMA PARKVIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x)179 lot, corr,or location,  oasy access, excellent view ol Troll Island, FP $15,500  >rn��  ���I   ���  T  REDROOFFS / HALFMOON BAY AREA  WELCOME WOODS \ I      $9,BOOft$��,70O  Two oxtra large lots I29'x200'. Larry Roardon, 005-9320,  29'x  SARGEANT  BAY ^ $16,800  Vlow lot with arbutus and othor small troos, slzo 102' x 200',  This Is an oxcollont building slto In an aroa of now homos, Offer*, Ed Bakor, 005-2641.  HALF-ACRE LOT $15,000  Lorno trood lot al tho cornor of Redroofls Road ond tho road to  Sargeant.Bay, Sorvlcod wllh hydro and water. Larry Roardon,  005-9320;**--v"^  PENDER HARBOUR  DAVIS BAY  ' Immaculate tlmdri  $53,000  OARDEN BAY ROAD $22,500  Rock bluff building site on this 3,5 acre wooded property, would  provide torrlflc vlow over pasture land, All year stream. Easy  ��--��#rw>��-pp��rvert*sW<<'-CH<^'pDoww<^~-����Ma7*< --' -- ��������� - -  ftl ���&.  immaculaterb��drBomh%$ (mitrbedfttbititiardNiiIhg room)     ~   BARGAIN M^MOURIOT  p/lth wood heater Hnd picture window overlooking pceon, There  yvMh  aro lot* of frull trees antf garden space. Offers, Chuck Dowman,  B05-9i*74, . r  '^.'  T  ���"*"*" '      ��� fM,aoo  |jp���.ih^   t.lmmmm.i,mlJ.- '-����� JMrf.^.^  facing iETorgaln" Hofbourrrreed ana flttop .or\ulldlng on,' wllh  |ustlb# rood .between you ond the water, Larry Reardon, 005-  93J0,   ; ���       ,, ���,. ' i     ;,  *    '. ���     ������.������������'' A . ���������   .       ,. . ..  11 ' ' ���" ���     w ��� '  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT: Easy term* ��� 20% down & th�� balance over  easy paymonts on this southorn oxposuro vlow lot, Excavation and  cloarlng havo been done, FP $13,900,  WEST SECHELT WATER^RONTi Your own prlvato park with towering  firs �� codars, Home Isunlque 1450 tq ft with 12 x, 36' wrap-around  open sundock. Basomont with workshop and storage, Garago,  Cement steps to water's edge, Asking $;ll 25,000. Some terms.  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 aero, LovjbI building lat,.Hydro  and rogtonal"watBrarToadrChock & comparo, Attractively priced at  $9,450,  AAW STREET l^AtlbNTag^xte^  premises and living quarfors behind."Excellent locaiion for almost  any typo of enterprise, This Is an opportunity to become established  In the village. Lots of room for expansion. FP $95,000,  DAVIS BAY: Laurel Road view lot 67.50 x 162', Ono of tho better  vlows In the area. AsklnQ $16,000  ACREAGE: Almost 7 acros of cloarod, gontly sloping land. Vlow ol  ocean. Zoned for development Could be trallor park, $46,500,  SANDY HOOK: 70 x 143' of unobstructod view up Sochelt Inlet.  $2300 down and take over payments of $102 per month at 10  1/2%, FP $7595.  GIBSONS HOME WITH ACREAGEi large 3 bdrm home on 7 acres  with' Chaster Creek bordering 1 side of fenced property. Home  need* some repair but has been partially renovated, Land Is cleared  & In grass. A nice situation. FP $09,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: Treed lot with a year round stream. Asking $7500,  APPROXIMATELY FIVE ACRESi treed, gentle southerly slope, In  agricultural  land  reserve,  260'  highway  frontago,  Some  merchantable timber. Handy location, c|o��e to Joo Rd, FP $31,000,  UPPER ROBERTS CREEKt 10 acr*s of land with 3 bdfm near new;  home of approx 1700 tq fl, and a 4000 sq ft aluminum clad, fully.  Insulated building, Building Is all wired for 220 power A could have!  many uses. Concrete floor, clear span. FP $99,800.  SECHELT WATERFRONT - Two 70' trood lots 70 x 128 wllh lane at  rodr, Ideal retirement sltos, $33,000 each.  REDROOFFS AREA: large'tr*** lot 93 x 400' approx, Good garden  soil, water S power. AsMnq $12,500.  TffinTilHlfiSFHi^^  ,t_  , '    ��� ������:���";. ,;'.      ,     ., ,,  .     .'   ,     .   " ,;, ', ,     '   "p    ' ' -��� >>    . ���-���' >   '  > K       I  Frank Lewis, 886-99975 Stan Anderaoti, 005-23'85; Dong Joyce, 885-2761       J  ���>' r> "i  ,*-"(,        ,.��  IJJTWU-&HW  HM-W^-S  ���r  w��- ��fit\i^ifMm> frp4*pwa��Kw"w*w<��* *wHM*t*i*��it i*w** *** *#  -;*";�� -.:���  ���^4*-!^H!H*WW(1*-*��*^^ #f**'iW'ftV1W������ Hflf W  i^��jI^����^il(WM>L('*i������HW>'f*��*'*#l  * iWc-*-**?******'*-*  -fc-wewtti' ,1. iw mi** i^i^WMW *���*���**���**  I p.   /���  A  3*��  ��� i-    ���>  ! ���  Many thanks for drawings and stories sent in to  week. A special thanks to the kids in the Sim  for sending in so many things.  Siew-Yong Sim, 7, Gibsons  These are our baby goats. "Ko-Ko" and "Pitti  Roberts-Graham, 7, Gibsons  us this"  family  Sing"  This week's CROSSWORD WINNER. is MICHELLE  GROGNET, 11, Seefaelt. Come by our office or phone  and get your prize, we'd like to thank Victoria; James,  Louisa and Tracy also for sending in their puzzles. For  you to have a chance to win next week's prize ��� do  the MYSTERY WORD PUZZLE and send it to Box 310,  Sechelt. Try to get it in by Saturday.  MYSTERY WORD PUZZLE  Work the puzzle below. The hidden word  is something that's good to eat on a hot  day.  NAME ...A..^_   ADDRESS... } AGE..  '-*��..-  1 * IJ  I-  LOOKING AFTER YOUR GARDEN  IX  Roberts Creek  hosts  Wednesday, May 31,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page R-7  Friendship Tea  Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary  hosta} the Friendship Tea May 17. Jim  Ironside (one of two actual male members) opened the festivities and greeted 65  guests from Pender Harbour to Port  Mellon.  Presiding at the head table were Mrs.  Margaret Gill, Mrs. Joan Rigby,'Mrs.  Chris Ward and Mrs. Dana Turney. Mrs.  Peggy Connor, Halfmoon Bay, gave the  address, outlining the various departments in which volunteer work is done and  stressing the need for co-operation and  leadership.  Mrs. B. Northway won the door prize.  The auxiliary's next meeting is June 12,  11 a.m., at St. Aidan's Hall. ���. Lillian  Shields.       .    .  Don't forget your Father'sjpay Card!  Get it now ��� while there's still a good  choice. - MISS BEE'S, SECHELT.   .  T  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL &-MARINE���  Box 1239  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  Bus: 885-9244  Res: 885-2686  -FRONTIERSMAN {  FRONTIERSMAN & FIBERGLASS  CANOES  TRAIL BAY SPORTS  Sunnycrest Centre, Gibsons  886-8020  Cowrie St., Sechelt  885-2512  Now that your vegetables have been planted, we'll talk about the friends  who'can help your garden grow.  Ladybird beetles, preying mantises, aarhtworms and toads are all good for  your garden.  Ladybird beetles can eat up to fifty aphids a day as wall as insect eggs and  larvae. Bees pollinate plants, allowing fruit to grow. Preying mantises eat  many insects including-the tomato worm. Toads eat, pests such as cut-  wprms and earthworms burrow through the soil helping to condition it and  keep it porous.  Birds art} also good for your garden.because they help control pests,  weeds and crabgrass. You can attract birds by keeping.bird feeders or bits  ("������- ' of nesting material like string or pieces of lint.  If your bird feeder Is filled with bread crumbs, kitchen bits; wild bird seed  or even peanut butter you can attract different birds all year round.  , From the book "Growing A Green Thumb" by Lorraine Surcouf  FrozerTwoter.  2. Animal that goes moo and gives milk.  3. Opposite of late.  4. Something   that tells  time.  Hickory  Dickory Dock, The mouse ran up the  5. Another word for stone or pebble.  6. Not the beginning,  but the ... It's  when something is over.  7. If someone asks you a question, you  give them an ... wer.  B. The month it is now. ��  9. Something sweet to eat. People have  them on their birthdays.  10. Another word for the sea. "  11. Time of day when you have lunch. 12  o'clock. " __  12. You go in the entrance, you go out   the��� ���. _ _  GARDEN BAY MARINE SERVICES LTD.       SINCLAIR BAY RD.-JUST UP & OVER THE HILL  883-2722 or NIGHTS 883-2602  Immediate Repair Service-7 Days A Week  V0LV0/PENTA-H0URST0N GLASCRAFT-EZ L0AD-   _JHDmra-CNRraiBI'  "FOR sale  42' Sailboat "Sea Falcon" (unrigged ferrocement) $35,000  18' Sabrecraft 140 Merc-$4900  17'k&C Thermoglass  5 HP Evinrude-$3000  "the home of -  trouble free boating"  AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts * Sales * Service  * Rotor Lather Service for Disc Brakes <  and Drum Brakes  ; Valve and Seat Grinding   -       '  ��� All Makes Serviced  ���������: Datsun "Specialists'  Gibsons Phone 886-7919  ECONOMY AUTO PARTS LTD.  Automobile, Industrial  and Body Sfiop Supplies  BUILDING SUPPLIES  A.C. RENTALS & BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  *, ...  '. ���  All Your Building Needs  Madeira Park  Phone 883-2585  Sechelt  885*5181  SPECIAL DISCOUNT  To Sunshlno Coast Residents on Now Datsup  Cars & Trycks, Bank llnanclng avallablo, Call  Colloct 9-5 p,m,  ART LEIGH Bus: 273-1661  ,,,..   , ��� D-01774A  BLASTING  Ted's Blasting & Contracting Ltd.  AIL WORK FULLY IN��WRH>��v._  * Basements'Driveways'* Septic Tank!  Stumps * Pitch lines  Call lor a Iroo ostlmato anytlmo  BB3-2734      "Air Track Available"      883-2383  J6D.DQNL6Y��a~������������PENDER HARBOUR"  COAST BACKHOE & TRUCKING LTD.  * Controlled Blasting.  * Soptlc. Tanks Installed  FUUY INSURED * FREE ESTIMATES  8832274  WINDSOR PLYWOODS  |the Plywood Popple]  ALL PLYWOOD  Exotic ond Construction  Panolllng ��� Doors ��� Mouldings  Glues ��� insulation  Hwy 101 Gibsons 886-9221  L&HSWANSONLTD,  READY-MIX CONCRETE  with Rodl Mix plants  In Sechelt & Pendor Harbour  Back hoes ��� Dumptrucks ��� Sand ft Gravel  Porpoise Bay Rd., Box 172, Sechelt  Ph. 885-5333 or 885-9666  COMMERCIAL PRINTING  ��� : fc��� ���\  Business Cards, Wedding Invitations,  Letterheads, Envelopes,*  :..���,���"i:i;:i,,.:Raffie^rick����ts."��� �����  PENINSULA TIMES  Phono 885-3231  BUILDERS  101 CONTRACTING CO: LTD.  Gonoral Building Contractors  AIL WORK'GUARANTEED  Phono 885-2622  Box73,'9t?hflt,B.C,  Does Your Club or Oroup :.,'  Report Its AcflvltlosJ*egu|arly to'TheTimes'?  CONTRACTORS  BUD'S TRUCKING  SAND - GRAVEL ��� FILL  last depondahio sorvlco  PHONE 886-2 952  Box 276, Olbsons  J.B. EXCAVATING CO. LTD.  ���-"-"���"886-9031 "*"""" ""  Dump TrUck - Backhoe * Cot  Water, Sewer, Drainage Installation  Land Clearing  .FREE ESTIMATES  CONTRACTORS (cont'd)  Complete Home Renovations  Carpentry ��� Plumbing - Additions  Electrical Work-Painting  Victor Taskar  GREATER REGIONAL  CONSTRUCTION LTD.  Madeira Park 883-9296  ' ' ������ '  DISPOSAL SERVICES  SUNSHINE COAST  DISPOSAL SERVICES LTD.  Port Mellon to Ole's Cove  Tel: 886-2938 or 885-9973  * Commercial Containers Available    .  ELECTRICIANS  BE ELECTRIC LTD.  ' "Power to the People"  PHONE 886-7605  Box 860 Gibsons  SIM ELECTRIC LTD.  Electrical Contractors  "���-' ~; "Rosfdentlaiacommoriiarwirlng *'*'    Polo Lino Installations  -- Electric Heating  Ron Sim 886-2062 Rick Sim  f��  inn   i'hi  FIBERGLASSING  ��� "i * ��� *���" ��� ���  ���������������/  FIBERGLASS     t  Lamination, Repair, Boats  Sundecks, etc,  12 yrs, oxporlonco  paclflc-O Fiberglass  ovesi 885-2981  WBmmmmmmmmmmwmmwmmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  FISHING SUPPLIES  " --p��p---���JORDEES '���::���������������-�����������������'   CUSTOM ROD BUILDING  Rod Repairs A Lures''  Madeira Park, B.C,  883-9936  FLOORING �� CABINETS  CABINETS - CARPETS - LINOLEUMS  HOWE SOUND DISTRIBUTORS LTD.  P.O, Box694,t5ib.sons, B.C.  Blair Kennet, sales manager  Phone 886-2765  KENDeVRIES&SONLTD.  FLOORCOVERINGS  CARPETS ��� TILES ��� LINOLEUMS ��� DRAPES  PEST CONTROL  GIBSONS ft SECHELT  885-3424  ��*\  SUNSHINE KITCHENS  Kitchen Cabinets  Specialists In Remodelling  886-9411  Showroom In Twilight Theatre, Gibsons  PIED PIPtR COMPANY LTD.  BONDED PEST1 CONTROL SERVICES "  call Paul M. Bulman at 434-6641  7061 Gllley Ave. Burnaby  PLUMBING & HEATING  SPECTRON SHEET METAL & ROOFING  Box 710 Gibsons  886-9717 days  ��� Moating and Ventilation,  ' Tar and Gravol Roofing  Ron Olsen Lionel Speck  B86-7B44 886-7962  RETAIL STORES  CSS HARDWARE  Sechelt, B.C.  APPLIANCES ��� HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phono 885-9713  ROOFING  GUTTERS  ; Gutters * Eavestroughs  CUSTOM CRAFT PRODUCTS  885-2992  , Commercial * Residential  Maintenance * Continuous *-    **  HEATING  SECHELT HEATING  & INSTALLATION  Gas, Oil ft Eloctrlc Furnaces  Fireplaces, Shoot Metal  Woynf Brocket!  Ph. 886-2466  Box 726  Sechelt, B.C.  LANDSCAPING  ,       EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  '        and  GARDEN MAINTENANCE  ... , ��� poR AN EVER'BLOOMINO GARDEN '  WILLIAM BORAGNO    Free Estimates  [Bango] 885-5033  J��l3!ilcJ-^  POOL SUPPLIES  NEPTUNE POOL SUPPLIES  Liquid 8, Dry Chlorlno, pH Up and Down, and all  other pool chemicals  & -supplies, Tost Kits,  Vacuum Hoso & Pool AccossOrlos    %  North Road, Gibsons  886-2103  AlterS pm weekdays  all day Sat, ft Sun.  PRINTING SERVICE  COMMERCIAL PRINTING   ���  Business Cards, Wedding Invitations,  Letterheads, Envelopes,  Raffle Tlckots.  PENINSULA TIMES  Phone 885-3231  RENTALS  A.C. RENTALS LTD.  TOOLS I EQUIPMENT  RENTALS ft 5ALES  Easy'Strlp Concrete forming Systems  Comprewr* ��� Rototillers ��� Generators  ...���\      Pumps ��� Earth Tampers  Sunshine Coast Hwy I Francis Peninsula Road  Madeira Park Ph. 003-2585  SPECTRON SHEET METAL & ROOFING  Bo*710        886-9717 Days'        0,b,on,  * Heating and Vontllatlon  �� Tar and Gravol Roofing  Ron Olsen Lionel Speck  886-7844 886-79^2  ROOFLAND ROOFING PRODUCTS  Your One-Stop  Roofing Supply Centre  886-2489  SHOE REPAIRS  SHOE & LEATHER REPAIR  Field Road  "2nd houso behind Homestead Rostaurant  Open A/}on. - Sat,, 9 a.m. ��� S p.m.  885-5424  TIRES  COASTALTIRES  Sunshine Coast Highway  ...    Box 13, Gibsons, B.C.   886-2700  SALES ft SERVICE  All Brands Available  Monday to Saturday, B;30 am to 5i30 pm  Friday evening by appolntmont only  TREE TOPPING  __w^JIRU?SSJRiiB.J5ER.VICB,._.^  ��� Complete Troo Service  ~- Prompt, Guaranteed, Insured Work  Prlcos You Crjn Trust  ,   Phone J, Rlsbey,  y   i    '  "'    V 'k    'f. mf,.     .  rt"^.  'kxx'm; ^^y.-"m'?>Mi  fr *"><'.  l,. if  *' ��, 1


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