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The Peninsula Times Jul 5, 1978

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Array f*'V„
"This is sort of embarrassing," said
Stan Joe, holding a fishbowl full of 444
lottery tickets under his right armand the
winning $1,000 ticket in his left hand.
Sue Barnes had reached into the bowl
Saturday afternoon and handed the ticket
to Joe, an organizer of the Sechelt Indian
Band Recreation Lottery.
Joe  unfolded  the  ticket,   blanched
slightly  and  read,   "Stan  Joe. Ticket—afternoon;
number 239."
Joe, who bought 10 of the 445 tickets
soldrwon another $10 a few minutes later
when his name was drawn a second time.
" ,"It felt funny,-you know, but I won it
fair and square, and I'm happy," said Joe
as he celebrated his good fortune with
friends at -the Sechelt Legion later that
Joe said he intends ."to take all the
people who helped with the lottery out to
dinner and save the rest."
Winner of the second place $500 draw
was Owen Edmunds of Sechelt. The third
place $250 winner was Paul Mathon, also,
of Sechelt. Another $10 persons, including
Joe, won $10 each.
draw will go towards new ball parks and
equipment forthe band's recreation site at
Porpoise Bay.
The next recreation lottery draw is
September ~4. Tickets are available at the
Sechelt Indian Band Office, Big Mac's
Superette and the Totem Club Bingo Hall
on the reserve.
Serving theSunshme Coast   (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)   including Port Mellon   Hopkins Landing   Granthams Landing   Gibsons   Roberts Creek
Wilson Creek Selma Park   Sechelt   Halfmoon Bay   Secret Cove   Pender Hrb    Madeira. Park   Garden Bay   Irvines Landing   Earls Cove   Egmont
Registration No. 1142
Phone  ' "
^- (TVW*\
14 Pages — 20c Copy
Volume 16—No. 31
Wednesday, July 5, 1978
herbicide plan
STAN JOE, organizer of the Sechelt
Indian   Band   Recreation   Lottery,
displays his
"embarrassing" $1,000
The Regional District will seek a court
injunction to block a B.C. Hydro herbicide
program in ffie^Pender^aTbour-areai	
Regional board directors voted
unanimously Thursday to support a
motion of Area A Director Joe Harrison to
seek an injunction if theJdistrict's~solicitor
found the action legally supportable.
 District, Secretary^Treasurer Anne*
Pressley told the Times Saturday that she
hdd discussed the matter with the solicitor
on Friday and he had agreed to seek a
Directors defer vote on
Sechelt Arena request
The Village of Sechelt opened an old
wound last week when it asked "the
regional board for assistance in handling
the Arena's growing financial deficit.   "
The request elicited some sympathy
and some criticism but no action by the
board members, who voted to table the
matter until after the regional recreation
referendum expected to be held in
.A letter to the board from Village Clerk
Tom Wood provided a contrast to; more
optimistic statements offerea by'Arena
association Treasurer GpKlon-Dixon at a .
. special council meetylgon Mfcy 24/' - " '
Wood's letter .staled that as-of May 24
$3 million OKd
for Highway 101
McKenzie MLA Don Lockstead announced last week that the Ministry of
Highways has allotted $3 million for the
continued upgrading of Highway, 101
north, of the new construction's present
terminus near the, Jolly Roger Inn.
Lockstead said the highway work will
begin sometime next year. He added,that
it should provide a number of new jobs for
local residents.
Ministry of Highways offices in Victoria closed early Friday for the long
weekend, and a remaining employee could
provide no additional information on the
the village was carrying $19,273.10 in debts
due from the Arena. ^'Since May, the indebtedness has grown to $22,224.08 and will
continue to grow until the Arena reopens in
the fall, as utilities and debenture
payments are paid. It is our understanding
that the (recreation) association has no
other unpaid debts at this time but neither
has it any funds held in reserve," the letter
At the May 24 meeting, Dixon told
village aldermen that the arfeha's outstanding debt to the village was <4about.
.$12,000 or $14,000." He also said t%. the
^association's bank, balance then totajfd
,$1,203.67 arid expressed optimism that the"
-April 30 year-end ^financial- statement,,
when completed, would be "marginally
better" thanthe March 31 report.
Wood's letter noted that trje majority of
arena users come from outside the village
and, while requesting no specific amount
pf money, asked the board "to help keep
this worthwhile institution open and
operating by being as generous as
Sechelt Alternate Director Frode
Jorgensen told the board that as a 1 mile
levy in the village raises only $4,000 "we
.feel if we have to take the whole deficit
every year it's a little bit too much.
"I'm sure this is only a one-time deal
we're asking for. I don't think we'll be
asking for it next year."
Area E Director George Gibb,
however, immediately moved that the
request be tabled until after . the
referendum.   "There  may  be  other
—See Page A4
court order?
"He said we should fire all barrels" and
also investigate whatever appeal avenues
remain now thaTOyaro has - received""
Pesticide Control Branch (PCB) approval
of the herbicide program, she said.
The board also voted to hire observers
to accompany the herbicide applicators in
the event efforts'to stop the program fail.
The local Hydro office notified the
district by mail June 23 that the corporation? has received a PCB permit to
apply Tordon 10K pellets on two right-of-
way sections extending f rom Ruby Lake to
Middleppint areaTThe project would be
carried bur betweeji^ily 17 and September 15.
Pressley said the district/ had received
no prior notice that Hydro had applied for
the permit—despite a pVevious assurance
by Hydro District Manager Erich Hensch
that lie would notify the Regional District
at the time such applications-were made.
At a May 12 meeting between board
directors and Hydro officials Hensch
assured Harrison and Area B Alternate
Director Ed Nicholson that he would notify
the Regionah,District at the time such'
that the application was made after the
May 12 meeting.
'    The target areas were included in a
which was rejected by the PCB in March.
A decision not to aapeal that PCB
ruling was made sometime after the May
12 meeting, and an application then
submitted for use of the Tordon 10K
pellets, he said.
The pellets contain the same herbicides
— 2,4-D and picloram ■— as the liquid
Tordon 101 which has been used more
frequently in this area.
Regional directors also expressed
annoyance last Thursday that Hensch had
not provided the board with comparative
cost figures for brush control methods
which do not involve herbicides, as he had
agreed to do at the May 12 meeting.   .
"I thought we had kind of a gentlemen's
agreement that before we were presented
with a kind of'fait accompli on this thing
we would be presented with some figures
for comparison," Nicholson said.
Although Hensch ■ told the Times
Saturday that he had received no f eports
on the^ Thursday board meeting,'= the
requested figures arrived in the Regional
applications were made
-AV-a'May-12 meeting between "board-'Bisirict'majLon.Friday
directors - and ' Hydro officials • Hensch-
assured Harrison and Area B Alternate
Director Ed Nicholson that he would notify
the Regional District when an application
was made. ^ .
Hensch told the Times Saturday that
the permit application was made through
the Vancouver office of Hydro Vegetation
Management" Supervisor~ Peter
However, he said, "I think it is correct"
•Hensch said his office considered the
cost of a 290-acre aerial spraying program
conducted in this area in 1976 — the last
major local spraying operation'—< and
concluded that over a 20 year period hand
slashing of vegetation would cost an additional $215,000. "
A combination of.hand slashing and
groundaplicatidnnjVer;~a~2Dyear^ period
—See Page A-3
Local fisherman takes
top 3 prizes in derby
landed, a fish almost as big as he is
during   Gibsons   second
Dogfish Derby on Sunday.
■ First and second place prizes in the
second annual Gibsons World Championship Dogfish Derby went to catches of
identical weights, '.''',
Gerry Dulyk of Gibsons took the $1,000
first place prize by weighing in his 14 lb. 3
oz. dogflslv ahead of Andy Solinsky of
Gibsons, who was awarded the $300 second
prize. Third place for $200 went to Tom
Richardson, also of Gibsons, with a fish 13
lb, 13 oz.
The winning fish was cjaught near
Worlcombe Island at approximately 7:30
a.m. using frozen herring as bait. Gerry,
16; is going to split the winnings witba
friend who was with him and is put* Ing his
own sharo towards a car.   *
■ An estimated 10,000 dogfish were
brought ln,and the trophy for the most fish
weighed In went for a record catch of 274'.
There were' also 17 $50 SuperValu gift
certificated given for hidden weights.
Gibsons and District Chamber of Com*
. merce President Jon McRae and SuperValu Manager Blain Hagedorn termed the
day an-"unqualified success" and are
1, looking forward to next year.
Hopkins pub
meeting Thursday
, A public discussion meeting to consider
an application for a marine pub in Hopkins*
landing will be held at the Granthams
landing Hall on Thursday, July 6, at 7:30
' p.m.p
The ownors of the Hopkins' Landing
storo have applied'to tho Reglonul District
for a,rczonlng to allow the store tp be
replaced by a pub.
Residents of the langdalo, Hopkins and .
Granthams Landing area aro Invited to
attend the incetlng. „.,
want to be put in the position of letting tho
Aronn downi" he snid,. A series of Gnles
game cancellations last season, caused
-See Page A-3
ww*ft,umitm+ ^H«'*^f;T,vrfgfciKj H"*
SKCUELT-TSLINAM^Thoro'a no, to deal with-cUsaMem, up ta-antlin-
Porpolso Bay, and a»catitrophe
region's- emergency headquarters,
Rcglonul District oj/lcqs in
SpdhelL would bq directly iii tho path
Former Const Gales director Bruce
Wormald says he has given up on plans to
reform the dofunct hockey club In affiliation with tho Burnaby Amateur
Hockey i^agHo.
"The main problem?Mthat werFri't
guurantoo a tourn on tlio ico for a full
year," Wormald said.
And the reason ls money, Knch player
would bo required to pay In advance,
between $,400 and $500 to cover such expenses as Ico rental and transportation,
and Wormald said, "It would be difficult to .
field a competitive team made up of boya
who could afford to, put up Uiat money.r,
Players In tho Ifyrnaby leaguo pay $475
a season, but earn a rebate at the end of,
tho yonij by fundralsing through events'
such as raffles, ho said.
■ .Wormald also.paidM. In. hoHlUinUa
guarantee tho nurnnby* league that a
■[KinlnHula team could moot nil lit ghmo
commitment*. "Somo of the players work   „        , ,*,•»«-,>.     „.
(.In shifts, and'.others w.on'f HtloK^o, tnw*»i i, V^U^C^^'/v^
.>-Mh«Urw(i;», ho "said,.' ■ ■ ■' ■ ' ■.:'■•" - r*\r.\ *■ /.W, ATi,l,i\ *\\% X7x: 75'i^«VK^
,„   "I also fool quite strongly that I don't
'j >>\'^«HiiMht''<t-'"^p
AAi<iu1:'\';t'!;'\"\'tii>" ■ii".-^',;*'^
iKi^^if^x^]a^i^jimli>m'M •eft*"*.-* ** ■
i. >W"»^^w^W**#B^™^fr/iii^**r tutTurtvfMif
i> i ■«.!■<•,,. .'.Kn'p.t'tx,,,'.,; p^i> ■• ;yj I\    '���  '��������� f  V_j  V  :i  i :���  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 5,1978  ,.,A ��� �����'  ^irtAV'!-.':lp��'f'J!��i'i'p-j1p''H',|W',V!fl��JiJ  Dentils Fitzgerald, Editor  "4 free press is the unsleeping'guarawn of  every other right that free.men prize."  ��� Winston Churchill  Letting Sechelt stew  Watching the Village of Sechelt) their recreation plans. Better to look  squirm as the operating deficit for the;  -Arena continues to grow may provide  a certain amount of preverse'  satisfaction for all the people who  have been saying for years that it  shouldn't have been built ��� or, at  least, that it shouldn't have been built  where it is.  But as Regional' Board Director  Joe Harrison pointed out last week,  letting Sechelt stew won't solve the  problem.   '  - - For~better or worse, the Arena is a  at the situation as a whole than to  start -making those commitments  piecemeal with no overall scheme.  It seems inevitable that the Arena,  and also the Gibsons swimming pool,  will eventually wind up under  Regional District ownership because  that's what is going to be required  when the Regional District starts  paying the bill.  ��� Control of these facilities needn!t  be entirely removed from the local  residents who now run things, but that  control   is   going  to   have   to   be  :=fefrt;rand^a^^umber^^ .diLuLed__to_ allow^for  residents derive enjoyment from it  The organizers of the venture may  have been overly optimistic, and the  village may have backed the project  with a blind eye, but jt is now effectively the Sunshine Coast Arena  and, sooner or later, like it or not.we  are all going to have to start paying  for it ��� or close it down.  Despite _ this  factf^the j^gional  board acted correctly last Thursday  in deferring a decision on the problem  untilafterthe recreation referendum.  Almost nobody expects the  referendum to pass (except us; we'll  make a totally outrageous prediction  and prognosticate that it will squeak  by), and if it does fail, the directors  will have to start from scratch with  representation by the taxpayers  outside the immediate area who will  become the new co-owners.  This is likely to raise a protest akin  to the flurry created last y^ear when  Gibsons residents'were told they were  "giving away" their water system i:or  $1. But it's a natural consequence  when monuments to civic pride  become financial liabilities.  IrPthe meantime,-Sechelt~wiir  simply have to carry the deficit. It  may pinch the municipal budget a  little, but since the village didn't see  fit tq trim-its mill-rate in accordance  with the higher assessments this  year, we suspect that the burden can  be carried this year with no substantial reduction to village services.  Don Lockstead  MLA, Mackenzie  Tuesday, June 27,1978  -   While^lfe~"riding of Mackenzie was  rirardlyrtouehed^v-theHBkh&Fdtrr-epGEkoa-  JOHN SLEEP, Michael Bolton, Sean  Kirby ' and _ Garry Olson remodel,  double-ended fish boat borrowed from  local resident Harry Corlett for an  upcoming Beachcomber episode.  Corlett was about to burn the old boat,  when the props crew salvaged itr-  Impossible is only a w6rd  for^eaebeombe^ propsmen  /  i__  Between the lines  Skookumania  By Dennis Fitzgerald  ~~ i.  If you weren't among the hundreds of  people" who made the trek to the  Skookumchuck on June 21, you missed  "something "special." Not -th<? narrows���  which I 'found impressive but not a lot  more dramatic than on some  of 'my  annual high tide that day wasn't  as  dramatic as I had expected, I don't mean  that it wasn't dramatic���It-wasi   - Sitting at Robert Point, one could look  , 50 yards to the left and see a bank of water  perhaps 10 feet higher than the water level  This is the third in a series of stories  about the people who work behind the  scenes of the Beachcombers television  production in Gibsons.  Along the shore of Hermit Island the  Beachcomber's tug "Persephone" was  beached and lying at a crazy angle, the  film crew sloshing around in hip-waders  while Bruno gave emotional support to  Diane Stapley (Samantha) trapped under,  the boat and in imminent danger,from the  incoming tide. But wait a minute���this is  only half the Persephone���a clevervmock--  up kept buoyant with empty gas cans. It  would have been too difficult and time-  consuming to roll the steel-hulled tug so  the design crew lovingly produced an  exact replica of one side and the bow.  The props workshop' is a fascinating  place. It doesn't have and doesn't jieed any  ���of those popular cheery" ^posters with  catchy phrases. The crew, shares Nor-   when the original plan crashed. The  replacement was a ugly black and purple���two days work on the crashed plane  went down the drain, plus "the last minute  all hands on deck call for a black and  purple repaint job.  ^ Working with Michael are propsmen  Sean Kirby and Garry Olson, crew leader  David" Sutherland, stagehands Peter  McDonald and Tom Watson, design  assistant John Sleep and the wardrobe  mistress and make-up artist about whom  wore^iater!   the script or a particular item proves hard  to locate.      ' .���  Michael speaks warmly of the .willing  help he receives from the community,  from" the co-operation of the> Village  Council to individuals who give technical;  assistance or advice, loan special effects,  period furniture,, boats, tackle etc. One  special Emergency in the early days stays  in the crew's memory. You'll remember  the old Ford Model A Cabrolet featured in  many of the early stories. It belonged to a  -girl^i^neouvei^whp^uddenly^aMed-it-  electoral redistribution or by the bill that  made it law, many residents of the riding  are nonetheless saddened by the  calousness shown by the government in  ���^ttempting-to-fix-the-results-of-the-next���  election.  The changes to,Mackenzie are simply  thatlhe Hardwick and Gilford Islands-  have been moved to the new riding of  North Island to which they are more -  closely connected anyway. Presumably  Mackenzie "missed the scalpel of the  Socreds because they feel that their record  in office has been so hard on coastal  residents that no amount of tinkering with  the boundary lines would protect their  candidates.  , In. other areas of the province, the case  was different. In the city of Vancouver,  which has been under-represented in the  legislature for more than a decade now,  one two-member seat was actually done  away with. That was Vancouver���Burrard  ��� now represented in the Legislature by New  democrats Rosemary Bsown.and Norman  Levi. Their riding has undergone the most  -careful surgery at-the hands of Larry  Eckhart, the one-man commissioner into  electoral "reform" who just happens to be .  a defeated Social Credit candidate. Little  bits of the riding that have traditionally  voted NDP are clipped off and put into  another riding that is expected to go NDP  anyway, while large chunks of right-wing  Vancouver-Point Gray are tacked on to  the enlarged riding of Vancouver���Little  Mountain presumably to better the for-  "~tu"hes~of   Provih^ial^Secr^"a"ry~"Grace" ~  ��� McCarthy and Finance Minister Evan  ��� Wolfe who now hold that^eat.  In the kootenays, New Democrat Bill  King has been rewarded for his years of-'  consctenjipus service in the Legislature by  having his riding of Revelstoke���Slocan  abolished. The justification is that the  riding has only 13,000 registered voters.  But Atlin, held by: Socred Frank Calder}  with 3,000 registered voters has not been  touched. So much for representation by  population!  On ������ Vancouver    Island,    without  previous -visits���but-a people happe^ng��� ^jftyards to tbe right. They were separated  which must have been one of the largest  spontaneous gatherings on the peninsula.  There were no organizers, no concession stands", no games of chance and no  structured entertainment, but something  convinced several hundred people to take  a two-hour walk in the woods.       ���,''���..;  It's hard to estimate how many people  by a churning, rolling mass of water that  sent four foot waves crashing off in every  direction. , ,  The few boaters who turned out scuttled back and forth with mock bravado,  running the Chuck but wisely skirting the  tide's chaotic meeting place.  As an aside, I'll confess that in some 10  actually showed up, but when I was there  ^rears of newspapering 1 don't think I ever  around noon, there were 38 cars parked at  the trailhead and a constant stream of  people coming and going.  When I was there again around 8 p.m. I  counted exactly 99 cars and that was well  past  the, peak���as  evidenced  by  the .  number of empty slots between cars.  Taking all the subtle  arithmetic !  variables into account, our group came up  with estimates ranging from 600 to 1,200  persons visiting the Chuck during the  course of the day,  It was something to see. There were old  folks who had lugged lawn chairs the  whole distance and one fellow who pushed  a baby stroller far enough to set some kind  of endurance record for feats of that type.  One lady of reasonably advanced age���  a friend of a friend���walked the distance  dcisplte the fact that she has two steel hips.  I saw a couple who had decided for some  reason that this would be a perfect outing  for their Siamese cat. Tho cat was  disagreeing, perhaps a little put off by the  , grea.tor number of dogs.  ' ' One man, who had obviously been  coerced by his outdoorsy sppuso, was  slogging- along-wlth one ear glued to his  transistor radio. "Ottawa's ahead/' ho  grinned as wo passed him.  Anothor group appeared to believe that  If thoy didn't hurry tho Chuck would bo dry  by tho tlmo thoy arrived. Ill-shod for tho  walk, thoy tended to run for about 100  yards and then crawl for tho next 100  ' yards, pn-sslhl! hrid then being passed by  the other,hikers around them.  There was a blind girl there,1 and I  wanted to ask her what her Impressions of <  the whole event were, but lost her beforo 1  got the chanco.  Out ot the overlook and down at Robert  Point people tended to sit In small groups,  had a more difficult time that the one I had  in trying to write my supposedly simple  little advance story giving the best hour to  visit the Skookurnchuck that day.  I discovered in trying to determine that  time that while virtually any person on the  peninsula can tell you exactly when the:  Chuck is going to be at its most turbid oh a  given day, no two of these people are going  to tell you the same time,  That's the plain and simple ceason why  our first story was right, and .why wc were  wrong the next week when we told you we  were wrong the first week. If that confuses  you, I was pretty confused myself.    ,  In any case, I wholeheartedly endorse  tho Idea of this mass visitation to the  Skookumchuck and hope it becomes'an  annual event, a pilgrimage of sorts, The  people who complained to me that It was  just top crowded tb allow for a peaceful  walk through the woods have 364 other  days when thettraU Is virtually deserted;1  I normally want solitude myself when I ���  go into the bush, but I also like what  happened on Juno 21, It was special.  I nlao appreciated the fuel that most of  those hundreds of people seemed to show  some consideration for the place. I picked  up two crumpled cigarette packages and  some orange peels on my lost walk out���  not much debris from that niuny hikers,  READER'S RIGHT  wegian explorer Fridtjof Hansen's x  philosophy that "the difficult may take  time to accomplish, the impossible a little  longer''.^ Anything, from a tooth (when  ? Margaret accidently' knocked out one of  Hughie's teeth, Dr..- Bland successfully  replanted the original, but the script was  changed to include the incident) to the  prefabricated set for an RCMP lock-up  can be created here.       y..   v  The day, I was shown around'Jby  Michael Bolton, who now heads the design  departoent^Sea^  plasticine model of tiny hiermaijd to cast a  fishing lure; writer Arthur Mayse and his  wife from Campbell River were delighting  over the doubled-ended, 13 fopt cedar-  planked hand liner fish boat borrowed  from Harry Corlett and built by him in the  early 30's, The right oar-locks, and fittings  had been found. David Sutherland couldn't  wait to start refurbishing the old boat with  brightnCw paint and there was that feeling  of mounting excitement as things began to  fall into place ��� the requirements for yet  another Beachcomber's adventure will be  ���met."     ' , ���>    ���|    ,,,"������������  Needless to'say, everything doesn't  always, run smoothly, and last minute  calamities are not unknown,' There was a  script involving a plane crash which fell  apart a matter of���) hours before the  deadline. A Cessna 185^ beautifully painted  In red and white with a flowing deslgnof  gold feathers, had been rented for the  filming. Tho remains of another*'Ccsna 185  which had crashed in the Yukon had been  brought up from .Vuncouyer arid painted to  correspond. Every Uiifuj was ready to. go  Michael began with the CBC as a stagehand 11 years ago. This is a career which  you learn on the job from the bottom  because "there are no design courses  available in Vancouver. "I had some  draughting knowledge and I was looking  for a job; now, I guess you can call me a  jack of all trades and a master of none,"  he explains. This may be true if your  criterion is an academic degree, but when .  you observe the meticulous care' taken to  duplicate an original down to the smallest  detail; the_process of scale drawjngs,,tiny._.  scale models, and photographs from every  conceivable angle; the time given to  research so that the scene is authentic, no '  telltale slips such as new currency when  the script is set in the early fifties or listen  to the quiet pride as Michael takes a set  apart to show how cunningly it has been  constructed, sliding panels, removable  ,-wallsland ... doors_uto^facilitateL_camera._  manoeverability, ypu realize the crew are  skilled craftsmen, masters of a trade  which demands perfection. Ttthe camera  is to create illusion, the design department  has no margin for error.  Michael's first job coming to Gibsons  ' was to help in the transformation of the old  liquor store into Molly's Reach and he  takes a very personal pride in the continuing development of the old building  into a functional film set affording both  actors and crew th^ maximum freedom of  movement. Bedroom scenes are no longer ,  filmed in the crairiped upper floor of the  Reach, the entire bedrpqm floor has been  prefabricated arid can be assembled in the  workshop when needed. The RCMP gaol  set is also stored ready to be set up in the  Municipal Hall If required. '  Because sequences are subject to  change without notice everything has to be  ready before filming begins,, the design  crew is always finalising the next episode  while, researching several ahead, They  like to have at least flye episode^ lead time  In case accomodations have to be made in  ���,. i   ��� p.,1, ��� ivr-i   ����� ��� '    >,,'"      ���,     p  back in the middle^ of filming. The only  replacement which could be found on short  notice was a Model "A" hard-topi coupe  which needed' major alterations to be  changed into a convertible. Among others,  Doug Carmicbael and Bill Weinhandl  devoted many hours to the success of the  remodelling jobT~%  The joy of this job is undoubtedly the  daily challenge, the never knowing what  each day's work will bring and the  stimulation in seeking imaginative and  innovative,' ways to' overcome problems^  Napole6nrIscredited with having- said"  "Impossible is a word to be found in the  dictionary of fools". Probably the design  crew! wouldn't put it quite that.way, but  one thing is .obvious' ��� impossible is not a  concept they accept either.  justification based on population or  cultural boundaries,the Social Credit-  voting south of Cowichan���Malahat is  carved into one riding presumably  because the area looks good for Social  Credit while the NDP-voting northern  portion is tacked on to Nanaimo because  Nanaimo will prp.bably go NDP anyway,  accordingjo the "thinking of the Social  Credit strategists. :\  And sp it goes throughout the province.  Social Credit, aware of their lagging appeal after three years of oppressive and,  -expensive���governmentT^has choseri to  tamper with .electoral, boundaries;; in, a  desperate attempt to win re-election.  : Can they do it? Only the tolerance of the  public arid the public's concern for  democracy can determine that.  Noel Coward's life  More money for less service?  Editor, Tho Times:  Although my letter to you may hot  chango a thing, I still wish to air somo  Who's being had by whom?  Editor, The Tlmos i  Mrs. Barbara Brodcur of Sakinaw Uiko  may wish to congratulate tho Regional  District for costing Area A Ratepayers a  lUngUtndJuaU^tch^^  serve notice that I'll be forming a local  chapter of tho Red Brigades before thoy  got hie to pay it. Happily, I'm able to  report after a quick check of my tax  statement that Mrs. Brodour's  calculations ran afoul pf tho decimal point  und tho Roglonal District tax Is still down  between 3 and 4 mills where It Is to .be  hoped It will long remain, ��� ���  I find it also curious that Mrs. Brodcur  should choose to criticize the, Pendor  Harbour and Dlstrld Health Clinic tiix,  which has to be the best Iwirgriln we long-  suffering tuxpoyorg lu*v��-scon iaa long  The Peninsula^mw*  Published Wcrtnesrtuyis nl Secholt  on ll.C.'s SiiiikIiIiic Coast  Tlio Peninsula Times  Tl<ir W'twtpKfiPubllciliims P<K  ,, valfJeeliell, ll.C,  Hox3IO ��� .Sechelt, H.C.  VON 3A0 *    "  Phone H85..1231 '  District for its 3-plus mills? A garbage  dump with a badly graded road? Tho local  fire department costs us 6 mills. Tho  schools cost us 47.704.  ���-Pdo~nor~wi8ltW argue with Mrs.  Brodour's basic thesis thnt the taxpayers  are being had-agaln-but I do think It  pays to find out whom ono is being bad by,  A 22.4 percent rise In thp school tnx is  certainly unacboptnblo, but Is our school  board entirely to blame? In education as in  many areas of public service the present  provincial government has reduced Its  financial  boards and  greater share of tholr coats onto local  ratepayers. '  Tho school board has In fact reduced  occurrences,  I have Just realized how slow our mall  service is, Do you know that It takes three  days for a Sechelt mailed letter .to arrive ln  a Sechelt' mailbox? lt also takes six,days  for a Vancouver mailed letter to arrive In-  a Sechelt mailbox.  Uist summer I went out to Ontario, I  wrote somo friends ln Toronto about my  urrlval, the letter was mailed the day  previous to my departure, It took me  seven days to drive from B.C, to Ontario.  Tho letter arrived ono day after my  letter.  I now understand why tho postal services aro losing to private courier services, and I hate to see what will happen  whon tho postal ratos will Increase again,  tho moro money tho less service?  But all Iqn't bad with the postal services, I found a bargain at tho postal of-  contribution ��� fnrnlne   Inrnl   4lC0, fl, PfC-Stampcd lCg(U Sl^C ChVClopO for   "'  rJ^W  to  jJ!"!  Wncents.Fou^encentaforthosUimp  n��� ftf nlim ^nt��� nnL i������i   and 3 cents for the envelope. 1 haven't   i>  OIHcc ht>ur.s; H:3()��,in.;  ioSp.in, Tii����,-Sni.  ih�� novicebeing offered tochlklren of thiat-  tln)c,.The.olliil��,ppcrMtefJ,tt Jw.puhllft area, nndatlll found Itnece����ary to rab��.  facility    complete    with    full-time   tho local tax.  envelope.  found an envelope nt that low prlco  anywhere unless yon buy thousands at a   ^Ut,fl.Jcep,JhQ3��ri{��.lii-.,tfnd..ji|iiy)w  Improve tho services,  4,*ul>Ncrl|>ilonl<flieN!<ln<Hlvmic<!)    '.    protasalonql^ staff for a cost yvhicl\; I am       Our Uwnjj-you notes. for thlijto pf^    .^rn,;*,*^-';!     ,  '      ,   I    ���*��� *Uf |��� ���*'Jl"<* V*%i        '*   ������!���   .4      ,���������*..."' ���      **"*   . ���V'M"   V ���,'WW'i+l iitismA. Ill \.\.l., ttl.m, .m 4    I   i mmm 1 ll-~ ri_.    n. S. A., $ I ftV V>vvcrsca?i * I  giiinco Is loss than lVii,mills. By cqnv  phrlson wliat do wo geWrom tho Regional"  Howard Whlto  MADEIRA Park  P,fi���,,Thls letter was delivered personally.  Some new summer programs on  CBC-AM include the Life and Times of Sir  Noel Coward, a 13-week BBC series,  Sundays, 1:05 p.m. This series recalls the  late playwright in his own words and  music and in the memories of those who  shared with him half a century of entertainment.  Fridays at 8:04 p.m. a critical review of  current boo^s films and TV, moderator,  Warren Davis, with regular critics Sheila  Kleran, executive director of the Book and  Periodical Development Council, and Sam  Solecki, book review editor for Canadian  Forum. Joined this week by Morris Wolfe  thoy will discuss The Garden of Delights  by Roch Carrier, John .Travolta's film  Grease ond baseball on TV. ���    *.  Afternoon Theatre begins a dramatic  adaptation of Charles Dickens' Nicholas  Nlckclby, Wednesdays at 2:04 p.m.  Canada Watch, Saturday, 6:15 p.m.,  asks If there really is un energy crisis In  tho light of recent oil discoveries, and you  can enjoy songs of and ��ibout fishermen  Sunday at 9:05 p.m. ��� Maryanne West.  CBC-AM 690,  WEDNESDAY, JIJLY 5  Afternoon Theatre 2:04 p,m, Nicholas  Nlcholby, by Charles Dickens ��� Part I.  ,,.^..Motitly..MusleJ0.:2Q.p.m.ilrst.oE���thrcQ.,  programs about librettos and music from  well known.operas.  Nightcap ll ;20 p.m. Hume Cromyn and  Jessica Tandy talk about Tho Gin Game.  THURSDAY, JULY 6  Crime Serial 2:04 p.m. Tho Toff nnd tho  Runaway Bride.  �����_JRlaylwu8O-il:04-p,nWriio,BrlBht-Hod  Herring by Uiurcnco Gough ������ Part 1.  Country Road 8:30 p.m, Ronnie  Prophet,  Nlghtvnp Jl:20 p.m. Hans Magnus  Wnzcnberger, German poet.  FRIDAY, JULY 7  Panning for Gold 8:04 p,rn. Critical  panel show.  Jazz Hadio-Canndn 11:30 p.m. Canadian  Stage Band Festival Finals.  Nlghtcnp 11:20 p'.m. Women  Songwriters, Pari. H.p*  Canada Wtttch 6sl5 p.m. la Uusro an  energy crista .._^.V.  ,.  Cnlloghan, The Poet's Voice, Part 1 of 12-  part series from" BBC on poetry of the  ftngllsh speaking vyorld. Tonight John  .,..,.= '   .*.�������� 4  "I*'  4 !.,!  Donne, Christopher Marlowe, Andrew  Marvell. Short story, In Lower Town by  Norman Levine.  Music of the Shows 11:05 p.m. The  World of Disney. .,  SUNDAY, JULY 9  The Life and Times of Noel Coward 1:05  p.m! Part II. The Boy Actor.  The Entertainers J-4:35' p.m. Stevie  Wonder Part VI. Tommy Ambrose concert. , ,  My Music 8:35 p.m. BBC quiz.  Fo|k Fair 9:05 p.m. Fishermen's songs.  MONDAY/JULY 10  Afternoon Theatre 2:04 p.m. Summer  Exhibition by Trevor dumber.  , Gold Rush 8:30 p.m. Celebration Too,  Part II.     "  Mpstly Music 10:20 p.m. First of five , ���  programs' lh which  personalities  talk    f  about their favorite music.  Nlghtcnp Film maker Claude Chabrol. r  Serial reading: The Midwich Cuckoos by   ,  John Wyndham, Part I.  TUESDAY, JULY II ���,  Crime Serial 2:04 p.m. Inspector West  at Bay, by John Crensey, Part I. '   '  'Nlglttenp*iiT20 p;m: Bird Artist  Terroncc Short. ...  ciKvrv  Saturday ��� Running Time 8 p.m, NFB *  Film, the friendship between an Wtl lady  and a young tnan sets off a hilarious chain '  of events. i  A Month In .thC-Xountry- fl;30.-piriir-^~���-���  Adaptation of ploy by Ivan Turgenov,  produced In London.  Sunday CBC Access 11:30 a.m, Elderly  people In Manitoba,  Hoynl Heritage 12 p.m. Part V The  First Three Georges.  An Oasis on a Wild Mountain Houte 2  p.m. Special about Iceland.  Sunday Sports 2:30 p.m, Part 1. Canadian  Track and Field Championships from  Montreal. Part II, Commonwealth games  swimming trials from Regina,  Emily Cnrr Special il p.m, Part II.  "lartftandQiiObcO."'  Vancouver feminist Bonnie Krclxs.  Tuesday All-Slar Baseball 5 p.m, from  San Diego.   ,    ', * ^ ^s,,  _^.  ���w��wj^��*^H��iijeWrf*i��4^wMW'jS*fcl' t  B i^s��Mtm��p��fiM*Wptf��ft*Miin��p*BB(  It* ��JW�� M��W��*H*S[tHf1 KB  SH.1* ��rfffWS ��^i*M��&��Sr1^*3'p^^ is  ���* a ^*^w����aH��4*^*!i������!W'^ ��  I"-'  l\'  K ���' /'  ���:,f.  "**������., ">��� A'  . v,    ������.���*ijy..,,!. . ,:*�����   u  '}  M '%���  A  ,   %      ,  ~1.  Wednesday, July 5, 1978  The Peninsula Times Page A-3   MORE ABOUT . .  The Grub Bag  Easyjcfiuccedm  This dessert may be made hours (or a  day) ahead of the time it's wanted. It is  -surelythebest~and~<easiest~substitute~for~  old-fashioned strawberry ice cream���the  kind made on the back port on a Sunday  morning-before church, with a vast .mess  of ice and salt and little boys squabbling  about whose turn it was to crank the  handle.  These scenes are dear to the memory.  Still, it's nice to make the same desert in 10  minutes and with no mess at all. You will  need only this: ���  1 - 10 ounce pagacke slice frozen strawberries .        . . 4,  lcup sugar  1 pint,of commercial'sour cream  Defrost the berries until they  are  _mushy. Add the sugar and the sour cream  which fsTorcoursernotreallysourcream  -butsimply-a bittartJtJs_the_slight tartness which "does" this dish.  Stir the mixture well and put it into a  refrigerator tray and freeze. At three  intervals of 25 minutes each, stir again, to  prevent formation of ice crystals, then  ~ forget iruntilyoiTneedlt  There now. I think my mother would  wipe her hands on her apron and tell us  ���we've-done pretty welk.Maybe-not as  good as the crank kind, but good!  Homemade ice cream is ideal served  along with a big glamorous Angel Cake���  so.easy to make with a mix. Old husbands  ^wlll stand in line and prospective ones are  easily^caught.��  You take, let us say, a normal man  Who nobody could be nicer than;  Late \ staying guests never make him  cranky,  He, mops little noses with his hanky,  And laughs at your jokes and lends_you-  mpney; ' ������A  In*short, the guy is,a prince, a honey.  ���But-le't-him quit" smoking at noon-on  Sunday,  You're dealing with JekyU and Hyde on  Monday!  ���Herbicide plan  ���From Page A-l  would cost about $85,000-or-$j^000;more:  -than-aerial sprayingrhe said.   " n  Hensch said he had told directors in  May that there would be. a delay in  .Tprb'viding- the rfigures~rUecaTlS5~1ie���was-  - going to. be on holiday for about three  weeks.   ���  Harrison said Thursday he was "a little-  -astounded"���by~~ the   herbicide  MORE ABOUT. . .  Directors defer arena vote  ���From Page A-l  facilities facing this problem," he said,  "and-it -would-beJn Jhe_best_interests-of-  everyone if we could discuss the whole  package."  Jorgensen objected that the referendum, which includes a $3,000 annual expenditure for arena's operating deficit,  "has nothing to do with this; it could never  be paid with the referendum."  . Area C Director Charles Lee pointed  out that despite Jorgensen's assertion that  the request was a "one-time deal", Wood's  letter indicated that the deficit was expected to continue and could become an  annual expense for the district.  - Area- B Director Ed Nicholson complained that the letter was "very am-  -bigupus" in that it requested no specific,  contribution. He was told by Jorgensen  tRaT~aldefrnen~+iad���discussed���a���$4$8C  regional assist.  The strongest, criticism of the request  carr��, from board chairman Harry  Almond. "The people I represent would be  very angry witii me if I voted to support  this," he said.  Almond recalled that voters had turned  - down a proposal for a regional arena "and  then some individuals went ahead and  issued debentures and the Village of  Sechelt stood behind them. , . ���...,....  ��� "It wasa known fact then that if you  Christian Science  "If ariy man will come after me, let him  deny himself and take up his cross daily,  and follow me." (Luke 9:23).  Blessed words of Jesus, vibrant with  were going to build an ice arena, you,  would have to use tax money. Our study  -showed-that nowhereliTB.C. was an arena  supporting itself; they all had deficits of  $10,000 to $20,000 a year. *"  "But Sechelt stood behind it, and now  they're asking^ for money. The people in  Roberts Creek were never asked to* vote on  this. It was built too far out and 'the people  in my arena are pretty mad about it."  Alluding to the growing operating  deficit of the new Gibsons swimming pool,  Almond said, "Recreational facilities are  being built, rightly or wrongly, in Sechelt  and Gibsons, and these are problems.  "A lot of people like' them^and would  like to see them continue operating, but I  would like to see some discussion about  this. We just can't go spending tax money  -thatrwe-don'lrhave���We'llhave to .raise-it"  somehow .11��� ���~"^  The motion to table was supported by  all directors except Jorgensen and Lee.  Area A Director Joe Harrison,  however, cautioned the board ^to-resist"  the temptation to just let Sechelt stew with  this problem, because I think the  argument is true that a lot of people outside Sechelt do use the arena."  ��� He said if the board appeared unwilling  to-support such projects financially, it  would tend to discourage individual  initiative ih ''creating, recreational  facilities.  Brian Loewen, president of the Sunshine Coast Recreational Association,  which manages the arena for, the village,  told The Times that the board's inaction  won't affect the arena's re-opening in mid-  September,  "We'll open the doors, and if it doesn't  Love.  In her message for 1902, Mary Baker  Eddy Writes, "Are earth's pleasurers, its  ties and its treasurers, taken away from  you? It is divine Love that doeth it, and  sayeth 'Ye haveneed of all these things.' A  danger besets thy path? ��� a spiritual  .behest, in reversion, awaits you." (Pg/  19). ,, ' .____   .,  New bone china cups and saucers from  England, lovely patterns. Always a,well  recleved gift, ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  go, we'll- close thn doors," he said:  ,     Loewen added that he doesn't think it is  reasonable to expect the village to continue picking up the arena's deficit.  Reacting to the news that former Coast  Gales director Bruce Wormald was  dropping his effort to reform the defunct  club with Burnaby Amateur' Hockey  League affiliation, Loewen speculated that  it might be necessary to reinstitute some  sort of inter-coastal hockey rivalry ~-  siinilar to the disbanded Commercial  league ��� in order to draw crowds for the  potentially profitable weekend slots,  announcement and concerned that the target  area apparently includes the' watershed  area for the South Pender-Harbour  Waterworks District.  He estimated that 99 percent of the  residents of his area are opposed to  Hydro's herbicide program and expressed '  frustration' with the Regional District's  unsuccessful effort to stop it.  "When a person does something wrong,  he's held responsible. But when a corporation does something wrong . . .  nobody's responsible,"- he said.  The directors themselves appeared  uncertain as to who, in fact, is responsible.  " Citing- Hensch's lpng._record of com-  munity^service; Harrison said,' "He is a  good man~ahlT~I have a great deal of -  respect for him... but morally I think the  whole thing has to be' laid at his feet."  Nicholson replied, however, "I really  think Mr. Hensch is a responsible in- _  dividual, and I get the impression that a lot -  "of pressure is being brought to bear by*MrT  Mosby."  ���Board^Chairman Harry Almond then  interjected~"Mr. Mosby has told me that  pressure is being brought to bear from the  .highest,authority in the province to keep  costs down."   --  '  Nicholson speculated that Hydro may  be adopting a hard line on herbicide use  here in order to head off similar protests '  elsewhere.  PCB head "Bayne Vance told me that  aside from the milfoil thing in the.  Okanagan, we were the only area that had  really made much noise. We're the-only  (regional) board with this kind of  position," he said.  ' "So we can expect more pressure. If  Sechelt is the only area, let's put it right on  the line. let's go to legal action if  necessary,."  The areas-to be covered under the  herbicide project are described as "from  gravel pit by Department of Highways on  " Hlghwayi0rto_ROBri3ke-areaTDXr3260T~  to Mine Road, west of Pender Harbour.  High School, D.L. 1279, Kleindale," and  "from east of Rod Webb Contracting,  Highway 101, D.L. 2548, Kleindale area to  ex-Robinson's Logging Road and  Homesite Creek, D.L. 2526, Middlepoint  area."  MORE ABOUT . . .  ���Hockey scheme-  ��� ��� FrpmJPage'A-l  when opposing teams failed to appear,  contributed to a serious financial loss for  the facility. ���  Wormald said the Burnaby league "has  bent over backwards for us, there's no  doubt about it."  Despite his inability to make a commitment to Burnaby, he. said, a league  official toid him last"weeK that they would  book ice time for a peninsula team anyway-  and find some other way to use it if a local  club failed-tojnaterialize.  The proposed _schedule~witir thei Burnaby league would involves 48 game  season with local players traveling to  Burnaby on Tuesdays, alternate Thursdays and for four to six Saturday games,  he said. ���  "I'm not looking for somebody to put up  a bunch of money," said Wormald. "That ,'  ought to be the players' responsibility, and  this is just the way it is."  Directors endorse Gibsons marina  Regional Board directors, acting on a  request from the Village of Gibsons,  Thursday endorsed in principle the  village's plans for a 350-berth marina.  Although some. directors expressed  reservations about creating the appearance of intervening in an internal  village affair. Gibsons Director Jack  Marshall assured the board that any  marina proposal would have to be lip-  proved in referendum by village voters.  Aroa F Alternate Director and former  Gibsons Alderman Jim Metzler told the  boqrd such expressions bf support wero  important In enabling the village to secure  government assistance for tho project.  The endorsement Implies no financial  commitment by the Regional District,,, ,���  ONE* EXCEPTION  'Although tho ink is barely dry on tho  Roglonal District-approved Sechelt  Vicinity plan, a request for re-zonlng  contrary to the plan has already been  Farenholtz advised the board bylcttcr  that the auxiliaries are not allowed by  policy to receive grants. He asked tho  board to rescind the contribution.  REGIONAL PLAN  Progress, albeit slow, is being'made  towards creation of a regional plan for the  entire Sunshlno Coast Regional District.  A working paper for development of the  plan has been submitted to tho board by  Planner Robyn Addison. ..'<������  Although Board Chairman Harry  Almond urged the directors Thursday to  give approval in principle to the plan, the  boord was convinced by Area B Alternate  Director Ed Nicholson to delay consideration until Addison could bo present  to d Iscuss "the- pa per."*"-"** ���.'*������-'���"-������ ^-  Nicholson expressed particular concern with some of tho "shall's" and  "mustH'a" in the paper, flaying ho thought  sucli strong wording should be reserved  for the final document ��� a comment which  HubI,llSt0tho V,I'"^��^��.   struck .,uresponHlvo-ohord-wlth-Oibsons  And the party making tireTcqubst Is  the envelope, please ��� the Suashlne Const  Regional District,  Tho district's Icuno of Its current office  space on Wharf Street expires next wook,  und directors aro considering constructing  their own building at the site of tho new  sewage treatment plant, located In a  Sechelt residential area,  T  Sochelt  rnont facilities zono,  RCMP DEBATE  Directors received some criticism ���  notably from Area F Director Joo  Ilnrrlpon ��� when thoy slipped a $2,000  Director Jack Marshall, no fan of the  planning department. "Dictatorial,"  Marshall muttered.  LOGGING WORRIES  Tho board will'send a letter to the  provincial Wator Resources Branch  requesting that cutting licences In tho  Chapman Creek watershed bo considered  fhV bo7r7'7ote7'Thursday to ask   ��f "��.."fKJ0"1 Source Management  holt to place tho proporty in a govern- (*'om,n,llco ,ovo>'  Tho letter was prompted by Jackson  Bros, for a new cutting permit In the area.  Works ,Supt, Gordon Dixon say's  previous logging InMho urea has caused  slides, and he's concerned thnt new road  resource   management  committee   has  reviewed the mutter.  WEST SECHELT SEWER?  Directors have authorized a study,  estimated to cost about $2,000, to investigate the possibility of establishing a  community sewer system for the West  Sechelt area.  Works Supt. Dixon has advised the"  board that proposed subdlvlslpn activity In  the area could lead to establishment of six  to eight separate sewer treatment plants.  He suggested that a community sewer  designed to tie In with the Secholt system  now undor construction might bo moro  economic and thoro efficient.  SECRET COVER SEWER  ������ *^ Although potltldh"'1rotunl^''"1iia'v'cr' i^cofi,"*'  lagging from the proposed Secret,Cove  sewer area, Peter Hoemberg, Aroa B  director, recently told tlic board that  redefinition of the service area boundaries  would apparently ylclt[ tho rcp|.cfld-lwo��..  - thliUTTesldenrinrprovaT oi the project.  The board voted to have staff redefine  Uie sewerage area and to return a revised  proposal with recalculated coats.  Sn*ii*PiiihQ p��rkside'  IJCll WS ImO   gov't inspected J  gov't inspected,  cut up    Ib.  gov't inspected,  Irish   g o v*r*i ns fTBc t e d,  sliced       Ib.  SuperValu  ���   4 flavors  Clarita  standard  2 litre ctn.  Green Giant  or cream corn  14 oz.  Maxwell House  I  19 oz. tins  Blue Water  32 oz. pkg.  Little Dipper  wm  1 lb. tin  detergent  powder 6 ���  6 litre box  Duncan Hines  double fudge, brownies,  moist 'n easy  14 oz. pkg.  Adolf's  meat  marinade  Crisco oil  Head & Shoulders  shampoo  mixes  14 oz.  1 litre  bottle .  lotion,  tube or  family size  Ovon Fresh  white or whole wheat  Mrs. Willman's  bread  24 oz.  Ovon Frosh  chocolate chip  cookies  67 *?*."?..  Weston's Mollo Bran  bread  24 oz.  , ,,  J.  ��    ��� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��� ������������ ���������������   ���!��������  I peaches  California,  Canada no. 1  *  B.C. grown  radishes/green onions 2   .29  cherries  B.C. or Washington,  Canada no. 1      It). I  {���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������if  ' ' ' 1 Jim.     ���    A  ��� j  -^ y.., <:  grtmt to local RCMP traxWmlwIntot^^  budget only inlnutort before final approval -. ln-r lba^croektr..^hl��h- to~.4lM^<ll��trtai^  Now, It apptyiratfhut..  ���.ui"**  )0  frt$idrt  :n:..r.      r  to -ask*  ��� ��� requested by Sgt. Doug Fnrcnholt^of .Ministry of Forests to grant no further  tho Sechelt detachment*�� caiyt.be made,,j cutting- permits ~in���tho nroirrttntll~ U��fe  " *""      ' i  jj#|feti��iB#i^*i**)i -ft��nr*"W*W��.f��^ Student awards  by Peggy Connor, 885-9347  AWARDS FOR JUNE  The culmination of the school year is -  the awards ceremony to honor students for  exceptional work.  Chatelech Junior Secondary held theirs  Friday, June 23, the school's second year  in operation.  Introduction by Mr. R. Hawes, prin-  McRae to students who voluntarily aided  in the clean-up of the school. The students  were called Sanitary Technicians on the  diploma which featured a picture of a  seagull in the centre.  Mr. Brian Butcher, principal,, stated  the Student Council was responsible for  initiating new ideas and handling the milk  cipal of the school, was followed by the and juice program. He presented a special  presentation by Mr. Don Douglas of awards to President Debra Killam, Vice-  Citizenship and Service Awards tcr President��Darcy Youngi Secretary Brent  students who have proven willingJiLserye_jyicfluaigv���Trgasurer Jeremy, Thompson.  the school beyond normal expectations:  Cindy Akins, KinT Brysdn;TCim~Chlvers,  Becky Goodwin, Sharon Hall, Lori Jovick,  Ruth McCaughtrie,Xherie Martin, Earl  Perry,, Shirley, Pollard, Gail Thomas,  Margot Wilson, Susan Whitaker and Sherri  Young. -   ���   -  Academic awards, presented by Olaf  Wallander/vice president, Sunshine Coast  Lions Club; Grade 8 ��� Ray Clayton,  * Miss Gates had- high -praise -for -the-  Grade 6 service club which helped with the  hot dog lunch program.  Mr. Bulmer said the choir that started  in January had a very high musical  quality for the few short months of  practice. They sounded great the day of  the Appreciation Tea, held June 21 to pay  homage to those who had volunteer edtheir  .   ���    ���, . help to the school program.  _^*-^  Andrew   Frizell,   Sherry Jorgensen, Mr.-Gray_was.please4to/Sgy5herejyjre__.  Stephanie Murphy, Alison Nicholas, Jenny    g6 students involved in track, and that as a  Pajor, Yvonne Wong. Grade 9 - Cindy    team Secnelt ias done wdl Track people  DOUG REID is the object of some  affection by Patti Beale. Doug was  ^presented with a-speeial-lifesaving  award at Madeira'Park Elementary's  Awards Day last week for his act in  saving Patti's life when she fell into.  -wat��fcQv_er-her- head during a scout  picnic last month.  SEAVIEW MARKET  Roberts Creek  SUMMER HOURS:  ���10 dim. - 6:30 p.m.  also, we havo a paint spray gun for rent  7 Days  A Week  Happenings around the harbour  Community club   _ Bv Doris Edwardson, 883-2308 f ^ frjj  *&  Akins, Lori Jovick, Kari Nielsen, Steven  Ono, Niels Payne, Anne Simpkins, Kevan  Van Velzen, Sherri Young, Winnie Wong.  Grade 10 ��� Becky Goodwin, Dale Maedel,  rBj>b Nicholas, Gail Thomas. '  Special area awards ��� these awards  are presented^o students who have  achieved excellence In a selected area of  studies ��� Art: Mike Mottishaw: French:  Gail Thomas. Community Service: Sherri  Young and'Wendy Hollis.  Industrial Education award to Damir  Shtenz. Drama to Ruth McCaughtrie.  Commerce:   Gail Thomas and  Becky  were awarded.special ribbons with pictures of .each athlete in action: Brian  Blackwell created the thoughtful awards.  The "Fantastic Trophy" ��� that is ���  the "gold" plated running shoe, went for/  the second year in>a row to Darcy Young in  the girls division. The male trophy went to  cross-country winner Jim Janiewick.  House One, won the House Championships.  June 29, more-awards were_given out  and Mr. Sam Reid, former principal, was  guest  speaker.  Mr.   Brian   Butcher  ���presented -the^cadenMc_awaidsrwhiIe-Mi'^-  Jim Gray did the athletic presentations.  - Ms. Judy Gates spoke to the Grade -7s-and-  Airlie Stockwell spoke for the graduating  class.  The top girls in sports were Darcy  Young in the senior division and Eileen  McKibbon for junior, while the top senior  boy was Mark Jaeger and the junior who  earned top spot was Billy Stockwell.  The Librarian, Miss Nishi, is off to  Japan to learn more about pottery, and  The Pender Harbour Community Club  has an almost completely new executive  tjiis year,* many of them young and  beauti^B^For the first time in it's history,  i(t-has_jr|froman president, Cory Penson.  Cory has also taken charge of the bingo,  ably helped by Det Edwardson. These two  young go-aheads have given us several big  bingo's already.  This year also has another first time for  a woman. Blanche Perreca heads the  building committee. At the recent general  meeting, Blanche outlined plans' for an  retired people say that they do not want to  become involved in things but want to be  entirely free to go and come as they  please. If that idea becomes popular, we  will soon have no hall. The hall was the  first thing we got after the school and it  has done much to better the- community  and to keep this a better place for  retirement.  PEOPLE EN THE NEWS  Merve and Sunni Charbonneau of  Madeira Park are the proud parents of a  long-awaited    beautiful    baby    girl.  This Top  30 Record  Survey Is  Brought  To You  Each Week  SOUND  Sunnycrest Centre,  Gibsons  886-9111  Goodwin. Library Service: Kelly Keays  and Kelly Soleim.  The music awards were, for the band ���  Bonnie Janiewick, Dale Maedel, Tim  Enns, Romeo Lizee, Lance Parich, Baxter  Wong, Curt Toews, Andrew Frizell, Grant  Clayton, Jim DeHart, Greg Hill. The choir  awards went to Kathleen Hall, Lori Jovick  and Winnie Wong.   -  ATHLETIC AWARDS  Bantam Boys Basketball ��� Eddie  Compasono. Bantam,Girls Basketball^ k j^r, V^ood.wilJJteachat Egmont next year  Stepheriie MurpriyT Juvenile "Boy's  Basketball���Bob Nicholas. Juvenile Girls  Basketball ��� Elsie Kingston, Junior Boys  Basketball ��� Bob Mercer. Junior Girls  Basketball ��� Edith Dixon.  Track Awards ��� Cindy McLean and  "Cory Mottishaw. Sports Service ��� Naida  August. Sportsmanship, award to Trina  Mmi'IhiiiI   f!iirlnip'Atfriarrk ��� first, Brian  DeHartrnnk7  MacLeod. Curlnig 'Awards  Jim  Flay rink; second,  Soccer Awards: girls -^ Becky Jackson,  boys ��� Cory Mottishaw. Grass Hockey:  September Edwardson. Rugby (award to  Tim Enns. Cheerleader Appreciation  Awards to Shelly Robinson, Wendy  Haslam, Caroline ^ewsham and Lavonne  Rudolph. v  Mr. Hawes presented the aggregate  awards to the best student In each grade  .who excelled in Citizenship, Honour Roll  and Athletics. The Grade 8 aggregate went  to Andrew Frizell. Grade 9 to Tammy  Enns. Grade 10 to Becky Goodwin. Student'  Association Appreciation awards went to  President Cindy McLean, Grade 9 Vice-  President Sherri Young, Grade 8 Vice-  president Alison Nicholas, Secretary Gall  Thomas, Treasurer Sharon Hall and  Becky Goodwin, and Sports Representative Michelle Neumann.  The students themselves made up a  special trophy to give to Sharon Hall for  her efforts to provide mHk'and yogurt  sales for noon hour,  Tho barid appropriately played "Ease  on D,owiUhoJR.oad" and '!Tuxcdo Junction" as one might say the Grade 10s have  reached a Junction and they are off down  the road to furthor education.  SECHELT ELEMENTARY,  SCHOOL AWARDS  Trail Merchants hired -the Gibsons  Band Blitz for the Grade 6 and 7's dance  that closed the year for the students'.'"  SUCCESSFUL LUNCH  The annual lunch provided by the  members of the Sechelt Auxiliary to St.  Mary's Hospital was held this year at the  Senior Citizens Hall on June 29, Two  hundred people enjoyed the cafeteria-style  lunch of homemade spups, salads* pies  etc, and the ladies of the auxiliary had  great pleasure serving the food.  Co-convenors Margaret Humm and  Betty Laidlaw, with the usual good, cooperation of the members, worked  together to earn the money that provide  extras for hospital patients. i  OLDTIME RESIDENT TO  GREENE COURT  Newcomer to Sechelt but no stranger to  the Sunshine Coast, Jens K. Brynelson  moved from Halfmoon Bay into the, Senior  Citizens housing. ���  A hardwqrker all his life, Jens worked  his way to this country on a Norwegian  speedy fruit freighter in 1918 from  Newcastle on Tyne to New York. Shortly  after he came out to Vancouver at his  father's request. His father was already a  Canadian citizen. Around this time he  came up to this area working on the Union  Steamships. , ,  His birthplace was Fredrickstaud,  Norway but most of his life has been spent  right around here, so if you wish to know  about early days on the peninsula, this  most interesting gentleman can tell you.  Welcome to Sechelt, Jens K, Brynolson.  -improve<J-and-be'tter-looking-hall.-Ther-e���eongratulations+-  - are some, big things jo be done andjdso Joe and Irene Hodgson are really .going,  smaller things "and Blanche "says, she   to settle down in summerland.  wants a work party to tidy up some small        Dave browse  was in  the  Harbour  things. _  L recently, remember-him,-Grace-Flatley-s-  The interior of the hall, especially the  walls, took a bad beating from having the  students use it as a gym after the high  school burned down. We were consoling  ourselves that the outside walls stilllooked  fine and theri after the graduation exercises there, which were free, as was the  .-���graduation dance arid the gym time, there  appeared on the outer walla big "GRAD  78" in orange paint. It seems a strange  way to say thank you after all the students  were given.  Membership in the Community Club  has been lagging behind, chiefly because  so many people were away when the  membership committee caljeji^ If you  -would like to send it by-maiiv please, send it  to Vi Tyher, Madeira Park, or give it' to  any of the executive.'  .The structure of our community is  changing, Now there are more retired  people than there were before. Some  son*  Heard we have a temporary doctor at  the Health Clinic for six weeks and he hails  from Powell River. Dr. Bernstein and his  wife are leaving for a tour of Europe.  Karen Morrison and Rory Popp should  he home from the hospital soon. They were  both in wheel chairs when I saw. them.  Rory has two broken collar bones.Tommy  Myers is back in St. Mary's Hospital.  Constance Harper is just like her old self  again after suffering a stroke a month ago.  We have a flower snitcher in the area.  Someone stole a rose bush from Bedrock  "Heights in Madeira Park. - I. V^  The live music at the R,C. Legion Br^  112 Sait night" was^very'good a fid there was  a good turnout even though there is a beer,  Strike. Future dates of live music will be  posted on the Bulletin board. Merv Forbes  has been transferred to Port Alberni and  will be leaving shortly.     ,  LW  l  2  3  TW  1  2  3  7  4  9  Shadow Dancing Andy Gibb  Baker Street Gerry Rafferty  It's A Heartache Bonnie Tyler  1  14  12  6  15  13  10  11  20  21  23  22  17  25  26  27  16  28  29  30  18  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25  26  27  28  29  30  I Was Only Joking Rod Stewart  -Two Out Of Three Ain't Bod~    .������rr���y. rr~. t" r.T.^TTTMeaftoaf"  Baby Hold On Eddie Money  You're The One That I Want. ..  Travolta/Newton-John.  _StilLTJie_Sflme ��� -r-.-^-.-.���.. -.- r.-. ���-.-���   ..-.-.-.-.- ..-. t ���, Bob Seger-  MissYou Rolling Stones  Only The Good Die Young . ^.    T Billy Joel  Werewolves Of London., .\ ,~ -. ^ Warren Zevon  Daylight Katy .'.. :.'".     Gordon Lightfoot  ,Yom Belong Jo Me Carly Simon  WiOvA little luck Paul McCartney /Wings '  Imaginary Lover       Atlanta Rhythm Section  Let The Song Last Forever A. ...... ^ ........ _ Dan Hill  Because The Night......," Patti Smith  Runaway..  -,-       .->..':.:'....'., Jefferson Starship  Is The Night Too Cold Randy Bachman  Count on Me Jefferson Starship  Love Will Find A Way Pablo Cruise-  Coming Right Down April Wine  Tho Load-Out/Stay    Jackson Browne  Thank You For Being A Friend   Andrew Gold  Arms of Mary * Chilliwack  I've Had Enough  Wonderful Tonight.. ���.  TheCroierTGetfb YouT,  Raise A Llttlo Hell ......  Use To Be My Girl  ......  . Paul, McCartney/Wings  ......EricClapton  ... .Flack/Hathaway  ...,.,,.,-,... .Trooper  ..,���;.,'.', .'���.,.,, .O'Jays  It was two days, of awards at the  elementary school Juno 20 and 29. Wed��  nesday,   Jim   Gray1* was   Master   of--  ..Coromonlos as hocalled upon Uio different...  teachers to make t|iolr presentations.   .-  There wore many, many awards to  deserving pupils such as tho library club  awards given by Miss Nlschl, Mrs. Pat  JJmifiJhonkcdJearning-asslstonco work-"  7    "dono by tho Grade 7s.  A special diploma wns awarded by Don  ,  Jobs big or snYbll  We do thorn all  Addition', renovations  To cupboards on tho wall  Good'homes wb build  <..,.,.Good.��.work..���.wo.:do,���:��,,,,...,,,���.%;  ���v. 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I   111 < ��� -���<..., ,    t  m*jmr1i+lt.~iaij.'mr.mmimr ~ r "Ifft >���*>��'*'"p"1' ������'*''-*l,r'f*"p��-TJ'r**^  u��*.  . . .')    ..',..."   '   in     ii    ' 'IMSM^*-* -' ���" " ���      *   Mi  s  i.u*^fe?i^^'^^-^W!��t*p^*W����ti-w*s^* *��� *>*tra��w  raaDfm  ���,   *,������  ���i m (ti-j't. HtM  '��       H     .   ��       i    .  j^ta *& WJVi^ri|^1Wt4^WtW(W^^^  I JHfft��*c*iii��wa*w THB**��i*'#w��**i|t *  * *���*���*** i^a* H ���&> t   <* W*JWJ*IIW��W!*tWl  ; .  #tAwt#f* *������#*�����"?*   "�� - ���������"  ''TV The Creek runoff  Ah  summer  By Joan,FastejL-  Seniors danc$ is this Friday  Wednesday, July 5, 1978  PageA-5  . Here's notice of an event that came to  my attention just too late'to-make last  week's column. This" leaves the .time a  little short, but I know that a great,many_  -will--be-on'7hand"4everT"with. such short  notice. There is to be a Senior's Dance in  Cots, tenti,. sundecks,   Northern's agent flubbed out on the July 15 \.9ur Hal1 Friday, July 7, commencing at 8  -guestrooms,  Tree' houses,   dog   Roberts Creek Boogie. Another -country . P-m- The music will be by our own Senior .  houses, anything that will hold several   rock band has been booked, reputed to be   Swingers. The dance_will be open to  bodies-is- being-readied-for-the--usual���as-good- o&ybetter--Ti%-new^-bahdr-anyone-who -will- admit-to-being-over-50-  summer onslaught of GUESTS. Most of us   "DUSTER", is fortunate tol^plavirig this   years of age-or over. The costjvilLbertcT  dance as there will..be a-QBG~-Gross���-^embep^of-BrrNtr:fi97$ran3to others, $2.  Canada talerit scout in- attendance that   BrinS y��ur visitors-and enjoy a real ball.  Ah, Summer!  sheds;  has a few seats open forthebustriprinto  Vancouver and manygardens there. The  date is July 11 and the departure time will  -be-8'-a.m.-from;thebusiiepot.  And I remind you of the Strawberry  Tea to be held in Our Hall at 2-p.m.  Saturday, July 15. Come and enjoy some  luscious shortcake..��� Robert Foxall.  .���^-Tgm^iZl  are delighted to see them arrive'-and  beside-ourselves'when they depart.  Sometimes the pace is so furious we have  'to enforce a checkout time in order to gird  our loins for the next load.  The forest is filled with the joyful sound  of battling cousins. Quarelling in-laws  compete with visiting dpgs arid humming  insects. Unexpected pampers clog** unsuspecting septic tanks and well-stocked  freezers are plundered to the piping. "How  could I run out of salt? Out of toilet paper?  Who borrowed that book? No, dear, I don't  stock.that, I'm too old!"  There -used to be a cross stitched  sampler which gave our ALL to the  ubiquitous summer guest but times have  changed. I have taken some liberties with  the original script. You may cross stitch  this one or just tack the clipping up in the  most obvious spot���the bathroom.  WELCOME GUEST  "Guests you are welcome here . . be at  your ease  Get up when the action starts.. .Go to bed  when I please.  I am.'your hostess, happy to share what  we've .got. . .  The shortage of firewood.. the booze that  you've brought.  Mixer and strawberries. . .they're at the  store,  Mushrooms and salmon.. .but a step from  "ouFdeferT  '   :   weekend.       \. / ,  Tickets are moving-rapidly, so if you  plan on attending, get your tickets early,  they are available at Seaview Market at  $3.50.  DAZE ART POSTER WINNERS  -The   children   at   Roberts   Creek  Elementary School did such  beautiful  posters for the Daze poster contest that  final decisions were extremely difficult.  The winners are: Jeni Boser and Jodi  Eldred from the kindergarten class., Joe  Parker and Ricky Fosberry from Grade  one, Susanna Barret and Debbie-Arnold,  grade two, Jasmine Poirier, grade three,  Debbfe Gibb, grade six, and Tina  Willqughby from grade seven.  Prizes are $5 fun certificates for the  Roberts Creek Daze celebration and can  Dave Hayward reminds us that he still  For all those holiday photos you plan to  take this summer, we have many sizes of  albums, magnetic and otherwise. Come in  and choose. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  VISTA  IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS LTD  PAINTING - RENOVATING  CONSTRUCTION -LANDSCAPING  !ONE CALL DOES IT ALL  ii  4344145  885-5087  HaHmoon Bay happenings  Shriners' gift  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479  ear Yel Hear Ye!  PUBLIC MEETING SCHEDULE  SHRINERS TO THE RESCUE  ' Nine-year old Erin Kelly, who has just  completed Grade 3 at the Halfmoon Bay  School, is a good and enthusiastic student  but he has a physical handicap which does  not allow him to walk, run and play as  - be_picked un at thf^e^t^���^  ^.^���^^iTp^^^ ^"XTmAAkiA    Erln was presented with an electric wheel  special. The convenors would be grateful  for donations of home baking and garden ���  produce and items for the white elephant.  and book stalls. Volunteers who would be  prepared to help should contact Grace  Rutherfordat 885-9672 OTEeggiLCojiflorat--  REGIONAL BOARD  lulu 13+lV P'ann'n9    Committee   '-    Regular    Board  lUly lOin  Meeting. 7:30 pm, SCRD Board Rm.  JulV 20th   Pol,lk  U,ilities Meeting,  7:30  pm.  SCRD  J Board Rm.  July 27th Re9U,or Board Meet&g. ?:3o pm, scRDr*  Board Rm.  "."THEDAZE". Thanks to the students who  participated.in the contest.  The   posters " will   be   on   display  throughout the peninsula in various malls  and shops.  DAZE COMMITTEE MEETING  There will be a general meeting of the  Robert Creek Daze Committees on  Wednesday, July 5, at 8 p.m. at the  Roberts Creek Community Hall. We ask  all those concerned to please attend as this  I bathe at nine. . .with any luck you'll  manage *- "  Kick the boys.. .beat the doggie but MINE  is at nine.  Whilst discussing bathing. . .the caps and  the-towels *  Back at the heads, seven's Dad's time for  bowels.  You don't have to thank us or laugh at our"  jokes- -������  Who the hell asked you here to eat artichokes?  The soup in the pot. . . a'boiling and  scumming  Might afford you a reason for avoidance of  -slumming  Sea and Fish at our door along with the  wolves.  Sit deep and come often but we're fresh out  of loaves."  BOOBIE BAND RENEGES  Verbal agreements have always been  effective in the past, but this time Blue  is the last chance to coordinate our  -tivities-f or- the -big-' <Daze":   '(Annie Dempster is on holiday.)  ac-  chair which has given him an independence and mobility which he has  never known before. He immediately  made his first independent-and unaided  visit to his good neighbours the Bob  Trousdells, delighted that he did not have-  to ask a member of his family to push bis  wheel chair. He was taken down to Sechelt  Elementary School which he will be attending for Grade 4 next fall and found to  his joy that with the aid of his wheel chair  Weather report  Weather June 24-30 Lo    Hi Prec.  mm  June24 > 13      17      0.3  June25 13      18     nil  June26 12      20     nil'  June 27 13      23     nil  June28 14'    23     nil  June 29 14      19      0.3  June30 14      19      0.3  Week's rainfall ��� 1.9 mm. June ��� 35.6  mm. 1978 to date ��� 66.74 cm.  June 24-30,-1977 ��� 0.3 mm. June, 1977 ���  31.0 mm. Jan.-June 30, 1977 ��� 45.70 cm.  This June was wetter than last year's  but below the 17-year average of 45.7 mm.  In those 17 years, the wettest June was  1973 with 105.4 and the driest was 1965 with  17.3 mm. The daytime high last month was  27 and the overnight, low was 8. Comparative figures for June, 1977 25 and 6v;  ^..hecod^nego^  part of the school where he would need to  .go.  The good Samaritan who started all  this is Brian Christensen, who is the father  of Erin's school friend, Bret, Brian, who is  a member of the Gizeh Shrine Temple in  Burnaby, thought this was a case where  the Shriners could give a helping hand.  The result of his intervention was that  Erin has spent three weeks in the Shrine  Hospital in Portland undergoing tests and  treatments and has returned home with  the Shriners' gift, the wheel chair, which is  going to enrich and broaden his life. So this  week's Bouquet, and a mighty big one at  that, goes to Brian Christensen and the  Gizeh Shrine Temple.  COUNTRY FAIR  It's time for our readers to put on their  thinking caps and plan their entries for the  parade which will open the Country Fair at  Cooper's Green on Saturday, July 22.- This  year the categories will include a family  entry, so here's'a��� chance for momf, dad  and the young fry to think-up something  AWARDS DAY  Awards day at the Halfmoon Bay  School was on June 29 when Patrick Murphy presented the academic award to Bret  Christensen. The winners of the athletic^  awards were Kenny Sorensen and  Gabrielle King, with Dawn Goodman  receiving a special award. Mrs. Thea  Leuchte presented her personal arts  award to Casey Packer and gifts to the six  students who would be 'cantiiping their  schooling at SechelL/nam/ly, Casey  ���"Parker,���tt���t~'Mmmu&eiiyMRffim'e~~  KteselbacliTCyflttfia Wickwire, Erin Kelly  and Jamie Graham.  HERE AND THERE  Mrs. Andre Martel of Southwood has  lost her cockatoo and asks that anybody  who knows the whereabouts of the bird  should telephone her at 885-9764. It is a  white bird, just like the get of Baretta in  the TV program.  Mr. & Mrs. William Miller of Portland,  Oregon, were in Redrooffs for Jhe.  celebration of their 63rd. wedding'' an-'  niversary. They were guests at the home  of their daughter, Aileen-Garnet. Mrs.  Margaret Connor of^ Calgary, while  visiting at the home of her son,  Cliff'  "Connor, received a telephone call advising her of the birth of her eleventh  great-grandchild, born to her granddaughter,  Terry  Styles  of   Calgary.  ^Gabrielle King of Maple Ridge, was a  guest at the Roland Hawes home while her  parents were on a trip to Switzerland. Ross  Conquest in St. Mary's Hospital is showing  'some improvement. " --"  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  JlllV 18th   Counc'l meeting, 7:00 p.m., Municipal Hall  Gibsons.  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Rlsbey,  ___JWS:2J0t;  #*.��***�����*�� WiJ^S."*>.��  ��� ���   I.     t  -���* .*rn��A''^*V�� / I-  Page A-*>  ine jfeninsula Times  Wednesday, July 5,1978  Around Pender Secondary  Student awards presented June 29  yz>*  =A^VIEW   OF   THE  PROPOSED   Soames  Road.   Regional . directors   referendum in Area F an offer to sell  Soames -Point^Park  located  on   recently    approved    taking    to   the waterfront property for $200,000.  The Garden Corner  Transplanting arbutus  By Guy Symonds  care  society to be formed  A steering committee has been chose'n  to organize the formation of a society for  ...the^utpose^f^uUding-^indjoperatihg.an,.  . This week brings the pleasant task of  acknowledging a letter from a reader who  found interest in the story about the arbutus. , _,  Mrs Hazel Evans, now a resident of  Port Coquitlam, formerly lived on the  Porpoise Bay Road up the hill from the  wharf.  During the 23 years she lived there she  says she tried unsuccessfully many times  to transplant small arbutus trees. Finally  she struck on a procedure that gave her  100 percent success-with seven or eight  seedlings. She used sand, obtained locally  for the growing medium and acting apparently on instinct piled little pieces of  broken granit around them. Her theory is  that the stone-supplied some mineral  matter that the trees need. Anyone living  in the neighbourhood of 1445 Porpoise Bay  Road might be interested in taking a look  and letting Mrs. Evans know, via this  column, if the trees are stilTthefe,  This writer's location is in_the_ Gospel  Rock area where there is a regular forest  . pf arbutus and where the hillside is a mass  of fractured granite so Mrs. Evan's theory  may have some substaitce.  Well, here we are just starting on  summer according to the calendar, but we  certainly seem to be further along the       Tnis -s       ^   f whflt m- ft be  -season-than-thatHudgmg-by-the^garden ^ssfiffllcswies \if^ommenisabtfif^aTis  growth.' Probably this is because it has   sporadic series ot commen&abQUtwnat is  of wet newspaper in the bottom of the hole  when transplanting tomatoes is being  watched. Another small experiment will  see a canteloupe plant that has been raised  Indoors set out in a sunny spot and well  supplied _,with hufrius;. This, for this gardener, is something new.-  So "the crown of the year", harvest  time, is upon us and soon we shall be  planning and preparing for another  season. Most important of these plans is  aimed at returning to the land the values  taken away in production of the food we  enjoy. It will be time to think of sowing fall  rye to keep the values there from  being leached away; it will be time to set  the compost heap in order, and (time to  prepare ourselves to take part in another  returning miracle).  intermediate care facility for the Sechelt  area.  The new society will be called Sechelt  Intermediate Care Housing and is being  established by Jean Todd, Marie Montgomery, Gordon Hall, Dave Poig Sr. and  Peggy Connor. A,  The society is being formed because  federal and provincial funding regulations  disallow the St. Mary's Hospital Society  from funding eligibility for the project.  If the society's  application  is ;suc-!~^lhlry ~tothe ^{m Br7'n2- Ngncy  By APRIL EDWARDSON ~  On June 29, P.H.S.S. awards day was-  held. The students of P.H.S.S., parents,  and visitors gathered at the Legion Hall in  Madeira Park, Branch 112. Many students  were~awarded~f or_special "achievements"  they have done in the past year.  Opening statements- were made- by  principal Mr. Frank Holmes. The awards  were as follows: ^  Department awards: Art-Alex Muncaster, Business Education-Riccoh  Talento, Enterprise Program���Mike  Thompson, French���Sharon MacKay and  Mrs. Iren Temple, Home economics���  Kathy Lloyd, Math��� Junior���Riccoh  Talento, Senior��� Russell Cameron,  Science��� Kathy Lloyd.  Achievement: These following students  did not miss one day,JLhevinne Talento,  Gail Scoular, and Danny Fielding.  These following students were on the  first class honour roll all year���Kathy  Lloyd, Riccoh Talento, and Lisa Garrison.  Sports awards: Every year P.H.S.S.  has a sports day and a trophy is given out  to the winning team. I go into more detail  of this later in this column. The .trophy ..  went to Hidia this year and" representing  Hidia this year was Bill Charlton.  Service Awards: Debbie Carswell  handed down Student Council gavel to  Pam Muller. Sharon MacKay got the  annual service award. Special service  went to Terry Barsloux, Nancy Cameron,  Russell Cameron, Debbie Carswell, April  Edwardson, Sharon MacKay, Tony Potts.  Outstanding service award went to,  Debbie Carswell.  Outstanding athlete awards went to  Yvonne Campbell, Francis Fleming  (Female,) and Russell Cameron/ Bernie  Vallee (Male). Outstanding Sports-  .jnanshap���awa��day^^  * -Outstanding Scholastic awards: A.L.  Thompson���Kathy Lloyd, Junior���Riccoh  Talento, Senior��� Kathy Lloyd.  Michael Klein Memorial award (for  extraordinary effort, determination, attitude  and  achievement (  Donna   Win-  . Chester.   . ��� .'���������.���. ' $&>  top all Round student: Debbie Car-  swell. -_  Scholarship and Bursary awards:  Lions Club���Kathy Lloyd, Pender Harbour  Credit Union ��� Linda Christen, Ladies  er-ptn���      .   this year's sports banquet ."Most valuable  player awards  for field hockey  were  presented to: Yvonne Campbell, Ruby and  Kevin Newcombe.'  Basketball:  -���i  Midget girls���most valuable player;.  Donna Bosh, most sportsmanlike player;  Wendy "Lee and most improved player;  Gail Schoular.    ' /-~ -^  ,  Midget boys���most valuable player;  Bob Toth, mc^st] sportsmanlike player;  Danny Reid and most improved player;  Bruce Bilcik.  Junior   girls���mW*   valiiahlo   playac^���  Correen Brown, most sportsmanlike  player; Patti Reid and most improved  player; Mary Howitt.  Senior Girls���most valuable player;  Kathy Lloyd, moist sportsmanlike player;  Debbie Carswell and most improved  player; April Edwardson. -  Senior boys���most valuable player;  Russel   Cameron,   most   sportsmanlike  player; Tony Potts and most improved  player; Earl Antilla.    ;  Soccer: v       /   '  Most     valuable     player���Russel  -Cameron. Honorable mention.tpBohToth :  "and Bill Charlton; ^ -    -^  Track and Field:  Most valuable player-r-Dana Bosh.  Badminton:  Most valuable player���Riccoh Talento. :  OUR NEW SCHOOL  This is the last report until school  opens. Basically, all site work is going to"  be done this summer along with the installation of flag poles, light standards and  totem poles." By the middle of this month  cabinets and walls will be finished and the  remainder--oLthe_J>bar_installed. Plumbing fixtures.heating and air conditioning  units and miscellaneous mechanical  works Will also be installed this summer.'"  The schedule for completion is September  .5, barring any unforeseen delays, r  I would like to thank Mr. Bone, foreman  of the new school project, for sparingtime  to talk to me. I would also like.to thank  everyone who "has helped me witfa-m^-  column.  Pitch-ln*78  fftay 8-M, 1978  SUNSHINE COAST  PEST CONTROL  We offer a  Complete Pest  Control Service  For confidential advice  and estimate call  883-2531  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER F/^RiCATOR���INDUSTWAL & MARINE  Box 1235 EAST PORPOISE BAY^ROAD    :        " Busfi985^9244  Sechelt, B.CrvpN3A0 1     Res: 885-2686  cessful, capital works financing will be  handled by the Central Mortgage and  Housing Corporation and operating funds  will be provided by the provincial  government.  .  Society organizers are proposing a 50 or  70 bed facility on hospital, land.  Country notes  Two  By John Hind Srnithf  been a very useful���and attractive-  spring and early summer with the growing  season well advanced and no checks. In  fact, if memory serves this is about the  only time in this gardener's experience  that the first of the early peas (Carter's  Kelvedin Wonder) has passed their peak,  in fact completed their production,,before  happening in.the world around us, here in  the Sunshine Coast. Wildlife and environmental subjects will be covered and  this is an invitation to anyone who has  anything in these particular fields which  they think would be of interest to others, to  phone me at 886-994$.  As a starter, I would like to hand out  two bouquets,'one to B.C. Hydro, of all  the.broad beans are ready for the picking.      ol   and ^ othep tQ^&K Logging  forking the hoe constantly it Is really >*Swentf0ra walk along the Hydro right  quite amazing to find the subsurface as  damp,as it is. The effect of maintaining a  fine mulch dust is quite extraordinary as  beneath that hot dust the soil is pleasantly  cool and moist, If, however, one is trying  for another crop of anything that lias to bo  seeded it must be borne, In. mind', that  germination depends very largely on the  presence of moisture, and It Is no good  sowing in a heap of warm dust. This  gardener's practice, and It seems .suc  cessful, is to water the area well May or could ^ [hls mi o[ m r an  soaheado seeding and then work the soil tne wNJ0 length of the rlght-ol-w*  as It dries Into an acceptable seedbed. Tho       Thnnks   Mr   Hinwh   fnr nr  smaller the seeds the finer must be the  bed' so that contact between the seed and '  the soli is maintained at all times/ This  kind of advice, sound enough for our light  Handy soils Is not good for land that hns a  high proportion of clay. Working wet clay  produces only hard knobby lumps that aro  just about impossible to break up without  ' tho use of a sledge hammer. So it Ih a  matter of using Judgement to meet the  conditions prevailing* - . -> .,���w   So far tho depredations of Insects In the  vegetable garden arc at nmlnlmum; The  ,, slugs stay under cover In tho heat of tho  day and cannot travel that far at night to  got to the vegetables, providing of courso  that ono has removed tho cover thoy noed  far enough away from their goal. Spraying  with mntludlon has kept the groon peas  free of the worm tiiaf can ruin the best  crop, and diazonon has fended off tho fly  .. that attacks radlshoH, carrots and flummor  turnips. Combined with llttlo nquaro�� of  plastic round the utorns, dlaznnon granuloH ',  at planting tlmo havo defeated tho  machinations of tho cut worm. Also, this  gardener's contention that pests first fio  for the poor, weakly growth may havo  somo support becnuuo AvorythlnR hns  responded so woll to tho good gardon  ' wcathpr wo havo enjoyed Oils season,  With no water supply readily avallablo  , to our particular vegetable area It may not  lie possible to keep the growth happy and  continuous' howovor..much   shallow  .' cultivation Ih dono. Tho liberal uho of'  fnUAhrooni'eolnpoHt Is paying off and. flh  . experiment. ^Jwrovwd i^ that Kraut-     ��� WwWhW M V Clidfttttut) of putting itfmT  of-wpy inthe vicinity of Homesite Creek,,  to the wEst of Halfmoon Bay, recently and  was pleasantly surprised to find, not a  brown crisp_ scene of desolation, as one  expects to find in these days of 2,4-D etc,  but a colourful and to mc rather beautiful,  landscape. The foxgloves were at their  best and the whole area was a mass of  colour; The alders had been hand slashed  and this had let more light into the low  growing plants. Wouldn't it be nice if we  and down  way!  Thanks, Mr, Hensch, for providing  some pleasure to one of your frequent  critics.  1'he second bouquet goes to I,&K  Logging for tho groat Job they have dono  rc-routlnf? Ouletto Creek, The creek was  diverted Into its now channel last week and  Itay Kraft a��kcd mo If I could get a fow  Wildlife Club members together to help  rescue somo of tho salmon fry and cut-,  throat trout which were stranded ln the  pools below where the creek was diverted.  I wli^^  members but did,, thanks to Mr. Reid of  Gibsons Elementary School, tike seven  students from the Grade 7 class along.  We managed to salvage a few little fish  and transfer them to their new home, but  our equipment was rather primitive and  they had done a real good job long before  we arrived, but they did not discourage us,  and I think they were pleased to see the  children getting involved in something like  this. Needless to say, so was I.  L & K scepi to have made a really nice  job of the new channel, putting ih logs to  form pools and planting the banks with  new trees, They flew in a special crew to  do the planting. Although the whole thing  looks a bit barren now it won't take long  for the alders and plants to re-establish  themselves and the end result will be a  credit to the company. There is talk of an  iipwclling box and this with the spawning  channel, should go to mako this, a very  productive little creek.  The whole thing goes to prove that,  industry and,tho environment can get  along together with a little co-operation on  both sides and some thoughtful planning  on the part of everyone concerned.  Cameron, Royal Canadian Legion Br.  112��� Linda' Christen, Rebekah Lodge-  April Edwardson, School District No. 46  Sechelt Debbie Carswell and Sechelt  Teachers' Association���Debbie Carswell.  GRAD LOTTERY *  -w,  The winners' of Pender grad club's  lottery are $200���Barbara Iverson, $300 ���  Sheila Munro, and $500���Mrs. Nuttall of  Garden Bay. As an interesting note, one of  this year's grads,'Debbie Hanna, is the  ^first grad of a grad from Pender Secon-  dary,her mother graduated 1959 -  NATIVE STUDIES PROGRAMS  Two of, our: students who applied for  admission into the Native Environmental  -Studies Program to commence this  September at Deserted Bay, have been  accepted, they are Bruce Richardson;  '. and -Noel Potter,--   _-p_^4-_-^__^__  SPORTSDAY  This years sports day was divided up  into one and a half days. Tuesday, June 12  in the afternoon there was water sports  consisting of log burling, canoe-races,  swimming races, inner tube races and a  run by two teams from Ruby I^ake to  P.H.S.S. Mr.:Bryant of Ruby Lake"Motel  and Restaurant donated the canoes.  Thanks go to Shirley Vader, Diane Gough,  Robie, Peters and John Hansen for being  lifeguards.  Wednesday, June III was a day of  basball, track and field, soccer, grass  hockey, baskqtball and volleyball,  the idea behind Sports Day is to get  school spirit up. The school Is divided up  into two teams that compete against each  other. This year Hidia overtook Nootka 639'  to 596. ,     ��� '    \  >'Babo" Pratt was tho special guest at  The  HI  Just $33.25   ''"''.k:.  ���   Per Person double, occupancy  A ���      '  Frorn Jan. 1, 1978 to June 1, 1978  3days2nites  ��� plus *-  ��� BREAKFAST 2 MORNINGS AND A FULL  .:���'..���:.-���   COURSE STEAK DINNER IN HY'S AT THE-SANDS  ��� "���    ���WHO SAYS it:-TAKES A LOT OF MONEY A -   A  TO HAVE A.GOOD TIME?.  FOft RESERVATIONS  ^60*682*1831  collector  04-51161 Telex  The  By The Sea  1755 DAVIE STREET, VANCOUVER, B.C,  V6G1W5       )".'     PHONE (6,04) 682-1831  On Enyllsh Bay Al'Sjnnley Park  ���mmw*^  TED PRYSTAY manager  \  \ "  .W.nVrVV  '  *<;  Some people might, bo Interested to know  that tho herons aro back In tho so-called  Howo Sound heronry, after abandoning tho  ���site for somo time. They hnvo laid a lot of  npw ogga Howt) may see somo young onca  In due rourso,  ���  "V||  oh  FOUNDED UPON  DIGNITY - COURTESY - INTEGRITY  "Our aim Ii to provide dlgnlflod, offlcUnt sorvlco  to moot tho noodi of oach family wo torvo,"  .,M*  Dan Devlin  Funoral Dlroctor * Embo)m��r  Soavlow Rd., Glbions  pwe������ :  ?!  ,X  am  flf  as��!uii��wii��p  006-9551  *.*,  r��r(  &  \*\f'\m  H *"     * m>m.  'W  GARDEN BAY MARINE SERVICES LTD.  SINCLAIR BAY RD.-JUST UP & OVER THE HILL  883-2722 or NIGHTS 883-2602  Immediate Repair Service-7 Days A Week  VOLVO/PENTA-HOURSTON GLASCRAFT-EZ LOAD-  z=    = =MERCRUISER-CHR��StER  fo��sal�� ^" ~~ ~  15' 6" "Sidewing" Hourston Glascraft (new) - $3000  42' Sailboat "Sen Falcon" (unrigged ferrocement) $35,000  18' Sabrecraft 140 Merc-$4900  IV K&C Thermoglass  115 HP Evinrude-$3000  ���MC.X.".  p^^\  ...,;  ffl   "������%��� '���  ��***I������*(M*J"-(*W�� ���  �� ^HAjswlt   ^nf*  *+ ~  i   If ^ft *(u*JI*1��*f *-��Wtlifi(��l|W��>t* (SHI* Vt^rtfiKl^lf     .  V ��*t  y��1(|   f��tHil��tBA)8��*����*!W��i<'��   tla'm'Hri "nff"** '*6\  ��.,u  u* * "    MS^ "..*&*& -rX  s  X  .p\). .L.  \ ���      <  Softball and baseball standings  , MINOR BASEBALL  ,  FINAL STANDINGS  T-BALL  June 19  Legion 219 default to Gibsons Athletic  IOF  .: .7 34  Royal Bank.._...��� 34  Team W  L  T  Gibsons Athletic 12    1  ���  Legion 219 ;7    5   ���  Royal Bank 3    8,    1  IOF  7. 2   10    1  MINI BRONCO  ^trae-19   ^J^WS&V  w  ^smmmm  :k��A,ffX%,t ^j.  Section B  Wednesday, July 5, 1978  SET AND ready Delta Angel Garth  Larkin puts out Elphinstones' Collie  Molnnis on first during the bottom of  the first inning in the opening game of  ttie Mens Fastball tournament at  Brothers Park on Saturday, July 1  Legonl09 <. 36  Secheltl 16 '  Kinsmen '. 12  Sechelt2 10  June 21  Secheltl 12  Kinsmen 10  Team W  L  T  Legionl09 9    1    1  Kinsmen 7    4    1  Secheltl , 2    6  -  "Sechelt 2. ~ ���   7 ���  \ "BRONCO  ~JuneJ8_A__<.   GiBsonsAthletic  : 17  Elphinstone Rec   13  ;jJune 19  Gibsons Athletic 24  .Sechelt ." 8  Team - ���    W L  T  Gibsons Athletic 7 2  ���  Elphinstone Rec 7 3  -  Sechelt ��� 9  -  GIRLS SOFTBALL  June 20    Elphinstone Rec 14  Leionl09 .....' 12  MINI BRONCO  June 23  Legion 109' \ 24  Sechelt2 :../.' 14  Kinsmen  .- 24  Secheltl .-...., 15  June! 24  Consolation Final  SechelUTTT.7; 14  Sechelt2 /. \ ~"T\ 12  Winners Bracket  Legk>nl09 ]....' 13  Kinsrnen 12 / \ .12  Finals  Legion 109  Kinsmen  Sechelt 1  Seehdkt-2  GIRLS SOFTBALL  June 22  Legibnl09 17  Elphinstone Rec 13  June_2J 4~  Sechelt : 16  Legion 109 - 12  -Sechelt'   19  Elphinstone Rec  .18  Finals r  Sechelt  Legion 109  Elphinstone Rec.  LADIES SOFTBALL  June 25  Roberts Creek ..;......; 19  Sunshine Motors  .3  Cedars Inn 9.  Roberts Creek 8  Cedars Inn 18  Sechelt Legion  8  Finals  "Cedars Inn���v   Roberts Creek  Sunshine Motors  Sechelt Legion .    '  Trail Bay  Pender Harbour  .Advertisings  is your way  of introduction.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD"  BLACKCURRANTS  Pick Your Own  6571b.  Ready Picked...9571b.  TONY ARCHER FRESH VEGETABLES  886-7046 7  Team  W  L  T  Pages. 1-8  Sports briefs  Tennis lessons  By Rick Crosby  Fastball victory   ��rHec:       H: NEW BOATS ��� USED BOATS    SILVERLINE & LUND ���  Mercury-Outboards & Mercruiser      ���  Roadrunner Trailers ���   -GENE OPPERMAN   goes to Angels  The ' Sunshin^- Coast tennis  professionals will hold their third series of  lessons on Tuesday, July 11, Thursday,  July 13, Tuesday, July 18 and Thursday,  July 20.      ? L  Classes on these days will be held in the  following time slots: adults, 10 a.m.-li:30-  a.m.; juniors, 3:30 p.m.- $ p.m.; adulfe, 5  p.m.-6:30 p.m. and experienced adults,  6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.  Cost of the lessons is $24 per person for  the series. To register, call 886-7139 or 886-  7361. ������'.',."'.      ' """'".        "'*"" :'.������  SAILING  Regular sailing club races will resume  'on Jidy 30 at the Porpoise Bay campsite.  Anyone wanting to use the buoys, an-,  chor, ropes or flags fdr racing may make  arrangements by phoning 885-9440.  SCHOOL SPORTS  'Eight girls and boys softball teams  from Langdale, Madeira Park and Sechelt  . elementary schools, took part' in, an  elementary school softball tournament on  Monday, June 19. Langdale and Sechelt  won the event.  LADffiS GOLF  The Sunshine Coiast ladies team lost 38-  35 to the Squamish ladies team at an invitational match played at Squamish on  Thursday, June 16.  Lil Bullied, Kay Budd, Lll Fraser,  Norma Gaines, Helen Milburn, Vera  Munroe; Audrey McKenzie and Jessie  Pritchard represented the Sunshine Coast  golf club at Squamish.  On Tuesday, June ,20, the ladles club  held a mixed draw and white elephant  sale. ,    ...  Adeline Clark, Mardl Scot and Olive  Shaw played well In'the 18 hole match,  Vona Clayton won tho nine hole match,  Marg Matthews came second and Lila  Trott, third,  - On Thursday, June 22, ladles from tho  Sunshine Coast third team beat the  Squamish ladles third team 42Mj - 2Wt at  an Invitational tournament played nt tho  Sunshlno Coast golf course.  Munro, Wilma Sims and Jessie Pritchard  played for the Sunshine Coast.  On Tuesday, June 22, Glenna Salahub  won the club Pin Round, Doreen Gregory  was second.  The nine hole low gross match was won  by^Jay. Townsend. Eleanor Dann came,  Second. *   "  Special thanks goes to George Lieth  and his stafrfor the luncheon and to Eric  and the crew for looking after the course.  MEN'GOLF  "GlyriDavies won the Men's Medal play  on Sunday, July 2, at the Sunshine Coast  golf course with a low net 59.  -Second low net was Frank Lewis,  shooting'ja 62. Third low gross was Chris  Kankainen with 72.  Bill Fraser and Ed Mcllwaine won the  hidden hole on the 14th hole.  On Saturday, July ,1, one of the more  regular players drove his second shot on  the seventh fairway into the lake. Then he  drove his third shot into the lake. When he  went to have a look, he bent over too far  and he went into the lake. No name.  FIGURE SKATING  Cheryl Douglas, Shellie Brown, Cheryl^  Esselmount, Joanne Sigioun and Linda  Leitner attended spring skating lessons at  the North Shore Winter club.  Elizebeth Corban, Rhonda Doyle, Anita  Fischer, and Louise Higgs have completed .  lessons at the Hollyburn skating club.  RIDING CLUB  The Timber Trail Riding Club meets on  Wednesday, July 5; 8 p.m, at the Sechelt/  Rod and Gun Club.  Topics to be discussed are land clearing  dates, up and coming Roberts Creek-Dazo  festivities and a tentative horcshpw.  FISHING /  Gower Point and CampByng huve  picked up nicely this past/week. A 22-  pound spring was caughLoff Camp Byng  on Saturday, July 1.    /  Coho aro coming In off-Gower Point.  Up at Pendor Harbour, Duncan's Covo  reports a bit of n^ilowdown last week.  Coho are bebig taken over by Texada  The Delta Angels won the Men's  Fastball tournament held at Brothers  Park on July 1-2, beating Cedprs Inn in the  second game of the finals.  ,  Delta hadn't lost a game up to the first  game of the finals when Cedars Inn.beat  them 1-0. Cedars Inn had lost one game to  Delta on Saturday, July 2. Delta clinched  the victory beating Cedars Inn 11-1.  "An all-around good tournament," in  the words of Cedars Inn player Bob  . Crosby. "The weather was excellent and  we had good support from local fans."  On Saturday, Delta beat Elphinstone 7-  1, Cedars Inn beat Powell River 6-4,  Texada Island beat the Hobbits 12-6,  Powell River beat Elphinstone 12-8 and  Delta beat Cedars Inn 10^4.  On Sunday, Powell River beat Hobbits  8-6, Delta beat Texada Island 7-0 and     ,   .  Cedars beat Powell River 6-0. /W10"  In the semi-finals on Sunday afternoon, / *OF  Cedars Inn beat Texada Island 4-2.      /  Royal Bank  In the finals, Cedars Inn Beat Delta l4  then Delta beat Cedars Inn 11-1.       /'���  The Men's Fastball League will/play  through July and August .towards the  Regional finals later this summed  LADffiS SOFTBALL  June 20  Roberts Creek ... ^ .J16  Sechelt Legion ....** 5  Cedars Inn 21  Pender Harbour   0  MINOR BASEBALL PLAYOFFS  T-BALL  June 23  Legion219 *? 29  Royal Bank  .25  Gibsons Athletic    ��� 28  IOF  24  June 24 L./^*^  Consolation Final  ^  IOF  26  Royal Bank  24  Winners Bracket  Gibsonis Athletic 25  ,Legion219 24.  Finals  Gibsons Athletic  26 Years Experience  GUARANTEED SERVICE WORK  ll  Madeira Park 883-2248  ���/  Pitch-lnTO  Kttp"/  Bflli/h Columbia  Bcoutlful  .       ������ BRONCO  June 23  Elphinstone Rec........,,       .... 14  Gibsons Athletic ../... ���......;..,. yry ..9  June 24 ,  Elphinstone Rec... , ..',. 12  Sechelt ......; 11  Gibsons Athletic .,, 15  Sechelt 10  Finals  Elphinstone Rec.  Gibsons Athletic -  Sechelt  NEPTUNE POOL SUPPLIES  Now is the time to get your  swimming pool into shape!  We have a full stock of chlorine  & chemicals to help you.  Chemicals, Test kits & refills, Brushes,  Skimmers, Vacuum Hose etc.  also  PARTS & SERVICE  After 5 p.m. Weekdays.  ON NORTH ROAD, SOUTH OF CHAMBERLIN RD.  All Day Sat. & Sun.  / 886-2103  Port Mellon Industries  GIBSONS CREDIT. UNION  Offering  PENALTY-FREE MORTGAGES  Penalty-Free Mortgages  [High Ratio & Conventional]  Kay Bud, Ellc<?ni Evans,,Lll,Frascr,,���Jsland..Anl8-jp4iM)id.8prlnB.wascaugliUfL..  Dorcbn Gregory, Norma Gaines, Vera   Fcarncfy Point last week.  Village of Gibsons  BOOKKEEPER  Applications will be received by the undersigned up to 4:30  p.m. July 10th, 1978 for the position of bookkeeper. The successful  applicant will hav* th* ability to assume responsibility for th*  recording of cash receipts and disbursements, payroll, billing, bank  reconciliations and postings to the general ledger.  p /Applications In writing should state qualifications, experience,  availability, references and other pertinent Information. Salary It  commensurate with experience and qualifications.  w,-i:'.-*.-M,&iwW*-mrm'LV*i*^T-''��'-'',i''<��i"->vm^K��^-*^w-i*^%  j* of Gibsons,  ~~ p.or Box** 340r*"~~ t���  Gibsons, B.C.   VON IVO  *,i >'.��*'*i^%.'  ��  m^m..-, {/ ���'������ ���' '  ,' v*^r",',\  \  W������M^jf<'^^Wf��i^hS^^tp?^,����^J  jiia��^mttW!nwW;*W(*^^*^'^'*i^^^HI*l'�� t ���*>���" "  k <w>��i*xt��nii��^n.ii?, hw!***""*^  *r WWiijnf��"��i(i[WS ��*te *  MWp*t"**iW|l����"��lf  SMWWWWX***'* ����BtWM'*h|fcfi��*wrtmW  ^��*W��HK^J%^tiVi!B��i^W"i^V^��' *df*��ff-w ���  ^IWi'iWB.-WVMItfS-^'**!** ��  N#��WM BWWiSi (tWWJrtWiJI** !frt*WiW"Mwil ***<��-'* ��(  n^N" /.'��� .  -b  \  A"  t  ..V  PHONE 885-3231  TagefoZ    'Phe Peninsula Times     Wed, July 5,1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  .  Phone 885-3231  Help Wanted  Real Estate  Cars and Trucks  Boats and Engines       Wanted to Buy  For Sale  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  '   at Sechelt, B.C.  -EstabtrelWm3  Deaths,    Card    of    Thanks,    Ir.'  Memoriam,      Marriage      and  Engagement  Notices  are  $7,00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  "after that. Four words  per  line.  7300 Copies Distributed  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  A One Insertion $2.15  Three Insertions $4.30  Extra Lines (4 words)  60c  Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extra  Legal or Reader advertising  per agate line.  30c  Birth Notices, Coming Events  ���-   take regular classified rates.  Ad-Brlefs must be paid for in  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  to receive cash discount.  \        Subscription Rates:  By, Mall:  local Area $7.00 yr.  Outside Local Area .... $8.00 yr.  U.S.Af $10.00yr.  Overseas $11.00 yr.  Senior Citizens,  Local Area  $6.00  Single Copies 15c ea.  MATURE STUDENTS! Earn  $6 to $7 per hour plus bonus  with interesting summer.  work. Write Fuller Brush Co.,  Box 108, c-o 808, 207 West  Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.  _ViBB-lH7-<)i^Mr-r^V��iamondr"  General Delivery, Station 'R\  Kelowna, B.C. V1X 4K3. 4670-  tfn  FORD  9846.  COMET,  $2,000.  885-  4885-32  ^c  BUY NOW. Large 3 bdrm  home'in Village of Sechelt -  ensuite, 2 fireplaces, dining  room, cedar feature walls, fuU  basement, view. Ph. 885- v... .��� , �����,���     ������������  .3^5^___________jfn__3rWjam  BEAUTIFUfLL  clean  1975  Chrysler, New    Yorker  26 FT. REINELL sailboat. -3  sails,    trailer,    15    hp  Evinrude. $9,900,886-9984. .  4967-tfn  WANTED - Used head for 110  HP inboard-outboard Volvo  Marine motor. Ph 886-8039 or  886-2013. . 4879-32  BAR-SIZE FRIDGE, wood  grain'finish, good cond' $50.  Large oil heater, works .well,  $25.Ph,885-9288.'  -      4840-32  Coming Events  CATTLEMEN! No matter  . what your breed preference,  be sure and come to the 4th-  International Pinzgauer  Congress, Calgary, July 12 to  16. An international panel of  speakers will be featured  along with a show and sale.  Write or call for breed information and congress activities and tours. Canadian  Pinzgauer Association, 401 -  604 - 1st St., SW, Calgary, Alta.  T2P 1M7. Phone (403) 265-  -7236.������-������������4940-32-  Personal  DONATIONS TO the  Canadian Cancer Society  are gratefully acknowledged  and will be devoted solely to  -cancer research. Donations  should.be addressed to the  Canadian Cancer Society, c-o  Mrs. A.J. Hatcher, Madeira  Park. Cards are sent to the  bereaved and receipts for ���  income tax purposes are sent  to the donors. 4968-31  TALL, SLIM, well-groomed  middle-aged gent, tired of  being-alone, wishes companionship of gal 48-55 interested in travelling and  enjoying life. Prefer someone  feminine and not the drip-dry  polyester pantsuiter. Snap  appreciated. Replies  respected in strictest confidence. Box 310-M, Sechelt.  "4959-33  PHOTOGRAPHS published'in;  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office.        1473-tfn  ALCOHOLICS anonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. every  Wednesday, Madeira Park  Community Hall. 883-9260 or  883-9238; ~   ���- 4452-TFN  Work Wanted  JOURNEYMAN Shipwright  seeks work. Exp. in all'  aspects boatbuilding; house  carpentry & cabinet work.  Reliable worker, reas. rates.  , For free est, & professional  job call Allan May, 885-5765.  , 4578-tfn  RAGING CRANE  CONSTUCTION  Framing and renovations  Free RRAP estimates.  885-5677 eves  or 885-5055 eves.  4334-tfn  Use Times Adbriefs I  Work Wanted  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT   '  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, insured work?  ���Prompt, guaranteed service?  ���Fair estimates?  Then give us a call: "  PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD.    ���  _ ,   ,     88WJ109       75Mta  THUNDERPAINTIN&r-: '.-^  residential, commercial" ���  "Free-estimatesrbest-pricesT-  Ph, 885-3301. '   4784-34  ULTRA DECK  ,     byTrodan  "Tne ultimate in fiberglass  sundecks"  ,  886-2953  4487-tf  CLAPP CONCRETE  Placing and Finishing  All Types.of Concrete Work  Patios, Floors, Foundations ���  Driveways, Custom Work  Prompt Service  Free Estimates  Box 1341 Sechelt  . 885-2125  4429-tf  EVERGREEN  LANDSCAPING  Complete landscaping service. Reg. sch. lawn & garden care. Don't do it twice ..  Call us first.      __    ^  ^;,'J. 'Ff^Estimates',:  ���  " ' "       885-5033    "' ' '  4986-tfnM  PRIVATE & semi-private  swimming   lessons.   Instructor ���'���'���. Nancy    Potter.  Sechelt area. 885-3910. 4974-34  Help Wanted  SHEETMETALMAN  Need man with some sheet-  metal experience to help  install aircohdltioner. Have1  most of duct work. Hourly  rate.  883-9453  ���   '     4984-32  BOYS,- GIRLS or retired  people to delivery Vancouver Sun. Requires xhv 1 hr.  per day. Call collect 732-2327  ��� message tor R. Gee. 4915-33  LEGAL      SECRETARY  required.   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Diamond, RR 3, Kamloops,  B.C.V2C5K1. - 4227-tfn'  BOOKKEEPER-Applications  will be  received  by the  'undersigned up to 4:30 p.m..  July 10,1978 for the position of  bookkeeper.  The  successful  applicant will have the ability  -to - assume ^responsibility-for -  the recording of cash receipts  and disbursements, payroll,  billing, bank reconciliation  and posting to the general  ledger. Applications in writing  should state qualifications,  experience, availability,  references and other pertinent  information. Salary is commensurate with experience  and qualifications. Village of  Gibsons, P.O. Box 340, Gibsons, B.C. VON 1V0. Attn. J.W.  Copeland, Clerk-Treasurer.  5000-32  --GOM-MUNI-T-Y���Resource-  Society Homemaker Ser--  vice requires a handyman to  provide service to Senior  Citizens. Should have some  carpentry & electrical skills  and be prepared to do gardening. For appt. call 885-5144.  4985-32  TUTOR REQUIRED for  15yr.-old b&Kon Sunshine  Coast for summer. For approx. 8 hrs. per wk. Gr 8 & 9  level English & Math. Reply  Box 310 P, Sechelt.       4988-32  t   I T  For Rent   FOR RENT:   Wilson Creek  Community Hall.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  3691-tfn  LARGE     HOUSEKEEPING  rooms. Weekly or monthly.  Ph. 885-3295 or 886-2542.   4158-  tfn  LARGEntfw^2 bdrm in sunny  subufban   Halfmoon  Bay.  Elec. heat, w-w, carport. Ph.  321-0880,5-9 p.m. weekdays.  4884-32  WEST SECHELT. lge. unfurn.  one bdrm self-con. suite.  Single, non-smoker pref. $160.  Avail. July 1.885-2451. 4891-32  MOBILE HpME space,hear  ocean on full lot. $75 per  mon. Ph. 926-1024.        4864-32  NEW 3 BEDROOM home, %'  acre view lot, Gibsons. Ph.  563-8592, 4862-tfn  "    ���     ' ......        ���     .     ���  2*YEAR-OLD   cottage,   $189  per month. 926-1024. 4924-tf n  3 BDRM DUPLEX in village.  Ref, $325. Gordon Agencies,  885-2013,or 885-9365, '   4934-33  GARDEN BAY - V. duplex for  rent - furnished, for July-  ��ept��IO. $225 per month. Light  J5hd fuel incl. 883-9676.4906. tfn  3 BDRM HOME. $285 per mo. .  ' .800 ft. to beach. 926-1024.  4911-33  LARGE 2 BR home on 1 acre  ln     Gibsons.     Carport,  workshop, $335 per mo, Avail,  Aug. 1.886-9154. 4994-34  ROBERTS CREEK . small 2  bdrm.  Fireplace,  washer,  dryer, stove, fridge, $225 per  mo, 886-9679 not Tues. & Wed.  4255-32  . i  MADEIRA PARK, 1 bdrm  furn. houso; w-w carpets,  flrepluco, 885-2250 10 a.m. -10  p.m. or (112) 632-3111, Loc��d<  501, office hrs. 4996-34  CHASTER RD., lot 67' x 123'  partly cleared, ready for  building,  close to school.  $10,000. Ph. 886-9885.     4992-32  FOR SALE in Wilson Creek  area. New 3 bdrm 1,100 sq.  ft., house with, full bsmt,  double plumbing, standing  fireplace, sundeck^ carport,  beautiful view. Asking $53,500.  By owner. Ph 885-3773.4886-tfn  9.5 ACRES with new 3 bdrm  ranch-style home. Ph. 885-  9795. 4898-32  SEMI-WF beach access. Has  _ cedar      cottage, *    FP,'  workshop. Paid up lease to  1994. FP $21,000, offers. 54  Mission Rd. 886-9378.    4937-33  75x145 treed lot, $12,000.  Norvan Rd. W. Sechelt. Also  lge, partially cleared lot.  Pebble Cres. cul-de-sac.  $11,900.885-2991 or 885-5750.  4928-33  EGMONT.   1%   acres   WF.  Crown lease ($160 per yr.) 2  bdrm Cottage. Power avail.'  Water access only, $10,500.  883-9206 or 883-9060.      4907-33  VIEW, P. BAY, Sechelt In.  Sunshine Hghts. Lot 22, R-l,  S. Village Services, ap. 1700  sq. ft., bluff wf, undergrnd  wires, marina, Speilmann,  1645 Ala Wai, Honolulu, 96815,  $22,800. 499540  POWELL RIVER dist. 2.9  acres. Zoned R-3. Heavily  treed with fir to build log  home or subdivide. Sewer,  water & hydro. One-third mile  paved road frontage. $35,000  obo. Phone Sechelt 885-2315.  4998-34  LOVELY 2- bdrm modular  home on lg. landcsaped lot  with fenced in area, upper &  lower sundecks, heated shed,  w-d, f-s included 500' from  water, Wilson Creek on good  leased land. Full price $25,000.  885-3947. 4982-34  PRATT ROAD, large lot,  76'x 125', cleared .and in  -irait-trees^$12i500i' Ph.~��8&-  -2155 -4993-32  BUILDERS'  SUMMER PROJECT  You  can't  help  but  make  money on a house when you  start  with  a   southern  exposure,   water   view 'lot  75 x 250,  serviced,  sewer,  close to Village &. schools.-  . Priced to sell at $15,000. It's in  sunny Gibsons. , -  BRIAN MELLIS  929-3037  SAXTON REALTY  929-3416  4990-32  Business Opportunity  GIFT, CARD Si plant shop in  Gibsons Village. Circumstances require that this  2-year-old business be offered  for just the value of stock &  fixtures. For more information write Box 981,  Gibsons, B:C. Serious  Inquiries only, please.  4991-34  The Peninsula times Classifieds  Bo* 310 Swhelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  rBDRM SUITE; W-W Carpet,'  FP, ocean view;, $250 per  mo./utll Incl. 886-2767. 4997-32  1  1     IJUKM     I'UUN,     apt.  available July & Aug, $250  per mo. Ph. 885-2853.   4077-32  CLASSIFICATION  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  . I  ���������.���������-  ��� " !  I  _ ^ _ . ��� ______ ,_..___.___ , __  .���.!, .1. i.��� ���.JP,..~Jt.~.,l.w^X-"~i~"��l~..X-..-^'  ,.m i ii.i,4^.**.! ,���> i,i,ii4in..^in. J.,...111nnii,n��~.  ��2��!  I  60��  60'  Name  AddraM  ;���p,u,;j,A4lii  fOOMd CoMO'P'*'.,'*>p��-p,'->.f pr*prr?pfr'.Tr.  rtwirprfj-rcjatf  ,i^^,.^^?^i^4^.^.W**^.^e^^ Ml .7*1 n   ^tfttW MV1****"   "   -  : ir\lXX^.  suii limeV wassmeds  i  ...    y.  prop, upon to  885-3101,   ^,  9493 for full information on  options. $5500. firm.     4857-32  ���28 MODEL A Street Rod. New  Hi-Perf 327-Needs paint.  $3,000,883-2732. 4965-33  Boats and Engines  35' LIVABOARD, water,  stove, CB, large deck,  beautifully finished, $4500  OBO or swap for smaller glass  boat. Randy 886-8082 after 5  p.m. 4852-32  24'FT. CRUISER,  inboard-  outboard CB, stand-up head,  dinghy. PH. 886-9882r 4849-32  18V STARCRAFT V6 Buick,  OMC leg, fwc, -4 wheel tilt  trailer. 885-2997 or Radcliffe  Rd., Selma Park.        4481-33  SURFER 24 Z~  Sed&n Cruiser and  Command Bridge models.  Pleasure and  Commercial.  ' Superior Construction  and Performance.  Completed Boats  or Kits.  B.C. Built for  B.C. Conditions.  FACTORY TO YOU  ' SAVE $$$"$'  SURFERMARINE  (1977) LTD.  678 Anderton Rd.,  >     ���        COMOX  .339-5733 days  338-5632 eves.  5507-tf  H&BBOATBUILDING  -27 ft. Hull  & Deck Kit  9 ft. Dinghies  Reliable company newly  relocated in Garden Bay.  Quality repair. Reasonable  rates. '  883-9307  eves: 883-9391  4850-33  18%' FB3REFORM Deluxe  model. 140 hp Merc IO,  Roadrunner trailer; sounder,  live bait tank, CB & compass;  anchor & winch, $6,000 obo.  885-3742. 4882-32  13' MADILL DOZER boat.  Complete overhaul,  drivetrain and electrics, New  bottom. $7,500.885-2924. 4895-  32  , pp, . ��� ������ * ' ��� ��� ( ,,  -26LTHUNDERBIRD sailboat.  New main, engine. $6,200  obo. 885-2924.       ,      '4896-32  21' FIBRERFORM, 233 Merc  cruiser,  trim  tabs,  fresh  water cooling, head, $10;000;  885-2924. 4894-32  Um Timet AdbrlaJil  Chev. power. Trailer. $3,500.  883,-2732. .    4964-33  '71 REINELL 19' hardtop.  Rebuilt 85 hp Johnson OB.  ���Camper type canvas. Extra  canvas top. E-Z Loader  trailer. Sleeper seats. Anchor.  Pkg. only ,$3,750. 885-3403 aft.  6. ' 4921-33  28' SLOOP "Wits End", sleeps  4,  inbd  auxiliary,   $5,500.  Moored at Smitty's Marina.  886-9428. 4931-33  17' FOW skiboat, 40 hp &  trailer, $1,000.885-3947. 4905-  31   1975 O'DAY 20 keel centreboard fiberglass sloop.  Sleeps 4. Main. & jib. 7.5 Merc.  2-man inflatable. Stove, toilet,  anchor, ��� etc. Located gov't,  wharf, Madeira Park. Must be  ��� sold. Asking $6,500. Any offer  consid. 274-6331 collect. 4254-34'  30 FT. McQUEEN. This boat'  has     been     completely  remodelled & should be seen.  Ph; 885-2853.. _ _ 4975-32  '69  DODGE.  Good  running  ���-eond.-Where-isyas-is-.- Best-  offer. 14 ft. Clinker. 6-hp inboard. Trailer. $375 obo. 883-  9163. .4987-34  '7516' MODIFIED hull, 90 hp,  full canvas top, $3,575. 885-  3510.  . . 4892-33  Livestock  CERTIFIED  Farrier, Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  2 YEARLING Apaloosa colts.  Exc. quality. Sire Top Backfire. 885-9418, enquiries.   4908-  33  FOR   SALE,   2   yr.   old  registered Angus Heifer.  Leave message at 885-2846.  4999-34  886-7483.  4973-34-  For, Sale  LOOKING for a Rock & Roll  Band? Horizon is available,  best price on the Coast. 885-  2815.      4501-tf  CHILDRENS, maternity and.  ladies clothing, good  quality. 'New & nearly nevy".  Encore Boutique, 2445 Marme  Dr.,��W. Vancouver, 922-2020.  Tues-Sat. 10-5, closed Mon.  4141-tf  WE SELL new and used office  furniture, filing cabinets,  desks, tables, chairs, etc. We  also purchase good used,  furnishings. Phillips Capitar  Leasing, 10673 George Highway, Surrey, B.C. V3T 2X6.  Phone 5884)411. 4800-32  FISHER woodburning stove  with the 10 year guarantee  can be seen at Radio Shack, J  &C Electronics. 4855-tfn   \    BEAUTIFUL wedding dress,  - size 8,-with train, headdress  and veil. Pne-thircrcost-at $55.  Ph. 885-2766. \ 4851-32  IACHINE repairs.  Unconditional guarantee on  all work. Parts for all makes.  Ph. Steve, 885-2691.      4779-tf n  9' x 9' WOODS tent, no floor.  Good   condition,   $50.   885-  2384. '4972-32  ��� BEDROOM SUITE & sliding  glass door. Ph. 886-2103.  4979-32  FARM FRESH vegetables  and   black   currants.   886-  7046. .        i 4983-34  Pitch-In TO  MICK HENRY  PRESENTS A  SALE OF POTS  10 a.m.  Saturday, July 8  ROBERTS CREEK  4912-32  GARAGE SALE. Birdeage,  radios, all types of  household articles & clothing.  Some tools. Sale starts 10 a.m.  July 8 - ends when stuff is  gone. Ponderosa Pines Trailer  Park, Wilson Creek.     4926-32  LENOX ELECTRIC furnace.  As new, cable & pipes incl.  886-9275 Sat. & Sun., ���    4963-33  COME IN AND BROWSE IN THE  ONLY BATHROOM BOUTIQUE  ON THE SUNSHINE COAST  BATHROOM ACCENT  8.85-2912  SEE OUR TABLE OF SPECIALS  ON SHOES, SANDALS ETC.  CAMPBELL FAM. SHOES  _r.4lEAtHER,GObDS__  in the heart of Sechelt  885-9345  Woodburn Stoves  & Fuel Ltd.  Wood    stoves    by    Fisher,  Lakewood,   Sedore   Valley,  Comfort        and        Findlay.  Distributors      in      Western  Canada of the Kerr Scotsman  and   Kerr   Titan   wood   fired  boiler.   Dealers   inquiries   invited. Northern Heatliner and  Shaw      Zero      Clearance.  Wood/oil furnaces.   Insulated  pipe, accessories and fittings.  110   Fell   Ave.,  North   Vancouver  987-0811  Machinery  D 4 CATERPILLER tractor.  Good running order, with  extra brunch blade. 885-9087.'  4958-33  Lost  DOG LOST  Large yellow & white Setter  cross lost. "Charlie". Selma  Parkarear -���~~^~:~  If you smoke, drink,  work hard and don't have  a regular program  for exercising,:mayber  you need some help  in preparing your will.  885-2556  4989-32  REWARD. Black & dream  Siberian husky spayed  female. Vancouver licence.  Any info of her whereabouts  dead or lost, 886-2766.^  4980-32  pamiapacTiom  The Canadian movement for personal titne'ss  Fitness. In your heart you know it's right.  Mobile Homes  2 BDRM APT. Gibsons. Stovo,  fridflo,   wnll-t^wnll,   elec.  heat, f250 per 'mfcn; WWM.  '"~      - 4906-33  Wanted to Rent  WANT TO rent, or rent to own,  ._ "filtoona-Scchclt area. 2 or 3  ��� bdrm home for coupl6 with 2  J children, for Sept. V, Write B.  I Holmes, 1163 Vldnl, White  j Rock.B.Cr- > 4018-33  I    .   i  Real Estate (  174 ACRES, viow, preek;  Spring Valloy Farm, Powell  mmtw  ' ��� - ,'���--;. ���r.,.-,v-1.ii,,u%ntTT"^,:rxy,'"  VILLAGE OF Secholt arena;  ' arpa. 16 lot S-D pptentla  ;33BJk*rl��l��I^(>^'vtA!0��etif art*  Powor & water at edge of  prop. Open to offors on $00,000,    4922-33  MpBILE HOME space near  ocean on full lot. $75 mon.  Ph. 926-1024. 4865-32  1976 BERKSHIRE 12 x 68' 3  . bdrm., carpets, drapes, 10 x  12' utility shed. $12,500. Ph.  886-7737. 4839*32  Campers and Trailers!  CAMPERS  ���VACATIONS THE  UNHASSLEDWAY"  FULLY EQUIPPED  FULLY INSURED  ���_, VANCOUVER HATES, ,   .RESERVE EARLY  885-2600  ANYTIME  (   ,     , 4629-tfri,  TENT-TOP travel trailer -  sleeps 4 - for rent by tho  weok.Ph. 886-2044.       4936-33  Cars and Trucks    ~  ���67 CHEVY PICKUP, fl-cyl.,  70,000 miles. $900 or $1,100  With canopy. 886-2403,  4256-32���  'elcOMET FORD, f f ,800.085-  9046. 4971-34  ���65 VW BUG. A very sound*  llttlo ear, $000 orio.Ph. 8(15-  2053,      --���                 4076-32  ,  .i. i ���-��� .-. ���_  ���72 COLT WAGON, new tires.  clean transportation. $500  obo. 885-2320. 4970-32  ,.���.,,-,,...��.��i  ^���vVtM,** ?K��*ri(SWilJ4W��fl  .^. t     _, ��       -  i-^?8-DATSUN * tWOautOf'Good  runner, snows, $800 obo. Jflfl-  11:..  rflli"*VW VAN. robltrcnKlno.  Pon-up i ton., Comporfiod.  $2,000,006-0137, 4917-3:1  K '���" ' " '-  service  Creative design and layouts for  \  newsletters, bopklefs^gnd  advertisements: Fast antf  efficient service for all your  printing needs...  atthe  * letterheads  * Envelopes  * Business Cards  * Invoices  M.B85.3231  * Business Forms  ��� Posters  ��� Tickets  ��� Notices  ��� Bulletins  ��� Invitations  ic- Advertisements  ��� Announcements  ^Menus_���:^T..  W FtoWctfpyi^  ��� Brochures  T"11-"1*"  I,:  U. ry  '<'*>"��:&-���'������ 7A'i'ix^A   , x.  A.i'i.. ..' .,.-:���  -*���* >w* wiflwi�� c **iW��VB*-j?"^.iino"rtl(��iiW(��*��  \ ��t(Wl���Bl��ffll^K*^���l����ll>^'9ilf''��tftB,^  -|W f*��W!Hi|1l*p��fti* W******"!'  mw.$*&, v> m*��fimrtztf&tiwww.-v��^<* *��^^w^��*^i^s'^^iiH��^n��fl'^,s*ww^B^wm^j(*n*  i ,.  us yx fttemf!t')[Ti��oi *�� *��> jh  "I! V>;T%<,'^  \    ���   -i<  -.���..,  '    I' I;'.,  ..    \  Wednesday, July 5,0978  The Peninsula Times  ^  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  a-^nrss  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL-FREE FROM.  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  ^  ���HOMET  i-  ,,....,<.  ���*����� nT^U ��r    -*"�����*  m,"^.im-��  Good ���ne.ws�����or^saiLaU Jinsmejss.  The appointment -<of Len  Marchand as Minister of State  for small business in the  Department of Industry,  Trade and Commerce is a  major advance for small  business in Canada. A  revitalized small business  section, which harnesses the  enthusiasm of businessmen  surrounded by small but  productive staffs, can help  cure regional disparities in  the economic sector, but also  help Canada as a whole. Until  this appointment the Commerce Department seemed to  concentrate on the prominent;  large industries staffed by  large unions, totally ignoring  the fact that the owner-  managed section employs 55  per cent of all working  Canadians ��� some in small  unions^._. manyjiot unionize^,,  at all 7". . a force of workers'  truly representative of the  Canadian mosiac. It is encouraging to hear Marchand  favoring   development   of  smaller communities . . .  simplified tax regulations and  setting aside a proportion of  government   contracts   to  small business . . . it's good  news for all communities in  Canada who depend on health,  local enterprise.  Pender Harbour Realty Ltd.  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� 10.6 acres with 400'  beach, water & power available, road in, F.P. $125,000.  RUBY LAKE  $13,000.  Waterfront lot, quiet location F.P.  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Deep and protected moorage  in   Egmont.  Has trailer  pad,  septics,   water  and  power...  $35,000. '  ONE-ACRE LOTS���On Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable area. Just 2 left so don't.  delay ... $15,000 each.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Beautiful waterfront lot  with ramp and float. Serviced. Asking $48,500. " '  GARDEN BAY ��� One bedroom house on a large  view lot close to Gov't wharf. A good buy at $30,000.  20  ACRES ��� Mostly level landbn Highway 101  across  from Sunset Cove. Beach access, nicely treed, driveway  in. Here Is a fine investment at $44,500.  7 ACRES ��� on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slope. Asking $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA'.'.- Extra large (650' deep)  ^building lot with 72' frontage on McKlintoch Road .... $9,500.  ��*���*(���  Due to recent changes in territory ratings - we  now hav^ very competitive rates on house  insurance. "      ,  GIVE US A CALL FOR QUOTES  . PHONE 883-2794  JOHNBREEN JOCK HERMON  883-9978 883-2745  FlsO&ON  AGENCIES LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Mqrlno Drive, Gibsons  886-2248  WFT, Roberta Crook; vory rare; 4 or 5 bdrm older type homo In Immaculate condition; has  rontablo cottago on low boach; carport alfd greenhouse, very good gardon with lovoly troos  and vory prlvato drlvoway. Lot sizo 120 x'800, Opprox. Has s/d potential. This Is prlcod bolow  markbt at $129,000, Torms avallablo.  '   r. ' "' ��� :      :     ' ' i  ��� '   '  ROBERTS CREEK��� Ultra modern''wit homo with 3,000 sq. ft, living spaco; doslgnod for modorn  oxocutlvo. or anyono wishing to entertain, otc. Main rooms opon onto patio sundock with  complete view of Georgia Stroll, Large attractive garden completely private; low approach to  boach, guoqt coftagb and many other extras, Ask for farther dotalls of this choice property,  DAVIS BA'Yj��� Drlvo by ��� on Whittaker Rd, closo to Bay Rd, Immaculato tWo lovol vlow home  could bo rov,onu��*. 2 full sotyi of(p|umblng,2 kitchens, 2 flroplacos; hardwpod floors, loads ol  bright Q|ry��'pacQ(>ptlo'and lovely gardon, carport otc, Somo good quality furnlturo In Ipwor  sulto, Call for Inaction or app't, Good buy at $64,500,00  CHERYL AI^IN PARK ���- 2 bdrm unlquo design homo, complotoly modern; flroplaco and all now  fixtures and rugs, Lovoly wolldoslgnod kltchon flnlshod In codar. Torrlflc spot on seml-wfi lot  with some vlow, Idoal for buslnoss couple who aro seeking something different, F,P. $42,000,  CHERYL ANN PARK I Now 3 bcirm homo, In aroa of attraetlvo now homos, Alum, siding, doublo  gla*od windows, largo utility; tho whole nlcoly docoratod wllh W/W throughout) Only $40,000,  CHERYL ANN PARK ��� Two bdrm horn,*, newly docoratod,.new wiring, now carpot, otc, Qulot  area with oasy accoss to boach. Only $37,500,  Throo bdrm post and boam with carport; 2 baths, master onsulto, Flroplaco, opon aroa living  and dining rooms; boautlful woll-planned kltchon; also two roc rooms downstairs, Largo lovol  lol 127x 225^^goodflardwii.9lllJ6lhJngJl65.000. ��-,�������� -  "~~~~.   .,..." .- ,iOTS���� -v   ��� -��� < - '  ii  Soml-wft, oasy boach access, 1/4 aero with vlow, $16,800, '     ,  i r'" '  Nlco building lot wllh 75' facing on Lower Rd, Cheryl Ann Park aroa. Cloarod roady to build and  only $11,500,' ,.' "  ��� i ......   ���,        ,i �� , '       .  Three lots, Rosamund Road, cloarod to build, only $10,800 each, ''   ' ''"  Holl-ncro on Lowor Road, some timber, creok at sldei asking $16,500, Can bo had with half  !cash  Nlco socludod lot on tide road In Roborts Crook, closo to storo. schools, etc, Roducod 16  $13,000, - ������    J7 ��� i i ,i   p  i ,:    '  Two Lots 72' x 105', no rock, easy to build on, all sorvlcos, septic approved and boach accoss;  $l,500down, balanco Af|fl2iT00 per mbnthat 10%. Torrlflc Invostmont, Signs on Lower Choryl  .ikiiy*!ah,3.p0dj,��.v^  ���.p.,,...^....r.,���^J- BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ,-      ���  Clothing ��tore~��� steady business, flood revenue, $7,QQQ plus slock '  , ,  Rostaurrfnl In Lc^wor Gibsons/good steady business, Iriqiilra lor further dotalls.  ....... ,,i,.. ^., ,,���,-....... ...^ ~*,.i..,.. ..!..,���, - '���������'���.���^���.l';.,,',,,.;,:|p;.;,,���.,i.,.l���.,,ll,J.,,,,l|i)(|^,lttt|- >���;liij ,.,__^���p, ������������������'������    ���   ���,. ���  .:.)  Evonlngicallj John fllack. 086-7316,   Ron ,McSavan��y, 885-3339   * ii -Min���uw ��� ,mmmwm��mmmmwmmmm^mmm�� , ,���, (|  , ,     ��,��^��-*,>.-v,t'-���;'���������-; '-:* -; '-y.   .     . , ,..rt~!,   ���   .T~.. .   ....   ff" I  GARDEN BAY ��� 1176sq ft 2 BR view  horiie, full basement, sundeck. Built  1975. $56,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� nice 2 BR home with  fireplace, full basement. Close to  stores etc. $45,000.  -GULFVIEW ROAD - Madeira Park,  fantastic view from this new home - 3  new  appliances,   fireplace.   $95,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 1 �� acre view lot,  with 22 x 56' Safeway doublewide - 4  appliances, large sundeck, concrete  foundation. $62,500*  MADEIRA PARK^==^nteresting  4  BR  -view home,  architect-designed.  5  major appliances. $77,000.  LOW PRICED HOMES  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck, 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500.  WARLOCK ROAQ ' ��� Cozy 2 BR  Panabode, fireplace, full basement. On  large level lot. $36,000.  NARROWS ROAD ���3 BR rancher, built  1976,   carport   &  sundeck.   Close  to  Madeira Park. Reduced to $36,900.  *^.  NORTH LAKE ��� 2 BR home, needs  some finishing, lake view, road access.'  Prov. lease lot. $21,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  BR c^dar home, built 1975. View and  many extras. $105,000.  -V  MOBILE HOMES  SILVER .SANDS' ��� 1.8 �� acres, Gulf  view, 10'x50' furnished mobile  home,small cabin. Close to beach.  $45,000.  EARLS COVE ��� furnished 12' x 44'  Skyline Mobile home on semi-  waterfront lot. $20,000.  SILVER SANDS ��� 1.6 �� acres, Gulf  view, furnished 12' x 60' mobile home.  -ClosB~to-beachr-$4S7000: ������~-^���~r,  COMMERCIAL PROPERTY  KLEINDALE ��� duplex (one 3 BR oridx  one   2   BR)   on   2.2~acres,   close   to  Secondary School. $85,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� Large 4 BR  family home. Recently remodelled.  Large lot. Close to stores & marinas.  $46,000.  CLAYDQN ROAD. GARDEN BAY - 3 BR  view home, full basement, built 1975,  close to marina. $88,000.    <  ROBERTS CREEK'- 1.35�� acre level  corner lot^wilht^old house and garage.  Zoned'C2J. Suitable for immediate  development or for holding property.  $60,000.  MADEIRA PARK - vacant store bldg,  adjoining Jiving quarters. One acre  with 104' frontage on Madeira Park Rd.  Zoned R3. $52,000.  "BARGAIN HARBOUR AR^EA - corner lot  w'ith 3 BR home. Acorn fireplace, sto^e  & fridge'. $45,000.  'I1'' '!    ;*'"  ',! Si'si'i  -���������''    '.|rt!."J!   1   I  n     .'��� i-   ..  "Cl'IIJ  '���'!'������    "  LOTS AND ACREAGE  i  | LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES |  ACREAGE  1. IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2.87 ocro view  lot, level. $35,000.  2. NEAR RUBY LAKE ~ 7 ��, acres on  Hwy 101, $25,000.   -  3. MIDDLEPOINT ~ 18.9 acres, 2 BR  cottage, creeK, $40,000.  4. KLEINDALE ��� 5+_ acros on Hwy 101.  $21,000.  5. NEAR MADEIRA PARK -- 15 acres,  2150 �� ft. oh Hwy, 101. $44,000,  6, KLEINDALE ��� 23.7, acros, somo  merchantable timber, Lots of trees for  building a log houso, $50,000.  LOTS '  1. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots.  $8,000-$22,000.        '   ���''���'-,  ~~*~2r-FRANCIS PENINSULA - serviced lots,  ; $9roo0'$^4;boo.  3. GARDEN BAY AREA ��� view  lots.  -$12,90b-$21,250,  4. SANDY HOOK ��� view lot on "porpoise Drive. $10,500.  5, PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES��� Sinclair  Bay Road, Serviced lots, rhost with  vlewl three wlth'lakefront. Priced from  $10,000 to $37,500.  6, LANGDALE CHINES ��� Lot 35, Grady  Rd. Treod, $13,500,   ,  ���A     ' ' ' ','     '   ,  7; BARGAIN HARBOUR . 1.5 acres,  (rood, serviced, $25,000,  8,, DAVIS BAY ��� Trood view lot on  Greor Road. $16,500,  9. SELMA PARK ��� lot with boautlful  vlow, closo to boach, $26,000,  10, FRANCIS PENINSULA - 9 nlco  building lots at corner of Cochrono and  Camoron Roads. $11,000-$13,000.  SAKJNAW LAKE ' ��� 1,300+ tt  lakefront, 24+ acres, 4 BR furnished  panabpde, float. $105,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� ,5+_ treed acres close to  public lake access. $19,800.  CARTERS LANDING ��� Sakinaw Lake -���-  24.8 �� acres, 1350 �� ft. lakefront, road  apcess, house, creek, $135,000;-  RUBY LAKE ��� 95��. acres excellent  land with 400;fc ft lakefront and  2600�� ft on lagoon. $100,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� J6 acres, 750+ ft  lakefrohtrWater"access. $36,000.  D.L. 3258 ��� between SaklnaW & Ruby  Lakes. 1500 �� ft. oh Sakinaw Lake,  creek. Hallowell Rd. onds at property.  $115,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ; 4 acres, 264�� ft. nice  lakofront,' 3 BR cottage with Inside  plumbing. Wharf. $32,000,   ���  LILLIES (PAQ) LAKE - 3 BR home"on  5�� ocres. Fruit trees, garden.- View  over lake. $77,500, . -  SAKINAW LAKE - ISO* ft. low bank  lakefront, small cabin In Ruggles Bav  $24,000.   , ��� ,     y'  RUBY I^KE '��� 400��. ft lakefrontage,  5��_.treed dcres, road access, $4?,500."  I SAKINAW LAKE ��� lease lot vy-lth small  cottage and float, $15,000,  SAKINAW-LAKE  ���  2,9 acres,  lakefront. $25,000,  128+J  WATERFRONT HOMES  I WATERFRONT JL0TS & ACREAcTf  Acreage  NARROWS"INLET~**tr'obd Wotorlronl  acgrooges, soc|udod low bank, 5 acros  to 14 acros priced from $24,500, Wator  Occoss only, $39,500,  11.6 ACRE |StAND-=rrBITTornrawa~  panabodo,   float,   Wator   ft   hydro,  $165,000,  ST, VINCENT. BAY *  1. 5,40 acros, 375+. fl, watorlront 8  small crook. $35,000,  2,5.23   acros,   400��   ���������   low   bank  watorlront. SW oxposuro, Water access only, $33,000,  :4-W*��? ���"'������"   -'���  NELSON ISLAND . 40 acres, 1500' on  Wostmoro Bay, 225+,' on West Lako. 3  BR homo, 2 cattagos, road to lako,  JlS&U^JMwUilKMiwU 60,000  FRANCIS PENINSULA���2 BR homo, full  bqsomont, 6 appllancos, flroplaco, ) 33'  watorlront, ramp & float, Price roducod  to $81,000,  GARRANS BAY - 200 �� ft, W/F, 2.4  acros, 2 BR homo with flroplaco, 2 BR  cottago, dock 8, Hoat, $150,000,  EARLS: COVE :r:: _5,57...acr����s, 460tft  sh6||orod watorfront ad|olnlng lorry  tormlnal,, $125,000,      WESTMER6 BAY . 1,7Q0�� ft waterfront  on 4,0 trood acres,.Nlco boach and  rocky point, Wator, access only,  $47,500,  HOSPITAL DAY ~ 2 BR home on 50��  boach lot, $60,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA,��� large 3 BR  archltocl doslgnod homo on 130 It,  walerfronl lol, $95,000,  LOTS  OBRRANS BAY  FRANCIS PENINSULA  ���*'i^S,,, W/R'JrW0Woyb M,rv,eod'"'1  i; n3firw^i,rpoHdofffirbour:i:;B  $20,009,  2, 70 ft, W/F lot, soptlc tank a drain  Hold In A approved, drlvowoy In, b|dg,  slto In, southerly oxposuro, $39,500,  acros, doop moorago, $50,000,  2, 03 ll, W/F adlolnlng abovo, 1^22 ��  OCrei. $36,500 ���������- * ������;  3,  70'  blufl   watorlront,  vlow   ovor  ....      v.        .^^^^^^^^^       ^b>^���rw     01fl^���. _...  p '  '      , \   . ��� . ' .;, ���.. , ���'.   ...     .. ���    ���-.<  .4mmmml.mmm^mrfm^mmm^^  bosomont,   sundock,   on   3.3   acrei, 1. ^,^,..1,^, /���!������.. * jLlaL. IL .JE,  s.;  DAN WILEY, Res. 8839149  fi'^AJ. '<...-.�� -���rn.m^tC, '(* ."i  ���WHH  , OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  m*m  ihWwt*Sf rtsmmtfr* wtirtew  ,bf^Sf 'ftf ^l*i* l^f* * f>**w!itotifi'>ftiNitOi<&1'^^ j*m&&>w*&i ��Wh(���f.i  .il  i   i  <- ..'..Ji >:  &*>k:  ^  Page B-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 5, 1978  A basic  fThe illusory benefits of land banking economic  >A- * A ���.;': ���       x   :  ., A popular assumption is ' removing land from the. management ;of an already  that land, banking hy .private. market often in- unwieldy bureaucracy its  municipal    or   provincial.'..'creases its cost. - servicing and release can be  -governments-ean-make���the'       When���land���is-Tremove^fraughfwitlrtheTrsual^public:"  dream of cheap land through   from the tax rolls it reduces'  inefficiencies.  government come true: property   tax���meeme;���and-  fact  S^S^how. that   when   it   is   Jett   to   the --i^vini^fiH^tive,  3,/lm-  it*  SELMA PARK-VIEW-  By owner ���  including a  BATH-ROOM  ,X    "  NEW HOME with.FINISHED BASEMENT,  cozy and bright family room, EXTRA  and "separate entrance guest room,-  IN  Tastefully   LANDSCAPED  with   large  FENCED  YARD. Family orientated neighborhood with NO  THRU TRAFFIC dn Radcliffe Rd.  To view call:  885-3855  [eves]  fronr land development  .destroys -much creative  leadership and innovation'in  the private sector, and the  taxpayer must foot the bill for  "such mihgs'fa^T;ransportation  inprovements, public  borrowing for development  ahd escalating costs.  costs i   bf  -not-  .Government  ^development���- are  ^ighificantly different from a  private, developer's costs ���  land acquisition, financing,  administration and  development plus end risk.  The difference cqjnes in  the search.for efficiencies by  the private sector because it  knows illusions can* foster  expensive mistakes.  ���Government-eanH-give-us���  anything without depriving us  of something else! Noted  ~eeenomisCauthotrF(u1^r~and--  columnist of the New York  Times, Henry Hazlitt, makes  this point and urges all constituents to look ��� every  government gift-horse in the  mouth by asking the question,  "INSTEAD OF WHAT?"  You may .be told-you get  such-and-such benefit, but  what is the cost? As Mr.  Hazlitt says,'in order to give  Paul's'family $1,000 worth of  free housing, the government  must have taken $1,000 away-  from Peter's family in some  form of taxeSi  Even Paul has to pay,  because an additional tax load  will eventually accrue to him  to pay salaries for additional  bureaucrats to administer  new programs.  p^P^evetepmentsHt^r^- wEsrsECHEtr  $53,900  Ron Protocky 885-3613  1154 sq. ft.-3 bdrm,  full basement home  i.  ���"Dual seal windows ��� horseshoe kitchen  "*w1th"dr^wTrslTer"^w^  skylight in bathroom ��� 1/2 bath down ��� 460  sq. ft. bsmt finish. ��� fully enclosed basement  garage, attached carport with deck over ���  large lot in new subdivision.   ;  FOR COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE ��� INSURANCE ���MORTGAGES  MEMBER BROKER  ���^=.    \   \        x I   /    -=^  d WM  CHARLES ENGUSH LTD.  /"���IJ'jk  t-fiivi   iii       ^������?i'_  ���.>.-}  -,' jki'v v,ia *')<i;i   ,r I }tf ,,',M''^ < ���    1  886-2481   (GIBSONS)  Van. Direct  687-6443  Sunnycrost Shopping Centro   VON IVO  HOMES  GREAT BUYS I  Ssa;:i-I: ^i^fbrt  This is a comfortable 2 bedroom home  near the beaches. Very well built.  2 BDRM HEADLANDS ROAD _       $26,500  Solid little home, auto oil heat, (ull bath,  fruit trees, close to beach and boat launch.  SPECIAL  GLASSFORD RD. 63 x 160' cleared lot. Fill  In. Water & Sewer connected.  $10,500.  \r,  DASH TO POPLAR LANE $47,500  Two. 3 bdrm ensuite homes to choose  from. Basements fi carports, Walking  distance to schools, shopping, recreation  & imbibing,  MAHAN ROAD $32,900  2 bdrm charmer, Living room Is large with  cedar panelling and stone fireplace, This  is a woll constructed homo on an extra  large lot. Separate sauna big enough for a  portyl .���.,:./���  PARK & REED ROAD $56,000  Excollent family home on _ large land-;  scaped lot. Fruit trees. This home feoturpi  3 good sized bodrooms, living room^wlth  flroplaco, dining area, large Kitchen,  Finished rumpus room with F.P/and ln��  law sulto In bosoment 36 x )Q garage.  PRATT ROAD /  '   $74,000  4 bedrooms and possibly five. A large  heated 20 x 40 twlmmlrtg pool has Its own  pump house, goes from 4 ft to 10 ft deep,  FAIRVIEW        / ,.. $58,500  Large' iharmJrVg home, 3 bedrooms could  "'hrt"4rOn?H^'"acro^  chicken? and hobbles,  LANpDALEVIEW $49, S00  J3?.b��dmomr.non-b��itemwnt-qgolliy"boilt"  tfomo, A terrific view of Howo Sound and  North Shore mountains,  HOMES  HILLCREST DUPLEX  ....... $37,500  Good   investment,   Good   assumable  mortgage of $22,000.  GIBSONS BLUFF $48,000  3 bdrm vievy home on Georgia Dr jye, close  to beach & picnic area. Has fireplace and  finished rec roam, Call for appointments.  SEAVIEWRD $27,500  2 bedroom older home with sundeck.and  carport, Great view.  2 BDRM SPLIT LEVEL ' $53,000  Located on Pratt Road on approx 1 acre <  good garden soil. Roomy 12 x 16 kitchen.  Separate dlning^oom. Large carporrand  12 x 20 workshop;  FAIRVIEW ROAD   ���  Lovoly treed 65 x 1^81  12 x 68 Moh  " " r��a:  .area.  :s&\P  length over  Good storage^  eluded.  SEAVIEW RD  $26,500  i/lth'tmmaculate  ���^ymlng runs'full  jwk and carport.  Stovo fi  frldgo  In-  $23,750  Good ���startor or retirement home on treed  view lot. On sowor, Frldgo, stovo &  washer,  /  "S.     LOTS.  REDROOFFS ROAD *.f\\ f\    $20,000  Vaterfront, 77x360*>V/V.V' ���  "TUWANEK $7,900  Recreation or permanent homo,  PRAntORANDVflW , ,1.1^500.  Large corner lot, open to offers, ���   "  GRANTHAMS $10,000  Nice view lot, 50 x 110,  CHASTER ROAD $12,500  lorge lot near schools. ' ,>  SOUTH FLETCHER VIEW LOT $ 11,900  Terms available,  LANGDALE $13,500  Large view lot on road,  PRATT * GRANDVIEW $11,900  Good building'lot,-75' frontage on Pratt  and 140' deep.  DUPLEX ZONED view lot In village $17,500  ��� HPPHINIiQL   It 0,��00~  Has good vlow, located across from goo"d  beach access,. - ���    ��� ��� -  GRANDVIEW^ f\\ \J $12,500  Large lot nee  MAHAN RD only $12,500  93 x 125. Lots of lovely big cedars, Quiet  area. Water & power. :        ',..'.  WATERFRONT  SECRET COVE AREA $35,000  51' x 161' Serviced lot on Trueman rd.  lOOVWATERFTft&NT IN ROBERTS.CREEK    'A  " Sy Sccess-to "beach. 3000 sq ft home  five bedrooms (could be seven), 2  bathrooms &  2 kitchens. Fireplace  and  sundeck. ���  , <  GAMBIER ISLAND WESf BAY $65,000  .133' of good waterfront. S.E, exposure and  groat view. Good water supply. Large lot  with possible future subdivision. Private  ramp & float, 3 BR Panabode. Sundeck  vy/w carport, Heqtolgtbr .fireplace, stove &  fridge.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� $45,000  Adcess easement on ad|acent lot. This  typo of prime watorfront Is rare on. the  market,  GAMBIER ISLAND $12,000  Soml-watorfront lot at Thornboro Bay,  SARGENTSBAY 00'Wft Lot, $32,000  250' deep and covorod with salal and  arbutus troes. Ideal location near ond of  , qulot stroot In Wost Socholt, Power and  water to lot,  HALFMOON DAY Low Bank Wft, $35,000  Boautlful lot with southorn exposure. This  Is low bank watorfront, but doos not have  a beach, Salal .bushes and Arbutus trees  are tho natural landscape, Sowor, wator fi  power avail.  ACRJEAGE  10 ACRES OF WOODLAND  For truo pioneers. $30,200, vicinity pf  Hanbury Road,  2 1/2 ACRES, ROBERTS CK $25,000  ,,^��l/2K0sr����,ol,,.iub<ilyldabl����prbp(iriy in*  Roberts Creek. <. >  WANTED  Housis ori Acreage ���  Clients Waiting  3-  FIRCREST RD. LOTS 61' x 131' $9,700 EACH  isi  >J   !  4  5  \f\  i a  /r/ZtfrfmnrfOA0  .. /_y~~.f..j: _,,./.;. 'jmJKmmJL-  ttUtLmViMJ*l\^U*tY \lgHttltUtt",  ������v  il* fc  t^M'4i��jue-ltuM&Au��i��tu!i?fa  P /r k  >\  10  'V,W n  \  i ML  i  Im  ALL LOTS CLEARLY MARKED  .Ma*  HAM"-'W����W  l**\  VM-k  if# -i  \**-  \a*~w  r��i  1*9*  ��/#i  ' 1  tt\m%\Miiim\ m  rt.  IBSONS  rt> SALES ST AF F  .ii p**esM��w��� wwwJw^woii^tiamsw^pMM^ss^^i  INBOUBNIY  ^nH**' i**    fmf^Mm>t  m <m , .i ��*-*��, .  2 d avi ROitRtftr. :_ir.  ,. .'_,__%____���!> '*" r*>, *     " * ��*ftmy  C'.mmmm''r-  *%**0>mf*wm\m %>��� m*  OROiCOOP*R^  Am*  Ovor 800 Offices mid Growing Fast  a   bdrm   hbmerJjjnvenient  is   the  word. Try your offer to $457000  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm.  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, ea?y access.  Good large shop 'with HD wiring for,  bench tools. -Home' completely  remodelled. Shake roof, rancher  alum, siding. Several outbldgs,  Secluded landscaped property. FP  $69,500. /  i      :  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  rarrewiver���TolL_��t��oi_ 684-8016  SECHELT: New 2' bdrm. Walk to the  shops.  Loads of cabinets  in   large  kitchen.  Good  dining  area.   Large  ufility-andHaundry-roonrw-LevaljQpL���  Drive in carport. $43,500.  / .  SECHELT VILLAGE - 3 bclrm modular  home, 864���sq ft. Near new on clear  garden lot. Walk to shops. Price  includes stove and fridge, washer  and dryer, drapes. Must be sold. FP  $33,900. .     .  SECHELT  VILLAGE  -  Brand "new   2  bdrm custom-built,basement homfe-.  Sunny bright kitchen. Extra insulation.  'in the ceiling, twin seal windows and  heatilator fireplace? FP $56,500,  WATERFRONT HOME: Located on  Redrooffs Rd at Wei coiy e Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  home.. Welt insulated, twin, seal  windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator -f'place, nice dng-  area in kit, plus sop. dng rm facing  view of Merry Island and Welcome  Pass. Lge 80x360' treed property w-  workshop. Above grd bsmt with  ���wood-and-coohstove for canning oT"  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  VIEW HOME, DAVIS BAY: 3'.  bedrooms, large living room and a  fantastic landscaping job, Garage in  part basement. Lot is 60 x 150,  blacktop driveway, 1 block to level  beach. Asking $48,900.  REDROOFFS AREA ��� 1888 sq ft of  three bedroom architect designed  home. Situated on over 1 /2 acre on a  non-through road. A must see for  those who desire quiet country  living. Asking $57,900.  ���V  SELMA VlSTATRAILER PARK -12 x 68'  3 bdrm Bendix mobile home. This  unit is set up ori a pod and" is complete with septic tank. Pad rental  $79.50. Asking $10,500.  ROBERTS CREEK, 3 BEDROOM - Immaculate 3 bedroom ground level  home on an 80 x 140' cleared lot.  Some nice cedars on the property.  Home has a brick fireplace S is  heated with automatic oil. All wall to  -wall carpets throughout. Crawl space  foundation. FP $44,900.  GIBSONS: Attratfive two bedroom  home with part basement on large  sewered lot 98 x 148'. Magnificent  view property. Cozy living room with  brick fireplace and wall-to-wall.  iJAodern kitchen with wall-to-wall,  new cabinetFand view windows in  eating area. Smart vanity bathroom.  Auto oil heating. Excellent buy at FP'  $36,500.  DAVIS'BAY: modern 2 bdrm full bsmt  home on^fully landscaped lot. With  excellent westerly view. Brfghtt  sunny, space-saving kitchen w-utility  rm  off.  Attached "<port  w-finished  vh/, ^driveway.    At    reduced   -price    of  ^-A? $52,500.  CHARMING FAMILY TWO STOREY  HOME in Sechelt's newest residential  area. Short walk in to the Village.  Home is two.stories aKd 3 bedrooms.  ������Large lot anil double carjsbrt. Paved  dead end rdad. FP $52,250.  REDROOFFS ROAD: A delightfully  designed 2 BR, 2 bathroom home.  Super fireplace in living room an-d a  Franklin in the rec room. 1200 sq ft  on main floor. Double garage. Many  extras. Asking $64,500.  SELMA PARK ��� 75' x" 125' sea-view  property in area of new. and at-'  tractive homes. 3 bedrooms up and  one down In deyeloped.basement;:  Stohe^ fireplace. Sundeck. Electric  heat. Dandscaped with fenced rear  yard. F.Ff $53,000..  SELMA PARK: Fantastic View!, Near  new family home on large, treed  garden, property. LargeJiVing room,  separate dining room, Rec room is  finished plus extra bedroom ground  level, 12 x 26' sundeck, Double  carport. Landscaped,, rock wall,  shrubs fi. shade trees. Excellent  yalue. FP $57,500, Price Is firm!  Main street location, on-site parking,  New building, Move in now. Sizes  from 350 to 700 sq ft, All offices are  carpeted and painting will bo done,  Up to 5 year leases available with  renewal option, <  Call S. Anderson ��� Anderson Realty.  885-32)1 - Home, 885-2385  SARGEANTS BAY: 1 acre waterfront lot, fully serviced. Beautifully  trood with arbutus and evergreens, Panoramic southerly view,  Many excellent building sites, Well known fishing spot, FP $30,000,  WATERFRONT SECLUSION ��� A most  desirable residence secluded, yet  close to Sechelt. Excellent private  moorage I Spacious and bright living  room, 500 sq, ft, covered, tiled,  , sunporch with open sundeck 12 x 36',  Lower floor has bedroom, sitting  room & ba��h, This Is an exclusive  home for elegant living and entertaining, Prlico'd at $125,000. Some $  torms,  REDROOFFS AREA: Approx one tn*��?Scre. 99' on Redrooffs Rd,  Closo to beach and boat louncKTFully serviced.. Full prlco only  $11,500,  SECHELT VILLAGE, WATERFRONT: 150' of troed gontly sloping easy  to build on waterfront, All services Including sewer later this year,  ,. Sorlous watorfront buyers should soo this ono. FP $30,000,  T-r'B-'rr^A'TO  WEST SECHELT,  3  BEDROOM,   FULL  BSMT, comfortable family homo on  qulot street, 1   1/2 yoars now with  Igh callings and well doslgnod floor  >!plan. Larfco lot with lawn and gardon  win, Bsmt dovdlopmonl In progross,  ,"iPrlcod to soil at $47,900,  DAVIS,BAY VIEW HOMEi 860 iq ft 2 bdrm mobllo home with appliance*, All wall to wall carpet, Cozy & Inexpensive to heat.  Concrete driveway and parking slab, Fir Road location, FP $43,500  Termsl ,    ,  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT; Easy forms - 20% down & the bolancf over  easy payments on this southern exposure view lot, Excavation and  clearing have been done, FP $13,900,  NUMBER 19 TSAWCOME: A coxy, noar now 792 sq ft 2 bedroom  home closo to the booch c|t Chapman Croek, No stairs, oloctrlc hflat,  double glazing. Government prepaid lease has 19 yrs to run. FP  $32,000, ,  SECHELT VILLAGE: 5 acres measuring 330' x 660', Will eventually  'have a y|RW) Close to tho arona, Try youroffor lo $35,000,  ���.��,.���>l...g)"f V  yt-'ift  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 acre, Level building Ipt, Hydro  and roglonal water at rood, Check & compare, Attractively priced at  $9,450. ,     ..    ���  SELMA PARK VIEW LOTi Extra large 90 x 179 lot, corner location,  easy access, oxcollont vlow of Trail Island. FP $ 15,500,  DAVIS BAY: Laurel Road view lot 67,50 x 162'. One of the better  vlows In the area. Asking $16,000,  MAIN STREET LOCATION: approximately 50 x 220' lot with business  premises and living quarters behind, Excellent location for almost  any type of enterprise, This It an opportunity to become established  In the village, Lots of room for expansion, FP $95,000,  OIBSONS; HOME WITH ACREAGE: large 3 bdrm home in"7 ocros  with Chaster Creek bordering K side of fenced property, Horn*  needs some repair but hat been partially renovated, land It cleared  & In gran, A nice situation. Fl* $69,500.  UPPER ROBERTS CREEKi 10 acre/of land wllh 3 bdrm near now  home ol approx 1700 tq It, and b 4000 iq ft aluminum clad, fully  Insulated building. Building It oil wired for 220 power ft could havo  many utes," Concroto floor, clear span, FP $99,500.   ,  iQWlR'TI'tfAbrito^^^  property with southern ��xpoture, 800 x 300'. Yeor.round creeh  flows through cornor of proporly. Excollont buy at FP $35,000,  ACREaGEiAlrhott 7 acres of cleared; gently tloplngfancirWow of  ocean, Zoned for development, Could be trailer park, $46,500,  ROBERTS CREEK; Treed lot wllh a year round stream, Atklng $7500,  1 *mm~.mm~~mm.m.mmmmm~~mm~a,r��mim���  ���������-,���..������ ������...���.,.-,���.-..mmmammmmmmmmm*  APf ROXIMATELY FIVE ACRES: Treed, gentle southerly slope. 260'  hjghway frontage. Some merchantable timber, Handy location,  cl6te to Joe Rd. FP $31,000.  SECHELT WATERFRONT ��� Two 70' treed lots 70 x 128 with lone at  rwcirr Ideal' rotlromeht slJeiT $*35,'(!i00'peochr'-'';":,:p:';:':" "'"; '*"'""*""���|"  REDROOFFS AREA: Large treed lot 93 x 400' approx, Oood garden  toll, water A power, Atklng $12,500. ���< '  ���I.JW'  Frank Lewis, 88(^-999,7j Ston Anderson,, 885-2385$ Doug Joyc  ~i  e,885-2761      J  :-��mI j   ��,  iM ., t i   .I', <?,,*���<< ���  -tr  f irtj����ifai^-(^B��aNMBftW j��^*fl*MSiM^pH*^rt*��,~*����t�����f i'ntti'tfigtf''- s  4 #KTUl��Wnf.S��UliWrp��Bm *(���** ���*��  l-sw Mi^^,*^8^-|tt��j!��'i'i^ij����rt5e>wi^ f  t   ..    V  sstitf**|  *I^>����Me������#*IW��<P*'^^ <i*j!U?>*..*K4    Ml*!  , ���ly*;'* m ���  - ' ^#��i^IK��*S��^>*tW^  tl ��� p.,.^,���  Wednesday, July 5,' 1978    PeninsuIa^uneS   PageB:5  u""5 ���m^.'um.w.  ������~__ _  --   r  YOURi  ��� - V;. ���,  -'  ,  m\^Fwl   I  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  Goncrete housing  i eaooaaaauOKioct  A unique concept, in precast concrete housing . is  taking Western ..Canada by  storm. A typical home incorporates three bedrooms,  "aTid^bnoini^%%iting anff  cooling system and kitchen  are cost saving factors. Once  the foundation is poured the  Jhouse can be closed within two  days with ncf skilled labor  -necessary^;^-���^.-  - -  Roof"  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD  Cowrie St., 885-2013 Sechelt  --r* tm  1/3 ACRE , HAVIES ROAD  $7500  TWO 5 ACRE PARCELS  SIDE BY SIDE, EACH  $29,800  A SUMMER PLACE  Charming, natural landscgping.tneed-l/<Zacre with-r-ustie-fenced  "gaTdenTand patio. Skirted'1974 Chancellor" Mobile Home on  oversized cement foundation. 3 bedroom, large vanity bath with  laundry area. Electric cabinet kitchen. Auto oil heat. 250 gal  tank, double window's; 8 x lOtoolshed with power.      $31,800  trusses71 are" either  conventional materials or  concrete, ancj three inch steel^  reinforced concrete walls are  laminated with three inches of  rigid foam which iri turn is  laminated to a series of one by  are_jmder twojKOod-strappings.,-    in   Melville,        In Alberta, the system is  Saskatchewan,  where  the    being developed in a 200-house  developer, -Mid;Canada__project, a shopping centre and ���  Plastics Ltd., is located. The    school   in   the   Municipal  company .-saysrlabor and time    Dislrict-of-Sturgeon, ������  and bath in 1300 square feet,  and the units sell for about  $25,000 each, which is below  present housing costs.  About 30 houses, most with  CMHCj^pprovaL,  construction  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISAIS  ^ NOTARY.PUBLIC  D6Nf��rBti^fc  GIBSONS        ^fe  PHONr88622  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682-1  Insulation for economy  REDROOFFS ROAD.  Wooded acre on transportation. Easy maintenance garden,  panelled living room with large granite heatilator fireplace and  woodbox. 2 bedrooms, cabinet kitchen, laundry, auto oil heat.  Carport and 12 x 16 workshop.   ^ _ $42,500.,  PHONE ANYJ.IME..ON.THE.RED.AND.WHITESIGNS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON, 885-9365  Studies show that forty per  cent of all heating and cooling  losses result from leakages  between walls, floors,  ceilings, roofs or around the  windows and doors of your  home.  This per centage might not  have bothered you so'muehin  days of economy priced  heating fuels,_butjhat day_is_  over. With'theTising costs 6T~  energy,., it is most important  for the home owner to have  adequate insulation as a  conservation and cost-saving  measure. If you didn't  heed this advice which .we  gave you in the spring, you'll  notice that your fuel bills are  much higher this fall..  But there is still time for  many ways you can do it  yourselves ��� to conserve  energy for your country and to  save money for your family.  fc3E3pMWE3tJp^i^'^p>p,p^p,��^p'"^^Ep''^pfcp"^p'^p,'Pp'"^^p,''>p"^p'"^^  InsulatTdnandTisaving. Contact  a specialist in insulation sales  and installation ��� there are  ATTENTION!  Retire on the beautiful  coost   of   Pender   Harbour. We have 6 Mobile^  Home Sites left.  Single Widest  or Double Wides  Located at Garden Bay  100% Bank Terms OPFC  LANCER HOMES  call collect'  Ed Zack, 591-5105  Don Sutherland  of  LTD.  CHARLES ENGLISH  announces  SeaAAount  IAL-SERVICE COMMERCIAL PARK  2 Blocks West of Sunnycrest Centre  \Wni ��!����\l: 9Ji=-tol opi^bM^w��  1  INDUS'  .. $&MXi-  .ft t&mUM'yii:  A,y^m:X^  MEAfflER  REALTY WORLD  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  ���886-7760���  ���J *   fVK/ >  Chris Kankainen  885-3545  886-9793  HOMES  POINT ROAD ��� HOPKINS LANDING  Lpvely, well built home on approximately 75' of level waterfrontage in this very exclusive area. Safe public beach  with protected boat moorage. This home has three bedrooms plus upstairs dormitory or studio. Large bright rooms  with many built-in features such as bunk beds, etc. The large stone fireplace is a very unique feature of this one of a  kind home. Many furnishings are included. If you have been looking for a nicely landscaped year round waterfront  home, then this is for you. $110,000. ,  DAVIDSON ROAD: Nearly 1/2 acre nicely  j_tr.eedJcd..on.Langdale_Ridge-offer.ing~yau-view  and privacy. Large three bedroonHiome. Lots  of cabinet space in kitchen. Full basement.  Fireplace  upstairs.  Large kitchen. $54,900.  GOWER PT RD AT FRANKLIN: A WATERFRONT  lot is the setting for this lovely two bedroom  home. The bedrooms are carpeted. The living  room (23 x 17 1/2) with heatilator fireplace  has hardwood floor?. The attic has been  panelled fo?9extra sleeping quarters and/or  storage. Large 12 x 30 separate enclosed  garage and storage. A view'of Salmoh'Rock  and the Gap is yours from the covered patio.  Nicely landscaped. Includes fridge, stove and  dishwasher. $79,900.  SEAVIEW'LANE: Approximately 2 acres of  forested WATERFRONT property In West  Sechelt. 1758 square feet three bedroom  home. Sauna and beach house combo on  beach. Enjoy the view from the glass enclosed  patio of the Trail Islands. $140,500.  HIGHWAY 101: ROBERTS CREEK: Nice  retirement or starter home. Situated on 1  acre with an ocean vie>fc. Uving room ond  separate dining room are carpeted.. Two  bedrooms ahd a sunroom. Half basement.  Nicely landscaped with many fruit trees.  '-$39,900.  x\  DOUGAL ROAD  home-on--level  additional roo  office. Wa  Yard  is  backyard. $75,500  Wal(ftl  is I any  ard! $42,  rter or retirement    BOYLE ROAD:  5.05 acres  partially  cleared  drooms-and~an���-a-0.d_je.l.e.CldcaJiy_J_eac��d^_lac.Li��ifiS--��.oiM.^  chickens and ducks. Rentable trailer pad with  own septic. Partially finished, home, all new  construction, approximately  1/2 completed.  or sewing or an  Stone fireplace.  a   patio   in   the  BROWNING RD:  Wilson  Creek.   Rustic  coiy   A-frame   home   tucked   away  ana  on   a  is   ap-  beautifully treed lot. The house  proximately 3/4 finished and an enterprising  c6uple should have a good time finishing it off  to suit thieir own taste. The asking price for  this hide-away, project is $34,900.  SUNSHINE COAST HIGHWAY: Triplex located  in Gibsons Village. One'two bedroom suite  and two three bedroom suites. Good holding  property for future development. Close to  schools and shopping mall. $52,500.  GOWER PT RD. In the heart of Gibsons one  iblo'ck from shopping and the Post Office.  Three bedroom home on concrete block  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn  fireplace gives a cozy atmosphere to- th��  living'room. Nice and bright with many large  windows. $33,000. _,   '  COMMERCIAL GROCERY STORE & PROPERTY:  White onyx fireplace, varnished cedar ceiling,  thermopane windows, and large combination  furnace. Please make an appointment first to  view. $68,000. _  MALAVIEW    ROAD:    Immaculate    three"  bedroom home on landscaped lot in ar*a of*  new homes. Situated on quiet cul de sac safe  for children and "pets.  Double Windows for  comfort and economy. Separate dining room,  and wall to wall carpeting. $47,900.  HILLCREST ROAD: Panoramic view of Gibsons  Harbour and Georgia Strait from this lovely  home. Exceptionally large kitchen as vyell as  a separate dining room. Two bedrooms and a  rec room ahd bedroom finished downstairs.  Living room features a floor to ceiling, wall  fireplace in cameo marble. Lot is fully landscaped. $52,500.  GRANTHAMS LANDING ��� Well kept 3 bdrm  family home with full basement. New shake  roof and for heating economy thermopqpe  windows. Basement has rec room; workshop L  and laundry room. Grounds are" beautifully-  landscaped. Large sundeck to enjoy a lovely  .waterviesV ol, Keats' Island and the Gap.  $42,900,'        ! "   .  SARGENT ROAD ��� A spacious family home  situated on the low side of a quiet cul de sac  in one of Gibsons finest and most popular  Residential areas! The large 132' x 133' lot is  extensively landscaped for minimum  maintenance an^f offers a fantastic view of  the harbour," Howe Sound and Georgia Strait,  For economy and comfort there are double  glass windows In front. The klfchen features  Citation cabinets, garburotor, 20 cu ft,  fridge/freezer and self-cleaning electric  stove. Each of the 3 bedrooms has large  "������closets and,the master bedroom has ensuite  plumbing. The huge, unfinished basement  offors endless development possibilities for  recreation and hobby activities. Large sundeck and patios for outdoor on|oymont. Many  moro fine features includod In the prlceof  ^6,9,500.  ROBERTS CREEK: This could be the* home with  acreage you have been looking for. Situated  well back from the street to give you all the  privacy you want this rustic home is in im-  ��� maculate condition and has 1050 square feet  of living space. The partiallyp/elet()red"|rfa'perty  ^WeSo��l/��toT^i'ririheM8^<|��Y?ft,rf!good volume    's justover five acres and couldfc&djtoefopfcd  ' i i   ,_.  . ,.    ^j j^s.H.Ef 1!lJJjm.. 'a_ u__i. .into.aSrifce hobby farm. The. zoning'allows  subdivision into half acre lots and there is a  dedicated road along one side. A good buy  and an excellent investment ot $65,500.  of'business and 'QroWlng- stdtfdrly. 'An ideal*  set-up for a family operation. The store hours  are 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. seven days a week'. If  you like to be independent and run your own  "business" this could be your opportunity. The  price without stock is $89,000.  POINT ROAD: Hopkins Landing. Lovely, well  built home on approximately 75' of level  waterfrontage In this very exclusive area.  Safe public beach With protected /boat  moorage. This home has three bedrooms plus  upstairs dormatory or studio. Large bright  'rooms with many built-in features such as  bunk beds etc. The large stone fireplace Is a  Very unique feature of this one of a kind  home. AH furnishings as listed are* Included. If  you hpy'e. been looking for a nicely landscaped year round waterfront home then this  Is for you, $110,000, '  ROSAMUND RD; Fully finished 4 bedroom  homo situated just outside Gibsons Village  boundary. This Ideal family home features a  IS' x 27' rec room, largo carport 8, sundeck, 4  fruit trees & garden, Privacy 8, only 2 blocks  from Cedar Grovo School, F.P, $47,900]  FIRCREST PL: New .large ranch style, home  with tongue and groove cedar feature walls  in the living room and the family room.. Ypu  can eliminate heating bills with the airtight  wood heated and double glazed windows.  Three bedrooms with room to expand by  putting Walls on the carport. $42,900. '  1103 FRANKLIN: Large family home on a level  ,'lot. Five bedrooms, rec room and a separate  ujillty room. Living room has a stone fireplace  and both ft and the dining room are done in  wall to wall carpeting. Separate workshop In  rear, The, lot has southern exposure with  some water view. Close to shopping and  Pebble Beach, $52,900,t,.  TAYLOR LANE; Lovely new three bedroom  homo ovorlooklng Gibsons Harbour. 1'6 x 19  sundeck, Largo eating aroa and kitchen  combo. Twp fireplaces. Master bedroom has  onsulto and his and hers full doublo closets,  Full basement. $67,500.  340  fully serviced light industrial-service  commercial development This park is  designed to provide zoned land at an attractive price  the community. SeaMount Park will allow opportunities for the creation of new  enterprises and the development of new employment.  The site has been provided with a number of features which will allow  flexibility and quality during development.  r���, ���Building scheme ��� Sanitary sewer/..���(t.lghj Inch water lines < i -'  -600 Volt three phase power ���JolntilFederql/Prbvinclal financing assistance  ��� A broad list of uses as defined in the Gibsons/by-law.  C. ENGLISH LTD. 885-3295 (Sechelt)  or 886-2481 (Gibsons)  ^Ml       -*���       *������-      ���    ' ���J���   -���  ��� ��� J I IIIHtlll-^-ia:���,    ."IL.. *. mmmmaam.^mm^mmmm.lhi^mm^f^.^tua^i^ JJJL^^Jp<pP%^p^^iW-tfe--Wit-t'lJ.',tt^?  #P1��  <tr,<,V''-'W"  FAIRVIEW RD: Largo, cedar irons on this  noarly 1/4 aCro of flat oasy to bulld-pn land  provide setting for your home. Mobllo tiorr��os  aro allowod, Close to Cedar Grove School;  $11,900,  FAIRVIEW RDi Noarly 1/4 aero 63*' x 169' flat  and oasy to build on. Many largo codaMroos  enhance tho privacy ol this lot. Locatod only 3  blocks from Codar Grove School. Ready for  your building or mobile homo, F.P. $11,900,  ���' 'p.'t'      ^ j ���  AOOS ROAD: ylow bf /the Bay area and  Goorgla Strqlt lu your; li'om this boautlful lot  In aroa of elaborate no'W'homes, Two' blocks  lo.ichooU and- shopping, $ 1 e,���900j�����^t"-��"-��"--",  LOTS  UPLANDS ROAD; Tuwanok. Idoal rocroatlon  lot  In  beautifully  wooded  and  park   like  selling, Zonod for trailers, This lot overlooks  'Socholt Inlot and tho Lamb |s|qhd. $8,900,  ..,./-"'  SCHOOL a WYNGART ROADS: Only 5 of theso  Duplex   zoned,   lots   loft.    Boautlful   vlow  POPLARLAHerCloarodantl level building lol  conveniently locatod on a quToTcuhdosac,,  only one block away from Sunnycrost  Shopping Centro, The slto Is ready to bo build  on and' Is suitable tor a conventional or  (contorflporary stylo homo. $12,900  GRANDVIEW & PRATT; Building lot Is a fast  proportion  overlooking  the  Bay.  Close   to   ?r^w,llJ?-aro-a:    Approximate    slzo    Is  i ��i -  ROAD;   Langdalo. '.Cloorod, ' lovol  building lot m'oasuflrtfl 0)' x 173' suitable for  a variety ol houso plan��. JLtjcatod wlthl/veasy'  I walking dlt��a>p:o^>chbpl and h low mlnutos  I' |oq to tho lorry torVnlnol, Mqjk��t an offor pn tho'  'asking pflcool $12,'?00, '  SARGjENTROA'p;. Build, your .droam Wrto on  , this outstaying property liv Gitbson# rnbst  j popular rosldontlal d,roa, Fobiiloui v|o>v of  | ||io hprW ajwJGip'rtjKl SlrolfiOvor ialV stroot'  I (rontaao, Easy' v*alklnflt dlstanco ��ta.,sclioo|s<  Iapc,| shops, $17,900, "'"'  schools and shopping, All lots porfoctly suited  to sldo-bysldo or up-down duplox con  struction, Prlcod pt $15,500 and $16,500, '  POPLAR  LANE;   Conveniently  locatod ' sub.  divisionJ!L9JfeW>.0*^!P.nlv.��.ty��o��.blocks from   Chopping contro.and both> olomontary and  ��� secondary schools, Lovol building silos with  < somo cloarlng on a nowly formo.d cul do sac,'  Thoso prlmoilots aro on sowor and all sor,-.,  vlcfci. Pr If od ftom $11,900,'   , '   ',.  146xl4'lx74x125, Present a|| offors on tho  asking price of $11,500,  WEST SECHELTi Calota Eslptos, 75 x 113  gorgeous vlow lat, Consldor It watorlront as  thoro aro no lots botwoon this ono and tha  boach. $19,900, ,._  , ���' i  ������,..,..-.  SCHOOL RD & FLETCHER RD; Two lots oach 40  x 150', Small cottage on one lot Is still usablo  If roqulrod, All sorvlcos Including "sowor  avallahlg, Unqbstructed ocoan vlow, $2,7t500,  (    , _���.i���.ir.t.^,���.^, p������^^���! FAIRVIEW RD; Nearly 1/4 aero of f!<?t oasy to'J  "'���' ��� X.     X bu|ld on land, MoblloJtomOs"'aro allowod,'!  HILLCRESTROAD:"Qnly$3,00Qdovfml Balance   Largo   codar, troos   provide" privacy   and  by Agreornoh* Iqr SqW.wlil plirchaso ono of   enhance this sotting,"Closo ta C��$ar Grovo'  thosoIJoa'utllul yloWJoin at tho end ol a qulot,  School, 111,900.i'      < .. ' i   ',   * 7 "'(���' ''"'7  culdi(sac,"Airuncforgrour\c)"lolvlqo* ��o thoro ~���. ~���~---���n���s^-J --,>'���  '  I* nothing to mar tho vlow, Tho��o loll aro fOPLAR LANE; BeautlfMl.flot'nulldlngflot at  c|octrod and roady to build pn,'Tho ravine Is. tho ond of a qulot cul-cjo.qac' Vlow 'of >o  iro^, will oh��uro your privacy, -Thoso |o|s  North   Shdro, mountains,   Olio"; block" to  from shopping ��ontro,jbn ��owoi;: Asking $16,900'  ,   '   'but^opon to pilars,      "   ,V  in,','  .-X  roprosont  $13>(900,-  oxcollo'nt    valun, * Prlcod  />  ACREAGE  S,  I^URALi  Oil Maplo  Stroot  cj^gr  -'Q;rqr(dvloW���-flnc^-tln���^���VBry'Vrtlrju���','bu1l&mfl'  ,   , ^   -,t v , sltw withl an, abi9lutoly fonlaitk exjoan vi*w,  GIBSONS', Park Road.' Excollont prospects lor     OOWER PT/RDiOHplne,Rd. Lovoly trood acr4.'MorftUfoh^no ocro ol land whoroopo portion I  t'hot ono whf hold*, this "potontlolly  com-   "only 1 l^'mllo* Irom Gibsons. ThU Isa^u^t] ��� >;Mgh, pn\tho"hill ana" the largor portion U             ' *            'ro��)donlla|/rural   aroa, , Boautlfi)!' vloyf   ol  rovlno;proporty,.||lvlrio groat privacy and an  ���.��...i.i'- k.  ;mo'fclally jtonod 5 acros, Lightly cloarocl, closo,  to shopping centre) and schools,.$59,000,  ^���^-^csKa)****' ;'"';J ;' "y "^~r '*'-"    "T~~**���'���","'  ..CONAADrROAPrftofffto Comp Bynfl, 7 1>2  . W Z!::Ht��''llmjif<*(��"7' *;"?'   ' ;'wn��  ;*tn(fouah Uils partlalipcl^grod lovol ocroagt,  Zoriod for mobllo hon)����.#HR)iteollonl lor your  -Kpfety larnii $lV,o0Q,  Georgia Strait, $i?,500,'  MASKfU' R^^)^^"^*   nl ���ItibqW*', '*- '  profitJy qn Maskllll/Ro(��i*,��',uworiwbborti'  ':,, Cr��i��^ Rd! Zonln'g qllowi for I/3/acro qvor*ati|l,  r   Thli l*o aulot r^aratoa'dhly'ljl mllfi 1f��rn  0^1^)^00^,7.7,,,;^ , ;:  ^    _;;,; ^ ' ;   _  oppoftunlty.t^clovolop your (?vvh rocroatlonal J  ���omotlyrjfl,dillfr<inl*'HoVo a look%nd-moko I  ' 1^r*T>?fV*y-p r"~. --.-'��--���'���.^j..-'!!.U���.'     .  ipiBSpNSi 4,6 "deros ^f'*<��xi;sjJont holdlnfl  piicilpoYly closo *4 Sobirii* ^olntpark, PartloIlK  cloarod.'Try youi'"olfors.',|a'2,900,  ���       'J''    \     ���'"������ ���.  M':^ '   'Vlj. _  ,.    "��� 1.'   ��ty   ��  '       "    ,1.'  ��'f,  ���;,Vn;  ^;;  *    �� _���..'���''        ' *' ��� ,    ' ''  "A  I'.",��,.  ������� v'  .} ,  '%'i' i, !������'"���������*V����"*'  "f  V ��WlFS|-il'��|-J  'd  \T y  PageB-6  Peninsula Times  Wednesday, July 5,1978   _\  '  A professional burglar's tips on home protection  *"���-  A brochure available from  -loealrpoUee-department-gives-  a professional burglar's hints  _jon-h.ow_he_works   ' He reminds you that he  does not wear traditional  mask, peaked cap and striped  "shirt"��� he dressfes to suit the  ���neighbourhood he is working  so hebleMs^witirthe scene.  Just because a man going.  :.up_to-the_door_of a-darkhouse-  is wearing a snap brim hat  and carrying a brief case  doesn't  mean  he  isn't a  -burglar, tights left on-all day  . and   all   night   are   dead    are   turned   DOWN,"   but_.  RENTING  Executive House  Apartments  *  ��� Overlooking Gibsons Harbour  * 37 Deluxe 1 & 2 Bdrm Suites  Featuring: -  Controlled Front Entrance  Colored Appliances  Cablevision   Panoramic View   '  Extra-Soundproof Suites  Drapes  W/W Carpets  Rents from $230.00  Inquire at  886-2742  -!  iyWki  giveaways tp a buglar: Ifyou  .want .a light in your vacant  -home- at night,--use7a -timer-  that turrfe light on after dark.  Burglars won't bother a  two storey house with a light  on'b'othupstairs and-down- ���  too chancy! They don't like.  dogs ��� too noicy! They can  see inside if Venetian blinds  Venetian -blinds- turned UP  only show the ceiling so a  - burglar_can't .be _sure_there!s  none home.  Use these tips for your own  protection when your home is  vacant" for an evening, - or' a"  holiday. Protect yourself and  your possessions with a bit of  forethought.  The Chinatown historic  planning committee  -- -Two years ago Gity Gouncii-  appointed the Chinatown  Historic Area Planning  Committee in response to the  strongly expressed wish of the  Chinatown community to have  more direct involvement and   exercised -care- that- architecturally historic  ���buildings will be preserved-  and that the atmosphere and  character of this corner of  Vancouver will remain the  way the citizens know and  "love it.  This co-operation of  planners and residents must  be lauded for the  benefits  participation  in~pfanning  decisions affecting the area.  The committee is made up  of a broad representation of  dfoe^emnmunity-,���m^  merchants, property owners,   whole,  residents,  and associations.  For the past year they have  been meeting with" city  planners every month to'  v discuss planning matters in  the area and review  development proposals.  This committee is sure to  protect the Chinatown that  has a long history in the city of  Vancouver ��� it has. arranged  for bilingual signs on streets  cqlumb\^  ATTENTION:  Future Home Owners  Having trouble finding a home just right  for you?  Consider this:  TEMPO PRODUCTS  is now offering a complete home  planning   and building service.  Some Features in your new home would include:  -1200 sq. ft., 2 or 3 bdrm, full basement  -Floor plan of your cholco  ���Brick fireplace and chimney  ���Thermal Pane windows  ���Ready for occupancy in 2 short weeks  Any mapy other attractive features.  A quality home at an affordable price  Further inquiries Please call  GREG LEMKY a! 886-2706  -^  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE LTD.  IK- ��C^&n*~3^i  B^xjM^^JiZiLc  Wharf Road, Sechelt B.C. VON 3A0  885-3271  We're the Neighborhood Professionals:"  MADEIRA PARK RANCH $125,000  22 acre working ranch,' all fenced and cross-  fenced. Good large barn, good pasture and some  fruit trees. All year round water_suppjy_._ AnsLfai^^;  thelady~oHhe~h6use it hasTcrmodern 2.bedroom  home. Has facilities for horse show ana, rodeos.  Call Larry Reardon, 885-9320. '  LANGDALE  NEW HOME ' ,' $48,900  - New 3 bedroom full basement home. Large LR'with F,P. Dining  - -room and kitchen with plenty of cupboardslMaster Beclroom has ~~'  ensuite. Double carport. Situated in quiet area among new  homes. 80' lot. Completed approx 30 days. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  GIBSONS  PRATT & FAIRVIEW $33,000  Small older type home with carport on nicely landscaped and  fenced property. The vendor has- included some appliances in  the asking price. Ed Baker. 885-2641.  SARGENT ROAD $15,900  Magnificent ocean view lot, fully serviced, on sewer, 65x110',  close to all amenities. Builders terms available. Larry Reardon,'  885-9320/  "MULTI-DWELUNG LOT     -      $70,000"  Located on corner Highway 101 and School Road, this 1.3 acre  building lot.is situated close to all amenities and on sewer. Larry  Reardon. 885-9320.  ONE-ACRE LOT [MULTI-ZONED]"* $55,000  In an" excellent location, zoned for 18 apartments, 12  townhouses or duplex. Close to all amenities and on sewer.  Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  ROBERTS CREEK  UP & DOWN DUPLEX   $49,500  Large   3   bedroom   with   excellent   revenue  potential..  Located    on     1     acre    near  Roberts   Creek   on   Highway  101.    Vendor    will    consider  offers. Ed Baker, 885-2641.    ACREAGE-INVESTMENT  ���$25,000-.  2.14 acres at Joe and Lower Roberts Creek Road with over 700'  on the Lower Road. Could be'4 lots - terrific potential for the  investor. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  WILSON CREEK  HALF-ACRE & STUDIO NOW  $45,500. Here is a home that  features four bedrooms and  Texas-size kitchen. Ideal  property for the homemaker.  Great organic garden and lots  of room for chickens "Sti.  Studio over a dandy  workshop, with full root cellar  facilities. Try $3,500 down.  Chuck    Dowman,    885-9374.  SELMA PARK  OCEAN VIEW -   $17,500  Good solid older type family home in good repair with^unin-  terruped view of the ocean. It has 3 bedrooms, the living room  has wall to wall carpet, and there is a large kitchen and dining  area. This home is on lease land $600 p.a. Ed. Baker, 885-2641.  TUWANEK  160 FT. FRONTAGE . $14,500  Cleared and ready for building. Half block to water and safe  swimming. Easy terms. Chuck Dowman 885-9374.  SUMMERHIDE-A-WAY    ��� ���.,...,.,., $18,500,  JThishalf.acteJias watecaadhydro^^33jt^^aHerar��d_two metal.  sheds joined together with a.wood neater. Easy, terms are~~  available. Chuck Dowman-885-9374. /  V  SECHELT  PRIVACY GALORE I " $47,500  _ls jheJeature of this-1000-sq-ftkey-lbg_home~with~h~uge Ibff,"  fireplace and full basement. Well treed 1 acre. Easy   walk to  swimming and marina. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  SUMMER HIDE-A-W AY $18,500  Hidden from the road is a dandy 1 bedroom 33 ft trailer, two  metal sheds for workshop and storage. Water and hydro connected. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  WEST SECHELT * $18,500  1.17 acres. Nicely treed, gentle slope to SW will have a good  view when some trees come down. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  SECHELT VILLAGE $59,500  New'deluxe 3 bedroom, full basement home of 1320 sq. ft.  Completed approx.' 30. days- Large L.R./D.R.  arep^ith-^-RP^  Kitchen-is-d' housewives dream -withr built-in  bar-b-^ue.-Full���  double plumb. All w/w. Large sundeck. Lots of privacy on 92' lot.  Many other features must be seen to be appreciated. Ed Baker  885-2641.  WATERFRONT LOT/VIEW LOT $15,500 & 8,500  At Sandy Hook We have this 100'+ waterfront lot, close to road  and adjoining with an excellent view lot that lies next to B.T.  Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  VILLAGE $46,000  Well   kept,  sparkling clean  2  bedroom   bungalow.  Walking  distance to stores and school. LR 17 x 19 with fireplace, dinette,  utility, 2 full bathrooms. Owners leaving $2000 worth of appliances: stove, fridge, washer & dryer. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  TENNIS ANYONE? $50,900  Modern 4 bedroom, full bsmt. home. Features 2 Bathrooms,  rumpus room and_ 26ft.'living room. Only 1 block to courts.  Chuck Dowman 885-9374. \ ,  .^EA.VJEV^ROAI^^'''^^  Hide-a-way for your summer fun pn this well treed l/3rd acre.  $3,500. down, with easy payments. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374.  TREED HALF ACRE $14,000  Good storage"shed, waterand hydrp. Only $3000 downrChuck  Dowman 885-9374.  SILVERSANDS CREEK  SPECULATOR SPECIAL $35,000  3 bedroom full bsmt. home'on an acre of high land. Completely  livable while you finish inside and Ipndscape. $3000 down will  handle. Chuck Cowman 885-9374?- -._:  REDROOFFS/ HALFMOON BAY AREA  WELCOME WOODS $9,500 & $9,750  Two extra large lots 125'x200V Larry-Reardon,- 885-9320   HALF-ACRE LOT ...'$'5,000  Large treed lot at the corner of-Redrooffs Road and the road to  Sargeant Bay. Serviced with hydro and water. Larry Reardon,  885-9320.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA  GARDEN BAY ROAD $22,500  Rock-bluff building site on this 3.5 acre wooded property, would  provide terrific view over pasfure land. All year stream. Easy  terms available. Chuck Dowman, 885-9374..  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT~ y������  - $22,500  Semi-waterfi;pnt, property, just cicross the Narrows Bridge and  facing Bargain ^a/b'our. Treed and good for building on, with  ���just the road between'you bnd the water. Larry Reardon,"885-  9320. t 1 '  __ s ���  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235 (��) e.&o.e.  We Are As Close As Your Phone  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  ���   Sechelt  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  -����� .���',(��;"���  x ;"*���.' i  ��� ,  \7  now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  COUNTRY SERENITY h     #3974  Large lot 250s x00! with driveway all cleared, Just drive In,  park your trailer, rbldx and phja'y your holidays, Water &  powor at proporty' lino. F.P, $9,v6o,'JIM,WOOD, 805-2571  x.,���x,t,, :���  fc��i  -ri-  .....      ^ m  . -^ nt, m ��%nM  i   v,  ovos,  SUMMER HOMES, - SOME WATERFRONT X  " From $32,,500, A nlco varloty, Call'RMTH MOORE 805-9213  ovos, for moro'information , about 'listing 03748,  #3972...  #.3921, and mordl   " V   '��  ,   ..",      �� ���   �� '., ���     .  HOUSE WITH AVlEWr ,,',;;'     #3934  "Located oh Gowor Point Rd.<this largo 3 bodroonh modern  v homo hal attractive brick fireplace' In spacious livingroom. ���  " Quality carpots throughout, boautilul soa view Irani kitchen,  dining aroa, and living room.'Carport, oxtra largo ^undack."  ���L6t^l7trll'Cx,2<!'5'. Asking $64,900. JIM WOOD, 80S-257J  .IfMin,     ,     '    ��� -    X   ���   , i]t,:,' ' <��� ,"*"    7 .'���  .j.-- >��� ������ ,,�����������.     > '��� .  p,        :���  .1   ��� *  ������'  ���'       ��� p'v, - ��� '���;  -���rltS-AVIEVy-r'^T^'"*^^:";- -���~;~^-~t--v-#3M,0~  ," 'Dlroctly Up Socholt Inlot; on-Sandy Hook Rd, this flno lot has  "''��boon* cloarod <?nd bulldlrfq slto^oxcavatod, Oni look and'  ���you'll a'qroo Ihls 3/10'oian aero liorylcocl ibt Is woll worth th*  $12,000 asking prlco.^ERT Ji/ALKER, 003-3746 ovos,'  ���-���.-���*,.��� . >���;,'������''' ��� 1   .    "I t-r       <    .      ... , t - (t-  .    ' ''I" '     , '  WELDING SHOP. "; ;    , * ���'    "        ft3941  " Vour own ^uslnoss -- Voady for a now ownoK For more  dotalls, RUTHvp/yipOUE, OQS-9213 ovii,  WATERFRONT TWINS "    ^ ��39<,7  " 2 rtdohy ildo wotorlronl lots with oldor typo houso locatod  op Hooch Avo, Roberts Crpok aroa, slro 66'xl65' oacf|, A  pacljnOo doal at tho prlco of $79,000 or ownor will consldor a  soparato 6f(or on oach lot, JIM WOOD, 005-2571 ovos. ,'  VILLAGE HOME*GARDEN '     ��3907  ,,ConvonlOnllyflocatod on Trldonl Avonl>4 within-walking  dlstanco ol shopping, this 2 bodroom, 600 sq. It. eomlortabio  ,homo alio ollors a largo lovol aardon oroa laf groon thumb  enthusiasts. Asklng'prlco $42,300. Moro Information from  BCRT WALKER, 0115-3746 ovos.       ' V  7  ,   '   V    '       ���     '    \  COOPER ROAD LOT #3847  Largo B3'x240' serviced lot olfors amplo spaco to build with  oxtra aroa to look after hobbles or gardon, Reduced to  $10,990 vendor Is anxious to sell, BERT WALKER, 885-3746  , ovos,.. '        .   ' . '  NEW HOME, ft 3810  Rotlro closo to good flshjng. Now 2 bodroom homo ol 988 sq.  ft, has stonoflroplaco, You can docorato tho Interior In your  colbrs, Long sunddck and covorod dock with 8' x8' s'torago,  Partial basomont. Eloctrjc furnaco. Largo lot has llmltod vlow  ���of Pondor Harbour,. Gbad valuo af $41,000. Mako your of(or,  DON HADDEN, 085'.^9405 ovos,  A BARGAIN TO FINISH  -#3918-  $/t2,000 for 2000 iq. ll. homo A carport. $12,000 to finish. 4.  largo bodrooms, Flroplaco In mastor bodroom, 5 appllancos1  ���with. 2 oxtra rooms for. workshops or guost  rooms,  In  Secholt, JACK WARM, BB6:268J ,ovos, "  1    ,>        1 ���      ��� ���   1  VlfeWH^ME-DAVlSBAY #3949'  , S'oo thli 3 bodroom vlow homo, big \6\\R 1/2' living room  has oxcollont dtono facod ilropjaco; Sopard'to utility room off  krtchon, Hoavy sliako roof, 2 blocks to boach, l\P, $-J5,900.   PETERvSMITH, 006.9460 ovos.!    -      - -���* -- -���-.-�� >  MADEIRA PARK LOT #3854  Rocroatlonal or "rotlromont lot, trood, closo to Iho walor, and  amllo fo tho shopping aroa In Madolra Park. Hydro, phono  'and plpod y^ator along q��|ot road, 8I10 approx, 75'xl05',  Zono<< R3L. PrICod to sell ti\ $]Q',iQ0l DON HADDEN, 085-  >504   '  ZrTr)  ismmm  A GOOD BUY ^    .       j.*  J971  ir an��l  Ruth Moore  ^*;w^y^,r^:m^^i^,.'.m m .��.���-.*...*,,^,i��,. ^...,.��..J.%�����  200 sq, It. on lowor lovol also offofs a vlow of Socho|t\lnlot,  W��ll Iniulatod lor yoar rouodcomlorj ^ Idoally locatodynoar  a'hoach acposi lor rocroatlonal iJW�� Vondor Will also  $12,500 dtiwn  &  romalndor by  A/$,  F.P,. 134,900,  WALKER, 005-^746 ovos,, .  ko  ������I. .1 ���  LARGE RURAL L6T #3951  Zoned for'trailer, pork toslod for soptlc tank, partial soa  vlow, Locatod close to marina at Tillicum on Socholt Inlot, F.P.  ,$8,000, JACK WARN, 886-2681 ovos.  BIG. LEVEL VIEW LOT     ; #3848  ll you want vlow and ippco ��� soo this, Davis Bay lot,  71'xl93'���- with hydro, wator, phono & I cablo, Priced-at  $14,500.\PETER SMITH, 885-9463 ovos.    ,  SECHELT LOT j #3856  Lovol lot, Nlco Inlot vlow, noar marina and Ico arona. All  local sorvlcos, All now homos Jn aroa.Lol slzo,, 70'x 125', F,P,  . $12,000, offors, DON HADDEN, 885-9504   LOTS OF EXTRAS #3950  A family homo with lots of comforts. 4 bodrooms, full  basomont, largo sundock, swirl pool, sauna 8, showor In  basomont plus photographic dark room, Largo master  bodroom with oxponslvo" harbour vlow, onsulto & acorn  flroplaco. F.P, $49,000, $2300 1st at 10%, JACK WARN, 006-  2601 ovos,       '<���  , FINE HOME ON OVER 1/2 ACRE #3804  ��� 1  Lovol pdrkjlko grounds, with lovoly itroam on ono sldo, Now  In 1977, 2 big bodrooms, living room with flroplaco Is 22  1/2x16', with vlow to wator, Soparato utility, Hugo doublo  carport, 4 appllancos wllh salo, Look fhls ovor at $60,500,  PETER SMITH, 005-9463 ovos,  ft* _  <^mAk"i  .tyi  wr  iHW-str*^ ��.  ���sww* .,m.7)Birfn '*ffl^l^r<�����^'"^^J��iWi'���-*,'  885^21^ ;    jw|25^  5nUu1  ALL THIS A 2 1/4 ACRES #3919  Largo, fnmliyhomo, Oldor & nlcoly roVnoclollod. 4 bodroomi  plus don. 6 rna|or appllancos Includod at $90,900, RUTH  MOORE, 009-9213 oVos,  ) ,l^^ft^^MJwc>*���^iW1BWciWwlJ(!>VfBI(!'.  Xk'  |Jiiti fwpoa  ���StTkkX-imt lt\ .X'^S^C���mm^,m-m. '1  vert wVAiKer  ���385474^  INLET VIEW SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��3910  Thoro Is a splendid vlow of Socholt Inlot from this oxcollont  building sito In aroa of all now homes, Sorvlcos along pavod  toad, Closo to arona & marina. Lot us show you this good  value at $13,0.00, QON HADDEN, 885-9504 ovos,  WATERFRONT LOT #3893  Supor southerly vlow, lovol ground, Path to boach from high  up bank. Has small "sloopor" cabin plus storago, Sorvlcod to  lot lino-water, hydro 8, phono, Redrooffs aroa, F,P. $35,000.  PETER SMITH, 805-9463 ovos.  J._        '��� > ' p ���'  WATERFRONT HOME #3955  OracloUs living for you In this flno 3 bodroom homo In Davis  , Bay, 1464 sq, ft,, ono floor, Lovoly woll plannod family kltchon, Largo 20 1/2'x 17' 10" living room with docor flroplaco.  Quality carpotlng. Crabs & llshlng from your awn boach.  front. Asking just $05,200, PETER SMITH, 005-9463 ovos.  VIEW LOT  #3928  South Flotchor with lano al roar, Convenient to shops, F.P,  $11,500. JACK WARN, 886-2681 ovos.  100 FEET WATERFRONT #3983  Just $65,000 full prlco, Homo Is sltuatod to taka advantage of  vlow from this tall-trood park-llko sotting, Unique construction allows self contalnod,' ollhor 1 bodroom or 2  bodroom quartan, Lots of sundecklng. Entrance from own  drlv��way fofwlly ���ncloi����"'flforog��r,BOB-KENT*-889,9467-  OVOS,    ,p,  LOW BANK WATERFRONT #3984  Roomy cabin wllh nlco flroplaco and covorod dock looking  out to your own sandy boach, Frldgo, s^ovo and somo furnishing* Includod.  Prlcod at  $47,500 with  somo  forms  GIBSONS HAR&QUR.VIEW #3^66  Located on thb cornor of Wyngarl 8, Martin. Rd, Lot slro  UG'xll0'xl09', Is dupUxod tonod. All sorvlcos Including  sowor. Closo to storos and ftiorlno ot tho low, low prlco of  $12,900, JIM WOOD, 805-2971 ovos,      '  "Jicii  "'*���   ���**t4iw''mimi  ^^r^m*mm m^w^mmimTmmjt  ���  ��� i^l,,,/"''-  BobKsrt  Joint R. Goodwin  ���ffllK,,!   ''!*���"  ..V,  !       A  IWiW|ltW|re  *  *"!& y*       ** 1&M". *���s��ti'. M**to i�� T��nn**:>i"fX-*��Kr ft����  I  WTtftW"***1"  m��if wb    (Tfsfti-mi     % r��  J   JW*-yu,   4��J>        ��   d*3*-i   1!  ����* ��       '*   t  r-*?^��c >���"����� x'y  1   -:  l\  YXk'l I ���  ��� I  ..  I  **"  ';VX_-  W^dne^day^Jutly^S  .CHANNEL 2'  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12-   CHANNEL 13  12;00 __Sum_ Unlimited  12:30    Ryan's Hope  1:00 ��� Summer '78  1:30     Cont'd.  AU My Children  Cont'd.  One Life  to Uve .        Hollywood Sqs. News News News Electric Co. News  Says'of Our - Ida Clarkson As World Turns- Movie: Jackson Jr. Get Smart,  Lives   - '. Sanford & Son Cont'd.   ' " Little Egypt Safety Cover        Movie:  The . Doctors - Marcus Welby , Guiding Light      Cont'd.         Music Johnny Come  2:00  2:30  ~3i00"  3:30  Hoe, Hoe  Edge   of  Night  rmmr  "Hli  Take  30  General  " :e of Night.  ier'v Griffin..  Another World  -Confdi   Movie:  _Poase-is-Our���  Cont'd. ConfjL.:. .������Another- -World���Llving-eos-sr^r  ~Edge-orN��Kt SITTji FamUj^^Goned.. MakTng-Music  HlgkHopes-, ���Dlnalrrn���r^~TZAlan Hamel The Originals  -Take 30 -       Cont'd. ���     Cont'd. -   ViUa Alegre  ^Lately- ��� >.  Cont'd, \  ���Popeye --    -  Flintstones    j  Mike Douglas      All My ChUdren  As World Turns  Cont'd.      ��.'  Cont'd.                  Vancouver * v  Truth or Con. Cont'd.   -Ntswiyw&d-^Game���Confdr  Tic Tac Dough  ��� Match "Game "  HillbUlles  jA'JOL���Little-Woman Cont'd.  " 4:30    Vision On Cont'd.  5:00   .Celebrity Cooks   News  5:30    AU Jn Family      Cont'd.  Profession  Cont'd. -  Newlywed  News "  ChUd's Program  Flipper  Adam-12  News  Emergency  Cont'd.  Newer  Cont'd.  Lucy Show  Emergency  Cont'd.  Gong Show  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers   >  Electric Co.  Party Game  Lively Woman  Going Places  Munsters    /  Flipper      /  Leave to_ Beaver  Bewitched  .6:00  -6!30_  7:00  7:30  Hourglass  jCont'JL.  MaryT. Moore  BasebaU:   Cont'd.  _ Cont'd,    -  World Animals  Hollywood  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Seattle  Special Edition  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Hollywood  BasebaU:  Cont'd.  _Mary_T._Moore.  Tell the Truth  Family Feud  News  - Cont'd.    ���  Grizzly Adams  Cont'd.  Funorama -  The Monkees  My 3 Sons  .Brady Bunch  Spiderman  Part.  Family  Jo GaUlard  Cont'd.  Zoom  Over Easy  N^ws  Ancient Egypt  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Hogan's Heroes  Adam-12  Andy Griffith  Match Game  Joker's Wild  Not on Nellie  Odd Couple >-  Am. 2 Night   ']  Vancouver       ;  Cont'd.  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Toronto at  Baltimore  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  10:00  10:30  11-.00  11:30  ^*��a  w,  ���Nt  8 Is Enough  Cont'd.  Charlie's  Angels   Grizzly \  Adams A  Headllners  Cont'd.   /---  'Toronto at  . Baltimore  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Carol  Burnett  Tom��&  Joanne  8 Is Enough  Cont'd.  Movie:  The PYX  Nova  Cont'd.  Performance  Cont'd.  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  Ironside  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  Merv Griffin  ��  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.,  Cont'd.  Movie:  Student  .Cont'd.  eek ln B. BaU  .atlonal News.  Night  Final  Starsky ���&  Hutch     ..  -News,     ������  Police Story  Police -'  Woman -  ���Ttfaiv a ��� ���  Tonight Show  Cont'd.  Week in BaU  -News  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd. .  "ConTd.  Late Movie  Cont'd.  _ContU_  News'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  -Symbiosis ���f���  Dick Cavett  Indian Artists  N-6WS  -Ameifcr-2 Night  Odd  Couple  Outer Limits  Gunsmoke  Cont'd.  Phil Silvers**'  Late Movie  Connections  Cont'd.  Sports Page  Cont'd.  Thursday, July 6  Wednesday, July 5,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page B-7  Hospital disturbance  isL1!!��! a^case fcm" law1  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 11  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  12:00    Sum. Unlimited   AU My Children Hollywood Sqs. News  12;30 :  Ryan's Hope     ���   Cont'd. Days of Ida Clarkson  1:00    .Summer '78 One Life Our Lives Sanford & Son  1:30 Cont'd.       to Live The Doctors Marcus   Welby  News  As World Turns  Cont'd.  Guiding Light  News      '               Electric Co.          News' \ . ,        Mike Douglas     ' AU My  Movie:   "               M for Music         Get Smart As World Turns Children  Sand-castles -   Art Today            Movie: ,      Cont'd. Vancouver  Cont'd.                  Art Starts Passionate Medical Center Cont'd.  -��Sv.  2:00 Charcoal  Chefs   General  2:30 Edge of Night    Hospital  3:00 High Hopesj^=JEdge-of-Nlght  3:30 Tako 30 Merv Griffin  Another  Cont'd.  -Movie:���  My Baby  World  Cont'd. Cont'd. Another   World    Word Shop Thief Cont'd. Cont'd.  Edge of Night  All ln FamUy       Cont'd-���-....���_ 2c-3Vorth~^ ContM. Hc-Tac. Dough���^Party-^Game   -Miglr-Hopes "THnali Alan Hamel Ancient Egypt      Popeye T.B.A. Lively Woman  Take 30 ContM:���    ' Cont'd. Black Ex. FUntstones Razzmatazz Going Places  4:00  4:30"  5:00  5:30  .Environments  "Kids at Play   Celebrity Cooks  AU in FamUy  Cont'd.  Cont'd:  News  Cont'd.  Smiles at Me  Cont'd.      >.    -  Newlywed Game  News  Childs Program  FUpper���   '  Adam-12  News  Emergency  One  News  Cont'd.  Lucy Show  Emergency  -Cont'd.  Gong Show  Sesame Street  Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  Electric Co.  Munsters  FUpper  Leave to Beaver  Bewitched   Funorama  Monkees  My_3-Sons-  Brady Bunch  Spiderman  JBart.- Family  Jo GaUlard  Cont'd.  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  Hourglass  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  Concert  Cont'd..  Cont'd.  People Place  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  -Seattle  Match Game ���  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  HawaU W)  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Mary T. Moore  TeU the Truth -  Tattletales  News  Cont'd.  ���_���  Another Day  Grand Country  - Zoom   -  Over Easy  News  Playhouse  I Love Lucy  Andy Griffith  Hogan's  Heroes  Adam-12 ���  8:00  8:30  9:00  9:30  Duchess of  Duke St.  Denny's Show  Honestly  Welcome Kotter  Happening  Barney MUler  Movle:-  Evergreen  Express  James at 16  Cont'd.  Big Country  Family Feud  Joker's Wild  Billy Liar  Odd Couple  Am. 2-Night  Vancouver  Cont'd.  Duchess of  Duke St.  Movie:  The Story  The  Waltons  Cont'd.  Hawaii 54  Cont'd.  The Waltons  Cont'd.  H. Hutchinson  Soap  Opera  Cont'd.  George  ���Crumb  Marcus Welby  Cont'd.  Ironside  Cont'd.  Newlywed Game  Merv  Griffin  Cont'd.  'Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Richie  Brockelman  10:00  Geo. & MUdred  Ash Wednesday   Cont'd..  Teller  Barnaby  Baretta  2 Bonnles  News  Gunsmoke  Barnaby  10:30  Can,   Authors  Confd.                 Cont'd,  Cont'd.  Jones      , -  ,Coiifd.  ' Cinema  Am. 2 Night  Cont'd.  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Cont'd.- -Vancouver  . 1:30   ' Cont'd. to Live The Doctors Marcus Welby Guiding Light Cochise Measuring Up To KU1 a Medical  Center    Cont'd.  2:00  2:30  3:00  3:30  Concert  Edge of Night  High Hopes  Take 30  General  Hospital  -Edge of Nlght-  Merv Griffin  Another  Cont'd.  -Movie:  Captain Eddie  World    Cont'd.  4 Edge of Night  High- Hopes  Take 30  Cont'd.  AU in Family  Dinah  Confd.  Another  World  Alan Hamel  Confd.  Butterflies  Making Music  Speakout  ViUa  Alegre  Dragon  Confd.  Popeye  FUntstones  4:00  Klahanie  Confd.  Confd.  ChUds Program  Emergency One   Lucy Show  Sesame Street  4:30  After School  Confd.  Confd.  FUpper  Cont'd.                  Emergency  Cont'd.  5:00  Celebrity Cooks  News  Newlywed   Gm.  Adam-12    .  News                      Cont'd.  Mr. Rogers  5:30  AU In FamUy  Confd.  News.  News  Confd.                  Gong Show  Electric Co.  Cont'd.  Tic Tac Dough  Match  Game  HUlblUies  6:00  6:30  7:00  7:30  . Hourglass  Cont'd.  Mgry T.. Moore  Reach for Top  Confd.  Confd.  FUm Festival  Muppet Show  Confd.  Confd.  Seattle  Hollywood  Sqs.  Confd.  Confd.  Lawrence  Welk  Confd.  Mary T. Moore  Tell the Truth  Movie:  -Nows  Cont'd.  Oper. Petticoat  JuUe  Blue Marble  Over Easy  News  Gardening  Munsters  Flipper  Leave to Beaver  Bewitched   "i Love Lucy  Andy. Griffith  Hogan's  Heroes  Adam-12  7+  Confd.  Party Game ���  Lively Woman  Going Places  ���Judge^TPTTohnsori iasFWeffiescfiy"  dismissed   charges   against  a   Pender  Harbour man, raying the case was "not a  case for law, but a case between patient  and doctor."  -Peter Viggo McKenzie was charged  with causing a disturbance in St. Mary's  Hospital February 19, by loitering and  obstructing other persons.  McKenzie, a hemophiliac, went to the  emergency ward of the-hospital on the  night of ^February 19 complaining of  severe pain in his ankle and asked; for  injectable medication for fete pain.  Dr. Dennis Rogers^ tesnfied that he  examined the ankle but found no evidence  of current bleeding into the" joint and  refused to administer the intravenous pain  killer.  .   Rogers  then gave evidence  that  McKenzie became angry and abusive and  left the ward only after Rogers threatened:  to phone the police.  McKenzie returned to the hospital a few  hours later in an ambulance and again  demanded an intravenous pain killer, said  Rogers. In the interim Rogers had spoken  to-a. hematologist who had called him  from Vancouver about McKenzie.,   ���<.  Rogers said he then offered thelm^n a  high dosage of an oral medication for thi*  pain, but that he also refused 'this.  McKenzie "thfen asked Rogers for a transfer to Vancouver General Hospital and  when refused this request went to the front  nursing desk and began shouting and  "using abusive language."  Rogers said the nurses' station is  across the hall from the intensive care  unit and that McKenzie was causing a  v disturbance as it was 4 a.m.  \ The doctor said he asked McKenzie to  Jpave and when he did not, he called the  RpMP. Rogers said the RCMP arrived  approximately five minutes later and  removed McKenzie^  Defence counsel*Laurence Myers asked  Rogers if it was inappropriate in the case  of severe hemophilia fto-preserve an in-  Funorama -  Monkees  My 3 Sons  Brady Bunch  Spiderman  Part.  Family  Jo GaUlard  Confd.  Andy Griffith  Truth or Con.  Joker's  Wild  Dr. ln House  Odd  Couple  Am. 2-Night  Vancouver  Confd.  travenoiis medicatiori^as a pain "killer.  Rogers answered: -'f.Itr&,not inappropriate,  but I thought Peter McKenzie was  becoming addicted to intravenous  medication���I toldJiim I wouldn't contribute to his addiction."  Rogers told the court that this opinion  was based on over a year of dealing with  McKenzie. "Peter McKenzie is become too  fond of intravenous medication," said  Rogers.  Johnson asked Rogers whether  McKenzie was annoying because he was in  pain or because he'wanted td disturtrother  patients. Rogers said he thought his  behaviour resulted from his addiction and  from the pain A .���.T^-XAXIa^:....^^. -.  "Why was this man charged with a.  criminal offence?" asked Johnson. * 'He  wasn't acting very nicely, but he was a  sick patient in a hospital."  "I find this is hot a case for law," said  the judge "It's a case between patient and  doctor and patient and nurse."  ^ff  tO-  SEW EASY  Fabrics  ���Notions-  Yarns  Needlepoint  & Embroidery  Supplies  OPEN Mon.=Fri.  Cowrie St., Sechelt  ^     885-2725  J  8:00,  Robin's Nest  Tabitha  CPO Sharkey  Robin's News  Godspell  Wonder  Wn. Review  Wonder  Newlywed Game  Confd.  8:30  Miss Jones, Son  Oper. PetUcoat  Chico & Man  Miss Jones,  Son  Confd.  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Moore  Movie:___   French  10:00  10:30  11:00  11:30  Cont'd.  Confd.  National News  Night Final  Rock Rainbow  Confd.  News  Cont'd.  Hlndenrburg  Cont'd.  Confd.  News  Cont'd.  Confd.  News  Late Movie  Connection  Cont'd.  Movie:  100 Rifles  Bionic Woman  Cont'd.    '  JHovie:     _  Scalawag t,,  Evening at  Pops.  Cont'd.    College Can  Marty Robbins  Pop Country  Nashville Music  Country N.W.  Behind Scene  Mary & Michael  P. Appleyard   .  Nashville  Swing  Tlari Tahatl  Cont'd.  Cont'd.-������  Movie:  Jeffersons  Maude  Love_Boat~  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  Cont'd.  Be Killing  Austin City  Limits  Sign Off  Movie: ,  Donovan's  Reef  Confd.  Confd.  Lady with,  a Lamp  Confd.  Cont'd.  Fantasy  Island  Sports  Confd.  Sunday; July 9  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4    CHANNBL 5    CHANNEL <|  12:00  12:30  1:00  1:30  Royal  Heritage  Music to See  Country Canada  Issues tc Ana.  Directions  World Animals  Movie:  Movie: T.B.A.  '   Confd.  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ModloaL Qontor  Confd  Vancouvor  Confd.  Confd.  TJo T��  Match  Illlimillos  Tie Tac Dough  Match  Gamo  Llttlo House on  the Prairlo    ,  Movloi  In tho CJUtUr  Cont'd,  Spoclal Nows  News  Soap  Pal  Com  News  Tonight  Happy Daya  Rene simard  M,A.S,R.  8's Company  Head. Hunters  Confd.'  Ylnton  te  Sesame Street.  Confd,  Mr, Rogers  Eleotrlo Co.  iypy mm ��***�� www jWflm-M' WM i'' ���*���" W  Ovor Easy  Worfd(w��r'I  Munators  Flipper  Heaver  Bewitched  aa  Show  Nows Ma  namey  News  Cont'd.  Mi  lor  Jeffersons  Good Times    M.A.8,n.     m Movlo: T,��,A.  1 Pay at a Tlmo ConVo.  "Lou qrant Conf��  Cont'd. Cont'd.  T'  Kowa  tie Movlo  Nows    '  Confd.  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A.U.M/ Children  Hollywood ArjsJ    htpWs  12130    Ryan's Ilona Cont'd.     , ,        paya of Our        Ida Clarkson;  Sanford A Son  lioo  1130  Ono Life  Summer  Cont'd,        ���       to mvoI,. ri  2i00 ',  Vlow from Ifore ''(lanaraT y  JIM t   Edgo of Night ��� .Hospital   M .,  ilves  Tha Doctors  "Anoijiar  1  ,M$o  SiOO,.  AHrfltar  iont'd.  ovlai  Marcus walby  Coht'd.  CHANNBL 7  iNowa  As tht World  Turns  .jauWlM-LlBht  Cont'd.  CHANNBL B.  Wovfoi  >ar)lng  JUL  inolh  Llll  CHANNBL  Eiootrla" (i<i.  Music  Film     ,  About You  CHANNBL 11  NOW*  Get  smart  Si 30  Mebnll  TjonFd.  -rsrrhti  *i00     Cont'd.      r~3^1RmW  6i30    Cont'd.      $*    Con   ��� ft'!:,:,.'  '������   Nawlywed Oamo  Now*  Tak  2onfi��      nont��ar  5onfd. eoi\C'.d.  Syuktaf   V/OTT Cont'd. ,��� Conl'il. ' Arioiher .WTrld r��J>omnastlcs  . 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Homo baking & many othor Intorostlno Horns,'  July 11 ��� TonnU loiiom by Sunshine Coast Tonnl�� Prolosslpnals, For Info  Aroglslratlon phono 086-7360, BB6-7139 or 886-7361,  July M ���Roborts Crook Dazo Outdoor Disco lor kids, (1-12, pm,  July 14-16 ��� Roborts Crook Daioi July 14th -~ Outdoor Disco lor kids 0��  12j July 15th ��� Hlgglody PlgQlody Parado, Hwy �� Hall, 10 ami,  Sotipbox Derby, Toa, Kids Races 8, Games, Poppot Shows, Radio, pood,  ,  Crafts, Bingo; Crown �� Artchof'�� M6r^"��� 11 am-5 pm, Roberts Crook'  Dooglo vy))|i Djue Northern 9-1, July 14 ��� Sof��b6|| Challongo botwoon  R,C, Ladlos CHamplon Softball team ft'Beachcombers, 5 pm, cleanup ft  supper on boach,( ,  July 18 - Sr Cllliens Br (C69 Tea, Sr, CHUen* Hall, Socholt, 2)30.4, $1.  July 13 ��� Robert* Croek Daze Hlgglody PlgQlody Parade, staring at Hwy &  Hall Rd, 10 am, Soapbox Derby, Tea, Kids Ra��os ft Games, Puppet  Shows, Bingo, Crown ft Anchor, Crafts, Food ft moro, 11-5, At the   mouth ot tho crook/Roberts Creek Booglo ^vlth Duitor, 9-1, Roborts  Croek Community Hall, '-'  7TiiY'ji6'~ Roborti.Creek Daie Challenge between Robert! Crook Ladles'  "I '.Softball toam ft Boacbcohibori. 9 pm' Cleanup ft Potluck Supper on  '"....beaclj, :  ���, ..j  ,   "'������  ���-.'' ��� ��� -  JMly 22--Country Fair convened by Hallmbon Bay Rocroatlon Commission  ; i   ft Welcome Beach Communlty.Aisoclatlpn, Cbopori Groon, Raff lo.;  PI.PHINSTONC PIONEER MUSEUM, IDPEN MON.-SAt��� 9 A  I't't-X't-l'l!  :::��::��  'fl  * ',.y.70sfiTHIS4fAC^fbplRpMOT^OUROROAyi2^TIOI|'SBVBNTS.    ,      ' ||||  tt' s^.  7?r  ���,\ iaV,ftv +���  ,t  "���jP^"*1*  ���ma4*MtKWf   ��w��i�� *���<*���**  t  m,.        ,  t*  rt:  fH*    (ft       ��  ���,'r  rKtrmtrMrv*   &W* W***?  ���w^JBnWttW*   "f-%* ii "tgnnnur* jk ^ "fl*nw����B����(*!(i9.^rt-*^-* ��SOTW"l(fci-  mrmumm  K  cont  T  JL  1 \*4rM,*_g,__\*:c> y*^--  - V-  "*���*�����  mt  V  ��� *flMm*s��A.(��.��������ti����P��^**^��'**W*  I !  'J^mJ.i^ -  ��----r '*"  itRM* gliSSf^BUyi^pBWSr ���*��KE)B��B!��, I tf tesWtiVV�� "��* l^tl* ?t ���*)** A^  n in   (Wf1*!*^"!*!^ ft*��t **��  .  ,.      rt       .           h           ���.-  ,..*,, m~    *,  a  %c        ^^      w    ^^^  n n I  * dO-pwBfWilW"*-**-***      *m��hh*��!"* -M*��l"��w>��**   ���  **  *��� ^��    * ��  I  )J-  )AT  ')  ���f  i <"���An  'n\J     *,  \ ,1  X'-<  ft  <*>  ',,(.. I  **t. !���.   ���    7  _% .�����_���_  '&  \u  I  '  JPage B-8 The Peninsula Times  r���   Wednesday, JulyS,'19ttT  X-  Book Look  By MURRIE REDMAN  SIDE EFFECTS: A NOVEL by Mel and  Karen Silvef^tein, Doubleday cl9W, 264  pages, $9.50  Mastectp*ny is becoming one of the  Fejjommon surggries these days, unfortunately. Losing any visible part of the  body is traumatic but for many women  losing a breast is a crisis not easily  overcome or-understood by others.  Co-author, Dr. Melvin Silverstein, is a  New York cancer specialist whose book  helps the initiate to thjT^xper4^ee_jC_^__j|\'r  mastectomy feel less isolated. It can also jT'-'ti^'  help those not directly involved comprehend the enormity of the fears and  personal ^adjustment required in  rehabilitation after surgery.  The book touches on the actual surgical  pFocedurey choices of treatment for breast  cancer and reconstruction of missing  tissue after 4he operation. More than  anything else, itjeaqhes in the story of  "CVnthialhe^aTue^otlife-itself-in terms of  how human beings face adversity.  The story opens when Cynthia, a  particularly attractive and athletic young  woman, finds that she has a lump in her  breast. She has it checked out by a doctor  and waits out the verdict in rationalizing  the fear that it might be cancerous. In the  meantime, she and the doctor develop a  personal relationship that despite the  bounds of professionalism, becomes very  close.  When the time comes for a biopsy and  California Ib. WW  BUNCH CARROTS oe 2/69c  Lll I  I Al Vis -fancy ��omaine,EndiveTXeaf, Butter, local  dmf   WW  GRAPEFRUIT JUICE  48 fl.oz   Libby's, unsweetened  ORANGE JUICE  test to determine malignancy, Cynthia has  been-properly���handed_^y^r__to_another  surgeon for the operation. The second-  doctor is .a heartless, individual-whose  bedside manner is as tactful as a rib  cracker.- Cynthi? enters surgery in a  depressed state of mind���poorly prepared  for what lies ahead.  Inevitably the lump is malignant and a  mastectomy is preformed. Cynthia, whose  shapely body was her main asset, is totally  overwhelmed by her experience and withdraws into a well of self-pity. Not only is  she miserable but she also makes a mess  of her affair with Doctor Number One. He  Has his own problems to work out, too, but  eventually the couple decides that' being  whole is in the mind and not just the body.  Cynthia sums up her decision to shake  off her depression with: "She had healed  inside, but not completely, maybe never  completely, but she knew she had  progressed. ��� ��� She could not be with him  unless hexmade the kind of progress that  she was making... She hoped he could do  it because she could settle for nothing  less."  The Silyersteins plan to write another  book, thte time about medical malprac-  "tiGer-It-will-likely-be-readable and get the-  message  across,  which  is  the  major  strength in this novel. ,  Advertising.^  %���*%  w.  ���"i X."Ml"-mm.  ~      *  >��,.  ZACH GREENBERG joined 30 other between Roberts Creek ladies softball  adults arid kids Sunday at the mouth team and cast and crew of the Beaclj-  of Roberts Creek to clean up the combers at 6:30 p.m. at' Roberts  grounds in preparation for Roberts    -     ���   ��� - -    -    ���  Creek Daze. The Daze will take place  July 14th and 15th. The celebration  starts on the 14th with a softball game  Creek  Elementary   School.   The  celebration will continue on the 15th,  with a parade, kids games, bingo,  music, crafts, tea and a dance.  Youth pleads guilty  to schoolroom assault  is.y0ut.way_  of introduction.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  A Gibsons youth pleaded guilty in  provincial couftJune 28 to assault causing  bodily harm after he beat lip a fellow  student at Elphinstone High School.  Gregory Douglas Hills punched'and  battered Doug Netzlaw with his fists, last  December while Netzlaw was working in  the school'si science room..   ���----.'   Speaking on behalf of Hills', Gibsons  lawyer Robert Reid told the court that the  youth punched Netzlaw because he had tho  previous day beat up Hill's younger  brother. Reid said Netzlaw took the  younger Hill's hand, put it between his  crossed legs and then jumped up and  ,-down   _.. ���-.  Reid said Hills entered the science  room "just to talk to" Netzlaw, but  became annoyed with Netzlaw's attitude  the Church  of  your  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  liiivis liny Koucl nl I .mi I'd  ���   ,   Dnvls Bny   SiiihIay -School ,,.,,,,, ,'M-S nm  ,.MonUi��K.S��tvkc .������..,.,..:*.���..,,, JJiilXUm,  livening Sui-viec,,,,! ,, ,7:00 pm  Wed, Prayer'��nil Hlble Study  IMiunjf HH5.5;%  "non-dcnoniiniiliomil"      *'���  I'iistorC'WlbrdMvMullon , T  UNITED CHURCH  i  Rev, Annette M: Reinhardt  "' 7 '886-2333 ;  '       .,   ,  9:30,am ��� St. John's. Wilson CrceK  11:15 a.m.--^Gibsons ���  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School each Sunday  at 11:30 a.m. Except last Sunday in  month at 12:30 p.m.) Wed. Evenings,  7:30.;. *   ,  All in Si, John's United Church,  Davis Hay.  Phone 885-3157, 88^7882, 883-9249  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T, Nicholson, l'ttstor\  TIMES OP SUNDAY MASS1, ...  i  8;0() p.m. Sal. eve. al Si. Mary's, Gibsons  8:30 a.ni, Our Lady oi' Loui'(lVs,"'mniic   Sechelt Indian Kcserve  10:00 a.m. al The Holy Pamlly Church Jn  Seehell    ' ,7  12 noon al Si. Mary's Chiireh In Gil)sous  and punched him. The whole incident took  five or 10 seconds, said Reid.      , " ~ ~"  ' Netzlaw was taken to hospital following  the incident and received 13 stitches.  Hills fled from the scene but police  later, found him in his cabin hiding under a  pile of clothes.  _ JH-Uls,also pleaded guilty_to_a. charge.of  mischief regarding a separate incident on  April 22..  Reid said Hills became hysterical when  his girlfriend broke up with him and  kicked the door of Gibsons Realty, shattering the glass. Hills told police he was  under the influence of liquor and LSD at  the time. .       Judge J.S.P. Johnson has ordered a  pre-sentence report and a psychiatric  report on the youth before handing down  sentence.  In a unrelated case, Norman John  ���JHardy pleaded guilty to impaired driving  and was fined $500 and put on probation for  six months to take the impaired drivers  course.  Hardy was stopped by police June 6 in  Gibsons when police noticed, his car  wandering into ti^e oncoming lane of  traffic. The Port Mellon laborer had a  blood alcohol reading of .27 percent and  told police he had been drinking for the  last IQ days,  Floyd William Woods was fined $250 for  driving with no insurance. Woods told  police he.bought the uninsured car from a  person on Lockyer Rd. and was pushing it  acrdss the highway "when police, stopped  him. "I know better," he said, "but I took  a chance and got caught."  Joe Arscnault was fined $285 for driving  his motorcycle with no Insuranco and no  licence. The Prince Edward Island man  told police the bike was uninsured because  he hnd just bought it in Vancouver und  .���...tecauafi.,^  Frank ixsitner Jr., unemployed, of  Secholt pleaded guilty to possession of  marijuana and was fined $100.  West Sechelt resident, Mitchell Hurry  Farrell also was fined $100 for poswosslon  of mnrijuunn,' , ,  SeaMount  INDUSTRIAL-SERVICE COMMERCIAL PARK  2 Bhcks West of Sunnycrest Centre '"',."  .      ��� I       ���'"' ��� "  "  THIS FUUY SERVICED SITE WIU ALLOW FOR MANY, VARIED USES SUCH AS:  p^-r' '"vt'Jli"  ,vv.j.:..J��.l'.t,!./i.  Light Manufacturing���Warehousing���-Service/Commercial  Businesses.���Cleaners-���Restaurants���Lodges & Clubs  ������Radio Stations and many others ���  call  ,i��Np#����'r*wii^����ie(^��^if^-^^  \  REALTY WORLQ  C^ITll'AITCiri ^iir^"w*88533j9S-*"[swi��#iti"  48 fl.oz.  Northern Lights,  LIQUID HONEY TJ.    77  $3.79  LIQUID  DETERGENT lvorv  32 fl. oz.  *1.39  LIQUID $1 Aft  CLEANER M"* 1.09  towels ���xk.$1.09  COFFEE   e     ���  CREAMER uere"��  $1.29  Harvest  MARGARINE ^1.59  PINEAPPLE  JUICE 6 pack, 6 oz.  $'  STEWED  T0MT0ES fiZT  l. oz. .  Swift's  LARD i ib.  59c  GARDEN COCKTAIL 8, ��� 69��  E.D. Smith  Reynold's  FOIL WRAP,    25  TUNA^.'."9"  Kraft, Jet Puffed  mm.i,   jbi   ruimu |Aa CUtCOer  MARSHMALLOWS �� 45)    TINY SHRIMP  Chef Boy-Ar-Dee,  pizza's&st $1.09  Quick As A Wink  CAKE MIXES 80,3/95'  LIME  CORDIAL Rose5  26 II. ox.'.'  .    JLefcV  GRAPE  ii urc Wo|chs  JUII/t   40fl.oz.  $1.35  Cutcher  $'  -4oz.  for Salads  CRISCO OIL , li.re  ���$'  Libby's, 12 oz. Kernel  vCIKN  or 14 oz. Cream  Libby's  ALPHAGETTI un oz  Buster's  DOG FOOD 25 ,/2o,  ���;  ���-(,��,i��.n.trt.w*i  A/IPPC'P   Chase & Sanborn, AH Purpose  11b, pkg.  ,,,,  ^.^.��(**VM*��>^*i*''Wfa;MW��,  DU I     PICK I FQ   McLaren's, Polskl, Garlic, No Garlic  mm Inn    I   I VIVmhV    3a tl. OZ, , , , ,     $1.09  CORNED BEEF 'AkkA  SOURDOUGH RYE BREAD *�����  63��  In-fl I bit   vfUltO  Orange, 7" ,   ."!,.��   JL  SQUARES   Walnut-Charry         ,    7. i.,. V/79  *m-��bw��mtipw  V^^VfskiiH^^f^^w^ _^m'!%$*>fm ���*  ai,y.  ITRAIL BAY CENTRE, SECHELT  BAKERY  SPECIALS  Price* Effective:  Thurt., July 6,  Fri, July?,  t~,"m��*wei IIP mm T��f ���=����� p-M I W'-'p'll^*!^!'w-^^��M*v"  *|"*,,-'fhon'O"8Q34!?023"*"'*-  ,aa5,9823> Bakery   '  We reserve the ri'ght  to limit quantities  ,yf.t . ,\. ,   ',���', ��� f:    i, \*\  ktiwmfom>$w si*  (t^^LJ  C-*        ��*��t^     .  /���  | W*tt.S'jn'*V,rfWil,A+(,Wtt' ij���� ��KM* -*��(f f *WJ1��K'BV# ,iBM��"aS��f *fct   rt*WW*VIB^*^ jg ��*  1* ��MlS��?S>MI��B��l ^AIlWl��H31lWK(.  .      ,, I      -    .  a w^twwiwitwj^^M^w-^iwwwiiPWWBM^ &i*9��<i*i>^���^*>mmfM^iiwi jiM#\*^^  m*l#*-*'lW*��l'-*-VW!BJ1    I  w ti��t��MWW��"��*w,��*wMfii toWuwi jffln*awM-a��i*sj��i  ��� < -  i,y  ^ri(,ri,i  ni  p' i -I    \  i' i"r:  1.  , .��� .1


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