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The Peninsula Times Feb 15, 1978

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A writ for slander has been laid by-
developer Hayden Killam against Sechelt.
Alderman Morgan Thompson,who has_
accused Killam of bribing members of the
village council.        '• / <
However, Killam promises to withdraw -
the. charge if Thompson resigns his seat.
"This   man /is   demanding   my
resignation," „ Thompson  said  after
receiving the writ, "and I don't know what
—standnipio-Hayden4md~say^Heyl You're
wrong.'" •-
Issued in Vancouver the document was,
delivered to Thompson February 4 three
days after he claimed, during a regular
Sechelt   council   meeting,   there   were
-rumours Killam was "paying off" some
aldermen  to   favourably   settle  an.
argument over his lumberyard.
The dispute has dragged on for over a
year now, with the-village insisting the "
lumberyard is located in ah illegal zone
and Killam refusing to move it.
iast-weekT-Killam-said-he-was- only-
-prepared-to-withdraw the writ if Thotnp-
son steps down as an alderman. '"
"What I can't understand," he told the
Times, "is why the other council members
didn't.demand his resignation after he
made a remark'like that. But they just sat
there and swallowed it."
Thompson says he and Killam first
discussed the incident February 6, after
the writ.was issued. The two men than
agreed to talk further but Killam hadn't
contacted him, Thompson said February
__'This will have to be settledin_cour?t.!!-
stated the alderman.-'<cAs,far as-I'm
-concerned I have said nothing slanderous.
I'm really disappointed that Hayden would
do this."
Thompson believes Killam wants him
out of the way "so he'll have no opposition
on council."
Killam is "blackmailing" him,
Thompson says, and he definitely will not
resign to avoid the slander suit.    	
7 "An apology — possibly,^, remarked
Thompson. "The intent of my remarks
was not aimed at Hayden, it was aimed at
the rumours." --
Serving the Sunshine Coost, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing. Granthams Landing.' Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek   Selma Park, Sechelt. Halfmoon Bo/ Secret Cove, Pender Hrb , Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earls Cove, Egmont
Volume 16—No. 11
After   emphatically   rejecting   a;
proposed 10 per cent budget cut at a day-f
long special meeting,February 6, Secrielt -
School  trustees  voted   unanimously
Thursday to adopt a 1978 budget that is
more than 10 per cent above last year's
—The-budget-of $5^05,814 is a-"realistic"l
one, said trustee Claus Spiekermann, who
had earlier proposed the 10 per cent cut,
"to show people the drastic result such a',
reduction would have."      .    ,« .
' The 1977 budgetiotalled-$5,310,541 andl.
actual expenditures came to $5,444,670.
Most of the budget increase approved ,
by the board corresponds to a five-mill \
increase in local taxpayers^ share of '<
educational costs. The basic levy set J>y,-
the Ministry of Education, over which
local school districts have no control, will
likely go.up from 37.5 mills in 1977 to 42.5
mills in 1978, in effect shifting five mills of
the educational tax load from the
provincial to the local level.
The board could have met this five mill
increase by reducing the budget by 10 per
centr but~trustees~agreed suclTa move
would have resulted in serious repercussions to students, teachers and school
district employees.
Slashing the provisional budget by 10
per cent, or about $550,000, could have
meant, among other things:
— -eliminating the  entire  capital
upgrading budget; -  ' \
— requiring all students who lived—
within Ministry of Education walk limits
to budget
. ^Killam's writ seeks ^ an injunction
against Thompson, damages and court
If not withdrawn, the case will be heard
in the B.C. Supreme Court.
2nd Class Mail
Registration No. 1142
Union esgggg^' tabel
18 Pages •— 15c Copy
Wednesday, February 15,1978
(2%miles in grades one to three aTTd three
miles in grades four to 12) to walk to
— returning three rented portable
classrooms (two at Elphinstone, the other
at Bowen Island), immediately:
— drastically reducing funds for extracurricular travel; 	
— eliminating the position of speech
therapist, and the first-aid training and
supervision aide programs;
— making staffing cuts averaging 14
per cent in maintenance, janitorial,
clerical, Resources Centre and school
"board office staff;
— laying off 19% teachers from September to December, and^ehirin^O^tPf
Jhemin January, leaving a net loss "of nine
teachers.       ~~~-~~w
While agreeing that such drastic
reductions, were unthinkable, the board
did reduce the provisional budget by about
$62,500 at the special meeting, with most of
the saving achieved by. holding off on
replacement equipment.
At Thursday's meeting, the board voted
3-2_to increase the swimmingprogram at
the pew Gibsons pool from 100 to 300 hours,
for an additional cost of $5,750.
Spiekermann said the new pool, to be
-opened later this month, a great asset to
the community "has to be used, or it will
show   a   deficit _like_ you   wouldn't
believe...(and) the taxpayer will be nailed
Jjut good."
Frizzell contended that 100 hours of
swimming instruction (for one of the
— See Page A-7
^'p   M
tells of harassment
—-ifeFridaxiRSnd^g Carolyn Dulyk witf,
wa% into a Vancowereoutfroom and take
from. fulfilling  the   job.   Involved  in
negotiating .a first, contract. with the.
Commerce, she was not allowed time off to
on the might of one of Canada's most—go-io-ttarbargaining-sessions.-
A PALL OF acrid smoke hung over
Sechelt Saturday afternoon after two
fires in 24 hours destroyed the old
gym on the Sechelt Indian Reserve
and the Yarn Barn on Cowrie Street.
More photographs and, story on A-3.
Regional board is not
p, 77'
At least ono regional board director
s|>cnt Friday hunting incense cones after^a
legal opinion refuted charges by Area C
Director Charles Leo that the regional
Iward was "illegally legislating."
If found wrong, Lee has promised "to
burn n whole Incense cone at three con-
sccutlvo board meetings... and say sorry
wWIst facing ArotfC."
*• In a lengthy statement distributed last
month, Leo accused, some of, his, fgllow
directors of breaking the law, called them
"potential Un pot dictators," and accused
them of covering up their own Incompetence and Ignorance,
tae also said that all legislation passed
by the Heglonal District ovor tho past 10
years \"l» null and void" resulting lira
"rush of lawsuits" running Into tho
millions of dollars which will have to bo
paid for by peninsula residents.
Lee became upset whon tho four nowly
, inaugurate at a apecJ^l *tattutory me-atlng
last December. According to Lee, only n
chairman, and vice-chairman could be
-elected at that meeting, "It makes no
.pro^'-Hon $H*tm^ ■»*»inauguration ot
-t, As ;H arfw t,Ki\s&-t *>„**'.
the directors," Lee said In his three-page
handout.  \ A
But, the legal opinion prepared for the
board by the Campbell River Arm of
Orobko and Shook says Lee's remarks
"aro clearly baaed upon an invalid
assumption." The board followed tho rules
powerful banks.
Her hearing this week before the
federal Labour Relations Board comes at
a crucial time in the fight to organize
Canadian bank workers.
Backed  by the  tiny United  Bank-
workers' Union, in existence for less than
a year, Dulyk wants to prove that bank
employees have the same rights as other *
union members.
The chartered banks, of course,
disagree strenuously with this view.
On January 31, Dulyk was laid off from
her job as teller at the Gibsons' branch of -
the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. 7
Since then, she and Eileen Quigley (the
branch's first union representative who
was laid off last September) have maintained an information picket at the
Commerce's Sunnycrest Mall location. At
times, they have been joined by other local
union members and the occasional
sympathetic customer. Additibnally, over
200 names have been gathered, on a
petition asking the bank to re-instate
The bank claims she was laid off
because they were overstaffed and she the
junior employee. Dulyk, who-,(worked for
Wxk years In the Commerce's date centre In
Vancouver before transferring taGlbsons,
says there ls another employee with less
seniority ln the branch who should have
been laid off.
This same employee, says Dulyk, Intends to leave her position in March.
After Quigley lost her Job last fall Dulyk
was elected to represent tho-remalnlng
United Bankworkcrs' members.
And she Is convinced she wns let go
because of this affiliation with the union,
Last week Dulyk and Quigley sat down
to talk with a Times reporter to discuss tho'
background to tho dispute.    ,
Despite repeated requests, the Bank of
Commerce refuses to comment on the
(   Bank workers ''have a total lack of job
security," said Quigley. "This situation
as laid down In, the. Municipal Act, says   just proves it,, Both the union reps liavo
William Orobko had installed tho directors
correctly and are not "Illegally
legislating," ,,, . ,    .
Leo's "contention thnt all bylaws aro
invalid is clearly, erroneous," continued
Orobko. • '       '.
•Lee also said last month that Chairman
Harry Almond and Area B Director Peter
been laid off by tho Commerce,"
Quigley, who came to the Commerce
from a job at tho Royal Bank In Secholt,
says sho knows she wasn't laid off because
of hor work. "I roally feel it was because of
the union," she remarked.
learning of Qulgloy'a dismissal, which
camo while slio was at home recovering
"The manager told me we*-were understaffed but when.I was laid off it was
because we were over-staffed. I call that
an awful coincidence," Dulyk said.
The two women say the branch is in a
good financial position. "They got rid of
the loans manager and Eileen. That saved
them $20,000," said Dulyk.
"They can put our salary at anything
they want," explained Quigley. "That's
the main reason I joined the union,
because I felt grossly, under-paid."
At the time of her lay-off Dulyl*«,was
earning $7,600 annually.
It's almost impossible for a woman
employee to get into a management
position, says Quigley, and any man you
see behind a teller's window „ is almost
certain to be there on a temporary basis as
he trains tojnove up in the banking world.
Holiday conditions at the Gibsons'
branch upset Quigley. Workers are per*
mitted to take three.weeks in winterand
two weeks during the summer. Winter is
defined as October to April with no time off
allowed during December.
"Each branch manager sets —these
types of policies," Quigley said over her
sandwich. "The workers have no say in the
matter. We have no chance to have an
opinion. We're told and that's that."
Dulyk says that when the branch
opened in October, 1976, employees were
hired on the understanding they would
work Monday to Friday from 9 p.m. until
4:40 p.m. "When we walked In we found
out we would havo to work Tuesday to
Saturday.",   „
"Which everyone hates," Interjected
/'One girl quit Immediately," continued
Dulyk. "We liad no choice. If we didn't like
Quigley says that until Iter union was
certified at the branch, workers had \to
give up their coffee break \l there was a
line-up of customers in tho bank.        ;
"At somo banks you couldn't get coffee
until after you had balanced. If you were
out, and you could be for any multiple of
reasons, you didn't get that coffee break."
Dulyk says that ono of hor biggest
contentions with the bank Is their refusal
to pay overtime Instead, sho says workers
aro sometimes able to got time off. "But, If
you work you should get paid for that
overtime," she maintains. *
Dulyk is getting moral support from
workers at tho Royal Bank, tho only othor
CAROL DULYK'S fight to regain her;
job at the Bank of Commerce in
Gibsons goes to court on Friday,
Slnco January 31 both she and fellow
United Bankworkers' member Eileen
Quigley (left) have maintained an
Information picket outside tho
Commerce's Sunnycrost Plaza,
location. Quigley was laid off by tho
bank'last year. Timesphoto
„,,H^cri talj8™r^ unlonl?eiJiBn| on.tJi^Wni^ula.,
' Mun.cipaT.Acr arid "broke WlawYf when
presenting the 1978 provisional budget.
Orobko rejects this statement ns well,
saying there ore Inconsistencies In tho
Municipal Act that apply to regional board
beforo December 31.       «
Thursday, the board tabled the
lawyer's letter until February 23 when it
■ will be discussed ln*detall.
teeth! tlitpliiwmcli's "remaining empoyfeoS
protested to Uie manager.
"Wo wero told we felt she wns laid off,
not because wo were overstaffed, but
because sho was a union organizer," said
"They are behind us but tlwylool their
own jobs are ln jeopardy."
The girls are just so scared, so scared,"
added Quigley,  "There's so  much
Last week, on our front page, wo ran «
photograph of long-tlmo Secholt resident
Helen Dawe examining a large boulder
Irs not already known they're union       Painted in latin on tlio rock is (ho in-.
"But there wasn't wy
do as sho was tho junior person." ,   glvo it away by Joining our information again" and wo asked our readers If thoy >
Dulyk says that after sho was chosen to   pIcKbt.'!        , ,:„•,.;{ could'^
take over QulgJ-g'a union wprXth^ tactic^; this jms%Jous promise,       ■,
did oyorythlnWosslble to' prevcnfKer:~ *  < ^'v7 A1'"" ^'dtaWpffiA A^lM^r^mm^inii^A
'm i
\ . 7    .
,r,x.- „.r   *.*-' .,.**-.rrrA. *;r. ^.^JL. ''t^Y-TV. .V '. f  f *•*;- *-~\ *X«i.„'Y. «"*«<*    w   S.7~ 't.\.CVi''A't***'' V w * 7',*'j';'7,Y * *'* ^">r.i; t.p
A.UI, ai
than.we received a call from Len Latham,
one of our editorial cartoonists,
Gypsy was his cat. In tho winter of 1970,
■Bfter herwwnitraclc tT^xhTr^^nr"
•lwried«Wm« beneath - tho-roekr having-
behind n memorial to tlio part-Persian
feline. , .        . " ,        ,
;,-y;B(lljW^)jv^«aW Ws cntWonJri   | .';' ».w;. ■ .,r. ;>
bobWK.taafliam ropCa,-dfflhUfoy.'**     '      V**
»       ,     ,, ,
*t. . I ,   -,„   r    .. «r*f, *   i      a| Jt     _-.,«    .,  •       ,''?'""      *''    *',^*'P' '    'pi-
., p, 1.
(*)B* |#M>V<« WUM*~t!* tlilW(W!#>4
l»*W-sM«'ti-* nt?***   n t% ia*i»wMt«rhw*W*K lU^fSU
V4 ,    a* *        ■*■*-«     N      PfW   -  *>(l     P
■  i-,'V'!'i*
1  . •*' \mK
\ ' Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 15,1978  Ay(^AA~x7.;/; ^:A:iX^; y?772:s*$&'���'77YyY.y'777"7 .-  -" bWi-is^Fy^rtad^EdUbr ~ ��� * .*>- <s''k'. *��^;.����*��r. right jhfcjtee>en, jtffcft 'V'" '���.  * ^'-��..--aw-^ (**,. -"^v  -EMBERSRIGHT  Former alderman queries  Council's  salary  increase  Editor, The Times:  Every year, at about this time, I have  an almost uncontrollable urge to publicly  address myself to the matter of elected  public officials raising their pay at the  public expense.  For the past, several, years I have  controlled the urge to write a nasty letter.  Last year arid the year previous I did write  a letter of protest but never mailed it. The  rightly authorized in evaluating the job.  The conflict of interest arises when the  increase applies to the term being served  by those people who authorized the  changes.  After all is said and done every  member of the' council was well aware that  the contract they willingly entered into  was for a two year term at a stated rate,  Upon occasion there have been attempts  *SAV i  I  LOVS yOU,./y      77 ^  .oSus-ae-uKE ������,  following is an update of last year's letter _ by labour unions to gain an increase by  \X:  '    "    . ,-'    'i        -      -  ��� ' pi  '  If* fi    *���"      1  *���!  W   ; MflT  m   *%,lm*  and what (with the cries from our ultimate  leaders for restraint in public spending)  seems more timely than ever.  ' In point of fact the source of my outrage  is long standing.  Some years ago I attended a meeting in  ^Uliams Lake that was leading upjtojhe.  election of 687 Mr. Mitchell Sharp was the  principal guest at a private dinner wherein  he raised the subject of MP's raising their'  take-home pay etc.  He asked for opinions and I suggested  that any increase that was thought fair  should not take effect until after a new  election, giving the taxpayer the opportunity to decide whether or not a  nominee was worth the money. That was  accepted as a recommendation to the  government. We all know the recommendation fromTfiaToccasion didn'tTget  far in Ottawa. ���    ���  I have had the same luck, here in  Sechelt, and that little sore spot gets  irritated every January by the village  . council raising their own salarjQ am riot  saying the public annotated aren't worth  the money. I. am saving this decision  should not be left solely"to them.  ' Who knows? They may be a little  biased.  I further agree that the elected are  force during the term-of a contract and  they have been judged to be illegal arid  morally unacceptable by the courts and  the public. All of which misses the entire  point.  . The point is that the monies and  prerequisites tendered to members of  - village councils should not be looked upon-  as a salary. It is an honorarium tendered  in, recognition of service for the public  weal by public minded citizens doing their  bit for society.        '.  If the present drift continues how long  will it be before school trustees and  hospital trustees (to name only a couple of  more obvious examples) will demand  equal pay? From my experience in office  the aforementioned have more onerous, if  lower profile, jobs than our village fathers  and mothers.  We now see annuallhcreases under the  guise of COLA. Last year Mrs. Kolibas  questioned the propriety of such but1,, alas,  unanimity ruled the day in 1978. No moral  or economic basis is ever offered as a  reason and so I amiorced to believe that  the reason is simple greed.,  At the same per capita rate as applies  in Sechelt the Mayor of Vancouver would  receive over $750,000 per year. How about  that Jack Volrich!  N.F.Watson.  filter course  to Starboard  Editor, The Times:  I was interested in reading "Ancient  Mariner's" comments regarding the poem  by. Thomas Gray ��� "If Both Side Lights  You See Ahead, Port Your Helm And Show  Your Red -" etc. (Published' in the  r.anuaiT-25^report-6f^e^iuishirie-eoastr  Power Squadron-meeting).���- =  Obviously Thomas Gray owned a sail  boat which he steered by a tiller, rather  than with a wheel - thousands oLneople-  "They're  subtle  kilovolt kiss!"  The hostage-taking has  something to do with us  By MARYANNE WEST " recently received the news letter of the\surr6undings; trying to work out in my  We've come a long way in learning to   Quaker Jails and Justice-Committee with- -^d_abbuLa��ne_^nd_punishment ��� is  Developers have a role  in com^umty planning  tolerate and accept those who deviate  from the accepted norms of our society.  We no longer burn witches or heretics at  the stake, nor do we feed those with a  differing religious philosophy to the lions.  We recognize mental breakdown as an  illness with no more stigma attached than  to an appendicitis. "We've allowed  homesexuaUty out of the closet and we're  learning racial tolerance. We now try to  organize our society so as to minimize the  difficultiis for those with physical handicaps ���we make real efforts to get in the  other guy's shoes and walk a mile with  him. In so many ways we've grown in  stature and compassion for each other.  . But even though we've abolished  capital punishment and those in prison are.  well .housed and fed, with good  recreational facilities,  our" system-of  excerpts from a handbook "Instead of'  Prisons". It was a report from the  Diversion Confernce held in Quebec in  October, 1977, and the impressions of a  volunteer visitor after her first visit to  Toronto's Don Jail. As few of us have or  want the opportunity to see the inside of  one of these institutions, these impressions  perhaps make a good introduction to any  consideration of the problem.  Daphne Harker writes: "The front  entrance like a door from a medieval  stronghold with a ludicrously large old-  fashioned key on the inside ��� Dickens  would have been in his element.  Who are the ~ prisoners? -The guards.  themselves could not advance from one  - barred, gated area to another without a  series of door-keepers accompanying their  passage. No one, it seems, can., walk  Editor, The Times:,        '"'<     7"-' ���**'. meeting very well" I thought) said,'"Roy  Thank you very much for the press ~ challenged the fifty people, many of them  coverage given to our "first meeting,   developers, in his .:.". Why couldn't she  -Likewise to-those-people^who-took-time-to  attend. '"  'I'V.'in  The importance of many things in life is  like beauty; very much dependent on the  eye of the beholder. Personally I feel that  one of the nicest things that could happen  around here would be the emergence of  Sechelt as a really pleasant small town. An  oasis in the desert of our modern sense of  futility; when the stranger enters, it is  immediately realized that this is a place  where somebody cares.  Impossible idealism? Perhaps, but  'worth: a'try;'  May I presume to suggest two editorial  bits? ���������;'.''"'��������� '������' ���������;���:": "7 y^^  Kerra Lockhart (who reported our  Spraying draws  more objections  - This letter was sent to Bayne Vance of  the Department of Agriculture with a copy  to The Times.  Dear Sir,  It has come to our attention that B.C.  Hydro has made application to your  department for a permit to spray the  Hydro right of ways from Earl's Cove to  Madeira Park rind from Clowholm Falls to  ���Sechelt 8ubstatIon.7,,,  As an organized club deeply Involved In  conservation, we have long been in contention with B.C. Hydro's spraying  program. We would like to object to your  department approving a permit for this  spraying, ^  1 There nro several contractors Involved,  In land clearing and slashing on tho  ,M��fcBnst^  that B.C. Hydro should let tenders for this  work In these areas. This ls a moro acceptable'alternative to tho spraying 6f  TORDON161. p        '  G.R.Rugglcfl  * President,  Gibsons Wildlife Club.  ' ��� -     ��� t, ���*    1 "    ^  The Peninsula jdmeb  Published Wednesdays at Seehell  011 B.C.'s Sunshine Const  hy    ;  Tin: ,Penii),Mil(( Times  Tor Weslpics I'nbllcniloiis Lid,  nl SeeWll, B.C,  :TY::"~"B6r.TlO~lj^  IVON'tlAO  ������Phone 885-3231  Olllco hoyrs! 8i3011.m, ^  Sub.ciipllon Ruto��i (in advanco)  Lwal-jS?.. per yetir, Beyond 35 miles, $8  *     , ^U.S.A.rSilO, Oversells $11,7 ,.  ,, ^��w��a%a^^*w%w.^^p��aa^p��^aw^.%a^.^^.ip^aa^,i'aa^^^.^aav.!ti  ���   '     ''      ' U.,j��,mf'*'r'"'1 j/-'-  -ni';'  %ipnmpal ]ustice just isn't working.., For    through the buUding freely. What a relief  -some strange reason Weddh'twanttdtake    must a guard feel when he goes off shift!  any responsibility for law-breakers out of  sight behind those medieval bastions is out  have-said���"Roy~challenged~the~fifty���ofTmmd~Until^ere~is~aTrothefhostage  people, representative of a cross section of   taking. ^  Quakers have been active in prison  Noise ��� clanging of steel-gated doors  and locks, clattering of shoes on metal  community interests..."?  Perhaps you could editorialize about  developers and their role in community  planning? By implication, it seems to me,  reporters feel obliged to make them appear as only self seeking with no community concern. This is not a balanced  ; viewY'7/7 .���:;,, 77/;"'  Secondly it would be worthwhile (I  think) to comment on the role of the  ^politician. No plan has a hope in hell  without a  determined political  group  saying, "It shall be done!" The ^shall be  -done"; however, has to be taken in the  context of real communication With the  electorate. 7.', .   .7 "7  This exercise in planning is an attempt  at real communication-r- and the citizens  of Sechelt must participate!  ( ������ D.J.Roy,  : Village Planner.  reform for two centuries. One hundred and  sixty-five years ago on February 15  Elizabeth Fry made her first visit to  Newgate prison in England and Canadian  Quakers quietly carry on this concern. I  Just asking  The Letters to the Editor in Saturday's  Vancouver Sun carried a lengthy epistle  from one Howard White Of Madeira Park,  a letter that was word-for-word identical  to last week's unsigned Pender Harbour  Ratepayers'column.  ; Now the column's true author has been  revealed would it be possible for the  "publicity committee" to sign his name to  his articles from now on?  Press accused of  stairs and walkways. Harsh blaring of a  radio all over the building.'  v   Everything tangible, except the human  bodies, is hard and cold.  Lights���not relaxing yellow bulbs, but  white f luorscent tubes���the kind that give  officeworkers a headache.  Meeting the prisoners. Doubts . . .  wondering how I would relate to someone  whose path in life and experiences along  the way were so totally different from my  own. Like being with a foreigner. What  common ground could we possibly have as  a focal point for conversing? Taking  refuge in a groupswhich included another  resource person. (This feeling dissipated  in subsequent visits) 7       7  Speaking French to a Quebecois;  comparing notes with a Londoner ��� it's a  small world; travellers swapping experiences are as bad as fishermen  swapping yarns!  Leaving the prison. Acutely aware of  my freedom to do so, my individuality  Intact.  Feeling strongly that I have to come  back again -- often. An education |n how a  bureaucratic system functgp'ns:  discovering the Individuality of inmates  despite  the  deadening  and  defeating-  this the brightest idea man can come up  with to punish fellow men who have offended? A glimpse of a piece of life I am  unlikely ever to experience from the inside.    I  A feeling of achievement, for" me,  because I have finally made direct contact  with "the other side of the wall" and have  grown in some indefinable way as a  result."  ' There were 550 delegates from across  the country attending the federally-  sponsored Conference on Diversion. This  presumably follows up the recommendations of the Parliamentary Com-,  mittee on the Needs for Prison Reform.  Diversion is a term which applies to any  way of dealing with persons who might,  otherwise be "processed" by the criminar  justice system.-Such programs are,"of  course, already happening in a small way.  We have a probation system 'aimed at  keeping first offenders out of prison.  Magistrates are beginning to.hand-down���  "still dess^imd what he meant when he said.  "'^Port yoSrhelm" was "push your tiller to  .port", riot "turn to port".1   '      ���   -  Had he meant "turn to port", he would  not have said "show your red," since by  turning to port he would be "showing  green" to an -approaching boat deid  ahead. ^  By following the rhyme, and pushing  his tiller to port, he would turn to star-  . board and thus, as the rhyme tells him to  do,(would "show his red".  ,1 think "Ancient Mariner" should be  commended for bringing up this point,  however, in modern usage, for any vessel  steered by a wheel, to ','port your helm"  means to turn to port; and this, of course is  in violation of the rules of the road, which  require vessels approaching head on to  each alter course to starboard.  Chuck Williams, Commander   Sunshine Coast Power Squadron  Madeira Park.  P.S.  You must have misquoted Mr. Raby  (Ancient Mariner) in the last paragraph of  his letter ��� what I am sure hi? said was  "Meeting vessels should alter course to  STARBOARD" not to Port as you printed-  it.  ED. NOTE: Mr. Raby agrees.  "Meeting vessels should alter course to  Star-board and not "to Port, unless in  narrow waters, when a designated whistle  signal must be giveriV-and-acknowledged-  by the other approaching vessel."  Would you kindly make this necessary  correction in your next edition.  Herbert Raby���  -----      "   7 Gibsons  Save Gospel Rock  for our children  Editor, Tne Times:  Peninsula people who have yet to  discover Gospel Rock may have heard  about it for the first time in a January 25  column by Maryanne West. It's one of  those places, like Waugh Lake,  Skookumchuck Pgrk, the Sackinaw-Ruby  area and Seven Isles that.do a superb job  of being their natural unimproved selves. -  " ��� vthe beauty ttiey offer to their beholders  is all the more splendid against the  background of the thousands of years-it���  sentences in which restitution has to be  made to the victim ��� making the punishment fit the crime. Although there were  many suggestions for ways and means to  Keep people out of prison it seems the  general attitude of delegates was that the  public "wouldn't buy" any change from  the present system "except possibly for  kids". At least a place from which to start.  Interestingly me conference ended with  a standing ovation for a Metis representative and two diversion project workers  from different parts of the country who  expressed their anger and grief at the  government's spending thousands on;  conferences and millions on new prisons  and suggested there would be less need for  both if just a fraction of the monies were to  go to support the efforts of whose who are  presently working or would like to work at  keeping people out of jail.  If we.think the hostage taking in the.  B.C. Penitentiary had nothing to do with us  ��� we are wrong, the seeds of such futile  exercises, the frustrations and lack of  feelings of self-worth are sown in families  In need of help from ',thelr community.  Government agencies, however, well  funded, however dedicated the~personnel,  need a caring community to back them up.  took for these places to attain their present  state. And Gospel Rock, among others, is  all the more fragile in the face of a 20th  century technology that could reduce it to  rubble in a matter of minutes. .  The culprit, if this occurs, will not be  our technology, but the quality of mind and  will power (or won't power) behind it. We  can do many things, but what shall we do?  Are the decisions being made responsive  to human wants and needs?  ,77 I,feel that many of iis tend to throw in  the towel just when our contributions could  be so effective in deciding how we want to  live. And no matter how many reasons we  give ourselves for opting out, the effect is  the same hi every case: we makeV a  decision by default and our dreams are  aborted before they're even expressed.  My own sentiments were well expressed in the "punch line" of a recent  film, Oh God! It's tip to us. We live in a  magnificent world that contains  everything we need for our optimum well-  being. We have all this and each other to  love and to cherish, and if we refuse to do  so, then we will suffer the consequences.  And so will our children.  Tom Perry  North Vancouver.  ��� This*, letter was sent to the Shopper.  Press with a copy to the Peninsula Times.  Dear Sir or Madam:  Why you do not havo the courage to sign  your name when writing such irresponsible Idiocy Is understandable, but it  makes addressing you rather..awkward..  At any rate, dear paper person, this is  in response to your fantastic attempt to  creato.a.deep, dark, mysterious Bcandal  out of an unfortunate accident. I refer, of  courso, to tho chlorine incident involving  tlio Regional District employee.        \7  I am not bound by my husband's strict  codeof honour and loyalty, or his "no  comment" policy/and man, y\\\ I com-  ' ment!  The Press must bo in pretty dlro  straits, Indeed to have to dig so hard to find  a story. Why not somo good, positive  reporting on someUiing newsworthy?  Whore was the press coverage whon  my husband and hls.crew spent a month at  Chapman Lake building a dam to back up  the present water system? They poured 87  yards of concrete working BO feet beneath  a hugo Slkorskl helicopter. That was  dangerous and Ihrilllngirbut obviously not-  sensational enough to rTO!raw8*covcrage.  Havo you over seen tho Chapman Creek  falls In full flood? How would you like to  Jump in there and work for n few hours ���  ��clewing intak�� pipe*? How-many oourw  ,yff*^W4W!^.|^p##^P||pJ*l.#l*m^pf��a^PSliW ���pf^^#^-flafMl'>fli,p|r'fflP*"^f Pwra-ofa, aWMp#aTwaiA*^'ll*4\ Qmmmm ^*Vf  sleep (or dinner, or holiday company) to  go out and Hrtawatcwnaln, because U}Ih Is *  your Job?--Op to -tit some old lady's leaky  water lines, not your Job, but because that  must'be done. Those are the men you so  callously attack witii Innuendo and Inference..Picking on the men who go out  and work for a living is displcable  reporting tactics.   ������,.,-���'  My husband, for one, will NOT bo  victim of your attempted Journalistic  blackmail! If you prefer to glean your  "employees, so bo it, they aro obviously  bored waiting for 'the next UIC cheque to  como and^out to\lcauuwVoublo\wi pthOrM  expense. Just let this bo tho ond 01 lift w \\  As for your so-called coverage1' of  Gordie Dixon's melodramatic "confessing  to a Ho", why not toll It llko lt really was?  Everyone makes a mistake or Incorrect  statement onco In a whllo. Does that make  us all liars? If so, you are a liar as tho facts  In tho February 1, loyit Issue of Tho Press  regarding regional board employee wages  woro Incorrect. I prefer to think of It ns an  "inaccuracy". Okay? all straight?  Clean up your act, got on with somo  decent reporting, shed one particular  "aspiring girl reporter" and make your  "Paper"What*lt:used:;to:bflrr'tY',~,r*"*7-''*'*'*  As John'Burnsldo of tho CoasfNoWfl ao'  pidepUy puts It "Paranoia wo do not need".  Let's cut with tho hysterics, there ure  more important things to think about.  There, that should be enough comment  for.now.  |rp(M*<i**if 'fr**WS1'' p4#.*#f*M��;M& ����s��*��Wilt*!(p< ���*��*!*  Thank you.  4  i:':,iitii,"C.;'.  Mrs, Sleg Lchmann,  better known as Holly.  *���  -L-J.  7Y,-,       fc,  ^, *.��I��^i*��^��***Wvp-pp'  �������W'<'''���"*������'  :.-..'  ���T  "^vi;  -a  !/"  A  ��� > i !"  ..   In the early hours of Saturday morning   side of the building and the roof had totally concerned the sheets of flames would  Steve and Mary Leander lay in bed   collapsed. ', cause an outside fuel tank to ex$ode.  listening as fire engines raced towards the       Little  was left  of  Jamie  Dixon's       The blaze quickly spread until the  flames engulfing the Sechelt Indian Band   colourful murals which, for years, had empty Yarn Barn was also alight. Atone  8���- a-\  -s**    -   t   ^-7t���'      - gEPeted, .residents and tourists as they point flames threatened to jump to ad-  __Andlaterthat day the two of them stood���droye_pastthegym. _ -' - joining stores,  silently as fireconsumed their small home������The cause of the fire is unknown. Police"     "  ......,.,_, ��     .   ��a.    a. ����� ��� i, -  .  . Tlie~l>uilding had  recently  been  ^i^e-3fS,Barn ?$!"??*�� ^\mT'i\^mlIaMV^0n^^   acquired by developer Stan Anderson who  Bothbtuldinif-were totally destroyed, could be difficult to prove. Items storedln   eventuaUy planned to raze the site.  The roof orthe-old gym erupted ma���the structure^had-feee'nt^y-been^noved-te) _,   T���~- .. ��� _, s���  burst of flames shortlyafter midnight and - anotheiHtocattoty���                                                            in Halfmoon Bay  the alarm was turned in by an RCMP '   The second fiife of the day began shorW   when the fire broke out but Steve Leander  constableonhiswayhomeattheendofhis afterlp.m.andi^mmutesbmowinj>&-^Pects a faulty oU stove was Probably  shift. When the volunteer fire department smoke shot fromMh^wtadowsof the      e cause-  arrived all, they could do was try and Leander's home. Crowds of spectators, in        He and his wife had lived in Sechelt for  containtte flames and prevent them from downtown  Sechelt  for their  weekend"   less than two weeks and on Saturday all  spreading next door to the band's ad- shopping, #immediately-* jammed Cowrie    their possessions were destroyed,  ministration offices. Street.    *                                                Ironically, a colourful grapljic of a  At 3 a.m. firemen were still hosing The blaze appeared to begin at the back < killer whale painted by Dixon on the front  down the?wreckageand by morning one of the building and for a time firemen were    of the Yarn Barn survived unscathed.  p?����*��p��pj*spp>i��5-'w ivmviexrmvg^  *��WWttP.<MP *  SMOKING RUINS were tall  that remained Saturday morning <of the-Indian-Band gym that stood beside  .!_ t  r_ JffigHway 101. Cause of the sudden fire issUil under investigation.  t' ,  Timesphotos by Kerra Lockhart  ^7 *j  THE WEST COAST native murals by   listed in the local tourist brochures as   survived the weekend fire that,  Jtechett  artist Jamie���Dixon  were   a main point of interest. Few of them   demolished the reserve's old gym.  .. .. >*   - -"    *-*        ��� ���Y.-j.J;      _ ,.,( M^P. nYYS ii's  -'���'Ma  l * <  >i^ur <**���*-** ^     ���*��� r> "f    4   ��  X     ��i*-- /m  CLOUDS OF heavy smoke billowed from a small house on Cowrie Street Saturday afternoon in the second  weekend fire to hit Sechelt.  7XXW,����� MyX/ft^.A .?" ""fY^/  !��  >l  -77*"*,  i��i  m^%  'ft&ficva ** \  v*v,x*$?  B.A. BLACKTOP  Ii  Ttirit  WMf-X'*K  A> \  . ty*%  ,r��  >4  f    %���  .     . I.  5*^  A'***. >  'fS*!lt*)��j*<9  i fiBft  ���**  SC&w  AfJ\  ii:  or  \W  ft  11  MT47  i1  *������  to  IJaWUMItv*  fe  /*&y^  rrG*-  '/���. *id <>  p i *;  tt ��. "(ptS  rtJpW**HW*p��a����WrKl*  'wS  ��>.<ni ...iJjUP^.ia, In, ,  .W>H'''  k^-^S'p*1^ '  �� (t, .rf(l   *      1 P      P      1   fP  ->p?r      p  ,</. V  ��V  M "..*',,fflfi  WEEKEND  SHOPPERS and  fire trucks   crowded , Cowrie   Street Saturday as firemen fought to keep  flames devouring the Yarn Barn from spreading to adjoining stores.  .p-OCE  '���"aaa". *, ��'*,�����  VM  \  IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THE OPENING  0FOURNEW  PAVING OPERATION f  IN SECHELT TO SERVE THE SUNSHINE COAST  7 7 ������/���������������.������; ������������  :���:. ,', ���;������.   '������   y  We have purchased  The Sechelt Division of Coast Paving Ltd. of Powell River, B.C.  We look forward to meeting and serving past,  present and future customers.  ���Call us for a Quotation���  ��� Gravel supply      ��� Grading        ��� Drainage ��� Curbs  - ROADS ��� PARKING AREAS ��� INDUSTRIAL SITES  f^t^U^k..  vmW**"*  9 4*!,*l i  I'm  >V.^4*k*^<r]  |,i|#a^i^'Jk>.��P.^;A'*^A^^a*1^^*fci.I,l(Ki\lt^  TENNIS COURTS ��� DRIVEWAYS  bi*HW��bw*ii��'prt^^>^^V'fe-p*teW4**&-^:M'*-=w  A  ���i      A  Y  f^t  /��...  \ (,v \ \  , \\ \  ���i   i  i.v  ,1,. ..(i;.;.  ITT1'  ty  'ii*"*  'VIH.  'V. Cf.  /    r��  * ,* *  *}A��.*> ����*>>>.>-,��  W. ^      .^ '   (U  .y/i*;;, iY,1?'  ka*'t'    7*  **wVlt  ^R��p.'  V      77  p^-a��l  pt**!  <i#^'Wifp��*JI  SU   QUALITY SERVICE  SINCE 1956-  Office & Plant Porpoise Bay Rd., Sechelt  Members:  jSSwa  w^n^^^iaW+^-HWs^t^^w^WlTih^tW^ji^fe  f'll#��  4-a  W  ���l ,'M    f    ,   I      ^  I  "t ������ I' T iff tyyty  ^mv#��im��w^<mw^M&imH*&w*>$w  ^^^^^ (y*��/jp|Jhff 1  ^itWl^pWWSpWliflM^   H��'4��|il|^ilW'S*f',piiipWW^  JlWr^p!  P ��t*p|^��|lr"i ��**hp)twm-  AM/\M3AM/\TED CONSTRUCTION  ASSOCIATION  B.C. ROAD' BUILDERS ASSOCIATION  ��� ^ ���. '"* " = : : ~ ~r: ��� ^'"v  ��� Hood 'OHko. 983-0611  foot of Poniberton Avo.,  North Vancouvar.  I s-towpp*  B.C,V7PJ��P^  \  ��,vi >'|ir  ;/     //  FIREMEN backed  .";^': ���.'.���*Vl>ifX.-.^7',������������-'  ked holes through the roof and-i^tefl :^��v^ as  w:i*��%z:uu  .*���;S  nj_^J'Ar..'.:^'T'"tl^^^  ',        �����������-..���������-���    f*.: �����,. -a*.l-a, .*. ������<'!�� ��aP^n ...--��. .���J,+-kaai,'.-^,fc;r7i,',T ::/.7. II"*;. ���*.? ,-aat . ...^H^'.w., . ,,��Y*.��%... -  iJSn7Y'.w  ���LsB9P*- "'Jim  A* *"^:  7'  ;.':',*jp^,v/'r'TTT'^'1 'p,^**' v.1  --����(.;���  .*��pHiaL��iitHUt(�������snppM*'- �����> '* �����** # ** "*p7*  R*^��)l^,s^JW^W^BmM���pJ^Masil��P=)4W^^ *a*iWW*f^^|p��w��a^��*^ ��sM^^^  V--'  -.Y  ' *        *^    v * fp* A*  its-*��-Si*i VB,|rt�� *"��i*-^1,(*(-��(i��^^-!<wi^"^< w p�����sj��#i*jip.-. ��viwtweiftv��4Jnf-j-*.��(eH{'i"flait��-'ia3~ #��.  ���ji*; svii*"^* ^"*w*i��ptWi#��ii pf-u^jts-rt *; "���^����s*����|*'"��  ����<*>^*-'UpV��-- !  j        i  la *��^��=j(UV^B*OK���-tfe ptHWi*  "* .���  I  '  '"\ , /���  ./ .:������ ,r    :��� 7  v 1  /   -,  PageA-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 15,1978  Senior citizens  -V-..H-  .,    p* ^   '^    V  .��^yfc&i,p  &'^XA?\cXy'AAiH~~>\>^v:  p^iT^.vPTP,^ iy* v* ^^Y.* *<&& * &*<**'  pates set for spring  and fall activities  ^*.-��� **,  Seche/r notes -  No phones, light or wdter  By Peggie Connor, 885-9347  By ROBERT FOXALL  ��� BE PREPARED. Here is a schedule of  dates for 1978 events hosted by Branch 69  of the Senior Citizens' Association. ,  They will be presented to the February  SPRUNG SMORGASBORD  Sechelt Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  decided this year to hold their annual  smorgasbord in the spring. April 29 is the,  date, the place is the Senior Citizens Hall,  the music will be by the Penn Kings.  Tickets will go on sale early in April.    _  DUPLICATE BRIDGE        i  February 24, there wilL be a duplicate  bridge at St. Hilda's Church Hall. This is a  Friday night gathering at 7:30 p.m. for  partners or singles. This season duplicate  bridge doesn't have a set night or place but  will play once a month somewhere. To  help make up the tables ahead of time  phone Mrs. Margaret Humm and tell her  you will be there. The number to call is 885-  CAROLINE KEELEY  Mrs. Caroline Keeley, wife of Bob of  Davis Bay, retired from her job at St.  Mary's Hospital recently. She has been  716 general meeting for approval-.  Plant Sale, April 22, 11 a.m. - 4 p.m.  Spring Tea and Sale, May 13,1:30 p.m. -  "close. Fall Plant and Bulb Sale, Sept. 30,11  aim. - 4 p.m. Fall Bazaar and Bake Sale,  ^-Qct,^38r=lFp30-p.mi=��=closev  Will all members "please note these  dates on their calendars so they know  when to prepare for these activities. ~^*  At the general meeting members will  be asked to authorize certain payments  from the Memorial Fund. This fund was  established some time ago  in  which  some time in the Spring*. He also reminded  us of the April 7,8 and 9 trip to the Tacoma  Daffodil Festival.  . The fourth Thursday in February'is the  23rd and will again see a period of bingo as  well as other' games being -plajed_b,v_  employed there, in the laundry rooniT^deposits are made in lieu of wreaths to be  since the hospital has been in Secheltv/ paid to the preferred charity of the  _Eebruary_7, aj-etirement parly was held in deceased as indicated by the executors,  her honor by, union employees at the Dave Hayward advised that the  nurses residence. More details next week, Disneyland Tour was all filled up and that  lacking now due to phones. ','"       he was working on a trip toSeafon Villa for  Celebrate female consciousness  especially for them. Co-sponsored by the  Center for Continuing Education and the  Fitness Service this workshop will explore  and celebrate female consciousness, using  movement; -soundy meditation, Jantasy,  sharing and massage.  Leading the workshop will be Annie  Robbins, who with her husband, John,  founded the Rising Spirit Centre on Salt  Spring Island.  Annie  has jstudied  in-   Fitness Serviceat 885-3611. :  Women of all ages are invited to spend  Friday  night   and_alL-day-'Satupday  ���         relaxing^ andYreplerashing their energy  2840. The bridge games are sponsored-by���wlthTother women at a workshop planned  the  Sechelt  Auxiliary���trr TStT^Mary's  Hospital.'  St. Mary's Hospital is asking anyone  who has an unneeded pair of crutches that  were originally issued by the hospital to  please return them to the physiotherapy  department. They've run out.  HOLIDAYERS IN THE SUN   Charlie and Margaret Humm, and  Charlie and Dorothy Carter have returned  -fronr that~sunshine~ coast of~thej mid  Pacific, Hawaii. While some of the islands  still mean serenity, peace, the idyllic  beauty of coral strand and palms,.rain-,  bows and pearly clouds, Waikiki is getting  more and more to be skyscraper hotels,  crowds of people and cars. This is all some -  people see along with sunning on the  overcrowded beaches, but it has its own  charm, and exuberance, a cozy mixing  with your fellow man.  The Carters and the Humms took advantage of the local buses and travelled all  over the island of Oahu. They were  disappointed in the falls at Waimea which  "were a mere trickle but they are lovely  when flowing full, with cliffs of jutting  rock which made it a natural swimming  hole in the past.  Haunama Bay was the most "favorite  spjittheyJoundrMargaterii^ite^'sid^ip--  of her own to the Arizona Memorial at  Pearl Harbourr-1 -x'  7 the couples were entertainedj by  Pauline Griffiths and Norman Hoffar of -  Davis Bay who are spending the winter ���  months in Hawaii.  They ran into Budd and Shirley  Fearnley from Sechelt who have returned  with a tremendous tan so they spent their  days on the beaches too.  T-TylGREN^t^AfcGHA !_,   When one has a daughter living in  Hawaii it is easier to make up your mind  that you should be flying over more often.  This is the way with Roy and Lenore  Nygren who come home, just as enthusiastic as they were the first time.  The weather was beautiful as was the  flight over and back. The return trip took  only four and a half hours with good winds  pushing them home at over 700 mph.  7 Son-in-law Earl Hughes, who is now one  ��� of the top entertainers in Hawaii, was so  busy they hardlysaw him. Billed as Earl  Hughes and Friends, the friends are a  Kentucky banjo player and a fellow born  in Hawaii and the three harmonize in a  delightful way that has earned them quite  a following.  They have been entertaining at the  Ward Air briefing for tourists. This hour  introduces them to incoming holidayers  who go to catch their show In other places.  They entertain at the Inn on the Park  for the Happy Hour from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., (.  then from 9 p.m. to 1 a,m. they are at thev  Canoe Hut close to the airport. Earl's song  "Lady, Lady" composed and sung by him  Is often heard on CKWX.  Tiny Hughes Is kept busy with her two  children, who wore thrilled to have their  grandparents visiting. Their favorite spot, >  too, was Haunama Bay. It is a little harder  to reach, the way down Is very steep but  what lt leads to Is worth tho climb. It is the <  classical form of tho tropical bay, complete  with protecting coral reef, palm trees and'  ���crystal clearwatersr  tensively with Anna Halprin and the San  Francisco Dancers Workshop and is  working with conscious movement as a  way to self discovery,  The workshop will be held Friday,  February 17, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and  . Saturday, February 18th from 10 a.m. to 10  p.m. in the kindergarten room of Roberts  Creek Elementary School. The fee is $20_  and participants, will be asked to contribute food to share at meals.  Pre-registration is essential, and interested women are asked to call the  members.  , Elizabeth Derby has advised that the  phoning committee is now well organised  and it should be possible to get messages  -euWo4he=membership4n^hor^r4erYi  such an action should be necessary.  Marguerite. Foxall volunteered to  resume reporting for "The Elder  Statesman".  Members are reminded that mem-,  bership dues are now payable.  Bowling continues on Monday afternoons and we are expecting to have  visitors from neighbouring communities  in the near future.'  Cadet hews  . Senior Cadet Bill Jamieson Ws  promoted to Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class  at a February 8 meeting of the Sunshine  Coast Navy League.  The cadets still have room for both  female and male recruits from 13-18 year  old. Meetings are held at Elphinst  senior secondary school in' Gitaohs and  transportation-is-provided from Sechelt.  Information can benjbtamed after 6 p.ra.  by phoning Tom mchardson at 886-9527.  Adult volunteers are needed on  weekends to help move ship stores to new  premises in-Gibsons. Anyone who can help  is askejHo phone Harry Jenkins at 885-  2224  on discontinued lines  Our Spring Lines are beginning to come in and  MUST SELL to make SWORE SPACE  Work Boots  Winter Boots  Runners  Baby Shoes  Wallets  Shoe accessories  Childrens Shoes  Ladies dress &  casual Shoes  Mens shoes  Nurses white Shoes  Slippers for the  whole family  - and more ���  all sales final  NEXT TO BATHROOM ACCENT  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT  885-9345  Use Adbriefs to Sell, Rent Biiy, Swap etc.  yyv.  ���AC DELCO IGNITIONS  ��� ASBESTONOS BRAKES & CLUTCHES  ���DITZLER PAINTS  .���3rirVl-pl^,PER7:7 7. ��� ,7  ���CASTROLOIL  ��� DAYCO BELTS & HOSES  ���GROTE LIGHT ACCESSORIES  ���McCORD GASKETS  ���TRW  ���NASCO EXCHANGE UNITS  ���KRAUNATOR FILTERS  ���BOSCH  AND MUCH MUCH MORE  mwmWtm  nmt%mmm  m  f||i  vY&  .iff!-  t'YSYW  LINE  AND  N  \sJfr  J! I It, I <M^.#t.��..����>toif **te* I  I ^^.^(hM*!***  sfJtBAi* Mtt����#-!��*��t*-'***  t*M.*j>ii>it*f.fe��-*,�� *��<��#>* <M��y*$ R*f,pM  A good spot to spend the whole day.,'  loafing in tho sun and tho-fluiot totowr'  And for snorkeling there is no equal  anywhere on the Island. This is tho spot  that has been declared n protected area  for underwater life and whore the fish  come up and, ent right out of your hand,  which: |a a little scary the first time, The  colors of these fish, about 10 inches long,  are sparkling blues, reds, yellows nnd Just  about all tho vlbrnnt colors of tho rainbow.  PHONES OUT  What do you miss most, phono, light or  water? Having boon without tho use of all'  Uireo tills last week it Is hard to say, If  anyone has tried to reach mo with news  v and couldn't! was homo but the phones *  'l wore out. -���v-....  We   always  hold  the  Hydro1 and  telephone workers In greatcateejn nd-  ' miring tho way thoy battle tho elements to  the telephone strike on the, phono lines  i)*'^f*'-!��p'i.'i��.i��af"*����*��S'4*'*' !**��� gsp ��i-Mp-.i-il��*pJ^'isS-V-��iij,wimiP<'',V| ifc-W-rs.-.^si. I*-*)P g <w.iA��^.-,g'ni3iiat.^,.f?^ripiW��  were repaired before tho weekend. Conceivably they could have been out ctordor  for lonijcr so grateful thanks to whomever  ���'Xylan resj^islble fqr/epairar '   : ^ t,  7C-;;;,Y,',1 "        "*.Tr"  f '   "''*<"��'  5     # in  7  m^  WWAYA  '\ '������  \  \\\: >.\ ]:\\-W  v'.\\  7YV  ���cA\>-S.vrY:,\-."\V'A\v  A:  )(*W*.  t * #*  X  Im  ,  , Feb. 18th  ������3fj*llW��(SWIWW��W wW��*?iWW.  Of '��&��W!*W=*iW*P>i Pjta^****!"*  ^'^^Wi-Si-^S^^  "C'MON IN and Browse Around  Have a Coffee and Meet the Staff  we're located������~~-���-���������^  ^��!*p��*W#W'^^  NEXT ID if HE LIQUOR STORE IN SECHELT  'PSs^HWaWAMft^^u-B^j^^  i*.'.;;..'���  \-  -',-. i .,"!*���*:* ~f-.fi   '.tf'Xt'"-, ���'Vtf*!',,*^^  t-   ',^T'   Atpa-lV     ',**'H P'  ���7,,"/  -rp, ���jYtOiTi / r   I  ���MMtktippiHM.  " *an f p.,,,  \hme^^B*��KV. *���**>��� w^t  .*< ' ..���  :.-Y')p.  �� ���(ms-uiW-pii.AswiM*}"^*,  ,. Wiwi��'��Wj^*^��.^^M.^W^i^H.W ^*IVEVtP^*'WM. ,WO S��^^.jTOiM(jiW.Ote��*��t,to.  , fe��m.^ra Yit^^,'P^pp*'P*J^PH����|^b��Piia*��*pawpp  ...^  <**?  K �������� j  <t 1  _1 I.    \.   '.  V-���  ���7 7.7  r  ... i  HaHrhobn Scty; happenings  Ca  ia ram  By Ai/tai-rTinklei/,-885:9479  In-home Care is for  Wednesday, February 15,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageA-5  the special child  C0MMU1WYJDATES-  7, On Saturday, February 18rit will l>e  little Reno Night at the Welcome Beach  Hall "at "8 'p.m., There, is.rio admission  charge, j)ut you can take a 25 cerit.chance  on bingo, dice.throwing, carpet bowling,  big rollers made a deep. impression on  them and - they were particularly in-  -terested in the sea lions' caves.  At Santa Barbara they visited Virg and  Dolly Herron, former residents of Secret  shuffleboard ^and^ffjtotis'other contests.   Cove. This is a day they remember happily  There-are lots-of l^eT to~.be wonTtr-    -for it wa��one of their few fine daysarid tne"  . ..The next film show on February"23 at   Herrons took them on a sightseeing tour.  v  .7:30 p.m. atthe Welcome Beach Hall will   They cross .into Tijuana for a look at  be on Africa. One filmfyifl cover East and   Mexico. Of nine days which they spent, at  West Africaandiuidther. of specialappeal   Desert Hot Springs, two werp fin*-' dayg  By DONNA SHUGAR  When is Day Care not Day Care? When  ^ild-n]g^ed-ooasttoer-fine^e��eh^Md��� it^evening^are,.or.nighU are, -or-week*  end care, or limited nursing care, or any  other of the special cases we call "In-home,  Care". In-home care is a very specialized  form of Family Day Care where the family  setting is the child's own home.. _,  This is a serious, need that more and  more parents are trying to fill. In the last -  few weeks, the newly-formed Family Day  Care Service has teen receiving numerous  requests from local parents. These  requests come from the jshift_ working.  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  y^.-  fcrr  ' ��*.,  to flower lovers, shows the flora of South  Africa and: is a particularly beautiful  presentation. Kariba Holidays pictures  one of the largest dams in the world ��� the  Kariba dam oh the Rhodesia-Zambia  border. Its vast man-made lake supplies  hydro electric power to Rhodesia, Malawi,  and the Copperbett, of Zambia.,  On Sunday, February 26 [irom 2 p.m. to  4:30 p.m. it will be Open House at the  Welcome Beach Hall to honour Olive  Clear, who Will be celebrating her 90th  birthday, on March 2. Convenor is Astrid  Kadin (885-2849) who extends a.cordial  invitation to all friends of Olive's inside or  outside the Welcome Beach Community  Association, to join "in honouring this exceptional little lady. \ .  _._April 22 is the date planned for the  annual spring plant sale of the Welcome  Beach Community Association. Local  gardeners are asked to keep this in mind  when dividing up their plants,  On February 6, Welcome Beach carpet  bowlers hosted. a friendly game with  Branch ,69 Senior Citizens' Association,  with the host team winning by three games  to one. Jack Eldred, on behalf of the  Sechelt team, thanked Welcome Beach for  a very happy and enjoyable afternoon.  He attributed his team's defeat to the  fact that when they come to bowl at  Welcome Beach Hall they expect to bowl  in the dark and this time all the lights were  on. This was a reference to the fact that on  the occasion of Sechelt's last visit to  Welcome Beach, there was a power failure  and bowling was carried out by the light of  lanter~)s. The Sechelt bowlers plan their  revenge on Monday, February 20 at 1:30  p.m. when Welcome Beach bowlers are  invited to Sechelt. ,  and the rest,was rainy. At Las Vegas and  Reno the weather didn't bother them much  as Jean had her usual good luck in playing  the, machines:    .   ,  After such a disappointing holiday,  they looked forward to their homecoming,  but at Secret Cove there was another  surprise awaiting them. During the heavy  January snowfall, five of their boat houses  had collapsed, causing considerable  damage^ to five boats. ' " > ^  A Two -other, travellers somewhat  dampened by California weather were  Jean and Blackie Petit who, hoping for-a  repeat of a gloriously sunny holiday in  California last year, set off in their little  Honda for a sunshine tour. They drove  through the Olympic Peninsula and  Aberdeen and headed south on the coast  road. As they crossed the border between  Oregon and California, they ran 7 into  rainfall heavier than anything they had  ever experienced. It was so heavy at times  the windshield wipers would not work.  parent who is gone from 5 p.m. to the early  morning --hours, a chunk of time usually  cherished as a family time after a day of  work and school. They also come from the  working parent of the sick child who needs  extra attention and tenderness. The single  parent who must work away from home  and can only be there on week-ends, also  desires In-home care.'  But it's not a babysitting service these  parents are after.. (When I was a child, I  found that term odd and wondered when  this person was going to sit on me!)  Babysitters are needed when parents go to  the movies on:Satiirday night ��� the kids  are' in bed and the sitter is there in case of  emergency and to make sure the children  are comfortable.  '  The person giving In-home Care has a  different and larger task. She or he  becomes an important part of the child's  upbringing, Parents entrust their children  to an In-home worker for large chunks of  time on a regular or emergency basis  just interested in caring for kids once in a  while ������, primarily the sick children of  -working���parentsr- We -need-evening'  workers, overnight workers,, week-end  workers. We need people for a few days  and people for a few months. If you are  interested, please call Donna Shugar at  885-5422. </  Auxiliary workshops  " With President Geri Smith in tire chair  and 20 members present,- the regular  =jnonmly-ineettag-H)f-ttieHHalimoon^ay-aT^  Box 123S  SocKelt. B.C. VON 3A0  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  Bui: 885-9244  Res: 885-2686  ^���������������������������������������������������������������1  ONE STEP SERVICE  They   found   the   local   people   were'~5ey^fx^et���as,good care ** ^ey would  welcoming the rain after a three year  drought.   , \  Driving was treacherous as they  continued south through washouts, slides  and road closures; Falling rocks, some  quite large, were a hazard as they landed  ori the road. At one stage their car was so  spattered with mud that it was impossible  to tell the colour of it. Their car was the  last allowed through to Lucia and the Big  Sur before that road, too, was closed.  They continued down the coast to San  Simeon where they visited Hearst Castle,  the impressive estate of William Randolph  Hearst,' which is now preserved as a  memorial. Turning inland, they drove to  BakersfiekTand Barstow, both extremely  cold and windyrlt was not until they          _  m^vionwN crossed into Arizona at Yuma that they    members turner]"outto attendtti'e'reeuiar'  Carl Bobardt, manager.xLme-Sechelt^^^H^^rt^^^-^fi^-^-^^s^r^-^S^^^J^^.^j^.^Ji^^:-  office of Coast Cablevision, has asked us to  correct a statement made in this column  CABLEVISION  provide themselves.  Every growing child needs a safe,  nourishing and stimulating environment  (both, emotionally and physically).  Children whose parents must be away  from them for long periods either through '_  illness or economic necessity need an'  extra effort to keep them healthy and  happy. - ^  Can you help? We need people who are  Gibsons  auxiliary  Despite' inclement  weather,  twenty  Hospital Auxliary was held at Welcome  Beach Hall on February 9. ^ .7  - , Members were advised that the annual  volunteers'meeting would be held in, St.  Hilda's Hall, Sechelt, on March 15 at 11  a.m. Tea and coffee would be provided but  they should bring their own lunch.  A variety of workshops will be held in  Vancouver during March and-members  will have an opportunity of choosing which  they Vould like to attend. The annual  Lower Mainland Conference will be held at  the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Vancouver on  May 10-11.  The new Thrift Shop chairman, Evelyn  Shellshear, in addition to giving the normal monthly report, filled in With some  interesting history pf the thrift shop. It was  interesting for members to realize that it  had been in operation for ten years, during  which time it had proved a most beneficial  source, of income. Next thrift shop duty for  the auxiliary will be on Saturday, March  11.  Linda Paulhus, a former member now  Uving in Prince George, had sent a letter  of thanks for a gift and her greeings to all  her old friends.  The Auxiliaries to St. Mary's Hospital  have issued a notice of interest for girls  and boys interested in the many phases of  the health sciences, are asked to write to  Mrs. M. Hautala, Box 184, Gibso6ns, B.C.  or phone her j��t 886-7861 before March 1.  Young people on Redrooffs Road can  -contact Mrs. Mary Murray at 885-2613 on  ��� the matter.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  L  IRES*  FRONT  lfflT  WORK  1  I  I  I  I  I  I  JL  ��� Retreads  ��� Bias ply Polyester  ��� Bias Belts  ��� Radial ply  ��� Wheelbarrow,  Passenger,       '  Truck  ��� Farm & Industrial  ��� Skidders  ��� Alignments  ��� Brakes  ��� Shocks  ��� Suspension Repairs  ��� Front end repairs  (tie rod ends, ball |oints,  etc.)  ��� Batteries  ��� Wheel studs  I  !  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  COASTAL TIRES  1 mile west of Gibsons on Hwy 101  CHARGEX  886-2700  MASTEPCHARGE  &  -experienced-their-first  hot  day.  The    monthly meeting of the Gibsons Hospital  correct a statement maae in tnis column T^^^J^^Pi^ * was-~^uxfflary^n-W��M  correct a statement maae in ���^��>M���L^e���nlyTn^^^ where president Joan Riebv hroueht the  JastTweek^gartmg-tterTeasoT^^^ imX^a^J^^^USSSWmtiR  ~dB\^ST^^&:^i^\sioiV^endedinto mey saw anyooay-swimming meeting to order. Reports were heard  aeia^ymge^gcaDievisionexienaeainio        phoenix   was   cool   again   and   at    from Oiairnersons  Halfmoon^ay. The actual reason for the ma   m Jh     were conf *onted with. a    *���* Chairpersons  delay, he says, is that his company jrstdl world of s       with ^^     t0 17 feet  awaitmganaffirmaUvedecision_frw|i|he deep        ,, -~y Z^.-j ,&&-  of the various corny  mittees and requests made for more '  voluntee^,jrorkers;in the Hospital, par*  <^^��jft^?*i^^,--*^  flt- New Wpp3rr*r*ir*s*W     m_L .   -   .    .   _   i.x_i   .e>m.ns"  n t_ in ,nnn>~ 'ii. i* 1-jMiL J---*��ey i;eHinieu tunas ay luguwgy.'fl ana  on December 13,1977, on toe apphcaU^t��,rWlien they, arrived at Neyr Westminster  extend cablevision service to Halfmoon '  Bay.  As there was no intervention at the  hearing. Coast Cablevision had expected  to receive the affirmation long before this  and had they done so, B;C- Tel's strike  would have been the cause-of the delay in  carrying out the extension.  In anticipation of an early decision by  CRTC, the company has hired an installer  for the wiring of the pre-signed homes.  Rather than lay off this employee, the  company decided to take the risk of going'  ahead with the pre-connections before  receiving affirmation from the CRTC,  which they hope to receive shortly. If any  residents of the Halfmoon Bay area have  not signed the application for cablevision,  forms are available from Mary Tinkley at  885-9479 or from the Coast Cablevision  office in Sechelt. Our apologies to Coast  Cablevision and to B.C. Tel for the  misunderstanding.  We haye come a long way since the  days when people seldom moved out of  their own towns and villages and the  crossing of the Atlantic or Pacific was a  venture which required months of planning and perhaps the savings of a lifetime.  Now our young people ��� and even some of  their grandparents ��� Jet halfway around  the world at the drop' of a hat and are  probably waiting for the day when they  can spend a holiday somewhere in space.  One of these is Pat Davie of Trout Lako  Road who flew to Europe in December,  spent Christmas in London and the New  Year In Amsterdam. From there he  telephoned his Now Year greetings to his  they found eight inches of snow to greet  them. The Petits report that they stayed in  Big Six Mptgk whereyer_ppssible_and that _  they were reasonable and' comfortable.  Two lucky people who came back from  their hoUday with smiles and tans were  John and Irene Mercer who had a most  enjoyable holiday at Waikiki. ���  When Vince Shannon returned from  Arizona last week, his family decided that  as he had missed their Christmas dinner/"  they would put on another,.especially for  him. So the whole family got together at  the home of son Donald Bennett at Maple  Ridge and put on a turkey dinner with all  the trimmings and even the Christmas  decorations. '  BEEFS AND BOUQUETS  We have -had a reaction from Lou  Wilson'of Davis Bay to last week's "Beef,"  in which a grandmother complained that  Christmas gifts sent to her grandchildren  were not acknowledged. Mrs. Wilson says  thai in bringing up her children, she insisted-that, letters of thanks be written  before the children were allowed to play  with the toys they had recieved. She is now  encouraged to find,that her children are  bringing up her grandchildren by the same  rule, so she is one of the lucky grandmothers who does get tliank-yqu letters.  She reepmmends that the complaining  grandmother should make sure that her  gifts were safely delivered.  She herself had sent Christmas gifts to  two of her grandchildren in Alberta, and  when she reported to us a week ago, only  one of them had been delivered. She ad-  Forty volunteers worked a total of 118  hours (luring the'month of January.  A display table was set up with ^ a  variety-oMmittedand crocheted-articles;  including a' baby afghan, sweaters,  dresses, bonnets and numerous stuffed  toys. We wish to thank Barbara Powers  and Bunny Adams for their time and effort  in producing such beautiful work.  It is regretted that, until further notice, ,  the Gibsons Hospital Auxiliary Bridge  Club is cancelled indefinitely due to lack of.  accommodation. However, should suitable  accommodation be found at a later date,  the public will be notified. ;.���  pur hew quarters, above Ken's Lucky  Dollar, is gradually taking shape thanks to  Ian and Stella Morrow, who haye loaned  our auxiliary a lovely cupboard with an  arborite top for storage of our dishes. This  addition* is a tremendous help.  The next meeting of the Auxiliary will  be held on Wednesday, March 1st, 1978. As  usual a good turnout is expectejl. If you  know of a friend or neighbour who is interested in volunteer work, invite them to  come along with you to the next meeting.  Daycare film/  Parents and daycare workers are in*-  vited to see "Daycare Today'', a short film  about the three levels of daycare. Tho filial  is free and will be shown at 1 p.m., on  Thursday, 'February 16, at the Wilson  Creek Community Hall!1  For more information, please, call  wwuiiuihw ma new x wr urwuuip w uib - ,      ----- ���     ��Donna: Shugar at 885-5422. The film is  parents, Chuck and Miriam Davie, bought vocat��s sondln8 "��iw^ * �� &�����er   pV^ented by the Family Day Care Service  a Volkswagen car and drove through ones ar0 now acknowdged.  Germany, France'and Spain,  The^ next tclephono call the Davles  recoiveel was from Morocco. Pat told them  JhailaJi^  with a Greek fisherman and was considering Joining him for some qommorclnl  fishing from a base on the Island of Corfu.,  COLD, WET CALIFORNIA  A number of residents of Halfmoon'Bay  who went south for the winter, hqvo  returned  with  reports which haven't  .,cxqcJUy,,]!raph;^  those who stayed homo to face the rigors of  a H.C, winter.  Jack ancjl Jean Mforccr had only five  days of sunshlno out of thirty days spent  browsing around Callfornla/Thoy stopped  In at Portland for a visit with Jean's  brother and then travelled down the  coastal routo. The Oregon coast with Its  and' the7Wllson. Creek Community Ccnti^  ��� '  pM��*��  P#*^"*Wp��^*pSSi��(Ip*W��*.  makes it  perfectly clear!  CANADIAr-l ADVERTISING ADVISOflV HOARD  mmmmmmmmmwmmwmmmmmwmmmmmmm  1978  7l#j)(pf^5Bi��*��iJW^i*��WWW*  ^'���^���W^iswWS^t^Wtft'  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY  Hiway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.  Your Autoplan Agent from  % ' ��� ��� mm)        i \ mmmmW  ^^^^f^^m_\\\pt_\\_m_\_y^0^gf^i_\\^  ��1#��M����if,'*i.'jl la^silWWplM-SWv  SpSCS  ���'������ip"*CY!*'i  ���. mmHmf.��  ^^J^^^-^^'^'f  IJPJ.Ull(U..il  ��,.p.  Apply Now  For 1977 Partial Interest  Reimbursement  ���Xs  p.  ts^^Kifat*  ���l^^^il^f^.^'^.n^^^'H^^if^^^W^  1077 interest roimhuroament application forms are available  at offices of the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture,  banks, credit unions, Farm Credit Corporation, Federal  Business Development Bank and Votorans' Land Act.  Interest paid on eligible, agricultural loans In place during  1077 through any of the above lending institutions may be  - eligible for beneflts under the Agricultural Credit Act.  FARM operators must submit their application forms not later  than May 1,1978 to:  British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture  Agriculture Credit Branch,  Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, British Columbia.   VOW 2Z7  'i ���  Furthgr OTiiitii i 1pb HhotildHmclinTCtpdio your local British *  Columbia Ministry of Agriculture offlco or tho  Agricultural Credit Branch, Victoria at 387-5121; local 213 or 247.'  firiUsh i^luinbUpi    Agriculture     Mlnlttflr  a^i����aauJ.pi,]*'-,l-  '���'  t  '7.��-,7.y. y.v ... ��.-���;!, k���":���:A*y^i1t^'���'^ '''X.;^:^.^ ^^.,..,^,.,�� ),.Hrr����v*7,"  ' ,'", ' '"   "  "~ ���".."H'aa."' P*    ��   " ��� '���������� '" ���'"' '*"'  '   ipaaaPiaaiw.aal.-r-"1-'- "   ���'!���������        ,      , ,7    *,,.,.      �����, .   ,        - �� ' \X  J^  ���,Y,���������, L,  y   ���  .*'  yrt*~r  ;/���"***p,  'f ,  *-flw-a>*t,    H*- m$��>VWi<**  .,^r^m^^X.llm^J^W..^S^ \.\.X^^*^0^uKtm^.^^��'^^XA^ *-  HVi*,*.*���^!, ������ ���  1 '* v)*��*r+ ** "*'���  '   m ^ rA  * .'ff". ���Y'IfT  f* Ma*H|ii-|��     A������w��f��M(,rtt*��H.e<M*E)iaf tWMI*  >>l.  r *���  "L\ -  I  vfPageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February ,15,1978  The Creek runoff  Roberts Creek remembered  * ���*' "*  By Annie Dempster, 8853326  REMEMBERING  The New Horizons history committee  have received word from their publishers  that the .book "Remembering Roberts  Creek" is now ready .for distribution. Mr.  Walton and Mr." Merrick are picking the  book's up  in Vancouver on Monday,  ��� February, 13. ~THbse people that have an  . advance ..order will receive their copies  first. The.committee will be having a  meeting February 14 to decide the best  ~:ttieaffi~ofni1iking tne Books available to"  . the public.  GALES DANCE  The Gales Hockey Club are sponsoring  "a Valentine's Dance on Saturday,  February 18, at Roberts Creek community  hall! Dance tg the music of local popular  band, SPICE. Tickets are $3 a head and  aue available at Seaview Market or from  Gales team members.   v  COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION MEETING  The Roberts Creek ��� Community,  Association is holding its monthly meeting  Wednesday, February 15, at 8 p.m. in the  Roberts Creek community hall. It sounds  like there is going to be a lot of interesting  issues discussed at this one. Why not come  and hear what issues the members plan to  take a stand on?  SPRING IS HERE (HOPEFULLY)  The crocuses are in bloom at Roberts  Creek elementary and several people have  mentioned "they have been picking pussy  willows. There are also a large number of  robins in the area. Let's hope that spring is  Garden club  installs officers  The Sechelt Garden Club's 1978  inaugural meeting took place on.Wed^  nesday, February 8. Miss Ena Harrold,  life member of the.club, conducted the  ceremony that installed the following into  office.  Frank Read, Honorary President; Eric  Huskins, President; Alan Pollock, Vice-  President; Lou Wilson, Secretary; Kay  Bowden, Treasurer; Bill���Cormack,  Director-- Nancy Read, Director; Tam  ^Jotason^_D&ector_ and JBjuUetinJEditor h  Hazel  Craig,  Social Convenor;   Janet  Allan;  Programmer, Audrey., Johnson,  Librarian; Eric Wilson, Show Manager;  Sue    Chenier,    Membership;    Jack  __MacLeod, Past President and Publicity.  .'., One of meb^jecfiyes-ofthoclub is to be  of service to its members and^o~the  community and we followed this aim by  havingoneofour newer members, Mr.  Tam Johnson of Gower Point, speak on\  "The necessity of good soil for a successful'  garden."  here to stay. A great deal of us seem to be  more than ready for it. ��� '  LEGION MEETING  The Roberts Creek Branch of the Royal  Canadian Legion held a meeting on  Wednesday, February 8. It was necessary  'for themio make some'changes hi their  executives as John Connor is Leaving for  Iran this week. John will be sadlymissed  by his fellow legion members. He is not  ' Bnly=tHraTd=woTkerfdin^  been a good friend to all.  Replacing John as secretary is Don  Black and replacing Don as first vice-  president is Harry Booth. Zone Commander Wally,Erickson was installing  officer.  It was decided that the ladies would  liave a separate meeting to try and get an  auxiliary started/Interested parties are  asked to give Fran Booth a call at 886-2142.  The time of the meetinjfhas not yet been  decided."  The branch donated $250 to Pacific  Command to be used for a bursary for a  Roberts Creek student. They also donated_  $25 to the Variety Telethon and $25 to some  unfortunate burn victims in Vancouver.  Keep up the good work folks.  DOG IS VICTIM  It was mentioned here a couple of  weeks ago that there is a problem with  dogs running at large. The problem seems  to have been somewhat alleviated from a.  human's point of view, but, not all dogs are  troublesome.  Take the case of Kaila. Kaila's owners  (Al and Val Silvers) were walking with her  - up at the top of Lockyer the other day,  when��aila ran ahead of them. The Silvers  _J^ J^sL^ight of herjor a moment when  ' they heard a shot. They ran to investigate  and found Kaila bleeding profusely from  * the neck. It seems the,man who shot her  had no reason for doing so, other than the  fact that he didn't like dogs and didn't  "want them on his property. Val feels the  man should have spoken to her about the  matter rather than taking such drastic  measures. Fortunately, Kaila has survived, but she still has the bullet lodged in  her body.  Needless to say, Val's Utile daughter,  - Tosha, yras very upset when they came  upon Kaila.  '-     |^������  t= Let^-lwpe-peopleTBe^OTneCdlscretion  ' when dealing with animals in the future.  Arizona by bicycle  "ART SHOULD    rejuvenate you  says painter Burrell Schwartz who is  now teaching  students.  belief to local  Timesphotos  Wilson Creek com. news  ByVINCE-SHANNON 1   While for me there is no place in the  world like Halfmoon Bay, this past winter  I decided for health reasons to spend some  time sun-seeking in Arizona.    _          "With'.no *indue enthusiasm or. greats-  expectations, I settled my trailer in the  Trailer Village at Mesa, near Phoenix,  bought myself a bicycle and started to  explore the countryside within a radius of  about ten miles of Mesa.  Discovering/mile after mile of cotton  fields and extensive orange-groves^I took-  pleasure in watching the harvesting of  both crops^ In market gardens, I watched  huge mechanical monsters equipped with  rreconimend~tHenationals monuments"  such as Montezuma Castle and the Casa  Grande ruins as being well worth a visit.  Between Florence, and Superior, I  ���discovered the Thompson Arboretum  where I could easily-have spent a whole-  day studying the myriad of trees and  plants growing there.  On one occasion I took a two day trip  north of Phoenix through Sedona and Oak  Canyon to Flagstaff. I aip at a loss for.  words to describe.the rugged beauty of.this  .canyonliouritrywith its layers of rock ina  multitude of different colours. On this trip  I realized for the first time "that Arizona  has its own vast forests and a flourishing  sixty foot conveyor arms move slowJy_o^��=Jumheriii& industj^_It.was unfortunate  ��X��**~ flnVfln vttMllA WtlXAIlHAPMn Cim__Jl aVlam al>1_Aal>    m\\- ���      J   * * _��  I J 1_      .-*���!  _1         _ A.       _   __    _<t-l  ���  Groups at both the Wilson Creek drop-  . ins have recognized their needs and taken  action to meet them. The teens have  evolved games suited to the surroundings,  both outdoors and in, and have fashioned  equipment from hockey sticks to  backgammon boards (both get-great use  on Teen Nights.) The Senior Citizens have  made it a policy to donate bqoks_to_the���old-tiro  tne fields, wniie labourers fed the  machines with cauliflowers, cabbage and  other produce'.      -.     \  It was a surprise to me to find that  another of Arizona's important industries  is sheep raismgrThousands of sheep graze  on cultivated fields tended by shephers  imported from Spain by special  arrangement with the government. They  are allowed to stay" for five years, at the  end,of which time they return to their  homeland with a nice little nest egg.  f saw some quite prominent ranches,  each with its own small race track and  feed lots, which raise race horses and  . other specialized breeds. There are' dairy  farms with thousands of head of cattle, all  ofthem held in congested feeding pens and  with no free range. Cacti are produced by  large, nurseries for the,tourist markets,  but competition is so keen that prices on  the potted specimens remain reasonable.  - When I had covered that portion of the  valley which I could reach by bicycle, I  began making trips to points of interest  within a day's journey from Mesa. Of  outstanding interest was Pioneer Village,  north of Phoenix on Route 17, which dates  back to 1870VIHs a-non-profit operation  and comprises authentic buildings and  exhibits from the past. Spinning and  weaving are demonstrated by:w_omen_in_  old" time costume. The workshops of the  blacksmith, carpenter, tinsmith and  potter are all manned by craftsmen who  carry on their trades in the manner of a  century ago.  An ancient house,' complete with  original furnishings and draperies, is  maintained just as it was in the time of its.  original owners. The old opera house is  unchanged, buttiie_attempt-to-restorethe  performance is hardly im-  GRIPE OF THE WEEK  The bad state of Park Avenue and  Henderson Road. Why must the residents  have to lodge complaints before any  maintenance" work is done to the side  lMaV?^n-tHe^asyour-yeai3,JBiejxtent of  maintenance to Park and HendersonJias;  been grading" and OVER oiling in the  summer. With any more rain, we could  rename Henderson' Road, Henderson  Falls.  * Two drop-in programs have been  started at the Wilson Creek Community"  Centre. Both the Senior Citizen's, on  Friday afternoons, and the Teens on  Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are  using the Community facilities to a considerable extent.  The term "dropin" suggests a casual  and welcoming place for people to meet,  chat, and widen their interests in an_in-_  , formal atmosphere^-T-he-irommunity  ~wdl5eirls^Jpresent" at these times, to  .provide various activities, to act as a  social catylyst, and to discuss and institute  new programs at the suggestion of the  members of the two groups.  Indeed, though the situation is casual,  ���the resulting interaction and creative use  '. of the- community facilities is important  and rewarding. As attendance at these ; members and keeping the community a  ^dxop^insrbecpmeAjegularjlcommittment living_and important-force -  and energy are mcreased."Wencommunity^___^r information on drop-ins dr if you  centre, gets valuable feedback, and the    have suggestions fopthese or-other-groups onJthe-spot'frnm_lnnal rnrfr. Constnici  local population feel that their ideas are    please feel free to call ttie community   began in 1906 and was completed five  considered and sometimes put to use.        office in Wilson Creek at 885-5422. years later.  that the timing of my visit did not enable  me to see inside the famous observatory  and Northern Arizona University.  I would sum up my impressions of  Arizona as a whole a "benevolent", for it  has everything, in endless variety. But  just as beauty may by in the eyes of the  beholder, so it may equally true that  ungliness manifests itself to some people  while not being apparent to others. I find  myself asking "Are the deserts really  beautiful?, "How much longer will people  in the valley be able to Uve with the  smog?" and "Can Phoenix, Scottsdale and-  Mesa continue to sacrifice their fertile  farmland for trailer villages?" Perhaps,  considering the somewhat unusual circumstances which took me to Arizona, I  am not qualified to judge.  Of exhibitions  and garage sales  The Whitaker House Art Centre is  presenting a show-of oil paintings and ink  drawings by young Sechelt artist, Ardis  Crowston.  The exhibition continues until  February 25.    A large selection of handcrafted  pillows, shawls, afghans and baby clothes  are now on sale at the Centre.  Donations are still needed for the upcoming garage sale. Larger items can be  picked up by phoning 886-2680.  y.A^.  __community-library"ariorto provide games,  cribboards and the like.  This kind of community action is invaluable. Two groups, who are sometimes  neglected in our everyday -life,-gather  every week to^share ideas, information  . and to relax. Other groups who have  7 something in common should consider  setting up this kind of situation thereby  * tapping-the energy and knowledge ^of their  pressive. An ancient "Eatin' House"  serves an excellent lunch with the staff all  in period costumes.  Driving one day_into-Tortilla-Flat,-I-  found a village in the mountains complete  with all the relics of a hygorie~era. Lunch  was served pi a hotel of the 1840's which  serves as museum and restaurant.  I  followed the Apache Trail to the Theodore.  Roosevelt TDam, a most' impressive  project. I learned that all the materials tor  the construction were hauled in by 20 mule"  teams except for the stones which were cut  A change in your lifestyle can save your  heart ,says your Heart Foundationr-   Only  TOP QUALITY  Used  RECORDS  and  POCKETBOOKS  are sold at  MUSIC WEAVERS  lower Gibsons  886-9737  I  I  I  I  * Put your message into 4,000 homos  [1*5,000 readers] in these economical  spots. Your ad is always there for quick  reference ... anytlmo!  4,000 homos [15,000 readers] ovory  wook. 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' lap" ' I  "    ��p��if*l     "**P'*W!'w        ',,  A        -  ���y, p ,  ���a A  '-W-*  L^f  i  / ,��� ���". \  \   \\ \> \  WW  MORE ABOUT  Trustees say no to budget slasi  \   .   aV  ij/,' *      ���, -, . . ��������)-���,  ��rni. .  ,-*tj v*.:   ;y ���  ���From Page A-l  elementary grades) ��� was a "good introduction" to a swimming program ih the  school district, and the cost of $3,750 was a  figure the board could handle. He said he  would rather see the board buy two  maintenance vehicles than raise the. pool  hours at this time:  Superintendent John Denley said the  300 hours would include 100 hours of instruction (perhaps eight to 10 periods at  a certain grade leVel)~a��d~2ro~hours for  . special education and physical education  programs. He said the Gibsons pool would  probably be used only during school hours  _by_studente-fcom-.schnols-between_^W  Sechelt and Port Mellon. Students inTthe  northern part of the district will swim at  the Pender Harbour pool, ^when it is  completed.  The district's use of the Gibsons' pool is  scheduled to begin in April, following the  Spring Break.  There was little discussion  aspects of the budget at the Thursday  meeting and it' was. approved  unanimously. Trustee Peter Prescesky  was arisent. . ' ,   ,        v f-   ; _  -- Following .approval'of the /budget,  trustees ' passed a bylaw authorizing  operating expenses of $59,140 above 110  per cent of the Basic Education Program  set by the Ministry of Education. "/'���*  Secrets-treasurer- Roy Mills noted  that last year's operating expenses budget  Hunting bylaw will haye  to be enforced locally  Wednesday, February 15,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page A-7  The..F;ish and Wijdlife' Branch have,  turned down a Regional District request to  show. -' local "ho shooting'' areas on  provincial hunting regulations. , *" y  ' To do so "Would be setting a potentially  very expensive precedent," G.A;*West', the  branch's regional manager said in a letter  ' tabled at .last, week's meeting of the-  ficially designate the bylaw as part of their  provincial regulations: This could only be  done under provisions of the Firearms  . Act;,: West said, and would make the  branch solely responsible for its enforcement. .   ���    "./   "  West said his department supports the  "need for Bylaw 81  ,.._.._ ,    .        .and will continue to  was about $122,000 over 110 perceritofcthe���regionaU)<mrrl--^Yr-7r^^^^ the RCMP-  BEP. He said the total 1978 budget of       If,Fish and Wildlife were to mark the    in ensuring it is enforced.?'  $5,905,814 will amount to about 50 mills. ,   Pe^sulaVLn^sll9oting',areastiien they West saidJhat it appeared local people -  A breakdown of the budget indicates   would be under pressure to do the same for   had "over-reacted to a relatively minor  that more than half of the increase comes   other Regional Districts, West said. rffoble_mJ!jmdJiuntet^could_be-controlled I  on other  MORE ABOUT ....  ���Bank worker  ���From Page A-l  of the,banks, Quigley said it was the  weaker women who were usually picked  on. *    ��� "~  "A lot of girls get called into the bank  manager's one by one. They won't tell us  what happened. All we know is they, cancel  their union memberships."  "The same thing happened to me," said  Dulyk. "The Saturday after I asked to go  to the bargaining meeting the manager  called me into his office and proceeded to  tell me that my work was extremely poor,  my attitude nil and that nothing good was  happening with me."   .    .  A few days later, she said, the manager  praised her for her work. "He went from  'you're absolutely horrible' to a complete  change of thought," noted Dulyk.  "Bank managers take it as a very  personal insult, if the employees  unionize," said Quigley. "That's a  universal reaction."   _.  __ _^____^  "Our tank-aiaiager tookit very  ^orraHy7He~cried," she continued.  "He told us that becauue banks are so  down on unions, if his branch succumbed,  his career would be ruined. He said he was  resigning, that we had finished him, that  there was no way he could work with  people who didn't like him.  "Ot course he's denied that scene every'  since."  -  ���  "He said he would have to go back to  the farm," Quigley went on. "I was  horribly embarrassed but I didn't cry.  Everyone else was in tears. At that point I  thought he'd broken us. I think that's what  he thought he was accomplishing."-   ,  ��  Said Dulyk: "It upset all of us so much.  I'm.sure if Eileen hadn't',been thereT-we  of us knew what we had^done uiat"was"so_  horrible." ��� "        "The next day he told us he was sorry  he had almost convinced me to give up the  union to save his career}" said Quigley. "It  never occurred to me to give up the union.  That's when I knew it was just a ploy.   ^We-agreed-not-to-disGuss-his-reaction-  outside the branch, but now they've  started fighting dirty we are telling the  truth," she added.  She charged the union members left in  the branch are "terrified of making a  mistake. A mistake is grounds for firing.  They feel they are being watched all the  .  time." _. uu7_ , \...y ,a..'., '.   Quigley says she has found it impossible to get .another job on the peninsula. She has applied .for two tellers'  positions and, despite her experience and  excellent references, has not been called  for an interview.  "Everyone knows I'm involved with the  . union,"      ,        7    She says businesses won't hire betas...  they are afraid the banks might cut off  their credit in realiation.  Last week a Labour Relations Board  mediator attempted to resolved the  dispute between Dulyk and the Bank of  Commerce.  However, the branch has refused to re-  ' hire her and the matter will now be heard  by the full Labour Relations Board. Their  decision will bo final.  It's vital to the United Bankworkers  that they win this case as it's the first time  in Canadian history an employees' union  has tackled the hiring practices of a  federally chartered bank.  Until Friday's hearing Dulyk and  Quigley will mount a full picket line in  front of the Bank of Commerce, asking  customers to withdraw their accounts.  ui tfieTnstruction account (about $308*000  ^above last year's expenditures),^with  teachers' salaries up from $3,003,806 in  1977 to a proposed $3,307,925 this year.  The main sections of the budget are as  follows:  A total of $203,885 has been budgeted for  administrative costs, as against $198,714  spent last year. The account includes a  total of $37,600 for trustee expenses.  The Instruction account is budgeted at  '.$3,710,498 of which by far the largest  amount will go towards teachers' salaries.  A further $537,515 wiU be spent in the  Operations Account. The cost of providino  light, power, water and fuel to local  schools has jumped $10,000 in the past year  to a budgeted $138,000. -Janitor and consulting engineers' salaries have gone up  $40,000 over 1977.  School repairs and maintenance will  cost another $4,000 this year. The $48,012  spent on equipment last year has been  reduced to a 1978 total of $39,200.  Transporting students will cost another  $20,000 in 1978. The board has set aside a  total of $273,865 for busing expenses.,  A further $31,285 has been designated  for the auxiliary services account which  includes-health services, dormitory fees  and other costs.   The board hasmarked $743,525 to pay"  for the district's financial borrowing. This-  is up from last year's $654,926;  And $34,500 will go into the capital  account as opposed to $70,000 last year.  Tne Kegionai District passed, Bylaw 8t  last year banning hunters from certain  areas on the'Sunshine Coast. At the time  there were complaints from some  residents that, wildlife and domestic  animals were being indiscriminately  slaughtered:  The branch has also refused to of-  by greater advertising 'oT~th& bylaw  provisions. , - ���   v\-- "  Area directors decided on Thursday to  pursue ttie matter further with West,  Protect your health. Get heart-wise diet  information. Write B.C. Heart,-1881 .West  t Broadway, Vancouver^ V6J1Y5,  HOCKEY   CLUB1  ROBERTS CREEK HALL  SAT.. FEB. 18th  Please NOTE:  Game time for Feb. 18th is changed to 6:15 PM  DANCE STARTS AFTER THE GAME  Weather report  Lo  February 4 6  February^ 6  February 6 ...6  February7   8  February 8  ._6_  Hi Prec.  mm  7     nil  February 9 3      8 trace  February 10 1      8     nil  Week's rainfall ��� 62.5 mm. February  - 94.0 mm. 1978 - 231.7 mm.  February 4-10, 1977 ���-16.8 mm.  February 1-10, 1977 ��� 17.1 mm. Jan. 1-  February 10,1977 - 105.5.mm.   '' ''0iY,  helps you judge  good from bad.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  *******  GALES HOCKEY SCHEDULE  Feb. 18th & 19th Powell River Bruins  Feb. 25th & 26th  GONZAGA UNIVERSITY  (from Spokane Washington)  March 4th & 5th Old "Clunks" Tournament  (Gates travelling)  Watch The Times for mote Information  ��� schedule subject to change ���  GAME TIMES:    Sat. 8:30 p.m.  ��MNM  Sun. 2:00 p.m.  ^AVEST^OUGHS t% ^,, i  ���  GUTTER MAINTENANCE  <K  Drip   &  Drip   Q   ""���    . A  Drip  Q  p-'p.~.l ���<-��������*���-��. >.pJ'p'-.|.. [^Y..Vi,..,i.J....f,-lrt/,.^.,llll,.U^i:��*ii,l.M^:^  \,\       ������ \ \\.,.      *��� ���      N,ST-�� ���*  CUSTOM CRAFT  ^jmssssLA.  -885-12992  Cleaning A Repairing,  ,       ���i'aii|aiiaaiiiinii-n nm, ua)     , -inn mm tmmrmyf  1 p     ��  SEASIDE PLAZA-LOWER GIBSONS  886-2000 or 886-2607  . ,+������.   *''  .**,  *   \  m.  ^ ^        V" -^f~       __-^ TT****-- .~ m ���+.  i   -. J       '7-��*-"  �����"*  JA  ICBC  (compulsory coverage only 1  plus plates max. $300����   |  Buy a minimum of  to fit your'car or pick-up  and we will issue you a  cheque to license & insure  your vehicle.  (* non-commercial only,  You pay us back in si  monthly payments  starting April 1,1978  with absolutely  FINANCE  (even yourMnk can't touch this!)  The Staff at SECHELT AGENCIES  A Gov't  Approved  Autoplon Agent  will be available to assist you  with your insurance questions.  PLEASE NOTE:  The above arrangement is available  to APPROVED CREDIT CUSTOMERS  only, and OK reserves the right to  accept or reject any customer.  TIRE it ALIGNMENT  > \\mXJ\ ^J^TriiMT^i^^rX ,.~,  ���i li*a7* Y>:i*"'1 V '' ''"'V'���'' '���<"m".p  ^if.iM��V^an,-,3;l,-.,-p".l"pP^;:MlPi^.'/aJ  ���pw*��a1aa   * ,.,   ��!�����������-Ma-Mi'  |��i|p*^|^|J��^^Pf^p(j^  ^Q^n|*iaa.'Si4^'i4*pjypppa**l*pJill|pil'-*>l|PwP**h''-*ffiJW^ pp-*** '* ���        pp     t   -        pp-ppp.  i��k wwurMMiM. winntim come pot 1$ tlwayt on"  *' " ' '\mt*  in   ��� [r, nn iiwi.i'iiiiV^iijiiiiiiiiiiitpiit-i.^  ' k **.p.  *  ".P.-P. yi]>' *m.    ,.  '    ,. I  ,CJ  PKi    Pppha^PSVlf VBlftWi^lW-f J<ll��-lW~*fl     ���  -V"*  y   -m  ��� *��V#in>wlK.<ev> wfsWw ������ti* w  ���ooW-JSWtiyfWWSWWWi ffiww��'is��fl-��i��iiSWH-*t ����� ~imi^srr��W Ml  -1 ���        ^ I  *"**f*p����*i< ���">  i��W *e  K  *'WBiISB��������!IW'**��S��A(,s-PM-��i w / y7  .%,  I \  \  L_  Woo^her  roses  us out of   X   J J. -      -, -, -   ~ ��� ���   "The Sunshine Coast may wish to call a  referendum to pull out df Confederation if  the B.C. Hydro pow6i* line goes ahead," an  irate Gibsons' resident.wrote_m���3Jettfir.  discussed at the February 9 regional board  meeting. "In doing so, we would be'  relieved df B.C. Hydro's tremendous back  A Burns ballad  February on the coast. Time for midwinter doldrums,, the foulest of weather  and the annual panic to pay off ICBC.  But down in Gibsons they welcomed the  month in inimitable fashion with sporrans  ���swirling, the haggis steaming and the  pipes wailing.  So to lighten the February blues (and  out of due respect for the Scotland of our  youth) we offer you Margaret Jones' ode  to the Bard.  Happy Valentine's!  The ladies o' the Legion held  The grandest Burns' affair,  'Twas in the Gibsons Legion Hall,  And what a crowd was there!  The Bard was born sae lang ago ���  Twa hundred_years and mair ���  And yet he's honoured yearly  For his talents rich and rare.  Though Burns was born in Scotland  Now he's kent in ilka land;  Some o' the warld's great poems were writ  By yon puir ploughman's hand.  NowrGibsons~is~a~lang~lang road  Frae Scotland, it is true,  Yet at that supper a' thing there  Was Scottish through and through.  Wi' kilt and sporran, pipe and drum,  iv posters on the wa\  .Wi' haggis, potted heid and scones,  Oatcakes and cheese and a'.  Wi' toast, and 'Star o' Rabbie Burns'  And rousin' chorus too,  Wi' bonnie Highland^ancin' lass,  The haunting theme raattirough.  Music there was for dancing.  How they danced richt frae the start!  It was the' kind of nicht that would  have gladdened Robbie's heart.  near Squamish, to Vancouver Island..The  preferred route would see the wires cross  the Sunshine Coast and Nelson ahd  Lasqueti Islands.  On Thursday regional board decided to  contribute $300 towards the cost of  preparing- the transcript of a Lasqueti  Island meeting held last month between  local residents and Hydro officials. Hydro  will pay $1,000 and the Powell River  Regional District has also contributed $300  towards the $2,000 printing costs.  At their previous meeting, board  members had requested public hearings to  be held on the Cheekye line under the  umbrella of the Environment and Land  Use Commission. The directors also want  the commission to examine Hydro's plans  to spray To'rdon 101 along Hydro right-of-  ways on the peninsula.  "I Would like Hydro to live up to their  word," said Area A Director Joe Harrison  on Thursday night. "They said they would  inform us of any spraying programs but  this has not been so. It appears they want  to spray in secret and not tell at^one. It's  insane they bring this up how, they know  we would be opposed;-"  Harrison also said Dioxin, a component  of Tordon 101, "is one of the most  poisonous chemicals known."  "The decision to run the power line and  v the spraying program through this area is  based on political reasons;" said Area B  Director Peter Hoemberg. "We're not  saying that people on Vancouver Island  should freeze in the dark but that Hydro  should say if these proposals are the only  viable ones."__-Y-j  Chairman Harry Almond said Hydro  was prepared to sit down with the  Regional District and discuss the project.  "They are prepared to negotiate and -we  should negotiate," said Almond. "It's a  damn good idea."  No dateloTthe-meetingJias been set.  Roses in February are.an~expensive  gift. So if you were greeted on Valentine's^  Day by a long cardboard box containing  crackling green paper and a dozen of the  out-of-the-season flowers here's a few tips  on protecting that investment:  If you receive your roses loose in a box  With a sharp knife, cut diagonally  about an inch off the bottom of each stem.  Remove any leaves which would extend-  "** -' i���below-���he^riaceja*ilhejwate&m4h^^  <Y  ���lkm?m*rm*j&te&   *5fe>��fc"*#S;  A VICTIM of last Wednesday's fierce  wind storm, a tree, lies sprawling  across the golf course. The high winds  and following rain brought trees _  crashing down all over the peninsula. >  B.C. Hydro and B.C. Tel were kept  . busy repairing wires shorted by fallen  branches - and in Halfmoon Bay and  Pender Harbour residents were  , greeted by heavy, snow, Thursday  morning.^  The dawn of the  Age of Enlightenment  - In case you hadn't heard, 1978 has been  designated as the Year of Invincibility.  And Lord Jim's Lodge in Halfmoon Bay is  now the Ministry of Information and Inspiration for the World Government for  the Age of Enlightment. ,  A ministry press release that landed on  our desk this week explains that "the  sovereignty of the World Government is  the Domain of Consciousness." The new  regime is apparently capable of creating a  society free from problems and  weaknesses. "The World Government for  the Age of Enlightenment is, therefore, the  only government which-truly-governsr1  enlightens the handout.  Sechelt plan  discussion  The February 14 meeting of the Sechelt"  vicinity plan should generate some "lively  discussion," according to committee head,  Joyce Kolibas.  Major items to be gone over include:  ���Traffic routing. Should there by oneway streets? Should Toredo street become  a major thoroughfare? Where should-the  Sechelt bypass go? Should it even be built?  ,^-The parking problem. What to do  "about it? Should there-be parkuig lots?"  ��� The commercial area. Are the  current zoning bylaws adequate? Do we  expand? And how. What about pedestrian  malls and street closures?  ��� Apartment zoning. If so, where?  x   ���Residential areas. What special  considerations should they be given?  Copies of two earlier studies of the    village, compiled in 1961 and 1973, will be  Be proud you helped the Heart Fund   available at the planning meeting which  -dFive-in4Pebruaiy-r= it-means-38_research -begins at 7:30 p.m. in the Senior Citizen's  projects are now under-way in B.C. hall.  arrangement.  Place your roses in a tall, clean container in a cool place to 'harden' for about  an hour before arranging. It is important. J  to use warm water (about as warm as your  hand can stand), to hasten the flow of  water up the stem. Roses need plenty of  water, so best results are achieved from  arranging them in a vase which permits at  least, one-third of the rose stem to be  submerged in water.  Use warm water and a floral preservative when you arrange your roses. Add  water each day to keep the container full.  \\ you .receive your roses in an  arrangement.. \l  Be su.e container is kept full of water.  Additional water will have to be added  every day.  Place your rose arrangement jn a cool,  light place, if possible; away from drafts  and not in direct sun. If a rose should wilt  prematurely, remove it from your  arrangement, .cut an inch off the base of  Tthe steam and place it in deep, warm  water���.When it revives, replace it in the  arrangement. Premature wilting is not a  sign that the rose is old or inferior, it is a  result of not receiving enough water, and  usually the rose will revive rapidly.  DTanageof falling satellifesTand Soviet-  spies it's comforting to know that our  national integrity caabej-aised to "a level  ~of invincibility." At least that'sj?h��tthe-'  Ministry for Informatiori^nd'Inspiration  promises. The-AgeofEnlightenment will  -create a' positive, influence "so powerful  that it disallows the birth of an enemy.  This is the latest and most powerful  -defence measure for any nation." \  We hope Defence Minister Jamiespn  has been informed.  Bodycheck:  Too fat? Too  thin? Too tired?  Too often? Do  something for  somebody. . .  Yotir body!  Fitness is fun.  Try some.  pamiapaaian,  'cno/jmW*  Thli week's crossword winner is TOD CAVALIER, 8, from  Sechelt. Come by the office for your prize I  [We made u  ���Uttlaunlstoko when we'drew the crossword lost week ��� If.  ,   you had trouble getting  #11   down, It wo* ouT fault!  7 oops i): ��� '.y . :.,.' 'y-���������'���.'  Next week YOU MIGHT WIN. Send your solution to us.  FRUITTY CROSSWORD  -There's an exhibit at the ElphinstonePioneer Museum in Gibsons  that kids might like. It's a display of toys and puppets from a Jong  time ago' ��� 150 years or so. 60 by and see it if you can ��� the  museum's open every Saturday from 9 to 3:  .,s...  0.aC w  \\U Ay  amu^i  w ,  SHAWN WHITE, fo, ft^m Roberts Creek Is the other SPACE STORY WINNER. Come by  phone for your prize.  Mto/3-/.:..:���.L���.'.  iVfel -.vJotw.'.'  or  C��/i<M>c^roV&  klawn&flfaiy'  "T   p;*f p.n :,  "��� ������' I'"'  ��� '    p     "''  ,,,. ,. fa*...,.,.;,-,,        ,  '--1'1 1 i  <> *  ACROSS  I.Fruit -��� orange ft fujrxy.  4vWhen you buy fruit In a ttore ft It's not fresh or frown, It's  A^PH.in ...ii *���#-'��� .f.y,tP*(��*i,.,s,,vPk,��ft*w^^  6, Purple or red fruit with a large pit Inside.  S  iffi^hte:^'0'^  ��  VwUt^wwrn ^ mohmt; ���        * ^  13, Greenish' yeHow fruit that's shaped like this.  M, Liquid you drink that comes from fruits.  14, Did someone laugh ..  you? ,  19, Large yellow fruit, a grape   21, There's 12 o'clock midnight and 12 o'clock ....  22, .(something's not wet, It's .<���. ���  DOWN      .  2, A round red or green fruit, You can use It to make  ,,,,. sauce or   pie, ���   *  3, U>ng thin yellovv fruit ��� monkeys ent It,  6, What the temperature Is like lit the winter.  0. Purple or greenjhrttlt, little ft round, grow* In bunches,  9. If something's not old, It's ...  11, Short word for mother. . w _ ^_^,.i    '  12, Hard round frujit with a r*ara" shell ft white InsTde, coeaT."."  14, Something sweet .you make, out of fruit ft put on bread,  18,small,round, r*d fruit; ha*�� pit in the middle.  17, Blackberries grow on a ....    ���'trr~~:������y���~Xy  18, rrult with n rough, brown outside and yellpw Inside,  i., .apple,  20, Oo .. bed.  fc*ft4*;  *��flp^i^M��p^^^J^p��^^����i^^ip->Ji(j|WW  'Mirw.rrXX  Ags.  Wrf.-iS* psiiff ;.fWW> tiff ��-  I   t   (   (   I   |    I   I    I  I   t    I    (   ��    ��   1   ���   1   |    (   I    !   ��   |   I    I   *    (    I    *    t    *   1   I   .   I   t    '    I    t    I    I    "    ��   I    I    *    I   (    ��    I   I  S.nd to PENINSULA TIMES, Box 310, Secret  Ss^': SPACE STORY  One day when I was flylng;by^a planet In my space ship I turned around and saw  another space ship, then before"I knew It I was In another space ship. Then I saw  these red men standing there with guns pointing at me after that two others picked  me up and took me to a bed roam and left me thereabout an hour later they came  back with my dinner and they left. Then I saw a gun that one of them had left behind  so I picked It up and ran down to the trans-porter room. I had aflghtwlth a man. then  I went back to my ship. The End. ,        ~\.  By Shawn White, 10, Roberts Creek  HERE'S WHAT SOME GRADE! KIDS FROM CEDAR GROVE WROTE ABOUT SPACE:  I don't want to be an astronaut because I want to stay with my Mommy and Dad. ��� Jane T, 6  I wish I was an astrnaut because I'd twirl around without gravity. ���- Phillip, 6  I'd like to go to the moon id I could meet the Martians I  I don't want to be an astronaut because it would be squlshy Inside the rocket. ���Sara  Bonnet- 6 / ���  ������  would like to be an astronaut because you could see all the planets, ������ Michael Casselman,  6.  This rocket  "was'Bfawn"'  by Phillip,  \ 6 years old.  ,      THE SPACE RIDE  Once there was a famous man n<Jnied John. He  wanted to go to space, He told all his frlendi. Next  day IW was going, rushing around, Finally he was  In the space ship. The count down wns going 10, f,  0,7, 6, S, 4, 3, 2,1, blast off 111, He was off;It wns  fun but an hour later he got bored. Next day he  was nearly there, It was very exciting, Next day he  wwttte.ndlrrgonmemoen.ttwefthrllltngrAw��<��k  later he was going hom*. Three doys later he was  home greeting his friends. THB ENDY 7  '��� Mark" Ore-ham, 7 yrs old  i fr.*,  I    ",   "        I  ,. .     f .   ..   .  ������W"  ..,,.���',.7,7,.���,.i7.���   .  mwmmmmmmmmmmim  wmwfmm  circle the,  fa  hy-Olrgvcr  FIND THE DIFFERENCES  Theso 2 pictures are almokt the same. Can you find the 12 things that are different?  ��� *��� \ 't  . ' <  1 . ..,*,��  ���^l%n^T^^mW^  \ x . .\\  f  \  ,A,X,.:.. .,;,��  i    ' "\  "--'���-rv'  ^..\^^^~r.:.i,^~i^,,w,l,^J^f,a~.[f>r~y-M^t  r   ! , 1  ' 1  f  <���        * kr-v      i       -t     I t f  * 7  ��W��W1i km.miMH.0*  1<  ') i  4  ^Klwirtf  ������� *pew��# t��h#W} rww*pWpV^Ji������ ��=ftl" *  Y. .      ,  i...,! ���  i/::  {    ��� V  +,.,:  I'I   '.  ������.���/������'���  *     ���'.���        7 ���.-ir?"  PageB-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 15,1973  -^ Coin ivatAr ran Lili  Elphinstone sweeps  tourney  "Tw4jasket^irihir^  .Saturday gave Elphinstone junior boys the  Howe Sound basketball championship for  the first time in four years.  Playing before a shrieldng crowd in  Elphinstone gym, the junior Cougars  edged the Howe Sound Chiefs of Squamish  47-43 in the final' game of the two-day   . tournament and extended, their unbeaten  streak to 12 games. (Howe Sound hacfwon  the title since 1975.)  ' Kym Kostiuk's three-point play with  about 25 seconds left in the, fiercely-played -    ���!��������� '������ "t    i* 1    .��� .  '      -  panicked  for  aV ~ ��� ��� - ���  awhile when Squamish pressed us but the  players didn't give up and we were able to  come back. I'm proud of the fact that  we've won four games this year by four  points or less. Last year we lost at least six  close games."  The Elphinstone victory sends the  Cougars, into a playoff with three Richmond and Vancouver teams for a berth in  the B.C. Junior Boys tournament. Details  of the playoff have not been, finalized. ___  The tournament began'late. Friday  ���By ROBI PETERS~_7,__\. 1 _j -  , Winter weather conditions on the coast  -'���'haven't changed much oyer the past few  s^years but people are venturing out for  winter recreational.activity more and  more. 7 '  ,  The popularity of cross -country skiing  and down hill has certainly increased, and  also the use of local lakes for skating.  When travelling over ice or any body of  water, sportsmen should be aware of'  -complications presented by cold'water  exposure.  When people are'immersed in cold  water, blood flow to the body surface stops  Industrial hockey  By ED LAND  The early game of the Industrial  hockey league on February 5 had the  Orange Ruggers manhandling the Black  Marauders .9-5.  Unable to organize an attack against  the", star-studded Orangemen the  Marauders seemed listless ihTheir bid to-  keep ahead of the.Green Machine in the  battle for third place,.  _ _. The Orangemen solidified their hold on  the top spot with their convincing,win  which was additionally aided by the  Green's tying effort in the second game.  game had tied the score at 43-all, but Joey afternoon, as Elphinstone raced to a 67-26  Unger and Gary Knowles scored layupsto win over Pernberton: The host team held a  cinch the victory for Elphinstone. wide edge in play (during one stretch)  Elphinstone took^an..early lCfc-2 lead__.scored 15 straight points.  -���...��,  �����. ^..u 6<����c. ,  . ,__. - . ���     - ���   against the undermanned Chiefs, who        Gary Knowles sparked the Cougars       It wjs-jf game which, never saw either   at 4750 0ak Street�� Vancouver, B.C. V6H  were playing without injured centre! Rex with 20 points. Other Elphinstone scoj^-Tteanrup by more than two goals at any one    ??.9 ��f ^h?ne Robl Peters at 883-9923 or 885  Reece, but the Gibsons team became were: Colin Risebrough, 14; Mike Par-   time and the Red Barons held the lead for  almost,completely, and this reduces the  circulation of warm blood which heats the  body. If immersion is prolonged, heat  production slows down.  Deep body temperature begins to fall  below the normal,37c (98F). At 34c ((94F)  the victim is said to be suffering from  hypothermia,  The following questions will let you  know how up-to-date is your knowledge of  coW water survival and���what_to_do to  improve it. K you work near or on the  water it should be of special importance.  ���' 1. I should swim or exercise in the  water to keep warm?  . -^k="s-&oet^"'Sfte��to  survival-time?  3.1 should keep my clothes on?,  4.1 should use drown proofing instead  of treading water if no life jacket is there  for my support?  5. Signs of hyperthermia are:  shivering, exhaustion, inability to form  words, confusion and loss of consciousness  in severe cases. ~~  ' 6. Upon rescue, victims should be given  warm baths, wrapped in warm blankets,  given fluids (not alcoholic drinks):  Receive medical treatment or be taken to  hospital if severe symptoms.       '  If your score is five or under you may  be interested in the latest information  from the Red Cross Water Safely.Division  -' flustered by a series of fouls and Howe  Sound's pressing defence. An eight-point  _ half-time lead evaporated in the third  quarter, as Howe Sound outscored  Elphinstone 16-6. "  , The visitors extended their lead to five  points before Elphinstone rallied behind  Colin Risebrough, later named the Most  Valuable Player in the tournament.  - Risebrough, who was benched in the  first half after he was charged with three  - quick fouls, scored eight of his 18 points in  the final quarter. Knowles scored all five  points in the last quarter, including a layup  with about five seconds remaining.  _ Mike Partridge, named to the all-star  team along with Risebrough, Kostiuk, Bob  Mercer of Chatelech and Howard Chumley  of Pemberton, scored nine points for  Elphinstone. Unger had six, Lance  Suveges four, Grant Gill three and Rob  Jonas two. Kostiuk led the Chiefs with 19  points.  Elphinstone earlier defeated Pemberton Red Devils 67-26 and Chatelech  Eagles 52-38. In other games,. Chatelech  tridge,   10;   Grant  Gill,   nine;   Lance  Suveges, seven; GlenSolinski, four; Kevin,  Partridge, three; and Rob Jonas, two.  Pemberton's top scorer was D. Huston  with 12 points.  In the next game, Darren Dixon scored-  24 points as Chatelech battled Howe Sound  on equal terms for 3% quarters before  losing 76-63. Kostiuk and Lapointe led  Howe "Sound with 21 and 20 points. Other  Chatelech scorers were Bob Mercer,J2j  Dale Maedel', nine; Chuck Esselmont and  Mike Anderson, six each; Baxter Wong,  four; and Russ Widsten, two.  Esselmont injured his foot during the  game and could not play in the other two  games.  A few hours later, Chatelech came back  to face Elphinstone and stayed within  seven points until half-tune. In the second  half, Elphinstone pulled ahead of the  weary Chatelech team, which had'only"  seven players. -   ���"  Mike Partridge led the Cougars with 20  points and Risebrough scored 15. The  remaining 17 points were spreadTamong  most of the night.'  With two seconds left on the clock  Bruce Puckalski rammed home the tying  goal.  It seems every time these two teams  -meet-close, exciting action is in store.  On February 12 the Orangemen meet  the Reds while later the same night the  Blacks face the Green Jeans.  forced_HowFS6unT^l^the~lhnit-before^���six���playersT-Knowles and Jonas,, four  ��(i^ged^ember4��jfr  "praying~~willi"~bnly five "players,  while  Pemberton came within a basket of upsetting Howe Sound, losing 50-49.  Final standings in the round-robin  tournament; were: Elphinstone, three  wins, no losses; Howe Sound 2-1;  Chatelech 1-2; Pemberton 0-3. The Mount  Currie team withdrew one-day before the  tournament started, forcing hasty  rescheduling of games.  Don Douglas chairman of Sechelt  School Board, presented the championship  trophy to Elphinstone captains' Mike  Partridge and Gary Knowles and also  gave out the five all-star awards,-  \X\  ���I  _\nt���f~  "I thought we'd shoot better in the final  game after missing many easy baskets  against Pemberton and Chatelech but we  might have been too 'up' for the game,"  Elphinstone  coach Vern Giesbrecht  On the rocks  , The Golden Broom Trophy,  emblematic of challenge curling, went to the  Canfor rinks last week in a bonspeil  featuring teachers and local merchants  "against rinks from Port Mellon.  This new trophy, designed and casfby  John Spence; promises to tecpme^one of  the most prized items in our trophy case.  Any group may Challenge Canfor and  the trophy will be On the block every six  weeks during ^ihe curling season. The  latest challengers are already planning  their strategy to take the broom from  - Canfor after losing by only three rocks In  last week's classic.  If you have a grouper club interested in  playing for the Golden Broom, book your  Ice time with Gus, and be prepared for an  evening of fun and friendly rivalry.  All attention Is now focused on the open  mixed bonspiel coming up this weekend.  Local rinks will kick off this 40-rlnk event  on Thursday evening. It carries on through  Friday afternoon and is followed by the  presentation of over $1,000 In prises.  Rinks   from   aU   over   Uio   Lowor  Mainland have entered this annual event  "Which *'pirom.scrtff  entertaining weekenfl.  * Visitors nro wqlcpmo.,  ��� \.%   ���     7.\\  07   \ '���  Sechelt lanes  1 Joanno Giampa was toptytMs week with  ip, M singles and a 70f)j,iotal.  Frank Glampa camo up with 308 slnglo.  'Others bowling 200 games were:  Mrry Patterson 248, Don OUa>ell 204,  258, Sam MaoKonzIo 270, Les Hopkins 337,  Enn. Armstrong 201, Lola Caldwell 241,  Bob Forbes 250, Colleen Procknow 201?, 234,  Juno Frizzell 231, Bonny Simpkins 233,211,  Don Slack 248, 234, Andy Henderson 214,  J530,Fran.Starrs 250,202.,,-... A.A,. _  Ken Shier 208, Ev Forbes 217, John  Loveday 248, 250, Frank Frtewll 258, 208,  Dee" Brown 200, Rick Simpkins 214, 201,  Wayne Brackett 261, Tom Purssell 202,  ,��� Lovely^^tcrcolowr* palntlngi- by-  Barbara Gough on display; also portraits  Jjy Josephine Warno among others; ,all  vory Intoroitlngly Ultfejtjent. ���  MISS  BEE'S, SpCHELT.' 7      '     ���'  zgaehdgjiaav Uu'efc^udJSuvgges^linskt.  and Gill, two each.  Mercer was the top Chatelech scorer,  with 16, Dixon sdbred 10 and Wong, two.  In the first game on Saturday, Howe  Sound's 5049 triumph over Pemberton,  Kostiuk and Chumley were the top  scorers, with 18 and 17 points respectively.  Ed.Dunsford, who did not play against  Elphinstone on Friday, scored 20 points for  Chatelech the next day' as the Eagles  defeated Pemberton. Anderson scored 10,  Mercer nine, Wong seven and Widsten  five.  The victory by Elphinstone in the  curling news  Although the Sechelt Curling Club is'  winding down its season, there has-been'  some exciting curling.goingoiTin the past  few weeks,���-""  "The Men's Bonspiel at Squamish attracted two of our Men's Rinks, skipped by  McQuaig and Clark. Their wives drove up  to cheer them on.  The Powell River Mixed Speil was  attended by four local rinks skipped by  Hn'rknell, NelsQny-j^rade^^arKJ-7-Renmen  3611 for information on cold water survival. -       " :  Answers '       ���-���  _ . 1. False ��� the more you move the  faster the blood cools.  2. True ��� it decreases your survival  time.  3. True ��� clothing gives some insulation, Keep head covered.  4. False ��� keep head out of water. The  head is the greatest heat loss area. Use  drown proofing only in water :72F) and  Tbver.-   n   7,      " "��� - - ,  5. True.  6. True ��� If no help or equipment is  available, body to body rewarming ris-  excellent substitute. WrapTyictim7 in dry  blankets   or^sleeping'bag,   and  keep  jheltered'alfpossible. At, all times the  rescuing individual should ensure his own  health and safety. Cold can be a killer.  SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 46 [SECHELT]  WATER TRANSPORTATiON CONTRACT  JERVIS INLET  ��� -   ;  Bids will be received by the undersigned up to 5:00 P.M., thursday,  February 23rd, for the provision of water transportation from  Egmont to Deserted Bay on Monday mornings and from Deserted  Bay to Egmont on Friday, afternoons. Number of persons to be  transported, together with personal belongings, is estimated at 24.  The service will probably be required intermittently from May 1 st]  1978 but will be required on a regular basis for September, October  and November in 1978, and April, May and June 1979, with some  "intermittent use at the ends of theseperiods.���-   The lowest or any bid is not necessarily accepted. Bids must specify  details of boat, inspections,.safety and navigationarequipment and  the operator's qualifications and experience.  R. Mills    ~  Box 220  Gibsons, B.C.  J (For the Native Environmental  Studies Action Committee)  A golden opportunity for the  golden years. Offered for sale  ��� an attractive 10 unit motel  located across from the beach  REALTY WORLD  MEMBER BROKER  ^championship game was the second fbur-  point win over Howe Sound in a week. On  Monday, February 6, the Cougars edged  the Chiefs 49-45. Elphinstone centre Colin  Risebrough scored 25 points and pulled  down 26 rebounds in one of his best performances of the season.  "wltff ttieHdcHelT Rinkbringing" home the  prizes. The host club showed usosome good  curlers and great hospitality.  Two weeks' later four men curlers from  the SCCC represented Sechelt Legion  Branch 140 in the Sunshine Coast Zone  Playoffs at Powell River. Skipped by Ed  Rennie, the rink was made up of Bill  Clark, Mark Gregory and Harold Nelson.'  The cup went to Powell River Branch 164  who entertained us royally. We hope to  meet them here next year.  In the final weeks of this season there  are some more exciting bonspiels coming  oip^J^Hiaiy45^ees-^eea]r^^  Walk, jog, run,  skate, ski, swim,  ^addte,:peda.-Y^_  dorft iSflife-   catch you with  .your head down.  Fitness is fun.  Try some.  pamemacnani  ~"b~rr~Davis Bay. ldeaT-forra man  and  wife operation.   Turn   the  -occasion of your retirement to  account and invest in this going  concern._Offered ai approx five  times gross with good financing.  Charles English Ltd.. 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Wednesday, February. 15,1978  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  ifc*Y ii' ..vi^ia*.  "7W7v77^^-;  Art should  By ADRIAN STOTT  .   "Wayte" is derived from an old word  meaning "watchman".  It is claimed that the civic watchmen in  early renaissance towns, bored with sitting about in the dark hours with little to  do, would get together for company. Occasionally, they tried making music with  their signalling horns, and eventually this  practice developed into organised musical  bands on the civic payroll.  The Town Waytes,. who performed at  Chatelech last Thursday nighty are a  recreation of a 16th century band. With  faithfully copied replica instruments, and  authentic music taken' from preserved  manuscripts of the time, they create a  credible atmosphere Oof Europe four  centuries ago.  The performance was quite difference  from the usual concert of today���The  Waytes explained that this type of band  would not have presented concerts 500  years ago, but would have been supplied  by the town authorities to enliven local  events such as important. weddings,  inaugurations of officials, dances, and  fairs. . fr       ^  To keep the atmosphere casual, the  musicians __talked_ to. the  Chatelech  -audience, and encouraged questions. They  joked among themselves, and their obvious enjoyment of the music^spread to the  -audience and createdan-a  and even church liturgies. Little of it was  heavy, though. The words of the songs-  often seemed right up-to-date, with sad- *  ness over lost loves, and complaints about  drunken husbands.  The six performers appeared quite  formidable at first, in their sombre black  suits, .most with beards and wire-rimmed  spectacles. However, it was soon obvious  that this was not to be an evening of  solemn culture, as leader David Skulski  quickly set a friendly tone with his witty  introductions. The personalities of the  other players too soon separated each  from the uniformity of dress.  All are skilled musicians, although  weak notes were occasionally heard. This  can be partly excused, though, as^the  introduction of some new instruments into  the ensemble with the last week has  caused problems in tuning, which has  forced some musicians to transpose into  awkward keys.  Although the Waytes had requested to  appear in the Chatelech gym, rather than  -in_rthe more intimate music room,' the  It's  "Teaching art should be the opening of  peoples' consciousness," says Burrell Sch-  , wartz, the peninsula's newest art teacher.  - "I want people to. come to my classes to  participate, to: develop creativity and to  enjoy," he' continues. "Art should^  rejuvenate you. Painting is very,  theraputic."  Schartz knows what he is talking about.  His work hangs in the National Gallery  and in private collections across the  country.   "      ~  He has had numerous one-man shows,'  most recently at Vancouver's  Bau-Xi  Gallery. '    _,___        "  ���"TNowTie"isluisffucHn^a weekly art  course for the Centre of Continuing  Education.  Schwartz has attracted some notoriety  locally because of his practice of providing  nude models for his students.  "How do you teach painting?" he  askes. "From photos, still lives, dead  things? I find that very limiting."  7 Instead, Scharwtz prefers to have his  students draw from life and he gives them,  both clothed and unclothed models for  their work.  His own painting, says Schwartz has  been very much influenced by his architectural studies.  "I started painting in '51. At that  particular time abstraction was very  strong; I rebelled against it. Now, when I  look atan object I study the form. I look at  it frop three dimensions." ' -.  Using oil, Schwartz says^his paintings  are difficult to describe. "I really paint  from nature," he says. "Oil is a fantastic  medium. It gives you such an area of  expression."  Born in Vancouver, Schwartz studied at  London's Central School of Arts and Crafts  and at the Slade.  "The Central had a lot of wonderful  people doing a lot of wonderful things,"  .Schwartz says. 7  Later, while working in London as an  : architect he decided that what he really  wanted was to be a painter and he has  taught his vocation in England, Ottawa,  Toronto, Ne'w^York and Vancouver.  Now he is preparing for a second  painter  exhibition at the Baui-Xi.  There is still room for more pupils in  Schwartz's Sechelt classes. Anyone interested can enroll by contacting the  Centre for Continuing Education at 885-  3512.  Got the blues?  9-'  Want to get away from  it all?  Take a walk!  ���jmonm^s  pamiapatTmnm* e  Walk a block.Today.  INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES  also  "Registered Retirement Savings Plan"  "Income Averaging Certificates"  MINIMUM DEPOSIT $500  Member of Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation  INorthWestTrusrt  ' ^mmmmmmmmmmmmwmcotimiramwmy  BONDED AGENT  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt 885-2013  location was unfortunate. It's true the  acousticsYiyere surprisingly good for this  type of music. But although one musician  even compared the space to_ that of a  cathedral, the size of the room conflicted  with a comfortable occasion. The small  crowd, Jess than 50, seemed % huddle  around the players while the gym stret-  .ostparty��like���(^ed-off-4nto-eold-eeFie-darkness-on-all--  atmosphere.��� aides.-It's a credit to the Waytes that they  The instruments played were quite a���succeeded as well as they did.  change too. Recorders and drums were  familiar, but the sackbuts (early trombones), krumhorn (a 3-shaped variation of  the oboe), shawms and bombards  (descendants of the watchmen's horns,  with - reeds) ^ and cornett (a curved,  leather-covered woodwind, nothing like  today's brass-corneti-looked -and"souhcpr  - unusual.  The reeds produced an unexpectedly  piercing sound, but this was compensated  for by other instruments. The low tension  of the drum heads and the lute stringing,  and the mellowness ofN"tHe^recorders,.  " contributed pleasantiy^ofr^nd-gehtle~  tones.. -*    -     -,t >������'.', *>���..v,'yy:..v,vY.^  ^The music itself came from ail over1  Europe, from Spain to England. Tunes for  all occasions appeared ��� dances, songs,  With such a small - audience, it's  unlikely that the Arts Council, which  presented the performance, broke even.  Ironically, perhaps this is fitting. This type  of band was originally paid from the public  purse as a civic service. In Sechelt, at  _least. this practice_seem&.ta^continuinRr'  Another -less ~ pleasant" continuing  practice is that of late arrivals okaudience  members, delaying the start of the  performance. Being late for some social  events may be fashionable, but -for  meetings and shows such as this it  definitely"^ not-This is now a major  " problemfiTthe VancouveFtheatres, abig  -defeature we don't need tocppy^. ^,���,,  I hope the next Arts Council presentation may start nelfr^r~the-advertised^  timeT      ~^���-  - i>  pr  "T7  By GUY SYMONDS  This Corner had been programmed for  a talk on the Arbutus or'Madrona as it is  known in California. The idea was inspired  by an interesting pamphlet issued by the  Forestry Association and because this  peninsula is well-blessed with these  beautiful trees, it was thought that the  subject would be of interest to many  people.       "  However, In the last few days the Idea  has been pushed out in favour of what this  column is .really about ��� matters of  concern to people who grow gardens. And  also because the exceptionally mild  weather-sent this gardener, spade In hand  and filled with the urge to action, out,to the  scene of future, it is hoped, horticultural  triumphs. '  That scene has been a sorry looking  sight all winter duo partly to a bad  mischance wltlj the fall rye, The first  sowing simply failed to materialize at all  and a repeat sowing with different seeds,  while it fared better, did not offer rr��Uch  more than 50 per cent germination. The  growth was not good and ls tho first such  experience of this gardener who has  always sung the praises of the-~grcen  manuring program. f      ~~~*  The first job was soil testing ��� on u  .very am^tQurscalcreally^toseeJhQwtba���  land had fared. And here Is a digression.  With the small kit used\ last year tho  amount7of the various reagents was  depicted. Enquiring of the suppliers it was  found that hardly anybody bothered to  stock refills, In fact nobody that this  gardener could find. So it had to bo ordered, and there was quite a delay in  getting JL Maybe this is hurt one personal  experience, but for whnt it Is worth \i Is  passed on.  With what.was available tests of tlto soil  wero made taking samples from various  parts of the garden, drying them to dust  before introducing the chemicals.  The first step was to establish tho  relative values of the existing alkaline nnd  acid conditions. Hero- comparing! it with  last year, there wos some slight improvement towards the alkaline balance  that Is generally favourable to most  vegetables. However, it wm was con-  about one pound to the square yard of  dehydrated or garden lime was Indicated.  Nitrogen and phosphorus both showed  deficiencies roughly;;<^iil^pie]A:Jn;'bni''  year, Thlsfn��2^^Cbv.Mei thcT*.^ *.w>.-  .-.'���  had taken out everything that had beenv  supplied in this regard.and if there is to be  a 1978 harvest something must be done to  replace It. This was no surprise.  .The hungry, slightly sour land that was  tackled for the first time last year gave  results that in some cases were far below  standard. Tnie the potatoes, green peas,  swiss chard and kohl rabi were pretty good  and so were the beets, but the brassicas  were decidedly poor. And for some reason  or other leeks were a total failure.  So we are back to square onerAndit  was with this in mind that the first spading  of the area was undertaken and the first  lime scattered.  It cannot be emphasized too much that  the pH balanco in the soil ota vegetable  garden must be" maintained at the proper  level, as it is on this'that the efficacy of the ~  fertilizers and manures depends. Potash  will remain locked in the soil out of reach  of plant life if tho pH balanco is too far on *  the acid sldo. But tho lime should go on a  few weeks in advanco, if fertilizing, slnco  lt will release the nitrogen prematurely  when it ls necessary that this vital element  be held for the Use of tho plant.  Vegetables that need a definitely  "alkaline- soil���Include���beets,...,, broccoli,  brussel sprouts,, cabbage, swlss chard,  .radishes,. peas���icUucc.andjpliniach.-,NoLy  requiring so much lime, or In other words,  plants that will thrive under a slightly acid  or neutral soil condition are bcand,'  carrots, turnips, onions and cauliflower,  while potatoes ahd stawberrles do not like  lime ot oil.  So the lesson for today Is find out what  state your God-given piece of earth Is In  and act accordingly. RpmtOTlwr though it  Is ono year at a time. Tho crop you take out  will liave used up most if not all you havo  put In and. 1070 will bo another year. v  a Which lends us straight to tho compost  heap,  helps you find  exactly  what you need.      7  ;,���  , CANADI^ AOVBRTIS/NO A0yi|On> fiOARD    ..'  ���-. ,       7*a^a,|A,l'*t*J��(i ������  .   ���  ���   "  i. iiiiiiiiIiSmT-pjIHi Ill .I.I-.IXW  Creative design and layouts for  newsletters, booklets,and  advertisements. Fast and  efficient service for all your  printing needs...  *v  at the  tottmtmb^^SVFZP'f!!  > Tickets  * Notices   *-Bulletins^  ^'l*'lll.vitationiii)-v \  ��� Advertisements  ir Announcements  W Menus  1 t ,  Y."*   j��hQJ^0QJ|yjng  ' .jy-  \ \  I **-^WWIia��fi  "Ws.  ��� -��..��.. ..,m-f--.' ���(  '   Hy,  II.- I...  a   -w.lt.*  ' ftoK*��nm& "Wtt*'*7����v��*������ tup#��*# <t^>w��!W��MN|^ ��*<^wti-*v*vfe i^&^^f^wp^-ytififfigvi.  I ��^��*v��&B^;fl^��*A^ ataiM'*'"-'!) Wn* m��^^mikt^k04f^��^Ji>^i  <M*nM3#������pWwM��^^!p*MpW^W^  \'."    ���'  BfctftW  ��* **";***�� f''* 7.   -AX' !'  >���'.  . <��v>  McCarthy takes tourist mess  ithY^eetftes  Provincial secretary and travel  minister Grace McCarthy recently  presented the federal-provincial conference on tourism in Ottawa with a 12-  point plan to improve the tourist industry  ��� in Canada,   * -    ���   ; Mrs. McCarthy called on the other  governments to abandon their  "pessimistic attitudes" toward the tourist  industry, so that Canadians can give more  attention . to improving the country's  tourist plants and to bringing visitors*!*)  Canada.     /     '     '      .  She says if Canadians can change their  attitudes in time, tourism ��� which could  be Canada's number one industry by the  the economy and at the same time be a  potent force for national unity.  Mrs. McCarthy told the conference that  B.C. rejects any suggestion that an advisory" committee of government and  industry representatives be formed to  further study and define the problems  facing the tourist industry.  Included in the British Columbia plan is  a call for* the elimination of generalized  marketing and advertising programs, in  favor of more agressive, area^speeific  programs.  programs should be geared to those  priorities, which would see. B.C. and  Alberta receiving greater emphasis in  California, for example."  Mrs. McCarthy also advocated a-"think  tourism in Canada" program to create a  new awareness among Canadians of the  vacation experiences that exist in their  own backyards and in other parts of  Canada.  She said Canada must learn to emphasize its positive aspects, particularly in  the American market, to assure visitors  year 200Qjr-.willjnakejui^tivejnipactQn���^Federal���advertisi!  "We need to recognize that some areas n that they are welcome,  of the United States are priority markets   \   itors. McCarthy called for an agressive  for some provinces," saM Mrs. McCarthy,    hospitality training program for those who  " said Mrs. m  ising���and���  I���market-  i- ��� /won  lriff~Wtihsrand related industries,  grace McCarthy  particularly customs and excise officers  Vr-ho are the first to welcome U.S. and  overseas visitors.  She says Canada must continue to  pressure-;the -Carter -administration ~for  relaxation of U.S. convention legislation,  regardless of the recent statements by  U.S. vice-president Walter Mondale that  the bill is under review.  . Mrs. McCarthy proposed that the  federal government extend low-cost loans  to the tourist industry to allow for the  upgrading of programs and facilities. ;  She said the B.C. plan does not propose  a greater expenditure of federal funds, but  foresees a change4n^)hilc6ophy-and-a-T^--  allocation of industry development money.  "We contend that it would be more  beneficial if some of the millions of dollars  poured into government subsidized losers  ���which compete unfairly with the private  sector ��� were" chanhelled'intd low interest  loans for the betterment of the tourist  plant in Canada", she said.  Advertising.^  tells you_  . what's new.  \_.._  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  f. --  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 17,1978  .00  ��� �����  .'30  Live  ���Cdnl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  .Cont'd  ABC Mystery ,  Movia >* - *"���  Cont'd  Late Movie  Cont'd  Late Movie  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Crack  Cont'd  "Carry On  Cont'd  Cont'd  In The  Kojak  Loving"  Kojak  Cont'd  ���     World"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  '  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18,1978  1  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 12  -OO  Oanlla  Ufl-A-  QoOoQIoba-  Agapa  Bug.  Klddloa  Patrick  Bugo  9:30  Ban  Lympica  trottara  Conl'd  Bunny  On Cam.r.  Hanry  Bunny  ~ Peanuts   Conl'd  pink  Jerry  ��� Road  Lala  Rabop  Road  :��  IPopcom  Conl'd  PantlMr  Falwoll  Runnor  Oo  Conl'd  Runnar  -00  Cont'd  Krorlt  Baggy P��nta  Conl'd    ���  Cont'd  Oaorgo  Swama  Cont'd  10��  Cont'd  8up*ehoer  Nttwita  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Straat  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Spaea  Maturity: Th.  Mario*''  , Kldatuff  Cont'd  Batman  :��  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sontinole  Gotdan Yaara  Tha Magic-'  -  Conl'd  Cont'd  Tarzan  -A   ��� -  - OrowiDou^l.  Waal.nd -  Land 01'  'ttfcGowan  Mo��*a    -_  ��ont'd   ..  Black  Conl'd  11S  Dacka.  SpKlal  The lost  And Co  Machine  Cont'd  E.porlanca  Conl'd  Moiri.  American  Thunder  Show  Th. Secrets  Rad  Black  Th. Sacrala  . :��  "Ma t Pa  Bandatand  Conl'd  - Bu  01 lala  Fiahar  Ex|��raHica  Ol lala  M  Kettle"  Conl'd,  Hot  Sporta  f'al Albart  Show  Anciant  F.l Albart  12J.  Cont'd  Conl'd  Fudge  Review  Cooky Kida  BU  Egypt  Coaby KkJ.  Conl'd  F-Troop  Brady  Tableau  Spoce  Flower  Anciant             Spac  .45  Cont'd  Conl'd  Kid.  Cont'd  Acedemy  Spot  Egypt  Ac^damy  ���00  CBC Sport.  Impact  Star  CBC Sporta  Whal'a Haw  McOowan  Survival  Whal'a Haw  ��|*-S  Collag.  Conl'd  Trak  Colloga  Millar Magoo  And Co  Kit  Miator Magoo  Cam.  _   Cont'd   Action;  _JnntfClty   .-.PPSIalao   - Conl'd-   ���Fa.ll.at   tntarnellonel ~  ~ Chat  Conl'd  ���00  Conl'd  Tha  17-  Cont'd  Movie  Tha War  Victory  PWapadiva  ��*fa.-n  Conl'd  Commandara  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Worid  Yaara  Oardan  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Safari"  Conl'd  M.D.  Robonio -  M  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  - Cont'd   -  Cont'd   Cont'd      ,  8tooga.  ���: ��� m  CBC Sporta  ABC Sporta  Cont'd  CBC Sporta  Conl'd    ,l .  _Wr.at'l(!fl  Oil  Spaad  I    '     ***J0  Curfing '  QoU  Conl'd  Curling  Cont'd  Cont'd   '.'  . Painting  Buggy  Claaalc  Loa Angalaa  Cont'd   .  Claaalo . ,  CBS Sporta  Conl'd      !  Book  Daatardly  ���M ���  Conl'd  Opan  Cont'd  Conl'd  Spaclacular  Conl'd  Baal  * Mutllay  ���00  .  Spaca:  ABC Sporta  BaakatMl  8pec��  Cont'd  WId.  Firing  . Funorama  HM  ProBeertero;'  California  ItrH  Cont'd  Worid Ot  Una '  Cont'd    :  Conl'd  .  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Opa.l  M  T��ro  Panlaay  Conl'd  Conl'd  Ko|ak  Conrd  Aualln  Eaeap."  10:iS  Ronnl��e  'aland  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd i  Conl'd ,  City  Conl'd  Klehenl.  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���     Cont'd  Cont'd  Thal'a  Limlla  Cont'd  149  Canl'd  .    Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Hollywood  Cont'd  Cont'd   -00  CBCtWWa  Newe  ''   Nawa '  ' CBC Nawa  L.I. Mom  CTV Nawa  Fawlly  Conl'd  1tJ5  pro*. Afl.l,.  Cont'd  Conl'd  Prov, Allal.a  p'Magua'f  Canl'd  Towara  Cont'd  Nawa  ABC Nawa  Saturday  Lata Moylo  Conl'd V  Nawa  Conl'd  ���M  Lata Movia  LleMoal.  NlghlLla.  "8P.0I.I  Conl'd    '  Conl'd  Conl'd  iOO  p*Torti*f.    ���  "J.M.  Conl'd  ',   Olymploa'P,.  Conl'd  . , LataMovta  < Cont'd  12S  Oardan"  JamaaP*  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd ,  "Ooodby.  Cont'd      '  Cont'd  Conl'd     ,  Canl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Oamlnl"   ���  , ,   .p  .  Cont'd  :4J  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  ' '���       i'        '  Cont'd  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19,1978  -MONDAY, FEBRUARY 20,1978  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNELS  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 9  CHANNEL 12 CHANNEL 13  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 6   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8   CHANNEL 9   CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 13  .45  Latfta  Cont'd  Polka Dol  Door  Vliion On  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Ptoawnl Day 01  Jourittyi Diacovary  Oard*f.ii>g Tarry  Wllh Ed Hum* Wfniara  Hla  Wrltttn  Fac*TTw  Natron  Search  Confd  Ernafl  Anglay  S��aam��  Stroat  Cont'd  Cont'd  Anchor Vancouvar  Cont'd Conl'd  Robart �� Conl'd  SchuHor* Conl'd  9  Touch  Cont'd  Contd  Window  Cont'd  Boomaran-g  Conl'd  fiaattl*>  Today  Cont'd  Cont'd  Daybraak  Cont'd  Joyca  David ton  Tattlatalaa  Contd  Tha Prica  U Right  Art Of  Cooking  -  Joyca  Davidton  Oaau In Bavarly  Spaca ���    - HilMIias ~"  Environma&ts Bawitchad  Raachmg Out Cont'd  100Hun��ay  " Straat  Cont'd  Cont'd  10  _WikJ  Kingdom  Klihania  Cont'd  Boomarang-  Cont'd  Jabbarjaw  Cont'd  Movia Oral  "Bamaon Robarta  * Oalllah" Saarch  Cont'd"   . Confd  Eya On Tho  Northaraat  Movia  "Zotbm  Oral  Robarta  Day 01  Olacovary  Stwrni  Stroal  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd Cont d  Cont'd Cont'd  Para>p*cliva Conl'd  Cont'd Cont d  10  BC  Happ^  WhaalOf  Canadian  8choola  Oaya    f  Fortuna  Senoola  <-��������� Mittar  '     ��M.OOO  Knockout  Mlatar  Draaaup  Pyramid  ~ Cont'd  i>ra��aup  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lova Of  Ltla  Jaan  Cannam  Dafinillon  Conl'd  ��>actrie Brady  Company Bunch  Wordamith        Family  Maa>ur*n.alrlc  Affair  Ed  Allan  Young A  Tha Raatlaia  11  M-aa-ling  Placa  Conl'd  Contd  Qrap*  Apa  Animalf,  Animaia  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd '  Cont'd  Ilia  Wrlttan  Garnat1 Tad  Armatrong  -Tha Gra*k"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ltla  Wrfltan  QarnarTad .  Armatrong  fi��aam��  Straat  Conl'd  Cont'd  Grnaat  Anglay  Cont'd  Cont'd  Seianca  Intarnational  Vancouvar  Conl'd  11  So-sama  Straar   ���  Cont'd  Cont'd  Family  Faud  Ryan'a  Hopa  To Say  Tha Laait"  Qong  6 how  John  Barton  And Co.  Cont'd  Young 4-   -  Tha Raatltaa  -Saafch^or  Tomorrow  Karaan'a  Yoga"  It a Your  Mova  ��� Stonaa  Muale  Ovar  Eaay  Gomar * '  Pyla  All In Tha  Family  , Family  Faud  Party  Gama  12��  Man  Allva  Country  Canada  laiu.. a  Anaw.r.  Olractlona  Cont'd  Conl'd  Contd  Dynamic  Ouoa  Counlry  Qafdan  ABalla,  Way       .  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  hwwa  Agapa  Cont'd  AaMan  Bahavaa  AaMan  Bahavaa  Jarry  Falwall  Cont'd  Contd  Cont'd  Cont'd  .Cont'd  Cont'd  ���w  Sob All My Hollywood Nawa " Hawa Nawa  McLaan      -       Chlldran Squaraa Ida Cwil'd Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd O.y. 01 Clarkaon A. Tha Moria  Cont'd   , OurLlrao Cont'd World "Tha  ���00  ���jo-  ,00  I4t  . 00  C��  KfM  ���M  iOO  ��.J0  l<9  Fill  ���|M  14)  8  lOO  pTiM  I4S  10  1.1  12:15  Mr.Chlpa  Cont'd  -CBC BporL-  Canadian  ABC Bporla  Woman  -Suporatar.���  Cont'd  Bokalball  Loul.vlll.  "Va:   Mlnnaaola  "Counlry  _Caflaida_  Slar  Trak  Baakatb.ll  Ooldm 81.1._  Warrior.  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Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  A QUI  To La.l  Cont'd  Cont'd  Hardy  Boya  Nancy  Draw  World 01  Olanay  Conl'd  Conl'd  AOllI  To La.l  Cont'd  Cont'd  HMInulaa  Cont'd  , Cont'd  Conl'd  Hardy  Boya  Nancy  Draw  Conl'd  Cont'd  Tha  Orfglnala  M Minute.  Conl'd  Conl'd  ' Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  conl'd  King 01  Kenalngton  All In Tha  Family  How Tha  Wa.t Waa  Won  Cont'd  Pro|eot  U.P.O,  conl'd  Cont'd  King 01  . Kan.inoton  Ml In Tha  Family  Rhoda  Cont'd  On Our Oam,'  Conl'd  Prelect  U.f .0, '  Cont'd  Oonl'd  Leonard ,'  Ba,n.leln  Conduct.  Conl'd  Movie  "Chato'i  Land"  , Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  FerTh.  Record  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  NBC Movie  '���The  Awakening  Land"  For Tha  Record  Conl'd  Cont'd  All In The  Family  Alice  Conl'd  Movi.  "Th.  Awakening  Lend"  Matter piece  Tbeetro  ���"Anna  Karenlna"  Cont'd  Conl'd,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Black  8|ieep  Squadron  Cont'd  Marketplace  Conl'd  Ombud.man  Conl'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Pant  cont'd  Conl'd  cont'd  Marketplace  Conl'd  Ombudaman  Cont'd  Carpi  Burneit  Conl'd  Conl'd  Parlt  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Royal  Herllege  "The qiuart. .  Reatored"  Lala MovM  "The Oood,  The Bed,  AndTh.   "  The  Sweeney  Conl'd  Cont'd  CBCrlowi  Bualneae  Newe  Lele Movi.  Newa  ' Cont'd  ABC New.  ' Lale Movie  Nawa  Cont'd  Lale Movie  "Coot  CSC Hewa  Buelna.a  Capilol  Cemrrtertt  CBS Newe  New.  M.A.S.H,  Conl'd  .CTV New.  Conl'd  New.  Conl'd  Ugly"   ,  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  CKVU spoilt  P.ge  Cont'd  Conl'd  '���the  Farnlll  Sacral"  Cohl'fl  p'ttendom  ,H.ry.e|p'  Conl'd  Cont'd  Hand  luhe"  Conl'd  Conl'd  lale Movia  p'Qeodbyo  Oamlnl'p  Cont'd  CBS Lala  ��T*�� Mating  name"  Lele Movie  ' "The  Pink  Panther"  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd,  Conl'd  Due.tion  period  Conl'd  Conl'd  .-oo  l-is-  M  ��p��  WM  ���M  J.1J  tiX  45  JiU  ��0  1IJO,  149  8  (00  )lt>  JiW  141  10  His  ���12a  Swltw  ~ Unlimitad  Coronation  Straat  _Ona Lira  " To Liva  Cont'd  Cont'd^  ^  Etactnc Lova Ot  Company Lira  Maaaurt Up Aa Tha  Book, Look World  All My  Children  Cont'd  Cont'd  . 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They'll show you Alaska close up for 7  1/2 ad-  vonture-flHod days over more than 2000 miles visiting 6  ports'and 2 scenic Inlets |ust for, starters,  SPECIAL DEPARTURES May 15 ond Sopt, 12.  ��� "~ -������'���''''fortotflf|r^#irca|rorwrli��ir'' p,k'''LAWSON'fRAVEL  ���������'.' 409 GranvHU St.,  Vancouver  ,.6B2f.427'2��� ,-   I^fab.tp.l.3.m..Corpet Bowling, Hornfiony Hall, I-pm,*-*^*--'-^"-���-*-*""-  Fob, 15~- Val*ntlno's Danco, Sr. CllUon* Half, Socholt, 0 pm,  W3i^>A\rM).WW"amioiiiA)7.  (Qm-'? pm, l*%ary, Inlormotlon. .    t   .,  Fob. 16 ~-Bingo, Pendor Harbour Community Hall, 0 pm,  Fob. 16 - Blnflo, Olbsoni, OAPA. Harmony Hall, 8 pm.  Fob. ) 0 ��� Llttlo Rono Nlflht, Wolcomo Boach Hall, 0 pm.  Fob. 10 ��� "PENNY PLAIN, TWOPENCE COLOURED", dltplay of Victorian  , toy thoatro ol aarly 18QQ��, Elphlnifona PlonaafrMuiaom, 9 am to 3 pm.''"  ,   Evory Sat. thru March 11.  Fob. IB��� Kldi Fllim, Wllion Crook Community Hall, 9-11 am, 25c  Fob. 20 ��� Pondor Harbour Sr Cllkon* Br. tfOO Monthly Mooting, Pondor  , Harbour Community Hall, 7:30 pm. Film*,  fob. 20��� Carpot Bowling, Sr,Cltl*on�� Hall, Socholt, ii30pm.  Fob, 23��� Film Show on Africa, WoUomo Boach Hall, 7130 p,m,  Fob, 24 ��� Duplicate Brldgo, ^pomorod by Socholt Auxiliary to St. Mary'��, .  St, Hilda's Hall, Phono Margarot Hummar fpr Information.  Fob, 23 ��� Brldgo, Golf Club, 0 pm. EVoryono Wolcomo,  ,'*,. *,  \> \  -jpBMie MWp*iw����a�� ��t  "w-r'  mflw f*"- ��w��i|f-*f **��   ���L'*"0 >">".   >.  '���.  ���   \  ��� !'  -,?  Port Mellon  ���>' ^.  -^ ^rt- <***$:���**$ ^^J-iVXt  ^  looks for  workers  ��� Canadian Forest Products has placed  an advertisement in the Vancouver dailies  offering labour positions at the Port  Mellon pulp mill. . /  , ��� The ad says preference will be given to  applicants "who are prepared to permanently locate in this area" and offers  "company housing, at reasonable rental ���  rates," for those who qualify.  A spokesman for Port Mellon said"  Friday the company "is looking for a  APPROVING their $5,905,814 budget   hands in approval at a board meeting  ���for 1978, school trustees raise their   last week in Gibsons.  broader spectrum of applications than is  available on the peninsula."  - The current unemployment rate on the  Sunshine Coast is estimated to be close to  15 per cent.  The Penini  sula  Section C  Wednesday, February 15,1978  ^/JmeU  otel owner guilty  impaired driving  Pages 1-6  Ue tries to jo^on  record as for marina  The Sargeant's Bay marina proposal  was back before the regional, board last  week as Area C Director Charles Lee  unsuccessfully attempted to have his  support for the project officially recorded  OTkthe minutes-xsi previous meetings.  Lee claims he voted against a  December planning committee recom-  Family essay  mendation that would prohibit developer  Art Angell from rezoning his Sargeant's  Bay property for a maximum 200 berth  marina.  - At a recent public meeting called to  discuss the" marina, Lee refuted a  statement by Area B Director Peter  Hoemberg that the board unanimously  opposed a marina on the site because of  the area's ecological sensitivity. In fact,  said Lee, he and two other directors had  supported the rezoning  s^he^Beachcomberlnn, who  jolice at speeds up to 90  riflles-per-h'our, was-tfound "guilty of impaired driving last week.   __'   in fining "Gordon. Erickson $500  provincial court judge J.S.P. Johnson  observed it was "lucky he is spll alive."  Erickson, 32, was stopped December 15  after his car was seen weaving down  Veterans Road in Gibsons. He had a .17  breathalyzer reading.'  "As an owner of a hotel and beer  parlour you should be more conscious of  the impaired driving laws than most  . ordered him not to obtain one during his  people," Johnson said before passing * probationary period,  sentence. . Jeffries also had a .17 reading at the  Erickson was also ordered to attend the   time of his offense.  impaired drivers' course.  During Wednesday's provincial court  sitting two men were convicted of driving  -with blood-alcohol readings of over .087 ~  Bruce Gorman, 33, was fined $500 by  Johnson' after he was found behind the  wheel of his automobile in Gibsons. He had~  a breathalyzer reading of .17 at the time.  Alfred Jeffries was fined $100 and  placed on probation for one year after  Sechelt RCMP saw him weaving a car  down Wharf-Road in Sechelt. Jeffries does  not have a driver's license and Johnson  Feb. 17th to March 4th.  From McClelland & Stewart, the Canadian Publishers.  y One bonus book  for every two  "��N  you buy  i  r  The bonus book is your choice  pensive of the two you buy.  up to the value of the least ex-  r The Family month essay contest is  open to both students and adults who are  asked to consider, in writing, if families  areMmportant. _.  . _. ���  Closing date for entries is March 15,  and essays may be in either English or  French.  Dead co-pilot  from,Gibsons  A Gibsons resident is listed among  those who died in a Pacific Western  Airlines  crash at  CranbjCpok���last_  weekend. He is named as Peter Van  Oort, aged 25, co-pilot of the Boeing  737 that burnnd after impact, killing  more than 40 passengers and crew.  Mr. Van Oort had worked for PWA  since 1973.  A later check of the minutes of both the  planning committee and the next regular,  board meeting revealed no director had  opposed the motion.  Lee says he abstained from voting on  the issue and Thursday he tried to have his  ' abstention recorded as a negative vote.  Under the rules of order an abstention  automatically counts as a "yes" vote.  Board Chairman Harry Almond.told  Lee that if he was not in favour of* the  planning committee's recommendation  then he should have voted against the  motion and asked to have his opposition  -" recorded in the minutes.  Said Lee: "I would like to make the  recommendation that the minutes should  read ..."  School board  School District (^airman Don Douglas  has announced trustee appointments to the_  following committees:  ���Tim Frizzell will represent the board  on the regional recreation commission.  ������ Frizzell, Maureen Clayton and Peter  Prescesky will serve on the. joint use of  schools conimittee.  ��� Joanne Rottluff, Claus Splkermann  and Clayton will be on the board's liaison  representatives with the Sechelt Teachers'  Association. ,  ��� Kay Dombroski will be the alternate  delegate to the Union Board of Health and  will be in charge of negotiations with  Capllano College.   .,....���.  SSK��0f "���a  hoemberg,   "you're   trying   to,   in  retrospect, change the minutes?"  Lee suggested that Secretary-  Treasurer Anne Pressley may have  missed the discussion in which he. supported the marina.  ~ Lee then suggested Pressley prepare a  -niiHranscriptrcfrevery-board-^d-eom-  mittee meeting.  If that was done, Hoemberg said, the  official record would be too long and  tedious for review.  "I tend to agree with Mr. Hoemberg,"  said the .chairman, "we would finish up  with a 40 pa|e set of minutes."  The board then voted to adopt the  disputed minutes.  Lee cast the lone dissenting vote...  Have a look at our new Treasure  Booklets. Just the right thing when a card  does not seem quite enough. ��� MISS  BEE'S, SECHELT.  Take a step In the right  direction. Take a few.  pfffmctpamom  FlincM. In your Ity wl you know ll's riKht,  ft��l��ft::��SS5:WSSSSSi  ����i.����j  ���8  I  V  *;>WP*p��fllr*|  us  .���-���-���-��������-���-���.��  trmiFiiiiiM  > iYi i 11 iYi i f  *AaA'.*Aa.e  P*!ftiBSv  aaaMtaj  LINOLEUMS  -GAF  -ARMSTRONG  - FLINTCOTE  fr'  1  ��j|i'iy<!i|iii,,|iii,iii|i|i.i|!  CARPETS  t  -OZITE     -WEST MILLS  -CELANESE   -HARDING  - ARMSTRONG - SENECA  - BURLINGTON  ",''','"'",',|','"l"f.:;'.!. VU!IIV.i,!,!IM;l,)'|||l!l|��l.';V!1.'!i|ll,lIN|'|l!'lf'.11   \\\. "" ""  ��**  \\  v$Fm  *p*v*w  i  H&i  tmimlmtmmikm^mmt  APPLIANCES  TAPPAN INGLIS  - FINLAY  -AND JENN-AlR  APPLIANCES  CERAMIC TILE 6V  TUB SPLASHES  \  mmmmwmssss.  w*m<ijf!.iy*.iiu4iii  I  r  (���"  ������)  AX  !<mw��*totoLkMt  V>  ���Q  'MMl  iV7V��v  KITCHEN  CABINETS &  VANITIES  ...      .,  -CITATION  - CAMEO   MERIT  - CAREFREE  WW  ���?wt  yWwWymwm  Howe Sound Distributors  ��� Box 694, Gibsons  rt'<��KS?***^B*Wl*m-'*��l|l''*l  \\   located naxf to Wlndaor Plywood - for appolntmont ph. 886- 274*3  k.r.  ���:f^y.  M"-  WHAT'S  name?  Sometimes a name can be misleading.  For example: Port Mellon Industries, Gibsons Credit Union. It sounds as though we serve  industries. We do, and we're proud of it! But our  many" financial services are also available to other  members of the community.   ' .  ._.  So - whoever you are'. . . office worker,  retired person, student, homemaker, public servant, factory employee, weekend resident ... we*"  'have a lot to offer you.  Our wide range of services includes savings,  -chequing,���teim���deposits,���personal���leans-;���an d���  mortgages, as well as safety deposit boxes, money  orders^ and travellers cheques.  And we're not kidding when we say we  specialize in personal service. In fact, we wouldn't  say it if we didn't back it up!   .',.,..  So come 'in - let's talk over your special  financial needs. We'll do our best to help you anyway we can!������'.,-  nCGOTIAlUE ��� RATI  TiRmDEPOSITS:  ju/t om of many flexible /crvkc/!  At Port Mellon Industries, Gibsons  Credit Union, wo work hiird-to-satisfy the  financial needs of all our members, That  means we try to be as flexible as we can.  a   rate  on   any  Jvyear  term  deposit  over  \$|PP0. ���(Wt\,p|iy i very1|C\)mpotltiye7rato,bhl  bmer tcfmVlcposits    up to W/x% pof tfiWim.r  And it's why wo offer free chequing to  the people in the community.who need it the  most: disabled people and retired folks on  .fixed incomes,,, (There's a_much lower than  usual service charge of It) cents per cheque  for our other members.)  And, of course, our rate on Special S  > is pretty special! We don'lknow of ma  lugs  financial institutions paying 7% per annum,  av-  many  based  on  the  minimum  compounded every month!  monthly  balance,   ���_y��x�� >i!il.y.j?j8,q plfiys,.a big,pftrtvy.hcn.it  comes to borrowing, Whether it s a low cost  personal loan you need, or-a no-Joek-in-moil*  "Rage     we're ready to help you the best way  we can!  ��liM 111.411 tCiiil  IiCaXitt)Ipw-����p������y,**,~*-p~*,-*'���~������*"*'  Port Atollon  Industrie/Gib/on/,  Credit Union  "Serving tin* -entijre commuriityn  ....���/.  ,-V  /��,  Located next door to Coast News  P.O. I1ox7I5  Glbsons.B.C, VON 1V0  "Tare |��hofi��T-��6<V*8 f 2 J m~m����~��~~-.  *\<.>T  <*.:**��"���*'  i.p':-.*,'.,��;.T.,  'I v-  !"4"?tV��>'p..'   :.'  %i' ���������  ,,., .>����������� ���   T>��ppM . *,.; '���'  7rf;&;,;..  ^*WSW*ws��.iiii^i����%MS^^-��p��a^  -^f*iKMtW"4'*Mr.*>,��  p��p^Mf(^vt^.W'5~^^WWWP"y^��.'W)t��!ifc* ��aii-Kpr��Ki*��n--.f as*^��tov-W*^i*��������i*��w^^tr^^  AK'.mr*w^t'K  ,vp'.wi<fei��Wi!tt����iS��ii*jiPB��iiKi;-;ii  #*��jpp'w*p*K-t|5,iw^ Bwflfe*" 'lH^s^p'i>^i's*i^M5fc^a>l's^,'  ���)ifNiiHt^W'-ftdfii3P*^^*IH^JF^W'fp^  r    '  lit 1   \  : ���.'���/'  Want Ads for Best Buys phone 885-3231  Announcements 4  * 11 ,_,       ^.... 1.1 J   . I,  1  HARBOUR LODGE No. 181  A.F.   &���  A.M.   Regular  Meeting,  second Tuesday  each month.   '   "      387443  DAVISON,, Susan Kathleen,  St. Mary's Hospital, weight  7 lbs. 10 oz. Parents Dennis  and Alexis, a sister for Erin. .  3950-12  BIBLE READERS: for a 12  subject  examination   of  Jehovah's Witness teaching of  PageO-2  The Peninsula Times   Wed, February 8, 1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  ' Phone 885-3231    ;  -Published Wednesdays'by__  The Peninsula Titties  forWestpres Publications Ltd.  ,at Sechelt, B.C.   -     ��*  Established 1963  Deaths,_..j:grd���Yol__ThaiiJ-;sl__ln_  the   truth   about   "Godfs"  Coming  Kingdom"   Free.  "Ask" Box 6012 Edmonton.x  T5B4K5.     3927-12 "  ' a  Obituary  CARBV: passed away  February 8, 1978. Ernest  Clayton Carby, late of Sechelt,  in his 69th year. Survived by  his loving wife May, 3 sons,  Everett, Clayton and Roy, 3  daughters, Carolina Elder,  Pamela Gregorchuk and.  Debra Carby, 9 grandsons, 2  sisters, Vera Stuart and Kelly  Stuart and 1 brother, Chet  Carby. Services were held  Saturday, February 11 at the  Devlin Funeral Home, Gibsons, Rev. D. Brown officiated. Cremation followed.  3941-12  THOMPSON: passed away  February 8,1978 after a long  illness with cancer. Sally"  Thompson, late of Gibsons.  Survived by 3 sisters, Oney  DeCamp; Marie Scott and  Aina Burns, sister-in-law Ann  Burns and nephew. Mike  Jackson. Services were held  Saturday, February 11, at  Devlin Funeral Home, Gib-  _spns,7: _Re_v._ Annettee__  Reinhardt officiated.  Cremation followed. In lieu of  flowers, donations to B.C.  Cancer Foundation ap-  preciated. 3942-12  Personal  ALCOHOLICS   Anonymous  meetings,  8:30 pm  every  Wednesday, Madeira Park  Community Hall. Ph. 883-9698.  3440-tfn  DISCERNING ADULTS:  Shop discreetly by mail.  Send $1.00 for our latest fully  illustrated catalogue of  ��� marital aids for both ladies  and gentlemen. Direct Action  Marketing Inc. Dept. U.K.,  P.O. Box 3268, Vancouver,  B.C.V6B3X9. 3599-tfn  7300 Copies Distributed '  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-line Ad.-Briefs (12 words)  -One-lnser-iton $2.15  Three Insertions $4.30  Extra Lines (4 words)  ."......' 60e  ���-y       Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch  Box Numbers $1.00 extra  Legal or Reader advertising 70c  per count line'.  Memoriam,      Marrjage      and  "Engagement   Notices  are   $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c per line  after that. Four words per line.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take regular classified rotes.  Ad-Briefs must be paid for in  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  to receive cash discount.    -  Subscription Rates:  ~ly Mai 11    '~Z ~  Local Area       $7.00 yr.  Outside Local Area .... $8.00 yr.  U.S.A $10.00 yr.  Overseas $11.00 yr.  Senior Citizens, -  Local Area' ...- $6.00  Single Copies 15c ea.  BOX 100  MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  883-2233  Olli sladey  REALTY  LTD.  TOLL FREE FROM  VANCOUVER:  689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  V.  Personal  Work Wanted  COME IN TO J&C Electronics  .for your free Radio Shack  catalogue. 1327-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  ��� The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for ypur own use at  The Times office.       1473-tfn  Work Wanted   EVERGREEN  LANDSCAPING!  Fruit Tree  Pruning  Bark Mulch  Shrub Beds  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ���Experienced, insured work?  -^=Pr.o.ropt,.-guajC3nteed,s.er.r���  vice? -  ���Fair estimates?  Then give us a call:  .PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD.   -  885-2109    758-tfn  WATERFRONT HOMES  HOMES  GERRANS BAY ��� large 3 BR architect  designed home on 130 ft waterfront  lot. $95,000.  Help Wanted  free estimates  885-5033  3612-tfn  HAVE     MANUAL    brush   cutting, machine.. Will cut  brush, blackberries & do  general clean-up work during  weekends & daylight  evening%Ph. 885-9795. 3899-13  COMMUNITY health nurse  required for the Athabasca  Health Unit. This person  assumes responsibilities as  Director of the Health Unit. B.  Sc. qualifications preferred  and experience essential.  Position open March 1, 1978.  Salary range $19,500 to  -$22,000. Apply immediately to  Mr. V. Markowski, Administrative Secretary, Box  1140, Athabasca, Alberta TOG  OBO. Ph. 1-675-2231.       3933-12.  MADEIRA PARK ��� furnished duplex (1  BR & bachelor suite) on 52' waterfront.  $60,000.  GyNBQAI^BAY7-^-^"Birriome, 3 cot  tages & float. 5 acres, 152 ft waterfront. $115,000.  GERRANS BAY ��� 2 BR home, full  basement on 133+ ft waterfront.  Large lot. $89,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� cozy 2 BR view  home, fireplace, dbl garage, good  garden area. $44,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� new 3 BR split  level. Fireplace, sundeck & carport.  $60,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� Weed  waterfront lot with one BR furnished  cabin. $69,900.  ir"  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� large 3 BR  ranch sjyle home with family room,  ���carport. $65,000.  vyys'ii  GARDEN BAY LAKE��� well built 670 +  sq ft home on large treed lot. $38,000.  ?f- ���>   *���*' ���v.^y.YSTa.A,  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Luxurious 3  BR cedar home, built 1975. FuM of  extras. $105,000.  ���-��&?*'~��7*: "*.  ���*?7?" S&a  <*v. w< *  v<"x��y*!,'y z.'.'^z  .. V-' "." ~ 7 ***** .-*pj*/kp>>w*>-  X AX2 l&~ws��h*>  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home,  fireplace, sundeck. 3/4 acre lot on Hwy  101. $37,500.  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  r  i  fiiih  I  I  I  I  I  I  Peninsula Times C!ass:fieds  3 lines for $2.15  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  I  *|-  I  I  I  I  I  I  Print your ad in the squares  Be sure to leave a blank space after each  word.  Three lines is $2.15. Each additional line is 60c'  Take advantage of our special savings.  -    * Run your ad twice ��� the third tltae Is FREE. ���  * If you pay for your ad the Saturday before publication you get a  discount ��� 2 5c for 1 insertion ��� 50c for 3.  Mail us your ad, or drop it off:  .7 In Sechelt at tho Peninsula Times Office  In Gibsons at the Arbutus Tree  11.6+ACRE ISLAND ���3 BR furnished  Panabode, float. Water & hydro.  $165,000.  SUTTON ISLAND ��� EGMONT ��� 1.7  acres, treed, beach, sheltered cove.  $35,000.  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES  p  GARDEN BAY.���large 4 BR ranch style  home. Recently remodelled. Large lot.  $46,000.  _MAPEIRA PARK ^-��:BR-spliHevel=oiF  v   5+ acres ��� view over Paq Lake. Fruit  trees, garden. $77,500.  F^*S&B  RUBY LAKE ��� 2 BR, w/w, electric heat,  some furniture. Road access, 110 ft  beach lakefront. $50,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 1,300+ ft  lakefront, 24+ acres, 4 BR furnished  panabode, float. $105,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� 3 BR partially furnished  cottage, 96 ft lakefront in quiet cove,  float. $49,000. _  SAKINAW   LAKE   ���   57.5   acres,   2  cottages, 2 floats, 3,500�� ft lakefront.  $200,000.  NARROWS ROAD ��� 3 BR rancher, built  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� new 3  BR  ���    ' ���  ���   ���  ,Y~>  v '  The  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  Times Classifieds !  CLASSIFICATION  ..'���....  ���_  i���  7'  T  ������     >������  -���  ���"**"**''*"*""* *"*"��� ��� -"�����'.����� W.-:.,--.., ������ ...,���,,...,..,!.'��� -..���<; , P-     , . " ..-   - ,   !__,  ���   ���  ������  \  '.  ���   ���  ,  ^  \, \  ^  \  ���.  .'  $2  60  60��  60  Name  Address   ..  Poitcii Code  t  ��   i   i   i   i  ..Tel No,  yf\...:���,. ��,,*"��.  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  | .     ... '.           ..........        ., .        , ,..       ... ..       ,!, .......      .',.,.        :���,..^.M,  ..,���,.,-,.     , ...,...,���  <^p^^   ^^^   ^^^   ^^^   p^ifM   _________%    m^^.   ^^^-    ^^^   ^^_    _^���    ^^^   ^^^   ^^_    n__    _n_ '>^g-g|   j.���_    _|_    |m^.    j^_^   ^^_   ^^^   ^^^   p^*p*p^sj    ^^u   ^^^ '^^^    ���^_   _^^_  ^PaT#W     ,^BB*Ssf     ^P^rM      (PJalaaaal      ^aaaa^     flavaaaal      laVa^a^     ^^PjaWaJ     m^mM     mmmt      ^ra^Pasj      ^ra%^r*|      ^aaaa^      sssaaasaj      r^^rlaaal     a��aa^^s|   , m^^ml      ^^^      ^m^m)      W^^      Pata��aaJ     r^rta*a]aa1      ^aaaa%9     IfS**^."     la^^l       |>^S���(     l^ami      |ra*"a��l     frMrpf    BBPraP  I  I  I  I  I  ;|-.  i  i  i  i  15 I  I  T  I  ���  ���  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  -I-  I  I  I  -*���"���*  I  I  LOTS  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 37+ acre, 1,500 +  ft lakefront. $110,000, ~  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 16 acres, 750+ ft  lakefront. Water "access. $36,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� Lot.4. 117�� ft Idkefront,  road access. $17,600.  In 1976. Carport & sundeck. Close to  Madeira Park. $39,900,  Hffiahl  cedar home, 2 full floors of living area.  View. $73,500.  | REVENUE PROPERTIES |  in n-  ^sftijwsiisi^Jtitiitiift^  iLiii.iiiwiwitii.iiii^ii'piiiiWMiViWr  KLEINDALE ��� duplex (one 3 BR and  one 2,BR) on 2.2 acres, close to  Secondary School. $85,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Interesting 4 BR  vi?w home, architect -esigned, 5 md|or  appliances. $77,000,    ,  PARK MQTEL ������' 11 niodern rental units, ono BR residence with offlco. Situated in the  Sunshlno Coast Highway, closo to Pendor Harbour Secondary School. Would suit  anyono looking for a homo ana* Income. $110,000, '  J ��� . .     \        '',.���;/'.'      .77'' ,     7  PHARMACY ��� MADEIRA PARK ��� 3,000 ��q ft leased floor spaco In Pondor Harbour  shopping contro, $30,000 for business ond equipment, plus cash for stock In,trado,  LOTS AND ACREAGE  IS3** h&:7*8  WEST SECHELT p--. ovor 1500 tq ft new 3  BR, 2 storby homo with doublo carport.  $52,000.  NEAR MADEIRA PARK ������ unflnlshod 3  BR homo, full basomont on 1 dr aero  troed lot, $40,000.  ACREAGE  LOTS  l.MADEIRA  PARK ��� sprvleod  lots,  '"'$9;ooo*$22;o"oor r*"*""f,v '"  .���*,a,*���*J^ii|iJ-��--t*lJ  ���rji.i-f'J-i  r  ��� iS%8mimv��� ^  3, GARDEN BAY AREA - vlow lots,  $12,900-$21,250,  4, SANDY HOOK ��� vlow lot'on Porpolso Drlvo, $0,500,  5, PENDER ��� LAKE PROPERTIES -* now  subdivision on Sinclair Bqy Rd, Sor,"  v|cod, Vlow and soml-watorfronl lotsi  Lots 4,6, 7 8,0 $|5,000oa,  MS ,,,,$13,600  Loto 12, 13 8,14 $17,600 oa,  Lot II, $10,000  ������ot* 108 15 ,,, ,,,,,$19,500oa,  ���-OI9,,,.,, , ,,,$22,500  6, L/\riODfALE CHINLtS;- Lot 33, prady,,  Rd, frood, $13,500.  7,5ELMA PARK -. only ao-fc It from tho  boach and a boautlful vlow from Ihls  lol. $27,500, ���  'mV|.y  I  WATERFRONT LOTS & ACREAGE  1, MIDDLEPOINT - 2 BR homo on 9,3  trood acros, B30�� ft frontago on Hwy  10i;7$5Kc)'So.  2, KLEINDALE ��� 20��, acros, fairly  lovol, half .cloarod, $30,000,  3, MIDDLEPOINT ���' 10,9 qcr^s, 2 BR'  cottage! crook, $40,0t)0i  4, FRANCIS PENINSULA -~ ].i�� ocro  treed lot. $15,000,.  5, BARGAIN HARBOUR ~~  1.5 acres,  treed, *orVkocir$25,000,  6, KLEINDALE  ���   23,7   trood   ocros,  "-Monachor-RdrlSO.OOOr-'*^''*'"-'-''--"'*"'''  7, KLEINDALE -�� S��ocro* on Hwy tO)'.  |2],000, ....;......  B, IRVINES LANDING ��� 2,07 acre vlow  lot, lovol. $33,000,  LOTS  1, GUNBOAT BAY^-r* Gordon Bay ���  89' watorfront lot, 1,35 trood acros, 5E  oxposuro. $30,000,  2, SECRET COVE ��� Lot A on Woscan  Rdrdood bldg tlto, 110' watorfront,,  ��� $39,000r���"- '������-"���''     --:���    '"������  3, GERRANS; BAY - 2 od|olnlng  watorfront lots, 71' and 77', $30,000  oach,  4, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 70' bluff  watorfront, viow ovor' Bargain Harbour. $21,500;  '  5, OARDEN BAY ��� 290' watorfront,  ��l,2���iw��^..P5r.flii..PriYfvyaVJril,$ap.QO.o,^  6, FRANCIS PENINSULA ,��� 132'  watorfront lot In pondor Hbr, 1,0 acros,  doop wator moorago,  ^.V  ACREAGE  pJfcVkj  m^s  NELSON ISLAND ~~ 40 acros, 1500' on  Wostmoro Bay, 228^' on Wost Lako. 3  BR ha'iTio, 2 cottages, road to lako,  floats. $160,000. .....   ~  GARDEN BAY 77, 3,5�� acros, 500 ��.  sholtorod watorfront, $122,500, ,  EARLS COVE ��� 5,fi7 ocros, A3Q�� ft  ^htlto.lJfflt.WirPaL.Pdlolnlno-lprry,.  terminal, $I25,OOQ. '  NARROWS. INLET ~ trood watorfront  acreages, socltlded low bank, 5 ocros  to M acros prlcod from $24,500 to  $39\500.  1 v     v  DAN WILEY, Res. 883-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY, 883-2233  f  77^.   |ll'��'| "I I IHl ��H  rV ���*. 'X'Xr^'.' >  mmmm  wmm  MHjjf."'.-  ',*! P.1 ��� '\v      mt  NMWt-MI  ,,,����7..  :':^v2^;\'^'7,,'^w'7  (S(��W��������l')  iij^*-��is��*issWM������jt**Tapi!^*t>iiK  *j^,����i.Mr^��j?f'jf.*S*i��iW!i^��  ,.^,r���JC.  -V�����'*'��� i~"-ir  p,B;ti��ii*.w������<WW*Bi��'iBi^!S^^  ���Ww��Haw^*^-^'^.i��w4^  ���.���Jl���:,  1 *t*M*iHWi*topWfc !>'Wii<WB��H.miWi^p��to <"Jf��1tf,?r<��rt��i4t #-!f>M***��i��*i*i  , wta--���  ^^mmm^K^mmmmmm0^^^*^  ���*��  v&imtttt&t't  ���Wilf*   *ifrqr*��ifWv<*. P^Mr* w,  .<*t*5t-r\ *������  h   i        ^.^i*'p��i*rl��''p|l*lillI,ItP"��P��l  -,-    t  _ v.  ...���-���������   . ^  a#TT.  'CU7'  A"  A  ' I ��rf  -V'-^Y���  <*k  Help Wanted  Real Estate  Cars and Trucks  Livestock  -&ARl^$2(HI-^ontiil^-^art=-  time, $1000. full time. Easy  to succeed with our training,  Write Fuller Brush Co., c-o  Box 108, 808,. 207 W. Hastings  St..Vancouver>B.C. V6B 1H7,  or Mr. T. Diamond, RR'3,  Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5K1. 3782-  ���tfar-  :^ "���^~  AVON Get Back on Budget  with Money to Spare. Sell  quality products in your own  area and earn extra $$ for fuel  bills, taxes, savings. No experience^' necessary. Call 885-  2183 or 886-9166. 3870-14  " WANTED '  ^      TREESFELLED     -  _   Six large frees_and_som<-  small hand clearing. Sakinaw  Lake Lot. No road, must boat  in. To be finished 1st March  '78.     '  Write Box 310, Sechelt  388342  "SUMMER POSITION open in  fast growing weekly paper  , located 2 hours fronrVan-j  _cpuver at-Whistler Mtn. Ideal  opportunity for student to gain  work experience as assistant  to the editor. Apply in writing  to Box 111, c-o. 808, 207 W.  Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7. 3940-12  -) : : '  INTERNATIONAL Oil  Company offers opportunity  for high income plus regular  cash and vacation. bonuses,  abundant fringe benefits toL  mature individual in Sunshine  Coast area. Airmail  President, Dept. CO, P.O. Box  70, Station R, Toronto, Ontario, M4G 3Z6. 3846-12  -WISH-TO-BUY^iimmerhouse-  near salt water.Ph. 98&4657_  or write 3359  Redfern, ,N.  Vancouver., 3849-12   ���-"-���*!������'    NEW 3 bdrm, 1000 sq ft with  view, w-w carpet, carport,  fireplace. Asking $39,500. Ph.  -885-3773: r 3871-1F  SERVICED   LOT:"-Sandy  Hook. $8000 firm. 434-0488.  .3929-14  WANTED, TO BUY: medium  size 2 or 3 bdrm house on  " Sunshine Coast. Davis Bay.to  . Halfmoon .-Bay.., Pref.  good*  . view prop. Details & price,  Box 1594, Sechelt.   /   3932-14  -^-TRIUMPH^TRTTgoocT  cond. $3900. Ph. 885-3829,  -7 ��� 3952-12-  '71 FORD,l,dr�� .auto, ps, pb,  snow tires,-relatively, clean.  $6501 obo. Ph. 885-5384.   3945-12 -  ^TFARGO'^rTon- Power  Wagon, needs repairs. $650  obo. Ph. 886-9316. .       3917-12  74 CAPRI V6 4 spd. For info,  ph. 886-9541. 3813-11  Boats and Engines  p, ��� '        ��� r    ' y  "   HIGG'SMARINE  SURVEYSITD.-'" "'  Jbwurance-���laimsr:Gondition'&"  DEPENDABLE person who  can .work  without  supervision. Earn $14,000 peryear.  Contact customers around  Sunshine  Coast.  We  train..  -Write B.E. Dick, Pres., South- *  -western Petroleum, Bramp- -  ton,Ont.L6T2J6. 3930-12  For Rent  BACHELOR and 1 bdrm apts."  Furn & unfurn in Gibsons.  W-W carpet, parking. Ph. 886-  7490 or 886-2597.      .      3248-tf  LARGE housekeeping rooms-  daily, weekly or monthly..  Ph. 885-3295 or 886-2542.  . 3090-tfn  FOR RENT:   Wilson Creek  .Community Hall: Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403. _  ' -^ 369��&i-  2    BDRM    house,    semi-  waterfront.   Burns   Rd.,  Hopkins Lndg.  Ph.  886-2190  eves. 3867-12  APARTMENTS&r^nt. 1, 2  p^OT~34*fe-H>rPk   WATERFRONT W. Sechelt. 2  bdrm, carport, telephone,  TV, linen service. $250. Eves  885-2627. 3831-12  Agencies, 885-2013,"eves885-  93657 3826-9  3 BDRM 1300 sq ft home, on  flat lot 1 block from shopping !. centre, theatre, transportation, schools etc. $285  per mo. Ph, 886-2155.    3902-13  WATERFRONT W. Seche.lt. 2  BR, carpet, telephone, TV,  linen service. $250 eves. 885-  2627. 3949-15  FURNISHED 1 bdrm apt in  Sechelt. Avail. Mar/1. $136  per mo. 885-2862. 3931-12  NEAR NEW 2 bdrm family  home in W Sechelt off hwy.  Incl. stove & fridge, fireplace,  lge level lot, $275 per mo.  Contact Stan Anderson at  Anderson Realty, 885-2385 or  885-3211. 3920-tf  2 BDRM cabin in Garden Bay,  partly furnished $150. (112)  40 AND 10 acre adjoining lots.  Fertile bottom land near  Creston. Older 2 bedroom  home in CreSton. Separate or  together. Box 2088, Creston,  B.C. (604) 4284034. 3936-13  1 ! i   ANTIQUE SHOP residence,  seasonal or full time.*' Main  highwayjComox Valley. Two_  bedrooms^ dining -room,  fireplace. Waterfront view.  $46,000 plus inventory. 338-  8989, Box 3315 Courtenay, B.C.  393542  OVER .1  ACRE  Gambier  Island, West Bay area. On  road, power, tel. Offers to  $8250.886-9316. 391844  ROBERTS CK. 3 bdrm home,  located on lge. corner lot.  Completely redecorated. 885-  3604. i      " 392544  EXCELLENT" OPPORTUNITY for. you to get  Jnto business for yourself.  Complete mobile power wash.  For mdustrial or commercial  vehicles and heavy equipment. Ph. 748-3341, eves 748-  2773. 3934-12  NORTHERN Alberta coin  "laundry. "Good return,  future drycleaning expansion  same building. Sale can include building. Trade for good  B.C. property. Write Box 538,  High Level, Alta.TOHlZO.  ���    3939-12  Mobile Homes  '72 12 x 60' Leader mobile  home. Completely furn. exc.  cond. $10,000. Ph. 883-9989.  .3904-13  12 x 68' BERKSHIRE, 1976.  ��� Ph. 886-7737.   _J_JM1AZ���|  LARGE treed mobile home  lots for rent. (Adult and  family). One hour from  Vancouver at beautiful Cultus  Lake. Cablevision,  Playgrounds, recreation etc.  Ph. (112)858-3196 or write Box  107, Culfasftfeakey-B.-e: VOX  THO.- ���xr -^-TT^gSrHZ���.  10 X 60' 3 BDRM, lge. extension, part furn.  $5500.  885-5348.. 3923-12  Cars and Trucks  '75 FORD % ton, ps, pb, 360 V8  -^utoj^ew-paiBtr-SOjtJOO-mL--  $3200. Good mech. cond. Ph;  883-2392.      - 3850-tf  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast & B.C. coastal  waters. Ph. 885-9425, -885-9747,  885-3643,886-9546.        3490-tfn  , PILE  DRIVER working in  Secret Cove - P.H. area.  Mid. Feb. piling orders should  be placed soon. Lex Hanson,  886-2875 for free est.     388143  22'   'B'   licensed   troller,  sounder & gear included.  Runs.well, very sound boat,  $2500.883-2456. 3928-12  Motorcycles  HONDA ST90,360 orig. miles,  $475 obo. Ph. 886-9316.   3916-  12     ^ )  '73 TRIDENT Chopper,  deluxe pearl paint, full  customized. $4500 invested,  $3000 obo. 885-9345 days, 885-  5*407 eves. 3944-12  CERTIFIED - Farrier, Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine^ Farm.-89fc  3751.' ,   994-tfn  CHICKS: ���. brown egg-layers,  ���-white   Leghorns,   white..  Rocks .70rder7-earlyr-ship-  anywhere. Napier Chick  , Sales, 6743 216th St., Langley,  Box 59, Milner, B.C. VOX 1T0..  Ph. 534-7222. 3882-tf  GOOD LOCAL Ladner hay for  sale^Call 596-0920.   3634-tfn  SIMMENTAL  Cattle.   Bulls,  and_heifers. Purebred and  percentage oh ROP- Test.  Basque- Ranch. Box 2088,  Creston, B.C. VOBTGTTPhT  (604) 428-4034.. 3937-12  For Sale  GOLD NUGGETS for sale.  10c-25c ea. Ideal for jewelry  making. Min, order $10.  Discount over $20. All orders  -COD, complete satisfaction or  money refunded. Dealers  welcome,.__Wm. W. Larkin,  Canyon View Placer Mine,  Rock Creek, B.C. 3846-13  Use Time* Adbriefs I  Wednesday, February 15,1978  The Peninsula Times  E��L ESTATE  APPRAISAIS  NOTARY PUBLIC  QENTAL-fiLlO  GIBSONS .  PHONE 886-i  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682 1 51  Pets  408 BOARDING Kennels, new  number 885-9991.       3852-12  ~      FOR SALE  ,2-3 bedroom home in  excellent' condition on  large lot in Sechelt  Village. Basement,  close to all  amenities.  By Owner  $34,000  885-9802  BUY NOW   ���  Grandview & Mahon Rd, Gibsons  2 LARGE VIEW LOTS  Prime Location, Great for kids, on cul de sac  $12,500      .  DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE  Call 886-9984    ���  Pender Haitour Realty Ltd.  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD. '  ���75 CHEV % ton 4 spd, 350  eng,, 35,000 mi. $4495 obo.  Ph. 885-9955. ;    386642  ���68 CHEV %T Suburban, new  paint, new motor, no rust.  $1800. Ph. 886-2694.;       389343  70 CHEV-'%T pU,-,V8- 3 spd.  , ��� trans, $1500 obo. Ph. 885-9791  aft, 5:30. 3898-13  '52  MERC 500  fire  truck,  tanker-pumper. $1750 obo.  Ph. 886-9316. 391944  ���66 MERCURY Park Lane, 390  c.i��� ps, pb.pw. $300. Ph. 885-  5219 or 995-2252, 3943-12  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Semi waterfront lot with,  choice harbour view ... $13,500.  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Easy to build on and right in  Madeira Park. Has unfinished cabin... $33,500.  *-rV^rJ^WR**9WH^TJ^ .   '*.  with deep moorage and good j)each. Has rough but comfortable  two bedroom accomodation and good float... $40,000.  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Deep and protected moorage  in  Egmont.  Has trailer  pad,- septics,   water  and  power...  $35,000.  ONE ACRE LOTS ��� On' Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable area. Just' 2 left so don't  delay ,7. $15,000 each". :,,   _Yr���  20 ACRES ��� Mostly (eyel land on Highway, 101 ' WI'."'*  across from Sunset Cove. Beach access, nicely treed, driveway  In. Here Is a fine investment at $44,500, '  7 ACREIi. ��� on Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slope. Asking $35,000.  GARDEN BAY ���i��ne bedroom house on a large  view lot close to Gov't wharf, A good buy at $30,000,  GARDEN BAY ��� Deluxe Gothic Arch 2 bedroom  cedar home with basement and sundeck. This Dollar Road  beauty has one of the best water views possible ... $49,900.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Extra large (650' deep)  building lot with 72' frontage on McKllntoch Road ..'. $9,500.  PHONE 883-2794  JOHNBREEN JOCK HERMON  883-9978 INSURANCE 883-2745  464-2565.  392445  Real Estate  WANTED: 18 acres or larger  with creek to $65,000 FP. Ph.  430-3663.  , 388043  ��� in. | m r m    |     -,,'y,,,.,__  IN SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm, 4  yr old homo. Stono to,  modern kltchon, closod-In  carport & much moro. Asking  $29 sq.  ft.   Throw  In  lge.  Prccnhouso. town,, &, garden..,,  'h.885-93?8!  a,;;���;,,���,��13,  U  , .('H'V  iY  \\WAUmah(>A w-w throughout,  onsulto,  view,   doublo  PP,  sundeck. Davis Bay nrca. Ph."  885-3773. Asking $69,500.  3833-  11  ATTENTION!  Rotlr�� on th* beautiful  cooit of Socholt. Wo  havo 6 Mobile Homo  Slt��i loft.  Single Wldoi  or Doublo WId*!*  Locat��d at Cardan Bay  100% Bank Torrris OPFC  LANCER HOMES  call collect  Ed Zack, 533-1651 >  mUsr  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marino Drlvo, Gibson*  886-2248  BUILDING LOTS  Level cleared lot In Gibsons Village on tower, and water, 62 x 102'; obtainable with small down  payment of $3,500, For further details of thlt pnd other exclusive listings phone Karl Bull at 006-  ,2814. . ! ; '.  i-Jvya..lftti..5ou|h.FI��tsh��r.fltid School Roadtitotal prlco.$3Q,QQQ.MLS7  Three lot* on Roiamund Road, ���ujtable for mobllei or? $12,500.  -Large lot on Chatter Road, clow to school,' $ 12,300;"'""-'"~'Y"Y"""  \\RWueO^ tc* ��t��|| -7- onWltidod aldo road In Robert* Creok)cloke to t  Good vlow lot on Velvet Rond, only $11,000. ,  ���torts, ��cnoo| otc, $10,000.  Five acret on Highway 101 near Olderthaw Road, hot own wator and tome fruit freei; cloarod  with ���mall aldor remaining. Asking $33,000.  Othor lots and iomo acroago avallablo prlcod according to location and accoiilblllty, A��k for  dotall*,. ���   j :   Glbtont ��� Vmvtawant Rood Ar*����; 3 bdrm pott and boom, two bothi, ont ttnmliw, opon flroa living  and dining ���room with boaullful woll-plannod kltchon, FP, and carport, Two rocroatlon room*  downitalri. Largo lovel lot, 225 x 127', Good gardon loll, Prlcod $69,000,  Oldor typo homo In Lowor Glbiont, cloto to thopplng otc, 4 bdrmt, 1/2 ba��omont, garago, Fan-  tattle vlow, Only $34,500,  ,       < ..    .    .  ROBERTS CREEK      7      .���^,  Choryl Ann Park; 2 bdrm unlquo dotlgn homo, complotoly modorn, newlylfnUhed, comploto wllh  carpot otc, Codar dotlgn kltchon, Torrlf le ipot on toml-wft lot with iomo vlow, Ideal for couple who  would llko tomothlng different. FP $42,000,  ���Slew 3 bdrm home In area of attraetlvo n��*w homo*, Alum,tiding, double glqiod window��, carport.  and flroplaco, Plenty of roomy cupboard*, largo utility, The\whole nlcoly decorated with w/w  throughout. Priced at $40,000,  Clote to wfl with occeit to beach, Lovely 3 bdrm home with fIreploce, newly decorated with now  w/w, deadend road In quiet area, Only $41,900, _������  K��.���������.������������.-M,,,���-����-*,*.  Hopklntl^  livingi riroa, need�� ��ome renovating, but could be made Into attractive home, Oood garden area  and viow I* unturpatied, Inquire for further detail*,  ty-.<+  . ���   '7     ,..V.V��a.'p.'  '''"���'''. �� Y iP,  ,*  i . a '    ��� '  '    I        . ���  r m      ~ .1 ��-.���.��*.!. ->.     t �����.,'.   ^t*       Sfif'       'I'M        -PGmftX.*  gy��nlnflt colli John Black, 666-7A\(,,   Ron McSovartovL'��*^33i^.v 2  V.iw^.w* ��-? *.*t..t'i.*.* //.��������'' *.*����� "��������'.'�����������;      �����   t ^1 _ ,  ?M  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  Chris Kankainen  885-3545  Arne T. Pettersen   886-9793    HOMES  FAIRVIEW ROAD : REVENUE- ��� This new  duplex on a 1/2 acre lot represents the ideal  investment property. There are 1232 sq ft in  both of these side by side suites. Features are  post and beam construction with feature wall  fireplace and sundecks. There is appeal to  separate rental markets with a two and a  three bedroom suite._Assumption of present  mortgage'makes purchase very easy and a  yearly income of over $7000 makes this  property hard to beat. FP $75,000'.  GRANDVIEW RD: Quality built new 1300  square foot home with full basement. Many  extra features including heatilator fireplace.  Two full baths. Plumbing roughed-in in  basement. Built-in dishwasher, fridge and  stove. Wall to Wall carpeting throughout?'  $58,500.  STEWART ROAD: Lovely Spanish style, home  on 1 1/2 acres level land. Four bedrooms,  separate dining room, sunken living room  with fireplace. Almost 1400 square feet of  living area all on one floor. Definitely a one of  a kind. Owner leaving. Try all offers. $62,500.  DAVIDSON ROAD: Spectacular view  and privacy in Langdale Ridge. Large  three' bedroom home has all large  rooms.Fireplace ��upstairs. Separate  carport allows more room for expansion in the full basement. Large  cedar sundeck and many extra  features. Enter by way of nicely treed  panhandle driveway to the 1/2 acre  you can call home. $54,900.  SARGENT ROAD: Lovely three bedioom home  with cozy��f ireplace on quiet no through street.  One half basement has finished rec room and.  utility area and lots of room for storage. New  wall to wall carpeting and- many extra  features. You have to see this home and  appreciate the beautiful view over the fully  landscaped yard out to the Harbour and Keats  Island. The large backyard has a nice garden  and many fruit trees. An excellent value.-  $49,900.  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Atruly distinctive home,  custom built and designed. This three  bedroom home has 1322 square feet up and  has-a-fuJIy-iinished.basemen't. All rooms are  extremely- large. Five bedrooms, three  bathrooms. Finished fireplaces up and down.  Central vacuum system, ' double, sealed  windows, .covered sundeck. Double carport  paved driveway. All this on a large fully  landscaped lot at the road's end. This home  Is for the family that demands perfection from  their home. $72,000.  COUNTRY ESTATE: King Road. Spacious and  modern home situated on nearly 5 acres of  cleared land Tdeally suited 'for a family  wanting a place for hobby farming, horses,  poultry etc. In addition there is a separate  large home with 5 to 6 bedrooms, plus a giant  workshop.-This could be an excellent source  for revenue. The property, is situated only 2  miles from Sunnyprest Shopping Centre. This  whole package of possibilities is now  available at $140,000.  SEAVIEW LAND: approximately 2 acres of  forested WATERFRONT property in West  Sechelt. 1758 square foot three^ bedroom  home. Sauna and beach house combo on  beach. Enjoy the view from the glass enclosed  patio on,the front of the house of the Trail  Islands. $148,000.  SARGENT ROAD: Large family home with a  panoramic view on a landscaped^ lot. Three  bedrooms, ensuite off the master bedroom.  Finished basement includes rec room, laundry  room and workshop. Fireplaces up and down.  Close to schools ahd shopping. $61,500.  FAIRVIEW ROAD:   Immaculate double wide  three bedroom mobile home on large landscaped lot on quiet street in area of fine  homes. Easy walking distance to elementary  school. FP $42,500.  ORANGE ROAD: 4.6 acres of beautiful  grounds, complete with fruit trees, vegetable  garden, stream cutting through the property.  Lovely two bedroom home, plus guest cottage. $78,500.  REDROOFFS RD: Fantastic WATERFRONT view  property, of 1.5 acres facing Nanaimo and  Merry Island. Good year round home on top  level of Redrooffs Road with small A-frame  guest cottage on'lower level. Path to beach."  $35,500.  GOWER PT.RD. In the heart of Gibsons one  block from shopping and the Post Office.  Three bedroom home on concrete block  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn  fireplace gives a cozy .atmosphere to the  living room. Nice and bright with many large  windows. $33,000.  LOTS  School &-Wyngart Subdivision:���--" - ~~~-^~.������ ���    .- _  -Only 6 of these Duplex-Zoned Lots left. Beautiful view properties overlooking the Bay.  Close to schools and shopping. All lots.perfectly suited to side-by-side or up-down  duplex construction. Priced at $15,500 and $16,500.  SKYLINE DRIVE: Overlooking the Bay and the  Village of Glbtont from this quiet and private  lot on the Bluff, Start building your droam home  right away on the expanse of this  207 X 115 x 181 X 66 Uniquely shaped-lot. LOW  DOWN PAYMENT���EASY TERMS, FP $13,500.  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122 ft lot with  "expansive ylew of tho Bay area and Glbtont  Vlllago Is well priced, $11,500.  WAKEFIELD (?D: ��� Good building lot on wator  and power overlooking Georgia Strait and  tho Trail Islands. This Is a corner lot In a nowly  built up aroa. $12,500.  PRATT RD; Near now school slto. Thlt lot Is  cleared and ready to build upon. Mature fruit  tree* dot this 76'x 125' lot. $13,500,  COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65' x 130',  Cloto to shopping arid tho ocean, Sowor  easemontof 10'on SE tide of lot. $12,500. ���  UPL'ANDS ROAD: Tuwanek, Ideal recreational  lot In beautifully woodod and park like area,  Zoned for trailers. This lot overlooks Sochelt  Inlet and tho Lamb Island. $8,900.  SOUTH FLETCHER: At school Road. Two lott of  40 x 150' each. Ono lot has a cottago which  could be rented, Thoto lots are mostly cleared  and ready for building. A spectacular view of  the ontlro Bay aroa and Koats Island Is Included In tho prlco of $27,500,  SKYLINE DR:- With tho tower only 150 foet  away from this lot and the adjoining lot alto for  tajo, maket thlt an excellent valuo, The Idoal  tpot'for a distinct and original home, Nice view accott,  and theltered from tho open tea, $13,900,  �����'.a��...h.. -,r>   ���   .    , 7,77    ,��*' ALDERSPRING RD:  50'x   150' of tho  bost  GRANDVIEW RD: Lot tlzo approx.  104 x 105     ardon fo|| |n ,he hoQr, of dlbsong Qn ,ewor  with tome view over thoocoan. Close to beach^c|oso ,0 Bhopp,ng ond Polf offlco. Potontlal  accott.  partially cleared,  eaty  building  lot.   v|���w   ^   ,��   ���       arMi   E��������ant 1orms  $13,000.  GOWER PT. RD: At the corner of 14th, Thlt  property has levolt cleared for the building tlto  of your cholco. Excellent view of Georgia Strait.  Approx 80' x 250'. $16,500,  TUWANEK: Only"ono block to boach, full vlow  of Inlot, Piped community water available. 80'  X 140'lot, $9>00,'  Hll\.cksT'RQAD: only ^3,000 dowVil Balanco  by Agreement for Sale will purchate one of  thota boautilul view lott at the end of a quiet  cul*do*iac, All underground torvlcet to thoro  It nothing to mar tho vlow, Thoto lott are  cleared and ready to build on. The ravine In  front will onturo your privacy, Thoto lott  roprotent excellent valuo. Prlcod from  $13,900 to $16,900,'  SECHELT INLET ESTATES: Doluxo lott with a  tpoctacular view of Porpolte Bay. Beach  faclllllet, nearby moorage, water, hydro and  telephone at each lot, Only 4 1/2 mllet to the  convenience! of Sechelt, ^  -���*y ���  McCULLOUGH RD: WH'on Creok. Clote to one  aero trood property with tuh-dlvlslon  possibilities, $22,500,  BURNS RD: Good building lot (65 x 130) on  flat land In Glbtont Village; Four blockt from  Pott Olflco, ttorot and trantportallon, Lightly  treed, Three blockt from ocoan. All tOrvlcet  avallablo, $11.000,.   ��� ...,..��,.,..,..,���.Y..._...����,I,.....,.  ", a- . , -^Y-  POPLAR LANE: Nowly completed I The mo��t  aconvonlontly locatod tub-dlvltlon In Glbton*.  Only 2 blockt from thopplng centre and both  elementary tchool* and secondary. Level  building ��lto* with tome clearing on a newly  formed pul*de*tac, Thete prime lott on tower  and all torvlcei are going fptt, Get your nc*w  while they last, Priced from $11,900.  GOWER PT RD: 100' of waferfrontofle, tteep  but managablo slope, Hydro and water on Iho  etplanade road,, 217 deep with a completely  unlmpedod view to Vancouver Itland. Facet  touth weit for lott of tunthlne.  $13,900,  avallablo. $10,500.  VELVET ROAD: Boautlful vlow lot In dotlrablo  area, Road In and hydro and phono to  proporty, Prlcod well below assessed valuo,  $11,000, '  LANGDALE: Lovol building lot on  Johnton  Road, Fantattlc vlow of Howo Sound, $ 14,500,  .COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: Wllh waterfront  at ''scarce   at   II   It   thl*   doublo   u��o   lot  represents roal value,  $22,000  DAVIDSON ROAD: Fantastic vlow from  Langdalo Ridge, Thlt lot ha* a ��ma|l crook on  the very back of tho property, All now home*  In thlt area, Thl* lot It a full 2/5th of an ocre,  "$H,V00. ��� .-...���-���������-���..  WHARF ROAD: At tho corner of Davldton".  With a little eaty clearing thlt lot will he  ready to build on. Walking dUtnnce to the  forry. Lot tlzo Ii 00 x 110.  $12,900,  ���'*"ty"V'"  ACREAGE.  GOWER POINT RDs One half ocre 100' x 217' OlMONJi Park Road, Excellent protpectt for GRANDVIEW RD AT 9TH: Over t/2 ocre very  on the corner of 14th and Gower Point Road. W* ������"���  who  hold* thl*   potentially   com- pr|V(**to'wl,h vlow. Howie plant otirl building  Drlvoway Into one of the many excellent merclally zoned Secret Lightly_cleared, clote pilrmlt   pc),d   ,or   and   |nc|uc|ed   |n   pr|COt  building tltet, Some merchantable timber, fo ���h��PPln�� ��������*<* 0r,d whooli. $59,000,  tuntett, Thlt hot to be contldorod prime    ROBERTS CK: Lower Rd. 2 1/2 acret with year-  ->^optrTyr^iB# "  >    ���__���_> concrete foundation, $26,500.  ' * Is '     '  Drop in or cnltfotfr^^  'mJ^mmm^mmmmmimmtLm! , ,i m���������  Foundation floor tlab and plumbing all In for  ,i .i iii a��ia�� im iiiaiitaaaiawaMpaastaSa,  ��� I*.    1  j1;'-','    -  *>'(*������-.  ' "\ ' '  w^*p*4,fl|pr' "y  4  ������>  (��w,f   .     *- rtf'   7        fi  ���t  f >^n����i'vir,j*��(^��1'y      (*> % d^ewtt  V*4-iiH��  -in       1��W  Invitr t-.*��n'i���HMi��n1*-pjpp-psuw ���*  r -  4i �� IMBp^*"*" 3 "UfB��il  ��   -ffi��� BfcK-W#*JvM * WrtJ.lt^lhUK.qn  >   ���  #V#l^iW^^��il��i** **  W rtwt-^ltr? iS^lflirtl* <f fSr-��*iHs*��w+*��WPi,rtW   tvan -** ShflSP ftfW-MW-W -f   k -���f-T-   W,kWv .  ��� WL  (\M  .H  ' I  /.; _]    PageC-4      ^The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 15 1978-...  IGNORED BY passing seagulls, two bald eagles perch high above the mouth of Chapman Creek.  For Sale  For Sale  KENMORE upright beater  bar, exc. cond., used 1 yr.,  $60; Lewitt' cannister type'  vacuum cleaner, good cond.  $20.885-3889 aflv6 p.m. 3922-12  1976 GLEN RIVER 12 x 68  trailer, 3 bdrm, porch, set  up in mobile home park,  $15,000 obo; 8 ft camper, needs  little work, $300; 10 Davidson  boat & seagull motor, $300; 2  gas furnaces, $100 ea.; baby's  car bed, $8. Ph. 885-2496: 3854-  12  For Sale  FOR SALE; by builder. 3  bdrm home in Gibsons. Cnr  of Pratt & Grandview Rd, 1300  sq ft, 2 full bathrooms w-  ceramic splashes and 6'  vanitiesr< vinyl siding, 7y<."  insulation in ceiling. Finished  L-shaped rec room w-Frank-  lin fireplace, heatilator fireplace upstairs. Deluxe  Citation kitchen w-dishwash-  er. Concrete driveway, lots of  wallpaper. Expensive _carpet -  and light fixtures. $55,900. Ph  886-7411. 2830-tf  Legal Notices  FORSALE  Small  used  record  shop,  pocket  books,  music   accessories. Great potential,  Gibsons. $3500.-Ph. 886-9737.  3855-12  HAND-KNITTED- buffalo  wool sweaters from stock or  made to order. Childrens .$35-  40, adults $60-75. Days 883-  9148, eves 885^305.       3951-12  REWARD!  A $200.00 reward is being offered to any individual  jnfco_can_j-tfbu7Lnfo^  return of an inflatable life raft which was stolen  from the Canfor Tug Boat at PortTvtollonr Particulars  are as follows:  4 man life raft (bright orange top remainder  black) Serial Number DR4AA/17683. Encased in  an off-white.fiberglass shell  irnprinted with.-.  H.S.P. and serial number as shown.  Anyone with information pertaining to the life raft  should contact:  D. Macklam  Canadian Forest Products Ltd.  Howe Sound Pulp Div.  Port Mellon. B.C.  Phone:884-5223  4 WOOD captain's chairs with  arms. Good condition, $15  ea. Ph. 883-2296. 3926-14  BLACK acorn fireplace, like  new, grate &_screen-incl.  Offers. 883-9657. 3913-14  ELECTRIC  RANGE- very  good  shape,  $50;   older  fridge, very good cond. $25.  886-9154. 3921-tfn  Legal Notices  Province of  British Columbia  ' MINISTRY OF HEALTH  Division of Vital ���  Statistics, Victoria, B.C.  "CHANGE OFWAME  ACT" (Section 6)-  Notice of Application  -,   for Change of Name  ��� NOTICE is hereby given that  an application will be made to  the Director of Vital Statistics  for a change of name, pursuant to the provisions of the  "Change of Name Act," by  me:��� Brian Daniel Hogg of  P.O. Box 1296 in Sechelt, in the  Province of British Columbia,  as follows:���  To change my name from  Brian Daniel Hogg to Brian  Daniel McCallum.     7  Dated   this   9th   day   of  February, A.D. 1978.  B.D.Hogg7  3947-sptpub.Feb.l5,1978  ���   Application for  a Water Licence  WATER ACT  (Section 8)  We, Fred and Marilyn Myers  of 2433 Panorama Drive,  North Vancouver, B.C. V7G  1V4 hereby apply to the  Comptroller of Water Rights  for a licence to divert and use  water out of Ruby Lake which  flpws      southwest      and  discharges into Ruby Creek  and give notice of our application to all persons affected.  The point of diversion will be  located-at the-land described  be,low.  The quantity of water to be  diverted is 500 gallons per  day.  The purpose for which the  water will be used is domestic.  The land on which the water  will be used is Lot B of Lot  4698, Group 1, New Westminster District, Plan 10413.  A copy of this application was  posted on the 29th day of  October, 1977, at the proposed  point of diversion and on the  land where the water is to be  used and two copies were filed  in the office of the Water  Recorder at 635_Burrar<L  StreetrVancoTaverTB.C. V6C  2L4. r~~  Objections to this application  may be filed with the said  Water Recorder or with the  Comptroller of Water Rights,  Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days  of the date of first publication  of the application.  The datepf firsLpublicationJs-  January 25,1978.  F. Myers,  Marilyn M.Myers  3948-spt pub. Feb. 15,22,1978  I Sm^ikXSSSmWB BEST*   OF     WATFRFPf-lMT   CM inVAAEMT kinu li/Annrnnin   haiar I  BEST OF  WORLDS  >��*!  WATERFRONT ENJOYMENT��� NON-WATERFRONT PRICE      .  SECURE INVESTMENT ��� WEST SECHELT ��� CALETA ESTATES I  This 1300 sq ft spacious, well-constructed home designed for maximum I  enjoyment of the natural private surroundings for; all family members. I  Features Include laundry and utility room on main floor��� Inside floor '!  to celling fireplace, ��� extensive custom kitchen cabinets' ��� built-in I  dishwasher ��� cedar highlighted Interior ��� lovel entry to both main I  and daylight full basement -~ extensive wrap-around syndeck ��� dual !  pane windows throughout ��� attached 2 bay carport ��� plus mctny other I  ���'1^.. _ _ .PRICED TP SELL OWNER.TRANSFERRED   885-3666 I  ^ Your car is  a telling you  something.  CHECK-  HOSES OFTEN!  ^  885-3271  New  Location: Wharf Road, Sechelt  (boildo   Goldon   City   Roitaurant)  i   \ \  ROBERTS CREEK DUPLEX 7  $49,500  Large duplox located on Hwy 101 near Flume Road. 3 largo  bedrooms In each suite, An attractive piece of proporty situated  on approx I acre, Call Jim Wood, 805-2571,    '  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT *���' $79,000  What would you do If you owned a 2 acre lot with 142' of prime  be subdivided, so yoi^wpult) be leaking a| oiHhV^fiW aUo?ij W V  me d dall and try your offer, Jim Wood, 885-2971, "'    *  DAVIS BAY -r- OCEAN VIEW 115,000  Located on Fir Rd, UO x 70 building lot with panoramic V|��*w of wo  and.T���.!U��.l.9.^��i.9<>.ond,|ookl...Th��n.lol your Imagination take over  as to the type of dream home you can build on this excollont lot, Out  don't sloep.on III Jim Wood, 085*257),  tyv*tt*j*v��.  RSDROOFFSARBA $22000  Located on Francos Road, park-llko property. Thl. I 1>2. acres of  reed, lovel land is serviced wllh power and water. Size 100' x 650',  Large enough for privacy, Jim Wood, 005-2571,  WILSON CREEK $12,500  Level, (rood 1/2 aero, drlvowdy In, sllubted on Browning Rd, Approved for soptlc, vory close to beach access. The price Is right. Jim  Wood, 805-2571.  HOMB ON THE BEACH ~~ HOPKINf LANDING" $108,000.  An IMMACULATE 1500 iq ft horrfe wllh a lovely beach |ust outside  the door, Has 3 bedrooms, large loft, fireplace, landscaped grounds,  Specially furniture Included In price, Larry Reardon, 885.9320,  OLD HOME NtlDSTXC. ' $19,900  Lower Gibsons, When you see the price you just know (his home  needs repairs, Has new furnace and ducts, tho wiring seems new  and the lot Is a good size, Larry Reardon, 085-9320,  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT " jM 500  Soml-watorfront. Over the Narrows Bridge and facing Bargain  Hl^fjlf',1     '- 7,7    '  WBSOr^SiCHOOLROAb ^       . * - /  $58,000  A multi-dwellings zoned lot In a good location. Zoned for 18 apts,  12 townhousos or duplox, Is on wwor, Larry Reardon, 085.9320.  WELCOME WOODS $9,500* $9,750  Two lots' 125 x 200, Larry Reardon, 005-9320,  COUMTRY1UMOAIOW $39,900  Situated on a large secluded, approx 2/3 aero lol, 6 mllos west of  , Seehell, ,1 yr built, Stove, fridge, washer, dryer & some LR furnlturo  Included, For furthor Inlo call Ed Bakor, 005-2641,  07 ACRES  $42,800  Not In land froozo. Nlcoly trood for seclusion. Water A hydro.' Trv  yourdownpayment,vendorwlllcarry,EdBaker,803.264|,  VIEVn0T $16 500  building silo, Oilers. Ed Baker, 005-2641,  RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES ' $n 000  Well treed for seclusion. 125 x 200, Trailers allowed, Power'and  water. Ed Baker, 805-2641, -  i >*. aw . >�� ' "9H*���*.  '.'...tt..,     .    .  , - r    r ������     "��  A,      '       ' ''    PH..  - "'>.|*.>.**7fr���������"- "'w'::*}���** a ���  "������  CENTURY WESrREAriS-rATE LTD.  ivory Offlcs, lnd.pand.ntly Own.d*, Op.rgt.d  Before?  .Afterf  'cr/onlW  Jhe Regional District's final budget  vdUJie^opj^JiLMarchYafter-an ac-   "counting hast been made of the district's  J977" income and expenses.r *.-*- -  ��� Directors Charles Lee aiufTJoe  Harrison. votM-against adoption of the  provisions budget December. 22, arguing  they had insufficient time to study the,'  document, which was prepared by, the'  district's finance committee.  Provisional budgets are adopted by  municfoalities and regional'districts in  ^r4ef^o-maintgjn_tiffifc  borrowing powers until adoption of a final'  budget. -   ---J  Advertisings  makes things  clear.  CANADIAN ADVERTISING ADVISORY BOARD  PaRTICIPDCTIOn  Tne Canad an movement lor personal i tness  Fitness. In >our heart >ou know vCs right.  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  Cowrlo St. 885-2013 Sechelt  m*  <?  WEST SECHELT ��� Three year old full  bsmt family home. 1572 sq ft <Wh  floor. 3 bdrms, two fireplaces, 3  bathrooms. Double carport 8^un-  deck. 1/2 acre. PRICED TO SELt at  iOrSOOr- ^   WEST SECHELT ��� Somron Rd, two yr  "old, 2 bdrnrhome, just on top of the  hill. The full bsmt is partially  developed w-sauna, shower, bath &  den. Heavy insulation, dbl windows &  only $35. a month, all electric.  Landscaped &v fenced 80' lot with  garden area. F.P. $54,500. MLS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON 885-9365 ft  anderson  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  Toll Free 684-8016  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, easy access.  Good large shop with HD wiring for  bench tools. Home completely  .remodelled. Shake roof, -rancher  alum, ^siding. Several outbldgs.  Secluded landscaped property. FP  $69,500.  SELMA PARK: This 2 bdrm "home is the best buy op-the  market! 800 sq ft, large kitchen, all appliances go  with* the house. Expansive view. Many fruit trees on  the property. Landscaped. FP $38,900.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: excellent  investment opportunity, Approx 560'  of waterfront with 5 acres and a 4  year old double wide home. FP  $95,000 with 1/2 down. All offers  and trades will be considered.  WATERFRONT HOME: Located on  Redrooffs Rd at Welcome Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  home. Well insulated, twin seal  windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator f'piace, nice dng  v_area in kit, plus sep, dng rm-facing  �� view of Merry Island and Welcome  Pass. Lge 80x36*0' treed property w-  workshop. Above grd bsmt with  wood and coal stove for canning or  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME ��� 3  bedroom home nicely decorated. Red  carpets, circular brick fireplace, lots  of kitchen cupboards and counter  space._master bedxpomsJlPs Jinst��..  Basement is finished and has en-  mmt trdhce to^he garage. H  SECHELT VILLAGE: This home is  very good value, 3 bdrms and lge  utility room, teak cabinets  throughout kitchen and enste.  Wall to wall carpets. View lot.  Priced at $41,500  17^..if mmmmli  *,y ���*,  vy*  ������ ,*���  NEW BUNGALOW AT REDROOFFS:  1150 sq ft 3 bdrm home on level,  beautifully treed 1.28 acres. Close to  boat launch & excel yr round fishing.  W/W carpet throuahoul-BxlghLj  sunny kitchen, kirch cab'ts & util off.  Vanity bath. Matching attached  c'port w-lge'storage rm, FP $49,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE:  new 3 bdrm  full bsmt home on a large view  lot. Easy walking distance to the  stores and schools, Hay ensuite  and unfinished rec room. FP  $57,500. _  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT:  quality built 2 bdrm full bsmt  contemporary designed home.  Shown only by appointment, Try  your offer to $79,500,  REDROOFFS ROAD: the complete  1200 sq ft 2 bdrm home. Has  ensujte, rec room, double garage  on a 100 x 262' treed lot. Hostess  planned dream kitchen. FP  $68,500.  *^iA^, ^^^W0$jk  SELMA PARK WATERFRONT LOT: 60 ft of waterfront, treed lot  , with driveway In. South slope, excellent beach. Excavated  building site. F.P. $29,500. -  SELMA, PARK: A very cozy 3 BR,  recently renovated home within  walking distance to Sechelt  shopping, Domlnlpn lease, FP  $18,500,  DAVIS BAY(VIEW HOME: 860. ��q'ft 2 bdrm mobile home with ap-  P,|anc^'Al wal1 to wall carpet..'Cbry�� Inexpensive to heat,  Concr^td drlvoway and parking slab.. Flr.Ro.adlpcqtlon.-FP $43:500'  lormsl  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK: Over 5 acres of gently sloping  ���propor.ly^.wlth .��ou��bor*M��xpoiure, 580 ,x,380'���.Year-round.creek  flows through corner of property, Excellont buy at FP $35,000,  fo1T^tL��Ri��*!J1w WiS! Sochol,��� 10�� *,50'Tra" ,s'and viow  $16 500 W��,0r * P��WOr' A" 8KC��P����>nol 1��'.  DAVISBAY'VIEW LOT! Easy torrm -.20% down & the balance over.  easy payment, on this southern exposure view lot, Excavation and  clearing have been dono, FP $13,900,     v  SELMA PARK'VIEW.LOT: Extra large 90 x 179 lot, corner location  oasy accoss, oxcollent ylow of Troll Island, FP $ 15,500,  LOW DOWN PAYMENT: West Socholt vlow lot, cloarod, gradod, and  sorvlcod, R2 ionod, Move your trallor wllh no preparation  nocossary, Asking $11,500 wllh $1,000 down,  SOUTHWOOD ROADJ Close to 1/2 acre/Level building lot. Hydro ' WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT: Your own private park with towerlno  and roglonal wator ot ropd, Chock & comparo. Attractively prlcod at flr�� & cedars, Homo It unique 1450 sq ft with 12 x 36' wrap-around  *9'450, ' "  '        * y        open* sundeckr Basement-with* work��hop"and--��tOrdflBrOWaOer   _____  Cement stops to water's edge, Asking $125,000. Some torm��.  son, water, 8, power, /\��Mng $12,500.  'A'"1'  > p  DAVIS BAYs Laurel Road vlow lot 67,50 x 162'. One of the Bettor  views In the area. Asking $16,000. 7 "  MAIN STRf-ET LOCATION: approximately 50 x 220' lot wllh buslnoss  prornjsoj and |lv|np quarters behind, Excellent location for almost  any typti of ontorprlse, This Is an opportunity to become established  In the village, Lots of room for expansion, FP $95,000, v  SXDr*Y^��0K' 1��. 1 H3' 0'. unob����"'��t'��d view up Secholt Inlot.        ACREAGE: Almost 7 acres ol cleared, gently sloping land. View of  ���MJUU down and take over navmonh v-l <tino o��, m .u ~.  <n ocean. Zoned for daualnnm��n< r�����i,i u,.���n. i.  >,, ,nA  tonnn j. j  7.  ���������->,-��  r,w,, u|< j��uio|[  iniOl,  GIDSONS HOME WITH ACREAGE, Large 3 bdrm home on 7 acre,  with Chaster Crook bordering 1 side ol fenced property, Homo  needs some repair but has been partially renovated, Land Is clearod  �� In grass, A nice situation, FP $09,500,  ��.".<!?,.:..?P"*('.'��r. !5,*y?.',?P.m.��!9.��' Cbolcl bo trpilor park, $46,50p.  DAVIS BAYi View lot, 66 x 152', cloarod and ready to build on, Area  of nice homos, Asking $14,900, ,  .  ROBERTS CREEK: Treed lot wllh a yoa*r round stream, Asking $7500.  UPPER ROBERTS CREEKi 10 acros of land with 3 bdrm near new "   ' '   '' '' "  mony uses, Concrete floor, clear span, fP $99 500 ' ���      '"l".*'^' ���o.wwhlnOTpmp. Terms considered, Asklno $12,500 and  ____'     [~-  r *f r,a��ww,      ''���'P--p.i��.ia.��w-,w.ww^M|-|J4|g001'*-~-~'���-���-'"77" -;;*"*,���"�������*��*��..- ..,.:   ������I.������������  For further informution on (ho iibovc eontoct:  ' \\V.  \ M    . \  \\A\W\  im  M  !���  :X"\  JV..:-^--/lil-f��t^l^'  .,,  ^^^,8�� ��86.99975 Stan Ander��oil, 805-2385f Dong Joyce, ^85-2761  j,'*'rti^lf��^l^*K!-l*4������rJ***  wmm*  mmmmm  mmmmM  -,*���  �� ���,  K  r<^M-:.,!.J^';  ��a'*S; "* ��� jc'I IYu'l'v-p*,XT,*:.;:,. 7-^y; lac^.  X :   ,.,   :.   ,7.    .    ,    ..-,,   .':<..��.���.    ......  ..��      T**M  '.�� ^XPiifc TJ .:..,:,������,���>'.;:...:.-, ....  ^ ,X,: ..'X'Jl-y\^''yXf^:i.^,\f:rK'r^"\'<: 'J:,".  ''�������*��� ' - Vf*-'-'' .y*-�����.<'P>l��r-'VV*-.^��-7-l't.l#>'..  <��� ^^JPPtJPW.a^.^'ii'J V\, ..���'- "'VP.V*..*..,-, .���..,.K,,,,ffml ^. , .  . ���"'  '   ���"^'!''...'..n-...:^^^-'.V:^ ���    '     '  , r. ���.'..���..  , .^'rY.S^p'-YY -., A-AA... A..,,.,-.. ..���         *  -MMa��M-t  'f  s^|!fl^(*W��*W.'s'i**iW^  lk^M��j<>)i!jS!(^J,'IW!$<^  ��s*WMip��iea  ,a|*vi^M^��p,84��  wn*w,^i^'��*#i��rt**,(��W'i^;^^  Ml^WaW^.4>p^^�����\t^M^p''^^!s���*w*^<-��"���^w,��>i"p'-���p'J'^^*���.i"Tm^'lf <*  7""7'  I  maw up  4 tiKSp*'rfiiBiiHi**Mi -��Wn8* tn**i'pr��'��w��-p��itt-A. i* 4*wli,Mvt m  " p* * Tp.  ���"**�������� *J  "' 'tfF*pj ^C *'**��*"*;> \^**"7* ���* .r p  -w��-y�� -iwwfcin ���* *��*���*     t W *i t>^>  h    -Wf ttmA >r-r  A* ,  s.,  X  \ \. ��� ��� '��� i ����  ��� \: *Y-=~   AMm0XAAxlxA7l��A:M  t'.-Vi  The Peninsula Times  PageC-5  ;MY777:SSISii:Y^  TO REMEMBER  Vane. 689-5834 (24 hrs.)  ���Ay  E.&O.E.  ~-s  .', Yv/v  Sechelt  now  WA  ''YYY Yi'p-;;.  tomorrow to  JOHN R. GOODWIN  7'7i7  (m^mencing Feb. 15���A Free &ft for Auio Plm customers, while they last  Phone 885-2235 for  *:'<'��� ���  ..*?:  7 V^^^^'-^Y 72-77^' -;  V^Y^y.-iV'*^''"-."^:^-*.''5  ^a^MtMftRKH^^  ;'UNIQUE77y;;:7;;;Y:|��^ #3916  Almost 1400 sq ft home In Gibsons with assured natural woods boundary two sides:  Marvellous view of sea and islands. 2 heatilator fireplaces, intercom and sauna are  some of the benefits of this home. 2 car garage with remote control doors, opened  while approaching in your car. Wrap around sundeck. All on a full acre between  shopping centres. FP7 $79,000. JACK WARN, 886-2681. 7      7  NEW ON MARKET  ' :A.  N  WATERFRONT HOME PLUS #3901  Enjoy all the features of this large, well-bull.f home vvith imported stone fireplace &  full length sundeck overlooking Bargain Harbour. Deep water moorage facility on  the property:'Basement partly finished with 1 complete bedroom. Quiet area,  prospectus protects your Interests. FP $ 131,500. BERT WALKER, 885-3746.  ROBERTS CREEK LOT #3824  Nicely situated off Cheryl-Anne Park Rd, quiet and nearly level. Size 32xx22m  (105'x72') with all local services to the edge of the road. Reasonably priced at  $13,000, BERT WALKER, 885-3746 eves.  REDROOFFS AREA-��� LOT  #3908  Big 80x260', level and serviced. Place your home to face south or west and have  maximum sun for house and garden.,Well priced. Offers tq $10,500. PETER SMITH,  885-9463 eves, ,V  HALFMOON BAY SUBDIVISION #3367  There are several lots still available In this qulot(cpuntry'locatl6n7on blacktopped  roads with water, hydro and prjqne available. Triey afe In an area of quality homes,  close to store, -school, government wharf and post office. PLUS 1/50th Interest In a  watorfront lot for your personal access to the waterfront, Priced from under $10,000  1 to.Just over $16,000, DON HADDEN, 8B5-9504 eves.  TWOINONE #3904  For a village sotting, this double lot is very private & qulot. OldeY 2 bodroom cottage,  ���carefully renovated. Priced to se|l at $35,000, Electrically heated with wood heater  for >cbnomy and atmosphere, JACK WARN, 886-2681 evos.  ATTRACTIVE-^PRACTICAL���ECONOMICAL #39 IT*'  .; New village homo ������ $41,900, Choice location, 2 large bedrooms, full bath, ensuito,'  utility room ft extra large living room with brick flroplaco. Low maintenance brick  and stucco. Covorod by the Five Yoar Homo Warranty, DON HADDEN,riBB5.o504.    ,  MORE FOR YOUR MONEYI     ������   , \  ..    ��� / #3847  With all local sorvlcos, on Cooper, a pavod road, Nicely troed & lovol, there's even  moro, tho size of this large 25,3mx73,2m (83'x240p) lot offors ample room for  privacy ft hobby activities, Soe If then mako your offor on tho FP of $10,900, BERT  WALKER, 085-3746 ovos,      ��� .       .,  SECHELT-- NEW 2 BEDROOM #3887  All now aroa. This one on a corner', closo to stores & school, Living room 19x11 1/2',  all carpot oxcopt utility-bath 8, kitchen, Double window**, woll Insulated, flpctrlc  Retlt-o)  .  ,,u ,,   . v ..       ... ,m,      ��381Q'  lose td gold flshliig, NiWVbedroom homo of 900 sq ft has itoYus fNb|ace,  You can docorqto tho Interior In your color's, Long tundeck ft covorod deck with 0x8'  storage, Partial basomont! Electric furnaco, Largo lot has limited vlow of Pondor  Harbour, Oood valuo at $41,000, DON HADDEN, 083-9904 ovos.  5.1 ACRES AND COTTAGE ,     #3832,  Pleasant, wooded, south-slope land In Roberts Creok, not In treozo, Serviced with  roglonal wator, hydro, phono and highway frontage. A good buy at $35,000. Subdivldablo ft Irallor'court use, JACK WARN, 086-2681 eves, '  SECHELT VILLAGE LOT #3917  ,:i Consider this near level, 62  l/2'xl20' cleared,  ...VValking distance to stores, ond should  be on  |: sevyer late 1978. This will be the residential expansion area In the village. Asking $ 15,500. PETER,  SMITH, 885-9463 eves. .. ,', 4 ���.., .,..  EXTRA LARGE VILLAGE LOT #3914  Private cul do sac location, well'treed and partially cleared for building. Walking  dlstanco to school, park ft shopping. Good value at $12;50O. JOHN R. GOODWIN,'  ���885.2235,       -���'���;!  Y7     : .;,  ... ��� ...7 ���������Ti :���:  ������������', ��� ������*'���  t YOUR HIDEAWAY! #3857  Wooded seclusion on McKenzie at. Secret Cove. The chanco |o-en|by nature un  disturbed. ,3 hectare or ,7 of an acre close to fine fishing too, Lot me show you this  one then consider an offor on tho asking price bjjtyl 9,500, BERT WALKER," 885-3746  eves.   . V'..', ���'���  7*. *������������   '  evos,  'MX  ���:q~  DAVIS BAY LpT \ #3848  Chock tho view on this 7Vxl93' lot, very good Indeed. Judt needs maplo trees at  bottom ewt fpr f Irowood. All local sorvlcos. FP $14,500. PETER SMITH, 8,85.9463.       , ���,  WEST SECHELT ' X> #3834-3?  Choice lots, almost level/some with view, on pavod road wllh water ft hydro In, Just  ' .,7 mllos from Secholt. Building scheme protects your Invostmont, Prlcos start at  $10,000, DON HADDEN" 885-9504 e'ves,  WITH SEA ACROSS THE ROAD ' #3886  Ondoadond rqad, Gower aroq, Facing south, full soa view, 100X217' lot and woll  �������� roajnf ainod ,2, b^rpora^  886.2681 eves.  HOUS^E FULL OF EXTRAS \ \   \ \   <x    #3913  Woll con��tructod ono year old, 2 bedroom, full baths, flreplaco'wlth large state  hearth, Oood village location ft prlco Includos 4 malar now appliances and stoffige  shod, JOHN R. GOODWIN, 085-2235.  REASONABLY PRICED VIEW #3876  Sound older homo on Hwy 101 ovorlookipfl Koats Island offors ample living area; ��ho  convtolonco of walking distance to lower Gibsons and a reasonable prlco of  $34,000. DERT WALKER* 885-3746 ovos,  LOW PRICE���HI VALUE LOT #3783  61V134' of view and arbutus trees. Feet to boat launch. On sewer, hydro, water.  Advantage of waterfront at half price. FP $ 14,500. PETER SMITH, ,885-9463 eves.  MADEIRA PARK LOT ' #3854  Recreational or retirement lot, treed, close to water, and a mile to the shopping area  at Madeira Park. Hydro, phone arid piped water along quiet road. Size approximately  75'x 105'. Zoned R3L. Priced to sell at $10,700. DON HADDEN, 885-9504 eves.  PARKS, SCHOOLS ft SHOPPING , #3903  Just a couple of blocks to any from this 3 bedroom home. Recreation room, carport, 2  fireplaces ft sundeck make for family convenience In this modestly priced home In  the centro of Secholt. JACK WARN, 886-2681 oves.  LEVEL ��� CLEARED^- WHAT A VIEWI 7 #3915  Wilson Creek building lot. 64'xl 17'. Septic tank and field already installed. Just start  building, FP $12,500, JOHN R. GOODWIN, 885-2235, ���������> ���'��� ��� . ���',...  DAVIS BAY SPLIT LEVEL HOME #3894  Look It over ��� 1180 sq ft 3 bedrooms; 1 ensuite at ground level, living dining ft  kltchon SWops up, plus 1/2 basomont, othor half dry storago. Two hoat forms plus  fireplace, Lovely water vlow. Ceilings ft floors unflnlshed,;Asklng $49,700. Owner  estimates $4,000 to finish. PETER SMITH, 885-9463 eve47 7  MADEIRA PARK ���-~-~-r- jMM  Lakofront 3 bedroom homo, 1152 sq ft, 1 1/2 bathrooms, doublo windows, 2 car  garage, 22x24'and workshop 12'x24', oil new In the past 3 years. Plus many oxtras  Includod on 4,27 ocros. Level landscaped yard, a short mile to school, post office and  shopping contro, FP $85,000 DON HADDEN, 885-9504 eves,  3/4 ACRE VIEW HOMT 7 #3791  Tromondous'vlow from V-wlndowod living room wjth massive rock flroplaco and new  beam support, 2200 sq ft f|oor space and large basomont aroa. 10 minutes to forry, A  great family home on Gowor Esplanade, FP $ 140,000, JACK WARN,  '   '   * -...���'      .-     ���      ���      .1 p....M ..��������...��� 1.1, .11 ���������.'' ���  MOBILE HOME��� VIEW LOt     \ "'7 #3723  A good lot, soptlc tank ft field aro In. 2 bodrooms, kitchen has range, frldgo dnd'  clothes washer, Carpot In living room and bedrooms, 4 ploco bath and kltchon7dro'  tiled lino, Right across road from boat launch, Oil furnaco, FP $21,000, groat for  fishermen. PETER SMITH, 805-9463 eves,  1. .'. ,  1  MODEST BUT ADEQUATE #3879  Full deep basement homo with 3 bedrooms on beautiful view lot, Close to shops,  ferry or boach, A comfortable homo for $35,000 In Granthams. JACK WARN, 006-  2681.  INLET VIEW SUNSHINE HEIGHTS #3910  There Is a splendid vlow of Sechelt ln|ot from this oxcollont building slto In aroa of all  new homes, Sorvlcos alono paved road, Closo to arona ft marina, Good valuo at  $13,500, DON HADDEN, 003-9504 ovos,  t>t  A**1  WHO IS RUTH IM- MOORE?  t       ���      '' '   \      y\   t  ^wvw*uH-^qnyflff^p,-, m  w^'11^STa,T^"^:w*TMI"*^hl1h^  Hp*li#ri*^ty&^^fy@lit!'**ltf&^  KpWj ^r^Pf�� .*-^VMP-��^iiPJ^^^  ,     N, Y ���        . ��������"-   Phone Bob Kent 885-2235���with the make and year of automobile  pictures displayed in the window of our office. Cowrie St., Sechelt.  (Peninsula Times, issues Feb. 1st and 8th)  P4P*vn-^#&ni*!*ftw^*pprp'fl"*-"P's'  ���^*s��*fl**ff(t!*iM*W��i*i^^  '!m*i ifr'   ��� nt  ,   '1  i'       , Y ' *��� ' "     i  ,, ' , �� .   ft ��� .        ,.. ,,,,���   ,  'p^aivL.-a-i.. a - , Vs.'', m   '    '    ���"  tt&tfm&&mmMmii**mr*>t^^ ��* #*fi* ***** >���*? *  -aim***-*- *. j ��H��i**^*t^**A�� ��^XhH^ "���  '  *r-^lwT-"('-*-*'wi����*^pw'f^(p  ���d%*'.'ll\\'\/.t' ' " ���'^..'V ,';'*;.;:; J;;a hv  '   ,1Wl^V"   '' <"f "'������i',L       r -   v *il <a  ��� j      , ��� i ��� i   I   .   ���     ���' ��� ' _ ^ T>* **t  * * ' "-St f i  f  *.    '  ..';<   ,^k-    ,l*W^ ...y>    ��   .  ���*f    is*-*.*;*", t nfi (pp j,    i" 5 ppW    Wttmrtsa f- j    ftmiWto  , a  a   .���..���.���,,.,.*,,.  ^m.^*- l/*m WWPWi^^p��w**feW  ��� p   >i'     |        '"'  ��   ���'"���*   ���   ���     .*,,.,-���   ,,>'-������'   ''.*,���"��,.'   '  '.      '��* '       ���    t '   ������    ,     ' !" '      "V,v '. \ '���'���', ' ' ''"    ,  ���}ii��U^JA.l4X.zAJ:.��.^ w'-vX-*..' .w;i,.-j*"^������ ��jj...,.-..,   ,a *���--.'p-t--..-* ��� ������ :���"*.���* -r -    >��� ,�����  ,    o  PageC-6  The Peninsula Times T-jyednesdaVT-Fel^  Squaringly yours  By Maurice Hemstreet--.  ���*~~    .   i   X#N.��  Hello, fellow square danceFS, did you  know that there are all kinds of spices in  the world. There is salt and pepper, of  - course, - cinnamon, cloves and also tjhe  liquid typeJLike mustard and ketchup.  -Hey l-^hat^ifctacnatiiHi -asJ^ing?^'  have to ketchup on the square dance news  of the past couple of weeks so whats say we  flutter-wheal with a ho ho ho and away we  go. -   .       '  Jan. 27 ��� With caller Harry Robertson  at the helm (the helm you say) and three  sets on the floor we started a real session  of the newer figures of square dancing in  preparing for the B.C. ball and there was  also a rumour that The Silver Saddles  from Burnaby were coming up to visit us.  Feb. 3 ��� With me rowing the boat of  square dance happiness and another three  sets ready to; learn the newer figures in  square dancing {like getting ready for the  B.C. Ball), Were we ready? Dern tqotih.  Our president Mr. Bowes is always #t  top of what is going on and upon finding out  that Lloyd and Ethel Scrimshaw would  soon be away for a holiday in Hawaii and  the fact that Lloyd, who is an ardent  fisherman, hasn't been able to get out for  abqutfcmi; weeks to outfox the fishes and1  then on top of that will be away for three or  four weeks more, well, .Merrill thought  that it would be nice to give Lloyd one  more feel of how it's like to land a fish.  Now just picture this in your mincU-  Lloyd didn't know what was going on when  he was asked to line up some chairs on the  side of the floor. Then Merrill blindfolded  . him, took away all the chairs but one, put a  southwester outfit on him and sat Lloyd  down in the remaining chair. All. this time  MerruTwas talking a blue streak to cover  up the noise of getting the other props  which included drawing an imaginary  Book Look  ,    Ay MURRIE REDMAN  HARVEST OF SALMON: ADVENTURE  IN FISHING THE B.C. COAST by Zoe  Landale, Hancock House cl977,- 222 pages,  $9.95.  This book is a must for local readers for  it not only helps us to understand the plight  of the commercial fisherman but it also  treats us to another view of our immediate  area ��� the fisherman's viewpoint. In  HARV^SX^QF^SALMON you wiU hear  ^uefrYFamiUar^.Mres^^^ __  Gibsons; Lund and Savary IslarirJ7plus-a���eveping^  outline of a boat putting a jug in front of .  Lloyd and placing a trolling rod in his :  hands withoa bag'of baitonthe line. -Then _  Merrill saidr"Lloyd,.what do you do when  you catch a fish"?and after a brief battle ~  (remember, Lloyd was still blindfolded)  he reeled in his catch and with the great  fisherman holding his catch by the line,  the blindfold was removed and Merrill  snapped a picture and this is one picture  that is worth more than a thousand words.  , Lloyd and Ethel were then wished a happy'  vacation and the dance went on but I would.  wager that when Lloyd gets back he will  have a whale of a tale about the one that'  got away;  Feb. 4 ��� Two sets of The Sunshine  Coast Country Stars went forth to Hotel  Vancouver where The Eighth Annual B.C.  Square Dance Ball was held."  Round dancing started at 1 p.m. with  Charlie Walkinshaw and Sharel Goss in  charge till 3 p.m. when Al Berry, Dewiss  Brown and Burt Harvie took over for the  work shop square dance till 5p.m. Then  supper break and back to the ballroom for  an hour of rounds of the month from 7 p.m.  till 8 p.m.  .   At 8 p.m. the-main^ program started  with the singing of 0 CANADA and ended_  around 11:30 p.m. with everyone happy  and coming to attention for GOD SAVE  THE QUEEN.  As the crowd left you could hear  comments like, "I don't know how, but this  square dance ball was better than last  year and we will be back next year that's  for sure." N^s*  Next week I am ging to write a column  using the callers names, what they called  ,and the rounds that were used. Can I do it?  Buy a Times next week and find out and if  I can, howcome I can't memorize a simple.  square dance call?'  I happened into.a shop" in Sechelt the  other day and who should I find but Bill  and Lee Davis who are well known square  dancers and when The Sechelt  ' Promenaders were on the go they were a  ���delight to square a set with. Yes, it was  great to see them, f think Lee was just  stringing me along when she said; that I  was as good looking as ever. Of course, I  knew that.  , Then Bill started spinning a few yarns  of the good times m/the past and I have a  feeling he will have a lot more of those  great yarns to dish put in the future.  Well, next Friday night The Silver  Saddles from Burnaby will be up for a  volunteer work  The regular monthly meeting -of :the  Pdnder Harbour Auxiliary to St. Mary's  Hospital jvaX_held -in- the7 Legion rHall,.  February 8. The meeting was presided  over by Eileen Alexander, president, with  18 members present.  After minutes of previous meeting were  read, the treasurer's report tabled, and  .Jhe correspondence accepted, the committee .reports -were���given_Eileen-  Alexander gave the report on the coordinating council. ���  . Volunteers report that there are enough  tray favours until Father's Day.  Edna Johnson reported favourable on  the Thrift Shop.  Crafts Chairman, Lila.Wiggins, was  absent but left behind wool for baby  knitting.  Nel Lillington reported on Sunshine  Fund and reported sending flowers to  hospitalized members.  The publicity report was given by Clara  Lee.  ���  It was decided against sending a  member to a seminar to be held in Van-,  couver on four consecutive Mondays.  It was suggested, instead, that the  Pender Harbour Auxiliary have a local  speaker at some of our meetings. Flora  Sim offered to try to get a speaker either'  on ambulance work or the disaster  program for future meetings.  It was decided to order a dozen spoons  to-use as ten year service gifts to members.  A small raffle was organized at this  meeting by Doreen Webb.  The winner was Nel Lillington. Itiwas  decided to continue having these raffles at  future meetings.  The Pender Harbour Auxiliary is asked  to present the following notice: __  "All interested boys and girls 16 years  and over.  "We are starting a junior volunteer  service ^at St. Mary's-Hospital.. If any*  youth over 16 are interested in phases of  health science, please phone 886-7861 or  write to Mrs. M. Hautala, Box 1184, Gibsons, B.C."  The meeting of,the Auxiliary closed  with the serving of tea by Jean Whittaker  and Jean Patterson.  /^Brisket  BOILING BEEF  lb.  Tang .   >  SALAD DRESSING  09  32 oz.  Heinz * Worcestershire  SAUCE  5.7 oz. .  Harvest Crunch- * Apple Cinnamon  CEREAL  69  850g  Heinz  SANDWICH SPREAD  16 fl.oz.  Heinz  BABY JUICES  00  41/2oi. .  Monarch  PEARL RICE  lib.  Crosse & Blackwell  MANGO CHUTNEY  49  91/4oz. .,  Fleishmann's Rapid Mix or Fast Rising  YEAST,  29  ,oz.  The Tea  TEA BAGS  79  60s  Science  "Come now, and let us reason together,  saith the Lord:" (Is. 1:18).  Kipling wrote, "When Pack meets,  Pack in the Jungle, and neither will go  from the trail, Lie down till the leaders  have spoken ��� It may be fair words-will  prevail."  ^ost^f-^her-welUcaowrwbai  that are familiar to boaters.  Zoe_and her husband, Conde, fell in love  with the idea of becoming fisherfolk when  they holidayed at Savary. They made their  dream come true when they purchased the  Frankie B., and old 32 foot troller with  what is kindly called "classic lines".  Although their dream was often closer  visit, so Country^tars, turn outin-fr^to-~i^:M     Ba^^  make this another great square dance    ^ {he most active human faculty. Let that  inform the sentiments and awaken the  man's dormant sense of moral obligatii  and   by   degrees   he   will,   learn   the  nothingness of the pleasures of human  ��� ii ',''';   f       '����� if  i    i   i ii,    ,  .   pp  to a nightmare during their first year, the  couple stuck it out to become second  season trollers.  They learned most of the trade in the  school-of-hard knocks as they associated  with other fisherman and dealers along  the way.   .  Disappointments ranged from lack of'  money for better equipment to find the  fish, right down to poor 'servicing oh boat  repairs which cost then some of the best  catch days of the fishing season.  Landale gives a most intimate picture  about the trials of being newcomers to a  field which is usually reserved for ones  who have apprenticed as deck hands and  Into which they jumped rather than  drifted.  Her adventurous spirit comes across  well as she laughs, off problems and the  hard work that would defeat many people  twice her age. She started her career as  equal partner and workmate to Conde  when she was only eighteen I r���  Her optimism; however, is based on  good sense and experience, not idle  speculation. To date she has fished six  seasons -~ no mean accomplishment for a  young lady of her years wh6 must lug up  heavy lines and gut fish with the best of  them.  Her advice to other aspirants to the  fishing game Is as follows:  "Commorclnl fishing has n romantic  nppcul for many people who seo it as one of  tho few remaining ways of life in,which a  person qan bo free and Independent; While  Uils Is true there Is another side to the  ���"UtorirV WC w6rk .ftii ^#brMto^Wsol|e^  than we would ever let anyone else drive  lis. Sixteen hours a day Is on ubsoluto  minimum ond running time must be added  to that."  If any book can bo recommended as  enjoyable reading and valuable information for wost coasters, t,hls Is It,  Every paRe Is a delight!  st^1^d^Qntrightrea^le^^rry-was1lI^:  to his old tricksi-of pulling out the calls in a  square dance figure and putting in his own  calls, but there is a way to get ahead of  him and that is to listen very carefully to  all calls and your set won't break down, I  figured this out as I stood there gazing  around the hall.  _^--Well,17mustsaddle4ip7old-Blue:and  this column in so keep this thought in mind  ��� try square dancing. You might like it.  Tally-Ho.  sense and,the grandeur andHalissYofji  spiritual sense, which silences the  material and corporeal". (Science and  Health with Key to the Scriptures Pg. 327).  WAKE-UP! SHAPE UP!  WALK!  pnmwwonm  Walk a Mixk.Today  Tang Flavor Crystals  ORANGE  49  660g  Squirrel  nmma ���_::.��"  Beemaid, White, No. 1  HONEY  89  MMWDtKKi JAM  24oz.  Robertsons, Silver Shred  MARMALADE  12 oz.  Mexican, Canada #1  Ib.  wwwjf $*.** *��� * �� ��*  -Maxwell House  4NCTANU0FJEU~  $C69  :��t)f$$^tf'.,  urn*******  c=Baby Qmdtyiaw  Spruce Up for Spring  with a  WALL  S  25��/  0 off selected lines  c^/ttautus  im^xxA^fx^%>x-'xi'' *  * >"i  10t ;.-,,,;."  |pjm,-*p->*pp) '  l\,  ���h^iiU^cA  MHMHMM  J7,1T��  N  l*-rwftWvW i,i��- ����W��*^hi'i��WfWli*!  j p 7 I    ' '    j    ', >*  ,1'ijL* 'A    i   n ���! liY*  fflfflfflm^^  A1 ni,! i7yy> '\ik\  . I -'  Let's run  around  ; * 1 pP^-ff^lP. t, mn ,ePJHPJa*>r*il ^iy"���T'^l,ry*P^3^T*WffffffffrMTfyl*|p>>lp-'|'P' ^f-*lfo*P s?��-  together.  rnonlp  panTicipmian.  I'm f -mnd'siri fiM.vftmrH'il Kti p-JfW.jfii.Jiln.JH  llin-m-ln y*mr heart you Kww h> right;,  mm��mmmmmmpmmmmmwmmmmmmm*mtm**mmmmmmnmmmmmmm  VOlLiVO  PENTA  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL LTD.  *      AUTHORIZED SALES - PARTS -SERVICE  HD Marine & Diesels, 100-350 HP  Aux. & Sailboat Diesels 7.5-35 HP  Aquamatici/Os, 125-250"'HP'  Complete Martno Servicing Including Marino Wayt  GARDEN BAY/PENDER HARBOUR  CALL 8834616  mmmmtmmmm.  Prlco* offoctlvo:  '"'"''xThiiri;" F��b."���l 6~*"7���"  Fri, Feb. 17,   i  Sat, Feb. 18  ^ Phono 085-2025  ^885-Ve23 -I bakery  885-9812 ��� Meat Dept.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES.  h\\\x\  rl-        ...*,���.    'i   I  X- .X%y,~.<,.  *���**���*  ������ i- 's.    "��� -^��*  ;*.:.77. A:AXAr.r*.z��A\y* i,:!:r:��::, ^ix^i'&tti.^^ i#^:��*v:z��**'*m^^&-*i*-.s*,ri^^.. t-*^.  ���> ���   ��� ������  - ���  ���      >v     �����' *����v...... -.ifrHC it,,.. ������-a.��*r,,.T .-tp,'.-*7f.��*'*<��p|') .'������r~~-'f.i;,���.:.,,��� ,; ,..;**.r.....p^-a��.i..i.v.,,.-i'- -.���-������-j--������������,��� r��.r.t<Y'"��".'"��� -������.���---^-������V.Y.T*��;��.'1(V,*.,.a,������.t.^.^  - - ���,...a,^.1.��.-.,ia.a-tjtj;.'��.' ���*��� ��� ���������--���  '    '' "* p. ' *. "V ' "       , �� ��� .,  "'"%,  f,p.i..��-a<'i��MP/t'-1 ..  .,���.  ,. ...������......|..  *��B,  .'��"<  -f own* 4yj�� -4rw��m��*����*4 *  t ��"f| �����   *^ �����>   nf,fM ���. mi^  ��� ��'  7  jB^-.*i��pWa*pijj��MPi  /t^aaep- *t*t l/ffm^mvf^Pat *i^y l��* M�� t# af^tW-  ipjutpHiH*!* AlUffcnit-iMd <r>  ''A


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