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The Peninsula Times Feb 8, 1978

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 Y-  /  ;���/���  ���Sechelt village council was electrified  last week as .Alderman Morgan Thompson  claimed he has twice been told developer  Hayden Killam-"is paying several  members of council" to prolong a dispute  over the location of Killam'- lumber  storage yard.,?-    . ..   -  Killam, after learning of Thompson's  > accusationr-inimediately denied he-was-  bribing any of the aldermen, and contacted his lawyer.  , .- Thompson made his statement in the  middle of a heated debate over Killam's  failure to' provide the council with plans  for his lumberyard which was moved onto  an empty lot behind the Sechelt Legion  early last year to make room for a new  residential-commercial block- on -Dolphin  Street. ' x '  Aldermen told Killam at the time that  lumber storage was not a permitted use on  the commercially-zoned lot adjacent to the  Legion and' ordered him to remove the  unavaikble,-Tliompsonj��commendedthe._ ahoutthis. H-CoundLsEQii!tback,me_upXll  viUage lawyer^be- contacted "to get *the' step, down on 'this.".',  lumber yard removed." Leitner protested there had not been  /'We've already done that," replied! enough time since January 19 for Killam to  Mayor Harold Nelson.   . .*..���'_ deliver his plans but Thompson said they  After - Alderman   Frank   Leitner 2 had been promised by February 1.  material. Killam refiired~isntHhfe feud has _< suggested KiUainhe-given-more-ttoi.-to-2 "We^e-done-mere-fean-our-share-ef  continued for almost a year, with both   get his plan, ready Thompson angrily said n giving him time," agreed Alderman Joyce  P^L|s. turning,,the matter-over^lthelr    "I've heard from several sources that Mr. ~ Kolibas, addingj'quite frankly we^ve been  :       <<   .     . ., ,. Killam is paying"several members of"  _barrel instead of us over a barrel," but  aldermen decided this would not solve the  problem.      ,, ^  What do you think about it, Mr.  Maypr?" Thompson asked next. "You've  been sitting on it as long as we have."  The .aldermen then passed_a_motion  asking Killam to have his proposal for the  lumber yard in the village office by  February 13, two days before the next  council meeting.  Contacted by The Times later that  solicitors.  In December.thfr village agreed to  consider alternate uses for the location.  On January 19 Village Clerk Tom  Woods sent Killam a letter asking him to  submit plans for the storage area so a  public meeting could be called to discuss  the proposal.  Wednesday night, with the plans  council to have this thing drag on. I've '--  heard it twice already this week." .  \ Thompson noted the council's dispute',  /with Killam "has been going on for over a"  year now. How much longer does this go  ori?"    ��� - ���?  Saying he wanted the matter finally- \  settled he continued, "I feel veiy strongly/  made lo look like a bunch of dummies. I  don't see why one person should hold us.  ��� up. How long does this have to go on? "  A"He's got a lot on his mind," said  Leitner.  "I'm sure he does," retorted Kolibas.  "Making money for one thing."  Wood then suggested the council "spot  zone" killam's property so "he's over a  the problem but hoped it could be settled  without the village running up enormous  legal fees.  ;'  "Maybe'' his ' plan _ is ��� coming in  tomorrow," Nelson suggested.  "~  "Maybe it's not," answered Kolibas.  "Obviously I'm wrong in Assuming the  man can put his house together in two  weeks," Thompson said, "so we'll "give  him another two weeks or we'll do it fpr  him."  Halfmoon Bay meeting  divided over marina  think he would give payments to members  of the council and was considering a  charge of slander against Thompson.  He claimed Woods had not requested  him to have his plans ready for the  February 1 council meeting.  Killam said he intends to roof over his  lumber yard with a residential-  recreational complex that would include a  large garden area.  Amid accusations of bias, the threat of  a mass walkout and public squabling  between regional board directors, a  meeting called last week to discuss a  proposed marina development ended after  opponents of the plan refused, to allow a  vote to be taken on the project.  "I came to this meeting for information  and information only," a red-faced George  Murray shouted at Area B Ratepayer's  President/John Parsons after Parsons  repeatedly attempted to have the 125  people jammed into the Welcome Beach: - -.-"I-have to take exception  hall decide the merits of a plan by   statements,"  Sargeant's  Bay  revolved around the ecology, of Sargeant's  Bay.  "I've lived here for 16 years and  perhaps I know that bay better than  anyone elsej'^AngelT said, "and I'm  wondering about the ecological importance of the area."  Angell explained that an environmental  consultant from New York, on contract to  B.C. Hydro, had investigated the marina  site and told him "all you've got in there is  bullrushes."  to your  resident  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon. Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek.  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay,.Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earls Cove, Eqmont   ! Y        ^ **      p- i _ _  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 16 ��� No. 10  2nd Class Mail  Registration No.  U42  }imeb  Phone  885-3231  Union  ' Label  16 Pages ��� 15c Copy  Welcome Wood's developer Art Angell to  build a ltiO-200 berth marina in Sargeant's  Bay.        -        -    - ��� -  Angell has received permission to go  ahead with the marina from most of the  necessary federal and provincial agencies  Hjut���inrBecember the Sunshine--  Regional District voted to oppose the  development because of the ecological  value of the Sargeant's Bay area.  Angell, who went to the January 30  ratepayers' meeting to present his case,  said previously he will only proceed with  the marina if he has the-stipport of local  residents.  As proof of that support, Angell  produced a list of 35 people whom, he said,  wanted a marina in Sargeant's Bay  Neville John replied as he produced a 197<L  -Environment Canada survey which states  that seepage' from Angell's sewage  disposal field is contaminating shellfish in  the bay. -  "There has been some pollution from  my^otiagirbutlt's-conie from my^inlfnof"  my toilet which'goes into a septic (tank),"  Angell answered, Lohn, however, said the  Environment Canada count was done on  fecal colif orm and that parts of Sargeant's  Bay are now closed to shellfish gathering.  "If you can't control one place what's it  going to be like to have One. to 200 boats in  there?" Lohn asked:  Welcome Wood's resident Keith Comyn  said any marina could cut off local access  to the beach,~ Sargeant's Bay an access  One of the names on the list belonged to .TJhat _was_ guaranteed _to__spme_ property 1_  Parsons.     ' , owners in their deeds of sale.    '  From  the  meeting's  start,   debate ���See Page A-3  to spray peninsula  B.C. Hydro have applied to spray the   "inflammatory" and designed to direct  herbicide Targon 101 along Hydro trans-   public opinion away from their application  -mission4ines4rom-Earls-Cove-to-Madeira���toHauiW-a-transmi-Sion-lineYacross-the-  APPROACH  Wednesday, February 8,1978  Mall plan goes  before council  Retain the dogwood trees and few  people are opposed to an application to  enlarge Trail Bay Mall, a survey by The  Times of residents on the north side of  Cowrie Street has revealed.  - On Wednesday night Shop-Easy  manager Dick Clayton presented his  expansion plans to the Sechelt village  council and asked them to rezone property  adjoining���tire���existing���mall���frqimr  residential to commercial.  Clayton recently purchased several  acres from Glenmont Holdings Ltd.  He plans to enlarge the shopping centre  to a total of 560 square feet, add more  parking and rearrange the existing stores  to give them more retail space.  Clayton   also  promised, .to   provide  adequate screening betweenJhjjnalLancL  Gowrie-Streetrand" saysthe addition will  contain a sprinkling system.  Alderman Joyce Kolibas-said she  jndCTstojdJhexeJiad-beenpromisesina^le-  to Cowrie Street property owners at ,the  time themall was first built that no further  commercial development would be  allowed in*4he area. None of the other  CQUijeU y members, however, could  rememberusuch a'-committment.      .   ,  ^A" sampling of the Cowrie Street  opinion:  The Steinhausers', who live at _12q8_  Cowrie, "are  adamently  opposed  to  Clayton's plans. "There is too much traffic  now," they said. "We've Uved here nine  described as a "mad scramble of ^signs" by village planner Doug Rby   y^^^J^yf^^J^J^^^  Park1' and from Clowholm Falls to the  Sechelt substation.  However,  a  staff  member  in  the  pesticide   branch  of  the  Ministry   of-  Agriculture told The Times last week that  because of the negative community attitude on the Sunshine "^Coast toward. *~  spraying by B.C. Hydro there is a  possibility the application may be  rejected.        '"xxc::A'X 7/7 y7yy'7' ;  If the spraying application is approved  the herbicide will be applied to a total of  255 acres over a width of 100 td 300 feet. 7  Hydro has previously Insisted that, If  used properly, Targon 101 is not  dangerous.    "   Howev,er,_Area Director- Joe Harrison-  claims Targon 101 contains Dioxin "which  is one of the most dangerous poisons  known to man. It is not the spray itself but  the impurities in the spray that is so Important," said Harrison last weekend. "At  present the amount of Dioxin in the spray  varies from' test to test and is not unlfor-  m." .���'���'���' -." '  ...  peninsula. "They must be naive if .they  think people aren't going to protest this  sort of thing."      ) ,.  Thegreatest concern, he added, is the  safety of the drinking water at both Ruby  and Sakinaw Lakes.  The provincial board which approves  last week. See story on ffiis page.  Dixon offers to resign after lie  Harrison says Hydro's application is   vlronme  or denies spraying^applications Isi corn  posed of seven representatives from the  Mlnisteries of Fisheries, Wildlife, Forest  Protection, Health and Welfare and  Agriculture. Three 'biologists, are members oft the board, whose chairman is  Department of Apiculture control of ficer,  Bayne Vance.  The board received Hydro's application  last week and a decision should be made  within the next month on whether to  permit the spraying./  In Poweli River, Mackenzie MLA Don  Lockstead said "thefflttitude of Hydro is  appalling,,I can't believe these people."  Lockstead^ pifomls|ted to investlgage the  application and protest the proposed  spraying [to. $ie Ministry of the En"  The Regional District's work  superintendent offered to resign last week  after he admitted lying to the press about  an incident in which one of his workers  was hospitalized after inhaling chlorine  gas.     ' \   ; ���       ������.., .\  Area directors, after admonishing  Gordon Dixon, gave him their full support  but .ordered him to upgrade safety standards for Regional District employees.  Ori'Jj^  rushed to St, Mary's hospital in Sechelt  from the Chapman Creek reservoir after  he opened a cannister of chlorine and  breathed in -some of the gas. Contacted a  few days later, Dixon, who was away at  the' time of the accident, -told the press  "there has always been a gas mask in the  storage shed beside the reservoir com-  p6urid.v   '���>'���'''���   ���:'  :      .;���:' 7:-";���'���.������' ��������� -i  Dixon later said this -statement1 was  untrue?'77'7v,7 :v.;���������.. ��������������� .; X:.  .At the regional board's.Public Utilities  Committee meeting on February ���%. Dixon  stated ?'I don't-know where to begin, I find  myself in a Very difficult position."  The,accident had occurred/Dlxon went  on, when Blondeau was changing an  empty chlorine tank "and somehow the  cylinder opened and he got a small  quantity of chlorine in his face."  Another* worker"'took' Blondeau to the  hospital where he remained for several  days.'  .    '7''"^. _ 7      -"���" 7.. ....'���  Called by a reporter at his office Dixon  said "I made a very bad error in stating  gas masks were present at the time. They  were not .'[... , I certainly regret my  statement to*, the press. I sincerely  apologize to the board for any embarrassment I have caused them. If the  ���See Page A-8  says Sechelt  "It's a mad scramble of telephone poles       Roy called .Upon Seehelt residents "to  and signs. It really Isn't Wy elegant,"   become imsio.jMTO^  Villtt&r PlMhirDd^ "of tholr village;/' Telephone lines should go  western entrance to Sechelt,  Speaking at the first meeting called to  discuss a community plan Roy challenged  the SO people, many of them developers, In  his Tuesday night audience to avoid the,,  design mistakes of tho past,  >-Roy advocated establishing an Urban  Design Planning/ group -. to oversee the  aesthetics of' new buildings within the  village. / .  In a slide presentation Roy pinpointed  the successes'and eyesores among Village  buildings. The Sechelt howling alley  "belongs to/the cement brick slap-stick  school of architecture," Ho complained.  All of Whnrjt Street is a "hodge-podgo" of  buildings, docording .to M plannerjindia  ���'very much In danger ofbccomlng a car  lot.'*; ��� '      / ' .-������   -  Roy described the new grey-cemeht  commercial building beside the liquor  underground,/ho said, and a system of  tram flovblflped: from Porpolso J_fly  throiipgh the^ydro right-of-way to Trail  Bay.'"'''' '-��� \f-" ������������" " ���"������"���;'"������-������ '������*-���  Fundamental to the future of Secholt  was the development of Porpolso Bay, the  planner said. "Whnt arc we going to do,  with it?" htywked;laying It was possible  to compromise between largo scalo  development and preserving tho area's  (ecology.     ��� ,    . ,  "I think, personally, continued Roy  "tho village ovor^tho years, If planning is  dono properly, wilt bo a much better place  to llvo in and moro economic to operate.. t  Wo must Attempt to raise the public  conqctousneaa of-the possibilities*of this  village*"-   '  Roy hopes the final draft of jthe com*  munlty plan will bo ready by the end of  October.  Secholt residents wishing to  sftyrnPnoaraifectshouldhavoTnclulded   asked to contact Roy twough tbevllleao  8hnibraird''r8id6waikih'T.rpiterw'TwoK  The Secholt Building Supplies location       The next public meeting to discuss tho  "V '.  m:-*��*  p-ri    1  p-V  was praised by Roy ris a site "with some   Issue will be'held Valentine's Day at 7:30   agaln/li So proi  ���design to it," "^ ,       p.m. In tho.Sonl'or Citron's hnll. scrlptloiVon a  'HERE LIES  .XX&ii.^A^"^.'^'*:  p-V^ftr. .'Z.'.A jtx&X*  "*T" t'M.  .��  *��� ." ��� ��%;  ' * <������,  ' iT.'  A%��   ���W'^iOp <  ip?<  ph. fti/ik *r�� e -MeaspAPBPiJ  -. ���)  \W��\. I shall rise   Sechelt property of Helen  Diawe  jes Uie Utin In-   (right). Readers With more/ in-  near the Wost   formation regarding'this mysterious  , 1 M  wy.  ���<.  >f\.  �����-K*,    *w'K��l   ^ \  ���(��. -a,***' -  we sometimes feel like moving. What can  Nwe do? Builders keep building.' Thank  goodness they can't cut down the mountains." .     ' j_  ..     ..  - - Robert FoxallJsaTdlie would favour the"  development as long as it was "around the  dogwood trees."  A few doors away Robert Lemieux  echoed Foxall.'s statements saying he  would like the area's 7'park-like atmosphere retained" ��� as well as the  dogwoods.' ,.\  Said Jack Apsouris: -Tm really loathe ���  to see any commercial zone and parking  lot. ;We bought our home with the idea it  would remain residential."  Apsouris said any expansion of the^mall  would decrease residential property  values.  Sechelt council has ordered the village  clerk to,draft a rezoning amendment  which will then go to public hearing.  Premier rejects  royal commission  Premier Bill Bennett has rejected n  request from residents of Lasqueti Island  ...to hold a royal commission into B.C.  HydroY plans to run two high-voltage  transmission lines from Cheekye near  Squamish to Vancouver Island.  In  denying  tho, islanders'   appeal,  Bennett said last week that Hydro would  hold their own public^meetings into.the.,  '<ftceii^ir"^  shareholders -~ all the people of B.C."  The decision to ask tho premier for a  royal commission yras made at the end of  January after Lasqueti residents hosted*!  gruelling, two day debate with Hydro  officials. Tlio crown corporation was  challenged at tliat time to prove the heed  ��for the 600 kilovolt lines which are expect  to cross both the Island and Uio Sunshine  Coast before proceeding underwater to the  Dunsmulr substation,  On January 31, Lasqueti Island  steering committee spokesman Kevin  Monahan seht a letter to Bennett alleging  that B.C. Hydro will bankrupt the province  If energy production Is continued nt its  present rate.       ,   y.  ,.*,..���......��.....   .   J-1(lW!T,,'f ~��� F ll--I W|WlMl������W^,���*-W^IM���W;Wrt���IP^^^>"wP'*��"'l's"l"'" .!,����..��".   -���    ��v..  Monahan said that currently Hydro  takes in les* money in rates than it  borrows to pay for now projects nnd to  cover its losses.  collected by B.C. Hydro in rates goes to  pay lntcrestlhloffirirwrtwrinterest   ���      A .  .   . .        .   ,   ...       was $152 million. B.C. Hydro Is now In debt  message are tasked to contact either  H8 bUilon And yct by m Wro will be  Miss, Dawe or the Times/ '���      borrowing |1 billion per year nnd by 1900  ; ���Timesphoto   will hnvo a debt of $12 to $17 billion."     , /  '������'������" -���   "v��i ���-%*t.r:;i-.'   '    ' 4';.;',..7  . ���< *   --~7t\ .    ' **a^      *** **4V.,�� ..    '-  ,H "R    >hp�� \'  "!��  t a a)  ���A  \  .        ���  JliSipWfMlHIw *-N(iI^tl��thas��Mi('��*.��rtfl ���*  ���r>*"4 ipwwMMi'Wtpn ���**���$ *  ^j *-p��WMiM* HM��'WipWiHi*1(p��*!�� *  ���x*>iifHm<**mt-*rvsgta  ���u  r jy**ms**&W^**rW*��>atj!���/!iiropB��>,�� iu!.iw��M>iWip*i *  fwWW 4>*t*.H    Jpw-H *?  -vNf* <*!*���* Asta. ��*  *t4R&im_l ' f \ ��w  ��� /  7  I  7y ^^>c^7y^J^^^^7y^/^��� i<AAA.:A^A>h -AAy  �� 7i ���Jk-MpW^S.^aa^^-^-^'^- ��� 7A::;p-^7'Y7Kj^.^7^'\'.>Y,.>.Y..Y!r  L   '-fc-^K-BH-^-B-^r |j   <    1      .P^IaPa|Pa>PaBa|Pa>aa|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|PaV*     .PatPaK a|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|Pa|pV    ta*^ala'.Pa'.Pa'.Pah��.     a'.'aMlP.V aP^'aBlT'^.Pa'.Pa'.PaH     . ^^KMll^ I ^^B^k  RFADER'SRIGHT  Area-AJHyc,^  ---^���^nre"}oirowuig letter* was sent Jahuary"  _30_ to Bayne F\  Vance,  head of the  Territorial Control Branch, Ministry of the  Environment, Surrey.  Good day Sir:  I  am violently ��� opposed  to  Hydro  , spraying on our coast���the application to  spray 2-4-D or 2-4-5-T from Kleindale to'  Earls Cove in .particular.  All the information I can gather on the  subject of herbicides leads me to the  strong belief that they are indeed harmful.  Also, Hydro has been very lax in the  past in their care in applying such sprays. ���  Several indidents have come to my attention' In the past that can only be,  described as horrifying.'  ~" No member"ofyour ministry could, in  good faith, approve, of such 'an act..  All the water we drink passes under  these power lines and many people travel  along these lines when hunting, cutting  fire wood or exploring.  I, myself,-have-driven under these  power lines at least eight times during the  last year and' would consider it genocide  .for such spraying to be permitted.  4 The cost of such actions can no longer "^  be^considered on mere economic interests.  The factors of unemployment should alone  ��� prevent such actions.  Clear it by hand!        t  -f-7     ~*     TeriDawe  Garden Bay  Ancient Mariner updates squadron  Editor, ThkTimesr  In 'your January 25 edition the article  concerning the' Sunshine Coast / Power  Squadron'says "Here's a httie~pbem to  help our boating friends." (  The verse, "If both side lights you see  ahead, Port your helnrand show your.  Red" is outdated by 48 years.   f,  \     Any aspiring  sailors  following the  'advice in this adage are learning how to  r have a collision, instead of how to avert  one. This poem, composed by Thomas  Gray back in the last century, contained  sound advice for all British seamen until  '1930, when "after~a lengthy international"  convention, helm orders were revised and  standardized. On January 1, 1930, on all  British vessels, helm orders were  reversed. Hard a Port became Hard! a  Starboard, and vice versa, and from that  time onwards the ship's wheel'and rudder  and the ship's head all moved' in the same  direction.   '  So to-day when the order Port your  Helm is given, the ship's head^moves to  Port and a green light is shown, not a red,  which is contrary to International Rules.  Meeting vessels should alter'course to  Port, unless in narrow waters, when a  designated whistle must be given and  acknowledged by the other approaching  "vessel.    ~~ - ~  Herbert Raby,  Gibsons.  Page A-2        -. The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 8,1978  -J  Gospel Rock  is nature's gift  EW6r,~The"TimesT" "~~~~* ;���  I would like to support the proposal to  set aside the Gospel Rock area as a park  site or an ecological reserve, as put forward in "Gospel Rock- should be preser-  . ved.!i-hy Marvanne West.     .  The people versus the CRTC  Free money is the last straw  Editor, The Times:  Your headline "Free Money for Gibsons" is the last straw.  For some time now I have been concerned about the use of terms such as  society also have the impression that so-  called government money is a bonus which  is there for the grabbing, often with no  questions asked as to value received.  By MARYANNE WEST  I was amused to read that Jean-Luc  Pepin's National Unity Task Force comes  into Vancouver this week with some  -trepidation as they are afraid Vancouver's-  lunatic fringe  (their description)  will  upstage the commission. Peffiaps they  heard from the Canadian Radio-Television  ^ommisionralso-dueHta-to'wn-lhis-monthr  that Vancouver - has a reputation for  staging theatrical interventions. Apparently, as the rest of the country  behaves with examplary and dull decorum  ������ Vancouver comes up with imaginative  and different presentations.  The February 23 and 24 CRICJbearings-  In my opinion the attitude toward .jat the Hyatt_RegencjrwiUrbS rib exception,  government grants  government conv-.80^���1^ iunding-woiild^hange-Ccfl-:;-1ni^AMOciation for Public Broadcasting  nril^ions7?overhm^ we "^ a ***&-<* using- *> B.C. (APB) plans its own. Citizens  2rmr^ree"Tnofie}ras though this were  Terms sucTr^T~people's-money,_puJb^'_foquiry into the content, control and effect  somehow money from heaven. It is not.  * In all cases we are, of course,-talking  about your money, and mine. The government does not earn any money, it merely  allocates our money in the ways it feels  fre~mostrappropriate. v*.s.  -   unfortunately some memt  money and allocation of funds. There are  many ways to put this idea across and I  hereby challenge you and other members  of the^media to report, in terms which will  make it clear- to the public just whose  s   money we are really talking about  KpSYor^eur'���    '-',' "-"'' v * '\ *T - "  Reflections  Back to the classroom  By Vern Giesbrecht  of the broadcast media in the community  as a counter-attraction to the CRTC official forum.  In the years in which I've frequented  CRTC hearings, both here ahd in Ottawa,  the APB has presented some of the best  D$P^ " an! ,,m6ii, responsibly,in-  WMams4lake7, Wrventions 'ajgd^can' in, nojway be written  off as a group of far-out radicals.  The Association was formed around a  concern in 1973 that Vancouver ..did not  need another commercial TV station to  provide the audience with more of the  same sort of programming. In the  following years the APB has been a strong,  -advocateTTPublic Broadcasting. They  support the removal of advertising from  CBC-TV,  oppose the concentration  of  ownership of radio,,television and cable+  companies into giant corporations with  head offices in Toronto and demand better  regional content from both public and '  -private- media -outlets. They have  monitored broadcast standards and advertising ethics.  There   is   a   need -for   such   an  -organi����tionrespeeially4iere-on-the-West-  Coast, of the 15 or so Commissioners on the  CRTC, only one is from B.C. and diligent  and dedicated as Rosalie Gower is, she  isn't even a full-time Commissioner. It's  hardly surprising thaMYestYCoast attitudes and needs are not understood in  Ottawa. -���* '  To be fair to the Commission, they have  recognized this weakness and the CRTC  office opened in Vancouver, last year is  now to be staffed by a senior offical from  Ottawa.        i  But the fact remains, CRTC Public  Hearings provide little more than  tokenism. They are a forum so formal and  so enmeshed in rule and regulation as to be  intimidating to the ordinary citizen. If he  idofc^WTDrefcom^^ '  see people like yourself portrayed? Does  the content help you to deal with the  problems you face? Do you have access to  any of the facilities? Do you think there is  adequate coverage of B.C.'s regional and  community issues on the national services? ' .  Is the ethnic mosaic of B.C. adequately  -represented? Do-you-think���the-CRTG-  upholds your interests as an owner of the  public airwaves?  If you want to take advantage of this  opportunity to express your views, write  or telephone Tom Shandel at the APB  office, PO Box48596, Vancouver-, B.C..V7X  1A3, or telephone 738-7021 so that your  name may be included on the list of interveners. ,  I can appreciate the wish -ot the  resident on Gower Point Road near  Franklin Road to have the road aligned  with their property: Beyond thatpoint, to  disturb in any way the existing beautiful  drive, Gibsons' only marine drive with an*  unobstructed view, would be to despoil one  of the greatest natural assets of the area  and the province. Well before the days of a  road, residents and visitors alike walked  to the Rock to enjoy the marvellous view.  In her column, Maryanne West has  pointed out many of the unique features of  the area and it would be an actual' crime to  destroy its attributes in any way. The  destruction and- upheaval, cauased by  widening the road, to wildflower  populations alone, would mean a severe  loss and one we should not afford.  With the growing concern throughout  our province to preserve various* aspects  "of our heritage (and millions are being  spent to save heritage buildings) here is a  natural heritage enjoyed by many  generations which could Uve on in perpetuity if we only have the wisdom to leave  it alone and let nature "do its own thing".  The road has always proven itself to be  more adequate to residents of Gower  Point, who live out along its length and  drive back and forth to Gibsons. For those  of us who often walked to and from -the  village, Gospel Rock was special:  For my part I cannot remember a time  that I did not stop and walk out on the  Rock, just to look. The nicest thing about  Gospel Rock is that it belongs to everyone,  and yet for each person I a sure it becomes  their own private lookout.  Megan Moorcroft,  ; =        Wffilaw-  Soon after I began teaching at  Elphinstone one and a half years ago,' I  'realized it was not one of the mostitightly-  run schools I had ever been in.  During homeroom periods scores of  students roamed the halls.  has the authority to expell students.  ���* Three unexcused"lates''-will-constitute one unexcused absence.  --Study halls will be set up, probably in  the cafeteria, and, studies will now be  considered regular classes. The study  Students often sauntered . |nto class   periods will be supervised/and attendance  several minutes late. Some* woiinKmake   will be taken.   L"  only token appearances in the classroom.  "Studies" .were common among senior  students, but there -was no study hall, so  these "studies" often became free periods.  There always seemed to be a host of  .students at loose ends, with not mucl^to do  except sit around, shoot'a few .briskets In  the gyni before being booted out, wander  over to the mall, or stroll around peeking  through the open, doors of classrooms to  wave at their friends./       '       /  Some students, because they'were  enrolled in only a couple of classes,'spent  the majority of their school day In this  manner. Occasslonolly there were  problems ��� scuffles, vandalism,; noise���'-  because of the sizable numbers of  students with too much time/ on their  hands, 1  Tho situation is finally changing. With  the start of, the second semester, Monday,  ��� Students, must .have special permission to take fewer than three courses  and must not be on the school grounds  except when they a/e attending these  courses.  . ������ Another change, jo take effect .in  SepTember, 1978^  senior > courses required for graduation  from 12to 14.)  The Elphinstone principal explained  that the new policy Is aimed primarily at  students who are failing or doing poorly in  school because of Irregular attendance or  poor study habits. Some students lack the  self-discipline to apply themselves to their  studies; so discipline must be applied  externally. ,..., .���,.'., ,77... 7-... ��� 7;''  I flunk the changes ate long overdue. In  many ways, Elphinstone ls a pleasant,  positive school, but It was getting to bo a'  joke because of, its lax atmosphere,  Weeding out those students who don't care  llY  \A  iUi��f};  Fob. (J, a new policy regarding attendance,1  punctuality, study periods iuid course about getting an education won't t,urn the  loads came Into effect. place into a Utopia, but ft more serious,  There were predictable groans and orderly, mood should benefit thoso who  muttcrlngs from some quarters when remain.               - ,  -'Principal Don;M6htpmc^  ,��� pronpaeai changes to iaIfah&l assembly concert a^ Cha^lcch towrow flight/,  ] tWr&y Wa helfceierTousltudeSts will don't ekpect to ^bo soothed br gentl/s  find the new policy helpful. [ melodies of the Renaissance. Tho Vah-  ,     The main points are theses     �� rcouver ensemble is modelled after civic  - Students who are absontlf rom school / mu?lc,an? oftho lflth contury whose d*  must "validate" their absence through n  telephone call or a note from their parent  or guardian. After five unweuaed ab^  sences, the student will bo suspended until  parents are "contacted and after 15 absences without authorization the student  will bo referred to tho school board which  Sask. anniversary  Editor,'The TimeS: ,     \  Would you be so courteous as to carry  the following information in your paper for  the Information of former residents of  Saskatchewan and parishioners of St.  Luke's Anglican; Church, Regina.  I have been commissioned to write a  history of Saskatchewan for our province's  75th anniversary, 1980.1 would welcome  word from former Saskatchewan people  on reminiscences, diaries, local histories,  records that might add further to our  knowledge of, the province.  I am particularly interested in pioneer  reminiscences and printed material on  cities, towns and villages in Saskatchewan. If anyone should have material  which might be valuable for the history, I  ask that I be, Informed,  This year is the 25th Anniversary of St.  Luke's Anglican Church and former  parishioners of St, Luke's are specialiy  welcomed back to Regina during this  anniversary year. There will be a number  pf special eventsto mark the anniversary.  Syou would like further information,  ndly wrlto to 25th Anniversary Committee, .... St. t Luke's Anglican Church,  Montague 'Street and Argyle Road,  Regina. S4S 2B5,  John H.Archer,  / President Emeritus,       What do you think about the radio and  i(.7 ,.i:J,a   lv v \. University ��*f Regli^fk.;. tolovlciton Iknuned Into your tiousci? 'Po y��tiji  ? ( -i,*.v|'r(>K*a*i"p}-/'*r��v<A*4:*��^,^^-W  offers,his view, he's politely listened to -  but nothing else happens.  In fact, the credibility of the regulatory  body is at'stake and the whole hearing  process is debatable. Is it possible to  dovetail into a satisfactory system two  such opposing philosophies as public  ownership of the air-waves and private  business' right to make a profit? It might  be if the regulatory body used its power to  withhold or remove licences, but so far it  has proven reluctant to do more than rap  knuckles. A chairman who, until recently,  was the president of the broadcast industry's lobby isn't likely to live more  dangerously.  Hence the APB's inquiry into the  general state of media service in this  region is to take place at the same time as  the CRTC hearing into license renewals  for CBC-AM radio, CKVU-TV and a cable  company's request to Increase fees and  charges. "  The Citizens Inquiry will also be held in  the Hyatt Recency on Burrard St.  Acting as Honorary "Commissioners''  for this counter hearing will be Herschel  Hardin, president of ApB,; Roy Kiyooka,  artist; Bessie Lee, president of the Strathcona Property Owners and Tenants  Association; Vancouver ��� alderman  -Darlene Marzari; Ben Metcalfe, writer  and broadcaster, and Dallas Smythe from  SFU's Department of Communications.  . You are lrtlvted to participate in this  attempt to collect and publicize the varied  experiences of the community wltli  existing radio and -television service. As  all of uS are media-consumers there is no  larger Identifiable group within society  nor one seemingly with less voice, Yet the  media Wo an enormous Impact on our  lives, on our values, our understanding of  ourselves and each other. This may  provide a good opportunity for us to take a  serious look at how well wo are served.  Nearly two out of every three dollars  paid out in payments by life insurance  companies in Canada go to living  policyholders. These are payments of  matured endowments, annuities,  disability benefits, cash surrender values  and policy dividends.  "Out of the depths have I cried unto  thee, 0 Lord." (Ps 130:1)  When sorrow or grief strikes, or some  problem seems unsurmountable, it is well  to remember another Bible verse, "Thou.  wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose  mind is stayed on thee;  because he"  trusteth in thee." (Is 26i3).  At a time when comforting someone  burdened with grief, Mary Baker Eddy  wrote, "Divine Love is never so near as  when all earthly joys seem most afar."  .{Miscellany 290) ' ' "  *-*^a^.-P:p^f,fo>-��T*  .... .        -....-,   , ,7'^pTT,^,K^^1S3^p��S*r?'':1(  A LOST CAT sat in the" middle of a  B.C. Tel pole for two days last week  until Seven-up driver Jack Clements  "took pity on the feliiiean^  her. '  ��,��Y-..  The Peninsula^Jdmeb   noi!��tMu��bliln<s Coasi   -    -..  ���by  I, The Peninsula Times  for Wcstprcs I'ubllcntlons Ltd,  7  nfTSccrllfH, n.TJ,  VON MO  Phone W5.3231  <*V,*p*p-l'^i*'>,WV>*-p<%^  Included keeping watch over the tewri  and rousing tho Inhabitants when danger  approached. The music, created,.,by/the:  Townb Waytes' collection of shawms,  knimhorns, dulzians, sackbuts and other  exotic instruments Is^lou'd,; brassy /and,  how shall I say it? chaotic. /  The sounds, they mako may not bo  immediately appealing,' but If their performance Is anything like tho onp they put  on at Discovery School,;you're' In for nn  enjoyable evening. Discovery School, In  vsamiyr^.rWM^  when-I.toughtthej-0 a fyrfr years ago ���*���> a  jazz pianist, a harpist,' folk singers, and  others - but the Towne Waytcs caught the  fancy of tho chl.jlrWin a special way,  Hydro spends but gov't  w-ants fis^-filTestrauit  The following lottor w(is sent January   cost to be betweort $351, million and $500  28 to tho Hon. Jack Dnvls, Mlntstor of  Energy, Transportation and Communication, Victoria.  Dear Mr. Davis;  B.C. Hydro Is a provincial crown  ;CO!  government  therefore accountable to all citizens of  ^Bnfumx>t5iiinnii-aC���^���;-���������-��� ��� >  I listened to Mr. W.U. Bennett's speech  January 26th. Ho said,tliat government  million, According to a B.C. Hydro  representative; Mr, Ellis, Uils power is not  necessary on Vancouver Island at this  time.        ,  Environmentally these lines will cause  Oration   hcreU a'a^k'tt Cte   lrreP��r��^ damage along their route.  finances.  I ask you simply* "Why is the government of British Columbia allowing Mr,  ^ .    ������      --- ��� ������� M0 said mat government   ^"XTu,��fj^ilS*.^JLu*  ��� ��� ��� M*��aflypaWaiHia^f����wr'Matf',f-pa^  humorous and*:l����^in^i^iw(tionS'of*the  various'Instalments. '        '  I hope you'll be ns delighted as tho  children were.  ...   '   ' Y  YH'C7.t'4^W����W*  ���7  . | .'������,��� p*r ,-,���,��� ����������*��(*������ i,��j,tl.  ~Z,f'J?rMn  .p,.*'.-r.  iir.i'..,  "r**.. ^&*4 'f ��&"wp,fIn, \^ni  ,A-��� "-yp^iiS 7'V'Y- AfZ'yr^ttiimm  \  .T.*s��^r?v.'  , Janrairinstrriuendw^^  Madeira Park re the proposal for two 600  kilovolt transmission lines from Cheekye  to a substation on Vancouver Island; tlio  '.. 7' 4    7 ''. -. ..'���     '  , ��iTla,..1i"��t,p.,f  *',. ,'), 'la*��'va**.  .lv ���-'- :   ' '"^"Z'^Y^^yTS^SI.-  Your reply Is ow-tilted ahd will be appreciated.        , ��.''�����<.'  Barbara Brodour  Madoira,Park  *iip<w>5'pf��K.7l*.:'.i r.-V��'ifi;Oi',  nr:  ������*��.  ��� fm ��� **'  ���pi^^'^flnit^ws^wH^ijfcjis^itBSMfl**  /!  ..*   :^'m- r  W.SJi5Tr' ?^K r&fc*1 -^ &Wi*i i^W-*#��-y*^W"*��- # -**}*���(* #!*** 4*i*ftmfm+r jf&ffiYXtt^ft**,^^  fiittoi^ifmpMMtfi^^  V  *-\*^  1 Y?W.i,.,  ��witaaMalpa<Mlap��>i*t'M>' P**��(aV��mmtU* 1 ^J�� -  *X* Vt* w��+||      **     w *-.   MM **   *Wli<  <t*L  r. Ji  MORE-ABOUT.  Wednesday, February 8,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3,  .r  Halfmoon Bay residents divided over marina  , ���FromPage A-l      \ . AX\  Comyn complained, that; recently >  Angell had; restricted, this access by  .dosing_oJK^ipattiJto-thjttwater^i Ax...  : "This ecological business is all a bit of-a  joke," said Cliff Southwood. who .claimed  the marina site currently does nothing but  produce mosquitoes. "I went down there  and thought I was back in the Chilcotin,"  -he^aidr^I have an48 foot-boat-and-I-either���  have to go, to Cooper's Green or Porpoise  Bay to get it into the wateh"     ,  Southwood ,said that, in his opinion,_  opposition to the marina came from Area'  B Director Peter.Hoemberg who had a  "personality clash" with Angell. The two  men; said Southwood, should get together,  resolve their differences, and allow the  marina to be built.  Hoemberg, who was in�� attendence,  explained that a planning committee  meeting of the regional board, had  unanimously decided not to allow Angell to '  rezone his property from R2 to commercial, a. rezoning that would be  necessary before any marina could be  installed. ���    ,.  "I'd like to correct that impression,"  Area C Director Charles Lee said from, the  back of the hall. "The.Regional Board did  not vote solid on that issue." Lee claimed  that neither he, Area A Director Joe  Harrison not Gibsons' representative Jack,  Marshall had opposed the re-zoning.  (A check of the planning committee  minutes,by the Times Jlater revealed the  recommendation against the rezoning had  been adopted by the directors with no  dissenting votes. The recommendation  was then unanimously passed at the next  regular meeting of-the regional board.)  Angell's marina took on a further  political tone when Marsh Society member  Norm Watson disassociated himself from  a. letter protesting the marina that was  sent to the provincial Comptroller of  Water Rights by Nell Jager, the society's  secretary.  Watson said the letter had not been  ���endorsed���by���the���Marsh���society^  executive. It's signed by our secretary and  ^I-havenTbeen able to contact the-lady to  find out who authorized that lifter YPer-  sonally, I'm in favour of the marina but I  can't speak for the Marsh Society and  neither can she."  One audience member suggested to  Hoemberg that it was up to the Regional  District to find an alternative use for  Angell's property if the aboard was not  prepared to allow a marina.  Hoemberg said for over two years the  provincial government had been making  overtures to Angell to buy the site for a  park but the Regional District did not have  funds for the acquisition.  Angell agreed the province wants the  area forllpark "but they would like me to  give it to" them. I;can't afford that.' I've a,  lot of money tied UpJ',7  \ Y:Somejdeviilopment_of_the property was  necessary, said Angell, to cover,his increased assessment rate for 1978.   *> .  "If it's to become a, marina let's do it  properly," said Jack Malnarick of Gonzales Road. "We should be more con-  ;cerned^boul^is4han-just-being--able-to���  get into our boats and go fishing."  A few minutes later Parsons called for  his "sample vote" to be taken, a move that  was immediately challenged by the  marina opponents, ���^,  "Many people are not even residents of'  this area, myself included," said Adrian  Stott. of Selma Park. '  The' audience was composed of  Sargeant's Bay property owners, members of the regional board, some Sechelt  developers, Regional District staff,  Vancouver residents and people attracted*  to the meeting by letters sent either by  Angell or Joop Burgerjon, and opponent ot  phis��marina.  " Parsons insisted on a vote, saying the  results, would not be binding.  7 "It shows a preference," retorted  George Murray, "it has a propaganda  .effect."  As Parsons continued to ask for a show  of hands, accusations of favoritism began  to come from the audience..  Finally, Murray turned to the room and  suggested those who., were "against 7a,  forced vote" walk out of the" meeting.  Capitulating, Parsons. adjourned the  'meeting saying a private vote would.be ,  held among the ratepayers' at a later date.  Angell said afterwards he is "still  -undecided���on whether-to proceed-with his^  marina "as no votl was taken here."  He felt there were more people in the  room who supported his project man those  who opposed it.  Parsons said he was happy with the  way he chaired the meeting and denied  any charges he had tried to swing the vote.-  GrSh     pSSSs.     BBSS' L   ^^tw ^IfiL    psy    ES��     S&3   *k     ~v  CONTEST  gov't inspected, smoked  CORRECTION  to our Feb. 1 SuperValu ad  ) Chicken Breasts  y  read  5 Ib bag  Should have  99c  per pound  from  STRAND  Mediterranean Cruises  Gibsons Medical Centre   886-9755  HALFMOON INN  CHANGE OF HOURS  4 p.m. to 11 p.m  (Closed Mondays) ,  "Featuring our Smorgasbord  Friday, Saturday & Sunday"  H m m  gov't inspected, grade A  Wiltshire  gov't inspected, sliced   lb.  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M��JPM��LflML,       ��'   '     lpp��Pi'.k1��t<. ��� ���   ",,    ,'   T1   * ��� i��M*il>    -p;  ,,     ,       , k*..< ip.p   .       <���     i ,     i&,TKn��f~IC_*.'. r  ,��.���%.���,.'. .    ,.��a.>n��pj*��.''r)p��rrA-p;���-������*��������'  ���Xr%Z^.":ATX  It I ' at 1 h�� .  pla^aiw#P^P*^www^ww��pw^yHwsNwawppa*ww^^a.iM.,.��wwMi^wwwappwP^^  t   *   *���*'  ,.'...��.      p. ,  ��   * *r w w*m��Hp)Mnnii*-^ wis-tt    ****  .*      I'W, ,  ,,��lmr  ���p   ( Y     <,  vtlwWIIt.'t&j&XH'V *���   *wa BKsv1*ittH   s  .��  K ' \  j    7 ���'*  ' ' ���   - \'  A "  2>  J  ���Page A-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 8,'1978  The projects, how underway,at the  Wilson Creek immunity-Centre are a  natural outgrowth of conununity; "committment and past - organization.. The  7    .7  -HciHrnoor^rOy-happenings'  Footbridge fixed  By Mary Tinkley, 885-9479  three to . build a workshop-garage and'  three to develop a park-picnic, site. In  addition there is a full time maintenance  person to care for the daycare, halls, and'  existing facilities; the daycare, Scoiit hall,^ grounds, and a daycare trainee who works  ^dxommui^tyhaUwereUmplem "~  commuhity interest anti; energies. ��� The The provision for paid workers means  Commuhity Association Built the facilities, that a considerable load isv taken, off the  arid.continues to oversee their operation, shoulders of unpaid volunteers. As well,  . With the awarding of a Canada Works valuable care and recreation services  grant, programs could be planned and the become available. Because the project is  facrh^snisi^oiheirfiill-e^nt^SIncelhV^-  In Times of Rising Prices  Could be the Answer  OPENING SOON  Does Your Group or Club Report  operating costs-are largely covered by the  grant, activities can be offereB at little or  no cost to participants. As well, - new  construction, site upgrading and grounds)  maintenance could begin.  fundedforayear, the community wiU gain -  a good solid basisjoxiutiirjjjlanning and  programs to meet its needs.  Even thought, the^community facilities  are clustered in Wilson Creek, their influence is more widesprad. The daycare  draws preschoolers from Halfmoon Bay to  ��0*\  Its Activities Regularly to The Times?  r  AREA "B" RATEPAYERS' ASSOC.  , At a general meeting W Area "B"  Ratepayers' Association held at the  Welcome Beach Hall on January 30,  members stood in silent tribute-to the  memory of a past president, George  Tampion London,JwhoJiadjdiecLsuddenly-  January 18.  .Afterwards, the board was happy to  announce the completion of repairs to the  Halfmoon Bay.wharf. Only the lighting  still remains to be installed by B.C. Hydro.  The^ highways department \pas also  carrying out repairs to the footbridge on  the Redrooffs Trail and ;has promised  some/minor improvements to the trail.  .Word has been received from Coast  Cablevision that they have started pre-  connecting the homes of people whohave  signed the cablevision contract. -Connections, they say,* will not necessarily be  done consecutively, so people should not  get concerned if they find houses ahead of  them connected before their own homes.  ' The delay in extending the cablevision  service is due entirely to the B.C.  strike. Loaded trucks, ready to start  stringing cable, have been standing in the  yards at Sechelt since October, when the  the strike began. These trucks will have to  return to Vancouver once the strike is over  to clear B.C. Tel's own backlog of work.  Bay Recreation Commission will hold a  general'meeting at the Welcome Beach  Hall at 7:30 p.m. Everybody interested in  recreation is invited to attend. On Sunday,  February 12, there will be a cribbage  game at the Welcome Beach Hall at 2 p.m.  __JRichard and Yvonne Manton have  announced the engagement of' their  daughter Starr to Gary McDonald, son of  Mr..and Mrs.,Norm A. McDonald of  - Roberts Creek. The couple are not plan-  The grant; provides salaries f6r a  community worker to organize, supervise   Gibsons and the Group Home from an even  and teach programs, and a family daycare   larger area., Programs at Wilson Creek  co-ordinator to supervise and arrange in  home daycare situations on the Peninsula  There are six construction positions ~  notes  At the Girl Guide's recent Christmas  Bazaar i we were shown how the community supported the, girls. This was  ning an early marriage as Starr will be '��� demonstrated again when donations came  spending the next'ten months taking a  course in Practical Nursing at the Vancouver Vocational College. Gary is a boom  mart at the Port Mellon mill. Starr reports  that her-parents are-very happily settled  on their new farm jnXourtenay.  Harold and Marie Ives spent a week in  Vancouver visiting their fomily and attending the 60th wedding anniversary^ of  two old friends. The celebrations included  an afternoon tea and a dinner party for  about 40 people at the Richmond Inn.  - Don Ross, who is swimming every day  Tel���ori-Waikiki Beach and basking in temperatures in the high 80's, sends greetings  to all his friends along the Redrooffs Road.  He is very happy that he is missing all  these snowfalls.  Nelson and Grace Darling of Vancouver visited theirolcLstamping grounds  A-letter���from���i^iTick-JTrr^ui^hy^  ;i\ \ 7a\|  N  ���w ���.      \  Chairman of theJVolunteer Fire-Depart  .ment- Committee advised that the  department was an operational unit as of  February 1, and that, in accordance with  the bylaws of the Department, it was.  necessary for the Association to appoint a  liaison committee to act as communicators between the Halfmoon Bay  Volunteer Fire Dept. and the Sunshine  Coast Regional District. Elected to the  liaison committee were George "'Murray  and Harold Ives. Peter Hoemberg offered  congratulations to Pat Murphy .and his  committee for a job well-done.  George Murray,- on behalf of the  Volunteer Fire Dept., told members that  ^llparticular^of equipment, together with  a report fin the .water situation.-has been  sent to the fire marshall. The fire mar-;  -snails repo#twilLgo to-the underwriters ih-  Toronto for reclassification of the area for  insurance purposes. Approval can be  expected, he said, by about March 1.  Cliff Connor, Area "B" representative  on the Parks and Recreation Commission,  -said7that4he,appUc��tionJoiLlandJLnJD;L.���  1623 for use affan athletic field was going  through various government channels.  Meanwhile he would be grateful for offers  of help in surveying and planning the  athletic field.  The extension of the Regional District's  waterline through Redrooffs has bogged  down in; legal wranglings in Victoria,  reported Peter Hoemberg, but he  estimated work will start on the extension  in the spring, with completion to Halfmoon  Bay by the summer'.  In answer to a question on beach access  roads, Hoemberg thought some of these  could be opened for pedestrian traffic with  the help of the district's Canada Works  Program._Any^ particular  roads In mind which they feel should be  opened  up   could   pass  their   recommendations on to him or to tylike Phelan bfP  the Regional District.  COMMUNITY DATES  ��� ' On Monday, February 13, the Halfmoon  had a summer house at Redrooffs for some  years but sold it 15 jears ago. They were  guests of Catherine London at Secret Cove.  BEEFS AND BOUQUETS  This week's Beef comes from a local  grandmother who-managed to save  enough from her small pension to send  Christmas gifts to all her grandchildren,  not one of which has been acknowledged.  Surely anybody who takes the time and  trouble to send a gift to loved ones is entitled to a note of acknowledgement and  thanks.- It is unfortunate that we are losing  so many of those small courtesies which  once made life so gracious.  in for Camp Olave from generous  organizations ahd private citizens. This  was certainly appreciated and it is hoped  that girls will take part in all phases of the  Guide program but particularly in camping and outdoor projects.  On February 14th Hunechin District  will hold their Mother and Daughter  Banquet at Pender Harbour as we now  have a Guide company as well as a  Brownie pack in that area. This Banquet  will be on an international theme to make  njur~iHembers aware of the World  Association of Guiding.   -^  In this connection we will once again  join with the Scouts in this area to hold a  Thinking Day Program on February 26th.  In^aJ^he^agtivities. we, cannot get  along without the support of the parents  _ajLdJtJsjseMomJutfiy^r-we are turned-down���  when asking for their help.  ������ ��� ���   ' * ��� y  Playschool moves  The Jack and Jill play school has  moved from the Gibsons United Church  hall into a house on Park Road in Gibsons.  Much of the renovation work on the new  site was done by parents and volunteers.  The playschool will be open an extra  day a week and is now accepting 1thrtee-  year-olds. Previously, only four-year-olds  were enrolled*  Further information can be obtained  -from 886-7330  -      =--  are open to anyone who can get there but .  are especially handy for the sizeable  number of people within walking distanced  For some people these facilities are of a  social or recreational nature and they use  the Senior Citizen's Drop-In, 1 the Teen  Centre and the Community, Coffee Party.  Lots' of people take part in the Fitness  Service's exercise classes. Some are involved in continuing education.  The Wilson Creek , Community.  Association hopes to continue the level of  activities now offered through an on-going  grant funding. Meanwhile, the activities  and programs continue. If you are. interested in joining any of the groups or are  looking for a place to accommodate your  specific activity, please feel free to call the  community office at the Scout hall in  Wilson Creek at 885-5422.  FILM SPECIAL  126-12       2 for   1.49  From Feb. 7th-14th.  Recreation group holds meeting  The annual general meeting of the  Halfmoon Bay Recreation Commission  will be held at the Welcome Beach hall on  Monday, February, 13, at 7:30 p.m.  The agenda includes election of new  officers, revamping the constitutionandA-  discussion^^me-p^)posed^Jlal^ng^Hel^  A film on Hypothermia, the body's loss  of heat through exposure,-will be shown to  the audience.  -.* The local recreation commission^  covers the area between the Bayview end  of Redrooffs Road and Wood Bay.  , All residents, whatever their age, are  invited to attend the meeting.  Have you tried Laura Secord  Chocolate-coated Maraschino Cherries, or  the Liquor Chocolates? They are succulent! ��� MISS BEE'S, SECHELT.  p If of it is not a dirty word  Economy  Auto      ��� '  ���  j>arts- -*N  T  Helpful, experienced people to  Prices that are competitive  R **���  Full line of wholesale  I  The  \  .   -  D  ���  -  o  -  -_-��� r  - ���  ���  5-5181  1  '--���  r  S^mWWm^mWm  If          ���   ,   '  ���'  \.  serve you  retail auto & Body Supplies  **t  ECONOMY  way  Look for us opening soon in Sechelt  A-message about those who think they can cheat III:  Tho local funoral horn�� charges  no foo for pre-arranging arid  recording your funoral- Instructions. Those who have  already    enrolled    In    Funeral  arrangements or service locally,  "The local Funeral Home offors  ���all type* of service*, Funeral or  Memorial, at moderate cost,  * The local Funeral Home will  arrange   for   local   or   distant  . burials., cremations, or services  In other localities.  ��� At time of bereavement, your  first call should be to the local  .Funeral Home, no ma'tter what  typo of arrangements you  prefer.  .,.-�����  n�� i b  |       #jil  u    pxw>ppjw^B>n^(la'**i't(p*'��t#|a&��>-*  U.A. .D&VLIN  o w iu-t-.ii. n linger  Mrt'wsiw-A*1* Jp^M*  k*��-M*fp*��** <��* * >*#* iW***^ ***�����.  your  What a shame.  He thought it was some sort of a  game to claim a little more Unemployment Insurance than the law allowed.  Now he's in trouble. He didn't   <  report earningsand work while  getting UI,  ���tB*�����4* t*SMt-ftli**pJ ftfflWte JJ-V.  S*****i*<��.��W***'��te WJ^Wftp****-^* i***\it,n4f��!i*,  'v>.  *.-������- .*. ���.. ���>&,..  'Y<|%��YY��  V-'=7*Y<:    7.' .,..      ;-.^'!.,*..VV:*B^V>^   *.*'*���-���,,-,-j,..i 'i, ���.;���',! v.-   ,-*,-.|*.   :S  vii]  \ u     "I mean, it was only a few  '\bVcM,Ypu��ve^otttlUion8��, ���  It all belongs to the people of  Canada.-And when you deliberately  claim more than you're allowed by law,'  you're stealing from your neighbours,  friend!*, fellow employees, employers  and the Government; of Canada.  1 It's our job to pay UI benefits  fairly, efficiently and according to law.'  It's also our job to make sure the program is not abused by those whb nave  little concern for their fellow citizens  ��,.j3r*th>&,taw4^  ���       Gcttflffig UI when you're not  available for work is abuse, pure and  simple.  ."I^ttof jpeopU��adp4>ffUI��  *'jKM^^i#^*ttW^^s<^  Why. arc you p.U&^^  how'd you find out?"  , .,'Notw.,.ft8t,<,,:,7^-  ...:,..*.',!.���-.  *  The vast majority of our claimants  are completely honest. They use UI as  it was intended���as a financial bridge  between jobs.  ' And no one's picking on you.  Anyone we find abusing Unemployment Insurance will be dealt with  �����,-,",* fi 75�� V ft ���< * him 9 -M * ftMi .,IfA^****!*** jw*!w%!*, it j ^.t ***# m,-*# ptis*.w***i*'p5*>*s- ,WJ4fe--p^-**�� "*�� >�����,���>'.  If you're caught, money improperly claimed must be paid back in full, It  could meata you pay an administrative  penalty, Or you could face prosecution  under the Lfnemplovment Insurance  Act, or the Criminal Code of Canada,  Conviction means a criminal record.  ' UI employs almost 500 fiill-tirtie  trained claims investigators and, like,  any modern organization, we use new  data-handling techniques to their best  advantage. We match up Records of  Employment with claim records   ,  to find the cheaters who don'treport*  earnings while they're on UI, *  ��~.~yt�� don'tiike to prosecuterWe'd  rather avoid that painful process by  telling people that if they cheat,  they'll probably be caught.  -JHhpMw-trttpMlljrfe^^  i     !i  \   Y  V 1  ft!#^*affPl#��'S)��iPM��P  People who would never consider  shoplifting or outright robbery have  been willing to hide earnings from lis  to get more UI benefits than the law  allows. Almost as if it were socially  .,. acceptable or even fun. ,.  Everyone knows this goes on.  . No one knows bcttenban wc do.   -:  Suppose you lose your job. If  youVe Deen paying into Unemployr  ment Insurance and you qualify, you  have a right to benefits. Ana we  7Zic Uwmphryttmt timmtux Ccmnbsion ami tlw  Dcparomtt ofManpotvcrandlntmigmiiqiit have (vcomi  lIk Canada Brnph/mcni and ImnimHtm Qmmiism,  Iwatm^^'llM^llmwrkKalofiKnidmtifiedat  Vmnphmmt Insurance qffkti or Canada Manpmoer  iknm, When they V*f uwiher in ont location, they 'll k  calledCanada Ismphytneqt,Centres,  Rp^^(!Wti^��MW��W'*W��^^  wTu respectmitnpt as long as you  rememberyourobTigations,too. ���*���  Your obligation is to play it  , ^.^���^'itl^tmim^m^'.f^i^'^/M'  .anuda's Unemployment  Insurance Program  Wbrking with people  p��^^��W��*��lWM��ipp^  who want to work.  I^W^����<����I^^?*��"��ll*;1"l��fV��p<������"fl1sp  ^^^"������J*!!! ������ '(K*^iljl',t!Wpi*i**w*��' il'  ���~tmm%*��  -* ��*."��a <<-,.# ��.������***.*�����*���.*'��  '���" *    ���f'liW*'*,!  ' Some people's attitudes toward  D . r^ .,  Unemployment Insurance have been    straight with us. Ahd as long as you  ........... ^. ...v.w^T,-.   ... .     ��� Ta* WkWZ. ��� - *. * * *'"   - ...   ,.,.,., -....,  a .' ,   ,,..............%       '...������    ��� ������  '    -'���  !���������' A'  f.,���  ��� -a^    Bmploymwiland Bmplol-K        .    Y,  ��� X   ImmlarstlonCsns^: ;hm;o^.!opp<c��nMp�� ^-..p'.!  OudCuliM,Mlnlit*>r   -pu<��<;ulrtn,Mlnlilri    ���  '���'C.  it'  .1"*  flW. vr^Wtr fcBVIW*-* ' ^WVppJM^aiSi fl  '���&K,  l*  *'j**��*��~  "fffl  ,t+!Biii*W*Tr����"inft*i��W  Mi*ip��wiip^4*v*��*''L����-*i'sW-WtwisHwJ*'^ *-%'Wfp'(��tiW*flW'Wirac   ���M.5i!,����-''*��'iJ���?'r*! 4*  rr  M WI*'^*^,flto''+*^1M����l^�����taiaJW  A tfit��&*&>re><*">*l)t'*'m ' P  . aawitw'afMx.  ���!��w��i*f��t^rt-*K*%^p��^t,��8^ *-M^ijw^^^npw^*��p^^^  y^awfrn  *��Wf<#*>#��� jrw* S-��6*BmfJPp" -7-■• 1
7 7.~
• -v-' pp.. f.
£*-.■■> '. ■ A-".* ••-.-">• ••*.*  *-*v> ■   *.*•'■ ■»>. *-;'.-     -.» '
r*"4V« 4'-'-;J*"7,Y"';;-'•'--"77- '-• '7*7*? ,?"'*•<■'■,'* -. •
J'j*\**" "'■ • *	
. Ipt**-**'
Wednesday, February 8,1978
The Peninsula Times
*.I.*V *        - -    '     -* *■  -
" V'      * ' *        -.    "*     aT , * ^J
! .i:* .*• ' - ,.**». .-\ (p*,,'*v','*-l»,i •t-?- v''-> ' ,..'■ ■■}*-■•.,-' *jJ.*V~- . '. • ty?
-..:..7:»7-J7.-.Y^j?Y^v7;77w>--J7v^*;.'^.a,.7^, .--Y^YTi Yl^-vi... .^|i
'   •>-•'. •-• ■„- s <VH-;- •*•*:•■':■'':'V-'-a*J-   y.'^U ^J>-^vv'«\-*'i*.i*:- ■-i/j^'.''    &'
Yr-' JA ax<H;tB;:74t F'-*?$
"" Y    ~ ' J >-'     "' -7 " *»',-/   p^'V*7;yY    { -/ '™
Y   J"  *■"    " -7YYy^,m^;t-1*
'*  '     • f'^ .: •   ^^At\'fy  ^7
' ■*-. J   r -        ■$>■■« + *\A -.1 ' -^ 1  * * ^ ^'
1^   *^
*   ^      *.      ^ ,
;    ^ J   -'7 .*
essay contest
\" a' ^ * ,        ^
K-A.*..student essay -writingrcontest;-
sponspred-by the Sunshine Ck>ast Committee of the B.C, Council for the Family,
closes March 15.   *-*•.,    .   '*
Students from Grades One to 12' are
asked to discuss "Are families important?"- r-;  —    -   -
Essays may be in either English or
French, of any length and take any point of
view. - j
There will be  one  prize  per  age
, category.
, Further information on the contest is
available from local schools.
January weather
L H Snow Rain Tot.
 2  5    nil
' 0.8     0,8
 0 6    nil*
nil     nil
Jan 30	
nil trace
Jan 31 	
......0  2     1.8
nil     1.8
.... 0, 1   , 7.6
6.4 „ 14.0
Feb 2..*.....■
....-14    nil
15.7    15.7
 3  9    nil
1.8     1.8
Sechelt notes
Heading sou+k
By Peggie Connor, 885-9347
It was Bob, Mary Anne and son Jack
Darney's first trip to Hawaiian Islands,
had a real super time staying at the Maui
Sands for two'weeks of fun in the sun. To
make things more delightful they, were
next door to where the Claytons stay.
Dick, Vona, Janet and Mrs. Florrie
Clayton were still there for the Darrtey's
first week giving Bob a chance to give
Dick a little competition on the golf course.
Creek flew to Australia recently for a six
week jaunt. Arriving at Sidney they found
the weather a very warm 90 degrees,
which they expected, and soaked it in to
dispel the winter damp of our Canadian
winter. The raihthat fell q^rmg-the night
Y^asedhoff^eYheat of the &iy in a very
pleasant way.
. * After visiting relatives Jn'*Sidngy they
moved on to Bfisbarie^ and; their 'to* the
capital city of Canberra for a visit to
Surfers Paradise ending with a call on a
W.W.C. Rummage will—be—on sale,
February 8, at the'Sechelt Senior Citizens
Valentine's dance
for Branch 69
There is a change of plans for Branch 69
dancers of the Senior Citizen's
 Dancing_Jias-_ \been  cancelled  on
February 8 but instead there will be an
evening Valentine's D®eje«6n'February 15
at 8 p.m.
This will give  an opportunity  for
grig members to join in the fun.
Aulfriends are welcome.
explains his plans for Sechelt last
week at a public meeting.
A survival guide
to finding a job
The Centre for Continuing Education is
sponsoring a course on "How to Get a
—Designed_to~Kelp sunshine uoast"
residents of all ages to prepare resumes,
draw on their work histories and organize
their home lives, the class will create a
feeling of self confidence when job hunting.
■• You will learn there is more to finding a
job than going to the interview. You will be
taught how to develop the right attitude, to
find work even when others swear there is
none-to-be-had. -i	
Week's rainfall - 24.7 mm. Snowfall
cms. This equals 34.1mm. *—
Jan. 28-Feb.3,1977 rainfall - 8.1mm.
January -137.7 mm. 1978 -169.2 mm.
January 1977 - 88.4 mm. January -
February 3,1977 - 88.7 mm.
Snowfall - 31.8cms. Rainfall -105.9 mm.
Total precipitation -137.7 mm.
17 year average January precipitation -
178.3 mm.
Comparison with January 1977.
Snowfall 10.9 cms. Rainfall 77.5 mms.
Total precipitation 88.4 mms.
Overnight low tempertature - -3C.
Daytime high temperature 8C. January
1977 - -3C. - 11C.  ^  '
While we had"almost two niches more
precipitation this January than last, the
rain and snow were still just about two
inches short of the January average. The
most noticeable difference between this
year, and last was the lack of sunshine.
January, 1977, had only nine days without
some sun.
The elements were reversed this year.
Only nine days produced any sun and some
of those were intermittently cloudy.
. The course^held in Gibsons, is free,-
begins March 6'and continues four weeks
Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to
Babysitting can be arranged through
Dafcing will resume its Teguiar-af=—the-Wilson Creek Daycare Centre. „
ternoqn schedule.on February 22. Further inforjnation can benobtained-
r,,In 4he «me£intime,,rcarpet>. bowUngv- -|rom.the Gentre»forContinuingEducatio^
Continues-as usual.    -'-*1-""'^-Xyi      at-8W33l2.<;"   *  '
Moritz resigns
Two senior staff members of ,the
Sunshine Coast Regional District jhaye
submitted their resignations. ^*"
Assistant Community Planner Paul
niece afXake Conjola.
.Until her husband retired in 1950 Rose
Johnson spent fourteen years in the woods.
A logging family, the Johnsons logged in
many of the. inlets around this area,
moving from Granite Bay on Quadra
Island in 1942 to Sechelt Inlet where they
stayed until their move to Vancouver in
1950. ' -
Born in Germany in 1890 Rose moved
with heriamily at a young age to the
Unitedlrfates where she lived until she
married Horace Johnson in Seattle and
moved to Canada.
they had five sons and one daughter.
Daughter Rose and her husband Joe
Cartwright are in West Vancouver. The
Johnson's, Leo and Elsi, live in Langley.
Norman, Ed and Agnes are residents of
Gibsons, while Chris and Ann* are in North
The Sechelt Inlet camp, while
seemingly so far from civilization, had a
good life of its own with as many as nine
families living there at one time.
The funeral was held February 1, at St.
Anthony's Church, West Vancouver.
Celebrant was Monsignor J, Brown.. Rose
was predeceased by husband Horace who
died in 1955.
The Auxiliary's monthly meeting
takes place Thursday, February 9 at St.
Hilda's Hall at 2 pirn.
Members and those wishing to join will
be most welcome. y
The Creek runoff
Valentine boogie
By Annie Dempster, 885-3326
Moritz is teav^TfienpeninsiuVtOTetiuTft^
Vancouv^erritli^feslgnailipn is "effective
March 307
Draughtsman Clay Carby will join the
Department of Highways in Gibsons.
v The Roberts Creek Royal Canadian
Legion Branch 219 are^ formihg a ladles
auxiliary. You needn't be a Legion
member to Join;,, all that is Squired is
interest, There wili be a' general meeting'
on Wednesday, February 8, at the Legion
Hall on Lower Rd. If you are interested in
joining the auxiliary, why not attend the
meeting or give Ernie Fossett (president)
a call at 886-9655.
.Apparently games night is starting to
^et off the ground. Ernie says, "There is
starting to be a good turnout for it." Why
not come out some Friday evening and try
your hand at chess, checkers, crlbbage or
to throw a few darts. H
It seems that Dick Whitfield from
Surrey (husband of local girl, Dianna
Hopkins) has never been put down in an
arm wrestling competition.
When lt was suggested that there are a
lot of: fellows from RobortaCreek that
could probably defeat Dick, he was firm In
his belief that he would still be undefeated.
Is there anyone put there interested in
challenging him?
There is a Valentine's Day dance
happening on Saturday, February 11 at
Roberts Creek Community. Hall. Boogie to
the music of the country rock band, Six
Cyliner, frbm 9:30 p,rcL to 1 a.m7 Tickets
available from Marlene and George at
Seaview,Market, at $3.50 each.
Starting Saturday, February 25,
Michael Taylor will have a shoe shine
stand at Seaview Market; The cost will be
75 cents a pair. Good luck on your new
venture, Michael.
Happy sixth Birthday to ' Sean
Longman. JHope you had a fuq party, Sean.
Ken and Diane Johnson have recently
moved into their now homo on Lower Rd.
Welcome to Roberts Creek, folks. Hope
you'll be happy here. .   ,
Mrs. Johnson was formerly Diane
People not having any Gripes.
Cleaning & Repairing
Does Your Club or Group Report
Regularly to The News?
We are pleased to announce:
as of Feb. 1st 78 that
T&T WELDING d»78lto)
has purchased
Superior Welding Inc.
We look forward to being of service
to all-our old and new customers.
Business as usual
Call: 885-2420 or 885-9953
 Hiway 101 at Francis Peninsula Rd.	
Your Autoplan Agent from
Halfmoon Bay to Egmont
the Church
your choice
Rev. AnnetteM. Reinhardt
9:30 am — St. John's. Wils"6n Creek
11:15a.rn. — Gibsons
Service and Sunday School each Sunday
at H :30 a.m. (except last Sunday in
month at 12:30 p.m.) Wed. Evenings,
7-30., ■■■■■-. ''yy"   •
All in St. John's United Church,
"7      Davis Day.
Phone 885-3157, 886-7882, 883-9249
Rev. T. NicholsonXPaiior—
8:OOp.m. Sat. eve. at St. Mary's, Gibsons
8:30 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on the
Sechelt Indian Reserve
10:00 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in
12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons
Davis Bay Road at Laurel
Davis Bay
Sunday School ,...,.,., 9:45 am
Morning Service ....,'..,;.,. ,11:00 am
Evening Service . .,,...„,....; 7:00 pm
Wed. Prayer and Bible Study
Phone 885-5296
Pastor Clifford McMullen
Mermaid and Trail, Sechelt
Sunday School,,..,.,,,.... .9:45 a.m.
Morning Worship Service ,.'.,11:15 a.m.
Wed. Bible Study .,., 7:00 p.m.
Evening Fellowship ,,., 7:00 p.m.
2nd & 4t|i Sunday every month
Pastor; F. Nupuru
•I,, :m«*
ii hi, ^m^ii i| 'I   Y'uii^lf'|Yll
Provincial jan. 29 draw
|1   »|3'.
■i-«i a>,n-,i,.
i«.^^^^W**p*lf>t,"t-(^(^p^<«^< AK-u* l*fthrtf ilsNsi Wi*fe"' J*«4<*i^f(M^--*^8iW (I
16131617 13 1417
5   5   4   6   4   6   1
laat 6 digits win 410,000
last ffdlglti win    M.OOO
iast;4 digitswinr~~ ♦2Bp";'
last 3 digits win
i ■••iSKiwfssHlpwp, ft^tn> m >itofmtem*ikt&
last 6 digits win    11,000
w.wy»*»w.i»< w.igiiw-li,.*>p..*^iii^,,i»iM,lin,ii.,l|,„,|W,l|l„l,M
Western Canacja Lottery Foundation
,*..,     a^,*^
I   I
,"'■'' A\:,"t?fiWAi
(■rdW«»^fe^t'Jp^l^*^^iM^li'^to\*«<^*«W»W«*»^*^ft^^ I Pa» p .^j^BAaSB.'*********-
First NortMmerican Small 'A V: :?fflS^J^\V).
Front Wheel Drive Car
Baao Prlcv
•   ' '
plus freight, P.D.I,
Many oth«r makes A
Oull Stallon In Sechelt,-  \ pffl|#|. No 01680A
nWr~*nwwWm?^:i<'*l!'*lmf ""'" ""JiJ-tH' **"
F!nif)i*M-*pt^*-TJ^fi'i''"i n 'ifnritij^j^JjriWi-IJ
MS     \.
\ \\
-,-.«..,,, -,v
■    7 .J...,
l   f (Wiffu-***** fl «!WO* OP'KJtl*f»lftp-a,    '   Jh>t4H«( wneaai-^bg^iiigqyut-, -t^tmsf^l, «trin~<*eiIMtt!Pi ri<«nF«tM,te*4i*d *.
w.iaiWtw'VW **•**  » W^ai^J,--i"
^""^^^^(UlllSTWHHWWfnB-K f-
.ml     „
Hipyw^WHUtM- i  *»*"
i      f,
. _,tf,..,„„
WUHfc-lWH    >,-««H-juH *
I  p  I
■f »p> '•
i,   I ���:������  Nv   '  i\'  %. ���-.-.���  &  Biitk^m��^  Information pickets went up outside the r  Gibsons' branch of the Canadian Imperial'  Bank of .Commerce last week after teller  Carol Dulyk was laid off her job January  31, ';     "_:���>'/.,-'���     ������-������  Dulyk is a member of the bargaining  'committee of the United Bankworkers'  - Union, a local of the Service, Office and *  Retail Workers', Union~ofv Canada,  a-  fledgling, Vancouyer-basefr organization  that began recruiting B.Crbank workers  ��� last year. The Commerce's Sunnycrest  . Mall location was one of the first branches  to be certified and is currently negotiating  an initial contract with SORWUC.  .  Dulwyk claims she was laid off from  the bank because of her union activity and  that another employee with less seniority  should have been let go. She has filed an  . unfair labour charge against the bank and  the Canada Labour Relations Board has  scheduled a Vancouver tearing this week  to rule on the complaint.   ,  Neither branch manager Gerry Kirsh  nor the head office of the Commerce would  comment on the situation.  Dulyk began her picketing February 1  and by Friday was joined by SORWUC  heachJean Rahd and representatives from,  the ferry workers' union, the International  "Bfotii^hwrdofElectrical Workers and the  Canadian Brotherhood of Rail Transport  and General Workers. \  Dulyk said public response was "just  great. "I never thought we could get that  much public support. We had 170 people  sign petitions in front of the bank alone."  There were another 11 "people who_  supported her actions but would not sign  the petition, she said, adding that, for now,  she is discouraging people who have of-,  fered to close out their accounts.*,  According to Dulyk, SORWUC members from'the nearby Royal Bank are  giving her moral^upport but are afraid to  join the information picket in case they  jeopardize their own jobs.  Dulyk halted her protest Saturday to  give the bank "time to reconsider its  position. We are willing to be fair with  them if only they will be fair with us."  ,If she is not reinstated Dulyk plans, to  be back on the picket line this week.  PageA-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 8.1978  Myocardial infarction? The heart,  supplied by a blocked artery, fails to get  enough oxygen and nutrients and begins to  die. Know the warning signs and save  lives, says B.C. Heart.  another victim  ��� A 26-year-old Pender Harbour woman .  was killed in the early morning of  February 2 when the car in which she was  riding left'Highway 101 and went over an  embankment four km south of Madeira  Park.   '.  - Pamela Coady was pronounced dead:  on-arrival. at St.  Mary's  Hospital.1 in .  Sechelt. ;. ,  The driver,, Kathy Henbroff, 24, of'  Garden Bay, and three other passengers '  were treated for minor injuries arid  released.  An inquest will be held. .,  Coady is the second person to be killed  on the peninsula highway this year.  Thomas Montgomery of Gibsons died  when his car struck a utility pole Jan. 6.  A gift to remember throughout  the year.  Long stem, pure silk roses.  The latest in fashion jewellery.  GIBSONS VILLAGE  . Despite our best efforts to hold  | the line, in 1978/79 B.C. Hydro  faces an increase of approximately  __ $100 million in costs of providing  service. As a publicly-owned corporation B.C. Hydro sells  energy to you basically at cost. Unfortunately, as our costs  go up, so must your rates. In addition, we must plan today for  nature requirements.  Howmucharetherate  ��� , . ^^      _^k_J9 '  iriCr^rV0^^9* The following table indicates the  new residential electric rates, for a two month period, for those  areas connected to Hydro'_sJnte^atedsystem.  RESIDENTIAL ELECTRIC RATES  FOR ATWO MONTH PERIOD  Previous Rate   New Rate  V  Service Charge $3.00 ,      $4.00  First 550 kilowatt hrs.. 4.6$/kWh. 4.5<P/kWh.  "'"All'MitferjalTaiowatOT :*'���?>  .hrs.                         , 2.0<PAWh. 2.5-VkWh.  Minimum charge $6.14 $6.14  Residential-Electric service.  m Small user: Homes with small livings ^  area, most apartments ��� about 1/3 of users  ���will pay less than 2$ more per day.  -Medium user:  ���single family  dwellings, using _  electricity for  lighting, appliances but not for water  =heat-ing���aboutl/5-olusers^wilLpay  *"��cp***"*,,:r=  less than 5<f more per day.  Heavier user:  ���single family dwellings, using  electricity for lighting, appliances and water heating���,  about 1/3 of users���will  pay 5<P to 11$ more  per day. 7  How does it  with other costs?  increases  __ We're doing our best to minimize  the impact on people who use energy for basic, essential needs.  For 75%"of Hydro's residential electric customers, this increase *  will be less than 11$ per day. However,'all classes of customers  ���residential, general, commercial and industrial���will be  affected by the increase. Here are some examples of new rates  for residential customers using various amounts of energy:  RESIDENTIALELECTRKiTYCOSTS                              I  "  CO'MPAtiEtfWI'ftf-Vj'oflfe'UM'riff PRICE INDEX AND OTHERDOMESTIC GOODS,,  , |  250  225  200  175  150  125  -100.  ,75  TOTAL CONSUMER PRICE INDEX'(VANCOUVER)  X    1  ��� ��������  ������  AVERAGE ELECTRICITY PRICE/KWH  afaaiM  POOD (CPU  FUEL OIL'  A  "\  ,  A  v'  v**a  Y  \ J  .     <  S5*  5^5  m*Zmi  *������'  ������H  ^TO  ���������  mmwwwm  ��������,  .���������  ---=  mmm  y  ��*'  1  "(���������  ��� ������  '���<������  ..������'  ,���������'  ***��  ��� ������<  ��� ������a   r_ _ , .   _,,.   .  iSaleS-taxfrrchideill 19112 =100.  1  YEAR 1902Y '<!.'.'  '��4   765,   .*����'  '07     �������    'f>9     '70,   "71    ,'727 7:1    74   775    70  New rates will come into effect on March 1,1978. The first bill  after March 1 will be based partly on the previous rate and  partly on the new rate.       * ; ��� .  *.,q ,y.'\.  ������.  '���fvY'Ht'Wf ���  S\ ^\  \ \  VI \\  WhatVHydro doing        Whatcanyoudo?  H M    ��� Mi paB^^B )-._.- �����*  V '���'  \W'''\  I.," ������  f  i*.   i  pMnMniUi>^*<i��-��i>44f ��i*)< WW- ���  ���rflJ^p^p*��^to-1wsat��pWj���pyii>(t ppWbW*^  JpWMrti**!  ���^"UW^IIWP  Q|#%pifUT IT ���    Encouraging energy conservation.  In mnny ways. .Recently, we extended the $500 Energy Savings  .���..���Jluancel*lan.which wasintroduced last year, to include f inane  ing for multiple-glazed windows, as well as home insulation.  \      :���l      ��� ������J**       mm-v This winter B.C. Hydro  ^      launched the first of a series  of sophisticated aerial thermographic surveys over homos and  other buildings in British  Columbia. Their purpose: to aid the owi .era in'"  determining their insulation  'needs.  We're also promoting energy  _    conservation through displays, exhibits,  literature and other communications���and have  undertaken a major progrnm to help'reduce energy use in  schools, offices and industrial building:..   ���  ' j||*tf IIW*M-��i  SW^.Wni^PJ^iMHVfttuiltili^W.  ..^t _ .. .. *,���'  MaiufMl I  ...��..*���*  ' ��*j*^��*,,   '������   ,,''"~*>,^*.*";.  V'^;;  Wliether you live in a small home or apartment or manage a  largo industrial complex, you caivdo a lot to combat rising  energy costs. You can insulate ceilings and walls to the  ���recommended "R" levels* Install multiple-glazed windowsand -    !  weathor stripping. Lower your thermostat setting. Check hot  water waste. Use? appliances wisely. Ttorn'ttff lights whei^ they're ^.,  not needed. And if you'd like more ideas you catimail the   V'\   \   ^  coupon below for free energy con-    v  aservatfon information. Working  together wo can help you save  ene^rgyjmd monpyjtpp.  Midi to "Enorgy Conaorviition",  B.C. Hydro, 070 Burrard Stroot,  Vnncouver,B.C.V(^lY3  Plenso send mo Information on:  "How to bout rising enorf?y coats"  \\\.v:.-V.��\Vvv\.\^U^7PV\'\\1i  ������>'  PuHUlOxlei  /���p'.7;��� y:, ^rA..-..'*,:.^*���-,..' XX^t^.Xi^��^i3k*ZCXA  y~.,,A���yy. ��'�����.^*'"'^���*<Vl^*���"������^^v;*'���^,''^l;;'r,7'*���7���;;; ���"���*��������!, ':'"���  ?mif  ���������* m"wilp-wf���mmpm*)JrSt'*/im1C   ,Wi*MimmdfimmiHtii��*i "B^rffO*  ^ ��  4 ���**��"��<~p*s"w  #1 -tWP-s wtt-fsM!'  > *  7*.  i  ,.,,,,,., p.,...,,  7  er  I I /  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9  7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. SuperValu vs  Legion 140.   7   7 ~  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11  < 1^:45 a.m. to l:10:p.m. Twin Creek vs  Trail Bay Sports. 1:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  GT's vs Weldwood. 2:45 p.m. to 4:05 p.m.  Cedars Inn vs Family Mart. 4:05 p.m. to  5:30 p.m. T&T Truckers vs Elphinstone  Rec*    ' ,' ,   .  ,      ��� - 7        -   -  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12       A  5:30 a.m. to 6:45"a.m. Weldwood vs  Cedars Inn. 6:45 a.m. to 8 a.m. T&T  Truckers vs Mercurylan'd. 8:15 a.m. to  9:30 a.m. Twin Creek Lumber vs Staiv  dard Oil.-9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Kinsmen  Vs Elphinstone Rec. 11a.m. to 12:15 p.m.  PH Lions vs Gibsons Lions. 12:15 p.m. to  1:30 p.m. Legion 109 vs Trail Bay Sports.  5:15 p.m. to 6:35p.m. SuperValu vs Tyee.  6:50 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. Legion 140 vs  Elsons Glass.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16  7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. SuperValu vs  Legion 140. :  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18  11:45 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. Mercuryland  vs PH Lions. 1:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m..  Kinsmen vs Elphinstone Rec. 2:45 p.m.  to 4:05 p.m. Standard Oil vs Trail Bay  Sports. 4:05 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Cedars Inn  vs GTs.  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 19  5:30 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. (P) Standard  Oil vs Trail Bay Sports. 6:45 a.m. to 8  a.m. (P-) Cedars Inn vs GTs. 8:15 a.m. to  9:30 a.m. Family Mart vs Weldwood.  9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Twin Creek  Lumber vs.Legion 109.11 a.m. to 12:15  p.m. T&T Truckers vs Kinsmen. 12:15  p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Gibsons Lions vs  Mercuryland. 5:15 p.m. to 6:35 p.m. Tyee  vs Legion 140. 6:50 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.  SuperValu vs Elsons Glass.  THURSDAY, |  7:15 p.m. to I  Tyee.  EBRUARY23   ,  *30 p.m. Elsons Glass vs  SuperValu.       A XXx.'A  SATURDAY, MARCH 4.  11:45 a.m. to 1:10 p.m: t&T Truckers  vs Elphinstone Rec. 1:10 p.m! to 2:30  p.m. GTs vs Cedars Inn. 2:45 p.m. to 4:05  p.m. Mercuryland vs Gibsons Lions. 4:05  p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Legion 109 vs Trail Bay.  Sports. "     ���    .  SUNDAY, MARCH 5 <  5:50 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. (P) Legion 109  vs Trail Bay Sports. 6:45 a.m. to 8 a.m.  (P) Elphinstone Rec. vs Gibsons Lions.  8:15 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Pender Harbour vs  Mercuryland. 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.  T&T Truckers vs Kinsmen. 11 a.m. to  12:10 p.ni Weldwood vs Cedars Inn!  12:20 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Family Mart vs  GTs. 5:15 p.m. to 6:35 p.m! Twin, Creek  Lumber vs Standard Oil. 6:50 p.m. to 8: 1!>  p.m. Tyee vs Legion 140. *  THURSDAY, MARCH 9  7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Legion 140 vs  SuperValu.  SA^TURDAY, MARCH 11  11:45 a.m. tp 1:10 p.m. Family Mart  vs Cedars Inn. 1:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour vs Gibsons Lions. 2:45  p.m. to 4:05 p.m. GTs vs Weldwood. 4:05  p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Twin Creek Lumber vs  Standard Oil. '      ��� .  SUNDAY, MARCH 12  5:30 a.m. to'6:45,,a.m. (P) Tyee vs  Cedars Inn. 6:45 a.m. to 8 a.m. (P) Twin  Creek Lumber vs GTs. 8:15 a.m. to 9:30*  a.mY(P) Elphinstone Rec. vs Gibsons.  9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. T&T Truckers vs  Kensmen. 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m/Legion  109 vsTrailBay Sports'. 12:15 p.m. to 1:30  p.m. Weldwood vs Family Mart. 5:15  p.m. to 6:35 p.m. Pender Harbour vs  Mercuryland. 6:50 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.  Elsons Glass vs Tyee.  THURSDAY, MARCH 15    - f ' .  7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Elsons Glass vs  Legion 140.  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25  11:45 a.m. to 1:10 p.m. T&T Truckers  vs Kinsmen. 1:10 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Weldwood vs GTs. 2:45 p.m. to 4:05 p.m.  Legion 109 vs Standard Oil. 4:05 p.m. to  5:30 p.m. PH lions vs Gibsons Lions.  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26  5:30 a.m. to 6:45 a.m. (P) T&T  Truckers vs Gibsons Lions. 6:45, a.m. to 8  a.m. (P) Weldwood vs Legion 109. 8:15  a.m. to 9:30a.m.(P) GTs vs Standard Oil.  SATURDAYrMARCHTW ~   8:30 a.m. to 9:50 a.m. Gibsons Lions  vs Pender Harbour. 9:50 a.m. to 11:10  a.mrElphinstone Rec. vs Kinsmen, 11:25  a.m. to 12:45 p.m. GTs vs Cedars Inn.  12:45 p.m. to 2:05 p.m. Twin Creek-  Lumber vs Trail Bay Sports. 2:20 p.m. to  3:50 p.m. Legion 109 vs Standard Oil. 4:05"  p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Weldwood vs Family-  Mart.  SUNDAY, MARCH 19  ^: Jo a.m. toYluT45_a715rPH Lions vs  Mercuryland. 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.  Cedars Inn vs Family Mart. 12:15 p.m_.tQL  1:30 p.m. Trail Bay Sports vs Twin  Creek. 5:15 p.m. to 6:35 p.m. Kinsmen vs  Elphinstone Rec. 6:50 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.  SuperValu vs Legion 140.  THURSDAY, MARCH 2  7:15 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Elsons Glass vs   5:50-a-tiir-t^614571[SrTPr^Bo^  Glass vs .    . 6:45 a.m. to 8 a.m. (P)  "Pender Harbour vs Kinsmen. 8:15 a.m.  'to*^30^^nr^ib^onrT3dWl^'TSI^  curyland. 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. (P)  Trail Bay Sports vs Standard Oil.,11 a.m.,  t<sp^2:15 p.m. Elphinstone Rec. vs f&t*  Truckers. 12:15 p.m. to'l :3���0 p.m..Tyee vs;  SuperValu.  Playoffs start -Thursday,-March 30.  tfMfc-MMMPMPa-*^^  The Peninsula Times Page A-7  J^^Wepdaesday^l��!uai3LS.71lg8  , Give yourself and your-family the gift  of longer life. Know and keep the heart-  health rules, urges B.C. Heart.  ^-Waker-SturdYr:D;G;-  Cnr. School,Rd & Gower Pt. Rd.  Gibsons      886-2122  7  -���MMMVtMivmfttMlMPi  Elphinstone hosts  junior  , _ Two local teams and three visiting  schools will compete in the Howe Sound  Junior Boys Basketball Tournament at  Gibsons Elphinstone Senior Secondary  school on Friday and Saturday, February  competition/particularly from Squamish  and Chatelech, in this tournament.  Admission is $1 (75 cents with student  card).  The full schedule is as follows:  10 and 11.  Elphinstone, Chatelech, Mount Currie,  Pemberton and Squamish will play four  'games each in a round-robin format, with  the winner-advancing to a playoff with  junior teams from Richmond and Vancouver. Y l  The tournaunent will begin at 2:30 p.m.  Friday and and at approximately 8 p.m.  Saturday, with the presentation of  championship and All-Star trophies.  Elphinstone, which won eight straight  .'games earlier this season, is favored to  "capture the trophy won last year by  Squamish. But they can expect strong  More junior  wildlifers wanted  The Gibsons' Wildlife Club's junior  program is now underway but there is still  room for more members at the Roberts  Creek clubhouse.  ���. _ Meetings in the junior program is open  to anyone from 12 to 15 years old.    -  The Wildlife Club supplies .22 small  bore rifles and ammunition can be bought  at a discount. '      Juniors are also charged an annual  $7.50 membership fee.  Competition will be arranged with  younger members of the Sechelt Rod and  Gun Club ahd possibly with Powell River.  It is hoped some sort of local sponsoring  can be arranged in order to stimulate the  interest of the participants and encourage  them to go on and become senior members  of the club.  --^FRIDAY  - 2:30 Mt. Currie - Squamish. 4:00  Elphinstone.- Pemberton. 5:30 Chatelech -  Squamish. 7:00 Elphinstone:-Mt. Currie,  .8:30 Chatelech - Pemberton.   \X  SATURDAY,  12:00 Chatelech - Mt. Currie. 1:30  Pemberton - Squamish. 3:00 Elphinstone -  Chatelech. 4:30 Mt. Currie ��� Pemberton.  6:00 Elphinstone - Squamish.  GALES HOCKEY SCHEDULE  Feb. 4th & 5th ��� Burnaby Amateur Hockey League  Y-~ Team '���   '  Feb. 11th & 12th ��� Winter Carnival Tournament at  Gold River  Feb. 18th & 19th ��� Powell River    Feb. 25th & 26th ��� Gonzaga University  Spokane)  SPECIAL WEEKEND  Watch The Times for more Information  ,  ��� schedule sub|ec*4o change ���  GAME TIMES:     Sat. 8:30 p.m.  Sun. 2:00 p.m.  HOCKEY   CLUB  Due to circumstances beyond our control, the hockey game scheduled  for this weekend. Feb 4th & 5th was cancelled.  The effort by the directors & players to find a replacement team was  to no avail due to short cancellation notice.  We would like to thank minor hockey for putting together a midget  all star team & providing excellent on Ice entertainment.  Focus on fitness  Energize those blahs!  By FRAN BERGER  Usually this is the time of the year  when New Year's resolutions and well-  meant intentions force us to take a full-  length look at ourselves, and so we are  prodded to do those things we know we  should do but tend to put off.  I suspect^ however, that a combination  of the "winter doldrums" and the most  recent and hard-hitting flu bug has  siphoned a significant amount of energy  from our reserves, and the result is a  general case of the "blahs". It seems  you've either got the flu, just had it, or are  coming down with it, and whichever it is  one seemsto be left-feeling about as  spunky as a wet dishrag.  Time takes care of most things ��� and  so too,with the Post-Flu Blues ��� but what  are the alternatives to waiting around?  Well, one thing to get you back on the track  order for our hearts to receive a training  benefit from exercise our heartbeat must  be maintained at a high rate ( 70 per cent  of our maximum heart rate, determined  by age) for at least 15 minutes, and to have  a sustained effect this must.be done at  least three times a week. And perhaps our  greatest misconception is our tendency to  underrate our own abilities and capacities  for exercise. We can't simply because we  say we can't.  Exercise may not be a cure-all, but its  benefits are many. It helps prevent  disease, because an exercised,body is  stronger and therefore more resistant to  both bacteria and injuries. A strong body  can also cope better with demands, such  as those placed upon it in times 6f  emergency. Exercise gives one energy, and  an enhanced sense of well-being; It makes  you feel good! And, as being in shape  Sechelt lanes  Don Slack had a very good night  January 26 coming up with an 824 total.  ' Individual games were 284,,301, 239..  .Albert -Thompson had 221; 265, 262 for -*  ^748, and for the ladies Joanne Giampa had "  273, 260 for a 719 total.  Others having 200 games were - Vi���  -Slack - 210, 203; Bob Forbes - 202, 216;  Harvey Kirby - 200; Colleen Procknow -  238; Andy Henderson - 242,222; Ken Shier -  224; John Loveday - 229,219; Don Caldwell  - 225,218; Lionel McCuaig - 233, 227; Sam  Mackenzie - 252, 211; Lola Caldwell - 215,  212; David Giampa - 207; Rick Simpkins -  224; June Frizzell - 213; BUI Simpkins -  209; Tom Pursell - 240, 232, 210; Frank  Frizzell - 277; Heather Brackett 202;  Bonny Simpkins - 275,  Sam Mackenzie led the way with 259,  279, 269 for 807.  Ena Armstrong had 287,269,208 for 764  and Tom Purssell had 211,242,301 for 754.  Albert Thompson came up with a 308.  Others getting 200 games were:  Pearl Mackenzie - 229, 219 (628);Ferrt  Mosier - 221, 233; Dort Caldwell - 205, 216,  219; Rick Simpkins - 201; Ev Forbes - 220;  Andy Henderson - 229,221; Ron Slack 209;  Colleen Procknow - 235,244; Bob Forbes -  224; June Frizzell - 256; Bill Simpkins *  210; David Giampa - 215; Frank Frizzell -  205,209.  As we are travelling to the Winter Carnival in Gold River on Feb 11 &  12 hockey on the Coast will not resume until Feb 18th & 19th.  WATCH THE TIMES FOR GAME DETAILS  and feeling more lively Is a bit of exercise!   .SowflMeTC Ci3l1-3-fl.fi  WOflC��  Of course diet plays a crucial part in   fuller and, more enjoyable. w-** ���������*�����%���*���   living  ���\  "T7f  - .���-.'#,.'Yv.-*'v..'-..4*tf,! fY.n.......-,  both recovering from illness and In subsequently retaining health, but covers only  part of our need. Just as much as our  bodies have a nutritive requirement, so  also our muscles, heart and lungs  physically require ACTIVITY, and must  be put through regular and vigorous  workouts In order to be healthy.  It bears repeating: The human body ls  the only machino that Improves with uso  and degenerates with disuse I  B��UJon^  Well consider the principal of Inertia: A  body at rest tends to remain at rest, and a  body ln motion tends to remain ln motion.  So If,you've been '%t rest" for a while, it's  going to take an extra big spurt of energy  to overcome Inertia and get you moving  again, but once you're In motion it will be*  cosier to stay that way. And a side effect of  exercise seems to - be * bonus shot of  energy, so that rather than feeling less  energetic after exorcise, In general ono  tends to feel morel The reward' la there.  It's the initial step that's hard ��� convincing yourself to mnko that move!  There tends to be some myths concerning exercise which should bo dispelled  ns thoy reflect attitudes that hamper us  and result In more pain than pleasure, Ono ~  faulty attitude Is that the need for exercise  diminishes as we grow oWer and Jnsrt  eventually disappears. This Is simply  untrue. Particularly in the older years our  .'H^a'S^p^^^Prtl���,T**^*Wft^*.%TOfl^i^wl^laff flpj' %w��MW>*wi fca^^>i^p^*p^ptf^p^pjflp*(flp*PM^^!aM(.jMMMmmtmTr'*&t'rsi*#'  flexible nnd muscles toned. _      ._ V^  Very often we greatly exaggerate the  risks Jnvolved In vigorous physical activity after "middle ago, the benefits of  lllghisporfl^lc.exerpl8��M^r'��^i''flted.'In  To top lt offr exercise will make you  more mentally alert. Studies have proven  that the ability to learn significantly increases with Improved physical condition.  Exercise is a habit that must bo  cultivated our whole life long, and what  better time to plant the seed than now. If,  the "blahs" have got you down, charge up  your batteries with some physical activity.  You'll be glad If you do, "blah'd" If you  don't!  1 pg �� WWW ��*p?J WtASlM <a  ,*, ^p- <*t WrfefaiteM *,*kM4* ���*?  further Information call 88^2^22.  HOCKEY   CLUB  COMING  Feb. 25th and 26th  ���^M^��m^��^^v^^-"^ti-mrtm'>>s^<-  i Spokane, Washington.)  HOCKEY AT ITS FINEST/~ ^*?  raw  IWlallllll ������aW����JP^*a'aJpiW m) ^^ .      BarPMPWS        'mt      Vlf I        Jmmm)^mW W*  11:15 a.m. Feb.  Watch The Times for further information  ^wy ,** ���  wU-jit*^ ���  f  "S"  aaitt*.*-.'  .* i *������        KZ' ���     . -   ' ���      *  i *       *  uimmmiifMmrrmimitkJt&m, ��i|pp*��pwilwflto��#��'Wf<MU* fttfU  a     , . ��\    .    ,.    a..*,^  ...... *4|   -.   ��*  <*\ >^>1*rt-rt. &t*.<ili **&*&��&"*.. -*i  A  .Application forms for the 1978 Young  Canada Works prrigram are now available  at the Canada Employment Centre, 1243  Wharf Street In Sechelt.  ,  Doug Sawyer, project officer for the  Sunshlno Coast, will be in the area from  February 6-10.  On tho 10th ho will bo at the employment centre to handle Inquiries rind  help applicants complete their forms. For  \W\ 7    A  V  >#*2!f��d#i&m^^^  * * i   ' .��.va. ,**p��paV*.  "    "$"�����...  x^x'i *"   ��� /:  ^0r*$_mWft^m. ���9-  ������������ I .-    .    i      ��������� 7  *.*.  ). ��� i ������  ��� i  7 7  *    '-;.'-.  PageA-8 The Peninsula Times  ^���^Wednesday, FehniaryJ��-lffla  Minor  Midget-Juvenile W L T Pts  LegionNo.140 ..,. 8  1  1    17  Elsons Glass "... 5  4  2    12  SuperValuNo.23 3'6 0     6  Tyee Air : 2  7  1     5>  Tyee - 5. Super Valu - 3. Elsons Glass -  3. Elsons Glass - 2. Super-Valu -1. Legion  No. 140 - 4; Tyee Air - 7. Tyee Air - 2.  Bantam W L T Pts  Cedarslnn 7   1  1    15  Family Mart 6  2  1    13  Weldwood   3  5  1     7  G.T.'S  0  8  1     1  Cedar's Inn - 5. Weldwood -6. Family  Mart - 3. G.T.'s - 3.  Pee Wee ^       W L T Pts  LegionNo.109 6  2  1    13  Twin Creek 6  4  0    12  Standard    4  4  i     9-|  T.B.S .r 1  9  0     2  Twin Greek - 3. Standard -8. Legion No..  109 - 2. T.B.S. -1.  REGIONAL DISTRICT works  superintendent Gordon Dixon sits  grim-faced at last week's meeting of  tile public Utilities Committee at  which he offered to resign.%  MORE ABOUT . . .  ���Dixon offers  ���From Page A-l  board feels they do not have confidence in~  my, position I would be prepared to  resign.",.  Under questioning from the directors  Dixon said he has now ordered gas masks  to be placed at the reservoir. Blondeau had  been working with chlorine "for approximately two years" but it was unlikely  gas masks would be used when changing ,  an empty cylinder, Dixon said.  Soon after the accident an inspector  from the Workers' Compensation Board  visited the site and recommended the  chlorine tank storage area be roofed over  and safety measuresjipgra^ded^^-' _. ~=  ���HDixonYacjnittea standards were now  "lax" but with the help of a safety inspector from the WCB he would upgrade  them on return from a two week scheduled  vacation.--        -  Regional Board Chairman Harry  Almond said he was prepared "to accept  Dixon's explanation" of the accident.    ���  "I don't understand a man wHb'would~  normally knowingly open a can without a  mask on. I don't know why he did that to  himself,'' Almond said.  Area C Director Chalres Lee asked why  the incident had not been brought earlier  to the attention of the regional board.  PUC Chairman Morgan Thompson  replied he had discussed the situation with  Dixon but had decided against discussing  it with the board until the WCB report was  received. >'���  "It's not Gordon's fault it was not  brought to the meeting, it was my fault,"  Thompson told Lee.   .  "I can see why Gordon offered to resign  but I wouldn't even be prepared to consider it," said Area B Director. Peter  Hoemberg.  "Neither would I," echoed Thompson.  Dixon''has worked for the Regional  District for nearly 10 years.  Atom  W L T Pts  Book Look  By MURRIE REDMAN  By MURRIE REDMAN  - MASSEE'S 5-DAY MELT -AWAY  WINE DIET by William Edman Massee,  Doubleday Dolphin paperback, C1977,  $2.25. -   .  For diet collectors, here is a new one!  are a number of gourmet recipes, most of  them using wines, in the second partof the  book. You will find Roman Lamb Stew,  Ham and Clam Loaf and Ratatouille (the  latter, a zucchini and eggplant dish).  If you like champagne for breakfast,  Kinsmen 3  1  4    10  TandTTruckers   3  2  3     9  Elphinstone Rec 1  4  3     5  Kinsmen - 6. Kinsmen - 5. T and T -1.  Elphinstone Rec - 2.  Pup ��� WLTPts  Gibsons ,7 -*<)* 0    14  PenderWhalers 2  4  0     4  -Mercuryland  0  6  0     0  Gibsons-- 6. Gibsons.-_9. Pender_-_1.  Mercuryland - 2.     ,    _ . ���  Massee, a wine connoisseur and columnist ��� red dry for lunch and a sparkling white  on the subject, recommends his five to ten  day diet as one of the more painless  methods of losing weight When he says  that ''beef costs more than wine" he may  be right but he hastens to caution that one  should not give up calories for another  habit that is harder to break. His theory is  that one should treat a meal asjmadjuncL  -to^the=wmermakmg the^Bxfr ofthe^vine^-  reward rather than a complement to one's  dinner.  Like all dieting books, there is nothing  but common sense and the same old  calorie or carbohydrate counting to be  ��� done, but the best part of it is his approach  to a new style of eating during which you  shouldlose weight  wine for dinner, get the book and dine and  diet at the same time.  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Get out on the street.  Take a walk.  pamicipatTion.  Walk a Wock.Today.  5 YEARS ��� INTEREST PAID ANNUALLY  GUARANTEED  INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES  also  "Registered Retirement Savings Plan"  "Income Averaging Certificates"  ��� MINIMUM DEPOSIT $600  Mombor of Canada Papoill Iniuronco Corporation  \NoiHiWestTrust\  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmcomrvrrmmm  BONDED AGENT  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Socholt, 885-20 IS  He advises that you go on the diet for  either five or ten days and no longer. He'  begins with the usual advice about seeing  your doctor before trying his diet. I  wonder how many people do? Maybe if we  saw them enough we would not have to go  on diets in the first place!  His first step is deciding what weight  you should be. "Allow 100 pounds for 5 feet  of height. Add 5 pounds for each inch over  that if you are a woman oyeir twertty-fiVe, 6  pounds if you are a man."  To find out what your 'calorie intake  should be ��� ''multiply your ideal weight  by twelve. That's the minimum. Multiply  by fifteen for: the maximum you can take  in without .gaining'/- This is good advice  whatever you eat.'.: .yyyy777777.7  He says that one-third of your Intake  could be the wines. If your adding id like  mine t that does not leave much for food.  Reading on, on finds that foods you do eat  should be spicy rather than bland so that if  you cannot eat a lot maybe you can at least  '. taste-keenly. ��� .'., .'-���..��� ���,'-.7-...;y7-  The remainder of the book gives food  ��� suggestions and recipes. The directions  are simple - eat all of those, leave those  alone; ������' > -  These foods will cost only a few calories!,  and these foods will make you gain;   ���The b/)ok.fleems.to.glean.aU the.good  sense, that every diet book you have  already tried has, but does in ln an easy-  reading way. To keep from nibbling, there  Express drawn  Tho Western Express, lottery was  drawn last week and winners nre:  Scries No. 22, 38848; Scries No. 21,  62871; Series No, 24, 03007; Series No. 10,  40521; and Series No,,00, 16667. Same  numbers In any series win $1,000; If tho  "last fourot three numbertfmatchrydUWW  $100 and $25 respectively.  EHINSULA^  limeb  CALENDARS  on sale now!   $2-ML_  stop in at our office in Sechelt and, pick one up.  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'" »'
'• .- -.        -■          ',  ' 7
.,-         /
.  r
- y ■         '
. Y        ■    '\     '■  '      ■-.*
7    '
> A
■   .'
mtfr-tTtiTn   a-n.fi-.nri   nnvva-e
niEiX viauui inn. rooi up ai me aunsnme coasts new arts centre. An application  will  De made  to  the
province for money to help complete the project.
~ Sechelt council" members and the
village staff are to get pay hikes in 1978.'
Both the clerk and works foreman are
to receive $1,325 per montlvup from $1,250
last year. The village's secretary, will have
her salary increased to $750 per month.
Mayor Harold Nelson will get an annual
$1,400 honorarium. It was $1,300 last year.
The four aldermen will be paid $700 a year
instead of the $650 they were paid in-1977.
In introducing the raises at the
February 1 council meeting, Finance
committee member Frode Jorgensen
suggested the system of an annual
payment for the mayor and aldermen be
dropped in favour of rewarding members
for each meeting attended.
He suggested giving Nelson $60 per
meeting   and   the   aldermen   $30   per
j J   meeting. Council members would also be
paid for attending committee meetings if
the expenditure was approved.
"Even if a person didn't show up he
could get paid if the council felt there was
a good reason he was not there,"
Jorgensen said in support of his proposal.
Alderman Frank Leitner agreed saying'
council members, like employees, should
be allowed to get sick and go on annual
vacations with pay. .
Jorgensen's motion was defeated as it
failed to get the required majority voter
Th;e ^ninsulaT^^
iection B /    ^-^     Wednesday, February 8,1978 Pages 1-8
Wednesday, February 8,1978
Pender school to be
a community centre
Smile a while s
by George Campbell
 The new^ender-HarboufTflghschool
will be "something unique in B.C." John
Denley told a Madeira Park community
meeting Tuesday night. /
Denley, the local superintendent of
schools y described the still-incomplete
building as a combination classroom and
neighborhood activity centre.
An application has been made for a
$291,000 grant from the Neighbourhood
Improvement Plan program to cover the
installation costs of ah },800 square foot
swimming pool with a suana, hydrotherapyjwol; exercise rooms and an ac-'
tivity deck for swimming classes.'
A government decision on the grant is
expected by the end of March.
Plans call for the school to also house a
communal library, meeting rooms, a full
size gymnasium and industrial workshops.
. First priority will be given to students
for the use of the building's facilities,
followed by adult education classes, nonprofit organizations and then other
community groups.
"' "The accent will be on community
activities for all ages," Denley promised
his audience last week.
Barring construction strikes the $l1/fe
million school should open September.
Odds and ends, random observations;
. apt quotations, and hot flashes ...
__This item from the writings of St.
^^Benedict:  "If any pilgrim monk come
-»*■- tit -
■ *'      '»t*JVP>*.'
from distant parts with wish to dwell as a.
guest in the monastry, and is content with
the customs he finds in the place, and does
not   by   his   lavishness   disturb  the
monastery, he shall be received for as long
a time as he desires. But if he be found
gossipy and contumacious in the time of
his sojourn as a guest, not only ought he
not to be joined to the  body of the
monastery, but also it shall be said to him,
honestly, that he must depart. If he does,
not go, let two stout monks, in the name of
God, explain the matter to him."
" * * »
Back in the last century, a man namedv,
''"--CadyJe-.wrote, "Make yourself an honest*
man, then you may be sure there is one
rascal less in the world."     . "
* *, *
Have you ever noticed the similarity
between small-minded people and small-
necked bottles?~The less they have in
them, the more noise they make pouring it
out.       7!.   ■'      ' ■■y.X-'A, • ' -.'
.   . •'• Y. '*■   *    "•"'■:■
There were three metric containers on
the table. One contained water* the second"
contained mercury, and the last was filled
with hydrogen. Thus, I supposeone coul<J
say that the latter litre was lighter. ON the'
other hand if the last container was not
filled with hydrogen until the following
day, one could say that the latter litre
wouldn't be lighter 'til later,
Then if a person were to glue a big "A"
oh the container with the hydrogen, why,
one could say that the latter litre with the
letter wouldn't be lighter 'til later.
And then if some thief crept in and
vniade off with that container of hydrogen,
one could say that the looter took the latter
litre with the letter that wouldn't be lighter
'til later;: (Timeoutwhile I untangle my
tongue from my teeth.)
The. difference between French
Canadians and English Canadians... has.
been going on since 1812.
* .* *
"Having* come to' the conclusion that
everything I like is either fattening or
immoral, I have decided to become an
overweight sinner." (From the writings of
George Campbell). u—£.
* * * ,
And  from  the   same   pen... "The
difference between the streets of Powell
River in the winter, and the streets of
Warsaw in the summer, is that the -former
are filled with pot holes and the latter are
filled with hot Poles,"
j * * *
A couple of years ago my son came
home from school with a riddle. It-was a
good riddler which had been given to him
iby one pf his^,teachers. The teacher did
f NOT provide him with the answer. It took
-■bur family two days to sqlve it-Seeihow
you make out. Here is tne riddle...   .
The man who makes it sells it. The man
who buys it doesn't want it. The man who
gets it doesn't know he's got_it. What is
JtT^ilLyoucanli igm^toiitf-aiKLwouli
like to know the answer, write to me in
care of this newspaper and T will send you
the solution.)
," '.■■"'     * *"■ •♦
"The men who try to do something and
nEaTrareinf iftiteljr better than the men who
try to do nothing and succeed." (This was
writtn by some guy called,/Anonymous'.)
I have been writing this column since
1974, and I would like you to know that not
once in all that time have I ever been
accused of originality, and while this may
not be a record, I'll bet iffy a darn good
We still have a few cups and saucers
and beakers left at the old price. Oiir new
stock will be in soon if you prefer to wait.
1. Coma,   Robin   Cook.   Now,   American
Library. (2)   *
2. Cloie   Encounters  of  th*  Third   Kind.
Stovon Spielberg. Doll, (1)
'3.,Blue Sklei,  No Candy,  Gael   Groene,
4. Voyage, Sterling, Haydon, Avon. (6) 7
,5. Trinity. Loon Urls. Bantam. (3)
6. Tho Craih ol 79. Paul Erdman. Papor-
|ackt. (4) p
7. Looking lor Mr. Qoodbar. Judith Rowner,
Pocket Book*. (7)
8. Tho Choirboys, Joseph Wambaugh. Doll,
(8) '     *
9. The  Chancellor  Manuicrlpt.  Robort
Lu'dlum, Bantam. (•)
10. Th* Snow Walker. Farloy Mowat, Seal,
l\ Changing, Liv Ullman, Bantam (3)
WRoiotil AlexVtaleV. Doll.\0)\\ ,
3>al.iofl*i. Gall Shoohy, Bantam, (2)
4, Your  Krroneout   Zon*».   Wayne   Dyer;
Avon, (4)
fl. A   Man    Called    Intrepid.    William
Stevemon, Ballantln*. (5)
e.Th*  Oam*iman.  Michael   Maccoby.
fxmiam.' {•) -       ■ ■ »-•	
7. Btood and Money. Thoman Thompton,
B.Th* Book of U.ti, Irving Wajlqco, Amy
Wallace and'DavId Wallachlntky.' Bantam' (•)
9. Th* Hit* Report. Shore Hlle. Del|, (7)
10. Adoll Hitler. John foland, Ballahllno, (9)
(The number In bracken Ii last week'*
Compiled f^er^bjokw
coippllmentm of
1 "'"""      7 *'W.mtiZ.: '.'' "," p".«*«v* *>• ■*»e
■■k'WH'4W'aH'tt^1^K'4<*^IMBatMI'Bftf 4>aK<P*jM'Mk'<aWaW ^*'.-^'*W'«'lfK''p*Wt*:
Sunnycroit Contro, Olbidm
yv "    H86-B013
p***-*"**""-.,,-!.*.*; r\ n,*i\ e,-,|p,.• , J^»V7-pY'^'',iS{*'^,.77.)t/^''"*..^^ ......... *».-»..v-,...,.;...,-*^^ • ••   • i. „ wr-ip-        u,
■■•■■ '**""'  V   ■     -  p"--.- ;- ••—!• ,'""M*''>»\nn Y"»v» ""'*-*!'••'" *«n',t<^'*P«r i^l.i^«*(7L*S..'...i;-''i,..,.w.'».».»'-*l<Wl    « ^;,.».^.»l.'«.-,„»«..,«,^-a.»p.«*(aVJ,|p'',.   l''..'';H,!IP',i. .,,„,...,-,„	
„«a,...-.. ,»,.„    ..   . , .   „,..„„•-.. ,,\.  ,Y"^\".7*£'77-     ,..,"."'*" *T"tlY"Y YY   _. 1   '-■■•-•\--—-■•■•;» «"*« a..>i*„,...-..-   ,-,+.- .—.....-......——** ■ »  •    •  —  • ,'    ••
A gift to remember throughout
the year.
Long stem, pure silk roses.
The latest in fashion jewellery.
and We're OPEN
at our
1500 Gower Pt. Road	
please drop in and see us
,», „™aC_
vt" .;, n^mMmMn
t^.inm^mQpmimm^1lmmmMm)4Lmiimmmm^ m
-*   'A*        ii-   -.*•  •" '— ' "    I    "" -••>-•— •■*>•. ■        "p*   •     —-'      •-'
.^        .„.„._   . w   , ,»c w ^ i^ppm^-pp^u (^ ^   "**"4^7*rS*T st.p>*"^V*S -atfH",.!*1 .^^tmr'^^^.. W"^'V^.^v" «.,?.^^j,Jf *p^*^h^^.^*,»^.".. w ^.«*«*w*
....   '7* ,".   .. .  .       '   "    v   -' ","p «,■.«   '*"■ A\" -1 , **""' " -'   -  i ' '	
. /*.   .     »r  !«»'.
.1^...,,„. ■,„..„.,.«,. v.
• t:
V<V  :    \
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A.F.   &   A.M.   Regular
Meeting,  second  Tuesday
each month. 3874-13
Card of Thanks
MR. .ThomasJBrawnr&- family
 .wish-to extend their thanks
to Dr. Bortnick for his care &"
kindness .    during       the
bereavement of our., family.
our beloved wife and mother.
Thanks also to our friends for
their condolences at this time.
PageB-2 The Peninsula Times   Wed. February 8,1978
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The Peninsula Times '
•iorWestpres Publications Ltd.
at Sechelt, B.C.
Established 1963
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BROWN: Isabellas suddenly
on January 29,1978, late of
West Sechelt. Survived by her
loving husband Thomas, three
daughters Isabelle Campbell,
Margaret Kliche, Velma
Reed, three granddaughters,
one sister and-one nephew.
Service was^ held at Ham-
bleton Mortuary, Vancouver,
Wednesday, February 1. 3887-
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Send $1.00 for our-late'st'fully
illustrated catalogue of
marital aids for both ladies
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• JB.C..V6B3X9 3599-tfn.
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Cancer     Society      are
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Park. Cards are sent to the
bereaved  and  receipts  for
income tax purposes are sent
,  to the donors. ^3894-11
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Write Fuller Brush Co., c-o
Box 108, 808, 207 W. Hastings
St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H7,
or Mr. T. Diamond, RR 3,
Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5K1.3782-
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with Money to Spare. Sell
quality products in your own
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«t*l *.»-..
.pf\Q0rHU.»i'4,;,(,..>,*..* ,*,J'.,.M .1.
•   p  *»  p  »  <  i  ,,   p   ,»,,,,,,,,,,,  ,
.   J   =.,v.r,( . ,;,,... ,,,,.t:,t ..,..:,.,,..I  .,'.,«.   .'■#.."»■"»•-. v...,-'».. »., .,.*, v....
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;   The Peninsula Times Classifieds   !
■g- ■, ;■-■>■;'•'!"•:»'■'    7;''p,    Vi*";i"''»,V: ''.-;■'■   '"''•'■'   "'■•'   "■' '■'Yu> '"'',   YY 7'v"*777f.i '•'■ ''"""■" :'"'7".''   V, / "    '•'■'.■■'
'•'^■'■L.. >^ a— -1. _  ^_'J_._. ■___  _\_\J _J' '  '    'YV '       . ■■■>*■■
t-^m ^^mm^\mm tm mm tm mm
BOX 100
Member of Multiple Listing Service
GERRANS.BAY — large 3 BR architect
designed home on 130 ft waterfront
lot. $95,000."
MADEIRA PARK — furnished duplex (!•
BR & bachelor suite) on 52' waterfront.
if-ierX**^1?^ *"'*<  '-!-*■ ^—
■p**^* -*1' *^p^ji». - - / *' s
MADEIRA'PARK — cozy  2  BR view
, home,   fireplace,   dbl.  garage," good
'garden area.*b$44,500. .
level. Fireplace, sundeck & carport.
GUNBOAT BAY- — 3 BR home,'3 cot-   <
tages & float. 5 acres, 152 ft waterfront. $115,000. i
GERRANS BAY — 2 BR home, full
basement on 133*4-. ft waterfront,
large jot.'$89,000. *
ranch style home with family room,
carport. $65,000.
GARDEN BAY LAKE — well built 670 +
sq ft home on largeTreed lot. $38,000.
:m0Xj *i
SAKINAW LAKE — 57.5 acres, 2
cottages, 2 floats, 3,500± ft lakefront.
f£A.« •«&.::
BR cedar home, built 1975. Full of
extras. $105,000. —
?SS*v»> -*-v?< C-y-* -*J$:. •, y, ki^&Jiir%
fireplace, sundeck. 3/4 acre lot on Hwy
101. $37,500.
RUBY LAKE — 3 BR partially furnished
cottage, 96 ft lakefront in quiet cove,
float. $49,000.
GARDEN BAY — large 4 BR ranch style
home. Recently remodelled. Large lot.
$46,000;        "'      - -      '"
MADEIRA PARK — 3 BR split level on
5+ acres — view over Paq Lake. Fruit-
'trees,"garden. ^77,500. "
-RUBY-tAKE-^=-2-BRrw7w, electric heat,
"some" furniture. Road "access.   110 ft
beach lakefront. $50,000.
SAKINAW LAKE — 1,300+ ft
lakefront,"24+7acre5Y4-Bf? fi/rnished
panabode, float. $105,000.
SAKINAW LAKE — 37+ acre, 1,500 +
ft lakefront. $110,000.
SAKINAW LAKE — 16 acres, 750+ ft
lakefront. Water access. $36,000.
RUBY LAKE — Lot 4. 117 +_ ft lakefront,
road access. $17,600.
NARROWS ROAD — 3 BR rancher, built
In 1976. Carport & sundeck. Close to
Madeira Park. $39,900.
cedar home, 2 full floors of living area.
View. $73,500,
.7 7 "' '
KLEINPALE — duplex (one 3 BR and
one  2  BR)   on   2.2   acres,   close  to
Secondary School, $85,000.
MADEIRA PARK — interesting 4 BR
view home, architoct -©signed. 5 ma|or
appliances. $77,000,
PARK MOTEL — 1 ] modern renfal units, one BR rosldonco with office, Situated on the
bunsnine Coafct Highway,, do.o to Pender Harbour Secondary School, Would suit
anyono looking tor. a home and Income. $1)0,000. (
PHARMACY — MADEIRA PARK ~ 3,000 sq ft |oased floor space In Ponder HoHSour
shopping centre, $30,000 for business and equipment, plus'cash for stock Iri trade.
|    L(
ll.6t.ACRE ISLAND —"3 BR furnlshod
Panabodo,, float, Wator 8, hydro.
i i
$9,000-$22,000. ^-
.     Va. FRANCIS   taNlkiULA ^   lorvlcbcl
N       lol», $9,000*$ 15,000,
3, GARDEN BAY AREA -~ vlqw lots,
' ' .    *    ■    .
4, SANDY I^OOK -> vlow lot on Por-
po|»o Drlvo, $0,500,
subdivision on Sinclair Bay'Rd. Serviced, view and sornl-walorfronl lotn
Lots A, 6,748 $15,000ea,
MB.,,.,, , $15,500
Lots 12, 13&H $17,500oa,
lot 11, i ,,,,,f 18,000
'". ■—Lotr"TO'«"1S7T;TV7777'7r77$t9;5dO ea;'""
1.019 ,,.,,,$22,500
6, LANGDALE CHINES - Lot 35. Grady
Rd. Trood, $13,300.
acros, trood, boach, sholtorod covo,
1, MIDDLEPOINT — 2 BR horne 6W9.5
101, $58,000,.    :    ,        i
2, KLEINDALE r~ 20+, acros, fairly
lovol,, hall ,c|qqrod, $30,000.
3, MIDDLEPOINT — 10.9 acros, 2 BR
cottago, crook, $40,000,
4, FRANCIS PENINSULA — 1,5±, aero
trdod lot. $15,000,
5, BARGAIN HARBOUR — 1,5 acros,
treod, sorvlcod, $25,000,
,6, KLEINDALE-— ..23,7.«tr**d»acr*»,.
Monachor Rd. $50,000,
7. KLEINDALE-3±;acrei on Hwy 101;
0, IRVINES LANDING — 2,87 acre vlow
' lot, lovol,, $35,000.
1.GUNBOAT BAY —Garden Bay -^
89' watorlront lot, 1,35 trood acros, SE
exposure, $30,000,
2, SECRET COVE — Lot A on W*»can
Rd.,Good,bldg t site, „, 10', v»at*rfronl,
r $35,000, _;i. „,^„.,il,„',>      \.
3, GERRANS BAY A 2 ad|olnlnfl
watorfronlJots, 7V and 77', $30,000
4, FRANCIS PENINSULA — 70' bluff
waterfront, vlow ovor Bargain Harbour, $21,500.
S.OARDEN BAY - 2W watorlranf,,
watorfront lot In Ponder Hbr, 1,0 acroii
»op walor moar'aao*.
NELSON ISLAND — 40 acros, 1500,' on
Woitmoro Bay, 22lS;fc,' on Wost Lako, 3
BR homo, 2 cottages, road to lako,
lloats. $160,000,
GARDEN MY — 3.5^ acres, 500 r+
sholtorod'watorlront, $122,500,
EARLS COVE T 8,57 acres, 450± fl
iholfirod* wafoffrbnf adloinfna forry
tormlnal. $125,000.'
NARROWS INLET - trood watorfront
acroogos, secluded, low bank, 5 acres
to 14, acroi prlcod from $24,500 to
.    DAN WltEY, Res. 883-9149
■'■H" "i nmmmmmmmiimmmmmimmmmm'l il i ni in n ■ "■«■
.     WW^a—Watill ll il| Mllllllll.
* '.. Kl     '»   ,'.
" "" *"" ■ •('•niV    a,I
™^piy,.^« ajft ^^^.•^f'gfg^xm'»}^^^tl^^M'h»*
OLLI or JEAN $LADEYV 883-2233
\ ',
*t W" ftp *i^'t^tdmm'^nrmrtimm$»'
n* ™*iw#wmi-«i# mtf'^**^^
—*- -v ,; \ -;'��� >  <N.  \  Help Wanted  For Rent  Real Estate  X  WANTED  FREE^PEfeibEI  Six large trees and some  small hand clearing. Sakinaw  Lake Lot. No road, must boat  in. To be finished, 1st, March  78.   .  Write Box 310, Sechelt  ,3883-12  -\ ���  DRAUGHTSMAN  MAPPING  TECHNICIAN-.  The Sunshine Coast Regional  District has a vacancy, for a  draughtsman-mapping ������ ���  technician with municipal  engineering-background-who  is familiar with land use  planning technology, mapping, and able to do basic  research;- .-   -   *- - -'- ���-,  WATERFRONT W. Sechelt 2  -bdnn7-carport^-i;elephone~  "TV, linen service. $250. Eves  885*2627. ��� .   3831-12  AVAILABLE Now. Yearly  rental^      Mission      Pt.  waterfront home. Ref. Gordon  .Agencies, 885-2013, eves 885-  "9365.    y-       .- ��� .   .*.- 3826-9  3 BDRM 1300 sq ft home, on  flat lot 1 block from shopping centre; theatre,-transportation, schools etc. $285  per mo. Ph.886-2155..- 3902-13  Fully modern 3 bdrm duplex  ���mHower^Gibs6nsV~carpeted'  throughout. Fireplace. Avail,  immed. $325 per mo.  NEW 1200 sq ft home with full  ���bsmtt-ineludes-shake-roofr  carpets, finished FPs up and  down, custom kitchen  cabinets. Located on Chaster.  Rd on 100 x ,100' beautifully  treed lot near the newly  proposed Pratt Rd school.  Priced* for excel value in mid  50s by contractor. Ph.- 886-  7511. 2462-tfn  Business Opportunity    Cars and Trucks  AN' EXCITING business;  unlike anything in the  community. This complete  product and merchandising  ' concept can be operated as  part of an existing business or ���  Wednesday, February^, 1978  The Peninsula Times  PageB-3  '75 FORD % ton, ps; ob, 360_V8_  auto, new- paint, sOTOOO mi.  $3200. Good mech. cond. Ph.  883-2392. 3850-tf  ats and Engii  Livestock  -tivestoclc  35 hour, four day work week.  Usual fringe benefits.,Salary  $1,116.00 per month.  Competition closes - Friday,  February 17th, 1978.  Address applications to:  Mrs. A.6. Pressley,  ���Secretary-Treasurer,  Sunshine Coast  Regional District,  P.O. Box 800,     ^  Sechelt, B.C.  * VON 3A0  885-2261  3892-sptpub.Feb.8,1978  For Rent  BACHELOR and 1 bdrm apts.  Furn & unfurn in Gibsons.  W-W carpet, parking. Ph. 886-  7490 or 886-2597. 3248-tf   ���*.         LARGE housekeeping rooms  daily, weekly or monthly.  Ph. 885-3295 or 886-2542. - -,.  3Q90-tfn  2 bdrm apt. overlooking Keats  Island, lower Gibsons. Carpeted, modern. $230 per mo.  CENTURY WEST  y   REAL ESTATE LTD.  885-3271      '  3901-11  Real Estate  TAX SHELTER:, 12 suite  apartment. 11-twb bedroom,  . 1-one bedroom. No vacancies  sjuice built in 1975. CMHC Tax  certificate. Box 2707 Smithers,  B.C. V0J2N0. Ph. (604) 847-  3145. 3878-11  * WANTED:' 18 acres or larger  -. with creek to $65,000 FP. Ph.  438-3663. 3880-13  IN SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm, 4  yr  old  home.   Stone  fp,  modern kitchen, closed-in_  . carport & much more. Asking  SgtV-sqpttrTrirow "*hr-lge..  .-{wppnhniisft.  lawir~&~w��rrieri.  WISH TO BUY summer house  near salt water. Ph. 986-4657  or write 3359 Redfern,  N.Vancouver. 3849-12  .-NEW-3 bdrm, 1000 sq fLwith-  ���-t view���w-w- caipetr-crfrport-,���  fireplace. Asking $39,500. Ph.  885-3773. 3871-tf  . 2 BDRM contemporary home  w-loft area. Best offer to  $40,000. Trail-Bay Ave. Phi.  876-6206 or 885-3644.      3818-11  Business Opportunities  VINYLDECK Installations  Ltd.; with branches  throughout the Lower.  Mainland, has a dealership  opening in this area. We train  and guide you. Earn up to $40  per hour. Small investment  required. Ph. 465-5789 or 530-  4986. 3876-U  JEWELRY STORE for sale in  Central Fraser Valley. Good  location, good net profit.  Apply Box 110, Cro 808, 207 W.  Hastings St., Vancouver, B.C.  V6B1H7. 3861-11  Use Times Adbriefs!  as separate outlet. Contact,  The 'Accenter', 105-6001,196A  St.,Xangley, B.C. V3A 1A8.  PH. 533-2333.   w���      8909-11 "  "        . -���, >���  Mobile Homes  '72 -12, x 60' Leader mobile  home. Completely furn..exc.  cond. $10,000. Ph. 883-9989.  .. _j_v,_,    - v-y y-3?0*:13,  12 x 68' BERKSHIRE, 1976.  Ph. 886-7737. 3847-12  Machinery  SEPTIC TANK forms, 2-600,  p    gal. (steel). Price $2500. Ph.  534-7577. 3877-11  B50 J-D final drives; Oliver  OC12, good undercarriage;  TD15 tracks and rollers; D4  Caterpillar hydraulics; 1967  Kenworth. Cummins 5 & 4  SQD. Contact Cariboo Tractor  Parts, Box 4268; Quesnel, B.C.  V2S 3J4. Ph. 992-5354.    3910-11  FOR SALE or Hire: 1976 1240  Volvo rubber tired loader;  3.3 yd. bucket, .3100 hrs.;-  machine like new. Apply Box  906, Lake Cowichan, B.C. V0R  2G0. Ph. 749-3920 aft. 5 p.m:.  -  3911-11  For Quick Results  Use Times Adbriefs I    *  FOR RENT:' WilsonYCreelc  Community HallrTontact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  3691-tfn  2 BDRM tJhouse,    semi-  waterfront��� -Burns -Rdr,  Hopkins Lndg. Ph. 886-2190  eves. 3867-12  On!: ROOM'furnished cabin,  all facilities. Ph. 883-2697. -  3884-1L  APARTMENTS, for rent. 1, 2  or 3 bdrm. Ph: 886-2417.3873-  tfj y  3 BDRM house on 1 acre in  Gibsons. FP,  carport, %  bsmt, workshop. Avail, immed. $300 per mo. Ph. 886-9154  or 886-7571. 3869-tf  i  ^greenhoiise, lawn-iSr garden  ���yf  Dh dor qpjoo __Qnofi_i*:  Ph.885-932&.  3896-13  'ender Harbour Realty Ltd.  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  VACANT: newly renovated C-  2 retail store with bachelor  suite on main street near  Chilliwack. Value $45,000.  Many possibilities. Cash or  trade. Ph. 823-6226 aft. 6 p.m.  3906-11  NEW 1300 sq ft, full bsmt  .finished w-w throughout,  /ensuite, view, double FP,  sundeck. Davis Bay area. Ph.  885-3773. Asking $69,500. 3833-  11  FOR SALE  2-3 bedroom home in  excellent���condition-on  large . lot in Sechelt  Village, v-Bastomeat,  close 'to all  amenities.  _ By Owner  $34,000  885-9802  ATTENTION!  Retire on the beautiful  coast of Sechelt. We  have 6 Mobile Home  Sites left.  Single Wides  or Do ubTeWfcles"  Located at Garden Bay  i  100% Bank Terms OPFG  LANCER HOMES  call collect '    -'  Ed Zack, 533-1651  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Semi waterfront ioUwitfi  choice harbour view ... $13,500.  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Easy to build on and right in  Madeira Park. Has unfinished cabin ... $33,500.'  WATERFRONT LOT ��� A Bargain Harbour beauty  with deep moorage and good beach. Has rough but comfortable  two bedroom accomodation and good float... $40,000.  WATERFRONT-LOT ��� Deep and protected moorage  in   Egmont.  Has trailer  pad,   septics,   water  and   power.  $35,000.        '  ONE ACRE LOTS ��� On Francis Peninsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable area. Just 2 left, so don't  delay... $15,000 each.  20 ACRES ��� Mostly level land on Highway  101  across  from Sunset Cove. Beach access, nicely treed, driveway  in. Here is a fine investment at $44,500.  7 ACRES ��� on Highway 101 close to Madeira Pork.  Partly cleared and on a westerly slope. Asking $35,000.  '75 CHEV % ton 4 spd, 350  eng., 35,000 mi. $4495 obo.  Ph. 885-9955.        __    3866-12  '67 FARGO % ton crewcatf.  HD steel box, 4 spd, good  cond. View at P.H. Chevron or  883-9032. $1100 obo.       3875-11  '63 CHEVROLET Nova, good  tires. Ph. 885-9540.     3895-11  HIGGS MARINE  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims. Condition &  valuation surveys. -Serving the  Sunshine Coast & B.C. coastal  waters. Ph. 885-9425, 885-9747,  585-3643,886-9546..,   - 3490-tfn  SUPERB SURFER 24' sedan  cruiser, command bridge  and crew boat models. Factory to you saves $$$ Surfer  Marine, ,678 Anderton Rd.,  Comox, B.C. V9N 5B8. Ph. 339-  ^5733.^     ���_i_i. --r-<    3783-11  1969 APPALOOSA stallion  "Softspot" ApHCC4860, 15.3  hh, black-white leopard, big  ftspotsY Excellent blood lines.  Substance, animation,  brilliance, disposition. Photo  available. WeU. - trained  western. $1100. Ph. (604) 537-  5897.=��� ;'      3879-11  GOOD LOCAL Ladner hay for  sale. Call 596-0920..   3634-tfn  CHICKS: brown egg-layers,  white   Leghorns,   white  Rocks. Order early, ship.  anywhere.   Napier -Chick  Sales, 6743 216th St., Langley,  ��� Box 59, Milner, B.C. VOX 1T0.  -Ph;-534n7222.     .' 3882-tf  CERTIFIED  Farrier,  Hans  . Berger is coming to, Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. , 994-tfn  mOffiV-^T-Suburbanr-new-  paint, new motor, no rust.  $1800. Ph. 886-2694.       3893-13'  '76 FORD Supercabr390eng, 4  spd, 17,000 mi., $5800; '60  Mercury single axle dump  truck, $1500; gooseneck  equip't trailer, $1200. Open to  offers. Ph. 885-2680,      3897-11  ���70 CHEV VzT pu, V8, 3 spd.  trans, $1500 obo. Ph. 885-9791  aft. 5:30. 3898-13  ���74 CAPRI V6 4 spd. For info,  ph. 886-9541. . 3813-11  '74 FORD 1 ton, duals, lwb, ps,  pb, 4 spd. $3000. 12x8' steel  deck, $500. Ph. 885-9085,aft. 6  pm. 3803-11  PILE DRIVER working in  Secret Cove-P.H. area.  Mid.. Feb. piling orders should  be placed soon. Lex Hanson,  886-2875 for free est.     3881-13  Pets  BLUE Great Dane, female  pup. Uncropped, immunized  and registered. Good" with  children. Any reasonable  offer. Contact Bluecort Danes,  c-o S.C. Frew, 385 Cadder,  Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 5M9. Ph.  762-2715.      .       '        3828-11  408 BOARDING Kennels, new  number 885-9991.      3852-12  Use Times Adbriefs!  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Cowrie St.  885-2013  Sechelt  S^sssg**?;  WEST SECHELT ��� Three year old full  bsmt family home. 1572 sq ft each  floor. 3 bdrms. two fireplaces, 3  bathrooms. Double carport & sundeck. 1/2 ocre. PRICED TO SELL at  $56,500.  WEST SECHELT ��� Samron Rd, two yr  'old, 2 bdrm home, just on top of the  hill. The full bsmt is partially  .developed w-sauna, shower, bath &  den. Heavy insulation, dbl windows &  only $35. a month, all electric.  Landscaped $ fenced 80' lot with  garden area! F.P. $54,500. MLS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON  885-3271  New  Location: Wharf Road, Sechelt  (beside   Golden   City   Restaurant)  GARDEN BAY ��� One bedroom house on a large^  view lot close^tb Govt wharf. A good buy at $~3670So7  GARDEN BAY ��� Deluxe"Gothic Arch 2 bedroom'  cedar home with basement ahd sundeck. This Dollar Road  beauty has one of the best water views possible ... $49,900.  FRANCIS  PENINSULA ��� Extra large (650' deep)  building lot with 72' frontage on McKlintoch Road .. . $9,500.  PHONE 883-2794  JOHN BREEN * JOCK HERMON  883-9978 INSURANCE 883-2745  ROBERTS CREEK DUPLEX   _ $49,500  Large duplex located on Hwy 101' near, Flume Road. 3 large  bedrooms in each suite. An attractive piece of property situated  on approx 1 acre. Cpll Jim Wood, 885-12571.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT $79,000  What would you "do if you owned a 2 acre lot with 142' of prime  waterfrontage? The possibilities are endless and to top it all, it can  be subdivided, so you would be looking at an investment also. Give  me a call and try your offer. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  DAVIS BAY ���OCEAN VIEW $15,000  Located on Fir Rd, 110 x 70 building lot with panoramic view of sea  and Trail Islands. Go and look! Then let your imagination take over  as to the type bf dream home you can build on this excellent lot. But  don't sleep on it! Jim Wood, 885-2571.  \ < p\  SECHELT���MEDUSA STREET _ $39,900  3 bedroom, sjalid construction, Franklin fireplace in living room,  hardwood  floors,   roomy   kitchen,   close   to -the���park   and   all  OLD HOME NEEDS T.L.C. $19,900  Lower Gibsons. When you see the price you just knpw this home-  needs repairs. Has new furnace and ducts, the wiring seems new,  and the lot is a good size. Larry Reardon, 885-9320. K  BARGAIN HARBOUR LOT $22,500  Semi-waterfront. Over-the Narrows Bridge and facing "Bargain  Harbour. Only-tbe-foad between you and the water. Treed and easy  to build on. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  GIBSONS SCHOOL ROAD $55,000  A multi-dwellings zoned lot in a good location. Zoned for 18 apts.,  12 townhouses or duplex. Is on sewer. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  WELCOME WOODS J   < $9,500 & $9,750  Two lots 125 x 200. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  COUNTRY BUNGALOW $39,900  Situated on a large secluded, approx 2/3 acre lot, 6 miles west<?  Sechelt. 1 yr built. Stove, fridge, washer, dryer & some LR furniture  included. For further info call Ed Baker, 885-2641.  rvv  ure\  amenities. Owner wants action so try your offer. Jim Wood, 885-  2571.  WILSON CREEK    _    _ _'_ -���". ~~       $12,500  -Level;treed 1/2 acre, driveway in, situated on Browning Rd. Ap-  "7>rovec) for septic, very crdse to bedcTTdccessrThe price is right. Jim  Wood. 885-2571.  HOME ON THE BEACH ���HOPKINS LANDING. , $108,000  An IMMACULATE 1500 sq ft home with a lonely beach just outside  the door. Has 3 bedrooms, large loft, fireplace, landscaped grounds.  Specialty furniture included .in price. Larry Reardon, 885-9320.  8.7 ACRES $42,500  Not in land freeze. Nicely treed for seclusion. Water & hydro. Try  your down payment, vendor will carry. Ed Baker!_885;26AL_-   -VIEWToT $16,500  Near Sargeant Bay. 102 x 200. Arbutus and other small trees. Good  _bu4ldtng^site��^Ofiets.^Ed Bakar^&85-364Jw..u ^- -������ -    -  SANDY HOOK WATERFRONT        _____ $21,200  75' of quiet waterf romYGood moorage. Close to 1 /2 acre. Must sell.  Offers. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  RECREATIONAL PROPERTIES 7"   ' $11,000  ' Well treed for seclusion. J 25 x 200. Trailers .allowed. Power and  water. Ed Baker, 885-2641.  I  I  I  * Put your message into 4,000 homes  (15,000 readers] in these economical  spots. Your ad is always There for quick  reference... anytime)  CENTURY WEST REAL ESTATE LTD.  Every Office Independently Owned & Operated  Here's an economical way to reach  4,000 home. 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Ph, 885-2496. 3854-  -12 '  '. ���"  FORSALE  .Small  used  record  shop,  rpocket/ books; "music accessories. Great potentiatr  Gibsons. $3500. Ph. 886-9737.   3855-12  LOWREY ORGAN, in as new  cond, Jupiter model, built-in  Leslie, tape recorder - &  automatic rhythm. Complete  -with original instructions &  self-teaching material. Ph.  885-9991.. -> 3890-11  our models on display  A.C. RENTALS L1t>.-  Box 59, Madeira Park  .Phone 883-2585  ~        ox  ;  J&CELECTRONICS  Cowrie St,~Sechelt  Phone 885-2568  3832-11  COLD .     SPOT       comb,  refrigerator & freezer, 2 dr.,  good condrPhro85-3486r 390fc-  11  WOOD-OR ^OIL.hot water-  tank, as new, $75; sleepier  seat for boat, new $138; 7'  dinghy wood-boat, $35p one-  Pioneer-chainsaw^lOO; boys  bike, as new, $60. Ph. 886-9658.  ��� Y . 7 - ,3905-11  ULEFOS ,,-,new in B.C.  Quality Norwegian Wood  Heaters. Ideal for cabin,  home. 3 attractive models.  $260-$540. Write ULEFOS, Box  91686, W. Vancouver, B.C.  V7V3P3. . 3907-11  FOR SALE:' by builder. 3  ���bdrm-home-in-Gibsons^Cnr-  of Pratt & Grandview Rd. 1300  sq" ft, 2 full bathrooms w-;  ceramic splashes and 6'  vanities,'. vinyl siding, 7%"  insulation in ceiling. Finished  Lishaped rec room w-Frank-  lin fireplace, heatilator fireplace- , upstairs. Deluxe  Citation' kitchen w-dishwash-  er. Concrete driveway, lots of  wallpaper. Expensive carpet  and light fixtures. $55,900. Ph.  o86-7411. - -   2830-tf.  CIGARS   from   around- the^  sj world! Famous iiamesfrom  Mexico, Phillipinesr Jamaica'  and - Cuba.   $end7 for.  free  brochure.   Write   'CIGARS:,,  252CulIeh Driver Winnipeg,  Man. R3R1X5. 3908-ir  GOLD NUGGETS for sale.  10c-25c ea. Ideal for jewelry  making. Min. order $10.  Discount over $20. All orders  COD, complete satisfaction or  money "refunded. Dealers  welcome. Wm. W.. Larkin,  Canyon View Placer Mine,  Rock Creek, B.C. 3846-13  60 BASE accordion: Very good  ���cond���$150r-4-burner-elecr  range/Good working order,  Harvest Gold $150., Ph, - 885-  3804., 388941  10'     FIBERGLASS '"over  plywood boat, .$50;"2 twin'  Hollywood beds, fairly good  con; $50 for1 the pair; TV. antenna, $5. Ph. 86^5348.7,3912:11  HOUSEBOAT,. .  Gibsons  Wharf. 32x18, stove, heater. ���  _Offers.-Ph.-.-Vancouver- 733-:  4665,       X   % 3806-11  Wednesday, Februarv 8,1978  '���   ���   ���  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISALS  NOTARY PUBLIC  TyENTTSOTBLiC  GIBSONS  PHONE 886-  AND UND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682-1 51  JJKE NEW teakJablecVfour.  chairs. $300. Ph. 883-2383.  \       3802-11  XEGAtNO^TIGES^  ONPAGE B-8  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Secrjelr  Toll Free 684-8016  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, easy .access.  Good large shop with HD wiring for  bench tools. Home completely  remodelled. Shake roof,' rancher  alum, siding. Several outbldgs^  Secluded landscaped property. FP  $69,500. '  SELMA PARK: This.2 bdrm home is the best buy on the  marketrSOO sqft, large kitchen, all appliances go  with the house. Expansive view. Many fruit trees on  the property. Lahrjscaped. FP $38,900.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: excellent  investment opportunity. Approx 560'  of waterfront with 5 acres and a 4  year old double wide home. FP  $95,000 with 1/2 down. All offers  and trades will be considered.  WATERFRONT HOME: Located on  Redrooffs Rd at Welcome Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  home. Well insulated, twin seal  windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator f'place, nice dng  area in kit, plus sep. dng rm facing  view of Merry Island and Welcome  Pass. Lge 80x360' treed property w-  workshop. Above grd bsmt with  wood and coal stove for canning or  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  '. '"'ir  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  _1_886-ZZ60l_  JA"  Chris Kankainen  ��� -885-3545 1  Arne T. Pettersen  886-9793  DAVIDSON ROAD: Spectacular view "'  and.privacy in Langdale Ridge: Large  three bedroom home has all large  ' rooms.Fireplace upstairs.- Separate  carport allows more room for expansion in the full bosement. Large  cedar    sundeck    and__many , extra  "features. Enter.by way of nicely treed ..  panhandle' driveway to the 1/2 acre  you can call home. $54,900.  pfc.  HOMES  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME ��� 3  bedroom home nicely decorated. Red  carpetsrxlrculaFb71ck_f(replace, lots  of kitchen cupboards and counter  space, master bedrooms has enste.  Basement is finished and has, en-  itrdr-ce'fo |he gar^ge:'FP'$6j|;500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: This home is  very good value, 3 bdrms and lge  utility room, teak cabinets  throughout kitchen and enste.  WaU to wall carpets. View lot..  -Priced'at $387900  NEW BUNGALOW AT REDROOFFS:  1150 sq ft 3 bdrm home on level,  beautifully treed 1.28 acres. Close to  boat launch & excel yr round fishing.  W/W carpet throughout. Bright,  sunny kitchen, klrch cab'ts & util off.  Vanity bath. Matching attached  c'port w-lge storage rm. FP $49,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: new 3 bdrm  full bsmt home on a. large view  lot. Easy walking distance to the  stores and schools. Has ensuite  and unfinished rec room. FP  $57,500.  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT:  quality built 2 bdrm full bsmt  contemporary designed home.  Shown only by appointment, Try  your offer to $79,500.  REDROOFFS ROAD: the complete  1200 sq ft 2 bdrm home. Has  ensuite, rec room, double garage  on a 100 x 262' treed lot. Hostess  planned dream kitchen. FP  $68,500. .  ,  FAIRVIEW ROAD:  Immaculate double wide  three bedroom mobile home on large landscaped lot. orT quiet street .in area of fine  homes. Easy walking distance to elementary  sch'onL.EP $42,500.  SARGENT ROAD: Lovely three bedtoom home  with cozy fireplace on quiet no through street.  One half basement has finished rec room and  utility area and lots of room for storage. New  wall to wall carpeting and many extra  features. You have to see this home and  appreciate the beautiful view over the fully  , landscaped yard out to the Harbour and Keats  Island. The large backyard has a nice garden  and many fruit trees. An excellent value.  $49;900.  FAIRVIEW ROAD : REVENUE ��� This new  duplex on a 1/2 acre lot represents the ideal  investment property. There are 1232_-sq-ft in  both of these side by side suites. Features are  'post and beam construction with feature wall  fireplace and sundecks. There is appeal to  separate rental' markets with a two and a  three bedroom suite. Assumption of present  mortgage makes purchase very easy and a  yearly income of over $7000 makes this  property hard to beat. FP .$75,000.  -.  GRANDVIEW RD: Quality built new 1300  square foot home with full basement. Many  extra features including heatilator fireplace.  Two full baths. Plumbing, roughed-in In"  basement. Built-in dishwasher, fridge and  stove. Wall to wall . carpeting throughout.  $58,500.  t  GRANDVIEW ROAD: A truly distinctive home,  custom built and designed. This three  bedroom home has 1322 square feet up and  ��� has a fully finished basement. All rooms are  extremely large. Five bedrooms, three  bathroorns. Finished fireplaces up and down.  Central vacuum system, double sealed  windows, covered sundeck. Double carport,-"  paved driveway. All this on a large fully  landscaped lot at the road's end. This home  is for the family that demands perfection from  their home. $72,000.  STEWART ROAD: Lovely Spanish style home  on 1 1/2 acres level land. Four bedrooms, *  separate dining room, sunken living room  with fireplace. Almost 1400 square feet of  living area all on one floor. Definitely a one of  a kind. Owner feaving. Try all offers. $62,500.  LANGDALE- RIDGE: Full basement  12 IB 'square foot home on view lot.  Three large bedrooms, corner  fireplace facing living room and  dining room. Also has eating area off  the kitchen. Extremely well constructed home with large sundeck and  carport. An ideal family home.  $52 900.  ORANGE ROAD: 4.6 acres of beautiful  grounds, complete with fruit trees, vegetable  garden, stream cutting through the property.  Lovely two bedroom home, plus guest cottage. $78,500.  REDROOFFS RD: Fantastic WATERFRONT view  property of 1.5 acres facing Nanaimomnd  Merry Island. Good year round home on top  level of Redrooffs Road with small A-frame  guest cottage on lower level. Path to beach.  $35,500.  MARINE DRIVE: Across the street from Armours Beach in the Village of Gibsons. This  cozy remodelled home is ideal as a starter  home or for~fetiremeht TOnly 1 1/2'blocks  from shopping. Has acorn fireplace, cedar  feature walls and a large* sundeck. Two  bedrooms. On sewer, all this and a fantastic  view of Keats Island and Gibsons Harbour.  FP $27v900.  PRATT ROAD: Beautiful three bedroom home  with full ensuite plumbing. On full basement  with roughed-in rec room. Feature wall  heatilator fireplace* to save on heating costs.  12 x 22' vinyl covered sundeck with ornate  aluminum rails; Custom cabinets in kitchen  with wood trim throughout. Easy care landscaping. $49,900.  GOWER PT RD, In the heart of Gibsons one  block from shopping and the Post Office.  Three bedroom home on concrete block  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn  fireplace gives a cozy atmosphere to the  living room. Nice and bright with many large-  windows. $33,000.  LOTS  mmmmmtmmmm  School & Wyngart Subdivision:  r^*^"'^*^*9��  SELMA PARK'WATERFRONT LOT: 60 ft of waterfront, treed lot  ,wlth driveway  In. South slope, excellent beach.  Excavated  building site. F.P. $29,500. .  DAVIS BAY VIEW HO/WE: 860 sq ft 2 bdrm mobile home with appliances. All wall to wall carpet. Cozy & Inexpensive to heat.  Concrete drlvoway and parking slab. Fir Road location. FP $43,500  .Torms!  1,180   SQ  VILLAGE  FT   PART   BASEMENT  E: All finished  main  edrooms and a spare  re# m" aown.   Carport   under   the  house/Reduced to $38,500.  EXTRA LARGE VIEW LOT: Wos* Sechelt, 100 x 150' Trail Island vlow  lot. Flat & level. Serviced with water <S povyer. An exceptional lot.  $16,500,    ,  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT; Easy terms ��� 20% down & the balanco over  easy payments on thlt southern exposure view lot, Excavation and  cloarlng have been dor*e. fP $13,900. 7  DAVIS BAY: Secluded 3 bdrm  bungalow on lge lot close to sandy  beach. Magnificent, panoramic  southerly vlow. Panelled Hying room  with shag ^���/"^IdK^jpondod circular flrepWff^aTloc*001" to sundeck, Vanity bathrm. 2nd bathroom  off utility, Lge dbl carport w-v|nyl  covered sundeck, FP $47,500,  ;���'������     *#'  ���:>��*f#7  iw*p'>\;iv'.' i'<  SOUTHWOOD ROADi Close to 1/2 acre, Level building lot, Hydro  and regional wator at road. Check & comparo. Attractively priced at  $9,450.  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK: Ovor 5 acros of gently slaplng  property with touthern exposure, 580 x 380', Year-round creek  flows through corner of properly, Excellent buy at FP $35,000.  Only 6 of these Duplex-Zoned Lots left. Beautiful view properties overlooking the Bay.  Close* to schools and shopping. All lots perfectly suited to side-by-side or up-down  duplex construction. Priced at $15,500 and $16,500.  y  REDROOFFS AREA: Largo trood lot 93 x 400' approx, Good garden .  soil, wator a powor, Asking $12,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra large 90 x 179 lof, corner location,  easy access, excellent vlewol Trail Island. FP $15,500,   : ____ ^  R2LOTH0x200';Wak  *lta, A��klng $14,50'  SELMA PARK: View lot, 66x152', cloarod and ready to build on.  Aroa of nlco homos, Asking $14,300. \  10': Wak^d tW  *300<jjQUU  , Ideal bulldjng or Mobile Home,  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT: Small 2 bedroom homo plus a rovenuo  cottago with ba|ortpnt,\,Tr*o pe��t watorfront Wallablo. Fatl|ltlas,  clote"by. Cottage Is'neat S tlcty and has a llreplaco & turi1 \oon,.\  Walorfront Is over 90 ft, FP $69,500,  , GIBSONS HOME WITH ACREAGE! Large 3 bdrm home on 7 acres  ' wllh Chattor Creek bordering 1 side of fenced property, Home  needs some repair but hat been partially renovated, Land l�� cleared  ft In grow, A nice situation, FP $89,500.  LOW DOWN PAYMENT: Wost Sochelj view Ipffcloarod, graded, and  --serviced;-R2u-VonedrMove -your*1* trailer-1with- no* preparation  necessary, Asking$ll,50<?^,^^^^^7!;Y''V.|'\       Y  firs fi, cedar.}, Home Is Unique 1450 sq ft wllh 12 Xp3oJ Wrap-drbund  open ttindack. Bqiomont With workshop and ifofqgel Garage.  Cement stops to water's edge. Asking $125,000, Some terms,  UPPER ROBERTS CREEK: 10 acres of land with 3 bdrm near rfow  home of approx 12,^0 iqft, and a 4000 sq fl aluminum clad, fully,  Insulated building, BuUding Ii all wired for 220 power & could have  many "tot, Concrete floor, clear span, FP $99,500.  MAIN STREET LOCATION: approximately 50 x 220' lot w|th business  premises and living quarleri behind. Excellent location for olmotl  any type of enterprise, This Is an opportunity to become established  In the vlllag��t. Lots of room for expansion. FP $95,000,  TUWANEK: budget prlcod seaview lof, Qulot area, FC $0395,  SKYLINE DRIVE: Overlooking the Bay and the  Village of Gibsons from this quiet and private  lot on the Bluff. Start building your dream home  right away on the expanse of this  207 x 115 x 181 x 66 uniquely shaped lot. LOW  DOWN PAYMENT���EASY TERMS. FP $13,500.  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122 ft lot with'  WAKEFIELD RD: ���Good building lot on water  and power overlooking Georgia Strait .and,  the Trail Islands. This Is a corner lot In a newly  built up area. $12,5007  PRATT RD: Near new school site. This lot |s  cleared and ready to build upon, Mature fruit  trees dot this 76'x 125'lot, $13,500;  expansive view of the Bay area and Gibsons -..���,...,,, ort   _     , ,_ .."..    , . .  ..,    ,���_,  Village Is well priced. $ if, 500. ,       ^RANE^: ^odju. Wng M65 'x   30    Close  to  shopping  and  the   ocean,  Sower  ' easement of |0'on SE side of lot. $12,500.  SKYLINE DR:-* With the sewer only 150 feet ]     *    ~~i"  away from this lot and the ad|olnlng lot a|sa for GRANDVIEW RD: Lot size opprox. 104x105  sale, makos this an oxcollont vbluo, The Ideal with some view over the ocean. Close to beach  spot for a distinct, and original home. Nlco vlow access, partially cleared, oasy building lot.  and.sheltered from, the open sea. $13,900.      $13,000.  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanek, Ideal recreational  lot-)n beautifully wooded and park like area.  Zoned for trailers, This lot overlooks Secholt  Inlet apd the Lamb Island. $8',900,  SOUTH FLETCHER: At school Road. Two lots of  40 x 150' each, One lot has a,cottage which  could be rented, These lots are mostly cleared  and roady for building, A spoctacular view of  the ontlro Bay area and Keats Island Is Included In the price of $2,7,500,  ALDERSPRING RD: 50, x 150' of the bost  gardon soil In the heart of Gibsons. On sewer  close to shopping and,Post Offlco, Potential  view of the Bay aroa, Excellent, torms  available $10,500.  GOWER PT. RD: At the corner of 14th. Thl* McCULLOUGH RD: WlUon CYoek, Close to one  property has lovols cloarod for the building site acre treed property with sub-dlvlslon  of your cholco, Excollont vlow of Goorgla Strait, possibilities. $22,500,  Approx 00'x 250'. $16,500,  \(  LAROE 3 BEDROOM ��� Very tidy 1236 sq. ft,, home with full  basement Including car stall, 2 fire placet both feuturo, decor In  Spanish, lots ol bright colours, Master bdrm hat ensuite. Yard Is  landscaped. This It two full floor!) of good home, FP, $69,000,  ROBERTS CREEK: Treed lot with a yearround stream. Asking $7500,  GIBSONS: 2 lot* tide by side, Buy one or" both, Sewered and close to  the boat launching romp. Terms considered, Atklng $12,500 and  ��$ 141900.*-^��������� ���* w������,���i >���- ��� -�����..*  For fuHh-cr information oh the above contact: ' ' '.  p     .' ���, ��� .     i  v^��5H*p^^i^��^,!^I$!^pW  p^^'A-fr-ft?'*'!^*-'!^^  Frniilc Lewis,-'*886-0^7$>an Anderson, 885-2385; Doug Joyce, 885-2761  TUWANEK: Only one block to beach, full view  of Inlot; Piped communlly water available, 80'  x 140' lot, $9,900.  .HIUCRWl.RQAOi.only.Sa.OOO.downlJfllanco.,  by Agroemont.for Salo will purchase ono pf  those boautlful view lots at the end of a qulot  cu|-do-sa'c. All underground services to there  It nothing ^Q mar the vlow. These lott are  cloarod and roady to build on.The raylne In  front will' ensure your privacy^, Tneie lots  represent excollont value, Prlcod from  $13,900 to $16,900.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES! pelU^e loft'with 0  spectacular view of Porpolta Bay. Beach  facllltlos, nearby moorage, water, hydro and  telephone at oach lot, Only, 4 1/2 mllet to the  convenances of Sochelt,  BURNS, RD; Good building lot (65 x 130) on  flat land In Glbtont Village, Four blockt from  Pott Offlco, stores and transportation, Lightly  treed, Three blockt from ocean, All tervlcet   avallablo, $11,000,  _���^-���, . COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: With waterfront  .-POPLAR LANEi, Newly-completed I Themott* ,,���� .ICarco.flt :lL���liJthl�� .doublo ,, use. Jot.  VELVET ROAD: Beautiful view lot In dotlrablo  area, Road i in and hydro and phone to  proporty. Prlcod woll below assossod valuo,  $11,000.  /?������ ' ; ,��� ������',���-  LANGDALE: Level'building lot on Johnson  Road, Fantastic vlow of Howe Sound. $ 14,500,  convonlontly located tub-division In Glbtont.  Only..2 blockt from thopplng.centre and both  alor^anfary tchoolt and\ tocondary. Level  bulldjng tltet with tome clearing on a newly  formed cul-de-sac. The** prime lott on sowor  and all tervlcet are going fatt. Get your now  While thoy last, Priced from $11,900.   :,,  ..������. - ..��� ..-, _.    ''  GOWER PT RD: 100' of waterfrontage, tteep  but manaQable tlope, Hydrai and wafer on the  esplanade road, 217 deep with a completely  unimpeded view to Vancouver Itland, Facet  touth west for lott of tunthlne,  $15,900, m  repr.oiantt real value,  $22,000 (  ���     ��� ���<|rJT ____���   DAVIDSON ROAD: Fantastic view from  Longdate Ridge, Thlt lot hat a small creek on  tho very back of Iho properly, All new homos  In thliarea, Thlt lot It a full 2/5th of an aero,  . $14,900,  WHAIIF' ROAD: At tho "cornor" "of Odvldtoh,  With a little eaty clearing thlt lot will be  ready to build on. Walking dlttanca' to tho  ferry, Lot tlio It 60 x 1)0,  $12,900,  7\  ,p \ \  AffREA^E  mm  f*����"  ���**PiH|Pp.Pjl������^t TY'J*'**."*''*"'"  V,..  mmm  GOWCRPOINTRDiOnehalf acre IOO'h317  on the earner of 14th and Gower Polr-I Rood,  Driveway Into on* of the many excellent  building tltet. Some merchantable timber.  Properly tlopet tp th* west far view ond late  tunteti, Thlt hat to be considered prime  -GIBSONS'4,6 lovely secluded wooded^  rjear Sodmet Mountain, In  rural  Gl'bWnt. ' prlvale wlln view, Houte plartt and building  Good holding property. $32,000. permit   paid   for   and   Included   In   price,  ���   "���-1���h���'��������� '���'-���'���"��� ��� - ���'���������    i Foundation floor ��lob and plumbing all In for  ROBERTS CK: Lower Rd, 2 1/2 acret with year- 20 * 42 (1176 iq ft) building, $19,900.  round creek, Partially flnlthed log houii* on -��� ���      '  *4*^r��t��-4��w��a5��^^  i -:&$&># w��^*;*SSJ*i^*#*#<��W W*W��p*  ������Si- awfriPiiM*** W#(..fce^!w *  t,��Ji^*fift^#��*'*&^(^ir#$W^  ptfiWW'^f'iM-sfW-W'  Drop in or call for free brochure  h*ti** r\}  *.: #������������;  7^*1  Yr  Mr^'*^^ -*-V",  ^:;r*4��?  "W,  .'.'���iaplV^Ja^^'Y. *''��� ''������'f:  P^PPPHdpMlal  WW  \���-V"  v,  VV..7.,.,..UV~^.  \  fw  .,��r  ;;\:  ���,.,.������,���,,,.,Y..���.��.,    ....    4..:|   -I"..'   .���*��   ��� ���'>',���'��*  ,;, ���-���*-J.-- '..��.,>..',,  ' ',Y',,   ���(�������'*'',;",  , i ,       p.^(..p "��� ��  �����'.^��-"- ���������"  ,' p'1  terH.   A���X,.  HI ^swv**W toWwllto^Jml^P*^^te*t&t^ ���***  ��fp#(p��W��WP^V*^'��ia*mW*Wtffi*W1^^  fip^4^fM^ �� wh'^7^  r*i^��re��^*i^fi*��s��Mr��w*B!ii)  WMW^^ir^w-*^**  WC!  ����tlep**i*i!(*��ll!Ml'# i^tWI9iW*��?B*(Sl-p\>aiBiM   "1,  It       >  .v*-  -ppwUL^y.v:  t^'w   1"  ,{i\ ^n���    i*W fi. *,"* ���r*',  A.  \iT-~  '777  THE NUMBER  'Y*77  ;:YYTf-,t��;7^iYY  Wednesday, February 8,1978  JKixl  YE  JjfilM  The Peninsula Times  jeB-5  .���-���::;TY.  :.A'  .*-.  iP17Yp:  Y7ft  lj��  7:77  $&37777'  CYSI  ,���7,7  lili!  IS  Arnold L. Bennett  He offers YOU personal SERVICE  on all your General Insurance  needs, backed up by 20 years  Bob Kent with the  X;.:tf,A  Wm  a3*HSIi  S*  %$T*i  WM;&XWiM  is��ss  mm  WSiSi  !M  mm  {��ipwisgf  p��*��0> '  Na,2  Noi3  No.^t  NEW ON MARKET  ATTRACTIVE, PRACTICAL, ECONOMICAL #3911  i NeW village home, choice location, FP $41,900. 2 large bedrooms, full bath, ensuite,  utility room fi. extra large living room with brick fireplace, Low maintenance stucco 8,  brick. Covlred by the 5 year new home warranty. DON HADDEN, 885-9504 eves.  EXTRA LARGE VILLAGE LOT Y #3914  Private cut de sac location/Well treed and partially cleared for building. Waging  distance to school, park and shopping. Good value at $12,500. JOHN R. GOODWIN,  885-2235 anytime.     . ,,  SPECTACULAR VIEW LOT , #3909  It's big��� 75' onjodd, 174' at rear; sides Ore IM'S 2^  view to tho Gulf & Trail Islands is really great, Driveway j�� In frarri Jasper Road, The  restrictive covenant maintains tho quality of the hornet, and this proporty at  $17,000. PETER SMITH, 885-9463 eves.  ������p--.  C=B  NEW ON MARKET  RARE, DESIRABLE PROPERTY      #3897.3900 �� 3902  Deep water moorage. Prospectus provides for use  of-prlvato dock facllltlesrPrlvatebodf" launching"  , ramp and services Including a sewer system. Good  selection of large (some over 1/2 acre) lots for  your contlderqtlon. BERT WALKER, 885-3746 or j  , JOHN R. GODWIN, 885-2235  NEW ON MARKET  LEVEL, CLEARED, WHAT A VIEWI #3915  Wilson Creek building lot. 64 x 117'. Septic tank and field already Installed. Just start  bulldlpg. $12,500. JOHN R.GOODWIN, 885-2235.  REVENUE HOME #3912  Duplex & 2 duplex-zoned lots. 3000' luxury accommodation. Home & suite with 2  carports and large workshop. Two fireplaces and ample plumbing for $130,000, or  lots separate, JACK' WARN, 886:2681 eves.  VILLAGE LOT #3906  Level & cleared, Size 66 x 122', on a quiet village street. Regional board advise sewer  service available this year. Has a lane at roar for In and out access. PP $11;500. Try  ��.��.  .it.... ...laL   DETcn  cial-fL*    ooi rt.xn   ..... '<?  an offer with PETER SMITH, 885-9463 eves.  IV  HOUSE FULL OF EXTRAS #3913  Will constructed 1 yr old, 2 bedroom, full baths, fireplace with large slate hearth/'  Good village location and price Includes 4 new ma|or appliances. Must be seen to  appreciate. JOHN R. GOODWIN, 885-2235.  \wu\w-  T..l.'i .rf/W'TlV.*V>r.7..* ������'���**-��.���  BUILDING LOTS  #3895  Chock those.facts; all local services-on Cameo Road. Good view potential, mostly  cleared and nearly:level. Vendor will accept $2,000 down and remainder by  A'groemoht for Sale to'full price of $12,000, BERT WALKER, 885-3746 evet,  HIGH UP WATERFRONT #3893  80' on the water and road ��� 350' long. Hat had path to beach: On blacktoppod'road,  lwator, phono, hydro to lot lino, Hat tmall liveable cottage, plus a ihack, Atklng  $35,000, PETER SMITH, 885*^463 eves,     .\   \\ '  LARGE LOT  ���fl  jtf-  #3764       "      i     ,     .'      ,��� , ���        7      ,      '.     . .   ���  132' x 300' gives you ,9 aero with dollghtfulbrpok running through. Services on road,  Located botwoon Ice arena and Sechelt contro,* Lots thltnfoaaro hard fo find andfhe*^''*'"  price It right al $15,000, DON HADDEN, 005-9504 ovos,  Wm\  NOT JUST TREED #3736  Cholco Individual trees moeo this Gower tot a cinch to landscape. 100' frontage  makes soloctlon easier also, A good choice for an easy to manage building tlto cloto  to the tea, Wafer, power 4 phone, FP $16,06Q.iome tormt. JACK WARN, 886-2681  ovet,   '  COUNTRY ACRES #388(4  Chooso your tlto In the new subdivision at Klolndale close to tome of the finest  rocroatlonal flthlng locations on tho coat*. Matt are 2 acros on paved accott or highway^ naturally trood for privacy, Termt If you with, from $18,000, BERT WALKER, 885-  3746 eves. ��� "  YOUR HOME BY A STREAM #3804  Lovely, level, parklike and cuttom built homo, now In 77, Property over 1/2 aero,  boach nearby, All largo rooms with 2 bedrooms, living room has fine fireplace,  <Electric heat, Hugo attached garage, 58 1/2 x 23 1/2'. Could accommodate extra  bodroom & bathroom. 4 ma|or Inglis appliances Included at $75,000, See It and be  convinced. PETER SMITH, 883-9463 eves. ,  SECHELT LOT    ,   \ ��� #3856  Level lot, Nice Inlet vle\v. Near maHnd and Ice arona, All local services, All new  hornet In aroa, Lot tl*e70x 123', FP $12,000, DON HADDEN, 885-9504 evet,  H liii -sj. ���&-$- wt** l'!i* *<$i "%  |rt.P,.,-l��  \ A L^THNVh^'CENTrW .p.;\ \ \\ '': \ W, ��� '\, 7 /;<\\ \A.\. )#373lL  Ol Lower Glbtont. Largo lovel lot fully sorvlcod, close to yvaterfront and butlnett  lection. FP $ 14,000, try your termt, JACK WARN, 006-260 levot. '  '>MCATIONHOMENEArWAtEI*"      *- "    * #3871  About Ip yrs old, Thlt 2 lovel, 4 bodroom home Is Insulated, hoatlng.lt perimeter  \ eloctrlc,\rilttt adorn typo flrpblacot Appllapcet 8, matt furnlthlngt Included. Lovoly  view up jhW lnl*\t;�� arid momeW'walk to tho bqach, Well prlcod at $35,700, Only  $10,000 down; and vondor carries the balance at current Interett rate, PETER SMITH,  805-9463 evet. . V  9.2 ACRES & COTTAGE #3749  1..,*,*ljU2 mile to ttoret and tchools In wpporOlbionii Short rUhto^f^  blacktoppod road, $45,000 with rontod cottage. JACK WARN, 886-9504 evet,  \     QUIET, COMF ORTABLE. CONVENIENT  #.3877  DEEP WATER MOORAGE  #3885  A rare commodity those day*, thlt trjoltprodjot of Egmont hat all tervlcet Including  (he iopt)c fdhH andflold inttdllodiFP $35,000 of fort to BERT WALKER, 80B-3746 evet,  EUREKA WATERFRONT HOME , #3891  Warm and appealing it the word for thli very nice 2 bodroom homo, ono level, no  basement. Gracious living room has fine stone heatilator fireplace, with perimeter  oloctrlc hoat throughout. Carpet aver lino makes warm floors, Cuttom built kltchon  cablnett, The vlow It lovely, Alto on the property an older building with 3 roomi,  plut workshop, FP $69,500, PETER .SMITH,, 008-9463 eves,    ... ,Xh ���������'�����������  ���.IUWANEK,,Y,?,f..^.:,.:w7,...,Y, .....,.,,.1p���,��:,r,,c:,r.;..7.;., ,,, ,'. -' '#90i-1-  Moor your boat In J-ambrBay,' Jott acrott tho ifroot from thli"flontl��'��lopo lot In  TuWanek. Zoned R-2, Over 8000 tq ft vfl'th hydro, phono and water o|opg road, @<H>d  value at $8,500, DON MADDEN, 005.9304 ovet,  COMMERCIAL AREA #3812  4 commercial lots In the 'centre of Sechelt, This property has street and lano accost  and Is xonod CI, Invest now apd bo ready'for contfruction whon tho tower It laid,  Por prlco ahd detalli call, DON HADDEN, 00S;9604 ovot,  ALMOST 5 1/2 ACRES #3674  , Dlvldablo south tlopo land In Gibsons end of Robortt Crook. Much road work done,  Atklng $45,000. Good boach within one mile, JACK WARN, 086-2681 evet,  Ldcatod In a natural totting, thlt well maintained mobile name olfert tho seclusion of <  a cul do tac loeallon, mlnutet from tho golf courto and boach with a flood tlzad lot.  Soo It and be convinced, It's a buy at $22,900, BERT WALKER, 805-3746 evet.  SANDY HdOK LQTS*"*"7 ~ #3878  Wo can thow you a good teloctlon of vlow, lott overlooking Sechelt Inlet and the  magnificent mountains behind, Hydro 4 wator It along tho road. Close to beach, boat  launch, marina and good fishing. Lott on Skookumchuck Dr, at $11,000 with a few on '  Soavlow at $10,300, Got ttartod with tormt at low at $100 down and $100 per  month, DON HADDEN, 883-2233 anytlmo, or 003-9304 oyet.  COMPLETE PRIVACY��� ���~ ��� #3819  In the middle ol 12 1/2 acres of woods. A well built and Insulated cottage plus guest  cabin, Good stream and large gardon area, Asking $60,000, JACK WARN, 886-2681  evot,' ���������������������  RECREATIONAL/RETIREMENT v     #3881,  Everything It to convenient, with tho beach acrott the road, ttorot noarby and yot  thoro't not traffic nolte, Pn Mlitlon Rd, thlt 0 yr old Insulated homo effort comfort  and economy with 16 yoart'of tho leato Includod In. the price of $21,100, BERT'.  WALKER, 003-3746 evet, v  *���'MADErRA'PARK^"",,"* "'"" *���~r- " :��� ��� "'^3888'  Boat ownort. Horo It 0/10 ocro, almost level vvlth view through Pender Harbour, Jutt  400' to vVater't edge, On paved road with hydro, phono and water along road. FP  $22,000, DON HADDEN, 083-9304 evet.  n*&tiilh<*'"&e>~fi-*t*m* #w#��*wrf��(#��-n ^1i����w" **-���  it# nil1!"!!  ��)��� 'i'^p^^M-^t^p'^pL^HH^-S^H^f^p^^B^  . ���, r ,.    ���     ' '  ,  <"p^f*mMpm   .   ryAW   BlTffMr  :��i��!L��..-a��--^t~*^'''i-^^ ���"~��<*kV' J-a-a-i'-J  "���-  *���  C'v1-* '��   "'   ''^*t  M  ?  ������  *j*fj*P!��S��*'*iSi��*'J#*  >aftl��^**-."��WP!Jf*''��e��lM>^lT1>��f��' ifpJw* ife;��!sf**f sw -"S'.?*  .,���.���  m  m  ,  '  ,  #r   #* *,  a.  ^.1( fU,,,.**����*#,i.j?i **:&���.'  .,   -* V  *ft  1 '"rr,  awM-l.   *��*     .      ����*���  "  "* "^K'l''l m "!*������* m****<mmm  al.~-  _.���_.._  <���*��-��  s  l$t.U��A\'  ,   ,.  ; ,A  *���*��� fu^jmr��� '.  4Wi(SB��P!llltHW-ii ��n  >*- ,*u''*^p,*,r <#*v;f(,i��.rr'1   "J*-1-"-���'�������" '?.��" *!' "'"  '^Hrftw'A'i'w*;'''.��^?'-  ,' ..   ��� �� .  _   i  ����, f *      ,    *   I* w   t    �����-���       .    *  * *  T  ''('  i,       . ,        v   ,   ,   1   ,'.      4 .1     .. .   .   .-  p~^.������   ��� ���    ....at. --"ti1  ~ '    �����   '    ��- '      -p  -.���-  p��   ���* ��������� ���   -  --  a        " '"*"   '"���**'  ' , ifi-PJpp A ��   1 1    fc  'tv��pf*J.,    I'i   .,.��...��' -���   ,���   �����.' -7 ppw, Jt'TY-i a pf "-M   n.   ""'"f-felYY tl.*".. *t;i.f.",%* �����. ���ri'i.i,'.'-,^*! urn" ' *^rsv<>*><r~^w-*:,t">*^>t> r~��.�� ",u~rtt>Tm.-ir t ������    2  '-��?��"*---���* Y   ft ' ,     , ,      1 ,p    , ;>_ ���  . %        ...��   .     1  _ Y   ' > .,.,-..,,. -...,..-,    ^, -- - ���        '- * " ff  '      ' .   , ���   p ' MT  .*�������Wtrjf, 13* .-'*i .--"prp*���-p*-** ****i-***-  ^*"��pp^sw.pppp ^fp*��#��^VPP*.|iiu*>WPA.,p#PWPP��--��^VPWPW��paaPau.����p*w����*'  ...    .7       ,    /..'.'  ��  gSWP^^JJ^WaWfteJSrJW-? s  1  J   k  I    ���'��� ��� I ' I  '���-\  .hi >*&���*  s  I     \  Page'Btt  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, February 8,1978  v\  \     *u  ' i.f�� ��� * 7  fc ��� ..it*  �����   ���*..*%,.- ,      , .. (fr  ^, t   t  ���i. ���     ��� i ' ",* * .' ,  U. *' Vlftff ; ���(; *��ll !  �������������'#'+^**^ir��l;M^Si^^J(l��p***^.  >��!M***��p-*^^ 'MtW^Mfr  -Wo got SO MANY Spaco Stories and drawings we don't have  roorn to put them all ini These are some that we chose. If  -yours-lsn't-here-now,-look-again-next-week. ���-���^   It was hard to pick the winners ��� you all did GREAT. This  week's SPACE STORY PRIZES go to ROBERT GRAHAM, Gibsons  and GLENN DEMPSTER, Roberts Creek [Come by the office to  get your prizes.]  The   lA^&oi'tv\r.e   IW.  y \  Glenn Dempster; Roberts Creek  -JL..' Would.  .an:_. .a:  SPACE CRUISER  LKi'io.:\)e*  w��R��rf.  i you.  JUtfSUH.* *9*C<  MiirNCMn-<R    w��f>'   COA��**Vi��iWfe*  Male* ���� aK  twert  ���can, f  fl��.QI A Dd.Ll3l  ^  t�� i  S  Jay Netzlaw, 14  SPACE STORY  One day a Astronaut went Into a rocket. He wanted to go to space.  Then a man shouted ten nine eight seven six five four three two one  blast off. The Astronaut taw lott of stars. Then bump. The spaceship  landed on the moon. He taw lots of holes. Then he walked around. He  taw a funny creature. It had a tquare head and round feet and oval  hands. He ran away from it. Then he found the houset. He slept there.  -^'0ihf i! l^etfl -gor~ oHCi   Q  Iriptos pace 1+ %ald  7  Vij��rifY '���p^'***-  ^.^j***:  ^  ���' /  .' w-  ^. -*-,~*;^*s."-,. 7* ' ..+*�����.*^p-^v  .**>i<*7    *.-���">, * **  STAR ���  hy   "'���??������ smi'tk  Tod Cavalier, 8, Sechelt  &  Wayne Hoseln, 6,  Cedar Grove  Elem;  SPACE CROSSWORD  15  m  ���*.  /*  10  I?  it.  IX  JUMBLED WORDS  ^SOHsWW  UQ0L4J  ACROSS  -h^s^wu \p\plteltofe  you.  S, Small, hardworking Intact that  doesn't have wings.  7. What a tplder tplnt.  9. Insect that bltet ,.. qulto.  11. Irttect    that,.hat,���. large,,  beautiful wings ,. fly,  12. A common Intect with wlngt,  rhymet with by.  13. What boot make.  15, Hat B legs, catchet A eatt  other buflt.  16, Pother  17, Beforo a butterfly comet out  of |tt cocoon, It It a ..,.. pillar.  The   winner   of   tatt   week't  crottword prlte  It  /ORIS VAN  . SWltllr*.,. tm frem 4����e4eLe.  Thanks  to  Shanl,  Dean,   Cathy,  Jay," Vlnee,  Chorliiriwliyr.r'*  Olga, David and  Debbie,  KlfP  SINDINO ALL YOUR STUFfl  DOWN  hopper  i-Ti-i-i --v-i--.-'T:y- -v\ ~VT<-:tmi out  It   hat    many,    many    legs,  . ...Ipede.  6. Wood eating Intect,  ft, If you're not a girl, you're a .,,  9, Intect that hot largo wlngt,  filet eraui-td tig-hit art night.  10,1 ., .dinner yetterday.  II. Intect tliat lives In a hive ft  maket bunting noltet,  \2, Tiny Intect that maket a dog  Itch,  14, Strange  18. The ocean  Vim  Puthpa filial, *���} Cedar Grove Elem,  MAKE IT!  launch  Your Own  Rocket  Ship!!  '/������  \  tA  ^x^.xXwX  YOU NEE07\f  A small paper bag [about  4 inches by 6 Inches]  A balloon that's 6 (riches long  [before you blow It up]  Some paint  Paint a space capsule design on the bag.  Blow the balloon up [but.DON'T tie It]..   Put the paper bag over the balloon. '  \\  \%wm<  Then let go of the balloon ft  watch your rocket soar!  .'  .*'  HELP THE CAT  FIND |TS WAY |1UME  im   MFaf  A  Y��*p  ��� ��.��.,  ���>r.V.-.  '^-.u-s  e,  ���W����tTi>sOTifai'^^ M^wf^^j^i^uiifw^iwij^^ygswj^t^ ^  WM*^��i,m��W����#m����pWWW'^,te*!3��-p!*i��i  ��3 W<"*w*��**��^^^*'*i,#'��pp��*pfp-f-��*^a��^'^wr<. % tKMV'WsH "*"��-'* A-   *pwSiT"*f'--^i��ttWp)*npiiW��- "   tlMi^&Msi4to#h&U<t*&ll/^^*-t^^  '     '^   '   '*.. ���#��� ���- ,i    -     *���' ,    ���i  ^�����WWw1Pt-'*rt*^*<ip'p��fcn"Jifi*4di*pi> *t**(��r*W*A-^ Jo**i/  i��f��xi������wiU(.��i    Vfut  -,it***'i^wlt*f��p*il i\�� jm,* �������!-.���,-*>fc*|>p'"*fl ft->9��^pvj!t*fpw|pi���i'tf  ���ri e-wj^ti-nif*W-'  jjj r*rt-.* -^wf^ -(-.it) ����, r.  s    .  ~z>-  ��  The Peninsula Times PageB-7  r^���^WedhesdayrFebrttary-Srl^  More thefts from  Langdale reported  , RCMP in Gibsons report two vehicles  parked overnight at the Langdale. ferry  terminal were broken into recently.  On January 28 radiator and mounts;  headlights   and  headlamps  worth   an  estimated $150 were stolen from an  junidentified vehicle.. . _���._,���...,,,   Tires and rims valued at $100 were  stolen from a late model Capri during the  early hours of January 3Q.  "S^HelFKCKIP reporTthe theftjrfj^  beige l2~Toot aluminum "boat from Selma  Park. Also stolen were a set of oars, a gas  tank and a/7%/lHP motor.  .*. A 14ft. aluminum' canoe was taken  sometime last week from Gunboat bay.  Local irieFchahtsYin" the area are  warned that 27 postal money orders have  been stolen from Horseshoe Bay. The last  three digits run from 574-600.  Police also remind rural dog owners  that dog licences must be renewed before  March 1.  Strike delays TV hook-up  Halfmoon Bay residents will have to BrobardtTsaid last week, "so I imagine  wait until the end of the-B.C. Tel strike they will have to do' their necessary  before enjoying their'new cablevision   repairs before they start stringing our  ���L-j. . ��� Yeable^j *'-��� -~  ���servicer  If telephone workers reject a%ntative During the delay Coast Cablevision has  agreement, announced Friday, it could been busy wiring the over 150 homes which  take until' early summer before  all   will receive cablevision.  cablevision subscribers are hooked up,  says Coast Cablevision manager, Carl  Bobardt. v  ���--Cable lines are strung from B.C. Tel  poles.  "B.C. Tel have their priorities,"  The company currently has an application before the Canadian Radio,  Television and Telecommunications  Commission to provide-cablevision-from  Caleta Estates along Redrooffs Road to  the Sunshine Coast highway.  Clarence Joe on executive  7Y\  THE CBC TELEVISION series "A  Gift to Last'7 will run Sundays at 8  Sechelt Indian Band manager Clarence  Joe was elected third vice president of the  Comox-Powell River Liberal Association  at the organization's annual general  meeting held last month in Tsolum.  Frarik Greenwood of Powell River was  Wood of Campbell River, second vice  president and Lauren Exter of Powell  River was named secretary-treasurer.  Sasha Reddy, also of Powell River,  becomes the new policy chairman.  Two Campbell River residents, Larry  Greig and Joan Werrun were elected f und-  p.m. through February 19. Stars of   Gerard Parkes, Janet <4mos, Ruth   elected president; Harold Lockwood of   raisfng  chairman  and  membership  the production are Gordon ;Pmsent?>- Springford, and Mark Poiley. Courtenay, first vice president; Norman   chairman  WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8,1978  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9, .1978  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10,1978  CHANNEL 2       CHANNEL4      CHANNEL5       CHANNEL6       CHANNEL7   *  CHANNEL8        CHANNEL 12'  :M  MS  ���:30  :4S  Ryan's  Hop*  Edge Of  Night  General  Hoapital  Cont'd  Cont'd  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Edge 01  Night  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In Tho  Family  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newlywed '  Game  Tattletatea  Cont'd  :00 Take 30   /* EdgaOf Ittovlo Tike 30 Dinah Alan Match  ���:1S Cont'd Night "The Young Cont'd Conl'd Hamal Game  9:30 Celebrity- Croaa Savages" Ctlebrity Cont'd Cont'd I Dream Of  :45 Cooka Wita Conl'd Cooka Conl'd , Conl'd Jeannie  :00  1,15  T:30  :45  The Magic  Lie  Electric  Company  Merv  Griffin  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  'Cont'd  Cont'd  The Magic  Lit  Dorla  Qiy 7  Emergency  One  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lucy  Show  Star  Trek  Funorama  Cont'd  Gilllga'n'e  Island  :00  J:��  :45  Bonavanture"  Cont'd  All In The  Family  - Conl'd"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newlywed  Game  Newa  Cont'd  Adam-12  Cont'd  .News  Cont'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Gong  Show  My Three  Sons<*  I Love  Lucy  KM  5=15  1:30  ���45  Hourglaaa  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  ABC Newa  Cont'd  Newa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd '  NBC Newa  Cont'd  Newt  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  CBS Nawa  Cont'd:  Mary Tylar  Moore  Newa  Cont'd  Cont'd.  Cont'd  Andy  -Sritfith  Match  Game  -..���00-  r-��  :30  :45  -Mary Tyler  Moore  Sport;  Scene  Wild World -  Ol Anlmala  Thal'a- *  Hollywood  -Seattle-  Tonight  Special  Edition  -Charlie'e-  Angela  Cont'd  Cont'd  - To Tell ���  The Truth  Family ���  Faud  -Weatern-  Expraaa  Bonus  Draw  Joker's  Wild  Doctor In  Tha Houae  '��� .  ,   .  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  1   ���  :00  Ryan'a  General  Another  Cont'd  Cont'd  Another  Newlywed  0:15  aC:3Q  Hope  Hoapital  World  Cont'd  , Cont'd  World  Game  Edge Of  Cont'd.  Cont'd  Edge Of .  Ail In The  Cont'd  Tattletales  :45  Night         ,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Night  Family  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���00  On.  V:30  Take 30  EdgaOf  Movie  Take 30  The  Alan  The  Cont'd  Night  "Firat To  Cont'd  Winners  Hamal  Winners  Celebrity  Croaa  Fight"  Celebrity  Dinah  Cont'd  1 Dream Ol  :45  Cooka ���  -wit.     ���  Cont'd  Cooka  Cont'd  Cont'd  Jeannie  :00  Vision  Merv  Cont'd   "!  Vision  Emergency  Lucy  Funorama  43  On  Griffin  . Cont'd  On  One  Show  Cont'd  What's'. ���  Cont'd '  Cont'd  Oorit  . Cont'd  Star  Gilligan's  :45  New        " *~  Cont'd  Cont'd  Day  Cont'd  Trek  Island  :00  Nobel Prize  Cont'd  Newlywed  Adem-;(2  " New*  Cont'd  My Three  C=1S  *��J:30  Laureatea  Cont'd  Game  Cont'd^"^-  ���Cont'd  Cont'd  . Sona  All In The  Newa  1 Nawa  News  Cont'd  Gong  ILova  :45  Family  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  .Cont'd  Show   ,,  Lucy  ���00  <v R:1S  U:30  "Cont'd  Naws  CBS Naws  Newa  Andy  ' Cont'd'  Cont'd  Newa*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Griffith  Cont'd  NBC Newa  Cont'd  Mary Tylar  Cont'd  Family  ���4JT  ; Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Moore  Cont'd  Feud   -   :00  Mary Tyjer-  "People  Seattle  Hawaii  Five-O  To Tell  Fish  Joker'a  7=15  f :30  Moore  Plaice   '  Tonight  The Truth  . Cont'd  Wild  The  iCdnt'd  Match  Cont'd  The Price  Grand Old  On-The  -.   :4S  - ���sr Northerns  'Cont'd'  Game  Cont'd  la Right  Country  Buses  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  :00  )A5  >:30  :45  Ryan'a  Hope  Edge Of  Night  General  Hospital  Cont'd  Cont'd ���  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd <  Cont'd  Edge Of  Night  Cont'd  Cont'd .  All In The  Family  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newlywed  Game  Tattletales  Cont'd  :00 Take 30 '    Edge Of Movie Take 30 Dinah Alan Match  1:15 Cont'd Night "Climb An Cont'd Cont'd . Hamel Game  1:30 Celebrity Croat Angry Celebrity Cont'd Conl'd I Dream 01  :45 Cooka Witt Mountain" Cooka             . Cont'd Cont'd Jeannie  .-00 One Of Marv Cont'd One Of Emergency Lucy Funorama -  1:15 A Kind ,    Griffin Cont'd A Kind One Show Cont'd  r:30 Friday Alter Cont'd Cont'd Doris Cont'd Stsr Gilligan's  :4S School Cont'd Cont'd Day Cont'd Trek Island  .00  !:15  '���30  :45  Nature Of  Thinga  -All In Tha  Family'  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newa  Cont'd  Newlywed  _Game   Newt  Cont'd  Adam-12  -Cont'd  News  Cont'd  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Gong  Show  My Three  Sons  I Love  Lucy  ���00  5*15  1:30  .45  Hourglaaa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ABC Newt  Cont'd1*  Newa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  NBC Nawa  Cont'd  Newa.  Cont'd -  Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS Newa  Cont'd  Mary Tyler  Moore  Newt  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Andy  Griffith  Hollywood  Squaret  .00  t:K  :30  :45  Mary Tyler  Moore  Reach For'  The Top  Anything  Goes  The  Muppets  Seattle  Tonight  Hollywood  Squares  Lawrence  Welk  Cont'd:  Cont'd ,  Movie  "The  African  Queen"  Operation  Petticoat  Julie  Cont'd  Joker's.  _Wild  Doctor In  The House  8  :00 Nature Ol Eight la 'Gnzily Nature Of CBS Special Special Name That  :15 Thinga Enough Adama Thinga "Ruby And "Ruby And Tune  :30 Front Row Cont'd - Cont'd Front Row Oswald"   ' Oswald" Marv  45 Centre Cont'd Cont'd Ctnlre     \ Cont'd Conl'd Griffin  8  9  00          "Sarah" Charlie's NBC Special      "Sarah"             Cont'd               Cont'd               Cont'd  15           Cont'd Angela "Laugh-In"         Cont'd                Cont'd                Conl'd                Cont'd  36 -   Conl'd Cont'd Cont'd               Cont'd               Cont'd               Cont'd               Cont'd  :45 Cont'd _ Cont'd,  Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd-  :00  Carol  :15   '  Burnett  :30  Cont'd     -  :45  Cont'd           ^  :00  Canadian  :15  Express  ;30  Cont'd  :45   - 7Cont*d-���*���  Welcome Back, CHiPa Carol The . The Nome That  Kotter Cont'd Burnett Waltona Wallont Tune  Fllh Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Merv  Cont'd Conl'd Cont'd Conl'd Cont'd Griffin  8  .)  00  :15  :30  :45  Tony  Randall  OnOurOwrr  Cont'd  Donny4  Marie  Cont'd  Cont'd  .Family  Circiis  CPO  Sharkey  Tony ^  Randall  On Our Own  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd '  Donny 4  Marie  Cont'd  Cont'd  Name That  Tune  Merv  Griffin  Barney  Miller   '  Carter  Country���  Jamas  ^At15  Cont'd  "Cont'd"  Eight Is  Enough  Cont'd  "Cont'd  Hawaii  Flve-0  Cont'd  Cont'd ~  CTV Reports  Cont'd  Carter u   Country  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  :00  9:15  :30   ;45  Tommy              ABC Movie         Rockford            Tommy*             CBS Movie         Rockford Cont'd  Hunter                "Freebie             Filea                   Hunter                "The                    Files Cont'd  Con,'d AndThe  _Cont'd_ Cont'd _Pr��eidonl'a Cont'd  -Cont'd  'Cont'd                Bean"                 Cont'd              -Cont'd                 Mistreaa"            Conl'd Cont'd  10  ���00  :15  :30  45  Seeing For  Ourselves  Wataon l  Report  -Staraky  a Hutch  Cont'd  Cont'd  Police  Woman  Cont'd  Cont'd  Seeing For  Ourselves  Wats6n  It-port   .  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Gunsmoke  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  10  ��           r^.v. 2   '.I' ?.*". L���BMn B,rn,b-' Bw��"�� Gunamoke  ���           .2 COn,d ��'*S Conl'd Jon�� Cont'd Conl'd  5           .. Cdnl'd Con,'d Conl'd Con,'��* Cont'd - Cont'd  Newamakera Cont'd Cont'd Conl'd Conl'd - Cont'd , Conl'd  10  Bearcats  Cont'd,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Coht'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ouincy  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Clata  Of'65  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ouincy  Cont'd  Cont'd'  Cont'd  Gunsmoke  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  11  :00  :15  :30  CBC Newa  Cont'd  Newa  90 Minutes  Nawa  Cont'd  Police  Story  Newa  .  Cont'd  Tonight  Cont'd  CBC Nawa  Conl'd  Nows  Cont'd  Nawe  Conl'd  Hawaii  Five-O  CTV Newa  Cont'd  JNewa  Conl'd  Phil  Silvers  Hawaii  Five-O  11  -00 ���     CBC Newa Newa Nawa  :15 Cont'd Conl'd '   Cont'd  :30 Newa Staraky - Tonight  :45 SOMinutea & Hutch -   Cont'd  CBC Newa Newa  \ CTV Newa Phil  Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Silvers  Nawa CBS Late Newa CBS Late  Cont'd Movie Cont'd Movie  11  00 \CBC Newa Nows Newa CBC Newa Newt "' CTV Newt Phil  :15 Cont'd         Conl'd. Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Silvers  :30 Newa Baretta Tonight Newa Lala Movie Newa M A.S.H  45 90 Minutes Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd "Conqueror Cont'd Cont'd  12  00  15  :30  :45  Live  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ABC Mystery  Movie  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lale Movie  "Naked  Jungle"  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ko)ak  Cont'd  Late Movie Cont'd  "The Magic Cont'd  Christian" Kojak  Cont'd Cont'd  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11,1978  '���CHANNEL 2       CHANNEL 4,    CHANNEL 5       CHANNELS       CHANNEL7      CHANNEL8  :00  ��15  C:30  -*-:45-  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd^  Untamed  World  _ABCSpprta_  Auto S-'.'V..  Bob Hope  : Deaert  -Claaeic-���  Cont'd-���"  Conl'd  Cont'd.  Cont'd  'Cont'd  Movia  _i*Cougar���  Country"   -  ���Cont'd' -1  The War  "Voire"  -Cont'd  Cont'd  ���00 CBC Sports  ��� :15 Curling  >:30 -Clastic  :45 .   Cont'd  .Racing  Cont'd  .ABC Sporta  ProBowlere  Cont'd  -  ,  Cont'd  Basketball  Oregon  CBC Sporta  Curling  Cltaalc  Cont'd  :00  1:15  T-.30  .45  Space:  1999  Cont'd  Cont'd  Tour  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  State  va,  Washington  Slate  Space:  19��  Cont'd  Cont'd  :00  ���:30  :45  NHL Hockey  New York  Rangera  Va,*'  Wide  -WorldJJL  Sporta  Cont'd  Conl'd  -Cont'd   Wildlife  In Crista  NHL Hockey  Jit*Ostk  Rtngera  Vi,  Cont'd  Cont'd  _Cool!jf^_  Cont'd  Late Movie "Dillinger"  "Breakout"        Conl'd  Cont'd -   Cont'd  ConTd"  "Cont'd"  Late Movie  "Viva  Max"  "Cont'd  "Dillinger"  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Conl'd  12  Live  Cont'd  Cont'd  -Conl'd-  Cont'd  Cont'd  Avengers  -Cont'd   Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  -Cont'd-  Lale Movie  "Bad  Company  -Conl'd   Worm"  Cont'd  Cont'd  -Conl'd-  Late Movie  "The Boy In  The Plastic  -Bubble"   CBS Late  Movie.  "Kaneaa City.  -Bomber"   SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12,1978  MONDAY7 FEBRUARY 13,1978  CHANNEL 5 ~ CHANNEL 6   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12 ,  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5   CHANNEL 6   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  Clastic  Cont'd  Cont'd  "TJont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Portland  Trail  Blaiert-  Conf'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd^  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  -00  ,:15  ������30  :45  Ryan'a  Hop*.  Edge Ot  Night  General  Hoapital  ' Cont'd  Conl'd  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd''  Cont'd  Cont'd "  Edge Of.  Night"  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In The  "Family  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newlywed  Game  Tattl��tsl��7  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  CBS Sporta  Spectacular  NBC Sporfr,  SportaWorld  Cont'd'  Cont'd'*:" "-  Cont'd  Coht'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS Sporta  Challenge Of  The.?exee  ' Baak'etball  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Italian  "  Cooking  Yng. Paople'a  Special.  American  Game  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd '  Cont'd  Funorama  Cont'd  Our  Gang  :00. Take 30 Edged' Movie Take 30 Dinah ,            Alan Match  1:15 Cont'd Night "A New Cont'd Cont'd Hamel Gama  1:30 Celebrity   .  _ .Croat Leal"            -   Celebrity         ' Cont'd Conl'd I Dream Of  :45 Cooka Wita Cont'd : : Cooka Conl'd Cont'd Jeannie  .00 Stationary Marv Conl'd Stationary Emergency        Lucy Funorama  1:15 Ark Griffin Cont'd Ark One. Show Conl'd  >T:30 Milter Cont'd Cont'd Dorit             ~    Conl'd Star Gilllgan'a  :45 Dreatup Cont'd Cont'd Day    : Cont'd Trak (Hand  MeeJThe  -Preaa���;���  Newa  Cont'd  Being  -S*rv��d7~  Student  Forum  Cont'd  "Conl'd"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Untemed  I Love  "Frontier  Oueitioi-  Period  Lucy  Movie  "Tarxan'e  :00  lit)  t:30  ;45  Toronto  Maple Leaft  Cont'd \,  'Cont'd ,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Newt  Cont'd  Animal  World  Toronto  Miple Lealt  Cont'd.  Cont'd  CBS Newa  Cont'd  Tattletalea  Cont'd  Newa,  Cont'd  Swlit family  Robinaoh  Weekend  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  :00 WorldOl F-Troop NBCNeyva Newa ' CBSNewa Newa     . Revenge"  J:15 Dianay Cont'd   ' Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd ,   Cont'd  *:30 Cont'd Film How Cont'd- Conaumar Cont'd' Cont'd  :4S Cont'd Featlval .    Coma?     ' Cont'd ;        Buyline .Cont'd .Cont'd  ^M Travele* Cont'd Nawfywed Aaam-TT  .:15 Advanturaa       Conl'd Game Cont'd  ':30 All Ip The Newa Nawa Nawa  :45 Family. Conl'd Conl'd Cont'd  Newe  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Gong  Show  My Three  Sona  ILova  Lucy  ������tub"  f:15  :30  :45  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  - Lawrence  Welle ;,'  Cont'd    '  Cont'd  Wild  Kingdom  Qong  Show  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  . Cont'd ���  To Tell  TheTruth  In Search  iOI���,  Bionic  Woman'  Cont'd  Cont'd  MlA.S.H,  Cont'd  Movie  "Jlgaaw"  ;00  fi15  :30  :45  AOilf  To Leal  Cont'd  . Cont'd  Hardy  Boys  Nancy  Drew  , NBC Movie  "The  Great  ' Wallendae"  A Gilt  To Lett  Cont'd  Cont'd  , SOMInulaa  Cont'd :  Cont'd  Conl'd  Hardy  Boys  Nancy  Drew  60 Minutes  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  :00 HourJIatt ABC Newt Conl'd Newt CBSNewa. Newa Andy  J:15 Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Conl'd Cont'd Cont'd Griffith  IM Cont'd Nawa NBC Newa. Cont'd. Mary Tyler Cont'd Hollywood  ;45 Cdnt'd Conl'd Cont'd Cont'd Moore Cont'd Squares  :00 Mary Tyler ,       Space; Saallla Special To Tall .   Bobby Joker'a  f:i5 Moore     , i��M 7    Tonlghl "The '       Tho Truth, Vinlon Wild  130 Pacific' Conl'd Hollywood, honey- Disaster Headline Doctor In  ;45 .     ' Report    ' Cont'd Squaraa moonart" Cont'd    ��� HUnlors The Houte  8  00  :15  :30  45  Newa  Conl'd /  The      -  Muppets  Whal'a  Happening  Operation  Petticoat  Bionic  ' Woman  Conl'd  Cont'd  Special  Variety  Club  Tslethon  Bob   .  Newhart  Mary Tyler  Moore  ���Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  , Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  8  :00  |i1S  F:30  145  The  Oldtlmert  Two'a  Company  Loire  ���  Boat  Conl'd  Conl'd  NBC Movie  "Farewell,  My Lovely"  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  , Conl'd  The    ���,  Jeffersons  Maude  Cont'd  Special  Variety  Club  .Telethon  Conl'd  Cont'd  Movie  ���'Cool Hand  too KlngOl Y       How The Cont'd KlngOt All In The CTV Special Movie ,7  ;15 Kensington-      West Wat Cont'd Kensington Family "JecqUet "The  F;30 All In The Won Cont'd All In The Rhode Couttaau" Dali.nl  :45 Family       ;        Copt'd , Conl'd . Family Cont'd ��� Conl'd Ones"  ;00 ForThe Cont'd fJBC Movie   ' ���'ForTha 7  ���" CDS Movie kojak Cont'd  |i15 Record .  Conl'd "King" Record "Gator" Cont'd Cont'd  "i30 Cont'd ' Cont'd Partis Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd  145 Cont'd Cont'd' Cont'd Cont'd      7 Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd'  8  ;00'  US  |J0  ;45  M.A.B.H,  Cont'd    '  Front Page  Challenge  Six .;��� ���',  Million  Dollar  Man  NBC8peclal  "Bob  Hope"  Cont'd  M.A.S.H.  Cont'd  Front Page  Challenge  Good  Tlmea  Baby, I'm  Back  Six  Million  Dollar  Man  Name Thai  Tuna  Marv  Griffin  ;00  |:,5  :45  Superapecial  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ABC Special  "The  Honey-  moonart"  NBC Movie  "King"  Part*!  Cont'd   , , ,   Superapecial     M,A.S.H. 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For d.t��Tf.; ploQiifcall or writo:   p, .1AWSON TRAVEL  409 Oranvl*  Vancouver  '#tSh427t*'  7100  US'  (30  ;4��  \Mery fylet  'Moora  Dsyonrt  Flaaton  Bkploration  Norlhwttl  tha Na Na  Conl'd  Saallla V  Tonlghl ^  A Plan* For  The Children,  *T*  Staraky  A Hutch  Cont'd  Cont'd  To Tall  Tha Truth,  The Price  la Itighl  Lotto  Capada  ' Start ��������,  On lot  Joker'a  Wild  On The  nuaea  A  ^00  ft"  .   ,49  Happy  Oaya  Rene,  Blmard  Happy  Oayt  Lavarna A  Shirley  NBC Special  "I Love  TOM"  Conl'd  p^paaaMwawpnaaapaa,  Happy  Oaya  nana  Simard  Challenge Ol  The flenst  ,Shlalda A  Yamell  Movie  "Twlllght'a  Lett  Gleaming"  Name That  , Tuna  -Marv ......  Orllflrr*  ,M....  ^*i',.*','i'i*i'i*  '$$$$!&  \  v    \  |00  9119  130  |49  Thtaa't  Company  Fifth  Ktltle  Three'a '  ,Company  Soap  Cont'd  NB0 Movie  -"King".--.'  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Cont'd  Phil  Bllvart  Lala Movie,  "Heller  Newe  Conl'd  ���CBtl-tte  l ale Movia.  H, In Pink ���  "The ���, Tlghla'!  Impatient       Cent'd  Heart"   '���'"*"   cont'd  ���S:  !  Fab, 0 ��� Woitorn Wulght Controllers Rummago Salo, Sr Cltizona'Hqll,  Socholt, U am-1 pm ,  Fob, 0 ��� Dancing, Sr, Clllion* Hall, Socholt, 1130 pm  Fob, 0-���Carpot Bowll(ig, Harmony Halli'l pm  Fob, fl--~Socnol| Gordon Club (Mooting, St, HllrJa'��,,7i30pm  Fob, 9 ������ Wom��>n'�� Contro Drop-In, Robti Ck (noxt to Po��t Offlco) 11 anv4  pm, Library oV Information.  Fob, 9 ��� Dingo, Pondor Horbour Comm. Hall, Opm.  Fob. 9 ������ Tho Town VVayto^, Ronaltianco Mu8lc En��omblo, ��pon��or-��<J by ������-  Sunihlno Coait Arti Council, Chatoloch, 0 pm, Tlckott at door or at  ' * Whltakor Homo, Sachalt,  Fob. 9 ��� Dingo, ��pom, by Olbioni O.A.P.O,, Harmony Hall, 0 pm  Fob.,9 ~ Socholt Hoip, Auxiliary Mooting, St. Hilda'* 2 pm,  Feb. 11'��� Kldi Fllmi, Wllion Crook Comrri Hall, 9 am, 25c,  Fob, 12 ���Family Sunday, Wilton Crook Comm. Hall, 2-4 pm,  Fob, 13 ���Carpot Bowling, Sr.CltlMni Hall, Socholt, li30pm.   ,  Fob, 13 ��� Robts. Ck, Sottlomont Plan ��� Public Mooting, Robt��, Crook  ���     Comm. Hall, 7{30pm; '.-������ ���       "--���' "���"'-* * '  iJiPffl ���   Fob, 13��� Ha"moon Day Roc, Commlttoo, Annual Mooting, Wolcpmo Boach  !;;;;i:::::!:;:!:::;*'   _,���,,HalliJi3Q.pm..,~��..~^^  -���"��� - -" -  Fob, 13 ��� Wllion Crook Comm. Aiioc, Mooting, WlUon Ck. Comm, Hall, 8  p.m,   . x   ....    x.    7      ,,.,>., s.    .V!v x... \ v    '<avv   A'v     v  Fob, U ��� Totrahodron Ski Club Oonoral Mooting, Robtt. Ck, Elaitt, School  Library, fl p,rh, .  il^*-  ,7;,- \  \\ :.  ���IjsjIjIj^J*!]  ���i'i'i'!*;*!"!'  !ii!!i;!^^!;i;i  i,"I*,*J*pJ"J*)*J"t  ;.;l;i;!;!;t;!;!;!  tt��***ft'��iiawtnMp<Mjr'f^i���� pi*  "iliWili IIWWUMW  mmmmmmmmmmmfmmm  J. CH0QUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABR|CA|OR~-��NpUSTRIAL & MARINE  ^0Ki!.3��i ' mi ronrom hay roap     ,* ',in.vw9*-%u4'  Sochflt, B.C. VON SAO ,  .,.,...   ,.. -�� fTWif 10��0-2ftS6  l*V|i  ::x..jz^' ^'���^7^>l|,!l,^i��"'^^^^:^!^  '���*A'���Ax.. .,,;,:>,**"v., x;^  ��-M-^^^l��iW(>��!��s��i��TOl��s  M��i^**pV��^ipWWiN*����^,*l��^W  ^iia^aw*  *lj^lW#g��j��WM��W��t^  * d^'5" ���u*'Wtj!��tp^,p*i��i*-* *��w*i>*wwtmM-*tiKni^^ Ajy-  t.  .'v \ A  i !  ���t  /_  PaeeR-8  The Peninsula Tim1es  Wednexdav. Fehmarv 8. 1flf78  The second program in a mini-series'  designed to help increase awareness of  vital .developments taking place within  Canada, "Canada -Watch ��� Who's in  Charge?" discussesnm.e'nTployment-on  Saturday, at 7:05 p.m.  It is, of course, common knowledge that  unemployment is high and regional  disparities have been with us since. Confederation^ but som things are changing.  Economic power is, moving -wesJL��� but  Ontario, the former heartland.of the  nation, wonders if it will be a short lived  -phenomenon^  -H^deas^^urij^y^ataA05-p.mjQQk��LaL  the most common ways in which people  try to cope with roadblocks in their^lives  and comes to the conclusion that those who  can overcome, (paraplegics, who become  success athletes, for example) have more  than just luck going for them.  The Hornby Collection on Saturday at  11:05 p.m. presents a play by Gwen  Assessment  appeals begin  The B.C. Assessment Authority has'  received 349 appeals from Sunshine Coast  residents unhappy with their revised land  evaluations.   The Authority's Court of Revision will  meet regularly during February in both  Sechelt and Gibsons to hear appeals filed  before the January deadline.  ~" "Normally there would be just one  court of appeal in Gibsons," says Ray  Winterburn, the area assessor, "but the  government felt that because of the new  system two courts would be held."  The71978 noticesreflect thefirst major"  revision in provincial assessments since  they were forzen by the government in  1974.  Property owners are now taxed on the  actual market value of their land and  improvements, with increases over 10 per  ���* cent phased in over afour year period.  If not satisfied with the outcome of their  appeal to the Court of Revision taxpayers  can make a further appeal within 10 days  to the Assessment Appeal Board.  Communist Party  names candidate  Ringwood, "Remembrance of Miracles".  This is a topidal theme oMiow the-high  school reading list upsets the citizens of a  small town.  r���*��� -"Signatureu-on-Sunday--at*-4:r05 p.m-  pays tribute i to the celebrated pianist  Vladimir 'Horowitz, ,-73, and still going  strong. Horowitz is heard performing  selections from his, romantic repertoire  and recalling stories from his private and  public lives.  - '"Concern" "on~"Stinfoy*~at"9:05~ p.m.-  presents a program for Valentine's Day,  "Mating Habits, a Bird's Eye view of the  -Species12 which���is���not���about���our-  -feattiered-friends^���������-7���.������   WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 8       " '    .  Johnny Chase 8:04 p.m. Science fiction  , serial. t -  Mostly . Music   10:20   p.m.   Calgary  Philharmonic    Orchestra.    Maureen  Forrester,, contralto, Zara Nelsova, cello.  Verdi, Dvorak, Somers, Saint-Saens,  Tchaikovsky..  Nightcat 11:20 p.m., Joshua Logan,  Broadway director.  THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9  Playhouse 8:04 p.m. conclusion of the  Zwicker series by Silver Donald Cameron.  The Cat's Paw.  Jazz Radio-Canada 8:30 p.m. Nim-  mon's 'n' Nine Plus Six. Pacific Salt.  Mostly Music 10:20 Quebec Symphony  Orchestra. Berlioz, Schubert.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Interview with  Gordon Brooke ��� Shepherd.  FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10  School Broadcasts 2:04 p.m. History of  Music in Canada, Part II.    Country Road 8:30 p.m. Ryan's Fancy.  Mostly Music 10:20, p.m. Winnipeg  Symphony Orchestra. Eugene. Fodor,  violin. Gamba, Lelo, Prokofieff.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Schuyler Chapin,  former general manager of the Met.  MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13  Gold Rush 8:30 p.m. Interview with  ,Elvin Bishop, Live concert with Zdenka.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. CBC Van-  ~C0Tiver OrqhesfrarGrieg, Stravinsky,  Berwald.  - Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Irish film industry.  Serial reading part 1 of spy thriller The  Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers.  TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14-   Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Irish Art treasures-  exhibit from New York.  CBC-FM Radio 105.7  ���rdVas^Or^TmriVednra^ ���p  -Future~of ThT^e^fWrThursday--=--Global'-*-*  Corporations; Friday ��� Lecture series;  Monday    ���    Aging;    Tuesday    ���  Bloodhounds of Heaven ��� spy fiction.  Thursday ��� Signature 9:04 p.m.  Horowitz.  Friday���Radio International 9:04 p.m...  A Yard of Sun by Christopher Fry.  Saturday ��� Audience 9:04 p.m. Part I.  Theatre in Toronto. Part II. Vancouver  Symphony/ Chamber Ensemble.  Beethoven, Haydn. Part III. Malaspina  .Expedition ��� historic Canadian artifacts,  on display in Portland, Oregon.  Monday Festival Theatre 9:04 p.m..A  Delicate Balance by Edward Albee.  Pearsall goes south  UI  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 11  Update 8:30 a.m. Roundup of B.C  happenings.  The House 9:10 a.m. The week  Parliament.  Quirks and Quarks 12:05 p.m. Science  Magazine.      _  Metropolitan Opera 2 p.m. -Adriana  Lecourvreur, by Francesco Cilea.  Canada  Watch  7:05  p.m.  Unemployment.  Ideas 9:05 p.m. More Than Just Luck.  Anthology 10:05 p.m. Kildare Dobbs  book review. Northern Lights, short story  by Jan Gould. Poetry byEUzabethJoneSr  __JMHornby CoUectififillloTiMriTa play  Remembrance of Miracles by Gwen  -Ringwoodr���'��� '-   Coast Chilcotin MP Jack-Pearsall is off  ^ to New Orleans Thursday, to represent  Canada at joint Canadian-U.S.  parliamentary sessions.  Pearsall, vice president of the Standing  Committee on Fisheries and Environment, will serve on a special committee studying energy and the environment.  Wesj: Coast tanker routes, proposed  supertanker*ports at Kitimat and Port  Angeles, the Alaska pipeline and Arctic oil  explorations will be discussed during the  five day session with American  congressmnan and senators.  ^-Schneiders, Kent  SLICED BACON llb  Burns. Regular or All Beef  WIENERS .ib.pkg....  Heinz  32 oz.  neinz 32 oz. ..����� gm aa  SWEET MIXED PICKLES 'I09  Kikkoman  SOY SAUCE  10 oz.  59  Olympic  LARD  lib.  49  Ocean Spray  CRANBERRY COCKTAIL  Ajax  CLEANSER  22 oz.  49  Sunlight  LIQUID DETERGENT  $109  32fl.oz.  JL  r.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  BRAND NEW  TOWELS  Only $4.00  Plu* ^5c for postage and handling.  Manufactured from - UNWOVEN  Cotton and Rayon fibres. Rushed to  you_ direcijy_ifcoro_the=fac  -������^auTTfuTpastel shades. Never leave  ��� lint. MILLIONS sold annually.  I     Hundreds of  uses. Size 9"x 12". Ideal  -|���forjhe FARM,Jiom��LondJUSlNESSr  Oyster River resident Sy Pederson will  contest the Comox-Powell River riding for  the Communist Party of Canada during  tbelnext federal election.   ���  Hi  Pederson, 31, works as a logger at  MacMillan Bloedel's Menzies Bay division  where he has served on both the camp  committee and the safety committee.  Hewas also vice president of his IWA  local. ________  In  accepting  January  SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 12  CBC Stage 1:05 p.m. The Man by-Mel  Dinelli, starring Rae Brown and Eric  Schneider.  Signature 4:05 p.m. Horowitz.  Symphony  HaU  7:05  p.m.  Toronto  Symphony Orchestra. Maureen Forrester,  contralto. Berlioz, MacMillan. Mahler.  .   Concern 9:05 p.m. MatingJlabits, a  bird's eye view of thxTspecies.. yy_���,   I  I  I  I  I  I  I  Sample order 30 for $2.25  (REFUNDABLE). We gladly accept  your cheque, money-order or cash.  QUANTITY PRICES  ���200 for $6.00  ���500 for $15.00  Rush your order to:  IMPERIAL WORLD SERVICE  _Jox_296f_SnawdanJ!.0._  Montreal, Canadri  Pederson said  the  nomination  at  a  meeting  in  Conrtenayr  and in-  m  unemployment  What Does  flation "are the most critical issues in  Canada today."  Legal Notices  Province of  British Columbia  Ministry of Health  ���:���* Division of Vital  Statistics, Victoria, B.C.  "CHANGE OF NAME  ACT" (Section 6)  Notice of Application  for Change of Name    .  NOTICE is hereby given  -that-an-application win be  made to the Director of Vital  Statistics for a  change  of  name,   pursuant   to   the  Rrpvislons of the "Change of  fame Act," by me:���* Gail  Elizabeth Cierman of R.R. 2,  Oldershaw Road in Gibsons,  in the Province of British  Colunibja, as follows:��� To  change my name from Gail  Elizabeth Cierman to Corlyn  Elizabeth Cierman,  Dated January, AID. 1078.,  Gall Elizabeth Cierman  3885-sptpub.Fcb,8,1970  Mean to You?  watch for our grand opening  x  >.*-������,  VOLVO  jPLEjNTXA.  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL LTD.  Authorized sales- parts - service  HD Marine & Diesels, 100-350 HP  Aux. & Sailboat Diesels 7.5-35 HP  Aquamaiic 1/Qs, 125-250 HP  i.    7 ,      .    .   '   ��� '.' ' "        ���''������"   7 /  Complete Marine Servicing Including Marine Ways  GARDEN BAY/PENDER HARBOUR  CALL 883-2616  m*M^  ��� .i .-Wii.ji**7*'I (! !���  ,.��.:..���.. .71*.'. A....!..���"(  T  CCD   QlL  pta<Jwaw.-*W*��**'�� _\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\f.ii ______________________M ' HB^iHB^K<iMU��-$?^w#'tip<-'<-i'<>A��,f.��>i'i&W^k JI^pmHHHjBH >HMPjMft--��  rep* 7tH  ^4v  Due to the  YARN CORNER  ..','".:*���". :*: of     '   ; ~".  Davis Curio & Specialty Shop  /7  of The Yarn Bain yve are opening our yarn section  Thursday Feb. 9th for your convenience-,  now '14.98  "AKm'Nl(l1$1|31iiipi^'T^M-i'  I  |   M M   M   *  OTHER SALE ITEMS  ���   <>>>>..��   I   ������,.���>.   I   ,   i   |  50% OFF  ���" V*L  Store Hours ��  9-3 p.m.  ^B ��� ^aw rW^aw mm     |p I"! W mm mm \W, .i  -12\ 2"C,owrle"-Stireet���"-  Between Shell Garage  & Oof. Away Trayol  "^m&mmmxmji^Mmm  imii  '��*JiW^Pa��v*^^-W>a*������**^  'iwiu^AMt if* ���i^liiiiii'il1 '   11  ���$4tAAAw  .1  i x  Hamburger. Helper ..  CASSEROLE BASE,  p>.|f*^ai'l<^w<J.a.pwJ��<'4r-*AiarW*i *-"<J-..��..��-. - a -t  /CHICKEN CUBtS ��� 59  -i*H��ap��->'*'MtMia������-ai-Hi^^  rr_., wntr     ���*! lai*J       .*��� L> �� ,\'j.   �����>��*  '��� " * 1        ��� ���    t ���     * '     ���>' *"   !$*  t: '    '* '.'.j'-ii"1 ������"\11? JaMk Mb"j  I*     i    .     ��� _ _   *   *\    . ���"'  " Ml .VJf.Vjl  HP i  ������������������rf��K*|p��i  '.ifA  I    i  wttifii'?"i��w. ������**m  y.      !������':( ;ps ' i    j'   i    : --I   \m', y\    <y  \K.'"i'tX'fHA "���pSIpp"'    %  '   '*!'.��? A, Y Y .   i i I ��� i  ��*��"' ( I     I ' ! *���'  **fi'.fl, *���)-����-���,'*��+.   f.1.-,1  ������ .'.*���.' i.-'i* "C ; *  \'-\."'X.\'>. 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