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The Peninsula Times Dec 15, 1976

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Array ;';.  C yy(  I   '  < ���      <x>  "   ..     7  S:   .  J  A    "���  \  7  y    .  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  r���TTTnttTf mm Mini nr���","M^*������lM���ti"  The Peninsula^^^  Wednesday, December 15,1976  Don Morberg, Managing Editor  "A free press is the unsleeping guardian of  evejy  other  right  that free  men  prize."  ��� Winston Churchill  Up .and down  A story in last week's Times concerning the future of Lower Gibsons  brought. a great deal of reaction ��� a  little'of it was even positive.  The story outlined the situation the  Lower Gibsons merchants found  themselves in as the result of years of  having their area of the village  deteriorate and how many of them were  jerked into this realization by the  opening of Sunnycrest Mall.  Negative reaction came from merchants in Sunnycrest Mall who were  feeling that the article was an attack on  them and their marketing procedures. It  wasn't, of course, intended to be that.  Negative reaction also came from the  Lower Gibsons merchants who had,  apparently, been hoping that the story  would be a 'shop-in-Lower-Gibsons-it's-  a-great-place. type public relations  story. The story wasn't that either and it  wasn't intended to be. The story, imperfect as it was, was intended to show  the reality of the situation as it exists.  The writer of the story attended the  Gibsons Harbor Merchants Association  meeting last; week and came under  much criticism. When the criticism was  over and a vote was passed to allow the  press to stay, the meeting went on to  discuss most of the items which were  touched upon in the article.  Most of the merchants took the article for what it was intended to do.  We're not running a public relations  department for the mall, for the Lower  Gibsons merchants or for anyone else.  To those merchants who were expecting  such a story, we would like to say that  part of the problem in Lower Gibsons is  that some people down there have failed  to grasp the fact that no one is going to  hand Lower Gibsons anything.  If they want more poeple, more  parking, cleaner streets, a bigger chunk  of the tourist dollar or whatever, they  are going to have to work for it.  The merchants in the mall have  staked a lot of capital in their bid for  their part of the market place and the  Lower Gibsons merchants will have to  do something to attract their part.  Whether that is putting in more money  or what ever is necessary.  The mall merchants we talked with  said they would not like to see the Lower  Gibsons area deteriorate. That area, it  was pointed out, is the gateway to the  whole village and if it is not attractive,  much traffic will, in the case of boat  traffic, decide not to slow down.  Also, we feel, the mall merchants are  looking at the future when their facilities  are not so new and their streets are in  the condition the streets in Lower  Gibsons are now. If Lower Gibsons can't  save itself now, will they be able to when  the time comes.  We don't believe^that the village is  looking at an either-or situation. The two  shopping areas can be complimentary if  the best is made of both situations.  On another matter, the story last  week stated that the Super-Valu in the  new mall and the Shop Easy in Sechelt  were owned by Kelly-Douglas. This, we"  learned, is incorrect.  Both operations are locally-owned  and franchises of Kelly-Douglas. The  Kits Camera's store in the mall is also  locally-owned.  A two part column consisting of those  staples of life, sex and food.  First the sexTor rather sexism. *    *  1976 has be$rf -a bad year for feminists^  Just when it appears women are getting  somewhere in their struggle for equality,  along comes a situation to remind us there is  still an interminable road to travel.  I'm thinking specifically of a story that  appeared earlier this month in which a judge  refused to believe the eye-witness testimony  of a female witness because the woman was  nearly 50 and therefore at the age of  menopause.  To quote the wire copy: "During the trial  the judge asked the woman's age. Told she  was 48 he said that 'there comes a certain  stage in a woman's life, some point around  that age, where the evidence is not too  reliable.' "  And the judge then proceeded to dismiss  the charge against the woman's neighbour, a  man charged with indecent exposure.  After the reasoning behind the dismissal  hit the papers Ontario women's groups urged  the provincial Attorney-General to review the  proceedings, and a few days later Roy Mc-  Murtry did ask for a transcript of the trial.  Then there was the president of the Royal  Bank of Canada who last summer announced  it was impossible to appoint a woman to the  bank's board of directors because nowhere in  the whole of Canada could they find a suitable  person and besides all females were just  housewives anyway.  After the country's housewives demonstrated their economic clout to the Royal  Bank by making mass withdrawals of their  deposits and after some hasty back-tracking  by tho bank's pr people a Montreal woman  was appointed as a director.  The media is often guilty of reinforcing a  stereotyped image of women. Advertising is  the best example, with tho Hai Karate sex-  pots falling over their scented he-men and a  middle class marriage rapidly disintegrating  because of ring around a shirt collar.  Then there was Reuters Item last week  nbout Elizabeth Bagaya, a highly intelligent  womnn who wa.s Uganda's foreign minister  until exiled by Big Daddy Amin,  It seertiH British customs officials were  afraid of a kidnap plot against Bagaya and  detained two Uganda businessmen as they  tried to enter England.  Every time the news story reform! to tho  former politician it was as the "beautiful"  Elizabeth Bagaya or the "shapely" Miss  Bagaya.  Can you see Canada's ex Minister of  R'teyW-WW:*:':  The Peninsula^&w6^  Published Wednesdays at, Scciiclt  on B.C.'s Sunshine Const  ����y  The Peninsula Times  for West pres PuMiontlons Ltd.  ut Sechelt, B.C.  1)0x310 ��� Sechelt, B.C.  VON MO  Phone 885-3231  Subscription Rates: (in advance)  Local, $7 per year. Beyond 35 miles, $8  U.S.A., .$10. Overseas $11,  HORSESHOE BAY? I was just trying to drive down to Sechelt."  From the pulpit  By PASTOR GERRY FOSTER  Last week we talked "about separations  and stated that man because of sin and  -disobedience is separated from God, from  himself and from his fellow man. We concluded by saying that these separations are  'real' and they are 'now'.  But the good news is that something has  been done about these separations. In fact the  message of Christmas, which you are  preparing to celebrate later this month,--tells  as us what has been done. The Bible says that  God through Jesus Christ has reconciled us to  Himself. There was a gap between you and  God and the Son of God came to this earth and  bridged that gap, bringing man and God back  together. We should repeat that sin separates  from God. God is holy and cannot look upon  sin. He loves us even though we are sinners  but hates the sin in us.  However God in His grace and mercy took  the initiative and came to seek and to save us  and to bring us back into fellowship with  Himself. Scripture says that "for our sake He  ' made Him (Jesus) to be sin who knew no sin,  so that in Him we might become the  righteousness of God."  God is saying to you, 'return to me for I  have redeemed you'. My friend, I beseech  you, be reconciled with God. You need His  fellowship; you need His love. Accept His gift  of salvation which cost the death of His Son.  5_3 .       ._   millllteS by Don Morberg  By Kerra Lockhart  External Affairs described as "that hunk  Mitchell Sharp?" Thought not.  "The Person Papers'? have recently been  issued'by the federal Advisory Counciron the  Status of Women. Designed to pinpoint the?  areas where Canadian women still suffer  discrimination they make sad reading a  month after International Women's Year.  Some examples;  ��� The Council finds that current  Canadian laws concerning Marital Property  are in direct conflict with the principles of  equality of men and women. The laws and  practices that kept women in marital bondage still remain.  ��� The future of many women is subject to  the whim or private beliefs of medical  practitioners. Female patients should be able  to expect confidentiality from their doctors  and a doctors responsibility to a female  patient should not be expected to extend to  her spouse.  ��� The Advisory Council finds that  Canada's rape laws are designed to punish  the victim not the rapist. Trial verdicts show  the courts usually take the side of the rapist.  Verdicts reflect the double standard. Verdicts  Indicate that women are suspected of false  accusations.  Let's hope 1977 is a better year for women,  And now to a happier topic. Food.  Two of the Peninsula's best eating places  are located off the beaten track. 'Where to  Dine in Canada' lists the cafe at Irvines  Landing as the best (and only) place to eat  between Vancouver and Powell River. Here  is what they have to say about that unlikely  culinary spot.  If you're lucky enough to be holidaying  along tho Sunshine Coast, bo sure to make tho  detour to the end of the Sechelt Peninsula.  The fishing Is good in Render Harbour and so  is the food at the Irvine's Landing Cafe. For  $3.95 you can have a special fisherman's  breakfast of Juice, three eggs, hashed-brown  potatoes, steak, toast, jam and steamlng-hot  coffee. For lunch you can have a  dcluxcburgor $1.50 on a toasted bun with  cheese, bacon, onion and tomato. Tho dinner  menu features things like fresh fried oysters  $3.20 and fresh-caught local salmon $3.35.  You can make a meal on tho soups alone: tho  vegetable beef lias flvo fresh vegetables  along with generous hunks of beef; tlio clam  chowder Is thick with fresh seafood. Save  some room for the fruit pics too ��� they're so  fresh you can watch them being made ns you  cnt,  Open dally except Wednesday fl a.m. to I)  p.m. Closed on Wednesday. Licensed. No  cards.  I The Tuesday I drove up to Irvines landing  tho cafe was closed so it was back to the  Pender Harbour Hotel and Bonnie's cooking,  Which Is superb.  Homemade soups, thick, creamy, nnd  overflowing with fresh vegetables; hnm-,  burgers with real, crumbly ground meat - no  soy patties horo. But the piece do rcslfitonce  of tho kitchen are the pies. Tho pies aro  heavenly with flakey crusts, fresh fruit  fillings and the servings are big enough to fill  your plate. With a scoop of Ice cream thoy  become a meal In themselves.  Kitting in the lounge overlooking wliut  must be one of the finest views along the const  you can't help but feel 'Where to Eat* has  made a serious omission.  THERE ARE not many things in the world  that I care for. I mean other than friends,  relatives, my work, Ninja, photography,  scuba diving, karate and Hershey cholocate  bars with almonds, there are not many things  in the world that I lose any sleep worrying  about.  But one of those things is popcorn. Popcorn/ If they made ambrosia so it wouldn't  drip, it would taste like popcorn.  Popcorn. I've been known to mug little  kids at the circus for popcorn. I've been  known to sit all the way through a Raquel  Welch movie just for the popcorn. I've  managed to eat popcorn all the way through  The Exorcist without missing a kernel.  If I turn up two and a half hours late for a  meeting with friends, they understand. I was  on my way; but had to go by a movie theatre  and couldn't help but go in for a few bags of  popcorn.  I particularly enjoy going to movies with a  certain lady friend because she always buys a  bag of popcorn; but never touches the stuff. I  eat hers and mine. Thanks, Polly.  I've sat through two *C grade movies in a  row just to eat popcorn. If thfe popcorn was  free, I might even think about seeing a John  Wayne movie.  MY FRIENDS are very sympathetic.  They understand what it's like to be strung  out on popcorn.     i  I've met only one person who eats more  popcorn than I do. That's Laurie, one of the  ladies who work in our advertising department. She eats popcorn for dinner. Honest.  Every night. Am I telling secrets?  Speaking of secrets, don't tell anyone, but  Ray Boothroyd, the man who owns the  Twilight Theatre, told me that he never eats  popcorn because it gives him hiccups. Don't  tell him I told you.  CONTRARY to what this started out like,  this isn't about popcorn. It's about  macadamia nuts.  When some friends of mine came home  from a six month honeymoon and decided to  get married, part of the wedding feast was a  can of macadamia nuts they bought in  Hawaii. They love 'em. I had some and I like  them as well; but not as much as popcorn, of  course, but I do like 'em.  I told you a while ago about the Red  Walrus, a scuba diving budding of mine who  now lives in Seattle since his insurance  company was driven from the land by St.  ICBC some years ago. Anyway, Peter, alias  the Red Walrus, was in Hawaii recently and  brought back two bunches of macadamia nuts  for me.  The first bunch were fine; came in a can  ready to eat and that we did. (Ho also brought  a 40 ounce bottle of Chlvas Regal; but that's a  whole 'nother story.) We ate the first bunch of  macadamia nuts with great relish. Actually  the relish wasn't all that great. I've eaten  better.  When Peter left, he left In his wake the  second bunch of macadamia nuts. This was  his idea of a Joke. You see, tho second bunch  were still ln their shells, picked off a  macadamia tree or bush or whatever.  I CAN just see all those macadamla-nut-  in-the-sholl veterans out there saying, "Ah  ha I" and settling back for a giggle. For tho  unltlnted, macadamia nuts are highly prized  by mother nature. In fact, the old bat places  such value on tho little tilings tliat she makes  sure thoy aro protected from prying fingers.  YOUR AVERAGE peanut can be crushed  l>ctwccn forefinger nnd thumb and the ea tin'  part pops out, Your average walnut can be  broken open by crushing lt along with anothor  walnut In your palm. Your nverge filbert will  yield to a pair of metal nutcrackers. Tho  same goes for most of tho nuts that people  eat.Macadamla nuts are bullet proof.  I mean a macadamia nut placed between  two speeding freight trains colliding heac|-on  would result in dents ln tho front of both trains  nnd an undamaged macadamia nut. This, us  I said, was Peter's idea of a Joke, llko tho tlmo  that he switched Crazy Glue for his mother-  in-law's Poltdent. Million laughs.  NOT BEING thnt slow, I soon realized that  what I was lioldlng In my hand was not your  average nut. It waa little tougher than a  filbert, I learned when I tried to crack It with  my teeth. Not a good Idea. I hit It with tho  ..heel of a shoe, Nlklta Kruschcv style. Bruco  Lee style was ruled out when I hit it with a  breadboard and found I had to small  breadboards.  I SEARCHED through the cupboards and  found what I thought would be an ideal  weapon. It was an abalone hammer, used for  tenderizing abalone or steak. It's a medium-  sized mallet with two faces, one wood and the  other metal.    v  I SMACKED one of the nuts wit the  wooden side. Nothing happened. I smacked it  harder ahd still nothing happened. I smacked  it a third time and it bounced. By this time,  Ninja, being a cat, had its neutered curiosity  piqued and came out into the kitchen to see  what all the noise was about. I bashed the nut,  it ricocheted off the stove and struck said  beast between the eyes, causing him to give  great shrieking and carrying on which  culminated in his disappearing under the  couch where he is to this day, refusing to  come out, even to eat popcorn.  BY THIS TIME, my normally infinite  patience was at an end. I sat said nut on floor  {..and ,bringing*,tbe metal side of the ihammer  down from ceiling height, I struck,said nut  with a velocity that made the Bionic man look  like his batteries were weak. The abalone  hammer hit the floor where the nut had been.  I expected to be coldconked by a flying nut;  but it didn't happen. I picked up the hammer*  and examined it.  Inside     /.-.  "Straight  by Jock Bachop  THERE, between the little metal teeth of  the metal side of the hammer'was something  that looked like little bits of nutshell and a  white paste which I assume was the nut meat  once upon a time. It was very sad.  "Dear Peter:  "Please find enclosed 97 macadamia nuts,  still in shell. Your friendship has given me a  cat with concussion, three dents in the floor,  one macadamia nut in wall panelling and  white paste on an abalone hammer.  "And, Peter, the next time you're in  Hawaii, bring me a pineapple.  "Your      ex-friend,  Have you,ever had the feeling that  someone was doing you know what on you  from a great height? That's the feeling I got  right now. After all the tests I had in hospital  recently it turns out I've got hepatitis.  Fortunately for people I have been in  contact with it is non infectious so you don't  have to wash your hands after reading the  paper. (That is, unless you were scanning it in  the 'reading room') I think the worst thing  about this ailment is there is nothing one can  take for it, it just has to run its course. It  makes you feel like sleeping day and night  and fouls up your digestive system something  horrible. No work allowed of course so I guess  I'll be doing a lot of reading ahd thinking.  Any time you are enjoying a  steak  smothered in mushrooms with a baked potato  and all the trimmings spare a thought for old  Jock sitting whimpering in a corner nursing a ,  bowl of gruel.  Seriously, I'm not complaining. The world  is full of people a lot worse off than I am.  What the hell, the way this past few months  hav^^een^6jng :Lmight as well take whatY  comes along anoVget it all over at once.        * 'J  Depending on what happens in the near'  future I may have to miss a column or two,  but whether you like my stuff or not, on one  thing you can depend ��� I'll be back.  My family in Vancouver, bless them, have  sent my nephew up with a car to take me  down for some tender loving care. They don't  like the idea of me being alone while I am  sick.  HoweverT am surrounded by such grand  friends and neighbours who show such concern for me that I could never feel lonely.  Bless you all, I appreciate your concern.  THAT'S ENOUGH ABOUT me. Foisting  off my complaints on all you nice people is a  pretty sneaky way of getting things off my  chest.  Poor old 'Scoop' Edwardson is having her  problems too.  After a fall she carried on working even  though she was having quite a lot of pain.  "Three Fingers."   Finally she got checked and discovered she  Thanks to workers and supporters  Editor, The Times;  Sir: I would like to thank all my hardworking canvassers as well as the generous  people who supported our 1976 CNB3 drive.  The total amount collected was $1,816.60.  There were no expenses.  I think most of you are familiar with the  work of CNIB. Presently we have 30 people on  the Peninsula receiving some assistance.  / '     * JW YV ��         *<& i  i j  V,5?v  If,,,             ' W      *i  h   < ;t4yX4^ ���..   ������; ?,v\'  '   ' J       Mr,  i            (..  *  *. Y  \    '.",   l . <->       I  We are well supported by the Lions Club,  medical clinic, professional and business  people. Our door to door canvassers found  most people generous and courteous.  The Canadian National Blind Institute  sends you all a sincere thank you, as do I.  Mrs. D. Stockwell  Chairman,  Sechelt.  had one broke and one cracked rib plus an  inflamed spleen.  Last I heard she has to make a return visit  to her doctor for another check on her spleen.  She has enough courage for two, that girl. Get  well soon Doris ahd I'll teach you how to play  pool.  NOW THAT THE medical part of the  column is complete I'll tell you a joke, just for  a change of pace.  Seems there was this fellow who had a  glass eye, Well, one night he really got loaded  on booze and during the evening decided he  was hungry and ordered a plate of stew-  While wolfing down the stew his glass eye fell  into it and before he realized it he'd  swallowed the damn thing.  He waited a few days figuring it would  naturally show up in the normal way but  when a week had passed without a sign of it he  figured he'd better see a doctor. Off he goes to  the doctor and somewhat hesitantly ex-*  .. plained, his predicament.  - "Notta^orry", said the doctor, "just strip  - down and touch your toes and I'll take a took  at the situation."  So there's the guy bent down with the  doctor peering closely looking for the eye.  Finally the doctor said he couldn't see a damn  thing and the guy said, "that's pretty funny I  can see you quite clearly".  (Ever get the feeling you've gone too  far.)?  Take care dear friends and I'll see you all  later.  ��� Sechelt Notes  ���by Peggy Connor  The effects of the postal strike in 1975  came to life with a cheque issued in October  of that year showing up this October  seemingly the year not noticed by the  receiver or the other hands it passed through.  Seven choirs and one band will participate  in.a carol festival sponsored by the Sunshine  Choristers, to be held Dec. 18, at 8 p.m. in  Chatelech Junior Secondary Gym.'  Then on Dec. 19 at the Holy Family  Church, 7:30 there will be a carol service led  by the Sunshine Choristers, donations will be  for the Save the Children's Fund. Come out  and lend your voice with the choristers.  Ghoirmistress Is Mrs. Gairns and pianist is  Bunny Shupe.  News welcome of your friends and neighbours, relatives, etc. A good way to introduce  new people to our area, phone 885-9347.  OVEltMKMUNG the parking lot of the new Gibsons' mqll this reflective mural decorates one of the windows of the  B^nk of Commerce.  ; OK***** ���       ' A:  7  .?*'  ,',7r  ': ;!  ������ ~i  I -���  ��� fi  I   -���.   1  ./������...  /    ���/  Wednesday, December 15,1976  The Peninsula Times  Page A-3  TW Shopm-ate  Circular Saw  Powerful 1 h.p. motor is  double insulated and  burn-out protected.  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Winners of individual events were: Fred  Pockrant;\22 rest and .22 off-hand;.Mark  Carswell, .22 best group; Bert Goldrup, .22  lucky shoot; Colin Vader and Bert Goldrup,  large bore group; Bill Peters, large bore offhand; Dick Goldrup, large bore rest; scope  and iron sight; Dan Gory, bottle shoot, offhand and Dick Goldrup, bottle shoot, rest.  more  The hockey club thanks the ladies who sold  refreshments and handled' the paper work.'  Thanks also to George Haddock for donation  of the targets and setting up the range.'  Dick Goldrup was the top shooter of the  day, winner of three events. Good shooting,  Dick!  Commercial Hockey Schedule for this vs Roberts Creek,  week is as follows: Players, officials and organizers of the  Thursday, December 16,8 p.m. Pender vs commercial hockey league wish all their fans  .Wakefield. and supporters a very merry Christmas and a  Saturday, December 18,8:30 p.m. Pender happy new year.  Fitness. In your heart you kn<riv  it's right  1 ipc CaiprfQid . movement  pop Pff&on^ 'imps*  pamiapauian  Senior soccer league has packed it up for  the year.  The first half of the season ended with  Pegasus carrying a three point lead over  Redskins for top spot in the league.  Gary Feschuk leads league with 14 goals.  Sunshine Coast Senior Soccer League  ended the first half of the playing season with  all the teams playing improved soccer at  everysOUting. Here are the first half results:  W   T  L GF GA Pts  Pegasus 6    2    1 37 22 14  Redskins 5    1    5 38 .44 ll"  SecheltU .........2    4    4 34 42 8  PHBananas 3    16 34 35 7  January 8,1977 will be the starting day for  the second half of league play.  "To make the remainder of the season  more successful, all teams must try harder to  have at least one linesman to assist the  referee's at all games. We have a very good  league going here, let us keep it that way, we  can only benefit from it all. The next year we  may grow to at least six teams. I am very  satisfied, if not pleased with the way the  whole league is going," league organizer Stan  Joe told The Times.  The Sunshine Coast Senior Soccer  Tournament scheduled for last week-end has  been re-scheduled for this week-end with six  teams participating.  The first game will go Saturday at 9:30  a.m. with Sechelt United playing Wanderers.  At 11:30 a.m. Redskins will play Renegades  who are the defending champions in the  tournament. At 1:30 Saturday, Pegasus will  play Pender Harbour.  Draws for the first day of the tournament  were made December 10 by Sue Kammerle,  manager of the Bananas and Bev Mottishaw,  who arranged for the Brian's Auto Body  trophy.   .  Organizer Stan Joe said he would like to  thank all the businesses and merchants in and  around the Sechelt area who donated time  and money to pay for - the trophies and  awards. They include Morgan's Mens Wear,  Trail Bay Sports Unlimited, Peninsula Coast  Taxi Cabs,Wakefield Inn, Brians Auto Body  and Paint Shop, Peninsula Market, Big Mac's  Superette, Peninsula Motors, Sechelt Totem  Club, Sechelt Indian Raffle Club, the  Homestead Drive-In and North Shore  Sporting Goods. Each team will be limited to  16 players for the tournament.,  There are trophies for tournament winner,  runner-up, outstanding players and a 16 man  all-star squad will be named. In addition,  each member of the winning team will  receive an individual trophy.  PENINSULA TRANSPORT LTD.  Sunshine Coast Hwy.  HOLIDAY SCHEDULE  Closed: Dec. 24th - Dec. 27th  Dec. 31st-Jan. 2nd  Open: Monday, January 3rd, 1977  0  m  m  m  m  m  m  a  ��3  Your T@pfa Deafer  1977 Toyota Lift-Back Auto  1976 Toyota Pick-Up  1976 Corollai Wagon  1976 Corolla 2 Door  m  a  m  m  m  &  &  m  a  By PAT EDWARDS  Tickets for the Gibsons Winter Club New  Year's Eve party at the rink are going well,  but there is still time to get your, tickets. They  may be picked up at Elson Glass, or from  Harry Turner or Paul Gauci. Gus also has  tickets at the rink. To share the work load,  guests will be asked to bring salads, but the  rest of the food will be provided by the  committee in charge of arrangements.  Anyone who is willing to give Gus three or  four hours a week'to help clean and flood the  ice is asked to leave his name at the desk.  As you have probably read in the paper,  the club will receive $16,600  from the  Provincial Recreational Facilities Fund. The  news was received with a great deal of en-;  thusiasm at the executive meeting last week. ,  Once again, may we remind all curlers to  bring a clean pair of shoes to wear on the ice.  Maybe you could put a pair of curling shoes at  the top of your list to Santa! This is especially  Sechelt Lanes  BALL AND CHAIN, Friday, December 10  Dee Brown - 243; Kathy Hall - 233; Glen  Clark - 222-236-(628); Pete Sopow - 240; Robin  Bryant - 231-289-204-(724); Eve Worthington -  200-211; Bill Copping - 202; Tina Hunter - 225;  Bert Walker -237-222-(641); Ron Sim - 251-231-  (652) ;Lynn Pike - 219; Pat Edgar - 200; Kitty  Clark - 208; Don Henderson - 251; Gordon  Turner - 214.  MONDAY NIGHT MIXED Ten Pins  Indies high single was bowled by Fran  Reid with a 107 and total of 2 - 292. Men's high  single was taken by Henry Christensen with a  171 and high two taken by Gene Brchm with a  331.  SECHELT COMMERCIAL, Dec. 9  John Robbins-290 (706); Andy Henderson  - 650; Cathy Hall - 210-213-(599); Don Slack -  277;  Three weeks of flu and then a 285 for  Marilyn Mackenzie. We should all get flu!  father report  December 4-10 Lo  December 4. 2  December 5 ��� 2  December 6 3  December? ...4  'Decembers ,,,,- ; II  December 9 ',.,3  December 10 ,, ,,4  Week's rainfall (14.3 mm (December  1975, 36.0 mm).  December 1970 ���-- (14.3 nun (December 1-  10, 1976, 1)5.1 mm).  Jnniiary-I)eeeml>or 10, 197(1, ,1155,7 mm  (January-December 10,-1976, l.'iOO.S mm).  As of (I a.m. December 10 wo liavo 1 nun  less precipitation In December than wa.s  recorded in the month of November..  important now that our hot water system is in  operation.  While we are on the subject, many thanks  to Pat Tyson for, installing the hot water,  system.  Posters have gone out to a number of clubs  in the province, advertising our first annual  mixed bonspiel in February. Look for more  information in the New Year.  Harbour Publishing announces  ROBERT JACK  PETER TROWER  PATRICK LANE  HUBERT EVANS  HOWARD WHITE  Will be on hand to  sign and discuss their works  at  Sechelt Books & Stationery  Fri., December 17th at 7:30 p.m.  B  m  m  m  m  m  m  m  ���  E3  m  m  E3  m  M  HRISTMAS  SHOPPING HOURS  tl  m  m  Ei  tl  tl  Ea  El  m  ��  mm  m  wm  mm'  From now 'til Christmas  we will be open:  Thursday & Friday  'til 9 p.m.  m  m  ww  a  ���  E3  Q  m  mmmmmm.  Sf you are booking for a used car...  we have the one for you...or if we don't have  the one you want on hand we can  get it for you.  19  VHF MARINE RADIO  TELEPHONE  FIX 12/25 with antenna Complete with  6 channels plus weather receiving crystal  Regular $625  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  SEAFARER 3  1977 Johnson 2 HP List  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL $299  1977 Johnson 6 HP List '704      ^  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL $65  1 only 1976 JOHNSON 6 HP List '654  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL $59  mm  M.  CHRISTMAS  SPECIAL  10 lb. TURKEY  with purchases  over $500.  f__\  E3  m  HH  n  US  W.  So why not drop by, have a look around  tell Al or Dave your needs,  and Bet us go to work for you.  We're the experts  mm  m  mm  0  11  H  HI  n  tl  tl  PI  B  19  n  99  HI Prec.  mm  ,4.  4  7  5)  i)  (I  fl  nil  2.5  34. 3  Ki.fl  an  0,3  7.4  4-10,  DEPTH SOUNDERS  3 scales - feet, fathoms & metres  Reads up to 60 fathoms  One year warranty  In stock for your sports fisherman  Regular *12905  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  j MUSTANG FLOATER COATS  ���   Gov't Approvod  I  I Christmas Special  ?!  CANOES  thai WESTERSUND CHEMISTS, tho  PHARMACY In Madolra Park,  winhos you vyarmosl Soasoi.';.  Grootlng�� and will bo closed  Docombor 24th to 29th Inclusive*."  16' Frontiersman  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  16' Frontiersman square stern  CHRISTMAS SPECIAL  Till BAY  0  El  0  m  0  P  tn  n  p  p  m  ti  n  t%  tat  n  m%  pB)  ti  n  n  %%  ti  m  m%  n  M  u  mt  M  mt  11 make palts and service  gents for North Shore Motors  (Toyota) Ltd.  Dealer Lie. 01342A  m  p  p  ti  tn  EH  m%  mt  SECHELT  885-2512  S*��i^&^*^*��to*^*i^  a^@P^@@PpS3a11^l300>^l^@l^l^Q@^^l^Pc^E30a^B^E3PQ  Gibsons  u u tf tn ti m mm ta  t <     ���      7V  (       ,  p ^.  ^_:  Y  .  *-'   \  PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, December 15. 1976  'Tis the season to be merry! Christmas is  less than two weeks away and- parties are a  favourite way to bring in the holidays.  Alcohol plays a significant role in spreading  the cheer but it is also the villain in the  Christmas story.  It is a f actthat fifty per cent of all fatal car  accidents involve drinkers who have been  drinking. Fifty per cent! 'Tis the season to be  merry. But how happy would your holiday be  if you caused a Car accident and killed a  friend - a stranger - someone's mummy or  daddy - because you drove home after an  evening of 'social*- drinking? It's not a very  nice thought toft" it's better to consider the  consequences now than to wish you had done  so after a needless tragedy had occurred. It  has been said many times ��� if you drink,  don't drive. If you drink, make sure there is  someone sobei\f$ drive you home. If there  isn't call a taxi or don't go home until the next  day when your head is clear. Anyone who  drinks should feel strongly his responsibility  not to let it affect other people.  What do you know about this drink called  alcohol? Beer, wine and hard liquor all  contain one main ingredient ��� ethyl alcohol.  Alcohol is absorbed very quickly from the  stomach into the bloodstream. It exerts its  effect much more rapidly on an empty  stomach as many people can attest. A drink  that is very strong, very cold, contains a lot of  sugar, or is taken with foods high in protein  and fat, takes longest to get into the blood.  That is why rum taken in the form of an egg  nog does not have such an immediate effect  as a straight rum drink. But this is not to say  that strong, cold or sweet alcohol accompanied with food will not have any affect.  As soon as it gets out of the stomach and into  the intestine, it is rapidly and quickly absorbed. Because everyone's stomach empties  at a different rate, each individual will vary  in the length of time it takes before his drink  exerts its influence.  When alcohol gets into the bloodstream, it  travels to the nervous system where it affects  brain activity. Initially it excites, then it  hynotises, and finally it blunts the senses. It  provides an escape from reality. According to  one medical writer: "Alcohol exerts its  hypnotic effect by quieting apprehension, by  r exercising a physiologic change, by inhibiting  sorrow and all the restraining influences of  judgement so the partaker forgets the burdens of the world, his own unimportance and  the illimitable stretch of time." "The more  liquor consumed at one time, the more  discrimination, memory, concentration and  insight fade away. Confidence abounds, The  mood undulates...and the world looks rosy."  So of course a person who has been drinking  has great confidence in his ability to drive  ^Jhome safely, but his coordination and con-  !j4je^tot*i��jMBei*��5^^ saf^-  driving) 'are lacking'.*    *  Ninety per cent of all alcohol that is  consumed goes from the blood to the liver.  Very little passes out through the lungs or  kidneys. Nevertheless, the amount that is  breathed out of the lungs is directly related to  the concentration in the blood. This is why the  breathalyzer test is such a good indication of  the amount of alcohol in the blood.  When alcohol reaches the liver it is  oxidized or 'burned up'. When this is done, the  effect of the alcohol on the body is extinguished. It takes the liver of the average  man from 5 to 6 hours to fully burn the alcohol  in 4 oz. of whiskey or 2 and a half pints of beer.  The liver cannot normally work any faster.  Consequently, 8 oz. of whiskey" takes about 10  hours to work its way out of the system. The  fellow who takes his drunken buddy outside to  walk him around or offers a cup of black  coffee to "sober him up" is not really being  helpful. Exercise will not speed up the rate by  which alcohol is burned by the liyer. Neither  will the caffeine in coffee. The speed by which  the liver processes alcohol is constant in  almost everyone except the alcoholic. In him,  the liver oxidizes alcohol faster because  prolonged excess intake leads to the  development of an additional system for  removing the booze. Unfortunately other  Important substunces such as steroid hormones are also removed by this extra system,  So it is not a benefit.  The department of health and welfare  warns that three glasses of wine, 3 pints of  beer, or three drinks of hard liquor a day can  placo you in the danger zone for possible  alcoholism. The French have an expression  which, when trnaslntcd, says "never more  than a litre (about 4 cups) of wine a day."  This much wine contains just about all the  alcohol a man's liver can take care of in a  day. More than 4 cups overburdens ttie  liver.After only a few weeks of 4 drinks a"  night, the liver becomes damaged. It used to  be thought that liver problems caused by too<  much alcohol were actually due to the accompanying lack of adequate nutrition.  Recent studies show that alcohol itself is the  direct cause of alcoholic liver disease. You  can't protect yourself against alcoholic  damage by eating well ��� what counts is the  total amount you drink. To save your liver  drink less.  Alcohol increases the body's need for B  vitamins. It also increases the urinary loss of  amino acids (protein), magnesium,  potassium, and zinc. There is some  speculation that heavy drinking may increase  a person's susceptibility to cancer. It is  possible that alcohol may increase the cancer  causing effect of smoking. Alcohol may  damage the digestive tract making it more  vulnerable to other cancer producing compounds. Some researchers believe that  alcohol itself may be a cancer producing  agent or that alcohol may become contaminated with cancer producing elements  during or after production.  And don't forget the high caloric value of  alcohol. It supplies more calories per ounce  than either protein or carbohydrate. 8 oz beer  -150 cals. 3 oz. martini -140 cals. 3 oz. wine -  130 cals. 3 oz. whiskey - 240 cals. Any calories  above what you need will put on fat. This is  true of alcohol calories as well as protein,  carbohydrate or fat calories. Two drinks a  night is not enough to harm your liver but it  adds up to an extra 300 calories. After a  month, such a habit will put on two extra  pounds. After a year of two drinks a night of  unneeded calories, a body will gain 25 pounds.  All these calories supply very little  nutrition. It is a fallacy that beer contains a  great deal of food value. One ounce of bread  contains more nutrients, including vitamins,  than a whole bottle of beer.  A tiny nip of sherry will stimulate the  appetite but a couple of good belts will turn it  off. Alcohol calories will fill you up and take  the place of more nutritious food. So too much  alcohol will put you in a poorly nourished,  overweight, unhealthy state.  When you come right down to it, there is  not much good that can be said for alcohol. If  you use it���use it sensibly. This holiday look  after yourself and others. If you drink, keep it  in moderation - for your own sake. If you  drink, don't drive ��� for the sake of others.  'Tis the season to be merry. Let's keep it that  way.  Fight the Sung crippiers...  Emphysema, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Chronic Bronchitis, Air Pollution  Use Christmas Seals  It's a matter of life and breath  TAMMY GEORGE would like to see  some snow for Christmas. The seven  year old is from Hawaii and up here for  Animal Tales  Christmas. She surprised her hosts by  not knowing what a furnace was. "Is  that like air conditioning?" she asked.  ^^l^,i,��':  Q I  As he does every year, Mr. Scrooge gets  his come-uppance; but this year it's in  musical form.  Elphinstone High School Players and  Driftwood Players are combining their  talents to present 'Mr. Scrooge' a musical  adaption of the immortal A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens.  The play stars Geoff Madoc-Jones in the  title role, Heather Hogan as Tiny Tim, Robb  Ashby as Bob Cratchit and Mavis Christmas  as Mrs. Cratchit. '  'Mr. Scrooge' will be performed  December 15, 16 and 17 at the Elphinstone  gym. The December 15 and 16 performances  will be at 7:30 p.m. and the December 17  performance will be a matinee at 1 p.m.  The performance also includes a large  number of Elphinstone and Gibsons  Elementary students.  KenDalgleish is directing the play along  with Geoff Madoc-Jones. Music for the play is  under the direction of Adrian Stott. Bill  Gledhill Is in charge of set design and construction.  Veteran Driftwood Players performer  Margaret Jones has a part in the musical.  Ian Corrance plays the ghost of Christmas  present, Marlon McFarlane is the ghost of  Christmas past and Christmas future isplaycd  by Adrl Mcda.  BEAUTIFY YOUR PET  Every so often we find it necessary to give  our pets a bath to make them more appealing  to the eye and the nose. Since the holiday  season is approaching, this is a good time to  get our pets sparkling clean so when company  arrives the animals look like part of the  household instead of part of the barnyard.  A dog or cat should not be bathed too  frequently as it can dry out the natural oils in  the hair and cause flaky skin. Once or twice a  month is more than adequate for the average i  ' pet unless ttiey have an accident or decide to  roll in something unpleasant. If your dog  comes home smelling like a cow pasture don't  get too angry no matter how disgusting it may  appear. He is only following an old instinct  which dates back to his hunting days. Wild  dogs would do this while pursuing their game  in order to,disguise their scent!  If you have a small dog or cat, then use the  kitchen sink to bath him. A larger dog is  easier in the bathtub with a long spray hose to  rinse with ��� it is very frustrating and time  consuming trying to use a small cup or bucket  to rinse a large dog, especially if he is long  haired. Don't fill the bathtub or sink and dunk  your animal, as this can cause him to panic in  fear that you are drowning him.  If it is the first bath for your dog or cat,  then have someone help to hold him. Have  lots of old towels on the floor and wear old  clothes as you are bound to get wet. I once had  a friend who would take his Afghan in the  shower with him! Make sure y6u keep  something around the dog's neck so you can  control him from jumping out of the tub or  sink. Turn the water on slowly so as not to  , startle the animal and be sure the water is  lukewarm���not hot! Always start at the back  end and work slowly towards the front. A dog  will usually start to shake once you wet his  ears, so leave the head 'til last. Work in the  i shampoo one section of the body at a time,  by Jennifer Thompson  then turn him around. Rinse quickly, as the  animal grows very impatient towards the  end, but make sure you get all the shampoo  out. The hair should be "squeaky clean".  When rinsing the head, hold the muzzle up-'  wards and let the water run back down  towards his neck. Never spray the water  directly into the eyes or ears.  Be patient and reassure your pet by  speaking in a soothing tone while he is in the  tub. But if he acts up and tries to jump out.  then speak loudly and firmly, and gush him  back in the tub*. It is"better to Keep your pet a''  little on the scared side rather than letting  him take advantage of you by bouncing  around the tub. Don't let him put his paws on  the edge as this will give him leverage to  jump and before you know it you will be ,  chasing a soapy dog through your home. A  cat should be held very firmly ��� through  experience I have found it best to push down  on the shoulders so he can't move at all. Keep  your hands behind his head as much as  possible so he cannot latch onto your arms  with his front claws. *  When all the rinsing is done, squeeze the  excess water from the hair and throw a towel  over the animal. Allow him to shake out the  water by himself and then rub him down with  the towels. If your pet won't stand for a hair  dryer, be sure to keep him in the house or a  warm place overnight since the weather is too  cold at this time of year for going out after a  bath. .'���������".���  The type of shampoo is important ������  certain commercial flea shampoos can be a  bit harsh if your pet has sensitive skin. Use a  mild shampoo, like baby shampoo or the type  you can get from the veterinarian.  If you find that bathing your pet is too  much of a traumatic experience, then send  him off to the grooming parlour. After a few  trips, he will probably be used to the routine,  so you can do it yourself.  Thank you to all my cuH.on.ern.  Seasons (Irevt'mgs  Madeira Park  8a:i~2715  To wish you a Merry Christmas and  a Happy New Year for 1976  The Big Ufac Family  ig lac's Superette & lelicatessei  885-S414 Sechelt  We wish that this Christmas Season  will bring the spirit of His loving grace  to your heart. May His light guide "you  every day.  DON'S SHOES LTD.  Sunnycrest Center  " i-  ip^ t,'^*"-  COiCH tfftil ITU.  Wed.-Dec. 8th  Thurs. - Dec. 9th  Fri.-Dec. 10th  Wed. - Dec. 15th  Thurs. -Dec. 16th  FOR THE BENEFIT OF  PENINSULA RESIDENTS,  S.M.T. COACH LINES LTD.  WILL BE OPERATING A  Special Christmas Stoppers'  ';''   ius to'Vamxiimr  ON THE FOLLOWING DATES:  Fri.-Dec. 17th  Wed. - Dec. 22nd  Thurs. - Dec. 23rd  Fri. - Dec. 24th  DEPARTING FROM: Madeira Park at 9:15 a.m.  Sechelt at 10:15 a.m.  Langdale at 11:15 a.m.  ARRIVING AT: Vancouver at 12:45 p.m.  DEPARTING FROM: Vancouver at 6:15 p.m.  Regular passenger fares will apply.  \       y  .  for additional information phone:   885"22.  Wc hope your home and heart  will be filled with Laughter, Joy and  good will this glad Holiday season-  from  "/Qietiettd & Staf''  -^tt^ MENS WKAIIS  (ril^OllH Jl  -A  ���i  :J  -j  omes  MEMBERS OF Gibsons Harbor  Business Association are decorating  their windows for. Christmas. They also  plan on putting up lights and Christmas  trees. Children' will be able to talk to  Santa Claus as he tours area stores.  ���Timesphoto  By MARYANN WEST   ,  Tonight, December 15 the Pearson Tree of  Light will again shine out over the water near  the northern end of Pender Island as it will  each night until the end of the year. A  .Christmas tree, a-dazzle with many hundred  coloured lights reaching up to a spire of white  lights in its topmost branches. This Christmas tradition not only salutes thefravellers  to and from Vancouver Island as they pass in  ferried comfort but also embodies the true  spirit of the season, the joy in giving. Each  light represents a donation which CARE of  Canada will translate into nearly a million  meals for hungry children in third world  countries.  Thereby hangs a tale of course ��� one  which loses nothing of its inspiration in the  . retelling.  In 1960, the time a lot of us were becoming  concerned about the commercialization of  Christmas and neighbours here got together  to support the hospital in lieu of sending'  cards, George and Edith Pearson of North  Pender Island decided, for the same reason,  to support CARE's crusade to provide a daily  meal for 20 million.people around the world  who live on the verge of starvation. A number  of their friends joined with them and instead  :���*.* of presents under their tree that year a  *��� cheque for^l02j50;went-'to<3ARE'." -*�����������*-�������  It seemed, and iri fact it was,, a very worthwhile amount and the Pearsons were yery  happy. Just the same this sort of giving can  be impersonal and George Pearson felt a  need for some visible expression of his friends  and neighbour contributions, so he put lights  on a small outdoor tree, overlooking the  water where it could be seen by all who  passed by, one light for each person who had  contributed to that first cheque.  Who was it who said there is no stopping an  idea whose time has come? It certainly has  . proven true for the Pearsons. That modest  little tree with the sprinkle of lights 16 years  ago has now grown into a forest giant ablaze  with perhaps a thousand lights this year.  A light shining in the darkness strikes a  chord in all of us, inherited from mankind's  primeval fears and emerging consciousness,  no doubt. That special feel of Christmas for,  West Coast people is not sleigh bells, but  lights sparkling across the dark water, expressed beautifully by Hubert Evans.  "Alas! No snow, that childhood symbol of the  Season.  But now my spirit lifts  For there, beyond the reef, I see  A ship with mast-head Christmas tree."  The sight of, and even the thought of, that  little Christmas tree, its lights dancing out  across the waters between tho Gulf Islands  with a message of life and sustenance for  starving children caught the imagination and  as more and more people heard of the  Pearson's tree -^ the donations grew year by  year.  I heard about It several years ago from  Edgar Dunning who each Sunday morning  delights CBC listeners with interesting items  he has gleaned from the weekly newspapers  around the province. In such ways the story of  the CARE tree spread far and wide. By 1974  donations totalling $7,400 were received from  560 individual donors and the Pearsons, now  both in their eighties felt they had to seek help  with the administration.  Their Christmas - project now lasted  several months, and although keeping in  touch with all these new friends, was a continuing joy, sending out reminders, temporary receipts and often a personal note to  an ever growing circle was presenting a  problem just in keeping track. So the Pender  Island Lions Club came to the rescue, taking  ���over most of the secretarial work, but both  George and Edith continue an active part in  their project, especially at this time of year  watching for letters from unseen friends  which come in from all over B.C. and as far  away as California and New Brunswick.  Earlier this year the dedication and  commitment of George and Edith Pearson  was honored by CARE with an Nutrition  Centre in Costa Rica named for them.  Last year they had to find room for 700  lights on the tree, representing over $8,000,  this year they hope to reach the $10,000 mark.  If you would like to add alight to this tree, a  coloured one for*.-yourseif"ORa white one; in  memory of someone you'hold dear, send a  donation to the Pearson Tree of Light, c-6 the  Lion's Club, Port Washington, Pender Island,  V0N2T0.  Edgar Dunning's Neighborly News, 8:30  a.m. Sundays CBC radio, (690) will bring you  details of the 1976 totals sometime in  January.  'Lighting-up day' today is also Edith  Pearson's 82nd birthday and George will be 90  on January 8. Very happy anniversaries and  many happy returns from us all.  jagac flute  a contfihiitiofii  Wednesday, December 15.1976  Several well-known Sunshine Coast  authors will be on hand to talk about and sign  copies of their work Friday night.  Peter Trower, Pat Lane, Hubert Evans  and Robert Jack will be at Books and  Stationery from 7:30 p.m. on December 17.  Trower, Lane and Evans have had books  published by Harbour Publishing of Madeira  Park.  Publisher Howie White of Harbor  Publishing will be in attendance as well.  Harbour Publishing has recently released a  soft-cover edition of First Five, the first five  editions of Raincoast Chronicles which they  also publish.  ';;.- Robert.Jack,is the illustrator whose work  had often graced Raincoast Chronicles. He  also illustrated Hubert Evans' book of poetry  Whittlings. Evans has taken to writing poetry  after many years as a prose writer.  Pat Lane's most recent book of poetry is  called Unborn Things.  Peter Trower recently had his book of  collected poetry The Alders And Others  published locally.  Use Times Adbriefa  For  Quick  Resulis  The Sunshine Coast Arts Council reports  that preparations for their bazaar are coming  along very well. Proceeds of this sale will go  into the building of the proposed new Arts and  Crafts Centre.  The bazaar is, to be held on Saturday,  December 18, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the  Senior Citizens' Hall.  There will be some 18 craftspeople attending offering a wide variety of items such  as paintings, sketches, beaded necklets,  ceramics, woodciirving, macrame, silver  jewelry, woodcrafts, homebaklng, weaving,  needlework, plants and books.  Admission is by silver collection, Raffle  tickets at 25 cents each will be on snle for a  beautiful floral watercolour donated by Kay  Wells. Also, donated especially for this sale  are two large watercolour paintings by  Charles and Alice Murray.  Refreshments will be available. There will  be a white elephant stall along with the ever  popular fish pond. A clairvoyant will be  present giving readings all during the day. A  scale model (by Clarke Steabner) as well as  an artist's conception (lovely watercolour by  Charles Murray) of the proposed centre wiU  be on display, -.  , There'll be lots to see and do and everyone  Is cordially invited to attend.  The Peninsula Times  Page A-7  to holidays  Calling it "our contribution to Christmas"  the Twilight Theatre, Kwathahmoss Film  Society and the Lower Gibsons Business  Association are sponsoring a showing of  Ingmar Bergman's 'The Magic Flute'.  Based on Mozart's opera and performed  by the Swedish Opera Company the film is an  audio and visual treat which will especially  delight children. -^  "The Magic Flute' will be the film society's  last showing and children, students and old  age pensioners will be admitted free. Accompanying adults will be charged a one  dollar admission.  Show time is 7 p.m. on December 15.  Hospital Auxiliary's  Caribbean Carnival  Welcome Beach Hall, though it is always a  pleasant and comfortable place to visit, had  never been more welcoming than it was on  November 6 for the Caribbean Carnival  organized by the Halfmoon Bay Hospital  Auxiliary. As guests came in from the drizzling winter night, tine door of the hall opened  on to another world, twinkling lights, gay with  tropical flowers and with coconut palms  swaying in the breeze. Everywhere was  colour ��� from the red and white table covers  to the brightly hued costumes of the guests as  they sampled the PinaColada to soft  Hawaiian music.  Guests helped themselves to food from  the long tables laden with exotic dishes.  There were Guadaloupe meat balls, Port au  Prince Chili, fish dishes from Dominica and  luscious desserts laced with the juice of the  sugar cane. When all had eaten their fill,  there was a stir of excitement in the hall as  members of the Auxiliary prepared for the  drawing of the prize winners in the Christmas  raffle. The lucky winner of the lovely floral  painting by May Parsons was Barbara Dixon  of Sechelt and the Christmas Cheer was won  by Ernie Greenwood of Surrey. Ted Fowle of  Sechelt won the macrame bag made by  Marguerite Poulsen and the doll donated by  Mrs. Betty Churchill of Toronto was won by  Lydia Hall of Sechelt. Only two of the prizes  went to Halfmoon Bay residents, the hamper  to the lucky gal, Ev. Shannon, and the table  centrepiece to Geri Smith. Then that faithful  Mens' Auxiliary to the Ladies' Auxiliary got  busy and whisked away the tables, leaving  the stage clear for the sparkling song and  dance routine by five dusky maidens in  picturesque Caribbean -costumes.-Their  programme started off with an original song  "Come to the Carnival at Halfmoon Bay"  written by their gifted leader, Ruth  Forrester, Ronnie Dunn did a spirited impersonation of Carmen Miranda singing "Ai  Ai". Supported by Eileen Hansen and  Marguerite Poulsen, Geri Smith led the  singing of "Matilda" and a Christmas Carol,  South Sea Island style.  A jewelery box made by Guy Clear was  presented to Glenys Radcliffe who was  moving to Coquitlam and on behalf of the  members, President Olive Comyn expressed  the regret of the members at losing such a  valuable member.  Then the guests danced to the haunting  music of the South Sea Islands, their  costumes making a kaleidoscope of colour  against the swaying palms. Had there been a  prize for the most authentic costume, it would  undoubtedly have been won by Joan  Mackereth who wore a traditional  Guatemalan costume which she brought  home from Guatemala last year when she  and husband Allan were touring in their  Airstream trailer.  Marguerite Poulsen was the dinner convenor and she and several other members of  the Auxiliary designed and carried out the  most effective decorations.  The members wish to thank those who  donated such generous gifts for the raffle  prizes and those who supported them by  buying tickets or helping in any way.  ��� clip & send to us at Box 1400, Sechelt ���  for reservations & tickets call Jan at  885-3265  12 years experience plus a lifetime of integrity.  air nt ChrtatmaM Unit"-. Mnyyour  foRaitaisi ��9 reams conui Irnu.  children's  wear  SUNNYCREST CENTER  Hawaii  "    ���  Scotland  ���  Cuba  .���  England  ���  Florida  , ���  Alaska Cruise  ���  Palm Springs  1. J  Reno-Las Vegas  ���  Caribbean  ������'���    .  Tahiti  III  -Ol-BUTOfit  SS3-2392  render Harbour CImyiim  corner Hiway 101 & Francis Peninsula  complete auto repairs  * undercoating  *,steam cleaning    * propane for sale  GOVT CERTIFIED  "specializing in  Volkswagen"  CHARGEX  CHEVRON CREDIT CARD  MECHANIC  MASTERCHARGE  zmm  IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL  MERS OF S.HI.T. COACH LINES  S.M.T. Coach Lines Ltd. has just received notice that effective  Monday, December 13th, 1976, B.C. Ferry Service between Langdale and  Horseshoe Bay will be operated in accordance with a NEW Winter Ferry  Schedule.  As a result, most S.M.T. scheduled runs will have to be adjusted  beginning the same date, December 13th, 1976  To avoid inconvenience to your travel plans, we urge our patrons to  contact their local S.M.T. Depot or Agent for details of our new time  schedule, before.taking your trip.  We regret that we were unable to provide our customers with more  advance warning of these adjustments, and regret any inconvenience  that may have resulted from same.  SJIIX COACH HUES TO.  mmmsmmMhmmimmtBsma^iamm  mm^wmmmmmmmsmmMmm&mmMmiim^  fr  peninsula, motors, sechett  (<julf station nexi to the hospital)  ���885-2111 ask for JAY  Please send me information on the Trip of Hy  "Dreams" where B have marked X  Air Canada low charter fares across Canada...also to  Amsterdam. Paris & London.  ���i  NAME ,.,,....  ADDRESS ,   PHONE IW  ������clip & hcim! lo (Jclawiiy HolidiiyH,llox 1400, Sechelt ���  WISHING YOU THE REST  THAT THE SEASON HAS TO  OFFER YOU AND YOURS!  Pender  Harbour  CREDIT  Madeira Park y  i ������  k-. (  '������)  Y  f;  :A..:  ���If   ���  '..i  PageA-8  The Peninsula Times       Wednesday. December 15,1976  Ihrisimas atmosphere for meeting  By JOAN RIGBY  Twenty-seven members of the Gibsons  Hospital Auxiliary met for a festive luncheon  at the Cedar's Inn.  *a>  The banquet room was seasonally  decorated, and Jean Longley, Ida Leslie and  writer had an extra hour's pleasure adding  our own Christmassy touch to the tables,  Annie Metcalfe won the door prize, a  lovely Poinsettia. We had put the magic  number under a bread and butter plate, but  the plates were removed before we got  around to looking under them. All was not  lost, however, as the lady who had put the  number on the winning plate remembered  which place setting it had been, and amid  much laughter, Annie turned over her plate to  discover the winning number.  We did manage to eventually get down to  business and heard reports from the bridge,  committee, Thrift Shop, quilting, extended  care, gift shop, therapy and the sunshine  convenor.  Our ladies worked 62 hours in various  departments in the hospital, and several  more of course in the thrift shop.  The thrift shop ladies spend many hours  sorting, which they never record. We were  happy to hear from Vi Harris, our treasurer,  that because we are a non-profit community  service there will be no service charge  against our account.  Our junior auxilians, the candy-stripers,  are doing a wonderful job working the Gift  Shop cart Saturdays, Sundays and holidays;  We have some young people of whom to be  very proud.  We ask you to keep in mind your opportunity to send your Christmas wishes by  giving a donation to the hospital through the  Royal Bank or Bank of Montreal. Your wishes  will be published in The Times. Thank you for  your support of our own hospital. May your  Christmas be one of blessing, and your New  Year be filled with realized hope.  More Pewter Pendants and Brooches  handcrafted in Sweden, just right for casual  wear. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  This year, plan on avoiding the holiday rush by placing your long     j  .distance calls early.  And, take advantage of our longdistance discounts. For example, when  you dial station-to-station (112), you can save up to (509f off the regular day  rate on most long distance calls placed before 8:00 a.m7  Keep this chart handy. It can help you save on your holiday calling.  Tang  effis'  >&s*s3ss��3bws IfiL JoLv .RSI Hi .both I  ^SSSS^sSS^^Iwm^^wpSSv^^^v*, *��� -'  ��� 5r-     cest ivo <Ser~~-,!  A*^���r'";        ��� '���     MEATS  ���aaaaMMBmMMaaaa-a*  ���*"* TUDIfEV  B.C. Grown  1UKI|C'I   Tablerite  22 Ibs. & over..     lb.  Bone In, whole or   ,  shank portion    lb.  '_.i_  Fresh Sliced ib.  r  By the Piece    Ib.  lEAT.or  ULT^I  Pi%ESSB.PlCl   forStufffing llb.pkg.  Ordor Your Fresh Turkey Now to Ensure Your Size.  have a good selection of Vancouver Fancy Sausage and other festive sausage.  GROCERY  Starkist Ijpght  CHUNK TUNA esoz.  TINY SHRIMP  East Point 4% oz.  Maxwell House 10 oz. <3b��<  Deluxe ...J'ft-S's, &b<  tANGE CRYSTALS  Tang    .    ...  CANNES  Reg. or Diet  SWEET  Lack's........  4-3 Vz oz.  2-7 oz.  IXED PICKLES  10 oz. '?#/ SPSI  Plus Deposit  YUM YUM SWEET  Back's.         iFERS  32 oz  32 oz.  $'  a'  CHEESE SLICES  IGA Reg.   CHIPS DIPS  Nalley's.     POTATO CHIPS  Nalley's   8oz,  8 oz.  CHEES  Kraft Singles  225 Gr.  $1  lib.  GIA  Nershey's  3's   -&���<  fC��  IAVEL ORANGES su-mist  IROCCOLI   CALIFORNIA CELERY  6 lbs.    a ay  lb. 2   lb. 1  ���c  883-910��  Prices effective  Dec. 16-115  We reserve the right  to limit quantities, A:
.    /
A        7
ambier plan
gets approval
. The provincial government has approved
a community play for Gambier Island that
would limit development and impose strict
pollution controls.
,'   The plan, drawn up in May by a committee
; c-f island residents, must now go before the
.Sunshine Coast Regional Board for fourth and
iinal reading. Major recommendations of the
' plan include strict protection of watersheds to
preserve the quality and quantity of local
water, preservation of marine, animal and
.bird life, a controlled road system and a ban
on all commercial activity in the near future.
The SCRD will also be asked to approve
suggestions for a moratorium on crown land
timber licences and a ban on any further log
booming, sorting and storage.
Gambier residents'also want to establish a
volunteer fire department and receive
adequate protection during the tourist
: season.
A meeting of the executive committee of
the Sunshine Coast Music and Drama
Festival was held on December 6 at the Home
of Mrs. Mary Brooks.
Warren McKibbin was the guest speaker,
and he outlined to the group the pros and cons
of the association becoming a registered
All contestants are reminded that the
closing date for entries is January 15, 1977..
Entries should be mailed to Mrs. Aletta
Gilker, Roberts Creek, VON 2WO.
Syllabi and entry forms are available from
area music teachers.
The Festival opens on March 3 with the
band competitions.
The balance of the festival runs March 7
through March 11, with the final concert on
March 12.
nrray Nurseries
* Locally grown nursery stock
* Complete selection of evergreens
* Fruit trees
* Roses, etc.
* Full design services
by app'f. Only *No yard ?ales
ALBERT WEAL'S home on Oldershaw
Road and Highway 101 near the
Peninsula Hotel becomes a Christmas
wonderland of lights and holiday scenes
at this time every year. Weal said the
lights add significantly to his hydro bill
Section B
Wednesday, December 15, 1976
ever year; "but I think it's worth it." All
around the Weal home are colored lights
and Christmas scenes lit with colored
spotlights'. He saidhe adds to the
collection every year." "It" gives me a
great deal of pleasure and I think it does
to other people, too," the 77 year old
said. — Timesphoto
Pages 1-8
A Sechelt sailor spent 17 days clinging to
his capsized trimaran before he was rescued
for the Tasman sea by a tuna boat.
Gary Gagne, 27, was 15 days out of Suva
and on his way to New Zealand when his
$20,000 boat was blown over in a gale.
Gagne told reporters in Nelson, New
Zealand he spent the first two days trapped
inside the partly submerged hull of his vessel
Cloud and then hacked his way out when the
storm ended. ,
He was living off beans and rice cooked in
seawater when he was accidentally spotted
December 5 by a pilot of a helicopter from the
tuna boat Apollo. .
Gagne said later several ships had passed
the upturned boat without sighting him and
his supply of flares had been exhausted.
The Apollo radioed a second tuna boat the
Kerri-M which picked up Gagne and then
rammed and sank the Cloud to prevent it
from becoming a shipping hazard.
After reaching' New Zealand Gagne
requested police authorities to contact the
Sechelt RCMP and ask them to find his sister,
believed to be living in the Pender Harbour
But according to Sgt. Peter Church,
the local police discovered she had moved to
Trail Bay Mall
Come to ouft
Ctawas Shopping ^Pa/tty
p,   ■... ■
Monday, December 20, 1976
©pen :i& uUidniglit
Spot specials on everything in the store announced
every hour. This will be the best time to pick up
those last minute bargains at January clearance prices.
Kodak Instamatic X-15F Camera Outfit
Includes flash 8, film	
Kodak Trimlife flnstamafic 18
Includes flash 8, film	
Kodak Tele-instamatic 608
Built-in rogular and tolophoto lonsos. Includes flash        ^
and film, rag. $48.75 Salo
"Chock and comparo —■ wo will not bo undersold"
Stocking StuHan
Pockot Radios     I
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I       I
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' Chain*
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rTontax SP 1000 "J
I w/f.2 Ions        J
I A proven camora, SMC '
|   Takumnr contod |-*n»,, I
1 tS'' *179°° !
Wod., Doc. 22 — 'til 9 p.m.
Thurs., Doc. 23 —- *tll 9 p.m.
Fri., Doc.24—'HI6 p.m.
"QAic t-Jtsfc to ei/eftyone
a (JAgmjj Ctetmas
a ^appy lNm Qjca/t"
j/tom tfo
oUatiagement and Sta$
*-Y Y.,YY' AA Af \"K-''',•' '•■"■  /A
-,~-yy YyyYyyp-v < '.p*:- :,Y-,*i(n
yyA'''^ ~~ '"■''*"•' -".y        '-vY* *.*
J%\...*;AiA,AAy'. fJLru 1.,^ ■
f .IPanaw - m ...   ■■ ■
The days when it was customary oruy to,
"deck the halls with boughs of holly" to mark
the Christmas season are long gone. Today
the most active part of the commercial
gardening scene is the satisfying of a rising
demand for pot plants of all kinds. Every
home boasts poinsettias, azaleas, cyclomen,.
cineraria or some of the more exotic tropical
plants turned out in such quantities by the
greenhouses and nurseries. Before going into
detail on the care and feeding of these
delightful visitors, a word of warning is olV
fered. >
The demand for tropical plants,has in^..
creased to such an extent that it has attracted' -
the attention of the entrepreneur whose only
interest in the growing plant is the money to
be made out of selling it. A recent talk with
one of the major greenhouse operators in
B.C., a man who has spent his whole life in
the business, revealed that a new twist has
recently been developed by these ambitious
gentlemen, * one that can cause much
disappointment to the uninformed purchaser,
waste money and damage the reputation of
the trade.
Tropical plants are of course all imported
, from Florida and the warm areas to the
south. Professional florists and nurserymen
bring these plants in, and put them in controlled nursery conditions designed to acclimatize them to our cooler temperatures for
a period of some weeks before offering them
to the public. To do this successfully means of
course the employment of skills and' experience and the provision of expensive accommodation and care.
But some bright chap decided that this
could all be short circuited with a little
ingenuity and aggressive sales techniques. So
he took a truck and trailer down south to the
growing areas, loaded it up with plants and
brought it back to B.C, Here he proceeded to
peddle the plants to all the outlets who handle
the trade at the retail level. This did not prove
to be all that easy as most of such outlets have
their regular suppliers, but he did finally get
rid of them at a cut rate to a chain that
probably bought them in good faith but with
little experience of*, the florist trade.
According to my expert informant, the
odds of these plants surviving are slim Indeed, and the moral of the story is simply
treat all such cut rate offerings with suspicion
unless you know the history. Better still buy
your plants from n reputable professional
who knows the business, nnd can give you tho
right advice on tho treatment of these
delicate things,,
Tho most common of these visitors from
warmer climes Is of course tho poinsettia.
Orlginnlly an Immigrant from Mexico nnd
offering a bright red 'flower' which of course
la not a flower nt all, It has been developed by
tho hybridists till wc Imve quite n range of
colours'from white through shades of orange
to red of various depths. Moreover If ouch is
tho desire it'can bo kept in 'bloom' nnd beauty
till well on Into spring. The determining
factors arc temperature and water. Too much
or too llttlo warmth will menn loss of the
lovely coloured growth nnd a temperature
| ' range of OOF or 10C degree:-, to 72F or 22C
degrees is nbout right,
j Keep wnlered only to tho point thnt tho noli
does not dry out nnd do not let any water
stand around. Regular wnlorlng Is not a
bright Idea with any house plants nnd mnny
nro killed by people obsessed with tho Idea
that thoy must l>e watered every day. It
should bo dono according to ■ soil conditions
which will niter with house conditions of
temperature nnd humidity.
Water the polmcltla with hike warm
water, keep It away from drafts and give It nil
tho sunlight you can find. It will continue to
brighten your life for mnny weeks after the
Christmas season Ls « memory.
Christmas Eve     11 a.m.-10 p.m.
Christmas Day CLOSED
Boxing Day 4 p.m.-10 p.m.
New Year's Eve   11 a.m.-10 p.m.
New Year's Day  CLOSED
January 2nd 4 p.m.-10 p.m.
"©u/t <£est QAMes to M€
fil|g(F0R THE WHOLE MBl^)
af the new
on., December 20th—9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tues..   December 21st—9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
ed., December 22nd—9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Thurs./ December 23rd—9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Fri.,     December 24th—9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Santa's still here.
Be sure to have your
picture taken with
him before he leaves.
Frl.,Docombor 17 th— 5:30 pm to 8 pm
Sat., Docombor lOtli — 2:30 pm to 5 pm
and from Docombor 20th to Docombor 23rd
ovory day from 11 am to 3 pm
Professional Photographer
Harvle McCracken will be there
to moke sure you get the best.
\ .   .?  !���/���.      "\  ������   y  A  y^  S'S- A  yr.  :)  "Jitv-  ������;������������������������: J'  7  the Want Ads for Best Buys      PH0NE 885-3231  PageB-2   The Peninsula Times       Wed December 15, 1976  Birth Announcements      card of Thanks  Work Wanted  Help Wanted  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ... are pleased to sponsor this  -Birth Announcement space, and  extend Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  In Memoriam >_  DONATIONS TO The Canadian  Cancer Society are gratefully  acknowledged and will be  devoted solely to cancer  research. Donations should be  addressed to The Canadian  Cancer Society, c-o Mrs. A.J.  Hatcher, Madeira Park, B.C.  ���Sards are sent to the bereaved  and receipts for income tax  purposes to donors. 2542-3  CHAPMAN: We would like to.  , express our sincere thanks to  Dr. Burtnick and Dr. Hobson and"  nurses at St. Mary's Hospital for  their kindness shown to our  daughter Misty on November 7.  We would like to thank our  friends for their visits, cards,  flowers and thoughtfulness  during our bereavement. ��� Ken  and Clare Ann Chapman.   2548-3  Personal  Greetings  WE WOULD like to wish all our  friends a Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year and let  them know that in lieu of  Christmas cards, we are sending  a donation to Sudden Infant  Death Syndrome Chpt. in Vancouver. ��� Ken and Clare Ann  Chapman. 2547-4  COME IN TO J&C Electronics  for your free  Radio  Shack*  catalogue. 1327-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS   published   in  The Peninsula Times can be-  ordered for your own use at The  Times office. 1473-tf  ALCOHOLICS      ANONYMOUS  meetings   8:30   p.m.   every  Wednesday.     Madeira     Park  Community Hall. Ph. 883-2356.  Work Wanted   DUMP   TRUCK  and  backhoe -,  available. Ph. Phil Nicholson  f88��2110 or 885-2515. 55tfn  WHATDO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ��� Experienced, insured work?  ��� Prompt, guaranteed service.?  ��� Fair estimates?  Then gives us a call: PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD., 885-  2109.    758-tfh  HOUSESITTER  will  care  for,  -'  your   home   while   away.  Weekend,   week   or   month.  Bondable. Ph. 886-7317.    2012-tfn-'  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  & GARDEN MAINTENANCE  ���Fall garden cleanup  ���Pruning a specialty ��� fruit  trees, shrubs & hedges  ���Rockeries  ���Low maintenance, bark mulch  shrub beds.  Free Estimates  Ph. 886-2668  between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m.  Help Wanted  . AVON  To buy or sell. Call 885-2183 or  886-9166.  1545-tfn  CHILD CARE WORKER  QUALIFICATIONS:  1. Preferably post secondary  education or training In social  . service field.  2. Work experience with  teenagers.  3. Preferable interest and  knowledge in specialized area.  That is crafts, hobbies, hiking,  sports, etc.  DUTIES:  1. To work with teacher in  alternate classroom setting.  2. Ability to relate to student in  one to one and small group environment.  3. To promote home school  liaison with parents.  4. Ipnovate programs that are  work experience and recreation  to enhance academic component.  APPLY:  Ministery of Human Resources  Box 890, Sechelt, B.C.  .     886-2288 ,  Deadline for completed applications is 24 December 1976.  2540-3  PHONE: PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233  BOX 100- MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  noshes  : i  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  Doug Joyce  885-2761  * Jack Anderson  885-2053  Stan Anderson  885-2385  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  toll free 68-4-8016  VILLAGE WATERFRONT HOME: Very^well constructed 3 bdrm home on  Porpoise Bay. All deluxe features ��� walnut panelling throughout,  billiard room with bar in ground level basement. Workshop & three bay  carport. Lot is all landscaped to the water's edge. Good terms on  $89,700 full price.  WATERFRONT COTTAGE: Halfmoon Bay ��� 1 bdrm cottage all  renovated inside with fireplace & hot water heat. Located next to post  office. Deep moorage & a good swimming beach.  REDROOFFS ESTATE LOTS: a selection of 15 lots all close to 1/2 acre &  fully serviced. Treed & level. All lots front on paved roads, are within  walking distance of good swimming & fishing. Southern exposure.  -Priced from $9.500-to $11,500.  -WEST SECHELT: 10,000 sq ft Rll lots on Nor West Bay Road. Two are  cleared & ready for construction. F.P. $11,250 each.  HOME & SMALL ACREAGE: 2.5 plus acres & a large 4 bdrm home with  rec room, sauna & tack room. Plenty of room for expansion. Property is  fenced & owner keeps horses. Small barn on the property. F.P. $57,500  with terms.  2 VILLAGE LOTS: Side by side lots in upper Sechelt Village. Frontage on  Anchor Rd only 1 block to beach. Both lots are treed and have potential  views. F.P. $11,750 each.  WEST PORPOISE BAY VIEW LOT: Excellent 70 x 130' view lot. Close to  small private marina, all serviced. F.P. $10,500,  PORPOISE BAY WATERFRONT:75 x ovor 200' of flat, lovol, trood land.  Easy building sites ft flat, lovol, sandy boach. Excollont road accoss, No  culvort noodod, F.P. $30,000.  ROBF-RTS CREEK ACREAGE; 5 foncod acros 1/2 cloarod on Orango Rd.  Rlmmod with troos for comploto privacy. Sorvlcod by hydro ft a crook  wator supply. Somo ocoan viow.  BROWNING RD 3 BDRM HOME; Slab homo sited on a largo 1/3 aero lot  surrounded by troos. Lot Is all cloarod and could accornmodato 2  homos, Houso has 3 bodrooms, kltchon, living room, dining room and a  kltchon nook. Prlcod woll bolow market valuo at $30,500.  WILSON CREEK: Rovonuo producarl Ono 6|dor homo now rontod ft ono  now homo for ownor. Good Invostmont, F.P. $75,000,  SELMA PARK: Mobllo homo on o lorgo supor vlow lot. 12 x 40' with 2  bdrm ft largo living room. l/2dn.f*.P. $26,000 & Immodiato possession.  ROBERTS CREEK: your privacy Is assured on this largo lol with a yr  round crook, Good vlow to Vancouvor Island ft nlcoly trood, $10,500  full prlco,  ROBERTS CREEK: Almost an ncro wllh a crook. Hoavlly (rood wllh good  gardon soil. F.P. $16,900,  DAVIS BAY; Largo building lol with tho typical Dovls Bay vlow, Impossible to block your viow,, Offors to $13,900,  SELMA PARK; 15,000 sq fl lol wllh nontlo slopo lo tho south, Good  holding proporty, F.P. $10,500,  SELMA PARK: 100 x 200' lot with vlow of Trail Boy. Boautlfully Irood,  Offors to $16,000,  TUWANEK WATERFRONT; Qulot satluslon. A lldy 1 bdrm cottago  mostly furnlshod, Movo your clollios In and you'ro homo. Asking  J35.00P  DAVIS BAY HOME. Good  home in a handy location on  Whitaker Rd. Only steps to the  beach and not far from  shopping. Home has 1 bdrm  on the main floor & 2 in the  basement. Fireplace in large  living room with a rough-in  down. Family dining area. F.P.  $37,500.  GIBSONS DUPLEX: Legal  duplex directly behind the  post office on Winn Road. 3  bedrooms up and 2 in the  basement suite. Excellent  revenue paying almost 1 %  per mo. on the gross value. All  new wall to wall carpet  throughout and in "good  condition. All rooms are large  & upstairs suite has fireplace.  F.P. $45,000.  WILSON CRK: 3 bedroom, tidy %  full    basement    home    with ��"<V  landscaped lot on paved road. X  Three blks to a safe beach & >*��{jSM"'"l*j^"t':  potential marina site.  Home �����?�� Jjfi.*ii>i-jjj*  has   2   fireplaces,   all   W/W [J  "'  carpeting   throughout.   Large '.  sundeck    and   carport   with p<^^3S-aJf- -r Sq*  concrete     park    area     and f^J^t&rSj&qtfeJrL  blacktopped  drive.  Nice  rec Jfca.J"  and wine room. F.P. $48,000. ���  :*?  r /��"'*%*^J��*?bp**V-^  i ir. mm^fbfaA  K  ���a-'?-   --s*  .y* -   ��*.��..*.?  3 BDRM SEMI WATERFRONT:  large 8 yr old home within  200' of the beach on an extra  large lot that is level S  cleared. Full basement with  roughed in fireplace down.  Large sundeck & sunken  carport. Well below  replacement cost at $58,50Q.  WEST SECHELT 4 BDRM: 3 1/2  yr old Colonial style 2 storey  home with all  bedrooms on  the  2nd floor.  Large  family ���  kitchen with separate 10 x 22 '  play room. Master  bedroom  has  a dressing  room  & full  bathroom. Lot is 1 1/4 acres ft  attractively landscaped, Wall I  to  wall   stone   fireplace,   all -  electric   heat   plus    thermal  glass windows are just a fev  of    tho   'added    pluses,    FP  $79,900  1 *      ^^ **#  UNIINI5IIED REDROOFFS  \ '"*.*>] COl I AOL; 2 bdrm cottago In a  ��"**? voi, furn lovol, troed lot. All  pluinliiiK- ft wiring In tho  house but not hooked up. Lot  Is sorvlcod with wator. FP  $22,300.  _.__"  "i  5  I       ,l' I- af ���*'.(*"<'.   ���"���4��,*?\l  r ' J.' !./'���*._   ��!*.VV.r -V M&J   -  ��� ������..-... I j,1  \h  ������"��� -  t>" n i'J .*  .    A-.^miy��  ��     Km.    .^^.js,... Si*."*  * '"T    *���.-.����� tr.... a.,,' **"    "  .'   fl ...  SECHELT VILLAGE:   1/2 block  lo      tho      mall,      2     bdrm  romodollod cottago prlcod to  ( .soil       quickly.       Immodiato  '{  poasosslon. F.P, $31,500.  SANDY HOOK: 70 x 140' lot with a cloar vlow up Socholt Inlbt. F.P,  $10,500,  SANDY HOOK: Walorfront  -   approxlmatoly 150' of shorollno. Many  ovorgroons ft arbutus troos, Prlcod to soil Immodlntoly at $15,500,  WEST SECHELT: $14,900 will pul you Into n small 2 bdrm homo on o nlco  lot on Mason Hood.  REDROOFFS AREA;   1/2 aero lot  approxlmatoly  00x250'    largo  onough to provldo a bulldlg slto ft loavo somo troos. FiP. $10,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Brand new 3 bdrm home on Wesjac Road (Narrows  Road subdivision). Carport and sundeck. Good retirement home with,  immediate possession. $45,000. ... '  GARDEN BAY ��� small 2 bdrm-furnished retirement home on view lot  with Southerly exposure. Situated just off Sinclair Bay Road. $45,000.  FRANCIS.PENINSULA ��� Lot 47, Rondeview Road ��� new 3 bdrm split  level home, partial basement with unfinished rec room, corner  fireplace, oil heat, ensuite plbg, sundeck & carport. $68,500.  BUCCANEER BAY ��� Thormanby Island. 2 bdrm furnished summer  home located within 100 yds of sandy beach and Vaucroft government  dock. $47,500.  IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2 bdrm home with an excellent view over Lee  Bay. W/W carpets, sundeck, range and fridge included. Close to marina  and gov't wharf. $34,900.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Beautiful 3 bdrm cedar ranch style home.  1363+ sq ft built 1975. Landscaped, dbl garage, large sundeck & view  over harbour. House is well constructed and nicely decorated. $79,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Lot 29, Rondeview Road ��� new 3 bdrm home,  full basement, ensuite plbg, roughed-in rec room. $69,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 bdrm Spanish style ranch home, 1412 sq ft built  1975. Fireplace, electric heat, view of Harbour. $52,000.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� 3 bdrm ranch style home, built 1973, on large  treed lot. Garage and separate storage shed. $49,500.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� semi-waterfront, double lot, view, close to  beach access with 688+ sq ft home with covered sundeck, stone-faced  fireplace, separate double garage and 320-f_ sq ft furnished guest  cottage. $71,900.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 bdrm home, built 1976, on natural treed lot  with view of Garden Bay. $59,000.  EGMONT ��� 2 bdrm home, 790+ sq ft on Maple Rd, close to Egmont  Marina. Oil heat, low taxes. $24,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 bdrm view home, built 1975. on large lot on  Gulfview Rd. Full basement, 2 sundecks, fireplace, electric heat. Includes all drapes, central vacuum, dishwasher, fridge, range, garbage  compactor. & garbage disposal unit. $49,50Q, . ...  GARDEt<J BAY ESTATES ��� brand new cedar home with 2160 sq ft of  living area on two levels. 2 bdrms on main level and 3rd bdrm on lower  level. 2 fireplaces, rec room, sundeck, view of harbour. Electric heat,  thermopane windows. $73,500.  GARDEN BAY ��� Small 2 bedroom furnished cottage on 2 large lease  lots. Leases have approximately 17 years remaining plus 20 year  option. Close to stores, marinas and P.O. $10,000.  RONDEVIEW ROAD, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� brand new and spacious,  this 3 bdrm home also has a swimming pool. Immediate possession.  $79,500.  $ARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� professionally designed and built 3 bdrm  home, 2100+_ sqft plus partial basement, built 1975. Open beam living  area finished in red cedar with red plush shag carpeting, features a  sunken living room with frosted marble fireplace. A beautiful home for  luxury living, well situated on a treed view lot close to stores, marinas  8 P.O. $110,000.  ACREAGE  1. GARDEN BAY ROAD ��� 17.5+ acres with 2 bdrm home, recently  romodollod In a rustic stylo. Approx 4 acres cloarod, fruit trees.  $70,000,  2. SILVER SANDS ��� A�� acros of Gulf vlow property with small cottage  and 2 mobllo homes (12 x 60 and 10 x 50) creek. $58,500.  3. r^lDDLE POINT ��� 18.96 acres with croek and 2 bdrm cottage.  $40,(500.  4. MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 1/2 acres of parklike land on Spinnaker Road  near Llllles (Paq) Lako, $35,000.  5. KLEINDALE ���- approx 20 acros of fairly lovel land with approx 10  acros cloarod, $42,000,   ,  6. MIDDLE POINT ��� 19.9�� acres with small ono bdrm cottago located  on Hwy 101. Acroago In natural stato with good bldg sites on higher  elevations. $53,000. Opon to offers,  7. IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2.B7 lovol acros, vlow of ontranco to Pondor  Harbour, across road from public watorfront accoss. $42,000.  | REVENUE PR0PERTIES|  TRINCOMALI MARINA ��� 2.21 acros In Madolra Park with 100' good  walorfront ���- good gravol boach, boat launching ramp, floats, boat  shop with heavy shop oqulpmont, marlno ways. And a nlco 4 bdrm  homo wllh partial basomont, good vlow, $195,000,  GRANTHAMS LANDING STORE��� on 50 ft boach watorfront lot. Small  grocory storo, post ofllco, owners 3 bdrm sulto, two 2 bdrm rental  sultos, ono 1 bdrm rental cottago, Purchaso prlco Includos storo  shelving, furnishings, oqulpmont dnd $0,000 stock In trade. Good  buslnoss for a couplo. $105,000.  TAYLOR'S GARDEN BAY STORE���- 1.4 acros land, 650+ ft sholtorod  watorfront,, lango gonoral storo wllh butcher,shop, offlco, stock rooms  and post offlco, 370+Jlnoal fl floats, Standard Oil dealership, ownors  2 bdrm homo. $240,000 plus cash for stock In trado. ,  IRVINE'S LANDING MArTiir*i^ and trallor pork, 40 soat cafo  wllh llconcod dining room at tho entrance to Pondor Harbour, Chevron  agoncy, boal rentals, $225,000,  WATERFRONT LOTS  i  1. HOTEL LAKE -- 105J-. ft oxcollont lakofront, 1/2 �� ocro with Hydro  and oasy accoss, $20,000,  2. GERRANS BAY ��� 100+fl watorfront with 100 It Ironlngo on Francis  Ponlnsula Road, Drlvoway, soptlc tank, wator lino and oloctrlclty all In.  $32,000. ,  3. REDROOFFS ROAD ��� ).5:|-( aero lot, oxcollont Gulf vlow, 100J-ft  cliff walorfrontago, $10,900~.  4. EGMONT ��� 59;|- fl sholtorod watorfront In Socrot Bay. Drlvoway,  woptlc In, hydro �� wnlor, $21,000,  9. RUBY LAKE Lot 4 has 117��. fl Qood lakofront, drlvoway |n from  llnllowoll Rd, sorvlcod with Hydro, $21,000.  6. MADEIRA PARK lol 46 hos 90+. ft wotorfront, 1,33 acros on Hwy  101 In Madolra Park, $20,000.  7. GARDEN BAY 29Q*h ll walorfront with sholtorod moorago,  drlvoway In. Approx 2 acros. $70,000,  0. SECRET COVF ��� Smoll ponlnsula of 370+ ft watarfront, cabin ft  Hoot, soulhwoBl oxposuro, $79,500.  DAN WILEY  Rob. 003-9149  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY  003-2233  �� WATERFRONT HOMES ��  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 bdrm home, 960+ sq ft with a spectacular view.  87+ ft landscaped waterfront lot, deep sheltered cnobrage, float and  boat house, westerly exposure. 6 major appliances included, also 21 ft  flbreglass boat and motor. $85,000.  GUNBOAT BAY ��� Approx 5 acres, 152+ ft waterfront, access from  Hiway 101 near Madeira Park. 3 bdrm home and 3 cottages, float.  $125,000. ";  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2 bdrm home with partial basement on 300 +  ft waterfront. Sweeping vieyk of Harbor entrance, islands & Gulf. Good  garden area, no stairs to climb'and privacy. $140,000  IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 3 bdrm home On 237 + ft waterfront lot, approx  1/2 acre with panoramic view of Strdits and Harbour entrance. House  ��� is designed for.outdoor living with 1744+ sq ft,of sundeck on three  levels. Plus family room and office/den. $115,000.  4 MILE POINT, SANDY HOOK ��� 111 + ft waterfront with attractive  well-constructed 3 bdrm home on 3 levels, built 1975. 3,392 sq ft of  living area plus basement area with sauna and change room. Many  extras including family room, rooftop patio, sundeck on all 3 levels.  $132,000  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 bdrm home on 78+ ft waterfront on Lagoon Road  with private dock 8 flaat. House is 808+ sq ft, remodelled 1969.  Covered sundeck on 2 sides, separate garage and workshop. Furnished  26' deluxe'Kenskill mobile'home used os guest house. Furniture,  furnishings, appliances and tools are included. $95,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� well constructed 2 bdrm home, 1073+ sq ft.  Built 1972. Full basement, 137+ ft waterfront, deep moorage., dock &  flaat. Spectacular view of Harbour entrance. $115,000.  EGMONT ��� 115��,ft waterfront on .6 acres�� leased land. Approx 17  years remaining on lease. Furnished A-frame home approx 1,000 sq ft.  Hydro & water. Water access only. $17,000.  LOTS  1. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 1.5+. acre treed lot, easy access, e.asy to  build on. $19,900.  2. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots, most with view, close to school,  stores, P.O. & marinas. $9,000-$22,000.  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Lot 34, Rondeview Road. Driveway in, some  clearing done, serviced with water & hydro. Nice building lot. $10,000.  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR��� 1 l/2�� acres, nicely treed, secluded. Hydro,  water, septic tank & drain field in. $25,000.  5. GARDEN BAY ��� serviced lots, some with excellent view. $12,000 to  $18,500.  6. EARLS COVE ��� .79+ acre lot on corner of Jervis Inlet Road and Hwy.  101. $9,000.  7. NARROWS ROAD ��� Good bldg lots. $9,000 and $9,500.  8. HALFMOON BAY ��� Lot 43 on Truman Road. View lot with water,  hydro & sewer available. $14,900.  9. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� good secluded lot at end of Elliot Rd. Hydro  available. $8,500.  10. SANDY HOOK ��� Lots 58 & 59, side by side view lots on Deerhorn  Drive. $10,500 each.  11. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2 treedYparklike, fairly level lots 6n  Cameron Road. $13,500 each.  12. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� Level, cleared lot with 73+ ft road frontage. $16,000.  I LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES^  SAKINAW LAKE -^:i6"5+"ft'l<-kefront,J6.3+; acres with small cottage.  Excellent'treed property with sheltered bay. $50,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 107 ft lakefront lot with comfortable summer  cottage. Franklin fireplace, large sundeck on 2 sides. Range, fridge,  some furniture, float & 16+ ft sailboat included. $26,000.  PAQ LAKE ��� MADEIRA PARK ��� 3.77 acres with 406�� ft lakefront.  Possibility of subdividing to approx 11 lots. Hydro & water available.  $56,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 3250+ ft choice waterfront, 32+ acres with 2  summer homes, floats. $205,000,  SAKINAW LAKE��� 57.5*fc acres with 3,500+ sheltered waterfront. 2  summer cottages with bathrooms, 2 dock's, water access only.  $200,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� 113�� acres of excellent land. 400' waterfront on Ruby  Lake, 2,600+ ft waterfront on lagoon. 2 houses, presently rented &  trailer spaces. $120,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 800+ft lakefront with dock, sand beach, southerly  exposure. 843 sq ft 3 bdrm furnished cottage with 3 piece bathroom.'  Full price $60,000. Owner will finance.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� one bdrm homo on 4.2 acres treed lakefront, 140 +  ft choice lakefront with boat house and float. Road access. $41,000.  |WATERFR0NT ACREAGE|  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 700+J rocky boach waterfront on Hwy 101  between Bargain Harbour and Silver Sands. Proporty contains 16+.  acres with beautiful view of Malaspina Strait and Texada Island. Small  older cottage and 26' trallor Included. $165,000.  ISLANDS  DON LOCK  Ros. 883-2526  PAT SLADEY  Roi. 885-3922  AGAMMEMNON BAY ��� 200��, ft walorfront with 900 ft frontago on  Egmont Road ad|acont lo Jorvls Vlow Marina, 5.11 acros. Spoctacular,  vlow up Jorvls Inlot and fishing on your doorstop. $60,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 1/2-fc acros wllh 500+_ ft sholtorod watorfront. A  vory nico parcol. $122,500.  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 2 parcols, oach with an undlvidod l/24lh Intorost  In D.L. 3839, 375+,ft walorfront, 5+ ocros. Southwost oxposuro, boat  or plane accoss, $24,000 ft $30,000.  WESTMERE BAY ��� NELSON ISLAND ��� A unlquo 40 aero proporly wllh  both soa front and lako front. 1500��,ft good sholtorod watorfront In  Wostmoro Bay and 200 ����� It lakofront on Wost Lako. Improvomonts  consist of a good 3 bdrm homo, 2 summor coltagos, floats and Joop  road to Wost Lako, Full prlco $160,000.  ADJOINING ��� 4.0 acros with 1200+, fI watorfront could bo purchasod  In conduction with tho abovo proporty for $40,000,  EARLS COVE ������ 5,57 acros good land with 450 + ft watorlront ad|olnlng  Earls Covo Forry Tormlnal, $125,000,  HIDDEN BASIN ��� NeIsON ISLAND -.1700^ ft sholtorod doop  watorfront, low bank shorollno, sovoral boochos ft bays, 11.3+. acros  of boautlfully trood proporly with small crook. Furnlshod 3 bdrm  cottago, furnlshod guost cottago, workshop, wood shod, woll and  pumphouso, boats and somo oqulpmont, float, $79,500.  WILLIAM ISLAND -~ Boautilul 2 1/2+ aero Ulond ot tho ontronco to  Pondor Horbour, |usl off Irvlno's Landing. Plpod wator. $100,000.  SUTTON ISLAND, nc7M6T*Tf~" ��^^ 1,7 �� acros  with boach and sholtorod covo, locatod dlroctly In front of tho Fgmonl  Marino, Asking $45,000,  11.6;+  ACRE ISLAND -������- at tho ontronco to Churchill  Bay,  Francis  Ponlnsula, 3 bdrm furnlshod pon-nhodo cottag-*, float, wolor ft hydro.  $107,500,  i^i.  p ��. ��� ....j,  I       MOBILE H0HES      I  GENDALLNORWESTER ���doluxo 1974 modal, 3 bdrms wllh oxtra largo  living room. Locolod al LRftfl Mobllo homo Pork, Madolra Pork. Closo to  school, storos ft marina. $12,500.  tfp- ; ���,  ���A  .<��� :'  <��� i  /.   /.  ':h  Help Wanted  For Rent  AVON  Need extra $$ to make Christmas  merrier? Earn them as an Avon  representative. Sell beautiful  gifts, jevyellery, cosmetics, more.-  I'll show you how; Call 885-2183 or  886-9166. 2082-tfh  YOSHIES RESTAURANT requires waitress-waiter, host-  hostess. Write c-o Yoshies  Restaurant, Sunnycrest Plaza,  RR2,Gibsons,B.C. Pis. ericlose-  resume or apply in person Dec.  18,1-3, restaurant located beside  Canadian Imperial Bank.- 2552-3  Real Estate  GOWER POINT  BY OWNER  2 yr. old quality built home. 2%  baths, approx. 2200 sq ft, comp.  finished, w-w up and down,  landscaped, paved driveway, 45'  sundeck, view of Strait. Close to  beachon approx. % acre. $65,000,  with $37,000 at 10% pet. 1st mtg.  Ph. 886-9249. 2401-tfn  FULLY FURN. 1 bdrm ste. in  new'home close to Sunnycrest  Plaza. $195 per mo. incl. heat &  light. Ph. 886-9102. , 2374-5  3 BDRM house with bsmt. $350  per mo. Ph. 886-2417.     2074-tfn  NEW 2 bdrm Home, Norwest Bay  Rd., w-w, electric heat, thermopane windows, f-p. $39,000.  Ph. 885-2384. 2388-5  NEW 1200 sq ft home with full  bsmt., includes shake roof,  carpets, finished FP's up and  down, custom kitchen cabinets.  Located on Chaster Rd. on  100x100 beautifully treed lot  near the newly proposed Pratt  Rd. school. Priced for excel,  value in mid 50's by contractor.  Ph. 886-7511. 2462-tfn  FOR SALE: by builder. 1232 sq ft  3 bdrm. brand new home in  area of new homes in Gibsons.  Possible 4th bdrm. downstairs.  Main ent. foyer and bsmt. on  grade level with rec. rm., bath  and utility rm., Gower Pt. and  Franklin Rd. area. 300' to beach.  Fantastic view of ocean. Priced  right in the' 40's and mortgage  avail. Ph. 886-9890. 2462-tfn  $33,000 ��� Custom". Davis Bay,  Laurel Rd., 2 storey on view  lot, circ. stair, covered s-deck, 3  bdrm ensuite, sunken lvg. rm.,  ex-large dbl. windows every  room, luxury kitchen cabinets,  needs finishing. Ph. (112) 274-  5017. 2396-6  PANELOC HOME on % acre lot  across  from  water  on  101  hiway. W. Sechelt near Norwest  Bay Rd. 2 bdrms, enste plumbing, elec stove and some furniture. Drywall needs finishing in  , bdrms.   Will  carry  mortgage.  ; Priced lovy to -compensate for  work   to . be  /done,,  $35,900.  Possibility of 2 lots on property.  Try your down payment. Ph.  Enid Reed, owner. 872-5078.2533-4  OLD AGE pensioners want to  rent or buy a house, prefer  Gibsons area. Low down  payment. Offers please to Box  2549 c-o , Peninsula Times,  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0.       2549-4  WATERFRONT $15,000 easy  terms, furn and equipped ctge,  opp. breakwater, Selma Park;.  plus 15' self-contained trailer and  utility shed. Lease land. Owner  Mon.-Thurs. 985-3677; weekends  885-2475. 2555-3  For Rent  FOR RENT  DELUXE TOWNHOUSES  1564 sq ft of finished floor area, 3  bdrms, plus large family room  and   rec   area,   WW   carpets,  deluxe Tappan ranges,  ample  parking on blacktop, all for only  $300  per  month.   These   good  family homes are located on 1650  School, Road   between   School  Road  and   Wyngart  Road   in  Gibsons. For further information  call  SEA-AIR ESTATES, 886-2137  or  SAFECO BUILDERS LTD.  683-3291  or eves 253-9293    2513-tfn  llALL FOR RENT, Wilson Creek'  Community     Hnll.     Contact  Bonnie Wigard, 805-9403.11121-tfn  MEADOWBROOK Ranch,  Garden. Bay. 2 bdrm  remodelled home. Superb 5 stall  stable, yr. round creek. 22 acres  under hay. $350 per mo. Century  West Real Estate Ltd., 885-  3271. 2391-5  MAPLE Crescent Apartments.  , 1662   School. Rd. -Gibsons,  ^Suites,  heat,   cable   included.  Reasonable, apply Apt.  103A.       . ,    ,11798-tfn  NEW HOME. AU appl. Beach  Ave., Roberts Crk. Avail Jan.  1,1977, $250 pm. Ph. 885-9230 or  886-7657. 2535-4  1  BDRM  DUPLEX  in lower  Gibsons. Fully furn. $200 per  mo. Ph. 886-7995. 2536-3  3 BDRM HOME in Gibsons. On  one acre, FP, % bsmt,  workshop and 2 bides avail Jan 1,  1977. Ref requ'd. $290 per mo;  $200 damage deposit. Ph. 886-9902  or886-9697. 2537-3  Wed. December 15,1976      The Peninsula Times, PageB-3  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phono 885-31231  PRIME LOCATION  New commel space for stores or  offices. Suitable for various  businesses.  PH. 886-2827  2062-tfn  SMALL FURN. ctge. avail. Jan.  1,1977, $110 per mo. Yr. round.  No dogs. Ph. 885-2766. 2526-4  1 BDRM WF ste. Quiet loc.  Madeira Ck. Permanent only,  $135 per mo. Ph. 883-9055.   2376-5  Mobile Homes  SNUG VILLAGE MobUe Home  Park. Mason Rd. Space avail.  Ph. 885-3547. 2360-tfn  TRAILER    PADS    for    rent.  Roberts Creek, near beach.  Ph. (112) 926-1024. 2541-3  PONDEROSA  Court space  9012.  PINES   Trailer  avail.  Ph.  885-  25384  12'x60'   DELUXE   mobile   on  acreage, Middlepoint. 4 appls..  Avail Jan 1,1977. $200 per mo., to  responsible tenants. Ph. 883-  2536. 2544-5  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Legal or Roador advertising 60c per  count lino.  Deaths,     Card     of - Thanks,     In,  Memoriam,- Marriage and Engagement notices are $6.00.(up to 14  'lines) and 60c per line after that.  Four words per line.  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  March 31,1976  Gross Circulation 4150  Paid Circulation 3241  As filed with the Audit  Bureau of  Circulation, subject-to audit.   ,  .Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion $1.80  Three Insertions , $3.60  Extra Lines (4 words) ���. 60c  (Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch)  (Box Numbers jbOcjgxtra*  Birth Notices, Coming' Events  regular classified rates.  take  Ad-Brlofs    must   be   paid    for  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  In  Subscription Rates:  By Mall:  Local Area $7.00 yr.  Outside Local Area $8.00 yr.  U.S.A      $10.00yr.  Overseas $11.00 yr.  Senior Citizens,  Local Area $6.00.  Single Copies 15c ea.  Livestock  For Sale  CERTTFIEp    Farrier,    Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact SunshuieFarm. 898-3751.  ' 994-tm'  PALOMINO quarter-Arab mare,  8 yrs., flashy, lots of action,  fast, gentle, no vices, $500; Reg.  Welsh Pony gelding, 12 yrs.,  trained English, Western,  jumping & harness, with English  tack, $500; Reg. % Arab gelding,  4 yrs., professionally trained  Western, some English and  jumping experience, $700; all  above proven sound, Vet. cert,  supplied. Ph. 485-6062.        1952-3  HAY FOR SALE $2 per bale. Ph.  885-9357. 2509-10  TRAVEL  Cars and Trucks  THREE   '65  Mustangs,   2   in  running order. $1200. Ph. 883-  2366.  2387-tfn  '70 MGB SPORTS coupe. Copper  clr. Rare 3 wiper model. Exl.  cond. $1850. Ph. 885-9355 after 6  p.m. 2525-3  MANY THANKS for your support. May you all. have a  joyous Christmas from the new  MacLeods store in Sechelt. 2553-4  >'74T)6DGE COLT 27,000 mi. 1967  Ford PU half ton. Ph. 885-  7657. 2534-4  Boats and Engines  FOR SALE "as is": a 31 foot  troller with a 'B' licence with  approximately 4 years  remaining. Can be viewed at  Duncan Repairs, Madeira Park,  B.C. Offers are to be sent to Box  130, Madeira Park, B.C.     2521-4  14' PLYWOOD boat and trailer.  Ph. 883-2417 after 6 p.m. 2545-5  Pets  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  Alfalfa-Hay-Straw  Good Tack Selection-  Case Garden Tractors -  Rototillers - Toro Lawnmowers  We a^re on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  H548-tfn  REGISTERED     Wtcmerander  nuns for show, pet or hunting.  Will be ready by Christmas. Call  (112) 487-9587 after5 p.m, 2128-tfn  Livestock  SMALL CALVES, Herford, Black  white face and Holsteln. Horse  manure for sale. Ph. 886-  7967. 2543-3  YOURGATEWAY  TOTHE  SUNANDFUN  For all your, travel  arrangements, charters, direct  .flights, worldwide and reservations, contact Lynn Szabo.  GRADUATE of the Canadian  Travel College.  PLAN AHEAD  Special flight rates on hand now  for the winter months.  PENINSULA  TRAVEL  AGENCY  Dental Blk. Gibsons  886-2855 - Toll Free 682-1513  1936-tf  GETAWAY HOLIDAYS  Call Jan the. Coast's most experienced travel agent. 12 yrs.  experience and  a  lifetime  of  integrity.  Box 1400,1212 Cowrie St.  (next to Sechelt Chain Saw)*  885-3265  9to5,TueS.ttir_at.v  All Money in Trust  A Complete Travel Service  2523-tfn  HIWAY  BRAND NEW: 2 bodroom, full bosomont homo In Gordon  Doy, Within n atono's throw of marinas, shops, ole. Pull prlco  $47,500.  lust  bXTRA SPECIAL ��� Lovoly 2 yoor old 2 bodroom plus don  homo on a sorvlcod wator vlow lot In Madolra Pork, Just $36,000.  ,BEAUTIFUL LOTS ��� First tlmo offorod, 3 to chooso from  on Prnncls Ponlnsula, Each Is approximately ono ocro and In park-llko  sotting. Sorvlcod. Each $15,000.  ACREAGE;   7   acros  on   Highway   101.   Has, potontlal  commorclnl or siibdlvl&lon posslbllltios. P.P. $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA: First class watorfront homo with 2  bodrooms ond garage. Hos ono of tho oroo's bost vlows from a sunny  situation In 'Malcolm' Harbour. A must soo at $74,000,  BEAUTIFUL VIEW: Well maintained 3 bodroom homo on  Inrno 144 x 200' landscapod lol ovorlooklng Iho ontranco to Pundoi  llnibniir, A first class proporty offorod ol $44,500,  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Chormlno and woll hopt 1)40 ��q It  houso on opprox 1/4 ncro waterfront with undeveloped moorage, 2  bodroomn on main plus ono lh*ba��omont. Ihls Is a flno proporty nt P,P  $50,000.  PHONE 883-279A  John Breen Jock Hermon  883-9978    ��  insurance ��       883-2745  IN EXCL. cond. 500c Hasselblad,  two film holders, 120 mm and  40 mm lens. Extension bellows,  extension tube, 45, degree and  vertical viewer. Leather  carrying case. Full cash price  $1000. Ph. 885-9862. 2508-3  MANY THANKS for your support. May you all have a  joyous Christmas from the new  MacLeods store in Sechelt. 2554-4  2 SINGLE BEDS; 1 Kenmore  mixer. Ph. 885-9485 after  6. 2556-3  TWO REMINGTON 60 series X  15 snow tires with studs, near  new. Ph. 886-2994. 2550-3  DECCA RADAR Super 050. Used  4 mos. Ph. 883-2417 after 6 p.m.  Rod Bell cash register. Ph. 883-  2417 after 6 p.m. "2546-5  Wanted to Buy  7 FT. cross-cut bucking saws.  Very good condition. Ph. 885-  9403. 2481-3  Legal Notices  For Sale  MILK COW,  wringer  washer,  tools  and  misc.   items.   Air  cooled motors 4-12 hp. Truck, 1  ton. Ph. 883-9172. 2511-4  NOW Offering men's hair styling,  phone 886-7616. Barber shop  across from Bank of Montreal,  Gibsons. 2379-tfn  PROVINCE OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  CHANGE OF NAME ACT  (Section 6)  Notice of Application  for Change of Name  Notice is hereby given that an  application will be made to the  Director of Vital Statistics for a  change of name, pursuant to the  provisions of the "Change of  Name Act," by me: Frank Joe, of  Seaview Road, House No. 148, in  Sechelt, in the Province of British  Columbia, as follows:  ���To change my name from Frank  Joe to Francis Moody Dixon.  My wife's name from Beverly  Joan Joe to Beverly Joan Dixon.  My minor unmarried children's  name (a) from Vanessa Rose Joe  to Vanessa Rose Dixon; (b)  From Francis Joseph Joe to  Francis Joseph Dixon.  Dated this 28th day of November,  A.D. 1975.  Frank Moody Joe  2539-pub. December 15, 1976.  Use  For  Times  Quick  Adbriefs  Results  H.B,  Real Estate  GORDON AGENCIES  885-2013  LTD.  Insurance  TRAIL ISLANDS VIEW ��� Bright  two bodroom, non-bsmt  homo. Ovor 1000 sq ft In this  stop-savor plan. Economical  boating (twin windows) with a  Franklin firoplaco, Easy-cara  oxtorlor. Small soworod lot,  Vlow anytlmo,  NEW ��� CHOOSE YOUR  COLORS ��� Closo to tho park  In Socholt, Two bodroom bsmt  homo. Buy It now In tho upper  30's and finish It yoursolf or  chooso tho Interior colors,and  wo will finish it for you at a  comploto   prlco   of   $49,900.  SELMA PARK ��������� Watorfront loaso, Oldor cabin on  bahlnd tho broakwalor. Noods work.  tho boach  GIBSONS ��� NORTH ROAD-��� 4.6 ocros and a two yoar old Ihroo  bod doublo wldo ol 1152 sq ft. Plus carport and Btorogo, Pavod  drlvoway.  WEST SECHELT��� Just oil Norwest Boy Rd��� gontlo slopo, trood, 2  acros, vory nlco vlow. Asking $27,700 and try your local lot In  trado,  HALFMOON BAY ��� Doublo lot, now ono parcol on Curran Rd,  Sorvlcod with wator and hydro, Good southorly vlow and booch  across road right In Iron! ol you,  WELCOME WOODS ������ Half ar.ro trood lot with 125 It frontago.  Zonod for two dwellings. Hydro ond wolor. $12,000.  COOPER RD ��� 1/2 acre lovol lot, $2,700 down and $109 por  month ond ll's your*..  TRAIL ISLANDS ~ View lol. Sorvlcod, 75 ft frontage, $14,900.  HOWE SOUND ��� View lot. Hwy 101 at Hopkins Landing, Only  $11,500.  VARIOUS    COMMERCIAL    AND   REVENUE    PROPERTIES  LISTED. LETS DISCUSS YOUR REQUIREMENTS,  j6HNon LYrlN WILSON  Cvonlngi 005-9365 Weekonrii  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISAIS  NOTARY PUBLIC  DENTAL BLKJ  GIBSONS  ______    _____   PHONE 886  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682-1 51  Jon McRae  885-3670  SEAVIEW ROAD: Well built 2 bedroom home  with full unfinished., basement. Beautifully  appointed living room and kitchen. Magnificent  panoramic view from the large covered sun-,  'deck. Features maintenance-free aluminum  siding. Close to all facilities on nicely landscaped lot. F.P. $44,900  SARGENT ROAD: Large family home in good  area with panoramic view. Three bedrooms,  fireplaces up and down, with 2 1/2 baths. The  full basement includes a finished rec room,  laundry and workshop. Sundeck, carport and  paved driveway round out this landscaped lot.  SEE this home and you will fall in love with  it. '   F.P. $66,000  SHAW ROAD: Well built Split Level home on  115 x 145' landscaped lot. Three bedrooms  upstairs, Franklin' fireplace, and many other  features. Large rec room and all the storage  space any family needs. F.P. $44,900  HIGHWAY 101: Gibsons. Incredible panoramic  view from the mountains of Howe Sound across  the Bay and out to Georgia Strait. This 3  bedroom full basement is laid out nicely'  for family living. Combination garage-  workshop is fully insulated with separate 100  amp service. s   F.P. $47,500  Ken Crosby        ������  mmis  SEAVIEW ROAD: Lovely custom built 2 1/2 year  old full basement home on fully landscaped  and fenced view lot. Large kitchen with nook  plus dining area, with sliding glass doors to the  sundeck, Heatalator fireplace and wall to wall.  carpet. 2 large bedrooms plus sewing room on  the main floor. Finished rec room, laundry, den,  bedroom, 1/2 bath and workshop in the  basement. Also includes separate garage. F.P.  $56,000  GLASSFORD ROAD: Beautifully' well-built  Spanish style home in area of new homes.  Many extras include arches throughout. Lovely  fireplace up and down. Super large master  bedrooms, skylight in bathroom, built-in bar in  living room, sliding glass door from dining area  to large, sundeck. F.P. $59,000  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  ABBS ROAD: Overlooking the Bay area and  Gibsons Harbour. This deluxe home has'every  feature you could desire from a family home:  large lot, large sundeck, large carport.  Fireplaces finished up and down, 2 full  bathrooms, finished rec room and self-  contained bedroom downstairs. Completely  landscaped,' and if that isn't enough there is  also a fully self-contained 400 sq ft mother-in-  law suite above the carport. F.P. $79,000  GRANTHAMS: First time offered! Lovely small  2 bdrm home on a landscaped lot, with an  unsurpassed view. Built-in bunk beds in one  ' bedroom, sundeck, driveway. Includes all  appliances. Partial basement for workshop etc.  Ideal retirement or starter home. See it  today. F.P. $29,900  THOMPSON ROAD: Langdale, 3 bedroom  deluxe home on an extra large 80 x 150' lot.  This 3 year old home has 2 full baths plus an  ensuite. All large room sizes. The full basement  has a roughed in fireplace and plumbing for a  wet bar. Carport with separate sundeck. Extremely well designed with 5 feature Bay  windows, best quality plush carpeting and  many exclusive features. All this and a  magnificent view of Howe Sound.   F.P. $88,000  CHASTER ROAQ:   5  bedroom   home  on   full  basement. Ideal for a hobby farm and comfortable   family   living.   Located 7n   quickly  growing area on a subdividable 2 1/2  acres. F.P. $62,500  MARTIN ROAD: Handyman's special on  beautiful view lot. 2 bedroom older home, 750  sq ft close to shopping and schools. F.P. $24,000  NEW LISTING: SECHELT: Spindrift Rood: nicely designed 1 1/2 year old home. Close to schools, shopping & park. Right in the heart of  Sechelt. 3 bedrooms, main   floor,    with    partial   basement,   fireplace    &    carport.    Landscaped   yard.    F.P.    $45,500  FRANKLIN ROAD: Floor to ceiling fireplace  creates a very homey atmosphere in this 3  bedroom home. Landscaping is done and the  backyard is completely fenced. Only 1/2 block  to one of the nicest beaches in the area. F.P.  $45,000   LOWER ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: at Cheryl Anne  Park. 115' of prime WATERFRONT and over 2  acres of gorgeous property. The main house  has over 1500 sq ft of finished living area  including 5 bedrooms and two full bathrooms,  heatalator fireplace and a view that doesn't  quit. In addition there is a 600 sq ft cottage at  the water's edge (suggested rent $200 per  month) 400 feet of gravel driveway winds  through the trees to the double carport and  entrace to your private waterfront estate. F.P.  $129,000  CHASTER ROAD: New home 1 1/2 blocks from  the Chaster Road school now* under construction. This brand new home should be  purchased immediately to toke advantage of  '- the:$5000 B.C.' 2nd mtg <g�� 8'3/4%'. 3 bedrooms"  ���u'pstdli^'w'rtlf fireplaces "up* ahd 'dov/hV Approx  1200 sq ft on futl'basement. This is an excellent  value in the low 50's.  GOWER POINT ROAD: 100 Ft. Waterfrontage:  Exceptionally well-built full basement home.  Fireplaces up ond down, basement mostly  finished, 2 full baths with gold-plated taps and  many dream home extras such as an intercom  system, thermopane windows and huge carpeted sundeck. All this on 100' easy access  waterfront .near Gospel Rock, Gibsons.  Basement could easily be a full suite. Absolute  privacy and luxury. F.P. $79,900  HILLCREST ROAD: This lovely 3 bedroom home  has an extra large kitchen area with a super  view from the spacious living room some of the  many extras include landscaping, carport, full  basement and fireplace. F.P. $53,500  LANGDALE: Spanish style home with over 3000  sq ft of finished floor area. Spectacular view of  Howe Sound and Ferries from this 194 x 78' lot  with extras you have to see to believe. Could  easily to converted to an up/down duplex as all  walls and floors are insulated. Separate garage  workshop,''plus large sundeck and double  carport.'tfisfefUlly decorated. This home has  every feature you could ask for in your dream*  home. F.P. $110,000  BEACH AVE: Quiet privacy at the corner of  Glen Road. Perfect retirement or starter home.  Breathtaking view of Keats Island and the Bay  area. Sundeck with wrought iron railing. This  immaculate 2 bedroom home has a separate  workshop, carport and is beautifully landscaped.'Make an offer! F.P. $39,500  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Nearly 1/2 acre of rural  playground could be small hobby farm with 2  horse paddocks, hen house and duck pond  already in. This home has a spectacular view of  Georgia Strait which can be enjoyed from the  large 45' sundeck. The basement is all set up as  an in-law suite with full kitchen & bath. This  large spacious comfortable home is only 2.  years old. Many extras including unique'  designed acorn fireplace. F.P. $68,500  FAIRVIEW ROAD: ot the corner of Pratt Road.  This nicely  landscaped 60 x 150'  fenced   lot  with garden is the site for this one' bedroom  home with fireplace and'tnariy wood feato?ed!  walls. Large carport on cement slab could be*  used to enlarge this 856 sq ft home. Washer,'  dryer, fridge 8 stove are included. F.P. $33,500  VIS 801  REM.      D C     MOO  !!���*���..��'���������  WH/\f*F  ".,     '<  $14,900'  sotp  ($14,900 ,/\  i|--"*.',."-  '$14,900  SOLO  '   $14,900   j  SOlD  c*.  *-<  o  *-*-. m-v-a?  I+OI  * Lots approx 1/3 acre  * Southwesterly exposure  * Close to ferries  * Ovorlooklng Keats Island  LOTS  * Average size 72' x 220'  * Beautiful view of Bay area  * Close to school  * Watch the boots In the gap  SHAW ROAD: Nowly-completed -~ tho most  cdnvenlontly located subdivision In Gibsons.  Only 2 block's from shopping centre, and both  olomontary and socondary schools. Lovol  building altos with somo cloarlng on a nowly  formed cul do sac, Those prime lots on sowor  and all sorvlcos ��� won't last long prlcod at  only ___ $13,900  SKYLINE DRIVE: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122' lot  with an expansive ,vlow of tho Day arop and  Gibsons Is well prlcod at only F.P. $11,500  LOCKYER ROAD: Approximately 5 1/2 acros In  Roberts Crook, Good soil, vory prlvato ond  socludod. F.P. $30,000  LANGDALE RIDGE: Closo to school and ferries  thoso large 1/3 to 1/2 acre lots ore oach  unlquo In tholr view, shapo and topography.  Horo you will find tho building site to com-  plomont your homo design, Keats Island and  the surrounding scenes will be your picture  window. F,P.$11,900to $14,900  PRATT ROAD: Noto tho site of this magnlflcont  lovol building lot In a fast growing oroa, closo  to proposed new olomontary school, Lot size  110 x 200', Vory woll prlcod at only (Flrrn) F.P,  $13,000   ������ ��� ;   ACREAGE  GEDDES ROAD: OH Lowor Roberts Crook Rood.  Cleared 4.5 acres', Nicely sloped to the south,  Vory wo|l prlcod ot only, F.P, $23,500  -���-  CHASTER ROAD; Large lamlly homo on 2 1/2  ocros subdivldablo property In lost growing  aroa. Homo has 5 bedrooms, wall to wall  carpeting, largo living room, kltchon ft sundock. Good gardening soil. This would bo nn  oxcellent hobby form. F.P. $65,500  CEMETERY* GILMORE: fl-J- acres, this valuable  corner moy bo oil tho moln accoss rood to  Gibsons on completion of the now bypass highway. Many troos plus 3 excellent springs for  domestic water. An Ideal holding property, F.P,  $49,500  GEDDES ROAD: Roberts Creek. % .1/2 acros  cloarod, nlcoly slo*-*Jag*n,��r|ioO| Adjoining 4,5  acres also for salo I OSfcl^lfmaivaluo horo. F.P.  $10,000  GIBSONS; Excellent prospocts for tho ono who  holds this potentially commercially tonod.  ncrengo ol 5 acros. r.P. $60,000  ROBERTS   CREEK:   Highway   101   divides   this  proporly diagonally down tho centro. Develop  both sides of Iho road, Try oil olfors, 5  ocros, F,P. $30,000  SKYLINE DRIVE: Ovorlooklng tho Bay and tho  Vlllago of Gibsons from this quiet and private  lot on Iho bluff. Start building your droam homo  right away On the oxpanso of this  207 x 115 x 101 x 66' unlquoly shaped lot. F.P.  $14,900 -7 .   SKYLINE DRIVE: With tho sowor only 150' away  Irom this lot and tho ad|olnlng lot also for sale,  mqkos this an oxcollont valuo, The Idoal spot  for a distinct and original homo. Nlco vlow and  sholtorod from tho opon soa, '       F,P. $13,900  PRIME REVENUE: Building ft proporty In the  hoart ol lowor Gibsons, 2250 sq ft with 1000 sq  It already loaaod, 10 ft ceilings with post ft  beam construction, 100 ft 200 amp eloctrlcal  system*, 2 sets of plumbing. 60 x 100' lot with  good parking facllltlos. Ovor $6000 yearly  revenue, on oxcollont Investment, F.P. $55,000  ROI1ERTS'CREEKi Privacy In tho trees, this 5  ocro�� porcol has 60 foot of highway frontage  for access, Tho balance Is complotoly secluded.  orrERS. r.p. $25,000  34 ACRESi With house ond born In Roberts  Creek area, this property Is oil loured ond may  bo subdivided Into 3 acre parcels,  F.P. $120,000  The coffee is always on���drop in for onr free brochure.  8( &v ���  '   YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  -_*__p___>0fl_'57_r*flr'^Ei  W8iFWWMm��M 'fl iH HH �����tI ^-ILJrallii  lffiff*flH                       SbBHHBbSIIsB   '   BfP        ft.      ^^ JmSHM(^^m^XL^^m^^Sm^Mm\^l^^^^^^^^^  Plllfi  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  Machinery  CAtt-AM CRAWLER  CORPORATION  "THE BTJLLDOZER PEOPLE"  Genuine I.T.M. Undercarriage,  Rollers, Tracks, Sprockets, Etc.  Equipment    Overhauls.    New  Tractor Parts For All Models ���  Bullgears,   , Pinions,    Engine  Parts, Track press & Rebuilding.  ^A Complete Service  "Your Bobcat Dealer"  4623 Byrne Rd., Burnaby, B.C.  434-2651 ' Telex 04-354-652  607-tfn  _nru  We're National  but Neighbourly  Highway 101 at Wilson Creek   Phone 885-3271^  HOMES  GIBSONS AREA-NEW HOMES-BEST VALUE ON THE COAST  SHAW RD: 3 bdrm single level on sewer. Easy walk to shops and schools. $39,900  (AALS) Barbara.  PRATT/FAIRVIEW RD: Similar to above with some different features and larger lot.  $39,900 (MLS) Patricia.  PRATT RD: South of Fairview. Larger 3 bdrm home with 'L' shape living, dining room  for $42,500. You will see the extra value. Bert.  CHASTER RD: Just off Pratt. About to start building. There's time to alter the plans,  den, fireplace, family room? Let's talk about it. Barbara or Patricia.  REVENUE PROPERTY GIBSONS: Triplex like new on seaview lot. 2 suites furnished.  $6280 annual income ��� asking $54,900. Bert  ���_3   e\  ^pj_*aju^E3^       : t  l->'   * m.     m.  LOTS OF LOTS: from the bluff overlooking the bay at Gibsons to Pender  , Harbour. Let us know what you have in mind.  Fight the  lung  crippiers  ACREAGE  ACREAGE ��� WILSON CREEK: everybody likes this 18 acre property with yr round  creek, the various improvements, the landscaping. That's great, but the vendors  want to sell after 40 years. Asking $89,500 which is under my appraised value. Bert.  Patricia Murphy  885-9487  Bert Barnes  Century West Real Estate Ltd., 885-3271  Every Office Independently Owned and Operated  Barbara Skagf jord  885-9074  Emphysema. Asthma, Tuberculosis,  Chronic Bronchitis, Air Pollution  Use Christmas Seals  It's a matter of life and breath  BRITISH COLUMBIA'S attorney-  general has declared war on the  province's drinking drivers. He has  promised the Christmas roadside checks  of motorists that began this week will  not end after the holidays are over but  will continue year round. Meanwhile the  local RCMP wish you Merry Christmas  and warn what will happen to you if you  are convicted of impaired driving.  Besides a fine and in some cases a prison  sentence, you will lose your driver's  license for three months for a first offence. Where injury, death, or reportable property damage occurs your  license will be suspended for six months.  For a second offence your license will be  taken away for six months and if you  injure or kill someone or cause property  damage the length of time goes up to a  year. Remember these are the  minimum requirements, a judge can  impose a greater suspension on you if he  feels it is justified. So think before you  get into that car.  ��� Timesphoto  Season's **���  v   Q/teetoigs 'jnom  |   TAMMY'S  M        at the Earls Cove Ferry Terminal  T 883-9012  V  ���A        We'll be serving  .*   SPECIAL  CHRISTMAS DINNER  December 25 and 26  JANUARY 1st NEW YEAR'S TREAT!  Suckling pig cooked in our own barbeque  COME AND JOIN US  *-*i  E NUMBG  REfflEMB  cad now for our  REE  Real Estate Catalogue  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  %  Box ��28  %  C1ESLTD.  Sechelt  Most of our listings are recorded on film.  See them on our special television set  and pick the ones you like from  the comfort of our viewing room.  ���ir'  1  ,-������;  ^��_5l_��_>  J__L_$%__%%  t*&_3_v'_3��  K__i_p_3_-.  I  Vji&mi  tew > >:  I ."  > -  '���:.-������ f  ��� I  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. December 15,1976  Happenings around the Harbour  PUBLIC LIBRARY  During winter months, the Library will  .close early on Saturdays. New winter hours  on Saturdays, 1:30 to 4 p.m. Tuesday and  Thursday hours, as usual, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m.  To allow the library volunteers to enjoy  the holiday season the Pender Harbour  Library will be closed Saturday December 25,  Tuesday Dec. 28, Thursday December 30, and  Saturday January 1,1977.  The library will be o.pen as usual, Thur-  . $day December. 23 and will re-open Tues.  January 4.  There will be no overdue fines on books  during the closure.  Thanks to the grant received in October  from the Sunshine Coast Regional District,  the Library has been able to purchase a fair  number of good 'hot off the presses' new  books. And, to correct any misunderstanding  on an item in the press recently, the proceeds  from the Lions Club Casino are to go to the  high school library and not to the public  -library in Madeira Park. ���  LIONS CLUB  The Pender Harbour Lions Club are  having a meeting and dinner at the Br. 112  Legion Hall in Madeira Park on Dec. 151976.  District Governor Murray Skaar will be  there and if any representatives or  organizations wish to attend would they  please contact President Fred Crosby at 883-  2387,  " The P.H. Lions Club members'visiting the  Gibsons Lions Club in November were Zone  ; Chairman Joe McCann, Pres. Fred Crosby,  Vice Pres. Harry Morrison, Secretary Bill  Wookey, Treasurer Art Vanderweil, Roy  Dunsenbury and Des Fowler at Harmony HaU  (Senior Citizens Hall) for Official twining of  Gibsons Clubhand Barnstable of Devonshire,  ��� England.  Pender Harbour Lions Club donations are:  P.H. Community Club Christmas Party $120,  CARE - $2 per member and $2 per. member  for LIF. Serendipity School to sponsor a  youngster for a year $120. and approximately  $1,000 to be donated to the Pender Harbour  Secondary School library.  ' fe^aS  ��.  <��.    WATERS  CLEA N^^g^  Doris Edwardson 883-2308  The Lions Club of Pender Harbour has an .  approved LIP'grant of $25,000 which will be  used to develop their property opposite the  High School. The building committee consists of Past Pres. Bill Keim, Lion Len  Larson, Lion Bernie Gerrick and Pres. Fred  Crosby. Anyone having huilding materials to  donate should contact one of the aboVe. Old  tires could also be used by them as they need  those for burning purposes. Their first project  is to get power to .the site and build a main-  tainence shed. The site for the storage shed is  cleared, the pole line is staked out and UP  crew is working on the site. Donating their  equipment and time are Rod Webb with  bulldozer and front end loader, Wilf Harper  with his bulldozer arid Ted Donley blasting  stumps.  HO HO HO HO  The Pender Harbour Community Club's  Annual Christmas Party will be held in the  Hall on Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. December  19. Everyone is welcome to come and watch  cartoons. Santa Claus will be there and only  children nine years of age and under will be  permitted to sit on Santa's knee, also anyone  wishing more information on the Christmas  Party please contact Mrs. Ruth Kobus at 883-  2779.  MARY RICHARDSON'S SEARS STORE  For those who may not know, the hardworking lady in Mary's Store is her sister in  law La Verne Richardson.  SHUT INS  Chuck Falconbridge is still in hospital,  also Bert Hamilton. Mrs. Scoular is in St.  Pauls Hospital and Warren Hartley was  taken to St. Mary's Hospital last Monday and  is being transferred to a Vancouver Hospital.  Mrs. Helen Duncan is in Lions Gate Hospital  and Jack Charbonneau was rushed to St.  Mary's Hospital suffering from a stroke last  week He is in the intensive care ward.  WESTERN EXPRESS  For those folks wishing to purchase lottery  tickets on the Western Express Lottery  please contact Phyliss MacLeod of Hassens  Store in Pender Harbour. These are the  tickets which are drawn every second:  Wednesday on Television.  VOLUNTEERS  Members of the local Fishermen and  Allied Workers Union have been donating a  days labor, clearing the banks at Andersons  Creek in Kleindale. They are Ben Griffith,  John Daly, Sam McKay, Robby Cameron and  David Malcolm.  As more and more people are becoming aware of the power and  bureaucracy involved with Regional Boards.Jhe "care less attitude" in  Victoria regarding the rights of the individual property owner, the more  they realize a strong organization, sticking up for these rights, is  required. People are the power.  In the past three weeks we have had 36 new members join, bringing  our total to 430. Let us make it 500 for the new year.  Due to the lack of answers from the Hon. Mr. Curtis's office, to our  letters dating back to June and more recently one t6 the Regional Board,  we have been forced to postpone our planned general meeting.  It is rumored the Regional Board will set up a "community plan" for  Area A' in the near future. It is hoped that they will hold a public meeting  in the area and an election of community members. It will then be the  duty of all property owners to attend this meeting to make sure we don't  just end up with a rubber stamp for present policy, or be accused of  control by the developers.  TO THOSE OF YOU WHO REMEMBER WHEN  ��� You were on a list to get a quart of milk at the store.  ��� Fresh vegetables and meat if and when the boat arrived and youjgot  there early.  ��� Ordered your Christmas Cheer two weeks before Christmas and end  up dry the day before.  ��� The phone exchange shut down at 6 p.m. -'  ��� There wasn't any road to Francis Peninsula or Egmont.  ��� When many people.packed water by boat in the dry season. It didn't  seem-to rain so much then.  ��� The putt-putt of one-lungers and diesel light plants was hard to take  some mornings.  ��� The road to Gibsons was two muddy wheel tracks and the bus ran  twice a week.  ��� And what did we ever do without TV.  Of course you could get ambitious and whack up a dog house in a  day, no red tape or cement foundation and you neighbor .didn't complain  you were upsetting the environment.  Sure we've come a long way but we have a long way to go yet to  make our community a viable unit and this we cannot accomplish under  present land use regulations and'the backward attitude that eliminating  people will solve all the problems. '  Wake up Area A to a prosperous New Year and autonomy for us.  Your executive wishes one and all a very Merry Christmas and good  luck Pender High School students, the new Medical Clinic, the local  hockey team and the residents of Area E. Thanks to the PHVFD and  please Mr. Bennett, give Mr. Curtis a couple of more secretaries for  Christmas.  IS-  CARTER-  ���President  Directors:  IRENE BOYD-Secretary  LARRY SPARA-Treasurer  DOUG FIELDING,      ROSS McQUBTTY,    JACK KERN,     WILF HARPER,  , -       FREDREYBURN  t  t  Emphysema Asthma Tuberculosis Chronic Bronchitis Air Pollution  I  1  1  * Put your message into 4,000  homes (15,000 readers) in  these economical spots! 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Mental Hope program were on hand to receive  Hospital recently to present gifts and the gifts from Lions Zone chairman Joe  donations from the Sunshine Coast Area. McCann, second, right,  and Gibsons  Dr. Ian Manning, executive director of Lions Chairman Joe Kampman.  Following the passing of the fire district  referendum, no time has been lost in appointing a committee and getting started on  the formation of a volunteer fire brigade to  cover the district from Bayview to Wood Bay.  The committee consists of Patrick Murphy,  George Murray, Gerry Harrington, Roy Hill  and Bob Paulhus.  One of the first tasks the committee has  undertaken is to build a firehall and they have  set themselves a target date off May 1977 for  its completion. Negotiations are in hand for a  site in the Halfmoon Bay area and, as it is  necessary to keep costs as low as possible on  the fire hall, the committee is seeking  volunteers ��� carpenters, electricians,  plumbers, roofers and owners of heavy  machinery who would be willing to help clear  the land for building. Volunteers are asked to  telephone George Murray at 885-2613.  The committee is also anxious to have the  names of all persons in the fire district who  are interested in serving as firefighters.  Volunteers, male or female, young or not as  young, should telephone Bob Paulhus at 885-  3685. Bob would also like to have the names of  boys and girls between the ages of 14 and 18;  willing to form a junior volunteer force.  The Christmas dinner of the Welcome  Beach Community Association will be served  on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Admission is by  ticket only. The association is also planning a  New Year's Eve Party at the Welcome Beach  Hall at 9 p.m. on December 31. Tickets, $1  each, are obtainable from Olive Comyn (885-  2378) and members' house guests will be  welcome. Guests should bring their own  drinks, including mixers and food.  Have you noticed that at this time of year,  even the dourest of us start to mellow and  become imbued with at least a touch of the  Christmas spirit?  Not so our Transport Minister, Jack Davis  who has chosen this season of goodwill to  make yet another attempt at becoming the  Sunshine Coast's most hated man. His  decision to curtail the ferry sailings just 12  days before Christmas is untimely, to say the  least, but the fact that it comes about without  warning or previous consultation with the  people most concerned, is still another  - example of his complete disregard for the  welfare of the residents of the Sunshine Coast.  Ralph Mahar is one of several people who  have been commuting to Vancouver five days  a week by the 5:30 a.m. ferry. With this ferry  cancelled, it is now impossible for him to get  to his job in Vancouver on time. Oh his return  journey at night, since he does not leave his  work in time to catch the 5:10 p.m. ferry, he  . will have to hang around for the 7:30 p.m.  ferry. The change of ferry schedule has made  necessary a change in the bus schedule, so  our readers are warned to check new times  ���bx Mary Tinkfoy.  for buses before embarking on a-bus journey. -  The December whist drive brought out a  good crowd- for a .happy and successful  evening. High score winners were Marie Ives  and Alex Ellis. Please note that the January  whist drive will be on the second Saturday of  the month (i.e. January 8) instead of the first  Saturday.  A very proud great-grandmother is Mrs.  Ruby Warne, who was in Vancouver last  week to welcome her first great-grandchild,  The Peninsula Times PageB7  Wednesday, December 15,1976  ���/  Cara Dawn Weir. The 8 lb. 13 oz. baby was  . born on December 1 to George Weir and his  wife Jill. George was Mrs. Warne's first  grandchild.  For friends wishing to send greetings to  Elsie and Roy Holgate, their new address is  1928 East 35th Avenue, Vancouver V5P 1B6.  There are special plans at other banks for customers 60  and over. But there's a big difference betvl/een what they  offer and what we offer. The Firstbank SENIOR PLAN en*,  titles you to many money-saving bank services.  Take a close look at this unique banking plan that has  been specially designed for people 60 and over.  Stop by your Bank pf Montreal branch in Gibsons,-  Sechelt or Madeira Park and have a talk about our First-  bank SENIOR PLAN. You'll like what you hear. After all  wo started it.  ��� Froo Choquing  ���, No charge for paymont of utility bills  ��� No commission on traveller's choquos.  ��� Roduction of $5 for a Safpty Deposit Box  ��� Monthly Incomo Plan for form doposlts of 5 tp 6 yaar9 at  a preferential Intorost rate.  Guarantood  Intorost  bonus on   rogular  True  Savings  intorost oarnod during tho yoar.  For the youngsters in our midst,  Autograph Books miniature "Sweets" Cook  Books, Games and Jig Saw Puzzles and many  other small items. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  Fight the  lung  crippEers  Use  Christmas  Seals  pen ewery Friday night 'til 9 p.m.  p^^��-ii(��MSi��%ii^^  Christmas week;  londay -   9 to 9  Thursday - 9 to 9  -     9 to 9  04{jfamt���wn�� tmd cioZ&wf. /4te&. nememfieri fo  widen tfom, 0nt4tma& $wen4> etotty.  $6ni4tma6 Mitecetffaefeieeeb  FLOWERS BY WIRE LIMITED  CHARGEX  rseas wire ��erwic@  Two stores to serve you  885-9221 886-9941  tMSTERCHARGE  ���*���"-���    ��������-i    TT"   '  3  jj^.  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'ipj,^'.i>i a ��->  *.";-"*;:��� ��*��"<. i>�� ��1 fi U,t".v��V.'��"':'�� tAA>  i*9."***  i"*.  ^^j^i^^l^l^^^  taste tempters  CHRISTMAS FRUIT BREAD  Mil  European Style  *ssV  GINGERBREAD HOUSE  7YaH:��*P3  ^���yW ���&������ ;7!:;y,<���',,  \-��w*>te^  'seeing Is believing"  12 oz. AA-.y, y:xZ.:xZ:Zx':r::-mB^^::  for your    .  Christinas Entertaining  /'  **^  rCtTlj: J:lXtn'S:�� ��� a      [fere are just a few of the many we have on hand:  * IMI TA! OLD FASHIONED, MANHATTAN, ORANGE &  LEMON SQUASH LIME JUICE (sweet & unsweetened)  ��� GLASSES  all shapes, all sizes  ��� ASHTRAYS  glass/pottery & plastic, from 99c  ir MUGS  for your hot Christmas Cheer  * TUPPERWAI  all shapes & Sizes to store your party leftovers.   |  1  ICE SHAVER "ICE PET" EASY TO OPERATE, FOR SNOWCONES,  SLUSHES, ICE FOR SEAFOOD, DESSERTS & COCKTAILS  v��^.  %  along with a complete variety y mixed nuts, cocktaM, cashew, di7 & roasted  r&  if*  *&i  ,v-.  %m  N*  Stocking Stitffers...  ��� EDDYL1TES DISPOSABLE  BUTANE LIGHTER  no refilling, no refllnting, reg. $1.29 ��(0|C  SPECIAL........:..   ...................   ^^  * KEILLER'S BULK CANDY  Scottish candies from Dundee for your CICl^  childrens'Christmas parties. 1 Ib. . <yrljr  ��0  Q  ASSORTED CHOCOLATES  or Chocolates & deluxe Nu.ts [no peanuts] .  i lb. Tr  -J8-&Y!  '^L&wfc  :;  ���^  iir CANDY CANES  :    6/49c  12/80  '7  V,  I St  H  <&?  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J'-T-r  Rn  nr~i frr^\  -t   -C  ,^*a.*?r  -/^-"  \SaH �� HW tbi? <��w �� U %ff  SSSS ENINSULA  Section C  Wednesday, December 15,1976  Pages M  rafti-a  ��  "Aaa"-  , *��*"ii7 r***-**,..**"  CHRISTMAS LIGHTS turn Cowrie  Street in Sechelt into a holiday  fairlyand. Each year a large Christmas  tree is placed in the cenotaph park at the  east end of Corwie and decorated.  Strings of colored Christmas /lights  decorate the main street from the  hospital to Trail Bay Mall.  in (8u@sti��EiBiain  ra-wvw   p��i-  Response to the Gibsons recreation  questionnaire indicates the area would like a  swimming pool and recreation hall.  Two hundred and sixty-five people replied  to the questionnaire.  Answers were as follows:  I reside in the Village of Gibsons  I reside in the Area "D"   - - y -^~w - .  I reside in Area "E"  I reside in Area "F"  Unknown  PREFERENCE FOR RECREATIONS  1. Swimming Pool and Recreation Hall  2. Swimming Pool  3. Park and Playing field improvements  4. Recreation Hall  5. Ice Arena  6. Combination of above  SUGGESTED FUNDING:  1. Government Grants  2. Public subscription  3. Volunteer labour  4. Increased taxation for specific allocation 13  5. Combination of all methods 209  109  -49  50  47  9  122  98  15  13  51  51  42  14  14  'Other' for  1  1  2  1  1  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Get out on the street.  Take a walk'.  a  pamiciPBcnan^  Walk a Mock.Today.  Comments received under  recreational preference were:  l.Bay Cleanup  2. Promenade  3. Sidewalks and trees  4. Street improvements  5. Lighting  6; Village teautification  7. None���taxes too high now i  8. Cannot afford these things ��� tell parents to  do better job. 1  9. Swimming pool-sauna-whirlpool 1  10. Proper theatre���not a hall 1  11. Cultural Centre with proper acoustics ' 6  12. Tennis Courts        . ( . .. 3  13. Library located at Hall 2  14. Roller Skating , 1  15. Recreation site at Roberts Creek kept as  natural park ��� no more halls required at  presenttime 1  16. Co-ordinate existing rinks 1  17. Money to be spent on recreation facilities  for the youth and not on beautifying our  waterfront, etc. If our children had more to.do  there would be less vandalism in our existing  landscaped areas 1  18. Games room and gymnasium 1  Comments received under "Other" for  funding:  1. Any way except public subscription 1  2. Arena only���pay as you play 2  By PEGGY CONNOR  The annual game dinner for the Sechelt  Peninsula Rod and Gun Club was held  Saturday, Dec. 4, the first Saturday in  December as it is every year.  As usual it was a great affair, good food,  great speakers, and wonderful music.  The head table held such honorable persons as president George and Mary Flay,  Secretary Rob and Roberta Janis, Sergeant  Peter and Jane Church of the RCMP, Ray and  Joan Kraft, local Fisheries Officer, special  guests were Al and Fiona West, Al is;  supervisor for the Lower Mainland Fish and  Wildlife, plus Deiter Godt, chairman for the -  Lower Mainland Wildlife Federation.  Chairman for the proceedings were Bill  and Bea  Rankin who  contributed their  organizing ability to make it an enjoyable ",  affair once again.  The Legion Ladies did an efficient job of  cooking and serving the game dinner, meat  supplied by the hunters of the Rod and Gun  Club. The gourmet snack table for later  evening eating was supplied by the ladies of  the Rod and Gun Club, Budd Fearnley caught  the salmon, some baked and some smoked,  the smoking done by Manfred Cook. Then  there was crab, oysters; marinated cod, fare  typical of our coast, a delicious feast.  The Sechelt Volunteer Fire Department  dispenses the beverage for jollification.  The music which got everyone out on the  floor was played by Al Denoni and his orchestra, which included Ben - Manning  drummer, Bonny Sprinkle,. and Ron  Lukawitski from Victoria. There was a fair  worry on the band's part as one ferry was late  and another broken down, but they arrived in  good time to keep their appointment with  dancers who looked forward to their grand  music.  Al West, who was honored recently in  Victoria where he received an award for 25  years' service with the' Fish and Wildlife  Department, spoke briefly and concluded by  saying it is such a great pleasure working for  people such as the ones in Sechelt area..  Dieter Godt was asked by Bob Janis to  speak on membership. Bob is the local  delegate to the Lower Mainland Federation  and is highly thought of there too.  Speaking on membership, Godt said, it  doesn't matter how good your ideas are you  must convince someone of them so more  numbers of people become successful. The  Lower Mainland Zone thrives on stronger  clubs, more effective at provincial level, the  more members, like pyramids you and your  Batchelor and won by Colin Spencer, second  prize donated by Nova Jewellers won by Bill  Dennett from North Vancouver. ,  erry cards  >��puBar item  Resident identification cards 'are a  popular item according to statistics released  by the Gibsons village clerk. A total of 10,077  cards have been issued to local residents.  He said 4,610 cards have been given to  Gibsons residents, 2,984 to those from Sechelt  and 1,830 to people living in the Sunshine  Coast Regional District.  Six hundred and fifty-three residents of  Bowen Island have received the commuter  cards.  THE HAPPY COPPERS  Janitorial Services  *********���**���*���������*  *  *  *  available for  Business ��� Home ��� Garages  886-7100  bonded Pat Holland  *  i  *  J*  *  *  *  *  *  *****���������*���*���*���***���*  ^|riii^^  88P228-0S  Specializing in  $   \  g-Ylocal membership adds to the all over effect. *>!|  He also said that for future banquets they  might possibly arrange for some pheasants to  be sent up.  The trophy for the king fish for the season,  this is the largest fish caught by a member,  was awarded to Archie Scott for his salmon  weighing 29 lbs. 4 oz. Albert Lynn who cut up  the meat for the dinner, awarded the Bob  Cunningham trophy for the best dressed meat  received by him to be cut up, started four  years ago, runs from Nov. 15,1975 to Nov. 15,  1976. This'year Kert Sneddon and Harold  Nelson tied so they will share the trophy.  Sotoeone quipped, "Was the best dressed one  wearing a top hat?" and Harold replied. "No,  it was won by a tie." ._,���--���>  The floater jacketdonateoT^by Uncle  Mick's was won aysTtfoor prize by Lome  Christie, first prize in the raffle was donated  by Gladys Batchelor in memory of Harry  llIliiillilpisiiiiiiiiiM  .his beautiful  BRILLIANT CHROMACOLOR PICTURE TUBE  Picture Control  This control lets you adjust contrast, brightness and color  level all at the same time. All three stay in proper balance  as you adjust the color picture to compensate for varying  room light conditions.  Sharpness Control  Permits adjustment.of picture detail to desired sharpness.  Smart lowboy styling with a contemporary flair make this  AAodern styled console at home in a wide range of room  settings. Beautifully finished in simulated walnut. Distinctive framed top features a shaped edge. Cabinet size: 30  3/8" H, 33 3/4" W, 18 1/8" D.  100% SOLID-STATE TITAN�� CHASSIS  Full 1 yr. warranty with 2 yrs. on the picture tube  1 ��i  (X>   O  2ND ANNUAL TURKEY DINNER SPECIAL  Wo would llko to oxtond our bost wishes to ovoryono and wish  you all a vory Morry Christmas I    Thank you vory much lor your  patronafjo ond to show our appreciation, wo'd llko to Invito you  all to como along  on:  * Thurs,, December 23 * 2 p.m. to 6 p.m  ^WkJftm ��nly    ������      each  Co  Co  -.���*>������>  PENTANGLE PLANTS  for the Christmas Season  we will be carrying  a fine selection of:  ��� Evoryono Wolcomo ���  No Ronorvatlons, Plr��t Como -- First Sorvod  HOLIDAY HOURS  Clmod Christmas Day ��� Onon Boxing Day at 4 p.m.  Rogular Hour* Right Through to Now Year's Eva  ���poinsettias  ���azaleas  ���cylcamen  ���pottery  golden CITY IESTAU1M ��}  Wharf St. 885-2511 Sechelt  J��A  ���Christmas cactus  ���dish garden  ���china  ��� wicker  ���fresh evergreen arrangements  ��� hand-made Batik hangings  ���many exotic tropical plants...  and so much more.  Tues. thru Sat.  10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  ii|��Hlnii*H in  WIHTAKEK HOUSE  ��� where Ws all happening ���  39  ���*.'Dt'v  '/A  CEDAR SHANTY  If you're looking for  original Christmas Gifts  we have:  silver jewellery -  original West Coast Indian designs  hand-crafted copper &  macrame jewellery  folk jewellery -  hand-made in Greece  macrame animal art &  wall hangings  Christmas centerpieces  hand-dipped Christmas candles  hand-made bags & cushions  variety of a handknitted articles  stuffed toys  Tues. thru Sat.  10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  upntnirH in  WHITAKER HOUSE  '��� where it's all happening  **"���< .*- <A!fa>*  / s-  ���'/ :���  A .  A  'f  A  A  A  ,'N.  y  <-r  r  .A  y  /  <*  Y  )  PageO-2  The Peninsula Times  S       i    '  Monday. December 13, 1976  ros@y smm  oenix  On October 17,1975 Hartt Crosby's shake  mill at Wilson Creek went up in flames.  The building, except for one loading dock,  was completely destroyed. This week,  phoenix-like from the ashes, a new mill goes  into full production on the original site.  The start up probably would have been  sooner butafter a change in the area's zoning  laws it took until the middle of April to get  approval from the.regional district to rebuild  the mill, Crosby sai^.  The building, visible to Highway 101 users,  is constructed of wood, mainly cedar,and  much of the surface is covered with the mill's  own products.   -.."*  The Wilson Creek mill makes what is  known as a resawn shake, one that is first  handsplit and then finished mechanically.  Are you part of the. human race  or just'a spectator?  a  psmapscnan  lV. pj-ttnt**. tn tour henn ynu know k\ nrtil N  rises  ashes  The wood is 24 inches long with a rough front,  smooth back and no defects. A shingle is cut  from a lower grade of log, is machine sawn  and contains some defects in the wood surface.  Crosby's ultimate intention is to ship 60  per cent of his products to offshore markets,  currently he has orders from Germany,  Australia and Japan, he said.  He maintains the cost of shipping is so high  the quality must be excellent to ensure  customer satisfaction and thus reorders.  Crosby says log supply is an extremely  important factor in the shake and shingle  business. He deals almost entirely with local  logging companies and points out "we require  a certain type of wood and it takes a while to  train loggers to recognize exactly what ewe  need. I'm proud of the. fact we use logs that  would otherwise be left in the woods."  ' Crosby is also hoping to get wood from  local shake cutters as he wants to "keep as  much business as possible on the Pen-  ninsula." Eight men are employed to run  the new machinery.  A FOJRKLIFT and a wooden trough are  used to move logs into Hartt Crosby's  new Wilson Creek mill. Inside a giant  saw fashions the wood into shingles and  shakes.  ��� Timesphoto  The Bethel Baptist Church of Sechelt will  be holding special services during this  Christmas season.  On December 19 at the morning service of  worship at 11:25 a.m., the Sunday School  members and staff will be giving a presentation, following the theme.- The Coining of  Emanuel ��� God with Us. Each class of the  Junior Sunday School, Pioneer Girls, Young  People and Adults will participate with a  special item in the service and share'with  families and friends in the .singing of  Christmas Carols. Following the service  there will be a social time.  On Friday, December 24th, there.will be a  Family Christmas Eve Service at 7 p.m. for  the combined congregations of ^ Gibsons  Calvary and Sechelt Bethel Churches. An  invitation is extended to all families and  friends to attend and share in the special  musical numbers, readings and singing  which will be presented.  On Sunday, December 26, the regular  services will be held at Sechelt, with the  Sunday School meeting at 9:45 a.m. and the  church service at 11:15 a.m., with no evening  service.  :��*  WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15  CHANNEL 2'       CHANNEL4        CHANNEL 5 CHANNELS        CHANNEL7 CHANNELS        CHANNEL 12  00 All lr-  15 The Family  30 Edge Of  45 Night     ...  To Live*  General  Hospital  ConVd  Another  World.  Another  World  The  FBI.  Edge Of  Night  All In  The Family  Match  Gome  George  Peppard  The  Allan  00 Take  15 Thirty  30 Celebrity  45 Cooks  Edge Of  Night  Boomerang  Boomerang  Movie;  "Calamity  Jane"  Doris  Take  Thirty  Celebrity  Cooks  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Hamel  Show  Another  World  UO It's Your  15 Choice  30 Just  45 For Fun  After School  Special:  "Me & Dad's  New Wife"  Day  Howard  Keel  Cont'd  The Lucy  Show  Childrens  Shows  Emergency  One  Emergency  One  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  00  15  30  45  Young  Chef?  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Island  News  Eyewitness  News  Eyewitness  News  6  ���00 Klahanie  \W Klahanie  �����2   Hourglass  Hourg|os5  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  CBS News  /Cronkite  The     .  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Bainfer  Mary Tyler  Moore  Executive  Suite  Executive  Suite  Movie;  "Who's  Minding  The Store?"  Jerry  Lewis  SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18  SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNELS   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNELS  CHAKNZL12  CHANNEL2 CHANNEL4 CHANNEL 5 CHANNELS        CHANNEL7 CHANNEL 8 CHANMS.12  MONDAY, DECEMBER 20  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7.,  CHANNEL 8   CHANNEL 12 ) _  ,    I  X....  x  *bT~ pkS"QQ^i_; ���*:��� ' "j   Wednesday, December 15,1976  ,.'rA&-*.     ���* ����� h\ .mtt?ji*?.a  . ���  A ���  Squaringly yours  BY MAURICE HEMSTREET  - December 4th, 1976 ��� Harmony Hall in  Gibsons was the scene of a fantastic evening  of square dancing as the Surrey Square  Wheelers joined The Sunshine Coast Country  Stars for an evening^ of fun on the floor,  spoofs, prizes, contests and three hours of  . unbelievable, almost perfect square dancing.'Just keep one thought in mind, with  Merril Bowes as M.C. of the floor, anything  could happen. At one time he stopped the  caller and went over to a set of square dancers. He put a shoe box on the left foot of each  of the men and oven mitts on the ladies then  .the fun began as the Surrey Square Wheelers  caller Al Berry did some pretty derned fancy  . calling. I think that was Uie only square that  group of square dancers did real well.  With caller Harry Robertson, M.C. of the  square dance program, the evening went  very quick and smoothly with Al Berry and  myself going call for call, you might say that  we were the three best callers there. In fact,  the two square dance clubs were fortunate to*  . have all of this talent in one hall at the same  time.    When Al Berry was called to the mike the  first time, we were amazed to see him  struggle up on crutches. It seems that he had  torn a muscle in his left leg while trying to  beat his students in a basketball game  Friday at school. Anyway, at this point, our  president of vice Merril Bowes presented Al  with a large badge saying this is a NO, NO.  However, although he couldn't square dance,  his calling was without a doubt superb:  -The next thing we knew, Merril had  stopped the floor again and went over to  Louise Mason and said, "I have been watching you and you don't seem to.be seeing too  well," so he put a huge set of sun glasses on  her and said, 'there now, take a good'look at  your corner and the one beside you is your  partner now, on with the square dance."  I have a note here saying that Harry goofed  but I can't remember what he did or didn't  do; if any of you can remember let me know.  At one point when Al Berry came up to call  a tip, I said that my feet was shure beginning  to complain and he said there is only one thing  to do. He took his shoes off. Well, this didn't  help my feet but I did try to auction off his  shoes when he wasn't looking. One thing I  learned quick like was that I will never make  an auctioneer. I couldn't stand it.  Well to wind up this part of the column, the  evening started with a smorgasbord well  planned by convenours Maureen Zueff and  Bev Brandon along with all the ladies in the  square dance club and this was terrific. The  calling with M.C. Harry Robertson, Al Berry  and Squaringly Yours, kept the floor a hopping with over eight sets present including  three sets of Surrey Square Wheelers and  their caller Al Berry with his partner Joy  Macleod. A real good turn out and to wind up  the evening we sat down for coffee and  unknowing to us a group of the Square  Wheelers made up a poem and sang it to us. It  went like this.        .  "The Surrey Square Wheelers, Have sure  had sum fun.  "Despite Bennet's Ferries, We're glad we  could come.  "We danced some to Harry, It sure was a  "And then we danced more, To a guy  called Maurace,  We brought along Al too, Although he can't  run.  "We thank The Country Stars, For bur  evening of fun."  The Country Stars too, not to be outdone,  danced the whole evening and had a lot of fun.  To wind up the nite, twas quite a delight,  with Al Berry's sing-along, made a fantastic  sight, with me and my trusty guitar don't you  see, all I asked Al was, "What is the key?"  Flash ��� after Al Berry making sure that  everyone of his square dancers made the  11:55 ferry, he missed it, the excuses are  many and not all printable.  Dec. 10 ��� Last Friday night The Country  Stars were still talking of the great time had  by all with The Surrey Square Wheelers and  ,   we hope to visit them soon. Happy square  (lancing to all.  The Peninsula Times  PageC-3  - sYYssY^* Y't Y?  YY��rrY'>> il^i.'-'fY'''?'^  pl.,5 V.��.-j   '   I     ��� ' ���-t,'.'^-'pv.T.;...^T..,:v��YI'J;.:./ ,,,   . /-Y-K'AYY.Y,Y^i   ��� Y-.-',������-������������-,<Y Y' J-.Y.  Y.: I '..���*,: -*��� - .��������� ���',/���'';< Si W'p' :%lj& ,VWV,. .-^. %/~T *��# 7  PRE-CHRBSTMAS SALE  THE CHORUS SINGS all about Zucker-  man's famous pig as other Madeira  Park elementary pupils act their roles in  the Christmas story of 'Charlotte's  Web'. There will be two productions of  the play at the school on December 15.  The first will be at 1:30 p.m. and the  second at 7:30 in the evening.  Langdale Elementary will be doing their  own version of Charles Dickens' A Christmas  Carol this week.  The" play is scheduled for three performances this week. The first was to be in  Roberts Creek Elementary at 11 a.m. Monday. The second was scheduled for 7:30 p.m.  at Langdale Elementary and the third is set  for Thursday morning at 10 a.m. at Langdale  Elementary as well.  Frances Jovick is directing the play with  Pauline Lawson doing make-up and costumes  assisted by Sylvia Gentles.  Lloyd Mulligan plays Scrooge in the play  with Steven Gentles at Cratchit. Donna  Holland plays Morley's ghost and the three  Christmas spirits are Dennis Holding, Marnie  Jamieson and David Kobetich., -~r  Tammy Haleta plays Mrs. Cratchit and  Andy Colbeck plays Tiny Tim.  Other students taking part in the play are  Michael Jiewv Joey Kobetich, Ken Iverson,  Anne Parker, Valerie Caton, Joanne Craze,  Doreen Teo, Sheila Spain, Shannon Macey,  Christine Campbell, Carol Chamberland,  Gwen Bob, Christine Klausen and Brian  Mansfield.  The students are also doing The Elves and  The Shoemaker as part of the presentation.  Deo 17 Sunshine Coast Figure Skating Club Demonstration. 4:15 to 6:45   p m.  at the Arena.  Dec. 18 ��� Sunshine Coast Arts Council Bazaar, Senior Citizens' Hall, Sechelt,  10-4 p.m.  Jan. 12 ��� P.H. Egmont Social Qredit. Wine & Cheese party. Maderia Park Legion  8:00-1000 p.m. Tickets avail, from Mrs. McFarlane 883-9041.  EVERY THURSDAY,--Pender Harbour Community Club Bingo, Community Hall, Madeira Park  -- 8*00 pm, Bingo Pender Harbour Community Hall.  ��� Gibsons "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Centre, 1 -.30-3:00 pm  EVERY FRIDAY         ��� 1 pm-3 pm, Gibsons United Church Women's Thrift Shop.  ��� Sechelt Totem Club Bingo. Reserve Hall, 8:00 p.m.. Everyone Welcome.  %- EVERY  MONDAY   ���  Elphinstone   New  Horizons  group  regular   meeting,  Roberts Creek Community Hall, 1:30 o.m. First meeting Sept. 20.  EVERY MONDAY     ��� Carpet Bowling, Sechelt Senior Citizen's Hall ��� 1 '30-4 pm  EVERY TUESDAY      ��� 8 pm, Al-Anon, St. Aidan's Hall at Roberts Creek.  EVERY 3RD TUESDAY ��� General Meeting of Selma Park Community Centre.  Community Hall,* o^OO p.m.  EVERY 3RD WEDNESDAY   ��� Roberts Creek Community Assoc. Roberts Creek Hall, 8 pm  EVERY 2ND WEDNESDAY   6 pm, Chamber of Commerce Exec Meeting, Bank of Montreal, Sechelt.  EVERY 4TH WEDNESDAY ��� Pender Harbour Area A Health Clinic" Auxiliary,  Old Firehall, 7:30 pm ,  EVERY WEDNESDAY ��� Senior Citizens Dancing, 1:30 p.m.. Senior Citizens Hall.  1ST THURSDAY OF MONTH   ��� Timber Trails Riding Club meeting, 8 pm, Wilson Creek  Rod & Gun Club.  COZY CORNER CAMERAS  ' camera and darkroom supplies * repairs -'  ��� phoiol-nishing * passport pielures -  ' custom silk screening  886-7822  Gibsons  CARDS  &  G1FTWRAP  at  MADEIRA PARK  VARIETY STORE  IM.VU15  in the new  SUNNYCREST CENTER  Qfibsons  ���TV.  ���a*-:*  ���>  f  #^*   *   *   ��   * .   �����'*   ���   �����   ���*   �����   ��  dH kokkok  handbags  iGlBSONS  88612827  THEY WERE NOT FORGOTTEN  BY HISTORY... .THEY WERE  LEFT OUT ON PURPOSE!  SAMUEL Z. ARKOFF Presents A JULES BUCK PRODUCTION  Starring  Lee  *  Oliver  MARVIN  "  REED  Robert  CULP  Elizabeth . Strother  *   Sylvia  ASHLEY"���* MARTIN * MILES  ���^C^s  SlArrtixi  An AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL PICTURE .  Kay LENZ, Thursday * Howard PLAIT  I  'fp IPtlVP  pj-*-  :;*,,,���; samuel z. arkoiff  "J'' JOHN CAMERON^; "RICHARD SHAPIRO  '^"IJULES BUCK������d DAVID KORDA ��� '���'" dDON TAYLOR  Cnlililly I'io'Iiip.IiiiiiSi'Iviii'sIiv Inp     NUWOM CUIDWtCt SUCCISTlt ,rFKi\  nxtirkoi ok'��i,ai ; o.'ih<,i ii m I'k'obin 11<in*-, irU i^ZT^V^Sif'���.("SE��  Thurs. Dec. 16, Fri. Dec. 17,  Sat. Dec. 18  WARNING: coarse & suggestive language.  CLOSED  Sunday, Dec 19  thru  Saturday, Dec 25  -\-  I  t '  r  jt'   ������   appp ������   i��     iiail  ���-,*   .-VS"-*-      A-  u- r*$��a  ... ,..,..���.. ...,,  **  ' 4. ���       J-'* " - '  rrnU'~*'-.i'"& "v ���������f*"-*��'  ij !li y ��"' SI   T'.. T'lrrvTS yv��  L9ul  i  s  !  ssssl //  ���.... .._.<,  /'.  - J-  ������)  K /  Page 04  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, December 15,1976  Sechelt Peninsula Rod and Gun's Annual  meeting included reports and a new  executive.  At the annual meeting, Bill Rankin  reported on a very successful game banquet  and dance in the Sechelt Legion Hall. George  Flay, president, introduced the head table  guests, Sgt. and Mrs. Peter Church of the.  local RCMP, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kraft  representing the Federal Fisheries, Mr. and  Mrs. Al West of the Game Department and  , Dieter Godt, president of the Lower Mainland  -Zone of the B.C. Wildlife Federation. Mr.  Godt spoke on the value of an active membership in any club.  The Kingfish Trophy given to the member  who has caught the biggest salmon during the  year went to Archie Scott who caught one  weighing 29 lb. 9 oz. Al Lynn presented the  'Cunningham Memorial Trophy donated by  , Lynn's Custom Cutting for the best field-  . dressed animal to Harold Nelson and Ken  : Sneddon.  The club has been busy making some  : improvements to the clubhouse and grounds.  , Lights are being installed so that there can be<  : night shooting on the outdoor range. Practice  : trap shooting is carried on every second  . Sunday and pistol and .22 rifle shooting in the  ...indoor range on Tuesday and Thursday  evenings and Monday, afternoon.  A new executive was elected, which'  comprises Joe Mellis President, Louis  Rowland Vice-Pres., Julie Clarke Secretary,  Archie Scott Treasurer, George Flay Past  President, John Kerpenko Fishing Director,  Len Clarke gun committee chairman, Mary  Mellis entertainment director, Bea Rankin  publicity and P.R., Bill de Hart and Len.  Clarke in charge of the junior programme!  and Bob Janis as member-at-large and  membership convenor. Anyone interested in  the Club should contact one of the executive.  During the coming year the club hopes to  work on Gray Creek under the Salmon  Enhancement Program and will continue to  supply the blind with herring bait.  - Instant lawns or seeded  -Lawn and Garden  Maintenance  - Complete concrete  and  stone' work  -Tree pruning  - Screened Topsoil  - Bark mulch and shrubbery  - Complete line of fencing.  $-7152  * Citation * Cameo  * Merit * International  * Monocrest  **"_1"8*~** ��� ""2? .pSrr^jEliSfc.'  *  *     * JVm. 1***    ��** '\  SALVATION CHAPEL  CAMP SUNRISE, HOPKINS  Sundays at 2 p.m.  ���7- aU welcome ���  886-9432  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pastas  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  0:00 p.m. Sat. eve. at St. Mary's Gibsons  0:30 a.m. Our Lady of Lourdes, on tho  Secholt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. at Tho Holy Family Church in  Sechelt  12 noon at St. Mary's Church ln Gibsons  UNITED CHURCH  Roy. Annptto M.Rplnhardt  806-2333  9:30 a.m. -���St. John's Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m. ��� Gibsons  offlco hours for appolntmonts: ,  Tuos, --1;00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Wod.��� 1 ;00 p.m. to 4;00 p.m.  Fri.   -- 9:30 to 12:30  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  Dnvis Bny Rond nt Arbutus  Davis Hay  Sunday School ,..,..,,,.. ,-. H);0Q i^m.  Morning Service  jl :15 a.m.  Livening Service .......... .'."7:00 p.m  Wed. Prayer and Hlfolo Study  Phono 885-2160  "uou-dcuomiui-tloi."  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Services and Sunday School ore held  each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. in St. John's  'United Church, Davis Bay.  Wed. Eve. Testimony 7; 30 p.m.  AH Welcome  Phone 085-3157 or 006-7082.  HETIIEL BAPTIST CHURCH  886-744')  Mermaid und Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School - 9:45 a.m.  Morning Worship Service,  11:15 n.m.  Wed. Bible Study - 7:00 p.m.  F.vening Fellowship ��� 7 p.m.  2nd A* 4th Sunday of every month.  Pastor: P. Naporn  885-9905.  St. Hildas Anglican  Church, Secholt  '    Services every Sunday  11;.'10 undid n.m.  Sunday School 10 n.m.  Madeira Park, Lcf(lon Hnll  Sorvlco M and 3rd Sundays, 9. p.m.  Tlic Itav. IN.J. (Unlkm,  ni\:,~2(>4(i  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVEMT.ST CHURCH  Pmtor C. Drlobqra  SADDATH   SCHOOL-Snt,   3i00   pm  HOUR OF WORSHIP - Sat, 4:00 pm  ST. JOHN'S UNITED CHURCH  , DAVIS RAY  Evoryona Wolcomo  For  information  Phono  005-9750  083-2736  JLl.  Pork, Breakfast Beef Ib.  have a complete selection of fresh, frozen and self-basting Turkeys, Pucks, Geese, Chickens and Fancy Heats  for your Christmas Dining all at competitive prices.   Watch for our Christmas ad.  l'*1*a"'T*l'  !s?i .��ltl* .  ' .��a.'V(...aj��  .in- ;  TUP  w<-  ,---*5|5*!J*  *-j.y$tf~--  ���al.   ,y Miatfiin  sKv*.*:,  I A       JJfcyyliy K_��/~&  *!%;>


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