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The Peninsula Times Jan 18, 1978

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 <���������/���  ;  ' I.' ��� - .  -  ���i ���  < ,*H--'i  .'"���  ' \  ���'���''.      ,  ������  ���>  -. A  -  u  Dsnnis Fitzgerald; Editor,'.  "A five press is the unsleeping guardian of  eveiy^oth'er right that free, man prize." ���  .   -   ' --Winston Churchill '-  ,   i  Tempering the attack  A fcouple of our new regional board  directors,'Charles Lee and Joe-  Harrison ��� are demonstrating some  fondness for taking the "bull by the  horns and giving the beast a good  shaking.  We've no objection to that process.  Periodie'irijectionsof mquisitiveness  and skepticism are exactly what is  needed to maintain (or improve) the  health of any "political organism.  However,  with no. intention  of  placing   a   damper   on. our* new.  representatives' enthusiasm ��� we  might suggest some modifications to  their approaches.  Harrison's main problem is_that_  he's operating too often ori erroneous  and-or incomplete information. In the  process he is discrediting a defensible  political position and performing no  great service for his community. It's  unclear Ayhether he is placing^too  much trust in advisors who know too  little or simply failing to adequately.  research the questions. In either.case,  the result is the same: his arguments  wither rapidly because they can't be  sustained factually, v - '���'���  The most recent case in point is the  news report last week by"the Pender  jaarhai]  District staff.. Referenqes to  "potential tin pot dictators" tend to  !'the hired help" don't do'much to  raise the level of debate at the board  table. ' .  We find the slurs against the staff.,  particularly - unfortunate. -The  Regional District staff do not make  policy. They are charged with  carrying out the policy decisions of  the regiortaT.board, and it is our  perception that on the. wholeJhey do  this diligently and capably.  If a regional director disagrees  with a staff member, it is his right  and duty to adopt 3 contrary position.  J3LiiLpuWicly_bejitt^  ber's integrity is a reprehensible  action ��� if for no other reasons, it^s  reprehensible because the staff can't  publicly defend themselves ��� and  serves no purpose other than to  demoralize a group of pople who are  trying their best to do a difficult job,  -Lee and Harrison. are proud of  claiming that they rodejnto office oh  the" crest of a wave of public disenchantment with the regional board.  That may be true, but they are now  members of regional board. *>_-he  campaign is over. The harder task is  Page A-2 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 18, 1978  Reaching out to help each other  ���A  Publicity Committee. (Harrison is the  -Ratepayers president). The thrust of  that article is that the Regional  District has connived, with the aid of  former director Jack Paterson, to  create a water supply system for a  private developer at great expense to  the taxpayers of Area A.  ��� The-article- reflects- a-basic  tepayers���to-^w4tGto-^ars--fTOm-^ttaGk_ag-the-  regional board to making positive  efforts to increase its responsiveness  to their constituencies.  Unless, of course, that's not what  they're about at all. There is, more  than a little support for the notion that  regional government is an evil in  itself, and-that-the best thing that  could-happen- would-be its disman-   ^_misjmd_ej_3l_mding���of���the���Regional���tling.���If that is their position, then  ?  District's financing arrangements for  new water distribution systems. The  taxpayers as a whole do not pay for  such expansions; they are paid for '  solely by the people who benefit from  the system.  It may be that the residents, of  Area - A��� ar-e-- opposed���for���political-  reasons to having the Regional  District undertake water projects in-  their area. If that's true, tiiat'a their  business and a fair political stand.  But it is a disservice to the community to tell people that the project  is going to cost thejtaxpayers half a  million dollars wnen in fact not ,a  dime will come out of local tax  requisitions-: -~- ������-.-7-=-7-==  Harrison is concerned about the  autonomy of Area A. If he did a little  more research about the mechanism  of regional districts and' about  specific issues, he might find that  there is a surprising amount of  automomy already lying around just  waiting to be exercised. He also might'  discover that there ire some advantages in maintaining a degree of  regional co-operation, including ������  but not limited to ��� a more effective  ability to deal with provincial  authorities. If strengthening the independence of our electoral areas  results in the enfeeblerrient of the  Sunshine Coast's already disadvantaged position provincially,, we  may find ourselves shoved around by,  powers far more indifferent than the  home-grown varieties.  Director Lee's charge into the  political arena is flawed less by a lack  of research than by,a lack of consideration. He's demonstrating a sort  of law student's delight in attempting  to, out-verse-and-chapter the older  hands' utilization of, the rules and  regulations. \  The gamo will no doubt put some  pressure ori Director Pctjer Hoemberg. He had previously been  relatively unchallenged in his interpretations of the Municipal Act,  and * Lee's-oppostiorr is "potentially*  beneficial (if frequently tedious to  bystanders in tho debates). '  But Lee's sword cuts a wide swath.  He inflicts harmful and tinneccessary  wounds by dressing up his arguments  with defamatory characterizations of  other board members and Regional  ,The Peninsula *yW^  1        I'lil-IUIicil WcdiicMliiyN al Socholt  ��� on H.C.'sSiiiisIiIiic Coast  i>y  Tin-J-oiiliiMiliiTiini'*'  lor WcM-m's, 1'iil.licj.tion* l.l.l,   ;"" ' ���' ni Scciicjii7n:c, "*."* ' '���" "  nox,iio~-scciuiir;i.,e,      VON MO  IMionc*HM5-,12,1l .    '  ., ......  UMK-c l)!Hit;i;,flJ.Q,A,nik,����,,���*w^���.��,  In 5 jun. 'nu%-;Sniv_J^ A^^,,..,.  Subscription Hales; (In mlvaiuc)  Local, $7 per yew. Heyoncl .15 miles, M  plJ.S.A.vHO. Oversows.I: k ~~* -  spreading  misinformation  and  invective, is an adept tactic.  For our part, we'd prefer a continuing reform of regional government rather than a return to the days  when all the strings were pulled from  Victoria.  By MARYANNE WEST  ,  Having reacted to bad news in the time  honoured way and roundly chastized the  messenger, shouldn't we now go.on to  discuss the problems of alcohol abuse in a _  .rational and dispassionate manner? The  recent response of students who felt their  age group had*been singled out unfairly,  even though it was within the context of  the community at large, is__understandable, but put yourself in the  position of the responsible community  reporter. It would be possible to approach  the issue with a story, for example, on_the  effects of alcohol abuse on productivity at  Port Mellon or some other place of work,  .but we'd shrug our shoulders and say,  VL'That's their problem.". _We-do-care_  deeply, however, about our children, and if  they've "inherited a pattern of behaviour"  and "are imitating what they see around  them" it's not sensational to bring this to  our attention. We should be grateful!  Hopefully ��� though there was little  indication in the "self-righteous letters ���  we care particularly about those who are  having difficulty in using alcohol in a  socially acceptable and non-destructive  manner.      '          Abuse of alcohol is a universalproblem  in society and cannot be, equated with any  one type of work. Incipient alcoholics may  be found in all walks of life. It seems to be  becoming a major problem in all industrialized  societies  from .Russia   to  difficulties. But all this isn't really enough  unless each one of us cares about the  community as a whole.   Whether we are conscious of it or not,  each one of us contributes to or detracts  from the quality of life of the community,  to its friendliness, its happiness, its at-  tractiveness. its aspirations and its ideals.  Australia. It's not a simple problem where  you can point to' a single, cause. There .are  many contributing factors, quite a number  of them well out of our individual or even  corporate control.  Although advertising giving the impression that some form. of alcoholic  beverage is essential to having fun, being  ���a pro, being accepted by-one's peers  (important to adults as well as teens Q has  come in for much criticism, perhaps more  persuasive is the subtle message of most  television ..shows where some form of  alcohol is almost always a part of the  scene. Undoubtedly thee mass media have  accelerated the use of alcohol from  something we used witha certain amount  of respect to an everyday "necessity" of  life.  YIUwas-pi^abLjL��i��dtable^i__iiL^ur_  And we're lucky, we are still small enough  that we can reach-out and help each other.  To everyone who  brightened the day   at St. tylary's  Editor, The_-Times:  I would like through the medium of  your paper to thank all those who helped in  any way and donated decorations for St.  Mary's Hospital Christmas 1977. "  Now that the jolly Ho! Ho! Ho! and  jingle bell season is over, along with _ the  trala la's and joy to the world, Auld Lang  Sy%-and hand shaking are fading into the  background for another year. We are now  undecking the halls of holly and lights and  refleeting-alL of-us4hat-enj��yedJi>r_l;  cheer to those less fortunate than ourselves and to the visitors and staff of St.  Mary's Hospital-.  To those in the background who  seldom receive recognition but play a-big  part in the success of the Christmas cheer  I would like to mention Mr. Jenkins and  the Engineering Dept.,Cwho hang lights,  man the ladders, provide tools etc; Mr:  Gough and the grounds staff who look after  the grounds . lighting; _JacksoriYJBfos.-  Loggihg who yearly supply all the  Christinas trees; Hayden Killam of  Sechelt Building Supply provided all red  cello for the decorative bows...and many  others too many to mention who gave  lights and other decorations and gave a  helping hand. Next year when, the  Christmas lights go on again at St. Mary's,  pause and reflect on all those that gave of  their time at a busy season to make others  happy, and maybe stop to visit a patieni  whomay be lonesome. To all of those good  people Loffer my thanks and wish them a  healthy and happy 1978.  ��� Marie Hoffar  ,__ Sechelt Auxiliary to   StrMary's Hospital.  -&>  ���PorpQuick Results Use Times Adbriefs!  Clarifying Hydro's position  on the Cheekye power line  Editor, The Times:  In recent weeks there have been  several letters_an<Larticles in the Sunshine  Coast area press concerning B.C. Hydro's  plans for a high voltage transmission link  between the Squamish area and Van-  "Guidelines or Linear Development", a  copy of which can be obtained from the  Environment and Land Use. Comtnittee (  Secretariat, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C. -"-v  At present we are, as described above,  Between the lines  zi.  Only $1 billion  By Dennis Fitzgerald  Mr. B.J. Gordon has a\plan, but apparently he's run up against some  financing problems.  A classified ad under business personals in last Thursday's Province: "Can  -build interdimensional space ship, price 1  billion. Connact B.J. Gordon, Lake Rd.,  Denman Island, B.C."  �� * *  j     I don't consider myself "a, particularly  paranoid person, therefore I feel safe in  telling youthat thereIsamassive cbvefup  operation being conducted by local health  authorities^ school district officials and  major employers.  I don't know how else to explain the fact  that almost everybody I know is sick with  the flu, or has recently been sick with the  flu','or feels like they're about to get sick  with the flu. But everywhere we called to  try to confirm this massive outbreak, we  were assured that things are pretty much  normal for this time of year.  I don't recall so many people dragging  themselves  around  In   misery   Inst,  January. Maybe I've just lately fallen In  with'a sickly cFowd.  Or maybe it's not the flu at all but  some drcfded.new pestilence which has  sudden1:* descended on us, and we're not  bein, told about It because there's no  known ^re anil thoy don't want to panic  the populace.  I think I'll blame It on a master conspiracy organized by B.C. Hydro, the  Highways Department and tho CIA. Even  If thoy dldn!t do It, they already have  enough plots laid nt their feet that they  ���shouldn't, notico ono ���moro*'"--'-'*������*��������*-���������  ' �� * ��  It's Ironic to see Jim Metzler back at tho  regional board table rubbing elbows with  Jack Marshall, they guy who took his Job,  away ln Gibsons. Metzler climbed back  aboard after Bornio Mulligan named him  alternate director for Aroa P. Slnco  Mulligan Is sharply restricting his political  activities Metzler is fast becoming a  rcgulur fixture again.  Soma people question how Metzler has  tho norvo to como back to tho board table  nftcr taking such n drubbing nt tho polls.  Mulllgnn says ho couldn't find anybody  else willing to accept all tlto grief that  regional directors aro heir to. Mnybo Jim'  Just enjoys ^getting kicked around.  ~ If you're wondering why Barry inrtds'  ~ Booch Buoy4��koout operation has Ixsgil.  halted midway Uirough Its expansion, It's  because tho building inspector slapped n  stop work order on tho job.  Speaking of the judge, it's worth  mentioning again, in case you haven't  read or heard about it, that a $500 fine is  now the norm here for an impaired driving  conviction. On top of that you've got a  mandatory three-month licence suspension and a six-month^probated jail sentence. About the only way you can get a  lower fine is to be unemployed.  .Sure does sour the old line about one  morefor the road.  Gibsons is buzzing about the school  board's decision to oppose issuance of a  liquor permit for the Travelodge proposed  to go up near the high school.  The feeling In some quarters is that the  area is already aswarm with Wzirig  establishments, and what difference does  one more make ��� particularly since the  motel folks won't even consider building if  they don't get tho licence. There may be a  tough fight ahead on this one-.  One last Item that didn't find its way  Into print last month. Seems that when the  Arts Council's wffrk crew got ready to pour  tho foundation for the new Arts Centre in  Sechelt, they suddenly remembered a  vory important accessory to any reputable  construction project ��� a tlmo capsule.  So King Anderson dashed over to Trail  Bay Mali and rounded up a sackful of  typical 20th Century paraphenalia. King  says they din't fix a date for digging out  tho collection, but figured It would turn up  naturally enough when tho foundation  began to deteriorate "In a couple of  thousand years or so.''7rhat's building ���  with confidence,  puritanical and archaic drinking laws,  that when they were relaxed we'd go  overboaruV The reaction to' ther recent  ���article suggests we still harbour;deep-  rooted guilt feelings, which make the issue  an emotional one.  But alcohol, a result of the natural  process of termination, is in itself neither  good nor bad. It is the use we make of it  "^Wch~Tause0^hTems for Indlyiduals^  families"and society at^large! With" a  number of other things which we  sometimes have difficulty in using wisely,  it's obviously here to stay.and we have to  come to terms with it. There doesn't seem  much hope in looking to governments for  help; they're;too deeply involved in  making money from the sale ,there,of, and  apart from providing help for the victims  of abuse, the usual response vto any  suggestions for getting at the root causes  of our increasing need for stimulants ���.  boredom,- -lack of challenge, low  assessment of our personal worth as  citizens, or lack of rewarding and fulfilling  Employment ��� Is "let's give another  course in schools". School Courses,  straightforward; no-nonsense facts about  the effects of alcohol without preaching,  are important, but one has to remember^  we all learn from example than precept.,  And this brings the issue right home where  it belongs to each and everone of us  (whether or not we are parents) and. the  use we make of alchol In our lives.  We are fortunate on the Sunshine Coast  to have a lot of dedicated people working  to enhance the quality of life. We have a  school board working with Uie teachers to  expand our ability to meet the needs of  individual children, Continuing Education  providing stimulus (or leisure time activities, the Resource Society encouraging  community self-help programs and  physical fitness, the Women's Centre, a  Committee for tho Family, un Arts  Council, service clubs and sports groups,  couver Island. This project" would~be-an���partway through-Phase l.YEhe-Phase 1  integral component of the high voltage study, prepared by a consulting team  transmission'system needed to meet the coordinated by Beak Consultants Ltd.,  -expeeted-leng^erm-power-requirements of���was originally_expe.ciedJibjBj^e^s^last  the Island. The route for the transmission  line would traverse parts of the Sunshine  (Coast region. It appears, that there are a  number' of misunderstandings about this  project ��� and Hydro's motives. The  purpose of thisjetter is to review and  clarify the planning process.  The question of "whether or not" a  spring, but was not available until fall  1977. Prior to this there was little that  could be done in the way of; public  disc�� ion fey ond "advising" t^RegioSal  District and' the local media that initial  planning was under wayrand-publishing  and Information Bulletin describing the  project and the planning process. All of  i>rojeet-of-fojsjial^^  j_ij^g__^m^Ube-B��Cl-Hydro'^Tespen---��ago^  sibility as the agency accountable for  meeting the electrical energy needs of the  province. However the question of "how"  a project will be done should involve  discussion with those who would be affected by it.  In this respect, B.C. Hydro's route  planning policy for major transmission,  projects is basically as foliows:,(l)  transmission lines must.be planned not  only in a' technically and economlcaily  responsible \^ay, but with due regard for  environmental and- social concerns as  well. (2) advice on environmental issues  can best be obtained from independent  consulting teams with expertise in  wildlife, forestry, recreation, land use,  etc., and i consultants' reports will  generally be- publicly 'available, and (3)  final route' location decisions will not be  made by Hydro until those affected by the  project, as well as approprlate*��govern-��  ment departments, havo had an opportunity to review Hydro's proposals and  td* comment on them.  7 To achieve the above, route planning is  done in two stages. Phase l(ls a regional  overview of all possible route options ond  their implication's, both technically and  environmentally.- Those are then  narrowed down toa preferred "corridor",  with ns many potential variations as  possible. The resulting Phase 1 report  outlines tho i-atlonalc for tho route  preference, and also provides a basic  public Information document for  discussion of tho route options with local  There is no precise or tidy process for  obtaining public comment on a project of  this nature that satisfies everyone. Local  interest varies considerably, with circumstances, and who might be affected. In  the Sunshine Coast area the Regional  District has started things off with a public  meeting at Madeira Park on January 21,  There will no doubt be subsequent  meetings with interest groups and others  in the area. We are open to advice on the  best way of achieving useful public input.  We recognize that few people in the  Sunshine Coast, area are pleased at the  prospect of a high voltage transmission  line passing through their area, particularly When the power it would carry is  primarily destined for .customers on  Vancouver Island. It should not v be  overlooked, however, that a substation to  be built in the Sunshine Coast area as part  of this project would provide for the long  term power needs of tho Sechelt-Powell  River,area, and would eliminate Uie need  for additional transmission lines from  Cheekye,originally planned for this purpose. Nor should It be overlooked thai tho ,  power presently used on the Sunshlno  Coast has been delivered from major  power projects over transmission lines  affecting people In othor parts of B.C.  Location, design^ and construction of  transmission lines Is a complex and costly  business but we aro prepared to sit dowri  and discuss local impacts and how best  thoy can bo minimized,  Tho timing for u flnul route decision Is  and individuals who are experiencing  Student project well done  Editor, The Times:  ; The following letter, sent to Bruno  ' Dombroski, merits exposure to our  parents, teachers and students. We often  hear of tho had things pooplo do, b(U in my  opli-lon wo don't hoar enough of tho good,  Tho Industrial Ed students Involved ln  Uils case aro Bob Kobus, Doug Lloyd,  Wnyno Newcombe nnd John Richardson.  They wero in charge of n group of Junior  students who not only completed a school  project but a community project ns woll.  Thanks Mr. Godkin for your very  TRoulpuTuTBter.^ ��� ,'���  ���  Frank Holmes, principal  Pender Harbour Secondary School.  ���?.. L.��,E"P,"5! l^JZlf���"���   c,es��,)efore Hy(,rocomest0" f,nnl routo   n baa,c routo selected by Uio end of 1977,  decision.'    , ������>   t      but owing tatho delay In tho availability of  Wo havo now reached this point In tho consultant's report, and tho apparent  planning the traasmlsslon route from high level of local Interest, this was not  Squamish. .The Phase 1 report was  released lost fall. Except for preliminary  feasibility assessments of potential salt  wator crossing points, thoro havo as yet  been no field surveys,  Following discussion of the consultant's,  report with local and government groups,  which kmny tako several months, tho  consultant will prepare It final recommendation. B.C, Hydro's ovcntunl routo  decision will then bo published in Uio form *  of nn Addendum to Uio I'hnso 1 report  This will complete Phase 1.  ���,���Onccn|Mislc"corrldor!,lhas eventually,   been. deckled uppn, Phono II can then  remembered that over three years ago you  had said that you wpuld like to make a  filgnpost for our entrance on the highway.  I fully expected that ln time you would  fulfil your promise, but imagined lt would  Ixi n carved plaque about two feet long and  six Inches wldo, You can imagine my  astonishment to find that tho seedling you  had chosen for that purpose had In three  years grown Into a huge totem pole, nnd  sotting It up In its placo on the highway, I  jj^^j ^y�� -lfifltt pi^n-^rointfohflliipwIU.  possible. We arc now looking nt tho  spring of 1970 for a routo decision, In tho  meantime wo hopo to develop a constructive dialogue with those who have  copcerns about tho impacts of this project.  1 hopo tho abovo will'holp to clarify  somo of tho misunderstandings thnt appear to have arisen.  C.W.Nash  General Manager for  , Corporate Affairs  B.C. Hydro and Powor Authority.  5  ISfOTrj^pimd'th^  *��e oyo-to-ey., on v��ry many things, It'p a  Simple problem really: ho wants to do  things his way, and thoy wnnt him to do  things their Way, Txioki. like th�� Judge will  ���*��*yv%*��^*-**s>*-*����*-a'��Nr*-**,*  *  a  ��� '���J-  ^^M^^��^^^i>^^^^'^^m^ ^ijftj|6j^��s��|Viif   <��    >*% ft  TV  1  >.f-y  sort this one out.  ��� p ���"���   ���      "i   i.  . <. p   i  1 ,i ''  \ ��   ���    .'���J<i .>    ,'  .'*   ..'���  \   *'p    '  -Y,. '. ,'  ���r  a  a  p  r# t* �����  *i*rf f ���*���* ji     1   M/av��* &% wm.imy-i &  i ;.����"��� '  - I was rattosr surprised tnltj mornitt^ to  find our sign on the highway lying on its  back among the ferns, nnd then n few  yards farther on to dtooover r\ large post  bearing  my ' name.   I   Immediately  V^u^ SSL1^1- an^;^ ^^-^i^Cti-aaloly^ .l_<i^ln,. ..This includeis -fleld-eurvoys to    ' detefmlno n specific right or way rilong ho  chosen "corridor" as well as a detailed  JLHVlronn^^  routo. Tho Phase II report provides cn-  . vi^nffiorttatl&W^lhcs for m "wojfliwr  design, construction, and malntonanco of  tho project,  This onUro planning procedure is in lino  with   tho   provincial* government's  einiaiico" that, and bo a very "conspicuous  reminder of it.  .May I offer to you and to your students  -rm hemtf iff mrW  cere best ivtshes for a happy-Christmns  and a most prosperous New Year,  Rev. N.J. Godkin  ���Sechelt Parish of the  ��� ���    '\ Anglican Church,  ���"'.  . ��� ���."'.'���. . .'.-��� '.V    .' ���/ ;���Y.'f ���  pjk^ft-**  a Jrl-A Jp1.p4iwM*%I*.<Ip��.~p.-W,.p11   P   "   ^Mi^m^'^  CANADIAN AOVfcnTIOINt. ADVIflOIIY OOAIIli  aa*a_  _,,,,..,,*!,:  l  (Hi 1  s, -p  ,_\*  ���  * 4 %>* ^j^^flwwwatwfe^y^^ - ^^~��   <***-*-ta-*��* -pw   ��<WW*  *���*-*,*,����-..**>*������ y* *w.*��ip **���<���*��������   W****  ' '* .     .  ' ,����n  ^.^.^ i��     4# f^^.T., im.,, oniM  ��l��  A  *.,.,��,^Iww^tliaJilPaaawi^pip^-^l^Nav*^  ���t    ,  J'  !  Y,  X   '  j,���  '. :;..;;    V -r-  ���i" '.  WHEN FORMER school boardjhead      _     s -   Xelia^FisSieTfecehtly^cfiaired herlasT /Wednesday, January 18, 1078  meeting she was presented with a  cake containing minatures of all the~  trusttees. ���Delicious,'.' murmurred  Secretary-Treasurer Roy Mills as he  bit into School Superintendent John  Denly. ���Timesphoto  "For the Rose is Beauty". It would  seem that every poet who ever strung  words together has written lines about the  rose. But that short quotation from a  somewhat less than famous bard seems to  The Peninsula Times  PageA-3  MORE ABOUT . . .  ���Marina support  ���From Page A-l  ratepayers give their approval at the  meeting later this month. Otherwise, he  ^mmises^OT^rop-^e-proposal-and-eon-���  tinue with the landscaping of his property,  _ aspects. of. jyhich .have, concerned, some,.  local- environmentalists. -���  Angell's plans for his land, originally  the site of a large hunting lodge, include  .damming Colvin.Creek to create a fresh _  water trout pond. Angell states there was  once such a lake on the property.  He also intends to dredge the creek  -mouth from its'current 15 feet to 75 feet.  ��� According- to-Angell���75 -feet-is-the-  original size of Uie creek mouth, but it was  narrowed earlier this century by someone  ���rtio-bureid-donkey sleds-on-the~creek-  banks. Now Angell says the sleds are  starting to rot and the creek is beginning to  widen again.  "All I'm really doing is restoring the  land to its original condition," he said.  MORE ABOUT . . .  others, all of which have the one common  feature of growing on sizeable shrubs.  Finally, on this-coast particularly, we  are all familiar with the Ramblers and the  Climbers, because they are so adaptable  ~sajrn7all: : : ; and apparently so" happy in this climate.  This Corner with the gardener's eternal        This is not a detailed list, but it might  optimism-refuses-to dwell on the-sunless - -helpsomeone who plansa planting of roses  and"wbuid~like~toknow" what to expect  TTouFs^ the late dawrisaifd "earlyTughtfallsT  and seeks relief iii the eternal promise of a  spring soon to come. Now the recent snow  has passed as quickly as it come ��� not,  soon, it is devoutly hoped to return. The air  is mild, and though there is no way that the  ground will tolerate being tampered with  yet, there is little harm surely in an-  from what is set out, -  Not many homes or gardeners can  support a rose garden or even a rose walk.  That sort of useof the rose generally calls  for a rather more grand conception of  landscaping than most of us care to attempt. Also, they need a lot or room and  ticpatingsomeof the" delights to comer���cannot-stand-a-restricted-environmentv  So let's talk about one of the very  greatest of those delights, the rose bush in  "thejgarden. IncTdentally^rtheTtiming is not  all that bad, because the experts say that/  just as soon as the ground can be worked,  it will be time to set .out your new  rosebushes; /  Probably one of the first and most basic  items in dealing with this "Queen of the  Garden" is familiarity with ��� or at least  But it may be borne in mind that generally  speaking roses are-more impressive if  they are-massed-or-grouped" rather than  scattered throughout a garden in isolated  individual bushes. . *  This thought may be carried through to  varieties too. Even if a garden is small,  keep the varieties together in groups. The  same applies to height. Rose plants differ  greatly and mixing short wjth tall in-  Tuwanek plan  ���From Page A-l  Almond said.   -  -meYabitityHtr^ecognize-���-the^various-��� discriminately-will-spoilth^lookof-thebed-  types of roses. This is not all that easy, and   and detract' from Uie beauty of the bush  there are experts who cannot always   and "the Rose is Beauty." More about  identify all of them. But the most common   planting later.   ones can be_j^cognize_di_omjdescriptioni���  -AlmondtoldDee7ICIt was obvious to me   .._ fTiri  ���that-ntro~board" memner could make a  decision one way or another at Uiat  ���December 12 meeting." ,,   . .  FirsUhe Hybrid Tea, wjuch_carjy_theiru-.i  blooms" sihgly (but wWchinclude the  Grandiflora,  a hybrid cross  with  the  Florabunda which has blooms the size of  It!wa's foMjhat reason, Almond said,  that he called "a meeting of. the people  concerned so they could come up with a  decision and control the thing themselves.  If it does takeahsther public, hearing, and  if people are, satisfied, I don't care if it  does cost a little extra money."  Director Morgan Thompson said it  ought to be noted that Mike Jackson "has'  been extremely co-operative." The Jog  sort was left off the district's planning  map\ through no fault of��� Jackson's, and  "he could have made, it" very sticky for  us," Thompson, said.  MORE ABOUT  Water line  ������From Page A-l   . ,  the board. He sold both men had told him  they didn/t think tho Wise subdivision wns  within their-waterworks district's boundaries,  Dixon said his department was committed to putting in the distribution system  for the Wise subdivision because of a  $25,000 lottor of credit filed by Wise to  cover cost.of the work. "Somebody has to  do the Work," ho said. MIf wo do It, we're  sure It's up (o out: standards," Either way,  Mr. Wise is tho ono who's paying for It."  Ho snld tho question of whether the lino  would bo extended to tho high school also  needs to bo resolved shortly. "Tho school  Is going to have to put In n lino somehow  for fire protection; If we're not going to do  It, tho school board ought to bo told quickly  so they can moko other arrangements;!'  the Tea but has the ability to produce them  in small clusters). They will bloom all  summer and into the autumn.  Floribunda ': carry their blooms in  clusters and include the Hybrid Polyan-  tha. They bloom intermittently all summer.       ',  Baby Ramblers or Polyanthas carry  small blooms in profusion on low shrublike plants and last throughout a long  'season. ���  How often have you heard someone  speak longingly of "the old-fashioned rose  that had such a wonderful scent"? These  were what are called the Hybrid Per-  ..petuala.. and.. Were .Uie forerunners of.tfie  Hybrid Teas. Nostalgic recollection of  their perfume is no Imagination as they  were and are noted for their fragrance and  size. Their drawback is,that they fail in  shapliness in comprison with the Hybrid  Tea standards. They are, however/hardy  and vigourous.  Then there are the Shrub Roses and  their name are legion. They,Include the  ���Moss, Rose, Hybrid Musks, Hybrid  Swectbriers, Cabbage and a  host of  Christian Science  "My people shall dwell in a peaceable  "haFtfation, andlh sure dwellings, and in  quiet resting places." (is. 32 18)  Jusus had no settled home, and yet the  disciples felt the protecUon, guidance and  warmth of home ��� a place of refuge ���  wherever he led them.  Mary Baker Eddy,writes, "When he  was with them, a fishing boat, became a  sanctuary, and the solitude was peopled  with holy messages from the All-Father."  (Retro and Intro 91).  "!"',,   L.  ��� ��,liin ; -'la''  in,    ,  r*, 11 *��� ���  ��� *  p> f-'t   ��  *  p.*),-;  >��,...  <\  5 YEARS ~ INTEREST PAID ANNUALLY  GUARANTEED  INVESTMENT CERTIFICATES  .,���,   . ' Also  "Registered Retirement Savings Plan"  "Income Averaging Certificate*"  MINIMUM DEPOSIT fMSOP  M��mb��r ol Cnnodo Dptpo.ll Imuranc* Corporation  vimmsmsr\  - ~��~ m*w*QmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmW-f~-'*'   ,. BONcisD AOB^Tr-*-������  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Sach.lt 885-2013  ni. pi Hi .mm  V  rr-v  Attend  ii , '  the Church  your choice  UNITED CHURCH  Rev, A niictle M.'Rvhilutrtlt  HW..2.U1  9:.1()iim - - Si. John's. WIK'on t'reck  ,    11:15 a.m, ��� Olbsons  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service nnd Suiidny School ench Sunday  ni 11 r,10 ii.iii. (except lust Sundny In  month nt 121.10 p.m.) Wed, Hvcnlngs,  ��,.,,,y,^,^  Cliuivh,  Duvls Hit}'.    >'   ' ' ,  Phono HHS..1IS7* ,886.7882, ��83-924<T  mmwmwmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  ,R,n>, '/'. Nicholson, Pastor  ���    TIM KS OF SUN DAY MASS   '  8*00 p.in, Snl, cvc.jit Si. Mnry's, Gibsons  H.flO a,ni. Our Lady, ol" Lourdes, on the  Seehell Indian Reserve  "idrWriunTnillw  .Sechelt ��     '  i ���        '��� ���    <���'  12 noon nl Si, Mnry's .Church In Olbsons  SUNSHINE CQAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  Davis Hny Komi nl Lnurel  "������'"���-���'"���Dnvls Bny  ���������"���-' -  SiiudnypSeliool ,',,. .91-15 nm  M"J'nliiH Service  ,,;, 11 sOO nm  KvciiIiik Service 7i00 pin  Wed, Prayer and Hlhle SiikIvy  IMione HH.S.52%''  "noii-dcnomiiuitiontil" '  ' Pnstor CIIITorc*,McMullon  RETIIEt: BAPTIST criiORCH   lyicroiicl nnd Trail Jechelt.,   ���  Sundny .School ,, .��� <M5 n.m.  MornliiR Worship Service,,,, Hi 15.1,in,  *-W��d* ''.UIbli^iHLy*7rfi^rrTTrrn*7t(Kl-prni'r  liVcnlu��l'cllowshl|)a *.,.���.,, .7.00 p.m,  2nd '& 4lh Sundny every ninnth  I'ostor: !���', No/ioni  885-9905  p       Alw '.   . �� 'P' ,        '  .��    ���      ,    .~   pflMatV       "���    A -ua m    I "*�� ��� �� *S' '     , ."  . ��� ."��<��� f.f,"(1li|,��    ,.,-.���..!.    pP.flp,.'       <J|,P|     '*'  <���>���"��. ��i��l�� *<*,,, ,    i-����� r+*Itlm >aaf   ,i*n**ir .'��    i  ���    I' .' ' a    " '  I  *1<ft<J_L'" ���, , .1 1   M      >    ��        ��� d ��   j        >������  ���fl*.. *,   ii-A'�� - M^J'C  l|(t|   nn.  A'    ��     '���p1" ''y    .  ���.  ^      ���   ' it. ,  ��� ,if,-tirr  ���-   ���      p**     "'(ity r  gov't inspected  ira#l_#&lr    __-^^����^k���lli!_lfA  PPW        [-*���a*j   ggPSPal^^^^g   ___��_j__a__        Bi��i ^at^83___.      ___9H__i       ___i        __9     ^a_BH____        a*)U_H_M_l       ^P_H___a9^        a_a___a_a_a9  ilVVl       Vll II vlig V   5 lb. ctn.  gov't inspected   ���_>  frozen  gov't inspected   ��  grade 'A' beef  gov't inspected   &  medium  in 5 Ib. ctns.    Ib.   Ib.  ..lb.  Scott  paper towels QQ  Sunny Jim  32 ox. bottles  Maxwell House  10 oz. tin  Foremost  ���   grade A  Hills Bros.   *   reg or drip  1 lb. tin  Swanson's   *   beef, chicken, turkey  TV dinners    C  11 oz %  Campbell's  a]_-_^ Mfi^A j****-S  tomaio soup  10 oz. tins  Frozo  ���   choice grade  %#-&���y_afahl4&e  mixed veg. or  cut green beans  Husky  dog food  25 oz. tins    I  nibiets  *   whole  kernel corn  12 oz. tins  V  _-^- ���*���-*-��� -t;  -~-fV  ���^s  Bounce  fabric softener $1  40 sheets           BH_  1 litre pkg.  Ovon Fresh  ���   white or 80 w.w.  bread  5 loaves   Weston's  ���   100 pet. whole wheat  Ivory  liquid detergent $1 OQ  32 oz  .     JLlVw  Tide  detergent  powder 10,b   Oven Fresh  jam buns  pkg. of 6      Mrs. Wlllman's  bread  16 ox   2/95��Swissro||s  Okanagan  apples  red   delicious,  golden   delicious,  spartan, newtons  *  ���i'trnM-.y ^^^ ws����,.. ,<>mthi I  mexican  greenmoxl  peppers  II I H  Ib.   ...  mexican no. 1  field  cucumbers  HHHMHHHHHHIIHHHHH  prices offoctlvo! Thursday Friday fl, Saturday,   Jan. 19, 20, 21  Wv��s*a^'*ip**Mip'���*** p'pf*^'^-! -i4*'p^*M ai^'p**' iJJAip. W1  i(fll|i^^ft^^riPWWjf*��e^')B^*��>W' M  We're right for foul  n ���   Ij  ' .MM"  i   ���   'il   rt . >  ���^nrtri"*'-^*.',.  ..   ���.a<<��pVI1l  p  ,, ' i   i p  '  -'"(tr  ,1t*|,|p.I.^ui,',*r   "  *^��rf^ ^��.*a*��rf! .^ ^4-#*j^/w ^. .p,i,w<wwa.  p    ( p ���    a   ��� ���  *   * ' ���        'i   'i *.   *���**���.-.>������������      i   p   'j'i* >p M-��r "* .v p��(rrr*-i��*'> ^mnsAi^'^vr^p-.r^-i- '^'��-��W''-'*V'���wV"^<^,^;"'\,*".,,  aaaaaaamn>a, /l-pitlaNltrPvl^* >    , ira*     7        ,, f 14 llSL^$m}.^fat ^.JjiyiimtHmm^ "��' - * ����������-"��� �����  , .._      ...  ..      i   �� ,. .1  . I* la  ,< . v*-. i-' m 1 i . )f C *.    ��"f4*-' '-��-���'-,��>-  '".M I* ���*������*����  Pf��':*f  n��  I  \.'.  I\  i '  d  I  ���'i ,'." .  , A ���  '       .1,   , i.."
t   ■ r
-■■■ ~i;
vl/ie CFeek runoff
Fire Dept. h
By Annie Dempster,.885-3326
The Roberts Creek Fire Department is
in dire need of volunteers. Our area is
solely dependent on our local volunteer
fire department for fire protection. At
present the number of people giving this
very necesasary service is far short of •
ideal., The department is covered by
compensation and liability t insurance for
25 people, male or'female. At present,"
there are only 18 volunteers in the
, If you are community minded and.
woukHikeJo become involved in a worthwhile causeTwhy-.ngy»o down to the fire
hall Monday night at 7TRm?=o__giye Glen
JKraus (the fire chief) a call at 885-29192=
The only requirement is that you be
physically fitv The crew has a practice
every Monday night for two hours from 7
p.m. to 9 p.m. If your application is accepted, you will be sent to Vancouver for
training. Kraus* says,- "For a volunteer,
department they .are quite efficient. As a
matter of fact, they are damn goodV" He
-also-saidy—Originally I hadn'trplanned to
become socially involved as I figured I had
irprt^d67T5urwKen~you work-in?such
close contact with people'and liave.to rely
on one another, you can't help but become
socially involved wjith-them". The people
in the department seem very close indeed
and very much at ease with one another.
So come on you good people out there,
let's Help relieve our present firemen of
some of their work load.
Roberts Creek Royal Canadian Legion
Branch No. 219 held their election of officers on Wednesday, January 11. Ernie
Fossett was elected president, replacing
Roy Milner;   Don  Black -  first  vice
president;"AdanTHutchinson- treasurerr~
John Connor remains as secretary and
Ron Oram was elected sargeant-at-anris. '
Cliff Beeman was the installing officer.
The branch is now accepting new
memberships for, fraternal affiliates. The ,
cost is $15' annually.
The boys' are starting a games night
every Friday evening as of January 20.
Sounds like fun."See you there. Marlene7
challenges Ernie to the first crib game.
. Let's think positive on any new
recreation plans that may come up in
====a=Hease^hurry and get well Jack Tiernan. We mlss-you^tschojLJNotjmesoul
has cast an insult all week. =   ~r~
There seems to be a problem with dogs
roaming at,large in the area. One lady
complained of three dogs chasing her and
barking at her- heels as she walked to the
post office, and one of the dog's owliers
looking on and laughing. Hopefully the
dogs are not vicious, but it can be a very
frightening experience to a person who is
not usecTto dogs chasing at her heels.
Wouldn't it be ideal if we could keep our
pets, confined to our yards' so* as they are
not an annoyance or frightening to others..
Gordon Dixon, regional district public
works superintendent, will answer
questions about expansions of the water
system in Hoberts Creek at the January 18
meeting tonight of- the Community
Association. The meeting begins at 8 p.m,
in the Community Hall. :     *
Sechelt notes
The 13th jinx
By Peggy Connor, 885-9347
 The Merry-go-round
general bridge
party held in St. Hilda's Church Hall
Friday, January 13, got off to a late start
due to the 13th jinx that put a coupleof the
players in the ditch.
It was two separate cars and that is all
we are going- to say about that.
-- There are_ten_tables- with- a__mixed_
group   of   avid   bridge,   players   who
ihoroughlyen joyedJhenevening: " *Ar.
All winners received prizes of plants, a
gift that will grow for you. First prize for
singles went to Charlie Humm and Fred
Espley and second to Bessie Shaw and
^_LLllian Thomas. Consolation winners were
HeletTRUtherfordLand Tom Lamb.
 CQiiples:winners were:. First. Herb and
Mpyia Richter; Second, JohtT^ndJMae
Parsons; Consolation pr}ze, Lorna and
Ron Huggins. 7
Refreshments were served by the host
group who were the Sechelt Auxiliarytb St'.
Mary's Hospital under the chairperson
Margaret Humm.
The'next raffle for the Arts Council is
already on the go with tickets available at
Whitaker House for two bits a chance.
First prize will be a painting by artist
Jean Pylot of Selma Park. It's a floral
-work. Second is a hanging terrarium with
plants done by'Dosie Bryant. Third is a
-pottery- coffee -pot-by- Mick- Henry - of
Roberts Creek. They will all be drawn for
^ouMTiTaliferrtime. ~    s;   ,7
Each raffle goes towards the building
fund so when you take a chance on the
lovely prizes you also contribute to a
building that will add to the character of
Sechelt village.
Wednesday, January 18,1978
Dr. Philip Collinson
is pjeased to announce that he is opening a
. -practice in General Dentistry in The Dental"
Centre in Gibsons, Mon.-Sat.
Sunshine Coast Regional District
Land Use Regulation. Amendment "Bylaw No. 96.17
Pursuant to sections 703 and 798A of the Municipal Act a public
hearing will be held to consider the following bylaw of-the Sunshine
Coast Regional District. AIL persons who deem their interest in
property affected by proposed bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on matters contained in ffie bylaw._
Bylaw~NoT96.1T wUl amend Land Use Regulation Bylaw' No. 96,
1974 to include D.L. 1638, Plan.16974, Lot 1, Block O in aCom-
mercial, 2 zone. This property is located on the highway near the
Halfmoon'Bay turn-off-beside the garage and is currently in a R2
zone. The proposal vJduld allow tourist related commercial use on
the site.      '    " ' • "~
The hearing will be held at the S.C.R.D. Board Room af 7:30 p.m. on,
Tuesday, January 31; 1978.
The abovejs a synopsis of Bylaw No. 96.17 and is not deemed to be
an interpretation of the bylaw. The bylaw may be inspected at the
Regional District office, 1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt, B.C. during
office hours, namely, Monday to Wednesday-8:30 a.m. to 4:00- p.m.
and Thursday and Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.
Jan. 18-78.  Sunshine Coast Regional District     (Mrs.) A.G. Pressley
" Box 800, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0       Secretary-Treasurer
MRS. A. A. GANT, owner of Don's
- Shoes in Gibsonsr presents a $100 -gift-
certificate to.Mrs_-Shelle-y-Joe—of-
"Sechelt,- winner   of  the   store's
Christmas drawing. -
Canadians are avid cheque writers —
turning out about 60 a year for every man,
woman  and  child,
Sunshine Coast Lions
Includes 2 Door Prizes
TCanis1^    each additional card $100
Available at:
. ....„.,^..~
Ken and Martha Griffiths with Son Curt
were off to California just before Christmas. They drove down to Monterey to, visit
their daughter Carmen Garrod. Carmen
recently received her papers certifying
she Is now a C.S.R. court reporter. She is
taking up duties at her first job in that
capacity at the Monterey Court. ■
The Griffiths arrived the day the;
drought ended which made the Califor-
nlans glad and them sad as they ^'experienced B.C. weather. It was wet and
miserable all during their visit.
Driving enabled them to stop as they
wished at places of interest. One place
they thought they would see was Alcatraz,
but the bookings were filled for the week.
Reservations are a necessity which they
hadn't realized.        7 \ '
As Ken is a commercial fisherman they
had a keen Interest In the activities and the
boats at the Fishermen's Wharf at San
Franclsco.^hey found sea otterg most
entertaining as fftey watched them
frolicking In the water nnd cracking
seashclls on their bellies.
Tho building for the Suashlno Coast
Arts Council Is fast taking shape. Take a
drlvo around and havo a look; It Is just
bolow Hackett Park. •        "
Winners of tho raffle held just before
Christmas was Mrs. Dorothy Hall of
Hnlfmoon Bay who won the ""painting'"by"
Yvottc Kent of tho Secholt Towing ''tug
"Sechelt Chief". This vessel! Is well known
to the Halls as lt piles the waters in front of
their Welcome Beach home, r
Second prlzo, u vase by Vlckl, was won
by I .elsa' Cummlngs of Madeira' Park.
Third prize, n basket, nnd tho work of
Doris Gust, was won by J. Hindson of
Selma Park.
N help^ you judge
~good from bad.
.All B.C.vehicles must carry
the Basic Autoplan insurance. ■>
This protection gives you coverage of $75,000 Third Party Legal
liability and "Np Fault" y
Accident Benefits!
If you feel this isn't adequate
for your needs, ask any Autoplan
aaentor Motor Vehicle Branch
office about thewide range of
optional coverage that is
avail-lble. ■ ,
Ifryou feel you need more
,   Third Party Legal Liability
# coverage, it is available in
amounts from $100,000 to
$10 million.
2- -Worried about fire, theft,-
wmdstorrn Hghtning?
# Specified Perils provides
coverage against this and is
available with a $50 deductible.
I   What about Comprehensive
coverage? It provides pro-
# tection against virtually all
ris^iridub-tiig glass breakage,
but not including collision damage. This is available as a package ,
with Collision insurance or separately with a $50 deductible.
4   Many motorists purchase
Collision coverage which
• jgays for the cost of repairs
accident when you are, at fault.
This is available only with
Comprehensive in a wide choice
of deductibles.
SYou may have additional
equipment such as a tape
# deck not installed by the
manufacturer, a camper, canopy,
winch, citizens band radio or
other special emupmerit. You cari ,
be covered for these items and
others. Any Autoplan agent or
Motor Vehicle Branch office cari
, provide you with information on
this and other Autoplan
6   You can purchase Loss of
Vehicle Use, coverage, so
# that if your vehicle is not
driveable as a result of an
• accident—for which you are
, responsible —you will be re-
\ imbursed for the cost of a substitute means of transportation.
You are covered, under your
basic policy, for Loss of Vehicle
Use, if the lods isiby theft.
31 Make certain you are in the
j proper rate class, which is
# based on vehicle use and the
principal operator.
0\    Do you hate line-ups? For
K , your own convenience
Vf# renew early. The deadline
for renewal is midnight, Tuesday,
February 28,1978.
9  If you want tp finance your
premiums, the (_brporatiori
i has established an Autoplan
pifemiimifwanting plan, that any
Autoplan agent or, Motor Vehicle
Branch office ^'explain to you.
l^-ak   To renew simply take
WM ■   your renewal form to ■...,,
■%^# any Autoplan acjent or
Motor Vehicle Branch office.
They will help you complete it,
or make any changes and provide you with new clecals and
an insurance certificate. If you
.do not receive a renewal form
by mail, take yourpreserit
Vehicle Ucenre/Owner's
Certificate and driver's licence
to any Autoplan agent or Motor
Vehicle Branch office.
,  British Columbia's Autoplan is independent and self-support"
ing. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan, government operated auto
insurance plans are partially subsidized and offer poorer benefits
than received by B.C. motorists. Still, ICBC rates are in line and
sometimes lower. Here are examples for your specific region.
DRIVER: 30 years and over, or * ^
any female or married
male over 25. No accidents in B.C. in the last
2 years, 3 years elsewhere. Vehicle used
for pleasure only,
COVERAGE: Public Inability
and Property
Damage $200,000.
deductible? ""*
, $50 deductible.
■'       i
Swift Current
1970 Buick Skylark    •
1974 Ford Mqstang II
1976 Dodge Coronet
$182  '   •
Comparative rntou nro from tho 1977 Inmirora Advloory Orgnnleittlon of Guiacl/* mnrnuil,
INSURANCE        ...Where the Driver Sets thelites
If    .
. Mi"*** <frv
P*-V"l''      ""' •
,.!*-p V.SVV-.Y
>*,**4.'«r jv •■, 4 a***^; * ,'
.■  ■'   "   "a"
p., -
,'   Y'VVYpY
<•"■'*■* *««., 'hp*'|
t  ,
..a. Hm'ktf"; •*«yai,v**'-*i»'"*»'*a<|*,-,*»V: iLU""'*;"■'*'•*''^'"V *' *•' ■■'t'.'4',,,"^...i\.,t'.
■■'"-"• c : -,'al
1        *. a       Hk   •    f •    r •»
M p-t -»* '  -
*"*!?     ,»••«     fi,    a     I * 'l .-   p",p.p^, ».   „     .
•* *     •»
•■ A . •
1* •    ■ ___..tf'"
* t "■'' ■'
1             •       '
.,   „  p* .1  '
_™«,.Y .»».,.«.- «■'«,-•
,   i.  , ,w^    .-„ Y. *
r  \
..... ■■■}
■y ' > if  I  V-- .  a^  "Halfmoon, Bay happenings  Community news  By Mary Tinkley; 885-9479  Senior's drop-in at Wilson Creek  Wednesday, Januarv 18. 1978  The Peninsula Times  PageA-5  !ENIORreiTKEN1S-DE���BL>=;IN ������=���-^vans-Hermon is holding Teen Girl's. Yoga  The Friday afternoon drop-in is con-    classes at the Wilson Creek Scout Hall/  tinuing at Wilson Creek Community Hall.    Thursdays, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. All teenage  ������ n _. a ���   ���<-��� : <-;;. *-.<*. ���a < giris are welcome. For more information  COMMUNITY NEWS  Though the Welcome Beach Hall has.  been closed for renovations^ for the past  two weeks, it has been the scene of great  activity with willing volunteers stripping  the walls, installing acoustic tile, whjjeji  group of ladies were cleanjng and paint mg  the kitchen. The ha^lfwiUTa sparkling  newness, is now,- re-opened for action.  Shuffleboard games (are continuing this  week and Ronnie D.unn's !'Fun 'Yourself  into Shape" class'will" be held tomorrow  (Thursday) afternoon as usual at 1 p.m.  There will be a cribbage afternoon on  Sunday, January 22 at 2 p.m. Admission is  50 cents. Carpet bowling will resume on  Carrie and Billy, are home after three  weeks on Oahu, two of which were spend in  Waikiki and one at Kuilima on the north  shore of the island. There the beaches  were impressive, but the seas usually too  roqgh for swimming. However, the Hyatt  Hotel where the Trousdells stayed, had a  large swimming pool and horseback  riding, which kept the youngsters happy  and. occupied, though there were  Christmas decorations everywhere the  school choirs sang carols in most of the  hotels, the Trousdells found it difficult to  get into the Christmas mood. They took a  tour in a small plane which flew them over  all eight islands of Hawaii," and gavejhem.  From 2 to 4 p.m., there is music,'tea and  games. The community library t, is also  open at this time. Why not come out^meet  :your frrendsyand relax "with a'cup oftea.  Bridge players are especially needed at  this drop-in, so if "you play cards, come  and join a foursome at the Community  Hall. For more information, phone April  Struthers, Community Worker, at the  Community Centre, Office, 885-5422.  TEEN GIRL'S YOGA  ' Here's a chance to shape up and relax!  phone the Fitness Service at 885-3611, or  885-5422..,.     -  NEW COMMUNITY. OFFICE  The Wilson- Creek Community Centre  Office is located in the Scout Hall at Wilson  Creek, and is open between 8 and 4:30  Monday to Friday. The Community  Worker, April Struthers, the Family Day  Care, Coordinator, Donna Shugar, and the  Grant Coordinator, Marg Pearson, are  available there during working hours.  Monday, January_23 atjj30_p_.m some spectacular views of  volcano  T_llT_aIfmoon Bay volunteer firemen  are urged to attend -the firehall tonight,  Wednesday, at ? p.m. for the purpose =of  electing officers for 1978. A B.C. Hydro  film on safety hazards will be shown.,  Next evening .'of the film session will be  at the hall on Thursday, January 26, at  7:30 p.m. with a sun-filled program about  Mexico, Central America and Brazil. So, if  you feel winteris closing in on you and you  are wistfully thinking of your more fortunate friends basking in the sunshine of  Hawaii,. California, Arizona and Florida,  this program offers you-an evening of  escape. After .a visit-to Mexico, you can  swing through Guatemala? Honduras,  Nicaragua and Costa Rica and drop in on  Brazil for a Visit to a coffee plantation and  . to see some interesting��� examples of  .Brazilian art and architecture.  AREA "B',' RATEPAYERS  ASSOCIATION  The  Ratepayers  have  scheduled  a  general meeting" at the hall for Monday, -  January 30t.at___10 p.m. and-notices-have���the-rut���  craters. The plane landed on Maui, Kauai  and the Kona coast of Hawaii where they  had ground tours.  Maria Mahar would {like to arrange a  get-together of residents of the Sunshine  Coast who. hail - from Newfoundland.  Anyone interested in irWewfie get-together  should telephone Mrs. Mahar at 885-9435 or  see her at the B & J Store.  BEEFS AND BOUQUETS  We have received an interesting  suggestion from Doreen Richardson that  we include a "Beefs and Bouquets" items  in the column each week and, as she feels  sure we shall get plenty,of beefe, she has  started, us off with a bouquet. While  driving^to the Arena in Sechelt on January  12, she got stuckJnjhe'gravel. She sat  there for a while with her wheels refusing  to do anything besides spinning and  several cars passed her. Eventually a van  stopped and out jumped Guy and Roliand  Martel. They were most���friendly 'and  helpful and lost no time in towing her out of  Happenings around the harbour  itefr  anniversary  By Doris Edwardson, 883-2308 f ___l ____J  \  - :  e .  ,.V'i��"    I      I  been mailed to all members. Speakers will  be Peter Hoemberg, Regional Board  Director'for Area "B" and Art Angell..  The January meeting of the Halfmoon  Bay Hospital Auxiliary was held at the  home of Marie Ivesf with 18 members  * The Trousdells also offered a bouquet  to their wonderful neighbors Jim and  Katherine Kelly, Pat Ness and Clarence  Speck who took such good care of their  house and animals during their absence.  Please telephone your beefs and  present. New officers installed were Geri bouquets for next week's column to 885-  Smith,   president,   Ruth   Forrester, 9479.  secYetary. ana\ Helen Hain,  treasurer. Mrs. Ruby Warne is welcoming the  Three new members  welcomed  were birth of her third great-grandchild, Travis  Jrte!fe_Maddc-ek,_Audr_ey_Eem  Nygard.    Preliminary . plans    were of Mrs. Warne's grandson, George Wen-  discussed for a tea and sale of crafts in  May. The Auxiliary's next Thrift Shop  duty will be on February 4 for which  donations will be gratefully received.  Eva Lyons is home after spending  Christmas and the New Year with her.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Simmers of  Madeira Park will be celebrating their  Golden Wedding Anniversary on January  21. Mrs. Simmers was born on Lakewood  Drive in Vancouver's east end as. Viola  Williams and graduated from Bnttania  .High School. Mr. Simmers was born on,  Harris Street  (now changed  to  East  Georgia Street) and raised in Kitsilaho,  graduating from General Gordon Public  School. . ���'        ���       ���  They were married in St. Mark's  Anglican Church by Rev. Sovereign on  January 21, 1928. Br. and Mrs. Simmers  founded the dry'cleaning and laundry firm  "The Valetor" in 1934 and retired from  'active business in 1964. They werejwth  very active ih power boat racing and Mrs.  Simihers. would be her husband's,  navigator in predicted log racing. They  were the only-Canadians to have won the  ���Alaska Predicted Log Race, from Seattle-  to Juneau. Their vessel was the 'Wailithy'  a 75-footer formerly owned by Lt.  Governor Clarence Wallace. They settled  in Madeira Park in 1971. Their only  daughter Mrs. *. James Fleming lives in  Vancouver, also one grandson, 22, and one  grandaughter, 24. CONGRATULATIONS!  TMEWS FROM FRED CLAYDON  Most people in Pender Harbour knfi  Fred Claydon. He and wife Clara lived in  Garden Bay for many years. Fred is now  living with his niece in Sidney, B.C. Clara  passed away some years ago. Heis a Vimy  veteran and goesovg^to France each  spring, and is*&AW&Kgof taking a trip  down around the Panatna next to see what  the countries are like ther_e__He4s-^n-good~  JOHN COWAN INJURED  John. Cowan,' who is building a new  home in Madeira Park, was rushed to St.  Mary's Hospital last week after a power  pole he was putting up fell on him. He was  later transferred to St. Paul's Hospital and  was found to have a cracked hip,  PH COMUNITY CLUB BINGO  Once again there is bingo every  Thursday night at the Madeira Park  Community Hall and on January 19 the  Jackpot is for $280 in 59 calls.  SPECIAL  Jumbo Color Reprints   from Negatives  9S_C  each    * m^ matte only  expires February 4th 7978  Visiting relatives or friends for a week  or���a- weekend?, Take a box of Laura  Secord's "Family Favourites" to your  hostess. ��� Something for Everyone. ���  MISS BEE'S, SECHELT.  fectionate animal. You can telephone her  at 885-2418.  daughter, Marilyn RasseU, andj^Jln:ee.-_find^ and af-  aildren-in-Montrealrlt'was" a real white  Christmas with snow drifts lip to five feet,  but generally the weather was good, with  bright days and lots of sunshine. On the  return home, the flight was delayed for  two hours by icing conditions..  Outstanding among the palefaces of  Halfmoon Bay are four handsome suntans,  the very sight of which is enough to set one  thinking nostalgically of the Hawaiian  sunshine and the soft Kona winds which  "created them.  and his wife Jill, is a brother for Cara*.  A young torn cat,, calico-coloured with  no tail, .was befriended by Ruth Forrester  during the recent snowstorm. As Ruth  already has three cats of her own who  resent.the newcomer,.she wouldLlike^to���hea_th-and'correspondsi with John Daly  and "Jack" Paterson. Anyone wishing-to  drop him a line the, address is: 9580  Waxwing, Sidney, B.C. .\ \  JTheJr-ousdell-familyT-BebTYJelin"  Fitness is something you can jump  up and down about  paRTicipacrian  crionkmW  tr-t* Ca"*a ai (nor^m, r*| \qi prrwndi ( kesj  -l'iuiessrIn>THirhcarl you know it's ripht.  0/ CAN YOU AFFOIiD  ^O WAIT TILL SPRING?  DISCOUNT  on cash purchase  of NATIONAL HOMES  delivered before Feb. 28/78  ���WM'W*,'!.  iS5*  W'  **q*v��  >*���-**  f&s^m&i  ���">V;  \*V4j:  ,^*0��7!  ,<Wj  _*_;*����>���;_.*�������;��  ���N>TfcSrt|  .?_^_8_$___p--t*S  ���^*.vi  -jars*  xnsGH  ���JS.  if.  ,vvr  r">&;  **<*>',>;���:  WlWlfv*  HOMES  will bo your choice In n now homo If you comparo Iho following: '  i  ��� SELECTION - ovor 00 Btnndard plans plus our diatom dosign  aorvlce,  ��� SERVICE - representatives throughout Woatorn Cnnndn holp  you through your building project,  ��� QUALITY - kiln drlod lumbor, twin seal wlndowa, R12 & R2Q  Insulation, 2��0 trusaoa, closo comparison will provo National's  built In quality, -      ,   .  ��� FINANCING - allow ua to assist you In ooourlng a mortgage,  ovon on acreages,  ��� INSURANCE - yourpackago Is Insured tho moment It arrives  on your Job alto, during construction, nftor you move In, 1 yoar  Insuranco at no'nddjtkmnjj^ ,,������  ��� PfliCE - you'll npproblato thd money you onn bovo by doing  some of tho construction yoursolf or ovon arranging the sub-  .��� trados,..   ��� ��� ���.��� ���   ��������� ��� ���������,������ *   "  NATIONAL HAS FAST BUILDING  AND DELIVERY SERVICE  GWhy wSitcMail coupon to...  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Swap etc  An  t '. -:-  Important Message  to all  -v-  The Government of British Columbia  urges all senior citizens who may be eligible for  SAFER and have not yet applied, to do so.  4sr  Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER)  is a programme introduced last July-which  gives senior citizens direct monthly cash  payments to assist in the payment of rent,  The amounfof the SAFER'paymentis based  on how niuch income the senior citizen    "   '  receives and how much is,paid for rent.  Eligibility  All senior citizens who meet EACH of the  following conditions iire eligible:  ��� Gf> years oiv)kler  ��� renters  ��� paying moro than 30% of.their income for  ' ��� rent ���" ������, ',.''"  ��� , in receipt of Canadian Old Age Security  ��� the senior citizen OR .spouse must have:  1) resided in British Columbia for two years  '   immediately prior to application  OR '      ;  2) resided in British Columbia.for.a  ,   continuous five year poriod at any time.  Extension of Retro-Active  Payment Periods  Whon the SAFER programme was first  introduced, Information cards were sont to  ALL jej)igLcili^>Vltt,��ltJ3i:iLlBhrfGolumbiu...--,  .-  Based on thd completed application forms  ---���  received to date, it is apparent that many  senior citizens who may be eligible for  SAFER have not as yet applied. To ensure  that all senior citizen, renters in B.C. receive  the full'benefits due to them, we have   :  extended the closing date for retroactive  payments to March31,'1978. Payments can  extend back to July 1, 1977.  SAFER and Reitt-Aid .  (Renters* Tax Credt.it)  This is to remind ALL senior citizens that  they should apply for'Rent-Aid when  completing their 1977 Income Tax,Return  whether they have been receiving SAFER  payments or not. Every senior citizen renting  in the Province as of December 31, 1977 is    - ^  entitled to a MINIMUM of,$80.'00 in Rent-Aid.'  Full information, assistance and application  forms are available.at the.B.C. Housing  Management Commission in Vancouver and  at the Regional Offices of the Ministry of   ���  Municipal Affairs and Housing in Victoria,  Prince George, Kelowna and Cranbrook.  f*i.  '"'XT/a/^ aud 'htformut hiican'"  also be tibiainod />// compUiimj and niailinu  the voHpoji below to;  MININTKY OK MUNICIPAL AI'TAIKH and houhjn.i  SAFER DiviHlon, Parliament Buildings  victoria, h.c. V8\v arc.    ���  Please wind mo complete information and  an application form on tho'SAFER  Programme.  N A M It) ., : .������ -   K  Province of British Columbia  Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing   -Honourable Hugh A*-Ctirtis, Minister "  ADDHKBH  CITY/TOWN',.  I'OHT'M.'CODK  11,(1.  S1  ., ��� ^.A..!-.- i7' r^^WpVtf^tWSW  'V  :'W^:  I...1 a. ...  tt^^^���''���':"."','.wpfffpf1 ���,*';*,'At' '���  Irf. "."ft.,���*���*���*,Ami jWVV.Vfti.JKKi  .p YY      '' '.' .'.* **w.ap*-*-  ;.YY  ���,lk��', .g.l-*  ���'.'l-afr.Hi,  ,.*.>��p^"0lt!t,',<'O'%i'',t' p-f  ���*'���";*.  ,.���,-;��(r.f:.i." 'pWftu*.!  .ppp.faia.fia.w.'iiPiP'.iiipn  ."��'�����     a*'  JSHLx.'f,...  1 ,1   . .r. ,  ���aj^T<  .X.  #m*immm*mm*.  2 *-���*��* ";.>'���  1(lJ,^.1.,*,^.��^.*,r��*l. t  mmtmm>m0*mmimmmimmm9mm>m.  I i "ii*      ^  '   '       ��Yi^p   '  2:::,A;:,*miy  ���*��� i/p  J',Yi ,*n  T,  I.   ,.,,Y  ���-.:;i,/.,  ���'���*#>''������  XX.  J'��,��w-i*.T*H*<  wfimL j^p*��4((*R*ii  *4iS.lfoy*��k^*  ,^.A*t!^ri��U^f%yr>^^^^^^^  4 Pi.  , J. a **frr,.  ,,:      44.  ���"rtifr,  f*a��.  ' 1*11  l.'./,.  ���    I    - ���      '      >- t  4fe^-if*A'T^VI'-*rtW-^I^.P*W*f^^>�����'���*:H**'l*'*'^*'���''^'-1���S^'*'7','l���"-'  J�� v  * p.  \   1  ''/  / \. 7���7.  ���.. - J  ������      /  Boat courses set  ���f_i .  ��age.A-6  The Peninsula Times'  Wednesday, January 18, 1978  ���TKerSunsfiine Coast PovTerSquadrorf  .will Hold their monthly meeting at the.  home of Kent Carruthers-on Friday,  January 20 at 8^p.tn.  ���The-Executive-will meetalrseven pcmr"  The accelerated boating courses with  instructors. Gordon Hall in Sechelt and  Chuck Williams at Pender Harbour  received the results of the basic boating  exams: Twenty-two wrote the exam and 21  passed.   Congratulations  to all!   Commander Chuck Williams hopes to present  the graduates with their certificates'the  night of the 20th and swear in these new  members.  Training Officer David Fyles reports  the  n_vr- class   of   Accelerated   Basic  -Boating has commenced. It is being held  at Elphinstone Secondary School in  . Gibsons,- Wednesday evening-at- 7_p.m. _  Past Commander Dave Smethurst is .the  instructor and 14 have enrolled so far.  The Advanced Piloting Course with  instructor Ted Ashton and Seamanship  Sail are continuing at Sechelt.  We are looking" forward" to an interesting program in store for us. Gordon  Hall is going to tell us about his Alaska  trip.  -All the best for 1978. May you never run. OUR RECENT SNOW may have been " there's still plenty.to be found atop   the logging road can find a* winter  out of wind or use your keel as a depth   reduced to the odd patch in the shade    Mt. Elphinstone. Anyone willing to   wonderland hear the Tetrahedron ski  finder. in most areas along the coast, but,  walk the last three of four miles up   hut.  R.C. Hospital  A gloomy, wet day didn'trprevent 35  members of the-Roberts Creek Hospital  Auxiliary meeting at the GdlFdubii.ojL  their annual Luncheon and installation of  officers. ^  President, Mrs. Wilma Rodgers,  conducted a short meeting at which the  committee chairmen were' appointed,  namely: Thrift Shop, Gladys and Jim-  Ironside; Phoning Committee, Charlotte  Raines; Volunteer Chairman, Bunny  Shupe; Sunshine, Lillian Thomas;  Hostess, Betty Merrick. Formation of the  Catering Committee was left until the next  meeting.  Representatives on the Co-Ordinating  Council-are-Wilma-Rodgers^and-Pauline-  Lamb', with alternates Lil Flummerfelt.  and Madeline Grose. The meeting wasr  then adjourned and after a short social  pause, Mrs. Ada Dawe, Sechelt Citizen of  the Year and a member of the Shelt  Hospital Auxiliary, installed the officers  for 1978 in a candlelight ceremony. She  brought us greetings from the Sechelt  members. Well-known to most it was a  great pleasure to have her with us.  Justice was then done to the luncheon,  prepared by Emmy Drohman and George  Leith. Congratulations to you both and the  news  empty plates were ..attribute to the excellent fare.     ~ ~~  We were -pleased- to welcome Lillian  i.  Shields back into the-*Auxiliary along with  new members Lisa Graham,. Lila Porter,  Marion Proulx and Vivian Woodward.  -Auxiliaries can always absorb more  people, who can usually find some aspect  of volunteer work suited to their abilities"  and liking,. either inside or outside the  hospital. Next meeting Monday, February  14 at 11 a.m. St. Aidan's Hall. ��� Madeline  Gross.  ic mass  set for Egmont  -�� Catholic mass will be celebrated  Sunday, July 22, 3 p.m. at the Egmont  Community Hall.  Father. Tom Nicholson said he had  hopes for,sufficient attendance to justify  holding the service regularly, perhaps on a  monthly basis.-  Mass is now celebrated "weekly at  Sechelt, Gibsons and the Sechelt Indian  Reserve. .  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18,1978  THURSDAY, JANUARY 19,1978  FRIDAY, JANUARY 20,1978  CHANNEL. 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  -00  Tek*30  EdgaOf  Movia-  ' Taka 30  Dinah  -  Alan *  Match  0:15  V*:30  Cont'd  ,���.���-Night,  , "Giar*l" ,  Cont'd  Cont'd (  Hamal  Gama  Celebrity  Croaa  Part d*.' '*-  Calabrity .  ' Cont'd'  Cont'd  1 Draam Of  :45  Cook*  Wit*  Cont'd;'  Cooka  Cont'd   '  ' Cont'd  Jaannla  :00  Tha Magic.  Marv  Conl'd  Tha Magic  ' Emargancy  Lucy"  Funorama  Li*  Gritlin  . Cont'd '  Lia  Ona             . 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Commandara  "There Waa '  Va.         -   '  Tannia  Fishar  Cont'd  Victoria  ToBa  A Crookad  Victoria  Cont'd  Show  The  :��5  Cont'd  Announc'ad  Man"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Biz  Skatebirda  ���   -00  CBC Sport*  : ABC Sport*  ���Cont'd  CBC Sports  .Cont'd  Wrestling  Cont'd  ZZ  Curling  Golf  Cont'd  Curling  Cont'dy  Cont'd  Cont'd  Claaalc  Cont'd  Cont'd  Claaalc  CBS Sports  . Cont'd  .Space  :4S   '  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Spectacular,  Cont'd  Academy  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 2  .CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  ���00  Ins.-  1:30  :4S  Take 30  Cont'd  Celebrity  Cooka  Edge Of  Night  Cross  Will  I,  Movia  "Promise  Her  Anything"  JafceM  Cont'd  Celebrity  Cooks  Dinah  Cont'd"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Alan  Hamal  Cont'd  Cont'd  Match  Game  I Dream 01  Jaannla  ,-00  3:15  :30  :45  Taka 30   ,  Cont'd  Celebrity  Cooka  Edge Of  Night  Croaa  Wita  Movie  "The  Gazabo"  Conl'd  Take 30- -  Cont'd  Celebrity  Cooka  Dinah  Cont'd  Cont'd  Pont'd  Alan  Hamel  Cont'd  Cont'd  Match  Game  -1 Dream 01  Jeannie   "'"  -00  1:1.  1:30  *5  Vision  On  Whal's  New  Marv  Griffin  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Vision  On  Doris  Day.  Emergency  One  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lucy  Show  Star  Trak  Funorama  Cont'd  The  Monkaaa  :00 One Ot Merv ��� Cont'd ~            One Of _       Emergency Lucy Funorama  1:15 A Kind- Griffin -            Cont'd                A Kind ��       One Show Cont'd  r:30 Friday After Cont'd ConVd                Doris            a     Conl'd Sler   . The  :45 School Conl'd Cont'd                Oey                     Cont'd Trek Monkees  :00  P:30  :45  Marketplace  Conl'd  All In The  Family  Conl'd  Cont'd  News  Cont'd   r  Newlywed  Game  Newa  Conl'd  Adam-12  Conl'd  Nawa  Conl'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Gong  Show-  My Three  Sona  ILova  Lucy  -00  J 15  t:30  :45  Nature Of  Thinga  All In Tha  Family  Cont'd'  Cont'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Newlywed  Game  Newa  Cont'd  -Adam-12  , Cont'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Nawa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd -  Gong  Show  My Three  Sona  I Love  Lucy  ���00 Hourglaaa ABC News Cont'd  J:15 Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd  P-30 Cont'd        v      News NBC News  -vttr��� Cont'd Cont'd  -Cont'd  Newe-  Conl'd  Conl'd  -Cunfd-  CBS Nawa  Cont'd.  Mary Tyler  Moore   ���  Naws  Cont'd  - Conl'd  -Cont'd  Andy  Griffith  Family ������  -Feud������  :00  1:30  -M5-  Hourglaas  Cont'd  Cont'd  -ConPd������  ABC News Cont'd News CBS News fc   News  Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd  Newa NBC News Cont'd Mary Tyler' Cont'd  -Gonfd-���-,���-Cont'd r- Corned��� -jf*oors Confd-  Hee Haw  Honeys  Hollywood  -Souaree-  .-00 Mary Tyler-        People Saallla Hawaii    Y To Tell Fish Joker's  ���:15 Moore .; Place -Tonight Five-O .. ThoTtuth Conl'd Wild  ���30 Leo Cont'd .Match Cont'd The Price Grand Old On The  :45' A Me   ' Cont'd Game Cont'd la Right Country    . Buses  0*m  :00 .Mary Tylar '    Anything             Seattle Charlie's To Tell .  Operation Jokar'a  ":15            Moore                 Goes ,&     Tonight Angela, TheTruth Petticoat Wild  :30           Reach For           The     '               Hollywood Cont'd Movia Julie Doctor In  -.45 The Top              Muppets             Squares Cont'd "The Long Cont'd The House  8  ���00  :1S  :30  ���as_  Csrol                 Welcome Back, CHiPe Carol ��� "'-    The  Burnett              Kotter                Cont'd -Burnett W-i"��--e  Cont'd                Fish                    Cont'd Cont'd Conl'd  Cont'd .-Y-fii'.-. Cont'd���        ^Cont'd ; Cont'd .-'ConVd  The Name That  Waltons Tune      ' Cont'd Merv ___  Cont'd YYGriflinY.-.  8  :00  :15  :30  ���45,  :00 'Canadian Barney Jamaa ���__       Claas Hawaii CTV Reports Cont'd  |:15            Express Millar Al 15 Of '65 Five-O Cont'd Cont'd  1:30'          Cont'd Carter Cont'd ��� Cont'd Cont'd Carter Cont'd  :45            Cont'd Country Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Country Cont'd  "7"  Tony  Randall  Three'*  Company  DonnyA ,  Marie  Cont'd  . Cont'd  Chico _  The Man  Cont'd  Cont'd ���  Tony.  Randall  Three'a  Company  Chase"  Cont'd  Cont'd  .Cont'd  Donny*  Marie  Cont'd  Cont'd   .  Name That  Tune  Merv*"   Griffin  :00  1:15  F-30  :45  Tommy  Hunter  Cont'd  Cont'd  ABC Movia  "Return To  Fantasy  Island"  Rockford  Filea  Cont'd  Cont'd  Tommy  Huntar  Cont'd  Cont'd .  CBS Movin  "Bug"  Confd  Cont'd  Rockford  Files  pont'd- Cont'd  Cont'd-. Cont'd  Cqnt'd  Confd   10  :00  We've Got  -Each Other���  BC  Newamakere  Redd  Fox*���  Cont'd  Cont'd  Class  Ot'65  Cont'd  Conl'd  National  -Geographic  Cont'd  Cont'd  Barnaby  Jones  Cont'd  Conl'd  Logan's  Run  Conl'd  Cont'd  Medical  Canter  Cont'd  Cont'd-  10  :00.  15���  30  :45  To Be f -Cont'd Ouincy                Staraky     - Cont'd Qiiihcy  Announced Cont'd Cont'd                A Hutch '     Cont'd Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd Conl'd               Cont'd    . Conl'd Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd -    Cont'd Conl'd Cont'd  r  Medical  Canter  Cont'd  Cont'd  11  -00 CBC Newa Nawa , Nawa                  CBC Naws News CTV News Forever  :15 Conl'd Cont'd'               Cont'd _Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Fernwood  :30 Newa Starsky              Tonight              Nawa CBS Lata Newa       \. CBS Late  :��5 90 Minutes A Hutch              Conl'd                Cont'd Movie     '~ '   Cont'd Movie.'  11  :00 ' CBC Newa Nawa Naws '               CBC Newa          Newa CTV Newa Forever  :15 .     Cont'd Cont'd .            Cont'd.               Cont'd v   Cont'd Cont'd Fernwood  :30 ���      Newa Baretta Tonight .     Newa                  Lata Movie'. Newa MASH.  :45 ' 90 Minute* Cont'd Cont'd                Cont'd                "Death  . Cont'd Cont'd  12  :00_ Live Cont'd _      Cont'd Uie Movie "KHMozer" ' Lste Movie  :15 Cont'd Cont'd- "Cont'd" ""Rebus" Cont'd "Alvin  :30 Cont'd Toma Cont'd Cont'd Confd Karpia"  Cont'd Cont'd -Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd Cont'd  Cont'd  JWooda"  CBS Lata  Movie  "Confeasions  Ol A O.A.'^,y  SUNDAY, JANUARY 22,1978  MONDAY, JANUARY 23,1978  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 6   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4 . CHANNELS  , CHANNEL 6 7 CHANNEL 7'" CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 12  :00 CBC Sports ABC 8ports Cont'd Travel 78 Cont'd  |:15 Canadian - Blng Crosby Cont'd Cont'd' Conl'd  ���:30 Superstars National Cont'd Movie ' Cont'd  :45 Cont'd Pro-Am Cont'd "Death Cont'd  -CTV Sports  Golf   :  A,.-  Bing CrAb'y    Cont'd  NationaO        Conl'd  Cont'd  Conrd  :00  >:i5  mM  :45  Ryan'a  Hop*  EdgeOt  Night  General  Hdapital  Cont'd,  Cont'd  ..Another  World  Cont'd  '-'CBHi'd .  Cont'd  Cont'd  Edge Ol (' v  Nighl  Cont'd,, ,  'Cont'd  A�� In The  Family  Another  World  Cont'd  Cont'd  Newlywed  Game  Tattletales  Cont'd  :00  P:30  AS  Mr. Chips   .  Cont'd  The Franca  I Love  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  NBC Sports  Sportsworld  Cont'd v  Cont'd  Squad"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS Sports  Challenge Ol  The Sezea.  Basketball  Pro-Am.  Cont'd  Cont'd;  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Italian  Cooking  :O0 Take 30 EdgtOf Movie Taka 30 .        Dinah Alan.               Match  1:15 Cont'd Night   '.' "QBVH"i_ Conl^d .   Cont'd Hamel              Game  1:30 Celebrity ,Cross Parti Celebrity Cont'd Cont'd        ;    I Draam Ot  :4S Cooke Wits Cont'd Cooka Cont'd Cont'd .        Jaennie  -00 Space: ABC SporU    '   Basketball  I4I5 1WB-T-��� ProBowlera Oregon-  1:30 Cont'd Tour Vs.  :45 Cont'd Cont'd     Oregon St^_  Space:  *I��M-  Cont'd M  Cont'd  Cont'd  nttt-  Cont'd  Cont'd  Wide  -WorldOt-  Spbrts  Cont'd  Funorama  ^Contld-   Our  Gang  .    :00  4,15-  :30  :45  Moneyrnakera    Wide Cont'd  ^ont-'d-U-���-���World Of���i���;Cont'd-  Hymn    Y Sporl* Open  Sing Cont'd Heart '  Moneymakers    Phoenix  -Cont'd  SDiis  Hymn '     vs. ���  Sing Weshington  To Be __Eunouima--  Announced     Cont'd  Conl'd Our  ���  Cont'd . Gang  -mir  1:15  r.30  :45  "Stationary  .Ark  Millar  , Oreaeup  Merv ���Contd.  Griffin '   Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd  Cont'd Cont'd  Stationer*  Ark  Doria  Day  Ona  Conl'd  Conl'd  Show  Star  Trek  ���Punoiema-  Cont'd  The  Monkees  -00  p*:30  :45  NHL Hockey  Montreal  Canadians  Vs. ,  Conl'd  Cont'd  Wide  World Ol  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  NHL Hockey  Montreal  Canadians  Vs.  Tony  Randall  Newa'  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  She Ha Na  Cont'd  Beach ,  Girls'  ;00           News    ' Cont'd                Meet The CBC N*wa Bullets Untamed   . Movie  ?;1S            Cont'd Cont'd -     Press Cont'd Conl'd Frontier "Tarzan  ':30       -   Path Across F-Troop             News Student    ' Cont'd Capilol Goes To  :45 ���      A Precipice Cont'd            ,   Cont'd ��� Forum Cont'd Comment    ' India"  9:30  :45  ���a.*0  Vancouver  Sports  News  Vancouver  CBS Nawe  News  Weekend  *D:1S  Dm  Cenucka  Cont'd  Cont'd  Canucke  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd '  Cont'd  Cont'd  Animal  Cont'd  Wonder  Swiss Family  Cont'd     '  ���45'  Conl'd  Cont'd  World  Cont'd  Woman  Robinson  ' Cont'd  -00  Cont'd  Lawrence   ���"  Wild.  Conl'd   '  Conl'd  Bionic -  M.A.B.H.  ���"Tl15  -     f'iSO.  Conl'd  Welk  Kingdom  Cont'd  Cont'd  Woman  Cont'd  ,   Cont'd .  Cont'd  . . Qong  Conl'd   .  In Search  Cont'd  Movie  :4?   ,  Conl'd  Cont'd  Show  Conl'd  Ol...  Conl'd  "To Catch  _iO0  News  Whal's  Bionic   .  Lawrence  Bob  CTV Movie  A Thief"  Q:15  O,J0  Cont'd  Happening  Women  Walk  , Newhart  Conl'd  Cont'd  Th*  ,  Operation  Conl'd  Conl'd '  Mary Tyler  Cont'd  Conl'd  :43  Muppets  Petticoat  Cont'd  Cont'd  Moore  Cont'd  Conl'd  M  .Trivia  Love  NBC Movie  Movie  The  Cont'd '  Cont'd  Q:19  -   9l30  Ouiz  Boal<  "Standing  "Dawn:  ' Jefforeone  >i Cont'd         .  ' Conl'd  On Our Own  Conl'd  j. Tall"  Portr.lt Ol  Tattletales  Cont'd          '  Movie  :45 '  Cont'd  Cont'd  ' cont'd  A Teenage  Conl'd  Cont'd  "The Lady  ;00  , Two  Conl'd  Cont'd  Runaway"  Kojsk  To Be  Vanishes"  10a  Ronnie*  Copt'd  ��� Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Announced  Conl'd  Klahanie  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  That's  Conl'd  |4S  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd ���  Conl'd  Hollywood  Cont'd  iOO  C-CNews  Newa  ,. News ,..,-.,'.,.,���  CBC News  Late Movie  CTV Nawa  Cont'd  11a  Prov. Affaire  Conl'd  Cont'd  Prov. Affaire  ' "Children  Cont'd  Cont'd  * Newa  ABC New*  Saturday  Lata Movie  Ot The Lotus  News  '  Lete Movie  |4��  Late Movie  Late Movie  Night Live  Conl'd  Esters"  Conl'd  "The Thirty-  -00  "Abandon  "ShaWora  Cont'd      I  Conl'd      *���  ���' Conl'd  Conl'd  Lete Movie  Nine Steps"  "IO118  leCiM  Ship"  A Yellow  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Rege"  Conl'd,  Cont'd  . Ribbon"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  ,4S  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd ,  Conl'd  ���3  ��'  mmm  '*&mwfwm#*.  LINOLEUMS  -GAF  - ARMSTRONG  -FlalNTCOtE^  raw?,  Ir-  fo'i-'f1'.!!  W.^f>>^l;>^M>fc.kp,M*'.|M>!J-:WV  HI'   1 III 1 Miliary   ':  CARPETS  - OZITE     - WEST MILI.S  CELANESE   -HARDING  ARMSTRONG -SENECA  -BURtlNGTON  uwmmmivptmm  t C*h   rtt I* r  M|l"pp-**4f* |l��../.H*i.^|jirj ip-    ft-, ,-.y   'a ii..ii.liM.il>iiiii��� innlii .n.'.ii..  WflMUrf If**, if *'V  APPLIANCES  - TAPPAN INGLIS  - FINLAY  - AND JENN-AIR  APPLIANCES  - CERAMIC TILE A  "   vTUBSPLASHES  PaitM.  KITCHEN:  CABINETS &  VANITIES  -CITATION  - CAMEO  - MERIT  -CAREFREE  J   mmm  < Box 694, Glbiom  7 .,  . 1 . i   .       . 1  locotAd noxt to Windsor Plywood - for appointment ph. -W6-2763  :00  Wor|d Ol  New*  NBC News  News  CBS New*  News  Cont'd  Om  Disney  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Film  How  Cont'd.  David  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���Ai  Cont'd  Festival  Come?  Conl'd  Horowils  Conl'd  Cont'd  .-00  A OKI  Hardy  World Ol  A Gilt -"<  To Lest  SO Mlnut**  Hardy  DO Minutes  1 :30  To Lest  Boys  Disney  Cont'd  Boya  Conl'd  Conl'd  Nancy  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Nancy  Conl'd  145    ���  Cont'd  Draw  Cont'd    ^  Cont'd  Conl'd  Drew '  Cont'd    .  |00  King Of  ������8I��  NBC Speelel^^^ntrOT^N  Rhoda  Six  MoVie  0:15  O;10  Kensington  Million  "Country  ,  Kensington  \  Cont'd  Million  "Suspicion"  CBC Special  Dollar  Music"  CBC Special  \ On Our Own  Dollar  Cont'd  ' ,-45  "Kref178lh  Man  Cont'd  "Kraft 75lh  /Cont'd  Man  Cont'd  iOO "  Annlvereer-f  ABC Movie  Cont'd 1  Anniversary^  All In Tha  Ko|ak  Cont'd  Q:15  ���17:30  Sho^" ',  "The Man  Conl'd  Show"   /  Family  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Wllh The  Conl'd  Cont'd  Alice  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���M  Conl'd        ���  Oolden Gun"  Cont'd ���  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  :00  Marketplace  Cont'd  Cont'd  Marketplace  Carol,  CTV Reporte  Lete Moils  10a  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Burnett  Conl'd  "Jsnialc*  Ombudsman  Conl'd  Cont'd  Ombudsman'  Conl'd       '  Conl'd  Inn"  , :45  Cont'd*  Cont'd,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd,    .  Conl'd  Cont'd  :00  CBC Naws  Conl'd  News  , CBC New*  CBS News  CTV N��w*  Cont'd  ,  US  Naws  Cont'd  Conl'd  Bullosa*  Hews  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd'  Newe  Lala Movie  Capilol   ,  M.A.S.H.  N*��f*  Cont'd  :45  Lai* Movi*  Cont'd  "Rosemary'*  Commsnl  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  :00'  "Th*  ABC New*  B*by"  L*t* Movi*  CBS Lala  Let* Movi*  Late Movie  1Mm\X  Killer*"  Lata Movie  Cont'd  "Rage"  Mov|e  "If*  "Th* Mon  Conl'd  "M*d*m*  Conl'd  ' Cont'd  "Confessions  OoodTo  Who Knew  '1 ��� ���         145  Conl'd  Curie"  Conl'd  Cont'd  Of D.A, Man"  Be Alive" .  Too Much"  it  TUESDAY, JANUARY 24,1978  .   ,  ',  CHANNIL 2  CHANNIL 4  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL'S  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL)-    CHANNEL 12  K��  Take JO  Bdge Of  Movi*  'Take 30'>''"'  Dinah  Alan  Match  '          IpJiJO  Conl'd  Night  "OB VII"  conl'd.     ,  Conl'd'  Hamel  Oame  Celebrity  Cross        ���  Pari II  Celebrity  Conl'd  Conl'd  1 Dreem Ot  :4a  Cooke   "<  Wlls  Conl'd  Cook*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Jeennle  100  Pencil  Marv  Cont'd  panel!  Emergency  Lu��y  Funoram*  *ti��0  '   Boa,< .  Orlffln/  ContW  Cont'd  '   Ban  One  Shot*  Cont'd  Coming Up  Cont'd  Doil*  Conl'd     ���  8l*r  The  I4tj  Rosl*  Cont'd  Conl'd  Day  Cont'itJ  Trek  Monkees  ���J-'00  %��*|30  NHL Hockey  Cont'd  N*wlyw*d  MIIL Hockey  New*  Conl'd  My Three  All-Blar  Cont'd  Oeme  All-Blar  Cont'd  Conl'd  Son*  Oeme  Naws  New*  o*m*  Cont'd  Qong  ILov* ���  .48  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Show  Luay  .,,,,,,,,.,,,,���, ,M....  "������Cont'd-���.-  ��������*AB_ N*W* ���"*  ��� cont'd*-'.-'"-.  "'���oonl'd-���"'���������"-'  ���-��� omim-p'  -"������New* <�����������<"-'���  ������-Andy'---�����-  Cut  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  o-itiith  UlMI  Cont'd  Newa  NBC New*  Cont'd  M*ry Tyler  Confd  Oong  148  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Moore   '  Cont'd   <  ���how  iOO  Conl'd  ����plorsllon  ���������III*  Conl'd  TO T*ll  ���l*r*  Joker's  "Ti"  f |M  Conl'd  Northwest  Tonight  Conl'd  Th* Truth  Onto*  Wild  Cont'd    ,  CheNaNe  Nam* The!  Conl'd  TNPrlM    :  ���oeieh A  On The  i4fj  Conl'd  Cont'd  Tun*  Oonl'd  1* Right  n**o-M  Bus**  lOO  Hourglaaa  Happf  NB0 Movie  Th*  cat n*port*  To����  \ Nemo Thel  Q.u  Cont'd  Day*  "Th* Perk  Fltipalrlok*  copt'd  Announced  Tune  OiM  Conl'd  LavsrnaA  Seciel 01  Cont'd   '  Cont'd .  Conl'd  Merv  i��  Cont'd  Shirley  Harvest  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Griffin  iOO  Mary Tylar  Thr**'s  Home"  Movi*  MASII.  Funny  Conl'd  Qiti  ��� Moflri  Compsny  Perl II  Cont'd  Conl'd  farm  Conl'd  ���a7ll0  To Be  Soap.  p> , Conl'd  Conl'd  CBB Special  Soep  Cont'd  1               l��  Announced  Cont'd  Conl'd  - Cont'd  "Kraft Ttlh  Cont'd  Conl'd  _. V����  ���clence  ramlly  Conl'd  Cont'd  Anniversary  CI***  Medlssl  10a  Mageim*  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���how"  Ol'����  Cental  To��e  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd,         p  "���*��� HM  Announced  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  [00  CBC New*  Newa  Hews  CBC Nawa  ' News  CTVN*w*  Forever  11a  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Oonrd'  Cont'd  fernwood  M*w��  ABC I ale  Tonight  New*  CBB tale  N*w*  CBS Late  |4��  WMlnulee  Movie  -.  Conl'd  Conl'd  Movie  Conl'd  Movie  '  +*%"''  live  "Two Mule*  Cont'd  1*1* Movie  "McCloudi  1 *l* Movi*  "MoCloudi  1-biN  Conl'd  for Slater  Conl'd  "Blver 01  Return To  "OAn m  Return To  Oepp-ft-  ��e��S"  C**t<d  M),aa��ry"  tmj. e\top"Hp*"  Ps��*ss  Tea) AVep-e"  41  Oenl'd  Cenl'rt  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cenl'rt  Agent"  Cont'd  Country  Canada  All In The  Family  Newe  Cont'd  ABC Newa  Cont'd  Newlywed  Geme  New*     .  .  Conl'd  Adam-12  Conl'd  New*  Cont'd'  Newa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Gong  Show .  My Three  Son*  I Lovo  Lucy  :00  Hourglass   .  NFLFootbell  Cont'd  N*w*  CBS Newe  News  Andy  6a  Conl'd  Pro Bowl  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Griffith  Cont'd.  AFC  NBC Naws  Conl'd  Mary Tyler  Cont'd  Hollywood  :45  Cont'd  Conlerenca  '  Cont'd  Conl'd  Moore  , Conl'd  Squares  :00  ���   Mary Tyler  All-Stars  Seattle  Llltl*  To Tell  Bobby  Joker's  7:15  f :30  Moore  Vs.  Toplght  House  The Truth  Vinton  Wild  Pacific  NFC  Hollywood  On The  Disaster  Headline  Doctor In  ' ':45  Report       '"'  Conference  Squares  Prairie  "Cont'd  Hunters  The House  "      :00   '  Belly  All-8lsra  tittle  Belly  Charlie  Swllch  Name That'  QilS  ,      O;30  While  Cont'd  ' House  While  Brown  Cont'd  Tun*  Front Page  Cont'd  On The  FrontPage*-*  Rlkki.  Cont'd  Marv  , :45  Challenge  ABC Special  Prairie  Challenge  Tlkkl-Tavi  Cont'd  Orlffln  ;00  Superapeclal  "Roots:     .  NBC Movie  siiperepeclel  CBS Movie  CTV Movie  , Cont'd  .. . Q:1��  ��7:30  Conl'd  On* Year  "The Dark  Conl'd  "The  Cont'd' .  Cont'd  Cont'd  Later" *"  Secret 01  Conl'd  Detection  Cont'd  Cont'd  ���Ai  Conl'd  Special ���  Harvest  Co/it'd  Of Blmea  Cont'd  Conl'd  .,.....���.<��...  N*w*mapjatlna  Conl'd  "Shirley  Home"  Newsmagailna  Kudirk*" .  Cont'd  Medical  10a  B��***y"  Peril  Cont'd  Cont'd        '  Conl'd  Center  Men  Conl'd         ,(  Conl'd  Men  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  '   '|        p|4S  Alive '  New*           ��  Cont'd  Alive      -  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  lOO  CBC News  Cont'd  N*w*'  .   CBC Newa  Nawe  CTV Hews  Forever  ills-  Cont'd           p  Cont'd  C ont'd  Conl'd   .  Conl'd  Cont'd  Fernwood  Newa  Police  Tonight  News'  CBB Lele  News  CBS Lele  :45  DO Minutes  Slory  Conl'd  Cont'd  Movie  Cont'd  Movie  lOO  Live             ,  Cont'd  Cont'd'  Lele Movie  "Case Of The  Lale Movie  ������Case 01 Th*  Amtao  Conl'd  1  Cont'd  Cont'd  .   "This  Baltimore  "Saiga:  Belllmore  Cont'd   ,  Cont'd  Happy  atria" '  Badge Or  Olrlt"  '      :4��  Cont'd  Conl'd  Feeling"  Conl'd  The Cross"  Conl'd  !*7!^^.^,'��,'*;'r?'.'T's'**'>iVt'Ts.B  p|^'4li^lM'uU'^'.iCsCip.pU^:l^  Date Pad  ���i'i'','','i''',''*'.''.*  'i'lKi'i'i:1:1':  ','!���::  Jan, 10 -- Rob-rt�� CrooR Commun^  Gordon Dixon, 0 pni, R6bl�� Ck Comm Hall, i  Jan, 1B ��� Dancing, Sonlor Clllxani Hall, Socholt, 1,30 pm  Jan. 20 ��� Edgar Cayco'. Intorprotatlon of th* Book of Revelation*, .lido  show and dltcuislon, Wilton Crot-k Community Hall, 0 pm.  Jan. 20 -- Sanlor Cltlxon's Drop-In, Wilson Crook Community Hall, 2*4 pm,  Muilc, t��a, oamos, '  Jan. 21 ��� Kids Films, Wilson Creak Community Halt, 9*11 am, small admission,        ,           Jan. 21 -~ Public Mwllna w|l|i B.C. Hydro officials to discuss Chookyo Una  proposal, Madolra Park Communlly Hall, 2 pm,  Jan, 22���-Crlbbafl-, W��lcom_04��ach Hall, 2 pm, '  Jan, 22 -���-, Fmmlly Games, Wilson Cro��k Community Hall, 2*4 pm.  Jan, 23 ������ Carp-t Bowling, W��lcom*�� Beach Hall, 1130 pm  Jan, 26 ��� Film Show on Brazil, Central America & Mexico, Wolcomo Boc-cl*  Hall, 7i30 pm,  Jan. 26 -7- Sunshine Coast Lions Giant Bingo, Sechelt Legion, doors open at  7, first game at 8 pm,  Jan, 30 ��� Area* 'B' Ratepayers Ass'n General Meeting, Welcome Beach  Hall, 7i30 pm,  Utl THIf *PAC* TO fROMOTI YOUK OROANIZATrON'S SVSNTS  is-  M- >j\ ! ���>.  - ���i*-*.'*.V...I\(i4;(,rl1,  ��� ���" T-  wm��*<>>f!s!&!i#i^^  w./..:m^...��.wv��.;!p:^  J. CH0QUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FAORICATpR���INDUSTRIAL &, ^AARINE  Bo,��ia36 lASTPORPOISiaAYKOAD*' -WiiMMiIM'  Sechelt, B.C, VON 3A0 ���'������*',._ *       .Hwlia-MM  ���wJa^^pspaaaaaaaiaaaa^aaaapaaaaaaaMa aan a ��� i, n .ipliiliii aaeWaSaapfwaaaa^aaaPeweae^iaaaaMaaie^pa^aaaa^ywiaaaaewaaja.  1'    ,        l.v. ....... ..^  ...���..,^. ,   ( r,t  ,wa,f,i.... ^a-lap, ,,^ .,r-���   ���      I.,  ,.  ������������-' .��a>-...-*��4nr.Ty .,.,,>.���,,  >* "  ^:;;y';i;*^i:|ii:i|:|:|  p^Vi'i'Myi'iVi'  ..*,..., *..,��^. ,.��,)..,���. ^,  ........ .�����,��..:r,^i-.:^z-f:.,,-, ..w*��*>^  ���'"'"���'������~-!>-,flfc   .        ��� 7,-.Y...       ,   V.. ��� ���  '   '"   . "^ .'    '."-"Yf   .A'   '��-'���������-,  m--l W* ��u% ^J&wtermmvmi'di&'tyt^'^frpw Wt-w*w**��t  PM~-* TB^tPW^fp***   If  U  ���rt*4*^*S"-* #^��JM(��S��*�� Fn(r*-�� **b�� ft  "T  jPH-n*-.,^  ������ \\  ')*..,     ��a.    ���    -it..'  wi^=V Pwi.,^9 p ^^. ,m, . A^W^ji^s..  ..Rl-   A  .�� ....,���, .,.,  " ��� ..    '       / L-_---aJ  ���A A  l���.      .   tf\      .     *    p..-e--s��a^(w;-^--1"-  rv.  >       i .X  "I  rhe Peninsula Times       v   Page A-7  Wednesday. January 18.1978    '  On the rocks  - tm  THE GALES' Rick Ion, -number 10,   .the North Van defence in their game   no avail this time but paid off later'  and Roy McBride, number 7, battle   Saturday. McBride's efforts were to   with a goal late in the first period.  Gales split series with the Winterhawks  .Y ~ by* Pat Edwards  Response has been-good to the 'mixetf  bonspiel scheduled for the comiggjveek-  end. Don't forget the rink must blTskipped  by a lady curler. A number of the league  rinks are juggling positions and entering  this fun 'spiel. If you haven't already done  so, get your name on the list posted at the  rink. The registration fee isonly $10 per  rink, and the fun'' you will have is  - guaranteed to be well worjh the money.  Refreshments will be available, top.  The Canfor bonspiel held last week was  L^-veryYSUGcessful-eventT^ith^he^Dave  Gant rink taking top honours. Dave and his  rink consisting of Jan Newbauer at lead,  Roger Hocknell playing second and Dan  Reitlo'third, will represent Port Mellon at  the Canfor 'spiel in Prince George in  March. Good luck, fellas!  The high school rep. team with sponsor  Harry Turner travelled to North Vancouver for a bonspiel over the week-end.  We will bring you their results next week.  LV - ROOFING SUPPLY CENTRE ^Wmi  886-2489  By ED LANDS  The Coast Gales got back on the winning track Saturday night with a 4-3 win  over the North. Vancouver Winterhawks,  but* fell off again Sunday, losing the  rematch 9-7.  In the first period Saturday it looked as  though the Hawks might walk away from  the Gales. With goals by Willets and Gould  the Hawks-appeared ready to greet the  first intermission with a two goal cushion.  Suddenly, with seconds remaining, Roy  McBride decided to even things up a little  and scored on a pass from linemate Dave  Mewhort.  Most noteworthy in the opening period  sfas-the-boni  by defenceman  game.  Ion caught the Hawks' lachance with  his head down and promptly dealt out an  uplifting experience to the North. Van  forward.       -,  In leaving the ice, Lachance needed  assistance from two of his fellow players  and never returned to the game.  Referee Mike Gagnon decided some  consolation was needed for the visitors and  awarded Ion an elbowing penalty.  At 8:15 of the second period the Winterhawks' Gould picked up his second goal  to put his team ahead 3-1. Jim Gray then  brought the Gales back to within a goal of  the visitors at 12:55, with Les Hopkins and  Dixon to send home the winner with less  than four minutes left.   * --*���  Centreman* Robbie Williams made, a  very heads-up play, spotting his left-  winger open in the slot; Dixon's quick shot  was the feey factor in the goal.  Sunday's rematch between the two   ' empty net goal rounded out the scoring  clubs resulted in a high scoring affair, the  locals bowing out 9-7.  With the score tied 7-7 late in the third*  period, a flukey Winterhawks goal scored  by Davis proved to be the winner. An  Gales's scorers were, Hopkins (3),  Mewhort, Ivan Dixon (2) and Butch  Rogers. North Van scorers were Davis (3),  Woodman (2), Willets; Matsen, Mason  and Ennant.  Focus on fitness  Straighten up for the health off it  By-IAN HUNTER .  Physiotherapist, St. Mary's Hospital  The Fitness Program on our coast  g^edUaanded-ouU^ifetyy^rtt^ oppurtunity^o^iimtarily-  Rick Ion early in the    maintain your fitness and upgrade it  through activity. The Medical Profession  and its associated professions- provides  care and rehabilitation to return you to  standards of health and fitness, within"  generally accepted norms, when some  circumstance has reduced this level.  However, to complete the package  there is a need to apply some general  "rules to live by." Call these what you will  ��� correct application^ body mechanics,  preventative medicine, safety rules. Even  your fitness program, which in itself is a  form of preventative medicine, may prove  your undoing if you ignore the safety rules  which tie our package together. Even if  you  don't participate in  the   Fitness  Stu Orpen assisting.. -Program,, the. "rules .'to _ live. by'Y are  essential and if they are ignored, you will  certainly participate in the other half of  / The third period saw Gale's Mewhort  -fled up the game at 1:57 with Sean Van  Streppen assisting.  The stage was now set for young Bobby  Yoga workshop full  4nterest-in-the-upc_onuDg^hn-RobBih_u  our package sooner or later as some of you  have experienced already.  The members of our fitness team are  very aware of these "safety rules" and, as  part   of   their   area   of   expertise   is  Yoga Workshop on Jan. 20 and 21 is very  high,' and through pre-registration the  workshop is already full to its limit of 25;  Payment in advance is necessary, and  persons who have pre-registered but have  not yet paid the $20 fee are asked to submit  their payment to the Fitness Service office, 6r to mail it to the Fitness Service,  Box 1069, Sechelt, VON 3A0, no later than  Jan! 16." ".���',  Persons who wish their name to be  placed on a waiting list in case of cancellations may do so by calling the Fitness  Service at 885-3611. .  ���preventin^^iidisabiUty^thw=:wni:::::6e:::  reminding you (if you know already) and  , teaching you (if you don't) how to apply  some of these "safety rules."  jGood-posture, def ined-^s-an-aligflmenl  of the body parts so that there "is perfect  balance of one part on another, a state that  can be maintained with the minimum of  muscular effort and which is aesthetically  pleasing to theTeyeTis one of the major  safety rules to observe, this "good  posture" is something to be maintained  through activity as well as in static  situations. When it is riot, it throws stress  on the body which may result in injury and  so must be an Indivisible part of anything  you do.  This leads us to some easily appreciated examples"of this: lifting, lifting  -and���turning���and-reaehingr���Lifting���an  object, whether heavy or light, .should  always be done by bending the knees while  maintaining "good posture" of the back.  To bend the back and lift is to adopt '-'poor  posture" while performing an activity,  and this leads to a situation where the risk  of, injury is greatly multiplied. When lifting is done correctly, the posture of the  back is maintained throughout the activity  and the legs are used correctly within their  ���mechanical boundaries.  Similarly, with turning and lifting, we  may lift correctly only to risk squirting"out  slipped discs here there and everywhere  by not moving our feet. Correctly, of  course, we should lift with our legs and a  straight back, then move our feet in the  direction that the object is next required.  This falls "theh"e~xa~ctly^itiiih me "rules of  the game.  .Reaching is another situation in which  over-extension of the spink constitutes  poor postural position with a resultant  stress* of body mechanics. Whenever  anything is out of reach of a normally  raised arnrthgn^tepping^tnnLshoulfHm  "usedT- ;  Lifting objects and then holding them  away from you is a No-Nb. Perhaps the  object is too bulky, or maybe it will dirty  ije_t1ttb~and tucker. Whatever the  look out! You are,courting  working at the workbench, place one foot  on a low stool or block of wood, it will stave  off poor posture followed by fatigue ��� try  -hVand-see; '   - Lastly for no yr, when in doubt ��� Don't!  When an object is too bulky or too heavy  always get help,��� you'll save time in the  end.  Wildlife club looks for aid  /  f  ���At the first meeting of the recently  elected* executive the necessity of members getting their feet wet in the running of  the Club activities instead of sitting on the  sidelines and letting someone else do all  the work was emphasized.  New keen members are required and  perhaps the meeting of,. Jan. 11 was indicative of what to expect this year. There  was a short business meeting and the  Greenpeace whale saving film was  shown thanks to the efforts of Barry  Lavender, It was a really excellent film  and scorned to meet with tho approval of  tho twenty or thirty people present.  More advertising of the Club's ac-.  tlvitles will be given t6 the press and all  members will be filling In the now application form which tries to define the  Interests of tho Individual. A program to  try and meet those Interests will bo  devolopedj  The Club will get more involved In local  affairs nnd conservntidn will try to cover  the fish and wildlife aspect ns well ns  , people nnd the problems affecting them,  l.Oi coastal oil transportation, B.C. Hydro,  etc., and It Is hoped thnt there will be more  co-operation between Uio Wildlife Club and  other organization- Interested In the sume^  objectives,       *���  Tho Juniors will bo asked what othor  activities apart from shooting they would  t)o Interested In, tho Idea boing to Involve  ��� them more In general Club affairs,  Films will be shown at regular monthly  meetings Iwld on the first Wednesday of  every month at 7:30 at tho Clubhouse. Wo  ,,,. now havo. aJlat-pLNatlonatFilm Board  releases dealing with environmental and  wildlife subjects and we'wlll also be taking  advantage of tho offer of Elphlnstono  School to use tlio video tapes avallablo  througli tho,Resource Centre..At,the next  meeting the,video tape dealing with tlio  "Ifubjcct of mercury poisoning, Minlmnta  disease, will bo shown.  [r Shooting is in tho caro.of a now,coordinator nnd Interest In thin Held Is  growing. "The Junior program is well  under way on Monday, nights, pistol  shooting on Tuesdays and ,22 shooting on  Thursdays. Efforts are to be made to  organize a women's shooting group and  more, much more, emphasis will be  placed on the uso and safety of firearms in  the upcoming CORE program, passing of  which is an essential part of getting a  hunter's licence for the first time,.  Two Club fishing derbies will be hold,  one early In the year for the enthusiast and  the second In the summer, as a moro social  affair. Gerry Berdahl has volunteered his  services to demonstrate the skills of fly  tying and fly casting. This will tako placo  on Wednesday evenings and will be for  members only. Phono Garry to confirm  starting .date of this program. ,  NoW lt ls up to the membership to get In  "there with their Executive and make this a  year toJoo remembejred, Keep |n mind that,  Uie"CluhIs only"os"good as the effort the  members put into lt and lt ls up to each and  everyone to get Involved.  -your  reason  ^disaster. The outstretched arms lengthens  Uie lever and greatly increases the stress  on the spine, Hug the object close to your  chest.  T.V. slump; another legacy of our age.  A back's best friend is a straight backed  hard chair. If this is not available then it's  a good idea to learn to sit properly, in any  chair. Here's how: tilt head back then  bring it forward tuckingin chin as you do  it. This will straighten your back. Tighten  your tummy and raise your chest. Now  move back to thejjack rest, maintaining  your position. Incidentally, all you drivers,  this Is the correct driving position ��� close  to the pedals* with the seat belt in position  and perhaps a hard back rest ��� available,  commercially.  None of this is easy, is it? Nothing  worthwhile ever is, trite but.no loss true.  There are a few things to make life  easier: ladles, whilst ironing, men, whilst  January Fashion���  "^"Continues  It's a great sale and it's on right now.  ^~~-^Fah^a^-^e_.u_liQhs throughout both  of bur stores. Many, many styles &  sizes to choose from. Don't miss this  opportunity to make some beautiful  fashion purchases for your wardrobe  ���   .at.."'.'''  SPECIAL SAVINGS  h$  Sunnycrest Centre,       Trail Bay Centre!  Gibsons  Sechelt  ^ i   ���*        M *    *  r  i  i  ,!.,  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  1  I  i  i  i  i  i  i  BRAND NfW  TOWELS  Only $4.00  Plut 78�� for pottage and handling.  Manufactured Irom UNWOVEN  Cotton and Rayon flbret, Ruined to  you directly Irom the factory,  Beautiful pattal thadet. Never leave  lint, MILLIONS .old annually,  Hundrediof met, Slto 9"xl2", Ideal  for thn FARM, home and BUSINESS,  ���.*?-��!fi!mi-?rf*�� M,,,M.,��,MM.  (REFUNDABLE),   We   gladly   accept  .your cheque, money-order or cain,  QUANTITY PRICES  T-<T00 for $6.00  .���50Q for $15.00  i Ruth your order to:  mPERI AL WORLD SERVICE  * Box 296, Snowdon P.O. ,  MontrAal. Canada  \i-,C'rX'--  7T~ '  A-M  ",,7, -������  fW"*!^,     *n,-*-  ft***-* ���'f-f <      Yd    1f>       _    *b*      -.  't.*<V_..  ' -      *  Hi  "VI  '���*A,1'>'7:.':*'"V'\*".'P'!V r ,<t��  p-Aitfi,,  t   ' 1 .    .  #.  /   /  PageA-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 18,1978  Anyone for belly dancing?  _ a  Lockstead raps transport study's recommend  V  -Women of all ages are invited to attend  the-Belry Dancing Workshop with Vancouver instructress Erika Enters "being,  plahnedforSunday, "January 29, from 12  __naou_until-6'-p.mr in-the-gym" of "Sechelt"  Elementary School.  The workshop will be a combination of  demonstrations, exercise and dance.  ��� sessions, and talks covering a range of  related topics including the history of belly  dancing, traditional and cabaret costumes  and how to make them, - make-up,  jewellery, and good records and books on  the subject.   -  -necessary, and_participantsneed bring  only a notebook if they wish to make-notes,  and a piece of fruit if-they wish a.light  snack. Dress should.be comfortable to  *mWe~ih7ahd;tea will be provided.       '  The fee for the workshop is $12, and pre-  registration ahd advance payment are  necessary by  Monday,  January  23rd.  Those interested are asked to call Fitness  .Service at 885-3611, or drop in at our office  above Whitaker House.  One-quarter of a million Canadian adults  and over 1,000,000 children were involved  No previous dancing experience  is   in fhe~wdrlrofTUNICEF^during the year.  MLA. Don Lockstead, NDP transportation critic, last week blasted a  provincial gpvernnient-sponsored study,  saying that -if the-report's"- recommendations to withdraw, transportation  subsidies were carried out, they would  lead to a doubling or tripling of fares.  Lockstead also said, however, that the  recommendations would likely not be  accepted by the government because to do  so "would be^ political suicide."  The study was conducted by the Center  for Transportation Studies at the  University of British Columbia for the B.C.  Department of Energy.  The study area included the B.C. coast  from PoweU River north on the mainland  and CampbeU Itiver. north on Vancouver  Island. - :   Because of the variety of northern  transportation "n^rJ-fttie current system  of subsidizing individual companies should  be phased out and replaced with transportation allowances to individuals in  isolated communities, according to the  study. " " j  This would allow those individuals to  make their own .transportation choices  based on their own needs, the study" says,  andy^oiald^bemore equitable than any-  subsidy systems  ,   Isolated communities are defined as  those not serviced by rail or connected by  paved road . tcy a/provincial  highway  :system?  airport for the Bella  ' Lockstead/said discontinuance of  subsidies would lead to increases in freight  rates of 300 percent or more in some areas.  "And another ferry rate increase "would be  a economic disaster for the coast," he  said.        7 '      <���*  Lockstead said the NDP does support  some of the study's recommendations,  such as federal upgrading of multipurpose docking facilities on the coast,  opening of some private wharves to the  public, upgrading navigational aids and  Your car is  telling you  something.  CHECK  HOSES OFTEN!  Y  V  - /���  V  '  fl'  X ���'  t   ..I'I  ''''''���^wfMM^Mi^  Prices effective until  January 23, 1978  Many more unadvertised specials  a*.  BATHROOM  2ply-8roJls  ZERO-IN PRICE  t��=_=;--_-vJr��! H7ml5*  I,  JL  rolls for  1.98  ____  ��*<-  VITAMIN C  Western Drug  S-awabrand  Swallow   100mg.  - 500's  ,��*���.��-  IPLE  VITAMINS  r MINERALS  Western^rug  Marts oyvfr brand  '������ v/'iyioo's"  z;ero-in price  1.88  ���*�����-.  TOOTHPASTE  100ml.  ZERO-IN PRICE  A,.C  y~  ^ERO-IIINPRICE  1.69  RIGHT  GUARD  Roll-on  '. anii-p^rspirant  scented 57ml.  ZERO-IN PRICE  ABSORBENT  Johnson &  Johnson  144's  FACIAL  ZERO-IN  PRICE  Royale  Small box  48's    V  ZERO-IN PRICE  for  for  DOVE  Liquid  detergent  32 fl.oz.  ZERO-IN  PRICE  '*���/"  GLADE  Solid air  freshener  ,      170g.  '.'" V'ZEPtb-IN  PRICE  /.'..'.:>/.  '/'  NICE n  EASY  The shampoo-In  hair color  ZERO-IN PRICE  1.88  Vaseline  inii'nmvi  (M<l  INTENSIVE  CARE  LOTION  -1 .   < *  Vaseline  400ml..'   /  'extra strength for  problem skirt  ZERO-IN  PRICE  ���        a-iUS)  WtVI.'jpftW'rr  :J  ESSENCE  .SHAMPOO  tiA    ���   700rril. ^  ZERO-IN PRICE  m\3%3  ,7ss;;>  Y'TpWp'S'  ���P.   <��� Ii>-P'^.t  ���^.AA  ^���**^p*��^*  SPRAY  Adorn 13 fl.oz.  'A '       ' " '   ���  ZERO-IN PRICE  1.77  r*__r   �� v  t^PaP^PaM  '4,-'   ^T* '  A:, mSm  %SSm%^  IRISH  SPRING  SOAP  Bath size  4.7 oz.  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VXX, : '   .,; ^m,..u,*?'.i��*.xMz*.'*KW  am^-m,.. ���-  ."'.���'v' '.''���' ������'��� '' ' A ��������� ta/'-V, ���'-,'   '. \   ���      , ,   p ' '��� ���,"���.,.,. |     '..'������        ������',." ��� .'������      ' t -,..:���  !<' ni . ' , ���<,  ' ,��'P   '        ' . , ��� P* , , I,  I"  f *.'�����*-���*:'h  '���I..     '  t u*�� WBHW^p^TO^BP^-tlliwl  *  * ,  . -       .    '��  *.*T  ���:if 'A  :  u\   y    >   7  t ^.  :.^J*, X.���  I  >    I  "1"  >*"-**��� Mi*��*��f��-     iipiif u-^*ftk  i ,  f       I  y-T,  I    ,  'H '  '��� 7  vwy**/!  ��-^.''  ,   r...A    , __  I\ ��� ������  T A  Section B  Wednesday, January 18,1978  \ Pages, 1-6  Take a step in.tfoe jri_t.t  direction. Jake a few.,  'cr/ontW  PdRTICIPDCTlan  Fitness. In your heart you know it's right.  Recreation committee meets  ���A . '��������� '^^m^^mms,  ..'���./-"���:-"  '���*��� -'���-�����.���_  ^v SE��i^^^;i**wSi_i'*w   -'���ST'**.  ^L^E__^^^_l_-_wSs_r!s  The January meeting of the Halfmoon  Bay Recreation Committee was held at the  home of Chairman Peggy Connor owing to  the Welcome Beach HaU being closed for  alterations. .  The next meeting, Monday, Feb. 13, '  will be the Annual meeting for the groupY  and will be held at 7:30 p,nx at Welcome  Beach HaU..A good program is planned  and all interested people in the Halfmoon  Bay area are welcome to attend.  ,   Reports on the Christmas party held for  the children showed it was a most successful event for the young of the area. A  ['suggestion that it be held in the afternoon  next^earrmet^ith-good-response"as~the"  youngest  members  form   the   largest j  numbers.  , The memorial fund for Jim Cooper is  growing. Anyone wishing to donate to the  fund that will be used as a scholarship for  an athletic student, may do so by sending  it to Mrs. Donna Perry, RR 1, Halfmoon  Bay.  Barbara Laakso gave a report on cross  country skiing. She is willing to take a'  group and show them the tricks and trails  for this popular sport.  It was decided to send a delegate to the  Seminar for, Commissioners to be held at  the MissionJLeisure Centre, in Mission on  February 1. The very fitting theme'  "Planning Process!!, should be of great  assistance in planning for the new park  hoped for in this area. "Mr. CUve Justice, a  landscape architect and park planner, and  Mr. Brian Johnston^ consultant and  founder of Professional Environmental  RecreationConsultants Ltd., wiU be there.  Both guests have been involved in many  Parks and' Recreational Master .Plan  Processes in communities in Western  Canada.  , ' Recreation is a universal experience  which should be enjoyed by all and for  which each of us has some responsibiUty.  Playing fields are the prime need in  this area. District Lot 1623 is where plans  are being made to fill this need.  AU interested in sport activity are-  asked to attend the meeting on February  13 at the hall, to assist in plans for the  park.    ���i-  Barbara Laakso is nominating  chairman for the elections to be held at  this meeting. Nominations for directors  are to be sent or phoned to her at 885-961,7.  Eleven members were present at the  meeting including a newcomer to the area,  Mrs. Helen Stephen from Atlin.  Forthcoming plans include the Easter  egg hunt and pancake breakfast. A hike to  Smugglers Cove wiU take place next week.  EAVESTROUGHS &  GUnER MAINTENANCE  CUSTOM CRAFT  PRODUCTS  885-2992  Cleaning & Repairing  S&Y^-J*-* A    <*-;���,  Corrections  JANUARY^  .<��� Sva&w*,. ^   M__  Two lifesaving courses planned  Two lifesaving courses, one in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and another in  .survival first aid are to be'offered on the  Peninsula next month.  Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation is a  Gibsons Hospital  Auxiliary report  The first regular monthly meeting in  1978 was held on Wednesday, 11 January  1978, in our new quarters above  "Lueky'DolkivThe iuoin Ih laige  ventilated and-wiU. amply ^uit-our purpose  once our belongings are all unpacked and  everything set in its proper place,-which  wUl.giye it a more homey atmosphere.  Under these rather trying circumstances our President, Joan. Rigby,  brought the meeting to order and con-  ducted^n^xceUenLjijeeting considering  lengthy agenda  Annual reports were heard from the  _JBre5ident_as-well-as-���on_rmttee-Chair:���Febniary  persons, and a very pretty picture was school in  painted of all the volunteer activities  carried out over the past year as well as  many worthwhile fund raising projects in  aid of purchasing equipment for the  betterment of the patients at St. Mary's  Hospital. The enthusiasm shown by All  Auxilians has been very gratifying indeed  and we wish to salute them for their efforts  and trust that next year we can do even  " ' better! ���"���"'������'' - ,"..'" :"'".'  Decernber repprts were also "heard  from the various committees, which included the results of a Chrlstmas.party for  the Extended Care Patients in St. Mary's  Hospital. In Annie Metcalfe's words, the  . party was a delight to all the patients.  Twenty members worked for a total of 76  hours.  \We wish to thank you, tho public, once  again for contributing so generously to our  Christmas Card FundRaising Project. It  was Indeed a great success and the money  '"   will bo given to St. Mary's Hospital,  A two minute silence was observed in  memory of Mrs. Jparinie Meadows,' who  ,   passed away during Uie Yuletldc Season.  She will be sadly missed by all our  members.  Our President informed us that one of  our members, Mrs. Marguerite Myers had  tho misfortune to fall nnd hurt her back.  Wc wish you a speedy , recovery  Marguerite and hopo to hnvo you back  with us real soon.  The next meeting of our Auxiliary will  be hold on Wednesday, February 1,1978 In  our new quarters above Ken's Lucky  Dollar. As always wc look forward to a full  turnout. See you there I ��� Marie Trainor,.  Outstanding business loans by the,  chartered banks have quadrupled during  the last ten years, the Canadian Banker's  Association says.  Only  TOP QUALITY  Used  RECORDS  and  POCKETBOOKS  are sold at  MUSiC WEAVERS*  lowor Gibsons  886-9737  new technique that can be appUed when  treating a person whose breathing and  heart beat has ceased JtwiUmaintain life  until the victim can be transferred to  hospital. __ _���_____  According to Continuing Education u>-  ordinator Karin Hoemberg/ whose  department is sponsoring thecourse,-  statistics show that a startling 60 per cent  of victims WiU die before the arrival of  skilled help unless cardio-pulmonary  resuscitation is available   ��� The first class wiU begin at 7:30 p.m.,  February 16, in the Ubraryof^chelt^,  weKejv'sj^  fafhd wellwiU be held on foUowing Thursdays. Each  =WITHJ  federal Canada works program  construction began recently on an  adventure playground at the mouth of  Chapman Creek. ���Timesphoto  Sechelt Indian Band Chief Calvin  Craigan wasTmisTakerily identified in a  Times photograph last week���as Stu  Craigen, 1977_recipient of the band's  Athlete of the Year award. The Times  regrets the error.   Also,-_it _was_reported���that��� former  Gibsons Mayor Larry Labonte had been  presented a gavel by. Mayor Lome Blaine  at council's January 3. meeting. Although  scheduled to receive the award on that  date, Labonte was prevented from attending the meeting by weather conditions, as was the Times reporter.  - If youTTnissed^ouTon Christmas Cake  this year, we have a few left and THEY  board director for Area A, ^lconduct^^^���^^  Egmont talk on  Cheekye line  scheduled tonight   Vera McAUister,  alternate  regional  winter boots  children's shoes  women's shoes  all sale goods final  IN THE HEART OF SECHELT  NEXT TO BATHROOM ACCENT  class lasts for an hour and a half-and the*-*  course fee is $6.  The program, to be taught by Fitness  Service worker Evans Hermon, is open to  policemen, firemen, lifeguards, rescue  workers, high-risk industry employees,  families of cardiac patients arid others  interested in learning the technique of  lraonar-jcresuscitation.  Cheekye transmission line at the Egmont'*  Community Centre tonight, January 18.  - The discussion will begin about 8:30^  p.m., foUowing the annual meeting-of the  Egmont Community Centre Club, which  begins at 7:30 p.m. Non-members are  invited to attend at either timer  McAUister has studied the Hydro  consultant's report on -the proposed 500  kilovolt transmission line. The report  recommends that the Une cross the nor-  pWM-MpW-MpMpftpMatfWM^^  A course in survival firstaid will begin JheriLpeninsula-at-Sakinaw-Lake-  1 at Elphinstone secondary ���  Room 111. A ,fee of $7.50 is  charged for eight hours of instruction to be  taught by Mary Fraser.    ,  Successful candidates will receive a  certificate fro/n the Workers Compensation Board. '  Tersons wishing" to register for this  course' should contact Fraser at 886-2512.  Those interested in cardiopulmonary resuscitation class should  contact the Centre for Continuing  Education at 885-3512.  failing that, be routed through the  Egmont-Earls Cove area. The line is  designed to serve energy requirements  for Vancouver Island as projected by B.C^  Hydro and is scheduled for completion in  1983.      ���  A community club representative  described the meeting tonight as  especially significant in that a public  meeting to discuss the, plan with Hydro  officials has been set for Saturday,  January 21, 2 p.m. at the Madeira Park  Community HaU, ,  Ask  for this  folder  from our  representative,  who will be at:  Bella Boach Motel,  Sechelt. Tell 885-9561  on Wednesday,  January 25th  II you require financing to start, modomizo or  oxpnnd your business and aro unnblo to  obtain it olsowhoro on roasonablo torms and  conditions or II you aro intorostod in tho  FROR msinagomont r.orvic<��f, o( counselling  and training or wish intormntion on  government programs avallablo lor your  business, talk lo our roproconlntivo,  H:Dl':RAL  BUSINESS  ni:Vf:lOPMINl BANK  44#��W��a^'��IMh��S*r�����elr  TMICYY,  .Jilportk^VencoiiVpetvA  Opening new doors to small business.  ! 1^1 ll. aailm an iBa"'  i |iHi'ai i nn     ,"  '  M'i imii Im hYpii'iiii. PP iVi.lii.i.,ii,ail._i.-i>  ���*> '��� "Y "w-'-' -'������__ p- ���-  .........,(,. .-*������$*�� vj. j .5 ������----��������  .���rrv  y...  Vancouver*Sunnycrest Centre*Coming Soon to Sechelt ���.  ^Ti 7. C;^^ ������*  ' "     '*���   r l   *...'      A,*^. X' ,- .'-..'.^y^-yy: v ,-,-v^,,-���^-..v,..r-p.:U^,(lv^-.'  .��������:.-������,      ���-.���.-.,��������� ���>������.'.������     .���...���."(�����������,������."���.  .    ��� ���   ���  "f ftipfiK/WprHiimt*? 1*S*pS"( ***W)  y .  i >  w,ii#waaa.)<.��aiWi.'Pa>p.qpa��awt��wiwpt  .����.��>..��1.yr,IWaiyr-'''l^'^'^ ,;,.'.ytS.,.WPCT.��,r.."-.��-.��...,���.,..: .... ,   ,   ,     ,������ ,   ���^ .  ��,.,���������,,.   *,.,,, w�����^ �������,�����,.-, ���^wtfw^,^,w^��^W!eww  ./ ���#  T7 -  frV  f  <> v. ���       I ���  Y '  V  X  -��u,  Read the Want Ads for Best Buys  PHONE 885-3231  Card of Thanks  Help Wanted  PageB-2    The Peninsula Times       Wed Jan, 18,1978  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  MR. AND MRS. A. Devries  and twins,would like to  thank the staff at St. Mary's  Hospital for their kind  assistance.    ���, 3790-14  I WISH to thank the Pender  Harbour Ambulance  Drivers, the nursing staff at  St. Mary's Hospital and Dr.  Gerring.  Vera Grafton  3770-8  I WOULD like to thank all my  wonderful friends who came  to visit me, Dr. Burtnick and  Dr.Farrer and the nursing_  staff at St. Mary's Hospital.  Helen Sinclair  3795-8  ��� ���  ��� ���    ���    ��������������� ���   -  - ��� ��� ��� v; - ��� ������  Personal  ALCOHOLICS  Anonymous  meetings, 8:30 -pm every  Wednesday, Madeira Park,  Community Hall. Ph. 883-9698.  3440-tfn  DISCERN^NffADULTS:  Shop discreetly by mail.  Send $1.00 for our latest fully  illustrated catalogue of  marital aids for both ladies  and gentlemen. Direct Action  Marketing Inc. Dept. U.K.,  P.O. Box���3268, Vancouver,  B.C.V6B3X9.       .. -3599-tfn  ' BBITISH COLUMBIA  Historic Site Restoration  Raffle. "Fabulous "prizes  monthly: antiques, gold,  vacations. Send 25c and large-  stamped envelope for details.  Wedgwood Manor, Gray  Creek, B.C. V0B lSo.   3751-tfn  EVENING delivery service"  person with valid driver's  licence and ' .thorough  knowledge of Gibsons and  vicinity. Write Voshi's  Restaurant,-RR 2, Gibsons.  3794-8  RAISE EARTHWORMS.  Growers needed. Buy-back  contract provides year-round  market. High profit potential.  Full or part-time. Write Bait  Barn- Worm Farms, 253  Harbour Ave., N. Vancouver,  B.C. V7J 2E8 or call 986-1033.  3778-8  Phone 8857J231  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.     .  Established 1963  Deaths,. Card of Thanks, In  Memoriam, Marriage and  Engagement Notices are $7.00  (up to 14 lines) and 60c perjine  after that. Four words per lirie.  Birth Notices, Coming Events  take.reguiar classified rates.  REALTY  LTD.  m  BOX 100 MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  PHONE: PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233 TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER: 689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service 7  =��-=���_  EARN $200 monthly part-  time, $1000 full time. Easy  to succeed with our training.  Write FuUer Brush Co., c-o  Box 108, 808, 207 W. Hastings  St., Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1H7,  or Mr. T. 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Located on Chaster,  Rd on 100 x 100' beautifuUy'  treed_ lot_ near the newly  proposed Pratt Hd~ scliool."  Priced for excel value in mid  50s-by contractor. Ph. 886-  7511. 2462-tfn  FO_J, SALE    by    owner.  ���Grandview���&-7Mahon���Rd  area. 3' view lots, fully' ser-  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula Times can be viced. Plus! One smaU house,  ordered ~foryoar"own"use~at fireplacerterrifurview," large  The Times office.        1473-tfn lot. Ph. 886-9984. 3393-tfn  BACHELOR and 1 bdrm apts.  Furn & unfurn in Gibsons.  W-W carpet, parking. Ph. 886-  7490 or 886-2597. 3248-tf  LARGE housekeeping rooms  daily, weekly or monthly.  Ph. 885-3295 or 886-2542.  3090-tfn  FOR RENT:  WUson Creek  Community HaU.  Contact  Bonnie Wigard at 885-9403.  ;.369l-tfn  3 BDRM fuU bsmt,; fridge,  "stove incl:Ehclosedgarage,  centre of Sechelt. Close to  stores, $350 permo. Ph. 885-  2577. 3761-9  MODERN furnished 1 bdrm  iteiirnew lipmerQuiet^ir  clean. Includes dishes, linen,  heat &Jight^$210 pei- mo. 1  T)lk. from Sunnycrest Plaza.  .Ph.886-9102. 3740-9  SPACIOUS 2 bdrm duplex,  ��� North Rd, 1% bath, utiUty  room, garage w-storage.  Close to school & shopping.  Avail. Feb. 1. $225 per mo. Ph.  886-7625. 3736-9  AVAIL. Immediately. 2 bdrm.  waterfront cottage, Davis  Bay. Elec heat, fridge, stove.  $225.Ph^85-2183. 3739-9  FURNISHED 2 bdrm mobile  home. Clean ^private,  Selma .Park Vista. Couple  preferred. Refs req'd. No  pets. Availf^Feb���1: $260 permo. Ph. 885-3310 of 885-3417.  ���3759-9  NEW 2 bedroom, 2 baths, elec.  heat, fireplace, w-w, unfurn.  -RoberteCreekrPhrfi85���'���   3388. 3717-8  HOMES  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES  CARTERS LA.NDING ���Sakinaw Lake��� 24.8+ acres with 1,350+ ft  lakefront, creek, road access; house, large parking and boat  launching area. $135,000.  D.L. 3258 ��� between SAKINAW and RUBY LAKES ��� 37��acres with  1,500+ft waterfront on Sakinaw Lake, creek. KalowellRoad ends  at prb'perty. $110,000.  SAKINAW-LAKE ��� 16 acres with 750+ ft of sheltered waterfront  with southern exposure. Water access only. $36,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� 113�� acres of excellent land. 400' waterfront on  Ruby Lake, 2,600+ ft waterfront on lagoon, 2 houses, trailer  spaces. $120,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES��� brand new 3 bdrm cedar home with 2 full  floors of living area.. 2 fireplaces, sundeck, Harbour view. $73,500.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 57.5�� acres with 3,5004* ft sheltered water-'  front. 2 summer cottages* 2 docks, water access only. $200,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 4 has 117+ ft good lakefront, driveway in from  Hallowell Road, serviced with hydro. $17,600. "   '  MADEIRA PARK ��� attractive 2 bdrm bungalow, with ocean view,  - stone Heatilator fireplace and double garage. Good garden area,  concrete driveway. Ideal starter or retirement home. $44,500.  MIDDLEPOINT ��� 2bdrm home, 1100+sq ft, situated on 9,5-fc fairly  level treed acre's ��� agprox one acre cleared around house. 850+ ft  frontage on Hwy 101. $55,000. "'      -  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 1300�� ft choice lakefront with 24�� nicely'treed  acres. 4 bdrm furnished Panabode ho,me with sundeck on 4 sides.  Floats, 2 boats and motors" A very nice property. $105,000.-  RUBYLAKE��� 3 bdrm partially furnished cottage with antique brick  fireplace', sundeck, Hydro. Situated ont 96 ft choice lakefront in a  sheltered cove. Road access. $49,000.  LOT 19, RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� large^3 bdrm ranch style home,  ^7ri>~sq"ft,-plus~caf pdftr buflr T976." W/WrffiWlace7~e"risuite7~  family room, immediate possession. $65,000.   ��� '  For Quick Results  Use Times Adbriefs!  COME INTO J&C Electronics  for your free Radio Shack  catalogue. 1327-tfn  I HAVE an old cabin by the  rivewn the North Thompson  Valley in the B.C. Interior. It  offers peace and serenity to  some hardy soul who might  like to live there rent free. R.  -Salmon���699-Reemon-Drive,-  Kamloops, B.C. V2B 6S9. Ph.  579-9121. .  Work Wanted  EVERGREEN  LANDSCAPING  Fruit Tree  Pruning  ��� Bark Mulch  Shrub Beds  free estimates  885-5033  IN  SELMA  PARK:   com*-���  fortable 4 yr. old 3 bdrm  home. Stone f'place, modern  kitchen. Ph. 885-9328.     3745-9  For Rent  AVAIL JAN 1, 1978. 12 x 68'  three bdrm home c-w 5' x 40'  addition, $250 per mo.. In-  ~clud.es pad'rental in.Sundahce  jCoujdt^elMrfrtrPhrBo^1  885-2084 eves, 3675-tfn  LARGE 3 bdrm duplex, w-w  carpets, on Hwy, Roberts'  Creek. $250 incl. heat. Ph. 885-  5305 eves. 3749-9  KLEINDALE ��� 2.2 ACRES WITH SIDE BY SIDE DUPLEX ��� Choice land  with one 2 bdrm unit and one3 bdrm unit, located on Garden Bay  Road close to secondary school. $85,000.  PAQ LAKE ��� 5+. nicely treed acres with 3. bdrm split level home.  Fireplace, half basement with rec^room. Separate single carport;  _jtf*_age-_r*ed.-l_-uit_trees, garden.and-vLewj3VerJflke.J$77,500   LOTS  1. RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 28, semi-waterfront lot. Rood access, hydro.  IRVINES LANDING,��� 2 bdrm home with view over Lee Bay. W/W  carpets, sundeck, range & fridge included. Close to Marina and  "GovtYWHaff."Trade  considered  on  rTouse'ln-Vancouver' area.  $31,900.      -  $9,500.  2. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots, most with view, close to schools,  -storesr-PO-&-morinos.-$9rOOO-to-$22,000��� -  .������-.���_  MADEIRA PARK ��� Architect designed 4 BR view home on Gulfview  Road. An interesting home with range, fridge, washer & dryer, dishwasher and Acorn fireplace Included in purchase price. Close to  school, shopping and moorage facilities. $77,000.  LOT 47, RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� new 3 bdrm split level home, ensuite,  w/w, fireplace, sundeck; carport. Partial basement with unfinished  rec. room. Immediate possession. $60,000.  ELLIOTT ROAD, GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� Well-built 670+ sqft home  -on-large-treed-lot~close-fo-goodswimming_$38r000   3612-ffn  r  i  i  i  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  _ERQM_A_rREE.SERyiCE?  ���Experienced, insuredwork?  ���Prompt,* guaranteed ser-'  vice?  ���Fair estimates?  then give us a call:  PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD.  885-2109  758-tfn  FIBERGLASS repa  and sundecks. Resin $15.30  per  gal.,   niat.   acetone,  gelcoat. Ph. Darryl, 886-9739.  3769-10  Help Wanted  THE CORPORATION of the  City of Grand Forks invites  applications for the position of  Administrator-Clerk.  Qualifications: Senior,  matriculation plus economics  or business administration  equivalent to second year  university with additional  courses In administration and  accounting. Applications from  candidates employed In any  related f|eld will be considered, but preference will be  given to thoso having training  and-or experience In"  Municipal Administration.  Salary will bo negotiated  depending upon qualification,  training and experience.  Duties to commence March 1,  1978 or as soon as possible  thereafter. Written rip?  plications stating: full  resume, salary requirements  and other relntivolnformation  will be received by tho undersigned. All applications to  bo marked "Confidential"..  Mayor Y, Suglfaoto, City of  Grand Forks, P.O, Box 220.  Grand Forks, B.C,        3700-0  WE ARE "Interviewing applicants for part-time  positions as local world Book"  representatives. Full training  provided. Exceptional Income  opportunity. Reply to Box 107,  c-o' 008, 207 W, Hastings St.,  Vancouver, B.C. VOB 1117. L-  00. 3781-8  '.ii,V.  iw**"  ,-���--.tv if ������.(���_,  1  <<rtX  .***..  FOR SALE  excellent condition on  large lol In Sechelt  Village.      Basement,  ���-��� *"���"��� By Owner-5*--*-������  $34,000  .885'��902';Tfc'tr." '  I  I  I  r  i  i  i  I  i  i  i  i  i  i  I  i  I  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  .1   i  i  i  i  i  i  i  i  X  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  l  I  l  I  l  I  I  a,  I  I  i  -r  ~i  i  i  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  ���to ~ ���  ^ 31ines~f6r$27I5  Run your ad 3 times for the price of 2.  Print your ad in the squares. Be sure to leave a blank space after each  word. ���'  I  Three lines is $2.15. Each additional line is 60c.  Take advantage of our special savings.  * Run your ad twice ���the third time Is FREE.  * If you pay for your ad the Saturday before publication you get a  discount -^ 25cfor ^Insertion���* 50c for 3.  Mail us your ad, or drop It off;  In Sechelt at the Peninsula Times Office  In Gibsons at the Arbutus Tree  The Peninsula Times  Box 310 Sechelt, B.C.  V0N3A0  CLASSIFICATION  ���  -        I        j i ��� I   ��� ii  ii nnl -i i ...iri i. Axy. ...p., |. ���,....,. i .1,,,.,.,�� . J _.. i. j , I . ni i ...... i 1.. ...... i ��� ������. I n��� ��� i-... I ,..-,. ���4MT-..ir,.i.l.r..���l. -, 1 ��� . n. n ' . x t- ii rrl --. it-ii I -,, rrrr- 1-7 ������ ii 4.. ���,���. r- I. r ..   i    ) i ���  i ��� ��� ��� i  " ���' -, -       I ������      ' -Y  I / ' ! >  ���I ���  -1  I  I  I  I  I  .1 I"  ���I-  I  '.- I  I  ���I  I  I  I  .   As  Y    I  I  I  I  I  1.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I,  I  I  I  I  I  I  ���r  I  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Spacious 3 bdrm cedar home/built 1.975.  designed for luxurious living from the well appointed kitchen to the  open beam living area with its red plush shag carpets and frosted  marble fireplace. Many extras in this fine home. $115,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 4 bd/m family home. Recently remodelled, on  large landscaped lot. Close to stores, PO & marinas. $46,000.  NARROWS ROAD ��� 3BR ranch style home, built 1976, on Wesjac  Road, near Madeira Park. Carport ond sundeck: $39,900.  ACREAGE  1. MIDDLEPOINT ��� 9.5*�� fairly level treed acYes with 2 bdrm home.  850'+ ft highway _frpD-_ge.-$55.000���������   .2. D,L. 2392 ��� 160*�� acres, situated approx. 1 1/2 miles above Hwy  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� several good building lots, serviced with  hydro and water. $9,000-$15,000. *  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD. ��� 77 ft. road frontage. Inexpensive  lot, about 1/2 mile past Medical Clinic. $8,000.  5.-GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� serviced view lot ih an .area of fine view  homes. $21,250.  6. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� nicely treed lofon Elliot Road with viev/of  lake. Drain field is in. $12,900.  7. NARROWS ROAD ��� Good building lots close to Madeira Park.  $9,000 & $9,500.  "8. MAOEIRA PARK ��� cleared building lot with 81 ft frontage on  Gulfview-RoadYspectacular view over Pender Harbour. $14,000.  9. SECHELT ��� level, naturally treed lot, 75:xl50' on Norwest Bay  Road. $10,500.  10. SANDY HOOK��� ViewToPon Porpoise Drive, close to public  beach. $8,500. " ...  11. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� Building lots $16,000 to $18,900.  12. LANGDALE CHINES ��� Lot 35 at end of Grady Road, Good treed  building lot with mountain view. Close to Langdale ferry. $13,500.  13. PENDER LAKE PROPERTIES ��� new 15 lot subdivision. These  semi-waterfront & view lots are situated on Sinclair Bay.Road, close,  to Hotel Lake & Garden Bay-Most lots have a driveway in and all  are serviced with Hydro & Water. .    ''���_  Lot 1   $14,50(5 Lot6 $15,000     Lot 11 .... '$18,000  Lot 2 $ 13,500 Lot.7 $ 15.000r^LoYL2^��Y.v$J7.500^  Lot3 $13',500 Lot8 $15,500   . Lot 1 3 ;...  $17,500  Lot4.......$15,000 Lot9 $22,500     Lot 14 ... ..$17,500  Lot 5 $15,500 Lot 10 $19,500     Lot \5 .....$19,500  15  60��  60  60��  Name  i  t  i  t  t  t  ,\ ,..,.*.  Addrasi.  ;r,r;;  OT-  ~j..���..  Postal Code  Tel No.  #pl..tl^-*'&*B)��SP*r!��P*il''M^.* ���,-**  :   ���_..��� 4II III M��m  The Peninsula Times Classifieds  Fat ���  .1 ��*>������-��� R    -"*. > ' , ,     , ', r ��� *  XAA;M>h*tA,^'. ^'Il!'-iv^<j^:7'.fr1..    .  .      ���  **m*mm*im& ,���� im W Mi.ia^ Pam����i>i>iiaiwiwia����a��_iw wm ,im wm ih wm  % . ,\. " ��  .. ' ,.    ,,.. *  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  W,8,a  .1.  I  r  ,101. Access by old logging road.'Trails and roads throughout this  nicely treed usable land. $160,000, ���:'.���'.  3. KLEINDALE ���approx 20 acres of fairly level land with approx 10  acres/cleared. $38,000. " ' ,  4. IRivlNES LANDING ��� 2.87 level acres, vlevy,. across road from  public waterfront access. $35,000.  5. NEAR MADEIRA PARK ��� 15.12 acres with 2150i ft hwy frontage, Zoned R3L, $46,000.  6.MIDDLE POINT ~ 18.9 acres pn Hwy 101 with 2 bdrm cottage,  small creek, $40,000.  7, MADEIRA PARK��� 5+ acres, semi-lakefronl treed property with  3'bdrm home overlooking Paq (Lilies) Lake, $77,500;  8, FRANCIS PENINSULA��� 1.5-�� aero treed lot, easy access, easy to  build on, $15,000,  9. BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 1   1./2 acres, nlcoly treed, secluded,  Hydro, wator, septic tank & drain field In, $25,000,  10. KLEINDALE ������ 23,78 acres on Meriacher Road, |ust off Hwy 101,  Some merchantable timber on property. $50,000, '���  I    WATERFRONT LOTS   |  '"'   m     i   i  i    mi     .���������p����p-�����,  wm  'l. SECRET COVE ��� Lot A on Wescan Rd, Steep, but has good,  building tlto & sheltered moorago. On'sevyer systenn, $35,000, '  2, GERRANS BAY ��� 100^ ft watorfront with 188 ft frontafl* an  Francis Ponlnsula Road, Drlvoway, sepllc tank, water lino and  olo'ctrlclly all In $32,000, , ��� ,'  3, GARDEN BAY ESTATES ~ 290t ft watVrfront on 1.2 treed acres.  Drlvoway In , building sites cleared, septic approved $55,000,  4, FRANCIS PENINSULA --��� 70 �� ft bluff watorfront lot. Vlow ovor  Oargaln Harbour, accoss from Francis Ponlnsula Road. $21,500,  5, MADEIRA PARK ��� 1.4^ ireod acros with 75��, ft sholtorod  watorlront, doop moorago, Commercial/residential. $29,500,  6, FRANCIS PENINSULA'��� 132 ft, watorfront In Pondor Harbour. 1.0  acros, doop wator moorago. $75,000,     ;    ' "  NARROWS INLET ��� Tro��d waterfront acroaflen In locludod and  beautiful Inlet, 22 Mil** from Sechelt or 14 mile* from Egmont. Most  aro law bank 'watorfront, . i       '  Lot fV3 5.24+ ocros ,, $25,5,00  Lot #3 ,,,,,, 14,67 �� acros , $39,500  t #6,,'.', 5.50J.acres ,..',.. ,,,,',,,,,,, , ,$26,500  t rl7r,\! r,r\ S.Q2��acra.y,-rATA;,Ar, a;a, r aa'.a; y, $24,300-  ot.rVO...,.... 0.4iyt acros ,,', ,,,, $29,500  Lot H9,,,,,,, 10,46-fcacros,,,,, , v ,,,$27,500  I  WATERFRONT HOMES  _L  GERRANS BAY ��� Over 3,000 sq. ft. of. living qrea In this architect  designed 3 BR homo, situated on a largo landscaped lot with 130��  ft. doop, sHeltorod watorfront. $95,000, r  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� Troed waterfront lot with coxy ono bdrm  furnlshod cabin. Common sower system available. $69,900.  EGMONT ��� Small A-framo cabin on ,66 acres'loaso proporty with  103 ��_ ft watorfront, Approx 15 yoars remaining on loasp. Hydro  and wator, Accoss by boat or float plane, $14,900,  GUNBOAT BAY'-- 5'�� acros, 152�� ft watorfront, access from Hwy  ial near Madolra Park, 3 bdrm homo, 3 cottages, float, $115,000,  GERRANS BAY ��� nlco 2 bdrm homo with flroplaco, w/w carpots,  brick flroplaco, fgll bvp��omont with rumpus room, Carport. On largo  lot with 133^, ft sholtorod watorfront wllh ramp and float,$89,000,  EGMONT ��� 200*t fl good watorfront on Egmont Polnl, 1.154*.  acros, southorly oxposuro, beach float, 950�� sq ft partly furnlshod  ono bdrm cottage, tool shod. Wator accoss only $59,000.  MADEiRAPARK���  has ono bdrm furnlshod sijlto with largo sundock. Lowor lloor has  furnlshod bachelor ��ulto wllh Franklin flroplaco, Accoss from  John'itono Road, $60,000,  I  REVENUE PROPERTIES  ���.^���Vkp4M9��aWN| pfpMpR1 l|p>_|p��|ijpj W HHI IH'  NELSON ISLAND ��� 40 unlquo acros with 1500 ft sholtorod  wntorfronl on Wostmoro Bay, 225-j; ll lakofront on W����st La|<o, 3  bdrm hoijno, 2 cottago*, floats, road to lake, Asking $160,000.  AOAMMEMNON BAY ��� 200�� fl watorfront with 900 ft frontago on  Egmont Road od|acont to Jitrvli Vlow Marina, 5,11 acres. Spoc<  tociilarV|��v^up J-rvirlnlnif and fuhlnflonyourdoontap/; 168,000,���  GARDEN BAY*- 3 1/2*i; acrfts with 500$ ft sholterod waterfront.  A v��ry nlco parcol, $122,500, .  EARLSi COVE*-<��� 3,57 bcros good land with 459*j: ft sholtorod  *wnT����rfrom"ad|otn1no Carit-t!i^ferry*TeniitmrtrttWiO()0r  PHARMACY ^MADEIRA PARK--.3,000 sq.fl, loosed floor space In  Pondor Harbour  shopping contro,  $30,000,  for  buslnoss  and*  oqulpmont, plus cash for stock In trado,  PARK MOTEL ������ 11 modorn rental units and ownors rosldonco on  1,3+acros on Sunshlno Coast Highway af Pondor Harbour, Idoal  forcouplo wanting a homo and Incomt). $110,000.  I  ISLANDS  i  ^"'SJmON^lSWNDrWWONr^beouWul i.f* aao*island, wi.ll  trood, boach and sliollorod covo, Ltocdtod dlrocfty'ln Iront of Egmont  Marina, An oxcollant buy.,,138,000.:!;   ,  ..,,     DAN WILEY y  "''���."'������i:...__wvMMiiiQ': "-*' ������������  '���***- ���r^^A\y,^^':'<y^  hfi��)^s)S*,i.j,-pvP��-(*^,.a^j.f!ii jfw��.,-,> l.a. . #���-,��,������  nflU5��^:iW(Ss!K!Bp>,iHB w  ,    A  U*&i��_ik  11.6-1: ACRE ISLAND ��� at tht ontranco to Churchill. Day, Francis  Ponlnsula, 3 bdrm furnlshod pan-aboda cottago, float, wator &  h^*��*^p^*SV^��W^*.0,-^-,.*.AtPp^=".'ii.''^rl^vP .-���*>!.->_jP,^W^-w/._.l^_i^^_p^i^al^^afc'_^ _fcir,p��jt.l��M^WT.*pmHft^.*tiW^iT--.*^.JWjP'tp>^-J-^llaw^_.i_T*.^^, r\W,^w.^h- ^j^f-tiiMofr^- ac   ^i ��H> *** i*^^rt3flj,  hydro, 11,6�� Aero. $165^)00,  p.^.^W,^ , , ,. ,��� ,iW,, ������ , >���..,���.��������t,|, ������,���..,.. .    ,        ,.  . , a  OLLI or JEAN _LADEY  mm**mmmmmmmmimA:, m^m   W,lN,l,fl  *p-w�� iiita4#mm^>i>^^<^i^^  *",.    V  ���&t'>r<lf>&��m>>l&'lW*>tim^^  H-  ��P��l��-W*WP��,Wli��tt^��5^^^  ^l��ffi��W��!'^����^'t^!*4^lWBW^I^^  4fr< ���;,���>! /' i  (f.  '_$��� ,���-,,- tjf*::.;���**��� ������ C'���>���"���" ������"< tf",  ������*-'..-  <#:>>���, .eX.. ������'���������' -j  C  <i.   _ X-  r-r.  <\:-��''  (%..���>   n  h,;��*ww*'��l*lw''i For Sale  Legal Notices  cottage'. $200 per mo. Ph.  883-9285. 3768-tfn  2 BDRM waterfront apt. FP.  ���Available���Feb.- 1," $250.  Gibsons. Ph. Bob Lea; 669-3030  (Vancouver) J^-Mon^Eri. _~  ���;���:     ~ 3772-10  3 BDRM home, Tsawcome  Properties. Wilson Ck. Ph.  886-9067 aft. 5 p.m. 3773-8  2 BDRM full bsmt, waterfront  home, Selma Park. Ph.. 463-  8716 aft. 6 p.m.        7   3774-10  2 BDRM double wide, unfurn.  Stove  &  fridge  included.  Davis Bay, $250 per mo. Avail/  immecLPh. 885-2950.    3797-10  2   BDRM    mobile    home,  responsible     couple  preferred. Avail. Feb. 15. Ph.  885-2014. -   3798-10  2 BDRM house on 1 acre in  Gibsons.  FP,   carport,   Vi>  bsmt, workshop. Avail, immed. $315 per mo. Ph. 886-  9154. 3796-tfn  3 BDRM house. Fridge, stove,  furnace. $225. $200 for yr.  lease. Ph. 885-2743. 3758-9  NEW DUPLEX  SECHELT  Upper 3 bedrooms  Lower 1 bedroom  References.  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES  885-2013  3755-7  Fully modern 3 bdrm home in  lower   Gibsons.   Carpeted  -throughout. Fireplace.���Avail,  immed. $325 per mo.  2 bdrm apt. overlooking Keats  Island, lower Gibsons. Carpeted, modern. $230 per mo.  Self-cont. mod. bed-sitting rm  "m^ower'GibsonsToveflooking"  sea.; Partly furnished, w-w,  utilities incl. Avail. Feb. 1,  -$-65rperTTior  Modern '2 bdrm home, w-w  throughout. Fireplace &  carport. Located ; at ^rand-  view & Chaster. Avail, immed. $325 per mo. Heat & light  incl.  CENTURY WEST  Y  REAL ESTATE LTD.  885-3&7i'      3746-7  Wanted to Rent  ,��� - prner, Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine. Farm.'- 898-  3751; '  . -    9947t"fn  Etoatsland-Ejigines������-  -���     --HIGGS MARINE   " ~"  SURVEYS LTD.  Insurance claims. Condition &  valuation surveys. Serving the  Sunshine Coast & B.C. coastal  waters. Ph. 885-9425, 885-9747,  885-3643,886-9546.      . 3490-tfn  SUPERB SURFER 24' sedan  cruiser, command bridge ^  and crew boat models. Fac- '  .tory to you saves $$$ Surfer ���  Marine, 678 Anderton Rd.,  Comox, B.C, V9N 5B8. Ph. 339-'  5733.        3783-11  Campers and Trailers  8   FT   CAMPER   w-jacks,  sleeps 4. Excellent shape.  $1500 obo. Ph. 886-9154.     3757-  tfn  Mobile Homes  1974 12'x68- STATESMAN, 3  br., separate utility room,  all appliances. Like new inside and out. Set lifi on lot'with  caretak'ing revenue. Ph. 885-  3801 eves. 3723-tfn  MOBILE HOME w-addition  on % acre lakeshore  property close to town. Ph.  692-7235' or write Box. 645,  Burns Lake, B.C. V0J1E0.  3785-8  Pets   .  BLUE Great Dane, -female  pup, uncropped, immunized  and registered. Good with  children. Any reasonable  offer. Contact Bluecort Danes,  c-o S.C.  Frew, 385 Cadder,  "Cologne, B.C.   V1Y 5M9. Ph.  -762-2715, -���3714-8-  QUALITYFARM  -SUPPLY-���  All Buckerfield Feed-  Hardware-Fencing  Fertilizer-Purina Products  Alfalfa-Hay-Straw-  Good Tack Selection  Rototillers  Toro Lawnmowers  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  , south from Highway  Phone 886-7527  11548-tfn  Lost  -M0V-ING4-must-have-a-gc  home . for 18 mo. old.  purebred CKC reg'd Old  English Sheepdog. Will sell to  best offer,->h.885^90._-_3_36>9_  "Provinctrol  British Columbia  "CHANGE OF NAME  ;   ACT" (Section 6.)  -2-WESTERN���saddles7-15M-  seat, 1 needs minor repair,  - $100 ea.;l Sony model TC366"  , reel to reel tapedeck, $250;" 16'  Shasta travel trailer,  good  cond, $900. Ph. 885-268p. 3766-8  FOUR   1974   Tri-axle   45'  Columbia chip vans, Rayco  rr.   suspension,   1000x22  rr.  ,tires, air. susp. on centre axle-1"  -'15x22.5 tire. Good condition.  -Box 369, Vanderhoof, B.C. V0J.  3A0 or ph. 567-966L   .,. 377?-.  9fk,7  AMERICAN and Canadian  -Winches tir "Com-  memoratives / for,, sale.  Wahtingi Yelloy/ Boys. Write  for priceMisK Pete Gooliaff,  RR 5, Cathy Ave., Kelowna,  B.C. V1X 4K4 or ph. 604-765-  0350. - 3784-6  HIGH GRADE 16 ga. shotgun,  side by side barrels, auto  ejector, like new, $175, w^  boxes shells. Ph. 883-9988.   -.   3788-8  30"   ELEC.   RANGE,   good  cond. Asking $150.  Will  deliver. Ph. 886-7976 after 5  p.m. 3771-8  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Historic Site Restoration,  Raffle.- , Fabulous prizes  monthly: antiques, gold,"  vacations. Send 25c and large  stamped envelope for details.  Wedgwood Manor,- Gray  Creek, B.C. V0B ISO. tfn  NOTICEOF  ��� f APPLICATION FOR  .CJ^NQEOFNAME  NoticeTstiereby given that an  application will be made to the  director of Vital Statistics for  a change of name, pursuant to  the provisions of the "Change  of Name Act" by me:- Gail  Cierman of Oldershaw Rd.,  Gibsons, in the Province of  British Columbia. To change  my name from Gail Cierman  to Corlyn Cierman. Dated this  13th day of January;, 1978.  1 GailCierman  3791-spt,pub.Jan.l8,1978  Opeiotion  T3ftyti|le  If boating is a part of your  /all Lifestyle, remember -  don't overload the boat,  stand up, change positions  or turn too suddenly. Enforce the rule" that all passengers wear approved life jackets at all times. Pack your  -boat with safety equipment  - it may. be your lifeline.  /.      ���/  Wednesday, January 18,1978  The Peninsula Times  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISAB  NOTARY-PttBtie  DENTAL BLK.  GIBSONS"*  PHO|S|E_386.2277'  UAND DEVELOPMENT LTD    TOLL-FREE 682-1513  "0AXX.  jafe��6M|<^2SS^v  Think safety - play safe:  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES LTD.  Cowrie St.  885-2013  Sechelt  REDROOFFS ROAD ��� Attractive two bedroom non-basement."  Heatilator fireplace, separate utility'room. Oil heat, attached  carport, cut stone planter, separate "dog house". Garden space.  ;���Beach-accesii7aeross-streetrMov_nmTOwrFp-$4^r500;   SOUTHWOOD RD ��� (Redrooffs) New 81 sq. m. (878 sq. ft.) two  bedroom home. Fireplace, sundeck. half ocre lot. FP $39,500.  SECHELT ��� Be sure to inspect this large 2 bdrm, full bsmt home  and double garage. It is located on a quiet street one block to  shopping. Meticulously developed inside and out. ,  CEDAR?��ROVE RD"��� (Roberts Creek) Lovely one bedroom  rancher, targe carpeted living room, fireplace, carport, separate  workshop. Only $28,000.  .WATERFRONT LOTS  JOHN or LYNN WILSON  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  __-a_$-77_60__  Chris Kankoihen  885-3545"  Arne T. Pettersen  HOMES  DAVIDSON ROAD: Spectacular view  and privacy in Langdale Ridge. Large  three bedroom home has all large  rooms.Fireplace upstairs. Separate  carport allows more room for - expansion in the full basement. Large  cedar sundeck and many extra  features. Enter by way of nicely treed'  panhandle driveway to the 1/2 acre  you can call home. $54,900.  FAIRVIEW ROAD:  Immaculate double wide  three bedroom mobile home on large fofrrcf-.  scaped lot-on quiet street in area of fine  homes. Easy walking distance to elementary  school. FP $42,500.  SARGENT ROAD: Lovely three bedroom home  with cozy fireplace on quiet no through street.  One half basement has finished rec room and  utility area qnd lots of toom for storage. New  woll   to   wall   carpeting   ond   mdny extra  FAIRVIEW ROAD : REVENUE ��� This new  duplex on a 1/2 acre lot represents the ideal  investment property. There are 1232 sq ft in  both of these side by side suites. Features are  post and beam construction with feature wall  fireplace and sundecks. There is appeal to  separate rental.markets with a two and a  three, bedroom suite. Assumption of present  mortgage makes purchase very easy and a  yearly income of over $7000 makes this  property hard to beat. FP $75,000.  GRANDVIEW RD: Quality built new 1300  square foot home with full basement. Many  extra features including heatilator fireplace.  Two full baths. Plumbing roughed-in in  basement. Built-in -dishwasher, fridge arid  stove. Wall to wall carpeting throughout.  $58,500..     _____ ,;7  GRANDVIEW ROAD: A truly distinctive home,  custom built and designed., This three  bedroom home has 1322 square feet up and  has a fully finished basement. Ail rooms are  extremely large. Five bedrooms, three  bathrooms. Finished fireplaces up and down  Central���vacuum���system,; double��������� sealed  windows/covered sundeckr Double carport,  paved driveway. All this on a large fully  landscaped lot at the road's end. Thisjipjne.  is for the family that demands perfection from  their home. $72,000. "  LANGDALE RIDGE: Full basement  1218 square foot home on view lot/  Three large bedrooms, corner  fireplace facing living room and  dining room. Also has eating area off  the kitchen. Extremely well constructed home with large sundeck and  carport. An ideal family home.  $52,900.  ��� <��"'  MARINE,, DRIVE: Across the street from Armours Beach in the Village of Gibsons. This  cozy remodelled home is ideal as a starter  home or for retirement , Only 1 1/2 blocks  from''/shopping.. Has acorn fireplace, cedar  feature walls and a Idrge/i sundeck. Two  bedrooms. On sewe-*f��_srl4his and a fantastic  view of Keats Island and Gibsons Harbourr  FP $27/900,  >JT ROAD;Beautiful three bedroom home  full ensuite plumbing. On full basemen!  wilhYroughed-in   rec   room.   Feature   wall  PROFESSIONAL     family  seeking  3   bdrm   unfurn.  house.   Modern   house  on  larger lot preferred. Immed.  occupancy in Gibsons area.  jPlk886-9180. 3750-9  Pender Harbour Realty Ltd  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Semi waterfront lot with  choice harbour view . . . $13,500.  Carsancf Trucks  1969  GMC  PICKUP,   exc.  condition. Ph. 885-3681. 3721-  8 '-Y/;-   ',.. ;7"V  PIERCED ,Opal "earfingr  Sechelt area between Xmas  and New Year. Ph. 885-2717.  3763-10  /LOST: in .SechdtlastJExidaiL^.     WATERFRONT LOT - Eosy to build on and right in  Long, fine WOOl brown SCarf      |   ' Madeira" PdfK. Hasunfinished "cabiri .'."."$33,500  witii Fringe. If found 'please  return 'to  office.  Peninsula  Times  3799-8  Wanted to Buy  ___JS8J^__I_124-SpoitCouperFuns���eHANG^G^abteHrr-gooa--  fine. $500. Ph. 886-7964. 3767-      condition Ph. 883-9958. 3789-  tfn ..  ,     io  __JiJ_BANIX-PR4XrtnWitr^  cond., p.s., p.b.; p. wdw.  locks, low, mileage. Ph. 885-  2717. ��� 3764-10  '77  HD  GMC  Stepside  SB  pickup, 454,3 spd. auto., lots  of extras. $8650 firm. Ph. 883-  2673. 3762-10  '73 CHEVY VAN 3/�� ton, 350  V8j  3 spd.,  auto;  Excel,  cond. Ph. 886-71380 aft. 4 p.m.  3792-10  /    MACLEODS STORE,  SECHELT  has best prices   ���  on filters  .  andxiotor oil     ���  '.    ,v> 3777-10.  Motorcycles  9-11' Seaworthy boat, ph. 885-  2339. 3775-8  WANT; valid C-class fishing  licence. Ph. 885-2531 eves.  Y 3776-10  For Sale  FOR SALE: by builder. 3-  bdrm home in GibsonS. Cnr  of Pratt & Grandview.Rd. 1300  -sq,..ft, 2 full.bathrooms w-  ceramic splashes and 6'  vanities,. vinyl siding, 7 ���>���-."  insulation in ceiling. Finished'  Iz-shaped rec room w-Frank-  lin fireplace, heatilator fireplace upstairs. Deluxe  Citation kitchen w-dishwash-  e'r, Concrete driveway, lots of  wallpaper, Expensive carpet  and light fixtures. $55,900. Ph.  (186-7411. "    2030-tf  HIWAY-101-AT-FRANGIS PENINSULA-RD.-  * p__.flpK**_V'W'  WATER FRONT-LOT -^ A Bargain" Harbour beauty  with deep moorage and good beach. Has rough but comfortable  two bedroom accomodation and good float ., . $40,000.  WATERFRONT LOT  ���irr~Egmoni.  $35,000.  atected-moorage  septics,   water  and   power.  ONE ACRE iOTS.^eff-FfCT  JgQJnsula. Privacy  plus value in this most desirable area^JT��t,**_~4^^-*c^v^^flr_i_.  delay ... $15,000 each. Y  20  ACRES ��� Mostly level land on Highway  101  across  from Sunset Cove. Beach access, nicely",treed, driveway  in. Here is a fine Investment a* $44,500.  7 ACRES XL bn Highway 101 close to Madeira Park.  Partly cleared and on a westerjy slope. Asking $35,000,  GARDEN BAY ��� One bedroom house on a large  view lot close to Gov't wharf. A good buy at $30,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� Deluxe Gothic Arch 2 bedroom  codar-home with basement and sundeck. T,his Dollar Road  ,. beauty has one of the best water views possible .,, $49,900,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Extra large (650' doop)  building lot wllh 72' frorjtago onMcKllntoch Road,,. $9,500,  PHONE 883-2794     '  JOHNBREEN JOCK HERMON  883-9978 INSURANCE 883-2745  features. You have tb-see this home and STEWARTROADrtovely Spanish style home  appreciate the beautiful view over the fully on A 1/2 acres level land. Four bedrooms,  landscaped yard out-to the Harbournand.Keats^^separotedining^room,���sunken^living-room���  Island. The large backyard has a nice garden With fireplace. Almost 1400 square'feet of  and many fruit trees. An excellent value, living area all on one floor. Definitely a one of  $49.900. a kind. Owner leaving. Try all Offers. $62,500.  heatilator fireplace to save on heating-costs.  12 x 22' vinyl covered sundeck witij ornate  aluminum^^ijs^CusX<^_cabJnets=ijgI^^ert  ORANGE ROAD: 4.6 acres of beautiful  grounds, complete with fruit trees, vegetable  garden, stream cutting through the property.  Lovely two bedroom home, plus guest cottage. $78,500.  JOFFS RD: Fantastic WATERFRONT view.*  property of  1.5 acres facing Nanaimo-and  Merry Island. Good year round'home on top  level of Redrooffs Road with small A-frame  guest cottage on lower level. Path to beach. -  $37,500.  LOTS  with wood trim throughout. Easy care landscaping. $49,900. *  GOWER Pf RD. In the heart of Gibsons one  block from shopping and the Post Office?  Three bedroom home on concrete block  foundation. Post & beam construction. Acorn  fireplace gives a cozy atmosphere to the  livingVoom. Nice and bright with many large  windows. $33,000.  t��  School & Wyngart Subdivision:  Only 6 of these Duplex-Zoned Lots left. Beautiful view properties overlooking.the Bay.  Close to schools and shopping. All lots perfectly suited to side-by-side or up-down  duplex construction. Priced at $15,500 and $167500;  ���w^JwsnEJfi^^-w-  ���wwbwowem**-  tuz^xm i.M��*i-lJ,n-1'  '74 YAMAHA MX lOOcc. Good  cond. $450 obo, Ph. 880-7000  aft. 4 p.m. 3703-10  Machinery  TREE FARMER Hkiddor,  1965 C5BD HD. Pr 75 axles  and spare ports,.incl 2 differentials and 2 pr 75 hubs, 2  axles etc., ROPS. Ph, 883-2552  or 820-81140. $7500 firm. :i(i4(l-tfn  1 OLIVER OC3 onKlo dozer.  " $1400; 1 Case 530 *bockl)oe-  loader, $4000; 1 1900 Mcrcmfy  single axlo (luiVip truck, $1500;  ���1 Kooaencck dqulp'l trailer,  $1200: 3 trailer axles comp, w-  wheels & tires; $200.Pli, 805-  -2000, 3705-8  Livestock  GOOD I,OCAf. I-minor liny for  sale. Cull 590-01)20,   :io:i4-tfn  AHENTION!  Rotiro on tho boautlful  coait of Socholt. Wo  havo 6 Mobllo Homo  Sltos loft.  Slnglo Wldo.  or Doublo Wldon  Locatod^at Garden Bay  100% Bank Torms OPFC  MNCERttOME  call collect  Ed Zack, 533-1651  _S__  FLORON  AGENCIES LTD.  *1m*  Real Estate & Insurance  Box 238,1589 Marino Drlvo, Glb-on��  886-2248  HOMES    Building lots - Nlco building lot, contro of Gibson* ��� $12,500,00  Two lots, South Flotchor and School Roads; total prlco $30,000,00, MLS  Throo lot�� on Rosamund Road, $12,500,00  Largo lot on Chaster Road, $13- 800,00**������*��-  Roducod to soil, on socludod sldo road In Robert* Crook, clo��o to (tore, tchool, otc, $10,000,  Flvo aero* on H'wny 101, noar Oldershaw Road; ha* own wptor and ��omo fruit tree*, cloarod with  small oldor, atklng $33,000.00  Halfclcro oonllo slopo nlcoly trood, crook borders on proporly on Lowor Road noar Joe Road,  PiIcotl nl $16,500.00  Other lot* and somft ploco* ol acreage! priced according to location and service*,  CHERYL ANN PARK ��� Now 3 bdrm home In aroa ol attractive' new homo*, Aluminum tiding,  doublo ala-rad window*f carport and flroplaco, Plenty of roomy cupboard*, largo utility; tho whoU  nlcoly dor.orn.tod wllh VWW throughout, Prlcod at only $40,000,  p. ��� , ^^w._..,..^.^^-m��������...,J.. ,�����, * ,  CHERYL ANN PARK closo to watorlront with acco���� to booch; lovoly 2 bdrm homo with flroplrici.,  doadond road In qulot aroa, Prlcod at only $41,500,  ROBERTS CRKfiK ,   Ultra modern watorlront horn* with 8000'��q It ol living ��poco doilgnod lor  luxury llvlno. Floor to colling window* opon onto patio ��undocK�� giving comply�� vlow ol Goorgla  Siiolli largo attraetlvo garden complotoly prlvatoi guott'eottag* and many othitr ���xtroi, At\\ lor  furlhor dotolU 61 thl* cholco proporty,  r* * ��� , .mi.,.I.....,.��� in.... , , '., i ,1. I,.,,' ., I.       '       ���    '  Watorfront ~* Hopkln* Landing, Two lot* with (1)1* proporty, oldor typo homo could bo ronovatsd  Into attractive homo, Allracllvo gardon ��loplng to boach, A��klnfl $70,000^00  GIBSONS. ,.Q!d��rtypoiiomoln^  ho��i)ino(il, parorjo, Onlyj $34)500,00  Evonlng�� colli John Black, 886-7314  Ron McSovanoy, 885-3339  mmmmmmmmm  SKYLINE DRIVE: Ovorlooklng tho Bay ana1 tho  Village of Gibsons from'this quiet and private  lot on the Bluff. Start building your droam home  right away on the, >xpante of this  207 x 115 x 181 x 66 uniquely shaped lot. LOW  DOWN PAYMENT���EASY TERMS. FP $13,500.  WAKEFIELD RD; -i- Good building lot on water  and power overlooking Georgia Strait and  the Trail Island*. This is a corner lot In a newly  built up area. $12,500.  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanek. Idoal recreational  lot In beautifully wooded and park llko area,  Zoned for traitors. This lot overlooks Sechelt  inlet and the Lamb Island. $8,900.  SKYLINE DR: This 70 x 59 x 131 x 122ft lot with  oxpanslve view of tho Bay area ond, Gibsons  Village It well priced, $11,500,  <PRATT RD; Near now school slto, Thl* lot Is  cleared and ready to build upon, Mature fruit  trees dot thl* 76' x 125' lot. $13,500.   . 1^ __   COCHRANE RD: Good building lot 65'x 130'.  Clo��e   to   shopping  and  the   ocoan.   Sewer  . easement of 10'on SE sldo of lot, $12,500.  SKYLINE DR:- With the sewor orlly 150 foot ~ ~  away from this lot and the ad|olnlnj lot also for GRANDVIEW RD: Lot size approx. 104x105  sale, makes this an excellent valuo. The Ideal with some view over the ocean. Close to beach  spot for a distinct and original homo.'Nice vlow access, partially cleared, easy building lot.  and sheltered from the opon tea, $13,900.      $13,000,  GOWER PT. RD; At tho cornor of 14th. Thl*  proporty has lovol* cloarod for the building site  of your cholco, Excollont vlow of Georgia Strait,  Approx 80'x 250', $16,500.  ���_���ij ...    TUWANEK: Only one block to boach, full vlow  ol Inlot, Piped community wator avallablo, 60/'  x 140' lot, $9,900,  SOUTH FLETCHER: At school Road. Two lots of  40 x 150' each. One lot has a cottage which  could be rented, These lots are mostly cleared  arid roady for building. A spectacular vlow of  the entire Bay area and Keats Island Is Includod In tho price of $27,500,  ALDERSPRING RD: 50 x 150' of tho bost  garden soil In the heart of Gibsons. On sewer  close to shopping and Post Offlco, Potontlal  view of tho Bay area, Excellent torms  ovolloblo. $10,500.  McCULLOUGH RD: Wilson Creek. Closo to one  aero treed property with sub-dlvlslon  possibilities. $22,500,  BURNS RD: Good building lot (65 x 130) on  flat land In Gibsons Vlllago, Four block* from  Pott Olflco, ttorot and transportation, Lightly  trood. Throe blocks from ocoan, AH sorvlco*  avallablo, $11,000, ������  HILLCREST ROAD: only $3,000 downl Balance  by Agroemont lor Salo will purchase one of  thoso boautilul view lot* at the end ol a quiet  cul-de-��ac. All underground sorvlco* so there  I* nothing to mar the view. These lots are  cleared and roady to build on. The ravine jn  front will ensure your privacy, These lott  roprosent excellent value, Priced from  $13,900 to $16,900.  SECHELT INLET ESTATES) Deluxe lots with a  spectacular view of PorpoUe Bay. Beach  focllltlo*, nearby moorage, wator, hydro and  telephone al each lot. Only 4 1/2 mile* to the  conveniences of Sechelt,  POPLAR LANE: Newly completed I The most  conveniently located sub-dlvlslon In Gibsons,  Only 2 blocks from shopping (jonlro and both  elementary schools and secondary, Level  building sites with torpe clearing on a newly  formed cul'de-iac, Thete prime lot* on lower  and all service* are going fast. Get your now  while they last. Priced from $11,900.  GOWER PT RDi ��00' of waforfrd'nfage. s!#ep  but managable slope. Hydro and water on the  esplanade road, 217 deep with a completely  unimpeded view to Vancouver Island, Faces  south we��t for lott of sunshine,  $15,900,    ,  ACREAGE  GOWER POINT RDi One hall acre 100' x 217'  , on the corner ot 14th and Gower Point Road,  Driveway Into one of the many excellent  building tltet, Some merchantable timber,  Property slope* to the west for view and late  ^*un.set.i>��,^Ihl������J^0��*ia-JMi.��i��ntld*r.ed^.pflirn.e.��  proporty, ���    $10,000,  NORTH ROAD A CHAMBERLINi Exceptionally  well priced 5 ocre level property hall way  between Gibsons and Langdale, \ Front hot  been cloarod and filled, Back of property I*  ��� like a bark with a creek running through.  Rood aliawonce at side I* the extension ol  Chamberlin Road. $"27,500.  VELVET ROAD; Beautiful view lot In desirable  area, Road In and hydro and phone to  property. Prlcod well below assossod value,  $11,000,  LANGDALE: Lovel building lot on Johnson  Road, Fantastic view of Howo Sound, $ 14,500,  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: With watorfront  as   scarco   as   It   Is   this  doublo   uso   lot  represents real value,  $22,000  WEST SECHELT: Watorfront bulldog lot 60 x  250 overlooking Trail Island*, Adjacent lots  have step* built to beach,  $23,500.  WHARF ROAD; At the corner of Davidson.  With a little easy clearing thl* lot will be  roady to build on,. Walking dl��tonco to the  ferry, Lot *Uo It 00 x 110,  W.90Q, ^, ,^ ^  ROBERTS CRKi Lower Road. 1,12 acres In the  v��ry desirable Roberts Creek area. There It a  driveway already In'and a tapped Artesian  well on the property. Road dedicated at the  back of the property will, allow future sub-  division. Vendor ,m\*.l wmm^Uf^ftvr-'wihrr-mm.  ,^J.2,0p0,���^^ __  .-St  Drop in or call for free brochure  ���Sajl*  *IMC  p-n*��p".'f,*-��jr*':,.fi,^'  ���p... Yv,r.'Y< .<,. ..��*V  ,,,,.,,,���,*,,,�� ,-...��� -;t'7c7Y Yj<;:,ff.''^T*v. ���T-^����".tv^/st.:-^ ',  tv  * '-��.-j.i*.*����~. i  "���"TV  *4i4*;*'j-"f'wit  ipw*)��i*|Wi!*ii^B-ii��ta��ieiPW!^^ -h ���*��������  V:  ., �����>    ���*����� it's  (. .  .     -v -*  .        a,  1  . '/ I**,', V*.      *  ...v,!-;  ,,,��� r���.��^��,,.  ������", '' ''-������'*T*r'-7ip'\tY  ��.#< 4- \:t"XX,  M ,i  ��� i  77 ���,)���������,..      ,     '���\,li'>,t",.'��rva  \m-f .   '''Vi'!  *   M  if! ,1  .1   '     �� ...   \  C-7  7  .���*'  ^  ���st  PageB-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, January 18,1978  f.-'  PON,,   ,  i&  . *< -y<. r <  Ayyx  -"si  <VC !��?W',  >V*f*  S^Tt,  **_v  Xt, wT-i^YprsTACY^-*^-1*. "#* p*^i_   -   ,  -'  '  WITH THE SNOW finally gone and no   Sunday afternoon breaking in a new  January rain to dampen the en- ^Christmas present.  thusiasm one Sechelt youngster spent ���Timesphoto,  CBCRadjo  Memories of logging  CRTC hearing in  Vancouver Feb. 23  -^iqie-CRTC^hearinfl-to-be-held-in-Van-  =couyer-at theHyatt Regency_on February  23 will Include the CBC's application- for  renewal of its AM Radio licence for CBU  and the L.P.R. Transmitters across the  province.  / This hearing provides an opportunity  for the public to express their ideas and  feeling about CBC Radio in B.C. Formal  briefs are not required^J_etterajviU Jbe  welcomed 1)y"_he~CRTC if received" by  February 3. Copies must be sent to the  CBC, 700 Hamilton St., Vancouver V6B  2R5, by registered mail and the receipt  enclosed/with the original letter, also  registered to the CRTC, 100 Metcalfe St.,  Ottawa, K1A 0N2.  The friends of the CBC will submit a  brief and to save expense will arrange for  dispatch of letters if anyone so desires.  Contact Maryanne West, 886-2147..  Weather report  Weather January 7-13  35JT/  ���'���������!-  __  _fi_9L_  '..-;���-         ft       .  '. s.x :   '  ��� o  ! ���  ���-' -",i ���"���������-;- . *  A  1.; .  ��� ���  . :;.>-'  ��� - --A  ���   ?_���>-������-���--  -���,+_.���, ��� ,  * ���- --- :"--  i.f,Y  IT'S NOT LONG UNTIL Timber Days  time in Sechelt again. Several of the  -key���organizers for last- year's  Lo   Hi  Weekend CBC listening includes on  Saturday .memories of logging in Ontario  when men went into the woods in the fall  arid stayed there until spring breakup  when the rivers would be black with logs  Nightcap  Sutherland.*  11:20     p.m<:     Donald  January 7 1 '   4  January 8 3      5  January9 .' ...3      6  January 10 v-v^4 *-~��~-  January 11 j.. IT". ...3 -'t-5" -  January 12 3      5  January 13 : 2       6  Prec.  mm  22.9  7.4  15.0  0.5  0.5  0.3  2.5  Mendelssohn.  _ Nightcapy11:20 p.m.  painter.  Eric Friefeld  Tuesday ^January 24  Mostly Music 10:30 p.m. National Arts  and the men ready for the excitement and-; gntre 0r?est���� .Jfne 0��A Adrienne  .danger of the log- drive to the millsr Shannon, duo-pianists. Klein, Respighi,  Logging has changed, but this story of  Canada?-���history- is-told -on- Between,.  Ourselves at 7:05 p.m. by men  who  remember, all now over 80. The eldest,  -Dave,Trumbeli,-turned410,oiuDecember-  ���15.  ' Ideas at 9:05 p.m. takes an excerpt  from the 10 week F1V_ series on Television  an interview with Norman Lear, producer  of All in the Family, Maude, Mary Hartman and others.  For  Hobbit  fans  an  appraisal .of  Tolkein's   posthumous   work   "The  SSmarillion" by Dr. George Whalley of  Queen's University on Anthology at 10:05  p.m.  The Hornby Collection at 11:05 p.m.  presents HeliosJ>y John Lazarus. A couple  view the private lives of others with  dramatic results. And Ode to Frederics  _Garcia~Lorca~by^al)lo^enidanreaclTjjr  ^Joseph-Golland,-..  On Sunday, Signature 4:05 p.m. continues the Man from Salzburg and in part  11 presents a straight-faced take-off of a  program about an _ avante-garde composer, The Neglected Genius of Casimir  Oudendorp Ci?nc_a_i-94i35-pjnr-discuss  CBC-FM Radio 105.7  ���Ideas -8:tM^p.mr���Wednesday ---The -  Future of the Jews. Thursday - Global  Corporations, Friday - Lectures series,  Monday - Aging, Tuesday - Climate -'  running hot and cold.  Thursday Signature 9:04 p.m. Part I  The Man from Salzburg. Part II The  Neglected Genius of Casimir Oudendorp.  Friday Radio International 9:04 p.m.  Sources of Creativity, U.S. National Public  Radio.  Saturday Audience 9:05 p.m. Part I -  Margaret Laurence, a profile hy George  Woodcock. Part II - Vancouver Chamber  Choir, the Utrecht Jubilate, Handel. Part  HI ,- John Fowles profile by Michael  Mercer, part IV - Vancouver Symphony  - Chambor*-EnsemblorIinda-Lee Thomas,,  Week's rainfall ��� 49.1 mm. January to  date ��� 96.8 mm.    January 7-13; 1977 ��� rainfall ��� 11.9  mm. Snowfall ��� 9.7 cms. Total precip. ���*-  21.6 mm. January 1-13,-1977 ��� 24.6 mm.  Sketch club show  TKe_Secheirsketcli^inris"haVing~their  annual exhibit of new work at Whitaker  _House7&chelt7from~Januaryl6't(r28r���  Each artist will show two paintings in  landscape, floral or in ink drawings or  mixed media compositions.  |C^<X<t%%^1_-.<_<-^<L-K-.%.%.%^^<*,^%1V  TIMOTHY BROWN  Concert Pianist  has openi ngs for students  ��� children - adults  ��� all levels  ��� also vocal coaching   [ call .__  886-7139, Wod-Sun am  piano - Mozart, Poulenc.  732-9*4$ \.Sun-Tua>pm  aaroKsss��aKeseKM  vandalism in senseless theft and damage  to public properly which tells us a lot about  ourselves and our society.  CBC-AM-690 7  Wednesday, January 18  Nightcap 11:20 p.m.  actor John Stark.  Interview with  MR. SMALL BUSINESSMAN OR  ���NTREP RENEORS^ABOUTlo'GO  INTO BUSINESS  Let a successful retired business person review your business  and plans, making recommendations which could lead to  greater success for you. '  Phone J. Gough, CAS_.Co-ord.,FBDB at 980-6571 or write to 145  ,W. 15th, North Vancouver.  Thursday, January 19  Playhouse 8:04 p.m. Zwicker by Silver  Donald Cameron. Part 111 - Lebanese  Blonde.      ,  ' *  Jazz Radio Canada 8:30 p.m. Nimmons  'n' Nine Plus Six. Electronic Funk - Bob  Buckley Synthesizer Band.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Quebec  Symphony Orchestra, Barbara Todd-  Slmardi flute. Somers, Reinecke,  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. S. J. PerUnan -  comedy, writer.  Friday, January 20  School Broadcast 2:04 p.m. Police and  the Teenager.  Country Road 8:30 p.m. Tammy  Wynette.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Winnipeg  Symphony Orchestra. Zara Nelsova- cello.  Block, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Reservation Hall  Jazz Band from New Orleans.  Saturday, January 21  Update 8:30 a.m. Roundup of B.C.  Happenings.  The House 9:10 a.n\ the week in  Parliament,  Quirks and Quarks 12:05 p.m. Science  Magazine, host David Suzuki.  Metropolitan Opera 1:30 p.m. Tan-  nhausor, Richard Wagner.  Between Ourselves 7:05 p.m. Timber -  lumbering in Eastern Canada.  , .^  vorsatlon.  Anthology 10:05 p.m. Tolkeins The  Slmarlllion. Poetry by Donal Twomey.  Courtonay Hart, short story by David  Helwlg.;  The Hornby Collection 11:05 p.m. Part I  Helloa by John Lazarus, Part II. Ode to  Frederica Garcia Lorca by Pablo Neruda.  Sunday. January 22  ' The Food jShow - 0:30 a.m. for consumers. \  CBC Stage 1:05 p.m. Face tho Lamp by  Barry Pavltt.  Signature 4:05 p.m, Part 1 Tho Man  from .Salzburg. Part II Tho^ Neglected  Genius of Cnslmlr Oudendorp,  Symphony HaU 7:05 p.m. Montreal  Symphony OrcrMSiatra ,* Ilornclb Gutldrro?;;  piano, Provost, Saintv-Saens- Brahma,  Concern 0:05 p.mi* Vandalism - the  First Stono.  R LAWSON THAVEL  '^heHolidaymakehS*'  announce)*:  The ORIANA HAWAII SPRING  ^     AIR-SEA HOLIDAY  Jotaway from Vancouver 6th April. Spend 10 lazy days at  tha Holiday Inn, Walklkl Beach. Then leave Hawaii April  16th for a five-day cruise aboard the ma|ostlc Oriana ���  arriving Vancouver 22nd April.  Inclusive rates *97Cr   P��r person  For further details and reservations please call or write  P. LAWSON TRAVEL  409, Granville St., Vancouver     082-4272  CALENDARS  on sale now!  p , p'  ~ ������-^  stop In at our office in Sechelt and pick one up.  celebration are dropping out this year sons interested in donating time and  and the committee needs volunteers energy should phone the village offi.ee  to help outin numerous ways���Per-*-- at 885-2043:   REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Pott.Office Box 1219, Sechelt  Toll Frae 684-8016  "HORSE   LOVERS"   ���   Wilson , Creek - large    3  bedroom home on 2.58 acres zoned R2. Can be  developed. Lond mostly cleared. Located on Gun.'  Club Road. Asking $49,500. Terms!  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2 bdrm  attractive home on almost 2 acres  level Hiway frontage, easy access.  Good large shop with HD wiring for  bench tools. Home completely  remodelled. Shake roof, rancfier  alum, siding. Several outbldgs.  -Secluded���landscaped���property .~FP-  $69,500.  EGMONT7WATERFRONT: excellent  investment opportunity. Approx 560'  of waterfront with 5 acres and a 4  year old double wide home. FP  $95,000 with 1/2 down. All offers  and trades will be considered.  WATERFRONmOWET"Located on  Redrooffs Rd at Welcome Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  ' home. Well insulated, twin "seal  windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator f'place, nice dng  area in kit, plus sep. dng rm facing  __view-of-Merry-lsland-and Welcome-  Pass. Lge 80x360' treed property w-  workshop.   Above   grd   bsmt   with  wood and coal stove for canning or  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  VILLAGE HOME ��� 2 main floor  bedrooms and <#fHU j-p-pfMlafcen  carport   under  Utility room on  basement   80  $48,900.   SELMA_PARK__V1EW_ HQME_���_3_  bedroom home nicely decorated. Red  carpets, circular brick fireplace, lots  6t klfcheft^cupbaards'and iSoun'ter  space, master bedrooms has enste.  Basement is finished and has entrance .to. the garage. FP'$65,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: new 3 bdrm  full-bsmt-home-on a-large-view  lot. Easy walking distance to the  stores and schools. Has ensuite  ���grid"OKfiHis'Ke'd ; Vet" r6drrt:"TP  $57,500.  NEW BUNGALOW AT REDROOFFS:  1150 sq ft 3 bdrm home on level,  beautifully treed 1,28 acres. Close to  boat launch & excel yr round fishing.  W/W carpet throughout. Bright,;  sunny kitchen, klrch cab'ts & util off.  Vanity bath. Matching attached  c'port w-lge storage rm.FP $49,500.  REDROOFFS ROAD: the complete  1200 sq ft 2  bdrm  home.  Has  ensuite, rec room, double garage  on a 100 x 262' treed lot. Hostess  planned dream kitchen. FP  $68,500.  n_=r  &��$���  ,1, ^pp*%^'<vK"V*l2l|  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT:  quality built 2 bdrm full bsmt  contemporary designed home,  Shown only by appointment. Try  your offer to $79,500.  1,180 SQ FT PART BASEMENT  VILLAGE HOME: All finished main  floor with 3 bedrooms and a spare  room down. Carport under the  house. Reduced to $38,500. .'  SECHELT-VILLAGE: this home Is  very good value, 3 bdrms and lge  utility room, teak cabinets  throughout kitchen and enste.  Wall to wall carpets. View lot.  Priced at $38,900  DAVIS BAY VIEW HOME: 860 sq ft 2 bdrm mobile home with ap-  pllancos, All wall to wall carpot, Cozy &, inexpensive to heat.  Concrete driveway and parking slab. Fir Road location. FP $43,500  Terms I ���      '  SELMA PARK WATERFRONT LOT: 60 ft of waterfront, treed lot  with driveway In. South slope, excellent booch. Excavated  building site. F.P. $29,500. '   �����  LARGE 3 BEDROOM ��� Very tidy 1236 sq, ft,, home yp/lth full  basement Including cdr stall, 2 lire places both feuture, decor In  Spanish, lots of bright colours. Master bdrm has ensuite. Yard Is  landscaped, This Is two full floors of good home. FP $69,000,  EXTRA LARGE VIEW LOT: Wost Sechelt. 100 x 150' Trail Island vlow  lol. Flat & lovel, Serviced with water 4 powor, An exceptional lot,  $16,500,  LOWER ROAD, ROBERTS CREEK(��� Over ,5 acros of gently sloping  property with southern oxposure. 580 x 380', Voar-round crook  flows through corner of property, Excollont buy at FP $35,000,  DAVIS BAY VIEW LOT; Easy torms ��� 20% down & the balance over  oasy payments on this southern exposure view lot, Excavation and  clearing have boen done. FP$13.9Q0. '  SELMA PARK VIEW LOT: Extra largo 90 x 179 lot, corner location,  easy access, excellent vlow ol Trail Island, FP $15,50Q.  R2 LOT 110 x 200': Wakefield Road, Idoal building or Mobllo Home  v#lte. Asking $14,500 FP.     ���  \y  *W__p_p'_p___^ T-fcy-HT* _pf__.  JmmXjmmZiX^mm    JLa-CSL  PENDER HARBOUR  DIESEL LTD.  -n  MoiMiayf January 23  ,CH?>4iBtt  Rods. Barry Masters, '  Mostly Muilc 10:20 p.m. CBC Vancouver Orchestra. Respighi,  AUTHORIZED SALES - PARTS - SERVICE  ��� ��  HD Marine & Diesels, 100*350 HP  Aquamatic l/Os, 12M50 HP  Comploto Marino Servicing Including Marino Way*  WW*tP****WPl!l<^*l��pHt*^^  GARDEN BAY/PENDER HARBOUR  CALL 883-2616  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Close to 1/2 aero.'Lovol building lot. Hydro  and roglonal water at road. Check & compare, Attractively prlcod at  '$9,450.,"  REDROOFFSAREAi Laroo trood lot 93 x 400' approx. Good oara��*n  soil, wator �� powor, Asking $12,500,  ���>LOW DOWN PAYMENT: Wost Socholi vlow lot, cloarod, graded, and  sorvlcod. R2 *onod. Move your trallor wllh no preparation  nocossary, Asking $11,500 with $1,000 down,  SEllMA PARK) Vlow lot, 66x132', cleared,and roady to build on.  Aroa of nice homos. Asking $14,500,  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT; Small 2 bedroom home plus a revenue,  cottage with basement. The best waterfront available, Facilities  close by, Cottage Is neat A tidy and has a fireplace fV sun room.  Waterfront Is over 90 ft. FP $69,500, ^      ,.  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT: Your own private par,k with lowering  firs & cedars, Home Is unique USO sq ft with 12 x 36' wrap-around  open sundeck, Basement with workshop and storago, Garage,  Comont stops to water's edge, Asking $125,000, Some torms,  MAIN STREET LOCATION' approximately 50 x 220' lot with business  promises and living quarters behind, Excollont location (or almost  any type of enterprise, This Is an opportunity to become established  In the village, Lots of room lor expansion, FP $95,000,  GIBSONS HOME WITH ACREAGEi'Larq<�� 3 bdrm home on 7 acres  with Chaster Creek bordering 1 side of fenced property, Home  needs some repair buthos been partially renovated, Land Is1 cleared  & In grass, A nice situation. FP |��09,500,  MPPER ROBERTS CREEKi 10 acres ol land with 3 bdrm near now  home ol approx 1700 sq (I, and a 4000 sq ttlklumlnum clad, fully  Insulated building. Building Is oil wired for 220 power A could have  7frtflny'''i1���-<^C6ntr#t���''flc>or^'<ll���orT��partT'fp���"$9?i800;"*���"^'���",   TUWANEKi budget pf Iced seavlow lot.Oule) aroa. FP $0395,  ROBERTS CREEKi Tro��d lol wllh a year round stroam, Asking $7300.  GIOSONSi 2 lots side by side, Buy one or both, Sewered and close to  the boat launching ramp, Terms considered, Asking $12,300 and  "���$14,3007* ~"'  Y"    ' "-T"*- ' "-"���"*-"��� "Y " ��� "   For further information on tho above contact:  ___^^^  -   Frank Lewis, 886-9997? Stan Andcram, 885-2S385; Dong Joyce, 885-2761  mmmi  A  vY'  i':r!ivv. .*<{,:-yt-;^  . PPP^���.'�� ���* ^���y^-..P'".'.P 'M./hJV   *.p-'-^lf^yl..fJy,'^Y^v,l.V-("'^ai',#,,'*'-W..i'*^Mfc*aP*P**i^-���{,y..\,i\.^\\,..,>.*i...T^*~..e~*.*,~,.^  "V"3,V*l!I,(,p,p.  "HA* **  , * y  >nX';\^A"''rf,",*'M"��f'>'  -V  ��� \f."\  avr*:1-0 #Tt^^��M*Pil^a3  ���*r  ^.tV  ~ anlS|ipa*H*'  '*  1 |*flP*V^i. p  *'^��^^*dt��(J*)ly-l^~f'< i��n' <�����  *" irvft [(t,MI  mwlt*&*\** t***1,  U.a��f    ^T����l>|W**4lj?t  (���f��f(lf��ll��  l%��iPWPM*l  k *w-&  JSpoWPHWWWW^W*!'  .!S��iV��r��p>��-iJB(��� pSfip��S(��i!e��a!��  '*�������������� i . ,��  ��� ijw^Spl-*        *f-    h  .t,.sn^.i.,^^iU^^ia-ftM����^-"**^"-JwP*-;it'PP'!jP"*'-"M'*-^' i~  ->/  ������ I -   \  v^  _���0-  ^_...wt'  . J*  <>'���'.      <!^>  Send your stuff to:  Peninsula Times  Box 310  ���.���'Secholt"���  ���A- I-*-  The. winner of last week's crossword was GEORGE WEBB,  age 12 ��� who did the crossword absolutely correct. Well  done, GEORGE I We have a prize waiting for you at the  Peninsula Times off Ice. Congratulations from us alii Here is  this week's crossword ��� send it in when you're done it1 and  maybe' you'll be the lucky one next time. /  - i  ���w^ "fe..  lo  13  \  sent us this very  good hone drawing.    \  THANK YOU I  i-  lflr_  #��  5WB  Ii  if  rr  a  Wednesday, January 18,1978  The Peninsula Times  Page B-5  4-H Club officers elected  ��  , THe Howe Sound~4-H Jersey Clubheld  its first meeting of the year at Johnston's,  on January 9. "   'XX'  and recreation. -  . ��� Qiir_ 4rH_clubwis ���investigating - the-  . possibility of some new 4-H clubs in. the  area. Next article we wil^have-detailed-  7 Our annual election brought" in a new  s_executiw.council^_d--v_^^ ~:--;1ist^deseribin,^^ for  CORN CAKES  Something easy to bake on a cold, .rainy afternoon.  You need: *  ���       '"'   1 1IX cups boiling water & 3/4 cup cold water  2 1/2 cups cornmeal  1 teaspoon salt  1/4 eup^corri oil  1/4 cup sugar    Preheat oven to 400. Put the cornmeal, salt & sugar in a bowl. Add the boiling water and  stir good. Then add the cold water S corn oil and stir again. Tho mixture should be stiff,  -but-not-too-dry .-(Add a little more-water-if-it's really dry.) Oil-2 cookie sheets. Put  spoonfuls of the battfr on tho cookie sheets to make flat little cakes, (about 3" round).-  Bake 45 minutes. Eat them hot with butter & jelly.  ACROSS:  1. Opposite of slow.  3. It moves in the water. Sail.... or motor....  5.'A liquid. Yob' put it in a car to make it run.  6. If you dorn walk, you ....  7. Things you ride,, they have 2 wheels.  10"How birds move.  11 Round things. Cars have 4. bikes have 2.  13 If you go faster than a walk, you .. .  14 Something that moves on tracks. It has a  locomotive.  15 Engine, makes a car move.  16 People ride on the "back of this animal.  17 A kind of boat, paddles make it go.  18 To move slowly with your feet.  I  // _. L E  T-ff  DOT TO DOT PUZZLE  Draw a line from No. 1 to No. 15 and find out what's hiding  behind the dots.  H  J.-4.V-  DOWN:  2 Kind of boat that pulls other~boats.  .-_.��  tit  e _-.v? rgc rrjo  ?pls  scbpol-  4 It travels in the air  7 When you leave you, say good ...  8 Automobile. ., , ,,  9 Boat with no-motor,, wind moves. it.'A[  (jOOt. ���mrti_))m,l+kvlM*~'  10 A boat that carries passengers and cars.  You take it to get to Vancouver.  11 If you're ready, but it's not. time to go, you  have to . .:.  __2J__^g_^aMjigL.gQ___in the ocean.  14 Big, strong vehicle that carries many"dif-  ferent kinds of things like food or oil or trees.  15 Yourself.  16 Opposite of low,  The results are as follows: President ���  Karl Johnston, Vice President ��� .Frank  . Chamberlin,    Secretary    ���    Mairi  Robertson and Treasurer ��� Steven  Frisch.  Mr.' C. Chamberlin was're-elected as  leader, Mrs, B. Chamberlin and Mrs. A.  Robertson as the assistant-leaders.  The club formed four hew committees,  ways and means, workshop, newspaper  this area. We will be looking around for  adults who may have experience in these  different fields to be leaders for these 4-H  clubs.  The members of these clubs are involved in an executive council and committees. Fund raising drives are also held  to finance,trips, equipment, parties, trips,  etc. The members work around manuals  /which involve the keeping of records.  YOStfTS  announces  FREE DELIVERY  in the Gibsons area  Check your mailbox for a complimentary menu  further  There will be a TO per cent reduction for pick-up  orders over $8.00  l*4Ns  I69s  CLEARING OF STOCK  before our move to 1500 Gower Pt. Rd.  CA^-'  .*���/  Drawings by Debbie Arnold  ll  7  10  X  i^> ���"        >fez  -r^e  JEAN SHOP  Gibsons Village  WllntirM*!*^.. i yp-y���-p.-np^i i.i ii >i"��wsl��  PENTANGLE PLANTS  885-3818  NEXT TO MACLEODS  | * Put your, mossagerUito 4,000 homes  ��� |15,000 readers')  in these economical  ", spots. Your ad Is always there for quick  I reference ... anytime!  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Earth Tampers  Sunshine Coast Hwy A Francis Peninsula Road  Madeira Park Ph. 883-2585  Halfmoon Bay  885-3816  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  and  GARDEN MAINTENANCE *  FOR AN EVER-BLOOMING GARDEN  WILLIAM BORAGNO    Free Estimates  [Bango] 885-5033  -.P-^p^p^liH-^^B.-jtf^^l^K,-^  __.^ pp.' .   . ��� % I  *!^'J^'p*iM|*iMpJiMpapg-^ kM >^^!��  d^PI^^    ^Ts_i__*pim'_iL___f^f<  RETAIL STORES  ���-��� ,���...-  . ���.l-_1..-ir..l ...,,... ,    , , _  ���  ,   C ft S HARDWARE  APPLIANCES��� HARDWARE  HOMi: FURNISHINGS  i  Phone 885-9713  SPECTRON SHEET METAL ft ROOFING  Box71�� ;���   886-9717 Days'       c,b"M  * Heating and Ventilation  . * Tar and Gravel Roof ing  Ron Olsen Lionel Speck  886-7844 886-7962  SEWING MACHINES       ""  BERNINA  Sales & Service to All Makes  'V RENTALS .  Fabric House, Gibsons    Ph. 886-7 525  SEWING MACHINE  REPAIRS ft SERVICE  All Makes  days 886-2111  eves. 886-9247  TIRES  -i  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshine Coast Highway  Box 13, Olbsons, B.C.  ,-...,,,.. ..886-2700   SALES A SERVICE  All Brands Available  Monday to Saturday, fl',30 am to 5:30 pm  Friday evening by appointment only  TREE TOPPING    PEERLESS TREE SERVICE  ....���...��-,,CompUtepTree-fiervice....~-~...��...~���*  ��� Prompt, Guaranteed, Insured Work  ,    ��� Prkes You Can Trust ���>  Phone i, Rlsbey,  885-2109  #t^*W-*wi*i*^��>f*  ^^^^w^^pjrtrp^t^.^^ft.fiTS^r.i^-t'jp-  ��� 'It Pays To  ''wi'1 ^^!^t^���^'&1mS^<m ^yWm^lm9.^^-f?,^ml^^ ^,ffl.^,'*^'��^'rfHl,*S;,iff���Wt,!P "H. ���"���*.. ""a .���"!���, .*?��� ��f?*, JSfl .Siri,?!!?!-?!!!^^?1--. ^f-. ��-55L lSS! .!!!^!!?."?"��. "I!!!!1?^ f!S!!l, ^l!!l^J??,, _^_,*_T*, T^,^^-?^^ "^ f!?.."!!,"  "���       7'       ,', ������ .  ��� .,.������.'.*     �����*   !     ���     , ���.    ��'' ,,','- i -,���.,. rt,)u.  ������    7.1    '       ' ���'   , ���'   '   ', ''��!��*���   ��� '>���'������       -i'i-.,        '   -'���"   '"' Y  ' >���*"-. 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Si**... .  . ,.Ay -��������  ,.   - ��a   .-,-  more. This might go onjor-three or four  hours ... and then I'd go home drunk and  tell my wife I really had intended to be  home for supper...  "Like many alcoholics, I rationalized  for a long time before I realized I was one.  Tm not an alcoholic,' I'd say, Tm a  weekend drinker, just a beer drinker. Tin  not on skid row.' I was bankrupt>morally,  physically and mentally, but I didnrknow  members^may ���&��� The minute I took that first4rinfeI^ouli*  steps in the AA no more control my faculties than I could  fly to .the moon, Often I wouldn'tTstop  drinking until I fell * off the chair or  someone hauled me home.  __* "Eorjour years I tried to control _my__  drinking but it didn't work. I was a typical  alcoholic ��� I drank every day and drank  too damn much, I was an embarrassment  to my family, full offemorse and sorrow,  and,I'd swear up and down that I would  stop, before the sun was down I'd be at it  again...  "After going on a rip-snorter of a drunk  for five days, I got the number of a person  in AA from my wife, who was in Al-Anon.  She made me phone, because unless, an  alcoholic looks for help himself, it won't  work.  "I attended three AA meetings a week  ' at first and I've been a member for almost  four years. It's getting better. I'm slowly  learning how to live without booze and I'm  straightening out, one day at a time. I  never found happiness in a bottle ... to  There are about* 100 members of  Alcoholics Anonymous on the Sechelt  Peninsula, men and women who came to  realize that their craving for alcohol was  controlling, and in some cases, slowly  ruining their lives.  At their weekly meetings ��� Monday at  the Athletic Hall in Gibsons, Wednesday at  A \ Madeira Park Community Hall, Thursday  ) at Wilson Creek Community Hall, all  ____ i-^^^^-^-^^^.g^.p.^^  discuss one of the 12 steps in  program, listen to a doctor or other guest  speaker or relate personal experiences.  They also have social gatherings, such as   birthday _parties,_with _the number of  candles on the cake indicating how long'  the honored member has been in AA.  As one member put it, the AA method of  dealing with alcoholism combines  elements of religion, psychology and  group therapy. The first of the 12 steps  states, "We admitted we were powerless  over alcohol... that our lives had become  unmanageable''. Other steps include  making a decision "to turn our will and our  lives over to the care of God. as we understand him," making a "searching and  fearless moral inventory of ourselves,"  and correcting wrongs that had been  committed while in the grip of alcohol. The  twelfth step states, , "Having had a  spiritual awakening as a result of these  steps, we tried to carry this message to  alcoholics, and to practise these principles  iii all our,affairs".  At the AA meeting I attended recently,  \ there was an air of ^camaraderie and good  humor,  but the  underlying tone  was  serious.  I heard stories of repeated failures to  " "overcome  drinking   problems,   self-" because ofalcohol and it was all ihy fault,  deception, of victories and of lives that had    n0 one put a afa to my head and said,  ���mw-mirnnseTsince stibrietv wa_-a_hi_vedr���'YoFwgotTon_i_hTrtrasTfflclreyTZ7-^^  me, alcohol is a poison now."  Another speaker: "I've been up and  down two or three times, but thank God I  had the nerve to get baclc into AA before I  got into a real disaster. In more than 30  years in business, Lmade a lot of mistakes  "I've proved to myself in the last 2%  years /that   you Tfiust-attend 'the  newpurpose _in.ce sobriety was-achievedr  "My name is X and I am an alcoholic,"  members began their talk, to be greeted  by a chorus of "Hi, X." meetings ... None of us can really say  These are exeerpts from some of their    ^e%_ gQt ft Ucked ��� you want �� ^  "I keot drinkine because I wasn.t    sober, get into the (AA) feUowship. I can't  v.���    .   �����, drmklEg TBeSLTL1 JE?t   P"4 into words how thankful Tarn to be in  hdnest with myself. In the city when I    ^      Lif_ ^^ iou_ when  Ukedforawashroomjneverwenttothe ^ sober and clear.^ded."  ___ depot or a service station or a shopping centre orarre-taitfaiiU)luio, I wenU^^An<>ther spoke of people wha_2didn!t-  t6  a  beer  parlor...   and  invariably-   n-akeasecondtry^toaehieve-obrietyH'I-  eone would say, *Hi there, haven't    was a pallbearer for some of them.'.'  seen you in a long time.' Of course Iliad  those guys looks at me..  ���Bat no one did: -  "There .have been many discussions"  about honesty around these tables. I think  if I continue to honestly and thoroughly  look at myself, then I have a reasonable  chance of success. Rarely do we se? a  person fail when he thoroughly follows our  ~ir_tep(r."-":Y^J       --=-    =���-      ~  An AA member who at one time "loved  being a rounder" told of being complimented by a new acquaintance. "He  said, 'You don't fit what you look like;  there must be a reason.' I said I have to  change my life because alcohol had  controlled me. It made me feel good (to  hear the compliment) because I know  what I was like... but I got a second"  chance and was lucky enough to take it.  Pm grateful that it-shows up that I'm not a-  failure anymore." /  Another person at the meeting contended UiaKwhile the support of other  reformed alcoholics is important, the AA  program works only "if the person is there  strictly for himself."  He added, "If one of you got drunk, I'd  feel sorry for you, but I'd still pat myself'  on the back and say, there but for the  grace of God go I." He said an alcoholic  cannot be cured if he is pressured into  attending AA. meetings and expects  "something magical" to happen.  A member who had spoken earlier  agreed that the first step toward recovery  is a person's desire to seek help for himself.      ._____     . ���  "Sometimes we get a new member who  wants to sober up' the whole world, but  unless a person is really and truly convinced that he has a problem and needs  help, the program is not too successful."  ,- Some of the members said that since  joining AA, they were surprised to leanr  that-many people do not drink, that they  can enjoy social functions and other activities without drinking, and that they can  associate with people who drink, without  beings tempted to drink.   "If I'm offered a drink, I simply say, 'I  don't drink, thank you'?' said one member. "I find that no other explanation is  Tiecessaryii-  never seen the guy before in my liftTbut I'd  wind up buying him a beer: I'dtell myself I  was just staying for one beer, but then I'd  lookaf or someone to coax me to have one  He told "the group that"at fjrst he had  been "too proud to join AA, to be called an  alcoholic. I Yemember when they called  the roll at the first meeting, I looked  around the table and' thought, if any one of  Bodycheck:  _.   , Too. fat? Too  -thin? Too tired?  ,. ' Too often? 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