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Array the  By DENNIS FITZGERALD  A butcher, a banker, a carpenter and  an elementary school principal. All solid  citizens. Working by day at ordinary,  solid-citizen jobs.  Arid at night?  "Some ipeople call them rent-a-cops,"  says Sechelt Constable Chris Annelly.  That's a misnomer; it makes them  sound a little like mercenaries. In fact, the  12 auxiliary constables currently working  on the Sunshine Coast are paid for their  services only in special circumstances,  such as providing security during the  recent preliminary hearing for accused  murderer Robert James Shannon.  But if "rent-a-cop" isn't entirely accurate, the phrase has nevertheless stuck,  reflecting perhaps- the suspicion with  which some people regard the men, and  occasionally women, who serve as  volunteer police.  "As a regular police member," says  Annelly, "it's difficult to assimilate in a  community that views you suspiciously as  a stranger." But it's twice as difficult for  an auxiliary living in the community. It's  not an easy position."  He skid some community members  may regard auxiliaries as "finks,  busybodies or egotists, which we suppose  is the same as power trippers."  Verne Wishlove, 37, the principal of  Madeira Park Elementary, has been an  auxiliary constable with the Sechelt  detachment for about three years. Mild-  mannered and generally brimming with  enthusiastic good humour, Wishlove could  hardly be tagged a "power tripper."  Despite Annely's concerns, Wishlove  says he hasn't encountered any hostility  because of his work as an auxiliary; "In  fact, the reaction has been very  favourable. I suppose if you came on like a  big heavy and were pushing things, it  would be different. Maybe I've been  fortunate," he said.  Wishlove works an average of three  eight-hour shifts a month as an auxiliary.  Why does he do it? "I guess I have sort  of a selfish reason," he says. "I wanted to  have more police involvement with the  schools/and they (the regular members)  have helped us out a great deal ��� things  like safely films and bicycle rodeos.  "It also helps the kids to see the police  in a different light than they usually do,"  says Wishlove. "They have more contact  with the police, and they see that their  principal is one, and maybe they think,  'Well, they're not so bad.' "  British Columbia's auxiliary police  force was formed shortly after the  province's paid reserve police force was  a-cop image  disbanded for economic reasons in 1956.  Auxiliaries wear a uniform which is  almost identical .to regular members',  Many are authorized to carry guns. They  may drive police cars when the. need  arises, issue traffic tickets and. make  arrests. In short, their authority is identical to that of a regular members'.  Auxiliaries are used locally primarily  to supplement or back up regular members. On duty, they are paired with a  regular member inmost instances and are  dependent on his superior training ifi  police procedure, although the regulay  member may draw heavily on th|  auxiliary's presumably better knowledge  of local geography and of the population  Requirements for auxiliary menfe;  bership are lower than those for regular  members. Auxiliaries must be betweefi  the ages of 18 arid 55 (versus 19 to 30 for  new regulars) and at least 5-foot6 for men  (regulars, 5-ioot-��) or 5-foot-2 for women  (regulars, 5-foot-4>.    .  Good physical health and vision  correctable to 20-20 are mandatory ttif  regular recruits; there are no such  requirements for auxiliaries. Background  checkson auxiliaries are not as extensive  as those made on prospective regular  members. Auxiliaries basically must have  a good standing in the community and no  criminal record. A minimum Grade 7 or  equivalent education is required of  auxiliaries, versus a Grade 12 education  for regulars.  Auxiliaries in the past received little  training or instruction in any formal  sense. They were simply paired with an  experienced policeman and learned from  him. Arinely says this "was sometimes to  the auxiliary's advantage and sometimes  to his disadvantage."  Recently, a classroom training  program has been organized under  provincial course guidelines. Arinely is in  charge of this training for both the Sechelt  and Gibsons detachments. The three-year  c6firse,-riow in. its seccmd year here,  consists of instruction in areas such as  criminal law, arrest and handling of  prisoners, first aid, self defence, traffic  direction and control, firearms and  physical fitness.  In the Sechelt detachment prospective  auxiliaries are placed on a six-month  probationary '-'ride along" program,  'which gives them a chance to decide if  they want to continue and also gives  regular members a chance to size rip the  applicant's maturity and attitude.  A similar process occurs in<5ibsons,  although there is no such formal  probation. Sgt. Ron Nicholas of the Gib-  VERNE WISHLOVE  sons detachment says he hasn't had to turn  out any auxiliaries in the year that he has  been stationed here. "Some people get on  kind of an ego trip about it," he says, "but  they usually weed themselves out. They  don't get along."  Auxiliaries are protected by workmen's compensation while oh duty, but  Nicholas says, "We try to use them where  there's no real danger to their life. We  don't put them right out in the forefront. If  BILL LAWSON  there's any action, let the regular member  do that.  "Look at it from their viewpoint;  they're volunteers," says Nicholas. "I'm a  paid policeman, and if I go out and get  bopped in the nose or shot, well, that's just  one of the risks I'm paid for."  Gibsons detachment has only three  active auxiliaries now, about six fewer  than they need, according to Nicholas.  ���See page A-3  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jeijyis Inlet), including Port Mellon. Hopkins Landing, Granthams. Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park. Sechelt, Halfmoon Btiy. Secret Cove.;Pender Hrb., Ma^etr.o Park. Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earls Cove, Egmont  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 15 - No. 41  2nd Closs Mail  Registration No. 1142  Phone  885-3231  Union ��.S{k||s? Label  14 Pages ��� 15c Copy  Wednesday, September 7,1977  Fisheries lowers the boom on poachers, polluters  Federal amendments to the Canada  Fisheries Act that stiffens penalties for  poaching and provide greater environmental protection came into force  September 1. ���  Under  the   new  regulations,   the  *   Fisheries Ministry may seize the catchi,  vessel and gear of a convicted poacher if  they were used in the illegal act. A com-  Anti-aircraft  battle goes to  PRINCIPAL Colleen Elson, left, of  the new Pratt-Chaster Road  Elementary School and school  secretary Dodie Bergnach look over  purchase orders for the massive  quantities of supplies and materials  needed in starting a new school. As of  last Friday, Elson was still borrowing  pens from workmen at the school but  said she expected "almost  everything" to be delivered and  ready for action in time for the first  day of school Tuesday.  ��� Timesphoto  It's back to reading,  'riting and 'rithmetic  The summer ls over for hundreds of  peninsula students as they head back this  week for another year of school. But for  those with lingering memories of text-free  days, take heart, it's only aiiothcr month  until the Thanksgiving holiday.  Ixical .students have lieen eased back  gently into the academic world. Schools  re-opened Tuesday, but promptly closed  again today (to give, as one pundit has  suggested, both teachers and their  churges time to recover from the sudden  shock of education). On Thursday classes  begin In earnest.  aSchool .supply lists vary among dlf-  Auto  spur police action  IjocaI vehicle accidents liave claimed  the lives of four persons In the last sbt^  week.*., and alcohol has been a suspected  factor in each death, according to Cpl.  Gary Wade of Uie Sechelt HCMP detachment.  lie said area police arc planning a  stepped-up effort to get unsafe drivers off  the road, which will probably include the  iMC three days a monUi of one of the  province's new mobile brcaUuilyzer vans.  Wndc mild the van will permit police to  order breath samples on the spot of  suspected Impaired drivers. "Wc arc  going to increase our enforcement," lie  said. "Roadblocks, rudar -- we'll do  wluitever l.i riecesfiary."  " .Sechelt pllee aim) received reports of  two break and entries in the village the  night of August 2JI. Brian's Auto Body  reported $15 In change stolen. An unoccupied residence on Dolphin Street was  broken Into the same night. The thief,  apparently out to refurbish his home,  made off with the master liedroom car-  (ictliig and the dining room light fixtures.  ferent schools. They are available at most  local stationery stores or at the schools.  School hours are as follows:  Secondary schools ��� Elphinstone, 9  a.m. - 3:30 p.m.; Chatelech, 8:30 a.m. - 3  p.m.; Pender Harbour, 8:25 a.m. - 3:20  p.m.  Elementary schools ��� Davis Bay, 9  a.m. - 3 p.m.; Gibsons, 9:15 a.m. - 3:15  p.m.; I���ngdale, 8:50 a.m, - 2:50 p.m.)  Pratt-Chaster, 9:30 a.m. - .1:30 p.m.;  Sechelt, 8:55 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.; Egmont, 9  a.m. - 3 p.m.; Halfmoon Bay, 8:25 a.m. -  2:25 p.m.; Madeira Park, 9 u.in. - 3 p.m.;  Roberts Creek, 9:15 a.m. - 3:15 p.m., nnd  West Seclicit, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  Bus schedules were printed ln an advertisement In locnl papers la.st week.  Stops will lie the same as last year.  .Students are advised to be nt bus stops nt  least 10 minutes early.  Dates of teacher In-service training  days have not .been released. Following _  a list of official school holidays:  Thanksgiving ��� October 10,  Remembrance Day -  November 11.  .Christmas ~ December 21 - January  2, 1978.  Spring Break ��� March 23 ���> April 3.  Victoria Day     May 22.  .School ends ��� June .30,  A new elementary school for students  In tlie west Gibsons area opened Tuesday.  Tlie Pratt-Chaster Road scliool, to Ixi  officially named later In the year, now  includes   grades   kindergarten   through  four. Additional grades will be added as  the present students move up.  .Students In Pender Harbour face  several months in portable classrooms  before the opening of their new senior  secondary school. The previous school was  destroyed lant year by fire. Sweetening  Ulese students' delay, however, l�� the  knowledge thnt a water storage tank -  eventually to be transformed to a swimming pool is being constructed beneath  Uie school gymnasium.  .*""* .     Continuing their battle, a group of local  a   citizens will take their anti-aircraft  campaign to Sechelt council tonight in an  attempt to have noise restrictions place-  on the. local airport.  But according to one alderman, the  group's spokesman "doesn't know what  he's talking about."  Frank Leitner, village representative  on the Sechelt-Gibsons airport committee,  takes exception to remarks made last  week by Selma Park resident Charles Lee.  Lee has asked the eight Regional District  directors to intervene in a lease about to be  signed between the Elphinstone Aero Club  and the two villages.  Lee and his supporters claim that  unregulated use of trie airfield by small  planes is not only dangerous but a growing  annoyance for peninsula residents underneath noisy flight paths. A tally kept by  Lee and his wife showed 1,999 planes went  over their home during-the month of July.  He believes much of the problem is  caused by Lower Mainland flying clubs  which, instead of using Pitt Meadows near  Abbotsford, bring their students to the  Sunshine Coast to practice take-offs and  landings. Impose a user's fee here and this  would no longer happen, says Lee.  Contradicts Leitner: "He doesn't know  what he's talking about. The only airport  in B.C. that charges is Vancouver International. How can he check his facts  when he's out counting airplanes from five  In the morning until 10 p.m.?"  There* will be "absolutely no changes"  In the proposed airport lease as a result of  outside pressure, the alderman insists.  .Sechelt council is expected to ratify the  ��� Sec Page A-3  mercial fisherman convicted of poaching  can also have his licence suspended.  Government figures indicate the West  Coast salmon fishing industry loses over  $3.5 million a year to poachers who catch  haU a million illegal fish.  Local Fisheries Off icer Ray Kraft said  that, unlike in some parts of northern B.C.  and the Fraser Valley, poaching is not a  serious problem in this area. While some  private: and commercial poaching does  occur here, he said his department has a  good idea who the offenders are.  Kraft says some of the most significant  changes in the legislation provide far more  control over fish habitats.  -Before the recent amendments,  . charges could "oolybelai^^rtheafe^"  explains Kraft. "Now we have the chance  to veto projects that could damage a  fishing area."  1   The new'conservation measures are  intended to protect not only adult fish, but  also their eggs, breeding grounds and food  sources. The Fisheries Act prohibit activities, including commercial developments, which could seriously affect fish  and their indirect support systems and  now allows the government to block  harmful projects.  Complementary amendments give  Fisheries more power to fight industrial  water pollution.  A new section; makes reporting of oil  spills mandatory and requires parties  responsible for a spill to conduct a cleanup. Penalties Jor all pollution offences  have been increased, with a maximum of  $100,000 fine for major infraction,  ���*'.'��� Commercial .ishermeri have heenF  #veiMhe right to sue a polluter for loss ot  income if fishing grounds are affected by a  spill. ��� ���'-1 '   "'������' -������ ���  Previously, a violation of the Fisheries  Act meant a mandatory court appearance.  People who voluntarily plead guilty can  now pay a fine, in much the same fashion  as a parking ticket, instead of going before  a local judge. This procedure is limited to  fines under $100.  Another major change includes the  designation of Fisheries officers as peace  officers with the power to serve summonses and warrants.  Anglers and commercial trawlers may  now keep salmon catches weighing less  than three pounds if the fish iare fully  adult.  And, says Kraft, the definition of a fish  "has been redefinied to include anything  that creeps and crawls in the sea."  Another significant change in the act,  that grew dijr#atfy * out of past con-.  irOT|a^qi%^!h|angry Newfoundlanders,  ifliSS^'vJt |?^ptal . to interfere with  authorized s^ung operations.''  Greenpeace* and other seal-hunt  protesters will now be banned from the  hunting grounds by federal law.  Hold that flush-the multrum is here  Roberts Creek man  dies from injuries  in Hall Rd. accident  A desperate effort to save tlie life of a  young Roberts Creek man failed last week  when he died in a Vancouver hospital after  being rushed from the peninsula by  hovercraft.  .lames Higgs, 22, of tlie Ixiwcr Road,  was pronounced dead Thursday night, n  day after the car he wns driving went out  of control on Hull Road and slammed Into  a pole.  The youth was thrown from tlie car  upon Impact.  According to Gibsons RCMP, Higgs  was alone ln his 1964 Chevrolet when the  accident occurred ot 8:55 p.m. Wednesday. Tlie cause Is sUU under Investigation.  Police say Higgs carried n kidney  donor card In his wallet and it is believed  doctors nt the I Jons Gate Hospital  arranged for a recipient once it became  obvious he was dying.  An inquest into the crash has been  ordered.  By TOM PERRY  An entry under S in an encyclopedia of  the not-too-distant future will show an  annotated jumble of massive pipes, ponds  and tanks. The accompanying text will  explain its function as an expensive and  largely futile attempt to separate and  safely dispose of contaminants that were  needlessly added to pure Water. This  mischievous folly of the 20th century Is  called a sewage treatment plant.  The justification for such a system,  with its costly sewer lines, is a function of  a dense population and its fixation on flush  toilets. City people are already trapped  without their consent. They seldom think  about waste disposal until they see  periodic increases In their mill rate  literally going down the drain. Rural  residents still have a choice find should be  conscious of its consequences. If they opt  for a disposal system that annually  transforms 41 per cent of a household's  water supply into .50,000 gallons of septic  tank effluent, then they are safe only In a  sparsely settled area.  Using that as a criterion, and judging  from previous surveys of harbour waters,  Pender Harbour is already overcrowded.  Since It isn't realistic to reduce the  existing danger from harbour pollution by  usking people to leave, it would be well to  begin phasing In safe alternatives for  sewage disposal as quickly as possible.  About this time one inevitably hears the  familiar line about expensive sewer  systems ��� followed by the.proposal for  high-density housing development as a  penny-wise and pound-foolish gesture  toward keeping the cost down. But such a  slavish submission to city precedents  compounds the error ln ways antagonistic  to the rural atmosphere we want to,  presorve.  .Sewers nnd treatment plants are, ln  fact, the most expensive methods of  wasting the same water. And any serious  effort to make the resulting effluent  harmless to aquatic life would price them  beyond our means. We can do much  bettor.  COMPOSTING TOILETS that Art aafe  nnd suitable for single-storey dwellings  have been available In North America  .since 1074. Clivus Multrum, the most  popular example, was Invented over 30  years ago In Sweden, where these units  liave been operating for at least 12 yoara.  (Other composting toilets are Blu-I*��t,  Ecolet and Toa Throne.)  Clivus Multrum, the "Inclined compost  room," ls a self-contained treatment  system for all organic wastes. It uses no  water, has no moving parts, consumes no  external energy or additive and is entirely  pollution free. A flushless fixture admits  feces, and urine and toilet paper through a  large diameter vertical tube to the upper  end of a sloping fibreglass tank installed  below the floor and measuring about 4 x 7 x  8 feet. Toilet wastes, on a starter layer of  peat and topsoil, move glacier-like down  the slope and are eventually accompanied  by kitchen scraps added from a separate  port in another part of the house. Guided  by baffles, the mass moves slowly,  composting as it goes. Because the tank is  vented as stoves are, it is odorless in use  and results in complete aerobic  detoxification of material by the time it  reaches the humus storage chamber two  to four years later.  Aerobic treatment of these wastes  liberates large amounts of carbon dioxide  and water vapour ��� both environmentally  harmless ��� thereby reducing the volume  of' material during Its processing. So  maintenance is limited to the yearly  removal of a few palls of rich compojit,  which can be used to advantage in the  garden. Rigorous tests by several independent research agencies and individuals have so far failed to find human  pathogens in the finished compost.  At a price of $2,000 delivered, the Clivus  Multrum Is competitive with installation  and servicing costs of a septic system. A  small drain field is usually needed to  dispose of wash water, although other  methods are possible. Further information.  can be provided locally by Dr. Mark  Mountain of Careful Eco-Systems, who  will be installing a unit in his Roberts  Creek home.  Composting toilets are approached  suspiciously because they're new and  seem too good to be true. This adds to the  difficulty of having one approved under  existing sanitation procedures that were  drafted before the concept of an indoor  composting toilet was conceived. But the  Clivus Multrum is a recognized alternative to waste disposal in B.C. wherever  there is a water shortage or a possibility of  septic seepage. That's us all over! And if  you still don't like aerobic sy.stems, read  on.  NATURAL GAS trapped within the  earth was produced by Uie anaerobic  decomposition of lush carbonaceous  forests that existed millions of years ago.  (These same forests were also transformed into oil and coal.) The process is  understood well enough to duplicate it  above ground with biologicul material of  plant or animal origin. The fuel produced  Is therefore called blogas, and Its principal  - See Page B-K  Toilet  Exhaust  Vent  Garbage  Inlet  Removal  Hatch  Air  r~ Intake  Basement Floor  or Foundation  I  9'4"  Diagram ol a cllvue mullrum /-  Page A-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, September 7,1977  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmr^m-  The Peninsula7^^ __EI9_-_-_B_-_L    r m\ Jllfa^UPfP  EDITORIALS  Dennis Fit/gerald, Editor-  "A free press is the unsleeping guardian of  every  other right   that free  men priie."  ��� Winston Churchill  A  Whew! We made it  Well, it's over for another year ���  the siimmer crunch. Kids out of  school. Crowded highways, beaches,  ferries (jingling cash registers).  Friends and relations passing  through. But it's been fun. Most of it.  A glorious month of sunshine, though  we could have used a little rain in  there.  Now things will slow down some. A  gentle decline (we hope) into winter.  People who know about such things  tell us this will be a long, cold winter.  Perhaps.  Anyway, there's apt to be a few  more weeks for lazing on the beach  and walking quietly through the  woods. Fall is our favourite,time of  year. A time for reflecting on more  hurried days behind us and preparing  for the more severe days ahead.  Maybe now that the kids and  visitors are out from underfoot, we  should all sit down and have a good  think.  One man's opinion?  JfUST THE FACTS  There are many fair complaints to be  made about our regional government. It  would be hard, however, to justify a claim  that it's secretive. But-information about  regional issues is readily available, why is  it that so much misinformation on these  topics is repeated as gospel?  Take a recent example. A land owner is  proposing a small residential development  on a rocky peninsula at the north end of  Bargain Narrows, Pender Harbour, It's  difficult ground, so rather than carve it up  with roads in a conventional subdivision,  he applied for a strata title subdivision.  This would allow more flexibility in ,  building locations, services, etc. The  regional board felt the submitted plan  fitted its policies, and agreed to process it  for a public hearing. Two important  elements are that the homes would be  clustered together on one part of the  property, with some joined side by side,  and that there would be a common sewer  system.  Now I don't care one way or the other  whether this property is developed. But I  do feel the proposal should be judged on  the true facte. So I was a little surprised to  hear that there was mounting public opposition in the Harbour to what was  described as "this lugh-density condominium development."  The reasons for this- opposition soon  became apparent. Two articles appeared  in another peninsula pu|^cati6nr h^ an  anonymous author daiimhg:,tqi represent  the Pender Harbour Ratepayers. I've had  considerable respect for this group in the  past. It could generally be depended on to  keep its head and present well-considered  opinions on Pender Harbour issues, while  more volatile individuals and groups were  shooting from the lip right and left.  However, the article's writer did HtUe to  sustain this image.  First, he created the impression that  the development involved cramming a  large number of homes onto a small  property. A closer examination of the  proposal shows that no more homes would  be built than the normal four per acre  allowed under a conventional subdivision  of the site. Hardly high density, and  certainly not instant Richmond as he  suggested. He then went on to berate the  local regional director for joining Area A  to the sewer function, claiming that this  meant the public would end up paying for  the operation of this development's  .sewers. In fact, this bill would be paid, as  it should be, by special taxes levied on only  those people owning property in the  development itself.  It's not as if the correct information  wasn't available. For example, detailed  explanations of sewer financing were  published when Area A joined that function. However, a nearby resident Iwd  apparently heard enough and presented a  petition of 17 neighbours opposing the  plun.  Petitions seem to fly thick and fast  around here, and the author of Uils one  even admitted it wa.s prepared "on short  notice." Fortunately, though, Uie regional  Ixiard bus learned to take them with u  grain of salt. It's been the directors' experience tliat a petition can be followed  soon after by a counter-petition. This  second one may even by signed by many of  tho same people whose names appear on  the first one, ufter liaving checked a few  facts! It's too bud, but it seen-, to be easier  to sign first and ask questions luter.  There may well be elements of this  proposal that make It unsuitable for the  .site, but wouldn't il Ik: better to consider  the real facts than to listen to rhetoric  about being overrun by multiple-dwelling  development?  Unfortunately, there's another current  case at the other end of Uie regional whero  I wing more Informed before speaking  would lie helpful. I'm referring to the fiery  controversy,  the  amalgamation of  the  By Adrhari Stott  Granthams Landing and Regional District  water systems. Actually, this example is  worse, because it seems to include  deliberate, as well as inadvertent,  ignorance. I find rather disturbing that  statement of the person at the Granthams  meeting to the effect that she didn't want  to hear the information the invited  speakers had come to present. She wanted  to vote first. How can proper decisions be  made if people would rattier retain their  biases than listen to facts that might make  them change their minds? That issue  seems to me far more important than the  identity of the waterworks agency. It can  call into question the whole concept, of  public involvement, which I think would'be  tragic.  Some time ago, after editorial pressure  from the local press, the regional district  finally opened its committee meetings to  the public. This step effectively completed  a long-term and drastic change for the  district, from what was almost a closed,  private club into truly open government.  It's all there if you want it, but how many  people bother to attend the district's  meetings or pick up copies of proposed  bylaws?  Sadly, very few. And although the  newspapers try hard to relate what's going  on, distortions can easily occur by accident.  No, it seems there is no alternative to  greater effort on the part of individuals of  "thebublic. So"if';'��puTtear��<tf^something  happening, or about to happen, Uiat sounds  alarming, take the time to check before  making statements of signing petitions.  Even a phone call will often do the trick.  Many communities wish they had our  easy access to their regional government.  It's a shame we don't seem to appreciate  what we have.  *m***^^^m0^*0i0m*m***m*m  ���m-**+m**^*m***^im**m  m**m***?*m>m*m-��a**m.  The Peninsula^^j^  l'iihl.!kl.c<l Wnlncsduys At Srchrlt  on H.C'fc Siiifkhiiit- Const  by  The I'enlntul- Timet  for WcNlpren Publication', I.Id.  ul Srclwll. H.( .  Ilnx.HO Sechell. ��.(.'.  VI IN MO  I'lioiicHHS .12.11  {  SEPTEMBER rains brought mist and fishermento Davis Bay in search of the elusive coho. A log boom, enroute Friday from Toba Inlet, made a  convenient perch for local anglers.  Guess what program your average oil company  president will be watching this Monday night  By MARY ANNE WEST  The CBC will dust off its dramatized  story, Tar Sands, about the wheeling and  dealing between government and industry  and televise the drama, Monday, September 12, at 9 p.m. The film was shelved  in the spring to give management time to  decide _ it is proper for television to allow  actors not only to represent people  presently active in government but to  speak for them.  Although the film was cleared by CBC  lawyers, there has been much agonizing  by senior management and the president.  Dennis Harvey, assistant general  manager of the En.glish network explained," "You take all the historical information you can gather, and in trying to  dramatize it you don't have access to the  private conveiFsaitlbiis and you- run into  problems. It's the moral problem of trying  to put words into people's mouths."  Tar Sands, it seems, does put words  into the mouths of Premier Lougheed,  several of his senior civil servants and OU  company executives, all of them named  and portrayed by actors.  The facts of the story are all in the  Skara Brae  Metcalfe Road Is one of those unpaved  Roberts Creek lanes that meander  crookedly towards the ocean without ever  quite making it, taking instead a slow turn  and coming to a halt where someone's  driveway begins.  At the head of Metcalfe, where the  street joins the Lower Road, the wood-  stained cedar homes reflect a comfortable  affluence; there are one or two A-frames  and a few unimaginative split-levels with  carports under porches and grounds  where the trees have been slaughtered in  the name of green grass and a few dahlias.  But along the waterfront the character  of the buildings changes* from subdivision  chic to rambling low cottages that have  fronted the sea for decades. A few are  occupied only from May to September  when Uie Maple Leaf is run up the flag pole  and the smell of barbecued steak wafts in  from beach front lawns.  Irately a change has come over Metcalfe Road, n subtle metamorphosis that  lias happened over the .summer, a combination of small irritants Uiat' has combined to shatter the peaceful qtilet of a  once restful neighbourhood.  It began with the trees. Where the road  decides to take Its curve a hidden path  runs off through the woods, first over a  crumbling wooden bridge and then down a  small Incline to Uie driftwood that  barricades the way to the beach.  Ono day In early summer Uie roar of a  powerful chalnsaw ripped through the  early morning and ln a few minuUsa trecg  begun shattering to the ground. A week  later the house, next to the path, proudly  tMiasted a new wooden boatshed. The way  to thi; water Is now marked by hacked,  bleeding stumps nnd long strips of peeled  bark. The trees were government trees, as  the little path runs over a Department of  Highways road allowance. And no one Imd  asked permlsslon*to cut them down. They  were just taken.  The summer has also brought  motorcycle riders who delight In gunning  their engines and competing with a constant visitor who has ho far refused to  replace a missing muffler. On wnrm  evenings parties thrown by some new  Metcalfe Hond tenants run until dawn and  the screams nnd laughter of their friends  drown out the stream thnt skirts their  property.  And  the   rest  of  us,   living   nearby,  By Kerra Lockhart  constantly encounter their docked-tail dog  as it tears open our garbage, uproots  vegetable gardens and defecates on  everyone's property but it's own. It Is  probably Uie same dog that for a month  now has howled endlessly night after night  while we who are forced to listen envision  illegal but effective ways of halting the  crescendo of barking that echoes constantly through the woods.  It's all the small things that make a  place worth living in. And lt takes only a  small group of people to destroy that  tranquility. No community plans or  regonal bylaw-s can solve the problem of  an Inconsiderate neighbour ��� of which  Metcalfe Road lias acquired a fair number.  A step in the  right direction  Editor, The Times:  I'm glad to see that tills area ls included  in the Rural Development Incentive I-onns  of the federal DREE program after earlier  press reports (ln another paper) said only  Uie northern part of Mackenzie riding waa  Included.  It's a step in the right direction to help  small businesses get started.  Until now, foderul policies have actually encouraged Industry to reduce  rather tlinn create employment.  New machines can be written off with  accelerated depreciation rates. That  means tho working taxpayer subsidizes  his employer to buy machines to replace  himself.  The Foreign Investment Review Act  lias been fl sham In that it has not slowed  down the American takeover of what wns  left of Canada's economy. Brnnch plants  are Uie first to shut down in a slump and  administration and research Jobs aro  transferred to headquarters In Uie U.S.A.  even when Uie brunch plant Is open.  The same federal government Is  mnklng agreements wlUi Japan and tlio  Common Market countries saying that  Canada wiU ��p��clalise In resource extraction and cut back on efforts to create  secondary Industry which compete wlUi  established Industries in those countries.  That won't help employment here either.  Richard von Fuclm, Courtenay  public domain, having been published in a  book of the same name by Larry Pratt, a  University of Alberta political scientist.  The book is based on documents obtained  from the oil companies which participated  in the project from the qutset, Imperial  Oil, Gulf Oil, City Services and Atlantic  Richfield. The story deals with the power-  brokering of the international petroleum  industry, the negotiations and confrontation with the governments of  Canada, Alberta and Ontario.  If board room discussions and the back  room boys of government do not sound as  exciting as a Police Story drama or the  traumas of modern medical practice, give  it a chance ��� you may be surprised.  Remember Syncrude was launched with  almost $2 billibri of biir'riipttey ak'risk  capital, this should give all' tax "paying  Canadians personal involvement and  interest in the story. CBC hopes it will also  give us a better understanding of the  problems faced by those we elect to  government, who must weight the  economic benefits of any construction  project jobs, the expansions of related  industries ��� against damage to the environment and the hazards of. social  change when too many people move into  an area with inadequare facilities and  services.  Mavor Moore plays Frank Spragins,  president of Syncrude at the time, in  counter-point to Premier Lougheed played  by Kenneth Welsh.  This is the second year the CBC-TV  drama department has produced a series  of journalistic dramas dealing with social,  environmental and political issues.  Memorable from the earlier series was the  Insurance Man from Ingersoll, also  written and directed by Peter Pearson,  which exposed the infiltration of the Mafia  into the construction industry in Toronto.  This year you'll remember the possible  flooding of southern Manitoba from the  Garrison Dam Diversion in North Dakota  and Claude Jutras' compelling dramas  about mental health, Dream Speaker and  Ada.  The art of role playing goes back to  man's earliest beginnings und all cultures  share a heritage of acting out their  problems, their fears and hatreds, joys  and emotions, victories and defeats. It  isn't new to use the medium of television in  meeting the need of 20th century people to  understand their problems. We're all  familiar with soap operas and more  recently programs like All In Uie Family  Uie-Ttomerj^VcrBlon of the BBC's Till  DeatnjTo^us Part) and Maude. While  undoubtedly It was Intended to use these  comedies to focus on social Issues, Uiey  seem to mc to have stagnated Into a  vehicle which perpetuates stereotypes  rather Uian offering a means for social  change.  So I am glod Canndlnas arc using the  medium In n different wny, using our  recognized talent for excellent television  documentaries to produce powerfully  emotive dramas ��� stories which provide  moro than suspense filled entertainment,  Involving the viewer's mind and emotions,  leaving hlm-her possibly disturbed,  maybe even angry, but with plenty to tliink  about.  Unfortunately, It wasn't possible to preview Tar Sands ln Vancouver, so I can only  guess at posslblo unfavourable reaction. I  suspect tills program will iUustratc the  classic dilemma of every age, the confrontation between tho old and the new. In  North America In tlie seventies It seems to  bo between ttie long accepted values of  free enterprise and the profit motive and  Uie public interest In the environment and  Uie rights of everyone to on equal quality  of life.  I Imagine the oil company executives,  whose advertising  manages   to  equate  making profits for their shareholders with  a national service to all Canadians, will be  offended by seeing themselves in living  colour. Do you think they will pull out  leaving us nigh and dry with no-one to  "work against time for our future"?!  -    i i  Closing of Wickaninnish Inn  at Pacific  Editor, The Times:  I would like to make the people of the  Sunshine Coast aware of the federal  government's closing of the Wickaninnish  Inn in a few short weeks. To those who are  not fanuliar with where and what  Wickaninnish is; tit's a beautiful inn  loc_t��d near (ToHno ��� on the west coast. of  Vancouver Island. It is a source of plesure  to old and young alike and has been for  many, many years. When Pacific Rim was  first set up, there was to be no commercial  development in the park. But this is  ridiculous since all other national parks  have more than their share of comercial  enterprises. Wickaninnish was there long  before the federal government took over.  Recently, there was a letter of protest  in one of the Vancouver papers. I, and  many people I've talked to, feel the same  way as Marjorie Stewart who wrote the  letter. I've been in contact with her since,  asking what we could do to help make the  protested  government reconsider.  Following is an excerpt from her letter  to me: "The best way for you and anyone  to help is to write to the Honourable  Warren Alimand (Minister' of Indian  Af fairs and Northern Development, House  of Commons, Ottaway Ontario), who is the  mirdstec^barg^ t^ps* ag you^an see. I  agree -with- you thafenthe ^government is  supposed to do whi^t the majority of the  people want, but if we don't tell them, Uiey  will never know. So we have to make as  many waves as possible. If you can get  anyone else to write, please do so."  So, in conclusion, I urge anyone who is  at all concerned to write to Alimand a  letter of protest. From everyone I've  talked to, not one person condoned the  closing of this inn. The federal government  will just have to listen. After aU, are we not  supposed to have a people's government?  Sheila Evanson  Gibsons.  SATURDAY'S RAIN occasionally left Ume for u quick gallop on Uie  Interrupted the annual crafts fair rocking horse, hand-crafted by her  hosted by the Coast Family, but for father. Terry Schulcr goes along for  Mia Dlgnnrd the break ln customers the ride, ���photoby Kerra Ixiekhnrt Wednesday, September 7,1977  The Peninsula Times  Vag.A-'aj  MORE ABOUT . . .  The rent-a-cop image  ���From Page A-l -  Sechelt is in somewhat better shape with  nine active auxiliaries, including several  in the Pender Harbour area, one of whom  is branch manager of the Bank of Montreal.  Some auxiliaries, such as Wishlove, see  their roles as being primarily a link between the con_nunity and the regular  force. *'.���  Others, such as Bill Lawson, 52, a Port  Mellon carpenter who lives in West Sechelt  have found a way to realize youthful  ambitions.' 'I think I would have become a  Vancouver city policeman," says Lawson,  "but I didn't have the education."  Annely says some auxiliaries were  ineh^ble for the RCMP because of other  restrictions, such as the now discarded  requirement that recruits be,unmarried  and remain single for seven years after  joining the force (reduced to two years  before the policy was dropped).  Lawson, who has been an auxiliary  with the Sechelt detachment since 1973, is  not simply a late-blooming cop. Like  Wishlove, he sees himself as sort of a  community representative within the  RCMP. A Peninsula resident for 25 years,  he says "I know a lot of people here, and I  thought maybe I could communicate with  them better than a regular member could.  "That's what a lot of ttie job is, talking  to people in the right way. I wouldn't treat  anybody any way that I wouldn't want to  ; be treated myself."  And Lawson doesn't perceive hijs role  as identical to a regular members'. "I'm a  civilian when I'm not on duty. I'm not here  to enforce the law. I wouldn't run in and  report some minor traffic offence I might  see. If there's something serious, I'd  report it, like anybo|_yj ebeioughttb.^ ��� -  The question of art 'auxiliary carrying a  gun is a controversial one. Annely says he  realizes that some citizens disagree with  current RCMP policy which gives the  detachment commander the authoriity to  issue firearms to auxiliaries provided that  he has received adequate training and  demonstrated proficiency in  marksmanship, that he has demonstrated a mature attitude toward the use of  guns and that there is a need for the  auxiliary to wear a gun.  RCMP guidelines state that a gun is to  be drawn only to protect the life of a  policeman or of a citizen who is in immediate danger from a criminal.  None of the three auxiliary constables  interviewed by the Times has ever worn a  gun on duty and none is eager to do so.  "I'd do a bloody lot of talking before I'd  ever pull a gun bn someone," says  Lawson. "And even then, if it was my own  life, I'm not sure I would. If it was  somebody else's life, if it was to protect  them, I guess so."  Fred ShUoff, 27, meat manager of the  Super-Valu grocery in Sunnycrest Mall,  has been an auxiliary with the Gibsons  detachment since November.  Asked about wearing a gun, Shiloff  replied tersely, "That's one thing I'd like  to stay away from."  Shiloff normally works one shift a week  and says the police job earns him "a Uttle  bit of hassling from the young kids at  work, and some from the older guys, just  joking around."  Shiloff had windows in his van smashed  at one point, and although no charges were  laid as a result, Nicholas says police  suspect the vandalism might have had  something to do with Shiloff's work as an  auxiliary.  ShUoff says, however, that most of the  antagonism against the police that he sees  is not directed at him^rsonally. "We get  a lot of jeering in the car ��� the regular  members do ��� people yelling 'pigs' at us.  It's most 14 or 15-year-old kids. We joke  about it. You can't let it bother you."  Despite such incidents, Shiloff says, "I  love the work. It's community service, like  being a volunteer fireman. I feel like I'm  doing some good. They're pretty short,  staffed, and they apprecite our help/': n  Mosfr> police" work,' unlike the TV  dramas, is routine and often dull, but  Shilof(_says his first shift as an auxiliary  was an exception. "It was one hairy chase  form Gibsons to Port Mellon on a really  rainy night. I don't know how fast we were  ' going. I was so seared I wasn't even  looking at the speedometer. I just kept  asking myself, 'What am I doing?' "  The speeder eluded Shiloff and his  partner when they spotted a truck in a  ditch and stopped, thinking it was the  vehicle they were chasing. "But we got  him the next day," says Shiloff.  A PERPLEXED Tony Mandzuk, left,  looks on as Sechelt firemen douse his  smoking trailer rig Friday morning in  Selma Park. The Peninsula Transport driver was hauling paper from  Powell River to Vancouver when his  engine caught fire.     ���Timesphoto  MORE ABOUT ...  ���Aircraft battle  ���From Page A-l  document tonight-  Under terms of the agreement, approximately 65,000 square feet at the  airport will be leased to the aero club for 10  years, with an option to renew for a further  decade. Annual rent is one dollar.  The land in question consists of the club  house, hangers and parking space. It does  not include the runway, which the club is  obliged to maintain in good condition.  According to Leitner, control of the  runway will remain under the jurisdiction  of Gibsons and Sechelt.  New ICBC claims  office for peninsula  A rearrangement of ICBC offices will  require that peninsula residents wishing to  record an Autoplan claim telephone the .  Powell River insurance company office,  rather than the North Vancouver Centre  as previously.  A Powell River office adjuster and  estimater will visit the peninsula weekly to  handle claims. Special trips will be made  in event of a serious accident.  The ICBC office in Powell River may be  contacted by phoning collect to 485-2838.  Those    delicious    Laura    Secord  t; Chocolate.Bars.should be here any.day ",'t  now, sorry to have run out of them so soon.  ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  CORRECTION  To SuperValu ad of  Aug.  31, 1977  Floor -20 lb. bog - $1.49  should  havo   road - $2.29  Wo'ro    sorry    for    any    Inconvenience to our customers.  Through September  all provincial highway signs  wiU be converted to metric.  SPEEDOMETERS: Most 1977 and all 1978 model cars have speeU  omct'crsand odometers calibrated in km/h and km.Some earlier model  cars have speedometers with dual calibrations. If your speedometer  indicates only mph,you may find this conversion scale handy.  km/hO   10   20 30 40 506070 80 90100  J_J^_T___r_-_h_L_J__  MPH o      10  20 30 40 50 60  Always drive al Ihe posled speed. It is legal when posted. You'll be sur  prised at how lillle time you really save when you exceed the speed  limits.  SOME TIPS: Keep this advertisement or the folder prepared by the  Ministry of I lighways and Public Works in your glove compartment.  /Tin A    province of Ministry of  mm9 W_l ��b m m& f_J^gP     Wf5di    9ov * inspected, tonde  __fl__k _i���_���_^   __ffi_B__.   m  m Bfi   .nffr>liP   _____   mm jth. keg  ���lt !n_ mm ill mm _n_ tW*      m  ^l_H lit 11 Hi HHssIh if  f_P B B WkJr _tfl Hf-*! %& H        m  veal  j*  Duncan Hynes, layer, varieties  18.5 oz.  powder$4.  10 Ib. box     B  Crisco  Pacific  38 oz. btls.  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Kathrynne Anne Moffat is the youngest  daughter of Stan and Helen Moffat of  Sechelt, formerly of Halfmoon Bay. Daniel  John Nestman is the second eldest son of  Leo and Doreen Nestman of Selma Park.  Father O'Hara officiated at the wedding held in Holy Family Church in  Sechelt. The reception was held in the  Canadian Legion Hall for the many friends  and relatives. '  Best man was Robert Gibson; matron  of honor, Kathleen Lerous, bridesmaids  were Kit's sister Elaine Robinson from  Prince George, Patty Hall of Davis Bay  and Shirley TownHfey;,  Longtime friendi Pat ^yoma toasted the  bride, who was absolutelySeautiful in her  floor length white satin dress with trailing  train. The matron of honor wore mauve;  complementing light blue was the color for  the bridesmaids. The groom wore a white  tuxedo jacket with black pants.  Master of ceremonies was Jermone  Bender from Cranbrook. Daughter  Christina Bender was the flower girl, and  Craig Robinson, Kit's nephew from Prince  George, was the ring bearer.  To the delight of both parents, the  young couple have settled in Davis Bay  after returning form their honeymoon  below the border.  WEDDING AND REUNION  A union that brought the families of  Don and Hazel Hadden together for the  first time in 10 years made for a delightfully happy time for all.  Joy Bell married Donald Rabbi  Saturday, August 27, at St. John's United  Church In Davis Bay, Annette Reinhardt  officiating.  Joy's sister Diane Elderton was matron  of honor, from North Vancouver; best man  was Joy's brother George Woodham, and  daughter April Bell was flower girl.  Donald's parents Mr. and Mrs. Tony  Rabbi and daughter Paulctte came from  Camrose, Alberta for the wedding.  The couple have returend to Tofleld,  Alberta, where they will reside. Joy has  two daughters and a son from a former  marriage.  A reception of 35 close friends and  relatives was enjoyed at the Hadden home  ��� by Peggy Connor, 885-9347  in Davis Bay ��� or is that still in Selma  Park?  Besides Hazel's three���Joy, Diane and  George ��� Don Hadden's two daughters  and' son were present, Linda Mosley of  Roberts Creek, Lola Woodley of Gibsons  and David Hadden from Jordan River.  There was time to wish a happy bir- ;  thday to David Elderton on his 10th birthday.  An ever welcome visitor at the Hadden  home had been Mrs. Mae Woodham of  Sooke. ��� ,.���.���_:  MacDONALD HEMSTALK     WEDDING  August 6, Reverend W.S. Ackroyd  performed Uie marriage ceremony in  Wilson Creek Hall that joined together  Sherry MacDonald, youngest daughter of  Bob and Dorothy. MacDonald of,.^|ph-  mond, and Rocky Thomas H^-U-talkjithe  eldest son of Thomas and Ussi Hemstalk  of Davis Bay. v*  Best man was Martin Boehn of  Cowichan Station; matron of honor, the  bride's sister Clair MacDonald of, Richmond; bridesmaids Vicki Hemstalk and  Mary MacCauley, the latter from Cobble  Hill.  There were many out of town visitors,  mainly from Vancouver Island and  California, to celebrate with the happy  couple, who are settled in Davis Bay.  CONNIE LANHAM  Miss Connie Lanham of Selma Park  said it was a wonderful trip to Vernon, nice  and cool ��� until she arrived, then it was  like stepping into a furnace. However,  they did find some lovely spots as her  friends and hosts, Fred and Joyce Taylor,  took time for a picnic at Yamaha and up to  Kalamalka Lake where Connie went for  her first canoe ride.  The Taylors were the only neighbours  for miles around when Connie was  working up in the Yukon at a gold mining  camp.  TOT LOT  The Sechelt Tot Ix>t days of operation  are Monday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m. to  11:30 a.m. beginning October 1. (I erred in  reporting a different day last week.) This  program is run by a group of mothers with  an elected executive and a monthly  meeting which must be attended by all  mothers. For more Information, call Linda  Paulhus at 885-3685 or Trudy Warhurst at  885-3607.  PENDER HARBOUR HEALTH CLINIC  AUXILIARY  The P.H. Health Clinic Auxiliary wish  to thank all of- the talented people for  bringing and showing their handiwork at  the Arts and Crafts Show August 27. The  beautiful'work on display consisted of  clocks, jewellery, hand knit afghans,  sweaters (knit from wool spun right before  your eyes), paintings, macrame, crochet,  ceramics, candles, petit point, driftwood  articles, egg painting and much more.  For those folks who never had a chance  to make it out to the show, watch for the  next one and be sure to attend. The  auxiliary also wishes to thank several of  their members for donations of  homebaking which turned the tea into a  nice.social event.  NIGHT SCHOOL CLASS  If anyone knows the Basic Maintenance  of Outboard Motors and would be willing to  teach a class for small boat owners at  night school, please contact Karen  , Hoemberg, Evans Hermon or Jack  Heidema.  ROYAL CANADIAN LEGION BR. 112  The R.C. Legion Br. 112 held their  Annual Hawaiian JNight Saturday, September 3, and it was a success as usual.  Patrons danced to the music of the  Hibiscus Hawaiian Band from Richmond,  B.C. This band has been playing for 15  years and have the Polynesian Wahine  ���Dancers also from Richmond do the floor  show. They do tape shows, banquets,  Conventions and they have a Spectacular  Fire Dance. The winpers of the Lei Contest  were���Original, a lei consisting of natural  flowers, Ethel Plant, who said she went  out in the dark and picked them before she  left home; Artificial, Ed Lowe wearing a  lei made from flowers from Mexico;  Comic, Fred Clouthier,' well-used rope  wrapped many times around his neck. The  dancers had some of the patrons on the  floor trying to get them hula dancing. Did  you have fun, Bill Evans?  BLACK OUT TIME  Residents in the P.H. area were in total  darkness for five hours when Dorrin Bosch  of Egmont had the bad luck of a gust of  wind making a tree he was falling hit a  power line. People in a car were very  lucky to escape when the tree hit their  vehicle.  PENDER TIDBITS  Nice to see that Bernard Clarke is home  from the hospital and is looking as good as  ever. Heard'Bob and Leona Lee have  moved to Vancouver. Jim Murray of  Holiday Market is really going ahead on  his camp site. The Elementary School is  haying a fence around the grounds.  Mae Bathgate of Egmont has had both  her daughters home for a week's holiday  ��� by Doris Edwardson, 883-2308  ��� Deb and Pat and granddaughters  Corrinne and Charlene: Ron Pockrant of  Madeira Park is in A-l condition now  according to his check up and this is  remarkable as he suffered a very serious  illness for a long time. Charlie Hauka was  in the area for a few days but has left for  Page A-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, September 7,1977  the city again. Muriel and Dave Stiglitz  have returned from a family visit to  Saskatchewan. Now they have to start  getting organized in their new home as  they purchased Jock Bachop _ house just  before they left on their trip.  Arthritis is anybody's illness. It attacks  people of all ages, in all walks of life.  Sechelt Auxiliary  meetingThursday  The Sechelt Auxiliary to St. Mary's  Hospital will hold its first meeting for the  coming season Thursday, September 8, at  2 p.m. in St. Hilda's Hall. Anyone wishing  to become a member or to learn more  about the work of the auxiliaries is  welcome at the meeting.  (%*& TOYOTA  4  WHEEL c AI r  DRIVE OALt  Clark* Toyota will fly you from anywhere In  AT NO CHARGE to purchase a Toyota 4-  \fts.uJ Drive.  * Land Cruiser hardtop  * Land C       or wagon  * One Ton pickup  * Alio, 2-doc 4-door, Llftback,  Wagon, Cellca, Pi." ��o. [Toyota  Canadian excepted!  Please phone ahead COLLECT for free credit  check. |112| 736-4282.  GOOD NEWS!^-,  People Days H  are here  The following scheduleof fares will be in effect  September 7,1977 Mondays through Thursdays and Saturdays.*  NOTE: Passenger Vehicles and Drivers pay full fare in all cases. $12.00.  VANCOUVER ISLAND-MAINLAND  (Tsawwassen -Swartz Bay, Horseshoe Bay-Departure Bay.) Adult  passengers $2.00. Children $1.00.**  SUNSHINE COAST  (Horseshoe Bay/Langdale, Earls Cove/Saltery Bay.) Two single trips  or one return trip. Adults $2.00. Children $1.00*  i**  Qjjffil  MAINLAND TO GULF ISLANDS  (Tsawwassen to Galiano, Mayne, Saturna, Pender, Saltspring Island  only.) Adults $2.00. Children $1.00.**  **Children's fares are applicable from ages five to eleven, inclusive.  ���Exception: Statutory Holidays and designated days.  BRITISH COLUMBIA FERRY CORPORATION  VANCOUVER        VICTORIA NANAIMO  669-1211 386-3431 753-1261  SALTERYBAY  487-9333  LANGDALE  886-2242  SALTSPRING  537-5131  GULF ISLANDS  629-3222  .' >r  *&_-��_  A****1  f     . s,ti      .,.  ~C  ?A  September 6 to October 29,1977.  isa**01���!^  OFF  REGULAR PRICES!  _s__���I___^a  r"  Check over our fall crop of major brand name  appliances ��� all at reduced pricos. Willi our  20% saving, you comblne#oconomy with  quality ��� for a harvost of values!  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As the time drew  near to serve refreshments there was still  no power to make tea and coffee to accompany the piles of delicious goodies  which the two girls had spent so many  hours in preparing. However, resourceful  as ever, the two hostesses borrowed some  wine and beer from a nearby neighbour  who is also a member of the Mercer clan  and the party was able to continue in an  even more convivial atmosphere than  before.  A second shower last Thursday was  hosted by Peggy Connor, Grace Rutherford and Mary Walker at Mrs. Walker's  home at Welcome Beach.  Never was a bride-to-be more surprised  than Els when she arrived at the Walker  home to find a group of her friends waiting  to surprise her. She entered the room  carrying a pile of old clothes which, she  had been told, were for the Hospital  Auxiliary thrift shop. At the end of the  evening, she was even more surprised to  find she was expected to help carry the old  clothes back to the Mercers because their  owners had only loaned them and wanted  to get a little more mileage (or should we  say kilometerage?) out of them before  they were officially consigned to- thrift  shop. However, it was a very happy and  successful evening and Els received many  useful and attractive gifts for the kitchen  of her new home.  Els, who recently graduated as a nurse  from Vancouver General Hospital, has  started working as a nurse in St. Mary's  Hospital, Sechelt. She is by no means a  stranger to St. Mary's for she was one of  the first volunteers to work there as a  candy-striper and her dedication to the  welfare of the patients is well-known.  WEDDING  And since we are in such a romantic  vein,here's news of another wedding which  took place on August 27 in Vancouver at  the Church bf St. Peter and St. Paul at 38th  and Granville. In a beautiful ceremony,  Frances Elizabeth Cruise, daughter of Mr.  and Mrs. Gordon C. Cruise, exchanged  marriage vows with Jeffrey Wren, son of  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wren of New  Westminster. The bride, given inr  marriage by her fajthjr, ;was dressed in a  gown of white chiffon. She wore no veil,  but her hair was dressed'"In van  arrangement of flowers, lvjatron of IroSour  was her sister, Catherine,'and three of her  friends from UBC were bridemaids. The  mother of the bride wore a long, full gown  ��� by Mary Tinkley  of dusty rose colour  and  pearl and  amethyst jewels.  At a reception which followed at.the  University Women's Club, Highcrbft  Manor, the toast to the bride was proposed  by Dennis Hunt of Redrooffs. The couple  spent their honeymoon at the Cruise home  at Redrooffs and have now left for their  home in Calgary, where the groom will  take up his studies as a physical education  , teacher. The bride, who recently  graduated from UBC with a degree in  recreation, plans to work with the  physically handicapped.  BACK TO SCHOOL  It's back to school for the children ���  and grandmothers who have spent the  summer striving against fearful odds to  keep the cookie jars filled are wondering  rather wistfully why the house seems too  quiet and stays so clean and tidy.  ; Two Halfmoon Bay children who will be  missed are Sheila and Louise Murphy who  have joined their mother who is visiting  sick relatives in Dublin. Louise will attend  a Dublin school this term and Sheila hopes  to get a job in Dublin.  Martina Zuidema, who graduated from  Pender High this summer, has announced  her engagement to Glen Dubois of Pender  Harbour. Marriage plans are still well  ahead, for Martina will be attending SFU  . in January to get a degree in education.  SICK LIST  Still on the sick list are Mary Par-  triquin in St. Mary's Hospital and Ev.  Shannon at her home. John Smith, now  home after the fall which broke his wrist,  is most disappointed that the accident  forced him to cancel his proposed trip to  Europe.  PNE AND GROUSE MOUNTAIN TOUR  A number of residents from the  Redrooffs Road joined a trip organized by  Ben of Continental Travel last Wednesday  when two bus loads of people spent a most  enjoyable day in perfsect weather conditions. First came a visit to the PNE to  hear Jim Nabors, one moment fooling in  his Gomer Pyle character and the next  moving the vast audience in the Pacific  Coliseum to a hushed siience with the  singing of "How Great Thou Art".  After time for a look around and by  way of the Skyride to the 3,700-foot peak.  There, in Grouse Nest Restaurant, the  travellers enjoyed an excellent dinner  while gazing down at the panorama of  Vancouver and watching as hang gliders  soared back and forth, obviously enjoyed a  real bird's-eye view.  A slight hitch in departing from Grouse  Mountain caused some anxiety as to  whether the buses would make the ferry,  but with the co-operation of all concerned,  the tour arrived home on schedule. It was  such a perfect day that many of the  passengers wondered why they had taken  so long to make that thrilling ascent of  Grouse Mountain.  It was interesting to hear from Jerry  Williams   that  Grouse   Mountain   was  The Peninsula Times PageA-5  Wednesday, September 7,1977  named by his father, the late Sidney  Williams. He was a civil engineer who was  surveying Stanley Park and the north  shore towards the end of the last century  and he gave the mountain its name  because of the numerous blue grouse to be  seen there.  MASTER MARINERS MUSTER  the Lord Mayor of London is by career  a naval man, and, so, on a recent unofficial  visit to Vancouver, he was entertained by  the Company of Master Mariners. Three  Sunshine Coast mariners who were in  Vancouver to attend a cocktail party in his  honour were Captain Bill Higgs, Captain  J.S.T. Williams and Captain Bill Dolmage.  JOGGING IN HACKETT PARK  While visiting old friends in Greene  Court last week, your, reporter was surprised to see how many people, young and  old, were making use of Hackett Park for  jogging off the superfluous pounds. At  recess, students came hurrying from the  school to jog a few times around the park  and later in the day business men from  Sechelt and older people could be seen  unwinding after a hard day's work.  Since the ground is fairly rough, Reg  Smears, resident of Greene Court, was  heard to remark that it would certainly be  a big improvement if a track could be  made around the park for jogging. He  considers that such" a track need not be  more than 24 inches wide and could be  made by a rototiller. The narrower the  track, the more quickly it would become  packed down and in good condition for  serious jogging.  SAVE FUEL  HEATS YOUR HOME  ECONOMICALLY  Thermostatically controlled downdralt system  provides economical  heat for large or small  homes. Yet you get all  the convenience and  comfort of automatic  heaters.  -     .   ��  WOOD HEATERS  ��� Sizes to heat up to 6 rooms  ��� Burns all kinds of wood  ��� Only requires wood every 12 hours  ��� Saves on fuel. No Fumes or Smoke  Write lor Free Folder  Roberts' reunion  An event of some local interest took  place in Vancouver recently when the sons  and daughters of the late Bill and  Margaret Roberts of Roberts Creek met  for a reunion.  Margaret (Dollie) Stanley of Powell  River, Syd Roberts of Pender Harbour,  Connie Potter of Burnaby, Art Roberts of  Burnaby and Kay Kitchen of Virginia  enjoyed a walk and picnic in Stanley" Park.  They were accompanied by husbands,  wives and relations. They also had a  dinner at the Harvester in North Vancouver.  Many childhood memories were  recalled but no one could remember the  last time the five Roberts had been  together.  For Quick Results Use Times AdBriefs  kg means kilogram  mg means milligram  GIBSONS FISH MARKET  Marine Dr. lower Gibsbns 886-7888  * Frosh Salmon  TM98,-Sqt��� l Q;3Q-.;3.  Industries  of Canada, Ltd.  50 Electronic Avenue  Port Moody, B.C.  | Put your message into 4,000 homes  ��� 115,000 readers |  in these economical  * spots. Your ad is always there for quick  I reference . . . anytime!  I  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  I  Here's   an   economical   way   to   reach ' I  4,000   homes   | 15,000   readers |   every ���  week. Your ad waits patiently lor ready ���  reference . .. anytlmel |  !  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Rlsbey,  885-2109  I  I  I  It Pays To Use 'The Times' Directory Advertising  I  I  I  .1 PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, September 7,1977  Mainland Soccer League local games  THE SECHELT SELECTS finished  second behind Musqueam in the  Squamish Invitational soccer tournament August 27 and 29. The Selects,  from top left, Jerry Johnson, Garry  Feschuk, Ernie Joe, Barry Johnson,  Ivan Dixon, Darren Dixon, Adrian  Dixon, coach Lloyd Jackson. From  bottom left, Rick. AUsgust, Stuart  Craigan, Tony Paul, goalie Gerald  Feschuk, Brad Joe and Robert. Joe.  Selects finish second  The Sechelt Selects soccer team placed  second in the Squamish Native Invitational August 27 and 29 at Centennial  Park in Squamish.  The Selects took a disappointing 2-1 loss  to Musqueam in the Sunday finals, played  in pouring rain and gathering darkness.  On Saturday the Selects took,the Mount  Currie Tzills 4-1 and then trounced Duncan-United 8-1 that afternoon. They rolled  over Musqueam (W Sunday afternoon  before dropping the finals match.  Musqueam had the Selects 2-0 when  Sports Briefs  Darren Dixon scored the Sechelt team's  only goal in the last 10 minutes of the  game.  Although disappointed by the loss,  coach Lloyd Jackson commended his  team for a game well played. All-star  positions went to Selects, goalie Gerald  Feschuk, inside right Barry Johnson,  defenceman Garry Feschuk and center  forward Ivan Dixon. Dixon got four goals  against Dunca-United Saturday.  The Chehalis Braves finished third in  the tournament.  The fishing off the Sechelt Peninsula is  probably better than at many of the well-  known spots on the lower B.C. coast. I can  personally attest to this from countless  summers on the luxurious waters off  Thormanby Island, Epsom Point and  Texada Island.  For weeks on end my partner and I  would go out day after day and I believe  we never got skunked.  We would fish the kelp bed off the  Thormanby Island clay banks, running it  south from Welcome Pass up toward  Pender Harbour. Fish it when the tide is  low, nine or ten feet deep in places, and  troll up and down just outside the kelp. Use  a No. 4 Tom-Mac with one ounce weight  and make your turns half an hour before  and after the tide changes.  From here you might try Epsom Point  on the other side of ^Thormanby. The  waters here are deep; Tirol} hi a line out  from the point in to the straight towards  Texada. Moochers have their spots in this  area with springs over 30 pounds being  your aim. Troll with a large Tom-Mac and  flai-her or even a plug. Following the line  of the point from shore out into the straight  Gibsons rugby  home schedule  Following is the home schedule for the  Gibsons Rugby Club 3rd and 4th divisions.  All games are at Elphinstone Secondary  School.  Sept. 17 ��� Gibsons 4th vs Van Lomas,  12 noon.  Sept. 17 ��� Gibsons 3rd vs Tsawwassen,  1:15 p.m.  Oct. 1 ��� Gibsons 4th vs Van. Fijians, 12  noon.  Oct. 1 ��� Gibsons 3rd vs Van Georgians,  1:15 p.m.  Oct. 22 ��� Gibsons 4th v.s North Van  Caps, 12 noon. Oct. 22 ��� Gibsons 3rd  vs Van. Trojans, 1:15 p.m.  Nov. 5 ��� Gibsons 4th vs Trojans, 12  Nov. 5 ��� Gibsons 3rd vs Lomas, 1:15  Nov. 2C ��� Gibsons 4th vs I���mas, 12  noon. Nov. 26 ��� Gibsons 3rd vs Van.  Eastman, 1:15 p.m.  Dec. 10 ��� Gibsons 4th vs Van. Rowing  Club, 12 noon.  Dec. 10 ��� Gibsons 3rd vs Van. Cats,  1:15 p.m.  By RICK CROSBY  will yield a fair catch. Always troll out  from the island, making your turn about a  mile offshore. Start to get excited on your  return run.  FISHING REPORT  John Buckhingham of Smitty's Marina  in Gibsons reports good fishing in the early  part of last week with coho in the 7-10  pound range from Gower Point to Roberts  Creek.  Lloyd Davis of Harbour Marina in  Garden Bay says that Pender Harbour  fishing last week was fair with the largest  catch being an 18 pound spring caught off  Daniel Point. In all about 60 salmon were  caught in the Pender Harbour area last  week.  Bertha Rock off Mary Island and the  south end of Texada Island have been  excellent, Davis said. One boat off the  south end of Texada reported 24 salmon in  1V_ hours while another boat in the same  area brought in 16 in IV. hours.  In all of the three areas, live bait is the  order of the day���if you can get it.  GIBSONS CURLING  The Gibsons Curling Club opens October 10. Admission to the public is free on  this day, and all curlers and potential  curlers are invited to come out and try the  ice.  League play begins October 1. All interested persons may register with  drawmaster Ken Boyd anytime after  October 1 by phoning 886-2031. For further  information phone Ray Chamberlin at 886-  2938.  MINOR HOCKEY  All persons interested in Minor League  hockey are requested to attend a meeting  Thursday, September 8, at the Gibsons  Athletic Association Hall at 7:30 p.m. The  league needs coaches, referees and  executive members.  GIBSONS RUGBY CLUB  The Gibsons Rugby Club third division  has been practicing for three weeks for the  up-comlng season. Practices are held  Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:30  p.m. on the Elphinstone High School field.  Starting September 13, these practices will  start at 6 p.m. The first exhibition game is  September 11,1 p.m. at Elphinstone.  Anyone Interested In playing in the  fourth division team is asked to come out  to the practices at the above mentioned  times or phone Lelf Mjanes at 885-3849 or  George Matthews at 886-7041.  DATE PAD  Use this space  to promote  your organization's  coming events  Sept. 0      Sechell AuKlllory of St. Mary's Hospital M����lln_, St. Hilda's Hall, 2 pm,  Bingo. Pondor Harbour Community Hall  Sopt. 11      Rohorls Ci����K Aiixllloiy ol St. Mniy's Hospital Mooting, St. Aldan's Church  Holl, 7:30 pm,  Pondor Harbour So'lllonmnl Planning Commltloo Moollno, Madolra Pnrk  [loin. Llbioiy, 7 pin (open lopublk dlMutsInn ot 9 pm)  llnllmoon   Bay  Roc motion  Commission  Regular   Moollng,  Wolcomo  fl��o<li Hall, /DO pm.  , Following is the home schedule for the  three local teams in the B.C. Mainland  Soccer League. All games are at 2 p.m.,  except as indicated.  Sept. 10 ��� Sechelt Selects vs Van. Aga  Kahn at Sechelt Park.  Sept. 17 ��� Sechelt Chiefs vs Van.  Almania C. at Sechelt.  Sept. 17 ��� Selects vs Van. Metros at  Sechellt (12 noon).  Sept. 18 ��� Elphinstone Wanderers vs  Van. Trojans at Elphinstone H.S.  Sept. 24 ��� Chiefs vs New West. Luckies  at Sechelt.  Sept. 24���Selects vs Trojans at Sechelt  (12 noon).  Sept. 25 ��� Wanderers vs Aga Kahn at  Elphinstone.  Oct. 2 ��� Selects vs Wanderers at  Elphinstone.  Oct. 8 ��� Chiefs vs Van. Khalsa at  Sechelt.  Oct. 15 ��� Chiefs vs Rich. Air Canada at  Sechelt.  Oct. 15���Sellcts vs West Van. Royals at  Sechelt (12 noon).  Oct. 22 ��� Selects vs Van. Celtics at  Sechelt.  Oct. 23 ��� Wanderers vs Metros at  Elphinstone.  Oct. 24 ��� Chiefs vs Van. Wesburn King  Edward at Sechelt.  Medical knowledge is now sufficient to  control inflammation and prevent  disability in the majority of arthritis  patients, but ttie means of prevention must  be found and eventually the cure.  G.S.McCRADYLTD.  CABINETMAKER  custom built furniture,  built-ins, kitchen cabinets  Porpoise Bay Road  P.O. Box 1129 Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2594  TVfRY tlllS.       H pm, Al Anon. Si  Aldan's Hall at Roberts Cr*��h.  Drive Carefully���If s Back to School Time  and don't forget that we can  convert your speedometer to km/h  PENINSULA MOTORS  please phone for appointment  885-2111  service & parts  h.t .,��\*>Ott ttmibbn  Speed limits are in kilometres  per hour. K may be easy to  forget, but don t.  Too much depends on your remembering. Keep on driving as carefully  as you always have in school zones, hospital zones, on  ramps and curves. M  Even though the speed limit number is higher than you're [' j%  accustomed to-remember that they Indicate Kilometres J&i  per hour-not miles per hour. .___���>-  -._-____^_--___- ^  Actual speed limits will be established In accordant* with local t*0ul��tion*.  <&  CARS  76 Monza Town Cpe, new  76 Chevette Hatch, auto.  76 Chevette Hatch, 4 spd  76 Omega 4 dr, 6 auto, ps, pb  76 Nova 2 dr cpe, 6, ps  75 Pinto 3 dr hatch  74 Gremlin Hatch, 6,3 spd  72 LeMans 4 dr, auto   MANY NEW CARS  ��� 71 Ms 411 sta wgn  '4995 ��� '67 Ford LTD Squire wgn  '3195 |                       TRUCKS  '2995 I 75 CI5 304 conv.  '4495 | 73 Blazer 4x4, auto, ps, pb  '3995 |                      NEW CARS  '2595 1 '77 Sports Fury  '2295 ��� 77 Volare Wagon  '1995 9 77 Volare Sedan  '1995  '1095  '4895  '4295  '6595  '6495  '5695  & TRUCKS IN STORE TO CHOOSE FROM-  SALES  SERVICE LIMITED  885-5111  located at the GuH Station, Socholt  4 Carl Dixon is first local Indian Special Constable  A member of the Sechelt Indian Band  was sworn in as an RCMP constable last  week in a ceremony attended by senior  officers of the force and the chiefs of three  coastal nations:      ��� * - -  ' Carl Dixon, 30, a former child-care  worker, becomes the ninth person in B.C.  and the fiftieth in Canada to join the  RCMP as part of the Indian Special  Constable Program.  The program began in 1971 in1  Saskatchewan, at the suggestion of native  people, asa way to bridge the gap between  police and Indians.  After a three month training period at  RCMP headquarters in Regina, Dixon will  become a regular member of the Sechelt  detachment with the rank of Special  Constable.       x  His oath of office and oath of secrecy  were administered Thursday in the band's  boardroom by Inspector Cameron  Munroe, commanding officer of the RCMP's Lower ^Mainland section.  Sechelt Band Manager Clarence Joe  said the occasion was "another historic  day for us. I know Carl Dixon is setting a  good example, especially for our young,  teenage boys."  Dixon, who grew up in Sechelt and has  worked in many B.C. communities,  estimates that 70 per cent of his time will  be spent exclusively on native cases. One  of the major reasons he decided to become  a police officer, Dixon said, was "so I  could be back with my people, working  with my people." Married, with no  children, he added that the biggest  drawback to his new job is the regulation  short haircut, a statement his wife readily  agreed with.  Other dignitaries at the September 1  ceremony included Calvin Craigan, chief  of the Sechelt band, Chief Cy Baker of the  Squamish people and Chief Billy Mitchell  of the Sliammon.  Other RCMP representatives wre S-  Sgt. Stan Nowick, senior NCO of the  RCMP's western division and native  policy co-ordinator, and Sgt. Doug  Farenholtz of the Sechelt office.  STYLE  Now In Stock  DRAPERY BARGAIN  Set of 4 pr. Brown Net Drapes ��� to  cover 30'x83". $ OOC  "Reg. $425.25 NOW   3JLD  12 yds.  also  Red Damask. Drapery Fabric $E_A  Reg. $70 NOW    9v  30  yds.   Print,   Fall   tones Drapery  Fabric mat f|f|  Reg. $150 NOW    iUU  ALL SCHOOL SEWING NEEDS  MADEIRA PARK  VARIETY SHOP  383-9115  Does 7our Club or Group report its  Activities Regularly to The 'Times'  CHIEF CY BAKER of the Squamish  nation stands behind RCMP Inspector  Cameron Munroe as he administers  the oath of office to Carl Dixon of the  Sechelt Indian Band. Dixon becomes  a regular member of the RCMP with  special responsibility for working  with native people. He leaves next  month for a training session at the  force's headquarters in Regina.  The Peninsula^T^e^  Section B Wednesday, September 7,1977 f Pages 1-8  In memory of Jack Edmond  If you love Krieghoff, we have a  beautiful large size boxed Calendar of his  early Canadian Scenes, a very acceptable  gift for anyone. --��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  Two Sechelt men jailed  for assault on policeman  Two Sechelt men who jumped a police  officer during a disturbance at the Timber  Days celebration earlier this year were  sent to jail last week despite protests from  their lawyer that they were "basically  good boys".  Charged with common assault, James  Bothwell, 30, and Kenneth West, 27, were  arrested in May when a f ightbroke out JM ���  the Hackett Park beer gardens' after  someone tried to sell the two some  marijuana.  When Constable Gordon Mcintosh  attempted to intervene, Bothwell and West  leapt on his back and wrestled him to the  ground, breaking his watch strap and  tearing the buttons from his uniform.  Mcintosh also received minor back  injuries.  But defence lawyer David Nuttall  argued before Provincial Court Judge Ian  Walker Wednesday that it had not been the  intention of the accused "to assault a  police officer."  While the two men had indeed become  "involved in a melee," said their lawyer,  "the incident was a small one," blown out  of proportion,  Noting that a pre-sentence report  recommended jailing both men. Nutall  maintained that it "seems senseless to put  a boy from a small community into jail."  And West, he continued, despite a previous  conviction of assaulting a police office,  "would feel hurt If jailed."  According to Nutall the fight had been  provoked "by a drug-selling hippie", and  both Bothwell and West.hold Mcintosh "In  the highest esteem".  "This type offence strikes at the very  root of the administration of justice,"  disagreed Crown Prosecutor High McCallum, telling Walker that such attacks  make "lt harder for police to refrain from  violence. I submit that these are very  serious offences."  McCallum reminded the Judge that  lx>th men had previous criminal records.  In passing sentence, Walker told Both-  well nnd West "you nffected the ability of  Constable Mcintosh to do his duty. Police  officers must be Inviolable in our community.  "Your counsel  Is  mistaken,  In  my  YOU-DEL'S  for fine food  ��TAKE-OUT FOODS  ���CAFETERIA  ���CHEESE  ���FINE EUROPEAN  MEATS &  SAUSAGES  Sunnycrest Centre  Gibsons  opinion, when he says you're good boys."  Stating the."protection of society is  ultimate here," Walker sent Bothwell to  Oakalla for three months and West for six.  Upon release both men will be subject to a  further two years of probation and banned  from entering licensed premises.  In other court news, two men and a  John Edward Edmond, long-time  resident of Pender Harbour, passed away  Saturday night, August 27, at St. Mary's  Hospital in Sechelt.  Born near Carp, Ontario, in 1900, he  lived a full and interesting life. He first  worked as an office boy for Mr. Fripp,  M.P.,.in Ottawa around 1916 and it was Mr. }  Fripp who got him into the navy. Jack  Edmond served his country in both World  Wars, joining the navy in the First Wdrld  War at the tender age of 16. He narrowly  missed the famous Halifax Explosion  having been transferred to a mine sweeper  that was 21 miles at sea when the explosion  took place.  An account of his story of the explosion,  appeared in an Ontario paper at the time:  "It felt like a giant wave; then the shock  came and everything in our little smack  Bank of Montreal in its formative years  where his n^une is on the honour roll of the  bank. Jack moved West and was a  reporter for the Vancouver Sun in its early  years, finally settling as a fisherman at  Pender Harbour.  He served 21 years on the board of  directors of the Pender Harbour Credit  Union and was well known and respected  iri the community. Jack Edmond is  remembered with special love by his wife  Sarah, his two daughters, Mrs. Isabel  Gooldrup of Pender;Harbour, and Ivy Lee  of Sechelt, and their families including  five grandchildren and nine greatgrandchildren. A small intimate service  was held Tuesday, August 30, which was  attended with reverence by his immediate  family.  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VON 3A0  TELEPHONE 88S32S5  woman were found guilty Wednesday of;^^JiercelJV'.^  "dj^virie'6_en<^s"'''���"������''     Do^,wholobked right at _omem his naval.  'drmkiiig _tid'"drlvirig o_ehces.*  Ulla Baker of Sechelt was fined $350 for  impaired driving and had her license  suspended for three months.  Edward Jeffries, also of Sechelt, was  fined the minimum $50 for impaired  driving and placed on one year's  probation.  David West, 21, a Vancouver truck  driver, was convicted of driving with a  blood-alcohol reading of over .08 and fined  $400.  y&A  *a.iwA*.V ,.-_-..'  r'',_.Vif~*^,..^,,1  haberdashery. "We thought it was a mine,  but afterwards huge clouds of funny  coloured smoke began to dot the sky, and  one of our officers guessed one of the  'fireworks' boats had gone up. It was a  good thing we were out at sea because our  boats were right next to the Niobe." He  served as a sergeant in World War 11.  Throughout his life he held many exciting Jobs, ranging from work in lumber  camps back East as a boy and later to the  LV ROOFING SUPPLY CENTRE * A  886-2489  COAST HOMES  Double Wide Price Examples  24x44 CHANCELLOR, 3 BDRM  Base Price  '23,950  Price Includes: fridge, stove, drapes, carpets In living room, hall and  master bedroom. Complete set-up, delivered and all taxes.  FULL FINANCING WITH 15% D.P.  BANK FINANCING OVER 15 YEARS YEARS  Bank of Montreal  Pads Available  One Year Service Guarantee  Full Information on Gov't Grants  14' Wide Price Example  14x52 HIGHWOOD, 2 BDRM  Base Price  44,950  Price Includes:  fridge,  stove,  carpeting  In  living  roorh,  drapes.  Complete sot up, delivered and all taxes.  COAST MOBILE HOMES  885-9979  Box 966, Porpoise Bay Rd., Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  MDL W00623A  HOMES  Here at The First Canadian  Bank if a loan makes sense  for you, it makes for sense  for us to give it to you.  Whether you're a B of AA  customer now or not.  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Devlirf  Funeral Homes, Directors.  3200-41  HIGGS: James Leonard,  beloved son of Leonard and  Rita of Selma Park, suddenly  on September 1, 1977. Survived by brother Bill and  sisters Louise and Judy  Eldred and two nieces.  Grandparents Capt. and Mrs.  W.Y. Higgs. of Gibsons and  Mrs. R.H. Payne of Sydney,  Vancouver Island and several  aunts and uncles. Memorial  service held at Devlin Funeral  Home Saturday, September,  1977. No flowers by request.  Donations to St. Mary's  Hospital in Sechelt if desired.  320741  Personal  COME IN TO J&C Electronic^  for your free Radio Shack  catalogue. 1327-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula tunes can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office. 1473-tf  Coming Events  DUPLICATE BRIDGE Sept.  20 at Golf Course, 7:30 pm,  1st & 3rd Tues. monthly.  Everyone welcome. For more  info., 886-2575. 318643  For Rent  In Memoriam  IN MEMORY of Jim Higgs:  Farewell Jim.  You are the best friend a  family could ever of had.  The memories of you and the  good times we had together  are in our hearts to stay.  Love Ron, Debbie, Trisha and  Tammy Koch.        .321041  JONES: A. Craig. In loving  memory of a dear son and  brother   who  passed   away  Sept. 3, 1973.  Today and tomorrow  We will always remember  Mum & Dad, Howie, Bud,  Norm, Lome & Cyndie  318241  Card of Thanks  THE FAMILY of the late John  Edmond wish to thank the  doctors and staff of St. Mary's  Hospital for the excellent care  and attention he received  during his final illness at St.  Mary*s. We are certainly  grateful. ��� Sarah Edmond,  Isabel Gooldrup and Ivy Lee.  319341  Personal  "There is nothing that cannot  be made cheaper, anoYsold for  less; and the man who considers price alone is this  manufacturer's victim."  The above was written  years ago, but it still applies  today. Particularly to a  person buying radial tires.  Our company has been  selling and servicing tires on  the Sunshine Coast since 1964.  We began selling radial tires  to our customers in this area,  eight years ago. We have  learned something very interesting about radial tires.  Here is the lesson we have  learned ... "No American-  designed radial tire will  deliver the mileage in  the Sunshine Coast area that  the European-designed and  manufactured radial tire  will."  The above statement Is  borne out by actual fact. Tire  after worn-out radial tire has  been removed from vehicles  in this area after rolling only  12 to 20 thousand miles! Tires  that were sold to the customer  on the basis that they would  deliver 40,000 miles. Tire after  radial tire has been tuken off  vehicles in this area by our  two stores because the car has  been shimmying and  vibrating. No amount of  Im.lancing would help, because  these tires luiU 'misaligned  ' belts'. Often, these tire.') were  on brand new vehicles!  All of these tires were  Americun-de.signed radials!  t In case after case where our  .stores switched the customer  to a European-designed  radial, he got 4<> to 1)0 thousand  miles, and his shake, rattle  and roll di.sapoanvl  These are not American  case histories, or even  Canadian case histories; they  are Sunshine Coast case  histories that your local OK  Tire Stores in Sechelt and  Powell River liave personally  dealt with.  Hy all means, buy radial  tires for your vehicle, but  please consider the aimve  when you are .shopping. Get  the facts from your dealer ns  to how an American radial  tire is mado . . . how a  I'.uropean radial tire is made,  and exactly why the latter is  SO much belter. If your dealer  can't or won't tell you,  pcrhap.s yon are dealing ut the  wrong place. Don't let a $10.00  price difference blind you to a  quality difference that will  give you up to double the  mileage.  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GARDEN BAY ��� 2 bdrm Gothic Arch style home on a naturally  treed lot. Situated on a quiet cul de sac off Sinclair Bay Road. Excellent view over Garden Bay. $49,900.  ELLIOTT ROAD. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� Well-built 670+ sq ft home  on large treed lot, close to good swimming. $38,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� New 3 bdrm split level home, partial  basement, unfinished rec room. Situated on Lot 47, Rondeview  Road. $60,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� Spacious 3 bdrm cedar home, built 1975,  designed for luxurious living from the well appointed kitchen to the  open beam living area with its red plush shag carpets and frosted  marble fireplace. Many extras in this fine home.; $115,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� spectacular view from this unique 2 bdrm architect designed home on Gulfview Road. Many extras, garden S  fruit trees. Brand new S ready for immediate occupancy. $71,000.  GARDEN BAY ������ 4 bdrm family home. Recently remodelled; on  large landscaped'lot. Close to stores, PO S marinas. $45,000.  NARROWS ROAD - 3 BR ranch style home, built, 1976, on Wesjac  Road, near Madeira Park. Carport and sundeck. $39,900.  NORTH LAKE ��� modern 2 bdrpv home, fully insulated, needs some  finishing. On Prov. lease jot with road access; $27,000.  KLEINDALE ��� 2.2 ACRES WITH SIDE BY SIDE DUPLEX ��� Choice land  yyith.one 2 bdr/ri.gnit.an^&ne,^^^^,^j!tr;a'tocatec|,.Qn^.q|^en Bay  Road close to secbiiaafy school." $85,000.  IRVINES LANDING ��� 2 bdrm home with view over Lee Bay. W/w  carpets, sundeck, range & fridge included. Close to Marina and Govt  Wharf. Owner would consider trade on house in Vancouver area.  $31,900.  I  LOTS  1. RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 28, semi-waterfront lot. Road access, hydro.  $9,500.  2. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots, most with view, close to  schools, stores, PO & marinas. $9,000 to $22,000.  3^ FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� several good building lots, serviced with  hydro and water. $10,000-$13,500.  4. PENDER LAKES PROPERTIES ��� new 15 lot subdivision. Seml-  waterfront and view lots on Sinclair flay Road. Prices from $13,500  to $22,500.  5. GARDEN BAY ESTATES ~ Selection of serviced lots, some with  view, ranging in price from $13,000 to $21,250.  6. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� nicely treed lot on Elliot Road with view of  lake. Drain field is in. $12,900.  7. NARROWS ROAD - Good.building lots close to Madeira Park.  $9,000 S $9,500,  8. REDROOFFS AREA ��� naturally treed lot on Francis Road,  100x269' with wator. hydro and telephone. $17,900.  9. SECHELT ��� Level, naturally treed lot, 75'xl 50' on Norwest Bay  Road. $10,500.  10. EARL COVE ��� Vlow lot with cabin. Private, yet only 400' from  public beach access. $11,000.  11. SANDY HOOK - 2 view lots on Porpoise Drive. Close to public  beach. 0111    $11,500 and if 112 - $6,500.  12. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD - 2 good building lots. $16,000 &  $16,750.  13. LANGDALE CHINES - lot 35 at end of Grady Road. Good treed  hulldlng lot with mountain view. Close to Langdale ferry. $13,500.  ACREAGE  1. KLEINDALE 23,70 ncros pn Menacher Road, |ust oil Hwy 101.  Somo merchantable timber on property. $50,000.  2. IRVINES LANDING 17,53 acre farm In Dream Valley. 3 bdrm  family homo, built  1975. $09,000,  3. KLEINDALE approx 20 acres of fairly level land wllh approx 10  acres cleared. $38,000,  4. IRVINES LANDING 2.07 lovol acres, vlow, ociost roacl Irom  public waterfront access, $33,000.  5. NEAR MADEIRA PARK 15,12 acres with 2150* ft hwy Iron  taae, Zoned R3L. $46,000.  6. MIDDLE POINT 10.9 ocre* on Hwy 101 wllh 2 bdrm college,  small crook. $40,000,  7. MADEIRA PARK 3_ acres, teml-lakefront treed property with  3 bdrm home overlooking Poq (Lilies) Lake. $77,500.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA 1,5�� acre treed lot, easy access, easy to  build on. $17,000.  9. BARGAIN HARBOUR -- 1 1/2 acres, nicely freed, secluded.  Hydio, water, soptlc tank & drain field In, $25,000.  10. D.L. 2392 - \6Q�� ocres, situated approx 1 1/2 miles above  Hwy 101, Access by old logging road. Trolls and roods throughout  this nlroly treed usable land. $160,000.  I  ISLANDS  i  SUT1 ON  ISLAND,   EGMONT beautiful   1.7 fc  orre Island,  woll  treed, heoch and sheltered cove, located diiectly In fronl of Egmont  Mai Inn. An excollont buy. $33,000.  11.61: ACRE ISLAND nl tho entrance lo Churchill Boy, Fronds  Peninsula. 3 bdim furnished pan abode cottage, Hoot, walor A  hydro. $173,000.  WILLIAMS ISLAND Beautiful 7 1/2�� acre Islond at the entrant*  to Pondor Horbour, just off Irvine's Landing. Piped wotor. $100,000.  DAN WILEY  Res. 883*9149  GERRANS BAY ��� architect designed 3 bdrm home on 2 landscaped  lots. 180�� ft deep, sheltered waterfront. Greenhouse, fishpond,  workshop & float. $135,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 3 bdrm waterfront home on Bowsprit Road.  Separate gorage.48 ft low bank waterfront/dock, garden. $62,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 330�� ft waterfront just outside Harbour  entrance. 2 bdrm home, partial basement, with sweeping view of  Harbour entrance, islands and Gulf. Good garden area. $128,000.  EGMONT ��� Small A-frame cabin on .66. acres lease, property  with 103+, ft waterfront. Approx 15 years remaining on lease.  Hydro and water. Access by boot or float plane. $14,900.  GUNBOAT BAY ��� 5�� acres, 152�� ft waterfront, access from Hwy  101 near Madeira Park. 3 bdrm home, 3 cottages, float. $11'5,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Large, furnished 2 bdrm waterfront suite. Includes Part 13 of Madeira Park Resorts Ltd. plus float facilities and  use of common areas. $55,000.  EGMONT ��� 280�� ft good waterfront on Egmont Point. 1.15��  acres, southerly exposure, beach float, 950�� sq ft partly furnished  one bdrm cottage, tool shed. Water access only. $59,000  |   WATERFRONT LOTS  f  1. SECRET COVE ��� 2 adjacent waterfront "lots on sewer system.  Both are steep, but hove good building sites and'deep sheltered  moorage. $28,500 & $29,500.  2. GERRANS BAY ��� 100�� ft .waterfront with 188 ft frontage on  Francis Peninsula Road. Driveway, septic tank, water line and  electricity all in. $32,000.  3. GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 290�� ft waterfront on 1.2 treed acres.  Driveway in, building sites cleared, septic approved. $55,000.  4. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Larae waterfront lot, facing onto Boraain  Harbour. Level building site. $30,000.  5. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 70�� ft. bluff waterfront lot with view  over Bargain Harbour and access from Francis Peninsula Road.  $23,500.  6. TUWANEK ��� Lot 11 at Tuwanek Place & Sechelt Inlet Road. 80_r  ft-sheltered, treed waterfront. Southerly exposure. $25,000.  7 FRANCIS PENINSULA��� 132 ft. waterfront in Pender Harbour. 1.8  acres, deep water moorage. $75,000.  8. FRANCIS PENINSULA-��� 200�� ft waterfront with sweeping view  of Straits. 2.5�� treed acres on Cameron Road. Southern exposure,  subdivision potential. $57,500.  I  REVENUE PROPERTIES!  FALSE BAY. LASQUETI ISLAND - General store, restaurant, PO &  marine services, plus 2 houses on 2 lots with 1.57 f acres and 167  �� ft waterfront. $160,000 plus cash for stock in trade.  ""'������ BUSlMiFsS ffLOCK ��� Al.ADiEIRA PARK  2 concrete block buildings built 1970. with a total floor orea of  8,250 sq ft. Located on 5.4�� acres on Hwy 101 at Francis  Peninsula Road. $195,000  ILAKEFR0NT PROPERTIES!  CARTERS LANDING - Sakinaw Lake��� 24.8�� acres with 1,350 fc ft  lakefront, creek, road access, house, large parking and boat  launching area. $135,000.  D.L. 3258 ��� between SAKINAW and RUBY LAKES ��� 37 �� acres with  1,500 _ ft waterfront on Sakinaw Lake, creek. Halowell Road  ends at property, $110,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 16 acres with 750�� ft of sheltered waterfront  with southern exposure. Water access only. $40,000.  RUBY LAKE -- 113�� acres of excellent land. 400' waterfront on  Ruby Lake, 2,600�� ft waterfront on lagoon, 2 houses, trailer  spaces. $120,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 57.5_ acres with 3,500�� ft sheltered waterfront. 2 summer cottages, 2 docks, woter access only. $200,000.  HOTEL LAKE ��� 105 _ ft excellont lakefront lot. 1/2 acre with hydro  and easy access. $20,000,  RUBY LAKE Lot 4 has 117�� ft good lakofront, drlvoway in from  Hallowell Road, serviced with hydro. $17,600.  SAKINAW LAKE - - 1300 _ ft choice lokefront with 74�� nicely treed  acres. 4 bdrm lurnlshod Panabode home with sundock on 4 sides.  Floats, 2 boats and motors. A very nlco property. $105,000.  RUBY LAKE 3 bdrm partially furnished collage with antique brick  fireplace, sundock, Hydro. Situated on 96 ti choice lakefront in a  sheltered covo. Road access, $49,000.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  NELSON   ISLAND 40   unique   acres   with   1500   ft   sheltored  waterfront on Westmoro Bay, 225 i; It lokefront on Woil Loko. 3  bdrm homo, 2 cottages, Hoots, road to loko. Ask ing $160,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY 200:1: ft waterfront wllh 900 fl frontage on  Egmont Rood adjacent to Jervis Vlow Marina. 5.11 acres. Spectacular view up Jervis Inlet and fishing on your doorstep. $68,000,  GARDEN BAY 3 l/2_ acios wllh 500;f: ft sholtorod woloifront.  A vory nice poirol. $122,500.  ���   f ���   EARLS COVE 5,57 acros Qood land will. 450.t: ft shollered  woloifront adjoining Earls Cove Terry Terminal, $125,000,  NELSON ISLAND 4.8 treod acret on Wostmere Oay. with 1 400 fl  beaulllul woloifront with nlco cove ft boach. $40,000.  BARGAIN HARBOUR 700 fl woterfront, 16 naos on Hwy 101,  beaulllul view, small older cottage and 26' trallor $165,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY 2 parcels, oodi wllh undivided I 24th Ii.Ibii.sI  In DL 3839. Woloi across.  1. 432 ft waloifronl. 6.46 ocrot  $30,000  2. 3651) watorlronl. 6.71 acrot $25,500  FRANCIS PENINSULA - 2.5* trood ocros on Cameron Road, 200 +  It wntoifiont with swooping view ol SlmlU. Smithnin oxpotorn,  subdivision potential. $57,500.      i  I  MOBILE HOMES  i  LOW rWCfO    7 -bdrm mobile horn* on pad In Madeira Parh trailer  park. Ideal for weekends or holidays. $2,500.  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY  883-2233 For Rent  Help Wanted  Help Wanted  Work Wanted  Work Wanted  Wednesday, September 7,1977  The Peninsula Time'    page B-3  (1) LARGE 2 bdrm home with  fireplace, carport and  sundeck, with rented suite in  Jjsmt in Gower Pt. area. Avail  immed. Rent including heat  and light $325 per mo. (2)  Furnished batchelor suite,  fully modernized, private  entrance, heat and light incl.  $135 per mo. Lwr Gibsons  area. Avail immed. (3)  Ranch-style home in Pender  Harbour area, 2 bdrm  delightful setting, <jifferine  privacy but within easy reach  of main hwy and marinas.  Kent $35 per mb. Avail. Oct. 1.  (4) Large modern 1 bdrm  suite,   carpeted  throughout,  Erivate entrance.. Rent incl.  eat and light $225 per mo.  Phone 885-3271. 3203-41  UNFURNISHED   2   bdrm  house, Davis Bay WF, $230  per mo. No pets, ref. required.  Please   phone   885-9991   aft.  xSept. 9. 3202-43  LARGE FURN.  WF  home.  Avail Dec. thru Mar. Four  bdrm, triple plumbing. Ph.  885-2766.. 3201-43  3 BDRM FURN WF  house  from Sept. 1 to June 1,1978,  must be employed and have  ref. Ph. 886-2898. 320541  FOR RENT - 4 bdrm house,  elec heat. West Sechelt, $330  per mo. Phone Norm Watson  at 885-9969. 3116-39  HALL FOR  RENT,  Wilson  Creek    Community   Hall.  Contact Bonnie Wigard, 885-  9403. 11121-tfn  BEAUTIFUL beachfront,  West Sechelt. Fully furn., 4  bdrm,, 1\_ bath, auto oil heat,  all appliances, safe beach.  Refs. Sept. thru June. Ph. 224-  1876. 2909-tfn  2 bdrm, modern spacious apt.,  in central Gibsons. Stove,  fridge, W-W, view, call (112)  926-6609. *      3132-41  Wanted to Rent  ENCLOSED garage to built  boat. Sechelt-Gibsons. Ph.  886-2847. 3152-42  Mortgages  MORTGAGE money any  amount (25 . years  amortization) 1st mortgage  from 10 pet., 2nd mortgage  from 12:/2 pet. Residential,  commercial, builders interim  business loans. J.D. Phillips  Capital Corporation, 10673  King George Highway,  Surrey, B.C. V3T 2X6. Phone  588-0411. 316343  IMMEDIATE opening  available at Royal Bank of  Canada for a teller. Salary  dependent oh experience. For  details contact Mrs. Pugsley,  885-2201. 318041  SCHOOL DISTRICT  NO. 46 (SECHELT)  SECRETARIAL VACANCY  A vacancy will exist from mid  September for the position of  Secretary to the Secretary-  Treasurer at the School Board  Office in Gibsons. The job is  full time, seven hours a day  and the 1977 rate of pay is $6.04  per hour probationary, increased to $6.28 on completion  of probationary period.  Pursuant to the provisions of  Board Policy applicants are  required to sit a typing and  clerical aptitute test; these  tests will be scheduled early in  the week of 12-16 September.  Applications will be received  by the undersigned up to  Friday, September 9th for this  position. Persons that have  already sat the typing and ���  clerical aptitute tests and  were notified that their results  were of acceptable standards'  and who wish tq be considered.  for this position should also  > notify the School Board Office  on or before September 9th.  R. Mills,  Secretary-Treasurer  Box220,  Gibsons, B.C.  VON 1V0.    319441  CLASS B Utility Engineer.  The applicant must be  familiar with institutional  maintenance, ventilation  system, electrical, plumbing  and carpenter work. Hours of  work 0730 to 1530 with some on  call duties. Salary and  benefits according to the  International Union of  Operating Engineers. Please  apply in writing to: L.  Buchhorn, Personnel Officer,  St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt. -  B.C. 319641  JOB DESCRIPTION:.  A vacancy exists for a  Supervisor of Homemakers'  Services for the Sunshine  Coast. Responsible for hiring,  placement and supervision of  homemakers. Responsible for  assisting in the organization of  training programmes.  Evaluation of quality of  service provided by  homemakers.  QUALIFICATIONS:  Interviewing, leadership and  organization skills.  Preferably some formal  training and experience in  working with people.  Send application and resume  to Sunshine Coast Community  Resource Society, c-o Box 78,  Gibsons, VON 1V0.  Interviewing begins September 21st.  321341  Work Wanted  RANDY'S GARDEN Service.  Landscape Design & Consulting. Plan for your fall and  spring garden chores now.  Complete garden services.  Ph. 885-3727. 31984L  PIANO TEACHER with  music degree and teacher's  certificate will accept  students. W. Sechelt. Ph. 885-  3936. 320641  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ��� Experienced, insured  work?  -- Prompt, guaranteed service?  ��� Fair estimates?  Then  call:  PORTRAITS  WEDDINGS  PASSPORTS  CLUBAND  TEAM PHOTOS  Professional done in your  home or ours. Call 886-7964  day or evening.  2802-tfn  DUMP TRUCK and backhoe  available.       Ph.       Phil  Nicholson 885-2110 or 885-  2515. 55-tfn  EVERGREEN  LANDSCAPING  .  G0MPLETE  LANDSCAPING SERVICE  SCHEDULED  GARDEN MAINTENANCE  GARDEN CLEAN-UP  free estimates  call eves  885-5033  2764-tfn  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-2607  ROOFING,      shingles      or  asphalt. Competitive rates.  CaUboug after 5.885-5075.  ��� 2779-tfn  Business Opportunity  LADIES'   BOUTIQUE   for  sale, in Sechelt. Ph. 885-  2747. 3168-tfn  Real Estate  give    us    a  PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD.,  885-2109. 758-tfn  3 TON flatdeck for hire. Pick  up and  delivery to Vancouver. Ph. 883-9290.    308740  BUILDING lot, 100' x 250',  adjacent to Welcome Woods  on Southwood Rd. Offers to  $10,200. Ph. 327-3317,885-2838:  309241  PENDER HARBOUR  Semi-waterfront     with  southern view. Beach in front.  Beautiful building site. Ph.  883-2701. 2922-tf  FOR SALE cleared view lot on  site of nice homes, close to  pier Davis Bay. $16,500. Ph.  885-2809. .320843  Pender Haitour Really Ltd  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  FRANCIS PENINSULA: A semi waterfront lot with  one of the finest water views in the area for just $13,500.  GARDEN BAY: Close to your favorite fishing spots.  A 500 sq ft 1 bedroom cabin on a large view lot close to gov't  whar.f and marinas. Dandy buy at $30,000.  MINI PARK' LOTS: On Francis Peninsula. Serviced  and "perc" tested. Approx 1 acre each. Choose yours now!.  Good investment at $15,000.  GARDEN BAY: 2 bdrm cabin. Needs some finishing.  Large treed view lot. A bargain at $18,500.  20 ACRES!:: level bench land on Hwy 101. With  access to Sunset Cove directly across road. $44,500.  FRANCIS    PENINSULA:   If   you're   looking   for   c  waterfront home that's compact but classy, we'll show you one  on Francis Peninsula that will sell on sight at $69,000.  GARDEN   BAY:   1320  sq  ft  3  bedroom   A-frame  (furnished) of deluxe construction and with fireplace, auto/oil  heat, etc. Situated about 150' from the water and with a superb  view into Garden Bay. Dominion lease land. Full price $29,500.  REDUCED: As new compact 3 bedroom home on a  seml-waterfront view lot in Madeira Park. $34,500;  ACREAGE: 7 acres on Highway 101 with potential  commercial or subdivision possibilities. $35,000.  Waterfront:   A dandy  lot  in Madeira  Park with  unfinished cabin. F.P. $33,500.  PHONE 883-2794  JOHN BREEN  883-9978  INSURANCE  JOCK HERMON  883-2745  We Ye Here  For You  an  Highway 101 at Wilson Creek  Phone 885-3271  FANTASTIC VIEW  From this 70 x 145' serviced lot up beautiful Sechelt Inlet. Only $8500. C. Dowman,  885-9374.  HALF ACRE  Loaded with trees. Ideal for mobile home, only 10 minutes from Sechelt. $10,000. C.  Dowman, 885-9374.  TRIPLEX WITH VIEW  Let someone else make the mortgage payments. 3 large suites partly furnished.  Gross rev. $6,000 p.a. Walk two blocks to shops. Mid sixties. C. Dowman, 885-9374.  BEACH ACCESS  Double corner lot.with older house, partly remod. Excellent investment. Asking  $25,000. Present all offers. C. Dowman, 885-9384.  SEMI-WATERFRONT  Half acre partially cleared, level land with beach access in area of good homes. Only  $12,500. C. Dowman, 885-9374. .  LANGDALE VIEW LOT  Located on the corner of Wharf Road and Port Mellon Highway. This spectacular view  lot must be an excellent buy for future retirement or the spec builder. I challenge  anyone to find a view lot at this price, $10,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  DAVIS BAY  Situated on Fir Road. Level/treed lot, 70x120'. A desirable area to live, very few lots  available in this popular area. Price $14,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571. ~  GIBSONS, CHASTER ROAD  - Beautiful new 3 bedroom ranch style, brick fireplace, large carport; it nestles snugly  amongst the evergreens. Tastefully decorated, well designed kitchen, quality w/w  carpets, close to new school. Priced right at $43,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  ^ ���  SELMA PARK  Excellent 3 bedroom, 1/2 basement, fireplace in living room, w/w carpets  throughout, a very clean and attractive home, it must be sold, bring offers. Situated  on lease land, listed at $13,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  GOWER POINT ROAD  Modern 1 year young, 3 bedroom, large living room with attractive fireplace, ensuite  off the master bedroom, full basement with fireplace, all windows double glazed,  situated on 1/2 acre with view. Asking $64,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  ROBERTS CREEK WATERFRONT - PRICE REDUCTION  What would you do if you owned a 2 1 /2 acre lot with 142' of prime waterfrontage ?  The possibilities are endless, and to top it all it can be subdivided, so you would be  looking at an investment also. The asking price is $75,000, but give me a call and try  your offer. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  GIBSONS, NORTH FLETCHER ROAD  There are wall to wall carpets throughout this good-sized 3 bedroom (possibly 4)  family home, complete with 2 baths, 2 fireplaces, sundeck and full basement (which  you may even consider renting). And for an added bonus there is a beautiful view of  Howe Sound and the mountains. Just $58,500. Jim Wood, 885-2571.  CALL FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE, 885-3271  Chuck Dowman, 885-9374 Ed Baker   885-2641 Jim Wood, 885-2571  Century West Real Estate Ltd., 885-3271  Every Office Independently Owned and Operated  *,  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235 fc) w  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  We Are As Close As Your Phone  Coast to Coast  Real Estate Service  i  Call now for our FREE Real Estate Catalogue  FOR YOUR MONEY? #3638  $41,500 gives you o very practical home for a family. Close enough to the Gibsons  shopping and schools, yot In the country. Over an acre and a half to work or leave In  wood lot. Garden, lawn & garden pools developed. Seo for yourself the value this  homo has to offor, CalUACK WARN, 8862681 oves.  A BARGAIN ON ALL COUNTS #3699  Located on Skookumchuck Road with a panoramic view ol Sechelt Inlet this sorvlcod  lot should be teen to bo appreciated. With a gontlo slope, your future home or  wookond chalet con be located to provide maximum functional and aesthetic enjoyment for tho wiso buyer. Como and seo this ono and you will agroo that at $6,900  It's a bargain. BERT WALKER, 885-3746,  VIEW TOO! - #3595  Now short and sweot. $11,900 full price with torms 1/3 down, Moro Information?  ROBERT KENT, 885-9504 evos.  TUWANEK #3706  Lamb s Bay beach and boat launch is right across Ihe street from this gentle slop*  trood lot with delightful .stroam through. Thoro Is power, water and phone along  road. FP $B,500 with torms. DON HADDEN, 805 9504 evos.  REEF RD ~ VILLAGE LOT ^_^  A lino sorvlcod lot, minutes drlvo to storos, yet all the country quiet. Near level and  cloarod of undergrowth for building. Ovor 1/2 ocro, 80x320' and |ust stops to the  boach accoss on Wost Porpolso Bay. FP $ 11,500. PETER SMITH, 885 9463 eves.  ROBERTS CREEK LOT #3024  Foi those who wlkh to havo convonlonco, n certain amount of tocluilon, yot within  oasy dilvlng dlstanco ol shopping or the forty, thin location wins on all counts, Add to  Ihls tha lovol terrain, nice stand ot treet and paved road and you will realize that the  asking prlro of $1 3,000 Is vory fair. BERT WALKER, BBS 3746 ovon.  3 BEDROOM HOME      SUPER BEACH #3862  Bo��t part ol Selma Park boach, with boat romp, Cloar wator, pebble boach.  Bountifully remodelled homo. Vlows up to Dnvls Bay ond other side to Troll Islands.  Kltchon, living S. 1 bodioom nil look to wntor, Di Irk llioploco, automatic oil furnace.  Fully unfinished bosomont with boat storago. FP $62,500. PETER SMITH, 005 9463  evos or 0B5 22.15 anytlrno.  LIKEWISE. I'M SURE #3597  Not a twin lo 03595, It's Inigei, but has $1 1,900 rP with $4,000 down, Balance ovor 5  years. Pay up anytime, without penalty of bonus Moro: BOB KENT, 885-2235  anytime.  SEMI WATERFRONT  #3748  Dollghtlutly llnlihod 1 hmlioom Golhli AmIi homo. Now In 1972, woll Insulated foi  economy and (omlort ond hns electiic limine* foi good oil cliculotioiv Vaulted  rolling gives ��pn< lout fooling to n smnlloi homo, largo sundock locos wator. Tlie lot  In nlioly landsccipocl foi ��nny <cno, Ihlt warm and taiy retirement homo In good  value nl only $37,500. DON HADDEN, H0V95O4 eves.  A SNUG FOR THE WINTER  #3B64  foi $1(1,500 Ihlt house ollois lot. ol conduit, convenient* noil economy ol upkeep.  Abovo highway al Selma Poik. Panelled wnlli In kitchen and living room. Stnrt  hou��*keepln(j without breaking Ihe bank. JACK WARN, 806 26B1 *v*t.  ROOM TO SPARE #3847  11 your plan* include a good tlied workthop, a large garden or perhaps building a  boot, thl* Imij* lot (03x240 ) will probably till the bill. All locol torvlcot aro at the  load, the lot It level ond nicely lieed. let me thow you thit one before you derld*.  tltfod tor $11,500. BERT WALKER, BBS 3746 evet  NEW ON MARKET  NEW ON MARKET #3869  Try $7500 down. Family home In Sechelt Village. 4  bedrooms and 2 1/2 plumbing. Stove 8 fridge  almott now, Furnlshlngsnogotlable. 1080 tq ft, 2  floors, carport under tundock. 2 year old home In  ! beautiful condition. Cloto to tchoolt and stores, FP]  I $51,000. JACK WARN, 086-2681 evet.  NEW ON MARKET _00_n  #JB70  Llko the groco ol an oldor home which can adapt to your wlshos? Thon tee thit tound  & solid homo on Mormald Street In Socholl, 2 bodroomt on main floor, big family  kltchon. 1 bedroom In olhorwlte unfinished upper tloroy. Full batomenl. Flnlih to  soil yoursell. Doublo garago ofl lane, foncod lot. Wo can tuggott financing at the  prlco of $39,000. PETER SMITH, 803-9463 evet.  ���      ���      ���  VACATION LAND #3845  Cornel lol. Eaty teatlde accett nearby. Hydro and water tyitom at roadside. $5200  Full Prlro, BOB KEN1, BBS 9461  ovot.   LARGE LOT #3764  132'x.lOO' gives yoti .9 aero with delightful brook running through. Services on road.  Located botwoon Ico arena and Sechelt centre. Lott this tlie aro hard tn find, and Ihe  piico it light ot $15,000. DON HADDEN, 0B5 9504 evet,  DAVIS BAY HOME #3052  Solid remodelled 3 bedroom vlow home, 1200 sq ft plut holl batomenl. Automatic oil  fiiinnro, hontllntni flieplaco. Also sowing room H utility. 1 block to sandy beach. FP  $41,000. PI IER SMIIH, BBS 9463 eves.  APPEAL OF THE COUNTRY #3029  75x150' lol In Wetl Porpolso Bay aroa on rood lo tea hont. Serviced watei. hydio  and phono, $1 1,250. A beaulllul spot to build. JACK WARN, 006 2601 eves.  SANDY HOOK #3050  _n|oy the garden while your tpout* It tithing. Th* boat launch It clot* to thit 2  bedioom all olocti le. home. 3 yrs old, fireplace, tundeck & wide view ol Sechell Inlet.  The eaty slop* lot Is landscaped Has lawn and privacy, In o qulel arm. FP $36,000  DON HADDEN, BBS 9304 evet,  WATERFRONT BENEFIT      LOW COST #3829  Nol waterfront but leet from It. Goretted rood on one tide, lo woter, glvet  watorfront benefit. Gieat lull vlewt too, and all locol ������rvlcet. 128' on road, 187'  deep. Jutl $27,300 full prlc*. PfTIR iMITM, S69-94.3 *v*t.  TAKE YOUR TIME     BUT HURRY #3856  To pi/i<hose thit quality horn* located on desirable Davis Bay lot, near beach. 2  bedrooms, heatilator fireplace, solid mahogany feature wall In living room. Priced at  $46,000 lor quick tale. To view call BOB KCNT, BBS 9461 evet,  5 ACRES & INDEPENDENCE #3838  With a 12 yoar home that has been cherished, and acros of productlvo gardon and  orchard, you have it made. Retire In comfort and plenty. Almost 5 acres and homo for  $70,000. JACK WARN, 886-2681 eves.  CORNER BLVD & TRAIL % #3745  Villoge of Secholt, Landscaped lot near ready to build. 75' facing Ihe watorfront  overlooks Gull of Georgia. FP $38,500. BOB KENT, 885-9461,  LARGE QUALITY HOME #3861  3 bodroom homo. Living room has masalvo ttone flroplaco, whirlpool bath & sauna,  plus 2 bathrooms, lornlly room, den, 2 sundecks, wllh a panoramic harbor vlow.  Better than waterfront. On a huge lot with touthwett exposure. In Ihe garden Ihero  aro pools, lights, many shrubs and flowers and a small groonhouto. Some finishing  details to be negotiated for a full prlco of $98,500. DON HADDEN, 085-9504 ovos.  FOUR BEDROOM VILLAGE HOME #3800  A 2 yoar old all on one floor. 1260 tq ft, a real lamlly homo. Flroplaco In tho 17x18  1/2' living room. Much wall to wdll carpot, family ttylo kllchon. AI��o largo Iniulatod  & wired workshop, Glvo this a good look at $40,500, only $11,000 puts you In, Including Govt 2nd of$5,000. PETER SMITH, 0B5-9463 eves.  A HpME THAT COULD DO" #3832  And acros to built your dream homo on in futuro. 5.1 acros of highway propoity over  600' deep and 300's wldo with park like woods and sound cottago, On regional  wator. $35,000 In Roborls Crook. JACK WARN, 086-26B1 oves.  SIXTEEN-TWO #3863  And you will purchote a vlow. Oeneroutiliec) at 80x130'. Hydro and water at  roadside. Southerly slopo noar pavod accoss lo sea. $16,200 full prlco. ROBERT KEN1,  885-9461 ovos.  ACRE ESTATE SEA FRONTAGE #3606  102' walorliont lol, 1200 sq ll main floor H, lull basomont. Woll landscaped. Own  driveway toboorh. FP $110,000. Call ROBERT KENT for appointment, 085 9461 oves.  COUNTRY ACREAGE #3866  4.3 acros, tiood property on two loads, hydro and phona by, overlooking Sochelt  Inlet. 4 mllos to Sechelt on paved rood. FP $32,500. DON HADDEN. 005 9504 ovos  PRICE REDUCED BY $3,000 #3723  Look at ill Furnished mobllo home on Its own walor vlow lol In sunny Tuwanek.  Soml wntoiliont by boat launch, |us| 7 miles lo Sechell. Automatic oil furnace, wator,  hydro, phono. Septic tonk ft flold Installed. Hat own drlvoway. Prlco now $21,000  roth. PETER SMIIH, 005-9463,  A VIEW TO TAKE YOUR BREATH #3791  3.4 acio vlow proporty and luxurlout home oveilooking the Gulf of Gooiglo, Pilvate  ni.il** ihiough woods lo socludod beach. Room on propoity for tonal* oi pool. 10  minulos dilve to fun lot. Ask lor a viewing, lit a great ploco. JACK WARN, 006 2601  "���vet.  REDUCTION IN PRICE #3819  $60,000 lor an almost new home and guett cottage on 12 1/2 ocros wllh stiooin.  Secluded and romoved dom heavy Irafllc yet on blacktop, large garden oroa t looted  and acret ol woodt In upper Robertt Creek. JACK WARN, BB6 2681 evet.  FOR YOUR MONEY? #3638  $41,500 glvet you a very practical home lor a family, clot* enough to the Glbtont  thopplng and tchoolt. y*t In th* country, Over an ocre and a hall to woi k or leave In  wood lot. Garden, lawn A garden poolt developed. See lor yourtell the  home hat lo olfor. call JACK WARN, 886 26ft I evet.  value thit Page B-4    The Peninsula Times       Wed, Sept 7,1977  For Sale  For Sale  Real Estate  Mobile Homes  NOT MUCH WORK  , To do on this cute 2 bdrm.  home in Sechelt. Easy care  wood walls throughout. Sturdy  construction, V_ bsmt., could  be full with a little digging.  Excel, starter or retirement  home within walking distance  to stores & marina. $34,000.  Ph. 885-9802.  3179-tf  NEW 1200 soft home with full  bsmt., includes shake roof,  carpets, finished FP's up and  down, custom kitchen  cabinets. Located on Chaster  Rd. on 100x100 beautifully  treed lot near the newly  proposed Pratt Rd. school.  Priced for excel, value in mid  50's by contractor. Ph. 886-  7511. 2462-tfn  3 BDRM new home. 1,300 sq.  ft., basement, two  fireplaces, sundeck, beautiful  view, w-w carpets, double  glass windows. New area in  Davis Bay. Asking $68,500 by  owner. Ph. 885-3773.    2805-tfn  FOR SALE by owner, brand-  new 900 sq. ft. 2 bdrm home  with FP and sundeck on half  acre, treed lot. Southwood  Rd., Halfmoon Bay, $39,000.  Ph. 325-2389 or 277-6614. 3097-  41  LARGE   VIEW   lot.   West  Sechelt, Box 310, Sechelt.  2964-tfn  COMPLETELY remodelled 3  bdrm home located on Ige.,  beautifully treed corner lot.  $47,000. Ph. 885-3604.     314842  86 ACRES. With a westerly  gentle slope. 1700 ft. frontage on Hwy 101. Near Garden  Bay turnoff. Terms? Jack  Noble, 883-2701. , Gordon  Agencies (Sechelt) 885-2013.  3192-tfn  VIEW LOT low-down easy  terms. Porpoise Bay. Box  91675 W. Van. Ph. 522-1964.  3199-43  Cars and Trucks  '75   CHEV   Station   Wagon,  31,000 miles, loaded, incl.  air cond., $4950. Days 885-3211,  eves. 885-2761. 312741  "65   PLYMOUTH   Fury   III  station wagon. 1966 Fury III  almost  complete for  spare  parts. 883-2410. 2959-tfn  71 PLYMOUTH Fury H, ps,  pb, auto., in good cond. Ph.  883-2720. 3050-41  '71 FORD *_ ton pickup, V8,4  spd., w-Vanguard canopy.  New clutch and brakes, good  cond. throughout. Ph. 883-  2720. 3049-41  '70 DATSUN 610 sdn., requires  engine repair. Best offer.  Ph. 885-9007. 3153-42  '64   VOLKSWAGEN   Beetle,  offers. Ph. 885-2759.   3140-42  '70 FORD % PU auto, 46,000  mi. with 9_ ft. Vanguard  camper and iacks. Easy Load  boat rack: Nice clean unit,  new rubber all around. $42,00.  Ph. 885-2603. 3195-41  ���67 MUSTANG conv., auto.,  good cond. $1000. Ph. 886-  7880. 3190-43  '74 VEGA Hatchback. 13,000  rni., 4 spd,, deluxe vinyl  custom int. Dark metallic  brown with white rally  striping. Like new. $2295. Ph.  886-7411. 2831-tf  Campers and Trailers  18'     TRAILER     w-toilet  shower, hot water, etc. Good  cond. Best price. Ph. 922-8978.  3184-43  12x60    EMPEROR,    furnished, West Sechelt, $8,700.  Ph. 274-6017 or 885-2047.   3111-  41  885-9979  Complete Selection  of Mobile Homes  24x44 to 24x60  12 x 68 Deluxe units  14 x 52,14 x 60  and 14 x 70 available  NOW IN STOCK  14x60Highwood  14x70Highwood  Drop in and view!  All units may be furnished and  decorated to your own taste.  Park space available for both  single and double wides.  COASTHOMES  Across from  Sechelt Legion  ��� - ���'   Dave: 885-3859  evenings  Bill: 885-2084  evenings  3047-tfn  12 x 56 two bdrm, appliances,  drapes; lfrx 12 finished  panelled, carpeted addition;  10x12 covered sundeck.  Centrally located, ideai for  senior citizens or starter  home. Asking $15,000. Ph. 885-  5051. 3167-42  Motorcycles  '76 KAWASAKI,  K.H.  400  Rickman  Ferring,   1,204  miles.    Emaculate    cond.  $1,150. Ph. 886-7963.      3125-41  '77 HONDA 750 K, 2700 miles,  excellent cond. with ace,  $2,400. Ph. 885-9491, 885-9366  after 6 p.m. 3212-43  Boats and Engines  '64 27' CHRIS Craft and E-Z  Load trailer. $10,500. Ph.  485-2437. 314341  18 FT. CRUISER,' Fiberglass  over wood, 65 horse outbd,  low hours, exc. eond. Toilet,  trim tabs, lights and extras.  $1,895. Ph. 885-3652.      321143  Pets  QUALITY FARM  SUPPLY  All Buckerf ield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer- Purina Products  Alfalfa - Hay * Straw  Good Tack Selection -  Rototillers - Toro Land-  mowers  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  .'Pp^:. r... Pnsmtk  TERRIER  CROSS   puppies.  Ph. 883-9665 or 885-2766.  . 316041  FREE to good home. 3 yr. old  purebred Golden Lab. Good  disposition & great watchdog.  Papers incl. Needs room to  roam. Ph. 885-9802.       317841  FOR SALE: By Builder. 3  bdrm home in Gibsons. Cnr.  of Pratt & Grandview Rd. 1300  sq ft, 2 full bathrooms w-  ceramic splashes and 6 ft.  vanities, vinyl siding, 7V4"  insulation in ceiling. Finished  L-shaped rec room w-  Franklin fireplace, heatilator  fireplace upstairs. Deluxe  Citation kitchen w-  dishwasher. Concrete  driveway, lots of wallpaper.  Expensive carpet and light  fixtures. $55,900. Ph. 886-7411.  2830-tf  GOOD HAY for Sale.  Timothy, alfalfa, clover, oat  hay. In stack, $35-$45 per ton.  Ph. (112) 567-9698, Van-  derhoof, located central B.C.  318741  JD   2010   bulldozer,   good'  running cond.., $4500.  Ph>  886-9633.       2852-tf  TRAPPING SUPPLIES, our  1977-78 illustrated brochure  now available. Most competitive prices on traps, all  sizes & types, animal lures &  baits, trap wax, dye and other  supplies. Write for your copy  to Hudson's Bay Co., Raw Fur  Dept., 10250-103 St., Edmonton, Alta. T5J 0Y8. Ph. 1-  403422-6644. 318842  23"   CARLETON   10-speed  handmade  British  bike.  Excel, cond. $120 obo. Ph. 886-  2913, eves, 886-2173.      319141  "Tt '   ELECTROLUX       CANADA  Ltd. for sales and service.  Phone 885-9802. 3079-tfn  26" PHILCO Color TV,  tremendous buy at only  $225. Chrome stand, $20.  Seeing is believing. Ph. 885-  9802. 317641  Marsh World  A SENSE OF TIME _ It has been found that ducks  and geese (and most other migratory birds) are  sensitive to changes in the length of day and night  (and, therefore light and dark) which occurs with  the cycle of the seasons. The sensitivity to length'  of day and night keeps them attuned to the environmental changes which occur throughout the year  and times their seasonal activities. For example,  the spring migration and reproductive cycle of ducks  closely follows the increasing hours of daylight in  the spring and therefore assures that the ducks  will return to their nesting grounds and carry out  their reproductive activity at the same time each  year. " .'  O  Ducks Unlimited (Canada)  198-'77  Livestock  CERTIFIED Farrier,  Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn..  REG. Tennessee Walkers, 3  only, yearling colts. Gibsons. Ph. 886-7779. 314242  For Sale  LARGE' CEMENT steel  wheelbarrow, $30; temporary service hydro pole, 30  amp. $80; new single 38" by  74" boxspring and mattress,  $50. Ph. 885-2584. 316642  4.6 ACRES: Gibsons, Boyle  Road. 5 min. from ferry.  View of Howe Sound and Mt.  Elphinstone. $26,900. Ph. (112)  731-0856. " 314542  ROBERTS CREEK��� Lovely one bdrm rancher, large carpeted living  room. Fireplace, full bathroom, carpet. Separate utility workshop  building. FP $28,000.  WEST SECHELT ��� 2 level fomily home. Living room, kitchen bath, 2  bdrms up. Family rm, bathroom and 2 bdrms down. Immediate  j possession. Only $42,500. Try terms and trade. It  CLASSIC ��� white siding, shake roof. Two bdrms  (third in fullj  basement). Two fireplaces, two lots, each 62 ft frontage by 122 ftj  deep. Rear lane. Breezeway to double garage. Inspect anytime.  SECHELT��� be sure to Inspect this large 2 bdrm, full basement home  jjand double garage. It is located on a quiet Sechelt street 1 blk to  | shopping. Meticulously developed inside and outside. J  REDROOFFS RD - WELCOME BEACH ��� West Coast contemporary ��� f  3 bdrm ranch home on anacre of view property. j  WEST SECHELT ��� Large 4 bdrm family home. Family room,  2f  fireplaces, 3 baths. View location for this Spanish beauty. j  PEBBLE CRESCENT ��� One year old 3 bdrm, 2 bath, bsmt home. (  Stucco exterior. Asking $55,000. Try your terms arid trades? J  REDROOFFS AREA ��� Small unfinished cabin on 1/2 acre lot. only  '( $21,900. Complete yourself and save. /  | WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� Reception Point,  Redrooffs Rd.  5.1  J acres, 619 ft on beach. High bank, southerly view. Asking $75,000.5  ) MLS ��.  t HALL RD, ROBERTS CREEK ��� 2 acros. 275 ft frontage, 316 ft deep.  jFull price $25,000.  * WATERFRONT LOTS [Curran Rd) HALFMOON BAY  { half acre and one acre parcels. Give us a call. I  JOHN or LYNN WILSON 885-9365    \  COMPLETE REAL ESTATE SERVICE: REAL ESTATE-MORTGAGES  WATERFRONT  REAUY WORLD  memb. h a-iOKtn  LOTS  Rodioolft    *  9,000  'PorpolsoBny VlewR3      $10,000  Vlow ol Trail Isle* $19,500  Lower Rd 1/2 ocro $13,000  Village LoK Secholt    $13,000  Sandy Hook Wf $23,900  Bay Vlow, IOOxVOO $17,000  Derby Rd, 50x165 $10,500  Nofwe.tHay R��l/5xlSO $10,500  So. holt Village 100x250 $12,500  Redroofft Ettalet 00x203 $10,500  West of Soc holt 125x200 $  9,000  ZONED COMMERCIAL $22,000  Vendor aayt ho'll tnko small com a* clown  payment. Offer* please,  HOMES  COIN LAUNDRY $30,000  This Is the one ond only In the Secholt  area. An ambitious person could mako a  roal payer out of this lucrative cash  business. Approx. 1/2 cash will handle.  GIBSONS VILLAGE $33,250  Panoramic vlow of Inner harbor. This 3  bdrm home It located on 76 x I 29' lot with  all sorvlcos. Closo to shopping centre. This  property Is priced to sell as owner Is  transtorred,  PENDER HARBOUR $03,000  Quallty-bullt 3 bdrm homo with chip stone  fireplace, Two sundecks and panoramic  harbor vlow. Designed for self-contained  hullo on lowoi floor. Nearly I aero lot with  southwostorly exposure. Landscaped with  fish pond and greenhouse.  GIBSONS DUPLEX $71,900  Modorn side by side, shake roof, cedar  siding, nlcoly landscaped. View of Gibsons  Harbor from the sundeck S dining room.  Walking distance to beach and shopping.  Two bedrooms each side, beautifully  decorated throughout.  DAVISBAY $49,500  High above the tea on tha Davis Bay  slope. Ihls comfoilnblo family home Is  completed and ready for occupancy, All  fonred and landscaped, 3 bdrms, garage  and lorge covered deck. A kitchen to  behold.  COZY WATERFRONT COTTAGE      $19,500  Modern   two   bedroom   cottage   within  walking distance of shops In Sechelt. Lovel11  landscaped front yard to beach. Excellent  loasohold title.  SANDY HOOK W/F-Roducod to $23,900  Owner If. anxious to sail so all offers will  be considered, 70 x 200' nicely covered  with salal and arbutus on a steep slope to  deep wolor moorago. Sorvlcod with hydro,  wntor ond tolophono.  ACREAGES  riVE ACRES SECHEL1 $32,900  Excollont potential lor dovolopmont In the  near future. Should make  I fl to 20 lots'.  Roods In to both ends. Power and water to  one end.   Try your oiler ond torms,  17 ACRES $44,900  locatod nbout 15 miles up Hwy 101 Irom  Socholt. Good vlow o| Strait ot Georgia.  Zoning poirnlls subdivision to I 2 ncro  lols. Giovol rood through, powoi ond  telephone on hwy  SELMA PARK $30,000  3.B ones ol beautiful treed properly with  on excellent view. Old timer, three room  house that needs finishing. Perfect Investment for a handyman.  UONSU1HLKIANU     CORKY ROSS        DONIOCK SUfcPAlC  BH5-936? B8S9?!>0 1183? 526 005 2.1:16  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD,  Highway 101, next to the Golf   Station In Sechelt  DAVI: KOtURlS  on5 ?9/:i  ANN mm I SON  nnu 2.4?  (Sechelt)  Vancouver, 681-7931  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISAIS  NOTARY PUBLIC  DENTAL BLK"  GIBSONS  PHONE 886-2277  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD     TOLL FREE 682-1 513  Jon McRae  885-3670  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  Chris Ktnkoinen  885-3545  Arne T. Pettersen  886-2277  HOMES  GLEN ROAD: Cozy 2 bedroom starter or  retirement home situated on a fabulous view  lot overlooking Keats Island. This home can be  purchased with a low down payment and easy  monthly installments. FP $32,900.       ��� V.  TUWANEK; Lovely 2 bedroom'Gothic style  home. Could be year round or summer  residence. Thermopane windows. Large living  room with sundeck overlooking Tuwanek Bay.  Very close to public beach across the road. This  home is one of a kind in a very exclusive quiet  area. Large landscaped lot. Priced to sell at,  only FP $36,500.  POPLAR LANE: Brand new home on a quiet cul-  de-sac, close to shopping, schools and transportation. This home has many outstanding  features including fireplace, double glazed  windows, sundeck, sauna, indoor heated  garage. Master bdrm features wglk-in closet,  ensuite plumbing. This home must be seen!  F.P. $69,500. /  WATERFRONT: Mission Point at Davis Bay. 2  srfi._.l cottages on 60' waterfront property With  a 20' lane alongside. Property is on Tsawcome  lease land and is prepaid to October 1993.  Level to beach, privacy and spectacular  unobstructed view. Tenant presently renting  one of the cottages. This is your opportunity to  invest in desirable waterfrontage for only FP  $24,900.  JOHNSON RD: Langdale. Imagine approx 1400  sq. ft each floor plus all the extras such as  ensuite off master bedroom, featuring wood  panelling and red brick in kitchen-dining area.  Special lighting features. All this plus a  spectacular view for only FP $64,900.  GIBSONS: Brand new, approx 1300 sq ft quality  built house with full basement. Large sundeck  w/aluminum railing.. Built in bookcase planter.  Heatilator fireplace, Large kitchen w/lqts of  cupboards. Master bedroom has ensuite and  his and hers full double closets. Neslted at the  foot of the bluff on quiet street with view, FP  $68,000.  GRANDVIEW RD: Fantastic fully finished large  family home on almost one acre lot in fast  growing area. 3 bdrms on main floor plus  another finished in bsmt. Two fireplaces. Many  extras, such as skylight, speciql lighting and  large sundeck over double carport. View lot.  Don't miss this one. ��� Excellent value. FP  $64,900. ���-.���'���  -ASSFORD ROAD: Beautiful, well-built  Spanish style home in new development area.  Many extras including; arches throughout.  Lively fireplaces up and down. Extra super  large master bedroom, skylight |n master"  bedrobm. W/W carpeting throughout. Well  designed kitchen with sliding glass: doors from  dining area to large sundeck. Full unfinished  basement. FP $52,000.'        .    ' -A  CEMETERY ROAD: Imagine 6 acres plus' a  modern 6 yr old home in rural Gibsons. The  home has 3 bedrooms on the main floor. Full  unfinished basement. 2 fireplaces, carport. This  is an exceptionally good buy considering the  lovely 6 acres of property. FP $65,500.  FAIRVIEW ROAD "REVENUE": This new duplex  on a 1/2- acre lot represents the ideal investment property. There are 1232 sq ft in both  of these side by side suites. Features are post  and beam construction with feature Wall  fireplaces and sundecks. There is appeal to  separate rental markets with a two and a three  bedroom suite. Assumption of present mortgage makes purchase very easy and a yearly  income of over $7000 makes this property hard  to beat. FP $75,000.  SOUTH FLETCHER: A perfect family home with  four bedrooms. Has a beautiful view from the  large living room. Feature wall fireplace. Large  kitchen and eating area. All of this over a 1/2  basement. Rear access from a lane. Separate  workshop. A super value for only FP $39,900.  WATERFRONT: Sechelt Reserve Lease. Large  lot, approx. 60x300'. Small rented cottage on  level waterfront lot. Hydro in, water available.  This is a very exclusive protected area. FP  $5,750.  CRUCIL RpAD: View of North Shore mountains,  Keats Island and Shoal Channel. 3 bdrms upstairs with one bdrm finished down. 11/2  bathrooms up. Fireplaces up and down, with  finished rec room. Built-in china cabinet in  large dining room. Features vinyl siding,  sundeck over carport and paved panhandle  driveway. Priced for quick sale, FP $54,900.  ALDERSPRINGS RD: 2 storey home^with in-law  suite all set to go. 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2  bdrms down. 4 piece plumbing up and 3 piece  down. Beautiful vie,w of Gibsons Bay and^Kedts  from both floors: An ideal revenue property.  Live in one half rent out the other to meet the  mortgage payment. On sewer with all services.  FP $42,900.  FIRCREST PLACE: Brand new 3 bdrm home in  quiet residential area. One mile from schools  and shopping. Large open living room with  fireplace. The full basement is unfinished with  roughed-in wiring and plbg. Separate entrance  to 4 piece bathroom from the master bedroom.  Nicely treed lot waiting for your landscaping  touch. FP $46,000.  DAVIDSON RD: Spectacular view and privacy in  Langdale Ridge. Large 3 bdrm home has all  large rooms. Fireplace upstairs. Separate  carport allows more room for expansion in the  full basement. Large cedar sundeck and many  extra features. Enter by way of nicely treed  panhandle driveway to the 1/2 acre you can  call home. FP $54,900.  LOTS  HILLCREST RD: Beautiful view at the end of a quiet cul de sac. All underground services so  there is nothing to mar the view. These Jots are cleaned and ready to build upon, the ravine in  front  will  ensure  your   privacy;,   these   Ipts, represent excellent value.  Buy now at these low prices.  . FPS 13,900  A.  B.  C.  D.  .FP $14,900  .FP $16,900  .FP $13,900  U\L__U-3T  ftj_CQ     .  LANGDALE: Investment value. This beautiful  view lot has but one flaw, it is partially in a  ravine. With some fill this could be a truly  lovely building lot and at this price how can you  lose. On Langdale Ridge in an area of quality  new homes. Make an offer. FP $7,500.  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: 1.12 acres in  the very desirable Roberts Creek area. There is  a driveway already In, and a tapped Artesian  well on the property. Road dedicated at the  back of the property. Will allow future subdivision. Vendor must sell. Try your offer. Price  reduced. F.P. $12,500.  ALDERSPRING ROAD: 50' x 150' of the best  garden soil in the hart of Gibsons. On sewer,  close to shopping and Post Office. Potential  view of the Bay area. Excellent terms available.  FP $10,500.  GOWER POINT RD: Just under 1/2 acre of  privacy on 100' of waterfrontage. The beach is  just the other side of the road. Building site  cleared with septic tank, main drains and  blacktop driveway already In. FP $25,000.  WHARF RD; at the corner of Davidson. With a  little easy clearing this lot will be ready to build  on. Walking distance to tho ferry. Lot sl*e Is  80x110'. FP $12,900.  SHAW ROAD: Newly Completed I Tho most  conveniently located subdivision in Gibsons.  Only 2 blocks (rbm Shopping Contro and both  olo'mentary and socondary schools. Lovol  building sltos wllh somo cloarlng on a nowly  lormod cul do sac. Those prlmo lots on sowor  and all sorvlcos aro going last I Got yours now  while they last. Prlcod from FP $11,900.  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanek. Ideal recreational  lot In beautifully wooded and park-liko area.  Zoned for trailers, This lot overlooks Secholt  Inlot ond tho Lamb Islands. FP $0,900.  SCHOOL a WYNGART ROADSs Only 6 oi those  duplex *onod lots left, Boautlful view  properties overlooking the Bay. Closo to  schools and shopping. All lots perfectly suited  to sldohyslde or up/down duplex construction,  SPECIALLY PRICED NOWI Only 1 will bo sold at  $14,500 and only 1 at $15,500. Act Nowi  DAVIDSON ROAD: Fantastic view from  Longdate Ridge (you won't need a ferry  schedule as you can see tho boat half an hour  before It arrlvos). This lot has a small creek on  tho very back of tho property. All new homes in  this aroa. This lot Is a full 2/5 of an acre. FP  $14,900  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: Off Cheryl Ann  Park. Boautllully cleared and level building tlte  hiddon from the road by many large trees. Eaty  access to an exceptional beach. 70x100' and  priced for Immediate tale. FP $12,900.  FORBES ROAD: In Langdale. Approx. 80x140',  this corner lot It cleared, level and ready to  build on. FP $13,500.  GOWER POINT ROADi At the corner of 14th.  This properly has levels cleared for the building  lite of your choice. Excellent view of Georgia  Strait. Approximately 60x250'. FP $16,500.  TUWANEK: Only one block to beach. Full view  of Inlet. Piped community water avallablo.  80x140'. NEW LOW PRICE ONLY $9,900.  PRATT ROAD: Near proposed new school site.  This lot it cleared and ready to build upon,  Mature fruit treet dot this 76x125' lot. FP  $13,500.  COCHRANE ROAD: Good building lot 65x130'.  Clote to thopplng and the ocean. Sewer  easement of 10' on S.E. tide of lot. FP $12,500.  SOUTH FLETCHER: At School Road. Two lott of  40x150' oach. One lot has a cottage which  could be rentod. Thoso lott are mostly cleared  and ready for building. A spectacular view of  tho entire Bay area and Keatt Island In Included  In the price of FP $27,500.  CEMETERY ROAD: En|oy the quiet privacy of  one acre In rural Gibsons. The property It all  level utable land. Treed with tome view. FP  $17,900.  DAVIS BAY: Laurel Road. If It's a vlow you want,  this Is the lot. Horo is a panoramic vlow of tho  Trail Islands, west Sechelt and all ol Davis Bay.  Eaty to build upon with many large evergreens  for privacy. Approx slxe 80x135'. FP $16,900,  GEORGIA DRIVE; lovely large view lot, |ust up  from Georgia Park, lot tlie 67x100x99x121'.  NOTE I Septic tank and field aro already In and  APPROVED. FP $19,900.  ABBS ROAD; Ono of the nicest building lots In ABBS ROAO. At the corner ol  School  Road.  Gibsons, level building tile with drop off In     COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT; With waterfront    Excollont   75x150   approx   building   lot   with  front of properly to protect privacy. Spectacular     os scarce as It U llili double uta lot represent!    spectacular  view  of   Boy,   Howe  Sound   ond  panoramic view. Size 66 x 120'. FP $18,500.      reol valuo. FP $22,000.  Goorgla Strait. IP $16,000.  NORTH ROAD a CHAMBERLIN: Exceptionally  wall priced 3 ocre level property halfway  between Gibsons and Langdale. Front hat been  cleared and filled, Back of property Is like a  park with a creek running through etc. Road  allowance at tide It the ententlon of  Choberlln.Chamberlln Road, FP $27,500.  GIBSONS: Excellent prospects for the one who  holdt this potentially commercially lonod  acreage of 5 acret, ff $60,000.  ACREAGE  ROBERTS CREEK: 2 1/2 acret. nicely sloping  lond right next to Camp Byng Insuring privacy  and fully treed at that tide of the property.  Mostly clooiod, access road part way In. Don't  mitt the opportunity to purchate Ihlt large  piece oi land for only FP $14,500.  GRANDVIEW RD AT 9TH; Over 1/2 acre, very  private wllh view. House plant and building  permit paid for and Included In price. Foundation, floor tlob ond plumbing all In for a  28x42 (1176 tq ft) building. FP $19,900.  ROBERTS CREEK: Highway 101 divides thit  property dlogonally down the centre. Develop  both tldet of the road. Try all offers. 5 arret. FP  ���30,000, .  Th  e coffee in alwayn on -r- drop in for our free brochure. Wednesday, September 7,1977  The Peninsula Times.  Page B-5  LIVING  PLANTS  BECOME  ��� . \f  LITTER  WHICH IS-  ATTACKED  BY FUNGI  (AND BACTERIA)  _>!  PLANT-FEEDERS  E.G.     WlREWORMS.  Caterpillars  WHICH ARE  EATEN BY  AVAILABLE NUTRIENTS  + t  SOIL AND ROCK MINERALS j  +          EARTHWORMS  I  PREDATORS  I  WHICH ARE  EATEN BY  �����*���  FUNGI  -WHICH ARE EATEN BY-  FUNGAL FEEDERS  H  FUNGI AND such animals as ear-   soil biology, decomposing plant life in  thworms play an important role in   an integral link in the chain of life.  GARDEN BAY TOT LOT  (playschool)  REGISTRATION  September 15th & 20th, 10-12  Irvine's Landing Hall  Registration Fee; $10.00 \  Children 5 & under  For further Information, 883-9205  Sunshine Coast  Canadian Power Squadron  REGISTRATION  Wednesday, Sept. 14th at 7:30 p.m.  Pender Harbour Secondary School  Sechelt Elementary School  Elphinstone Secondary School  Will toach Basic Boating, Advanced Piloting, otc.  For further information call 886-7714  v  ALDER ESTATES LTD.  Invites you to see  Fircrest Place  Beautifully treed, serviced lots In quiet  new subdivision.  ��� Close to new Chaster Rd. school.  ��� 1 mile from shopping centre.  ��� 25 lots to choose from.  ��� Priced from $9750.  V�� mile south on Pratt Rd. from Hwy. 101.  Phone 886-9075 or 886-2663  Attend  the Church  of  your choice  UNITED CHURCH  Rev. AnnetteM. Reinhardt  88_-2Ja_  9:30 am ��� .St. John's, Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m. ��� Gibsons  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rvv. T. Nicholson, I'astor  IIMHSOI SUNDAY MASS  fv00 p.m. Sm. eve. nt Sr. Mnry.'s, (ifh.vons  Mass nl:  8:00 p.m. Sal. eve at Irvine's I.uiuHiik  Mall  H:.l() a.m. Our l.nriy nl l.oui.Us, on the  Sechell Indian Reserve  l():(K) a.m. al Hie llolv family ( liuieli In  Sechell  I? niHiii al St. Mary's Church in (Jibsons  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Service and Sunday School cilch Sunday  at 11:.!() a.m. (except Insl Sunday in  month at 12:30 p.m.) Wed. I.vcning.s,  7:45.  All in St. John's United Church,  Davis Hay.  I'hone 8H5-3157. 886-7882, 88.1-��)249  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  Mermaid and Trail. Sechelt  Sunday School ��);45 a.m.  Morning Worship Service ....11:15 a.m.  Wed. IJihle.Sludy   7:00 p.m.  livening I ellowship 7:00 p.m.  2nd A 4lh Sunday every moulh  I'astor: /���'. Nnpnnt  885-W0.S  SUNSHINE COA.ST  (iOSIMl, CHURCH  Davis Kay How! al laurel  Davis Hay  .Sunday School 'MS am  Morning Service   11:00 am  l-.vcnlnR Service  7,00 pm  Wed. I'iaye| and Hihle Study  I'hone 885-52%  "non-denominational"  I'.istnr I lillord McMullen  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Pastor C. Dricherfi  Sabbath School      Snt., .1:00 p.m.  Hour ol Worship ��� Sat., 4:(X) p.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Hay  l.vfiyone Welcome  loi information phone: 885-t)750  88.1-27.16  Garden Comer  ��� by Guy Symonds *  "To err is human" ��� and certainly  someone was human enough to err in  putting together the last "Garden Corner". The quote from the column of August  31: "The garden books will remind you  mat it is impossible to have lettuce, and -  spinach in the fall''. This is, of course, the  exact opposite to what is the case. So, it is  POSSIBLE to have lettuce and spinach in  the fall or, if you prefer, it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE to have lettuce and spinach in  the fall! So much for that ��� no  recriminations, only an apology.  The preoccupation of this writer, with  soils and soil management cannot have  escaped the notice of those who read this  column. The mystery and magic of this  renewable resource which alone keeps the  human race alive on earth is awe inspiring. When, therefore, an article on soil  biology and its contribution to agriculture  was encountered in the farm paper  "Country Life ih B.C.", the opportunity  seemed too good to miss.  So with thanks and acknowledgement  to Dr. Alan Carter, assistant professor in ,  the department of soil Science at the  University of British Columbia,^ this  column takes the liberty of passing-long  the knowledge that can be so useful to  those who use the soil for business or  pleasure.  Dr. Carter starts by explaining that soil  biology is the study of the organisms that  spend part or all of their lives feeding in  the soil. These include plants, parts of  plants such as the roots, fungi and  animals, It is the plants that by the magic  of photosynthesis convert solar energy  into organic compounds, and all other  organisms depend directly or indirectly on  plants for food.  Whfen plants die, for instance, fungi  break them down into what is called  "Utter" by the process of decomposition.  SoU-animals are those without backbones such as earthworms and spiders,  and those with backbones like mice and  moles.  In any natural system or cultivated  system be it forest, grassland or garden,  there are two major components. These  are (1) the above-ground plants and  associated organisms and (2) the soil and  associated organisms including the below-  ground parts of plants. These two components are interdependent, and the links  between them are of great importance in  plant production.  One of the most common and most  valuable of soil organisms is the earthworm. Under favourable circumstances, in a compost heap for instance, they can influence the rate of  decomposition more than any other group  of soil animals. There are many species of  earthworms. Some inhabit the top layer of  litter and never go deep into the soil. The -  "larger kind still get food from the top layer \-  of litter, of course, but they also burrow  deep into the mineral soil that forms part  of their diet. Cultivation disturbs the  earthworm population, and an area of  untouched grassland will support large  numbers. These, however, quickly  diminish under yearly cultivation. When  left alone the population soon reestablishes itself and climbs again. One of  the many useful functions of this  fascinating animal is that its burrowing  creates channels to the thicker roots of  herbage, draining away surplus water and  carrying the all important air supply to the  root system.  The close relationship between the  fungi and animals in both the above and  the below ground systems is shown in the  accompanying diagram.  This is good stuff to be borne ln mind in  this, one of the most important periods to  the fall gardener ��� the fall months.  The work done in the next couple of  months or so will have a big bearing on  what sort of garden is harvested next year.  As soon as a piece of the vegetable plot  is cleared the fall rye should be broadcast.  The compost heap must be put into shape ���  and the decomposing agent introduced  while the weather is still warm.  We have n marvellous piece of  equipment ln the form of soil that Is ready  to respond to whatever treatment we give  it. As has been said before, with gardening  ond farming there Is neither success nor  failure, only results.  i    AL'S    [  i BACKHOE!  Service-Experience     ���  By Hour-By Contract  s  ��� Pole Raising  ��� Well Digging  ��� Septic Tanks  ��� Ditching  phone anytime  883-2626  free estimate  m  m  t  m  m  i  B  ���  ���  ���  ���  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post office Box 1219. Sechelt  toll free 684-8016  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: 2  bdrm attractive home on almost 2  acres Level hiway frontage! easy  access. Good Ige shop with HD  wiring for bench tools. Home  completely remodelled. Shake  foof, rancher alum sdg. Several  outbldgs. Secluded landscaped  property. FP $69,500.  EGMONT WATERFRONT: Approx  5 acre & close to 560" of beachfront. Zoped for marina, tourist  accommodation, oi* try your  ideas. 4 yr old 2 bdrm double  wide with large utility area. Road  is in to the beach. 1/2 down, FP  $125,000. .Ideal for group investment. Vendors may consider  a trade! All offers considered.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Family 3 bdrm  home. Roughed in  suite  in full  grd level bsmt. Large dbl garage  beneath   sundeck.  Family   room  adjacent to a compact kitchen.  *"��� Nook eating area & sep. dining  ^s room.   Mstr   enste/ Tremendous  buy   at   $61,500.   Trades   con-  Tfc     sidered.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE: close  to school, post office, store 8  beach. Over 5 acres with  potential view. Three bedroom  1092 sq ft home, with part  basement. Asking $42,000.  SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm home on a  large view lot. For ��� the garden  enthusiast a 12x40 greenhouse.  Offered at $48,000.  SELMA PARK: Attention gar-  doners.. 75x185' view lot,  tastefully landscaped and  complete with a vegetable patch.  Also fruit trees, berry bushes and  a greenhouse. A 2 bdrm full  basement home with an 8x40'  partly covered sundeck completes the setting.' Offered at  $47,500.  .**-��� .".<���>��� .�����::.*���;������������ \  1,180 SQ FT PART BASEMENT  VILLAGE HOME: All finished main  floor with 3 bdrms and a spare  room down. Carport under the  house. Good value for $43,900.  WILSON CREEK: Brand new 3  bdrm double wide situated on a  rental.pad in a mobile home park.  Bank financing available and  priced below cost at $26,000.  WILSON CREEK: Very cozy 2 bdrm full basement home. Has third  bedroom downstairs. Nicely landscaped. Quick possession!. Asking  $49,500.  WATERFRONT HOME: Located on  Redrooffs Rd at We|come Beach.  Clean, near-new 6 room stucco bsmt  home. Well insulated, twin seal  windows and sliding doors to sundeck. Heatilator f'place, nice dng  area in kit, plus sep. dng rm facing  view of Merry Island and Welcome  Pass. Lge 80x360' treed property w-  workshop. Above grd bsmt with  wood and coal stove for canning or  guests. Good value at $79,500 FP.  DAVIS BAY WATERFRONT: Top  quality beach front home. 2 full  floors, 2 bedrooms, 2 fireplaces,  hot water heat. One of the coast's  finest. FP $92,000.  TUWANEK WATERFRONT! Past  the end of the road. Peace and  quiet guaranteed. Two-level 2  bedroom year-round home. Light,  water and telephone are in. Year-  round moorage to your own float.  Try your offer to $45,900.  WEST PORPOISE BAY: On the  road past the arena ��� built by  the Contractor for himself. Extensive use of cedar on the Interior. 2 fireplaces, 3 bdrms &  double closed-in garage. Asking  $58,900:  TUWANEK: Low priced lot with a seaview. Only $8,395.  ROBERTS CREEK: Lowor Road. Secluded lot with year round crook.  FP $10,000.  SANDY HOOK: Almott 1/2 acre on Deer Horn Road. Great view of  Sechelt Inlet. Terms available. FP $12,900,  SOUTHWOOD ROAD: Closo to 1/2 acre. Lovel building lot. Hydro  and roglotial wator at road. Chock & compote Attractively priced at  $9,450.  DAVIS BAY: Excollont building lot In doslrablo rosldontlal aroa.  20% down 5 yoar torm ��� 10 yoar amortliatlon at 11 1/2*/q. FP  $13,900.  REDROOFFS AREA: Largo trood lot 93 x 400' approx, Good gardon  soil, wator & power. Asking $12,500.  BAYVIEW SUBDIVISION  Intersection of 101 and Redrooffs Rd. A selection of extra large  arbutus treed view lott oil serviced with regional water A hydro.  Various prices.  Aayyttw AmbtHtisitn  ?��.*>'  FULL BASEMENT VILLAGE HOME:  3 bedrooms ��� 2 up and one in  basement. Finished - rec room,  main floor utility room and large  sundeck. Yard is all fenced for  privacy. Sunken carport. Home  has electric heat and is very  economical. Located across from  tennis courts in Hackett Park. FP  $54,250.  ACREAGE WITH A VIEW: on  popular Beach Ave, Roberts  Creek. 1.55 acres overlooking the  gulf, close to park and beach  access. Attractive . setting with  many ornamental shrubs. Two  bdrm mobile plus an immaculate  self-contained guest cottage.  Furnishings and appliances included in the realistic price of  $39,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: this home is  very good value, 3 bdrms and Ige  utility room, teak cabinets  throughout kitchen and enste.  Wall tb wall carpets. View lot.  Priced at $38,900.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Cozy 3 bdrm  home on extra large lot within  walking distance to village  shopping. There is unfinished  17x18' family rm. Try your offer  to $48,000.  ROBERTS CREEK: Excellent building lot 70x 150' cleared and ready to  develop. FP $12,500.  DAVIS BAY: on the beach. 2 bdrm  home across from Davis Bay  beach. Corner lot 60x1 50'. House  in good condition & immediately  available. Shake roof, shingle,  siding, all fenced. EASY PAYMENT  TERMS. FP $47,500 with $10,000  down.  GIBSONS: 2 building lots side by side. Buy one or both. Sewered and  close to boat ramp. Terms considered. Asking $12,500 and 14,500.  LARGE WEST SECHELT BUILDING LOT: Bordering on all year round  creek. Potential view. FP $17,800.  LOW DOWN PAYMENT: Wost Sechelt viow lot, cleared, graded, and  serviced. R2 zoned. Move your trailer with no preparation  necessary. Asking $11,500 with $1,000 down.  TUWANEK: Waterfront cottage with year round mooring. Mostly  furnished, just move in and live. Try your oflor to $35,000.  SANDY HOOK: 70x140' lot in this growing area. Spoclacular vlow  up tho Inlot. Asking $9,500.  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT; Your own prlvato park with towering  firs & cedars. Homo Is unlquo 1,450 aq ft with 12 x 36' wrap around  opon sundock. Basomont with workshop and storage. Garago.  Cement stops to water's edge. Asking $125,000. Some torms.  MAIN STREET LOCATION: approximately 50 x 220' lot with business  promises and living quarters behind. Excellent location for almost  any type of enterprise. This is an opportunity to bocomo ostablishod  In tho vlllago. Lots of room for expansion, FP $95,000.  DAVIS BAY VIEW: 3 bdrm, plus family room, carport. Largo vlow lot  closo to sandy boach. Asking $49,500. Terms  R.2LOT 110' x 200: Wakefield Road. Ideal building or Mobllo home  tlte. Asking $14,500 FP.  Suncoast Acres  A large selection of Island view lots with all services  available Including a sewage system. No permit problems.  Mason Road area In Wett Sechelt.  For further Information on the above contact:  George Townsend, 885-3345; Jack Anderson. 885-2053  Stan Anderson, 885-2385; Doug Joyce 885-2761 Quiltmaking preserves family Focus on Fitness  history in a unique fashion  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, September 7,1977  Television and electric blankets haye  made the art of quiltmaking a pastime  rather than a necessity though it still  flourishes under the guise of .therapy,  community fund raising or just plain fun.  An unusual quilt shown at the Pender  Harbour arts and crafts display recently  was one made by Mrs. Richards of Middle,  Point. It was designed to be a calendar of  her guests during 1976.  Each block contained a date, name of  Visitor, and included a machine-  embroidered picture where rods, salmon,  country scenes and symbols all told their  story.  It is nothing new to find family history  woven into the pattern of a quilt. In fact it  could not be excluded from those made in  the old days. Then the quiltmakers were  limited to cloth that was available, most  had to construct a harmonious whole from  Worn out clothing, scraps left from other  projects and pieces exchanged with neighbour!..  As work progressed each small square  brought with it something of its previous  character. Summer picnics and winter  snow rides were stitched into place. Long  after friends had gone they might be  remembered by a bright piece of calico.  Today materials are easily obtained.  Quilts can be made of synthetic fibres in a  myriad colours from the corner store, or  they may span the world with a square of  silk from India or woven goat hair from  Afghanistan sent home by our travelling  youth.  If one admires the handiwork of  quiltmakers perhaps they may point to  another square and say "But this one..."  ���Then the book has opened and the story  begins. ��� Helen B. Reid.  .We are told that the key to fitness is a .  balanced diet, fresh air and exercise.  Those of us who are unfit often scoff at the  idea that a brisk walk regularly will help  to get us back in shape. However, if proof  is needed we have only to look about us at  the senior adults in our community. They  come from an era where "junk food" wasv  unknown, the main method of transportation was walking and a good deal of  work was done out of doors.  In the past three years that I have had  the privilege of working with the senior  adults in our area, I am constantly  reminded that just because someone looks  a bit bent, has grey hair and appears to be ;  frail is no reason to label him unfit! Many  of these frail people walk'::. miles in the  course of a day. I know somevery active  80-90 year olds that maintain, beautiful  gardens, and if further proof itf needed just  look in at the Sechelt seniors on a Wednesday afternoon when they have their  ���'Old Tyme" dances.  Activity Centres here and throughout  the province have enabled seniors to plan  programs of their own. and you may be  sure that dancing and. carpet bowling are  on most agendas. Those centres that,  offer full programs five days a week also  find space for. keep fit and yoga classes. I  am often asked what type of recreation is  needef for seniors. People tend to forget or  perhaps just do not, realize that if you  played golf, swam, curled or bowled when  you were .young, the chances are that you  will continue these activities, sometimes-  ori a greater scale once you retire.  This is not to imply that retirement  brings one to iitopia as far as fitness is  concerned. This is also a time of losses,  failing sight, deafness, stiff limbs and  loneliness at the loss of a mate. Nutrition  often suffers when onp has to Cook only for  himself or herself.  Several publications are available to  assist people in planning meals. The  "Senior Chef", food guide for the older  person (nutrition tips and ideas) is  available through the local Health Unit  Programs such as ami chair ballet,  yoga and light movement excercises have  been developed for seniors with physical  ailments. Given the right location,  medical advice and proper supervision,  these types of programs can be of help, but  I cannot stress too strongly that one should  have, medical advice and constant re-  evaluation as they could also do a lot of  damage. ,  Recently when I was away at a convention, I met a very interesting lady. She  admitted to being in her 70's and  proceeded to tell me about an excercise  class she conducts. She had been asked if  she would take this special class to help  those with stiff muscles. She agreed, but at  the age of 71 she had to learn to swim, as  the course was excercising in a swimming  pool!  I think there is a message here for all of  us.���Louise Hume, Co-ordinator of Senior  Services, Sunshine Coast Community  Resource Society.  Tydewoter Co. Ltd.  MODEL CONTEST y^t/a'se)  yc_y__  Lower Gibsons  886-2811  ALL FOR DETAILS.  M.  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL?  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 12  -0  Ryan's  Cont'd  Anothar  Cont'd  All In Tha  Cont'd  Nawlywad  Q:15  a_-0  Hop*  Oanaral  Worid  Cont'd  Family  Cont'd  Oama  Edga Of  HoapUal  Cont'd  Edga  Match  Tha  Match  :45  Night  Cont'd  Cont'd  01 Nlghl  Qama  Atari  Gama  KM  Tak*  Edgo Of  Movlo  ���Taka  Dinah  Hamal  Tattlatalaa  *>15  30  Night  "Thefe  30  Cont'd  Show  Cont'd  Celebrity     ''  Boomarang  My Boy"  Calabrity  Cont'd  Anothar  I Draam 01  :*5  Cooka  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cooka  Cont'd  World  Jeannie  *��  ToBa  Marv  Cont'd  Flipper  Emargancy  Cont'd  Funorama  4S  Announcad  Griffin  Cont'd  Conl'd  Ona  Conl'd  Cont'd  Zoom  Cont'd  Cont'd  Chlldran'a  Cont'd  Lucy  Oilligan'a  j43  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Programming  Cont'd  Show  Island  M  Strikar  Cont'd  Lat'a Maka  Doria  NoWa  Adam-12  My Thraa  Conl'd  Cont'd  AOaal  Day  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sona  All In Tha  Nawa  Nawa  Nawa  Cont'd  Winaday  ILovo  ���AS  Family  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lucy  K��  World Of  ABC Nawa  Cont'd  Nawa  CBS Nawa  Nawa  Andy  oiso  Survival  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Griffith  Hourglaaa  Nawa  NBC Nawa  Cont'd  Mika  Cont'd  Candid  ���AS  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Douglaa  Cont'd  Camara  M  Cont'd  To Tall  Saattla  Adam-12  Cont'd  Lovoa Ma,  Jokar'a  7=15  Conl'd  Tha Truth  Tonight  Cont'd  Cont'd  . LovsaMaNot  Wild  Baaaball  Laat 01  Andy  Baaaball  Alaaka   .  Adam-12  Doctor In  ^s  Boaton  Tha Wild  Wllliama  Boaton  Pipalina  Cont'd  Tha Houaa  M  Rad Sox  ABC Spaclal  NBC Spaclal  Rad Sox  Tha  Bionic  NamaThat  8��  Va.  Tha Magic  UaAgalnat  Va.  Waltona  Woman  Tuna  Toronto  OtABC  Tha World  Toronto  Cont'd  Cont'd  Marv  ^5  Blua Jaya  Cont'd  Cont'd  Blua Jaya  Cont'd  Cont'd  Oriffln  -a*  Cont'd  ABC Spaclal  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Washington:  Cont'd  9��  Cont'd  Washington:  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Bahind  Cont'd  Cont'd  Bahind  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  doaadDoori  Cont'd  AS  Cont'd  Cloud Ooora  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Ml  Cont'd  Cont'd  Elvis  Cont'd  Woman On  Cont'd  Billy  10��  Cont'd  Cont'd  On Tour  Cont'd  Tha Run  Cont'd  Graham  Thit Waak  Cbnt'd  Cont'd  Lucy  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cruaada  ���**  In Baaaball  Cont'd  Cont'd  Show  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  M  CBC Nawa  Nawa  Nawa  CBC Nawa  Nowa,  CTV Naws  Honaymoonars  l-lus  Cont'd  ���  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Nawa  Slaraky  Tonight  Nawa  U.S. Opan  Nawa  U.S. Opan  ���AS  Uta Movia  A Hutch  .Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS Uta  Cont'd  CBS Uia  M  "An Eye  Cont'd  Cont'd  Uta Movia  Movia  Uta Movia  Movia  12_.  For An  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Lock,  "Swaat  "Rad  ���;8weet  Eye"  ABC Myalary  Conl'd  Stock  Hoataga"  River"  Hoataga"  ,**  Cont'd  Movia  Cont'd  Artd.Berrel"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8,1977  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10,1977  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 12  KM  CBC Sporls  Panlhart  Thla Waak  CBC Sporta  Cont'd  Championahip  the  :1S  Athlataa  Cont'd  In Baaaball  Athlataa  Cont'd  Tannia  Canadians  ���dO  .  In Action  Cont'd  Movia  In Action  Cont'd  Cont'd  Spaca  ���AS  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Waka Ma  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Academy  KM  Cont'd  Cont'd  Whan ll's  Cont'd  Confd  Wrestling  Bugs  0-.1S  wao  Cont'd  Cont'd  Over"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Bunny  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Road  :��  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Runner  KM  Grtal Canadian F-Troop  Cont'd  Canadian  Conl'd  WMs  Funorama  ���tao  Eacapa  Cont'd  Cont'd  Eacapa  Conl'd  World 01  Conl'd '"  BC Darby  Are's  Great  CFL Thla  Conl'd  Sporta  Our  ���AS  Cont'd  Sporta  Amer. Oama  Week  Confd  Conl'd  Gang  M  Spaca:  Wide  Survival  Space:  Confd  Conl'd  Sha Na Na    /  5��  19M  World Of  Cont'd  1��M  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Sporta  Nawa  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Disco 77  ���AS  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Confd J  Conl'd  Confd  KM  Nawa  Cont'd  NBC Newa  Nawa  Naws  Nawa  Spoclal  OJio  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Bob  Nawa  Animal  Bob  CBB Newa  The  The Magic  AS  McLaan  Cont'd  World  McLaan  Confd  Connection  Unlarn  KM  Two'a  Uwrence  Wild  ptereky A  In Sssrch  Blonlc  Billy  T15  a m  Company  Welk  Kingdom  Hutch  01...  Woman  Graham  CFL This  Cont'd  Gong  Cont'd  Braak  Conl'd  Crusade  :4S  Waak  Cont'd  Show  Confd  The Bank  Conl'd  Confd  KM  Happy  ABC Special  Blonlc  Heppy  CBS Speelel  Heart And  Movie  Qiis  Ojo  Days  Koller  Woman  Daya  Slate Fair  Soul  "The  Mavla  Suger  Conl'd  Movie  America  Conl'd  Tlttleld  :*S  "Tha  Time  Cont'd  "The  Confd  Conl'd  Thunderbolt"  KM  9;_  Appren  ABC Special  NBC Movie  Apprenticeship Cont'd  Waahlnglon:  Confd  ticeship"  Washington:  "Dirty  01 Duddy  Conl'd  Behind  Conl'd  Cont'd  Bahind  Merry"  Krevlli"  Confd  Cloeed Doors  Confd  ���AS  Cont'd  Cloeed Doors  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  KM  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  CBS Special  Confd  Lata Movie     '  10;���  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Confd  Mtea Anterlce  Confd  ���'Itelien  King 01  Conl'd  Cont'd  KlngOt  Pageant  Confd  Job"  l4i  Kensington  Cont'd  Conl'd  Kensington  Confd  Cont'd  Confd  KM  CBC News  Newa  Newa  CBC Nsws  Confd  CTV News  Confd  112  News  Cont'd  Conl'd  Lele Movie  Confd  Conl'd  Confd  Cont'd  ABC News  Selurdey  ToBa  Confd  Naws  Confd  ���M  Lata Movie  Lsle Movie  Nighl live  Announced  Confd  Conl'd  Confd  KM  "Tha  "The  Conl'd  Conl'd  Late Movie  Cont'd  Lata Movie  tmL.x  Limbo  Naked  Conl'd  Confd  "H.P.M."  Lata Movlo  "The Man  Line"  Spur"  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  "Zandy'e  Who Finally  ���M  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Bride"  Died"  Use 'Times' Adbriefs to Sell Bent Buy, Swap, etc.  ft  ^,*!.,,..,mK,^J^^^  LINOLEUMS  -OAF  - ARMSTRONG  - FLINTCOTE  MffiiiMinrii..  ':���>  $    i?  Kasffiii-l_:_a��', iirir-tv  ���asaa  CARPETS  - OZITE     - WEST MILLS  -CELANESE   -HARDING  ���ARMSTRONG  -SENECA  - BURLINGTON  mi &  I  ���iii'ii" "ii'iiiiii.ii"  P^jfi,ii|ii|iiiiHi'jii"ii'inuimiii iiiii|iiii..-.-��WM.^  ___,]...���._.',_. >.:^ai,n,si^ni:n;iis1.fi.n.^.|()  APPLIANCES  - TAPPAN INGLIS  - FINLAY  - AND JENN MR  APPLIANCES  - CERAMIC TILE o\  | TUB SPLASHES  I |ipiy��ffifi��i'|iiiiii.iiiiiiiiiiiiiii,ii  il  i  !  I  mmiimi|.si��|i i niiii|iiiiiiii��)W��  KITCHEN  CABINETS &  VANITIES  - CITATION  - CAMEO  - MERIT  - CAREFREE  '$  y.  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  ���M  Rjan's  Conl'd  Anolhar  Confd  All In The  Conl'd  Newlywed  2;���  Hope      %  General  World  Confd  Family  Confd-  Game  Edga Of  Hoapilal  Confd  Edge ,  Match  The  Match.  :��5 .'  Night  Conl'd  Conl'd  01 Night  Game .  Alan  Gama'  '    KM  Taka  Edge 01  Movia  Take  Dinah  Hamal  Tattletales  W:30  30  Night  "Riding  30  Confd  Show  Cont'd  Calabrity  Dualy'a  High"  Celebrity  Confd  Another  1 Dreem Of '  :45  Cooks  Traahouaa  Confd  Cooka  Cont'd  World  Jeannie  :00  ToBa  MSrv  Confd  Flippar  Emergency  Confd  Funorama  *T:30  Announcad  Griffin  Cont'd  Confd  One  Cont'd  Conf'd .  On. Northern  Cont'd..  Confd  Children's  Conl'd  Lucy  Gilligan's   .  45  Summer  Conl'd  Confd  Frogrsmming  Conl'd  Show  Island  :00  Klahania  Cont'd  Nawa  Doris  News  Emargancy  My Three  C:1!  Cont'd  Conl'd  Confd  Day  Confd  Confd  Sona  All In The  Nawe  NFL Pre  Newa  Cont'd  Conl'd  1 Love  AS  Family  Confd  season  Cont'd  Confd  Conl'd  Lucy  :00  Bob  ABC Naws  Gama  Nawa  CBS News  News  Andy  6*0  Newhart  Confd  Dallas  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Griffith  Hourglaaa  Nawa  Cowboya  Confd  Mike  Confd  Family  :4S  Conl'd  Conl'd  Va.  Cont'd  Douglaa  Conl'd  Feud  X)  Confd  People  Pittsburgh  Lawranca  Confd  Hollywood  Joker's  f :30  Confd  Placa  Stealers  Walk  Conl'd  High  Wild  Walcoma  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Concentration  CTV Mystery  On The Buses  :45  Back, Koltar  Confd  Cont'd  Confd  Conl'd  Movie  "Tha Ciatern"  KM  Barney  Welcome Back  Confd  Barnay  Wacko Sat.  "McCloud:  Name Thsl  8:30  Miller  Kotlar  Conl'd  Millar  Morning  London  Tuna  M.A.S.H.  What's  Sports  M.A.S.H.  Preview  Bridges"  Marv  :*$ ���  Cont'd  Happening  Special  Confd  Confd  Confd  Gritfin  KM  .   %f:30  Regional  ABC Special  Movie   k  Beet  Hawaii  Washington:  Confd  Documentary  Washington:  "Cinderella  Sellers  Fiva-0  Behind  Confd  Showcaaa  Behind  Liberty"  "Rhinemann  Conl'd  Cloaed Ooora  Confd  :45  Cont'd  Closed Doors  Conl'd  Exchange"  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  :00  On Tha  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Billy  10���  Evidence  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Graham  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Confd  Conl'd  Cruaada  ���   AS   ���  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  ' Confd  Conl'd  :00  CBC News  Nawa  Newa  CBC Newa  Newa  CTV Nawa  Honeymoonera  H���  Confd  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  News  Police  Tonight  Nawe  U.S. Open  Naws  U.S. Open  :45  Lsls Movie  Story  Confd  Confd  Kojak  Confd  Koiak  :00  "Tha  Confd  Confd  Lata Movie  Cont'd  . Lata Movia  Conl'd  12���  Gang'a  Confd  Confd  "Tak�� A  Conl'd  "Staircase"  Confd  All Hera"  Thuraday  Confd  Giant  Confd  Cont'd  Confd  :��  Cont'd  Nighl Special  Confd  Slap"  CBS Lata Movie Confd  CBS Lata Movia  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11  ,1977  ���  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  KM  Confd  Impact  Diary Of  Conl'd  Chargsra  Conl'd  Cont'd  1%m  _��:30  Confd  Confd  Anne  Confd  Va.   '  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Inner  Frank"  Confd  Saattla  Movia  Conl'd  ���AS  Conl'd  City  Confd  Confd     ,  Seahawks  "High  Confd  KM  Conl'd  Medicine  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Rlak"  Conl'd  Q:1S  0:30  Conl'd  Men  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Man  Untamed  Confd  Man  Confd  Conl'd  Dastardly  Ai  Alive  ' World  Confd  Alive  Conl'd  Confd  ��� Muttley  KM .  Music To  Window On  Moat Tha  Music '  CB8 Ssporti  Hotel  Funorama  A:15  ���Tao  See  The World  Praaa  To See  U.S. Opan  Kloahler  Confd  Country  Conl'd  Confd  Country  - Tannla  Oueellon  Our  AS  Canada  Cont'd  Confd  ; Canada,  Championship  Period  Gang  KM  To Tha  Huaky  Tha 77  Lucy  Confd  UsIOf  Movia  aJ:30  Wild  Football  IndySOO  Show  Confd  Tha Wild  "Tarxan A  Country  Confd  Nawa  Student  Confd  Keith  Tha Leopard  :45  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Forum  Confd  McColl  Woman"  KM  World Ot  Nawa  NBC Newa  Nawa  Time  Nawa  Confd  0:30  Disney  Confd  Confd  Confd  01 Man  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Film  How  Conl'd  Confd  Capital  Beverly  :45  Cont'd  Feelival  Corns?  Confd  Confd  Comment  HIIIMMiee  KM  Boachcombora Hardy  World Of  Boachcombora  60  Hardy  to  7=15  f :30  Cont'd  Boya  Disney  Conl'd  Minutaa  Boya  Minutaa  Mlsa Jonaa  Nancy  Confd  i Miss Jones  Confd  Nancy  Confd  :4S  ��� Son  Draw  Conl'd  ASon  Confd  Draw  Cont'd  KM  Imagea 01  SlK  Conl'd  > Images Of  CBS Spaclal  81.  Movie  Q-.1S  0:30  Canada  Million  Conl'd  Canada  "Tha Making  Million  "Loeer  Cont'd  Dollar  Conl'd  Cont'd  Ot Tha Deep"  Dollar  Takaa  :4S  -    Conl'd  Man  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Man  All"  KM  Lloyd George  ABC 8peclal  NBC Bpeclel  Lloyd George  CBS Movie  Waahlnglon:  Conl'd  Q:15  9:30  Knows My  Washington:  Emmy Awardi  KnoweMy  "Cahill, U.B.  Bahind  Conl'd  Falhar  Behind  Confd  Fether  Marshal"  Cloeed Ooorr  Conl'd  :4B  Conl'd  Cloeed Doors  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  :00  Bpeclel  Conl'd  Confd  Speelel  Conl'd  Cont'd  Ute Movie  10���  Celebration  Conl'd  Conl'd  Celebration  Conl'd  Confd  ������Ttie  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  '  Conl'd  Maglc  :4s  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd'  Conl'd  Confd  Box"  KM  CBC Newe  News  Nawa  CBC News  CBS Newa  CTV Newe  Conl'd  11S  Naws  Canl'd  Canl'd  Capital  Nawe  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  ABC News  Ute Movie  Comment  Face The  Newa  Conl'd  ���M  Lata Movia  Late Movie  ���A Tssle  Lata Movie  Nation  Cont'd  Conl'd  ; 00  ���The  "Mr. Blending  Of Evil"  "Zandy'a  CBS Lata  Lele Movia .  Ute Movie  12;���  Swael  Builds His  Conl'd  Bride"  Movie  "BMfyi Por  "Tho Love  Sound 01  Draam House  '   Confd  Canl'd  "The Oaring  trait Of A  Lottery"  AS  Deelh"  Conl'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  Dottermene"  BtrealKId"  Cont'd  TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13,1977  CHANNIL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNBL S  CHANNEL A  CHANNSL 7  CHANNIL t  CHANNEL 12  : 00  Byan's  Conl'd  Anolhar  Confd  All In Tho  Conl'd  Nawlywad  0>'��  MmM  Mope  Oanaral  World  Canl'd  Family  Conl'd  Gama  CdgeOI  Hoapilal  Conl'd  EdgeOI  Match  Alan  Malch  ���Ai  Nlghl  Confd  Conl'd  Nlghl  Game  Hsmel  Game  ,00  Take XI  Cdge 01  Movia  Teke 30  Dlneh  Conl'd  Tellletelee  *>��  Confd  Nlghl  ���The  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  ��Jijo  Celebrity  Duety'e  Blue  Celebrity  Confd  Another  1 Droem Of  M  Cooks  Treehouse  Angel"  Cooka  Confd  WorM  Jaannia  lOO  Sherlock.  Merv  Conl'd  Flipper  Emergency  Conl'd  Funoramo  A"*  ���XiM  Holmes  Orirtlr.  Conl'd  Confd  One  Conl'd  Conl'd  Psncll  Conl'd  Confd  Pencil  Confd  Lucy  antigen's  |4��  ���ox  Confd  Conl'd  Bok  Confd  ���how  Island  00  Nsw Feces  Confd  Newtywed  Doris  Newe  B mergency  My Three  Ci"  New Sounds  Confd  Oama  Oay  Confd  Conl'd  . Sane  All lavThe  Newe  Newe  Nawa  Confd  canl'd  ILove  |4��  rem Iiy  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Canl'd  Luoy  00  The  ABC Newe  Conl'd  Nawe  CBBNewa  News  Andy  ft'18  Muppela  Confit  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Qrlfftlh  Hourglaee  Newa  NBC Newe  Confd  Mike  Conl'd  Oong  |4��  Conl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Confd    -  Douglas  Conl'd  ���haw  KM  Confd  (apkxallon  Seattle  Orlaily  Confd  ���hahi is  Joker'a  7��  Cont'd  Northwest  Tonlghl  Adama  Confd  Rnotigh  Wild  Wolfman  ���haNaNa  Name Thet  Confd  .   Concentration    Cont'd  On The  |4��  Jack  Confd  Tune  Confd  Confd  Canl'd  Bueea  sin  ���peolel  Happy  Richard  ���pec Isl  CBS Spatla  OevM  Noma Thai  Oi"  Horee  Days  Pryor  Horee  Nlghl  BleMbkra  Tuna  Lstltudes  Confd  Confd  laliludea  OIThe  CTV Movie  Merv  i4��  ,   Speelel  Conl'd  Cenl'd  Spoolel  Champions  "Return Of  Orlffln  .00  lies  Three's  NBC Movie  I lee  Confd  The Pink  Conl'd  Qm  ���SVsM  Speelel  Company  "Ses A The  Confd  Cont'd  Penlhets'  Cont'd  Kveryone  Soap  Merrled  Special  Cenfd  Conl'd  Conl'd  |4S  ��� very where  Cenl'd  Woman"  . Sveryene,  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cenl'd  sOO  Confd  Femily  Conl'd  Ivory where  Cenl'd  Confd  Medleel  10���  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Canl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Center  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cenl'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  Conl'd  |4��  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Cenl'd  Confd  Conl'd  Canl'd  KM  CBC News  Newa  Newe  CBC Newe  Howe  CTV News  PfiN  11:���  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Canl'd  Silvara  News  ABO lele  Tonlghl  Newe  Ke|avh  Nows  Ko)ek  :4a  1 ete Movie  Movie  Conl'd  Canl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  12  Howe Sound Distributors  Box 694, Glbtont  '^locataftd n��xt to Windsor Plywood ��� for appointment ph. 906-2765 f&  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  K��  Ryan's  Cont'd  Anothor  Cont'd  All In The  Confd.  Newtywed   '  9��  _.:30  Hope  Ganaral  World.  Conl'd  Family  Confd    '  Gome  Edga Of  Hospital  Confd  Edgo  Match  The  Match  '.-���   AS  Nighl  Cont'd  Confd  Of Nighl  Gama  Alen  Game  :00  Taka  EdgaOl  Movie  Taka  Dinah  Hamel  Tattletoles  QlS  W:S0  30  Night  "So Big"  30  Cont'd  Show  Confd  Calabrity  Dusty's  Confd  Celebrity  Confd  Another  I Dream Of  ���AS   .  Cooks  Treehouse  Confd  Cooka  Confd  World  Jaannia  KM  ToBa  Marv  Cont'd  Flippar '  Emergency  Cont'd  Funorama  Am  *T:S0  Announcad  Griffin  Confd  Cont'd  One  Confd  Conl'd  Nic'N  Cenl'd  Conl'd  CMMran'a  Conl'd  Lucy  Gilligan's  AS  Pic  Confd  Cont'd  Programming  " Cont'd  Show  Island  .-00  BromeCo.  Conl'd  Lot's Maka  Doris  News  Emergency  My Three  C:��  VdO  Fair  Conl'd  ADaal  Day  Conl'd  Confd  Sona'  All In Tha  Nawa  Nowa  News  Confd  Confd  ILove  :45  Family  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd      .'  Lucy  ��� ^  Par  ABC Nawa  Cont'd  Nsws  CBS Naws  News  Andy  C:1S   ,  0:30  27  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Griffith  Hourglaaa  Nawa  NBC Nowa  Confd  Mike  Confd  Hollywood  AS  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Confd  Douglss  Confd  Squeres  KJO  Conl'd  To Toll  Saattla  Charlia'a  Conl'd  Suger  Joker'e  7��  f JO  Cont'd  TheTruth  Tonight  Angels  Confd  Time  Wild  Judy A  Tha  Hollywood  Conl'd  Concentration  Slers  Doctor In  -.45  Jim   '  Muppete  Squares  Confd  Confd  On Ice  The House  KM  MaryTylar  ABC Special:  NBC Spaclal  MaryTylar  Super  Hsrdy  Nsme That  OdO.  Moora.  Ail-Star  C'mon  Moora  Night At  Boys  Tuna  Thraa'a  Saturday  Saturdayl  Chico ���  Foraat Hills  Nancy  Merv  :4S  Company  Confd  Conl'd  Tha Man  Confd  ' Draw  Griffin  ���00  Western   '  ABC Special  NBC Speelel  Western  CBS Movia  Washington:  Confd  4>:15  9:30  .   Concert  Waahlnglon:  Mlaa Black  Concert  "Tha  Bshind  Confd  Coijfd  Bahind  America  Confd  Hoataga  Closed Doore  Confd  :4S  Conl'd  Closed Doora  Conl'd   ������..  Conl'd  Heart"  Confd  Confd  K��  Police  Confd  Confd  Hawaii  Confd  Confd  Billy  10i_  Slory  Cont'd  Confd'  Five-O  Confd  Confd  Graham  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Cruaada  :��S  Confd  ' Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  *��  CBC Nowa  Nawa  Nowa  CBC Newa  Newe  CTV News  Honeymooners  1-lu.  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Confd  Nawa  Bsrette   ,  Tonlghl  Nawa  U.S. Open  News  U.S. Opan  ���AS  Survlvora  Cont'd  Conl'd  Confd  CBS Ute  Confd  CBS Lete  .   M  Confd  Conl'd  Confd  Uta Movia  Moyie  Ute Movie  Movie  12^  Confd  Conl'd  Conl'd  "Spirits  "The  "Fantssy  ���"The-  Confd  .  The  Confd  Of Tha  Daring  Island"  Daring  45  Uta Movia  Avengera  Confd  Dead"  Dobermans"  Conl'd  Dobermans  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  M  Ryan'a  Confd  Another  Cont'd  All In Tha  Confd  Nawlywad  Q:1S  -C-o  Hop*  Gonoral  World  -   Cont'd  Family  Confd  Gama  Edga Of  Hoapilal  Confd  Edga Of  Match  Alan  Match  :4S  Nighl  Cont'd  Cont'd'  Night  Gama  Hamal  Gama  K��  Take 30  Edg* Of  '    Movia    .  Taka 30  Dinah  Confd  Tattlatalaa  Cont'd  Nighl  "Don't  Cont'd  ��� .Cont'd  Cont'd i  ��� Confd  .  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Hollywood  On The  Concentretlon   Heedllne  Doctor  :45  Concert .  UCLA  Boueree  Pralria  Conl'd  Hunters  On The Go  KM  Betty  Conl'd  Little"  Batty  Young Dan'l  The  Nama Thai  8;_  White  Confd  Houaa  While  Boone  Waltons  Tuna  Rhoda  Confd  On Tha  Rhoda  Confd  Conl'd  Merv  :4��  Conl'd  Conl'd  Pralria  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  Griffin  KM  Bpeclel  Conl'd  NBC Movie  Lucy  Betty  Plg'N  Confd  9;_  Tar  Cont'd  "Billy:  Show  While  Whlstls  Conl'd  Sands  Cont'd  Portrait  ToBa  Meude  Soap  Confd  ���AS  Conl'd  Speos:  OfA  Announcad  Confd  Confd  Conl'd  KM  News  IMS  Street KM"  Newa-  Refferty  Special  Medical  10��  magazine  Conl'd  Confd  megatlne  Confd  Jack  Center  V.I.P.  Conl'd  Conl'd  V.LP.  Confd  Jonas  Confd  ���AS  Conl'd  Nawa  Conl'd  Cont'd  Confd  Confd  Confd  KM  CBC Newa  Conl'd  Newa  CBC Newe  Newe  CTV Newe  Phil  US  Conl'd  Avangara  Confd  Confd  Confd  Confd  Bilvere  Mows  Conl'd  Tonlghl  Newa  CBB Lele  News  CBB lata  ���AS  Uio Movia  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Movie  Cont'd  Movie  KM  "The  Conl'd  Confd  Lale Movia  Confd  Lete Movie  Conl'd  12��  Private  Newa  Cont'd  "Oriisly  Confd  "The lion  Conl'd  Life Of  Confd  Adama"  Confd  In Winter"  Confd  ���45  Dan Juan"  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Confd  2% &*9 &**?     INVEST  In a now 3 bodrooom homo In Wast Socholt  for only $2,000 down - with approved crodlt ���  AND lot your oqulty GROW! At prosont bank ln>  toroat ratos, monthly paymonta loss than $350.  Minimum SI250. monthly Incomo could qualify you  for thla homo.  Seacoast Design & Construction Ltd.  Wharf St., Sechelt  phone: 885-3718 eves: 885-9213 or 885-2991  00 "Blonde ���'������suit Conl'd Ula Mevle Cenfd  IB Venues' duggery" Cont'd "Timbuktu" Cont'd  .M Cenl'd Cenl'd Cont'd Cenfd CB* Use  411 Conl'd Conl'd Conl'd Cont'd Movlo  lata Movia        Conl'd  �������� Clear Cont'd  CBB Le��e  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL ft MARINE  Bok 1235  Iwchwll, R.C. VON 3A0  ���AST PORfOUI BAY KOAD  ���u*t BaS-*244  ((���ai BBS-24B*  wall coverings  over 10,000  patterns to choose from &  all the equipment you need to hang them.  Cowji gibsnus Qiiiogc 886-9711 Wednesday, Septebmer 7,1977  The Peninsula Times      Page B-7  leisure Quftool^  ec\\  Don Harron attempts  to awaken Morningside  Canadian actor Don Harron, the new  host of Morningside, weekdays9:13-noon,  says he welcomes the opportunity to leave  his alter-ego Charlie Farquharson at home  and just be himself. He takes over Monday, September 12, in still another attempt  to put new life into an outworn format.  Maxine Crook returns to TV and Harry  Brown to staff announcer.  Special Occasion, Sunday 5:05 p.m.,  presents a documentary, Bruce Cockbum  in Concert. Bill Usher, percussionist and  one of the back-up musicians ori a 40-city  tour of Canada earlier this year, compiled  this emotion-packed story of the tour. The  use od the kunstknopf microphone which  gives the listener a realistic, all-round  sound adds to the illusion of being there.  Usher's collage of sound takes the  listener onstage, backstage, into the  audience, to meet critics, family and  friends of the star and his group.  A new series of festival celebrations  replaces Opera by Request on Saturday  afternoons, presenting ih Part I at 2:04  p.m. the National Arts Centre production  of Mozart's The Magic Flute. Part IIat  5:05 p.m. presents Marilyn Home in  concert from the Guelph Spring Festival,  accompanied by pianist Martin Katz.  Equal  WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7  Afternoon Theatre 2:04 p.m.  Terms by Jill Hyem.  The Elton John Story 8:04 p.m. Captain  Fantastic, Part II.  Mostly Music ' 10:20 p.m. Vancouver  Bach Choir.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Dick Gregory  discusses his life and beliefs.  THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8  My Music 2:04 p.m. BBC quiz  Playhouse 8:04 p.m. The Sentinel  Papers by Eric Hamblin. The Philanthropist.  Jazz Radio-Canada 8:30 p.m. Part I,  Roger Kellaway; Part II, Jazz Europe;  Part in, Piano styles presented by Frazer  MacPherson.'  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Atlantic  Symhony Orchestra, Yaela' Hertz, violin.  Rossini, Brott, Haydn.  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. David Bryce-  Jones, author of Unity Mitford, A Quest  and the eccentric Mitford Family.  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9  Souvenirs 2:04 p.m. Mae Wilcox, poet.  Danny's Music 8:05 p.m. CBC broadcast recordings.  Country   Road  8:30   p.m.   Harold  Book look  ��� by Niiirri�� Redman  SHQGUN: A NOVEL OF JAPAN, BY  James Clavell, Dell paperback, $2.75.  What makes a novel excellent? Does it  offer sheer entertainment or a new  dimension to thinking? Is it one into which  a lot of research has been poured or is it  the expression of pure creativity? Should  it be of passing interest or does it live on in  your mind? Likely, a novel of merit is all  of these and much more.  Before buying it, I had heard a lot about  SHOGUN - nothing specific, Just that it  was "a book you should read." I was not  prepared to run out and get it, but when a  professor accused that "as far as he knew,  no one had ever finished it," the challenge  was too much und I bought it.  It is a hefty thing ���1,210 pages which is  a generous amount of text to describe an  event that takes place over the period of a  year. It took me three weeks to finish it,  reading other books in the interval.  SHOGUN began to look like n tattered old  friend by the end of. the third week but the  time wa.s well nnd plcasurably spent. It Is  Indeed a great novel in the manner of  GONE WITH THE WIND or HAWAII, nnd  I anvsure that Hollywood has either begun  or will begin a film using it .some day.  The event takes place In the  Elizabethan era. The hero Is Blackthornc,  a British ship's pilot on a Dutch trader-  warship. The crew becomes shipwrecked  and captured by Uie Japunese who find  them "barbarians." Their country Is  embroiled In a power .struggle between  two warlords, Ishldo and Tornnaga.  Blackthorne manages to endear himself to  Toranagn Uirough the advice and 'translations of Mar Iko, a beautiful Japanese  lady of the court. Of course, Blackthornc  und Mar Iko become Involved as the tension between the warlords Increases. The  lovers are caught In the Intrigues of  Tonuiaga and his plans for ft takeover.  Although the plot In not unusual, what  wo learn ubout the attitudes and customs  of sixteenth century Japanese Is. The  characters arc clearly etched, Uie Images  ethereal, the essence of Japan Intricately  tie! ln��d In the ncenea MHTowMilng th* nMtn  characters. One la treated to an Intimate  close-up of Japanese home life, social  structures and religion, as well as their  frustrations In Uie transition from Buddhism to Christianity. .SIKM.UN will have  you, like Blackthornc, thinking Japanese  it rare und rich treat.  Morrison from Nashville. Tun Daniels  from Halifax.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Music on ,a  Barge, by Handel from Hamilton Festival.  Nightcap 11:20 Interview with the  manager of a Muzak distribution company.  SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10  Update 8:30 a.m. roundup of B.C.  happenings returns.  Farce d'Ete 11:30 a.m.. the best of  Funny You Should Say That, BBC comedy.  Quirks and Quarks 12:10 Science  Magazine, wind energy; theory of  relativity; Methane.  Festival Celebrations 2:04 p.m. Part I.  The Magic Flute, Mozart from National  Arts Centre, Part II. Mezzo-soprano  Marilyn Home in concert from Guelph  Spring Festival.  Between Ourselves 9:05 p.m. a  documentary about Churchill Falls,  Labrador.  Music from the Shows 11:05 p.m..  Bogart.  SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11  Music Makers International 4:05 p.m.  Andrew Marshall in conversation with  Vladimir Ashkenazy.  Special Occasion 5:05 p.m. Bruce Cock-  burn in concert.  Music de Chez Nous 7:05 p.m. Marcel  St. Jacques, flute; Rejean Poirer, harpsichord in recital.  My Music 8:30 p.m. BBC quiz.  MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 12  Crime Serial 2:04 p.m. Inspector West  at Bay, Part IV  Pick of the Goons 8:04 p.m. The  Vanishing Room.  Gold Rush 8:30 High Street, Interview  with the late Gram Parsons, recorded four  months before his death.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. CBC Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, Healey  Willan; Hoist; Elgar; Grieg,  Nightcap 11:20 p.m. Horror Movies,  TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13.  My Wood 2:0j4 j>.m. BBC. quiz .���.,,..  Frank Muir 8:04 p.m. a comic look at  jealousy.  Touch the Earth 8:30 p.m. Part I.  Tommy Makem - Liam Clancy concert.  Part II. Doug McArthur's album, Sisteron.  Part IH. Rosalie Sorrels.  Mostly Music 10:20 p.m. Violinist  Albert Pratz in recital.  ��_____ V___V__VSVVVV*Vv\\V\V<VC\'4V<VvV4X,��i"si  HlOIK.  HHf>-7__ I .">  THONGS  ���*XSS>��SXX3_<g<3'_K^^  9:30-5:30  88&58I9-I  FALL SALE  speciafe on  cpfonte & CBasfeets  20% oft add <M\qm  tAlo. 54 CoMUe fit. SecWt iwt to JAcS����xfe  TWILIGHT  MAUREEN FORRESTER will be a  featured performer on Celebration, a  CBC-TV 25th anniversary special  telecasting Sunday, September 11 at  10 p.m. A live co-production by. the  French and English television networks of fee CBCi Celebration will  salute classical music in Canada.  Other performers appearing are:  Colette Boky, Gabrielle Laviiigne,  Pierre Duval, Robert Savoie, John  Newmark, Steven Staryk, Ronald  Turini, Tsuypski Tsutsumi, Louis  Quilco and members of Les Grands  Ballets Cainadiens. .  Gibsons  THEATRE  886-2827  Clean autos are second  Aft l*a ���������*_%���.__* mwm m\  A gallery of gifted but relatively  unknown actors are the stars of "Car  Wash," opening Sunday, September 11, at  the Twilight Theatre.  "Car Wash,", written by Joel  Schumacher and directed by Michael  Schultz, is the comedy story bf a variety of  people, ranging from the workers to a  Beverly Hills matron, whose lives in-  termesh during one day at a car wash.  Director Schultz, whose "Cooley High"  won both critical acclaim and box office  success in 1975, made an indelible mark on  the American theatre with his direction of  outstanding productions by the Negro  Ensemble Company. The third black  director ever to stage a Broadway play, he  won a New York Drama Critics Award and  a Tony for best direction of "Does a Tiger  Wear a Necktie?"  Guest, stars,   in   the   film   include  comedian George Carlin, Jack Kehoe, the  Pointer Sisters and Richard Pryor,  "Car Wash" runs through Wednesday,  September 14. It is rated for mature  audiences.  Opening Thursday, September 8, at the  Twilight is "The Boatniks," a Walt Disney  production starring Robert Morse as an  accident-prone Coast Guard ensign and  Stefanie Powers as his romantic interest.  The film is the story of the U.S. Coast  Guard's trials and tribulations in dealing  with the weekend yac_stmah. It also stars  Phil Silvers and co-stars Norman Fell,  Mickey Shaughnessy, Wqlly Cox and Don  Ameche.  "The Boatniks" is rated for general  admission and runs through Saturday,  September 10. There is a 2 p.m. matinee  'Saturday.'   '' ";;;���        :'::;:;;       v',v  THE  IWGHflER  FLAG  ISUP!  ^ITDISNEV  pi***  THURS, FRI  & SAT,  SEPT 8TH,  9TH & 10TH  8 P.M.  SATURDAY  MATINEE  2 P.M.  * GENERAL  Tutu-Sat  11-5:30  attic Antique*  Lo war Village,  Gibsons  Boutique Clothing, Antiques  ft Custom Sawing  CloMd  Sun t Mon  886-2316  SUN, MON,  TUES & WED,  SEPT. 11TH, 12TH,  13TH&14TH  8 P.M.  "* MATURE  Where  anything can  happen..  and usually  does'  A UNIVERSAL PICTURE  TECHHH.01OR_      . _.  .  0iigisi.il sound hack .ivaiiaOie '  inclusively on MC�� Keioids & tapes  Coming  GRAND THEFT AUTO  NEW FALL SCHEDULE  VANCOUVER HARBOUR  INCLUDES GIBSONS. PORT MELLON  &MCNAB CREEK  Flight  no  fr  DAILY  CEPT SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  101  103  105  Departs  sechelt  8:15 a.m.  11:45 a.m.  3:45 p.m.  Flight  No.  102 **���  1Q4*t��  106 *a  Departs  Van. Hbr.  9:00 a.m.  12:30 p.m.  4:30 p.m.  POWELL RIVER  WiTH CONNECTIONS TO VANCOUVER HARBOUR, VANCOUVER AIRPORT & NANAIMO  DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  Krwiumvn  Hcmi  VANCOUVI* AIRPOsTT  Fll. No.  ,900 M#  902  H��  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  103  105  11:45 a.m.  3:45 p.m.  104 Of  106 ���-_  12:30  4:30  p.m.  p.m.  PENDER HARBOUR  INCLUDES THORMANBY &NEL80N I8LAND8,  EGMONT, RUBY AND8AKINAW LAKES  DAILY  EXCEPT SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  D 7:30a.m.   10:10a.m.   A ���*-  D 11:00 a.m. ������  1:40 p.m.   A 4-  904 h#  D   3:00 p.m.���   5:40 p.m.   A 4-  Fll. No.  ���*A 7:55 a.m. 601  ���9:45a.m. D.901  -��� A 11:25 a.m. 603  ��� 1:15 p.m. D 903  -*> A 3:25 p.m. 605   5:15 p.m.   D 905  D 8:15a.m. ���  9:15a.m. A 4  D 11:45 a.m. _  12:45 p.m. A <  D 3:45 p.m. ���  4:45 p.m.   A 4-  Fl��. No.  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  ���* A  8:30a.m.   9:00a.m.   D**8Q2  -���  A 12:00 noon  ��� 12:30 p.m.   Dot 604  -O   A   4:00 p.m.    ,       4:30 pm D  n 606  FOWIURIVm  Fll. No.*  uaoxr  Flt. No.  VANCOUVN AIMKMT  Fit. No.  902 RHV D   11:00 a.m. -  1:40 p.m.   A 4-  904 B)# D   3:00 p.m. ���  ~*A 11:25 a.m. 603 D 11:45 a.m.-  ���1:15 p.m. D 903 12:45 p.m. A4-  -��� A   3:25 p.m. 605    D   3:45 p.m.~  ���>A 12:00 noon  - 12:30 p.m.   D+1604  Flight  No.  501  503  505 u  Departs  Sechelt  9:45a.m.  1:15 p.m.  5:15 p.m.  Flight  No.  500  502  504  Departs  Pen. Hbr.  7:45a.m.  11:15 a.m.  3:15 p.m.  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  503  505 D  1:15 p.m.  5:15 p.m.  502  504  11.15 a.m.  3:15 p.m.  5:40 p.m.   A 4.-; 5:15 p.m.   D 905    4:45 p.m.   A4-  -* A   4:00 p.m.  ��� 4:30 p.m.   D| 1806  D-DEPART  A-ARRIVE  CAR RENTALS  CAR RENTALS ARE AVAILABLE  AT ALL SCHEDULED TERMINALS.  ASK YOUR AQENTFOR PARTICULARS  CHARTER SERVICE  TYEE FLIESANYWHERE  IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  For furthor Information  Please contact your Local Ofllco  No.  SECHELT INLET  INCLUDES NARROWS AND SALMON INLETS  DAILY  EXCEPT SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  301  303  Departs  Sechelt  9:4 5 a.m.  1:15 p.m.  Flight  No.  302  304  Departs  Seeh. Inlet  10:45 a.m.  2:30 p.m.  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  303  1:15 p.m.  304  2:30 p.m.  JERVIS INLET  INCLUDES HOTHAM SOUND  & AGAMEMNON CHANNEL  DAILY  EXCEPT SUNDA YS & HOLIDA YS  LEGEND  m Connects with 8echelt & Jon/In  <  Connects with Pondor Harbour  ��� ConneolB with Powoll River  * Connects with Vancouver Harbour  Kl Connects with Nanalmo  n Connects with Pender  and Thormanby only  NANAIMO  DAILY  EXCEPT SUNDA YS & HOLIDA YS  Right  No.  201  203  205  Departs  Sechelt  8:15 a.m.  11:45 a.m.  3:45 p.m.  Flight  No.  202 Of  204 ���*<  206 ��a  Departs  Nanalmo  9:15 a.m.  12:45 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  TERMINAL LOCATIONS  VANCOUVER HARBOUR  FT. CARRALL ST., GA8TOWN  VANCOUVER AIRPORT  WEST COAST AIR SEAPLANE DOCK  NANAIMO  AIR WEST AIRLINES, BEHIND BUS DEPOT  POWEU RIVER  POWELL LAKE SEAPLANE DOCK  SECHELT        PORPOISE BAY  Flight  No.  401  403  Departs  Sechelt  9:4 5 a.m.  1:15 p.m.  Flight  No.  402  404  Departs  Jervis In.  ,10:4 5 a.m.  '    2:30 p.m.  SUNDAYS & HOLIDAYS  403  1:15 p.m.  404  2:30 p.m.  FOR RESERVATIONS  CALL  203  205  11:45 a.m.  3:45 p.m.  |204*t*|  208 ��� n  12:45 p.m.  4:45 p.m.  PENDER HARBOUR  TAYLOR3 GARDEN BAY STORE  MADEIRA PARK  MADEIRA MARINA  Sechelt  Vanoouver  Nanalmo  Powell River  Pender Harbour  885-2214  669-8651  753-2041  485-9223  Zenith 6416  RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE  ATLEA8T TWOHOUR8 PRIOR TO  PUBLISHED DEPARTURE TIMES.  Vancouver: 689-8651  Sechelt: 885-2214  TYFF AIR  Pender Harbour Zenith 6416  Powell River 485-9223  T PageB-8 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, September 7,1977  Coast Fitness  Service begins  second year  The Sunshine Coast Fitness Service  began its second year of operation this  week with the help of a grant from the  federal Canada Works program.  ; While continuing to offer sports activities and classes in exercise and dance  to adults and children throughout the  peninsula, -additional emphasis will be  placed this year on the medical and  physical care of the body. More outdoor  recreation activities are also planned.  Six staff members have been hired and  are working from an office in Sechelt's  Whitaker House. Fran Berger is returning  to co-ordinate the Fitness Service and Joy  Smith will again be the secretary. Other  employees include Evans Hermon, Robi  Peters, Ronnie Dunn and Barbara Laakso,  all hired as fitness consultants.  Information on this year's program will  be available later this month.  Weather report  Weather August 27 - September 2  Lo    Hi Prec.  August27 ......     12      19      7.6  August28 .; 13      18      2.5  August29...>. 11     19     nil  August30  .9     20     nil  August31 .....11     21     nil  September! '....��� 11     18     1.5  September 2............. .,.12     15     8.6  Week's rainfall ��� 20.2 mm. September  to date ��� 10.1 mm. 1977 to date ��� 591.2  mm.  August 27 ��� September 2,1976 ��� 24.6  mm. September 1-2,1976 ��� 0.5 mm. Jan. -  September 2,1976 ��� 876.0 mm.  AUGUST WEATHER  The 63 mm rainfall recorded in eight  consecutive days, August 21-28, is a return  to more normal conditions following 1976  and 1975 with near record precipitation for  the period, 103.1 mm and 104.4 mm  respectively and the 1974 record low of  only 3 mm. The 16-year average is 53.1  mm.  Almost three weeks of temperatures  above 25 C was a record, although the high  temperature of 30 C on August 16 did not  quite equal the previous high of 31 C on  July 29, 1971. The overnight low temperatures went down to 9 C on August 30.  One in five Canadian families suffers  from arthritis serious enough to require  medical care.  MORE ABOUT  Hold that flush - multrum is here  ���From Page A-l  component is methane.  There is an extensive literature about  biogas (or methane) generation and the.  technology is well advanced. Biogas units  are popular in India, Italy, England,  Germany and Africa, not only for the.  generation of fuel, but also as an efficient  means of waste disposal. That's the beauty  of the system; like composting toilets,  biogas generators accept all organic  wastes. Human and animal manures and  garbage are routinely digested under  anaerobic conditions to produce an infinitely renewable energy supply. And as  an added bonus, the sludge residue is ah  excellent natural fertilizer,.  Biogas systems can be home-made  from empty containers and standard  plumbing fixtures. There are several  sources of detailed instructions showing  how this may be done safely and inexpensively. Even a large capacity digester  and gas storage tank shouldn't cost more  than a few hundred dollars, including the  tools to build it.  Scaled up to larger proportions, a  biogas system might be a welcome addition to area A. The following scenario  illustrates one. of several ways, in which  gas generation could be integrated into an  overall solutions to existing concerns and  problems.  TRIAL BALLOON  People who subscribe to a regular  garbage disposal service will be asked, as  a condition of receiving that service, to  collect compostable kitchen wastes  separately ih a plastic bag. Other material  can be collected in paper bags or cardboard boxes. Householders who agree to  store cans, glass and paper for special  recycUng day pickups will have their  disposal service at half price.  On garbage collection day com-  postables in plastic bags are shredded into  a large container. Other material is also  gathered, separated as possible, and left in  metal, glass and paper bins located in  each community as before. (People who  don't want or need a disposal service may  still use local recycling bins.)  The garbage truck offloads its container of shredded garbage at a central  depot. This could be near the Lion's  property above our high school. Area A  director Jack Paterson has a Canada  Works grant proposal to develop adjacent  land as part of the Pender Harbour  Recreation Project. The central depot,  offers enclosed space to process and store  recyclables. It also shelters biogas  equipment that consumes daily rations of  shredded garbage.  A calculated amount is fed to several  digester tanks, each of which is connected  to a common gas scrubbing unit and  storage tank. The digesters, of 500-1,000  gallon capacity, are designed for portability on a flat bed truck. Properly fitted  out, such an assembly serves as a pump-  out truck for septic and holding tanks.  When finished with that job, the digester  tank is returned to the depot where its  anaerobic contents ��� are slurried with  garbage and put into methane production.  The flatbed is released for other duties.  Digester loading is regulated to allow  periodic removal of tank residues. The  sludge is dried and packaged as a rich  brgsuiic fertilizer, Remaining liquid can be  absorbed into shredded bark, dried, and  offered as a mulch. During warmer  months it could also be composted with  shredded material collected by the Highways people.  the main income of this operation will  be from subscriptions to the disposal  service by permanent residents of Area A.  Although an unknown percentage of  householders will not participate, the  area's population of 1,500 will nevertheless  generate several times the volume, of gas  needed to power the operation described  above. (That includes the two trucks,  which can be converted to burn methane.)  Sale of methane and proportionate income  from the sale of fertilizer will be secondary sources. But they could'easily rival  or surpass recycling revenues. To thus will  also be added income from a north  peninsula pump-out service.  The proposed location of this service  industry is also important. A seasonal  campsite was also suggested hear the  Lion's property. Since trash collection and  pump-out services are based at the depot,  the two land uses are compatible. By its  presence on public land the industry's  overhead expenses are minimized and  custodians are provided for the campsite.  Captial necessary to start can be obtained from Central Mortgage and  Housing, which will contribute up to, 60 per  cent of the cost of a sewage treatment  plant. The remaining amount would be  welcome from a local credit union willing  to make a substantial act of faith in the  ingenuity and resourcefulness of its own  members. There's no reason why it  shouldn't. A thoroughgoing proposal of  this kind offers a unique investment opportunity. Its integrated approach uses  available technology in a profitable  scheme for providing important services  in an environmentally appropriate way.  What more can you ask?  PENINSULA BUSTING  Control Blasting  Stumps * Septic Tanks * otc.  FREE ESTIMATES  John McCreody 886-7122  HOW LONG  HAVE YOU  WANTED A SAUNA?  Discover the refreshing and revitalizing pleasure of a Haldaway  Sauna. Sauna living ��� the unique em|oyment and stimulating sense  of well-being that can only be experienced from the penetrating  warmth of dry sauna heat or clouds of soothing steam from water  poured over heated rocks I  Your own private sauna ��� anywhere  Haldway makes It easy for you to have the privacy and convenience  of a sauna In your own home. A Haldaway Sauna can be Installed  anywhere space permits.  a family room  ensuite bathroom  a bedroom closet  upstairs-downstairs  Inside-outside  Haldaway Sauna lyilumi ��� your own cholco.  Meticulous craftsmanship and selected matorlals aro comblnod In a numbor of  various optlont. A comploto sauna sorvlco to suit Individual roqulromontu  modular   ���   promado,   fully   Insulatod,   panolllxod,   lelf-contalned,   self-  supporting rooms. Easily Installed, easily transportable,  custom-built, custom-doslgnod permanent rooms.  kits ��� tho Haldaway SaunaKIt ��� Ideal for tho do-it-yourselfer. A fully procut  package . . . you provldo tho framing and Insulation ��� Haldaway provides  tho rest.  plan-accessory service ��� plan design service, and a complete range of quality  products to enhance the sauna experlonce.  FOR A COMPLETE IN-HOME PRESENTATION CONTACT KELCO SALES, 885-9802  The Haldaway Sauna can mnhanco your family llfo and llfoatylm  at surprisingly modvaf cost. PUcover how.  haidawaV.  HAIDAWAV...  thm ultimaf  In aauna living.  MEAT-  mjwmmmm,   ..........��..*��.....%..��..jutt  69  89  59  ._  -,;_.��.���*  -"->.-���'���.*���������''���..',-fC.f--:..^'.'/ .���:   '���''' "'.*'."*"  rRYINu CnlwHEn GIBIxTS  jb.tKf  mimmm  mmmmm*m*mm  -PRODUCE  BANANAS  PRUNE   PLUMS B.C., Canada No. 1  CABBAGE  UNIUNd B.C., medium. Canada No. 1  ��� ������������������_������������  5t$L00  29��  12c  2z25c  FROZEN FOODS  Loblaw  ORANGE JUICE  Frozen, 12 oz.  Savarln  MEAT PIES  Beef, turkey, Chicken, 8 oz.  39  39'  BAKERY PRODUCTS-  Prices offectlvei  Thurs, Sopt. S,  Fri, Sept. 9,  Sat, Sept. 10  i  Phone 065-2025  885-9823 ��� Bakery  085-9812 ��� Meat Dept.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES


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