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The Peninsula Times Apr 13, 1977

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Array Coast residents facing  ferry cuts next winter  Sunshine Coast residents will have  their ferry service substantially reduced  next winter under a proposed plan which  would leave the Peninsula with only one  ferry shuttling between Horseshoe Bay  and Langdale. v  The plan would also limit daily service  hours to two labour shifts, forcing  elimination of either early morning or late  night sailings.  Ferries officials called for public input  into how the local schedule should be  trimmed.  The proposed summer sailing schedule  also was made public at a Sunshine Coast  transportation committee meeting held  April 5 at Earls Cove.  Bill Bouchard., assistant traffic  manager of the crown corporation, told  members of the committee that the  "Queen of Tsawwassen' will be taken off  the Sunshine Coast in May. During peak  summer periods the regular service  provided by the 'Queen of New Westminster' will be supplemented by additional sailings of the 'Queen of Nanaimo*  and the 'Queen of Burnaby'. The two  stretch ferries will continue on to Nanaimo  after docking at Horseshoe Bay.  Bouchard said next winter's schedule  will be restricted, by the turnaround time  of slightly over two hours needed by the  'Queen of New Westminster'.  If the 5:30 a.m. and 7:40 a.m. sailings  are reinstated then there can be no 6:30  a.m. sailing from Langdale, according to  the assistant traffic manager. Bouchard  also maintained that many people felt that  any 6:30 a.m. sailing should be out .of  Horseshoe Bay in order to clear the early  morning-truck traffic. Bouchard claimed  the ferry corporation is willing to listen to  what residents have to say about the  proposed winter schedule.  Gibsons Harbour Business Association  president Bill Edney told Bouchard the  11:15 p.m. summer sailing from Horseshoe Bay "is quite a bit better than what  we have had." But he said people who  went to Vancouver for the evening would  still have to leave by 10:30 p.m. in order to  . get home that night.  Both Edney and Don Pearsell of the  Concerned Citizens suggested having one  sailing after midnight. Bouchard pointed  out that on the Tsawwawwen to Swartz  Bay run the latest ferry left the Lower  Mainland at 10 p.m. and that it would be  hard to justify giving later service to the  Sunshine Coast when it was denied to  residents of Victoria. Edney replied that  Vancouver Island people did not have to  depend exclusively on Vancouver for their  entertainment.  Changes in ferry schedules should be  published in advance and a public meeting  should be held to discuss the new sailings,  Pearsell said. "We won't get a consensus," he told Bouchard, "but there will  be feedback." By leaving the public announcement until the schedule is under  negotiation with the union workers,  Pearsell said "it is a little late for our kick  at the can."  Throughout the monthly meetings with  Bouchard, Edney has been arguing for  lower fares during off-travel times of the  day. He returned to this theme last week,  saying the price hike on the ferries means  "loss of weekend residents, summer  holiday people and relatives of people who  live here are1 just not visiting." Other  committee members claimed that the  ferries were deterring tourists with large  campers from visiting the Peninsula and  Powell River because of the 50 per cent  overheight penalty placed on their  vehicles.  Pears-fell said people charged extra  were upset when they were given no  preferential treatment in loading and were  left behind as small cars were allowed  onto the ferries. Backing this statement,  Edney maintained there were times of day  when the ferries were sailing nearly  empty. Oversized vehicles should be encouraged to travel during these periods, he  said. The committee decided to send a  letter to Transport Minister Jack Davis  urging the extra tariff be abolished.  The only open flare-up between the  ferries official and members of the  committee came when Bouchard  produced figures showing that from  January to March this year, the Langdale  run carried from 27 per cent to 33 per cent  of its vehicle capacity and 12 per cent to 16  per cent of its passenger load. According  to the statistics handed out by Bouchard,  the local ferries were capable of taking on  a total of 53,514 vehicles and 254,463  passengers in March. What was actually  carried during this month was 17,771  vehicles and 41,644 passengers.  "These figures are telling us a gross  lie," Edney said.  "If you think I bring statistics here to  bull..., we'll stop issuing them," retorted  Bouchard who said the figures were an  overall average and did not indicate any  overloading periods.  Endey replied that people looking at  these figures would make the "erroneous  assumption" that the service is underused. Pearsell added that when the  'Queen of the Islands' was on the Langdale  run there were constant lineups for the  ferries but that the statistics did not reflect  ��� See Page A-3  Proposed ferry sailings  Following is the proposed summer  sailing schedule for B.C. Ferries Howe  Sound route. The 'Queen of Burnaby' and  the 'Queen of Nanaimo' will be on a so-  called .triangle run between Langdale,  Horseshoe Bay and Nanaimo; As this  schedule is still under negotiation with  local  union,  it  is  subject  to  change.  FROM LANGDALE  5:30 a.m. New Westminster, 7:35 a.m.  New Westminster, 9:40 a.m. New Westminster, 11:45 a.m. New Westminster,  12:35 p.m. Burnaby, 1:50 p.m. New  Westminster, 2:50 p.m. Nanaimo, 3:55  Yes, it was a mild winter  IT WAS DEFINITELY the event of the week along West Beach Avenue when a tug pulled up to shore pulling this barge loaded with two houses for  relocation along the street. ���Timesphoto  Ihe  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to J  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon  ��� lJ>c Copy  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST,  Volume 14 ��� No. 20  Wednesday, April 13, 1977  Gibsons'pool deadline nearinz  July critical for recreation  plans  p.m. New Westminster, 6 p.m. New  Westminster, 6:30 p.m. Nanaimo, 8:10  p.m. New Westminster, 8:50 p.m. Burnaby, 10:15 p.m. New Westminster.  FROM HORSESHOE BAY  6:30 a.m. New Westminster, 8:35 a.m.  New Westminster, 10:40 ' a.m. New  Westminster, 11:30 a.m. Burnaby, 12:45  p.m. New Westminster, 1:45 p.m.  Nanaimo, 2:50 p.m. New Westminster,  4:55 p.m. New Westminster, 5:.30 p.m.  Nanaimo, 7 p.m. New Westminster 7:45  p.m. Burnaby, 9:10 p.m. New Westminster, 11:15 p.m. New Westminster.  If you suspect we have had an  unusually mild winter, you're right.  Locally available temperature records  extend back only until the winter of 1970-  71, but the weather this season has been  the mildest recorded since tliat period.  From October to April, we experienced  only six consecutive days of hard freeze.  In fact, with the exception of tliat period in  mid-January, the temperature never  dropped below -1C. Even during that  extended freeze' the lowest recorded  temperature at the Gower Point reporting  .station was -3.  This might be compared to la.st winter  which had 30 days with temperatures at -3  or lower. In 11176-77 the temperature  dropped to -5 in November, -4 in Derom-  Imt, -3 In January arid-February and -fl in  March.  .Since 1070, local temperatures have  dipped to -fl or lower every winter except  this one.  Daytime high temperatures thi.s winter  canned from IB la.st October to 11 In  .li.mu.ry. This season's high temperatures,    however,    iiave    not    been  Gibsons C of C  elects officers  The following persons were elected  officers last week of the newly formed  Gibsons Chamber of Commerce.  President, John Mcltae; Vice-  president, lirucu ('.amble; Secretary,  Marilyn Rimngcr; Treasurer, Phil Gordon; and Directors, Ken dcVries, Duncan  Campbell, Blair Kcnnctt, .lorry Klr.sch,  Ken Crosby, Richard Mamlo, Hob Held  and John Smith.  Approximately 45 persons attended the  election meeting at 1.1 le Gibsons Legion  Hall April 11.  Mcltae said a meeting of the executive  lias been scheduled to discuss priorities for  the chamber and to make < oiiiiniltoe  assignments.  unusual, indicating that we have not had  more warm weather, ju.st less cold  weather.  By DENNIS FITZGERALD  July promises to be a critical month for  the future of recreation programs on the  Sunshine Coast.  Gibsons officials are scrambling to  meet a July 9 federal deadline for  beginning the construction phase of the  village swimming pool; and Jack  Whitaker, chairman of the Sunshine Coast  Parks and Recreation Commission,, is;  guessing that the regional district-5  recreation referendum will go to voters  sometime iri July.  Progress on the Gibsons pool received  an apparent setback when letters to  engineering firms requesting estimates  for pool construction produced inadequate  responses.  Alderman I^orraine Goddard, chair-  > man of the village's recreation committee,  told the council April 5 that responses to  the letter were "apples and oranges,"  comprising a variety of non-comparable  estimates. She said the lack of uniformity  among the responses is "probably because  of our inexperience" in soliciting such  information.  Alderman Jim Metzler fumed, "This  puts us right back where we started  from." But Goddard replied that planning  progress has been made through an  advisory committee struck by Mayor  l*nry labonte.  Council approved a motion by Metzler  that the village "employ someone with  expertise" to facilitate the planning.  Goddard also moved that the village  send a letter to the regional district stating  Gibsons' intention to join the district's  recreation function. Joining the function,  she said, would allow the village to receive  funds to defray the pool's annual operating  deficit.  Depending on the size of the pool, this  deficit may total minimally $25,000 a year,  based on figures from other municipalities  serving a comparable population, she  said. The operating deficit includes those  expenses remaining after subracting all  revenue produced by use of the pool.  Metzler opposed this suggestion. He  said that once the village joined the  recreation function, it could not withdraw.  If the proposed referendum is not approved for submission to voters by Victoria or if voters reject the referendum,  Gibsons would then be tied to the function  but would have no assurance of receiving  needed funds and would be compelled to  support financially whatever recreation  commitments the district might assume,  Metzler said.  "Once you're in, you're locked in," he  said. "I'm all for the two mill (recreation)  referendum. I support that 100 percent  But I have some doubts about going in (to  the function) because it's an open-ended  thing, and you just don't know what might  happen."  Goddard conceded Metzler's point, but  argued that unless the village took the risk  and joined the function now, it would likely  be frozen out of the district's recreation  funding for the five-year period covered by  the referendum. Gibsons would than face  the prospect of covering the operating  deficit out of its own budget or attempting  to find grant money from another source.  A compromise was reached by Metzler's suggestion that the village investigate the possibility of becoming  a party to the recreation referendum  without joining the district's recreation.,  function.  Gibsons is the only Sunshine Coast area  which is not a member of the recreation  function.  Goddard also offered council the latest  estimates secured by her committee for  pool construction and operating deficits.  Construction costs for an enclosed pool  would be about $400,000 for a 24-foot by 60-  foot and $800,000 to $1 million or higher for  a 25 meter (89 foot) pool, she said.  The critical cost factor, Goddard said,  is the total number of square feet in a  pool's surface area. Above 1,800 square  feet, numerous health and construction  requirements become effective which  increase the cost of a pool appreciably, she  said.  Goddard said later that the 24-foot by  60-foot size, which equals 1,440 square  feet, was suggested by several experts.  She acknowledged that could be expanded  to, for instance, 24 by 75 or 30 by 60 without  exceeding the 1,800-square-foot figure.  She said estimated annual deficits for a  fewkWri,  "m-p-  Wt'Mw  ,.^*"w" .�����pr-'"  THEY HAD QUITE an Easter at the  hoM.stiold of Sven and Helen Soren.sen  in  Welcome   llei.eh.   First,  mother  4  Roose hatched out about 15 goslings  la.st .Saturday, as Sven shows above.  Ijiter in the day, daughter Sonja, fl,  won the prize for most original egg  decoration at the Welcome Beach  Hall Easter Egg Hunt. Sonja, holding  her creation, admits she had "a little  help".  Timesphotos  25 meter pool would be $60,000 to $90,000 as  compared to $25,000 for the 24-foot by 60-  foot size. She stressed that deficits could  not be estimated with any certainty since,  the figure is entirely dependent on how  much use residents choose to make of the  pool.  Metzler objected to Goddard's failure  to supply figures for an open pool. "We  knew from day one we didn't have enough  ;��� rnon^y |yr a covered pool," he said. "How  ' did wfe 'get to this point?"  The village's federal Neighbourhood  Improvement Programme grant is for  $300,000, to which Gibsons is obligated to  add $100,000. A portion of that grant will be  used to construct a soccer and rugby field  at Brothers Memorial Park and to make  certain improvements to Dougal Park,  including resurfacing of the tennis courts  and purchase of playground equipment.  Goddard responded to Metzler's  statement, saying that public sentiment is  being taken into account in the committee's considerations, particularly as  regards a larger pool.  It has been pointed out in council  previously that the operating deficit for a  covered pool would be substantially less  than that for an open pool because the  covered pool could be used year round.  Consideration is being given to building  an open pool, disigned so that it could later  be enclosed.' A relatively inexpensive  bubble-type roof has also been proposed as  a temporary covering.  Goddard said later that building an  open pool now and adding a later enclosure  would cost an estimated 150 percent more  than completing the job in one step.  Regarding the Parks and Recreation  Commission's referendum, Chairman  Whitaker told the Times that he, former  commission Chairman Norm Watson and  Alderman Goddard went to Victoria  Monday, April 4, to discuss the proposal  with several provincial government officials.  Whitaker noted that the province's  recreation facilities fund has l)cen  depleted for this year.  He said however, that Walter Donald,  executive assistant to Recreation Minister  Sam Hawlf, told the group he expects new  funding legislation, probably in the fall  session.  Whitaker said the commission's  proposals received "a very good reception." He said Donald und oilier provincial  officials expressed approval of the thrust  of the proposed recreation plan which  Includes some 111 projects scattered  throughout Uie Peninsula.  The officials seemed lo be primarily  interested in projects which require  physical activity, Whitaker said. "Hut we  pointed out the demography of this area,  that at least half our people are past the  age where they're Interested in skating or  swimming or things like that. They want  more .sedentary types of recreation. And  they (the officials) could .see that."  Whitaker said the commission's next  step probably will Ih? a series of public  meetings beginning in two or three weeks.  Tins purpose of Un; meetings will Ire to  Inform people of the projects proposed for  Inclusion lu the referendum and to uuugu  public support for the election.  He said the process of finalizing the  cost of the Individual projects, submitting  the package to the Regional District board  ��� Sec Pngr A-3 The Peninsula7^��e^ M@KS^^  EDITORIALS  Don Morberg, Managing Editor  "4 free press is the unsleeping guardian of  every   other  right   that free  men prize."  ��� Winston Churchill  Missing the point  Traditionally, building inspectors  have been regarded with about as  much public esteem as the village  dogcatcher. Neither occupation, if  conscientiously practised, is designed  to substantially increase the  popularity of the jobholder.  In the past six weeks the three  Sunshine Coast inspectors have endured the following events: a series of  letters, mostly from one irate citizen,  complaining about the inspectors'  enforcement of the national building  code; public statements by Regional  Board Chairman Harry Almond  accusing the inspection department  of pushing people around and acting  like a bunch of bureaucrats, and,  finally, Almond's decision to create a  special committee to give "advice  and guidance" to the area directors  on interpretation of the code.  We find Almond's latter action to  ��� be a curiously circuitous way of  dealing with the problem, if, indeed,  there is a problem.  It is not the building code,  established to set safety standards in  the construction industry, which is  being criticised. It is the inspectors.  If any of the inspectors is not  capable of interpreting the code, he  should be discharged and replaced  with someone who is. If any of the  inspectors is being discourteous or in  any way abusive of his authority, he  should be' given an opportunity to  mend his ways, and, failing that,  fired.  Almond's committee.is a virtual  declaration of non-confidence in the  inspection staff. It is not responsive to  the complaints, and it is unfair to the  inspectors. If the inspectors .are to be  continued in the district's employ,  they should be supported by the  district, not guarded like truant  schoolchildren.  The building code requires  competent and sensible enforcement.  It does not require a committee of  interpreters.  It has also been suggested that if  more local builders properly  acquainted themselves with the  provisions of the code before  beginning construction,, intervention  by the inspectors would be unnecessary.  Dealer's choice  If we weren't playing with a-  stacked deck, we could almost applaud the latest hand dealt Peninsula  residents by the B.C. Ferries Corporation.  In a concession to disgruntled local  commuters, the government has  decided to listen to the people who  actually sit in the lineups before  finalizing the winter schedule for the  Sunshine Coast.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that what we're  being asked to comment on is whether  we want our ferry service cut in the  morning or in the evening.  It's hard to work up much enthusiasm for a choice like that, so  you'll pardon us if we're not sufficiently appreciative of this  breakthrough into participatory  decision-making.  By way of justification for the  service cut, B.C. Ferries has offered  us statistics indicating that the Howe  Sound run is carrying only a fraction  of the passengers and vehicles it is  capable of carrying.  You can do a lot of tricks with the  right deck of cards.  The statistics are arranged to  show capacity percentages on a  monthly  basis  only.   A  more  in  teresting statistic would be one  showing the number of vehicles and  passengers on each of the 20-odd daily  crossings.  But we're really not very keen on  engaging on a defensive reshuffling of  B.C. Ferries' statistics. There's a  slight chance for winning so long as  we're playing with their deck.  We ought to be about the business  of finding ways to improve our ferry  system, not negotiating for the least  painful deterioration.  The apparent agreement last week  of the federal government to delcare  the B.C. ferry system part of the  Trans-Canada Highway network,  opening the door to millions of dollars  in federal subsidies, might be one  avenue to improvement. But we're  not overly optimistic considering  previous statements of Transport  Minister Jack Davis opposing the  upgrading of Sunshine Coast service.  Amidst all these negative  developments, however, we have  found a cause for celebration. The  members of our local transportation  committee continue to challenge the  dealer, and if they haven't exactly  beat the house yet, no one can fault  their effort.  Thanks for sitting in on the game,  gentlemen.  An important date  You can make an important  contribution to the safety and well-  being of our community at the expense of just minutes of your time.  Attend the blood donor clinic at St.  Mary's Hospital Thursday, April 28,  between the hours of 2 and 7 p.m.  With all the advances of modern  medical technology, there is still no  Lockstead  " ��� Legislature Report  It is becoming increasingly evident that  the major goal of the Social Credit  government Is to protect the Interests of  the major corporations, at the expense of  the small businessman. This sad fact  recently gained further support when  Victoria NDP MLA Cliar.es Harbor  provided evidence In the legislature  showing that the numl)cr of bankruptcies  in British Columbia has risen to a  catastrophic level in the past year.  A high proportion of these bankruptcies  have taken place In one particular type of  business: tlio Independently owned (or  leased) tjas station. Over the past few  years the major oil companies linve taken  control of the retail gasoline market. After  building company-owned self-service gas  stations, these corporations force the  Independent station operator out of  business. This means that gasoline prices  are uo longer dictated by open-market  competition but, instead, by the whims of  the oil companies themselves. Another  negative result of this trend Is that repair  facilities are becoming scarce, due to gas  station shutdowns.  The present government lias continually promised to bring In legislation  which would protect the Independent gas  retailer. As each week passes without  legislative action, more and more gas  station operators are being forced out of  business.  A prlvute member's bill, dealing with  this subject, has been Introduced tn the  legislature. .Such bills, however, seldom  aro enacted Nlnce they represent not the  cabinet's wishes, but the wishes of an  Individual Ml.A.  4  'Just ignore him, Marge . . .'  Page A-2 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. April 13.1977  Spain comes  to Gibsons?  Editor, The Times: I read with dismay  the possibility exists of a mock imitation  Spanish villa to be built in lower Gibsons  on the main corner!  We always worry about Canadian  identification because of the U.S.A. influence. Are we to succumb to the Spanish  influence as well?  The west coast of B.C. has its own  special flavour, its own character and its  own style of houses and homes. Can one  seriously believe that to improve on the  liomegrbwn characters of our buildings  one has to go-Spanish? Do the Spaniards in  their towns feel they can improve the look  of the place by,building a mock B.C. west  coast house? I'm sure they would laugh at  the idea. But here we are in lower Gibsons,  one of the unique little fishing villages still  relatively unspoilt, so close to the Lower  Mainland, thinking we can do better than  our forebearers by imitating the designs of  an alien culture. Maybe next door we'll  have a mock Austrian chalet and next to  that a Tahitian grass hut.  I do hope we can improve lower Gibsons but by using our own cultural designs  and not importing others.  Desmond Maurice  Between the lines  substitute for human blood, and the  supply on hand is never sufficient to  meet all the demands.  Your gift of blood may save a life.  It may save yours. Make a note of the  date now: April 28.  It is wise to exercise some caution when  pricking a new conversational bubble with  Maryanne West. There's no telling what  may pop out.  I have known our energetic columnist  for only a few months, so her repertoire  may not be quite as extensive as my short  acquaintance suggests. But there's no  doubt that the lady has her finger into a  variety of pies.  For instance.  Although most of you no doubt are  aware of her role as a perceptive and  articulate CBC critic, some may not know  that she is also our official local weather  recorder. -  Last week I asked her if in her latter  capacity she might not be able to dig back  through her weather records and either  confirm or refute the common belief that  we have just experienced an unusually  mild Winter.  This she did, with her customary speed  and thoroughness, and you'll find the  result of her research elsewhere in this  issue.  Unfortunately, she has been our official  recorder only since 1970, and her temperature records do not extend back past  that year. Obviously dissatisfied with her  records, she decided to supplement them  with some additional information.  Returning Saturday from an Easter  egg hunt at the Welcome Beach Community Center, I found a wonderful, but  fairly puzzling, list on my desk.  It is a 19-year record which includes  such items as First Hummingbird  Sighting; Cherry Blossom, Same Tree;  Small Tortoiseshell Butterfly out from  Hibernation, and Garter Snake out from  Hibernation.     \  I'm impressed by any sort of sustained  effort, and positively floored by the idea of  someone meticulously recording all these  events for almost two decades.  But what does it all mean? "Not much  of anything," says Maryanne, noting that  these random observations were accumulated in a haphazard and most unscientific fashion.  May be, but surely such perserverance  By Dennis Fitzgerald  deserves some attention.  Therefore, for those of you who can  appreciate such things:  The first noted hummingbird at our  Gower Point Road Nature Observatory  ranges from an early sighting of March 4  in 1964 to as late as AprU 18 in 1958. Most of  the sightings are clustered around the last  week of March and the first week of April.  Her first sighting this year was April 3. (I  notice, however, in Mary Tinley's column  this week that Irene Carson of West  Sechelt has reported a hujnmingbird  sighting on March 23 this year.  Bird migration patterns, says  Maryanne, are linked to the length of  daylight hours rather than to weather  patterns, but are obviously affected by  weather conditions along migration  routes.  The first cherry blossom on our subject  tree appeared as early as March 28 in 1958.  The latest blossoming was April 19 in 1959  and 1964. This year's first blossom  popped out on April 6.  The cherry blossom ought to give us the  best indication of previous weather conditions here, she says. But she also notes  that the blossom arrived 10 days later in  the' mild winter of 1971-72 than it did in last  year's fairly cold winter. So tnat idea's out  the window too.  What about the butterfly? They're  simple-minded fellows and easily fooled,  tending to take to the wing on warm winter  days. Hence, we have a sighting as early  as February 6 in 1973. The latest sighting  was April 11 in 1971 and this year's date  was March 30.  Our gartersnakes could be expected to  crawl out of the ground when the earth  begins to warm a little, but there is no  apparent relationship with the cherry  blossoms. The earliest gartersnake  sighting was March 11 in both 1974 and  1958. The latest sighting was April 21 in  1963. We're still waiting for the rascal this  year, so he apparently hasn't got the  message.  And that, friends is the top of the news  for the week of April 13,1977. Don't say you  never learned anything from the Peninsula Times.  One man's opinion?  By Adrian Stott  There is a general restlessness about  too much government in Canada: The  complaints tend to be strongest at the local  level, because local government is the  most accessible and the most visible. The  SCRD has been a frequent target, so since  the best indicator of the amount of  government is probably taxation, it seems  unwise for the regional district to increase  its tax requisitions by 41 per cent in it  latest budget. The revenue may be needed,  but perhaps the regional board should  have budgeted more politically.   '   ���.  The tax increase is in two parts. There  is an average rise in the cost of existing  services of only 3.4 per cent, with the rest  being added to pay for functions new this  year. However, it appears that economies  for the public could have been made in  both areas.  The biggest problem is that several  regional functions which could be entirely  self-supporting, or at least more nearly so,  are not achieving this. Perhaps the most  obvious is building inspection, where the  tax  subsidy  is  rising  from $9,500  to  $26,0Qjp. The inspection fee revenue just  isn't, keeping up witti the eoists of this  department. Since building volumes are  down, and show signs of reniaining so,  perhaps the regional board should have  asked the awkward question of whether  there is still enough work for three inspectors. If there is some slack, what a  shame that the region could not arrange to  do the inspections in Gibsons, as it already  does in Sechelt. Gibsons director Metzler  apparently suggested this when the village  recently  changed  inspectors,   but  the  council   were   unconvinced   about   the  economies of cooperation and hired their  own man. However, costs aside, it is the  owners of new  buildings who  benefit  primarily from this service, so it seems  rather unfair that the general public  should be presented with a large slice of  the bill. Maybe a review of permit fees  should have been undertaken, even if only  to make sure they keep up with inflation.  Community planning is another area  with a large increase, 20 per cent. This  AM* THESE EXPECTANT faces nre what comes beforo they hand out the prizes at nn Easter egg hunt. The kids are nil Seehelt Elementnry students.  I  department must depend on general  taxation for much of its budget because of  its community-wide nature. An increase in  ttie charges to those developers , whose  projects consume a large proportion ot  planning's resources could have been  considered, though. Again, this seems only  fair and might have made a useful contribution.  The major new function is the community use of schools, with taxes of  $68,000, or 15 per cent of the total  requisition.  It obviously makes sense to use these  expensive facilities more efficiently ��� and  the Pender Harbour High School additions  are particularly sensible ��� but why is this  such an expensive economy for the ordinary taxpayer? It is one of the few items  with no budgeted revenue except taxes.  Surely the facilities could be rented for  recreation use, so those using them would  pay at least some of the price of their fun,  with the retirement of the capital spread  out a little to wait for this revenue.  Recreation is becoming a dangerously  expensive item for many local governments, so the board needs to be very  careful in this area in future years.  There is also the question of whether all  the region's services are truly necessary.  For example, garbage collection costs up  51 per cent toi $60,000, but there seemed to  be very little discussion about whether  weekly garbage pickup was really needed  or had full public support. The halfway  measure of picking iip three cans every  two weeks, instead of two per week, was  not even considered, I believe.  Many small economies might have  been made, too which put together could  have meant a significant saving. Participation in die Union of B.C.  Municipalities cost $2,900, yet this is a  municipalities club and seldom produces  real benefits for regional districts. Street  lighting costs are up 12 per cent, but the  reduced costs possible through a change of  equipment have not been followed up.  Also, some areas are lit up like midways,  but have there been checks into whether a  repositioning of lights might allow the  same illumination with less fixtures?  Three hundred dollars was paid for SAM,  the provincial junk car crusher, even  though a Tacoma company was apparently prepared to provide crushing  equipment and buy the metal, at a profit to  Uie region. This chance for real recycling,  and a proper solution to the junk cor  problem, was not pursued.  The budget Is by no means all bad.  General government taxation has fallen 34  per cent, as administration costs have  been divided more fairly among the  various functions. The cemeteries have  become entirely self-supporting, saving  $3,900. Anil our excellent water system  continues to pay Its way while providing  Improved service at a reasonable charge,  which should be a real source of pride to  the area.  However, in balance, it seems too Imd  tliat the board wasn't more careful to keep  taxes down this year. An increase as large  "as tliat presented suggests It doesn't care  about the public's feelings. I know this is  not tho case In fact, but this sort of budget  will only worsen the already bad image of  the board, and so reduce its effectiveness.  That result should Ih; of concern to  everyone, public? and regional director  alike.  The Peninsula^Jd+neb  Published Wcdnesdnyx nl Sccnclt  on II.C.'s Suiuhlnr Const  t>V  The Peninsula Time*,  for Wcttprck Publication* Lid.  al Sechell. B.C.  Hon .110- -.Sechelt. H.C.  VON 1AO  Phone8H.S-.12.il  Subtciipllon Hnlci. (In advance)  Local. S7 |mi year, l.cyond 1f> mlle��, $H  U.S.A., Ill) Over*rui. Ml, ..���"<*"  AT THE MEMORIAL service held  April 2 a member of the Pender  Harbour   Royal   Canadian   Legion  places a poppy at the base of a cross  in memory of local resident, bon  vivant and story teller, Jock Bachop.  Happenings around the Harbour  LAST FAREWELL  On Saturday, April 2, a memorial  service was held for the late Jock Bachop  in the Royal Canadian Legion Br 112 Hall,  Madeira Park. Relatives, friends and  Branch 112 RCL members attended.  Reverend Godkin officiated and gave a  brief and comforting sermon. Branch 112  members laid poppies on the black scarf at  the foot of the Legion cross. President  Dave Pritchard told those present that  Jock was sadly missed by the Legion Br.  112 and the community.  REQUEST FROM BARGAIN BARN  Do you Spring cleaning now. We need  your goodies from your shelves. Pots,  pans, dishes, linen bedding, furniture,  radios, applicances, TVs etc. You can  bring them in or phone us. Bargain Barn,  Lou Heidema 883-9973. Thank You.  EGMONT NEWS  The Egmont Easter Hat Tea turned out  to be just what they wanted, a success,  with numerous hats in the contest. Folks  used their creative skills and concocted  some funny ones, beauties, and all very  imaginative. The winners of the contest  were: Prettiest - Vi Berntzen, funniest -  Agnes Carter, most original - Lela Griffith. Flower name contest won by Dot  Silvey, bunny drawing contest won by  Dolly Wallace, door prize - Dot Silvey,  cake raffle - Elaine Griffith. There was a  plant sale and tea at this event. A rummage sale at the Egmont Community Hall  is planned for April 16 at 2 p.m. Refreshments will be available:'   "   '     ^    ''  THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN  Lila Wiggins is the person to get in  touch with for your fire permits this year.  They will be available on Tuesdays and  Saturdays as last year. They are required  after midnight April 14. Lila just returned  from a trip to Grand Forks. She had never  driven that far before by herself and  decided to take the bull by the horns and  go. There was snow in Allison Pass, a  slushy mess to travel through but in spite  of it all she thoroughly enjoyed it.  GUEST SPEAKER  Guest speaker at the Social Credit  meeting will be Sergeant Doug Farenholtz  of the RCMP. The meeting will be at the  Elementary School on April 13 at 7:30 p.m.  and everyone is welcome.  INTERESTED?  In regards to the road between Port  Mellon and Squamish, I have found out  MORE ABOUT . . .  Deris Edwardson 883-2308  that there is only 9.7 miles of construction,  $1.5 million per mile to build it, and $10  million would cover it. But my guess is we  won't get any action until another election,  then maybe they will fight over it.  The Peninsula Times Page A-3  Wednesday, April 13,1977  MORE ABOUT, ..'.;  ���Recreation plans  ���From Page A-l  and then to Victoria for approval probably  will take about three months,  Early July would be the soonest the  referndum might be held, he said. Current  plans call for seeking a two mill recreation  tax levy, the maximum allowable,  Excluding Gibsons, which is not now a  member of the recreation function, this  would produce an estimated annual  revenue of $146,000 a year, based on an  assessment of $73 million.  If Gibsons joins the plan, it would pay in  an additional estimated $14,000 a year.,  based on an assessment of $7 million for  the village. >  In a related recreation matter, Shirley  Vader,- president of a Pender Harbour  committee seeking a swimming pool for  that area, said she hopes to have some  indication in "two or three weeks" about  possible Ministry of Education funding for  construction of that pool.  A meeting to discuss the project is  being arranged between representatives  of the ministry, the local school district  and the Pender Harbour committee, she  said.  Lovely little silver Maple Leaf lapel  pins, some even have a "Sechelt"  engraving, a distinctive Canadian "touch"  for the traveller. ���Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  I  .Chevron  883-2392  Effective  March 30, 1977  until  April 30, 1977  "specializing in  Volkswagen"  CHARGEX  Pen.lerHarlKiurCl.evro!  corner Hiway 101 & Francis Peninsula  SPRING SHOCK SPECIAL  Extra Heavy Duty Shocks, installed    90  Heavy Duty Shocks, installed  *8400  For most North American Cars��� Phone for appointment  GOV'T CERTIFIED  CHEVRON CREDIT CARD  MECHANIC  MASTERCHARGE  &W &wtt MOTEL  UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP  AND MANAGEMENT  Ferry cuts  ��� From Page A-l  this accurately.  Boucliard Insisted that "Route 3,  Horseshoe Hay to Langdale, is over-  serviced."  By comparison, lu: said, the aS warty. Hay  to Tsawwassen run in January had 46 per  cent capacity and in February this rose to  00 per cent, while on the .Sunshine Coast, it  wa.s only 30 per cent.  Your Key to Enjoyable  Qj Accommodation  in Sechelt  with your hosts  Liz and Cliff Lindsay  8  I  I  7 Kitchen Units  Doubles���Singles  Television���Reasonable Rates  Downtown Sechelt���Off Street Parking  885-9314  Inlet Avenue, Box 906, Sechelt. B.C. VON 3A0  IN MEMORY OF  Xlj* I .M   SuperValu ��� all purpose  201b. bag  brands  .   �������������*#  beans with pork SSt3/88  bleach 8uperVa,u  s^iea "(?"  Others to Follow  OFFICIATING��� The Suiiahiuc CoohI Regional Board  INTERMKINT-In Bylaw 109  In lieu of flowers please donate one evening of your time  APRIL 18, 1977     HOMESTEAD RESTAURANT     WILSON CREEK  and find out how 109 will affect your property, your future, your freedom.  ONLY YOU CAN KFSUKKFCT ABKA "C"  If you own property in Porpoise Bay, Selma Park, Davis Bay or Wilson  Creek, DON'T sit at home and think 109 doesn't affect me. It affects  EVERY PROPERTY OWNER IN AREA "C"., April 18 will be the night to find  out about 109 or you can sit at home and wonder how did this happen  to me!!  |<:OMK OUT AND JOHN Till. I'KOI'UK I Y OWINKItS Oh AIWA UC  I  79'  128 oz. jug  skim milk powder Sfv   $3.39  whole tomatoes JK���U���choice........ 2/99��  bathroom tissue SS.  cookies ?rVa"5 varirtfes  oz. bags  88c  peanut butter US** $1.99  long grain rice ir*'"79c  55c  SuperValu  15 oz   ketchup  salad dressing ^Va,u 98'  2/88'  SuperValu  ���crushed ���sliced ���tidbits  chuck blade..lb.  soft margarine zir 49  asparagus tips ST" 79  gov't inspected grade A beef  chuck blade roasts.  gov't inspected ��� regular  ground beef  gov't inspected ��� bulk P*        4t^%   ^^^^^  beef sausages      Dm. Za��f��f  gov't inspected ��� pork side $4     Lmm^kmim^k  spareribs ��,. 1 mUnt  69  59  Oven Fresh  french bread oz. 2/99  Weston's  Hollywood bread ll 49'  Oven Fresh  rhubarb pies    8- 99'  Venice  24 oz.  Heidelberg bread   69  cantaloupe  cucumbers  rose bushes  imported Ib.  B.C. grown ���long English ea.  Regal brand, No. 1 ea.  33  59'  *1.89  in tue new  SUNNYCREST CENTRE, GIBSONS  Prices effective opon 9:30 6 cl.-iilf We reserve the  April 14th, 15th H 16th 9:30-9 Thursday right to limit quantities  \  i Chn^tian Science Committee reports progress on Half moon Bay fire district  Page A-4 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, April 13,1977  'He is not here: for he is risen, as he  said." (Matt 28:6) This glad Easter  message, spoken by the angel, has echoed  down the ages, bringing great joy and  triumph to all Christian people.  Mary Baker Eddy writes, "This glad-  Easter . morning   witnesseth   a   risen  Saviour, a higher human sense of Life and  Love,  which  wipes  away  all tears."  (Miscellany Pg. 191).  Weather report  Weather April 2-8 Lo    Hi Prec.  mm  April2... 4     12     nil  April3 6     12     nil  ApriH 4     13     nil  April5 6     17     nil  April6....   8      18     nil  April7  ,..8   * 21    14.5  Apiil8 ...7      11      7.9  Week's rainfall 22.4 mm. April 1-8,22.4  mm. 1977, 303.9 mm.  April 2-8,1976, 22.4 mm. AprU 1-8,1976,  22.4'mm. Jan. 1 - April 8,1976, 502.4 mm.  KEEP  .C.    WATiRS  cliamJ'  At a meeting April 3 at the Welcome  Beach Hall, the Fire Committee gave an  ^ encouraging report to residents regarding  progress in setting up a volunteer fire  department and held out hopes of having it  in operation by September.  Chairman Patrick Murphy said how  fortunate the committee has been in finding men; with the specialized knowledge  and experience necessary for such a task.  He paid tribute to George Murray who is in  charge of Uie building of the fire hall and  Bob Paulhus, an employee of B.C. Hydro  who is in Charge of volunteers. He asked  for a special vote of thanks to Roy Hill, a  former fire captain of Vancouver ^and  Gerry Harrington, assistant to the West  Vancouver Fire Marshall, who drew up  specifications for equipment. They made  an intensive study of what is needed on the  fire truck and this entailed a great deal of  time and patience.  The committee, he said, had decided  against the mini-pumper in favour of a  truck only slightly larger, but approved by  the insurance people. This, he said, would  mean an insurance break for all property  owners in the district. The purchase was  approved by the Regional Board and the  order has been placed for delivery in four  to five months. The company supplying  the truck submitted the lowest bid and has  the extra advantage of being a local firm  based in Abbotsford, which the committee  considered to be a definite asset.  It has.not yet been possible to finalize  arrangements for a lot for the firehall. The  property at Halfmoon Bay near the junction of the Redrooffs Road and the highway, which seems most desirable from the  point of accessibility, is still tied up in  litigation, but the Regional Board has  requested the advantage of being  precisely in the middle of the district,  which covers the area from Wood Bay to  Bayview. As an alternative, MacMillan  Bloedel has been approached regarding a  lot on their subdivision near the end of the  Redroofs Road.  George Murray has been in negotiation  with Manpower regarding the labour for  building the firehall. The present plan is to  use unemployed men whose wages would  be subsidized under a Canada Works  Programme. The committee has received  verbal assurance of a grant to cover this  work, but under the terms of the grant, the  project must be started by August 4.  For reasons of economy it has been  agreed to build the* fire hall of frame  construction. Mr. Murray is still looking  for volunteer electricians and plumbers,  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Notice of Public Hearing  Amendment to Land Use Regulation By-law 96  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a public hearing will  be held to consider Bylaw 96.16, a bylaw to amend Sunshine Coast  Regional District Land Use Regulation Bylaw No. 96, 1974. All  persons who deem, their interest in property affected by the  proposed bylaw shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on  matters contained in the bylaw.  Bylaw 96.16 would place a portion of D.L. 3956, Lot V, Plan 2909, in  Kleindale, in an Industrial 1 zone to accommodate a small light  industrial park.  The hearing will be held in the Community Hall, Madeira Park, at 7  p.m. on Tuesday, April 26, 1977. The above is a synopsis of Bylaw  96.16 and is not deemed to be an interpretation of the bylaw. The  bylaw may be inspected at the Regional District Offices, 1248 Wharf  Street, Sechelt, during office hours, namely Monday to Wednesday,  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-2261  (Mrs.) A.G. Pressley  Sec reta ry-Trea su rer  not so much to do the work as to supervise  and advise. It will also be necessary to hire  a project manager to head the building  program.  Bob Paulhus has compiled a list of 33  volunteer fire fighters, with an average  age of 35.  The chairman suggested that initially it  will probably be possible to have only two  satellite stations at the extreme ends of the  district, but that the long term plan is for  satellite Stations at several other spots  such as Secret Cove, Brooks Bay and  Welcome Woods.  He advised that MacMillan Bloedel had  offered the committee the use of their  trailer tank which can be towed to the  scene of a fire. It holds 300 gallons of water  and carries 400 feet of snakeskin hose, of a  lightweight,synthetic material.  Joan Clarkson reminded the committee  that first aid is a vital part of a  firefighter's training and offered her  services as instructor. Joan and Ken  Clarkson also advised that the ambulance  will be transferred to Sechelt May 1 and  WM��  m**  Date Pad  Apr. 13 ��� Wilson Creek & Davis Bay Teenagers ��� Ideas needed for spring activities.  Wilson Creek Comm Hall. 7:30 p.m., Call Fran, 885-9359 for info.  Apr. 20 ��� 2 Films, The Hopeless and Normalization, 7 p.m., Sunshine School Gibsons.  Apr. 22 ��� 2 to 4 pm, St. George's Day Tea, Bake and Plant Sale ot St. Aidan's Church Hall,  Door Prize.  2ND MONDAY ��� Roberts Creek Hospital Auxiliary meeting, 7:30 p.m. St. Aidan's  Church Hall.  EVERY 4TH WEDNESDAY ��� Pender Harbour Area A Health Clinic Auxiliary. Health  Clinic, 7:30 pm  EVERY 2ND WED ��� Aero Club meeting, 7:30 p.m. in Clubhouse at Airport.  EVERY THURSDAY  ���Pender Harbour Community Club Bingo, Community "Hall, Madeira Park  ��� 8:00 pm, Bingo Pender Harbour Community Hall.  ��� Gibsons "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Centre, 1:30-3:T)0 pm  EVERY FRIDAY        ��� 1 pm-3 pm, Gibsons United Church Women's Thrift Shop.  ��� Sechelt Totem Club Bingo. Reserve Hall, 8:00 p.m., Everyone Welcome.  EVERY MONDAY   ��� Elphinstone New Horizons group regular  meeting,  Roberts Creek Community Hall. 1:30 o.m. First meeting Sept. 20.  EVERY MONDAY     ��� Carpet Bowling, Sechelt Senior Citizen's Hall ��� 1:30-4 pm  EVERY TUESDAY     ��� 8 pm, Al-Anon, St. Aidan's Hall at Roberts Creek.  EVERY 3RD TUESDAY ���' General Meeting of Selma Park Community Centre.  Community Hall, 8:00 pirn.  EVERY 3RD WEDNESDAY  ���Roberts Creek Community Assoc. Roberts Creek Hall, Bpm  EVERY 2ND WEDNESDAY   6 pm, Chamber of Commerce Exec Meeting, Bank of Montreal, Sechelt.1  2ND WED. EVERY MONTH ��� Social Creidt Party Meeting. 7:30 pm, Pender Harbour  Elementary School.  EVERY WEDNESDAY ��� Senior Citizens Dancing, 1:30 p.m., Senior Citizens Hall.  1 Sf WEDNESDAY OF MONTH ��� 'Timber Trails Riding Club meeting, 8 pm, Wilson Creek  Rod & Gun Club.  the  PARTY STOP  ]  mixes ��� tobacco <  Sunnycrest Mall  accessories* snack  offered the free use of their garage which  could be used for housing the fire truck  and for the training of volunteer firemen in  the event that the fire hall is not ready by.  the time the fire truck is delivered.  Among long term plans discussed were  home inspection and the instruction of  residents in the operation of fire extinguishers. It was considered that it  might be advisable to buy fire extinguishers in large quantities for resale to  residents.  Alex Ellis, who expressed the feeling of  the meeting that the project was in very  good hands, moved a vote of thanks to the  committee for all the hard work which has  gone into it. A vote of thanks was also  given to the Clarksons for their generous  and helpful cooperation.  Perform a death-defying act. Have  your blood pressure checked. And help  your heart by helping your Heart Fund.  *\  JOHN'S  LANDSCAPING  ��� instant lawns or seeded  ������ Lawn and Garden ���  Maintenance  ��� Complete concrete  and  stone work  ��� Tree pruning  ��� Screened Topsoil  ��� Bark mulch and shrubbery  ��� Complete line of fencing.  886-7152  Attend  the Church  of your choice  SALVATION CHAPEL  CAMP SUNRISE, HOPKINS  Sundays at 2 p.m.  * all welcome *  886-9432  UNITED CHURCH  Rev. A nndtte M. Reinhardt  886-2333 '  9:30 am ��� St. John's, Wilson Creek  11:15 a.m. ��� Gibsons  office hours for appointments:  Tues. ��� 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Wed. ��� 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Fri. ���9:30 to 12:30  ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pastor  TIM ES OF SUN DAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat. eve%*at St. Mary's, Gibsons  8:30 a.m.v Our Lady of Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00 a.m. at The Holy Family Church in  Sechelt  12 noon at St. Mary's Church in Gibsons  liquor  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Services and Sunday School are held  each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. in St. John's  United Church, Davis Bay.  Wed. Eve. Testimony . 7:45 pini7/\I/  All Welcome . \  Phone 885-3157,886-7882 or 883-9249     ">  BETHEL BAPTISTS CHURCH  886-7449  Mermaid and Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Morning Worship Service 11:15 a.m.  Wed. Bible Study 7:00 p.m.  Evening Fellowship 7:00 p.m.  2nd & 4th Sunday every month  Pastor: F. Napora  885-9905  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  Davis Bay Road at Laurel  Davis Bay  Sunday School 10:00 a.m.  Morning Service  11:15 a.m.  Evening Service 7:00 p.m.  Wed. Prayer and Bible Study  Phone 885-2166  "non-denominational"  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Pastor C. Drieberg  Sabbath School ��� Sat., 3:00 p.m.  Hour of Worship ��� Sat., 4:00 p.m.  St. John's United Church  Davis Bay  Everyone Welcome  For information phone: 885-9750  883-2736  *  Put your message into 4,000:  homes     (15,000     readers)    in  these   economical   spots.   Your  ad   is  always   there   for  quick  reference   .   .   .   anytime!  - '   ' -��� **   <"r��� ' ���"   ' ^' ' ���.'���'��� -. ��� ������ -- -- ���-     ....   . y . .     .   v ..  .       ;, .- r   ���   \ .    ���  "���(.       ������������ ^^^ ���';���:.: '."���   *--.,.-; ; ���...���'.>-.���*���::.^:A,.';-j^:-..,':'-..t_i^. \.��.-s������������.;�����.->  ine Coast Business Directory  * Here's an economical way to  reach 4,000 hornet (15,000  readers) every week. Your od  waits patiently tor ready refei-  ence  ....   anytime!  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The men's club  bonspiel saw the Brian Gilchrist rink take  top honors in the A event defeating Dennis  Suveges. In theB event it was Dave Gant  over Ron Baba, and the C event went to  Art Crace when he defeated the John  Rezansoff rink.  The week-night leagues ended with the  Gerry Foster rink taking the Monday night  men's league honors. The Tuesday night  men's league was won by the Art Craze  rink, and Wednesday's mixed went to John  Kirstiuk and company. Thursday and  Friday night mixed leagues were taken by  the Nicholas rink and the Michaud rink  respectively.  The over-all league winners were the  Gilchrist rink in the mixed league, Pajak  in the men's league, Walt Nygren in the  senior division, and Nora Solinsky took  two honors in the ladies division.  The club would like to thank Bernice  Chamberlin and Dierdre Pearson for co-  chairing the refreshment committee  during the season. It is a big task to undertake and these gals, along with  countless volunteers, did ,a tremendous  job.  Our thanks also to Art Craze for the  many hours he put into organizing the  draws for the club men's and mixed  bonspiels.  The well-organized ladies' league has  alreuayrtfcMed il> oldtti ol "officers for next  season. Marlene Doran is the new  president, Judy Frampton is vice-  president, and Gladys Elson takes over as  secretary-treasurer.  May 4 has been set as the date of the  annual general meeting. Please keep the  evening open and be there to help us  choose our new club officers and to hear  the various committee reports on a successful season.  Wednesday, AprU 13, 1977  The Peninsula Times  PageA-5  LEFT FOOT forward, arm back,   structs her tennis class at Hackett  wrist  straight, Susan  Milburn  in-   Park in Sechelt last week.  SPORTS  Sechelt Lanes  MONDAY NIGHT MIXTED TEN PINS  March 28  Men's high single 191, G. McCourt;  men's high two 362, G. McCourt; ladies'  high single 151, F. Reid; Ladies' high two  281, F. Reid.  April 4  Men's high single 232, T. Purssell;  men's high two 410, T.Pursell; ladies' high  single 170, D. Young; ladies' high two 283,  T.Brehm.  ���Shakes  ���Shingles  ���Tar & Gravel  COMMERCIAL-INDUSTRIAL-RESIDENTIAL  New Roof or Re-Roof  20 YEAR GUARANTEE  BILL BLACK ROOFING  nimnr  Box 281, Gibsons  885-3320, 886-7320  Bullied, and low net, Iva Peterson. Hole in  one awards went to Lil Bullied and Hilda  Clancy. Pin round awards were presented  to Wilma Sim and Iva Peterson.  Ther risk of heart attack in men increases with age ��� 400 per cent from 30 to  50 years of age.  Ladies' golf season opens  The new season for ladies organized  golf opened Tuesday, April 5, at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club.  The event was convened by Vice  Captain Lil Bullied with the help of Kay  Budd, Glenna Salahub, Marie Leask and  Hilda Clancey.  The day started with 36 ladies teeing of f  for a nine hole tic-tac-toe tournament. This  was followed by a luncheon served to  approximately 55 ladies.  The meeting was called to order by  Captain Eileen Evans, welcoming the  golfers and their guests. Reports were  presented by Vice Captain Bullied,  Secretary-Treasurer Salahub, Match  Committee Doreen Gregory, Handicaps  Audrey Jost, Rules Lil Fraser and Bridge  Isabel Draper.  After the meeting, awards were  presented as follows: Ruth Bowman  Memorial Award to Doreen Gregory; low  net runner up, Doreen Marthews; low  gross, Lil Bullied and runner up, Vera  Munro. Winner of the tic-tac-tpe tournament was Vera Munro; Lila.Trott and  Doreen Matthews tied for second.  Also, winter ringers, low gross, Lil  See the Fisher first  An efficient and  attractive method  of heating your  home, the Fisher  is handcrafted  with the finest  steel. Discover the  warmth of a Fisher Stove.  Tisher Stove Works  5824 ASH ST.  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Ruth  Forrester reports that she was feeding a  hummingbird some days before April 2  and Irene Carson of West Sechelt, who  keeps meticulous records of the arrival  and departure of migratory birds, reports  the arrival of a male Rufous on March 23  followed by a number of females a few  days later. She already has five feeders in  use and at the peak of the season, may be  feeding as many as 200 birds.  Mrs. Carson reports that she has been  feeding four or five greyish coloured,  purple throated hummingbirds all winter  and, in fact, one of them has been a  regular customer at her feeders for six  years. She has discovered that the birds  are very partial to slaked lime, but she  suggests that it should be put on raised  boards and not on the ground where the  birds would become an easy prey to cats.  High score winners of the whist drive at  the Welcome Beach Hall on April 2 were  Mary Tinkley and George Murray. There  will be no whist drive in May because of  the plant sale planned for the afternoon of  May 7.  Back at Redrooffs with a becoming tan  is Don Ross who has been spending the  winter at Waikiki Beach.  Those of our readers who are planning  to entertain visitors from far-away places  this summer and who intend to show them  the beauty spots of the Sunshine Coast,  might be interested to know some of the  history behind the romantic place names  of our coast. So, as there is not much  local news this week, and following a  suggestion from Bill Dolmage who supplied some interesting data on the subject,  here is a little of the history behind some  Sunshine Coast names  In 1791, the British government sent  Captain George Vancouver to make an  accurate survey of the North Pacific coast  and to seek a waterway from the Pacific to  the Atlantic. He spent three years on the  coast, circumventing Vancouver Island  and exploring the inlets of the mainland.  Meanwhile, Europe was in a state of  turmoil, with the outbreak of the French  revolution, the execution of the French  king, Louis XVI, and the declaration of  war by France on England and Holland. In  1794, the British Navy, under the command of First Lord of the Admiralty, Earl  Richard Howe, inflicted a crushing defeat  on the French in a battle off Brest, in  which six of the French ships were taken.  The battle, as far as we have been able  to trace, has no name, but is referred to in  all records as the "Glorious First of  June." One can imagine Captain Van-  Page A-6 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday. April 13, 1977  Pasley and HMS Britannia gave its name  to Britannia Beach.  At the northern end of the Sechelt  Peninsula, Lord Nelson is commemorated  by Nelson Island and nearby Hardy Island  is named for Sir Thomas Hardy in whose  arms Nelson died during the battle of  Trafalgar. There is a Victory Mountain  close by, named for Nelson's ship.  It was in a lighter vein that Captain  Richards and his survey crew named  surveying the B.C. coast in" HM Survey many of the places around Halfmoon Bay.  Ship Plumper, and it was he who gave to HM Survey Ship Plumper was anchored in  our local islands and waterways names   a pleasant bay when a supply ship reached  ���by Maty Tinkta*  couver exploring the grandeur of ouri  lovely waterways, perhaps on one of these  unforgettable days when the water  sparkles in the sunshine and the snow-clad  mountains are backed by a cloudless blue  sky. He would want for such a waterway  the proudest and grandest name, so he  named it Howe Sound.  In 1859, Captain George Richards was  which are now household words to us. He  named Coal Harbour in Vancouver when a  seam of coal was found at the foot of Bute  Street. When he was surveying Howe  Sound, he continued the tradition started  by Captain Vancouver and named the  islands, channels and points after the  famous naval men who had taken part in  the "Glorious First of June" battle. Bowen  Island was named after Admiral James  Bowen, master of the flagship in that  historic encounter, and Admiral Bowen's  ship gave its name to Queen Charlotte  Channel. Two of the points on Bowen  Island, Point Hood and Cape Roger Curtis,  are named after.Admiral Lord Hood and  Admiral Sir Roger Curtis, flag captain to  Lord Howe. Gambier Island took its name  from Admiral Lord James Gambier and  Collingwood Channel from Lord Cuthbert  Collingwood who not only took part in the  '"Glorious First of June" but was second in  command to Lord Nelson at the Battle of  Trafalgar. Bowyer Island and Barfleur  Passage commemorate the names of  Admiral Sir George Bowyer and his  flagship, HMS Barfleur.  Another Howe Sound island was named  after Sir Richard Keats, lieutenant in HMS  Ramillies under Captain James Montagu,  which explains the naming of Ramillies  and Montague Channels, Pasley Island  was named after Admiral Sir Thomas  her with a batch of mail from home. The  mail contained news of the results of the ,  Derby, one of England's most popular  horse races held at Epsom race course in  June each year. The race had been won by  a horse called Thormanby, with Buccaneer as runner-up. It was indeed  welcome news, for many of the crew had  money on Thormanby, so they promptly  gave the name to the island where they  were anchored. The bay, with its sandy  beaches and .sheltered anchorage they  named Buccanner Bay. They named the  small island on the far side of Halfmoon  Bay "Merry Island" after the owner of  Thormanby. Because they had received  such welcome news there, they named the  narrow pass between Thormany Island  and the mainland "Welcome Pass". Other  points named, Epsom Point, Derby Point,  Oaks Point and Tattenham Ledge, are all  names associated with English race  courses.  Halfmoon Bay as a place name came  into use much later. The first post office in  the bay was named "Welcome Pass."  They bay was surveyed in 1910 and the  name "Half-moon Bay" first appeared on  Admiralty Chart No. 2078 published in  1912. The spelling was changed during the ,  next few years and the name of the post  office was officiary changed to "Halfmoon  Bay Post Office" in January 1915.  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Notice of Public Hearing  GAMBIER ISLAND  There will be a public meeting held on Gambier Island at 2:00  p.m., April 16, 1977 to discuss the proposed amendments to  the Gambier Island Official Community Plan By-law 110.1. The  meeting will be held at the Veterans Hall at Gambier Harbour.  Representatives from the Islands Trust will be present to  discuss proposed amendments to the Islands Trust Act.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0  885-2261  (Mrs.) A.G. Pressley,  Secretary-Treasurer  PENINSULA MOTORS  Sunshine Coast Hwy���Next to St. Mary's Hospital���Sechelt  GENERAL INQUIRIES  885-5111  operated by  SERVICE LIMITED  PARTS & SERVICE  885-2111  Get ready for summer driving with this  14-point GULF SPRING TUNE-UP package.  T Ignition system analysis  mJ Lubricate heat risor valvo  3 Supply and install new  points and condenser  4 Supply and install now  spark plugs (resistor  plugs oxtfa)  Here's what we'll do:  ���� Adjust dwell angle and  111 Test battery  11  timing  V% Adjust carburetor  M Inspect air cleaner element  8 Examine positive crankcase "���4|^i  ventilation valvo m%mW wires  Check and record  compression  Examine rotor and  distributor cap  Examine high tension  Inspect all belts and hoses  +\Jjk Final ignition systom  analysis  Winter driving can be tough on your car's  engine. 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Twin Creek Building Supplies  Hwy. 101, Gibsons  886-2291  Van. Toll Free 689-5511 langdale Queen   ['  rescued from      [  scrapheap finish [    DOG  LOST  WEDNESDAY was just one of those  days for the Sechelt Volunteer Fire  Department. First, a woman burning  some diapers started a minor brush  fire in Selma Park. Then, a few hours  later, a second small fire (above) had  to be extinguished along the road to  the Arena. The fire department and  B.C. Forest Service would like to  remind people that as of midnight,  Thursday, permits will be required  for all outdoor fires in the province  beyond municipal boundaries.  Campfires are exempted and the  permits can. be obtained free of  charge at the.local Forest Ranger  station. ���Timesphoto  Halfmoon  Bay Easter  Egg hunt  A rainy Saturday morning did not deter  the Halfmoon Bay kids from hunting for  . Easier eggs. . .    ,. ,  The hunt was held April 9 at the  Welcome Beach Hall with 36 children age  12 and under participating.  Five and unders got first crack at egg  finding, followed by the older children.  Then the real hunt was on with a free-for-  all as each group was allowed only one  nest first time around.  While the unters enjoyed hot dogs and  cold drinks, the judges were busy choosing  the winners of the decorated egg contest.  Judges were Kay Dombroski, the local  school board representative, Al Markle, a  visiting grandfather from Manitoba, and  George Murray, president of the Welcome  Beach Community Assn. They found it  quite a challenge to pick the winners from  all the entries.  The egg beaters were, in the young  group: funniest, Deanna Nygard;  decorative, Lorraine North; most original,  Stephan Hawes.  The middle group winners: funniest,  Kirby North; decorative, Erin Kelly; most  original, Sonja Sorensen.  The oldest group: funniest, Margaret  Connor; decorative, Susan Perry; most  original, Hannah Anthony.  Two extra awards for runners up were  given, one to Kenny Sorensen for original  and Billy Trousdell for decorative.  Teenage helpers were Mary Connor,  Garnet Kieselbach and Kitn Tnber. They  bid the eggs, which were made up in .saran  wrap bundles, great forsiglit by convenors  Mnriu Paulhus and .lerry-Ixm Wickwire.  The teenagers lined up the eggs for  Judging, assisted Kay Dombroskl as she  presented the prizes, entertained the tots  and were a big help all around.  Preparing the food and great coffee  were Maureen Henouf, ISIielley Scales  and Doiiua Perry. Cleanup crew, Peggy  North, Peggy Connor. Egg ceheker, Claire  Hfiwefl.  ��& UNISEX  (.oiiipU-U  liiuli<'N **v  IVf  HuirHfyliiijur  ch'h  SiTvirr  01*6-7616  The PENiNsuLA%Me&  Section B Wednesday, April 13, 1977 ' Pages 1-8  Harbour Business Assn.  is formally incorporated  Saying it was unfortunate he had no  champagne with which to celebrate,  lawyer Robert Reid last week told the  Gibsons Harbour Business Association  they had been officially incorporated as a  non-profit group under the provincial  Societies Act.  Reid made the announcement at the  association's April 6 meeting at the  Dogwood Cafe. He said that under the  terms of their charter the group was  responsible for.  "Encouraging and promoting commercial enterprises in the harbour area"  through special events and group advertising. Reid also advised the village  merchants to re-elect their executive, a  move that will be taken at their meeting on  April 20. -  Also to be discussed at next week's  meeting is a proposal for a community  study of the harbour area. Bob Fidelman,  a partner in Integrated Design Services,  told the meeting Gibsons council had been  approached with the idea and had referred  the concept to its planning committee;  "There's never been any determination  of what people want the village to be,"  Fidelman explained, saying such a study  "would determine the character of the  village for the future." Some members of  the association expressed reservations  toward the idea if it meant spending a  great deal of money.  The association has still to decide on  the winner of its recent logo design contest. Twenty-one were submitted and  merchants are to be canvassed this week  as to a final choice.  Association President Bill Edney,  noting that a chamber of commerce had  been restarted in Gibsons, said he hoped  the two organizations could work together (  Maintaining there had been some doujbt;-  about the initial survival of the GHBA  Edney said, "We have taken it easy, taken  it slow, taken the time to get to know each  other. In my estimation this grpup has  come as far or farther than any business  association in this community."  The Langdale Queen, which served the  Sunshine Coast until last September, is  soon to become a unique part of downtown  Vancouver.  Earlier this month the provincial  government announced it had sold the 74-  year-old ferry for $50,000 to Granson Yacht  Charters Ltd.  Company President Vern Granberg  says $250,000 will be spent to restore the  boat to is "original form". After the refit is  complete the Langdale Queen will be  anchored just west of the Air West harbour  terminal. There it will provide a variety of  . facilities for city residents, including  locker rooms and a machine shop for use  on a non-profit basis by pensioners and  retired mariners. Their work, according to  Granberg, will be such maritime orientated jobs as repainting hulls and  overhauling engines. Each worker would  be able to supplement his pension by up to  $120 a month and there are plans to set up  an apprenticeship program for students  who could learn a trade from the retired  workers.  "The pensioners' programs arose,"  Granberg said, "because there are a lot of  retired gentlemen out there with a lot of  valuable skills. This way they'll have a  place to come to and practice skills  they've used all their lives. And they'll be  able to pass them onto the kids who apprentice with them." Granberg said the  innovative program was one of the reasons  his bid for the vessel was accepted, even  though it was the second highest.  A large conference room capable of  accommodating 120 people will also be  part of the hew Langdale Queen. Maritime  organizations will be given first pick of  available dates and the room will be  provided to non-profit groups at no charge.  The remaining 10,000 square feet will  be used either as commercial space or a  restaurant, Granberg said.  After announcement of the sale, Ken  Stratford, traffic manager for B.C.  Ferries, revealed the acceptance of the  highest bid would have meant the  Langdale Queen being turned into scrap.  "But we didn't want to see her turned  into scrap because of ,her maritime history  andGranberg's ideas were so good we just  decided to give it to him,'' Stratford said.  We have a good choice of excellent  quality brass items for the collectors,  come in and browse anytime. ���Miss Bee's  Sechelt.  "Cheeky" Pre Purebread Keeshound, ���  Gray, Silver & Black���Lost in Langdale Area.      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Survived by  one son, Frederick of Courtenay, B.C.; 2 daughters,  Ethel, of Gibsons, Sharon of  Kamloops, B.C., 4 grandchildren, 3 brothers and 1  sister. Funeral service was  held Saturday, April 9 at  Devlin Funeral Home,' Gibsons. Rev. D. Brown officiated. Cremation  followed. 3034-20  In Memoriam  DONATIONS TO the Cana-  dian Cancer Society are  . gratefully acknowledged  and will be devoted solely to  Cancer Research. Donations  should be addressed to The  Canadian Cancer Society, c-o  Mrs. A.J. Hatcher, Madeira  Park, B.C. Cards are sent to  the bereaved and receipts for  income tax' purposes to  donors. 3035-20  1ACRE mini-estate! Future  subdividable into two ���'%  acre lots. On paved road,  water and hydro. Lower Nor-  West Bay Rd., West Sechelt.  $16,500. Ph: owner 885-  2084. 2935-TFN  SELLYOURHOME  FOR ONLY  m PCT. COMMISSION  . Call  SECHELT AGENCIES  885-2238or  689-5838 24 HOURS  2819-tfn  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  VIEW   LOT   on   Thompson  Road,   Langdale   Heights,  $14,500. Call Owner at Victoria    Box Numbers' ...      .. 60c extra  658-8055 or Vancouver 980-  Personal  ALCOHOLICS     Anonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. every  Wednesday.   Madeira   Park  Community Hall. Ph. 883-  2356. 2825-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS published in  The Peninsula tunes can be  ordered for your own use at  The Times office. 1473-tf  COME IN TO J&C Electronics  for your free Radio Shack  catalogue. 1327-tfn  I HEREBY give notice that I  will not be responsible for  any debts incurred in my  name by anone other than  myself. Michael Toynbee.  3023-21  PENINSULA Travel under  new ownership and  management. Call for all your  travel needs. Ph. 886-  2278. 3042-20  r '  Help Wanted  TELECTROLUX Canada Ltd.  for Sales and Service. 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Ph. 886-  7160. 2931-19  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  March 31, .976  Gross Circulation 4150  Paid Circulation 3241  As filed with the Audit  Bureau of  Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (1-2 words)  One Insertion       $1.80  Three Insertions $3.60  Extra lines (4 words) 60c  (Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60per��olurnn inch)  5431.  3002-22  _&j_  ROBERTS CREEK. 10 acres  with   creek.   Hydro   and  telephone, $30,000. Ph.  885-  3450. 3004-21  NEW 1200 sq ft home with full  bsmt., includes shake roof,  Real Estate  VIEW LOT for sale, Wilson  Creek. $11,200. Ph. 885-3718  or 885-9213. 3043-20  For Rent  carpets, finished FP's up and   2 BDRM WF home Davis Bay.  down,      custom      kitchen      Elec. stove and fridge, $225.  cabinets. Located on Chaster  Rd. on 100 x 100 beautifully  treed lot near the newly  proposed Pratt Rd. school.  Priced for excel, value in mid  50's by contractor. 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Be capable in record keeping and collection  of accounts.  Applications should be submitted prior to Monday,  April 18, 1977 at the Municipal office, 1490 South  Fletcher Road, Gibsons, B.C.  \  J.W. Copland,  Municipal Clerk  XWT��^>,a^X^X^jr^jra^ra^J<S>jr^Ji-a^Jfa^jr^J^^<^^^J<a^X^X^Jt'  tincoast  ��� i    ���, ���      ���^:3*r^.w. ESTATES LTDmw -   ���        I Real Estate, Land Developments, New Homes  Vancouver Direct Line  685-5544     Office 885-2241  HOMES  ���  SECHELT Cute and cozy noar now 3 ^drm rancher,  w/w thru, floor to celling fireplace. All modern  conveniences. Asking $42,900.  WHAT 1)0 YOU EXPECT  Kl.OMATlU'.EaSKlWICE?  Experienced, insured  work?  Prompt,  giiurnnteed service?  Fair estimates?  Then     give     uh     u     cull:  PKKULKaSaS  TREK .SERVICES LTD.,  885-.2109. VMHfn  HOUSKKKKI'lNKi Moii.-l''rl���  !) a.in.-5 p.m.   Phone  IMWi-  l��1li:i. 2977-20  .SEE THE Unlit If you want  your Harden to Im> in Up top  shape.      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'  WAlERFRONT In Sunshlno Bay Estatos, parkllko sotting, with arbutus troos. Panoramic vlow of  Halfmoon, Moiry Isl. otc, Nlco building slto; walor, sowor and boat launching. Priced lo Mill nt  $34,500.  HALFMOON BAY 10 soml woloifiont lots to choose fiom, fantastic vlow overlooking Moiry  Islnnd and Wolcomo Pass. Boautlful Abiulus troos, sowoi nnd water, boot Inunchlnflj ramp. Terms  can bo arranged, f mm $10,000  DAVIS BAY throe Outstanding vlow lols on louinl and Giooi Avo. All now homos Ih tho (Hon.  Asking $14,900.  WIS1 PORPOISE nAY       Nooi  Ico Arena and Men Inn,  build. Owner  n��iy�� Soil. Make an ofloi, fd Bokoi.  72' liontcigo. Clooiod, lovol ft randy to  RIOROQII 5 ARl A       youi (link o of ,'l leu go lols nppiox 2 3 ouo.  125' frontago, nlroly tiood and  lovol. Woloi ft hydro, roned R 2, trailers allowed. I rom $9,500 to $1 1,500.  i  SI (Rl f COVI 10*'. down oosy tonus. Koc lontlonal propoitios (lose lo good moorngo nt But  conoor Mai Ino   Sign on, liom $7,900, \  WIISOHf RtIK      Cloaiod vlnw lot on <|iilol innd. Asking $10,300 wllh 10",. OP.  MASON ROAD       Nun lot partly (looted nanus from school, nonr booth, wotoi avallablo   Asking  $9,500.  5 ACRIS  rivallahli  ACREAGE  v��ry rloslrritile holding pui|w��ity In llm Vlllago ol Socholt. Asking $311,900 with torrns  StCRM C,OVJ        Approx 5 acces and 900 ll of highway fiontoge. View, <it III*  J woll. neoi  But  conooi Moilim. Asking $29,500. (wl lon ui   Siikiiiiim.  SIEVE PETCRSON  885-3722  SUZANNE or LEN  VAN EGMOND  885-2241  ED BAKER  885-2641  Olli Sladey  REALTY  LTD.  BOX 100, MADEIRA PARK, B.C.  VHONE: PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233 TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  Member* of Multiple Listing Service  HOMES  WATERFRONT HOMES  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 3 bdrm waterfront home on Bowsprit Road.  Separate garage. 48 ft low bank waterfront, dock, garden. $70,000.  IRVINES LANDING ��� 3 bdrm home on 237 �� ft. waterfront lot. Extras  include sundecks on 3 levels, family .room & den. Approx 1/2 acre,  spectacular view. $115,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 52' waterfront lot with furnished duplex. Upper  floor is one bdrm suite/lower floor is bachelor suite. Both presently  rented. $60,000.  4 MILE POINT, SANDY HOOK ������-��� 1 1 lift waterfront with attractive well  constructed 3'bdrm hortieon 3 levels, built 1975. 3,392 sq ft of living  area plus basement area with sauna and change room. Extras include  family room, rooftop patio, sundecks on all 3 levels. $132,000.  BUCCANEER BAY ��� Thormanby Island. 2 bdrm furnished summer  home located Within 100 yds of sandy beach and VaucroH government  dock. $47,500.  EGMONT ��� 2 bdrm home, 790+ sq ft on Maple Rd, close to Egmonf  Marina. Oil heat, low taxes. $24,000.  WARNOCK ROAD, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 4 bdrm cedar home. Gothic  arch style with full basement..Electric range, fridge, dishwasher and  acorn fireplace included in purchase price. An attractive home on a  large level lot with lawn and garden. $49,000.  REDROOFFS ROAD ��� architect designed 3 bdrm home of unusual  modern style. Located on 1.2 acres of landscaped view property with  good view of Gulf. $83,500.  GARDEN IJAY ESTATES ��� Beautiful 3 bdrm cedar ranch style home.  1363j+_ sq ft built 1975. Landscaped, dbl garage, large sundeck & view  over harbour. House is well constructed .and nicely decorated. $79,000.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� 3 bdrm ranch style home, built 1973, on large  treed lot. Garage and separate storage shed. $49,500.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� semi-waterfront, double lot, view, close to  beach access with 688L+ sq ft home with covered sundeck, stone-faced  fireplace, separate double garage and 320+ sq ft furnished guest  cottage. $71,900.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 bdrm home, built 1976, on natural treed lot  with view of Garden Bay. $59,000.  IRVINES LANDING ��� 2 bdrm view home overlooking Lee Bay. W W  carpets, sundeck, range & fridge included. Close to marina and gov't  wharf. $34,900. Owner will consider lot as part payment.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� brand new cedar home with 2160 sq ft of  living area on two levels. 2 bdrms on main level and 3rd bdrm on lower  level. 2 fireplaces, rec room, sundeck, view of harbour. Electric heat,  thermopane windows. $73,500.  MADEIRA PARK ��� Brand new 3 bdrm home on Wesjac Road (Narrows  Road subdivision). Carport and sundeck. Good retirement home ���  immediate possession. $39,900.  RONDEVIEW ROAD ��� Francis Peninsula. 3 brand new homes,  from $59,00Q to $79,000. Immediate possession.  priced  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 3 bdrm ranch style home, built 1975, on large  landscaped lot. $71,900.  ELLIOTT ROAD, GARDEN BAY ��� Well-built 2 bdrm 670+. sq ft home.  Large treed lot close to good swimming in Garden Bay Lake. $38,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� in a quiot cul de sac off Sinclair Bay Road. A 2 bdrm  Gothic Arch style home with excellent view over Garden Bay.  Naturally treed lot. $53,000.  I  MOBILE HOMES  i  REVENUE PROPERTIES!  LOTS  1.TRANCIS PENINSULA        1.5 + ocro trood lot, oasy orross, oasy lo  build on. $19,900.  2. MADEIRA PARK       soivlcod lots, most with vlow, closo to school,  stoios,  P.O. ft mmlnaa.  $4,500 $22,000,  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA        sovoial good building lols serviced wllh  hydro ft walor.  $10,000 to $15,000.  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR      1 1/2 + acres, nicely tiood, soc luded. Hydro,  wolor, soptlc lank R drain flold In. $25,000.  5. GARDEN IIAY      soivl.od lols, somo wllh oxcollont vlow. $12,000 to  $111,500,  tt.   GAKDIN HAY IAKI nlcoly Hood lol on ! Illnl  Road with vlow ol  lako   Drain flold is In   $17,900  7   NARROWS ROAD Good building lots,  i loso  to Modolm  Poik.  $9,000 ft $9,500, /  I), Rl DROOI'I S AREA      noluially trood lot on Fionels Rond. 100' k 269'  with woloi. liydro ond telephone.  $17,900  9.  fARISTOVr      miiiiI woloi limit vlow lol nn Infvls Irtlnt Rood. Meed  licit<iinl slolo, ciinlslci soil,  low bundled fool lo public   hooch nccoss,  Dllvowny  in. $9 500  10 HAU MOON BAY       loigo coinoi vlow lot on Rudi units Rood, closo  to wotor   $9,000.  It    4ANOY   HOOK view   lo)   wllh   hydro,   watec   ft   phono   "vail  able   $| 1,500.  12  SINCIAIR BAY ROAD       lovol, cleared lot with /:.+ It road Iron  loge   $ I ft.000.  DAN WILEY  R����. 883 9149  PAT SLADEY  Re.. 885-3922  FALSE BAY, LASQUETI ISLAND Gonoral store, restaurant, PO &  Marlnaon .9 + acres with 1 67 + 'W/F. $160,000 plus cash lor slock In  trado. "  TAYLOR'S GARDEN BAY STORE 1.4 acres land, 650+ ft sheltered  watorfront, largo gonoral storo with butcher shop, office, stock rooms  and post olflce. 370+ lineal ft floats. Standard Oil dealership, owners  2 bdrm home. $240,000 plus cash for stock In trade.  BUSINESS BLOCK MADEIRA PARK  2 concrete block buildings, built 1970, with a total floor oroa of 0,250  sq ft. Present lorinnts are a Building Supplies, Furnlture/Eloctrlcal A  Plumbing Supply Storo, Laundromat ft Roal Estato/lnsuranco Office,  locatod on 5.4-f acros on Hwy 101 at Hwy 101 and Francis Ponlnsula  Roacl. $195,000  GU N BO AT BAY ���5 �� acres, 152��.ft. waterfront, access from hwy 101  near Madeira Park. 3 bdrm home, 3 cottages, float. $125,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2 bdrm home with partial basement on 300 +  ft waterfront. Sweeping view of Harbor entrance, islands & Gulf. Good  garden area, no stairs to climb and privacy. $140,000  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 bdrm home on 78+. ft waterfront on Lagoon Road  with private dock & float. House is 808+ sq ft, remodelled 1969.  Covered sundeck on 2 sides, separate garage and workshop. Furnished  26' deluxe Kenskill mobile home used as guest house. Furniture,  furnishings, appliances and tools are included. $95,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� well constructed 2 bdrm home, 1073+ sq ft.  Built 1972. Full basement, 137+ ft waterfront, deep moorage, dock &  float. Spectacular view of Harbor entrance. $100,000.   % :   GUNBOAT BAY ��� near Madeira Park. Older 2 bdrm home with attic  rooms on 2.2+_ acres with 150+. ft low bank waterfront, excellent  moorage. Separate workshop. $50,000.     *���       '        ���  WARNOCK ROAD, FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 3 bdrm home with full bsmt,  1 1/2 bathrooms, electric heat situated on 3.5 acres with 500+ ft.  waterfront in Bargain Harbour. Asking $200,000.  [WATERFRONT ACREAGE  FPAMCIS PENINSULA ��� 2'adjacent sheltered WF lots with deep water  moorage. 83+. ft x 711+_ ft at $42,500. 132+_ftx 914+_ at $75,000.  Subdivision possibilities.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� 700+J rocky beach waterfront on Hwy 101  between Bargain Harbour and Silver Sands. Property contains 16 +  acres with beautiful view of Malaspina Strait and Texada Island. Small  older cottage and 26' trailer included. $165,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY ��� 200+ ft waterfront with 900 ft frontage on  Egmont Road adjacent to Jervts View Marina. 5.11 acres. Spectacular  view up Jervis Inlet and fishing on your doorstep. $68,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 l/2�� acres with 500+Jt sheltered waterfront. A  very nice parcel. $122,500.  EARLS COVE ��� 5.57 acres good land with 450+ ft waterfront adjoining  ���Earls Cove Ferry Terminal. $125,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� undivided 1/24th interest in D.L. 3839 with 450 +_  ft Waterfront, 5�� acres. Southwest exposure, boat or plane access  $30,000.  LAKEFRONT PROPERTIES:   ��  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 16 acres with 750�� ft of sheltered waterfront with  Southern exposure. Water access only. $40,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 107 ft lakefront lot with comfortable summer  cottage. Franklin fireplace, large sundeck on 2 sides. Range, fridge,  some furniture, float & 16+ ft sailboat included. $26,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� 113+_ acres of excellent land, 400' waterfront on Ruby  Lake, 2,600,+. ft waterfront on lagoon. 2 houses, presently rented &  trailer spaces. $120,000.  SAKINAW LAKE ��� 57.5+_acres with 3,500 ft + sheltered waterfront. 2  summor cottages, 2 docks, water access only. $200,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA largo, levol landscapod lot. Partly loncod, with  12 x 60' furnished Bonclix mobllo homo, 1972 modol, affixod to a  concrete pad with covered front porch, 10 x 12' aluminum work shed.  $35,000.  HOTEL LAKE ��� 105f ft. excellent lakefront lot. 1/2 acre with Hydro  and easy access. $20,000.  RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 4 has 117�� ft. good lakefront, driveway In Irom  Hallowell Road, serviced with Hydro, $19,500.  SAKINAW LAKE 1300+ ft choice, lakofront, with 24+' nlcoly treed  acres. 4 bdrm furnlshod Panabode homo with sundock on 4 sides.  Float, 2 boats and motors. Avery nlco property, $105,000.  I  ISLANDS  WILLIAM ISLAND -- Boautlful 2 1/2+ acre Island al the entrance to  Pender Harbour, just oil Irvlno's Landing. Piped water. $100,000.  SUTTON ISLAND, EGMONT ��� Beautiful treed small Island. 1.7+ ocres  with beach and sheltered cove, locatod directly In front of the Egmont  Marina. Asking $45,000.  11.6+ ACRE ISLAND at the entranco to Churchill Bay, Francis  Ponlnsula. 3 bdrm furnished pan-abode cottage, float water ft hydro  $107,500.  WATERFRONT LOTS  1, SECREl COVE 2 adjacent watorfront lots on sowor systom. Bolh  are steep, but have good building silos and doop sheltered moorago.  $211,500 ft $29,500.  2. GERRANSBAY 100+It waterfront with IBB It Irontago on Francis  Peninsula Road. Driveway, septic tank, water line and electricity all In.  $32,000.  'I. GARDFN BAY ESTAHS 2901 It wotorliont on 1.2.1 tiood ocios  Dilvowciy in, building silos clooiod. $55,000  4 FRANCIS PtfsJINSUlA ���. large wai oil ion! lol, lacing onto Baigain  ll.nl>..ui     lovol  t.utldlncj  llio,   $:M,000,  ACREAGE  i  1. IRVINE'S LANDING       2.B7 level acres, view ol enhance to I'endei  Hoibour, ocioss road liom public waterfront nccoss.  $42,000.  2, SILVER SANDS    - 4+ acres al Gull view piopeity with small cottage  and 2 mobile homes (12 x 60 and 10 x 50) creek. $511,500  3 MIDDLE  POINT 1B96 acres with  creek  ond 2  hdim  totlogo  $40,000.  4 MADEIRA PARK       3 1/2 acres of poikllke land on Splnnokoi Rood  near I Mllos (Pnq) lake. $35,000.  i. KlttNDAll ��� apfMox 20 oties ol lalrly level land wllh appcox  10  acres cleared. $42,000.  ft  RUBY IAKF       2 I /At acres view propoity, cliivftwoy in, building Site  denied, $19,000.  DON LOCK  Ret. 883-2526  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY  883-2233 Wed, April 13, 1977     The Peninsula Times   PageU-3  For Rent  Boats and Engines  Cars and Trucks  Cars and Trucks  16'   ALOHA   travel   trailer,    '69   FORD  GALAXY,   good  NEWLY DECORATED 2 and    18' FIBREGLASS on plywood      propane or electric. Sleeps      shape, new paint. Phone 885-  3 bdrm apts. Stove, fridge, ,    With 65 HP Merc. Bucket   6. $1,000. Ph. 885-3926.      3025-   9456. 30569-20  apt  ibli  heat and cablevision includ. in seats, tinted glass, $1000 obo.  reasonable  rent.  Sorry,   no ph. 886-9658.                3014-21  pets. Close to schools  and     _ ��� ;   shopping. Phone 886-7836.2722- 17' SANGSTER, all glass 90  tfn HP elect, shift motor. Good  ^t,.��   t^,��t ^���^ cond. Where is as is. $850. 883-  1   BDRM   DUPLEX,    WF, 2638.                             3019-21  Roberts   Creek,   $135   per    month. Ph. 437-8386.     2969-20 24'REINELL CRUISER fully   ; ~ equipped with trim tabs, 23  NEW OWNERSHIP Tantalus chaqnn��f  CB   radio,    dq>th  Apts., Gibsons. Now avail. SOUnder, dual batteries, life  bachelor and 1 bdrm suites. raft  anrj p0Wered by a 190  Furn.    or    unfurn.,    newly qMC. This cruiser is only 1  decorated with w-w carpeting. year 0i<j with approximately  Cable and parking. Phone 886- 35 running hours, immaculate  7490 or 886-2597.          2967-tfn conditionf sleeps 5 and has a  fully equippped galley, stand  '72        PINTO        SQUIRE,  woodgrain   panels,   auto.,  radio. Phone 883-2526.   3008-21  '69 FIREBIRD, 6 cyl. immac.  cond., city tested, $1600 obo.  Must be seen, 886-9658. 3015-21  WATERFRONT   house    for  rent. Phone evenings, 886-  2566. 2978-tfn  HALFMOON BAY 3 bdrm  mod. house." Oil furnace,  divided bathroom, stove and  fridge. Damage deposit and  refs req'd. $250 per mo. Ph.  885-3614 eves. 3005-21  SPACIOUS    UPPER    level  duplex, large LR with FP.  Oil heated. Avail, now. 885-  2014. 3031-22  up head. Sacrifice price  $14,000. Call 885-2027 after 6  p.m.forinfor. 3020-21  28'   LANDING   craft,   twin  screw, low hrs. Smaller boat  on trade. 883-9261. 3021-21  18%  FT.   STARCRAFT  V-6  Buick OMC leg. Fresh water  cooled, 4 wheeled tilt trailer.  Ph. 885-2997. 3009-21  Machinery  CAN-AM CRAWLER  CORPORATION  COMMERCIAL     warehouse  for rent in Sechelt, 500 sq. ft.  with loading door, $150 per  month. Ph. 885-3515 days, 885-  "THE BULLDOZER PEOPLE"  2084 eves. 3039-20    Genuine        I.T.M. Un-   : ���      dercarriage, Rollers, Tracks,  GIBSONS - Near new 3 bdrm    Sprockets,   Etc.   Equipment  house with view. Avail, on    Overhauls. New Tractor Parts  or before May 1st. $325 per  mo. Ph. 886-7625. 3045-22  AVAIL. May 1st, Gibsons WF  2 bdrm, appliances, bsmt.  auto, oil heat. Ph. 886-  9849. 3046-20  Wanted to Rent  for All Models ��� Bullgears,  Pinions^ Engine Parts, Track  Press & Rebuilding.  A Complete Service  "Your Bobcat Dealer"  4623 Byrne Rd., Burnaby B.C.  434-2651 Telex 04-354-652  607-tfn  ALL STEEL portable sawmill  complete with 6" mainland  Phone   collect  697-2251    edSer- Als�� complete planer  3062-22    set-up   and   various   other      sawmill  equipment.  Evelyn  _    ^ . _     . Mills,   Box  2830,   Smithers,  Boats and Engines       b.c.voj2No. Phone 847-   ���     2879. 3056-20  VESSELS     surveyed     and  UNFURN   3   bdrm   house,  Sechelt area. From June  1st  days.  appraised   for   insurance    Business Opportunities  ���ocuration, damage claims,         mying or selling. Our sur-  procuration, damage claims,  fe�� ��arreSeUar-a^eS   ���^1���^%  bteSSiS^a^eS *�������� vox 1W0 or P^ftXj  P.O. Box 339, Gibsons, B.C.    7272- .     ^a/'/u  2639-tfn  VON  1V0.  GROCERY STORE  - Arrow  ���71 - 20' FIBREFORM HT 140 Lakes, modern    shelving,  HP Merc IBOB, approx 420 refrigeration equipment, air  hrs. on engine. Stove, sink, conditioned,  bright.   Almost  head and new trim tabs. Very 4,000   feet.   Owners   suite,  clean, $6,000 obo. Ph. 883- $120,000  plus  $16,000  stock.  9133.                           3003-21 Half cash. Box 659, Nakusp,    B.C.V0G1R0.               3050-20  23'   SANGSTERCRAFT,   130 ���  HP inboard-outboard Volvo  Penta. Ph. 885-9456.      3060-20  Cars and Trucks  12'   HOURSTON   Glasscraft  with oars. $325. Phone 883-  2433. 3053-22  ���  ���  II  n  ���  VILLAGE OF GIBSONS  P.O. Box 340,  Gibsons, B.C. VON IVO  BACKHOE SALE  Sealed   bids  will   be   received   up   to  4:30  p.m., Monday, April  18, 1977 at the  Municipal Office  1490 South Fletcher Road  for the following described backhoe:  1972 Case 580B  c/w Roll Over Cab  Available  for  site  inspection,   Monday   to  Friday   inclusively, Municipal Works Yard.  J.W. Copeland,  Municipal Clerk  ���  ���  ���  ���  ���  J  YOUR AUTOPUN CENTRE  ALL TYPES QF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  FOR SALE BY OWNER  Excellent Family Home,  West Sechelt  '42,500  3 bedroom, fireplace, feature wall,  large lot. Quiet cul de sac.  12'xl8' storage shed.  885-3718 885-9213  w%%%��������%%%%����������y%%%ic%'K%��������avfcXX��aa63oq  31' EX GILNETTER   8' 6"     '64 BEAUMONT convert. New  beam, 6 ton class,'rebuilt       gas tank, motor checked  Chrysler Crown, needs some    over, new top. $250 obo. 883-  ribwork and caulking. Offers.    2638. 3018-21  Ph. 885-3430 eves. 3051-20                '64 ONE ton steel flat deck  with hoist, new tires, new  brakes, about 20,000 on motor.  Ph. 886-9595 after 7.       2973-20  H.B. GORDON AGENCIES ltd.  Cowrie St., Sechelt  Oo5a"ZU13 Insurance  Real Estate  WILSON CREEK: Two level family  home, 4 bdrms, garage and studio,  140 x 137' lot with garden space. F.P.  $47,500.  NEW RANCHER: West Sechelt. Treed  lot. Close to school. 3 bdrms.  Fireplace. $39,900.  NEW VILLAGE HOME: Versatile floor  plan in this cathedral entry home  with 2 bdrms up, plus 1 down and  space for large future rec room  Garage in bsmt. View anytime.  $45,500.  SELMA pXRlTlUaTerfrontTeased lot on Hwy 101 with CABIN on  the beach behind the breakwater.  SECHELT INLET: 6.68 acres, half cleared. Gentle south slope. R2  zoned. 330' on road. 889' deep. F.P. $43,500.  NICKERSON RD: View, treed 2.08 acres in W Sechelt. Trade your  A   local lot or offers to $26,500.   HOPKINS LANDING: View lot. $11,500 cosh or try your terms.  HWY 101: 69 x 183 view lot with rear lane access off Nestman  Rd. F.P. $12,300. Termsl  RADCLIFFE RD: 75' x 125' treed lot. VIEW. Popular new home  A   area. Asking $14,900.  ���| _   '     WEST SECHELT: Treed 70 ft lot. Paved road. F.P. $1 3,900.  J ���-   "  "   I     WINTER RD: Prlvato trood lot off Norwost Bay Rd. F.P. $12,900.  SECHELT: Pebble Crescent lot, 54.6 frontago, roar lane. Asking  $12,900. Easy to build on.  COOPER RD: 1/2 acre level lot, $2,700 down. $109por mo.  WILDWOODRD: 1/2 aero trood lot. 125 x 500. F.P. $10,500.  REDROOFFS RD: High bank watorfront,  100 x 560. Doop lovol  building slto olf road. Terrific SW vlow. F.P. $10,900.  HALFMOON BAY: Doublo lot,  now ono parcol on Curran Rd.  Good southorly vlow, boach accoss Is right In front. F.P. $20,900.  HALFMOON BAY  Curran Rd.  WATERFRONT LOTS  Select Listings Wanted  Phono us onytlmo for a "no obligation" rail  JOHN or LYNN WILSON  Evonlng* 885-9365 Wookond*  sV"Cl,%^^^*^^stW^��^^^^^,��^k*^^*3N^^Ka%a^.^%.^��a.^i^jfcj^^^^a^^>.^fciWa-4^^fc^r  FOR SALE BY OWNERS  # <      ����   fi��/r<t"��?vl  K    *} ft ��      *        i  SECHELT VILLAGE  '41,500 by Owner  Codar feature walls, door-toiling flroplaco, dlshwashor and W/W carpots. Horseshoe kltchon and  opon dining aroa. No stops. Concroto drlvoway and  patios front and back. Largo lovol foncod cornor lot  and motal storage shod. Phonv 805-3583.  WEST SECHELT  2200 sq. fl. of D*v*lopod Floor Amo  ���78,500 by Owner  Soml (ustoin, Spanish, Spill lovol vlnw homo 11tin spue Ion*  tnmlly homo hut A bodiooms, 2 1/2 lull hathionms, lingo living  room, formal dining oraa, separate family ond rorrsatlnn  lOOim. flu* lll��d loyar, custom cablnott, unlqu* bikk droplocks  and Spool��h mollf nr* toolurns you will on|ny. Altai hod raipoit  hns <kI|<iIiiIo(j workshop. Phones 009-3644.  AUo Corner lot ol 99 x 152 up Hcivles Rood. $9000 10*.  rlnwn nnd nwiim will <<iriy hnlcinco. 005-3644.  EAL ESTATE  APPRAISALS  NOTARY PUBLIC  AND UND DEVELOPMENT LTD  Jon McRae  885-3670  DENTAL BLK.  GIBSONS  PHONE 886-2277  TOLL FREE 682-151  Ken Crosby  HOMES  Lorrie Girard  886-7760  LANGDALE: Johnson Road: a truly lovely  executive home with an unsurpassed  view. Approx .1400 sq ft on the main floor,  plus full basement. Two fireplaces, two full  baths, feature wood panelling in dining  area, large entranceway. Paved driveway,  carport, sundeck and special lighting  features throughout. This is a well  designed spacious home in a very good  area, close to school and ferries. Make an  appointment to see this today.  FP $62,500  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Brand new! Quality built  1300 sq ft home with full basement. Many  extra features including heatilator fireplace. 2  full baths plus Rl in basement. Built-in dish-*,  washer, fridge 8 stove & w/w carpeting  throughout. FP $58,500  GLASSFORD ROAD: Modern living at its best.  This 3 bdrm, split-level home has an endless  array of features. There are skylights in the  kitchen, living room and dining room that will  brighten u^any day around home. The extra  large living room has sliding glass'doors to  front, fireplace & wood feature wall. The  kitchen has a nook area, while the dining room  will easily accommodate the largest of dining  room suites. The upstairs offers 1 1/2 baths and  3 bdrms with access to the sundeck, and if you  need room to expand, the family room is just  waiting for your finishing touches. The  workshop & utility area are also roughed in.  This must be seen to appreciate the value. FP  $49,900  HEADLANDS ROAD: Lovely retirement or  starter home in good are close to park, beach  and post office. Grounds are beautifully landscaped with fruit trees and stonework features.  104 sq ft enclosed sunporch is an added  feature plus a separate garage and storage  shed on property. SEE THIS ONE! FP $32,750.  CRN PRATT & FAIRVIEW: Many wood feature  walls in this nicely designed one bdrm home,  with fireplace and nice family room. Completely fenced and landscaped yard. Could be  easily added to as concrete slab already at side  of house. Price includes fridge, stove, washer &  dryer. Owner anxious to sell!  FP $33,900.  SARGENT ROAD: Spectacular view, beautifully  designed home in good area. 3 bedrooms,  sunken living room, 2 fireplaces, full basement  and sundeck. Lot all landscaped and terraced.  Many extras such as built-in bar, etc. FP  $74,000  GIBSONS: PRIME REVENUE BUILDING: In. the  heart of Power Gibsons, 2250 sq ft of post &  beam construction, featuring 10 ft ceilings, 2  sets of plumbing, 100 and 200 amp service,  fire-wall divider, recently renovated. Lot size  60 x 100'. Currently leased with a yearly  revenue of over $7,000. An excellent investment value. FP $54,900  GIBSONS ��� TRIPLEX: Located in the heart of  /Gibsons, one block from, the Ocean and 2  ' blocks to shopping etc. Three (3) one bedroom  apartments make this an excellent revenue  investment or, live in one and pay for it with  the rentals from the other two. An extra room  downstairs with private entrance plus a work  building at the rear makes this an ideal opportunity to have a self-occupation business as  well! Call in for details and all other information.  FAIRVIEW ROAD: Large family home with full  basement on large lot. This 4 bedroom home  has two finished fireplaces & a nice family  room plus a small office. Exceptionally large  kitchen with 27 feet of cupboard space. A total  of 2500 sq ft of living area. FP $71,800  CHASTER ROAD: New home, 1 1/2 blocks from  the Chaster Road school now under construction. Well-designed 3 bedroom family  home on full basement. Nestled in the trees to  .provide the ultimate in natural landscaping.  Many deluxe features such as 2 finished  fireplaces, skylights, sundeck ond custom-  made kitchen cabinets. FP $54,900  SEAVIEW ROAD: Older type 3 bedroom home,  recently remodelled. Partial basement. Extra  large kitchen. Exceptional panoramic view  lot. FP $29,900  DAVIS BAY: Fir Road. 1256 sq ft full  basement custom built home, 3 bedrooms  upstairs with 4 pee plumbing and ensuite.  The large living room has beautiful wood  feature wall. Large dining room and  kitchen with built-in nook. Finished  fireplaces up and down. Basement has  finished rec room with built-in bar,  roughed-in bedroom and one piece  plumbing. In addition there are sundecks  front and rear so you can always take  advantage of the sun. Attached carport  and nicely landscaped lot round out this  lovely family home. Yes, of course, there is  the Davis Bay view of the Trail Island and  West Sechelt. FP $49,900  SECHELT: Spindrift Road. Nicely designed 1 1/2  yr old home. Close to schools, shopping and  park. Right in the heart of Sechelt. Fully carpeted, bright kitchen and living room. 3  bedrooms on main floor, with partial  basement, fireplace, carport and landscaped  grounds. FP $45,500  SARGENT ROAD: Large family home in exceptionally good area with a panoramic view.  Three bedrooms, fireplaces up and down,  ensuite off the ��� master bdrm. Finished  basement includes rec room, laundry room and  workshop. Sundeck, carport and paved  driveway round out this landscaped lot. SEE this  lovely home and fall in love with it. PRICE NOW  REDUCED TO FP $63 500.  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: At Cheryl Anne  Park. 115' prime WATERFRONTAGE and over 2  acres of gorgeous treed property. The main  house has over 1500 sq ft of finished living  area, including 5 bedrooms and 2 full  bathrooms, heatilator fireplace and a view that  doesn't end. In addition there is a 600 sq ft  cottage at the waters edge (suggested rent of  $200 per month) 400 feet of gravel driveway  winds through the trees to the double carport  and entrance to your private waterfront  estate. FP $129,000  GLASSFORD ROAD: Beautiful, well-built  Spanish style home in new development area.  Many extras including arches throughout,  lovely fireplaces up and down. Extra super  large master bedroom, skylight in master  bathroom. W/W carpeting throughout. Well  designed kitchen with sliding glass doors from  dining area to large sundeck. Full unfinished  basement. FP $59,900  POPLAR LANE  vi  House  4l2.<,0O  S.OLD  * 13.^00  fc/3 900  ��� ��. i'o i n oo'  SOLD  iQLD  HOUSE  nm  15  Hous.e  17  �� c or I  *    it  HI l,l0O  16  tlSLSoO  13  ^OLD  0 ll.cIOO  II  LOTS  ABBS ROAD:   At tho cornor of  School   Road. ABBS ROAD: Ono of tho nicest building Iota In SKYLINE DRIVE: This 70 x 59 x 131 x  I 22 tt lot  Excollont oxtra-large building   lot  with  spoc- Gibsons. Lovol building slto wllh dropoff  In with   oxpansivo   vlow   of   tho   Boy   aroa   and  tacular vlow of Bay, Howo Sound & Goorgla front of proporty to protect privacy. Spectacular Gibsons Villago is woll prlcod AT ONLY            F-  Strait. Approxlmotoly 75 x 150 loot.FP $19,000 panoramic vlow. Si/o 66 x 120'.         FP$in,500 P $11,500  CEMETERY ROAD: En|oy tho qulot privacy of  ono aero In rural Gibsons. Tho proporty la all  lovol, usablo land. Trood with somo vlow. F-  P $17,900  FORBES RD & JOHNSON RD: In Langdalo. Vory  rloso lo school, this cornor lot is cloarod, lovol  and roady lo build upon. Nolo tho oxtro largo  sljoot approx 00 x 135'. FP $1.1,500  IUWANEK: Only ono block to boach. Full vlow  of Inlot. Plpod community wotor nvnllnblo.  HO x 140. NEW low prlco ONLY $9900  I'RA 11 ROAD: Nolo tho sl.ro ol this magnlf Iront,  lovol building lot In o fust gmwlng won, closo  to pmposocl now oloiiHintoiy  school.  Lot   slzo  HOx 200',  VIRY Will PRICI DAI ONIY 11'SKI,000  UJWANLK: Al llio ond ol Porpolso Uoy Rd.  Iho portoil rotreallonal lot. Hydro und  loglonul wciloi soi vie o iho piopoity.  Southwosloily axpnsuia, with on oxcollont  vlow ol So( holt Inlot. All this ond only ono  block finm tlio bonch one! hoot Inun  ch. I P $9500  NORIHHD. ol CHAM..IK.IN: ���xropllonolly woll  pi le oil, 5 cic io lovol piopoity, half way hatweon  Gibsons 8, I cingelulo, fionl has boon cloarod  ond HIUiil. Hark of propoity Is llko u poik with a  nook limning thiough, otc. Road tillnwnura ol  sldo Is tlio oxtonalon of ( hoindoilln Itoocl. I P  $27,500.  GRANDVIEW RD ot 9IH. Ovoi 1.'2 aero, vory  piivota, with vlow. Houso plans A building  poimll, poliLJot nnd Includod In pi Ico, foundation, flow slob nnd plumbing nil In foi n  20 x 42 (II 76 sq ft) building. fP $19,900.  DAVIS BAY: lourol Road. If It's a vlow you wont  this is tho lot proviclod Is a panoramic vlaw  of Iho Troll Islands, Wost Socholt and all of  Davis Bay. This lot Is oasy to build upon with  many largo ovorgroons for privacy. Lot slio Is  npprox 00 x 135. FP $16,900.  CHASTER ROAD. Nostlo your homo In tho troos  on this 67 x 123' building lot, Aroa of piopnsocl  now school. Nnmu your own toi ins. No  lonsonnhlo olfor rofusod. IP $1 1,500  SKYLINE DRIVE: Ovoi looking tho Bay oncl  tho Vlllago ol Gibsons from this qulot rind  pilvato lot on Iho Bluff. Stmt building your  ill earn homo right nwny on tho oxpnnso of  this 207 x 115 x lill x 66 unlquoly shcipod  lot. LOW DOWN PAYMENT EASY  TERMS. IP $13,500  SHAW ROAD: Nowly complotod I Iho most  coiivonlontly locnlocl subdivision In Gibsons  Only 2 blocks from Shopping Cuntio ond both  olomontory schools 8, sncnndniy. lovol building  nllos wllh soiiiii c I timing on ci nowly foi mod c ul  do sue. lhoso pi lino lots on sowoi ond all  soi vie os uio going fust I Got youis now whllo  llioy last. 1'ilco dom fP $12,900  ACREAGE  0mm*mm*mmammmMm*mmm  ROnUtlS CHI IK: lovoly,  pen Hy rlooiocl  1   I /���}  acio  poicol closo   lo  holol  oncl  poik. Accoss  iond poitly In. Don't miss ihls oppoilunlly to  puichaso llils loi go ploco of lnnd lot ONIY       I  P $16 1100  flMlKRY �� Gil MORI: 111 Alios, Ihls  voluobl* cornor may b* on tho main across  rond to Gibsons on completion ol th* n*w  bypass highway. Mony trans plus 3 oxcollont  spilngs for ilomostli wo toi. An Idonl holding  propoity, fP $49,500.  COMMERCIAL WATERFRONT: wllh watorfront  ns scarce as It Is this doublo uso lot roprosonls  roal valuo. FP $22,000  SKYLINE DRIVE: Wllh Iho sowiii only 150 fl  nwny from this lot and tho nd|olnlng lot olso for  salo, makos this on oxcollont valuo. Tho Idoal  spol for ci distinct nnd original homo, Nlco vlow  nnd sholtoiod dom tho opon son,     IP $1.1,900  LANGDALE RIDGE: Closo lo I orrlos nnd school,  thoso laigo 1/3 lo 1/2 ncio lots mo unique foi  iholi vlow, shcipo ond topography, You will find  hoio, tho building till" lo coinpllmont your  Dronm Homo closign. Tho vlow n| Knots Island  unci suiiouucllng sronos will bo youi plcluiu  window. AC I I AS! I T hoi o uio ONLY 3 of lhoso  still nvollnblo. Prlcod from fP $11,900  GOWER I'OINl ROAD: Pilvocy and 100'  wotoi Irontago, boach |ust ot other sldo of road.  Drlvoway Is In, building slto c Incline! wllh s*pllc  lank unclmciln elieilns In. I P $25,000  GRADY   ROAD;   In   longclnlo  Chinos    Supoib  vlow ol Howo Sound dom Ihlt lingo liiogulm  shnpnd lot. All iindoi gi nuiicl soi  vie os. IP $13,900  GIBSONS: I xi ollont piospncls loi Iho ono who  holds this pntontlolly rommorrlnlly lonod  nciougo of 5 Ac ios. IP $60,000.  ROIUIUS   CRITK:    Highway    101   dlvl.los   this  piopoity diagonally down tho contia. Dovalnp.  bolh sides of tho loud   Iiy oil often��  5  ncros. FP $30,000  ROBI (US CREEK: 2 1 ,"i at rot nlcoly sloping kind  tight naxt to Comp fling, InoiirIng pilvciey and  Iroosnt thai sldo ot proporly. IP $16,000  The coffee ia always on ��� drop in for our free broehnre. PageB-4   Peninsula Times   Wednesday, April 13,1977  Cars and Trucks For Sale  RENAULT 16, 4 dr. sdn. 6  radial tires. Radio, 4 spd., $900  obo. Ph. 883-2720. 2992-20  Pets  QUALITY FARM  SUPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer - PoirinaErocwcts  *�����   Alfalfa-Hay-Straw  '"   Good Tack Selection -  Rototillers - Toro Land-  mowers.  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  11548-tfn  "        - -���     '��� ���       -        -. ���       i     ��� HI        ���..-,     ,.-���a������%  Livestock  CHICKS ��� Brown egg layers,  white Leghorns, white  Rocks. Ship anywhere,  Established 28 years,  Langley, Napier Hatchery,  22470 - 64th Avenue, RR 8,  Langley. Ph. 534-6268. 2712-tfn  HORSESHOW - April 24.  Starting time 11 a.m. 9  events. English and Western.  $20 in prizes per event. $2 per  entry fee. Concession open 10  a.m. Entries close 10 p.m..  Apr. 23. Phone Ted Bowe 886-  7967. 3055-21  HORSES  ���Trail Rides  ���Boarding  ���Western Lessons  Horseshoeing  ���Tack & Manure,  for sale  Phone: 886-7967  2929-tfn  CERTIFIED  Farrier,  Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-  3751. 994-tfn  Wanted to Buy  ALDER REQUIRED  Saw log alder req.d. Standing,  decked or boom form. Contact  P.V. Services.  883-2733  2760-tfn  FRIDGE in good condition.  Reasonable. 885-5036 after  5. 3047-20  ATTENTION  SHAKE CUTTERS  The Seacros shingle shake  mill, Wilson Creek is interested in purchasing all  suitable material for the  manufacturing into shingles.  This material to be sawn in  shingle bolt size and delivered  to the mill in cord lots. Interested persons please  contact Hartt Crosby, 885-  3612. 3040-20  Found   BLACK AND silver poodle at  elementary school, Sechelt.  885-9797. 3054-20  For Sale  RECORDS AND tapes. Big  new 32 page catalog just off  the press. Pop, country,  western, folk, religious,  special discounts, all labels  Send 25c postage to Bob  Destry Ltd., Box 46376-B,  Vancouver, V6R4G6.  2752-tfn  TOP SOIL for sale. Phone 885-  9796. 2988-20  MOBILE  HOME  axle,  C-W  tires and wheels, $100 each.  Ph. 885-9979. 2987-tfn  FURNACEMEN No. LO-91 oil  hot air furnace C-W all ducts  and 250 gal. oil stand. Ph. 883-  2720. 2991-20  ��� Wine Arts  ��� Dremel  ��� Liquitex  ��� Srathmore  -Afx  ��� Tycopro  ��� Cox  ��� Yarns and Wools  ��� Much, much more  TYDEWATER CRAFTS  & HOBBIES  LOWER GIBSONS  886-2811  2989-20  GOLF BAG with 5 irons, 1  spoon, $35; small English  hand lawnmower, $18; Bar B-  Q, perfect cond., $15; 2  sleeping bag?, $5 each. 885-  9219. 21  HAND     CARVED     walnut  grandfather clock, 8  day  tubular chimes, $1200. Ph. 885-  9792. 3017-21  THE JEAN SHOP  Gibsons Village  Jeans, Sweaters, Shirts, Etc.  Priced to suit your budget.  886-2111  3011-19  SEALY     Hollywood     bed.  Complete, $45. Good condition. Ph. 885-9237.      3036-20  STILL A few 39" and 54" box  springs   and   mattresses.  Also 2 sofas and chairs. Apply  sCoast Mobile Homes, 885-  9979. 3038-20  ioxl7 BRITISH India rug,  beige   with  floral  corner  design. $75. Ph. 886-2667. 3052-  20  ONE USED western saddle  15" seat, good cond. $150.  Ph. 885-9347. 3061-20  DAY OLD ducklings and  goslings for sale. Minimum  orders 15 birds. Latimer Road  Hatchery, 6970 - 192nd Street,  Surrey, B.C. V3$ 4N9. Phone  576-6520. 3049-20  'ender Harbour Realty Ltd  HIWAY 10l AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  FRANCIS PENINSULA: Extra Special semi waterfront view lot.  F.P. $13,500. Possible terms.  EXCELLENT    VIEW    LOT:    Level,   fully   serviced.  Overlooks Lee Bay. FP $13,000.  EXTRA SPECIAL: lLovely, as new 2 bedroom plus den home  on a ' semi waterfront view lot in Madeira Park. Just $36,000.  THREE 'MINI PARK' LOTS: on Francis Peninsula, perc tested.  Fully serviced. Each Opprox 1 acre. FP $15,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA: First class waterfront home  with 2 bedrooms and garage. Has one of the area's best views  from a sunny situation in 'Malcolm' Harbour. A must see at  $74,000.  ACREAGE: 7 acres on Highway 101. Has potential  commerciaf or subdivision possibilities. F.P. $35,000.  PHONE 883-2794  John Breen Jock Hermon  | 883-9978     ��� insurance ���    883-2745  ANNOUNCEMENT  Legal Notices  TENDERS ACCEPTED  for purchase and removal of 2  bdrm  cottage. Highest  bid  takes. 885-9979 days, 885-2062  eves. 3041-Pub.tfn  MINES  REGULATION ACT  Take notice that CONSTRUCTION AGGREGATES  LTD. have filed with the  Minister of Mines and  Petroleum Resources at  Victoria, a report made  pursuant to Section 11 of the  act in respect to the gravel pit  located South of Port Mellon,  B.C.    3044-Pub. AprU 13,1977.  Arne Tveit-Pettersen  F.R.I., .R.I. [B.C.]  Notary Public  Gibsons Realty Ltd. is pleased to announce that Mr.  Arne Tveit-Pettersen has joined the company.  Mr. Pettersen has a solid background in real estate  arid finance. During the past 9 years he has been a  realtor in the Vancouver area, and prior to that he  was a banker for 18 years in Canada and in Europe.  He is a graduate of the Diploma Course in Urban  Land Economics at the University of B.C., and he is a  member of the Professional Division of the Real  Estate Institute.  Mr. Pettersen is active in community affairs and is  the immediate past president of the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Pettersen has been commissioned and appointed a Notary Public for the Gibsons area and  will practise from the office in the Dental Block,  Gibsons; telephone 886-2277.  QnMK  -_-_-5  Trrn  21  Highway 101 at Wilson Creek  ���LOTS OF LOTS'  We're National  but Neighbourly  Phone 885-3271  WHARF ROAD  65 x 194 gently sloped to rear, will provide a view to the east, $12,650.  PRATT ROAD  75 x 142 lovel and cloarod with a few larger trees left on front. Accoss from two  sides. $12,500 Offers.  SARGENT ROAD  65 x 110 soa and harbour vlow, on sido hill In aroa of good homes. Asking  $15,900, will look at offors and torms.  MARINE DRIVE  50 x 110, short walk to shopping. Along Gibsons watorfront stores. Terrific view  to oast of tho boy, islands and mountains. Try $2000 down. F.P. $14,000.  68' WATERFRONTAGE  260 ft gently sloped to wost. Good swimming ond boating and clo��e to boat ramp  and marina at Sandy Hook. Only $20,900.  LOWEST PRICED 1/2 ACRE AVAILABLE  On Coopor Road. 5 mlnutos out of Socholt. Mobllo homos allowed. Wator and  hydro aro on road. Only $10,000. Try your down payment, For further Information  contact CHUCK DOWMAN, 005-3271  or 005-9374 ovos.  GIBSONS,  GRANDVIEW ROAD  Lovol building lot  01 x 142', fully sorvlcod,  In good aroa at tho  right price  $12,500. Jim Wood, 0B5-2571.  ACREAGE  Plant Inn a fow nhudo trey*  cnn iidd ii lol. to Hut bounty of  your tiomit . . . hut did you  know 111 ����� y cnn hIno help your  ulr conditioner do a holler  (oh?  'I'lccft     help     nliNorl)     mid  Mock   hen!   before  il. kcU in  nidc   ho   your nlr conditioner  I.i.h an i'H��l��r Job kccplun you  cool.  You oini help by liiinliiy  on the uir conditioner In the  morning so It linn n bend stnrt  on tin- diiy'rt hont. Try lo  (schedule cook inn, l.tui)(l"rin|(  nnd ��llnhwnnhlriR for th��coo|-  ur bourn, nnd . romeinbc'r to  use your rni>K<' and bath room  exhiiiiKl faim to draw heal and  (ileum ouUide.  4.0 euros of hard to find Industrial land off Noith Road on Stewart. Fantastic  potential. $12,000 down. Asking $44,000. Chuck Dowman, 805-9374.  GIBSONS, PRATT ROAD  level I),4 at run lonod At It, trood, poislblu good potential os this area will  dovolop and pricos will rlso..Asking $49,500. Jim Wood, 005 2571.  HORSES OR CATTLE  Boautlful private in arres, fenced and cross fenced with excellent water supply  from oil yooi itioam. Modern 2 bodioom home and good outbuildings. 1/2 mile  olf Hwy 101 at Wilson Crook. Only $79,000. Teiins fan be arranged. Chuck  Dowman,  005 9374.  HOMES  ONLY $3000 DOWN  loojualllylngpuM hosoi loi thl* binnd new 3 bedioom homo with huge utility and  wall lo wall throughout, Tull pike only $39,900.  GIBSONS, CHASTER ROAD  New 3 bodioom ranch style. Appinx  1200 sq It, corport, situated nn large lot,  round y living at a i ncisoncibln pi lie, $42,900. llm Wood, 0115 2571.  GIBSONS  SECHELT  tointad at Chattel Hood nnd Otnndvlaw Road, modem 3 bedioom, fliepln<e.  sundeck, coipoit, 2 stall ban., lock mom, rhlckon pen, on approx 1/2 nrrm  $62,500. Jim Wood 01)5 25/1  Quality lonstiinted 2 bedioom, extici large living loom wllh stone flieplnce,  goioge, voly pilvnte, (Hunted on nppiox 9 ones with beautiful pnnoiamlr view  of Sechelt Met ond mowntolns. A��Mr*g $129,000. Terms   Jim Wood, M$ 347 1  CALL FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE, BB5-3271  Chuck Dowman, 886-9374 Jim Wood. 885-2571  Century W<Mt R��ol Estate Ltd.. 895-3271  tvery Of lie* Independently Owned ond OiMtrfttvd  anderson  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  * Doug Joyce  885-2761  ' Stan Anderson  88S-238S  * Jack Anderson  885-2053  * George Townsend  885-3345  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219, Sechelt  toll fra* 684-8016  3 BEDROOM HOME: by  Hackett Park with full  basement. Large fenced yard  and sundeck over sunken  carport. Main floor hos  spacious family kitchen-dining  area, 2 bedrooms, utility room  and living room features an  expansive fireplace. All W/W  carpets throughout. FP  $55,900.  BROWNING RD HOME: 3  bedrooms in this compact  1060 sq ft slab home. Large  treed lot Is very secluded. All  services. FP $38,500.  GIBSONS: Hillcrest Avenue  location. 1066 sq ft 3 bdrm  home  finished  on   2   floors.  Ground  Finished  carport  driveway.  $48,000.  level      basement.  rec    room,     large  and concrete  Sewered   lot.   F.P.  SECHELT VILLAGE: A very tidy  2 bdrm bsmt home within  walking distance to shopping.  Try your offer to $44,250.  TUWANEK WATERFRONT:  Past the end of the road.  Peace and quiet guaranteed.  Two level, two bdrm yedr  round home. Light, water and  telephone are in. Year round  moorage to your own float.  Tro your offer to $48,500.  SELMA PARK: Low cost  housing! 4 yr old 2 bedroom  12x48 .mobile home. Unsurpassed view from this  cleared and partly landscaped  lot. Some furniture included in  fuM price $25,000.  NEW VILLAGE HOME: Situated  on a treed lot that is almost  twke the area of most village  lots. Ready for occupancy  April 20. Features thermal  windows, well-insulated  throughout. Has 2 baths with  rough in in basement. 14'  wide carport. FP $47,700.  RURAL ACREAGE: 5 minutes from the ferry ��� 4.54 acres that was  cleared years ago now has an overgrowth of alder. Property is  almost square in shape.  3 BEDROOM HOME WITH ACREA: 2 1/2 acres of flat, level land with  165' of frontage. Potentially subdividable. Full basement with rec  room and 1 bedroom upstairs. Property is nicely treed, several  outbuildings. FP $58,500.  LARGE WILSON CREEK LOT: 78 x 230' secluded lot close to the  beach. In nicely treed, quiet area with no through street. FP  $12,500.  LAST WATERFRONT LEFT!: on Porpolso Bay. still In the Village.  Many choices available whore to site your home ��� lot Is Hat &  level. FP $30,000.  VIEW TREED LOT: Corner of Bayview Rd and Redrooffs Rd. Over 1/2  acre of land with many fir troos. Good viow of Sargeant Bay, easy  access. FP $12,900.  FLAT CLEARED LOT: 100' on Southwood Rd with a Iano along one  side. Ready for building. $9,850.  GOLF COURSE VIEW: 1.41  acres mostly cleared. 700 sq ft  1 bedroom cottage has full  bath, nice kitchen-dining room  combination with franklin  fireplace in living room. Good  garage & small horse barn on  property. FP $41,500.  SELMA PARK VIEW HOME: 2  main floor bedrooms, large  kitchen-dining ' room combination plus a generously  sized living room enhanced by  a brick fireplace. Basement  has 3rd bedroom and 2 piece  plbg. Excellent finished rec  room provides good family  area. FP $58,500.  SELMA PARK: 3 bdrm, 1343 sq  ft home on a large view lot.  Rec room in bsmt. Landscaping done. Drive-in  garage. FP $68,500.  SECHELT VILLAGE: Ideal for a  couple. About 2 blocks to the  mall. 60 x 120' lot with a  single bdrm, good sized living  room and kitchen. FP $31,500.  SANDY HOOK: Brand new 3  bdrm,. full bsmt home.  Plumbing roughed in in bsmt.  Large sundeck facing a  spectacular view up Sechelt  Inlet. Asking $46,000.  EGMONT WATERFRONT:  Approx. 5 acees with 560 +  beachfront. No problem to put  floats in for year-round  moorage. Zoned for marina  tourist accommodation, try  your ideas. 4 yr old 2 rldrm  double wide home. Such a  view! 1/2 down ��� FP  $125,000. IDEAL FOR GROUP  INVESTMENT!  NEW HOME IN GIBSONS: Extra large 3 bdrm home all finished on  both floors. Double garage in basement with automatic doors.  Sauna, wet bar, 2 fireplaces and 3 full s6ts of plumbing. F.P.  $70,000.  DELUXE GRANDVIEW RD HOME: 1761 sq ft with full basement. 3  large bedrooms, all matched walnut panelling throughout. South  view. Basement has a rec room and large sauna. A bargain at  $83,500.   WEST SECHELT HOME: 2 bedroom home close to Mason Rd on over 1  acre of land. Tidy home is nicely decorated. Has 1/2 basement. FP  $39,900.    2 VIEW LOTS: Both have frontage on Wakefield Rd ond Wakefield  Creek. 75' of road frontage each lot. Excellent view and less than 1  blk to paved access to beach. FP Lot D: $ 15,500; Lot E: $14,500.  3 BEDROOM HOME WILSON CREEK: A must see! This neat family  home has double heat saver windows, full basement with rec room  and a large sundeck over a single carport. Driveway is paved. FP  $48,000.  HIGH WATERFRONT: One-half acre with 175' on Shoal Channel. FP  $25,000.  WEST SECHELT: 3 bedroom, 1 level home 1200 sq ft, 1/4 acre flat,  lovel, treed lot. This home has lots of charm and is completely  finished inside and out including tho painting. Large detached  sundeck. Living room is large, has w/w carpets and an acorn  fireplace. Maximum Insulation throughout, along with thermal  windows. Full price $44,000.  Redrooffs Estates  RECREATION LOTS  Before you look any further let us show you the  lowest priced lots in the Redrooffs area: prices  are from $9,500 to $11,500. All lots are approximately 1/2 acre in area.  Suncoast Acres  A large selection of Island view lots with all  services available, Including a sewage system.  No permit problems. Mason Road area in West  Sechelt.  For further information on tho abovo contact:  George Townsend. 885-3345; Jack Anderson, 885-2053  Stan Anderson, 885-2385; Doug Joyce, 885-2761 Wednesday, AprU 13,1977  The Peninsula Times  PageB-5  Squaringly yours  Youthful 'hero' receives lecture for driving prank  Hello, fellow square dancers, pull up a  chair and bend an ear because Jim and  Mary Wardrop have just come back from  Hawaii and Mary has consented to tell us  all about their trip which you will find has  a definite moral and here is Mary now.  Hi, square dancers. We'd been in  Honolulu about ten days enjoying the  beautiful balmy air and lovely warm  waters 72 degrees, when we thought we'd  try to find out where we could square  dance, s& enquired at thtj Chamber of  Commerce and they gave us a pamphlet  which listed no less than nine square dance  clubs and four round dance clubs scattered  all over the island, as well as some on the  outer islands. One of the joys of square  dancing is that you can find enjoyment and  friends wherever you go in the world.  Anyway we chose the one that seemed  nearest us, The Diamond Heads'n Sides  and found everyone there nice and  friendly, the calling good. So we went  there every Friday. The bus ride there is  very scenic and like all bus rides in  Honolulu cost 25 cents.  The caller, Jim Jenkins, a nice young  fellow, keeps up with the new calls and  really keeps things going at a good clip.  The club .is small but very enthusiastic and  their numbers are swelled each week by  visiting tourists coming irom far and wide,  places like Alaska, Florida and even  Japan where they are taught all the calls  in English but they can't speak a word of  it. Try and figure that one out.  The Kahala Recreation Center where  these dances are held is full on dance  nights, but is open air so dancing is  pleasant even in Hawaii's summer  climate. We found there was round dancing at the same hall every Sunday so we  attended these classes too. The teacher,  Mary Jane Falk, formerly from Palm  Springs, California, is toj>s and also keeps  . things going, is very friendly and patient.  These are qualities much needed for this  type of recreation. By the way, Mary Jane  has composed a very good round dance,  Little Wahine, both the name and routine  of which is fitting to the Islands. A good  percentage of the members of her classes  were Oriental, all very good dancers, both  No matter what shape  you're in, you     s^l  >*%  can be in  shape.  PdRTICIPDCTIOM  The Canadian movement kw personal fitness  Fitness. In vour heart you know ifs right.  BY MAURICE HEMSTREET  round and ballroom, also very keen to  learn and easy to teach and all very, very  nice to us;  We attended three days of Hawaii's  13th Annual square dance convention in  Honolulu in the gigantic Blaisdell Center.  There were round dance clinics with Anita  and Leroy Stark from Tucson, Arizona,  and workshops with Bill Peters and Ray  Bohn, both top notch callers from the  United Stat.es. They called for two nights  of the festival with local callers Bud  Garrett M.C. (also an excellent caller) and  a panel of local callers for the trail in and  final nights. They were all great callers.  There was a display of round dancing done  by a precision team, all Orientals who  were perfection all thru.  We attended the after party on the  Saturday night which was extra special,  first a delicious supper and then Hawaiian  entertainment put on by a group of  teenagers 15 to 18 years of age, The  Makaha singers and dancers all natives.  Imagine, two and half hours of dancing  with many changes and types of  Polynesian dancing and singing. This  group has travelled over much Of the U.S.  and are a credit to the Island, full of the  vigour of youth and just a joy to. watch.  This group as well as so many other ^activities are sponsored by The Honolulu  Recreation Association. The square dance  and round dancing continued till 3 a.m.  and the next afternoon most of the dancers  were on deck again for the work shops and  evening dancing so the enthusiasm for  square and round dancing is very much  alive in Hawaii oh the outer islands as well  as Oahu and as we have experienced,  visitors are made so-o-o-o welcome and we  thank you all.  Well, Mary, the moral of the story is  that if you belong to square dancing you  will have friends all over the world and I  thank you.Mary and Jim Wardrop for  bringing this picture of a fantastic trip  home to us. The Sunshine Coast Country  Stars and many other square dancers  appreciate your everlasting efforts.  Again, thank you.  Last Friday night our guest was none  other than Cathy Berry from Vancouver  who gets up here once in a while to show us  how to square dance. Come again soon.  By the time you have read this column  we will have been to Powell River to help  with a graduation class so be nice to me,  buy a Pen Times and find out how we  made out first hand, have a good day and  happy square dancing.  See next week's Peninsula Times for  the news of our square dancing trip to  Powell River.  The way to become a hero in Gibsons,  according to l^year-old James Stew, is to  knock over a stop sign-  Such valour, however, cost Stew his  driver's license and resulted in a stern  lecture from Judge Ian Walker in  provincial court last week.  Stew was charged with, mischief and  wilfuldamage after the RCMP discovered  a stop sign at the corner of Reed and North  roads has been overturned by a vehicle  just after midnight on February 19. The  tire treads on the youth's Valiant matched  the tracks at the scene and the car bore  traces of both wood and paint, according to  the police.  Asked at the time why he had done the  damage Stew reportedly replied: "I knew  it was wrong, but I felFif I did it'i would be  a hero."  On Wednesday Judge Walker was told  by Stew that he had knocked over the post  to impress his friends and when stopped by  the police was about to return and repair  the sign.  Walker, after delivering his views on  such "pranks", gave Stew a six month  conditional discharge. He was ordered hot  to drive a motor vehicle during this period,  to perform 20 hours of unpaid community  servile and to pay restitution of $25.50 to  the Department of Highways for the sign.  A second person, charged jointly with  Stew, had his case dismissed by the court  for lack of evidence.  A Madeira Park man was convicted of  impaired driving last week ih what his  lawyer described as an "unusual" case.  Harold Clay, 24, was charged on March  5 after he was stopped in Pender Harbour  by the RCMP and given a breathalyzer  test Which resulted in readings of .22 and  .23.    .  Crown counsel Robert Gourlay told the  court Clay had been warned by a police at  the Pender Harbour Hotel to have a friend  give him a lift home, but at 1:45 a.m. the  accused was seen driving to his House.  Clay complained to the police when  booked that "I think it's unfair. I drive to  Gibsons every day; I drive 100 feet and I  get arrested."  Robert Reid, Clay's defence lawyer,  said the accused had been drinking at a  Roberts Creek Auxiliary  lists dates to remember  On the lovely spring evening of Wednesday, April 6, the Roberts Creek  Hospital Auxiliary held its usual monthly  meeting. President Wilma Rodgers asked  everyone to take note of dates for coming  special events. One event which will be  particularly enjoyed the annual Friendship Tea, this year given April 21, by the  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary, at which all six  hospital auxiliaries have the opportunity  to pause a while and enjoy the friendship  of their fellow auxilians. The group also  received a warm invitation from Nick  Vucurevich, hospital administrator, on  behalf of all his staff to a "Thank You"  Tea in June, at which time auxiliary  members of 10 years standing will be  honoured. It is a pleasure once in a while to  have the opportunity to min.gle with the  hospital staff and get to know each other a  little better.  The annual Provincial Convention will  be held in May, but it was agreed that the  Roberts Creek Auxiliary should not be  represented this year. Miss Chris Ward,  President of the Coordinating Council,  will be the voting delegate for the local  auxiliaries and it was felt the report, she  will subsequently present to each  auxiliary will be more than adequate.  Two donations were received for our  Memorial Fund in memory of Mrs. Mary  Jonvick. Members agreed that this fund  should be used to provide a new book and  magazine rack for the first floor lounge.  The auxiliary recently purchased two  small electric ice crushers and Mrs.  Rodgers brought one along, so that we  could see how it worked. They should  prove a comfort to post-operative patients.  The auxiliary has been asked to cater to  a dinner May 7 and members quickly  volunteered their services. In-hospital  volunteers have been active during the  past month in the gift shop, physiotherapy  department and library, whilst, as always,  the Thrift Shop workers continue to do a  grand job, helping the hospital and public  aUke.  An opportunity is coming for the public  to show appreciation to medical staffs.  The Red Cross in conjunction with the  hopistal volunteers will be be holding a  Blood Donor Clinic at the hospital April 28  between 2 and 7 p.m. Please read the  posters for further information. At St.  Mary's more blood is used than is donated  here, so let's see what we can do about  this.  The meeting concluded With the  presentation of an Auxiliary spoon to Mrs.  Dolly Koehler, who will be shortly leaving  the area. Dolly has been an active member  and with her sunny disposition she will be  missed by us all. A social half hour  followed with delicious refreshments  party and had then gone to the hotel where  a case of beer he purchased was confiscated by police as Clay's wife was under  age. ���>���  Clay was then given a lift to the Royal  Bank in Madeira Park where he picked up  his own car. Reid stated it was less than  100 yards to Clay's home from the bank.  "The accused had good intent when he had  a friend drive him in his car, " claimed  Reid.  In sentencing Clay, the judge agreed  that he was driving "in a sense^by a fluke"  but noted his blood alcohol reading was  nearly three times the allowable limit.  Clay was finnd $150 and had his licence  suspended for three months.  In the second drinking and driving  charge to come before the court on April 6,  Thomas Ritchie was found guilty of  driving with a blood alcohol reading of  over 0.8.  Sechelt RCMP charged the 53-year-old  millworker after his car went through the  flashing red light in the village at 1:25 a.m.  on March 30. A breathalyzer demand  brought readings of .16 and .17.  Ritchie, who said he thought he was  " fairly sober at the time'', informed Judge  Walker he had drunk six bottles of beer at  the Legion earlier that evening. He admitted to a previous over 0.8 conviction in  1972.  Before sentencing Ritchie, the judge  read out the section of the criminal code  dealing with second offences for drinking  and driving which includes provisions for  jailing the offender. "These heavy sen  tences," Ritchie was told, "should make  you realize how seriously parliament  regards these offences."  Ritchie was then fined $500 and had his  license suspended for three months. He  was warned by the judge that his drinking  was "no joking matter" and a further  conviction would probably send him to  jail.  A transient from Ontario was given six  months' unsupervised probation in the  first shoplifting charge ever brought by  the owners of Big Mac's Sujjerett in  Sechelt. Nancy Anne St. Louis, 27, was  convicted of stealing items from the store  on March 6 of this year.  Commerce  Capital  Trust  FIRST MORTGAGE FUNDS  AVAILABLE AT  COMPETITIVE RATES  Call today for full information  564 Howe Street  Vancouver, B.C.  681-7212  FULLER BRUSH PRODUCTS  Have returned to Gibsons  for service please call 886-8045  "Societies Act"  St. Mary's Hospital Society  Notice of Annual Meeting  to the members of St. Mary's Hospital Society:  Take notice that the Annual General Meeting of the members  of the St. Mary's Hospital Society will be held in the Senior Citizens'  Hall, Mermaid Street, Sechelt, B.C. on Wednesday, the 20th day of  April, 1977 at the hour of 7:30 p.m.  Dated in the Village of Sechelt, in the province of British  Columbia this 10th day of March, 1977.  By order of the Board of Trustees  THE NUMBER  TO REMEMBER  885-2235  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hrs.)  (2*  Sell Your Home  for only   34%  commission  Volume sales give you reduced costs        Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  We Are As Close As Your Phone  Most of our listings are recorded on film.  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Bright, roomy  kltchon and don overlooking Trail Bay and tho Islands. 2 bodroom, modorn  bathroom, vowltod Itvtrtg romrrt wtth brtck flroplaco orrddriftwood for fuof right there.  New automatic oil furnace and 100 omp electricity. Large fenced yard, room (or a  second dwelling. Good garden, fruit trees and a garage. F.P. $69,000. For lurther  details call C.R. GAIHERCOIF, 086-2705, Seniors trim events for summer  By ROBERT FOXALL  Two important items came out of the  Senior Citizens Association Executive  meeting April 4. The last session of carpet  bowling was scheduled for April 11, and  the last session of dancing until after the  summer recess was set for Wednesday,  April 13.  Elizabeth Derby reported that all  convenors had been appointed for the  aSpring Tea and Plant Sale on April 23 and  that arrangements were well in hand. It  will be possible to get into the hall on the  evening of April 22 and also the morning of  the 23 to bring in materials with the  opening to be 2 p.m.  The executive decided to revert to the  old practice of holding their meetings on  the morning of the first Monday in the  month, so the next regular executive  meeting will be held at 10 a.m. May 2.  Elizabeth Derby reported for the New  Horizons Committee that the sewing  machine had been received as had  material for tablecloths. Now what is  required is volunteers to do the necessary  sewing. Undoubtedly "these will be forthcoming as soon as the need is known.  Jim Derby also reported that work on  fitting up the craft room was well in hand,  but again volunteers are needed, to' do  some painting. Here again I expect to find  that these have been found. If not, we will'  soon find them at the monthly meeting  April 21.  Dave Hay ward advised he had not been  able to settle a date for the proposed trip to  Mission for the Daffodil Fields but expected to have information for our monthly meeting April 21. We have an invitation to visit Port Moody May 26 for a  return of the visit a busload made here last  year. Be sure and attend the April meeting  to get your name down for this trip. You  will also get further details about the  Portland trip which will be taken care of  by Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scott while Dave and  Eva are away on a trip to England. Dave  will also announce the establishment of a  photography contest to take place after the  summer recess, with June 1 being the  starting date.  The big event of the week, of course,  was the celebration of their Golden  Wedding Anniversary by Jim and  Elisabeth Derby. A great number of our  members attended the reception to wish  them much future happiness.  YOUNG ISAM WALJI is alive today  because of the efforts of volunteer  blood donors. Parents Dean and  Nigar Walji of Burnaby are finding it  pleasurably difficult to keep up with  their active youngster since his heart  surgery last spring. A blood donor  clinic will be held at St.  Mary's  Hospital in Sechelt Thursday, April  28, from 2 to 7 p.m. Volunteer donors  are encouraged to attend.  PageB-6 The Peninsula Time  Wednesday, April 13, 1977  Hospital seeking  return crutches  the physiotherapy department of Si  Mary's Hospital is looking for som  support.  All of the department's crutches fo  loan have been issued to members of th  community.  Mr. Hunter, the hospital's hea*  physiotherapist, requests that person  having crutches which are no longer use  or needed, return them to the hospital a  soon as possible.  Mothers' Day coming up soon, th  cards for this occasion are now available  Make your selection early. ���Miss Bee's  Sechelt.  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Get out on the street  Take a walk.  acnonkmW  ponmiPacTioni  Walk a Mock/Today.  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Performance  The  Oscar  Winners  "Twelve  00  10 ;S  45  Cont'd  Conl'd  TBA  TBA  Oog A  Cal  Dog A  Cal  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  SlarakyA  Hutch  SlarakyA  Hutch  Carol  Burned  Carol  Burnett  Are You  Being Served  Amajlng  Kreakln  O'clock  High"  Gregory  Peck  00  11 ;S  45  The  National  Cont'd  Double  Newa 4  News 4  ABC Newt  Tha  Cont'd  Newaervlce  Newaervlce  Saturday  CBC Nawa  Affairs  Academy  Performance  Movie   .  "Act  Of  The  CTV  Nawi  Acceet  Conl'd  Dean  J agger  Movie  "Parrlsh"  ,00  12 :2  45  Feature  "The  Solid Qold  Cadillac"  Peler  Marshall  Variety  Show  Nlghl  Live  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Heart"  Conl'd  Conl'd  cont'd  Lata Show  "Written  On Ihe  Wind"  Troy  Donahue  Claudalle  Colbert  THURSDAY, APRIL 14,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7       CHANNELS  CHANNEL 12  :00  0:15  eC:30  :45  All In  Tha Family  Edge Of  Night  ToUva  General  Hospital  Cont'd  Another  World  Another'  World  Th*  FBI  EdgeOI  Night  Allln  Th* Family  Match  Game  Allows"  Cont'd           ii  Th*  Allan  Allln  The Family  Match  Qame  :00  q.is  *J:30  :45  Take  Thirty  Caleb.  Cooka  EdgeOI  Night  Dusty's  Treehouse  Movl*  "Al  Capon*"  (rod  Tak*  Thirty  Calabrity  Cooka  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Olnah  Hamel  Show  Another  World  Tattle-  tataa  (Dream  01 Jeannie  :00  s��|:30  :45  It'aYour  Cholca  What'a  New  Marv  Grlllin  Marv  Grlffln  Stelger  Fay  Spain  Cont'd  Brady  Bunch  Children's  Show  Emergency  On*  Emergancy  On*  Another  World  Th*Lucy  Show  Funorama  Funorama  GHIIgan'a  leland  :00  K:��  U :30  :43  Klahanie  Klahanl*  Room 222  Room 222  Man  Griffin   ,  Nawa 4  Nawa 4  Mary  Hartman  Newaenrlve  Newaervlce  Doris Day  Show  Nawa  Nawa  Eyewltneaa  News  Eyewltn*aa  Naws  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Th*  Mlk*  Douglaa  Show  .00  6 i��  :45  Actra  Awarda  Actra  Awarda  ABC New*  ABC Nawa  Nawa 4  Nawa 4  Newservice  Newservice  NBC Nawa  NBC Nawa  Nawa Hour  Newa Hour  Newa Hour  Nawa Hour  CBS .Hew*  CBSNewa  Th*  Mlk*  Haws Hour  News Hour  Nawa Hour  Naws Hour  CBS Naws  CBS Newa  Candid  Camera  .00  7"  f  :30  :45  Actra  Awarda  Actra  Awarda  People  Place  People  Place  SeetUe  Tonlghl  Match  Qame  Lawrence  Walk  Lawrence  Walk  Douglaa  Show  Traaaura  Hunt  Grand Old  Country  CTV  Mystery  Joker's  Wild  Dr. In  Tn*House  :00  8 ilo  n         :45  Hourglaaa  Hourglaaa  Hourglaaa  Hourglaaa  Kotter  Kotter  What's  Happening  NBC  Special  Report  Conl'd  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Bumatt  Th*  Wallons  Tha  Waltons  Movl*  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Hollywood  Squaree  Medical  Canter  :00  Q:15  9:30  :45  Bob  Nawhart  Kottar  Kotter  Barney  MUlar  Three'*  Company  Beat  Sellera  "Captalna  And Tha  Baal  Sellers  "Captalna  And Tha  "Th*  Amazing  Howard  Hughaa"  "Th*  Amazing  Howard .  Hughaa"  Medical  Center  Mystery  Movie  :00  10 IS  :45  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Burnett  Westslde  Medical  Westslde  Medical  Kings"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  King*"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Conl'd  Part  It  Conl'd  Conl'd  Part II  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  "Incident  In  San  Francisco"  :00  113  :45  Th*  National    .  Nlnaty  Mlnutea  Nawa 4.  Nawa 4  Thursday  Night  Newservice  Newservice  Tonight  Show   .  CBC Naws  CBC Nawa  Nawa  Naws  Eyewitness  Naws  CBS Late  Movia  CTV Newa  CTV Newa  Newa  News  Richard  Klley  CBS  Ut* Movie  :00  1215  :45  Nlnaty  Mlnutea  Nlnaty  Minutes  Special  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Tonight  Show  Tonight  Show  Lata Show  "Magnificent  Obsession"  Cont'd  "Kojak"  Cont'd  CBS Lata  Movl*  Lata Show  "Rampage"  Cont'd  Cpnl'rl  "Koiak  Cont'd  CBS Lale  Movie  SUNDAY, APRIL 17,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNELS  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  :00  0:15  C :30  :45  People  People  CBC  Sundey  Chemp.  Qoll  Cont'd  Conl'd  California  Angala  Baseball  Baseball <  Country  Way    s.  Theatre  '���The  Basketball  Basketball  Basketball  Champ.  Golf  Cont'd  Confd  Basketball  Basketball  Baaketball  ���-   Baaketball  :00  Ol5  0:30  :45  Sports  Special  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Wide  World  Baaaball  Baseball  Baseball  Baseball  '     Abduction  Of  Saint  Anne"  Champ.  Fishing   '  Formby'a  Antiquea  Cont'd  Cont'd  Adam-12  Adam-12  PTL  Club  PTL  Club  00  A "  1 :30  45  TBA  TBA  Money-  Makers  Ol  Sports  Conl'd  Cont'd  Explorers  Explorers  American  Game  Emergency  Emergancy  Emergency  Emergency  Mod  Squad  Mod  Squad  horst  Koahlar  Question  Period  PTL  Club  PTL  Club  00  C:15  *J :30  45  Hymn  Sing  Mr.  Chips  America  America  America  America  Meet The  Preat  Newtervke  Newtervk*  NHL  Hockey  Play-  Oils  Natlqnal  Geographic  National  Geographic  Leal Ol  ThoWlld  Capitol  Comment  Come  Welk  Oregnet  Dregnel  :00  6 ilo  45  World  Ol  Disney  Cont'd  Newa 4  Nawa 4  Wild World  of Animate  NBC News  NBC News  How  Come?  Hockey  Hockey  Hockey  Hockey  CBS News  CBS News  Thirty  Mlnutea  Newa Hour  Newe Hour  Newa Hour  Newa Hour  Switch  '     Switch  Switch  Switch  00  7   15  f    30  45  Beech-  combers  Tony  Randall  Hardy  Boya  Nancy  Draw  Wonderlul  Worfd  Ot  Disney  Hockey  Hockey  Hockey  Hockey  SUty  Mlnulet  Slaty  Minutes  Hardy  Boya  Nancy  Draw  Sixty  Minutes  Sixty  Mlnulet  :00  Q   15  O:30  45  Super-  Special  Super-  Special  Sl>  Million  Dollar  Man  Mystery  Moviei  "Lanlgan'e  Rabbi  Super-  Special  Super-  Special  Celebrity  Challenge  OIThe  Sexes  -     Six  Million  Dollar  Man  Celebrity  Challenge  OIThe  Sexes  00  Q  15  9:30  45  Performance  Performance  Performance  Performance  ABC Movie  "21  Hours  At  Conl'd  Conl'd  Mystery  Movie II  Speclel  "The  Amtrlng  Howard  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Dean  Merlin  Roast  Conl'd  Conl'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  00  10 lo  45  Newe  Megeilne  Thla  Land  Munich  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  "McCloud"  Cont'd  Conl'd  Cont'd  Hughes  Parti  Cont'd  Conl'd  Delvecchlo  Delvecchio  Delvecchlo  Delvecchlo  W-S  W-J  W-S  W-5  Ellery  *   Queen  Ellery  Queen  00  11:2  45  National  Bualneea  Final  Mystery  News 4  News 4  News 4  Movie '  Newservice  Newservice  Star Movie  "ATelent  CBC Newa  Bualneee  Comment  Lale Show  CBS Newa  News  Lale Movie  "Qldgel  CTV News  CTV News  CTV News  CTV Newe  Movie  "Llllth"  Warren  Bealy  00  12 S  45  Movie  "Odd  Man  Oul"  "Funny Thing     for  Happened           loving"  On Way               Conl'd  To Forum"          Cont'd  "Written  On  The  Wind"  Ooea  Hawaiian"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Lele Show  "Wuthering  Heights"  Conl'd  Jean  Seberg  Cont'd  Conl'd  FRIDAY,APRIL15,1977  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNELS   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7  CHANNELS   CHANNEL 12  :00  Baaaball  To Live  Another  :15  Philadelphia  General  World  :30  At  Hospital  Another  :45  Montreal  Cont'd  World  Baaaball Allln Cont'd  Philadelphia The Family Cont'd  Al Match The  Montreal Game Allan  Allln  the Family  Match  Game  :00  Baseball  Edge Of  Movl*  Baseball:  Dinah  Hamel  Tattle  O:30  Baaaball  Night  '"Sam  Baaaball  Dinah  Show  tales  Baaaball  Duaty'a  Whiskey" ,  Baaeball  Dinah  Another  1 Dream  :45  Baseball  Treehouse  Burt  Baaaball  Dinah  World  Ol Jeannie  :00  Baseball  Merv  Reynolds  Baaablal  Emergency  Another  Funorama  A"  ���1:30  Baaaball  Grlffln  Clint  Baseball  .  One  World  Funorama  Baaaball  Merv  Walker  Baaaball  Emergency  The Lucy  Gilligan's  ,   ���*.  Baaaball  Griffin  Conl'd  Baseball  One  Show  Island  ._ :00  NHL  Men  Mary  NHL  Eyewltneaa  Emergency  The  ft:��  *J:30  Hockay  Griffin  Hartman  Hockay  News  Emergency  ,Mlke  Quarter  New* 4  Newaervlce  Quarter  Eyewitness  Emergency  Dougles  :45  Final  Nawa 4  Newaervlce  Final  News  Emergency  Show  :00  Hockay  ABC Nawa  Newaervlce  Hockay  CBS Newa  News Hour  CBS News  6 ilo  Hockey  ABC New*  Newaervlce  Hockey  CBS News  News Hour  CBS News  Hockay  Nawa 4  NBC News  Hockey  Mlka  News Hour  Let's Make  :45  Hockay  .  Nawa 4  NBC Naws  Hockey  Douglaa  Naws Hour  A Deal  :00  Hockay  To Tell  Seattle  Hockey  Mike  Loves Me  Joker's  7 15  I  :30  Hockey  TheTruth  Tonlghl  Hockey  Douglaa  Loves Me Not  Wild  Hockey  Muppet  Hollywood  Hockey  Treasure  Slera  On The  :45  . Hockey  Show  Squaraa  Hockey  Hunt  On lea  Buses  :00  Hourglaas  DonnyA  Baseball  Charlla'a  CodeR  Donny A  Lawrence  Olio  Hourglaaa  Marl*  . Mariners  Angela  CodsR  Marie  Welk  Hourglaaa  DonnyA  Va.  Charlies  CodeR  OonnyA  Lawrence  :45  Hourglaaa  Maria  California  Angela  CodeR  Marie  Welk   ���  :00  TBA  ABC Movia  Angela  Moat  Nashville  Rocklord  British  Q:15  9:30  TBA  "Sweel  Baaaball  Wanted  99  Files  Movie  TBA  Hostage"  Baaaball  Moal  Naahvllle  Rockford  "Elizabeth  :45  TBA  Linda  Baaaball  Wanted  ��  Files  Ol  .00  TBA  Blair  Baaaball  Hawaii  Hunter  Delvecchio  Ladymead"  10 IS  TBA  Martin  Baaeball  5-0  Hunter  Delvecchio  Cont'd  TBA  Sheen .  Baaeball  Hawaii  Hunter  Delvecchio  Cont'd  :45  TBA  Cont'd  Baaaball  5-0  Hunter  Delvecchio  Cont'd  :00  The  Naws 4  Newaervlce  CBC News  Eyewltneaa  CTV News  Honey-  11 s  National  News 4  Newservice  CBC News  Newa  CTV Naws  Mooners  Nlnaty  S.W.A.T.  Tonight  News  NBA  News  NBA  :45  Mlnutea  S.W.A.T.  Show  Newa  Playolf  Newt  Playoff  :00  Nlnaty  S.W.A.T.  Tonight  Lai* Show  Cont'd  Lale Show  Cont'd  12 3  Minutes  S.W.A.T.  Show  "Katharine"  Cont'd  "Jenny"  Cont'd'  Ninety  S.W.A.T.  Tonight  Art  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  :45  Minutes  Avengers  Show  Carney  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  MONDAY, APRIL 18,1977  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  - CHANNELS  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  :00  Allln  To Live  Another  Tha  Allln  Cont'd  Allln  A:1S  at. :30  The Family  Qeneral  World  FBI  The Family  Conl'd  The Family  Edge of  HosrJital  Another  Edge of  Match  The  Match  :45  Night  Cont'd  World  Night  Game  Allan  Game  :00  Take  Edgaol  Movie  Take  Dlneh  Hamel  Tattle-  Ol5  *J 30  Thirty  Night  "Murphy's  Thirty  Dinah  Show  Tales  Celebrity  Boomereng  War-  Celebrity  Dinah  Another  Bewitched  :45  Cooka  Boomereng  Peter  Cooks  Dinah  World  Bewitched  :00  It's Your  Merv  O'Toole"  Brady  Emergency  Another  Funoreme  42  Choice  Orlllln  Slan  Bunch  One  World  Funorama  Just For  Marv  Phillips  Childrens  Emergency  The Lucy  Monkeea  :45  Fun  Grlffln  Cont'd  Show  One  Show  Monkeee  :00  Rainbow   -  Marv  Mary  Doris  Eyewitness  Emergency  The  R:15  ��l  30  Country  Grlllin  Hartman  Day  Newe  Emergency  Mike  Room 222  News 4  Newaervlce  Newe  Eyewitness  Emergency  Douglaa  .45  Room 222  News 4  Newservice  Newa  Newe  Emergency  Show  .00  Reach  ABC Newt  Newaervlce  Nawe  CBS Naws  News Hour  CBS Naws  U   30  For Top  ABC News  Newaervlce  Hour  C8S Naws  Newt Hour  CBS News  Hourgless  News 4  NBC Newe  Newt ���  The  Newt Hour  ��128,000  45  Hourglses  Naws 4  NBC News  Hour  Mike  News Hour  Question  00  Hourglass  Space:  Seattle  Little  Douglea  Loves Me  Joker's  7:,s  1   :30  Hourglsst  1H9  Tonight  Houaa  Show  Loves Me Not  Wild  Cross Cda  Spec*:  Hollywood  On the  Traaaura  Headline  Doctor  :45  Concert  11*9  Squeres  Prairie  Hunt  Hunters  AlSee  :00  Rhoda  Happy  Llttlo  Rhode  Busting  Tha  Lucy-  D :1S  O:30  Rhoda  Days  House  Rhoda  Loosa  Waltons  Dee!  Phyllla  Monday  On The  Phyllis  Plnocchlo  The  Comedy  43  Phyllla  Night  Prairie  Phyllla  Plnocchlo  Wallona  Hour  00  Q  15  ���9:30  Front Page  Basebell  NBC Movie  Front Page  Plnoochlo  Pig A  M.A.S.H.  Challenge  Teams  "Mecon  Challenge  Plnocchlo  Whistle  MASH.  Allln  TBA  County  Allln  Plnocchlo  Sanford A  Bogerl  45  The Family  Conl'd  Line"  The Femily  Plnocchlo  Son  Movie  00  AgaOt  Cont'd  Mex  AgeOI  Andros  Dog A  Cont'd  10 a  uncertainty  Cont'd  Baer  Uncertainly  Targale  Cst  Conl'd  AgeOI  Cont'd  Conl'd  AgeOI  Androe  Dog A  Cont'd  45  Uncertainty  Cont'd  Conl'd  Uncertainty  Targete  Cet  Cont'd  00  The  Newe 4  Neweervlca  CBC Newa  Eyewltneet  CTV News  All That  11 IS  Nellonel  Newa 4  Neweervlee  CBC News  Newt  CTV News  Qllllete  Ninety  Streete  Tonlghl  News  CBS Lele  Newa  CBSlete  45  Mlnutee  Of  Show  News  Movie  Newe  Movie  oo  Ninety  Sen  Tonlghl  Lele Show  "Kojak"  Lale Show  "Ko|ak"  12 U  Minutes  Francleco  Show  "The  Conl'd  "Red  Cont'd  Ninety  Den  Tonlghl  Sheepman"  CBS Lele  River"  CBS Lete  45  Mlnutea  August  Show  Conl'd  Movie  Cont'd  Movie  TUESDAY, APRIL 19,1977  LINOLEUMS  Gr*F  *   Armstrong  *  Fllntcoto  APPLIANCES  * Topan Inglis * Finlay  and Jonn- Air Appllancat  * Caramlc TIU and  Tub Splash**  ^Howe m^ound rJjldrUmlorA  ion 694, GIBSONS  Located n��xt to Windsor Plywood  For appointment, phon* 886-2765  oo  IB  30  45  CHANNEL 2 CHANNEL A CHANNELS CHANNf.1 0 CHANNEL 7        CHANNIL B CHANNIL 12  Allln  The Family  Edge Of  Nlghl  To Live  Oenerel  Hotpltal  Conl'd  Another  World  Another  World  The  FBI  EdgeOI  Nlghl  All In "'on  The Femily Coatl  Match The  Qame Allan  Allln  The Family  Malch  Game  00  Take  Edge Ol  Movie  Take  Dinah  Hamel  faille.  q i��  *J   30  Thirty  Night  "Crtck  Thirty  Dinah  Show  lalea  Celebrity  Ouely'e  In Ihe  Celehrlly  Dinah  Another  Bewitched  45  Cooke  Treehouee  Mirror  Cooke  Dinah  World  Bewitched  00  U'eVour  Merv  Orson  Brady  Emergency  Another  funorama  4 2  Choice  Oilllln  Welles  Bunch  One  Wmld  funorama  HI Diddle  Merv  Juliette  ChlHIrene  Emergency  Ihelucy  Monkeea  45  Day  Orlllln  Greco  Show  One  Show  Monkeea  00  NHL  Merv  Mary  NIU  tyewllneat  I mergency  Ihe  C   IS  \3 io  Hockey  Orlllln  Hartman  Hockey  Nawa  f mergency  Mike  Quarter  Newe 4  Newservice  Oueitet  t.yewllneit  Lmetgency  Oouglaa  .45  Final  Newe 4  Newservice  final  Newt  Frnergency  Ethow  00  Hockey  ABC Newa  Newaervlce  Hockey  Cllll Newt  Newa Hour  COS Newt  6::  Hockey  ABC Newe  Neweervlee  NBC Newe  Hockey  CBS Newa  Newa Hour  CIIS Newt  Hockey  Newa 4  Hockey  the  Newa Hour  (long  4t  Hockey  News 4  NIC Newe  Hockey  Mtke  Newa Hour  Show  00  Hockey  To fell  (���title  Hookey  Deaagtei  Sokby  Jofcer't  7 is  I     10  Hockey  Ihe Truth  fonlghl  Hockey  Show  Vlnlon  Wild  Hockey  ta-plorallon  Name  Hockey  Treature  Hawaii  On In.  48  Hockey  Nerlhweat  fhal lune  Hockey  Hunt  ��o  Sutet  00  Hourgless  Heppy  Baa  Kingston.  Whoa  Hawaii  Will. .  8;:  Hour glees  Deye  ��� aa  Conlldenllel  Who  in  Who  Meucgleee  Lev*<ne A  ���leek  Klngeten.  Whe'e  <��M*  wna e  4S  Hourglass  Shirley  Sheep  Contldenllal  Who  Julie  Who  -.   ������  '   Muppela  llghils  Felice  Spatial  MA AH  One Day  Androa  Q is  ��*   )0  Muppets  Enough  Woman  'the  MASH  AIA lime  lergela  W oilman  (Ight It  Police  Amailnp  One Dey  David  Androe  4B  Jack  Inough  Woman  Howard  AIA lime  Steinberg  fergele  00  Heritage  remlly  f'nllce  Hughea"  Koiak  Koiak  Nashville  10::  Heritage  Femily  Oloiy  Pail II  Ko|ek  K..|��k  ta  Room III  remlly  folic ���  Confd  Ko|��a  Ko|.k  Naahvllle  41  Room If 1  Femily  ��� tery  Conl'd  Kefak  KO|ek  n  00  the  Newt 4  Neweervlee  CBC Newe  Cyewllneaa  CIV Newt  Alllhal  11 a  National  Newt 4  Neweeivloe  ORG Newe  Ntwa  CIV Newe  (lllll...  Ninety  Movie  tonight  Newa  CSS lele  Newa  est lele  ��t  Mlnulaa  Oil he  Ihow  Newt  Movie  Newa  Movie  00  Ninety  Week  fonlghl  lale Show  the  I ale Show  "the  12;;  Mlnulet  "Ihe  Maoav  llllh  tongeal  "MeryJane"  I l*��a**��l  Ninety  ateille  fonlghl  Day Of  Nlghl"  Cont'd  Niehl"  n  Mlnutea  Cuckoo"  -'    s�� ���  Show  Feece"  Conl'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  J. CHOQUER & SONS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR���INDUSTRIAL & MARINE  Box 1235  Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  BAST PORPOISI BAV ROAD  Bun BB0-9244  fUai SBS-2.B6  0tf>HD ROOFING PR0D(/c>  ^ ���roofing felt     ���flashing V*J  ���built-in gutter systems  we aim to please  ���competitive prices  886-2489 PETER,  A  STAR  in  the  Beach-   three, stares at the mountains across   he was back roaming the forests  combers series at the tender age of   Gibsons Harbour and no doubt wishes   rather than acting for television.  The Beachcombers arrive  By KERRA LOCKHART  How can you tell when the Beachcombers are back in town? Strange events  suddenly start occuring on the Gibsons  wharf.  We missed the historic meeting recently  of the King of Kensington ��� and the  Celebrity Chef, but one warm, soft evening  last week we were invited- to a media  event.  When we arrived, anxiously twiddling  with our camera light meter in the rapidly  fading sunlight, it was to find a suspicious  number of preteens strolling around, the  dock taking great interest in the fishing  trawlers at the precise moment they  should have been home with their peanut  butter sandwiches parked in front of Mary  Hartman, Twice.  From Roberts Creek to Langdale they  had been summoned by the school  grapevine: "Hey, is there really a cougar  arriving tonight?" And so they came to  find out and they weren't disappointed.  Because there wasn't just one cougar; two  of the graceful animals were landed at the  wharf, returned from a day's filming on  Ragged Island, around back of Keats.  They had been part of the conventional  West Coast script. Two girls trapped on an  island are stalked by a cougar until,  retreating to the water's edge, they are  rescued at the last moment by a well-  timed boat.  But while the kids on the wK3rf were  not particularly interested in what the.  cougars do for national prime timve TV  they were fascinated by the quiet animals  in their cages.  Sitting on surrounding pilings, they  watched with excitement and slight awe as  one of the cats and a potential scene  stealer, a charming racoon, were removed  from the boat and placed into the back of a  parked pickup truck. Then they tensed and  drew together as Peter, a three-year-old  cougar, was released from his captivity,  After a quick circling pace the cat stretched along the planks, reacting only when  chunks of raw meat were thrown to him by  a trainer. .  The children jumped onto the boat  behind the animal, posing for three  photographers, but the cougar, disturbed  by the movement and the cameras  became restless, growled lightly and was  comforted by his handler, a man  protective of the cat; a little defensive  towards the crowd of sightseers.  . Peter was returned to his cage, the 20  minute show was over, but the children  hung around just, a little longer. It was,  they decided, worth missing supper for.  As for myself, I discovered something  that until now I had taken as part of the-  folklore of the CBC. But it's really true. No  matter how far you venture from the red  gothic pile of Toronto's Jarvis Street, you  can always find one crew member in a  Pierre Cardin suit:  Focus on  Fitness  The backbone of America is crumbling.  Today North Americans are streaming  into chiropractic offices frying to relieve  the nagging pain of backaches. Back injuries are becoming more prevalent in the  70's than in the past. The frightening thing  is that it is not restricted to older people.  There are numerous causes for injuries to  the spine, but two of the more frequent are  lack of knowledge on how to properly lift  heavy objects and inadequate strength  and flexibility in the lower back and abdominal muscles.  Both are preventable with a little care  and respect for the spine. The spinal  column is an amazing piece of machinery.  It is extremely flexible, allowing us to  bend in all directions, even spirally. Its  main function i�� to provide housing for the  spinal cord, the meeting place of  thousands of nerves. If the vital housing is  broken or disturbed in any way one can  imagine the pain of pinching the  vulnerable nerves underneath.  Pride has played a part in many back  injuries. Lifting a weight by oneself that  should be lifted by three persons is not  common sense but self destruction.  When lifting any object use your legs  for the strength, keeping your back  straight. Never turn abruptly when  carrying heavy objects.  No object of any weight can be lifted it  the muscles are not there to support it.  Today with all our convenience appliances  for in and out of doors our bodies often do  not develop a working strength.  The abdominal and lower back muscles  form a base for the spinal column. When a  house has a good foundation it can stand  up to most wear and tear. The same is true  of the spine. Try doing 15 sit-ups by  hooking your feet under a couch, or having  a friend hold them for you. If you can do it  without much strain, then your body is  likely to be able to meet most demands you  put on it.  If you cannot do 15 then it's time to start  working on yourself. You may feel perfectly capably of functioning in your  present physical condition, but it's the  exception that injures so many backs.  Carrying that extra suitcase so you only  have to make one trip. Lifting the boat  instead pf wating for a friend to help. Rearranging the living room furniture before  your husband gets home.  People under 40 are the most  vulnerable. Because they are younger,  they feel able to accomplish more. But if  the muscles are not developed, the age  makes no difference.  Try the sit-up test and see how you do.  Give yourself a chance.  Wednesday, April 13,1977  The Peninsula Times  PageB-7  'Midway' portrays decisive WW II naval battle in Pacific  "Midway", opening Wednesday, April  13 at the Twilight Theatre, features an all-  star cast in a portrayal of the historic  World War n naval battle.  Charlton Heston stars as Capt. Matt  Garth,  the central fictional character  CHARLTON HESTON as Capt. Matt  Garth, flight officer aboard the  Yorktown during the Battle of Mid-  way, watches as planes leave the  deck of the famous carrier in the film  Midway".  &tttc Antiques;  Tuos. - Sat., 11 - 5:30  Lower Vlllago, Gibsons  *%**���%*��**���%**  Closed Sun. & Mon.  886-2316  whose story is interwoven with those of  actual World War II officers and enlisted  men.  The film also stars Henry Fonda as  U.S. Adm. Chester W. Nimitz, James  Coburn, Glenn Ford, Hal Holbrook,  Toshiro Mifune, Robert Mitchum, Cliff  Robertson and Robert Wagner.  The Walter Mirisch production integrates into the story actual war footage,  filmed in color by U.S. Navy  photographers and by cameras mounted  on fighter planes.  The film is presented in Sensurround,  the Academy Award winning sound  system introduced in the movie "Earthquake".  The Battle of Midway occurred in June  1942, six months after the catastrophic  blow to the U.S. Pacific Fleet in Pearl  Harbor, when it appeared that nothing  could stop the Japanese Navy's expansion  in the Pacific.  Admiral Isordku Yamamoto, the  brilliant Commander-in-Chief of the  Imperial Combined Fleet, designed the  attack on Midway to precipitate a  .showdown battle with the weakened U.S.  Pacific Fleet.  The American high command was  informed of the plan when the U.S. Navy's  Combat Intelligence Unit at Pearl Harbor,  under Cdr. Jospehy Rochefort, monitored  and decoded Japanese secret messages  nbout Objective 'AF".  Although many in the high command  Mr. Photography  MIKE CLiMHjyi KITS CAMERAS  SECHELT FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT  PUBLIC NOTICE-  OUTDOOR BURNING"  Under the provisions of the Forest Act and with the co-operation of  Forestry Service and the Village of Sechelt the Sechelt Fire Protection  District will issue fire permits in the following manner:  From April 15th, 1977 until October 31st, 1977  Step No. I  An application form obtainable at the Sechelt Municipal Hall will be  filled and out and deposited there.  Step No. II  Twice a week a duly appointed Fire Prevention Officer will take these  application forms, personally inspect the proposed site and if approved  will then issue a burning permit.  4  never t-Mva row oamern  in yoar oeltr*umr...tf  Camera Care  [roni your cumoifi wllh  lospocl hut not nwo Koop  II nwny liom inotnluin, (Hit  nnd hont tint don't worry  so modi nlxxit Dm doli  r.nr.y ol your nquipmonl  trim you niwur tnkn it oul  Iho inii'.l tnisjilii piuln  aro llm Ioiih and shi/Hor  Thnlnnn mndo liom limily  ground (jli.fi'i nnndn ii>i,u  Inr limiting wllh n llrm  brush nnd orcnnlonnl  clnnnlno, onpoclnlly whnn  nn ncadonial linrjw punt  inurs Un clarity iipoclal  loin ilomiiM nnil Union  nr�� nvnllnhln lor ltil��i|ot> A  low dinpn ol clomint  nhould hit nppllnd to Iho  rn/rrvplod hum mi nnd ffrn  loni wiport Qontly, not  tx^uhtind  Nut using ttie enmora  tfaewVI fxeaerva h, in l*ct  )u��t tho opposiio Wllh in  activity Iho nhutloi hlndoa  gnt In/y nnd io��|olin am  vicing   Ih* camera. ��hut  \m should tx�� clicked 30 la  60   HniBfi   nvory   month  when not In una,  Hunt In OKlmmnly hiiiil  on n enmnrn nnd it dnm-  nfloti liim too loll In ��t  niMollflilno olovo com-  pnrtmont or In Ihi) buck  window nn n hot dny  grenjn in tha tocussing  mount ntolln Into lh�� fthut-  l��i foladns II will tnko A  r.killod Inchnlclnn nnvnitil  hourii to inmnvo tho  (jmiuto nnd miIociih llm  Inrifi  Ohvloimly dropping tho  cnrnnm ih Hhitly lo cnusfi  ln|uiy Cnny II In n nlucdy  i niiiiiiu i nno nnd koop  nulrn itqulpmnnl In ��  (jftdliol lino Alwnyn koop  tho mm Ihtoutjh iho rati up  wti<*n us not mound lti��  nock And ll you m hnvlnfl  piolileitis wllh llm cnmnin  tako It in n tochnlclan  Don'l tool awcxmtl w��>\ H  youisoll II it n oixxl Klon  to hnvo Iho Innivdtt  clonnod nnd chockod  about once n yenr any  tit/my And conaldar Insuring youi oi|oi|)iiioril ll It h  nxpontalva  aaaaMieaaMMMBaaaMMa  -Leisure OufUcti  ��� SOUND CONSTRUCTION"!  ��� ���  S * Carpenter ��� Contractor        5  B      * interior finishing ���  B * house framing H  jh * concrete form work 5  Take a step in the right  direction. Take a few.  patmcipacnon,  *?*}    ll  Gary Wallinder  Box 920  Gibsons  886-2316  ROBERTS CREEK FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT  NOTICE  OUTDOOR BURNING  Permits are required for all outdoor burning within the  boundaries of the said District under the provisions of the  Forest Act from April 14 to October 31, 1977.  Permit applications are available from:  Glen Jraus  Hall Road  Roberts Creek, B.C.  Phone 885-2919  Fee: $2.00  No permit is required for screen covered incinerators.  G. Kraus, Fire Chief  Roberts Creek Volunteer Fire Department  i  believed that the Midway operation was a  Japanese ruse and that the real attack  would come at Hawaii or even California,  Admiral Nimitz thought otherwise. He  made the decision to dispatch this  weakened task force under Admiral  Raymond A. Spurance and Rear Admiral  Frank J. "Jack" Fletcher to ambush one  of the greatest armadas ever assembled.  The ensuing sea battle was recognized  as the most decisive and significaant  naval action since Trafalgar and became  the turning point in the Pacific for the  Allied Forces.  ' "Midway" runs through Saturday,  April 16. It is rated for mature audiences.  Following at the Twilight on Sunday,  April 17, is the musical comedy "The  Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones."  Nicky Henson stars as Tom. The film is  rated for mature audiences and runs  through Tuesday, April 19.  MMMMMIMIMMMMMM^^  Donate your old furniture,  books, tools, etc. to  THE GUIDING AND  SCOUTING AUCTION  to be held May 7th.  �� ��� ���  For pickup phone 885-9364,  885-2682 or 885-9440  MMWMNMMMMMWMMaMI^^  "finest dining with an ocean view"  Boulevard $85-9769 885-3815 Sechelt  DINNER SPECIAL  effective Friday, April 15, Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17.  ~ T-Bone Steak  13tol4oz.  or  New York Steak  10 to 11 oz.  with your choice of 4 oz. glass red or white wine, baked potato, chef  salad with choice of dressings, toasted garlic bread and a selection  of Danish pastries for dessert. $000  !8(  reservations are recommended  Open on Sundays at 3 p.m.  TWILIGHT  Gibsons  THEATRE  886-2827  Wed, Thurs,  Fri & Sat,  April 13th,  14th, 15th &  16th  8 p.m.  * MATURE  A SPICY DISH  SERVED WITH  LAUGHTER.  nw ll/%WlinyA0viuifTiTiwMi or  AUIWMSAbftMlASf.  IKOINKUUMI.  (.a>4.IINlW)  Sun, Mon & Tues,  April 17th, 18th & 19th,  o p.m.  \  MATURE  Coming  THE ENFORCER  with Clint E.istwoocl  \ Garden  PaeeB-8 The Peninsula Times  ._'        JlTLW      HI Mill   I iWhllMlllll-   l~  Uf ������_^���.^.asasasa���M���  Wednesday, April 13,1977  Sechelt News Notes  BY GUY SYMONDS  From being denounced as a poisonous  growth unfit for human consumption, the  "love-apple',' as the tomato was calledlOO  years ago, has become second only to  green peas as the favorite vegetable of the  Canadian family.  In the process it has been cultured and  hybridized so that how there are dozens  of varieties with differing qualities of  appeal.  But no matter what the type, all tomato  plants demand the same kind of basic  treatment, and the chief ingredient is  warmth ��� sunshine warmth, preferably.  So if tomatoes are in your plans this  summer, first be sure you have a warm,  sunny spot. Since warmth is a special  requirement, there is no point whatever in  setting out plants before the soil has  warmed up and the nights will not cool off.  In this part of the world this is often not  until the third week of May.  Starting tomatoes from seed indoors is  quite possible but the possibility must be  fadfed that there will not be enough time for  them to mature before the change in the  season stops all growth.  Established plants can of course be  started under glass much earlier.but the  hardening off process must of necessity be  very carefully done before setting them  out.  Tomato plants come in two shapes, the  bush and the single stem that require  staking. Generally the bush type bears  more fruit but it is smaller in size.  Recommended varieties of bush growing  plants are Early Chatham and Victor, both  time tested for reliability and all round  satisfaction. They take about 60 days to  mature. Of the staking type, which is  probably the most popular for the garden  since it takes up less room, Sutton's Best-  Of-All and Stokesdale are two that get the  expert's nod. They need 70 days to,, fulfill  their mission in life. Bush varieties need to  be set about three feet apart and the  staked kind about 18 inches.  The growing medium must be as good  as you can make it, kept moist and loamy  in texture. But, and it's a very big but, top  watering is or can be disastrous. So the  best plan is to provide overhead shelter  such as a roof overhand that does not shut  out the sun. One very successful gardener  growing staked tomatoes used a movable  plastic "roof that was* raised as the  plants grew taller.  Don't use lime. Tomatoes, like potatoes  to which they are related, do not appreciate an alkaline soil. They should be  set deep, down to the first leaf as they root  freely from the stem buried in the soil.  When they have produced five trusses (the  branches from the main stem) pinch off  the tops to force the maturing development. And most important of all, carry out  continuous pruning while the plants are  growing by pinching out the little leafy  growths that appear Ipetween the main  stem and the fruit trusses. If this is not  done you will find yourself with,a huge  tomato tree and very little fruit.  At blossom time a fruit setting hormone spray will ensure the minimum of  falling blossom and so the maximum of  fruit.  Vine ripined tomatoes make the most  luscious eating, particularly if eaten like  an apple straight from the tree and soaked  right through with the warmth of the  sunshine, but the period when this can be  enjoyed is often limited and the fall  weather is upon us while the fruit is still  green, When you are sure that it has gone  as far as it can go on the vine, pick it and  take it indoors where the ripening will  continue with little attention needed. Some  people like to wrap each tomatoe in  newspaper and set it in a dark cupboard,  .some like to line them up on window sills.  In the money  Pour members of the Gibsons branch of  the Bank of Montreal were winners in last  week's Gibsons Lions 400 Club draw.  Splitting the $100 prize were Herb  Clapman, Ramsey Parker, Richard  Barrett and Vcrda Schneider. This is the  second time Uie group's ticket haa been  drawn.  The winning ticket wns drawn by  Chryatal Hoehne of Gibsons.  A trip to Disneyland was enjoyed by  Mrs. Emily Stroshein with her daughter  Myona Miekle and granddaughter  Katrina. They��took in the usual trips, such  as Knottsberry Farm, and enjoyed San  Francisco.  Grand to arrive home from a delightful  trip and have a pleasant surprise awaiting  you. Emily had won an invitation to Bob  Pye's CKWX Easter Hat parade luncheon  at the Panorama Room of the Hotel  Vancouver.  Participation included bringing a  friend. She took Lenore Nygren, each  wearing their own hat creations. Emily  fixed a straw bonnet purchased in San  Francisco. Lenore's was a gorgeous pink,  paper flower creation. They didn't win any  awards, but the TV camera picked them  out for that evening's news, so that could  be classed as honorable mention.  One of the winning bonnets was made  out of bread dough in the shape of a basket  with eggs. Another very simply done one  was a straw hat with two live ducklings  sitting on top with a veil overall.  Phyl and Elsie Nicholson with Heather  and Jimmy took advantage of the spring  break for a trip to San Francisco to visit  their friends Bonnie and Eric Paetkau.  They found the Paetkaus all very well and  enjoying California. While there they were  joined for an evening by Dick and Joan  Proctor. Another evening the visitors were  Jim and Verla Hobson from Gibsons. A  most enjoyable week with gorgeous  weather.  Thursday, April 7, saw Mary Gordon of  West Sechelt installed as Worthy Matron  PEGGY CONNOR 885-9347  for the Mount Elphinstone Order of Easter  Star Branch No. 65. Among the many  guests to the area were Doris Drummond  from White Rock, Margaret and Stan  Truman, Victoria, Gladys Booker,  Calgary, Alice Hough, Vernon and Betty  McKenzie North Vancouver.  Dignitaries from other branches were  Hazel Frieze, Vancouver, Grand  Secretary emeritus, Alice E. Brook,  Grand secretary, Myrtle Mere, grand,  treasurer. There were three grand  worthy matrons: Audrey Marr, Powell  River, Winnogene Kirkham, Vancouver,  Florence Struthers, Vancouver. Worthy  Matron Betty McCullah from Parksville.  Two grand representatives: Brother  Oliver Beecham, Powell River and  Dorothy Haig.  A grand time was had by all.  Congratulations to Worthy Matron Mary  Gordon.  Sechelt Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital  monthly meeting will be Thursday, April  14. St. Hilda's Hall will also be the place  the Friendship Tea will be held Thursday,  April 21,2 p.m. This is a gathering for the  six auxiliaries to St. Mary's Hospital.  The artist appearing at Whitaker House  for two weeks starting April 12 is Vivian  Chamberlin. A very interesting painter.  A good time to view her new paintings  and meet this lady from Hopkins Landing  is Saturday, April 16 and 23.  Savings & Quality go hand in hand  Are you part of the human race lC^  or just a spectator? ^B'm  pamapaaton,  llOacav In viwr heart \.aa knosa il\ ritf..  PENDER HARBOUR  CREDIT UNION  30th Annual Meeting  Friday, April 15th 1977  8:00 p.m.  Canadian Legion Hall  Madeira Park  DINNER 6:30 P.M.  Members: $3.00 Guests: $6.00  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  Notice of Public Hearing  Amendment to Land Use Regulation By-law %  Pursuant to Section 703 of the Municipal Act, a public hearing will  be held to consider the following by-laws to amend Sunshine Coast  Regional District Land Use Regulation By-law No. 96, 1974: By-law  96.6. All persons who deem their interest in property affected by  the proposed by-laws shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard  on matters contained in the by-law.  By-law 96.6 would place 1 3/4 acres of upland and 3 1/4 acres of fill  at the mouth of Twin Creek D.L. 1439, Lot 1, Plan 7964 except  Parcel A, Ref. Plan 4274, in the Industrial 4 zone to permit a chipper  mill operation.  The hearing will be held at the Elementary School in Langdale at  7:00 p.m., Wednesday, April 27, 1977.  The above is a synopsis of By-law 96.6 and is not deemed to be an  Interpretation of the by-law. The by-law may be inspected at the  Regional District Offices, 1248 Wharf Street, Sechelt during office  hours,  namely Monday to Wednesday,  8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.,  Thursday and Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m.  At the same meeting the proposed amendments to the Gambier  Island Official Community Plan By-law 110.1 will be discussed.  At the same meeting the Lyttle Bros.Limited proposal to establish a  saw mill at Ouellette Creek will be discussed.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C.  VON 3A0 (Mrs.) A.G. Pressley  885-2261 |H      Secretary-Treasurer  .co-op}     LIFE/FIRE/CASUALTY  CO-OP INSURANCE  OFFERS A NEW LOCAL SERVICE  Call Bill Foreman, C.L.U.  885-5022  for prompt personal service and low rates  on boats, houses, trailers, mobile homes  and life insurance.  COOPERATIVE INSURANCE  SERVICES  MEAT SPECIALS  PRODUCE SPECIALS  BAN AN AS Imported No. 1   .4 lbs.   J.  CABBAGE Imported No. 1 ��� Green Zlbs.49  ORANGES Valencia ��� Size 113s & 138s   D lbs.   1  SPINACH lmported#Bunch Z/4D  GROCERY SPECIALS  SunnygoW  SULTANA  RAISINS 2  Scott  BATHROOM  TISSUE  4 rolls  Granulated  WHITE (4 go  SUGAR** ?1- ���  Kellogg's  CORN  FLAKES 675 grams  TangtOrange  FLAVOR $109  CRYSTALS 4 pack 99 gram 1  Kraft* Singles  UtiExbE  SLICES i6 oz.  49  Blisters  DOG  FOOD 25 ol  oo  BAKERY SPECIALS  FROZEN FOODS  Family Style  ICE CREAM 2 litre  Foremost ��� 100% Florida from concentrate  ORANGE JUICE *.����  MrV  29  ���1  Prices Effective:  thurs. April 14.  Fri, April 15,  Sat, April 16.  Phon. 885-202S  885-9823 ��� Bakory  885-9812 ��� NWat D��pt.  WE RESERVE THE RIGHT  TO LIMIT QUANTITIES  I  *


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