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The Peninsula Times Oct 20, 1976

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 1 '.  )   .  "5   ���  V.       <  ,ar^��� "**  ���.  .  y "  ���'VW '  Cameo Land Development's plan for ah  industrial park in Wilson Creek has been  given the initial go-ahead but under tight  controls to be imposed by the Sunshine Coast  Regional District.  Regional directors decided Friday night,  not to give third reading to a re-zoning application by Field Road sub-division owner  Henry Hall, but to instead work out a land-use  contract with the developer.  Hall had originally applied to have 12 lots  of his restricted covenant sub-division  rezoned from Rll residential to Ml industrial.  The application had, already  received i  second reading from the regional bpgird,]  which approved the concept in principie.7At a^  public hearing held last month local residents  strongly opposed the development expressing  concern over possible lowering of property  values, the lack of an anti-noise by-law and  the threat of pollution to Chapman Creek.  In order to work out the land-use cotract  with Hall in accordance with the Municipal  Act, the regional board had first to designate  the area as a development zone, the board  was told. The motion to do so was delayed for  half an hour after its necessity was  questioned by Chairman John McNevin, but _  after consultation with the area planner the  motion was passed. It must still be approved  by the Department of Municipal Affairs in  Victoria.  The regional board, according to McNevin, is still actively searching for alternate  land for the industrial park. If found, a land-  swap will be attempted with the developer.  Hall has previously.expressed interest in this  proposition, but o^ily if the new site meets  certain criteria. The land must, he insists, be  serviced - and- near to available tran*-  sportation.. 7;.  McNevin told, the other directors that it  , was unlikely that a deal could be worked out ���  | as "siiitble land was just not available."  j Hall, who was in the audience, promised  ', the board that if he was faced with any fur-  f ther delays he would move his business to  Vancouver '.'where they would welcome the  jobs."  A pressrelease written by Hall in response  arguments raised against his development  September's public meeting stated, "that  ,he only incentive for secondary industry to  locate on the Peninsula is cheaper property  and taxes" and that "extraneous ecological'  demands" would destroy "the only incentive  the area has to offer industry."  While local residents clearly viewed the  land-use cotract as a victory for their side,  ��� See Page A-3  Ih  On a resolution from their public utilities  committee the Sunshine Coast Regional  District Board has agreed to hold a public  referendum for the Sechelt sewer.  Ballotting will be on November 20, the  same days as the local council and school  board elections.  Committee Chairman Peter Hoemberg  explained at the October 15 board meeting  that a decision by the, Department of  Municipal Affairs to put the Letters Patent  for the sewer function under Section 766 (4)  (b) of the Municipal Act used up two out of the  possible three mills allowed under that  particular section, The regional board has  already allocated another eight-tenths of a  mill from the same section and approving the  sewer, in. this manner, said Hoemberg,  "would, seriously restrict the powers of the  Regional Board. '__���_ ��� J~_  -, "What it would mean (h that evS^ pm* y  put in a street light we" would havens &i> to  referendum until we had paid off the sewer,"  he said. ���     ,:..������.  The only alternative, according to the  committee's report, was to replace the  function under the other section of the  municipal act. That section calls for a  referendum for any new function taken on;  In moving the board adopt the alternative  of a public referendum Sechelt representative Morgan Thompson thanked Hoemberg  "for getting the board out of a hell of a  predicament." ���  "If we had gone ahead and built the sewer  under the sub-section ih the Municipal Act,  then we would all have been pretty embarrassed in a couple of months' time when  we discovered what we had done to pur-  selves," Thompson said.  After the motion was approved board,  chairman John McNiven said the Regional  District was strongly in favor of the proposed  sewer and hoped the public would vote its  approval.  At the PUC meeting earlier in the week,  Director Thompson expressed annoyance  that he should learn about the''ftiistake by  reading the paper.  "Why wasn't the village informed?" he  asked Hoemberg. "Why was it in the paper. I  don't think I should learn about this by  reading the paper. I'm very upset. I think this  is very poor."  Director Ed Johnson added, "I would  prefer not to read about it in the paper. I think  a better decision could have been made if it  hadn't been in the paper. It would be better to  bring it up at a meeting."  Hoemberg asked, "I would like to know  why the department (of municipal affairs)  changed it to two mills.      " V*- ���      ..  tt appears the department changed fi ��p  two mills, avoiding telling us it was limiting  our funds."  Thompson asked why two mills in the  village should limit the rest of the regional  district. Hoemberg replied, "The department  has decided that any individual taxpayer  shouldn't pay more than three mills on things  in which he doesn't have a say. There is no  provision in the municipal act for any solution  after we have hit three mills in that section."  With that the board unanimously passed  the two resolutions.  Meanwhile, the PUC was told there are  three possible sites for the sewage treatment  plant in the village of Sechelt.  The region's public utilities meeting was  told last week that engineers have three  possible sites in mind. All three are in the  area of the marsh near the head of Porpoise  Bay.  "Any of those three would do," a Dayton  ��� See Page A-3  Interesting things do happen on a  moonlit night.  Early last week Gibsons RCMP  received a call from a lady complaining  that a Jersey cow was munching on her  front lawn. Later she reported that she'd  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), Including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing,' Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, "Secret Cove, Pender Hrb.,' Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earls Cove, Egmont  V   2nd Class Mail,*      y  Registration' No. 1142  Phone  885-3231  Union c'A��_-j*-=-��.,' Label  ^"WMfc*.!*.     *  This Issue 16 pages ���15c  LARGEST READERSHIP OF ANY PAPER ON THE SUNSHINE COAST.  Volume 13 ~ No. 47  Wednesday, October 2Q, 1976  ���Wmp9>_i*    ���*��( ft ���<���**���)*���������*(   -*"*"���    ���**���*<���* at"* X f* I*- <   t    X        *���-; -,       k> *_���>*!' .X     v��>  immmikSimk  jumped up and down in front of it and the  animal had taken off.  The next day a farmer on Pratt Road  filed a missing cow report. Anyone  finding the lost milk producer is  requested to turn it over to their nearest  detachment of the Mounties.  ���CZljBt. m\ XX  IT WAS NOT CLEAR whether the group  of Sechelt Elementary students who  went down to the Sechelt Marsh last  week on' a field trip were there to observe the ducks or whether the students  weret brought there for the ducks ip  observe. Either way, both ducks a��^l  students observed each other arid  learned about each other's habitats in  the marsh. Following the meeting, the  students fed the ducks. A pair of Canada  geese, newly arrived in the marsh, kept  out of sight, choosing to observe but not  be observed. ���Timesphoto  The saying goes that closing the barn door  after the horse is gone isn't much good; but  the regional district wants to make sure the  horse doesn't get out again.  The board passed two recommendations of  the public utilities committee concerning fire  protection at the Pender Harbour Secondary  School.  The committee recommended that the  board Initiate a discussion with the school  board and the department of education over  fire protection at the school and also  recommended that Dayton and Knight be  instructed to map out the details for supplying water to tho new school site and  provide an estimate of costs,  One director noted, '"Perhaps tho  department of education will be more interested in talking about fire protection now,"  Dayton and Knight have been given the go  ahead for a formal report on an algamated  water system for the Gibsons and West Howe.  Sound area. The go ahead camevout of a*  recommendation made at the regional  district's Public Utilities Committee meeting  October 12.  After hearing a report by Dayton and  Knight engineers, the recommendation to  proceed with the formal study was made.-  Agris Berzens of Dayton arid Kriight said  the preliminary report was made without  reference to political boundaries, "I just  looked at what was already there and what  would be good for the entire area," he told the  board. "Politices was not taken into account."  Berzens said the Langdale system had an  excess of water and could be used in the  system. The Gibsons Reed and Henry Road  and School Road reservoirs would also supply  the system. Berzens said a three zone system  would be best.  He also said pipes would, have to be  replaced in Granthams and a stave tank  would have to be moved; but the total cost of  the project would be just over $500,000 and  would include an eight inch pipe on Reed  Road. He told the board that if Soames and  Hopkins become part of the system, there  would not be a defecit nor would there be one  if Gibsons contributes toward the system.  Asked about the benefit to, Gibsons,  Berzens said the village would get an improved system during peak demand periods  and during emergencies. They would not  have to construct a third zone reservoir and  they would have access to the Chaster Road The Eastbourne Cottagers' Association in  and Langdale water supplies. Berzens added, ' making a presentation to the board at their  however, thatthe project would be-difficult to.-�� Oe-loher 15 meeting said the land was one of  acc6mplish if Gibsons insisted ,in having '.the few areas on the island suitable for  autonomy over their part of the system,    sinking wells.  There was not a Gibsons representative at the  PUC meeting.  The board recommended the study go  ahead and that a copy of the final report be  given to Gibsons for study.  In another water matter, the regional  district has agreed to purchase four lots on  Keats Island in order to ensure art adequate  water supply for a summer cottage subdivision.  The lots are currently owned by the subdivision developer who is asking $7,000 to  $8,000 for them, an amount the association  feels is well below their true market value.  A spokesman for the cottagers said the  * newly formed Association had assets of under  $1,000 and could not afford to purchase the  land themselves. They would, however,  consider buying the property back from the  regional district within a few years;  The regional board's purchase of the Pratt  Road water line looks like it was no bargain.  Water superintendent Gordon Dixon  reported to the regional board's public  utilities meeting that ditching by the highways department on Pratt Road found the  pipes were in the wrong place and the connections were too shallow,  "The six inch lino is right in the ditch  line," Dixon said,  The Pratt Road highways work is being  done in preparation for rebuilding the road,  lie said,  Dixon said, "The replacing of the mile of  line will cost about $50,000 and replacing the  connections will cost about $3 to $4,000."  "It looks like our grand acquisition will  turn out to be a rather expensive affair."  Dixon added, "Wc may be forced to pay  for the whole thing."  The committee agrees to obtain more  information from the highways department  on the necessity of replacing the line. It was  noted the line was not steel and could not be  reused.  *  m   .    At    (";'  i  I V* / r\ *f it ^(f   r  iVJi I   >!<,i   /     ,B *  i1 " "V!   > YVY'p w'Ule&V.W'}$%*< *<>n Yi* Y",   '��� <  I  ' ^.-77   ��,  ,-;  ���,  ' *t��%7,<*,*^Miv**"''*7t' i  '  ft -.ri?-��-*\*|5!*.,.  ������ -   ���-   -.�����  r~ *mvir& ���9>V��Va4t* a 5N-. ���*  1' >>. '.">*����� *��**:'  ONE OF THIS FEW indications thnt ferry terminal parking lot. Ferries did'  October 14 was anything more than a not run and the pulp mill at Port Mellon  normal workday was thin sign on the didn't operate during the protest day.  back window of a car in the l-angdnle ���Timesphoto  By KEKRA LACKHAKT  It^wa.s, according to the Canadian I-ahour  Congress and the CBC, a national day of  protest. Nationally maybe, provlnclnlly  perhaps, but locally October 14 was a bust.  Thursday was one of those sharp, autumn  days that God throws us every now and again  to make up for all the rain. Not a patch of fog  was In sight and oven the local mountain  could 1)0 admired without having to peer  through a haze of .slash-burning.  It was, ln fact, an Ideal day for fishing,  raking leaves or drinking In the Pen Hotel. It  was not, one would have thought, a day to Imj  stuck 'behind a desk waiting for tho next  coffee break.  Rut bouncing my temperamental VW up  Pratt Road not-so-early-ln-the-mornlng there  appeared an astonishing sight. One dump  truck and driver, one earth mover and driver  and one flag person leaning on a stop-fllow  sign. All government employees and all  actually working,  Hut what about' Iho rumour that tho  province was to bo closed today?  Word obviously hadn't reached as far as  the Highways department. Never mind those  hold-outs I told myself, on to Umgdule and  the ferry workers, those public minded  radicals who assure us that evorytlme we're  cut from tho rest of civilization tliat It's really  for our own good. Hut at tho terminal there  was one quite deserted Queen of Tsawassen, a  hungry seagull wondering where his morning  breakfast of ship's garbage had got to, nnd  five bored, very unfriendly ferry workers.  "Hi", says I, notebook In liand and expecting to get my'flrst thc-govcrnment-ls-out-  to-get-the-worker quotes of the day, "How's  the walkout going."  "It's not a walkout, It's a day of protest",  reply.s a transplanted Aussie helping himself  to a Jelly doughnut and, Ignoring the hopeful  looking seagull.  "Sorry", says I, "how's the day of protest  notour  No answer.  I try again.  Pointing to an 'out to fight control sign' in  the back window of a car 1 enquire If they're  all here because they've been personally  affected by tho AIR decision.  A woman who looks as If she's served one  loo many bowls of clam chowder says no,  she's only around because It's hor day off and  besides sho was told by the BCGMU to show  up. Another woman mutters something about  the local press undor hor breath. It's not  exactly the display of union solidarity 1 was  expecting.  ltndlndl'iin, It seems, has got lost  somewhere between Horseshoe Hay and  l-angdnle,  At this point more food, tea and a spiffy  young man appear out of a black van. He  Introduces himself as the local organizer for  the ferry employees and these uncommunicative workers are, It turns out an  Information picket lino.  I mention that they arc not exactly  talkative, "Oh, If It's Information you want",  ho replys, "phone Victoria."  At which point both 1 and tho seagull make  our departure, the bird to fish for his food as  nature Intended all along and I to drive to  Port Mellon.  Surely, I reason on the way there, any  union that votes 7(1 per cent to take the day off  would at least make life Interesting for the  mill management. Maybe I'd even bo able to  got. somo photos of a confrontation (the ferry  people had refused to havo tholr pictures  taken).  Granted, there wasn't a hard-hat to la-  found at Port Mellon but neither was there a  picket line, demonstration or any other sign  that this wasn't Just an ordinary Sunday  luornlng, The plant's wire gales wero swung  wide open and a plume of smoke was lazily  polluting the air.  1 was beginning to think this protest was  all a large Joke started by the Conservative  Party and the Alliance for Small Business.  Hack to Gibsons and the Motor Vehicle  office which was not only open but had once  ' again run out of film for the ferry cards, At  last, a subtle way of observing the walkout  and still keeping a day's pay.  Hut on enquiring the ICBC lady behind the  counter denies ever hearing of John Fryer let  alone nny protest, .lust then a green shlrtcd,  dirt-beneath-the finger-nails real life bluo  collar worker wanders In.  Yes, he was working, no he didn't llko tho  AIB but no, he didn't agree with walking off  the Job.  "The unions", ho announces "would have  boon much better donating a day's paycheque  to tholr pensioners." It was the only constructive thing anyono has said all day.  Gibson's municipal hall was open but not  busy, the village dork was holding forth In his  offlco and I, admitting defeat, left for Sechelt.  I knew thoro was no point In asking the local  RCMP If thoy would take the day off.  Back at tho offlco I phono the Socholt  village hall. "Hi", says I, to the young lady  who picks up the phone, "are you observing  the day of protest?"  "What protest?" she asks.  Sighing, 1 oncer again explidn about the  national walkout against the federal  government.  "Iley F.rnle", I hoar hor yell, "aro wo open  today or arc wc Joining some walkout,"  An annoyed Krnie yolls right back "ym  we're open, and anyway It's not a walkout,  .    ~- Soo Pago A-3 J  A  1  V  r-  \   .  '     i  Page A-2  y  The Peninsula limes  Wednesday, October 20,1976  ii fifltiwiiiiiiiiiBaMBWgaaoii mm ihm r.ij  The Peni^sula^*^  Don Morberg, Managing Editor  "A free press is the unsleeping guardian of  eve/y  other right  that free  men  prize,",  ��� Winston Churchill  *rm  questions  The idea of having the community very difficult,  find   out   about   regional   directors'       As it was, instead of the directors,  business and the same time they do may having it sprung on them at the meeting,  have rattled some board members; but they had a day and a half to do their own  apart from a few ruffled feathers, we homework. The result was that they  don't think it did much damage. supported    the    director's    motion.  Some of the  directors expressed Director    Morgan    Thompson    even  annoyance about finding out about the thanked Hoemberg for pointing out the  discovery    of   the    department    of error.  municipal affairs mistake in putting the       We assume it was an error on the part  sewer function under the wrong section of the department of municipal affairs.  by reading it in The Times before the  public utilities meeting.  What damage was done? Director Ed  Johnson said a better decision could be  made if it hadn't been in the paper. We  question this. Our story had Director  Hoemberg giving his impressions and  his intention about what he perceived  the situation to be. It said he planned to  put forward a motion. The fact that that  was in the paper did not force anyone to  support the motion. We give the  directors credit for much more intelligence than that.  The municipal act is a complicated  document and Director Hoemberg is  neither lawyer nor parliamentarian and  it was (and is) entirely possible he was  wrong about what he saw in the  document. If he had been and if the  committee and board had gone along  with his motion, things might have been  Surely they would not do something like  tying up the board's financial flexibility  for the next 20 or 25 years on purpose.  It is just that we find it peculiar that  the department did not let the district  know all the ramifications of the change  they put in.' The department must have  known what they were doing when they  put in the change in the first place..  It is unlikely they would make such a  move without first checking to see how  much of the three mills was already  being used. If more than one mill was  already being used then they couldn't  have put the function, in that section.  They would have seen that the function  there would have tied up 2.8 of the three  mills and one would have expected they  would have let the region know.  They certainly weren't doing the  region a favor by putting the function in  that section. Why wasn't the region told?  53  ^minutes"  by Don Morberg  NOT ALL of what the Sechelt  Elementary students saw when they  visited the marsh in Sechelt. was  pleasing. An area on the south side of the  marsh sported a heavy oil slick. There '  was no apparent, cause for the oil being  in the marsh.  ���Timesphoto  What happens to '  when land freeze lifted?  There is a well-used term which  applies to the purchase of used cars or  used water lines, 'caveat emptor' which  translates roughly into 'let the .buyer  beware.' It is countered by a non-Latin  phrase, 'Don't buy a-pig in a poke.'  Last week the regional board learned  that the water line o�� Pratt Road which  they bargained so hard for will cost  them at least an additional $53,000  because the line is in the wrong place  and the connections are too shallow.  At the same meeting, the regional  board's committee was told of a plan to  amalgamate a number of water systems  including the Gibsons village system. It  sounds like a good idea with all areas  benifitting.  The cost will be about $500,000. We  wonder if that includes a contingency  fund for pigs bought in pokes.  Today being Monday and a holiday to boot,  the sun shining and the whole day at my  disposal, you might be excused for thinking I  would be happy, right? Wrong; I just finished  doing a wash. ".'""':::!'*"'���  Nothing to it, says you. All you have to do  is follow the instructions listed v on the  machine regarding the different types of  garments, separate them ahd you are off and  running.  won I read all the instructions and I'm  .SK??Jf I could figure out the different  S:.1���!? m.y clothes are made of..  Finally I gave up the unequal struggle and  after wrestling briefly with my conscience  said the hell with it and threw them all in at  once and let her rip.  One look at the motely collection I took out  when the monster was through with them  convinced me I had really blown this one.  I had a rather natty pair of slacks which I  thought were wash and wear. Well, I was half  right. I can use them for work if I don't mind  people laughing at their shrunken fuzzy look.  As for ring around the collar, the people in  the well known ads on television haven't a  clue. Strictly amateurs. I got rings around the  collar you wouldn't believe. Maybe I could get  on the Idiot box with my collection, and make  some money. Always the dreamer, that's me.  I'm balking at using the iron. I figure that  would be another hassle so I have hung  everything possible on hangers hoping they  will unwrinkle themselves.  Tho thought of going through this torture  every week is a constant reminder that I  never had it so good before.  It seems one never appreciates what is  done for them until they have to do it themselves. At least It's a lesson learned...  WHAT DO YOU think of the so-called day  of potest? Personally, I think it is stupid and  Irresponsible. Besides Uint, lt Is the rank and  flic who will bo losing a dny's pay, not the  union leaders.  When the people vote In a government they  must abide by Its rule. They aro not going to  change things by going on a general strike for  one day. Perhaps Uio AIB rollbacks arc not  necessary. Pcrlinpa Inflation can be checked  another simpler and easier way.  However, there ia one thing I do know. Our  The Peninsula^Wm  Published Wednesdays al Socholi  on H.C.'s Sunshlno Coast  b.V  Thui'oiiliiMilu Times  for West pres Publications Ltd,  at Scdiclt, B.C.  IIox.110 ��� .Sechelt. n.c.  Phone fM5-.12.1l  Subscription Hates: (In advance)  Local, $7 peryenr. Boyoiul .15 mllos, .W  U.S.A.,'$IO.Ovcr,soas$IL  present government, or any government in  office at any given time are not entirely  stupid. They are running the country but self  preservation has to be high on their list of  priorities. After all, they want to be re-elected  for another term. They will not knowlingly  run the country or its people into the ground.  We pay their salaries, and they hope we will  continue to do this, so why kill the goose that  lays the golden egg?  In other words, we have to keep looking  'till we find a group or party that has the  country's wellbeing at heart and stick with  them. This means we have to take a greater  interest in politics and politicians. Let's face  it, niost of us, and I include myself, don't  . know what or who the hell we're voting for.  We are simpletons, mere babes in the  wood, and 'til we buckle down and learn what  this country is all about and what it takes to  run it and the kind of men needed for the job  and elect them, then we can't complain about  our lot. Come next election, think about it.  Editor, The Times;  Sir: The following letter was sent to the  Sunshine Coast Regional District.  Gentlemen:  A letter to Mr. K. Fiedler to the Regional  Board, recently published in the press,  dealing with the pending zoning by-law No. 96  was discussed by the members of this  association, in our September meeting. The  claims made by Mr. Fiedler showed a need  for the people of area 'E' to take a close look  at what zoning-changes may be on the books  for our area. We asked our area director and  his planning advisory commission to inform  us as quickly as possible about all details, to  which request they very kindly consented and  give us the required information in our October, meeting.  To our considerable surprise we find that a  great number of parcels, mainly those  presently under agricultural land reserve,  are to be re-zoned from R2 to A3L, which  provides a completely different land use and  parcel size from present zoning  ^requirements-  -w        ^v-v-"-  Without wishing to go into the question  whether such change has merits or not, we  have to contendthat such change from R2 to  A3L constitutes a re-zoning of land within the  jurisdiction of the Regional District. We do  not think that because of the presently  existing land reserve, which is pot in regional  jurisdiction, that Regional Board can hide  behind the authority of the Land Commission  and re-zone by setting aside the provisions of  e  the Municipal Act, which clearly stipulate  that all affected land owners have to be  personally notified about the intended  changes and their views after public hearings  duly considered.  We believe, therefore, that, as neither the  owners were properly notified nor their views  ascertained in the prescribed manner, by-law  No. 96, if enacted as it stands now, would be  faulty and subject to being set aside in court  action by an aggrieved land owner.  As a matter of presentiy minor concern,  but having some significance in future, is the  map produced by you and supposed tc  become an integral part of the by-law. Some  of the re-zoned land is designated as 'ALR',  other parcels as 'A3L'. If and when the  agricultural land reserve is lifted at a later  date, are the parcels designated in the map as  'ALR' reverting to R2 or are they free from  any zoning restrictions afterwards? So some  improvement on the maps seems required, if  ' they reflect the regional zoning map, because  the Land Commission has no zoning authority  and their reserve as little status in a regional  zoning by-law as for example the liquor  control board's land use provisions for a  public house.  We would like to hear from you, whether  you intend to proceed with the by-law as is or  whether you agree that the provisions of the  Municipal Act for re-zoning should be compiled with, before the by-law  is finally  enacted.  GladysSluis  Secetary  nvitation to everyone  to society annual meet  gives  Editor, The Times;*  Sir: The time for the annual meeting of the  Sunshine Coast Community Resource Society  is again at hand as advertised in this paper.  We would like to thank you for your generous  news coverage given our activities over the  past year.  We are one of the societies who survived  the budgetary stringencies of the new  government and are attempting to provide  services which will justify continued support  from Victoria. A central aim is to involve as  many people from the community as possible  ��� this task of communication is difficult and  requires perserverance.  Once again we solicit -attendance at the  meeting on the part of anyone interested in.  such ass Mini-Bus Service, Senior Services,  Homemakers Service, Tot Lot and Formation  of Volunteer Service.  Our Director of Services resulting from  the extensive program of interviews carried  out earlier in the year has now been  published. Copies for sale are available at the  Resource Society (above the Sechelt Credit  Union) and will also be available at the  meeting.  To repeat, the annual meeting is at 7:30  p.m. Thursday, October 21, Open Area,  Sechelt Elementary School.  Doug Roy  Publicity Chairman  Editor, The Times;  Sir: I w��uld like to add my voice to the  many complaints re noisy airplanes. I have  written several times to the MOT and get the  usual runaround.  What I would like to know is why docs the  MOT refuse to enforce their own regulations  despite many complaints no action has been  taken. Could somebody be getting paid off to  ignore theso repeated infractions?  All that Is required ls that they send nn  observe up here for a day and they could see  for themselves what the residents of the  liarbour havo to contend with.  Regulations state thoy are not allowed to  fly loss tlian 1,000 feet abovo houses, many  times planes have como over my house at less  than 200 feet. Tho nolBO la defeanlng and  dishes rattle in tho cupboards.  Thoro aro many elderly people In poor  health who are residents of the liarbour and to  liave a plane roar over the roof top levels Is a  shattering experience.  Everyone ngrces that planes aro  necessary but wlint is required ls that they  follow the deep wnter cluinnol out of the  centro of tho liarbour and mako their turn  over the straits nnd not over the residents''  houses.  Tyee Airways are the worst offenders and  their slogan Have A Good Day would bo moro  acceptable If they would show a llttlo moro  courtesy and consideration for tho residents  whose homes they fly over and by at roof top  tavcte' W.L. Whlto.  Madeira Party.  Condominiums fit in plan?  Editor, The Times;  Sir: I see that the Sechelt Council are  about to do more juggling nbout sewer pipes.  They would do well to practice some more  before they drop a pipe on tho foot thoy  already put in Uieir mouth.  Some weeks ago there was a display of  condominiums of luxury level, some 101 or so  to be built in Sechelt with information that  negotiations had been going on for somo  months.  Now wo all know that lt would be an Impossibility to service these luxury suites With  septic tanks, hence the need for sowers.  It strikes me tliat this Council ls hell bont  to start a concrete Jungle In Uils fair town, or  are they going to let them build wooden fire  traps.  Regardless of the material used I haven't  ready anything about how thoy are going to  make the people of Sechelt subsidize this  mult-mllllon dollar outfit, and then see maybe  DO of tho suites sold and the rest lie Idle for I  cannot see people of Uint kind of coupon  clippers move to a small place like our little  town.  Seems llko the Council la taking a page  from tho fuedal lords, tho Social Credits, so  the working man pays to keep tho paunchy  rich happy.  Tho question Is, como voting tlmo, do you  want to Imve the sea cut completely from  view with a lot of Idle buildings or would you  rather have tho land laid out in nice gardens  with houses within range of the pocketbook of  the backbone of our country.  Think before you vote. '  Keith Comyn  THERE WAS a tinie when all I had to play  with was sticks ahd rocks and the girl next  , door. Yesterday Isat at some friends' house,  and leafed through the Sears (nee Simpsons-  Sears) Christmas Wish Book. Playthings  have come a long way in a short time.  Playthings aren't the only think that have  come a long way. Much to my surprise, some  of the models in the catalogue are no longer  the traditional mail order catalogue glisteny  toothed white Anglo-Saxon portestants of the  bygone era. Now there are folks so obviously  other nationalities. A Chines here, a Black  there. Not many yet, mind you because  Canada doesn't have a race problem.  There was even a token Pole modelling red  and yellow socks. The red one was on the  right foot. (That wasn't nice.) *  Even Santa Claus, pictured on the froni  cover, admits to there being other than whitcf  Anglo-Saxon etc's. His Big Book where he'^  checking off the names of those who have  been naughty and nice list such traditionals  as Jimmy, Martha, Doris, Johnny and Betty.;  but also include Onja and Tokika and Alisa.  Justin's there too. /'>  BUT THIS isn't to talk about names, it's $6  talk about playthings. Starting on page 200  and running for about 100 pages are all the  things that young people will beg and plead to  thpelr parents to have. There" are the  traditionals; but there are a few wierdies as  well.  I can take the JJ doll that says "Dyno-  mite" when you pull the string or the talking  cookie monster plush toy. and the musical  clown that plays, "a happy tune" when you  wind up his nose. I know a clown who plays a  happy tune when his nose gets red.  The Thumbsucker Rag Doll I can take and  even the Archie Bunker's Grandson Joey doll  who is, "anatomically correct" and does  everything a real baby does except collect the.  cheques.  There were the usual Barbie Dolls but with.  a couple of new twists. One was the Growing  Up Skipper doll who when you turn her arm.  'grows' to look like a teenager. That,  presumably means she breaks out in acne.  Funnier is the Bobby Orr doll complete  with Boston Bruins uniform. Presumably  next year's model will have a Chicago Black  Hawk's uniform or whoever he is playing for  then. The following year's model could, come  complete with breakable knees and will be  followed by an Alan Eagleson doll which  takes 10 per cent off the top. .   _  Nostalgia Dolls are $7.99 each which shows  you that it costs a pile to remember when  things were cheap.  I WAS quite horrified to see a Ronald  McDonald doll but it was overshadowed by a  Big Mac doll. And from tliat we passed into  the boy's toys. Boys and girls toys are quite  sex stereotyped. The girls toys are soft and_  cud/Uy. Boys toys are rugged and durable.  ~ (The toys in the boys section are also much  more creative with rock polishing kits, art  workshops, bottle cutting kits, candlemaking  kits, chemistry sets and scientific instruments. Included in the girls' section was a  house cleaning set, a jewellery making set  and some leathercraft kits.  GUNS are back up to a full page after a  couple of years of disinterest. They include a  model of an AR 15 which fires, "Rapid or.  slow." Long on realism, short on grammar.  There are two pages of board games including such traditional favorites as  Monopoly, Risk ahd Ants in the Pants. There  are non-traditionals like SWAT, Bermuda  Triangle (your opponent disappears off the  face of the earth), Winnie The Pooh Game,  and Face Off, "a slapstick game of hockey  management." Who said toys don't prepare  kids for later life.  BUT THE THING which really unnerved  me were the boys dolls. GI Joe was once  described as a Barbie Doll with muscles.  What would you describe a Planet of the Apes  doll as? There are. five in the set, two  humanoids and three apes. There's a Star  Trek fligh deck complete with Captain Kirk,  Mr. Spock and a Klingon. Then there are the  superhero dolls Superman, Spiderman,  Batman and Robin with assorted changes of  costume and vehicles. You can get a Planet of  the Apes command headquarters complete  with jail or you can get a rock catapult, horse  drawn.  The following page has Big Jim which  makes a face when you crank his arm and  press his back. Press anyone's back while  you're cranking their arm and they'll make a  face, The evil Zorak also makes a face if you  do the same thing. Who could blame him. Also  havering In the wings arc Big Jim (again  but with a wolf tattoo on his left wrist, The  Mysterious Dr. Steel ("activate action arm,  steel-like hand breaks 'iron' pipe in two."  What about encores? Torpedo Fist has a  telescopic arm which... aw, nevermind.  OVER THE PAGE are the GI Joe sets  including jeeps, helicopters, sharks and  alligators. Dramatis Personae include Eagle  Eye Joe whose eyes shift from side to side  while he devises strategy, Atomic Man who  has, "transparent atomic leg and arm,"  Bullet Man who rescues at missle speed and  Intruder Comnander who looks like a  Neanderthal and is the arch enemy of GI Joe.  Push a button and his head moves from side  to side and his arems move. .  The Six Million Dollar Man doll is there  with his robot girlfriend. Accessories include  an atomic beauty parlor, and a camping set  which I note has only one sleeping 1 bag.  Reminds me of the story about the Sue  Million etc. and the Bionic Women getting  married and raising a family consisting of a  transistor radio, and color TV and a  Volkswagen Beetle. ,  Maskaton is the villian of the-piece with  removeable faces. Hit his body in the right  places and his arms and head fly off. I had a  cousin like that once.  THERE ALWAYS has to be a topper. This  one is one page 246, It's a Fonz doll. "Press  button and hand move to thumbs up sign."  Heyyyyyyyy.  I guess it beats playing with the girl next  door.  BOOK LOOK  ������ '   '   ��� ������^a��wa���-i a   ��� ���  '  by Murrie Redman  ARABESQUE from Stein and Day,  distributed through McGraw-Hill Ryerson, is  a novel that tells of Joanna, wife of Julian,  Bolshevistic fellow in the diplomatic service  for England.  His small "b" politics lead them to be  placed here and there, in mid-Europe in an  attempt to rid the embassies of any lasting  embarrassment.  The tale intertwines numerous characters  in a complex network of personalities who are  connected sometimes rather bizarrely, in a  gamut of sexual activities that intrigue but  never shock. Characters appear and reappear in confusing vagueness with only one,  Frika, the governess of Joanna's children,  emerging clearly.  Frika's existence proves tragic for the  couple who come to see their relationship in  the starkness of a chill Budapest winter.  Theresa De Kerpely is grand puppet mistress  who has her figures dance in a setting of rich  colour, of moss covered pools and romantic  stone bridge.  John Burke presents a more clear  narrative in his book called THE DEVIL'S  FOOTSTEPS from the same publisher. It is  an exciting story about 19th century  demoiHsm and magic, a perfect book for  Hallowe'en night readers. Just before Guy  Fawkes Day, each year mysterious cloven  footsteps appear in the village of Hexney in  England. They press on toward the market  square where the populace is diligently  preparing the annual bonfire and polishing up  the ancient pillory.  Young Bronwen, attractive and spunky  photographer snapping the old buildings and  quaint characters there, is suspected of  witchcraft and in the process of being thrown  out of Hexney, is rescued by Dr. Caspian,  magician. The two can communicate and flirt  mentally, though always maintaining strict  decency on the outside.  The story itself is quite predictable, the  most fascinating part being a consumation of  the two, again only mentally, that takes place  in a Hexney, inn, from separate rooms.  The ecstatic exprience that each gains  being aware of the other's thoughs and  feelings in a total blending of minds is the  most brilliant part of the book.  Also from McGraw-Hill Ryerson comes  THE AUTOMOBILE FROM STEAM TO  GASOLINE, written by Angelucci and  Bellucci. Car buffs will spend hours pouring  over this one with its large pictures and fine  quality paper. It would make a great gift for  someone you love and want to spend about $20  on. Included along with the fine drawings of  the old classics, over 1000, are posters and  statistics about the four wheeled wonder.  I^BM  na  ���SSB^B  low lifter  isjjusl  ps dirty  CIS  anybody  else's  Be sure to use a  ���container  CANADA-U.S. CO-OPERATION  ^m^mm '    /  ���.'���. //  . ?���  .��.  f X  ������>������' ���������*���;;  '/ :.;���  Wednesday, October 20, 1976  The Peninsula Times  '��*$%$  "Get k Grip on Things Now"  -RADIAL SNOWS-  (REMEMBER!���radial tires cannot be mixed with bias or  bias-belt tires as this creates a hazardous condition)  tte nm \.&n in stock a gw& sypply of:  Tr as taker ladsaS 1km  MORE ABOUT ...  �� Industrial park  ��� From Page A-l  spokesman Peter Church promised that he  and all other area property owners "would  fight the development every inch of the way.  "What happened at the regional. board  meeting didn't do us any harm but the battle  isn't over. We think there is other land that  Hall can use and. if necessary we'll go to  Victoria to save our neighborhood," Church  said.  Norman Hoffar, one of the original signers  of a petition protesting the industrial park  promised that another presentation would be  made by the development opponents at the  public hearing that must be held before the  land use contract is given final approval.  Speaking after the board meeting, Area B  Director Peter Hoemberg pointed out, "one  big advantage of a land-use contract is that  all sides know exactly. What will happen. The  worries of many of the Field Road residents  should be relieved after negotiations with  HaU'have been worked out."  Hoemberg added that given a choice, "no  developer would prefer a land-use contract  over an industrial re-zoning, but if it comes  down to that or noghting then they should do  their best to co-operate .with the rj  district." .     -1  THIS ANTI-GOVERNMENT pamphlet  could be seen by ferry users travelling  between Langdale and Horseshoe Bay.  But as our reporter discovered it did not  necessarily reflect the attitude of all  local workers. ~ Timesphoto  Happenings around the Harbour  aiSsnaker  Issspon  oil sices available from 155 x 12 to L878 x 15 ot competitive pricos.  ALSO: A GOOD SELECTION OF SNOW WHEELS AVAILABLE  y.iVH-  ���h  MORE ABOUT . . .  .���Vote on sawsr  ���From Page A-l  and Knight engineer told the committee.  "They all have the same potential."  Board chairman Peter Hoemberg said, "I  think we can sort out the real estate problem  from here."  Sechelt sewer system is to be designed to  allow the Sechelt Indian Band to plug* in at a  later date if it chooses.  The regional board's public utilities  meeting last wqek was told the Sechelt Indian  Band feels it can not participate at the  present time because the band's political  status, is not recognized* by the provincial  government. ��  "I got the feeling that once they were  recognized as the equivalent of a municipal  government in B.C., they might be interested," Chairman Peter Hoemberg told  the meeting.  MORE ABOUT  protest  ��� From Page A-l  it's a cessation of work."  "Well, I guess we're working," she tells  me, "except I'm about to go for lunch."  Village politics isn't what it used to be.  I try one more time, wandering down to  the post-office, confident tliat as the place is  always on strike anyway the employees  would welcome another day off. But not In  Sechelt. Neither rain nor snow nor the AIB  was keeping our postlcs from their appointed  rounds.  The wickets were open, Uie mailboxes  stuffed and the day was proceeding as it  ���should. The efficient lady dispensing her  slumps explains that everyone in the office is  at work,   ���  It's a conclusion that could Ih; applied  equally up and down the Sunshine Coast.  .Joe Morris, you've got lots of work still to  do. '  TRAVELLERS    *  Over the Thanksgiving week there were  quite a few folks from Pender Harbour who  went on holidays.'Joe and Sheila McCann,  Harry and Jean Morrison drove to Reno and  stayed there for three days then went to  Richland, Washington where they attended  the Lions' mid year conference.  Other travellers to Reno were Ernie and  May Widman, Mark and Myrtle Myers and  Andy and Dolly Aitcheson. Albert and Helen  Edwardson have returned from a trip  overseas, where they toured' Scotland,  England, France, Germany and other  European countries.  CLOSE CALL  Tommy Myers had a close call the other  evening when his car failed to make the turn  near Silver, Sands and went over the rocky  hillside. He managed to get out of the overturned vehicle by smashing the windshield.  The car was a total wreck.  ���'.' .   v ,j  DOUBLE FEATURES AT HOTEL ;  The Pender Harbour Hotel featured a"-!  stripper plus live music last week. James  Campbell from Vancouver, B.C. sang and  played his guitar for the customers during the  times the stripper was not on stage. Some of  the songs he sang were his own compositions  of folk songs.  . The stripper was Ebony who was from  Portland and is an International Exotic  dancer. She has performed in Hawaii and Lias  Vegas and also been a dancer on television.  The new owners of the hotel are not sure how  often they will have this kind of entertainment and say,it all depends on the  turnout of. the pub customers. Next week  there will be a country and western singer,  but no stripper.  LOCAL FIREMAN THANKED  Mrs. Yvonne Bates of Sinclair Bay Road in  Pender Harbour says she ownes her life to the  very prompt and efficient action of local  fireman Larry Clayton of Garden Bay who  administered oxygen and stayed with her  until an ambulancearrived.  She suffered a serious heart seizure a few  weeks ago about 4 a.m. and they had tried to  get an ambulance from Sechelt and Gibsons  but there was none available at that time, so  she is so grateful that the local firemen can be  depended upon in an emergency, and will be  glad when the local ambulance at the clinic  will be operating as she has liad these attacks  before.  Doris Edwardson 883-2308  even words can not express her appreciation  and thanks.  OKTOBERFEST  The PC Community Hall was beautifully  decorated with streamers and paper lanterns  for the Oktoberfest last Saturday night. The  music of the Alpine Echoes kept everyone  dancing. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Roosen were  dressed in traditional Dutch costume and won  the costume prize. Bob Prest won the raffle  prize.  "if you don't get 'em  now, you just might be ..."  -YOUR ONE STOP TIRE & SUSPENSION CENTRE-  Anglican ladies  planning auction  ��Tires  ��Wheels  ��Shocks  oCustom Accessories  ��Wheel Balancing & Alignment  oWheelbarrows-Earthmovers  Under the able direction of Mrs. Godkin,  the Anglican Women are planning a repeat of  last year's popular Silent Auction in the  Church Hall on Saturday, Oct. 23.  The admission is a saleable item and these'  will be displayed from 2 to 2:30 p.m. Then the  lively silent bidding will begin and you must  keep a close look on the desired item if you do  not want to lose it.  Following the auction, the usual tasty light  refreshments will be served at a moderate  charge.  J^^  Does Your Club or Group report its  Activities Regularly to The 'Times'  BRANCH 112  Would those people who would like to play  darts at the Legion Br. 112 please sign up as  the Dart Club would like to get the league  started for this season. Thursday will be the  night of the dart games and you may sign up  at the I/egion. The first Thursday of  November will be the commencement.  GRATEFUL THANKS  Mrs. K. IaOrcntzcn.of Madeira Park said  she would like to express her thanks through  this column. She is so pleased with the  thoughttulness and consideration of the stnff  of St. Mary's Hospital and especially to  Doctor Burtnlck who has done such a wonderful Job of taking care of her and her  husband when they needed help. She snld  *PeMden> *Wan,$&a% i��&��el  ,H   |>lcaNC(l  Roy, Paula,  Pat and Lawronco  wolcomo you  LICENCED REST.  na;t-2:i77  appearance of  TOMMY   ���  ROBERTS  country ond wostorn'  slngop  Mon, Oct. 10 to  Sat, Oct. 23, ovonlnga  KioaaoracxittciowacxsBCttss^  Of all the places where you can go to  save or borrow money, only Credit  Unions are owhed and controlled by the  members     customers just like you  who uso tho services.  You'd bo surprised what a dilloronco  that makes, in a Credit Union's  responsiveness to your needs, and  those of your community, as well,  As a mombor, you actually, help elect the  board of directors, who nro also  mombors|ust like you. '     ���  You help determine your Credit Union's  policies, and you share In Its profits.  Because your Credit Union is  autonomous, it can bo moro responsive  lo community needs, Your money is  likoly to stay right I horo in tho  'community, assisting local buslnoss and  supporting vital community project  Your Credit Union Is more likely lo I  you whon you need it, loo.  In 40 years of Credit Union, operation in  British Columbia; no member has over  lost a cent of deposits,  Over 500,000 British Columbians ���- fully  one-quarter ol the entire population of  the province are presently members  of a Credit Union. That's a strong vote of  confidence,  Credit Union where you live; an  industrial, commercial or professional  Credit Union whore you work; or an  associational or parochial Credit Union  that's part of an organization or church  you belong to.  Simply come into tho appropriate Credit  Union, fill out an application, mako a set  doposit of $1, to $25 in a membership  share account, and you're in,  l.iolp  Credit Unions operate under strict  provincial legislation, overseen by a  superintendent of Credit Unions in tho  Attorney General's department. All  shares and deposits are guaranteed  without limit by Iho Provincial Credit  Union Share and Deposit Guarantee hind  Bosideslhousual financial services ���  savings accounts, tqrm doposils and  certificates, chequing sorvlcos, loans  nnd mortgages     Credit Unions may  ollor many, valuablo ancillary services,  Among them: traveller's choques, and  travol planning to go with them;  insuranco; income"tax sorvico;  consumer advice; debt counselling;  ' more convoninnt hours, often Including  Saturdays; and inore liboral loan and  mortgage policies,  Ask n friend about a nearby Credit Union  you can join, He'll bo glad lo holp,  Everyone In British Columbia is eligible,  You can chooso Irom; n community  about Credit Unions, Iron and without  obligation, because I never join anylhi  without a ihoroufjli invoalirjnlior*  Naiuo .   , '   . .  AdiJroHii  nn  City  'rev.  Mail to;  Code  IIC, Cenlial Credit Union  PC) rioxMlM  VaneouvoiJiC VlitiaMO  B���� < 1  '- .1  '   s  oard approves  joint use  The Regional District has approved the  concept of the joint community use of schools  provided the net annual expense does not  exceed one mill without voters' approval.  At its last regular meeting the board  decided that the cost for the venture would be  shared equally by the village of Sechelt and  electoral areas A to F.  The village of Gibsons, which is still  negotiating with the school board over the^  public use of their facilities, can join the plan'  later if approval to the idea is given by the  local council.  Gibsons has a meeting scheduled for this-  week with the school board to learn more  about the plan.  President Olive Comyn was in the chair  and 18 members were present, when the  Halfmoon Bay Hospital Auxiliary met for its  regular meeting oh October 4. Reports were  given on the Thrift Shop by Gretle Gair and oh  the Gift Shop by Olive Comyn. The Friendship  Tea hosted by the Auxiliary on September 22  was reported to have been most successful  and Mrs. Comyn thanked all who had helped  make it such a happy afternoon.  Tickets for the Auxiliary's .Christmas  raffle are now available from any member of  the Auxiliary and will be on sale in the Sechelt  Mall in the near future. The first prize is a  beautiful floral painting by May Parsons,  with a grocery hamper as second prize,  Christmas Cheer as third prize and a  macrame purse as fourth prize.  The Regal catalogue is now available and  the convenor, Dorothy Ackerman would  appreciate orders being placed as early as  possible.  Six delegates were appointed to attend the  area meeting of the B.C. Hosptal Auxiliaries  to be held in Steveston on October 26. -  At the November meeting, officers will be  elected to serve during 1977 and Grace  Rutherford, Gretle Gair and Alice Burdett  were appointed to a nominating committee,.  It was agreed to sponsor a birthday party  at the Extended Care Unit in November with  Patsy Murphy as convenor.  "Christmas in Hawaii" will be the theme  of the Christmas dinner planned for  December 6. Members are requested to put  on their thinking caps, hunt up some choice  Hawaiian recipes and get their grass skirts  out of storage.  '*>*.-55?��8BBg.  ENINSULA  Section B  Wednesday, October 20, 1976  Pages 1-4  DEPARTMENT OF HIGHWAYS crew  who are rebuilding and doing ditching  along Pratt Road discovered the water  line runs along where ditch is supposed  to go. Regional crews examining the  problem discovered the connections are  too shallow. All in all, the line may have  to be moved and the connections redone  and the taxpayers may be facing a bill  somewhere in the neighborhood of  $50,000. ���Timesphoto  By KERRY LOCKHART  It's all very curious. Last week The Times  ran a front-page story about a row between  Sechelt alderman Frank Leitner and the local  flying club. And the result? Nothing, complete silence. No angry rebuttal from the  alderman, no denying-everything phone call  from the club, not even an outraged letter  from a member of the public.  But the questions still remain in my head.  When does an elected official's outside interests begin to affect his political.  judgement ? How far should a private club go  in trying to influence the vote of one of its  members?.  To recap a messy situation. Last month  Elphinstone flying club sent Sechelt council a  letter requesting permission to lease some  airport land and three hangars,, one of them  now used by Leitner. The club designated  member Frank Leitner to handle their  neogtiations. Then they sent off their letter to  Frank Leitner, alderman and village  representative on the joint Sechelt-Gibsons  airport committee. When asked, one club  member said he saw nothing wrong with  requesting an elected, official to handle lease  arrangements of public property with himself.  Only Leitner doesn't quite see it that way.  He says it's not the first time the air club has  asked him to 'further their interests' and that  he has turned down similar requests from  them before. He also swears he was never  told about his elevation to club negotiator.  But Leitner's public anger (embarrassment? ) at his club is not quite the  justifiable reaction of an honest politician as  it first appears. The alderman-butcher is  really more upset at the club's attempt to  snatch his hangar than at any clumsily  executed manoeuvers to gain his political  favors.  I^eitner's position is really rather interesting. He is an airport committee  member whose recommendations are  presumably considered seriously by both  village councils. He's also a pilot and flying  club member directly affected by any  recommendations he may or may not make.  He's an alderman with an aircraft hangar  on a 'choice piece' of public property, for  which neither he nor anyone else had paid  rent for over eight years.  Yet Sechelt, at its last council meeting,  decided to charge Tyee Airways fifty cents  for each departing passenger, a decision  which will cost you-and .me money the next  time we fly out of here. Does Sechelt council  always tax the public but leave their  representatives _: (real fellow alderman)  alone?'      :Y."'^"~'y::      ��� ���',- X''X"X Y Ys;  .There's a few other things that are also  puzzling me.  Such as the occasion at that same council  meeting two weeks ago when Leitner  recommended that a $10 a month parking fee  be charged plane owners.  Plane owner Leitner, directly affected by  his motion, didn't hesitate to vote on it. Should  he not have abstained from both votes?  Another Interesting situation was revealed  when the alderman admitted he had  recommended to fellow council members,  (and also himself) that his flying club?  president be made airport manager, an offer  that was eventually refused. But the position  should be filled relatively soon and, depending upon what happens on November 20,  Leitner should be influential in deciding  who's appointed. I wonder if he has any other  friends who want the job?  Then there's the Mayor of Sechelt and his  pronouncement that it was a sound business  decision to put Frank on the airport committee. Despite the fact that Frank has free  use of airport property. Despite the fact that  he could be open to influence by the local  flying club. How convenient for the alderman  and what a fuzzy piece of reasoning by the  mayor.  Iicitncr, having got himself involved in  this untidiness, should find himself another  committee to babysit. The air club should  stop trying to influence peddle and the voters  should ask themselves a few quustlons before  election day.  The whole thing Is very strange. But then,  as someone once said, does anyone really  give a damn?  i&wn  REBUILT  by the  peninsula moiors; sechelt   v  (guj station next to the hospital J  8SS-21H ask for JAY  The advance poll for the regional district  election will be held Thursday, Novermber  18, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the Regional  Board Office.  Wolff Bauer, a Seattle expert on foreshore  management will give an illustrated lectufre  in the Regional Board Office on November 19  at 7 p.m.  Paul Moritz, assistant regional planner  has been appointed district planner effective  December 1. The announcement came out of  the board's management committee meeting.  ON ONE OF OUR FIVE SCHEDULED FLIGHTS TO VANCOUVER  YOUR BUSINESS DAY IS IMPORTANT TO YOU-AND TO US  We appreciate the frustrations of wasted time in a Businessman's day, so we  can rush you to Vancouver Airport in time to connect with 20 major domestic  and international flights. Our early-morning departure leaves Powell River at  6:30 a.m.  Sunshine Coast Branch of the Navy  League of Canada is planning a tag day and  membership drive.  The branch which sponsors Navy League  Cadets and Sea Cadets locally is planning the  drive for October 23.  Cadets will be on the streets on the Sunshine Coast, both looking for donations to the  Navy League and looking for prospective  members.  Christmas notepaper and lap packs are in  limited quantity this year, so please make  your selection early. ��� Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  Catch the 6:30 a.m. departure from Powell River, transfer to our float plane in  Sechelt, and arrive in Vancouver Harbour at 8:00 a.m. This allows you a full,  productive business day in Vancouver, to return on our 5 p.m. flight from the  Harbour,. This service gives you a good day in Vancouver that isn't spoiled by  the traffic line-ups and tiring journey to the Airport.  FREIGHT PROBLEMS?  Don't frustrate yourself waiting for overdue freight. Use our fast, economical  Air-Freight service.' Phone your order in the morning and it could arrive the  same afternoon and cost you no more than $7.50.  ,        ' ��"'       ~''< '.''.**' -'.'-V ,*>'-'.'      '   ^**^*^-m J  ***.:'  I  ��V��>ir ��� n   v aa* ��� ���*��� ��� ���  ��� V.J.  ���+y->, *   ft* t *a.-'Jk-  . ��� ,.- - .,,�� v.  �� \* ��      * ��, ��,'*���#  ^r?' K^Vp.'!',     ;.*-*vfc,   .*.**-  -    A ���.       '>_���"*���    ,��_/*"  ���> ha���i-farr   -tn mm 1,4. ��.����  Warning: Health and Wnlfaro Canada advises that dancer to hoalth increases with amount smoked-avoid inhaling.  Av. per cigarette: Regular* lfimg. "tar" limg. nicotine, King: 18mg."tar" 1,-lmg. nicotine. i    ���... V  i \  7  fc*IE&����f  PageB-2  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 20, 1976  ' A '??��> ���*& -3ti-:': ?'**&&*&*&-* y- -  J  *S����j.    'a.  ,a"' g|gjgf*1J����a   e-  v**n.^.^..*-^*-^^^ 'V*^^1*"*    t    r  i-'Vj*'  ���*  "**r a^�� , ��*    "���      ' *f *������ I JU..U.'.1   a--pa    ���. *  ",l * *-,<'  ��"���.  Sunshine Coast Commercial Hockey  - League have, set up their practice schedule  for next week.  On October 21, Wakefield will practice  from 8 p.m. td 9 p.m. and Roberts Creek will  hit the ice from 9:15 to 10:15 p.m.  On October 23, Pender Harbour has the ice  from, 8:30 to 9 p.ni and Roberts Creek  practices from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.  October 24 has Gibsons practicing from 7  to 8 p.m. and Wakefield on the ice from 8 to 9  p.m.  How does it feel to be  out on the street?  Find out. Take a walk.  a  panriapacTionm^ 0  Walk a block/Today.  j 1 * i,��"��� ���  *���*-*  r ���*���    < ' /  tf  *~*��4gK.MMW*iaXv&K43MMU ��� ?*4V..*aK*4*. -.  a* 1 .       .��{ "F ���*���" , i *      * -* J   -       I  BLISTERING SHOT by Pegasus Perry it out of the net. The goal made the score  Williams heads for the top lefthand 2-0 and Pegasus went on to win 4-0 to  corner of the Pender Harbour net. The take a three point lead in the Sunshine  goalie made a jump for the penalty shot, Coast Senior Soccer Association,  but couldn't hit it hard enough to deflect  ���Timesphoto  1<  feS .*(��*��� &1 *  ����'  *���3������,���:,���' **��  PEGASUS KEPT the pressure on the  Pender Harbour goalie all through last  Saturday's senior soccer game. Here a  shot slips through the hands of the  goalie; but Pegasus .were.unable to  convert it into a goal. Final score- 4-0. .���.<-* r  ive goal  performance  leads Blues  Kelly Bodnareck scored five goals as  Sechelt United (Blues) unleashed a massive  scoring attack to outdistance Sechelt Redskins 7-4 in Sunshine Coast Senior Men's  Soccer.  Ian Yates scored two goals for United.  Scoring for Redskins were Robert Paul  with two, Gary Peschuck with one and Larry  Paul with a single.  In other senior soccer action, Pegasus shut  out Pender Harbour Bananas 4-0.  Teddy Dixon, Perry Williams, Stu Craigen,  and Ivan Joe scored the goals for Pegasus.  Williams goal came on a penalty shot after an  infraction was called in front of the Pender  Harbour goal.  W   T  L  F   A Pts  Pegasus 4    0    0   21     6      8.  Redskins    2    1    2   18   22      5  Pender Harbour 1-0    4  15  21     2  W.Blues 1    1    2   12   17      3  Next week will see two more games at the  Sechelt reserve field.  Redskins will play Pegasus at noon and  Sechelt United will play Ponder Harbour at 2  p.m.  On The Rocks...  Gibsons Rugby Club defeated UBC 23-0 on  Saturday, Sept. 16 at UBC.  Pat Gaines scored two tries, Bob Johnson  one and Jim Peers-brie.  Tom Blain converted on two tries and  scored a pentalty goal. Gibsons' record is  three wins and one loss.  The following is the schedule for the  remaining game of the first half:  October 23, Gibsons vs Rowing Club at  Langdale School. v  October 30, Trojans vs Gibsons at Gordon  Park, Vancouver.  November 6, Gibsons vs Red Lions at  longdate School. ;���  November 13, Meralomas vs Gibsons at  Connaught Park.  November 20, Gibsons vs Eastrnen at  longdate School.  November 27, Rowing Club vs Gibsons at  Winona Park.  Earlier in the season, Gibsons defeated  Ex-Brlts 30-4 and defeated Cats 16-15 after  coming back from 15-0 defecit.  The only loss of the season was to Gibsons'  old rivals, Scribes who took a 12-9 decision  from the local club,  Arena news  By HELEN PHILLIPS  A SUCCESS  Sunshine Coast Curling Club held their  first bonspiel of the season last week. There  were some pretty sore, stiff muscles, but  everyone had a good time.  The Ashton rink won the A event,  Clements rink the B event, and the C event  went to the Dixon rink. There were two new  curlers on the Dixon rink and it was nice to  see new members take home prizes. All I take  home is sore muscles and a tired skip, but  maybe one of these years.  ROOM FOR MORE  There is still room for curlers both Monday ^and Tuesday night, so even if you think  the weather is still too nice for going indoors  to curl, think about it. It is better to join at the  beginning of the season than a month or so  after it has started. Or even come on out and  watch for a night or two, the bar is open, and  see how much fun it is.  MOM AND ME  Mothers are invited to bring their tots out  at noon, Wednesday and Friday for their own  skating session. Senior citizens are also  allowed to skate at this time. It is a good way  to teach your child to skate, when there are  only a few people on the ice. If you don't have  a "tot" or a senior citizen card, don't expect  to ,get onto the ice'.  MINOR HOCKEY UNDERWAY  Minor hockey has started their first  regular practises this week.  REMINDER .TO MINOR HOCKEY  PLAYERS ��� keep the dressing rooms clean  or you won't be using them. I heard exactly  what kind of refuse was left in them after  Wednesday night, so smarten up if you want  to play hockey.  Games should be starting pretty soon, and .  once again, may I remind the parents to get  out and watch the kids play. Each year the  caliber of hockey gets better, and I'm sure it  is better still when there are audiences out  there to encourage them on.  PUBLIC SKATING  i Friday 7 p.m. to 8:45; Saturday 2:15 to 4  and Sunday 7 to 8:30 are public skating times.  , NEED SKATES?  ��������� Kids are still finding that last year's  skates are too small. If you want to sell them,  put a notice on the bulletin board.  I've taken a pair into Benners for Al to sell.  They are \xk junior Tacks, in good condition.  Guess since I put the work into this column I  can get away with some free advertising, so  go take a look at them. Jr. Tacks fit large, so  you can't go by sizes to well and with the way  kids' feet grow, you can't afford new skates  every year, so get good second hand ones.  :o lay away the  w that special  [@ you wani  iristmas Hi  we will hold your bike until Dec. 24 if you wish  ^fe.  *  w  ALL SIZES  ALL SPEEDS  ALL AGES  ALL ASSEMBLED  ALL TESTED  4  i&&  If you can't find what you tvant from our large selection on display, we will get  it for you-QUICKLY  use :"dur lay a way  May we also suggest these other items on the layaway plan  TRiCYCLES-WAGONS���EXERCISE BIKES & EQUIPMENT  PING-PONG TABLES���GUNS���GOLF EQUIPMENT  Cowrie St. Sechelt  885-2512  By PAT EDWARDS  After a slow start on the soft Ice nt the  Gibsons Winter CLub, public skating got  nwny successfully over the long weekend.  The Ice whs packed with skaters nnd it Is  estimated that over 700 kids made use of the  Winter Club during the four days of skating.  The Sunshine Coast Curling Club at  Sechelt sponsored nn open bonspiel during  Thanksgiving weekend. Two rinks from the  Gibsons Winter Club were entered and one,  Sechelt Lanes  HALL AND CHAIN  Friday, Oct. K: Al, Hunter 21)4 (743); Kathy  Hull 239 (<M); Ester Berry 218 ((120); Glen  Clark 2511 ((.91); Bon Walls 227; Andy Sterloff  241; Man! Nicholson 203; Judy Sim 214;  Don Henderson 2(MI; Bon Sim 273 (603); Lll  Youdell 230; Ed Nicholson 210; Rita Sterloff  205.  HALL AND CHAIN  ��� Friday, Oct. 15; Al Hunter 270 (653);  Kathy HaU. 214; (lien Clark 316 (732);  Ijiunilre .Solll 205), 205; Bon Watts 232; Andy  Sterloff 256 (611(1); Eve Wnrtliington 215;  Wendy Steele 210, 2011; Bill Copping 230 (600);  Ia'hM Klteh 20(1; Jim Wood 213.  skipped by Mike Clement, came away with  top prize in the B event. It was a fun 'spiel,  even though most of us limped around on sore  muscles for a few days.  The senior curlers have set their times for  Fridays at 1:30 p.m, ln Gibsons and Tuesdays ,  at 1:30 p.m. in Sechelt, Anyone who Is 55  years of age or older Is eligible, nnd beginners  aro very welcome, If you would llko to curl In  Gibsons, call Bernle Parker at 886-0604.  Sechelt curlers should call Bob Foxall at 885-  2650,  Entry forms for league curling are still  available at the banks, at Elphinstone  Secondary School or nt the rlnk, nnd you  should get your name on Drawmaster Art  Craze's lists as soon as possible,  There are still lockers available at $10 per  season, but they won't last long once tho the  season begins on October 25.  The rlnk will be open for beginners on Oct.  22, 23 and 24 so be sure to come out and take  advantage of the opportunity to learn the  fundamentals of the game from some of our  experienced curlers. And don't forget, tho  rlnk la available to all curlers on Oct. 24 from  noon to 2 and <} to 6 p.m. for those of you who  want to work out a few kinks before th��  season opener.  Tho latest winner of the Gibsons Winter  Club draw Is Dennis Hollis of Sechelt.  Congratulations, Dennis,  r?rn  U\J  Im-  Pet  Supplies  Fish Food���Dog Food  Bird Seed���Cages  Gravel���Aquariums  Filters��� Heaters  Charcoal���Pet Baskets  and a whole lot more.  ots of  UTCH  IULBS  drop in und meet (he  NEW MANAGE.lt  budgies  lanes  isli  0mmm0*mm,  owering  ���Plants  >V  Bob Bishop Cowrje St.  885-9711  Sechelt 7  /'���'  -.    ���;      .    ���>  i   _���  Edgar Thomas Wiggins, beloved husband  of Lila Wiggins passed away suddenly at  Carberry, Manitoba on September 20,1976, at  the age of 68 years. He had been a resident of  Madeira Park. B.C. for the last six years.  Besides his wife, Mr. Wiggins is survived -  by three daughters and sons-in-law, Beverly  and Emery Wilson, Grand Forks, B.C., Lorna  and Paul Laustsen, Stony Plain, Alberta,  Donna and Ken Goodme, Calgary, Alberta,  eight grand children: Kevin, Shauna and  Robin Wilson, David, Sandra and Janet  I^ustsen, Michael and Tanya Goodbine; a  brother-in-law Wm. J. Witherspoon, Car-  berry, Manitoba and a host of relatives and  friends.  The funeral service was held from the  Carberry United Church with burial in the  family plot at Carberry Plains Cemetery.  Pallbearers were grandsons Kevin Wilson  and David Laustsen, sons-in-law Paul  I ^ustsen and Ken Goodme and nephews Gary  Witherspoon and Ron Witherspoon. Many  , friends and relatives from throughout  Western Canada were able to attend.  Mr. Wiggins was predeceased. by his  mother, father and sisters Blanche, Pearle  and Bertha.  Born and raised at Elgin, Manitoba, only  son of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wiggins, he  came to Alberta in the early thirties where he  married Lila Miller in 1935. He taught school  at Sundre, Eagle Valley and Innis Lake  before moving to Didsbury in 1939. He was  principal of the Didsbury School from 1943 to  1960 when he moved to Calgary and taught at  Crescent Heights and Ernest Manning High  Schools until his retirement in 1970.  During his teaching career, he was  president and past president of the Alberta  Teachers' Association and in 1950 and '51 he  was president and past president of the  Canadian Teachers' Federation.  Unpon retirement he and his wife moved  to Madeiar Park.  Mr. Wiggins devoted his life and energies  to education and service to his community.  He served as RCAF Flying Officer Instructor  Cadet Corp at Didsbury during World War  Two; charter member of the Didsbury Lions  Club; Past Master of King Hiram AF and AM  Didsbury; member of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite in the Valley of Calgary;  member of Knox United Church, Didsbury  and charter member of Lakeview United  Church in ,Calgary; charter member of  Harbour Lodge AF and AM, Madeira Park,  B.C.  At the time of passing he was Secretary-  Treasurer of' the Pender Harbour Fire  Protection District, and a member of the  Madeira Park Canadian Legion.  He will be-remembered by his family,  colleagues and communities for his outstanding contributions of leadership. Many of  his hours of pleasure were spent with either a  fishing rod, a camera, or a book in his hands.'  His love - of the English language and  literature, apparent throughout his career,  resulted most recently in the poetry and prose  written in particuarly for the entertainment  of his grandchildren.  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  Mrs. Thea Leuchte's film show on October  8, courtesy Association Films of Toronto, was  an outstanding program. It was mainly about  Europe, but one exceptionally fine film  "Mediterranea", offered glimpses of all the  17 countries bordering on the Mediterranean  - Sea, including the countries of Europe, Africa  and Asia. It gave interesting studies of the  Middle East, "the birthplace of civilization"  and it showed Beirut as the magnificent and  gracious city it was before the recent  devastation.  'Five Countries in Search of a Tourist',  took viewers on a tour of Hungary,  Czechoslovakia,   Bohemia,   Bulgaria   and  raps up ooar  The regional board wants $120,000 from  Redrooffs Estates Ltd. for water to its subdivision in the Redrooffs. area* .The^bapk  wouldn't release the letter of credit because  there was a mortgage on the land. Who holds  the mortgage? The regional district.  After last week's public utilities meeting,  the board's solicitor was instructed to extract  them from the problem and also to extract the  money from the bank.  It was decided that a 30 day promisory  note would be drawn up to protect the  regional district.  The works superintendent was instructed  to start on the water line to Cooper Road as  soon as the money arrives.  SquarLngLy yours  BY MAURICE HEMSTREET  Hello, dere, fellow square dancers! Once  again I don't have too much to write about,  however, the square dance news must go out  on time. I don't intend to get behind again  because it's too much of a problem trying to  remember what went on too far In the past, so  on with the present,  Caller Harry introduced the new round  dance for the month of October, a very nice  one called Apron Strings, a two step, and now  that the club have all the basic round steps  pretty well memorized it wasn't long 'til the  whole group was doing the whole round dance  without too much help.  ' Uist week's square dance figure, track  two, is a real neat figure to watch and dance  (I hope to learn it soon.) By the time you read  Uiis column, the Country Stars will have  learned another, called, touch a quarter, half  or three quarters and this is also a very easy  figure. The square dance caller labs have  finally decided that the loss of square dancers  was due to too many new figures, too much  new stuff to learn, which leaves no time for  the fun that square dancing is known for all  over the world. So from now on, the most thnt  will be learned will be a possible two figures  in a given quarter of the square dance season  and most'of these will lie putting two figures  together so that the caller can have time out  to breath, clear his throat, cough or clean his  glasses so that he don't get the wrong side of  the record on the'turntables. Besides that, it  does'make for smoother .square dancing.  Merrill and Utilise Bowes' daughter,  Karon, was once ngain our guest and The  Country Stars hopo tliat she will soon partake  in the fun of square dancing,  October 22 Is a date to mark on your  calendar, Why? Because that Is The Country  Stars' Fifth Anniversary, So, square dancers,  kindly come out; you will like 11,  Woll, I must got on to my practicing of  square dance calling done so that I will bo my  usual top self, so happy square dancing to all,  ���by Mary Tinkley  Jugoslavia. Hungary was shown as a most  impressive country and Prague and Budapest  as beautiful cities. There were pictures of  Sarajevo which was formerly in Serbia, but is  now in Jugoslavia. It is a historic town, for it  was here that the Archduke Francis Ferdinand was assassinated on June 28, 1914,  supplying the spark which triggered the start  of the First World War.  'Europe for all Seasons' had a a musical  accompaniment but no narrative, and showed  Spring in Paris, Greece, Italy and Holland;  Summer in London, Spain and Germany;  Autumn in Old Seville, harvesting grapes in  the Rhine vineyards and Winter celebrations  of Christmas in the Black Forest. A short film  loaned by School District No. 46 was 'Ballet  Adagio' which offered a fascinating study of a  couple ballet dancing in slow motion.  The next film show on Friday, October 22  at 7:30 p.m. will be a mixed program.  Feature film wiU be 'Wings to Great Britain'.  There will also be a film on Brizilia, the new  capital of Brazil and two B.C. Telephone films  F\aTj6ut1cVmputers" and' the invention"of the ���;  telephone.  Mrs. Eva Lyons has returned from  Montreal where she enjoyed a visit with her  daughter, Marilyn Russell and her family.  She saw the magnificent new stadium built  for the Olympics.  Two of the younger set who like to bowl at  the Welcome Beach Hall on Monday afternoons whenever they can get the chance  are Brian and Daren Piper of Burnaby who  hold their own remarkably well among the  more experienced bowlers. They are as enthusiastic about the Sunshine Coast as their  grandfather, Bill Fraser, whom the love to  visit whenever they can get away from  school.  Two former residents on Redrooffs  visiting in the area recently were Doug and  Clem Naud who owned the waterfront house  which is now the property of the Gordon  Cruise family, a few years ago when Doug  was working in the Forestry office in Sechelt.  He has now been transferred to Nelson. The  Nauds were guests at West Sechelt of the Nell  Hansens and at Selma Park of the Ed Ren-  nies.  Wednesday. October 20,1976  The Peninsula Times  Page R:3  - A request from the Sunshine Coast  Regional District to the provincial Forest  Service for the closure of the Haslam Road  has been turned down. Residents, it seems,  are in the habit of dumping their garbage  along the road much to the district's disapproval.  In refusing the demand the forest service  pointed out in a letter to area directors that  the road was used for power-line,access by  B.C. Hydro and was also an approach to a  proposed provincial park.  It was suggested that the Regional District  improve their garbage collection.  When the board made a motion t'  acknowledge receipt of the letter, Area E  Director Ed Johnson cast a negative vote.  Beautify your  neighbourhood.  Get out on the street.  Take a walk.  panmipacrmnk  Walk a Mock-Today.  INTERNATIONAL MEDITATION SOCIETY  Maharishi Mahesh Yogi  presents a seminar on the  TRANSCENDENTAL  AMaOTATON PROGRAM  AND HEALTH  TOPICS:  o)  Relationship that mind and body has on  individual and social behaviour  b) Manifestation & effect on stress on mind  -ond body  c) Perfect health and expanded awareness  SPEAKERS:  Dr. D. Gerring Daryl Henn  TIME: Fri, Oct. 22 at 7:30 p.m.  PL-ACE: Sechelt Elementary School  h*  SAILING SERGEANT Peter Church  tries out his sail canoe'. Church,  sergeant at the Sechelt RCMP detach  ment, has been working on the sailing  canoe for over a year.  EVERY FRIDAY  EVERY  MONDAY  EVERY MONDAY  EVERY TUESDAY  The Elves Club are laying plans for this  year's activities.  The Elves Club was incorporated under  the Societies Act on St. Patrick's Day 1972. It .-  "isIan "unselfish'and concerted effort by then  entire community to see that no one goes  without a Christmas time. The Elves make up  and  distribute   food  hampers   containing'  turkeys, gift and toys to the underprivileged  on the peninsula from Port Mellon to Egmont.  Each Christmas Day, they distribute rosebuds to the patients at St. Mary's Hospital.  The Elves Club hopes to grow to help with  foodhampers throughout the year as the need'  arises.  At the meeting, a heavy work schedule  was planned in preparation for the forthcoming Christmas. One suggestion was to  hold a Christmas dinner followed by musical  entertainment and gifts. This would be a  special effort for shut-ins and elderly. It was  brought up, that the wealthiest person can at  the same time, be the poorest person, if they  are lonely. It was thought that a small gift,  perhaps a plant with a card, may be all that is  needed to let a lonely person know that  someone cares.        '  A.M. Sheppard of Selma Park, was elected  as Advisor-Mediator, filling the vacancy left  by Rev. Williamson. A new media minister  was elected. The rest of the Elves were  allotted specific assignments relating to the  project. Two Elves told the meeting of an  identical awe-inspiring experience that they  had both encountered. They ,found their,  homes increasingly rich in "gifts'for Elf Club  donations, it seemed impossible to give it all  away. They wondered if the old adage is true,  that "What flows out from us, must, by  universal law, return in multiples." The  meeting was adjourned at 10 p.m. Refreshments were then served;  If you wish to join the club, all it costs is  one penny a day for each day of the year and  one food item for each month of the year,  nothing MORE. To cotact, either write to  Elves Club, P.O. 1107, Gibsons, B.C. or  telephone 886-9352 or 886-2329, and ask for the  Elf there. 7  Are there any volunteers out there who are  willing to donate one day of their time to help  us in December.  ^..i   lajami. aa , aaai alapMa ip   i .1 jaiiaiaiayi a| pam   lai  " J. i-LTWxJ <*��� ^!- ftg.- ���%���* "p"X__\L'��' *f ���ir^uSmt.liaAmmimmm^'  Oct. 20 ��� Silent Auction at 1:30 p.m. at the Public Health Building in Gibsons.  Oct. 20 ��� WWC Rummage and Bake Sale. Plants. Coffee and cookies served.  10 am-12 pm, Senior Citizens Hall, Sechelt.  Oct. 21 ��� Senior Citizens Assoc. Monthly Meeting, 1:30 pm, Senior Citizens Hall.  Oct. 21 ��� Get to know your leader night. Mothers of Wilson Creek and  Sechelt Brownies and Guides are invited to Erna Cole's home at 7:30 p.m.  Oct. 22 ��� Aloha Luncheon Gibsons Hospital  Auxiliary. Gibsons United  Oct oo Church, 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.  ~A * ^ ���Welcome Beach Hall, 7:30 pm. Film Show, Britain and Brazilia.  Oct. 23 ���Silent Auction 2:00 p.m. St. Anglican Church Hall. Sponsored by the Anglican Women.  EVERY THURSDAY  -Pender Harbour Community Club Bingo. Community Hall, Madeira Park  ��� 8:00 pm, Bingo Pender Harbour Community Hall.  ��� Gibsons "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Centre, 1:30-3:00 pm  ��� 1 pm-3 pm, Gibsons United Church Women's Thrift Shop.  ��� Sechelt Totem Club Bingo. Reserve Hall, 8:00 p.m., Everyone Welcome.  ��� Elphinstone  New  Horizons  group regular   meeting,  Roberts Creek Community Hall, 1:30 o.m. First meeting Sept. 20.  ��� Carpet Bowling, Sechelt Senior Citizen's Hall ��� 1:30-4 pm  ��� 8 pm, Al-Anon, St. Aidan's Hall at.Roberts Creek.  EVERY 3RD TUESDAY ��� General Meeting of Selma Park Community Centre.  Community Hall, 8:00 p.m.  EVERY 3RD WEDNESDAY  ��� Roberts Creek Community Assoc. Roberts Creek Hall, 8 pm  [EVERY 2ND WEDNESDAY   6 pm, Chamber of Commerce Exec Meeting, Bank of Montreal, Sechelt.  EVERY 4TH WEDNESDAY ��� Pender Harbour Area A Health Clinic Auxiliary,  Old Firehall, 7:30 pm  EVERY WEDNESDAY ��� Senior Citizens Dancing, 1:30 p.m.. Senior Citizens Hall.  1ST THURSDAY OF MONTH   ���Timber Trails Riding Club meeting, 8pm, Wilson Creek  Rod & Gun Club.  COZY CORNER CAMERAS  > * <amera and darkroom supplies** repairs'  ^ * photofinishing *��� passport pictures  custom silk screening  886-7822  Gibsons  Beside Bus Depot  ���m��M  R01AH CATHOLIC CHURCH  Rev. T. Nicholson, Pasto.t  TIMES OF SUNDAY MASS  8:00 p.m. Sat, eve. at St. Mary's Gibsons  8:.I0 a.m. our I,ndy of Lourdes, on the  Sechelt Indian Reserve  10:00a.m. at The Holy Family Church in  Sechelt  12 noon at St. Mary's Church In Gibsons  SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH  Davis Hay Komi al Arbutus  Davis Hny  Sundny School I0;(K) n.m.  Morning Service  11:15 a.m.  livening Service 7:00 p.m.  Wed. Prayer and Bible Study  Phone 005-2100  UNITED CHURCH  Rev. Annotto M. Rolnhardt  886-2333  9:30 a.m. ��� St. John's Wilson Creok  11:1 5 a.m. ��� Gibsons  offlco hours for appolntmonts:  Tues, ��� 1:00 p,m. to 4:00 p.m.  Wod. ��� 1:00 p,m, to 4:00 p,m,  Fri.   ��� 9:3Q to 12:30  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Services and Sunday School aro held  each Sunday at 11:15 a.m. In St. John's  United Church, Davis Bay.  Wed, Eve.Testlmony 7:30 p,m.  All Welcome  Phone 085-3157 or 880-7802.  >��� ���"���    ���������������'���.������  �� an.   B.C*    WATERS  St. Hilda's Anglican  Church, Sechelt  Services every .Sunday  Oi.'IOnndlOn.in,  Sunday School 10 a.m,  Madeira Park, Legion Hull  Service 1st and .'Inl Sundays, 2 p.m.  The Hev. N.J. <Jodk.il.,  4m;*-26-i-o  1IETHEL BAPTIST CIIU RCH  886-7449  Mermaid and Trail, Sechelt  Sundny School ��� 'MSn.m.  Morning Worship Service,  11:15 a.m.  Wed. Bible Study - 7:00 p.m.  livening Fellowship' 7 p.m.  2nd & 4th Sunday of every month.  Pastor: V. Napora  885-9905  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  Pantor C, Drl*>b��m  SABBATH   SCHOOL-Sat,   3s00   pm  HOUR OF WORSHIP - Sat, 4;00 pm  ST. JOHN'S UNITED CHURCH  DAVIS BAY  Everyone Wolcomo  For  Information  Phono  885-9750  083-2736  r  TUESDAY,  OCT. 19  MATURE  There* nothing more deadly than a gentle man pushed too far.  ���Tf~.���r,r  ���fil;*H  mtWRUTHl  ��5 VifcL.s'  WHATMEAI&V  97 aboard,  t.^^^BBESm^rt1 v*-  S��       -i*-. ���E��*m ������*.   -r *"  Ckorge C Scott  ��� -. mkii wm nmKim ���  "The K��ndgn!ni.rcf'  .Untie Bancroft.,  By torn*  minMafep,  OSpeopto  Btmrtvtut,  ���'!-  SUNTUES,  OCT 24-26  MATURE i  Warning, ��om* vloUnt ��c*noi,  -l-otlttplpp.* HHIIl-tV   br||IIIVIVg�� mmiCmippMu  CalM.!,*. WIUIAM ATMHWON  HOY tHINWS ��� f."Q Y0UN0 ��� BUIffilSS MlltfOUM ��� CHARUS OUfiiMUtIO, * fUCHAftO A PYSAIU  THURS-SAT.  OCT 21 23  MATURE- Warning,  iom�� frightening  fir*   t<an��t.  fo)  \\r:  \_.i  i      I , f  PageB-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 20,1976  The kind and amount of food we eat is  important in maintaining health and  preventing disease. But good nutrition alone  is not enough. Adequate nutrition must be  teamed up with physical fitness, observance,  of personal health and safety recommendations, and moderation in the use of  alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Total health  depends on total lifestyle. In the words of the  department of National Health and Welfare:  "Lifestyle is neither sickness nor health. It  is the food you eat, the weight problem, the  malnutrition, the balanced diet. Lifestyle is  the drugs you take*, the cigarettes you smoke,  the alcoholyou drink. It is addiction and  moderation. It is abuse and over-the-counter  drugs, use of illegal drugs and it is intelligent  use of medication. Lifestyle is becoming fit  and staying that way through regular  physical activity, or it's running to seed. It's  participating in sports or being an observer,  pursuing a hobby or watching TV. Lifestyle is  how you handle stress, tension and loneliness.  It's knowing how to relax. lifestyle is taking  precautions or needless risks with your  health, on the job, at home, at school, or while  participating in sports."  In order to encourage Canadians to  assume greater responsibility for their own  health, the Department of National Health  _ and Welfare has designed a public education  program called 'Operation Lifestyle'. As part  of the program, the department this week is  distributing lifestyle appraisal forms. These  lifestyle profiles will enable individuals to  determine for themselves the quality of their  lifestyles and to see where improvement is  needed. Those of you who receive the family  allowance will find a Lifestyle Profile in with  this month's cheque. For those of you who do  not receive family allowances, the quiz is  reproduced below. Take ,a few minutes and  rate yourself:  YOUR LIFESTYLE PROFILE  ��� Circle only the answers that apply to  you.  ���The plus (+) and minus (-) signs next to  some numbers indicate more than (+) and  less than (-).  EXERCISE  Amount of physical effort expended during  the workday: mostly  Score: Heavy physical, walking,  housework 1, desk work 3.  Participation in physical activities ���  (skiing, golf, swimming, etc.) (lawn mowing,  gardening, etc)?   .  Score: Daily 1, Weekly 3, Seldom 5.  Participation in vigorous exercise  program?  Score: 3 times weekly 1, Weekly 3, Seldom  5.  Average miles walked or jogged per day?  Score 1+1,-1 3, None 5.  Flights of stairs climbed per day?  Score: 10+ 1, -10 3.  NUTRITION  Are you overweight?  Score: No 1,5 to 19 lbs. 3,20+lbs. 5.  Do you eat a wide variety of foods ���  something from each of the following five  food groups: (1) meat, fish, poultry, dried  legumes, eggs or nuts; (2) milk or milk  products; (3) bread or cereals; (4) fruits; (5)  vegetables?  Score: Each day 1,3 times weekly 3.  ALCOHOL  Average no, of bottles (12 oz.) of beer per  week?  Score: 0 to 71,8 to 15 3,16+ 5.  Average no. hard liquor (1 and a half oz.)  drinks per week?  Score: 0 to 71,8 to 15 3,16+5,  Average no. of glasses (5 oz.) of wine or  cider per week?  Score: 0 to 71,8to 15 3,16+5.  Total no. of drinks per week, including  beer, liquor and wine?  Score: 0 to 71,8 to 15 3,16+ 5.  DRUGS  Do you take drugs illegally?  Score: No 1, Yes 5.  Do you consume alcoholic beverages  together with certain drugs (tranquilizers,  barbiturates, antihistamines or illegal  drugs)?  Score: No 1, Yes 5.  Do you use pain-killers improperly or  excessively?  Score: No 1, Yes 5.  TOKACCO  Cigarettes smoked per day?  Score: None 1, -10 3, 10+ 5.  Cigars smoked per day?  Score: None 1, -5 3, 5+ 5.  Pipe tobacco pouches per week?  Score: None 1, -2 3, 2+ 5.  PERSONAL HEALTH  Do you experience periods of depression?  Score: Seldom 1, Occasionally 3,  Frequently 5,  Doe anxiety interfere with your daily  activities?  Score: No 1, Occasionally 3, Frequently 5.  liiiiieiiiiiieiiiiiiiiBBiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiE  Do you get enough satisfying sleep?  Score: Yes 1, No 3.  Are you aware of the causes and dangers  of VD?  ' Score: Yes 1, No 3.  Breast self-examination? (If not applicable, do not score.)      '  '<���  Score: Monthly 1, Occasionally 3.  ROAD AND WATER SAFETY  Mileage per year as driver or passenger?  Score: -10,000,1, 10,000+ 3.  Do you often exceed the speed limit?  Score: No 1, by 10 mph+ 3, by 20 mph 5.  Do you wear a seatbelt?  Score: Always 1, Occasionally 3, Never 5.  Do you drive a motorcycle, moped or  ^snowmobile?  Score: No 1, Yes 3.  If yes to the above, do you always wear a  regulation safety helmet?  Score: Yes 1, No 5.  Do you ever drive under the influence of  alcohol?  Score: Never 1, Occasionally 5.  Do you ever diive when your ability may  be affected by drugs?  Score: Never 1, Occasionally 5.  Are you aware of water safety rules?  Score: Yes 1, No 3.  If you participate in water sports or  boating do you wear a life jacket? (If not  applicable , do not score.)  Score: Yes 1, No 3.  GENERAL  Average time watching TV per day (in  hours)?  . Score: 0to 11,1 to 43,4+5.  Are you familiar with first-aid  procedures?  Score Yes 1, No 3.  Do you ever smoke in bed?  Score: No 1, Occasionally 3, Yes 5.   ���  Do you always make use of clothing and  equipment provided for your safety at work?  (If not applicable, do not score.)  Score: Yes 1, Occasionally 3, No 5.  RATE YOURSELF  Each answer you circled has a score under  it. Add up these numbers to find your total  score.  What does your score mean?  Excellent 34 - 45 ��� Congratulations!  "Excellent" indicates that you have a  commendable lifestyle based on sensible  habits and a lively awareness of personal  health. Keep up the good work and maintain  this rating.  Good 46 - 55 ��� You have a sound grasp of  basic health principles. Only one to ten points  separate you from the elite. With a minimum  of change you can develop an excellent  lifestyle pattern. Make the effort to move up  to "Excellent" and stay there.  Risky 56 - 65 ��� You are taking unnecessary risks with your health. Several of-  your lifestyle habits are based on unwise  personal choices which should be changed if ���  potential health problems are to be avoided,  look at your test again. Start your improvements with the places you lost points. A  few common-sense decisions can mean a  "Good" rating, but the challenge is to move  your lifestyle up to "Excellent".  Hazardous 66 and over ��� A "Hazardous"  rating indicates a high risk lifestyle. Either  you have little personal awareness of good  health habits, or you are choosing to, ignore  them. This is a danger zone ��� but even  hazardous lifestyles can be modified and  potential health problems overcome. All it  takes is a little conscientious effort to improve basic living patterns. Go over your test  carefully and start making those improvements right now.  If your score showed that you are  following a risky or hazardous lifestyle, you  may want more information on how to make  changes. The department of Health and  Welfare has printed a leaf letentitled 'Ways to  Improve Your Lifestyle Profile'.  Copies will be distributed with the family  allowance cheques in November but for those  who do not receive the family allowance, this  pamphlet can be obtained by writing to:  Operation Lifestyle,  Information Directorate,  Health and Welfare Canada f  Ottawa, Ontario. KIA OK9.  HIANMND TREES  SDMUCH  ^IMB  **.*���<���-;&.  ** OTHER  i,-*w..y$*Y'v.\,',\,.,       _ ,  y  IBIBlBllBBBBlBBBIBBBllBBHIBllBiE  The teachers of School District No. 46 oppose  the present anti-ihfBation programme because it can't work.  If  8  We are concerned about the effects of double digit inflation. We recognize the need for  restraint.  But a system that takes all decision-making power away from local groups and replaces  it with an inefficient/ bureaucratic structure in Ottawa, can't work.  The many "diverse working and earning problems of people cannot be solved with one  simple set of guidelines.  A remedy that eliminates all effective participation of those who must live with its  rulings is impersonal-ind can't work,  A governmental process that is inconsistent and makes a mockery of equity and justice  can't work.  We cannot accept action that changes at random the balance of incomes across the land.  a  Since the Al B can't control inflation ��� what will?  Though not perfect/ we had a bargaining system that worked and brought stability to  B.C. schools for almost forty years.  Sechelt teachers and board members met in September 1975 and began to negotiate a  contract for 1976.  After, a considerable amount (of time and effort was expended,, an agreement was reached  to give teachers a 12 per cent increase ��� the AIB at that time was approving increases up  to 14 per cent.  Our agreement demonstrated restraint.  Now the provincial government changes the law retroactively.  What, was legally binding is no longer binding.  Law deserves respect. It will not have that respect if legal action in November is made  illegal retroactively. There can be no law and order if the principle of retroactive  legislation prevails.  Until the provincial government placed us under the federal wage control programme we  had a system that yielded fair, but not inflationary wage settlements.  What will work for us?  The system we had.  fa  It was not because we did not share with CLC; members a desire to oppose federal wage  controls. We were in complete sympathy with their objective. But if we had struck, we  would have been taking services from innocent children and enriching government  coffers. Instead of needlessly giving up salary in a demonstration, we believed that we  should work on October 14, collect our salary and use some of it to express our opposition  in this newspaper.  nin���i nri rrn r^^i r^i r^i n-^  fclhaa^W IIK-J     f-   - -**-' *������"���   _    '   f      ll- ������i*"l    I'T ���''i'i     TlT*-   II "*   I   ll l"ll|     \_ rl flu {__ J      LaWl^aHfawJ     k*MlaWifM,*J     \  IE3E23I  ff  n  Reg.  *2100  nr  ii  T  l\A  .���,._... fuu.4. r;'"^n r^jrra fiStf-H ��"""! I W"T\ IT'"-! f",T'H  I   E mai.m*m tan J   fc.amaiuiM ���!   \mmmVM*mjimm\  Cfc,MfiNHMfcJ   �����*����������� I���nj   ti.w���������������fcfcj   -L-trT- -��� r-l   ll���hn "1-1   lmmnmmm*-**J.  &0  La^���aJll.��J  S?3  Keg.  *1300  The holiday's orer���back to earth, and realistic prices on Cowrie St, Sechelt  I ��>w^mw��  ���wyn-n-^i piauMn^n pm,i���.Mi*M pH. .itf*. ������u| -p^w-pt  I i��m i.iii'wiij   fcmmwaimtfi |  Vi.-iw.i-.ga*!**!  Ii n���m* m ii J fcttwui-inn J T "taiii J  D  D  El  D  fine iiivii\h wt>or       Ll  885-9330      []  / / n: . - ,  -���}  /  / ���  .���' -  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23  FIREMAN'S BINGO  20 Games���$1000 Jackpot  ROBERTS CREEK COMMUNITY HALL  <- Elphinstone Recreation Committee Sponsors  DOOR PRIZE 3 CARDS ���$5.00  i   *t"**fi5'-Al  ������' *       ���   . 'it'   *  *���**������** ^���*    i  A GREAT BLUE HERON, upper left,    Marsh last week. Dawn took notes on her  was seen observing student Dawn Bandi    observations; the heron didn't,  during the heron's visit to the Sechelt ���Timesphoto  ender larbour Chevron  corner Hiway 101 & Francis Peninsula  complete auto repairs  undercoating  * steam cleaning     * propane for sale  GOV'T CERTIFIED  "specializing in  Volkswagen"  CHAftGEX  CHEVRON CREDIT CARD  MECHANIC  MASTERCHARGE  INTERFACE is the area where two  elements meet. Students from the  Sechelt Elementary open area  classroom observed a number of them  when they visited the Sechelt Marsh last  week. Here two students observe where  shore and water meet. They also saw  where air and water meet, where salt  and fresh water meet, where the marsh  and the community meet.  i i *      "p    ���*   x*.   *J '  vi* <_ *      ,.\' -        *Jis  ,\ v- ftA ������ * ���:������:���;��� - ...':.���.,''���.��� >: ����� ff,.,:.'  Sechelt school board   held its regular  meeting on October 14 in the Roberts Creek  . elementary school. Following are recommendations and discussions made by the  Board:  The board agreed to confer with the  Sechelt Band Council on the Native Environmental Studies program now scheduled  to begin at the end of January.  It was noted that Dr. Walter Hardwick,  Deputy ..Minister of Education had been;  personally: contacted, about his: departments,  'Non-action' on Sechelt's request for extra:  administrative help.  A letter from the Grade eight girls  guidance class at Pender Harbour Secondary  was read aloud. It thanked the Board for their  quick action in getting the school running  again after last month's fire.   '  A motion was made to proceed with architectural studies for the planned expansion  at Elphinstone Secondary school. An extra  two class rooms are to be built and more will  be added at Sechelt elementary if this  becomes neccessary because of local  population shifts.  Legal advice is to be sought on the advisability of allowing the press to cover the  confidential meetings of 'committee of the  whole board meetings.  The board decided to sell all its small  musical instruments at the end of the present  band season as long as this had no  detrimental effect on music students.  Peter Presesky reported that the village of  Sechelt is willing to consider building a  sidewalk up to the new junior secondary  school.  October 26 was seen by the Board as the  most likely occupancy date at the new school.  Students will probably be given the previous  day off.  The province has yet to issue an occupancy  permit for the school and trustee Pat Murphy  noted "that it will be a touch and go situation  to get everything finished by the end of this  month as everyone involved is totally uncoordinated*"     ^.        / 7*.---.*��� '*  It was decided to set up pilot projects at"  Gibsons and Sechelt Elementary schools to  involve the public in the future goals of their  community schools.  The board's Learning Conditions Committee' made a visual presentation to the  meeting, concentrating on the economic  difference between the Sunshine Coast and  the Districts of North and West Vancouver.  Possible conclusions have yet to be made but  chairperson Frank Fuller said his committee expected to find that a student's  education was directly affected by her  parent's income.  FORMERLY HARVEY FUNERAL HOME  SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  MODERATEiCOST LOCAL OR DISTANT BURIALS  CREMATIONS - MEMORIALS- PRE-ARRANGEMENTS  s&1  D. TV. Devlin  Director  886-9551  1665SeavifiW  Gibsons  BSe  wane*�����  Bill Glassford and Len Wray were the  double winners of the Lions 400 Club draw  October 15.  (Mrs. Janet McDonald drew the ticket at  the Bank of Montreal, GibsonsY  WAX NO MORE!  ���v^yt,  Let our professional con-  Royal Canadian legion, Branch 109, Gibsons  ��� *.  DOUG ROY, one of the directors of the marsh last week. Roy told them of the  Sechelt Marsh Society gave a short talk history of the marsh and how it came to  to the open area students of Sechelt be a preserve. After the tour, Roy gave  Elementary   when  they   visited   the the students grain to feed the birds.  Invitation for tender for Janitorial Services  i  ��� for the Legion building. For full information,  contact the Club Manager at 886-9931.  Tenders must Die received received by Oct. 31,1976.  X    ,_[ ijttf      Armstrong vinyl floor-  [w^*A cover,n99      ln      decorat  ���--������V.^-f:*jfh' designs  f��r  ovory  room  ft. .'*.; Sf-^l��{'j your   home.   We   have   the  ���  ���" ^&W^V*a&^solection> *h�� service, and the  prices you like.  en DeVries & Son Ltd.  FLOORCOVERINGS  Gibsons  886-7112  for tho Socholt aroa: call on our roprasontatlvo:  Clark Mlllor ~- 885-2923  tmammmam  "V"  PENCIL PROVES practical pointer as a of a teacher's jncket to prove that down  Seehell   Elementary  student,  notes  a has a practical application as a light  down feather floating in the water on the insulator. Did you ever sec a duck  Sechelt   marsh.   The   discovery   was .shiver?  followed hy an extraction from the lining ��� Timesphoto  Browse omong the  Lnmpshodor,  Wlckor Bosk-ota  Troplcol Plants  Soil  ANTIQUES  ���oo our f Ino soloctlon of  ���k Air Ferns  * Dutch Bulbs  -ft Dried Flowers  ft- Batik  Hangings  "V*  ^*ww  upstairs in  Whitaker House  Come On Up  and See Us  Open   '  Tues-Sat  10:30-4:30  JK  Creator's Craft Supplies  Artists' Supplloa  * Macramo Suppllos (Juto, Cord, Rings, Doads)  * Candlo Making Suppllos  * Macramo Hangings Mado to Ordor  * Handcraftod Candlos & Jowollory  . . . and many oilier handcraftod Horns  IF WE DON'T HAVE WHAT YOU WANT, WE WILL GET IT  OPENING OFFICIALLY FRI, OCT. 22  FREE COFFEE  J\m  (  4�� ���"  7  '���   )���  X,  ���     <��� ��� : (  Y    /  ���     /  ��     /  " r ~..  /I  :,���,,������,���'(���..���������''!:;  ������'���" ' '*./������  */'������  Ii, /  it Ads for Best Buys      phone 885-3231  Page pQ-g.The Peninsula Times Wednesday, October 20, 1976  Birth Announcements      in Memoriam  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ... ace pleased to sponsor this  Birth Announcement space, and  extend Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  CHAPMAN: Ken and Clare Ann  are pleased to announce the  arrival of their first child Misty  Jennet, 7 lbs. 3 oz., Oct. 6,1976 at  St. Mary's. Proud grandparents  are Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Chapman,  Thornhill, Ont. and Mrs; R.J.  Lawrence, Sechelt. B.C.   2291-47  NICKERSON: Barry and  Christine (nee Cecil) are proud  to announce the birth of a son,  Douane Charles, 6 lbs. on  Thanksgiving Day, October 11 at  12:55 a.m., in Powell River  .Hospital. 2263-47  Card off Thanks  CLARE ANN and Misty Chapman would like to thank the  nursing staff at St. Mary's  Hospital for all the care and  attention that we received. A  very special thanks to Dr. W.  Burtnick. 2292*47  JOHN: In memory of Claude  Mervin John who passed away  October 23,1975.  One year has passed since that  sad day  When one we-loved was called  away,  God took him home ��� it was His  will;  Within our hearts he liveth still.  ��� Sadly missed by family and  friends... 228147  DONATIONS TO The Canadian  Cancer Society are gratefully  acknowledged and will be  devoted solely to cancer  research. Donations should be  addressed to The Canadian  Cancer Society, c-o Mrs. A.J.  Hatcher, Madeira Park, B.C.  Cards are sent to the bereaved  and receipts for income tax  purposes to donors. 2275-47  Personal   .COME IN TO J&C Electronics  for your free Radio  Shack  catalogue. 1327-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS   published   in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at The  Times office. 1473-tf  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  wwmtww  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  LANGDALE  Owner transferred!! Must sell 2 yr old home in quiet residential  area. 1250 sq ft living area over full basement. 3 bdrms, master  ensuite with sunken bath, vanity & toilet in marble, glass door to  deck. Attractive L-shape living room features unique fireplace.  ,view windows. Glass door to large deck from dining room.  Unusual kitchen has many features absent from the average  home. Entrance foyer at ground level has guest closet and  carpeted stairs to living room. W/W except kitchen which  features a color co-ordinated cushion floor covering. The roof of  the attached carport is large deck. Concrete driveway for 2 car  parking. A real little gem at only $63,000.  SEASIDE PLAZA  Listings Wanted  Norm Peterson  886-2607  HIWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA RD.  BEAUTIFUL VIEW: Well maintained 3 bedroom home on  large 144 x 200' landscaped lot overlooking the entrance to Pender  Harbour. A first class property offered at $44,500. \  BARGAIN HARBOUR: Charming and well kept 840 sq ft  house on approx 1 /4 acre wbterfront with undeveloped moorage. 2  bedrooms on main plus one in basement. This is a fine property at F.P,  $59,000. ���     . ���   ACREAGE:   7 acres  on  Highway   101.  Has  potential  commercial or subdivision possibilities. F.P. $35,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA: First class waterfront home with 2  bedrooms and garage. Has one of the area's best views from a sunny  situation In 'Malcolm' Harbour. A must see at $74,000.  BEAUTIFUL LOTS ��� First time offered. 3 to choose from  on Francis Peninsula. Each is approximately one acre and in park-like  setting, Serviced. Each $15,000.  EXTRA SPECIAL ��� Lovely 2 year old 2 bedroom plus den  home on a serviced water view lot In Madeira Park. Just $36,000.  BRAND NEW: 2 bedroom, full basemont homo in Gardon  Bay. Within a stone's throw of marinas, shops, otc. Full prlco |ust  $47,500. '  PHONE 883-2794  John Breen Jock Hermon  883-9978    # insurance O      883-2745  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Phone 885-3231  Published Wednesdays by  The Peninsula Times  for Westpres Publications Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations  March 31, 1$76  Grot ��� Circulation 4150  Paid Circulation 3241  As filed with the Audit Bureau of  Circulation, subject to audit.  Classified Advertising Rates:  3-Line Ad-Briefs (12 words)  One Insertion  $1.80  Three Insertions $3.60  Extra Lines (4 words) 60c  (Display Ad-Briefs  $3.60 per column inch)  Box Numbers 60c extra  Legal, or Reader advertising 60c por  .count lino.  Peaths, Card ot Thanks, In  .Memoriam, Marriage and Engagement notices are $6.00 (up to 14  ���lines) and 60c per line after that.  Four words per line.  i  Birth-Notices, Coming Events take  regular classified rates.  Ad-Briefs   must   be   paid .for   in  advance by Saturday, 5 p.m.  Subscription Rates:  .By Mail:.  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Earn them as an Avon  representative. Sell beautiful  gifts, jewellery, cosmetics, more. - -  I'll show you how. Call 885-2183 or  886-9166. 2082-tfn  IF YOU CAN tutor math at any  level from Grade 8 to 12 for $3  per hour, please contact Ms. B.  Mills, Elphinstone Secondary,  886-2204. 226247  Work Wanted  DUMP  TRUCK   and  backtioe  available. Ph. Phil Nicholson  'B85--2110 or 885-2515. 55tfn  HOUSESITTER will  care  for  your   home   while   away.  Weekend,   week   or   month.  Bondable. Ph. 886-7317.    2012-tfn  WHAT DO YOU EXPECT  FROM A TREE SERVICE?  ��� Experienced, insured work?  ��� Prompt, guaranteed service?  ��� Fair estimates?  Then gives us a call: PEERLESS  TREE SERVICES LTD., 885-  2109. 758-tfn  HOUSE       PAINTING       and  renovations.   Quality    workmanship. Ph. 885-3688.      217148  MARRIED WOMAN with 1 small  son would like to babysity 1 or 2  other pre-schoolers at her home.  During day only. Ph. 885-2950.  2164-78  PORTABLE sawmill avail.  Anywhere on Sunshine Coast.  Excl rates on large jobs. Any  diameter; lengths to 20*. Ph. 885-  2653 eves. 216848  EVERGREEN LANDSCAPING  & GARDEN MAINTENANCE  ���Fall garden cleanup  ���Pruning a specialty ��� fruit  trees, shrubs & hedges  ���Rockeries  ���Low maintenance, bark mulch  shrub beds.  Free Estimates  Ph. 886-2668  between 5:00and9:00p.m.  2215-tfn  FOR SALE by owner new 3 bdrm  post and beam cedar home.-'  with fireplace, w-w carpets,  finished bsmt. Situated on well  treed view lot in Garden Bay  Estates. $62,500. Ph. 883-2533, 8  a.m. to 5 p.m.; 883-9028 after 6.  ' 2174-tfn  NOW AVAILABLE  BAYVIEW i  7 large view lots Vz to��2 acres.  Serviced lots. Overlooking lovely  Sargents Bay. Quiet area 5 min W  of Sechelt.  CALETA  Only 2 view lots left in this area of  fine homes. Serviced, 200 feet  from excl beach. Ph. 885-9796.  219648  PRIVATE SALE Gower Pt. Rd.'  WeU built 2 bdrm time. W-w  carpets, finished bsmt, rec rm,  fireplace. Includes fridge and  range. View. Assumable mortgage at 10% pet. FP $39,900. Ph.  886-2131. 229049  GIBSONS 4 plex and 3 plex on  150' WF. AU have own ent. and  appls. 6 fuUy furn. Good return.  Can be bought separately. Ph.  886-7108. 228947  ALMOST NEW extra large  house. Loaded with extras. Fl  bsmt, excellent location, Gibsons. UnbeUevable price with  great terms. Ph. 886-7668. 219247  PRIVATE SALE: Comfortable 1  bdrm hse with sundeck on  large lot in W* Sechelt. FuU bsmt,  needs fir. FuU price $22,500. Ph.  885-2683 after 5 p.m. 214847  POWELL RIVER duplex $22,000,  $2500 dn. Reduced for quick  sale, presently being rented. Call  collect (112) 254-5836.       1839-tfn  FOR SALE BY BUILDER  Lovely 2 bdrm home on large  treed lot W. Sechelt. $38,900. Ph.  885-3718,885-9213. 210246  MISSION POINT. 2 bdrm 750 sq  ft.     Carport,     garage     on  Property. Lease paid for 18 yrs.  'P $16,500. Ph. 885-3773.    225648  SEACOAST DESIGN  & CONSTRUCTION  Custom Home Design  885-9213   Larry Moore   885-3', IP  1900-tfn  M*   ACRE   CLEARED   lot   on  Francis    Peninsula.    Hydrft,  water, $17,000 or offers. Ph. 883-  2366. 225348  BEAUTIFUL 63' WF property on  Halfmoon Bay. Fully serviced  with   sewer,   $33,000.   Lot   48,  Trueman Rd. Ph. (112)939-  8458. 224540  MADEIRA PARK ��� 3 bdrm Spanish syle ranch home, 1,412 sq ft, built  1975. Fireplace, electric heat, view of Harbour.'$52,000.  For Rent  PRIME LOCATION  New commel space for stores or  offices.   Suitable   for   various  businesses.  PH. 886-2827   2062-tfn  3 BDRM houso with bsmt. $350  per mo. Ph. 880-2417.    2074-tfn  3 BDRM wntorfront homo 21/.  miles  West  Sechelt  village,  Sept. 1,1976 to June 30,1977. Ph.  OOMWOBwecdenclH. 1940-tfn  WEST  SECHELT*   Delightful   2  acros, Trood, Vlow. Gontlo  slopo, F.P, $27,70p, torms or  your local lot in trado,  REDROOFFS ESTATE! Hnll ocro  lot, lovol, lightly (rood, Try  $2,700 down ond $109 por  month,  WELCOME BEACH/REDROOFFS  WATFRFRONT LOTS, EXCLUSIVE  SECHELTi  Two bedroom*, bosomont  homo,  SECHELT:    Inlot    R<|.    Imforo  Sandy      Hook,      6.3     rtrros,  Cloorod    con    suhrllvlda,    fP  $57,500.   tryt yoi/r   form,   or  tradov  GIBSONS: 4.6 acros ond Ihroo  bodroom homo.  JOHN or LYNN WILSON  8859365  Gordon Agendo*; Ltd.  885-2013  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� 3 BR ranch style home, built 1973, on large  treed lot. Garage and separate storage shed. $49,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� 1,150 sq ft+3 bdrm ranch style home, built  June 1975, double carport & storagtor 1 1/2 bathrooms, no stairs to  climb. Large selectively treed lot. $64,900.  BARGAIN HARBOUR ��� semi-waterfront, double lot, view, close to  beach access with 688+ sq ft home with covered sundeck, stone-faced,  fireplace, 3/4 basement. Separate double garage, and 320+ sq ft  furnished guest cottage. $71,900.  CLAYDON ROAD, GARDEN BAY ��� well built 3 BR home, buift'1975,  1434 sq. ft. ��, full basement. Large living room attractively finished in  teak panelling, 2 stone fireplaces, separate 2 car garage,-master BR  ensuite with walk-in clothes closet. Electric heat and many extras.  Treed 1 /2 acre lot with view over Harbour. $88,000.  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 bdrm view home, built 1975, on large lot on'  Gulfview Rd. Full basement, 2 sundecks, fireplace, electric heat.  Includes all drapes, central vacuum, dishwasher, fridge, range, garbage compactor & garbage disposal unit. $49,500.  RONDEVIEW ROAD. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� brand new .and spacious,  this 3 bdrm home also has a swimming pool. Immediate possession.  $79,500.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� professionally designed.and built 3 bdrm  home, 2100+ sq ft plus partial basement, built 1975. Open beam living  area, finished in red cedar with red plush shag carpeting, features a  sunken living room with frosted marble fireplace. A*beautiful home for  luxury living, well situated on a treed view lot close to stores, marinas  & P.O. $110.000.   GARDEN BAY ROAD ��� 2.33 acres fairly level land. 3 bdrm home with  W/W, sundeck. Good garden area, creek, $49,900.  EGMONT.��� 2 bdrm home, 790 sq ft+_, enclosed porch. On 1/2 acre+  " lot, close to'Egmont'Marin'a."$27;000:'"  GARDEN BAY ESTATES ��� brand new cedar home with 2160 sq ft of  living area on two levels. 2 bdrm on main level and 3rd bdrm in lower  level. 2 fireplaces, rec room, sundeck, view of harbour. Electric heat,  thermopane windows. $73,500.  GARDEN BAY ��� Small 2 bedroom furnished cottage on 2 large lease  lots. Leases have approx 17 years remaining plus 20 year option. Close  to stores, marinas and P.O. $10,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Lot 47, Rondeview Road ��� new 3 bdrm split  level home, partial basement with unfinished rec room, corner  fireplace, oil heat, ensuite plbg, sundeckS carport. $68,500.     .  BUCCANEER BAY ��� Thormanby Island. 2 BR furnished summer home  located within 100 yds of sandy beach and Vaucroft government dock.  $47,500; _______        '  IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2 bdrm home with an excellent view over Lee  Bay. W/W carpets, sundeck. Range and fridge Included. Close to  marina and gov't wharf. $34,900.  WATERFRONT HOiES  MADEIRA PARK ��� 2 BR home on 78(*t ft. waterfront on Lagoon Road,  with prlvato dock 8, float. Houso Is Q08i+ sq. ft., remodelled 1969 ���  covered sundeck on 2 sides. Separate garago & workshop. Furnished  26' deluxe Konsklll mobile home, used as guest house. Furnlturo,  furnishings, appliances & tools are Includod in the purchase prlco.  $95,000.  '...'... . ,...  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Well built 2 BR homo, 1073f sq. ft., built 1972,  .full basement, float. Spoctacular viow of Harbour ontranco. $115,000.  GUNBOAT BAY ��� Approx 5 acros, 152��, ft. watorfront, accoss from  Hwy. 101 noar Madolra Park. 3 BR homo and 3 cottages, float,  $125,000.  FRANCIS PENINSULA���2 BR homo with"partial basement on 300 ft. i.  watorlront. Swooping vlow of Harbour ontranco, Islands & Gulf, Good,  gardon area, no stairs to climb and privacy. $ 140,000.  IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 3 BR homo on U37 ft $ waterfront lot, approx  1/2 acre, wllh panoramic vlow of Strait**, and Harbour  ontranco. Houso Is designed for outdoor living with 1744 stj ft+jof  sundock on 3 lovols. Plus family room and olf Ico/don. $115,000  4 MILE POINT, SANDY HOOK ��� 111 it�� waforfront with attroctlvo,  woll constructed 3 bdrm homo on 3 lovols, bidlt 1975. 3,392 sq It ol  living aroa plus basomont aroa with sauna and change room. Many  extras Including lamlly room, rooftop patio, sundock on all 3 lovols.  *13,2,000.  iLMEFRO.fr properties!  * ��� " ���'" '�����* ,  *  SAKINAW LAKE -    165 ft*jt lokofront, 6,3 acros+_ with small cottage.  Excollont trood proporly with sholtorod bay. $50,000.  SAKINAW LAKE 107 It lakelront lot with comfortable summor  cottago, Franklin llroplacoi largo sundock on 2 sldos, Rango, frldgo,  somo furnlturo, float fi 16 It +_ sailboat Included, $26,000.  PAQ LAKE, MADEIRA PARK ��� 3.77 acros, with 406 ft * lakofront,  Possibility of subdividing to opprox 11 lots, Hydro ft wator avallqblo,.  $56 oon  .��������� ���,  RUBY LAKE 120 acros + of oxcollont lond, 400' watorfront on Ruby  lako, 2,600 ft,-J: watorlront on lagoon, 2 houses, presently rented ft,  trallor snocos. $160,000,  SAKINAW LAKE DL 4696, containing 165 ocros *fc, with oppro*r4040  ill o| oxcollont wntorfront. Across by |��op rood from Gordon Bay Road.  $390,000, ���  ,  SAKINAW LAKE 3250 \\�� cholco watorlront, 32+. acros with 2  summer homos, lloats, $205,000,  SAKINAW LAKE      57,5 ocros J. willy 3,500 It + sholtorod watorlront. 2  summor rottngo. with bathroom., 2 dock.. Wottr occ��it or>ly.  $200,000. -    SAKINAW IAKE 000' + lokofront with dock, sand booch! Southorly  evpo-uiro. 043 ��q It 3 bdrm furnlshod cottago with 3 ploco bathroom,  lull prko $60,000. Ownor will lliuinta.  PAT SLADEY  Ros. 805-3922  I  WATERFR0WT LOTS   ��  1. SECRET COVE ��� Small peninsula of 370 �� ft. waterfront, cabin &  float, southwest exposure. $79,500.  2. GERRANS BAY ��� 100 ft �������� waterfront with 188' frontage on Francis  Peninsula Road. Driveway, septic tank, water line and electricity all in  $32,000.  3. REDROOFFS ROAD���1.5�� acre lot, excellent Gulf view. 100+ cliff-  waterfrontage. $18,900.  4. GARDEN BAY ESTATES���-"Lot 31, approx 80' waterfront, southern ,  exposure. De|ep sheltered moorage. $39,000  5. RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 4 has 117�� ft. good lakefront, driveway in from  Hal 16well Rd., serviced with Hydro. $21,000.  6. MADEIRA PARK ��� Lot 46 has 90��ft. waterfront. 1.33 acres on Hwy.  101 in Madeira Park. $28,000.  7. SANDY HOOK ��� Lot 19, Sechelt Inlet Estates - 75��ft. gently sloping  waterfront lot, good view of Porpoise Bay. $25,000.  8. HOTEL LAKE ��� 105+ft. excellent lakefront, 1/2 acre+ with Hydro  and easy access. $20,000. .  9. EGMONT ��� 59+ ft sheltered "waterfront in Secret Bay. Driveway,  septic in, hydro & water. $21,000.  10. REDROOFFS ���Approx 3/4 level treed lot just off Redrooffs Road  on Seacrest Road. 75+ ft bluff waterfront wtth panoramic view. Septic  approved. $17,900.  11. GARDEN BAY ��� 290 ft�� waterfront with sheltered  moorage,  driveway in. Approx. 2 acres. $70,000.  12. SECRET COVE ��� 80+ ft deep, sheltered waterfront. Excellent"  building site, 12 ft trailer, metal storage shed, dock & ramp. $35,000.  LOTS  1. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 1.5�� acre treed lot - easy access, easy to  build on. $19,900.  2. MADEIRA PARK ��� serviced lots, most with view, close to school  stores, P.O. & marinas. $9,000-$22,00O.  3. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Lot 34. Rondeview Road. Driveway^in, some  clearing done, serviced with water & hydro. Nice building lot. $10,000.  4. BARGAIN HARBOUR ���1 l/2�� acres, nicely treed, secluded. Hydro,  wafer septic tank & drain field in. $25,000.  5. GARDEN BAY ��� serviced lots, some with excellent view. $12 000 to  $18.500,.  6. RUBY LAKE ��� Lot 27, semi-waterfront view lot, road access, hydro.  $7,000. Owner anxious to sell, make an offer.  7. EARLS COVE ��� large corner lot, serviced with hydro, close to  waterfront. $11,000.  8. HALFMOON BAY ��� Lot 43 on Truman Road. View lot with water,  hydro & sewer .available. $14,900.  9. GARDEN BAY LAKE ��� good secluded lot at end of Elliot Rd, Hydro  available. $8,500.  10" SANDY HOOK ��� Lots 58 & 59, side by side view lots on Deerhorn  Drive. $10,500 each. '  -  11. FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� 2 treed, parklike, fairly level lots on  Cameron Road. $13,500 each.  12. SINCLAIR BAY ROAD ��� Level,  cleared  lot with 73�� ft road  frontage. $16,000.  13. NARROWS ROAD ��� Good bldg. lots. $9,000. and $9,500.  ACREAGE  1. RUBY LAKE ��� 2 1/4 acres+, view property, driveway in, building  site cleared $19,000. ^-"*  2. SILVER SANDS ���-.4 acres �� of Gulf view property with small cortege and 2 mobile homes (12 x 60S 10 x 50) creek. $56\500.  3. MIDDLE POINT ��� 18.96 acres with creek and 2 bdrm cottage.  $40,000. .....������...,���  4. KLfclNDALt ��� 23.78 acres-treed land. Menacher Road runs through ���  property!   Some   merchantable  timber   (not   for   sale   separately).  $50,000.  5. KLEINDALE ��� Approx. 20 acres of fairly level land with approx. 10  acres cleared. $42,000. ".���'',..-  6. MIDDLE POINT*��� 19.9 acres �� acres with small one BR cottage  located on Hwy 101. Acreage in natural state with good bldg sites on  higher elevations. $53,000. Open to Offers. '  7. IRVINE'S LANDING ��� 2.87 level acres, view of entrance to Pender  Harbour, across road from public waterfront access. $42,000.  8. KLEINDALE ��� 5 acres Hkf ranting on Hwy 101. $25,000.  '���    MADEIRA PARK���* 3 1/2 acres of park-like land on Spinnaker'  Road, near Lillles (Pag) Lake. $35,000. '  1 ISLANDS I  GARDEN BAY ��� 3 1/2�� acres   with   500 ft+_ sholtorod watorfront.  A vory nlco parcol. $122,500,  DORISTON ��� Socholt Inlot  unfinished cabin. $5,500.  small watorfront loaso acroago with  GARDEN BAY ESTATE? ��� Boautilul 3 bdrm codar ranch stylo homo.  1,363 sqft+_bu'lt 1975. Lapdscapod, dbl garago, largo sundock ft vlow  ovor harbour. Houso Is woll constructed and nlcoly docoratod. $79,000,  FRANCIS PENINSULA ��� Lot 29, Rondovlow Road ��� now 3 bdrm homo,  full basomont, onsulto plbg, roughod In roc room. $69,500,  waiataa  MOBILE HOftlES  WILLIAM   ISLAND ��� beautiful 2 1/2+ acre island pt the entrance to >\  Pender Harbour, just off Irvine's Landing. Piped water. $100,000.  SUTTON ISLAND, Egmont ��� beautiful Treedsmall island. 1.7 acres d;  with beach and sheltered cove, located directly In front of the Egmont  Marina. Asking $45,000.   IWATERFRONT ACREAGE!  EGMONT ���>��� 562 ft��' good waterfront on 4 3/4 acro�� + with nice 2  bdrm doublo Wide mobile home & addition with 3rd bdrm, 2nd  bathroom & utility room. Road access from Maple Road. $125,000.  AGAMMEMNON BAY ��� 200�� ft Waterfront with 900 ft frontago on  Egmont Road adjacent to Jorvls Vlow Marina. 5.11 acros. Spoctacular  viow up Jorvls Inlet and fishing on your doorstep. $68,000.  ST. VINCENT BAY ��� 2 parcels, oach with an undivided l/24th Interest  In D.L. 3839, 375'+. waterfront, 5+. acres. Southwest oxposuro, boat or  plane accoss. $24,000 & $30,000.  WESTMERE.BAY ��� NELSON ISLAND.��� A unlquo 40 aero proporty with  both sea front and lako Iront. 1500 ft db good sholtorod watorlront In  Westmore Bay and 200 ft�� lakofront on Wost Loko. Improvomonts  ronslst of a good 3 bdrm homo, 2 summor cottages, floats and'Jeep  road to Wost Lako. Full prico $160,000,  Ad|olnlng 4.8 acros with 1200, tt.��, watorfront could bo purchasod  In con|unctlon with tho abovo proporty for $40,000,  GENDALL NORWESTER ��� doluxo 1974 model, 3 bdrms with oxtra largo  living room, locotod at LR��B Mobllo Homo Park, Madolra Park, Closo to  school, storos ft marinas, $13,500.  | REVENUE PROPERTIES!  ��*ffi" m. ��� ��"������'��� 'i    mi   ' pm" iiippiii" p Kim' a iiiiaMPiiimiaiil.W*.  TRINCOMAU MARINA - 2.21 acros In Madolra Park with 100" good  wntorfront ���- go6d gravel booch, boat launching romp, floats, boat  shop wllh heavy shop oqulpmont, marlno ways, And a nlco 4 bdrm  homo with partial basomont, good vlow, $195,000,  ���GRANTHAMS LANDING STORE on" 50 It boachwatorlront lot. Smoll  grocory storo, post olllco, ownors 3 bdrm sulto, two 2 bdrm rontol  ���ultas, ono 1 bdrm rontol cottago, Purebaso prlco ln��ludo�� storo  ���holvlno, furnishings, oqulpmont ond $0,000 slock In trado, Goocl  buslnoss lor o couplo, $105,000.  TAYLOR'S GARDEN BAY STORE ~ 1.4 acros land, 650 lid: .noltoroft  watorlront, largo gonoral storo wllh butchor shpp, olllco, stock rooms  ft post office. 37CH- llnool It Hoots, Standard OH doolorshlp, ownors 2  FiR homo, $240,000 plus tosh lor stork In Ir ado.  IRVINES LANDING MARINA Morlna ond trallor pork, 40 soot rot��.  with llc��nc��d dining room ot tho enHanco lo Pender Harbour. Chevron  ofloncy, hoot rentals. $225,000.  DAN WILEY  Ro��. 003-9149  DON LOCK  Ros. 003-2526  OLLI or JCAN SLADKY  .   003-2233 A  A-  .. ���/  .<    '������'  For Rent  For Rent  RENT OR lease 2 bdrm hse in  Sechelt. FP, oil fired water  heat. Purn or partly furn. No  dogs. Reasonable rent to mature  resp couple. PH. 885-9350 after 12  noon. 2255-47  4 BDRM HSE Garden Bay, $300  per mo. Avail Nov. 1,1976. Ph.  883-2406. 2294-49,  BSMT BACHELOR ste on WF  with own ent, fridge, stove.  Prefer mature male. No pets, Ph.  885-9406. 228547  FURN 1 BDRM ste and party  furn large 4 bdrm ste. WF.  Gibsons. No dogs. Ph. 886-  7108. 2288-47  3 BDRM HSE in Grantham's.  Stove, fridge, w-w carpets, $300  per mo. Avail Nov. 7. No dogs.  Ph. after 6 p.m. 886-7847.   2287*49  FURNISHED modern one bdrm  cottage for single quiet man, oil  heat, phone. Roberts Creek WF.  $145. Ph. 886-9885. 2276-47  ROBERTS CRK. 1 bdrm hse.  Appliances, w-w carpet on 1  acre. Newly redecorated, $175  per mo. (112) 299-7676-      228449  NEW 2 BDRM hse near Sechelt  with view. Rent $150 to a cple  who will look after it. Ph. (112)  463-4516. 2125-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  New,   3   bdrm   homes   with  fireplaces, on Francis Peninsula,  $350 per month each. Phone (112)  987-9836.  2202-47  FULL FURN 2 bdrm home for  rent to responsible party. As  new, large fireplace. Magnificent  view. No children or pets. Ph.  185-9552.   i 2172-48  Wednesday, October 20,1976 The Peninsula Tintes, Page C-3  ������JI...-II.-.      II    I      WlllWl-i   >������ *""*"* ��� I ���-'��� ��� ���I--  For Rent j  i  MAPLE Crescent Apartments.  1662   School   Rd.   Gibsons.  Suites,  heat,   cable  included,  Reasonable, apply Apt.  IMA r'^    U798-tfn  W SECHELT. 3 bdrm hse, extra  bdrm and utility dwnstrs. Ph.  (112) 485-5387. 2233-48  1 BDRM HOUSE, ctg and garage  on Vk acres in Roberts Crk on  bus rbute. To older cple rent  negotiable depending on upkeep  'Willingness. Ph. 731-2884 after 6  p.m. 2232-48  SNUG VILLAGE MobUe Home  Pk.     Mason     Rd.     Space  available. Ph. 885-3547.     2165-48  FOUR 1 BDRM duplex units.  Furn.    FR    $125   per   mo.  Lakeside Motel Pender Harbour  ���area. Ph. 885-3688 aft. 6.    2152*47,  HOUSEKEEPING Units.  - Reasonable      and      quiet.  Kleindale. Ph. 883-9939.     220848  2 BDRM STE in Gibsons on  Marine with sea view. Includes  main furnishings-appliances,  $235 per mo. Century West Real  Estate, 885-3271 (922-5010 eves.).  225748  COMF 2 BDRM hse on 2 acres. 4  appliances, clean. Middlepoint  area. $240 per mo to resoonsible  tenants. Ph. 883-2536, 980-0079.  224648  2 BDRM HOME. Roberts Creek.  Reliable tenant and refs. Req.  no large dogs. $100 deposit, $250  per mo. Avail No.'l. Ph. 885-9205  (112-874-1200). 227347  1 BDRM BSMT ste. Sechelt.  Fridge, stove, Ph. 885-    s  2457. 227448  PNE AND two bdrm duplexes for  rent. Roberts Crk. $135. Ph.  (112)437-8386. 226749  WATERFRONT SPECIAL  Fully furn 3 bdrm 2 bathrm home  in W. Sechelt. W-w, "all appl,  beautiful view, seclusion. Ph. 885-  9969 or (112) 261-2191 eves.  2259-tfn  HALL FOR RENT, Wilson Creek5  Community    Hall.    Contact  Bonnie Wigard, 885-9403.11121-tfn  Wanted to Rent   HOMELESS Peninsula Times  reporter and assorted plants  needs a small unfurnished nouse-  cabin-apt at a reasonable rent.  Ph.885*-3231.       s 217845  Mobile Homes  '72 MODULINE 12 x 48 on pad in  Ruskin. Encld porch, metal  shed, furn. $12,000. Ph. 885-  9997. 218448  48'x 8' TRAILER must sell,  $1,500 or rent $75. Fully  equipped, located Pender Harbour. Contact Chris McLintock,  1009 Heritage, North Van,  B.C. 226047  Mobile Homes  1974 BENDIX LEADER  12'x68' mobile home. Reverse  aisle. 3 bdrm, c-w fridge, stove,  drapes. $14,000 or best offer.  '       Ph. 8IB-9993,883-9914  217747  LIKE NEW, double wide 24 x 36,  oil furnace, tank, fridge and  stove, curtains, porch, rug.  Located near Langley. Must be  moved. Bargain at $15,000 obo.  Ph. 885-9498. 221848  OLDER 2 BDRM trailer 8' x 40',  excl cond, new carpets  throughout. Fridge,, stove and  propane. $3,000. Ph. (112) 939-  ��458. 224448  2 SPACES  AVAIL at  R.L.B.  Trailer Crt. Close to schools  and stores, etc. Ph. 883-2580. 2175-  47  -Boats and Engines  18' FG OVER wood with cabin,  tow post, bucket seats and a 65  HP Merc. Runs well, $1,300. Ph.  886-9658. 224248  Cars and Trucks  ONE OWNER 1975 Pinto 2300, 4  sp stnd, low mileage. $2,700.  Ph. 885-9997. 218347  '73 FOUR DOOR Comet, 302-Vi,  clean, excl cond, 55,000 mi,  $2,500. Ph. 885-2436. 220347  '74 MERCURY Montego MX. 351  eng.,   30,000   mi.,   six   new  radials. Will consider trades. Ph.  883-2324. 221048  a. 1*   -.        *   *"1>  rjr,.OT>  .EAL ESTATE  APPRAISALS  NOTARY PUBLIC  DENTAL BLK.;  GIBSONS           PHONE 886-:  AND LAND DEVELOPMENT LTD.    TOLL FREE 682-1 51  Jon McRae  885-3670  GOWER POINT ROAD: 100 ft .waterfrontage.  Exceptionally well-built full basement home.  Fireplaces up and down, basement mostly  finished, 2 full baths.with gold-plated taps and .  many dream home extras such as intercom  system, thermopane vvindowsfand-huae^,car-;  peted sundeck. All this on 100' easy-access  waterfront near Gospel Rock, Gibsons.  Basement could easily be a full suite. Absolute  privacy and luxury. F.P. $79,900  Ken Crosby  HOMES  CHASTER ROAD: A bargain! This 3 bedroom  home on a good sized lot is terrific investment.  Needs some interior painting etc. Presently  rented @ $200 per mo. The price is not a  misprint, it really is bnly F.P. $26,900  .orrie Girard  886-7760  HILLCREST ROAD: This lovely 3 bedroom home  has an extra large kitchen area with a super  view from the spacious living room. Some of  the many extras include landscaping, carport,  full basement and fireplace. F.P. $53,500  GOWER POINT ROAD: 3 bedroom A-frame;  post & beam home. Acorn fireplace, wraparound sundeck and storage shed. Level lot  close to Post Office, shopping, beach etc.  ,        F.P. $34,500  MARTIN ROAD: Looking for a truly lovely  retirement or starter home? This is it. 2  bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining. W/W  carpet, carport and utility room plus; paved  ' driveway. Spectacular view, nicely landscaped  lot. immaculate, nothing to do but just move  in. F.P. $39,200  STEWART ROAD: Three bedroom, beautiful  Spanish style, sunken living room home. On  1.46 acres in very quiet area. Many features  including a gorgeous fireplace, den and.  garage. Almost 1400 sq ft of living area all on  one floor. F.P. $68,500  FAIRMONT ROAD: 4 finished bedrooms in this  1360 sq ft full basement home. Fireplaces up  and .down, finished rec room, 2 full bathrooms,  plus ensuite. Living room, dining room with  nook area, all have a beautiful view of the Bay  area and but through the Gap. Double carport  and' huge sundeck round but this home  designed for comfortable family living.  F.P. $67,500  GRANDVIEW ROAD: Nearly 1/2 acre of rural  playground could be small hobby farm, with 2  horse paddocks, hen house and duck pond  already In. This home has a spectacularsyiew of  Georgia Strait which can be enjoyed flijm the  large 45' sundeck. The basement is all set up as  an In-law suite with full kitchen & bath. This  large spacious comfortable home is only 2  years old. Many extra Including unique  designed acorn fireplace. F.P. $68,500  SHAW ROAD: 3 bedroom split-level home .on  large landscaped corner lot. "Modern kitchen,  nicely appointed living room with wall to wall  carpet. Extra large carport, bright stucco ox-  terlor. Priced to sell. , F.P. $44,500  HIGHWAY 101: Home and 2 lots means Valuel  Excellent view of the Bay area, Ideal  retirement or starter home with all appliances  Included. Situated on nicely landscaped double  lot close to schools and shopping.   F.P, $38,900  HEADLANDS ROAD: 2 bedrooms upstairs In  this full basomont homo. Only 2 years old with  boautlful landscaping, cement retaining walls  andtemont driveway to largo carport. Solomon  Island walnut feature wall In living room with  viow of tho Day area from tho dining room,  Covorod sundock and flnlshod rec room aro  |ust a few of tho oxtras In this quality built  hooo. F.P. $52,900  GOWER POINT ROAD: 4 bedrooms In this  lovely full basement home in Gibsons.  Seclusion and still close to shopping and Post  Office, 1100 sq ft, fireplace, large L-shapod rec  room. Largo back yard perfect for swimming  pool. An Idoal family homo. F.P. $49,000  FAIRVIEW ROAD: at the corner of Pratt Road.  This nicely landscaped 60x150' fenced lot  with garden is the site for this one bedroom  home with fireplace and many wood featured  walls. Large carport on cement slab could be  used to enlarge this 856 sq ft home. Washer  and dryer, frldgo and stove are In- .  eluded. F.P. $33,500  SOUTH FLETCHER: Exceptionally woll-bullt  largo family homo. Almost 1/2 aero boautlfully  landscaped lot with fruit troos, otc. Sundock,  courtyard and vlow of the Bay aroa, Largo,  bright, sunny kltchon, Four bodrooms and a full  basomont. A truly lovoly homo,      F,P. $59,000  UPLANDS ROAD: Tuwanok. Idoal rocroatlonal  lot In boautlfully,woodod ond parkllko aroa.  Zonod for trallora. This lot overlooks Socholt  Inlot and tho Lamb Islands. F.P. $0,900  PRIME REVENUE: Building & property In tho  hoart of lowor Gibsons. 2250 sq ft with 1800 sq  ft already loasod, 10 ft ceilings with post &  boam construction. 100 and 200 amp oloctrlcal  systoms, 2 sots of plumbing, 60 x 100' lot with  good parking facllltlos. Ovor $6000 yoarly  rovonuo. An oxcollont Invostmont, F,P. $55,000  HIGHWAY 101: Gibsons. Incredible panoramic  view from tho mountains of Howo Sound across  tho Bay and out to Goorgla Strait. This 3  bodroom full basomont homo Is laid out nlcoly  for family living . Combination garage-  workshop is fully Insulated with soparato 100  amp. sorvlco. F.P. $47,500  HIGHWAY 101; 2 bodroom lovoly homo In  Gibsons. Exceptionally largo landscapod  panoramic vlow lot. Doublo carport, Franklin  flroplaco In family room, frldgo and stovo  Includod. F.P. $36,900  LOWER ROBERTS CREEK ROAD: One landscapod acre on tho Waterfront In Roborts  Crook, Provldos the Idoal sotting for this 3  bdrm homo on full, basomont. Wall to wall  carpot throughout this 1324 sq ft with covered  and carpotod sundock, onsulto plumbing,  doublo carport and many oxtras such as stops  to tho boach and boat houso, F.P. $79,900  LOTS  CEMETERY ROAD: En|oy tho qulot privacy ol  ono aero In rural Gibsons, Tho proporty l�� all  lovol and usable land, Trood with somo  vlow' _ F.P. $17,900  FORBES ROAD; In Langdalo, Vory closo lo  school, This corner lot Is cloorod, lovol and  roady to build upon. Nolo tho oxtra lorgo sli-o  of approx 00 x 140. F.P. $13,500  TUWANEK; Only ono block to booch, lull vlow  ol Inlot, Plpod community wator avallablo.  00 x HO', Now lot prlco ONLY $10,900  LOCKYER ROAD: approximately. 5 1/2 acros In  Roborts Crook, Good soil, vory privnto and  socludod, F.P. $30,000  CHASTER ROAD; Largo lomlly homo on 2 1/2  ocros tubdlvldnblo propoity In lost growing  oroa. Homo has 5 bodroom*, woll lo woll  carpeting, lorgo living loom, kltchon H nun-  deck, Good gardening toll. lhlt> would bo on  oxrolUmt Hobby farm, F.P, $62,600  GfOOf SROAD; Oil lownr Roborts Creok Rood.  Cloarod 4.5 ocro*. Nlroly t-lopod to tho south,  Vory woll prlcod ol only. f.P. $2.1,500  GOWER POINT ROAD: At tho cornor ol 14th.  This property has lovols cloarod lor tho  building slto of your cholco. Excollont vlow of  Goorgla Strait. Approxlmatoly 00 x 250'.  F.P, $16,500  SOUTH FLETCHER; At School Road, 2 lots  40 x 150' oach with small rontablo cottago on  ono lot. This proporly has oxcollont potontlal as  It has a spoctacular vlow ol tho ontlro Day aroa  ond Koats Island, Mostly cloarod and roady lor  building ono or two homos, F.P, $27,500  PRATT ROAD: Noor proposod now school slto,  This lot Is cloorod ond roady to build upon,  Mature (rull troos dot this 76 x 125' lol,  F.P, $13,500  ACREAGE  RODER1S   CREEK:   Highway   101   dlvldos   this  proporty diagonally down tho contro,' Dovnlop  both sldos ol tho road, Try oil ollors. 5  acres. r.P, $30,000  RO0ER1S CREEK; Prlvncy in thn troos, this 5  aero par cul has 60 loot of highway frontago lor  ariess,   thn  balance  Is  completely  sorludod.  orrrRs, r.p. $25,000  .14 ACRES. Wllh homo and born In Robert*  Crook aron, this proporly i�� oil footed ond may  bo subdivided Into 5 aero parcels. F.P. $120,000  GOWER POINT ROAD: 100' of Watorfrontago  |ust across tho road, this trood lot Is 217' doop  and has an unlimited vlow, Excollont torms  available, Prlcod Roducod ��� Terrific buy lor  only F.P. $16,900  ABBS ROAD: At tho cornor of School Road.  Excollont oxtra-largo building lot wllh spoctacular vlow of Day, Howo Sound & Goorgla  Strait, Approxlmatoly 75 x 150 foot. ���  F.P, $19,000  ALDERSPRING ROAD; Absolutely tho bost soil  going on this 50 x 150' lot on sowor In tho  hoarl ol Gibsons. Potontlal vlow ol tho Bay  aroa, Excollont torms avallablo,      F.P, $12,000  GEDDES ROAD; Roborts Crook.  2   1/2 acros  cloarod, nlcoly sloping ocroono. Ad|o|nlng 4,5  acros also lor salo | Excoptlonol valuo  horo. r.P, $10,000  CEMETERY ft GILMORE: fl-l* ncros, this valuable  cornor may ho on tho main occoss rood to  Gibsons on completion ol tho now bypass highway. Many troos plus 3 oxcollont springs lor  domostlc walor, An Idoal holding property,  r.P, $49,500  GIBSONS; EncolUnt protpoct. for the ono who  hold* this potentially commercially zonod  ocroogo ol 5 acros, F.P, $60,000  Call us for furthor  information  The toffee is always on ���drop in for oar free brochure  REALTY LTD.  885-3211  Doug Joyce  885-2761  * Jack Anderson  885-2053  * Stan Anderson v  885-2385  LET US DO YOUR HOMEWORK FOR YOU  FREE REAL ESTATE CATALOGUE  Post Office Box 1219. Sechelt  WHY NOT: own your own  sha.ck?This one,is the genuine  article on a 75 x 125 Rll lot  on Mason Rd.  F.P.  $16,900.  SMART 2 BDRM: full basement  home on a tidy lot in the  Village. Quick possession. F.P.  $44,300.  < 'ft    -     N     'l '   '  EXCEPTIONALLY NICE VIEW:  of Shoal Channel from this  new 3 bdrm home. Full  basement, electric heat and  sundeck. pood carport. F.P.  $47,000. Paved driveway.  I  HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT: Listen to the waves on  your own beach. Good  summer moorage. 2 bdrm on  a lot requiring minimum care.  F.P. $46,000.  SMART 3 BDRM HOME On  63 x 129 lot (on quiet cul-de-  sac W/w carpeting Cement  driveway to carport All  finished both up and down  Large rec room with wet bar.  F.P. $48,000.  f f ��� *r <cMl      ��� X"i*y  home on a   ,   J fl^M^Y V<     *  close to all  . ���*    ���';,;���  ���*".'.��� ','/  luuk^l      1/ ,,."'.'u:.*'!<iji*p *�� *.  3-LEVEL: 2 bdrm  large village lot,  facilities,        all        finished [ V       ^r^Xu^Ai    <�� ��  throughout. Good workshop,  M J      l'*  ��* 'V^-'  3-#"   " -  very   low   maintenance.   F.P,    / <?_'.,,    1fc'j. **?��,��VaC' r-~' '  $47,250. I    ��� ' ' i'-^-****  ' -  i _  *��_i* ���.*-*��� >3.i- - 1 "ii-1  ���J  ^YfSfl   PORPOISE    BAY   ESTATE:   a  **"���*     TIT?   really fine 2 bdrm home with  full basement on  125 ft of  .]   good   level   waterfront,   ex-  �� h .*   cedent garden soil. All In lawn  and shrubs. F.P. $85,000.  Y^y*Y  HALFMOON BAY: protected  moorago. Hugo doublo A  frame homo on a 135 fl lot  4000 sq It of fantastic con  structlon all in codar. Oak  shlpdock floors, 5 ��� bdrms &  billiard room with a lull wot  bar, (must bo soon). F.P,  $125,000.  GIBSONS VILLAGE: Largo soworod lot closo to all facllltlos on top of  tho hill, Excollont vlow and tho road Is pavod. FP: $ 15,700,  GIBSONS HOME ��� 1,060 sq, It. lull basomont homo on Hlllcrost Rood. 3  bodrooms upstairs with ground lovol basomont. Largo carport, landscaped, and soworod, FP: $47,500.  GIBSONS ���-���- Largo 2 storey homo In Immaculate condition. Both floors  flnlshod, oxtra largo rumpus room with wot bar, 3 bodrooms, FP;  $40,000, '  REDROOFFS LOTS; 2 ��� 00 x 250 It lots. Doth trood nnd lovol, All sorvlcod  with wotor ond powor and only $9,500 oach, This Is easily $2,000  choapor than surrounding lots.  NOR WEST DAY ROAD: Sovoral vory good cloarod lots only 2 mllos Irom  town. Thoso oro sorvlcod lots In a growing aron, Lots aro 92 x 100,  $11,500.  WAKEHELD RD, VIEW: trlangla lol with on oxcollont Gull ol Goorgla  vlow, Noclone neighbors. Good Hot lot, F.P. $15,000,  MASON RE), 1/2 ACRE; A very good largo vlow lot with garden  soil, locatod In ono ol Iho bost oroas on the coast, Tho lot Is  itwiwred so no ����pik probloms, F.P. $16,900,  SECHELT VILLAGE: %  bedrooms, full basement  older home on a 60 x 120' lot.  Excellent condition. Hardwood floors, wall to wall in  bedrooms, high basement.  F.P. $48,250.  RICHARDS RD: Off Marlene  Road. Drive by & have, a look  at this 3 bdrm home. Vendor  built this one as his own on a  large lot on a quiet dead-end  street. Expensive carpets,  fireplace & native stone on the  front of the house. F.P.  $46,500.  WEST PORPOISE BAY:  waterfront lot would subdivide into 4 lots. Quaint old 3  bdrm home. Excellent view. A  very good investment  potential. Good, value at  $75,000.  SELMA PARK: Dominion Lease  Waterfront. 60' of beach with  a breakwater for protection.  1000 sq ft 2 bdrni home. F.P.  $19,500.  1600 SQ FT WATERFRONT  HOME: 3 bdrm plus den, large  utility        area, separate  workshop. Lot is 3/4 acre with  115 ft of waterfront. View is  180 degrees from Pt. Grey to  Texada Island. Good pebble  beach. Lot is covered with  arbutus and pine. All landscaped. F.P. $85,000.  jtv.'i-..*���  �� -"iK*"*i  ?y ON FIELD ROAD:  Large, full  basement, 3 bdrm home with  landscaped        lot,        paved  ^^^    driveway and double carport.  ���Sfr*^ Excellent      condition.      F.P.  " $58,500.  WILSON CREEK COTTAGE:  1000 sq ft, 3 bdrm cottage,  nicely finished, all w/w  carpets, good master bdrm.  Dining room and kitchen  eating nook. Extra large lot  with   services.   F.P.   $39,000.  WEST SECHELT: post & beam  view home. Over 1/2 acre of  land with this 2 bdrm home.  Lot could be subdivided in  future. Gardener's dream lot  ��� all kinds of flowers and  shrubs. Greenhouse included.  F.P. $48,000.  WILSON CREEK FARM: the  price has been reduced on thl:  6.3 aero farm with 2 bdrm  houso with loft. BarVi on tho  property Is oxtra largo and  has a concroto floor. Land is  foncod and has frull and  walnut   troos,   F.P.   $66,900,  *^-Vk>J^,*JM\*i.  DAVIS BAY: undor construction. 1006 sq It full  basomont homo on a 70 ft lot.  Vlow homo, vory woll built.  Flroplaco ol natlvo stono,  good largo sundock, all  Ihormal pano windows lor  maximum Ijoat rotontlon. Lots  of children In tho aroa apd  closo 16 olomontary school.  F.P, $49,000,   .  BEACH AVENUE: 2 storoy  homo, Full bosomont, 4  bodrooms. All romodollod, 2  full bathrooms, 2 finished  llroplacos. Excollont ap-  poaranco outsldo and In. All  rooms aro lorgo, Hall block to  public booch and picnic slto,  lot Is 88 x 200'. P.P. $49,700,  HIGHWAY ACREAGE: 4/6 acros, 3.10'   x npprox 600' all trood wllh  codar and llr troos, south oxposuro, F.P,S $26,900,  ORANGE RD ACREAGE; 5 ocros with crook access lor walor nnd hydro  by tho land, Good rood accoss ond some view, southoatt oxposuro, I /2  cloorod and In gross, F.P. $27,000,  DEACH AVENUE ACREAGE; 3,7 acros with a socludod clearing, Gentle  slope to tho south. All sorvlcos avallablo Including cnblovlslon, 200 ft  frontago on Bench Avonuo, P.P. $27,500.  SACRIFICE 17 1/2 ACRES; Vlow nonage ol $2400 por  acre. Idoal trallor pork and campsite. Approx, 360' highway   Irontoge,   Locotod  closo   to  public   boat   Inunch.  $39,500, Eorny irprmi, 'X/  /  PageC-4 The Peninsula Times  Cars and Trucks  *73 CHEV BLAZER, 52,000 mi.  Excl cond. Ph. 885-2668 eves.   J 221748  '74 DATSUN 260Z Ph. 883-2417.  r.     ������      --- 225248 .  , /69 METEOR SW station wagon.  - Good running order, quick sale,  $835 obo. Ph. 883-9130.       228349  ,'68 IMP ALA, ps, pb, auto trans.,  good rubber all round. $700. Ph.  885-9733. 221248  '72 VEGA 2300. Auto, radio, 45,000  mi. $1,300. John, Ph. 883-  2448.       226949  '68 COUGAR XR 7 V8 auto, mags  and boots. $1,700. Ph. 883-  2465.   *��� 227249  '73 VW f astback. Under 40,000 mi.  $2,000 firm. Ph. 885-9035 aft. 6.   220648  Antiques  DUNCAN-PYFFE love seat. See  it, to believe it! Ph. 885-9078  eves. 227949  Wednesday. October, 20,1976    TRAN-fTsL  Motorcycles ���  '73 YAMAHA 250MX $450;  '72 Kawasaki Enduro 350, $475;  '74 Kawasaki 250MX, $450; 72  Yamaha 360, $250; '70 Suzuki 250,  $175. Ph. 883-2324. 220948  Machinery  DUMP TRUCK  1965 Chev V8 single axle, 5 yard  box, $1,490.  I*H. (112)684-9764  225148  CAN-AM CRAWLER  CORPORATION  "THE BULLDOZER PEOPLE"  Genuine I.T.M. Undercarriage,  iRollers, Tracks, Sprockets, Etc.  Equipment    Overhauls.    New  Tractor Parts For All Models ���  Bullgears,     Pinions,     Engine  Parts, Track press & Rebuilding.  A Complete Service  "Your Bobcat Dealer"  4623 Byrne Rd., Burnaby, B.C.  434-2651 Telex 04-354-652  607-tfn  Lovely Colonial Home  This extra large home is located on 1 1/4 acres ot land with ) 25'  frontage. The home has 4 bedrooms, dining room, family kitchen, 3 sets of plumbing with full plumbing in -a large master  suite with dressing room. Good recreation room opening onto a  large high-ceilinged carport. Most of the landscaping has been  done. This home could not be duplicated at the asking price of  ;79,500  For Airline  Reservations &  Tickets CaU"  JAN  12 years experience  (All scheduled and  charter airlines)  GETAWAY HOLIDAYS  1212 Cowrie St.  885-3265  9-5p.m.  Every Day Except Sunday  All Money inTrust  A Complete Travel Service  2032-tfn  YOURGATEWAY  TOTHE  ' SUNANDFUN  For      all      your  arrangements, charters,  flights, worldwide and  vations,  contact  Lynn  travel  direct  reser-  Szabo.  GRADUATE  of the Canadian  Travel Cojlege.  PLAN AHEAD  Special flight rates on hand now  for the winter months.  PENINSULA  TRAVEL  AGENCY  Dental Blk. Gibsons  886-2855.- ToU Free 682-1513  ���   193644]  Pets  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  AUBuckerfieldFeeds  Hardware-Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  Alfalfa-Hay-Straw  GoodTack Selection -  Case Garden Tractors -  Rototillers - Toro Lawnmowers  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  11548-tfn  , REGISTERED     Wiemerander  pups for show, pet or hunting.  : Will be ready by Christmas. Call  (112) 487-9587 after 5 p.m. 2128-tfn  POODLE PUPPIES - Black and  cuddly, ideal pets, $75. Walkey  Kennels, 885-2505. 227849  Livestock  CERTIFIED    Farrier,    Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 898-3751,.  994-tfo  HORSES BOARDED. Cattle for  sale. Ph. 886-7967. 216147  Come and Get It  Legal Notices  Lost  PUBUCWORKS  CANADA  INVITATION  TO TENDER  Sealed tenders for the projects or  services listed below, addressed  to the Head, Tenders and Contracts, Pacific Region, Department of Public Works, Canada,  1444 Alberni Street,Vancouver,  B.C. V6G1A2 and endorsed with  the Project Name, will be  received until the specified  closing time and date. Tender  documents can be obtained  through the above noted  Department of Public works,  Vancouver office.  Projects  PR ��� 010104 ��� CeU Renovations  ��� RCMP Detachment Quarters  ��� Gibsons Landing, B.C.  PR - 010105 ��� Cell Renovations  ��� RCMP Detachment Quarters'  ��� Sechelt, B.C.  Closing Date: 11:00 AM PST - 5  November 1976  Deposit: Nil  To be considered each tender  must be submitted on the forms  supplied by the Department and  must be accompanied by the  security specified on the tender  documents.  The lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  H.D. Ladoucier  Head, Tenders and Contracts  Pacific Region  2268-Pub. October 20,1976  NOTICE TO CREDITORS,  "IN THE MATTER OF THE  ESTATE OF EDGAR THOMAS  WIGGINS formerly of Box 47,  Madeira Park, British Columbia:  Notice is Hereby Given that  creditors and others having  claims against the estate of  Edgar Thomas, Wiggins,  deceased,* are required to send  full particular^ of such claims to  the undersigned solicitors for the  estate, on or before the 3rd day of  November, 1976 after which date  the Executor will distribute the  estate's assets having regard  only to the claims of which they  have notice."  Charles Emery Wilson  Executor  RR1  Grand Forks, B.C.  VOHIHO  2216-Pub. Oct. 13, 20, 27, 1976.  Lost  MANX GREY cat (no tail), 6  mos. old. Sunnycrest Area. Ph.  886-9130. 228247  $100 REWARD���For recovery ol  10 hp yellow siton lawn tractor.  Sears MT 10 taken, from old  Charmanfarm, Gibsons. Ph. 886-  9238. 219847  .For Sale  HONEY  2 lbs. $1.95; 4 lbs. $3.75; 8 lbs.  $6.75; 30 lbs. $22.50  PH 885-3805  After 6 p.m.  223148  HEAVY DUTY 3 HP construction  radial arm saw. Wrecking '68  VW. Parts for sale such as 2  bucket seats, 4 tires on rims,  trans axle, etc. Ph. 885-2804. 2261-  49  CHILD'S WHITE figure skates.  New cond, siz 12, $8; knitting  machine, $50; girl's clothing age  9--10 yrs, includes plaid coat,  iacket, skating dress, etc., all $8.  English Pony saddle, $75. Ph: 886-  9249. 227147  INTERESTED IN MACRAME?  Display of hangers, books, beads,  jute cord, etc., on the 22,23 and 24  of Oct. on Norwest Bay Rd. For  more information call  885-3164  227047  PRAWNS  Fresh and frozen lb. $1.25.  PH. 885-3167  226649  1 COMP SET of Ludwig drums.  Ph. 885-2082 after 5.        229349  FRIDGE and stove, $100 for both  Ph. 885-9345. 227749  TOP SOIL for sale, $50 for 12 yd  load plus delivery. Ph. 885-  9796. 219548  FIRST AID TIP  from  FREE PUPPIES to good homes.   ROLLEI 35 camera  in  black  Half Hound and half Golden      case, Gibsons area. Reward  Lab. Box 997, Sechelt, B.C. 226447    Ph. 885-2391 eves. 226547  NOSE BLEED  ��� Sit down with your head slightly  forward ��� Loosen clothing around  the neck and breathe through your  mouth * Pinch your nose just below  the cartilage for about 10 minutes ���  Do not sniff or blow nose for some  hours �� Cold compresses may be  applied to your forehead and the  nape of the neck �� Use a wet hankie  or cloth to clean the area around the  nose ��� If bleeding persists or recurs it  , may be a sign of some medical problem ��� Seek medical attention.  Real Estate, Land Developments, New Homes  Vancouver Direct Line     685-5544   Office   885-2241  REDROOFFS AREA ��� 1/2 acre and larger lots, nicely treed, park-like setting, trailers allowed, serviced.  From $10,500. i ��� .    .  SEVERAL PANORAMIC VIEW LOTS ��� In Davis Bay. Laurel and Green Aves. From $13.900.  10% DOWN, EASY TERMS ��� recreational properties adjoining-Buccaneer Marina. Nicely treed. From  $7,900.  SANDY HOOK ��� Peace, tranquility, sunshine. Arbutus trees and sparkling water. All this can be your  dream come true. 70' of serviced waterfront for $28,500 or offers.  HALFMOON BAY WATERFRONT LOT ��� Power, water; telephone, sewer available. Situated near end of  paved lane with lots of Arbutus trees. This lot has 65'. WF and faces due south to Merry Island. Close to  boat launch and good summer moorage. A must to see for the WF buyer.  HOMES!  DAVIS BAY ��� Deluxe 3 bedroom view home one short block from the best beach on the Sunshine Coast.  Custom built by owner. This beautifully appointed home must be seen to be fully appreciated. View by  appointment.    SELMA PARK ��� Unobstructed panoramic view from this 115' property. Good garden soil and fruit trees. 2  bedrooms on main floor and 2 finished in basement. Wall to wall. Wrap-around sundeck. Many other  features. An older home in excellent condition. Asking $47,900 MLS.  HIGHWAY 101 ��� WEST SECHELT ��� Large 2  storey,  4 bdrm   home  suitable  for  1   or  2  families. 2 sundecks, large landscaped lot. Fine'  house for large family or possible revenue.  $48,000.  ftGREWGE?  DEVELOPMENT ACREAGE ��� 5 acres, give or take, in Sechelt Village. Probable view of Sechelt Inlet after  selective clearing. Roads to both ends, water and power to one end. Build 660' of road and create 20 lots,  66 x 132' each. -  8.7 ACRES ��� East Porpoise Bay area/near marina. Not in land freeze. Hydro and water. Asking $45,000.  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Approx 3 1/2 acres of serviced land. Nicely treed. Zoned R2. Near Provincial Park and  water access. Asking $25,000.  Len/Suzanne Van Egmond  885-9683  Ed Baker  885-2641  Does Your Club or Group report its  Activities Regularly to The 'Times'  call now for our  Vane. 689-5838 (24 hours)  Real Estate Catalogue  Peter Smith  885*9463  C.R. Gathercole  886-2785  Bob Kent  885-9461  Jack White  886-2935  Ann Ibbitson  866-2542  1  1  NEW OH MARKET  "1  Q  #3715  Four acres with cottage on Flurne Road, Roberts Creek. Traversed by a  picturesque year round creek, cleared around cottage, balance In loyely  woods. Zoned ER2, several development possibilities. Listed for $45,000.  Jack White, eves, 886-2935.  1  1  NEW ON MARKET  1  1  I  1  3 1/2 YEAR OLD FAMILY HOME #3646  Superb view, lovely 3 bedroom home. Fireplace, built-in vacuurti cleaner,  family & living rooms, utility, 1 1/2 bathrooms, truly a beauty. West exposure,  full suni Asking $61,900, has assumable 9 3/4% mortgage at $189 per mo.  Preview on our TV and save your time. Details, Peter Smith, 885-9463 eves.  CORNER 3/4 ACRE #3683  On Norwest Bay Road and Nlckorson Road. Cleared and gently sloped to the  south. On roglonal water and hydro, Three bodroom modern (19/1) house  trallor, 12 x 64'. Good starter with good potential holding proporty. Closo to  now high school, ono milo to Socholt. For further details Pat Murphy, 885-9487  eves. Full Prico $38,500.  TUWANEK RECREATION #3597  A largo cornor lot, 104 x 11,5 foot. Walor to proporty lino, short distance to  boat launch. Good hiking aroa, Zonod OK for mobllo homo or your approvod  dosign. Full prlco $8,000. Potor Smith, 885-9463 ovos.  LIKE AN ESTATE #3638  Moro than an aero of moslly untouched lovol park-llko woodland, surrounding  throo bodroom nicoly sltuatod doublo wldo, with ample sundock. Drlvoway  from highway loads to homoslto which Is attractlvoly landscapod with lawns,  walkways, pools, gardens, otc. Loss than a mllo from Sunnycroat. Llstod for  only $51,000. Call Jack Whlto (ovos 886-2935) for an oscortod tour.  I  E  0  1  ��  &^*r!  ...-���.' '*)$*  '-**���-.-, ,-|Hf *y��J1- <���;���'*  ���.* *��� ��_ xi\ -���*.��������� *��� ������- '  /���**���?- ���,     ",-."*��� *   ' ���  ���"**-ar * "'���'   -Y\\^.\ ������ ���  ��� *v 1 >���.'-*&.;.:*** <T  NEW ON NARKET   ,3690  As Illustrated, Immaculate home  surrounded wllh lawns & gardons, lovoly  troos Dn Lowor Road, Roborls Crook.  Almost two acros In all, travorsod by  pkturosquo Malcolm Crook. Llstod for  $58,000 ON TERMS. This Is a MUST for  you to soo. Jock Whilo, ovos 886-2935.  1  1  1  a  i  a  (Un Ml |M (M Ml Mi EH�� (M MR MM KW GV* WW BSI Ml VW IM M (HI Ml IBM HA IM m IMS RM  Box 128  AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt  "SELMA PARK VIEW    ' ' (       >3673  Two bedroom home in Selma Park. Excellent condition, carport plus storage  shed, beautiful view of Trail Islands. Try your down payment, vendor will carry  balance. Lease lot costs $300 per year, asking $15,900. Jim Wood, 885-2571  eves.  REDROOFFS WATERFRONT #3704  Located in the Sargents Bay area, this waterfront lot Is 340' x 85'. Serviced  with power and water, beautiful view and the fishing is excellent. Reasonable  asking price $29,000, offers welcome, Jim Wood, 885-2571 eves.  SUNSHINE HEIGHTS #3681  Lovely, large semi-waterfront lot on Gale Avenue,, with marine breakwater  right in front of lot. Serviced with underground electricity and regional water.  Ideal site for your permanent or recreation home. Lovely view of Sechelt Inlet.  Full price $17,000. Try your down payment, owner will carry balance at 9%.  Call Pat Murphy, 885-9487 eves.  r<^i^A^!^^i^^^.^^'^^T.^'f^^T��^l^^T/^/^^^^^^prj^^^/^^^j^^^^/^t  PRICE REDUCTION  POPULAR REDROOFFS #3666  1/2 acre, oxcollont bulldllg sltos. Water, hydro, phono, good boach accoss noarby. Has trallor, plus sun room addition, fully oqulppod to use  NOW. Uso as Is and build pormanont homo later. Was asking $19,200,  Price roducod to $18,500 with oasy torms. Mora ��� Potor Smith, 885.9463  ovos.  t^  h  ta  PRICE REDUCTION  i^B>y^j>'^y,(p^ii('ffy'^^ty<^^  HIGHWAY ACREAGE , 03309  48 acres on Highway 101 zonod rural holdings. Pormlttod usos Includo tourist  accommodation, professional practico and mobile residences. Full prlco  $66,000. Will consldor half down. Don Haddon, 885-9504 ovos.  WILDWOODROAD #3689  Ovor one-half aero with 125 foot frontago on Wlldwood Road In tho popular  and growing Rodrooffs aroa. This big lot Is lovol, woodod and sorvlcod with  Roglonal wator. Asking $ 12,400 with torms. Goorgo Townsond, 085-3345.  TUWANEK #3701  Lovoly two bodroom homo out In tho country. Idoal for rotlromont or |ust to gol  away from tho rush. Stops away from Sandy Boach, In a qulot aroa of tho  Sechwlt Inlet, Six mil��* lo S��h#(l. Full price- $39,000. Pol Murphy, 885-9487  evos.  me Ms 1? ins�� Ms  Most of our listings are recorded on film.  See them on our special television set  and pick the ones you like from  the comfort of our viewing room.  Jack Warn  886-2681  Pat Murphy  885-9487  Don Madden  885-9504 -  George Townsend  885-3345  Jim Wood  885-2571  iqppp/lti"* p-pi a......�� ,     -pvr -�����.w,.....  &V ] *. f.--    ���:. 'v-A'n 'vv** ��� * "S ��, 1 ;���  S&-.1**B\- iu.-rCV-,; ���*���.���' ��v��A-i  WW? *.': tji * y> '*     J0t  NEW ON f-MRKET  Bra  1  ��  1  1  1  1  1  I  D  WATERVIEW HOME #3723  Not new, but good ��� both condition and  K~>|ce. Furnished 2 bedroom mobile  ome, large living room, 4 pee  bathroom, oil furnace, and washer,  range and fridge included. On full  .concrete. Driveway installed. Only  $28,000 ���- cash offers. Peter Smith 885-  9463 eves.  NEW ON MARKET  DAVIS BAY VIEW #3688  Three bedroom split level home. Finished to lock-up stage. Situated on a  magnificent view lot. this could be a good buy for the do it yourself family ���*���  finish It the way you want. Check It out I Price $39,500. Jim Wood, 885-2571  eves.  DAVIS BAY COMMERCIAL  #3620  Havo you tried to find a commercial proporty lately? This is a motel duplex on  a flat lot across the street from the finest beach on the coast. Westerly viow of  sunsets. Chock this out for Invostmont, retirement income, or shared  recreation. Low down payment. See on our video. Don Hadden, 885-9504 ovos.  NEAR BEACH AT DAVIS BAY #3635  This now compact two bodroom, oasy-to-malntain homo on a cloarod, lovol  four-tonths acre lot, close to Davis Bay Boach would mako an Idoal  rocroatlonal or rotlromont unit. Asking $37,500. Offor will bo considered.  Goorgo Townsond. 885-3345.  ROBERTS CREEK ACREAGE #3622  This 12.7 acre parcel lies on the wolor side of Highway 101. It Is trood and has  a gontlo southorly slopo. It would provldo a groal alio for a socludod wookond  rotroal or pormanont homo. Asking $49,000; but why not try your offer?  Goorgo Townsond, 085-3345.  In CBSM MSt" IM INN VUm Ml *���***] PM IWi MM MM  Wm Ml *Rb*I WUH VBSm IM KS*i 1094 Ml Ml B8Q *8B*t gBSI |Ra"a* 0*ta*|  1 NEW ON HrlARElET i  H NEW SUBDIVISION ON WINTER ROAD #3716  i Choice of 7 sorvlcod lots, somo with view, on pavdd road just 1,7 mllos  1 from Socholt contro. Full prlco $11,800 to $12,800. Don Haddon, 085-  | 9504 ovos.  NEW ON MARKET  1  l  I  I  1  mm tm tsm ��� ). "  -/* ���  y .   /.  ' ������ /  ���f  I  \  Page C-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, October 20,1976  OmVSi9i%i!aa^^  m society siiows 'KSiigs  p  LOCAL ENTERTAINER Reg Dickson  was the feature performer at the grand  opening of the Arbutus Tree in Gibsons  last week. Dickson performed a variety  of soft folk songs and folk versions of  popular songs during the grand opening  of the home decorating store. The  opening also included photographic  displays by Harvie McCracken and Neil  Beckett. , ���Timesphoto  CBC Tuesday Night, formerly CBC  Wednesday Night (and before that CBC  Sunday Night), always the top rated radio  arts program which has brought listeners so  many hours of first class listening, from  productions of classical dramas,  Shakespeare, Shaw, Wilde to contemporary  drama, documentaries and musicals, comes  to an end this week,  A sad occasion, but for this last program  producer Robert Weaver has brought  together many old friends including 72 year  old Esse Ljungh, former head of CBC radio  drama ��� who directed the first program in  December 1947, to produce a dramatization of  the novel Settlers of the Marsh by Frederick  Phillip Grove.  Set in Manitoba it is a powerful story of a  man's love for two very different women, the  neurotically virginal Ellen, played by Diana  LeBlanc and the lusty widow, Clara, played  by Sandra Scott. Ron Hartman, who won a  1975 ACTRA Award for his radio portrayal of  Othello, plays the shy young farmer, Niels  Lindstedt.  Settlers is perhaps the first Canadian  realism novel, earthy and sexually explicit;  when first published the ensuing scandal  resulted in Grove being fired from his post as  high school principal in Manitoba. Unable to  find another teaching job he bought a farm in  Simcoe, Ontario. Ljungh thinks Grove, who  came to Canada from Sweden in 1909, is a  high underrated writer.  The novel has been prepared for radio by  I^cn Peterson and can be heard Tuesday at  8:03 p.m.  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20  Concern 8:03 p.m. Part 1. Nuclear  Responsibility ��� who is responsible? Part II.  Merchants of Death, the International Arms  Business.  Country Road 10:1)0 p.m. Ron Dan with his  steel guitar. '  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21  Themes nnd Variations 11:03 p.m, Piano  recital by Claude Snvard, Novcllette In F, and  Phantasy in C major, Schumann; Sonata in C  minor (Pathetique), Sonata in A flat major,  Beethoven) Truuneral, Schumann.  .In///, Rudio-Cuiuuin 10:30 p.m, pianist Joe  Scaly and Quintet In concert from Halifax;  Stcphnn Grappelll from QI'.T Vancouver.  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22  Caiuidlau Concert Hull 2:30 p.m. Part I.  Phyllis Mailing, mezzo-soprano; Derek  Bampton, piano with Purcell String Quartet.  Chausson and Debussy. Part II. Trois  Poemes de Stepharie Mallarme and Le  Tembeau de Couperin, Ravel.  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23  Hot Air 1:30 p.m. First of the cool-school  pianists, Teddy Wilson from his days with  Benny Goodman's small group, 1935-40.  Opera by Request 2:03 p.m. your favourite  operatic singers on records.  Conversations with Scientists 5:03 p.m.  Bert Nelson talks with west coast researchers.  Music de Chez Nous 7 p.m. L'Ensemble du  Quebec with Barbara Todd-Simard, flute,  Hermel Bruneau, harpsichord. Reynald Saint  Pierre, double bass and Jacques Simard,  oboe and English Horn. Couperin, Hindemith,  Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, Handel, Locatelli.  CBC Stage 8:30 p.m. The Ruffian on the  Stair by British playwright Joe Orton ��� his  first work for radio produced in Vancouver by  BBC producer John Tydeman starring Eric  Schneider as the Ruffian, Roy Brinson and  Patricia Williams as the middle aged couple.  Anthology 10:03 p.m. Days and Nights in  Calcutta by Clark Blaise and Fharati  Mukherjee based on the author's journals of  their visit to India, soon to be published by  Doubleday.  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24  Ideas 1:03 p.m. The Index of Censorship ���  a London-based quarterly devoted to freedom  of expression which prints manuscripts which  havo been suppressed by tyrannical governments.  The Entertainers 7:03 p.m. The  Revelation, a science fiction musical fantasy  loosely based on the Biblical book ond  starring a digital PDP 11-10 computer as  Beula. Lyrics and electronic music by  Toronto composer David McLcy.  MONDAY, OCTOBER 25  The Great Canadian Gold Rush 10:30 p.m.  Interview with singer Ronnie Blakely. Live  concert with English Rock group the Kinks.  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 2IJ  CBC Tuesday Night 11:03 p.m. The Settlers  of the Marsh hy Frederick Grove dramatized  for radio by Len Peterson.  Touch the Earth 10:30 p.m. Northern  Lights Folk Festival from Sudbury; Music  and Madness from Francois Jordan; Contemporary Eskimo music; Taj Mahal in  conversation with Medley Jones.  KWAHTAHMOSS FILM SOCIETY  1 The Kwahtahmoss Film Society's Oct. 20,,  showing is 'King of Marvin Gardens' (1972), a  much underrated film which., unfortunately  slipped away quietly after its initial release.  Direction and script is by Bob Rafelson~  - with the help of Jacob Brackman, a team who  were responsible for the highly acclaimed  'Five Easy Pieces'.  These men are workingto help the growth  of the 'personal' film in the U.S. where such a  brand of film, unlike in Europe, has little  tradition.  The leading performers are the very  One man show  season starts  The season for one man exhibitions has  opened at Whitaker House in Sechelt.  The first show was to have opened on  October 18, but at press time a show had not  been lined up.  Alice Murray will present a show of water  colors at Whitaker House from November 8 to  13 and she will be in attendance at the  exhibition on November 13.  On November 15 to 20, it's Charlie  Murray's turn and he will be in attendance at  the show on November 20.  Any artists who are interested in the show  are asked to sign up at Whitaker House from  Monday to Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Scheduled for another one man show this  year is Granville. It will be the third Sechelt  show for the Vancouver artists who has just  recently moved to Squamish to set up a studio  there.  He had an exhibition open at Gallery Six  on October 14. That show runs until October  23 at the gallery located at 5217 West  Boulevard in Vancouver.  The show is called 'Places of Your Mind'  and consists of the latest of the artist's work,  most shown for the first time.  competent Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, and  Ellen Burnstyn. Concentration is on  Nicholson and Dern. as brothers who  collaborate on a wild scheme to develop a  paradisical resort center on an island off  Hawaii. These get-rich-quick fantasies don't  always come true and in this case the  American dream of success is an addiction  which cause people to do desperate things and  get involved with questionable personalities.  Ironically, the setting is at an aging  seaside resort during the off season in  Atlantic City, and the film proceeds not unlike  the well-known game of Monopoly.  ERE? SENIOR CITIZENS HALL  EN? SAT,OCT 30TH.1976, 2 P.  The Annual Fall Bazaar and Tea  Our newest attraction���a Jewellery Table���1  Earrings, Pendants, Charms, etc. etc.  Bake fable, Work Table, White Elephant Table,  Lots of Surprises.  Door Prize. Admission 75c inciydes Tea.  SENIOR CITIZENS ASSOCIATION BRANCH 69 SECHELT  aogmsssBssgsssgsaaa^ra  ���  BE A GAY BLADE  a  pamtapaemmk  Fitness. In your heart you know it's right.  For when it makes good sense  to borrow.  Should I Borrow is a question we all ask ourselves at  one time or another. But now it's a lot easier to come  up with the right answers. Because the Royal Bank  has put most of the answers into a hew booklet called  "Should 1 Borrow?" It explains how interest and time  payments work, how to  examine your budget to see  what you can afford, and  almost everything else  you should take into  consideration. Why not  drop in today and pick up  your free copy. If you have  any questions, please come  see me or one of the staff.  ROYAL BANK  Herb Mitchell  Manager  Phone: 885-2201  serving  British Columbia  ladeira Park Shopping Centre  NJA-WHITE STAG-SWEET BABY JANE  WHITE SISTER UNIFORMS  soo our Fall arrivals of ovoninn woar  Box 32 Madeira Park  883-2315  Last year, we asked B.C. home-owners to ensure that their  homes had proper insulation to meet present day needs. Thousands  listened, and insulation was up-graded in ten thousand more homes  than the previous year. The energy saved was enough to heat a  thousand additional B.C. homes.  Is the insulation in your home doing an efficient job?  And measuring up to present day standards?  It's easy to find out. Just contact your insulation dealer.  He has helpful suggestions on how much insulation you'll need,  which type is most suitable, and what costs you can expect.  Working with you to use energy wisely. y.  On the last Tuesday evening of each month  7:30 p.m. Women's Centre presents a series  called Women in our Community. A centre  spokesman said the sessions are a chance td  gel; acquainted with some of the women  working in our community. It will be an informal discussion of her specific.job and her  interests and experience as a woman in that  role.  Oct. 26, Maryanne West. Maryanne is a  woman who is vitally interested in the world  in which she lives. She has devoted years to  volunteer community work, is a director of  the Canadian Broadcasting League, and  presently, as a free community service,  writes the CBC radio schedule seen in the  local newspapers.  She also writes opinion pieces on communications and the media for the Peninsula  Times.  You might just see a white cane belonging  to one or more than 3,800 persons in British  Columbia who are legally entitled to carry  one. The holder of that white cane wants you  to see it. Respect these people. Remember,  they can't see you.  Wednesday, October 20,1976  The Peninsula Times  Page C-7  mJt*r.^.^jJTm. uaul   73...  WITH BALLOONS for the young people,  corsages for the laddies and a ribbon  cutting by Mayor Larry Labonte, the  Sunnycrest Branch of the Canadian  Imperial Bank of Commerce will be  opened this week. The official opening is  10:30 a.m. October 20 and an open house  will be held at the bank from 10 a.m. to 4  p.m. ���Timesphoto  ' By ROBERT FOXALL  The executive of Senior Citizens Branch 69  met Oct. 5 and made plans for future activities.  With a current membership of 283 rported,  it is, of course, necessary to keep plans  moving ahead.  The building committee reported that all  painting had been completed and the  brightness of the interior proved the value of  , this work. At the same time the building  '* - committee was requested to gather estimates  of the cost of excavacting the remainder of  the basement so that if possible, plans might  be drawn up for the construction of hobby  rooms.  Permission was also given for the purchase of new curtains so that the windows  would be as bright as the hall.  Helen Erickson of the Social Committee  was tendered hearty thanks for the lunches  prepared for the men doing the painting. It  helped to speed up the work. (It must be  understood that these thanks go also to those  who assisted Helen.) Next monthly meeting  will be held Oct. 21.  All members should try to attend because  this will be nomination and the executive  would like to see a good slate nominated. Oct.  28 will be 'fourth Thursday' and will be the big  event of the fall season. The Sechelt Senior  Citizens Annual Fall Bazaar and Tea will take  place Oct. 30. We are looking for good contributions to the various tables so as to ensure  another very successful Bazaar.  It was decided to hold the Christmas  Dinner at the time of the regular monthly  meeting and it was also decided to have a  New Year's Eve Dinner and Dance. Pot luck  style, bring your own refreshments and the  cost will be $2.50.  Here's another date to mark on your  calendar ��� Nov. 10. That is Dance Day and  will see a bus-load of members of the Golden  Age Club of Coquitlam dropping in for a few  dances. Come and help greet them.  We .have lost another valued member,  actually a charter member. Hazel Evans  quietly left us a week ago to reside in Port  Coquitlam. Good luck from all of us.  WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20  CHANNEL 2 CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 CHANNELS CHANNEL 7 CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 12  00 All In      -  15 The Family  30 Edge Of  45 Night  flO Take  I 15 Thirtv-  ��� 30 Celebrity  45 Cooks   -  4  uu It's Your  15 Choice  30 Just For  45 Fun  00 World  15 Series  30 World  45 Series  6  00 World  15 Series  30 World  45 Series  00  15  30  45  World   .  Series  Cdn Sports  Report  8  oo  15  30  45  Hour-  Glass  Hour-  Glass  9  Mr. T.  &Tina  Bluff  Bluff  10  oo  15  30  45  Room 222  Room 222  TBA  TBA  11  00  15  30  45  The  National  Night  Final  12  00  15  30  45  Movie:  "So Long  At The  Fair"  To Live  General  Hospital  ConVd  Another  World  Another  World  Edae Of  Night  Boomerang  Boomerang  "m"  The  FBI    ~  Edae Of  Nfght  ���  All In     ,  The Family  Match  Game  Way"  Cont'd  The  Allan  Allln    .,  The Family  Match  Game  jOvie:  Deliver Us  Us From  Evil"  Take  Thirty   .  Celebrity  Cooks  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Hamel  Show  Another  World  Tattle-  ��� tales  ID ream  Of Jeannie  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  George  Kennedy  Mary  Hartman  The Lucy  Show  Childrens  Shows  Emergency  One  Ene rgency  One  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Gilliaan's  Island  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Grandstand  World  Series  World  World  Series >  World  Series  News  News  News  News  Wednesday  Night  Hockey  -Vancouver  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  News  News  News  News  Series  World  Series  World  World  Series  World  Series  CBS News  /Cronkite  The  Mike  vs  Buffalo  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd       *  Cont'd  CBS News  /Cmnkite  To Tell  The Truth  Last Of  The Wild  Series  World  Series  Cont'd  World    ���  Series  Cdn Sports  Report-  Douglas  Show  Concentration  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Break  The Bank  Doctor In  The House  Bionic  Woman  Bionic  Woman  Movie:  "Hotel'  Rod,  Taylor  Baretta  Ba'retta  Baretta  Baretta  Good  Times  Ball Four  Ball Four  Special:  "Amelia  'Earhart"  Susan  MASH  MASH  Gong  Show  Baretta  Baretta  Baretta  Baretta  Catherine  Spaak  Karl  Maiden  Movie:  "Wanted;  The  Sundance  All In    .,  The Family  Alice  Alice  Clark  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  All In  The Family  Medical  Centre  Charlie's  Angels  Charlie's  Angels  Melvyn '  Douglas  Richard  Conte  Woman"  Katharine  Ross  Cont'd  The  Blue  Knight  ConT'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Medioal  Centre  Executive  Suite  News  News  The  Rookies  News  News  The  Tonight  News  News  News  News  News  News  Movie:  "The  News  News  News  News  Executive  Suite  Movie :TBA  Cont'd  The  Rookies  The  Rookies  Show  The  Tonight  Show  Movie:  -"Hit  Lady"  Cont'd  Alpha  Caper"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movie:  "The  Burglars"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  THURSDAY, OCTOBER 21  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 12  00  15  30  45  All In     ,  The Family  Edge Of  Night  To Live  General  Hospital  Cont'd  Another  World  Another  World  00  15  30  45  Take  Thirty  Celebrity  Coo les  Edge Of  Night  Dusty's  Treehouse  The  FBI  Edae Of  Nfght  All In     ,  The Family  Match  Game  Pettet  All In  Cont'd  The Family  The  Match  Allan  Game  M��vie:  "Satan's  Triangle"  Kim  Take  Thirty  Celebrity  Cooks  Dinqh  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Hamel  Show  Another  World  Tattletales  I Dream  Of Jeannie  uo  15  30  45  It's'Your  Choice  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  Novak  Cont'd -  Mary  Hartman  The Lucy  Show  Childrens  Shows  Emergency  One  Emergency  One  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Gilliaan's  Island  00  15  30  45  World  Series'5  World  Series  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Grandstand  World  Series  World  World  Series  World  Series  News  News  News  News  6  00  15  30  45'  World  Series  World  Series  News  News  News  News  Series  World  Series  World  World  Series  World  Series  CBS News  /Cronkite  The  Mike  Emergency.  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  News  News  News  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS News  /Cronkite  ,00  15  30  45  World  Series  TBA  TBA  Election  76  Election  '76  Series  ' World  Series  Cont'd  World "  Series  TBA  TBA  Douglas  Show  Jack  Patera  Grand Old  Country  Sanford  &Son  Hollywood  Squares  Romany  Jones  00  15  30  45  Hour-  Glass  Hour-  Glass  Welcome  Back Kotter  Barney  Miller  Seattle  Toniaht  Match  Game  The  Lawrence"  Welk  Show  The  Waltons  The  Waltons  TBA.  TBA  TBA  TBA  Ellery  Queen  Ellery  Queen  00  15  30  45  Bob  Newhart  Welcome  Bock Kotter  Tony  Randall   ,  Nancy  Nancy  Moy  "Bui...  Steve  McQueen  iuflft't1'  The  Protectors  The  Protectors  Hawaii  Five-O  Hawaii  Five-O  Nancy  Nancy  TBA  TBA  Movie:  "Breaking  The Sound  Barrier"  10  Room 222  Room 222  TBA  TBA  Streets  Of  San  Francisco  Robert  Vaughan  Jacqueline  Bisset  Most  Wanted  Most  Wanted  Barnaby  Jories  Barnaby  Jones  Delvecchio  Delvecchio  Delvecchio  Delvecchio  Ralph  Richordson  Ann  Todd  11  00  15  30  45  The  National  News  News  The  Streets  News  News  The  Tonight  News  News  News  News  News  News  Movie:  "Kojak"  News  News  News  News  John  Justin  Movie :TBA  Cont'd  12  Mov  "Ot  pipvie:  Our  Wife"  Cont'd  Of  San  Francisco  Cont'd  Show  The  Tonight  Show  Movie:  "Harry  Black &  The Tiger"  Telly  Savalas  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movie:  "Titanic"  Clifton  Webb  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  FRIDAY, OCTOBER 22  CHANNEL 2 CHANNEL 4 CHANNEL 5 CHANNELS CHANNEL 7 CHANNEL 8 CHANNEL 12  00  IS  30  45  All In  The Family  Edae Of  Night  To Live  General  Hospital  ConVd  Another  World  Another  World  The  FBI  Edqe Of  Niqht  All In  The Family  Match  Game '76  Farentino  Cont'd  The      .  Allan  All In  The Family  Match  Game '76  00  15  30  45  Take  Thirty _  Celebrity  Cooks  Edae Of  Nfght  Dusty's  Treehouse  Movie: TBA  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Take  Thirty  Celebrity  Cooks  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Hamel  Show  Anothsr  World  Tattletales  Tattletales  I Dream  Of Jeannie  U0  15  30  45  It's Your  Choice  Pencil  Box  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  The Lucy  Show  Childrens  Shows  Emeraency  One  Emergency  One  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Gilliaan's  Island  00  15  30  45  Friday After  School  Room 222  Room 222  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Maty  Hartman  News  News  Thaf  Girl  V. Island  News  Eyewitness  News  Eyewitness  News  The  FBI  The  FBI  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  00  15  30  45  Klahanie  Klahanie  Hqur-  Glass  News  News  Presidential  Debate  News  News  News  News  News  ' Hour  News  Hour  CBS News  /Cronkite  The  Mike  News  Hour  News  Hour  CBS News  /Cronkite  Special:  Presidential  00  15  30  45  Hqur-  Glass  Diane  Staple y  Presidential  Debate  Presidential  Debate  Seattle  Toniaht  Hoi lywood  Squares  Charlie's  Angels  Charlie's  Anqels  Douglas  Show  Concentration  Holmes  & Yoyo  David  Ste in be ra  Debate  Presidential  Debate ���  Cont'd  8  00  15  30  45  Mary T.  Moore  Chico &  The Man  TBA  TBA  T&A  TBA  Sanford  8. Son  Chico &  The Man  Mary T.  Moore  Chico &  The Man  Special:  Ali/  Norton  Heavy-  Donny  And  Marie  Osmond  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  00 Tommy  15 Hunter  30 Country  45 Cont'd  The  Muppetts  Holmes &  Yoyo  The  Rockford  Files  Cont'd  Tommy  Hunter  Country  Cont'd  Weiaht  Bout  TBA  TBA  Special:  "Never  Give An  Inch"  Friday  Niqht  Movie  Friday  10  00 Police  15 Story  30 Police  45 Story  The  Avengers  The  Avengers  Serpico  Serpico  Serpico  Serpico  Hawaii"  Five-O  Hawaii  Five-O  TBA  TBA  TBA v  TBA'  Henry  Fonda  Paul  Newman  Night  Movie  Cont'd  Cont'd  11  00 The  15 National  30 Night  45 Final  News  News  Battle  For The  News  News  The  Tonight  News  News  News  News  Eyewitness  News  N iqhtmare  Theatre  News  News  News  News  The Honey-  Mooners  NBA  Basketball  12  00 Movie;  15 "No Love  30 For  45 Johnny"  White  House ���  The Bold  Ones  Show  The  Toniaht  Show  Late Show:  "The Heart  Is A Lonely  Hunter"  N iqhtmare  Theatre  Nightmare  Theatre  Movie:  "Aloha  Means  Goodbye"  New  York  vs*  Golden State  SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23  SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24  CHANNEL2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL 5   CHANNELS   CHANNEL7   CHANNEL8   CHANNEL 12  CHANK2L2 .  CHANNEL 4   CHANNELS   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 8   CHANNEL12  2  00  15  30  45  And  Popcorn  Dick Van  Dyke  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Colgate  Inaugural  Tennis  Tournament  Arid   Popcorn  Joys Of  Collecting  Campaign  Lively  Arts  Of  Sports  Cont'd  Cont'd  'ArkiT-  Ark 2  Outlook  Outlook  00  :15  :30  :45  Could  You?  CFL  This Week  Cont'd  Cont'd  TBA  TBA  Movie;  "Fantasti  Voyage"  Stephen  Fraser  Kelly  Red  Fisher  Movie:  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  TBA  All  Star  Wrestlinq  Cont'd  News  Conference  Funorama  Funorama  00  15  ;30  :45  Space  1999  Ara's Sports  ���World-    ���  NFL Game  Of The Wk.  Boyd  Racquel  Welch  Cont'd  Space.  '1999  Space  1999  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Joys Of  Collecting  Show  Biz  Funorama  Funorama  CBS  orts  Sp  00  15  30  ,45  NHL,  Hockey  Night  In  ABC's  Wide  World  Of  Candidates  & Issues  News  News  NHL  Hockey  Night  In  Doc  Doc.  Eyewitness  News  Red  Fisher   ;  Keith  McCdll  Spectacular  CBS  Sports  Spectacular  00  15  30  45  Canada  New  York  At  Sports  Cont'd  News  News  News  News  Kidsworld  Kidsworld  Canada  New  York  At      '  CBS News  /Dan Rather  Sonny  And  Kreskin  Kreskin  Funny  Farm  CBS News  /Dan Rather  News  Conference  7  Toronto  Cont'd  Stay  Tuned  Tho  Lawrence  Welk  Show .  Gong  Show  Wild  Kingdom  Toronto  Cont'd  Stay  Tuned  Cher  Show   ,  Break The  Bank  Special:  Toller  Crwiston  Cont'd  Wild World  Of Animals  $128,000  Question  8  00 Andy  15 Andy  30 Nows  45 Nows  Holmes &  Yoyo  Mr. T.  &Tlna  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  The  jeffersons  Doc  Doc  The  Jeffersons  $128,000  Question  Movie:  "Dirty  Candid  Camera  Charlie  Brown  9  Movioj  "Hail  The  Conquering  Starsky  & Hutch  Starsky  & Hutch  Movie:  "Dirty  Harry"  Cinf  Movio;  "A Girl  Named  Sooner"  Mary Tyler  Mooro  Bob  Newhart  Eastwood  Harry  Guardlno  Ron!  Mary Tyler,  Mooro  Bob  Newhart  10  oo  15  30  45  Horo"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Most  Wanted  Most  Wanted  Eastwood  Harry  Guardlno  Cont'd  Claris  Loqchman  Richard  Crenna  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Burnett  Santont  Robinson  Cont'd '  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Burnett  11  0�� Tho Nows News Nowj Movlo TBA Nows Movloi  15 National Nows Nowi Nows Cont'd News "Dead  30 Night Fall Nows Saturday Movlo; Cont'd Nows Ringer"  45 Bos1 Of The Nighl "Dirty Contfd Nows Be Ho  12  00  15  30  45  Lq Pierre  In Concurt:  "Honry  Mancfnl"  Potor  Marsholl  Variety  Show  Saturday  Night  Saturday  Night  Ijarr  m  Eastwood  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movlo J  "In Tho  Hoat Of  Tho Night"  Davis  Karl  Maldon  Cont'd  PENINSULA OFFICE &  BOOKKEEPING SERVICES LT  Gibsons o Sechelt �� Madeira Park  Contact:  CHRIS WARD  Box 464,  Socholt, B.C.       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Meeker  Mr. Chips  Husky  Football  Husky  Football  Meet The  Press  News  News  Hymn  Sing  Student  Forum  The  World  At   ,  War  Last Of  The Wild  Capitol    '  Comment  Swiss  Faml ly  Robinson  Cont'd  6  Wonderful  World  Of  Disney  News  Nows  Wild World  Of Animals  Candidate  How  Come?  News.-  News  News  News  National  Geographic  National  Geographic  News  News  News  News  The Honey-  Mooners  Page-12  Page-12  :00  :15  :30  :45  Beach  Combers  Super  Special:  cps-..  The Bill  Cosby-  Show  Wonderftfl-ip-  World   .      '���  Of  Disney  Beach  Combers  Super .  Special: ,  60  Minutes  60  Minutes  The Six  Mil Ion  Dollar  Man.  60  Minutes  60  Minutes,  ;00  :15  :30  :45  "Wayne &  Shusfor"  Ranclall  ThoSIx  Mil Ion  Dollar  Man  Wonderful,  World  Of  Dlsnoy    ,  "Wayne &  Shusfer"  T��ny .,  Randall  Undersea  World Of  Jacques  Cousteau  Sonny  And'  Cher  Show  Rhodq  Riodq  P >x!! is  Phyllis  9  Sldestreet  Sldestreet  Sldestreet  Sldestreet  Movie:  "The  Stepford  Wives"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movlo:  "Bonnie  Sldestreet'  Sldestreet  Sldestreet'  Sldestreet  Kojak  Ko ac  Koja<  Ko|qk  Movie:  "Strange  8158?*  :00  Marloot.  Placo  Kathorlno  And  Marko t  Place  Do  voce  ilo  Special:  Gable  TQ:30  Ross  McLoud'1  De  voce  ���lo  "Canadian  Joan  Ombuds  Paula  Prentiss  Dennis  Ombuds- '  Do  vece  ilo  Film  Crawford  ���45  man  Weaver  Man  Do  voce  ilo  Awards"  Ian  11  :00  .'15  :30  46  Ne  Patrick  O'Neal  Nows  Nows  Nowi  Nows  Movlo t  "Tho  News  News  Capitol  Comment  Nows  Nows  Movie:  "Fear  Nows  Nows  News ,  Nows  Hunter  Cont'd  Nows  Movlo;  12  00  ;15  30  ;45  "Bon jour  Trlstoiso "  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movie i  "Morale"  Joanno  Craln  Gallant  Hours"  Jamoj  Cagney  Movlei  "In Tho  Hoat Of  The Nlglit"  No,  Evil"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movie:  "Barbarian  8, Tho  Geisha"  "Splendour  TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26  CHANNEL 2   CHANNEL 4   CHANNEL, 5   CHANNELS   CHANNEL 7   CHANNEL 0   CHANNEL 12  00  IS  30  45  All In     ,  Tho Family  lidao Of  NIpl-l  To Llvo  Gonora  Hosplta  Cont'd  Another  World  Anothor  World  Tho  FBI  Edno Of  Night  All In      ,  Tho Family  Match  Gomo 76  Part Ono  Cont'd  Tlio  Allan'  Allln     ,  Tho Family  Match  Qoro** 76  Funorama  Funoroma  Gllrigan1'  Island  00  15  30  45  Film  <'un ��� ���  Room 222  Room 222  Cont'd  Cont cl  Nowi  Nowj  rc  wry  larlmcin  Nowi  Nowj  That  Girl  Nows  Nows  Nnws  Nows  Nows  Nows  limornnncv  I'.mirpi'ncy  F.m��rn"ncy  firm rooncy  tt  10  orv  Griff In  Show  on Tho  Id Mupiiulli  30 Hour- ,  45 GlciM  Now J  Nowi  lows  luWl  tt  N��wi  Nowi  Nows  Nowi  Nowi  Nowi  Nowi  Nowi  /Croi'kl  Tho  Mli<n  ws  Ita  Now*  Nowi  N��wi  Nowi  Cont'd  ,ont 'd  CBS Nowi  /Cronklto  oo Hour-  is Gl'i*i  10 .Woimnn  *fi Woldwin  To Toll  Tlio Truth  Exploration  Norlhwotl  Soalllo  Tonight  Ntjino Tint  Tun')  Tony  Orlando  And  Dawn  Douglas  Show  Concon-  tration  Bobby  Vinton  Stnn  On len  lot's Mako  A Doul  On Tim  Bum i '  8  00  45  Happy  Dayi  Kino Of  Konilngtun  Happy  Dayi  Lavoriio A\  Shlrlny  Duo  Ikin  Buck  Shmip  Happy  Dayi  King Of  Knnilncito*-  Tony  Orhmdo  And  Dawn  ! lawall  :lvn-0  Ifiwall  :lvo-6  Tony  Orlando  Ami  Down  00  15  30  MASH  MASH  Iho  Fifth  Rich  Man  Pour  Man  Pollco  Pollco  Story  MASII  MA Ml  Tho  Ifth  MASH  MASH froct  Ono Pay Al ,l,u In  ' *' 1 Julio  Tho  ProctlcB  Maudo  Maudo  Movloi  "Wl.at'i  ��  MONDAY, OCTOBER 25  CHANNEL 2 CHANNEL 4        CHANNEL 5 CHANNELS CHANNEL 7 CHANNEL 8        CHANNEL 12  00 All In  15 The Family  30 Edge Of  45 Night  To Live  General  Hospital  ConVd  Another  World  Another  World  The  FBI   ���  Edge Of  Nfght  All In  The Family  Match  Game 76  Part One  Cont'd  The  Allan  All In   ..  .  The Family  Match  Game 76  00 Take Edge Of Movie; Take Dinah Hamel Tattle  15 Thirty Night "Assignment Thirty Dinah Show tales  30 Celebrity Boomerang To Celebrity Dinah .   Another I Dream  45 Cooks Boomerang Kill" Cooks Dinah World Of Jeannie.  3  oo It's Your  75 Choice  30 Coming Up'  :45 Rosie *    r  The  Merv  Griffin  Show  Patrick  O'Neal  Joan  Hackett  The Lucy  Show  Childrens  Shows  Emeraency  One'  Emergency  One  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Gilliaan's  Island  , 00 Mr.  . :15 Dressup  1:30 Room 222  :45 Room 222  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Mary  Hartman  News  News  That  GIH  News  News  News  News  News  News  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  The  Merv  Griffin  Show'  :00 Reach For  . :15 The Top  1:30 Hour-  :45 Glass  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News'  News  News  Nows  News  CBS News  /Cronkite  The  Mike  News  News  News  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  CBS News  /Cronkite  . :00 Hour-  r;15 Glass  ;30 Pacific  45 Prime Time  NFL  Monday  Night ,.  Football  Seattle  Tonight  Hollywood  Squares  The  Starlets  The  Starlets  Douglas  Show  Concentration  Replay  Replay  Headline  Hunters  Hil lywood  Squares  Doctor At  Sea  8:00 Rhoda  ;15 Rhoda  30 Phy||!s  45 Phy   Is  St. Louis  vs.  Washington  Cont'd"  Little  House  On The  Prairie  Rhoda  Rhoda  Piyllls  Phy  Is  Rhoda  Rhoda  p-fellis  The  Waltons  The  Waltons  Switch  Switch  Switch  Switch  9  :00 Front Pago  15 Challenge  30 All In  45 The Family  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Mavio:  "Amelia  Earhart"  Susan  Front Pago  Cha lenqe  All In ^  The Family  Maude  Maude  All's  Fair  Pi  &  istle    .  One Day At  A Time  Wfili  Movie;'  ��� "Love Is  A Ball"  GUnn  10  00 Nows-  :!5 Magazine  3�� Man  45 Alive  ', Monday  Night Aft'  Footba|l  Spoclal  ��r  Clark  John  Forsytho  Conl'd  Nows-  Magaxlno  Man  Alive  Exociitivo  Sulto  Executive  Sulto  Tho  Streets  Of San  Francisco  Ford  Hopo  Lange  Rlcardo  __:00 The  1 IMS National  1 I 30 Night  45 Final  Nows  News  The  Avehgers  News  Sir  Tonlght  Nows  News  Nows,  Nowj  Nows  News  Movie:  "Tho  Nows  N��ws  Nows  Nows  Montalban  Cont'd  Movie: TBA  Cont'd  12  :00 Movie i  15 "Please  :30 Mr.  45 Daliac"  The  Avengers  Tha Nows  Headlines  ���Tonight  Show  Movlo:  "Mbn  Without  A Star"  * Morning  After"  Cont'd  Movlo;  "Horizon's  West"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  #&����������,  i��"i. ,*v *���������**t/^ **��� j*-*"***->l a^* *CaT'**"mW^^-'-hJ-j���t ���l^*^^- ��� Vj  ^fiP^ffl^fM'**  ������_    VJ.'--.  .1  * * �����' *��V     *  nM^Sy,  ��Residential  ��Commercial  ��Free Estimates  L  RON SIM  2 R|c^s^  "We're across from the new Sechelt Legiontf  I. CHOQUESt  &S0*  IS  CERTIFIED WELDER FABRICATOR-  -INDUSTRIAL 8�� MARINE  Dox123S  S��fl|p��lt, B.C,  EAST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  VON 3A.0  Dun 005-9244  Rail 005*2606  and New Work, Caulk,  Cowboy Boot Sales  liiOUICES NEW WORK WEEK  CLOSED HOUDAY AND TUESDAY  OPEN Weds, Thurs, Fri and Sat,  9 a.m. to 5 p.m. /   *.  ' V  '?  s        /  PageC-8  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday* October 20,1976  Sechelt News Notes  JIM IRONSIDE has announced he will  seek another term as regional board  director in Area D. Ironside was first  elected in 1972 when he beat out Harry  Almond for the director's seat. Ironside  is a retired bus driver who lives in  Roberts Creek. ���Timesphoto  Gomel  BY GUY SYMONDS  There is propably no more cheering and  comforting sight than that of a bowl of narcissi, hyacinths or daffodils coming into bud  in ones own living room or kitchen in the drab  days of winter. Easy to have too.  At this time of the year the garden stores  are stocked with bulbs of every variety including those which have been processed for  forcing, and it is just a matter of giving them  a chance to make their delightful contribution. If you have not experienced the joy  of a bowl of these beautiful spring blooms in  your home, now is the- time to start.* Your  Christmas will be immeasurably the  brighter.  There are generally speaking three ways  of forcing bulbs indoors. They can be grown in  soil in well drained pots, they can be grown in  bulb fivre or vermiculite in drained or un-  drained pots and some kinds can be grown in  water on pebbles. A drained pot of course is  one that has a few pieces of broken brick  crock or charcoal of the bottom to keep the  growing sweet and clean until the pot is filled  with roots. It is very advisable if a glazed  container is being used, and this in a house is  very often the case but if a porous earthenware pot is the vessel the precaution is  generally unnecessary.  Bulb fibre is very dry when bought at the  store and should have several light  sprinklings of water and through mixings  before being used.  To plant, fill the pot to the top with  whatever growing medium is being used and  press it down rather gently. Scoop holes for  . the bulbs and insert them to such a depth that  their tips are just showing, then press the soil  in around them carefully and lightly. Make  sure they are not touching the bottom of the  container or the growing roots will push them  out of their cover. Keep them watered, but  moderately, and place them in the dark. In  from six to ten weeks according to the kind of  bulb the roots will be well developed and an  inch or so of plump white buds will be  showing.  Now is the time to bring them out of the  dark and introduce them to daylight. Be  careful however to get them accustomed  gradually to the new experience by shading  them with a paper or some such device for a  few days. Otherwise they may check badly  and the flower buds wither before maturing.  Temperatures are very imprbtant. The  best rooting temperature is 40 degrees F and  their growing temperature should not be  above GO degrees F. A little lower is  preferable. As they grow watch the watering.  If allowed to get dry the result is disastrous.  Keep the growing medium moist but not of  course waterlogged. The watering process  should be done nt the side of the bowl as  overhead watering can leave excess moisture  In the centres of tho leaf clusters and cause  flower buds to rot:  Bulbs bought for forcing and processed by  the nursery for this purpose should be planted  ns soon as purchased. Once in tho growing  stage and put ln the light avoid havelng a  lopsided growth by rotating tho bowl. If It gets  renlly cold don't stand them near a frosted  window, Provide light support with slender  canes round the edge of the bowl Inserted  when they are first brought to tho light. This  Is particularly Important for marclssl nnd  daffodils which have a tendency to flop over.  The third method of forcing bulbs Is by  using n little water In tho bottom of a bowl  which has- then sufficient quantity of pebbles  or gravel nddcij to support the bulb.  Spring bulbs In your home for Christmas!  Un a lovoly thing to look forward to nnd a  philosphloally inspiring occupation as the  dark winter days become obviously  Inevitable.  The gals who are busy dropping pounds,  Western Weight Controllers, are also getting  rid of excess goods. A rummage sale is  planned for 10:30 Wednesday morning, Oct.  20th at the Senior Citizens hall on Mermaid  St., good used clothing plus some interesting  nick-nacks.  The door prize winner at the Rebekah's  recent Bazaar" was Louie Hansen and his  prize was one of Nell Whaites Seagulls.  The week before Thanksgiving Mrs.  Charloote Jackson was pleased and surprised  to have cousins not seen for ages drop in for a  visit. Mr. and Mrs. Rex Willock from Areola,  Saskatchewan and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Willock  of Cranbrook.  , Then at Thanksgiving twenty-seven  relatives and friends sat down to feast on the  great bird. Half of the people there were  named Jackson, Mike, Pete and Allen and  their families Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGee  from Vancouver, and their son Frank with his  wife and three children from Victoria. Also  over from Victoria was Mrs. Leslie Jackson.  To allow more travelling time dinner was  served on the Sunday. All the family was  present, so there were lots of hands to do the  dishes.    -  Len and Dorothy Miles have returned  from a beautiful trip across Canada, ending  at St. Johns, Newfoundland for their farthest  spot and that's about as far as you can go  without getting your feet wet. Stopping with  friends at Roblin, Manitoba on the way and  visiting Len's Aunt and Uncle at SanGudo,  Alberta on the return trip.  There will be an Oldtimers trail ride this  Sunday, Oct. 24 starting at the Sechelt  Peninsula Rod and Gun Club at 11 a.m.. All  that's needed is to be an adult, have a horse  and bring a lunch.  The travelling lady from Davis Bay, Mrs.  Margaret (Marny) Shaw spent a delightful  month in, England and Scotland, mostly in the  Midlands, then over to the North coast, up to  Edinburgh and over to Glasgow. Visited with  many friends and relatives. Unsuccessfully  tried to book into a hotel in London, all full, a  lot of tourists, mainly Arabs there. Weather  good, a little cool, a couple of thunder and  lightening shows, otherwise seasonal  weather.  PEGGY CONNOR 885-9347  The unlicensed ferry workers will have a  hard time extracting any sympathy for  themselves in the future from the people who  were mightily inconvenienced by no ferry  running on October 14th. One hunter drove 20  hours to get his moose homeln good time only  to find out no ferries running, that day.  The annual smorgasbord and dance put on  by the Sechelt Auxiliary to St. Mary's  Hospital will be held this Saturday, Oct. 23 at  the Sechelt Legion Hall. The theme is Oktoberfest will Al Denoni's'Orchestra from  Victoria for your dancing pleasure. It is  possible you might be lucky to still get tickets  to this popular event. Phone Mrs. Billie Steele  885-2023.  The St. Mary's Hospital Auxiliaries Thrift  Shop is in need of rags, any old clothes of  cotton or wool preferably. Drop them off to  the gals, they have a good market for clean  rags.  A good Hawaiian Aloha lunch is being  served in Gibsons on Oct. 22 by the Gibsons  Auxiliary to St. Mary's Hospital at Gibsons  United Church, 11:30 to 1 p.m.  Lilac's in bloom in October! Those on  display at McLeods Hardware are from Mary  Jackson's garden.  father report  October 9-15 Lo    Hi Prec.  October9  13      16      9.9  OctoberlO  13     16     1.8  October 11 11     18     nil  October 12 9     16     nil  October 13 8     13     nil  October 14 8     15     nil  October 15 5     15     nil  Week's rainfall ��� 11.7 mm (same week  last year ��� 43.9 mm).  October rainfall ��� 31.5 mm (October last  year to 15th ��� 117.1 mm).  Rainfall 1976���948.5 mm (1975 to October  15,��� 748.1 mm).   Most people know the meaning of the white  cane. We expect to see it in the hand of a  visually handicapped person. The driver of a  vehicle should be alert for a pedestrian using  a white cane any time of the day or night.  .vertising...,  lets good  little products  compete with  CANADIAN AOVI Hllf.INC- ADVISOIW IIOAHO  Public Notice  Ottawa, October 13,1976  Pursuant to the Commission's announcement of September 23,  1976, distribution of U.S.-FM stations cable television systems.  The Commission has received the following applications:  Coquitlam Cablevision Ltd.,  5595 Camble St.,  Vancouver, B.C.,  Coquitlam, Maple Ridge,  and Mission B.C.  (761048800)  Application to amend its cable television broadcasting licence  for Coquitlam, Maple Ridge, and Mission, B.C. as follows:  ��� to add the reception and distribution of KISM-FM, Bellingham,  Washington, channel 225 on 220. KIXI-FM, Seattle, Washington,  channel 239 on 236. KEZX-FM, Seattle, Washington, channel 255  on 231. KERI-FM,.Bellingham, Washington, channel 282 on 246.  Location where the application may be examined:  23171 Dewdney Trunk Rd.,  Maple Ridge, B.C.  Canadian Wire Vision Ltd.,  5594 Camblo St.,  Vancouver, B.C.  (761049600)  Application to amend Its cable television licence for Vancouver,  B.C. as follows:  ���to add the reception and distribution of KISM-FM, Bellingham,  Washington, channel 225 on 223- KIXI-FM, Seattle, Washington,  channel 239 on 220. KEZX-FM, Seattle, Washington, channel 225  on 211. KETO-FM, Seattle/Washington, channel 268 on 205.  KERI-FM, Bellingham, Washington, channel 282 on 214.  Locations where the application may bo examined:  5594 Camblo St.,  Vancouver, B.C.  Coast Cablevision Ltd,,    .  5301 48th Avonuo,  Dolta, B.C.,  Socholt, B.C.  , (761056000)  Gibsons, B.C.  (761067800)  Application to amend Its cablo tolovlslon llconcos fpr Socholt  and Gibsons, B.C, as follows:  ���to add tho rocoptlon and distribution of KISM-FM, Bolllngham,  Washington, channel 225 on 2Q6, KIXI-FM, Soaltlo, Washington,  channol 239 on 211. KERI-FM, Bolllngham', Washington, channel  282 on 216,  Locations whoro Iho application may bo examlnod:  Coast Cablavlsion Ltd.,  Wharf Rd.,  Socholt, B.C.,  5381 -10th. Avonuo,  Dolta, B.C. ,  D,G. Douglas Varloly and Paint,  Sunnycrost Shopping Plaza,  Gibsons, B.C.  Following tho publication ol this hotlco, and upon rocolpl of  commontB, tho Commission will latino ||s decision unions It  dotormlnoa thai a Public Hearing Is roqulrod, ,  Tho applications may bo oxamlnod at llio local addresses glvon  In this nollco, and al tho offices of tho CRTC, 100-1601 100  Molcalfo Stroot, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2; or 201-810, Douglas  Stroot, Victoria, B,C, i"  Anyono has tho opportunity to submit commonts on tho applications hy submitting a wrltlon Intorvontlon to tho undersigned at 100 MotcaHo Stroot, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N2,  and hy solving a truo copy of tho Intorvontlon upon tho applicant  on or baforo Octobor 25, 1976, Tho Intorvontlon shall contain n  cloar and concise statement of tho rolovant lads, and tl\o  grounds on which llio Intorvonor's support for, opposition to, or  proposod modifications of tho application Is bnsod,  Iho postal or mossongor rnrolpt should bo nttachnd to tho copy  lor tho CRTC, (living proof that tho applicant hns rocolvod his  ropy.  Guy l.olohvro,  Sudatory Gonoral  Public Notice CRTC 1976*07  Ottawa  Cnntittlnn Hodlo |p|pv!*Mon  nnd Tolocoiiimunlcnlionn  CommluBlon  Consult ct�� la racHodltluslon  ot don to|acomiminlcntlon<i ���  cnnndlonnon  .-. ��������� -y  . -p ���*������ \  \i    J( 17  '     aHI"*" Mm I i ��� *Vm      rt     >W*4rf      >n��Vrar -m-m  '������'���: .���*��*.,��?  "imX-r*ptPFL' V. ^  *r-;*,;. Vn-g&Z&r. (TRAIL BAY CENTRE,  SECHELTi T��^\"j��V<' '.  h  4  k  i I "


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