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The Peninsula Times Aug 20, 1975

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Array By LESLIE YATES  Why have two health inspectors on the  Sunshine Coast resigned since December  1974? All local government jurisdictions, arid  even the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit which  employs the inspectors, say the problem  arises from overwork and stress. All agree  health inspectors could be kept on the  Peninsula if their numbers were increased  from one to two for the SechelfrGibsons area.  Victoria apparently doesn't agree.  Keith Gibson is a health inspector who  works out of the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit  in Powell River. He spends two or three days  a week on the Peninsula. The other two days  are covered by an inspector from Squamish  and between them they try to cope with the  inspections needed to be carried out here.  At the moment there is not a full-time  inspector on the Peninsula and there hasn't  been one since May 30. After a full-time inspector is found, Gibsons will likely continue  as a backup inspector in this area.  Letters and delegations from this area  have gone to Victoria to try and do something  about the health inspector situation.  The most recent reply to the concern came  from Dennis Cocke, Minister of Health. He  told the Sechelt Village Council "I am giving  top priority to the replacement of the public  health inspector in Gibsons and, as you may  recall we added an additional public health  inspector position last year to the Powell  West Canadian Graphic Industries  204 West bth Ave..  Vancouver 10, 8., C.  SerVaj  PENDER HARBOUR, B.C, , 1  BOATS -  CAMPING FACILITIES - CAFE  MARINA 883-2757   ��   CAFE 883-2296  River office. This public health inspector was  appointed to provide backup service in the  Gibsons-Sechelt area."  RUNS ON THE JOB  Gibson is young and he runs when he is on  the job. He had just completed two inspections in the Pender Harbour area before  he picked up this reporter. He was on his way  to ttie health office in Gibsons. We left Sechelt  at noon. His day started on the 8:15 am ferry  Saltery Bay to Earls Cove.  Typical. When we arrived at the Gibsons  office there were some 30 sewage disposal  inspection applications and one written  complaint waiting for him. The complaint  said he was disappointed by the lack of inspection in the Pender Harbour area. At least  that was a little milder than the Powell River  contractor who threatened to kill Gibson if he  returned to the development sight that he had  refused a sewage permit.  The,following is from the minutes of the  June 19th Coast Garibaldi Union Board of  Health meeting. "Mr. Mike Wilson, health  inspector, was appointed May 10, 1975 and  resigned May 30, 1975. The workload of all  inspection staff was substantially increased  as well as a significant effect on the clerical  staff, and statistics were given at this point  indicating the demand on the health inspectors for travelling time and the necessity  for long hours."    -  A copy of those statistics on a health inspectors workload could not be located for the  Times. ���       -   -P-  Gibsons said there are some 30 different  inspections a health officer should be  carrying out. "In this area we are only coping  with priorities."     '  SMALL TOWN TYPE FEUDS  First on the priority list is complaints.  "Before we do anything else we have to deal  with people complaining and this often involves a sewage or refuse problem that  neighbours are not getting along on. It is my  personal opinion that much of the complaining involved 'small town' type feuds,"  says Gibson.  "Secondly we deal with sewage disposal  applications and field inspections for single  family dwellings. Before a sewage system is  constructed a sewage permit is needed. This  should involve two inspections per application. Only in this area it seems to take a  minimum of three inspections.  "People demand inspections right away  because it costs them money to wait. There  are many lots on the Peninsula that cannot be  approved because of rock. Such lots are stuck  until a municipal sewage system goes in)"  The third priority is the inspection of  subdivisions.  Other inspections that are supposed to be  done   include   schools,   summer   camps,  \ campsites, restaurants, only to mention a  , few.  ���   ^These other inspections are not done that-  well because our time is taken up with the  ���i demand work," says Gibson.  '.     Sechelt alderman Dennis Shuttleworth,  \ who is also an engineer, said recently it is  costing an owner $125 a week too if construction of a $40,000 home is being held up by  a health inspector who hasn't got the time to  inspect the property.  Dr. Bruce Laing, director of the Coast  Garibaldi Health Unit said inspectors in this  area have many frustrations.  THICK SKINS NEEDED  ' 'Always having to face irate people is one  of them. If something goes wrong with a  sewage system the inspector is always  blamed. We can't guarantee anything will  work.  "Either a man is wound with a very thick  skin or two people should be hired for the  area. You can't have a sensitive person here.  "It seems the amount of money the  government is paying in overtime and  travelling expenses for men out of Squamish  and Powell River could almost pay for a  second inspector on the Peninsula."  Victoria has said this area has not been  budgeted for two inspectors.  Sechelt council has even offered a free  office to a new inspector.        , -  rl  C"3  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Robe its Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Park, Garden Bay, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont  According to Gibsons, the Peninsula has  problems that are perhaps unique in the  province.  "There is little snow here in the winter so  people can dig all year round. Because of the  high rainfall in the winter, some subdivisions  must wait for sewage permits until we see if  there is a second water table in the area close  to the surface.  ' 'Here, many of the properties we inspect  are cottages or summer homes. People don't  always understand why they have to abide by  the same regulations that apply to permanent  homes. In Powell River people don't seem to  get uptight about conforming to sewage  regulations because they live there all year  round and they want their homes to last 20  years.  RATIONALIZE MY TIME  "Contractors and people building summer  homes who come up here irom Vancouver  just can't understand why they can't get an  inspection done on the same day.  "We are supposed to inspect places on the  Howe Sound Islands, but I have to rationalize  in my own mind if it is worth killing three-  quarts of a day for an inspection over there or  try to do nine or ten on the Peninsula. We are  also supposed to visit cottages which have  only water access. There just isn't the time."  "Also, it is impossible to make time on  highway 101 in the summer. I seem to waste a  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  o  2nd  Class Man  Registration   No   1142  1W  2?.  Phone  885-3231  Union _<s^"rS??a,   Labe'  This Issue 14 pages -& 15c  Volume 12-No. 39  Wednesday, August 20,1975  KEN GIBSON  .. .andcomplaints  r  lot of time behind tourists."  Gibson laughed when I asked him if he  worked an eight hour day. "For lunch I just  grab a hamburger and run."  Jack Somers finally quit the inspection  game last April after two and one-half years  as a health officer in this area. He isn't  making as much money as a carpenter but he  is a lot happier.  "Having to drop everything and go and  investigate people's complaints that were  based on some personal dispute just got  sickening. When I worked in Saskatchewan I  had three complaints in two year's, here I had  five on my first day.  "I never got thanked for anything, I just  caught hell. After six months here I was  ready to leave and I waited for a transfer that  never came."  Somers agrees that a second inspector is  needed on the Peninsula. "But," he says,  "when I asked for an additional man I was  ��� See Page A-6  Port Mellon pulp and paper workers voted  Saturday to reject the proposed settlement  terms recommended by the special  mediator's report  Ron McPhedran, president of local 1119 of  the Canadian Paperworkers' Union at Port  Mellon, said 95 per cent of the 215 workers  who voted rejected the settlement offered by  Justice Henry Hutcheon's non-binding report,  brought down last w.eek in-''a 'government  effort to settle the five week vold B.C. forest  dispute.  McPhedran said the vote of his membership reflects the fact this report is the  worst of its kind in the history of B.C.  "Although the report offers approximately  $1.50 increase per hour over the next two  'years, it takes away our tost of living adjustment clause'for the first year and in the  second year, the cost of living has to raise  i  very high before the cost of living clause is  triggered into effect," he said.  "In the final calculation we are being  offered a four and one half per cent increase  in the two year contract ��� nobody has been  offered an insult like this," he said.  The rest of the forest industry, workers will  be voting on the mediator's report in the next  week. ~  . ...BillHughes, resident manager ofJt.e Port  Mellon mill, said his greatest disappointment  over the report was its quick, off-handed  rejection by the unions.  "There is a lot of economics about the  whole industry in that report. It seemed  irresponsible to me that the unions would  reject it in a matter of hours," he said.  It is expected the battery of management  economists will make their,report on the  implications of the mediator's report in the  industry sometime this week.  -(-  1    ���  The Sechelt Indian Band has been given  the green light for their proposed bulk oil  storage terminal and docking facilities to be  constructed on reserve land by the Sunshine  Coast Regional Board.  The board passed a resolution last  Thursday advising the band the site chosen  for the $2 million oil storage plant is suitable  and satisfactory to the regional board.  The board also resolved to encourage tho  band to negotiate with all the petroleum  products suppliers for the relocation of their  present storage facilities to the selected sltci  To help the band In their negotiations, the  board resolved to use nil tho powers vested In  it by the Municipal Act to help the band in its  endeavours In this matter.  Sechelt and Gibsons village councils have  passed similar resolutions.  All three local governments had agreed  two years ago with the band to find a suitable  oil bulk storage site on reserve land because  of the lack of suitable sites on land in any  other jurisdiction,  The band recently showed a feasibility  study for the site to tho local governments  that lt had commissioned from Associated  Engineers, a Vancouver consulting firm.  Tho board has indicated pressure will be  put on oil companies to relocate their storage  terminals by now allowing further expansion  of thoir storage areas. It lias also said tho  existing storage areas are lacking in  safeguards against fire.  -T-" fi\  It  /  i  V>.a  \'  f  tr**- *  -  -J-      It*  *.!  at    �����   ..*.��������  IL  1.  COLLECTING the spoils of victory, petitions. Complete results and results  unidentified competitor In the tug boat of other Cavalcade competitions are  races during the Gibsons Sea Cavalcade inside today's Times. In addition to tho  gets the trophy and a kiss from the tug   boat   competitions   there   were  trophy girl Miss Sea Cavalcade, her trophies   for   sailing,   racing,   store  princesses and visiting beauty queens decorating, babies, and numerous prizes,  handed  out  trophies  for  the   com- and trophies for parade entries.  ��� Timesphoto  Releasing moro crown land to private  tenure and1 increasing tlio taxes on iho  holdings of land speculators Is Uio way to  lower land prices so moro people can afford a  homo according to tho Sunshlno Coast  Rcglonnl Board.  Bolng In agreement with tho B.C,  government thnt tho high prlco of raldcntlnl  land l.i detrimental to. tho community nnd  causes hardships to residents, tho bonrd  pnsscd tho following resolution nt n meeting  Inst Thursday. ,  "1, That the release of further crown land  to prlvnio tenure Is acceptable ns nn Interim,  short-torm method of controlling residential  land prices, provided that  "(n) I-nnd Is rolcnscd only following  consultation with nnd agreement of tho locnl  The Sunshine Const Regional - Bonrd  announced Inst week court of revision will be  hold October tho first nnd tho fourth from tho  hours of 10 n.m, to 12 n,m. in tho rcRionnl  bonrd offices In Sechelt,  Tho court Is hold so npppnls cnn lie made  bo rosldonts for Imvlng thoir nnmoii left off  ��� Uio voters' n��t,  government, to ensure compatibility with  local community planning; ~and~r*^'"^~^  "(Ii) Tho released land Is used for permanent residences only; nnd,  "(c) Tho released Innd Is put to uso within  n short period of time after tlio relcnso; and,  "(d) Tho rolcnscd lnnd Is adequately  serviced.  "2, That u restructuring of the property  taxation system to discourage speculative  lnnd holding nnd undor-utlllzutlon of lnnd bo  recommended m< n pormnnont, long-torm  method of controlling lnnd prices, provided  thnt tho tnxntlon system should not harshly  effect, property used ns n permanent homo of  lUi owner,"  '"Alio resolution will lie sent to nron MLA  Don liOckstcnd nnd tho provincial commission on taxation,-  -������ ---..,-...,.,..-..--..-   "This resolution arose"out of n planning  workshop hold by tho bonrd on August 7, At  that workshop It wits agreed rapidly rising  land prices in tho region mako It vory difficult  for the average person to obtain nnd keep a  homo, It was also agreed tlw now policy  should protect tho permanent home owner  and reduce Uio poaislblllty of bin being taxed  out of his home,  Although Innd speculation wns felt to bo  undesirable, taxation of homo Improvements  was neon to work against 4110 moro In*  dustrlous members of tho community.  -*Xlio"hoard"did"recognl7.o,*n*nccd*for"'n~  definition of speculation because of tho  problom of second nnd retirement homos  bolng hold In tho area by non-residents to tho  dotrlmcnt of Uioso attempting to obtain a first  homo.  Bonrd director Peter Hoemberg snld tho  board's differenced of opinion over tho higher  taxation of one or two or three extra lots will  ���bo noted In n covering letter to tho resolution.  *^FrankWcstrclmlrmnn'of"thtfb(tord,"hbtci1*  each director cnn wrlto his own brief on tho  topic.  Hoemberg snld this taxation system to  discourage land speculation was not intended  to hit everyone,  Director John McNlvon snld ho wns  concerned over locnl people who nro tinnblo to  buy land because of the high prices.  Cdlil  Tlio Sunshlno Const Regional Board is  appealing to area rosldonts to support toll-  "free'telephone"callingto "lUMlfroniHhdTontloF'  Harbour Area when thoy are given the chnnco  to voto on tho topic.  At )nst week's bonrd meeting, Frank West,  chnirmnn of tho regional board, said for a fow  pennies moro on people's phono bliiaitho"  whole Sunshine Coast could be brought  together Into ono community,  Director Peter Hoemberg snld the difference In phono rates is worth it If tho bridge  thnt exists between Pender Harbour and tho  rest of tho area cnn bo gapped,  Prior to tho September referendum, the  'bonrd will advcrtlso that area residents  support.toll-free colling,  B,C, Toleplibiie Company Islirranglng If  referendum for Peninsula telephone sul>-  scrlbcrs to voto on tho possibility of  eliminating tho, present calling clrnrgo between Pondor Harbour nnd tho rest of tho  "Sunshlno Coast. A favourable vote will mean  nn Increnso In rates for nil subscriber?,,  If tho voto favours toll frco calling, it wlH  go Into service by fall 1077.  Hoemberg said residents of Pender Harbour have been clnsvd ns second clnss  cltlzoni under tho present tolephono  nrrnngomont.  .  After hearing an emotionally charged  speech about a man's wife being bitten by a;  dog and the problems he had with the police  over the incident, the Sunshine Coast  Regional Board decided last Thursday to  contact a citizen's group which previously  tried to do something about dogs running at  large on the Peninsula.  Hopefully after revitalizing interest that  was shown in loose dogs last Spring, the board  will then decide on the direction to best approach the problem.  Besides his speech, Wilfred Wilsher  presented the board with a 60 signature  petition from residents of Davis Bay who  want something done about dogs that are  unleashed or not confined on their owner's  property.  Wilsher said he collected the signatures in  two hours.  He told the board that on the evening of  July 26 his wife was badly bitten by a neighbour's dog when they were out walking.  "We didn't take any notice of the dog  because it was merely laying on the road.  When we were near, it jumped up and bit her  on the leg."  Grace Wilsher was taken to hospital where  she received stitches to close the wound and a  tetanus shot, She had to return to the doctor  three days later because her leg was swollen  and the wound was running. At that time she  was unable to walk.  Wilsher said he contacted the police and  they camo to tho hospital the evening his wife  was bitten. "They told me I couldn't take any  action against the dog owner but that they  would speak to the dog owner.'*  He said he waited for three days to see if  tho police would como,  "When thoy didn't I went to see tho dog's ,  owner myself. I received no satisfaction from  him. Ho said It was his wife's dog. So I went to  n lawyer In Sechelt. The police then contacted  mo and they said tho owner was going to havo  tho dog destroyed and that I could have tho  dog's owner charged If I wanted."  On August 5, Wilsher received n letter  from Uio lawyer stating Uio dog hnd been  ��� disposed ofandthut If bychanceho saw.it In,  Uio neighbourhood ho should contact pollco.  , Sergeant Peter Church of tho Secholt  RCMP detachment said tho dog's owners lind  been nppronched and wo were advised tho  dog would bo destroyed. Ho snld obviously  WHshor didn't want to charge tho owner.  Mrs, Wilsher was tho fourth person this  dog had bitten, Wilsher told tho board,  Wilsher told the board tlio number of loose  running dogs In tho Davis Bay area is getting  so bad elderly people aro afraid to wnlk on tho  street,  "Wo should bo able to wnlk on tho streets  without being harassed by dogs. There ore  more dogs running at Inrgo In tho Spring," ho  said.  Director Jim Ironside snld Uio  dog  prqblom in.not restricted to tho Davis Boy......  area. "Thoro nro problems tho length of tho ���  coast. A flve-yenr-old girl was bitten In  Pender Harbour recently."  Director Peter Hoemberg snld a partly  organized effort bud been started Inst spring  to deal with dogs riihnlriglit Jargo.  "A group nppronched us that wanted a  dog-catchor and dog pound established In tho  aroa."  Tlio Iward bad mot with tho SPCA to como  up with a plan whereby a locnl SPCA office  would bo established on tho Peninsula.  "However the regional lovol of tho SPCA  told the local level hot to get involved,"  Hoemberg said.  After that, our efforts subsided because it  looked like the provincial governent would be  appointing animal protection officers to areas  like this., he said. ������������-���  "Now, it looks like we won't get the officer  so it is a question of reviving the interest, and  the group we had seeking a solution to the  problem last Spring," he said.  Sergeant Church said the police do their  best to look after dog complaints but it is a  question of priorities.     'a  He said in his experience as a police officer he has never been in a non-municipality  where there has not been a problem with dogs  running at large, "It is usually a question of  whether or not a local council can afford a  dog-catcher," he said.  Under the Animal Protection Act, which  was proclaimed in 1948, a person bitten by a  dog can charge the owner of the dog and the  courts can order his dog destroyed.  If and when the new Animal Domestic Act  Is proclaimed a person who is attacked or  sees another person being attacked, can  legally kill the dog.  Hoemberg said the present law primarily  protects wildlife and domestic animals from  dogs running at large.  1   1  '   PA  ." 1 f^sU^-i \*w  DOG BITIS Incident involving Grace  Wilsher of Davis Bay raised several  questions at last week's regional board  meeting. Mrs. Wilsher was bitten as she  walked along a road in Davis Bay.  aptire Cawolcite  ...J^rall you amateur photographers who  aro Just getting Gibsons Sea Cnvnlcado  pictures back from Uio printers, The Times Is  running a photo contest,  Tho contest Is for tho Muck nnd whlfe or  colour photograph thnt best depicts tho  essence or spirit of tlio Sea Cavalcade  weekend. Tho essence of Sen cnvnlcndo, or  course, con bo many things to many pooplo so  Tho Times hopes to seo quite n vnrloty of  entrels. Tho contest, which closes Aug, 30 will  bo Judged by tho editorial staff of Tho Times.  Tho winning photographer will, lx.  presented with ,Th<\ Time's trophy.  . The Peninsula^w^  Don Morberg, Managing Editor  "A free press is the unsleeping guardian of  every   other  right  that free   men  prize.".  ��� Winston Churchill  e statements  Page A-2 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 20,1975  The front page headline in today's  Times asks why this area can not keep a  health inspector. In writing that story,  the editorial staff asked the same  question to a number of people directly  or indirectly involved with the situation.  We didn't get a clear answer.  We did get much information about  what it is like to be an inspector here. We  got insight into work load and work  conditions and costs. Another thing we  did get was convincing evidence that  this .area, more than ever requires two  health inspectors.  That was clear to us, it is clear to the  inspector, clear to the Coast Garib^di  Health Unit, clear to all those waiting for  visits from the inspector and all the  levels of local government.  Apparently the only body who cannot  see the need is the provincial government.  Running the standard excuse of not  enough population cannot even be taken  as seriously attempting to (understand  the problem.  If inspectors have quit because of  overwork and if getting replacements is  impossible because this area has a  reputation of working inspectors into the  ground as one local official suggests,  then it should be quite clear to even  Victoria that another inspector is the  answer.  One needs only to look at the pile of  inspection orders and complaints sitting  on the inspector's desk as evidence.  Even a second inspector until the  backlog of complaints is cleared would  be a definite improvement over the  present situation.  The costof bringing ini an inspector,    _ r"  paying him travelling and overtime   Gibsons bypass  should come very close to the cost for an 11  extra resident inspector as Dr. Laing,   gets people lost  the Coast Garibaldi Health Unit director  pointed out.  Such blindness on the part of the  provincial government and particularly  the Department of Health and its  minister makes one wonder where the  real problem lies.  Editor, The Times:  Sir��� A letter appeared in your July 16  .edition on the subject of fluoridation which, as  we suspected, has proven to be composed of  inaccurate and untrue statements.  That fluoridation of water supplies is  harmless, and that this measure achieves a 50  per cent reduction in dental decay are facts  supported by unequivocal evidence which we  can provide to anyone who wants to have it.  We are becoming tired of the tactics of  such antifluoridationists as Mr. H.S. Thullier  who wrote the above letter. These people  know perfectly well that they can provide no  facts which can in any way discredit  fluoridation and are thus forced to tell untruths. If Thullier really believes the rubbish  he writes then I suppose we should be sorry  for him.  The Safe Drinking Water Act passed in the  U.S.A. on December 6,1974 has no bearing at  all on fluoridation of water supplies and  therefore Thullier's statement in the above  letter that "This means that chemicals such  as sodium fluoride can no longer be added to  the water supply for the alleged pwpose of  reducing dental decay ..." is nonsense.  Thullier in the same letter goes an to say  "The U.S. government has followed the  example of all European governments who  now forbid fluoridation and all, except  Britain, now do." This statement also is  absolutely untrue. In Europe: Belgium,  Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Finland, East  Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, The  Netherlands,-Poland, Portugal, Romania,  and Switzerland all have active fluoridation  programmes. In Ireland fluoridation is  mandatory in all communities with central  water supplies.  We would repeat most strongly that from a  scientific point of view,fluoridation is not a  controversial issue and that this measure is  approved by all reputable medical and health  organizations throughout the world. For this  reason all antifluoridation propaganda must  be regarded with suspicion.  We will continue to present the public with  the facts concerning fluoridation and will at  the same time, deal as harshly as we can with  any person found spreading false information  on this subject.        ��� ������  <���  It would be appreciated if you could  acknowledge that we presented you with  acceptable evidence in support of the facts  expressed above.  W.B. Laing, MB, ChB.DPH,  Director  M.A. Abramson, BSc, DDS, DDPH,  Regional Dental Consultant  Coast Garibaldi Health Unit.  For Ladies and Gentleman  Pork-like Surrounding*  with Ocoan View  24 Hour Supervision  Nutritious Planned Moots  ���        ��  ask for full details  Write Box 9$5, Gibsons  The United States-controlled Little   Robertson  acidly  put it.  "if there's  League Inc., tilted its rules recently to anything more demeaning than losing to  shut out tiny Taiwan from this year's a bunch of Orientals ��� it's exposing  baseball playoffs. Seems Taiwan's been America's   red-blooded young athletes  winning too often. to potential defeat by the pre-teen  But the 'official' reason given by feminist movement!"  Little League executives is even more       Robertsbn said the whole infantile  hysterical.    They    announced    they controversy makes him want to "throw  couldn't afford to ferry in teams from  far-off places because they have already  blown $250,000 in court battles last year  keeping girls from playing on the boys'  teams!  Moans Moe Druick, director of  Canadian Little League Inc.,  "everytime we were sued by a mother  wanting her daughter on a boys' team  we had to hire a lawyer to answer it."  As Montreal sports columnist John  up .  Isn't it time Canadian coaches and  parents laughed the entire pressure-  cooker, win-mad Little League system  clear out of existence? We should set up  more community leagues to serve ALL  boys and girls interested in playing team  sports ���teach th.em expertise, sports-  peopleship ��� and let them have some  FUN.  (���Unchurched Editorials)  FIVE HUNDRED tulip bulbs ��� one of the  bigger problems Sechelt Council has had to  wrestle with this year. It is a case of What do  you do with 500 little village beautifiers?  "Council pondered the problem momentarily and said it would be delighted to accept  them from the Sechelt Legion.  Suggestions for where to put the little  fellers included the lagoon, garden on the  waterfront and around municipal buildings.  Undoubtedly village residents could think  of few backyards where they would be most  welcome.  When the village bursts into bloom next  year, direct some of your praise towards the  Legion, it Is a fine donation.  SOME LEAKY faucets create more than  an annoying drip. Tho village has a leaky  faucet in the form of a fire hydrant at the  corner of Wharf and Dolphin, and it has  created its share of annoyances.  Because the valve is so old nobody wants  to toke it apart for fear of never being able  find parts to replace it. It will bo removed  next year anyway when tho regional board  puts in a new wator main,,  In Uio meantime tho water leaking from  tho valve runs into a culvert Uiat ends whero  othor culverts also end. It's a culvert com-,  munity. At this meeting of culverts tho vlllago"  wants a manhole so someone con get down  Uiero and clean out anytiilng plugging tho  culverts,  But to do that concrete has to bo poured.  Slnco tho valve has a steady leak tho area  whore the manhold has to go In never drys up.  Tlio village maintenance mnn can't pour  concroto in wntcr but Uio regional board has  tho expertise to do lt.  You hayo Just heard tho story of why the  regional board Is supplying a man to Install n  - village manhole. Aren't you sorry you rend  it?  ROAD BUILDING In Secholt has tor-  minuted for this year, Aldorman Dennis  Shuttleworth notified the kitty would bo bust  after Dick Clayton was paid for the paVIng ho  lind dono on municipal proporty on Trail  Avenue.  Aldcrmnn Norm Wntson queried Shuttleworth as to why Mr. Clnyton couldn't wait  until the first of tho yonr for his money. Thnt  way tho $2000 odd owing Clnyton could iw  The Peninsula^Jdwuzb.  hiblMiat Wwlm-sMlnyr. nl .Socljclt   ��� .,.,���. .on ILC's Sun.>l)loo Const .,.- ~,   by  IVwwII Mot Ncvrt Town Olcr  Sccliell rnnK�� IJil.  IJox.llO-.Scclicll, IJ.C,  ,...,��� Miotic MS-3231 ���.  Stil-Ttcrlptiori Kntcn; (In ihIymicc)  11 avv\, \1 per yciu. Ikyond 35 miles, .14.  US,A.,$10,Ovmca-i$ll,  Si'tvltif! I/if tinufnmi I'oil Mellon to fyimmt.  \lhw* Sound to Jrr\'kliikt\  used for other things.  Alderman ShuttTeworth said a conflict of  interest was a possibility and it was better to  pay off Mr. Clayton within 30 days like any  small business transaction.  Council jumped on Alderman Shuttleworth  for reiterating the words "conflict of interest" that had only been mentioned 'n the  press.  Dennis persisted and Mr. (3ayton will  have the money within 10 days.  Alderman Shuttleworth said it wasn't his  intention to be in hock to Mr. Clayton for a  year when he originally agreed to accepting  Mr. Clayton's generous offer tp pave part of  Trail whether council had the funds immediately available or not.  WE WONDER if our new Welcome Wagon  service will be calling on Hon.i Ron Basford,  Minister of National Revenue, and World  Figure Skating Champion Karen ("I Love  It") Mognussen when they move Into their  new homes soon on the Sunshine Coast?  A LADY in Redrooffs reports she has  found a great way to keep deer out of her  garden.  Sho says sho surrpunded her gardon with  some of her husband's old fishing line. The  line, she claims, prevents Uie deer from  coming Into the garden nrea by restraining  them without hurting them. She claims It  works.  In tho August 6 edition of The Times, wo  carried an accident report of a motorcycle  being struck by 0 car. Tlio driver of tho car  was reported to bo Edith Whlto.  It scorns there are two EdlUi Wliltcs living  in Roborts Creek, so for the record, tho driver  of tho accident vohlclo was Edith Ann Whlto  of Lowor Rood, not Edith L, Whlto of Metcnlfo  Rond.  SECHELT  TOTEM CLUB  Fridays - 8:00 p.m.  RESERVE HALL  50 calls for $300,00  $7 S to go  EVERYONE WELCOME  meiLp y��UK  On Wodnosday, August 27th,  ono of our representatives  will be at  Sunnycrost Motel, Gibsons (9-11 ��30 a.m.]  Dolla Poach Motol, Secholt 11-3.00 p.m.]  Tots 006-9920 [Gibsons]    005-9561  [Socholt]  W\v>W'mtttvdiamumu(it^thrA\mwiMMrM  ''}> "t'tr iliVfy'itli'tur .��"���' r t *llttfl iTn*fl.tiUtt>''fri  t-fiifdtMHHI (W.itWtifmntWhWMOJiinT dixit  tmtvntwmmtnfm^vn/mnfvmmnrwvr^^  14S Wost 15th Stroot,  North Vancouvor, B.C,  Tols 900-6571  for reservations:  Phone 883-2266  Madeira Marina  Skippered Fishing Charters  Evening Pleasure Cruises.  Skippered Charters include Tackle, Bait,  ir     Food and Ice.  -" -'  U      Radio-Telephone for  your  Safety  and  U      Convenience.  |      37' Seagoing Vessel  LOTTA FUN'  nnr .ii  .117*11' icpi^r"3r*Hrri>r*ir"ii"^r^rTii^i'^r'^i''Hri3iT'it���ir-'Ti--iF!ir-jnr7?iir*irr^|  .Based in  Pender Harbour  Editor, The Times,  Sir: ���As an infrequent visitor to the  village of Gibsons, I wish to point out t the  absence of a necessary road sign on'the  bypass road around Gibsons.  Southbound on Highway 101, a small sign  indicates a bypass to Langdale Ferry Terminal. If the driver is lucky enough to catch  the sign and follow the road, he then finds an  intersection which, if he continues in a  straight line, becomes a gravel road. No  indication if the terminal is right or left. A left  turn is the correct way.  This situation is atrocious especially  considering the number of visitors who will be  lost as a consequence.  As it is, I missed a ferry and have some  choice things to say to the idiot responsible if I  can find but who that is.  RobertFair,  Richmond.  Concemoyer  physiotherapy  Editor, The Times:  Sir ���As a patient of St. Mary's  Physiotherapy Department, I was very  pleased to receive professional treatment  from their staff of Miss Mary Walton and  Mrs. Roberto Rosberg. I have the greatest  admiration for them, as I found them to be  two dedicated specialists.  I was very concerned to find that the  physiotherapy department would be closed in  the near future.  As you recall the reason for moving the  hospital from Garden Bay to Sechelt was to  provide a first class hospital with all  facilities. Surely, a physiotherapy department is part of a first class hospital.  I am concerned, are you?  G. Provencher  Madeira Park.  Editor's note: Yes, we are concerned  about the facilities at St. Mary's Hospital.  Dana Kearney, head nurse at the hospital,  assured The Times and its readers that there  has been no policy change in regards to  physiotherapy being offered at the hospital.  She said the hospital' is .between  physiotherapy staff members at the moment  and that new personnel would be hired as  soon as possible ��� hopefully by September.  In the meantime physiotherapy treatment  which has been prescribed by a physician Is  being provided for in-patients, although outpatient physiotherapy has been somewhat  curtailed at the moment.  rz\  [~3  lo)  cm  viix  _________!     Vs^    L_J     Waaa  (Public Inquiries Act, R.S.B.C. 1960, Chapter 315)   .  TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the British Columbia Public Inquiries Act that His Honour  The Lieutenant-Governor in Council has been pleased to appoint as Commissioners the  following persons, namely:  Hon.'T. G. NorrisQ.C, Chairman  Frederick Bowers  Lawrence J. Wallace  The Commissioners will receive written briefs and verbal submissions from individuals and  organizations. The Conimisslon will specifically give consideration to three terms of reference:  1. To take into account, where feasible and necessary, historical and regional claims for  representation.  2. To make their recommendations on the basis that the Legislative Assembly comprise not  fewer than 55 nor more than 62 members.  3. To give consideration to the provision of multiple member ridings of two members each  in areas of dense population,  Individuals or organizations Intending to submit briefs at public hearings should  communicate with the office of the Secretary of the Commission at the earliest  convenient t|me. It is desirable that persons present their submissions at the place  of hearing closest to their residence and concern.  The Commission will hold hearings In the following places on the dates specified  hereunder. Details with respect to the locations and times of hearings will be announced later.  Terrace  Prince Rupert  Smlthers,  Burns He *  Now Westminster  Chllliwack  Haney  Surrey  Vancouver  Vancouver,'  Dawson Crook  Fort St, John  Prince George  Williams Lnko  Kamloops  Tuesday, September 9  Wednesday, September 10  ���_WednesdaY,���SepjerribeiJP^  "Thursday, September il  Friday, September 12'  Tuesday, September 16  Wednesday, September 17  Wednesday, September 17  Thursday, September 18  Friday, September 19  Tuesday, September 23  Tuesday, September 23  Wednesday, September 24  Thursday, September 25  Friday, September 26  Victoria        Tuesday, September 30  Duncan       Wednesday, October 1  _���WaDQ.IraQ���~w.We.dnesdayl���OctoberJ-^.--w  Albernl  ,     Thursday, October 2  Courtenay    Thursday, October 2  Powell River Friday, October 3  Penticton     Tuesday, October 7  Kelowna      Wednesday, October 8  Vernon        Wednesday, October 8  Salmon Arm Thursday, October 9  Revelstoke   Thursday, October 9  Friday, October 10  Tuesday, October U  Morritt  Golden  Cranbrook  Rossland  Nelson  Wednesday, October 1(  Thursday, October 16  Thursday, October 16  All representations to tho ComrTilssloo must be made either, at a hearing, or by a,written.brlel ���,,,..  "or by lottor,^addressed to the Secretary, Final date for making written submissions will be  October 16,1975,  K. L, Morton  Secretary,-.- .,,,������,,.,-. - .-, -���~ - -  Provincial Redistribution Commission  2735 Camblo Streob  879-7531, local 226 Vancouvor, B,C, V5Z 2V4  ��  ^ywp^' .���jp'^.'iilj��iwiwp��!BJw��*^ h Jinn aim m mm m. wwi imim^mmmmipmii��^*wmtm  ���* _ 5> % . '(������ *       -       x   ^ * �� h    "  .-s��Att)fcBqMk><>>M*J*M^  ��� ���mi)'  Mfe&tf*.  m*>~-4 /  1 4��V. i*  \ r4  a      -S.  "\  Wednesday, August 20,1975  The Peninsula Times  PageA-3  r~  k����� m  Not everyone subscribes  to the v  The Peninsula^^  But then��� not everyone comes in outte the rain either.  885-3231  ���mBM'iiii ���mm  GATHERED in a Circle like the wagon Roberts Creek over the Sea Cavalcade from as far away as Florida and Texas  trains of old, 32 Ultra Coaches gathered weekend. The gathering was one of the to attend the gathering which included  in the Maurice Hemstreet Property in   four the club has a year. Visitors came   local sightseeing, club meeting, special  events maintenance sessions and much  visiting with old friends from past  rallies. ���Timesphoto  What looked like an aircraft without wings  rolled along Highway 101 towards Roberts  Creek.  At Lockyer Road it turned up and then into  a driveway where it joined a circle of 30 other  idential vehicles. They are Ultra coaches and  four times a year their owners head them off  to diverse parts of North America on rallies.  The Sunshine! "Coast was this year's target,  more specifically the Hemstreet property on  Lockyer Road.  "The Hemstreets have been just great to  us," one rally member said. "They are  treating us just royally."  About 600 of the unique Ultracoaches were  built between 1961 and 1973. The last two  Ultracoaches, both custom models, manufactured by the company were at the rally.  There are about 175 club members, but the  average number for a 'big rally' is about 30,  less for a 'small' rally. The Roberts Creek  rally was one of the two 'big' ones held each  year.  The rally saw Ultracoaches come from as  far away as Florida and was the first held  outside the U.S.  The vehicles are designed like aircraft  fuselages rather than the automobile design  of body and chassis. Most are powered by 110  or 140 horsepower Corvair engines in the  rear. Tftey get about 20 miles per jgallon,.;  Some models are powered by off-centre  mounted GM engines and get about 14 to 17  miles per gallon;  With the Ultracoach company out of  business, owners do most of their own  maintenance and customizing.  This rally was the group's 32nd, the first  being in 1967.  The rally gave time for the group to explore their new environment, have a meeting,  campfire activities, and a maintenance  session. The vehicles are unique in that they  have a double bench front seat with three-way  positioning for driving, eating or relaxing.  ��� Two of the hosts for the rally were Len and  Edy Ryerson of Welcome Beach.  giniimer gale  <9   9   0   O   9   0  Leisure Suits  Vi P  Entire stock  of  Short Sleeve   fiStf  Shirts        M  reduced....   V4/   v^>  ^5% to 50%    )"*' A  <X��.  I.    Wa- if        t   ^   *'   -J!  I  ��  *L  -f  ^       % fr ���+-HWS.4 a* * ��tf ��.-�����_  i*!**-    I*  -*xSv  Sunshine Coast Consumer Group is doing  some shopping.   '  "We have some girls who are doing some  shopping here and in Vancouver," said  consumer organizer Joe Kampman, "they  are working with identical lists of 25 to 50  basic household items, necessities basically,  with the emphasis on regular, not sale,  prices.  "Where possible we are compiling identical lists in stores in the same chain,"  Kampman said.  "The idea is not to take the lists to the local  merchants and say 'your prices are too high'  but to get an idea of just how much more  people nre paying for things locally and to  alert the store owners to the differences.  They, of course, will be given the opportunity  to rebut."  Kampman said the consumer group also  plans to go a little deeper.  "Wo ore going to get into areas that tho  normal householder wouldn't. Wo plan to take  samples of, for example, hamburger locally  and havo It analyzed for fat content. We wapt  to seo that local consumers are getting tho  quality thoy deserve." Kampman said ho has  received complaints of excessive hamburgor  shrinkage in cooking because of high fat  content,"  Ho added, "Otherwise tho group is  carrying out tho basic orgonteatlonnl tasks,  Wo nro planning for n largo meeting or scries  of meetings In September."  ���w  ~i>  r-  ���"�� ..j?-  EDY RYERSON of Welcome Beach  stands in the, door of her Ultracoach,  one of the 32 which took part in the rally  recently held at Roberts Creek. There  were about 600 units manufactured by.  the Ultracoach company and about 175  of them belong to the rally club which  holds four rallies a year. Because the  manufacturer has gone out of business,  owners do most oMheir own main-  tenance.  ��� Timesphoto  Jlmpm Mien9�� wear  5H Wl in *he heart of sechelt  L H      885-9330  \P  __S��.  ^  >}  INTERIOR of the Ultracoach includes  revolving bench seats which can be  turned forward for driving, facing each  other for eating from a drop-leaf table or  inward for livingroom type seating.  Vehicle is designed along the lines of an  aircraft (fuselage rather than the  standard-' road vehicle chassis and  frame. ��� Timesphoto  ���a  Inflation, as it happened in Germany,  France and other countries, was not the  result of inflation itself; it was the result of  national bankruptcy; '  UBC's Department of Pharmacology has  several vital heart research projects underway to combat strokes and heart  disease ��� this is B.C. Heart in action!  TRAIL RIDING  $5,00 per hour  iadeira Park   883-9923  SU^SUBNIE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  M  <mm\  FOLLOW SUOKEY'S RULES  BE sure to  drown all fires,  Enumeration of Electors in Electoral Areas  Tho Synshlno Coast Regional District has now complotod a  door-to-door enumeration of electors In Electoral Areas "A", "B", /  "C", "D", "E", and "F".  If you aro an Eligible Voter and havo not, boon opumoratod,  contact this offlco and an application for registration will bo  provldod.  The list of oloctors closos at 5:00 p.m. August 31st, 1975.  You aro an ELIGIBLE ELECTOR If you, or any othor mombor of  your family, or housohold rosldlng at your prosont addresa aros  (1) Nlnotoon yoara of ago, or moro; (boo footnoto*)  (2) A Canadian Cltlzon or British Sub|oct;  (3) A Resident of Canada for tho past twolvo months, and q  Rosldontof British Columbia for tho past six months Immediately  procodlng tlio dato of Application for Roglatratlon as an Eloctor.  * Pootnotoi  i ������ , , ���  Any person not yot nlnotoon years of ago, but will bo op, or  boforo, Saturday, November 15,1975 and la otherwise qualified,  will bo ontltlod to bo roglntored as an Elector,  N.B. No Eligible Elector can bo placed on the List of Eloctora after  tho Court of Revision hold on October 1 st In oach yoar.  Wlr��. A.G, Pressley  Secretary-Treasurer  Sunshine Coaal Roglonal District  P.O. Box BOO  , Socholt, B.C,  Phono 005-2261  SAVE YOUR��� THE IWD  WITH THE BEST,. ��� ft  AND GENERAL PAINT  INTERIOR ��� ENAMEL UNDERCOAT ��� PRIMER SEALER, ���  ALKYD SEMI-GLOSS ��� ALKYD  EGGSHELL ��� VELVET ALKYD  FLAT ��� LATEX SEMI-GLOSS ���  LATEX EGGSHELL  EXTERIOR -PRIMER ��� PORCH &  FLOOR ��� HOUSE & TRIM GLOSS  ��� LATEX FLAT ��� LATEX GLOSS  ONlfrPAiNf  EL BREEZE  0Kos  o  GAL  QUART $3.89  CHOOSE FflOM HUNDREDS OF CUSTOM COLOURS,  DEEP AND ACCENT COLOURS SLIGHTLY HIGHER PRICED.  Vb  Look to  Gibsons Building Supplies  Gibsons 886-2642  FOR AU YOUR PAINTING NEEDS  opa-73  '(Ml *-,  Page A-4  Ttie Peninsula Times.  OVER-ALL  WINNER   in   the   baby the trophy for her. Funniest baby was  photography contest at Sea Cavalcade Patricia Hammond and saddest was  was Christi Hercus who here reaches Rosi Shaldon. Prizes were donated by  otit for her trophy. Christi also collected Todd's Drygoods, Douglas Variety and  tl|e trophy foir.th.ehappiest baby ih the Western Drugs with special thanks to  competition. Her mother helped accept Don's Shoes.  Jf                   ���-���"   ���'���      ' '  (BSB .^BQ B8S1 QJ9 ��23 Q9J9 HHI KSE9 OSI ESS -Q!9 QQ| 039 BBI 1991 .jbbj qqi BBB SB9 BS9 GS39 .CS8 8BB .^&S9 sSSSS ESS G9S9 1333 Qwi  I?       ��� ��� . ' ,v-; .'��� v.  ni; * Put your message into 4,000  "�����. '��� homes (15,000 readers) in  ii ' these economical spots. Your  n ' ad is always there for quick  ���"js   ^reference - .. . onyHmel  Wednesday, August 20,1975  Pender Harbour residents will have a  chance to express the concerns of their area  to the regional board without leaving home  territory in September.  This will be the first time the Sunshine  Coast Regional Board has left their Sechelt  boardroom and gone directly to the people to  hold a planning meeting.  Frank West, chairman of the regional  board, said a decision was made last April to  hold every other planning meeting (one every  two months) in one of the electoral areas to  deal with specific concerns of local residents.  West said now that the board has done  much of the ground,work in building and  zoning by-law areas over the past three  months, it has kid the foundations for  productive public meetings and is now ready  to go into the various districts.  At last Thursday's regional board meeting  it was decided Jim Causey, director of area  A. would get together with Pender Harbour  residents and draw up an agenda for the  September 18 meeting.  Director Peter Hoemberg said it was the  intention of the board at these meetings to go  over the detailed concerns of people that  cannot be dealt with at the general policy and  planning meetings.  He said there was a need, especailly in  Pender Harbour, for these planning meetings  to be taken directly to public in specific areas.  St. John's United Church in Davis Bay will  not hold services this Sunday so the  congregation can attend the Gibsons United  Church where Major and Mrs. David Hammond and the Salvation Army music company will lead the morning worship this  SUhday,  Those wishing transportation to Gibsons  should be at St. John's United Church no later  than 10:30 a.m.  I^si,swiai)wasawi��w��ii'mai|��rji��ty^[ilsyiw^1 ���Wi,wiy'J'l''V*L  ��  Ste  * Trevor W. Neate  * Larry E. Lewis  .103 1557 Gower Pt.  Gibsons,  886-2712  Rd.  mmmmmmmmmmmmWm  i  , BBS BUM GBO CSS ES9 (��09 qqq EJJJ wstfi J33 631 ESS C8S9 I  Interested in a scheduled  g service  and Powell River?  0  or  .0. Box $40,  SedieBt, B.C.  * Here's on economical way to  reach 4,000 homes (15,000  readers) every week. Your ad  wpits patiently for ready reference ....  anytime!  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Sechelt ��� Phono 003-9016  ~ 7 "ClOSED'ON'MONDAYS ' ' "   Rocyolo tfilo rJowopaporl  t���t> ��<���� imn  I  i  1  I  I  t^P  P^ WmV��% RM|   PW|   (WB|   PWW|   \Wm%)   tmMm\   1fm%%\   t-\%%\  9*%m\   Pttm)   MM|   WM|  WW  w%m% fmrnm)  fmm%}  \mWm\  \Wmm\ 9m%% IWW  |MN| |MM|   %%%%_]  {mfmm)  pMM MM   Wmm)  (WW  IWMI   PW   WW  WW  WW  WW   W^   PW^   WW   WW  WW   WW   WW   WW   WW   WW   WW  WW  WW   ,mm%\  WW  (W8(   WW  PmW% WW  WW  WW   WW  WW   WW  WW   WW  mmm\   WW   WW   WW  |WW   WW  WW   PW^   |WW  WW   WW  WW   WW   ..s^W  l^^  ^H   i^^W   .Is^W  WW *%��%} ^^  lmmm\\ \m^mj^mm% lmWm\  is  m.  a  a  i  i V  ��7Sl "*E*i  'it  What do you think of people who when  going fishing, rather than pay a dollar for bait  steal a floating bait bucket of herring tied to a  boat alongside their own vessel? This happened to a friend of mine who w^s staying  with me recently.  He recognized the boat he had been tied to  when he went out fishing and followed it back  into the government dock at Madeira Park  and sure enough they had his property.  The people aboard were so mad at being  caught with his goods they wanted to start  trouble (to save face I supposefbutmy friend  wisely declined to get involved with the likes  of them and left with his property.  It makes one wonder at the mentality of  some people, pathetic, no?  According to my friend, the boat in  question was pretty beat up looking and was  painted blue. As for the people in the boat ���  they helped to spoil the weekend visit of one  of the finest and straightest men I've ever had  ' the honour of calling friend. Enou,gh said.  Our gang spent some happy days on Cortes  Island. Now there is a trip worth taking,  Four ferries are required but the scenery is  terrific and the driving in between easy.  My wife's brothers have property around a  lake there and they have a beach the like of  which is found only in places like the islands  of the South Pacific for instance.  I won't bore you with details of our family  get together but a couple of things happened  that make me chuckle whenever I think of  them.  One case in point was my friend Peter.  The poor lad! Himself being so used to  having servants to attend his every whim  found it hard to adjust to roughing it in the  bush so to speak. Actually, we slept in a  trailer so as far as I was concerned it was  luxury.  I was awakened one time in the small  hours of the morning and there was Peter by  the light of the lamp dabbing Dettol on what  m^mby Jock Bachop  883-9056  he claimed was a million mosquito bites.  The things he said about the little  creatures! My goodness,;I began to wonder if  any of them had parents.  The weather was a mite cool and damp but  I cooked our meals outdoors anyway.  After theTfirst morning when the word got  around, the whole camp would get up early  just to watch Peter leave the comparative  security of the trailer and join us for breakfast.  Everyone was dressed reasonably warm  because of the cool weather but my friend  outdid everyone.  Out he would come dressed in heavy  trousers and shirt, a stout tweed jacket and a  long sturdy winter coat.  Oh, he was a sight to see, ploughing  through the wet bush with a look of stern  resolve on his face and clutching a bottle of  scotch to his breast!  There was never a dry eye among the  enthralled spectators and with some of the  more hysterical women I'm sure there was  the odd wet seat too.  I myself was the butt of a few jokes too.  Our last evening there was clear and  starry and the younger members of the group  prevailed ori me to sleep with them on the  beach. We were all in our sleeping bags and  ready to doze off when my wife arrived on the  scene carrying my jacket.  While I squired inside my sleeping bag she  informed me in loud clear tones that my  mother insisted I wear it in, case I got chilled.  Oh brother! As I lay cursing'silently, insinuating little voices began to drift along the  row of sleeping bags.  "Is momsey coming to tuck you in? Or ���  "Do what momsey says."  I'll never be able to look those kids in the  eye again. I-       -  So much for that trip.  Next week I hope things will be back to  normal with the return of the 'Happenings'.  t  \  v  ���iiaj*  W<" '  U  ~]    Wednesday, August 20,1975  The Peninsula Times   ,  PageA-5  t����  'A r  .   Or   /  /  y\  r-H  s  rJ  S  S  J-      /  f #r -"  - ^  ,'T.  i     f  t l  :-.:Ji  /  /  1  it  V *  ���*  \.  ^>  *    I/-  ��<&  f  I"  (r1-  \1  1 s  I   <i  v.  EVERY THURSDAY ��� P.M.A.A. Meeting, Wilson Creek Community Hall ���  8:30 p.m.  '���'  EVERY THURSDAY ���"8,00 p.m., Bingo, Pender hldrbour Community. Hall.  ��� "TOPS" meeting at Public Health Centre, 1:30-i:00 p.m.  EVERY FRIDAY���) p.m. - 3-p.m. Gibsons United Church Womens Thrift Shop.  First Monday of each month 2 p.m. social gathering. Third Monday of each  -   .  month 2 p.m. general meeting. Health Centre, Gibsons.  August 24 ���10 a.m. municipal beach, Gibsons, Annual Gibsons' Firemen  Water Sports.  PjO. io* 310,  EWINSyLA^fel^  v/  ���/���  Halfmoon Bay Happenings  --���*,-.v,v,=--.w,.--"r r,.. ���bv Mary Tinkb7  LOCAL ARTISTS Kurt Reichel and Deb  Ede will be presenting a display pf his  sculpture and her paintings August 23 on  Cowrie Street in Sechelt. The show will  be located in the area behind the  Auxiliary Thrift Store. Here they flank  one of Kurt's Creations. Kurt works in  welding, resin casting and plastics. Deb  works in oils and acrylics.  ��� Timesphoto  Bingo at the Welcome Beach Hall tonight  (Wednesday) will start at 7:30 p.m. and  everybody is welcome.  At an executive meeting of the Welcome  Beach Community Association held last  week, the date was set for .the official re- '  opening of the Welcome Beach Hall following  the completion of the New Horizons project.  On Sunday, September 28 at 2 p.m. Mrs. Elma  Tolliday of the New Horizons programme will  cut the ribbon and declare the extension open.  All members and friends of the Association  are asked to mark this date on their calendars  and watch this column for further particulars.  At the Stuart LeFeaux cottage recently  was Ruth LeFeaux with some wonderful  experiences to recount to her parents. Ruth,  who has been teaching in Kitimat for two  years, decided she would like to take a look at  the world before settling down to another  year in the classroom, so she and a friend set  off on a series of flights, first to New Zealand  and Australia. They then took a look at Asia's  Pacific coast, visiting Japan, Taiwan, Hong  Kong and Malaysia. Japan was beautiful, but  overcrowded and expensive. The place  which delighted them most was Taiwan  where they spent three weeks. The charm and  friendliness of the people fascinated them and  they were amazed by the industrial progress  being made by the country. After a stop in  Oran, Algeria, they crossed to Europe,  visiting Spain, Portugal, Italy; France,  Sweden and Greece. On the whole, they found  prices high throughout Europe, but Greece,  besides being a most interesting country, was  a more reasonable place for tourists.  Soon it will be back to the classroom for  Ruth and she plans to resume her teaching  career at Jaffray, between Fernie and  Cranbrook, but she will have many wonderful  memories of her trip and her lessons will  surely be richer for her glimpse of tho world,  The Sunshlno Coast continues to draw  visitors from all over the world. Ono visitor at  Redrooffs last,week who como, from Lima,  Peru, was Scnora Estella Carlllo Natterl, who  was a guest at Sandford Dene. Sho spoke no  English, but the Alan Jncques, who believe  Uiat affection and friendship can overcome  most barriers, polished up their Spanish and  thoroughly enjoyed thoir'visitor. Senora  Nattcrl who worlks with a group which Is  promoting handicrafts,such as furs, leather,  gold and silver jewelry In tho U.S. nnd  Canada, had already visited Now York. After leaving B.C. sho flew to Los Angeles and  then to Florida to look at Dlsnoy World. It was  flvo years ago when tho Jacques wore  travelling around South America tliat thoy  ,���first met,Scnora,,Natterl,,Thoy, hadJKscn,  entertained most hospitably nnd lind been  shown around Limn nnd tho surrounding  areas, seeing mnny things which most  tourists would hnvo missed.  Mr. nnd Mrs. Jncques mndo contact with  Sonorn Nattcrl nnd with their recent li>  tcrostlng visitors from Mexico through tho  Experiment In International Living, plnnncd  by n group of people who fcol that If tho youth  of tho world can oxchnngo cultures nnd  friendship by travelling to othor countries  "and learning other lnnBungofl, thin should  help In maintaining good relations one with  tho other and bring about pace among tho  nntlons,  Visiting from Ontario hnvo been Bob Ellin  nnd hln wlfo Anno from Kitchener nnd Anne's  poronta. Mr, nnd Mrs, Orvlllo Ucdrtrd with  son John of Strnthroy. Tho Bodnrds spent n  fow dny�� nt the Alex Ellis homo nnd thon did  Homo visiting and sightseeing In Vancouver  boforo flying buck to Ontnrlo. Bob nnd Anno  will enjoy o few mor�� weeks In Redrooffa  before returning to their studies at Waterloo  University,  From Montreal, Mnrllyn nnd Rusty  Russell, with Neville, Frank nnd Linda hnvo  lK.cn upending their vncntlon nt tho homo of  Marilyn's mother, Mrs. Eva Lyons. Thoy all  travelled to Abbotsford last week-end to  attend the wedding of one of Mrs. Lyons'  nephews. Also visiting Mrs. Lyons have been  her daughter-in-law, Leona Laird with  daughter Lisa from Surrey.  Guests of Mips: Keith Cdmyri have beeni her  nephew Don Wood with his wife Alison and  son Kevin from Calgary. After a visit at  Welcome Woods, they made the circle tour  across to Vancouver Island and visited an  uncle in Victoria.  At the George Adamson cottage have  been Mrs. Adamson's sister, Mrs. Alex  Mikolajow and their mother, 94 year old Mrs.  J.B. Clements from Vancouver.  Good weather August 23 will see a display  of sculpture and painting in Sechelt.  Kurt Reichel and wife Deb Ede will be  displaying theff works iii the area behind ttie  Thrift Shop on Cowrie Street in Sechelt between 11 a.m. and 4 p.ni. August 23.  Kurt is a sculptor who works in welding,  resin casting and plastics. He recently  finished a three year course'at the Kootenay  School of Art. Deb is a painter who works in  oils and acrylics.  They .are originally from the Sunshine  Coast and have returned here after com  pleting the courses in the Kootenays.  .   "There are a lot of artists and musicians in  the,, interior," he said, "we have had a few  shows there."  He said the two were, "just starting out,"  and the August 23 show would include some  items for display and some for sale.  "We mainly just want people to get to  know us and the work we do, he Said.  The show is outdoors and is dependant on  good weathers  The two are presently living in the Selma  Park area.  Wl-.,---'  fin  A  m  Pursuant to soctlon 703 of tho Municipal Act, thoir   Interest   and   proporty   affoct   by   tho  public hearings will bo hold as follows to con- proposed  by-law   shall   bo   affordod   an   op-  sldor By-law No. 96, a land uso rogulatlon by-law portunlty to bo heard on matters contained In  to  roplaco  Sunshlno   Coast   Regional   District tho by-law.  Zoning By-law 35, 1970. All thoso who doom  A. Intent of By-Law 96  To simplify, standardize and update tho existing regulations rogardlng the uso of  land, Including tho location and uso of building, within Electoral; Areas A B, C, D,,'  EandFof tho Suhsjilno Coast Regional District, arid .  1  To ad|ust zone boundaries, whore necessary, to romovo certain Inconslqtoncloa  within tho prosont zoning map, Including thoso causod by tho kand Commission  B. Hearings:  ELECTORAL AREA  B, C and D  E and F  A  DATE  LOCATION  Aug. 23,1975,1:30 p.m,^^^  Aug, 24,1975,1:30 p.m.  <  Aug; 24,1975, 7*30 p,m���  Langdalo Elomontary School  Johnsons Road, Langdale  Madolra Park Community Hall  Take notlco that soctlon A above Is a synopsis of  "* By-la w" 96 -arid Ii" nof "cieoniocl ��b bo"' an In-"  torprotatlon of this by-law. By-law 96 may bo  Sunshlno,Coast Regional District  Box 000  Socholt, B.C, VON 3A0  085-2261  /  ,n,Poc,0lat'ho RofllonfltPlstrKt Offices, 1238  Wharf St., Socholt, durlqg offlcos hours, namely  Monday to Friday, 0:30 a.m. to 4s00 p,m.  Irs. A. 0. Pressley  Secretary-Treasurer  3  ��.<ff i'.-iit    *\   ./��    Sf   Ti.f.   i  ,.'t ,��,- if,  ll��� w      , ,, ltj.f t.  I., _.  ���7   f-'.I       *   I-      ���������$"'      .t       f/."tiU4..<    J*-,        *���!. (Jl'^ap���5(.(!ia..^       I/O/}]"  ia.    laa/'I. rlt." J,, , ,   -J,  ,,,'^,{1.,  f  j,     f.(,   ��f > l?*fj/ jC���    ���/'   "    fir lH  ,.    "-, K.- in'   i." (!�����  rt.;.. "..|_i      '.��� t , Fl[/Jir��.irl��tiJ-t' it (a /���;.{->���  If    ,cM-     ���>    \ ���lf     ��.|    ,      'a .'(V'l ������I'ajff"'   4V *' ���"������&   'J'lr'','l'li,t\,  "'t    ,ipt       ,. i ���    /'f.f;'..,f...i.,.j3 riifM/if /��rW.    -.-   < 10 IH-  ill     't   ,l��     J   .ri '���������'   I     ���'e   "���<*���    j't-l   "���/if'-'n J-*l Ii:i1tj WJL  ��>  f     ��.Mf'-��._  ��-,. Mkjfr,,, ,jf!i it   ,i-,,f /,j q,(-nr,t\  ��    ;��������-   'ft  ,'ttf      r;,\l-\.l��-\t,   ,tft.l  ..MUf.    fit.     ftttpt' |.��rf ,./'4s/��  a     'like it   t,usJ'i'.t.ji.iti'/it    -I'    ffy/iil'Hlllr-i , l',' tJtlir.Twtfl  �����*�������� ,,f A tUr - H't't- -it    ,'i.fjfifWi.frtSir   |->  ; ;,��.,. /,&, '{.)>-.(<���>/  -'Cl      - ...th* I'lO- tfl-f      ��--     4f-l ifllii'f    'll'l-i     *��.     MJl .J't<l{ X  *&niaiiiu*--wi jj^r��*nj&- w^vi<it'irfft,vmt-( spirtfihri/  ���V oi'^c}} ;f. .1 iNv^k If tp W? t -uofqpi. FQftipjn!  Available to Canadian Citizens or  Residents of Canada Only       .  Proposed offering  of Shares  7% convertible,  redeemable,  class B  preferred shares  (of, the par value of $100 per share)  featuring...  o   Quarterly Dividends. Fixed cumulative  preferential cash dividends at the rate of 7%  per annum.  o   Convertible Into Common. Eaph Class B  Preferred Share will be convertible Into 10  Common Shares of CDC  ��   Two Bonus Common Shares, Each Class B  Share carries the right to receive two Bonus  Common Shares, to bedelivered In 1980and 1985.  ��   Redeemable at Holder's Option. Class B  Preferred Shares will be redeemable at the  holder's option between October 2,1985 and  October 1,1986 at $100 plus accrued dividends.  ��   Instalment Purchase Plan, Either 2,5,10 or  20 Shares may be purchased In Instalments  over an eight-month period, Tho down payment  required Is an arhount equal to 20% of tho subscription price plus the administration charge.  -o^VoWnffWvWflflorEMh'C|a8'a"B"Prefe'rre~du~"'  Share will oe entitled to 10 votes,  \ o   Priority, Class B Preferred Shares will ranK  Junior to the outstanding Class A Preferred  Sharos.  PRICE: $100 per share  Thodf faring will only bo made through registered soourltloa dealers. To rooolvo a copy ol  the preliminary prospectus oontaot your  Investment deafor, or atockbroHor, or mall tho  coupon below.  TO: '        ' (2I0'  P.O, Box 0550,340 Woot QooVqI�� Qln   Vancouvor, D.O, VOQ 4G3 '  Plooso arranqo to sand mo �� copy of tho preliminary  proapootua rotating to iho'propoood public oilorlnn  ofCDCSharoa. <  NAME���..  ADDRESS _  picnno print  No.  Oirooi  City  I'rovinno  Ponlrtl Coiin  1  I. PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 20,1975  ���  ,W'  /  Howe Soundings  It was a great Cavalcade for tugboats,  beer gardens and dancers; great, too, for  derby fishermen who came to the waters  around Gibsons in a great lemming-like rush.  But most of all, it was a great weekend for  rabbits. Though these animals are not normally associated with the sea, they played an  important role in this year's Sea Cavalcade.  There were rabbits in the parade, and there  was the Velveteen Rabbit at Dougal Park on  Saturday afternoon. Rows of children sat on  the grass watching the preparations for the  Driftwood Players' play "Sure you can stay ���  your Mum won't mind if it's a play." This,  one small boy persuaded his friend to stay at  the park instead of going home. The children  knew, although nobody told them, that there  was magic in the air.  First of all, a friendly lion came around  giving out popcorn, then the play started.  Humpty Dumpty explained that they were in  Robbie's bedroom with the Velveteen Rabbit  and all the toys, who came to life when there  were no grown-ups around. The audience was  askdd to help by warning the toys when a  grown-up was coming. "Shout 'Look Out' if  you see or hear or smell a grown-up,"  Humpty Dumpty told them. The children  were only too pleased to oblige, and had a few  practises till they got it loud enough.  The story, unfolds in true fairytale fashion.  The unhappy rabbit's dreams come true ���  he becomes 'really real', not only to his  beloved Robbie, but to everybody. In a happy  ending, he discovers he has hind-legs that  work, just like other rabbits. There were  some strange characters in Robbie's  bedroom ��� his,. ('Look Out') ��� fussy feather-  dusting mother; a very busy doctor who  condemns Velveteen Rabbit to be burned  after Robbie's illness; a grumpy gardener  who has to stuff the victim into a plastic  garbage bag; two leaping rabbits who  heartlessly desert the velveteen version  because of his sedentary habits; and a bad  Toy Fairy. This creature annoyed the toys  intensely, tapping them with her wand (Zap,  you're a toad!), chattering incessantly, and  flitting from one to another with her hop, skip,  and an almost-jump. Events took a turn for  the better with the arrival ��� just in time ���  of the Magic Nursery Fairy, and goodness  triumphs over evil. (  The young audience went home satisfied  that the Velveteen Rabbit would leap happily  By Margaret Jones 886-9843  ever after.  At Brothers Park on Sunday afternoon,  there were more 'really real' rabbits. It was  Achievement Day for the local 4H Club, and  Neil Stubberfield of Powell River was talking  to young rabbit-keepers. They listened attentively as he pointed out good points and  weak points (no fault of the animals or their  owhers). As he judged, explained, demonstrated and taught, he enthralled 4H members and spectators alike with his obvious  enthusiasm for his subject. The primary  aim of the 4H rabbit-keepers is the production  of meat, and ih some cases, fur. The Red New  Zealand rabbit, for example, should be a  sorrel colour with as much red as possible,  since strips from the belly are used for fur. An  interesting entry was a 'Lop', a rabbit With  long ears that hang down and should ideally  touch the table.  It was evident from the way the young  people handled their pets that they had a lot in  common with Robbie and his plush pet, but  none of the 4H rabbits saw their cuddly cousin  later that afternoon. By that time they had  been lovingly replaced in their boxes and  taken home. If they had been on the Gibsons  Wharf they would have enjoyed the second  performance of the play, which was well-  performed in spite of the background noises,  and well-received. They would have seen the  bad Toy Fairy 'scalped' on her last exit,  revealing her true identiay ��� Relic of the  Beachcombers.  The play was adapted from a story,  rewritten and dramatized by the Driftwood  Players. Production was directed by Ian  Corrnace, assisted by Bob Barr. Costumes  were by Sandy Miller and Helen Charko;  makeup by Sandy Klam, and props by Eileen  Glassford. Complimentary popcorn by  courtesy of the Twilight Theatre.  The cast was as follows: Humpty-  Dumpty - Terry Karkabe; Robbie - Billy  Hume; Robbie's Mum-Marion Alsager;  Velveteen Rabbit-Bob Barr; Wizard-Ed  Lands; Lion - Ken Dalgleish; Raggedy Ann -  Lola>^Woodsley; Drummer Boy r Brad  Quarry; Clown-Linda.Mosley; Jack-in-the-  box - Manuane Laplante; Doctor - Bob  Fiedelman; Bad Fairy -Robert Clothier; Two  Rabbits - Sandy Klam and Cathie Hume;  Gardener - John Burnside and Magic Nursery Fairy - Jean Heidinger.  - Howe Soundings will be on holiday for the  next two weeks.  R.  ���r  i  L   ��� ��� _, tj %.  . -JVtl��������-  -n-^**  vtX  ��' s.  "���"Bbsfc.  ���>   .  ��� '  tt  \  'I  *   (  \  r  ���T    "T"aa  1   r  1  --       '  k-  s.  *-* *  \  t  /  _J  \r'  \  i   ^���  f  -Counsellors will be available for registration on the  following dates between the hours of 9:30 - 12:00 and 1:00 -  3:30 p.m. on  THURSDAY, AUGUST 21st, and  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th.  If any students who attended Elphinstone Secondary School  during 1974-75 wish to discuss their programme with the  counsellors they should also attend on one of these days.  �������iMMWMI^^  /  I   1  - 1  1 ���..*���.�� -��.*i**    I      *  *j.v��    ��    1   . _   �����.   l^a._tf.a .��,      jm  4H DIARY CLUB showed the progress of during Sea Cavalcade. Rabbit and  their brand of care and attention at the poultry clubs also displayed their  4H achievement day at Brothers park   animals at the event.     ��� Timesphoto  W@0��(D01S1)@ to (DBAIT  SI  1 I  (f.SATURDAY,'SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, .23,  Open Dally from 2 to 8 pm  Do our guoata on Inspection toura through this homo just complotod .... a  'Sherwood' modol componont-bullt homo by NATIONAL.  Como, talk fo our salon roprosontatlvoa and bulldora about this and any othor  homo In'National's catalogues. Find out how homo ownorshlp may bo "yours tho  National way, oaolor than you may havo t|iought.posslblo,  Follow the sigrts of IM asonRd ,f West Sechelt.  LOCAk AREASALES AMD SERVICE  ���*��  MORE ABOUT... ,  ��Health inspectors  ���From Page A-l  always told there was not the population to  support two inspectors."  IRATE PEOPLE BOTHER ME  "Irate people bother me as well," says  Gibson, "but I think I'm a little farther  removed from the situation than Somers was  because I work out of Powell River."  Even though building starts are down in  the area the workload is still very heavy, he  says, "Now people are not buying lots before  it has sewage approval."  Shuttleworth, who works on some of the  "tougher'' developments, in the area says  there is the potential for a great influx of  people onto the Peninsula, "The load on local  building and health authorities will become  much higher than it is now. More people must  be in readiness to prevent the local health  function from breaking down."  Shuttleworth proposed to the Coast  Garibaldi Society that owners of subdivisions  in remote places be requested to be financially responsible for the return air fare to the  inspection site so a minimum of an inspector's time would be wasted in travelling.  . The afternoon I spent with Gibsons he  managed to inspect approximately eight of  the sites for which sewage applications had  been filed. He was carrying around 30 applications.  Instead of doing inspections Gibson said he  could easily have spent one and a half days  doing paper work. "For each site I reject a  permit, I must write a letter explaining why."  After inspecting a site he writes a memo to  himself in his note book so that he can fill out  a daily log of his activities when he gets back  to the office.  "We keep the statistics with an eye out to  increasing the number of inspectors in an  area."  Could it be that Victoria isignoring the  statistics? Area MLA Don Lockstead says he  would like to see two health inspectors on the  Peninsula but Victoria's priority seems to be  replacement rather than addition.  Control of natural resources in the prairie  provinces was turned over by the federal to  provincial governments in 1930.  Dave Whldden  885-2746'  Sam Call  885-2762  -a"  RABBIT EXPERT Neil Stubberfield of  Powell River was on hand during Se��i  Cavalcade at the 4H Club achievement  day at Brothers Park. He spoke and  answered questions about rabbits for the  4Hers. ��� Timesphoto  MATURE: Frequent violence and  coarse language.  CHARLES BRONSON  ^s^^^^mB^^^^BSMt^^^m^sm^mm  Wg��LJ.*Zf  Kl  The area to be included in the Sechelt Vicinity Community Plan  (bounded by Sargeant Bay, Tuwanek Point, and Browning Road)  is all the area shown on the map below.  ���  j  (Sr\Crowston  A Snrqnont 7^'"  -"Zir  ^V/ non it,   jjw^  nitv r  NS& ( " >u.;,  "o^m iSr ;; JZl  ���iiato.*  SECHELT VICINITY'COMMUI Wednesday, August 20,1975  The Peninsula Times  PageA-7  THIS IS stolen. A farmer was asked what  he would do if he suddenly was given  $1,000,000.  The farmer thought for a minute and said,  "Well, I guess I'd just keep farming until it  was all gone.  That brings me to a depression story. A  farmer took a load of grain to sell, but the  year was poor for farming and the grain was  not top quality. The buyer figured out that  once all the bad grain, bugs, rot and other  things were sorted out, the fanner would  have to pay him $3.  "I haven't got .$3," the farmer said.  "That's okay," the miller replied, "just  -bring me in a goose the next time you're in  town."  A little while later the farmer appeared  with two geese for the buyer.  "But I only asked for one goose," the  buyer said.  "I know," the fanner said, "but I brought  another load of grain."  I remember a skinny 17 year old. kid  working for the summer as a swamper on a  feed truck sitting in the lunchroom amid old  sandwich wrappers and Playboy fold-outs,  listening to a bunch of truck drivers, older  fellows, spinning yarns about working during  The Depression.  Red, gnarled as an old cactus, was talking  about working on a ditch digging crew, elbow  to elbow with two or three hundred men.  "We was down there just a-diggin' and it  was hot," he said, "but you didn't dare lift  your head up. If you lifted your head up, you  were fired. We were making 25 cents an hour  and there were 200 guys waiting outside the  fence for one of us to get fired so they could  work. You didn't dare lift your head up."  The lunch whistle blew and we went back  to getting crushed oats down our necks and  soy powder blown in our faces, but I was  happy that I could hold my head up if I  wanted to.  We delivered to farms a lot. All in the  Fraser Valley, or course. Henry was jay ���  driver and ten years in Canada did little to  hide his Dutch accent.  "I learned English from the children," he  told me as we headed up Livingstone Road  headed for Highway 101 and Abbotsford.  "If you go to a foreign country and want to  " learn the language, talk to the children. They  have much more patience and will repeat the  same thing over and over until you got it  right."  Going up the freeway, we were overtaken  by a bulk truck from Surrey Co-op, arch  rivals. Ever seen two trucks racing on the  freeway? We stayed about even, but we had a  secret we never told the Co-op driver. He had  a full load and we were empty, going to the  mill in Abbotsford for a special load. All we  had in the back was bundled sacks, no weight.  Henry told truck driving stories and I  asked him about the depression. He was  young then and in Holland people were riding  bicycles, not trucks.  "I love my job," he said as if answering a  question. "I wouldn't do anything to lose it. I  take pride in it. See the cab; not a dent,  nothing." It was a strange pronouncement  coming from out of the proverbial blue.  '    "Red's cab has dents."  ' We chugged into rural B.C. five days a  week delivering bagged feed, sometimes  bulk, farm supplies, molasses, salt, Our horse  feed was, the best and we delivered to incredibly huge, elaborate homes In North and  ��� West Vancouver and clapboard shacks in  Dewdney. No value judgements. We  delivered to Exhibition Park and Lansdowne  too, before it became a parking lot.,  Sometimes we picked up the makings of  animals feed at places like B.C. Rendering or  North Star. Sometimes we picked up hitchhikers. Sometimes we talked, Henry talked  rather. I just listened.  He talked about practically everything,  philosophized, theorized, asked for my  opinion but seldom waited for a reply. Swore  at bad drivers. I'll tell you sometime about  how a yellow Volkswagen learned that lt  takes a big truck two lanes to make a right  hand in Vancouver.  , But whenever we would hit some backwoods stump farm In rural Fraser Valley,  by Don Morberg  Henry would r.are,ly say anything. He might  greet the fanner (sometimes in Dutch when  appropriate) and we would unload 500 pounds  of this or eight sacks of that and a few things  and I would write out the invoice and hand it  to the farmer. They were always polite.  Then Henry wouldn't talk for a few miles.  One day as we were unloading, a young  family of about six dirt-stained youngsters  came out of the house to watch. Chickens  scattered.  As we left Henry said, "Those are poor  people."  "Yeah," I said with 17 year old  rationalization, "but I bet they're happy."  "They have to be happy," he said, "They  have nothing else."  September came and I packed my worldly  possessions and a summer of savings off to  college. Even now I think about Henry once in  a while when I see a feed truck, specially if it  is dented.  The questionnaires for the Sechelt and  vicinity community plan were mailed to  home owners last week.  Adrian Stott, regional planner, advises  any non-home owner is encouraged to participate in the study and that they can pick the  questionnaire up at the regional district office  in Sechelt or they can phone and one will be  mailed to them.  He also said any home owner who hasn't  received a questionnaire should contact the  regional office and one will be mailed.  Regional Board director Norm Watson  said at last Thursday's regional board  meeting that he had received complaints over  the fact no map of the study area was included with the questionnaire.  Stott said this was an oversight on his part  and an attempt will be made to rectify the  situation by running maps of the study area in  the media. (See regional board advertisement.)  The Sechelt and vicinity regional plan  questionnaire is an attempt by the regional  board to find out how the residents would like  to see the Sechelt area develop in the future.  Stott noted that some questionnaires had  already started to be returned. Residents  have at least three weeks to fill them out.  Stott said.  The proposed 'cottage' pottery industry on  37 acres of Roberts Creek got approval in  principle for a land use contract by the  Sunshine Coast Regional Board last Thursday.  John Reeves, spokesman for the industry,  can now draw up a land use contract that  might be ratified by both the regional board  and the public.  The land, which is located between the  Provincial Camp Ground and the Girl Guide  Camp on both sides of Highway 101 in Roberts  Creek is presently zoned agricultural.  Active:  ifs the only way  to be. PBftnapacrwn  Fttneti. In your heart you kipyw it's right  WINNERS! There are winners all over the  place in Gibsons Sea Cavalcade.  On the sea there were all kinds of winners.  Mike Fyles won the trophy in the Sabot  race with Roy.Mills coming second and Cindy  Morrow third. In the Seamanship race Cindy  Morrow took the plaque for first place.  In the inboard speedboat racing, first  place went to John Wray with Ken Skytte  second.  Where the tugboats came in there were a  number of winners.  Westminster Shaman walked away with  first place in the Class I event unchallenged.  In Class II Capitain John Humpreys took  West Coaster to first place ahead of  Chuganay II with Captain Suveges Redshaw.  Kwatna took third under Captain Ron  Sturrock.  Captain Len Higgs took Sechelt Yarder to  first place in Class HI. Captain D.J. Turner  was second in Drizzle and Nanaimo Tillicum  took third.  Oldest tug around was the Viking King,  built in Lund in 1921. The tug, ex 'Shepody', is  62 feet long and is 64 gross tons.  Smallest tug is the 31 foot Jarl. The nine  gross tonner is captained by Don Sharpe of  Gibsons.  The best decorated tug was the Smithy  with Nanaimo Tillicum second and the West  Coaster third.  the" tug : owners or captains' were'  presented with their trophies by Miss Sea  Cavalcade, her princesses or some of the  other visiting beauty queens.  On land there was also winners, apart  from the Roberts Greek Volunteer Fire  Department who won the War of Hoses and  the numerous Dougal Park bingo winners.  Sea Cavalcade poster contest was won by  Bruce Hamm with Sigrid Skogmo and Clifford Bob as ruhners-up. Brace's poster was  chosen from among 400 entrants in the contest for school students.  The Sea Cavalcade parade provided a  number of people and organizations with the  opportunity to be winners.  Jack and Jill Nursery Co-op took most  original entry in the parade with Dawn Atley  second and David Atley third.        '  Best overall float in the parade was the  Gibsons Pentecostal Church float.  Commercial entry winner was Ken's  Lucky Dollar Store with Elphinstone Co-op  second and 'W' Upholsteripg third.  Best comic floot in the parade was Fiedler  Contracting's Good Ship Lollypop.  First in the agricultural division was the  Farmer's Institute float with the 4H Dairy  Club second and the 4H Rabbit Club third.  Best equestrian entry in the parade was  Elaine McLean.  Even Gibsons's businesses were given the  opportunity to be wirihere as ^  Montreal received the award as the best-  decorated business in the area. That trophy  was donated by Helen Weinhandl.  In the Cavalcade baby contest, over-all  winner and happiest baby was Christi Her-  cus. Funniest was Patricia Hammond and  Saddest was Rosi Sheldon.  There is one more trophy to be given out.  The Times is offering a trophy for the best  photograph of the Sea Cavalcade festivities.  The trophy was first offered to the best photo  of the tug boat races, but that has been expanded to cover all aspects of the Cavalcade.  Entries must be in to The Times, Box 310,  Sechelt, by August 30.  If titere is anything that cannot bear free  thought, let it crack.  The,regional board refused approval in  principle for a building permit for a sawmill  in Roberts Creek.  The board recommended that the sawmill  owner, L. Sutherland could appeal the  board's decision to the board" of variance.  Sutherland is attempting to rebuild the  mill on the same piece of property but not on  the same foundations as the old mill, the  board learned.  The regional board put a stop work order  on the mill after complaints were received  from several residents in the Lockyer Road  area and when it realized it was not being  rebuilt in the same location.  Frank West, chairman of the board, said,  "there is no doubt in my mind that if  Sutherland rebuilds the null, even on the  same foundations, he needs a building permit  and Section 705 of the Municipal Act refuses  this."  Director Norm Watson opposed the  board's refusal of the building permit.  "Although we have this man hung up in red  tape, is it in the public's interest no to have  the mill?"  He said these little sawmills are a service  to the community.  One resident who lives near the sawmill  said the mill was once used for the benefit of  the area but now it is becoming a commercial  "thing" and the noise from it is "very  irritating".  Sutherland had been permitted to operate  the sawmill on an Agricultural Land Reserve  under a nonconforming use permit.  Under a non-conforming use the mill  cannot be extended beyond its present  foundations.  We have a complete electrical supply  centre .... basic wiring, main service,  underground, hot water heaters, fixtures, doorbells and much more.  See us first.  Wharf & Dolphin Streets, Sechelt   y  MtoiLJiwjaw ������ ���rfW  i(LB��\ljd��\[jy��B  The wonder action of cardiac drugs to  bring about regular heartbeat is just one  heart research program underway now in  ?..B.C., tlranksato Heart Fund donations.  Tops's Swim Suits,  Dresses, Pant Suits,  Slacks, Shoes  and many other items.  Gibsons 886-9941  asm  3BB  mwmm  warn  BW  1  Frode Jorgensen  Sept. 3 to Sept. 16  iere are prices  and terms  to suit any budget  Nicely treed, flat lots, cbse  to shopping and schools,  size 67'x 124'.  50  arranged  m,  '.  TAKE NOTICE that the Village Voter's List will be  posted at the Village Office during the office hours  until August 30th during which time residents not  recorded thereon are required to register at   ,  the Village Office of which every person is hereby  required to take notice and govern film/herself  accordingly.  Village Clerk  R. O A O  jyf, ip  ������-e  t ..  -  ca sr  ^10'    <<t Or  ff>  6 7,07  IP  nr or  V  tr 07  /ft        4 7.07  ip-  t7 or  >ifi-  A 7,07  ���_ _  \                               fg-f.fO   ���n  trr iffi  ,-,�������  )t,p  fl   -  s  ���S  5)  ���'  s  5(  M  Q  -a  ���*)'  3  N.  I    o  la,            ���   *"r  51  9  ������>  5!  P  5  5  <?���  I          A  ���J  '   \\  Q  S  Q  *  8  5  '���������''  S  ��  *,  f?A  sr  I  r"  s  1,  i  , it^ij r  *  ifi $            fttr, ot>  'S?       3  if  s\  0  if*   tr,or  N  J0-  if  t  N  \  tr,or  /  *r,or  H  'if  tr,or    ij"  1  G  "*    *r,er  ;   f  '7f-  <tr,pr  tf  L  o  f  s  'if                       It/TOO  if  ' ~  0. -   '   '   ,,��.  4>r,or  ���i  XL.  <(7,ar  ���~~i  ,*"   4  f//��   <<r, or  -���(  ifi  tr, or  _^  JfL  ��? tii   <  t,Yf                     Ut6',00   >j\  Pion 137H  j1 a?- .re<sd*#  R OA D  **!,* +  0  k  Olf  CHASTCR  "ROAD  ?o ?  aster ftoai9��  anil ftilowfhe signs;  ���..> V..  mm  mm ii,;a \  ' C  r  r j   ��� / ���  [���'��� ���  rr-.  ��  l,i  fi?  ill  V  V;  -. V -  y   I.  V>ffe  ... ���    ��  .1 '  r.  r  ���#  /.u  p.  r  r.  . "r?  ����� ,  vv-*:'-  -        al  .-. -S:  V ' a       VJ  j     } ��� sr.  ,*.-..  in   if   mti i' r"'nulliiim  ji  FIFTY VARIETIES of houseplants are Judy Young's hobby.  ���.��"-- ���"  s  V  *.*      i N  .-����� a '   1,  ���      1 B-1        .a     V        - 1 '     _       * V.     .  i ���y  i,-i,       *��� -*   '***}���        a*'- /.  si'i*"-- :������ 'v "������ ' ������-���  IT  ���T/  if ������  CO-HABITATION of plants in one pot is   with houseplants. This planter has five  one of Judy's more specialized interests   types of plants in it.  I��!  PageA-8 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 20,1975  a rummager. I look through Vancouver shops  for unique and unusual pots, but they are  expensive. It's a real task to find the right pot.  "My feeling is that a pot and plant must be  put together in an aesthetic manner ��� one  enhances the other."    ,  "Another consideration is of course what  kind of walls and backdrops people will put  their plants against. But since everyone has  their own tastes, I generally just go on my  own intuition."  Judy has numerous varieties of house  plants, including ones that flower in winter, in  various states of development .around her  house. Many are in hanging pots, or table or  floor planters, and her prices range from 50  cents up to $25 depending on the plant's size,  type and the pot it is growing in.  Combinations of plants in the same pot is  one of Judy's more specialized interests.  "When plants are combined they will co-  habitate nicely if they like the same conditions ��� the trick is to find plants who like to  live together. The plants must also flow  together and be pleasing to the eye."  Judy started to make the hangings for her  pots but decided against it given people's  variety in taste. ''Heights, colours and size of  the hanging are such large variables when  trying to make the plantholder enhance a  room. I figured it was better to have people  order their hanging and I would make it to  suit their tastes." . ���    -  Between the knowledge Judy has gained  from her many reference books and the  feelings she has developed towards plants,  she woulds like she could be Freud's counterpart in the flora world.  "You have to be sensitive to an unhappy  plant and be able to rethink how to make it  happy. Plants can be happy if they are given  the right consideration, light, soil, drainage,  pruning, pots and hangings are some of the  considerations necessary. You have to be  sure the hanging doesn't take away from the  plant. The plant has to be on display as well as  its holder."  "Watching a plant grow is part of the  exprience of owning one. You get to know the  intimate details of the plant ��� how to prune it  and the environmental conditions it likes."  Judy's interest in plants living under the  same roof, so to speak, has led her into the  field of terrariums. She has her first one oh  order.  "Terrariums allow plants which need a lot  of humidity to maintain happily. They don't  need special attention and at the same time  me plants are happy, arid in an aesthetic  environment."  Although Judy's plan of having one large  sale at her house was foiled by a concerned  landlord, she is just as happy now dealing  with people on an individual basis.  "I can talk to people on the conditions a  plant likes and if possible I can help with  problems they might have."  Look for her at the fall fair, she's the one  with the green thumb. If you can't wait try  giving her a call at 886-2180.  ���  &PI:^  r'-iiiH^:A(n  ,-' /a  i r-4-  -nftfv.>"  pn  B  u  The 'greening' of the Young's residence in  Roberts Creek over the past couple of years  has had only two minor problems.  First, as Judy Young's hobby, of raising  house plants expanded, her fifty odd varieties  of household flora began to take over the  house; and second, as these plants began to  spread their leaves, they began to intimidate  her husband Jeremy.  But now, just as Jeremy (who really likes  plants according to Judy) has completely  accepted them as part of the household decor,  Judy has started a small house plant business  which will hopefully curb the numbers of her  flourishing stock.  The greenhouse is the culprit if blame for  the numbers of Judy's plants had to be put  anywhere. But, it doesn't. Judy simply loves  plants and talks about them with the same  concern and interest that others talk about  their pets artd children. (Sho has one.of each  of thoso, too.)  When hor greenhouse was built lost year  sho started buying cuttings and small plants  instead of raising them from seed, Naturally,  because plant maturity comes quicker with a  greenhouse, Judy has ended up with what  could bo called a slight excess of her hobby.  Last year Judy sold somo of hor plants at  tho local fall fair and sho Is now preparing for  this year's fair.  "I did reasonably well but I found that  people bought plnnta tlwt wore already In  pot.s. Peoplo scorn to w,��nt a complete  statement when buying plants ��� somo aro  not all thnt Interested in growing thoir own  ... plant from a cutting/' oho says,  With thnt valuable bit of knowledge nbout  human nature (if not Just plant tastes) Judy  onllntcd n couple of her pottery friends to help  her mako theso comploto statements,  "Marty Peters, a potter and friend, who  doesn't even like house plants, said if I design  the pots and hanging planters he would make  them. It has been a real learning experience  for both of us ���trying to determine what  kind of plant goes well with what pot. I'm also  fells FSIIed.......  ..Roads Watered  gene 886-2312  ���  ����ffl.fg����^  Due to the extremely dry conditions this summer our  reserve lake is below normal levels for this time of the  year and run off is limited therefore, it is necessary to  ban sprinkling effective immediately until further notice.  THE TRUSTEES OF THE  SOUTH PEHDE6I HARBOUR WATERWORKS OBSTRBCT  START  HUG?  NOP 3rd ANNIVERSARY  PLEASURE CRUISE  AND PICNIC  Saturday, Aug. 30,  Gabriola Island  PON'T LET POLITICS GET  IN THE WAY, COiE ALONG  AND HAVE A NICE DAY.  A llmltocl number of ticket* Mill  avallablo. i  o 885-9830 o 805-2520  o 885-28% ;  FLOORCOVERINGS  ^t *a* i��      -a*.    pi&'v0-  Olbiojit  086.7112  a/VOSOH  UulJw'      __,    a .��� .i  I ���    I  l- .  ���   ! '  .J  .: v  i -.  **..  ,i   IL* \.:.S  ���i  .���Y*;  ncitf rrr  J '-I I  ��� i ������ !���!^;'.^L.::s  Ui  "a-l a. J a. _.. .  tl ���'���il-,      ���      l     "V^ '     i  i ������"  i.i P--V  �� * V  \  {bJQtGte�� ..'".�� .    list  . 1 ,���  u  11 j  . :   .'a  "1   /"7%^ /""  i   ��� ���   '   _: '   I  "I  ' -Pfc     ai*    *    -*  n i  :���  W.  ,    "   aa.��l    .      '.    ,,"���     f  ;       >'     t       l   ���  a .���al',-!,        ���  t \ ,'   i v    ,    :  \ L   ;  l    1Z Its. f.3;o      [J,     . ..:.  U c_'  UT   vj .!���'::. ,���.j ���  1 1-,-Ja.i  ji���--������-u'��--fc���i��irc *-"r" .w���-*i(  B.C. Gi'ov.-si GyiJc  Gro jo ConcsJa 81   ���     -������   -    ��� ���";  ���   (��$&*  1   ��� ���  i!   ! / i;   j / i v.: ���.   a C'/     t^3"     ^  rfH    %-z��an*----MT2.-e-fi^JL���~..vvtK-vmtw  -. ^..   .U-Jl.    :ii  WJ U        la J.J        U        a.JUUvV  Snowcap   % |b. bag  FSS  Ruport Brand Cod    20 ox. pkg. .,       * PRICES EFFECTIVE *  Thurs. Aug. 21 to Sat., Aug. 23  m FilES  ^iq\c  |b> bog    LT sz/  Wo Rotorvo tho Right  to Limit Qunntltlo*.  A    i  Phone S86-2257  Gibsons/B.C.  aiiBS��B��W��MBM^SJ!i^^  Sechelt/ B.C  Phone 885-9416  ���"" "f. j    Section B  Wednesday, August 20,1975  Pages I-*.  \  v  X, A  v    I        Everyday seems like children's day at the    $3  -����. -   /  /  r;  r  ��.  ... t fr-  r  /    -v- ���~  L���       "a.  V  ���a  \  ���-.\  M  .-'  A $100,000 HANDSHAKE. Sechelt  Alderman Frank Lietner of the local  airport committee thanks Cliff Rhodes,  left, the ministry of transport for his  assurances that the $100,000 federal  grant for airport improvements will not  .^  be delayed once the work has been  carried out. Ron Basford, minister of  national'revenue and Jack Pearsall, MP  for Coast Chilcotin, flew into Sechelt-  Gibsons airport to talk to local officials.  ��� Timesphoto  Pacific National Exhibition; but they do have i  two special days designated for youngsters.';  In addition they have two days for Golden  Agere and one for handicapped persons.  Children's Days: Monday, August 18; and  Monday,   August   25 ��� On   these   days,  children under the age of 12 will be admitted  free to the PNE grounds until 6 p.m.;  Buildings open at 10:30 a.m.  The special free show on August 18  features Bob McGrath of Sesame Street,;  while the magic, music and laughter of En- y  chantment Inc. will entertain during the  August 25 free show. Both shows are in the  Pacific Coliseum at 11 a.m. and are sponsored by Sunbeam Bread. 41  In addition, these days feature a reduced  . The show on the following Wednesday is a,  special matinee performance of the stirring  Military Tattoo, featuring units from Nepal's  Brigade of Gurkhas, Scotland's Black Watch  aiidthe RoyaTFiji Military Forces. Again, the  Golden-Age special at the Pacific Coliseum  starts at 1:30 p.m. with admission for Golden-  Agers at $1 and $3 for others.  To expedite entry at the gates, it is  recommended that Golden-Agere pre-  register by calling, the Pacific National  Exhibition at 253-2311, but pre-registration is  not mandatory for free admission.  Day for the Handi.capp.ed: Friday, August  22 ���This special day is organized by the  PNE and the Indoor Sports Club. The PNE  will be responsible for contacting hospitals,  il?  BILL BENNETT  .. .to speak here  The man Socreds are hoping will be the  next premier of B.C. will speak in Sechelt  August 21.  The Social Credit leader is speaking here  as part of a provincial tour which includes  Vancouver Island, Powell River and Sechelt.  He will be speaking at the Peninsula  Drive-In as the guest of the Mackenzie  Constituency Social Credit Party.  The get-acquainted hour is from 6 p.m. to 7  p.m. arid there will be a buffet supper  following. Tickets for the dinner are available  at Sechelt Distributors and Suncoast Estates  in Sechelt.  Following the dinner there will be a  question period.  Bennett is expected to hold a news conference earlier in the day.  Fishermen should  know basic  Water Safety  rules and  techniques. Take  the  Red  Cross  Survival Swimming  course.  price structure for Playland and Kiddielarid | institutions and those groups requiring bulk  rides. Registration is not required. ticket   orders.   Henry   Gunther   will   be  Golden-Age Days: Wednesday, August 20;'). responsible for issuing tickets to individuals  ,and Wednesday, August 27 ��� On these days,  persons over the age of 65 will be admitted  free to the PNE grounds until 6 p.m.  Buildings open at 10:30 a.m.  The August 20 show for Golden-Agers stars  Dennis Day, the talented singer-mimic who is  oest known for his performances on the Jack  Benny radio and television shows. The show  starts in the Pacific Coliseum at 1:30 p.m.  with Golden-Agers being admitted for $1  while the admission price for everyone else is  He can be contacted at 876-0154. Any person  willing to provide transportation to the Fair  on Handicapped Day should also contart  Gunther.  The Handicapped Day information booth  will be manned by the Indoor Sports Club and  will be located in the south end of the Cultural  Activities Building.  Each handicapped person and one  assistant are admitted free until 4 p.m. Entry  at Gate 17 on Hastings Street.  On the assurances of federal authorities  that there would be no delay in receiving the  $100,000 federal grant for the Sechelt-Gibsons  airport once improvements are,completed,,  Frank Lietner, Sechelt airport committee  representative, sent tenders out last week for  the airport paving  carried out to ministry of transport  specifications.  Lietner has requested itemized estimates  for the various segments of work from the two  local paving contractors who have been asked  to submit tenders by August 22.  He said itemized tenders have been asked  Recently, Ron Basford, federal minister of    for so parts that can be done by volunteer help  national revenue, Cliff, Rhodes, from the    can be deleted if necessary.  airport division of the minister of transport,  and Jack Pearsall, ;MP for Coast-Chilcotiri  flew into Sechelt-Gibsons airport to inspect  the areas where improvements would be  carried out.  While at the airport, they told local  authorities there would be no delay in the  grant being issued once the work had been  Some Sunshine Coast residents and a  number of other people gathered recently to-  honor the retirement of W.R. Bill Lavery.  Lavery, who had been Pacific Regional  Superintendent of Air Regulations with the  Ministry of Transport, was honored at a  special function at the Hyatt Regency.  Representing the Elphinstone Aero Club at  the party was Marie Hoffar who was flown in  courtesy of Tyee Airways. Mr. and Mrs. Al  Campbell of Tyee was aJso at the reception,.  Guests at the reception included MoT  personnel, bush pilots and jet pilots, flying  school instructors and members from private  flying clubs who had known and worked with  Lavery during his years with the MoT. There  were about 200 well-wishers. Alderman  Frank Lietner of the Sechelt-Gibsons airport  committee and Chairlle Mandelkau,  president of the local flying club were unable  to attend but sent their best wishes,  Lavery was well-known on tho Sunshine  Coast both In his capacity os on MoT official  and a,s a promotor of flying In B.C. Ho was  vory popular with the great number of people  who knew and worked with him during his  years in tho MoT.  The two villages can't afford to add cash  to the $100,000 federal grant so I have rounds  up members of the flying club who are willing  to donate time and earthmoving equipment to  the project," he said.  "We are hicky. The fill and gravel needed  is already at the airport. It is just a question  of moving it around. We have to move the old  ramp off the runway 150 feet east instead, of  raising it eight feet. We can do this ourselves."  The price for the renovated airport which  includes paving of runway and taxi strips will  come in jfiicter��� $lOO,000,'Ltetner said.  Lietner expects work to start ori.the airport by the end of August. There will be a  ministry of transport inspector there to  supervise the work.  Instead of the normal costly runway  lights, Lietner said he hopes to have reflectors installed on both sides of the runway so  the airport can be used for emergency and  non-commercial flying after dark.  "Reflectors do not make the airport suitable  for night commercial flying," Lietner said.  a;  the villages and municipalities. The  $13,000 was the catch-Up per capital  L  H  Prec.  Ins.  AugustD    10  20  nil  August 10    13  21  nil  August n    13  21  nil  August 12    n  21  nil  August 13,    12  23  nil  Augustli     14  23  nil  August J5        14  20  .07  Week's rainfall ���  .07 Ins.  August ��� ,42 ins.  1975 -. 21.12 ins.  $38,000 in provincial funds came Gibsons'  way last week as  MLA Don  Lockstead presented the village council   grant for the areas which have had large  with cheques for $25,000 and $13,000. The   population growth between censuses.  $25,000 cheque was the village's share in   Mayor Larry Labonte accepted the  Jjj} . the natural resource grant under which , cheques for the village.  natural gas revenues are shared with ��� Timesphoto  1  B>(  ies  Citation  O  Camoo  ��  Morit  International  O   Monocrost  s. �����������*�� ���> *  O BURLINGTON �� ,  O WEST MILLS ���  O  ARMSTRONG      O  CELANESE  HARDING  OZITE  m  11  :-:|.<:-  '-:���:���.���  $!  m  b'tV,  LINOLEUMS  >  G.A.F.      ��� ARMSTRONG  FUNTCOTE  ���J  mmmm ^>  m  �� TAPPAN      ��  INGUS  O  FINLAY o JENN-AIR RANGES||1  ���#.���3  m  fty  O��mm ww ws> ma era^era�� ^>  LOCATED NEXT TO WINDSOR PLYWOOD  For Appointment Phono 886-2765  '^Nrowe *2)dund. oUidtribut  ���*;���:'���:���  ".v.;  ��i����ii��#llt  tt\,.fUu  Complete Line of Valiants  Woi 694, GIBSONS  OM  �����:  i ft*KM**',.t>*,*.'*K**'\,'*,***i,i^ *j  Complete Line of Dodge  Vans and Sport Vans  also  SECURITY CAMPERS  TO TOP OFF YOUOEW DODGE PlCfCUP  i   l,lV|ll|��.W.gMIIJ'.s|iM'MBa|iltWTlWW  M-  ,'������/��� i ��� '.   , ( '  pffhtMMt, t f<ttf��<, fH <* /i'f\*4 *" *���*'...'��      ���"���'"'  ��� ' JM I <  ��     'Ii,.* "Iff      \fV(*,<K,/1''|l,'       '  tiJmi "it.'; !��� ul f > V^./ihv,      '  i.i.i ,,u,,.,.,:.!,.', ,.i  nm,,  ,���>^,',ai,.lj.,',.*U...\l:J.,  W.UIbiiJiJJXA,  ,'j tt'.ty-.'  r?PP:i\  >*ji't  jui,  ^ ��  ���>   >   '.<   ��, /' , \-.rPh''....:...'..  ���t^^tp^ttfi^tttmlimM***  HDSI5M3iJ  3 ring narrow or widerule  ���   -Mfg, Sugg. List $1.29  WESTERN'S PRICE  UIRPEHS  Paper-mate nylon point  2 pack special  Mfg. Sugg, List 88c  WESTERN'S PRICE  EXERCISE BOOKS  56page-4's  Mfg. Sugg. List $1.42  IT  WESTERN'S PRICE  0   0  Write Bros., Papermate  5 pack special  Mfgf Sugg. List"98c"  WESTERN'S PRICE  VinyM" rings  Mfg. Sugg. List $1.89  WESTERN'S PRICE  BIC BAIANA PENS  4 pack  Mfg. Sugg. List 88c  WESTERN'S PRICE  BIC PEiS  'Trio' One 59c pen and two FREE  Mfg. Sugg. List 59c  WESTERN'S PRICE    ^"^  SCOTCH TAPE  1/2" x 1010". 3's  WESTERNS PRICE  REEVES PAINT BOX  , (tompo discs) 12's  Plastic with unbreakable  10 or. insulated bottle.  Choose from asstd. colors. Mfg.  Sugg. List $5.49  WESTERN'S PRICE  COLORING 1ARKERS  12'sCanadlana  Mfg. Sugg. List $2.29  - ��� 27  WESTERN'S PRICE  WESTERN'S PRICE  CUP BOARD  Vinyl - Fold Ovor  Mfg. Sugg, List $1.89  WESTERN'S PRICE  CHILDREN'S GLUE  Lopago's Wash-off  WESTERN'S PRICE  OIL PASTELS  Non-to^lc by Roovos  12's  111*  WESTERN'S PRICE U    U  E  DRAWING  INSTRUiENTS  U  ORGANIZER FOLDERS  3 filing pockota - 65  Shoots Splrpl  .     -Mfg. Sugg. List $1.45���  WESTERN'S PRICE  to mmiim itmmm od mm mi fioito?  Vl��mr^<TJlMfltDT:��  c  ftaiKip/fflail  > 'mm lil ��mfc nim^WJMfaW m��M S��5?323l  Birth Announcements Work Wanted  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  WESTERN DRUGS  ... arejpleased to sponsor this  Birth Announcement space, and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents.  Private piano lessons. 13 years  experience, Phone 1586-7201.  12416-39  Carpentry. Any job, big or small.  885-9038.      Available'     im  mediately.  Obituary  12421-40  JAEGER ��� Passed away  August 13, 1975 Reinhold  Jaeger late of Gibsons in his 50th  year. Survived by his loving wife  Joyce, his son Daniel, four  brothers Joe, Albert, Leonard  and Herbie, and one sister Hadie.  Funeral service was held  Saturday, August 16 at Harvey  Funeral Home Gibsons. Mr. A.  Thompson officiated. Cremation.  In lieu of flowers donations to any  charity appreciated.       12485-39  JULIUS ��� Passed away in  Vancouver on August 14,1975.  Christina Dolores Julius formerly  of Sechelt at the age of 39. Survived by her family in Sechelt.  Funeral service was held  Monday, August 18 at Our Lady  of Lourdes Catholic Church,  Sechelt, Interment, Sechelt Indian Cemetery. Harvey Funeral  Home Directors. 12478-41  Wedding  Announcements  MR. & MRS. K.S. GUNNING of  Toronto announce the  engagement of their daughter  Lynda Marie to Timothy Robert  Olsen, son of Mr. & Mrs. Clifford  Olsen of Sechelt. The wedding to  be held at St. Hilda's Anglican  Church Sechelt, August- 31st.  1975. 12483-39  MR. & MRS. J.E. Cardinal of  Victoria are pleased to announce the engagement of their  only daughter, Jeannie Doreen,  to William Randolph Naylor,  younger son of * Mrs. Jessie  Naylor arid ttie late WUHam J.  Naylor of Roberts Creek, B.C.  The wedding will take place on  Saturday, September 6, 1975, in  St. Paul's Anglican Church,  Esquimau, at 2 p.m. Canon H.  Greenhalgh officiating.   12496-39  PeTsbnai  MARTYN'S DRIVING School of  Powell River, now serving the  Sechelt Peninsula. Ph. (112) 483-  4421. 12325-tfn  ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS  meetings 8:30 p.m. ^every  Wednesday. Madeira Park  Community Hall; 883-9978. 12457-  tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS   published   in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at The  Times office. 1473-tf  BAHAI' S BELIEVE in equality  of the  sexes and universal  peace. Ph. 885-9450 or 886-  2078.  12475-tfn  Work Wanted  MOVING and Hauling of any  kind. Ph. Norm 886-9503.  12339-tfn  NEED a carpenter. Call Bob'  Crichton. 883-2312.        1365-tt'n  GARBAGE REMOVAL. Reliable  arid   reasonable:   handyman  repairs done well, 886-7822. 12726-  41  PEERLESS    Tree    Services.  Benefit front experience, tree  work   guar,   and   Insured.' J.  Risbey, 885-2109. 11386-tfn  GENERAL    handyman.    Carpentry,   painting   and   light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516,      2285-tfn  PIANO    Tuning.    Regulating,  Repairs.   Work   guaranteed.  David NoweselsKl. 806-2783.  "Y ,   ,11791^0  LICENSED CARPENTERS  avail for renovations, additions, foundations, framing or  finishing. For reasonable rates,  call us, 085-3400 or 085-3092.  ���   12300-tfn  BACKHOE    ovnliablo    septic  tanks   sold, , ond   Installed.  Phono 000-2540. 1051Wf  Need your  windows cleaned?  Phone 885-9038 anytime. 12422-  40  MOUNTAIN GOAT Enterprises.  House painting int. & ext.  Window cleaning. Carpentry.  Janitor work. Ph. 886-9308, 886-  2737. 1243640  Help Wanted  RETIRED or mature person  . residing near Sechelt or Gibsons, to act as agent for well  established Vancouver travel  agency on commission basis.  Experience in. travel agency  helpful but not essential as  training will be provided. Please  reply, giving previous business  experience, to Box 12733 c-o  Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt. 12733-40  For Rent  HDEypiOEAlIJJL  (ON HIGHWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  WATERFRONT ACREAGE AT EGMONT ��� 67 aero, with  15(00' shorollho of luring Hoop, protected moorage, Hydro now going In,  Accoss by wator only gun rontons privacy; This sunny south slopo  proporty olforacUal $00,000.  VIEW     HOME     ON     SECLUDED     ACRE ��� overlooks  Molosplna Strait. \\a<k 2 bodroom* on main and 2 In bosomont. Tho  ownor* aro vory anxious to aoll nnd aro opon lo ollors on Iholr asking  prlco of $30,000, Don't pass this upl ' '   '  MADEIRA PARK (ESTATE SALE) ~~ now homo wllh a nlco  v|ow, Only Inlorlor doors and carpeting enquired to finish this 1200 sq,  ft qualify homo, Mnn tl bodrooms (I .onsulto) plus full basomont wllh  lovol entrance, Ollorod at $49,500,  A PERFECT ACREI ���If* sorvlcod and LfiVGLI Locatod  amonnsl fllio homos In Gordon flay, Good potential for subdivision  mnKos fhts an ofrrncrivn invoefmont <i( $17,900, Only $3000 down V  handle or will Irado,  BUILDING LOTS AND SMALL ACREAGES ~ Drop'in, woll  bo pbiasod to show you around,  MADEIRA PARK "Good*umm<-rccililifonISrooloi^jp--~v  to moorage, Ha* 0 bedroom*racorn"flmplacw,- tdectrlt heal IV hot  wntor, A flood buy nt $27,000,  PHONE 003-2794  John Droon  003-9970  Jock llormon  003-2745  DAVIS BAY. Furn. Cabin. May 1  to April 30. Responsible adults.  J. Low. Whitaker Rd. at SSC  Hwy. 12467-39  GRANTHAMS 1 BR suite partly  furn. $125. Phone 886-  9904. 12740-39  DAVIS BAY. 4 BR W-F home.  F.P. Dryer. Available now  until June 30, for clean reliable  family. Phone 885-9619 Wednesday or Thursday.       12741-39  OFFICES.    Gibsons.    Central.  Corner location. Re-decorated.  Parking. Ph. 885-3547.     12481-41  1  BR   cottage.   Central Ave.  Grantham's   Landing. $150  month. Ph. 885-3547. 12482  41  SMALL   MODERN   apartment  block. Central Gibsons. Has 2  studios available. 1 furn. $180, 1  unfurn. $150. Ph. 886-2415.12489-39  WANTED LOVERS of garden  and a clean house. 3 BR full  b'ment W-F. Furn. Davis Bay.  Sept 1 -May 31. 885-3141 or 988-  9230. $450. ...       12491-41  SECHELT AREA. W. Front. 1  BR home. F.P. elect,  heat.  Phone (112) 936-9082.       1249541  PARKLIKE   SETTING.    Year  round lodging. Monthly rates. 1  BR furn. apt. Pender Harbour -  area. Ph. 883-2255. 1249841  SECRET COVE near Halfmoon  Bay small cottage. Sept. 15-  June   15.   $115   month   plus  utilities. (112) 263-5667.    12731-39  RUBY LrAKE Motel,  housekeeping units available.  on weekly or monthly basis. Ph.  883-2269. 12384-tfn  MAPLE Crescent Apartments.  1662   Sqhool   Rd.    Gibsons.  Suites,   heat,   cable   included.  Reasonable, apply Apt,  103A. ' ���    11798-tfn  Pender Harbour. 2 bedroom furn.  cottage. Sept. to June. $125.  Phone (112) 435-2127.       12430-39  HALL FOR RENT, Wilson Creek  .Community    Hall.    Contact  Bonnie Wigard, 885-9403.11121-tfn  FURNISHED   2    BR    house.  Tuwanek $275. Phone 885-2783.  12460-40  Wanted to Rent  YOUNG MAN wishes to rent W-F  cottago for winter season. Ph.  885-2909. 12735-39  ROBERTS CREEK-Davis Bay,  Resp. couple, nild 30's. 1 child,  no pets need larger W-F cottage  Sopt.-Moy. Will do maintenance,  gardening, etc. Refs. Reas. rent.  Leave message at 880-2708.  Gilbert', 12474-39  TEACHER NEEDS 2 BR cottago  In Roberts Creek. Sept. 1st.  Near water. 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Phone 886-  7896 or 886-7700. 12080-tfn  Real Estate  Large corner building lot in  Langdale Heights. Near school.  (112)433-2393. 12424-40  GIBSONS, 3 bdrm home, 7 years  old. 2 full bathrooms, 1500 sq.  ft. mostly w-w, full bsmt, with  finished rec. room, carport &  sundeck. 7 pet. morg. $145 P.I.T.  $55,900. Cash to .mortgage of  $12,700.1172 Gower Pt. Road. Ph.  886-7173. 12488-tfn  SECHELT  Lotsfor Sal��-New Subdivision  24 Lots Located on Northwest By Rd. and Derby Rd.  Priced from $12,500. Blacktop Rd. and Cul-de-Sac.  Under ground wiring and telephone.  Write: 811-837 West Hastings Street, Vancouver,  B.C. or phone: 244-7531 or 263-8917  wood, Johnston & associates  688-2301  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  REAL ESTATE AND' INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, B.C. 886-2481  PHONE TOLL REE: 687-6445  Chaster Rd: 3 bedroom smaller ,type home, carpeted, utility aroa,  stucco exterior, on . nlco, flat lot, all services, large frontpge,  blacktopped driveway'. F.P. $28,500.  Hlllcrest Rd: Whero all the new houses ore going up. 3 bedroom home,  1372 sq. ft, only a few years old, stucco exterior. Storage bsmt, lots of  room for family living, F.P. $47,500, We can got you a mortgage on this  one.  Goorgla Bluff: Vlow lot, 50 ft from sower, Got your piece of the rock,  $20,000.   -.,  Loads of Atmosphoroi Corner of Gall Rd, &  Hwy,   101   (opposite  Oldorshaw Rd.) $39,500. A Pad for Swlngors.  Park Rd: 5 acres open for development, Right whoro tho futuro action  Is, F.P, $60,000, Mako an offer,  Chamborlln Rd: Flowers, vegetables, fruit troos, chlckon house and o 2  bdrm homo on a largo level lot. 0,64 acros, Rural but still closo, to tho  vlllago.  Roberta Crook: Lockyor Rd, aroa, 10 acros, 660x660, uncleared,  woodod, Corner lot, $31,500, ' '  10 Acros on top of tho Hillside: vory sturdy 2 bdrm homo, outbuildings  for animals, Good wator supply, Houso situated In opon area with lots  of sunshlno, $30,000,  Lowor Roborts Crook Rd| Delightful watorfront proporty, I aero  baautlful��3 bdrm homo, Ensulto plumbing, flroplaco, dining room, largo  kltchon, utility, Part basomont, doublo carport ft blacktop drlvoway 8,  parking space, Fully landscapod with attractlvo troos, 12x20 boat  houso with concroto floor on tho boach, $01,000,  Chaster Rdi 4 ad|o|n|ng lots with road allowance In roar, Can bo  subdivided Into 0 lots, $40,000,  Gibsons nluifi Largo v|.ow lol on top of the bluff, Sowor closo by,  $10,000,  Marlno Drlvoi Gibsons, vlow building lot, $15,500,  Longdate Chlnosi floautlful bulldlno (ofti, underground wiring, pavod  roads, $13,500,  Solma Park: Charming 2 bodroom homo 1/2 mllo from Sechelt, Tho  "loose" you can do Is look ot this ot $24,300,�� ' ���  Marlno Drive, G|bson��i fluilnost block of buildings with attractlvo  rovonuo and potontlol future, bolno ��n tho watorfront, nnqulro about  this property In tho honit o| (ho Village,  Gowor Poind'Waterfront vlow Ms I00x'200, f|oa<(y |o build,on,  $22,000,  Chnslor Rdi Four sldo by ��|do 63 x 263 lots, Road allowance In rem,  Can ho nubdivldnd Into n lots. $40,000,  Socholt Inloti 1,27 ocros with 400' of tHio lost watorlronl ond level  booth, Excollont mooring. 2 woll constructed attractive Insulated  cohln* on Iho honch, Roni privacy horo, $175,000,  WRIT!; OR PROP IN FOR OUR FREE  PROPERTY 0ROCHURC  LISTINGS   WANTED  K. A, Crosby   006-2090 J, W. Vls-w-r Q03-33QO  Don Sutherland  005-9.162 Anno Gurnoy 006.9164  Gooril" Cooper 006-9344  , , ,  ep����i-����^^  BOX 100, AAADEIRA PARK, B.C.  PHONE: PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233  TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  Member of Multiple Listing Service  e  .   Vt.f^^m.    ���-  -��� y"  >.  I.  ?) f^..J__lLLi ".iff"'  T  GARDEN BAY--HOME WITH SUITE  985 sq. ft. home, built 1966, 2 B.R. and den, sundeck, carport, self  contained bachelor suite in basement. On landscaped, level lease lot.  $37,900,  WATERFRONT LOTS  1. GARDEN BAY���-97' waterfront lot, southern exposure, deep  sheltered moorgae, driveway in, bldg site cleared, easy access to  water. $42,000.  2. BARGAIN HARBOUR WATERFRONT LOT-���approx. 80' bluff  waterfront. Water and hydro, driveway in, bldg. site cleared, excellent  view. $23,000.  3. IRVINE'S LANDING ��� Lot 5, approx. 128' waterfront, at entrance to  Lee Bay. Driveway in, fairly sheltered moorage. $35,000.  4. GARDEN BAY ���Approx. 290' waterfront with sheltered moorage,  driveway in. Good sites for several cottages on the approx. 1 3/4  acres. $70,000.  5. GUNBOAT BAY ��� near Madeira Park, Lot D has approx. 75' low  bank waterfront, level and grassy. Septic tank and drain field in.  $35;oob; ������������^-������^^ ���:.--=-- ��������--��� -��������������������� ������- ������-������-��� :   6. KLEINDALE ��� approx. 208' waterfront, dries low water, just over an  acre of land, situated on Hwy 101 at head of Harbour. $22,000.  NEW 3 BEDROOM HOME ���GARDEN BAY ESTATES  1,150 sq. ft. on one floor, no basement, built June 1975, 3 bdrms,  master bdrm with ensuite,.w/w carpeting, fireplace, double carport &  storage. No stairs to climb here. Large treed lot with level area around  house. Close to stores & marinas. Immediate possession. $48,500.  WATERFRONT HOME SILVER SANDS  Approx. 500' excellent low bank Gulf waterfront, 9.8 acres. Comfortable 3 BR home, stone fireplace. 4th BR, recreation room and  powder room on lower level. Private marine railway for hauling boat  into bfiserhent.shop. $168,000.  MADEIRA PARK  10 year old 2 bdrm home on landscaped lot with fruit trees. Close to  schools, stores, marinas and P.O. Room for additional bedrooms*in  basement. Fridge, range, dishwasher and dryer included. $36,500.  ACREAGE  1. Approx. 5 ACRES with 2 BR home, separate garage and workshop  On Hwy, 101. Middle Point. $29,500.  2. Approx. 5 ACRES fronting on Hwy. 101 at Kleindale. Possible subdivision site. $25,000.  3. WOOD BAY ��� approx 21 acres on nice Gulf view property, approx  630'frontage ori Hwy. 101. $45,000.  4. Near Wood Bay ��� 11.79. treed .acres. Partially cleared, has dug  well, good access from Hwy. 101. $30,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES  5 yr. old, 870 sq. ft. 2 BR cedar home, furnished, view of Harbour,  partial basement, covered sundeck, double carport, fireplace, shag  carpets, all appliances. On a,large, treed seml-waterfront lot, southern  exposure, good garden. Close to stores, marinas and Post Office. A  perfect retirement home. $57,500.  ISLAND IN PENDER HARBOUR      ,  Beautiful 4,7 acre Island located In the heart of Pender Harbour. 5  room homo, recently remodelled ��� hydro, water 8, tolophone. Approx.  1,500' of shoreline; Dock, boat fi, motor. $190,000.  PANABODE HOME ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA  2 BR Panabodo homo, built 1971, full basement, brick fireplace, level  lot with 70' frontago on Warnock Road. $35,000.  SEMI-WATERFRONT HOME ��� GARDEN BAY ESTATES  Approx. 1,365 sq. ft, ��� Codar homo, built 1974 ��� 3 BR, full basemem,  w/w carpet, double carport, vory largo sundeck, stono fireplace, Living  room and dining room havo opon beam codings, master BR has full  onsulto plumbing. Situated on soml-watorfront vlow lot. Southorn  oxposuro, $64,000,  GUNPOINT��� PENDER HARBOUR���  Approx. 192'watorfront, beautifully landscapod, with 1170 sq, ft, 2  bdrm homo, fireplace, sundock, w/W, 3rd bdrm In lowor lovol, Boat  houso with marine ways, Wostorly oxposuro with a swooping vlow of  Pondor Harbour. $125,000,. <  FURNISHEDCOTTAGE-GARDEN BAY  Comfortable 2 DR cottago on 2 largo loaso lots, Looses havo approx. IB  years romalnlng plus 20 yoar option, Close to stores, marinas and post  ofllco. $12,900, ,  4 BDRM UNFINISHED HOME ��� KLEINDALE  4 bdrm unfinished homo at Klolndalo with road frontage on Hwy 101,  Approx. 3 acros, nlco garden aroa at back of lot $39,500.  ,     WATERFRONT HOME ��� GARDEN BAY  w|.r32;qc[a^,yy(tl).>,qppi;oKiJ6QloLc|oop^(holtarod,walQrfrQnt.,Approt<.w.  1,125 sq ft 3 OR homo with master DH onsulto, flroplaco, sundocks,  Panoramic vlow of Harhour, Somo furniture, Good float, boat house  ond marlno ways. $90,000, i  LOTS  1, BARGAIN  HARBOUR ��� opprox,  1   1/2  acres,  nlcoly   trood  ft  .socludod, Hydro, wator, sopllc tank 6, drnli) Hold In, $25,000,  2, NARROWS ROAD ��� Oood bldg, lots-$9,000, - $11,000, Approx, 3/4,  aero, lovol harbour view, closo to wator, $22,000,  3, GARDEN BAY ��������� sorvlcod lots, somo with oxcollont vlow. $7,600,.  $10,500,  4, SINCLAIR BAY ROAD -~ soml-wntnrfront lots, somo with v|ow ovor  Harbour, $0,500 - $15,800,  3, MAPCIRA PARK - - sorvlcod lots, most with vlow, close lo school,  stores, t',0, �� Morlnan, $0,000. $22,000.  ' 6, EARL COVE .1 largo |o|s, serviced with hydro, 2 with vlow, closo  to wntor, $9,000-$l 1,500,  7, NARROWS ROAD-a-Approx, throe quarter aero of |ovo| (ond With,  ���oh'oi<fio|l6nl'Vlownbriwrl)ai.rr400r|owolor. Sorvlcod wi'tlt water and  hydro, $22,000,  0, LAOOON ROAD--. 2 sorvlcod building lots, walking dlstanco to  school, stores and mnrlnas, $11,000 oach,  9, GARDEN HAY - 2 lovol loaso |o)�� with flood gardon soil, shado  ((������� ond 10' Knight (roller. $6,900.  ��� MOBILE HOME  1, 197.1 SAFEWAY  Double Wldo mobllo homo, 24' x 56'  (without  hitch), 3 OR, family room, shag carpot, ninMnr OR onsulto, $25,000,  DON LOCK  Roa, OOq-2 526  OLLI or JEAN SLADEY  Roa, 003-2233  HOTEL LAKE  .57 acres with small one room cabin. Parklike setting with approx. 110'  of low bank lake frontage. Westerly exposure. $23,500.  "      LAKEFRONT HOME ��� HOTEL LAKE  Approx. 730'.choice lakefront, very private with 3 bdrm home, full'  basement, rec room, 2 fireplaces, 2 full bathrooms, hot water heat,  some furniture,   float & 3 boats. Situated on approx. 2 1/2 acres of  treed park-like land. $85,000.  SAKINAW & RUBY LAKES  1. 2 BR furnished cottage, guest cabin, on 1.34 acres leased land with  approx. 175' sheltered waterfront. $16,900.  2. Lot 21 ���approx. 92' good lakefront, beach, southern exposure.  MOwner will finance. $18,000.  3. Approx. 25 acres, approx. 1,250' lakefront, 4 BR furnished Panabode  home, floats & boats. $105,000.  4. Approx 500' choice lakefront on approx 7.5 nicely treed'acres with  low bank lake frontage. $50,000.  RUBYLAKE  1. 119' lakefront lot. with furnished one BR cottage. Road access.  $32,500.*  2. Lot 27 semi waterfront view lot $8,500.  APPROX. 120 ACRES ��� RUBY LAKE  Approx. 120 acres of excellent lond. 400' waterfront on Ruby Lake,  opprox. 2600' waterfront on lagoon. 2 houses, presently rented &  trailer spaces. $180,000. .  WATERFRONT HOME ��� RUBY LAKE  Deluxe home, built 1973, on approx. 160^ choice lakefront. 4 BRs and  den. fireplace, sundeck, W/W carpeting, carport, float and large  separate Workshop. A beautiful home and property. $75,000.  EGMONT  WATERFRONT ACREAGE-EARL COVE  Approx. 1,800' good waterfront with several beaches and bays.  Contains approx.K43-->ocres. Creek through property. 3 BR furnished  home, full basement, oil furnace. Access from Egmont Rood. Excellent  marina or resort site. Full price $175,000. Existing agreement for sale  $100,000, at, 8 percent :    .     :   ^    , .���,-,,���  POSSIBLb MARINA SITE  Approx 600' waterfront adjoining the Egmont Marina. Approx 7 treed  acres. Paved Maple,Road runs through property. $70,000.  EARL COVE LOTS i-~  3 large lots, serviced with hydro, 2 with view, close to water. $9 000 to  "$1T,500. "  353' WATERFRONT  Approx. 353' waterfront with deep, sheltered moorage on 9.2 acres of  treed land. Access by trail or water, $30,000.  ���] SUTTON ISLAND  Beautifully treed small island, approx. 1.7 acres .in front of Egmont  Marina. $40,000.  HALFMOON BAY ��� REDROOFFS  WATERFRONT HOME ��� SARGEANT BAY  1.03 acres with approx. 85' waterfront, 1275 sq. ft. 2 bdrm home, built  1970, w/w carpets, all appliances, covered sundeck, stone fireplace,  garage. Beuutiful landscaping & garden, excellent view. $85,000.  SECRETCOVE ACREAGE  20 acres with approx. 200 ft. waterfront In Secret Cove with creek and  waterfall. Older home, needs finishing. Access from Brooks Road.  $70,000.    WATERFRONT LOTS  1. Lot 14 has approx. .86 acres and 275' waterfront, at end of Eureka  Place, The finest marme view, selectively cleared and level. Steep cliff  to rockyj beach. $30,000.  2. Cliff waterfront lot on Redrooffs Road. Approx. 1 1/2 acros, 100'  waterfront. Good view of Gulf. $17,000,  3. Lot 23 off Eureka Hlace Is large and level with 75 ot bluff waterfrontage. Good rocky beach and excellent view. Offers to $18,500,  LARGE ACREAGE - $ 1,000. PER ACRE  D.L, 2392, approx. 160 acres, situated approx, 1 1/4 miles above Hwy,  101 near Halfrrioop Bay, Accoss by old logging road, Trails and roads  throughout the property, nicely trood usable land. Outside land freeze  aroa ��� possible subdivision slto. $160,000,  WESCAN ROAD ��� SECRET COVE  View lot, close to watorfront. Asking $8,950 ��� opon to offors,  WATERFRONT HOME ��� REDROOFFS ROAD  75' prime watorfront wl|h oxcollont panoramic vlow, 3 bdrm home,  approx 1150 sq ft with 24 x 13 living room, stone fireplace, all ap-  pllancos and carpets Included, $72,000,  SARGEANT BAY  Approx 05' cliff watorfront lot with trail to boach, approx 1 lovol aero,  cloarod and mostly In lawns, 50' x 10' Suburban mobllo homo, spotless  condition, on concroto pad with concroto porlmotor walls, fully skirted.  $52,000,  SECHELT - SANDY HOOK  SEASIDE VILLAGE ��� SECHELT  Noar now 3 PR homo, flroplaco, soparato garago, Excollont ,homo  for rotlromont -no stalrfl to climb, Closo to all facilities. $43,000,  BUILDING LOTS  SANDY HOOK ROAD ��� Lot 94 -.. boat vlow lot In Sandy HooK, Lovol  trood lot, sorvlcod with wator and hydro, $10,00.0,  wymmm  BEAVER ISLAND MOTEL ��� FRANCIS PENINSULA  4 unit Motol, built 1973, floats, 3 rental boats �� motors, bait pond, not  shod, 1465 sq, ft, homo wllh 3 ORs, flroplaco, full basomont, sundock,  On approx, 250' choice watorfront ori flarpaln Harbour, approx, 4  ocros, $195,000,  VACANT STORE ��� MADEIRA PARK  Vacant v��ro building and ad|olnln(i ono B,R, llvlna quarters at Madolra  Park, Nowly decorated, Includes counters, shelving, frooi-er, moat  cooler and othor mlsc, storo oqulpnv-nt, Ono ncro land, across tho  street from shopping contro, Good location for store or offlcos, lm-  mod|n|o possession, $62,500,  CLAYlON MARINA ���GARDEN BAY  Approx, 1,2 acros with 220 ft, doop, sholtorod wotorlront. 1,34 aero  long lorm foroshoro loaso, 407 lineal ft, floats, marlno ways, 002 sq, It,  welding ond repair shop, modern 654 ��q, ft, bulldlnn (new 1974)  containing offl-co, storo, washrooms, and coin laundry, Owner's 3 B,R,  homo with lull Jiasomonl, This marina could bo expanded In numerous  ways, An oxcollont buy at $247,000,  FARM-GARDEN DAY ROAD ~~  Approx, 22 acra watorlronl farm wllh opprox, 16 acros cultivated,  foncod ond diked, 0 acres A In vegetables, 0 acros "Jj In grass, crook  through property, 1,350 sq ft barn, 11, 000 sq ft hothouse, both hu|||  1973, $143,000, With machinery �� 35' house Irnllor     $165,000,   '"'__"."' "* harId^^  WfrfUt^kod hardware and gift storo locatod In now shopping centre ai  Madeira Park, Doing an oxcollont business and growing, Business,  fixtures find oqulpmont-$35,000, PIRM. Plus cash for stock,  PAT SLADEY  Rob. 003-9019  DAN WILEY  Ros. 003-9149  Mil ti  Real Estate  Real Estate  Real Estate  TRADES CONSIDERED  3 bedroom, separate dining  room, i full basement, deluxe  home. sChoice view lot  overlooking Sechelt Inlet, convenient to the arena and Village  of Sechelt. Many features. Phone  885-2894 or 885-9851.   10921-tfn  2 BR HOME.  Roberts  Creek  Road.   Full   basement.   Full  basement. $35,700.  Phone 886-  9068. 12451-40  WATERFRONT  This immaculate 3 bdrm home  near Sechelt has double, plumbing, a-o heat, landscaped,  garden, pebble beach and many  extras. Come and see the view,  then look at the reduced price or  $48,500. You can't beat it. CaU  Corry Ross, 885-9250.  L.E.KYLE  REALTOR  West Vancouver  922-1123  12381-39  WEST  SECHELT.   Large  lot.  71x335.   Water   and   hydro  avail. $10,000. Ph. 885-2815. 12458-  40  PENDER HARBOUR  Like new, A-frame, 2 bdrm, fully  insulated on 103x465 ft. view  corner lot. Asking $35,000. To  view call Jack Noble, 883-2701 or  Rochester Realty. (112) 936-7292.  EXECUTIVE HOME  ARCHITECT  DESIGNED  Pender Harbour. Large  Panoramic; view lot. Vk yr. old4  bdrm home, open beam, cedar  planking, 2 full ^bathrooms, all  windows dbl gl.azed, elec. hot  water heat, all color appliances  incl. This is a truly beautiful  home, and must be seen to be  appreciated. Asking $95,000.  Nearly 10 acres level & treed.  Just a few minutes from Gibsons.  Try your offers to $59,000.   ���  Jack Noble 883-2701  Rochester Realty  (112)936-7292  12484-39  IRVINE'S LANDING. Must sell  modernized 2 BR house. W-W.  Exc. view of Lee's Bay. Large lot  R3 - Residential commercial use.  Open house Saturday. See sign on  Irvine's Landing Road. All  reasonable offers considered. Ph.  (112) 684-0956 evens.        12494-41  SECHELT    Sunshine    Heights  subdivision, corner lot 115 ft.  frontage with excellent view. Ph.  (owner) 738-1554. 12359-39  LANGDALE ��� 3 B.R. home, 1  year   old,   W.W.,   fireplace,  modern. Secluded. $49,500. Ph.  B86-9049. 12368-39  -REDROOFFS. % ACRE. Hydro,  tel. paved roads. Fully treed.  $9,250. Ph. 885-2522 or 885-2087.    12293-tfnl  GARDEN BAY, 4 bdrm home on  double lot, could be subdivided.  $41,000. Ph. 883-2360 or (112) 936-  0048. 12305-tfn  GIBSONS ���view lots. All services, from $11,500 to $13,500.  Also 3 bdrm home with full bsmt,  $52,500. Ph. 886-2417 after 6:30  p.m. 11776-tfn  FLAT BEACH  3419  A 3 bedroom' home - a delight to  show, over 1360 square feet, on 2  waterfront lots with 120 feet on  the water. Safe for children and  excellent fishing. Fully serviced,  feature stone fireplace in  27'xl7%' living room. Solid  lease. Full price $45,000. Over  half cash required, balance over  5 years. Peter Smith 885-9463  eves.  3051T  Look-142' road frontage, 135'  depth, can be 2 lots both excellent  water view, fully serviced, west  exposure. Full price $23,000, that  is only $11,500 per single lot. Let  me snow you. Peter Smith 885-  9463 Eves.  TO CHEAP TO SELL  3413  Don't let the number "13" scare  you out of buying this fine site.  "Close as Spit" to ocean and  sandy beach. No kidding! $6,900,  full stealing price. Tiny Bob  Eves. 885-9461.  BUY IT  3443  Close to the beach and excellent  view��� of ocean, well built 1540 sq.  feet. Three bedroom home with  spacious rooms, attractive fire  Sace in living room, full  isement, double , garage,  workshop, close to boat moorage.  This 10 year old home is listed for  $63,500. Has first mortgage of  $15,000 a W/a pet. which can be  assumed. Jim Wood Eves. 885-  2571.  HALF AN ACRE  3340  A great view over the Gulf from  this lot on Gower Point Road.  Beautiful trees, driveway installed, water and hydro  available, could have subdivision  potential. Only $20,000. Jack  White eves. 886-2935.  3 BEDROOM HOME  WITH VIEW  3422  Lovely family- home on a  secluded two-third acre lot with  magnificent view of coastline,  nicely treed and landscaped.  Fireplace in living room, full  basement carport with outdoor  patio above, must sell soon owner  open to offers to FP $65,000. Pat  Murphy 885-9487.  Many more listings available at  our office. Stop in for a free  catalogue.  SECHELT AGENCIES LTD.  Sechelt 885-2235  Vancouver 689-5835   __,  Cowrie, in Sechelt.  We're at the corner of Trail and  Cowrie, in Sechelt.  12739-39  DAVIS BAY Brand new 3 BR  split level on beautiful view lot,  at lock up stage. Finish yourself.  Possible revenue suite. One block  to school and beach. $35,000  terms. 885-9534. 12478-41  PUBLIC TRUSTEE  ESTATE SALE  The Public Trustee as Administrator of the Estate of  Frank August Hauk, offers for  sale the following estate  property:  Vancouver Assessment  District, Lot 14, Block 15, District  Lot 1356, Plan 12085 ��� being���  on Laurel Street, Davis Bay, off  Highway north or Gibsons, B.C.  1975 Taxes - Gross - $257.76  $257.76.  Desirable four room dwelling  of approximately 725 square feet,  approximately seven years old,  two bedrooms, sun deck approximately 7' x 33', oil heating,  attached carport with enclosed  work shop at end. Lot size approximately 72' xl53' with  partial view of water. The  premises may be inspected on  Thursday, August the 28th, 1975  from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Written offers for this property  will be received by the undersign^ up to 4:30 p.m. on  Friday, September the 5th, 1975.  No representations are made  with respect to the condition of or  title to the property. The highest  offer or any offer not necessarily  accepted. Cash preferred but  terms considered.  CLINTON W.FOOTE,  Public Trustee,  635 Burrard Street,  VANCOUVER, B.C.  V6C3L7  (Phone    684-9111)  12469-40  Mobile Homes  DOUBLE WIDES  Delivered and set up on your  property, guaranteed to be  accepted by municipality. Non-  basement and full basement  foundation plans supplied. Also  large selection of twelve widest  For further information  Call Collect 525-3688  May be viewed at 6694 Kingsway,  Burnaby  Member of the Western Mobile.  Home Assoc.  M.D.L. 25012    8917,tfn  '67 MOBILE HOME 8 ft. by 40 ft.  exc. shape. $2200. To inspect  Phone 885-2692. 12493-39  WANTED TO RENT  Mature couple desire winter accommodation for  caretaking services. Able to do Electrical Work and  Alterations. Available Nov. 1st to March.  Write; D.J.WALKER  ,c/o National Caterers  Fort St. John, B.C.  Cars & Trucks  '70 GMC % Longhorn, 350 auto,  p.s., p.b., low mileage. Exc.  cond. 11 ft. Security Camper,  sleeps 5, pressure water, 12V &  propane fridge, furnace, winterized, power vent hood, 4  ^burner stove, c w-oven. $4500 obo.  B. Christensen, General  Delivery, Gibsons, B.C.   12376-39  Motorcycles  HONDA 350 Twin. 4900 miles. As  new. $1000. Phone 886-  7339. 12727-39  Boats & Engines  16 FT. TRI-HULL c-w 85 HP  Johnson and trailer. Approx. 30  hrs. $4500. Ph. 885-3400 days or  885-3144 even. & Sundays. 12445-40  12 FT. CARTOP F-G boat. New  7.8 HP Merc. O.B. trailer and  extras. Offers. 886-9122.   12476-39  LIFEBOAT. 29 ft. ehcl. cabin  sink and head. Nice houseboat.  Needs some work; 4 cycl. Grey  Marine. $1000. Can be seen at  Porpoise Bay. (112) 892-9105.  Allan. 12477-39  17% FT. SANGSTER Craft. I-B -  O.B. 110 recond. Volvo Penta.  Approx. 20 hrs. Sacrifice at $2900.  Phone 883-9926. 12492-39  TERRIFIC BUY. Ready for  fishing or cruising 74 model 20  Sangstercraft 165 Merc. IB-OB.  Approx, 70 hrs. Galley and head.  Immaculate. Under warranty.  Incl. new 7 ft. Sportyak on stern  bracket, C-W oars, live bait tank,  with pump, radio, depth sounder,  anchor, tenders, paddle, flush  deck, rod holders, life jackets,  new anti fouling. $9750.883-  2749. 12497-41  "CRUISERS INC." 21 ft. Cuddy  cabin, fly bridge, lapstrake  hull. 115 HP Evin. O.B. M-ahog.  intr. Galley, carpet, head. Excl.  cond. At Tillicum $4500. O.B.O.  885-2126. 12729-39  16 FT. RUNABOUT F-G bottom  35 HP Merc motor. $200. Phone  885-9540. ��� 12734-39  11 FT. 6 INS. Plywood cartop  boat  complete  with  Tote-M  loader; $200.886-2826.      12737-39  Mortgages  12X62 STATESMAN  2 bedrm. Fully carpeted;  Colonial decor. Deluxe appls.  incl. washer & dryer.  SUNSHINE COAST  TRAILER PARK  886-9826  12183-tfn  Campers & Trailers  '69 CAPILANO 10% ft. truck  camper. Sleeps 5, icebox,  range, sink, toilet compartment,  camper shocks and jack incl.  Phone 886-9826. 11767-tfn  Cars & Trucks  '69 BUICK Wildcat, $600. Ph. 886-  9370. 12379-39  '64 DODGE Polara. P-B P-S, V8l  Auto. $300, Ph. 885-3594.12745-39  VW VAN. Recond. motor. Exc.  running   cond.   Fully   cam-  perized. New paint job. $750. Ph.  883-9008 after 5p.m.        12487-41  ���73  CHEV.   IMPALA,  Custom  32,000 mis. Radial tires. P.S.  P.B. 2 dr. Ph. 085-2942.     12463-40  '���63 FORD VAN. Mechanically  good. All round windows. $750.  Call 883-2255 evens. 12471-39  '73   MONTE   CARLO   swivel  bucket. Power windows. Good  shape. Ph. 885-9602.        12473-39  MORTGAGE MONEY  AVAILABLE  TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS  CALL US AT  926-3256  ACADIAN MORTGAGE  CORPORATION LTD.  2438 Marine Dr. West Van.  11852tm  Livestock  ACREAGE  19 acros ond cabin, Llvablo 1 bdrm cabin pnd  good acroago nlcoly trood, Short walk to good  boach, Halfway ,botwoon Socholt and Pondor  Harbour, Good lorms, Call Stan.  3/4 ACRE  Good gardon' noil and aldor troos, Plat, lovol  and R2, Call Stan,  EXTRA LARGE HOME  1700 sq.ft. with 3 ballroom's, Nlcoly stylod, 1/2  aero trood lot, 2 blocks to boach, Hot wator  boat, Largo stono f.placo and oxcollont dining  room, P.P. $69,500, torms. Call S|an Andorson  005-2305,  WEST PORPOISE BAY ROAD  In tho vlllago, 3 acros with crook and trood and  llmborod, P.P. $) 9,900, Call Poug Joyco,  For Sale  For Sale  TIRE SALE  Raised white letters and  superwides at super low prices.  Why? Because we need shell  space for (can you believe it)  snowtires. Here is your chance to  get in to a superwide name brand  tire for. the same price as an  ordinary black wall 4 ply tire.  Savings up to 25 per cent. But you  gotta act fast as our stock is  limited and sale is on shelf stock  only. So drive to O.K. TIRE  STORE in downtown Sechelt,  corner of Wharf & Dolphin, and  get in to a set of nice wide ones.  Nothing like 'em to sex up your  machine. Use our 60 day interest,  free plan with optional monthly  payments.  REMEMBER.. .THERE'S  NO        DOWN        PAYMENT  NEEDED AT O.K. TIRE. 885-  3155.  12468-39  ANTIQUE piano. Ph. 885-3146.  12407-39  CATALYTIC     HEATER     for  camper. Brand new; also 2 oil  drums. Ph. 886-2566 evens. 12499-  39  STAINLESS STEEL oven and  surface unit $70, genuine  Murphy bed and' mattress $30,  bunk beds $15, custom garage  doors compl. $25, elec. rangette  $28, glass French doors. $9 ea.  Floor polisher $12.885-3441.12743-  39  885-2505.  ���-���WEST'SECHEIaT������  Landscapod trnllor, lots roady lor  building, Zonotl R2, Somo with  vlow ft troos, P.P. SI 1,500, Call  Jock,  Stan Andorson  ,005-2305 ,������.  CHEAP LOT  $7,250 lor (i lot In tho vlllaool No  Kidding, AND ll tho houso Is  placod right, a vlow, Call Stan,  post opnen nox 1219, sechelt b,c, von oao  1,2 ACRES  "KOWNINP,  Could bo dnvolopnd, Trood and  r,|os�� lo honch, Socludod nron,  Cnll Ston,'  GIBSONS  Bill Montgomory  006-2006  �� Doug Joyco  005^2761  ���.-,�� Hay Pitch  005-9057  Jock Andorson  005-2053  HALFMOON BAY  3 acros, prlvato wator sysfom,  vlow and largo 2 bdrm homo, H.P,  $69,900, Call Doug Joyco,'  A million dollar vlnw Irom Ihln blull lot on  Shoal Lookout Rd, Prlco rndurod to $10,:SOO,  Call Doug Joyro 000.2761,  DAVIS DAY  Convortod mobllo, 3 bdrm largo iMna room  with llroploco. Uomlod rood, laroo 0("don lol,  Landscapod, Junl slops to lh�� hooch, P,P,  $32,800, Coll Jack,  NEW WILSON CREEK VIEW  Pull bsmt, doublo l/p|nc��, 2 bdrm, dbl plumbing, ��hak�� roof, sundock nnd carport, dbl, ����>n|  tlntod window*,   Groat... vlow. Sfilo ... prlco.  $46,000, Call Jock  WEST SECHELT WATERFRONT  Acroago plui 2 bodroom VIA homo ft guost  cottago, Idoal ratlruinont, Prlcod In flO'n, Call  ,)���((,, .a.,,���,.,���.,���.,..���..������������.,������,,,.������,  STEREO ULTIMATE Amp and  Tuner. Electra 8 track tape  recorder. 2 ultimate speakers 1 -  10 in., 1 - 2 in. in each cab. BSR  turntable. 9 mts old. Exc. cond.  $450. Ph. 885-3594. 12746-30  TRAYNOR    CUSTOM    reverb  amp. $200; Garnet bass reflex  cabinet with 2 -15 inch speakers  $300. Both exc. cond. Ph. 885-  3594. 12744-39  SMALL MODERN Auto, space  heater, thermostat and blower  fan. Drum and stand. $80. Ph.  885-3441. 12742-39  CHEST FREEZER $195. Phone  883-2604. 12479-39  2 COMMERCIAL oak-glass doors  with fittings, 6 steel frame  windows. 885-2130. 1272841  COTTAGE SIZE propane fridge  a$25. Phone (112) 263-5667.12732-  39  Auctions  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  Alfalfa-Hay-Straw  Good Tack Selection -  Case Garden Tractors -  Rototillers - Toro Lawnmowers?  'We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527   11548-tfn  CERTIFIED    Farrier,     Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 885-3450  994-tfn  SWIFT Feeds ��� H, Jacobson,  Swift Dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken  feeds,,, Horso feed, Hog feed;  Cattle feed. Hay and other feeds  by order. 258-tfn  6 YR. OLD. Reg. Appaloosa mare  $400, OBO call Susan at 883-  2732. 12490  tfn   ���  Pets   PUREBRED St. Bernard pups.  Reasonablo. 406-7280,      182-39  DOG GROOMING. All breeds.  Terrier   stripping.   Clipping,  bathing, nails, trimming, etc. Ph.  mr-oriS 12730-tfn  SELNAAPARKWATERFRpNT  100x590,   Wllh   2    borlrnom  homo 1  Trood,  port  vlow  hainnionl,   w|lh   oxlra   room  proporty with nlco bulldlno ��llo noar' boach,  r,p, $37,R00, Call Jark Andorson 01115.2033,  SATURDAY, AUG 23rd. 10 a.m.  Hansens Transfer Sechelt.  Buffet, kitchen sets, dining room  set, chesterfields, chairs, fridges,  washers, lamps, dressers, radio  record players cabinets, stereo  record player, carpet TVs-  portable and cabinet, end tables,  coffee tables, stoves, beds, tables  and lots of small stuff. Come and  have some fun and refreshments.  Roger  Allen  Auctioneer.   885-  12500-39  Wanted to Buy  TIMBER wonted. IxX us glvo you  on ofltlninto. D & O I-og Sorting.  D80��7800,or 000-7700,       12230-tfn  MEMBERSHIP   IN    Sunshlno  ,   Coast Golf juid,Country,,Club.,.  Ph, 085-21145. 12470-39  Lost      MAN'S CAHAVELLE watch left  nt Gibsons Tonnlfi Court. Wldo  Mnck leather utrap, Tuos., Auk,  12, a.m. Rowan), 800-7301. 12472-  39  Found  % MONTH OLD block mid too  puppy;      mainly     G��rm��n  Shcplmrd, 005-11798, 12730-39  For Sale         1970 WNTKIUHUSM ��U rmmo,  clcon, exc, cond. with 40 IMP  Kill, lank, stand, oil. HUIihsh and  copper tul)lii|{, Ph. fll.5-3402, ISAM-  30  Colored ncorn flroplnco, Never  lifted. Now $209, Hell $195. For  Info, Ph; 005-3101 12429-39  BARK mulch nnd pent moss. Ph.  005-2993 evenings, 12114-tfn  STURDY    PLYWOOD     tntdt  canopy for fl ft. wldo nld�� box  W.mhm_ *  127:10-30  "0KAV; THAT'S TI6HT mOMW  Keep air-inflated toys  out of the water. Play  with them on the beach  where they belong.  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  &SpP  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  rn^mm  Wednesday, August 20,1975 The Peninsula Times PageB-3  6550 E. Hastings St., Bby., 2, B.<3.  WHITE STUCCO AN D PICKET FENCE  The ideal starter or retirement 2 bdrm part bsmt home. Completely  remodelled 2 years ago, Located on large view lot in Gibsons, F.P.  $31,500. with terms avail.  VENDOR NEEDS $5,000 "FAST"  Therefore he is prepared to sell his level 70' x 120' lot on the bluff in  Gibsons for only $11,000. F.P. \  100 FT. WATERFRONT LOT  Almost 1/2 acre of approved building site fully servied including septic  tank. Try your down payment and terms to asking price of $30,000.  CHAPMAN CREEK  Large level lot with 200 ft frontage on Chapman Creek at Davis Bay.  This is not Lease Land���asking $17,900.  WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Approx. 3 acres with over 200 ft of easily accessible pebble beach  waterfrontage. Older 2 storey 4 bdrm home requires some updating  and the trees in the orchard need some pruning. Drive along Redrooffs  Road near Halfmoon Bay to view this small estate-like property.  "VIEW" WATERFRONTAGE  Level and nicely treed 70'x 310' waterfront lot. Access to beach is  steep, but the view is fantastic and the price is right at only $13,900 for  waterfrontage.-  PRICE REDUCED  Realistically priced to sell is this 23 acre parcel with almost 1 mile of  waterfrontage with small bays, nice beaches and small private island.  Only $88,500 with terms avail. Water access only.  G. KNOWLES  291-2881 298-0541  On Weekends call locally: 885-2662  Use AdBriefs to Sell Rent Buy, Swap, etc.  COAST HOMES  Double Wide Price Examples  24 x 40 PREMIER, 3 BDRM.  BASE PRICE  $ 17,675  Price Includes: Frig., Stove, Drapes, Carpets in  Living Room, Hall, and Master Bedroom. Complete  set-up, delivered and all taxes.  FULL FINANCING WITH 15% D.P.  ���ir--       Pads Available  Excellent Service  Full Information on Grants  One Year Warranty  Single Wide Price Example  12 x 68 PREMIER, 3 BDRM.  $  BASE PRICE  13,275  Price Includes: Frig., Stove, Carpet in Living Room,  Drapes. Complete set-up, delivered, and all taxes.  COAS  itcHtu --rowiu MVM  aa^  .   Div. of Copplng's Cartown Sales Ltd.  SVc       885-9979  VON 3A0 Motor Doalor Lie. 3655  Vancouvor Customors Call Toll Froo 684-2821  MEMBER OF  MULTIPLE LISTING  SERVICE  BOX769, SECHELT, B.C.  k  e��ast ESTATES  TESLTD,���m  REAL ESTATE  ESTATES LTD  LTD.  Vancouver Direct Lino 685-5544  PHONE 885-2241  SECHELT AND AREA     ;  IS SKATING OR CURLING YOUR THING?��� Only 6 lots loft, 200' to  arona and closo to" boach, Prlcod undor $0,000, Call Suzanne Van  Egmond,  PORPOISE HAY ��� SUNSHINE HEIGHTS ��� Boautlful vlow lot In aroa of  now homos, and closo |o now Ico arona, Cloarod and roady to build on.  F.P, $16,000, Call Suo Palo,  SANDY HOOK ��� Two soparato Iota wllh a most oxcltlng unobstructlvo  vlow looking straight up Socholt Inlot, Prlcod woll at $9,300, Call Suo  Palo,  WEST PRQPOI5E BAY- largo 90' frontago lot saml-cloarocl, roady (o  hullcl on, wntor and undorground sorvlcos, A roni buy al $9,600, Call Qd  Bakor,  SM/MJ, FARM WITH ORCHARD -���- Rnlsoand fjrow your own food on ihls  4,6 acros o| foncod nioadow In Wo��| Socholt, A 5 stanchion cow barn  With hayloft, 4 car oararib and workshop, Small cottago and a modern 3  bodroom homo with a roally largo farm kltchon, A-O furnaco, Ono mllo  Irom school, Prlcod woll al $59,500, Good torms. Call Lon Van Egmond,  4 BEDROOM SPLIT LEVEL ��� On a nowly pavod stroot In Wost Socholt.  Aroa o| now homos and largo 75 n 150' lots, Homo foalurosi formal  dlnlnq-llvlna room aroa with flroplaco, largo lamllylMno room,  cahlnat kltchon and noparnto laundry room, Largo walk-In c|o��o|�� In  mastor bodroom, 4 ploco hath, largo nnrngo and workshop, Prlcod In  mid 90's, Ca|| |o vlow, Davo Roberts, '  SARGEANT  BAY I   VIEW ft   1   WATERPRONT  LOT In  boouflful   nayvlowarna ol Wosl Socholl, Joth aro oxcollont 1/2 aero propotl'los  wllh pnwar and wator, Prlcod at $1S,A00 and $30,000, Call |o vlow  with Davo Roborts.  REDROOFFS AREA ��� A homo lor young pooplo wllh a bit ol flair and  lots of stylo, Houso Is modlflod A-fromo wllh loft typo bodroom abovo,  Frldgo and stovo Is Includod In tlio F.P. of $27,500, Call Suo Pato,  OVERLOOKING sT^I^T^DAY ^ proporty, Ap-'  proximately 6 mllos wost o| Socholt, Hydro lo proporty, walor can bo  arranged, Asking $17,500,00, Call Ed Dakor,  WATERFRONT LOT ��� Looking out to" Murry Island, sunny oxposuro,  arbutus troos, wator, powor and sowor. All this for only $26,000, Call  Suxanno Van Egmt-nd,  BARGAIN HARBOUR VIEW LOT ������ - Approxlmalbly 1/2 aero, nlcoly Irood   onaqulot road.lor.your.privacy,closo to boach, orooUlshlna,aroaM���,  asking only $14,900, Call Suxanno Van Egmond,  REDROOFFS AREA --COUNTRY 0UNGALOW Attractlvo 2 bodroom  homo approximately 7 years hulll, nosllod among tall troos, approximator 2/3 aero proporty, has hoatalator llroplaco, w to w, gas  'hoat, laro�� covorod porch, F.P, $20,000, Including stovo and (rldgo, Call  Ed Bakor.  HOT FISHING SPOT ���- on tho Sunshlno Coast wost ol Socholl. largo  watorlronl proporty OS' Ironlaao, Powor, walor ft sop||c Hold nlroady  InstalM, good wator accost, F,l\ $211,000, Coll Ed Bakor,  2 BEDROOM MOUSE $17,J.OO. Locatod closo to Socholt on oxcollont  vlow lot, Could uso somo roniodollng but Is In llvablo condition and has  full plumbing otc, Call Davo Roborts lor nppolntmont (a vlow,  DAV|SDAYTsi.it^l\A^^  DAVIS PAY Panoramic v|ow lot, nil soivlcos, Wllhln 2 blocks o(  oxcollont boach, F,P, $ia,R00, Call Suo pato,  ..BEAUTIfUlDAVIS BAY VIEW. HOME,   Almost, now 3 bodroom, split.,   lovol homo, |/a block 16 boach, I'rlcod |n|hn|| last I Only $35,000 (or  ��� dotalls phono Suo Van Egmond,  T   Davo Roborla  Evos, Phono 885-2973  Lon otSuatannoVan Egmond  Evos. Phono 085-9603  Suo Pato  Evos, 005-2436  Ed Bnkor  Evob. phono 005-2641  SEE    i AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS FROM THE SECHELT BUS  DEPOT Page B-4  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 20,1975  H    I  ,*-  **    i  "*.      D ,  -.J  ������ I  ---v  <    ���  ?  ���J  -  ii    1 /.  Uifr* ->��.-������.������  \%     ���������        >���      "  *1   : .   ''   '-��  '*...: \     '��� '���      f O ��� i/  .   ���   ,   , s. r \(  , "���   ���*��.��  r   il  '���J:  :-wv  ft-  \^ ��� i_p        ���*.* t  V.    ,.          ft lVJFK   J     .  ^r--^r % 0/- ifi   .  "��                                * Ta. "                            "���             ^"  V  \K<V  C  L.i  J^Jf^frT'^  *'  L/~  .tf.   ,.-"  --'  -   ��� "��� ^ 1  ��� f  \ -..,.������������ ^ .,_._, r  SEA CAVALCADE GOLF TOURNAMENT winner Johnny Johnston, one  time Canadian amateur champion, is  presented with the men's low overall  trophy by Gibsons' mayor Larry  Labonte.' The tournament was held  recently at the Sunshine Coast Golf and  Country Club.  ���i  be-  August 23 will see a free trout derby on  Ruby Lake. The owners of the Ruby Lake  Motel and Restaurant will be sponsoring the  Cutthroat Derby in conjunction with the official opening of the restaurant.  The Motel and Restaurant have donated a  trophy which will be awarded to the angler  catching the biggest trout of the one-day  derby.  There "is no entry fee, parking fee or  launching fee for the derby which is confined  to Ruby Lake.  Weigh-in is at the Ruby Lake Restaurant  before 5 p.m. Saturday and the trophy will be  awarded at 6:30 p.m.  The fish must be legally caught and fishing  licenses are a necessity.  From the pulpit  ���by Pastor Gerry Foster,  Alan Eagieson, the agent for hockey  superstar Bobby Orr, is currently negotiating  a new contract for Orr. He is aiming for a $10  million contract because, as he puts it, he  wants Bobby to be 'set for life'.  Now most of us are probfibly thinking that  we would gladly take only $1 million (or a lot  less) and we would be 'set for life'. Mr.  Eagieson and his client must be anticipating  that the price of potatoes will suddenly increase to a thousand dollars a pound. But  even with $10 million is Bobby Orr, or anyone  else for that matter, 'set for life'? No, they  are not. For this world is currently resting on  unstable'and uncertain footings. Many feel  the bottom could fall out at any time and 10  million then would be relatively worthless.'  However, I am sure the Eagleson-Orr  team are assuming that the .economy and all  the world problems will stabilize. But what if  they do, is he still 'set for life'? The Bible says  "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on  earth, where moth and ruse consume and  where thieves break in and steal, but lay up  for yourselves treasure in heaven".  There it will be safe and will pay eternal  dividends for you. You cannot be 'set for life'  unless you are storing up treasure in Heaven.  And you do this by first receiving Christ as  Lord and Saviour and then serving Him  throughout your earthly life.  First evidence of Dutch Elm disease  discovered in Canada was a St. Ours,  Richelieu County, Quebec, on 1944.  BY GUY SYMONDS  We closed last weeks column with the  statement that ventilation' is one of the most  important factors in the proper use of a  frame, hot or cold, and so merits special  attention. It was also noted that after  watering seedlings the frame should be  ventilated for several hours.  The chief function of ventilation of a frame  is not, as might be supposed, to provide fresh  air. Generally speaking enough of this seeps  through various cracks and crevices in the  construction, particularly if it is a home made  job and more particularly if the artisan is the  writer!  The most important reasons for ventilation are to lower temperature and reduce  the humidity inside the frame - because  warmth and moisture provide exactly the  climate fungous diseases love.  To illustrate let's look at the extremes.  You can go from the cool growing plants like  the chrysanthemum to the tropical growth  like the orchid to see that there are extremes  of treatment required by different species of  plant life. And there are all the others in  between. So naturally you cannot grow them  all under one roof in one set of climatic  conditions.  Newly planted cuttings and transplants  sometimes will benefit from a slightly  warmer atmosphere in the early stages of  growth. But the cardinal rule remains - avoid  rapid temperature changes. That's why it  was said last week that frames under some  conditions need almost hour by hour attention. What may be reasonable at 9 a.m.  may be all wrong by noon when the outside  temperature has risen and too much glass  will attract an excessive amount of heat.  Early spring means possibly little exposure to outside temperatures in the cool of  the early morning or the late afternoon when  the warmth is going out of the ambient air. So  adjust ventilators accordingly and above all  avoid drafts and sudden changes ���concentrate on even temperatures and good air  circulation. If the cold frame is being used to  over-winter hardy plants in a dormant state,  then ventilating presents less of a problem. Ji  it is cold and the frost is on the glass watch for  signs of melting which means the inside  temperature is rising and when the frost is  out of the air let in lots of it.  At-the start of this series we described  efforts made to create a good growing  medium out of some pretty poor material and  promised a report. We watched with interest  as' the Dutch clover germinated and can  now report that the clover growth is  luxuriant.  A similar mixture in big planters gave excellent results with marguerites, petunias,  marigolds, dwarf snapdragons, lobelia and  asters. A rose bush acquired several years  ago as a forced growth and then put outside  was by force or circumstances severely  neglected besides enduring several moves.  Put into a planter in this mixture it has  flourished amazingly producing a lot of, new  growth and a profusion of blooms. On the  other hand marrows and cucumber sown as  an experiment germinated and grew at.first  but soon refused to thrive. They have now too  late it is feared, been planted out to more  congenial surroundings. Some bush beans  and scarlet runners, just a very few of each,  are also a failure. Too acid a soil? They like  lime; So we have not got all the answers, but  it is fun to try.  PENDER HARBOUR-Sixty-eight  youngsters took advantage of the swimming  instruction offered by the Pender Harbour  Swim Club this year.  The club just completed its swimming  instruction for the summer under the  guidance of Mrs. Robbie Peters, assisted by  Valerie Reid and Karen Morrison.  The swimming lessons are held every  summer at Garden Bay Lake.  A spokesman for the club asked to thank,  "all those who havo helped us by supporting  their bottle drives, by donation and, as usual,  by generously giving many hours in any way  possible.  MEN'S, WOMEN'S SHOES  Vi to Vi off  HANDBAGS  Wigard Shoes  In tho Heart of Socholt  In tho Indies' Irons Golt Tournament held  last week nt tho Sunshlno Coast Golf ond  Country Club Eileen Evans won tho first  divisions of both nine and 18 hold competitions,  In tho nine holes competition Audrey Jost  won tlio second division nnd Gone Whltlaw  won tho second .division of .thojil, holo,com-.,.��  '""" "Ion,""*  TIDES FOR THE WEEK  August 20th to 26th  at Point Atkinson  ��� Not to fro mod for navigation ������>  So  00)0  84  OMS     I  1210  06/10     |  Su  0055  23  062S  1230  0700    1  Mo  012S  2<V  0710    1  .0100.-     07 IB    1  0,2  12,0  5,4  14,0  7,4  12,6  6,1  14,0  ������  12,4  7,0  14,0  0155 6,3  onos i2,n  0145 n,o  0755 13,11  MERCURYLAND  SECHELT 003-9626  ���i > <*  V*'  u    -W   ~iu*  u  ��� '���lil  . ����� -    -   ���.������-���     ���'  mmm^mWf^ssMommmMi^i^  r��U.UE  The life and times of John Buchan, Lord  Tweedsmuir, Governor General of Canada  1935-1940; politician, barrister, scholar and  author of adventure and spy stories will be  presented on CBC Tuesday Night, August 26  at 8:03 p.m.  The profile, compiled and introduced by  Stuart Hood, honours the centenary of his  birth in Perth, Scotland in 1875, and includes  the voices of Buchan himself, his widow and  sons, Professor Gilbert Murray, Professor  F.M. pibson of Queen's University and  Graham Spry.  "Prester John;" "Greenmantle";'  "Thirty-nine Steps"; "The Island of Sheep"  and other titles may still be found on Library  shelves.  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20  Concern 8:03 p.m. The Myths of Creation -  how did our ancestors see the beginning of  world and what did it reflect about their sense  of place in the universe?        -.  THURSDAY, AUGUST 21.  Themes and Variations 8:03 p.m. Part 1 -  Thomas Monohan, double bass, Walter  Busczynski, piano. Chanson Triste and Concerto, Koussevitsky; Elegia, Bottoesini;  Sonata No. 6 Boccherini. Part 11 - Vancouver  Chamber Choir conducted by Jon Washburn,  pianists Linda-Lee Thomas and Robert  Rogers. Liebeslieder Waltzes, Brahms. Part  111 Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.  Jazz Radio-Canada 10:30 p.m. musical  profile of Moe Hoffman.  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22.  Canadian Concert HaU 2:30 p.m. CBC  Winnipeg Orchestra, Angela Paez, soprano.  March, Greetings from Vienna, Robert Stolz;  song cycle by Stolz and Light Cavalry  Overture, Von Suppe.  Between Ourselves 8:03 p.m. Rue St.  Denis, Montreal - a French-Canadian style  Greenwich Village.  SATURDAY, AUGUST 23.  Our Native Land 12:10 p.m. profile of  internationally famous fiddler Lee Cremo of  ESkasoni, N.S. *  Opera by Request 2:03 p.m. special guest  James de Blasis, director of the Cincinnati  Opera. Excerpts from Manon Lescaut, I  Vespri Siciliani,  Simon  Boccanegra  and  Moses. Part 11 Selections from Italian Girls  in Algiers, Africana, La Vestale.  Music de Chez Nous 6:30 p.m. Igor  Oistrakh, violin, Igor Tchernichev, Jacques  Soriano, pianists, Bernard Jean, oboe. Sonata  No. 7, Beethoven; Chants Magic, Mompou; 6  Etudes Scriabin; Sonata No; 166,' Saint-Saens.  CBC Stage 8:03 p.m. The Prime Minister  and the Angel by Czech writer Ivan Klima - a  study in personal power starring Otto Lowy.  Music Alive 11:03 p.m. Toronto Symphony.  Les offrandes oubliees, Massiaen; Chori,  Steven Gellman.  SUNDAY, AUGUST 24.  Sunday Supplement 10:30 a.m. interview  with Hollywood film-maker Vincent Minnelli  with excerpts from some of his musicals.  The Bush and the Salon 1:03 p.m.  Almighty Voice, conceived by Clarke Rogers  and created by Toronto's Theatre Passe  Muraille.  Variety International 5:03 p.m. first of a  six-part profile of English pop singer Petula  Clark.  The Entertainers 7:03 p.m. - popular  Dutch classical rock group, Focus and interview with singer Michael Hasek.  CBC Playhouse 10:30 p.m. Tell Gwyneth  the Rose is Doomed by Ray Canale.  MONDAY, AUGUST 25.  Music of our People 8:03 p.m. Ryans  Fancy from Newfoundland.  Identities 8:30 p.m. Music from Brazil and  Pakistan.  The Great Canadian Gold Rush 10:30 p.m.  part IV of BBC special on The Beachboys.  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26.  CBC Tuesday Night 8:03 p.m. Part 1 John  Buchan, The Archtypal "Lad o' Pairts"  produced by John Gray for the BBC and CBC.  Part 11 The Park Keeper, a drama by  Margaret Harris. A BBC production.  Touch the Earth 10:30 p.m. Blues singer  Ellen McHwaine; a harmonica workshop and  songs about mine disasters.  ^4eUjMm��  ��� YOUR LOCAL FUNERAL HOME  OFFERS A COMPLETE RANGE OF  SERVICES, FUNERAL OR  MEMORIAL. AT MODERATE COST.  ��� THE LOCAL FUNERAL HOME  HONOURS THE CONTRACTS OF  ALL FUNERAL PLANS OR  DESIGNATION FORMS OF ALL  MEMORIAL SOCIETIES.  ��� THERE IS NO FEE FOR FILING YOUR  FUNERAL PRE-ARRANGEMENTS OR  DESIGNATIONS WITH THE LOCAL  FUNERAL HOME.  ��� CONVENIENCE OF THE LOCAL  FUNERAL HOME IS VERY IMPORTANT IN TIME OF NEED.  trie adwe. <vt et, free ftuteteU  FOUML H01E  1665 Seaview Rd.  Gibsons, B.C. 886-9551  Dan A. Devlin, Owner-fvlanager  SCENIC CRUISES  AND FISHING CHARTERS  Underwater Recovery Work  and Mini-Barge Rentals  Operating from Gibsons and  Socrot Cove  PSi. 885-3331 J;o0o0Pa:  cmz  Get Acquainted Hoiir 6-7 p.m.  Buffet Dinner 7:00 p.m.  ���"--  |-    -   T'-*~     "I  ml.>wiWiMh>tMilW  Bezels  SJ ESTATI  SPECIAL INVITATION AND PRICE  f    SENIOR CITIZENS ~ A ��� ZS ea,  Get your tickets soon by calling:  885-2922er 885-2241   r  SPOIISOHED BY TME lACKE^IZIE  CONSTITUENCY SOCRED ASSOCIATION  ,0. Box 1189f Sechelt. 885-3636 r  BIILJBLACi  expert installation of:  ������ ��� ''�����',  ��Shakes  ��Duroid  ��Hot Tar  ���free estimates���  886-7320  Box 281  Gibsons  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20  . Channel 2 ��� 12 midnight Z Fancy Pants is  Bob Hope's version of Ruggles of Red Gap.  Hope plays an unemployed actor posing as a  butler for Lucille Ball and family.  Channel 4���8:30 p.m.���The Trial of  Chaplain Jensen, a 1975 TV-movie based on a  true story, dramatizes the case of a Navy  chaplain who faced a court-martial on  charges of adultery.  Channel 6���12 midnight���De Sade is a  simplified version of the 18th century  marquis' life with Keir Dullea as the sensualist who became an expert on debauchery.  THURSDAY, AUGUST 21  -Channel 12���9:30 p.m.���Under Ten Flags  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  2  00  15  30  45  Coronation  Street  Edae Of  Night  $10,000  Pyramid  ���One Life  To Live  Another  World  Another  World  The  FBI  New Price  Movie  New Price  Is Right  Match  Cont'd  Is Riaht  Deafer's  Good  Game  Word  Choice  00  15  30  45  Juliette  Jul iette  Thirty  Edmonton  General  Hospital  Brady  Bunch  Somerset  Somerset  Movie:  "Convicts"  It's Your  Move  Take  Thirty  Musical  Chairs  Dinahl  Dinahl  He Knows  She Knows  Another  World  vAbout  Faces  Diamond  Mead  00  15  30  45  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  Four"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Dinahl  Dinah I  Dinahl  Dinah!  Another  Worid  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Peter  Potarrius  Merv .  00  15  30  45  Expo  Baseball  "San  Diego"  Merv  Griffin  News  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Expo  Baseball  "San  Diego"  News  News  News  News  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Griffin  Merv^  Griffin  Merv  00  15  30  45  At  Montreal:  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  At  Montreal:  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Mike  Douglas  News  News  CFL  FOOTP-M.L  Griffin  News     '  Walter  Cronkite  00  15  30  45  Baseball To Truth Or Cont'd Mike Toronto Magic  Baseball Tell The Truth Consequences Cont'd Douglas Edmonton Lantern  Sports Untamed Treasure Sports Mike Cont'd Hollywood  Report World Hunt Repdrt .Douglas Cont'd Squares  00  15  30.  45  Hourglass  Hourglass  Hourglass  Hourglass  That's My  Mama  Movie:  "The  Little  House  On The  Prairie  Flying  Nun  Brady  Bunch  Tony  Orlando  &  Dawn  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Dr. Iri The  House  MASH  MASH  9  oo  15  30  45  Wild  Kingdom  Partridge  Family  Trial  of  Capt.  Jensen"  Lucas  Tanner  Lucas  Tanner  Little  House  On. The  Prairie  Cannon  Cannon  Cannon  Cannon  That's  My Mama  Wonders  of the Wild  Owen  Marshall  Owen  Marshall  00 Music The Petrocelli Ironside Mannix National           All In  '5 Machine Jim Petrocelli Ironside Mannix Geographic      The Family  30 TBA Stafford Petrocelli Ironside Mannix Bushmen of       Crimes  45 TBA Show Petrcelli Ironside Mannix the KALAHARI of Passion  11  00  15  30  45  News  News  Viewpoint  News  News  News  Special:  "Stanley  News  News  Tpnight  Show  News  News  News  News  News  News  The  Protectors  News  News  News  News  Felix  Felix  Movie  "Fire  12  00  15  30  45-  Playbill:  Fancy  Pants"  Cont'd-  Kramer's  Triumphs  and  Disasters-  Toni ght  Show.  Tpnight  Show ���������������  Movie:               Movie:               Movie: House:  "Fire                  "Beneath           "The Cont'd  Down                The 12              Seekers" Cont'd  -' Below" "' Reef" ' ' "    Cont'd ' "' Cont 'd  is an interesting sea story, with Van Heflin  and Charles Laughton.  Channel 12���11:30 p.m.���Stacey Keach is  the Travelling Executive in this dark-  humored 1970 tale about a con artist on the  Southern prison circuit of 1918.  Channel 2���12 midnight���Great Expectations, a superb version of the Dickens  classic about a poor boy's social rise in  Victorian England starring John Mills and  Valerie Hobson.  Channel 8���12 midnight���Guess Who's  Coming to Dinner is the last performance by  Spencer Tracy. In this stylish social comedy,  Katherine Hepburn won her second Oscar. An  affluent couple's liberal views are put to the  test when their daughter announces plans to  marry a black doctor (Sidney Poitier).  FRIDAY, AUGUST 22  Channel 4���8 p.m.���The Mark of Zorro is a  TV movie produced in 1974 which follows the  masked swordsman as he defends the weak  against their oppressors in early 19th century  California.  Channel 4���9:30 p.m.-The . Night  Strangler stars Darren McGavin as a  reporter searching for a killer whose grisly  record seems to go back more than a tehtury.  Channel .8���8:30 p.m.���The Return of Joe  Forrester stars Udyd Bridges as a veteran  plainclothes cop who voluntarily returns to  his old street beat in a run-down neighbourhood to help solve a series of rot>bery-  rapes.  Channel 6���12 midnight���Black Sabbath  combines three tales of horror on one film  including a genuinely scary last segment with  Boris Karloff as an eerie vampire.  Channel 12���1 p.m.���A Member of the  Family is a film from England inspired by  Anna Sewell's Black Beauty.  SATURDAY, AUGUST 23  Channel 5���2:30 p.m.���Littlest Hobo tells  of the adventures of a vagabond German  Shepherd dog who rescues a lamb from the  slaughterhouse and is indirectly responsible  for a little girl regaining the ability to walk.  Channel 8���9 p.m.���Man in the Wilderness  starring Richard Harris as a Northwest  frontiersman in 1820 who is left for dead after  being badly mauled by a bear. He survives  with rare determination and comes to be  looked upon as a god by the Indians.  Channel 6���1:45 a.m.���The Beguiled stars  Clint Eastwood as a Union soldier who finds  refuge in a Southern girls school after he has  been injured. He makes love to all the inmates and when he tries to escape the  headmistress amputates his leg.  SUNDAY, AUGUST 24  Channel 4-^:30 p.m.���The Odd Couple  starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau  as mismatched roommates in the Neil Simon  comedy.  Channel 5���11:30 p.m.���Dan Duryea, Gale  Storm and Herbert Marshall star in this film  about an unscrupulous reporter who runs into  trouble when begins to delve into underworld  political connections.  Channel 12���9 p.m.-r-Pride of the Yankees  is a biographical drama about the life of Lou  Gehrig, the iron man of baseball.  Chanriel 6���9 p.m.���The excellent  Canadian movie Mon Oncle Antoine.  MONDAY, AUGUST 25  Channel 4���9 p.m.���The Legend of Lizzie  Borden with Elizabeth Montgomery as the  notorious New England spinster accused of  the axe murders of her father and stepmother.  Channel 12���11:30 p.m.���Maroc 7, a  woman runs a fashion magazine which is a  front for a group of jewel thieves with Gene  Barry and Elsa Martinelli.  . Channel 6���12 midnight���Mouse on the  Moon is a 1963 comedy starring Margaret  Rutherford and Terry Thomas. Grand Duchy  of Fenwick's only scientist develops an  outmoded rocket donated by Russia and takes  a trip to the moon where he meets Russian  and American astronauts.  Channel 8���12 midnight���Secret  Ceremony, a fading prostitute is enmeshed in  the bizarre dream world of a wealthy,  mentally unhinged girl who insists she is her  dead mother.  plots an elaborate swindle to recover $250,000  in ransom money from kidnappers of &  millionaire's wife in order to earn enough to  cover his gambling debts.  Channel ,12 ��� 11:00 p.m. ���Gwn Verdon  stars as the operator of a turn-of-the-century'  boarding house haunted by an enigmatic and  frequently vicious invisible female presence.  Channel 6���12 midnight���Jury Room first-  degree murder case is up for a verdict and  one juror makes the other 11 realize that their  snap decision .of guilty is wrong.  Channel 8���1:45 p.m.���Sarge: The Badge  or The Cross has an ex-Marine detective  become a priest in the same district where he  served as a law enforcer and is aided by a  detective sergeant in solving the murder of  his wife on their wedding night.  Bf your TV's not performing  like it should. ..caflf on US.  The Peninsula Times Page B- 5  Wednesday, August 20,1975  WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 20  Channel 8���10 p.m.���Bushmen of the  Kalahari documents an African civilization  moving from the Stone Age into the present.  As a sequel to the 1958 documentary called  The Hunters, it finds the Bushman having to  confront the modern world.  THURSDAY, AUGUST 23  Channel 8-4:30 p.m.���Wide World of  Sports presents the 1975 Canadian National  ���Open Singles Squash Championships as over  100 North American squash enthusiasts meet  at the Glencoe Club in Calgaiy, Alberta.  Channel 5���10 p.m.���Young People's  Special titled Four Children is a one hour  program which tells the story of four  American children, a black boy, an Indian  boy, a ChicSrio girl and a young girl in a coal  mining region. Through their eyes; the viewer  discovers what their family is like, how they  live and play, and how they see their "world".  MONDAY, AUGUST 25  Channel 4���4 p.m.���The Ebony Music  Awards are presented at Hollywood Palace  with Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles acting  as co-hosts.  Channel 12���9 p.m.���Special two hour  presentation to introduce a new dramatic  series Beacon Hill based on the PBS series  Upstairs, Downstairs.  TUESDAY, AUGUST 26  CHannel 5���8:30 p.m.-  A suave con man  sane  than the Before,,  PBRTICIPDCWn  The Canadian movement (or personal titnesy,  THURSDAY, AUGUST 21  SATURDAY, AUGUST 23  MONDAY, AUGUST 25  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8        CHANNEL 12  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  00  15  30  45  Coronation  Street  Edge Of  Night  $10,000  Pyramid  One Life  To Live  Another  Worid  Another  World  The  FBI  Edge Of  Nfght-   Price Is  Right  Match  Game  Cont'd  Cont'd  Good  Word  Price Is  Right  Dealer's  Choice   200  15  30  ���....:;45-.  Saturday Matinee . NFL Frontier Dialogue  Matinee Movie: Action Collection Dialogue  Saturday "The Abomi-    Film: Under Police   ,  Matinee   --- nable Snowman "Littlest" Attack       - Surgeon  Frontier  Collection  Under  Attack  Hudson  Brothers  "Oil Up-  Dare"  00  15  .30-  45  Spare-  Time  Edge Of  Night  $10,000  Pyramid  Onetife  To Live  Another  World  Another  World  The  FBI  Edge Of  tags  Nig  ght  New Match  Game   Tattletoles  Tattletales  Cont'd  Cont'd   What's The  Good Word  Match  Game 75  Tattletales  Tqttlstqle,,  00  15  30  45  Juliette  Juliette  Thirty  Winnipeg  General  Hospital  Brady  Bunch  Somerset  Somerset  Movei:  "Whistle  It's Your  Move  Take  Thirty  Musical  chairs  Dinah!  Dinah!  He Knows  She Knows  Another  World  All About  Faces  Diamond  Head  00  .15  30  45  Saturday  Matinee  Cont'd  Cont'd  Of The  Himalayas"  To Tell ,  The Truth  Hobo"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Under  Attack  Movie  Review  Wagon  Tram  Cont'd  Cont'd  Under  Attack  Tennis  Champ-  Outlook  Outlook  News  Conference  00  15  30  45  Juliette  Juliette  Thirty  Halifax  General  Hospital  Brady  Bunch  Somerset  Somerset  Movie:  "By The  It's Your  Move  Take  Thirty  Musical  .Chairs  Dinah!  Dinah!  He Knows  She Knows  Another  World  Musical  Chairs  Dealer's  Choice.  00  15  30  45  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  Down  The  Wind"  Cont'd  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Dinah!  Dinah!  Dii.ah!  Dinah!  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Brady  Kids  Merv  00  15  30,  45  World Of  Man  Klahanie  Klahanie  F. Troop  F. Troop  Fisherman  Fisherman  Water  World  / Evergreen  Express  World Of  Man  Klahanie  Klahanie.  Green  Acres  Hee  -Haw  ionships  Cont'd  Wide  World  Bewitched  Bewitched  Sports  Spectacular  00  15  :30  45  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  Light Of  The SMvery  Moon"  Cont'd  Family  Court  Forest  Rangers  Dinahl  Dinah!  Dinah!  Dinah!  Another  World  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Funorama  Merv  5  oo  15  30  45  Try  Out  Partridge  Family  Merv  Griffin  New s  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Flying  Nun  News  News  News  News  News  News  Ironside  Ironside  ironside  Ironside  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  Merv  :00  :15  30  45  Bugs  Bunny  &Road  Runner  Wide  World  Of  Sports  Animal  World  News  News  Bugs  Bunny  &Road  Runner  Hee  Haw  News  News  Of Sports  Conrd  Cont'd  Cont'd  Sports  Spectacular  Cont'd  Cont'd  .00  :15  30  :45  Mr.  Dressup  Partridge  Family  Merv  Griffin  News  News  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  Flying  Nun  News  News  News  News  News  News  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Griffin  Merv  - Griffin  Merv  00  15  30  -45  Sport  Scene  Hour  Glass  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  Mike  Douglas  News  News  News  News  Griffin  News  Walter  Cronkite  00  15  :30  45  News  News  Noel  Harrison  Cont'd  Cont'd  News  News  NFL  Preseason  Football  Cont'd  News  News  Noel  Harrison  News  Rathe rs  Movie: ���  "Tarzan and  All  Star  Wrestling  Cont'd;  News  News  Anchor  Anchor  :00  :15  30  45  Grass  Roots  Hour '  Glass  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  ���News  News  News  News  News  Walter  Cronkite  Mike  Douglas  News  News  News  News  Griffin  News  Walter  Cronkite  00  15  30  45  C.F.L. ToTell TruthOr C.F.L, . Mike- MyWife. The  Football The Truth Consequences Football Douglas Next Door Monroes  Ottowa World Of Let's Make Ottawa Mike Funny The  at Animals A Deal At Douglas Farm Monroes  ,00  15  30  45  PAR 27  PAR 27  Now Look  Here  Lawrence  Welk  Lawrence  We"'  eTk��  L.A. &  Buffalo  Cont'd  Cont'd  Goldsboro  Goodtimes  Goodtlmes  The Lost  Safari"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Emergency Special  Emergency Special  Conrd The  Cont'd  Virginian  00  :15  30  ���45  Hour  Glass  National  Finals  To Tell  The Truth  Last Of  The Wild  Truth Or  Consequences  Hollywood  Squares  Movie:  "Gunsmoke"  Cont'd  Cont'd  Mike  Douglas  Mike,  Douglas  The  Rookies  The  Rookies  Ko  Ko  Ko  Ko  ak  sU  ak  00 Calgary '   Almost Ben Calgary The Streets The  15 Cont'd Anything Vereen. Cont'd Waltons Of    . Waltons  30 Cont'd Goes ..Comin'- %     Cont'd The San The  45 Cont'd Cont'd At Ya Cont'd Waltons ' Francisco Waltons     -  00 Football Streets    . Movie; Football Movie: Police Hollywood  15 Cont'd Of "The Cont'd "Shadow Surgeon Squares  30 Hour San Last '   Bobby on the Towards Movie:  45 Glass 'Francisco Day" Golasboro Land" Tomorrow "Under  8  oo  :15  30  45.  Around The  Circle  Billy  Liar  Movie:  Kolchak  Kochak  Kolchak  L.A. &  Buffalo  Cont'd  Cont'd  Around The  Circle  Billy  Liar  All In     ,  The Family  New Candid  Camera  John Allan The  Cameron Virginian  Sanford and The  Son Virginian  :00  .15  :30  45  Mary T.  Moore  Cannon  Cannon  Ihe.  Rookies  The  Rookies  Baseba  Baseball  Cont'd  Cont'd  Mary T.  Moore  Cannon  ���Cannon  Cher  Special  Cont'd  Cont'd  Ian  Tyson  Medical  Centre  Candid  Camera  Let's Make  A Deal  9  :00  ;15  :30  .45  Collaborators s,  Collaborators  S.W.A.T.  Special  The Rookies  The Rookies  Emergency  Emergency  Cont'd  Cont'd  Movie:  "Police  Woman"  Cont'd  Mary T.  Moore  Bob,  Newhart  Academy  Performance  'ftilder-  MaryT.  Moore  Bob ,  Newhart  00  ���45  Cannon  Cannon  Dreamland  Cont'd  Movie;  "The Legend  Of Lizzie  Borden"  Baseball  Cont'd  Cont'd  Cont'.!  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Th e Peninsula ^Jdmeb  Vnll our iMlvt.rUHiu^ dcpiuiiiM.ixl todny  nl ����5-,'t2i'M  1  mm  ���       - - - Ji  P.O.BOX 900, SECHELT  [formerly Socholt Taxi]  That  - - ���Hfe-Cany- ��� -   the Complete line of  imSCH DRAPERY  MRDWARE  SECHELT DISTRIBUTORS  885-2922  V  b I PageB-6  Hie Peninsula Times  r-  Wednesday, August 20,1975  la  l��  a     d  ~S>fM  t\  '���'���'*-<.  2*  WR8T  ��N..  r v   -  i                      i  ��             s             ^  [-, ;:  ��� t+               '  I  i, . .j, ��� �������������.-���*  MLA DON LOCKSTEAD, right, dropped  a pair of cheques on the table when he  visited Sechelt council last week. The  cheques were for $25,000 and $3,332. The  $25,000 cheque was for the village's  share of the . Natural Gas Revenue  Sharing Act, referred to as the natural  resources grant. The $3,332 was for four-  fifths of the per capita 'catch up' grant  which adjusts the per capita grant  system between census years in fast-  growing areas. Mayor Harold Nelson  accepted the cheques for the village.  ��� Timesphoto  Tom was a pedigree torn cat who definitely  had class. Tom was the original Morris; he  gave lessons on how to be finnicky.  The only time I saw Tom drop his cool was  when he was in love; I mean he was so far  gone at times during his year-long love affair  with the female cat next door that he even ate  some of our dog's Dr. Ballard's horse mush.  This, for a cat who made you feel like you  were trying to poison him when you offered  him barbecue steak, was very unusual.  Except for his neuterality, Tom was a  normal torn cat. He partook in all-night vigils  that more often than not ended him up with a  scratched nose and tattered ears. We  assumed he fought for the love of a lady and  we further assumed he won his share of  battles and therefore was not starved for love  and affection.  I have to admit we did wonder about his  sexual prowess in light of his feline fidelity  being ensured by a vet's scalpel when he was  young. But, since it never seemed to bother  Tom, we never asked any of his female  companions how he did frolicing in the tall  grass.  His looks probably had a lot to do with his  success. Being a large, long-haired, white cat ,  for which the- name Tom was completely  inappropriate, he was likely found irresistible  by the fairer sex.  ��� Anyway, all the normal cat activity  changed when the Spinks moved in next door.  With the Spinks came the fair Samantha,  their pet Siamese sat. Samantha was their  only cat or child. Tom all of a sudden became .  remote, subdued. He stayed in at night.  Romeo and Juliet have nothing on this  story. But first I'll have to explain the stage.  We lived on a ravine lot on a monotonous  street in a monotonou.s, suburb in Toronto. The  only thing that broke the monotony was the  ravine and the river that ran through it. The  Spink's house, although having different  coloured bricks and roof, was a mirror image  of our house, This meant tliat on the sides of  houses that faced each other, there were two  identical bedroom windows. My brother and I  slept In one of tho bedrooms.  Tom took to spending a lot of tlmo in our  room, but, being the king of the roost, so to  speak, nobody ever said anything. He always  Jumped onto tho window sill and disappeared  behind tho curtains that were always closed.  Then one day, on a hunt to find an elastic with  which to swat mo, my brother swung back tho  curtains nnd saw the source of T6m's interest. Somnntlm was in tho opposite window.'  It appeared thoy wcro having a staring  contest - each content not to let tlio other ono  win.  This staring bit went on for hours during  tho winter. Occasionally Tom would mcooow.  Lip reading Tom, Samantha would return tho  verbal expression of lovo wlthnsilent parting  of hor lips, Tom would sit up and flex his hair��  hidden'muscles and settle down to fltarlriR.  The problem wns tho Spinks would never  lot their cat go outdoors, unescorted. If Tom  wna around thoy shooed him nwny. The'  Spinks wcro determined to keep their cat a  virgin - llttlo did thoy know about Tom's  unfortunate ailment. It was still fru.strat.ng  for Tom and the innocent Samantha.  When Spring rolled around Tom had to do  something other than stretching in the window to show his vigorous masculinity to his  beloved.  He killed for her.  One very pleasant afternoon my mother  upon answering the doorbell was met by an  irate Mrs. Spink who was carrying a shovel at  about twice arms length.  On the end of the shovel was a dead mouse.  You must understand my mother is one of the  proverbial females who, after casting their  eyes upon a mouse, leap to the ceiling imbedding toes and fingernails in the plaster,  quivering in fear.  Upon seeing this unexpected reaction,  Mrs. Spink put the mouse in the garden, and  my mother re-opened the door. Mrs. Spink  didn't like mice either, especially dead mice  on her door step, and even more especially  dead mice left on her door step by our love  Sick cat. Apparently the dead mouse on the  doorstep business had been going on for some  time. But this time Mrs. Spink had" the  evidence. She saw Tom waltz up to her house  and drop it off. Poor Tom, he was obviously  trying to win Samantha's favors by bribing  her. He never killed for food in his life.  Reprimanding a cat for giving dead mice  to his girlfriend is an impossible chore. Actually my parents thought it was funny. They  never liked the Spinks anyway.  Throughout the summer we would return  home only to find a dead mouse on our door  step, I think the only exercise Mrs. Spink got  was trotting those dead mice from her  doorstep to ours.^We had a mouse burial  ground going in one of the gardens, each  grave marked by a popslcle stick. At one  point there was some 20 popslcle sticks  amongst the flowers.  Tom was getting nowhere. Catching mice  and hanging out In the bedroom window was  starting to get to him. His Httlo cat cortex  worked on the problems for days. He decided  to filter all his guile into the psychological  warfare ho started with the mice,  Shrewdly, ho slinked down to the ravine  one day in the fall and returned with a live  baby rabbit gently grasped between his teeth.  He picked a day the Spinks were entertaining  in there backyard. Having Tom and tho llttlo  rabbit Join Uielr festivities nbout freaked  everyone out, Tom dropped his quarry and  left, quietly. Lots of class Uiat cat, ho never  got frazzled.  Tho Spinks were furious. I'm sure they had  visions of' a rabbit colony taking to  proplgatlng In their backyard. My parents  Just shrugged at their boisterous complaints.  Tom brought Snmnntlin ono more baby  rabbit. About two weeks nfter thnt tho Spinks  moved. Nobody In Uio neighbourhood cycr  " knew dxlnictly wliy f I'm lauro S��rnnntha inovb r  got tho chance to Uiank Tom properly for his  Kiftfl.  I don't think having Samnnthn move away  was tho effect Tom had In mind, but It did  solve his problem,  Even for n long tlmo after this nffnlr, Tom  would still hnvo a quick peak out tho bedroom  window as ho mndo the rounds of hia domain,  Sechelt Notes  -���by Peggy Connor  ,,_���  The tables were turned when a group of  friends got together and held a shower for -  Bob Janjs preceding his wedding to Miss  Roberta Fraser.  A few showers had been held for Roberta  when .Bob said thank goodness men didn't  have to go through opening {ill those presents.  Well that was all the ladies needed to hear,  they arranged an evening as Bob thought for  purely a get together, Bob was sat in the  specially decorated chair and after opening  all the gifts ended up with all the ribbons on a  hat for him to wear, much to his surprise.  Ron and Nora Robinson provided the use  of their home aiding and abetting were,  Frank and Lynn Jorgensen, Wilf and Ann  Hansen, Don and Lola Caldwell, Manifred  and Marion Cook, George and Mary Flay,  Hans and Ann Himmel, Bill and Margaret  DeHart, and of course Miss Roberta Fraser.  Now ope gentleman has had the thrill pf  being a shower recipient and good sport that  he is Bob went right along with the gag and  will find good use for the miscellaneous  kitchen gifts showered upon him. Bob and  Roberta were wed in Vancouver Aug. 2 and  are now honeymooning on Babine Lake for 3  weeks.-       ��������������� ���       :,-- ������������.���������'.  Nearing his 89th birthday in October John  Whyte of Duncan passed away July 7, Mr.  Whyte lived in the Sechelt area 17 years ago  coming from Lasqueti Island, he built the  house where his daughter Marion lives with  husband Manfred Cook across from the  Wakefield. Mrs. Whyte predeceased him in  September 1974. ���  Attending the funeral held July 12 at  Duncan from this area were Manfred and  Marion Cook, Phil and Shirley Tbwnley, Bill  and Beulah Lawson and Roy Whyte.  Roy and Lenore Nygren flew to Regina to  attend a family reunion that honored Roy's  mother Mrs. Catrina Nygren of Wilcox,  Saskatchewan, on Aug. 9. The immediate  family got together at one of the granddaughter's homes on the Saturday night,'  about 50 people. The next day a smorgasbord  dinner for family and friends numbering 80  was held at the farm near Wilcox 30 miles  from Regina. The weather was beautiful,  their trip was shortened by a tailwind that  blew them in in one hour and 45 minutes, 15  minutes ahead of schedule.  The Business and Professional Club of  North Vancouver were up-for a strictly fun  day at the home of one of their members now  living in West Sechelt, Mrs. Lil, Fraser.  Present were the new Regional Director,  Mrs. Margaret Ramsey, new President  Dorothy Scott, and members Jerry Wiltshire,  Doris Pierce, Jean Bailey, Anna Moore, Ann  Farrell, Betty Noakes, Phyllis PalmSr, Paula  Reid, Norma Pidgeon, Hazel Rimmer, and  from Sechelt Betty Calli.  Unfortunately Uie Coast did not live up  its name of Sunshine on Saturday, Aug. 16.  Would have been nice as Mrs. Fraser has a  lovely home on the beach.  ?/7Z7f7/7/7/7Z7/7A  17.5 SI*, case  3 6B��$. for '1.  &  %x  M,  r,."nriaii��*^rj  J~S  \L/  Ct  .Wm\.\th  tr ia��btt  ma  wntta  raw  pe  y ������-- .j '*��� -i  ���  i iiMiii  a**.' I-*  i ���>     i  ���/j  ia.ua u u  M1fE@  L JLv\  &u  I   J  128 oz.  n  lv  .I  1  \  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Church services are held each Sunday  at 11:15 am. in St. John's United  Church, Davis Bay, by an Informal  Group of Christian Scientists.  Everyone welcome  Phone 885-9778 or 886-7882  Family  4 litre  \  f    '^a.  Jt       J  Tho Unltod Church  of Canada  SERVICES:  St John's United Church - Doyb Bay  Sunday Services-9:30 a.m.  Gibsons Unittd Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m.  MINISTRY:  Rov. Jim Williamson, Gibsons, 886-2333  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  SABBATH SCHOOL-Sat. 10:30 a.m.  at Rod roof fs Road  Anglican Church  Evoryono Wolcomo  For Information  Phono  885-9750  883-2736  BETHEL BAPTIST CHURCH  886-7449  Mermaid nnd Trail, Sechelt  Sunday School - 10:00 a.m.  Mqrnlng Worship Service, 11:15 a.m,  Wed. Bible Study - 7\M p.m.  Rev. W. N. Hrickson  ���(Pastor)  fs small  rs.   Oreo or  !xj   Chips Ahoy  & BISCUITS  N ID  1^. WW  iRirr  iL�� J1  16 oz.  ��w  ti  I I  I  I     I  1,  t~\  iM  11  lii  I   I  I  1  Mi.'.' ^  m  EaELOGRAIN  i \  Iff  Mill.  ii  &CJ   Lwl  V   /  j  N  IS  21b.  Bata-i feds BaDy ,,    FN  ROM CATHOLIC CHURCH  Sacholtl  Holy Family,  Sat, at 6 p.m.  Sunday'at 9 a,m,  Pastor: Rov, Father E, Lohnor  003.9626  oinionit  St, Mary'j  Sun. at 11 n,m,  TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION |  , iHt'}\u^\>-\^^mfS'  . V'l.fl^     ' '  M ,     s     i|  (���'���a        | \  m IPM   ALT \      ''���V'holoolil. <Woo  thai  human,  u*.  only   |]  "*,.    '�� V       ',    about 20% of thoir mind.  V  TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION  fA '       /     Usod dally gradually awakons  Iho  ^t^.      <<       unuaod   (unconscious)   part   of   tho  ,,     , ��� mind.   Greater   awarono����   results,  ,       Find out for yoursolf-��� Got tlio facta,  |  FREE INTRODUCTORY IECTURES.  August 21st, August 28th  7130 p.m. Whittaker Houto, Socholt  ST. HILDA'S ANGLICAN  CHURCH, Socholt  SISIMCES RVRRY SUNDAY:  8:30 and 10 a.m.  nm itrcv��� n. j. aopkin, 883-2040  885-3342  1    SUNSHINE COAST  GOSPEL CHURCH      Dayls Hay lloiul (it Arbutus  Dnvls Huy  Sunday School <M<...,m.  Moniliifi .Service  11 s00 n,m,  Tavcnlnfj Service \, 7,00 p.m.  Wed, Prayer and Illlile Sliuly. .7i.l0p.nt.  ^.   Phono 885-2026  886-9812 Moat Dopt.  Wo Rcsorvo Tho Right To Limit Quantities  f��7H��7UU��7��/MF^7��7/7/7��7��7��7i


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