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 v        i
&>rv(no th* Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervls inlet), Including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Roberts Creek,
Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay, Secret Cove, Pender Hfb., Madeira Park, Garden ?oy, Irvine's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont
2nd Class Mail
Registration No. 1142
- Th!* iMue 22 pages — 15c
Union ^jrE"  uobei
Vol. 10, No. 36 — WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1973
Charlie Brookman's
derby held a success
DAVIS BAY—Charlie Brookman's fishing derby July 14 proved as popular
an attraction as in previous years, with
the young entrants catching a near record
number fo fish.
Prizes for the first girl and boy to
catch a killer whale again went unclaimed
but a pie eating contest more than made
up for any disppointment felt by contenders.
Results were.as follows:
Pie eating contests-Shawn Maidment,
Davis Bay; Monica Kolvyn, Bella.Beach
MoteL.': ■/:•■;  y
FISH.. '•.':■..
Largest perch—Cheryl' Ferraby; Brian
Hall. .\;v y...
Largest crab—Jim. Smith, Patty Nasa-
Dyke, '"•:
Largest sole—Charlene Baldwin and
Lynn Creighton;.Alan Ferraby.
Largest shiner—Derrick Lank. Most
shiners—Steven Laidlaw.
Sttefishr-Christa Hooker. Bullhead-
Ann Creighton.
Brian Laidlaw was the youngest fisherman catching -most fish.
RCMP advise
emergency number is
Zenith 4444
GIBSONS—Local residents and visitors
. are advised that they may receive no
answer at the Gibsons RCMP detachment
telephone number because of increased
summer workload, which takes officers
more frequently away from the office.
In case of emergency, callers should
dial the toll free number Zenith 4444.
This connects them with Vancouver
RCMP, who have radio contact with the
local detachment.
tes.i Canadian Graphic Industries
204 _est bth. Ave..   \
Vancouver 10. 3. C,.
,   -( ) service
Expansion threatened .,« .
Gibsons council to
appeal land freeze
GIBSONS—Tlie proposed1 B.C. Land Commission" freeze on farmland could hem
in the village and make future expansion
impossible, Mayor Wally Peterson told
council's ..July 24 meeting.
And he stressed the urgency of submitting Gibsons' development plan to Victoria as soon as possible before the appeal'
period for the freeze runs out.
Peterson was reporting on a July 23
meeting between the regional district
and W. T. Lane, chairman of the Land
Commission;; *.-.':':'■-;       -
Aid. Ted Hume felt that the reasoning
behind the proposed farmland freeze was;
that "they feel there is going to be a
world shortage of food and our soil is
good' for growing something.
"They want to look at what should be
developed and. what could be preserved
as farmland for as long as possible."
He felt there was a lot of logic" behind
the move.
Peterson noted that •farmland* in the
Gibsons area fell onto the poorest category designated by the Land Commission.
Council agreed to submit to the Land
Commission and regional district the village's guideline extension map showing a
green belt area extending one lot beyond Pratt Road.
Under other- business, council referred
to planner Rob Buchan proposals by Cam-
elot Construction Ltd. of West Vancouver
to develop a subdivision at the corner of
Highway 101 and Park Road. .
Aid. Winston Robinson gave notice of
motion of the introduction of a by-law
setting the deadline date for connection
to the village sewer system as December
Under the proposed by-law, the connection fee for homes would increase to
$200 from $150 after the cutoff date.
On the motion of Aid. Hume, building
inspector Roy Taylor will be asked to investigate parking facilities at B. E. Electric prior to issuance of a business licence. •"■'■■    • ■ .     .
Co-operation promised . ■; .
GIBSONS—Nickel Bros. House Moving
of New Westminster has assured village
council:it will keep a tighter rein on employees unloading homes from barges in
the Bay-Headlands Road area.
The move .follows charges from a local resident that house movers break into
cars to move them but of the way and
create unnecessary noise during unloading
Also, the flatbed trucks used by workers to transport houses often block road
access, creating a hazard in case of fire,
the resident felt.
Council passed on these comments to
the firims concerned.
In a letter to council's July 24 meeting, Harry Nickel, company president,
said: "We have discussed (complaints)
with all employees concerned and we can
ln architect's report
Urban sprawl forseen
if steps not taken
hj-fi*-* »>
v,.1*" w * uj* o. . ' vy , A'\"u \
',?w.^.^iy, ' „ y'tft .•• ' r t yJ
fc, »&.. -W *r 7v %* ' * i ■" *, ^*X" t '.i
VFD MEMBER Gerry Dixon demon- booster pump on fire truck. Lack of
Urates maximum pressure that can water volume would collapse suction
be attained on Pratt Road   using   line If pump was turned up.	
Canada Manpower Centre plans office in Sechelt
SECHELT —Canada   Manpower   Centre building formerly occupied by Coastline
will resume itinerate service  to the plumbing nnd Heating which Is now tho
Sunnhine Coast starting August 8 and 0 off,co of Dr  Dec,       optometrist.
and then every second and fourth Wed- r
ncoday and Thursday of each month. For i*w*  <><Mk   P»»°no   005-0712  on
Tho centre will bo In the Cowrie St, the days of service only.
GIBSONS fireman Vince Botbwell
has little difficulty holding the hose
steady under full pressure from one
of the standpipes on Abbs Road. This
standpipe delivers the highest pressure of any on Abbs, fire chief Dick
Ranniger told The Times. "The area
is completely unprotected." See more
photographs by Alastair Rogers inside today's paper.
Fire hazard
in Gibsons
GIBSONS—Only one area in the village
can be given adequate protection in
case of fire, said fire chief Dick Ranniger
after a water pressure test July 23.
And although the hydrant by the pool
hall on Marine Drive can deliver enough
water to "cool down the area, even that
one isn't up to Canadian Underwriters
Water pressure tests at strategic stand-
pipes confirmed that little can be done
to combat fire in the rest of the village.
Abbs Road, Wyngaert Road, Pratt
Road and Esso marine oil depot on Marine Drive are all "unprotected," said Ranniger.
He warned that local residents would
be in for a fire Insurance hike if Canadian Underwriters ev<»r carried out a
water survey in the area.'
"They base their premiums on the volume of water that can be delivered from
hydrants and standpipes." he explained.
Ranniger noted that the commercial
complexes on Pratt Road were completely unprotected in the event of fire,
And he blamed the cut-price water
system installed by the village.
"Gibsons village and tho regional
board put bldo in for construction of the
line," he said. "The village bid was lower
because they Just planned to put in cheap
atondplpcs. The regional district intended
to put In hydrants."
He noted that the village installed a
six-Inch water main which "Is fully capable of supplying number 1 and number
2 hydrants.
"If fire over broke out ot Twin Creek
Lumber, Peninsula Transport, the public
works yard or In any of the homes, all
we could do would bo to isolate outbuildings ond make sure the flro didn't spread.
"Wo would havo to lot the main
building burn out." i
GIBSONS—'The  village  is experiencing
the first sirmptoms of urban sprawl
anJL a .decaying urban core, according to
Itan Renaud, a consulting architect with '
Projects Programming Associates of Vancouver.- -
He warned council's July 24 meeting
that the Gibsons could lose its identity
if development was allowed to continue
in such a way as to split the upper and
lower levels into separate communities.
Said Renaud: "Gibsons offers a rare
opportunity to lead the way in a concern
for quality of life in urban development.
"Continuing development of Gibsons
cannot be ignored. Decentralization of
this development above the core of the
village will further tend to destroy the
community focus and subsequently its
identity as a community of individuals
with common paths of interaction among
He felt that segregation of various
population groups, including age, color,
income and life style, "will create a series
of loosely defined neighborhoods with no
common purpose or identity, and frequently conflicting values."
, This problem of urban sprawl, he
said, was being experienced by most Canadian cities with "decentralized shopping and decaying urban cores.
"The village of Gibsons is experiencing
the beginning symptoms qf tWsv disease
by virtue of the split in the community
caused by the shopping centre and housing development on the tpp of the hill
segregated from the core arid common
focus of the original community.
"Given sufficient insight into the future, the opportunity is at hand to redevelop, stabilize and recreate interest
and social interaction among the community in the original location of the historical focal point of Gibsons Landing."
And he cautioned council: "The future
of the village of Gibsons as a community
rather than as an anonymous urban
sprawl rests in your hands "
Mayor Wally Peterson explained that
Renaud had been called in to advise council on harbor development and "these are
his comments on planning for the area."
Peterson felt Renaud was "quite
right" in his conclusions. Consulting engineers Dayton and Knight and planner
Rob Buchan also agreed that the village
should be kept centralized, he said.
But much of the development on top
of the hill had been planned before the
area was incorporated into the village.
"The lower level is our development
area," he said. "The harbor is down there
and it can't be moved."    .
assure you that this will not be a problem
on future moves."    '...'.<.■'.
And, complying with a council request
for advance notice of moving operations,
the firm said: "Our company will be unloading one more barge on Aug. 1 and we
will give you our co-operation in this regard."
Assistant municipal clerk Jack Copland told council that no reply to the complaints had yet been received from Apex
House Movers, the other major operator.
Under other business; council endorsed
an application from H. J. Smith of Smitty's Marina to legalize his use of an adjacent waterfront lot.
In a letter to council, the Lands Branch
said it had received an application from
Smith for an extension to his foreshore
lease on the bay.
"The upland owner has advised no objection to the lease," said the branch, and
asked council if they had any objections.
Aid. Ted Hume noted that Smith recently applied for another extension to
his lease to legalize a plot he was already
"We approved it and now he wants
to legalize another lot," said Hume. "Will
he want another lot next year?"
But he felt that since there were no
other objections for the particular piece
of foreshore, council should make no objection to the lease extension, provided
Smith does not make permanent improvements t&the lot.'x- ■■'"•a-;-
Council agreed to endorse the application under those conditions.
Silencers for the new sewage treatment plant are ready for installation.
Silencing equipment was recommended by Dayton and Knight, consulting engineers, to cut down noise from plant machinery.
In a letter to council,. engineer Ken
Kerr said: "The noise abatement report
we received indicated that these three sil-
ncers should attenuate the noise from the
prime sources.
"The report indicated that once the
noise from the prime sources is reduced,
a secondary noise source from the blower
room ventilation opening may become
Even if the secondary noise source is
a problem, he felt the plant could go into
full operation with additional silencing
equipment being installed later.
Cost of silencing the secondary sources
is estmated at $352 for two units.
All the fun of the fair will come to
Gibsons August 21 and 22.
Council approved a request from West
page A-12
_PIM-_Mi HI IM Itt I
Sunshine Coastings
THIS is the weekend all landlubbers
get their sea legs and head for the
Gibsons Sea Cavalcade.
It looks like a good one. I hate
to use .that trite and shop worn
phrase "it's bigger and better than
ever," so I won't—-I'll guarantee it'll
be fun and the committee has worked
hard so go and have a good time.
Included in today's Times is the
official Sea Cavalcade souvenir edition. Read it, ship it off to less fortunate souls who don't live on the
Sunshine Coast, and then enjoy yourself. I'll see you there.
»      •      »
Know a good citizen? I moan a
really good citizen. One who doesn't
noise around his or her good works.
Evory|x>dy knows somebody that's
really a saint ond for what they do,
they're not looking for a cent, a pat
on the back or recognition of any
kind. They see a job, do it—whether
it's making other people comfortable
—or working with children—or any
one of a hundred things—and they
are not looking for thanks. You know
the type.
Socholt and! District Chamber of
Commerce is looking for just such
a person. There are some restrictions. The person must live within the
district's boundaries—Secret Covo
to the Girl Guido camp and they
must have done the bulk of their
good work within that area. Other
than thatr-thc selection is wide open.
Nominate your citizen—^age does
not matter—jand a committee will
screen tho names, weigh the abilities
cited and hopefully make a decision.
Then that person will be honored by
the chamber. Last citizen so honored
was Norman Burley and that was
way bnck in 1909. The chamber wants
to honor a good citizen every two
years and so has restarted tho program that began in 19-8-69 when
Erich Hensch was president of the
Select your nominee ond then tell
all you know about the person and
send your entry to Good Citizen
Award, Box 310, Sechelt. Deadline for
entries is August .31.
*      •      •
Have you noticed the doulble-
headed sea serpent that is floating
around town? '
Jamie Dixon is the artist. The
serpent is known as Ch'len jCwu
(pronounced chenko).
In 1911, when Reg Paull was four
years old, his father, the late Dan
Paull and Hie late Bill Gray and the
late Walter Stewart, worked at a
brick quarry or oven kiln at Storm
Bay in Sechelt Inlet when the serpent
was sighted,   v
In 1914 Ch'len Kwu appeared
again and was seen by Mrs. BUI
Johnson and Mrs. Captain George,
now both deceased.
It was again seen at Princess
Louisa rapid- by 1he late Capt. Joo
Dixon (Jamie's grandfather) in 1924
—Mo paga A-8
See our colourful Section B for complete details & program for
L^avalcaae    73  ^ruauit 3rd  4tn & 5th
.        . .      /
mini _l iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMWiiiliiitiiiiWililtiiilii Mm
_i_____ ____________
«_mi___f_ '���'(j :*,:���  I  &������  \ I  V  iv  �����^u  !  ������MMMMM  TheP__i__-__7-_--  a.  s  "I may be wrong; but I shall not be _�� wrong otto fail to say what I Mteve to be right."  ���'      z -      ���John Atoms  A. H. AJUMO-. Publisher Rk___u> T. PRotefo*. Managing Editor  Ahoy for the Cavuleu&e  THIS weekend marks the fifth annual  '   Gibsons Sea Cavalcade and' all that  that entails with its particular emphasis  on water sports.  The Cavalcade, coming on the heels  as it does of the Vancouver Sea Festival  and Powell River Sea Fair, carries  through the nautical aspect of this coast  The Cavalcade has many of the same  features of its big sisters including a  queen contest, parades, water antics by  the Gibsons Volunteer Fire Department,  dances and many events leading up to  the festivities themselves.  n ��� i  One thing that Cavalcade has that  the others don't is the tug boat race.  Not just a tug boat race but the world's  largest tug boat race. What could be  more natural for this coast than an aquatic carnival featuring���not glamor yachting events, or bathtub races, or water  skiing but putting on display the workhorse of the salt chuck���the tug boat.  Without tugs and the economy that  they bring to the Sunshine Coast, there  wouldn't be any communities as we know  them now. Employment and commerce  are direct results of the tug boat industry and its only fitting that such an  industry be honored in this way.  What value has the Sea Cavalcade?  Just ask any merchant in the area from  Langdale to Egmont. He'll tell you the  worth of the Cavalcade���that is if he  can break away from his .ash register  long enough.  Thousands of vacationers and merri-  makers descend on this coast in search  of fun and games and the Cavalcade is  a big' drawing card. Another aspect of  the Cavalcade is the fact that an anticipated 700 sailors will spill over on to  Gibsons village streets while four naval  ships visit for the event Sailors traditionally love fun and are big spenders.  A tip of the sailor hat should go  to JoAnn Rottluff and the Cavalcade  committee members for the extra special  job they have accomplished in building  up to this year's Cavalcade.  To that end, The Times dedicates  this issue to the Sea Cavalcade commit-  . .tee.' A >������'.  $2<M>60 Iwwisewffe  MONTREAL economist   Diari Cohen  figures Canadian housewives work  an average 99.6-hour week putting them  into the $20,000-a-year bracket.  In these days of rampant women's  lib it's comforting for women to know  their own worth���-even if they aren't  paid!  Using a U.S. study, but current Canadian wage rates, Ms. Cohen calculates  the basic weekly housewife's income at  $204.25 for such diverse services as  The Peninsula  Published Wednesdays at Sechelt  on B.C. _  Sunshine Coast  by  ftweU River News Town Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  Box 310-Sechelt, B.C.  Sechelt  885-9654-885-2635  Gibsons  886-2121  .   Subscription Rates:   (n advance). .__.,,.  Local, $6 per year. Beyond 35 miles, $7.  U.S.A.,  $9.  Overseas,  $10.  Serving the area from Port Mellon to Egmont  (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet)  ________  **??_  Aug. 30  FRIDAY ONLY TIL 9:00 P.M.  SOUTH MAID  CROCHET COTTON  FRIDAY 2�� for $E��44  PHENTEX YARN  Ja^_'_:.8_l2fo.$io44  PHENTEX YARN  8 ox. New flock loft of        &fi    J&J&  colon. Rog. $l.��9  FRIDAY  ^ ___����-&  TAPES AND RECORDS  All tfock over $5.90  ROLLING  FRIDAY .   $!_44 OFF  LADIES' BRIEFS  Amort*- Numbon. 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We placed a lost ad in the paper  with" our neighbor's phone number to call  if Lindy was found as we have no phone.  Our neighbor was^ contacted Wednesday  evening and was told that our dog was  in Roberts Creek. The caller gave his  name and phone number and on Thursday we went to collect him on Lower  Road. The businessman whose name we  had knew nothing about the dog so we  phoned the number we had been given.  The lady who answered didn't know what  we were talking about either.  Since then we've been on numerous  safaris to search and call Lindy to no,  'avail-        ���'   7 v;-y  The party that phoned and lety the  false information should be really proud  of themselves for buUding up our hopes  that our little frienoV had been found  and was safe.  There, is a Society for the Prevention  of  Cruelty   to  Animals,  how  about   a  Society for the  Prevention of Cruelty  to Humans?  Sechelt R. ROGERS  nursemaid, dietitian, food buyer, cook,  dishwasher, housekeeper, etc.  Add to this such intangibles as sexual activities, executive talent juggling  a dozen jobs simultaneously, community  involvement, entertaining her husband's  business pals���and her salary soars into  the $20,000 sphere.  Housewives' labors have not yet  been dignified by Statistics Canada. Nobody bothers to measure it br add it into  out gross national product.  But stay-at-home women, waging  the unceasing battle on the family front,  are getting definitely defensive when  asked���"do you work?"  Darn right she works!  Next beleaguered housewife asked  this^ fatuous question should take a  deep breath and hit back with this:  "I'm a short order cook, same-day-  laundry, purchasing agent, child care  worker, continuous cleaning service,  maintenance and home management  centre, 24-hour counselling centre, child  bearer, gardener, chauffeur, gourmet  cook���and cost accountant!"  (Cowichan Leader)  Tyrants manipulate  Editor, The Times,  Sir: Throughout history, tyrants have  been able to manipulate citizens through  their own greed, apathy, laziness and lack    dynamically  of personal integrity. From the Jta*.of    ^^^iy^ citizens  retired and on a fixed' income my boat  was my hdbby and represented a considerable investment, and it caused me  some concern. >  There must be some enterprising individual or group that can see the advantage in this kind of a venture. Seeing  the many small boats on trailers in Sechelt, I am sure there is much interest  in boating and there must be many who  feel as I do in. this connection: I have  heard many reasons why this has' not  come about but I feel sure that in the  interest of progress in the Sechelt area,  something can be worked out in this regard. What do you think, boaters.  1 WALTER BECK  P.O. Box 405, Sechelt  By-law held extreme  Editor's note: The following letter was  written to the Sunshine Coast Regional  District board and a copy was furnished,  by .the author, to the" Peninsula Times.  Sunshine Coast Regional District,  Re: Proposed By-Law No. 81   ���  v  Discharging of Firearm-  Gentlemen:     ���-  A copy of your By-Law was passed  around and discussed at our last general  meeting.. Wex of the Sunshine, Coasters  Radio Club are definitely not in accordance to the content of the proposed By-  Law. We realize that certain restrictions  are necessary in municipalities and heavily populated areas but not to the extreme proposed.  The Sunshine Coasters Radio Club  (Mrs.) JOAN CUNNINGHAM, Secty.  the Indus Valley/ civilization of Pakistan  in 1500 B.C^ to the fall of Troy and  Rome, the masses have been bribed and  swayed by the promises and "charisma"  of smooth-tongued desponts.  The Caesars kept their subjects placated with, "sports palaces" bread and  circuses. Augustus provided "foreign  aid" to a corrupt Herod and built "pleasure palaces" and temples, then taxed  Judaeans to pay for them. While the  politically oriented .Maccabeans' got "rip  offa" from Herod, so Herod made cynical  "alliances" with'the King of Arabia by  marrying off his son Antipas to the  Arabian king's daughter! The special  interests of Philistine, Partian, Macedonian, Sadducee, Pharisee and Zealot were  used and abused.  Translate history into twentieth century political parties, ideologies, monopolies, factions and special interest groups  and one finds that human greed, expediency, .laziness and apathy has not  changed. The power elite continues 'to  manipulate and control the masses by  way of bribes. Hand-outs, subsidies,  grants and games have replaced the  bread and circuses of old. Men of ideals  are slandered and crucified for daring to  rock the boat of the Establishment Citizens appear to have forgotten that freedom is not a gift of government���but  a gift of God.  Unfortunately, while man is free to  choose the servility of socialism, he would  impose it upon his fellowman also���  thereby aligning himself with dictators  and despots.  PATH-CIA YOUNG  Vancouver 0, B.C.  Need seen for marina  Editor, The Times,  Sir: As a comparative newcomer to  Sechelt, I am at a complete loss to understand why we do not have a proper  marina at Sechelt, or at least a good  launching ramp on the Georgia Strait  side.  When I moved to Sechelt 18 months  ago I had a pretty good boat and as  an ardent boater and sport fisherman  was looking forward to some good cruising and fishing.  However, after having my boat anchored at the breakwater at Selma Plark,  and having had her broken into on two  occasions, I had to sell her in order  that I get a good night's  sleep.  Being  Editor, The Times,  Sir: Our OAP envelopes contained a  booklet which said, "Stay active���Rlestez  dynamique." .  So, in the intervals between housekeeping, cooking, shopping, gardening and  cutting back (the ever-encroaching jungle,  one tries to stay dynamic by hearing on  TV the bizarre antics of the "Committee  to Resurrect the President.'.' Incidentally,  were they contributing to his miraculously swift recovery from pneumonia?  And speaking of pneumonia, it is to  be dynamically hoped that if and when  the regional board implements their excellent plan for a diversionary highway,  they will divert the infernal racket of  speeding cars, trucks and motor bikes  at least half a mile from Seaview Cemetery 'agin' we land up'down there.  Another dynamic thought is as follows: We (homo sapiens) live in a world  of noise. Be it said that there are apparatuses for amplifying sounds, like  fr'instance a politician making a speech  (why?). Billions of money and effort  are spent on such things as going to the  moon, surely useless now that they know  it is not made of green cheese or even  Canadian cheddar.  '"'���' Soon, plans will be evolved to sell self-  flushing toilet bowls and cross-your-heart  bras to the dwellers in outer space. (The  ' former a no-no for. Mars on account of  no water? How do they manage?)  So why does no one invent an apparatus ; for de-amplifying noise? I can  conceive of nothing more useful especially for dwellers in cities and along highways, and for dealing with bores in  buses, and above all for de-amplifying  the bird which everlastingly says 'twit-  twit-twit' from outside my window about  12 midnight, when the traffic has de-  amplified a bit and sleep might otherwise be possible.  RR 1, Sechelt J. S. BROWNING  Friendly people here  (Editor's node: In June a group of students from Seneca College, Willowdale,  Ont visited the Sunshine Coast on a  college-sponsored tour named Mobile  Intensive Learning Experience (MILES).  Following is a letter expressing their  appreciation for the hospitality here.)  Sir: To the Sunshine Coast listeners  to CBC radio's "This Country in the  Morning"���Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you all for your generosity and  Past A-2 The Poniniula Times  Wednesday, August 1, 1973    ;  ***��***^***��[>'��*^��**^*"**��**'^��  friendliness to the students of Seneca's  - Mobile Intensive . Learning Experience.  Our students keep talking about their  wonderful experiences in Gibsons Land-  ' ing.  They gained so much from  their  dinner-time  conversations    where-they  seemed to pick up very quickly your  , appreciations  of the area���and what a  good place it was! ]  I have just been reading journals in  which every student makes a daily entry.  Let me quote a little:  "Short but. sweet���Those three word-  could summarize our stay at Gibsons���  and they took Uie trouble to put up all  those beautiful lunches to send us on  our way."  "When I was in bed, I could hear the  sound of the ocean's gentle waves so I  wrapped myself up apd went out for  a walk on the beach."  "The hospitality of these people was  overwhelming. I was deeply touched by  it:*'  It is to be regretted that we whizzed  through so fast. If it is ever possible  again, we will not plan an evening program to compete with the possible after-  dinner visiting' which was so meaningful  to some. I think also that interaction  with you people would be an invaluable  alternative to.the beautiful scenery up to  Powell iEtiver.  We loved Earls Cove, Saltery Bay and  ; Powell River, but ^ime with you and perhaps hunting out Les Peterson's rock  paintings would be possible if we return- ���.  ed to Horseshoe.Bay and reached Victoria  via Nanaimo.       .     ".. . '  Looking forward to further communication. Anyone coming east?  MARGARET KIDD  Teaching Master, Seneca College  MILE '73  Thanks from CABE  Editor, The Times,  ; Sir: With our fiscal year ending June  30, we would like to thank you very  much for having published CARE material in 1973 and are moist grateful for  your contribution to t the promotion of  CARE in your region.  We are sure that the generous response from the Canadian public to our  various appeals is due, in large part, to  the collaboration of all the media in Canada which so kindly publish our messages. .'_ '.'.'���"...  We hope that this wonderful co-operation . in letting your readers know that'  they can HELP CARE TO HELP  OTHERS will continue and we extend  to you every, good wish for the future.  BERTRAND BEAUDOIN  Public Relations Officer, CARE of Canada  63 Sparks, Ottawa  Bloke C. Alderton D.C.  CHIROPRACTOR  ',    Pert Office Building Sacb-H-  ' PhoM 885-2333  Wednesdoys ond Saturdays  10 o_n_ - 5:15 p.m. .'   10 a.m. - 2:30 p.__  "V  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  For Insurance of all kinds  Pender Harbour - Egmont Area  , Phone your Resident Agent  JOHN BREEN   883-2794  BOAT RENTALS  PENDER HARBOUR  12' and 14' Boats  with Mercury Outboards  (by day or hour)  L*ohi  SECHELT AGENCIES DATE PAD  This free reminder of comlnq events Is a service of SECHELT AGENCIES  LTD. Phono Peninsula Times direct for freo listings, specifying "Date  Pad". Please note thot space is limited and some Q_var.ce dates may  have to wait their turn; also that this Is a "reminder" listing only ond  cannot always carry full details.  fl_-SB_-BBHBB_BBBBBDB_B-__________B__B0BBPBDBBBB_B_______-__l  EVERY TUESDAY, 7:30 p.m., Secholt Legion Hall, Sechelt TOPS Club,  new members welcome.  EVERY WEDNESDAY���8:00 p.m., Dingo, now Legion Building, Sechelt.  EVERY THURS.���8:00 p.m., Bingo, Pcndor Harbour Community Hall.  THURS. afternoons "TOPS" mcotlng at Public Health Centre, 1:30^3:00  August 3-4���Sunshine Coast Arts Council, art fl. craft show. United  Church Hall, Gibsons, Friday 12 noon to 8 p.m., Saturday 12  noon to 4 p.m.  August 3-4-5 ������ Elphlnstone Pioneer Museum will be open from 2 to 4  p.m. Municipal Hall Building, South Fletcher Road, Gibson..  Aug. 5���Senior Citizens Lions Club Picnic. Bus leaves Socholt 10:30 o.m.  Aug. 9���Rebokah Lodge No. 82 oro holding a too In tho garden of the  Antique 6\ Boutique Storo. Cowrio Street, Socholt. Sowing ond  White Elephant tables.  11.00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  August 20 to 23rd���Sunshine Coast Arts Council Is sponsoring the  Federation of Canadian Artists In a silk screen work shop.  Sept. 6���The Indopendont Order of Odd-Fellows are now vacationing, will  re-open In the fall. Roberts Crook.  ASK FOR OUR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  Multiple Listing Service  Vancouver   Real   Iitat-  Poard  ftCAL ESTATE  INSURANCES  AGENCIES LTD.  Phone 805-2235 (2 .-Hours)  Box 120, Secholt, D.C.  Vancouver Phone 609 5030  *  to  MARINA  Madeira Pork ��� 883*2248.  IIlllllllIlllllllllllJIIIIIIIJIJJIllIIlJIJJIIIlIlllllUlllll-lllllJ^  PENDER HARBOUR  s        HOSPITAL AUXILIARY  |   FISHING DERBY  I 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 4  |      Sunday, August 5 till 2 p.m.  ___'(  $100  Largest Sa|mpn  plus 2nd and 3rd, also    -  largest cod prize  ���DRAW PRIZES���  Weigh-in ot Gov't Dock  Irvines Landing  ��j       Tickets $2.00 ��� available  .  ��        locally in Pender Harbour  i_iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiimn.  CALL COLLECT  Bus. 278-6291 - Res. 273-9747  INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS  Good Used Cars and Trucks  f. f _ (Mkkey) COf  FLEET AND LEASE MANAGER  369 No. 3 Rd. - Bon Jacobsen Motors Ltd.  Richmond, B.C.  VOLVO CARS & STATION WAGONS  INTERNATIONAL   TRUCKS   AND  RECREATIONAL  VEHICLES  PHONE:   278-6291  OR 885-9813  fform.   fflac~J\a  SALES REPRESENTATIVE  RES. PHONE: 985 ��� 6300  _<  Ben Jacobsen Motors Ltd.  369 No. 3 ROAD  RICHMOND. B.C.  THE CORPORATION OF THE VILLAGE OF SECHELT  MUNICIPAL VOTERS" LIST  1973  QUALIFICATIONS  The names of REGISTERED OWNERS will automatically bo placed  on the list of voters. This should be checked when the preliminary  list Is posted on September 20th, 1973 prior to the Court of Revision  hold October 1st, 1973.  Qualified persons, OTHER THAN PROPERTY OWNERS, may  have their names entered on the list provided that they have  tho qualifications shown below. A Declaration to this effect  must bo filed with the Municipal Clerk, on a form provided, at  the Municipal Office, SECHELT, B.C.  THE LIST OF VOTERS WILL CLOSE AT 5 P.M., FRIDAY, AUGUST  31st, 1973.  QUALIFICATIONS FQR PERSONS OTHER THAN  REGISTERED PROPERTY OWNERS:  Resident Elector���A Canadian citizen or British subject of tho full ajjo  of 19 years, who has resided continuously in the Village of Sechelt for  six (6) months prior to tho submission of the prescribed Declaration.  Tenant Elector���A Canadian citizen or other British subject of the  full age of 19 years, who bos been a tenant in occupation continuously  of reol properly in tho Village of Sechelt for not less than six (6) months  Immediately prior to the submission of the prescribed Declaration.  Corporations���Tho name of a corporation is not automatically placed  on the list of electors. Corporations owning properly or qualifying as  Tcnfaint-oloctors are required to file with live Municipal Clerk written  authorization naming, some person of the full ago of 19 years, Canadian or British subject, as, its voting agont. Such authorization must  be filed not later than 5 p.m. August 31, 1973. This will remain In  effect t/r.tll It Is revoked or replaced by tho Corporation. *  Tho foregoing applies to the ViHago of Secholt Municipal List  of Electors only, for uie at tho Municipal elections In Novenry  bor, 1973. ,;  If further Information Is- required, telephone tho Municipal  Office, 885-2043.  Sechelt, B.C July 26, 1973       ��� N. Sutherland, Municipal Clcark  * _    i t  I     '  / ���   I.  V .  _  . -  ���\*  \Jf Jsntere&t to   l/Uc  omen  Edited by Joan Proctor ��� 886-2073  Monies Powell Biyer gum  West Sechelt girl weds  in Shaughnessy church  N  OF INTEREST locally "was the wedding  which took place recently in Shaugh-  M  u_ idl  fet^S-  :<��� by Jooa Procter  SEVERAL books have been written  about what to do 'til the doctor  arrives. I am seriously giving thought  to authoring a book which I'll entitle, "What to do 'til ffie^epairman,  electrician, phimber, carpenter,  paver, et al corned"  There's a noticeable reluctance on  Uie part of most tradesmen to ever  appear at your door on the day or  at the. time which thejr say _hey'll  be there. Maybe they just want to  catch you off-guard to see if you  really do kick your television set  or purposediy let your dishwasher  overflow.  ,, They probably think it's hilarious  when you're expecting kitchen cabinets to be installed on a Wednesday  morning at 8:30 and Thursday at  quarter to fiVe when you've just put  a sumptuous souffle in the oven, the  cabinet man arrives eager to hammer and drill.  The day you have a house full of  guests is the day the plumber will  finally show up to do that long awaited job. Naturally he'll have to shut  the water off.  The electricians never appear 'til  you've given up on them and gone  ahead and put your $1 roast in the  oven. The pavers never arrive to do  your driveway until you have your  second car parked there and your  husband, who has the only set of  keys, is but of town for the day.  The day some friends from the  prairies are due and you plan to  show off the beautiful ocean view  from your living room windows is  the very day the painters will arrive,  mask all the plate glass and begin their spraying.  Plan a garden party and that'll  likely be the day your neighbor's sep-.  tic tank will finally get serviced. ~1 ���*-,_.____  ���___���_* __._-.__-  plan to can planned next week  _Va  -��*/_   _H��_.____r*_l _b  nessy Heights United Church, Vancouver,  v Exchanging vows at the 1:30 ceremony  were Eleanor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.  Stan Wallis of West Sechelt and Mark  Cramb,son of Mr. arid >_cs. W. F. Cramb  of Black Point, Powell River.  The Rev. Len Lythgoe performed the  wedding ceremony with Sydney Kelland  at the organ.;  Given in marriage by her father, the  bride looked charming in a gown of white  guippere lace with white linen accents.  A picture hat of white straw complement*  ed her gown and she carried a nosegay  of small yellow roses mingled with white  daisies and baby's breath,      ,  The trio of senior attendants wore identical gowns of yellow silk crepe. Their  white picture hats trimmed with yellow  bands and small white daisies were fur-  ther enhanced by the nosegays of daisies  en tone which they carried. ;  Matron of honor was Marg Godwin,  while bridesmaids were Karen Dunn and  Lynn Fredrickson.  The little flower girl was the groom's  niece, Carol Ann McCurrach of Langley.  She was dressed in white Swiss cotton  with yellow floral pattern and carried a  basket of yellow and' white daisies.  Attending the groom was Richard Ilott  of Vancouver and ushering duties were  shared by brothers of the principals, Greg  Wallis of Sechelt and Rod Cramb of Powell River.  A pale gold satin ensemble with accessories in a.light copper tone was chosen by the mother of the bride. Peach-  hued roses composed her corsage.  The groom's mother wore a floral patterned dress of blue and green shantung  silk with navy blue accessories. Her corsage was of pink roses and carnations.  The afternoon reception was held in  the Graduate Student Center at the University of British Columbia where the  garden setting provided a background for  the wedding photographs.  A family friend, Len Allan of West  Vancouver, proposed the toast to the  bride.  For the honeymoon trip, to San Francisco the bride wore a soft kelly green  dress and jacket with navy blue accessories.  .  /  The P-nlnuifa Timet ',P��fl�� A-S-  Wednesday, August 1, 1973  liiMUiiimiin  Gibsons Pentecostal  HIGHWAY & MARTIN  Sunday School 9:45 a.m.  Services 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m..  PHONE 886-7107.  Potter: Gerry Footer  IMUIUIMIIUMIIUHMMUIIIHUIIUII  ��  ymmnniHtiiiimiimniiiiiimtmmniiinnMiiiiiiMimB  Sunshine Coast ��  Gospel Church i  DAVIS BAY ROAD AT ARBUTUS       |  Sunday School 10:00 o.m.        8  Services 1,1:15 o.m. & 7:00 p.m.  Prayer and Bible Study  Wednesday ot 7:30 p.m.  PASTOR: Samuel Cassells .  ClIIIIIUIIIIII-.III.IIIUIIUIIUIUIIIUUIIUIIUUttllMUUIIluA  Children's crusade  WOMEN'S LIB, Campbell's Variety  style, was honored at Neil and Marilyn Campbell's Selma Park home  last week. Campbell and his staff  conducted a successful sale in May  with a women's lib theme; and it won  Campbell a barbecue from Stedman's  Ltd. To show his appreciation to his  staff, Campbell invited them to his  house for a steak barbecue. Staffers  are from left kneeling: Suzanne Jorgensen, Sandy Aspin, Viveca Watson,  Darlene Johnson, Virginia Fletcher.  In the back from left are:'Mr. and  Mrs. Everette Worthy lake, Stedman  dealers, White Rock; Mr. and Mrs.  Bruce Carr, Stedman district n_=uv  ager; Wendy Macdonald, originator  of the lib theme and Neil and Marilyn Campbell.  ���l|MH_lill_IMM_ll_|lltl_UlltlUIIIIIIIIIMI_IIIIIIIMIinWttUni  1       The United Church       I  �� of Canada i  S SERVICE-. ��  |     St. John'. United Church . Do.is Bay     =  5 . Sunday Services ��� 9:30 a.m. 2  Robert* Creek United Ctnircli  - Sunday Services - 2:30 p.m.'  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 11:15 a.m.  ;. MINISTRY:  Rev. Jim Williamson ��� Gibsons - 886-2333  IIII1IMI��IIHIIIIII(IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII(HIIIIIIIIMIIIUUIUI|III  ���IMWIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllMMMIINimilMI ���IIIIHM.IIIIIIIIIIU  BAPTIST CHURCH SERVICES  |   Calvary Baptist Church  | Pork Rood. Gibsons Phone 886-7449  Morning Worship 9:30 a.m.  Sunday School 10:45 a.m,  Evening Fellowship 7:00 p.m.  Prayer & Bible Study, Thursdpys 7:30 p.m.  Bethel Baptist Church  Mermaid and Trail Sechelt 886.7449 |  Family Worship Hour - ��undoy ��  Time for .Children in the Chapel 1  |      - 11:15 to 12:15 i  |   Prayer & Bible Study, Wednesdays 7 p.m. s  J REV. W.-N. ERICKSON, Postor ��  suiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiuiuuiuiuHiinii  1  22S.  And, of course,"-, you  someone at a precise time so they'll  know whether or not to pick you up  at the ferry after work that will be  the very moment the telephone people decide to show up and work on  your lines.  But, I suppose the worst predicament is when all the tardy tradesmen decide to descend upon your  Elace on the same day. When that  appens there's nothing to do except evacuate the premises and pray  that upon your return all Ihe jobs  will have been completed and there  won't be any little notes saying, "be  back soon to finish up."      '  GIBSONS���Next week, Aug. 6-10, Monday through Friday, a children's crusade will be held at Gibsons Pentecostal  Church (Highway at Martin). All children  from the alges of S to 12 are invited to attend each morning from 10:30 to. 12.  There will be lots of fun and excitement  including a puppet and happy singing.  Rhonda Sickels and Janel Reid.who  have been travelling throughout B.C. the  past few months holding crusades will be  the evangelists for this exciting event.  NEW NURSERY  The B.C. Forest Service's newest 1972  seedling nursery is located at Skimikin,  about eight miles northwest of Salmon  Arm and covers 400 acres.  ~jrull JuininQ-cJLounae ZJ~aciiih  fining  9'  Ue6  BREAKFAST���8:00 o.m. to 10:00 o.m.  LUNCH ���12:00 noon to 2:30 p.m.  DINNER ��� 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  ���&  MOORAGE FACILITIES'  Secret Cove, B.C.  Phono lor reservation 885-9998  I  I UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Mary and Don Mocdonold  l��MI_l___IM��MMMMMM���_���-MM_-MMMI_��-IIMWIIM-MM>t,_iMMM  CHARTERS  or Regular Flights ...  LONDON $249.00 return  FRANKFURT $289.00 return  AMSTERDAM $282.00 return  PRESTWICK  $249.00   return  SEPTEMBER DEPARTURES  BOOK 60 DAYS IN ADVANCE  Phone your local Travel Agent  at 885-2339 or 922-0221  Tribesman, about disconsolate Arab  chieftain sitting in his harem: "He's sulking because he couldn't buy the Miss  America Pageant.".  CORN  fri-P-ck  TOMATOES      I FRUIT DRINKS  3 lbs  $1.00 Istt^r     3 s 99  SPANISH ONIONS    SpOLY DRINKING CUPS  _r.rWa"��..    19l Ib-y^^^55^. Ssr^-* i 99'  CARROTS       ^Ti_iwr_-_t\ FREEZE POPS  NALLEY'S  CHIPS   2199  13' lb.  TEA BAGS r  $1.69  INSTANT COFFEE  $1.39  LIBBY'S BEANS  Nabob Deluxe  125'b   Maxwell House  6 ox   Deep Browned  14 ox   J^MMMMff .7'aM  7:-.V::7:."VV.7.��f'  BOXFULL o- Unemployment Insurance Commission application forms  wwre received by Mrs. E. Wall,  Davis Bay, when she wrote to Vancouver asking for* forms. When Se-  ichelt post of_fco was out of the forpra,  Mrs. Wotl was forced to send to Van  couver. The result was several hundred UIC forma forwarded to her.  She suspects they were intended to  stock Uie post office and were mistakenly 'inddreased 'to her. fihe.wHl  pass them along to the post office.  Fruit flavored  juice stick-���.  SAUSAGE  IEAT  69( lb.  Whole Round STEAK  1.69 lb.  FRUIT CANDIES  89c  Daro  2-lb. bag  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday  AUGUST 2, 3, 4  "ALL OUR MEATS AT  VANCOUVER PRICES'  Wo reserve the right  to limit quantities.  SECHELT  885-9416  fi_?_^  WHITE  .,  i\  11 ^A:":'\v:^  ������: .    ��� ~�� 7   ���  ������ ���    ...������ ' '��� ��� '-A--  '~~^A.~^^CAJ;-"r*  '���.'. ���'���"       "-    7  a'.W A:AA  7   ' V     ���   ��� ��� .  '��� .          .                      '    .      h  .'������"-.���       '.." /  : -~^-y ���' ������ vy:  aAaAAs  ..,'>-|   7     I7.ir-^  y  va"  i:.. \  Buy  # PHONE 885-9654 -  885-2635-886-2121  For Fast Ad-Brief Service  Poge A4---^fatiflg TimM, Wednetdoy, August 1,1973   ^b^haL (Continued) REAL ESTATE {Con't) WORK WANTED (Cont.)      HELP WANTED (continued)  \  CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES  Published Wednesday* by  Powell .River News Town Crier  Sechelt Times Ltd.  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Box Numbers  50c extra  Member, Audit Bureau  of CtauhtfeM  '  September 30, 1972  -  Gran Cireulatien 3350  Paid arcukHaii 2727  As filed with the Audit Bureau  of Circulation, subject to audit  Classified Advertising Rani:  3-Ur* Ad-Briefs (12 words)  Ono ���feg__t_aa___^^'  **���'��  Three Insertions $2.20  Extra lines (4 words) __���!_��� 30c  (This rote does not oppry to  commercial Ad-Briefs)   " "  SOc Book-keeping charge Is added  for Ad-Briefs not paid by  .publication date.  Legal or Redder advertising 35c  -.__.���-������  __^_r_ewie�� dw��.    _  Deaths, Card of Thanks, In Mem*  oriam. Marriage ond Engogenient  notices are $3.60 (up to 14 lines)  and 30c per line after that, four  words per line.  Birth, Notices, Coming Events take  regular classified rates.  Subscription Rota*:  By Moil:  Local Area ���   Outside Local Area  _���__-.___   Overseas  Special Citizens,  Local Area -_  Canada .  Single CopUss _���  _$6.00yr.  _$7.00��r.  _$9.00yr.  $10.00 yr.  $3.30  .$4.00  ._15c  Copyright ond/or property rights sybsists in all display advertising and  other material appearing in the edition of the Sechelt Peninsula-Times.  Permission to reproduce wholly or in port ond In any forrrywhotsoever,  Krticularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication, must  obtained in writing from the publisher Any unauthorized reproduction  will be subject to recourse In low.      ".        y    ���  "In the event of a typographical error advertising goods or services, at  a wrong price, goods or services may,not be sold and the difference  charged to the newspaper. Advertising is merely an offer to sell, and may  be withdrawn at ony time."���(Supreme Court decision). Advertising is  accepted on the eonditlon'lhat, in the event of typographical error, that  portion of the advertising space occupied by the erroneous item, together  with reasonable allowance for signature, will not be charged for, but the  balance of the advertisement will be paid for at the applicable rate.  A, composition charge is made for advertising accepted ond put into  production, but cancelled before publication. Change from original copy  When proor is submitted to customer is also chargeable at an hourly rate  for the additional work.  BIRTHS  OBITUARY  GIBSONS AND SfiCHftT  WESTERN DRUGS  . . . or* eUeeei to sponoor this  BM_ Anno-Hcomenf spaco.  and  extends Boar Wishes to the hoppy  parents.  Wedding Announcements  MR. and Mrs. L. J. Nestman  take pleasure in announcing  the forthcoming wedding of  their daughter Eileen Joyce to  Constable x Jerome 'William  Bender on Saturday, August  4th. 1973 in the Holy Family  Catholic Church, Sechelt.  2761r36  CARDS OF THANKS  WE WISH to express our sincere thanks to the doctors  and nurses of St. Mary's Hospital during the illness and  death of a beloved wife and  daughter. ���R. S. Vanderwerff.  Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Berry.  2817-36  WE wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation  to all for the help and thought-  fullness at the time of loss of  our loving son and brother  Douglas.���Bill, Vi Price and  family. 2788-36  MARIE Leask would like to  thank her friends, once more,  for their kindnesses, cards and  flowers during her stay at St.  Mary's Hospital. Also the doctors and nurses for their kind  attention. 2790-36  USE TIMES ADBRIEFS  TO SELL/RENT. SWAP. BUY  VAN der WERFF���Jean (nee  Berry) Sechelt, B.C., on July  20th, 1973. Survived by her  husband Richard, 2 sons Rick  and Mark, her parents Mr. and  Mrs. W. K. Berry, 5 sisters,  Mae, Pat, Gwen, Betty and  Cathy. Memorial service was  held at. Boal Chapel, . North  Vancouver on July 24th. Rev.  John Van der Werff officiating.   Crematioa 2802-36  SCHUTTE���Nancy Eileen, of  Madeira Park, on July 21st,  1973, aged 54. Survived by her  husband Eric of Madeira Park,  three sons of Seattle, one  daughter of Tacoma, Wash, and'  four grandchildren. Private  funeral services. Flowers gratefully declined. Donations to  B.C. Cancer Society would be  appreciated. 2807-36  IN MEMORIAM  IN LOVING memory of our  father Roy Malyea who passed away July 28, 1971. Ever  remembered by Pat and Janet  Malyea. 2833-36  PERSONAL  0 I ���     !���      I ���_���___   ���! ���_���_-"_���      !_._���   .���!_������ I..      ���H���..II ���   ���  ALCOHOLICS Anonymous ������'  Meetings  8:30 p.m., Thurs-  . lays, Wilson Creek Community Hall. Ph. 885-9327.  8657��tfn  SINCERE honest woman wishes companionship of refined  and honest man. Age 58-68.  Write Box 2822, c-o Peninsula  Times, Box 310, Sechelt, B.C.  2822-38  BAHA'I Faith* informal chats.  885-2465,886-2078.     1075-tfn  REAL ESTATE  SUNSHINE Coast Hwy. $73,-  ,500, 8 awes, 3 bedroom bun-  Tgalow, 1400 _q. ft., full basement, electric heat, spacious  living dining room with fireplace, view windows with -access" to sundeck. Wall to wall  carpet throughout. Modern kitchen, master bedroom with en-  suite vanity. Open stairway to  roughed in rec room with fire- .  place." Large carport "and 22x"  45 ft> fully equipped concrete  swimming pool. 8 acres, 600 ft.  frontage on Hwy 101, Roberts  Creek,. approx." 3 acres landscaped with lawn, fish pond  and fountain. Year round  creek. Owner phone 886-2794.  y .'���... 2019-tfn  ROBERTS CREEK: One beautiful little acre! Quiet setting  is'the. theme featuring small  trout "filled lake attractively  landscaped. Small house, plus  studio workshop. This little  "Garden of Eden" requires only $11,000 down, Fifll details  on request.  GIBSONS: Quiet residential  area.. Two bdrms., spacious  living room, family size kitchen, 3 pee. bath.,, plus storage shed. $16,500 with low  down payment. ��� Immediate,  possession.  GEORGIA VIEW: Tremendous possibilities, asking $7,500.  One acre. Half beautifully developed, bal. natural park. Attractive mobile home set on  cement slab, added living  room, covered patio.v carpet.  $21,500 includes most furnishings etc. Separate workshop,  storage bldg.  Chalet cottage in natural setting. 63' of fine pebble beach,  good' moorage. A dream of a  holiday spot. Full price only  $18,000.  HAVE   CLIENTS!  NEED LISTINGS!  K. BUTLER REALTY  LTD.  ALL   TYPES   INSURANCE  Gibsons, B.C.    .  Phone 886-2000  MEMBER  MULTIPLE   LISTING  SERVICE  9390-35  CHARLES ENGLISH LTD.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibsons, B.C. 886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445 ~~  LANGDALE: View lots���69'xl 03' - $6,600; 76'xl37'  $6,600.  GIBSONS VILLAGE:  2 view lots, extra big, Winn  Road, each $8,000, terms.  Live In a duplex and collect your payments from the  revenue next door, Ideal retirement scheme, each unit  is 1 bedroom, electric heat, lovely yard, utility sheds.  F.P. $32,500.  -x  G&SONS VILLAGE: Highway 101. 3 acres with 3-  bedroom houso pnd a 1 -bedroom cottage rented out  at present. Nice family home, close to,schools, shopping. Make on appointment to see at $42,525.00.  TSAWCOMBE ��� Nice cosy tiny cottage, half block  from beach, all services, includes fridgo, stove, beds  etc., on Dominion Lease Land ($50.00 per year). Full  cash price $5,850,  SELMA PARK ��� Did you know you can buy this home  for $14,500 only? Keep your monoy in tho bank and  pay tho land lease from interest. Cash of torms. Ideal  for retirement. Living room, bedroom, kitchen and  part basement. Wall-t6-wall carpets. A real7 gent  Closo to Sechelt village, transportation ond hospital.  FRANCIS PENINSULA:  Large view lot overlooking  Malcolm Bay, all services. $6,500 full price, terms.  WE HAVE CUSTOMERS WAITING FOR LISTINGS  ON ACREAGES AND WATERFRONT. LIST WITH  / US AND SEE THE RESULTS.  LISTINGS  K. A. dotby 886-2099  Mlk- Blaney 006-7-436  WANTED  J, VI*M>r 006-2331  Don Sutherland 005-9362  /.    V  PENDER HARBOUR  SAKINAW LAKE RESORT  1,800 Waterfront  1,000 [.each  39 Acres  One of. the' choice Peninsula  Proper ties \  ,   $190^)00  Potential Unlimited  Phone: 254-1060  9319-tfn  160 ACRES beautiful elevated  property, some view, trails,  secluded. Near Secret Cove,  $70,000. Write Box 310, c-o  The Times, Sechelt, B.C.  '.  ' <332-tfn  NATIONAL HOMES  For quality and service before  ',. you  build,  send  for   pur  catalogue.;  Box   830^   Sechelt  9372-tfn  PENDER HARBOUR  133' waterfront with deep  protected moorage, float and  ramp. 2 bedrm., full bsmnt 10  year old home with fireplace  and sundeck. Immaculate condition. Blacktop driveway.  Nicely landscaped, beautiful  retirement home. Asking $52.-  500." ���   -;     '  850 ft. waterfront, on 1% acres  in Madeira Park. Marine, Motel or Trailer site. The best  WF lot on Sunshine Coast.  JACK NOBLE  883-2701  Rochester Reolty Ltd.  9395-36  BY owner, new 2'bedroom  view house with basement.  Radcliffe Road, full price  $29,500. Phone 885-2162 or Box  547,  Sechelt. 2796-36  WORK WANTED  WINDOW cleaning, residential  and commercial, Sechelt-  Gibsons area. Jervis Maintenance Service. Phone 885-2346.    2615-2fn  FURNACE   installations   and  burner   service.   Free   estimates. Ph. 886-7111.       36-tfn  PEERLESS    Tree    Services-  Guaranteed   insured' work.  Phone 885-2109. 1887-tfn  FULLY qualified electrician  requires work in area. 30  years experience including  radio and TV repairs and fire  alarm systems, also-appliance  repairs.. Phone  885-2583.  2985-37 y  DIAI--MAR Answering  Service. Office, residential, wake  up calls. Reasonable rates. Ph.  .85-2245. . 2144-tfn  GENERAL    handyman.    Carpentry, painting and    light  hauling. Ph. 886-9516. 2285-tfn  GIRL 22  will   do   gardening,  painting,  cleaning,   decorating, sewing, anything interestr  ing. Ph. 886-2770. 2798-38  LIGHT    hauling,     deliveries,  house and garden clean ups,  gardening,   furniture   moving,  ��� etc. Free estimates. Phone 886-  9503. . 2804-38  HELP WANTED  YOUNG man required for kit-  - chen help, Lord Jim's Lodge.-  Phone 885-2232.        >    2791-38  LOGGERS SEEKING;  EMPLOYMENT  FLEETWOOD LOGGING  CO. LTD.  1 Heavy Duty Mechanic  1 Welder  1 Yarding Engineer  4 Fallers  1 Grapple Operator  '' 1 Grade Shovel Operator  1 Rigging Handyman  Transportation "daily from Port  Mellon  to  camp  and  return.  Union wages and benefits  Interested parties call:  Bill Johnston-Woods Foreman  885-2597  Jack  Kincaid-Bullbucker  886-9103  Between 6:00 p.m. ahd  8:00 p.m. Daily  9394-35  USE TIMES ADBRIEFS  TO SELL, RENT, SWAP, BUY  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  HIGHWAY  101  AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD  Real Estate & Insurance  PENDER HARBOUR ��� EGM6NT -1 EARL COVE  PENDER  HARBOUR ��� Semi-waferfront lot,  level,  across the road from  beach access.   Lovely water  view. Asking $7,500.  REDROOFFS ��� Excellent building lot, close to ocean,  F.P. $4,900.  EGMONT ��� About 2V_ acres of waterfront.' Over 400  feet of beach. Asking $45,000 F.P.  MODERN HOME ���- 1232 sq. ft. of living space.  3 bedrooms. Master .bedroom ensuite, large living  room and family or TV room. On level/landscaped lot.  This is an excellent buy at $32,500. Can be financed.  PHONE 883-2794  ������ WE NEED LISTINGS ���  John Breen  883-9978  Archie Brayton  883-9926  Jock Hermon  883-2745  .-*S___  member; of  multiple listing  SERVICE  BOX 769, SECHELT, B.C.  fcs  njoast ESTATES LTD.  ^ESTATES I_TW__m  REAL ESTATE  PHONE 885-2241  GIBSONS  ACREAGE  Over 8 level sunny ocres. Hydro and phone on rood. 740' frontage. F.P. $23,000. Call Dave Roberts.   ���    ROBERTS CREEK       LOT WITH FRUIT TREES  Just put your home oh this beautiful level lot. Very little landscaping needed. One block to beach. Serviced. F.P. $6,500. Call  Call Jack Anderson.  FANTASTIC VIEW OF HOWE SOUND  from  this brand-new   three-bedroom  home nearing  completion.  Features wall-to-wall carpets, 1% bathrooms, full basement, fireplaces up ond down, carport and sundeck. To view, call Dave  Roberts.  SEAVIEW - GOWER POINT  93'x220' serviced lots. Possibly subdivided. Close to public beach.  F.P. $7,950 to $8,750. Coll Jack Anderson.   :     DAVIS BAY   BEACH COTTAGE  Two bedrooms, level, treed garden lot. Ideal for retirement. Elec-  Swlmmlng, fishing. F.P. $8,700. Call Jack Anderson.  As is .  LARGE VIEW LOT AT GOWER POINT  Fully serviced. Nicely treed. South slope. View to Nanaimo. Steps  to public launch ramp and swimming. F.P. $7,950. Call Jack or  Stan Anderson.  SELMA PARK  2 BEDROOM HOME  holf finished, panoramic view, full basement.  F.P. $26,900. Call Jack Anderson.  VIEW LOT  65x121 building lot Cleared. Driveway In. $6,950 F.P. Call Jack  Anderson.  LARGE PANORAMIC VIEW LOT  above Selma Park. Power and water on street.  95'xlB5' nicely  treed. F.P. $7,350. Call Dave Roberts.  VIEW LOT  All  cleared,   ready   for   building.   Two   blocks  to  public   beach.  Swimming, fishing. F.P. $8,700. Cal Jack Anderson.  REDROOFFS AREA  VIEW HOME  1500 plus sq. ft.   .-bedroom, all wall-to-wall carpets. Full basement, two sots of plumbing,  sundeck,  corner  lot.  Priced to soil  at $37,900. Call Jack Andorson.  100 feet of good beach. Altaost 2 acros deep. Call Davo Roberts.  taxes. F.P. $12,900. Call Jock Andorson.  Good rental Investment.  I-bedroom cottage. Close to beach. Low  taxes. F.P. $12 ~  WATERFRONT RETREAT  ON GOOD BEACH. Located close to Sochelt. $10,500 F.P.  For Information  regarding  leaso title call  Dave  Roberts.  LOT  ���ay.  Egmond.  $10,500. Overlooking Sargcant Bay. Call Lon or Suzanno Van  TWO RECREATIONAL LOTS  Approx. Mt-acro, treed, zoned for trallors. F.P. $4,950. Call Jack  Andorson.  SE(_HELT  150-FT. WATERFRONT  Low bonk In quiet bay. Halfmoon Bay area. F,P.  $19,000. Call  Jock Anderson.  5 ACRES - WEST PORPOISE BAY  Gentle southwest slope. Treed. Good soil. F.P. $17,500. Call Jock  Anderson.  PENDER HARBOUR  MODERN SEVEN-SUITE APARTMENT  closo lo oil conveniences. Rental accommodation Is hard to find  here - vancancy rate NIL, Excellent Investment at $79,900, Coll  Dove Roberts for full particulars,  10 ACRES TIDAL WATERFRONT  Secluded, Povod road to property. Heavily treed but easily developed. One mllo from shopping centro. F.P. $50,000, Torms. Coll  Bob Lee.  101' OF GOOD BEACH  Approx   I Mi   acres  deep,   Sechelt-Rcdrooff. area.  Only   $18,500  F.P. Coll Dave Robert*.  LOT - PORPOISE BAY  Only 1 loft. F.P. $4,500, Call Lon or Suzonne Van Egmond.  000' WATERFRONT ACREAGE  Small cabin on proporty, protected deep water moorage,  pabl.la  beoch,  southern exposure,  lovol  upland,   nlcoly  trocd,  park-llko.  Priced to sell I! Coll Uob Lao,  WATERFRONT HOME  00 ft, level, landscaped||lot, trees! ond shrubs,  Large  vjew living  room,   wall-to-woll 'corpiit,   fireplace,   two  bedroorm   pl.is   hobby  room. Family kitchen, vonlty bath;  Idopl retirement homo   F P.  $47,900. Call Jack Anderson.  3 BEDROOM, SEA VIEW  1,100 sq. ft., full basement, family room   large ravine lot, close  to public beach, on quiet street, Call Jack Anderson.  BUILDING SITE  05'xl60' - one block  to public beach.  F.P.   $7,250. Coll  Jack  Anderson.  CHOICE  BUILDING  LOTS  IN  MADEIRA PARK  All  serviced.  Suitable  for trallors or  building,   From   $6,000  to  $9,500, Coll Uob(Loo.  VACATION RESORT or FISHERMAN'S LODGE  Lot this oxt.n-large waterfront homo 6n throe Iota .?iol��. monoy  for  youl   Rustic   wood   finish   throughout,   deep   water   moorage,  excellent variety of fishing, Asking $100,000, Call mo���Dob Lee,  EGMONT  Choice   waterfront   lot   with   3-bedroom,   fully   serviced   home,  Excellent moorage and year-round  fishing,  F.P,  $30,000, Terms  Coll  Bob Loo.  GARDEN HAY  Largo nlcoly treed lot, Southern exposure.  Panoramic vlow.  Fully  serviced. F.P. $ 11,000, Coll Bob Lee.  Len or Suzonne Von Egmond  Eves, Phone 005-9603  Jack Anderson  Eves. Phono 005-2053  Dave Roberts Uob Loo  Eves, Phono 005-9705 Evos. Phono 003-2279, 003-2330  VANCOUVER DIRECT LINE MU5-5544  SEE US AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS FROM SECHELT BUS DEPOT  i    r  *\  'A  'J'1)'  iy  -AP.ZAA  '"   .!���         V  ' [��r". . ./ ' ,  .... AA~i.  .    s  .. y ���  \  /  /   ' - lt  ��� - ��� y   i  \V         '    ���  7  /  '-'. ���  \.   . _ L  rfta^t_a_____  GARDEN   BAY v  6 BR home on 103 ft. waterfront lot. over one ocre. Lots of floats.  $44,500.  Adjoining lot with 206 ft. woterfront, over 2 acres and partially  landscaped with rock walls. $35,000.   These two properties together would be an ideal site for marina  c, development. "  EGMONT  Comer lot with ^17. ft. waterfront, excellent view of Skookumchuck,  $10,000.  Adjoining 80 ft. waterfront lot with approx. 215 ft. comer roajl  .        . frontage, gas pumps. $22,000.  These two lots together would make an excellent commercial site.'.  GERRAWS BAY - FRANCIS PENINSULA  Approx. 180 feet of deep waterfront, on 2 separate lots, with  3 bedroom architect designed home on 3 levels. Oil furnace, double plumbing. Large bright studio on upper floor with separate  entrance. Greenhouse, fishpond ond a small cabin presently jused  as a shop. Landscaped grounds and lots of privacy. Float, washer,  dryer, range qnd fridge included in price of $79,500. i  BARGMN HARBOUR  Approx.  1,400 ft. choice deep waterfront on approx. 5 acres,'  located at the end of Spicer Road. Two partially furnished cottages, beach. Owner has tentative approval  to divide  into 2  parcels. $195,000.  GUNBOAT BAY  675'   very   choice  waterfront.   Approx.   15   acres   of   privacy,  beautifully treed. Southern exposure. Water access oply. $90,000.  ' y * AAADEIRA PARK  1 BR view home ��� den would make 2nd bedroom. Basement and  carport. Needs some finishing. Close to stores and school. $28,900.  MARINA & BOATYARD  2.21 acres in Madeira Park with 180' waterfront boat launching  ramp partially built, floats, boat shop 24'x50' with all necessary  heavy shop equipment, marine ways 35 ton capacity with 2 carriages, foreshore lease. 4 BR home, new 1970. $105,000.     j  SAKINAW LAKE  Approx 2,400 ft. choice lakefront containing approx.  80 acres  of nicely treed property. Road access possible. An excellent group  investment. $ 125,000.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  Large freed lots, 1 OO' by approx. 235'. Close to stores, post office,  marinas and government wharf. $6,000 and $8,000.  AAADEIRA MARINA LTD.  Approx .3 acres on 250 feet choice woterfront in Madeira Park.  30'x80' concrete shop building with repair facilities, display and  sales room, offifce, stockroom. Seven motel units, owner's 2 BR  home, facilities for 40 to 50 camper and trailer units, five rental  .boats.and motors, Joun^hina.r.omp, floats, foreshore lease. Large  up-to-date stock of boats, motors, parte ond marine hardware-(opprox. value $60,0000. Evinrude and other franchises. Going concern. To view by appointment only. $250,000, plus cash for stocji.  MARY ISLAND  4.8 acres, located right in Pender Harbour. 1,500 ft. waterfront.  Phone, hydro, and water. Log" house. Excellent for a group investment. $125,000.  PENDER HARBOUR  Good investment property - approx. 33 acres with  1,800 ft. of  tidal waterfront, highway frontage. $95,000.  EARL COVE  View Lot   View lot with small unfinished cabin   $6,000  $8,200  7 ISLES MOBILE HOME PARK  Approx. 3 ocres of view property with 10 trailer spoces reody.  Monthly  rental  $60 per space.  Plenty of room  for expansion.  $60,000.  Lot 25  RUBY LAKE  - large corner view lot on Hallowell  Road.  Ideal for summer cottage. $6,500.  FRANCIS PENINSULA  2 BR home on 103' waterfront lot. Has oil furnace, natural wood  finish In living room, view of harbour and Gulf. Sheltered deep  water moorage. $38,000.  VIEW LOTS ��� GARDEN BAY ESTATES  In a beautiful setting, serviced with paved road, water and hydra.  Public access to waterfront. Closo to stores,  marinas and post  offlco. $6,000 to $10,000.  IRVINE'S LANDING  Largo, level vlow lot overlooking Leo Bay. Closo to marina, gov't  whorf ond good salmon fishing. $8,000.  SINCLAIR BAY ROAD  3 BR waterfront home ��� electric heat, half basement, grass and  fruit trees.  Approximately  85'  beach  lot with  float.   $37,500.  SAKINAW LAKE  13.0 acros of attractivoly treed park-llko proporty. Has approx.  350 feot of good waterfront. Creek through proporty. Close to  Saklnaw Lake accoss roac) and boot launching. Excellent for a  group purchase���room for sevoral cottages on properly. $36,000.  7 ISLES RESTAURANT AND DRIVE-IN  Clean and woll equipped business, complete with licensed dining  room, drlvo-ln toko out sorvlco, 3 BR sulto for operator. 5-year  lease available.  Located on  tho waterfront and Highway   101.  Shows oxcellcnti return on full price of $25,000 plus stock.  MADEIRA PARK  Nicely treed view lots - lervlcod - $7,000 to $8,900.  CALL OLLI OR JEAN SLADEY  iliil��tilll  REALTY LTD.  Madeira Park, B.C.  ���  I  Pnono Pcndor Harbour .83-2233  /  /  S^l^iXMi  SECRET COVE AREA  160 acros of fairly level land abovo tho hlphway - roads and trolls  throughout. $70,000.  SHILCOMB LOOKOUT RESORT -  MADEIRA PARK  209 feet sheltered waterfront with floats, 3.05 landscaped and  terraced acres, six modern furnished housekeeping units, camp  grounds and washroom locllltlos, Four boafs oncl motors. Owner��  3 bedroom homo. Plenty of room for expansion for moro units,  campers, trailer spaco and marina facilities. Selling at less than  replacement cost of land and buildings. $110,000. \.';  .  , �����  *V  .    ;  j'yf-  ,. i  ��� ./  V 1  yV  V  s  HELP WANTED (Cont.)        AUTOS, TRUCKS, Etc.  AUTOS, TRUCKS <Cont.)       FOR RENT (Continue-) BOATS & ENGINES (Cont..    MORTGAGES  Fleetwood Logging Co. Ltd.  COMPASSMAN  Is   needed  to   assist, timber  cruiser in Sechelt area. Experience an asset. Salary commensurate with qualifications  and experience. Interested parties call  W. BHADSHAW  885-2435 between 6 p.m. and  8 p.m. daily  \ \        9393-38  WOMAN required for full  time duties in Sechelt village office. Must be able t6%  , meet the public, type and perform other duties as assigned.  Phone village clerk, 885-2043.  2763-36  972   VOLKSWAGEN   Super  Beetle.  Still  on   warranty. '  Ph. 885-9044. 2979-37  '65   ANGLIA  station  wagon.  Needs some work. New tires.  $100 firm. Phone 885-9985 after  5 p.m.. 2385-36  71 HONDA CT70. Phone 885-  9564.      2815-36  '66 CHEVY II station wagon.  Auto. Good shape. Ph. 885-<s  9613.    2819-36,  197_ DATSUN 240Z, excellent  condition, 7000 miles, asking  $4,000.    Call    Clohom    Falls  Radio Phone. John Chester.  \ 2794-38  1967   VALIANT   Signet,   top  shape. Phone 885-9506 after  6 p.m. 2800-36  EWART  REALTY AND INSURANCE  Multiple Listings Service  Bo* 238, Gibsons, B.C  NOTARY PUBLIC ��� PHONE 886-2248  REVENUE PROPERTY       -  ShoWing  approx.   10%   return.  9-suite apartment.  $149,000 with $1.6,000 revenue  atv investment?  how's thot for  V_ MILE WATERFRONT,  For only $15,000. This is no mistake. You could buy  this sight unseen ond you couldn't lose. This is 80  acres of moose posture on Charlie Lake only 5 miles  from Fort St. John.  TRI-PLEX*  Gibsons areo; on oil utilities. Next door to school and  shopping, on an extra large lot. $420 monthly rentals.  For quick sole at $40,000.  FIVE ACRES  Road on two sides, on North Rood and Stewart Road.  $14,000.  PRIME VIEW LOT  Oh Gibsons Bluff. $11,000.  1970 V.W. 1600 ca, one owner1,  $1645. Ph. 885-9643.   2795-36  PARTIALLY restored '54 Merc,  custom interior, rechromed,  ��57 OHV Ford powered, $95.  Phone 886-7858. 2535-36  19ST CHEV Belair, V-8, au.a,  .   $350, Ph. 886-7858.     2534-36  FOR RENT ~  HALL for rent-Wilson Creek  Community   Hall   Contact:  Mrs. Marg. Pearson 885-2337.  ��~a.23-tfn  WATERFRONT home, West*  y Sechelt. Sept. 1 to June 30.  $300 month. Phone 885-2401  evenings.        ' 2978-37  ONE   bedroom   large   house.  Unfurnished.   Or   sell ��� with  low   down   payment.   Phone  885-9661. 2826-36  3 BEDROOM furnished house.  Garden Bay, from Aug. 25  to June 30. References required. Phone 883-2366.      _ 2836-36  3   ROOM   cottage,  furnished.  Good  location for "business  couple. Phone 885-9698.  2837-36  SELMA Park, ocean front, 2,  story,     furnished;     garage.  Available Sept. 1 to June 30.  $150,   includes   water.   Phone  885-2611. v30Q0-tfn  WATERFRONT���A modern 3  bedroom home on Redrooffs���-  Rd. with fireplace, -furnace,  sundeck and patio. Complete  privacy in over an acre of  trees and lawn. Stove, bridge  and v washer. Available from  Sept, I, 1973 to June 30, 1974,  $185 month. Write Box 2810,  cA> Peninsula Times, Box 310,  Sechelt oi\phone 885-2881.  2810-38  WINTER accommodation, one  .or two bedroom units.1 -Shil-  comb Lookout Resort. Phone  883-2407. . 2806-.38 *  PERMANENT   small   trailer  space,    Shilcomb    Lookout  Resort. Ph. 883-2407.    2812-38  WANTED TO RENT  2 OR MORE bedrooms. Older  type house. Acceptable. Needed immediately. 885-9566.  2746-36  RELIABI_3 family  require   4  ���   or 5 bedroom house. Sechelt area. Phone 885-2362.  2738-36  ' ���--���-"���      i'��� -'��� y- ���  3 BEDROOM house, unfurn-  -ished commencing September. Write Box 874, Hope,-B.C.,  2737-36  RENT or caretake house or  cottage, from September  through winter. $50-$75. Responsible. Refs. Write 668 - 63rd  lit., Oakland, California.  , ' 2786-37  BOATS ft ENGINES  . 17*   GULFSTREAM   runabout  with 90 hp Evinrude. $1495.  Phone 885-Sy416. 2829-36  SPRINGBOK.  14'    aluminum  boat. The best. $300. Phone  885-9025. 2830-36  14' ENTERPRISE sailboat  complete with trailer, also  14' mooching open boat with  or without motor. Phone 883-  2336. .       2825-38  40 HP JOHNSON with con-  trols. Phone 885-2567.  2831-36  14' FIBERGLAS, 33 hp Evinrude. Elec. start. Al condition. Phone 885-2840.    2816-38  UNFINISHED HOME-  Gibsons Bay orea. Buy ot any stage of finish.  LISTINGS   WANTED  Member Vancouver Real Estate Board  RON McSAVANEY 886-9656       WALLY PETERSON  .86-2877  GIVE YOUR LANDLORD WHAT HE DESERVES  30 Days Notice  STOP PAYING RENT!  ���������;,..  It Is Money Poorly Spent  FOR JUST $100 OF YOUR OWN  YOU CAN BUY A NEW, MOBILE HOME  Call Us Collect For A Free Credit Check  112-438-2421  COSMOPOLITAN HOMES LTD.  5912 Kingsway, BURNABY ,B.C.  Dealer Lie No. D121  ASK FOR FREE CATALOGUE OF REAL ESTATE  ���32333  V% raas -G|  PHONE (24 Hours)  Sechelt 885-2235  Vancouver 689-5838  AGENCIES LTD.  BOX 128, SECHELT, B.C.  (E. & O.E.)  l *> ,  MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE  ?\  .   i  THREE  BEDROOM  HOME #2-931  Three-bedroom modified mobile home on spocious landscaped lot.  Laroe 15'x21' living room. Wall-to-wall shag carpet and acorn  fireplace. Complete cement foundation. Close to school, store and  flood beach.  F.P. $25,000.  L.  R . Brown 885-2437 evenings.  WAKEFIELD - FIVE ACRES #2-897  Hard-to-get farmland���5 ocres cleared and fenced. Don't let this  slip by, good holding property. F.P. $25,000. Pat Murphy 885-  948/ evenings.  WATERFRONT LEASE #17-2-405  59 feet of protected waterfront, excellent location for the' fisherman at the low cbsh price of $9,500. This purchases the unexpired  portion of lease as well as a two-bedroom home. Robert Kent,  885-9461 evenings.  ���'/"���  1    _���__.--  i'! '*.   vV >  '���'"���  Many will know our new man, Mr. Jack White, who hoi been  active In Sunshine Coast Real Estate Sales for the past five years.  He recently completed the  R.I.' Appraisal  Course  and will  be  happy to serve you in all your real estate requirements.  3 COTTAGES PLUS VIEW #2-926  One fInUhed and two unfinished cottages on 100x200 ft. view  lot. New septic system for two homes, Some building material and  furnishings Included. Could bo developed Into a very valuable  proporty. F.P. $24,700 half cash. L. R. Brown 885-2437 eves.  Large new home on Marine Drive, Hopkins Landing, with revenue  suite below. Main floor (1460 sq. ft.) has large living room with  acorn fireplace, roomy dining area, kitchen, utility, 3 bedrooms,  1% bathrooms. Across the front sundeck, marvellous view. Self-  contained suite below (775 sa. ft.). Buy now, buy now, for quality.  $48,500 F.P, Jack White 886-2935.   ovos.  NEW TWO-BEDROOM VIEW  HOME #17-2-947  Quality built 2-badroom home on spacious 75'xl35' corner lot.  Modern kitchen. Large living and dining room. Full basement  could be recreation room and another bedroom. Beautiful view of  Georgia Strait. Alcan siding, carport. F.P. $34,500. L, R. Brown  885-2437 or Don Hadden 005-9504 evening*.  VACATION COTTAGE - REDROOFFS #24-2-821  Snug vacation cottage on large treed lot, Ideal site for future retirement. Hydro and phone installed. Furniture included as" viewed.  Move in for only $9,750 cash. Don Hadden 885-9504 evenings.  SECHELT - $12,500 #2-942  Right in the Heart of Socholt. A house with at least three bedrooms. Floor area 964 sq.ft. Flat lot. Needs an owner���Jock-of-  all-trades���to fix that tired appearance. Robert Kent -885-9461  evenings.  TUWANEK #2-890  Treed lot In sunny Tuwanok. Zoning R2. 80 ft. on road and 635  ft. on short side. Good holding property. F.P. $5,500. L, R, Brown,  885-2437 evenings.  LEVEL LOT IN QUIET AREA - DAVIS BAY #16-2-742  Closo to tho beach and stores at Davis Bay. It is situated In area  of good'homes on Whlttacker Road. Lot size is 70   frontage by  125' deep. Cash prlco Is $7,900, Pro-view thjs first on our telo-  . vision. Don Hodden 885-950 4 evenings.  MADEIRA PARK - COMMERCIAL LOT #36-2-896  Good lot overlooking Madalra Park, and Is located In tho best  fishing grounds of tho Pacific Northwest. F.P. $9,000 cash. Pat  Murphy 885-9487 evenings.  TUWANEK #2-920  Try your offers for this vacation lot, A great vlow of tho waters  of Sechelt Inlet Is Included in the low price of $5,200 for quick  sale. Robert Kent 085-9461 evenings,  TUWANEK - TWO BEDROOM #20-2-929  Lovely country setting, some view of the Sechelt Inlet ��� this  could bo yours for $10,000 down payment to F.P. of $25,000.  Pat Murphy 085-9407 evenings.  SELMA PARK HOME #17-2-832  Conveniently located half black off highway and ono block to  beach and ocean access Two-bedroom home and separate' buildings for guests or? The F.P. Is only $17,500. Robert Kent 005-  9461 evos,  DUPLEX - DAVIS BAY ' #16-2-644  Ideal retirement proporty with Income from this duplex on excellent vlow lot Just a block from beach and store at Davis Bay. Each  suite has twa bedrooms Ond 910 sq. ft. Pro-vlow this first on our  television. P,P, $30,000���half down. Don Hadden 085-9504 eves.  PENDER HARBOUR AREA #36-2-857  Three-unit motel on semi waterfront commercial property, situated  at Bargain Harbour Each unit has electric hoat and hot water,  equipped Iwlth electric stave, fridge, furniture, cutlery and linen,  Ideal for local manager. For appointment call Don Hadden 085-  9504 evenings.  A  WE HAVE BEEN DISCOVERED ...  I need listings for tho Sunshine Coast for the many clients that  call Into our offlco, should you wish to Hit your homo or proporty  for confidential service,  call  Pat Murphy  805-9487  evenings.  LIKE YOUR OWN PARK #27721  A quiet country retreat with year-round stream; yet has hydro,  phone ond city wator. Nearly % of well-wooded acreago with  sight of ocean and short distance to easy accoss boat launching or  swimming. F.P. $10,900. Robert Kent 005-9461 evenings.  x.  v.,:.  22'  CABIN cruiser, fibreglass  over plywood, 90 hp Evinrude. $1800 or best offer. 886-  7119. \   2762-36.  16' P.G. Surfercraft, full top,  trailer, elec. pump & wiper,  40   H.P.   Johnson   elec.  start,  $1500. Ph; 886-7005.      2797=36 .  MOBILE HOMES  TRAILER space available, all  services. Ayers Mobile Home  Park, West Sechelt. Ph. 885-  2375. 863-tfn  Brand  new  12*x60'  Embassy, v  .. wdroom, shag carpet  thr.v jhout, colored appliances  including washer and dryer,  2s door frost free fridge, exceptionally well/ built Mobile  Home. Delivered and set up  for only $10,900. Can be seen  -at Sunshine ' Coast v Trailer  Park. Dealer No. 65573.  ,   2482-tfn  NEW 12'x6f  THREE. BEDROOM  Only $8450 Full Price and only  $100  down  OAC.  Total  CFA ~  name brand appliances  REGAL MOBILE  HOMES LTD.  6655 Kingsway, South Burnaby  .���    Coll Collect:  434-8771     or     936-6524  Motor Dealer License No. 2240  9392-tfn  12'x45*   3   bedroom   furnished  trailer, utility shed. Can be  left  on  location.  Phone  886-  7386. 2801-38  NEW 12x66 Statesman. 3 bedroom, utility room, colored  appliances, shag carpet in living room and master bedroom,  deluxe -furnishings. Delivered  and completely set up for  $12,500. Can be seen aj Sunshine Coast- Trailer Court,  Hiway 101, Gibsons. Dealer  No. 65573. 28134fn  . LOST  SET, of Datsun car keys. Lost  in Sechelt. 885-2419...  2823-36  FOUND   ������.���->���������-=_  LADY'S ring. Langdale Queen.  Write Box 397, Gibsons.  2814-36  X  HOMEOWNERS  TWO LOTS - SOUTHWEST SLOPE #2-911/12  Two selectively cloared lots on two paved roods. Public accoss to  sandy beach. Southwest exposure, Hydro and, water. F.P. $6,975  each. L. R, Brown 805-2437 evenings. '  ACREAGE WITH POTENTIAL #2-039  Here's 2V_ acros on Hall Road, Roberts Crook, with road allowance  along one side. Lovol, cleared, hydro and water available. Was  checked out for mobile homo park, $10,000 F.P. Jack Whlto 086-  2935 evenings.  Use the equity in your home  (paid for or not) to consolidate  tiresome bills, make home improvements, or purchase needed items. For lower rates and  prompt service, please call  FIRST CITIZENS  FINANCE CO. LTD.  552- W.  Broadway,  Vancouver 9, B.C. 872-2604 ^  Eves,  and  Weekends:  Mr. Evans 596-3507  Mr. Williams 266-2636  9332-tfn  1st AND 2nd MORTGAGES  Residential  -  Commercial  Recreational  All types of real estate financing including builders loans.  Fast appraisal service.  ACADIAN MORTGAGE  CQRP. LTD.   . ._.   J  2438   Marine Drive, "  Westv Vancouver,  B.C.  Phone 926-3256  8227 ,tfn  LIVESTOCK  ; FEED, SEEDS  FENCING, FERTILIZER  NBuckerfield's   Horse,   Chicken/  Hog   &   Cattle  Feeds  Purina Products  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  R.R. 1,    Gibsons  Open: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  -x Tuesday to Saturday  One  mile south of  Sunshine  Coast Highway  Pratt Road 886-7527  9292-tfn  SWIFT Feeds -��� H. Jaebbspn,  Swift dealer. Nor*West Rd.,.  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken' feeds - Horse feed - Hog  feed - Cattle feed. Hay and  other feeds by order.   258-tfn  PETS  LABRADOR dog, free to good  home. Phone 885-2605.  2832-36'  GOOD homes wanted for beautiful part Persian kittens.  Phone 885-2080. 2838-36  j FREE    housebroken    kittens,  males*���part British Blue.-Ph.  886-2770 or  886-9575  after  6.  ���     ��� 2799-38'  REGISTERED-   Scottie    pups,  champion bred, quiet, friendly pets,  $90. Phone 883-9009.   2789-36  3 MALE miniature long haired  /registered Daughj. hounds.  Phone 883-9928.     .       2809-38  Peninsula Time-, Wednesday, Augutt 1, 1973���Page A-5  PETS (Cont.) FOR SALE (Continued)  % YARD crahe on tracks. GM'  diesel. 40' boom complete  with drag line, bucket and %  yard clam shell. Good operating condition. Location, Secret  Cove. Phone 885-9352. '   ^__J 2821-38  18' KUSTOM Koch travel trailer. Sleeps 6. Monomatic toilet.'  Electric   and   propane  fridge. Propane stove with oven, etc. Phone 886-9555.  X 2820-38  PIANO.  Craig concert  grand  upright.  Secret  Cove  area.  Phone Friday, Sat, Sundays;  885-2705.   *��� 2818-38  MUSICAL equipment - %  price: Hagstrom "Swede" electric guitar, humbucking p-  u*s, wood grain with plush case  $250. Darius amp, 2 twelves,  tremelo and rev., $100. 2 wah  wah pedals, 1 fuzz box and 1  black fingernail $75. Electronic rhythm attachment, $75. All  as new. 885-2635 after 6 p.m.  A*- v 2839-38  GEORGEOIJS mahog. dining  table, Regency design. British -India rug, antiques; old  Indian baskets. Reasonable.  Phone 885-9678. 2803-36  10   SPEED  bike,. $85.  Phtfne  883-2407. 2805-36  WHITE toilet, tank, wash bowl  and fittings, $30. Hand lawn  mower, $10. Phone 885-9028.  ���" 2808-36  1960 ANGLIA, 9'x9' tent, Cole-  man stove, tablesaw, 22 rifle,  ventilator fan, fibreglass sheets  etc. Ph. 885-2176. 2811-36  WANTED TO BUY  SAW logs, cedar, hemlock or  fir.  Top price.  Phone  886-  7126. 2730-36  COUPLE wants sumjner liome,  acreage, or waterfront. Sechelt area. Private. Box 2997  c-o Peninsula Times. Box 310^  Sechelt. 2997-tfn  FOR SALE  FIREPLACE   wood   for   sale.  Alder, maple and fir. Phone  833-2417. 1149-tfiy  LINDAL pre-cut���' kiln dried  cedar home. Your plans or  ours. NHA and VLA approved.  Display home by appointment  only. Quality builder ava_U  able.' 880-7433, 255-2798; .  2695-tfn  CLEARING   land?" Have   10'  trailer   with   bed,   propane  cook stove, table and storage  space. $350. Phone 886-2593.  2743-36  BABY high chair $10, baby  crib $25, 5 hp aircooled motor $15, vacum cleaner $10, odd  tiles 9x9 5c each, used close  coupled toilet $15. Phone 885-  9561.       . : 2728-36  46 100-GALLON fuel oil tanks.  in as is condition. $20. each.  7 oil ranges in as. is condition,  $25 each. Articles may be  viewed at Maintenance Shop  of Sechelt Indian Band. For  information please call 885-  2273. No delivery. 2982-37  CHESTERFIELD   suite   and  tables. Phone 885-9834..  2828-38  WRIISTGER washer, $85. Iron-  er $35. Odds and ends. Ph.  885-9661. 2827-36  22"  PROPANE  range.  Excellent   condition.   Phone   885-'  9026.' 2834-36  YOU DON'T NEED WORDS  ...JUST CARE!  DOUBLE-HEADED sea serpent  painted by Jamie Dixdn, will grace  the wall of the Bank of Montreal,  Sechelt. The serpent, according to  Indian legend, has been seen from  time to time. First recorded sighting was in 1911 but it hasn't been seen  since 1935. See Sunshine Coastings  for more details. Admiring Dixon's  work are bank employees, Jean Fer-  rio, left and Ann Shaw.  Gibsons man fined $300  for drinking, driving  GIBSONS���Allan Phare was fined $300  nt provincial court for driving  with  more than tho permitted amount of alcohol in hta blood!  Ilq admitted a blood-alcohol reading  in excess of .08.  Judge Charles Mittleatendt nlao banned Phare from driving for one yoar,  except between 7 a.m. and 7 p,m,  lirMmm.  128  SEDANS AND WAGONS  MEAN ALL THREE-  COMFORT  SAFETY AND  ECONOMY!  Custom-made  ALUMINUM  WINDOW  klfCLEtilii-  A. C. RENTALS &  BUILDING SUPPLY LTD.  Madalra Pork - 009-2985  1  \  FIAT 128 2DR. SEDAN  111' Stamlnr<l -(|iilpmont Inr.luri-H  4-SPEED TRANSMISSION  FRONT DISC BRAKES  DUAL BRAKE SYSTEM  RADIAL PLY TIRES  RECLINING BU-KET SEATS  4-WHL. IND. SUSPENSION  UNITIZED BODY CONSTRUCTION  FLOW-THRU VENTILATION   ,  THE  BIGGEST  SELUNG  CAR IN  EUnOPE  CLARKE SIMPKINS  . ���*  / ���*  CANADA'S ORIGINAL FIAT DEALER  Or Durrani iwar Broadway 738-3771  /  _______! I. V  ���?  V,  Sechelt Mews Notes  -r-by P_ggy Co��n_r  i   ; -.  ' v "7, .>   ������. .      ��.     ..��� yv-  -with" Ker sister, JaiieyRdss, who>js iny  Canada from Banff, Scotland. T^ey fi^ve  just returned from a trip to _}&___ and  Lake Louise to compare the town with  the same name. There are many relatives  tosbe. visited in different areas so" Miss  Ross is going to see a good part of our  world before returning to the land of  the heather.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charlie  Foster's  son,  Dick, and family, are here from Grand  Prairie, Alta. to enjoy the fishing, seax  air and sunshine.  Mrs. Florence :Franklin broke her  journey toTKamloops by stopping overnight with Mrs. Ada Dawe. Norman and  Jimmy Franklin are also heading for  Kamloops. The occasion was daughter  Jackie's wedding to Thomas Hull on July  28 in St. Paul'- Cathedral, Kamloops.  A wedding of great interest also is  Auxiliary,  joined  in  the  money-raising "~ the forthcoming one of Eileen Nestman to  ,\ 'Aa. -.:-'��� a ��� ...������ . \ . ' . ,y-  PKOUD grandparents in Selma Park are  Mr. and Mrs. Joe_ Head, hearing of  the birth of a daughter ito Margaret Head,  wife of their youngest boyj Kfiith. Born  July 23' in Vancouver General Hospital  she's a happy" 7 lb. 8 oz. prized  A fitting holiday for the commander  of the Sunshine Coast Power Squadron  \ Don Hadden and wife Hazel. They took ,  off in their vessel the "Elunty" up to  Loughborough Inlet where they spent  a leisurely time touring around catching  fish, crab,'clams, the biggest fish caught ���  was a 25 lb. salmon.  A most delectable potluck luncheon  was' held at the home of Mrs. Muriel Eggins, "chairman of the volunteer hairdressers at St. Mary's Hospital. The  occasion was a farewell to one of your  most capable, friendly ladies, Mrs. Eileen  Kohuch  .Eileen,   a   member   of  Sechelt'  Page A-6 The Peninsula Timet  ; Wednesday, August 1, 1973 ,  thing to attend, looking forward to future  markets.    ���.      ' ''';--���..'   ��� -a- ' ������   \.  Sieg and Holly Jj-hmann and girls are  oh the move again,-this time to a new  home they are building on Wakefield  Road in West Sechelt. Their lovely "new  home in Selma Park has been purchased  by Mr. and Mrs. Herb Mitchell arid  daughter. Mitchell Is the new manager  of the Royal Bank of Canada.  MAMMOTH excavating shovel is one along highway 101, Clearing work is Visibility has been improved, parfci-  of n_any pieces of heavy equipment now almost complete, according.to a cularly at the S-bends, which are  being used to widen and clear ditches   highways    department  spokesman,   pictured here.  events as well as the hairdressing, was  presented  with  an  auxiliary   pin  as   a  momento  of herytime  spent  with  the  volunteers, by president Mrs. Ina Grafe.  Others present were fellow hairdress-  v ers, Mrs. Kay Mittlesteadt, 01g_ Johnson,  ' Erna Cole, Sylvia Jackson, Hazef Haddejj,  Ann Morse, Flo Siebert, Sechelt Auxiliary. Also Esther Barry, Bonnie, Wigar^,  Lenora Kohuch, Ina- Thornton, volunteer  -director  Peggy Connor and Tracy and  Charlene; Kohuch, son and daughter of  Walter and Eileeri, who played with, Mark  and Danny Jaeger from McKenzie.  The Walter Kohuch's have returned to  Weyburn, Sask. to raise ^cattle on 640  acres.  Relatives visiting Bernie and Margaret Duval, Selma Park, are Mr. and Mrs.  Joe Keith from Bellevue, Wash, and  Andy.  Ann  Ross  is   enjoying  the holidays  Above" our minister's parking space in  the church lot is posted this sign, in  English and Chinese: "Old Chinese proverb���he who parks in minister's space  must preach Sunday sermon."  Constable Jerome Bender from Saskatchewan. Friends surprised Eileen with  ai miscellaneous shower at the home of  Mrs. Dorothy Goeson. Present were toother of the bride to be, Mrs. Leo Nestman, Anne Rennie, Linda ^IcDermid, Ann  Yates, Olive Provencal, Germaine Lizee,  Ruth Ogden, Toye Jorgensen, Suzzane  and Penhy Jorgensen, Diane Nestman,  Mrs. Doris Blomgren, Ruth' Harrison,  Vona Clayton. Not present but sending  gift was  Mrs. Eva Smith.  The cake was specially decorated with,  the RCMP1 motif by Mrs. Sylvia Black-  well a former employer of Eileen's.  x Home for a visit apd in time to help  with the shower was Mrs. Goesbn's  daughter, Linda and husband Doug Graham with six-mpnth-old Kim from Tah-  sis.  The Arts Council flea market July 21  appeared to be a success. It was a fun  FOR RENT:  Plywood Forms for  concrete  Hand Power Tools  Gas Lawn Mowers  Cement Mixers  Augers and Snakes  for plumbing  Rug Shampooers  KEYS CUT:  For Home, Auto. etc.  A. C. Rentals  & Building Supply  MADEIRA PARK  883-2585  vJ EN N -AJ R  BUILT-IN  RANG  with the  S. GRILL  iiexcitini  jSvertfurd iticooking  YOUR DEALER AND SERVICE-CENTRE ON THE SUNSHINE COAST . . .  Parkers Hardware Ltd.  SECHELT ��� 885-2171  r  v  Jenn-Air's exclusive surface venting  eliminates overhead hoods, yet out- performs conventional hood systems because it's much closer to the source of  smoke and odors. (The Jenn-Air system  has nine times the capture velocity of a  hood system of similar power located  only three feet overhead!) Because the  exhaust system is built-in under the surface unit instead of at ear-level-it's  whisper quiet I  Exclusive ventilation within the grill  keeps greasy vapors below flame-up  temperatures. Excess grease is automatically collected in an attached jar below  each grill section. Clean-up is a breeze  in sink or dishwasher.  ^v- ,V*     -  :}aa a   v^t, ;.^y,y>;  ^^��  SURFACE Vfc. TILATION  AA      -,_ WASWAf  XA "*"     -i.FILT.  twaaco  ELEMENT  V  DUCTED OUTDOORS  *...  Jenn-Air's Revolutionary Surface Venting in all Ranges and Grills  :, ��Eliminates overhead hood and the annoying ear-level noise.  ��� Provides more efficient removal of smoke, cooking odors,  and greasy cooking vapors.  ��� Keeps your kitchen fresher, less humid, cleaner.  ��� Allows new freedom in kitchen design���ideal for island  and peninsula installations . ... nothing but fresh air overhead!  ��  Five (5) Year Warranty on Jenn-Air's exclusive built-in  ventilation power-pak.  ofli\d ttje Savorf Ceqp& Qtill  ���an excitingly modern approach to indoor cooking.  Your Savory Centre charbroils steaks, hot dogs, hamburgers,  fish or fowl, faster than an outdoor grill���and without the fuss.  2800 watts of clean, radiant heat vaporize droplets of meat  juices as they strike the grill rock below. The smoke and  vapors created bathe meat with true charbroiled flavor.  Then the surface vent quietly whisks these fumes outdoors  before they can escape into your home.  Add accessories in seconds���and your grill becomes  a non-stick griddle, rotisserie, shish kebab or french fryer.  Cooking becomes a family affair with'more flavor, fun,  and cooking flexbility that has ever been possible before!  ..  ..���-vr-fiAdi-W  Grill and Range Savory Centre  This combination range/grill gives you unmatched  cooking flexibility plus a combination of exclusive  features that will make it your favorite appliance.  The big 190 sq. in. family-sized grill lets you  enjoy the great taste of outdoor charbroiling year-  round-while Jenn-Air's exclusive built-in ventilation keeps your kitchen as fresh as springtime I  Tho griddle (included) has a tough non-stick coating that isn't damaged by metal spatulas. It can  also bo used with saucepans to givo you four-  elomont cooking capacity. With optional accessories, your grill converts to n rotisserie, shish  kebab or french fryer in seconds. Permanent char-  rock cartridges and the internal ventilation givo  you char-broiled flavor impossible to achiovo with  conventional indoor broiling mothods. Lighted fan  switch and olomont pilot light. Built-in timer. Designed for easy donning. (Soe other foaturos on  pago 5). Finishes: Satin Chrome or Black Toxturod,  Dimensions: Omall~29WW X.21WD. Cutout  <sw-28%"Wx20V*"D. Model 2350 EGS.  <.  Space Range  All the advantages of odorless cooking in an attractive four-element range with Jenn-Air's exclusive  surface ventilation system. Your kitchen stays  fresher year-round I Infinite controls give you an  unlimited selection of hoots from L0 to HI. All  heating elements are lift-up typo and hidden internal parts are porcelain-on-steel for easy cleaning. Like all Jenn-Air surfaco units, no overhead  hood is nnedod. Ideal for island and peninsula installations as well as all conventional locations.  Availablo in Satin Chrome or Black Toxturod finish.  Dimensions; Overall. 29%"tV x 2VA"D. Cut-Out:  28%"W x 2QY*"D. Model 2300 ERS.  IV    V.  _���/<  n  . H  J_d_!*Cl  "s>i"  '$����*tmift:y&%I  ��� --I I  A\��  TSb  m  _.�����"*  ��_m__jf |J  I'    I  ^<%;^m_I*  II HUtf ��__:<__..  i0"  H$��  J .1  m  mJUAs^.j.MWtAJW,  m  #fi��  $_.__.  mmmmw  agp  ,'SSaMW.VT,  2r^"_.  <ff  "-.-  M^  I' I  "HU  Single Grill Savory Centre  Big in performance, small in size (it rnqtilros only  111" of counter space), you're ready for "cookout"  fun indoors 305 days n year. It's n full sized 100  si|. In. grill that will broil six Inrge strip steaks nt  a (im.). With tlio pnrmniiont non-stick griddle (included), you'll discover this to' be mi npplinncn  you'll use daily. Optional accessaries give you tho  added versatility of a intissnrie, shish knhnh nnd  frmicli fryer to give ovury inoiil n party ntmosphero.  Thn built-in vnntilntion system quietly whisks  smoke nnd odors outdoois-to keep you com-  .foitnbly free of conventional indoor broiling problems. Lighted fan switch and grill pilot light. Built-  in timer. Electric convenience outlet. Finishes:  Satin Chrome or Black Toxturod. Dimensions:  Ovnroll~WV>��"Wx2VA"D. Cut-outsiro 1VA'W  *^X"AModol230SfGS.  ^" iim��ff_T3U___L_ - . w ^  *      "  <tflBH__a     i*7.u--.  J' t  l_f  Aft  Jm  #.  *<m  ���ljr  ii.>'  ill (V  -'.  Ay?  >'A  Twin Grill Savory Centre  Double your fun and cooking flexibility with this  doluxo twin drill \\\u[ can easily handle your biggest  party or delightful midnight snacks for two I It  gives you a big 380 sg. in. of grill area plus one  pernianontly coatod non-stick griddle. With tho  optional nccossorios, you can rntiss, shish kebab  or french fry on one sido while you broil on the  other. In only 30" of counter area, you command a  flourmot world of flavor to explore ... and enjoy.  Authentic chnr-hroilnd flavor nnd radiant hont  cooking allow you to liroil nvnn inexpensive* r.uty  of meat to tender perfection. Smoko nnd Iiiuhk. are  exhausted outdoors- quietly. Lighted fan sfvitch  nnd grill pilot light. Built-in timer. (Soo other  features on pago (i). fInlslms: Satin Chrome and  Block Textured. Dimorislons: 23V��"W x 21%"D.  Cutout siro: 28%"W\X 20Y<"D. Model 2370 EGS. *- ->-> -,-   X"  \  &  r*  ??'_��  Water safety  head named  "BRITISH Columbia provides its residents countless opportunities to enjoy  aquatic activities,"^says Jan. Engemoen,  new lied Cross water safety director.  "We hope to be able to give them the  skills they need to do so safely."  Jan's appointment to the position of  water safety service director for the  B.C.-Yukon Division of Red Cross becomes effective Aug. 1.' Originally from  Vancouver Island and a graduate of UBC  in physical education, Jan has been with  water safety for two years. She is presently director for greater'Vancouver.  In a recent speech to aquatic and  recreation directors from throughout B.C.,  she emphasized that the best way to  introduce British Columbians to water  activities is by integrating a' comprehensive aquatic program into the -school  physical education curriculum. x  "Swimming should become an important part of our expanding awareness of  health and physical fitness. We would like  'to see every B.C. child have an. opportunity to participate in our learn to swim  and water safety program."  Wednesday, August 1/1973  Th* Ponlnsvk. Times  Peg. A-7  Pender fish derby plans being readied  PENDER HARBOUR���Plans are being  . finalized /for the auxiliary's- annual  fish .derby Saturday and Sunday, August  4 and 5. Weigh-in closes at 2 p.m. Sunday, ���    ���  Tickets, which are $2, are available  from local stores, resorts and auxiliary  members.  Local residents and-visitors alike are  urged to buy ta ticket and try their luck  or skill. There are lucky ticket prizes-  for non-fishermen. Also, there is a prize  for. the largest edible fish caught by a  ehiM.-  The cause is a worthy one. Please lend  us your support," Mrs. Jean Whittaker  urged residents.  SPECIAL NOTICE  to all Cable Vision subscribers  For your convenience please moke a note of our  NEW EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER  for after hour coll*  885-2246  THANK YOU!  COAST CABLE VISION  Probationer released ���  on $500 unpostedbail  SECHELT���Stephen Gaylie was released  from custody on $500 unposted bail  July 25 when he appeared at provincial  court charged with breach of probation.  Court was told that he failed to comply with the conditions of a probation  order which required him to' contact his  probation officer once a month.  Judge Charles Mittlesteadt remanded  the case to August 24^ cautioning Gaylie  that the $500 would become payable if  he failed to appear on that date.  A breach of probation charge against  Phillip Berdahl was remanded to August  8 to enable accused to retain counsel.  Dental Topics  IN THIS modern era, many of us periodically set aside time for such important things as check-ups for our bodies  and our cars, but often forget about our  teeth.  Sometimes we intentionally "forget."  We're afraid of what the dentist may  find. The dentist will likely find quite  a bit wrong if check-ups have been neglected for too long, either unconsciously  or consciously.  Some of us will go to a dentist only  when they are being bothered by thelr  teeth or gums. Others, will wait until  the pain becomes almost unbearable before they call up for an "emergency"  visit. And this could prove too late to  save the tooth, or the patient would have  to go through more drilling than if he  would have visited hia dentist earlier.  Teeth unlike most other ports of the  human body, 9_nnot heal or repair itself once they have been damaged. This  includes both "baby" teeth ((deciduous)  and permanent teeth. It is just os important to care for baby teeth aa _iey  build o strong foundation for ond guide  the permanent teeth into their proper  positions.  Crooked teeth (malocclusion) are of  major concern to dentists. Crooked teeth  can be due to heredity, but most cases  result from poor oral habits during childhood.  'Premature loss or extractions of baby  teeth con be most detrimental, possibly  resulting in crooked or malformed teeth,  union.") regularly cared for by the dentist.  A check-up every six months ia generally  recommended to keep teeth healthy and  pain  a distant  thought.  NEW titles on our Hallmark book shelves.  Miss Bee's, Sechelt.  INFORMATION and a smile..  that's what Colleen Kurucz, left, and  Kelly Oryderman offer visitors to  Gibsons. Since opening June 16, the  tourist booth at Sunnycrest Plaza  has helped over 1,000 tourists make  the most of their vacation. In addition to banding out brochures, Colleen and Kelly offer tips on fishing,  dining and the host of other details  that make for a successful vacation.  Visitors making use of the booth  hail from as near as Vancouver and  as far as Switzerland, the Elphinstone Secondary School students will  man the booth until early September.  OORGUARD  INTERIOR & EXTERIOR  ;u  PAMT PRICES ARE INCREASING  AUGUST 1st - BUY NOW, WHILE OUR  PRESENT STOCK LASTS . . .  ilmm��p|  i*. i*"  is  TOTEM CLUB  FiUOAYS, 8:00 p.m.  INDIAR1 HALL  Jackpot/ $300  075 TO GO  * -ft DOOR PRIZE it  8<W����WJ��������%WW_n����W<-lW����H��t_H����"��_WMW����W������IV��_��������������_)_S  TOP QUALITY  INTERIOR  LATEX  Regular $12.1p Gal.  $9.95  GAL.  A. C. RENTALS & BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  Highway 101  Madeira Park  Phono  003-2505  THE  INSURANCE  CORPORATION  OF  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  APPOINTMENTS  NOTICE  Mr. Robert W. Adams, B.C.  Mr. Adams is appointed  Senior Executive, Administration. Mr. Adams received  a degree in Business  Administration at the  University of Western  Ontario in London.  Mr. Adams has held senior  positions in marketing and  related fields and until  recently, was with a major  computer manufacturer in  Paris, Toronto and Regina.  Mr. Hugh B. Earle,  B.Sc, A.I.I.C.  Mr. Earle is appointed  Senior Executive, Automobile Plan. Mr. Earle holds  a Bachelor of Science  Degree from McGill  UniversityJn Montreal.  Mr. Earle has been involved  in all facets of the insurance  industry in British  Columbia for almost  twenty years.  �����.���.��.;. .\>?)l,,J'��T(��,_  Mr. Robert J. Jones, F.I.I.C.  Mr. Jones is appointed  Senior Executive, Underwriting. Mr. Jones has  twenty-three years  experience in casualty  insurance, the last seven  years as Department  Manager with a large  casualty insurance company. Mr. Jones holds a  Fellowship from The  Insurance Institute of  Canada.  Mr. Terence P. O'Grady,  Q.C.  Mr. O'Grady is appointed  Secretary and General  Counsel, Mr. O'Grady  attended Victoria College  and U.B.C. where he  obtained his LL.B. Mr.  O'Grady was appointed  Queen's Counsel in 1969  and has been Solicitor and  Counsel for the City of  Victoria for the past  seventeen years.  Mr. Peter Prepchuk  Mr. Prepchuk is appointed  Senior Executive, Corporate  Services. Mr. Prepchuk was  born and educated ip  Saskatchewan and has been  associated with the  insurance industry for the  past twenty-five years.  Mr. Gordon Root  Mr. Root Is appointed Senior  Exocutlvo, Markotlng. Born  In Vancouvpr, aftor twonty  yonra of nowapnpor  roper.Inn oxporlonco, In  1051 ho ontorod tho Public  Relations Hold. For tho past  nine yonra ho has boon  associated with Insurance,  Agents nji Public Rolntlons  Coi.nnol.  Mr. Douglas A. Scrlvonor  Mr. Scrlvoner Is appointed  Sonlor Exocutlvo, Claims.  A nntivo of Saskatchewan,  Mr. Scrlvonor wno oduentod  In Saskatchewan nnd  Manitoba. In 19.6 ho  ontorod tho Insurance  adjusting Held and nix yonrn  lator formod hia own  Indopondont adjustlpg firm  which ho has oporalod with  brnnchonlnAlborto,  Snskntchownn nnd  Manitoba.  7.T90.VA A/'-'::A '.'���'  :   7l'.V;  'A.A-A  ;f..y ..'-.*  ���v  T  )  Pathetic spurt of water Is all Pratt Road standpipes wHI supply without boost from flro origin* pump.  HYDRANT AT pool hall on Marine  Drive is only one in Gibsons that  delivers "adequate" water volume  and pressure. Even this is below Ca  nadian Underwriters standards, said  fire chief Dick Ranniger.  LIKE MOST of Gibsons, the Esso  marine bulk storage depot on Marine  Drive is completely unprotected in  case of fire. Firemen should have sufficient water to cool down tanks is  necessary, but as recent water pres  sure test shows, water hardly roaches  front sign.  IS Li  NED IIP FOR YOU  in the  &  tmtf^mmm  aietmrn  MORE  ABOUT...  * Sunshine Coastings j  *-^,   > /f .���*rom page A-l -  and again, it was seen at Salmon  Arm in the falls on the river in  1935. That is the last time Ch'ien  Kwu was reported.  At other times it was sighted at  Saltory Bay and in Georgia Strait.  Witnesses claim the serpent changed  into different forms such as horses'  heads or human heads. People said  that it was very long and it would  appear only once on the surface and  then disappear. -       \ ^  That's the story as Reg Paull told  Jamie Dixon who in turn told _ne.  Maybe others have spotted the double-headed sea serpent known as  Ch'ien Kwu. If so, let someone else  know.  ���     ���     ���  The Times Gibsons office is open  again after holidays. Office hours are  Tuesday to Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to  5 p.m. Deadline for news and advertising is Saturday at 4 p.m. Phone  886-2121.  General information sheet issued  by Gibsons council showed final date  for tax payments without penalty as  Tuesday; July 16.  Mrs. A. N. Whiting went to the  municipal hall to pay the tax bill and  was told that the deadline had passed  and that she would have to pay the  10 per cent penalty.  Whiting appealed to the municipal  affairs department. They said they  Would inform council that no penalty  should be paid under the circumstances.  All information sheets contained  typographical error Tuesday, July  16'. In fact, July 16 was a Monday.  ���    ������ ���   ������  Lions community birthday calendars are now being distributed. Did  you get one or did you forget to  pay your $2?  Speaking of typos. Helen Dawe's  item in last week's Times referred  to th old Onion Store. Good place if  you like buying old onions. It should  have said old Union Store. (I hope.  the proofreader follows this one  through okay or else 1he item won't  be much good.)  Signpainter Dune. Roberts of Gib- .  sons is lining up a festive occasion  for his first cousin, Aubrey Roberts  of Herts, Londay.  Aubrey and Dune have never met  and it's a first time in Canada for  the Englishman. He's 76. He's taking  the ship to Montreal and then Hying  to Vancouver where he will meet  Dune and his wife Alice. Dune is  Aubrey's only surviving relative in  this country.  Dune will give Aubrey a whirlwind tour of Ihe Sunshine Coast. He'll  enter a couple of fishing derbies be-.  cause Aubrey is an ardent angler.  They'll charter a boat for some really  serious Ashing. They'll d f i v e to  Powell River and back and then have  dinner at the Jolly Roger where  Aubrey and Dune will celebrate their  birthdays which are within two weeks  of each other. For. good measure,  Dune and his wife Alice will mark  their wedding anniversary which  falls about the same time.  Then later the trio will take a  tour of British Columbia in Dune and  Alice's camper.  Aubrey served in the army in the  first World war. He served closely  with Canadians and would like to  meet some veterans of Vlmy Ridge  and talk over some old times. Any  Sunshine Coasters want to oblige  him. Call Dune 886-2862.  #     ���      ���  The highly touted (and expensive)  tourist black book is out. It extols the  virtues of the Sunshlno Coast and  in general is not a bad publication.  It is fairly well laid out but there  are some glaring errors. In the insert, which was not printed by Tho  Peninsula Times, there are several  typographical errors. Listings could  have been better placed and it does  not fit���it's too big.  The biggest boo-boos are reserved  for the book itself. On the back cover  it refers to the "ma?e of peninsulars." It may not be too far off as  one of the Oxford Dictionary's definition of a peninsular is "an inhabitant of a peninsula."  It continues:  "The next holiday centre is twon-  ,  ty miles further (sic) up the Sunshine Coast. It's known internationally as Pendor Harbour ..." It's also  known  locally as  Ponder  Harbour.  There is ono other glaring error  In It and I promised I wouldn't tell.  See if you can find It.  ���     *     ��  Horry Olaussen, MP, Coast-Chllc-  otln, can't make It for that Socholt  village council after all, Mayor Bon  Lang said. Harry has re-scheduled  tho date for Sent. 5.  Jim Rldg&woil of the porks brunch  says charges will be pressed if residents contlnuo to leave their garbage  cans at government campsites. Bo  careful about your garbage It tells  a lot about you ond it will identify  you. .11m can prove it.  Sunshlno Coast Lions Club picnic  for old age pensioners will bo hold  Sunday, August 5 at the recreational  cantro..  ��      ���      ��  Dal  Grayer denies charges that  "10 to 30 pcoplo aro living in tho  Roberts Crook General Store."  I "In fact," says Dal, "nobody Iivc|s  Page Art  The, Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 1, 1973  ���.,  in the building at all. Danny Taylor  (the store manager) and his wife and/  their five children live in ofle of the  houses in the back. The Bill Brad-  fords (store employees) live in another house and each has its own  septic tank." .  Dal came into Tha Times to ask  why there- was such a polarization  between Roberts Creek residents and  persons who run the General Store. x  lie Jias more denials. He denies  the Anavots sponsored dance was  advertised off the Peninsula. There  were only a few posters out Ana-  yets said that only 350 tickets were  sold and they denied that 500 people  were at the dance.-  Dal said he didn't see any nudity  although he di<h_ t discount it.  "I don't want <to see the community polarized beyond reconciliation," said Dal. He said that some  of the people in the area are willing.  to help out in the community and  he cited instances where~ wood was  chopped and other chores done for  some of the elderly residents.  "People at the store frown on  the use of heroin and he said that  there is a relatively small market  here for it.  "No one at the store sells heroin,"  he said. -    -  He also added that the motorcycle  gangs were not invited to the ���happening.'  "I was pretty nervous myself,  when they showed up."  Two ROMP officers travel con-  -   7.7,    V-...   .   VI    ������/)"���        .,,,7-"      V,   ',-7.7,7/:  stantly with the bikers which 1  them out of trouble. f  V: li.m'     ������',.'���    ���/������' ������' .   /!  Second aM final chapter! of the  "How much .are: kids /depaprtinei-t?"  We apparently misunderstood. Two  weeks' ago we reported a comment  overheard in a court waiting room.  Our informant attributed his remark  to the wrong person.-It reads thusly:  A mother, talking to her daughter,  who is the maternal parent of three  children, said of the girl's former  husband, who is undergoing a court  support battle: "He said that if .he  is forced support his own children  he'll have to buy them."  End of item,   i      _.     :_  MIGHTY MITES  Classified AdBriefs reach more than  2,500 homes every week.  Use   them . for   steady,   \aw<ost  advertising to talk to 10,000 people!  THE TIMES  885-9634 or 885-2635 (SwhsM  886.2121 (Gft-BM.  Books <& Stationery  # Boating in Canada by Garth Griffiths  # Place Names of the Pacific Northwest  .   Coast  # The Ashley Book of Knots  POCKET BOOKS '    ' ' .'   ,        ���        ,  .  MEMORIES by Julian Huxley ��� KRUMNAGEL by Peter Ustinov ���  BRING ME A UNICORN by Anne Morrow Lindbergh ��� VOYAGE TO  VENUS and OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET by C. S. Lewis ��� MOTHER  EARTH NEWS ALMANAC  NEW STOCK OF POSTERS  (. I  OPEN FRIDAY  tffj,  L 9 P.M.  COWRIE STREET ��� SECHELT ��� PHONE 885-2527  TRAD W*  .~>_  Gift & Craft  ^>koppe  ��  Hand-Crofted Jewellery  �� Hand-Carved Teak Boxes  ��  Soapstone Pipes  @  East Indian Sandals  ��  Hand-Embroidered Women's Tops  ���  Beads  ��  Candles  fSoberb L^reek, aXC  CANADA MANPOWER CENTRE  ANNOUNCES  Resumption of Itinerant Service to the  Secholt Peninsula  Promises will bo in building formerly occupied by  Coastline Plumbing & Heating, now office of  Dr. F. Decker, Optometrist  Cowrio Street, Secholt.  SERVICE WILL COMMENCE AUGUST 8th AND 9th  AND THEREAFTER EVERY 2nd AND 4��h WEDNESDAY AND  THURSDAY OF EACH MONTH:  AUGUST 8th and 9th; 22nd and 23rd  SEPTEMBER 12th and 13th; 2Ath and 27th  OCTOBER 10th and 11th; 24th and 25th  NOVEMBER 7th and 8th; 21 st ond 22nd  ETC. FOR THE COMING YEAR  i  Telephone 885-9712  on clays of service only i7_:;. ',i<7,:;;.  AAA  �����A*&  ��M  I   I.  Wednetdoy, August 1, 1973       The Peninsula Times Pofl- A. 9  y >^1y-\.,1 ;.  y*.\> yy^! l    ���  H.y^|f; ;>���  f!v^W^ 7*"-:  1 /  .-A-.  y_.N_  .}���.. i  Credit Union  SECHELT ^  s  n  ANNOUNCEMENT  YOUR CREDIT UNION  IS ''BUSTING ITS BRITCHES".  PRESENT  QUARTERS ARf TOO SA^LL TO PROPERLY SERVE YOU ��� OUR  MEMBERS;  WE WILL BE MOVING ��� SOON ��� TO PREMISES NEXT DOOR TO  THE POST OFFICE IN SECHELT. WATCH YOUR PAPERS AND OUR  WINDOWS FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS. OF DATE.  IN THE MEANTIME DON'T FORGET YOUR CREDIT UNION PAYS  TOP INTEREST FOR DEPOSIT MONEY. FOR EXAMPLE:  ONE YEAR  TERM  DEPOSITS  DON'T WAIT TILL WE MOVE. CALL US TODAY.  ..'.'     '      "    ������ Tel. 885-9551    '  CELEBRATING both his 65th birth- well dinner for Lars at the* Cedars Johnston, shift supervisor. Lars re- his fishing", and a steam gauge  day and ireta^ent from Port Mel- Inn last week. He is pictured with ceived a Polaroid camera from de- plaque from department supervisors.    ��������� ���   ton after 1. years' is Lars Brakstad, Jim Munro, recovery arid steam de- partmeht employees, a rod and reel Inscription in Norwegian reads: "Vi r\a&c Your Chih orGrotto rtxnori f#��  ion a_��*rw y��u   _                   .   ��,       ^    pervisor, left, and Oscar from mill supervisors "to improve Onsker   Deg   Allt   Godt-Yahah." uoes JOUr UiUO or t��K>��P reoort IK  centre. Fellow workers gave a fare-   partmeiit supervisor,  ..____-������. : .���������' _ a-  ;��� y ���'":"���~~  Submission to. conference . . .  Loosely translated, this mesons "We  wish you all the best."  urges  intelligent use of resources  IN ITS submission to the conference on  Western Economic Opportunities, the  Cahadian Forestry Association of B.C.  urged greater emphasis on developing  -methods and procedures for managing  the forests of the western provinces.  Central to the brief was the association portion thai intelligent use can  achieve enjoyment and continuous yield  in perpetuity, that the forests are pivotal  to the economy and ecology of the region  and action should not be delayed.  Recommendations to the conference  urged action under three main heads:  First, the development of forest management techniques and their implementation; second, the development of new  products derived from wood to supplant  those products supported by non-reriew-  , able ^resources, and third, development  of.c)___-_-ls and procedures tor^  fU__5' and assure proper integration with  other resources  and  enterprises  within  the region-  Enlarging on the first recommendation, CFA pressed for an intensification of  forest research which would be coordinated with that of other agencies engaged  ih resource management. At the same  time it saw the need for an expansion  in educational facilities and inducements,  which would place enough trained foresters and environmentalists in the region to  implement management techniques efficiently and intelligently. It was also  shown that these steps would require  the support of a program which would  effectively inform the government, industry and the, general public in order to  assure the active cooperation of these  three groups.  In  urging  the development  of new  uses for wpjp^: the association.; proposed  Ps$__^$!^^ secoxiy  oaiy industries __ the region based on  the ever renewable  supplies  of wood,  with a concurrent investigation of export  opportunities for these products.  The third recommendation recognized  the possibility of paralyzing or damaging  conflicts between economic, ecological and  recreational/aesthetic interests and  sketched the establishment of channels  and procedures which would allow for the  equitable and wise settlement of such  differences.  ��� In its conclusion the association sun_-  marized by saying that the forest resource is basic to the economic and environmental health of the western provinces, and can With wise management be  maintained in perpetuity. It was pointed  out that a broad background of knowledge and experience in forest management already exists within the area but  must be supported and increased���which  r can be done with the active-participation  of all three setetors, government, industry  and the general public.  IInters   \iimmcr    .////>   ( miii^l A'n !-i  Which ELMER  r.  brokenhe^?  yv.  w  _%  '���T"^*~  Lai  3nd chips  A3- ��;de- YOUr,;.  ,efl *We at       ntha  '"'"9  lr_ff��"����_  2?1  rri  '-r  Ci  ^b^.  Th�� Elmer rule broken here is number  HOW TO ENTER  hf0!Mm$yA\jQ0AiQ'  WaMM^RaA"  1. Show which Clirmi nilo Is l.i.liifj  hrokun ubovu mid colour tho  pi-tMI-.  2. pill out entry form.I.int c.i��._rly.  ���_. Cot out iilodn (lnttiHi llm.i .in.]  mull to .idcln _s shown,  4. Any Cmindlnn child hotwuon (i  him I I . may ont��r.- All entries  Ixicoinit proporty of Clmor tint  fififiity l-lophaiit. Jtiilf/*.'. ��lw:|-  sion fliwlr  CANADA SAFETY COUNCIL  ffy7��:;:i3()Hv1040';\:  |.|yy7St)i(!pn;:!3,>  ^t4rMipfQii(lM6.t^..;i.;fl.  NAMR     I   :  I  ADDRESS  I  (Townorclty, |U_at codta. |  mfPHONE  , I  i               . I  AOR ,A..... Boy '. Olrl  j  \ J   Pcninniiln 'I_mcfl |  Activities Reaularlv to The Times?  a home?  We'll give yi  this 1973  Westinohi  convert  di$h-vaL_-��� _  when you order any  BEAVER HOME  beforeAugus-3-St!  Phone us aa  for details"  THE ROSEMERE"  3 Bedrooms, Spacious  1176 sq. ft. on each lovol  ��� 1/J.  \u-.  nun  ._���*... ������_ _.._>  rA^AA^AA^mA  9*  . /*5ffi  ii'.fe>l'��i'  w  Hf}  H  %  ^  �� 'TLAmi  W��i\U'A:  %��. .,  t  .*  ifai  sk 'A  imm  <��.  w  Ml  /if  Find out today about this limited time  offer and how you can save big $$$$  when you build the Beaver way. We  have over 50 designs to choose from in  a size and price range to suit your  needs. So don't delay . . .  Phone me today for  complete details  ARTHUR WESTLAKE  Res.: 526-8137, Burnaby  Serving  Burnaby,  North Shoro,  Squamish  ond Powell Rlvor Areas.  I have the answers and will be pleased  to visit your home at your convenience.  Ed   Just phone and make an appointment. ,\  ��  Pag* a-io      Tho Penin.uia Tim�� Women's curling /school  Wednesday, August 1, WW _, / slajfe<i fn j^ Van  Cancer }ac_     !  HOW is it possible that three such distinct agents���chemicals, radiation and  viruses���could all,cause cancer? Noone  is certain.     x /  But there is a way in which it could  happen, because there is a common denominator: it is a permanent alteration in  the cell's nucleic acids, the substance of  which genes���the units of heredity���-are  made.  All carcinogens, or c&ncer-causing chemicals, seem to change th- nucleic acid  of the cell genes, and the nucleic acid'  that produces proteins.  ��� This is the one characteristic that  seems to apply to all cancer cells, yet  not to normal cells. And it could explain  twy> important aspects of the cancer cell���  its ability to change from normal cell  functions to lawless growth, and its ability to reproduce more and more cells  similarly deranged. For nucleic acids  determine both heredity and cell function.  Pamphlets and information about  cancer can be obtained by writing to:  B.C. and Yukon Division, Canadian Can-  . cer- Society, 896f West Eighth Avenvie,  Vancouver 9 or 857 Caledonia; Victoria,  B.C.   .  A WOMAN'S curling school will be offer-  ed at the North Shore Winter Club in  North Vancouver to all interested in learning or improving their game.  - Under the direction of Mrs. ftae Moir,  an instructor of several years experience,  this school will be held Sept. 18-21 inclusive for a fee of $10 per person^ Special,  instruction will be offered according to  individual needs, whether a beginner or  experienced curler, said Mrs. Moir.  There will be morning, afternoon ot  evening classes with daytime nursery facilities.  Further information may be obtained  by calling 988-5412 or by contacting North  Shore Winter Club, 1325 E. Keith Rdad,  North Vancouver, 985-4135.  Letter-writing is the only device for  combining solitude and good company.  ARTISTS FROM the Sunshine Coast  Arts Council have a display of their  work at Sechelt's Bank of Montreal.  Caroliney Howell, bank   employee,  poses with Uie art. More details about   be obtained at the Gallery Shop at  the artists and the organization can    the Qrediit' Union   building  FAMILY games-^adult games���children's  games���Games for all ages and skills,  Miss BeeV Sechelt -'  RECYCLING  # PLANT #  FOR FREE PICKUP  OF YOUR DISCARDED  PAPER, TIN or GLASS  ^/<phohe 886-7812  a.m.- - 10 am, & 4 p.m. - 6 p.m.  r  iiii_mi_ii__ii_ii_iHi.__iim_iiiiii___im^  ������iiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiniiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiii miimimiimiiiiui ���������������������������������������������������������������������iiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiMiuiiiimMiit,  ��� Put your menace into mora,  then   3.000   home.   (10,000  readers)   in  these  economical  ���pot*. Your ad h always then,  for quick reference '.. . . .  .  anytime.  ��iUUlMI__MM��MU-IIMIIIIUU-MIIIUIllUII  .MM&^ IIIUailllllllllllllllllllllllliuilllll|IIIII.UIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII Illllllllllll ������������������������������������������������HllllltllllinllllllllllllllllllllllllllllMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiaiinilllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUI|ll||ll||IIU.  Sunshine Coast Business Directory  * Here'* an.economical way/to  reach 3,000 hon.es (10,000  readers) every week. Your ad  waifs patiently for ready reference .... onytimol  ACCOUNTANTS  W. Philip Gordon  CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT  Phone: Bus. 886-2714, Res. 886-7567  Harris Block, Gibsons, B.C.  ANSWERING SERVICES  IAL-MAR ANSWERING SERVICE  Office * Residential * Wake-up Colls  * Reasonable Rates.  "Never Mi�� Another Phone Coll"  885-2345  ART SUPPLIES  r  DALLIS STUDIOS  COMPLETE ARTIST'S SUPPLIES  CUSTOM-MADE LAMPS  Classes in Resin Daily, Tues. through Saturday  Candles,  Macrame,   Beads,  Arts  and  Crafts  Cowrio Street . Sechelt - 885-9817  ?���-*.r-rr-       Telephone 886-2069  ROSE & ART ENTERPRISES  Pottery, Supplies, Classes & Firing  Dealer for Duncan's Ceramic Products  Pino Road & Grandview Avenue  P.O. Box 62, Gibsons, B.C.  BANKS   ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  Sechelt Branch ������ Phone 885-2201  Gibsons Branch ��� Phone 886-2201  Pender Branch ��� Phone 883-2711  Box 153, Madeira Park  HOURS:  Sechelt: Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Fri. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Sat. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Gibsons & Pender: Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.  to 3 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  BLASTING   CONTROLLED BLASTING  All Work Insured  Freo Estimates  FRED DONLEY  Pender Harbour - 883-2403  or 883-9972  BUILDING SUPPLIES  A. C. RENTALS & BUILDING  SUPPLY LTD.  .  - All Your Building Needs -.'  Madeira Park Phone 883-2585  Free Estimates - Fast Service  G&W DRYWALL  Drywoll, acoustic ond textured ceilings  Now serving Gibsons area and the Peninsula  Phone 884-5315  Box 166, Port Mellon, B.C.  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Box '609, Sechelt, B.C.  885-2332 or collect 681-9142  TIRES  RENTALS  MARINE TOWING  24-Hour Service  Phono 886-2667  MOVING & STORAGE  LEN WRAY'S TRANSFER  Household Moving, Packing, Storage  Packing Materials for nolo  MEMBER QF ALLIED VAN LINES  Canada's Mo. 1 Mo. ors  Ph. 086-2664, R.R. 1  Gibsons  NURSERY  Mack's Nursery - Roberts Creek  Landscaping - Shrub* * Fruit Trees - Fertilizer  Berry Plants - Baddlng Plants - Peat Moss  Fully Licensed Postlcldo Spraying for  Landscaping and Trees  Sunshine Coast Hwy. - Ph. 886-2684  ,���. , ' ��� 1������ 1  Use these space* to  reach nearly  12,000 pooplo  every week!  A. C. Rentals  Tools and Equipment  30" Diaphragm Pump Now Available  , Sunshine Coast Highway and  Francis Peninsula Rood  Madeira  Park Phone 883-2585  "RENT IT AT  THE RENTAL SHOP"  at Davis Bay  "Wo Rent or Sell Almost Everything"  Typewriters - Lighting Plants - Televisions  COASTAL TIRES  Sunshlno Coast Highway  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C. - Phone 886-2700  SALES AND SERVICE  All Brands Available  Monday to Saturday 8:30 o.m. to 5:30 p.m.  Friday evening by appointment only  TOWING  Roto Tillers  Cement Mixers  Mechanic's Tools  Lawn Rakes  Scows - Logs  SECHELT TOWING & SALVAGE  LTD.  Heavy Equipment MovlnjJ & Log Towing  L. HIGGS  Phone 885-9425  DANGEROUS TREES TOPPED ...  Removed;   selective  lot clearing.  Fruit trees pruned. Shrubs trimmed and shaped.'  Consultation and Free Estimates,  20 YRS. EXPERIENCE ��� FULLY INSURED  Phone 886-7566  T.V.  fit  RADIO  PHONE 805-20 .0 ��� 24 HOUR SERVICE  AFTER HOURS  885-2151  CONCRETE FORM RENTALS  FOR ALL TYPES OF BASEMENTS  EASY  ERECTION AND STRIPPING  Complete Instructions Provided  FISHER FORM RENTALS  085-2612/885-2848/885-2359 ovos.  RETAIL STORES   CU HARDWARE  Socholt, .B.C.  APPLIANCES - HARDWARE  HOME FURNISHINGS  Phono 885-9713     I   ^ (   Ponder Harbour - 883-2513  HARBOUR SUPPLIES  Electrical - Plumbing - Appliances  TVs ~ Furniture and Carpets  pox 158, Madeira Park, Hwy. 101  at Francis Peninsula  PARKERS HARDWARE LTD.  Soles and Service  Authorized Dealer and Repair Depot for  QUASAR (Motorola) & PHILCO  Cowrie Street, Sochelt ��� Phone 085-2171   , I���i ,\  SUNSHINE COAST T.V. SALES  & SERVICE LTD.  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The Coast-Chilcotin member said he  thinks Ottawa should request France to*  withdraw  its trade commissioners .from  .this country.  ; '^  In  the  Commons,   Olaussen  queried  the  government   as   to  what   action   it.  intends to .take.   ~  In reply the Hon. Mitchelf Sharp, secretary of state for external affairs, said  the government hopes that world opinion  will convince China and France that it  is not in the -interest of humanity to  carry out nuclear testing in the atmosphere, y v  .  Tho Penineulo Times Pag* A-11  -Wednesday, August 1, 1973    ��  ': _^perf ^  Electronic Repairs  TV (color and B&W)  ��� STEREO (8-track)  & RADIO  Authorized Motorola  Service Technician  CALL:  \\When is comes to telling a quarter  and a nickel apart these sdays, only a  vending machine knows for sure.  Chuck Stephens  PARKERS HARDWARE LTD.  ''���' ���   Sechelt-.885-2171  OIL SPILL fighters demonstrate how   towed to surround an oil spill or an   pahy has trained  s-oil spill fighter    equipment to protect the environ-  a special plastic covered nylon boom    ship loading or unloading oil. A Brit-   crews at its mills and logging opera.   ment.  with two-foot underwater "skirt" is   ish Columbia forest industry com-    tions and provided them with unique  Peat moss to 'boomkins' . * . _  Weird array of tools help  oil spill fighters mop up  A NEW figure has emerged in the British Columbia forest industry���the oil  spill fighter. Trained to prevent and contain any accidental spill and prevent it  from entering coastal waters, he is equipped with an unusual but effective assortment of pollution control equipment.  His  tools  include special  containing  booms,  peat  moss,  straw,   absorbents.  known as "boomkins", and even sander  dust from a particle-board plant.  MacMillan Bloedel, Canada's largest  forest products company, which has spent  over $27 million on pollution abatement  measures at its plants, is meeting the  potential problem of oil escapes by training teams of oil spill fighters at its mills.  "For more than two years we have  been developing ways of combating oil  spills," said a company spokesman. "We  are oil consumers and we have a full-  time oil pollution control officer who is  a member of our 31-strong environmental  control team.  "There was little expertise in the  field when the program began so our  officer started from the ground up," he  explained. "Today he is probably one of  the leading authorities on the subject  in B.C."  . Pollution control officer Peter Hamm  began by visiting every mill and logging  division and identifying potential trouble  spots. Oil handling and storing procedures  were  upgraded.  Where required,   dikes ^  were built around storage tanks to con-x  tain any possible leaks.  Unloading of fuel oil from tankers  received particular attention.  Experiments were carried out to determine the best means of surrounding  oil spills in the water with booms and to.  find the best materials to absorb and mop  up spills once they were contained.  Hamm worked closely with Environment  Canada fisheries experts, and other government officers, in his efforts to find  the best method of treating spills, and  this cooperation continues. It was found  that log booms were only partially effective in containing oil in the water, so  Hamm selected the commercially-manufactured Bennett boom as the most effective device.  The boom, of plastic-covered nylon, is  36 inches deep. About 12 inches protrude  above the water to prevent waves from  washing oil over it, and the rest of the  boom forms a two feet deep wall below  the surface of the water.  Stored on a raft it can be towed  quid, y to a spill area. It can also be  positioned around a tanker loading or unloading oil,  as a preventative measure.  The company now has 800 feet of the  Bennett boom at its Chemainus sawmill,  1,600 feet at the Harmac pulp mill, 2,000  feet for its Port Alberni mills and 1,000  feet at the Powell River mill. Another  400 feet is on order for the company's  Vancouver mills on the north arm of  the Fraser River.  "Training oil spill fighters is an important phase of the program", explained  the spokesman, "and we are rapidly  reaching our objective of having trained  crews of at least five men on each working shift at our major operations."  After an extensive test' period and  with experience gained in actual spill  clean-ups, equipment .and material lists  were prepared by Hamm and forwarded  to all divisions, Most operations now  have their stock pile of equipment and  others are being supplied as quickly as  possible.  "Human error and mechanical failure  are the basic causes of oil spills", Hamm  explains. "As with a fire, if control action  is slow the situation can get out of hand.  That's why we've trained special crews to  act as quickly as possible."  The best mop-up materials found to  date include peat moss, dry straw and  commercially-produced absorbent rolls  known as Zorb-oil "boomkins", which  are made of wood flakes packaged in  long  sausage-shaped   bags.  Seeking  improved  mop-up  material,  researchers and Hamm found it at the  company's k3 particleboard plant in Vancouver where a considerable amount of  sander dust is collected. The dust has excellent oil-absorbing and water repellent  qualities and it, along with other absorbents, now are stored at mills and logging  camps.  "The oil spill fighters are going over  all operations with a fine tooth comb  to plug every potential leakage point,  even collecting 'dribs and drabs' which  can leak from operating machinery such  as newsprint machines", said the spokesman.  I  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  REVISED  SPRINKLING  SCHEDULE  Effective immediately sprinkling will be  permitted only during the following hours:  MONDAY AND WEDNESDAY  6 am to 12 noon - 7 pm to 10 pm  (a) ALL WATERFRONT PROPERTIES  (b) COWRIE  STREET, SECHELT  (c) WAKEFIELD ROAD  (d) NORWEST BAY ROAD ��� WEST SIDE  (e) ROSAMUND ROAD ��� WEST SIDE  (f) LANGDALE, ALL STREETS ��� WEST SIDE  TUESDAY AND THURSDAY  6 am toi.12 moon - 7 pm to 10 pm  ALL OTHER PROPERTIES  ONE SPRINKLER ONLY  is permitted on each property  G. DIXON  Works Superintendent  I  _>*.   ������   'si'-   ''-/'���.���.,. '���' .'^.������*.  .���lP>'_.��.  ^*$��*,  'Oiiiii  Band progrn^n. ol   fully clothed .last week and r___ued    Mission high school _tudent. Maritn  ��ct as ltfeguaifttai   n-yoar-old -Jwon Paul, who hod drift-    l��aul, left, i.nd Donna Jacksbn'arc  SECHELT Indlnni  hiring student to  on reserve beach has already saved    ed out to sea, Amy Is ��115-year-old    also lifeguards.  a life. Amy Joe, centre, swam out  Remember? Ho was all bronze, biceps and ten feot tall t* and  no bully klckod sand In your face while he was around. Yesterday's heroes had a 3tyle all their own - and a beer all their own:  Old Style. And it's still going strong today, still slow-browed  and naturally aged for honest, old-time flavour. Help youraolfl  \  Old jSt lilt 8LOW-nnE)WED AND NATURALLY AGED.  I i  I I  l     I -   I  >^i-  ���v-  ".  *.  ^A  WISHING EVERY success to his replacement is Dave Johnston, left,  who retires Aug. 31 as Gibsons mun  icipal clerk-4reasurer. Jack Copland  comes to the village from Gold River.  Jack Copland named replacement . . .  Dave Johnston retires  as municipal clerk  GIBSONS���David   Johnston   is   retiring  . August 31 after six and a half years  as municipal clerk-treasurer.  His replacement is Jack Copland from  Gold River on Vancouver Island..  Johnston came to Gibsons in March  1967 from the district of Salmon Arm,  where he had served as municipal clerk  for 21 years.  During his time in Gibsons, "council  achieved a lot," he told The Times.  "Our sewer system probably the biggest project and one that was badly needed."  He instanced extension of the municipal boundaries and improvements to the  village hall property as landmarks in the  progress of the village.  "I enjoyed working with all the councils and I was very happy with the  staff," he said, wishing Copland "the very  best of luck and a trouble-free future"  in his new post.  Johnston and his wife, Marion, have  one son and daughter.  Aug. 10, Johnston and his wife leave  on a three-week vacation before his retirement becomes official at the end of  the month.  Future .plans? "I have a lot of plans  to make, but I intend staying here. I like  the coastal area very much," said Johnston.  Jack Copland comes to the village after six end a half years as deputy clerk-  treasurer in Gold Biver.  He and his wife, Paulette, have two  children, Grant 8, and Marlowe 2%.  Said Copland: "My efforts will be directed to carrying on the programs which  Johnston and council started."  : He is "most impressed" with the countryside around Gibsons and "eager to take  up salmon fishing with my boy."  The village showed its appreciation to  Johnston at an informal dinner July 27.  Mayor Wally Peterson presented the  retiring clerk with a camera and wished  him well on behalf of council.  Attending the dinner were Aldermen  Ted Hume, Kurt Hoehne and Winston Robinson with their wives, incoming municipal clerk Copland and his wife, office  staff and outside workers with their partners.  MORE  ABOUT...  �� House movers pledge  ���from page  A-1  Coast Amusements of Langley to stage  rides, games of skill and concessions in  Dougal Park.  The company said it would pay $10  per day licence fee, $50 for rental of the  park and post a $50 bond for damage and  clean-up.  Council approved a request from the  Sea Cavalcade committee to turn on the  village Christmas lights one week prior  to the festival.  Aid Winston Robinson noted that the  lights were in poor shape and suggested  that the committee might be willing to  replace some of the defective bulbs.  Copland said B.C. Hydro had quoted  $70 for hooking up the display and a flat  power rate of $30.  iwwwwwwiMWiiMiitwiiwwwwtMMmiiimiwMwwmmiimwiMMtiwMm  B.C. is o  beautiful place  m ��#*��  ALL owners of motor 'vehicles Bhd trailers and hol4��K of driver., licenses  are required by the Motor-Vehicle Act  to notify the superintendent of motor-  vehicles of all.', changes of address. It is  important this information be kept up-to-  date so. that licence renewals and other  information can be properly sent to  licence holders.  An added importance is the government? automobile insurance plan which;,  comes into effect in 1974..   ���.������..  YoUr motor-vehicle and trailer licences  have a stub attached which should be-/  filled in if you have moved, and then  mail the stub to the superintendent of  motor-vehicles, Parliament Buildings,  Victoria, or hand the stub in at any  motor licence office."  Your diver's licence, if it was issued  before July 1, 1972, also has a change  of address stub for your use. If your  driver's licence is a photograph licence,  please send a note to the superintendent  of motor-vehicles quoting your -licence  number, giying your new address and  setting out' your name as given on the  driver's licence. If you prefer, you can  obtain a change of address form ;pt any  motor licence office.'  THE TWO-SECOND RULE  Tailgating is one of the major causes  of accidents. There'is a simple new rule  to help you maintain a proper ���, safety  margin. It is called the two second rule.  All you have to do is leave two seconds  between you and the car in front. Learn it;  now and live. ������ ��� ���. '���  -Whenever the car you are following  passes a sign post, a tree, or any fixed  point beside the road, if you count "One  and two and" before you reach the point,  you are at a safe following distance. It  doesn't matter whether you are going  10 mph or 70 mph, because the faster  you go, the greater the distance you cover  in two seconds.,  Two seconds gives you time enough  "to reach and brake if -the driver of the  car in front suddenly slams on his brakes.  Every sign post, every pole^ every tree  you pass, is a chance to check if you are  tailgating. Tailgating is a traffic offence  in this Province. It results in hundreds  of acfciHents.  - Yield signs assign right-of-way to  . traffic on certain approaches to  inter-  Koge A-131      I Tlw Poninsulo Tlms-  sections, i^fead of requiring drivers io.  always come to a full halt as is required  by a stop sign. Vehicles controlled by  a yield sign need stop only when necessary to avoid interference with other  trlftfic that is given Oie right-of-way.  At a yield sign, slow down, make sure  there is no imminent hazard, and then  enter the traffic stream so as not to tab*  the right-of-way from an approaching  driver.       . x \  Fatal accidents���January to June 30:  1972���278 persons killed in 247 fatal accidents. 1973���322 persons killed in 271  fatal accidents.  Wedn  &as\  1  y, Augurtl, 1973  U-DRIVE  SUNSHINE RENTALS  - .        - ��� -  885-2848    886-2848  or 885-2151 eves.  Don't mess  In Ypsilanti, Mich., mailman David  Milligan has turned the tables on the  dogs that have been giving him trouble  all these years. Milligan has been appointed the township's first dog warden.  ii up  r  There are lots of reasons for saving.  And lots of ways to save.  We all have something worth saving for: that trip to Europe, the down payment  on the house, that piece of land you always wanted, the weekend cottage, the  now car, boat or trailer, those,home improvements, the retirement years ...  the list is almost endless.  It isn't easy. Saving has nevor been easy. So doesn't it make sense to put your  hard-earned dollars into the typo of accounf that will help you roach your goal a  little bit faster, a little bit easier?  Naturally you're familiar with our Rogular  Savings Account, but do yo^i know how many  other typos of account and ways of saving  wo can olfor you? Each ono is different;  each one Is designed to match your  specific noods, your specific goals.  And any ono of them could bo oxactly  tho sort of savings plan you are  looking for.  Why not tako a fow moments to como  in and discuss It with us?  Community Corner  A-0UM. 3-4. Sunshlno Const Arts Council  Art A, Croft Show, United Church Hall,  Gibsons. Friday 12 noon to 8 p.m.: Saturday 12 noon to  . p.m.  Augutt Si Senior Cltl-eni Lions Club Picnic,  Bus loaves Sechelt, 10:30 o.m.  ROYAL BAN K  serving British Columbia  HERB MITCHELL, Monomer  Secholt 035-2201  ;_#  W.tf  ��ttWMMWtA__H-W_Pll_--__ll-*f---_-^^  ���/'       I 5^  \-:  I.  V  X.  .'���  \  '  x.  Wednesday, Augutt 1, 1973 The Peninsula Times  j  Toronio piano honors for iwo local girls  GISONS���Two  local  girls  passed   with pedalled," said the examiner, and her fa>-  honors  at the recent  Toronto Con. terpretation of 'Rigaudon' had "some nice  servatory piano examinations. contrasts.",  Lynne Wheeler of Hopkins Landing Coileeh Hoops of Soames Point regained 77 points for her grade 4. ceived 78 marks for her grade 5.  The examiner    remarked  that    her The examiner described her technical  technical work had a "good tone" and work asX'very well prepared" and Walter  was "well prepared." Carroll's 'From the Cliffs' was termed  Lynne s Burgmuller study was 'Veil "a pleasant performance. \  *^    ���] ~  BC IS A  BEAUTIFUL PLACE  ^; .-*��� ** *.-'-. .  DON'T MESS IT UP!  emmmnmKm^tmmmmmm^immmiMMmiu^mmmim^miuinntiniui -  II  enindula  imed  _. ���_         ���_                      '    __���   -I  .': 65__M__1*  A BOBBERS AT Lions Club sponsored  :: swimming classes at Selma Park  :-- prepare for their final tests. Practic-  f. ing 'blowing out are Karen Cole, Al-  ". lison Bandy, Arlene Witt, Sham Gra-  i; ham, Kim Simpinks, Jimmy Simkins.  Looking on. are Laura Hooker( left,  assistant and Pam Gross, swimming  instructor. Classes for Davis Bay and  Sechelt will be held at the Selma  Park breakwater and then classes  will later be held at Halfmoon Bay.  Happenings drpund the Harbour  MISS BEE'S  i   CARD & GIFT SHOP !  ee J  | Wharf Ro-_-SadMlr-S85.90��6  a P.O. BOX 213  s   Halta-rii-Coirtti carda and  wrapping*. I  ,&    Fin*  tnglisl.  china cupa  and  Muctrt. i  s   Bouriaua hanu, local artists paintings. I  fMUIIIIHIIIIIIIllllllllllllHllllllllllllllHIHlllllltmillllllll  GIBSONS OFFICE  OPEN FOR BUSINESS  TUESDAY TO SATURDAY ��� 8 30 a.m. - 5=00 p.m.  for News and Advertising - Saturday 4:00 p.m.  PHONE: 886-2121  OR SECHELT: 885-9654, 885-2635  .'  #.  PENDER HARBOURr-The Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary to St. Mary's  Hospital Fishing Derby will be held on  Saturday, August 4 between 8 am. and  8 pm., and on Sunday, August S between  8 aim. and 2 p.m.  The weigh-in will be held at Irvine's  Landing wharf. Prizes for salmon are  $100. tot the largest salmon, $50 for the  next largest, and a $25 for the third largest aalmon. A $10 prize will also be  awafded for the largest cod caught There  will be children's prizes and ticket draw  prizes. These will be given out Sunday,  August 5 at 2 p.m. at Irvine's Landing  wharf. For any further information,  please contact Jean Patterson at 883-  2647.  The membership of the advisory planning commission for the Pender Harbour  and Egmont area has been increased by  Jim Tyner, area director. The members now are Donald McNaughton, Albert  Edwardson, Ben Griffith, John Daly, John  Jones, Donald Penson, Arthur Joss and  Allan Walker.  ..The function of the advisory planning  commission is to assist and advise the  regional director for the area, to review ���  and make recommendations to him, the  planning committee of the regional district and to the board of the regional  district on all matters affecting the area.  At a recent meeting the advisory commission considered the matter of an  amendment to the building by-law 6 (1)  concerning mobile homes. The following  is a report of their opinion.  The proposed amendment was referred to the advisory planning commission of the Pender Harbour and Egmont  area.  They examined the proposal in detail  and found section 2A2 subsection 2 "extremely garbled" and they added: "The  section appears to suggest that a trailer ,  may be built to National Building Code  Standards or Canadian Standards Association standards but not necessarily both.  "The proposed amendment tends to  increase the harshness of the regulations  as they apply to the mobile home and to  make it almost Impossible to install a  used home should it happen to lack a  CSA seal.  "The committee would like to point  out that the zoning bylaw of the regional  district permits the use of mobile homes  in all residential areas with the exception  of R-l. i  "Thot. the mobile home is an economical home within the reach of young people just starting out, ond the elderly.  This type of home should not be discouraged for, this reason���it is the only  ���by Cheryl Guelph���883-2457  type of home within the reach of a large  section of the population.  "It should also be pointed out that  the'homes manufactured in Canada seem  to be substantial and there appears to  be no record of them collapsing.  "For these reasons it is not understood  why .the proposed amending bylaw  choose^to deal with the mobile home  with such harshness. It is the opinion of  the committee that for a mobile home  built in Canada a warranty ,by the  manufacturers that, it has been built to  CSA standards should be sufficient.  'It is therefore the recommendation  of the Committee that thik proposed amending Bylaw be withdrawn for further  consideration."  ^iiuitiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiii|iii_ji_7j  3  3  I   TO SERVE YOU!   j  3 PHONES  e  s  -  3  885-9654  885-2635  (Please make a note of this  new number)  GIBSONS:  886-2121  the times  (Everybody Colls The Times!)  RlmiiiiHiiininimiiniininmiiniiHmmiiiiniiiiiniHrt  at tne  ^Jwomestead  <.)  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It  A  V\  I I  \   I  $100 reward waiting >. .      > /  Fisheries still looking for  salmon with missing adipose  Page A-14 The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, August 1f 1973  y     '< \ ,   '    ' ',"       I  , REFORESTATION PROGRAM  TbA B.C^fore^t Service, and industry,  planted nearly 48.5 million seedlings on  .110,794 acres during 1972.  - ' /  ANY coho or chinook caught in Georgia  Strait and missing the adipose fin  (the small fleshy fin on the back near the  tail) may be eligible for a regard, according to the' department of the environment, fisheries and marine service.  Fishermen catching chinooks should  turn in the head of the salmon at a depot.  If the head is found to contain a microscopically small wire tag, fisheries will  send a reward of $3 and enter your name  in a $100 bonus draw.      -  Two $100 bonuses will be awarded at  the end of each of the following periods:  July, August, September, October-November, December-January, February-March.  Georgia Strait, in this instance, is  defined as the waters east of Sheringham  Point and south of Hardwick Island.  Tim Froeler of Comox and John  Barker of West Vancouver won the June  $100 draws. Froeler and Barker were two  of the 53 fishermen turning in the heads      .     ,        .   .  ..   -.       ��.,���.���    ���.    ._K1.  of chinook and coho which had a missing   -J^fi'^ti^S** 2*.tt * JS  chinook- this time were ,U._. three-^ear  old?-., The rest were two year olds,: 10  frojn the U.S. and eight Irom Canada.  'Fishermen should keep in mind that  Canada tagged ��� % as many of these two-  year old:.chinook as the U.S. clid, roughly  450,000 for Canada "and 1,500,000 for the  U.S.    / ,- ;   .\    '.  Though it is still a bit early to start.,  looking  for  patterns,   two   probabilities  stand out. One < may be important, the  bthefc merely inconvenient.  What could be important is the apparent tendency of the Canadian.hatchery chinook to move north. The seven  Big QuaUcum chinook were all caught  between^ 25 and 50 miles up-island from  the hatchery. The Capilano Hatchery chinook was likewise caught about 20 miles  north, in Howe Sound. v  The inconvenience is that, again this  month, less than half of the heads turned  'in  carried tags.  New information from  the hatcheries suggests that many salmon  to 85 miles north of Bellingham, as far  as the Sechelt Peninsula. It is possible  that the extra month of hatchery rearing  made the July chinook less inclined to  migrate far from home;.but the next few  months will' tell more:''.  Depots on the Sunshine Coast for depositing heads are:  "������ Gibsons Essd Marine; Trail Bay Sports  Unlimited, Sechelt; Tillicum Bay Marina, Porpoise Bay; . Buccaneer Marina,  Secret Cove; Cedar Grove Marina, Bargain Bay; Pender Harbour Resort, Madeira Park; Garden , Bay Shell, Harbour  Marina; Irvines Landing Marina and  Cafe; Egmont Marina and Resort; Jervis  Vi#w Marina, Egmont,  BOAT RENTALS  PENDER HARBOUR  12' and 14' Boats  with Mercury Outboards  (by day or hour)  Colio  MARIWA  Madeira Park ��� 883-2248  adipose fin  Fisheries service analysis of the June  tags shows: that; two-year old chinook  from. - Georgia Strait hatcheries were  caught, on June, 20 to 50 miles north of  their home hatcheries. This tallies with  the April-May findings but it is still too  .early to draw any conclusions, said officials.  The threeryear old U.S. chinook that  were caught in southern Georgia Strait  ting ample information from the number  of tags coming in, but they can only hope  for the continued goodwill of. the 30  fishermen" wh<L turned in a head and  got'no .reward.' ."*.'..  An interesting development in June,  was the disappearance of the U.S. hatchery three-year olds and the arrival of the  twQ-year olds. The Nooksack Hatchery  near Bellingham. accounted for seven of  these  two-year  olds.   Of  the  Nooksack  CAUL COLLECT  Bus. 278-6291 - Ros. 273-6747  INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS  Good Used Cars and Trucks  E^ Ei  FLEET AND LEASE MANAGER  369 No. 3 Rd. - Bon Jacobsen Motors Ltd.  Richmond, B.C,  ery in June 1972, and four in July 1972.  The late release (July) chinook were all  taken in Saanich Inlet, only about 40  miles from home. The early release  (June) chinook, however, were caught 60  NEW DERBY chairman for the "Export ��A' Rings $25,000" World Salmon Championships is sportsman Jim  Murray. Murray has been vice chairman of the big derby for five years.  Dates for the expanded event are  August 11-12, with Pender Harbour  added to Howe Sound and Cowichan  Bay designated areas.  in May disappeared in June. They were  'f^, three were released from the hatch-  replaced by U.S. two-year olds.  The heads turned in by the two $100  bonus winners were typical of the June  recoveries. Froeler caught a two-year old.  Big Quajicum Hatchery chinook. He  boated the adipose-clipped fish at the  Comox bell buoy, about 25 miles north  of Big Qualicum. He turned in the head  at Comox Marine'���'Industries. Barker's  two-year old chinook originated at George  Adams Hatchery in Puget Sound. He  caught the fish near Bowen Island and  deposited the head at Ambleside Boat  Rentals. v  Of the 53 heads turned in in June,  a respectable number considering the windy weather and the low commercial catch,  fisheries found tags in 23 of them, 22  chinook and one coho." Only two of the  PENDER HARBOUR  REALTY LTD.  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PHONE:   98 5  -  6300  Ben Jacobsen Motors Ltd.  369 No. 3 ROAD      -      -      -      RICHMOND. B.C.  Phono 886-2025  885-9823 Etnkory  I  3  5  IIIiH%iiIil#il    Vwillli-faw    ���- ---- ���, .��� DOZEN   m %J '  ^ t We Reserve Tho Right To limit Quantities ,, J^  k ■x:
_________»^^ -■ A A" A■
1     '^v;r-/';-.C._^..v
w ii 'in i'i _ Hpitiyi mimijumij
■_",'■.    ■:A'7.'
I ' .-V
i ■ ■'
-.■.•■..- ■■)
>:"A/... [y'A-
■ \ ■. / ■
. 7 >:.      .
... .a-'rT.7_.._
.'•-.. i   ,,■■■■
; y
\    .7
/■  '
. ■  /"• ■ A.
..    ■•    1
/ \  _-J^ .1-  r  \  -_.U_._-.  - ,   ' v /. _ t -     ���  r__k.v^i^_. _.-_.���,.  PARTS OF THISyPAGE ARE IN CQLOU_.  *-.  �����<��_����� ���  \  i\  \.   \  Page B-2  -    .  The Peninsula Ttmea  W  Wednesday, August,/T. 1973  Kinsmen plan  _ .  DouaAX  PARK  - * __*  ���- -��V��____.v  - ��* '  �� J-   r      ��_W  - - C_ . **T  !  ���*'#f^_!MsK  ^ . -.1  _��** �� _  _____r_9__)_____ ���. * _���       *   *  .v.  HMCS  ChlgtMcto  KINSMEN  Club's  annual  beer   garden  will be a feature during the Sea Cavalcade on Friday and Saturday.  The garden will be held in Gibsons  Building Supplies warehouse cin Friday,  August 3 from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. and on  Saturday, Augi^st 4 from;iO a.m. to 8'  p.m. From 8 p.m. to 1 a.tf_ will be the  Kinsmen's beer garden cabaret.  The band, the Compatibles, popular  group that played during last, year's beer  garden will be featured again .this year  at the cabaret.  "This year we have added a few more  attractions to make it bigger and better  than before. Labatts Breweries have reserved Saturday, August 4 for us so they  can bring up and fly their popular balloon  (see elsewhere in today's paper) that we  have all seen 6n( TV commercials" said  a club spokesman.  Beer garden patrons will be charged  $1 admission but will be given a free beer  mug to keep and which wills allow them  to leave- and re-enter without additional  cost. '   ���   ���'���.-x V  Cabaret admission is $4 per person  and with this" patrons are entitled to a  baroji of beef dinner, dancing, games of  chance and all-around fun.,  "Also, this year, we ;have been requested to sell wine which we will do  and pizza will be available."  All proceeds from the events will go  towards the Kinsmen project, which is a  community swimming pool.  Here's the rout�� of the housewives' walking race.  Housewives to walk tor special prizes  THE FASTEST-walking housewife will  receive a top prize at the Sea Cavalcade's second annual housewives walking  race. ���   -  ��� The race will be held Friday, August  3 about 3 p.m. at Dougal'Park.  First prize will be a 70 piece stainless steel f latwear set; second, salad bowl  set and third, wooden tray. A pendant  watch will be given to the oldest housewife completing the rate. .  Entry fee of $1 should be sent to Mrs.  M. Connor, Box 540, Gibsons, 886-7040.  Entrants must state age category���20-30;  30-40; 40-50; 50-60.  - The race will start at Dougal Park and  contestants will go down Gower Point  Road, past the Ritz Motel, along Dougal  Road, up Truman Road, along Glassford  Road, past the United Church and into  the park where the children will cheer  ���their moms on. v  The Heel's coming  to visit area  for Sea Cavalcade festivities  GIBSONS village and harbor will look  like a naval base when four mine-   '.  sweepers: of the Canadian Armed Forces  will visit during Sea Cavalcade.  The ships will arrive Friday and the  public is invited to tour them during Sea  Cavalcade'weekend.  The ships are Chignecto, Miramichi,  Fundy and Thunder.  Chignecto, third ship to carry that  name, is commanded by Lcdr. A. J.  Goode. She; was originally designed for  mme_weeping but is presently attached to  the Fourth Training Squadron, Esquimau. She provides training in seamanship and coastal navigation. Most of her  former minesweeping gear and light  armaments have been removed to give  more room for training purposes. .  mainly, her trainees are officers from  service colleges and civilian universities  *' who come on board during the summer  months for training-  , Displacing 390 tons, Chignecto is 1-2  feet long with a 28 foot beam. She carries  three officers and 28 men at 16 knots.  The ship is diesel powered and well  equipped with navigational equipment.  Chignecto was commissioned in 1957  at Lauzon, Quebec. From then until 1963  she served as an operational minesweeper. From 1963 to 1970 she was a training  ship for officers oh the Atlantic coast  and in April 1970 she took passage from  Halifax to Esquimau where she assumed her present assignment.  Chignecto takes her name from Chig-.  necto Bay, the northern arm of the sea  at the head of the Bay of Fundy.  Commander Goode joined the Royal  Canadian Navy in September 1960 and  attended College Militaire Royale, Quebec, and Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont. where he graduated with an  honors degree in political science and  economics in June 1965.  He has server aboard QuappeUe, aircraft carrier Bonaventure and Annapolis,  Yukon and then served as a navigation  instructor before receiving his present  rank and  appointment.  Miramichi, commanded by Lcdr. Norman J. Davy, CD, is a Bay class coastal  minesweeper and third ship of her name  in the Canadian navy. She was commissioned Oct. 29, 1957.  Miramichi was built by Victoria Machinery Depot. Like Chignecto, she is 152  feet long with a 28 foot beam. She displaces 400 tons. After operating with the  Canadian Minesweeping Squadron, Esquimau, Min-amilchi was palid off In  March 1964 and placed in reserve. She  was recommissioned on May 16, 1900  nnd joined Maritime Command Pacific.  She is presently employed in training  junior officers from Canadian Services  Colleges nnd personnel ot the Canadian  Nnval Reserve division. She is also assigned to the Fourth Canadian Training  Squadron.  Her  commander  is a  native British  Columbian from Dawson Creek. He Joined  the. navy in September 1956 under the  Venture Officer Cadet Training Program.  After serving as a junior officer aboard  HMC Ships Ontario, Crescent, Gatineau,  Lanark and MacKenzie, he took further  training and then served aboard Terra  Nova, Shelburne then as a navigational  instructor in Halifax. He received his  present rank in July and assumed command of Miramichi shortly after.  HMCS, Fundy^ commanded by IA.  S. K. Jessen, is a Bay class minesweeper.  She is the third ship to carry that name  and was commissioned in November  1956. She was placed in reserve in 1964  and reactivated in April 1967 for Atlantic  training dtuies. In 1970 she was transferred to the Pacific Command and forms  part of the Fourth Canadian Training  Squadron.  She displaces 413 tons; 153 foot length  with a 28 foot 6 inch beam and has an  eight foot six inch draft. She is powered  by two diesel engines which drive her  at a miximum speed of 15 Vt knots.  Lt. Jessen was born in Copenhagen,  Denmark and emigrated to Canada with  his parents when he was 10. He joined the  navy in 1962 as a midshipsman and was  educated at the University of Victoria  where he graduated in 1965 with a ba  chelor of arts degree in English.  He has served in several ships and  prior to his present appointment served  as operations officer of HMCS Kootenay.  HMCS Thunder is the heaviest ship  of the four with a displacement of 464  knots. She is 182 feet by 28 feet and is  powered by two GM V-12 diesels. She  carries 42 officers and men (summer  training���27 officers and men plus nine  officers under training) at 16 knots.  She is also a Bay class minesweeper  built in 1957 in Port Arthur, Ont. and  is the third Canadian ship to carry the  name Thunder after Thunder Bay, Ont.  She was paid off in 1964 and recommissioned in 1967 for third year cadet  midshipsmen training and various centennial activities.  Commanding officer, Lt. J. F. T. miner, was born in Glossop, Derbyshire,  England. He attended school in Manchester, and entered the -Royal Naval  College, Dartmouth in January 1954. He  served in the British Merchant Marine  and joined the Canadian Navy in November 1964. He has served aboard  Provider, Annapolis, Yukon, Quappelie  and Chaudiere.  Kilner was appointed Thunder's commander in July.  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Inboord/outboord, camper top      $6,995  |4   4 *   HOtf tTStOII     40 h.p. electric iohn��on, contrott, bottery  ,     $2,350  Used Grew Hardtop 22' 210 _.���., i__o_._/o_tbo����i, ��oUndor, b-_.ho��.�� $7,500  ,     SMALL BOATS ��� Flhraqtnaa, Aluminum. Sprlngboko and Inflotnblee |    JOHNSON and EVINRUDE REPAIRS and PARTS "     .  \      A   ��� .(1> I. .������  m  A>A.  W  ���. j  y.  7   ��� \   '. 77' -   i.  7->  W-_j����M_y/A_g_a- Ir 1W1       TU r*��UtM\* Tlae*        foas $S  /A  .'.,  .y.  A  '     \  ir1":  > /  ,  . ^"-^.  (7 ���  \l  m**mmma*m0mmmmmmmmemmmi*imimmMm0mi>immim*iim***m*mo**u**mm*ma  I ���   7\  DANCING  9:30 to 1:30 a.m.  Pizza Available  Best in Live Entertainment  SATURDAY, AUGUST 4  JOIN[THE FUN  PENINSULA HOTEL  Highway 101 ���Cover Charge ���886-2472  JUNE CROSBY  Min Pvndtr Harbour Lions  LYNN BREDY  Mica Sunn, crest Flaw  "��IW����W"IWW����IWWWWI1WW��IWWIIWIIW��IIIWIIIIIMWIWWIMMIIMIII��WI|^^  POSINO in the beautiful Michael  Poppel home in Langdale are Gibsons Sea Cavalcade candidates from  left: Vicki Beeman, Miss Roberts  Creek Community Association; Joan  Blomgren, Miss Gibsons Lions; Iita  Allnutt, Miss E r n i e and Gwen's  Drive-in; Donna Solnik, Miss Canadian Legion; June Crosby, Miss Pen  der Harbour lions; Debbie Willis,  Miss Gibsons Village; Lynn Bredy,  Miss Sunnycrest Plaza; Jo-Anne  Jorgenson, Miss Gibsons Fire Department. Missing from the picture-  taking session is Darcy Gregory,  Miss Gibsons Kiwanis. All photos on  this page are by C. Abernathy, Penan-  sula Photographers.  DONNA SOLNTK  Miss Canadian Legion  VICKI BEEMAH  Miss Roberts Creak Community Assoc;  ��� .^.   *__     ��� ��� . ' '  -,:.. "  %^% 7-771  <��"*��� ';A .. ���  ' .��� ss_  y*��* _^.  unncouuER-couuiCHnn  PEODER HnRBOUR  Register at Super-Ualu  JO-ANNE JORGENSON  Miss Gibsons Fire Department  LITA ALLNUTT  Miss Ernie and Gwen's Drive-in  tpiJ  Of.  I  four  ,oca\  -. y JT^. "'''".����� ^#^.y  t        'awlC  . C.S,    s "  .. WITH KING NEPTUNE as an ap- will be selected to reign as Miss Sea  propriate background Joan, Jo-Anne, Cavalcade for 1973-74. Crowning is  Donna, June, Lynn,  Debbie, Vicki Saturday at 6 p.m. at the government  and Lata are wondering which one wharf.  JOAN  BLOMGBEN  Miss Gibsons  Lions  DARCY GREGORY  Miss Gibsons Khranis  With Howe Sound and Islands as a lovely backdrop, the girls pose In the  Poppel living room.  Labait's 'Blue' balloon  will mark beer garden  GIBSONS���Kinsmen club  will stage  a  repeat of their beer garden that prov-  , ed such a success last year.  Location is not finalized at press time,  but the event will probably be held at  the village tennis courts.  A live band from Vancouver, the  Compatibles, will supply the music and  pizza will be available to feed th- ihney  man. ;  As an added attraction, the Labatts  Blue balloon will be hoisted above the  beer garden, weather permitting.  Entrance fee is $1, which entitles patrons to keep their specially-made glass.  The beer garden will run from 2  p.m. to 1 a.m.  1. .  \emist...  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I.  1.  -I  .'��� / I'  ���   \  ��'  /      t  J  'A  a ���"���'"������."'. ���..-���v- ..-.: >������  Page B-4 The. Peninsula Times  Wedne-doy. Augurt 1> 1973  ��      .7  slated on Sun.  GIBSONS���Gibsons firemen once again  wlU stage their annual water sports  show during the Cavalcade.  This popular attraction will be held  Sunday, Aug. 5 commencing at 11 a.m.  All 28 fire department members will  be actively involved in the sports, while  \their wives and girlfriends run the concession booth. y    ,;  This year, 15 events have been slated  'ranging from tiny tots swimming to Indian war canoe races,  j     Cups will be presented for first, second  ,and third place finishers in each event.  An added attraction this year will be  the Bronco Barrel Riding contest behind  a boat and clowns' water skiing.  The annual long distance swim will  again be held. All entrants should register  at Harvey's Department Store.  Firemen remind long distance swimmers that it will be their responsibility to  arrange for an escort boat.  Log rolling and jousting tourneys have  a cash entry fee, with a trophy and cash  prize for, the first place finisher and a  trophy for both second and third.  Cups will also be presented to children  , displaying the best-decorated  rowboats.  Another-firemen's   event during   the  Cavalcade will be the War of the-Hoses.  The fun will start following the parade  at Dougal Park at 12:30 p.m. Saturday.  All surrounding fire departments have  been invited to match their hoses against  Gibsons VFD.  THE VILLAGE of Sechelt sehds hearty  \congr$tu&tions to. the village of G-b-  sons for another 'bang up' Sea Cavalcade, ''.  Your support of our Timber Days iri  May was great and we'll be down to  celebrate with you on the big days;  JoAnn Rottluff and all her crew deserve a mighty big vote of thanks for a  tremendous job well done.  BEN LANG���Mayor of Sechelt  AS mayor of Gibsons, 1 wishV> welcome  you, one and all, to what we hope  to be the biggest event in our history���-  "1973 Sea Cavalcade."  Our Sea Cavalcade committee has  done a tremendous job, while public support and support of the press, has been  terrific.     ' ������V-  I hope you all have fun and that ev-.  erything is; a huge success.  WALLY P___ERSpN--Mayor of Gibsons  Your Cavalcade Sporting Goods Centre  O  Complete Stock of Fishing Equipment  ��  Compressed Air Service  ���  Marine Hardware and Paint  O  Divers' Supplies  Wall Nygren Sales (1971) Ltd.  Head of Gov't Wharf     GIBSONS     Phone 886-9303  ALL SET to leave   for Dinsmore, town's diamond jubilee parade and   Entering float  Sask., are Roberts Creek woodoarver present   a hand-carved   paddle to  Ernie Burnett, his wife, Belay and mayor J. L. Clarke on behalf of Gilb-  4heir   9%-month-old   son.   Burnett sons council,  plans to enter his Winnebago in the  Carver will promote  Cavalcade in Sask.  GIBSONS-���Local wopdcarv^r Ernie Burnett will be taking Cavalcade fever  all the way to Dinsmore, Sask., Aug. 5  and 6 during the town's diamond jubilee  celebrations. -~  He and Ids wife, Bella, left this week  in their motor home, which they plan to  enter in the jubilee parade.  Explained Burnett: "I'm going to build  an extension onto the front to carry some  of my carvings, and decorate the motor  home with fishnet, carved ships and glassv  floats."  Sechelt artist Jamie Dixon painted a  traditional Indian seagull design on the  side of the vehicle and Burnett intends  to paint two more on the front  Burnett will present a hand carved  paddle to Dinsmore Mayor'J. L. Clarke on  behalf of Gibsons council in a move to  promote the local festival there.  On the paddle, the carver, Burnett de  picts the Sea Cavalcade tugboat race, examples of Indian art and a spray of dogwood flowers. '  At village council's July 24 meeting,  Mayor Wally Peterson officially handed  over the paddle to Burnett to present to  his Dinsmore counterpart.  During his trip, Burnett plans to carry on carving in a mobile shop he is installing in the motor home.  Harry Olaussen  BEST wishes for a successful Sea Cavalcade!  My compliments to all those who have  donated their time ahd effort in order  to bring a little joy to the people of the  Sunshine Coast and to the visitors in  the area.  HARRY OLAUSSEN,  MP  Coast-Chilcotin  uhind  \Jrte CT'^ru  Weehend  e  & DISTRICT  CHAMBER OF COMMERCE  Designed by karate expert  STEt-IMANS  Cavalcade tee shirts  will promote event  GIBSONS MAYOR Wally Peterson,   in turn, will present it to Mayor J. L.  right, turns over a hand-carved pad-    Clarke of Dinsmore, Sask.  die to woodoarver Ernie Burnett who,  GIBSONS���Sea Cavalcaders will htive an  opportunity this year to buy hand  screen printed T Shirts produced, by a  harmonica -playing karate expert who  once accompanied Johny Cash and Sonny  and Cher.  Ernie Dawson, who operates a home  repair and renovation service in Vancouver in partnership with Kalevi Klason,  trained in silk screening for seven years.  And when Klason attended the Cavalcade last year, he felt Ernie's talents  could be put to good use designing and  printing T Shirts to promote the festival.  In addition to the wording "Gibsons  Sea Cavalcade", the shirts bear a Kwak-  uitl Indian sun mask design which, the  pair feels, Is most appropriate for the  Sunshine Coast.  They plan to market 1,000 of the shirts  from the end of Gibsons' wharf during  the festival.  The 'showbiz' aspect of Dawson's background stems from a Vancouver Variety  Club Telethon where he was playing harmonica and performing a Chinese ballet  dance based no karate training moves.  Johnny Cash saw the program, said  Dawson, and Invited him down to Los  Angels to accompany him.  In turn, Sonny nn,d Cher saw this performance and promptly Invited Dawson to  accompany them In their night club act,  Dawson and Klason, who playa the  guitar ahd flute, often perform together,  but "just as a hobby". Neither one intends  going into the music business professionally,  And who would try to persuade Dawson otherwise. He holds a black belt In  karate and ia expert at the lethal oriental  art of Kung Fu.  Your Junior Department Store  "SERVING THE SUNSHINE COAST  A  NAT BONAL  CHAIN STORE  OFFERING  NATIONAL  PRICES.  @o@E__]_a____3   dealer  L^amptjeild    Uarietu cJLtde,  Trail Bay Centre  SECHELT  Phone 885-2335  Come in and SEA our  CAVALCADE of values  ir it ir ir ir ir  at the Semi - Annual  earance  1       'i  ](M,iie  nmWIMfli(li|[aM______wM      I t Af M|l. . '   ll^^eWflmmmeeWmVWW^     . ^mxi Wmm .'    . "'*r W ��� wm*n wmmmmmmm*'m*-* ���    <     .i_> 11 minim im ini   1  Kalovl _(l_.on. Mt,' mM 'BmH�� Dw-Whi ������-lgn��d and produced 1,<HM> colorful T ��hlr���� lo soil during Cevalcad..  now in progress at...  6U__ FaLn Centre  ��  Sunnycraat Plaxa, QBE-SOWS  �� Trail Boy Centra, SECHELT  m  r<f?  2322  ������^  ->       I mm  ���;IAA.-r  ���:\ V  V 1 ���'  ���,-.vy  Depending on weather . > .  over festivities  LABATTS B.C. balloon, CF-CFB, is an  exact replica of the balloon used in  the current   campaign   in newspapers,  magazines and television.        y^^^  The balloon will take to the air at  the Sea Cavalcade.      >^  "Wherever it goes, the Labatt balloon  is news���and the following information  gives all the facts about the balloon*  how it works, its features and its pilot,  FLYING THE BALLOON  1. Due to the critical role the wind  plays in balloon flights, it is very difficult to pinpoint flight times. CF-CFB  cannot free fly in winds greater than 10  mph. There is no guarantee that the  balloon will be able to fly at any given  time on any given day. Flights are extremely dependent on the weather.  2, The balloon requires a large launch  area. The area should be at least 250  feet square 'and sheltered by trees or  buildings  where possible.  3; The balloon has absolutely no directional control. This means that CF-CFB  cannot follow any prescribed routes.  SPECIFICATIONS:  Registration marks CF-CFB, manufactured by S. J. Sheldrake, aeronaut at  Smithville,. Ontario in early 1970.  DESCRIPTION:  . Inflated Dimensions  Height " ~���-_��� 56 feet  Diameter������.  60 feet  '       Circumference ������       157 feet  Volume  .���   53,677 cu.ft.  Gondola Dimensions    ,  Total Height  -___   91 inches  Basket Height 40 inches  Length ���___ : :    51 inches  Width . -���_   40 inches  Typical flying weight at take-off 901 lbs.  Total shipping weight of empty  balloon and ground equipment 471 lbs.  ENVELOPE:  The envelope is constructed in 24  vertical alternate blue and white'gores,  each having 22 horizontal panels. These  928 individually tailored pieces of cloth,  representing over 800 square yards, are  joined together by over one million  stitihes.  The balloon receives its heat through  a 14-foot diameter opening at the bottom  of the envelope. Twenty-four stainless  steel cables extend from the perimeter  of this orifice down to join the gondola  at four corners in groups of six cables.  GONDOLAS  This consists of a wicker basket woven  of reed by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Reinforced with a  stainless steel tubular rim, 12 hardwood  dowlingup-rights, nylon coat steel cable  suspension, a %-inch plywood floor with  six maplewood skids.  The two liquid vaporizing, LP gas  burners that heat the envelope interior,  are mounted at the top centre of four  stainless steel tubular supports raising  from the top corners of the basket. The  burners, which can produce more than  four million BTUs of heat per hour, can  be rotated around the horizontal plane  to direct flame into the envelope during  launch.  Three 40 pound capacity fuel tanks  are normally carried aboard. They are  strapped in and can be easily removed  for convenient refueling. Propane gas is  normally used.  GROUND PREPARATION:  Thirty minutes are usually needed to  rig the balloon before launching. This  consists  mainly   of  placing    fresh  fuel  '������ "A  ��� ��� ��������  N          '    ������  . sy      ���  A A:  - -A  .:aa\^  *" ��� ��� i . ���  ���   ��� y. .  ;:'<:'"' ./'/.'  .'-���    "'    >��� "���'  .'   ������..-   ���'���  l  From  i the  fmlpli1  '    ' ��� .AaA  ���by Poster Gerry Foster.  Gibsons Pentecostal Church  A A  A,V  --T"  Tho Penlhaulo Timas PoflO B-S  ���    Wedneadoy. Augurt 1, 1973  ^M^immimttiimmmmmfU��>^iw>iy>ii0i>i����emititeKiimmimimmi  SEA Cavalcade days will soon be upon  . us. Boats are a very important part  ofithis annual event and when you think  of'boats you of ten think of anchors. An  anchor can be a very small-device or it  can weigh thousands of pounds depending  upon the size of the vessel,  You know the anchor has been used  as a symbol of hope for centuries. Our  lives can be, anchored in various ways;  in wealth, possessions, human strength,  excitement, friends, or philosophies. But  so often the anchor slips, it is not firmly ,  grounded and we find ourselves drifting  aimlessly on' the troubled sea of life.  It is wonderful to know that there is an  anchor of the soul that is steadfast and  sure, and the Bible describes this anchor  as the hope-we have based on God's  promises.  This hope is Jesus who is alivetoday  and ready,) willing and able to saw and  help those who draw near to Him. What  is your life anchored to? If it is anything  other than Jesus Christ you are on shaky  ground. Weigh anchor mate and. cast it  out again and make sure it gri|>s that  ^olid rock���Jesus Christ.  arie  ielu ZJ-ooJU  V  -GIBSONS-  Nacrpss from E & M Bowladrome  DELICATESSEN  .   ___wa��aMMM_B���____--���  Gorman and Scandinavian  Imports  ��� 18 IMPORTED CHEESES  ��� FREYBE SAUSAGES  N_ --''  '  Opon Sat., August 4  9 a.m. til 10 p.m.  Your HEALTH FOOD  A  dealer for Nu-Ufo & HSC  (CLOSED MONDAYS)  TELEPHONE 886-2936  wwmwtMMMMWMWwmmimw-  For Quick Results Use Times AdbrUf-  LUCKY DRAW  CONTEST  FREE TICKET WITH EVERY PURCHASE  OF $5.00 OR MORE . . .  1st Prize  10-speed fully equipped Eagle bicycle  2nd Prize  Mustang Floater Coat (Ladies' or Men's Stylo)  3rd Prize     .  Transistor Radio - Delfonic AM-FM Portable  CONTEST CLOSES 5:30 P.M., AUGUST 4th ���  TICKETS TO BE DRAWN AUGUST 5th  MARINE MEN'S WEAR  GIBSONS O 886-2116  tanks in the gondola, spreading the envelope and attaching the suspension cables  to the gondola; securing the manoeuver-  ing vent and deflation port and positioning their control lines. Once the balloon  is assembled and checked, only three to  five minutes are needed to inflate the  craft and bring it to buoyancy.  PRINCIPAL OF PLIGHT  In order for a ballon to fry; it must  become lighter than the air it displaces by  an amount equal to oj. greater than its  own weight. The ballooa is just a floating vehicle deriving its lift from buoy-  'JMMJlJfllfflliHJfi/If/MIMMieMfWMiMMlIMfMIIft  a  Sr J4eartu   Welcome lo LJme ���jf Stll  V  EAVE A GOOB C1Y1LC1BEI  ITTY'S 1  BOAT RENTALS AMD MARINA |  BOAT MOORAGE ��� OUTBOARD MARINE |  MERCURY SALES & SERVICE ��� FISHING TACKLE ��  DUE TO MAKE an appearance at  Gibsons Sea Cavalcade will be the  Labatt's Balloon piloted by Bryan  Rattray of Osoyoos. This is Rattray's  third season at the helm of the bal-  -loon. A high school teacher, Rattray  is also a goalie on Canada's field  hockey team and competed at the  Pan Am Games in Cali, Colombia  where the team won a third place  bronze medal in 1971.  ancy. Air is very heavy and CF-CFB  displaces  over 4,100 lbs.  Some balloons use, lighter-than-air  ��ases like hydrogen and helium, but a  hot air balloon uses only air. When this  air is heated it expands and some of It  is forced out the bottom opening of the  balloon thus lightening its displaced  weight. After the burners have been left  ���on long enough to rid the balloon of  .sufficient air weight (about 900 lbs.), the  balloon can pop up from the ground like  a beach ball from the bottom of a swimming pool.  The air inside the balloon wants to  cool down. As it does; lt contracts and  draws in colder, heavier outside air  through the bottom opening. The balloon  becomes heavy nnd begins to descend.  After lift-off, then, periodic blasts of  burner heat are necessary to maintain  buoyancy. Climb and descent rates are  , established by varying the duration and  frequency of thesq applications of heat.  Photography contest  slated for Cavalcade  BEST photograph .depicting Sea Cavalcade activities will win a trophy, according to Joe Kampman; public relations co-ordinator of the Sea Cavalcade  committee. Second and third place finishers will also be honored.  The contest v.111 be sponsored by the  Cavalcade committee and may be either  black and white or color.  The photograph must be taken during  this year's Sea Cavalcade and must pertain to Cavalcade activities; \  Entries must be prints only���slides are  not acceptable. However, said Kampman,  if a photographer has a worthwhile slide  of the events and would like to enter It  In the contest, there will be time to have  a print made from the slide as the contest  will close August 31 which is four weeks  after the Cavalcade.  Judges will be Cec Abernathy, Peninsula Photographers; Ron Crulce, photographer,' Coast News and Dick Proctor,  editor, Peninsula Times.  Entries may be sent to Gibsons Sea  Cavalcade, Box 426,  Gibsons.  THE TIRE EXPERTS  ^ TIRE ROTATING  ^[ TIRE BALANCING  ^f TIRE REPAIRS  " FREE TIRE CHECKS  BEST PRICES  IN TOWN  FAST. FRIENDLY SERVICE  ALL BRANDS AND SIZES AVAILABLE  COASTAL TIRES  Located on S-Bcnds  Box 13, Gibsons, B.C.  MONDAY TO SATURDAY ��� 8:30 A.M. TO 5:30 P.M.  TREES FOR TOMORROW  B.C. Forest Service nurseries provided  more than 48 million seedlings for the  province's reforestation program in 1972.  wholesale 886-2700  RADIAL EXPERTS ��� CHARGEX  RETAIL  SALE &  SERVICE  olucl  IcctwLe  IMMMMIiWWMMMIimWn^MWMmi  ug. 4th  GIBSONS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL  GYMNASIUM  TICKETS ON SALE WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY  oufsldo Supor-Vulu and Bank of Montreal, Gibsons  NO LltylT ON TICKETS ��� TO ORGANIZATION OR INDIVIDUAL �� CASH ONLY  i    (Proof of ago required ��� absolutely no minora)  REFRESHMENTS Q   price $2.50  Phone: 886-7557 or 886-7040  >_���-�� -������ <���������_ n>miii��ji��toj>_w^.t��_��_u��^>�����u;.Jit.,ji     ________ .'.���J_.1;   r .-._������. -*r; M     *.-*  >*A*M*A*>A'wM|*MMM'MWIMMMM#WI0IMAMlWWWWVVtA��tl_U-imuW-^  ���lUUUIIWIWlWUlWMiaiMUWI  ^arapi  YV WEDOfUGS  <ft POUTOAITS  -& PASSPORTS  $��� COMMERCIAL  Sr L^omplete f-^noloarapnic _3_?#'i/��*  vice  PHOTOGRAPHER  DAYS - EVENINGS or SUNDAYS  Phono anytlmo for uppolntmont or enquiry.  1612 SARGENT ROAD, GIBSONS  Tdephono 886-7374  ) I  ���_... _...  _aii ��.i __n (-  "*���- -* -"���'���  ��� lUl  __m l'-   *'     ������-'    -��� .-   I.A'AA  .."'.  '���a  }  : A  Ai I  [  'N  V   t.  '��� *tt9��'*r* The Peninsula TimM  rl Wfednewhy, Augukf ,,1073  THIS is Gibsons' 5th annual"Cavalcade, our community celebrations and enjoy  It is the climax of an entire year of our hospitality,  fund  raising  and    othejr  events  wWh The events that have been planned  participation by people of all ages along cover a wide range of interests���choose  the entire Sunshine jCoast It has been those that your family will enjoy from  \my  privilege,  asi coordinator,  to work the tugboat race to the children's events  with many talented and enthusiastic peo- and participate. *.-���'������  ftu1*^^^ ^a Cavalc8de "** will (Mrs.) JOANN ROTTLUFBV-Ck_M_inator  reflect that enthusiasm, y^  If  you   are visiting us���please join For Quick Re*ui__ Use Times Adhttab  ��tZ*r1  ��ed3  lAp for L^dvalcade.  LADIES ��� take advantage of tho excellent range  of colors still availablo ... .at reduced prlco*.  %elen &  ^ra&h  lond    W  886-9941  '-***��r��*  ���5��p:  -"7*J��~ _K;,  �����40a$_Wta#s^-'  r'*~jM_B��J��**  iiiiHiiiliiHliiiniiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiimiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinmiiniininiH"H"  DC. DOUGLAS  VARIETY and PAINTS  - ���> ��� ������  Village Store  We will be open all Sea Cavalcade Weekend  10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Daily  Marine Drive, Gibsons  OCEAN IRIS is. this year's Rivtow raises to be keener than ever and i  Straits entry in the "World's Largest spectators are assured of plenty of |  Tugboat   Race." Competition   pro-   excitement.  Competition keen . . .  Excitement galore  at the tugboat race  ___�������� iUI�� ��� <3  .98  Jothro Toll..  "A Passion Play"  Paul Simon "Thoro Goos Rhymin' Simon"  Led Zeppelin       "Houses ot tho Holy"  Ton Years After.... "Rock and Roll Music to tho World"  Roy Clark  "Superpicker"  Moody Blues   "Seventh Solourn"  Tho Carpenters "Yesterday and Today"  *J\  unnde  GOWER POINT ROAD  ecords & Tapes  GIBSONS  886-7616  GIBSONS���Tugs from 10 different companies will vie for the honors at this  year's Sea Cavalcade tugboat race, highlight of the Gibsons festival.  The sturdy work boats average nine  to 10 knots around a 3.2 mile'triangular  course, displaying their remarkable ma-  noeuyerability and the skill of their  crews.-''' '}'"���'��� '���"'''  '''"   ;"    :7?->"'/*'^-7-:-..  Originally, the "World's Largest Tugboat Race" was staged in Seattle, but  when Canadian boats started winning  every event, organizers felt the race  should be held, more appropriately, in  Canada. Gibsons was chosen as the venu.  Bad weather is just one of the many  problems crewmen have to contend with  during their 15 minute circuit.  Last year, heavy winds kept eight  boats in harbor and stopped three Nanaimo tugs in their tracks before they  were out of home port.  Cost of entering the race can run as  high as $2,000, revealed Dennis Suveges, ,  chairman of the Cavalcade's tug boat race  committee.  "Crew members volunteer their time  to bring up the tugs for the race," he  said:.  "The skippers are all fully qualified  professionals who know how to operate  their vessels under all conditions."    ��� ���-���  Winner of last, year's race was the  giant (by tug boat standards) Mercer  Straits, an. 1,800 h.p., 89 foot giant. She  averaged  12.6 knots around the course.  Once the racing bug hits tug owners,  they find it hard to shake, Suveges said.  In fact, some of the boats that took  part in the first Gibsons race still come  back every year for another crack at  the trophies.  The race is run under four categories  ���open class, first class (600 h.p. and  over), second class (300-500 h.p.) and third  class (under 300 h.p.).  Nothing quite equals the thrill of  sectlng those hardy work boats ploughing  through the waves at maximum power,  risking a burned-out engine rather than    ��  the race. . =  This year, competition promises to be  keener than ever and Suveges urges local  residents and tourists alike to go down  to the wharf and see the spectacle of  the year. si  UJour \25ea L^ai/alcade\ and  Jjumnter *J*reudauarterd  FOR ALL YOUR FAMILY NEEDS  FILMS & PROCESSING  9 CAMPING EQUIPMENT & SLEEPING BAGS  ��  CLOTHING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY  @  PAINTS & HARDWARE  ��  BEDDING  ��� STATIONERY  ��� POST OFFICE  a  3  Pay your HYDRO. TELEPHONE and CABLEVISION  accounts here. .  __-_-___-______H_____-_______v___a_______��_V_--_--^  SUNNYCREST PLAZA 9 GIBSONS 6 886-2615  iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiimniHminHHiiHiimniHiiininniiiniininmniiiiiiiiiiiiinuiiimiiniHniiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiininniP  iinirminiiinrniiiiinnimiiiuuiniiBiiiimnij!  onciPd  lulu Li  lond  ibsons Sea Cavalcade  TEL. 1886-7112  msst.  SP^6*^^  ��;fc��w**i3s*~  from NICK, JESSIE, H UGHIE  id tne entire L^ast and L^t  rew oi  bllii 6 f\eack  f  G I B S O  It. '"P'V. "���*r*n^�����**w^��*M^^,t*iaeei*mtatt*mrm^ma&'T&r%m2*2��.  iiiiniim  ��__.  M :^^^^^^MWj^^^^  7'������������-.-  r  PARTS OF THtS PAGE ARE IN COLOUR  \  Y,  fc':: "\- X'  i/-: ���'.  .v  /Vy.:^ ..:*.  ^~y  . . . WITH SUMMER-TIME SAVINGS FROM LUCKY DOLLAR  y-.  r ���  PRICES EFFECTIVE:  Thurs., August 2 to Sat., August 4  ���iWIIIWBIi.^  W�� reserve the right to limit quantities.  N ALLEY'S  POTATO  CHIPS  Plain  8% oz. .....  g>  DCII<_l___C''^^^i__^  RELISHES sjK^fvW*  3JT  BARBECUE  HAMBURGER  HOT DOG  .12 oi. JARS  CRYSTALS   n  s)  .GARDEN-GATE  POLY PACK OF 5  ERE-OfS PREPARED  Rlistvd  '-���MM'  RAYO-VAC .USHLIGHT JPffhf*  Batteries 153��  '.������.-. ��� i  RAY-O-VAC TRANSISTOR ��   |Pf|f*  Batteries i Da  'ciOVtRDAU UO.IOAOH     A    A*.  Deterge ^foSf  WIENERS .k. BEANS  UforSO  0 ^MUSHROOMS1  STEMS & PIECES  YORK  "CAMPER'S SPECIAL"  10 02. TIN  15 oz. TINS  ,? BRAND _^rqa     CAMPFIR6 1,0Z'PKGS'  A lIHt  SAME   >Jl MARSHMALLOWSlW  DOT WEST  ASSORTED  ypowoers5.:59�� Ens pork Lffi  *T      v  U* _W ROU  W^^^P^  HERSHEYIHSTANT Hf%f*  Chocolate. JKT  ^t��i^_s*��  ''��$!__--______ w'  '.* ft  DRINKS  ���WIN A POLAROID  _     CAOMA  (MMIU IN STORE)  IH     mmfr    FOR TEA & COFFEE  MW COFFEE BREAK  JAR '  CALA  FROZEN FOOD BUYS!  lMfl.oi.lH.  FOR DOGS .  .  .  GAINES TOP CHOICE  BURGERS  CARNATION-CRINKLE CUT  FRENCH  FRIES        2 LB. BAG  MINUTE MAID  ORANGE  JUICE  12 oz.  TINS  ��AUtw.w��wnTns^  ...... ���../  Cheese  72 ok.  1   twin tomato     m      fIJFf- ROVER  "*1     DOG FOOD  CANADA  GRADE No. 1  LBS.  PEACHES I CARROTS  FRESH  B C.  GROWN  FRESH  B.C.  GROWN'  CANADA  GRADE M��. I I  CABBAGE  GREEN  B C  GROWN  CANADA  ORADE N��. 1  'VWAfA��f!J.��__*:)|wj  l-wefe*  ":?#.  26 ox.  ...  VIVA PAPER* YIUOW       It    fo/m*  Towels   M  DARE'S  BAGS  IIEINZ WHITE  IMII..��.  on.  Econo.   Pack  160'o   CROWNLINE  eeRei  PLASTIC  GARBAGE BAGS  with Twlat Tloa  Giant  26 x 36.  10'a   BAND AIDS        '��<  Johnson & Johnson, 60's  Baby Shampoo $  Johnson & Johnson, 7.9 oz.  i  BABY SOAP       AC'  Johnson's, 3 bars _  TT%F  BABY POWDER   Ofr  Johnson's, 14 oz  %Jf %Jf  *"* Maxi Pads  tree ic��   ,Jergens Lotion   -- -  Lemon   13.7 oz   Woodblirf    Balaam, Herbal.  Shampoo   16-8 ��*   Edge Shave Gel  Rogular, Llmo, KVIenthol, 6.26 oz.  m  i  Gibsons  >    i v.:^^.  . ___    ^   ^ .. _r_  y  .-   .       . ...-*������    ���  PARTS OF ,THIS PAGE ARE IN COLOUR  ��� r :������ /���;  ._*' ������'���"!  '''., \  Yy:v.t;  -v-  #&Ma  A  ������-���'������ V t  The Penint-lq Timet, AugurtT, 1973    Page B-8  ,"-..;  >������ ������  OV'-.V.  :'\.v-  V  A  ���������������  !_-�����  7:00 P.M.  11:00  AM.  12:00  NOON  12:30  P.M.  1 to 4 P.M.  1:30  P.M.  2:00  P.M.  3 to 5 P.M.  6:00  P.M.  6:00  P.M.  9 P.M. - 1 A.M.  ?*  10:00 A.M.  11:00 A.M.  11:00 A.M.  1 to 4 P.M.  3:00 P.M.  4:00 P.M.  6:00 P.M.  Wax^^^  Of*EI\j|Ntt C6RtlVIOnlll.5 ���..������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������*������������������������.���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.������.������������������   v iiovbihhibik wnari  INTRODUCTION OF CANDIDATES FOR MISS SEA CAVALCADE '73  ...............     Government Wharf  KING NEPTUNE CONTEST AND BEARD GROWING AWARDS   ............................    Government Wharf  Parade_^ _._____.  BAND SELECTIONS ��� B.C. Beefeater Band ..       Dougal Park  FIREMEN'S WAR OF HOSES  :.......  v........... Tennis Courts  NAVAL VESSELS OPEN TO PUBLIC       Government Wharf  LEG IO N  B^\TM ��� U B  RACE   __���_������.-���._-- # ��� ��� _���-���������-���������'��������������������������������������������� ����������������������� -�����**���--*������ ���������������-������-������.���.���.-���-������������������*#���-- uov"i ��� ������ ��� jgvic  VwHan  wID-EWIIVDER   CCfWI��� CO;���   ���-������������-���_���_-���.���--._--���-���_���*������ ._���--���--���_----_.���������-*--���-���-������---���������������������������-���������������������������*��� ��� ��� ��� -������������-��� uvVvi��� ��� i ��� lOii��   wwnan  ^ Worlds Largest Tugboat Racey-^ssjtss  CROWNING OF MISS SEA CAVALCADE '73      Government Wharf  PRESENTATION OF TUGBOAT AWARDS      ...;............;.................. .......:.....,     Government Wharf  ^   SBC!   CCLVCLLCCLCLe:._P'CZriC���-   Gibsons Elementary School  ^^^^ +^wnctcitie} *^Stiaci* 3th ���   *~  Sabot Sa_/mg Race _, _. -  GIBSONS VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. WATER SPORTS    Municipal Beach  LONG DISTANCE SWIM  Municipal Beach  NAVAL VESSELS OPEN TO PUBLIC  Government Wharf  INBOARD RACE  Tug Race Course  KIWANIS SALMON BARBECUE    Government Wharf  TROPHY PRESENTATIONS & PROGRAM DRAW  Government Wharf  \v\  /  rO  ��  V  *J_W   Ulou ^Aftl ^Maaln   F/ext   {/fear,   L^t  ava\  lerd I  o.


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