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The Peninsula Times Mar 19, 1975

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 SECHELT ��� Public opinion is running against a proposed marina development at Porpoise  ���Bay. "_' ' -y'"_y    At a public meeting held last week, area residents and other interested people spoke up pro  and con the proposed development and the ma jority spoke against it.  The public meeting was part of the Sechelt Village public hearing on the new zoning bylaw,  but most of the people came to speak oirthe marina proposal.  Developer Len Van Egmond was the first to speak. He said the water area involved was 750  feet by 150 feet and would consist of a parking area and a string of floats. He said there would  be no shore based facilities.  Van Egmond said the proposed facility would got out 150 feet from shore. In answer to a  question on what size boats it would accommodate, Van Egmond replied, "the inlet is not  suitable for larger boats." He said most of the boats would be "recreational type, runabouts  under 20 feet," adding that he would be prepared to accommodate larger boats."  He explained that the facility wajs designed so people could get more use out of their boats  and would not always have to trailer them. "There is gas and facilities at Tillicum Marina for  ttie boats," he said.  200 BOATS  In response to another question, Van Egmond said the first phase would see mooring space  for 20 boats. "It would then grow as the demand went up." Van Egmond said the mooring area  would be 600 feet long with six feet for each boat on each side, leaving the calculation of 200  boats maximum up to the audience. "They may be in ten years or it may be never," he said.  Jack Warn commented, "Have you considered seriously the aesthetic, ecological and  pollution problems? This should go before the technicalities. A feasibility study is very much  called for here. We should think very hard about this before we let it happen. It requires very  careful study."  Martin Buchanan asked about the dumping of holding tanks. Van Egmond answered that he  did not expect that most of the boats involved have heads. "A marina like this is not a pollution  factor," he said. "There would not be anyone'-living on the boats.''  Asked about landfill in the area, Van Egmond said he would be putting in three toiour feet  of landfill. That, according to the plan, would be in an area of about six-tenths of an acre.  EXPERTS  Ron Slack asked whether or not the experts who had visited the site had talked with any of  Cu*.��iJM*cAL.ia  i-iiCHUFiLM  Lit--?  ��04 West 6th  Ave.  VANCOUVER, :&.C.  V5Y   1K3  Com  floats to be . e' vfiee  finger floats pO" long  rP0&J?Q(S�� BAY  aril ��������� ���:: ������'�����������  C\l  >JJ..  it,..J.���il���!U���,.i������;���uL.���ii���^i���~-L-  ���J  PROPOSED ; MARINA DEVELOPMENT, oh' Pdrpolse Bay was the topic of  heated debate at a public meeting in  Sechelt Village March 11. Proposal calls  for mooring area for 200 boats eventually .withr adjacent  parking  area.  the residents. "They talked to me," Van Egmond said, 'member of the audience then replied  that the experts would have received a one^ided^pihion if they talked only with the developer.  "They should^ talk with the peoplewho live there^'h^said.  A lady jn the audienCe pointed out that^ the^jgoyernment wharf, the sea plane base, the  launching ramp and the private floats in the area,' 'are. enough for that area."  Margaret Shuttleworth raised the question about the R-I zone on the land adjoining the  water lease, wondering if a parking lot wa^cdip)atable with R-I zoning. She added, "sound  pollution should also be a big consideration ^shoiild wave pollution and oil pollution."  Alderman Norm Watson,, chairman of thd mpetirig, attempted to negate the oil pollution  idea by saying "the new motors use much less Quantity (>f oil."  OUTSIDE INTEREST v      l   L  Tim Frizzell, regional board director for^^  fee meeting he had received many^ c^ ^jffilQrlMdagiainst the marina proposal from people  who were riot in the village. He said the domain of concern reached outside the village and  proposed that such a matter be decided by ^area-wide referendum. "It should go to the  populous because the condition of the inlet is of importance to all residents of the area."  Chairman Watson shot down the idea saying tnere was not a provision for such a vote in the  municipal act. The chairman then told the meeting that Sechelt Inlet was a special body of  water because, ''morei water rushes in than out.'^ He told of an Indian dug-out canoe being  cairiedftbmi'.?b^  Mrs; Shuftlewortli then c^uritor^vjth a story that she has been "watching what appeared to  be a floathouse roof "going ^oWd in circles" in the inlet for three days. Watson said it must  have been caughtin oneofthei areas'back eddies. v -   \,  Bill Copping said iHiad betirt inferred that in order to get a spot in the marina, it was  necessary to purchase a lot on Van Egmond's subdivision. To this Van Egmond replied, "I'm in  fawr of that!" "    ''"'"~:''"!" :':"-' ���;'-,---���  John Ironsmith suggested that holding tank pumping out facilities be suggested for the  marina site.  PARKING  Peter Hoemberg asked about parking space. He was told there would be space for 109 cars.  He then asked about the parking lot and suggested that a parking lot for a commercial zone  should be zoned commercial riot R-I. There was conversation about theparking lot being public  access and part of the highway system because it was the accumulation of the 66 feet every 660  feet beach access dedication.  Someone asked if the public would have another chance at imput bnd was told that this is the  hearing where they were to make their input.  A straw vote was suggested by ruled out by the chairman. Watson told the meeting that this  was not a hearing but an accommodation. No vote was taken.  VILLAGE DECIDES  The meeting was told that the matter would now go back to the village council for their  decision.  It was pointed out that the decision to grant or not grant the lease for the marina would be  made by the lands branch after the village, fisheries, the department of the environment and  otherJagenpies had ma.de their reports..  The campaign against Uie marina has been raised to Uie next level.  "MLA Don Lockstead reported he has received much communication about the marina including a letter from the Gibsons Wildlif e Club. See Readers Right Page B-4.  ��� In that letter, the Wildlife Club asks the MLA to intercede with fee granting of the lease until  people of the area, "get some satisfactory answers."  PENDER HARBOUR, B C,  ���1  BOATS - CAMPING FACILITIES - CAFE  MARINA 883-2757   ���   CAFE 883-2296  Serving the Sunshine Coast, (Howe Sound to Jervis Inlet), including Port Mellon, Hopkins Landing, Granthams Landing, Gibsons, Robei-ts Creek,  Wilson Creek, Selma Park, Sechelt, Halfmoon Boy, Secret Cove, Pender Hrb., Madeira Pork, Garden Bay, Irvitie's Landing, Earl Cove, Egmont  LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY PAPER ON THE SOUTHERN SUNSHINE COAST.  2nd  Class Mail  Registration  No. 1142  Union  Labei  Phone  885-3231 This fc^e 16 Pages ~ 15c Copy  Volume 12 -No. 17 Wednesday* March 19,1975  *'Floor Coverings--'-'  "  Drapes  ��� Jenn-Air Ranges  1200 Block, Wharf Road  P.O. Box 1093, SECHELT, B.C.  PHOSUE 885-2922  GIBSONS ��� Gibsons Sea Cavalcade has  one more chance.  "Our last meeting was a flop,"last year  coordinator Diane Quigg said, "one more  meeting and if people don't show up and show  some mtier��it,^ will be drop  ped"**'-���       .���:-''���   ;    "���-�� �����*'w'iviiih*����t. rs&..->.     .-,.,��>;.  Ten people showed up for a Cavalcade  organizing meeting March 9. Another  meeting is planned for March 23 and if there  is not a positive response, the Cavalcade  won't go this year.  "We had ten people at the meeting last  week, "last year's co-ordinator said, "and  three of those won't be living here when the  Cavalcade is supposed to happen August 8, 9  and 10.    .  "The cavalcade needs a co-ordinator," he  said, "from the group of ten, we have four  who have volunteered to bC secretaries and  one who wishes to be treasurer, so the job of  co-ordinating won't be as big this year as it  was last year. They are five energetic people,  but a small group like that can't put on a  cavalcade. It takes support and work from a  large group of people plus the support of the  whole community."  Ms. Quigg, who will be moving to Victoria  at the end of March, said, "what would be  ideal is If a man and wife team took over the  co-ordinating. I would hate to see the  cavalcade dropped."  The meeting Is to be held March 23 at 7:30  p.m. in the Kinsmen Hall, Dougal Park, on  Gower Point Road.  The last meeting decided the Cavalcade if  It goes ahead, should go on the second weekend In August, "There aro two reasons for  this," Ms. Quigg said, "first it will avoid tho  long week-end ferry traffic and tie-ups ond  secondly It will ce-lncldo with tho Export A  Salmon Derby."  Two members of tho derby committee  addressed tho March 9 mooting, sho said, and  encouraged them that tho cavalcade be held  Uiat week-end, sho snld.  "That would moan that Uio Cavalcade  , would lie ndvcrtlscd world wide. Tho men  said they did not think the tug boat races  would Interfere with tho salmon fishing, Also  Miss Gibsons Sen Cavalcade will also become  Miss B.C. Salmon Derby."  Sho added a side n6to, "If a Sea Cavalcade  ��� la not hold, then thoro will not bo a Miss Sea*  Cnvnlcndo nnd Uio area would not havo an  entrant In tho Miss PNR contest;"  eratn  l.ast week saw pleasant daytime temperatures, but tho night say tho mercury drop  lo below zero. BoloW zero cclslus, Uiat  Is,,,  WICATimn MARCH 8-14 Rain  I>ow High      Inn,  March (I 37 F or II C 43 F or fl O M  March 9 ,34 For I C,  March 10 29 F or -1 G  March 11 30 F or -1 C  March 12 30 F or 2 C  March 13   32 F or 0 C  MarchJ4M,35F���oU,CL  47 F or 8 C  47 F or fl C  49 F or 9 C  44 F or (1 fi  40 F or 0 C  .43 Ford,C.  , ,011.  nil  .18  ,20  nil  ,21  Ins.  Week's rainfall ���1,01 ins, March ���- 2,43  /  <n  WHO IS that masked' mon? In on on-   a special ceremonial ma.sk with bright   known as 'puck.' A stick is carried for  dent, primitive society known as minor   colors and designs. The purpose of the   tho same purpose! Hero Danny Gerard  hockey it is tho custom of ono member of  the society known as the goalie to adorn.  Band manager states ...  custom Is to ward off an evil spirit  of the Gibsons GT's models his mask,  -Timesphoto.  1975 - 13,43 Inn, March 74 record - 0.73  Ins,  "Tlio Indlnn Act la 100 years old," Secholt  Hand Manager Clarence .loo snld, "nnd It Is  holding back bands llko us who want to move  ahead.'1  .loo wan ono of a number of delegates,  representing tho  Sechelt, Squamish  and  Muaiquonm Rands, who wont to Ottawa to talk  over tho act and how It applies today.   l  "We nro asking government .to change  ^���eftalii section!, of tlio Act which wo nro  against," .loo sold, "It Is easier for on outsider to come In, lease Rand land and set up a  business than It In for tho band to set up Its  own business,  "" ^Generally, wolvould llko"l(o"fl?(iriihj6Tn7"  dlnn Act more flexible so bands such ns ns or  .Squamish or Mnsquenm can move ahead, As  a result of our visit, I think tho federal  government ti now going to look at Uio matter  c  very closely,  "Tlio act In out of date for many bands.  Wo, for ono, nro way ahead of It. Many bands  linvo como to us or written us letters saying,  'how did you do this?��or 'can you advise us on  Unit,' When wo wero In Ottawa, Sen. Guy  Williams said tlint tho government must sco  dint the act docs not hold back a band's  progress,"...,  ���,,,,���, ���.������������������,,,���.,,,   While In Ottawa, tho band representatives  met with Indian Affairs Minister Judd  Buchanan and representatives of tho Justlco  Department which, .loo explained, nro tho  business agents of the federal department In  "dealing wlth'bnnda,  .loo added, "what I would llko to neo \r nn  additional clause In Uio Indian Act which  would allow bands to movo ahead." Referring  to certain flections In tho act, ho said, "these  Sechelt School Trustees are looking into  legal action over comments made by a local  resident in a Vancouver daily newspaper.  The. trustees, at a meeting at Roberts  Greek Elementary School, adopted a  resolution asking lt& solicitors to examine an  article appearing in j;he .Vancouver' Sun  JMarch 7 and to advise-Tthe, hoard, on any  tother-at5ftort't��"bg"tlketfJ '-^^~^'  The article appeared under the headline,  "Conflict Charged Again In Sechelt," and  quoted two Sunshine- Coast Regional District  directors and school board chairman Peter  Prescesky.  The story alleges one director, John  McNevin of Roberts Creek, claimed he  suspects school board members who own land  aro tho ones which aro causing us Uio real  problems. Wo wont some arrangement so  Uiey would not hinder us." ,(i     ;  Most of tho soctloni wore In relations to  Uio bands carrying out their own business  affairs,  "Thoro was a tlmo when all of our bunlnoss  administration was dono by Uio department,  _ When wo leased out land, It went through the  IhunIv. the district administrator, Uio regional  administrator and Uicn to Ottawa to tho  'Justice Department. Cheques were made out  to tho Receiver General of Canada and wcro  Jicld In trust In Ottawa. We could apply for  revenue from those funds, Tills fall four of our  ineinbeiH wei;o appointed agents for tho  crown. That gavo us moro auUiorlty. Cheques  See 'Holding tin back'  PngoA-2  near the arena site would profit from the  location of school facilities there."  .A spokesman for the board said, "no board  member owns land in the arena area."  The Vancouver Sun story compared the  present situation to a controversy which  developed when individuals made charges  that members of the Sunshine Coast  RiEscteiafiOiialassociation"and Secheltvillage  council had used their influence to promote  the arena site in their own interest.  An investigation by the provincial Attorney-General's department showed there  was no wrong-doing'.  "The school board would welcome any  similar   investigation   now,"   the   board  ��� See page A-2  GIBSONS ��� Proposals for a 12-unit  condominium development on Uie Bluff have  been greeted none too favorably by  homeowners In the residential area.  Twenty Bluff residents voiced their objections to the scheme March 10 at a public  rezoning hearing.  The development, proposed by Main Home  Improvements of Vancouver, has already  received approval In principle from village  council, I  The hearing was called to guoge public  reaction to rezoning of Uie seven-lot site from  Its present comprehensive development area  (CDA) classification to a multi-family zone  (RM2).    ���  One of Uie residents present said ho lived  right next to Uio site of Uio proposed condominium development.  1    "I don't want a playground next door to  my house." ho snld.  Another was concerned Uiat condominium  residents would uso tho bench In front of  private hopes on the Bluff. Ho snld tho boach  area In front of the condominiums would lie  "covered at high tldop'stStlioy'wlll^so^iiF  benches,"  Somo residents felt there was Insufficient,  water pressure on tho Bluff to allow tho flro  department to effectively combat a major  blaze at Uio condominiums,  But Aid, Stiuart Metcalfe said tho firemen  hod pumps to boost water pressure from  hydrants and standplpos on tho Bluff,  Ono audience member asked whp would  pay for sower and water extensions to tho  development. Municipal clerk Jack Copland  said Main Home Improvements would be  responsible for' this.      ,  He also pointed out that the firm would be  required, under an agreement wiUi council, to  post a non-refundablp performance deposit  and to build a playground for children living  In the condominiums.  In preliminary design plans presented to  the hearing, It wns revealed Uiat an access  road would bo constructed parallel to Skyline  Drive, but 10 feet below It, separated from the  oxlsUng roadway by an embankment.  An audience member predicted that somo  'speeder' could easily lose control and careen  down the embankment, ploughing Into the  condominiums. ���  Council was asked by an audience  member If It would consider meeting local  residents on Uio proposed slto, "and looking  over Uio problems,"  Aid, Stuart Metcalfe, chairman of council's planning committee, said lie would ho  pleased to meet with residents at any tlmo,  "���Council   is  not  out   to  shove   (the  , development) down people's necks,�� ho said,  "Wy retrying to bo fair, This Is why wo called  Uila mooting to got feedback,"  After listening to resident' views, Mayor  lAtry Mbonto said council had not yot made  a decision on whether to approve tho rezoning  or not, "but your Input wiU bo taken Into  account,"  Tlio mayor snld a final decision on tho  rezoning application would be handed down  at council's next meeting, which waa  scheduled for March 18,  _, Shortage . of . apace Jn causing ...acuta  probleniH in tho emergency department of Sti  Mary's Hospital,  Administrator Kllen Bragg said the  hospital was handling, "an unprecedented  number," of emergency cases. And Uicrajust  Isn't enough apace.  "Wo aro trying lo find ��>lutlons to Iho lack  of space and privacy for patients and the lack  of suitable waiting, arena for relatives and  friends." sho snld. ,  - ^Mra, Bragg urged tho public to, "plea.se  liear wllh un until solutions aro worked out;"  She felt: "In the meantime, our staff Is  doing a good Job under difficult condltlona,"  Workload on tho nurnos, the housekeeping,  laundry ond,clerical.staff and tho hospital  Inboralory was Increasing, .she wild.  Mrs, Bragg urged members of tho  Ilo.spltnl Society to attend tho annual meeting  April 23 nnd make fniggb,stlon.s on any aspect  of the ho,s'plt(d's operation,  J i ,'   �� \.  f  >ri "       **  rag^agr-i���'9  '  OCCUWnOBL THERAR fi  5  J  /  i   /  a i  CANADIAN       ARTHRITIS        and   occupational therapy for arthritics in    trip, was Jane Sharp, an occupational  Rheumatism Society (GARS) van toured   their own homes. Behind the wheel, this    therapist from Vancouver,  the  Peninsula last week,  providing  Mobile unit visits Peninsula ...  casfSBaffaftaca  If the mountain won't come to Mohammed ...  This is precisely the approach adopted by  the Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism  Society (CARS) in providing treatment for  arthritics in outlying areas. '  The group operates a mobile unit, staffed  by a qualified occupational therapist, to help  housebound or severly crippled arthritics  adjust to living with'their disability.  Last week, the CARS unit visited the  Sechelt Peninsula and offered its services to  15 local arthritics.  Jane Sharp, an occupational therapist who  operates mainly in Vancouver, told The  Times that the city's therapists take turns at  touring Outiying areas in the CARS van.  Most of her patients are referred by  doctors, psychotherapists or the public health  units, she explained.  "The psychotherapist is concerned with  joints and muscles," said Jane. "We try to  help the patient function in everday life with  their disability."  Jane's advice to a patient might be as  simple as suggesting'they raise the height o��;u  ��� their favorite chair so they can rise from it  more easily.  "Most of our patients' problems are  painful feet or wrists," she said. "This is  especially awkward for them in the kitchen  when they have to pick up pots and pans, take  screw tops off jars and things like that."  CARS has developed a wide variety of aids  of help patients function in their homes.  "We do lots of wgrk with kitchen aids,"  said Jane, "and we have other aids to help  patients dress themselves."  Jane cited a typical example of the type of  call she makes, in rural areas with the CARS  van:  "There was an old lady living In the  Gibsons area with deformed feet," she said.  "I had to battle through gravel, along logging  roads, past dogs, goats, geese and rabbits to  arrive at the old farmhouse.  "The patient couldn't get into a normal  1 pair of shoes, so I made her a special pair  out of special foam material that we use."  Jane said she carries all the necessary  equipment in the van to make a Ralr of  specially designed shoes for arthritics!1,]  "We make showes, splints and aids to  generally support the patients' Joints so they  can avoid the pain ond strain," said Jane.  She feels there Is inadequate arthritis  education on tho Peninsula.  "It could be improved a lot,"  Summing up her role, Jane said: "Our  concern is to hove Uio patient functionally  Independent. Wo discuss their problem with  them and try to suggest a solution to let them  live as normally os posslblo."  Jane, or oUier occupational Uieraplsts like  her, visit tho coast nt least twice a year,  MORE ABOUT ...  �� Studies legal action  ^^~J^^�����*^^,~^~~.���From Page A-l  spokesman said.  Director McNevin wns away nt a regional  director's seminar in Harrison Hot Springs  when Uio school trustees passed tho  resolution. Attempts to reach him by phono  wcro unsuccessful,  Commenting on statements attributed to  Director Frizzell In tho Vancouver Sun story,  Uio board wald, "Tlio bonrd has pointed out on  several occasions Uiat public meetings will l>o  Iwld to discuss the final site selection, at  ��� which tlmo engineering nnd other rcporta on  various slto locations would bo considered,  There Is no Intent to handle this matter  behind closed dooro,"  Ho added, "tho ixiard, through Us  chairman Peter ProBcoaky, utrongly rebuked  Ihoso persons who, In seeking Information In  matters being considered by the board, do so  by rushing Into print rather than requesting  Information directly from Uio nchool bonrd  office where Uie Uie informaUon nought would  lx> readily provided,"  im ii si ��"�� "���"""��  //  MORE ABOl}T ... Page A-2  �� Holding bands back     r  ���Prom Page A-l  were made out to the Sechelt Indian Band and  we could collect our own revenue ahd; handle  it through the bank. We have made some  advances but we are still being held back by  restrictions in the act." ' ��  �� Joe noted that a group of Alberta Indians  had prepared an .interim''draftof their own ,  version ofthe Indian Act. The group, working  on a $225,000 federal contract, prepared the  draft for the National Indian Brotherhood.  The Sechelt band manager said he agreed  - with the Concept but noted many differences.  "For one thing, the Alberta Indians are  treaty Indians. We are non-treaty Indians.  There are some delegates who say the B.C.  Indians are special and shouldn't be included  with the non-treaty Indians," he said.  Going over the Alberta group's version of  the act, he.pointed out some major differences which reinforced the three band's  claims that they were being hindered by the  act.  "The proposed act says that bands should  have a referendum to decide if their band  would be 'wet' or 'dry.' We had that years  ago. We decided to go 'wet' by referendum  but it wasn't the bottle on the table which  decided the factor. During World War 11, the  Supreme Court declared that Indian people  were British subjects and were obliged to  fight if called. We take that if we are British  subjects then we have the same rights as all  British subjects. We were driving for  equality; we want the same rights as other  citizens."  The Alberta draft calls for exemption from  all taxation. "Presently," the band manager  pointed out, "we pay all taxes except land  taxes. There is a provincial land tax on land  we have leased out. We get no return from  this money paid out and it amounts to quite a  bit. We would like a portion of it back:"  The Sechelt band presently carries about  200 leases. "Lease lands contribute to the  community in many ways," Joe said, "they  ; are a big asset to the area School taxes are  paid on them. There's hydro, telephone,  water all paid on them. They contribute to the  community not only in terms of money but in  space for homes and businesses."    i  The Sechelt Band manager is looking  toward April 1 meeting of Uie Union of B.C.  Indian Chiefs convention in Terrace. "A lot of  issues will be out openly then," he said.  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 19,1W5  * Kitchen cabinets      * Occasional tables etc.       * Built ins  * Custom period furniture   \* Book Cases etc.      * Furniture repair  * Light millwork also done *  Located on Porpoise Bay Road, Sechelt  Next to Forest Ranger  les. 885-318�� Bys. 885-2594  :����S��������������tt^^  TAKE A  FLOORCOVERINGS LTD.  Gibsons 886-7112  O CARPETS  O UNO  O DRAPES  OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST Jane  Sharp doubles as a shoemaker during  trips to outlying areas in the CARS  mobile unit. She is holding special foam  material used to make shoes for arthritic with deformed feet. At left is  completed sandal.  Tyee Airways Is interested In operating a  regular, scheduled passenger servico from  the Glbsons-Sccholt airstrip.  Al Campbell, president of the company,  said Tyee would consider purchasing a now  wheeled aircraft to operate from the strip if  improvements wcro made to allow 'round-  the-clock flights from tho airport,  Ho was speaking to a meeting held March  1.1 to discuss the future of the airstrip.  In attendance woro members of tho  .Elphinstone Aero Club,,Gibsons and Socholt  vlllngo councils nnd the B.C. Aviation  Council,  Don Cameron, past president of the  Aviation Council, said ho was favorably  Impressed by tho location of tho local strip,  Drainage and approaches at Uio airport were  also good, ho felt.  Cameron snld it would take very Httlo to;  upgrade tlio airport to allow after-dark takeoff and landing,  Ho noted that airports are revenue*  producing nnd attrnct business to tho corn-  craft, a group active in tho promotion of  aviation In B.C.  Gordon Brown, general manager of-tho  Aviation Council, followed up wlUi a film and  talk on tho cholco of correct airport sites ond  subsequent development In tho surrounding  areas.  Ho said that aircraft noise was now nt Its  peak, because federal government rulings  strictly laid out maximum nolso criteria for  no\v aircraft.  �������� A question and answer.period followed.  Then, tho audience broke up Into, smaller  groups to review what had been dlsciussod at  Iho meeting,  munltlos thoy serve,  Cameron is prcsldont of Cnnadlnn Air-  Plus this ADMIRAL 20" Color TV  HOST RENT-A-CAR  TRAIL DAY MAU  $9.95 and up  Sechelt 885-2910  Asking tho boss whero you can go for tho  weekend Is Just leaving yourself wide open,  ��� '�� . r   ' i i  ������&��'.����������  '<"���" NOTICE  Pleasen5e~that^^ beclosed  on Saturday, March 22.  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Eu3  Sfim Ono mile  NN west of Gibsons      KJOfi5-070ft  W oil Highway 101      OO0"X/UU  rrrr.gaiBggasg  Nconex has done it again! Not only has  Canada's most imaginative home builder  come up with new plans, new interiors, new  furnishings and exciting new ideas - but a  colorful encouragement to buy your new home  now, Come see The Beautiful Choice for 1975.  Eiglirnewcustom  and professionally color-co-ordinated., Every  home built with meticulous Nconex  craftsmanship. Every home complete with  furniture, draperies,, carpeting and appliances,  Buy your new home between February 21 and  March 31 and you'll receive the final touch - a  20" ADMIRAL Color TV as a special gift from  Neonex. The Beautiful Cholce-wlth  the beautiful Bonus.  Enjoy this entertaining gift from Neonex  Housing Industries when you purchase a new  Nconex Home between February 21 and  March 31,1975 and take possession before���, ,  April 30th, 1975.  X lUS - You may qualify for  $500 GOV'T. GRANT  Ask your dealer for details of the Federal  Government's $500,00 Grant to First  Time Purchasers!  ^h  QUAUTY CRAFTED BY  l %< i  NEONEXHOUSING INDUSTRIES  Look (or three famous Nconex models: ESTATE - IMPERIAL - BRENTWOOD - EMPEROR  nowatlWsdea'or Coast:Hoiiies  (PlvUlon of Copping'* Cor Town Snlos Ltd. 1  Sunshlno Count Hwy.     Box 966, Socholt, O.C.  Motor Donlur Ikoncn O5520 >0  BY PEGGY CONNOR  It was Mardi Gras time March 8 and the <  New Legion Hall was dressed for the part.  Baskets of flowers hung from the rafters,  fancy colored paper streamers surrounded a  cluster of balloons, a most festive air  prevailed thanks to Bobbie Bodnarek and her  committee of Muriel Eggins, Dorothy Goeson  and Ina Grafe. .  The occasion was Sechelt Auxiliary to St.-  Mary's Hospital's spring Smorgasbord,  convened by Mrs. Margaret Humm and Mrs.  Ina Grafe.  Excellent choice of food was provided on<  four tables to expediate service, this way  everyone was assured of the hot dishes being -  hot and the cold, cold.  Mrs. Dorothy Carter was head chef. Under  her direction was Kay Purdy, Jean Lear,  Margaret Shaw and Erna Cole.  Doorman Jack Redman with Mrs. Betty  Monk, president of the Auxiliary were  greeters at the entrance. Hostesses Lee  Redman and Peggy Connor were in charge of  seating guests also assisted hostesses  Margaret Hummand Ina Grafe at the food  tables.  Mrs. Muriel Eggins exchanged money for  tickets which were honored at the bar by  Chuck Eggins and Orv. Moscrip, helpers to  the members of the bar were Eve Moscrip,  Doreen Jenkins and Marie Hoffar.  Other Auxilians helped at the setting and  the cleaning up, a most important part to the  success of the dinner.  The one complaint'heard was there was not  enough people in costume, which leads one to  wonder if the public is tired of costumed  affairs and perhaps it should be a strictly  formal affair.  The king for the evening was ably played  by John Bodnarek with his queen being Mrs.  Lee Redman. Part of their duty was to choose  the prize winning costumes. The most  comical couple were don and Glenys Rad-  cliffe. Best dressed coiple Len and Suzzane  Van Egmond, IJ-lbst original couple Ronnie  Dunne and John Hamilton. Best dressed lady  Mrs. Lillo Buckhorn, Best dressed Man Hugh  Duff, Most comical Lady Mrs. Ina Grafe who  came as a very well equipped brown cow,  Turner Berry made a most professional  Clown to. win 'most comical man.'  First door prize winner was Ernest  McAllister and second Patrick Murphy.  Balloon prize winners Herb Mitchell,  Aubrey  Hudson,   Val  Swanson   and   Lil;,  Hopkins.  The exemplary Master of Ceremonies  George Hopkins did an admirable job keeping  everyone informed as to the proceedings.  Penn King's Orchestra provided great  music for dancing, these local lads are excellent and will be a big success wherever  they go. Brian Swanson their leader, singer  and guitarist Graham Edney and the fellow  on the drums was Lance Ruggles.  Entertainment for the crowd was provided  by famous choreographer Madame-Dun-,  neluv, (Ronnie Dunn) with guest artist Rudi  Nere-enuff (Orv Moscrip) pianist Madame  St. Clairy (Helen Sinclair). The scene opened  on a practise1 session of Madame Dunneluv's  "ballerinas." All shapes were then loosened  up enough to carry on with the Ballet proper.  "Swan Lake" or "Duck Puddle" to the tune of  "Les Houres".  The Cygnets? Ducklings? Ballerinas?  were Ina Grafe, Dorothy Goeson, Bobbie  Bodnarek, Barbara Christie, Erna, Cole,  Margaret Humm, Dorothy Carter and Peggy  Connor.  They wore black leotards and tights very  form fitting with black tulle tutus and 'black  feather' headpieces. Prima Ballerina Ron  Dunneluv attired in all black while, guest  Rudi-Nere-nuff had nerve enough for white  tights worn under gold, panelled with black,  short tunic, very striking causing quite a  commotion among the audience. Rudi's  composure and lightness of foot were  something to see, his practising with the  rugby club certainly paid off.  Many people said this was the Crockets  finest performance Oils is due to the  choreography of Ronnie Dunn of Halfmoon  Bay Hospital Auxiliary who gave her time,  know-how and patience and earned the  gratitude of the Sechelt Hospital "Auxiliary., music for happy hour and dinner.  Her work was made easier and the dancing 'Colonel Sanders was amongst the guests The Peninsula Times '           Page A-3  more fluid by the artistry of Helen Sinclair on present and so well done up that nobody            Wednesday, March 19,1975  the piano who also, provided background recognized him as Ted Osborne. '          t              .               -   BEAVER.  i\HVMIi'|i�� |ll��VIIMl*!lllM|ll ll|l /���  - ' rf , I u 111, .1 (l , 1-y    Il,i  rife' I'JaHv'm^  Gerry McNnughton  One of our 106  Canadian Beaver  home consultant,*-    >  who are dedicated    '  to helping you ninke  it on your own, He's  ready lo assist you  with all your new  home planning,  even financing If  required,  Call him and he'll ,  wud you a free  copy of the 1975  Bcnvcr Homes  Catalogue  ���|liimedlnie1yT~*~"~"*  Phono &2-KW5  Box 240 Surrey  7f  i  f\  <$?  a.--*,  0  V  \  ~s  ,-,��f  J��V  -    v.  VI  /.  1  \-  r  \)  \  \  QUEEN AND KING of the Mardi Gras  (Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary version)  were Lee Redman and John Bodnarek.  The couple surveyed the evening's  festivities and choosing the costume  winners. Don .and Glenys Radcliffe were  chosen as the most comical couple.  ���Timesphoto.  /)  \j  F* ^tWUMt  ^ ���*-,->-  N  cj  >.  *  k\  3Vh.  ,lti  1 y. %t   A  AW  1  WITH ALL THE GRACE and charm of a  train wreck, iarcxed dancer Rudl Ncre-  nuff,   waltzes   into   some   freeform  stumbling along with the rest of and made it look like a duck puddle. Orv  Madame Dunneluv's Ballerinas. The Moscrip asked that his name not be used  ensemble later attempted Swan Lake   lest he be hounded by talent agents.  USTRIES CREDI  Gibsons  Our 25th annual General Meeting  rill~be~toldiit~th^  Wednesday^ larch 26, at7545 p.m.  Business will include election of officers and declaration of dividend.  Interesting Speakers will be on hand and a pleasant evening is expected. ,  Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the program. Refreshments will be served,  INQUIRE ABOUT JOINING THIS PROGRESSIVE CREDIT UNION AND SNARE  IN OUR RECORD GROWTH AND DIVIDENDS,  Phone or visit our office on Highway 101 aft the hill In Gibsons.   f-~ - - ��������     Term Deposits and Savings at competitive rates.     -���- ��� ��� -  Personal Chequing I and Insured Loans to qualified members.  ���^ ^m^^    p^   s^^      ^^ ^   pj  ^^   wmm^m,  tJs*^"WI  86-2833  IE  mon  Gibsons. B.C  "      ''-���>.      a   ' 'a,   '     '     ����� - . *i'i ' if *>* - '. ,    " -   '*' ' + , .- .--��������� o .  ,,;G(l����jjlafei^a|��^ %  . -^ J-  J  :4  tpy~-  ;itf  THE CAPRI 26 INCH  T-he lines of this fine piece of furniture brings to  mind the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and  the matadors of Madrid. The Capri features the  Modular 4 chassis with, advanced 100% solid  state circuitry. 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The 100% solid state chassis and  tfte black matrix/black stripe picture tube  technique bring to the viewer all of today's  latest features.  super special;  Utttit  "���Wl"-**-..,*  ���1**.,  -'�������.:  THE SEGOVIA 26 INCH  Elogantl Suporbl Improsaivol Suporlatlvos to  doscrlbe the Sogovla soom Inadoquato, Hoavy  rocossod bl-foldlng doors qnd fully carved  mltrod baso glvo additional grandour to tho  horltago of this Impressive Spanish  Mediterranean stylod cabinet, Tho advanced  oloctronlc circuitry Is as classic as tho  cabinetry,  SUPER SPECIAL;  'M  pimipi  -COUNT'ON""  LHJUL'  FOR A ROCK SOLID PICTURE IN SUPERB COLOR  nil the time.  ua@  &"'  ��mon> Qt��� 6-rt Wl! iSluro (3268839  "" \ \'��'l?�� M^K-/\Vilt:lK\'i-> I'll!,  /  ^  ,-JJ.^...  ���a. J���aJ.,....-.-^   .ji^    i-lt-    )r||||Ml|l*    -  r^  \  Vw^, .,H&' I I  PHONE  885-3231  Birth Announcements Work Wanted  GIBSONS AND SECHELT  .   .WESTERNDRUGS  ... are pleased to sponsor this  Birth Announcement space, and  extends Best Wishes to the happy  parents. -"  ENTERTAINMENT  GIBSONS LANES-Open  bowling Friday 7-11 p.m., Sat.  and Sunday 2-5 p.m. and 7-11  p.m. 1032&-tfn  Hi  Wedding  Announcements  MR. AND MRS. Daniel Currie  are pleased to announce the  forthcoming marriage of their  daughter Kathryn Ann to Joseph  Gregory Hogue, only son of Mr.  and Mrs. Oscar Hogue of Gibsons. The wedding will take place  on Saturday, March 15, 1975 at  5:30 p.m. at St. Hilda's Anglican  .Church, Sechelt, 11250-16  Coming Events  FRIDAY, Mar. 21, Saturday,  Mar. 22, 7:30 p.m., Sunday,  10:30 a.m. and 6 p.m., hear Ron  and Joy Jackson from Seattle at  Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Gibsons. Everyone warmly invited.  Ph. 886-2660. 11319-17  Card of Thanks  ITIS with deep gratitude that we  acknowledge our thanks to all  the dear people who have been so  land at this time of great  bereavement with their beautiful  prayers, loving thoughts, letters,  cards, baking and flowers. To  know so many people cared  meant so much to us. Dorothy  Robilliard, Dean and Linda  Robilliard, Jo and Terry Booth.  11316-17  Personal        ^rr  ALCOHOLICS Annonymous  meetings 8:30 p.m. Thursdays,  Wilson Creek Community Hall.  Phone 885-3394 and 886-9208. In  Madeira Park meetings Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. in the  Community Hall. 11133-tfn  PHOTOGRAPHS   published   in  The Peninsula Times can be  ordered for your own use at The '  Times office. 1473-tf -  BAHA'IS believe that religious  and   racial   prejudice   and!  superstition must be overcome.  11306-tfn  Obituary  GRAHAM���Passed away March  7,1975, Wallace Graham in his  74th year, in Vernon, B.C. Survived by his loving wife Peggy, 1  daughter and son iri law Joan and  Cliff Mahlman, 3 grandchildren  Kerry, Melanie and Clint, all of  Gibsons, B.C., 1 sister Edith of  Calgary, Alberta; 2 step sons Reg  and Walter French and family of  Vancouver, B.C. "Wally" was a  long time resident and business  man, of Gibsons. A private  service was held in Vernon, B.C.  Sunday, March 9,1975.    11303-17  Work Wanted  GENERAL   handyman.    Car-'  pentry,   painting   and   light  hauling. Ph, 886-9516       2285-tfn  BACKHOE    available    septic  tanks   sold,   and   installed.  Phone 886-2546. 10513-tf  FURNACE    Installations    and,  burner       service.       Free  estimates. Ph. 886-7111.     ,36-tfn  WILL butcher, dress or cut your  meat or game, your place or  mine, Phone 803-9045     3044-tfn  NEED a carpenter." CaU Bob  ' Crichton. 883-2312.        1365-ttn  GRADUATE     small   ' engine  mechanic   desires   work   on  Sunshine Coast. Particulars to  Box 516; Sechelt. 11214-17,  BULLDOZING,  land - clearing,  road building etc. Alvaro Log  Co. Ltd., 886-9803. 11275-18  .LIGHT moving and hauling:  House and garden maintenance, rubbish removal, tree,  cutting, etc. Free- estimates,  Gibsons to Sechelt. Phone Norm  886-9503;    10266-tfn  BOOKKEEPING  done in  my  home. Exper., please call 886-  2892 or (112) 255-5383.       11242-18  WANT TO take a holiday? Leave  the Kids with me? Reliable  babyiSitteriiwill also baby sit for  working mothers. live downtown  Sechelt. Ph, 885-3322.       113,12-17  IF YOU need* baby sitters,  domestic service, carpenters,  labourers or any type of employee. Call Sunshine Job  Placement Service, 886-  7370. 11315-17  Page A-4 , The Peninsula Times    Wednesday, March 19,1975  CLASSIFIED  ADVERTISING  RATES  Phone^S-3231     ,   .  Published Wednesdays by  Powell- River   News  Town   Crier  Sechelt Tim�� Ltd/  at Sechelt, B.C.  Established 1963  Help Wanted  PERSON for janitorial duties  and odd jobs at Camp  Elphinstone. Full or part time,  $3.20 hr. Ph. for app. between 9  and 6 p.m., 886-2025.        11282-18  WANTED a person with some  experience in institutional  cooking for Camp Elphinstone.  Please phone for apt. between 9  am. and 5 p.m. 886-2025. 11215-17  IN-CAR driver instructor, must  have.Class 4 or higher licence,  plus driving school instructor's  certificate. For further information phone Mr. D. L.  Montgomery at 886-2204. 11314-17  .... For Rent  .... -,-. ..,..,,  GIBSONS 2 view cottages. Unfurn. 1 bdrm, $128; 2 bdrm $138.  Ph. 886-9147 or (112) 876-6507. (5-8  p.m.). 11296-18  CENTRAL Sechelt. 1 bdrm suite.  All   electric:   stove;   fridge;  washer;       dryer.       Carport.  Available May 1st, $160.885-  9366.    ' 11300-18  ' 1 BEDROOM suite, W. Sechelt.  Fridge, stove, light, heat incl.  Ground floor, private entrance.  . Non-smoker, single person pref.  $150.885-2451. 11299-18  SUITES  TO   rent.   Heat   and  cablevision incl.  Reasonable  rents. Phone 886-7836.      1425-tfn  HALL FOR RENT, Wilson Creek  Community    Hall.     Contact  Bonnie Wigard, 885-9403.11121-tfn    '.,,.,���_���'  CENTRAL    Gibsons,    former  school board offices,  above  Kruse Drug Store. 885-9366   _. 746-tfn  Wanted to Rent  2 OR 3 B.R. house for family of 3,  Sechelt or Halfmoon Bay area.  Call collect Tom or Nancy 926-  4552 collect. 11294-17,  FAMILY need 2 or 3 bedroom  house,  Langdale  to  Sechelt  . area. Reas. rent. Ph, ,886-2677.  11320-19  Real Estate  GIBSONS,      134     ft,     W.F.  overlooking mts. and Keats, 4  B.R., 1% bath, master ensuite, 3  F.P.'s, sep. D.R. kitchen, farriily  with F.P., 12x42 rec-room, 6  appliances, double carport,'  driveway and parking area.  Drapes, carpets and many extras, also 2 B.R. guest cottago,   $110,000 FJP.  stovo and fridge,  Ph. 880-2932. 11230-17  PENDER HARBOUR REALTY LTD.  (ON HIGHWAY 101 AT FRANCIS PENINSULA ROAD)  Boautlful 4 bodroom �� don homo on Ruby Lako, (Mil In 1974 and haa  many unlquo (natures, Carpeted throughout, Has carport plus Igo,  workshop and prlvato float, On Hydro, Full Prlco $75,000 with ono third  down.  Ilrand now homo - 1120 sq, ft, Including 3 bodrooms, half.basmont  and a magnificent vlow o| harbour. Sunny southern oxposuro, An  oxcollont buy ot $47,500,  '-largo houso with Vlow bh'ovof 3IncfolTofValuable  Kleindale, This |un,t could bo tho host Invaitmanl around at $40,000,  BEAUTIFUL PANAI.ODE ���on high vlow property overlooking Gordon  Bay, Quito compact with ono bodroom on main and othor accommodation down, Built In ronao,|wnll |o wall carpeting arid largo  sundock, Pull prlco $34,900,  VIEW HOME ON SECLUDED ACRE -��� overlook* Malasplna Strait, 2  bodrooms on main and two In basomont, A nlco homo for someone,  $.12,000,  WATERFRONT LOT In Bargain Harbour ollorlng 100' doop moorngo  and lovol building slto, (his lot Is serviced and a good buy at $29,300,  ONE ACRE LOT -In Gordon Bay, Close to all shops and marinas,  Wntor and llyiiio serviced, Tho prlco |s|us| $17,900,  GIBSON',,    KADIO   CABS��� Here's    a    perfect    setup   for   family  oporoiloii, ,, Idonl lor someono now living In Iho area who would llko  jo bo fho|rown.bo��(i,,,, 3 taxis and roally moving ,.,$40,o6o with  term*,   , S  Pl'NPrn HARBOUR Almost now 2 bodroom d��l*��x Pon-nbodo, oil a  (liolco, low bank walorfronl lot, pull Prlco $47,300,  HONH 003-2794  John Hi oon  0039970  Jock Harmon  003-2743  As  of  Member, Audit Bureau  of Circulations |  September 30, 1973  Gross Circulation 4446  Paid   Circulation   3894  filed  with the Audit  Bureau  Circulation,  subject to  audit.  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Advertising is rrierely an offer to sell, ond may  be withdrawn at any time."-:���(Supreme Court, decision). Advertising is  accepted on the condition that. In the event of typographical error, that  portion of the advertising.space pecupied by the errpneP'ys |tem,stogether  With reasonable allowance for signature, will not becharged for, but the  balance of the advertisement will be paid format the applicable rate.  A composition charge is made for advertising accepted and put into  production, but cancelled before publication. Change from original copy  when proof is submitted to customer is also chargeable at an hourly rate  for the additional work.  Copyright and/or property rights subsists in all display advertising and  other material appearing in the edition of the Sechelt Peninsula Times.  Permission to reproduce wholly or in part ond in any form whatsoever,  particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication, must  be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction  will be subject to recourse in law.  Real Estate  Real Estate  NEW HOME  3 bedroom full basement home,  has double plumbing, attached  carport and sun decK. Close in  Sechelt location.  Contact owner ,  885-9851      10900-tfn  y4 ACRE lot, Nor West Bay Rd.,  cleared building site, $7500. R2  zoning. Write Box 70, Enderby,  B.C.V0E1V0. 11216-17  WILL TRADE 1969 Plymouth  Fury n, A-l condition, lots of  extras, as down payment on  building lot. CaU collect (112) 985-  1612. 11309-19  PRIVACY in Sechelt Village on  this 100'x250' treed lot. Full  price $12,500. Ph. 885-2087.   11313-  19  TRADES CONSIDERED  3 bedroom, separate dining  room, full basement, deluxe  home. Choice view lot  overlooking Sechelt Inlet,, convenient to the arena and Village  of Sechelt. Many futures. Phone  885-2894 or 885-9851.  10921-tfn  LANGDALE      building      Jot.  79'xl35\ level corner lot, all  services. Scenic view of Howe  Sound. $14,500 cash. Ph. 886-  9961. 11292-19  SOUTHERN exposure on top of  Langdale Chines, % acre  view. Lot No. 4, fully serviced,  nicely treed with some improvements. Asking $13,500. Ph.  886-2336 evenings. 11297-tfn  GIBSONS-1 lot Shaw Road, 1-5  acre block in Village, 3,- 1  acre lots ih Village, 1 with house  on. AU serviced. Ph. 886-7226,886-  7983 or (112) 681-4006.       11298-19  WATERFRONT  Come and see the view from this  3 bedroom home 1%.miles from  Sechelt. Immaculate throughout.  Landscaped and terraced to  pebble beach. Reduced for quick  sale to $49,500. Call Mrs. Corry  Ross 885-9250.  L.E.KyLE"REALTOR?'  West Vancouver - 922-1123  11281-16  .-...'���  -'��t  V-  Peter Srfiith  of  SECHELT  AGENCIES LTD.  Box 128 Sechelt  Phone: Sechelt  885-2235.24 hrs.  Vancouver  689-5838,24 hrs.  Ask Peter for our  free catalogue of  real estate.  CMS ENGLISH LTD.  REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE  NOTARY PUBLIC AND APPRAISALS  Gibspns, B.C. 886-2481  PHONE TOLL FREE: 687-6445  IF YOU ARE BUYING A HOME, MAKE A POINT OF SEEING THESE  II ��� -  ���IIH'l II���������i I I I a. ,.,.,.. i ,  Brand now Ihroo bedroom homo, control Gibsons, $46,500,00,  Vlow Lol on Bluff with fantastic vlow,  ,  Control 2 bedroom homo, 0 years oltj, hla.b twenties,  SAcros of sloping land from Peninsula Hotol, Robert* Crook, Thlo Is on  oxcollont property for living on or holding, asking $24,900,00,  North Flotchor Road, Glbsonsi Noat vlow homo with lots of sundock,  .Vlow living-room wlth-hootalator-flroplaeo, 0 bodrooms with largo���  mastor, Inndscapad lot and garago. Only $39,000,00,  Two Duploxos locatod In VlllaQa, If you aro looking for Revenue and  oxcollont accommodation, this proporty should bo explored, Ono suite  to luxury standard, Call for details.  Watorfronti Wllh a roal Sandy (loach and good boat moorago, 2 Bdrm,  now homo, Idoal for summer homo or retirement. Sandy Hook, F,P,  $49,500,00,  Saklnaw Lake, 2fi acres wllh (150 foot of lake front, Boaullfully treed  recreational property, Excollonl boating and llshlng, $115,000,00, wllh  $55,000,00,  Park Road and Hlphway 1011 Potential commorclal area . 2,IB nc  corner lot, Two bodroom homo, llroploco, driveway, In oxpondl  commercial location, $06,000,00.  aero  ng  langdale, Wharf Rbodl 70'��120' lot, Partly cloarod, Somo vlow ond all'  services, $12,300,00,  Gibsons, Pratt Roadi 7 acres lovo| |ond In good rural area, with small  cobln. $36,000,00,  WRITE OR DROP IN FOR OUR FREE  . ^PROPERTY,, BROCHURE  LISTINGS   WANTED  K, A, Cr<j)��by^fl0rt-.20?fl  Don Sutherland 005-936!  ), W. Vlssor (,05.3300  Anne Ournoy (1(16-2164  PHONE: PENDER HARBOUR 883-2233,  BOX 100, MADEIRA PARK, BX.   /  ^' \ \ ~      TOLL FREE FROM VANCOUVER 689-7623  ' Member of Multiple Listing Service  ��  ���\';-.''.  ER  ,i'  *1   '  -3     *  -n -��.  r I   ~��  *   j     *  -V  Cr~-=-  - j r-  '/  US'Vjj  <-! '  --/  I l *.' "a  "I  GARDEN BAY ESTATES  5 yr. pld, 870 sq. ft. 2 BR cedar home, furnished, view of Harbour,  partial basement, covered sundeck, double carport, fireplace, shag  carpets, all appliances. On a large, treed semi-waterfront lot, southern  exposure, good garden. Close to stores, marinas and Post Office. A  perfect retirement home. $57,500.  -  HOME WITH POOL - HOTEL LAKE  Attractive 3 BR, homft with wAv carpet - acorn fireplace, 1/2 basement  With storage; Boat shop, approx. 20'x54'. Situated on large treed view  lot, beautifully landscaped with patios, fish pools, fruit trees and a 22'  swimming pool. $52,000. .  ACREAGE  1.18.96 ACRESon Hwy. 101 near Middle Point. Nicely treed, with creek  and f urnishe'd 2 BR cottage. Lots of trees for a log house. $50,000.  2. Approx. 5 ACRES with 2 BR home, separate garage and workshop.  On hwy. 101, Middle* Point. $35,000.  3. Approx. 16 ACRES on Hwy. 101 at Kleindale. Good commercial site,  ��� gravel pit on property. Asking $57,000.  4. 19.9 ACRES of nicely treed property with furnished one BR cottage.  On Hvyy. 101 Middle Point. $42,000.  5. Approx. 5 ACRES fronting on Hwy. 101 at Kleindale. Possible subdivision.site. $25,000.  6;fApprox. 17J5 ACRES;; many possible ta^  4mlles south of Pender Harbour at Middle Point on Hwy. 101. $35,000.  WATERFRONT HOME ��� GARDEN BAY  1.32 acres with approx. 160' of deep, sheltered waterfront. Approx.  1,125 sq. ft. 3 BR home with master BR ensuite, fireplace, sundecks.  Panoramic view of Harbour. Some furniture included. Good float, 15'6"  K&C boat with 50 HP Mercury outboard; boat house with marine ���ways.  $115,000.  WATERFRONT HOME SILVER SANDS  Approx. 500' excellent low bank Gulf waterfront, 9.8 acres. Comfortable 3 BR home, stone fireplace. 4th BR, recreation room and  powder room on lower level. Private marine railway for hauling boat  into basement shop. $168,000.  GARDEN BAY ��� HOME WITH SUITE  985 sq. ft. home, built 1966, 2 B.R. and den, sundeck, carport, self  \     contained bachelor suite in basement. On landscaped, level lease lot.  $37,900. ....... ..;  WATERFRONT ACREAGE ��� GUNBOAT BAY  Approx. 4 acres on Hwy; 101 near Madeira Park with approx. 160'  waterfront - sheltered moorage. $57,000.  CEDAR HOME GARDEN BAY ESTATES  Approx. 1,365 sq. ft. ��� Cedar home, built 1974 - 3 BR, full basement,  w/w carpet, double carport, very large sundeck, stone fireplace. Living  room and dining room have open beam ceilings, master BR has full  ensuite plumbing. Situated on semidwaterfront view lot. Southern  exposure. $69,500.  GARDEN BAY WATERFRONT  Approx. 3 1/2; acres with approx. 500 ft. sheltered waterfrontage-  ' water, hydro and rood access. An excellent parcel. $100,000..,  2.33 ACRES ��� GARDEN BAY ROAD  2.33 acres w|*h creek, 940 sq, ft. 3 BR home - needs repairs and  decorating. Low taxes, $34,000,  LOTS  \,  2,  3.  4,  5,  6,  stores,  VIEW HOME ��� MADEIRA PARK  Attractive full bas��m��nt homo, built Auflust, 1972, Approximately  1,200 sq.lt, with 3 BR��, master ensuite, Carport and larqo covered  sundock, Situated on lamo, partially landscaped vlow lot, Closo lo all  conveniences. $35,000, Cxlsllng first  1/2% por onnum.  FURNISHED COTTAGE - GARDEN BAY  Comfortable 2 hl|wttngo on 2 Idrgo loaso lots, Leases hasfo approx, 10  years remaining Hlls 20 year option, Close fa stores, mnrlnns and post  off Ico, $13,000,    _,.     .. _   T  CLAYTONS MARINA ��� GARDEN BAY  Approx. 1.2 acres with 220 ft. cieep, sheltered vyaterfrbnt. 1.34 acre  long term foreshore lease, 487 lineal ft. floats, marine ways, 882 sq. ft.  welding and repair shop, modern 654 sq. ft; building (new 1974)  containing office, store, washrooms, and coin laundry. Owner's 3 B.R.  home with full basement. This marina could be expanded in numerous  ways. An excellent buy at $247,000.  VACANT STORE ��� MADEIRA PARK  Vacant store building and adjoining one B.R. living quarters at Madeira  Park. Newly decorated. Includes counters, shelving, freezer, meat  cooler and other misc. store equipment. One acre land, across the  street from shopping centre. Good location for store or offices. Immediate possession. $62,500.  SEAVIEW MARKET - ROBERTS CREEK  Busy general store, 1 block from waterfront in Roberts Creek. 2 BR  living quarters. Would consider trade for house and/or property in  Roberts Creek area. Shows good return on investment. $65,000. plus  cash for stock.  EGMONT MARINA - FISHING RESORT  Approx. 4.5 acres, approx. 660' watarfront. 11 motel units, owner's  three bedroom home, restaurant ana store (leased out). Standard  Marine station, bait sales, floats, launching ramp, 8 rental boats and 7  motors, camper space, room for expansion. $275,000.  RUBY LAKE MOTEL  11 modern waterfront units, all electric, in a beautiful setting on 4.3  acres, approx. 200' waterfront on Ruby Lake and approx. 800'  waterfront on Lagoon, Hwy. .101 ruhs through property. Float and  launching ramp on Ruby Lake. $105,000.  FISHING CHARTER BOATS AND BUSINESS  2 fully equipped Fibreglass boats, 37' and 28', operating a cruising,  fishing and water/taxi service in Pender Harbour. Present owner  willing to operate on share basis for one season. $100,000.  SAKINAW & RUBY LAKES  JIUBY LAKE CpTTAGE  119' waterfront lot with furnished one BR cottage - living room - kitchen, bathroom with shower, acorn fireplace, sundeck, water, hydro,  float. Road access. $32,500.  4 BR PANABODE - SAKINAW LAKE  4 BR furnished Panabode with 1 1/2 bathrooms, sundeck on all sides,  fireplace, 2 boats and motors, float.. Situated on approx. 24 acres with  ''a'ppT6x^]|250'ft.''chbic��lak'ssfront with Westerly exposure and many-  good building sites. An excellent property for a private retreat or for a  group investment. $105,000.  /  SAKINAW LAKE  Two furnished Waterfront cabins, both with washrooms, on approx.  1.34 acres of nicely treed lease land with approx. 175' sheltered  lakefront, 12'boat ond 6 hp motor. All for only $16,900.  SUMMER COTTAGE - SAKINAW LAKE  Small furnished summer cottage with sundeck, on 100' lakefront lot.  Float.' Needs some finishing. $26,500. Adjoining lakefront lot, approx.  70' of low barjk' shoreline. $18,900..  SAKINAW LAKE  Approx. 500' tow bonk lakefront on about 7 1/2 acres, nicely treed.  Water access only. $50,000.  APPROX. 120 ACRES ���RUBY LAKE  Approx. 120 acres of excellent land. 400' waterfront on Rubv Lake,  approx. 2600' waterfront on lagoon. 2 houses, presently rented, &  trailer spaces. $180,000.  FURNISHED SUMMER HOME & GUEST COTTAGE  SAKINAW LAKE  On 116' deep, sheltered lakefront with float. 3 BR summer home ���  1,197 sq. ft,, with 3 piece bathroom, fireplace, large sundock on 2 sides.  Guest cottago ��� 39*6 sq. ft,, 4 boats, boat house, floats, diesel light  plant, Westerly exposure. Water access only. $50,000.  EGMONT  BARGAIN HARBOUR���approx. 1 aero, nicely trood and  secluded, 35'xl0' ono BR mobile home, Immediate possession,  $^35,000.  NARROWS ROAD���good building'lots noar Madeira Park,  $9,000 to $11,000.  GARDEN BAY ESTATES���serviced lots, some with vlow, In this  aroa of flno homos, $7,500 to $11,900,  MADEIRA PARK SUBDIVISION���2 sorvlcod Iota, $9,800 and  $10,000,      ,  NARROWS RdAD-Approx. throe quarter aero of lovol land with  an oxcollont vlow of Harbour, 400' to wator, Serviced with wator  and hydro, $22,000,  MADEIRA PARK���2 serviced lots, suitable for mobllo homo,  $0,000 and $22,000.  7. IMADEIRA PARK ROAD���building lot, closo to school,  gov't wharf and post offlco, $9,500,  0,   MADEIRA PARK���2 commorclal Iota . $16,000 and $10,500,  9, ' GARDEN BAY���serviced vlow lot on Garden Day Road In Garden  Day. Driveway In and lovol building slto cloarod, $11,000,  10, FRANCIS PENINSULA��� largo sorylcod lot, good view of Harbour  and mountains, $12,900,  11, SINCLAIR BAY ROAD���largo soml-watorfront vlow lot with good  vlow of Harbour, $9,700,  12, OYSTER   BAY   WATERFRONT   LOT���Approx,    100',,.yyaler(ront,.,,  ,..���.�����^, VVosfor(^-^-^^3^jjj,;^;' ^g|*q0^.���^  ...,.,,,���-....,   !WATERFRONTHOME��� I^ANCijslPEN INSULA  133' cholco doop, sheltered watorfront with float. 2 DR homo, approx,  900 sq, It, with full basomont, 1 1/2 bathrooms, flroplaco, rec room,  sundock, carport, $77,000. ' *  APPROX, 1900' WATERFRONT -' PENDER HARBOUR  14,04 Acres with appfox. 1,900' sholtorod waterfront, 5 6ft  homo presonlly holng remodollod, plus small cottaoo used for olllco.  This proporty has an excellent largo bay and would possibly make t��  largo marina with good access from Hwy, 101, $165,000,  WATERFRONT ACREAGE - EARL COVE  Approx. 1,800' good watorfront with several beaches and bays.  Contains approx, 42 acres. Crook through property. 3 BR furnished  homo, full basomont, oil furnace, Access from Egmont Road, Excellont  marina or rosort slto, Full price $175,000, Existing agreement for salo  $100,000 at 8 percent. ���  APPROX. 600'WATERFRONT  Approx, 7 acres with approx, 600' watorfront ad|olnlng tho Egmont  Marina, Pavod Maplo Road runs through proporty, $100,000,  WATERFRONT LOTS  2 ad|oinlng watorfront lots, each with 64' watorfrontago, Excollent  view of Skookumchuck Narrows, Wator and hydro avallablo. $16,000  and $19,000,  APPROX. 375' WATERFRONT  Approx. 375' watorfront with doop, sholtorod moorago"on approx. 10  acres of trood land, Accoss by trail or water, $35,000,  SECRET COVE ACREAGE  20 acres with approx. 200 It, watorlront In Socrot Cove with crook and  waterfall, Older horno,  $70,000,  noods finishing, Access from Brooks Roqd,  "~ - '    WATERFRONT LOT -SUNSHINE BAY ~~���  Approx, 43' watorfront lot locatod on Truman Road, with the finest  view, building slto, sorvlcod with wator', hydro and sowor, Prlcod low  for cash $16;000 firm.  waterfrontT^ireage" "redrooffs ROAD  Approx, 3 acres of sloping view properly with 209' of watorfrontago,  Panoramic view o| Mary Island and the Oulf, Property In 2 separate  lots, ono wltli old houso, $100,000,  LARGE ACREAGE ��� $1,000. PER ACRE  D,L, 2392, opprox, 160 acros, situated approx, 1 1/4 mllos above Hwy,  101 near (lallmoon Day, Accoss by old logging road, Trails and roads  throughout tho property, nicely (rood usable land, Outsldo land free;o  area . posslblo subdivision site, $160,000,  ���,..���,. ,ti   mortgage opprox, $20,000 at 9  I,. SELMA  PARK ---largo View .lot, a|ipriVx._l/^'ocro,. Serviced.  $22,500, " ' IV. J  2, SANDY HOOK ROAD ���Lot 94��� best vl��Jw lot In Sondy Hook, level  treed lot, sorvlcod with water and hydro, $12,000,  3, SEASIDE VILliAOE, SECHELT ��� near now 3 Br homo, llroploco,  ��orx.ra|a garage, Excellent homo (or retirement ��� no stairs to climb.  Close to all ioclllll����, $43,000. ~  ������,,..�����  DON LOCK  Ron, 803-2526  OLLIorJEANSLADEY  Ron. 003-2233  DAN WILEY  Roa.fl03-.9M9 Real Estate  DAVIS    BAY-Beautiful -  waterview, ,R.l lot on paved  street, all services, prepared  site, cable vision, area ot fine,  homes. Outstanding value,  $12,500. Please phone 885-2503 or  Box 4, R.R. 1, Sechelt, B.C. 11254-  18  VIEW of Trail and Vancouver  Islands, 3 bedroom, WtF home,.  all facilities, beach access, high  GO'S. Ph. 885-2986. 11271-18  GIBSONS���New      subdivision,  Pratt and Grandview. Lots for  sale. Ph. 886-2891. 11264-tfn  GIBSONS���2 bedroom cottage on  corner lot, zoned R2. All services, $12,000. Ph. 886-9648. 11283-  18  SECHELT 1 acre .view lot  overlooking Georgia Strait. Nr.  school & shop. ctr. Priced for  quick sale..$18,500. Private. Ph.  885-3314. 11204-17  LANGDALE-Semi waterfront 3  bedroom split level home, L  shaped LR and DR, modem  kitchen and bathroom.  Fireplace, electric heat, partial  basement with laundry room,  surfaced driveway, near school.  $47,500. Principals only. Ph. 886-  9961. 11291-19  A f   ..-:.s��\v  *���������������Jafc j,si����    feti  Don Hadden  of  SECHELT  ^ENa^LaXD.  Box 128 Sechelt  Phone: Sechelt  885-2235,24 hrs.  Vancouver  689-5838,24 hrs.  Ask Don for our  free catalogue of  real estate.  Mobile Homes  12'x68'STATJEMAN  3 bdrm., carpeted throughout.  Separate dining area.  12'x68' EMBASSY  3 bdrm., throughout. Spanish  decor, sep. dining area. Built in  china cabinets. Deluxe range. 2  dr. frost free fridge.  1975- 8' x 38' NASHUA  With 8'xl6' porch.  Very good  condition.  SUNSHINE COAST  TRAILER PARK  886-9826  11266-tfn  1970 12x48' 2 BEDROOM, fully  furn., gufi-oil furnace, skirted  and porch. On lake front pad in  Madeira Park. Only $8,250 F.P.  Ph.8834l30.f 11263-16  1974 LEADER 12!x60';  2 bedroom mobile home,  fireplace, fridge, stove, large  porch and skirting. Excellent  condition. Set up in Mobile Home  Park.  Also 1973 Leader 12'x68', three  bedroom, partly furnished.  885-2918       11183-tfn  197312?x60\ 2B.R., furn. Set up in  West   Sechelt.   Ph   885-2047.  11076-tfn  DOUBLE WIDES  Delivered and set up on your  property, guaranteed to be  accepted by municipality. Non-  basement and full basement  foundation plans supplied. Also  large selection of twelve wides.  For further information  CaU Collect 525-3688  Maybe viewed at 6694 Kingsway,  Burnaby  Member of the Western Mobile  Home Assoc.  M.D.L. 25012   8917.tm  AYERS Mobile Home Park, we  have trailer space available.  Phone 885-2375. 10777-tfn  Mobile Homes ..  '74 SAFEWAY Bona Vista.:  .-12 x 68. Set up in West Sechelt.  Park. This is one of Safeway's  most luxuriously built mobile  homes. 3 bdrm, air cond. unit (if  wanted) white and brown  woodgrain .effect ext. with all  metal skirting. This model has 3  entrance doors, all red shag  carpet throughout, comes-with  front kitchen, reverse aisle and  large bar. Must be seen to Be  appreciated. Ph 885-2723. 11301-18  Campers & Trailers  1970 VANGUARD trailer, 18 ft.,  like new. $2200. Ph. 886-  7278. 11227-17  1972 16 ft. SHASTA; ' toilet,  shower, furnace, 2 way fridge,  stove and oven, pressure water  system, 2 prop tanks, battery.  $2500. Ph. 886-7793. -        11260-18  Pets   PEDIGREE Toy Poodle puppies,  innoculated. Ph. 885-9797.11251-  18   Lost  MARCH 10th, 8 mths. old reg.  choc, brown Lab, very friendly.  Reward. Ph. 886-7334.      11307-17  Legal Notices  NOTICE TO CREDITORS  Estate of the following deceased:  Johnston McKINNLAY, late of  Gambier Harbour, B.C.  Creditors and others having  claims against the said estate(s)  are hereby required to send them  duly vertified, to the PUBLIC  TRUSTEE, 635 Burrard Street,  Vancouver, B.C. V6C 3L7, before  the 3rd day of April, 1975 after  which date the assets of the said  estates(s) will be distributed,  having regard only to claims that  have been received.  CLINTON W.FOOTE,  PUBLIC TRUSTEE  11265-pub. March 12,19 and 26.  1975.  Legal Notices  YOUR AUTOPLAN CENTRE  ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE  Seaside Plaza  886-2000  Gibsons  886-9121  IN THE SUPREME COURTOF  BRITISH COLUMBIA ���   \  IN THE MATTER OF THE  "NOTARIES ACT"  CHAPTER 266 OF THE  REVISED STATUTES OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA, 1960,  AND  IN THE MATTER OF AN  -  APPLICATION FOR  ENROLMENT  BY  GRAHAM CRAIG  I HEREBY APPOINT  Wednesday, ther2nd day of April  A.D. 1975, at the hour of 10:30  o'clock in the forenoon, or as soon  thereafter as Counsel for the  applicant may be heard, before  the Presiding Judge in Cham-i  bers, at the Court House, Van-;  couver, British Columbia, as the  time and place for the hearing of^  "Uie   application   of   GRAHAM  CRAIG to be enrolled as a Notary  Public pursuant; to the Notaries,,  Act to practise in the Village of  , Sechelt, and within an area of  twenty-five miles surrounding  the said Village, in the County of  ' Vancouver, in the Province of  British Columbia.  I HEREBY DIRECT that  publication of this appointment  shall s be v made in a newspaper;  circulating in the area and shall  be published once a week for two  consecutive weeks.  DATED at Vancouver, British  Columbia, this 10th day of March  A.D. 1975.  TAKE NOTICE of the above  appointment AND TAKE  NOTICE that, in support of the  application will be read the Affidavits of Leslie S. Parsons,  Esq., and the Secretary of The  Society of Notaries Public of  British Columbia, and such other  evidence as Counsel may deem  necessary.  Leslie S. Parsons  Solicitor for the Applicant  TO: THE SECRETARY OF THE  LAW SOCIETY OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA  AND TO: THE SECRETARY  OF THE SOCIETY OF  NOTARIES PUBLIC OF  BRITISH COLUMBIA.       "  11304-March 19 and 26, 1975.  Cars & Trucks  '73  MACH  I,  low miles,   351  * Cleveland,   ps,   power   disc,  '" brakes, mags, tape, rally pack.  Al cond. Ph. 885-9749.      11302-18  1974 G.M.C. 1 ton, dual wheels,  N camper special, 4 spd., std.,  P.S.�� P.B. with 1972 11% ft.  Coachman Lamplighter camper.  Comp. equipped, excellent  condition. Ph. 886-7834.    11276-18 *  Cars & Trucks  1971 CHEV pick-up. P.S. - P.B.,  V-8 auto. Very clean and low  mileage. Ph. 883-2535.     11224-17  Charger SE Dr. H.T...;;. Loaded  360 Dodge Daft Sport Really goes  Cornet 2 Dr. ll.T. Nice family car  THREE VANS...  AND MANY MORE  AVAILABLE  THREEPICKUPS  FULL LINBOF CRICKETS  1972 Mercury Montego 2 Dr. H.T.  V-8 Auto. P.S. P.B.  1971 Volks 411 4 Dr. Sedan Auto.  Like new.  1974 Pinto 2 Dr. 4 spd. Radio. Low  mileage. ,  1974 Ma-ada RZ3 Rotary. S.W.  10,000 mis: 1 owner.  ' 1968 Chrysler 2 Dr. H.T. Loaded  with extras.       ���-���r-ri  WILL TAKE TRADES  FULL FINANCING  AVAILABLE  SECHELT CHRYSLER  Division of Coppings Car Town  Phone 885-2204  Motor Dealer Licence No. 3555  11323-17  1964 MACK B61 dieseiri3.5'yd.  dump truck. Ph. 487-9525.  .   20  1964 MERCURY 1 ton truck with  12 ft. box, reasonable operating  cond.   Located   at   Peninsula  transport, Gibsons. Ph. 886-2284.  11308-17  MEMBER OF (iM  MULTIPLE LISTING M  SERVICE ^  BOX 769, SECHELT, B.C.  ESTATES LTD.  REAL ESTATE  Vancouver Direct Line 685-5544  PHONE 885-2241  SECHELT AND AREA  LARGE FAMILY HOME  Better than waterfront, low, taxes and many other features make this  large homo in the bay area, A very good buy, full basement, two  fireplaces and large sundeck. F.P, $65,000.00, Call Stan Anderson.  PREPAID LEASE  1 lot from the beach at Mission Point. 50'xl00' lot, 2 bedroom cabin in  good shape. F.P. $17,000. Call Stan Anderson,  ROBERTS CREEK AND AREA  EAST OF SECHELT  Almost 1 acre of level land on Chapman Creek, pnly steps to salt water,  many Improvements Including full concrete foundation and septic tank  already Installed. F,P. $23,000,00. Call Stan Anderson.  5 approved building lots ��� power, water and paved road. Park-liko  setting with South-West exposure. $10,000.00 callDoug Joyce,  2 bedroom home on 2.25 acros. Treed, sea vlow property on Highway,  $27,900 torms, Call Jack Anderson.  INEXPENSIVE VIEW LOT  70x122' fully serviced and cleared, an easy building lot with a good  view, F.P. $11,250,00, Call Stan Anderson.  APPROXIMATELY 2 ACRES  630' highway frontage, Gazetted road at back of proporty. Noar Pon  Hotel, asking $22,500. Call Jack Anderson, 885-2053.  REPROOFFS ESTATES     ,  2 largo lots loft, QO'x250' paved road, F.P, $6,750. Call Jack Anderson.  1 l        PORPOISE BAY VIEW HOME  WILL'TRADE  Just past now Ico arona, 1296 sq, ft, w-w rugs throughout. Attractlvo  corner flroplaco, Two comploto bathrooms, full basomont, panoramic  vlow from living room, kltchon, master bodroom and sundock, Prlcod at  $54,500, Mako your olfor. Call Ed Bakor,  SECHELT INLET  One of thp most spectular homes on the Sunshlno Coast. 4 lovols of  spaclpus, living on a watorfront lot overlooking Socholt Inlet, Exceptionally woll constructed and containing many added features to  compllmont a woll appointed homo, f loaso call Dill Montgomory for an  appointment to vlow,  VIEW LOT  Spectacular vlow lot ovorlooklng Socholt Inlet, Lovol and ready lo build,  In aroa of now homos and walking dlstanco of now arena, F,P.  $16,000,00, Call Dill Montgomery,  4.6ACRES  Hydro, wator avallablo on proporty, Prlcod a| $35,000. Your offer may  bo satisfactory, Call Ed Bakor,  ,.    GIBSONS ft AREA  CHASTER ROAD  10,9 acros, not In fr-ooso, could bo subdivided with somo vlow, Asking  $65,000, Try all offors, Call Jack Anderson, 005-2053.  2DEDROOMHOUSE  In bay aroa of Gibsons, Closo (o all convonloncos, Good garden soil,  F.P, $24,000,00 cash, Call Davo Roborts to vlow,  SMALL FARM WITH ORCHARP  Ralso and grow your owp food on this 4,6 acros of fenced meadow In  Wost Socholt, A 5 stanchion cow barn wllh hayloft, 4 car garago and  workshop, Small cottago and a modern 3 bedroom homo with a roally  largo farm kltchon, A/O furnace, Ono mllo from school, Prlcod woll at  $59,500, Good torms, Call Lon Egmond,  OVERLOOKING THE TRAIL ISLANDS  ,,Tho��o largo lots with southern oxposuro aro locqtod |ust off Mason Rd,*  In a cholco roaldontlal ordrt, Loin of good poll for gardonlnfi, Fully  sorvlcod Including sowor, Priced from $12,2*00, Call Lon or Sujanno  Van Egmond,  $0,730  1/2 aero |iioporty /onod R2, Trnl|��rs pormlttod, Nlcoly trood and |��vo|,  Call Eel nokor, '  DAVIS BAY AND AREA     -SELMA PARK 7  Uirgn roftlrionllril lot, 140' frontnga, Sorvlcod, la vol ft ruady lo build  on. F,f\ $15,000, Call Md Oakor,   leasS'Land ���  Got $5,400, down poynionl? Can you pny $140 pnr month? Then you  ran own lhl�� sinoll hut comlorlnlilo ono,bodroom homo. Flruplnco Is an  axlra ��urprl��o, call Dill Montgomery,  ONI- ACRI1  Zoned H3, partly cloarod, j��w,n|n<lflUnjfllLtlr��,-CiKlar.,,.cornor of  niownliin Rond ond lllghwoy 101, |:,|\ $16,500, Coll Jack Anderson,  SHOAL LOOKOUT  Rock Is beautiful, ospocallly whon It Is surroundod by ono of thd most  spectacular views In tho aroa, F,P, $19,900, -Call Doug Joyco,  Two building lots, closo to boat launching and "Tho Gap", Prlcod right  at $24,000, Call Doug Joyce, ' ' "  PENDER HARBOUR  Approximately 1 1/2 ocros with 75' watorfront. Besldo Ponder Harbour  Hotol, Easy accoss to wator, A bargain ot $33,500, Call Dnvo Roborts,  GIBSONS  Cholco 72 x 130 lot wllhln o couple of blocks of tho thooiro and  chopping, Full price $12,500,00, Call Doug Joyce,  BEAUTIFUL ANR NEW  Wtill planned now homo with vlow of Georgia Slrnll ond Kools Island,  1260 sq, (I, of living nroa, Mono flroplaco wllh brick flroplaco In full  basomont,, carpets throughout, In su||i>, pntlo and sundock and many  oihor features, On Gowor Pt. Rd, In Village of Gibsons, Call Bill lor  appointment to vlow,  7 ROOM HOME  Nlco v|ow o| harbour from klldion, dining nnd living room, Possible 5  bodrooms with onsulto plumbing off lorgo master bodroom, Full  basomont, Within walking distance of popping ond post olllco,  sopnralo garago nnd good garden ��ol|. F,P, $30,500,00, some Immn,  Call Davo Robort�� for particulars,  GRANTHAMS LANDING  CANUPIXIT?  ..Broom basomont houso on view lot, Bxtonslvo ronovollnnroqulrnd |o  put houso In condition, p,p, $] 1,000��� coll Dnvo Roborts,  Dnvo Roborts  lives, I'hono ���103,897.'.  Ion or Sumnna Von Egmond  Evos, Phono B05.96B3  Bill Montgomory  Eves. (106.2006  fiinnAndoison.  liviis, Plioiio 1)1)5-2311.')  Jack Aod��r*on  Evos, 005-2053  DougJoyco  Evos, Phono 0(15-2761  Td Bnkoi  Hvod, Phono 005-2641  Cars & Trucks  72 CHEVELLE Malibu, aula.,  vinyl roof, chrome rims, wide  track tires. $2600. 885-9513.   11295-18  1970 .JEEP Wagoneer, all extras.  like new, $3500. Ph. 885-2339.  11322-17  Livestock  CERTIFIED    Farrier,    Hans  Berger is coming to Coast.  Contact Sunshine Farm. 885-3450    994-tfn  SWIFT Feeds ��� H. Jacobson,  Swjft Dealer. Nor'West Rd.,  Sechelt. Phone 885-9369. Chicken  feeds, Horse feed, Hog feed,  Cattle feed. Hay and other feeds  by order. ���*. 258-tfn  CHICKS���Dual purpose -  Paymaster (Rhode Island Red  Cross), White Leghorns, White  Rocks. Ship anywhere. Napier  Hatchery, 22470 64th Ave., R,R. 7  Langley, 534-6268. 10907-tfn  2 HORSE trailer for rent. Cunningham's. Phone 885-9927 3340-  tfn   New & Used Tack  QUALITY FARM SUPPLY  All Buckerfield Feeds  Hardware - Fencing  Fertilizer - Purina Products  Alfalfa - Hay - Straw  We are on Pratt Road, 1 mile  south from Highway  PHONE 886-7527  10664-tf  Wednesday, March 19,1975     The Peninsula Times Page A-5  Mortgages  For Sale  NEED MONEY?  Mortgages  Arrange  Bought  Sold     _ . ..:..  - First-Second-Third/���  SUMMER COTTAGE  AND BUILDING LOANS  READILY AVAILABLE  ACADJAN MORTGAGE  CORPLTD.  2438 Marine Drive  West Van. 926-3256  ��� 8909-tfn  Boats & Engines  19' K&C, 120 H.P. I.B.--O.B.,  $4,250. Will take part trade. Ph.  886-2459. 11257-18  NEW 24 ft. Lapstrake hull, comes  with oak swim grid and decks,  $2500. Call Haden 885-2283 or 885-  9368. 11269-18  lTfi"    THERMOCRAFT    with  extras, 35 HP Merc.  5 HP  Seagull, trailer, $1200. Ph. 883-  9060. 11321-19  SKLAAR    drop    back    bed  chesterfield, $60; Snyder coffee  table and end table, $30, good  condition. Ph. 885-2886.    11310-17  Equipment  1SKIDDER model 440B Rubber  8590, ex. cond. Also 1971 R.M.  600 Mack logging .truck, 36,000  miles, will sell witii or without  logging equipment. Ph. 886-  9803. 11274-18  HAMMOND C100 120 bass chord  organ   with   added   R.CA.  custom reverb, $450 O.N.O. Ph  886-7591,9-noon. 11317-17  WURLITZER ,,Sideman"rnytbm  console exc. backup for solo  guitar etc., $200 O.N.O. Ph. 886-  7591,9-noon. 11318-17  TO BE removed from property,  small furnished cabin $250. Call  883-2745. 11305-17  MORPHY Richards Astral 4 cc  propane fridge, 1 year old, $200.  Ph. 885-2325. 1129347  Wanted to Buy  'QUOTES ARE invited on approx.  .100 cords of firewood, log  length cunits, and or cut and split  cords approx. length 18 inches,  delivered to Porpoise Bay  Provincial Park after April 1st,  1975. Ph. 885-9019 or write Box.  644, Sechelt. 11152-tfn  TIMBER wanted. Let us give you  an estimate. All species. D & O  Log Sorting Ltd., 886-7896 or 886-  7700. 10895-tfn  New Phones  DON LOCKSTEAD, Parliament  Buildings, Victoria. (112) 387--  6349. m23-tfn  SECHELT ��� Mar.ch meeting of the  Sechelt Hospital Auxiliary had 22 members  present. President Mrs. Betty Monk introduced new member Mrs. Doris,Gower.  The regional meeting will be held at Peace  Arch District Hospital May 7, and quite a few  of the members are planning to attend this  one day meeting, the group was told.  Gibsons will host the Friendship Tea April  Volunteer Chairman Mrs. Mollie Smith  said there is an urgent need for more help in  Extended Care, anyone willing to spend a  couple hours a day, a week or even a month  will be much appreciated.  Volunteer Director Eve Moscrip is looking  for an distant to look after'the junior  volunteers and someone to tak^ charge of  arranging parties for extended care.  Mrs. Margaret Humm as convenor of the  recent Mardi Gras smorgasbord reported on  a very successful evening with a goodly sum  earned for the Hospital.  To aid in future smorgasbords it was  moved to add platters and serving bowls to  our^pjpJieSv^joha of,,  large4;;platter��i����nd serving bowls, the  Auxiliary would be pleased to accept or buy  them. Phone Mrs. Betty Monk 885-9310,  The Fall Smorgasbord date is Nov. 15,1975  and will be at the New Legion Hall.  Date of the Spring Luncheon is June 5.  A Blood Donor's Clinic will be held at the  Hospital April 21. v.    ���  At the Co-ordinating Council, a letter was  read from Mrs. Bragg, thanking Volunteer  Director Mrs. Eve Moscrip for her time and  efforts put to the Hospital.  Bursary gal for this year Miss Eleanor  Lonneberg's Feb. class was cancelled but the  ladies were pleased to hear Eleanor has  received confirmation her class will start in  September. Mrs. Ada Dawe, in charge of  Bursary, has Mrs. Bea Rankin added to her  committee.  Mrs. Dorothy Carter's report revealed 33  hours for Extended Care, 106 hours for  Hairdressing, 32 hours for Gift Shop, Library  6 hours, Flowers 10 hours, Junior Volunteers  24 hours. A lot of hours by a number of ladies  and girls willingly given to provide the extras  at St. Mary's Hospital, always room for'more       The Bridge windup will be April 11, in the  ladies in red. evening.  O.a-a.a-a-aTa-a  ���la.a.'.a.al.-a.a.a.aa.a  SEE US AT OUR OFFICE ACROSS FROM THE SECHELT BUS DEPOT  SUNSHINE COAST REGIONAL DISTRICT  introduction of lobile Home Park By-Law 90  A public hearing will be held to consider By-law 90, a by-law to  regulate the establishment, extension, and standards of design and  servicing of mobile home parks in Area A to F af tihe Sunshine Coast  Regional District. All persons who deem their interests affected by the  proposed by-law shall be afforded an opportunity to be heard on  matters contained in the by-law.  The hearing will be held Saturday, March 22, 1975, 2:00 p.m., at the  offices of the Sunshine Coast Regional District,  1238 Wharf Street,  Sechelt, B.C. ,  i  Take notice that the above is a synopsis of the proposed by-law, and is  not deemed to be an interpretation of this by-lqw. (The by-law may be  inspected at the Regional District offices during office hours, namely  Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Sunshine Coast Regional District  Box 800, Sechelt, B.C. VON 3A0  885-2261  Mrs. A. Pressley  Socrotary-Treasurer  .".-a-.V  ''"i  a*:::*:::1::.  Now open for inspection!  a planned residential community  on the Sunshine Coast!  Tho latest concept in sectional home designs in a park like setting  at Davis Bay just three njiles south of Sechelt. Own your own two  or three bedroom liendix Home on site with a prepaid twenty-one  year lease,  ��� All' services underground  ��� lilacktopped roads ��� > ,  ��� Cablevision  ��� Qualifies for-!V��jyj.vvl,.lL^i<.lYi\r!.linjVJlt blynie .Owners C>rant.  ��� Mortgage financing available through T.SAWCOMK  PROP1-RTIHS    '  ��� Optional decorator furnishing package if desired  l;or full information mil onr Sales Representatives  a I 8 85-2273 daytime  or 886-7870 evenings PageA-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 19,1975  Happenings mound the Harbour  MADEIRA PARK  four'truly will now be working in the  evenings, so any communication regarding  new items would be preferable during the  day. Otherwise, my wife will be on hand most  evelUngs to take any messages.  UNDERAGE DRINKING  I hear the local police have been clamping  down on this problem around here. It's too  bad the people who are obviously old enough  to obtain liquor and pass it on to the young  people are not mature enough to realize what  they are doing. I can't bring myself to critize  the youngsters, they see us older types  drinking and follow our example. I don't have  it, but there has to be a solution somewhere.  EASTER CELEBRATION  There's a great evenings entertainment  coming up in the Legion Hall on March 29. It  starts at 8:30 p.m. so be on time for what  promises to be a fun filled evening. The  Harbour Lights, who performed so  beautifully not long ago, will be on hand led  by Les Fowler to enhance your dancing  pleasure. The Pender Harbour Choral Group  will also perform for your listening pleasure.  A highlight of the evening will be at 9:30 p.m.  when local ladies will model their home made  Easter Bonnets.  Prizes will be awarded for the mosllfeyecatching and original models. Go to it girls ���  I hope to be on hand to take a picture of the  winners for this column.  TASTE TREAT  The news is out in Madeira Park that  locals Barry and June Leach have bought  Kelly's Food Truck. They plan to set it up in  Garden Bay close to Lloyd Davis' marina and  should be in business by the time you are  reading this. June and future daughter-in-law  Rene Coutreau will run the business and plan  to keep to the same format that Kelly had so  much success with. It will be/ called the  Hamburger Bar and will be open from 11 a.m.  to 6 p.m. seven days a week. All the best to  you in your new venture girls.  Don't panic Kelly fans ��� a larger and  better equipped unit is on the way and Mr.K,  does not think he will even miss one day's  business.  STOP SIGN MANIA  Gaylord Merkle, road supervisor, brought  this Item to my attention. Last fall a stop sign  was placed at the junction of the road running  past Madeira Park Elementary School and  the road to the government dock.  Since then it has been wrecked at least six  times. No sooner was it replaced then  someone either pushed It over with a vehicle  or pulled it down with a chain.  Tiring of this senseless game the highways  department recently installed a new sign  reinforcedA with metal bars.  It too  was  Tax talk  Jock Bachop 883-9056  wrecked but at least the penson who did it left  evidence in the form of broken headlight  glass and chrome that it will be a costly  repair job on the vehicle responsible. It also  gives the police a chance to trace the culprit. I  talked to Lloyd Hicks, sign maintenance man  for the Peninsula who was replacing the sign,  and when I asked him what he thought about  the vandalism he just shook his head and said ,  he didn't understand the mentality of people  who would do such a thing. I can't figure it out  either but I hope this will be the end of the  matter.  NEW QUARTERS  The present Fisheries Office in the Post  Office building is moving I hear. New  quarters will be situated in the floor above the  present. Wilf Harper tells me the old office  will probably be used for storage. I had a look  at the renovations being done upstairs and it  sure looks as though it will be a bright  comfortable place to work in.  MADEIRA PARK  It was recently learned that due to poor  health Mrs. Carole Maynard has had to give  up the responsibility of directing the affairs of  the Pender Harbour Public Library and has  turned it over to Ms. Jo Whitehouse, who will  serve as co-ordlnator with a committee.  Fortunately Mrs. Maynard will continue as a  library volunteer and as a member of the  steering committee, where her knowledge  and experience will be of great value. I am  sure the Pender residence will join me in a  vote of thanks for a job well done to Mrs.  Maynard, who devoted much time and  thought to this public service over the past  several years. Have a well deserved rest and  we all hope you're health improves.  EGMONT  Egmont School now enjoys the services of  a part time teacher's aide ��� Mrs. Diane  Silvey.  '    The March 10th study meeting on "Planning our Land' though less thrilling than the  previous week proved to be more productive.  "Egmont In Five Years Time" was the  subject. Although some complained that the  Special to The Times.  B.C. Telephone Company this week listed  the details of 1975 capital construction  spending planned for the Sunshine Coast  region, where more than $1.28 million will be  invested.  Brian Bagley, district manager, said the  company is spending more than half a billion  the year for the purchase and installation of  new customer equipment.  Limits" is our wisest course. Size of lot and  the chances of local people having a say in  government planning were the points most  discussed.  HEALTH CENTRE  In a short time the people of Pender  . Harbour will show whether or not they want a  Health Centre.  It is this writer's opinion that it is sorely  needed. Only time will tell if enough people  share this view in some degree to make the  centre a reality. Please ��� exercise your vole.  Prior to 1972, many corporations and self-  employed individuals were able to deduct  entertainment expenses such as memberships in golf clubs, lodges, camps and  yachts.  However, the Income Tax Act has been  amended, to specifically disallow such expenses. Now, any payment" made for the use  or maintenance of a yacht, camp, lodge or  golf course, or membership fees or dues in  any club for which the main purpose is to  provide dining, recreational or sporting  facilities for its members, are non-deductible.  General entertainment expenses, though,  are still permitted In computing income,  provided such expenses fit the normal  parameters of deductibility.  The justification for deducting entertainment expenses Is found In tho general  rules of the Income Tax Act.  The two elements which must bo present  for any expense to bo deductible In computing  Incomo aro:  a) tho expense must be made for tho  purpose of earning Incomo; and  b) tho expense must bo reasonable in the  circumstances,  Thoso general rules npply to corporation  nnd self-employed Individuals In determining  whether thoy can deduct an Item. (Generally  speaking, employees nro not permitted to  deduct job-rclatcd expenses. In lieu of this, all  employees nro allowed a standard deduction  of tho lesser of $150 or three per cent of their  employment Incomo).  Certain employees, for example snlosmon  and othors engaged In negotiating contracts  for thoir employers, may bo entitled to deduct  - entertainment expenses provided thoy * nro  able to establish thnt thoir employment  requires them to carry out their duties nwny  from their employer's plnco of business nnd  to pny their own Job-rclntcd travel and entertainment expensed,  To obtain tho deduction, thoy will need to  .support their expeiiHcs wlUi vouchor;., Tho  three per cent employment expense deduction is not available In these Instance!..  Iflvcn though nn employer phys for  membership In n club, It will hot Ihi i\ taxable  |>onoflt In tho bnnd.s of tho employee ho long an  Iho expense Is reasonable and Incurred for  most seemed to agree that "Growth Within    �� ser^e ej��fsl?"     ���,��,�� wi��  more than $255 million allocated for 1975  work.  "About $125 million is to be spent in B.C.  Tel's Coastal Area," he said, which includes  the lower mainland, Fraser Valley, and the  Sunshine Coast area. Nearly $3.5 million of  this amount has been set aside for work in the  North Shore District ��� stretching from Deep  Cove to Egmont.  "Here In Sechelt," he said, "we'll be  spending $78,000 this year for completion of  our central office building addition and the  installation of new switching equipment."  Total cost of the Installation here, scheduled  fdr completion by September, is $219,000.     '  He said another $336,000 was being spent  for telephone cables to provide new circuits  linking Sechelt and Pender Harbour in a  project to be completed by this summer.  "At Pender Harbour, $26,000 has been  spent this year to complete the final phase of  two jobs. One Is an addition of switching  equipment to expand central office line  capacity, and the other is a circuit addition to  provide more telephone,lines for Earls Cove,  Egmont, and the Kleindale area," he said.  "In Gibsons, $86,000 is being invested in  new switching equipment for the.central  office, and another $56,000 is being spent this  year on a project In which we are adding longdistance telephone circuits linking the Sunshine Coast with Vancouver," he said. And a  further $461,000 Is being spent for new long  distance circuits between Gibsons and  Vancouver, to be in operation by May, 1976.  In addition to the money allocated for  specific expansion projects in this region,  B.C. Tel will spend a further $238,000 during  the promotion of the taxpayer's business,  even though the membership fee is pot  deductible by the employer. Any business  expenses incurred at the club, would be  deductible (for example, a business lunch).  In summary the costs of entertaining  business associates is a deductible item.  However, membership in a club is nondeductible even when that club is the site of a  deductible expense.     ���  BIBLICAL SYMBOL  The juniper bush symbolizes protection.  According to legend, when Joseph, the Virgin  Mary and the Infant Jesus fled from Herod  into Egypt, they found refuge behind a  juniper bush.  BHassgg  Anyone interested in forming a LOCAL DRAMA GROUP  call Scottie Mclntyre, Community Club President at  883-2603 or Richard Tomkies at 883-2492  If enough of us like the idea we can make it happen.  iiu^AAsBB^SKSSSX^^^^MmS  IRENDUM  PENDER HARBOUR & DISTRICT HEALTH CENTRE  to be held Saturday, March 22.1975  Romombor-  ;..,  Wo  now havo available a vast  nupply of oxcollont top soil,  A Loading    fncllltlos    ��     Irucklnfl  orranflomohts nvnllnblo,  .    '    ���Xall~,'           .  883-2212  Madeira Pork  If you aro not on tho votors list you still may voto If you aro a Canadian  cltlzon, woro 19 yoara of ago at tho tlmo of tho calling of tho Referendum,  ond havo boon a pormanont rosldont of tho aroa for at loast 6 months prior  to Iho calling of Iho Roforondum.  POLLING STATIONS LOCATED ATl  Pondor Harbour Community Hall, Madolra Park, B.C.  Pondor Harbour Auto' Court, Gordon Bay, B,C, '  Egmont School, Egmont, B.C.  FOR ASSISTANCE TO THE POLLING STATIONS!  Fori Pondor Harbour Community Hall  003-9140  003-2633  pondor Harbour Auto Courl  003-2476  ' " ' "" ~~ " "";  no3-2/i72 "'" " ~"~~~  nrjmont School  003-2251  003-2434  FOR THE HEALTH CENTRE AT PENDER HARBOUR  VOTE "YES"  Pondor Harbour 8. District Hoolth Contro Socloty  /  B.C. TEL crews detach cables from  telephone poles in the Davis Bay area in  preparation for a pole-removal project.  The plan, according to a B.C. Tel  spokesman is to move the poles from the  beach side of the road to the other side  when they decided to replace the older  poles in the area. The result of the  removal, he said, would be an unbroken  view of Georgia Strait from the road.  GILOPEZ KABAYAO ��� Internationally known Filipino violinist with  CORAZON PINEDA   at the piano  and the PENDER HARBOUR COMMUNITY BAND  Saturday, March 22, 1975 7:30 p.m.  PENDER HARBOUR SECONDARY SCHOOL  Adults $2.50 Students & Pensioners $1.50        ,   Children $1.00  <:_������-.  195.  NOW*ll*a90l.  NOw'12"'  Regal Aquavelvet flat latex enamel Reg. $14.70 gal. ���-��� ���  Regal Aquaglo satin finish'latex Reg. $15.25 gal..  NOW *I2*i,'gal.A  Moortone Flat Latex  Reg. $9.10 gal. .........: NOW *725 gal.  Moortone Satin Enamel Reg. $11.75 gal.|  now  9  Latex Primer 5 Gallons NOW  '23  05  gal.  gal.  plus:  HOMELITE XL-2  CHAINSAW.  Reg. $129.95  NOW $119.95  WOODCHUKWOOD  STOVES.  Reg, $99.95  NOW $88.75  21 PIECE SOCKET  WRENCH SET.  Comb, 3/8 and 1/4 sq, drive  Reg, $29.96  NOW $2.4,89  COUNTRY RUSTIC BUFF  'Z BRICK'  Fireproof face brick.  Reg. $10,70/0 sq, ft.  NOW $6.95/8 sq. ft.  Panelling Specials:  4x0 Unfln.  MAHOGANY  $3.89 sht.  4x8Pref.  GEORGIAN OAK  $4.50 sht.  4x0 Prof,  ALPINE ASH  $4,50 sht.  a^^���^���g-^-.  ScM.lt.  PEAT MpSS  $5,49  ���    4eu, ft,  BLUE WHALE  $5.75  SOIL TEST KITS  $9.45  MADEIRA  PARK        ��  <?-?  K^j\n   j  MmMf  >��  '<&)).  LL  V  r\��jriiW,"iV]  .��*,  //  7i  7-<  her1  803-2585  '��� v;-��      -v v ��� <���  'Price* cUtotitvQ eifc i-s  i >  * ava-sar*-.".  -"-Ft. ?���(*-' t *�����*��  SU,  TjABtERITEIBEER  Glte^oouewall * .������� ,0>b  Q&QI7  ^"^i-l 1 in i^*  -    ^Kiftn .f*lir-, nfl  ELSE),  I.G.A.  COFFEE  sSn��Krnnd  OftAUGE CRYSTALS  Senv.    11  3 1/4 oz.  J,  LOm SPAGHETTI  lb.1  SALAD DRESSING  l.G.A.                                 I  37 oz   $  l.G.A.  48 oz.   FACIAL TISSUE  I.G.A.  200's   0  _ __ 0  l.G.A. 1 Ib. , ...     ... .1.  PAPER TOWELS  l.G.A.  fc roll pqk.  CHEEZ WHIZ  Kraft ���������������������������  ORANGE JUICE        rj|o  Mlnutomald  12 ox. i ��J *f J  �� lb.    mm m JL 1$  ���c  QmS&M  '   Prlcos Effective  March 20 to March 22  We Reserve the Right  to limit Quantltla.1  ADEIRA PARK cr-j  WHILE government offices are racing  to de-sex their titles and departments,  someone with a crayon didn't think the  Canada Manpower Centre w^ moving  fast enough. Thus begins another  debate. Should it be Teoplepower' of  'Personpower.' Neither translate into  French well, but then neither does  'Manpower.' ���Timesphoto.  , March 19,1975  The Peninsula Times  PageA-7  Report from Legislature  affects us  by Don Lockstead  MLA Mackenzie Riding  GIBSONS'��� The local Pioneer Girls Club  is helping lepers in the Far East.  Members recently donated a quantity of  used postage stamps to a representative of  the Leprosy Mission, who was visiting the  area.  Money raised through the sale of the  stamps will help provide treatment for  lepers.  On behalf of the girls, Gail Wolverton  presented a large bag of used stamps to Rev.  Fred Schimke, who works with the mission.  Rev. Schimke told the group that $10  provided 10 lepers with treatment for one  year.  Earlier, Rev. Schimke showed slides  outlining the work of the mission. He also laid  on a display of handwork by patients in leper  hospitals.  After the presentation, the club's younger  members held a tea in honor of their mothers  and 'prayer pals.'  Fancy baking served at the tea was  preparedby "thegirls, themselves, under the  supervision of Guides Kay Owen, Eleanor  Wolverton and Sharon Webber.  April 13, Pioneer Girls from both Gibsons  and Sechelt will hold a celebration service.  Parents and friends of the girls are invited to  attend.  The service will start at 7 p.m. at Calvary  Baptist Church, Gibsons.  SECHELT ���Exhibitions by two local  artists opened recently at Whitaker House.  Jean Pylot of Selma Park is showing a  number of landscape, still life and abstrack  paintings in oils. Her technique utilizes  natural, flowing lines and earth colors.  She studies at the Vancouver School of Art  with Don -Jarvis, Gordon Caruso and Jean  Balzar ��� all highly acclaimed contemporary  artists.  Also on view are interesting brown, black  and white photographs by Ken McMillan. He  concentrates on natural subjects, including  close-ups of trees and flowers.  The candle shop, a popular attraction at  Whitaker House, has now moved downstairs.  The store specializes in-tinted candles In  oyster shells.  The Legislature is now concentrating on  the budget debate, and I would like to discuss  some of the ways mat this budget will affect'  my constituency. For highways, there is a  five-year plan for the upgrading of major  roads. The approach in that department is  now one of rational long-term planning with  the environment taking precedent over  elections. For the first time, local government and interested groups are being invited  to put forward their views.  The budget has provided for an increase in  the Department of Transport and Communication. Our riding is dependent upon  ferries, and there have been improvements in  service and upgrading of vessels. Between  Langdale and Horseshoe Bay, traffic has  increased by 34 percent in the last year. The '  Ferries Branch has recognized the problems  of the traffic increases, and has constructed  three new vessels, and purchased the Queen  of Surrey.  Ocean Falls has come up during the  budget debate and the opposition has again  criticized our efforts in that community. This  government has acted tokeep Ocean Falls  alive with its schools, hospitals and other  community services. By the purchase of  Ocean Falls, huri&eds of jobs have been  saved, and I understand the corporation is  even going to show a profit for the last year.  That is due to the hard work and determination of the people in that community.  Another important change for our riding is  in regard to the small logger and sawmill  , operator.. The minister of lands, forests and  water resources has recognized their dif-"  ficulties in an industry dominated by large  corporations. By the adjustment of stumpage  rates and chip prices the minister has given  the independents now have a fighting chance.  There has been a good reaction to the  OflQ  .announced program of making Crown lots  available to people for home building. While  large changes cannot come overnight, I have  asked the minister for changes for those  interested in five or ten acre lots for  agricultural needs.  I have also asked our government to  consider changes in financing of water  systems. We have passed the.Sewerage  Facilities Assistance Act which has provided  massive aid to local governments for  sewerage systems. This assistance could be  extended to the water improvement districts  of our riding.  This year's budget continues the rational  policies of resource management which this  government has introduced. While B.C. has  experienced some problems in the mining  industry, the cause is not Bill 31 but the world  price of copper."Coiner mines inother  provinces of Canada, and in other countries of  the world are cutting back production and  closing. The revenue from Bill 31 will be only  13 million dollars, not 150 million as the  mining industry claimed.  This government will continue to press for  the natural gas revenues which.reflect the  true value of our. gas resources. We will  continue to demand from Ottawa the right to  export our gas to the Americans at sensible  realistic prices. The provincial revenues  from gas will be over 100 million dollars in  1975 and any export price increases will be  shared with municipal governments.  The 1975, budget promises more service^ to,  our citizens.- The benefits of Mincoine,  Pharmaeare, recreation "grants, pirk  acquisition and sensible resource  management will be continued and extended.  There are budget measures designed to in-  cr.ease employment and maintain social  service.  lUBI  PENDER HARBOUR ��� The early history  of Pender Harbour Hospital Auxiliary was  recounted March 12 by lifetime member Elsa  Harden.  She told the group's regular meeting that,  in early days, members travelled by boat to  attend meetings at Garden Bay.  The ladies fixed up a club on the boardwalk beside the bay, she said, and entertained  members and friends with baking, crafts and  dances.  "Then, there was very little money, but a  great deal of friendship and goodwill,'' sisdd  Mrs. Harden.  Mrs. Lawrence Lee, another life member,  played a recording made in 1966, of an interview between Mrs. Lee's daughter,  Bonnie, and the late Canon Alan Greene,  minister at the Columbia Coast Mission.  Subject of the interview was the help  provided by St, Mary's Hospital to the people  of Pender Harbour,  Members welcomed back Mary  Alexander, who had Just returned from a  three-month trip to Hawaii.  Elsa Harden, the ladles learned, was  about to leave on a trip to England. They  wished her *Bon Voyage',  After adjournment, cakes and cookies  were served by Mrs, Lou Farrell and Edna  Johnson.  BY ROBERT FOXALL  SECHELT ��� Sdnlor Citizens Association  Branch No. 69 got a $16,666 boost in thoir  campaign to purchase tho Old Legion Hall In  Sechelt. ,  MLA Don Lockstead Informed the group  their application for a provincial grant for  ono third of tho purchase prlco of the hall was  approved Into Inst week.  Association members are still collecting  , pledges and donations toward purchase of tho-  hall ns nn activity centre for Uio association,  In other Senior Citizens news, a bus load of  members of No. 69 had a very happy tlmo on  March 11, Thoy enjoyed n trip organised by  Davo Hnywnrd, who must wry some kind of  sunshine Insurance for ho had chosen the  klghtost day wo have enjoyed this spring.  First stop was nt the Orchid House on  ! Pratt Road, GUwons, operated by Mr. and  Mm, Karl Vltanen.  An thoy entered the 60 degree temp., tho  -visitors could nemo tho exotic perfume which  accompanied the boautlful blossoms, Whilst  Karl was explaining Uie cultivation of Uioso  unusual bounties Mrs, Vltanen was en-  tertalning tho members and Riving each ono  an orchid bulb an thoy signed tho guest book.  H.on It was a diifih to catch tho 9j4B ferry for  Horseshoe Buy,  From there the'bus proceeded to Park  Royal. After a period of shopping Uio party  went on to Seaton Villa, n seniors apartment   building,.In._,NorUi���Bwnaby,-They  were  /{rooted by Mrs, Itlgby, and,,enjoyed a  (lillc'lous luncheon and then had a guided tour  nt this especially equipped residence. There  was every facility for Uio seniors,    '  After thin wo proceeded to Pacific Jade  Ltd. in Gastown where tho delicate work of  professional craftsmen astonished. AH were  amazed at the beauty of tho finished sculptures.  A trip through Chinatown where another  stage in the processing of jade was seen at the  workshop of David Wong. Another Item of  Interest to aU. Thence Driver Ricky Brooke  turned West for tho ferry and homo,  Davo Hayward asked mo to ndvlno the  ��� membership that he still - has a - few scats -  available for tho Reno Tour of April 12.  Dave's nuniber Is, 005-9755. Wo will have n  detailed report at tho monthly meeting of  Mar. 20 of the progress of Uio building fund, In  Oils respect I would like to utlvlno all,  members nnd tho public that wo are Indebted  to Continental Travel, Secholt, for their  donation of three prizes for a draw to assist  the fund, Tickets arc now on sale,  Tho prizes are (1) A trip to Reno for one,  (2) A trip to Harrison Hot Springs for one, (.1)  $50,00 Merchandise, Tickets $1,00, Tlwnks,  Bon, for those fine prizes.  Dave Hayward had Just advised mo Unit  ho hns arranged for a bus to take members to  tlio Concert to bo held at pondor Harbour  High School 7:30 p.rr}, Saturday March 22,  !Tho bus will lonve Sechelt at fl;JI0p,in. The  prlco will bo announced.    *  Tho concert will feature the concert  violinist Gilopez Kabayao, formerly of tho  Phllllplncs and now a resident of Vancouver,  During Uio Intermission Uio Pender Hnrbour  Band .under, the baton of Mrs. Florence  rYcccsky will perform. Ploaio phono Davo  Hnywnrd for Uio cost, It will not bo  unreasonable so get your reservation immediately,  "paete ?4$Mt  ��� YOUR LOCAL FUNERAL HOME  OFFERS A COMPLETE RANGE OF  SERVICES, FUNERAL OR  MEMORIAL, AT MODERATE COST,  ��� THE     LOCAL     FUNERAL.    HOME  HONOURS  THE "CONTRACTS   OF'  ALL      FUNERAL       PLANS   ,   OR  DESIGNATION   FORMS   OF   ALL  MEMORIAL SOCIETIES.  ��� THERE IS NO FEE FOR FILING YOUR  FUNERAV PRE-ARRANGEMENTS OR  DESIGNATIONS WITH THE LOCAL  FUNERAL HOME.  ��� CONVENIENCE OF THE LOCAL  FUNERAL HOME IS VERY IMPORTANT IN TIME OF NEED.  fiic afavey o>% a {(tec fftvtcwt  HARVEY FUNERAL HOiE  ���1685 Seaview Hd.  Dan A. Devlin, Owner-Manager  d  u  y q  Reg.  $549.95  White only  V  IcCLARY AUTOMATIC  Harvest Gold only  Reg. m^?  $289.95  Reg.  $279.95  5T  USED 12 CU. FT. VIKING  .PV  4-4f��-  $>  Reg.  $179.95  $>  a    u al]  reg. $279.95  �� \i  #-  similar savings on ALL  Hoover Washers, Dryers  and Floor Care Appliances  some IS cu. ft. & 9 cu. ft.  Freezers in stock. PageA-8  St.. Bartholomew's Church in Gibsons .was  ttie site of a unique double wedding.  In the ceremony, Rev. D. Brown united  Jeanne Carol McHeffey with Jospeh Franklin  Warren and Sandra Lynn Whiting with  Murray Thomas McHeffey.  Jeanne is the third daughter and  Murray is the only son of Mr. and Mrs.  Kenneth McHeffey of Gibsons. Sandra is the  second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Whiting  of Gibsons.  Joseph is the third son of Mr. and Mrs.  Frank Warren of Yellowknife, Northwest  Territories.  For the ceremony, the church was  decorated with standards of yellow mums  and yellow roses. The respective fathers gave  their daughters away in the ceremony.  Organist was Eric Olsen of New Westminster.  Best man for Joseph was his brother Jerry.  Warren. Murray's best man was Danny  sCrosby. Ushers were Mike Musgrove and  Frank Hoehne. Both wore grey jackets with  black velvet trim and bow ties.  Jeanne's attendants were Maid of Honor  Marcia Bland, Bridesmaid Bonnie McHeffey  and Flowergirl Lauria McHeffey who wore a  pink gown with white overlay. The maid of  honor and bridesmaid wore long peach  gowns.  Sandra's attendants were Maid of Honor  Deannie Sanderson who wore a long lime  green gown, Bridesmaid Kathy Whiting who  wore a long yellow gown and Flowergirl  Michelle Whiting who wore a long mauve and  white dress.  Jeanne wore a bridal gown which she had  made herself. It was silk with a lace and  chiffon top.  Sandra's bridal gown was long, mauve  fortrell with organdy overtop. The veil was  white net with dainty daisy trim. The dress  had a square neck with long, bell sleeves. Her  bouquet was colonial with yellow roses, white  pom poms, baby breath and white ribbon  streamers.  Jeanne carried a bouquet, also colonial,  with red roses, blue and white pom poms and  white ribbon. >    i  Reception was held at the Gibsons Legion  with the Ladies Auxiliary to the Legion  catering to a smorgasbord dinner. The hall  was decorated in pink and white wedding  bells and streamers. Centre of the table was a  three-tiered cake featuring a red velvet  staircase with a miniature bridal party on the  stairs.  Don Brown was master of ceremonies  and Don Skinner and Al Gavin proposed the  toasts to the brides.  Mrs. Whiting wore a long yellow dress  with matching jacket and pink rosebuds. Mrs.  McHeffey wore a long silverand black gown  with red rosebuds.  For a going away outfit, Sandra chose a  lime green pant suit and orchid corsage.  Jeanne picked an orange pant suit trimmed in  white fur.  The new Mr. and Mrs. McHeffey wiU make  their home in Campbell River while the new  Mr. and Mrs. Warren are living in  YeUowknife.  OUt of town guests at the double wedding  Included Mr. and Mrs. R. Bennett, Mr. and  Mrs. C. Whieldon and family, Miss J.  Farquar, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Whiting, Mrs. R.  Reed and Maria, Mrs. N. Williamson, Mrs. A.  Delong, B. Rafter,Dig Pednault, Mr. and  Mrs. F. Chwojka, Mrs. H, Friesen and Doug,  Mr. and Mrs. Al Gavin, Mr. and Mrs. D.  Brown, Mr, and Mrs. Dune McDonald and  Mt. and Mrs. Ray Knudson.  From the pulpit  ���by Pastor Gerry Foster,  In less than two weeks it will be Easter. I  am quite certain that practically every single  one of us could state that this historically  represents. Someone called Jesus was killed  and apparently rose again about three days  later. But many of us will spend more tlmo  talking and thinking bout 'bunnies and eggs'  than the Death and Resurrection of Jesus  Christ, ������������'..  But why not give somo serious thought to  what Good Friday nnd Easter Sunday  represent? Today wo will concentrate on tho  Crucifixion nnd .next week Uio Resurrection.  Regarding tho death of Christ Uie Bible says  It was substitutionary. Throughout Scripture  wo read Uiat Christ died Jn your place. Tho  Bible says, |'Ho wns wounded for our trans^  grcasslons, Ho was bruised for our  "' irilpiUesTTTarid witirnirstrI|iiF\vo~aro*  healed". Whether you aro moved by Uils  amazing fact or not doesn't change it ono bit.  Yon cnn turn off nnd walk away, laugh nt,  reject or mock Uils great truth but Uio facta  will remain, "Christ died for your sins".  And Uils makes you Involved, for all of us  aro personally Involved In Uio donth of Christ,  because Ho died in our stead, Ho paid our  guilt, Ho carried our sins. So this brings us to  Uio crossronds of decision, What am 1 going to  do about It? WIU I reject God's lovo and  mercy by turning my back on Jesus or will I  by faith rocolvo tho salvation purchased for  mo? '  I sincerely hopo that this Good Friday you  will make that decision and believe, not Just  with your head l��it al.-io your heart, "Uiat  flirlstmiffeml for slim oiieo, the: iigliieoiia for  tho unrighteous, that Ho might bring us to  God",  /'  '1  \  A  MR. AND MRS. MURRAY Thomas McHeffey (nee Sandra Whiting) and Mr.  and Mrs. Joseph Franklin Warren (nee Jeanne McHeffey.)  , ���Photo by Harvie McCracken.  Wt&ms&s^^  Z$S&i&  New Homes from $20.00 per^fiqOare ft. Lots  available in Gibsons, Sechelt. Build to suit;  Renovations; Dry-wall application; pre-fab houses  erections; concrete forms.  #  Sound Construction  G. Wallfnder  886-9976  Gibsons  '��:���:���>����:�����  Mission Point  Developments Ltd.  J. 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JUmml  ���*-<*  <a>  -       S  ^     I.  ���V*  %  ���"���   V  V  1 '  It  ^xythjut-  ?*l  ^  ,-a.a I  ���a/      ��  .V*  W      ���  V  !U  .V^.  -^       ,  a-A  *A  Si__?*fr  ���J  4' J  &">  a >*  ��������  /.'  ���i  *    "if''        \  '.V  ',    / *,,  /'  -v " r v.  ~j��<2Mlt~ ���  ^i  ALAN STEWART, 17, of Gibsons is  I  learning to drive the hard way. During a    J[n~n}  lesson in Sechelt March 15, according to  Must be something in windmills. The  National Science Foundation and the  National Aeronautics and Space Administration are budgeting $865,000 to test  an experimental 100-kilowatt wind  generator. They're working on smaller  ones, too.'  * *  Squirrels in the attic? Scatter mothballs  around. Be sure to close up all openings,  too, by stapMng wire mesh oyer points of  entry.' '������-���--  * * '  New wrought-iron kits are available for do-  it-yourself installation. They're even primed  and ready to paint.  * *  If one sink draining backs up into another, it  may be that the drain line is too small, or  improperly  pitched,   or   partially  clogged.  * *  Soviet government has set itself a new  housing goal ��� ten square yards of housing  per citizen.  * *  Wo'ro way past THAT goal now. If you're  looking for comfortable living space for  your family, como to  SUEICOJIS? ESTATES  In Socholt call 885-2241  If you'ro singing "Don't Fonco Mo ln"~  wo'll |oln tho chorus,  ���II   ��� ��m<%�����a��-aa���., ��,    1    ������������*��a>   ���      II I.     ,�����!���  R.C.M.P., he overcorrected after  crossing the centreline and ploughed  into a utility pole. Police say no charges  will be laid.  E-J  fflA  one  ROBERTS CREEK ��� Roberts Creek  Hospital Auxiliary agreed last week to hold a  dinner and social evening March 16 in  recognition of Hospital Week.  At their regular meeting March 10,  members also made a start on preparations  for an upcoming birthday party in the extended care wing of the local hospital.  Mrs. Rodgers reported that her committee  had agreed.,to. hold a, smorga.sbord.at the  hospital April 10.  Members were told that a friendship tea  was being planned by Gibsons auxiliary for  April 11.  Next meeting of the group will be held  April 14 at 7:30 p.m.  ��BMMM^  LICENSED  * Trevor W. Neate  * Larry E. Lewis  Ste.202 1571 Marine Dr.  :   Gibsons ������  886-2712  GIBSONS ��� Several teachers at Gibsons   something would be done.  Elementary School may quit unless an open       In his letter, Rempel predicted enrollment  plan   teaching   area   at   the   school   is   at his school would rise to 570 during the  redesigned, the school board was warned last    current school year. To handle the increased  week. student population, one or two more teaching  In a letter, principal Dave Rempel said he   areas would have to be provided, he said,  had met with board members and the school    ���> "Some of the changes proposed for the  district architect, "some months ago," to   op^n area would provide this additional  review possible changes to the open area.    .' spacej' he felt.  "... and, up to the writing of this letter, I ;     Superintendent    Roland    Hanna    told  have not received any .communication from ���. trusjlesthata "band aid" splutionto the open  any member of this group as to what is \ area problem would be useless,  happening." ^Ij^'We will have to find a permanent  Rempel-said.that: "Av.niimber*oL'C0^^ -��*-    ��v>--..  petent teachers have indicated that their .     The board agreed to look into the situation,  willingness to continue on staff will, to a large  extent, be determined by whether or not   _      ,      _       _     - ,  changes are made in the open area." MilQll illClS liMIM liWS  He  said  that   senior   teachers   were,     ���.'   ���.,.   nm,r ��� m '   . .-  "strongly opposed," to teaching in the open       MADEIRA PARK-The Action  Corn-  area, so classrooms in the controversial part   ���tee of Royal Canadian Legion is sup-  of the school were staff by new teachers.      porting a petition to parliament for the. fell  "A continuation of this arrangement in- application of the law with respect to capital  vites a large staff turnover from year to punishment, that is, anyone convicted of  yearV he said. "It is essential to have a more capital murder under the law should be  permanent staff in order to develop a better executied by hanging and not, as has hap-  school program " pened, to have their sentences automatically  Rempel said parents, too, were voicing   confuted to imprisonment,  criticism of the open area, "especially those       ���L^lt'Ts P^ outside the Madeira  who feel that the problems their children are   ^rk f��us Office and those adult residents  experiencing in school are related to the open   ^ho wish to support this cause are to append  \ ...  $}lJU ^OJU^   jfcrpM   fiJLOpAs   Jfc&W&L^  JbxsnJ*J>  ojn>c/ M^cUoo^ ^o��ud& ryu?t:  Op      sotfrUSls.    rfJuU JciW   oX^/ jQ_*Ur&X#>L  AjL^ JwfUL*       -JMTZL.        ^Xr^c/       JtMTZirU  S��/i     Lc/gH      Jeffries  M   ]fc  Mil  ).~-  jmA/rujL-  JmJh   .  �� i  area.  their names.  Sf cot!r>$ <&/7) body   ih   t^c   L*l<e  WJSttAli/j^ money front ���'the baol  o>#d pecAplcG-li'reS -006 bnir/i^  peoples.   hou$eSaiot't% J^^9^5"  He said he had assured those parents that  changes were being considered and that  U    r' ��� ���      -a.'     >a,V    "*    v'\C\��/finK  s  f,  8  ���~   Zr-i aZL  v\*  ~a^.���>  *��  l'w  H*< J.  0  o  Right from tho filfirt, !  You s��e n plnn you like but would prefer n l)l<]f|or  untrnnco wny, Wc cnn nrroiiflc It, I.lKc (he bnslc  layout but would rather hiwu llwt bedroom,  wlnilow onliuut'd, ,lust any llw word,  And, c'wn nllcr -you tnko delivery of your  W��stwood home, you're sllll In cluuije, Put II  louolhor yourself, |f you've i\ mind lo, Do n lllllu  nnd conlrnct Iho rest out, If you'd prefer, Let  your Wcstwood dealer hnnclln Iho whola 7    * "*  Ihlnjt for you,  It's your home, Your dedtfon, You cnll the shots,  Sound like your Kind of plnco? Mall uh the  completed coupon nnd we'll rush you our  colorful hook of dr��rtms,  Alternatively, you cnn conlnct the Wcstwood  denier In your nrcn. ,'  I   l.ndowd In $1,00 lor'|X)rlfo|lo ol  "    brcicliuftia In full color,  |   NAMI.   I   ADIPHF.SS   I  1   1   l   1   1   1   '   1  illill.  Hi I  HUILDINO 5Y5TCMS LTD. |  } IWINAVINIK, NIW WISTMINSTin   ,  nniuiiifmiiMninviMini HI V"1" H  Coe Enterprises Ltd,  0ox 24, Gordon Day, D.C.  883-2671  Mission Point Developments Ltd.  Box 547, Socholt, D.C,  885-9951  ^��sto��ra�� 'BjocKins �����n Iti^  0ox W% Sechelt Phone 885-9767 or 885-9586  n Pageii-2  llie Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 19,1975  Gibsons Winter Club  BY HARRY TURNER  Work parties are happenning often at the  Gibsons's Winter Club site these days. There  has been one every weekend for four weeks in  a row, and several individuals are turning out  during the week, so if you have some spare  time, come up to the site. There will probably  be some work for you to do.  Last Saturday the beams were delivered  for the clubhouse roof. Most of the day was  spent in covering drain tile, but a short time  was spent unloading the beams.  In the coming week, there are several jobs  which can be done by work parties. The  bricklayers started work last week. They  have laid several rows of block. When they  get up seven courses, some of the cores have  to be filled with reinforcing rod and cement.  Help is also needed to carry bricks to the  bricklayers. One Saturday when we can get  ten or more volunteers together, the  clubhouse beams need to be raised. As you  can see, we have lots of work for volunteers.  Volunteers, your response has heen great.  Marty club members have given up their free  time to come up to the site and help out. The  club thanks you very much. We certainly  appreciate the help.  I would also like to thank several  businesses for their generosity and their  donations of labour, equipment and  materials. Thanks are due to Double R  Trucking and Inglis Trucking for donating  their trucks; Gibsons's Building Supply for  the loan of their forklift and loader and the  donation of 400 yards of gravel; Danny  Wheeler for donating the gas to the truckers;  and the construction class of Elphinstone  School for donating their time.  M  BY ANN-MARIE HORNE  ' "The savagery of the killer whale has been  exaggerated in seamen's stories over the  years," Ian MacAskie told the Sunshine Coast  Power Squadron. He explained that they have -  no enemies'iand are hot aggressive among  themselves. Rather; they have developed a  'self-help' approach towards each other,  perhaps from some awareness of how endangered the species is.   v  MacAskie has been associated with  marine mammals for 18 years and is with the  Marine MammarReseardh unit at the Pacific  Biological Station in Nanaimo. As far as he  knows they are conducting the only killer  whale research in the world.  With 15ftkiller whales living between Alert  Bay and Juan de Fuca, B.C. has the highest  known concentration although the species is  found in all the oceans.      l  Little is know about this type of whale  partly because it is not hunted extensively  commercially. MacAskie showed a unique  film he had taken of a group of killer whales  in the Gulf of Alaska. The killer whale is the  largest of the dolphins but quite small compared to other whales. In this area an old bull  may grow to a length of 25 feet with a five foot  high dorsal fin;Definite behaviour'traits have  been observed but often the reasons for the  behaviour are difficult to ascertain. The killer  whale has enough intelligence to communicate with its fellows .and this could be the  reason for broaching, for example. Communication might also like behind what  MacAskie calls 'spying'. At times one of the  group will 'spy' by holding its head out of the  water as if to look around. This seems to  happen at times which could be confusing to  the whales such as when a number of fishing  :.  ���arma ���wuimi.M'U-  ~7]  ���i<i  ft ;  \ ���  I -  *8ra����Wa��a����  I I  f       if  !  r v-j.  ���j-****** fc*  {  t  1��  U  (  h'  l( I _ V       i/J-Aa^        ,       >  f        \   f      V-"-1-. \  L  s   ,v  OL  O'  *. I  /����____  ft  c   .-.-1    '  mj  J    <S  CLOSING THE DOOR, Gibsons Kiwanis  goalie stops another Gibsons GT's drive  during the team's game Saturday  morning. Despite some close action on  both ends arid a 15 minute overtime  period, the teams ended in a 0-0 tie. The  tie gave the Kiwapis first place by one  point.  Camels carry visitors over lava-crusted  slopes that may sizzle at 700 degrees only two  feet below the surface on Lanzarote,  easternmost of the Canary Islands.  first in outboards  Wide selection  of new engines  in stock!  Box 189, Madeira Park, B.C. Phone 883-2266  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  D  a  D  D  D  D  ���Q  arch 19 through larch 22  y  < boats are in ,the area. >    '  Sound is the killer whale's most important  ' sense and its range of hearing is far beyond  that of humans. MacAskie drew attention to  notable recordings of sounds made by. whales  made by Dr. Paul Spong here in B.C.  "My theory is they might be using sound to  disorientate fish," MacAskie said.'A killer  whale weighing up to nine tons does not have  the speed or maneuverability of a fish. This  theory assumes the whales' diets include fish  as well as seals and sea lions. It could only be  confirmed by killing a whale. "That would be  intolerable," he said.  His attitude has changed since 1964 when  the Vancouver Aquarium caught its first  killer whale for display. Over the past ten  years 60 killer whales have been taken out of  B.C. waters and less than half are still alive.  Concern for their capture began in 1970.  Federal legislation was passed making it an  offense to harass or catch them. Only under  special conditions could a permit be obtained  to capture one. Last year eight were issued  but no killer whales were caught.  To determine the effects of cropping,  Marine Mamm&l Research was by this time  searching for an effective way to get a count  of the killer whales in the area. The  breakthrough was the realization that each  whale could be identified by a 'mug-shot' of  its dorsal fin. All have fins of differing size  and shape with their own distinctive injuries.  Thousands of 'mug-shots' have now been  taken leading to the definite identification of  groups of killer whales along the eastern  coast of Vancouver Island. Most important  was the discovery that B.C. has its own  resident population of. these whales because  each group likes to stay in its own preferred  territory.  This knowledge paves the way for an accurate census. A '1975 killer whale Census'  ��� now being conducted aims to identify (by the  use of 'mug-shots') killer whale groups in  their preferred territories for twelve consecutive months. This would be indisputable  proof that the, groups are not migrating  MacAskie explained. The Biological Station  could then advise Ottawa with' some accuracy  on keeping the area biologically stable.  MacAskie asks that any sightings of killer  whales off eastern or southern Vahbuver  Island be reported immediately to the Pacific  Biological Station. Call collect 758-5202 or 758-  6432.  "We appreciate the public's help. It's  absolutely necessary for the census."  ; MacAskie feels few permits, if-indeed anjlr,  will be issued again for the Capture of B.C.'s  killer whales.  "Whales have become a symbol, it seems  to me, of man's uneasiness over what he is  doing to his environment."  RocycB�� fthi�� (^o^fopoporl  (pip  CCi Tacks     - $87,95  (JR.)j v-.$43.95;  (Rog. $59.95)  r>  ����� ,*��,. i| i(^(��*<��I^M*S"  -SSawr-Tt. * ^.^tf  DORSAL FINS of killer whales in the  Gulf of Georgia are being photographed  by scientists as a method of identifying  individual whales. Photographs are  catalogued. Reports reached The Times  this week that a pod of whales followed  the Sunshine Coast Queen on a crossing  from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay late  last week.  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Sechelt lanes  WEDNESDAY LADIES, March 12  Esther Berry 241,172,169 (582), Lynn Pike  161,178, 241 (580), Betty Morris 181, 209, 203  (593); Eleanor Gntt 205,181 (528); Lorraine  Mitchell 231, Chris Crucil 204  THURSDAY     SECHELT    COMMERCIAL  LEAGUE, March 13  Frank Giampa Jr 204, 191; Joanne  Giampa 202, 221 (582); Lola Caldwell 240,145,  250 (635), Sam McKenzie 194,191, 233 (618);  Tom Dall 205, 221 (582); Dede Williams 182,  172, 239 (593); Pat Wing 187, 265, 162 (614);  Cauleen McCuaig 288, 237, 190 (715); Rita  Johnson 226, 256 (631); Roger Hocknell 255,  190, 230 (675), Betty Morris 238, 220 (621);  Phyllis Hanford 256; Aubrey Hudson 208;  Turner Berry 214; Jerry Mielke 216, 220  (613), Hazel Skytte 231, Charlie Humm 207,  217 (597)., Andy Henderson 170,244,199 (613);  Wayne Place 208  TUESDAY LADIES LEAGUE  High Games: Shelly Jager 185, 211, 251  (647), Arteena Hunter 213, 190, 243 (646),  Perry Bradshaw 566; Yvonne Konings 566  BALL & CHAIN  Glen Clark 302,216,198 (716); Pete Sopow  217, 200,192 (609); Eve Worthington 223, 193,  192, (608), Ken Kujala 215, 198, 191 (604);  Ester Berry 215,198,196 (603); Ray Fitch 232,  204 (603)  Other 200 games were rolled by ��� Bubbles  Creighton 264; Pat Takahashi 236; Charlie  Humm 223; Wayne Place 222; Jim Wood 215;  Ed Nicholson 213, Fran Starrs 204; Leslie  Fitch 203; Kathy Hall 203.  SlSiH  k  a.  rai  ra m  OVER HE goes! Brown belt judo expert  Sandy Jack leaps over bending teacher  during demonstration last, week at  Sechelt Elementary School. He was  showing students exercise designed to  train novices in 'roll over' fall.  GIBSONS - Gibsons Rugby Club hosted  HOST RENT-A-CAR  TRAIL BAY MALL  $9.95 and up  Sechelt 885-2910  J-Iw  ili  [v.v  M  !pV��N  <,H|9  0   Citation  ���   Camoo  O   Merit  O   International  O  Monocrost  March 22, Gibsons will again be playing at  the Kats from Vancouver March 15 and homo, hosting tho Capilanog from North  thrashed them 12-0, Vancouver, Tlio game Is scheduled for 1 p.m.  Both teams played clean, hard rugby at Langdale Elementary School field,  under less than ideal weather conditions.  The first half was scoreless due,, mainly, Wl.:;:.^^  to good defensive1 tackling by tho Kata as ^������-���^���������������������������������"������������������������������������-v^^^  Gibsons put on extreme pressure Inside the    I:!:;:!:       wm    i Mfio        n        ffb     mi        oao  25-ynrd line.  In tlio sooend half, Gib.sons again went on  Uio offensive. They won all of tho set scrums  and rucks and woll-placod kicks but standoff  Bob Johnson kept tho Kats bottled up In thoir  own zone,  Gibsons' first try camo from a set scrum.  The local team won tlio hook nnd pushed tho  Kats Into tho ond zono, whoro John Duffy fell  on the ball for tlio score, Tho conversion was  ��. wide, "��.��������^����.-��.-*<^^  Gllxions' next try was Initiated by Alex  Skytto, who ran through four Kata players,  passed to John Upward who, In turn, passed  to Rip Cameron. Cameron powered his wny  Into Uio end zone. This conversion hit tho  (toss bar, '   ,  Near tho end of tho game, Gibsons again  pushed Into tho end zone on �� flvc-ynrd  scrum. When tho ball popped free, Cameron  dovo on It for a fry. The conversion attempt  was short.  Final score Gibsons 12. Kats 0,  O  BURLINGTON O      CELANESE  �� WEST MILLS  (Bg0I?Ou�� ^ �� WEST MILLS      ��  HARDING  i  m  ill  ���'  - " ���'���-   U '���/  ��� G.A.F.      �� ARMSTRONG  �� FUNTCOTE  CARinOO AUTO SALVAGE LTD.  Quick Removal of all Scrap Metal  ObJccts-'LARGIfl OR SMALL WE  HAUL EM ALL'  Specialising In Trucks nnd Hcr\vy  Equipment of all types, also Car-Bodies  njjd Tin removed, Comploto yard cleanups arrniwcd.  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Our sympathies lie with Sechelt  Village Clerk Tom Wood, who, after  acting as secretary to the meeting must  carry, the results back to council. Extracting something positive from the  how the concept of a public hearing was  served.  . We harken back to a discussion on the  floor of the Sechelt Village council over  the chairmanship of the public hearing.  While Alderman Watson's chairing of  the zoning bylaw was satisfactory, the  -disadvantages of having a person  directly involved, in this case a member  proceedings would be a very difficult   of council, ensuring such a hearing was  task.  it. is our belief that such a public  hearing should be conducted in such a  manner so as to disallow the argument,  uncontrolled exchange, sniping and  other unconstructive, annoying or  maddening practices carried on by both  sides.  t The meeting degenerated into a  meandering collection of useless exchanges while anyone who had a valid  point to make was lost. Rivers of thought  which should have been followed were  dammed or sidetracked.  In general, it -was an exercise in  frustration for those who came to make  a valid point.  Some of the blame must be laid at the  feet of the meeting chairman. Alderman  Watson, it appeared on occasion, forgot  he was chairing a public meeting and  became involved in .the arguments  himself. In playing the Devil's Advocate  to some of the points from the floor, he  served to prolong some of the difficulties. But he is no more to blame than  many of the people on the floor, who  seemed determined to get their points  across on numerous occasions with little  regard for the fact they had already  made their point several times and even  less regard for the person who had the  floor when they chose to talk.  pointed put when the topic shifted to the  proposed marina.  An independent chairman may have  contributed toward a more smoothly run  meeting without taking away from any  of the validity. It would have made the  village clerk's job a little easier.  It may also have subtracted from the  feeling expressed after the meeting that  many of the comments fell on deaf ears.  Our concept of a public hearing is  that members of the public have the  opportunity of expressing their views,  pro and con, having them written down  by the secretly and then presented to  the village council or whomever the  deciding body should be.  Many of the speakers expended their  energy in an attempt to convince  Alderman Watson or the developer Mr.  Van Egmond of the validity of their point  long after their point had been noted by  the secretary.  Alderman  Watson's  input   should  have been made at the council table and  not at the public hearing. People didn't  come to Usten,.npr.wel^^^ould^tiiey..  have been expected to.  The meeting was incredibly more  emotion-charged and unconstructive  than it should have been. We hope it is  the last such meeting. Not the last public  At the end of the meeting, many meeting, just the last such exhibition,  individuals   came   away   muttering       It would be interesting to see what the  unkind things about the other side. We village clerk managed to glean from the  fail to see what was accomplished or meeting.  e  LAST WEEK, The Times ran an advert  which said, in large type, "What for!" As  expected, we got a lot of reaction from it. Also  as expected reaction came on three levels.  There was the first level who read the ad  and thought it was funny. Just that nothing  more.  Secondly there were those who got mad.  They considered the ad a slur on the women's  groups who have been fighting to bring the  plight of the oppressed females to the attention of the public. This represents a group  who, for the main, are a little more inform^  on the actual problems of being a woman  trying to be accepted as a person in today's  Canada. They are, also for the main, people  who like to get upset and vocal over things  like this because they believe that it Is doing  something for the cause to get upset.  Level three, and I was delighted to see that  there were so many people'who thought on  this level, saw the ad for what it was -1- a  parody on those Inane government 'Why  Not?' ads and the incredible amount of money  which is being spent to get a message across  which, for the most part, will fall on doaf  ears.  All the newspaper advertising In the world  Isn't going to make nn employer hire a  woman over a man If he has made up his  mind not to hire her. AU the 'Why Not?"  buttons laid ond to end Isn't going to get somo  concroto-hcaded dolt to realize Uiat both men  and women are pebpio, Interchangeable In  Job situations,  UNFORTUNATELY It ��� has bocomo  fashionable for some people to claim thoy aro  concerned -about women's rights, Apart from  numbers, thoy add Httlo to Uio movement, As  far as 1 am concerned the'Why-Not?' campaign Is Httlo moro than Uio government  protontlng to bo Interested and protending to  "" caro; Thoy aro oxpendlhg alotbf money whlclf  i potild go to bo a real assistance to tho  movement, *  It's a token gesture on their part when thoy  have tho facilities to do so much positive,  laflbor legislation Is a prime example. Tho  ���provincial and federal labor legislation havo  made giant strikes toward equality, Employers can no longer advertise "for a man or a  The PENmsuLA^fe^e^  Published Wednesdays nt Sechelt  uii I l,CV�� Sunshlno COnst  by  ���, .,,������. IVm^llKlvcrNCTsTwvnOrtcr, , ���,�����.,  ,Si��|iclt Times Ltd,  U0x31O.,Scclrcll,H,G  ��� nioncRH5-3?,ll  Subscription Kates; (In nclvmiou)  l.wil, V7 perywuvlkyoml ,HS rnlla, $W  U���SA,.1ilO,Qvcn,ttwSll,  ,Svr\'ltifi tin' urtiijiwit I'ort Mellon lofynwit ���  \Htnw SvuihItojersis Inlet]  Logic is important  as prime requisite  Editor, The Times:  ^���Sir ��� With reference to the school  questionnaire, it would be unethical for  anyone (me for instance) who left school in  1909 A.D. and whose only contact with  education as of now is to stop when the red  lights on the school bus are flashing, to attempt to answer the questions contained  therein.  But may I be permitted to say that a prime  requisite of education is not only to pour  knowledge into the pupils like pouring new  made jam into pots; but more important, to  teach them to think and think logically,  especteUy so in this day and age when some of ,  the governments in the wOrld seem rather  less than brjlliant, and the voting ag3 is 16 or  is it 18?  . A large part of the voting preference is for  the party whose leader makes the best image  oh T.V. so it would be a good thing if people  thought logically "does that make sense or is  he talking B.S. to catch votes?" And, "is his  party likely to do that or is what the other  fellow says better and more likely to be accomplished?"  Also, while you are waitingforthe kettle to  boil figure this one out. Are the unions trying  to catch up with the cost of living or is the cost  of Hving trying to catch up with the unions?  Logical thought ,is even more important  than correct grammar. After aU, when a chap  says 'him and me woulda went" we know  what he means.  John S. Browning  Editor, The Times:  Sir ��� The following is a copy of a letter  sent to MLA Don Lockstead with copies to the  Sechelt Village Council, the minister of  municipal affairs, the minister of recreation  and conservation, the minister of lands, the  regional board, the news media and Conservation Officer Pat Mulligan. t  Don Lockstead, MLA  Parliament Buildings  Victoria, B.C.  Dear Sir ���Last Tuesday evening two  other members of the (Gibsons Wildlife) Club  and I attended a public rezoning meeting held  by the Village of Sechelt Council with Mr.  Norm Watson in the chair.  ildlif e group opposes MErfiia  By Don Morberg  woman for a certain job and that's the way it  should be. v "  People are people.  LIBRARIES are full of books. Bigger  libraries have more books. Sechelt and  Gibsons libraries are not big by any stretch of  the imagination. In fact they are so small that  the provincial library people wish they didn't  exist. That,by the way, is my own opinion  which may or not co-inci-de with that of the  library officials.  Alderman Dennis Shuttleworth in Sechelt  came up with an idea in council a while back  to expand the library facilities.   *        r  He suggested that a book be donated to the  library in memory of some area resident who  has shuffled off the mortal coil. The donated  book would be suitably inscribed In memory  of the individual. <  This would do two things. It would keep  aUve the memory of the departed and also,  would assist the library to bring a larger and  better service to the community.  Some time ago, afrlend of mine dldn'twalk  away from a car crash on the University of  British Columbia campus. She was a science  major at UBC and tremendously well-Hked In  the community where she grew up.  After the accident two friends of hers set  up a trust fund and with that monoy purchased a set of science reference books for  tho high school library at tho high school  where she had, graduated,  That wns something sho would havo liked  and I Uilnk Uiat It could be applied hero on  an Individual basis.  AT THIS WRITING  tho  Elphinstone  , Cougars aro facing tho first game of, tho  tournament   for   tho   B.C,   High   School,  Basketball Championship.  There Is an Incredible story thoro, How  ^can...n,group.jf..athlctc!9i..from.aaSch.o6Lwhlclu  doesn't oven havo a gymnasium mako It to  Uio provincial finals,  Win or lose, Uioy deserve a groat amount  of admiration nnd credit for thoir dedication  and performance in tho face of nil kinds of  adversity. It takes a special kind of person to  como out on top of a situation llko that.  Editor, The Times;  Sir: ���The foUowing is a letter we have  sent to the Sechelt Village Council.  The Clerk.  Sechelt Village Council  Sechelt, B.C.  Dear Sir:  Last year the subject of the development  of a marina in Porpoise Bay was being  discussed and we wrote to the council at that  time on the subject but never even received  an acknowledgement to say that the letter  had been received.  The letter. brOUght to the attention of  COtocU'prbblen&'which^ we thinkTwarrent  investigation fefore such" a development %  considered.  The main objection as we see it is the  pollution aspect. Porpoise Bay is not subject  to very much tidal motion and the flushing  action necessary to create a clean environment in the water is virtually nil. This is  evidenced if one takes,the time to look around  the shore line anywhere at the head of the Bay  area. The amount of garbage and oil which is  there now would be increased considerably if  a marina was permitted to operate here.  Not too long algo an application by the  Vancouver Yacht Club for a marina in Secret  Cove area was turned down by the regional  board mainly on the grounds of this lack of  tidal action to dispose of the pollution which is  inevitable in such an undertaking. The tidal  movement in Porpoise Bay would appear to  be even less than at Secret sCove so on these  grounds alone we can see no justification In  allowing such a project to become a reality.  Safety of the boats would be another  consideration to be looked into. Tyee Airways  use the Bay extensively and it Is to their  credit that there have been no accidents involving the aircraft and the,boating fraternity, It would not seem logical to tempt fate  by adding to an already existing potential  source of accidents by increasing tho number  of boats in a limited area,  Nolso pollution and Uio inevitable damage  to marine and shore life are two otiier reasons  why such a proposal should warent nn In  depth study on angles before a final decision  is mode.  At tho present time wo would suggest that  the disadvantages outweigh the advantages  quite considerably except from the angle of  Mr. Van Egmond, the developer, .and we hope  that a considerable amount of intensive study  by experts will be done because enviromental  damage would be inevitable once the decision  has been made.  The question of why the members of the  Gibsons WUdlife Club should be interested in  something proposed for Sechelt is simple to  answer. We are interested in all our coastline  andbeaches regardless of where they may be  and contend that everyone should take an  interest in what is being planned which  directly affects the tidal waters. ;' ,,,u  .'."'." JohnHuid-Smitii  Conservation Chairman  We were given the opportunity to question  both Mr. Van Egmond and Mr. Watson  regarding the plans to establish a commercial marina in Porpoise Bay but I'm  afraid the answers we got were far from  satisfactory and were at the best both vague  and condescending.  We all got the impression that the outcome  of the meeting had been decided before it had  evenstarted and that the meeting itself was a  ' mere foraiahty. '"'"":"'"  We were informed by the chairman that  this would be the only opportunity, for the  public to express their views on this important matter and that the decision, which  everyone I spoke to afterwards thought had  already been made, would in fact be made at  a regular council meeting or perhaps at a  special meeting which would be closed to the  public.  A petition is being circulated at the  moment to give the people an opportunity to  express their feelings on this matter and we  would like to request that you, as our MLA  intercede in this application and give the  people a chance tohave a democraticaUy run  meeting in order to get some satisfactory  answers- before this goes before couneti  finally.  J. Hind-Smith  ��������� Conservation Chairman  Gibsons WUdlifeClub  Don't go handing out money which isn't earned  Editor, The Times;  Sr ��� The large article entitled, "Why Not-  What For",, and including a picture of the  author was most inspiring. Now I know "Why  Not"!  I notice that when you print a news release  in your paper regarding Women's Rights  activities, you address them as Ms. even  though they sign Mrs. All other women in the  paper are addressed Mrs.  "What For"?  , Mrs. Murrie Redman  Editor, The Times;  Sir ���There is a situation that, in my  opinion, has gone unchallenged for far too  long. This is the condition of the highway here  on the Peninsula. Having been a resident of  this area for some, time now, I feel I can  honestly say that the roads around here have,  with few exceptionjsrneyer been worse.JThls  we seem to accept as a necessary by-product  of living on the coast. Now, in the light of the  increase sought by.th&DOH employees, I can  no longer; leave this issue untouched.  To say that the increase they have been  reported as seeking is outrageous: would be an  understatement. The DOH employees are at  present not under paid but rather milking a  'sweet ride', at the taxpayer's expense. I  would add here that this observation is based  on the amount of work they accomplish or  more accurately, don't accomplish). If their  productivity went up in accordance with  their wages then not a soul on the coast would  object to their raise. In fact, I'm prepared to  help thorn in their bargaining by petitioning  my MLA; if only I might have some  assurance that they would earn their wages.  A good percentage of the price of every  gallon of gasoline I buy goes to the DOH for  road upkeep, but I have yet to see any of it  tangibly invested in MY roads. I think it  would be fair to say that this situation would  never be allowed to exist under a 'profit-  motive' system. No businessman in his right  mind would allow his employees' to carry on  procrastinating-and stretching out jobs like  the DOH does. I can think of nothing quite so  pathetic as a gaggle of DOH[employees at the  side of the road leaning on shovels and each  other; and watching the eighth dig disconsolately. One can only assume that they take  turns digging. Circled around them is usually  a couple of trucks, a backhoe, a pair of  flagpersons and assorted dogs and small  chUdren. Small wonder they are subject to so  much ill'will.  So, Department of Highways, if you want  us to support you In your bid for more money  prove to us that you are worth it. No one in  private enterprise gets a raise they don't  earn. As far as your reported inability to find  your bargaining committee is concerned; this  ; taxpayer is convinced you'd have trouble  finding your feet at the end of your legs.  A. Plerglass  ��� "���������������������HIIIIIHIIIIMmMHIIIIIIMIMIMflllllHIMIMIIIIIHin^  BY ALASTAIR  ROGERS  Minimi mm rimmimmmHimMiiiimiuiiMMiim mini i mm 11 i i iiiiiiiimiiiiii i i i iiiimiiiiii  PRESENTLY, I am holding in my hot  Httlo bauds Uio long awaited fifth edition of  Rolnconst Chronicles, Editor, Howard Whlto,  dropped by tho offlco Friday with ono 'hot off  Iho presses' to quote a mundano cliche.  , 'Iho edition should bo on tho newsstands  .���won, and, If Ijl follows Uio pattern set by tho  previous four editions, should bo snapped up  post hnsto.  Tills deals primarily wltli early fishing on ,  Hi Insideconst from Native Indian times  through skiff rowing and sail to EasUiope  oufdnos, Thoro nro stories by White, Potor  Trowor, Scott Jjiwrcnco, Ixsstor R. Peterson  nnd others, pootry by Al Purdy, Allan Snfnrlk  and fiortrand Sinclair nnd there aro  Illustrations by a number of artists including  some groat flshboot drawings by John Eslor.  1,-ooks llko Iho Chronicles gong havo pulled  eft another Issue destined to l>o a soil-out,  Sechelt dog problem  ciiiiflci for .concern  Editor, Tlio Times;  Sir ���In Uio past fow months, 1 havo  noticed an Increase of dogs In Sechelt nnd It  Jsccms. to.mo,that pooplo aro.turning4holr  heads to Uils problem.  If people would look at Uio sldo streets and  alloys just days boforo tho garbage men como  around, tho lanos and alloys aro full of garbage from theso rooming dogs,  Tlio businessmen should bo concerned,  also, of dogs laying on sidewalks and In front  of store doors,      .  In Selma Park, West Socholt, and Porpolso  Bay, chickens, rabbits and other small pets  aro being killed bocauso people will not tlo up  Uiolr dogs,  I've scon many cases where people bad to  stop thoir earn because dogs woro chasing  Uiem.  Now, parents, if you havo a morning frcp,  drive your child to school and seo for your-  .selves dogs���chasing.enrs, fighting In tho.  school grounds nnd Just playing around, Rome  ichlld Is golnR to get bitten or sevcrly Injured  trying to brenk up a dog fight,  Is Uioro anything Uio council or regional  lx>ord can do wlUi those (logs? .,���,���, ���,,���,���..,.���,.��,���,���,  1 sign off ionvlng dogs roaming Secholt,  with tho larios and alloys looking llko tho  regional garbage dump and our children still  In f .ngcr.  ' i Nnmo Withhold,  4'  For longer than most people can  remember, Dr. Hugh Inglis has been  something of an institution in the Gibsons  area.  Apart from tho odd stint In Vancouver, on  Uie Prairies and in Uio army, he has tended to  the health needs of local residents almost  single-handedly for tho past 40 years.  His recent retirement from practise wns  greeted by Glbsonltos wiUi more than a  twlngo of regret.  March 23, vlllago council Is Uirowlng a  retirement party for Dr. Inglis In Uio local  Legion hnll. Friends and former patients of  Uio good doctor (nnd there must bo quite a list  after 40 years) aro Invited to attend and pay  Uiolr respects.  Tlio festivities start at 2 p.m.  ���_ MERICAL,MEN,.deliver,bables.,,Whlch.,  brings us rntiicr nontly, I think, to n slnn-  .dorous rumor I fool compelled to quash horo  and now. ,  There Is absolutely no truth to tho rumor  that tho population of Pender Harbour always  stays tho same bocauso, every time a now  resident Is on tho wny, someone has to leavo  town.  ���'���-- LATEST WINNER In the Uons 400 Club  draw Is Ray Contcs of Gibsons. Ho wins $100.  Ralph Combs drew his ticket* Proceeds from  Uio weekly rafflo go towards community  projects sponsored by tho Lions,  YOU'VE PROBABLY beard tho Joko  about Uio ormed robber who gavo up  knocking over bank.1, and started sticking up  supermarkets. With tho prlco of food being  what ltJa,,lt,was bound to happen..,,..,.,..���  Gibsons RCMP report a rash of B&Es on  Nelson Island. What were the thieves after?  F^od, say tho pollco, In all, four summer  homes wero broken Into, ond food was tho  primary Uirgetu|n.j��U.fca.scs,._m.^^.^^^w^_^  Pollco nro on tho lookout for a suspicious-,  looldng, underfed man wearing ai striped T-  shlrt, burglar's ,,mnsk nnd pushing a  supermarket cart,    , ,  OVER-TIIE-HILL hockey team took on  Burnaby Winter Club recently at Sechelt  arena. After tho game, tho local oldtlmcrs  wined and dined the visitors. They must havo  been pretty liberal with tho refreshments,  bocauso, before they left, the Burnaby  players donated $2.3 to minor hockey on tho  Peninsula.  Not to bo outdone, tho Over-the-HlU gang  matched the donated penny for penny. As a  result, minor hockey Is $40 richer.  Somo of tho credit for tho visitor's  donation must go to Al Campbell, Frank Hall  and Gary Rldemskl, who reportedly bought a  round or two for tho Burnaby team at half  tlmo.  WHATEVER HAPPENED to Uioso  helpful verification operators at B.C. Tel,  Tlmo was when Uioy'd .check a number for  you If It had bconibusyl for longer than usual,  No moro. A. B.C. Tel operator told mo tho  oUicr day that thoy only do this now In  emergencies. Well, Uint's flno, Starting now, I  only pny my telcphono bill In emergencies.  HOW'S YOUR spelling? Superintendent of  schools Roland Hanna posed that' very  question to members of tho public who turned  out to last week's school board meeting.  Alain topic of tho meeting was Uio apparent dissatisfaction of parents wlUi tho  cdcuntlonal system, particularly Uio Instruction of bnslc skills such as spelling.  Hanna put together a number of  frequently misspelled words nnd asked tho  audience to pick which of three spellings wns  Uio correct ono,  Aro you sitting comfortably? Do you havo  a poncll In front of you? Good. Then we'll  iKjgln.  Just ctrcnlo tlio spelling you think Is  correct,  1. harms, hnrrnsso, harass; 2, rnrafy,  .rarefy, rarrcfyj 3,,vlllUy, vilely, vUUyj 4,  ptoglngi placing, plaguing; J>, supersede,  supercede, nupcrcccd,  fl, Innociilnte, Inoculate, Inocculnte; 7.  plcknlcklng, plcnlldng, picnicking; 0.  desslccnto, desiccate, dosslcate; 9. Inucndo,  innuando, innuendo; 10. embarrass, em-  barass, embarrns,  11. deslreablo, desirable, dlstriblo; 12.  extremely, extremly, oxtreomly; 13 fornoon,  fournoon, forenoon; 14. clrcler, clrcuelar,  circular; 15. as.scndlng ascending, asendlng.  Now, put this paper aside (after you've  read It) and keep It 'til next week. I'll give you  the answers In this column then. No peeking  nt tho dictionary In Uio meantime,  If you score 15 out of 15 correct, you  probably clioatet}. If you get Uiem all wrong,  you should bo In Uio newspaper business,  SPEAKING OF tho school system, Gibsons theatre owner Ray BooUiroyd wonders  why students nro less hoolUiy now Uian thoy  wcro In his youth.  "These days, tho schools wont monoy to  buy-all kinds of audio-visual aids," ho told  mo, "When I wont to school, hardly nnybody  needed spectacles or nn car trumpet."  Councils, boards  meeting times  Boards nnd municipal councils hold  public meetings nt tho following times  nnd plnccs.  ��� Gibsons vlllngo council, municipal  hall, 1st nnd 3rd Tuesdays, 7 p.m.  ��� Secholt school iMinrd, Gibsons, 2nd  and 4th Thursdays, 7:30 (I^wer floor,  Gibsons municipal hnll).       ;  , ���      Sechelt village council, municipal  hall, 1st ai^l 3rd Wednesdays, 7:30.  ��� Sunshlno Coast regional board,  Secholt, last Thursday of each month,  ���"7:3a;p.mrr  Members of tho .public may attend  any of theso meetings but generally  ' must obtain prior permission In order to  speak or represent a delegation,  itt'n *, ���  \  Wednesday, March 19,1975  The Peninsula Times  PageB-5  Halfmoon Ba$* Happenings  A general meeting of Area B. Ratepayers'  Association will be held at the Welcome  Beach HaU at 8 p.m. Saturday, when the  guest speaker will be Peter Hoemberg,  Regional Borad Director for Area B. A cordial invitation is extended to all members and  anybody else interested.  Thursday's....filmshow at the Welcome  Beach Hall at 7:30 p.m. will consist mainly of  films loaned by the French Embassy. They  will include "Heart of France,"1 Castles Of  the Loire," "Normandy" and "Battle of the  Alps", which records the building of a tunnel  under Mont Blanc between France and Italy.  An extra film, loaned by the School Board is  "Nahanni", a story of gold prospecting in the  N.W.T.  It was a dreary Friday morning when your  correspondent settled down to write this  column. A heavy overcast and bitter wind did  nothing to stimulate the imagination or encourage one to look on the bright side of  things. To add to the depression, when the  'Province' arrived, it only deepened the  gloom with headlines about strikes, a scandal  over a $200 cheque in the B.C. Legislature and  an announcement that no mail could be expected that day. The radio, not to be outdone  in gloom, blared forth the threat of another  hike in telephone rates. On such a day, one's  only hope of writing a; column cheerful  enough to keep our readers reading, is to look  around for a happy story and in this respect  we were indeed fortunate.  DEEP SUBJECT  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Birk, having built a  pleasant home for their retirement on South-  wood, have been drilling for water for the  past month. As the work proceeded and the  drillers went deeper and deeper, everybody  in the area began to come around to check  progress or to phone with the inevitable  question "Any luck yet?", untU the Birk's  well took on the status of a real community  project. More than once, Mr. and Mrs. Birk  wondered whether it was any, use going  aheadr but1 after all; when one has* sunk so  much money in a project, it is hard to see it go  down a waterless well. When the drillers had  reached 540 feet, the Birks decided it was  time to quit, but the operator, Laurie Desilets  of Rural Well Drillers of Surrey, persuaded  them to continue for another 100 feet.  So, for another week, the drilling continued, while the Birks, the operator and his  assistant Roger, not to mention all the neighbours, held their breath. The 600 feet mark  was passed ��� 610 feet, 620 feet, 630 feet! As  the well went deeper, so did the spirits of aU  concerned. Then, at 635 feet, with, only  another five feet of pipe left, the water started  to gush out, BiU Urquhart, who had been  working oh the plumbing at the house, rushed  in to get Mrs. Birk. Mr, Desilets sprinted to  his truck where he leaned on the horn, a  signal which brought all the neighbours to.  add their congratulations and rejoicing. The  Birks are now the owners of what Is probably  "* A*! FASCINATING,  IT'S EXCELLENT!"  ���NCWYOflK DAILY N��WS  ��� rsmwriin.iA n minm ititircr ntu mann  ���triata.tiH, rai IMS'iHlaaaa,to,,,, .N,,arnia,a,as  STARTS  MONDAY  2 DAYS ONLY  Mon. Tuos.  Iarr24hr25���I'-  Twilight Theatre  886-2827  WEKKPAYS./lOO.OinO  ��� umiv no /-a mm  ���by Mary Tinkle?  the deepest weU on the Sunshine Coast. At the  time of going to press, Mrs. Birk is still up on  Cloud Nine.  NEW HORIZONS  At a m��5eting of the Executive of the  Welcome Beach Community Association held  last week, Vince Shannon, chairman of the  New Homohs Committee gave a report on  the progress of the project being carried out  by his committee. The hall had been extended  with excellent results giving much more  room for activities such as carpet bowling.  The committee was working on the two major  items still to be completed, namely the  purchase of a second shuffleboard and improvements and finishing of the floor.  The first guests to enjoy the additional  space at the hall were a team of bowlers from  Sechelt Senior Citizens who attended the  carpet bowling session on March 10 for a  friendly game. The two teams, extremely  weU matched, bowled three closely contested  games, resulting in the Sechelt team winning  two games out of three and the Welcome  Beach bowlers scoring on points with 31  points to Sechelt'    22.  FORMER RESIDENT  News has reached Halfmoon Bay of the  recent death of Jerry Gordon of Quesnel as a  result of a heart attack. Jerry and his wife  Rose lived for many years in Pender Harbour, but Jerry worked in partnership with  Dennis Gamble in running the Halfmoon Shell  Station about nine years ago. WhUe at  Halfmoon Bay, he had his first heart attack  and following his recovery, he and Mrs.  Gordon moved to Quesnel where they had  lived since then. Mrs. Gordon now plans to  sell the property and move back to the coast,  probably to Vancouver, the funeral service  was held at White Rock on February 22nd and  one of Jerry's old friends who attended from  the Peninsula was Markle Myers of Madeira  Park.  GB3SONS���Mayor Larry Labonte drew  up a revised list of committees following'the  recent election to vUlage councU of Jim  Metzler.  Aid. Kurt Hoehne remains deputy mayor.  Committee chairman and their duties are  now as follows, with chairmen listed first.  Finance ��� Aid. Hoehne, Aid. BiU Laing.  Wage ��� Aid. Hoehne, Aid. Laing.  Water ���Aid. Hoehne, Aid. Stuart Metcalfe.  Public works ���Aid. Laing, Aid. Hoehne.  Sewers ��� Aid. Laing, Aid. Hoehne.  Airport ��� Aid. Laing, Aid. Hoehne.  Planning ��� Aid. Metcalfe, Aid. Laing.  Building and zonine ��� Aid. Metcalfe, Aid.  Laing.  Alternate on regional board ���Aid.  Metzler.  Recreation������Aid. Metzler, ' Mayor  Labonte.   ' i  Fire ��� Aid. Metzler, Aid. Laing.  SPCA - Aid, Metzler; Aid. Laing.  Health ��� Aid. Metzler, Aid. Hoehne. ,,   ,  Harbour��� Aid, Metzler, Aid, Metcalfe.  Library and museum ��� Mayor Labonte,  Aid. Metcalfe.  Poet's Corner  byBnrbnrn Smart Bachop  To A LltUo Grandson  A llttlo son I What Joy ho brings  Ho outshines every other thing  A precious gift ot Joy untold  A llttlo boy Uiat wo cnn mould.  What will ho bo ��� when ho grows up  ���WQ'XIo'notTenlly^caro"*���^���,~**"���*~�����-�����-^  As lonK ns ho holds high his head  Yet brings It down In prayer.  To bo a man in tho truest sense  Is worth far moro than pounds nnd pence  So this llttlo son, Is my wish for you,  Thnt you'll b�� n mnn> to whatever you do,  *4  -���    V  /"l  v.  \  *     /f>      '  FILIPINO VIOLINIST Gilopez Kabayao  and wife Corazon Pineda will be performing March 22 at Pender Harbour  Secondary Gymnasium at 7:30 p.m. The  couple will present a program varying  from Beethoven to Mendelssohn to some  Philippine airs. The Pender Harbour  Cqnmiunity Band will^ also be performing.  Squaringly yours  ��� by Maurice Hemstreet  "Allemande left and away we go. Rt. and  left and on you go. Meet your gal, bow real  low, then promenade home on the heel and  toe."  Yes, promedande go two by four 'cause six  by six's cost much more. Say,, that's good,  don't you think. By the way, I was a Utile  mixed up so I spent some time with the  psychiatrist. He really straightened hie out'.  Now I know I .am the best person I know.  Harry and Joan Stuchberry were guests of  the Country Stars a couple of Fridays ago  and we hope that they had a good time and  wtil be back to join our club. They went along  with some friends to a beginner class while  they were on holidays in California, I think,  and joined the group. They came home with  about thirty basics weU learned, arid this is  what square dancing is aU about, friendship,  meet new people and have a great time  without the demon rum, as it were. You  should try square dancing, you might like it. I  do and a few hundred thousand others aU over  the world do too.  I haven't been able to get hold of Larry  Olson, from Powell River yet to inform him  and the square dance clubs up there of our  upcoming square dance jamboree at the  Roberts Creek HaU, AprU 19, '75, 8:30 p.m.  ladies can bring a fancy cake or ? Entry,  donation is $4.00 per couple or singles half  price. Intermediate level or hi beginner level.  Caller Jim McPherson from Dance Craft,  better known as 'Fantastic Jim.'  Well, I guess that's enough for today for  Information coll callers Harry Robertson,  Gibsons, 086-9540 ��� Maurice Hemstreet ���  885-3359 or In Vancouver glvo good old Jim  McPherson a call at 291-2026 and I know he  will be glad to call mo as to billets and  parking space for those who* have tralldrs,  campers or motor home . Be-lng The  Country Stars first jamboree', It should bo n  great evening and If you want to Join our club  at tiie Sunshine Coast Golf Clubhouse on the  Friday night; before (that's April 10) wo will  also billet or park you somewhere I Saipo  prlco at donation tlmo, It helps mako tho  wheels of square dancing turn. Tarnation,  I'm all out of breath so sec you at tho next  square dance,  PENDER HARBOUR ���*- The program for  Gilopez Kabayao's March 22 violin recital  here has been announced. ^^  < Pender Harbour Community Band, who  are sponsoring the recital announce that  Kabayao, the renowned Filipino violinist, wtil  open the recital with Mozart's Rondo.  The second part wiU See him play  Kreisler's Old Refrain, Rimsky-Korsakov's  Flight of the Bumblebee, SzymanowsM's The  Fountain of Arethuse and he will finish with  Presto (from Sonata in A Major) by  Beethoven.  In the third part of the recital, he wUl open  with On Wings of Song by Mendelssohn and  then play Danza Espagnola (from La Vida  Breve) by FaUa-KrOisler.  There will then be an intermission. .  , Opening.the second half of ther^ital.wiU  be the Pender Harbour Community Band  under(|, the direction of Mrs. Florence  Prescesky. They wtil play Beethoven's Ode to  Joy and Let There Be Peace on Earth (Mtiler  and Jackson).  The final part of the program will be a  serieS "of Philippine Airs which have been  transcripted for piano and violin by Kabayao.  He wtil be accompanied during the performance by his wife Corazoria Pineda.  The concert wiU take place March 22 at the  Pender Harbour Secondary Gymnasium at  7:30 p.m.  The Sunshine Coast Cultural Centre  Committee is calling ita second public  meeting.  ,  "Numerous guest speakers will talk on  their particular artistic specialty and in so  doing, it Is hoped, show Uie practicality of  such a centre in the region," a spokesman  said. ,  The Provincial Drama Consultant, Ray  Logie, is scheduled to be one of the speakers  and will bo able to Inform people about  similar efforts In other communities. The  meeting will bo held Thursday, March 20 at  8:00 p.m. Roberts Creek Community HaU.  CRUISE OF A LIFETIME'L<*w.*i Nov. 20,1975  SFO LAX   HON   MAUI   PAGO PAGO  SUVA    SOUTH PACIFIC  Arrival Sydney Doc. 18��h, 75   R��turn by air  '  Total Coit from $1090  Continental Travels        085-2339  *tmm**m4&mmtmwvm*m*<*&��>m��*mi*>  SIX NIGHTS  A WEEK!  Shows start at Ss30 p.m., 7130 p.m., 9:30 p.m. and midnight,  HEADED FOR POWELL RIVER?    ,  fion't lot thai slop you. Wo'vo designed our  ���schedule so you can catch tho show AND catch  tho forry.  Madeira Park Ph. 883-2377  Coffoo Shop, Dining Room, Cocktail Loungo, Coloring  The CBC Radio 690's This Country in the  Morning ^originates today from Prince  Rupert, and tonight Concern gives you the  opportunity to learn more about India and the  heritage of East Indian Canadians. Interviews with a maharajah, a Shikari (guide  to big game hunters) a street urchin and Sofia  Wadia who knew both Mahatma Gandhi and  Sir Rabindranath Tagore. Also a discussion of  the Parsis religion.  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19  This Country in the Morning 9:13 a.m. to  noon weekdays, host Michael Enright ���  today from Prince Rupert.  Concern 8:03 p.m. India, freelancer Mati  Laansoo Vancouver talks with Maharajah  Kumar Ravinder of Jind; P. Mani Bushman,  a 14-year-old Street urchin and Winston  Cedric Gawke, a famous retired Shikari,  Maqbool Jung prepared the item on Parsis  one of the great religions of the world.  THURSDAY, MARCH 20  themes and Variations 8:03 p.m. Part 1  CBC Talent Festival semi-finalist from  Vancouver, Gwen Hoebig plays Violin Concerto Opus 47, Sibelius. Part H Orford  quartet in concert from the 1974 Guelph  Spring Festival ��� an all Schubert program,  including String Quartet in D Major and the  Trout Quintet Opus 114.  Jazz Radio Canada 10:30 p.m. Paul Horn  Quintet in concert from Edmonton; Milt  Jackson quarted from Vancouver, and interview    with    Louis    Bellson.  FRIDAY, MARCH 21  Student Magazine   2:03  p.m.   topic ���  underdeveloped countries.  Canadian Concert Hall 2:30 p.m. CBC  Winnipeg-Orchestra, Serenade in D Major,  Brahams and Kaleidoscope Pierre Mercure.  Between Ourselves 8:03 p.m. The Great  White Fathers of Labrador, Margaret  Kearney talks with retired missionaries  whose indomitable spirit lead them to work  on this bleak coast.  B.C. Folio 9:03 p.m. For and about British  Columbians,   v        -    ^       --->       -���-���������-  SATURDAY, MARCH 22  Our Native Land 12:10 p.m. Visit with  Chief Dan George and others at Native Film  Festival. Panel discussion on Indians and  media.  Metropolitan Opera 2:00p.m. La Forza del  Destino, Verdi.  Symphony Hall 6:03 p.m. Toronto Symphony with soloists Alan,Pratt, violin and  Stanley .Solomon, viola.  CBC Stage &03 "Tin Housekeeper' by Tom  Arnett, hilarious comedy about a remote,  control robot who applies for a job as  housekeeper.  My Music 9:00 p.m. from BBC.  Anthology 10:03 p.m. Theatre review from  Vancouver by Peter Hay. *  Orchestral Concert 11:03 p.m. from  Winnipeg.  SUNDAY, MARCH 2&  Cross Country Checkup 1:10 p.m.  Canada's national phone-in host Harry Elton.  NHL Hockey 3:03 p.m. Montreal in  Philadelphia.  The Bush and the Salon 6:03 p.m.  "Resolution, Root and Branch" by Greg  Cook, documentary prose-poem from the  journals pf three men .caught, up in the  American Revolution.  ThO Entertainers 7:03 p.m. Royal  Canadian Air Farce and Nabella, a black  rock group.  CBC Playhouse 10:30 p.m. a double bill,  "A Taste of the Art" by Hans Daiber and  "Nausicaa and the Nearsighted Man" by  Ernest Schnabel.  Quebec Now 11:03 p.m. Women in  publishing in Quebec.  MONPAY, MARCH 24  Critics on Air 1:30 p.m. reviews books,  theatre film from Vancouver.  As It Happens 6:30 p.m. weeknights hosts  Barbara Frum and Alan Maitland.  Identities 8:30 p.m. for and about  Canada's ethnic minorities.  Great Canadian Gold Rush 10:30 p.m. Joni  Taylor; Hans Staymer Band.  TUESDAY, MARCH 25  Review 1:30 p.m. Doug Campbell interviews visilaUig artists to Vancouver.r  CBC Tuesday Night 8:03 p.m. Anniversary  Of Anne Frank and Last Days of Auschwitz.  Touch of Earth 10:30 Ellen Mcllwain  recorded in Montreal.  fED o THU1S  In 1955  there were a few  *H things a fashionable  1C girls school  > VI didn't teach.  ��� MATLIRE ���  Warning:  Parents: Juvenile  problems in sex.  ,M!yM^V..rW^^^^  FBtl o SAT �� SI)  iARCH  21 o 22 o 23  GENERAL  t  J  EVERY MONDAY  EVERY WEDNESDAY-  EVERY THURSDAY  1:45 p.m,, Community Hall, Roborts Crook, Elphlnstono Now MorUons  carpot bowling, cards ft films,  ��� Danco Workshop, Call Jonnllor 005-2407 ��� 7 p,m,  '        ���.   ��� .'",  ",:2p,m,S,C,A, No, 69 Carpot Bowling, Old l.oglon Hall, Soqholt,  EVERY TUESDAY 7:30 pirn,, Socholt Loglon Hall S,U,D,S. (Socholt Ups and Downs) Club,  Now Mombors wolcomo,   2 p,m��� Solma Park Horizons bowling, Solma Park,  - 0 p,m,, Al-Anon mooting at St, Aldon's Hall, Roborts Crook,  1 p,m��� Senior Swlngors danco group, Old Loglon Hall, Socholt,  0:00 p,m��� Olngo, now Loglon Oulldlng, Socholt,  0:00 p,m��� Bingo, Pondor Harbour Community Hall,  -"TOPS" mooting al Public Hoallh Contro, l|30-3|00 p.fo,  EVERY PRIPAY--1 p,m, ��� 3 p.m. Gibsons Unltod Church Womons Thrift Shop^   ' ��� ���������       "    ' ��� i '   "y-"' ;������-':  March 20-7130 p.m. Wolcomo Doqch Hall, Pllm show on Franco,   ''  March 21, 22, 23- Friday and Saturday 7:30 p,m��� Sunday 10:30 a,m,  Mar, 22'--Flro Department Danco, for Infa phono 009-2032 ���-������  Op.m, i |  A'torch n 1 i30 P��m, Concert wllh Filipino violinist Gllopo* Kabayao and  a��     i n     Pwdar Harbour Community Band, Pondor Harbour Secondary School,  March 25-0 p,m, Socholt Sketch Club mootlno, Whllakor House. Bring  a now painting,  VVprll 2-0 p,m, Socholt Gordon Club mooting, St, Hlldn'a Hall, Socholl  April 3���0 p,m, Intoduetory Locturo Transcendental Modltatlon as  taught by Maharoilil Mohosh Yogi, Whllakor Houso, Socholt,  The Peninsula J<fo$m>  Telephone 835-3231  MMAMM  I 'II-  -By HELEN DAWE  1 ii,  The Skookumchuck, Chinook for a  powerful or rapid stream, has become easily  accessible to hikers in recent years. A trail  from Egmont leads to Roland Point, where  visitors obtain a spectacular view at the  times the tidal rapids are running. Great  masses of salt water chum. roll, break and  PageB-6  The Peninsula Times  Wednesday, March 19,1975  form 'whirlpools as they force their way  through a narrow passage near the northern  end of Sechelt Inlet.  After visiting Skookumchuck Provincial  Park on the West side of these narrows, I  began to ask oldtimers if they could identify  the 'Roland' for whom the lookout point is  named. There was little firm information,  even as regards the spelling. Some people use  "SKOOKUMCHUCK RAPIDS from  Roland Point, Egmont, B.C." is the  caption of this post card. The card was  made in 1955-56 from a photograph taken  by Bill Howard. The post card was sold  * Put your message into 4,000  homes (15,000 readers) in  thsese economical spots. Your  ad is always there for quick  reference  .   .   .  anytime!  AUTOMOTIVE   SERVICE  JAMIESON AUTOMOTIVE  Parts, Sales & Service  - Rotor Lather Service for Disc Brakes  and Drum Brakes  - Valve and Seat Grinding  All Makes Serviced - Datsun Specialists  Gibsons - Phone 886-7919  B A N K S "! '" ? v^' ' "* --:^"-w-  ROYAL BANK OF CANADA  Sechelt Branch ��� Phone 885-2201  Gibsons Branch ��� Phone 886-2201  Madeira Park        ���       Phone 883-2711  HOURS  Sechelt: Tuesday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Fri. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sat. 10 a.m. to  3 p.m.  Gibsons & Pender: Monday-Thursday  10 a.m. to 3 p.m.; Friday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  in the Egmont Store. Twice a, day the  water churns and boils; through the  narrow opening at the top of Sechelt  Inlet.  Rollins and others -Rowland. The official  gazetter of B.C. omits listing the point under  any form of the name.  So I wrote to the B.C. representative of the '  Canadian Permanent Committee on..  Geographic Names, seeking the identity of  the pioneer, or surveyor, or even eleventh  century knight, with whom Roland Point  might be associated. D.P. Pearson of the B.C.  Dept. of Lands kindly replied as follows:  "The name of Roland Point was not in our '  record, hence its omission from the 1966  Gazetteer. However, in looking into the  matter, the name was found in B.C. Parks',.  Branch records, and is shown as an unofficial  name on the plan for Skookumchuck Park.  The preliminary report for this park is dated  May 31, 1957, and shows the name, which  means, of course, that the name has been in  use for 18 years at least.  "The Federal Hydrographic Service here  iri Victoria informed us that their surveyors  were in the area in the 1940's, but they have  not knowledge of the name in question.   ,  "The Field Book for the survey, in 1892, of  Lot 1577 (where Roland Point is) does not  show any such name.  "The Forest Cover Map, dated 1933,  covering the area also does not show a name  on the point.  "So, you will see that we have made a  thorough search, but have not found the  origin. The name has been added to our  record and will be shown on future; maps of  suitable scale."  If any reader has knowledge of the origin  of the name Roland Point, will he or. she be  good enough to phone the editor of the  Peninsula Times or write to the author., so  that this bit of local history will not be lost in  the mists of time. N  Mrs. Frances Howard of Selma Parkwent  to live in the Egmont area during the early  1940s. In 1955 or 1956 her late husband, BiU  Howard, took the photograph reproduced  herewith, showing the Skookumchuck as  viewed from Roland Point. This confirms  Pearson's estimate of the length of time the  name has been in use.  MP Jack Pearsall will be on the Sunshine  Coast on March. 29. '  A spokesman for the MP said he would be  in the Sechelt-Gibsons area the morning of  March 29 and is interested in meeting anyone  with questions at that time.  Aocompanying Pearsall will be Joan  Berube.  For further information contact the  constituency office at 885-2900.  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That's why we offer'a  servicing guarantee on every job., for your  protection. But then, protection is what'the  roofing business is all about."  gsWgfac6  owner  Box 281  Gibsons  886-7320  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19  CHANNELS  CHANNEL*  CHANNELS  2  :00  :15  :30  :45  Coronation  Street   '  Edae. Of  Nfeht  Genera  Hospital  . Money  Maze  Celebrity  Sweeps.   ���  Movie:  "The  Tfrfl  CHANNEL 7  CHANNELS  CHANNEL 12  The'  FBI  Edge Of  Night  Tattle  Tales  Tattle  Tales  My,  Father"  Another  World  Price Is  Right  Dealer's  Choice  Juliette  Juliette  Take  Thirty  Brady  Bunch  Rookie  Of  Angel  Wore  Red"  Ava  Your  Move  {forty  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah  Another  World  Good  ore)  Won  About  Faces  Diamond  Heai  mon  id  _;00  :45  Family  Court  Dr.  Zonk  The  Year  News  News  Gardner  Cont'd.  News  News  Family  Court  Zonk  News  . News  News.. ,  News  He Knows  She Knows  Brady  Bunch  822*  U.U.U.Z.  �� :30  :45  C lose To  Earth  Partridge  Family  News  News  News  News  News  News  News>  News  Flying  Nun  News    "  News  News  News  'Mike      ������->-  Douglas  NHL  ; Hockey  ,3ostbh    "!  at  News  News  Merv  Griffin  :00  4%  AS  Bob.  . Switzer  Hourglass  Hourglass  Tell The  Truth  Untamed  World  Truth Or  Conseq.  Make A  Deal  . News  News .'   ...  -��� News  News '  Mike  Douglas .  Price Is  Right  Montreal  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  1  30  :45  Hourglass  Hourglass -  Music  Machine  ���   The  "Muppets  Hyena  Story  . Special1:    -  Small  Miracle"  .tittle  ��� House  On The  Prairie  Tony  Orlando  Arid  Dawn  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Banjo  Parlour  Challenging  Sea  MASH  MASH  00  t5  30  45  This  Land  Stephen  Leacock  Hyena  m  Fashions  Lucas  Tanner  Lucas  Tanner  This  Land  Opening  Night ���  Cannon  Cannon  Cannon  Cannon  That's  My Mama  - Movie:  "Love  Hollywood  Squares  MaryT  Moore  Stephen  Leacock  Orii  Ori  sacocK  fife  Awares  1975.  Fashion  Awares  The  Law  The  Law  Wn9  The  Manhunter  The  Manhunter  Story"  Ah .  Mac Grow  Ryan   '  Dr. In  The House  Owei  Marsl  Coll  Ori ia  Ori Ilia  Ori ia  Orii ia  News  News  Wide  World  News  News  Tonight  Show  Music  To See  Pacific  Canada  ti  ews  ews  News  Movie:  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Wonders  Wild  Counsellor  At Law  Crimes  Of  :00  :15  :30  :45  News  News  News  News  World ,  Special  Tonight  Show  Tonight  Show  News  News  News  News  "Kid  Rodelo"  Janet  Leigh  News  News  News  News  Passion  Cont'd.  Movie!'  "Bishops  12  :00  :15  :30  :45  Movie:  ���Chalk  Garden"  Cont'd.  Don  MuiTay  Movie:  The  Journey"  Cont'd.  Wife"  David  Niven  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19  Channel ^ 8 8:30 pm "Love Story���box-  off ice hit with Ryan O'Neal and Ali McGraw  in a rich boy-poor girl rom&nce.  Channel 2 12 a,m.���The Chalk Garden  screen version of Enid Bagnold's play about  some odd people living in a British manor  house.  THURSDAY, MARCH 20  (3iannei ii-?.30 p-m^The Love  Machine���the progress of an amoral TV  newscaster with John;'jFbilUp;;Iaiiy:-:andrlcVan  Camion!1  Channel 6���12 a.m. ��� The Opposite Sex a  musical with June Allyson as the wife who  loses her husband (Leslie Nielsen) to a gold-  digger (Joan Collins).       ���  Channel 8���2:15 a.m.���Support Your Local  Sheriff���western spoof about an easygoing  stranger who becomes lawman of a wild towii^  ( with James Garner.  FRIDAY, MARCH 21  Channel 8--~8:30 p.m.���Crossfire���stars  James Farentino as a cop who gets dropped!  from the force for illegal possession of narcotics as part of an undercover operation.  Channel ���12 a.m. The Human  Duplicators���Outer space aliens pose as  humans   in   their   plan   for   conquest.  SATURDAY, MARCH 22  Channel 6-5:30���Love Story with Ali  MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal.  Channel 8���9 p.m.��� Sara T. Portrait of a  Teenage AlcohoHc���the_ poignant story of a  15-year-old who begins drinking when she has  difficulty adjusting to life after her parents  divorce and mother remarries.  SUNDAY, MARCH 23  . Channel 8���7 pain.���The Story of Jacob and  Joseph���powerful human drama about the  biblical patriarchs Jacob and Joseph filmed  in Israel. :  y. Channel6���11:50p.m.���Livealittle,Love  a Little with EMs Presley as ��� as pin-up  photographer who doesn't want to get pinned  down.  Channel 8���12 a.m.���The Robe starring  Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, and Victor  Mature in a story following the career,of a  drunken Roman assigned the duty of  executing three criminals in the province of  Jerusalem.  MONDAY, MARCH 24  Channel 4���11:30 p.m.���Turn of the Screw  (Part 1)���Lynn Redgrave stars as a young  woman who eagerly accepts a ppstion as  governess to two young children at a stately  country estate, strangely haunted by a  pervading presence of evil.  Channel 6���12 a.m.���Great Escape���  Prisoners-of -war plan a mammoth breakout  from a German prison camp during World  War II.  Channel8���2:30 a.m.���Thank-you All Very  Much stars Sandy Dennis as a studious girl,  working :towjirds her doctorate who has a  baby butrdf-wjedlock.  TUESDAY, MARCH 25  Channel 4���11:30 p.m.--Turn of the Screw  (Part II)   ���;,,,'   .;,- ..���"���  Channel  6���12 a-m,��� Far; From  the  Maddening   Crowd���yiith   Julie   Christie,  Terrence;,. Stampand ^ Peter r^finch.  An  English farm heiress hires her ejected suitor,  as her shepherd and almost loses her entire'  fortimeib:^  Channel 4t-8 p.m.���Huckleberry Finn  stars Ron Howard with Antonio Fargas as his  black friend Jim.       .''  ���'-' ������ ' '���    " i   ..:���-.'���' .'���' "   *"���.���'  SPECIALS  WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19  Chahner4���7 p.m.TrrAn all-puppet comedy  revue with the Muppets.  Channel 2,6-8:30p.m.���Travels Through  Life with S^henL^cock.  'Channel 2, 6���9:30i p.m.-^-Onlliaii Our  Town���a portrait of the small Canadian  Town.  j ni '��r* -'-Lis+sz..*.^  LETTERHEADS  ENVELOPES  INVOICES  STATEMENTS  JOB AND  WORK ORDERS  RULED FORMS  BOOKLETS  ETC.  SEE  The Peninsula  fdm@&>   885-3231  -z3z~rzi--z-~:  itnesss  oes'tof your ooay  your mini  THURSDAY, MARCH 20  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL ��  CHANNEL 12  00  ���15  30  45  Coronation  Street  Edae Of  Night  General  Hospital  Money  Maze  Celebrity  Sweeps.  ��� Movie:  "Operation  The  FBI  Edae Of  Night  Tattle  Tales  Dinah  Dinah  Cont'd.  Cont'd/  Another  World  Price Is  Right  Dealer's  Choice  l.00  f-30  45  Juliette  Jul iette  Take"  Thirty  Brady  Buncn  ���'" Bonanza  Bonanza  Amsterdam"  Peter  Finch  Eva  Your  Move  Take"  Thirty  Dinah  Dinah  Dinah'  Dinah  Another  World  Good  Word  About  Faces  "Diamond"  Head  Family  Court  Hi Diddle  Day  Bonanza  Bonanza  News  News  Bartok  Cont'd.  News  News  Family  Court  Hi Diddle  Day  News  News  News  News  He Knows  She Knows  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Funorama  News  00  15  30  45  What's  New?  Partridge  Family  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  Flying  Nun  News  News  News  News  Mike  Douglas  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  News  News  Merv  Griffin  00  15-  30  45  Sports  Scene  Hourglass  Hourglass  Tell Thel  Truth  World Of  Animals  Truth Or  Conseq.  Make  A Deal  News  News  News  News'  Mike  Douglas  Jeopardy  Jeopardy  News  News  News  News  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  7  oo  .15..  30  45  Hourglass.-,  Hourglass,  Salty  Salty  Barney  Miller  Karen  Karen  Sun" *  Shine  Bob  Crane  Lawrence  Welk  Lawrence  Welk  The  ��Waltons  The  Waltons  Karen  Karen'  Funny  Farm  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Burnett  Streets  Of  San  ���Francisco  The  Mac  Davis  Show  Carol  Burnett  Carol  Burnett  Movie:  "A  Tale  Of  Streets  Of  San  Francisco  The  Waltons  The-  Waltons  00  15  30  45  Stompin'  Tom  Chico &  The Man  Harry O  Harry O  Harry O  Harry O  Movin'  On .  Movln'  On  Police  Women  Police  Women  Two  Irelands  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Police  Surgeon  Maclear  Maqlear  Hollywood  Squares  Movie:  TBA  10  Pallsers  Palisers  Honorable  Members  News  News  Wide  World  News  News  Tonight  Show  The,  Rockford  Flos  Flies  News  News  News  News  Kung  Fu  Kung  Fu  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  11  00  15  30  45  News  News-  News  News  Flaf  World ,  Special  Spec  Wide  It  It  night  ow  night'  ow  News  News  News  News  Movie:  The  Vatican  Affair"  News  News  News  News  News  News  Movie:  "Mighty  12  16  30  46  Movlei  "Terror  Ight"  a  Movie:  "Opposite  Sox '  Cont'd.  Walter  Cont'd.  Movie:  "Mackenzie1  Break"  Cont'd.  'foxf  &zfo  FRIDAY, MARCH 21  , CHANNEL, 2    CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL B  CHANNEL 12  00  15  30  .15  Flying  Nun  Edno Of  Nfolit  General  Hospital  Monoy  Mazo  Celebrity  Swoops,  Movie:  "John  Tho  FBI  Edne Of  Night  Tattle  Tales  Dinah  Dinah  Charles  Herbert  Good  Word  Prlco Is  Right  Coaler's  Choice  ,,00  If.  I 30  'ir,  Ju  Ju  To  lotto  lotto  Thirty  Brady  Bunch  Bonanza  Bonanza  Goldfarb  Plaaso  Como  Homo"  It's Your  Thirty  Dinah  Dlna  Dna  Dlna  Ho Knows  Sho Knows  About  Facos  Century  Salo  00  16  .10  ���in  Family  Court  Dr,  Zonk  Bonanza  Bonanza  News  Nows  Shirley  Maclalno  Nows  News  Family  Court  Tako  Thirty  Nows,  Nows  Nows  Nows  Brady ,  Bunch  Funorama  Funorama  Funorama  Nows  00  Ifi  ;io  ,\h  laxton  Cnftddfjo  nlly  Fomll  Now.  Nows  News  News  -���lows  Hows  vilko,  )ouglas  ronsldo  ronsldo  roni cu  ronsldo  < 'Nows  Now*  i   M��rv  -1'   Griffin  6  oo  Id  30  ���l'i  Bob ,  ^lowhort  touro ass  lourfllosv  loll Tho  ruth     ,  ssuos  ssuot  Truth  OrConson,  Hollywood  Squaroi  Nows  Nows  Nowi  Nows  wTOR."1  Eicopo  ^ows  NOWS  NOWS  NOWS  Morv  Griffin  Morv  Griffin  no  i',  :)0  ���Ih  ouroloss  a urn I a ii  , ow(o Mi-  Mr, Chips  fc  Ichnk  owio Moeker Nlglit  Stctlkoi  Son ford  ���5\s.on ���  Chlco &  Tho Mon  llarolto  Dnrottn  flarolta  l)arat(p  Cnmody;  A'"  Got By  Fanilly  Robinson  MM I lon  Prku Is  Rloht  Trenviro  Hunt  8 vi   W  ^|amlly  MASH  bo  d(j,lmoro  Couplo  IK, .  Rockford  I-Has  M  io|plly  MASlI  Movloi  "Momonl  Moment"  Dollar  Mnn,  Movlai  "Crossfli  ro"  Got Hy  9  mi  l'i  :id  ���Us  Sn no la I;  Uimitlon  Powor  ollca  vornan  ollqn  Wnmon  H  Tommy  Hunter  5I,0W,.  Cont'd.  Join  Sol'orn  Honor  nonor  Block  nmn  Cont'd,  Cont'd,  Bnnjo  pnrlour  Movloi  "Tim  81"'"  10  Riodn  klimid  Gal lory  Qolh'ry  Nowi  Nnwi  Wide  Wnrld  Nawt Nln it Nowi ���      ft  Nows Stol tor Nowi y  Jonluhl Nln it Nowi y  Show Slolkar Movloi K  O0(  nc  nc  Gonornli"  I'otnr  O'Tooln  11  nu  Hi  30  ���111  OWI  OWI  OWI  l)V/k  World  Myslnry  nilijlit  myy  inlphl  'KIW  s|nwi  NOW!  SflWI  NOW!  "Aislonmont  l?PTr" i  Mlohool  Ronnlo  Nows  Nowi  Nowi  Nowi  Nnwi  Nowi  Movloi  "t7i  in  12  Of)  Hi  :in  >ut  Oliod  Onod  Qnod  Onod  pmoponi"  Cont'd.  e  nron  Jor  Movlo i  "llupion  Coht'd,  ton"  Tim  Lady"  SATURDAY, MARCH 22  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL 5  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  00  15  30  45  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  Lucky  Jim  Pro,  Bowlers  Survival  Survival  Movie:  "Immortal'  Under  Atack  Under  Attack  Wagon  Train  Wagon  Train  Canadian  West  Roller  Derby  Hockey  Series  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  00  .15..  30  45  Children's  Cinema .--..���,.-  Children's  C inema  Pro,  Bowlers  Pro  Bowlers  Cont'd.  Cont'd.-  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Children's  Cinema   Children's  Cinema    '  Hee  Haw  Hee  Haw  Roller  - Derby ������'-  Under  Attack  Cont'd.  -���Cont'd-.-  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  00  15  30  4 5  Bugs  Bunny  Bugs  Bunny  Wide  World  Of  Sports  Animal  World  News  News  Bugs  Bunny  Bugs  Bunny  News  News  News  News  Under  Attack  Wide  World  The,  Manhunters  The  Manhunters  00  15  30  45  NHL  NHL  Hockey  Toronto  Wide  World  News  News  News  News  Seattle  Weekly  NHL  NHL  Hockey  Toronto  Movie:  "The  Sword  Of  Of  Sports  Cont'd.  "Cont'd.  News  News  Page  2  Page 12  00  15  30  45  At  Montreal  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Lawrence  "Welk  Lawrence  Welk     .  Truth Or  Conseq.  Moke A  Deal      ;  At  Montreal  jC ont'd.  Cont'd.  The  Waltons '  The  Waltons  7  oo  1.5  30  45  Cont'd.  'Cont'd.  Ceilidh  Ceilidh  Kung  Fu  Kong  Fu  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  I  ' Lancelot."  Cornel   '.  Wilde  Cont'd.  All  Star  Wrest I ing  Wrestling  Page 12  Page 12  Channel 12  Special  ont'd.  ICont'd.  Ceilidh  Ceilidh  All In  The Family  Candid  Camera  Emergency'  Emergency  Emergency  Emergency  All In  The Family  High  Chape rrel  00  15  30  45  Maude  Maude  News  News  Movie:  "The  Battle  Of  Movie:  "Cactus  Flower"  Walter  Good  Times  Movie:  "Love  Mary T  Moore  Bob      -  Newhart  Sing A  Song  Sanford  & Son  High  Chaperrel  Bob^  Newhart  00  I 15  30  45  Movie:  "DaydreOmer'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Britain"  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Motthau  Ingrid  Bergman  Cont'd.  Story"  Ryan  .O'Neil  Cont'd.  The   , Academy The  Carol Performance; Carol  Burnett "Portrait Burnett  . Show Of Show  10  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  News  News  Movie:  ���News  Moviei  "The  Silver  Cont'd,  Cont'd;  Wonders  Wild  Movie:  "Super-  Cop"  Coht'd.  Teenage  Alcoho ic"'  Cont'd.  Movie:  "They  Got'  Me  11  00  15  30  45  News  News  News  Take  "Honey-  Moon  Machine"  Cont'd,  Chalice"  Paul  Newman  Cont'd.  News  News  News  Moyle:  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  News  News  Larry  Solway  Covered"  Bob  Hope  Cont'd.  12  Timo  Movln'  On  Movln'  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  "Portrait  Of A  Teenage  Alcoholic"  Movte;,, Movie:  ''Live A Little, "The  Love A Llttlo" Razors  Cont'd. Edgo"  SUNDAY, MARCH 23  CHANNEL 2  CHANNEL 4  CHANNEL S  CHANNEL 6  CHANNEL 7  CHANNEL 8  CHANNEL 12  00  15  30  .15  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  Racing  W*  World  TBA  TBA,  Movloi  "Secret  Country  Gordon  Sunday  Matlnoo;  Whlto  Escape  Wanon  Train  ?tQL     '  Irol.i  Sunday  Thoatfoj  Tho  Monroes  Conversation  Conversation  00  15  30  Gardening  Bernard  Dollar &  Sonso  Of  W  World  Of The  Purola  Roof" ....  Cont'd,  TBA  TBA  TBA  TBA  Wagon  Train  Face Tho  Nation  "Two  on  A..-. .  Bench"  Out  Out  Ar..  Anc  oo k  ook  nchor  lor  4  oo  15  30  45  Country  Canada  Arti  75  , Fisherman  Med*  Modi*  Moot Tho  Pros*  Nows  Nows  Country  Canada  Arts  1975  The  Jofforsons  Secrets Of  Tho Doop  Journal  International  Question  Period  Tony  Orlando  And  Dawn  oo  ift  30  ���th  uslc  .o Soo  tlvmn  Sfng  ���8  1  ows  QWS    ,  owpo nt  Viewpoint  NOW!  Nows  Como?  1  .uslc  o Son  dont  orum  Sixty  Minutes  Slly  Mlnutos  Unlamod  World,���  Adam 2  Adam 1/  xty  (y Inutoi  xty  Inutoi  6  00  If)  30  41)  D snoy  P snoy  D spoy  D snoy  To Toll  Truth  Six  Million  Wild  Klnodom  Dlsnoy  Dlinu-y  Nows  Nows  N��W!  News  World  Wor  ier  ior  Nows  Nows  Access,  Accoss  Rhoda  Rhodn  Cher  Chor  00  Hi  30  ���15'  Bunch  Combo ri  Triih  Rovon  Dollar  Man  TC01  Bunch  Conihors  Milt  Rovers  Chor  Chor ,  i|ack  ack  ���v- III  Movloi  "Story  Jacob  Chnr  Good  Tlmoi  U I  Tho,  niton*  ��� .ift  Walfdni'  St  And  Quoon!'  Conl'd,  Cont'd,  Con 'd,  Tho,  Wnllons  Tho  Waltons  Kolack  Ko|ack  MnnnlK  Mnnnw  And  ,  Joseph  Cont'd,  Cont'd,  Dacharah  8  ij0i  'ark  no  | in  ,10  4ft  r ormnnco  ormqneo  ormnnco  ormoneo  Jnsoply  Cont'd.  Modlclno  Mon  Cont;d.  Conl'd,  Nows  Nhwi  rformn  nnco  ormnnco  ormnnco  ���ormnnoo  Monnlx  Rnhorti  Cor]  Car  Corl  Movki  "Lost  Command"  Anlhony  10  fl'  ritknl  . .��C��  Ombudsman   _  owl  uwi  ,ovIni  ho  World  track,  C tusk  Mnikot  I'1(1-70  Omhuds-  ninn  pmlnr  Spoclnl  io v lot  s  Th  window  On  Tho,  Word  Qulnn  Alnln  Cfaustltn.  11  on  Hi  30  ���io  Nowi  Nows  Movloi  Huckitnri"  Cont'd.  Cant'da  Cont'd.  Trnnk  Clnikln  Truck  Chmla  \jnwi  nivvi  ;<>pltn|  .n Initio nl  "Whoro  Wnro  You  Whim  Nowi  Now*  Capital  Cohimonl  Cordlnolo  Nowi  Movloi  "Dork  12  no  Ifi  ,30  ���Ifi  "Bio  IVgndcatl  11"  Cont'd.  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News  News  Family  Court  Dr.  Zonk  News  News  News  News  He Knows  She Knows  Brady  Bunch  Funorama  Funoroma  Funorama  News  00  15  30  45  -Electric  Company  Partridge  Family '  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  News  Flying  Nun  News  News  News  News  Mike  Douglas  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  Ironside  News  News  Merv  Griffin  00  15  30  Klahani  Klahani  Hourglass  Hourglass  Tell The  Truth  Last Of  -Jhe-Wild  Just For  Laughs  Hollywood  Squares  News  News  -News  News  Mike  Douglas  Mike  Douglas  News  News  News  News  Merv  Griffin  Merv  Griffin  03  15  30  45  Hourglass  -HourglaV-  Reach For  The Top  The ���, '  !r:. Rookies  The  ,, Rookies  Movie:  Riverman"  Co,-.t'd.  ��� Gunsmoke  Gunsmoke  Gunsmoke  Gunsmoke.  White  Seal  Horton  Who .  The Rookies  Rookies  The  Rpokies  cbs,.;7  Spec ior  CBS .  Special  Charlie  Brown  This Is  The Law  SWAT  SWAT  SWAT  SWAT  Movie:  "Crossfire"  Cont'd.  Cont'd.  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K'1'" ��� Vl i/poi OA  CFM' " 94'5 CPAAI 94.5  CBU , 95.5 CBU 95,5  CHQM~"T777rr.T,77 .-"^-���--^g���     a jQMTTr: ' 96"  ectriiics & if  Cowrlo St., Socholt  ���W* Sorvlco What Wo Soil"  bi^yieg easier witii the new 1073  Kany lobuy, Rany loolarl,  RxcliiRlvo "Eosy-Aro" qoln you  going with Iho nanloiit two-llngor  pull, Ughlwolght. Complololy  hoW mufllor mftkofl "Hqutolooljh""  |tn alonn, WlHo-npacocI hanrJIan  lor botlorbalance*,   Automallo  oUing,  SECHELT  CHAIN Si!  CENTRE   Cowrlo Stroot * 085-9626  mxwwO mitt*  Now Rolocisot...  ov��r 2,000 toMaw  Olivia: Nowton John  Regularly $7,29,  NOWOf-UY        u  ^fm���m>tm��mmmitmm iw^-���� pmh*��mwi ������ niw.w^^'  (��PftYi^>M>  (urn��  RENOVATING?  Lot  u��  holp you  transform your  homo Into your castlo,  SECHELT  BUILDING  ISUPPUES^  (1971) LTD.  Wharf ft Dolphin Strooti, Socholt PageB-8  the Peninsula Times  Wettesday.MarchlMKS     SecM-  NofCS  Changes in the educational system should  be initiated within the individual school  districts, a local teacher feels.  Les Peterson, an English teacher at  Elphinstone Secondary School, urged the  school board to re-instate the traditional  "speller" in this district without waiting for  direction from the department of education.  He aired his views last week at a board  meeting concentrating on possible improvements to the teaching of basic skills  such as reading.  Peterson said there had been no leadership from the department of education on  changing school curriculufns to increase  emphasis on the "three Rs."     '  He told the meeting: "There is going to be  no direction to change from someone outside  of this room. Is the board going to recommend going back to spellers? If not, (this  meeting) is just for information."  Trustee Agnes Labonte said the board  wanted to assure that educational standards  were maintained in the district.  If tests proved there was a weakness in the  present system, "we will do something about,  it."  George Cooper, the district's elementary  school supervisor, said he had conducted  tests oh pupils in grades four through seven.  "Their handwriting was very readable,"  he said.."They all tried to write words. You  could read the words, but, often, they weren't  spelled properly."  Viginia Douglas, head of the English  department at Elphinstone, reported on a  reading test that had been administered  recently at the school.  She said both grade 8 and 9 students.  showed  a  substantial, increase  in  their  reading skills over the course of the 1974  school year.  Frank Fuller, a teacher at Elphinstone,  said parents and the school board had a  legitimate concern over the school system.  Before coming to a conclusion on the effectiveness of the present system, he felt,  they should examine both what is happening  now in the schools and results the system has  produced in the past.  He quoted examples of students who had  come up through the local educational system  and gone on to become successful citizens.  Another member of the audience said the  board should beware of going back to the old  educational system and ignoring the good  points of modern philosophies.        ,  "There is a danger in going back to what  was not entirely satisfactory," she said. "The  old system didn't have all the answers. And  the permissive system doesn't have all the  answers, either."  She suggested that the board should  combine both the old and the new educational  philosophies to achieve the ideal educational  system.  ���by Peggy Connor  ' It was three week's holiday with nice,  weather, still Niel and Faye Hansen were  pleased to be home again in Sechelt. Visited,  relatives in California, stayed longest at  ' Modesto. Other stops were Salt and Sea, San  Diego and Los Angeles. ,  <��� Pat and Merle Mulligan went further  South for their holiday, Puerto Valharta,  Mexico where Pat discovered Marlin fishing  and concluded it held no where near the thrill  of hauling in a fighting salmon,  Mr. Sam DeLuca of Cranbrook, Assembly  President of the Rebekahs of B.C. paid her  official visit to Sunshine Rebekah Lodge No.  82; Sechelt on March 12th. Accompanying her  were husband Sam, Mrs. Gene Shav?, Past  President who instituted Sunshine Lodge in  May 15, 1962, Mr. V. Miller Past Grand  Master and his wife.  There were nine members from Powell  River and one from Port Alberni also attended the banquet and meeting.       ..._ >  Noble Grand Mrs. Ivan Smith presided  over the meeting and saw the winning ticket  for their raffle go to Mrs. D^ve Parish of  Eureka, Halfmoon Bay, the prize a Fran  Oven's original painting, which Fran, a  Rebekah herself, had donated.  Good thing Octopus are docile creatures,  to haul up a crab trap and find 70 pounds of  legs and head could he pretty scary. This is  the third one brought ashore.  This way very interesting creatures with  an intelligence of high order except it doesn't  tell them how to get out of a crabtrap after  they squeezed themselves in.  G & E PLUMBING  and HEATING  i* Plumbing, heating & sewers ,  3b Repairs and Installations  ��� All work guaranteed  886-7638  ���iiiMgiiniMWUiUBH m iii mil m'li'mBga  SECHELT ��� Sechelt Garden Club has  pledged $200 io the local senior citizens  association. The donation will go towards  purchase by the OAP's of the old Sechelt  Legion hall.  Garden Club members agreed on the move  at their last meeting.  In other business, president Jack McLeod  was delegated to attend the B.C. Council of  Gardens meeting iri Burnaby March 8.  During evening} MfcLeod welcomed four  new members to the club ��� Mr. and Mrs.  Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. Hornett.  After a ques&on and answer period,  McLeod showed slides he had taken in Germany Iwhile he was stationed there with  NATO.1  Next meeting of the Garden Club is slated  for April 2 at 8 p.m. at St. Hilda's Church hall.  f  mmm^mm^^m^mmmmm^mmmsmsm^m^  \mmammmmmmmmmmm_  i  GOLD. SILVER OB FOOD?  PROTECT   YOUR   FAMILY   TODAY   WITH   AN    INVESTMENT   FOR  TOMORROW IN QUALITY, DEHYDRATED. HIGH PROTEIN FOODS, WITH  EXTREMELY LONG STORAGE LIFE IN SMALL STORAGE SPACE.  BULK FOOD IN 25, 50 OR 100 LB. QUANTITIES  POWELL RIVER READY RESERVE EOODS  PEBBLE BEACH PLAZA      PI.   485-9111       WED-SAT 10:30 AM-5 PM  PENINSULA SALES REPRESENTATIVE  OLAND SHINN - GE. DEL. - SECHELT  885-2816  MON - FRI 5:30 PM - 10 PM  m'mmffi^��sm��mi��^^^!>����wvMmmmmmmiim  ��  . GIBSONS ���A young couple has been  charged with possession of marijuana for the  purpose of trafficking following an RCMP  raid on a Hopkins Landing home.  A police spokesman said five officers  searched the home Jan. 31 on the basis of  their investigations and information  received.  They found 22.45 oz. of a substance they  believe to be marijuana, said the spokesman.  The couple Is slated to appear in provincial  court May 8.  Names of the accused have not been  released. <  i  (Uut'ZaU  Vtve'ptoti  Free Estimates & Ideas  CHRISTIAN SCIENCE  Church services are held each Sunday  at 11:15 am. In St. John's United  Church, Davis Bay, by an Informal  Group of Christian Scientists.  Everyone welcome  Phono 885-9778 or 880-7882  The Unltod Church  of Canada  SERVICES;  St, John'* Unltod Church - Pavk Pay  Sunday Services - 9:30 a.m.  Gibsons United Church  Sunday Services - 11! 15 a.m.  MINISTRY:  Rqv, Jim Williamson, Gibsons, 006-2333,  SEVENTH-DAY  ADVENTIST CHURCH  SABBATH SCHOOL-Sat. 10:30 a.m,  at Redrooffs Road  Anglican Church  Evoryono Wolcomo     For Information Phono 885-97 SO  883-2736  Complete  Residential  & Commercial  Service  "^Brand  custom awnings  Bargain Barn  �� to  70  IJOFF  CUSTOM DRAPES  Hardware & Accessories  J  . The Amazing  CHAR FLAVOR GRILL/RANGE  (PAN CATHOLIC CHURCH |  Sunday Services  , Sncholti ���    \ Gibsons.  Holy Family SI, Mary's  >Sol,q|r.p,m, Sun.nlHo.m,  'Sunday al 9 a,m,  Pastor: Rov, Fatliar E, Lohnor  008-952A  Sr, HILDA'S ANGLICAN  CHURCH, Socholt  8:30 nnd 10 n.m,  SUNDAY SCHOOI,! 10 n.m.  Madeira Park Ix^lon Hall,  1st and ,'lnl SundayN, 2 p.m.  'NIK KKV. N, J. GODKIN, 88.1-2010  M|.,,������.Comitierciai-���  and Residential  Waxes &  Floor Cleaners  HEIUH  uv  CE  TI  AMIC  ES  ~HOYNE~   GLAS-TYLE  Mirror Squares  '"-y��w*T"w'l!W'*^a-J',J-!l  ���iTV -i "' ���������*"* *-**���*���<rs>*>��� ���'���-���  ^^T^x  TIE  W  Brick  more authentic than real  Do It Yotirself  KJ1HI  Serving the Entire Sunshine Coast  SHOWROOM HOUfcs  TUESDAY TO SATURDAY   9:30 a,m. to 5:30 p.m.     \  Opposite Sunshlno Auto Parts  Miarf Road - Sechelt - Phone 885-2922  WWPiSSW^^  \ >  N       PRICES EFFECTIVE: THURSDAY, MARCH 20 TO SATURDAY, f^ARCH 22     kn  e will have a limited supply of  ide Mouth Jars and Lids on Thursday at 10:00 a.m.  IB����Mtm��jaUBlHL^I  aaaaJHWtaga^^  bono 805-2026  885-9812Mo��t Dopt.  ^o Rc��orvo Tho Right To~ Lityit QuontlHoi  805-9023  Bakery  S Vj/j/j7 un^��i��7nn��jnnnnunnL


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